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April 5 - 11, 2022

Elon Musk Might Be Me in the Shark Pool With Trump
Four Breasts and a Bra, Maybe Two, Point to Elon Musk Operations
Mamie's Tease Symbol is for Musk's Electric Cars
What's Elmer Fudd Got to do With Elon Musk?

If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture

If at anytime you want to know a Coat's description as given by an unidentified person/group, see Hall of Names. One way to better deal with my long updates, and links to several stories, is to put your computer to sleep (instead of shutting it down) so that this page is ready for you whenever you feel like continuing in the following days.

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The last update showed how an old friend of mine, whom I knew from age 12 to 22, is now a super pointer to corruption in Kiev. Below is an insert I've just added to the last update after showing that my purchase of carpenter glue (in a dream) applies to Buys/Boys shortly after showing that bought-like Boughtons are listed with Budini-like Botons. If one enters "Botton", the Buttons/BIDENs come up, you see, and this old friend, Laurence KEPke, is pointing hard to Biden corruption in Kiev, but also to LAURENCE Fink of BlackRock:

Ahh, Kepke and I were stockBOYS at this grocery store, and Boys are with Buys!

[Insert the day after this update was uploaded -- As per STOCKboys, German Stocks use beetles while Beetle's with Bedwells share the Fink / Funk lozengy (Gain colors) for a pointer to gain-of-FUNCtion bioweapons in Kiev!!! Yes, for such surnames as Beetle's and Bedwells can be from Budini of the Kiev theater, and then there's Larry Fink of BlackROCK whom I mention very-shortly below, and there is even a ROCK showing in the Beetle / Bedwell Crest likely for ROXolani Rus at the Budini theater! The Beetle / Bedwell Crest is "On a rock, a fort in flames, PROPER", but then the "AUDax" motto term of English Forts is for the Aude province on France, location in Languedoc of ROQUEfeuil. Roque's/Rocks were first found in Languedoc! So there we have what looks like an arrangement by God to prove that Kepke and I were stockboys (age 17) as a pointer to Budini at Kiev!!! End insert]

I highlighted "proper" because Propers/ROBERTs share the ostrich with the Carrick Crest while the KEPPOCH-branch MacDonalds descend from the Carrick line to king Robert-Bruce II. By the way, French president Emmanuel Macron's surname, listed with Crone's, shares the Fink / Funk Coat. He's been a former banker with a Rothschild bank. One can see how "MacRON" could become the Ronny/Rons surname, and from there explain the Ronald variation of MacDonalds.

Ronny / Ranald liners look like they named Arran because Ranalds/MacDonalds were first found beside it, and because Ronnys share the white and wavy fesse with Arran's McCabe's while the latter share the salmon with some MacDonald Coats. MacDonalds share the eagle of Ferrat-like Ferte's, and Rainier of MontFERRAT is likely to the Ranny/Rainy/Rennie surname (new to me here) because it's Chief-Shield color combo was used by rulers of Montferrat. I trace MacCabe's/MacAbbe's to Abbeville, near the Arran-like AiRAINES location of Irons/Orions, in Picardy with the Cavetts from the Cevetta river of Ceva, near Montferrat. Luis of Ceva married Alice of Saluzzo, and Saluzzo was ruled by the Vasto branch of Montferrat. I do trace Irons/Orions to mythical Orion of Beetle-like Boeotia. The Ronny/Rons fesse is colors reversed from the Bute/Butt/BOET and Botton//Buttons/Biden (Orion-line "horn") fesses. Were (proto)Budini the namers of Boeotia?

German Stocks use beetles, and English Stocks share "Fortis" with Forts. It's fullproof evidence that Stocks were Beetle kin round-about. Beetle's were first found in Berkshire with Boots, get smart daft historians.

Although I mentioned most of the following in the last update, I want to do so again because it's fascinating. Casimir of Poland married Maria of the Varangian Rus of Kiev. Casimir's mother was Richeza of Lorraine (usually called "of Lotharingia") while Lorraine's share the bend of Kepke- and Kiev-like Keeps, and so what follows is proof that Keeps were of the namers of Kiev: 1) the Casimir surname uses a red antler in bendwise positioning so that it's a form of the Keep Coat; 2) the Varangian-like Veringers of BADEN, Germany, used red antlers for their symbol, and this explains why the Arms of Baden is solely a bend in the colors of the Casimir / Keep / Lorraine bend...verifying that Veringers were directly from the line of Maria of Kiev and Casimir. As the Baden/Battant/Battin surname was first found in Somerset, beside the first-known Buttons/Bidens/Budins and Botters/Bodins, we glean that Budini named Baden, Germany. Isn't it fun to show how mumbo-dumbo the historians are for not reporting these simple-to-find traces...if only they checked the heraldic symbols?

We then take it to Rich's, first found in Hampshire with Budini-like Bottons/Buttons/Bidens/Budins. The Rich's use "BOTTONy crosses, and they come up as Richeza-like "Richess," and said to have named Riche in Lorraine, how perfect for revealing that Bottons/Bidens/Budins were from the Budini! And the Biden family is now embroiled in Kiev corruption.

The Biden fesse is that also of Kepke-like Keppochs, and I aim to go to the Keppoch-branch MacDonalds shortly below. Let me show here how the Keppoch branch can be pointed to by Kepke and I sitting on my car at the Knob Hill Farms grocery store where we were stockboys along with Mike Denardo. Kepke spotted Allison Bauer getting into the car of Mike Denardo at a time when she was my girlfriend, but as she wouldn't come out of the car when I went over, she must have left me for him at that time. If we enter "Narbonne," we get the Denardo surname, and Narbonne, I kid you not, is in Aude province with Roquefeuil.

But there's more because Kepke's black LAB, Blacky, pointed to bioweapons LABs in the last update, but also looks like a pointer to BLACKrock, you see. I realized that NARbonne's (possibly from Boii of BONonia) and DeNARDo's were from the Naro/NERETva river, but in another line of discovery I saw that the chevron of the Blacky surname is shared by Nero's/Neretti's, and thus it became apparent that Blackys, Blacks, Blake's and Blaze's were Neretva-river liners. And then Neretva-like Nerthus was the mother-earth goddess of the VARNi, who predated the VARANgians, you see.

So, my bet is that Nerthus was the so-called hourglass goddess of the Trypillians of Ukraine. One online writer told that Trypillia was "south of "Kiev." Wikipedia tells that Budini lived south of Kiev. Wikipedia's Roxolani article has them on the Dnieper river through Kiev, and flowing south of it into the BLACK sea.

If I've mentioned it, it wasn't more than once, that the Arms of Narbonne has a bottony fitchee cross. MacDonalds, who lived in Argyllshire, use the fitchee cross too, and ZIKERS, I think (for the first time) this is why Mike Denardo was part of the Allison-Bauer event, for Narbonne is beside the Herault province while the Herault surname is listed with Herods/Haralds (in Fitch/Fitts colors!), first found in Argyllshire!!! ZIKERS. As I've said many times, I started to date Allison (as little as a week) immediately after breaking up with Darlene Ray, who likewise worked at Knob Hill Farms, and Darlene's have fitchee crosses in the colors showing for the one of MacDonalds.

I'll repeat it because it's fascinating: very shortly after the Allison-Denardo event, Kepke and I were no longer working at Knob Hill. His next job was selling shoes in Toronto, and the only surname I know of off-hand that uses shoes are the TRYPillian-like Trips/Treffs, suspect with the TREFoil symbol of RoqueFEUIL > Rockefeller liners. English Trips share the Gain crosslets for a pointer to GAIN-of-Function bioweapons. Gains were first found in HUNTINGdonshire, and we are about to see the Hunts/Hunters in a pointer to Hunter Biden, who was on the board of Ukraine's Burisma Holdings, a company owned by the Ukrainian, Mykola Zlochevsky, who is online having a shoe boutique on the Dnieper river at Kiev!!! Is that not absolutely amazing?

I saw with my own eyes that Trips/Treffs once shows boots, as do Boots.

Back to Allison Bauer, for the Scottish Allisons, in Alistair/Alexander colors, show a McAllister variation, and then here's from Wikipedia's article on "MacDonalds of Keppoch": "The MacDonalds of Keppoch are descended from ALISTAIR Carrach MacDonald..." The killer for me now is that I've been wondering for days whose vertically-split Shield the Hunts/Hunters may be using, and it turns out here that the Alistairs/Alexanders use it!!! Craaazy! Plus, Russian Alexanders share the single, black pale bar with Blake's.

English Allisons use "BLACKbirds," and I showed in the last update how Birds/Burds connect with the carpenter GLUE via BURTons/BIRTons (almost the Glue dog head)...who share "lux" in their motto with Blacks, and were first found in Shropshire with Hunts/Hunters. The latter share the Black and Blaze saltire, is that not looking Arranged too? Both the Scottish Allisons/McAllisters and Alis' have a "hawk's head"" in Crest, and this looks like a pointer to Hunter Biden's China corruption, as per his company, SinoHAWK. Glue's use a "Sine" motto term to go with SINOhawk. Blacks were first found in Lincolnshire with the Halls/Hole's sharing the dog of Allisons/McAllisters and Hollys. Find surname derivations using heraldry, mumbo-dumbo historians.

The carpenter-glue dream, which pointed by its wheel grease to Grimaldi's, had my car on jack stands while Scottish Jacks show nothing but "holly." Jack-branch Joke's share the scallops of VARNs and GRIMaldi-like GRAHAMs, and so we're back to Varangian liners through Kiev. The "fort" motto term of Lindseys (swan) connects to the "fort" of Beetle's / Bedwells (BEDfordshire, for you daft historians), and it gets wild for pointing to Sinohawk where Lindseys were first found in Lanarkshire with Allisons/McAllisters and SINE's/Sions/Swans. There's also the RINO, LINDSEY GRAHAM, to which this picture can be pointing, for Lindseys have a checkered fesse very linkable to that of Budini-line Boyds (see them in the last update). English Boyds were first found in Shropshire with Hunts/Hunters, and Scottish Boyds in Ayrshire with Varns.

I'm going to the "index finger" of Fink-like Fingers thanks to the Boyd Crest. "INDex" can be part-code for the same of the "INDustria" motto term shared between Dents and the Arms of Rothschild. "InDUSTria" is part-suspect with Rothschild-connectable Dusters (compare with Jewish Rothchilds), and so it can be double code, one for arrow-using INDers/ENDers/Ingers because the Arms of Rothschild love arrows. "ENDure" is a Lindsey motto term. The Dents were at Dentdale of SEDbergh, and I say the Sedans/Siddens named Sedbergh who have a "sed SINO" motto phrase for a pointer to Sinohawk. Lindsey-related SINE's/SIONs/Swans are thus made to look like they named Sion, also called Sidden-like Sitten.

I did a fascinating section on DAVID Boyd in the last update proving that God lives as the author of this work. David's were kin of Ade's from Ada of Warenne in HUNTINGdon. I ended up saying:

Boyds use "A hand pointing with two FINGers," begging whether Larry Fink of BlackRock applies. "The CEO of the world’s largest asset manager, Blackrock, says the Russia-Ukraine war has a 'potential impact on accelerating digital currencies.' He confirms that Blackrock 'is studying digital currencies, stablecoins and the underlying technologies to understand how they can help us serve our clients.'" That could lead to a 666 system.

Hearken, for no one has ever seen before the open crimes now being protected by police people globally. The wicked look poised to exploit in satan's name.

There is a Finger surname with "red flames at the BOTTom, and a blue arm COMING out of the FLAMES, and pointing with its INDex finger." Flamings/Flamingo's almost have the Coat of Finger-like Finks and Funks. As arrow-using Ingers (Cornwall, same as bow-using Bude's) are listed with INDers, INGer the Varangian (likely from Kiev) may be in "index" along with Decks/Daggers or Dexters/Decksters. The latter are from the Dexaroi peoples on the Apsus river, which flows through Fier county, location of Kuman, the line to dagger-using Comyns/COMINGs, explaining the "coming out of the flames."

AHHH, Fingers use the motto, "VigiLANCE," while the Lance Coat is shared by Butons/Boutons, and moreover lance-using Dere's/Res' (Dero's are also ROS') look like kin of the Bertons/BAIRtains (Burtons/Berton colors), first found in Lorraine with Bar-le-Duc. The Butons/Boutons share the fesse of Gore's (Kent, same as Trips) who in turn share the Trip and Gain crosslets, and as this set of heraldry involves Funk- / Fink-like Fingers, gain-of-function in Trypillian Kiev is apparently being pointed to again. The Finger-beloved Flame's share the blank, gold Chief with Rods from Rodez, near Albania-linkable AUBIN.

Italian Alba's share the Buton/Bouton / Lance fesse, and throw in a swan. Fers'/FERRATs share the checks of swan-using Lindseys, namers of Lindsey, now Lincolnshire, and from Lindos of Rhodes, home, according to at least one myth writer, of the Greek Danaans whom I trace to the Tanais river. Alba and MontFERRAT are along the Tanaro river while the Don river was once the Tanais. German Tanners use pine CONES. The "constant" motto term of MacDonalds makes it plain that the MacDonald eagle is that of English Constance's and Cussons because Constants are listed with French Constance's (pine tree), first found in Languedoc with French Conte's and Roquefeuil. Rockefeller-line Rooks are used by the German Terras' in the MacDonald motto.

Back to the index finger of Fingers. Dexters/Decksters have nearly the Coat of Staplefords who in turn have the double fesses of DONs while Done's (Don write-up) are said to have have passed their title(s) to Bruen-Stapleford. Bruens/Breens share the red hand with the Arms of the Keppoch MacDonalds as well as the alternative-MacDonald Coat. Bruen-like BARNstaple's may apply here. The ALBINs/Aubins were first found at Barnstaple, and Fier county is in ALBANia. No, Barnstaple's were not named after barns. Try Berne (Switzerland, same as nasty Swiss banks), founded by Zahringers of Baden, who used blue antlers to go with the red Casimir / Veringer antler. Then go to the antlers of Comyn-like Conte's/Comitissa's and Cone's to discover that Conte / Conteville liners may have been from Kuman.

The VARDaei on the Neretva can be traced well to the Vardys/Verdys/Virtys (Cumberland, same as Daggers and Fier-branch Fare's/Fairs), barons of La Ferte, and then the Ferte eagle is also the MacDonald eagle. Vardys share the Fier/Fear moline, suggesting that Ferte's and Fers/Ferrats may have been purely from Fier-county Albanians. The English Maceys/Mace's of Ferte-Mace were first found in Cheshire with Dons, and Scottish Maceys/Mackays have another dagger. The Dons are super because they were first found in Great BOUGHTon while Boughtons ("DONum") come up as Budini-like "Boton." Here's from the last update:

Ahh, "ALL is" is a motto phrase of German Bartons (beside Bertons) while English Bartons were at Great BOUGHTon!!! Bertons (Shropshire) share the dog head on blue with Glue's!!!! I BOUGHT the GLUE. Allison Bauer was a CASHIER, perhaps a pointer to the 666 purchasing system. CASSERs have the Chase-like Chauce's in their write-up, and so note "purCHASE," for if read as "PURCHase," we can apply to the eagle on a "perch" of Bought-like Botters/Bodins, first found in Hampshire with Chase's and Buttons/BIDENs/Budins.

The Don bend-with-three-arrows is in the colors of the Lorraine bend-with-three eagles, a good reason to trace Dons to Ukraine's Don river.

There are two Scottish MacDonald Coats; the "alternative" one as a Coat that's a near-copy of the Arms of the Keppoch MacDonalds. The MacDonald Coat shows the MacDonald "galley" ship, but calls it a "lymphad," the name of the giant ship of English Mare's/Mere's/MAYERs in the MacDonald Crest. Keeps show the same ship as a "galley," perfect for clinching Keeps as a Keppoch branch. The first Rothschild was MAYER Bauer, and so here we find another reason for Kepke event with Allison Bauer, as if Allisons/McAllisters were fundamental Keppoch MacDonalds to which God wants to point now that Kiev is in the poison-vaccine news. We worked at KNOB Hill Farms (see Farmers last update), and Knobs/Knobels look like they share the Rothschild/Roddenstein arrow. Nobs/Nops share the green Shield with Bauers, Bowers and Burleys/Bourlys.

The island of BUTE was once called, ROTHESay. That's why Allison Bauer (pure blond) was used, because she descended from Bute elements = an island named after Budini liners! Kepke (pure blond, like the Budini) is expected to descend from Budini too. The alternative MacDonalds were first found in Kintyre with Alistairs/Alexanders, and this island -- a pirate's spit-in-the-wind from Bute -- is smack beside Arran, where the McCabe's were first found who share the "salmon" of these MacDonalds in both colors, as do HAMs first found in Sussex with Keeps. Hams can be suspect with Hamburgs because the latter share the crosslets of English Trips while German Trips/Treffs were first found in Hamburg with Drummonds. The latter share the triple-wavy fesses of Sea's (Kent, same as Trips and GREENs/GREEMs), and, lo-and-behold, the MacDonalds call theirs "a salmon on a GREEN SEA." Why don't mumbo-dumbo historians use heraldry to fish for the true derivations of many surnames? Are they too in love with fishing in their ancient dictionaries for whatever derivations suits them best Grahams are said to have had an old Graeme variation.

Here's the Arms of the dukes of Rothesay, sharing the Stewart Coat, shared also by Lindseys, and almost by Boyds. The Keppoch MacDonalds descended directly from Stewarts on the female side: "The MacDonalds of Keppoch are descended from Alistair CARRACH MacDonald who was a younger son of Good John of Islay, Lord of the Isles, 6th chief of Clan Donald and his second wife Margaret Stewart, daughter of King Robert II of Scotland." This king Robert-Bruce is the one I call, Bruce II, descended from Marjory CARRICK. When I knew him in my teens, Kepke had a black Lab, Blacky, and Carricks use black "talbot" dogs that, while generally understood to be HUNTING dogs, usually show as Labs. They are code for Talbots, first found in Shropshire with Hunts/Hunters! ZINGER, Kepke's dog has pointed to Hunter Biden yet again.

The write-up of Scottish Donnels/Dunnels: "There is also a branch of the MacDonells that claim Ranald's other son, Alistair, as its progenitor (the Keppoch branch)." "Ranald" is now suspect from Rainier of Montferrat. Donnels/Dunnels have "A RAVEN standing on a rock with motto 'CREAG an fhitich' above." Looks like code for Carricks and Fitch's. The latter are in Herod/HERAULT colors, and first found in Argyllshire with MacDonalds, and Narbonne is beside HERAULT. Scottish Kennedys use the Arms of Carrick plus black fitchees so that Kennedys look related to the Keppoch branch. Scottish Kennedys have most of the Cassel Coat and motto, and while Rothes'/Rothchilds use a giant raven, the first Rothschild was banking in Hesse-Cassel, and while Hesse's come up as Hiss', "His" is a motto term of Irish Donnels.

Buttons/Bidens/Budins and Botters/Bodins were first found in Hampshire with Potters who in turn are in the colors and format of Allisons/McAllisters. Why might God use a Jewish lady with Bauer surname to point to corruption by Hunter Biden? Bauers/Bowers share the green Shield with Scottish Bowers sharing the five, bunched arrows in the Arms of Rothschilds, which Roet-related Bows/Bough's do too, and Bude's happen to use bows, mumbo-dumbo historians. Botons/BOUGHtons look Budini-applicable, daft historians. That's right, Bows and Bowers were not named after bows and arrows, and Buttons were not named after someone who like lots of buttons on his shirt. Roets were first found in Somerset with Buttons of Bath, and Baths were first found in Somerset with BADENs/Battins. We're back to the line of Maria of Kiev through Baden, Germany.

Mr. Zlochevsky has a home and probably some "important" business in Monaco, where GRIMaldi's rule, and Hawks share pilgrims staves with PilGRIMs. Grimaldi's share a lozengy Shield of different colors from the ones of Beetle's, and I do wonder whether Grimm liners were from Ukraine's CRIMEa, which is just around the Black-sea corner from the DON river (named the Donbas now in the news). Anyone seeing MacDONalds here? To the south of the Don is a KEPoi location. The Cimmerians of Crimea probably named the Kamiros location of Rhodes when they come south into Anatolia.

As the canadian prime minister, trudeau, praised the communist party of China (he's all over social media for doing so), let's repeat that the "Truth" motto term of Allisons traces them to the TROTus river near Ukraine, because Truths are listed with Trots. But they are also trudeau-like Trude's you see, and so I'm starting to get the impression that Allison Bauer points to trudeau too. His first name is justin, and I always connect Justins with Sire's/SIRETs while the Trotus river is a tributary of the Siret. The latter was once called the AGARus, tending to explain why Hagars were first found in Perthshire with Justins.

Kepke's first name is Lawrence, and so what are the chances, by pure chance, that while Lorraine-like Lawrence's/Laurence's have "a demi TURBOT tail upwards", the Alistair/Alexander write-up has the following about the founder of the clan: "Alisdair living about 1230 to 1295 claimed the territory in South Knapdale, Kintyre, the ancient Clan seat was at Ard Phadraid (Patrick's Point) on the south side of Loch TARBOT." This has got to be part of the Kepke event with Allison Bauer, for while the first Rothschild was Mayer Bauer, the Arms of Rothschild share "Industria" with Dents while there is a triDENT-using TURBOT surname the Shield of which makes them look like a branch of TROUT-using Truebecks/TroutBACKs, perfect for the TROTus river on the south of a BACau region to which I trace Bacons. Amazingly, English Bacons are Beacons too while Redmaine's (Cusson-like "cushions") have a "beacon" in Crest while Lawrence's/Laurence's were at Yealand-Redmaine, how about that. It appears that God named Kepke's first name to add to the pointers He's intended.

TurBOTs may have been named after marriage with a Budini line of a Bot-like kind. Biden-branch Butts/Bute's/BOTE's have a fish too, and it's in the colors of the Geddes pike fish while Geds use pikes in the colors of the turbot fish of Turbots.

Back to Alisdair at KNAPdale, for there's a Naparis-like Napier surname that Lists PEERless' to go with the two "Per" motto term of MacDonalds. The Roxolani Rus at the Kiev area were also on the Naparis, believe it or not.

There's "A NAKED man holding a gold dart" in the Truebeck/Troutback Crest, and Alis-like Elis' have a "A naked woman..." in their Crest.

Let's go back to the descend of Keppoch MacDonalds from the Carricks, for they share a "GARDE" motto term with English Lane's/Laine's while Irish Lane's/Laine's share the Keep bend. Italian Lane's/Lano's were first found in Brescia at lake GARDa, and I trace "Bruce" to "Brescia" for this reason and others. The last update had an eye-opener for me where the KEPlaine variation of Caplans looked very much like a Kepke-line merger with Laine's, and then, at the end of the week, I learned that Biden's chief of White House staff is a Mr. KLAIN (I resist Biden news, making me ignorant of most his details). The MacDonald-related McLaine's/CLAINs (almost have the MacDonald Coat) can apply to Klain, and let's add that while I showed why Roquefeuil elements apply to Kiev's Budini (and to the fort-rock of Beetle's), McLaine's/Clains use a "red rock" as a substitute for the red lion that both MacDonalds and Keppoch MacDonalds use for their first quadrant.

Kepke loved to dance, and Carricks along with Mine's in the McLaine/Clean motto use dancetty-fesses. The Carrick-Bruce line quickly married Stewarts who were shortly before the Laine-like Alans, I get it. Here's from the last update:

Suddenly, Allison Bauer (Jewish) can apply to Biden corruption in Kiev. She was a cashier for Knob Hill FARMs grocers at the time, and it's just incredible that English Farmers are in Keppoch colors and format, and sharing the Button/Biden fesse, yet these Farmers put gold HUNTING HORNS on their fesse while the Button/Biden Crest has a "gold horn"!!!! Allison is pointing to HUNTER Biden!!! Irish Farmers share the lion heads of English Dance's, first found in Yorkshire with Keppochs who in turn have a Coat similar to that of Dance's. Kiev corruption has always been the missing element in the Kepke-Allison event, and as we were sitting on the hood of my Mustang, note how Mustans/Mousens (Yorkshire, same as Mosters/Masters) have a Coat similar to the Keppoch Coat. Mosters/Masters share the griffin heads of Caplans/KEPlaine's (!!!), the latter first found in Hampshire with Josephs and Bidens, hah-hah.

Klains are listed with Jewish Kleins, and they almost have the Coat of Italian Botters/Bottins (once showed a straight fesse). English Botters/Bodins have an eagle in the colors of the MacDonald eagle. The Botter/Bottin bend is said to be "curved," and ditto for the fesse of Benjamin-like Bongino's (Tuscany, same as Botters/Buttins. I am sure that the Benjamites in the book of Judges removed to the Rimna river (Wallachia theater) near Ukraine, but where else may they have moved in eastern Europe? Bongino's share the Chief, almost, of French Alans.

Did Bongino/BONgiovanni elements name Bononia, or NarBONNE? The latter share the Maschi lion, and while Benjamites in Judges were at Rimmon, Maschi's (pine CONEs, linkable to Conte's / Cone's) share were first found in RIMNa-like Rimini. The Bono's/Bone's (Milan, same as VisCONTi's) have a vertically-split Shield in colors reversed from the same that's the flag of Narbonne. Bono's/Bone's were first found in Milan with the Italian Maurels who are in turn in the colors and format of English Bute's/Butts. English Bone's were first found in Sussex with Keeps. English Bonns/Bunns share the MacDonald / Constance eagle.

MacLaine's/Clains share the blue fitchee with the My's in the MacDonald motto. The latter's Coat shares the Luton eagle, and while Luton is in Bedfordshire, the latter is where Beetle-branch Bedwells were first found. The Bedwell Crest is "On a rock, a fort in flames, PROPER", and I'm starting to think that the lion in the Arms of Keppoch MacDonalds is the one of French Narbonne's (Languedoc, same as Narbonne) in colors reversed. The Narbonne lion is in the colors of the PROPER/Robert, Robert and Abruzzo lions while I trace Bruce's (anciently "Brusi") to the Abruzzi of Abruzzo, suspect to the Eburovices that someone claimed were in Brescia. The Robert lions are shared by both Laine surnames.

Darlene Ray (pure blond) was my girlfriend at Knob Hill Farms. While Darlene's share the MacDonald fitchee, the Darlene Crest has a "female" wearing a robe, and Robe's/Robbs share the Robin chevron while Propers/Roberts are themselves Robins. The Proper/Robert ostrich has a key in its mouth, and there's a key in the Arms of Narbonne. The Abruzzo capital, L'Aquila, is where key-using Sheaves'/Chiava's were first found, and English Sheaves'/Shaws ("qui" motto term) were first found in Berkshire with Beetle's and Boots...and Stewart-line Windsors.

I wrote all of that before loading Propers/Robins just now, and once loaded, there was the Robert lion on the fesse of Buttons/Bidens/Budins, and especially the fesse of Bute's/Butts/Bote's because the latter substitute the Robert lion with a fish in the same colors!!! INCREDIBLE. The Keppoch MacDonalds just linked to Budini liners again, of the Biden kind! Kepke at Knob Hill Farms is a strong pointer to the Biden family, but God did not set this all up because He likes the Biden family.

The Irish Laine's sharing the Keep bend even have the fleur-de-lys of Gellone's while the Gellone Abbey is in Herault i.e. near Narbonne. William of the Gellone Abbey was count of TOULouse, and Tools have a giant lion in the colors of the three lions in pale of the Englands in the so-called "three lions of England" of English Laine's. The three of Englands are half in the colors of the three of Laine's, and three more lions in pale are with Carrick-branch Carrots/Carews. The Drops/TROPE's share the Tool lion too, and Carrick-branch Kerricks (Cheshire, same as Propers/Roberts) use a "calTROP."

Two lions in pale in the colors of the three of England is used by Scottish Mars, suspect from the Marsi of Abruzzo, who lived at the area of mount Velino, named after the Avlona/Aulon location (Epirus, where I trace namers of Abruzzo) of the proto-Alan / Laine / Lang surnames. Avlona elements named mythical Avalon, which I've deciphered as Bute more than ten years ago, that's right, long before Kepke was a topic.

Each of the lions of Englands have "an ermine spot on its shoulder", and Ermine's/Armys (ermine spot in Crest) share the Annandale Coat, though Ermine's/Armys (Tailbois kin) add the same lion as Roberts use. The Bruce ancestors of the king Robert-Bruce's were in Annandale. Kerricks use "A caltrop on a mount", and the Ermine/Army Crest is "On a green mount, an ermine PROPER."

The Ermine's play bang-on to what I wanted to say as per Alexander Balas, ancient Greco-Seleucid king, part of the runner-up to the end-time anti-Christ as per Daniel 11. The Balas surname ("antelope PROPER") uses "four ermine spots", you see, and the Bute/Butt estoiles in half their colors. Bute is beside Arran, where the first-known McCabe's/MACABEE's were first found. Alexander Balas formed a political alliance with Jonathan MACCABEE. Later, Maccabees arose named, Alexander (Greek name), and they were Herods too while we saw Herods/Heraults first found in Argyllshire with MacDonalds. Argyllshire is now paired with Buteshire, and this coupled region is where KinTyre is located, where Alexanders were first found.

The amazing thing is that, while God is pointing to the Biden family with Kepke and Allison Bauer, Allisons are McAllisters while Alexanders list Alistairs. It's suggesting, perhaps, an anti-Christ out of the Ukraine corruption we're now witnessing.

To help connect the Balas surname to McCabe's/MacABEE's of Arran, the Irons/Orions, first found in, and probably naming, Arran-like Airaines, have a cross half in the colors of the Balas cross. Near Airaines is ABBEville, and then the Balliols and Bailys were from a Bailleul-en-Vimeu location a few miles from Airaines, and Balas' are also BAILiffs. The latter were first found in GlaMORGANshire, anciently Morgannwg, and then mythical Morgan le Fay was a chief witch on Avalon = Bute. The brother of king Balliol was, Alexander, that's right. "Edward Balliol, son of King John Balliol -- assisted by the English and those Scottish nobles who had been disinherited by Robert I -- invaded Scotland inflicting heavy defeats on the Bruce party..." (Wikipedia article on Robert II). Robert Bruce I eventually became the king, a partner with the dastardly Templars, the precursors to Freemasons.

Would God Point to Elon Musk with Miss Muschatov?

[The Musk surname was checked because Elon Musk is in the news this week, but his two names don't become a major topic until the end of this section, and that's why I've placed the subtitle above immediately before mention of the Musk surname. I'm trying to figure out whether he's a good or bad guy for God's purposes. This entry of the Musk surname comes near the mention of Elon-like Aulon as well as the Laine's who have Lone variations, but I didn't have "Elon" in mind while mentioning them. Elons are showing as a branch of Elms that use elm leaves yet show as oak leaves probably due to Alans showing oak leaves.]

The antelope design in the Balas Crest is shared by Muscats/Musks who in turn share the double fesses of Italian Ballas'/Balli's/Ballons/Balleti's, and then French Balls/Ballons/Ballets share giant ermines with Balas'/Bailiffs. Masci's were first found in Piedmont with Seleucus-like Saluzzo.

I have trouble remembering whether the last time I saw Kepke was when he dropped in on me with Kelly visiting me, or whether I later went to visit him at his new home far away. In any case, when he was over to my place with Kelly, it was the last time I saw him in my neck-of-the-woods, and I was with Kelly a short time. While with Kelly, God promised me, "You shall have a song," and then, almost as soon as Kelly and I were no longer seeing each other, I met Diane MUSCHATov, a Ukrainian. Is that cool or what, coming right after the mention above of Muscats/Musks. I don't remember ever linking Muscats to Ballas'/Balli's (but maybe I have). Is Diane Muschatov indication that the anti-Christ will arise in connection with a Muscovite in Ukraine? I dunno. I met her with her friend, Kim, and Kims were first found on Bute.

Mykola Zlochevsky of Ukraine has a home on Monaco, and GRACE KELLY "recently" married Rainier Grimaldi of Monaco. Grace's/Grasse's are from Grasse, near Monaco, and the Grace's/Grasse's have the Muschat Coat (not "Muscat") in different colors. English Grasse's (Lincolnshire, same as Keele's) share the Kelly and Monaco lion, as well as the Botter/Buttin bend. Grace Kelly's mother was Miss Majer, and Majers/Majors were first found at Dol with same-colored Nerets/NERADs (DeNARDo/Narbonne colors). Rainier-connectable Rennes is near Dol and Montfort, and Montferrat is near Monforte, the latter near Bra, and then BRASwells are one chevron short of having the Grace/Grasse Coat. It was at least roughly the house of Rainier of Montferrat which put out the Vasto's of Saluzzo. Manfred, like "MonFERRAT," was a name of the Vasto rulers of Saluzzo, and FERTE's share the MacDonald eagle. Fers/Ferrats were a branch of Vairs/Fers', and the latter share the Shield of Grimaldi-connectable Fiscs.

It seems that God put me together, back-to-back, with Kelly (don't know her surname) and Diane Muschatov for these pointers, in the least, to the Burisma boss. That's why Kepke dropped in without a phone call, after my not seeing him in some two years, between my meeting Kelly and meeting Diane.

Manfred was the first name of Mosca's of Sicily's Agrigento area, and that place was also "ACRAGas," which I trace to the Craigs, in turn said, in the Carrick write-up, to have been proto-Carricks. This was the line to the Keppoch MacDonalds, are you not impressed? The Carrots/Carews share a "bien" motto term with Carricks, and then Quare's/Carre's (Burgundy, same as Messeys, Ferrat-branch Vairs/Fers', and MATHIS') share the Carrot/Carew lion in a form of the MASSI/MATTIS Coat, both having the checkered Shield of Fers/Ferrats, and in the Arms of MASSA-CARRara...near Pisa, where Mosca's were first found. Pisa is right-near Lucca, where Botters/Bottins were first found, you see, and the Carrick talbots lead one back to Lucy Taillebois, wife of earl Ranulph le Meschin.

Plus, French MASSE's/Masseys once showed exactly the three BOOTS once shown by Trips/Treffs. The latter's boots were changed to shoes, and I was selling shoes at the same time that Kepke was, in the same mall, at a different shoe store named Ferrat- / ManFRED-like Fredelle's. My Masci mother, with a Grimaldi maiden name, born and raised in Abruzzo, was a Massey liner. And so let's repeat that the Burisma owner, who may be in regular contact with Monaco's Grimaldi's, is online said to have a shoe boutique in Kiev. At least one article says he sold/sells crocodile-leather shoes and boots there, and then the Irish Dene's, with a "crocodile" in Crest, not only happen to share the Diane/Dean motto, but, wonder of wonders, share the double fesses of Muscats/Musks!!! I've said that before, but it floors me even now. The Diane's/Deans even have the Chief now showing for Masse's/Masseys in colors reversed, is that not absolutely wild?

Diane Muschatov was a pure blond, perfect for the Budini, because Herodotus said they were blonds. The DENhams have a "Cura" motto term probably because they share the Car/CURR chevron. English Carre's have a version of the English Cary Coat while Irish Carys share the Maschi lion. The English Carre's have a bend-with-leopard-faces in colors reversed from the same of Ade's/Aids' in the Levi motto, and Cary Castle was home to Leavells. The Dile's in "crocodile" share the Diane/Dean lion, which is also the Abruzzo lion, in the colors of the Robert lion. My mother was born and raised a few miles from L'Aquila, and the Arms of L'Aquila shares the black eagle with Massi's/Mattis'.

The CROCodile brings us to Eschyna de Molle, wife of Robert Croc, but wife also of Mr. Alan from Dol, the father of the Stewarts from whom the Keppoch MacDonalds descended on their matriarchal side. On their paternal side, they were from the Carrick line through king Robert-Bruce.

Recall the "Constant" motto term of MacDonalds, for Constants/Constance's can be from Constance, queen of Sicily and Aragon, daughter of ManFRED of Sicily, son of emperor FREDerick HOHENstaufen. Hohens share the Vair/Fers Coat, and Cohens share the Fer/Ferrat Coat. MacDonalds share the Ferte / Constance eagle. Manfred of Sicily was husband to Beatrice of SAVOY, and while Masse's/Masseys ("tree without LEAVES") were first found in Savoy, the Manfred rulers of Saluzzo had first been rulers of Savoy and Liguria, becoming rulers of Saluzzo about the time of Rainier of Montferrat. This same Manfred had a daughter, Beatrix, wife of Manfred of Saluzzo. Are the Mosca's of this picture a pointer to Moscow?

The name of Rainier, and that of prince Rainier Grimaldi, may be related to Airaines, where it seemed the line of Alexander Balas traces, who was a Saluzzo-like Seleucid. As the son of king Seleucus I was ANTIOCHUS, it seems that Seleucids named Sulcis in Sardinia (not far from Saluzzo), smack at Sant'ANTIOCO.

The English Cary write-up speaks to a John Cary, like John Kerry, Obama's foreign secretary. John Cary is said to have had titles in COCKINGton while Cocks (Somerset, same as Carys and Leavells) share the Grimaldi Shield. Baron Massy arose in the house of Rainier Grimaldi when Grace Kelly was married to him, and as Kellys (nearly the Abruzzo Coat) were first found near Dublin, where the baron-Massy title occupied at one time, I think she brought that title to Monaco. The point is, a baron Massy of Monaco's Grimaldi married a few times, once to Miss Quintana, and while Quintana's show only three DICE each with a 6, the Dice's/Diss, with a chevron colors reversed from the same of Quints, are in the colors and format of English Cockings (share the rooster with Cocks), first found in Kent with Masse-connectable Trips and MacDonald-beloved Sea's.

While John Kerry was born with the Jewish surname, Cohn, its just amazing here that Irish Cockings (SEAhorse, same as Sea-branch Seamans) are listed with Cohens while there's a Jewish Cohn/Cohen/Kagan surname sharing the sun of German Cohns (share the gold Masci wing). German Cohens/Cons were Hohen kin while Manfred of Sicily was a Hohenstaufen. Conys and Conns are in Meschin colors and format. It looks like a pointer to John Kerry's fingers in Kiev and beyond, perhaps even in Moscow, for Obamaites were courting the Russians, openly at first with the "reset BUTTON," and secretly later in uranium deals. The "great RESET" of Klaus Schwab must apply to "reset button," and Joe Biden claimed that "reset button" was his personal program, though the public was made to believe that it was Hillary Clinton's program. John Kerry came in to take Hillary's job when she quit on Obama.

The Cocking rooster is in the colors of the same of French Galli's, first found in Dauphine with Keep- and MacDonald-beloved Galleys. King Gala/GAIA of Numidia was father to king Massena, and while Massena's have a Coat version of the Masci's (Piedmont, same as Saluzzo), French GAYs were first found in Savoy with Masse's/Masseys.

It then gets very interesting where Beatrix, daughter of Manfred of Sicily, married a ruler of Epirus, location of Balas-like Bullis, near proto-Alan Aulon/Avlona. The latter is beside Apollonia, and Apulia is the location of Taranto, where Manfred of Sicily had some ruling position. Wikipedia's article on the Seleucids once said that they were in league with Thesprotians of Epirus, making "Balas" look like it's from "Bullis." The Bullis surname shares red roundels with Shirts/SHARDs while Sulcis is on SARDinia. Grace's/Grasse's were first found in Province with Lizarts/SARDE's and Grace's/Grasse's.

This reminds me that my first girlfriend, as a Christian, was SHARON Pasco/Pascal/Pascel (not sure of surname). My second and third as a Christian was Kelly and Diane Muschatov. For the longest time, I had to make do with there being no Sharon surname coming up at houseofnames, until finding Sharrons sharing the PenderGRASS Coat! Kellys and Monaco's share the lion of English Grasse's (Lincolnshire, same as Keele's and Cheile's), in the colors of the lion heads of Penders, is that not Arranged? Penders have one of the triple chevrons of Grace's/Grasse's. While Lorraine's were Keep kin, Lorraine's GRASS stain on her PANTs, upon her Bottin-connectable balcony (compare Balcons and Botters/Buttins), pointed to PENDergrass'...and to Pender-like Panters (share Balcon rose), I assume. Although I first saw and met Sharon at Wasaga beach, at an on-the-BEACH get-together, she ended up living about six houses from me on DeMAINE crescent, where LAWRENCE Kepke dropped in while Kelly was over. Penders were first found in Angus with Kellers/Keelers. Beach's/Bechs look like Bag and Grimaldi kin.

Sharrons share the motto of Alis' who in turn share the hawk's head with Allisons/McAllisters...smack linkable to Keppoch MacDonalds. Behold more reason for the popping in of Kepke while Kelly was there. Lawrence's were at Yealand-RedMAINE, and Yealands, sharing three, black eagle heads with German KELLers/Cellers (Swabia, same as Kelners/Kellers and Hohenstaufens), might even have the L'Aquila eagle, for German Kelners/Kellers have the key of Sheaves'/Chiava's, first found in L'Aquila, in colors reversed. English Kelners/Kilners (Lancashire, same as Lawrence's of Yealand-Redmaine) share the giant eagle (half the Este Coat) of Ballas-like Balance's/Balancors. Ballans/Baalhams, sharing the red rooster with Cocks, and white ESToiles with Balas'/Bailiffs, are in Balliol colors. ESTE's share the Aquila Coat, both sharing the eagle of Segurana's, first found in Genoa with Grimaldi's, and beside the Savona location ruled by the direct ancestors of Manfred of Saluzzo. Kepke now looks like he's pointing to the line of the end-time anti-Christ inasmuch as he's coupled with ancient Seleucids in both Daniel 8 and 11.

[Insert -- The new-to-me Rannys/Rainys/Rennie's (Montferrat) mentioned at the top of this update use a "pair of BALANCEs." Rannys/Rainys use "two wings conJOINed" while Swiss-German Joiners/Jenners share the hexagram of Reines'. The latter have the Pisa Coat in colors reversed, and Mosca's were first found in Pisa. Meschins and Muscats/Mousquette's/MUSKs were claimed by me to be of the line of the False Prophet / anti-Christ as many as ten years ago, but as the Muscas variation of Mosca's is in the motto of red-dragon Drake's, where that dragon's tail looks like a 666, I'd say the Mosca's can apply. The "muscas" term is translated as "fly," and Flys (Hampshire, same as Drake's) were at Flagi while Flags/Flecks share the Meschin scallops. I think there could be something to this if Elon Musk suddenly starts acting like a Christian and a prophet of the future to boot. Elon liners are about to link to Fleck-like Felice's. End insert]

Although not in the same design, Sharrons share the antelope in Crest with Balas'/Bailiffs and Muscats/Musks. Sharon lived on Demaine crescent with me. Demaine's were first found in Maine with French Billets/Billiards, and Billets look much like a possible branch of Bullis'/Bulliards because the Bullis location in Epirus is on a map as "Byllis" too. English Billets were first found in Devon with Maine's. Bullis'/Bulliards were once said to be first found in Suffolk, where Ballans/Baalhams were first found. English Balls were first found in Cheshire with Billet-branch Bellows/Bellots. German Bellots/Belows and Jeepma's/CHEPs have a giant eagle in the colors of the Keller/Celler eagle heads.

Keelers/Kellers were first found in Angus while Angus' share the Annas and Bullis/Bulliard stars. Penders were first found in Nottinghamshire with Annas-branch Ainsleys who in turn love the Countrys who in turn share the Beach/Bech pile. Sleeping Beauty was on Jeffrey Epstein's beach, and Epsteins share the Muschat Coat (different-colored version of the Grace/Grasse Coat). MusCHATs and MusCATs may have been named after whatever the Lucca cat stands for, and I'm sure it's for the cat-using Clan Chattan, for Chattans and Chatans share the bend of Botters/Buttins, first found in Lucca, and Chatans even share the Balcon Coat for connection to the balcony of Kiev-connectable Lorraine. Casimir of Poland was the son of Richeza of Lorraine and Mieszko II LAMBert.

The Arms of Grasse shares the lamb with Pascals, and Sharon's surname may have been, Pascal. French Lamberts, with almost the Billet/Billiard Coat, have two of the triple Grace/Grasse chevrons. We're treading all over the same lines here, all connectable to things-Kiev.

Hohenstaufens were a branch of HohenZOLLERNs, and it just so happens that Keele's share the Zollern and House-of-Hohenzollern quadrants. The Zollern Crest has a half-black "talbot's head," connectable to the black talbots of Carricks and Crags (Yorkshire, same as Keppochs).

Now that Maria of Kiev (Casimir's wife) is known (by us) as the ancestor of Keeps, I can go back to Mary Nigro, and Italian who was likely born, Maria. I've said it many times: Mary lived in BUTTONville when I knew her, about 1.25 miles from Knob Hill Farms. What are the chances? She befriended me at 16, and as she was a cashier for Knob Hill Farms, I figure I got the job there with her prompting to apply. After I suggested to Kepke that he apply there too, my parents went away for a weekend, and so I threw a party for the fellow teens at Knob Hill Farms. Mike Denardo was there.

[I didn't realize, until writing far below on the Kiev wife of king Andrew I, that Maria of Kiev has a Nigro-like surname, DobroNIEGA.]

Only three people, besides myself, stayed the night in the home after the party, one being Kepke and the other Mary Nigro. They both slept in the baseMENT. I don't know what they did, or whether they saw each other again, but this seems to me to be assurance from God that Kepke himself (Ukrainian father) descended from Maria of Kiev. I've highlighted "baseMENT" because Ments/Mants share the Neret Coat while Base's have two of the Robert lions. To put it another way, Base's have 2/3rds the English Laine lions. Ments/Mans are even in the colors and format of Allisons/McAllisters.

It's possible that Nigro's were from Blacks / Nero's/Neretti's from the Naro/Neretva river. In fact, Merys (Normandy, same as Mars/Mere's/More's) share triple-gold bends with Nerets/NERADs and Ments/Mants! As I've said many times, Mike DeNARDo brought his DRUMs to the party, and KilDRUMMy was the seat of the earls of Mar (Angus). Drummonds, whom I trace to the Ross clan, had one Mary Drummond, which tends to explain why Marys have the Ross Coat in colors reversed. As Ross' are said to descend from an Andrew, I trace them to Andrew I of Hungary, husband of a Kiev Varangian RUS, and so I see Ross' from those Rus. Annabel Drummond married king Robert-Bruce III, he being directly descended from the line of Keppoch MacDonalds. Kievincidences?

Nerets were first found in Brittany with the Blains/Bellins/Bless' who come up as Balas-like Blas', who share the triple gold fesses of Merys in both colors. Brittany was home to many Alans from Aulon, near Bullis. Mars/Mere's/More's share the BLOIS scallops. As the namers of Abruzzo were from Epirus, perhaps also the Marsi and proto-Merys. The Molossians of Epirus named MOLise province beside Abruzzo province, and ESCHYNA de MOLLE (married Mr. Crux-like Croc) may apply to Molossians because she married a Dol-line Alan. Molle's have the Moray Coat plus the Schim/Schien boar head while the latter surname shares a Black Chief. Eskins/Erskins share the single pale bar with Black-beloved Crux's and Blake's while Bless/Blas-like Blaze's share the Black saltire. Blaze's are said to have named Blay near MOLay (Normandy). Though not on the same-colored background, Russian Alexanders have a single, black pale bar that looks related to the Blake and Tail/Tailor pale bar. Tails/Tailers and Tillers are from the Tilurius river near the Naro/Neretva. Both rivers have sources near the Ceraunii Illyrians while Aulon and Bullis are near the Ceraunii mountains (Epirus).

Lorraine the BABE pointed with Babe's to Podebrady, where I say the wife of the first Drummond lived. Lorraine was a Russellite, and Russells with Rosso's share the Mary lion while Rosseau's share the Neret / Ment/Mant Coat. The latter's triple fesses are colors reversed from the same of Pings/Pongs (Yorkshire, same as Ments/Mants), and "basement" got caught by me as God's code when checking Ments due to my playing ping-pong with Kepke in his basement. Pings/Pongs (Yorkshire, same as Stains) are listed with Pagans while French Payens/Pagans share "spur rowells" with Panters (Angus, same as Kildrummy) to which Lorraine's pant stain pointed.

Annabel Drummond married Robert-Bruce III. Annabel Drummond's mother was MARY Drummond of Montifex or MONTFICHET, wife of John Drummond of STOBhall. Montfichets are listed with Muschats! They have three chevrons in red to match the three fesses of Drummonds and STURs. This Mary Drummond, mother of Malcolm Drummond, ear of Mar, descended from MENTieth (can we believe it?) in Stirlingshire. It explains Kepke and Mary in the baseMENT. Menteiths (Perthshire, same as Drummonds) have one bend colors reversed from the three of Ments/Mants. Base's share the Coat of Gernons from Montfichet, believe it or not.

It's probably relevant that the Fitch kin of MacDonalds were first found in Essex with Muschats/MontFITCHets. The latter's triple chevrons are colors reversed upon the lion of Rance's/Rands suspect in the Fitch motto. The Rance river is near Dol and RENNES, likely explaining why the Dol Coat shares a wavy-white fesse with Ronnys/Rons'. The Rannys list Rainys/RENNIE's, we get it: Rennes was likely named by the line of Rainier of Montferrat.

Russells share the scallops of Meschins while the Meschins earls included Ranulph de Gernon. Lorraine the Russellite had a foot symbol with her babe symbol, and "cyFOETH" is a Gernon motto term while Foots were first found in Cheshire with Meschin earls. Gernons were first found in Essex with Montfichets/Muschats.

Amazingly, while Lorraine was given a bus STOP symbol too, Stops/STUBBs have a Coat like that of Stirlings/STURlings while these Drummonds (share the Stur Coat) under discussion were in Stirlingshire. So, Stops/Stubbs must have named STOBhall which MARY of Montfichet married. I trace Stubbs for reasons to Stobi, a city of the Paioni suspect with the Paion variation of Payens/Pagans. That works, don't Montifex it.

As I've said many times, I first saw Lorraine walking up Lorne avenue toward her bus stop, about two weeks before asking her for a first date at her bus stop. On the earlier occasion, I thought she was so beautiful that I couldn't help blurting, "I'm going to MARRY you," as she walked by. If you think it was corny or lowly to say such a thing, blame God, for He was probably mouthing it from me to point to Mary Montfichet-Drummond. Lorraine was a Russellite, and while I suspect that Russells named Roslin, the Sinclairs of Roslin married Mary Drummond's son, John Drummond of Stobhall! Zinger, believe thee in God yet, mumbo-dumbo historians? No, simpletons, the Mars were not named after a sea. No, dumbos, restrain yourselves from such "expert" opinions. If you really don't know for sure, just say so.

I just haven't been familiar with the Drummond write-up. It even says: "The family seat was at Stobhall, Perthshire". In the 2nd update in October, 2010, when showing the quote above, it was compared with the Stubbs, but the Stops, or Lorraine's bus stop, was not yet a topic. I didn't know in 2010 that God used events in my life to couple with heraldry to make pointers to His enemies. I suspect that God is also pointing to events AGAINST His enemies as he himself engineers.

Montfichets/Muschats were once said to be first found in Suffolk, where Love's/Luffs were once said to be first found who have a three-fesse version of the Montfichet/Muschat Coat. Love's/Luffs are now said to be first found in Oxfordshire with Amorite-like Amore's and Damorys/Amori's, and the latter's fessewise bars are wavy, as are the Drummond fesses. French Mars/Mere's (share white scallops with Russells) are also MORE's. AMORITES of Mari, dumbos, not "mere = sea."

Mike Denardo's drums appear arranged by God to point to Ukraine elements, and, a few later (about age 20), I bought a set of drums from Mr. Salisbury, interesting where Salisburys were Abruzzo/Abreu kin of the Evreux kind. Marsi lived in Abruzzo. The Bruce's were related to Abruzzo's/Abreu's (share Narbonne lion), whose lions are in the colors of the Robert lion. Kepke's brother was Robert. Drummonds may descend from "Teramo," the modern name of the ancient Abruzzo capital, Aprutium. This place was named by the entity that represented mythical Aphrodite (lover of Ares), herself named after the Euphrates river (has a source near the Aras river that named Ares), location of MARi, an Amorite capital.

So, if the question now is whether Drummonds descend from Maria of Kiev, since the Drummonds descend from the Kiev wife of Andrew I, we can apply to a couple of things: 1) the Hungarian alliances with Poland; 2) the "fast" motto term of the Hungarian Leslie's who came to Scotland with Drummonds. The Fasts have a bend-with-crosslets in the colors of the Lorraine bend-with-eagles, and Richeza of Lorraine was the mother-in-law of Maria of Kiev. Plus, while French Crispins were first found in Lorraine, English Crispins -- Grimaldi kin from over 1,000 years ago, not long before king Andrew -- have the eight red-and-white bars in colors reversed that are fundamental to the Arms of Hungary. English Crispins were first found in Oxfordshire with the Muscat- and Montfitchet-related Love's/Luffs who in turn share three red fesses with Scottish Drummonds. The latter three all look related to the Arms of Hungary.

This would be a good place to add that these red-and-white bars are used as pale bars by Carpenters and their Belli kin. Hungarians kings of the early era descended from king Arpad (Hungary), and as there was an Arpii people group who were also the Carpae, Arpad appears named after the same entity that named the CARPathian mountains (at Hungary), where I think CARPenters should trace because king Andrew's brother was king BELA of Hungary.

So, we then trace the line of Bela to the Bellys of Moray who share the Carpenter motto, and note that Moray is beside the Ross-shire that I trace to Andrew and his wife, ANAStasia of Kiev (mother of Bela). As ANNAS' share the Angus star, I trace them both to ANGUSta (also called, Augusta) on/off the TROTus river, to the south of a Bacau region that I trace to Beacons/Bacons, explaining why German Belli's use a beacon. I read from one writer that king Bela married Helena, countess of Angusta, but nobody seems to agree but me; heraldry bears it out. The Fullers who use a beacon too share the triple fesses of Love's/Luffs. The six TROT pale bars are in Drummond colors. Drummonds were first found in Perthshire (near Angus) with Hagars whom I trace to the AGARus river, now the Siret into which the Trotus flows.

According to the sensible section above on Balas'/Bailiff and what looks like their Bailey branches, I'm thinking that Alexander Balas must have been ancestral to king Bela because Bailys (very linkable to MacDonald liners) share the brown boar head with Annas-like Innis', the latter first found in Moray and using the Moray Coat in colors reversed. One of the Innis Coats uses the stars as hexagrams in colors reversed from the same of Hagars. The question then arises as to whether king Andrews, or ANDERS, was named after AlexANDERs/Alistairs i.e. from Alexander Balas.

I've just typed "Alexander" wrong to find the giant and red double-headed eagle of Alexande's/Alex's/Alesse's (Normandy, same as Mars/Mere's/More's). It looks like a version of the MacDonald eagle. This double-headed eagle (same colors) is shared by Specks/Spicks, a branch of Speccots who in turn use "frets" to go with the Ferte = MacDonald eagle. As it turns out, this paragraph did not go off-topic because the Speccot bend-with-frets is in the three colors of the Lorraine bend-with-eagles. The barons of La Ferte were the Vardys, likely from the Vardaei of the Neretva river. Cool typing mistake.

As it turns out, Anastasia of Kiev was the daughter of king Yaroslav of Kiev, brother of Maria DobroNIEGa of Kiev! So, yes, the line of Andrew's wife was directly from the family of Maria of Kiev, itself the line through the Arms of Lorraine which uses the Piast eagle. Casimir was a Piast Pole. Anastasia's father was VLADimir, and Flaad-like Vlads share the Hagar / Innis hexagram. It's a white hexagram, used on a single, black pale bar by Russian Alexanders. A single, black pale bar is with English Blake's (Devon, same as fret-using Speccots) while Scottish Blake's have a giant fret.

If I'm correct in pegging Agatha, mother of queen Margaret of Scotland, as an Agatha of Podebrady, wife of George, son of Andrew I of Hungary, and father of the first Drummond, then, while this Andrew named his heir, Solomon, it can explain why queen Margaret's last two sons were named, David and Alexander, in honor of king Andrew's line that her mother married. And so, yes, Andrew may have been from the line of Alexander Balas, especially as Margaret's husband (Malcolm III) ruled at Moray i.e. where the Bela-line Bellys were first.

YARoslav must be the line to Years because they were first found in Stirlingshire with Mary Montfichet-Drummond. Yaroslav, brother of Maria of Kiev. Plus, Lorraine's grass STAIN can now be gleaned in-part as a pointer to the YARborough's married by Stains! Yarborough's are also Yearbys. The grass stain thus verifies that Lorraine's share the Keep / Casimir bend. Through the Ukrainian, Diane Muschatov, God pointed to Mary Montfichet simply because Montfichets list Muschats. Is that not incredible? Her parents had a Ukrainian accent.

I've mentioned before that I tiled a bathroom floor for a Drummond family, though I didn't mention that the home was in Sharon, Ontario. Now that I know that Sharrons share the PenderGRASS Coat, this may be interesting. Mr. Drummond had JACKed up his floor from the basement prior to my installing the tiles, and after I had finished and gone, he called me to come see his floor. The tiles had a stress CRACK running through multiple tiles, but I told him it had nothing to do with the installation, but rather due to stress in the floor joists. The Crack surname was first found in Yorkshire with Jacks and Carrick-branch Craggs, but if God used that event, why? Is it to point to Hunter Biden the CRACK addict?

It was shown earlier in this update why Black-beloved Crux's are of Robert Croc, husband of ESCHYNa de Molle, and then ESKINs/Erskins (Erskins became the earl of Mar), who share a black pale bar with Blake's, Cracks and Crux's, were first found in Renfrewshire with Scottish Jacks. That jack-the-floor event thus looks like a Set-Up to me, but why? Only to point to a crack addiction? The Buttons are said, in the Button/Biden write-up, to have been clergy in Bath, and the tiles were of the bathroom floor. Plus, while German Tile's are also Tillers, English Tillers/Tylors share the Tail/Tailor lion, and while on Blake Crest shares the leopard with the Tail/Tailer Crest, the other Blake's share the black pale bar with the Tails/Tailors who in turn are in Crack and Crux colors and format. That's quite amazing.

The Molle Coat shares the Schim/Schien boar head, and the Schim/Schien Crest is also a Black Crest while the other Blacks share the Hunter saltire. Is this jack-the-floor event a pointer to Black and Veatch, a bio-research lab in Kiev which Hunter Biden reportedly funded in an under-the-radar move by globogoons?

Blacks were first found in Lincolnshire with Croce's, and Robert Croc is also "Croce." The Crutch's/Crooch's/CROUCH's have a colors-reversed version of the Crux and Crack Coats, and, as I've said many times, the last scene in my Obama dream, where he was disappointed with an employee, had the employee CROUCHing down in the backyard of Obama's billiard hall. I took that scene to mean that there would be a stool pigeon or whistle-blower on the Obama crime ring, and maybe it has to do with Hunter's conspiracy with Black and Veatch. The second-last scene in the Obama dream, as I've explained many times in recent weeks and months, was a pointer to FRANCIS Collins, boss of Tony Fauci. The interesting thing here is that the two Francis surnames have spread eagles in two-color schemes, both colors reversed from the eagles in two colors schemes of the Pense's in the Eskin/Erskin motto.

I'm not making this floor-tile story up. It's in the 1st update in January, 2017: "...I laid tiles in their bathroom floor, after which the floor cracked. The Drummonds had jacked up the floor rafters (from the basement) previous to the installation..." The story is also in the 4th update in November, 2018.

Tillers can be gleaned from the Tilurius river, also called the Cetina, for Cetins/Cattans put pellets on their white "spotted cat-a-mounts" (cats) while Tillers put pellets on white lions. Cetins/Cattans are said to have named a Catton location in CROXall. The Cetin/Cattan fitchee is probably the black one of Tarves' (Aberdeenshire, same as Schims/Schiens and Skins/Scans/Skene's) because Chives', first found in Tarves, use "cat-a-mountains" in the colors of the Tail/Tailer and Tiller lions. Aren't you glad I'm not a jumbo-mumbo simpleton family historian who would say something like, "The surname Tailor was an occupational name for a tailor." Smart, real smart. See also the cats of Keats.

And, for my gift to historians, as well as another apparent pointer to Bidens, see the Vito's/BITTINi's with the Tile/Tiller annulet in colors reversed, for while Lucca's use a cat, Chattan- and Chatan-related Botters/BOTTINs (Tuscany, same as floor-like Florence) were first found in Lucca. Vito's/Bittini's were first found in Treviso/Tarvisium, where I trace Tarves'. What could it mean, as per the downfall of Bidens, that Mr. Drummond cracked his own bathroom floor? Compare "Durham" with "Drummond," for John Durham the Special Counsel is now starting to get hot after the Obamaites. I once had cause to suggest that Jack-like Ajax, a region in Ontario, pertained to John Durham's cleaning of the swamp. Hmmm. Or, a jacking of the floor, and Ajax of Cetis, can refer to money laundering by the Bidens.

Ajax was a God of proto-Kennedys (Carrick kin) in Cetin-like Cetis, and I can see a cat symbol for Cetis liners. Kennedys share the black fitchee with Cetins/Cattans, and while LUPUS Laevillus was king of Cetis, "lupus" is a Cetin/Chattan motto term. The six fitchees of Tarves' are in the pattern of the same of Clintons and Hillarys, and John Durham this week called the Russia hoax against Trump a "conspiracy" inflicted criminally by many Clinton supporters.

The Vito/Bittini write-up, and its variations, suggest that Vitals were their branch, and Spanish Vitals happen to share the Carrick and Cragg dog. Lupus Laevillus was father to CHARAX Proculus. Carricks, sharing the Kennedy chevron, were first found in Ayrshire with them. English Vitals share the SARASIN and VALLAN moline while a SARACEN's head is in the Cetin/Cattan Crest while a Saracen-like shark is used by VALIANTs. Saracens operated in Sicily facing Malta, and while Sicily is where floor-like Flora's emerged (no jack of a lie), Vallans are also Valletta's while Valletta is a city on Malta.

The International Order of Saint Hubertus, a HUNTER's group that I think murdered judge Scalia, uses a Maltese cross for a symbol, I do believe. I wonder, did Hunter Biden arrange Scalia's murder? I wonder. Scalia's were first found in FLOREnce with Italian Fulks while German Fulks share the wing of Spanish Vitals. The Scalia Coat looks like that of Fingers, and the Italian Vigils suspect in the Finger motto look related to Belgian Flecks and English Fulke's. Spanish Vigils were first found in Asturias with Flora's (note "Flore")! Good one.

Scalia was coaxed into going hunting by a Mr. Foster, who flew to Poindexter's ranch with him from Washington. There were some 30 hunters there that fatal weekend from the Order of Saint Hubertus, and Poindexter was one of its members. Fosters use hunting horns, and even have the motto, "HUNTER blow thy horn." In other words, maybe, one of the hunters will blow the whistle on the murder. Buttons/Bidens use a "horn." Fosters are Forresters too while Forrests are listed with Fore's/Forez' having a "TOUT TRAVERS" motto to go with Vito's/Bittini's of Tarvisium. Travers are also Travis', and while Touts are Tute's too, Irish Tute's/Tuits (Norfolk, same as cat-using Keats who look related to Tailors) share the Vallan/Valletta quadrants.

An interesting development here is where Twitter-like Twitts/Thwaits were first found in Norfolk with their Tute/Tuit branch. ELON Musk just joined Twitter's board, and Musks are listed with MusCATs while Muschats share the Epstein Coat. There is an Elon surname ("elm leaves") sharing the double fesses of Elms, and, zikers they are the double fesses of Flags/FLECks, first found in Norfolk with Fulke's, Tute's/Tuits, and Twitts!!! ZIKERS, but why would God point to Elon Musk, if indeed He's doing so? Why is this coming in relation to a section pointing to Biden crimes via the jacked-up floor? Flags are beloved by Samsons, suspect from Samsam, a SARACen leader. SHARKs were first found in Tyrone with Elon-like Lonnys/Looneys/Loneys. Lone's/Laine's share the Keep bend, and the Lonnys have a "Buck TRIPpant...with green TREFoil...", suggesting the Trypillians of Kiev to Trips/TREFFs.

Right off the bat, let's add that Lone's/Laine's use a "Garde" motto term while lake Garda is beside Brescia, where Lane's/LONNI's were first found. Point made: Lonnys look like a Laine/Lone branch.

Wow, look at how the Lonnys became a topic after mention of Travers, for Trevors are TREFFors too! The Travers are in a "Tout travers" motto term, and Touts can be shown to be a branch of Tuits and Twitts via Tattons (share Tout crescent and Tuit quadrants)! The Lonny buck is on a "green mount" while Mounts/Mons' were first found in Peebles-shire with TWEETS/Tweedale's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW! It appears as though God arranged Elon Musk with the Lonny and Lone/Laine surnames.

Elons are showing as a branch of Elms that use elm leaves yet show as oak leaves probably due to Alans showing oak leaves. Elon-like Aulon was also Avlona, the line to mythical Avalon, which is Rothesay and Bute, where Robert Bruce III (born Mr. Stewart) died. The Elon fesses are called "...horizontal BARs EACH charged...". Each's/Augers have a "SPECTemur" motto term while the SPECCOT Coat was just connected above to the line of Maria of Kiev through Lorraine.

As per the common "spes" motto term in heraldry, I found (years ago) that Space's brought up Speccots, and, zikers, Elon Musk owns SpaceX! Plus, I'll show below how I trace Kepke to Speccots asides from Specks/Spicks sharing a giant, red eagle with MacDonalds. I am not at all convinced that Musk lands rockets on a launch pad; I think this is faked news. It was definitely impossible, in the 1970's, to satisfactorily control a craft to get it to land safely backward, and so this proves that vast government mockery of the people has been with us since at that time. When I read that people were not allowed closer than five miles to the supposed landing sites of SpaceX rockets, it was like proof that the landings were being faked. They just put the upward launch of a video in reverse to make it appear the rocket is landing.

Ahh, the BISS' with snakes "reSPECTing EACH other" share the Travers/Tarvis scallops. The Each/Auger Coat therefore looks like that of Sforza's because the latter's Visconti kin own the "biscione" snakes in the Arms of BISSone (Ticino canton, Switzerland) that are like the two in the Biss Crest. The Others/Otters in "respecting each other" are said to be proto-Windsors from Lombardy, and Visconti's ruled the Lombardy capital, Milan, where Bona's/Bone's were first found who are in the motto of Ore's/ORRIS suspect in the HORIZontal bars of Elons. Ore's/Orris' have the triple piles of Guiscards/WISharts (I say they were VISconti's) in colors reversed, and the Guiscard brothers ruled Saracens of Sicily, making a pact with Samsam, a Saracen leader. The amazing thing now is that Guiscards/Wisharts were first found in Stirlingshire with the line of Mary MONTFICHET-Drummond, connectable back to Maria of Kiev, and Montfichets are listed with Muschats while Musks are listed with Muscats! We got here by following the HORIZontal bars of Elons!

Stirlingshire is also where Chappes'/CHEAPs were first found who might possibly be of the Keeps. In fact, as we saw Mary Nigro of BUTTONville (indicating Maria of Kiev) spending the night in the basement with KEPke, it's pretty amazing that Chappes'/Cheaps share "ears of wheat" with Nigro's/Negro's. MonteNEGRO is near the Cavii Illyrians who may have named Chappes', but Montenegro is between the Cavii and Saracen-line Saraca's of Ragusa, itself near the Tilurius and Naro/Neretva rivers. We just saw Aulon- / Elon-like Lonnys in Tyrone with Sharks (TREFoils), and the latter's crane is code for the Ceraunii Illyrians who named the Ceraunii mountains at Aulon! Beauty.

The Daorsi of the Neretva can be to the Doors and Dorals, both of whom share the Each/Auger Coat. The Daorsi are highly suspect to Doria's who married Arduinici, for Ardiaei were on the Neretva too. The Ardiaei named Arthurs, and mythical king Arthur (code only for the Arthur surname) was placed on Avalon, the line from Aulon/Avlona. And so to help prove that Lonnys were from "Aulon," they have a Coat like that of Segni's/Segurana's, first found in Genova with Doria's and Italian MARIA's (Doria colors). The Lonny Coat is much like that of BARRels, first found in Herefordshire with English Doors. "Vel ARTE" is a motto phrase of Scottish Deans sharing the Segni/Segurana moline, in colors reversed from the Seagar and MacARTHUR moline, and the MacCarthys/Artys share a red stag with the "buck" of Lonnys.

The Incredible Picenze Factor

Moreover, there is a Bar location at/near southern Montenegro that I trace to Bars/Barrs who share the Segni/Segurana and AQUILA eagle. This can explain why the Elon and Elm fesses are called, "bars." Had my mother not been born in Picenze (seven miles from L'Aquila), I wouldn't have known that its patron "saint" is Felice. It just so happens that "inFELICIA" is a Lonny motto term. As my mother's maiden name is Grimaldi, we note that Grimaldi's were in Genova too. Scottish Barrs were first found in Ayrshire, where Coats of Arms use the Stewart Coat i.e. from the Alans.

The Visconti snake has a MOOR child in its mouth, and "SpecteMUR" looks like code for Mure's/Muirs/MORE's (Ayrshire, same as Carricks, ancestors to the Robert Bruce's) who use another Saracen head in Crest. Elizabeth Mure was the wife of king Robert Bruce II, and mother of Robert Bruce III (married Annabel Drummond). The Robert lions are suspect in the Lone/Laine Coats, and the motto of English Lone's/Laine's loves the Roys, first found in Lanarkshire with Tweeds/Twiddys (look like Tate/Teet branch)...which further justifies a pointer of "Elon" to Lonnys / Lone's. We just saw a Tweet-like Tweed/Twiddy surname applicable to Elon liners, what are the chances unless Arranged? The Lune's/Lyons were first found in Perthshire with the line of MARY Montfichet-Drummond. (Mure's/Muirs/More's have a "fesse BEARING three gold stars".)

The Annabels actually share the double fesses of crocodile Dene's who point to Mykola Zlochevsky! IGOR KoloMOISKy (like the Muscat/Musk surname) owns a shark tank, and is/was on the board of Zlochevsky's Burisma! EACH's/Augers/Etchers are also Igor-like Eagers (suspect with Eggs/Edge's and Ice's'/Ecco's, two pointers to ECOhealth's involvement in the vaccine conspiracy). Suddenly, we begin to see the importance of having Each's in the description of Elons. Elon Musk appears to be in the pool with the Biden / Ukrainian sector of the shark.

AHHHH WOW. The other Irish Dene's (Galway, same as crocodile Dene's) share the demi-lion in the Each/Auger/Eager Crest!!!! UNBELIEVABLE.

The Faucets, a pointer to Toni Fauci, had their Fauxside castle built by Saer de Quincy, and a "quince" flower is held by the lion of Sforza's which is also the Each/Auger/Eager lion. Then, Italian Tonys/Antonio's have a "flower" on wavy water that may be a sea, the symbol of Elon-beloved Felice's. Ahhh, Felix's, first found in Sussex with Keeps and DIANE's/Deans, use a "millRIND" while Rinds (Perthshire, same as Sea-related Drummonds) use "flowers" in a flower pot!!! We seem to have made the link of an Elon kin to Tony Fauci. The other Irish Dene Coat shows wings while Wings/Winks were first found in Perthshire with Rinds and Justine's. Wings/Winks were from VINKovci, where the husband of Justine of PICENum was born, and Felice is the patron saint of PICENze!

Elon-like Lone's/Laine's (Staffordshire, same as Bassets sharing the Drummond Coat), a possible pointer to GhisLAINE Maxwell, love the Roys. Scottish Roys were first found in the same place as Tweeds/Twiddys (looks like Intelligent Design), but then the English Roys first found in Brittany with Elon-connectable Alans, what are the chances? English Roys are said to have been knights of MALTa (beside Saracens), and the Rinds share the MALLET scallops. Melita is an island near the Saraca's of Ragusa, and Brittany is where Sarasins were first found who share the Vallan/VALLETTA moline. Saracens (not "Sarasin") share the crescents of Tony-like TONbridge's (Kent, same as Sea's suspect in the Italian Tony Coat). Valletta is a city on Malta. Malta's share the column with German Franks, first found in Bohemia with the Drummond matriarch. The other German Franks (Bohemia again) share the Tweed/Twiddy saltire. Minus the Tweed saltire, the Tweed/Twiddy Coat is that of DURE's and Cluns (both first found in Perthshire), but also that of Saluzzo's, itself and nearly the Coat of Lonnys. Alans of Clun (Shropshire) married Alice of Saluzzo, thus proving that Lonnys were Alans of Dol.

You just saw Elon kin with Diane's/Deans because Diane MUSCHATov was Ukrainian, and while the Diane/Dean motto is shared by crocodile Dene's, believeth it or not, the Nihill variation of Neils/O'Nails are in that motto. Elon Musk is shaping up to be a shark through the use of Twitter.

Or, though please don't rush to a fantasy in case it is one, Musk may be in the shark pool to fight the shark. That's because I jumped into the pool to save the bulldog from the shark, and we just saw Lonnys having the patron saint of Picenze in their motto. As I can't remember whether I jumped or dove into the pool, I can use both, for entering "Dives" gets the Diens/Dine's (probably the Masci WING, the line to Picenze), once said to be first found in Sussex with Diane's/Deans! That is fantastic. I am almost ready to accept that Elon Musk is the fantasy in the making, God's fighter against the shark. But, I did say, "almost," because I'm Mr. Hesitant when it comes to such important predictions or predications.

I'm not kidding, yesterday, or the day before (it's Thursday as I write here), I thought I heard the Spirit say, "prepare for a shock," or something to that effect. And so I was asking Him yesterday, "what shocking thing will happen," or, "is such-and-such the shocking thing"? I'm now wondering whether me posing as Elon Musk is the shocker. I certainly don't find it a shock if he's merely going to assist the swamp rats.

Dure's were capitalized above due to the "DURis" motto term of Mure's/Muirs/More's who in turn share the fesse-with-stars of DURhams ("aniMUS"), how interesting. "DURat" happens to be the motto of Geds!!! Mure's/Muirs/More's were first found in Ayrshire with Pike's/PICKENs, no guff, and Geds share the PICENze- / Picenum-suspect pikes with Geddes (Nairnshire, same as Rats in "DuRAT"). While the Ged pikes are in the colors of the Arms-of-Saraca fish, Geds go together with the Kidneys/GEDneys (fish) and the kidney-shaped swimming pool with the shark!!! If John Durham is in that pool too, might he be with Elon Musk in fighting the shark? The Sea's sharing the blue fish with the Kidney/Gedney fish have a "salmon SWIMMING," as if God arranged it to assure that it was indeed a kidney-shaped pool (otherwise, all you have is my word on it).

The dream opened with me standing in front of this pool. I then saw the shark erect facing me, mainly out of the water on the side of the pool nearest me, and it had a nasty-cartoon persona showing its giant TEETH. Tate's/TEETs look like Tweed/Twiddy kin, I get it now. Elon Musk is in that pool, and all we need to do is decipher what he's doing there. Easy said, hard to do? Let's wait to see what he does at Twitter. The "fert" motto term of Durhams traces all the way back with the Vardy barons of La Ferte to the Neretva river's Vardaei, an alternative name for the Ardiaei of ONEGLia. Neils/NAGLE's probably have the Kidney/Gedney saltire, and Irish Nagle's look like Mure/Muir/More kin. Oneglia is now Imperia, and "Imperio" is a motto term of Irish Murrays sharing the Moray Coat. The shark is in the Crest of Mure's/Muirs/MORE's, you see.

The Tate's can be in the "expecTATa" motto term of Sharks. The latter's large, green trefoil might just be the green one in the mouth of the buck in the Crest of Lonnys (Tyrone, same as Sharks). If the Patria's are in the "Patriae" motto term of Lonnys, then we can add that Trumps/TROMPs share the Patria stag head. Val Trompia is near Brescia, the latter being where Lonni's/Lane's were first found. It looks like Elon and Trump are in the shark pool together. Jumps share the Trump stag head too, and throw in the roses of English Tate's, the latter first found in Suffolk, where Muscats/Musks were once said to be first found!

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, the Peks/Pecks who can be in "exPECtata" (Shark motto) were first found in Essex with Muschats/Montfichets, believe it or not. The PICENSii Illyrians / Moesians were on the PEK river; see them there on the dark map. The Pek (not indicated) is the one with a mouth at Punicum (Pincum):

I dubbed Trump, "Tweety BIRD," even though I think most of his tweets were fakes from his tweet writer. The Bird/Burd flory cross is almost the moline of Shark-connectable Vallans who in turn share the quadrants of tweet-like Tuits. Peks/Pecks are in the colors and format Gilberts (Devon, same as Pike's), and as the latter use the Arms-of-Carrick chevron, I assume the Peks/Pecks do too, explaining why Scottish Pike's/PICKENs were first found in Ayrshire with Laine/Lone-related Carricks. It's not so amazing to find Musk liners tracing to Picenze with my Masci mother, but when Elon-like surnames link to them too, along with Shark liners, that starts to tell a story from God...perhaps.

The Bellamys (Shropshire, same as Dure-related Clun, other Saluzzo liners, and Meschins), who married Massys from Ferte-Mace, share the Durham crescent, and then Bellys were at Moray who share the Jump roses, shark-important because the shark's teeth ringed around the bulldog's BELLY when it was in the shark's mouth head first. . It's more evidence that Trump is the bulldog. Bellamys of the Normandy theater lived at Perche while the Kidney/Gedney Crest is "A bird PERCHed on an OAK BRANCH". BRANCH's look like they are from Hugh D'AVRANCHES, uncle of Ranulph le Meschin, for a Robert D'Avranches of Ferte-Mace married Miss Dol of OAKhamton (Devon, same as Stewarts and Pike's). Oaks share the Alan leaves with acorns, and this is the Elon / Elm line, right? Yes, cousins.

The personal symbol of Hugh D'Avrances (called "Lupus") was a white-on-blue wolf head, colors reversed from the wolf I've seen in the Arms of Piacenza (not to be mistaken for "Picenze"). The Arms of Piacenza also has a white box or square, and if it's a square for the Square/Squirrel surname (Worcestershire, same as Pattys suspect in the Mose/Moss patee), I trace the "ferme" motto term of that surname to Fermo, home of Azzo, founder of Este, and then the Italian Este's share the Aquila Coat while Picenze is on the outskirts of L'Aquila. The Tiens in the Square/Squirrel motto were first found in Oxfordshire with the Love's/Luffs, kin of Muscats/Musks and Muschats/MontFITCHets, is that not amazing? Yes, it is, because Muschats/Montfichets were first found in Essex with English Este's, and with FITCH's sharing three gold leopard faces with Teins-related Peare's (Oxfordshire). The Este eagle is shared by Barrs, first found in Ayrshire with CARRICKs, which can explain why the Square squirrel is "CRACKing his nuts." I've known for a long time that the Gilberts, sharing the red squirrel with Square's/Squirrels, use the chevron that is the Arms of Carrick. I had read that Carricks descend from a Gilbert character. The Gilbert squirrel is "cracking a nut."

Recall the cracked floor due to JACKing it up, for Jacks are suspect from Ajax, a god of the Kennati priests of Cetis, where Carricks and their Kennedy kin trace. The Kennedys share the Arms-of-Carrick chevron. Scottish Gillys, perhaps from Gilberts, share the horizontally-split Shield of Groce's/Greggs/Graggs, and Carricks were Craig and Cragg kin while Craggs were first found in Yorkshire with Cracks. Plus, the Shere's share the Carrick and Cragg dog while Schere's/Scherfs share the fitchee of Schere's/Schare's/Schire's/Scherfs, all having variations like Square's/Squire's/Squeers.

Ahh, French Gillys are in the colors and format of Irish Laine's/Lone's while English Laine's/Lone's share "Garde" with Carricks! In fact, English Laine's/Lone's share the horizontally-split Shield of Irish Gillys/Gillie's. The Rinds (Perthshire again) use "A flower pot containing gillie flowers". Joels/Jewells, first found in Devon with Gilberts, use "gillyflowers." Reminder: the Felix's, likely a branch of Felice's in the LONNY motto, use "millRINDs." Felix's were first found in Sussex with Keeps sharing the Gilly / Laine/lone bend, and where Diens/DINE's/Dives' were once said to be first found who can trace with Dinans to a Dinan location on the Rance river. I see Rands/Rance's/RHYNDs as a branch of Rinds for good reason, because Rinds share the English Mallet scallops while French Malo's/Mallets probably named St. Malo at the mouth of the Rance, all very near Dol.

[I missed it while writing here: the Felix-like Flecks/Flags share the double fesses of Elons and Elms! The Elm Crest is "A woman's head and shoulders", same as the Crest of double-fesse Parrs (Lancashire, same as Elms. This clinches Lonnys with Elons. As Lonnys use the Feller-line trefoil, the Felice's, Felix's and Flecks may have been RoqueFEUIL liners.]

I'm going out of my way to make the new-right-here case that the Arms of Piacenza uses a square. The Tiens are listed with Thomas-like Thames', which can explain why the Arms of Thomas Randolph, son of Marjorie Carrick, uses three lozenges in the colors of the hollow lozenges in the Tiens/Thames Chief. This caused me to check for a Thamas surname, and there is one (it's listed with Comie's), first found in Perthshire (near the Moray of Thomas Randolph) with Justine's, the line from Justine of Piacenza-like Picenum. When loading English Thomas', I recognized it as the split Shield of German and Danish Andersons, and the Danish Andersons happen to use a blue-on-white wolf, the colors of the wolf in the Arms of Piacenza. This is huge if indeed Azzo of Este is implied in the Square/Squirrel motto, for it then makes a case for tracing "Piacenza" to "Picenze."

There's a question on whether the Oake location of Oaks, which was earlier Acon and Acha, created the Acorn surname...that happens to be in the acorns of Dutch Tromps. German Trumps/Tromps share the stag head of PATRIA's/Peertree's and JUMPs, and "patria" is an Oak motto term. There's a subtle pointer to the Trump acorns with the dog walking past my knee, and this gets clinched with the Leggs. Acorns, sharing the Knee stag head, amazing, were first found in Sussex, where Diens/DIVES' were once said to be first found, and I probably took a dive into that pool once I saw the dog in the shark's mouth. It was a British bulldog, about KNEE height, simply walked past my KNEE mindlessly into the pool so that it could be deemed both a jump and a fall, because Pools share the Falls/Fallis/FALLETTi lion = RockeFELLER line. The Vallan/VALLETi-like VEL's/Valats list Falls, and Fallis-like Vallis'/Valence's (Kent, same as Sea's), probably from the husband of Justine of Picenum, can be connected to Sea's in multiple ways, including the use of Tuckers (Devon, same as Pike's). Sea's slip us lickety-split to Kidneys/Gedneys.

It thus seems that Roquefeuil liners named Valletta on Malta. The Malta column is likely code for Malcolms/Columns, and Malcolm III's wife had Henry Sinclair as her cup-bearer. She gave Henry the Roslin location to abide in and/or to rule...which is in Midlothian...where Falls/Fallis'/Falletti's were first found. The latter share the Feller trefoils.

Now that Vels/Valats/Falls are to topic, repeat: "'VEL ARTE' is a motto phrase of Scottish Deans sharing the Segni/Segurana moline, in colors reversed from the Seagar and MacARTHUR moline, and the MacCarthys/Artys share a red stag with the 'buck' of Lonnys." Scottish Deans share the erect sword of Mochs with Muscat-like Mouchet/Muchet variations, and Much's are listed with Muschats/Montfichets (part of the Elizabeth Mure family). Moscats are listed with Mosca's. The Crest of Scottish Deans shares the blue patee cross with Moch-like Mose's/Moss, and then Picenze-like Piacenza has a Le Mose district. Is this another indication that Elon Musk is linking to Masci-related families in my mother's place of birth? Looks like, especially if Segurana's were Grimaldi kin. Moses' look like Mustan/Moussin branch.

[Insert -- A few hours after writing the above, Italian Diano's/Deans/Degans were re-loaded because I've long known of their sharing the Diane/Dean crescents. It turned out that they were first found in Piacenza. So impressive. The following helps us to understand that God did choose Diane Muschatov for me, and it also shows the Diane/Dean relationship with Muscats/Musks, begging what Elon Musk is doing in Ukraine, or with/to corrupt players in Ukraine. The more I can link Elons and Musks to Picenze, the more I think Mr. Musk is going to oppose the shark and help Trump's supporters...and Internet Christians...and so this Dean line in Piacenza looks relevant.

The Diana/Dean Coat is almost that of Cheeks/Chicks who in turn share the red fitchee (showing as the same design) in Crest with Love's/Luffs (Oxfordshire); the latter were kin of Muscats and Muschats. The Cheek/Chick write-up: "The surname Check was first found in the Hundredorum Rolls of 1273 which included: Walter Chike, Oxfordshire." The Chicks/Chicks (not the Cheeks/Chicks) were first found in Essex with the Muschats and Waters, believe it or not. As Diens/Dives' are now said to be first found in Surrey with James', it's notable that the three James lions are also those of Chichs/Chichs. End insert]

As Busca is beside Saluzzo, the "green rose bush" of Fleurie's should be mentioned, who are in the "rose je fleurie" motto phrase of Mose's/Moss'. Flore's and Flora's share the Masci fleur-de-lys, and Saluzzo's have been suspect as fundamental Masci's but named after their Saluzzo location.

Consider Kepke and I sitting on the hood of my MUStang, for Musts (Mustan colors) are listed with Muscats/MUSKS. And the Scottish Allisons (Lanarkshire, same as TWEEDS and Lane-beloved Roys!) have a motto, "TRUTH PREVAILS"!!!!! Everyone this week is wondering whether Musk's newly-purchased nine-percent share in Twitter will revert the company to ceasing / curtailing censorship of important truth-news.

Later in life, near to the time when Kepke appeared in my dream with a SICKly-looking stag that I interpreted, along with Sichs/Sykes' and Waterfords/Waterville's, as a beaten-up Trump, I found a medallion on the HOOD of my Jeep at a grocery store to match my sitting on a hood with Kepke at a grocery store. Here's the medallion showing four links of a neck chain still on it, and the chain for the collar around the neck of the Must/Muscat/Musk antelope shows four links. What maketh we of that?

The link-like Lynch's (Feller kin) were first found in Galway with Diane-branch Dene's, in case Loretta Lynch applies. Waterfords/Waterville's can be a branch of Waters/Waterville's sharing the Muschat/Montfichet Coat. The Arms of County Waterford share both the Legg and Trump stag heads (one or the other, but not both at the same time).

In the dream, the British bulldog walked right past my leg (Leggs share the Trump stag Coat, almost), and jumped / fell into the pool (I use both). This dog was then half-swallowed by the shark. Swallows are used by Arundels (Sussex, same as Diens/DIVES'), and the FitzAlans of Clun and Arundel married Alice/ALIS of Saluzzo. Alis' share the hawk's head in Crest with Scottish Allisons. Repeat: "Minus the Tweed saltire, the Tweed Coat is that of Dure's and Cluns (both first found in Perthshire), but also that of Saluzzo's, itself and nearly the Coat of Lonnys. Alans of Clun (Shropshire) married Alice of Saluzzo, thus proving that Lonnys were Alans of Dol." Trump is in the process of fighting Twitter with his "TRUTH Social." The Vails in "prevails" share the fitchees in Crest with Love's/Luffs who were in turn kin of Musts/Muscats/Musks and Muschats/Montfichets.

The Tony/Antonio description doesn't describe the water with any term, but Waters (Essex, same as Muschats/Montfichets) share the Muschat/Montfichet and Epstein Coats! Jumps share the Trump stag head, and after I JUMPed into the pool to save the half-swallowed bulldog from the shark (I didn't see the result), I was instantly in another scene, now waist deep in a BLUE body of WATER, the SEA, and I think I've proven that I was on the shore of Epstein's island. Sea's were first found in Kent with Gards, and so let's repeat: "...Lone's/Laine's use a "Garde" motto term while lake Garda is beside Brescia, where Lane's/LONNI's were first found."

The demi-lions of Dene's and Each's/Augers/Eagers is also that of Graffs/Graffens, the pointer to graphene-oxide in some vaccines. Mr. Kepke was used at the Graff residence for this pointer, and while Keeps use a "weaver's shuttle," I trace heraldic waves to the Weaver / Webber bloodline because Webbers (and Drummonds) use wavy bars. Spanish Marina's, obvious branch of Italian Maria's, are said to have "wavy bends." Marines' were first found in Kent with wavy-fesse Sea's, and Drummonds were early earls of Mar. The three waves in the heraldic "fountain" could have developed between the three, same-colored wavy fesses of Spanish Marins/Marina's and the sea -like "water" of French Marins (Brittany), for Fountains were first found in Norfolk with Marys. Kepke was in the basement with Mary, and then Merits/Mereys look like a branch of Marits/Maryets who in turn have a black Lab ("talbot") in Crest while Blacky were from the NERETva river with Nero's/Neretti's, while Merits/Mereys share the triple-gold bends of Nerets (Brittany). Is that cool or what? Eventually, I get the full riddle, or God's not accomplishing all He Intended.

New: Mariss'/Mares', first found in Kent with Sea's, share the Tease/Tess/Teck saltire, making the Marici of the Ticino river look like they are to the Mariss'/Mares'. The latter's saltire is in the colors of the moline of French Mares'/Marais', and that moline is the one used by Brittany's Sarasins. It's the Shark swimming. The Laevi Gauls, partnered with Marici, now look like they were to French Levi's because they have three chevrons in the colors of the three fesses of black-dog Marits/Maryets! Beauty. And the latter's fesses are in the colors of the one of black-talbot Carricks, the root of the Keppoch MacDonalds! Ya see, God gave Blacky, the black Lab, to the Kepke family.

As Marrys were first found in Norfolk with Tute's/TUITs, there's a good chance that the red canton square of Marrys is that of English Tute's/Touts/Toots. The shark had nasty teeth, and perhaps it's a pointer, not only to Tweet-like Teets/Tate's, but to Tooths and/or Toothills and/or Tuttle's/Toothills.

Annabels are further interesting for their "engrailed BARS," for Grails/Neils/Neals, with a "mori" motto term to go with Mure's/More's (Ayrshire, same as Barrs), are a branch of Neils/O'Nails (probably share the Saraca fish, first found in Tyrone with Lonnys and Sharks. The Grails/Neils, moreover, share the Moor / Morgan lion while mythical Morgan le Fay was on Avalon. The "castle on the SEA" of Grails/Neils is like the "castle standing on the sea with silver WAVES" of Lonny-beloved Felice's (Spanish), and I showed why the Sea's were Drummond kin while having a blue fish to go with the blue fish of Kidneys/Gedneys; the latter's are in saltire in the colors of the Neil/Nail/NAGLE saltire, and Doria's married Arduinici in ONEGLia. The shark in my 1979 dream was in a KIDNEY-shaped pool.

Annabels appear to be from the line of Annabel Drummond and the Robert Bruce's, explaining why Grails/Neils have a "rock proper" in Crest likely for the Propers/ROBERTs sharing the Robert / Lone/Laine lion. The Lune's/Lyons (Perthshire, same as Drummonds) have the Moor / Morgan lion in colors reversed, and the Lune/Lyon lion is green like that of Lorraine's i.e. the line of Maria of Kiev. So, delving into the names of Elon Musk are not only going into Shark territory, but Kiev's. Grails/Neils even have the MacDonald-line "lymphad."

Spacex, Boring, and Tesla

Good morning Friday. I don't know much about Musk, and so I googled him to find out some. When finding that he's the founder of The Boring Company, I learned that Borings share the Muschat/Montfitchet Coat. Otherwise, I'm not familiar with Borings. Is that another facet of Diane Muschatov's Ukraine pointer?

[Insert -- I missed something in writing here Friday morning. Not until late Friday did I realize that Muscats/Musks were first found in Cambridgeshire with Borings/Barringtons. Likewise first found in Cambridgeshire are the June-related Jeune's in the Yonge/Young motto, but June's were once first said to be first found in Cambridgeshire too. German June's/Youngs are also Jungs, and "Ung" is a Boring/Barrington motto term. Beauty.

Due to Capone's (and CHAPmans) being first found in Cambridgeshire too, I trace June's and Youngs to a Junia Caepionis. That's repeated because Trudeau's make it to topic two paragraph's below, and so let's add that they, first found in Ile-de-France with Chappes', are in Capone colors and format. The Elmers two paragraphs below love the Cornish's who in turn share the Capone / Trudeau chevron, and the Cornish Coat is even a different-colors version of the Reeve Coat. End insert]

Elon's middle name, Reeve, as a surname looks connectable to Maria of Kiev starting with the Reeve roses for the Rus of Kiev. The Reeve vair is in the colors of the same for PenderGRASS', the surname pointed to by Lorraine. Lorraine's are from Maria of Kiev. The Pendergrass Crest, though in a different design, shares the antelope with Muscats/Musks, what are the chances? The Muscat/Musk antelope is shared in the same color and design by Singletarys, and one Jonathan Singletary in Obama's ancestry changed his surname to Dunham, the surname of Obama's mother.

The Pendergrass motto is shared by Alis' who share the hawk's head with the Allisons who in turn use "Truth prevails." The Truth/Trot/TRUDE surname is a Trudeau branch, I reckon, and so this may be by Design. As Elons were an Elm branch, it's interesting that English Allisons share "blackbirds" with English ELMers who in turn use an Allison-connectable "HALLelujah" motto. Scottish Allisons probably share the Hall dogs. These Elmers were first found in Essex with the Peacocks in the Crest of English Allisons. Peacocks use a "just" motto term, perhaps a pointer to JUSTIN trudeau. English Allisons, I've just realized, use one of the two Muscat/MUSK fesses while Essex is also where Muschats/Montfitchets were first found. This set of heraldry looks like a pointer of Allison Bauer to things-Ukraine along with Kepke and Muschatov. Kepke was on my hood when the Allison event took place, and Hoods/Hoots use the black Allison bird (same design showing) as a "Cornish chough" while Elmers use "Cornish blackbirds."

I'm not at all convinced that Musk is a good guy even if God is using him. He's a futurist in technology, what I've always regarded as enmity of God, or the sacred cow for end-time anti-Christs. The deceptive False Prophet makes fire come from the sky, and maybe he'll be using Musk's SpaceX technology.

As a point of interest, I trace "ANTELope" and the Casimir ANTLer to "ANTALya, an Anatolian location beside the Perga location of Plancia Magna's husband. He was related to Mr. Simplex in the motto of Perga-like Perkins, the latter first found in Leicestershire with Reeve's and Toeni's, the latter being from Les ANDELys.

The Reeve's can be in the "REViRESCO" motto of Maxwells (had close Rose kin) and Rishtons (share Rushton lion). The Rish's/Rush's and Risco's/Rosco's share the fesse of Riggs and Ricks, and the RICHton variation of Rishtons can get us to Richeza of Lorraine via Rich's/Richess'. The latter were first found in Hampshire with Tease's/Teece's, and Musk is the CEO of TESla futurism. With ELON Musk pointing to Lone's/LAINE's, GhisLAINE Maxwell comes to mind here because he was Epstein's partner in crime while Epsteins share the Boring Coat.

Borings are listed with Barrington-and-similar variations. This looks connectable to the my wheel-bearing dream lately under discussion because I bought carpenter glue to grease my wheel bearings, and Carpenters almost have the eight pale bars in the Boring/Barrington Crest. Bearings are also Barings. The Boring/BARRington Crest has a "A hermit's bust with a cowl...", and it's the cowl that has the pale bars. Cowls share the red lion in the Hermit Crest, and Hermits share the gold border of Justine's in both colors so that even the Boring Company gets us to Picenum / Picenze liners. That appears Arranged.

Sheds/Sheddens (Ayrshire, same as Barrs) use the "hermit" in Crest too, and then Hermits along with German HELMs share the helmets of Pendergrass-like Panters. Lorraine's pant stain pointed to the Pansys/Pantzers in the Arms of BAR-le-DUC, for Pansys/Pantzers were first found in Westphalia with Ducks/Duckers. Thanks to the Borings/Barringtons, I've just found the new-to-me German Barens/Baars/BARRs (Westphalia!) not only sharing triple-red chevrons with Borings/Barringtons, but the same bend as Lorraine's! As Elon Musk took us to Borings, note how Elms look like a Helm branch, for Elms almost use the Elon Coat. In other words, any heraldic helmet can link to Elon liners...if Elms were a Helm branch.

Where was I? Oh, yes, the Ducks of Westphalia along with a Boring branch. While Justine of Picenum married VALENTinian I, so Westphalia is where we find the first-known Velins (ducks), and Velens/Valence's (share martlets of Elon-like Alans) sharing the martlets of Scottish Valence's who in turn share the five Duck/Ducker fesses in colors reversed. As Valence is a location near Lyon, it can explain why Lune's/Lyons share the green lion with Lorraine's. Having said that, Lorraine's pant stain was on her ASS so that AZZO of Este is suspect with it, and to the Ass'/Assi's who in turn look linkable to Justine's. Westphalia is even where the German Neils/Nails were first found.

Plus, her pant stain points via the Panter spur rowells to the "spur rowells" of Payens/Pagans, a branch of Pings/Pongs/Pagans, a branch in turn of Pane's/PANICo's from PINCum at the mouth of the Pek river. She and I first kisses at a PICnic table.

Cowls/Couls have a "Cole" motto term while COLchester is in Essex, where English Este's were first found. The Arms of Colchester uses nails because Irish Neils/O'Nails (Tyrone, same as Lonnys and Sharks) share the estoiles of Colchesters, yet the three estoiles of Neils/O'Nails are in a Chief and in the colors of the three spurs in the Cowl/Coul Chief, and in the colors of the three spur rowells in the Panter Chief.

Sheds/Sheddens were suspect as a pointer to vaccine shedding. The vaccine scheme turned us all into hermits, and Sheds/Sheddings use the Cowl-related hermit. Cowleys are listed with English Collins', and Francis Collins was a conductor of the vaccine scheme. One Francis Coat has the spread eagles of Tesla-like Teasels/Teasleys/Teslers, which might hint that Musk is on-board the vaccine-money train from Francis Collins. The Francis and Teasel/Tesler eagles are colors reversed from the same of Este's and Aquila's, and so this gets us to the Picenze area yet again.

The Este / Aquila eagle is shared by Segurana's who in turn are in the colors of the Lonny Coat, and the Felice's are in the Lonny motto while Felice is the patron saint of Picenze. Lonnys came up initially as per "Elon." Patron saints from the vatican were often fabricated, probably to honor a surname/family of a certain location.

Ah wow, while the Rowell/ROSSwell/Rothwell chevron-with-items are in the colors of the chevron-with-items of Irish Cowleys, the Rowell/Rosswell/Rothwell Crest has a red stag head with a green trefoil in its mouth to match the full red stag of Elon-like Lonnys with the same trefoil in its mouth! Lonnys (Tyrone, same as green-trefoil Sharks) are the ones with Felice's in their motto! There's a "book" in the Cowl/Coul Crest, shared by Scottish Reeds (Aberdeenshire, same as Cowls/Couls) who have another red stag head. English Reeds are in Pick/Picken colors and format; we just can't get away from Picenze liners once we're on them.

By the way, one of my great-grandparents was a Taddei of Picenze, and while the Chief of Taddei's (Florence/Firenze) is similar to the Chiefs of Florence-line Ferrands and Scottish Alda's, the latter were first found in Ayrshire with the Picks/PICKENs, and with Barrs sharing the Aquila eagle. Taddei's and Ferrands both use crosses in their Chiefs in the colors of the patee crosses of Peks/Pecks, and the Picensii people group lived on the Pek river. Ferrands even use a "Justus" motto term while Justine of Picenum was the daughter of Justus of Picenum. Cool.

Peks/Pecks were first found in Essex with English Este's while ESSex's share the eagle of Italian Este's and Aquila's too. Get a load of this: minus the Pek/Peck patees, the Pek/Peck Coat is the Tiss/Teece Coat, another apparent connection of things-Musk to Picenze! In fact, the Tiss'/Teece's were first found in Hampshire with the Drake's who I think have L'Aquila in their motto along with the Muscas variation of Mosca's. That's amazing, as if God arranged the name of Musk's car company to track to Masci liners in Picenze / L'Aquila.

The Ticino river is also the Tessin, and this is why TYsons/Tessons can apply with such surnames as Tiss' and Tease's/Tess'/Tecks, and so let's remind that Tesla-like Teasels/Teasleys/Teslers have the Aquila eagle in colors reversed. So, this paragraph is another indication, maybe, that Elon Musk jumped into the shark pool to save Trump. In fact, while Taddei-like Tattons married Massys, and while my Taddei grandparent was related to Mrs. Masci, Tattons share the crescent of Touts/Tute's/Toots (Yorkshire, same as Ferrands) while Twitter-like Tute/Tuits (probably the Tatton quadrants) can thus apply to Taddei liners! That's incredible. Tutors/Duttons (related to Meschins) share the Tatton quadrants, and Tudors use Elm-like HELMets while Elms are an Elon branch. Teasincidence?

Taddei's share triple-red chevrons with Borings/Barringtons and Barens/Baars/Barrs (the latter don't come up as "Barr" but show such a variation, which is why I've not known this surname in the past). A few hours after finding the Barens/Baars/Barrs, I caught wind of a Cassel-like Kessler surname, first found in Hesse with Hesse-CASSEL. The Kessler Chief has a sword-version of the Taddei Chief, and Scottish Cassels are obvious kin of Scottish Kennedys, the latter first found in Ayrshire with Taddei-related Alda's, and with Barrs. But there's more, for German Cassels share the Lonny castle, and the Lonny Coat is a version of the Segurana Coat that itself shares the spread eagle of Scottish Barrs! Beauty. It looks like Elon liners are connecting with Boring liners in a discussion that looks connectable by Taddei's to tweet-like Tuits, but this heavy-duty paragraph is an excellent lead-in to the next that wasn't planned when starting this one.

I'll come back to Alda's, but first, it's important that Italian ALDa's share the fesse of ALTons/DALTONs because Bill Barr's father was the principle of a Dalton school that hired Jeffrey Epstein as a teacher of high-school kids when Mr. Barr was still the principal. The Epstein's were first found in Hesse-NASSAU, and share triple-red chevrons with Taddei's, but the three of Epsteins are in both colors of the triple Boring/Barrington chevrons. Is that not amazing? Is Musk part of the Epstein crime ring?

As Taddei's share the flory cross of Bouillons (first found in Auvergne), probably because Florence elements named CLEREmont-Ferrand in Auvergne (where Lyons ruled), it can explain why the BARENs/Baars/Barrs have triple chevrons in both colors of the same of English Clare's/CLERE's, but they are also the triple chevrons of German Cassels so as to be linkable to the three of Epsteins (first found near Hesse-Cassel). Plus, Florence is where Italian Alda's, Bruno's and Italian BERONE's/Barello's/Barocci's were first found, indicating that Barrs and Barrels should have been of the same stock as Bruno's / Barone's / Brunswicks (Bars / Baars of Bar-le-Duc were in fact in Brunswick as Este liners).

Berone's/Barello's/Barocci's, due to their Varone variation, look like they named Verona, where Belli's (pale bars) and bear-using Bellino's were first found who look to apply to the bendy bars of Berone's/Barello's/Barocci's, and therefore to the pale bars on the cowl of Borings/Barringtons, no great surprise. Bouillons share "vero" with Vere's/Vairs, and throw in a "bello" motto term, we get it. Verona's show a Vair variation, and the Vere's/Vairs happen to share the blue boar with Irish Berons/Barons. All in the family. As Carpenters love Italian Belli's, and as the wheel bearings I was going to grease can point to Borings/Barringtons, the question now is: did God arrange for Musk's Boring Company to connect with the carpenter-glue "grease" as per this paragraph and the one above it? Is God mocking Musk's electric cars at Tesla?

Meschins married Clare's at TUNbridge, and Tunnels/Tunnochs were first found in Northumberland with Teasel-like Twizzle's. The Blake write-up: " However some of the family moved far north to Twizell in Northumberland, about 10 miles from Berwick. 'Twizell Castle, a fine though unfinished castellated mansion of the Blakes...'" Berwickshire is where Lonny-branch Elons were first found, wherefore is this a pointer to Tesla? Blacks were first found in Lincolnshire with Cassels, and the other Blake's are also shown as Caddells, an obvious branch of Cattels (Norfolk, same as Elon-related Flecks) who may in turn be sharing the Black saltire.

The two Vere Crests and the Vere quadrants are related to Eure's/Evers/Ure's, and Evreux in Eure was named by Eburovices, from the stock of the Abreu/Abruzzo surname, and thus from Abruzzo. The Vere quadrants are those of Masseys/Maceys too, and both surnames came to England from Manche, location of ancient Alauna. That place was named by Elon stock, likely. Repeat: "...Felix-like Flecks/Flags share the double fesses of Elons and Elms! The Elm Crest is "A woman's head and shoulders", same as the Crest of double-fesse Parrs (Lancashire, same as Elms." The Parrs add that the woman is "WEARING a wreath" while Vere-branch Wearings/Warings put a square at the center of their millrind, as do Felix's, although most other millRINDs use a mascle (diamond shape). The Crest of Wearings/Warings (Devon, same as Ware's) almost has the Drake dragon (i.e. L'Aquila liners), and Ware's, said to have a border, share the border of Scottish Mills, first found in Hampshire with Drake's. Eure has a Drake-like Dreux location. Ware's share the scallops of RINDs.

Elon Musk owns SpaceX. The "spes" motto term common in heraldry caused me to check Space's to find them listed with Speccots. Although the frets of Tutors/Duttons are not in the colors of the Space/Speccot frets, Specks/Spicks, first found in Lancashire with Tutors/Duttons, have a location in Devon, where Space's/Speccots were first found. Devon is the location of EXeter. SpaceX.

Specks/Spicks were first found in Lancashire with Lawrence's, and when I saw the face of king SYPHAX on a coin shown at his Wikipedia article, it reminded me of Lawrence Kepke. I didn't think much of this at first. Kepke is the line back to Maria of Kiev through Lorraine, and the Lorraine bend-with-lions is in the colors and format of the Space/Speccot bend-with-frets, but, moreover, the Lorraine bend-with-lions is shared by Gorsuch's, first found in Lancashire with SYPHAX-like Specks/Spicks/Spike's/SPAKE's who almost have the giant eagle of fret-like Ferte's. If that's not enough, Space's/Speccots were first found in Devon with Spice's/Spicers.

If God arranged for Kepke to look like Syphax upon his coin because a hard-C Syphax is like "Kepke," or like the Kippax variation of Keppochs, then we can output yet another Elon-Musk link to modern or end-time Kiev.

This gets to be another amazing pointer, or so it appears. The Specks/Spicks use a porcuPINE, and to no surprise, Pine's were first found in Devon with Space's/Speccots. But Devon is also where Darts/DARDs were first found with Moons (now said to be first found in Dorset) because a daughter of king MONunius II of DARDania married king Gentius of the Ardiaei who was himself married to eTUTa, what looks like the line to Tute's/Tuits!!! The ermined fesse of Joice's/Joys now looks like the same of Darts/Dards.

While Gentius succeeded queen Teuta on the Ardiaei throne, she was married to AGRon while AUGERs/Each's/Eagers use a "SPECTemur" motto term!!! Surprise. Teuta ruled with king Pinnes, explaining why Pine's were first found in Devon with early Moons.

Plus, the Moons in this picture can re-assert what could be the reality: NASA is behind the faked SpaceX program. Dutch Nassau's/Naso's use billets, and Billets were likewise first found in Devon. Italian Naso's/Nasseau's were first found in Florence with Tute-connectable Taddei's, and while the latter look like kin of Scottish Alda's, Italian Alda's share the Naso/Nasseau fesse. Italian Alda's have a vertically-split Shield in the colors of the horizontally-split Moon Shield, and Moons share the Tute/Tout/Toot / Tatton crescent. The Naso/Nasseau "mill stones" take us to Scottish Mills ("EX industria") sharing the blue moline with Segurana's, a branch of Seagars, the latter first found in Devon with SPACE's/Speccots! God's pointing His explosive bazookas at SpacEX industries. The border of Scottish Mills is colors reversed from the same of Justine's. Monunius-like Monans were Gore/Gower kin while GORsuch's are in Space/Speccot colors and format.

As I know that Joice's/JOYs share the double-headed Speck/Spick eagle, I've just loaded them, and then wondered how they might relate to the topic at hand. That's when I thought to load the unfamiliar-to-me Goys/Goys' to find them using a Shield of billets, ditto (in different colors) with Nassau's/Naso's! Look at the timing. The "honoraBILIS" motto term of Joice's/Joys might relate to Billets (Devon, same as Maine's), for the latter were first found beside the Bills' whose pelicans in turn go to Pellicans, first found in Maine with Billets/Billiards.

Saffers (Devon again) love the Vita's in their motto along with Billet-branch Bellows, and with Joice's/Joys (share "aut" with Saffers). Saffers were from emperor Severus, husband of the sister of Julia Maesa Bassianus, wife in turn of Julius AVITus. The giant Vita/Bittini annulet is in the colors of the giant Joice/Joy / Speck/Spick eagle. It thus makes Specks and Specotts, and Spicers, look descended from Syphax. Saffers are also Savarys, as are French Savards, first found in Poitou with JAY-using Poitvins. Jays were at de Gai.

Syphax married Sophonisba after she was betrothed to king Massena. Massena's father, Gala/Gaia, is to the French Galli's (version of Poitvin Coat), and to Goy-like Gays. Syphax was captured by an alliance between Massena and general Scipio of the Romans, and Syphax was then imprisoned (house arrest, I think) in Rome, where he may have had children, or where his prior children may have come to live with him. Meschins, from the Bassianus-like Bessin, married Scipio-like Skiptons. The Bessin is at the lower Orne river, and Orne's/Horns share the heron with the Saffer Crest. Scipio-like Skippers (besants, Bassianus-line symbol) are in the colors and format of Rooks if we ignore the latter's rooks. A giant rook is used by Rockets. You can blast off but you cannot land...without an explosion. Rockets (Languedoc, same as Rocks/Roque's) are obvious Rockefeller liners.

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, French Savarys/Savards (besants = Bassianus line) share the Hope Coat (besants), and "spes" means "hope." "Spes" is in the Hope motto. The only spes-like surname I know is the Space surname listed with Speccots! Beauty. I predict the False Prophet from the Maezaei Illyrians to which I link Saffers and Julia Maesa. Massena's, sharing the Pek patees, are from Maezaei because the Massena bend-with hexagrams is shared by Urbans while Maezaei were between the Urbanus and Una rivers. Lupus LAEVILLus was king at Cetis at Olba, but I've seen the latter also as ORBa, like "Urban," and then Scottish LEAVELLs share the three piles of Yonge's/Youngs i.e. from the Una. Lupus Laevillus married Quadratilla Bassus, or Bassianus, and that's the line to Julia Maesa Bassianus. Spanish Urbans (share the crescent of Saffer-related Silvers) share the border of Justine's. At the top-left of the light map, where Maezaei are shown, you can see the Hazel-like Azali on the same river as FLEXum, and SAVARia to the near-south of that river. Saffers were first found in Devon with Hazels, and Flecks (share Meschin scallops) are likely a branch of Felice's i.e. from Picenze, the line likely of Justine of Picenum. Masci's, with a version of the Massena Coat, use Justine-connectable wings.

Hazels were once said to be first found in Cheshire with BRIGHTs who in turn share the three stars of Spanish Urbans, and BRIGETio is shown near Flexum. CRISPIANa is beside Flexum, and Crispins/CREPins were kin of Grazio's, and probably kin of Greats/GREEPs too, the latter from Gratian of VINKovci, father-in-law of Justine of Picenum. Savaria elements may have named the Sava river. The Wings/WINKs were first found in Perthshire with Justine's and Rollo's, and king Rollo was the father of Crispina. Crispiana is right-near BUDApest (shown on map as Aquincum). As Campona is shown beside Aquincum, note "FELICIA in Campo"

in the Camp/Comp write-up. Again, emperor SEVERus married Domna Bassianus in the 2nd century AD, not far removed from Herod Agrippa.

Domna's father (nephew of Julius Agrippa) was likely an Agrippa on his mother's side, and while I trace "Agrippa" to "Griffin," Camps/Comps use griffin heads in the colors of a giant Griffin griffin, and it's also the giant one of Marble's (Cheshire). English Griffins (Cheshire) likely share the lion of Ranulph le Meschin. Both the Crest and Shield of English Griffins is shared by Brie's of CAMPron in CHAMPagne. Brie's could be of the Bree variation of Brays/Brae's, who happen to have a "FLAX breaker" to go with "Flexum" and Flacks/Flecks, and moreover while Brace's are Bras' too, Scottish Champagne's share the vaired Shield of BRACEbridge's.

Incidentally, as RICKards/Richards were first found in Yorkshire with SKIPtons (in Craven), RICK-related Cravens, and Rookbys almost having the Rook Coat. Rickards/Richards share the chevron of SKIPPers and Rooks, and as English Rocks (more rooks) are also Ruckers, the Richards listed with Rickards may not have derived from a Richard character, but from Roquefeuil liners. Rickards/Richards have an "amore" motto term while Amore's were first found in Oxfordshire with Rooks. Rickards/Richards and Joice's/Joys' both love the Honors in their motto, and Joice's/Joys' were first found in Glamorganshire with Prichards/Prickards.

Wikipedia's article on general Scipio claims (or claimed) that he founded Piacenza as an army barracks after losing the war of Trebia to Hannibal. While Hannibal was away fighting the Romans in Italy, Syphax had moved in to take his demonic Carthage. The Le Mose area of Piacenza might be in the "mois" motto term of Saffers, for Mose's/Moss (billets) share the gold tower with Spicers (Devon, same as Billets and Saffers). Mose's/Moss' were first found in Lancashire with Specks/Spicks and Savards/Salfords, and while the latter are in Bush/Busch colors and format, the Fleurie's with "rose BUSH" are in the Moss/Mose motto. Bosco's are in the write-up of Scottish Rose's in the "rose" motto term of Mose's/Moss'. Moses'/Moys were first found in Shropshire with Hope's who share the Coat of Savards/Savarys, and the latter's location in Poitou was founded by the PICtones.

The Este's were founded by AZZO of Fermo, and while "ferme" is a motto term of the Square's/Squirrels that I connected to the square in the Arms of Piacenza, Valentins, expected from Valentinian I (husband of Justine of Picenum) use squirrels in Lyon colors possible because Valence is near Lyon. It explains why Lune's/Lyons, with the TYSon/Tesson lion in colors reversed, were first found in Perthshire with Justine's. In fact, the Tyson Coat is colors reversed from the identical Coat of Lonny-like Lannoys, what are the chances!? Mamie's thighs can thus be pointing to Elon Musk, for the Mens/MAME's are even said to have been at GlenLYON (Perthshire) of the Lune's/Lyon. Musk married JUSTINE Wilson in 2000.

When mentioning MAMie sitting on my lap recently as a potential pointer to Hunter Biden's LAPtop, I neglected to look up the Topps to see whether they can contribute. I looked them up last night to find that they were first found in Wiltshire with Laps/Labbs'! But there's more because Topps use gauntlets in both Crest and Shield, the symbol also of the Gunters in the motto of Gardens (Angus, same as Panters). The day after her lap event, she got a thigh symbol at her garden to go with her tease symbol a couple of hours after her lap event. The tease symbol took place in her sleeping BAG, and while Bags share the Grimaldi Shield, a major branch of Monaco's Grimaldi's were in Genova, where Segurana's were first found who share the Este / Aquila eagle. Segurana-branch Seagars were first found in Devon with Monaco-line Monks.

As the tease symbol can now point to Musk's Tesla, I've got to repeat that the only thing I remember for the day of the lap-and-tease events was Mamie in the PICK-up truck with BARRY. The Picks are listed with Pike's/Pickens, you see, so that, indeed, that day at the camp grounds is pointing to Tesla and/or Musk in other ways, for Barry in the truck can be a pointer to Musk's Boring Company because Borings are listed with Barringtons. The Garden motto term under discussion is "JUNGunter," looking like part-code for Jungs/Youngs, and then "Ung is a Boring/Barrington motto term. It's a hit, and this opens up a new story to hunt down with Mamie.

I showed why God pointed to Gardens as per the camp site we were at that Sunday morning. Camps (Capone colors and format) share the Gardener griffin heads, which are colors reversed from the Gard griffins. Neat little package. German Gardeners look like German-Caplan kin while English Caplans/Keplaine's -- Hampshire, same as Tease-connectable Tiss'/Teece's -- share gold griffin heads with Camps and Gardners. Neat little package. The Peaks, with the Peks in their write-up, share the patee cross of English Gardeners. Ahh, minus the patee crosses, the Pek/Peck Coat is the Tiss/Teece Coat! The latter is new to me this week, and it's come up big-time in this paragraph.

As a decent pointer to Elon Musk via the Felice's of Lonnys, see the Camp write-up knowing first that English Gardeners were first found in Oxfordshire: "...FELICIA in Campo in Cambridgeshire; and William de Campo in Oxfordshire." Cambridgeshire is where Borings/Barringtons and Musks were first found, and the Picensii were on the Pek river with Felice is the patron saint of Picenze. That makes so much sense that I'm now wondering whether Elon Musk was invisibly at the camp site with Mamie and I, so to speak. The Muscats/MUSKs and Love's/Luffs were once said to both be first found in Suffolk, and while Love's/Luffs are now said to be first found in Oxfordshire with Campo, Suffolk is where Peaks were first found. Peks/Pecks have one of the triple Muschat/Montfitchet and triple Boring/Barrington chevrons. Elon Musk was in at least one of the three events at that campsite, but why? I only remember three events, and there was no rocket launcher there, so we can rule out things-SpaceX.

Campanio's use bells, and the Labels/La Bells are in the three-pointed "label" of Borings/Barringtons. The latter must have the Young bloodline in their motto. Campo's/Camponi's were first found in Treviso, and though it's not very near to lake Garda, the Campo eagle might be close to the Tromp eagle. A three-pointed label in the colors of the same of Asters (Manche, like the Mansfield "maunch") is shared by Compo's, and Camps are also Comps. The Campo's/Camponi's might have the Weaver fesse because Weavers were first found in Cheshire with Marble's who in turn have a giant griffin in the colors of the Camp/Comp griffin heads. We just finished talking about the Hazel-like Azali along with Campona at Budapest, and Hazels, once said to be first found in Cheshire with Weavers, have a version of the Weaver fesse-with-garbs.

Next up: Jungs/Youngs have a stag in the colors of the Trump/Tromp stag head, and when Mamie sat on my legs and knees, it was a triple pointer to Trumps. The Douns/Downs likewise have a stag in Trump stag colors, and Dune's/Dunns were first found in Angus with GARDens. As Trump seems to me to be teasing his voter base with false promises on cleaning swamp, note that her thigh symbol at her garden goes to Val Trompia at lake GARDA, near BREScia/BRIXia (also at lake Garda), for Mamie had extra-large breasts = MAMMalian glands to go with MAMESfeld of the Mansfields (Nottinghamshire, same as Tease's/Tyes'). Brix's are also BRESTs. MANfields thus look like a branch of Mens'/Mame's who share "God" in their motto with Sinclairs (Midlothian, same as Mens/Mame's) who in turn use a "THY" motto term. It's an obvious story written centuries ago in heraldry by the Enemy of heraldry. The Mans/Mans'/Manners share the quadrants of Masseys, from Manche of the Manfield maunches.

At GhisLAINE Maxwell's trial, testimony came out telling that Trump was on Epstein's plane, but his supporters didn't talk about it, like people who would rather close their eyes. Borings/Barringtons share the Epstein Coat. It's now interesting that Barrins/Barrone's are in Mansfield colors and format. Maxwells were first found at the Kelso theater, and Kelso is where ManSELLs were first found who share the Mansfield Coat. Is that telling a story? Mansells share the flame with SELkirks, and Selkirk is near Kelso. Kelso's (Roxburghshire, where Scottish Yonge's/Youngs were once said to be first found), who may have the Scottish Man fesse, look like they have the Tate variation of Tweet-like Teets in their motto.

Next, we return to the trumpet-using Calls/Calles', and to the Chalice's/Challes' in the "chalice" of English Belows who in turn share the fretty of Tuit-branch Twitts/Thwaits. Trump was Tweety Bird, and Musk wants to make new decisions for Twitter, perhaps returning Trump to Twitter (after being banned now going on some two years). German Belows have a giant two-headed eagle in the colors of the giant Tromp eagle. The Below chalice is "pouring water" while Waters/Waterville's share the Epstein / Boring Coat. Bellows/Ballots, with a "Vita" motto term to co with the Campo's/Camponi's of Treviso, were at CALLOUville while Chalice's/Challes' were at "Eschailles, in Pas de Calais" while Compo's have an "Eschaillon" motto term. It gives the impression that Donald Trump was invisibly at the campsite with Mamie and I. The Compo's even share the engrailed cross of Mame-related and Thy-loving Sinclairs. We can't argue with the facts. It's interesting that Chaillons were first found in Forez while Fore's/Forez's have a "TOUT TRAVERs" motto to go with the Tout branch of Tuits and Twitts, and also to go with Treviso/Tarvisium.

Compo's have this: "Perhaps the most important branch of the name was found in the south in Provence at MARSeille, recorded there since the 15th century and found to be related to the Royal House of Monaco, the Grimaldi's...the family was to bear the name Campou Grimaldi-Regusse." Monaco's share the KELLy lion and the KELso flame, and KELLe's with Cheile's were first found in Lincolnshire with early Borings/Barringtons who in turn share a near-same label with Campo's. Moreover, while Grimaldi's of Monaco had a monk symbol, there's a "hermit" in the Boring/Barrington Crest. Monks were first found in Devon (beside Cocks) with one Tristan surname, and the other Tristans were first found in neighboring Cornwall with Tristan-branch TRICE's/Trysts and the "cockaTRICE" using Bogans. It's code for Cocks too, right? The Devon branch Tristans even share the Boring/Barrington label exactly. No doubt, Grimaldi's were related to Borings/Barringtons.

As the Aster label is the one of Compo's, the Cheile bend is looking like the Aster bend, yet it's also the Royal bend, relevant because Mamie and I slept together in a tent when she teased me, and Tintons use ""ROYAL tents". She teased me in the sleeping BAG, and Bags share the Grimaldi Shield! Plus, Tintons (Cornwall) are in the colors and format of breasty Mansfields and their Mansell branch, first found in Kelso! I'm impressed.

I trace Tintons and Tints to the Atintanes at the Aulon/AVLONA theater, where I'm now tracing Elons, and while English Mansells were first found in Glamorganshire, anciently Morgannwg, mythical Morgan le Fay, born at TINTagel, was on Avlona-like Avalon. Amazing. Plus, the Arms of Morgannwg / Glamorgan is the Boring/Barrington Coat in colors reversed. The fabulous King Arthur was made born in Tintagel too (a real place in Cornwall), and he's from the Arduinici of ONEGLia, near Monaco. The Arthurian "holy grail" is nothing more than code for the Grails/Neils, a branch of Neils/Nails/NAGLE's form "Oneglia." The Nagle-related GALE's (use the Neil/Nail/Nagle saltire) were once said to be first found in Cornwall with Tintons and TintaGEL. gale's at one time showed a fully-blue unicorn, the colors of the Tint unicorn.

Someone said that, perhaps, mythical Bors was the highest up the grail thingie, whatever they might disguise it as. "Bors is the name of two knights in Arthurian legend, an elder and a younger. The two first appear in the 13th-century Lancelot-Grail romance prose cycle." Perhaps the Borings named the Bors'. The latter are in the colors and format of English Yonge's, and "Ung" is a Boring/Barrington motto term. This particular arrival to Borings/BARRINGtons recalls that the wheel-BEARING grease was resolved (last update) with Gris'/GRIIMs, and linked very well to Grimaldi's! Surprise again. OH WOW, Wheels even have a blue boar's head in Crest to match the blue boar in the Irish Barin/BARONE Crest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SOLVED.

AND OH, Bors' use "COOKing POTs" while Cocks (Somerset, beside Potters, Pots, Porters and Ports) share the Grimaldi Shield while Potters are in Wheel colors and format!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SOLVED! As Scottish Mans are in Potter colors and format too, English Pots (another blue Crest, same as Tints and Gale's) look like they may have the double fesses of Manners/Maness'. Minus their eagle, the Campo/Camponi Coat is the one of French Pots (BERRY, same as French Porters).

German Pots use "CAULDRONs" while Mens'/Mame's were at CULDARes in Perthshire with the first-known, CALDER-related Celts/Colts. Hmm, Calders were first found in Inverness-shire with Bag-like Begs, and while I see Gangs as a Bag branch, Gangs are in the motto of Drummonds (Perthshire). The Drummond motto is "Gang WARILY," and "warily" is in the Cornell/Cornwall motto along with "beg." Begga was the daughter of Pepin of Landen, and Mens' are in the Pepin motto. That works.

To reinforce the new theory that Mamie's teasing (it wasn't playful) can be a pointer to Tesla, Tease's/Thys' share the fesse of Elon-connectable Alans. The Alans of Dol were near Motte of the Motts/Morte's, and the latter, while sharing the Teasel/Teasley/Tesler crescent, were first found in Essex with them! That's new. Plus, while French Henrys were at Mott-Henry near Motte, Irish Henrys, no guff, were first found in Tyrone with Elon-branch Lonnys!!! Lonni's/Lane's were first found in breasty Brescia, can thouest believeth thiseth? No, you cannoteth believe it because it's as impossible as selling electric cars to everyone, but it's true. The Enrico's share the fretty of MODens/Modeys.

I've now got to repeat that a myth writer wrote, "Le MORTE d'Arthur," in which he had the DEATH of king Arthur on Avalon, the line from Elon-related Aulon/Avlona. The writer probably knew that Morte's share the Death/Darth crescents, you see. The sequel can be, "Le Morte de Electric Cars."

I've explained several times why Helen my tenant had a breast symbol on the stair LANDING; heraldry bore it out with Pepin of Landen. I can now add this from the Helen write-up: "The surname Helen was first found in Brittany, where Hillion, near Saint-Brieux [near Brest], was the birthplace of Herve d'Helion..." While "Hellion" brings up Helens, "Helion" gets the English Helms, and this can be understood where Helens (Este and Pepin horse heads in colors reversed) were a branch of Elons and Elms. Beauty. It's verifying that breasts or Brests need to be put beside Elon Musk for some reason likely not yet discovered. Helen's breast event was itself a tease on me.

I always connect Brix's/Brests (lozenges) to Landen-like Launays (lozenges), not only because Launay is near Brest (Brittany), but because Brescia has the first-known Lane's/Lonni's. It seems that Elon Musk is pointed to by Mamie's breasts, and her garden, and so let's keep in mind that the "maunches" of Mansfields can be for Manche, home of the Normandy Masseys/Maceys. It's pretty amazing that the three Brest/Brix lozenges are in the same format, and colors reversed from, the three lozenges of Fells/Fells'. The latter were first found in DUNdee while Dundee's use a giant lily in the colors of the Down/Doun stag, and in the colors of the Roque/Rock rocks while Lilys were first found in Worcestershire with English Rocks.

It's amazing because Midlothian is where both Mens/Mame's and false-like Falls/Fallis' were first found who in turn share the Pool lion, and Trump the bulldog went for a fall into the shark pool...because he dances and holds hands with swamp creatures. But before falling into the pool, this dog walked right past my knee and LEG, and while Leggs share the Trump/Tromp Coat, almost, PROPHETs/Profetts use a giant leg. Does this spell False Prophet? Isn't Musk the guy with the fire from the sky along with Trump's Space FORCE? Will these guys do a little dance toward Hell? Musk wants to colonize Mars, and Trump has repeatedly pushed NASA to do the same. That is, they are both nuts, and seeking to ramp-up the seizure of the coffers of tax-payers knowing that Mars cannot be colonized. Musk might be another Hunter Biden, a laundry machine.

As was said, the Knee's of County Down link to Douns/Downs with another stag in Trump-stag colors, and Downs were first found in Sussex with the Tromp-beloved Acorns and VISE's who in turn both share the Knee stag head. The VISconti's were kin to Sforza's having a lion in the colors of the leopards of FORCE's. This same picture can be repeated with Mamie sitting on my lap = legs = knees, and so she's pointing that day to both Musk and Trump. The Laps/Labb's were first found in Wiltshire with trumpet-using Calls/Calles', a possible branch of the Caul variation of Cowls (Aberdeenshire, same as Prophets/Profetts) who are in turn in the Boring/Barrington motto.

Helen was going down the stairs from my kitchen to her basement apartment. She stopped on the landing, raised her top over her chest, and BARED her breasts in my sight. She then continued down the stairs. I don't know what came over her at that minute, and I do have a hard time believing that God would do even that for some future pointers in heraldry, but then BARE's/Barrs may have been a branch of Barringtons who list Borings. And I think what she did can be taken as a tease event so that it can point also to Tesla's electric cars.

As I've said many times, I got to the campsite, and the first thing I remember was asking where BARE-like BARRY was. A guy standing there took a couple of steps, opened the hatch of a pick-up truck, and there was Mamie and Barry in the back. I turned my face away quickly when I saw Mamie quickly slipping a top on over her head either because she had bare breasts, or only her bra, or maybe her bathing suit...I didn't focus-in to see which of those options it was.

Helen my tenant was the reason Tenants were looked up initially. Later, I found that Scottish Towns were first found in West Lothian with Tenants, the point here being that English Towns/Tone's/Tune's (share the Scottish Town chevron) may have been a branch of Tunnels/Tunnochs, the latter first found in Northumberland with Teasel-like Twizzle's (weasels). The Boring Company bores TUNNELs for making roads...or for mining, or for hiding detained / murdered people, or for making bunkers for the super-rich, or for secret experiments in making human hybrids, use your imagination. Once Musk has the boring machines, he can bore for many purposes. He founded the Boring Company as a sub-division of SpaceX.

I think that Musk's human energy placed into electric cars is like my putting carpenter glue as grease on my wheel bearings: STUPID. There's no hope in providing enough electrical power to drive a sufficient number of electric cars to make them viable in the marketplace. The alternative, one I think the globalists are gunning for, is to get rid of a massive number of people so that the needed volume in electricity will go way down. People in the business of creating robots are the facilitators of a mass-murder campaign by lunatic globalists who think they are God. Trump has some I-am-God syndrome. Trump loves manufacturers.

Trump is not anti-globalist, but rather pro-America-first globalism. He's competing with European globalism. He didn't eradicate NATO, but chastised it for not performing well enough. As a Christian, don't foolishly facilitate American globalism CIA-style. That's horribly demonic. Trump did NOTHING to curtail the CIA even though the CIA despised him. American globalism is what Fox news is facilitating, urging Christians to do likewise. STAY AWAY. HATE American globalism or you will not be worthy of Jesus. Don't pollute His Church with American globalism, are you nuts? Hate globalist encroachments into your country, but don't aspire to be the global leader simultaneously unless you want your final lot with hypocrites. WE ARE NOT OF THIS WORLD. What we want is better spiritual / moral conditions everywhere, but the CIA and military are not the gushers for those things, but more like the plug, the gag, the stopper.

The Durants in the Boring/Barrington motto were from the Durance river of the Salyes Ligures. The Salyes-like Sales', with a SALLETT variation, who share the fleur-de-lys of English Durants, can be traced to the SALTo river in Sabina, beside the Durance-like TURANo. It just so happens that Sales'/Salletts look like a branch of English Helms/Helions, kin of Helens who had shown to be a branch of Elons, and Borings came to topic with Elon Musk. Wikipedia once said that PORCius Cato grew up in Abruzzo, then removed it and said that he owned land in neighboring Sabina, and then the PORCupine of Space-branch Specks/Spicks can be for the line of Porcius Cato.

The bigger point is that while Elons are of Aulon/AVLONa, not only is there a mont VELINO off the Salto at Avezzano (Abruzzo, about 50 miles from Picenze), but there is a Velino river near the Salto at the area of Rieti. The Alan-related line of Velins, Velens, Valence's and Valentinian I may have named this river, or vice-versa (French Alans once showed ducks, the Velin symbol). A question arises as to whether Tyrone (Lonnys first found there) was named by Turano-river liners. Tyrone's are listed with Tyrells, and they have a Coat much like that of Parrs who were in turn shown above as Elm kin. That works.

Elon Musk's Breast Symbol

It's now late Friday night, and the thing that intrigued me earlier in the day is the theory that Mamie's and Helen's breast and tease symbols pointed to Elon Musk. I was asking: what do breasts have in common with electric cars? Last I checked, breasts don't need re-charging. And batteries don't use milk. Good night.

Good morning Saturday. I've developed a theory. It starts with Elon-line Helens first found at Hellion near Saint-BRIEUC. Helions/Helms can be linked to helmet-using Helms and helmet-using Hermits. Borings/Barringtons use a hermit wearing a "cowl," and then Cowls/Couls have a "Cole" motto term that I trace to the COLapis river, and it just so happens that, at the left side of this light map, you can see a BREUCI peoples, where the Sava river meets to Colapis!!! Beauty. The Breuci must have moved through Brescia to Saint-Brieuc and nearby Brest. I've said that before, but now we have the Boring Compony involved in trace along with Helen's breast symbol.

Plus, I've been tracing Brae's/Brays for years to a BRA location in Cuneo, and breasts go in bras. Saint-BRIEuc therefore looks like a Bra / Brae line because Brae's come up when loading "Bree." Braswells ("girdle" in Crest) have the Tyrone Coat in colors reversed, and Elon-branch Lonnys were first found in Tyrone. So far, super outcome, and we can even use the "FLAX breaker" in the Brae Crest because Flags/Flacks/FLECKs (share double fesses of Elons and Elms) were looking above like a branch of Felice's in the Lonny motto (!) while Lonni's/Lane's were first found in Brescia!!! Incredible. God is proving to you (to me, anyway) that He pointed breasts to Elon Musk for connection to the Breuci.

Flagi was named by Flys who are in the colors and format of Irish Shaws (Perthshire, same as Justine's) while English Shaws'/Sheaves' were a branch of Sheaves'/Chiava's, first found in L'Aquila. That's amazing, tending to prove again that Felice's were a Flag/Fleck branch (we saw Flecks and Flexum on the map above when on Griffins sharing the Brie Coat, Crest included). L'Aquila is in the Drake motto along with the Flys (Hampshire, same as Drake's), for Drake's translate their "muscas" motto term as "fly." The motto is translated, "The eagle is no fly-catcher," and the Muscas/Mosca leopard is in white in the Catch/Catcher Crest. The Catch/Catcher Shield is a version of the French Mar Coat, likely of the Marsi of the L'Aquila area. Muscas'/Mosca's were first found in Pisa, beside Lucca, and Lucca's share the cat with Catch's/Catchers. Why does the tail of the Drake dragon look like 666?

It works because I insists that Bruce's were from Abruzzo, and English Bruce's have a lion in the colors of the lion in the Arms of Brescia/Brixia. Some historians even trace Bruce's to "Brix." In other words, the Breuci look like the proto-Eburovices and/or namers of Abruzzo. Felice is the patron saint of Picenze, in Abruzzo. I'm getting the impression that God is infatuated with tracing evil, end-time actors to Picenze. What families were in that place who came to control some Freemason / satanic cult? The Marsi of that area had a snake goddess, Angitia, who traces very well to the Basque goddess, Mari, and the Basque snake God, SUGAAR. The Segurana's who share the Aquila eagle, and who are in the colors and format of Lonnys, have a moline cross in colors reversed from the same of Seagars/SUGARs, and the Seagar/Sugar Crest even has two green snakes. It therefore indicates to me that the Elon / Alan bloodline was of this snake cult.

Wikipedia says that Sugaar (Mari's husband) was also "Suarra," and it just so happens that Sauers are said to be from the sau = Sava river. Plus, Sauers share the giant and red lion with Brie's (looked up as per "BRIEuc"). Plus, while the above suggests that the Breuci peoples named Bra, and while Breuci were on the Sava river, Sava's are listed with Savage's whom I've been tracing to SAVIGliano, smack beside (I mean very close) to Bra!!! You just can't believe this, but you saw it with your own eyes. Savigliano is where Pelosi's/Pilati's were first found, and as per the wicked NANCY Pelosi, I can even go to a Nancy location in Lorraine because Brie's were first found in Lorraine. Lorraine was a Russellite, and Russells are suspect in naming Roslin, home of the Clare-line Sinclairs ("THY") who share the cross of Nancys, the latter first found in Cornwall with Cole's! Pelosi's use a bull, as do Cole's, possibly because the Apis bull cult named the ColAPIS river. Roslin is near the Tweed river, and Tweet/Tweedale's share the gold estoile with the Nancy Crest.

Lorraine was a Russellite, and Russells (share Meschin scallops) share the Sauer lion, and proto-Massey / Proto-Meschin Maezaei were at the Sava where it meets the Yonge-related Una. This lion is almost the lion of Brie's (probably the Abreu/Abruzzo lion in colors reversed), first found in Lorraine. The demi-red lion in the Brie Crest is shared by Scottish Yonge's, and as English Yonge's (share red roses with Brie's) were first found in Essex with Muschats/Montfichets, this lion could be in the lion heads of Muscats/Musks.

Reminder: Neils/O'Nails (Tyrone, same as Lonnys) connect both to the nails in the Arms of COLchester (Essex, same as Este's with the horse heads), and to the estoiles in the Colchester surname, and I might even add that there are estoiles in the Tweet Chief while the Tweet fesse was once illegal because it's gold on silver. It was illegal to contact gold and silver upon a Shield likely because it was reserved for a "special" bloodline. Brie's have a silver-on-gold fesse, and so there we have what looks like a Twitter link to Musks' Brie connection.

The BRIEse's/Breeze's/Brise's, with a lion in the colors of the Brie lion, and colors reversed from the Abreu/Abruzzo lions, share the Coat of Scottish Bruce's! Beauty. And Brix's/Brests come up as Brisons too. The Alans married the Robert-Bruce kings from the Bruce's of ANNANdale, explaining why Bruce's have the Annandale Coat but with a gold saltire, and then the ANANes Gauls lived at Picenze-like Piacenza, near Brescia. Sorry for repeating that yet again those of you who've had to read it so many times. The Briese/Breeze Coat looks like it's trying to match the Pick/PICKEN Coat, no surprise at all. In fact, the Briese/Breeze Crest not only shares a weight scale with Justine's, but "justitia" is a Briese/Breeze motto term. "Justitia" is the full motto of Sibals (share Segurana moline) while Justine of Picenum married Valentinian I of CIBALae (off the lower Sava river).

Ahhh, I asked Lorraine on our first date at a bus stop (Stops/Stubbs were first found in Staffordshire with Pipe's sharing the Pepin Coat), an event that pointed hard to Pepin of LANDEN in multiple ways, and Helen on her LANDING, exposing her bare breasts there, pointed to Pepin of Landen too, via Helens having the three Pepin (and Este) horse heads in colors reversed. The Pepin motto not only uses "est," but "Mens," and Mens' are the ones listing Mame's!!! I met breasty Mamie for the first time, and had a DANCE with her at her party that night, an hour before breaking up with Lorraine when, in leaving the party, I went to her place to see her GRASS stain! INCREDIBLE, all brought to us via Breuci. The Grace's/Grasse's even have a near copy of the BRASwell/Bracewell Coat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Braswells/Bracewells were first found in Yorkshire with Bruce's. Donna's are listed with Italian Dance's, and English Dance's (Yorkshire, same as Braswells) share the Alan fesse, which can explain why I danced with Mamie, at her PARTY, en route to her bare-breast or bra-only event in the PICK-up truck. Partys (Shropshire, same as Alans) share the checks of Bearings/BARings, and she was with bare breasts, perhaps. Alan-line Helen definitely was bare-breasted, and she asked me for a dance once in my living room. I had danced with Mamie only that one time, in her living room. Bearings/Barings were first found in Devon with Berrys and Beers/Bears.

As I said, I arrived to the campsite, asked where Barry was, and someone instantly opened the HATCH to the pick-up to expose Mamie in there alone with Barry. The Hatch's/Hacchs were probably a branch of Hatchets/Hackets who named the Beer-Hacket location of Beers/Bears, and so we can assume that Bears were a Bare branch, especially as German Bare's are listed with Bere's/Berreys. It just so happens that while Pansy-related Baars / Bars of Bar-le-Duc were in Brunswick, the Brunswick Coat is exactly the Hatch/Hacch Coat, what are the chances. It's suggesting that God put Mamie in the back of the pick-up with Barry so that I could write about it.

I assume that God set this campsite event up because I wouldn't have known about it unless Barry had called me to ask me to it. I told him I didn't want to go, but he lured me by saying that Mamie was coming. Barry had been in the living room where I had danced with Mamie, and that's the only thing that happened between us between the dance and his phone call. I don't remember how I got to the campsite. I don't remember bringing my own tent or sleeping bag. I was living on Yonge street at the time, and Yonge's (Essex, same as Colapis-line Colchester) are from the Una river beside the Colapis. I was living in the apartment of Paul Oullette at the time, and while OulLETTE's were resolved as an Owl-Lett merger, Letts are also Late's while the LATovici are on the map above smack beside the Breuci!

ZIKERS, now that I have the not-very-familiar-to-me Briese's/Breeze's to work with, we can prove that Latovici are to the Letts/Late's, for the latter have a version of the Briese/Breeze Coat! Beauty. Letts/Late's even use "organ PIPES."

Brie's were first found in Lorraine, and while I asked Lorraine on our first date on Yonge street too, Mike Oullette (Paul's brother) gave her a babe symbol later, on Yonge street, in a pointer to Laevi Gauls at Pavia, who co-founded Pavia as Ticinum with the Marsi-suspect Marici. The Oullette "BARS-gemel" are almost the Babe "BARRY", both in the colors of the two "horizontal bars" of Elons. The Oullette "moorcock" is "wattled red,' and Wattle's (I'm just following the clues) not only share the Lett/Late stars, not only share the Bare/Berrey stars, but the Bare/Berrey lion in Letter / Lauder colors and format!!! SURPRISE. It must be Saturday today, I best turn on the music.

Scottish Mars, with almost the Hatch/Hacch Coat, come up as "Maa," and "ma" is a Boring/Barrington motto term. That's amazing because it's a pointer of Mamie's bare or near-bare breasts to Elon Musk's Boring Company. This works with the Marsi because they were at the Picenze theater too, and the hatch was to a PICK-up while Scottish Picks are listed with Pike's/Pickens (Ayrshire, same as Bare's/Barrs)...who almost have the Briese/Breeze Coat.

The Lauder Crest and motto is shared by Larrys/Laurie's sharing "laurel" with Lorraine's, and first found in Dumfries with the Lise's/Lease's sharing the double Larin/Claren fesses.

The Lett-like Letters and Lauders (share the same Shield) were first found in Berwickshire with Elons, and near to where Scottish Yonge's (Leavell kin) were first found who share the demi-red lion in Crest with Brie's!!! Lauder is a location near the TWEED river (!) through Pavia-suspect Peebles. The Tweed flows through LEADERfoot, and the Leader river (Tweed tributary) flows through Lauderdale to Lauder. Near Lauder, and toward Edinburgh, there is a Leith river, possibly explaining the "letho" motto term of Flag-loving Samsons (Gloucestershire, same as Letts/Late's). LEADERS, new to me, have a Coat like that of Flys who in turn named a Flagi location! Bingo. Flags/Flecks were round-about Lonni kin. Elon Musk just bought nine-percent of Twitter stock, and so if Lauders / Letters were from Latovici, they are beside the Brest-connectable Breuci, explaining again why God might point Helen's breasts to him. I did write Helen a LETTER, as I've said a few times.

The Tweet/Tweedale Crest shares the pelican with Pullys/Pullings suspect in the "RePULLulat" motto of LAUDers, and the "culpa" motto term of Pullys/Pullings is definitely for a COLAPis-river family because it was also the Kupa river while Cups/Cope's/Colps were at Culp. "RepulluLAT" thus looks connectable to the LATovici at the Colapis. The Latovici were between the Colapis and the Lesce location on the Sava, and while I trace Leslie's to "Lesce," they were first found in Aberdeenshire with Cups/Cope's/Culps and the Cowls/Couls with "Cole" motto term. Borings love the Cowls, and Borings have an "UNG" motto term while Jungs are listed with June's/Youngs. Cowls even share the giant lion of Sava-river Sauers. Are you not impressed? Lesce is beside Bled while Bleds have the English Clare Coat in colors reversed.

The Kupa has been suspect with "Cuppae" off the PEK river, and I may have evidence for it here: June's are now said to be first found in Staffordshire with the Arrows who share the fleur-de-lys of Peaks having Peks in their write-up. These fleur are colors reversed from the same of Jeune's, and the latter's are black, ditto for the June fleur-de-lys. Peaks use wings for linkage to Justine's husband.

The Peeble/Peoples surname looks related to the People variation of Pepins, and Popoli's were first found in Naples with the June- / Jeune-connectable Capone's. Yonge's use a "jeune" motto term because mythical Juno and Ina were the representation of the Una river, for Juno's husband, Jupiter, was a representation of the Japodes on the neighboring Colapis. Jeune's were first found in Cambridgeshire with Borings and English Capone's, and June's share the fleur-de-lys of Yarrows, while you can see the Yarrow river as a tributary of the Tweed on this map:

Yarrows were first found in Selkirk on the Ettrick river (tributary of the Yarrow.), and Scottish Yonge's were first found in that area too. Lorraine's pant stain pointed to Stains who married YARborough's i.e. perhaps a Yarrow branch. Indeed, as Lorraine's were from Maria of Kiev, sister of king YAROslav!!! Zikers, is that not impressive work, great job O Lord! The Sinclair RUS were at ROSlin, right? Yup, about 15 miles from both Peebles and Lauder. Roslins share buckles with Leslie's, and Leslie's were earls of Rothes, and then the island of Rothesay became Bute once the Budini, from Kiev, moved to it! I get it. You owe me a nice shiny apply, family historians, for this one.

BOTTONs/Bidens/BUDINs were first found in Hampshire with bottony-cross RICH's, from Richeza of Lorraine and thus from Maria of Kiev, and so note EdRICH's sharing the lion of Ettricks/Hatricks (Selkirk, same as Yarrows). Make that two apples. On second thought, make it an ice-cream cone. Ettricks/Hatricks and Edrichs share the Sauer / Russell lion, and moreover, minus their lion the Ettricks/Hatricks have the Coat of Mens'/Mame's (Midlothian, same as Roslin).

Henry Sinclair of Roslin was in exile in Kiev. Henry was the cup-bearer of queen Margaret, and I see the latter's mother as an Agatha of PodeBRADY (wife of George of Hungary), the line to Babels/Babwells (share "gold gate with Arms of Podebrady), and to German Babe's/Babels who share the mermaid with Laps/Labb's, the latter first found in Wiltshire with Edrichs (share giant Russell lion), and beside the Babe's (share BRADY symbol), Russells and George's all-three first found in Dorset. Mamie sat on my lap = my legs, and I've told several times that I scored a HAT-TRICK goal (16 years of age) by deflecting a SLAP shot through my legs. See last update for my story in which I SLAPPed David BOYD in the face as a pointer to the Budini.

Without repeating the context, let's repeat from above: "The Grace's/Grasse's even have a near copy of the BRASwell/Bracewell Coat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" The Lizarts/Sarde's (almost the six Landen / Langley pale bars) who were first found in Provence with Grace's/Grasse's look related to them by their three pale bars being in the colors of the triple chevrons of Grace's/Grace's. Wikipedia tells that the surname of the wicked Donna Brazile is from Braswells/Bracewells. The latter's Coat is a colors-reversed version of the Tyrone Coat. Donna Brazile's middle name is, Lease, and Scottish Lease's are listed with Lise's (Dumfries, same as Annandale) sharing the double chevrons Larins/Clarens while French Larins were first found in Provence too. The double chevrons of Larins/Clarens (Alan colors) are in the colors of the three of Clare's, and of Boring-branch Barens/Baars/Barrs, and it was the Borings/Barringtons who were responsible for this incredible section on Breuci > Brest lines in the first place. Moreover, the Brush's, sharing the Bruce and Briese/Breeze saltire were first found in Suffolk with same-colored Clare's.

I'm starting to wonder whether there is something nefarious about Musk's tunnel-boring operations. If not yet, perhaps in the future with plans already laid out. If God is warning us about the boring operations because they involve Christian persecution, then it certainly justifies God's use of bare breasts...if that's what it takes to send the message.

In line with Braswell liners, I should repeat that, as soon as Mamie and I got into the sleeping bag, I did the natural thing, holding her. But she shrugged me off, turned and faced the other way, and we went to sleep like that, though she allowed me to drape an arm over her waist. We didn't know each other, and I have no idea how we even got into the tent together, but I do remember laying out the bag with her; maybe she thought I wasn't going to get in with her. Maybe she thought I was being pushy.

But the next morning, we went for a wade in a lake, and we emBRACEd there. Decades later I find that Brace's/Bras'/Braz's have a good reflection of the Lake Coat, and Brace's/Bras'/Braz's look like kin of English Hollys in the holly of the Lakey Coat. Holly-branch Hole's/Halls (share Holly dog) were first found in Lincolnshire with BRACEbridge's. Lakeys (Tiss/Teece chevron?) use a "PRAEMium" motto term while Prime's share the bent LEG with Lease-like Leaks/Leakeys (pronounced "Lakey"). Donna LEASE Brazile? Later that day, she got her thigh symbol i.e. on her leg, at her garden, and the night before she sat on my lap / legs / knees as three individual pointer to Trumps, they being from lake Garda and probably from Bras-like BREScia too, where Brace-like Bruce's were from, and while Bruce's were at Annandale, it's in Dumfries with the Leggs almost having the Trump/tromp Coat. Irish Gards (almost the Mame Coat) share the brown wolf with the Lakey Crest. Irish Hollys/Colins/Cullens share the mermaid with Laps/Labbs'. Primo's/Primeau's share the mirror with the mermaid, and Prime's share the giant leg (different colors) with Prophets/Profetts. Can you solve that mystery, if indeed God has one in it? Sure looks like there a Trump in it.

We were in the sleeping BAG, and so I'm going to Bagots because they have the Braswell Coat in colors reversed. The "ANTiquum" motto term of Bagots is amazing because the Antrims/Attringhams were first found in Norfolk with Bags and the Ant river. The Antrims not only share the Brace/Bras/Braz and Lake bends, but trace to: "the Manor of Antingham was held by Turstin FitzGuy, under tenant, from Chief tenant Roger BIGOD, originally of Chanon MALETot..." Bigod are listed with Bagot-like Bigots (Ile-de-France, same as Bigot-related Mellans/Melons) who in turn share the scallops of French MALLETs. Biggs, first found in Essex with English Bigots and Marks, share the fleured border of English Marks, and then German Marks look like kin of Dutch Tromps. I trace Marks (pointer to 666?) to the Marici...on the Tease river, so to speak.

I'm sure I'm going in the right direction here because the Bagot write-up adds: "Bago of Bagod d'Artas held Bromley in Staffordshire in 1086." When we click to Bromleys, we find "King's Bromley, again in Staffordshire, 'was anciently called Brom LEGGE..." That's new. She was on my legs, and after I put a hand around her waist there, I remember NOTHING until laying out the BAG in the tent. Bromleys share the quadrants of the neighboring LEIGHTons/LEYtons/LATONs, and the latter were beside the LEIGHs/LEYs/LEGHs, you see. The Laton variation might indicate descent from Latovici, especially as "latte," I've just realized, means "milk"! How-bout that. The Latovici are shown beside the Brest-suspect Breuci! Their area was near the Maezaei, which should explain why Leightons (Shropshire, same as Meschins) have the quadrants of Vere's and Masseys (Cheshire, same as Leighs/Leys/Leghs) in colors reversed. Mamie sat on the legs of a Massey liner, but my mother is also a Grimaldi, and Bags have the Grimaldi Shield. Laton-like Ladds/Ladons look like Meschin kin. Bromleys have "Robert de BromLEGH" of Shropshire. Bromleys look like they love Vere's in their motto, and Irish Weirs essentially have the Bag / Grimaldi Shield. If God is making these pointers through Mamie, it's not just for me to know my ancestry.

Did God set me up with a large-breasted lady to indicate that Breuci were the root of Brest liners? Why? Amazingly, while Hunter Biden's LAPtop got suspect with Mamie on my lap, I now find that LATins, first found in Wiltshire with Laps/Labbs' and Topps, share the Hunt/Hunter Coat almost exactly!!!!!! ZIKERS, and Hunts/Hunters were first found in Shropshire with Leightons/Latons. It's confusing if she on my lap points to Trump, and now the Bidens. ??? Those English Latins have a "CROSSbow" while Cross'/CROCE's have the Leighton/Laton quadrants in colors reversed. Irish CROCs share the "maunch" (different style and colors) with breasty Mansfields! Italian Latins even share the Bruce / Briese / Brush saltire.

I now recall that Helen my tenant, the one who got a breast symbol on the stair landing, had a former boyfriend who called on her one day at my home, but she wasn't home. When I went to the side door to see who it was, I found a chocoLATE treat left for Helen on the door knob (= the door that opens on the stair landing), and I did point that to Letts/LATE's!!! Amazing, for we can even say, MILK chocolate. I can't remember all the details of the chocolate pointers. Helen's were at Helion near Saint-BRIEUC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I probably pointed the chocolate to Latovici. The Chochs share the Chalk Coat, and Chochs share the stork in Crest with Cross/Croce's. Storks go with new births, and new births go with breast milk. The sister of Catherine Roet married Mr. Chaucers, and Roets share the motto of Bows (look like Bogan branch) in "crossBOW." Chalk-branch Chaucers share the tortoise with Bigots.

There is a French Latte surname. The Latters have the crescents of Leith (Midlothian, same as Mame's) in colors reversed, and the Leith crescents are those of Seatons/Sittens (East Lothian, beside Leiths) who named Sitten at Sion, which is beside Sierre, and then the Latte's look like Sere kin. Sions/Swans were first found in Lanarkshire with Biggs- / Bigot-like Biggars.

English Marks have a version of the English Grass Coat while Grace's/Grasse's have a version of the Braswell Coat. We were on her front grass when she went to her front flower / bush garden. Italian Tonys use the "flower." English Grasse's (not "Grass") were first found in Lincolnshire with BRACEbridge's, kin of Camp-line Champagne's. The latter were first found in Leicestershire with Toeni's = Tonys, and English Antons/Antonys (Lincolnshire again) share the red leopard face with the Biggs. The latter were first found in Buckinghamshire with Milks/MILLINsops. Mamie's breasts probably had milk in them eventually, and then German Antons use MALLETs, no guff. We got to those mallets by following Bracebridge's, you see, thanks to the embrace after the tease in the BAG. Bagots have the Grasse-connectable Braswell Coat in colors reversed, you see, and their write-up traces to "Arras, Lords of Bethune", which clicks us over to Bethune's/Beatons/MacBeths said to be from Pas-de-CALAIS, which is suspect with trumpet-using Calls/Calles'. Chalice's/Challes' were at Pas-de-Calais. Toeni's were from Ant-like Les ANDelys. Austrian Antonys look like kin of Canons suspect in "Chanon Maletot" in the Antrim write-up, home of Mr. Bigod.

More clues. Brace's/Bras'/Braz' were first found in Herefordshire with the Miners suspect in the Minerva" motto term of Prime's (suspect in the Lakey motto). Mine's (dancette) are also Means/Menne's while Mens' list Mame's. The Mine/Mean/Menne dancetty-fesse has the six pale bars of English Lise's/Liss in it, and Lakeys share the red roundels with Sarde-like Shirts/Shards. English Lise's/Liss' (Hampshire, same as Tiss'/Teece's) use the same six pale bars as Lizarts/Sarde's, and are suspect in the "PATRIAE infelici fideLIS" motto of Lonnys. Patria's/Peartree's are linkable to Pierro's/Pero's/Petri's (share Alan fesse), first found in Pavia upon the Ticino/Tessin river to which I trace Tease's and Tiss'/Teece's. That works for tracking Alans to Pavia. "FideLIS" is shared by Brogdens (Yorkshire same as Braswells), and Braswells are said to have been at "Bracewell and Brogden." Why did Mamie and I embrace almost warmly following the cold tease event, followed by the event earlier in the day when she may have been down to her bra with Barry?

[Insert for Braswell background -- As Brogdens list Brigdens, we might be justified in going to Bricks here who have the Brest/Brix lozenges in colors reversed. The Brick lozenges are shared by Felice-like Fells to indicate that Rockefellers were in Picenze. Brighams share the Pike trefoils. Ranulph de BRIQUESsart was the father of Musk-line Meschin earls, for the second or third Meschin was Ranulph de Gernon while Gernons were at Montfichet of the Muschats. Brig liners were from Phrygians/Brigians (named mythical MARSyas, the line to mythical Mars = Marsi), connectable to Abruzzo-line Aphrodite. Irish Brians of Briancon = Brigantium have lions half in the colors of the Abruzzo/Abreu lion, and half in the colors of the Mar lions. Briggs share the McBride cinquefoil while French Bride's were first found in Savoy with Briancon (and Masseys/Masse's) while Brights, with nearly the French Bride and Macey/Mace Coats, were first found in Cheshire with Maceys/Mace's and the earl Meschins.

The first Meschin earl of Chester was related to the second earl, Richard D'Avranches, and as the latter used a white-on-blue wolf head, it jibes with the wolf heads in colors reversed of FIDDLE's/Fidelows (probably a Fido/Fothes/Fette / Foot branch) because Briggs use a "FIDELiter" motto term. While Miss Dol of Oakhampton married Robert D'Avranches of Ferte-Mace, Dol-connectable Lonnys and Brogdens/Brigdens use "FIDELis." "FidelITER" can be part-code for Itters (Hesse, same as Muschat-connectable Epsteins) because they have a lion split in gold and silver, and as do Irish Brians. End insert]

Let me repeat: Landens share the Langley Coat while Alan-line Langhe is at Bra! God is indeed pointing to Elon Musk with the breasts of two women, but then there was a bra event with me involved at age nine that pointed to Peter Peterson, chairman of the deep-state group, Council on Foreign Relations. Langley is the head office of the CIA. Why should Musk apply to anything in this picture?

Brazile's show a giant lion in the colors of the near-same of Hatch's, and while Mamie is suspect as having only her bra on inside the hatch, Brazile's were from Braswells. Does that work? Was the event a pointer to Donna Brazile's involvement in the murder of Seth Rich? She's highly suspect in covering for the murder. Rich's were Biden kin. Did Hunter Biden arrange the murder? Seth Rich was alive and well when getting to the hospital, but the chief surgeon there, Jack SAVA, because he was dating a lobbyist for Urananium One at the time, is suspect in killing Mr. Rich, for Rich sent WikiLeaks damning data on Mrs. Clinton that was publicized. The Clintons were involved in Uranium-One corruption. The Sava's/Savage's are suspect at Savigliano, where Pelosi's were first found. She's wicked. Savigliano is smack beside Bra.

As per SETH Rich, two Seth surnames are listed with Sava-like Shaws, and the third Shaws are Sheaves' too...a branch of Sheaves'/Chiava's, first found in L'Aquila, just seven miles from Picenze. The hatch and PICK-up point to Picenze, very remarkable. The Picenum line to Justine's has scales of justice, and a "pair of scales" are shared between Ass'/Assi's (pointed to by Lorraine's GRASS stain) and Brazile-like Briese's/Breeze's. A "pair of scales" is in the Crest of Cash's/Cass', first found in Cambridgeshire with Borings/BARRingtons.

The passant Brazile lion is the only one I know of with all four FEET on the ground, and it's colors reversed from the passant lion of Briese's/Breeze's who in turn have a "FIAT" motto term (does Tesla make electric Fiats?). Feets/Fate's share the Coat of English Pavia's, and while Pavia is on the Tessin river, Tease's/Tyes' share the white-on-red Briese/Breeze stars, and moreover Tease's/Tyes' have other stars colors reversed from the other Briese/Breeze stars. Swiss Tease's/Tess' ("leaves") share a saltire on red Shield with Briese's/Breeze's, and as the latter's is the Pick/Picken saltire, I might now assume Picenum / Picenze liners on the Tessin. The Marsi of Abruzzo come to mind in naming the Marici. Picenum was in what is now the MARCHE province (beside Abruzzo province).

The dance with Mamie was in her LIVING ROOM, and Rooms/Rome's/Rims were at Annandale with the Bruce's. Livings/Levins can apply to Laevi of Pavia. Italian Dance's/DONNa's were first found in Piedmont with Savigliano, Bra, and Pero's/Perino's while Pierro's/Pero's were first found at Pavia. Feets (Yorkshire, same as PAVers) share the fesse of English Dance's and Feets, yet the other half of the English Dance fesse is in both colors of the Pierro/Pero fesse. Why should Mamie's dance with me at her PARTY point to DONNa Brazile? Partys share the Paver checks, and the Pavers look like they have the three fell lozenges, which, believe it or not, are colors reversed from the three of Brests/Brix's! Smack-down!

Musk's Boring Company makes underground roads, and as such he's a PAVER!!! Breasty Mamie, whose breasts laughingly pointer to Musk (am I nuts?), and even to the Borings/Barringtons who got us to Breuci and Briese's, just pointed to the Boring Company when she walked by me, and grabbed my hands for a slow dance. Nobody in the room or house was dancing. There was no dance floor, but there we were, dancing alone in front of some 20 people. God did it. Not my fault. I don't remember talking with her. I don't remember a thing after the start of the dance until I was at Lorraine's balcony minutes before she got home from a walk with a MARRied MAN. Maria of Kiev, right?

Ahh, recall how Lorraine's are to Yarrows from Yaroslav of Kiev, for the Ettricks/Hatricks (same place as Yarrows) share the Marry/Mary lion! That's why Stains married YARborough's!!! This is very funny and fun to write. It never ends. Repeat: "As Marrys were first found in Norfolk with Tute's/TUITs, there's a good chance that the red canton square of Marrys is that of English Tute's/Touts/Toots." As I've said several times, Mary Nigro was at my HAT-TRICK game, and that's why I've told long ago that Ettricks/Hatricks and Marrys/Marys (and Edrichs) share the same lion. I was probably dating the ice-cream girl, Miss Hanson (pure blond, Budini-pointing possibility), at the time of the hat trick.

As per the Fiat motto term of Briese's/Breeze's, I checked Google for some things, First: "The new electric Fiat 500 will make its debut in 2020. It will be a totally new model, which will only run on battery power..." Next I found this: "Fiat Chrysler said Wednesday on an earnings call that it spent EUR 300 million (US $362 million) on regulatory credits last year in Europe alone — most of which it bought from Tesla. The automaker is now part of Stellantis..." That doesn't make Fiat cars into Tesla cars, however.

I then ventured to see if there is a Breeze model of electric car, and, shocking: "The New Breeze – All Electric Car"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No guff folks, it happened just that way. It's called the "Breeze." But why would God want to use breasts on two women to point to the Breeze? It would at least make more sense if Elon Musk produced this model, but it's made by Honda. But how is this nefarious or evil? Since when does God point to electric cars? And for what? Does He want us to buy electric cars for the tribulation period because, if we have solar power, we can then drive a little? How many sack of potatoes goes into a Breeze car as big as my bathtub, after I get in to drive it?

I've told before that I purchased a LADa, a Russian car made/owned by Fiat, and now I think I know why, if Ladds/Ladons are from the Latovici! Ladds/Ladons look like a Leader branch, and Leaders look like kin of Flys of Flagi, and Lonni's loved the Flag-connectable Felice's. The latter was a patron saint of my Masci mother's home village, and I trace Masci's to Amazons of Grecian Pisa, location of the Ladon river. Ladds/Ladons have a version of the Meschin Coat, and the Muscas/Mosca's, part of the Drake 'fly," were first found in Italian Pisa. That could be another reason for God getting me to buy a Lada.

I've told about the Lada before because, when it needed repairs, I took it to a Lada dealer, where the man attending to me there was Joe Fix, whom I had previously known well as the owner of a restaurant...where I took Mamie the last time I saw her. She and I had stopped seeing each other a couple of years before that final date, but after I took a taxi-driving job, I was commissioned to pick her up twice, and, on the second occasion, I asked if she wanted to do something, and we went to Mr. Fix's (had an Israeli accent). I was renting the cab full-time, and so we drove there in the taxi. The Tease-connectable and taxi-like Tax's/Dachs share white, crossed swords with Fix-connectable Feschs, the latter first found in Switzerland with Tease's/Tess'/Tecks, is that not a piece of work by God? Absolutely, and the Tax/Dach saltire-by-sword is in the colors of the Tease/Tess/Teck saltire, no mistake: God linked Mamie's thigh symbol to my taxi, proving that she did have a thigh symbol...only because she had her bathing suit on at the time, and they were the best thighs a man ever did see. Yes, I was hesitant to tell that thing because God's supposed to be opposed to bathing suits, but I'm over it now. It was necessary.

I can now show why it was necessary in a new way, amazing. As I said, shortly after breaking up with Mamie, I moved into HUNT street, where there lived a taxi dispatcher on the third floor. He got me a job as a taxi driver, and it just so happens that while Mamie on my lap is pointable to HUNTER Biden's LAPtop, Hunts/Hunters share the vertically-split Shield of a French FOIX/Foy Coat while Thigh's/Thy's use a giant FOX!!! Her thighs were necessary! In fact, Mamie and I broke up shortly after she visited me in a pizza restaurant where I was working, and she was there to help fulfill a pointer to pizzagate pedophilia along with Cindy Richardson. At the pizza place, I served the table where Cindy Richardson was sitting, and I served her wine to go with Anthony WEINer, Huma Abedin's husband. A couple of weeks earlier, this same Cindy was on second base the day Mamie and I were at home plate. More on this in the next section.

Hunter Biden is a pedophile. Home plate with Mamie pointed to HUMa ABEDIN, Clintonite wife of a pedophile (Weiner), and the Garden-connectable Bedins, first found in Shropshire with Hunts/Hunters, have quadrants colors reversed from one Hayden Coat while the other English Haydens, connectable to Hiedlers/HITLers, have a "foy" motto term possibly for the Foix's/Foys sharing the Hunt/Hunter Shield. The Haydens with quadrants share black roundels with the other French Foix's/Foys, but also with English Foys.

Thanks to the Arms-of-Dacha sling SHOT, Tax's/Dachs take us to Dacha, headquarters of Hitler's Bavarian concentration CAMPs, and so might we ask whether Musk is boring underground tunnels to prepare invisible concentration camps? Is this why God prepared Mamie at a campsite? Shots'/Shute's, first found in Wiltshire with Laps/Labbs' and trumpet-using Calls/Calles', have a sword-version of the Call/Calles Coat, and Tax's/Dachs have swords in the same colors. The Tax/Dach saltire-by swords is shared by Borders, first found in Somerset, beside Wiltshire. Mamie was in her bathing SUIT for her garden-thigh event, and Suits/SHUTers were first found in Angus with Gardens/Jardens and Jardins (share Annandale Coat plus) while Jardins share the Tease/Tyes stars along with the Tease/Tess/Teck saltire in colors reversed. The other stars of Tease's/Tyes' is shared by Borders.

LOOKIE: DECKs/Daggers have a colors-reversed version of the Papa Coat for a trace to Pavia/PAPia on the Tessin river, and, as I've said often, the cook at Mr. Fix's was my friend, Steve Papp!!! I invited Mr. Papp to share my basement apartment, and that's the apartment I had earlier taken Mamie to after we were at Fix's restaurant. The owner of this apartment was Edith with a German accent. Pointer to Nazi's? The event with Mamie in that apartment that night pointed to a whistle-blower, which I identified as George Papadopoulos (embroiled in a Russia-collusion hoax from Ukraine goons) because Papps have a Papadopoli variation. However, might Musk become a whistle-blower too? Musks point to Ukraine, and there are nasty Nazi elements in some charge there suspect with the shark in the pool.

I talked about Papp's chili SAUCE, and pointed it to Sassys/SAUCErs, who use Shark-line Saracen heads. When I saw Papp putting a lot of SUGAR into the chili sauce, I enquired about it, and I remember the event. Seagars/Sugars are a branch of Segurana's, the latter first found in Genova with Fix-connectable Fieschi. Hunter Biden is on the board of Burisma, and Burisma's owner has a home in Monaco.

Papp was the COOK, and as Fieschi were politically partnered with Grimaldi's, let's repeat from above: "AND OH, Bors' use "COOKing POTs" while COCKs (Somerset, beside Potters, Pots, Porters and Ports) share the Grimaldi Shield while Potters are in Wheel colors and format!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SOLVED!"

Fix's may have the Doria eagle because Doria's were first found in Genova too. As Mamie has pointed hard to Trumps, the upper half of the Doria eagle might be close to the Tromp eagle. Fix's share a wavy fesse (different colors) with Ladds/Ladons, and the Fix fesse, in colors reversed, is that of Dols (Elons were of Dol), first found in Mecklenburg with same-colored Trumps/Tromps.

Mecklenburg is also where Bibo-related Hahns were first found, and as I gave Mamie a new bible, I've now got to repeat that Bible's are listed with Bibo's, whom I see from "Vibia," mother of Lupus LAEVillus of Cetis. Mamie said she left the Bible under her BED when she went away on a TRIP. The Trip shoes point to Zlochevsky's shoe boutique in Kiev, land of TRYPillians, land also of the Biden-line Budini. The bed can therefore be a pointer to Budini-like Bedins above. The SECONDs/SEGURs are in the motto of Levi's, suspect from "Laevillus," and, I kid you not, Levi's were first found in Ile-de-France with the Foix's/Foys sharing the Hunt/Hunter Shield!!! Her thighs were NECESSARY! In fact, wow, I've just remembered that the Thigh/Thy fox is shared by Home-like Heimers!!! HOME PLATE.

Ile-de-France is also where Trudeau's were first found who are in Camp colors and format. justin trudeau reminds me of the sort of tyrant now gearing up to send "rebels" to concentration camps. The Camp griffin heads, by the way, are in the colors of the giant Marble griffin, and Zlochevsky's shoe boutique is online with a photo in which we find that the shoes are displayed on a marble table.

Teasing With Car Batteries

Repeat: "I was asking: what do breasts have in common with electric cars? Last I checked, breasts don't need re-charging. And batteries don't use milk. Good night." So I started to poke around with heraldry when what I've said many times came to mind: Mamie and I were at HOME PLATE of a baseball diamond shortly after her garden event. "Battery"-like BATTERs stand at home plate, and there is a Battere surname to start working with to see if we can link them to Tease's. At first I was stumped, but the next day, Sunday morning, just minutes ago, I found a solution.

[BEHOLD!! Hours after this update was uploaded, I crossed the St. Tudy location of tent-using Tintons, and then remembered that Tudys (Hampshire, same as Tiss'/Teece's/TEESE's/TYSE's!!!) share the Battere Coat exactly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW! It's got Mamie's tent all over it because she got her Tesla-like tease symbol there. She was as cold to me as the batteries of an electric car just when your wife needs to get to a hospital fast to give birth. Elon Musk, take a flight to the moon and stay there, would'ya? "The surname Tinton was first found in Cornwall at Tinten, (Thinten) now part of St Tudy..." The Tintons of Tintinhull in YEOvil tend to explain why Tintons are in the colors and format of Yeo's/Yeomans, but see also HUMans/YeoMANs, for Humans can go with home plate, and possibly also with MANfields in Tinton / Yeo colors and format.

The "cronels" of Humans/Yeomans/YOEmans should be for the Cornells/Cornwalls using a "BEG YOU" motto phrase that may indicate that I got teased in a bag because Bags were a Beg branch. Begga was the daughter of Pepin of Landen, and Mens' are in the Pepin motto. End insert]

[Insert -- On Wednesday of the week after this insert was uploaded, I was on a Basset pointer (next update) to population control by Schwab and trudeau when Basset-like Bastards came to mind. Loading Bastards, they showed a BAISterd variation, and they share the Batter Coat exactly while home plate goes with bases while one Base surname lists Baise's.

Repeat from above: "AND OH, Bors' use "COOKing POTs" while Cocks (Somerset, beside Potters, Pots, Porters and Ports) share the Grimaldi Shield while Potters are in Wheel colors and format!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SOLVED!" The motto of Bastards, with nearly the French Pot Coat, includes "POTior." End insert]

I'll begin with what I did yesterday: Home's/Hume's, first found in Berwickshire with Elons, love the True variation of Tree's in their motto, and Elons have elm "trees" in Crest. Home's/Hume's share the TYson lion, and Mamie had a thigh symbol at her garden to go with her tease symbol. But I see no connection here on the battery-like Battere's to Brests / Brescia or whatever else breasts might apply to. Home Plate had pointed extremely well to Huma Abedin and her pedophile husband, Andrew Weiner, but that's another story.

But wait. It's Sunday morning, and I've just found an Andrew Weiner's facebook page where he claims to be an "Engineer at Tesla Motors Inc", a "Mechanical Engineer at SpaceX", and an employee of "NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory" in Pasadena. That's remarkable.

Plus, still on Sunday morning, I realized the following and added it above: "In fact, the Tyson Coat is colors reversed from the identical Coat of Lonny-like Lannoys, what are the chances!? Mamie's thighs can thus be pointing to Elon Musk, for the Mens/MAME's are even said to have been at GlenLYON (Perthshire) of the Lune's/Lyon." So, you see, the HOME plate took us the Thigh- and Tease-connectable Tysons who in turn took us to Elon liners. Plus, I always link the feathered helmet in the Crest of Home-beloved True's/Tree's to the same of English Lannoys due to Scottish Lannoys having the Home/Hume lion in colors reversed. True's/Tree's are now said to be first found in Wiltshire with Laps/Labbs', and the tease event happened in relation to Mamie sitting on my lap.

BEHOLD. Lannoys were first found in Picardy's OISE area, and as Cavetts were first found in Picardy whom I've claimed are from the Cevetta river at Ceva, it checks out where OISE's/Loise's share (almost) the giant ostrich of Lois' (Artois, same as Oise's/Loise's), thus being from Luis of Ceva, mother of Alice of Saluzzo who in turn married Elon-branch FitzAlans!!! The "four blue bars" of Cavetts are almost used in the "barry of eight" of Specks/Spicks, a branch of SPACE's/Speccots. The latter are in the colors and format of the Lorraine bend-with-eagles, and Lorraine's share the green lion with Lannoys and Lyons.

Ahh, although the three lozenges of French Luis-like Louis'/Lews' (Lorraine with Bar-le-Duc) are not in the same format as the three lozenges of BRESTs/Brix's, they are colors reversed from one another, good enough, for neither Coat shows anything else! We've got Mamie's entire torso here in a pointer to things-Musk, but let's add that while French Crispins were first found in Lorraine, English Crispins (Oxfordshire, same as Love's/Luffs) have another barry of eight in the colors of the triple fesses of Musk-related Love's/Luffs!!! Mamie was bare breasted, or maybe with her bra on, with Barry in the hatch, and Hatch's share the Brunswick Coat while Bars of Bar-le-Duc were in Brunswick.

I can add that the Hatch / Brunswick Coat is also the BASE Coat while Mamie and I at home plate involved second BASE in a pointer to the shooting of Steve Scalise. Second base is how HUMa ABEDin worked into the event, where BEDINs almost have the Second/SEGUR Coat while Bedins (Shropshire, same as FitzAlans) share the Garden boar head. We were at a baseball diamond, and French Diamonds/DyMOTTs have a "SUCCURrere" motto term. Seconds/Segurs (in the Levi motto) and Bedins have lions in the colors of the Base lions. That's all been said before. The Bedin boar heads are absolutely connectable to the Garden boar heads because the latter's giant one is used by French Jarrets (Dol) while Gardens are also JARDens while English Jarrets were first found in Shropshire with Alans and Bedins. There you have the home plate connecting to Elon liners.

Ahh, breasts have milk while Milks/Millsops/MILLINsops justify loading Millins, and they share the full Diamond/Dymott motto that includes suck-like "Succurrere." And people who buy electric cars are suckers, heh-heh. The "Miseris" motto term of Millins suggests they are suckers in misery. "SuccurRERE" tells they are rare miserables. The MillSAP variation tells, well, you know.

The Face-related Segurana's are the ones in Lonny colors and format, and likely using the Saluzzo Coat. Huma Abedin was the deputy chairman of Hillary Clinton's 2016 presidential campaign, and the chairman, John Podesta, is a widely-reported pedophile. Clintons (Oxfordshire) share the Saluzzo Coat too, with the Hillary fitchees added. The Peare-related Tiens (both of Oxfordshire) are in the "Tien to foy" motto of BATHursts/BATHEARsts (Sussex) sharing the patee cross of Diamond-connectable Diens/Dine's/Dives' (once said to be first found in Sussex).

Ahh, Bathursts share the patee crosses of the Peaks having Peks in their write-up, and Peks/Picks, minus their patee crosses, have the Tiss/Teece Coat! Thus, if Bathursts can be considered a part of my being with Mamie at the BATTER's BOX, we have just made a Tease-line connection to a battery-like surname. And Box's were even first found in Wiltshire with Laps/Labbs' and Home-beloved TRUE's! The Truth's/Trots had pointed to the possibility that Elon Musk's purchase of Twitter stock gets the company to begin reporting some truths again that it has barred.

The amazing thing here is that we can get to Cars, which I was hoping to do with home PLATE, for a pointer to electric cars. The Cars/Currs, first found in Lancashire with Plate's, are fully in colors reversed from, and in the format of, Peks/Peaks, and the Irish Carrs, believe it or not, are in Plate colors and format. Moreover, the Plate Coat is much the French Mar Coat while Peks were of the Picensii to Picenze, land of the Abruzzo. Is that not amazing? I connect Pek liners to Pigeons, and French Pigeons share the Battere chevron.

Bedins have already made it to home plate, and while the Abreu's/Abruzzo's share the Bedin lion, the Tuits who share the Bedin quadrants are said to be from Eure, location of Abreu-line Evreux, named by the Eburovices/Ebroicum who named York as, Eboracum, where Brest-connectable Bruce's were first found, they being the line of Briese's/BREEZE's, the name of a new electric car. Bruce's share the giant blue lion of Louvains that's shared by Percys (not showing at houseofnames).

The double fesses of Bathursts are even colors reversed in the Elon Coat while Dinans of English Diamonds probably named Dinan near Dol i.e. origin of the Alans who married Alice of Saluzzo. Dinan is on the RANCE river, and while a child of that marriage married Mr. Percy, Percys not only have an "EsperRANCE" motto term, but a different-colors version of the Diamond Coats. Thus, I think, Bathursts can apply to Batters and Bathers. It's not surprising that the Percy lozenges are used by Launays, from Lonni's/Lane's of Brixia. Thus, we are again on the Brest/Brix line to Brest, near Launay and Saint-Brieuc, and we got here by my being with breasty Mamie at home plate. She had a thigh symbol while thigh's/Thy's use a giant fox to go with the Foys/Foix's in the Bathurst motto, is that not amazing?

My belly-press event with Miss Peare pointed to Felts and Feltmans, the latter using a version of the Bathurst Coat but with the leopard faces of German Loys, possibly of the Loy variation of French LOUIS'/Lews (almost the Brest/Brix Coat). The belly-press event had LOUISE with us.

Earlier this morning, before writing most-everything above in this section, I found a blast-off launch pad for this section that I'll tell you now. I first noted how the Battere's are like the Bathers, and with that I realized that Baths (Rhodes kin) have a fat cross in the colors of the fat cross of Tease's/Tess'/Tecks. That's when I realized that Battere's, though not in the same colors, show only a chevron, as do Tiss'/Teece's. I then realized that Windsors, first found in Berkshire with Battere's, share the Tease/Tess/Tech saltire! That seemed to clinch a pointer of home plate to Tesla's battery-powered cars. As Tease's/Tess'/Tecks were first found in Switzerland with the Ticino Canton and the sources of the Tessin river, the "Pro" motto term of Fie's/Feys works well because "fie" is a Windsor motto term while Pierro's/PERO's were first found on the Ticino/Tessin river. The Windsors, the British royals today, are most-definitely on-board electric-car futurism.

Ahh, unbelievable: Berkshire's (share Tutor/Dutton Coat) have the quadrants of Bedins in colors reversed while Batters (listed with the Battere's) were first found in Berkshire!!! And the Bedin quadrants are even those of Twitt-branch Tuits too. So, the Bedins who had worked into home plate by other methods are even linkable here to Batters/Betters/Bedders.

It can be added that since Bathers were first found in Denbighshire with Bachs, the Battere chevron may be the one of Dutch Bakers/Beckers. The latter's "POPlar leaves" can easily be from the Laevi of Pavia because it was also called "Papia." Poppins/Pophams, who have the Mens'/Mame's in their motto, were first found in Hampshire with Tiss'/Teece's, how-bout that. The poplar-like Popoli's were first found in Naples with the Capone's/Capua's suspect with the lion of Jewish Levi's. Moreover, Pepoli's (not "Popoli") share the checks of German Beckers.

As per the FUTURism term I've been using for Elon Musk, I remember the FUTTERs suspect in the "futura" motto term of Fullers because both surnames share the same fesse. Fullers use three fesses, and they are the three of Musk-related, FITCHee-using Love's/Luffs. Do you remember why Love's/Luffs have a fitchee? MontFITCHETs/MUSCHATS, right? I've just found a new-to-me Futch surname listed with Futurers/Futturers; they show only "CROSSed arrows" while Cross'/Croce's have a "FIDO" motto term, perfect for the Fido motto term of Fothes'/Fette's/Fittes'.

Futters, first found in Angus with Gardens/Jardens, have the Angus Chief in colors reversed while the Jardins have a three-star version of the two-star Angus Chief. The Fudes variation of Futters/Fotys conjures up ELMer FUDD, a cartoon character of my childhood created by LOONEY TUNES and MERRIE MELODIES, and that looks like a pointer to Elm- / Lonny-related Elon Musk. Not only are Looneys listed with Loneys, but Tunes'/Towns evoke the tunnels of Musks' Boring Company. Irish Melodys have the Lune/Lyon Coat in colors reversed, and the latter share the lion of Lonny-like Lannoys! Why might Elmer Fudd be arranged by God to point to Elon Musk? Merrie's/Marrys have three lions in the colors of the Love/Luff and Muschat/Montfitchet lion heads.

The Ferme's suspect in the Fuller motto are well linkable to FORMans/Fermans (FIRMen branch). The Ferme's were first found in Midlothian (where Formans/Fermens were once said to be first found) with Mens'/MAME's and their Thy-loving kin, the Sinclairs. Futters suspect in the Fuller motto got us to Gardens, and Mamie had her THIGH symbol at her garden, which is being pointed to here via the Fuller motto. Saints/Sinclairs share the cross of Irish Elmers! What are the chances that Elmers were first found in Essex with Fitch's and Muscats/Montfitchets? That's right. As Fullers share the triple fesses of Love's/Luffs, the "FORMee-fitchee" of the latter suggest that formee crosses are code for Formans.

The Ferme motto is: "FIDE et firme." Futters/Fotys were first found near the Prophets/ProFETTs and Fothes'/Fette's/Fittes'/FIDO's, and the Fitts are listed with FITCH's, the latter first found in Essex with Musk-branch Muschats/MontFITCHets. Foots/Foods, sharing the Fothes'/Fette/Fittes/FIDO chevron, were first found in Cheshire with Masci-line Masseys. Fiddle's/FIDElows are suspect in the "fidelis" motto term of Lonnys/Looneys. French Masseys/Masse's have the Diane/Dean Chief in colors reversed, and God gave me/us Diane MUSCHATov as a pointer to Ukraine, where HUNTER Biden has secret corruption to cover for. I get it, because Elmer Fudd is a wacky HUNTER! That's got to be the reason for the heraldic pointers of Elmer Fudd to Elon Musk. He must be tied to the Bidens in some way. He's definitely pushing the same reset futurism as the Biden administration.

Futters/Fotys use a "MAStiff's head", and a mastiff is said to be a BRITISH dog, much like a bulldog so that this can partly explain why there was a British bulldog in the shark pool! British's are listed with Braddocks/Brodicks (Fitch chevron in colors reversed), and can be linked to McBride's and Brodick of Arran, and so this looks connectable to Bride's of Savoy. The "FortITER" motto term looks like part-code for Itters sharing a lion split in gold and silver with Irish Brians, the line from Briancon/Brigantium in Savoy, where the first-known Masseys/Masse's were, and so the Diane/Dean lion looks like that of Irish Brians, but also of the Welsh Maurice's in the "SAINT-Maurice" motto of Savoys. Saints are listed with THY-loving and MAME-related Sinclairs! Wherever the topic goes to Musk, there is Mamie too.

French Maurice's share the French Mar Coat while Scottish Mars have two of the three lions in pale of Irish Brians. The earls of Mar were at Kildrummy in ANGUS! Mamie was in her BATHing SUIT at her garden, and while Futters were first found in Angus with Gardens/Jardens and Sewers/SUITs/Shuters, let's add that BATHs share the Savoy cross! The only thing missing is Daffy Duck. But give it some time.

Uhh....oh, English Ducks share the star of Borders (Somerset, same as Ducks), Irish Fullers and Tease's/Tyes! Mamie's thighs were beautiful in the sun at her garden! Suns are listed with Thy-loving Sinclairs. Daffys are listed with Welsh Davids, the line of Henry of HUNTINGdon (son of king David I)!!! Can we believe it? Rabbits were first found in Suffolk with Sinclair-branch Clare's. Rabbits are in the colors and format of the MAMESfield Mansfields, the latter first found in Nottinghamshire with Tease's/Tyes'!!!

As Elmer Fudd hunted Bugs Bunny more than Daffy Duck, Bunnys (Rabbit colors and format) were loaded to find them likewise in the colors and format of the Mansfields of Nottinghamshire's Mamesfelde, and, zikers, Bunnys named Bunny in Nottinghamshire too, with Tease's/Tyes' even!!! Bug's Bunny would always greet Elmer Fudd with, "what's up, DOC?" English Docks were first found in Staffordshire with Duce's/Doocys whose lions in turn are in the colors of the red lion heads of English Ducks. Scottish Docs/Doags/Dogs share the cinquefoil of French Bacons while English Beacons/Bacons are in the Fuller Crest.

Bunny is in the Basford district, where Annas-branch Ainsleys were first found while Annas' share the Jardin / Angus stars. I kid you not, the Annas Chief-Shield color combination is shared by English Elmers, first found in Hampshire with Tiss'/Teece's to go with Nottinghamshire's Tease's/Tyes'. Bunnys are said to have had a location in Hampshire, beside the first-known Bugs of Dorset. Ahhh, as Beautys/BOWds were first found in Dorset, I've got to figure that Mamie's thighs were beautiful for linking Thys' to Bugs and Beautys. Roets were kin of Bows/BOUGH's, and while I think Beautys/Bowds were at least related to Bows/Bough's, the latter happen to share the vertical bow with Bug-colored Bogans/Bugers! I get it: Beautys were a Bug branch round-about. Catherine Roet married John of Gaunt, and the neighboring Topps, to which Mamie is now pointing, use gauntlets. The neighboring Baths (Somerset, same as Roets), to which her bathing suit points for which the thighs are a topic at all, are in the bat of Randolphs because Randolphs share the Bath cross, and the point is: Bugs use the bat too!!! BEAUTY, just feast your eyes on that piece of work. Bugs use "WATER bougets" while Waters share the Muschat/Montfitchet Coat.

Rabbits use "coney heads," and I've seen evidence from a white rabbit cage in my childhood that God points Coneys to Peter Peterson, former and long-time chief of the globalist monkey wrench, Council on Foreign Relations...always fixing things after it breaks things, now going mad and about to commit suicide. Coneys use the pansy in Crest while Pansys/Pantzers are in the pansies of Bar-le-DUC's Arms. The pointer to Peter Peterson was when I touched a bra on a laundry line while standing over white rabbits in a cage, at a Jewish, Peterson residence. Peter Peterson of CFR married Mrs. Cooney, co-founder of Sesame Street, a possible pointer to pedophilia. In colors reversed, the Scottish Petersons have a not-bad reflection of the Elmer Coat. Mamie might have a bra symbol with BARRy in the hatch.

As Bugs and Bogans shape up to have been a branch of Books/Boggs (Berwickshire, same as Elons), the "book" in the Crest of Cowls is interesting, for the "cowl" is in the Crest of Borings/Barringtons who had an early presence in Lincolnshire with Coneys. Cowls were first found in Aberdeenshire with Petersons, book-using Reeds, and the Conns sharing the Coney Coat. Borings/Barringtons were first found in Cambridgeshire with the Musks sharing their triple chevrons. Is Elon Musk part of the Council on Foreign Relations? Is this what funds Jeffrey Epstein?

Epsteins, sharing the triple Musk chevrons, were first found in Hesse-NASSAU, and Musk is probably linked closely to NASA. The NSA is a spy organization to control Americans and cover to fat-cat crimes that feast on tax dollars. While Nassau's are Naso's too, Italian Naso's use "mill stones." Jesus said, woe to anyone who sins with children: "Whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him to have a great millstone hung around his neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea." (Matthew 8:16). It doesn't sound as though He's talking about a little sin.

As Goats were first found in Nottinghamshire too, who are in the Bunny Coat's "goat's heads," it can explain why Goats are in Bug colors. Goats were at Gotham (Nottinghamshire), and so was BATman! Both Bug surnames are in the colors of Bogans/BUGERs, perhaps a pointer to pedophiles, for the white rabbit has come to be a symbol of pedophiles. To no surprise any longer, "blackbirds" are shared between English Elmers ("HALLelujah") and German Bugs. I think the cartoonists had bloodlines on the brain. Bogans/Bugers were first found in Bavaria with Knobs, and Allison Bauer of Knob Hill Farms took us to Hall-related Allisons with more "blackbirds." Halls were first found in Lincolnshire with the Coneys who in turn have the fesse of English Bugs in colors reversed.

PROfetts (Aberdeenshire, beside Kincardineshire's Fothe's/Fette's and PEARtree's) are suspect with the neighboring PEARtree's who not only share the Sewer/Suit/Shuter FITCHees, but the Trump stag head, and Trump is highly suspect as the bulldog in the pool.


Larry Fink of BlackRock is a liar, and is, in concert with others, trying to create a crisis situation so that globalists can swoop in and "save the world" with a cashless, electronic currency:

The CEO of the world’s largest asset manager, Blackrock, says the Russia-Ukraine war has a "potential impact on accelerating digital currencies." He confirms that Blackrock “is studying digital currencies, stablecoins and the underlying technologies to understand how they can help us serve our clients.'

...Several renowned investors have predicted that the Russia-Ukraine war could risk [give me a break, this is hardly a war] the U.S. dollar’s role as the world’s reserve currency. Earlier this month, veteran investor Jim Rogers, who co-founded the Quantum Fund with billionaire investor George Soros, said what is happening with Russia and its sanctions is the end of the U.S. dollar [give me a break, these devils want to orchestrate it]. Famed value investor Bill Miller shares a similar view [who cares?]. Galaxy Digital CEO Mike Novogratz recently described, “We are entering a world that’s unknown [bite-my-fingers scaaaary] where people are going to struggle to figure out what is the reserve currency.”

The Blackrock boss proceeded to discuss central bank digital currencies (CBDCs). “Even before the war, several governments [all control-freak thieves] were looking to play a more active role in digital currencies [only control-freak lunatics want this] and define the regulatory frameworks under which they operate,” he pointed out. Fink then referenced the Federal Reserve’s study on the potential impact of the U.S. digital dollar. Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell has repeatedly said that the Fed has not decided whether to issue a CBDC.

Once I heard in the news that a hospital in Ukraine was bombed, I knew that the West was shooting missiles at Ukraine. Russia wouldn't bomb a hospital, not a chance, because it looks so bad for itself globally. Be smart, know that the West is striving to knock out Russia by the most horrible people in the Soros / neo-Soros camps. It's a no-brainer. The West is the aggressor; Russia only wants to protect Russians in Ukraine which the West is persecuting using their Ukraine-government puppets. Ukraine, the people, just happen to be in the middle of the superpowers.

On Stew Peters Monday, David Martin sits in, and, in the 13th minute, mentions BlackRock as a moneybags behind the vaccine poisoning:

Martin's strategy is to start a civil suit where the right judge is more likely to be secured, in Utah, and through this case the goal is to discover more details behind the high-level conspirators and their conspiracy. Once done, it is hoped that it will open a way for criminal prosecution when the people demand it of their state attorney generals.

It's not the Russians who are ruining globalism more than it was already ruined, but mad dogs such as the Soros slob, the Schwab rag, the soul-less trudeau robot, the Australian tyrants, and the American-Democrat crazies. The more these people open their mouths, the more people know for sure they don't want a global government. And so they will force themselves on the people, like rapists.

If Calgarians are willing to protest when the government is trying to make protesting against the law, I'm willing to share a short video (another pastor arrested):

Here's David Knight on the dubious Musk purchase of Twitter stock. David ought to have regular like-minded guests on his show so that his voice is not the only voice for hours upon hours. I think people need to hear different tones when listening so long:

I don't like using Not Fake News, but he's often the only one who shares Stew Peters shows (and this channel makes ad money on Stew's shows, what a louse) at bitchute. Maria Zack has not relented in trying to prove election fraud from the Italian military, and so if you want to hear here latest claims, here's some that shoot-down general Flynn (he's not a Christian as he claims) and Mike Pompeo as frauds, or moles in the Republican party:

Trump the farce is responsible for elevating Pompeo the do-nothing to the highest office of both the CIA and the State Department. Pompeo probably did much behind the scenes to destroy Trump, what a big arse Trump is, the biggest I've ever seen. He hired all of his own enemies, the guy who thought he was so wise, so smart, so savvy, what a pathetic creature of bad habit. The man has long been possessed by evil spirits, do you think he's not going to be affected by them in his old age? He's not interested in doing good. He's not interested in doing God's will. He's selfish and proud like the devil, and he's going to divide the sheep from the goats, beware. Worldly Christians will hinge to Trump, but Spiritual ones will know to lay off. Let God call the shots, One who can be trusted. Look at how much has been exposed in a few short years, with more revelations unfolding weekly. It's creating pot holes in the road to the new world order. It's slowing the new-world-order bus. Their biggest trolls will come out to push the bus in broad daylight, exposing their sorry arses.

If Ms. Zack's claims are true, then it poses that, indeed, Flynn and Byrne are fake Trump supporters, and moles into his affairs. But, if I'm not mistaken, even Mike Lindell is not part of the Zack movement / claims, how can we explain that? Lindell still stands by his global packet-captures, and they should expose the assault from Italy that Zack maintains. Imagine the horror of Sidney Powell, if she's authentic, to find that Flynn has been a deep-state mole all along. I still hold out that Lindell is possibly himself a fake. We are learning that, when the deep state is in big trouble, it routinely sends "leaders" popping up out of nowhere, with the stated quest to put down the deep state, yet act as spy-moles instead. Taking leadership positions, they talk the talk but do absolutely nothing to harm the deep-state faction that hires them.

Here's a possible tactic of fake leaders: they speak out valiantly against vaccines, for example, and as they rise to be social-media stars, they convey a fake set of bad persecution that's hit them order to dissuade others from speaking out or taking action. Or, the deep state puts out fake stories of key people, taking action, suddenly being murdered or being arrested. The over-the-top arrest of general Flynn may have been faked to dissuade whistle-blowers, but when Flynn arose as a media star, he yap-yap-yapped the good storyline but accomplished nothing for those who honored him. The real star-fighters are those in the process of doing something, but even then we might wonder whether the deep state would send out fakes taking legal / court action in order to cause others to sit back, and in the end, the fakes blow (ruin) their cases one way or another. Like the attorney general of Arizona, who promised action, but only wasted time instead.

Expect God to accomplish mountains and mountains of good works in the next several years. God is a worker, a Great Success Story.

Mike Lindell announced this week on Bannon that he's taking the Arizona voting machines to court. If he's a fake, then he'll get into that scene before others do, then waste time in the courts, and in the end he'll sabotage the court cases so that nothing happens. If anyone else takes the voting machines to court, he'll try to weasel into their inner circle on the basis that he's in the same game. Why did Lindell wait until now to take those machines to court if he truly believes the packet-captures condemn all cheating counties? The Arizona attorney general has exposed, this week, that he's not dealing against the machines, and so players who care might take those machines to court. In swoops Lindell this very week to make an announcement on Arizona, but judging by his track record, I'm not inspired.

Ukraine and/or the Wet sent a missile into a crowded rail station, killed dozens, injured more, and blamed it on Russia. Let's call a spade a spade. The West sees human life as disposable.

Here's a news show serving evidence of barium poisoning from chemtrails. The video ends with the claim that no one has reported to doctors with barium poisoning, but the government goal would not be to make people poisoned by barium, but rather to ruin the immune system, or organs, little-by-little by barium and other chemicals so that people die of other causes, thus hiding the root cause.

When you have time to consider the things stated by the woman below on preparing for further attacks from globalists, which I think are sober / valid points, load the video:

We had best store food fast this year. I don't know why the vaccine goons have gone so silent; perhaps they are re-adjusting their strategy for an attack worse than before.

Unbelievably, the ontario government is trying to pass a law that permits seizure of entire homes for people who protest; word of this will spread globally and start a greater rain of insults upon this country's anti-Christ leadership, what more could we ask of the liberals to inflict themselves with their own death blows to alleviate us from trying to do so:

This move by Ontario may signal that provinces are gearing up to apply greater pressure than before, and need to pre-scare the population into not complaining for fear of losing car or home or bank money. I personally thought that the bridge blockage at Windsor was a false-flag event (not genuine trucker movement) by the government in collusion with the RCMP for to give the excuse of raising this bill 100 under discussion above. That makes sense. They use the faked events when they debate the bill in congress, and the opposing party cannot usually claim the bill is based on false-flag events, you see. It is important to prove false flag events because they are used in congressional / parliamentary settings to change / create noose-tightening laws. But if politicians are shy in accusing the other side of creating false-flags, then the goon side is strengthened.

Someone in a debate session needs to say, "I don't think the bridge event was authentic. I didn't see truckers on the bridge; I didn't see trucks leaving the bridge when threatened by arrest. I didn't see the news talking to the truckers on the bridge. I didn't see any self-made videos of truckers on the bridge on social media. This event looks faked by the government for use as leverage to pass this bill." Once that accusation is in the minds of other politicians, and it spreads through the population like wildfire, the goon side will be hard-presses to continue false flags with the people watching closer, next time, with suspicious eyes.

Poisoned tap waters?

There are so many different slants on what COVID vaccines are and do that, likely, the deep state is responsible for some of them to keep people from knowing which theory is the correct one(s). I sometimes think they target Stew Peters heavily in order to get their fake news out. To discredit conspiracy-news disseminators, feed them faked and juicy stories with faked evidence, then allow the stories to become known as fakes, with the final result being that viewers no longer trust the disseminators.

Here's a rare happy story in the news:

I really like that tact of asking someone whether a reading of Jesus's death and resurrection in Isaiah 53 reads like a New or Old Testament passage, because all people who don't know the Bible will guess wrongly that it's in the New. Then you tell them that it was written 700 years before Jesus.

I fear for Christians due to the false teachings on the prophetic timeline. The false idea that the anti-Christ makes a peace pact with Israel for three-to-four years could be horrible for Christian safety if these teachers stand up and insist that the anti-Christ cannot be the anti-Christ because he's not made a peace pact with Israel. On top of that, these same teachers might just be foolish enough to maintain a pre-trib stance to the bitter end. 100 Huntley Street in the video above foolishly pushes a pre-trib ministry. Beware these teachers, for they will abandon you to the mark of the beast. Don't be fooled by their slick suits-and-ties and their scholarly approach. They are scholarly in the things they teach, but they teach a mish-mash of truth and error.

For some of us, it's probably time to leave a church that teaches pre-tribulationism. If a pastor or a church is still unafraid to teach such a thin-ice position, knowing that the Bible has no evidence for the theory when the world has arrived to a precipice over the dark hour of lawlessness, then that pastor is possibly going to be a traitor to his flock. These men have read the post-trib passages, and they know there is no teaching of two comings of Jesus in the end times, and so these men are similar to imposters-in-the-making. Or, at least, we may as well treat them as such. Some post-tribbers may feel they should stay in churches to warn pre-tribbers not to remain pre-tribbers, or to help some who are afraid to continue in pre-trib indifference to the times.

This issue is too critical for me to drop my boxing gloves. I will pow-pow those pastors with post-trib passages before their faces, I'm not afraid, if they start giving me the typical pre-trib lines at a time such as this. They need to be made to feel that they are being worthless shepherds, and the sheep need to hear it. It is time to disrespect pre-tribbers. We should not argue with them with respect so they their members treat them with respect, but we should pow-pow them right in the face with post-trib teachings. There are not very many to memorize. I have them all laid out in Part One of my book (link at top or bottom of this page). By "pow-pow" I don't mean "meanly," but straight-shooting bold, unrepentant, unapologetic.

By "disrespect," I mean to ask pastors in front of everyone, "don't you realize that your teaching will abandon your people to starvation?" And as soon as a pastor opens his mouth to defend self with a favorite pre-trib argument, you continue with something like: "Are you going to take your chances on dubious understandings of return-of-Jesus passages that never talk about an early coming of Jesus seven years before Armageddon? Are you going to be responsible for such grave error? Do you really care about your sheep?" Put doubts into the minds of those listening on. Stick fast to belaboring this risk / danger factor, because if you argue post-trib scriptures verses pre-trib, you won't get anywhere with him, and you'll probably lose anyone who's listening on. If he doesn't read post-trib passages as post-trib passages by now, he's got hung-up by the same-old hang-ups laid as traps in books by pre-trib teachers before him. When Christians are afraid enough of the possibility of starving as they see the cashless society taking shape, they'll go to the post-trib scriptures themselves to make up their own minds, and they won't see a pre-trib rapture.

There's Matthew 24:29-31 that's a favorite post-trib argument, but there's also the "first resurrection" of Revelation 20, and of course 2 Thessalonians 2's early verses. Aside from that, New-Testament writers never speak of two comings, but only one at the time of the destruction of God's enemies, and Daniel 12 too has the resurrection after the days of the anti-Christ. This is plain black and white text, no mistake to be made about it unless you have an out-of-Bible reason to teach a pre-trib Coming and resurrection, an invention of the 19th century from a church owned by a rich London banker, Henry Drummond, did you know that? This Henry Drummond considered himself one of the end-time 12 apostles spread across Europe in a heretical cult. Cults are known for inventing ideas for profit. The trick is to form a new teaching that bonds the cult members and keeps them from the other churches portrayed by their leader as in-the-dark churches. The Russellites and Mormons do this.

Pastors may not want to teach post-trib because it causes the people to spend their money on making preparations out of the money pool from which they donate to the churches i.e. less income for the pastors, and less financial tools for church maintenance / growth.

Pre-tribbers are ruining things for us all in other ways. Their treacherous teachers are not very smart at all as they act like scholars. It's pathetic how many mistakes they make as they ramble on like prophecy scholars, it makes me feel sick. It should be plain to them that the 6th Seal in revelation cannot take place at a mid-trib time because Matthew 24:29-31, and Joel too, has it exactly at the coming of Jesus. Therefore, if the 6th Seal is a post-trib event, Revelation scholars and students have got to find a new way to sequence the 21 plaques, placing the 6th Seal at the end. They don't do this because they get tripped up by the fact that all seven Trumpets, and all seven Seals too, are found written in Revelation after the writing of the 6th Seal. In that case, it should dawn on them that the order in which the plagues are written is not the sequence that the plagues will actually fall, but if they are not smart enough to figure that out, then why do they pose as teachers?

It's a no-brainer, yet almost no one is teaching it online. Until the Internet, the Christian book marked was controlled by pre-tribulationists the way the control freaks control world politics. It begs whether spearheading pre-tribulationists and political globalists were/are one and the same. The fact is: the seven Seals are explained / placed side-by-side in the text, but they do not occur side-by-side. What's the problem with this statement if Revelation itself has evidence for it in the 6th Seal's placement? Okay, so the fact seems to be that the 6th Seal is followed by the 6th Trumpet and 6th Bowl, and finally the 7th Seal silence arrives followed by the 7Th-Trumpet rapture and then the 7th Bowl at Armageddon. The 5th Bowl, immediately before the 6th Seal, thus becomes the end of the 42 months of the anti-Christ's rule, the time for God to start saving the Israeli remnant once He's removed / crippled Rothschilian modernists from Israel. Henry Drummond banker was probably such a Rothschilian dragon.

Christian Zionists are in love with the very Israelis that God aims to punish. We've got to hold off on praising Israelis until we see the final outcome. I am not anti-Jew, and actually attended a summer-long Jewish-evangelism program...where the leader was a pre-tribber that I confronted in front of the class when he started teaching pre-tribulationism. He rebuked me in front of the class, threatened to send me home, but he never again spoke on pre-tribulationism in front of our class. Take a shot for the team today, for, globally, post-tribbers are the grand majority. I was zealous for post-tribulationism, and my book is the result. I was very upset with Hal Lindsey.

We must not take the tack of anti-Semite, white nationalists / neo-Nazis, for their approach to Jews is crude, offensive and disturbing. Yes, they reject Jesus, but so do members of other nationalities, why pick on the Jews especially? The ruinous Jews are the Rothschilians; I pick of them of course, because they think they own the universe in the name of God. They are likely to be lumped into the murderous harlot of Revelation. But rich corporate Jews are a minority amongst Jews, and not all rich Jews will do evil the likes of the harlot's evil.

Everyone who is wary of the viral future, watch Robert Redfield talk as if he knows the future with bird flu coming:

I think Redfield is part of a plan to blame vaccine deaths on a new "pandemic" that will be catered by fake news. That's the most-likely scenario. The goons are expecting people, whom they view as cheap, to get very sick as their immune systems weaken, and they've got to make it appear that it's not the vaccines. You have got to understand that they do not view people as normal people do, and they are trying to make you treat human life as cheap too. This is the evil, this is the devil, but I pray continually for God not to let it go past a certain point so that we can bear it, so that it's not too horrible. And hurry Jesus if you are removing the restraint.

Here's how I see it. The goons will collect / print tax money, piling it high, allotting it for persecuting people in conjunction with forcing them to comply with a fascist order. But God can cause expensive disasters to affect areas where His enemies live, and thus the governments, the pawns of the goons, will be forced to spend money on disaster relief instead. In the same was as the goons attacked the Twin Towers while warning their friends not to go into the buildings on 9-11, God can do the same by removing His people from the path of his ordained disasters. When we are clear from cities and into the wilderness, God can cause disasters more widely to preoccupy the time of the goons and drain their money allotted for persecution. We witnessed how trudeau drooled at the prospect of persecuting his enemies. They long to be able to get away with it, and so they will reap what they deserve from God, perhaps even before they unleash their wicked plots.

The imposters in media are talking like this:

Me: Vaccines don't work. 90-percent of people testing positive for COVID have been vaccinated.

Mr. Media: But of course there's going to be more vaccinated people getting COVID if almost everyone has been vaccinated. Don't be an idiot.

Me: If 90-percent of the people are vaccinated, and 90-percent of all positive tests are from the vaccinated, then the vaccines aren't doing anything. So you don't be an idiot...

Mr. Media: Uh, er...

Me: ...and if only 70-percent have been vaccinated while 90-percent and more of the positive tests are amongst vaccinated, then vaccinated people are testing positive MORE than the vaccinated...

Mr. Media: ..uh, er....

Me: ...And then you've got to add that about half the population or more has natural immunity so that a vast-high percentage of the vaxxed who have no natural immunity are testing positive...

Mr. Media:, er....

Me: ...and don't forget, testing is shambles, unreliable so that you have no idea what in tarnation is really happening, just the way the crime syndicate wants it. They do positive tests by design so that they can continue vaccination programs, don't be an idiot. That's right, even people with natural immunity are testing positive because that's how the syndicate is rigging this, and that's why the powers don't want to test for natural immunity in people, otherwise their testing system will be exposed as fraud.

Food Prep

I was happy to find this video showing how tomatoes can be saved in jars for two years or more without a pressure cook. If you have a trib garden with lots of tomatoes but have no pressure cooker, I suppose this is the way to go. The tomatoes are put whole in a deep pan (without a lid) in a 200F-degree oven for 20 minutes to cease aging. The video then shows tomatoes in jars to "sterilize" them in a hot-water bath (which cooks the tomatoes even further), but why not just put the tomatoes in the jars in the first place to sterilize the them while the tomatoes are being treated, with no lids on the jars, and do it for longer than 20 minutes until the centers of tomatoes are at least near 200 degrees? I'm going to try this with the latter method with store-bought tomatoes. I might even try it with quashed tomatoes (get more product into the jars), what would be the difference? If the jar is filled with liquid, chances are that bacteria, if it grows at all, will do so only at the top. Just cook the tomatoes when taken out of the jars to kill any bacteria, what could go wrong? Jarred vitamin C without oranges.

I'm drinking non-alcoholic beer as my "pop." It needs to come in aluminum cans, and so I'm saving the cans. I can use a can-opener to remove the lids. I'm saving the lids because aluminum can be melted in a camp fire, and I think I can make cast-aluminum lids with it. I'm saving three-inch-wide tin cans too after removing their lids because they can be used to store dry foods on a short-term basis if I can rig up lids. I was at Walmart looking for the plastic lids used for tins cans of pet foods, but they're not selling them. ??? Tin-foil lids might do. It won't hurt to have some metal cans in case they're needed. I flip an empty beer can upside-down into a tin can to save storage space. They can be used for storing seeds, and one can't have too many seeds in the trib. If I use a steel can, I save using a glass or plastic jar with seal-tight lid that's useful for long-term storage. See the logic? Save metal cans too.

Wow, a Christian movie that doesn't open with hypocritical / awful / soft / worldly Christians:


Here's all four Gospels wrapped into one story.

For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God.
Also, you might like this related video:

Pre-Tribulation Preparation for a Post-Tribulation Rapture

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