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March 22 - 28, 2022

God's Asteroid Looks Pointed to Rhodian-Clintons and Rockefellers
God Arranged the Kilpatrick Barbecue Win
Heraldic pointers to the Abyss of the 5th Trumpet

If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture

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A message to all anti-Christs: God's will before you were created was to be a coach, a father, a friend, a counselor, a helper to US ALL that we might grow-up over millions of years to be the best we can be, but what He does not want is for people to spit on Him while he serves us in these ways. Do you think you can show some real manliness, and conform? If you have no evidence of His existence, it's because you spit on Him, and therefore he does not reveal His life to you. Can you grasp that? He's decided that only people who respect and appreciate Him get evidence of His existence. You have sorely made a fatal mistake in bragging about your greater understanding in wiping God out of all existence. Rather, you have been the fool. Time to get it right. Time to cry like a baby before God, begging forgiveness. Are you good enough?

In the last two updates, I revisited the Apophis asteroid of 2029 to which I claim the two MacKenzie surnames point in conjunction with Sleeping Beauty and her husband, Mr. Kilpatrick (see those terms in the last update for some explanation). As soon as the last update was uploaded to the Internet, I TOLD God that, if indeed He's pointing to this asteroid, then the Aster surname, in the MacKenzie motto, needs to apply in some other way to confirm things. Moreover, I said to Him, I'd like to see a Roid-like surname applying with "asterROID." My delving into these questions did not disappoint. UNDERSTAND: nobody in heraldry was concerned with the link of a Roid-like surname to Asters.

(Load Aster link now to have access, on another tab, to other Coats of Arms.)

The first thing I noticed is that the red lion paw in the Scottish Ure surname is bendwise, and Asters happen to use a red bend. "Uro" is a MacKenzie motto term, and we can even add that while Asters were first found in TourLAVILLE, Laville's are listed with Ville's/Font-de-Ville's (share giant Ure lion), first found in Languedoc with the Mountains in the MacKenzie "mountain." This mountain shows as a rock, and thus it's likely code for a Mountain-line marriage to Rocks/Roque's, the latter first found in Languedoc with Rodez's and a ROQUEfeuil location. As I always stress, Miss Roquefeuil married HUGH of RODez. It looks like "Roid." English Rocks share the trefoil of Rods. Lookie at how fast we got here, yet there's more.

The Tongue's/Tongs almost have the English Mountain Coat, though the Tongue's call their footless martlets, "birds." In the Tongue Crest, "A gold bird rising FROM a ROCK." Yup, the FROMMs share the Rock trefoil in both colors, green like the Rod trefoil. This gets more amazing as I delve. Noticing that the three Rock rooks are in the colors of the three Barwick bears, I checked the description of the Barwick Crest to find "A gold stag on a green MOUNTAIN"!!! The reason Barwicks and Berwicks (Berwickshire = old BERNICia) were checked is that Berwickshire elements include BURNs and Bernice's/Burness', and the Revelation mountain is said to be "burning"!!! Incredible. Plus, the Sarah's/Sayers who share the Barwick motto were first found in Essex with Mountains.

Nobody thinks to call birds "HERALDIc gold birds," as the Tongue/Tong birds are called, unless they are indicating the Harald/Herod surname, which happens to share the FORE/Forez Coat, essentially, explaining the "FORbear" motto term of Barwicks. The Harald/Herod and Fore/Forez fesse is shared by Wheats/Whate's while the latter share "ears of wheat" with the Berwick Crest! It can explain why Burns and Bernice's/Burness' both share black hunting horns with Wheat-like Weights. The latter are in the colors and format of the Steads suspect in the "Steady" motto of Tongue's/Tongs. There are many heraldic tongues that can play to this picture.

Plus, be dazzled here, because I know where this is leading, to Herods. Wheats/Whate's, sharing gold garbs with Tilts/Tiletons, who in turn have a reflection of the Mountain and Tongue/Tong Coats, were first found in Norfolk with the Comyns/COMINGs whose gold garbs are in both colors of those of Tilts/Tiletons because the latter have "A mural crown with a BEAR's head COMING out of it." Barwicks, Berwicks, the Arms of Berwickshire, and Steadys all share bear's heads!!! We can now enter the "TILTing spear" of English Payne's into this because these Payne's were first found in Somerset with the Rhodes-line Roets who share the boar heads of Speers, the latter first found in Renfrewshire with the Bernys location of Burns!

Tilts/Tiletons were first found in Leicestershire with Tong-like Tonys, and with Perkins/Parkings who in turn share the fleur-de-lys of Courage's in the Comyn/COMINGS motto. As I've said a hundred times, Herod Antipas was banished from Israel by Caesar, and placed in exile in what became COMMINGes.

MORE INCREDIBLE: The Burns have a motto, "EVER READy," and Reads/Reeds, I kid you not, share the "book" with Roets. English Reads/Reeds were first found in Northumberland with RODhams and Barwicks! Ever's are listed with Ivers/Eure's/URE's, and this goes to the "uro" motto term of Mountains!!! I can add that the Burner quadrants are half in the colors of the Ever/Hepher quadrants for a connection to Heffers, first found in Somerset with Coffers/Coffare's (share Heffer crescents) in Harald/Herod colors. The quadrants above share green ones between the two Coats, and it's the green ones that make the Ever/Hepher chevron that of Coffers/Coffare's too.

Haralds/Herods are also Hurls while English Hurls/Herls, sharing their gold fesse, were first found in Northumberland with Barwicks. The first-known Burns / BERNICE's/Burness' were in neighboring Cumberland. I've been insisting that Bernice's are from Berenice Agrippa, a HEROD, but I've never had the Haralds/Herods playing into them as in what we just saw. The Apophis asteroid for end-time HeROD liners? Did Herods name Rodez? If not, did the namers of Rodez name Herods? HERODotus, who predated Herods of Israel by centuries, lived in Caria, beside Rhodes.

As MacKenzie's have a "Luceo" motto code, we'll now go to Luce's, first found in Norfolk with FOUNtains, kin of Hugh-like Hugs/Hugues', first found in Languedoc with Laville's/FONT-de-Ville's. The latter use a "flag" while Flags/Flacks were first found in Norfolk with Luce's / Fountains. Thus, Hugs/Hugues' must be from Hugh of Rodez. As per the TOURlaville location of the first-known Asters, we can even bring in the "iTUR as astra" motto phrase of MacKenzie's, for Tours (Rock/Roque colors) were first found in Languedoc too.

Next, it just so happens that the Luce write-up tells of Mr. Lucie, made the governor of FALAISE by king HENRY I, beautiful, for while Henry of RODez was the son of Hugh Rodez and Miss Roquefeuil, King Henry I married Matilda, sister of king David I who in turn built Haly ROD (Holyrood) House for his mother. We can thus catch a glimpse as to what house in Languedoc David's mother descended from where David named his own son, Henry, and this Henry married the ADa of Warenne, suspect in the "AD astra" motto phrase of Fiscs (Norfolk, same as Luce's), like the "as astra" of MacKenzie's. The "silver fish" of Luce's thus looks like code for a branch of Fiscs, and to top it off, the Luce fish are in the colors of the "silver fish" of rock-using Roach's.

Both the Luce and Roach Coats show nothing but three fish in the colors of the giant "eagle DISplayed" of Rods/Roads. The Luce's tells that Mr. Lucie of Falaise was also lord of Dice, the latter named after DISS (Norfolk), the line to Dice's/Diss'/Deise's. Roquefeuil is the line to Rockefellers and Fellers, and the latter have a Coat similar to the one of Falaise-like Fallis'/Falls'. The latter were first found in Midlothian of Roslins, and that place was given, by queen Margaret, the mother of David I, to HENRY Sinclair, her cup-bearer. Thus, the Sinclairs look like they descended from Henry of Rodez along with Margaret herself.

Later, another Henry Sinclair of Roslin would come to rule the Orkneys, which included the Shetland islands, and Shetland is where Ass'/Assi's were first found that can explain "AS astra." Yes, for the same MacKenzie's have a "Sic" motto term while Dice-connectable Sichs/Sykes' have an "ASSIduus" motto term. Sichs/Sykes' share the "fountains" of Waterfords/Waterville's, and Deise is a location at Waterford. Waters/Waterville's, sharing the Epstein Coat, were first found in Essex with Mountains, how about that set of ominous heraldry. These fountains look related to German Drummonds, whom can be connected directly to queen Margaret.

The beauty of the "Luceo" motto term of MacKenzie's now becomes huge where Luce's ruled Falaise, for the Oullette's tell of their Ouilly-le-BASSET location in Falaise, and though it took me a couple of seconds to realize, the realization hit me better than my expectations, for bassets share the Coat of Aster-branch Sturs!!! The latter are said to be first found in Hampshire, and Asters tell of their Stur location in Hampshire. So, my expectations for "asterROID" linking to Rod liners has come true if only God could have arranged it, unless we wish to see pure coincidence.

I'm dealing here with whether or not to predict that the Apophis asteroid is coming down to earth, and the last thing I want to do is give false information on such an important topic for the timing of our tribulation retreats.

I can add that while Bassets don't quite have the Stur Coat because the triple Basset fesses (it's all they show) are wavy, ditto for the triple fesses of Scottish Drummonds (it's all they show). Then, German Drummonds have these triple-wavy fesses in different colors, in the colors of the triple-wavy fesses of Sea's, and the Revelation asteroid (2nd Trumpet) is said to be "AS a great mountain with fire burning" striking the sea. The MacKenzie mountain is on fire too. Should I chalk this paragraph up to more coincidence, or should I be predicting the revelation asteroid for 2029? How would you like to be in my position?

The NIV version of the Bible translates: "like a HUGE mountain all aBLAZE", and it just so happens that Blaze's share the Mountain martlets. The Huge's are listed with Hugs/Hugues', kin of Fountains, and this asteroid could open some volcanic fountains of the deep.

Ahh, the Chaucers, who married the sister of Catherine Roet, share a green tortoise in Crest with Sichs/Sykes', and the Chaucer Coat may have the Aster bend closely because Chaucers were first found in Kent with Sea's. If it is the Aster bend closely, then the connection to Roets spells "asteroet," so to speak. Ahh, the Chaucer-branch Chalkers (Kent) almost have both Drummond Coats!

Sea's use their own fish, now "salmon swimming", and the English Salmons show nothing but three fish in the positions of the nothing-but-three-fish of Luce's. We saw why Luce's look like Fisc kin, and here we find that Italian Salmons share the checkered Fisc Shield. This paragraph solidifies the inclusion of Sea's to the Apophis topic by a Sea connection to the MacKenzie motto.

I always say that Drummonds, because they descend from king Andrew I (Hungary) and his RUS wife, were related to the Ross clan (descended from an Andrew), and MacKenzie's were first found in Ross-shire. Without going over it all again, the first Drummond, MAURICE, who came to Scotland with queen Margaret above and became her husband's brother-in-law, was born to Agatha of Podebrady, mother of queen Margaret. I might be the only one who identifies Agatha as being from Podebrady. This can explain why Maurice's and English Morris'/Morice's share the giant Rodez lion. Welsh Morris share "scaling ladder" with English Trips (Kent, same as Sea's) while German Trips were first found in Hamburg with Drummonds. Podebrady is in Bohemia, and the German Franks, first found in Bohemia, use a "column," code for the Column variation of Malcolms. Queen Margaret was wife to Malcolm III. The Petits in the Malcolm/Column motto were first found in Kent, and share the giant Ure lion.

Next, we go to the MontIVER location of the first-known French Mountains (Languedoc, same as Laville's sharing the Ure / Petit lion), for Ivers/Eure's list a Ure variation. French Petits could be using the Hug/Hugues' / Fountain lion. French Mountains are said to have been at Moulines in Forez, and I think Forez rates as Burgundy, where French Petits were first found. Ivers/Eure's/Ure's have a "NUMquam" motto term while Noms/NONs were first found in Ayrshire with Scottish Ure's. One MacKenzie motto in full is, "Luceo NON uro." This MacKenzie surname is the one with the "mountain in flames". The Petits now require mention of the "BULrushes" of Petts/Perts (Kent, same as Petits) because Rush-connectable Bulls/Bule's have bull heads in the colors of the bulls of French Mountains.

[Insert -- Later in this update, I found Kennets (not "Kenneth") with the Ever/Eure/Ure quadrants in colors reversed. The Kennets even share a three-pointed label (different colors) with Asters. The "alteRAM" motto term of Kennets can be for Rams, first found in Essex with Mountains. As Kennets were first found in Wiltshire with Mortons, Kennets likely use the Say Shield as per a Mortone-Say location. End insert]

Asters use a "label," and Labels/LaBells are said to have named De Labels om Moulines-like MAULeon. The Ivers/Eure's/Ure's have a Coat almost that of MALLs. "MauLEON" may have been a Mall-line merger with Italian Leons/Leo's having one of the triple Fountain / Hug/Hugues fesses. It works because Spanish Leons have the giant Laville/Font-de-Ville and Ure lion. Plus, French Leons, in MacKenzie colors and first found in Gascony with Mauleon, not only share the Fountain and Hug/Hugues lion, but "flames" with MacKenzie's.

The above is absolutely amazing already, but there's more. DAVID MORLEY, who appeared in the Sleeping Bag dream, pointed to the line of king David, that being the line of Davids (Cheshire, same as Malls/MARLYbone's) and Aids/ADE's. The latter, sharing the specialized leopard face of English Morleys, have a version of the David Coat, and thus they are from ADa of Warenne, wife of Henry Huntingdon, son of David I. It's amazing because we saw the Rods/Roads above due to their eagle "DISplayed," linking to Luce's of Dice from the MacKenzie motto. It's amazing because, as I've been saying for years, David Morley, in the dream, came off of a ROAD with his motorbike.

He rode down the hill to where I had picked up the sleeping bag, while I was walking up the hill. He rode a circle around the sleeping bag, and this circle is now suspect with the Round surname, using a "SLEEPING lion," and first found in Essex with English Mountains and the Chance's/CHAUNCIER's. The Apophis asteroid is coming back in the constellation of CANCER. The sleeping bag had been a mystery for a long time because I was never satisfied with the Sleep surname's use in anything, but if it's to link to the sleeping lion of Rounds, we then take things to the Round Table secret society of Cecil RHODES, how does that grab ya? It's perfect, and when I got up to the road, Morley rode away back down it from where he had come from, but I walked across this road into the parking lot of a MALL, and then entered the mall, totally necessary to prove that the rider was Mr. Morley, for Scottish Morleys (Yorkshire, same as Rhodes') are also MAULs, recalling the MAULeon location of Aster-beloved Labels. Is that not amazing? The sleeping bag is thus part of a pointer to the asteroid's target, the Rhodian society, a new idea this year, and so the Bags probably need to be deciphered with that entity in mind.

Morley rode aROUND the sleeping bag, you see, and Bags (Norfolk, same as Luce's, Fountains and Meschin-related Flags) share the Shield of Grimaldi's. I'm pretty sure that I've now got to go to baron Massy, a man who's related to the prince of Monaco, a Grimaldi. My mother is a Grimaldi on her's father's side, and a Massy-branch Masci on her mother's side, and the point here is that this baron Massy (forget his first name) married Miss Quintana while Quintana's use three DICE all with a 6 for what looks like God's pointer to the 666 system coming from the Rhodian / Round-Table Illuminati? Should I make that prediction, or is all this just coincidental? Quintana-like Quints were once said to be first found in Essex with Rounds. Quints share a lion paw in Crest (different color) with Ure's, and Malls/Marlybone's have a Coat almost that of Ivers/Eure's/Ure's while French Mountains were first found at MontIVER.

As I've said, I don't remember David Morley having a motorbike at any time but at the last time I saw him. He came to visit me out of the blue when I was living on Marlin court. His new wife, CAROL, was on the back of the bike. I can therefore take this to Charles MARTEL, founder of the CAROLINgian dynasty, because French Charles' use Martel-like MARTLets, as do Marlins. And then the Martels with French Martins were first found in Gascony with the Labels from MAULeon!!! This is new, and it's working with Morleys/MAULs! I really like that as Confirmation that the heraldry has been Set-up.

REPEAT: "Ahh, the Chaucers, who married the sister of Catherine Roet, share a green tortoise in Crest with Sichs/Sykes', and the Chaucer Coat may have the Aster bend closely because Chaucers were first found in Kent with Sea's. If it is the Aster bend closely, then the connection to Roets spells "asteroet," so to speak. Ahh, the Chaucer-branch Chalkers (Kent) almost have both Drummond Coats!" The split Chaucer Shield is that of Morleys/Mauls (!), and the Chalkers have the three fesses of Marlins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's new and incredible. God's aiming the asteroid to Roet liners. Roets were first found in Somerset, where the STOUR river begins.

BEHOLD all of this. French Martins share the castle of English Forts who in turn share "Fortis" with the "Bello Fortis" motto phrase of Carols. The "Audax" motto term of these Forts (rock in Crest) is for Aude province, location of Rod-related ROQUEfeuil. As Carols share the sword of Baliols, their "bello" motto term should be for Bellys who in turn share the eight-pointed star of Spanish Martins. Bellys were a branch of Baileys and Baliols, the latter two first found in Northumberland with the Greys and Reds/Reeds in the red greyhound of Labels/La Bells. Note that while we are looking for Rod liners with "asteROID," Label-loving Asters have a bend colors reversed from the same of RODhams, the latter likewise first found in Northumberland! The asteroid is pointing to the Rhodian-Clinton crime ring.

The Malls/Marlybone's have the Malbancs, and while Banks were first found in Yorkshire with Morleys/Mauls, Malbanks (Northumberland, same as Rodhams) share the ermined Rodham bend. Rodhams share the non-ermined bend of Stevensons, a branch of STAVE's/Stevensons, and while the latter two were first found in Northumberland too, the Stevenson-branch Steins were first found in Norfolk with stave-using Pilgrims. Steins even share the Aster bend.

As one Stevenson Coat is in Valentin colors and format, let's add that while the line of Valentinian I is to gold-on-blue borders, one such border is used by MacKenzie's. Stevensons and Valentins both have the Aster bend in colors reversed, and Aster-branch Sturs might just have named the Store's, first found in Northumberland too.

English Martins even have the Sleep Coat in colors reversed. French Charles' even have the martlets of Grimaldi-like Grime's/Grimms. I might add that while Carol was on the back of the bike, Welsh Bachs are also Baghs. PLUS, I almost didn't load English Charles' sharing the Rod/ROAD eagle!!! Zinger. I probably knew that in the past, but had forgotten. Spanish Martins share the tree of Irish Charles'.

Irish Charles' probably have the pilGRIM's stave of Hawks and Pilgrims (Norfolk, same as Grimaldi-related Bags). Ahh, Hawks were first found in Hampshire with Aster-branch Sturs, and while Asters love the Labels/La Bells, a "bell" is on the Hawk hawk! Good-enough linkage for me for adding to the asteroid clues. The Hawk hawk is "rising" while Risings were first found in Norfolk with Pilgrims. I get it, for the Rising Coat is colors reversed from the same of the Arms of Pula/Pola on ISTRia, and Asters are also Isters!!! Bingo. Ancient Ishtar had an eight-pointed star for a symbol, used by Spanish Martins in the colors of the same of BELLys!!! Beauty. Look at what God has just pointed to with Morley's visit to me on his bike.

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, just realized. Bikers/Bicks almost share the Stein and Aster Coats!!!! Bikers/Biks were first found in Berkshire, location of BAGley Woods. Bagleys (kin of Woods-related and Road-like Roots) were first found in Shropshire with Sleeps, and the latter are now even more suspect with English Martins. As I've said a million times, the sleeping bag David circled was in the woods. The Woods motto term, "Defend," is suspect with otter-using Fenders, first found in Huntingdonshire with Otters/Others (compare with Bikers/Biks) and David-related Ada of Warenne. I've told all of this before aside from the inclusion of Asters and Steins (Biker/Bik colors and format). Steins have a different-colored version of the Stevenson and Aid/Ade Coats, and the latter's is in Rodham colors and format.

Aids/Ade's were first found in Berwickshire with Hobs/Habs who in turn have "three hawks BELLed." Hobsons/Hopsons, in Stave/Stevenson colors and format, look like they use the Shield of English Wrights/RIGHTs (leopard faces) while Scottish Wrights were first found in Berwickshire too. The Hobson/Hopson Crest shares blue wings with Here's/Heyers (Derbyshire, same as Morleys) who in turn use two "dexter" = RIGHT wings. Hobs'/Hopps share a tiger (different color) in Crest with Habs/Hobs, and Hobs'/Hopps (Shropshire, same as LEIGHtons/LEYtons) have the eagle "DISpLAYed," and Lays/LEIGH's/LEYs share the Coat of neighboring Strike's in the Hawk motto. I probably wouldn't have known that "dispLAYed" was part-code for Lays, but "lay" was in a songline on my speakers just now as I was wondering what else "DISplayed" is code for. HOBSons/HOPSons share the blue roundel with the "disc" of Webbers.

Italian Martins not only have their own label above the Masci fleur-de-lys, but happen to use a "disc" while the Dice location in the Dice/Diss/Deise write-up is said to have been "Disce" too!!! Just lookie there. It reads: "Formerly, Disce or Dice, was held in royal demesne in the reign of Henry I..." The write-up first tells that the surname was first found in Norfolk with Dice, and then says: "But the earliest record of the family was found in ESSEX, where the Hundredorum Rolls of 1273 list William de Disse, as holding lands there at that time." Essex is where Quints were once said to be first found who have a chevron colors reversed from the Dice/Diss/Deise chevron! There we go, the reason for the dice of Quintana's.

I can now address the "blue disc" in the Webber Crest because it's otherwise called a hurt, the symbol of Table's. Round Table. In the Webber disc there is a fleur-de-lys in the colors of the same of disc-using Martins. Hall of Names says that Webbers use "three wavy bars," but Webbers also have the bend-with-fleur of Pepins/PEPYs in colors reversed, which we can entertain as a pointer to the Hyksos king, Apepi, also known as Apophis. Pepins/Pepys and Poppins/Pophams (Hampshire, same as wavy-fesse and Aster-branch Sturs) both have the Mens' in their motto. The three Webber fesses are colors reversed from the same of Mart(in)-like Marots (Somerset, same as Webbers). The Marot Crest is the black dog in the Crest of Bachs/Baghs, and Carol (the church Secretary) was on the BACK of the bike.

Almost missed it: Poppins/Pophams share the stag heads of Bikers/Biks (pointed to by Morley the biker)...who in turn share the Aster band, and both Coats are nearly identical apart from the Bi(c)ker/Bik stag heads. SLEEPING Beauty was on a beach while Beach's have a version of the English Becker Coat. But I still don't think I have the full Intended significance of God's sleeping code.

There's more because the triple-wavy fesses of Marlins are half in the colors of the same of Bassets and Scottish Drummonds, and in both colors of the three-and-three fessewise bars of Morley-connectable Damorys/Amori's. This is great because Italian Amori's were first found in Sardinia with the Italian Salmons we saw sharing the Shield of Fiscs (same place as Bags and PilGRIMs), and while it's nearly the Bag / Grimaldi Shield, Grimaldi's were political associates (and perhaps relatives too) of the Fisc-like Fieschi of Genova. Salmons came to topic with the salmon of Sea's sharing the triple-wavy fesses of German Drummonds. We probably should be asking whether this set of heraldry wants us to stress the 666 system from Grimaldi circles. I see the Fieschi as a branch of Face's/Fessys, and Morleys with Morlands use leopard "faces."

Poppins/Pophams were first found in Hampshire with the TWEENs/Twins suspect in the Dunham description: "A gold MARTIN PASSant beTWEEN two spears." The Pasi-related Speers share the boar heads of Rhodes-branch Roets, and Obama, whose mother was Miss Dunham, chose many Rhodes Scholars for his government. Bill Clinton was one, and Clintons were first found in Oxfordshire with the Bee's suspect in "BEtween." Pasi's were first found in BONonia with the bee-like Boii, and with Panico's/Panetta's sharing the Chief of Italian MARTINs, both sharing the label of Panico-like Pings/Pongs/Pungs/Pagans (Yorkshire, same as Mander-related Rhodes'). Poppins/Pophams have a "Mens" and a "MANSit" motto term, and while Mens' are said to be a branch of Manners, Maness' are Manners too while German Mans/Manners share the Bee quadrants. The Bee Coat is even a near-copy of the Iver/Eure/Ure Coat, which brings us back to the MacKenzie motto.

Plus, Ivers/EURE's/Ure's have this: "The first on record was 'Douenaldus filius MAKBETH mac Ywar...'" The Beatons/MacBeths are also MacBEE's with a "DeBONNaire" motto suggesting Boii of BONonia to explain the MarlyBONE variation of Iver- and Bee-related Malls. The Bee Crest has a dragon head in the colors of the dragon in the Morley/Maul Crest, and Bee's were first found in Oxfordshire with Bone-branch BONNs/Bunns/Bone's. The Latter share the MacDONALD eagle, and we just saw 'Douenaldus [Donald] filius MAKBETH mac Ywar. Bone liners are in the "bon HEURE" motto phrase of the Hicks', and Miss Hicks contributed with Spuds MacKenzie's in pointing to the Apophis asteroid along with she being in my Sleeping Beauty dream near the first of April, 1979, 50 years before April of 2029.

"Ywar" may have been to the Years, first found in Stirlingshire with the DRYman location of Drummonds, a possible branch of Trumps. DONALD Trump. The Trump stag head is in this Arms of County Waterford, a location at Deise, and then the Bonn/Bunn/Bone eagle is colors reversed from the same of Dice's/Diss'/DEISE's. I've been toying with president Trump becoming the 666-man, the False Prophet. Heraldry can make that case, but I have reservations on that idea.

Drymen-like Dry's/Drays are in the motto of Glynns ("SALMON SPEARS"), and Men's were Glenn / Glenny kin. Scottish Mans (dragon) can be gleaned as kin of Dragons/Drainers/DRAYnors, both of whom have an embattled fesse colors reversed from the same of Tweens'/Twins (Hampshire, same as Dragon-using Drake's). Dews/Deweys (dragons) in the Glynn motto look like Dragon/Draynor / Man kin. Drake's love the Flys (Hampshire) in their translated motto who in turn share the fleur-de-lys of neighboring Webbers (Somerset, same as Roets). There's a lot going on there.

Webbers were a Weaver branch, which brings me back to the "weaver's SHUTTLE" of Keeps and Shuttleworths (Lancashire, same Martons). Then, while Keeps are in the HEBron motto, Webber-like Hebbers were at Marton of Yorkshire. One quadrant of Hebbers shares the scallops of Morleys/Mauls (Yorkshire). The Maa variation of Mars (Yorkshire) can be in the "ma" motto term of MARtons, and while earls of Mar were at KilDRUMMy, Martons have three non-wavy fesses in the colors of the three wavy ones of Scottish Drummonds. The Marlins have three wavy fesses in half the colors, and David Morley saw me last at Marlin Court with Carol. MORleys/Mauls share white scallops with French Mars/MORE's/Mere's.

I can show why the Ivers/Evers/Eure's/Ure's are part of the "uro" of MacKenzie's where "Iver/Ever" is said to derive in Makbeth, son of YWAR. The Years show no coat, but then there are the Yarborough's, married by Staine's, who were also YEARbys. Staine's come up as Stans while Stanleys share the MacKenzie stag head. I can glean that Yarborough's were kin of Ottone's, which gets us to Ottone Visconti of MILAN, the Lombardy capital. The OTTERs/Others are said to be from Lombards, and MacBeths/Beatons/McBEE's not only use an otter, but look like MELLANson/MALLenson kin. The Iver-related Malls and Bee's might therefore have been Milan liners. The Duke's (Devon, same as Rods) having the Yarborough wreaths, but calling them "chaplets," were at OTTERton of Devon. Mellansons use a "BUNDLE of RODs" to possibly keep us on Intended asterROID pointers, and the Mellanson "axe" could involve Aster-connectable Ass'/Assi's because they have an axe head on their "fasces." The latter code could be for the Face bloodline.

The Huge variation of Hugs/Hughes, the ones likely from Hugh of RODez, worked into Revelation's asteroid by the NIV translation, "HUGE mountain all aBLAZE," and the Blaze Chief, with the Mountain martlets, is in the colors and format of the Huge/Hug/Hugues and Mellanson Chiefs. Moreover, the latter are said to have been related to axe-like "Aix," begging why Mellansons / Milan liners may be linking to the asteroid theme.

The Chief of Huge's/Hugs/Hugues' (Languedoc, same as French Julians and Cotta's/Cottons) is that of French Julians too while Julian-branch Gullys/Gollys were first found in Oxfordshire with Bonns/Bunns/Bone's suspect in the motto of Otter-loving Beatons/MacBeths/McBee's. The Otter's/Others are said to have been ancestry to Windsors (this could explain things) who in turn share the saltire of French Julians. Many tell that the royal Windsors back Rhodian globalism, and prince Charles certainly talks as though he loves Klaus SCHWAB. The mother of Julius Caesar was AURELia COTTa, and this goes with the COTTON SWAB in the ear of Steven Mellanson which I've emphasized over the past few months. English Cottons were first found in Huntingdonshire with Others/Otters.

English Julians not only share "flames" with the MacKenzie mountain, but have a "salaMANDER in flames" while Manders can be gleaned by their Coat as kin of Rhodes' (Yorkshire, same as Blaze's). The Blaze's have a saltire in the colors of the saltire of English Julians!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SEE? God is sending the Revelation asteroid to the House of Windsor, the bloodline of the Roman dragon. Julius Caesar was a Patrician, and Kilpatricks look like Blaze kin.

Patricks use an "Ora" motto term while Orrs/Ore's (Renfrewshire, same as Hamiltons) share the red roundels of Orle-like Orrels. The red border of Patricks can thus be gleaned on the "orle" border of rock-using RutherFORDs (martlets), and then Irish Fords (share FORAN/Foreham Coat) share the Mountain and Blaze martlets too. Patricks were from La Lande, and I trace Lands/Landers/Landens to Pepin of Landen, the line from king Apophis/Apepi. Lorraine pointed to Pepin of Landen on our first date, and the Chaplets, first found in Lorraine, are in the "chaplets" of Saxons (Lancashire, same as Orrels) who almost have the Orrel Coat. It explains why Jewish Saxe's share the roses of Patricks. As the latter share the Julian saltire, we have just proven that Orrels and Orrs/Ore's (and Orleans') were from AURELia Cotta.

The Aurelia/Orillia surname thus looks like it's in code with the "orle" border of the Deeps, and the asteroid may open the fountains of the deep because Huge's/Hugs/Hugues' were kin of Fountains. Lafins/La FONTs share the giant lion of Milans/Millens (Aberdeenshire, same as Mellansons.)

AHHHHHHHHHH, almost missed this: my interlinear translation has the great mountain "CAST into the SEA," and Casts/Cass' (Cambridgeshire, same as English Julians and Stanleys) use "fountains"!!!! These fountains are roundels with the triple fesses of Sea's within them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You never saw anything like that (unless you read it from me in the past).

The Saxon chaplets are not quite red, but of the burgundy-like color shared by the "chaplets" of Martons (Lancashire, same as Saxons). This color is used for the double-tressure border of Flemings, and for the Tresure/Trasher Coat (share's Fleming chevron). The Marton chaplets come with double chevrons in the colors of the same of ASH's/Esse's (Epstein-connectable surname), perfect for connection to Lorraine's ASS / BUTT stain. As Butts/Bute's look like Mellanson kin, it's important that Mellansons were first found in Aberdeenshire with the Lorne's in the Lanark/Lurnack write-up, for while I met Lorraine at the corner of Yonge and LORNE, at her BUS stop, Lanarks/Lurnacks share the Bus (and Hamilton and Dock) cinquefoil, and then the Flemings, to which the "mountain in FLAMES" of Ass-connectable MacKenzie's connect, were first found in Lanarkshire.

Friday the 13th

This is a good place to repeat that my morning vision, and the "audible" words I heard immediately afterward from God, was dated on or near April 13, 1979, exactly 50 years from April 13, 2029, when Apophis is scheduled to return. The vision and the words were fulfilled that night at a weekend party at Mellanson's apartment. It was either a Friday or Saturday night, because that's when the gang had parties. April 13 was a Friday night, and April 13, 2029 is another Friday the 13th. I can see that the grass stain is helping to enlighten us on details of the Apophis asteroid. It's possible that the party was not on the weekend of the 13th, but as I remember it, I converted to Jesus in March near the first of April, then had the Sleeping Beauty dream about a week later, and then had the vision a week or two after that. That's the best I can recall.

As I said, the following winter, Mellanson asked me to be his assistant coach in hockey while I was dating Diane MUSCHATov, a Ukrainian. Muschats share the Water/Waterville and Epstein Coat. That hockey season probably ended around April of 1980 (49 years before Apophis), which was the last I ever saw of Mellanson. Hockeys (share Mellanson crescents) are interesting for being first found in Essex with Muschats, Ash-loving Rounds, Mountains. Hockeys were at ROCHford (of Essex's Hockley district) to go with the MacKenzie and Mellanson link to Roquefeuil liners. But RochFORDs may have been named by Fords sharing the Mountain martlets. Fords share the Foran Coat, and Forans were introduced in the last update as per Council of FOREIGN Relations, the secretive / globalist group now bucking for a war against Russia in Ukraine, the very thing that could, in a few years, lead to Armageddon.

My first date with Lorraine pointed us to a bra-on-laundry-line event at the Peterson home at my age nine, which pointed with the Conys to Mrs. Cooney, wife of Peter Peterson (still living, I think), longtime chairman of Council on Foreign Relations. As Mrs. Cooney founded Sesame Street, it got me wondering whether this event was a pointer to high-level pedophilia, for when I reached out to touch the bra on the laundry line, I was standing on a deck under which was a cage with a white rabbit, and white rabbits are the pedophile's code for pedophilia. The point is, Lorraine's pant stain pointed to Pansys/Pantzer's, and there is a white "coney" rabbit "holding a pansy" in the Cony Crest. Coneys were first found in Lincolnshire with English Paris' while French Paris', first found in Lorraine, have a not-bad reflection of the Hockey Coat. I'll explain below why Paris' link to Mellansons.

But first, let me repeat that, after Lorraine agreed to be with me for the first time, I suggested we meet that night (neither of us had a car) at a laundroMAT, which pointed to Metz, where Pepin of Landen got his wife. She was related to Arnolf (or Arnold) of Metz, and Lorraine's bus stop was at the corner of Yonge and Arnold (Richmond Hill, Ontario). Across that intersection, it was Yonge and Lorne. Landens are also laundro-like Landers, and so this is how Lorraine, a blond, can apply to the bra of a blond hanging on the laundry line. This is being repeated because mat-like Mate's and Manders have a version of the Rhodes Coat, and the Rhodian globalists are likely behind Council on Foreign Relations. It's got the Rhodian Round Table all over it.

Again, ASH's/Esse's in the Round motto share the double chevrons of Martons. Murtons were first found in Devon with Ash's/Esse's and the AXE river to Fleming-related Seaton. The lower Marton chevron is called, "the LOWER ROMPu (broken)...", and this can be part of the Obama TWINs on a skateboard upon a RAMP, for Ramps are also Romps. Yes, this works, for while the Obama dream opened with a single, black SHEET covering all of his billiard tables, the Skate's/Sheets were first found in Norfolk with Dunhams who in turn use a "MARTIN beTWEEN spears." Spears were first found in Renfrewshire with Orrs/Ore's, and Norfolk is where Orr-loving Patricks were first found who share the LOWER roses! And Patricks are said to be from La Lande while Lands are listed with Landens/LANDERS! Zikers, how can all that be coincidental? Pepin of Landen points to Apophis. Beauty, but why is Lorraine's grass stain connecting to Obama on a ramp? Something to keep in mind.

French Crispins were at Crepey in Toul, and Tools with Tolle's/Tulls share the Mar lion. Toul, near Bar-le-Duc (see pansies in the Arms) is at the historical province of MEURThe (now Lorraine) while Marton-like MURTons/MERTons have three of the Crispin/Crepin bends. Meurthe has a LUNEville location while Lune's are listed with Lyons, tending to prove that the Lorraine's share the Lyon lion. Tullia of Lyon is the line to Tolle's/Tulls. The Lyon/Lune lion is also that of Astys (Lanarkshire), and Asti is smack beside Bra in Cony-like Cuneo. Conys use the pansy. Lorraine's ASS / pant stain points to this, right? Absolutely.

My interlinear translation (Alfred Marshall) uses "as a GREAT mountain," and I've been linking Greats to Justine's (Perthshire, same as Lyons/Lune's) for a long time because Justine of Picenum was the daughter-in-law of emperor GRATian. Greats and Justine's share the gold border, and that of Justine's is in both colors of the MacKenzie border. I always link Justine's to Ass'/Assi's suspect in the "as astra" motto phrase of MacKenzie's, but then my interlinear uses "AS a great mountain," you see, which gives appearances that God fixed Revelation codes to jibe with some of His fixing heraldry in order to send His people, and/or His enemies, certain messages from a unique but wholly-unexpected method...using the heraldic system of His enemies who glory in the historical nobles and royals who created heraldic codes for themselves, or inherited them by marriage. It's the tracking system for the dragon bloodlines of Europa.

God fixed me up with Lorraine, and finally gave her an ASS STAIN on her pants that pointed to PANSYs/PANTzers, first found in Westphalia with the Ducks who named Bar-le-DUC (use the pansy in its Arms), a location in Lorraine, France. The Duck-like Duke's use "chaplets" because Chaplets were first found in Lorraine. The chaplet-using Saxons look like kin of Orrels. But there's more because the Greats are also Greeps, looking like the CREPon variation of French CRISpins (first found in PAREZ of Lorraine) who in turn share the pomegranate with Great- and Grass-like GRAZio's (Huge/Hug/Hugues colors), first found in PERUSia with Ottone's (look like Duke kin). It's bringing us right back to topic. The Parez/Paris surname (Lorraine), unbelievably, uses an "apple with green leaves", and while Leave's/Leve's (Norfolk, same as MacKenzie-beloved Luce's) use bees, Apple's and Applebys share the Blaze and Mountain martlets!

Lorraine, who was seen by me with the grass stain on her BALCONy, was resolved with a stain on her BUTT due to Balcons/Balcolms looking like kin of Italian Botters, first found in Luce-like Lucca (MacKenzie's use a "Luceo" motto term). Luce's share the fish no doubt of Luciano's, first found in Rome. Butts/Bute's have a Coat much like that of Mellansons. Back to the "bundle of rods" of Mellansons. Bundle's are in the colors and format of English Paris' who in turn share the unicorn heads of Saffers, the latter first found in Devon with Rods. That not only works with the symbols, but drags Paris liners for the second time into the asterROID, and to be sure, French Mellans, sharing a blank, gold Chief with Rods, were first found in northern Paris! Bingo.

Justine's husband was Valentinian, and Valentins (branch of Duck-related Velins and Valence's) share squirrels (different colors) with Belgian Paris'/Parrys', and then Parrys (share axe with Mellansons) look like kin of Beatons/MacBeths/McBee's. Spanish Paris' have a Rod-connectable "ROCK within WATER" while Waters/Waterville's were first found in Essex with Mountains while WaterFORDs/Waterville's share those Sea-related "fountains" again.

Watch this. As Waters/Waterville's share the Epstein Coat, might the asteroid be pointed to land near Epstein's island, in the Virgin Islands? Virgins were first found in Kent with Salmon-loving Sea's while Salemans (Salmon colors), who share the Ghent eagles, were first found in Surrey with James'. Epstein's island is Little Saint James, and the Arms of Ghent/Gaunt (Belgium) uses a "virgin," explaining why Virgins were first found in Kent with Gaunts! Ghents were first found in Hampshire with the Cassane's sharing the Epstein Coat yet again.

Bundle's are Bunn-like Bunds while we saw Bonns/Bunns/Bone's to connect with the MarlyBONE variation of Malls. Bundle's/Bunds were first found in Bedfordshire with BEATle-branch Bedwells, and Beatle's were first found in Berkshire with Otter-line Windsors. Beatle's and Bedwells have lozengy in half the colors of the same of Scottish Lombards. It's all making sense. The Bedwell Crest: "On a ROCK a FORT in FLAMES", similar to the MacKenzie Crest. Forts use a rock with an "AUDax" motto term for Roquefeuil in Aude province. The Flaming/Flamingo Coat is like that of Beatle's / Bedwells, and German Flamings/Flemings are in Sforza colors and format, another indication that Forts were a Sforza branch.

Bonns/Bunns/Bone's and Bone's/Bohuns (Sussex, same as same-colored Leopards, and Pucks) share the lion of Visconti-related Sforza's, the latter first found in Rome with the PierLEONi Jews who are in the Morley LEOpard faces. Sforza-related Visconti's looking related to that of German Pucks. The English Leopard Coat, with leopard faces in Sforza-lion colors, looks related to the Mellanson Coat, and German Leopards (Westphalia, same as Duke-like Ducks), with a leopard head in the colors as the leopards of Sforza-like Force's, have a chevron in the colors of the fesse of Italian Leo's/LEONs.

Once the world learns that an asteroid is going to crash to earth, what will the messages of the powers be to ship captains? Will it be safer at deep sea, or to come dock near a shore. I'd say that the shore is the last place they want to be because tidal waves get destructive exactly near shore. Might the ships parked all over the world's shores be directed to go a little ways from the coast, and anchor there? Makes sense. I'm saying this due to the Greek word used for "sea" in the asteroid text. That word is, "thallasa," and so I checked for a Talles surname, which can be gleaned as a branch of Talbots, and the latter have the Grey Coat in colors reversed while the Grey motto is, "Anchor fast anchor."

It looks more interesting where Anchors are beloved by Foran-like Formans/Fermans and Firmens (almost have a Forhan/Foreham motto term). Formans/Fermans almost have the Tolle/Tull Chief, and Anchors have a giant lion in the colors of the Tool / Tolle/Tull lion. Firmens have lion heads in the colors of the Talbot lion, and the Talles Coat is almost that of Claus'/KLAUS', and amazing thing for pointing to demonic Klaus-Schwab globalism. The giant Grey lion is in Schwab/Swan colors and format, and as I've been saying for years, both Talbot Coats look like kin of both Scott Coats, and I trace Scotts to lake Scodra, into which the CLAUSula river flows. GLASS' share the thick Talbot border, in the colors of the thin border of Scotts (Kent, same as Sea's). Glasgows love the Lords/Lauds while Ladys/Laudymans can be expected in "Lady Fortune" of Klassens/Class'.

The only thing missing in the postulated pointer to Klaus Schwab above is some surname sharing the giant unicorn of Schwabs/Swabs, and that's shared by Fire's while my interlinear text has "as a great mountain with burning FIRE was cast into the THALLASa..." Tolles'/Tolls share the checks of Pepoli's, perhaps another pointer to Apophis. Popoli's look like kin of Schwerins, the latter first found in Mecklenburg with Tolles'/Tools and Dols.

Scottish Scotts and French Talbots (share Brown/BRUN and Brock fleur) have bends colors reversed from the same of burning-like Bruno's? Can that work with the mountain in "BURNing fire"? Browns/BRUNs were first found in Cumberland with BURNs and BERNICE's/Burness' while Burnetts (Berwickshire = BERNICia) share the motto of Brocks who in turn share both Talbot lions. Burns and Burnetts share the black hunting horn with Bernice's/Burness', and the latter fesse-with-lone-bouget is in the three colors of the fesse-with-lone-APPLE of Parez's/Paris'. The latter's write-up includes: "The main stem of the [Parez] family became...the Marquis de BRUNey in 1730." Bruneys/Brune's were first found in Languedoc with same-colored Mountains while English Mountains share the martlets of Apple's. That works GREAT, especially as English Mountains were first found in Essex with the Waters/Waterville's expected in the heraldic "water bouget" of Bernice's/Burnetts!!!

As you can see, we are back to the Parez location in Lorraine of GRAZio-related Crispins, the thing pointed to by Lorraine's GRASS stain, on her PANTs, which I thought should point also to the PANTers. While English Payne's have a Spurr-like spear, Panters share "spur rowells" with Payens/Pagans while French Payne's are in Grazio colors. Grazio's share the POMEgranate with French Crispins, and "pome" means "apple." The point here is that Bernice's/Burness' have "SPUR ROWELLs" too, and while I think her ASS stain is to involve Ash's/Esse's, the latter two share the double chevrons of Rowells/RODwells/Rothwells (Lincolnshire, same as Pansy/PANTzer-beloved Conys). SPURRs share the bend of French Crispins. The Rowell/Rodwell Crest shares the green trefoil with Rods, the latter first found in Devon with Ash's/Esse's.

The double chevrons of Ash's/Esse's are shared by Martons, and the lower Marton chevron is "rompu = BROKEn," and it just so happens that Romps/Ramps, sharing the brown lion with Browns/Bruns, were first found in Cumberland with Browns/Bruns, Burns and Bernice's/Burness'. The broken code can be for Brocks/Broke's, who we just saw related to Burnetts and Browns/Bruns. We then we have a "BROKEN red TILTing spear" in the Crest of English Payne's (Somerset, same as DUCKs) who in turn share the Tool / Tolle/Tull / Mar lion, recalling that Crispins were at Toul of Lorraine, near Bar-le-DUC. Talbots, first found in Shropshire with the Dol Alans who became Stewarts, share the lion of English Stewarts (Devon again). Shropshire is also where Vychans/Vaughns were first found who share a Brown Coat.

I think that while we're on the Hesse-like Esse's, we can repeat that Epstein's were first found in Hesse, as were RASmussens sharing the Schwab/Swab and Fire unicorns. RAS'/Rose's have another water bouget while Waters share the Epstein Coat. Hesse's are also Hessels, as are Hazels (Devon, same as Ash's/Esse's), and the Hazel fesse-with-crescents is in the three colors of the Bernice/Burness / Parez/Paris fesse-with-items.

I should let the giant Hesse/Hessels sun take us to the Sun variation of Thy-loving Sinclairs/Saints because I have an overgrown THYroid (daily these days) that may be God's will to point, via thyROID, to the asteROID. Thy's share the fox of Heimers while OpenHEIMERs share the sphinx with Brock-branch Brocuffs. Heimers were first found in Switzerland with Tease's/Tess', a branch of Tease's/TYES' (Heimer colors). But, I don't see a pointer to things-asteroid here.

However, I can get the fox above to Ainsley Earhardt of Fox and Friends, apparently, because Ainsley-branch Annas' share the star of Tease's/Tyes' (Nottinghamshire, same as Ainsleys), and then the Martons, inside of their green-on-white border, have a good reflection of the Ainsley cross-with-items while fox-using Todds have a green-on-white border too. Plus, Ainsleys daughter, Hayden, points definitely to Haydens (Norfolk, same as Tute's/Tuits and Todds) who share the quadrants of Todd-like Tute's/Tuits. The dancetty-fesse of the other English Haydens (Norfolk) is colors reversed from the same of SPHINX-using Openheimers. Spinks share the eagle of Earhardt-beloved SNAKe's and Sans'/SANCHez's while Sens'/Senns were first found in Switzerland with Heimers and Tease's/Tess'.

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH WOW! After writing that, I was resting my heavy head on my palm raised to my head with an elbow on the desk. You know the unhappy look. I was lamenting that I see no pointer to the asteroid, when I remembered that Tottens have a Shield filled with dancetty-fesses in red, the colors of the Heimer dancetty-fesse. And though I don't always load surnames when I remember what they use, I decided to load Tottens out of desperation to see what else might be gleaned. And when they loaded, there was their "Ad aster" motto phrase!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hee-heee!

Plus, while Ainsley Earhardt often points to Jeffrey Epstein, the triple chevrons on the shoulder of the Rand lion are those also of German Ash's/Aschs (Ash's/Esse's are likewise Aschs), in colors reversed from the triple Epstein chevrons, and then the Totten Crest has what looks like a version of the Rand lion because it has a dancette upon the shoulder in the colors of the chevrons on the Rand lion's shoulder. Rands were first found in Norfolk with Totten-like Tute's and Todds. While Ainsley Earhardt has been resolved as the second fulfillment of Sleeping Beauty, after Miss Hicks, Tottens can be suspect in the "Tout en" motto phrase of Hicks'. Tuttons/Duttons (probably of Tattons) have the Tute/Tuit quadrants in colors reversed.

Plus, I've only-now re-loaded German Ash's/Asch's to see their "VirTUTE DUCE" motto, and moreover they were first found in Swabia as a possible pointer to the miserable lunatic, Klaus Schwab...who is headed to a horrible death. It won't be long from now. The three Ash/Asch chevrons are in the colors of the four Totten fesses, and neither Coat shows anything else. A Fox news show said that it was forbidden to attack George Soros. There is something terribly wrong with Rupert Murdoch when a man so corruptly influential is off-limits for discussion. Steve DOOCY works smack beside Ainsley Earhardt each weekday morning, and Doocy strikes me as a fine Murdoch pet.

Lorraine's ASS stain pointed to Ducks and Bar-le-Duc, and then English Ducks have lion heads in the colors of the full lions of ASH-beloved Duce's/DOOCY's. I would have to say that, if one put Lorraine at 20 beside Ainsley Earhardt at 20, the two would look rather identical. They have that babe look, and Lorraine even had a babe symbol as a pointer to the Babe surname, first found in Dorset with the Beautys sharing the Hayden bull. The Duce/Doocy lions are in the colors of the Klaus and Talles lions.

I've just learned that German Ash's/Aschs come up as Aster-like Ashers. This was found after I recalled that Mr. Kilpatrick is standing with Spuds MacKenzie (see photo) with his two sons. If you scroll down the page at the link above, and zoom in, you might be able to read "Cody Kilpatrick" as one of the sons (I can read it, but its blurred). When seeing that Codys are listed with Cotys'/Archdeacons, having three of the two chevrons of English Ash's/Asch's, I checked for an Aster-like Asher surname to find it listed with German Ash's/Aschs (triple chevrons). So there we have it.

The other son is COURTland, and while Patricks were at La Lande, French Courts, first found in Languedoc with Cotys/Cotta's/Cottons (!), share the stars of English Ducks who in turn have the DUCE/Doocy lions while "virTUTE DUCE" is the motto of Ash's/Asch's/Ashers! Bingo, this is new, and it works. The "TOUT pret" motto of Morays can work into this because Hicks' use "Tout" too while Touts are listed with Tute's), and Prets have a version of the French Court Coat while substituting the Court HORN with a lion that is the Duce/Doocy lion in colors reversed!!! I TOOTed my HORN at Miss Hicks and Mr. Casey, as I've told many times before, as I was driving by her front gate.

More new, and I'm sure this is God arranging either the heraldry, and/or the naming of the two sons, to prove He's in these pointers, possibly to prove further that Apophis is coming. PRETers are listed with English Prays while Irish Prays share the six pale bars of Coats'/Cotes' who just came up as Cody-like Codes', very impressive. Plus, Coats'/Cotes'/Codes' were first found in Staffordshire with Duce's/Doocys. English Courts/Coverts have six pale bars in half the colors of the Coats/Codes pale bars. The "aucta" motto term of Courts/Coverts might be for the Ache variation of ACHENs (Pretor/Pray colors and format) because Duce-loving Ash's/Aschs/Ashers are also ASCHENs. It just so happens that Ache's/Achens were first found in Westphalia with Ducks/DOCKERs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! INCREDIBLE.

English Dockers come up as DOCTOR, and they have a "bridge" in Crest, a pointer to the Apophis asteroid!!! The Bridge's have "crabs," and Cancer the crab is the constellation in which Apophis returns. Hamiltons share the Dog/DOC/Docks cinquefoil! Dogs/Docs/Docks are in Bridge colors and format! The Sempers in the Docker/Doctor motto share the Duce/Doocy Coat!!!! I don't remember it coming to mind to try for a Doctor surname until now. Mr. Kilpatrick was a doctor, and I was approaching his Baytown home when I had the omen that was fulfilled that night in Galveston as a pointer to James LeDUC!!! So why would God put the Doctors in with Duck liners in pointing to COVID-related crimes if not for the wholesale sell-out of doctors globally to the murder campaign that continues to this day? Mr. Kilpatrick is the doctor who pulled his own wife from the womb, marrying her when she was about 20, when he was about 51, That looks like a pointer to pedophiles (I'm not suggesting he was a pedophile).

I now REPEAT what I've told many times (it can all be confirmed in my prior updates). On the day I wore my new DOCKER shoes (brown) with my new hunter-GREEN BLAZER, the pastor did something I had never seen him do before, asking everyone to find someone to pray with. Miss Hicks was in the center isle with a GREEN dress I had not seen before, and looking my way, she motioned with body language, "oh what the heck," and came over, clasped both my hands, and she started to PRAY. We just saw the Prays above with her son's name, right? As I've said, when she was finished praying, she went back to the center isle, and did a CURTsy toward me (her husband was nearby)... NOBODY HAS EVER CURTSIED toward me ever. How about you? There is a Curtsy/Chertsey/CHARTey surname, and I've got to assume that this is the Court bloodline that God pointed to with the naming of her son. Charts list Chars, and her first name is CHARlotte. Some people might call her, "hey Char."

[Insert during the spell-check -- Chars/Charts use "partridges, " and Partridge's (share Pepoli Shield) were at MISERden while Misers/Messervys use "cherries" while Cherrys are also CHARRys. The Coeurs in the Miser motto are also LeCOURTs/Courtier's, amazingly enough. Cherrys are in Friday colors and format, and Coeurs/LeCourts were first found in Brittany with Aprils. Fridays were first found in Staffordshire with same-colored Bassets (Popoli colors) while the latter have a Pepoli-like "populo" motto term. French Bassets share the billets of Etienne's, and Coeurs/LeCourts have: "...the house of Lecourt, such as Francois, lord of Beru, who reaffirmed his nobility in 1686, and was father of Etienne..." Etienne's share roses (different colors) in Chief with Aprils. April, Friday the 13th is when Popoli-like Apophis returns. If Partridge's were a Parton branch, the latter almost has the Coat of Mens' who are in turn in the Pepin/Pepy and Poppin/Popham mottoes. End insert]

The blazer is so amazing because Blazers, sharing the martlets of MacKenzie-beloved Mountains, are listed with Blaze's having a version of the Kilpatrick Coat. The Revelation asteroid is "all ablaze," as per the NIV translation. It was only the second time I had worn a blazer to church, and the first time I had worn a tie to church, and me-thinks that God arranged that to "lure" her to come pray for me, because she considers herself a high-class chickadee, but I usually wore jeans to church. I kid you not, Charts/Chars share the garb of Blazers, and the Blazer crescents are colors reversed from the same of Ache's/Achens. This all looks presented by God to point to Apophis, absolutely.

The "aucta" motto term could be alternatively for the Achet variation of new-to-me-here Hackets, who share the Coat of Hykes'/Hake's, and from there we'd get the Irish Hackets/Hatchets, perfect because the Hatch's/Hacchs have the Duce/Doocy Coat in colors reversed! Astounding.

More: French CURTis' share gold martlets with Blazers and Mountains, and the amazing thing now is that the quadrants of Italian Curtis' are half in the colors of the quadrants of BURNers/Berners while the blazing Revelation asteroid is "burning with fire." The question are, why didn't God arrange for those quadrants to match in both colors, and why is the giant Fire unicorn not on the same background color as the giant one of German Hake's/Hachs/Haeks? French Curtis use the dolphin, and Dolphins/DOLfins, in the colors of the Dol and Curtsy/Chartsey fesse, were once said to be first found in Surrey, where Burners/Berners were first found. They say that KENNETH MacAlpin was the son of king Alpin, and Alpins (look like Albanians) happen to have a "FIR tree proper GROWING from a green MOUNT," and Firs are listed with Fire's...probably from Albania's Fier county

I'm not very familiar with the lower parts of the Hicks write-up, but it's starting to sink in. They are said to have been at Ewe, and a "yew tree" is using by Kennings/Kensingtons who are in Curtsy colors and format. Kensington was a location of early Vere's whose Ever/Eure/Ure branch is in the Hicks motto. And the Vere's with Evers/Eure's/Ure's have the quadrants of Leightons in colors reversed while Hicks are said to have had a branch at Low Essex, where Ure-connectable Mountains were first found. The yew tree is "GROWING out of a MOUND" while Mountain-like Mounds/MOUNTs, you see, share the giant lion of Leighs/Leys, the latter first found beside the first-known LEIGHtons/LEYtons. So, it looks like Hicks were acquainted with KENNeth/MacKenzie liners of the Kenning kind, and her curtsy seems to be applying to them.

Perhaps the Curtis quadrants were not made to perfectly match the Burner quadrants because those of Curtis' are like the four of German Dole's, and then English Dole's share the fleur-de-lys of Plows (Shropshire, same as Dol Alans) who nearly have the Coat of English Curtis' who in turn have a "plowSHARE." Share's/SHEERs are like the Sheera variation of Kilpatricks, amazingly enough, and Share's/Sheers were likewise first found in Surrey, as if God wanted to verify the Burner-Curtis-Curtsy link.

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, I hope to remember this, but my memory banks are pretty full these days. I'm going to die of an exploded head. The three fleur-de-lys of English Dole's (Cambridgeshire, same as Crabs) are shared by Crabs, and Apophis is going to be visible to the naked eye (I think it's the first comet of modern times to be so visible) in the constellation of cancer the CRAB!!!!!! FOLKS, this does not look coincidental.

Crabs share the dagger in Crest with Kilpatricks, and with Comet-suspect Comyns/Comings who in turn share the Blazer garb. Comyns/Comings were first found in Norfolk with Hykes'/Hake's, and the latter's three "hake" fish are colors reversed from the three fish of Luce's in the MacKenzie motto! Stinger, I had missed that last part until now. I maybe am a herald, a watchman-herald through whom God is using HERALDry to warn us, or, better yet, to send the good news: 2029 will about wrap-up this current history. That's worth doing a curtsy for? But what if Apophis doesn't land?

The Crab Crest has "A lion claw HOLDING a DAGGER", and Holdings/Holdens use beakless eagles called "ALLERions," code for Allers (share red escutcheon with Holdings/Holders), first found in Westphalia with Ducks/Dockers, and then English Dockers were first found in Cumberland with Daggers, Browns/BRUNs, BURNs and Bernice's/Burness' for another pointer to the BURNing asteroid! That's why I remember wearing the BROWN Docker shoes that day, especially as English Browns have a gold-fleur-version of the Crab Coat while Scottish Browns have a black-Shield version of the Crab Coat. (Holders/Holdens look like Speck/Spike kin.)

A few hours after writing here, while trying to type "Scoot," the Courts/Coverts were accidentally found as ACOTTs. I then tried "Acotes" and got the Courts/Coverts again, tending to explaining their "aucta" motto term. Courtland and Cody, the names of Mrs. Kilpatrick's two sons, are pointing, apparently, to the same bloodline, or to two of them (Courts and Coats') who married and conformed variations thereafter by descendants. "Acuta" is a motto term of CARPenters having the six Coats/Cotes/Codes pale bars in half their colors!

While the TROTus river is at the CARPathian mountains, Trots share the six Coats/Cotes pale bars because the Cotesii were nearby on the BUZau river. Bus' share the ermined cinquefoil with Hamiltons, and the father of the two sons was Dr. Hamilton Kilpatrick!!! The northern shore of the Trotus has a Bacau area, explaining why French Bacons have the Hamilton / Bus cinquefoil too, and then Italian Belli's, with the six Carpenter pale bars in colors reversed, were first found in Verona with Bellino's who in turn have a "bear's paw" to go with the Trot bear. German Belli's have a "flaming beacon" while Beacons are listed with English Bacons, and I kid you not, the German Belli Coat is a near-match with the Court/Covert/Acotts/Acotes Coat. This tends to trace Court-like surnames to the Cotesii! The carpenter motto is shared by Scottish Bellys, first found in Moray while Morays use the motto, "Tout PRET," to go with the "Tout" motto term of Hicks! Bing-bango all over.

Recall Mrs. Kilpatrick praying, for Prays/PRETers link to Irish Prays sharing the six Trot pale bars too. It just so happens that Pret-like English Prats, first found in Essex with Mountains, share the white wolf head with Prays/Preters. Then, French Prats/PRUDE's (share Rock trefoils) share the fesse of Cords/McCOURTs. Scottish Prude's/Pride's use "lamPREYs."

BEHOLD. I've told the story before, this is not a fabrication; after she took my hands and prayed, I walked out of church to find a FLAT tire on the rear wheel of my vehicle, and Flatts/Fletts (trefoils) are in the colors and format of both English and Irish Prats! This is not new, but I've just been reminded, and it's amazing for what follows. Flatts/Fletts (Orkneys with Ash-like Ass'/Assi's), linkable via FLEETs to Flags/Flecks (Norfolk, same as Floats/Flote's), are in the colors and format of Weights/Waits, the latter first found in Norfolk with Irish Prats and Weights/Waits. Then, FLEETwoods (white wolf) share the Mountain martlets!!! We're back to asteroid-pointing MacKenzie kin.

The "Quod" motto term of Fleetwoods is very important because Quoids are listed with Quade's who first of all have a wade variation to go with same-colored Weights/Wade's. The latter are in the Sleeping Beauty dream where God said to me, "What are you WAITing for...go wake her." That's when I touched her LEG, and this jibes below with the new-to-me Acutts, found thanks to finding Acotts/Acotes'. The Quade's are important for sharing the three wolf heads of Cliffs/CLEFFs (colors reversed from the three wolf heads of Prays/Preters), for I was wearing a happy tie with TREBLE-CLEFs design upon it when she clasper my hands in prayer. Treble's were first found in Devon with Treby, and Trabys/Sandowski's use a Q-shaped "scarf" as part-code for Quade's because Scarfs have three wolf heads too. The Scarf wolf heads are in the colors of the wolf head of Hugh Lupus, and he's in the write-up of TUTTONs/Duttons who could be part of the "Tout en" phrase of Hicks'.

To prove that God set me up with that treble-clef tie that morning, which is the only time I wore it, English Tie's are in Isle colors and format, and she did the curtsy toward me from the MIDDLE isle. It can be added here that while the CURTsys, in Essex colors and near-format, have eagle heads in the colors of the Essex and Barr eagles, the latter surname was first found in Ayrshire with Cords/McCOURTs. We could even take the Barr Coat to the identical one of Italian Este's because English Este's were first found in Essex with Mountains, and Essex's were first found in MIDDLEsex to go with the middle isle.

This heraldic situation can take us to Essex-like Ash's/Esse's because they have two of the three COTYS/Archdeacon chevrons, and we saw Cody and Courtland Kilpatrick (with Spuds MacKenzie) taking us to Coats/Cotes'/Codes' and Courts/Acotts/Acotes'. That's incredible if we had been convinced that the "as aster" motto phrase of MacKenzie's connects the Ass' (axe head) to Ash's/Esse's (on or near the Axe river of Devon). The Ass axe head is on a so-called "fasces," and while I see that as code for the line of Fieschi's, the Face/Fesse motto has the Segni's/Segurana's (Genova, same as Fieschi) who happen to share the Essex eagle! Beauty.

I'm going to guess that we are now to go to the BasFORDs, because they share the Essex eagles and the Mountain martlets while Curtsy have those three eagles as eagle heads. Ainsleys (share Hicks fleur) were first found in Basford, in Nottinghamshire with the first-known TEASE's/TYES', and this takes us to Mamie, who became my girlfriend on the day she got a THIGH symbol at her GARDEN. The Thigh's are listed with Swiss TIE's, you see. You're going to be impressed here with MAMIE because the SAINTs/Sinclairs, who share "God" in their motto with Mens'/MAME's (Midlothian, same as Saints/Sinclairs) use a "thy" motto term while Centers are also Sainters, and Miss Hicks did the curtsy in the CENTER isle!!! Incredible, as though heraldic links knew my future. Saints/Sinclairs come up as Suns, and Esse-like Hesse's/Hessels use a giant sun while Hazels/Hessels were first found in Devon with Ash's/Esse's. Henry Sinclair of Roslin came to rule the Orkneys, where Flatts/Fletts were first found.

I'm going to try to make the case, based on some things already in mind to say, with other things sure to pop up as I try, that Mamie is pointing to the Apophis asteroid too, which can explain why MAMie is linking to items now under discussion from the Spuds-MacKenzie photo. First of all, Tintons use "royal tents" while Royals share the Aster bend. The cross type of Royals is shared in the same colors with Mandons/MANSons, and the latter share the red "calvary" symbol of Crystals who in turn have the Mens'/MAME's in their motto. I'll repeat here that my trip out of Galveston and into Crystal City that same day pointed not only to rock-using Roach's, but to Mr. Maness and his wife, Miss COVERT. Coverts/Cofferts were first found in Sussex with Courts/Coverts/Acotts.

I gave Mamie her a tease symbol for the night before she was at her garden with me because she had come to sit on my LEGs uninvited (we barely knew each other), with the gang around the campfire, and then, a couple of hours later, she let me get into the sleeping bag with her, in a TENT, but refused to HUG me. TEASE. The next morning, she was WADing in the LAKE with me, and that's when we emBRACEd because, I think, Lake's have a Coat like that of Brace's/Bras'. She was in her BATHing SUIT for that event, and was still in it at her garden later in the day. Suits were first found in Angus with Gardens, and BATHers (beside Hugh Lupus of Cheshire) share the three wolf heads of Scarfs, kin of Quade's/WADE's, you see, and HUGH Lupus used the Bather wolf head probably because Mamie and I HUGGed in the lake. Huggs/Hugues' were first found in Languedoc with Cotys'/Cotta's/Cottons and Laville's/Font-de-Ville's.

It was determined that the MacKenzie mountain is shaped as a rock due to MacKenzie links to the Roquefeuil marriage to HUGH of Rodez (Languedoc). Laps share the mermaid with Hugo's, and the latter were first found in Switzerland with TEASE's/Tess'. That works. I'd like to know why God may have provided the split Shield of Hugo's to be in the colors of the split Shield of Dutch Tromps? The Hugo mermaid is rather unique in holding an anchor, and Anchors share a "fast" motto term with the Scottish Grands expected in the Court/Covert/Acott motto, and Grands look like God designed them to point to the asteroid. Mame's/Mames' are listed with Mens' in the Pepin/Pepy / Poppin/Popham mottoes. That can explain the pointer. "Fast" is used also by McLeods/Clouds who in turn share the flag with Hugg-related Laville's/Font-de-Ville's.

Curtis' and Grands both share three crowns (different colors), and the Curtis' with their Plow kin share the dancetty-fesse of Buds/Bude's while Spuds MacKenzie is the mascot for Bud Light beer.

The Trump/Tromp and Legg stag heads (both designs) are used for the Arms of County Waterford while Waterfords use "fountains" while Fountains were obvious Hugg/Hugues kin. It's relevant to this Fleetwood discussion that Laville's/Font-de-Ville's use a "flag," for Fleetwoods can be linked to Gowers who in turn love the Fleck variation of Flags. The Flags can be gleaned in the motto of LETT-loving Samsons, and the Late variation of Letts are probably in the motto of lauders in turn sharing the Letter/Leather Coat.

The reason I wanted to come back to Mamie is from my finding the Acutts listed with AGARDS who share the black boar head with GARDENs and Babons. It's got Mamie at her garden all over it, which pointed to both Brescia and Val Trompia at lake GARDa because German Trumps/Tromps look like Legg kin while Mamie had sat on my legs, and because she was on my lap and knees at that time. I had noted that Calls/Calles', using TRUMPets, were first found in Wiltshire with Laps. Dutch Tromps use acorns while Acorns share the KNEE stag head, and moreover Dutch Tromps add the eagle of Courts/Coverts/Acotts, first found in Sussex with Acorns, and with the DOWNs having a stag in Trump/Tromp stag-head colors. Knee's were first found in County DOWN with the Prays who in turn share the six pale bars of Coats'/Cotes', half in the colors of the six pale bars of Courts/Coverts/Acotts'/Acotes'. Is that a mouthful yet? Finally, we need to ask why Dutch Tromps have the vertically-split Fleetwood Shield in colors reversed.

We could take the Acutts off of the "aucta" motto term of Courts/Acotts/Acotes', or off of the "acuta" motto term of Belli's and Carpenters (almost have the six pale bars of Coats'/Cotes'). You can see here how Mamie links to Courtland and Cody in the Spuds-MacKenzie photo. Plus, when Mamie was at a BASEball diamond with me, a week or two after her garden event, there was an important pointer to Cindys/CUNTys suspect in the "GRANDesCUNT" motto term of Courts/Coverts/Acotts. Scottish Grands were first found in Inverness-shire with GOWs/McGoo's while Gowers/Gore's, who probably have the Fleet-connectable Flecks in their "flectes" motto term, share the white wolf in Crest with Fleetwoods. Is "flecTES" also code for Tease's/Tyes' / Tease's/Tess'?

As Fleetwoods share the Mountain martlets, we need to see another reason for God's possibly pointing us to Courts/Coverts by way of Courtland, for the MacKenzie "mountain in flames" shows exactly as the "burning rock" of Scottish Grands. It's tic-tac-toe, from Courtland to Courts to their beloved Grands.

The Acutts/Agards are in the colors and format of Flatts/Fletts, MANSfields and MANSells/MANGels, and Mamie's tease-and-thigh symbols convinced me that God wants to point her to the MAMESfelde location of Mansfields (Nottinghamshire, same as Tease's/Tyes'), especially as Mames' are listed with Mens'/Mingie's/MENGies', but also because tent-using Tintons are in Mansfield colors too. The Ash's/Esse's were first found between the first-known MontaCUTE's and Tints. The latter are from the ATINTanes near APOLLonia, and Apple's share the Fleetwood / Mountain martlets. The Montacute lozenges are shared by Tredenhams, who were at Probus with a branch of Hicks.

I think the Linkletters, first found in Orkney too, apply because the blazer I was wearing with the treble-clef tie had a tiny-check pattern in green and black, and the only surname I could think of with checks in those colors are the LinkLETTERs. You really need to be amazed here because I recall wearing my LEATHER DOCKER-brand shoes that day, and then while Leathers are listed with LETTERs, Linkletters use "SHELdrakes" DUCKs while Shells were first found in Westphalia with Ducks/DOCKERs, you can't believe what I'm saying, I know.

Shells are in RUSH colors and format, tending to explain part of the Letter/Leather motto, "tuaRUS." The Court-beloved Grands, though in different colors, share the Coat of Royal-like Rile's/Riels/Reals. Royals (share Aster bend) are also Rialls/Ryle's, and I took the Rile's from the "ApRIL" surname when seeking whether God might somehow confirm pointers to Apophis (returning April 13, Friday) by using Fridays and Aprils together. Fridays/Freydays look like a Frey/Fry branch, and it just so happens that Fridays (Staffordshire, same as Duce's/Doocys), in Duce/Doocy colors, share the crescents of Leather-like Leiths and the neighboring Seatons. But this gets better. Letters/Leathers have "A goose SITTING on a rock," and Seatons are also SITTENs. Plus, Leiths were first found in the area of the first known Mens'/Mame's, and six miles from the ROSlin location of Saints/Sinclairs.

From Roslins, suspect with Russells, we go back to Rush's because they share three courant and white horses with Freys/Frys (Wiltshire, beside Russells). The trumpet-using Calls/Calles' were first found in Wiltshire too, and the split colors of Tromps are shared by German Freys/Freie's who in turn share the lion of Masons/Massins who in turn share the mermaid Hugo's who in turn have a horizontally-split Shield colors reversed from the same of Freys/Freie's.

Perhaps the most compelling pointer of a Friday-April set-up is where Royals share the Aster bend while Asters have a "label" while Labels/La Bells can connect to Bellamys who in turn share the Friday crescents. Bellamys were first found in Shropshire with the Dol Alans from Aulon, beside Apollonia at the theater of ATINTanes. "ROYAL tents" are used by Tintons, and I've been wondering whether APrils were named by Apollonia elements, for Apollo's/Pollonia's share a tree with Aprils. Aprils were first found in Brittany with Dol Alans, with the Nerets sharing the French Grand Coat...and also with the Ducs/LeDucs in the colors and format of Rile's/Rials/Reals, the ones who got suspect in "ApRIL." The Rile's/Rials/reals show nothing but crowns, a symbol often for the Ceraunii Illyrians, and Aulon is beside the Ceraunii mountains. It looks good.

As was said, the Rile's/Rials almost have the Scottish Grand Coat, who show nothing but crowns in the colors and format of the Pine "pineAPPLEs," is that not amazing? The Apple's and Applebys thus look like they are from "Apollonia," especially as Aprils use a PINE tree, no guff, the symbol of the Pine Crest. French Pine's even have the crescents of Labels/La BELLs in colors reversed. Apollo was also ABELLo, and so Bell liners look like Apollonia liners, or at least related to its namers.

The three Grand crowns are in the colors of the three patee crosses of Ceraunii-line Crauns/Crane's (crown in Crest), first found in Suffolk with Mendons/Mendhams and Mannings (share Craun/Crane patee). The cross style of Mendons/Mendams is in different colors with Royals/Rialls/Ryle's, and, amazingly enough, the Mendon/Mendam Coat is similar to that of Mans/MENTs while Mants/Ments share the Coat of French Crowns! Bingo, I win. The Mandys have the eagle legs of HOFFER-like Hoovers in colors reversed. April variations are troublesome, however, but perhaps their Auvri/Auvril variations are due with an Apple-line merger with Over liners such as Overys/Overmans/OFFERmans (Over/Offer bend in colors reversed) whose Coat is very similar to the Label/La Bell Coat.

Lookie: The three Curtis crowns are those also of Ceraunii-like Corons and Corona's, we get it. It applies well because Grands are in the motto of Curtis-colored Courts/Coverts/Acotts. The Curtis' use "A farmer holding OVER the shoulder a plowshare." I'm seeing Overys!

This could reveal that Overs/Offers and Hovers/Hoffers (share gold crown with Grands), and perhaps even the English Verys (Norfolk, same as Overys), were fundamental Apollonia stock. As English Verys, with a Chief similar to the Overy Chief, are in Vere colors, Auvri's look like they named Aubri de Vere of Oxford. Scottish Verys/Ferrys/Faireys use a "plough" while Plows/Plough's, CURTis and Dole kin, were first found in Shropshire with Bellamy and Talbots (share Very/Fairey lion). Talbots can be gleaned as kin of Greys while Labels/La Bells use the greyhound, which can explain Talbots being first found in Shropshire with Aulon-line Alans and Apollonia-related Bellamys. Beauty. French Talbots have the Over/Overman bend-with-fleur in colors reversed. TALbots and those who named them may have been from the Taulantii Illyrians across Fier county. In fact, it reminds that Taulantii-like Talents/Talons share gold eagle legs with Hoovers. The Taulantii are on this map with Apollonia and Aulon:

I see Hicks using the Alan/Allen fesse in colors reversed because "All in" is part of the translated Hicks motto, and then Hicksons (Staffordshire, same as Fridays sharing Bellamy crescents) have the Talent/Talon eagle legs in colors reversed. Miss Hicks = Mrs. Kilpatrick, the trophy girl with Spuds MacKenzie, was made to HOVER OVER the SEAT of a car in the 1979 dream, and Seatons/Sittens share the Friday / Bellamy crescents! Beauty, for Fridays took me to Aprils/AUVRI's, who then took me to Overys/Overmans. Beauty. For all I can recall, that dream could have been on Friday, April 13th, 1979. It was very close to that date, in any case.

Hamil Pointers to Hamilton Kilpatrick

Talents/Talons (Cornwall, same as Lowers) look related to Ceraunii-like Corns, and to Cornish's (almost the Lower Coat) in the "Cornish cough" of the neighboring Hoods/HOOTs (Devon, same as Cornish's), and Hooters share the Hoover Coat exactly. It's all suggesting that the Apophis-line Hyksos were at the Aulon / Ceraunii / Apollonia / Taulantii theater. The Taulantii are on this map as far north as lake Scodra. Hoods/Hoots share the "fret" (different color) with Overs/Offers.

LOOKIE. While English Lowers share the white uniCORN with Schwabs, Jewish and German Lowers have the KLAUS/Claus lion (almost the English Talbot Coat) in colors reversed, and the latter's is in the colors of the OVARY/Overman lion while trophy-like Tropoje is near the CLAUSula river which drains at lake SCODra. The Talbots we just saw linking to Hicks elements were SCOTT kin (from Scodra elements), and moreover she was hovering LEVEL because she was pointing to Levels/Leavells...of Overy-like Yvery. She was hovering as Sleeping Beauty because Beautys share the bulls of Walerans (Devon, same as Cornish's with almost the Lower Coat), from Waleran de Percival of Leavell. While Miss Hicks said to me, "you can SCOOT OVER," The "Haec" motto term of Scoots should be for the Haek variation of Hake's/Hacks who in turn share a giant and white unicorn with Schwabs. Bulgers use "haec" too.

The reason for the paragraph above: as the report go from high-level medical people / scientists, KLAUS Schwab and fellow sociopaths love the vaccine roll-out because it's aimed at ruining the OVARIES of women in a global population-control plot...without the permission of women. It was earlier today when I mis-typed "Scoot" to find the Acott variation of Courts/Coverts, which applied to Courtland and Cody, her sons at the event in which she was the trophy girl.

Repeat: "Lookie: The three Curtis crowns are those also of Ceraunii-like Corons and Corona's, we get it. It applies well because Grands are in the motto of Curtis-colored Courts/Coverts/Acotts. The Curtis' use "A farmer holding OVER the shoulder a plowshare." I'm seeing Overys!" That's amazing because Curtis', who are also Courtis', can also be pointing to the corona virus that's being used as the excuse to vaccinate.

The "problem" with the April/Auvri trace to "Apollonia" is that Vere's / Fairs trace to Fier county in Albania, smack beside Apollonia. It seems to indicate that Aprils were an Apollonia-Fier merger. Kilpatrick stock at Antipatria were at least near Fier county, explaining why Kilpatricks share the Comyn/Coming dagger. A Vere branch, beloved of MacKenzie's, is likely in the Hicks motto. As Comyns/COMINGs were from Kuman in Fier county, note that, yesterday, as I write here, I found the new-to-me Comminges' (Gascony, same as Labels/La Bells) suspect with the Mendons in their motto (I'm moving yesterday's work to next week's update). In colors reversed, the patee of Mannings is red, the color of the giant Comminges patee, and Mannings can trace to Aulon well with Crauns. As Mans/MENTs were kin of Dragons/DRAINers (MYNETT kin), from the DRIN river, anciently the DRILLon, it can explain the ADRILL-and-similar variations of Aprils/Auvils.

The Kilpatricks drops at their dagger should be for the TROPHy-like Drops/Trope's who in turn show only a lion in their Chief, and ditto for the Overy/Overman and Very/Fairy Chiefs. I heraldry, red blood drops have also been called "de sang," of "guttee de sang," looking like code for both SANGers/Singers and Goods/GUTs because the two share the same Coat (gold garbs). Sangers/Singers happen to share the courant horse of Friday-connectable Freys and Pharisee-like Freys'/Freeze's/Phreeze's, and the latter were first found in Essex with the Brooks sharing the Good/Gut Coat! Essex is also where Mountains were first found.

Ahh, German Singers are in the colors of German Seagars who in turn share the Sans/SANGuez eagle! It trends to suggest that Singers may have been Seagars / Segurana's / Segurs. English Seagers were even first found in Devon with Sangers/Singers and Manders. Miss Hicks is a singer. Segans/Sagans use a "salaMANDER in RED flames," and while the salamander's flames are not usually given with any color, we can see the reason here where English Reds/Reeds (more gold garbs) were first found in Northumberland with Manners/Maness' [and with BARBers sharing the Mander saltire. English Barbers will work into the BARBecue contest below, where Spuds MacKenzie appeared with the Kilpatricks.]

It just so happens that the "Sans" motto term of Ure's/Orreys can be for the Sans/SANGuez surname so that these blood drops were likely code for it's bloodline. And this is what helps to make us believe that God arranged Hamilton Kilpatrick at the barbecue contest with Spuds MacKenzie, for "uro" is in a MacKenzie motto. Plus, Hamiltons were first found in Renfrewshire with the Orrs suspect in the Orrey variation of Ure's.

Aside from his wife, a second Sleeping Beauty has been resolved with Ainsley Earhardt, and because her daughter is Hayden, and because one Hayden Crest has the Beauty bull, and because the other Haydens have quadrants (compare with Irish Tute's) conforming indirectly to the "Tout" motto term of Hicks, I have been including Haydens and their branches in some heraldic discussions. The further point here is that the Haydens with quadrants have Spuds-like "black spots"" on their white "talbot" dog in Crest, and then there's a half-white "talbot" dog with black ermine spots in the Crest of Williams, and Dr. HW Kilpatrick's full name is Hamilton WILLIAM Kilpatrick III. The William gyronny is colors reversed from the same of Hoppers suggesting a pointer to the Fauchy grasshopper. p

The heraldic talbot isn't a dog for nothing, and Dogs/Doags/Docks share the cinquefoils of Hamiltons, what are the chances? The Williams can be gleaned with OULlette variations, and Oullette's have been deemed from the Owl/HOWL bloodline, explaining why the black bars gemel of Oullette's are shared by Monmouths, for Howells were first found in Monmouthshire with Williams. The white Howell tower thus looks like the white Hopper and Hill tower. The above is being repeated because the Houuel/Huwel variations of Howells suggest the Hule's/Hulls with white "dog's heads," not called talbots in this case. There's a "vant" term buried in the William motto to go with the "vance" term buried in the Hill motto, and while houseofnames has Vance's and Vans' listed with Fauchy-connectable Vaux's, the two might have been branches of Fane's/Vans, first found in Monmouthshire. On the other hand, Hule's/Hulls, who go well with "Richard de Hulle (Hill)" in the Hill write-up, are in the colors and format of Vaux-like VYCHan/Vaughns (linkable to Vaux's and Faucets via Faughns), first found in Shropshire with Talbots. The Tailbois' were first found in Lincolnshire with the English and Scottish Hole's/Halls having the Hule/Hull dog heads but calling them "talbot's heads erased."

As these three dog heads are in colors reversed with the "three black dog's heads" of German Pape's/Papenburgs, and while German Hole's/Halls essentially share the Popoli Coat, while Scottish Pape's are also Pope's/Popps, doesn't it seem that God arranged this Hamilton- and William-connectable heraldry in order to point to the Apophis/Apepi bloodline?

The ermines on the William talbot can be gleaned as code for Ermine's/Arms, first found in Lincolnshire with Tailbois' and sharing their Coat, except that Ermine's/Armys substitute the Tailbois scallops for a lone lion in their Chief, half in the colors of the lone lion in the DROP/TROPE Chief, and this gets us back to the Kilpatrick "blood drops," and the trophy girl. Although the giant ermine in the Ermine/Army Crest is not called a "spot," it is in fact a Spuds-like spot in official heraldic terms. The Spottens/Spauldings have a short sword, though called a "sword" at Hall of Names, looks like it was once a dagger, the symbol of Kilpatricks along with its blood drops.

The Spauldings are said to have been tenants of Ranulph le Meschin, husband of LUCY Taillebois of Lincolnshire, where Spottens/Spauldings were first found with Ermine's/Armys, thus assuring, I think, that heraldic ermine spots are code for Spottens...because Ermine's and Spottens had a marriage in giving rise to the creation of ermine spots. Or, perhaps, it was a Spaulding-Ermine marriage that gave rise to a Spotten variation to reflect the ermine spots. LUCYs/Luce's (probably in the "Luceo" motto term of MacKenzie's) were first found in Norfolk with Drops/Trope's, and with the Cue's/Kews that I'll explain below, to your surprise because it goes with the trophy girl and with the Kilpatrick dagger.

TROPoje is near both Drin rivers, and so I suspect that Miss Hicks being the trophy girl applies in some way to Tropoje liners. Why was she the trophy girl? Here, load the page below if you didn't above, to see that her team won a barbeCUE contest. She is in the top picture at the right side, obscured by the red border running through her body, but the trophy can be seen, in the blur, between she and the man beside her in dark shirt.

The title reads, "Baytown World Championship BarbeCUE Cookoff," and Cue's/Kews share the garbs of dagger-using Comyns/Comings, believe it or not. Cue's/Kews and Drops/Trope's were first found in Norfolk with Comyns/Comings and DISS'/Dice's. Throughout this update, I've been waiting to somehow come to the Bloods/Bluds because much of the sea is said to turn to blood when the asteroid strikes. I had forgotten that Kilpatricks use "A hand holding a dagger DIStilling drops of BLOOD."

As per "barbecue," French Barbe's share the Chief of French Constance's (mainly in the colors of the two Kilpatrick Chiefs-with-items) while English Constance's share the giant eagle of Cusson while one Kilpatrick Chief uses "cushions." These eagles are colors reversed from the eagles of Diss'/Dice's suspect in "DIStilling drops." Plus, incredibly, while the Talbot and Claus/Klaus Coats look similar, English Barbe's share the giant Claus/Klaus lion while Tropoje is near the CLAUSula river! Incredible.

Lookie: English Barbe's were first found in Hampshire with the Lise's who in turn almost have the Coat of LIZarts/Sarde's, the latter first found in Provence with French Barbe's. It's ammunition aimed at Klaus Schwab because I trace Lise's to Lissus, smack to the near-south of the Clausula river. Both are shown on this dark map at the far left. Tropoje is roughly at the first 'D' of "DARDANIA." German Barbys, albeit not in the same colors, share the giant unicorn with Schwabs.

I told of the time when I set Miss Hicks' video camera in front of my barber (at a 9-11 memorial in 2002), and so I had best add that English Barbers have roughly a colors-reversed version of the Hicks Coat. The Berbers even share the double Barber chevrons while putting the Hicks fleur-de-lys upon them.

Back to the ermine SPOTS and SPUDS MacKenzie, for while we saw Spottens/Spauldings and Ermine's/Arms connecting, the Ermine's/Armys share the Barber/Barby saltire while English Barbe's/Barbys use a giant lion that's shown (or was shown) for Ranulph le Meschin at his Wikipedia article. Spottens/Spauldings were tenants of this le-Meschin, and apparently they got related by blood. The Leigh's/Leys were first found in Cheshire (where le-Meschin ruled) with the State's who could be in the "HoneSTATE" motto term of French Barbe's. The Tate's suspect in that motto term share the Ermine/Army / Barber/Barby / Taillebois saltire.

[Insert -- BEHOLD. The State's almost have the Coat of Tredenhams. The Hicks not only had a branch at Low LEIGHton to go with Leigh's/Leys, but Hicks were also at EWE of ProBUS with a Tredenham location (this almost escaped me while on the Cue's). Bus' (Norfolk, same as Lucys, Hykes' and Higgs) share the ermined Hamilton cinquefoil, and, I kid you not, Ewe's are listed with Kewes' while Cue's are also Kews!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We know an Arrangement when we see one when it's coming after 50 before it. Ewe's/Kewes'/CUISH's share the giant Cusson eagle for potential linkage to the Kilpatrick cushions. Repeat from above: "As per 'barbecue,' French Barbe's share the Chief of French Constance's (mainly in the colors of the two Kilpatrick Chiefs-with-items) while English Constance's share the giant eagle of Cusson while one Kilpatrick Chief uses "cushions." End insert]

Tudys are expected in the "pulchriTUDE" motto term of French Barbe's because Tudys were first found in Hampshire with English Barbe's. Scottish Barbers/Barbys sharing the saltire of Tate's must definitely be in the "HONEState" motto term of French Barbe's because the Hones' in the same motto term were first found in Hampshire too.

Scottish Lise's share the double chevrons, not only of English BARbers, but of Larins/Clarens while French Larins were first found in Provence too. French Larins share the scallops of APPs/Abbs/EPPs, the latter first found in Middlesex with Fiers because they were from the APSus river, location of AntiPATRia, the proto-Kilpatricks and Pattersons/Cassane's. English Cassane's, sharing the Coat of EPPsteins, were first found in Hampshire with Barbe's and Lise's!!! Beauty, for Pattersons/Cassane's use "blood drops" covering their Shield. Comyns/Comings are from Kuman of Fier county further down the Apsus river. That's why Kilpatricks share the dagger with Comyns/Comings. Middlesex is where Babels/Babwells were first found who share the English Lise Coat, we can't argue with the obvious facts, historians. The Scottish peoples (or at least their rulers) were from lake Scodra and Albanians. The Scottish kings start with Kenneth MacAlpin, and while Alpin was a PICT, Pictons use a Shield filled with "gutte gold.".

The "gold drops" on the lion of Pattersons/Cassane's are often called, "guttee-de-or," and this can points us to Kenneth-beloved Ure's/Orreys because Drops/Trope's have a Shield covered in black drops classically called, "guttee-de-poix" = "pitch." The Pitch's happen to use a "stone BRIDGE" while Bridge's are the ones with "crabs" as a pointer to Cancer the crab, the constellation from which the Apophis asteroid is appearing!!! That's new and welcome smack in this Spuds MacKenzie discussion.

Pitch's use a lion "on a green hill beHIND a stone bridge", and there's a "hind" in the Crest of Irish Shaws (Perthshire, same as Scottish Shaws) while Scottish Shaws, who mention the Comyns/Comings (Scottish-Shaw colors and format), share the dagger in Crest with Cue-related Comyns/Comings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you believe what the barbeCUE event just did? MacKENZIE's were from queen KENZa of the SHAWia BERBERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO GUFF. English Shaws/Sheaves' were first found in Berkshire with Peach-like Peckers/Pickers/Packers, kin of Stolls (Somerset, same as Tints).

Pitch's are also Petch's while Kilpatricks show a Patchie variation, and then English Petch's/Peach's, first found in KENT with Gore's/Core's, look like they have a version of the Gain/Engain Coat while the latter look like Gore/Core kin while Hicks' are in Gore/Core colors and format in a trace to PATmos. The six Petch/Peach crosslets are those of Tints, and the latter's "couchant" lion must be related to the "couchant" buck of Higgs, the latter being in the colors and format Hykes'/Hake's, both first found in Norfolk with Cue's/Kews and Comyns/Comings.

The stone bridge of Pitch's/Petch's works great into this, for the Stone Crest is the ermined dog of Williams, though Stone's call it a "spaniel." The split-colored Stone Shield makes the Stone eagle both the one of Diss'/Dice's and Sans/Sangues', and the latter's eagle is that also of Spinks while spaniel-like Spains/EsPAYNE's are also ESPINEys/Spineto's. The latter were first found in Somerset, not only with Payne's sharing the Drop/Trope lion, but both Bridge surnames. As the "FideLIS" motto term of Spinks can be for the Lise's, first found in neighboring Hampshire with Poppins/Pophams, the black "dog" in the Spink Crest can be of the black dog heads of Pape's/Papenburgs.

BEHOLD!!!! The Hall of Names description for the Scottish Barbers ends with "all red," and Allred's/Aldreds not only share one Bridge Coat, but were first found in Cambridgeshire with Crabs!!!! Incredible, especially as Scottish Barbers were first found in Northumberland with REDs/Reeds. This must be why God chose a BARBEcue contest for a pointer to the Apophis asteroid!!! The Bridge motto probably has the Rays (beside Northumberland) who in turn were Frey kin, and these Rays share the courant stag of MacKenzie-connectable Kennys. The latter even use "a roll of parchment", similar to the "roll of paper" in the Crest of Aldred-like Alders/Elders! Beauty work. English Rolls have a "roll of parchment" too, as do News'/Nuces', first found in Cambridgeshire with Crabs and Allreds/Aldreds! Bingo.

Both Kenny surnames were first found in Galway with Keveneys/GAINE's, recalling how Petch's/Peach's look like kin of Gains/Engains. Galways use a BRIDGE, and KEVENeys not only share the lion of German Rolls (beloved of the Kenny Crest), but share the lion of Kevens who in turn share the blue grab with the Cue/KEW Crest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it's another pointer of the barbeCUE and Spuds MacKenzie via the Kenny-Kenneth relationship! Pow-wow. Kevens share the motto of Kilpatrick-related Maxwells.

The "DiSTILLing" term of Kilpatricks can be part-code for Tile's/Tills (dragon, traces to a Drin river) and/or Stills. The latter (Wiltshire, beside Tile's/Tills) share the three roses of Lowers and Cornish's. The latter surname was first found in Devon with Ash's/Esse's who in turn share the double chevrons of Martons, and the latter's has "...two black chevronels, the LOWER rompu (BROKEn)..." Brocks/BROKE's have a "dart" in Crest, and Darts/Dards, with little doubt from Dardanians over by Tropoje and the White Drin river, were first found in Devon too, having one of the two ermined fesses of Sleeps. Brocks/Broke's were first found in Essex with the Brooks sharing the Good/GUT and SANGer/Singer garbs, and while the Hicks motto has the English translation of, "All in GOOD TIME," English Goods and Time's/Timms were both first found in Kent. I recall English Goods once said to be first found in Devon, where Sangers/Singers were first found.

Dardanians of Mysia were made (by myth writers) the fathers of Trojans, and German Troys share the giant Haec/Hake/Hack unicorn. Irish Troys share the griffins of Scottish Hamils. Irish Hamils have the two ermined Sleep fesses on blue, and one can compare the latter's Coat to Morinis' and then to the Overy/Overman Crest (share "A leopard sejany proper" with Hamil Crest). This looks like it's playing on HAMILton Kilpatrick.

Hicks are said to have been at Low Leighton, and it just so happens that Leightons, with the Tile/Tiller wyvern in their Crest, share the Coat of MANDEville's (Wiltshire, same as Stills). The Tile/Tilley write-up: "In the time of Stephen the greater part of the confiscated barony of Geoffrey de Mandeville had been granted to De Tilly." In this way, the Kilpatrick dagger links to Hicks elements, but Dr. Kilpatrick didn't know this when he married the chickadee, Miss Hicks. The Leighton and Mandeville quadrants are colors reversed from the same of Vere's and Evers/Eure's/Ure's expected in the "heure" motto term of Hicks.

I see Hicks using the Alan fesse in colors reversed for a related reason, and the Curtsy with Kenning/Kensington fesse is that of Dols too. Plus, as Hicks are in the colors and format of Gore's (Kent, same as YEW-using Kennings/Kensingtons), who in turn almost have the Gain/Engain Coat, note the Hicks write-up: " the parish of St. EWE in Cornwall, another branch of the [Hicks] family was found. 'The manor of TreGAIN belonged formerly to an ancient family of the same name...When the manor was dismembered, the barton became the property of Hicks...'" I can assume that the Kenning/Kensington yew tree is for Hicks liners at Ewe, in which case her curtsy toward me was another pointer to the asteroid. Where's the logic in that? Irish Pattersons/Cassane's share the Kenning/Kensington scallops, and moreover Scottish Pattersons were first found in Ross-shire with Kenneths/MacKenzie's.

[Insert -- While writing way below on the mention of Curtsy-like Courcys, I was asking self why she and I both wore green during her curtsy. Seeing the Sempers in the Green motto, they were loaded to find a Urian of St. Petro character that interested me as per the "heure" motto term of Hicks. I then found a Urian surname of Cornwall listed with Urens/Hurins, but also Trewrens, telling: "According to Arthurian legend, he became the 'King Urien of GORRE'" and his son Owain mab Urien was later known as YWAIN." It can explain why Wayne's/Waines/Wainers (Essex, same as Sempers/St. Pere's) share the pelican with Arthurs.

As per the EWE location of the Hicks branch in Cornwall, we note that Yeo's/Yeomans and Humans/Yeomans are in Urian colors and format, and then the Childs, with the Tarent Coat in colors reversed, were at Wanstead while Wansteads have Wainer-like variations such as "Weiner." Childs were first found in Hertfordshire with Vince's/Finch's while "VINCit" is a motto term of the Courcys who in turn have the three Tarent eagles (= the three Child eagles in colors reversed). Yeo's/Yeomans use ducks while Sempers/St. Pere's share the Duce/Doocy Coat. The Ewe's (Murena colors) with several hard-C variations such as Cue-like Cuish's and Kew-like Kewsh's, have a giant, red eagle, the color of the Courcy / Tarent eagle. Kiss'/Cush's can apply because the Ewe/Cuish eagle is the giant one of cushion-like Cussons too. So, the Ewe location of Hicks connects with the Kilpatrick cushions.

The Greens have a "semper veriDIS" phrase while the Diss'/Dice's have a gold-eagle version of the Tarent Coat, and Vere's, who can be in "VERidis," were an Ever/Eure/Ure branch. So, maybe God arranged for the both of us to wear green to create this insert. End insert]

I almost missed this: she was at the end of the PEW when doing the curtsy, and Pews/Pughs, I kid you not, use the motto, "Sic itur ad astra," and Kenneths/MacKenzie's use, "Sic itur as astra"!!! I had forgotten that. I'm sure I had been there before, but I don't think I was pointing the curtsy event to the asteroid at the time. Maybe I was, I can't remember. The Pews/Pugh's (Perkin/Parking Coat exactly) even share the Kilpatrick lion. Pews/Pughs share the three fleur-de-lys of Comyns-beloved Courage's. The Pew/Pugh Crest even appears Arranged by God to have a dolphin because Curtsys (Dolphin/DOlfin colors) were once said to be first found in Surrey with Curtsys. It looks as though God is trying to prove that he's in these pointers, and in the event.

The Pugh variation of Pews, and my trace of Pollocks to Plancia Magna, the line of Perkins/Parkings, helps to convince me that the Poke variation of Pollocks applies, especially as Montgomerys (Comyns/Comine's colors and format) were first found in Renfrewshire with Pollocks (and Hamiltons) while Pews/Pughs were first found in Montgomeryshire. Montgomerys share the fleur-de-lys of Masci's, Alis', Kilpatricks, and Kennys, and Kennys even have a "LUCeat" motto term to go with the "Luceo" of the other Kenneths/MacKenzie's. Kennys can be gleaned as kin of Browns, the latter first found in Cumberland with Dolphins/Dolfins. The other Kennys share the motto of Alis' who in turn use a version of the Alpin Coat (both have FIR trees), and they say that king Kenneth of Scotland was a son of the Pictish king, Alpin. It proves that Kennys were Kenneth and Kenning branches, and if Picts are from the Picensii Illyrians / Moesians, then I had best repeat that my Masci mother was born and raised in Picenze, seven miles from L'Aquila, for Curtsys use eagle heads in the colors of the giant Aquila eagle.

Kilpatrick castle at CLOSEburn is why the Sleeping Beauty dream gave a CLOSE-up of Beauty's face. It was such a fast flash, however, that God did not want me to have the form of her face engrained in my memory. The more I try to remember the exact look, the more it gets confusing, the more I can't find it. I call her Sleeping Beauty for two reasons, one being my saying, "SHE's beautiful," when I saw her close-up. The Shea's were first found in County Kerry while Kerry's were first found in Montgomeryshire with Pews/Pughs. The SHEE variation of Shea's, you see, were first found in KilKENNY. It looks Arranged. Shea's/Shee's share both Kenny fleur-de-lys, and it's also the Masci / Kilpatrick fleur-de-lys. Shea's are of the Shea's/Shaws/Sheaves' and Sheaves'/Chiava's, the latter first found in L'Aquila. I've said it many times, I said, "She's beautiful," I'm not making it up. Now you know better why she curtsied toward me at the end of the pew.

The second reason that I call her Sleeping Beauty is that I was going to kiss her AWAKE. The Cush variation of Kiss' goes with the Kilpatrick "cushions." WALKers use a "magna" motto term to go with the Pews sharing the Perkin/Parking Coat. Mr. Kilpatrick, and my father, died with PARKINson's disease. The Wake-like Walks have a reflection of the Close Coat, and God gave me a flash CLOSE-up of this Mrs. Kilpatrick. Walks/Wachs were not only first found in Dumfries with Kilpatricks, and Walks/Wachs not only share the Kew / Perkin/Parking fleur, and Pews not only share the Kilpatrick lion, and Walks/Wachs not even have a "wheat sheaf" and an identical "garb" tot match the "garbs of wheat" of Comyns/Comings (Norfolk, same as Wheats/Whate's), but Walks/Wach's (and Close's) have a near-copy of the French Hamil Coat, both of which are not-bad reflections of the Curtsy Coat. It looks Arranged.

The Blaze's/Blazers who were in the curtsy event with Tie's, and who have a super reflection of the Kilpatrick Coat, were first found in Yorkshire with Close's, Tie's and the Hicks' who have the Masci and Massey/Macey fleur in half their colors. As Weights/Waits were in the wake-her-up scene, I assume that the Close Coat is the Macey/Mace Coat plus the Weight/Wait hunting horns to go with the Wheats/Whate's (Norfolk, same as Risings/Risons) we just crossed. The "aRIS" motto term of Weights/Waits goes with her RISING from sleep, doesn't it? Masseys/Maceys have fleur-de-lys colors reversed from the same of Walks / Pews / Parkings. Can you make heraldry sing like this with any girl who did a curtsy toward you?

The Weights/White's share a green dragon in Crest with Kilpatricks. While Scottish McGee's (look like Mackay kin) were first found in Dumfries, Irish McGee's almost have the triple leopard faces of Weights/White's. And, AHH WUNDERBAR, I was wondering if I'd ever come to the Saffers, because the flat tire took place on my SAFARi van. After starting this paragraph, I first noticed that Weights/White's have a good reflection of the Saffer Coat, then remembered that the other English White's do likewise. The latter White's have a "Loyal" motto term, and Mackesys/Margesons have a "LOYALite" term that could be read as "LoyaLITE" if perchance Spuds MacKenzie, mascot for Bud LIGHT beer, can connect the Coat Lite's/Lights to the similar one of Perkens/Parkinsons.

As Kennys share the Overy/Overman fleur while the latter came from April variations, it's interesting that the Alis Coat is a not-bad reflection of the April Coat. I think we can see the Mountain liners where the Alis fir is said to be "surMOUNTed by a sword", but why wasn't it just put on a mount. Why "SURmounted"? It just so happens that "sure" is a Kilpatrick motto term. As Sleeping Beauty appeared at the sea SHORE, I now see why the Kilpatrick motto is, "I MAKE sure," for while Sure's are Shore's too, the I-make-sure Kilpatricks share the Maxwell/MAKESwell saltire, and Ghislaine Maxwell was Epstein's business partner.

The Alis-related Alpins use "a fir tree proper growing from a green mount, surmounted by a sword..." The Thistle's/Thissels in the Alpin Crest look like kin of Weasels/WAISTells (share Comyn/Comings garbs) because the Weasel/Waistell bend-with-garbs are in the colors of the bend-with-pheons of Thistle's/Thissels while Tissels/Twizells use "weasels." As the Weasells/Waistells and Pews/Pughs share the white dolphin in Crest, let's repeat: "Pews/Pughs share the three fleur-de-lys of Comyns-beloved Courage's."

As Julius Caesar was the son of Miss Cotta, it can be added that Caesars (Surrey, same as Biss' and early Dolphins) share the Pew / Weasel Crest too. English Blake's (share green dragon in Crest with Kilpatricks), who were at Twizell castle, are expected to be a branch of Blacks and Blaze's, both of which share the Kilpatrick and Cattel saltire. Scottish Blake's/Caddells share the giant fret (different color) with Cattels, and then Cody-like Coddels/Cottels/Cuttle's share the red bend with English Blake's, excellent for proving that Weasels/Waistells were from "Vestalis," son of king Cottius.

The Coddel/Cottel/Cuttle Coat (Coats/Cotes colors) is that of Keeps, first found in Sussex with Courts/Coverts/ACOTTS'/ACOTES', how about that, for while Mr. KEPKa was about to marry Miss Peare, she's the one who pointed to Waistells while Peare's share the leopard face of Coverts/Cofferts! Keeps are suspect from Kiev, home of Roxolani who lived also at the Buzau river of the Cotesii. Coddels/Cottels/Cuttle's, new to me, were first found in Wiltshire, beside Cutters and MontaCUTE's.

OH WOW. Bear the repeat here for the final point. I kissed Peare at La PALOMa weeks before she dated Kepke, and Spanish Paloma's share the pale bar of Pero's and DANCE's/DONNAS', both first found in Piedmont with the capital of king Cottius, son of king DONNUS. When Kepke and Peare got together, they would go DANCE at La Paloma (bar). THE POINT IS: Spanish Paloma's have two pale bars in the colors of the two pale-bars-by-martlets of Paloma-like Apple's/Appels!!!! I get it: PALOMa's have got to be the line of Apollo's/POLLONi's, from Apollonia, explaining why Alans share the fesse of Pierro's/Pero's, first found on the Tessin river that may have named the weasel-using Tissels. Italian Paloma's share the dove (different colors) with Weasels/Waistells. Spanish Paloma's use a "cauldron" while Calders/Caddels can be of the Blake's/Caddels (took us to Coddels/Cottels), and Calders/Caddels almost share the Coutes/Coutts Coat, I kid you not,

Weasels are in the Tissel/Twizell Coat, and FAUCH's show nothing but thistles. An amazing thing now is that while Katrina Hanson was the ICE-cream girl pointing with Hansons to English FAUX's sharing the Hanson mascle, such a mascle (same colors) is at the center of the Cattel fret which is otherwise the Kilpatrick saltire. Then, the Kilpatrick Chief is shared by CREMers in the ice-CREAM, and by French Faux's/Fage's/Chollens' ("pigeon"). But that's not all because Ice's have an Icke variation that's listed also with Hicks. Fage-like Fuggers and Nordic Hansons share the Cremer / Fage fleur-de-lys, and while Hahns (Mecklenburg, same as Ice's/Icke's and Trumps) are in the Bibo write-up as their kin, Bibo's share "cushions" with the other Kilpatrick Chief. The red rooster on the Bibo cushion is almost the Cremer Crest, and the Custs expected in the Cremer motto share the Coat of Kiss'/CUSH's (share red rooster with Cremers).

I was going to KISS Miss Hicks awake, but instead woke her when GRAZing her Trump-pointing knee with my HAND. Graze's/Grass' contribute to the "grasshopper" of Fauchy's, the latter first found in Perigord with Faux's/Fage's/Chollens'. While Hands are Hans' too, German Hanns' (obvious Hahn branch) share the red rooster in Crest with Kiss' and Cremers. The Hanns' happen to share the giant rooster of Kopple's (NUREMBERG, where Fauci belongs), and I trace Kopple's to Koplik on the CLAUSula river, a perfect pointer in this Fauci-and-Collins picture to KLAUS Schwab! Beauty. The Ecco variation of Ice's points well to ECOhealth, which Francis COLLINS and Tony Fauci funded to procure the COVID hoax. EcoHEALTH looks like it's in the HELT/Held surname because it shares the crossed "legs" of HICKsons (Hanns / Kopple colors). Hicksons were first found in Staffordshire with the HUMPs/Amptons expected in the Faux/Fage/CHOLLENs' description: "...a three HUMPed mount SURmounted by a silver pigeon...". I think God's stool pigeon (see last update) can relate to this criminal picture.

"I make sure" can be additionally a code for Eye, a location near Diss, and that can explain the DIStilled Kilpatrick dagger. Daggers share the scallops of English Jacks, and Scottish Jacks share holly with Sure's/Shore's. When God gave me a flat tire after Miss Hick did her curtsy, I had to JACK the vehicle up to put on a SPARE. Scottish Jacks were first found in Renfrewshire with Spare-like Spears and Hamiltons, and while the latter share the ermined cinquefoil of Bus', the latter were first found in Norfolk with Spare's, Sparrows, Wheats/Whate's, Patricks, and the Overys/Overmans who in turn share the Irish Hamel Crest.

Ahh, recall how Hamiltons son's pointed to Courts/Acotts/Acotes' and Cotes'/Codes', for Spare's share the giant stag head of Coutes'/Coutts. Incredible. French Coutes' are listed with Cotys'/Cotta's/Cottons. That picture goes with the CURTsy, but what do Spare's got to do with relevant things such as the asteroid? The Spare stag head is called a "hart." ??? It's in the colors of the "red deer" of German Harts, and in the colors of the "stag" of McCartys/Artys (County Kerry, same as Shea's). Irish Harts share the heart with McCarty-like Cords/McCourts.

The FoxCOTE's might work here if we bring in Ainsley of FOX and FRIENDs, for while Ainsleys were at Basford, Basfords, with a not-bad reflection of the Foxcote/Foscote Coat, have eagles in the colors of the Curtsy eagle heads. The write-up of Curtsy-like Courcys: "The surname Courcy was first found in Stoke County, Somerset, one of the baronies received by Richard de Courcy...He was also given the lordships of Newentam, Seckenden, and FOXCOTE, in Oxfordshire." Fox-using Fos'/Voss' were first found in Somerset too, and then German Vos' share the fox-using Thigh/Thy/Tie Coat, and the latter surname goes with Tease's/Tyes', first found in Nottinghamshire with Basford.

Foxcote's/Foscote's use "tree stumps" while Stumps have a different-colored Coat from one Bridge Coat (Friend colors and format, no guff). The other Bridge's (both first found in Somerset with Courcys and Friends, no guff) use "crabs" for a pointer to the Apophis asteroid. The griffin-using Bridge's have "hawks wings" to go with the "hawk's head" of Alpin-related Alis', and Apophis-pointing MacKenzie's are expected to be related to Alpins. The Mounts are in both the Alpin and Alis descriptions. Foxcote's/Foscote's were first found in Buckinghamshire with Alis-loving Simsons.

With Foxcote said to be in Oxfordshire, let's repeat that Basford is in Nottinghamshire, for Nottings once showed the Buckingham besants on a blue bend while blue-bend Foxcote's/Foscotts were first found in Buckinghamshire. Nottinghams tell that one Mr. Notingham was in Buckinghamshire, and another Mr. Notingham in Oxfordshire.

The Bridge-branch Bride's were first found in Savoy with Touraine's, and Touraine is where French Chance's were first found while English Chance's are also cancer-like Chauncier's to go with Cancer the crab, the constellation in which Apophis is returning. Touraine's can be connected to Bridge's where the ten bars of Touraine's are in the colors of the ten bars of Tarrs, the latter first found in Somerset with Bridge's. The Coats/Cotes' have six pale bars in the same colors, and there is said to be a FoxCOTE location in Hampshire while Chance-branch Chase's were first found in Hampshire (beside Somerset) with Aster-branch Sturs (Tarr colors). Tours use a tower, and the Bridge hawk wings are "emerging" from a tower.

The Brigg Crest is a "stump of a tree, SPROUTing", and the Brigg Shield shares a relative's Shield having the McBRIDE cinquefoils as well as a blue bend with white items upon it, the colors of the Foxcote bend-with-stumps. SPROUTs, sharing the pelican in Crest with Briggs, were first found in Derbyshire with NOTE's/Notts'/Cnuts, the surname God pointed to, on or near April 13, 1979, a week or two after the Sleeping Beauty dream. Sprouts were first found in Derbyshire with EARhardt/AIRhart-connectable Eyers/AIRs/Ayers and Here's/Heyers, and it just so happens that Sprouts have hearts is EarHARDT/AirHART colors. Sprouts mention Hugh Sprot of UR (or Hur), and Ure's/ORRes were first found in AYRshire with Eyer-branch Ayers ("Lighter than AIR" motto). Sprouts share the crossed spears of Speers, the latter first found in Renfrewshire with Ore's/ORRs, we get it. Ore's/Orrs must have been from Aures of Numidia with MacKenzie's.

Finally, the FoxCOAT/FosCOTT bend is the engrailed one of Knee's, and Knee's were first found in County Down with Coats'/Cotes', is that not a very-impressive bit of heraldry? Stumps were first found in Sussex with Courts/Coverts/ACOATS/ACOTES'. The engrailed Knee bend is that also of Leaks who in turn share the Hicks / Ainsley fleur-de-lys.

God can do more than one think with any set of heraldry. Below is a news story that can make a possible pointer of God, from the RISING Sleeping Beauty, to the "RISE Above" neo-Nazi group from Ukraine. This group is new to me, and is named in an FBI document as the group that trained the agitators at the faked car crash in Charlottesville. As Sleeping Beauty, Charlotte Kilpatrick, was standing in front of her car at the start of my seeing her, I suggested, years ago, that she points to the Charlottesville crash, which took place from a car's front hood:

It just so happens that the Rise/Rye surname shows nothing but a bend in the colors of the nothing-but-a-bend of Jewish Pollocks while Risings/Risons (Norfolk, same as Rise's/Rye's) have a cross in the colors of the Scottish Pollock (and Hart) saltire. Why would God want to point merely to a faked crash? Well, maybe He wants to point instead to a wider movement, Rise Above, because it's going to be used by anti-Christs to feign events that provide the excuse to label even decent Christians as racist terrorists. In the dream, she and I were holding each other while rising above into the sky, and Skye is where McLeods/Clouds were first found who have a "Hold fast" motto along with flags (pointer to false flags?), and then Flags/Flecks were first found in Norfolk with Fasts and Rise's / Risons.

Apollo of the Abyss

The Book of Revelation, as part of the 5th trumpet, actually has Apollo as the king of the abyss. As Apollo was made the son of Leto while Pollux was made the son of Leda, I see Apollo as a branch of the Spartan Pollux. As the latter was given (by myth writers) a pugilist symbol, I see his name representing Apulia, because it was also called, Puglia. When we start from this premise, and go to the Abyss surname, listed with Abbeys/Abbe's, and obvious branch of Apps'/Abbs'/Epps, there are some remarkable things, which is why I've started this section, to see where it may lead beyond what I've already seen. I can say off the bat that the Abyss/Abbe surname has the SCALE SCALLops, both colors reversed from the same of Apulia-like Pullys/Pullings.

The Pullys/Pullings share the PATent/Patten motto, and SKALA is on PATmos, which can be read as PatMOS for Mus-reasons to follow. Patmos is where Revelation was written. The Patent/Patten lozengy, shared by Schole's/SCAYLE's (Yorkshire, same as Pullys/Pullens), is in both colors of the Apps/Abbs/Epps scallops, and the latter's Coat is almost a copy of the Abyss/Abbe Coat. You can see why I started this section after seeing this much alone. Plus, Apollo was the chief of the mythical Muses, code for Mysians, whom are said to have been of Moesians. Moesia has the Pek river, and then the string of Abyss/Abbe lozenges are in the colors of the two lozenge strings of PECKers/PICKers/Packers (ROSes), suspect from the PICensii Moesians on the Pek river. See them on this dark map:

There is a Pully location near Morges in Switzerland, and there's a reason why I trace Morges' to Morgans, and thus to mythical Morgan le Fay, the chief witch of nine witches on Avalon. There were nine Muses in Greek myth, all women. I trace Muses to Mus at Lake Van, and this works well with king Rusa of Lake Van because Abyss'/Abbe's are in RUSH / ROSco colors and format. Keep in mind that Rusa was likely of the Biblical Rosh while "hross" means "horse" while Rush's use horses. The 5th Trumpet comes after all four horses of Revelation, according to the way I sequence the 21 plagues.

I've just found a Morges surname I'm not familiar with, and it's perfect because it's a version of the French Julian Coat, itself sharing the Chief of French Alans, and the latter are from Aulon, smack beside APOLLONia. Aulon was also called, AVLONa, the makings of mythical AVALON!!! Beauty. Morges' were first found in Brittany with Alans, and while the French Julians share the Windsor saltire, Peckers/Pickers were first found in Berkshire with Windsor castle!

Plus, while mythical GORlois was the father of Morgan le Fay, Gore's share the Windsor crosslets! Bingo. I claim that GorLOIS was part code for Luis of Ceva, on the Cevetta river, and to this we can add that CAVetts were first found in PICardy, possibly identifying the latter location as a Pek-river merger with Arthurs of an Ardy kind, for Gorlois' wife was the mother of mythical king Arthur (code for the Arthur surname). King Arthur's father was UTHER Pendragon, and Others/Otters are said to be proto-Windsors. The Gore's are also Core's, and aside from Skala, Patmos (small island) has a city of Chora. Gore's/Core's were first found in Kent with Trips (share Gore/Core crosslets) who in turn use the "SCALing ladder". You don't need more proof of their origins on Patmos.

Others/Otters were first found in Huntingdonshire with Ada of Warenne, she being the line of Davids and Ade's/Aids (Berwickshire, same as Arthurs). Both Coats are versions of the Turpin Coat, and so here's from the Abyss/Abbe write-up: "The surname Abyss was first found in the county of Angus, in the parish of Abbey and Brechin. The first record was of Douenaldus (Donald) Abbe of Brechin in 1178, who witnessed a charter with TURPIN, Bishop of Brechin..."

As Turpins were first found in Dorset with the Stour river and the Rush-like Russells, the Turpins could be using the bend of Stur-branch Asters (Manche, same as Masseys), and could therefore be in the "iTUR as astra" motto phase of MacKenzie's, which other surnames use as "itur AD astra." That works with the similarity of the Ade and Turpins Coats to reveal MacKenzie connections to TurPINs, and it just so happens that English Pins/Pine's use Apollo-like apples! Apple's share the martlets of MacKenzie-beloved Mountains! Beauty. And Asters were first found in TOURlaville! "TourLAVILLE" is suspect with Laville's/FONT-de-Ville's, and "fountains" are used by Sichs/Syches' suspect in the full MacKenzie motto, "SIC itur as astra." Sichs may have been from the Sicels of Sicily, whom I trace to Skala on Patmos for reasons I show below.

Drummonds are interwoven into these surnames. I link them to Davids as per the mother of king David I, and I trace them to George's (Dorset, same as Turpins). I see George of Hungary, father of Drummonds, with Agatha of Podebrady as his wife, grandmother of David I. Having said that, Drummonds share triple-wavy fesses with Chalks/Chalkers, for example, and with the Sea's, the latter first found in Kent with Chalks/Chalkers, Chaucers, and the Gore's and Trips both of whom can be traced to Patmos. It just so happens that Chaucers almost have the Aster Coat. The Sich fountains have the triple-wavy fesses in colors reversed from the same of Sea's and German Drummonds. Scottish Drummonds share the triple fesses of Aster-branch Sturs, and Drummonds named Drymen in STIRling so that Drummonds are very connectable to this discussion. I see them naming Angus, where Abyss'/Abbe's were first found. Kildrummy was the seat of the Mars, and French Mars share white scallops with Abyss'/Abbe's. Mythical Mars was the Greek Ares, and while Mars was code for the Marsi of Abruzzo, the ancient Abruzzo capital, Aprutium, is now Teramo, i.e. like a Drummond variation. Aprutium was obviously named by the Aphrodite cult, which was always paired in Greek myth with Ares.

Turpins are said to have been TorFINs too, and this works well with the Fien variation of Phone's/Fane's/VANs, whom I do trace with Phoenix's/Fenwicks to Phoenicians out of Lake Van. The GAUNTlet gloves of Fiens/Phone's/FANE's/Vans and Maceys/Mace's were once showing in the Swan/Sion Coat, and while FANO is near the first-known Maschi's, the latter use "PINE cones" to explain "TurPIN." The Sicel-like Sickle's were first found in Gaunt.

Mysia had a Dardania location beside Abydos, and the latter became suspect by me with "Abaddon," the Hebrew name of Apollo that's used in Revelation. Abaddon is made the king of the Abyss, you see, and so the Abyss/Abbe surname could discover that the Apsus river, origin of the Abyss-branch Apps'/Abbs'/Epps, was a settlement of Abydos Mysians. The Dardanians were not far from the Apsus, and the Penestae people group, the proto-Pendragons, were on the nearby Drillon river with the CAVii whom I trace to Ceva i.e. part of "GorLOIS." I'll show you soon how the Jardins apply to the Abyss/Abbe surname, and so let's mention the "CAVE ADsum" motto of Jardins, for while it can be part-code for Ade's/Aids, "adSUM" can be part-code for some family on the Somme river of Picardy. Perhaps that's where Cavetts/Chavo's (Picardy) were living, you see.

"SUMmum" is a motto term of Teague's/Teegers, from king Tigranes VI of Armenia, and they share the cross of English Julians and Schole's/Scayle's. Why was Julius Caesar, really, called a PATrician? Patricks were from AntiPATRIA on the Apsus river. I see Scala-of-Patmos elements naming the Sicel founders of Sicily, and the Arms of Sicily has a Gorgon head. Gorgons and Muses were placed in Parium/Parion of Mysia, the city that named mythical Priam, king of Troy, father of Paris, abductor in turn of Helen "of Troy." She was fairly-obviously named after the Hellespont, for Parium was on the Hellespont along with Dardania and Abydos. Dardania was made the father of Trojans, so to speak mythically. Helen happened to have been the sister of Pollux, born to Leda in swan eggs, and so there you have more evidence that Abydos named Abaddon = Apollo of Revelation.

I see the Hros Caucasians in the naming of mythical Ares and his son, Eros. I see their naming after the Aras river near lake Sevan (Armenia). I do trace "Sevan" to mythical / heraldic swans, and even to the Swans/Sions. I reason that lake Sevan was home to Indo-European = Anglo speakers that put "swan" into the dictionary. Proto-Georgian Gorgons were likely at lake Sevan, home of Gog = Indo-European = Caucasian people group.

There was a Sithones people group through CHALCidice, and while a swan is used by CHALKs, I had noted that Sithones-like STHENelus, a mythical character and father of the swan king of Liguria, should link to Swan-like Savona, in Liguria. We can take LIGURians to the LEGRo river of Leicester because Leicesters use a swan. This is child's play, but the historians are still daft to it all, don't ask me why. Maybe they're afraid to look at myth / heraldic codes because they think it unscholarly.

From Savona, we take it to the Swiss tribe that named Sitten, a city otherwise called, Sion, tending to reveal the Swans/Sions as a line from Savona and touching upon Sion. One can then take this all the way back to Phoenicia's Mount Sion, for that's exactly where I trace the Armenians in Phoenicia, namely, mythical CadMUS, part code for Mus at Armenia's Lake Van. Cadmus married the Armenian line of mythical HARMONia, daughter of Ares, child's play. The CADUCeus of HERMes was code for the Cadusii Armenians in "CADmus," child's play, historians. The Hermus river was in Lydia, and I think Leto, Latona to Romans, was named by Lydians. Ladds/Ladons use SCALLops, and look related to Meschins, and the Meschin scallops are even shared by Abyss-like Biss'. Ranulph le Meschin married Lucy Taillebois, and Tailbois (Lincolnshire, same as Lucy Taillebois) share the scallops of Abyss'/Abbe's, half in the colors of the Meschin / Biss scallops, how about that.

If the "speRAVI" motto term of Apps'/Abbs'/Epps is partly for Rave's/Rawe's/Rawle's, they are in Biss colors and format. The Rawle's were at a "manor of KENNET," and Kennets (not "Kenneth") happen to have the Ever/Eure/URE quadrants in colors reversed, tending to assure that the "uro" motto term of Kenneths/MacKenzie's is for Evers/Eure's/Ure's.

Meschins were Masci's, and my mother's Masci line was common in her home village of Picenze, i.e. from the Picensii Moesians, right? Masci's have a version of the Messina Coat, and while Messina's share the Pek PATEEs, Sicily's Messina is the location of both Patti and mythical SCYLLa, namer of Sicily. Can you see why Patti should have been named by inhabitants formerly of Scala on PATmos? The Masci wings are code for Vinkovci, home of Valentinian I, husband of Justine of PICENum. The Pek has a mouth at PINCum while Pense's/PINCons share the Aquila eagle while Picenze is seven miles from L'Aquila.

I would then take this picture to the Armenia-like Armine's/Ermine's who have the Chief-saltire combination of Annans and Jardins. The latter were first found in Angus with Gardens/Jardens, Abyss'/Abbe's, Brechins/Brichens. In this picture, I would identify Brechens/Brichens with Brixia/Brescia, beside lake GARDa, and we saw Abyss'/Abbe's of Brechin. The Cave's in the Jardin motto share the fretty Shield of Caens (Dorset, same as Turpins of Brechin in the Abyss/Abbe write-up), and I trace "Caen" to the Ceno tributary of the Taro. The latter was home to the Annans Gauls, the line to the Annans who share the Chief-saltire combo of Jardins. Annans named Annandale, home of the Bruce's who share the blue lion in the Arms of Brescia, and the latter location is near Picensii-like Piacenza, where the Trebia river flows. Ananes Gauls were between the Taro and Trebia. Jesus was brought to a kangaroo court before the former high priest, Annas/ANANus, and his daughter married Cave-like Caiaphas, who became the high priest in time for Jesus' murder. The Capes' share the Abyss/Abbe and Apps/Abbs/Epp scallops.

Any questions, daft and willfully-blind historians? You live in a ditch, from where you might claim to know that Capes' were named after a colorful cape, or a fancy type of cap, to entice your readers. But you never trace surnames to the killers of Jesus because the blind lead the blind in your field. Your field is filled with ditches filled with the living dead, evolutionists, masons, and other kinds of snakes in the grass.

I wonder while ALPINs list Cappins and Appins. The Apsus river is in ALBANia. King Alpin was a Pict, and Picts lived in Alba. Yet AlPIN may have been named as an Alba line by merger of his family with Pins/Pine's because French Constantine's/Constance's (Languedoc, same as Conte's) use a "pine tree," and king Constantine I is said to have been Alpin's grandson, and son of Kenneth. Might God have laced this area of study with further pointers to the Apophis asteroid? The Constantine/Constance/CONTen crescent is shared by French Conte's/COMITES', and this can point to Comets sharing the Tower tower, the latter being a Coat version of the Tours (Languedoc) that can perhaps be of the "itur" motto term of Kenneths/MacKenzie's. Can the asteroid be pointed to by Comets? Yes, especially when English Constantine's share the Pepin/PEPY fleur-de-lys.

Out of Abaddon's abyss, which is opened by a falling star-like object, come grasshoppers, which can be gleaned as symbolic, not real grasshoppers. They are told to pain people not having the seal of God, which implies those who have received the mark, and if the mark is going to be a vaccine pass for store entry, isn't it a little interesting that Fauchys show a large grasshopper? Isn't it interesting that English Marks look like kin of English Grass'?

I won't re-quote the Fauci-studded paragraph above where I GRAZED the knee of Miss Hicks, but you can go read it again if you wish. The point is that, due to Tufts/Tuffs' sharing the phoenix in Crest with Knee's, it seems that God had me TOUCH her knee as well as graze it because Touch's/Tuffs were first found in Cheshire with Tufts/Tuffs', and the amazing thing is that Tufts are in the "tufts of GRASS" of Bosco's, as if God wants to verify that I both grazed it and touched it, as if God wants to emphasize Grass liners. The reason this paragraph exists to this point, with all-repeated materials now new here, is that Touch's/Tuffs are also Tows, and the "shafto" motto term of Shafts is due to their variations such as ShafTOW. The star falling from the sky is said to open a SHAFT, and this becomes Abaddon's abyss. Therefore, will this shaft result in the pains people suffer from the vaccines rolled out at that time?

American bio-weapons have been created and studied at the Fort Detrick lab, and it just so happens that Detricks are listed with DeTHICKs while Thicks come up as Thackers while grasshopper-using Thatchers show a Thacker variation. It could look like the 5th Trumpet is a vaccine-created plague because we got from Detricks so fast-and-neat to the Fauchy-related grasshopper. The "bittern" of the Thicks is "SETTLing in the REEDs", and Settle's have the Star lozenges while this Trumpet starts with a star falling. Zowie, the latter's "Vive en" motto phrase looks like code for VIVIANs/Veys, kin of Fife's and FIVE's/Fifys. It's the FIFTH Trumpet we're talking about! The 5th Trumpet plagues torments people for FIVE months. Five's/Fifys were first found in Aberdeenshire with Scottish Reeds.

The bittern-like Bitars/Butters were first found in Fife and Perthshire (same as Settel-like Sutys), but there is a Bitter surname too that's almost the Wake Coat. The latter were obvious kin of Orrs/Ore's, and both share the red roundel with Orrels, the latter first found in Lancashire with Settle's, Shettleworths, Sickle-like Shakle's/Shakells, and the Shake's/Shakerleys having the Star chevron in colors reversed to go with the Settle's sharing the lozenges upon the Star chevron. As Shakle's/Shakells have the Bitter / Wake fesse, it does appear that the Thick/Thacker bittern is code for Bitters.

The Shakle/Shakell fesse with "lozenge buckles" is in the colors of the Thick/Thacker fesse-with eagle heads, and colors reversed from the Nelly fesse with the Wake / Orr / Orrel roundels, and "Nil" is a Buckle motto term. Aside from the fesse of Thicks/Thackers, the Coat has the Sickel lozenges, and thus it could be that Sickle's/Sickels were a Sicily line merged with Shakle's/Shakells of some kind so that surnames came to reflect one another branch. As I trace Shake's to Schimatari of BOEOTia, it's notable that the Butt/Bute/BOET fesse with fish is in the colors of the Thick/Thacker fesse with items.

If the Thick/Thacker fesse were white, the Coat would be like that of Rush's, perhaps relevant where the Thick/Thacker reeds show as bulRUSHes. The bulrush-using Perts/Petts (Kent, same as Rundels/Roundels sharing the Shakle/Shakell fesse) have hollow lozenges in the colors of the hollow lozenges of Shakel's/Shakells. Rundel-branch Arundels have six "swallows" in the colors and format of the six lions of the Eagle's expected in the eagle heads upon the Thick/Thacker fesse. As the FitzALANs of Arundel were Alans of Dol, it explains why English Alans share the Rundel fesse, and so we are now back to a family from Aulon, smack beside Apollonia! It's the Abaddon entity, and Abyss'/Abbe's share the Thick/Thacker and Diamonds/DINan lozenges, and while there is a Dinan location near Dol, the Dine's/Diens can be in the "hirunDINE" motto term of Arundels.

The Thick/Thacker lozenges are called "diamonds" because they are the ermined lozenges ("fusils") of English Diamonds/Dinans. The latter have four lozenges fessewise in the colors of the five, fessewise lozenges of Abyss'/Abbe's. The string of five lozenges of Whistle's/Wessels are in the same colors, and that surname looks like a branch of Waistells/Wessels/WEASELs in the weasels of Tickle-like Tissels/Twizells, the latter perhaps being a branch of Fauch-beloved Thistle's/Thissels, which recalls that Fauchys share the grassHOPPER with Thatchers/THACKERs.

The Stars, who just seemed to fit in with the star of Abaddon's pit, were first found in Wiltshire with Hoppers/HAPPERs. The latter could be argued to be a branch of HARPERs/Harps in the "harp" of the Whistle/Wessel Crest because the Harper/Harp Crest is a gold boar to go with the gold boar head of Kenneth-connectable Evers/Eure's/Ure's. Kennets (Ever/Eure/Ure quadrants in colors reversed) were first found in Wiltshire (beside Whistle's/Wissels) with Hoppers/Happers. The Audys/Aude's suspect in the "Audi" motto term of Kennets were first found in Savoy with Fauch's. As Perts/Petts were first found in Kennet-like Kent, the "partem" motto term of Kennets may apply to Pert liners.

The Pett-like Petits (share Virgin Coat) were first found in Ghent-like Kent with Ghent-related Gaunts, Virgins, and with the Brabants with Louvains both from locations in Belgium, which is the location of Virgin-beloved Ghent/Gaunt too. John of Gaunt's family was related to Kendels. The Kent surname shares the Maschi lion, both in the colors of the lion of French Petits, and Kent is also where Masons/Massins were first found who share the Louvain Coat. Masons/Massins were first found on THANET while ZANATa of Numidia is at the Aures theater while Aures'/Aurs share the Ure/Orrey / Virgin lion. This paragraph tends to make Kenneths/MacKENZIE's look like a Kent branch, and queen KENZA lived in Aures of Numidia.

The "Sans TACHE" motto of Ure's/Orreys is shared by Peerless'/Napiers suspect from the Naparis (Ialomita) river of the RoxoLANI Rus-ALANS, the line to Roquefeuil in Aude province. We just saw Aude's suspect in the Kennet motto. Kenneths/MacKenzie's were first found on ROSS-shire. The Peerless'/Napiers, with the saltire of Ticino-line Tease's/Tess'/TECK' in colors reversed, were first found in Perthshire, beside Lennoxtown, explaining why the PEERess/Napier saltire, and ROSES, is shared with Lennox's/LEVANax's. Laevi Gauls were on the Ticino/Tessin river, where Pierro's/PERO's were first found.

Kenza lived in the land of SHAWia Numidians while "shaw" is a motto term in the Arms of AYRshire, and Ure's/Orreys were first found in Ayrshire while Scottish Shaws were first found in Perthshire with Peerless'/Napiers. English Shaws/Sheaves' were first found in Berkshire with Kenza-suspect Kents, and the "qui" motto term of Shaws/Sheaves' must be for the Keys in the keys of Italian Sheaves'/Chiava's (L'Aquila), which is to point out that the 5th angel who sounds the 5th Trumpet is given a "KEY to the shaft of the abyss". Masci's lived in the L'Aquila area, and Maschi's share the Kent lion.

I'm going to guess that Shafts have a version of the Car and Pek Coats because the Pek river of Moesia was home to Picensii who named Picenze, a village on the outskirts of L'Aquila having Masci families. Shafts/ShafTOWs look like they married the Tow variation of Touch's/Tuffs, the latter first found in Cheshire with Masci-branch Masseys and Maceys. It makes Shafts look like a variation from "Sheaves" or something similar, for example the Chavot/Schavot variations of Cavetts (PICardy). PECKers/PICKers/Packers were first found in Berkshire with Shaws/Sheaves', and Pike's/Pickens were first found in Ayrshire with Ure's/Orreys. Peks/Pecks share the patee crosses of Masci-branch Massena's, suspect from king Massena of Numidia. Irish Carrs share the estoiles of Tacks. The Pek river is at Pincum, and Pincons, share the Aquila eagle, were first found in Devon with English Pike's.

The key to the shaft is given to the FALLING STAR, perhaps God's play on Falls/Fallis', Fells, and Fellers, three Roquefeuil branches. Battistelli's and Batti's/Bota's (possible pointer to MetaBIOTa bio-weaponry in Kiev) both share eight-pointed stars (different colors) with Fells. The chevron-with-stars of Battistelli's is shared by Vivians, and the latter are suspect in the "Vive en" motto phrase of Stars, how about that. God used Francesca Battistelli with a PAGE on Obama's billiard table (in my dream), and this gets interesting where English Page's (Devon, same as fusil-using, Whistle-connectable Diamonds/Dinans) share the dove with Whistle-connectable Stolls/Stowell.

This gets a little hard to follow, but stick to it. The French Page's share four fesses (different colors) with Cavetts/Chavots/Schavots (Picardy), the ones suspect with making "Shaft." Picards were first found in Moray with the Bellys sharing the Vivian / Battistelli chevron-with-STARs, and upon the Belly chevron is the eight-pointed Duc/LeDuc star, which is in colors reversed in the Fell Coat as "pierced mullets." The Mullets/MOLETs share the Coat (more stars) of Payens/Pagans (Dauphine, same as French Page's). MOLTons/Molsons were first found in Devon with English Page's and Beers, and I actually have, on my shelf, a beer bottle from the 1970s or earlier, with a Molson label still partially on it, which I dug up from my soil many years ago. The beer is still in this bottle.

Moltons/Molsons happen to share the stars of the neighboring Ducks (Somerset, beside Stars) while Duce's/Doocys were first found in Staffordshire with Thicks/Thackers. As I consider the latter as a pointer to the Thatcher grasshopper, did God provide this beer bottle to point to James LeDuc in conjunction with a pointer to the falling stars and the Rockefellers?

Thus far, we have the Rockefellers, Metabiota, Fauci, and now James LeDuc, in this star-shaft picture, and so let's add that while God sent me a STOOL pigeon, French Page's are also Pigeon-like Pageons while French Pigeons share the Vivian / Battistelli / Belly chevron. Payen-like Payne's (Somerset, same as Whistle's/Wissels) share the Whistle'/Wissel lion. Cuppae, off the Page-like Pek river, is "city of doves," explaining the Page and STOLL/Stowel doves. One can see here that "PIGEON" was play on the city of doves in combination with a line of PICENsii. English Pigeons, the write-up of whom have variations like the Paions of Payens/Pagans, are in Helm colors and format while Helms have a different-colors Coat version of the Fauch-beloved Thistle's. German Helms share the helmets of panders who in turn share "spur rowells" with Payens/Pagans, and Rowells/Rothwells/Roswells were kin of Ash's/Esse's, the latter first found in Devon with Page's.

Lets go on. Vivians expected in the Star motto owned a Mawes castle that was transferred to Mr. Tredenham, and TreDENHAMS, of the Diamonds/Dinans who are themselves kin Thicks/Thackers, show nothing but a string of seven bendwise lozenges in colors reversed from the five, bendwise lozenges of Whistle's/Wissels, and the latter's are in the colors of the Pecker/Picker/Packer lozenges. The latter use the lozenges in the shape and colors of the Bath cross, and the Mawes castle went first to John, earl of Bath, before going to Mr. Tredenham. The Pecker/Pecker/Packer cross-by-lozenges is shared by STOLLs/Stowells (Somerset, same as Whistle's/Wissels and Baths), and the Vivians happen to share the Pigeon chevron for a pointer to a stool pigeon = whistle-blower. I wonder who was/is or will be.

Days after the first-ever pigeon showed up at my property (that I saw), after walking over my septic = stool tank, a mole mound was seen over this same tank. The Mole's are also Mawes-like Mowe's, and they happen to share the Tuft/Tuffs phoenix!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Tufts/Tuffs' were first found in Cheshire with Touch's/Tuffs/TOWS suspect in ShafTOWs!!! As I said, my septic system was inspected by Mr. Gouch, and Gouch's with Mole's, both sharing the same boar, were first found in Roxburghshire, named by Roquefeuil liners! Incredible.

For what it's worth, the Mowes' are listed with Muse's/Mewes', and they share the six pale bars of Courts/Coverts/Acotts. The Mowes/Muse/Mewes Chief has patee crosses on red so as to look like Pek-related Moesians. The Mowes/Muse/Mewes patees are in both colors of the same of Crauns and Mannings (both first found in Suffolk), and while the CERAUNii mountains are at Aulon, Eschyna de Molle married Mr Alan from the Dol Alans.

I now need to tell a new story. I set a mouse trap in my garage port all winter, because when I get all the mice outdoors, I assure they never get into the house anymore. I caught about two mice all winter long, a very good situation. I also want to get the moles, because, last winter, three were caught, and then I had a not-bad summer with mole mounds. This past winter, only one mole was caught, suggesting it was the last one. About ten days ago, maybe less, there were two pigeons I scared as I came walking around the corner of the house at the septic tank. I had dumped large food scraps off my front deck, all winter, that I didn't want to put down the kitchen drain, and so these pigeons were eating these food scraps, about eight feet from the corner of the septic tank, because the snow had all melted against the house.

A day or two later, some snow melted above the septic tank, and there I saw mole mounds over that tank that were not there in the fall. Moles find this warm spot (tank water keeps the soil warmer). I therefore put a mouse trap overnight where the food scraps were, but, with no mole found in the trap in the morning, I realized there were no moles in the ground because the one which did this soil damage must have been the one caught in the garage port over the winter. Or put it this way, that if there were any moles in the ground, they would long-ago have eaten the food scraps (they tunnel at ground level under the snow all winter and make much destruction to soils) so that there wouldn't have been pigeons eating it during the snow melt. The point is, there was a mole above the stool tank earlier this winter, but I killed it, and moles here must be a pointer to spy moles in the world of the globalist gangster spying on all their enemies. I wonder who this mole represents in the Fauci / Collins camp.

I dump the food scraps right beside the stairs (within a foot), and stairs are scala while Scale's, first found in Hertfordshire with Childs (share Pincon eagle), share the Abyss/Abbe and Apps/Abbs/Epp scallops. The Stoll lozenges are those of Abbeys/ABBE's too, and the page on Obama's billiard table had pointed to Lisa Page, FBI lawyer for Andrew McCabe. McCabe's are also McABBE's.

One whistle-blower on Fauci and company is Kenneth HeckenLIVELY, and Livelys/Hivelys (Picardy, same as Shaft suspects) have a bendwise string of six lozenges half in the colors of the five of Whistle's/Wissels. Livelys/Hivelys are also Hellys, and Irish Hellys/Halleys share the Mole boar head. How about that. Hellys/Halleys were even first found in Sligo with HICKENsons (share Payne motto), looking like the makings of "HECKENlively." Hicksons were first found in Staffordshire with the Thicks/Thackers who in turn share the Hicks fesse. Amazingly, Hickensons share the tower of Hoppers (Wiltshire, same as Stars) while Thatcher's/Thackers have the grasshOPPER!

If the Helly/Halley Shield were black, it would look like that of Abyss-like Biss', and Abyss'/Abbe's have a string of five lozenges in the colors of the five of Whistle's/Wissels. Does this promise more whistle-blowers at the time of the 5th Trumpet, when we'll need all the Help we can get to stave off deadly, last-minute persecution? Helly-like Hellens look related to Fauch-connectable Helms. Hellys just caused me to re-find the Hells using the Crab Coat for a potential pointer to the Apophis asteroid.

Fauchy-connectable Faux's/Fage's/Chollens' use a "pigeon," and a dove is the symbol of Whistle-like Waistells of WASdale. Proto-Washington Wassa's were first found in Cornwall with Vivians.

Ahh, Hykes'/Hake's are in the colors and format of the new-to-me-now Higgs (both first found in Norfolk), and as Higgs share the "buck's head" in Crest with Hicks, it speaks for itself. The Higgs buck head is "pierced THROUGH with an arrow", and while Arrows/Arras' were first found in Staffordshire with Hicksons, Hamiltons use the motto, "Through." The Higg Shield have "bucks couchant," and Couch's look like Trot/TRUDE kin while Trudeau's use three "deer." Deerings ("roeBUCKs heads") were first found in Kent while Kenneth-connectable Kents were first found in Berkshire with Trots/Trude's. "CouCHANT" can be code both for COUCH's and the Chand variation of Schims/Schiens because the latter share the GOUCH/Googe boar head. It's got my septic-tank pigeon and mole all over it!

New: Chants/Chantels can be a branch of Cantels (Yorkshire, same as Hicks) who in turn share the black tower in Crest with Hickens/Higgins (Sligo, same as Hickensons)! Beauty. Cantel-like Candle's are even listed with KENTwells, and Kents share a giant lion in the colors of the same of arrow-using Cantells (not "Cantel"). I told the story a few times of giving some garden produce away to people in church, and the last offering was a cantaloupe to Miss Hicks, and here the Cantells show a Cantilupe variation. I almost forgot: the Garden motto includes "junGUNTER," and English Gunters use gauntlet gloves!!! Canters are also GAUNTers! I get it. German Gunters even share the Candle annulets.

Miss Hicks is a singer = CANTER, and while Canterbury is in Kent, CanterBERRY (Kent) have "Cornish choughs" usually shown as ravens and at times called, blackbirds. Urians/Hurens, in TINTon colors and format, have a Cornish chough in Crest and "blackbirds" in the Shield. Urians/Hurens were obviously of the king-Arthur cult. Arthur was made born in CORNwall's TINTagel, named from the ATINTanes at the CERAUNii mountains, the area of Apollonia. Apollo mated with the Greek black bird, the crow, CORONis, whose entity I see in the naming of Chora of Patmos. It appears that Apollo and Coronis was a myth writer's code for an Apollonia-Ceraunii partnership. The Urian write-up involves the Gore line to mythical Gorlois, and CRAUNs (Suffolk, beside Gore's/Core's), ignoring their annulets, are in Gore colors and format. Gore's/Core's were from Patmos, right?

Blackbirds are used by Beers, first found in Devon with BERRYs, with Cornish-chough Hoods/Hoots, and with Darts in the "dart" of the Cantell Crest. Beers named Beer-Hacket, and the Hykes' of Devon are also Hacks. Berrys have fesses in the colors of the Hicks fesse, and in the colors of the fessewise bars of English Canters. English Allisons use "blackbirds" while Scottish Allisons were at Loupe to go with CantiLOUPE's. Scottish Allisons love the Truth's/Trots/Trude's. "The Higg Shield have 'bucks couchant,' and Couch's look like Trot/TRUDE kin..."

English Canters were first found in Oxfordshire with Peare's, a branch of Parsons (Norfolk, same as Higgs and Hake's), both of which share the triple leopard faces of Canter-like Centers (Hicks colors and format). German Centers/Sanders share the black, three-pointed label with CENTer-like Kennets. Pero's were first found in Piedmont with the Domino's sharing the black tower with Hickens/Higgins and Cantels. Hickens/Higgins share white towers with Loupe's in CantiLOUPE's. Miss Hicks did a curtsy at the CENTER isle, and Curtsy-like Courcys share the three eagles of Terrets/Terents in the "terret" motto term of Canters.

garden Kennets have "an arm holding in the GAUNTlet a HELMet", and Canters are also GAUNTers while Gaunts were first found in Kent. English Helms have the Thistle/Thissel Coat in different colors, and Gaunt is where Thissel-like Sickle's/Sickels were first found. Thissels can be from the Tessin/Ticino river, where Laevi Gauls lived who were to the Leavells/Lovells sharing the six bars of Canters/Gaunters, the latter first found in Oxfordshire with Love's/Luffs having a similar Coat. Lofwicks/Lovicks share the black bull head with Leavell-related Walerans. Revelation says that the abyss becomes like a giant "furnace" with SMOKE, and while Furnace's/Furness' were first found in Lancashire with Lofwicks/Lovicks and the Angle's suspect in the "rectangle" of German Canters/Cants. Smoke's are listed with Rauch's, likely a branch of rock-using Roach's. Rooks (Oxfordshire again) use the Berry Crest in other terms, and Roach's show nothing but three fish in the colors of the nothing-but-three fish heads of German Berrys.

There's a Jewish Sickel Coat showing sickles in Star-chevron colors, and, amazingly, the other half of the Jewish Sickel Coat has the Thick/Thackery lozenges!!! What are the chances unless Thicks and Sickels were branches? I'm just wondering whether this can point to the star that falls to open the pit, with smoke out of which the grasshoppers come. I'm glad I used "pit" because I've just looked up Pitts to recall that they share the Pert/PETT stork. The Pitt write-up tells that they had the Petts of Kent as a branch, and while Pitts ("liBERI") were first found in Blandford, Blandfords (Dorset, same as Pitts) share the triple fesses of English Berrys! I didn't know any of this when writing on Berrys directly above this paragraph. I just happened to use "pit" in this paragraph instead of "abyss," and there we have the results.

The Bland Coat even looks related to Thistle's/Thissels. The Rite's, who can be in the Bland motto, share the checkered fesse of Pitts, and the other Rite's share the double fesses of Furnace-related Parrs! The Loficks/Lovick bull heads are likely those of RATcliffs, and Rate's/Rats can be in the "SpeRATE" motto term of Blands (Sedbergh, same as Dents). The Sedans/Siddens, whom I say named Sedbergh, share the black border with Furnace's/Furness' and Parrs. The Seatons/Sittens were a Sedan/Sidden branch, and that's probably why the Furnace's/Furness' use a "dog SEATed". Blands were also at Kippax.

Furness' and Parrs are from king Pharnaces of the Pontus, and Pontus elements had ruled, at times, Cilicia, and so this brings us to the Kennet-like Kennati pagan priests of Cetis (Cilicia). Kennet-like Quints/Quents (share BLONDville Chief) share the NISS fesse, and Pharnaces' wife was NYSA, probably explaining FurNESS'. I trace HYKSos ("Heka KHASEWET" to Egyptians) to Cilicia's KIZZUWATa, and that can be read as KIZZUwatna because I was going to KISS Miss HICKS awake. Kiss'/Cush's connect to the Bibo cushion, and I say Bibo's are from "Vibia," mother of Lupus Laevillus, king of Cetis! Beauty. Leavells look like kin of Blonds (Suffolk, same as Blundville's).

The way to connect the Blands to the Fauch-beloved Thistle's is where Sedan-like Sidneys (Kent, same as Pitt-branch Petts) have a giant pheon colors reversed from the Thistle pheons, the latter using three gold ones on a bend, ditto with Blands (on a different-colored bend). Sidneys have a "voCANT" motto term, recalling Cantels / Canters, and Cants/Kants share the bend of Blands and the Coughs suspect in the Cornish choughs of Canterburys (Kent). The Cant/Kant bend is that also of Pigeons, and the Cant/Kant Crest happens to be a dove. The "Aliis" motto term of Cants/Kants goes to the Alis-related Alpins, and they say king KENNETH was the son of king Alpin, PERFECT! Reminder: the MacKenzie beloved EURE's/Ure's are probably in the "heure" motto term of Hicks.

Through Miss Hicks and her family, but also through my Sleeping Beauty dream, God pointed to the Apophis asteroid via Kenneths/MacKenzie's, and here we find that my wanting to kiss her is of the Hyksos of Cilicia, suggesting that the line of king Apophis was in that place as a root of the Kennati priests. Repeat: "Hellys just caused me to re-find the Hells using the Crab Coat for a potential pointer to the Apophis asteroid." Hells were first found in Kent! That works.

If I'm correct in tracing Ajax, the Kennati god, to Jacks, note that they were at Treveres (Yorkshire, same as Hicks), for Hicks share "Tout" with the "Tout travers" motto of Fore's/Forez's in the "for" motto of Ainsleys (share Hicks fleur). Hicks and Fore's/Forez's share a gold fesse, and Fore's/Forez's share the green Shield with TRACKs/Tricks while the Kennati priests were at the TRACHeitis river (Cetis area). Another green Shield is with Simpsons using an "Alis" motto term i.e. like the "Aliis" of Cants/Kants. The other Simson Coat looks related the Trevors. The Hicks write-up for the Hicks branch in Cornwall has it as TreviTHICK.

Now I know why I gave Miss Hicks a cantaLOUPE, for LUPUS Laevillus! PERFECT! This was the line to Waleran de Leavell, and Walerans share a "vos" motto term with Cantels (share black tower with Hickens/Higgins). German Vos' share the Thigh/Thy/Tie Coat, in the colors of the thistles of Fauchs/FOCHES'/FOSHes (Forez!), and Dutch Vos' are also Foss'. I say that God gave Mamie a thigh symbol at her garden, and the cantaloupe came from my Texas garden. Garden-branch Jardins share the stars of Ainsley-branch Annas' and Thy-connectable Tease's/Tyes'/Tighs. The Texas surname shares the checkered Shield of English Vaux's, very connectable to Fauchys and Faux's/Fage's/Chollens'. Waleran de Leavell married Miss Beaumont of Meulan, and the Arms of Meulan is purely the Texas Coat!!! AMAZING.

Why might Gardens/Jardens and Jardins have been first found in Angus with Abyss'/Abbe's? Is Fauci / Schwab going to lead the world to the 666? The Chants/Chantels who were suspect from "couCHANT" buck of Higgs share the "flower" with the Fauch/Foches thistles ("green thistles with red flowers". Mamie was at her front garden, not with vegetables, but with flowers very likely. Italian Tonys use the "flower" too, and so that all looks like a pointer to TONY Fauci! I was about to kiss Ainsley Earhardt of FOX and FRIENDs! It woiks great like a short New-Yorker lunatic with white hair and a forked-tongue. I bought the Texas property from Miss FRIEND, and she married Mr. Tigh-like Teague!!! BANG-BANG-BANG, you're dead Fauci. Let population control start by your death, old useless eater. Keep your vaccines out of me, snake. All my wrath be upon you, snake, for there will be no mercy for a mass killer.

Both Sickel surnames call their sickles, "scythes," and the Chief of Scythes/Side's is exactly that of Ghents while Gaunt is also, Ghent! Gaunts and their Virgin kin were first found in Kennet-like Kent, and the wavy fessewise bars. Scythes'/Side's were first found in FIFE (!) with Fife's (share Vivian and Five/Fify lion) while Five's/Fifys share the chevron of Vivians! Scythes'/Side's were a branch of Sutys who look related both to the Dutch Gaunt/Ghent and English gaunt Coats, explaining why the Fife and Five/Fify lions are red, the color of the Virgin lion.

Thatchers/Thackers have a Coat version of the Majors, the latter first found in the Channel Islands with Fauch-beloved Thistle's/Thissels. The Channel Islands are off of Manche, and a giant maunch is used by Thick- and Thissel-like Tickhills. The latter were first found in Yorkshire with Ticks/Tucks/Tooks, and beside Tissels/Twizells who in turn have a Coat like that of Ticks/Tucks/Tooks and Teague'. Tissels/Twizells were first found in Northamptonshire with the Reeds in the Thick Crest, and the Thick/Thacker fesse is colors reversed from the same of Tease's/Tighs/Tyes' who in turn were kin of Annas' who in turn have a version of the Thatcher/Thacker Coat. The "te" motto term of Apps'/Abbs'/Epps is now very important if it's code for the Tee/Tea variation (what else?) of Tease's/Tighs/Tyes'

The Abyss-important Thatchers/Thackers (grasshoppers) happen to share the moline of Irish Fairs who in turn have a version of the Fier Coat, the latter first found in Middlesex with Abyss-branch Apps/Abbs' because Fier country is on the Apsus river. Thus, you just saw why the Thick/Thacker lozenges are those of Abyss', is that not amazing? Plus, Scottish Fairs (Cumberland, same as Daggers from the Dexaroi on the Apsus river) share a giant anchor on red with Majors who in turn have a version of the Thatcher/Thacker Coat. French Majors look like they have a version of the Firmen / Farmers Coat, and Scottish Fairs share the Forman/Ferman anchor.

I'd like to go back to the Treveres location of Jacks, first found in Yorkshire with fare-branch Formans/Fermans and Firmans. The Travers/Travis' almost have the Coat of FAREwells (Staffordshire) while Charleys/CHARLETTE's named Charley in Farewell of Staffordshire. Fare's/fairs use a giant anchor while Anchor-loving Greys essentially have the Charley Coat. Fairholms (giant Fare/Fair anchor in colors reversed) are also Farme's/Pharme's/Pharne's, and thus look like a branch of Frame's (Anchor colors and format) and Frane's, and I'm glad to come here because Frane's essentially have the Claus/Klaus Coat. Why might that be? Travers/Travis' and Farewells share the Biss scallops. Biss' have "two snakes respecting each OTHER," and Others/Otters have crescents in colors reversed from the same of Fridays/FREYdays who were in turn first found in Staffordshire with Frane connectable Farewells while Frane's are also FREYne's/Frayne's. Frame's/FREYme's/FRAYme's were first found in Suffolk with Coreys (almost a Kilpatrick Coat) while Charley-branch Charlie's/CHORleys can apply to Coreys. Mr. Kilpatrick married CHARLOTTE Hicks.

This recalls the Hicks relationship expected with Patmos-line Gore's/Core's i.e. the Coreys seem to be verifying a Patrick trace to Patmos elements. While Irish Coreys were first found in Cork, the Corks/CORE's use the lion tails of Tails/Tailors who in turn have three lions in pale in the colors of the three scallops in pale of Biss'. Then, while Currys/Corrys share the GosPATRICK saltire, CURtsys were first found in Surrey with Biss' and the Sheers/Shere's while Kilpatricks show a Sheera variation. Charleys/Charlette's were at GOScote of Leicestershire, and the Perkins/Parkings (Leicestershire) share the Pew/Pugh Coat while Mrs. Kilpatrick did the curtsy at the end of the pew.

Charlie's share the Grey Coat, essentially the Dunbar Coat too, and the Gospatricks, from Northumberland with the first-known Greys, are in the Dunbar write-up because Cospatrick was granted Dunbar along with Comyn-like CUMNock. Kyle's, who were at Cumnock, use CANDLEsticks, can we believe that we've come full-circle to Cantel-like surname? The candleSTICKs trace to the "stick" around which the green Schere snake is "entwined," and then the other Schere's/Scherfs share the fitchee of Sheers/Shere's, the latter first found in Surrey with green-snake Biss'. The two Biss snakes are on a "green mountain".

As the Dunbar Crest is a white horse head while Horse's (white horse heads) were first found in Northumberland with Gospatricks, and with Reeds/Reads to be expected in the "readiness" term of the translated Dunbar motto, it dawned on me that Ure's/Orreys may have been related to a horse-like surname such as the Hors, and so the latter were loaded to find them sharing a Kilpatrick Chief. The "SURsum CORDa" motto of Hors' is probably related to the "sure" motto term of Kilpatricks. The funny thing is, Hors' are listed with Howesons. ??? One clue: Hows/Howes' share the Cord/McCourt fesse while Cords/McCourts share the red heart with Hors/Howesons. Cords/McCourts were first found in Ayrshire with CumNOCK, and Cords/McCourts are in Nock colors and format. Knock-knock. How's there?

Hors'/Howesons were first found in Midlothian, where Formans/Fermans were once said to be first found, and where Fairholms are still said to be first found. Frame's can therefore have the Chief from which Formans/Fermans had borrowed.

Bridle Liners May Be From Abydos

I now recall "Siward's Howe," named after Siward of Northumberland, and so Hors/Howesons were likely a Howe branch that married the Northumberland Horse's. That explains it. Siward's Howe is also Heslington Hill, and Siward, if I recall correctly, had something to do with Heslington. As we keep seeing a lot of heraldic green, the Greem/Gream variations of Green could apply, first due to Greenwwich's (Kent, same as Greens) sharing the Coat of Odins, the latter first found in Yorkshire and sharing the lion of Green-like Greys. Heslington Hall of Yorkshire was owned by Yarburghs, and then passed by marriage to Yarburgh Greame of SEWERby Hall, Bridlington (John Greame married Sarah Yarburgh of Heslington Hall). It's evidence that Sewers were from "Siward" of Northumberland.

In the dream with Obama's pool hall, God made me SEWER when I SHOT for a RED ball with my POOL CUE, and Reds/Reads were first found in Northumberland with the Swords in the Shot/SHUTE Coat. Bridlingtons were first found in Dorset with the Pools of Poole, and with Soars/Sors while Bridle's were first found in Leicestershire with the Soar river. The Bridge's (beside Dorset) were a Bride branch, and Scottish Bride's were first found in Angus with Sewers/SHUTErs.

Bridlingtons, listed curiously with BURLYsons, almost have the Iver/Ever/Eure/Ure Coat, and the latter's write up has a Yar-like name that was also "Iver": "The first on record was 'Douenaldus filius Makbeth mac Ywar...'" It appears that Yarburghs/Yarborough's ("COCK-pheasant" in Crest) were an Iver branch. Greems/Greams/Greens may have been GRIMaldi's who share the Coat of COCKs, first found in Somerset with Bridge's and BURLYs. Repeat from above:

The Hall of Names description for the Scottish Barbers ends with "all red," and Allred's/Aldreds not only share one Bridge Coat, but were first found in Cambridgeshire with Crabs!!!! Incredible, especially as Scottish Barbers were first found in Northumberland with REDs/Reeds. This must be why God chose a BARBEcue contest for a pointer to the Apophis asteroid!!!

I've shown how Hamiltons were rulers on ARRAN aka McBRIDE / Britain liners. Scottish Bride's share the patee cross of Peks/Pecks and Burly- / Burlyson-like Burklys/BERKleys, and then BERKshire is where Peckers/Pickers were first found. I trace Burlys with Ladds/Ladons to Boura near the Ladon river, but also near Sicyon at CORINth. I had found evidence that Corinthians named mythical Coronis, and I see part of her cult at Chora of Patmos, recalling how Coreys have a version of the Kilpatrick Coat. The aunt of Miss Hicks married Mr. Casey, and Scottish Caseys, first found near Cumnock of Gospatricks, use the crow.

As I see Skala of Patmos in naming the Sicels of Sicily, where Sicyon-like Sicanians lived too, it seemed that some peoples of Sicyon and Corinth moved things to Sicily, near Sybaris, where Greeks of Boura are known to have lived. SICYon was in mythcode with SISYphus, king of Corinth, and father of Glaucus. Gloucestershire is where Burklys/Berkelys were first found. "Strabo relates that there was a fountain at Bura called 'Sybaris',..." Gorgons lived at the Glaucus river of proto-Georgia, and the Sicilian flag has a Gorgon head. I see the Bride / Messina patee as a line from Patti at the Sicel part of Sicily.

Mr. BOURLa is the Pfizer CEO, and his $$$-crazed bosses are using CORONA virus to push vaccines. Fisers/Vissers have "fish" in the colors of the "salmon" of Arran's McCabe's/MacABBE's, and mythical Medea of Corinth was related to the Hector-Paris Trojans at and around Abydos. In this picture, Bourla's may have been of the Burlysons/BRIDlingtons. Scottish Bride's were first found in Angus, not only with Sewerby-like Sewers, but with Abydos-suspect Abyss'/ABBE's, you see, and French Bride's were first found in Savoy with BRIGantium while Briggs share the McBride cinquefoil, and then Brighams share the fesse of Scottish Bride's. Although I don't know it to be the case, it would be very interesting if Phrygians (Trojan allies) founded Abydos, because Phrygians were otherwise Briges/Brigians i.e. suspect at Brigantium. The Scottish Bride's even share an eagle's head (different color) in Crest with the Abyss'/Abbe's. Note BrigHAMs, for Hams share the McCabe/MacAbbe salmon.

The Peks/Pecks sharing the Bride patee gets us back to the Pek river of Moesia, and I've read that Moesians had been Mysians. Abydos is in Mysia. Perhaps the Berks were Brigians too as per Berkleys sharing the Bride / Pek patee. Phrygians lived heavily at Derbe while Derbyshire is where Phrygian-suspect Froggits were first found, as well as Moses-connectable CALVERs who in turn share a Moor head in Crest with Peckers/Pickers. Froggs, first found in Shropshire with Moses'/Moesens ("CALVARy symbol), have a Coat like that of Scottish Bride's. Another Moor head in Crest is with Moses-connectable MOYers, and while Moses'/Moesens, with a MOY variation, can be traced to Moesians, the Moor head is from the Arms of Morano on the Sybaris river, home of the Boura peoples. Surnames such as Ratcliffs and Holds/Holts tell of a BURy location in Salford, and Mose's/Moss are said to have had a Moss area at Salford.

Moses'/Moesens were first found in Shropshire with Bellamys of PERCHE, and with Sleeps having two of the ermined fesses of Dardanian-line Dards/Darts, and Abydos was beside DARDania. The Maine's (Devon, same as Dards/Darts and English Billets) use a "dart," and share the two chevrons of Perche's while Maine is where Billets/Billiards were first found who are in the billets of Mose's/Moss'. The latter have another patee, and may be from the people group that named PatMOS, for the gold tower is shared between Mose's/Moss' and Scottish Patents, the latter first found in Dumfries with Kilpatricks of CLOSEburn. Another gold tower is with Scute's, first found in Lancashire with Mose's/Moss'.

Close's look related to French Bride's, Brights (Cheshire, same as Maceys/Mace's) and Maceys/Mace's. Closeburn is on the Nith river of the Nitts/Naughts who share the PITT checks on a black Shield, a possible pointer of Kilpatricks to the Revelation abyss. Pitts were a branch of PERTs/PETTs, and Perta was an ancient location on lake Tatta, near Derbe. Derbe was conquered by king Amyntes of Galatia, the line to Mynetts, first found in Kent with Perts/Petts. If GRIMaldi's were indeed the makings of Greems/Greams/Greens (Kent), then while Greenwich's share the Odin Coat, by what coincidence was FRIGG the mythical wife of mythical Odin? Or, by what coincidence do Grimaldi's have this: "A statue of Grimaldi as a monk with a sword under his FROCK stands at his memorial in Monaco today." Frocks are listed with Froggs.

The entries at houseofnames are often ancient, explaining why old regions no longer official today are used in the write-ups, such as Salford, for example. Houseofnames must have purchased the rights to use the write-ups, and I've seen plenty of evidence that write-ups have codewords for related families. "Frock" looks like such a code, and the monk is code for Monaco-branch Monks (possibly the Grey lion). As Malta's use a lion in the colors of the Monk lion heads, GriMALDi's look like a Gris-Malta / Gris-Mallet merger. According to the Monk write-up, Monaco may have been named by the Moyne's and therefore the Moons (Devon, same as Dards/Darts and Monks) from Monunius, king of Dardanians.

Moyne's (essentially in Moon colors and format) share the Pecker/Picker roses, which can explain the Moy variation of Moses'/Moesens. The latter were first found in Shropshire with Dard-connectable Sleeps, Moesian-line Meschins, and Froggs/FROCKs, you see, and as Peckers/Pickers were first found in BERKshire while Berks are also Burghs, it should be added that the Frogg/Frock annulet is in colors reversed with Spanish Burgos'. English Burghs (beside Burleys) are also Borrows so that Burghs (colors reversed from Burleys) may have been Boura liners. Burys share the Masci fleur-de-lys, and Pickers are expected from the Picensii Moesians to Picenze, where my mother was born and raised by her father, Mr. Grimaldi, and my her mother, Miss Masci.

In colors reversed, Ladds/Ladons (Somerset, same as Burleys and Bridge's) look like Meschins. The white Bridge griffin head could be in the Burgh/Borrow Crest. The Mussels/Muscels have a version of the Meschin Coat but with plates, and those plates are on the bend of BRIDlingtons/BURLYsons (Dorset, beside Somerset); that bend is itself on the Massey/Macey quadrants. Repeat: "Heslington Hall of Yorkshire was owned by YarBURGHs, and then passed by marriage to Yarburgh GREAME of Sewerby Hall, BRIDLINGTON (John Greame married Sarah Yarburgh of Heslington Hall)." The Heslington/Hazelton and Hazelwood chevron is in the colors of the two of Burghs/Borrows. I once saw Hazelwoods said to be first found in Shropshire.

The "FOCis motto term of Heslingtons/Hazeltons can be for Foggs (Bride colors and format) sharing the Figg and Frogg/Frock annulets. I suggest that Foggs were from FOCa, anciently Phocaea (Lydia), where the proto-Ligurians came from. Grimaldi's historically lived in Liguria (includes Monaco). Foggs, first found in Kent with Greems/Greams/Greens, are in the colors and format of Purys/BUREYs, no guff, and both share the stars of Palins (Dorset, same as Bridlingtons/BURLysons), whom I trace to PALINurus at the Bay of Laus, where the peoples of Sybaris lived which included Greeks from Boura. Pureys/Bureys, with the Bride Coat plus stars, were first found in Oxfordshire with Abydos-like Abotts.

Repeat: "Maine's (Devon, same as Dards/Darts and English Billets) use a "dart," and share the two chevrons of PERCHE's while Maine is where Billets/Billiards were first found who are in the billets of Mose's/Moss'." The Abott-like Botters/Bodys have an "eagle STANDing on a silver PERCH", and then Stands are listed with Stains who in turn are said to have married "Yarboroughs" (listed with Yarburghs) of Heslington Hall. This now gives rise to trace Botters and Buttons/Bidens/Budins / Butts/Bute's/Boets to "Abydos." Stands/Stains have two of the Bride / Fogg / Frogg/Frock / Purey/Burey chevron.

When Mrs. Kilpatrick wore her green dress, when she prayed for me in my HUNTER-green blazer, can it be a pointer to Hunter Biden because he is/was on the board of BURISma Holdings, a company owned by Mykola Zlochevsky who himself lives in Monaco with prince Grimaldi??? Looks like. Buris' are listed with Burys, believe it or not, who even share the fleur-de-lys of Kilpatricks who in turn have a Coat like that of Blazers. Could God have used the "bridge" in the SLOCK Crest to further point to ZLOCHevsky? yes, for while Hunter Biden's partner in crime is Devon ARCHer, the Slock Crest is "Bridge of three arches." Blazers, who share the Hunter / Kilpatrick saltire, are said to have named Blay while Blays share the crescents of French Archers (and Archibalds). French Archers were first found in Provence with the Barbe's who share their crescent! The BarbeCUE! Cue's/Kews share the Blazer garb!

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, a barbecue is a roast, and Roasts/Roosts have a saltire surrounded by four items in the colors and format of the same as Blazers!!! Roasts/Roosts share the red wyvern of Drake's, and "shelDRAKE" ducks are used by Devons! The vyVERN recalls Verne Archibald, by landlord twice, and it was due to him (I think he was a queer) that I found a relationship between Kids, Verne's, and Archibalds. They say that there's sex with kids on Hunter Biden's laptop. The Archibald Crest shares the crescent in the Kid Crest, and the crescent in the Archibald Shield is the Archer crescent too.


...the blazer I was wearing with the treble-clef tie had a tiny-check pattern in green and black, and the only surname I could think of with checks in those colors are the LinkLETTERs. You really need to be amazed here because I recall wearing my LEATHER DOCKER-brand shoes that day, and then while Leathers are listed with LETTERs, Linkletters use "SHELdrakes" DUCKs while Shells were first found in Westphalia with Ducks/DOCKERs, you can't believe what I'm saying, I know.

Can we believe it? Dockers/Doctors share the bridge with Slocks.

Verne's were first found in Forez while Fore's/Forez's are also Forests while Scottish Fosters/Forrests (hunting horns) use a "Hunter blow thy HORN" motto while Buttons/BIDENs (Hampshire, same as Drake's) have a "horn" in Crest. Scottish Fosters were at Newlands, a possible pointer to Victoria Nuland. In my dream, I picked up a sleeping bag in a forest, which pointed to a Mr. Foster who partook in the murder of judge Scalia, and then the Bag Chief is much the Chief of Bulgers while you will find a relative of Whitey Bulger (gangster) involved with Hunter Biden and Devon Archer. Whitey-like Weights share the Foster/Forrest hunting horns (same colors). Whiteys (share Kid / Verne stars) almost have the Coat exactly of Tudys (Hampshire) who could be in the Barbe motto term, "PULCHRitude," which has a Bulger-like look to it too.

Late last month: "A former business partner [Devon Archer] of Hunter Biden was sentenced Monday to more than a year in prison for his role in a scheme to defraud a Native American tribe of some $60 million in bonds." He got off too leniently.


In the 4th minute of this David Knight Video, you will see a chart showing that, the more doses people took, the less protected against viruses. This is why much of leftist media no longer push vaccines, we may assume, because word is amply out:

Here's two disclosures of DoJ corruption:

Here's some more entertainment: Trump just filed a law suit against Hillary Clinton, but he's going to pick his own enemy to be his lawyer ahahahahahahaha.

I definitely recommend (with a high-pitch siren) pulling children out of school, even if you need to downsize your home so that mom can homeschool. Do not succumb to Internet schooling. The Internet is the devil's highway, know that, and control even yourself while on it. Keep your mind-shield up when perusing even the news. It's a sick devil's world on the Internet.

Here's an alarming, new statistic on COVID deaths. Later in the video, the man says what I think is true, that the vaccine companies needed to disarm a body's immune system in order to allow the body to produce what they claim is the COVID virus, so that the immune system can then fight it off and learn immunity from it. But that sounds so fantasial that, in reality, the companies must be using an excuse to shut down the immune system TEMPORARILY when in fact they intend to shut it down for much longer than temporary. I do not think the vaccines are creating the COVID virus at all, and the body is therefore not learning immunity to that virus. It's a horrific trick, a large-scale abuse of humanity in the least.

Even if Jesus returns in the ballpark of 2030, the election fraud fight remains important to Christians because, the more Christian-friendly rulers there are going into the final years, the obvious better it should go for us. God know that, and maybe He arranged to expose the massive election-fraud machine throughout the United States. I'm waiting for a similar exposure of the Canadian election system. Here's a fraud report, out of the blue, for Georgia, where the people presenting it have obviously been working under the radar for a long while; although this video is fast-going, some of the information is easy to understand as, Trump won Georgia hands down:

Here's some good election-fraud news from Colorado, which is the state having the American head office for Dominion Voting machines:

About the 8th minute of the video below, you will see some British-government statistics. Have the wisdom to realize that, as the British government was complicit is forcing society to vaccinate, the real numbers are far worse, probably double, at least, what they are admitting to it the charts. The horror is obvious when we see that almost all of the roughly 5,800 people hospitalized who were vaccinated (most of them triple-vaxxed) also died (i.e. 5,200 murdered). This is over a one month period early this year. This tends to confirm that people who enter hospitals are deliberately placed on a murder program. I've heard this claim from leaks from hospital people. The hospital owners put people on a crash course to die of malnutrition and Remdesivir poisoning:

Look at how evil the Democrats were already, in the same diabolical games they play today, some two decades ago:

How can it be a coincidence that benzene has been found in a great assortment of skin and shampoo products, though there's not supposed to be any benzene in them, though this article doesn't mention all the products:

When the globalists plot to poison us, they might make the producers of the products sell cheap, and then the globalists slip the companies some of our tax-money under the table to make up for the losses at the stores. That way, people gobble up the poisons:

When Kayla Ridgely, a nurse in Queen Creek, Arizona, stumbled across bottles of hand sanitizer on sale for 99 cents at her local Walmart, it seemed like a gold mine. It was early in the pandemic...

But earlier this year, Ridgely came across a study showing that the brand of hand sanitizer she had been using throughout the pandemic had sold bottles that tested positive for benzene, a solvent made from petroleum that is not allowed to be used in consumer products because it is carcinogenic.

Who put the benzene in the sanitizer? Do yourself a favor. Reduce the application of store-bought products to your skin. You don't need skin cream. Ladies, you don't need make-up. You don't need hair conditioner. You can even use soap for hair. Hair needs natural oils, but washing it each day is not the best, especially as people probably wash hair twice per shower. We need to realize that globalists and their helpers have decided big-time to turn off their hearts, to make us sick in efforts to profit off of our illnesses. It was happening in decades past, but now the percentage of such heartless people has perhaps quadrupled. Proctor and Gamble recalled many of its products due to benzene presence. It was clearly added to the products deliberately. How was it done without the workers knowing it? How possibly could it have gotten into so many products accidentally? Don't buy from companies who are nabbed like this. Their recalling products is not a sure sign of their innocence nor their repentance.


Here's a happy video. If I had said that the trucker convoy was like a long spear to trudeau's head, I was more wrong than right. The higher truth is that trudeau speared himself in the head and soul when he acted like a lunatistical dictator:

If you thought that was not happy enough, get a load of this jolt:

After six boys, mom had a girl very recently. This is a Sounds of Reign family production (just give the kids a few more years, and this will be one big band). Go ahead and sing to other offerings at youtube after you load this; it's infinitely better for you than the world news:

Here's an old hymn with words showing, but you need to sing with more passion than the singer, okay?

Ladies, do you know that "dirty" word, "submission," doesn't mean to be half-there, in the background, not being your full self, not expressing your full talents / knowledge? There is no such law, "submit yourselves," if you don't get bossy, if you don't want to be number one, if you don't try to be the limelight. To submit means to be a team player as opposed to wanting to be the coach or the music conductor. People playing instruments to a song need to submit to one another. The guitar player doesn't try to drown out the drummer in order to grab attention. In a duet, the two voices sing at the proper volume in order that both voices mix as best as possible. So, submitting to a husband means be a team player. To get quietly into the background is more like rebellion than submission. To be quietly in the background is not to be helpful. Let your talents shine. Same applies to men. Whatever your husband is doing, if it's a good endeavor, help it out as you can. If he's not doing a good thing, you need to tell him so, because it's okay to try to straighten out a wrong thing. Maybe it just needs a little tweaking.

Being the greatest servant might be to let the other singer be the louder one. In order to do that, you sing with less volume deliberately. That's sweet and voluntary submission, and it's got value with God because the opposite is to be the pig. But wait, there's also something to be said for putting in the best performance possible, together, and that may not include singing with less volume. To submit to the audience, you sing with the goal of blessing their hearts with feeling and good notes together, not to impress them with how you've learned to hit and hold notes, seeking praise.

To be submissive to someone else doesn't especially mean getting into the background as second fiddle, but rather means doing my part while not spoiling the other one's part. That's right, pardners, we're in this together. So long as spouses are being helpful to one another, I don't see the problem. The problem(s) surfaces when one spouse doesn't want the agenda of the other, or when a housewife isn't happy with the income level of the husband. Divorce for things like that is not permitted by Jesus, but your Western state allows it for less because the West is led by sinners, never forget. They do not have a law against adultery. The West is anti-Christ through-and-through, and Christians who do not despise it will become like it. People who hail absolute freedoms will have the devil in their lives to confound them. This is the American experiment, and America is the greatest testimony ever of the Great Satan.

Life is Intended to consist of God's pleasure acting in us, and we can feed off of His pleasure in us, unless He's not pleased with us, at which point we go "dead" in spirit. Anti-Christs are merely talking flesh-bots. They learn from each other, spur one another on, and become robots of the devil without the River of Living Water. It is much easier to be a submissive person when the Satisfying River flows. If one doesn't know the River, the demons move in. This is what Christians believe.

If you're wondering where my next movie offering is, I can't find any good Christian movies. They almost all have hypocritical Christians, making a mockery of God thereby. Where's the Christian-movie producers who create exceptional Christian attitudes for all the Christians of the movie as they handle surprising or difficult circumstances? That's going to give the viewer ideas on how to handle life. Our anti-Christians schools aren't teaching the good ways to handle situations, so why don't Christian producers start doing that? I'm starting to wonder whether "Christian" movies offered on youtube are deliberately from evil / fake Christians with the intension of making all Christians look like hypocrites. I'm starting to wonder. They almost always start off with a crisis where the Christians don't deal well with them. What kind of an image does that give the people of God at the expense of creating a story?

Here's a nice but slow-moving movie, with no Christian hypocrites, starring Rich Pawn and TootsieRoll.

I can't find anymore "Christian" movies that I think are more good than bad. Here's a woman using plain, metal lids to store cooked chicken in jars for up to a year without refrigeration. I think that it's not a bad idea to store cooked chicken rather than dried (needs fewer jars per chicken) because it's better to have too many jars than not enough. Although she cooks the raw chicken with skin in the jars, I don't see why we couldn't cook the chicken in the oven, or in a pan first, then jar it in its juices, then put the open jars in an over at 200 F degrees to kill bacteria in the jars, then put the lids in the oven for the final 15 minutes, then put the lids on the jars while they're hot for a great seal. This way, you can slip in an oxygen absorber to get perhaps two years of storage, but, without oxygen in the jars, the botulism bacteria can grow (if it's in the jar to begin with, though it's shouldn't be after cooking). We need to learn this starting yesterday. We don't know what commercial stresses the lunatics are about to place upon us this year or next. We should be ready with stored food, in the least. This video has almost 10 million views in what looks like only three months, and so why don't you make videos like this too? The world can use more.

She has a similar video for beef, and insists that the meat must have fat for this method. However, the jar might not become filled with this fat. She cooks the jars with lids on, which is to say she screws them on when the contents of the jars are cold, which does NOT give anywhere near as good a seal as when lids are placed on with contents hot. I find 210F very good for this, but am not sure if 350F is too hot for the lids; it might be. We want to use lids again, and so don't ruin them by over-heating the part that makes the seal. Don't tighten the lids with all your strength because you don't want to ruin the part that makes the seal. Use about half your strength, or less if you're a 140-pound he-man. Get a good feel for making a good seal, and that's enough tightening when the contents are hot. If the contents are cold, like when I store dried foods for a while before oven-treating them, I tend to use most of my strength.

You will see many videos on jarring meat that will tell you it's a MUST to pressure boil jars (not the way the lady above does it) to assure that botulism bacteria cannot survive. Pressurized boiling gets the jar's contents to temperatures higher than the boiling point to assure the killing of botulii. BUT then why not cook the meat in the oven at 350F, and at some point put jars into the oven too to sanitize them, then put the meat into the jars, and cook for a few minutes longer, then put on lids? This way, we won't need a pressure cooker.

To make the jarred meat last longer, how about drying it halfway to jerky quality, then cook as said above? We need to wait until we can afford an expensive pressure cooker. If you haven't been storing meat because you don't like dried meats, do it this way. But lots of jars, in the 100s, over the next year or two, because one day you may not be able to get them. This is your food insurance, and so spending $500 on jars is "nothing." Save all your store-bought jars too. This is numero uno on your list of to-do in food preservation.


Here's all four Gospels wrapped into one story.

For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God.
Also, you might like this related video:

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