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March 29 - April 4, 2022

Stoltenberg and NATO
Ainsley Earhardt in the Broken Door Handle
Kepke's Black Lab Points to Kiev's Bioweapons Labs
Carpenter-Glue Dream Deciphered as per Vaccine Goons

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I'd like to repeat from the top of the last update, in case anyone wants to go read the rest, which was seemingly one of the most-important messages I've given in relation to tribulation preparation, because it seems to be verifying that the Apophis asteroid of 2029 is landing in the sea. Load Aster link now to have access, on another tab, to other Coats of Arms:

In the last two updates, I revisited the Apophis asteroid of 2029 to which I claim the two MacKenzie surnames point in conjunction with Sleeping Beauty and her husband, Mr. Kilpatrick (see those terms in the last update for some explanation). As soon as the last update was uploaded to the Internet, I TOLD God that, if indeed He's pointing to this asteroid, then the Aster surname, in the MacKenzie motto, needs to apply in some other way to confirm things. Moreover, I said to Him, I'd like to see a Roid-like surname applying with "asterROID." My delving into these questions did not disappoint. UNDERSTAND: nobody in heraldry was concerned with the link of a Roid-like surname to Asters.

The first thing I noticed is that the red lion paw in the Scottish Ure surname is bendwise, and Asters happen to use a red bend. "Uro" is a MacKenzie motto term, and we can even add that while Asters were first found in TourLAVILLE, Laville's are listed with Ville's/Font-de-Ville's (share giant Ure lion), first found in Languedoc with the Mountains in the MacKenzie "mountain." This mountain shows as a rock, and thus it's likely code for a Mountain-line marriage to Rocks/Roque's, the latter first found in Languedoc with Rodez's and a ROQUEfeuil location. As I always stress, Miss Roquefeuil married HUGH of RODez. It looks like "Roid." English Rocks share the trefoil of Rods. Lookie at how fast we got here, yet there's more.

The Tongue's/Tongs almost have the English Mountain Coat, though the Tongue's call their footless martlets, "birds." In the Tongue Crest, "A gold bird rising FROM a ROCK." Yup, the FROMMs share the Rock trefoil in both colors, green like the Rod trefoil. This gets more amazing as I delve. Noticing that the three Rock rooks are in the colors of the three Barwick bears, I checked the description of the Barwick Crest to find "A gold stag on a green MOUNTAIN"!!! The reason Barwicks and Berwicks (Berwickshire = old BERNICia) were checked is that Berwickshire elements include BURNs and Bernice's/Burness', and the Revelation mountain is said to be "burning"!!! Incredible. Plus, the Sarah's/Sayers who share the Barwick motto were first found in Essex with Mountains.

Nobody thinks to call birds "HERALDIc gold birds," as the Tongue/Tong birds are called, unless they are indicating the Harald/Herod surname, which happens to share the FORE/Forez Coat, essentially, explaining the "FORbear" motto term of Barwicks. The Harald/Herod and Fore/Forez fesse is shared by Wheats/Whate's while the latter share "ears of wheat" with the Berwick Crest! It can explain why Burns and Bernice's/Burness' both share black hunting horns with Wheat-like Weights. The latter are in the colors and format of the Steads suspect in the "Steady" motto of Tongue's/Tongs. There are many heraldic tongues that can play to this picture.

Plus, be dazzled here, because I know where this is leading, to Herods. Wheats/Whate's, sharing gold garbs with Tilts/Tiletons, who in turn have a reflection of the Mountain and Tongue/Tong Coats, were first found in Norfolk with the Comyns/COMINGs whose gold garbs are in both colors of those of Tilts/Tiletons because the latter have "A mural crown with a BEAR's head COMING out of it." Barwicks, Berwicks, the Arms of Berwickshire, and Steadys all share bear's heads!!! We can now enter the "TILTing spear" of English Payne's into this because these Payne's were first found in Somerset with the Rhodes-line Roets who share the boar heads of Speers, the latter first found in Renfrewshire with the Bernys location of Burns!

Tilts/Tiletons were first found in Leicestershire with Tong-like Tonys, and with Perkins/Parkings who in turn share the fleur-de-lys of BRUINs (Leicestershire), and of Courage's in the Comyn/COMINGS motto. Herod Antipas was banished from Israel by Caesar, and placed in exile in what became COMMINGes. Tongue's/Tongs share the martlet of BLAZE's (Yorkshire, same as Tongue's/Tongs and Manninghams), and the asteroid "burning with fire" is said to be "aBLAZE" by the NIV translation. Tony's use a "maunch," and Manche is where Asters were first found. The Manx people are those on the Isle of Man, and Tongue's/Tongs were at MANNINgham.

MORE INCREDIBLE: The Burns have a motto, "EVER READy," and Reads/Reeds, I kid you not, share the "book" with Roets. English Reads/Reeds were first found in Northumberland with RODhams and Barwicks! Ever's are listed with Ivers/Eure's/URE's, and this goes to the "uro" motto term of Mountains!!! I can add that the Burner quadrants are half in the colors of the Ever/Hepher quadrants for a connection to Heffers, first found in Somerset with Coffers/Coffare's (share Heffer crescents) in Harald/Herod colors. The quadrants above share green ones between the two Coats, and it's the green ones that make the Ever/Hepher chevron that of Coffers/Coffare's too.

Haralds/Herods are also Hurls while English Hurls/Herls, sharing their gold fesse, were first found in Northumberland with Barwicks, The first-known Burns / BERNICE's/Buness' were in neighboring Cumberland. I've been insisting that Bernice's are from Berenice Agrippa, a HEROD, but I've never had the Haralds/Herods playing into them as in what we just saw. The Apophis asteroid for end-time HeROD liners? Did Herods name Rodez? If not, did the namers of Rodez name Herods? HERODotus, who predated Herods of Israel by centuries, lived in Caria, beside Rhodes.

I'm repeating that quote because, while writing it last week, I loaded the new-to-me Comminges'/Commings' with a Nuce-like "nous" motto term. The News'/Nuces'/Nuce's became a topic on the day I was mugged through Galveston, when I stopped in Victoria (Texas) for a NEWSpaper, and picked up a coffee while I was at it. Coffee's/COFFERs, in the colors of the Coffers/Coffare's in the quote above, use a "victoria" motto term. I'm repeating this partly because the "nous aMENDONs" motto phrase of Comminges' gets the Mendons/Mendhams with a gold cross in the type used for it by Bash's who in turn have a Coat looking like a version of the News'/Nuces Coat because Bash's were first found in Hertfordshire with Nuse's/Newes'.

The other reason I'm repeating the newspaper-and-coffee event is that I slept in Crystal City later on that same day, and while Crystals have the Bash cross in colors reversed, the Crystal motto includes "Mens" while Mens' come up as "MINGIES," tending to explain "ComMINGES." I kid you not, the "calvary" symbol of Crystals is in red, the color of the calvary symbol of Mendon-like Mandons/Mannsons! I've talked a million times about the newspaper event and Crystal City, but these new links are just coming out of the closet now.

The last update showed why Teggerts/Taggards, sharing a brown owl with Calvarys, were a branch of Teague's/Teegers, and while I purchased the newspaper in Victoria to seek vacant land, I ended up buying from Mrs. Teague, who lived on the Nuces-like Nueces river. I asked if she had a tract on riverfront, and when she showed one to us, I bought it immediately, on the Nueces river ten minutes from Miss Hicks, herself on the Nueces. Hicks' share the News/Newes chaplet.

Though I only saw Miss Hicks for the first time on CHRISTmas day of 1994, I didn't talk to her until 2002. After purchasing the Texas tract in late 1994, I left in the first week of April of 1995, 34 years before April 13, 2029, when Apophis is slated to pass the earth in a near-miss of under 20,000 miles. A little breathing upon this rock by God would change its trajectory enough to make it crash. I wasn't able to make it back to Texas, due to some crucial problems, until April of 1999, about 30 years before Apophis. On the day I arrived, as I've said many times, I approached MANDY to ask her for COFFEE. She was probably hesitant because she didn't know me at all, and so I said she could call Mrs. Teague about me because I was attending her church, and because I bought her property. So we got together for coffee the next morning on the Nueces Canyon road, and Canyons were first found in Hertfordshire with Nuse's/Newes'.

The Mandon-like Mandys have a cross looking like the one of Rhodes-like Rudes'/RUDGE's, both crosses half in the colors of the RIDGE cross, and the latter's is also the Bath cross while the Bath cross-and-lions are colors reversed from the same of MANDer-related Rhodes! See? There are pointers in my meeting Mandy to Herod-suspect elements, and as we seem to be touching upon Comminges kin with Mandys, just gawk at the Mandy Crest description: "A black wolf's head erased besanty with FIRE COMING FROM his mouth." Is that not amazing? Fromms (Austria, same as Fire's and Manners) are the ones with the ROD trefoil.

The Fire's, which can apply to the "burning fire" of the Revelation asteroid (Revelation 8:8), are also the Firs in the "fir tree" of the Crystal Crest!!! Incredible. The Mandy wolf is ERASed at the neck, and the ERAS'/Rasmussens, gleaned as kin of Pepins/PEPYs (share "Mens" with Crystal, no guff), share the giant Fire/Fir unicorn to assure that the Mandy fire is indeed code for Fire's/Firs.

Now we have a better idea as to why God sent Mandy driving by me just as I was coming out from my motel room looking for something to do. She drove by me, watching on, into the restaurant across the street, and I had the impetus to flag her down in the MIDDLE of the ROAD as she was driving out, to ask for a get-together. MIDDLEsex is where Besants were first found who have a version of the German Manner Coat, and Besants are on the Mandy wolf head. I just showed you why Mandys look like Rhodes elements, and Rhodes' with Manders share besants.

Maynors/Mainards have a "justa" motto term to go with the "just" and "fear" motto terms of Peacocks in the peacock of the Maness/Manner Crest. Fears/Fiers go well with the "fire" in the Mandy Crest, and Peacocks (Essex, same as Mountains) share the Rhodes / Mander besants. I think we're justified going to the "TILTing spear" of Payne's here, because I think Payne's share the lions of Rhodes-related Baths. Tilts/Tiletons are the ones with "A MURAL CROWN with a...a BEAR's head COMING out of it," thus code for Comminges' liners along with the Mandy wolf head, and Mountain-loving Barwicks (bear heads) were first found in Northumberland with English Manners.

Repeat: "Tilts/Tiletons were first found in Leicestershire with Tong-like Tonys...Tongue's/Tongs share the martlet of BLAZE's (Yorkshire, same as Tongue's/Tongs and Manninghams), and the asteroid "burning with fire" is said to be "aBLAZE" by the NIV translation. Tony's use a "sleeve," otherwise called a "maunch," and Manche is where Asters were first found. The Manx people are those on the Isle of Man, and Tongue's/Tongs were at MANNINgham." Manninghams use peacocks to show their being a Maness/Manner branch, and Mannings, if their patee cross were in colors reversed, would be red, the color of the Comminges patee. The Mendons/Mendhams suspect in the Comminges motto were first found in Suffolk with Mannings. The latter share the Round and Sheriff motto , including "Esse," and while the Round Table was given to Arthurs for a symbol, Ardens, first found in Warwickshire with Sheriffs, share the Manning cinquefoils.

The peacock head of Peacocks is "erased" like the Mandy wolf head, and the Bee's share the quadrants of German Manners and Besants, in colors reversed from the same of Evers/Eure's/URE's suspect in the motto of Mountain-loving MacKenzie's. BEElieve this or NOT, "BE just and fear NOT" is the full Peacock motto while Nots/Cnuts were first found in Derbyshire with Mandys. Munds/Munts use more peacocks, and were first found in Kent with the Hamons/AMENs possible with Mendons in the "AMENdon" motto term of Comminges'.

Teague's/Teegers have their own wolf head in Crest to go with the one of Mandys, and Teeger-like Tigers were first found in Suffolk with Mendons/Mendhams (suspect in the Comminges motto), and with the Maynors/Mainards looking like they apply to the Mens/Mingies write-up. The "Mens" and "MANSit" motto term of Poppins/Pophams can apply to the "Manus" motto term of Maynors/Mainards, which recalls that I drove past the Markham address of Mr. MANESS an hour or two before purchasing the newspaper in Victoria. Mr. Maness, along with his mate, Miss Covert, are a pointer to neo-Nazis, and Coverts are listed with Coffer-like Cofferts. Mens'/Minges' are said to be of the Manners, and Maness' are listed with English Manners.

I find the Mandons/Mansons, because they share the red calvary with Crystals, to be key with meeting Mandy. The Moses' who have the Crystal calvary in colors reversed, were first found in Shropshire with the Rudes'/Rudge's having a version of the Mandy cross, as if the makers of heraldry knew about my trip to Crystal City, later followed up with meeting Mandy. When I awoke in Crystal City, I decided to go back home (Canada), saying to self, "I'm going to save $15,000 and come back in six months to buy some land" (it was low-priced in those parts). After six months, I had saved $14,000, and out of the blue my mother gifted me with $1,000, and so, on or about October 28th, almost exactly six months after leaving Crystal City in April, I left back to Texas, and bought Mrs. Teague's property weeks later.

Moses' are said to have been Mostyns too, apparently explaining why Mustans/Mussens (Yorkshire, same as Crystals) are in Mayner/Mainard colors and format. Nordic Mansons use the PHEON, and a chevron in "pean" is used by Amens/Hamons.

The "Maea menor" motto phrase of Mandons/Mansons got me to load Menors/Mena's/Minae's first of all, seeing they use black wolves possibly of the Mandy Crest. I realized that they have the horizontally-split colors of Popoli's, Mayners/Mainards, with their MayNARD and "NARDus" motto term, must have been a may-Nardo merger because DeNARDos and German Mays share the same tower, even the TOUT tower while TOURlaville (in Man-line Manche) is where Asters were first found. Thus, Mays must be in the "MAEA menor" motto phrase of Mandons/Mansons, and though the Hall of Names description doesn't tell what the May tower stands on, it's on three items that are the Roque/Rock rocks while DeNardo's come up as Narbonne's probably because Roquefeuil and Narbonne are in Languedoc with the first-known Tours, and with Comminges. Narbonne is at Herault, and the Heraults are listed with Haralds/HERODs.

The Gellone monastery is at Herault, and while William de Gellone was count of Toulouse across from Comminges, it tends to explain why Gellone's (Yorkshire, same as Crystals), in Crystal colors, almost have the Coat of Courage's in the Comyn/Comings motto.

The amazing thing here is that while I can link Mens branches to Mendons/Mendhams, "Mens" is a motto term also of Pepins/Pepys and Poppins/Pophams for an excellent pointer to the HYKSos king, Apophis/Apepi, and thus we can again be on God's pointer to the Apophis asteroid, especially as I see Comets as a branch of Comyns/Comings (Comet colors and format). The HICKS' share the "chaplet" with News'/Nuces'.

Comets were first found in Limousin, near the first-known Comminges' of Gascony. The Comminges area was probably a part of Gascony. It just so happens that while Asters were instrumental, in the last update, in pointing to the ASTERoid, the Labels/La Bells in the Aster Coat were first found in Gascony too. Plus, I've just found, the Towers in the Comet towers essentially share the gold griffin in the Comminges Crest! Beauty. The Towers are said to have branched to Ely, in Cambridgeshire, where News'/Nuces' were first found. An Ely-like "eel" is used by both Ships/Shiptons and Irish Foys (share Chapman/Chepman crescent) while French Foys/Foix's share the bend-with-pellets of Sheptons/SHIPmans/CHIPmans while Chapmans/Chepmens (Cambridgeshire, same as News'/Nuces'), looking like they relate to the Crest of CHAPlet-using News'/Nuces', are said to have included SCHAPmans and Shepshanks.

Ahh, lookie at the potential Herods we just caught by the tail. Ely-like EELys/Halys, who share the boar heads of LockHARTs (looks like "Herod"), were first found in Sligo with HICKensons/Higginsons and their Higgins branch, both using more towers for linking to Comminges' and Comets. Lockharts (Share Douglas HEART) were first found in Lanarkshire with the HARDYs and Astys, and while the latter share the Lyon Coat, and while Men's/Mingies' were at GlenLYON of the Lyons, Lyon is a location beside Vienne, and Herod Archelaus, brother of Herod Antipas of Comminges, was banished by Caesar to Vienne!

As Douglas' are said to descend from Hardys, we easily glean that Lockharts have a version of the Douglas Coat. Douglas' use a "salaMANDER" in flames" while Manders look like a potential branch of Mendons/Mendhams. I trace Manders to the Maeander river of Caria, home of HERODotus, because the Mander Coat can be gleaned with that of Rhodes'. Rhodes liners may have named Herods and Rods. a/manners , Hardys share the boars of the Ponders (Cambridgeshire, same as the Ely location of Towers) in the Chapman/Chepman motto, and thus we are close to the News/Nuces' suspect in the "nous" motto term of Comminges'.

The Lockhart boar heads are then gleaned as the same-colored one of Schims/Schiens because the latter were a branch of Skene's/Skins/Scans who in turn have a Coat similar to the Pando's in the Lockhart motto. The Pando's use "LOAFs" of "BREAD," and while Cake's/CakeBREADs were first found in Cambridgeshire too, Luffs/Love's can be a branch of the Lofwicks that are said, in the Tower motto, to have been Tower liners. Lofwicks/Lovicks look like Ratcliff and Tipps/Tippin kin, which can explain the one loaf, and all three wolf heads of Skene's, being at the TIP of their swords. The Swords, sharing the Pando / Skene sword, were first found in Northumberland with the Little's who share the Lofwick/Lovick saltire.

Pointer to Biden Crime Syndicate

In the last update, just after I had been on Burey liners, I wrote the following:

When Mrs. Kilpatrick wore her green dress, when she prayed for me in my HUNTER-green blazer, can it be a pointer to Hunter Biden because he is/was on the board of BURISma Holdings, a company owned by Mykola Zlochevsky who himself lives in Monaco with prince Grimaldi??? Looks like. Buris' are listed with Burys, believe it or not, who even share the fleur-de-lys of Kilpatricks who in turn have a Coat like that of Blazers. Could God have used the "bridge" in the SLOCK Crest to further point to ZLOCHevsky? yes, for while Hunter Biden's partner in crime is Devon ARCHer, the Slock Crest is "Bridge of three arches." Blazers, who share the Hunter / Kilpatrick saltire, are said to have named Blay while Blays share the crescents of French Archers (and Archibalds). French Archers were first found in Provence with the Barbe's who share their crescent! The BarbeCUE! Cue's/Kews share the Blazer garb!

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, a barbecue is a roast, and Roasts/Roosts have a saltire surrounded by four items in the colors and format of the same as Blazers!!! Roasts/Roosts share the red wyvern of Drake's, and "shelDRAKE" ducks are used by Devons! The vyVERN recalls Verne Archibald, by landlord twice, and it was due to him (I think he was a queer) that I found a relationship between Kids, Verne's, and Archibalds. They say that there's sex with kids on Hunter Biden's laptop. The Archibald Crest shares the crescent in the Kid Crest, and the crescent in the Archibald Shield is the Archer crescent too.


...the blazer I was wearing with the treble-clef tie had a tiny-check pattern in green and black, and the only surname I could think of with checks in those colors are the LinkLETTERs. You really need to be amazed here because I recall wearing my LEATHER DOCKER-brand shoes that day, and then while Leathers are listed with LETTERs, Linkletters use "SHELdrakes" DUCKs while Shells were first found in Westphalia with Ducks/DOCKERs, you can't believe what I'm saying, I know.

Can we believe it? Dockers/Doctors share the bridge with Slocks. Blazers were at Blay while Blys/Bligh's were at BODmin, a possible line from the Budini of Kiev. Bly's/Bligh's were first found in Cornwall with a Bude location of Buds/Bude's.

Verne's were first found in Forez while Fore's/Forez's are also Forests while Scottish Fosters/Forrests (hunting horns) use a "Hunter blow thy HORN" motto while Buttons/BIDENs (Hampshire, same as Drake's) have a "horn" in Crest. Scottish Fosters were at Newlands, a possible pointer to Victoria Nuland. In my dream, I picked up a sleeping bag in a forest, which pointed to a Mr. Foster who partook in the murder of judge Scalia, and then the Bag Chief is much the Chief of Bulgers while you will find a relative of Whitey Bulger (gangster) involved with Hunter Biden and Devon Archer. Whitey-like Weights share the Foster/Forrest hunting horns (same colors). Whiteys (share Kid / Verne stars) almost have the Coat exactly of Tudys (Hampshire) who could be in the Barbe motto term, "PULCHRitude," which has a Bulger-like look to it too.

Late last month: "A former business partner [Devon Archer] of Hunter Biden was sentenced Monday to more than a year in prison for his role in a scheme to defraud a Native American tribe of some $60 million in bonds." He got off too leniently.

While I was writing "MYkola," it entered my mind to check for a Kola surname to see it jibes with My's/Mee's/Meigh's, and, if so, whether there's another pointer to the Biden crime ring. No Kola surname came up, but as soon as I saw the giant heart of Kole's/Colers, Ainsley EarHARDT came to mind because Ainsleys use "my" twice in their motto. The Kole/Coler heart is pierced with arrows, as is the red heart in the Crest of Nations/Nathans, the latter first found in Nottinghamshire with Ainsleys and My's/Mee's/Meigh's. How about that? But how does this possibly point to Mykola Zlochevsky of Burisma?

Well, that's a Ukrainian company, and the war in Ukraine at this time is due to NATO's pig-headed infiltration of Ukraine. Jens Stoltenberg is currently the NATO chief, and Hall of Names tells that Stoltenbergs use: "On a blue Shield a red heart pierced by an arrow." That's exactly in the Nation/Nathan Crest. NATO-like Natts are listed with German Nathans, and the League of Nations, as well as the United Nations, were co-founded by Rothschilds while the first Rothschild thought to name his first son, Nathan. The Arms of Rothschild traditionally use arrows, and there is an arrow also in the Rothschild/Roddenstein Coat.

Stoltenbergs were first found in Lower Saxony at/beside the HARTZ mountains, and Kole's/Colors were first found in Saxony, which can explain why both surnames use the arrow-pierced heart. German Hartz's (Bavaria, same as Earhardts, Hartzogs/Herzogs, Rothes'/Rothchilds and Bauers) have a giant heart on blue in the colors of the Jewish Hart Coat that itself looks akin to the Earhardt Coat. Hartzogs/Herzogs and Here's/Herrs share blue wings with Bauers, and the first Rothschild was Mayer Bauer. Rothschilds/Roddensteins were first found at Brunswick, between the Hartz mountains and HANNover. Scottish Hannovers/Hanna's have the Trump stag head in colors reversed, and the Hannover/Hanna Crest looks related to the Ains/Hain Crest. Hannitys look related to these surnames, and because Ainsley Earhardt worked on a Hannity show at Fox, God may be using this heraldry to suggest that there's something majorly wrong with Hannity, in God's eyes. He was married to Jill Rhodes, and word is that he may have divorced her to be with Miss Earhardt. Apparently, he was not successful.

As Ainsley Earhardt was Sleeping Beauty in my important, 1979 dream, it matters that I saw myself on Jeffrey Epstein's beach, in that dream, with only my JEANS on. I was walking toward Sleeping Beauty, when I saw myself with jeans on, as she stood by a lone car on the beach, and the Beach/Bech pile is shared by the Countrys (Kent, same as English Rothes') in the Ainsley motto phrase, "For MY COUNTRY." I now wonder whether the jeans were an additional pointer to JENS Stoltenberg. There is a Jens/Jaens/Jansen surname with the Sleep Coat in colors reversed to go with SLEEPing Beauty.

Previously, I pointed the Jeans/Jane's/J'ANES' to James/Geanes'; because the two surnames share the same lion, and because Epstein's island is/was Little Saint James, but here I can repeat that James' have the scallops, in colors reversed, of Michaels (Surrey, same as James') while Mykola Zhirinovsky is Michael by first name. As J'ANES' look like a pointer to AINSleys, by what coincidence do Ainsleys have the "my" motto term to go with MYkola? The James'/Geanes' with the Jean lion have a motto term "J'AIME" while Aime's are listed with Ains'/Hains.

I've explained two dreams having a Michael in them (relative of mine), and this Michael pointed without doubt to emperor Michael I Rangabe (Byzantine emperor) without doubt (but why would God point to him?), whose granddaughter, Melissena, was from royal Khazars on her mother's side. Many think that Rothschilds had been Khazars. Michael I married Prokopia, and Prokopps are listed with BROX's/Brocuffs, amazing because Ainsleys were first found in BROXtow, are you not impressed? This tends to explain the red antlers in the Hartz Crest, for Casimirs (look like KEEP kin) use the red antler of Veringers (Baden) because Casimir of Poland married a Maria of the KIEV Varangians. One of the first Varangians of Kiev was, probably, Inger, husband of Melissena Rangabe.

Red hearts on blue Shields, to match the Stoltenberg heart, include Trade's/Trote's and Swedish Thors. Trade's/Trote's throw in the lone fleur-de-lys of Bush's/Buschs, first found in Rhineland with Natts/Nathans and the Mays/Mais' (rocks, I think) who may have been of the Meigh variation of My's/Mee's. Scottish Hearts/Harts share the saltire of English Franks who in turn use a "nati" motto term while the first Rothschild lived in Frankfurt. The Previous NATO chief was Anders Rasmussen, and Rasmussens, with almost the giant Rothchild (no 's') horse, have the Arrow/ARRAS fleur-de-lys in colors reversed. The Ainsley-like Ains'/Hains (another arrow) have this: "Another source claims the [Hain] name is from Haisne, near ARRAS, France." The four Arrow/Arras fleur are gold and upon a cross, and the five Ainsley fleur are gold and upon a cross too.

But, if God did use "Mykola" to point to Ainsley / Earhardt/Airhart kin (He may not have) to start this set of heraldry off, why would Ainsley Earhardt be involved in pointers to these big globalist players? Why would God want to point to small-fries amongst His end-time enemies? Makes no sense. I see Ainsley as a pointer especially to her boss, Rupert Murdoch, who pointed to Jeffrey Epstein, but also, the former Fox CEO, Roger Ailes, is pointed to by her former husband, Mr. Proctor, because Proctors almost have the Ailes Coat. And the three Proctor nails (it's all the Coat shows) pierce a red heart in the Logan Coat, I kid you not. Murdochs share the raven with My's/Mee's and Rothes'/Rothchilds (no 's'), and the arrow with many Rothschild liners. Beautys share the Hayden bull, and I aim to get back to Haydens below, and not only because Hayden Proctor is Ainsley's daughter.

The BROXtow location of the first Ainsleys will work well below with the door handle because Brox's are listed with Proctor-like Procks/Brocuffs, first found in Silesia with Handle's / Handells and Stolts (could be the basis of Stoltenbergs). The Stolt billets can connect to Billets/Billiards sharing the triple Handle / Handell stars. I didn't have any of that in mind when seeing the ENDLsley variation of Ainsleys, and it was that variation which prompted me to seek why Miss Earhardt should be in the door handle of my Jeep, for HENDLE's brought up the Handle's. The latter share the Moray Coat, and the Moray stars are expected in the Douglas Chief because Douglas' were first found in Moray, and then the Douglas' use a red heart, probably because they are said to descend from Hardys, and the kicker is that while Proctor-connectable Logans have a pierced red heart, the DuBose Chief is almost the Douglas Chief while Ainsley's daughter is Hayden Dubose Proctor. I don't know off-hand where that middle name comes from (could be the surname of Mr. Proctor's mother, just guessing).

To be sure of the Handle-Moray relationship, Handells have an "ohne" motto term while One's/Innis' (Moray) have the Handell / Moray Coat in colors reversed. One's/Innis' share the brown boar head with Bailys who in turn share the Moray / Billet stars too. Perhaps the "Be" motto term of One's/Innis' can explain the bees of English Doors/Dorrs. Innis' can be a branch of Anys'/Anne's/Hanne's, but especially of the Enys' in the Ainsley write-up, for Enys'/Ennis' have another boar head in Crest, and it's pierced with an arrow, NO GUFF! Surprise! INCREDIBLE OUTCOME. I didn't know it when starting this paragraph.

The "valore" motto term of Enys'/Ennis' can indicate the Vallour variation of Valois'/Valais' whose Coat looks related to the Brox/Prock/Prokopp Coat, and then while PROCtors show nothing but nails, the Nails/Neils (Westphalia, same as Hayden-connectable Ducks/Dockers) share the saltire in the Enys/Ennis Chief. The Baily-branch Bellys (Moray) share the eight-pointed DUc/LeDuc star. Ahh, German Belli's use a beacon while Beacons/Bacons, with the Chief-Shield colors of Enys/Ennis', have a white boar in Crest, the colors of the Enys/Ennis boar head! French Bacons share the cinquefoils of Dogs/Doags/DOCKs! I trace Bacons to Bacau off the Trotus river, which recalls the Trade's/Trote's above sharing the Stoltenberg heart. Years ago, I was suggesting that Angus' and Annas' were from an Angusta location on or near the Trotus river.

Beacons/Bacons use a "firma" motto term, Hannitys use "firme," and Haydens use "FERME en FOY" while Foys are listed with Foix's, first found in Auvergne with DuBose's!!! Can we believe it? I didn't name Ainsley's daughter. I'm not manipulating the heraldry. It just is what it is.

[Insert -- The day after writing here, I read the write-up of Haydens sharing a white Crest with Beacons/Bacons, to find: "His son William de Heydon, remained in Norfolk, continuing the line that obtained estates at Heydon and BACONsthorpe." I didn't realize until this time that these Haydens have the DORR quadrants in colors reversed! These German Dorrs even show hands to go with Handells! It looks Arranged. God wants her in the door handle with Hayden liners, which included Haddens and Haldans. Haddens share the scimitar in Crest with Ainsleys, what are the chances? Ainsley didn't know this when her daughter was named. Haldans share the saltire of Supers in the Thorpe motto. BaconsTHORPE. I trace Haldans to Haldensleben, between Saxony and Lower Saxony. End insert]

Now that DuBose's are introduced, it seems that German Bose's/Boze's/Bauze's (Saxony, same as Kole's/Colers and Stoltenbergs) can apply because they have a giant rose colors reversed from the same of Schwartz's (Hesse, same as Rasmussens and Eppsteins). George Soros, who's being protected by Fox against those who wish to expose his evil, was born, George Schwartz.

It's important that Proctor-connectable Logans were first found in AYRshire with red-heart Cords/McCourts, with Earhardt-connectable Ayers and Hairs, but also with Barrs and Murdochs who both share the same lion head. I'll propose right here that this red lion head is the giant lion of Italian Simons/DESIMONE's, because my Jeep's previously owner is Joe DeSimone, and I complained to him, in my dream, about a "barrel" shaped part missing from the door handle. Doors were first found in Herefordshire with Barrels, and the latter were a Barr branch. Jewish Simons have a FOX, is that tidy-neat or what? Barrels have a white dog head in Chief to go with the white dog in the other Hayden surname.

Cords/McCourts not only share the red heart with Nations/Nathans (same place as Ainsleys), but they share the same fesse. As the Nation/Nathan heart is pierced, it links especially well to the Logan heart. The Nation/Nathan and Cord/McCourt fesse is shared by French Prats, first found in Auvergne with DuBose's'. What could this be?

Repeat: "...the Hannover/Hanna Crest looks related to the Ains/Hain Crest", but also to the Crest of Boasts/BOIS'. The Dubose's that Ainsleys daughter introduced are also DuBOIS', and the Boast/Bois Crest shares the gold Dubose/DuBois crescent. The Crests of Kids and ArchiBALDs have this crescent in white, and both Kids and Verne's share the Douglas Chief, looking very linkable to the DuBose/DuBois Chief! This gets amazing, especially as Ains'/Hains share the triple crescents of Oldens while Oldenburg (Lower Saxony) is where JEEPma's were first found.

I took Verne's from a Verne ArchiBALD I once knew. He was in the last update with Devon Archer. Dubose's/DuBois's were first found in Auvergne with Bauds/Baux's, and Scottish Bauds, a branch of BALDs, were in my shopping-cart event in which I found a Russian medallion on the hood of my Jeep that related directly to Sleeping Beauty at hood of her Jeep...which is when I was walking toward her with only my jeans on, the scene giving us Jeans/J'ANES. The MEDALlion pointed to Medals/DOUGals (share Baud / Hodley quadrants) with the Jean/J'Anes lion in colors reversed, and sharing the James lion. Medals/Dougals were kin of Hood-like HODleys and Scottish Bauds, and so that's why I mentioned French Bauds above in relation to DuBose's from AINSley's daughter. The incredible thing is, we just finished telling that DuBose's/DuBois' have a version of the Dougal-like Douglas Chief!!! And the Douglas heart is not only connectable to EarHARDTs/AirHARTs, but the Douglas Chief is related to Morays and therefore to Handle's/Hendle's suspect with the Endlsley variation of Ainsleys. I'm more than impressed.

This is making Ainsley connect both to the Jeep's door handle, and to the Jeep's hood, especially as I rode a shopping cart (in the dream) down a hill toward the Jeep. In the next scene, I discover the barrel-shaped part missing. How does one ride a shopping cart? From the side, with foot on the bottom frame. I normally go to the Ridings/Readings for that ride, but now discover that Ride's share the Dubose/DuBois crescents. Ride's have a different-colored version of the Ains/Hain Coat. English Bois' not only share the giant Simon/Desimone lion, but were first found in Essex with English PRATs, and with the Rams in the giant ram of French Bauds! Handle-related Morays use a "Tout PRET" motto, and Tout/Tute's were a Tute/Tuit branch while the latter have the quadrants of Haydens (Norfolk, same as Tute's/Tuits) in colors reversed. The French Prats (same place as French Bauds) have a "mea" motto term while Ainsley-beloved My's are also Mea's.

One can see that Touts/Tute's share the white Tatton crescents, in the colors of the Ains/Hain crescents while Tattons share the Tute/Tuit / Hayden quadrants, Tottens have dancetty-fesses on red, and the dancetty-fesse of the other Haydens is on red too. The dancetty-fesse of Haydens is in the chief, and SHOPs have a dancetty-fesse in their Chief too. Shops have the Chief-Shield colors of Ainsley-branch Annas', but see Enys'/Ennis' too. When on the Enys'/Ennis' above, I found them as kin of Beacons/Bacons, and concluded with: "Beacons/Bacons use a "firma" motto term, Hannitys use "firme," and Haydens use "FERME en FOY" while Foys are listed with Foix's, first found in Auvergne with DuBose's!!! Can we believe it? I didn't name Ainsley's daughter. I'm not manipulating the heraldry. It just is what it is."

Now look at the "Ferme en" phrase of Haydens, for the Chief of Formans/Fermans (Firmen branch) shares the lion in the Chief of shopping-like Cheppings, and the Cheeping Chief with lion is in the colors of the Hayden Chief with dancetty-fesse! The discovery of Cheppings today prompted me to do this door-handle section all over again (I've done it ten times before, or more) because Jeepma's come up as Cheps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have never included Cheppings into this discussion before for lack of familiarity with them.

Again, folks, my dream started out with my RIDING a SHOPPING cart down a paved road, when I saw a road intersecting this road. In the very next scene, I saw my Jeep parked at the curb of a road, and then complained to Mr. Desimone about the barrel-shaped part. A barrel-shaped part in a door handle sounds like a bar to me, as it may have had to do with the locking mechanism, it's now suspect with LockHARTs (Lanarkshire, same as Douglas-related Hardys) who have a white-boar-head version of the Douglas Coat while even throwing in the Douglas heart! The Hardys even share the black boar with RIDINGs/Readings and Bush's/Buschs'. We saw the white boar head with Ainsley-branch Enys'/Ennis! There we have Ainsley Earhardt in the door handle yet again, even in the locking mechanism. If Shops (in all three KEEVer/Eure colors) were a Chepping branch (not including the main variations which Shops are listed with), then we can point this door handle to some Kiev rats of the Nazi kind, especially as the barrel-shaped part had pointed to Bill Barr, the attorney general for the first president Bush. Barr was missing in action when he was the attorney general for Trump.

The Barrs have a giant eagle in the colors of the Basford eagle, and Basford of Broxtow is where Ainsleys were first found. This looks like extra evidence that Miss Earhardt is in the barrel-shaped part. Poor impoverished door handle, I wonder what it means to be missing that particular part. The Loge's below were first found in Burgundy with LOCks/DeLOGES'.

Lockharts share the fetterlock with a Moray Coat no longer showing at houseofnames. Fetters share the Hesse Coat, and Fothes'/Fette's are a branch of Foods/Foots while the Russian medallion was found with a shopping cart of food purchased at FOOD Basics (Bracebridge). The "Corda" motto term of Lockharts must be for heart-using Cords/McCourts, very linkable to Nations/Nathans (arrow-pierced heart) and Nail-related Logans (nail-pierced heart). French Loge's have a blue saltire that can go with the same of Enys'/Ennis' and Nails/Neals. The Arms of COLchester (Essex) has nails in its cross, and this recalls the Kole's/Colers with arrow-pierced heart. Colchesters share the estoiles of Irish Neils/O'Nails.

English Loge's/Lodge's were first found in Suffolk with Clare's while Clairs were first found in Limousin. The Auvergne location of DuBose's/DuBOIS' is said to be more specifically in Lower Limousin, and while the Seconds/SEGURs were first found there too, they have the Hayden and Hades/Hat quadrants in colors reversed. The Hades'/Hats have a bend-with-items in the colors of the bend-with-items of Bosco's/BOIS'. Neat and tidy, but I didn't make the heraldry, and I didn't name Hayden Dubose Proctor. Proctors were first found in Cambridgeshire with Bash-related News'/Nuces, and Ainsleys were first found in Basford while Basfords/BASHfords share the eagle of Barrs and SEGURana's. That's right, neat and tidy.

I was doing this door-handle scene in the 3rd update of last month, when I told that the Aquila's, sharing the giant Barr eagle, were first found in Benevento, where Joe DeSimone came from. I also told that while Jeepma's have a giant eagle in the colors of the Candida and Doria eagle, Candida's were first found in Campania with Benevento, and Doria's explain the Jeep's DOOR-handle. Doria's married Arduinici of ONEGLia, the line of Nagle's, and Nails/Neils are Nagle's too. The Ains'/Hains come up as "Aim," and then Aims'/Aimes'/Amos' have a "CANDIDA ROSA" motto term while the two-headed Jeepma eagle is shared by Spanish Dero's/ROSA's, the pointer with Dere's/Res' to Alan Dershowitz. Irish Murrays, sharing the Moray/Murray / Handell Coat, have a motto, "Imperio," and Oneglia is now Imperia.

New: in this update, I've been pondering a Miss-like surname because the part was MISSing from the door handle, and though I've looked at Missins/Mustans with nothing to say, the Amiss variation of Aimes/Amos' looks very good above for applying to the door handle. Aimes/Amos' were first found in Northumberland with Wandells (not "Wandel"), and Handells have a "wandel" motto term!!! ZINGER, I think we have it with the Amiss surname. Something's terribly amiss that God's pointing to (otherwise why point to it?). The Aimes'/Amos'/Amiss' share the rose on black with Schwartz's (Lower SAXony), and in both colors of the SAX/Sachs roses.

The one-headed Candida / Doria and Tromp eagles are in the colors of the same of Stoltenbergs. The latter were first found at/near the Ems river, and while Ems' are listed with Aimes'/Amos'/Amiss', Ims/Ims' are in the "im" motto term of Handells!!! INCREDIBLE. The Wandels/Vandals (not "Wandell") were first found in SWABia, and Ims/Ims' (Wandel colors) share the Klaus lion!!! I think I get that, a pointer to the dastardly Klaus Schwab. Sleeping Beauty was a "lady," and "Lady Fortune" is in the KLASSen/Class Coat! The Wandels/Vandals have a "A man, issuing from the TORSE", and Tors/Tours share the giant Auvergne tower, but it even recalls that Swedish Thors share red-on-blue heart with the Stoltenberg Coat as described by Hall of Names!!! Beauty.

Without repeating all details, the door-handle dream ended with by dropping a barrel-shaped container on it's open rim, and when the rim took flames, I jumped down yelling, "fire," and was smothering the flames with sand as the dream ended. I suggested that it represented the leftist / globalist riots by vandals, and the obvious point is the Vandal variation of Wandels. But then the Fire's (Austria, same as German Thors) essentially share the Schwab/Swab Coat. It looks like a pointer to Klaus Schwab as a leader of the vandalism.

I dropped the container on a circular patch of sand, and perhaps it was a mound for the Mounds/Mons', who can be in the "mon" motto term of French Simons, for Mounds/Mon's share the giant Klaus/Claus lion, red like the giant lion of Italian Simons/DeSimone's. That works. And Mounds/Mons' have a "green mound," as do Wandels/Vandals. I ALMOST MISSED IT. The Wandels/Vandels have a "a man in a hat", and Hats/Hades' share the Hayden quadrants!!!! Ainsley Earhardt is thus put into that door handle yet again because Wandels are in the Handell motto.

The original owner of my Jeep (he was my landlord while I scouted for land to buy) was from BeneVENTo. The Vandal people group were from the VENETi, as I think the Fiens/Fane's/Vans were, and Jens'/Jaens/Jansens share the Vannes/Ness Coat while Celtic Veneti names Vannes in Brittany. The Fiens/Fane's/Vans share the white bull head with the Trunks in the "elephant trunks" of Swedish Thors. The Trunk quadrants are colors reversed from the same of English Jansens/JEANsons. Danish Jansens share the Coat of Hohens, whom as Hohenstaufens / Hohenzollerns originated in Swabia, where Wandels/Vandals were first found.

Repeat: "The Wandels/Vandals have a "A man, issuing from the TORSE", and Tors/Tours share the giant Auvergne tower..." DuBose's/DuBois' were first found in Verne-like Auvergne with Hayden-beloved Foys/Foix's, and Auvergne's share the tower of Mays/Mais' who may have been of the Meigh variation of Ainsley-beloved My's/Mee's. That looks like a pointer of God to me. Verne's have a version of the Kid Coat, and Kidds have upright goats in the colors of the upright Baud ram. Verne's use the Kid tree in white, the colors of the tree of French Bois'/DuBois' that itself comes with more white crescents, in both colors of the Ains/Hain crescents. We might even add that while Poitvins look related to Mays/Mais', the Jays in the Poitvin Coat were first found in Herefordshire with Barrels and Doors/Dorrs, and Jays look like they are in the Coat of Jewish Rothchilds.

Recall from the start of this section how Ainsley Earhardt was pointing to Jens Stoltenberg, for while Stoltenbergs (Lower Saxony) are said to share the arrow-pierced heart with Nathans/Nations (same place as Ainsleys), the Stoltenberg Coat at houseofnames shows quadrants in the colors of the LEIGHton/LEYton quadrants. Recall that "Jens" was suspect with my wearing JEANS alone on Sleeping Beauty's beach, and so, because I had no shirt on, I can now say that my shirt was MISSING, for Missins/Mustans are in Shirt colors and format!!! Ha-ha. Recall that Jens'/Jaens/Jansens (pointer to Jansen vaccines?) have the Sleep Coat in colors reversed, for Sleeps were first found in Shropshire with Leightons/Leightons while the neighboring Leigh's/Leys were first found in Cheshire with Shirts. Shirts share the red roundel with Wake's, and I was told to wake her. Wake's share double-red fesses with Jens'/Jaens/Jansens.

Plus, Shirts are Shards too while Lizarts/SARDE's have six pale bars to be seen within the crescents of Aims'/Hains.

The earliest Ainsley that houseofnames reports is "Johannes de AnnesLEGH" of Nottinghamshire. Johannes' are in Ainsley colors, by the way, and share the red scallop with Jeans'/J'ANES"!!! That is brand new here. I was going to say that LEGHs/Leys, in Ainsley colors, can play to my TOUCHing the leg, at the knee, of Sleeping Beauty, for Leghs/Leys were first found in Cheshire with TOUCH's/Tuffs, a branch of Tufts/Tuffs' who in turn share the Knee phoenix. We saw the Bosco-branch Boasts/Bois', and Bosco's happen to use "TUFTs of grass." We just can't get away from things-Ainsley. This is fantastic material. The BroxTOW location of Ainsleys goes with the Tow variation of Touch's/Tuffs, are we not impressed?

Plus, Joe DeSimone (might have been "DiSimone") lived in Seguin when I shared his home, and the "bird in FLIGHT" of Seguins leads us to Birds, first found in BROXton, and sharing the Ainsley fleur-de-lys. The other Birds share the red cross with Ainsleys, and the "mea" motto term of the latter Birds goes with the "my" of Ainsleys, and then we find that the Hayden cross is in two colors schemes, both of the Mea/My and Bird crosses. Both BIRD surnames were first found in Cheshire with BRIDE-branch Brights. The Pichots in the write-up of Cheshire's Picots/Pickets ("Tout foys PREST") were lords of Broxton, and "foy" is a motto term of Tout-connectable Haydens. Prests/Press' share the Neil/O'NAIL Chief, and while Proctors use nails, Hayden is Miss Proctor. The Picot/Picket wolf head is likely that of Hugh Lupus, and therefore of the Bathers, which can identify the cross of Haydens (share white Crest with Picots/Pickets) as the Bath cross closely.

As Seguin-beloved FLIGHTs/Flatts/Fletts were first found in the Orkneys with GUINE's/Gunns, SeGUIN(E)s look like a Seagar, Segurana, or Segan merger with Guine's. Segni's/Segurana's, in the motto of Mea-connectable Face's/Fessys, share the Aquila eagle while Aquila's were first found in Benevento, where Joe DeSimone was from. That's an impressive paragraph. Plus, Segurana's were first found in Genova with Fessy-line Fieschi, and Grimaldi's, tending to explain the Segur-like SeGRIMs in the Seguin write-up. Seagars were once said to be first found in Norfolk with PilGRIMs.

The Sequin Chief looks like that of French Julians (Languedoc, same as Seguins), and thus it's also the chief of French Alans while Dol's FitzAlans were at Arundel while Arundels share swallows with Swallows while the latter call them "swallows in FLIGHT." The Flatt variation of Flights must be from Flaad, progenitor of the Dol Alans. The Sequin bird looks like a seaGULL while Gullys and Gull can be gleaned as branches of English and German Julians. Both Gore Coats look related to both Alan Coats, and Gore's/Core's share the Seguin motto. The motto includes "Sola," shared by Hague's/Haits sharing the saltire of Oddie's (Yorkshire, same as Hague's/Haits and Odins/Hoddys). Oddie's (share Hood saltire) and Odins/Hoddys are highly suspect with Hoods, and God did use the hood of my Jeep.

Might Hague's/Haits have derived from Hats? Repeat: "Wandels/Vandels have a 'a man in a hat', and Hats/Hades' share the Hayden quadrants!!!!" I'll also repeat here that, one day, the last thing I wrote about, before going to town, was on Sleeping Beauty at her hood. The last thing I did in town was buy groceries, and that's when I went back to the Jeep to find the medallion on the hood. That's why I thought the two hoods were related, and now Ainsley Earhardt is working into the Jeep's door handle, but it also looks like she named her daughter after a Hood/Hoot branch that might just point, in this case, to The Hague, the international court in the EU capital.

Hague's/Haits share the crescents of Belgian Heids!!! How about that. I didn't load Heids until after writing the above. The Hague court is in Belgium. I actually wanted to load German Heids because I knew they have an arrow on a bend that's also the bend of ATTINGhams (near-identical Coats), first found in Norfolk with Haydens/Hadenhams, and that's how I came to find Belgian Heids (Dol / Gaunt fesse?), who are listed with Heedens/Heeders and Hiedler-like Hedelins. Hiedlers list Hitlers, in case secret Nazi's apply as infiltrators into The Hague. Haydens/Hadenhams share the Beauty bull very likely because Beautys were first found in Dorset with Hats/Hades'. It appears that God arranged the dream to point heavily to Miss Earhardt.

For whatever it could be worth, Heids/Heedens are in Curtsy colors and format. I'll get around to telling why the car of Sleeping Beauty involves Glass liners, and so I'll add here that the German Heid Coat is much that of Gleasons who in turn share the Glass stars. As Curtsys (share Dol fesse) were first found in Surrey, where Dol-line Dolphins/Dolfins were first found, we can take this to the Ainsley write-up's Mr. Aynysley owning lands of Dolfynston: "The lands of Dolphingstoun passed, c. 1500, to the KERs of Cessfurd through marriage of Mark Ker with Marjorie Ainslie..." The Kers are listed with Cars, can we believe it? It seems to be one reason that God put Sleeping Beauty with a car, but it's not the only reason. Cars share the Glass / Gleason stars; remember that when I get to Glassicks.

Kerns/Karens (Silesia, same as Brox's/Procks and Handle's) share the Dubose/DuBois (and Bosco) crescent. If the Kern/Karen stars were white, the Kern/Karen Coat would almost be the Dubose/DuBois Chief, and so the latter's chevron may be the Car chevron in colors reversed, or even the chevron of Sears (red scallop) and Sere's/SERTs who can both be in the Car motto, "Sero sed serio". "SERATa" is a Lockhart motto term. Sears were first found in Essex with English Bois'/DuBois'.

Ahh, after writing that, I realized, as per Dolphingstoun, that Dolphins are also DolFINs while "seraPHINs" are used by Sera's! They can run...but they can't hide. OHHHHHHHHHHH WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW: Phins/Fiens/Fane's (I didn't know they were Phins until now) have a "silver bull's head with black spots," and one Hayden Crest has "A silver talbot with black spots"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Heraldic spots are now pointers to SPUDs MacKenzie (see last update for that VERY-IMPORTANT message).

Plus, Fiens/Finis' (in Phin/Fien/Fane colors and format) share the lion of Chess' who may have named Cessfurd of the Kers who married Miss Ainslie of Dolphingstoun! Yes, looking good.

Dolphins/Dolfins were once said to be first found in Surrey with Caesars who share the Crest dolphin with Dolphins/Dolfins, and then dolphin-using James' (Surrey) have a motto taking us to the motto of Dubose-connectable Douglas', Lockhart kin, and it's Lockharts suspect with Serts and/or Sera's in their motto. Caesars share the rose of Sere's/Serts, the latter first found in Languedoc with Julians and their Cotta kin (from Aurelia Cotta, wife of Mr. Caesar, parents of Julius Caesar).

Ever since I was on the Kerns/Karens, I started to wonder whether God would lead me to Karen Graff, the pointer to graphene-oxide in vaccines. The problem has always been that Graffs/Graffens have no motto codes for making connections to other surnames, and they have a simple Coat having a just a demi-lion holding an anchor. I then came to Chess' sharing the giant Graff/Graffen lion, but that wasn't good enough to make the Karen link to Graffs. But then I saw the Phin/Fien/Fane bull head after mention of Fiens/Finis's sharing the Chess lion, and this bull head, along with the Anchor/ANNACKer bull head, both in Crests, faces midway between straight-on and sideways. But even this is not enough. But it may be put over the top where the spot-using Haydens (branch of Hades = death) -- connectable to spot-using Phins/Fiens/Fane's -- share the cross of Dutch GRAVE (= death), for Ainsley Earhardt has always pointed to poison vaccines in multiple ways, and Graffs/Graffens are also GRAVs.

While Ainsley was Mrs. Proctor, it looks arranged that Gamble's share the Ainsley fleur-de-lys, for Proctor and gamble have been caught putting out products poisoned with benzene. Why knows what other soft poisons this notorious company it putting out to enrich corrupt medical people. Sickness makes T$$$s. The gamble Coat is a red-Shield version of the BROX's/Brock/BROKE Coat, and while Ainsleys were first found in Broxtow, the door handle was broken. Brox's/Brocks/Broke's share the Chief-Shield colors of Proctor-like Procks/Brocuffs/Prokopps and GLASSICK-branch Glaze's/Glasier's. Is that not amazing?

Perhaps this is why God arranged Ainsley in the CLASSIC car of the Sleeping Beauty dream, for Cars/Kers took us to Kerns/Karens in the first place, and Kers are in the Ainsley write-up. The Kerns/Karens looked related to the DuBose Chief, itself a near-copy of the Douglas Chief. The latter's DuGLASS variation looks like a Dog- / Dougal-line merger with Glass' because Douglas' evolved from Hardys, first found beside GLASgow. In the dream, Sleeping Beauty was with a refurbished 1950's model car, and I resolved it to be a pointer to classic-like Glassicks, listed with Glass'. However, there's got to be more to that style of car than I can decipher to date.

English Grave's nearly have the motto of French Prats (same place as DuBose's), and the Prat Crest is simply "A gold demi-lion", the Graff/Graffen/Grav symbol too. As I said, Karen Graff's father is/was, Simon, and the Simons/DeSimone's pointed to by the door-handle scene share the lion of English Bois', first found in Essex with English Prats. "Pratus" is a motto term in the Arms of Rieti, and as Roets are from Rieti liners while Roets owned the Catherine wheel, it tends to explain the "wheel" in the Crest of English Bois'.

As I've said many times, the Carians are suspect in the Roet motto because they lived on-shore from Roet-like Rhodes, and German Roets share the sleeping moon with Kerns/Karens probably because the latter were Carians too. The Carian moon goddess was loved by the eternal sleeper. Is God trying to tell us that Ainsleys and their branches are from Caria?

The Bois lion has a "mullet on the shoulder", and Rands (Norfolk, same as Shouldhams) not only have "three chevrons on the shoulder", and they not only share a giant red lion with Bois' and Simons/DeSimone's, but they share a white boar head in Crest with Ainsley-branch Enys'/Ennis"!!! I kid you not, that I didn't know I'd be at the last sentence when asking whether God is pointing Ainsleys and their branches to Carians. Ancient Clarus was right beside Caria's Latmus, home of the Carian moon goddess and/or Endymion, the eternal sleeper. Clare's use three chevrons too. I touched the leg of Sleeping Beauty, and Leghs/Leys share the giant Rand lion minus the chevrons.

Ahh, as per ENDYmion, there is an Endys surname (Surrey) listed with Handle/Hendle-like Hendleys, like the Endlsley variation of Ainsleys!!! I can barely believe this. God has provided an entirely new set of heraldic pointers in using Ainsleys instead of Miss Hicks for Sleeping Beauty. The Crest of Endys'/Hendleys has "A holly bush with NEW leaves." The Rand lion in demi-form is shared by Ims/Immes' in the "im" motto term of Handells.

After I told that Mr. DeSimone had been my landLORD, I recalled the Lords/LAUDs in the Glasgow motto with Lets/Late's, and that Ladys/Laudymans are in "Lady Fortune" of Glass-like Klassens/Class'. I was refusing to tell you this unless the Lands in "landlord" could be a significant pointer to this discussion. It just so happens that English Lands share the gyronny of Taws whom I had looked up, but didn't tell you about, when coming across the "tau" of Wandells (not "wandel"). I didn't have anything to say about Taws at that time. The Fortune's in Lady fortune likewise use gyronny, but in a different color. The Tawse variation of Taws could relate to the "torse" term in the Wandel description.

The torse of the Wandel man in a hat is on a green mound. The Greens (Kent, same as Lands) use a "gold stag," and the Fortune "stag" is gold too. Taws/Tawse's share the black lion head with English Mounds/Munds (Shropshire), and a giant black lion in both colors of the Mound/Mund lion heads is used by Phillips (Kent, same as Lands), and this landlord was married to a Filipino i.e. from the Philippines when I was living there.

Oda of HaldenSleeping

Good morning Tuesday. This is when I took the time to read a Hayden write-up to find Haydens obtaining estates at Heydon and BaconsTHORPE, at which time I load Thorpe's. I was thinking that Thorpe's have the giant Odin/Hoddy lion in colors reversed because both surnames were at HOLDERness. I recalled that Holders had become suspect with the Hayden branches of Haldans and Haddens, and that I trace Haldans to ODA of Haldensleben, whose first name goes well with Odins/Hoddys (Yorkshire, same as Hicks). The car in the Sleeping Beauty dream was resolved as an auto as code for the Auto's/Otto's sharing the black bull with Beautys, yet the other Haydens have the black bull too. Miss Hicks did the curtsy, and Curtseys are listed with Chertseys while we read in the Thorpe write-up that "The manor appears to have been held under the abbots of Chertsey in the 15th century, by a family named Thorpe..."

[Insert sorry -- As Sleeping Beauty pointed to Risons, note Rison-like Ryton, for Ritons are listed with Rishtons/Rushtons while Rush's are also Rish's, meaning Rush's, Rosco's/Risco's, Ricks and Riggs all suspect from Rhizon's Illyrians: "The Thorps of Ryton, county Durham, as said to be descended from Robert Thorpe, of Thorpe, near Wellwyke, in HOLDerness..." When Sleeping Beauty was rising, I was HOLDing her. The Ritons/Rishton/Rushton write-up: "Ritton Castle was located in SNAILbeach, Shropshire, but is now listed as one of the deserted villages and lost places. We do known that is was a Hill Fort in WORTHEN with SHELVE..." The Shelfs/Selfs almost have the Rising/Rison Coat.

German Bartons use the snail to go with Snailbeach, and DumBARTON is where KEEVers/Eure's were first found. RUS were at Kiev, and Maria of Kiev was the daughter-in-law of Richeza of Lorraine. English Bartons (share boar head of different color with Keevers/Eure's) were under MALpas (Cheshire same as Malls/Marlybone's and Rittons/Ruttons) while Malls/Marlybone's almost have the Keever/Eure Coat. German Snails share the vertically-split Morley/MAUL Shield. Clubs/Clobbes were first found in Farndon, and so here's the English Bartons: "The surname Barton was first the parish of Farndon, union of Great BOUGHTON, Higher division of the hundred of Broxton." Biden-connectable Botons/Boughtons become a significant topic later in the carpenter-glue dream, and so it's interesting that BURTons share the dog head on blue with Glue's. Broxton is where BARTon-like Birds/Burds were first found. Broxton-like Broxtow is where Ainsleys were first found who share the Bird/Burd fleur-de-lys.

While German Worthens were first found in Thuringia with Basina, her husband, Childeric, is the line to Childs, in the colors and format of English Worthens, and then while Worths' share the double-headed Maxwell eagle, Maxwells share the Riton/Rishton/Rushton motto with Rosco-like "ReviRESCO." I've read that Pollocks, a sept of Maxwells, descended from Childeric, and they have a saltire in the colors of the near-same of Risings/Rison. As Maxwells share the Worth Coat, I see POLworth's as a Pollock-Worth merger, and while Sitric Caech (in Northumberland) married Edith of Polesworth, I trace "Sitric" to Sitters/SIDEwells (Northumberland) while Suty-branch Side's share the Riton/Rishton/Rushton lion. That works because Sitric's grandson was Maccus while variations of Maxwells and Maxtons can be gleaned from "Maccus." Maxtons use the bee, the symbol of Basina-line Bessins and of her husband. Leafs/Leve's use more bees while German Worthens have a "leafed branch." Bee-using Buys/Boys were first found in Berwickshire with Polworths. Sitric's son, king Harald, may be to the Herods/Haralds seen earlier in this update, for they are in Pollock colors, and first found out to the Scottish sea, Harald's realm.

Riton-line Write's/Rite's and Ritters/Rutters may have been Rhizon-area Illyrians (or Albanians) too. RICHeza of Lorraine (to Botton-related Rich line), very connectable to Budini-like Bottons/Budins/Bidens, can play into this because Lorraine's share the Child eagle, and while I see Clubs/Clobbes' (Child / Worthen colors and format) from Clovis, Childeric's son with Basina, they were first found in Cheshire with Ritters/Rutters. Clovis was born, CHLODovech, and Clauds are also CLAUSELs while the Clausula river is very near Rhizon. Worthens share the Claus/Klaus lion, and the latter share the black border with Furness' and Parrs, both first found in Lancashire with ShuttleWORTHs and Ritons/Rushtons/Rishtons. End insert]

I can readily see why God would get us, via Ainsley's daughter, to Oda of Haldensleben, wife of Mieszko I, for his line descends from Goplo, related to "Koplik" on the CLAUSula river, the namers of Klaus'/Claus' who share the giant red lion with Thorpe's (!), the latter first found in Yorkshire with English Dobers. There's Dober location two or three miles from Koplik, and Mieszko's other wife was DOBRawa. Mieszko II was father to Casimir, and his line is to red-antler Casimirs, which can now explain the red antlers of Hartz's, for Haldensleben is less than 50 miles from the Hartz mountains.

Halders are listed with Elders/Alders who were mentioned in the last update having a "roll of paper". Rolls were first found in SWABia to go with the Klaus' here. Hadden Hill is in Stafford while Duce's/Doocys, in the "VirTUTE duce" motto of Halders/Elders, were first found in Staffordshire. Steve Doocy hosts Fox and Friends with Miss Earhardt. Tute's/Touts were first found in Yorkshire with Holderness.

The Supers in the Thorpe motto were first found in Devon with Hoods/Hoots of Rattery, who look like they go with Oda / Otto liners to explain why Sleeping Beauty was at the hood of the auto before falling asleep. Ratterys use another "Super" motto term, and Supers share the Halden saltire.

The ATTINGHAMs of the Ant river of Norfolk (same area as Atting-like Haydens/HADENHAMs) can be expected in the "Super ANTiquas" phrase of Thorpe's, and this goes well with the Hayden-branch Hats/Hades' and the Hattings, for the latter share the garbs of Comyns/Comings (Norfolk, same Haydens). It appears that a Hayden branch named the Ant river. One Hayden Coat shares the HADDINGton cross, and I'm sure it's because Haldens were once said to be first found in East Lothian with Haddington, home of the Keith Catti from the Chatti of Hesse-Cassel. The Chatti named Caithness, and while "The Gunns' territory centered in Caithness and Sutherland," the Gunns/Guine's share the Coat of Renfrews while Haldens are now said to be first found in Renfrewshire with the Hamiltons who in turn have the cinquefoils of Keith-branch Kettle's in colors reversed.

The Hamilton cinquefoils are also those of French Bacons while we saw BaconsTHORPE of the Haydens. The same cinquefoils are those also of Bus', first found in Norfolk with Haydens. Hamiltons share the cinquefoils of Dogs/Doags/Docks, first found in Perthshire with Ratterys who in turn have "a flaming heart" to go with Hartz liners at/near Haldensleben. There's a question on whether Sleeps named HaldenSLEBen. The Sleep Coat is the Ness Coat in colors reversed, and Ness', sharing the Jens/Jaen/Jansen Coat, may have named Holderness.

Gunns use two, Auto-like "Aut" motto terms, and while Auto's are Otto's too, as are Ottone's, OTTONE Visconti ruled Milan, where the Bono's in the Kettle motto were first found. Bono's share the Odin/Hoddy and OTONE/Olton lion, and while Odins/Hoddys were at Holderness with Thorpe's, Holders have a lion in Crest in the colors of the Kettle lion. Recall the "ELEPHANT trunks" of Swedish Thors (share Stoltenberg heart), for Jansens/JEANsons (I was in jeans alone while walking toward the auto with Sleeping Beauty at the hood) share the Otone/OLTON quadrants while Oldens probably named Oldenburg. The flag of Oldenburg is the Jens/Jaens/Jenson Coat on a gold Shield, and, therefore, wow, the Oldenburg flag shares the double fesse of Wake's (!!!), kin of Orrs/Ore's (Renfrewshire)!!! I was told to WAKE her!

While Haldens come up as Haltans, Haltons (Hooter / Hoover colors and format) almost have the Bono Coat, and thus it makes Oda of Haldensleben appear named after the same line that named Ottone Visconti. The Halton Coat is a near-copy of the Draytons Coat (could have the Hooter / Hoover eagle leg), and their Market-Drayton location is near Sleap of the (Halden)sleben-like Sleeps! The Oldenburg rulers used the double Wake fesses, you see, and Wake-related Orrs/Ore's (same place as Haldens) have a "Bonis" and "bona" motto term while Bona's/Bono's have a white-lion version of the Drayton Coat, the lion even of Otone's/Oltons and Odins/Hoddys. That works good with Sleeping Beauty. Hooters were first found in Austria with Oldenburg, and while Ainsley Earhardt was HOVERing in the car after she was at the Hood, Hooters share the HOOVER Coat. Hoovers (Bavaria, same as Earhardts) share the blue wing with a few Earhardt-connectable surnames such as Hartzogs/Herzogs.

The Hoovers share the blue wing with Bauers (Bavaria and Austria), and while Rothschilds descended also from Leslie earls of Rothes, Irish Leslie's look related to Hoovers and Draytons together. Rothes had a castle built of Renfrewshire's Pollocks, who soon-after married Leslie's. The Fasts in the Leslie motto share the quadrants of this Arms of Rothschild, colors reversed from the HODley quadrants.

Recall the Aimes'/Amos'/AMISS that looked very much to be in the MISSing door-handle part, for they come up as "Armes" while "armis" is a motto term of Eltons/Heltons, first found in Cheshire with Otone's/Oltons. The gold color of the Halton lion makes the Coat a good reflection of the English Door/Dorr Coat, and German Dorrs use hands to go with Handells while the Handell man wears a HAT while Hats/Hades' are a Hayden branch!!! It's door-handle perfect where Oldenburg is where JEEPma's were first found!!! Zinger.

Market-Drayton is in a Halton- / Halden-like Hales area, explaining why Hales' share the vertically-split Drayton Shield, yet the Hales Coat is an arrow-version of the Door/Door Coat. Hales' were first found in Cheshire with the Otone's/Oltons whose quadrants are in the split Hales colors. Hooter-like Hooten is a Cheshire location in the Houghton write-up.

Oldens are also Audens/Aldans, and Haldens/Haldans were more-specifically first found in Renfrewshire's GLASgow (beside Lanarkshire's Hardys), and the auto in the dream was a classic car as code, I think, for Glassicks/Glass'. Glaze's (another red heart, probably of the Lanarks) share the pheons of Lords/Lauds in the Glasgow motto. Odins/Hoddys were at Holderness, and Holders were first found in Gloucestershire with the Lets/Late's in the "Lord, let" motto phase of Glasgows. And it just so happens that while Gleasons share the Glassick/Glass stars, Gleasons share three stars on a bend (different colors) with Halden-like Eltons/Heltons. Aside from the Stars, Gleasons share the Attingham Coat, and Attinghams of the Ant river were in Norfolk, where Bus' were first found who can be expected in the "ArtiBUS" motto term of Eltons/Heltons.

This might be a good place to remind that while Ainsley Earhardt is in the Jeep's broken door handle, her other husband was Mr. McKinney. McKinneys and Frasers, both related to Keiths of Hayden-line Haddington, have the Lord/Laud cinquefoils in colors reversed, and this can go with the landLORD, original owner of the Jeep. The McKinney and Fraser cinquefoils are shared by Kinney-branch Kims, first found in Buteshire with Glassicks/Glass'. McKinneys and Frasers (share full Coats and mottoes) were first found in Peebles-shire with BURE's/Bowers who not only share a green Shield with German Bauers/Bowers, but share the five, bunched arrows in the Arms of Rothschild. Bure's are highlighted because the Ant river suspect with Haydens is a tributary of the Bure. Peebles-shire is where Mounds/Mons' were first found too suspect in the motto of French Simons, first found in Lorraine with the wife of Mieszko II Lambert.

Italian Bure's/Bura have a bear to go with the "bear's paw" of Bellino's, first found in Verona with Bure's/Bura's and the Belli's who in turn have the six pale bars of Eltons/Heltons in colors reversed. German Belli's have a "beacon" while Haydens were at BaconsTHORPE while "ANTiquas" is a motto term of Thor-like Thorpe's of Holderness. The Odin/Hoddy write-up: "They are conjecturally believed to be descended from Count Odo who was also ancestor of the Counts of Aumale and the Lords of Holderness." The Odin-branch Oddie's have the NAIL/Neil Coat in colors reversed, and this goes to Hayden's father, Mr. Proctor.

Mieszko II Lambert is to the Lamberts, and French Lamberts share the triple stars of Handells. In the dream, I heard that the door-handle was missing a "barrel-shaped PART," perhaps part-code for Moray-beloved PRETs because Handells share the Moray Coat. Bellys were first found in Moray. Pret-like Prats share gold mascles with PERTs/Petts, and then, as per "shaped part," the Shapiro's/Shapers, sharing the lamb with English Lamberts, have a "green STRIP" while the "white bird" of STIRRUPs shows as the Pitt stork while Pitts were a branch of stork-using Perts/Petts!!! That's tidy-new so far as I can recall. English Lamberts were first found in Surrey with the Michaels ("SUPERo") who have the Prat mascles. The GREEN strip is linkable to Odins/Hoddys because Greenwich's (Kent, same as Greens, Perts/Petts and Petits) share the Coat of Odins/Hoddys who were at Holderness with Thorpe's ("SUPER") while the latter share the Petit / DeSimone lion.

Eltons have a Coat like that of HOOTens (Cheshire), and Hootens share the bend of Handle-like Endys'/Hendleys. One of Mieszko's daughters, though I don't know whether Oda of Haldensleben was the mother, was Sigurd the HAUGHTy, the line of Haughts/HOUGHTons of Hooten (Cheshire, same as Hootens). Haughts/Haughtons (Cheshire, same as Ranulph le MESCHin) got suspect with Sigrid because they share the bull head with Mieszko-like Mieske's/MESECHs. The triple Haught/Houghton fesses are in colors reversed with Fins/Feins, and then the Haught/Houghton bill head is white like that of Thor-beloved Trunks, but also that of the spotted Phin/FIEN/Van bull head that pairs with a Hayden Crest and its "spots". Spottens/Spauldings were tenants of Ranulph le Meschin. Phins/Fiens/Vans were first found in Monmouthshire with Howells while owls are used by Olton-like Oltens/Oldhams while Owls/Howls were first found in Suffolk with Thor-like THURStons. The Thurs'/Thors, with the Hadden Chief I assume, have a tall, solid and curved chevron in colors reversed from the same of Ottone's/Otto's.

Vaccine-Carrier Killer Plot

Below is someone who's done his homework on graphene-oxide in "vaccines". Note the article he references that calls graphene-oxide a "vaccine carrier," because I told that Lawrence KEPKE (as a boy of 14) dangled a spider on a web, then chased me with it, at the home of Karen Graff, she being the pointer through her surname to graphene. That's because Kepke-like Keeps use a "weaver's SHUTTLE," and while Weavers were a Webber branch, spiders weave webs.

NEW IDEA: A shuttle is a carrier, is it not? Yes, a shuttle craft is a craft that CARRIES things, and, for a new lead as a result of the new idea above: English Carrys were first found in Somerset with Webbers. NEW: Carrs/Kerrs, a potential branch of German Kerns/KARENs, were first found in Lancashire with Shuttleworths who in turn own the "weaver's shuttle." Likewise first found in Lancashire were the Settle's while Shuttleworths are also Shettleworths, and then -- AMAZING, THIS IS NEW too -- the Settle lozenges are shared by Stars (Wiltshire, beside Somerset) who in turn share the chevron of Irish KERNS!!!! That tends to prove that God arranged the heraldry with "vaccine carrier" in mind to include Karen liners as per Karen Graff! That is an excellent piece of work. Plus, Irish Carrys have a giant lion in the colors of the giant Karen lion! BINGO-BANGO.

AMAZING: The Carews/Carrots have a "J'espere motto term likely as code for Jaspers because both surnames were first found in CORNwall, and this place was named by Corona liners. Jaspers share the black anchor with Karens/Kerrs! What are the chances? It tends to help show that Carew-like Carrys were a Karen branch. French Savards share the besants of Carots (not "Carrot"), and English Savards are listed with SALFORDs, I kid you not. Let me tell why Salfords are amazing here.

Carots are listed with Carrons while Irish Carrons/Carrens essentially have the Shop Coat that itself came to topic with a shopping CART, how about that incidental find. The camel head of Carrons/Carrens can explain why Camels/Gamylls were first found in Somerset with Castle Cary.

The Graffs/Graffens have no motto codes, and show merely "a gold demi-lion RAMPant HOLDING an anchor". Holdings/Holdens happen to have been first found in Lancashire with HOLDS/HOLTS, Carrs/Kerrs, Shuttleworths and Settle's, and Holds/Holts were first found in Bury of Salford with Shuttleworths!!! It's as though Carry liners are lining even to Graffs. French Savards were first found in Poitou with the Poitvins who are in turn in the colors and format of French Carriers/Carrie's!!! Both have a reflection of the Carot Coat, which reminds, wow, that Carot-like Carters (beside Stars and Webbers) share both the Karen lion and have a chevron colors reversed from the Star / Kern chevrons. Both Carter surnames were once said to be first found in Winchester, which is in Hampshire, where Chase's were first found. Kepke CHASEd me with the spider dangling on a strand of web. Chase-branch Chance's share the lion of Irish Carrys.

Wow, French Carriers/Carrie's even share the Chief of Ducks, the latter first found in Somerset with Castle Cary, and that's a super pointer to James LeDuc. French Carriers/Carrie's share the white lamb with English Lamberts, but in both colors of the lions of James', first found in Surrey with Lamberts. JAMES LeDuc. Ahh, German Lamberts have three "three black DUCKs without beaks""!!! Can we believe it? The ducks are not said to be footless, but they are. French Lamberts have three five-pointed stars in the colors and positioning of the three eight-pointed Duc/LeDuc stars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! INCREDIBLE pointer to LeDuc and the Galveston National Laboratory!

The Texas University Medical Branch is on Galveston, and the Texas Shied is fully checkered in the colors of the fully-checkered Shield of Bearings/Barings while the Jasper Crest has a flag "BEARING a red cross." Jasper-like Gastons, with a Shield fully checked in half the colors of the checks above, were first found in Surrey with Lamberts. As Mieszko II Lambert was married to Richeza of Lorraine, it's interesting that black swans are used by Chaplets, first found in Lorraine, to go with the black Lambert ducks, for heraldic chaplets are also called "wreaths," which is what's reported at Hall of Names for the Jasper Crest. JOSlyns (early in Cornwall with Jaspers) use a giant "wreath," and share "mon" in their motto with French SIMONs (Lorraine); Goslyns are in the colors and format of English Lamberts.

Belgian Gays were first found in Hainaut at/near MONS, and the counts of Hainaut shared the triple chevrons of Levi's, in the colors of the triple lions in pale of Carews/Carrots, and this is perfect where Leavells were at Cary Castle. The Levi chevrons are in the colors of the one Foot, and one Fothes'/FETTE, chevron, which can explain the "crows FEET" of Belgian Gays, especially as Crows are in Goslin colors and format. French Gays were first found in Savoy with Masseys/Masse's (share Goslin crescents!) who in turn have "a tree without LEAVES". The Massey/Masse chief is even in the colors and format of the Jasper / Tailbois Chiefs. English Gays were first found in Surrey with Lamberts. Savoy is also where FEVERs were first found who share the Trump stag head.

The spider-chase event took place at Simon Graff's place, which, by the way, took place on a street called, Doner, and Doners were first found in County KERRY! Is this a pointer to John Kerry too? He's Biden's climate-change puppet, and was once Obama's foreign minister into Ukraine's plots.

As Poitvins look related to Carriers/Carrie's, I was looking for a JAYsper-like variation of Jaspers because Poitvins use a jay. I then found Mr. GAYspore in the write-up of Gaspers while Jays were at a Gai location. Note Mr. GaySPORE," for virus' come from spores, and Spore's/Spoors were first found in Cornwall with Jaspers (took them from the "J'espere" motto term of Carews/Carrots while Carots look like Poitvin kin). Plus, French Gays were a branch of French Galli's, the latter first found in Dauphine with French Lamberts (pointer to LeDuc) who in turn have nearly the Coat of German Gos'/Goz's, and these Galli's have a different-colors version of the Poitvin Coat (another pointer to LeDuc)! That's all pretty amazing. Gascons use a "GOOSE."

Richard Goz was the grandfather of Ranulph le Meschin (Mieszko-like name). Le-Meschin's son was earl Ranulph de Gernon, and while I see the footless bird as part-code for FOOTs, Gernons ("cyFOETH") have the Coat of DUCE's/Doocys in colors reversed, which can explain why English Gos' were first found in Staffordshire with Duce's/Doocys, and also why Staffords share the Spore/Spoor chevron. The Duce/Doocy lions are in the colors of the Duck lion heads, and these Ducks share the Chief of Carriers/Carrie's. Jaspers start to look like Goz liners where they share the Chief of Tailbois', for Ranulf le Meschin married Lucy Taillebois. Tailbois', who have a saltire in the colors of the saltire-by-stars of English Gos', were of Talbots (Shropshire, same as Meschins), and a "talbot" is used by Carricks (Carew/Carrot colors) who in turn share a "bien" motto term with Carews/Carrots.

German Biens share bees with Bessins, and Meschins derived from rulers of the Bessin, named after queen Basina, herself from Thuringia, where bee-using Talls/Thals were first found who share the Massena and Urban bend. The URBANus river was home to Corona-line Ceraunii, and Maezaei Illyrians lived at least adjacent to the Urbanus. Masseys were first found in Cheshire with the Meschin earls, with the Corons/Corona's/Coroners sharing the chevron of French Galleys, and with Steele's sharing the English Galley/Gallie checks.

Plus, Tall-like Talbots have the Grey Coat in colors reversed while Greys love the Anchors along with Graffs/Graffens. English Galleys/Gallie's have GREYhounds in a Coat like that of Meschins. Kepke chased me, a Masci liner very linkable to Meschins, with a spider at the home of Karen Graff, in a pointer to vaccine carriers = shuttles, and Keeps, using a "GALLEY," have a "weaver's shuttle." French Galleys were first found in Dauphine with Gay-branch Galli's, and the two surnames were descended from Gaia/Galla (Numidian king), father of king Massena. Massena's have a version of the Masci Coat.

Back to Jasper-like Gaspers, first found in Warwickshire while Warwicks share the three James lions, in the colors and format of the three Lambert stars, themselves in the colors of the one Gasper star. I trace Warwicks to Poland's Warsaw, and Mieszko II Lambert was a Polish duke. Gaspers have the crescent of Kerns/Karens, the latter first found in Silesia, which touches upon Poland. Jaspers share the black anchor with Graffs/Graffens.

It seems that God prepared the heraldry off of Karen Graff to make sense as per "vaccine carrier." As per the RAMPant, Graff/Graffen lion, Ramps share the brown and comBATTANT lions with Irish Collins, a pointer to Fauci's boss until recently, Francis Collins. Battants share the human eye with Settle-related Stars. Carters have more lions combattant. Carts (Somerset) are said to have been Carys of Cary Castle in Somerset, where English Carrys were first found.

Headline: "Graphene-fed spiders spin bionic silk - New Atlas".

If we're convinced by this latest set of heraldic pointers that God pointed to graphene-oxide in vaccines, then could we all agree that He wouldn't bother to do so if there were nothing dangerous / wicked in it? Just ponder that. And why was Kepke's father Ukrainian? Why did Karen's parents (Simon and Nora) still have German accents? Why is Ukraine ruled much by Nazi elements at this time? Here's the video (see early 10th minute for "vaccine carrier":

You realize how illegal and dastardly it is to use graphene in the body to control, and spy on, people's brains or other body parts. It is illegal and dastardly to inject graphene, without people knowing, in order to conduct tests widely around the globe. Only fiends do things like this, and they seem determined to do it in spite of wide opposition. These people, who could care less for your suffering or death, deserve to be DEAD NOW.

As the Graff residence was at the corner of Doner and Union streets (Gormley, Ontario), I should mention that the Chief-Shield color combination of Doners ("FOXES combatant") is colors reversed from the same of Miles' who in turn share the millrind with Unions. Karen Graff and I attended Mark II school in UNIONville. French Millets/Milez's, sharing the giant star of German Teegers, were barons of Challes and FAVORges, which looks like a pointer to Trump's "warp speed" lunacy that gave the world murders-by-vaccines for which he has yet to repent. The Challes', in the colors of the Miles and Doner Shields, but also in the colors of the Stars, must be a branch of TRUMPet-using Calles' (Wiltshire, same as Stars) because Favorges-like FEVERs/Favors, share the Trump stag head. And I always say that Kepke wore his hair to look like Trump's hair.

I've just looked up Warps and Speeds. No Warp surname comes up, but Speeds are interesting for sharing the Chief-Shield colors of Shops, the latter first found in Kent with Sea's who are in turn a branch of Seamans (share seahorse with Shops) who in turn were first found in Suffolk with Speeds. In my 1979 dream, the bulldog, which I decipher as Trump, was half SWALLOWED by a shark, and while I interpreted that as Trump's demise by the deep state, Speeds happen to use "swallows."

The bulldog JUMPed into the KIDNEY-shaped SWIMMING pool with the shark, and Jumps share the Trump / Fever stag head. The Sea's use "a salmon SWIMMING" in the colors of the "two blue fish crossed" of KIDNEYs/GEDneys, and the Ged Crest has a fish head, called a "PIKE head" (Geddes symbol too) while the three "pikes" in the Ged Shield are in the colors of the fish in this Arms of Saraca, and thus the SHARK in the swimming pool was part-code for Saraca's in order to clinch the dream's scene with Kidneys/Gedneys, important because Remdesivir, the only drug approved by the FDA to treat COVID, murders victims by causing kidney failures. The Fevers, around their trump stag head, share the fitchees of Pike-like Picks/Pix' does not appear coincidental.

Now that we've learned that the Biden family has funded labs in Kiev, we've got to repeat that the Biden-branch Butts/Bute's/Boets/BOTE's -- a pointer now to MetaBIOTA lab in Kiev -- have a fish in the colors of the Geddes fish heads. In this way, the pool shark is pointing to Kiev corruption, which probably included Igor Kolomoisky (on Burisma's board with Hunter Biden), owner of a shark tank. It's suggesting that the kidney diseases are deliberate murders by the people in charge of the Kiev labs, the American military, for one.

Ah wow, there is a Swim/Swimen surname with a Seaman-like Zweman variation, which clinches the Sea-Seaman relationship because Sea's use the swimming salmon. I'm guessing that because Seamans look like kin of Tuckers/Tokers, the Swims/Swimens have a Coat version of the Barnstaple's (Devon, same as Tuckers and Pike's). The Barnstaple Coat is nearly the one of Stevensons, the latter first found in Northumberland with Piggs/PICg's.

If Swims were a branch of Swine's, note that the latter have boars in the colors of the Pigg/Picg boar heads while Picks/Pix's come up as "Piggs" while Picots/Pigots use arrow / SPEAR heads (not sure which) which they call "pikeheads." Piggs share the SWYNford Coat, and while Catherine Roet had married Mr. Swynford, Roets share the SPEAR boar heads. Roets were Rhodes liners, and Rhodes' (Yorkshire, same as Swine's) were kin of Bather-like Baths (Somerset, same as Roets).

Swims/Swimins are also in the colors and format of Italian Valentins while Spanish Valentins share the gold border with Greats and Justine's because Justine of PICENum married Valentinian, son of emperor GRATian along with Valens, and this looks like it's part of God's pointers to The GREAT RESET of Klaus Schwab, a new world order on the launch pad of the COVID / vaccine scheme. Seamans have Seman of RESTon, you see, and Semans have fessewise bars in the colors of the five fesses of Valence's/Valens'/Vallants (Kent, same as Sea's and Shops), a branch of duck-using Velens and Velins, both first found in Westphalia with the Ducks/Dockers who have the five Valence fesses in colors reversed.

The Reston write-up includes: "...Adam de Rystona was witness to a quitclaim of the land of SWINton", and Swintons have more boar heads. The dream with shark started with the shark in the SWIMming pool, and ended with Sleeping Beauty and I RISING as a pointer to Reston-branch Risings/Risons. Is the shark related to the Great Reset, therefore? That makes a lot of sense. Restons share three leopard faces (different colors) with Willfords (Nottinghamshire, same as Aunis-branch Ainsleys) and Wilesfords, the latter sharing the three of Parsons, first found in Norfolk with Risings, and with the Leave's/Leve's in the leaves of Swims/Swimins. Leave's/Leve's use bees while Bee's were first found in Oxfordshire with Peare's sharing the Parson / Wilesford boar heads. Sleeping Beauty and I rose into the sky when I woke her, and Wake's (Lincolnshire, same as Restons) were at Wilesford. Restons are in Curtsy colors and format. Sleeping Beauty was in the CENTER isle when she did the curtsy, and Centers share the three Wilesford / Parson leopard faces.

When walking toward her car in the dream from a good distance, I was then instantly at the door of her car, seeing her hovering inside of it. The Scottish Doors share the three Reston leopard faces.

To help prove that the swimming pool is to point to Swine liners, Swintons (in the write-up of Reset-like RESTons) are in the colors and format of Baliols, the latter first found in Northumberland with their Baily branch who in turn share the brown boar head with One's/Innis (suspect in the Handell motto), first found in Moray with Bellys, and, as was said, the shark's teeth circled round the BELLY of the bulldog once it was half swallowed head-first. Handells share the Moray Coat, which includes the Baily stars, and the Handell / Morays Coats are essentially the Duc/LeDuc Coat while the latter's star is on the Belly chevron. James LeDuc must be operational with the Great Reset, very logical. The Great Reset will fail miserably, as did Hitler, and Hell's belly will be enlarged on account of it.

Swintons use a brown boar in Crest to go with the One/Innis and Bailey boar heads, and another brown boar is used by Pollocks whose saltire is in the colors of the Rising/Rison cross. Catherine Roet married Mr. Swynford, and Roets share the boar heads of Speers, first found in Renfrewshire with Pollocks. She did the curtsy at the end of the Pew, and while Curtsys are in the colors and format of Rising-branch Restons/Ristons, Pews/Pughs could be of the Poke variation of Pollocks. Curtsys are suspect as kin of DOLfins, and thus the Curtsy fesse can be that of Dols who in turn use it wavy just like the same-colored one of Dutch Ghents/Gaunts. Catherine Roet married again to John of Gaunt. English Gaunts were first found in Kent with swimming-salmon Sea's, and Salemans, in Salmon colors, were first found in Surrey with Curtsys and same-colored James'.

Catherine Roet owned the Catherine wheel, and I had a dream in which all four wheels were off the car as it rested on jack stands in a parking lot at an intersection. I went into the store of that parking lot and bought carpenter glue to grease the wheel bearings. The dream ended there. This dream needs better deciphering than my past attempts.

The Seamen are also Semans, and they say the vaccine goons are targeting the male potential to reproduce. The lone and large Seaman crescent is partially on blue, and in that way in both colors of the lone and large Gasper crescent. Gaspers have Mr. GaySPORE, and were first found in WARwickshire, in case we find a Warp-like variation of a War / Warwick branch. Gasper variations look related to the De Gai home of Jays, and a jay is used by Poitvins, first found in Poitou with Clave's (share keys with Clavers/Cleavers). Poitou was named by PICtones. Clave's are said to be from the Aunis part of Poitou, and Aunis' are listed with the Annas' who share the Chief-Shield colors of Speeds and Scherf-connectable Shops, you see. Warp Speed was introduced as Deborah Birx plied the American people with disinformation, and she always wore a Scherf-like scarf when on the nightly stage with Trump and Fauci.

The Scarfs share the Coat of Bathers, and the latter were first found in Denbighshire with same-colored GLUE's/Cloughs/Cluffs, a potential branch of Clave's. "Seman le Carpenter" in the Seaman write-up reminds about the carpenter GLUE uses as grease for my wheel bearings. I may re-tackle that dream again below. "Seman le ECHE" in the Seaman/SEMAN write-up seems like a pointer to globalist good targeting female eggs to ruin their reproductive capacities. The Eggs/Edge's have a Coat like that of Ice's/Ecco's, and the latter happen to share the trefoils of English Pike's while we just saw "pike heads" with the Geds, part of the pointer to kidney disease by remdesivir. Eggs/Edge's were first found in Cheshire with pikehead Picots/Pigots and the Clubs/Clobbes' whom I trace to king Clovis, perhaps the line to Clave's / Clavers / Cleave's/Cleffs / Glue's/Cluffs. The Picots/Pigot Crest shares the white wolf head with Scarfs and Bathers.

As Shop variations are like Scherf variations, I'm going to propose that Trumps Warp Speed is a program foisted upon him by the Bush-Scherff Nazis. It's interesting that Fiers/Fears were probably a branch of Fire's/FEUERERs who in turn share the giant Schwab unicorn, for I heard that Klaus Schwab sold weapons to the Nazis. Fiers/Fears were first found in Middlesex with Warfs/Wharfs. Warf speed? Probably not.

Warp Speed was probably named after Trump's "Space Force," for the latter's logo looks like the Star Trek logo. Space's/Speccots, Speeds and Spade's/Spede's/Speetons are all in the same colors, and Speccots were first found in Devon with a branch of Specks/SPOCKs. For young ones, the original Star trek co-stared Leonard Nimoy as the futuristic, inhuman anti-Christ, Dr. Spock. DOCTOR, that is. In a Star Trek movie, Dr. Spock killed God. Specks/Spocks share the eight bars of Tuckers (Devon, same as Pine's) whose seahorse and bars connect them to Sea's and Seamans (Suffolk, same as Speeds and Rush's). The PORCuPINE in the Speck/Spock Crest can connect to the brown boar in the Swinton Crest because black Porcia's boars are in both colors of the Sween/Swiney/Whinnie boars. The latter's Swine branch were first found in Yorkshire with black-boar Bush's who in turn share the Ghent eagles, which brings us back to the Roet-Gaunt marriage. BOTHwells, first found in Lanarkshire with Swim-like Sweems/Swans/Sine's/Sions, use a PINE tree while Boths/Booths (Yorkshire) share the black boar heads of Swynfords. Porci's (not "Porcia") share the bend of English Collins' and Chalants/Challons'.

The Sweens/Swineys are said to descend from "Suibhne O'Neill," and Neils/O'Nails look like they share the fish in the Arms of Saraca because Neils/O'Nails were first found in Tyrone with Sharks, and this additional link of Swim-like Swine liners to Shark elements tends to nail again the swimming-salmon Sea's with the shark in the swimming pool because Sea's have their fish in the colors of the Kidney/Gedney fish. Only this time, the Bush's are involved too. Sweens/Swineys even share the Geddy/Giddy fesse. A Russian military man who came out publicly this week said that there's at least five American bio-labs in Ukraine, one testing with African SWINE flu. What's "gaunt" mean?

I didn't expect to find Sweems (new to me) listed with Swans/Sions. Their "FIDELitas" motto can show their relationship to Curtsys (Surrey, same as FIDDLE's/Fidelows) because the Sweem/Swan/Sion Coat is like that of Curtsys, but also like that of Reset-like Restons. The Arthur "rests" are also called "clarions," what the Hicks used when they were married to Arthurs of Clapton (Somerset, same as Roets). Clapton is at Gordano, and Gordans/Gords (Berwickshire, same as Swintons) share the Roet boar heads.

Bauers share the Hiedler/Hitler stars, and from Mayer Bauer-Rothchilds of Frankfurt came this: "Frankfurt am Main (Germany). Marianne SCHWAB, nee Rothschild, born in 1919 in Frankfurt/Main is the daughter of Louis and Melanie Rothschild..." Okay, so Rothschilds had married Schwabs about the time of Adolf Hitler. "Klaus Schwab: Can't find his parents' names listed anywhere ..." It's not unfathomable that Schwab has been placed in charge of expediting Rothschild globalism by coming out of the shadows and coaching a big stupid. Everytime he opens his mouth, a big stupid speaks. He even showed pride in trudeau, hahahaha. trudeau wants to be the big-bad wolf for Schwab, to make a name for himself in uppity levels filled with the most stupid men this history has ever seen.

Mayer Bauer-Rothschild befriended prince William of Hesse, whose banker he was, and Schwabs (Bavaria, same as Rothes'/Rothchilds and Bauers) share the giant unicorn of Rasmussens, first found in Hesse. "Gunther Schwab was an Austrian writer and author, and member of the Nazi party. He founded the World Union for Protection of Life." The goons always start organizations / Foundations with humanitarian overtones as standard, deceptive practice. George Soros is a Jew (or maybe a Khazar "Jew") who betrayed Jews to Nazis.

I've got to admit, Rothschilds -- tradition Zionists -- joining hands with Nazi's is a mind-bender, but then how do we explain the animosity toward Israel by so many European rulers? The Rhodians were communist, and thus leans the anti-Israeli, Obamaite affixes in Ukraine, we may assume at this time. In desperate situations, surprising alliances are temporarily made, which I think speaks to the clay mixed with iron in the end-time Roman empire. They may fight together for a spell, only to turn on one another for seizing the highest power platforms. Look at how strong a glue (laughable) democracy provides, more like a rip saw across the national body. Fighting factions are destroyers. Democracy destroys the national body when the democratic leaders are Godless, when they cheat and lie and kill. This should work to our advantage when we flee society.

End-time globalism will not unite but for a short time in desperate conditions, like when one puts a piece of scotch tape to a break in a dam...peace of mind and security is achieved but for a deceptive minute because the scotch tape is all there is to alleviate the dangers. They will trust in what they have, their scathing weaponry, the worst-possible thing to trust, in a dangerous situation.


This video message could reveal how the anti-Christ could invade Israel as an anti-American entity with America not coming to Israel's help:

I'd like you to keep in mind that the end-times is a time for God's preparation for better life in the Millennium, and that the devil is ruining this effort as best he can. Part of God's preparation is to expose the evil so that an awakening takes place after Armageddon, an awaking of a Godly kind. The great fruit of great evil will result in an awakening, a New World Order under Jesus. That's why the devil is ruining this world, for he knows what God wants to accomplish.

I am so disappointed in the church leaders for not going to Pawlowski's cause, where the police and the courts and the government are jailing him and mistreating him to make him promise to keep his mouth shut in his protesting the wickedness of canadian politicians. Shame, churches, this is so bewildering. This type of communist persecution could be coming to you, pastors, and you should not be surprised if we weep not a tear for you because you ignored your brother when it happened to him. He has a right to speak his mind because canadian rulers are not kings, but rather are guilty of many things, including the indoctrination of the children in order to raise a wicked, anti-Christ generation. SHAME PASTORS! Go to the police station, the political offices, and make your vocal complaints. Bring all your churches together, video it, release it, spread the word that such things as this cannot happen without an uprising in the churches. Instead, dead silence. SHAME PASTORS! I know that Pawlowski is not a typical pastor, and I'm not in favor of his all-inclusive ways, but he provided the grand opportunity for pastors to act in a way that could make all Christians proud of them, glad to be a part of them, but they failed.

Artur Pawlowski was finally released this week, and though he was let out with conditions, he's still saying openly that he'll fight against tyranny. As you watch him describe his harsh jail conditions, ask: how possibly could the government actors who called the jail-condition shots (it wasn't the jail guards who decided) be so stupid as to think they were acting in secret with him, when they should have known that the pastor would be released, and that he would then tell everything that happened? How possibly could they think they could win against this man who will now tell over and over again to a global audience how pathetic the government actors were? This is what we can call the demonic insanity that has gotten hold of end-time globo-touting powers. Looks like Artur was wrong in calling the Calgary police a gestapo. Nazi's weren't that stupid.

Mark this most-important point: what they did to Artur they did to Jesus. Imagine the punishment of those actors when their time comes to be jailed by God:

Trudeau was forced to cease his tyrannical measures against the bank accounts of political opponents because too many people were squeezing the banks by pulling out their money. So, the globalists are naturally going to make a cashless society by law where people cannot remove cash, right? How can that be legal? If money is nothing but electrons in a wire, how can that be legal? How will people stand for it? How will the government pretend to be good-ole father-government when they act like that? That's not a father, but a gangster. So, expect push-back against politicians with every tyrannical measure imposed, and expect some politicians to cave depending on whether its election season. Trudeau's has shown his true colors, that's he's willing to be Hitler II. We have seen it.

We can understand why politicians of both parties pushed mask mandates and even lockdowns, because the opposing party would blame them for the deaths if they did not push them. While we can understand it, we don't agree with politicians doing it just to save their own political jobs. It's nasty, criminally-abusive even. But when trudeau WANTS to close bank accounts of his own accord to force the political opponent to get punished under his boot, that's not at all the same thing. That's a horror story, a loser needing repentance fast, because when demons dig into a soul, they are harder to disregard or resist.

God tests all mankind, including Christians, meaning He'll allow demons to interfere into our private thoughts, to see how we deal with them. If you have rich soil, you will survive the impulses, the deception, and the corrosive effects. "Rich soil" means we take this seriously, we handle it, we consider it important to pass the test, we watch ourselves, test ourselves to see how we are faring. God looks ahead to see who will handle the test acceptably, and then puts His seal on their foreheads, so to speak.

I'm very glad that, although porn is available for me at the click of a mouse, I don't do it (being in my mid-60s makes it easier to resist). I have no desire to be in the company of the Godless. I wouldn't be going to nightclubs even if they were next door. I don't listen to worldly music. I don't tune into radio, or allow liberal news to inundate me with trash and subtle anti-Christianity. We need to protect ourselves from such things, and ask God to be our guide, to remind us of His ways when we cross a line onto the devil's turf. When I load a video where the guy's using sewer language just because he thinks it's cool or normal, I click away because I'd rather get my news from someone smart enough to be clean. People using sewer language are more likely to lead you into a sewerish mindset. Bitchute is full of pollution. When I wade through bitchute to find the news, I wear rubber boots and an antibacterial suit. God is clean; therefore, be clean. I'm not talking about having a squeaky-clean, glass house as a holy thing, or taking daily showers to be holy.

In these last days, don't view God as a cheery individual. Surely, He's very upset and sick to His Spirit at what he sees. This is not the time to treat God as your personal Santa Claus. I don't think He's in the mood to be your genie. Can we be mature about the way we view God at this time? Can we come to terms with His deep disappointments. The human race has been sticking barbs into Him for millennia, and now He's facing the worst generation ever, the most-rotten sons ever. The thing that makes the Creator most miserable is that He Created us to be our Father, yet we all spit on Him, treating Him with indifference, and you know the whole gamut if you've read the Bible. The Old Testament is a story of God's suffering rejection even from Israel. Do you think that, after 6,000 years of such treatment, He might be a little triggered?

I think He's looking for people, not necessarily who are good through-and-through, but those with the potential to be good if given the time and conditions. We shouldn't shrink back from starting a relationship with Him just because we think we cannot overcome the dirt in our souls. If we are sorry about that dirt, and if we hurt for God's hurt, then I think we are son-material. Don't throw away your soul, but save it by clinging to the Vine. It's our job to cling to the Vine, and when Jesus sees that, He reports it to the Father, and the Father sends out a good report about us, a happy report, that God has shown mercy. It's the best we could ever hope for. The tree of good and evil grow in all of our hearts, but if we get Mercy, we will be allowed to become a new creation. That useless tree will be torn out of our hearts so that it will no longer produce bad fruit in us.

Here's me exactly in the way I've viewed the "pandemic":

Here's Rupert Murdoch at his lousy best to protect the devil Monsanto (see it):

Here's a couple of men on the dangerous front lines in the fight against vaccine poisoning. But I don't understand why Brian Ardis puts smiles on his face as he talks about murder by Remdesivir. Is he serious, or what? Are these guys bent on using the crisis to raise money for their own pockets?

What I don't understand is, why are their no rush-basis law suits against anyone putting Remdesivir into someone's body? I mean, pick any doctor or hospital, and sue him/it, then let it be the launching pad against other doctors/Hospitals. What is the problem? If Remdesivir is killing people, courts will give a plaintiff an emergency standing to get a fast court day to put restraints on any doctor/hospital, and that could escalate to a state-wide halt on that drug until the court case has played out. Why is this not happening anywhere?

If you're interested in the latest development of Hunter Biden's laptop, featuring Matt Gaetz's congressional advances, see here:'s-Laptop-Into-the-Congressional-Record:c

I don't know whether it's smart to show this human-meat video, because it could be disinformation to get people to stop buying meat, so I thought I'd let you make up your own mind:

Perhaps the time has arrived for us to no longer buy processed and ground meats. They can fool us too, I think, for example by supplying what looks like a hunk of ham, yet it may have been processed and made to look like a single hunk. I'm no longer buying ground meats and sausages / hotdogs and cold-cuts. There really are satanic lunatics amongst Schwabites. There are many large corporations working in concert to exploit us, who despise us, and even to destroy us. Don't buy Proctor and Gamble. We need spies and whistle-blowers to spy out the rot, and then it's our job to put the bad companies out of business, and to discover what new names they use to resurface in the marketplace. We need to elect appropriate politicians who will expose and jail the company owners who exploit us. We are not rats, they are.

The latest, I think, from David Martin and his bow tie:

Here's an interesting development from Russia concerning Ukrainian bio-labs to which the Bidens are reportedly connected:

Here's the Ukraine president in a T-shirt admitting that Nazis are part of the Ukrainian army:

Carpenter Glue Mystery

Repeat: "I had a dream in which all four wheels were off the car as it rested on jack stands in a parking lot at an intersection. I went into the store of that parking lot and bought carpenter glue to grease the wheel bearings. The dream ended there." Do you think one can take that simple picture and make heraldry make some sense of it? I've applied heraldry to this dream in the past to show how the dream may have derived from Intelligent Design. I'll go over it again while adding to it.

The dream took place at an intersection, but didn't need to unless it was necessary. I reason that the Corner/Garner surname should apply, and the new thing here is how this may be a pointer to graphene-oxide in vaccines, which was pointed to by KAREN Graff (by the way, her surname may have been "Graaf"). The comparison of GARNer and the Kern variation of Karens seems to be applicable where the Corner/Garner sword rises in the rare direction toward the Shield's left side (our right), ditto for the items acting as a bend in the Kern/Karen Coat. Recall the Kerr variation of Cars.

Then, as the wheels were off the CAR, we can apply now to the Whele variation of Whale's, not only because this dream leads to Alans of Dol while Dols use a wheel, but because Whale's/Whele's share the Keep bend, and it was Mr. Kepke at the Graff residence who chased me with the spider and web Keep's use a "weaver's shuttle," as do ShuttleWORTHs, first found in Lancashire with Cars/Kerrs and Garner-like Garnets/Gernets. The latter are fabulous because they show only GRIFFIN heads in Graff/GRAFFEN colors, is that not amazing already? This is new; I don't think I've ever applied Garnets/Gernets to this dream before.

The Garnet/Gernet griffin heads, gold, same as the Montacute griffin head, are in both colors of the griffin heads of English Caplans (Roet kin), whom I normally don't call KEPlaine's/Cheplains, but they show those variations in what looks like a pointer to Kepke at Karen Graff's place. The Caplan Chief (with the griffin heads) is in the colors and format of the neighboring COUPers/Coppers, and then the Montacute griffin head is "COUPed with black wings and black BEAK". Kepke had a black-Lab dog, Blacky. Coupers/Coppers were first found in Sussex with Keeps, and with Courts/Coverts/ACOTTs having an "AUCTa LABore" motto phrase to go with the "ACUTA" motto term of Carpenters. The black Montacute wings could thus be from the black eagle (spread wings) in the Covert/Court/Acott Crest.

Montacute-beloved Beaks and their Babe kin are Podebrady liners, and English Babels/Babwells even share a "gold gate" with the Arms of Podebrady while German Babels/Babe's share the mermaid with Laps/LABBS'. Podebrady is on the LABE (Elbe) river, can we believe it? Kepke had a black LAB, and so did I, by the way, which I received as a well-bred HUNTING dog in Texas. Wow, I even had a black Lab in Gormley!!!! I lived there only three years from late 13 to 17, and Kepke's spider event was in Gormley at 14 i.e. we may have had the black Lab at the time, which was named, Prince. Prince's (Yorkshire) share the cross of Dutch Grave's/Grevens. Cravens (Acton fesse in colors reversed) have an "ACTIONe" motto term to go with the "ACTIONum" motto term of Montacute's. While SKIPTON is in Yorkshire's Craven area, Drogo de Montacuto in the Montacute write-up "fixed his chief residence at the castle of SHIPTON-Montacute, co, Somerset." And wow, Cravens mention the beak of a "griffin STATant" while State's/Stations (Cheshire, same as Actons) share the Montacute lozenges! It appears that Kepke' black Lab led me right down this Graff-pertinent path. English Grave's/Greafs have Crest similar to the Montacute Crest.

I wonder why that all panned out so well from Montacute's, and whether the carpenter glue was Intended to have me do that paragraph as per the "acuta" motto term of Carpenters. Soon after the spider event, Kepke dated Miss PEARE for a couple of years, and in the first few days of their dating, I had the BELLY-press event with her, and so note the Carpenter and Belly motto, "PER acuta belli." Peare's were first found in Oxfordshire with the Shiptons who use "bellows," probably code for the Bellows/Bello's (Cheshire). My black Lab was Perin-like Prince (Yorkshire, same as Labore's), and Perins, sharing the Belly chevron, use an "allerion," defined as a BEAKless eagle likely as code for Beaks. Therefore, why is my black Lab pointing to Labe-river liners too?

Repeat from above: "A Russian military man who came out publicly this week said that there's at least five American bio-labs in Ukraine, one testing with African SWINE flu. What's "gaunt" mean?" That was said amid Swine-and-similar surnames, and I've just re-found the Swynford/Swinford Coat by looking up Acutts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think that's huge. The carpenter motto, "acuta," warrants the inclusion of the Acutts (Mansfield / Tinton colors and format), even though they are listed with AGARDs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GARDens share their black boar head, and I have told a million times that Mamie (pointed to Mansfields and Tintons) sat on my LAP the night before she got her thigh symbol at her GARDEN!!!!! The Gunters suspect in the Garden motto use gauntlet gloves probably for the line of John of Gaunt, husband of Mrs. Swynford!!! There is even a "hunting-horn" in the Acutt/Agard Crest for pointing to Hunter Biden's Kiev corruption. Keppochs share the Button/BIDEN and Butt/Bute/Boet/BOTE fesse, the latter looking like a pointer to MetaBIOTa of Kiev.

I met Mamie when doing a dance with her in her BLACK dress on my last night with Lorraine, and I dated Lorraine first as little as a month after seeing Miss Peare for the last time, and Perins -- suspect as PodeBRADY liners in conjunction with Beaks -- were first found in Lorraine. The latter had gotten a babe symbol for Beak-related Babe's who in-turn share the finger pointing to the sun with BRADYs. Mamie sat on my lap on the second occasion of my meeting her a few weeks after I first met her, and between those two occasions, as I've said many times, I bumped into Lorraine by freak chance at her subway STATION. State's/Stations (Cheshire, same as Fette-related Foots) share the Montacute lozenges.

I was with Joe Oullette when bumping into Lorraine at the subway station, and she got her babe symbol when his brother blurted, "what a babe." There's more than that for justifying a pointer to Babe's, and it included the time I was telling readers that both Lorraine and Lawrence Kepke had "sun-bright" blond hair, for while she got her feet symbol at the moment that "what a babe" was spoken, there's a foot on the sun in the Blond Coat that itself looks related to the Babe and Beak Coats. Feets share the English Pavia Coat, and Perin- / Peare-connectable Pierro's/Pero's were first found at Pavia. Pavia's were early in Somerset with Montacute's, and while Pavia's have variations like Pavers, the latter have the Bearing/Baring checks in their motto. I bought carpenter glue as grease for the wheel BEARINGs when the car was on JACK stands, and Jacks (Yorkshire, same as Stands and Pavers!) are in Pavia colors and format!!! Beauty. Italian Pavia's were first found in Piedmont with Pero's/Perino's.

Pavia's were at Chippingham, and Keep-like Chippinghams (Somerset) share the red bend with Keeps. The Chippingham estoiles are shared by PRESS'/Prests. On the last night that Lorraine was my date, she had a butt symbol, and Butts/Bute's/Boets/BOTE's have nearly the Pierro/Pero Coat so that the Butt/Bute/Bote fesse with-fish could therefore be a version of the Pavia fesse-with-martlets, for both are in the same colors. Pavia was co-founded by Laevi Gauls, and the Bearings/Barings will link to Leavells as I get to that part.

The beauty of Stands/STAINs -- for 15 years past said to be first found in Yorkshire with Jacks-- is that they are now said to be first found in Middlesex with Babels/Babwells!!! As said a million times, Lorraine the babe had a grass STAIN on her butt (caused me to give her up that night). The car on jack stands must therefore apply to her grass stain, and Fauchys use a grasshopper while Hoppers were first found in Wiltshire (beside Babe's) with Babe- and Babel-connectable Laps/Labbs'.

I trace Jacks to mythical Ajax, god of the Kennati priests of Cetis, where Leavell-line Laevillus was king, and this Ajax might be a pointer to the money-laundering of Ukraine on behalf of the Biden family (grass stain was on her Button-like butt), for I met Lorraine, on our first date, at my laundromat! She had to put her grass-stained pants into the laundry machine! As was said many times, my laundromat for that date was at the corner of LEVENdale and Yonge streets (Richmond Hill, Ontario), and Scottish Youngs share the triple piles of Scottish Leavells. She got her feet symbol on the pavement of this same Yonge street, and Feets (Yorkshire, same as Pavers) share the Pavia Coat. The LAEVIllus-like Laevi Gauls co-founded Pavia. Feets almost have the Button/Biden Coat.

Kepke's Lab, Blacky, may be pointing to the news I'm hearing this week, from Russian-military sources speaking even to the UN, where Hunter Biden was used as a go-between the American military and both Metabiota, and BLACK and Veatch SPC, two bioweapons LABS (!!!) in Kiev, to funnel money into bio-weapons work there. Is that not a hoot or what? Our black labs must both be pointers to bioweapon labs. Both of my black Labs were killed when run over by a car. Meaning? The wheel bearings point to Kiev's labs. Google's not bringing up Black and Veatch's website.

I spelled "Veatch" wrong as "Veach" in the 3rd update of last month, and didn't correct it until late this week, when I added this to it: "Beach's come up as Beauty- / Veatch-like Beatch's." That's new fodder for understanding the Sleeping Beauty dream, sorry it wasn't available until now. It's perfect for verifying that the dream was on Epstein's island as a pointer to Metabiota's founder as well as to the officials at Black and Veatch. Sleeping Beauty was fulfilled by Mrs. Kilpatrick, and while one Kilpatrick Coat share the Black saltire, the other Kilpatricks have it in colors reversed while English Hunters, not a guff in the world, have both Kilpatrick saltires!!! That is a beautiful piece of work, perhaps the best reason ever provided thus far as to why Mrs. Kilpatrick fulfilled the dream. She's now pointing to criminal specifics beyond the COVID scheme.

The Veatch's are also Vitch's while Vito's are also Biden-like Bittini's. That could be useful. The Vito's are in the motto of Bellows/Bello's and Saffers, the latter first found in Devon with Veatch-connectable Walerans. Saffer-like Severs/Sivers share the Vito annulet. Ratcliffs, sharing the black Waleran / Veatch bull head, were first found at BURY of Salford while Salfords come us as Savarys, as do Saffers. Bury's are also BURISma-like Buris' (!!!), and they share the Kilpatrick fleur-de-lys.

The Glue-connectable BURtons use a "VITae" motto term. Burtons were first found in Shropshire with the Sallows (and Biden-pointing Breakers/Brecks) who in turn share the six pale bars of Belli-loving Carpenters. The Lux's in the Burton motto have a giant, black bull head, same as Auto's/Otto's, and it just so happens that Scottish Blacks use a "lux" motto term too. German Belli's share the "beacon" with Redmaine's while Lawrence's were at a Redmaine location while Kepke is Lawrence.

Here's a pointer to the Clintons. Lawrence's were at Yealand-RedMAINE while Yealands/YELLands/YEOLands are in the colors of Yells and Yeo's/Yeomans (share Ile/YLLEY chevron). Humans are listed with Yeomans while Acorns (Sussex, same as Keeps) have a "human heart". Yeo's/Yeomans were first found in Devon with Blythe-like Billets, and with MAINE's who in turn share the double PERCHE chevrons, and this gets us back to the eagle standing on a perch of Botters/Bodins while Budini were at the Kiev theater with Roxolani. French Billets/Billiards were first found in Maine.

Continuing, ROXolani were also at the Yellow-like Ialomita river. The Yelland-like Yellows/Yelleys (Oxfordshire, same as Clintons) share the black fesse with Yells, and if the latter's symbols were red, their Coat would be a near copy of the Blythe Coat. The latter's Crest shared the red stag with Scottish Reeds while English Reds/Reeds (Northumberland, beside Blythe's) share the Blythe garbs. REDmaine. Clints/Clents share the Blythe garbs, and Blythe's look related to Keppochs. The Ile/Ylley Crest (red fitchee) is possibly the symbol of Keppoch-branch MacDonalds, though Wikipedia's article of the Keppochs shows a black fitchee, the colors of the six fitchees of Clintons and Hillarys (Worcestershire, same as Clent Hills). These six fitchees are in the format of the six lions of Eagle's who are in turn in the eagle's heads of Yellands/Yeolands.

Might the RoxoLANI Alans have named Lane's/LAINE's and therefore the Caplans/KEPlaine's? Irish Laine's share the Keep bend. It now seems that Caplans were Roxolani liners out of the Kiev theater. Roxolani were at the DNEIPER (runs at Kiev, and the Ialomita was the NAPARis. Napier's list PEERless', as if God intended to point to Miss Peare here, whom Kepke almost married immediately before making wedding plans with Miss Walsh. Alans may have named the Gelloni, associates of the Budini, accoring to Herodotus.

I say that the Biblical Benjamites from Rimmon removed to the Rimna river to the near-north of the Ialomita, with the BUZau river between them. BACau is not very far north of the Rimna, and that's where I trace Beacons/Bacons in the Redmaine beacon. French Bacons share the Billet and BUS cinquefoil. Kepke almost married Miss Walsh, and while Scottish Walsh's/WALCHs (ROXburghshire) are from WALLACHia at the Rimna-river theater, the Benjamins (Norfolk, same as Ile's/YLLEys and Bus') almost have the Scottish Walsh/Walch Coat. The latter share "Numine" with Yells, I kid you not. Irish Walsh's/Walchs look like kin of Maine's. yells, Yeo's, and Yellands all look like they were from the namers of the Ialomita at the BULGARia theater, a possible pointer to James Bulger.

Ahh, the "gloriosa" motto term of Saffers is PERFECT because Glorys/Lowrys (Lower colors) share the Coat of LARRYs/Laurie's/Lowrys (Dumfries, same as Kilpatricks) while Lawrence Kepke is also Larry. The further dynamic is that Saffers share blue vair on red with Blackys!!! That's incredible. Woof-woof. The "Aut" motto term of Saffers plays to the auto on Epstein's beach. Auto's/OTTO's have a black bull head too. Larrys/Laurie's/Lowrys share laurel with Keep-related Lorraine's. Saffers probably have a version of the Silver/Silverstein Coat to indicate that the central 9-11 plotters are in this set of pointers. Greams/Greems/Greens share the Glory/Lowry motto while Greenwich's share the Coat of Odins, kin (at least round-about) of OTTO's/Ottone's.

I think I now understand why the Beaks became a topic as per the Carpenter link to Montacute's. That is, the beak of the Montacute griffin was necessary to bump us to things-Lorraine, and while Beaks/BEAKERs can be gleaned as kin of Babe's, Beckers have a blue-vair version of the Beach/Bech Coat while Bearings/Barings are also showing as BECKERings! Surprise. It once again links the wheel bearings to things-Lorraine, and Dutch Beckers/Bakers even share the chevron of Carpenter-related Bellys. Babe's and Beaks/Beakers were both first found in Dorset with Waleran- / Veatch-linkable Beautys, and with the Beaumonts of Meulan which Veatch-connectable Walerans married. The Arms of Meulan share the Bearing/Baring Coat! Stunning, I get it. Metabiota was founded by Nathan Wolfe, a leading supporter of Jeffrey Epstein's affairs, and the beach in the Sleeping Beauty dream was Epstein's beach.

Beautys have three bulls in the colors and format of the bull heads of Walerans and Veatch's, but also of Waldrons, first found in Sussex with Keeps. I wish I could make a strong Waldron link to Keeps, but I can't see one, unless the "...three black bull heads caBOSSed, attired gold", of Waldrons can make the link. Walerans: "...three black bull's heads, with GOLD HORNS." The Button/Biden Crest: "...two GOLD HORNS." The Biden family with dirty fingers in Keep-line Kiev.

BOSS'/BOISville's (probably Bothwell branch), with a giant red bull, link to a Bois location of Montacute's, and while the Bohemia-founding Boii were in BONonia. Bone's/Bohuns (share Beaumont lion) were first found in Sussex with Waldrons. Podebrady on the Labe river is in Bohemia. However, while that explains the "cabossed" term of Waldrons, it doesn't bring Kiev liners into view. But wait. Maria of Kiev married Casimir of Poland, and he was the son of RICHEZa of Lorraine while Lorraine's share the Keep bend!!!! PLUS ZOWZERS, the Rich's/RICHESS', said to have named Riche "near Nancy, in Lorraine", use "crosses BOTTONy" because they were first found in Hampshire with BOTTON/BIDENs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The cabossed bull heads are "attired," and there are antlers in the Hamon Crest called "attires of a stag". Casimirs have a bend-wise antler in the colors of the Keep and Lorraine bends, no guff at all. It proves that Kepke's father was Ukrainian because Keeps and Keppochs were Kiev liners. It tends to serve evidence that Keppochs use the Button/Biden fesse, yet this heraldry was formed centuries ago, long before the Bidens got tripped up in Kiev corruption. Why would God point to this situation centuries ago, unless it has to do with the countdown to Armageddon?

I've just loaded Botons (not "Botton") to find the BOUGHTons, likely a branch of Roet-related Bows/Bough's because Roets were at near Bristol while Bristols share the Boton/Boughton crescents. I BOUGHT the carpenter glue, you see, and as Botons/Boughtons have a "BONum" motto term, they look like they were from BOII of Bononia. The beauty-work here is that I did BUY the carpenter glue, and Buys (Berwickshire, same as Veatch's/Vitch's) are listed with BOYs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's another hee-hee snitch-job by God, for Roets were first found beside the first-known Bottons/Bidens, and the latter are said to have been at Bath (Somerset), very near Bristol. Bristols were "anciently descended from HAMON aux Dents..."; he was ancestor also of the Seneca's who have the Glue mascles in half their colors. I BOUGHT the GLUE for the BEARINGs in a STORE with the TIRES off the car. Hamons and Bearing-connectable Waldrons use "atTIRES"!!! Bristol is near the source of the STOUR river of Dorset.

There's a Stour river in Worcester too. "The river rises in the north of Worcestershire in the Clent Hills,..." and here it may be relevant that Clents/Clints (Yorkshire, near Blythe's) share the Blythe garbs while Mr. Blythe was the father of Bill Clinton. Blythe's were first found in Berwickshire with Buys/Boys. The Clintons are money launderers, and Blythe's happen to be in the colors and format of Keppochs (Yorkshire too), the Kiev-suspect liners with a fesse connectable to the Biden fesse. This is turning out amazing, actually, because the Blythe fesse-with-garbs are in the colors and format to the Jack fesse-with-scallops, and Jacks were first found in Yorkshire too. My first DATE with Lorraine started when she met me at my laundromat, and Date's/Dade's share the Clint/Clent Coat!!! BEAUTY. God is snitching on the Clinton crime ring with dirty attache in Kiev. Hang'em out to dry, O Lord.

The store with the carpenter glue thus points to Clintons as per the Stour river, and it goes to the JACK stands too. Clintons share the six fitchees of Hillarys, the latter first found in Worcestershire with the Stour river (and the Hills too). How about that. Blythe's have: "James Blyth was burgess of Dundy (Dundee) in 1485." The Kids were first found in Dundee. Woe unto the Clintons, for they chose ill-gotten grub-money instead of the life-granting Creator. They abused their lives and will be robbed of their lives. That's how Justice works.

Botons/Boughtons were first found in Warwickshire with the Pavia's who, in Jack colors and format, almost have the Botton/Biden Coat. Scottish Boys'/Bois', who share the gold crescent with Botons/Boughtons and Bristols (look like Bush kin), are also BOASTs, perhaps intended by "caBOSSED," but in any case the Boys'/Bois' were a branch of Bosco's who in turn use "tufts of GRASS" to go with Lorraine's Butt stain. Lorraine pointed elements in Bohemia's Podebrady, right?

PLUS, I think that the Laps/Labbs', in this black-lab picture, point to God's unveiling of Hunter Biden's LAPtop, a juicy story this week. I'd say that God is putting restrainers on the deep state by exposing a slice of its filthy arse. It's becoming so embarrassed and afraid all at once that it's shrinking back from continuing its agenda as bald-faced as it would like. Store abundant foods while God restrains, because a time will come when the restraining is that the deep state will drive itself off the Armageddon cliff, Selah! We win. Hunker down when the time for hunkering arrives. Be on your best behavior at that time, like when Jeremiah submitted to the Assyrians because God brought them to punish the wicked.

I told many times of Mamie sitting on my LAP with the "gang" around the campfire before realizing that Gangs/Geggs apply because the Drummonds, from a woman in Podebrady, use a "gang" motto term. George, father of the first Drummond, married Miss Podebrady. That's why the laps/LABBS' were from the Labe river through Podebrady. BUT NOW, WOW, the gangs were first found in Norfolk with the bags who in turn have the gang cinquefoils in colors reversed, and then the Bulgars have a trefoil-version of the Bag Chief, ASTOUNDING because Whitey Bulger is a GANGster, you see, and his nephew is/was a partner of Hunter Biden. That's not all, for as Glue's have the SENECA mascles in half their colors, see this:

Five months into the Obama administration in June 2009 Hunter Biden and Chris Heinz, stepson of Senate Foreign Relations Committee chair John Kerry formed Rosemount SENECA. The firm partnered with the Thornton Group run by James Bulger, and the Bank of China, to form Bohai Harvest RST (BHR) in China. Devon Archer is a longtime friend of former Secretary of State John Kerry and of stepson Chris Heinz and James Bulger, the nephew of notorious Boston gangster Whitey Bulger.

It would have made a bigger splash had the Glue's shared the Seneca mascles in both colors, but maybe there's a reason that God did not arrange for it. John Kerry replaced Hillary Clinton as Obama's foreign secretary, in the STATE Department. State's/Stations share the Montacute lozenges, and Carpenters took us to Montacute's in the first place. Bulgers have a giant bull head colors reversed from the Veatch/Vitch bulls heads. The Bulger bull head is in the colors of the Pelosi bull, and Nancy Pelosi is reportedly involved in China corruption. Pelosi's share the "column" (different colors) with German Franks, first found in Bohemia.

The anti-Christ is God's hammer on the steel heads of end-time Rothschilians, and in the very end, this hammer will be dropped into a lake of fire in Edom as Sodom Part-2. God will explode with zealous wrath, nobody's ever seen anything like it. HORRIFYING. Change your dirty diapers, trudeau, and put on the pants of a real man, or you'll be dropped like trash into the maggot pit made for Sodomites.

Veatch's/Vitch's even use a "factis" motto term, like the "fecit" of Bulgers, that I consider as family code for Fauci-pointing Faucet liners. Faucets were first found in East Lothian with Vaux's, and English Vaux's (Cumberland, same as Levins) share the Bearing/Baring Coat! They can run but they can't hide. French Faux's/Fage's/CHOLLENS' were first found in PERIgord with Fauchys. I lived on Doner street when my first black lab died, and Doners use FOXes.

Weach's are listed with Wachs/Walks, and Witch's with Watch's/Wage's/WYCHs (like "VYCHan"), first found in Cornwall with Wassa's/Wace's = proto-Washingtons. Blacks share the Washington Chief. Black and Veatch, pointing now to Washington DC? The Black chevron is also the Witch/Wage chevron, and the latter's Coat is in colors reversed from, but in the format of, the Vychan/Vaughn Coat. Witch's/Wage's almost have the Coat of Figgs/Fyge's/Ficks and Froggs/Frocks, the latter first found in Shropshire with Vychans/Vaughns. Faughns share the COMPONY bend of Faucets.

LOOK. My first black lab died while crossing the road to the parking lot of the auto mechanic, Tony CAMPANia (like "compony"), and I was either his auto-repair helper at the time, or shortly before the dog died. For whatever it could mean, Tony left Gormley to open a muffler shop in Richmond Hill. I saw this dog dead on the road's PAVEment (Woodbine avenue), in Gormley, and while the Gormleys/Grimes' have the Grime/Grimm martlets in colors reversed, the English Pavia Coat is three times in the Grime/Grimm Coat. The wheel GREASE will link below to GRIMaldi's, I kid you not.

Richmonds look like Labore kin, and Labore's may have been a Labe-river liner in marriage with Bore elements, perhaps even Burys/Buris'. Bore's use pots, and while the "flower pots" of Rinds is code partly for Potters (share Flower cinquefoil), Potters were first found in Hampshire with Buttons/Bidens/Budins and Botters/Bodins. That works.

I trace Griffins of Julius Agrippa, uncle of Julius Bassianus, the ancestor, I can show, of queen Basina and the line to Masci-related Meschins. It's suggesting to me that Karen Graff, who lived almost across the road from my Masci mother, was from that Agrippa line. Masci / Massena / RasMUSSEN liners own the sinister-rising bend, and Karens use one. The Graff/Graffen lion is in the colors of the Maschi lion, and while the Graff/Graffen lion is a DEMI-lion, Demys are listed with DuMAIS/LeMAIS'. Karen's father would, always smoking a pipe, come visit my father, and Pipe's share the Rasmussen bend-with-fleur.

There is a black Lab head ("talbot") in the Irish Griffen Crest, and so God may have provided it there to indicate graphene-oxide experiments in the Kiev labs. Black's were first found in Lincolnshire with TailleBOIS', and Montacute's are said to derive from Montaigu-Les-BOIS in acuta-like Coutance. Blackys happen to share two gold chevrons with French Chaplains, and with English Josephs (Hampshire, same as Caplans/Keplaine's/Cheplains.) The talbot dog evolved into a Lab, and Laps/Labbs' were first found in Wiltshire with Box's who in-turn share the Caplan/Keplaine/Cheplain and Gernet griffin heads. The Gernet Coat is almost the Sessions Coat, and the latter have a "Hope" motto term while German Hope's use a giant anchor, and then English Hope's, with a Roet-connectable "rainBOW," share the "globe" with Carpenters. Box's were likely a branch of Roet-beloved Books; the latter were first found in Berwickshire with TailleBOIS-like Buys/Boys and Veatch's.

Kepke had a pet rat, and Shuttleworths were first found in Bury with RATcliffs. The Rat anchor can thus be of the Anchors in the motto of Greys/Croys/Groys (Talbot Coat in colors reversed) because Catherine Roet descended from Croys or Groys. I intend to show you how the glue-GREASE can apply to Greys. There is an interesting jump here from the glue dream to graphene-oxide because Graffs show just a demi-lion "HOLDING" an anchor, and it's the demi-lion in the Crest of Forans/FOREhams who nearly share the Coat of FORTHE's/Fords which I just took from the "FOR THE" motto phrase of Sessions (look like kin of HOLDers). While KEPke CHASEd me with the spider, Forthe's/Fords were first found in Hampshire with CHASE's (lion colors reversed from the Graff lion), and with Caplans/KEPlaine's, and with the Anchor-branch Hangers/Angers having a split-colored griffin, not only in the right colors to match the griffin heads of Garnets, Box's, Sessions and Caplans/KepLAINE's, but in the split colors of the English LAINE Shield. As Irish Laine's share the Keep bend, might KepLAINE's (beside Keeps) have been a Keep-Laine merger? English Laine's have the horizontally-split Foran/Foreham Shield in colors reversed.

Hangers/Angers share the escarBUNCLE with Angers, which is why I see Hangers as an Anchor branch, for the other Angers (with escarbuncle) have the Anchor Coat in different colors, and the Anchor Coat in full is in colors and format of the Caplan/Keplaine Coat. Then, Buncle's/BONkyll's look like Boii-of-Bononia liners because they are in the colors and format of (Roet-connectable) Botons/BOUGHTons with "BONum" motto term, and they are the ones suspect with the carpenter glue because I BOUGHT it. The Buncle's/Bonkylls were even first found in Berwickshire with BUYs/Boys!!! The graphene-oxide pointers to Kiev are now connecting with the carpenter-glue dream, I wonder why. Bone's/Bohums were first found in Sussex with Keeps.

If the esCARbuncle is part-code for Cars/Kerrs, they were first found in Lancashire with ShuttleWORTHs. Worths share the giant, two-headed eagle of Lots. The car on stands was in a parking LOT. Lot's share the brown dog with LOTHians, the latter first found in Perthshire with Glove's who in turn could have been a branch of the Clough variation of Glue's, for Glue's show a dog head, symbol in a different color in the Lot Crest. Worths have a brown Crest too. ShuttleWORTH's love Weavers who in turn share the garbs of the Cue's/Kews, and I aim to show how that latter are obtained by the Glue motto.

Dols were first found beside Pomerania, and the House of Griffin in Pomerania gave the Arms of Pomerania a red griffin. The Arms of TORTona has a white-on-red griffin that applies here, I think, because red roundels, called "TORTeaux," are beside the red griffin head in the Corner/Garner Crest. Tortona is not far from RENIER/RAINier of Montferrat, and of note here is that the Bearings/Barings almost have the Vairs/Fers Coat, itself a version of the Fer/FERRAT Coat. The BARing-like Barrels happen to share the dog head showing for Glue's, explaining why there was glue being used for the wheel bearings.

The Glue write-up could bring to mind the clogging of blood arteries: "...Alicia del Clogh and Robert del Clogn in Lancashire. Later the Yorkshire Poll Tax Rolls of 1379 listed Thomas del Clogh and Henricus de Cloghe." Note Henricus, for the Brittany Henrys (probably share Alan martlets) were at Mott-Henry near RENNES and Dol.

I'm going to show how Glue's get us to MontaCute's who in turn share the Reno/Ryne lozenges, and so this is the place to tell that Ryne-like Ryans (share Payne motto) have a red griffin in Crest, and red-on-white griffin heads on the Shield. New I think: Carpenters can be gleaned with the Paul crosslets, and thus this could be a pointer to the so-called RINO, the dastardly Paul Ryan. Last I heard, he was working invisibly at Fox news.

IN FACT WOW, Hope Hicks left Trump's White House to head up a Communications department at Fox at nearly the same time Paul Ryan (former congressional leader). Hicks then went back to the Trump White House, and I've always suspected her as a spy against Trump for the RINOs. The Hope's and carpenters both use a "globe" in Crest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope's have a "A BROKEn globe surmounted by a rainBOW" while Bows/Bough's share the Roet motto while Roets used the wheel for a symbol. Bows/Bough's share the five bunched arrows in the traditional Arms of Rothschild. Glue-connectable Glove's have a "crossBOW." The RAINbow looks applicable to Rainier liners where Montferrats put out Vasto rulers in Saluzzo while Scottish Roets share the Chief-Shield colors of Saluzzo's. Hope's were first found in Shropshire (Salop) with Saluzzo and Sleeps, and Sleeps were from the SELEPitanoi Illyrians at/beside the CLAUSula river, location of the Kopple > GOPLo line, and the namers of Goplo were the Goplani or globe-like Golpeani. Kopple's were first found in Nuremberg, where Klaus Schwab should be.

German Roets are the one's sharing the SLEEPing crescent with Kerns/Karens, and so the dream is pointing rather heavily now to Karen Graff. The BROKE's/Brocks (share the motto of Dol-Alan Stewarts) have a DART in Crest while Tortona is also DERTona. Darts/Derts (share white fesse with Dols) were first found in Devon with English Stewarts, and the Sleeps, using two of the ermined Dart/Dert fesses, were first found in Shropshire with Dol Alans and Wheels/Wheals (white fesse).

(In this picture, because Tooths have these same griffins, Tooth look like they were from DARDanian princess TriTEUTa. mother of the Ardiaei king, Pinnes. The latter was controlled by queen Teuta/TEUTANa. It can explain why the four Totten fesses are in the colors of the one Dard/Dert fesse.)

The Clough variation of Glue's looks like a branch of Glove's because gloves are used by the Sine's in the Glue/Clough motto. The Glove's, with a Coat similar to that of Wheels/Wheale's, are in the colors and format of vaccine-like Vychans/Vaughns (Shropshire, same Wheels/Wheale's). Glove's (Perthshire, same as Wings/Winks) share double wings in Crest (different color) with Montacute's and Corners/Garners, and the latter's wings have torteaux, generally called, roundels, code for the Rundels/Roundels sharing the Alan fesse. Alans of Rundel-like Arundels married Alice of Saluzzo. The fleur-de-lys of Corners/Garners is shared by a Dole surname, but also by Plows who in turn were first found in Shropshire. The car on jack stands was at a CORNER parking lot.

The way to get to MontaCUTE's (Somerset, same as Roets and Webbers) from "carpenter glue" is the "ACUTa" motto term of Carpenters, but also with the "MACULa" motto term of Glue's, for the latter were first found in Denbighshire, beside Cheshire, and MACCLESfield is in Cheshire. This Arms of Macclesfield has a blue lion to match the Glue Crest, and the Macclesfield lion hold a gold garb, all colors reversed from the lion holding a garb in the Crest of CUE's/Kews, and Montacute's are also MontaGUE's.

We needed Montacute's (Somerset, same as Ducks) to point to Paul Ryan and Hope Hicks with the help of Carpenters, but moreover the Carpenter motto phrase, "acute belli," as well as the colors of the Carpenter fesse-with-items, get's us to Bellys who in turn share the eight-pointed star of Ducs/LeDucs (Brittany) for a pointer to James LeDuc...I am very sure that this is the Intention. As I said, my old friend, PAUL Smith, was a licensed carpenter who lived in VAUGHn, and the Carpenters share the Paul crosslets.

The Coys can play into this Cue picture because I've had at least one other PARKING lot as pointer to Perkins COIE. Cue's/Kews were kin of Comyns/Comings who in turn love the Courage's who in turn share the Perkin/Parking fleur-de-lys. The same fleur-de-lys is shared by Seneca-like Snake's/Snooks while Seneca's/Senechal share the Glue mascles in half their colors, as well as sharing a "sine macula" motto phrase with Glue's. The CREVEcoeur seat of the Senechal family is most-excellent here because GREVE's, with nearly the Montacute Crest, are also Grave's/Greafs while Graffs/Graffens are also Gravs. Montacute's share the black border with Sedans ("SINO sed"), and while I claim the latter named SEDbergh of the Dents, Seneca's/Senechals are said to be from "directly descended from Hamon-Aux-Dents..."

Now watch what happens thanks to the Glue's getting us to Cue's/KEWS. KEWens/KEVENs share the Cue/Kew garb while KEVENeys/GAINE's share the Kewen/Keven lion (colors reversed from the Macclesfield lion). The Gaine variation of Keveneys points to gain-of-function in KIEV, apparently, for even the Keeps who share the Whale/WHELE bend are Kiev elements, and the Biden family funded at least one gain-of-function (bio-weapons research) lab in Kiev in Metabiota and/or its sponsor. Parts of Ukraine are Nazi bastions, and perhaps they have a head office in Kiev, and it just so happens that the "enfield" GRIFFIN design of Keveneys/Gaine's is that of Hiedlers/HITLERs too.

The Geane/Geaney variations of Keveneys/Gaine's recalls the Geaney variation of James' who happen to share both the Glue and Jean, and the Keven and Keveney, lions! That's a new realization.

Why is Grimaldi Heraldry Part of Biden Corruption?

The Grimaldi's can work into the carpenter-glue dream, and so this is a good place to repeat that while Grace KELLY married the Grimaldi prince of Monaco, Kellys share the Monaco lion. The reason I'm bringing this up is that Kellys share both the Enfield griffin, and the Coat, of Keveneys/Gaine's. I must repeat that the last Time I saw Mr. Kepke (Ukrainian father), he dropped into my place with his future wife (they lived hours away) while Kelly, my girlfriend at the time, was over to see me.

If I can convince you that the carpenter glue points to Grimaldi's, then I can repeat here that Mykola Zlochevsky -- Ukrainian owner of Ukrainian Burisma Holdings which employed the Biden family purely for bribery-related assistance in corruption -- has a home in Monaco. Mr. Grimaldi married Crispina, daughter of Rollo, and he ruled at ROUEN while Glue's/Clough's have this: "The Cloughs of Plas Clough {Denbighshire} claim a Norman origin, from the Seigneurs de ROHAN..." Burisma is a gas company, and I always had the sense that the car was on jack stands in the parking lot of a gas/service station.

Prepare for an explosion. Rollo's (share blue boar with Glove Crest!!!) were first found in Perthshire with Clough-like Glove's. Rouens have the Coat of Seneca's in different colors, and the Rouen Coat is almost that of Finks and FUNKs, the pointer to gain-of-FUNCtion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Finks and Funks have a lozengy Shield half in the colors of the same of Grimaldi's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But the explosion's not over, for God could have used the glue for anything else aside from GREASing the BEARINGs, but I now know why it was for that funny thing because, while the checkered Bearing/Baring Shield is in the colors of the similar Fink / Funk and Rouen Coats, the grease-like Gris' can be shown to have named GRImaldi's from the Griim variation of German Gris', and then French Gris' share the Monaco lion and almost the Monaco star, both of which are in the colors of the stars of Ducs/LeDucs, the latter first found in Brittany with French Gris'!!! I think that's huge, and the GriisBACH variation might have been from a Gris-Bach merger because Bachs/BAGHs were first found in Denbighshire with Glue's, and, to boot, Bulger-connectable Bags share the Grimaldi Shield!

Rouens were first found in Brittany's Dol! The French Gris' are said to have been at Mott (near Dol), and the MORTs/Motts (share DEATH crescent), said to have been at a Mott location in Brittany, share the Wheel crescent!!! It's beautiful evidence that the dream had these heraldic pointers in Mind, but there's no way I've got the whole of it unveiled.

The Rouen Coat is almost that of Quincys, and Saer de Quincy is in the write-up of the Fauci-pointing Faucets.

The Alan fesse has "oak leaves" to go with the "oak branches" of Corners/Garners (share Dole fleur-de-lys). The Oaks ("oak leaves"), probably of Mr. Dol of Oakhampton, have a "salus" motto term for a Saluzzo family which the Dol Alans married. It just so happens that the oak branches of Oaks are called, "SLIPs of oak", likely code for the Islips/Haslips, a branch of Hazels who use "hazel slips." Hazels were once said to be first found in Cheshire with their WEAVER kin!!! Beauty, we're back to a pointer to graphene-oxide. Hazels are now said to be first found in Devon, same as Oakhampton and the Monaco-like Monks.

The Oakhamptons are in Gore/Core colors and format, both using the Alan fesse in colors reversed, and Gore's/Core's share "salus" with Oaks. French Gore's/JORE's, suspect in the "jure" motto term of Wheelers/Whalers, have a GREYhound-version of the French Alan Coat. Hall of Names says that the Glue/Clough dog head is a greyhound, and so I assume the family used both. The Greys/Groys/Croys, from which Roets descended, may have developed from Gris'. The GREASing of the wheel bearings with glue.

German Gris'/Griisens/Griims were first found in Hamburg with Trips while English Trips (Kent, same as Gore's/Core's) share the Hamburg, Gore/Core and GAIN/Engaine crosslets. The GrisoGONo variation could indicate the Gone variation of Gows/McGoo's/Gowans because Gore's/Gowers share the Gore/Core wolf. Gore's/Gowers even have the eight bars of Crispina-like Crispins in half their colors that can indicate "Grimaldi" and "Gris" evolution from "CRISpina."

Ahhh-ha-ha: "The surname Crispin was first found in Oxfordshire where they had been granted the lands of Cowley..." English Cowleys are listed with Collins' while Irish Cowleys share the Coat nearly of French's, thus looking like a pointer to Francis Collins, the boss of NAIAD, and therefore Fauci's boss, until he resigned last year. French's share the motto of Ryans. This recalls the story concerning Kepke, myself, and KAREN Whelan, when he said to me, "be nonCHALANT." As Chalants/Challons (Keep Coat in colors reversed) almost have the Cowley/Collins Coat, this paragraph, especially if Whelans were of the Whale's/Whele's (share Keep bend) or Wheels/Whele's, looks like a pointer to gain-of-function on Kiev in relation to the glue-grease.

In fact, Irish Collins share the brown lion with the Worth Crest, and so let's remind that Worths share the brown Crest with Lots who in turn share the Worth Coat, and then as Settle's were first found in Lancashire with ShettleWORTHs/Shuttleworths (share "weavers' shuttle" with Keeps), the latter look like a Settle-Worth merger by marriage. A person's heraldry was/is legally available to a spouse.

As Carpenters share the motto of Bellys, it seems that the stars above are all the Moray stars. The only difference between the Moray and Duc/LeDuc Coats are the number of points on their stars. French Henrys, sharing the Belly chevron while Bellys share the eight-pointed Duc/LeDuc star, have this: "...the [Henry] family stems from Vaurouil and de la MOTTE-Henry, villages in Saint-Gilles, to the west of Rennes, in the former barony of GAEL-Montfort." Glue-like Gaels have a gold-lion version of the Glue Crest, and while Waleran de Leavell, son of GOUEL, married Beaumonts of Meulan, the Arms of Meulan is also the Bearing/Baring Shield. The Dol whale can be of Waleran's line. The Beaumonts of Meulan married Simon de Montfort, and we just saw Gael-MONTFORT.

Therefore, an Intelligent Being produced the carpenter-glue dream, which I was unable to decipher much until now. Only after the vaccine goons became apparent did this dream start to fill up with logic, i.e. as it's doing today. Henry-like Enrico's have the English Willow fretty in colors reversed, and the Sallows (Shropshire), of the Arundel swallows, have a "willow tree." The family of Sallow- and Swallow-line Alice of Saluzzo was intertwined with MONFERRAT at MONFORTE. Scottish Willows/Wills (share red griffin in Crest with Corners/Garners) were first found in Berwickshire with Whale's/Whele's and BUYs/Boys. I went into the store to BUY carpenter glue.

In the Sleeping Beauty dream, the shark SWALLOWed the bulldog, and the "Saracen's head" in the Crest of English Willows is the basis of the Shark surname, first found in Tyrone with Irish Henrys and Neils/O'NAILs. The Clough-like Clovis'/Clovile's use nails. The Swims were in the shark's pool, and then I found the Sweem variation of glove-using Sine's...i.e. the ones in the Glue motto. The Glue-like Gullys / and Gulls live the Sine's too.

I don't know if the following has ever been found, but I find it explosive. While delving into the Arundel swallows a year or more ago, I found the Sallows, first found in Shropshire with the Saluzzo-related Alans, not surprising. I had read that the Alans who married Alice of Saluzzo lived in Clun of Shropshire, and that panned out because Cluns share the Saluzzo Coat. But one can now add that Cluns were first found in Perthshire with Glove's, and while the latter's Coat is like that of Wheels and Vychans/Vaughns, both were first found in Shropshire too, with Bagleys. The trees of Sallows and Oaks both show their roots, probably to indicate the Roet- and Bagley-related Roots. The explosive part is that Sallows share the six Carpenter pales bars!!! That caught me by complete surprise, even though I've known it in the past.

Why was the car up on jack stands? Scottish Jacks use holly, and Hollys share the dog of Scottish ALLISONs (like "Alice" of Saluzzo) suspect in the "ALL IS IN" motto phrase of Clough- / Glove-like Clovis'/Clovile's (two chevrons in the colors of the two Stand fesses). Scottish Allisons are in Wheel colors and format. The "preVAILS" motto term of Scottish Allisons can be for Vails/VELIS' in the motto of Graphene-like Griffens. Hollys look like kin of Plunketts, the latter first found in/near Dol. But how does any of this justify the car on jack stands?

Ahh, "ALL is" is a motto phrase of German Bartons (beside Bertons) while English Bartons were at Great BOUGHTon!!! Bertons (Shropshire) share the dog head on blue with Glue's!!!! I BOUGHT the GLUE. Allison Bauer was a CASHIER, perhaps a pointer to the 666 purchasing system. CASSERs have the Chase-like Chauce's in their write-up, and so note "purCHASE," for if read as "PURCHase," we can apply to the eagle on a "perch" of Bought-like Botters/Bodins, first found in Hampshire with Chase's and Buttons/BIDENs/Budins. The Chase cross is in the colors of the Mee/Mea/Meigh cross while the Barton motto is, "All is with ME."

Ahh, Kepke and I were stockBOYS at this grocery store, and Boys are with Buys!

[Insert the day after this update was uploaded -- As per STOCKboys, German Stocks use beetles while Beetle's with Bedwells share the Fink / Funk lozengy (Gain colors) for a pointer to gain-of-FUNCtion bioweapons in Kiev!!! Yes, for such surnames as Beetle's and Bedwells can be from Budini of the Kiev theater, and then there's Larry Fink of BlackROCK whom I mention very-shortly below, and there is even a ROCK showing in the Beetle / Bedwell Crest likely for ROXolani Rus at the Budini theater! The Beetle / Bedwell Crest is "On a rock, a fort in flames, proper", but then the "AUDax" motto term of English Forts is for the Aude province on France, location in Languedoc of ROQUEfeuil. Roque's/Rocks were first found in Languedoc! So there we have what looks like an arrangement by God to prove that Kepke and I were stockboys (age 17) as a pointer to Budini at Kiev!!! End insert]

Suddenly, Allison Bauer (Jewish) can apply to Biden corruption in Kiev. She was a cashier for Knob Hill FARMs grocers at the time, and it's just incredible that English Farmers are in Keppoch colors and format, and sharing the Button/Biden fesse, yet these Farmers put gold HUNTING HORNS on their fesse while the Button/Biden Crest has a "gold horn"!!!! Allison is pointing to HUNTER Biden!!! Irish Farmers share the lion heads of English Dance's, first found in Yorkshire with Keppochs who in turn have a Coat similar to that of Dance's. Kiev corruption has always been the missing element in the Kepke-Allison event, and as we were sitting on the hood of my Mustang, note how Mustans/Mousens (Yorkshire, same as Mosters/Masters) have a Coat similar to the Keppoch Coat. Mosters/Masters share the griffin heads of Caplans/KEPlaine's (!!!), the latter first found in Hampshire with Josephs and Bidens, hah-hah.

By the way, "LAURENCE D. FINK is Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of BLACKRock." Laurence's are listed with Lawrence's, and thus Lawrence Kepke definitely looks like he's pointing to Mr. Fink. Lawrence's were first found in Lancashire with Shuttleworths who in turn share the "weaver's shuttle" with Keeps. Dan Bongino, this week, mentioned Blackrock in relation to Ukraine, though I can't recall the connection.

God had connected Allison Bauer to Mr. Kepke (in real life, not a dream), the pointer to Kiev, and while the Scottish Allisons are connectable to the KEPPOCH MacDonalds, English Allisons share the "blackbird" with the Crest of German Finks who in turn share the Coat of Jewish Funks/Finks. It looks like a pointer to gain-of-function in Kiev. Kepke and I were sitting on the hood of my car during a BREAK (!!!), in the PARKING LOT of Knob Hill Farms. Kepke spotted her getting into the car of a male, fellow stockboy, and when I went over to her, she wouldn't come out of his CAR, meaning it was the last day that she was my girlfriend. I've never told that we were on a break at the time, but it's now necessary because Breakers/Brecks share the gold hunting horn of Farmers, the one we just linked to the Biden horn!!!! ZOWIE. Kepke and I would not have been sitting on my car in the parking lot unless we were on a 15-minute break.

With the Allison BLACKbird, we can go back to Kepke's black lab, Blacky, which pointed to various things including Hunter Biden's LAPtop. When we go to the Hunter surnames, if we expect God to make it link to something already under discussion, we find that English Hunters share the Black saltire. There's no English Hunter Crest nor motto so that this is the only link I can make using those Hunters. But Scottish Hunters can get us to Jacks very directly.

First of all, the Grahams are in the write-up of Scottish Hunters: "Moving [from Tyrone] to Scotland about the 5th or 6th century they [Hunters] were granted lands by the Grahams at Polmood." As Varns are said to have been Grahams, and as Varns were first found in Ayrshire with Scottish Hunters and Barrs, it's likely that German Barrs share the Hunter hunting horns in different colors. Later in the Hunter write-up, the "lands of Graeme" is mentioned at/near Polmood, and that looks like the Gream/Greem variation of Greens, which can explain the green hunting horns of Hunters. Was Graeme a Grimaldi line, part of the grease? It was bearing grease, and Bearings are also BARings.

Varns are in the colors and format of the Gell/Jell/Gill Coat, the latter first found in Yorkshire with JILLs/Gills who in turn share a lozengy Shield (different colors) with Grimaldi's and Bags. That looks like a pointer to JILL Biden, the "president's" wife. The Jill/Gill lozengy is probably in the colors of the Arms of Lombardy because Scottish Lombards have more lozengy while Tacitus said that the Lombard people group worshiped NERTHUS (goddess) along with the VARNi, and I say that the VARANgians of Kiev were named from the Varni.

I trace NERThus to the NERETva river, also called the NARO on this light map, and it was Kepke's Lab, Blacky, which taught me that Blacks and Blackys were from the Naro river because Nero's/NERETTi's share the central, vaired chevron of Blackys.

Varns and Grahams share scallops, and they happen to be in the colors of the joke scallops while Joke's have a near-copy of the English Jack Coat. Keep that Ajax LAUNDRY detergent in mind here, because it goes with money laundering by, and on behalf of, the Biden syndicate. The Biden family created a company, SinoHAWK Holdings, to launder money from the Chinese government, and of course the family was paid for something that the Bidens don't wish to admit to. The Hawks share "pilgrim' staves" with PilGRIMs, the latter first found in Norfolk with Bags in turn having a version of the Bulger Chief, and James Bulger was involved with secret Biden-Chinese deals. Again, Bags share the Grimaldi Shield. See how clean that heraldry it was Ajaxed.

Again, God chose to use Grimaldi's for the wheel-grease dream, and while glue was substituted for the grease, with the Clinton Crime ring pointed to be the purchase of the glue in the store, we need to stress the "SINE" motto term of Glue and the Seneca's who share mascles-on-blue with Glue's. It's a clean pointer to SINOhawk and Rosemont Seneca together. The Seneca's have a version of the Rouen Coat, and Rollo, ruler at Rouen, was the father-in-law of Mr. Grimaldi. Monaco is near Grasse, which should explain why Crispins share the GRAZio pomegranate, for Rollo's daughter was Crispina Grimaldi. French Crispins (with the pomegranate) were first found in Lorraine, explaining the grass stain on the Biden-pointing butt of babe-Lorraine, the pointer to Biden-laundering crimes in Ukraine, for while Kiev is the Ukraine capital, I showed why Lorraine's share the Keep bend. I also showed (see "Pansy" last update) how Lorraine's PANT stain pointed, via Pansys/Pantzers, to BAR-le-Duc in Lorraine, and so this goes to the apparent Bar-Hunter kinship suggested shortly above.

As was shown, the black border of Montacute's is the black border of Sedans/Siddens for a related reason, and Sedans/Siddens actually have a "SINO" motto term. I see Sedans from the Sedbergh location of dents, and I've shown why the Dent lozenges are those of Hounds due to a related reason, and here we can point out the Hunter greyHOUND, not forgetting that Grimaldi's looked like Grey elements of the Gris kind. It just so happens that while I can see no better link of English Hunters but to Blacks, the latter share the Gris/Griim//GriisBACH star/ The Bachs/BAGHs (same place as Glue's) share blue-vaired for with Blackys and Nero's/Neretti's, how about that. The Glue dog head is said by hall of names to be a greyhound, and it's in the colors of the Bather wolf heads while Bathers were themselves first found in Denbighshire with Glue's and Bachs/Baghs.

A seemingly monumental thing happens with the "CURSUM" motto term of Scottish Hunters, for, as I've said many times, Kepke and Blacky lived on Henry CORSON Place (Markham). Cursums are listed with Curzons/CURSONs. Doesn't that appear arranged by God for pointing Kepke again to Kiev corruption by Hunter Biden and Black and Veatch?

I was driving Miss Peare in my Firebird the last time I saw her in the spring. I can't remember what I did with it, but it was gone a few weeks later when I rode up to Lorraine on my bicycle. If I had the car at that time, I probably wouldn't have asked her to meet me at my laundromat. But when she agreed to get together with me, I was planning to do my laundry that night, and just suggested she meet me there. I feel sure that it was God's set-up for verifying that she was a pointer to Pepin of Landen, and therefore to the Landen surname with a laundry-like Lander variation. I won't re-explain all the other reasons for a pointer to Pepin, but it's secure. The point here is to ask how Landens/Landers of Laundrys point to Biden money laundering, but instead I'm getting a pointer to Trump.

Laundrys use nothing but a "green oak tree," and the Patria's in the Oak motto share the Trump stag head. Dutch Tromps use acorns, which are on the Oak "oak leaves," and the Oaks are said to have named Acon, later changed to Oake. I think we can see here how Acon named Acorns, which houseofnames lists with Alchorns, who share the Knee stag head while Knee's were at County Down while Downs -- Sussex, same as Acorns/Alchorns and Lorraine-related Keeps -- have a full stag in the colors of the Trump/Tromp stage head. The Acons are listed with Acombs. This is a new trail for me, decent because Lorraine's grass stain was seen on her balcony while Balcons are also BalCOLMS (Fife, near to go with Acombs, and Balcons/Balcolms share the bend of Patria's/PEARTree's. The latter are from Pierro's/Pero's/Petri's, first found in Pepin-connectable Pavia, home of the Laevi, explaining the "oak LEAVES" of Oaks. The Leaves'/Leve's share the dove in Crest with Balcons/Balcolms.

Actually, we have come to a pointer to the Bidens here with the BUTT stain on her balcony because Balcons/Balcolms share the bend-with-roses of Botter-related Chatans who in turn have a version of the Italian Botter Coat while English Botters/Bodys/Bodins were first found in Hampshire with Buttons/Bidens/Budins. German Bodens (not "Bodin" or "Budin") even share the triple roses of Balcons/Balcoms in all three colors. It's an amazing pointer, but it's for my last day with Lorraine, not my first day at her bus stop, and later that day at the laundromat...on LEVENdale avenue and Yonge street, a pointer to the Laevi-line Leavells. The Laundrys use an oak tree while Oaks took us to Acorns who in turn have the Chief-Shield colors of Leven-like Levins/Livings from Laevi Pavia, also called, PAPia, looking like a Pepin-of-Landen line.

When we return to the "leaves" of Oaks, keeping in mind that Laundrys seem pointer-lame because all they show is an oak tree, we find that Leafs/Leaves'/Leve's (Norfolk, same as Bus', and Pilgrims with "STAVES" = staffs) have a dove with "a STAFF leaf" in its "DEXTER CLAW", and then more "staff leaves" in the Shield, and we just saw STAFFordshire above from Lorraine's Bus stop. The Staffs/Staffords (share swan with Leicesters) are said to descend from Toeni's, and they, as Tonys, were first found in Leicestershire with Dexters. Swans/Sions/SINE's were first found in Lanarkshire while Lanarks/LURNack, sharing the Bus cinquefoil, are said to be of Lorne's, and, if you want to check on a map, you will see that the corner of Yonge and Arnold, in Richmond hill, Ontario, is Yonge and Lorne across the intersection. Her bus stop was specifically at the corner of Yonge and Arnold, and Arnold of Metz was a close relative of Itta of Metz, wife of Pepin of Landen.

I now find it interesting that while the PilGRIMs can apply to this Oak-begotten set of heraldry thanks to their staves, we can go back to the "pilgrim's staves" of Hawks, for this looks like a pointer to Sinohawk, along with the Sine's above in the Staff Crest!!! is that not amazing? It's a pointer to the Biden crime family again, thank you Lorraine. While she, on Yonge street, pointed to Babe's who in turn share the hand pointing to the sun, the Patria's/Peartree's in the Oak motto have an "eagle LOOKing at the sun" while Looks/LUCKs/Luke's are probably a branch of CAT-using Lucca's because Chatan- and Chattan-related Botters were first found in Lucca!!! I'm not familiar with the "eagle looking," but there is one fantastic addition to things-Lorraine. She lived on Church street (two or three properties from Church and Lorne), which should explain why Looks/Lucks/Luke's share the Church greyhound heads.

Plus, while Church's were first found in Somerset with English Bodens/Budins/BOYDens (and Laundry-beloved Oaks), Boyds have two fingers pointing, identical to the hand in the Crest of neighboring Babe's! Can you believe it? The human makers of heraldry didn't know about things-Lorraine. Looks/LUCKs/Luke's come up as "Lick," and then Licks/Locks share the swan in the Boden/Bodin Crest, and the Ass'/Assi's expected in the motto of Licks/Locks point to her ass = butt stain. For reasons I wont re-explain, Lorraine pointed hard to the Bush's in various ways (as many as five), one being the Church's in Bush colors and format.

Licks/Locks were first found in Pavia-like Peebles, and the Peeble/Peoples surname (parrots to go with Pierro's/Petri's of Pavia) look like a branch of the People's listed with Pepins, yet another pointer of things-Lorraine to Pepins (Metz is in Lorraine); I'll repeat a few more below. I claim that Assi's were kin of Justine's, from Justine of PICENum, and Picks/PICKENs were first found in Ayrshire with Scottish Boyds (!), and with the Nons in the Lick/Lock motto. Read on to Lorraine at the PICnic table. It was light out when she met me at the laundroMAT, and dark out when we kissed, but I can't remember one thing between those two events.

The "ConFIDO" motto term of Boyds is super because Fido's are listed with Foot-branch Fothes'/FETTE's while Lorraine got her babe symbol at the moment she got her feet symbol!!! ASTOUNDING "coincidences." Boyds must be fundamental to her butt stain i.e. a branch on Buttons/Bidens. Plus, Fothes'/Fette's (one of the Levi chevrons) were first found in KinCARDINEshire (see Cardine's below) with Patria's/Peartree's in the Oak motto! It's a zinger folks, part of the reason that God set me up to do laundry on the day he set me up to ask Lorraine on our first date. We ended up kissing that night at a picNIC table at a park across the street from her apartment, on CHURCH street. NICKels/Nichols share the Cardine and Stop/Stubb pheons (all three surnames first found near each other along with Foots).

The PICnic table can also point to Pike's/Pickens because they were first found in Ayrshire with Scottish Boyds. Picks/Pickens share the starts of OAKhamptons, first found in Devon with English Pike's. The same stars are with Somerset's Ducks while Lorraine's pant stain pointed to German Ducks who named BAR-le-Duc in Lorraine. Scottish Bars were first found in Ayrshire with Pike's/Pickens, and Barrels were first found in Herefordshire with Moneys who in turn share the Boyd checks. If we're convinced that Boyds were of Buttons/Bidens/Budins, the Moneys in this picture point to money laundering, especially as the Money Crest shares three red roses with Bodens.

I've told the story a few times about David Boyd at our high-school BUS stop; he was always taunting me, and asking to see my cigarette lighter, while waiting in line at the very spot where the bus stops, he took it and dropped it to the ground. So I slapped him in the FACE and demanded that he PICK it up!!! He picked it up, and while Face's/Fessys were a Fieschi branch, "LIGHTER than air" is a motto term of Ayers, first found in Ayrshire with Scottish Boyds. The latter share the checks of Fieschi-like Fiscs who in turn share the Money Shield! But the human makers of heraldry didn't know Dave Boyd nor myself nor my high school bus. Schools/Schole's/Scayle's even share a lozengy Shield (different color) with Fieschi-connectable Grimaldi's.

The best part of the David-Boyd story is where English Boyds were first found in Shropshire, also called SALOP, explaining why I SLAPPed him. I kid you not. English Hunters were first found in Shropshire too! I get it, for Scottish Hunters were first found in Ayrshire with Scottish Boyds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think this is new part to this story because Hunter Biden is not mentioned in the last two updates in which the David-Boyd story is told (in the 4th update of August, and the 2nd of April, both in 2021).

The last thing I remember was going over to the window sill to sit, after Dave returned the lighter. He didn't fight, he only picked it up and handed it to me. Perhaps the window sill can be viewed as a ledge, for Ledge's are listed with Lodge's/LOGE's. It was a window to the school LIBRary, and Libers/Liebers share the Botton/Biden fesse, and even throw in some "oak BRANCHes". OHH WOW, SO UNEXPECTED: Leibers (not "Liber/Lieber") use the LOG!!!! Just look at that. The human makers of heraldry didn't know I'd be sitting on a library-window ledge so that they could make Ledge's jibe with Leibers, and moreover they didn't know that Libers had to connect with Boyds and Bidens.

[Insert 90 minutes after this update was uploaded -- While writing here, I was wondering what to say about Dawn Darnell, because I remember her face as I walked away from Mr. Boyd to the library window. I then got to the Bly's/Bligh's of BODmin, and it says that "The Earl of DARNLey is a branch of this family." It must be why God provided Dawn DARNELL at that slap event, for Darnells are listed with Darnleys. Dawns/Dorns were first found in Cornwall with Bly's/Bligh's and Welsh Bude's who in turn share the dancetty-fesse of CURTis/Courtis', and then Dawns were at COURTney earl of Devon (beside Cornwall). Curtis' have a "plowshare," and Plows (share dancetty-fesse of Curtis' and Bude's) were first found in Shropshire with Bude-like Boyds. Is that not amazing? Daw Darnell brought us around to suggesting that Boyds were Budini-like Bude's. The Curtis plowshare is with a "farmer," and this update just showed how Farmers point to things-Kepke at Kiev. Courts/Coverts were first found in Sussex with Keeps. Dawns use roses, to be expected for a Rus line.

Dawn Darnell sat beside me in grade seven at Franklin Street Public School (Markham, Ontario), and Franklins (eel) share the Farmer lion heads. Boyds use "A hand pointing with two FINGers," begging whether Larry Fink of BlackRock applies. "The CEO of the world’s largest asset manager, Blackrock, says the Russia-Ukraine war has a 'potential impact on accelerating digital currencies.' He confirms that Blackrock 'is studying digital currencies, stablecoins and the underlying technologies to understand how they can help us serve our clients.'" That could lead to a 666 system. End insert].

Italian Botters even share the BRANCH star to go with the Liber branches, and I see Branch's from AVRANCHes, like "Varangi," and thus Branch's may have been from the Kiev VARANgians. VARNs were first found in Ayrshire with Boyds, and the BUDINi lived at, or south of, Kiev. Windows can be discovered as a Windsor branch. Boats/Bude's even have a lion head colors reversed from the Lorraine lions likely because Lorraine's descended from Maria of the Kiev Varangians.

I was working three hours away at lake Rosseau, building a BOAT house, for a week up until a few days before the first date with Lorraine, and decades later, I bought a Doral boat and took it about 75-percent of the time to lake Rosseau. Dorals (Door branch) were resolved as kin of Rosseau's, probably from the Varangian RUS, right? Yes, for Lorraine turned out to be a RUSSELite (Jehovah's Witness), and Russells (Dorset, same as Babe's) share the Rosso/Russo and Mary lion. Babe's have the Boyd hand pointing to the sun, and Suns/Sinclairs, from the Norman Rus, were first found in ROSLin, suspect in relation to "RUSSELL." Italian Maria's (Genova, same as DORia's) may have four of the Varn fesses.

I wonder whether Boyd's first name is a pointer to Davos, but, in any case, Davids (Cheshire, beside Shropshire) were kin of Ade's/Aids (in Levi motto), from Ada of HUNTINGdon. David Boyd and I both lived in Gormley at the time (he on Leslie street), and Gormleys were at least kin of Grime's/GRIMMs. Leslie's were HUNgarians, from the Huns who may have named Hunters. Leslie's came to Scotland with queen Margaret, grandmother of Ada's husband. Leslie's came to Scotland with Maurice Drummond, whose mother, I think, was Agatha of Podebrady, mother of queen Margaret (mother in turn of king David). Scottish Boyds and Hunters were first found in Ayrshire with MARGYs/Mackeys.

Chattans, and many other Clan-Chattan members, use the cat, including the BalCOLM- / Acolm-like Comeys/Combs. The latter share the entire Clan-Chattan motto which includes a Butt-like "bot" term as a substitute for "but". Irish Comeys/Combs even have an "oak tree" in Crest. Scottish Comeys/Combs, by the way, with a "glove" motto term, were first found in Perthshire with Glove's. I neglected to say, earlier in this update while on the "globe" of Carpenters that it looks like "Glove" while the carpenter glue is expected to point to Glue's/GLOUGH's (pronounced Gloff).

AHH, I get it. Landens/LANDERs share the six pale bars of LANGleys (possible pointer to CIA headquarters at Langley) while six pale bars are shared by Langfords and Longfords, the latter sharing the six of Carpenters and Sallows (tree). The latter were first found in Shropshire with globe-using Hope's, though the latter were once said to be first found in Derbyshire, where Longfords were first found! Good job. The six pale bars are called "paly" while Pale's/Palys share the camel head with Pepins and Pipe's.

Having said that, let's go to Oaks, who are nearly the only thing that the Laundry Coat loves. Oaks show a fesse, yet Hall of Names says that it's a "pale." The Laundrys are thus getting us to Pepin kin even as Landens/Landers do.

I was on my bike when I approached her at her bus stop, and the sleeping bag dream taught me that the biker of that dream points to Biks/Bikers, who happen to share the stag heads of Poppins/Pophams (Hampshire, same as Botters) sharing a "Mens" motto term with Pepins, and so there's yet another pointer to Pepin of Landen with my first day with Lorraine, yet there were other pointers, including the fact that Pepins and Pipe's (Staffordshire, same as Stops/Stubbs), who share Coats, are in the colors and format of STOPs/Stubbs. So, her bus STOP, and my bicycle, thanks to no longer having a car, points to Pepins. If I had the car, I wouldn't have met her at her bus stop.

Paly-like Pullys/Pullings (Yorkshire, same as Pale's/Pullys and Pauls) happen to share the bend of Balcons/Balcolms, Botters, Chattans, Chattans and the Patria's/Peartree's in the Oak motto. Then, the Laundrys have a "GREEN tree," and so I must assume that the Gream/Greem variations of Greens are part of PilGRIMs. This looks like the line to which the bearing grease points, and so let's add that Paly- and Pully-like Pauls share the Carpenter crosslets because the wheel-grease dream pointed in ways to money laundering too.

While Grimaldi's were political associates of Fieschi, the Fiscs share the English Money Shield while the Crest of these Moneys has an eagle holding "three roses in its BEAK." Beaks were Babe kin. French Moneys/MONETs have a version of the English MOUNTain Coat, and there is a common cat-a-mountain in heraldry, used, for example, by Mattis-related Chives' (Cavii Illyrians were off the Mathis river of Albania). Moneys/Monets share the besant of Mattis-like Metz's. Cavii-like Ceva is less than 50 miles from Genova i.e. where Fieschi and Grimaldi's operated, and Botters of Lucca were not far off. Mathis' were first found in Burgundy with Locks/Deloges' and Loge's, and then Scottish Locks are Licks too, as use the Lucca-like Lucks/Luke's.

Just realized: the GRIS/Griisen/Griim star may be the lone Botter star. English Botters have an eagle "STANDing on a silver perch," and the car was on jack STANDs for GREASINg the bearings. Bearings/Barings almost have the Fisc Coat.

As the FISA court abused by James COMEY is called, FISC, recall how Lorraine got us to the laundromat, how Laundrys took us to Oaks of Acon, how Ocans are listed withh ACOMBs while Comeys are listed with Combs connectable to Lorraine's balcony. Trump replaced James Comey with an FBI chief who protected James Comey.


A short one:

Can anyone explain this joke:

Why do you think Biden's placed into a fake White House? How many different answers are there to solve that mystery? Might it be due to his not being the real president? Yes, that's probably it. Wouldn't the real White House be filled with staff, and wouldn't that staff be ruled by someone other than biden? If so, why doesn't someone opposed to Biden go see what's shaking in the real White House? Why don't even the good-guy Republicans report on this matter? Are they really good guys at all, or fakes to give Republicans false hopes while cashing in on their positions? That's what Fox news does.

Just when you thought you've seen it all, she really is a robot:

That's frightening, actually, to be able to make robots like that. One day, one might knock on my door, and shoot me.

Sheer loyalty, because of fear:

Food Prep

If you're waiting for the money to purchase a large pressure cooker before you start "canning" = jarring meat, why not cook it in the oven instead? Somebody please tell me why anyone would buy a pressure cooker in order to get the temperature higher than boiling point when the oven does this easy. Just leave the lids out of the oven, and cook the contents in jars at a low temperature of, say, 260F, for as long as it takes, maybe two hours, and then pop the lids into the oven for 15 minutes after shutting off the heat. Take jars out and screw on the lids when the jars are about 200F, no lower, so that the lids get a good seal from the inner temperature decrease. I'm going to try this.

I've been playing it safe by drying meat, because it comes back excellent after a few minutes in soups, and I figure dried meat will last five years without a problem stored in cool-to-cold places, but I have room in my freezer for many jars, and so that's what I'm doing all summer, then putting the jars in the outer cold all winter. You should at least experiment with a few jars so you're better prepared when the 666 arrives. If your method gets the meat three years of storage, don't change it, do it again as you see the 666 approaching, which is right now in my opinion. It's too close to call, so I'm treating things as though the 666 is as few as five years from now. I'm working slowly to a multi-year supply so that I won't need to depend on gardening, livestock, and hunting. If you supply yourself and family with stored foods, garden produce can go to other believers who didn't prepare. We've got to forgive them.

Anyone vehemently willing to resist the 666 is an approved believer, wouldn't you say? We will soon see who the traitors are, and we might start suspecting those who give excuses to making food preparations...except that their pre-trib bent would cause them to oppose preparation. I have a hard time understanding a hardened pre-tribber. I wonder if they are somehow in Christianity only for goodies from God. Let's not make that judgment since we really don't know. Some pre-tribbers may become the best tribulation survivors due to their remorse in failing the church with their erroneous teaching. We've got to forgive them.

Some married people with kids so-badly want to raise kids that they don't want to hear about the final years being imminent in a few years. But as this world becomes an increasing assault on the spirituality of their children, they should be better able to accept the need to prepare.

Should we advertise to our church the need to prepare? What if there are traitors in that church? How might they stab us in the back once we've saved foods for years? This is really hard, because I would like to urge people to prepare, yet risk being harmed by doing so. I wonder, how many are quietly preparing without telling anyone in church?

What of we pretend that we're just considering preparations in order to have the excuse to ask someone else their opinion. "Say, Ken, what do you think about preparing foods in case the mark arrives in a few years; do you think it's a good idea." I then stop short of telling Ken that I already have a year's worth of stored food. That could work. I could chose which people I talk to in that way, only those who seem committed. If they are evolutionist Christians, red flag gone up. To discover evolutionists in your church, just ask if they think the earth is millions of years old, and go from there. How could anyone believe that God produced the special abilities of animals to form painfully slow? It's nonsense.

Why would God start to form the wing of a bird that will take millions of years to be fully operational when he obviously has the smarts, for example, to turn a fish into an amphibian in a few weeks with a program in the body of a tadpole? He even evolves the operational bird wing from a single cell in a matter of weeks because he is The Programmer. Any Christian believing that God evolved special features over tens of millions of years gives credence / respectability to the scientific establishment ruled brazenly by anti-Christ evolutionists. Do not trust such a Christian. Evolution of all life forms happens quickly from egg to adult, and anyone who cannot see a Programmer behind it is an incredible buffoon and/or a wicked God killer.

When you get your country tract of land with a half-acre of garden soil per person, and some room for chickens too, you will need to accept the chopping off of the chicken head if this is something that bothers you. Do it lickety-fast as a two-person operation. One person holds the chicken by the feathers, the other places the head on the chopping block and brings down a board on a hinge that hold the head in place on the block. The head is on one side of the board, and the chicken body on the other side. Give the neck one wack with an axe, and this is the way God intended things, so it's alright, we'll get used to it. One person de-feathers it, another cuts it, another cooks it. You can have lots of organic chicken meat in this way, if you have chicken feed. Have room enough to grow your own chicken feed:

The video above shows the growing of sunflower seeds for chickens, BUT, might this be a waste? I assume they swallow the seeds with shells on. What if the shells pass right through so that the seeds don't get digested? I suppose if they don't crap out shells, the seeds got digested. Instead of feeding chickens fresh seeds only at the end of the growing season, why not dry seeds one year for chicken feed throughout the following year? Here's how to grow it in variety:

As you can see, the man has a fence to separate the chickens from the grain patch. I wish he would have told how long that patch will feed how many chickens, because we've got to decide whether we should use a patch for vegetables versus chicken feed. The nice thing about growing grain is, it's pretty much a non-issue to grow.

You don't need to winter chickens, if you think that's a problem where you live due to the cost of, or the inability to, heat a large outdoor chicken shed. We will need at least a couple of chickens over winter to lay the eggs, then we start hatching them in late winter, then we have chicken meat later in the year, then we jar / dry the meat. To keep two or three chickens warm seems easy enough in a small coop adjacent to the home. Arrange a transparent plastic sheet of some perfect size between the house and the coop, big enough to let some heat into the coop, and the plastic should be air-tight to keep the house from smelling like a chicken toilet. Can we accomplish all of that? God did give us brains, we can do it. Insulate the coop all around (I suggest R25), and you will use less house heat for it.

I have a Favorites folder for preparation videos and articles, and maybe you should start one too. Save any video/article that you can use later all in one folders, then separate later into many folders as per different topics. Milo (also called sorghum) is used by some for chickens, though they say you should not feed milo alone due to low protein levels. One video owner says that chickens eat sorghum grudgingly; perhaps it depends on the varieties. It's grown in the south because it does well in low-rain conditions, what we might appreciate / need in a tribulation situation. It's so tall that one can grow other crops interspersed with it, a bonus if it doesn't inhibit the growth of the lower plants. The seeds can be ground into flour for human use. The plant can have stalks up to ten feet tall, which can contribute to a nice mulch, though you might make sorghum syrup first, by squeezing the juices from the stalks, in case it tweaks your interest. Just boil-off the juice in a pot until it's a syrup, same as making maple syrup. Here's a primer on Sorghum:

If you use a considerable amount of sorghum to feed your livestock, the syrup sounds like a nice bonus, especially if the grain makes good- and different-tasting pancakes / waffles. It sounds like a win-win-win.


Here's all four Gospels wrapped into one story.

For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God.
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Pre-Tribulation Preparation for a Post-Tribulation Rapture

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