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September 1 - 5, 2022

Nazis of Skull and Bones
I was at Mein Kampf With Mamie

If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture

It was nice while it lasted. Hall of Names is no longer showing the descriptions of the Coats of Arms presented at House of Names, but I have many of them recorded in my past updates from which to borrow.

On Tuesday morning of this week, the following was inserted into the last update, in case you missed it:

[Insert -- Later in this update, I have the following when telling that David Morley lived at Harding blvd and Church street:
For whatever it's worth, Hardings are in Kick/Keck colors and format. AHHHHHHHHHHHH, Morleys were first found in Derbyshire with Froggits who in turn use a "BUNCH of cherries" while Bankers/BUNCHers were first found in Oxfordshire with the Cheeks/CHECKs/Chicks while Hardings are in Kick/Keck colors! Morleys/Maule's (Yorkshire, same as banks) connect to Malls/Marlybone's with the MalBANCs in their write-up! While this is on the banking / check theme, it's okay with me that it's been found in a Scalia section.

[Load Kick link now to have access, on another tab, to other Coats of Arms.]

Judge's sit on benches, and Bankers/Bunchers are also Benchers while Bench's, looking like Rhodes kin, were first found in Yorkshire with Banks and Rhodes'! Cecil Rhodes was part with Rothschild bankers in a globalist plot! David Morley RODE his bike from a ROAD, then down the bank to the sleeping bag, then CIRCLEd the bag, the rode up the bank and away down the road again!!! The Circle's use a CHURCH!!! Amazing. Morley did a ROUND circle, or surROUNDed the sleeping bag, and Rounds -- who suddenly look like Cash/Cast kin -- use a "SLEEPING lion". Cecil Rhodes had a ROUND Table organization. Rounds are said to have included a Mr. ROTUNdus.

That quote includes the banking-check theme that I come to below with a comparison of Checks/Chicks to "Kick/Keck." Again, Malbanks share the ermined bend of RODhams.

Not far below, the Kicks enter the discussion with my dream where I'm kicking at a crow that insists on landing on a STOVE burner. Stove's are listed with Stevensons whose branch were not only first found in Northumberland with Rodhams and MalBANKs, but share their bend. Plus, the Lums are buried in the Stove/Stevenson motto while Bench's do the same with their "casteLUM" motto term. The Castels in that motto term might even be related to the Cassels/Kessels to which Cecils are traced. CASTels might even be a branch of CASH's/Casts (= Kiss branch) to go with bank checks and my kiss on Kim's cheek (at La Paloma) that you will get to below. Cash's/Casts (use Scalia-like "scales") were first found in Cambridgeshire with the Stanleys who are in turn in Kick/Keck colors and format.

It's notable that Malbanks and Rodhams share the bend of Skulls (and Jewish Rothchilds) while SKULLs have a different-colors version of the English BONE Coat while Newtons use "shin BONES" in the form of the crossed bones of the SKULL and BONES society. It gives appearances that this society was named after two surnames for some reason. Skulls were first found in Herefordshire with the Jays sharing the bend-with-roses of Jewish Rothchilds, and Skull-like Schulers/SCHOELers/Shulers share the fleur-de-lys of Shovels/Shoulers who in turn were first found in Hertfordshire with Scale's while SCHOLE's/Schools are also Scayle's. The latter were first found in Yorkshire with Bush's, Walkers and BANKs.

Jays can be suspect in the "J'ai BONNE" motto phrase of Tyne's who in turn share the Bush/Bos/Bosch lion. English Bush's might therefore be related to the fesse of Tyne-like Twins/Twyne's/Tweens (Hampshire, beside Bone's/Bohuns), but compare also with the Town/Tone and Tinton Coats. Busca is near the Stura river while Sturs were first found in Hampshire with Twins/Twyne's/Twains. The Town-related Wants/Wantons share the Bush/Busch eagle, and while French Pastors almost have the Bush/Bos/Bosch Coat, Spanish Pastors share the Town eagle. The black Tane/Tawny eagle can apply because Twins/Tyne's are also Twains. Tane's/Tawnys are even in the colors and format of ConstanTINE's while English Constance's can be sharing the red eagle in the Tane/Tawny Crest because French Constance's share the pine tree with German Tane's/Tanners. Busca is near the Tanaro river (off-hand, I think the Stura is a Tanaro tributary).

Pastor-like Pestors are listed with Fizers/Pfisters, for what it's worth, sharing the Roten / Reitman hexagrams.

Prescott Bush, a member of Skull and Bones, and the pretend father of the first president Bush, was a secret Nazi banker (no longer a secret), and Banks, who named Bank Newton (a location), share the fleur-de-lys of English Bush's, how about that. The Bank write-up: "...James Bancks, a descendant of the Bankes, of Bank Newton, in Craven; in whose family the property continued until about 1731, when, by marriage with the heiress of William Bankes, it passed to the family of HOLME, who eventually changed their name to Bankes." Holme's happen to share the "chapeau" cap of not only Bidens, but of Yale's, can we believe it? Skull and Bones is at Yale university!

Holms have a Coat looking related to the Changers/Change's in the Stanley motto, and the triple fesses of Changers/Change's are in colors reversed with the Stouts/Stows (Cambridgeshire, same as Stanleys) while the Stout viking family used a raven banner. The fessewise Holme bars and the Changer fesses are in the colors of the double fesses of WinSTANLEYs. The Bank write-up continues where the quote above left off: "WINSTANLEY Hall, existing in the 16th century, is the seat of the Bankes family..." Winstanleys have a "Prenez" motto term like the Prinse variation of Prince's (Yorkshire, same as Bank Newton) in the Newton motto. I claimed that a Stanley character (see him last two updates), who initially took me to the Stanley surname, pointed to 9-11 crimes.

From the last update: "In the last update, JP Morgan bankers came to topic along with Morgan Stanley bankers. It started with a Stanley character whom I thought (years ago) pointed to Morgan Stanley's contributions to the 9-11 crimes. I had pointed the Stanley motto term, "changer," to "Loose Change," an early video waking people up as to the 9-11 crimes."

The Skulls almost have the Wombwell Coat, and so see the Wombwell write-up: "The surname Wombwell was first found in South Yorkshire, at Wombwell, a small town near Barnsley that dates back to the Domesday Book of 1086 where it was listed as WANbuelle at that time..." Not only are Barnsleys in Bank colors and format, but Banks were first found in Yorkshire with Wombwell and Schole's/Scayle's. WANsteads/WINNers (possibly kin of the namers of WINstanleys) share the fleur-de-lys of Shovels/Shoulers and Schulers/Schoelers/Shulers. Barnsleys were first found in Gloucestershire with Grave's/Greafs who in turn share the WIN/Gwynn eagle. German Winners share the purple Shield with Farndons (Cheshire), and the Clubs/Clobbes' (Cheshire) of Farndon are from "Clovis," son of king CHILDeric. The Childs, first found in Hertfordshire with Scale's and Shovels/Shoulers (Child colors and format), are said to have been at Wanstead. English Pace's (Cheshire) have another purple Shield, and then the crossed spears of Pasi's/Pace's

The only difference between the Wombwell and Skull Coats is that the six Skull horse heads are the six Wombwell unicorn heads, and they are in the colors of the giant Schwab/Swab unicorn. Did God arrange this to go with things-Stanley? We might add that Barnsleys share the Schwartz rose while George Soros was born George Schwartz.

The Bewere's (Rhineland, same as German Bush's) suspect in the "beware" motto term of Wombwells have triDENTs while Dents (Yorkshire, same as Wombwell and English Bush's), who share an "Industria" motto term with the Arms of Rothschild, are in English Rothes colors and format.

Winstanleys have the CRAUN/Crane patees in colors reversed while "COR UNUM" is a Cecil motto term suggesting the Coronis CROW to the CERAUNni Illyrians! Cecils share black escutcheons with CORRINs (Waterford). Dutch Castels share the Varenne Coat (raven species of crow), and David Morley pointed to Ada of Varenne when pointing the Aids/Ade's (Rodham colors and format) who in turn have a version of a Stevenson Coat. Crane-like Crannys (crane) are Grounds too while Grounds/Grundys (Yorkshire) almost have the Rhodes Coat. Aids/Ade's were first found in Berwickshire with Holme-like Home's/Hume's, and with the Pearsons/Piersons sharing the Hesse sun. The first Rothschild had a banking ground-zero as Hesse-Cassel.

German Cassels share the triple chevrons of Clare's, first found in Suffolk with Crauns/Crane's and Rush's (share blue annulets fessewise with Crauns/Crane's). Crauns/Crane's are in the colors and format of Gore's/CORE's who in turn share the white wolf in Crest with Rush's. Rush's are in Lum colors and format, and when Miss Peare and I rushed up the stairs, it was a pointer to Scalia liners. End insert]

I don't often go to Cecils, but have noticed that they share the ten bars of German Ducks. The Corrin kin of Cecils were first found in Waterford with Irish Corrys/Currys, and with the Trump stag head in this Arms of County Waterford. There's a gold rooster in the Corry/Curry Crest that can be the gold one standing on a TRUMPet of Livers/Levers. The Curry/Corry rooster holds what looks like a Lever-like leaf in its beak, probably because Leafs are Leve's/Leave's too. The way to assure that the Curry/Corry rooster is that of Livers/Levers is by way of Scottish Corrys, first because they were first found in Dumfries with the Leggs who have a giant stag head in Trump stag-head colors, and Wikipedia's current article on County Waterford is showing the Legg stag head instead of the Trump stag head.

To assure that Corrys/Currys were a branch of Scottish Corrys, the latter were first found in Dumfries with Kilpatricks while Corrys/Currys share the Gospatrick saltire. Patricks were first found in Norfolk with Leafs/Leave's.

Plus, while Val Trompia is at lake Garda, English Gardners have a good reflection of the Scottish Corry Coat. Recently, I found the Gardes' sharing the lilies of Waterfords, a great catch.

If one enters "Curry" instead of "Corry," a Scottish Curry Coat comes up with essentially the Corry/Curry Coat, only now the gold rooster is red like the Kiss/Cush and Bibo rooter. The latter tell that they use the rooster of Hahns (Mecklenburg, same as Trumps/Tromps), though the Hahn rooster is showing in Trump colors and format. Here's from the last update, but first know that Scottish Johnsons were first found in Dumfries with Leggs, Corrys, and with the Kilpatricks having a blue-Chief version of the Scottish Johnson Coat:

The Wiggon Crest is that of Scottish Johnsons for a potential pointer to Johnson & Johnson vaccines. Ains/Hains are also "Hanes," and this paragraph is a good pointer to Stephen Hahn, because I link the Kiss/Cush rooster to the one on a cushion of Bibo's who are in turn said to be kin of Hann-branch Hahns. The amazing thing here is that Scottish Johnsons use "cushions"!!! The KISS to Kim's cheek looks ARRANGED for pointing to Fauci-Trump crimes and murders.

The COSpatrick variation of Gospatricks (Northumberland, same as same-colored Rodhams) may be related to the Cuse/Cuss variation of Kiss'/Cush's because Cose's/Kossars (Essex, same as Rounds) may have the Irish Kilpatrick saltire in gold...because Kilpatrick castle is near the Solway firth while Solways/SALLOWays share the Cuse/Kussar saltire. Rounds use a "sleeping lion," and Sleeps were first found in Shropshire with Sallows! I get it because Sallows were a branch of Swallows while Arundels use "swallows" while Rounds use "roundels" as code for Rundle's/Roundels. Plus, the six Arundel swallows are in the pattern and colors of the six Cecil lions! Sleeping Beauty, Mrs. Kilpatrick, whom I was about to kiss, is pointing to Cecil Rhodes. She appeared in a 1979 dream where I say Trump was SWALLOWed by a shark.

It should be added that while SCHUTZ's (Cossin/Cosse/Cossette colors) share the Solways/Salloway / Cose/Kossar saltire, Cecils and their Corrin kin use eSCUTcheons. The six Cecil lions are within escutcheons. Mrs. Kilpatrick pointed to Cassets/Casse's/Cassons, two updates ago, with her CASSETTE music TAPE, and it just so happens that Cassets/Casse's/Cassons share triple fesses on black with Cossins/Cosse"s/COSSETTE's!

The island of Kos is near the island of Rhodes, and Patrick-like Patmos is off the Carian coast from those islands. Caria had Selene, the moon goddess, sister of Helios, god of Rhodes, and lover of mythical Endymion, the eternal SLEEPer. Helios mated with the wife of mythical king Merops of Ethiopia, and then another king Merops was on Kos. Carians included Karens/Kerns, likely of the Ceraunii, who share the sleeping moon of German Roets. Patmos has both a Scalia-like Skala location and a Corry-like Chora location. The only Biblical thing we know about the 666 was written on Patmos. It appears that God is pointing to this thing via the music cassette, and while "six" is "hex," it's a term suspect from the Hyksos who I say named the Hicks. Mrs. Kilpatrick was born to Mr. Hicks.

The fesses of Cassets/Casse's/Cassons are in the colors of the fessewise bars of Tape's/TOOPs. Cushion-like Cussons and Donalds share a giant and spread eagle (different colors) with Musics/Musys (Brittany, same as Shark-line Sarasins) so that the music tape (on the first anniversary of 9-11) can be pointing in this direction. German TOPPers/Topfers (triple fesses by fish) share the fish in this Arms of Saraca, and were first found in Thuringia with sleeping-moon Roets, super because English Toppers have boars in the colors of the boar heads of Scottish Roets, the latter first found in Somerset (beside Wiltshire) with Tape's/Toops! Roets were a Rothchild branch. German Toppers/Topfers have a blue-Shield version of the Roach/ROCHE Coat, and Calls/Calles' -- Wiltshire, same as Topps!!! -- have the triple fesses of Roach's/Roche's but by using TRUMPets instead!!! Zikers.

Calls/Calles' (Wiltshire, same as Shots/Shute's) are in the colors and format of Schutz/Shutz-like SHOTs/Shute's, and while the Arms of Dachau has a sling SHOT, "auDAUX" is a motto term of the Corrys/Currys (trefoils) whose saltire is in the colors of the saltire-by-swords of DACHs/Tax's, and they happen to be in the colors of the Shot/Shute swords. The Dach/Tax saltire-by-swords is shared by Borders (Somerset, same as Roets) who in turn share the star of Irish Fullers who in turn share the brown horse in Crest of Cose's/Kossars who in turn share the Schutz/Shutz saltire. Plus, the triple fesses of Fullers are colors reversed from the triple fesses of Calls/Calles', Shots/Shute's and Roach's/Roche's. From the last update:

I saw a video this week on Trump-family connections to Switzerland, and the video mentioned a Roche company. It turns out: "...Roche, is a Swiss multinational healthcare company that operates worldwide". It sounds like a Rockefeller company that should prove to be part of the vaccine-pushing machine.

Although David Morley points to international banksters, including the Clinton crime ring, he can point also, by a comparison of the Morley, David and AIDs Coats, to AIDS or "VAIDS" (= AIDs by COVID vaccine). COVITs/Covers share the Aid/Ade bend, and Coverts share the gold leopard face in Crest with Aids/Ade's. The latter are in RODham colors and format, and the Grounds/Grundys nearly have the Rhodes Coat but substitute the Rhodes besants with the Covert martlets. Courts/Coverts (Sussex, same as Coverts) have a "GRANDescunt" motto term to go with Grundys. Aids/Ade's were first found in Berwickshire with AITons/ARTems and round-table-connectable Arthurs, and Aitons/Artems have a rose-version of the Ground/Grundy and Rhodes Coats.

The Deacons (Crest compares with Covit/Cover Crest) who almost have the full Rhodes Coat were first found in Suffolk with an EYE location that could have named the EYtons/Eitons / Aitons/Aytons. While the baths, said to be of "ap-Atha," can take us to Atha's, we then note that the latter's checkered Shield is that of Fiscs who use an "AD" motto term. Fiscs also "Sic" while Sichs share "fountains" with Waterfords. The "lilies" of Waterfords are used by Gardes' (Brittany, same as Ducs/LeDucs), and the latter are in Duc/LeDuc colors and format while "Duci" is an Atha motto term. James LeDuc is a leader of the Galveston National Lab that helped to set up parts of the Wuhan lab.

The Fiscs can be identified with the Grimaldi-partnered Fieschi of Genoa, for the Fisc Shield is nearly that of Grimaldi's, and as Grimaldi's share the Shield of Bags (Norfolk,same as PilGRIMs), I'm always on the look-out as to why Grimaldi's might play to the sleeping bag. FISC is the official name of the FISA court that Chris Wray has probably been abusing in efforts to weaken pro-Trumpers, and so let's add that Wrays share the martlets of Gormleys/GRIMES'.

The Grime's/Grimms (share green martlet with English, Gardener-branch Gards) share the Ground/Grundy martlets upon three fesses, and that design is in different colors with Marlins. David Morley was in my sleeping bag dream on a motorbike, but I would not have known that he owned a motorbike had he not visited me with it, at Marlin court, the very last time I ever saw him. It's helpful that Marlins are MARKlands too, for MARICi were co-founders of Pavia (with Leave-like Laevi Gauls), and Pavia's have the martlets on a fesse that are three times in the Grime/Grimm Coat. The three Marlin fesses are in the colors of the fesses-by-items of Calls/Calles' / Roach's/Roche's i.e. right down the poison-vaccine alley. French Mars share the scallop of Italian Pavia's.

Trump is a pusher of poison vaccines even while he sees the many-but-uncounted deaths and maimings from the vaccines. He prefers to be seen as heroic and wildly popular even if it kills people. He's a self-worshiping, satanic lunatic. Marlins were first found at Marland, beside ROCHdale of Lancashire, not far from LIVERpool, which recalls that Livers/Levers (Lancashire) have the Corry/Curry rooster on a trumpet. Again, Marlins have three fesses in the colors of the three Call/Calles fesses-by-trumpets. Bingo! Morley was pointing to Trump with his visit to Marlin. Marland is beside Bolton while Trump had picked John Bolton as his foreign-affairs advisor.

Royal Grimaldi's are of Monaco, and so let's go to the story below that I found early this week. Why would a woman pose as a Rothschild to gain access to Trump's business? Perhaps because Trump is a Rothschild operative? Her real surname, Ms. "YashCHYSHYM," looks related to the Moldavian capital, Kisinov (or "Chisinau"), smack beside Ukraine. She's said to be Ukrainian. The video says she disguised herself as a Rothschild growing up in Monaco, where the Ukrainian gangster lives too, Michael Zlochevsky, owner of Burisma Holdings. I suggest she was sent into Trump's orbit by that Ukrainian circle that intimately includes the Bidens.

Why was Trump posing with Lindsay Graham while golfing with him in May of last year? Didn't Graham stab Trump in the back on January 6, 2021? Yes. And Trump's golfing with him just four months later when instead he should still have been half-sick to his soul for being cheated-out of an election???

Lindsey Graham is a war hawk, what Rothschilds love, we may assume. Was this woman known by Trump as to her activities? Is he in on it with whatever she's doing? Is this story a staged operation? Has Trump been an actor himself all along throughout Russia collusion, etc.? Is Kisinov-like KUSHNer involved with this?

I've wondered whether Morley's MOTOR bike is a pointer to mRNA vaccines by MODERna. Moters may somehow apply who share the bend of Fes'/Fays (Auvergne, same as Moters and Foix's/Foys) who in turn put a fox upon it. Foix's/Foys have a bend-with-items rising sinister along with the one of Jewish Rothchilds, and the latter descend from Rothes at Moray while the Moray stars are shared by these same Foix's/Foys. Morays virtually use the Duc/LeDuc Coat.

The Moter bend is that also of Call-like Chalants/Chalons too, first found in Burgundy with the VAIRs who in turn share the Fisc Shield for a potential connection to Grimaldi-partnered Fieschi. Moters have a VAIR border. It was the part-Ukrainian, Mr. Kepke, who said to me, "be nonCHALANT," when I was getting up to speak with my girlfriend, Miss Whelan, for the last time. Whelans were first found in Waterford with Trump liners. Waterford is near the first-known KELLYs while Call-like Calles-like Cauleys look like kin of Keele's (Lincolnshire, same as Cheile's), a branch in turn of LEG-using Cheile's in the motto of Camerons (share five bunched arrows with Arms of Rothschild) who have three fesses half in the colors of the fesses-by-trumpets of Calls/Calles'. Leggs share the stag head in the Arms of County Waterford. Chalonts/Chalons might even have been a branch of Faux's/Fage's/Chollens', first found in Perigord with Fauchys.

The last time I saw Kepke before he moved away from my area of Ontario was when he dropped in with his future wife while KELLY, my date at the time, was with me. Grace KELLY married prince Grimaldi of Monaco, and then died in a car accident. Maybe she wasn't complying, and was murdered. Kepke sold shoes with me in earlier years, and Mr. Zlochevsky above, owner to Burisma, has/had a shoe boutique in KIEV," where I trace Kepke-like Keeps. Kepke's father is Ukrainian.

He said to me, "be nonchalant," while we were in a restaurant at Scarborough Town Center, where we both had sold shoes. We would eat at that restaurant often when we sold shoes. It wasn't our choice to be there, but rather Rick Young, Kepke's neighbor, snitched on Miss Whelan, telling Kepke that she was seeing another guy at this restaurant on a certain night, almost ten miles from where she lived on Henry CORSon Place, where Kepke and Young lived too. Their three homes, 6, 21, and 31, add up to 66. Corsons were first found in Dumfries with Scottish Corrys while Irish Corrys/Currys were first found in Waterford with Whelans/FAILins. It all looks Arranged.

Mr. Young knew where she was going to be because he was dating her sister, i.e. another Miss Whelan, at the time. I met her through Mr. Young on the very last time I ever saw him. Kepke and I decided to get to the restaurant before they got there, but it was all for nothing, as she was decided to try things out with him. Hope it all went well.

Eight years before meeting Miss Whelan, Kepke and I would collect golf balls on three golf clubs all on the ROUGE river. Rouge's/Rogers (Savoy) share the Knee bend while English Rogers share the Knee, Vise/Vice and Acorn stag head, all connectable to the Tromp acorns more than it might seem on the surface here. Acorns and Vise's/Vice's were first found in Sussex with Downs (and Keeps) who have a stag in the colors of the German YOUNG stag, and in the colors of the Trump / Legg / Arms-of-Waterford stag heads. Knee's were first found in County Down. As Kepke wore his blond hair like Trump does, and as both were womanizers, I think it speaks for itself in tracing to things-Ukraine now in the news, but even to Trump's golf course. Kepke's Ukrainian father would actually get up at 5 am to drive us to the furthest course at Steeles and 9th concession, the CedarBrae golf club. We were only 12 years old.

I had a dream a few years ago where Kepke was walking along on my driveway followed by a sick-looking, skinny-bones stag, which could be interpreted as Ukrainians making near death, so to speak. A third character, Paul Smith (old friend) in crutches followed the stag. Wondering why they were on the driveway, I asked self how Drive's/Drove's/Drave's can apply, and this works where Trumps were first found near the Trave river, in case it was also the Drave at one time. I have just found (for the first time) that Smith's crutches point to the Trave, for "The POTENITzer Wiek (also called Traveforde) is an eastern bay of the lower Trave..." It's known that the heraldic POTENT cross is formed from the shape of upper crutches!!! I've not known of this Potenitzer term before, but it's apparently related to the heraldic Potent. .

As I've said, the Crutch/Crooch formee-fitchee is the one of English Smiths in colors reversed. I now need to figure out why Mr. Smith might be part of the sting / framing operations against Trump by Ukrainians. I've told before that "SEMPER FIDELIS," the motto of Scottish Smiths, is the motto of the Arms of Lviv, that being a Ukrainian city. The Arms has a gold lion in a gold gate, suggesting relationship to the Gates', the "gold gate" of Podebrady, and with the Babwells (Tromp eagle?) who share the six pale bars of Liss'/Lise's expected in "fideLIS." Liss'/Lise's were first found in Hampshire with gate-using Porters, Geddys/Giddys (share Semper lion), but also with Drive's/Drave's and Pots. The "heron" in the Crest of Scottish Smiths holds a blue fish, the colors of the Kidney/GEDney fish, and I see Gates' as a potential branch of GED-branch Geddes' (Nairnshire, near the first-known Scottish Drummonds). Scottish Smiths look descended from Neils (share Ged fish), kin of Sharks.

For anyone interested, Scottish Smiths are said to descend from Neil Cromb, chief of Clan Chattan. This Clan shares the cat with Croms/CROMBs.

The "Benigno NUMINE" motto of English Smiths warrants a look at Bank-like Bings/Bangs/Bengs (share Numan lion) with quadrants in colors reversed from the same of Drive's/Drave's. The insert below was just added to the last update like so:

The Jay Crest shows a RED SHIELD, and Schilds share double-white bends with Danish Bauers/Pauers/BOHRs. The first Rothschild, Mayer Bauer, called his home in FRANKfurt, Green Shield, and German Bauers/Bowers (share green Shield with Bure's/Bowers, Burleys/Bourlys, Pollocks and Franks) come up as "Bohr too, and then, WOW, the Bors show nothing but POTs!!! God is pointing this morning to Rothschilian bankers, the wicked of the wicked, the lovers of pilferers of money to work their Godless agendas. It's interesting that the Pairs in the "pair of scales" of Kiss-branch Cass'/Cash's are listed with German Pauers while Danish Pauers are listed with Bauers/Bohrs.

[Insert September 1 -- I was looking at the Bings/BANGs/Bengs this morning, to see their "TeuBOR" motto!]

Note the mention of the Cash scales, for potent-like Patents/Pattens share the lozengy Shield of Scayle's. Danish Bauers/Pauers were in Denmark smack beside the Trave river. I now claim that the Gates line from Podebrady was from the mother of Drummonds, and German Drummonds (Trump colors) were first found in Hamburg near the Trave river. Not only do Hamburgs share the crosslets of English Trips, but German Trips (shoes, connects with Mr. Kepke), first found in Hamburg too, are from Trypillians of Ukraine.

The Trave is beside Mecklenburg, where Hann-branch Hahns (and same-colored Trumps) were first found, this jibing with the HANville's/Handville's/ANVILs (Kent, same as Trips, and Bings/Bangs/Bengs in the Smith motto) are in the "anvils"" of Scottish Smiths (clever). Paul Smith's father is Peter, and Sempers were Pierre's. Sempers were first found in Essex with Andeville's. STEPHEN Hahn, a chief pusher of poison vaccines under Trump's authority, is interesting here, not only because Paul's brother is Steven/Stephen, but because the STEPENitz (flows from Mecklenburg) is a Trave tributary.

The Stepenitz flows through GREVESmuhlan, which could have to do with Kepke chasing me with the spider at the Graff residence, because Greves'/Grave's are also Greafs (Gloucestershire, same as Stephens). The Smiths lived in Vaughn when I knew Paul Smith, and Vaughns, in the colors and format of English Smiths, have a vaccine-like Vychan variation. Vaughn-like Faughns share "compony" with Fauci-connectable Faucets. Kepke chased me with the spider with Karen Graff (our age, my friend) watching on, and while Karens use a sinister-rising bend, the split in the Coat of German Hammers/Hemmers rises sinister beneath the same lion as used by Graffs/GRAFFENs. The absolutely-amazing thing here is that Irish Smiths are listed with GOWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GO is the short-form for GRAPHENE-oxide!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I called Paul Smith a few years ago after not seeing him for decades. As I said, he told me he was making doors at the time (he's a licensed carpenter, swings a hammer). English Doors/Dorrs look like kin of Gates', and Gates' share the Hammers/Hemmer / Graff lion too. Especially as the Gates lion is shared by Irish Doors while German Dorrs share the hand with Anvil-connectable Hanns/Hands, it appears that the phone call is pointing vaccine-murder by Bill Gates, especially as Phone-branch Fiens/Finis' (Kent, same as Anvils) share the same lion once again. German Dorrs use a "majorem" motto term while "majora" is used by Geddes'. Dutch Tromps share the DORia eagle.

English Doors/Dorrs were first found in Herefordshire with the Croms/Crombs expected from Neil Cromb of the anvil-using Smiths: "...Neil Cromb, a Chieftain who flourished in 1150, third son of MURDOCK, Chief of the Clan Chattan..." I can't recall the spelling of the Cromby branch with a BOTTONy-cross (button ends) version of the Cromby Coat, and that tends to point to the infestation of the Biden family in Ukraine.

The FBI under Andrew McCabe was persecuting Trump along with American diplomats in Ukraine. McCabe's/MacAbbe's share the "salmon" of Hams, first found in Sussex with same-colored Hammers (potential Hamburg branches). A hammer is used by a metal smith on an anvil. The McCabe / Ham salmon, or a fish under another name, is shared (i.e. same colors) by Pfizer-like Fissers/Vissers. A as "fish" is like "Fisser," my bet is that it's called a "fish," excellent because the Fish surname essentially has the Vaughn Coat. Fissers/Vissers have a green-Shield version of the Roach/Roche Coat, and the latter look related to the CALLES trumpets. In fact, the three fesses-by-fish of Fissers/Vissers are in the colors of the two CHALLES fesses! It's pointing to Trump as an accomplice to murder-by-vaccine along with Rockefeller "medicine."

McCabe's/McABBE's were first found on ARRAN, which I trace to "Airaines" because it's near ABBEville, and Airaines happens to be where Irons/Orions were first found who smack of the Orne/Horns sharing the heron with English Smiths. Andrew McCabe was under the authority of James Comey, and Comeys were of Clan Chattan along with Scottish Smiths. Comey and McCabe were abusing the FISC (FISA court) against Trump, and Fiscs share "ad" with German Hammers/Hammers and Doors. Fiscs add "Sic," and I've always called the stag (in the dream with Smith) a SICKly stag. Sichs share the "fountains" of Waterfords, and the Trump stag head is in the Arms of County Waterford. The Botton/Button/BIDEN Crest is simply, "horns".

Smith on crutches suggests a president Trump made politically lame by the FBI and its Ukrainian partners. Lameness has to do with bad legs, and Leggs almost have the Trump Coat. Leggs were first found in Dumfries, same as Patents/Patients/PUTINs (this pointer may involve Russia), and same as the Lise's suspect in the Smith motto, and we saw how Paul Smith's crutches point to the POTENT cross. It could very well be that the "war" now partially (or wholly) staged in Ukraine was planned for the presidency of Hillary Clinton...which Trump intruded upon. Note how much money is being printed for that war, much of it being redirected into the pockets of criminals in government positions. It's a nasty cabal. It's probably the cabal that opens the door to their Armageddon reward.

There's a Boton surname listed with Boughtons/BOURtons/BORtons (share BRISTOL crescents) that look like Bauer/Bohr / Bourley liners, yet they were first found in Wiltshire (near Bristol), beside Bottons/Bidens. Wiltshire is where trumpet-using Calles were first found, and while I've shown how acorn-using Tromps linked to the Downs with a stag in trump stag-head colors, Downtons were first found in Wiltshire too. Wiltshire is right beside Clapton while Arthurs of Clapton (at Gordano) used "clarions" thought by some to be trumpets. Keep in mind that Gordan-related and Rothschild-branch Roets (Somerset, same as Clapton) share the BOUGH/Bow motto while the latter use the Arms-of-Rothschild arrows. Having said that, Botons/Boughtons tell of "Sir William ROUSE Boughton" in Shropshire's Downton while Downtons share the Arthurs "rests" that, I think, are what the Arthurs also called, CLARions."

I've got it recorded: "The Arthur 'rests,'...are called "organ pipes""by Downtons."

French Rouse's/Rose's (Limousin, same as French Clare's) have the three roses of the other French Clairs in colors reversed, and this Rouse/Rose Coat looks related to the Irish Arthur Coat to boot. Rouse-like Rouge's/Rogers use roses. Kepke and I collected golf balls in the Rouge river. As kids, we are also in the SEWER pipe that drained into the Rouge river. Sewers/Shuters can link to Calles' via Shute's/Shitts (Roach/Roche colors and format).

Downton in Shropshire may have been where the Rhodes-like Rudes'/Rudge's were first found who share the cross of Rhodes-related Baths, and Bath is smack beside Downton of Wiltshire and near Bristol too. Boton-connectable Bristols (look like Bush kin) share the blue eagle in Crest with French Pots while Buttons/Bidens (Hampshire, same as English Pots) have this: "William Button was a medieval Bishop of Bath and Wells." That's at Bath above. Bors use pots while Botons/Boughtons are also BORtons; the latter have the Baud crescents in colors reversed, and Bude's (Cornwall, same as English Bogans) share the bow with Bows/Boughs, Bowers/Bohrs, and German Bogans.

The "cockaTRICE" of English Bogans (Cornwall, same as Trice's and Tristans) get us to the Tristans sharing the stag head of Tromp-connectable Acorns, first found in Sussex with Bone's, dolphin-using Hammers, and Downton-connectable Downs/Douns. Rodge's/Rogers have stags in the colors of those stag heads. Bone's can be suspect in the "bonum" motto term of Botons/Boughtons, for while French Bone's use the dolphin, Dolphins were once said to be first found in Surrey with Bristols, and with the Fiddle's/Fidelows suspect in the "fidelis" motto term of Crutch-connectable English Smiths.

The Tristans above have a solid chevron colors reversed from the same of Scottish Smiths, and the other English Tristans, first found in Devon (beside Somerset) with Rudes/Rudge-branch Ridge's, share the quadrants of DRIVE's/Drave's (Hampshire, beside Somerset and Wiltshire). Paul Smith was on crutches on my DRIVEway, and Crutch's were first found in Somerset with Clapton / Roets. English Smiths were first found in Durham with Roet-related Bows/BOUGH's. Trice's are in the "KEEP tryst" motto of Hebrons, and this gets us back to Mr. Kepke, who led the sickly looking stag followed by Paul Smith on crutches.

Kepke points to Kiev, the Ukraine capital, home once of Varangian RUS, and the Keep-loving Hebrons use the rose and the chevron of rose-using Rouse's/Rose's. The latter (Limousin, same as French pine's) share the crescent of French Pine's, and English Pine's are much in Rouse/Rose colors and format. The family of king Pinnes of the Ardiaei is probably to the Pine's.

Scalia's Murder, Continued

In my last update, I got to showing how my carrying a ladder from the home of Verne Archibald, past the apartment of Lorraine, to Hunt street, pointed to the murder of Scalia on his weekend hunting vacation at the remote Texas ranch of John B. Poindexter. Today, I add the insert in square brackets below to the last update:

I was sure, on the morning of the sleeping bag dream, that the sleeping bag pointed to Scalia's murder by the International Order of Saint HUBERtus, a gang of hunters at Poindexter's ranch. Poindexter himself belongs/belonged to that club. Though not in the same colors fully, the three crescents on the Hubert bend are white, same as the three Archibald crescents upon a bend, and moreover both Huberts and Archibalds (version of Kidd Coat) have a white crescent in Crest. Kicks/Kecks have three crescents on a bend too.

The Huberts are now amazing because they are in Rothes colors and format, and this goes to the crow/raven on the stove burner, which I was KICKing.

[Insert Sept 2 -- John Poindexter was the cook. He cooked the meal for his crew, and admitted that he sat beside Scalia at dinner the night he was killed. He admitted that he witnessed Scalia getting up from the dinner table to retire to his bedroom EARLY. Did Poindexter slip something into Scalia's food to make him feel weak?

The Kick/Keck crescents on a bend are in the colors of the gold pheons on a blue bend of Thistle's, the latter first found in the Channel Islands with Poindexters, and the Thistle Coat is in different colors as the Coat of English Helms who are in turn in Hubert and Sales colors and format. The latter two were first found in the same place, and both Helms and Sale's use a pheon (different color) in Crest. Helms and Sales' were first found beside the first-known Stops/Stubbs ("CeDANT") of Staffordshire who in turn share the Helm pheons and add a bend-with-buckles, symbol of Leslie's, though the Leslie's are in Thistle colors and format. Leslie's were earls of Rothes. The Dent-like Dants/Durants (dancette) share the Sales fleur-de-lys because Salyes Ligures were on the Durance river. Dants/Durants (Hunt/Hunter colors) are said to have had a mansion in Shropshire, where Hunts/Hunters were first found. Dents (Yorkshire, same as Tongs) share the lozenges of Hunt-like Hounds.

Helms were first found in Surrey with the father of Ada of Varenne, the line to Aids/Ade's in RODham colors and format. Scalia was murdered in February of 2016, the year that Hillary Rodham Clinton thought she would become president. Varenne's use ravens (or maybe even crows), and this Ada married Mr. HUNTINGdon. Does any of this offer clues on some detail(s) of Scalia's murder? The Dant/Durante dancetty-fesse is shared by West-related Dove's (Berwickshire, same as Aids/Ade's) who share the dove with West-branch Waistells and pheon-using Page's (Devon, same as Wests). The Dove motto is, "Patiens," and the Patiens' are listed with Scottish Patents while English Patents share the SCAYLE Shield. The end of the sleeping bag dream pointed to Waistells.

I almost missed it: Scayle's share the annulet of Hubert-branch Hubbards/Huberts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! End insert]

I thought I was finished with the insert before adding that last sentence. In fact, I pasted the quote above in this insert, without the last sentence, BEFORE I remembered that Scayle's share the Hubbard annulet. Did God stick that into my mind? Looks like, because it's a concise pointer to the Hubertus order and Scalia. I then added the last sentence to the insert after committing to sharing the quote here. I'm impressed with how that worked, because I was having second thoughts on whether to paste the quote here at all. A low-key start turned into a scream.

[Insert September 8 -- Below, a Mr. Foster is suspect as an accomplice of Scalia's killers. Scottish Hunters, who are in a Foster motto, use a "Cursum" motto term to go with "Hubert of Curzon" in the Hubert write-up. That doesn't look coincidental but more like God is pointing to Mr. Foster. If I recall correctly, Curzons (Hubbard colors and format) use "poppinJAYs." End insert]

As you can see, the STOPs/Stubbs were a key to that last set of heraldry. The Stops had come to topic initially because I had met Lorraine at her bus STOP. The mystery is, why would God include Lorraine in with this ladder pointer to Scalia? Scalia's use a ladder, and I say the ladder is code for the namer of Lotharingia, which is otherwise called, Lorraine.

After moving out of Verne Archibald's the first time around, when I was dating Roxanne BENNETT, I spent the winter in the home of her parents. English Bennetts use double SCALING ladders. In the spring, it was time for she and I to break up because God planned to have Miss Peare call me up that spring, and we spent the weekend together (no sex). It was the last time I saw her. Decades later, she appeared at the end of the sleeping bag dream pointing to Waistells. My theory is that the Hubertus gang drugged Scalia at dinner, then put a BAG over his head (to suffocate him) while he was SLEEPING, i.e. the reason for the sleeping bag.

A month or so after seeing Peare for the last time, I met Lorraine at her bus stop while riding my BIKE. David Morley appeared on a motor BIKE in the sleeping bag dream, and CIRCLEd the sleeping bag with it. Circle's use a church, and Lorraine lived on Church. A few moths after dating Lorraine, I moved again (very temporary) to Verne Archibald's, at which time I carried the 32-foot ladder on my shoulder down Church street to my new place on HUNT street. Lorraine's share the bend-with-eagles of Gorsuch's, and Neil Gorsuch replaced Antonin Scalia on the U.S. supreme court, is that not wild? It's amazing.

As per my bike, Biks/Biche's/Bickers share a red bend with Lorraine's, but that's not enough to make a solid link. However, the Lorraine eagles are shared by Childs, first found in Hertfordshire with Beach's/Bechs and Scale's. That's purdy good, especially as Anne's/Hanne's were first found in Yorkshire with Beach-branch Beckers/Bechers. Biks/Bikers share the ANNE/Hanne stag heads, and perhaps this is why RoxANNE Bennett was chosen for me (Archibalds were first found in ROXburghshire). Anne's have a Hanney variation that named Berkshire, where Biks/Biche's/Bikers and Becks/Beche's were first found. Looking very good. The Child eagle is on its side with Roads (Rhineland), and Morley was riding his bike on a road.

As I said, on the last weekend spent with Peare, she showed me a picture of herself RUNNING on a BEACH in her BATHing SUIT. Sewers/Suits share the PEARtree fitchees. Runnings/Ronnys evoke RHONDa Bennett, Roxanne's sister, and Baths were RHODES kin. When Morley came off the ROAD to circle the sleeping bag, it was a pointer to ROUNDs with a "SLEEPING lion". Rounds are essentially in the colors and format of otter-using Balfours, and Others/Otters, proto-Windsors, were first found in Huntingdonshire. Huntingdons share the Running/Ronny fesse. Prime minister Arthur Balfour was part-and-parcel with Cecil-Rhodes globalism.

Balfours were first found in Fife with BALcons/Balcombs, and the latter were to topic with my last day with Lorraine on her BALCONy.

ZOWZERS, the Hanneys were at WANTage of Berkshire. The last update had Miss Peare and I, on our first kiss, rushing up stairs in a pointer to judge Scalia! The last update focused on my question to her, "WANT to go outside," and the Wants/Wantons were therefore featured. I now come to Wantage. When I asked her, "want to go outside," I was asking her to come kiss with me, and that turned into the rush-up-stairs event! Wants/Wantons share the Ghent eagles while Gaunts/Ghents almost have the Running/Ronny Coat. We were apparently running up the stairs because the Running/Ronny fesse is shared by Rush's, the latter first found in Suffolk with the Want-related Towns/Tone's. The latter are in the colors and format of the Ripons suspect in the PIERpont motto phrase, "Pie ripone." Pierponts share the cinquefoils of Rush-branch Rosco's.

Bennetts share the motto of their Benedict branch, and the Peare-like PIERleoni of Rome named themselves after the family of pope Leo Benedict. JP Morgan bank was named by J. Pierpont Morgan. The Pie's in the Pierpont motto look like Beach kin. She was running on the beach (Kepke had probably taken this picture). Rush's are in Huntingdon colors and format, and we can add that while Gains/Engaine's were first found in Huntingdonshire, they share the crosslets of English Trips who in turn have a "SCALing ladder". I carried the ladder to Hunt street. These crosslets are also those of Windsors first found in Berkshire with Wantage!!! The same crosslets are used by ranch-like Rench's almost in Bik/Biker colors and format.

Mystery: why did I PICK up the sleeping bag? I didn't see myself dropping it. I didn't see this bag again after I picked it up in the WOODs = FOREST at the very start of the dream. Picks share the Wood fitchees, and as I've said before, Fosters are also Forrests while Mr. Foster (see him last update) is suspect as an accomplice of Scalia's murder.

BEHOLD. Scalia's body was rushed to El PASO, where it was embalmed before anyone could see evidence of foul play. There was no autopsy. El Paso is on the Mexican border, and the leader of the Hubertus gang lives (or lived) in Mexico. El Paso, like most Hispanic-American centers in southern Texas, is likely Democrat-controlled. PASI's share crossed, white spears with PICture's/Picthalls, the latter first found in Lancashire with the scaling-ladder Bennetts who in turn have the three demi-lions of Picture's/Picthalls in colors reversed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think this is a new find. The Picture's/Picthalls had been to topic before as per Peare's beach picture, but I don't remember linking it to Bennetts, though I may have!

The Picks/Pix's have been shown amazing already for being first found in Kent with scaling-ladder Trips and Roet-branch Roots, part of the ROAD that Morley was on before circling the bag. Roots share the rooted tree with Woods and Picks/Pix's (I picked up the bag in the woods), and then Pike's/Pickens were first found in Ayrshire with the Line's/Linds ("Semper") who share the crossed Picture/Picthall spears in both colors. Scalia's corpse was rushed to El Paso, and Pasi's were the line to Paisleys/Pasleys, first found in Renfrewshire with Speers who in turn use crossed spears and the Roet boar heads. English Pasleys have the triple fesses of Poussins (Berkshire, same as Biks/Bickers) in colors reversed while Poussons (not "Poussin") are listed with poison-like Poissons.

It appears as though Scalia was poisoned, or at least drugged to sleep, especially as Sleeps (Shropshire, same as Rodden river) show nothing but two fesses in the colors of the nothing-shown but three fesses of Poussins. The bag was on a hill or bank, and while Clinton-related Hillarys were first found in Worcestershire with Hills and the Blythe-connectable Clents Hills (Clents/Clints were Blythe kin), Banks can be of the Rodham/Rodden-related Malbanks because Malbancs are in the Mall/Marlybone write-up while there was a mall across the road from this hill / bank.

I walked across this road into the mall parking lot, then through the doors into the mall itself, where I saw Miss Peare on a wooden deck, and pulled her WAIST toward me to end the dream. While German Decks are listed with Daggers, English Daggers (Cumberland, same as WAISTells) share the three Poisson/Pousson scallops while Poussins were first found in Oxfordshire with Clintons, and with Peare's and their Tiens kin. "Tiens" is a motto term of Squirrels (Worcestershire) who share the red squirrel with Decks/Daggers. Believe it or not. Tiens' almost have the Leath/Leith lozenges, and Leath is where English Daggers were first found, even on the Dacre BECK stream.

I PASSed through the front doors of the mall, and with Banks in mind here, a vaccine pass comes to mind in case it's going to be the 666 ticket for making purchases in stores.

The Runnings/Ronnys almost have the Coat of German Camps, and Ronnys are suspect with the Ronald variation of Donalds having two "Per" motto terms. Plus, Kepke probably took the picture of Peare running, because she had been with him until recent to the picture. The Ronalds/Donalds, a good pointer to Donald Trump, share the ship with Keeps ("galley" ship). The MacDonalds had a Keppoch branch, and I've seen the MacDonald ship called both a "galley" and a "LYMPhad," and here we can take things to the Limp variation of Lambie's/Lamps with another "Per" motto term, and even with the full motto of Irish Caseys who in turn have the Dutch Camp eagle head in colors reversed.

Limps/Lambie's were first found in Northumberland with Keep-loving Hebrons/Hepburns, and with the Lambs/Lams who share the Running/Ronny / Camp / Rush/Rish / Rosco/Risco fesse. Donald Trump's middle name is John, and Welsh John's (Carmarthenshire, same as Rice's/Rhys') share the Coat of Rish-like Rice's/Rhys'. Welsh Johns have a "PASCit" motto term while Pass'/Pascals share the Lamb/Lam lamb. The Trysts in the Hebron/Hepburn motto were first found in Cornwall with Rosco's/Risco's and the Amys suspect with the "L'Amy variation of Limps/Lambie's. The Limps recall that Kepke in my dream leading a sick-looking stag (suspect as trump) followed by Paul Smith on crutches i.e. limping along, for the Crutch's/Crooch's and Cross'/Cruce's were probably a branch of Crozier's in the Limp/Lambie Chief. That chief shares croziers with German Rice's/Ris' in the same colors. While I am able to make such surname links, I can't usually see the reasons if indeed God arranged the links. Did God arrange Johns to point to Trump for some reason?

This set of heraldry started with the picture of Peare running on a beach toward the camera, and Camera's/Camerons share the five-bunched arrows in the Arms of Rothschild. The "corvos" motto term of Welsh Johns (use ravens or crows) means "crow" in Greek, and Scottish Caseys, first found in Lanarkshire with the Hardys suspect in the "hardi" motto term of Welsh Rice's/Rhys', use the heads of "crows." Lanarkshire is also where the Sine's/Sions were first found in the "sine" motto term of Lambs/Lams. Scottish Caseys are in the colors and format of English Grasse's, the latter first found in Lincolnshire with the Bracebridge's who share a fessewise crozier (different color) with Limps/Lambie's.

The Lambs/Lams, with the colors and format of Rush's/Rish's, and the Rosco/Risco cinquefoils in colors reversed, have a "PALMa" motto term to get us back to Peare and I RUSHing up the stairs at La PALOMA. Palms were first found in Yorkshire (beside Limps and Lambs) with the Pulle's/Pullings suspect in the "pulvere" motto term of Lambs/Lams, and Pulle's/Pullings share the full motto of the Patents/Pattens who share the Shield of Schole's/SCAYLE's (Yorkshire, same as Pulle's/Pullings). The rushing up the stairs was a pointer to the Scalia bloodline. Pulle's/Pullings not only share the PEARtree bend, but the Peartree scallops, and Peartree's throw in the Trump stag head.

I can point the rushing-up-stairs event to Trumps again. Stairs are in the colors and format of English Camps in turn linkable to Peare running on the beach because german camps almost have the Running/Ronny Coat sharing the Rush/Rish bend. The Stars/STAIRRs, first found in Wiltshire with trumpet-using Calls/CALLES', are in the three colors of the Chalice's/CHALLES', and the latter are said to have named Scale-like Eschailles in Pas de CALAIS. Scale's were first found in Hertfordshire with Chalice's/Challes' and Beach's/Bechs. The Beaks and Babe's were related to the Drummond line out of Podebrady, and while Trumps are suspect as a Drummond branch, Bradys share the finger pointing to the sun with Babe's while Peartree's have a bird pointing to the sun.

Mein Kampf

I have a new set of heraldry that involves Mamie at the CAMP site. She at the camp site was shown in the last update (see "Mamie") as a pointer to Trump, and she also pointed to the Mens/Mame's. The latter come up as "Mein's, and "Mein KAMPf" is the title of Hitler's infamous book. English Camps were once said to be first found in Yorkshire with the Banks who share the eagle head of Dutch Camps, and German Camps share a dancetty-fesse (different colors) with MINE's/Menne's, how about that. The night at the campsite with Mamie pointed to the Leggs, and to the tent-using Tintons, and therefore to the "tentaMINE" motto term of Leggs who in turn almost have the Trump Coat.

I've never treated "Mein Kampf" heraldically before. There is a Kampf surname (Swabia) with a spread eagle in the colors of the same of Dutch Tromps. There is a German Mein/Main surname, first found in Pomerania beside the first-known Trumps, and the one half of the Mein/Main Coat looks like the Tromp eagle, therefore. What can we make of this? Did God snitch on Trump? Is he secretly a Nazi supporter lulling conservatives to their undoing, or something worse?

Tintons use "ROYAL tents," and Royal-connectable Rolls/Rhaels (share the Roy lion) were first found in Swabia with Kampf's. English Rolls (Yorkshire) have another dancetty-fesse. Mamie's tent had to do with a sleeping bag, and Sleeps share the double fesses of German Meins/Mains. Wow.

"KampF" is interesting where Donald Trump descends from the German DrumpF's. "According to biographer Gwenda Blair, the [Trump] family descended from an itinerant lawyer, HANNS Drumpf, who settled in KALLstadt, a village in the Palatinate, Germany, in 1608, and whose descendants changed their name from Drumpf to Trump during the Thirty Years' War of the early 17th century." The Kall-like Calls/Calles use trumpets, we get it. The Main-like "manu" motto term of Calls/Calles' looks to apply. The "Grata" motto term of Calls/Calles" looks like "great," Trump's favorite word to describe himself.

German Kalls are split horizontally in the colors of the vertically-split Dutch Tromps. Plus, the Kall griffin is in the colors of the griffin of Box's, the latter first found in Wiltshire with Calls. German Trumps are in the colors and format of Hann-branch Hahns (same place as Trumps), tending to explain Hanns Drumpf. The Hahn rooster is in the colors of the Tromp eagle.

Trump-connectable Box's share the lion of Sine's/Sions in the Scottish Lamb/Lam motto, and perhaps God is suggesting that Trump will be the False Prophet, for not only do Prophets/PROfetts (beside Peartree's) use a giant LEG, but the 666-toting beast of Revelation 13 (assumed to be the "false prophet" mentioned later in Revelation) is depicted with the horns of a "lamb." Prophets/Profetts were first found in Aberdeenshire with the Tarves' having the split Tromp Shield in colors reversed, and the Tarves Crest shares the lion in the Crest of English Lambs/Lams (black-Shield version of Scottish Lambs/Lams).

However, I always have a problem viewing Trump as the False Prophet because the latter causes, allows or at least tolerates the anti-Christ beast's brutal invasion of Israel. It is possible, on the other hand, that this invasion of Israel will be tolerated / supported by the False Prophet because it's removing a pro-globalist / leftist government there...meaning that the invasion, in this light, inflicts pain on Israel's leftist liberals and Rothschilians. That's something we might like to see, actually. Indeed.

Therefore, what should I be predicting, that Trump with Russians will be the anti-Christ partnership with the False Prophet after 2024? I'm not ready to predict that, but you can leave this on the back burner, because it's on mine. When I was kicking the crow trying to land on my STOVE burner, all I saw was my two LEGS. The knees were bending repeatedly so that my feet were trying to discourage the crow from landing on the burner. Stove's/Stevensons (Northumberland, same as Lambs/Lams/LUMs under discussion) have "lum" buried twice in their motto: "CoeLUm non soLUM."

My knees were bending as I kicked at the Rothschild crow. Rothschilds founded modern Israel. Stove's/Stevensons share "non" with the Knees-like Kness' (in Non/Nevin colors), and the latter are suspect as a pointer to "Knesset," the Israeli Parliament in modern Jerusalem about two miles or less from walled Jerusalem. Prophecy tells that the anti-Christ will invade walled Jerusalem. Kness' and Nons/Nevins have the Kick/Keck crescent in half its colors (but why not both colors?), and Kicks/Kecks share the Knee bend. The Kness', believe it or not, have two stars in Chief in the colors of the three stars in the Stove/Stevenson Chief, and the two surnames have chevrons colors reversed from one another. The Kness Crest might even be a falcon to go with the "falcons" of Stevens. The Kness Crest might even be the rising bird in the Peartree Crest.

The "solum" motto term of Stove's/Stevensons looks like part-code for English Sole's/Sola's because Hague's, sharing the Kness / Non/Nevin crescent, have a "sola" motto term. Spanish Solana's/Sols have the PEARson sun in colors reversed, and Pearsons were first found in Berwickshire at least near the Stevensons of the Tyne river. When we go to Tyne's, wow, a "cause" motto term like the "casus" of Irish Caseys (share Lamb/Lam motto), and then Scottish Caseys are the ones with crows! Plus, "Cassis" is a motto term of Armours who happen to share the Stove/Stevenson chevron, and their stars too!! Case's, looking like kin of Leslie's of Rothes who are in turn in Kick/Keck colors and format, were first found in Norfolk with Crows. Ignoring the Armour stars, they are in the format of, and colors reversed from, the Kness'.

The Armours, when ignoring the Stove/Stevenson Chief, are in Stove/Stevenson colors and format. Obama's grandfather was Stanley Armour Dunham (mother = Miss Armour), and Stanleys are in Kick/Keck colors and format. Stans/Stains share the Stove/Stevenson Crest, and the latter call it a "garland" (perhaps a pointer to Merrick Garland) because Garlands share the Coat of German Stevens.

The Ness variation of Kness' not only suggests that they were a branch of Ness' with a Knesset-like Nest variation, but the latter's Coat is colors reversed from the Coat of Sleeps (Shropshire, same as Tyne's) who are now suspect in the Coat of German Meins.

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, while English Belows use a Trump-connectable "chalice," German Belows, first found in Pomerania with German Meins/Mains, have a giant eagle in the colors of the giant Tromp eagle, which was suspect in the Kampf Coat! German Belows and Meins/Mains share the giant, black eagle. Mamie's SLEEPing bag is now pointing to Scottish Mens'/Meins/Mame's. English Bellows/Ballots and their Billet branch share the Lamb/Lam cinquefoils, and Billets were first found in Devon with English MAINs while French Billets/Billiards were first found in Maine! English Billiards/Hillards were first found in Yorkshire with English Belows.

Stove's/Stevensons share the Chief of Douglas', the latter first found in Moray with Bellys, they being a branch of Baileys (Northumberland, same as Stove's/Stevensons) who share the Moray, Douglas and Stove/Stevenson stars. Rothes is at Moray. Trump links to this set of heraldry with the Belows.

I now recall that Mamie seemed to point to the Bavarian headquarters of concentration camps, in Dachau, via the my picking her up twice in a taxi, roughly a year after she and I stopped seeing each other. I had moved into Hunt street shortly after she and I stopped meeting, and the taxi dispatcher at that location got me a job driving cab. The Tax's/Dachs have swords in the colors of the SHOT/Shute swords, and the Arms of Dachau has a sling SHOT, and moreover the Borders, first found in Somerset with Dach-like Ducks, and beside the Shots/Shute's and their trumpet-using kin, the Calles', share the crossed swords of Tax's/Dachs. I didn't arrange picking her up in a taxi, it just worked out that way. She's the Mein Kampf girl now.

As I said, on the second occasion of picking her up in a taxi, I asked if she'd like to go out somewhere, and we went to see some live MUSIC at the restaurant of Joe Fix. It just so happens that Musics share the Kampf eagle, and it's colors reversed from the Tromp eagle. Musics were first found in Brittany with Dol, and Dols (Trump colors) were first found in Mecklenburg with Trumps. Plus, the wavy Dol fesse is in colors reversed from the wavy Fix fesse, can we believe it? Plus, the wavy Dol fesse is that is Dutch Ghents/Gaunts while English Ghents share the Music / Kampf eagle. The Fix eagle is also the one of German Meins/MAINs, and, amazingly enough, while Joe's are listed with English Josephs (Hampshire same as Ghents), French Josephs were first found in Maine! It's got Hitler all over it, especially as Joe Fix is an Israeli with an Israeli accent.

As I said, I had bought a Lada, a Russian car, after driving cab, and when it needed repairs, I took it to the Lada dealer at, or very near, the corner of Gamble sideroad and Yonge street in Richmond Hill. The Gamble's share the the giant fleur-de-lys of DeMAINE's, first found in Maine, but I've never done heraldry with "Mein Kampf" before now. Joe Fix, whose surname I didn't know until then, served me at the LADA dealer. He was working there, or maybe he owned the place, I don't know, but he gave me his business card with "Joe Fix" upon it. I had known him previously only as "Joseph." He wasn't working at Lada last time I saw him at the restaurant.

The Gamble's may have been a branch of Gambino's, and while Trump, who points to legs regularly, was hooked up with the Gambino crime family, Gambino's use a human leg. Can we believe it, the Leggs use a "tentaMINE" motto term, and Mine's are listed with Menne's/Means. "TENTamine" is suspect with the "royal tents"" of Tintons, and while Roys ("TENDis") share the lion of German Royal-like Rolls (Swabia, same as Kampf's), English Rolls/Role's are in the colors and near-format of LADDs/Ladons. French Roys were first found in Brittany with French Role's and Musics.

Rollo's share the black Boar with English Bush's who in turn share the Music / Ghent / Kampf / Want eagle as well as sharing gold fleur with Gamble's, making Gambins/GamBONE's look like they have human legs in Bush colors and format for a related reason. Wants look like kin of Towns who are in turn in Tinton colors and format.

With this new addition to Mamie at the camp site, let me repeat that, of the three events only, at the CAMPsite, that I can remember on the night she sat on my knees, and therefore on my legs, and therefore on my LAP, the first event was where I asked some guys where Barry was as soon as I arrived. One guy opened the HATCH of a PICK-up truck, and there inside I saw Mamie sitting with Barry. It was a pointer to Bill Barr, who was chosen by the Nazi goon, the first president Bush, to be his attorney general, no small position for those using government to build the new world order in Nazi framework. Then, Trump, who picked all sorts of Bushites for his administration, chose Bill Barr to be his attorney general, and Mamie points to Trump too. So, what is that?

The Scottish Picks/Pike's were first found in Ayrshire with Barrs, which can explain the pick-up truck event. Someone had opened the hatch like he was zealous to expose Barry and Mamie in the back, and so we need to view Mamie here as a Nazi element as per Hitler's book. The struggle continues to this day for his followers to rule the world forever. Barry drove a blue Volkswagen bug at the time, and that's a German car. I had read that Barrs of Bar-le-Duc in Lorraine had been Barrs of Brunswick too, and Hatch's share the Brunswick Coat, which really nails the hatch event with Bill Bar.

On my last night with Lorraine, where she pointed to the pansies in the Arms of Bar-le-Duc, I attended a party where Barry and his gang were, at Mamie's home. As she was walking into the living room, filled with people, she took my hands and started a slow dance with me, which I now assume was God's doing. It was that first meeting with her that gave her the confidence to sit on my lap, uninvited by me, on the second occasion of my seeing her a few weeks later. As it seems that God set up the sit-on-my-lap event, I assume He set up the dance too. I wouldn't have been at the camp site had not Barry invited me to go. She sat on my lap as I was sitting at a PICnic table with the gang around the camp fire, and here is may be important that the upper half of the Fire Coat is the Schwab Coat.

She sat on my legs, and I showed how Leggs link to Trump and Mein Kampf. The amazing thing now is that while Sleeps share the double fesses of German Meins/Mains, the Sleeping Beauty dream taught us that Sleeps are from the SELEPitanoi Illyrians at modern Bar! The Bar flag is a green bar on a gold background, the colors of the Shield of German Bars.

Due to her sitting on my legs, we slept in the same tent together that night, and Leggs use a "tentamine" motto term. But there's more, because Laps, first found in Wiltshire with trumpet-using Calles, and with the related, Dachau-connectable Shots/Shute's, come up when we ask for a "Labbs" surname, and there is a Labe river, normally known as the Elbe, at Podebrady, where I trace the Drummonds. Trump descends from DRUMPfs. How-bout that. Bar is beside Elbe-like Albania.

I'll repeat, that the Arms of Podebrady uses a "gold gate," and that the Babwell/BABEL Crest is said to be a "gold GATE." It's suspect as code for "Agatha," whom I think was the wife of George of Hungary, father of Maurice Drummond. This Agatha was previously the wife of a royal ATHELing, which can explain why Drummonds were first found in Perthshire with Athels. When we go to German Babels, we find a mermaid, symbol also of Laps/Labbs', which is reason to trace them to the Labe river. I claim that God gave Lorraine a babe symbol for the English Babe's, yet German Babels are Babe's too, and Babys are Czechs probably because Podebrady is in Czechoslovakia. I'm pretty sure that Steve PAPP, the cook for Joe Fix, was a Czech.

We now go back to Barry's VolksWAGEN, noting that the Volks/Fulke's almost have the Coat of German, Elbe-like Alba's. Italian Alba's share the swan and a gold fesse with both Wagens and Wagners, and we might add that Spanish Alba's share the tree with the Crest of Picks/Pix's who are in turn in the colors and format of Wagers, the latter first found in Yorkshire with Walkers and Wagners. Wager-like Wagrians were in Mecklenburg, where Trumps were first found. Wagers share the heart of Wiesers, and the latter along with Weisers share the Crest of German Barrys. The latter are excellent here because they share fish heads on red with Gates-like Geddes, a good reason to view "Geddes" from "Agatha" of Podebrady. It explains why Barry was in the PICK-up with Mamie, because Geddes' use "PIKE" fish heads! Is that not amazing? Scottish Picks/Pike's were first found in Ayrshire with Barrs.

It doesn't look coincidental that Scottish Barrys use a "legi fideLIS" motto phrase. German Barrys are also Berrys while French Porters, with the Coat of Brunswick-connectable Bruno's in colors reversed, were first found in Berry. English Porters use a GATE, no guff. Bruno's were first found in Tuscany with Italian Fulks. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, the Gate-like Gaudets (Gettes/Jette colors) in the Legg motto almost have the French Porter Coat! I get it. Gettes'/Jette's were first found in Anjou with the Fulk counts. English Geddys were first found in Hampshire with Porters.

I turned down Barry's offer to go camping, but when he said that Mamie would be there, I changed my mind. Barry may have told Mamie, after the Mamie-in-hatch event, that the only reason I came camping was to see her, for it would have given her the confidence to sit on my legs! Is that not amazing? My legs are getting us to Agatha of Podebrady, and to a Gates branch. The Knee bend is blue, the color of the Gaudet / Porter bend. She sat on my knees, and I've shown a million times how the Knee's link to Trumps and Tromps.

English and Scottish Porters use bells, and Bells (share Wagen / Wagner fesse) were first found in Dumfries with Leggs and Lise's/Leash's. "It doesn't look coincidental that Scottish Barrys use a 'legi fideLIS' motto phrase." The Mine's/Meins in the Legg motto use nothing but a DANCette (which can relate to Mamie's slow dance with me), and the Mine/Mein dancette has the three pale bars of Babwells/Babels (gold gate) and English Lise's/Liss', the latter first found in Hampshire with gate-using Porters! The latter call it a "portCULLIS" gate, and while there is a Cullis surname, it sure looks like a pointer to the trumpet-using Calles! Smack-dab. Calles' were first found beside Hampshire.

I've just accidentally loaded Culles'/Cola's instead of Cullis', and Culles' (Trump / Legg colors) were first found at Legg-like Lecce! Bingo, for Lecce's (Brescia, beside Val Trompia!) share the Tromp / Kampf eagle. Lecce's even have the Kampf and Irish CAULey lion in colors reversed (Calls/Calles' are also CAULes'). Culles'/Cola's have a flower of some sort in the colors of the "flower" of Italian Tonys while English Tonys were first found in LEICestershire with the LEGro river. The last update found the Calles-like Culles'/Cola's with a flower in Tony-flower colors, and that's amazing seeing that Trumps almost have the Legg Coat.

Part of the Lecce Coat looks related to Irish Leslie's, suggesting a line from Lesce. Cullis' were first found in Aberdeenshire with Scottish Leslie's, and with Tarves' whose split Shield is colors reversed from the same of Tromps! Beauty, the portCULLIS gate must be part-code for the kin of Drumpf's out of Kallstadt. Donald Trump wanted all of his naive followers to receive the vaccines of Bill Gates and company. What under-the-table favors was Trump receiving for foisting vaccines upon the nation? The Crest of trumpet-using Calls/Calles' might even have the Leslie lion because the Scottish Mans suspect in the "manu" motto term of Calls/Calles' were first found in Aberdeenshire with Leslie's. "Manu" is a motto term of Mackays, from king Maccus of Man (Arms uses the raven), where the people are called, Manx. English Cauleys/Callis' (share Drive/Drave quadrants) are said to have had a Caley branch "fairly common" amongst the Manx.

English Cauleys/Callis' share the quadrants of Keele's, the latter first found in Lincolnshire with LEG-using Cheile's (share Royal bend). I told of the story where I fell aSLEEP in my taxi at KEELE and highway 7, and so let's repeat that Meins/Mains share the double Sleep fesses. A police officer woke me up, and he was just 23 years old because, the last time I saw him was in my grade-eight class in UNIONville. His name was Norman Miles, and Miles' (Lincolnshire with Keele's) share the mill rind with Kampf's and Unions! Plus, the Miles Chief is green, as is the Chief of Meins/Mains above their double fesses!!! But what does this mean? Mile's (not "Miles") were first found in Hampshire with the Drive's/Drave's sharing the Cauley/Callis and Keele quadrants. Mile's share "industria" with the Arms of Rothschild, and while the latter add "Concordia," I kid you not that Keele and highway 7 (Ontario) is called, Concord!!! My falling asleep on the shoulder of the road was a pointer to Rothchilians.

Mamie pointed to Man liners such as Mansfields and Mansells/Mangels, and while Mansfields (named MAMESfelde) were first found in Nottinghamshire with My's, "Mein Kampf" means, "My struggle." My's use ravens.

I kicked the crow/raven from the stove burner with my Lecce-like legs, and the Lecce bend is also the Kick/Keck bend, but the latter's Coat is even in Leslie colors and format while Leslie's were earls of raven-line Rothes. Cullis' use "peasCODs" while Codds/Code's, first found in Cornwall with Cola-like Cole's, use ravens. Portcullis Porters were in Kyle, and Kyle's share the Call/McCole star.

CAMPanio's/CampaNAZZI's (Este colors) use bells, and were first found in Padua with Este while it's known that the Barr Coat is the Este Coat. Thus, Mamie on my legs points to Camp liners too, to be suspect with the Kampf's.

Weisers are also Wise's, and then the "SAPERE AUDE" motto of English Wise's is helpful because they were first found in Devon with SUPERs who are in the motto of Ratterys (Perthshire, same as Drummonds) who in turn share the Pick/Pix fitchees. Devon is where English Pike's were first found who share the trefoils of Ice's/Ecco's, and the latter were first found at Rostock on the Warnow river of the Wagrians, believe it or not. I see Rostock from the Roxolani Rus who named both Roxburgh and Roquefeuil, the latter being in AUDE province, explaining the "auDAX" motto term of Roxburghs who happen to share a single, blue pale BAR with German Wagners.

As you can see, the Roxburgh motto term looks like part-code for the Dax variation of Tax's/Dachs, and we could add here the Scottish Picks/Pike's share the stars of English Ducks/DAX's (beside Devon) who in turn can be gleaned as a branch of Duce's/Doocys who in turn have the Hatch / Brunswick Coat in colors reversed. Barry and Mamie were in the hatch of the pick-up, no guff at all. The red lion heads of Ducks/Dax's is likely the red one in the Barr Crest, for Barrs were of Bar-le-DUC (the latter's pansies are code for Pansys/Pantzers, first found in Westphalia with German Ducks).

Roquefeuil > Rockefeller liners came to use the trefoil. The Pike and Ice/Ecco trefoil is shared by Sitlers/Schitners, first found in Silesia with the Wiesers who in turn share the heart of Wagrian-like Wagers. The top half of the Ice/Ecco Coat is that also of Fix's whose variations are like those of Feschs, and the latter share crossed, white swords with Tax's/Dachs/Dax's. I took Mamie on a date in my TAXi CAB to hear live music at Joe's Fix's restaurant. The same eagle is in the Coat of Meins, first found in Pomerania, beside Rostock's Ice's/Ecco's. The Arms of Pomerania share the red griffin with Wagners. Though not in the same colors, the cab-like Cabe's ("Aut") share a wavy fesse with Fix's. Cabe's are the McCabe's, and Andrew McCabe of the FBI worked against Trump using the Fesch-like FISC. Cabe's share the fish of Pfizer-like Fissers/Vissers, let's not forget, for Ice's/Ecco's pointed to poison vaccines by ECOhealth.

The Cabe fesse is in the colors of the two engrailed fesses of Trump-connectable Chalice's/Challes'; the latter were first found in Hertfordshire with the Vince's/Finch's suspect in the "vincere" motto term of Cabe's. Drumpf's were from KALLstadt, very linkable to Calls'/Calles' and German Kalls. Scottish Kalls/McCalls share the star of Glass' (ROTHESay) and Kyle's, the latter first found in Ayrshire with Picks/Pike's. The gate-using Porters were first found in Kyle.

Cabe's are in Cabel colors, and an ancient Cabyle location in Thrace, at the TONZus river, is traceable, thanks to the Cabyle-like Capelli's sharing the Button/Biden "chapeau," to the TONSO/TOUS surname said to have a "man" wearing a "shirt" with "buttons." Cabels (beside Buttons/Bidens) share the Button/Biden and German Butt/Bute/Boet fesse. The English Bute's/Butts (and Porter-branch Ports) have six-pointed ESToiles in the colors of the six-pointed stars of Tonso's/Tous', and these stars, linkable to the same-colored Bude star, are in the Arms of Budva (ancient Butua that I link to nearby Bar of the Selepitanoi). The Budva stars are not Israeli-type hexagrams, but like the Kissinger hexagrams (same colors too). The Butts/Bute's/Boets have a fish in the colors of the Geddes fish heads, making the Butt fish linkable to the Barry fish, suggesting that Barrys were indeed from Bar of the Selepitanoi. It can explain why the Sleep fesses are colors reversed from the Butt/Bute/Boet / Button/Biden fesses and the bars of "legi"-using Barrys.

The Bleds use a "tous" motto term, and the Cabe's use "virTUS." Bled is a location beside Lesce, and while I trace that name to Leslie's, they share the green griffin in Crest with Cabe's. Bled (upper Sava river) is not far from the first-known Radice's (Cable / Cabe colors), and Sub Radice was near Cabyle. Cabels were first found in Somerset with the Coffers/Coffare's while Coffee's/Coffers share the Cabe fesse. Coffee's/Coffers look linkable to the Chalice/Challes Coat.

I think what I'm getting here is that my taxi cab is a partial-pointer to Andrew McCabe and his FBI circle, part of the fascist take-over of the United States, to be described with the Dachau concentration CAMPs. The day after she sat on my legs, she got a thigh symbol at her garden, and one Gardner Coat is a near copy of the English Camp Coat.

Rothschilian Menace

Is it just my computer, or did bitchute or my Internet provider cause the video below to come through with very poor quality? It's on the Nazi foundations of the president Bush's. Note, in the 4th minute, that JP Morgan was part of the Nazi machine, yet the video is dated September 3, AFTER I wrote on JP Morgan this past week:

At the end of the 10th minute in the video above, a skull-and-bones sign is shown at "[Prescott] Bush's steel-manufacturing plant at the Auschwitz concentration camp." Them's some purdy heavy words.

Here's a fast overview of the Rhodian Round Table as told in a book by a former player who was duped into believing that the globalist cause was worthy:

Here's related food for thought:

I don't know of any vital in-fighting between the Rothschilians and the British royals, suggesting they've been in a partnership all along. Prince Charles speaks like a dragon these days. He's a globalist freak, a climate-change lunatic hanging his hat on politically-motivated concoctions of the drunk-on-power. Rather than being a sober voice of normalcy, he's decided to be Hell-bound. I guarantee you, that God has given these goons power in such a way that they believe themselves to be divine...because it will hurt them more to discover just the opposite, to learn that they will be shut out from life into the outer darkness as mere maggots. Ouch. The ouch will last a very long time. They can ponder then what they plotted for "useless eaters" today.

Here's the extravagance of the Rothschilds in a movie about them, where you can easily glean that they strived to be secret political powers because they wished to be, and thus they became traitors of all humans because they deceived and exploited them all. This will be their legacy when they are sentenced to Hell, though nobody will wish to remember them at all, as one cares not to reflect upon horse manure topped with cream cheese:

I couldn't watch the whole thing. The music got to me, and everytime the speaker said, "the Rothschilds," I felt sick, like when one eats horse manure topped with lavish cream cheese. The Rothschilds are zero, the ones whom Revelation calls, "wretched." In one hour, it shall all come tumbling down. They might like to mass-murder us, but, keep your head on straight, because God thwarts them in a minute. They are not operating in a vacuum. All of space if filled with God, and He's not the God they envision. He is the God of the poor, not of the thieving trillionaire family.

Here's something that globalists don't understand:


I think you should watch this, because the first clip can't be faked:

What do we think triggered the spin around? It appears that it ended in seizure. It seemed the two men were hearing things from behind them, and they followed like a dog chasing a tail. Can the goons control bodily movements remotely now? That's why I wanted you to watch the video, because it suggests some sort of remote control from some piece of electronic equipment at the subway station, and at the bank. The goons can pick and choose whom to harm, and when. And they might want us to know it. They may have decided to be half in our faces hoping to terrorize us. "Do not fear those who can kill the body but not th soul, but fear Him who can destroy both body and soul in Hell" (Jesus). The Terror shall be upon their souls. The Terror wears a robe dipped in blood. He's a killer for just an hour.

It appears that the West toppled Russia a few years ago because Putin now showing regularly on TV is not Putin. Below could be proof that fake-Putin is a Globalist puppet:

Prophecy says that the anti-Christ will be supported by the False Prophet, and as my view of the False Prophet is a Western power, likely of the United States, it creates the dilemma of how-possibly a Western power could support a Russian power, for I think the anti-Christ ought to be a Russian...because Ezekiel's Gog is portrayed as the anti-Christ. So, if the West supports a Russian leader anytime soon as Russia's political establishments become more compliant with Schwabism, that could solve the dilemma. At this time, Russia opposes liberal "values," and even joins pro-Trumpers against globalism, but I don't know what fake-Putin thinks on these matters, because I don't listen to him. Perhaps I should listen to him to see if he's trying to sway Russians closer to Schwabism by increments. It's possible that the CIA framed the real Putin with crimes he didn't commit, or else lured him into a crime-trap caught on video and soundtrack, which was then transferred by a Russian to Russian military and other authorities that they might deal with him accordingly. He was seen on video in a small jail cell (looked like a police-station or courthouse jail) in 2015, it's online, but google won't let it be found easily, which is a testimony to its being an authentic video.

Ahh, I found it, but, as could be expected, it's called a spoof video. The deep state marks anything as fake that is real and damaging to its causes. The video is here at a fascist-Guardian article that won't let me watch it without my allowing its cookies. I don't want your cookies, you fascist control-freak:

Here's the story at Vox, but the page doesn't share the video, just a photo of the video, more testimony that the video is authentic:

Here it is at youtube, though it may be buried by youtube i.e. the video doesn't come up much in searches. I found it from a Huffington-Post link:

I'm reading that Putin was charged with embezzlement.

When you see the West hammering the peoples with spy system, and killing doctors too after a staged pandemic, you should realize without being delinquently naive that the West is plotting a fascist take-over.

Young, healthy doctors are dropping like flies in Canada, and the only thing they appear to have in common is the Covid jab forced upon them by the tyrannical Trudeau regime.

...Remember my article about my Canadian doctor friend who told me that he can’t recall any young doctor dying in Canada in the last 30 years? It turns out he was right on the money. You can look at the 2019 and 2020 data that is still available on the site showing that the doctors who are dying are almost always 85 or older.

So how can there now be over 30 deaths of young doctors in Canada who died shortly after the vax shots? I know this from a very reliable source; the details of those deaths will be released in about a week from now.

I wonder what the political / philosophical stripes of those doctors are. I wonder if it was murder by phone call rather than murder directly from vaccine "side-effects." Take a ponder at the claim in this video, that the "optimal" electrical frequency needed to energize graphene-oxide is exactly the frequency of 5G phone transmissions:

How the graphene may affect the body is almost all guess-work at this point. I'm not sure I want to believe in the existence of those rectangular-shaped electronics boards they show floating around a liquid. They look bogus, too perfect in shape to be real. I don't fully trust La Quinta Columna due to these rectangles. The video below claims to show actual photos of graphene objects from pure graphene-oxide in a water solution. It then compares those images to flu vaccines in pre-COVID times to find identical objects.

If the video above is not a hoax, then we need a large and respected organizations to verify its claim. Why did it take this long to find and report objects in graphene-oxide that match what is seen in flu vaccines? Here's the story from Quinta Columna:

Pause the video below at 42 seconds, and read the Australian document where COVID-19 vaccines are called, by the government, a "Schedule 4 poison," and moreover, the government grants the MILITARY the right to posses or distribute this poison in an emergency situation. That sounds like Trump getting the U.S. military to distribute both the vaccines and the killer, Remdesivir. The government is "lawfully" killing people by making it legal to distribute poisons. The speaker in this video repeats himself far too much; I suggest you watch the first five minutes only:

There are all sorts of poisons that, in low doses, are good and fine, but why are we not told about the poisonous nature of these "vaccines"? What is the poisonous ingredient(s)? Why the secrecy? Did the Australian government leak this document now in order th help facilitate an armed rebellion against the government? Step by step, it seems that the COVID schemers are giving up / admitting to their secrets to cause a rebellion eventually. If in the United States the government can't at least feign a rebellion, some Plan B has got to break before election time because I don't think election cheating will be enough to give Democrats the victories they need to hold the scepter. But if Plan B fails, it could freeze the scheme for many years. The global state could move much faster if it didn't need to move with the political winds. More than half the winds are blowing into their faces at this time.

The graphs in the video below, when they are before the 7th minute, don't say much because they always show the vaccinated suffering deaths by all causes than the unvaccinated. That picture is to be expected if true that the majority of people have been vaccinated. However, at 7:00, there is a graph showing that, by very far, deaths by all causes have struck those who have had a third shot. By far, they outnumber those who have had two shots, indicating that the third shot is the most lethal of all.

People who were murdered by the vaccines are not usually listed officially as a vaccine-related deaths, but as something else. They are part of the all-cause mortality list. Clearly, as the vast majority of all-cause mortality lists those having had a third shot, then either that shot aggravated their poor-health conditions further to a fatal point, or the shots alone killed them. Either way, the data in the video above is a good one for you to use in court. I am keeping a list of all videos useful for court purposes, copy and paste into your own files if you feel led:

If you are unvaccinated, consider yourself protected from these illnesses going around:

Skip the small-talk to the 2:30 point of the video below to hear that up to 80-percent of the emails from political enemies of google are being wiped off of gmail. This is a great way for the google spy network to lose a hunk of its email membership, totally in our favor:

About a week ago, Mike Lindell promised a bombshell for Monday. I thought he meant last Monday, but the video above apparently has it this Monday at the 14th minute, where Clint Curtis, once paid to program official, voting machines to flip elections, has become a whistle-blower. This is huge, but only if someone uses his testimony in the courts. Otherwise, the left will just call him a paid liar. In the 20th minute, Lindell says that his PCAPS are in a Nevada court under a gag order.

Another election-fraud rabbit trail comes to light:

Trump, the hypocrite, the fraud. He's blasting the FBI for covering up the Biden laptop, but while he was president, he had every opportunity to deal with Wray on that issue. A president should be permitted to view all FBI communications, and indeed he is entitled. He could therefore appoint someone to look over those communications. TRUMP = FRAUD. He did NOTHING to catch the FBI in its crimes against himself nor his own voters. Play-it-safe Trump was a waste of four years, why take the chance on four more? There are far better men.

The best sense I can make of Zuckerberg publicly admitting that the FBI wanted facebook to gag all messaging portraying the FBI as negligent and biased on the matter: the deep-state push is still on to feed the public material that angers pro-Trumpers to the point of using armed violence in response. In the meantime, the Bidenites have been sure to portray pro-Trumpers as terrorists, a laughable thing that nonetheless is embraced as truth by some 25-percent (I'm guessing) of the population i.e. the most-arduous leftist anti-Christs. In like manner, the CDC and other leftist organizations are admitting faults that rouse pro-Trumpers. Why would they do that unexpected thing simultaneous with an unjustified raid of Trump's "house"?

World Net Daily had this note that is smack-on the dilemma we face:

How is it possible that the greatest and freest nation in world history has so rapidly come under the control of serially lying, deranged, power-mad sociopaths – leaders with nothing but contempt for America, for its history, its Constitution, its Judeo-Christian culture and its people? Orwell’s “1984” points directly to the answer: The elites are changing America’s language itself, so that people’s words – and therefore, their very thoughts – inevitably come under the control of the ruling class. It’s a way of bending reality in real time, so that what is illusion appears to be true, while what is real and true appears to be lies, misinformation, “hate speech,” “conspiracy theories” and “extremism.”

Well put. Anti-Christs take provocative positions in opposition to our own, and when we speak out provoked, we are accused of being haters. And indeed we hate what they want for our society, there's no denying it. Therefore, rightly we hate them, yet we do not do as they do in return because Jesus said to "love" your enemy, not to return eye for eye, and we have no intention of introducing disgusting lifestyles that they must adhere to, as they try to force us to adhere to the disgusting life styles they embrace. This is how they started the war against us decades ago, by first putting upon our plates, and finally by trying to force us to swallow, their disgusting sins. This is our victory, to not be intimidated by their twisted projectiles shot against us, to keep-on testifying against them, to portray them rightly as the hateful and disgusting ones worthy of death by the hand of God, but not to do physical harm against them. WE WIN.

They are the ones who deserve every projectile shot again us. They are the hateful ones who project their ways onto us. They have started the war, then blame us for fighting against them. Just like the Sadducees in opposition to a blameless Jesus, anti-Christs today are twisted in their thinking, yet the Sadducees would never have promoted the abominations that modern anti-Christs are promoting for OUR world. This world is OWNED by OUR Father. Yet, we understand that He grants them (ceases to restrain satan) rule for a final showdown that they might condemn themselves fully as villains. God will expose their crimes. They have hated us all along their long climb to near-absolute political power, and now that they have sufficient power, they are unafraid to war openly against us. It is happening. They are openly condemning themselves, and people need to chose which side they will join. They are the polarizing ones who accuse us of being polarizing.

To the God-pole, everyone, and let them assemble at the satan-pole, where they will be swallowed up by the quaking earth. If ever it seemed like the right time to get out of their way, to leave the city centers where they control the politics, it's now. The beasts who gather round their satan-pole, the ones unable to reason properly, will celebrate their mutual arrogance against us, and so they will follow the leader to a painful scenario where all arms will hang limp at what they see in the world, horrors so unassailable that they will know the planet's end is at hand. And they must confess that THEY brought that situation about. THEY WILL CONFESS that they are the guilty ones, when God shakes their planet in frightful noise.

It is possible that, right now in Russia, there is the anti-Christ man soon to be revealed. The struggle between Russia and the West is real, not staged, and we see Russia in a good position in Syria to become Ezekiel's Gog, Daniel's "king of the north." Russia at this time has decided to take on NATO, and this is what we could expect as history arrives to the revelation of a Russian anti-Christ man. I can't be certain that he will be a Russian, but logic supports it. It could even be that the anti-Christ will form a necessary (feigned) alliance with the West in order to create the appearance of world stability, so that the alliance is celebrated by all those at the satan-pole. Yet this alliance doesn't necessarily mean that Russia won't attack Israel. Just ask: by what coincidence at this very time is Obama, an anti-Israeli, likely behind the power structure of the Biden presidency? Couldn't a Democrat White House support, or turn a blind eye to, a Russian invasion of Israel? At this time, yes.

Russia has canceled gas sales to France because France has not paid its last monthly bill. France is a Schwabite stooge, and thus this neglect to pay the bill could be a deliberate means to experiment, in a Western nation, a gasoline-rationing program, because Schwabites want this sort of fear, pain and hardship everywhere. They don't mind bringing it over even their own political supporters because they, the Schwabites, will pretend that it's not their fault. On the other hand, these same Schwabites realize that the Russian move to cut off all gas is a political torpedo to their own ships, and thus they now have the headache of trying to get sufficient fuel to the people. The goons want a shortage, but not a big shortage, we may assume.

There is even talk this week of European manipulation to bring the price of oil way down to where it was when the West tried to destroy the Russian economy a few years ago. High oil prices make Russia richer for to fund their military, and while the West wants high oil prices for itself, it needs low prices to impoverish the Russian military. Therefore, Russia's insistence to fight-on in Ukraine is possibly going to bring down the price of gasoline to half of what it is now, which will ease the bloodsucking damage upon the people desired by Schwabite parasites.

The Western manipulators wish to portray the wee-wee skirmish in Ukraine as a full-blown war, and to pretend that the wee-wee is to blame for denting West-wide economies. It's less than a small war because Russia isn't showing any sign of seeking to topple Ukraine. Russia is playing well-behaved as it rightfully demands the retreat of NATO from its Ukraine border. NATO has the option to just back off so that gas sales to Europe can continue, but this is not what Schwabites want, and so NATO will continue to play the guardian angel against Russia to keep the war active...unless the political cost is too great. And that cost is becoming great as we speak. The more the Schwabites raise fears of a gas shortage for this winter in order to make Europeans comply with EU communism, the more it backfires against the politics. This is the obvious gorilla in the room that testifies against the pretenders, the manipulators, the slimes on your backs. Let there be 40 whiplashes to the backs of Schwabites.

Schwabite stooges like the German government have decided to make life rough for Germans, and their excuse is the war. The war, this government says, or rather the Ukrainian sacred cow, is so important that the Germans must be willing to suffer this winter, says the government openly, so that Germany can hold Russia's feet to the fire until it gives up and goes away. It sounds so self-sacrificial, almost inspirational, when in reality the German government, I think, has committed to paying Germans welfare money to make up for their suffering so that it will act as a major step to communizing the people. That's what Western powers did in the COVID scare, to print and distribute oodles of money for to make people more dependent on the government as they cried due to being locked up in their house jails. The German government is prepared to give Germans free Vodka this winter (so to speak) to keep their bones warm. Get drunk, people, it's on us.

Let's see what the French people do to clobber the Schwabite government over its head. It's going to be very hard for the French government to keep the gas out of the country since the solution on behalf of the people is as easy as France paying the gas bill for last month. But this country is a Schwabite stooge, and the goal is to communize the people, make them weak in fretting. The way to fight this is to expose it. They pretend they are not bringing on the dire situations, and we expose that they are. They accuse us of frothing at the mouth with conspiracy theories, and we trudge on until we prove the theories to be the truth. They will then cut us off from communicating, condemning themselves as they pretend to be the democratic ones while portraying us as the fascists. The pretenders project. They shoot projectiles at us because they are at war with us, because some of us dared to fight back. They are poor sports. They want to fight against us without our fighting back. Poor babies.

Already, France is preparing the people for rationing, and, to make a bad situation worse for no justified reason, the French government is promising to decrease gas supplies specifically to businesses...which will not only put a drag on product availability for everyone, not only put people out of work for the winter, but will infuriate normal people who aren't so brain-dead as to simply comply. How do you spell, backfire?

By "normal" people, I don't mean Christians purely. Ancient pagans were normal too in that they despised faggots, prostitutes, and thieves, got married and raised kids, and loved each other too. But for rejecting the True God, they were always at tribal warfare because the brutes of their societies always aspired to control the peoples in order to live in luxury over them, and in their greed they attacked their neighbors to enlarge their kingdoms. They normalized warfare as well as the tax-intake to fund warfare. They never became great beasts without sufficient money, and today the global beast can print money unlike any other world ruler of history. That's the only reason that the end-time beast is so huge. It's a cranky beast because, as God says through Daniel, the end-time Roman empire will be divided as clay refuses to bond with iron. Everytime the global beast tries to smack the peoples over their heads with its iron rod, the darn rod breaks into pieces instead of their skulls, and the rulers are left picking up the pieces. CRANKY is the result, as they shake their fist at us while we laugh. Klaus Schwab the old crank, nothing spells "failure" as well as when he opens his mouth to talk with that Nazi voice. The only thing missing is some drool at the corners of his mouth.

Demons love to make trouble, imps love to play such games. They don't want people to enjoy life, and, ironically, I don't think God wants people to enjoy themselves at this time because this generation has deeply offended Him. If you don't know how to view God, here's a tip: God has been continuously scarred by pagans for thousands of years, and the end-times will achieve new lows. If you have a hard time envisioning a God of cheerful face, that's the reason. But, God's face will change after His fury is spent.

TruNews has a story this week telling that France has 51 nuclear reactors, 32 of which have been "suspended." That's Schwabites at work, causing pain, and the bulk of the people deserve it. In this way, the satanists are actually doing God's will without realizing it. And now even Christians must suffer due to the rejection of God by the majority of citizens over this past generation. To the end of the week, TruNews announced that France is turning on some nuclear reactors...for fear that the people will revolt otherwise. The pretenders pretend that gasoline is ruining the planet by creating a greenhouse effect, but then refuse to use the air-friendly nuclear reactors. GUILTY. They expose themselves, and so let's do our share to expose them.

What's worse, a little nuclear waste in the earth, or megatons of wasted car batteries in the earth after the batteries are charged by fossil fuels or nuclear reactors? The pretenders are buffoons who work to make you stupid to the facts. The solution: expose them. Give them misery by exposing them. Look, they are ready to do the unthinkable: to take away our right to speak with each other, and with the world. It has come to this. This war is on the edge; one side or the other must fall off the cliff. So, push harder, because nothing brightens the face more than seeing the big-bad giant fall on his face. Alas, the giant will spew a river flood from its mouth to cause us deep trouble. And we don't yet know what that river is. Should we be well-behaved, therefore? Yes, and the proper behavior is to expose this giant's true face so that when the flood comes, more people will know from whom it originates.

TruNews, on Tuesday's show, actually directs its viewers to store foods, which is very commendable because telling viewers to store foods will decrease the money they can give to TruNews. VERY COMMENDABLE. TruNews (post-tribulationists) is probably a good place for you to visit from time to time (no cuss words either):

I think Rick Wiles at TruNews is too quick to accept as future fact some dire scenarios. I take a different tack, that most hardships attempted (or feigned) by Schwabites will dissipate, and that the world will be pained instead by God's 28 Woes (includes the seven Thunders) after the 666 is compulsory. According to Jesus, the world to the near-brink of Armageddon will be typical, with people buying and selling, getting married, and building structures. Either way, I feel it's time to store foods as of yesterday.

Isaiah tells of God's end-time displeasure when the Jews, about to be wiped out by the invasion of the anti-Christ, instead of turning to Him, eat and drink and make merry. This is like the absent-mindedness of people who allow Rothschilian globalism to infiltrate their own governments. This has translated to Schwabism infiltrating their lives with manipulations, and the power behind these tactics are from the demons themselves who sleep with people, forming their thoughts even as they sleep. In other words, due to people mindlessly (who-cares? attitude) accepting or embracing an anti-Christ globalism, God will allow them to be deceived by a partnership of globalists and devils. The pro-vaccine, pro-lockdown people are those mindless, unconcerned, dirty rats who would even like to jail the unvaccinated...meaning that they would like to jail Christians. The shame in this situation is that even pastors (I don't know who, or how many) are siding with the dirty rats for fear of being persecuted or harmed. I wouldn't want to be on that thin ice. I don't want to be a never-mind Christian. If a Christian doesn't mind what's happening, that's a foolish virgin.

Faith in Jesus has a calming effect. Faith in Jesus should give us peace. But we can store our needs in calm, can we not? Yes, unless we start preparing too late. Faith in Jesus is not a chore because it's the key element that saves our souls. Nobody views getting rich as a chore, and salvation is getting rich. Faith is our desire, not our arduous labor. Jesus did say that "the work of God is to believe", but this "work" translates to "importance" or "priority." The priority of God is Faith. I read "work" in this sentence as "choose" to believe over and over as necessary.

Get in under His feathers (that's not work), and God will be pleased enough with us (that's why it's a gift), which can give us calm = peace...unless we insist on fearing that God would rather destroy our souls. WORK to remove all such paranoia. The work comes when we are tempted to do wrong, and we need to exert effort to forsake the temptation. Or, when persecution comes, we don't ape our enemies and give them support for fear of harm to ourselves. If they force us to go to jail, or if they force us to suffer with low winter heating, we'll work to take it, but not in agreement with it. We don't stand with pro-vaccine schemes and support it with our mouths, especially if the 666 will be a vaccine pass. We don't want peace with God by going with the flow on the wide road to destruction. WORK to stay on the widely-rejected, narrow path. We SAVE OUR FAITH by WORKING to remain on the Right Way.

Yes, Faith is a gift, but we need to protect it, and to salvage it if it's slipping away. "He who endures to the end will be saved." Endures what? Is that work? The one who endures the keeping to the widely-rejected Road of Jesus. Yes, that's work, but not work from muscles. It's the work of reasoning. What will we think, what will we choose? Will we choose to minimize Jesus by going with the flow of satan's river? Will we only wade in the river, or dip just one foot in it? The work of God is to THINK RIGHT. What's the right thing to do? By thinking right after we receive the gift of Faith, we save our Faith, make it good, otherwise it's fool's gold. Thinking right MUST conform to the right of Jesus and His apostles. We cannot make up our own rights and wrongs, as do the anti-Christs always in opposition to the rights and wrongs of Jesus. That's it, there is the full Gospel: honor Jesus, and learn his rights and wrongs while embracing the rights.

Be zealous for His cause, and earn a rich welcome into His House. How does one become zealous? By seeing the rich in righteousness. Not only is God rich to the righteous, but righteousness oozes richness. Jesus is rich. Righteousness is the rich soil for healthy human conditions. Demons are the pests, the diseases, the dry soil, the weeds. Righteousness rules, and demons the righteous. That's how it is, that's today.

If your flame is going out, let God brighten it up again. Ask and beg God to come help you, for nobody cries out for such a thing unless they want it. In your heart of heart, cry out to God, for he hears this. "Heart of heart" was mentioned by Jesus as "in spirit and in truth". The heart of heart is your need for God. Nobody ventures into the heart of heart who's happy to reject of God. Nobody ventures there who wants to eat and be merry while destruction looms. When trouble is near, we go to the heart of heart to be with God. When we are there, we are humble under His feathers. No proud man can venture there. No woman too ashamed to depend on God enters there. Trials in this life are often Meant to reveal who we are, to see if we go to meet God, and if we don't go there, then we insult Him.

When we trust in God for needed help, he doesn't get nasty, saying, "why are you bothering me, get lost, I'm busy watering the earth." He is the Maintenance Man, the Service Man, the Father...the anti-Christs have sorely pegged Him wrong. He wants to help those who reach out, cry to long as they are making efforts to keep to the Right Road. The tribulation period before us will make us cry, and prayers will go up like sweet aroma in God's nostrils. This is our final act in this history, leaning on the Everlasting. Lean, baby, lean, for you are about to be birthed into The Glory. If we knew what the Glory was, it probably won't be as glorious to enter there. If you try to guess what it is, you are probably going to be wrong.

If He maintains rains for our foods, how much more does he wish to be the Maintenance for our eternal salvation? Why? Why does he want us saved? Could it be because he views death as a tragedy? That sounds like a Good Person. It sounds as though He cares about our destiny. The creation of forever-death is because He cares about the condition of life for those who receive forever-life. The ones jailed in forever-death would spoil the conditions of His House. They would wish to make us unhappy, to cause divisions, to birth fear and unrighteous living...just like trudeau and Obama, and other Schwabite pigs with the ugliest souls you ever did see. God is going to expose, and is now already doing so, why He's justified in creating forever-death.

WATCH the times as they fulfill the prophecies. Do not be nonchalant about this as might a pre-tribulationist. The latter has conditioned his going-forward with no fear of enduring persecution. He has sown error into his view of going-forward. He believes that God loves him too much to let him see end-time trials and persecution. I care nothing about persecution against me until it causes trials. They can hate me, call me names, it doesn't bother me. What does bother me is that those who malign us are ruling the educational systems to infest it with lies and anti-Christian values. If this doesn't bother you, you need to do some think-work, to get it RIGHT. You can't be nonchalant about the destruction of modern society by anti-Christs.

Pity you if you view modern society as glorious. If you haven't even developed a disgust for the modern world, you are in the flow. Trump is on a yacht in that flow. There is nothing glorious about the cell phone hooked up to a demonic internet. There was nothing glorious about the television pumping evil into the living room. There is nothing rich about the modern machine if machines facilitate greed, for greed is the very cause of poverty and human rot. A greedy man's wealth is someone else's poverty, that's how God views him, a thief. Trump is no Zacheus. Trump loves precious.

We may not be the two Witnesses in Revelation, but this doesn't mean that we can't be the thorns they will be in the legs of the anti-Christs. Thorns in their legs slow them down, make then exert energy that otherwise goes to more-advanced empowerment over us. And the 28 Plagues will be exactly that, 28 wonderful thorns in their sides, one after the other, ouch, they will die a cruel death having been smitten first with ironies they cannot control. That's right, they deceive themselves to think they control the world. They control only the minds that think as they do. They are a pole infested by like-minded horror stories, but to deflect from this reality, they will portray the pole of God as the horror.

We are not here to save canada or the United States or France because those are animals that God has granted to satan. We are here to save the type of society that God wants for any nation. God wants a Do-the-Right-Thing society. That's not nearly the same as lip-service Trumpism. Church shepherds should be calling out now, more than ever, for national leaders to correct their ways. If pastors care about the conditions of our lives as the anti-Christs take a wrecking ball to them, then they should be communicating directly with the political "ministers," and rebuking them when getting shrugged off. There should be tens of thousands of Pawlowski's crying out against the political "ministers," frauds.

The problem with Gab is, it's mainly pro-Trump Christian. Shudder. Guaranteed, it's a growing mutation so long as Trump is spattered amongst the Christian posts. When a country's best political hope is Trump, how can that nation not be a sick horse? "Make America Great Again" translates to "make it glorious again." God is jealous. God is the Glorious One, and He's never seen America as glorious.

When the founders put "the glory" above the pyramid, God was slapped in the face. What is it that Christians don't understand about this? Why do some continue to honor the American founders as Christians? They were lip-service Christians of a masonic stripe. They were skunks. They laid a foundation that gave satan reign over society, and their children formed "societies" in all the schools, and they gave students DEGREES, and spattered the schools with evolution to boot. How is that not the foundation for the anti-Christ we see today? Americanism hasn't failed at all, but has succeeded wildly, fooling some Christians to this day.

If it's the good people in a country that makes the nation great, then don't honor the flag, but honor the good people. If the flag means freedom from Britain, isn't that passe by now? The way to ruin globalist plots is to honor good people, for good people resist globalist intrusions for more reasons than it being run by intruders. To make a nation glorious, honor its best Christians, hold their deeds up for role modeling. But if pastors walk the fence between obeying the anti-Christ government and the teachings of the Bible, what sort of mutation will they create in the pews? How can that become a role model? How can a vocal, activist pastor who supports Trump not create another mutation? This is a horror story. This is making America a horror story. Fox News is a mutation. At first, it seemed to have the look we wanted, but then it mutated when it got infiltrated.

I'm not off-topic, for this is the news of the day, every day. Organized humanity becomes hideous, and later begins to eat you up as would a monster. Organized globalism now calls Jesus the monster. The war is on, and this war is the only war that should concern us. We are not the salt of the earth to maintain or build the kingdom of the USA. Why waste time to build what moths, thieves and demons will come to destroy? The bigger, more-richer the county, the more-forceful and numerous the worms will burrow to it. Nice places attract worms. California is a worm factory.

The globalist shepherd values the worker while he/she can make profits for corporations, but upon the retirement of the workers, the globalists view them as "useless eaters." You will know the false shepherds by their fruits, especially if you're in a hospital, after 65, being murdered by them.

Below is Obama opening the door to jailing Christians who are merely suspect as desirous to commit "terrorism," though he himself has re-defined that term in a ridiculous way because he's mad, demonically possessed:

This story below might have the legs to expose the canadian spy network, and trudeau himself, as dastardly swine worthy of being slaughtered:

The major canadian news media are carrying this story emphasizing: "Trudeau backs CSIS [= canadian spy org] amid allegations of informant smuggling schoolgirls... Of course he's defending CSIS if he himself was a partner in its effort. trudeau is the CSIS boss, ultimately.

Another TruNews hour, this one starting with a doctored photo by the FBI in an effort to frame Trump for a serious crime:

Another Project Veritas sting operation:

It's far worse than what you see merely in the video above. Female teachers have been conditioning boy students to feel dumb or dejected while treating girl students like gems. It's a no brainer in a country with feminism rampant. In the same way, the anti-Christs have always had it in mind to poison students with anti-Christian "values." This is not new. People are acting as though they didn't know this was going on until now. Anti-Christs hire anti-Christs, and gangsters hire gangsters, especially when they come to run governments. The best thing that has happened to date is the recklessness by which the bad guys have exposed themselves since Russia collusion bombed, and I think God is surely behind it all.

Wanna see Republican lip service: "House Republicans have introduced a bill to block taxpayer funds from supporting the activities of the World Economic Forum". Why not do this after the next election, since the House might bounce back to Republican control at that time. Isn't this a wasted effort at this time? Yes, and that's probably why it's being done now, to merely make a good show of it.

Trump recently said that Adam Schiff should be arrested for treason. Well, Mr. Hypocrite, you had four years to have him arrested as president, what was your problem? Imagine a country where the president cannot arrest a political opponent who's guilty just because it appears self-serving. In that case, the deep state is given a blank check to commit as many treasonous plots as it so desires. And that's what we witnessed under Trump. At some point, a president needs to arrest guilty political opponents and let the political chips fall where they will. If the voters think he's over-reaching or framing the opponents, or being self-serving, fine, but if the voters agree, all the better to clean swamp. Trump did near-ZERO of that.

On Monday of this week, Trump "tweeted" that he should be re-instead as president RIGHT NOW. How's that for rousing pro-Trumpers? Is this like Trump inviting his voters to the Capital for a protest, and then telling them to go home the minute the FBI conducted a false-flag operation to distort the nature and motive of the protest? Oh, that Trump? How many of his January-6 supporters has he visited in jail whom the FBI jailed by framing them?

Either Nesquik is putting maggots in its cocoa, or this is a faked video, you decide. If this is real, who sues Nesquik, and for how much?

Garden Updates

If you think you would like to grow a garden using containers rather than directly into the ground, you should probably create a file, calling it, "tribwatchGarden" or something, and add any of what I say to it, then keep it on an external drive in case your hard drive breaks down. In case you need to read anything I say to deal with problems, you will have it on hand. You can copy and paste my material to your file, add your own, or remove anything you don't like from me. Let that file be huge, and give it subtitles, each sub-title being the name of a plant that you might grow. Here's an example of what I've put on my garden file:

BROCCOLI -- Store-bought, transplanted to heat-treated weed-soil alone (no native soil) mixed with typical amount of wood ash, a little sand, and a tablespoon of fertilizer. Lower leaves always rotting away, possibly due to all being in five-gallon buckets half filled with soil [air doesn't circulate well inside the container]. Perhaps they need fresh air. Try 4-gallon planters with soil to top next time. No major insect issues on leaves. The first head of broccoli seen was about July 26, two inches wide by July 30. Only one other plant has a visible head. All plants are under a tree, in shade from about 1pm to 5 pm, hopefully to prevent bolting.

Harvested eight plants about August 20, and the remaining four are ready any day now at August 27. I harvested the final four about August 30 due to flowering coming out. No plants bolted whereas some broccoli plants bolted years ago when planted in native soil in full afternoon sun.

The crunchy / hardy leaves are super in salads, and new shoots continue to grow after fruit is removed. Broccoli leaves (out of the fridge) in a salad without lettuce, spinach or kale is GOOD! It definitely makes growing broccoli a bonus, especially as broccoli leaves take up so much room for merely one fruit per plant. These leaves are dark green and packed with vitamin A. They are a must for trib survival. One broccoli plant gets more greens than three spinach plants, though most of the leaves, sadly die off. Perhaps I should have been picking the leaves before they died off, while still healthy enough to eat or dehydrate. I'll do that next time! I'm excited.

However, the insects, or more likely the grubs, feast on the lower leaves that are less than crisp, when softer and lighter green (near-ready to go yellow). Whatever is eating them, it's not by day, and they generally leave the crisp leaves alone, though not always. I've killed about 200 grubs or more sleeping by day under the containers.


Yes, slugs sleep under the containers, and so it's a question of whether or not it's a plus or minus when gardening with containers. I suggest it's a plus because, if you check out videos on capturing slugs, one method is to lay wood flat on the ground upon moist soil. Slug/snails are attracted to hidden places like under wood so that the sun doesn't beat down on them by day. Okay, this means that every container is a slug trap. The only problem is that lifting and moving-over a container of soil is harder than lifting a piece of wood. On the other hand, I've got more than 100 containers, and they take no extra room as would 100 pieces of wood strewn around. The containers are a better trap method by far, therefore, especially as a garden with no containers will invite slugs to sleep under leaves instead, and you won't be able to find them as easily as you can by lifting a container.

At present, it appears that lifting all containers every couple of weeks should be satisfactory, but perhaps this method will reduce populations to the point that every month is all we need.

It's a messy, slimy job to deal with them. I've squashed them with my weed trowel, leaving them under the containers. You might like a different method. If you have chickens, they'll eat them.

As the slugs are ample under containers (not all containers have them), it suggests they have been eating leaves. They probably killed my bean plants, and they no doubt ate broccoli / kale leaves. Perhaps, if one kale plant looks decimated while the plants next to it are fine, I'll bet there's grubs under the one container, and they just feed on that one nightly because they know where it is already. In other words, the containers help to inform us where the grubs are sleeping. Bonus. And I'm using light containers for kale (they seem to grow as well in a half-gallon container versus a one gallon).
By the way, if you cut the broccoli fruit off high, leaving the multiple stems beneath it on the plant, they will grow shoots of broccoli fruit.

Now the bad news for containers. They are above the ground, get heated by the sun striking them on their sides, making the soil hot, which is probably not good for some roots, and evaporates the water away, which is why I need to water every day. If this were a paying job, I might be making $7 per hour. It only takes a few seconds to water each plant as I go around with a one-gallon bucket in one hand, holding a five-gallon bucket in the other hand, and I just dump a load into each container...but the time adds up, and I do not like watering every day, especially as I need to guess how much water the plants needs on every pass. It really does take experience, and I don't have it, yet. Nonetheless, most plants look good, I'm not killing them by my choice of water volume, and their conditions should get better with my growing experience.

IMPORTANT. I got fooled when the water thrown into the buckets would drain faster between the soil and the bucket wall than through the soil. Therefore, water found its way FAST to the bottom of the containers, along the wall, while water was only beginning to soak into the central top-regions of the soil. I saw water coming out the holes at the bottom of the container wall, and wrongly assumed the soil had been soaked to the bottom of the containers. I then gauged how much water to dump in at each watering judging by that deception, and thus my soils became very dry, and even caused bottom-rot on the tomatoes. It can explain the low output in squash fruit too.

IMPORTANT: My solution was to go around to every container with some soil, to build a soil ramp all around the top of the bucket. In this way, water thrown into the bucket would sit more centrally on the top, and take much more time to soak to the container wall through the soil ramp. It solved the problem. It taught me that I needed about six or more dumps of water -- about six times the usual feed -- to soak the water to the bottom of a four or five-gallon container. Wow, was I shocked. It might be too late to salvage my squash plants now. Here's my butternut-squash story in mid-story:

SQUASH -- All from seed, some frozen in my freezer, others fresh (no freezing) from store-bought squash. Transplanted to heat-treated weed-soil alone (no native soil) mixed with typical amount of wood ash, a little sand, and a tablespoon of fertilizer. Most in about four gallons of soil, but some with less to test them. The first fruit, about two inches long, appeared July 28 [= HOT season]. All plants creeping along the ground, not up a fence. I was able to move them around until end of July to mow grass. No insect issues at all, and very few yellowed leaves, constantly one at a time and usually near the "bottom" of the stem.

In mid August, many female buds dropped dead before the flowers opened. One person thinks this is a natural protection so that the plant doesn't produce too many fruits in unfavorable conditions, or when the plant is still young with insufficient leaves to handle many fruits. Someone else thinks it's from over-watering, and another thinks it's from low ph in the soil. Maybe try more wood ash for squash. By August 20, one plant in the blue 4-gallon bottles [had distilled water initially] still had zero fruit even though this plant was amongst the first to be planted. I notice that the squash plants in these blue bottles have the most-shrivelled leaves when soil starts to dry out, and I'm always more careful not to overwater these bottles because they have small holes as compared to store-bought garden containers. It turned out, I was under-watering.

By mid August, there were a good number of regular bees. But, fearing they weren't doing their job, I pollinated any female flowers I saw opened or nearly opened. Once squash take, they all grow good a fast. But the way it looks thus far, by the 20th, each plant might produce only three squash because many females drop dead when the fruit is a half-inch to an inch long. Even after two solid rains after August 20, with soil nicely damp for about a week, the females were not producing much better, though noticeably better. Not all survived, and so it doesn't seem to be a too-little-water issue. On August 27, I counted about an average of 1.25 fruit per plant. That's not very good at all with frost coming probably before the end of September, though it may not be a hard frost.

Sad. By September 3, I don't think there have been more than about five new squash surviving since the heavy rains, and some 25 others just died off while small and non-pollinated. These plants would be dynamite if only the born squash survived. I watered all plants hard about September 1 hoping for the best, but by the 3rd, no sign of hopeful squash at all. This is a serious failure. I'm not fertilizing because I want to know how well or badly the soil will do without it, for a trib situation where fertilizer isn't available. I've been watering these plants DAILY for the last month, but wasn't watering enough on a deep level. I think they need a deep-watering every four days instead of every seven or eight.

However, the problem may not be water, but heat of summer. I'm reading that female squash flowers die off in heat. So, we shall see if September gets some fruit going.

Squash plants producing even two large fruits are big money savers, but I've read that they can produce six or more fruit each. There's 43 squash plants this year, and if they get only 50 squash, that's a squash per week for one year. There could have been three or four years easily without the problem I'm encountering. I'm dehydrating the squash, and the great thing is, they last for months out of the fridge so that I've got lots of time to preserve other foods first that need quicker attention.

I've said that squash is a must for trib survival for its vitamin A, but then, if broccoli leaves maintain their vitamin A in the dehydrated condition, we could go with less squash, though I think squash tastes better in soups and pastas than broccoli leaves. It's just that broccoli leaves can be dried faster than chopped squash, and the latter is far more work than simply laying broccoli leaves in the sun inside a box with transparent lid. Whatever we decide, a LARGE sun-drying outfit, or several small ones, are a must. You need to dehydrate a lot of food in a trib situation, and you only have so much sun while it's still warm out. These sun-drying boxes are inexpensive and easy to make, especially if you use plastic film instead of hard plexiglass. Attach the plastic film to a wood frame, but keep in mind that heat transfers through the film faster than through plexiglass (because it's thicker).

I strongly suggest you get land where containers are not needed. But if you are rushed at 666 time, and there's now way for you to test the soil at your proposed property before buying it, then you may need to do container gardening. It'll be good to have the choice in case it works for some crops. But normal planing in the ground is the best environment for the roots, with stability in temperatures. When the roots take the water by day, water from soil to the sides seeks to fill that vacuum naturally.

I had a black tarp over my grass where a root-creeping weed was getting out of hand. I left the tarp there for over a month until the weeds died off. When removing the tarp, even the grass was dead. But a few weeks later, the highest plant in that dried patch was a potato plant about a foot high and wide. I found it only days ago, and it looked perfectly healthy even though it hasn't rained heavy in about two weeks here. That's the power of the ground. No watering needed for two weeks, and farm food goes without rain for two weeks or more repeatedly.

I had planted six potato plants two three years ago in different spots to see whether they would grow in this soil, but grasshoppers ate the leaves and stagnated the plants. I mowed the grass regularly last year, and therefore I was mowing that potato plant repeatedly without knowing. Plus, in about June of this year, I was pulling weeds when up came a potato on a stem, and a second stem without the potato. I planted them in containers, and they are growing as I speak, though I water them every couple of days. Potatoes rule. If potatoes are that driven to survive, just plant them everywhere and anywhere, and hope for the best. You might even get more than you hoped for.

A solution to the too-hot containers is to drop the containers into a larger one, the latter acting as a sun shield. Let there be a gap between containers. You might even cut the larger containers longitudinally in half because you don't need the shield on the north side i.e. you get two shields for the price of one container. This option is good because I've learned something to be passed on to you, and it needs access to the containers holding the soil. During those times when I didn't know how wet or dry the soil was at the bottom of containers, I couldn't check well because the holes were too small for my finger to get a good sense. So I took the utility knife to slice one triangle shape into the bottom of each plastic container, and this became a flexible flap because the plastic is thin enough.

I can now pull the flap back, stick my finger into the soil, and even see the soil, to determine whether dry or wet. When done, the flap is put back to its original position i.e. the hole is closed. You can make a square flap instead. It's a simple thing to do, and you don't need to do every container if you water all containers with the same amount. If one container is found dry at the bottom, chances are the others will be dry too if they have the same-size plants roughly. Water away, and be happy. This is how I knew the squash plants needed six times more water than I normally water per day. It took that much to moisten the soil at the flap. I was very surprised at how much water that weed-soil holds (it has visible vegetation left in it; it's not pure soil).

The flap is important. You want to CLOSE the hole rather than having a hole open continuously, for the latter will air-dry the soil at the hole, making it futile for gauging soil humidity. If you can rig up a hole with plug, that will work too.


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