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April 12 - 18, 2022

My Miracle Marble Shot Looks Like a Cosmic Catastrophe
Coming Out of the Luff Closet with Super-Clue
Good-Friday Elaborates on the Apophis Asteroid of 2029
My Toilet, Apophis, and Swear Words, You Must Read This (late in the update)
The Best-Ever Traces of Herods Yet (late in the update)

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On Monday night of this week, Stew Peters featured an interview with Dr. Ardis who showed evidence that Remdesivir, the only-prescribed, American drug to treat COVID, has been laced with snake venom. I therefore loaded the Ardis and Hardes surnames a few minutes ago, to see Ardis' having a colors-reversed reflection of the Lake Coat. The Lake's came to topic in the last update with Mamie and I embracing in a lake. As I was watching the video, the two, entwined snakes of Earhardts had come to mind because I claim that Ainsley Earhardt is a fulfillment of SLEEPING Beauty in my 1979 dream. The embrace in the lake took place in the morning after Mamie and I slept in a SLEEPING BAG. The HARDes' are listed with Haars/Hares', first found in German with the EarHARDts/AirHARTs, and sharing their fleur-de-lys. We have a story. It looks as though God arranged Dr. Ardis to point to Earhardt, but maybe also Mamie in the lake.

Dr. Ardis said that snake-venom research was conducted by GENentech, which recalled that, as soon as I saw Sleeping Beauty from a distance on a beach, I started to walk toward her, but saw a scene at that time with me in JEANs only. I am so amazed (I'll tell you why soon) with this, first because both French Jeans/GENs/Geans' and Spanish Jeans/Jans share the Graff/Graffen lion. The latter surname had pointed to graphene-oxide, and Dr. Ardis did say in the video that the snake venom can be better carried in the body with some electrical assistance. I feel sure that he was implying the graphene-oxide found in vaccines that was first reported on social media by Stew Peters when he featured JANE Ruby. English Jeans are also Jane's.

[Insert -- I'm writing the above Tuesday. At 8 pm Tuesday night, now, I found a video, dated today, hosted by Dr. Ardis and featuring Dr. Braun (I stopped watching after a half hour because Braun didn't add a thing about his theory). Braun was vocal with his theory that COVID deaths was from venom. It turns out that English Brauns/Browns are in the colors and format of French Harveys while sharing nearly the Hardes/Haar Coat. Scottish Browns essentially have the Coat of vaccine-like Vychans/Vaughns. This is shaping up. End insert]

I had evidence that the beach I was on belonged to Jeffrey Epstein, at his island, Little Saint JAMES'. English Jeans/Jane's/J'Anes' share the blue lion in Crest with James'. Epsteins were first found in Hesse-Nassau, and Nassau's/Naso's happen to share the giant Graff/Graffen lion. French Jeans/Gens have two such lions with a BELL between them, the Bell symbol too. The Hardes'/Haars look like Bellamy kin because Bellamys and Bells are in Hardes/Haar colors and format. Hardes'/Haars use the Masci fleur-de-lys while I was told that Bellamys married Massys of Ferte-MACE. Masseys share the quadrants of Spanish Jeans/Jans. The stars of Maceys/Mace's (Cheshire, same as Masseys) are shared by French HARveys while English Harveys are themselves in Hardes/Haar colors and format. It looks like bingo time. Harvey-like Garveys share the double chevrons of Perche's, and Bellamys lived at Perche.

Therefore, Jeans/Gens are linking to Ardis-like Hardes', and so let's keep in mind that Ardis' are in Lake colors and format in case Mamie and I embracing in the lake is a part of the snake-venom claims. As we embraced at a campsite, the Camps/Champs/Comps and Compo's made it to topic in the past update along with the Scottish Champagne's/Campagne's sharing the Shield of BRACEbridge's. And here I can add the "COUNTER-COMPANy border" of Spanish Jeans/Jans. It's remarkable because it's partially a gold-on-blue border, the color of the border of Earhardt-connectable Hermits and Herrs/Hers. The Countrys in the Ainsley motto might logically have been a branch of COUNTERs/Conte's, and company-like Campanio's share bells with French Jeans/Gens. It's got Ainsley Earhardt on the beach all over it; my jeans are telling me so. The Sheds/Sheddens, with a hermit, were even first found in AYRshire with Hairs and Air-related Ayers. The Fauci-pointing Faucets use a "compony" bend.

I was without my shirt on when only in my jeans, and I know why, for as a noble family (Margaret, I think it was) in AVESNes married a noble in Champagne, it explains why the POTENT pattern (from potent crosses) is shared on a bend between French Champagne's and Avesnes-like Avezzano's, the latter first found in SARDinia, where I think Shirts/SHARDs were from. The Shirt/Shard peacock and the HARborough's in their write-up suggest that Shirts/Shards were HARcourt kin. The potent cross is known to be a take from the top of a crutch, a symbol of maiming. A crozier is like a crutch, and Champagne-related Bracebridge's (Beach kin round-about) have a crozier in Crest. The Crutch surname is also Crooch while Cross'/Croce's (Lincolnshire, same as Bracebridge's), who use a ""potent cross, share the quadrants of Spanish Jeans/Jans. How impressive a story we just told. Sleeping Beauty popped into my arms for an embrace, I've told this a million times before.

The Cross/Croce Crest has "A stork HOLDING a cross formy in its BEAK." That looks related to Beach's/Bechs. I've been aiming to re-tell how the HOLDINGs/Holdens got Karen Graff to point to graphene-oxide, but the heraldry is pre-occupying me with excellent points besides. I'll get there. Ruby-like Rube's share the scythe of Herrs/Hers, and Scythe's/Skits/Skeochs (HEARTs), sharing the a potent cross with English Scheds/Sheds, were first found in Ayrshire with Hermit-loving Sheds/Sheddens, suspect with vaccine shedding. The Rube Coat looks a lot like the German Hart and Earhardt/AirHART Coats.

Rubys have a semblance of the Coat of Beak-related Babe's, but not good enough for my story-telling satisfaction unless Babe's can be linked to Rubys in a better way. Jane Ruby broke the graphene-oxide story from Spanish investigators at La QUINTa Columna. Jeune's were kin of Quince-branch Quints, trust me. French Genns/Jeune's probably have the Chief-Shield colors of Capes' because Jeune's and June's were from QUINTus Caepio's granddaughters, three Junia Caepionis'. English Capone's (same place as English Jeune's) are in Camp/Champ/Comp colors and format, and the latter use Graffen-like griffins. St. QUENTon is near Avesnes. Rubys look like kin of English Leavells while Scottish Leavells share the triple piles of Yonge's/Yonge's, the ones with a "jeune" motto term. Sleeping Beauty pointed to the Level variation of Leavells when she was hovering level, for Beautys share the Coat, almost, of Walerans, from Waleran de Leavell.

The Jeune-connectable Quince's/Quincys built the Fauxside castle of Faucets, and a "quince" is held by the lion of Sforza's that is the lion under discussion with two Jean surnames and that of Graffs/Graffens / Nassau's. This paragraph allows me to go to the Graff/Graffen anchor because the Anchor lozenges are in the colors of the similar Quincy mascles. faucets were first found in east Lothians with Vaux's while English Vaux's were first found in Cumberland with Quints, though the latter were once said to be first found in Essex with English Yonge's/Youngs, and in Dorset with Beautys, Babe's and Beaks (Babe now in Suffolk).

Felts share the flory cross of German Arnolds, and while Lorraine got us to Babe's, I met her at Yonge and Arnold streets. Feltmans were first found in Middlesex with Babe-branch Babels/Babwells. Beaks and Babe's share the FELTman leopard head while the Bathursts, in Feltman colors and format, share a Fox-important "foy" motto term with the Haydens (share Beauty bull) who've in turn been a topic because Hayden is the only child of Ainsley Earhardt (works at Fox and Friends). One of the French Foix's/Foys were first found in Auvergne with Jeune's. It's Ainsley Earhardt and jeans again, by the looks of it.

Both English Haydens were first found in Norfolk with Flags/Flecks who share the double fesses of Felt-like Fleets, and they are colors reversed from the double fesses of Feltmans and Bathursts. As Baths share the cross of the other Haydens, I think it explains why Sleeping Beauty was in a BATHing suit upon her beach. Mamie had her bathing suit on at the embrace, and still on at her garden later that day. But the curiosity is why the double, white-ermined bends of Feltmans and Bathursts are not in both colors of the double, white-ermined bends of Sleeps (Shropshire, same as Harvey-related Bellamys and Jarrets). I was told to WAKE Sleeping Beauty when she was hovering, which pointed, thanks to the garb of Walks/Wachs (same place as Bells), to Wakefields (same garb), who in turn look like they have the split Fleetwood Shield that itself shares the martlets of English Harveys (share black boar head with Gardens and French Jarrets) while Garvey-like Garbs/GARPs (share French-Alan stars in Chief) share the Walk / Wakefield garb along with almost having the French Harvey Coat. As Bellamys (in the Stop write-up) were Alan-of-Dol kin, the Dols look related to the Carp Coat.

That paragraph above was a lot to swallow, but there's stuff in it. The Earhardt snakes can be code for the Snake's/Snooks who have a good reflection of the Walk/Wach Coat, yet more evidence that Miss Earhardt is Sleeping Beauty. I just don't yet know why to my satisfaction. The Snake's/Snooks add that conspicuous snake shared between Graffs/Graffens and Jeans, but maybe this is the time to add that it's the Hug lion too, for we were hugging when embracing, and while Hugs share the triple fesses of FOUNTains, Hugs were first found in Languedoc with FONT-de-Ville's and French Jeans. I've been meaning to show you how the Graff/Graffen lion applies to my hugging Sleeping Beauty, and to Mamie's sleeping bag too. I just can't seem to get there due to all that gets crammed in, in the meantime.

The ANNACKer variation of Anchors could be of the Ainsley-branch Annas'/ARNIS' (possibly named Arnolds). The Annas' were once said to be first found in Nottinghamshire with Ainsleys, but that's been changed because, I think, the Annas write-up speaks only to the Arnis-like variations. I trace the HARVeys and Garveys to the ARVE river at GENeva, and the GENusus river (Albania) had an ARNISSa location, immediately south of the Metz-like Mattis (now the Mat) river. To the near-south of Geneva is Annecy. In this way, my JEANs, pointing to Ainsley in other ways, is connecting to Earhardt/Airhart liners if Harveys were such, and I think they were. If Jeans look like Geneva liners, it can explain why Pullys/Pullings, who likely named Pully on lake Geneva, share the scallops of English Jeans/Jane's/J'ANES'. Geneva's/Genova's are also Genua's. The latter's wings, in colors reversed, become blue, the colors of the Herr and Herzog/HARTzog wings. [Late in this update, when on the best-ever traces of Hart-like Herods, I come back to Arve river elements.]

Miss Hicks' daughter is Geneva, and the Arve river has BONNEville while "bon" is a Hicks motto term. Steve Doocy works daily with Ainsley Earhardt, and French Bonneville's almost have the Duce/Doocy Coat. Bellamys were at Perche while Perche's show only two chevrons in the colors of show-only-two-lions of French Bonneville's. The Botter/BUDDY eagle is "STANDing on a PERCH while the Bonn/Bunn eagles are in the same colors. At a first anniversary of-9-11 memorial, Miss Hicks had a "buddy," Stanley, and Stanleys, like the Stan variation of Stands, are in Bonney colors and format, but it should be added that Bonneys share the Earhardt fleur-de-lys.

GENENtech might just be a pointer to Gannens/Ganons because they are in the colors and format of English Towns, and share the crosslets of Scottish Towns in colors reversed. It reminds of Victoria TONSing and her husband, Joe DiGenova, two layers who despise the deep state, and maybe they should start law suits against some key components of vaccine crimes. The "interTWINed" snakes of Earhardts can be part-code either for Twins or Twine's ("POPPINjays), a possible Town branch (which is why I'm writing this paragraph). Twins (Town colors) were first found in Hampshire with Poppins/Pophams and Tiss'/Teece's/Teese's while God may have provided for GenenTECH to connect with Tease's/Tess'/TECHs because Mamie got her tease symbol in the sleeping bag! In the tent. English Towns and Gannens/Ganons are in the colors and format of Twin-like and tent-using Tintons! Poppins/Pophams (almost the Mens/Mame Coat) even have the Mens variation of Mame's in their motto!! Striking "coincidences." My only regret is why God didn't provide a Genen variation for Gannens. Perhaps He wants us to go to a Gann-like surname such as Gains for gain-of-function research, which is how the goons plot to infest us with viruses.

Oh wow, virus-like Vires' are listed with Verona's, first found in Ile-de-France with French Harveys, and in their colors and format! Wow. The Vires'/Verona's add a white fish that could be the one of Carps because Garbs are also Garps. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, the CARPenters love the Belli's (virtually the Airy Coat) in their motto who were first found in VERONA!!! Zikers, my carpenter-glue dream (in the first update of this month) had wheel bearings while Bearings/Barings share the Coat of Fauci-pointing Vaux's.

I kid you not, the bearings in my bread-making machine started to squeal for the first time ever the last time I made bread three or four days ago, and they squealed again just an hour ago because I'm making bread right now. The Breads/Cakebreads were first found in Cambridgeshire with the Ponders in the Gann motto. I had checked new-to-me Ganns minutes ago as per Gannens. The full Gann motto is shared by Chapmans/Chepmans, first found in Cambridgeshire with Capone's and Jeune's/Genns too! Is that not amazing how Gannes/Ganons brought us back to Jean-like Jeune's/Genns? Beauty piece of work, O Lord. I almost missed it: Jeune's/Genns share the martlets of Gannens/Ganons! ZINGER-STINGER.

This reminds me of Jackie LITTLEford, whom I saw for the first time at a party while I sat beside David Gannan. Soon after, she became my first high-school girlfriend, but she ended up marrying Gannan. Is this combination a pointer to LITTLE Saint JAMES? Poison-like Poissons share the JACK scallops, and a dolphin on red with Jean-connectable JAMES'. JACKie Littleford. I'll just jot down that Irish Fords (Foran kin/branch) share the Harvey martlets. I'm guessing that English Fords were related to Furness', the latter first found in Lancashire with Fleetwoods. I've' told before that the Poisson Coat is almost that of Bardys, the latter first found in Perigord with Fauchys and Faux's/Fage's/CHOLLENs', the pointer to Francis Collins, boss during the "pandemic" of Tony Fauci.

I think I get this; Poissons are also Poussons, but Poussins (not "Pousson") are in the colors and format of Roche's/Roach's (and the Call TRUMPets)!!! A Roche company owns Genentech! Ford-like Forts (Lancashire) share the rock in Crest with Roche's/Roach's! I had cockroaches in Crystal City that pointed to Rockefellers, the owners, they say, of the pharmaceutical empire, and while Bill GATES got into that "game," BathGATE's (West Lothian, same as Scottish Towns with the Gannen/Ganon/GANNAN crosslets in colors reversed!) share the Coat of French Poussins!!!! They both show nothing but suns, and Suns are listed with SAINTs/Sinclairs (Midlothian)! LITTLE SAINT JAMES. The Jackie Littleford who mesmerized me until now, because she never worked into any meaningful heraldry, has just delivered!

English Poussins were first found in Oxfordshire with the Gullys/Gollys sharing the crosslets of Gannens/Ganons and English Julians, and the latter were first found in Cambridgeshire with Jeune's/Genns! I didn't know there was so much to my jeans on the beach until now.

The Forts above, with a "forTIS" motto term possibly for Tiss'/Teese's, might just be sharing the Chief-Shield colors of French Jeune's. Ahh, I get it: I was in jeans without my shirt, and Shirts/Shards, with a "HosTIS" motto term, share the Tiss/Teese chevron! Bingo. We're back to Mamie's tease-in-the-bag, a lot like a jack-in-the-box i.e. a big surprise. Forts use an "auDAX" motto term to assure that their rock is for a line from Roquefeuil in Aude province, but, also, the Tease-connectable Tax's/Dachs, a topic in the last update due to the last time I saw Mamie, are also Dax's.

We are now able to go to the Dax variation of English Ducks because they have lion heads in the colors of the double Duce/DOOCY lions while Steve Doocy co-hosts Fox and Friends with Ainsley Earhardt...but this should be a pointer also to James LeDuc of the Galveston National Lab who partook in setting up parts of the Wuhan lab. Earlier in the day from when Mamie got the TEASE symbol, she was in a HATCH, and Hatch's have the Duce/Doocy Coat in colors reversed. The reason this is being repeated is that Cobra's were looked up last night as per the cobra venom that GenenTECH was working with. Tax-like Techs are listed with Tease's. Cobra's use goats in Hatch colors and format, and while Cobra's are listed with several terms starting with "cab," the Tax's were applied to Mamie due to my taxi CAB. However, I can't yet see how Cobra variations can jibe better with "cab" because they are Cabr-like.

Cobra variations are like the Spanish for "goat" so that Cobra's may not have been kin of Goats. Yet, we may as well mention that Goats (Nottinghamshire) share the Coat of Agrippa-like Gripps/Grape's listed with Garb-like Grabbers/Grabbens/GRAVners/Cravers. These are potential Graff/Graffen/Grav branches. Poppo I Babenberg of GRAPfeld comes to mind, and BABENbergs share the Epstein Coat. Babens/Babons were first found in Suffolk with Babe's. The latter share the hand pointing to the sun with Bradys/GRADYs, and Fauci's male wife, Christine Grady, comes to mind.

Cabero's (Cobra colors) are also Caballo's/Cavallons. Cabels/Cabels were first found in Somerset with Dax's/Ducks. I trace Cable's/Cabels and some-colored Radice's/Radix's to Cabyle, an ancient location in Thrace on the Tonzus river, near Sub RADICE that was itself in the land of the Serdi, suspect to the swords who have swords in the colors of the Tax/Dax swords. The Tonzus river got suspect with the Tonso variation of Tous'/Tosino's (almost the Duc/LeDuc star) because they use a "man" "...wearing a red SHIRT with BUTTONs", tending to explain why Buttons/Bidens use a "chapeau" owned by Cabyle-like Capelli's. Buttons/Bidens (Hampshire, same as Shirt-connectable Tiss'/Teese's) were first found beside the Cable's/Cabels who share their fesse. Making sense? The problem is, "cab" in the context of a taxi or truck is short for "cabin," not "cabel."

I need to add here that, just as I was writing on Cabyle, the word "breasts" was sung on my speakers from the song, "I Am WEARY Let Me Rest," and the next line had an embrace with "throw your loving arms around me." It's so amazing that WEARYs/Were's/Wears were first found in Devon with the Wearings (share checkered bend of Poppo-suspect Pape's/Pope's/Popps) in the man "wearing a red shirt..."!!! But even before knowing that, as soon as I heard "breasts" and the embrace theme, two symbols belonging to Mamie (she has large breasts, important in the last update), I felt I had to go here to mythical CYBELE because she is like "Cabyle." Cybele was the "great mother" goddess expected to have had breasts as her symbol. She was a Phrygian goddess, and Phrygians had the mythical goat, Marsyas, which might explain why Cabyle-like Cabello's come up as "Cabero," that being like the variations of goat-using Cobra's. Marsyas is expected to have depicted the Amorites of Mari who became the Marsi at Avezzano, and Avezzano's were first found in Shirt-suspect SARDinia.

Shirts/Shards share a peacock in Crest with Manners/Maness'. The "man" of Shirt-loving Tous'/Tosini's can be code for goat-using Scottish Mans! And from that, we could get the Manfields who named Nottinghamshire, where Annas-branch Ainsleys were first found. Ainsley Earhardt appears to have larger-than-average breasts, which can indicate that chief-priest Annas descended from the Cybele cult, which was officiated by a high priest, king Brogitarus of Galatia, the ancestor of Quadratilla Bassus, queen of Cetis near Syria. Annas' father, Seth, was in Syria. Quadratilla was descended also from Herods of Israel, where I think EarHARDTs/AirHARTs trace. Quadratilla became queen of Cetis from her Herod line ruling there before her, and that line descended from the Seleucids who I say named Sulcis (beside the island of Sant'Antioco) on Sardinia. Sulcis includes a Piscinas location while Brogitarus' Cybele cult was at Pessinus.

The Scottish Mans (dragon) are in the colors and format of Dragons/Drainers (Kent, same as Mynetts) because the latter share the helmet of MYNETTS, the line from Amyntes, son of Brogitarus. Amyntes conquered Derbe, the line to Derbyshire, where Earhardt-connectable Eyers/Ayers, Harris'/Harrys, and Here's/Heyers were first found as well as the Note's/Cnuts whom I've long been linking to the Coat of Darlene's, who come up as DARLINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The above goes like this: "KISS me MOTHER, kiss your DARLING, lay MY HEAD upon your breasts...,"" and I trace the red Kiss/CUSH rooster to the red rooster on a CUSHion of HAHN-related BIBO's whom I identify with the VIBius line to Vibia, mother of Lupus Laevillus, royal husband of Quadratilla Bassus! Surprise, and the Bassus-line Base's/Baise's share the Duce/Doocy Coat so as to be in the colors and format of Cobra's. The Earhardts use two snakes! It appears that God is using Fox and Friends to point to the snake-venom vaccines suspect, not only with Genentech, but with their related company, Gilead, the maker of Remdesivir.

"Kiss ME MOTHER," and "lay MY HEAD," looks like a pointer to Mee's (Nottinghamshire), listed with My's in the Ainsley motto. While German Mans/Manners share Jean/Jan quadrants, MOTHERs/Mathers (Kincardineshire, same as Prophets and Trump-connectable Peartree's), first found beside Scottish Mans, share the double fesses of Parr-loving MANNers/Maness', and Parrs are from king Pharnaces of the Pontus, an area that ruled Cetis at times. The Herod ancestry of Quadratilla was from a king of Armenia, beside the Pontus. Recall the CHAPman-beloved Ponders, for they were a Pont/Pond branch while CAPPadocia is between the Pontus and Cetis. Chapmans share the Gann motto.

"Lay my HEAD" looks like a pointer to Hatti liners, for Hatti were represented by mythical Attis, sun god of Phrygia, and husband of Cybele. The Head surname shares the three horse heads of Pepins, and the latter may have been from the PAPHlagonians of the Phrygia / Galatia theater. PAPHLAGONians, who look a lot like "Apollyon" (= Apollo) may have been from the Hyksos king, Apophis/Apepi.

When Mamie sat on my lap, a couple of hours before we were in the tent, it pointed to Trump (see last update), but as Laps (same place as trumpet-using Calls and TOPPs) come up as "Labbs,' perhaps the event was a pointer to bio-weapon LABS, for the same lap event pointed in the last update also the Hunter Biden's lapTOP. Hunter is now being implicated with bio-weapons labs in Kiev.

French Poussins were first found in Maine while Maine's share the double fesses of Garveys and Perche's.

By the way, the Jeune/Genn and Gannen martlets are shared by Levi-like Levins and Sadducee-like Saddocks, and the Sadducee, Joseph CAIAPHas, killer of Jesus, son-in-law of high-priest ANNAS (both expected to have been a Levites), looks like the Jeune-connectable Capes'. Chappes' were first found in Ile-de-France with Levi's...and GARB-connectable Harveys. Jerusalem has mount GAREB.

In the last update, while on the sleeping bag, I twice showed why Begs could be a Bag branch, especially where tent-using Tintons got us to the "cronels" of Yeomans (branch of YOEmans), for while Mamie and I slept in a sleeping bag in a tent, cronel-like Cornells/Cornwalls use a "beg YOU" motto phrase. Bags have a lozengy version of the Beach/BECH Coat, tending to identify Beach's with Begs and Bags. Moreover, the BRACEbridge's, who made it to topic with our emBRACE in the lake, have a black version of the vaired Beach/Bech Shield. The latter's lone pile is in the Coat of Countrys (share Earhardt and Hardes/Haar fleur) who are in turn in the Ainsley motto. Ainsley Earhardt. In this context, because the embrace was in a lake, the in inclusion of HARDES'/Haars can be a pointer to Dr. Ardis, for Ardis' are in lake colors and format, and colors reversed from them to boot. We were at a campsite, and so of course there was a beach where we were embracing. We were only in for a WADE, not a swim, and Wade's are listed with Quade's, the line from Quadratilla Bassus.

Bracebridge's (Lincolnshire, same as Base's/Baise's and Cross'/Croce's) have a "Be" motto term while bee-using Bessins, probably a branch of Base's/Baise's (Baiocasses' were in the Bessin). Bee's (Berwickshire, same as queen Bebba of Bebbanburgs) once share the quadrants of Jeans/Jans (and Cross'/Croce's).

At the very end of the Sleeping-Beauty dream, she and I embraced...partly because, I assume, the two Earhardt snakes are "intertwined" i.e. embraced. Beach's/Bechs and their VAIR design (look like bell pattern maybe deliberately for Bell liners) look related to the Coat of French Vairs while English Vairs/Vere's share the quadrants of Spanish Jeans/Jans, bringing us back to the Graff/Graffen lion, I feel sure in this context.

The Beach's/Bechs are therefore suspect from Begga, daughter of Pepin of Landen, and Pepins share the GENN/Jeune fleur-de-lys, you see, while GENENtech can be pointed to by that surname. Begga's mother was Itta, and Itters share the giant Graff/Graffen and Jean/Gen lion. See? There's graphene-oxide on Jeffrey Epstein's beach, so to speak. Moreover, it might floor us to know that Itters were first found in Hesse with Epsteins. The latter were at Hesse-Nassau, and Nassau's have the giant Itter / Graff lion too. Hesse's have a giant sun in the colors of the three suns of Poussins and BathGATE's, very suspicious because Bill Gates loves Jeffrey Epstein more than he loves his wife.

As Epsteins share the Water Coat, Itter-like Witters came to mind, listed with Itta-like Witts, and waddaya know? They share the crescent of Beggs who in turn have a giant 'A' suspect with Arnolf of Metz. English Witters/Whithers/Weathers use a HARE. German Becks share the white and upright stag of German June's/Youngs/Jungs while Yonge's/Youngs have Jeune's in their motto. English Yonge's/Youngs were first found in Essex with Waters and Muschats. Begga's children were styled, "of HERIStal," and Hardes'/Haars above are also Hares'.

That's impressive because the June/Young stag is in the colors of the Trump stag head while Roche's/Roach's are in the colors and format of the TRUMPets of Calls/Calles' (see them last update). Genentech was a subsidiary of a Roche company! Trump pushed the vaccines at warp speed, and he's still proud of it even though he knows of all the many, many deaths and maimings. God supplied cockROACHes for me in a motel room of CRYSTAL City, as I've reported many times, and Crystals share "Mens" in their motto with Pepins, and Mens' are listed with Mamie-like Mame's/Mames'. The embrace in the lake was a few weeks after Lorraine and I broke up, and that itself was on the night I met Mamie. God had flipped me from Lorraine to Mamie to tell many stories...about killer vaccines, mainly, I now see. There's going to be Armageddon as the reward for this unfathomable wickedness.

Jeune's were a branch of June's, and it was in the month of June when I asked Lorraine on our first date at YONGE street and ARNOLD. She pointed to Pepin of Landen in at least four ways, one being where Itta of Metz (in Lorraine, France) was related to ARNOLD (or Arnulf) of Metz. Did I say that Yonge's/Youngs have a "jeune" motto term. I asked Lorraine out for the first time on my 24th BIRTHday, and while Births/Berts are a branch of Burts/Birts, the Birds/Burds share the giant flory cross of German Arnolds, this is wild. This flory cross is in colors reversed with the Bouillons, the latter first found in Auvergne with French Jeune's. The "Christi BELLo" motto phrase of Bouillons therefore connects with the Jean/Gen bells, and probably relates to my trip through Crystal City. Birds/Burds were first found at BROXton while Ainsleys were first found at BROXtow.

After loading Itters to see that they might have the Graff/Graffen lion for a related reason, I was stumped on how to apply it to anything in this discussion. The Graff Coat is so simple, without motto codes even, that it was hard to link the surname to any other surname in particular because a million other surnames share their lion. The Itters are similarly simple, showing only a lion in split colors, no motto. If I can't make a hardish link from one surname to another, I can't tell a story that God may have written in heraldry. It's up to Him to provide those links, and my job is to seek them should they be planted by Him.

And so I've just remembered how I was able to link the Graff/Graffen Coat to graphene-oxide in vaccines, by the surname's description, "...a demi-lion rampant HOLDING an anchor." It's perfect for the embrace / hug theme, especially as Hugs share the Graff/Graffen lion. But there's more than just the "holding" term, and more even than Hugs being first found in Languedoc with Jeans/Jans who likewise share their lion. Holdings/Holdens ("allerions = BEAKless eagles) were at Haslington, and Haslingtons are HAZELtons too while I've known Hazels since the years when they were said to be first found in Cheshire with Weavers; the two share similar Coats to boot. Well, the event that pointed to graphene-oxide was Mr. KEPke (14 years old) chasing me with a spider, dangled from its web, in front of Karen Graff laughing, at her home. KEEPs use a "weaver's shuttle" while spiders weave webs.

I can now add that while Graffs/Graffens share the lion of Itta-like Itters, Karen's father (Simon) always SMOKed a pipe, and Pipe's share the Pepin Coat, Itta was Pepin's daughter. Plus, Webbers have the Pipe and Pepin bend-with-fleur in colors reversed, you can't make this stuff up. I've said these things before about the spider event, just not with Itters involved. It's working like a charm, but what does it mean? Aside from a thin-ice pointer of Itters to Jeffrey Epstein, what greater value might they hold?

[The day after writing above, I was back to the Graff/Graffen lion when discovering a batch of heraldry in the news section below that solidly points to cobra venom in vaccines. You should read that section. The point here is that, as I've said a few times, Karen Graff lived at the corner of UNION and DONER streets (Gormley, Ontario) when the spider event took place. Unions (millrinds) are in the colors and format of German Arnolds who are in turn suspect in the 'A" of the Begg Coat. End insert]

When I got to Crystal City, my vehicle was blowing black SMOKE out the tailPIPE. Simon Graff always SMOKED a PIPE when he came over to visit my father. Crystals share "Mens" in their motto with Pepins. I could hear the cockROACHes behind the loose wallpaper in my motel room that night, and in the morning, more black smoke. Many years later, when realizing that God set up events in my life to be deciphered through heraldic codes, I checked the Roach's and eventually the Smoke's too to find the curiosity of Smoke's being listed with RAUCH's. And here today I'm looking at a Roche company, which has as one of its subsidiaries, Genentech INC. Could is thus appear that graphene-oxide is part of Genentech and Gilead poisoning on a mass scale?

This section got us from the "interTWINed" snakes of Earhardts to the Twins and Towns/TUNE's, and then there's a "tunnel" in the Coat of spider-like Spitzers. Tunnels are also Tunno's and TunNOCKs while Nocks are interesting for being first found in Buckinghamshire with Begg-like Biggs and Simon-like Simsons. The spider event now includes Itters, I think, suspect with Itta of Metz, mother of Begga. That works, but why is this set of heraldry here?

Repeat from when we were on the SHETland-like Scheds, a branch of Sheets/Skate's: "It's got Ainsley Earhardt on the beach all over it; my jeans are telling me so. The Sheds/Sheddens, with a hermit, were even first found in AYRshire with Hairs and Air-related Ayers." AirHART-like Airys are suspect in the motto of HEART-using and HARDY-descended Douglas' because the latter were first found in Moray with the Bellys while Airys share virtually the Coat of Italian Belli's. The Douglas motto is linkable to the motto of Jean-connectable James', and while Shirts/Shards can be resolved as HARcourt kin, Harcourts have the double fesses of English Hairs/Hares' (reminds of HARDes'/Hares'), the latter first found in Surrey with James'!!! I was with my jeans on and no shirt! I didn't know I'd be at the last point when starting this paragraph; I was wanting to end with Hardys being first found in Lanarkshire with Biggs-like Biggars suspect in the "byggar" motto term in the Arms of Shetland.

Miss Peare had the BELLY-press event with me at my age 18, and while Peare's (Oxfordshire, same as Harcourts and Tiens/Thames') share the chevron-with-stars of Tiens, Bellys share the chevron of Dry's suspect with Tiens in the Airy motto term, "tiendrai." Dry's were first found in Norfolk with the Dunhams sharing the Scottish Hair Coat minus the double fesses. Harcourt is a location at the Orne river (Bessin), explaining the Dry "herons," for Here-like Herons/Hurons share the Orne/Horn Coat. It suggests that Berbers / Numidians from Aures named the Orne river.

Airys come up as "Erie," and Herie's are listed with Ure's, likewise first found in Ayrshire, and as Ure's are listed with Eure's/Evers too, we find that, once again, the quadrants of Spanish Jeans/Jans are shared, this time by Ure's/Eure's/Evers. Little Saint James is in the Virgin islands, and Virgins share the red lion in both Shield and Crest with Herie's/Ure's/Orreys and Aurs/Aures'. Why does it seems that Ainsley Earhardt is on Epstein's island? If she wasn't a product of that place in her teens, to whom could she be pointing in linking Epstein's crime ring to Fox news? Besides Alan Dershowitz?

The border of Spanish Jeans/Jans can now be connected to the same-colored one of MacKENZie's, for their branch has a "URO" motto term, and they descend from queen KENZa of Aures.

Here's an interesting set of arguments for Trump the devil:


Seven federal officers arrest this doctor for telling his vaccine story, and after more than three weeks of confinement, he's telling about it, showing again how globofascist the canadian authorities have been for decades, now showing their true colors like morons who don't care about their own reputations, like self-inflicting zombies of the Schwab machinery. They apparently tried to kill this doctor with drugs Nazi-style. Is this not demonic? Is it an exaggeration to accuse this government of demonism?

How does a tyrannical government round up all the citizens who would fight with guns? By posing as I think the guy in this video is posing, a fake, for if he really was part of an armed rebellion, he wouldn't advertise it publicly:

The trucker convoy in canada was partially a false flag, I believe, in order to have the excuse to make strict laws prohibiting protests and freedom rallies. But the number of truckers who showed up surprised the government and so it backfired quite a bit. The main false flag was at the border crossings, and then there were weapons found that were planted by the government in relation to those border events. Somebodies in parliament are going to use those faked gun finds to create a new law for spying on people more deeply. We are in a period of trash government; try to fend on your own, stop trusting politicians, speak disrespectfully toward them at every opportunity, revealing their sins and duplicity. They will spiral out of control because they hate one another. They will plot together for a time, but they will not get along, and they will hate one another. In the end, allies will fight one another at the final battle, killing each other off. What did we expect of trash humanity, a good ending?

Some are saying that the new world order is critically hurt at this time. I wouldn't go that far. Prepare for its comeback, it's been planning it. It's not in hiding, it's planning the next move. I'm hoping that it will be lame for this entire year, but unless things become a little frightening for us, Christians will not store foods, so, expect some frightening situations as God's warnings. I think that's logical. I don't know how God is planning things for us, but I think it's logical that things should get only progressively worse such that we have the impetus, and the time, to stock up. God is watching trudeau closely, and one never knows what God may decide for his life, but it won't be good even if judgment is delayed.

Stew Peters has interviewed Dr. Ardis, who laughs or puts on a smirk when he talks about murder-by-Remdesivir, or when he should not be happy as per what he's saying. He now claims that he's cracked the mystery of Remdesivir as a snake venom, and he's making a lot of sense. His evidence is a starter. You can either get right to his message in the first video below, or you can watch the full Stew Peters show in the second video below. A stupid person added music to this video:

The speaker, Mr. Ardis, proposes that RNA from snake venom is somehow the COVID infection, but I'm not biting. He makes a good case for suspecting snake venom in circulation by the U.S. military operation at Gilead, the manufacturer of Remdesivir.

Ardis says that a publication claims that hydroxychloroquine "negates" the effects of Remdesivir, explaining why the goons resisted and blocked the use of the hydroxy. I'm not sure, but I think he's also saying that hydroxychloroquine tames snake venom. He says that some funding for cobra-venom research was done by an American company, Genentech (over 13,500 employees in 2021), a subsidiary of Roche. Mr. Ardis found (and shows with a happy look on his face) Internet evidence that Gilead bought two Genentech facilities, and transferred dozens of its "EXECUTIVES" (not just any employees) to itself at/about the time that Genentech was doing cobra-venom studies. Now that is very concerning.

My guess is that Gilead, or whoever the middleman-to-market is for Remdesivir, puts different types of poisons into different batch lots, and kills or harms by multiple poisons.

Snake venoms, in particular, have evolved a wide diversity of peptides and proteins that induce harmful inflammatory and neurotoxic effects including severe pain and paralysis [including inability to breathe], hemotoxic effects, such as hemorrhage and coagulopathy [impaired clot formation], and cytotoxic/myotoxic effects, such as inflammation and necrosis.

Snake venom doesn't cause athletes to be fine for part of the game, and then to fall suddenly paralyzed or dead in a second. It means that there's something besides venom in the vaccines. Snake poisoning is quick. Instead, many people killed by the vaccines were fine for days or weeks, then suddenly felt ill. Something else is going on with vaccines. Perhaps, as they say, scientists have been able to encapsulate drug products they deliver to the blood, to be uncapsulated at a later time by some sort of trigger or "time bomb." I think they have said that graphene-oxide encapsulate products for delivery to certain organs,

can there be snake venom in Remdesivir? Absolutely, I'm half-sold on that idea already. It is so incredibly nasty, people need to rise up in arms. If true that they are poisoning by Remdesivir, the people responsible must be shot. I don't care how it's done. And anyone supporting the murders must be served legal notice, there's more than enough lawyers who could do this without charge. JUST DO IT. Get it going, enough talk. Slow these goons by taking them to court. The longer the cases are dragged out, the more futile the goons will be in continuing their parts in the mass-murder campaign. Shoot the fright back at them by starting legal cases that seek to find evidence of their parts in deliberate killings.

Why hasn't anyone tested vials of Remdesivir to check for various toxins? Are the vials well-protected? Are there no good guys involved in its distribution who can sneak some out?

Stew Peters called his show with Dr. Ardis, "Watch the water," but he says nothing about poisoned water. The problem of poisoning an entire water supply with venom is that many people would get the same thing from the same water source i.e. illnesses are fully regional , and that's too risky for the culprits. Even the water suppliers would likely oppose such a risk. Then again, leading Democrat rulers have become crazy. I think Peters is wrong to say so fast that the virus itself is the venom. He's agreeing with Ardis too fast, whom you can see in the video below saying in no uncertain terms that the COVID infection is snake poison. That's sounds crazy:

I do not like Ardis' attitude. He's a terrible disseminator of this theory. In the 7th minute of the video, Ardis shows a quote highlighted in blue. If I were a medical expert, I might understand better what it's saying. It sounds as though coronavirus was injected into horses to allow the horse to create a defence product against the virus, and then this defence product, which I think the quote calls the "plasma," was injected as treatment into 26 humans who tested positive for coronavirus. The quote then says that this team took from experience in snake venom, but the quote does not say that snake venom was part of the treatment. Perhaps there are similarities between what we read in the quote and treating horses for acquiring anti-venom product / plasma from them, but we are not reading here that plasma from snake venom was injected into the 26 human patients. That's my take. Ardis seems to be claiming that venom was part of the treatment.

At the start of the 8th minute, there is a quote at the top of the page that loses me at the "phospholipases," a term that's over my head even when I google its definition. I don't have time to go into it. The quote says that "snake venom phospholipases" are able to destroy the cell-binding capabilities of SARs COVID viruses. If they can't bind to cells, they cannot replicate, and are thus useless in making people sick. Therefore, it's a good question as to why we are not hearing from the CDC and Fauci that snake venom phospholipases should be tried to cure people. But then, this "pandemic" seems to have been nothing but a typical flu so that, in most cases, special treatments are not needed. The fatal tragedies have been procured deliberately by the roll-out of vaccines and Remdesivir in combination with the bribing of hospital owners and managers.

Ardis shows a headline in the 8th minute telling that snake venom can keep a virus from replicating in the body. Ardis leads the viewer to believe that this means the virus is snake venom. Not, not quite. It means that venom can be formed into a treatment to combat a virus, same as we read above by putting some venom through horses and creating anti-venom. Before Ardis makes his claims as he's doing, he needs to show that anti-venom cannot defeat a viral infection, because maybe it can. If it can, it means that anti-venom defeats both snake-venom poisoning and viruses so that we should not assume that the COVID virus is venom. Ardis, in the way he's reading the articles he shares, is triggered to discover how the goons poisoned the world with snake venom, and perhaps this is where he birthed the idea that venom was passed through the household-water systems. NUTS. I don't buy that, and neither should Peters.

It's becoming obvious to me now that Ardis is jumping to conclusions where he may not have have the expertise to do so justifiably. I certainly don't have the expertise to check his assumptions for validity or otherwise, but assumptions they may be rather than the facts he's claiming outright. We had best wait for other medical people to comment on his ideas, if they comment at all.

Where he talks about nicotine receptors, he's talking about people who have chronic breathing problems, but this is not what infected people, in general, experience until they are hospitalized, and so we can assume they are poisoned in hospitals with various poisons, and venom may be one as soon as they are vaccinated. However, people were dying on respirators before the vaccine roll-out, and perhaps even before the roll-out of Remdesivir (I don't know when Remdesivir went into action).

I recommend you watch the Ardis video above starting at 34:50 for a very-interesting "vaccine" called CORBEvax that appears to be an anti-venom cure rather than a vaccine. A vaccine by definition causes the body to produce a defence against a virus, but this drug looks like a cure that works apart from causing a defence mechanism, same as would Ivermectin, for example. Ardis shows that an Indian anti-venum company working with COBRa venum is selling the rights of CORBEvax to the United States, and the latter country seems to be trying to trick the people into thinking that this is a new "vaccine" rather than admitting that it's an anti-venom drug from India. However, again, if this drug alleviates viral infections, it does not necessarily mean that people diagnosed with a virus have snake-venom poisoning.

At the end of the 38th minute, there's a mid-2021 headline telling that a co-founder of Moderna can use mRNA technology to treat snake bites, but Ardis wants us to jump to the conclusion that COVID is from snake venom. However, one can apply white paint to a chair and blue paint to a stool, it doesn't mean the stool is the chair. In other words, Moderna can perhaps apply one kind of mRNA technology to snake bites, and another mRNA technology to viruses, it doesn't mean the virus is a snake venom.

It then gets surreal when the host says that the goons are injecting COVID vaccines to cause the body to produce snake venom. THIS IS NUTS. I think Ardis agrees with the host as he thinks this idea out-loud, but THIS IS NUTS. He's gone too far by misreading the articles. That's my take.

Having said that, I think what the powers are defining as COVID is a mishmash of different flus and viruses, or anything that gives people fevers and coughs. In the midst of all that, there is likely a virus put out from a lab(s) intentionally that MIGHT (need proof first) resemble a venom of some sort that's disabled by the defence mechanism of a horse, which allows anti-venom product from a horse to disable the virus. I'm sure I heard Ardis say that anti-snake-venom is produced only from horses. If Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine do not relieve snake-venom poisoning, then whatever Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine do relieve is not snake venom.

Theory: once Fauci and company saw that India's proto-Corbevax worked to relieve a certain virus, they plotted to give the world that virus with the further plot of infecting them further with vaccines with the further plot of selling the world the cure as Corbevax.

After writing that, I remembered a motto phrase that looks like "India," and I even remembered that it's the Rush's that use it ("Un Dieu"). I then checked for Cobre-like surnames and got the Cove's/Covers as "Cobers," and, zowie, they are in Rush colors and first found with Rush's in Suffolk. Rush's even use HORSES.

One can easily get to the crowns of the Coron and Corona surnames by following the "COTISed" bend of Cove's/Cobers, what are the chances? It was only in the last update of last month when finding the ACOTT/ACOTES variations of Courts/COVERts ("AUCTa" motto term), suggesting that the Coats/Cotes bloodline married with the Curtis/Courtis (Court-Covert colors) bloodline to form the Courts who had in turn been related recently to the Cover variation of Cove's/Cobers. The Grands suspect in the Court/Covert motto share three gold crown with Curtis/Courtis', and it's the latter that are in the colors and format of the three Coron/Corona crowns.

OH WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW. The three Coron/Corona crowns is in giant form with Italian Corona's while same-colored Spanish Corona's share the SNAKE/Snook eagle, I kid thee not! Snake's/Snooks were first found in Kent, beside the first-known Courts/Coverts and Coverts/Cofferts. I was sick, to tell you the truth, when going to this batch of heraldry when starting with Rush's, because I feel uneasy using heraldry to credit God for pointing to things when it may not be true. It's a serious offense to credit God for things when God is not in them. I get mildly terrified at times, and am careful not to over-state things. I always worry, until the heraldry starts to pop as you just saw it pop! Then I suddenly become confident that God's in it, and dig deeper. I use lots of exclamation marks when things pan out, when they shouldn't pan out unless there is Intelligent Design behind them.

Instead of showing a third eagle at the bottom of the Snake/Snook Coat, it seems the family substituted it with a lion, and it's the Graff/Graffen lion too, though it seems impossible to make a close connection between the two surnames based only on that similarity. The Graff/Graffen lion holds an anchor while the Anchors share the lozenges of Nigers//Nigels that were looked up minutes ago as per the Nigg location of Cove's/Covers/COBERs. I've just added the insert above that I'll quote here:

Insert -- I've said a few times, Karen Graff lived at the corner of UNION and DONER streets (Gormley, Ontario) when the spider event took place. Unions (millrinds) are in the colors and format of German Arnolds who are in turn suspect in the 'A" of the Begg Coat. End insert

That insert was placed appropriately where the Itta-like Itters had worked into the spider event, and Beggs (suspect from Begga, Itta's daughter) were first found in Inverness-shire with the crown-using Grands suspect in the Court/Covert motto term, "Grandescunt." Courts/Coverts and Coverts/Cofferts were first found in Sussex, not only with the Kepke-like Keeps having a "weaver's shuttle," but with Unions. Kepke was with Miss Peare for a couple of years (about five years after the spider event) after she was with me for a short period, and she lived in UNIONville at the time, as I've said many times. Peare's happen to share the gold leopard face with Coverts/Cofferts.

It was recent when suggesting that the weavers SHUTTLE is a pointer to the shuttle abilities of graphene-oxide. Medical scientists have found ways to shuttle certain drugs through the bloodstream so that they cannot be used until a certain trigger lets them out from their shuttle or capsule. I've seen a video or two where graphene-oxide (black like tar) spreads out (under its own magnetic force) in a liquid so as to look like a spider. Real spiders have been fed graphene-oxide to strengthen their webs.

More. Kepke's first name, Lawrence, as a surname, was first found in Lancashire with the Shuttleworths showing "weaver's shuttles." The Shuttleworths were first found in Bury of Salford, where Holds/Holds were first found, and the HOLDINGs/Holdens in the description of Graffs/Graffens were likewise first found in Lancashire. That's working, and it just so happens that while Lawrence's were at Redmaine, the Redmaine's have a Coat looking much like the Union Coat. Then, the Beacons/Bacons in the Redmaine "beacon" were first found in Suffolk with Rush's (temporary pointer to cobra anti-venom in India). The "Un" motto term of Rush's looks like "UNion." German Belli's have a beacon too, and the Belli-related Carpenters have a motto, "PER ACUTA belli" that looks linkable to the "AUCTA" motto term of Courts/Coverts/ACOTTs/ACOTES'. That's an amazing set of heraldry, not easy to do by random chance.

As I said, the BELLY-press with Miss Peare took place as little as two weeks after Peare left me for Kepke, in my apartment on LAWRENCE avenue (Toronto). The Belly-press pointed to Goods/Guths/GUTs for more reason than a belly being a gut, and to this we can add the "Gott" motto term of German Webbers/Weavers, keeping the GOATs in mind of the Cobra surname. I haven't known until now, so far as I recall, that the little thing in the beak of the Court/Covert eagle is a "a LILY SLIPped into its mouth proper," amazing because Weaver-related Hazels use "hazel SLIPs"!!! Incredible, and more incredible due to the "LILLae" motto term of English Webbers!!! These new finds come just as Courts/Coverts are pointing to snake venom...that needs to be shuttled in the body to be triggered later, significantly after the vaccines are injected. The slips are code for the Hazel-branch Islips/Haslips that use a "stag proper, lodged...", and Lodge's/Loge's were first found in Suffolk too.

By the way, Susans, with a giant lily, are suspect from Susa, the COTTian capital.

I don't remember ever connecting Courts/Coverts/Acotts to Webbers / Weavers. The Court/Covert eagle is "DISplayed," and the Dice location of Diss'/Dice's is said to have been "Disce" too while a "disc" is in the Crest of English Webbers!!! The latter are the ones with the bend-with-fleur of Itta-related Pepins in colors reversed!!! Can we believe this? Itter's right in our faces. The "disPLAYed" eagle may be code also for Players because they show only a gold pale bar in their Shield, and the only thing in the Nigel Coat is a gold pale-bar-by-lozenges. Players use drops on their pale bar, and Drops/Trope's were first found in Norfolk with Diss. The Lucys, rulers of Diss, are suspect in the Kenneth/MacKenzie motto, and it just so happens that Nigels can get us to KENNETH Heckenlively.

Weavers were first found in Cheshire with the Nigels who are in turn perhaps part of the Nigg location of Cove's/Covers/COBERs. Nigels/Nigers almost have the Lively Coat, evoking "HeckenLIVELY," and Kenneth is the one who writes that Fauci is guilty of HIV-related crimes, which can explain why God may have provided a HIVely variation of Livelys.

OHHHHHHHHHHHHH WOOOOWWWIE! As per "HECKENlively" Heckens use "goats' heads" while Cober-like Cobra's use full goats. It recalls the Cobra variations such as, Cabrera, and from that I had loaded same-colored Cabero's with variations such as "Caballo/Cavallo" meaning "horse" (!), and the point is: the Cabera/Caballo bend is in the colors of the bend-by-lozenges of Livelys/Hivelys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What are the chances? Did God set this up to point to Tony Fauci as a killer by snake venom?

Here's another impressive thing starting with Cavallo-like Covals/Covells (new to me right here). First, the cotised bendlets of Cove's/Covers/Cobers are in the colors of the Cabera/Cavallo and Lively bends. Second the Coval/Covell Coat is a near copy of the wake and Nelly Coats, and the Nigels, almost having the Lively/Hively Coat, have a write-up suggesting that they were a Neil branch, like "Nelly," making sense where German Neils are also Nigel-like Nagle's. And it's the Cove's/Cobers who were at Nigg. From here, we may ask whether Sleeping Beauty's was asleep due to snake venom killing some Christians, for when I was told to WAKE her, we both went up in a rapture i.e. into the sky.

I'd like to go back to the "Gott" motto term of German Webbers/Weavers because Gotts/Goth's/Gode's share the red escutcheon with the HOLDings/Holdens in the Graff/Graffen description. We saw how Courts/Coverts come up as Goth-/ Gut-like Acotts/Acotes', and we saw how they got us to corona-pointing Curtis/Courtis, but I didn't realize at the time that the latter's Coat is in the colors and format of the HOLDers! The gold lion in the Holder Crest can be the gold-on-blue Graff/GRAFFEN lion because the Holder GRIFFINs are gold-on-blue and looking much like the Holder lion!!! Lookie there, just lookie there. When Sleeping Beauty and I were rising in rapture into the SKY, we were holding fast, and McLeods/CLOUDs have a motto, "Hold fast," and we might even go here to the CLOUDs that Jesus is said to return on, at the First Resurrection. Holds/Holts (Lancashire, same as Holdings/Holdens) have two of the Holder fesses, and while they are in the colors of the Italian Dance's/Donnas' (suspect from king Donnus of the Cottians), the Holder / Curtis' have dancetty-fesses.

Okay, so it seems that God is connecting Graffs/Graffens to the Holder Crest, evoking the Mafia boss, Eric Holder, Obama's mafia in the Justice Department. The Holders appear to be from king Donnus of the COTTians along with the Courts/Coverts/ACOTTs, and while the latter pointed to snake venom, or even to cobra venom where Cobers are also Covert-like Covers, the DONers/Donahue's have an arm "HOLDING a sword on which there is a serpent." Karen Graff lived on DONER street when the spider-chase event took place. Doners/Donahue's are in Susan colors, and Susan use a giant lily that gets us to the "lillae" motto term of English Webbers, and Susa was Donnus' capital. Are we impressed with how much we can get from the Graff lion even though it holds little clues for linkage to other surnames? It is HOLDING an anchor, about all we have to go with.

The Courts/Coverts have an eagle "disPLAYed, and Players have one pale bar in the colors of the four of Dance's/Donnas (Piedmont, same as Pero's/Perino's). Players share the "arm in armor" with Doners/Donahue's. The Player arm is "HOLDING a broken lance." The one Player pale bar is in the colors of the one Pero/Perino pale bar. The six pale bars of Courts/Coverts are in the same colors, which can explain why Peare's and Coverts/Cofferts share the same leopard faces with Parsons, the latter first found in Norfolk with Diss. On their pale bar, zikers, the Players use "GUTTee-de-SANG", and Miss Pero-like Peare had the belly-press pointing to Goods/GUTS!!!! Webbers/Weavers love the Gotts/Gode's! I know exactly what to do with "Sang," because Spanish SANS'/SANCHes'/SANGuez's have a giant eagle in the colors of the SNAKE/Snook and Corona eagle...hahahahahah, great piece of work O Lord! Compare "SANCHes" to "Snake" and the SENECA's/SENESchals/SeneCOTs which the Snake write-up implies as their branch.

The Seneca write-up can get us to Coeurs/LeCOURts: "The surname Seneca was first found in Normandy (French: Normandie), the former Duchy of Normandy, where this distinguished family held a family seat at CreveCOEUR..." CREVEcoeur can be of the GRAVner/Craver variations of Agrippa-like Gripps/Grabbers, and thus they might be of the Grav variation of Graffs/Graffens.

I've mentioned many times that Peare and I RUSHed up the stairs to get away from Kepke to have our first kiss. I've shown why those stairs were scala as a pointer to ladder-using Scalia's, the point here being the "scaling ladder" of Gore-related Trips, for the Player motto suggests that the Lance's (Norfolk) in the Player Crest share the Gore fesse for a related reason in conjunction with early Players. Gore's and Trips were first found in Kent (right beside Rush's) with Snake's/Snooks, yet the mystery is why Players use a "serpent" rather than a "snake." The "SERVitute" motto term of Players goes with the "servire" of Gore's, and I trace it to ancient SERVItium for good reason, what I think named the serpent-like Serbians. When the "Deo" motto term of Players is compared with the UN DIEU" motto of Rush's, suddenly the Gore Coat looks like a version of the Rush Coat, especially as Servitium was on the Sava river near the mouth of the UNA river! Bingo. The COLchester-related Neils/O'Nails probably named the Neilsons (dagger) with a "servitium" motto term.

Rush's were first found in Suffolk with Lodge's/LOGE's while GOWs/McGoo's were first found in Inverness-shire with Arnold-connectable Begs and Covert-related Grands. The Gore's share the white-wolf in Crest with GOWers/Gore's (almost the Mathis cross), you see, and Gows/McGoo's share the three cinquefoils of French Loches'/DeLOGES' (Burgundy, same as Loge's, French Grands, and Metz-like Mathis'). French Grands share the NERET Coat while Player-like Pleraei are shown on the NERETva river on the light map (shows Servitium too, and the Una river marked as the Oeneus).

Ah, as Itters are now linking to the spider-chase at the Graffs, I've got to repeat (I hate repeating this) that the phrase I used to describe the belly-press and the WAIST-pull with CHRISTine Peare, which was, "IT felt so GOOD," turned out to be heraldically applicable, which is how Goods/Guts came about. The Felts worked where they have the Bouillon flory in colors reversed while the "bello CHRISTi" motto phrase of Bouillons works super, and then the mother of GODfrey de Bouillon was GODA because her grandfather was Gothelo, suspect to the Goth/Gothel surname. The WAISTells are suspect from "Vestalis," grandson of king Donnus of the Cottians.

Plus, as the waist-pull (four decades after the belly-press) was also the HIPS-pull (at the end of the Sleeping-Bag dream), it recalls that the "SINISter" hand of the savage in the Strand Coat is resting on a "hip," and Strands made it to topic with the strand of web upon which Kepke was dangling the spider. The Hips' happen to use a sphinx, and SPINKs, with mascles half in the colors of the Seneca/Seneschal mascles, share the Sans/Sanchez/Sangues, Snake and Corona eagle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Strands were first found in Suffolk with Cove's/Covers/Cobers, Ceraunii-like Crauns/Crane's (crown), and the Rush's who started this heraldic section.

It's making me wonder whether my Coffer-connectable coffee in Victoria, which I've talked lots about in pointing to the COVID scheme, is a pointer to Sanka-brand coffee as a pointer to Snake / Seneca liners. "Sanka is distributed in the United States by Kraft HEINZ," and the Kraft Coat is almost the Cove/Cover/Cober Coat, which reminds me that this surname comes up as COVID-like "Covit"! John Kerry married the Heinz-company family. The Kraft Coat is almost the Collins / Chalons Coat. Kerrys use a bee hive as a possibly pointer to nefarious HIV vaccines. In fact, the Aids/Ade's share the bend of Cove's/Covers/Cobers/Covits, and people are now discovering that COVID vaccines cause AIDS (= immune deficiency).

So, "IT felt so good" can connect to ITTERs and Itta because Itters share the Graff/Graffen lion, and proved not-bad to be part of the spider event as per the Pepin kin expected of Webbers. We saw how Itta-connectable Arnolds are in Union colors and format while the Graffs lived at the corner of Union and Doner.

This allows me to take the Itter lion to the near-same of Irish Grass'/Grace's (both giant lions are in the same split colors) due to the grass stain of Lorraine, for she pointed to Pepin of Landen in four or five ways, including a pointer to Arnolds, and Itta and Arnold of Metz were in Lorraine with Metz. French Grass' (Provence, same as Grace's/Grasse's) share the Coat of Welsh MATTIS'/Matthews (Metz liners?), and we can even take the French Grace's/Grasse's to the BRASwells who almost share their Coat, for Bra is at Langhe while Landens share the Langley Coat. The giant Grass / Mattis/Matthew lion is shared by Faucets suspect in the "Fac et" motto phrase of English Mattis'/Mathie's, and while Fauci-like faucets share the compony bend with Faughns, we can take this to the vaccine-like Vychans/Vaughns.

Faucets have a lion "holding a gold arrow", and Arrows/Arras' (from Arras, near Landen) share the Webber fleur-de-LYS. The Lys river is in Artois, where the capital was Arras. A Lille location on/off the Lys river has Arms with the Lys/Lisse fleur-de-lys, and "LILLae" is a Webber motto term, nailed! I didn't even have Lille or the Lys river in mind when starting this paragraph. I trace Lys'/Lille's to the Lissus river of the Cavii, beside the Mathis/Mat river!!! NAILED IT! Look at the timing of my bumping into that trace, immediately after mention of the Mattis surnames. The Cavii-like Chives' share the Mathis moline.

Chives share the cat with CETINs/Cattans who in turn share the fitchee of Tarves' while Chives' were first found in Tarves, and the CETINa river was also the TILURius, where Tillers trace who were first found in Glamorganshire with Welsh Mattis'/Mathews. The "Cautes" motto term of Cetins/Cattans gets the Cautes' listed with Cotta's/Cottons, and we're back to the royal Cottians of Susa. Susans use the LILY, and the fleur-de-lys is a lily. Susa is near Chivasso of the Chives'. Susans were first found in Berkshire with the Windsors in turn sharing the saltire of French Julians, and the latter were first found in Languedoc with Cautes'/Cotta's/Cottons/COTYS' probably because Miss Cotta was the mother of Julius Caesar.

Berkshire is where Arch's and their Moden kin were first found (from Modane on the Ark river near Susa), and ARCHdeacons/Codys/Cotys' almost have the Coat of Levi's, the latter first found in Ile-de-France with Lys'/Lisse's and TRUDeau's. The Codes'/Coats/Cotes', suspect with the venom-pointing Courts/Coverts/Acotts/Acotes', share the six Trot/TRUDE pale bars. Is crime-minister trudeau part of the snake-venom goons? Ahh, just realized that while the vaccine program is definitely part of Schwab's POPULation control measures, note the "POPULo" motto term of Bassets, first found in Staffordshire with same-colored Codes'/Coats'/Cotes'!!! That new, and the Bassets even have three fesses in the colors of the three-and-three pale bars of Codes'/Coats'/Cotes'. Amazing, especially as the Basset Crest has a unicorn head in white, the color of the giant Schwab/Swab unicorn!!!

I just added the following to the home-plate and batter part of the last update:

Insert -- On Wednesday of the week after this insert was uploaded, I was on a Basset pointer (next update) to population control by Schwab and trudeau when Basset-like Bastards came to mind. Loading Bastards, they showed a BAISterd variation, and they share the Batter Coat exactly while home plate goes with bases while one Base surname lists Baise's.

Repeat from above: "AND OH, Bors' use "COOKing POTs" while Cocks (Somerset, beside Potters, Pots, Porters and Ports) share the Grimaldi Shield while Potters are in Wheel colors and format!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SOLVED!" The motto of Bastards, with nearly the French Pot Coat, includes "POTior." End insert

There are plenty of social-media people calling trudeau, "TURD," and so note the BasTURD/BasTERD variations, for, I kid you not, there is a Terd/Turdiff surname, first found in Berry with French Pots and Ports!!!

It may have been illegal to use a letter on a Coat of Arms (needs government permission), as do Graff-connectable Begs, unless a person was related to the Letters, who happen to have a giant Graffen-like griffin. I'm saying this because populo-like Popleys, in Basset colors, use a 'P' on their Coat. It just so happens that Begga was the daughter of Pepin, and then there's a Popoli-like Pepoli surname too to go with the People variations of Pepins/Pepys. I'm just wondering now whether God has arranged this set of heraldry to point graphene-oxide as an agent in a POLULation-control program nothing short of mass-murder.

I've got to repeat now that the Letter-branch Lauders have a "RepulluLAT" motto term suspect with Letts/Late's ((Gloucestershire with Holders), but now also with LATONs (Shropshire, beside Bassets), for the latter's quadrants are colors reversed from the split Shield of Popoli's, and I just arrived to Latons with "popuLATION." Ladys/LAUDyMANs have annuLETs in these same colors, and minus the annulets, the Lady/Laudyman Coat is exactly the Coat of Mens' in the mottoes of Pepins and Poppins/Pophams. The latter were first found in Hampshire with English Pots and Ports, and these Pots happen to share the double fesses of Holds/Holts, in the colors of the Holder fesse. The Graff/Graffen lion is HOLDING an anchor, and the Anchors are in Lady/Laudyman colors and format! The way to find Graff kin is to work backward, using others to sneak up on them from behind. The Anchor lozenges are in colors reversed with Leiths (Midlothian, same as Men's/Mame's). Graffs are also Grave-like Gravs.

[Insert -- On the eve of my writing above, I watched Dr. Ardis on yet another show, and wrote the following in a section below that should be inserted here:

Wow, while watching the video above, and discovering that Ardis' theory on snake venom was launched in his mind by a Dr. Bartlett, I loaded Bartletts to find: "The first in the pedigree is Adam de Bartelott, said to be of Norman origin, father of John, who married Joan STOPHAM..." As I met Lorraine at a bus STOP, I am very familiar with the Pipe-related Stops/Stubbs, but when Stophams were loaded just now, there were the three BEGG crescents!!! Lorraine had pointed to Pepin of Landen, father of Begga!!! For whatever it could be worth, Bartletts look like kin of Dews/Deweys and Potters.

We just saw the Pots and Potters above. It could give us the impression now that Lorraine's bus stop was pointing to population-control measures with snake venom, especially as Stops/Stubbs and Pipe's were first found in Staffordshire with "populo" Bassets. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. Bus' share white cinquefoils with Potters, and only after having written that, I recalled that, while Bassets had used a PORCupine, the PORTis'/PORCH's (Norfolk, same as Bus) not only share the giant, ermined Bus cinquefoil, but three fesses ("bars") in Crest that are the entire Basset Coat, and both surnames (Portis' and Bassets) use "Pro rege" in their mottoes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Bassets are traced to ancestry in a Thurston character of Drayton Basset, and Draytons have a version of the Gates Shield while we who are wise know that Bill Gates has long been involved in a murderous depopulation program. An owl has not stopped hooting since shortly before starting this paragraph, and it's still hooting now. It's the first owl I've heard this year, and they rarely hoot around here at all. Thurstons were first found in Suffolk with Owls/HOWLs, and God did point once to Thurston and Lovey HOWELL of Gilligan's Island. Is this why this owl is hooting? It's still hooting, every 30 seconds or so. As said before, THURstans, suspect with English THORs having the Howell Coat in colors reversed, use hunting horns and share the Sheriff motto, which includes the Esse's/Ash's (Devon, same as Thors and Bastards). I don't know what that owl means, if anything, in the context of Bassets, Thurstons and Draytons. Ahh wait, another clue: the gold eagle leg in the Drayton Crest is shared by Hooters!!! WOW! It must be an owl from God, but I can't make sense of it unless God is simply verifying that it's correct to be on Bassets as per population control, for a Sign from Him is badly needed if indeed this is correct, otherwise, how can I, or any reader, take this seriously? Bassets led to Draytons, and so I think that's the meaning of the owl at this time. The Market-Drayton location (Staffordshire border i.e. near Bassets and Stops/Stubbs) is in Hales (Shropshire, same as Latons), and the Hales Coat is likewise much like the Gates Coat. The owl has stopped hooting now, mission accomplished, I assume, though there's got to be more to it.

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, the DRAYton like Drays/Drys share the BASTARD chevron, and the Drays/Drys add only herons besides, the symbol of Thurston Crest!!!! BASTards had come to mind earlier on this day with "BASSET"!!! Can we believe this rain? Drays/Drys were first found in Norfolk with Bus' and Basset-related Portis'/Porch's. Bastard-like BusTARDs (Devon, same as Tards/Darts and Bastards), to be read as BUStards in this Bus context (!), were Bush kin, and the Sheriffs we saw above from the Thurston motto could be from George Herbert Scherff-Bush, Nazi in the CIA. Ahh, Skipper was on Gilligan's Island, and Skippers (Essex, same as dart-using Brocks) look a little like Bastard kin. Terds/Tardiffs (Berry, same as PORTers and Pots) have roughly the Crest of BasTARDs/BasTERDs ("potior bello" goes with bells of Porters). I almost forgot, but thanks to writing the last brackets, I remembered that Porters use the "portcullis" GATE!!! Bill Gates is a bastard without a Father in Heaven. Porters use "church bells," I wonder why? Lorraine at the BUS stop lived on Church street, I've said it a million times, and Bush's are in Church colors and format.

I get it. The Book of Enoch, though not Inspired, says that the black boar is a symbol of Edom, which nation had an owl cult that could have become Lilith, the demoness abductor of children that had an owl symbol. English Bush's use the black boar, making their surname suspect from Bozrah, the Edomite capital of Esau. Lorraine at the BUS stop soon-after got a babe symbol, but Lorraine's share the Child eagle too. Childs were first found in Hertfordshire with Bush-like Bash's. Bushels (said to have been in Bath of Somerset) are in Child colors and format, and while Childs were in Wanstead, Wansteads/Weiners share the fleur-de-lys of LILLE-connectable Lys'/Lisse's and Polish Packs. The Lille surname has: "'...The first of the [Lisle] name in Scotland appears to have been Radulphus or Ralph de Insula, a follower of the Steward, who witnessed the gift by Baldwin de Bigre, sheriff of Lanharc (Lanark), of the church of Innerkyp to the monks of PAISLEY, c. 1170.'" Paisleys were related to English Packs, suggesting that the Polish Packs were close to the Arms of Lille.

Bushels were in Lys-like LEYLAND while Leigh's/Leys (Cheshire, same as Eggs below) share the Bosch/Bush/Bos and Pastor lion in both colors. The Pike's below share the trefoil of Ice's/ECCO's who in turn look like an Egg branch by the similarities of their Coats. Leylands share the crescent of two death-theme surnames, the Motts/Morte's (Essex, same as Peks/Pecks) and Deaths. Graff-connectable Grave's/Greafs were first found in Gloucestershire with the Holders sharing the gold Death griffin.

It appears that the hooting owl, which was in my bush (mature forest), is also meant for a lesson on Bush liners. Bussys almost have the Babe Coat, and do have the triple fesses of Babe-related BEAKs while Childs were first found in Hertfordshire with Bash-like BEACH's/Bechs. Put that child-abduction theme beside Epstein's beach, for Sleeping Beauty on his beach, Ainsley EarHARDT (from Horites > Herods?), points to Ainsleys, first found at BASford. Babe's are now said to be first found in Suffolk with Owls/Howls. BASleys/Beasleys, like the Beakley variation of Beaks, have the Pike Shield and trefoils, and probably the Pek/Peck chevron too because, "another source claims the family came from Baslow, a chapelry, in the parish and union of BAKEwell, hundred of High PEAK in DERBYSHIRE." Dutch Bakers share the bastard / batter chevron. The full Bushel motto is within the motto of Darlingtons (share gold leopard face with Babe's and Beaks) whose drop-filled Shield is shared by Note's/Cnuts/CANUTE's of Derbyshire, and Chanuts/CHENU's (Burgundy, same as SEIR-like Sire's/Sirons) have the Bastard and Batter Coats in colors reversed, and inverted. Esau's son married a Horite in SEIR. Bucklands were first found in Buckinghamshire with Cheneys (share Bush eagle), it doesn't look coincidental. The owl is pointing to the Bush-Cheney team, wicked and cruel hearts.

The "PAX potior BELLO" motto of Bastards can link "bello"-using BOUILLONs to Boii of BOLOGNa because that's where Pasi's/Pace's were first found, the line to Paisleys/Pasleys sharing the anchor of English Packs suspect in the Bastard motto. Boii became Bohemians, and the satanic cult, Bohemian Grove, which the Bush presidents probably attended, has an owl god, Moloch by name, that oversees human sacrifices.

Bologna was also BONonia, and English Bone's were first found in Sussex with Packs. The latter can be using the Saluzzo Shield because Saluzzo is beside BUSCA. It may indicate that "Bastard" / BUStard" had developed from Bush-related PAStors who almost have the Dutch Bosch/Bush/Bos Coat, both sharing red lions with Bush-like Bucklands. Bastards are said to have had a seat at Egg-Buckland, and Eggs were first found in Cheshire with Eggertons who in turn share the Buckland lion in both colors. Bucklands share the blue roundels -- Herod-like "hurts" -- of German Eggers, and Hurts are also Horite-like Horts while looking connectable to the Hurl/Herl and Herod/Hurl Coats. Bucklands (share water bougets of different colors with Bugs and Bosco-related Rose's) share the Coat of Marrys, first found in Norfolk with Bus'. I said to Lorraine, a couple of weeks before dating her from her bus stop, "I'm going to MARRY you."

As I said, the last time I saw Lorraine, she walked right past Paul Smith and I carrying her infant child. I don't think I've ever seen that event in relation to Lilith, but it strikes me now that, later, Paul Smith married a woman who ended up "abducting" his infant son, for she was not very stable, and would not let him see his son, but moved across the country to the West coast. He grew up without his father. So, in this context, Lorraine looks like a representation of Lilith or child abductors today. Smiths use the heron while Herons were a Horn/Orne branch, whom I trace to mythical Orion, possibly named after Horites of Edom. Esau's son married a Herod-like Horite. Herods were Edomites. Thurstons, a main topic during the hooting of the owl, use the heron too.

English Pasleys have the English Poussin Coat in colors reversed, recalling that French Poussins share the BathGATE Coat. PACKers/Peckers/Pickers (share white rose with Paisleys) look like they share the Bath Coat in an altered way. Poussins and Pasleys (Berkshire, same Packers/Peckers and Batters sharing the Bastard Coat) were first found near one another. BASTons/Battons share the black bat with Bats. German Bush's and Boschs, along with English Bush's, use the fleur-de-lys, which is a Lilith-like lily likely named after a Lille location in Artois, and Artois is where BOULOGNE is located, where the father of Godfrey-de-Bouillon was count. Polish Packs share the fleur-de-lys in the Arms of Lille, and in the Lys/Lisse surname.

There's no Control surname coming up to go with "population control," but Conts have the Rol lion in colors reversed. Rols look like Bush kin. I'd need to see the owl roll over dead to make me believe there's anything to this paragraph.

Bastards share the Batter Coat, which could indicate that viruses from HORSESHOE BATS were/are being spread. The Tudys almost share the Bastard / Batter Coat, and they could be in the "FortiTUDine" motto of Scottish CRAITs. Ardis mentions both the Cobras and KRAIT snake. The "bello" motto term of Bastards can take us to Bellys of Moray, and therefore we can cite Scottish Randolphs (Moray) with both the bat and horseshoe, and with the Bath cross. End insert]

Marbles and Bouncers Have trudeau in Common

Latons are listed with Leightons/Leytons, and the neighboring Leigh's/Leys (Cheshire, same as Griffins) share the Coat of English Griffins. One giant Griffin griffin is in the colors of the giant Papp lion, and Cheshire's Marble's have that giant griffin too. This reminds of the miracle MARBLE shot when playing POTsies with Tony. I put the marble on my index finger, and literally prayed to hit Tony's marble six, maybe eight feet away. FLICKing it with the THUMB, bango, smack-dab center on his marble, an exciting moment for a kid. It was on Hullmar drive directly across from SKYE Court, and as McLeods/Clouds were at Skye and Lewis, I noted that Flicks are listed with the Flags in the McLeod/Cloud Crest. We were playing on the GRASS, and so maybe Tony was depicting Tony Fauci, for Fauchys use a "grasshopper."

Repeat from above: "Bushels were in Lys-like LEYLAND while Leigh's/Leys (Cheshire, same as Eggs below) share the Bosch/Bush/Bos and Pastor lion in both colors...Leylands share the crescent of two death-theme surnames, the Motts/Morte's and Deaths. Graff-connectable Grave's/Greafs were first found in Gloucestershire with the Holders sharing the gold Death griffin." The latter happens to be in the colors of the marble griffin, and while marbles are alleys too, Atlas' sharing the Coat of Ley-like AlLEYs/ALEIGH's are also AtLEYs/AtLEIGH's, first found in Kent with Deaths. Motts/Morts were first found in Essex with the Claverings who share the LEIGHton/LEYton quadrants. As we are on a tomb theme here, it makes it look like God arranged the marble shot.

The THUMB-flick can be for Tume's/Tombs because they use tombstones, and yet the shot was from answered prayer, promising something good, which perhaps delivers us from death blows from trudeau and instead delivers death blows from God to his side. Just view my thumb as the hurling of a torpedo of God in the shape of a tombstone to the enemy side when Christians are praying a sweet aroma before God's altar at a critical time.

Ahh, perhaps I PRAYed because Irish Prays share the six pale bars of Codes'/Coats'/Cotes. They are the pointer to Trudeau's, and I even remember that Pierre trudeau, anti-Christ father of justin Turd, was the prime minister (as of April, 1968) later in that year in which this marble shot took place. I met Tony well after September of 1966, and trudeau became the minister of Justice (same as Holder held under Obama) in April of 1967, taking over for Louis CARDIN. We were playing marbles after April of 1967, for we wouldn't play in the cold. trudeau became the minister of Justice under prime-minister Lester Pearson, and Pearsons/Persons (Berwickshire, same as Letters and Lauders) happen to have nearly the POISSON Coat. PEERtree's were first found in KinCARDINEshire. Marble are in Trudeau Colors, and Trudeau's have a Coat like the one of Pearson-like Pearse's. Peare's share the Parson leopard heads. As Poisson-like Poussins were first found in Oxfordshire with Peare's, Miss Peare's events with Kepke and I can act as the vaccine-poison events.

On the first occasion that we met, we had RUSHed up the basement stairs to kiss outdoors, and Kepke came blustering out the front door to obstruct us, calling the bouncer and demanding that he kick us off the property. I don't remember a thing after that, or whether we were kicked off. The point is, maybe, the DOOR he came barging out of is a pointer to Bill Gates, for the English Door Coat (bees) is like the Gates Coat (shares Graff/Graffen lion) while Pearson-connectable Poissons share the BathGATE Coat. Bee's were first found in Oxfordshire with Peare's, and bee-using Boys/Bie's were first found in Berwickshire with Pearsons (Shield split horizontally in the colors of the vertically-split Door and Gates Coats).

I watched Kepke barge out the front door because he started to yell, while opening the doors, like I had stolen his property, and I guess I did, because he had invited Peare to the bar that night, but he invited me too, and he had not yet had physical contact with Peare (she was new to him too). An explanation is that God made him invite me. Irish Doors (and Dorals) share the giant Graff/Graffen lion, and Scottish Doors have more leopard faces. Bouncer-like Bouns'/Bone's (probably from the Boii), first found in Sussex with Keeps, share the Gates lions too, as do Bonns/Bone's (MacDonald eagle?), first found in Oxfordshire with Peare's. I guess that's why he called the bouncer on us, to allow for these pointers.

We were all working at the Scarborough Town Center at the time, an indoor mall, and Malls are also MarlyBONE's. Marleys (Cheshire, same as Malls/Marlybone's) share the dolphin (different colors) with French Bone's. It's interesting that the latter were first found in Provence with Grass' and Grace's/Grasse's, for while we were playing marbles on the grass on HullMAR drive, Marley-like Marble's were first found in Cheshire too. Marley-like Marrels/MORELs, sharing the Keep bend, use a "Bono" motto term! Scottish Morleys are also Mauls (share TailBOIS scallops). We were at HULLmar, and while Hole's/Halls were first found in Lincolnshire with Tailbois', Hole-related Hulls (Yorkshire, same as Morleys/Mauls) share the dog of Hollys who in turn add the Marley dolphin! That's new, but I'm stumped on why the bouncer event is linking to the miracle-marble shot unless both events point to trudeau.

Allison Bauer was used with Kepke, and Allisons share the Holly dog too, but then Allisons have the Truth variation of TRUDE's in their motto, isn't that striking since God arranged the bouncer event about a month after the Allison event? As I said, God caused Kepke and I to no longer work at Knob Hill Farms about the same time, soon after Allison Bauer left me at that place. We then both got jobs at two different shoe stores in the same mall, and that's where he met Peare. The weekend after he met her (they walked by my shoe store, but didn't drop in as I watched them go by) was the door-barging-with-bouncer night.

Kepke was himself used as a pointer to poison vaccines at the Graff residence on Union street, and Peare lived in UNIONville at the time of that kiss event. We might even say that he sicked (rooted in "sic") the bouncer on Peare and I because Bouns' and Bonns both use SIX lions, and Sichs/Sykes' might have named Skye. The marble shot at Skye Court was just pointing not-bad to trudeau and LESTER Pearson -- likely as a pointer to the current prime minister's partaking of poison vaccines -- and it just so happens that Dutch Bonns/Bone's share the Pearson sun. The Sichs/Sykes' share the "fountains" of Kiss'/Cush's, and Kepke rushed up the stairs and barged out the door as Peare and I were kissing. Kiss'/Cush's were first found in Leicester, and Leicesters (Cheshire again) are also LESTERs!!! Lester Pearson must have been a bad apple, but there we have a link between the bouncer event and the marble shot. Leicesters/Lesters share the swan head in Crest with Susan-beloved Lilys, and these surnames link to the THUMB flick.

It reminds that while I prayed recently to God to spear trudeau in the head, it seemed to be answered when the trucker convoy came like a spear to the Canadian capital = head...and made trudeau look like the spiritually-sick man that he is. I prayed at the miracle marble shot. In a dream some five or more years ago, Kepke appeared on my driveway with a SICK stag following him, and while I thought the stag was Trump because Trumps use a stag head, Trudeau's use the stag too, but call it a "deer."

I almost forget: Italian Bono's/Bons almost have the Gates Coat! The bouncer speaks. As kids, we never called our alleys, marbles. It was always alleys. And the English Alley Coat shares the giant Bono/Bon lion. As was said, Kepke had a black dog, Blacky, and I've just seen "Black Creek" as the name of a neighborhood at the corner of Shoreham and Jane streets, the closest major intersection my where we were playing marbles. After the sickly-looking stag passed up my driveway, Paul Smith on crutches came along too, and I had noted that English Smiths have a fitchee cross looking related to the Crutch/Crooch fitchee, but now it can be added that Creeks/Cricks/Cracks and Black-beloved Crux's can be gleaned as Crutch/Crooch branch's. Andrea Fabian, a schoolmate, lived on SHOREham, and Tony and I, the two playing marbles, both gave her gifts on her birthday. Shore's use holly. Andrea Fabian can be a pointer to modern Fabian communists, which should include trudeau the Schwabites. That works.

Bono's/Bons were first found at Milan, where Mellansons and Mellans trace, and Mellans were first found in Ile-de-France with Trudeau's. Mellans share the blank, gold Chief with Rods while Mellansons have "a BUNdle of rods..." Bundle's are listed with Bunds, and Bouns'/Bone's come up as "Bound." I knew Steve Mellanson from high school about a year before the bouncer event, and God had arranged to use Mellanson a couple of years later for pointers, I suspect, to Klaus Schwab, for one event with Mellanson was a cotton swab in his ear.

When God gave me the last scene of the sleeping-bag dream, where I was pulling the waist of Miss Peare, it was an easy pointer to when I was riding her white horse in her first year with Kepke. The Waistells use a white horse on a gallop. I rode her horse to a drop-off in the field that I've deciphered as a bank, thanks to the sleeping-bag dream having a bank off of the road, and a mall across the ROAD from the bank in which Peare appeared for the waist-pulling event. The Rhodian / Rothschild bankers seem to be in play. The Banks are suspect as the Malbancs in the write-up of Malls/MarlyBONE's, the latter first found in Cheshire with Bone-loving Newtons.

Susans use a giant lily, and Lilys were first found in Worcestershire with Tume's/Tombs. As Waistells can be traced to Vestalis of the Susa Cottians, lets add that Susa is on the RIParia river while thumb-like Tume's/Tombs, in Susan colors, have tombstones with "R.I.P. written upon them as hint that this was a Riparia-river liner. There's a white horse head in the Tume/Tomb Crest, and the latter's Coat is in the colors of the "goBONATed" border of Horse's (Northumberland, same as Lorraine's), suspect with Gobons and the Bonato variation of Bono's/Bons together, for while French Crispins (Lorraine) share the Bone/Bouns bend, English Crispins share the Gobon Coat. It seems my marble-flick with thumb can apply here with Peare's horse, and I think I know what this means: God's white horse to frustrate the Rhodian goons when they begin to gang-up on God's people. Let the deathly marble RIP.

Yes, for I walked up the bank, which is also a hill, then across the Rhodes-like road, then into the parking lot of a mall as the pointer to MalBANCs in the Mall write-up, and then I went into the DOOR of the mall for the final scene with Peare that points to my riding her horse to a bank. Hills were first found in Worcestershire with Tome's/Tombs and Hillarys, and the parking lot of the mall pointed to Hillary RODham Clinton, and not just because her husband is a RHODES Scholar = a Rhodian globalist gangster. Horse's and Tume's/Tombs were first found in Northumberland with RODhams and MalBanks, and the latter two share the same ermined bend. No sooner do the bankers set up the 666 that God sends the white horse to cause devastation from which there is no return. It will be the elevator to Hell, bye-bye Rhodians, as horse follows horse follows plague follows plague. All your cash will be depleted, kiss it goodbye and weep for your failed dream. Your sons will not rise to rule the planet after all.

Riparia-like Rippers (share green with Tume's/Tombs) are listed with Ripleys, first found in Yorkshire with Bank NEWTON, where Banks were first found who share the Webber fleur-de-lys. Newtons use "SHIN BONES" in Tume/Tomb and Susan colors, and so we are back to the bouncer-line Bone's, but the Shins/Chine's/Chings play well here because they were first found in Somerset with Webbers. And Shins/Chine's/Chings have pointed to China. trudeau has praised Chinese communism in front of the whole world...because he's a sick and disturbed juvenile delinquent in an expensive suit. The rich delinquents have all ganged together in government because God wants to make a spectacle of them all.

Bank Newton is in Grave-like Craven, and Cravens are also Gravens. Newtons are in the colors of the Tume tombstones.

I always said, Peare and I RUSHed up the stairs to get away from Kepke until one day I realized that it was code for Rush's, who use white horses. Later, I proved that KEPke pointed to "Kiev," home of the Roxolani RUS. We rushed to kiss, and the red Kiss/CUSH rooster is the red one on the CUSHion of Bibo's, who are in turn said to have been kin of ROOSTer-using Hahns, the latter first found in Mecklenburg with ROSTock. The rooster might at times be code for Rostock, but if that's a Ros line which named the location, note "RosTOCK," for Tocks/Ticks use griffins, abundant in Mecklenburg due to the house of Griffin in neighboring Pomerania. Again, Marble's share the giant griffin of one Griffin surname, and when one marble strikes another, it's called a "kiss." Billiard balls likewise "kiss." ROXburghs use a white horse head. I've never before had reason to call my marble smack a "kiss" until the marble shot started to link to the kiss with Peare in this section. This might be able to decipher the marble shot in full, for I've never been happy about what I've suggested thus far as it could point to an end-time event. We were playing potsies, and Poti is a location in Caucasia, land of the Hros. Nordic for "horse" is "hross." It's got Roxolani all over it.

Tocks/Ticks were first found in Yorkshire with Morleys/Mauls. Roxolani were also on the BUZau river, and while English Millets suspect in the Tock/Tick motto term, "Militia," share the giant BUS cinquefoil, it's in colors reversed in the Coat of Rosco's/Risco's who in turn share the Rush/Rich fesse. German Millets share the giant star of German Teegers while Irish Teegers/Teague's look like Tock/Tick kin by the similarities of their Coats.

"RoxoLANI" is a modification from "ROS-ALan," and I do trace Roxolani to the Alans of Dol, who moved to Shropshire, where ROSSAL were first found who share the Tongue martlets. I really didn't want to go into detail, but am now forced to: Peare and I were French kissing i.e. with tongues. Okay, yuck, I know, sorry, but I think I've got to tell that part because Tocks/Ticks are also Touque's (not "Touques"), and Tongue's are in Touques' colors, how about that. Plus, horses are steeds while Steeds are listed with the Steady in the "Steady" motto of Tongue's. The latter even have a Rock as code for the Roxolani line to Roquefeuils. Our kiss is now pointing to Rockefellers, how about that. We were hugging at the time, of course, and while Kiss'/Cush' use fountains, Fountains were kin of Hugs who were in turn first found in LANGUEdoc with Rocks/Roque's and Roquefeuil. "Langue" means "tongue"!!!! Mummolin's son, of TONGeren, was not far from Roquefeuil.

The two Rock/Roque rocks are even in the format of the two besants of Touques; it's all either Coat uses, and both the double rocks and besants are on blue Shields. The Tonk Coat looks related, perhaps named partly after Tonys. Tonks were first found in Nottinghamshire, and Tickhills have: "...the Norman noble Roger de BULLy who held estates in Nottingham and Yorkshire, and he built a castle at Tickhill, four miles to the northwest of the Honour of Blyth in Nottingham." French Mountains might be using the bull for this Roger Bully's line because English Mountains look related to Tongue's.

So, think what you might, but it appears important enough to God to have made us French kiss, I never would have believed that part until now. Tocks/Ticks/Touque's are said to have been from "Touques in the arrondissement of Pont L'Evesque," which looks at least related to the St.-Clair-L'Eveque location of Sinclairs, the latter having lived at ROSLin, suspect with Rossal-like Roussillon/RosELLON in Languedoc. The Touques write-up: "...Touques at the mouth of the river Touques in the arrondissement of Pont-l'Eveque."

I was playing marbles with Tony, and this now makes sense because English Tonys, with the Coat of TICKhills (Yorkshire, same as Tocks/Ticks/Touque's) in colors reversed, were from Les Andelys at the Touques-river theater! I get it! The French kiss with Touques-connectable tongue thus links to the marble kiss on Tiny's marble! AMAZING. We might even say that, without the tongue, no one could tock. After I smacked the marble, both went for a BOUNCE, likely. Kepke sicked the bouncer on Peare and I for kissing. Kepke (pure blond) was there to point to Roxolani.

As French Mountains were first found in Languedoc too while English Mountains essentially share the Tongue Coat, I'm sure this kiss is a pointer to the 2nd Trumpet, the mountain falling from the sky. The Tongue Crest shares a rock with the MacKenzie Crest, but the MacKenzie's call it a "mountain in flames" that can go with the "flaming stars" of Pero's." The latter's hexagram with tail is designed like the "comet" of Reines', and this comet is a hexagram in the colors of the same (without the tail) of Italian Montana's! Beauty. The latter add "a green TRIPle MOUND" suspect partly with Trypillians of Kiev. Mounds are also MOUNTs.

Pierro's/Pero's use ROSes. The "as astra" motto phrase of MacKenzie's -- first found in ROSS-shire -- convinced me that God is using the surname to point to the flaming mountain, an ASTERroid, in the 2nd Trumpet. "AsterROID" makes me think that God is aiming this thing to the Rhodian globalists. Suddenly, the kiss with Peare is pointing to the asteroid that God is aiming both at Rockefellers and Rhodians, it makes so much sense. But why point to it with a kiss? Is it for lumping this picture with my marble "asteroid" shot that banged Tony's marble? Is God flicking the Apophis asteroid at the face of the off-yer-Rockerfellers? I hope so. Thieves, pirates, your money will fall into the hands of the meek when God throws calamity after calamity upon you. Tick-tock tick-tock, the clock is running, saddle the four horses, shine the seven trumpets, fill the Bowls to the rim, we've got Help on the way, just get out of the way. Don't go to a sea beach on April 13, 2029.

The Tonys and Tickhills use the "maunch" sleeve, and Asters were first found in Manche. The Tongue write-up has: "Outstanding amongst the family at this time was Henry Tongue, minister of HOLTby, Yorkshire; and his son, Israel Tonge (1621-1680)...Born at Tickhill..." We were not only hugging when kissing, but holding while Holds are listed with Holts. Holtbys share the fretty Shield of Caens, the latter first found in Dorset with Beaks (and Russells) who in turn share the triple fesses of Bussys who in turn have "Roger de Bussy, Baron of Tickhill." Holds/Holts use the squirrel while the Tiens in the Squirrel motto were kin of Peare's.

But we were also CLEAVing when kissing, which recalls what I had read, that Claviere's, who share the key with Clavers/Cleavers, had married French Mountains, how about that. Although Claviere's are showing a hand, hall of Names gives them "...four silver keys" and a white-on-red saltire. As Claviere's were first found in Auvergne with CLEREMONT-Ferrand, it explains the white-on-red saltire-by-keys of Clermonts/ClairMOUNTs, and thus we have the Clare > Sinclair line here. Claverings were first found in Essex with Mountains (it figures), and with the Motts/Morts sharing the crescent of Deaths who in turn use a "a three leaf CLOVER" while Dutch Cleavers (trefoils, like clovers) come up as "Clavier" (not "Claviere"). The Clavering Coat is almost the Eure/URE Coat while Mountain-loving MacKenzie's have a "uro" motto term. She and I along with Kepke were likely working in the mall earlier in the day (we worked Saturdays too), and Malls/Marlybone's have the Clavering Coat exactly, how about that. Malls/Marlybone's: "Ellen de MalBANC was the heiress. She married Sir Robert of Stockport. The family held a family seat at MOTTram." Death's were first found in Kent with Sea's, and the asteroid is said to hit the sea to kill the fish, and Sea's use a salmon.

So, yes the kiss with a cleaving to Peare is pointing to the asteroid of the 2nd Trumpet, though that's a strange way to signify a terrible disaster unless it's a warning to Christians to stay out of the bar scene in the final days. The Steeds/Steadys in the Tongue motto look related to the BARwicks and Berwicks. Barwicks share the motto in full of Sarah's/SAYers while Says/Seys' while Sea's are also Sees'. Sarah's/Sayers, first found in Essex with Mountains, use a "mound" for Mount liners, and, believe it or not, Says/Seys' share the Clavering / Mall/Marlybone quadrants. Dutch Seys' (share green trefoils with Dutch Cleavers/Clavers!) share the chevron of Quints who were once said to be first found in Essex. We just made a round-about connection of MacKenzie-beloved Mountains to what looks like a Sea branch, and it took place only because Peare and I were CLEAVED while tongue-involved. Tongue's almost have the English Mountain Coat, you see. That is one set of amazing heraldry. German Seys'/Seis'/Seiz's (not "Sey") even share the "flower" with Italian TONYs (marble crash-bang) who in turn put their flower on what looks like a sea.

What I'd like to see is confirmation, with the kiss event, that the Apophis asteroid of 2029 is landing in the sea. I don't especially see any emphasis in the kiss event on surnames that can be linked to king Apophis/Apepi. I've been stumped many times with little hope before, only to find a key to unleash a cascade of heraldic proofs, so hang in there, because, if indeed the asteroid is falling, He'd want us to know in no uncertain proofs...that the world will naturally reject. The world would take me for a nut due to this work. If correct that Apophis named PAPHLAGONia, and if correct that APOLLYON of the 5th Trumpet was named after Paphlagonian elements, then it's interesting that Apollo-like Apple's and Applebys share the Mountain martlets.

I thought I was done after writing the paragraph above, and so I got up to set a mouse trap, and put it out beside a giant mole hole on the lawn, then came in to make tea, and while making tea, I remembered Apollonia, right beside Aulon, the line to Alans of Shropshire, where Rossals were first found who happen to share the Apple martlets! I'm not at all familiar with Rossals, but they were found above as per my talking on "Ros-ALan" while on the Kepke's involvement in the my French kiss with Peare. I'm amazed because BULLis is near Apollonia, and so let's repeat from above: "Tonks [like "Tongue/Tong"] were first found in Nottinghamshire, and Tickhills have: "...the Norman noble Roger de BULLy who held estates in Nottingham and Yorkshire, and he built a castle at Tickhill, four miles to the northwest of the Honour of Blyth in Nottingham." French Mountains might be using the bull for this Roger Bully's line because English Mountains look related to Tongue's." Tongue's share the Rossal / Apple martlets, and so we might deduce that Roxolani were at Aulon.

Tonys were from the Touques-river area, and Tongue's were looking like a Touques branch. TONys share the MAUNCH sleeve with Crocs, and ancient CROCiaTONum was in MANCHE, right beside ancient Alauna. Isn't that amazing? Eschyna de MOLLE married Robert CROC, but she also married Mr. Alan! Apollo had a MOUSE symbol, and I just told you I set a mouse trap for the moles. It is amazing. I then came in to have a TEA, and Tea's are listed with Tease's, first found in Nottinghamshire with Tonks and TICKhill elements. I trace Tease's to the Tessin = TICino river. That works.

Before drinking the tea. I put a third of a TEAspoon of baking SODA in my mouth, and SWALLOWed. Lookie at "teaSPOON," for Spoons share the Mole boar head!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Incredible. Mole's were first found in ROXburghshire with their Gog-like Googe kin. I was out earlier in the day, and decided at that time to get a mouse trap at a mole hill before nightfall. The Shake's (Lancashire, same as Star-related Settle's), using "molehills," have the Star/Stairr chevron in colors reversed.

Soda's/Sodhans share the three stars of French Alans, and Swallows were kin of Arundels because FitzAlans of Arundel lived in Shropshire with Sallows. It's the line of Alice of Saluzzo, suspect to the Shield of Clintons, and while Bill Clinton's biological father was Mr. Blythe, we just saw Roger de Bully building a castle at Tickhill, four miles from Blyth. The BAKINg soda might be God's indication for the line of APACHNas, a Hyksos king along with Apophis/Apepi. I see Hyksos-like Hicks' ("ALL IN' translated motto phrase) with the Alan/ALLIN fesse in colors reversed. I see the Bachs/Backs from Apachnas for a good reason, and Bakins are listed with Beacons/Bacons who have the Chief-Shield of Poppins/Pophams in colors reversed. Beacons/Bacons were at a Bradfield location while Bradfields (Suffolk, same as Beacons/Bacons) share the checks of Popps/Pope's/Pape's. Did the baking soda get us to the line of Apophis? Pepin of Landen could very well have been descended from Mummolin's son from Tongeren, or even from Mummolin's grandson, Grimo.

Beacons/Bacons are said to derive from the Grimaldi's of MONACo, judging by the Grimbald in their ancestry, and their "MONKS' Bradfield" location. as Grimaldi's share the Bag Shield, bags look like a Bacon branch. Bradfields even share the annulets of Bully-like Bulls/Bule's (Somerset, same as English Backs) while the Bachs/Backs use a giant bull (but call it a steer). The Bull/Bule bull heads are in the colors of the bulls of Mountains (first found beside Suffolk)!!! Bull-head Walerans (Devon, same as Monks) were at a Bradfield location too. Bullys were first found in Dumfries with Patterson-branch Kilpatricks. I see Hyksos from mythical Ixion, brother of Coronis, the line to the Ceraunii mountain at Aulon, near Bullis. Ixion, son at times of proto-Rus Ares, had a horse symbol, the reason that he was made the father of centaurs. Pepins use white horse heads "ERASed" as part-code for the white Eras/RASmussen unicorn (in the colors of the Rush horses). Ras' are listed with ROSE's.

Miss Peare and I worked at Scarborough Town Center during the kiss event. On this map, see how close that mall is to the Agincourt border, for Roger de Bully and Walter d'Aincourt are in the Jump write-up as mutual owners of Wombwell (Yorkshire, same as Tickhill). Aincourts are also Agincourts. Jumps share the Trump stag head with PEARtree's/PATRia,s and Irish PATTERsons were of Sodhan while Soda's are also Sodans with the Irish Patterson scallops in colors reversed!!! Bingo-bango, miracle after miracle, for Mountains have the stag head in half those stag-head colors. Can you do that with your baking soda?

Scottish Pattersons (PELICANS) were first found in ROSS-shire with Mountain-loving MacKenzie's. Pierro's/Pero's at Pavia/Papia on the Ticino river are also Patria-like Petri's. Pellicans were first found in Maine, wherefore lookie from the Bakin/Beacon/Bacon write-up: "Originally, the name Bakin was originally derived from a seigniory in Normandy. Some of the family came from MAINE, and there the name was also spelt Bacco." Baking Soda, pointing to two Patterson kin of old.

Bullys use "A heart in flames," and the Stars (Tume/Tomb colors) in the "flaming stars" of Pero's come up as "Stairr." Pero's were first found in Piedmont with PAPA's and Papps/PapadoPOLi's (Apollonia elements?). Is this evidence toward the Apophis asteroid? The Star/STAIRR Crest is a "CAT-a-MOUNTAIN"! Surprise, I had forgotten, and so, perhaps, the kiss is pointing to the Apophis asteroid because I see Pepin liners naming Pavia/PAPia.

Peare and I rushed up the STAIRs = SCALA to kiss while Kiss-branch Cass'/Cash's use "a pair of SCALEs". Irish Pattersons are also CASSane's, and English Cassane's/CASHane's (share Tea/Tease stars), first found in Hampshire with Tiss'/Teese's, use three of the Tiss/Teese chevrons. Scale's happen to share the scallops of ABYS', and Apollo in the 5th Trumpet is the king of the ABYSS. Peare's were kin of pear-using and Abaddon-like Abbotts (same place as Peare's), and Apollo in the 5th Trumpet has the Hebrew name, Abaddon. Stew Peters this week showed that Abys' used the Visconti snake with Moor CHILD. Scale's were first found in Hertfordshire with Childs.

When I quit selling shoes, Peare and her friend moved into my apartment, where I painted the cover of Kepke's album, "TEA for the TILLERman," on the full KITCHen wall. Ketch's/Catchers in the "catcher" term in the translated motto of Drake's (Hampshire) use a cat as well as the Patterson/Cassane scallops. TILLERs were from the Tilurius river, also called the Cetina, and Cetins/Cattans use another cat. Tea For the Tillerman is by CAT Stevens. I have no idea what God's up to with this, but, I kid you not, Tillers -- and TAILs/Tailors -- share the English BAKER lion to go with the baking soda I just swallowed. The PAPPs/Papadopoli's have the only lion I know of with a TAIL at it's mouth. Is that the Apophis line?

I never swallow it without a drink to water the soda down, and in this case, I waited for my TEA to be cool enough to swallow before swallowing the baking soda. Yum-yum it is not, but it looks like I just took another hit for the team. A song just sang "SING" as I wrote the last sentence (the song is beautiful and glorious for God's kingdom, and is "In a Moment" by Rebecca St. James).

The Sings/Singers are super here for another white horse in Tume/Tomb colors i.e. linkable to the Waistell horse. Sings/Singers share the garbs of Goods/Guts to which Peare pointed. English Goods share the Ross lions. I can now go back to one of my last dreams (the rash of dreams seems to have stopped now) wherein my old friends had wavy snakes for TONGUES. It was Valery and RAY Luff. I was sitting at the table with them, when they opened their mouths to show green, waggling snakes for tongues, and so I got up to leave the apartment, but instead of going out the front door, I walked into an empty walk-in FREEZER. There was nothing to indicate that this all-white closet-like room was a freezer, and yet I instinctively knew it. As it turned out after I awoke, Freeze's are in the colors and format of Rays, and the Freeze's share the three, WHITE HORSES of Rush's, no guff, in the same "courant" position to boot. The Singers have the same horse exactly! The Rush's have the same horse on a red Shield, and Peare and I RUShed up the stairs to kiss, though neither of us knew at the time we would be using our tongues. Okay, yuck, I know, but tolerate this.

What are the chances that Freeze's were first found in Essex with Mountains! Zinger. Freeze's are in the colors of cat-a-mountain Stars/Stairrs. The latter share the lozenges of SETTLE's, the latter first found in Lancashire with Keep-connectable Shuttleworths/SHETTLEworths, and with the Fleetwoods who share the Apple / Mountain / Tongue / Rossal martlets. The Fleetwood Coat is essentially the Apple Coat but without the split Shield. The split Fleetwood Shield is linkable to the same of Wakefields, first found in Yorkshire with Tongue's/Tongs.

One wonders whether the first, white horse of Revelation will be God using the Russians to begin the decline to Hell for the unrepentant, murderous world powers. The second, red horse befits China in that context, two powers opposed to the West acting in concert. Then comes the third, black horse of famine immediately after the 2nd Trumpet and 2nd Bowl. With cargo ships and fish destroyed by the asteroid, we can see a food shortage for those 666ers who would not allow us to buy our food. It serves them right. It's coming fast right at them. If you haven't got your foods stored by then, you'll be begging for some from the wise virgins.

I knocked off for the day above, but saw a caduceus in a news video that reminded me why Valery Luff was one of the two with snake tongues. It's hard to explain, but the tongues were WAVING, like when a continual S-shape, or snake-shape, goes "up and down." The whole shape doesn't go up and down from position A to position B, but rather shape stays in the same spot while the upper coils become the lower coils and the lower coils become the upper coils, repeatedly, so that the tongues look like they are waving. I'm sure this was intended by God, for Valerys use a "wave" in their Chief. There's nothing else in the Valery Coat but a chevron. Eventually, I discovered that the HUCKabys (Devon, same as RODs) not only have the same Chief-Shield colors as Valerys, and not only have five chevrons in the colors of the Valery chevron, but have "a rod of AEsculapius" in their Crest, and "snakes around rods" in their Chief. It's the symbol of medical establishments.

By the time of this discovery, I knew that Huckabee-like Hucks, who have an owl to go with the owl symbol of mythical Ascalaphus of Hades, share the blue chevron with Huckabee's, and moreover, at the time, Hucks were first found in Yorkshire with Hyksos-like Hicks. The Hucks even have two chevrons of Dexters while the Huckabee Crest is "A falcon holding in the DEXTER claw a rod of AESculapius all proper." In this new context in which the Tongue's/Tongs nearly have the Mountain Coat, isn't this dream a pointer to the Apophis asteroid with Apophis/APEPi was a Hyksos king? How could God make it any-more obvious? Well, one way to make it more obvious is where I trace the heraldic wave (no Wave-or-similar surname comes up) to Weavers, a branch of wavy-bar Webbers who in turn have a bend-with-fleur in colors reversed from the same of Pepins/Pepys. Are you not impressed?

Huckabee's and Rods were first found in Devon with Esse's/Ash's/ASCHs, which begin to explain the AESCulapius rod. New: German Ash's/Aschs have the triple chevrons of Muschats/Montfichets (Essex, same as Mountains!) in colors reversed, and the latter were kin of Luffs!!! The dream and Ray and Valery LUFF with snake tongues. For many years until about two or three years ago, Love's/Luffs and Muscats/Musks were both said to be first found in Suffolk, and that's where Owls/Howls were first found.

[Insert -- MARKleys/Marlins have triple fesses colors reversed from the same of Love's/Luffs, and while Mark liners are suspect from Marici of Pavia, the triple Markley/Marlin fesses-with-martlets are similar to a Pavia Coat, a good indicator that Love's were from a Laevi line. German Marleys/Merkle's have a good reflection of the English Mountain Coat, and these Mountains, and Tongue's, share gold martlets with Pavia's. As David Morley visited me at MARLIN Court the last time I saw him, which was with his motorbike, I take it that Morleys and Marleys of Morlaix were Marici liners too. If he had not visited me with his bike, I wouldn't have known that he was the bike rider in the sleeping-bag dream with mall. That mall pointed to Morleys/Mauls, therefore...first found in Yorkshire with Pavers, I think I get it now. English Morleys are obvious Morland kin, and Morlands were first found in WestMORLAND with martlet-using, Laevi-like Levins/Livings! Nailed it. Morlaix is near Brest while Brests/Brix's have the three Paver lozenges in colors reversed! Nailed it more. The Paver checks are those in the Arms of Meulan, and Waleran de Leavell married Miss Beaumont of Meulan. Sorry for the aside, but this gives background to the Luff surname, I think. Levens were first found in Shropshire with the Partys sharing the Paver checks. End insert]

The Huckaby falcon holding the snake rod is code for French Falcons in particular, first found in LANGUEdoc with French Mountains, because Valois'/Valais'/VALOURs (like "Valery") share their crescent, and moreover have the Valery chevron in colors reversed. I would have missed all of this had I not remembered the Valery wave last night near bedtime.

And when I went to bed, I wanted to talk to God about yesterday's key finds, and that's when I went over the marble kiss to realize that two marbles making hard contact (I hit the marble hard) is like an asteroid hitting the earth! Is that not amazing, how this escaped me yesterday while toying with the marble pointer to the asteroid? As I prayed to make contact, I suggest that the disturbing 666 plague on Christians will cause their prayers to go up, and God will then return plague for plague with the asteroid hit. It's to our benefit. The peoples globally will need to grapple as to why God may have allowed the strike to take place, and this should in-general alleviate persecution from our neighbors.

I'm wondering whether the walk-in-freezer is a Sign to indicate that we will be able to purchase electricity during the enforcement of the 666, so long as we pay by check. That is, perhaps the 666 disallows store purchasing only. When it says we won't be able to buy and sell, it doesn't necessarily mean we won't be able to buy or sell anything.

The dream didn't end when I walked into the small, white room that I knew was a walk-in freezer. For I then opened a door some three feet beside it, and went out that one to find that it was the door out of the apartment. The dream ended there. I was not outdoors, but in a hallway, with stairs, and so the snake tongues were in an apartment building. With the two doors so near one another, it made me think that the walk-in freezer was intended as a WALK-in CLOSEt, and this goes well with the falcon CLAW holding the Aesculapius rod because, not only were Walks first found in Dumfries with CLOSEburn, but, while Close's use the spur, Claws'/Clausels/Clauds are in Schwab colors and format while Klaus'/Claus' share a giant red lion with spur-using Couls/COOLs/Cowls with a "Cole" motto term to get the Cole's/COLDs to go with a cold freezer! Beauty. Klaus Schwab is the lunatic behind much of the COVID lockdowns and ruin of politicians forced to do his will.

Ahh wow, there is even a Close-like Coles/Coals surname with a coiled green snake!!! Therefore, the walk-in closet is indeed correctly pegged as part of the dream. "The surname Coles was first found in Somerset or Wiltshire at Cole. The Somerset hamlet is in the parish of PITcomb..." The Pits (Dorset, same as Hades') share the checks of Nitts/Naughts, the latter first found in Dumfries with the NITH river, location of CLOSEburn, beauty. It was a WALK-in closet for sure. Walks and Close's together even look related to the Snake Coat.

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, this is my biggest wowie ever: the Coles/Coals Crest: "A snake circling a MARBLE pillar"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! INCREDIBLE. I thought I heard God say, a few days ago, "prepare for a shock." It's not quite as shocking as a cosmic marble striking the ocean, but close.

With a snake encircling, and with Mike Huckabee being a regular guest on Fox news, maybe even on Fox and Friends, I should add the Earhardt Coat: "...two intertwined snakes, encircling a fleur-de-lys." The Earhardt snakes are in the colors of the Huckabee "snakes aROUND rods." Earhardt was SLEEPING Beauty, and while Ainsley Earhardt's daughter is Hayden, one Haydon Coat shares the Beauty bull while Beautys were first found in Dorset with the Hades' who share the quadrants of the other Haydens, and we just saw the owl god, Ascalaphus as a character in Hades.

Moreover, mythical Holla was of a witchy cult, and the Haydens sharing the Hades quadrants share the white talbot dog with Hollys and Hole's/Halls. When I went out the door from the Luff apartment, I was in a HALL. Jeffrey Epstein was a child abductor, and Dutch Halls get interesting for sharing triple-red chevrons with Epsteins, though in both colors of the triple chevrons of Clare's, the latter first found in Suffolk with Owls/Howls. The triple-red Clare chevrons are shared by Cassels, and they named Hesse-Cassel. It's amazing here that the Chatti of Hesse-Cassel named Caithness in Scotland, where Pope's/Popps/Pape's were first found.

The snake tongues of the Epstein-connectable Luffs are expected to point to the asteroid, and the Epstein-related Muscats/MUSKs can point to Elon Musk's SpaceX, what we might expect to attempt a nuclear-bomb strike on the asteroid once it closes in. Luff-related Muschats/Monfitchets and Waters, both first found in Essex with Tongue-related Mountains, share the Epstein / Babenberg Coat, and POPPO I was the founder of Babenbergs. Is this not astounding? Babe's were once said to be first found in Dorset with Hades', and are now said to be first found in Suffolk with Owls/Howls. Read between the lines: infant / child abductions by satanists of modern times. Snake-using Coles'/Coals', sharing the pillar with Bosco's, are even in Child colors and format.

Epstein's island of teen abductions, LITTLE SAINT James, can perhaps play with the Couls/Cools/Cowls because they share the Spurs of Little-branch Liddle's ("SANITas") who in turn share the fleur-de-lys of Lily-connectable and Lys'/Lisse's and Little-like Litts...who might have been named after L'Itts, or Itta, wife of Pepin of Landen. The mouth of the Lys river past Lille is not far from Landen. Here's the Arms of Lille sharing the Litt / Liddle fleur-de-lys.

I loaded CULE's/Culleys in following the AesCULapius clue, to find a version of the BURTon Coat, the main similarity being that they share the "talbot" dog head.

[Insert -- Sorry for interrupting again. The Burton "dog's heads"" are almost those of Clue's/Clues'/Glue's/Cloughs to boot, and from here we go to the Spinks ("dog" in Crest) sharing the Clue/Clues'/Glue mascles and the SNAKE/Snook eagles! The Snake-connectable Seneca's have these mascles in half their colors, so that the closet of the snake-tongue Luffs points especially hard to Clue's/Glue's...a major topic of the first update of this month (see "Glue") along with Carpenters, the latter sharing the triple Luff fesses as pale bars, we may assume! Yes, for Carpenters love Belli's, and German Belli's share the "beacon" with Fullers who in turn have the triple Luff fesses!!! The Cule's were responsible for this paragraph's important finds, and Cule's came from the Huckabee's, how about that, perfect tic-tac-toe by God.

While Beacons are listed with English Bacons, French Bacons share the cinquefoils of Dogs/Doags/Docks, the latter first found in Perthshire with the Glove's who are in turn like the Clough variation of Clue's/Glue's. But how does this insert help us to get God's message(s) from the snake tongues and closet? Where's the surname-key to unlocking this part of the mystery? CLOUGHtons are also CLAWtons. Is this a pointer to Klaus Schwab?

For what it may be worth, Cule's/Cullys are in the colors and format of Craigie's, a branch of talbot-dog Carricks. Perhaps Glue's were to get us to Glove's because they share the crescents of Motts/Morts, first found in Essex with Tongue-related Mountains, and with English RAYmonds who are in turn in Glove colors and format (ignoring the Raymond Chief). Raymonds got a little explosive earlier this week, shortly below. End insert]

French Pepins use a "bird" so the I need to discover why God might use Birds/Burds as an additional pointer to the Apophis asteroid. [I actually missed it while writing here: a "bird rising" is in the Crest of Mountain-related Tongue's!] The owl symbol was given to LILith too, and there's a "lily" in the mouth of the Cule/Culley "talbot." Cule/Culley-like Hulls, Hole's/Halls and Hollys use the talbot too, and, in colors reversed, the Hull / Hole/Hall Coats is that of PAPE's/PAPENBURGs while Babenbergs have the Coat of German Ash's/Aschs in colors reversed. Or, Babenbergs share the Coat of Epstein's, first found in Esse-like Hesse while English Ash's/Asch's are also Esse's. Is that not stacked with meaning?

One Bird/Burd Coat shares the Ainsley fleur-de-lys, and while Ainsleys were first found in Broxtow, Birds/Burds were first found in Broxton. Brox's/Brocuffs share the Chief-Shield colors of Brocks, and the latter's Coat looks like a version of the Valais/Valois/VALOUR Coat that was addressed above with Valerys! There's a lot of mystery to consider in this paragraph, but we need to repeat here that Ainsleys share the fleur-de-lys of Hyksos-line Hicks for a pointer to the Apophis Hyksos.

The Cule/Culley "talbot STATant" is ASTOUNDING, for I've several times told of the day when Joe and Diane OULlette, with a surname of the Owl bloodline, asked me to visit an old friend with them. When we got to the bus-subway STATion, a week or two after Lorraine the BABE and I broke up due to her grass stain, I got off the bus, and there was Lorraine (pointer to Pepin of Landen) the first to get on the bus. We eyed each other as I walked by her. This freak-chance brush was in the large city of Toronto, at the Finch subway station, and "statant" of the Cule's/Culleys can be code both for the State's/Stations and the Stant variation of Stains.

As she was a pointer to Bus' and Bussys, and as she could have gotten her grass stain behind a bush (with a married man while out for a WALK with him), her grass stain pointed to the "tufts of grass" on the Bosco "pillars," and Cule-like Coles'/Coals' (Somerset, same as Church's!) are the ones with a green snake "CIRCLing a marble pillar"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Plus, Lorraine lived on Church street (residential street) at the time, and CIRCLE's are listed with church-using Chirchners!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ASTOUNDING. She was likely for a walk along Church street, and English Church's are in the colors and format of English Bush's.

After the brush with her at the FINCH subway station, I saw her one last time carrying an infant CHILD, and Childs, in Coles'/Coals colors and format, were first found in Hertfordshire with FINCH's/Vince's and BEACH's, and Finch's/Vince's have one of the FINCHem fesses, the latter using three fesses in the colors of the same of Bussys and Babe-related Beaks, which, in this context, looks like a pointer to Epstein's BEACH upon which Ainsley Earhardt and Miss Hicks were walking. There are three pure blonds in this paragraph, and foot-using Blonds were Babe kin, especially as Babe's are now said to be first found in Sussex with Blondville's. Ahh, the latter share the blue vair of HOOKERs (share Kilpatrick lion), perhaps a Huck branch, for Hooks were first found in Devon with Huckabee's and Mellanson-beloved Rods. Mellansons (Aberdeenshire, same as Couls/Cools/Cowls) share the Hook fesse, and Hooks share the Earhardt fleur while the Earhardt snake is in the colors of the Huckaby snake. Epstein had teen hookers.

Back to the Huckabee snake "aROUND" a rod. The "sleeping-lion" Rounds (Essex, same as Mountains) use an "Esse" motto term while Esse's/Ash's/ASCHs (part of the Huckabee AESCulapius) have two of the Round chevrons, as do Rod-connectable ROWELLs/Rothwells/RODwells so that this looks like a pointer to the Rhodian / Rothschilian Round Table, explaining why I was sitting with the Luffs at their TABLE when the snake tongues appeared in their mouths.

God said to me, "you SHALL have a SONG," this would be a good place to add that while Shalls almost have the Table Coat, Songs (Devon, same as Ash's/Aschs) are listed with Sings/Singers sharing the Freeze horse. I took the Bible off of the coffee TABLE, and asked God if I would be a singer in the future; I said I'm going to open the Bible and point to whatever, and my finger landed on, "you shall have a song," from Isaiah. Kelly's father was a MUSIC WRITEr, and I did learn to sing, and am still singing away. Immediately after Kelly and I stopped seeing each other, I met Diane Muschatov, and while Musics are listed with Musys, Muschats were Love/Luff kin. I had picked the Bible up from the COFFEE Table, in the LIVING room, and I trace Bible's/Bibo's to Vibia, mother of Laevillus. The Coffee/Coffer Crest share's the green French dolphin, and, as corny as this might be, I've got to go here to the French kiss i.e. with TONGUES with Miss Peare, especially as Peare's, from Pavia (likely with Love's/Luffs), were first found in Oxfordshire with Love's/Luffs. I know, yuck. Sorry. There is evidence here that Tongue's/Tongs were in Pavia, near the first-known Italian Francs/Franks.

Kellys' father was a music writer, and English Write's were first found in Sussex with Coffer-like Cofferts who share the gold leopard face with Peare's, and while Sussex is where Coffer-like Coopers/Coppers were first found, they have three gold leopard faces on blue in their Chief to go with the three, white-on-blue leopard faces in the Write Chief.

Rowells are to topic above because they have "SPUR rowells" (shared by PANTers). We saw spurs with Couls/Cools/COWLs (in the last update with Elon Musk) who might help to explain the erroneous spelling of "Asclepius" in the Huckabee description, spelled erroneously as "AesCULApius." The spur is used also by Knight/NIGHTs (Suffolk, same as Huck-beloved Owls), suspect as the surname naming the Nith river at Closeburn. The Cula's are listed with Colls/Coole's who happen to share the giant CUSSON eagle, and the Kilpatricks, from Kilpatrick castle at Closeburn, use "CUSHIONs." Miss Hicks is also Mrs. Kilpatrick, and as she was the original Sleeping Beauty, we can reiterate here that Hucks were once said to be first found in Yorkshire with Hicks.

Couls/Cools/Cowls were first found in Aberdeenshire with the CULP location of Cups/Cope's/Colps from the Kupa = COLAPIS river, and so note "AesCULAPIUS." That works. I say the Colchians named that river. Couls/Cools/Cowls have spurs, and SPURRs with SUPERs were first found in Devon with Huckabee's, etc., and then the Rattery location of Devon named the RATTerys with a "Super" motto term.

Kilpatricks (share Super saltire to explain the Close spur) use a DEXTER paw on the head of a dragon, and while I was HOLDing Sleeping Beauty at the end of that dream, the falcon's DEXTER CLAW of Huckabee's, linkable to Claws-like Close's of Closeburn, is "HOLDing" the Aesculapius rod. Holds/Holts (Lancashire, same as Holdings/Holdens), with double fesses in colors reversed from the Huckabee chevrons, were first found in Bury of Salford with RATcliffs, and more particularly in Ashworth of Bury. That's where Ashworths are said to be first found who use a Coat looking linkable to that of Ainsleys, who in turn share the fleur-de-lys of Hicks' and Tongue-beloved Birds/Burds. ASHworth's are perfect as per the AESCulapius rod because Esse's/ASH's/ASCH's were first found in Devon with Rods and Worths. It appears that AshWORTHs were an Ash-Worth merger.

Worths share the giant and black two-headed eagle with Jeepma's/Jappa's suspect from the Japodes on the Colapis river. The Worth eagle is in both colors of the same of Kilpatrick-beloved Maxwells, an apparent pointer to Ghislaine Maxwell of Epstein infamy. It's perfect here because EPPsteins almost have the Coat of German Ash's/Aschs (SWABia). I trace the Maxwell eagle for reasons to the two-headed one in the Arms of Rijeka, a location very near the Colapis. Ahh, Weaver-loving ShuttleWORTHs were first found Bury of Salford with Ashworth! Ashworth's even have an "APPEtitus" motto term that can be for the Apps'/EPPs. There's a question here on whether the "RaTIONI" motto term of Ashworths is for Tonys, for I smacked / KISSed Tonys marble while the marble pillar is used by Colapis-suspect Coles'/Coals. Earlier, Tonys had played to the asteroid.

"The surname Coles was first found in Somerset or Wiltshire at Cole." Wiltshire is where Settle-related Stars/Stairrs were first found while Settle's were first found in Lancashire with Shuttleworths/SHETTLEworths. This is to show that Luff's walk-in closet is still singing like a bird. It reads further that "The Somerset hamlet [of Cole] is in the parish of Pitcomb, union of Wincanton, hundred of BRUTo..." Burts (Norfolk, same as Bus') share the Birth/Bert Coat (Devon, same as Worths, Ash's, Huckabys, Rods), and I asked Lorraine for the date at the bus stop on my BIRTHday. This has the BURTons to topic who have much the Cule/Culley Coat.

Ainsley Earhardt was the second fulfillment of Sleeping Beauty, and we saw the Earhardt snake linkable to the Coles/Coals snake, and in the colors of the snakes aROUND the rods of Huckabee's. We saw the closet-connectable Cools/COOLS'/Cowls sharing the spur with Close's. The Round motto took us to Epstein-connectable ASH's. Ashworths ("FOX" in Crest!) of Bury -- sharing the full motto of English Constance's who in turn share the giant eagle of cushion-like Cussons and Cula's/Coole's -- use a "RATioni" motto term to go with Ratcliffs of the same Bury area, and while the Kilpatrick family under discussion moved from my area of Texas to within 10 miles of John Ratcliffe, why might he (regular guest on Fox news) be working into this set of heraldry?

The RISING-from-SLEEP scene with Sleeping Beauty was confirmed as a pointer to Rhizon, near or amid the SELEPitanoi Illyrians. And so the unfamiliar-to-me "a "bird rising" in the Crest of Mountain-related Tongue's can apply, for both Hicks and Ainsleys share the Bird/Burd fleur-de-lys!!! It's rising "from a rock," and Rocks were kin of Huckabee-beloved Rods. Read on.

I've just found another way to point the Luffs to Apophis aside from their snake tongues. But first, I'd like to quote the Ray description to show that it was not wrong to go from Valery Luff to Huckabee's and Hucks. "A stag at a GAZE proper." The English Gays' share the Valery / Huckabee chevron, and, if the Gays' Shield were white, it would be a good reflection of the Huck Coat. We are halfway already to the Apophis HYKSos, but I can do better because Ray Luff was named Raymond at his birth, for he named his son, Raymond. Ray's father was Ray too. English Raymonds were first found in Essex with Mountains, and French Raymonds were first found in LANGUEdoc with Rocks/Roque's and French Mountains. Again, Tongue's/Tongs essentially have the English Mountain Coat. The cosmic rock is coming to save us from Rockefeller goons.

To help prove again that the Mountains point to the 2nd Trumpet -- having the "like a mountain" asteroid -- French Raymonds share the rare "orb" (different colors) with Metz's, home of Pepin's wife. French Pepins share the "bird" with Tongue's!!! Ya see. What seemed obscured at first -- the mystery of how to get the Luff tongues to point to Apophis -- has been cascaded into full view by a key to get into a secret room. PEPPards share the fleur-de-lys of English Raymonds, and French Raymonds even share the Chief-Shield color combo of Huckabee's and Valerys. Valais'/Valois'/Valours even share the crescent of in the Chief of French Raymonds, and the latter's full Chief is the one of French Constance's (Languedoc).

The Huckabee, Valery and Constance Coats all have blue Chiefs and gold Shields with Cremers, and all four Coats have gold items in their Chiefs. Next, the Cremer Coat, sharing the Kilpatrick Chief, is almost the Coat of Fauci-pointable Faux's/Fage's/CHOLLENs, first found in Perigord with Fauchys and Poisson-connectable Bardys, and moreover Cremers are perfect here because Raymundo's were first found in Cremona!!! Hee-heee! I'm on a merry-go-round. The French Falcons (Languedoc) share the Raymond / Constance / Valais/Valour crescent, and there is a "falcon" in the Crest of English Faux's, first found in Essex with Mountains and English, Peppard-connectable Raymonds. The flaming rock is coming around, COVID goons.

Peppards even have a "VALORE" motto term, and if that's not enough, the Peppard cinquefoil is also the one of Bus', recalling that Lorraine's bus stop (at Yonge and Arnold) pointed to Arnold, relative of Pepin of Landen's wife at Metz! That's why Peppards share the Metz orb, God arranged it all. The Bus cinquefoil is shared by Lanarks/LURNachs who have the Lorraine-like Lorne's in their write-up while Lorraine's bus stop was across the intersection from Yonge and LORNE (see map). Read on. Peppards share a greyhound (different color) in Crest with Valois'/Valours, and the Peppard fesse-with-martlets is the same of Pavia's and Feets in colors reversed while Pavia is also Papia. Lorraine's BARE feet on the pavement Yonge street pointed to Pavia. Papa's use a swan, and Swans are also Sions (LANARKshire) while Sion is in Valais canton, tending to explain the Valais variation of Valois'/Valours. The double Peppard fesses are shared my Manners/Maness' (Northumberland, same as Lorraine's), a branch of Pepin and Poppin-beloved Mens'/Mame's. Partys share the checks of Pavers, and I left the party of Mamie, where I met her, while Lorraine was on a walk getting her grass stain. Everything points to Pepin of Landen because, I assume, God wanted to use Pepin kin to point to the asteroid of 2029. It's slated to return in 2036, but is reportedly going to be very far from earth in that year.

They say that we will be able to see this asteroid with the naked eye when it comes to its closest at just 2,000 miles. Imagine how it will grow in size as it comes straight at the planet. It may even form an electron tail before striking the atmosphere so as to look like the "flaming star" of Pero's.

I've noted that google maps are hard to see now because they have the roads almost the same color as the rest of the map, exactly what I expected because the globalist goons wish to make it hard for people to do any meaningful research at all. They want us stupid because knowledge in our heads destroys them. Instead of becoming better, google has become atrocious in every way. If you turn this lousy map into a satellite map by clicking the thingie on the lower-left, you will see a Pizza-Pizza store a little south of Lorne and Yonge. That's where Mr. Fix had his restaurant (not a pizza place at the time), where I took Mamie on the last occasion of my seeing her. It makes me wonder whether he was a symbol of Pizzagate pedophilia, for Mamie had pointed to such when she was with me, for I worked in a pizza restaurant at the time that pointed to pedophilia. "Joe Fix" may not have been his real name, but that's what his name was stated as on his business card when he later worked for a Lada service station. Ahh, Peppard-like Peppers are in Arnold colors and format! It tends to verify that Peppards were Pepin-of-Landen liners.

After being at Mr. Fix's, Mamie and I went back to my place on LEVENdale avenue, suggesting that Levens were from the Laevi of Pavia. In fact, as per "LevenDALE," Dale's share the Papa swan! That's brand new here, though I have mentioned before that on our first date, I met Lorraine at the Landen-connectable LAUNDRoMAT at the corner of Levendale and Yonge!!! I get it now. This laundromat was the very first store in a strip plaza, and it therefore was directly at the corner of Yonge and Levendale. It's probably what is now the FREEdom Mobile PHONE company (the large building beside it wasn't there at the time). Freeze's are listed with FREE's/Freys (Essex with Mountains). Phone's/Fane's/Vans were first found in Monmouthshire with Owl/Howl-like Howells. MONmouths look like Oullette kin. Mons are listed with Mounts. Oullette's were at Basset while Bassets were first found in Staffordshire with Frey-like Fridays (Basset colors) who almost have the Coat of Sion-connectable Seatons/Sittens. Apophis is scheduled to return on a Friday (13th) in the month of April, and Aprils look like French Constance kin.

One Talking Pigeon in a Pine Tree

This morning, Friday (15th) in the month of April, I saw a pigeon landing in my white pine tree. French Constance's use a pine tree, and they share the crescent of French Falcons (Languedoc, same as Constance's) while English Falcons have a near-copy of the French Pigeon Coat. It was a WHITE pine tree (Aprils use a pine tree), and one English White surname was first found in DURHAM with Conte's/Comitissa's while French Conte's/Comites' were likewise first found in Languedoc, and likewise share the crescent of Constance's and Falcons/FalCONTe's. The same crescent, which is colors reversed from the crescent of French Pine's, is a giant one with German SILVERs (Hesse, same as Epsteins). As God used a pigeon here a few years ago to point to a stool pigeon(s), might this pigeon today point to a stool pigeon now talking to John DURHAM? It's quite amazing that while Fridays are also Freydays/Frydays, Frasers/FRAYsers share the French Pine cinquefoils. The White's above are in the colors and format of English Pine's (another pine tree), and the latter use "pineAPPLEs" while Apple's and Applebys share the martlets of Mountains and Tongue's/Tongs, both connectable to the Languedoc elements we just crossed.

The White's above have a good reflection of the English GOOD Coat, and today is GOOD Friday. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, Good Friday relates to EASTER, and Easters are listed with Asters. The ASTERoid!!!! WOW! I almost missed this. This is the biggest thing to happen in this discussion. The pigeon came on Good Friday!! I get it! Lookie: "The surname Easter was first found in the arrondissement of Manche, in Tourlaville, in Normandy, when William of Stur sent William his son to England with Duke William of Normandy. William was granted lands in the Isle of WIGHT and Hampshire..." Wights are listed with White's!

When Jesus died at Passover, He did it because He wanted fellowship with people. Everything He did when God was living amongst people showed that He was accepting of people, willing to coach them, willing to train them in God's ways, willing to shore up sinners with the Father. This is a Good Soul, respect Him, honor Him, magnify Him. When life is good, build on it with good relations between people, or wickedness will creep in. We are witnessing what that looks like. God is giving us a glimpse of the obscenities under the rock of wickedness.

Amazingly, Frasers use a "PREST" motto term while Miss Peare's belly-PRESS pointed to Goods (once said to be first found in Devon with Pine's). Press' and also Prests. The belly-press gave birth to my descriptive phrase, "it FELT so good," and the other English White's happen to share the FELTman leopard faces. Peare was working for Reitmans clothing at the time, and the Two Reitman Coats have two color schemes for their stars both found in the Coat of German Feltmans. Fells have the eight-pointed Belly star in colors reversed, but how are we on the belly-press as per the Apophis asteroid, unless the belly-press is a continuation of the rush-up-the-stairs kiss event of a few weeks earlier that connected to the marble-kiss event now being proposed as a precursor to the asteroid kissing the earth.

"It felt so good" was a phrase I used initially in describing my pulling Peare's WAISTs toward me at the end of a dream. I told readers that it felt exactly how I felt when pressing Peare's belly toward me while I was asleep, and then waking momentarily (no sex at all that night, no nothing, Peare and I never went beyond kissing). I'm repeating this because the Pascals (Essex, same as Mountains) have "A bearded man from the WAIST up." If Easters can point to Apophis, might God have arranged Pascals to do so too? Pascals were granted lands initially at Much of Essex, and Much's are listed with Muschats/Montfichets (ESSEX). French Pascals (share lamb with English Pascals) were first found in Gascony with belly-like LABELs/LaBells! Mountain-loving MacKenzie's also love the Easters/Asters who in turn use a LABEL! Labels/LaBells (look like Valois/VALOUR kin) share the Constance / Falcon / Conte / Valour crescent that connected to the Pine crescent and the Mountains in ESSEX. The belly-press points to Press'/Prests who share the Neils/O'NAIL Chief, both Chiefs sharing the estoiles of COLchesters because the Arms of Colchester (ESSEX!) has THREE NAILS (representing Jesus) on its cross!!! That's amazing, folks. Jesus was crucified on Passover = the Pascal Lamb. Mucho grandes.

The Pascals come up as "Passe," a motto term of Rollo's, and king Rollo married POPPa of Valois!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do you see it? The Valois/Valais/VALOUR surname (Rollo chevron in colors reversed), sharing the Moon crescent, is part of the snake-tongue set of heraldry, pointer to the Apophis asteroid!!! The Valery "wave" can even point to the massive ocean waves from this asteroid. The snake tongues were wavy!

New theory: the feel good waist-pull at the end of a dream that otherwise pointed to the deep state and 666-purchasing must represent the great feeling when God comes to our rescue with plagues upon the wicked enemy. The good-feel embracing of Sleeping Beauty at a rapture may have the same promise of deliverance from deep-state bulls and crocs. The rising of Sleeping Beauty pointed to Rhizon in the Dardania theater because Sleeps share the ermined Dart/Dard fesse, and I trace the Dardanian king, Monunius, to the Moons! Moons were once said to be first found in Devon with Darts/Dards, but are now said to be first found in Dorset with Beautys! Miss Hicks was Sleeping Beauty, and the Touts/Tute's in the Hicks motto share one Moon crescent.

As Rollo's have a "tout" motto term, let's repeat; "The Pascals come up as "Passe," a motto term of Rollo's, and king Rollo married POPPa of Valois!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do you see it? The Valois/Valais/VALOUR surname (Rollo chevron in colors reversed), sharing the Moon crescent, is part of the snake-tongue set of heraldry, pointer to the Apophis asteroid!!!" From the last update:

...a daughter of king MONunius II of DARDania married king Gentius of the Ardiaei who was himself married to eTUTa, what looks like the line to Tute's/Tuits.

While Gentius succeeded queen Teuta on the Ardiaei throne, she was married to AGRon while AUGERs/Each's/Eagers use a "SPECTemur" motto term!!! Surprise. Teuta ruled with king Pinnes, explaining why Pine's were first found in Devon with early Moons.

I've yet to identify a Hicks-like people group in the Ardiaei / Dardanian theater, but perhaps they named Issa, and island desired by the Ardiaei. Hicks are also Icke's, a variation of Ice's too. At her rising scene, God stressed the knee of Sleeping Beauty, and Knee's share the Vise/Vice stag head while Issa was also called, Vis. Dardania of Mysia was beside Abaddon-suspect Abydos, and the Alan-suspect Hellespont, and I can trace the Alan kin of Hicks' to Aulon, beside Apollonia.

QUESTION: If God wants to point to the Apophis asteroid using Easters and Pascals here on the eve of Passover, why use a pigeon on a white pine tree to do it when Pine's, Moons, White's and Pigeons are likely from some of the lines of those who killed him? In fact, I had reason to believe, and shared it, that king Monunius I of Dardania was the ancestor of the Hasmoneans = Maccabees, the king-priests of dark-era Israel who furnished Sadducees and Pharisees. The Freeze surname even lists Pharisee-like Phreeze's, and the island of Issa is beside Pharia. Saddocks were first found in Sussex with Vise's/Vice's.

My guess is that Hooks were kin of Bell-branch Bellamys (share Friday crescents). Pascals share the Levi and Hooker lions, and Hookers share the blue-vaired fesse with the other English White's, the ones with the Feltman/Feltham leopard faces. That again relates to the belly-press and waist-pull. Pulls are listed with English Pole's/Pools from Poole, beside Hampshire's Easter liners, and facing out to the Isle of Wight, the line of White's! We're on it, and can't get off of, the pigeon/Dove on the white-pine tree on this Good Friday. WAISTells use the dove, and it's the blue dove of George's, the latter first found in Dorset with Pulls/Pools/Pole's! Bingo. I've said many times that Pine's were related closely to Moons (once said to be first found in Devon with Pine's), and Passover is at a full moon everytime. Moons -- with blue crescent of French Pine's, and the red crescent of Pino's, in colors reversed -- are now said to be first found in Dorset with Poole and Pools/Pulls! They can run, but they can't hide from the falling rock.

The write-up of the Hookers tells that they were from Fowlers or Vowells (Owl-like) who married a Hooker surname. As Fowlers use the owl, I've got to address the Owl-line Oulette's here, from Ouilly-le-Bassett, for Bassets, first found in Staffordshire with same-colored Fridays, and with Pepin-branch Pipe's, share the triple fesses of Aster-branch Sturs, the latter first found in Hampshire where Easters/Asters are said to have been. So, the pascal lions took us to the Fowler-Hookers, and here we are at Easters.

Fowlers have a blue-Shield version of the first English White Coat. The black patee crosses on the Fowler chevron is in the Chief of German Feltmans, what are the chances? The Vowels (Devon, same as Pine's) look like kin of Tintons, from the Atintanes at/beside APOLLonia. Pine's use pineAPPLE's.

Itta-like White's, perhaps in Arnold colors and format, have a near-copy of the English SILVER/Silverstein Coat, itself much like the Fowler Coat. Larry Silverstein was a 9-11 gangster. It would be so sweet to see the 9-11 gangsters arrested. German Silvers were found connectable above to the crescent of French Pine's.

Perhaps God sent that pigeon today, not to speak to a stool pigeon, but to connect the pine tree to both Constance's and Falcons in order to point to the Apophis asteroid. If God changes its trajectory in order for it to strike the earth, might it arrive two days later than expected, on the 15th? Hmm, who knows? Today is actually Passover eve, for the full moon is tomorrow, the 16th. I'm going to make yeastless flat bread, and cut it in half with my hands, and pretend to drink wine with the beet juice I have left at the bottom of a jar, since I've just finished all the beets on tonight's salad. That'll work.

French Pine's have the look of the Huck Coat while English Pine's were first found in Devon with Huckabee's. Today was the day I wrote about Hucks and Huckabee's, but not until after I saw the pigeon this morning. The Huckaby snakes popped to topic in the same update as snake-venom discussions, and the 3rd trumpet, after the 2nd that brings the asteroid, turns waters into bitter, perhaps poisonous "wormwood." So, the goons gave us poison on a massive scale, and God gives their lakes poison in return while we are in the wilderness on well waters.

The Aprils use roses along with their pine tree, and French Rose's were first found in Limousin with French Pine's so that the pigeon in the pine tree is naturally incorporating the Aprils. I didn't realize this until starting this paragraph i.e. after the above was written. Plus, French Rose's are in the colors and format of English Pine's, and even add the crescent of French Pine's, is that not absolutely amazing? Scottish Rose's have a "Constant" motto term while pine-tree Constance's are also Constants. I didn't think of discussing the pigeon in pine tree until after the paragraph on April, Friday the 13th, was written. I got up at that time to PAN FRY some bread (just finished the second loaf a minute ago), and when I sat down, the pigeon story was started. Look at how it has cascaded out. German Pole's use a "frying pan," hmm.

Oh wow, almost missed it: German Rose's show only three roses, and are in the colors and format of the Friday Coat!!! ASTOUNDING! They are three red roses in the positioning of the same of Irish White's. There was no way to get here but for the April roses, and no way to get to Aprils but by their pine tree! And there we are, the whole Apophis torpedo just built itself while I wrote and made pan bread. The Breads are also Breath's, now said to be first found in Cheshire, where Ranulph le Meschin ruled, and SPOTTENs/Spauldings are aid to have been his tenants while Breads/Breath's were once said to be first found in Midlothian, beside the Seatons Sittons who use a dragon "SPOUTing fire" from its mouth that may once have been breathing fire as code for the Breath variation of Breads. The Seatons/Sittens, minus their double-tressure border, share the Friday Coat. Isn't that amazing that I was making bread while apparently unraveling Friday in April 2029 on this Friday in April 2022?

Almost missed it: the Bread/Breathe lion head is shared by Penders/Pinders/Pinners, once said to be first found in Cheshire. Ouilly-le-Bassett is in Falaise, and Fallis'/Falls', first found in Midlothian, where Breads/Breath's were once said to be first found, have the Bread/Breath / Pinner lion, we may assume.

The Litts, possibly from Itta, were first found in Silesia with German Rose's, and the CAKE's/CakeBREADs share a giant and white fleur-de-lys with Litte's. The latter's is the Massey/MACEY fleur-de-lys, and I trace Maceys to king Maccus, grandson of Sitric CAECH, which is why I see the latter to the Cake's. Sitric originated in the Dublin / Louth area with the SETANtii Brigantians, the apparent namers of Seatons, and then Maceys share the BRIGHT / Bride (and Constance/Constant) stars while French, Bread-like Bride's were first found in Savoy with Brigantium. This is amazing because the Apophis asteroid is returning in the Cancer constellation, which was framed as a crab by ancient pagans, while Bride-branch Bridge's use crabs! The Crabs were first found in Cambridgeshire with Cake's/Cakebreads, you can run but you cannot hide. Bridge's were first found in Somerset (beside Seaton of Devon) with the TRESURE's/Trashers (share green dragon with Seatons) in the double-TRESSURE border of Seatons and Flemings.

For what it's worth, the Seaton-branch Sutys love the Nothings/Northens in their motto who in turn have the Seaton dragon "EMITTing flames." Emitts are essentially in Cule/Culley colors and format. As the Emitts share the unicorn head of Nothing-like Note's/Cnuts/Knots, it's not surprising that the latter's Coat is a version of the Cule/Culley Coat. King Maccus was in Cheshire with Saxons, and Massey-line Meschins of Cheshire descended from Richard Goz while the Goz Shield is split vertically in colors reversed from the same of Emitts and Cule's/Culleys. Couls/Cools/Cowls share the spurs of Litt-connectable Liddle's.

It Must have Been a Maple Tree

A few years ago, I reported my praying to God to blow down my dead hardwood because it was leaning toward the house, and looked long enough to hit the house, wherefore I didn't want to take the chance cutting it down at the base. The alternative was to climb a ladder 10 feet up and cut it there, but that made me nervous because ladders are unstable leaning against 10-inch trunks, and jumping off of a ladder poised like that, in case I needed to jump off, made me more nervous. After sending up a prayer mindlessly about three times, never thinking He would do it, the day came a few months after the last prayer, in mid-winter, when a strong wind came from the south and blew this tree trunk down. It had no leaves for the wind to help blow it over, and the trunk was still very hard hardwood, having been dead only about three years. The wind blew the trunk and branches directly toward my front door while I sat a few feet inside the door. I heard the twigs from the upper branches being blown against the door and adjacent windows. The twigs were calling on me, "can you come out to play?" It was amazing. I wouldn't have heard this tree fall had those twigs not come against the door, because there was a couple of feet of crunched snow out (more than two feet of snow but packed down to two feet)

The trunk was snapped almost half way up the trunk, where it was at least eight inches round, and so the upper trunk didn't reach the house. No other tree fell, just this one alone in what must have been a precision-operation gust of about 70 mph or better. I cannot imagine that 60 mph could snap a hardwood tree. I have many dead pines, dead a lot longer than three years around here, and not one of them fell that day. The point is, I am sure that God did not fell that tree for me alone. It was located on an island with the driveway fully circling around it. There were only two trunks in that island at the time, the dead one that fell, and the white pine that the pigeon visited this morning.

Although I have two types of hardwoods around the house, I think that this felled trunk was from a maple. First of all, there are several maples directly across the driveway from that trunk. Secondly, the other hardwood usually has a distorted trunk with distorted branches, and this tree did not. Thirdly, the reason I'm telling this story is that the Maple surname has part of the Chives motto, and Maple's even share the split Shield of Tarves' while Caiaphas-like Chives' were first found in Tarves. What can this tell us about today's pigeon on the pine tree that's pointing to the asteroid? It was Caiaphas, on Passover eve, who struggled to murder Jesus. He would have given the order to arrest Him.

The Maple Shield is split vertically in the colors of the horizontally-split German Frey/Freie Coat, and Freeze's/Phreeze's/Freys' share the Coat of English Freys/Frys/Free's. Maple's were first found in Essex with same-colored Mountains, and the Mountain martlets are shared by Fleetwoods who in turn have the vertically-split colors of Maples. Fleetwoods were first found in Lancashire with Mapps/Mapsons/Mabsons, though the latter show no Coat. Is that now telling? There is a good Maple-Mountain link there.

We can now go to the miracle-marble shot, the smacking of an asteroid against the earth, so to speak, for Marble's are also Maple-like Marple's. Plus, I had just loaded Mabee's/Maybe's are the sight of Mabsons, and though I didn't have anything to say about them a minute ago, I do now because the maple trunk was blown to my door, and English Doors, using BEES, have a vertically-split Shield in colors reversed from the same of MaBEE's/Maybe's? But what's wrong? Can't God get them in the same colors instead of colors reversed? There must be a reason for being in colors reversed. Maybe it's because the vertically-split Gates Shield is also that of Mabee's. Or, the blue half of the Maple Shield is on the same side as the blue half of the Door Shield. Seeing the Mabes variation of Mabee's, I've just found Mapes'/Maps/Mapys' (spur), first found in Herefordshire with Doors!!! God blew the TRUNK down toward my door (!), and Trunks have quadrants in the colors of the split Door / Mabee/Maybe / Gates Shields. For what it's worth, Trunks share the Scofields/Scholfield bull heads while Germans Scofields/Schoenfelds use a "trunk."

I'm not sure what the following could mean: Maberleys/Mablys/Mapperleys have a four-armed cross version of the Lake fitchees (three-armed crosses), otherwise both Coats are identical, and the Lake fitchees are all over the Marble/Marple Shield, suggesting that Marble's were a Maberley/Mapperley branch. I get it! here it is: "Mapperley in Basford located in Nottinghamshire..." Basford is where Annas-branch Ainsleys were first found, and high-priest Annas was the father-in-law of Caiaphas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PERFECT. The felled maple tree was God's prophecy concerning His destruction of Caiaphas' and Annas' anti-Christ descendants when the asteroid strikes.

I was HOLDing Mamie in the LAKE when I was emBRACEd with her, and while Brace's have a Coat like that of Lake's, apparent kin of Mapperleys, the Mapperleys of Nottinghamshire are said to descend from, "Thomas HOLT of Mapperley." Holts are listed with Holds, first found in Lancashire with the Mapps/Mapsons/Mabsons and Fleetwoods, and we saw the latter above linking to Maple's and Mountains. Brace's were first found in Herefordshire with English Doors and Mapes'/Maps/Mapys'. Fleetwoods and Mountains share the martlets of Tongue's/Tongs while Tonks were first found in Nottinghamshire. It looks very interesting. We were hugging in the lake, and Hugs, sharing the giant lion of Irish Doors, were first found in Languedoc with French Mountains.

I've found the tree-felling event in the 2nd update of March, 2017:

Just as I finished the paragraph above, a strong wing came in and caused some branches to hit the house's front door area. I had been praying just a few days ago, "Lord, please take that tree down." Yes, I meant by the wind, and I meant only the top part of it, for even the top 10-15 feet would be enough. It wasn't the first time I asked him. It's a dead tree on the front lawn, and I've been afraid of cutting it down for three years because it's tall enough to get near the windows, and would likely hit the garage roof. The only way to avoid it is to get up on a tall ladder and cut it about 12 feet up, dangerous. It leans toward the garage, and trying to make it fall the other way risks having it fall to the front where windows could be broken. This wind just blew twigs against my front door, and when I saw and heard them, it confused me, because I don't see how twigs could be on the roof above the door. But when I looked out, there on the ground, and pointing straight to the front door, was half the dead tree! I'm telling you, the trunk on the ground points about 7 inches to one side of dead-center of the front door, and therefore straight at me. No windows were damaged. No damage at all. There are twigs on the front porch, and, I kid you not, Twitch's have a Twig variation! He arranged for these twigs to "knock" at my front door, otherwise the tree could have fallen without me knowing about it at this moment. Most of the wind-blown twigs are gathered within two feet of the door. It seems He made this take place deliberately while I was writing on end-time, anti-Christ prophecy.

...The fact that the TRUNK is pointing right through my body suggests that the anti-Christ will be a Massey liner. I have been sharing this prediction for years, and it was first shared as the MOUSE line to the anti-Christ...

This was so many years ago, when I was mainly in a fog as to what God was pointing to; I did my best guessing. This week, Elon Musk is in Twitter news, and Musks are listed with MOUSquette's. What am I saying, that Musk is the anti-Christ? No. But this is curious. In that update, it was added: "...Twitch's seem most linkable to Thwaite's/Twaits'/Tweats'/Threats, and then there are Treats/Treetons who may have formed from Tree's." Thwaite's were a Tuit/Tute branch, and "meTUIT" is in the motto of cat-using Cetins/Cattans to go with the MusCAT variation of Musks.

I see "Kepke" and "Keppoch" and "Keeps" as variations from "Caiaphas," and while the kiss with Peare pointed to Apophis, it seems that God caused me to steal-away Kepke's date that night to give her a tongue-lashing as play on his end-time destruction on the Caiaphas bloodline. That's why Kepke rushed up the stairs blistering toward us. I'm a Massey/Macey liner, and Masseys can be traced back to Maccabees. The Maple tree that was felled was a "tree without leaves," the description of the Massey/Masse Coat, and these Masseys were first found in Savoy with their Bride kin, the line to Crab-loving Bridge's i.e. the pointer to Apophis.

Bridge's were first found in Somerset with the Rothes-line Roets who in turn share the Speer/SPEYer boar heads. The latter named the Spey river, location of Rothes, and as German Rothes' share the raven with the Arms of the Isle of Man, where the family of Macey-line king Maccus ruled, we can glean that the Macey line on Man was on Rothesay too. These two island are in the seas of the MacDonalds who share the Ferte eagle, suggesting Ferte-Mace at the upper Orne river that flows to Caen in the Bessin, and Caens use FRETTy, we get it. The people on the Isle of Man are the Manx that likely named Manche, where Masseys of Normandy lived. It's beside the Bessin. Mamie was pointed by God to MAUNCH-using Manfields, and the Mens/Mame's are beloved of Pepins. Poppa of Valois married Rollo while Rollo's have the Spear/Speyer boar heads in colors reversed. Rollo and Poppa were the parents-in-law of a Mr. Grimaldi.

With that in mind, we go to the fact that Rothesay and Man are between Dublin and Cheshire / Lancashire, home of the Setantii Brigantians, assumed to be from the Bride-line Brigantium of Savoy. That's why the Setantii-line Seatons were first found in East Lothian beside the Mens/Mame's. Mamie was a representation of the Isle-of-Man liners, and the "vil" motto term of Mens'/Mame's can be for the Velis/Will surname because it uses griffins while both Griffins and the Phone's/Fane's/Vans (share Macey/Mace GAUNTlets) use a "Ne Vile" motto phrase while Griffins add Valois-like "velis." Catherine Roet married Mr. GAUNT. Maceys/Mace's likely use the mace because Maccabees are (wrongly) said to be named after the hammer.

Dublin had the tile, baron Massy, and I expect that to be from the fact that Sitric CAECH, Maccus' grandfather, was from Dublin. CAKE's/CakeBREADs have got to be of Breads/Breaths, once said to be first found in Midlothian with Mens'/Mame's, and Breads/Breaths are even in the colors of Crabs, first found in Cambridgeshire with Cake's/Cakebreads. Crabs could be from Poppo of GRABfeld, a perfect addition to the Apophis pointer of Crabs. In fact, the crab-depicted Cancer constellation can take us to the Chaunceur variation of Chance's (share Maschi Chief), first found in Essex with Mountains, and sharing the patonce cross of Chace's, first found in Hampshire, not only with Mens-loving Poppins/Pophams, but with the Cassane's who share the triple fesses of Babenbergs. Poppo of Grabfeld was the founder of Babenbergs.

The Fomerians of Ireland who were linked to mythical Lug escaped war to the Isle of Man, and Fomorians could have been code for the namers of proto-Pomerania because the house of Griffin was there. One Griffin Coat shares the Marble Coat, and Marble's are now a pointer to the Apophis asteroid. English Griffins were first found in Cheshire, where Maccus visited, and these Griffins use the lion shown as the one of Ranulph le Meschin at his Wikipedia article. It's also the lion of Cheshire's Lug-like Leys/Leghs/Lighs.

These Griffins go back, in my opinion, to Julius AGRIPPa, brother of the mother of Julia Maesa Bassianus, and from this line we can go to the Gripps/Grape's/GRABbers who show only a fesse, as do the German Scofields/Schoenfelds we saw above in linkage with the Trunk surname. The Scofields/Schoenfelds show nothing but a bend-by-trunk. The bend looks connectable to the Coat of English Velis'/Vails, first found in Northumberland, where SITRic Caech came to roost. SITTERs/Sidewells (Lorraine colors) were first found in Northumberland too, with Keep-related Lorraine's. The Setantii were at least off the Lancashire coast, and Lancashire is where Scofields/SCHOLfields were first found who share the Trunk bull head. Schole's/Scayle's share the black crosslet of Velis'/Vails. The Lorraine-beloved Childs (Shovel colors and format) were first found in Hertfordshire with Shovels (Scholfield colors and near-format) with a Schole-like SHOULer variation. The latter share the Massey and Lys/LISSE fleur-de-lys, and Lissus was at the Drilon (now the Drin) river of the Caiaphas-like Cavii, and to boot the Cave's share the Caen fretty. I trace Cavii to Maple-related Chives', you see. The maple tree was felled as a prophecy against the line of Caiaphas, or so is my proposal, which I can't prove unless God does it through me to your satisfaction.

The Lorraine lion is colors reversed from the same of Keefe's who in turn look like "Caiaphas and "Keep" together in case the Irish turned a Caiaphas-like name to "Caech," for Cake's/Cakebreads share the fleur-de-lys of June's / Jeune's, kin of CAPone's, all three found early in Cambridgeshire with Cake's/Cakebreads...and Julians sharing the black cross above. It's interesting that while the WIND blew down the maple trunk, Windsors share the saltire of French Julians, first found in Languedoc with Mountains sharing white bull heads with Scholfields and Trunks.

The Manx of Man are suspect in naming Monaco in Lug-like Liguria, because baron Massy of Dublin came to Monaco when Grace Kelly married Prince Grimaldi of Monaco. By that time, Monaco's already had the Kelly lion in their Arms, and it's in the colors of the Bread/Breath lion head. Kellys are said to have been from south of Dublin, and so it seems that Monaco elements from way back had been from the Maccus line in Dublin, and then Grimaldi's merged with that Maccus line, apparently, causing the marriage of Ms. Kelly to Grimaldi. Phone's/Fane's/Vans were first found in MONmouth, named after the Monnow river. This river starts in Herefordshire, where Marble-connectable Mapes'/Maps/Mapys' were first found with Doria-like Doors. Doria's were first found in Genova (Liguria) with a major branch of Grimaldi's. The trunk fell straight to my door, and pointed right at my BODY upon my computer chair. My mother is both and direct Grimaldi and a direct Masci so that this trunk points even to this Monaco situation. Was the Caiaphas line in Monaco?

The Body/Botter surname has an eagle standing on a "perch," and while Bell-branch Bellamys were at Perche, it's a new thought here that the BELLs of DOUBLE's reveal the latter to be from "DUBLin," for Setantii-like Seatons, sharing the Bellamy crescents, use a DOUBLE-tressure border. I get it. The Body/Botter eagle is red, same with the Ferte eagle, and someone told me that Bellamys married Massys (his spelling) of Ferte-Mace. The Bodys/Botters were from Budini at Keep-like Kiev, and so if Ukrainian Mr. Kepke was a Caiaphas liner, ditto for the namers of Kiev.

The Labels/LaBells share the Moon crescent, and so it's time now to go back to king MONunius I or II, the line to Moons. The full, Passover moon is today, Saturday, as I write, and so keep in mind that Pascels (not "Pascal") are listed with Speer-related Pasi's/Pace's, first found in Bologna, home of the Boii. Beside Dardania there is a modern Has location in Albania today, at the northern-most part of the Drin river of the Caiaphas-like Cavii. And so it appears that the HASmonians of Israel, the proto-Maccabees, were named by whatever "Has" developed from, in that Dardanian area, more than 2,000 years ago, that married a MONunius line. HasMONia, you see.

As Maccabees are properly, "MaccaBAEUS," it seems a compelling argument to trace them to the Boii, who conquered MODENa from neighboring Bologna. Mr. Hasmonean, father of five Maccabee brothers, lived in MODI'IN of Israel. In those years (about 170 BC, Romans were starting to expand toward Israel, and so they were settling rulers and military generals in the area from far and wide. I suggest that Maccabees formed from a Massyas area in northern Lebanon, near HOMS (ancient Emesa), the latter being where an El-GABAL cult operated that matches a GABULeum location (lower-left of light map) on the Drin not far up the river from Has. Gabuleum is at the confluence of the White and Black Drin rivers, one of which has a source in Dardania.

Homs-like Home's/Hume's were first found in Berwickshire with Boii-like Boys/Bie's. Bassania (on this dark map) was a location near the Lissus that you see at the mouth of the Black Drin. The Boii are thought to have named Baiocasses of the Bassania-like Bessin. Caen is in the Bessin, and Caens share a fretty Shield (different color) with Gabal-like Cabels/Cabels (English Gable colors), the latter first found in Somerset with Duce-branch Ducks. Duce's share the Coat of Base's/Baise's in colors reversed. Ducs/LeDucs are in Boy/Bie colors and format. Bessins share bees with Boys/Bie's and TALLs/Thals, first found in Thuringia with queen Basina, suggesting the TAULantii Illyrians at the Bassania theater. Bee's share the quadrants of Bassans. The light map has a Boius region to the south of the source of the Drilon river.

Meschins were from the Bessin, and one early Meschin married Mrs. TailleBOIS while Tailbois'/Tailboys were first found in Lincolnshire with Base's/Baise's. Ducs/LeDucs (Dol colors), sharing the BELLy star, were first found in Brittany with the Dol Alans who moved to Shropshire, where BELLamys, Talbots and Meschins were first found. It's conspicuous here that Bellamys share the crescents of PHREEZE/Freeze-connectable Fridays while Fridays were first found in Staffordshire with same-colored Duce's.

The Boius region above is on river that APSUS river flowing through Fier county, the line to Fiers and APPS'/Epps, both first found in Middlesex with Bassans. Apps'/Epps even share the CAPES scallops while Cavii were at Bassania (or next to it), near Has. The EPPsteins were first found in Has-like Hesse. The Eppsteins share the basis of the Cassane/Cassandra Coat, and Cassano's/CASSANDRA's were first found in MODENA of the Boii. Cassandra's trace definitely to AntiPATRia on the Apsus river because it's where PATTERsons/Cassane's trace because king Cassander was son of king AntiPATER of Macedon. The Boius region is at the Macedon frontier. Wikipedia tells that king Cassander was ancestral to queen Nysa of Caiaphas- / Capes-like CAPPadocia, where there was a religious-pagan cult officiated by the family of Glaphyra Archelaus, who herself married two Herods (and a Numidian king, Juba), both descended from Antipater, father of the first king Herod of Israel. This Glaphyra was the ancestor of queen Quadratilla Bassus. The first Herod descended on his mother's side from ARETAS III of Edom, and the El-Gabal cult, officiated by the high priest, Julius Bassianus, nephew of Julius Agrippa above, was originally at ARETHUSa [later, I discover that Aretas elements could/SHOULD have named the DassARETAE = Dexaroi at Antipatria!].

No historian has ever made this much sense of the ancestry of the killers of Jesus, but God has given it to you. capes' were first found in London with griffin-loving Tooths, and the latter could have been from the Dardanian princes, queen of the Aretas-like Ardiaei, ETUTa. Or, from the Ardiaei queen, Teuta. The Ardiaei disappeared from Illyrium (where did they move to?) about the time of the first Maccabees in Israel. Teuta was the regent for the boy-king of the Ardiaei, Pinnes, and Pino's and Moons together share the TATTon crescents. Tattons (said to marry Ms. Massy) share the Tout/Tute crescent and the Tute/Tuit quadrants, and so lake Tatta is where we might trace "Teuta." Tatta is at the upper Halys river, and may have been under the Galatian kings who birthed Julius Bassus, father of Quadratilla Bassus. The Haly surname shares the boar head of Schims/Schiens who in turn have a "Duce" motto term.

We are now back to the fallen maple tree, this is good. Recall from my 2017 update that the tree fell with twigs aknockin at my DOOR, for Doria's married Ardiaei-line Arduinici. I was writing on the Twitch's/TWIGGs at the time, and they look like a branch of Tuit-branch Thwaits (more fretty). I've just remember the Mokissos location at the upper Halys, near lake Tatta, in the land of the Hatti whom I think named mythical Hades from a myth writer's pen. I've shown that the Hades/Hat and Hayden Coats connect strongly with Tuits, and so keep in mind that God probably named Hayden, AINSley's daughter, for the latter's first name is probably from Annas, Caiaphas' father-in-law.

Upon remembering Mokissos, I also remembered mythical MUKSus, a false prophet, of Pamphylia (beside Cetis), near Mokissos. Muksus' more popular name if MOPSus, and this is how I discovered the Mopps surname listed with Maberley-like Moberleys/Mobleys! Bango, they were first found in Cheshire with Maple-like Marble's/Marple's, and maple-like Mapperleys/Mablys/Maberleys were in neighboring DERByshire while king Amyntes, ancestor of Julius Bassus, conquered Derbe, near lake Tatta! The Mopps'/Moberleys/Mobleys even share the double fesses of Nysa-like Nice's/Ness', and we can add here that the Niss' share the chevron of Quints, suspect from Quintus CAEPio. Nysa was queen of CAPPadocia, and lake Tatta was at the Galatia border with Cappadocia.

It appears to me that Mopsus got his Muksus name from his cult's presence at Mokissos. I don't know if it's right on the Halys, but, doh, the Halys even share boar heads on blue with Maple's! Ainsleys were first found in Nottinghamshire with the MAPLEbeck location of MARKhams, suspect from the MARICi of Pavia because Laevi of Pavia are needed to fill the veins of Caiaphas and Annas. They were high priests of Israel, and needed Levite blood. So I think the Maccabees got it from Laevi liners to Galatia, for Laevi were Gauls at exactly the time that Gauls founded Galatia about 300 BC, roughly the time of Monunius I of Dardania. Ainsley works each weekday with Steve Doocy, and while the Haly surname shares the boar head of Schims/Schiens, the latter have a "Duce" motto term presumably for Duce's/Doocys.

Amyntes' father was the high priest of Gabal-like Cybele in Phrygia, and Frey-connectable Phrygians -- i.e. who may have named Pharisees -- had a king Midas, like the "Mitis" motto term of Markhams (Maple colors). German Marks, I kid thee not, share the vertically-split Shield of Maple's (share three motto terms of Chives') in colors reversed. English Marks, sharing the Hicks and Ainsley fleur-de-lys, were first found in Essex with Maple's. Chives's were once said to be first found in Devon with their Hykes/Hack kin. "MiTIS" looks like part-code for Ticino-suspect Tiss'. The split Maple Shield is linkable to the same of Wakefields who in turn share the Chief of English Josephs, they being from Israeli general, Flavius Josephus (born around the time of Jesus), who claimed to descend from priestly Maccabees, though he did not tell who his nearer descendants were; perhaps Joseph Caiaphas was his grandfather.

It's not that I'm super-smart to be doing all of this, it's that the makers of heraldry had big mouths, revealing many of their key tracks even to dummies such as me. God fills the gaps where my brain becomes empty. I hunt for the pieces, He fills the empty spots in the puzzle. I await to find Caiaphas' crib, for no one knows his parents but a few who aren't talking. They are ashamed of what they are proud of, hiding it from humanity but secretly relishing in it. Pieces of junk, men of disrepute.

In Wikipedia's article on Flavius Josephus, we find his father Matthew, and his mother a Jewish / Maccabee woman of unsaid name, from Crete. On Josephus, it says: "Josephus's paternal grandparents were Josephus and his wife -- an unnamed Hebrew noblewoman, distant relatives of each other." There's no link to Josephus the grandfather, and so, maybe, nothing else is known about him because he was Joseph Caiaphas, and Flavius Josephus didn't wish to reveal it. Josephus' son was TITUS Flavius Simonides Agrippa, suggesting that Josephus' mother on Crete was a Herod-Agrippa liner, perhaps even to Julius Agrippa and his sister's daughter, Julia Maesa. That makes sense.

The German Mark eagle gets very interesting here because it's double headed eagle, shared by JEEPma's, holds a double-tipped spear used also by Shakespeare's who in turn have virtually the Coat of Agrippa-like Gripps/Grape's/Grabbers. I bought my JEEP from Mr. DeSIMONE, and then had a DOOR-handle dream with him and the Jeep in it, making me wonder if Italian Simons/DeSimone's were from Simonides Agrippa. The Crete-like Crate's/Creights/Craiths/Rays, sharing the Simon/DeSimone lion, were first found in Inverness-shire with the Grands in the COURT/Covert motto, and the same-colored Curtis/Courtis may have been from Curtus Maccabee, who, if I recall correctly, was in Josephus' ancestry. I kid you not, the Crete's/Crests/Cree's (Burgundy, same as Grands) share the triple bends of French Grands! Maccabees were HasMONians, and "mon" is a motto term of French Simons.

As the Crate/Creight/Ray Chief is also the Schim/Schien Chief, it strikes me here that the Chief/Shield colors of the latter is shared by Brocuffs/PROKOPPs (see also Crete/Crest/Cree combo), whom I think were from Prokopia, wife of Byzantine emperor Michael I Rangabe. Byzantines were in control of Crete since shortly after Julius Agrippa above, until roughly the end of life for Michael I Rangabe. I wonder whether the line of Josephus' mother, which remained on Crete, got onto the imperial throne of Byzantium.

I trace the Simons/DeSimone lion to the lion of Simon de Montfort, which is the Grey/Croy/Groy lion too, and those surnames look related to some Crete/Cree-line variations such as "Cray." The DOOR handle that was the issue with Mr. DeSimone in the Jeep dream was deciphered with Doria's because they have a one-headed version of the Jeepma eagle. As ARDuinici married Doria's, I trace Doria's to the Daorsi on the NERETva river, home also of ARDiaei, and it just so happens, wow, that the NERETs share the triple bends of Crete/Crests/Cree's and Grands! THAT's more amazing because, as I've said a few times, my Jeep is a GRAND Cherokee model!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! INCREDIBLE. Why do these dreams take years to decipher fully? It looks like the dream goes to the line of JOSEPHus and his Cretan wife because, as I've said many times, the previous owner of my Jeep is JOSEPH DeSimone.

I've got to go take a shower now, and then make my flat bread. I'm tickled by the above.

As I've said, Paul Smith had a red Jeep too more than 30 years before mine. Smith's use the heron while Herons share the Coat, almost, of Haverans ("ardua"), now suspect more than before with AVARAN Maccabee. I just misspelled "Haveran" as "Haveron" to find the giant Simon/DeSimone lion! The Hafering variation of Haverons might just explain the English Heffers with another "mon" motto term. Heffers were first found in Somerset with Rieti-line Roets, and Flavius Josephus was adopted by the dragon in Rieti.

Josephus named his son, Titus, in honor of dragon-line emperor, Flavius Titus, who took Josephus in, rather than killing him, probably for a handsome bribe. The pigeon in the maple tree started with Constance's, and English Constance's have an "AppeTITUS" motto term. The full Constance motto is used by Ash-connectable Ashworths we saw earlier connecting with Worths. Both Ash's and Worths were first found in Devon with English Simons, and Ash's are also Esse's, recalling the Has-like, Hasmonean-suspect Hesse location of the first-known EPPsteins who have the German Ash Coat in colors reversed. We just saw, "APPetitus," and Apps' are also Epps. Secondly, English Esse's/Ash's trace to a character, D'Esse COURT!!! The Courts/Coverts are in CURTIS colors, suspect from Curtus Maccabee.

Plus, the same motto has "paREAT" while Reads/Reats are from Rieti, home of emperor Flavius Titus.

Plus, Josephus named another son, Justin, and I always connect Justins to Ass'/Assi's! It's making the Josephus > Justine line suspect to Justine of Picenum, indeed, for she married the son of emperor GRATian, the line to Crete- / Crate-like Greats! Astounding, but there's more, for while the line of Justine of PICENum has looked very-much lately to have named PICENze, my mother's village of birth and upbringing, it's just seven miles from L'AQUILA, and while my mother has a book on Picenze telling that it was settled from people of Naples (in Campania), the latter is near Benevento (Campania), where Joseph DeSimone is from, and where AQUILA's were first found. How that be coincidental? My mother's Masci line is from Maccabees, right?

Now that we've crossed CAMPANia, we go to the AVEZZANo's because they were related to French CHAMPAGNE's, as per a noble of AVESNes in marriage to a noble of Champagne. Avesnes is on the Helpe river, and so Halps/Helps/HALFs, a branch of Halpers/HALFpennys, can be of the Hafering variation of Haverons above.

I've just shut the oven off to end the baking of the flat bread. I've poured the remainder of the BEET juice into a wine glass. I've just seen that English Beets were first found in Midlothian, where Breads/Breath's were once said to be first found. Dutch Beets, sharing the English June Coat, share the fleur of Cake's/CakeBREADs, first found in Cambridgeshire, where June's were once said to be first found. English Bake's (Norfolk, same as Flecks and Flote's) share the scallops of Flecks and of their Fleet kin, and the latter were a branch of FLATTs/Flete's. FLAT BREAD was just BAKEd.

The full moon was at 2:55 pm today, and hour and a half ago as I write here. I remember some signal I received at exactly 3:00 pm. I looked at the clock, and it was exactly 3:00, but I can't remember what it involved. It may have been at the time I decided to take a shower.

We eat and drink only because Jesus decided to die, otherwise God might have canceled the human race, and we wouldn't have been born. He took upon himself a vast job, to build a House, and dying was just laying the foundation. The harder, longer work and harsher pain is to put up with us rebels, who half our lives rebel like fools. Yet, when Jesus works on us, patiently, getting us to repent, He starts to enjoy the fruit of his work, when we offer praise and thanks to Him instead of disappointment's painfulness, when we are soft clay in his hands, He has his good times. Not "God bless you," but "you bless God." Be of soft, kind words toward the Father today, if, that is, you appreciate having a True Father. Not everyone wants one. Not everyone wants to find correction. Wild oats they wish to remain. Passover is a good time to apologize for the pain we caused Him.

As Apophis is returning about two weeks after Passover, the sky will have zero light from lunar reflection, making the asteroid brighter. An evolutionist who comforts people with claims of, don't worry, Apophis' trajectory is such that it's not going to hit, says: "...the last known significant asteroid impact was on February 15, 2013, when an asteroid exploded in the air above Chelyabinsk, Russia. This asteroid was just 17 meters wide, and while it didn't result in any casualties, the shock wave from the explosion shattered windows in six different Russian cities and caused 1,500 people to need medical attention." There's a question on what Apophis will do as it enters the air.

If it breaks up, many pieces could explode to shatter buildings, depending on how near a coast it enters. It's path might arc quasi-parallel with the ground so as to have a softer entry into the air, or it might nose-dive straight down explosively into the air. If it hits water while coming in laterally along it, it's going to send a massive wave in one direction. If it nose dives into the water, it should, by comparison, have less-powerful waves in all directions, and a greater continental disturbance when hitting the sea floor.

There's an argument to be made that it will strike the Mediterranean, because it includes the Israeli coast. As the text claims that a third of the sea will be affected, perhaps it means a third of the Mediterranean. The 3rd Trumpet follows with a star falling from the sky, and I suppose this could be another asteroid, or a lagging-behind piece of Apophis. How does an asteroid make the waters bitter, however? Might it be a chemical bomb? How can one bomb make a third of the rivers toxic? A third of what area? Perhaps Apophis is laced with toxic chemical(s). Do you know of a toxic chemical that's red to perhaps explain the red sea that will result?

Lookie: "According to a 2005 report in Astronomy magazine, co-discoverers [of Apophis] Dave Tholen and Roy TUCKER were big fans of Stargate SG-1, a science fiction TV series whose most prominent villain was named Apophis." Sea's and Seamans share the wavy, fessewise bars of Tuckers, and they are in the colors of the Ducker fesses.

News Continued

If you haven't heard it yet, listen to Schwab's deputy-Lunatic tell that COVID has been the opportunity of globalists to monitor all human beings happily, with them willing, using the newest technology. What a zero, to think we all want to be surveilled with computer chips in our bodies. What a sick freak of goonery as he tries to convince people to just do it as if it's the natural, no-bones-about-it choice. Hey, I've always wanted to be surveilled, gi'me a few chips all over my body:

Here's Stew Peters Tuesday night with Ms. Love suggesting that vaccine companies have snake venom as part of their patents, but this could be a ploy (by the companies) to make the venom look like it's intended as therapeutic, beneficial, in case people discover that venom has killed people:

At 18 minutes of the video above, Stew says that the Visconti snake, with Moor child in mouth, is a Coat of, or in the possession of, Fauci's mother. It should be said that heraldry is rife with symbols in the mouths of various animals so that this should not be viewed as nefarious, disturbing as it is at first. The surname in the Arms of his mother reads, "Abys." The abyss of Revelation comes to mind. I'm now sure (could be the first time this idea has occurred to me) that the Abys surname is of the Biss' who use two Visconti snakes in the way that the Arms of Bissone does, explaining why the Visconti snake is called the biscione. The Biss snakes are twined / coiled together.

Houseofnames lists Abys' with Abbys, but houseofnames (and the people they bought their material from) can't get it all correct. Aby's are listed with Bee's. The interesting thing is that Abee's/McCabe's use "salmon" in the colors of the FISER/VISSER "fish," and that could be a VISconti line to Pfizers. The "Aut" motto term of Abbe's/McCabe's can be for Auto's/Otto's while Ottone Visconti may have been the line to/from Ottone's/OTTO's. Visconti's had a branch in Sardinia.

Here's Ardis showing why he's in hot water for claiming that COVID comes from municipal water systems, a thing he should not have said based on the minute evidence he reveals:

That's not to say that municipalities are not poisoning people slowly, for this is expected to be ongoing since decades ago. But before he claims that COVID is from the water, shouldn't Ardis bite his lip to keep from looking like a conclusion-jumping hoppity-hop? When you get the sort of high profile that's he's got now, you can't afford to look foolish in one area if you do have a key truth in another area. He says, the CDC is testing water systems for the presence of COVID, therefore (he concludes) man-made / synthesized snake venom is in the water. ??? Does that look like a shut-tight case to you? He then says that venom peptides can be synthesized and delivered through water systems, but capability and capacity is not same as delivered. Until someone has evidence that such peptides are in city-water sources, stay mum.

He says that Genentech sells snake-venom peptide pills to cure cancer, a good reason to believe that these pills cause cancer. That's how devils enjoy living.

Wow, while watching
the video above, and discovering that Ardis' theory on snake venom was launched in his mind by a Dr. Bartlett, I loaded Bartletts to find: "The first in the pedigree is Adam de Bartelott, said to be of Norman origin, father of John, who married Joan STOPHAM..." As I met Lorraine at a bus STOP (at Arnold crescent), I am very familiar with the Pipe-related Stops/Stubbs, but when Stophams were loaded just now, there were the three BEGG crescents!!! Lorraine had pointed to Pepin of Landen, father of Arnold-related Begga!!!

For whatever it could be worth, Bartletts look like kin of Dews/Deweys and Potters. Ahh, the latter were first found in Hampshire with same-colored Porters/Pawters, and so let's repeat from above: "I almost forgot, but thanks to writing the last brackets, I remembered that Porters use the "portcullis" GATE!!! Bill Gates is a bastard without a Father in Heaven. Porters use "church bells," I wonder why? Lorraine at the BUS stop lived on Church street, I've said it a million times, and Bush's are in Church colors and format."

It's making me believe that Bartlett and Ardis have correctly identified snake venom in whatever is making people, with ordinary flus, die off horribly.

Aside from cobras, Ardis mentions Krait snakes. Although there's no Krait surname coming up, there are two Crait surnames. At the same time that I was checking the spelling of the latter snake, I was seeking what purple snake i saw in Texas. In all my time in Texas, i saw only two. I was on the roof when I saw a purple snake slither by the house, within three or four feet. As soon as I remembered that French Craits share the Hank Coat, almost, it was amazing because English Cottons use "HANKs of cotton" while I had seen, a minute earlier, a purple COTTONmouth in Texas. Although that snake above is as purple as the one I saw (it was pure purple), the article from which the image comes doesn't mention purple as one of the colors for the Texas cottonmouth. Purple is the color of the robes on the Revelation harlot. A scarlet dragon is not pure purple.

Ahh, Roofs share the ermined-white Chief with Hanks and French Craits. I saw the BIG FAT purple snake when on my roof. Am I mistaken? Was it the Texas blue indigo? They don't look very blue. "Indigo" can point to India, maker of the COBREvax. The heraldry above works great with the cottonmouth. "Hanks are also Anke's, perhaps connectable to the Graff/Graffen anchor.

Roofs, with a Rove variation, have a Coat and Crest much like that of Bakins/Beacons/Bacons (Suffolk, beside Roofs and Roe's/ Rowe's).

Dr. Ardis keeps saying that children don't get as affected by the snake venom in COVID infection due to having higher levels of melatonin, but this sounds foolish. A better explanation is that there's no snake venom in COVID infections, but rather it's in some vaccines, and children have not been vaccinated much. Poison vaccines attack people of all ages. Ardis says that he's been looking at the snake-venom theory since December of 20221, just four months ago. Maybe he needs to go a little slower on his publicized conclusions. People need to challenge him critically, and he needs to allow it. Ardis repeatedly says, "Oh my Gawd," in an unsightly manner, and I've heard him say, "holy crap" three times over a few minutes, yet he says that God is leading him. I have no comment.

None of the shows I've seen him featured on has hosts asking him the hard questions this week, but instead he rambles on reciting his preparations. He doesn't criticize his own beliefs, by which I mean to say, he's not telling the viewer alternative ways to read the data he's used to arrive to his theories, some of which he claims for facts.

THEN, I can scarcely believe what I heard, on another show. First, Ardis said that the CDC was testing 400 water facilities across the United States, and later he said that it's increasing the number from 400 of "WASTE-water surveillance testing sites" to 647 (about the 65th minute here). Say what? WASTE water, like from toilets??? That's not what he led people to believe. He made it sound as though it was water-source facilities for drinking. Maybe he jumped to the wrong conclusion when first reading about the CDC testing, only to be corrected in the following day or two, and then he slipped in the "waste-water" phrase in his shows, but if that's the way it happened, he didn't apologize for misleading his audience in the first place. Can we trust what he says? What if it's the donkey in him speaking half the time?

Ardis then appeared on Alex Jones on Thursday. His foolish mainline talking point is that the viral infection itself is instead a snake venom poison distributed globally. I just think this man is half a donkey, half man. Why can't he just stick to what killed his father, Remdesivir. Why can't he stick to vaccine poisoning, and leave alone what exactly the viruses are since they might be nothing much but ordinary viruses? In the 11th minute, Ardis shows a paper from last October, in an Italian study, where on 20 COVID patients were tested, he exclaims that all of these patients had snake-venum, and even snail-venom, peptides in their excrement or blood, whereas uninfected of negative-testing people did not. However, he didn't say whether the 20 patients were vaccinated or not, and that's why this man is a donkey or a monkey or some kind of joker. Doesn't he think it's important to mention whether they were vaccinated or not when on this type of finding? Were the patients receivers of Remdesivir before the tests for venom was done??? Hello?

About the 13th minute, Alex Jones conjectures that, as a theory only, the goons found a way to create a replicating, artificial virus much like a genetic piece of snake venom, and then, I think Alex is proposing, this virus spread (replicated) in the ordinary way person-to-person. But Ardis didn't want to hear any of it, didn't speak to it at all, and just went on with his canned preparations. Maybe Ardis just bought millions of shares in bottled water, and wants people to stop drinking tap water. Maybe I'm only half joking. Why is this man stuck on "it's in the water"?

In the 18th minutes, and at the end of it, Ardis and Jones agree where Ardis lays it on the table, which he should have done from the start: the goons are injecting some material that causes the body to produce something akin to venom. One may suggest that the goons inject the venom itself that then gets replicated, though pure venom does not replicate. The better theory is that the vaccines have gene-editing technology that create, by replication inside cells, something akin to venom, and that the goons are therefore not injecting the venom itself. Ardis proposes that they inject a fraction of venom RNA that then replicates, and by that I assume he means not pure venom. Whether it ever becomes venom in the body is debatable, but it's possible that it could be toxic even as fractionalized venom, who knows? Not me.

However, when feeding a body Remdesivir, the goons could be injecting small amounts of pure venom per unit time so that the patient appears to die slowly of a virus. Or, possibly, they inject larger-than-normal amounts of vaccines of the type that kill.

Whenever people are tested and found to have venom-like products, we need to know their vaccine / Remdesivir history. Ardis wants to hide that from his audience because he didn't speak to it from the Italian study, and the reason may be because the facts contradict / dispel what's he's been proposing.

Ardis says, "when they actually found the spike protein for COVID, it's most-identical to the gene-sequencing of the krait and cobra venom." Others say that scientists have never isolated the virus and so they don't know what it looks like. They're just guessing using computer models. Therefore, who exactly is saying that the COVID virus is most like snake venom??? Not everybody, obviously. In other words, this could be the monkey in Ardis jumping to conclusions again, the thing that makes him think that the virus itself is venom. This is his main message, and so this is the message that social-media outlets are going to pump out, and in the end, this could all backfire even though venom may be in vaccines / Remdesivir. Enough said.

Elon Musk's offered to buy 100-percent of Twitter this week, and to take the company to a private status, which is to say no more shares; he (or he and his partners) calls all the shots. He's threatening to sink the company for the short term if his offer to buy the company outright is rejected. The game is to re-sell his shares, then buy them back again cheaper when the price goes down due to his selling. It might not work. Why should shares necessarily go down in price to a level lower than what they were worth before he bought the 9-percent? I read that stocks went up about 20-percent after he bought the 9-percent.

On Friday, we heard about a "poison pill" from the Twitter board of directors, a play on committing suicide rather than giving in to Musk's offer to purchase the company. The pill involves the board selling new shares to shareholders at a reduced price (to placate the shareholders, I assume), and this somehow keeps Musk from buying out the company. My guess is that the board will swamp the field with new shares that the shareholders will not sell to Musk because there's no prophet in selling them now, but there's great incentive to buy them cheap now. So, Musk may be able to buy the expensive shares the shareholders now hold, but he won't be able to buy the new, cheaper shares, and so he won't have as much of the total company percentage-wise of total shares. A possible crunch on the ill-hearted directors is for more free-speech advocates to buy the cheaper shares than leftist cheats buying them.

I'm keeping tabs on the Musk story with Dan Bongino, but bitchute has been trying to hide his shows, and now won't even bring up the Friday show of this week, even when I ask for it. Bongino owns much of Rumble, and so he understands the ownership of social-media companies. He's correctly called what Musk is up to before it happened. Here's his Friday show on Rumble:

I don't know how old this video below is. David Martin comes out here with the facts, I cannot see a way to doubt what he's saying, that SARS was invented and patented with government sanction 20 years ago, and that we are being played by killers and maimers who need to be shot. He tells that he has easy / efficient access to patents of all kinds, and speaks on hundreds of virus patents. Ask: why would anyone create a virus, then patent it, unless he/she wants to protect from others making money using that virus? Ask: how does one make money on a virus? The answer is: they need to be shot, both the patent applicants and the judges who award such patents:

There is only one purpose for applying for a patent: to make money exclusive from others doing do. There is no excuse, no acceptable explanation, in creating a patent for a virus. There is no credibility in saying out one side of my mouth that I am creating virus' to help protect people from them, and then acquiring a patent that is useless to me unless I distribute the virus (i.e. infect people) for profiting. I would need to be shot to keep me from infecting people because I would be a mad dog to attempt such a thing. The CDC itself has been applying for virus patents, and to patent the means to detect them in infected people using PCR testing, the method used by the CDC during the "pandemic" of 2020-21. It's obvious that the CDC, a tax-funded organization that is supposed to assist peoples' health, is making people sick in a money racket that deserves nothing less than a firing squad. It is perplexing / disturbing that Fauci is trying to start new lockdowns and new scares as we speak, even as this information goes public from Martin.

A sub-climax (not the worst of the worst yet) in Martin's discussion is between the 20th and 24th minute, where he's able to prove collusion in a conspiracy to infect the public, and to cure the public.

There has been a swing from purely profiting on spreading infections to the use of viruses to murder the aged, and then to broad population control = murder by some treatment or other of the infections real or faked. They can diagnose people falsely with a virus, and then put them on a program that kills them while blaming it on the virus. That's hideous, and it's been done, and is probably continuing as we speak. You or I could be next.

Dr. Ardis against Trump's pro-Remdesivir stance:

I think the video below was at the end of the week, when Ardis finally started to SHUT-UP (slap-slap, shut-up-already) about snake-venom viruses, and got to some Remdesivir studies, the correct message to stress everywhere:

Trump promised that the military would distribute vaccines, and so Trump must have had a deal with the military for distribution of Remdesivir too. It makes sense, and the best reason I can give as to why he can't go against Remdesivir now, even as many report how it's a killer, is that either he's made a deal with the military that he won't violate, or because he wants to keep on good terms with it for when he becomes the president again, but either way he's a murderer. Trump is a killer, make no mistake about it, he values his own interests more than people dying by sheer murder, and some Christians are still supporting him, imagine. He's trying to deceive people into believing that vaccines have saved millions of lives when the reality is that hardly anyone is dying from this virus except those who are denied the things that cure viruses.

The many annual deaths from flus in the last two or three decades may have been more inflated numbers than real deaths to justify massive vaccinations, we can now glean. And there may have been euthanasia programs from decades ago too, using the flu as the false reason for deaths. The medical establishment didn't become as corrupt, as we now see it, since after 2020. It must have been corrupted by money from decades ago,

The Toilet -- Part Two

When I read that the Apophis asteroid was co-discovered by Mr. Tholen and Mr. Tucker, I loaded Tholens/Toolys to note that they almost have the Coat of Jack-related Joke's/Yoke's (almost the English Jack Coat). One early Tholen liner is said to have been in Lanarkshire, where Sions/Swans were first found, which might explain why giant-swan Hocks (Switzerland, same as Sion/Sitten) are likewise Yoke's. Alans of Dol held Yoke-like OAKhampton, and Oaks share the oak leaves of Alans. Any guesses yet on what Tholens/Toolys were a branch of? Lanarkshire is also where Prude's/Pride's were first found who can be in the "PRUDentia" motto term of Tolle's/Tulls.

Lanarkshire had Lorraine elements, and Lorraine (met her at Arnold crescent) pointed to Pepin of Landen, and to the task is to find how Tholens/Toolys apply to Pepin liners cleanly for a pointer to the asteroid. Tollens/Tolle's (share Tool lion) happen to share the checks of Pepoli's, and while Popoli's use a letter on their Shield, as do Arnolds and Alan/Aleng-line Langs, the Popoli Shield is now more linkable to the Schwerin Shield than before, because Schwerin is in Mecklenburg, where Tollens/Tolle's were first found along with Dols. Langs share the oak leaves and acorn combo with Joke-like Oaks, important for a possible trace of Oaks to mythical Ajax of Cetis. Tollens/Tolle's were first found also in neighboring Pomerania, which region uses a red griffin, and the giant Letter griffin is red in colors reversed. There's a swan in the Letter Crest. Letters, Leto's, Aliotta's and their branches are suspect from Leto, mother of Apollo, a cult which named Apollonia, beside the Alans of Aulon.

Aulon is beside the Ceraunii mountains, and the Ceraunii people group were on the Orba-like Urbanus river, near the sources of the Tilurius. As the Tilurius is also the CETina, and as queen QuadraTILLa ruled CETis, it made me think that Orba (more-commonly "Olba") in Cetis named the URBanus, or vice versa, and that the Cetina was related to "Cetis." The Tholens/Toolys provide evidence toward that theory by sharing the scallops of Jack-branch Joke's, for Jack-like Ajax was a god at Olba/Orba. It appears here that Alans of Dol got related to Cetis elements, and so while LAEVillus was Quadratilla's husband, note the oak LEAVES of Alans, and that the Alan fesse is shared by Pierro's/Pero's of Pavia.

We can now go to the giant "ORB" of Metz's because it's a besant that itself has more besants upon it, and I think besants are symbolic for the Bassus > Bassianus line because there's evidence for it. Although it's only a theory of mine that Laevillus descends from the Levite blood in the Sadducees, and only a theory that he descends from Junia Caepionis because I'm expecting Joseph Caiaphas to be named by Caepio's, it's interesting that Pepins and Pipe's (Staffordshire, same as Tolle's/Tulls) share the Jeune fleur-de-lys, which are colors reversed from the fleur of Mascals, the latter first found in Sussex with Sadducee-like Saddocks and having their escutcheon in colors reversed. Staffs/Staffords share the Quint chevron while Quintus Caepio was ancestral to Junia Caepionis.

The Keiths/Mascals were from a Catti peoples, and Cetina-like Cetins/Cattans (love the Cautes'/Cotta's in their motto) use the cat, indicating that Keiths (look like Coats/Cotes kin) are from CETina / Cetis elements, and Caiaphas-like Chives' use a leopard-like mountain cat that goes well with the leopard in the Tail/Tailor Crest because the cats in the Chives Coat are in the colors of the Tiller / Tail/Tailor lions. Finally, the Papp lion, half in the colors of the Tail/Tailor lion, has the TAIL at its mouth, which looks like code for Tails/Tailors and something else in relation to "mouth." Motts (Tail/Tailor colors) were first found in Essex, where Quints were once said to be first found, and where Chives-beloved Mountains were first found.

The cats with pellets of Cetins/Cattans have got to be play on the pellets upon the same-colored lion of Tilurius-like Tillers, and the Tails/Tailers share the Tiller lion, indicating that QuadraTILLa was named after that line. Her husband had a Lupus name that's in the Cetin/Cattan motto. The Metz-like Mattis'/Massi's share the checks of Tolle's/Tulls, half in the colors of the Tollen/Tolle checks, and as the Tolle/Tull checks are shared by Italian Ferrands, it reveals that Tolle's/Tulls and Tollens, and likely Tholens/Toolys, were from Tullia of Lyon, because her husband officiated in Clermont-FERRAND. These same blue-and-white checks were used in the Arms of MASSa-Carrara, apparently indicating why Mattis' come up curiously as "Massi," and while Massa-Carrara is beside Pisa, that's where Mosca's were first found who share the leopard in the Crest of Chives', explaining why Chives' share the Mathis moline. Pisa is beside the Lucca location of the first-known Chattan-related Botters, and Lucca's use the cat.

So, if we think that Metz's use the giant besant for descending from Bassianus', it appears that Julia Maesa Bassianus was married to a Mr. Maesa from Massa-Carrara elements such as Massi's/Mattis', and thus she is linking to Caiaphas-like Chives'. The latter's variations signal the Shawia Numidians, however, which complicates things, but it's on-track because Muscular in Numidia goes to Mascals and Keiths/Masculs, and from that we are justified in discovering that MusCATs/Musks / MusCHATs were named partly after Cetis > Cetins liners to such things as tailor-connectable Keats (cats). The Tails/Tailors use a pale-bar-with-items, as do Tulls/Tullia's in different colors, though I'm not prepared to see Tailer and Tillers from Dol liners as I do see Tull / Tolle liners.

Numidia's queen KENZa of Aures, possibly a Shawia, named Mountain-beloved MacKenzie's, and king Gala/Gaia of Numidia goes to Galli's, first found in Dauphine with Galleys, and then English Galleys happen to share the Tollen/Tolle checks. English Galleys look like a cross between the Stewart / Stuart and Lang Coats. Stewarts share the pelican with German Langs of LUNEburg, and Lune's are listed with Lyons, more reason to trace the first name of Tullia of Lyon to "Dol." Tulls/Tullia's use the butterFLY, and Flys are in the Drake motto as the Muscas variation of Mosca's. Flys share the Mascal fleur-de-lys, and the Fly chevron-with-fleur is in the colors of the chevron-with-scallops of Tholens/Toolys.

[Insert -- I missed this until hours after this update was uploaded to the Internet: the "PRUDentia" motto term of Tolle's/Tulls is for the Prude's/PRATs, first found in Auvergne with Tullia of Lyon's husband. The Fly Coat can be gleaned as a version of the Irish and English PRATT Coats so that, with no doubt, Tulls/Tullia's and Tolle's/Tull, and Tholens/Toolys, are from Tullia of lion, or the line that named her. Bouillons were likewise first found in Auvergne, and while Godfrey-de-Bouillon was a son of Eustace II, Eustace's were first found in KilDARE with Tools/Tooleys who share the Tolle/Tull lion. The Dulls/Dalyells, first found in Lanarkshire with Prude's/Pride's and sharing their black Shield (by the looks of it), will be below with a "DARE" motto term. Eustace-branch Stacys share the red saltire with Kildare's.

The "bello" motto term of Bouillons can go to Belly-branch Baileys with a brown boar head to match the brown boar in the Tool/Tooley Crest. Bellys share the chevron of Eustace-branch Staggs/Stage's. As the belly-press was with Miss Peare, it's remarkable that the Peare chevron-with-stars is in the colors of the Tolle/Tull chevron-with-anchors, for the Peare-related Tiens/Thames' have a mascle-version of the Anchor-Chief lozenges. While Letts/Late's share the Tiens and Peare stars, the Leiths (share BELLamy crescents) have lozenges in the colors of the Tiens mascles. It appears that God pointed the belly-press beyond Godfrey-de-Bouillon (this has been known for years), now to Tullia of Lyon too. I wonder why. End insert]

Having shown at the top of this section how Mr. Tholen applies to Pepin suspects such as Pepoli's and Popoli's, we now find that Flys were first found in Hampshire with Pepin-beloved Poppins/Pophams. Tholens/Toolys were first found in Staffordshire with Tolle's/Tulls, with Pipe's, with Arrows/Arras' sharing the Fly fleur-de-lys, and with Bassets having a "populo" motto term. German Tile's/Tillers use the arrow. The three Basset fesses are shared by Aster-branch Sturs, the latter first found in Hampshire too, and thus we have a compelling pointer to the Apophis ASTERoid by the Tholen surname that was its co-discoverer. In the meantime, we have a lesson on Cetis elements, I wonder why all of heraldry goes back to that place, even as Tholens/Toolys do cleanly?

The Jack-related Joke's, with nearly the Tholen/Tooly Coat, have a red COCKaTRICE in Crest, play on the red Drake wyvern dragon. TRICE's/Trysts are in the Hebron motto as "Keep Tryst," and Keeps use the "weavers shuttle" while Weaver-branch Webbers (Somerset with Cocks, beside Flys) again share the Fly fleur-de-lys and the Pepin / Pipe bend-with-fleur in colors reversed. Flys were at Flagi, and Flags/Flacks have the Joke scallops in half their colors. This is the Ajax-of-Cetis line, I think, and while Scottish Jacks use holly, Hollys have the right colors for several of the key surnames above, including Tails/Tailors, and the Holly dolphin goes with Dol-colored Dolphins/DOLfins. But the Holly dog is the Hole/Hall / Hull dog while Hulls were at Kingston-upon-Hull while Kingstons and Kings share that Papp lion, the one with tail at it's mouth.

And so I come back to a lousy dream I had where I was sitting on a toilet, with my pants down as one would expect, in the middle of a big HALL with people walking by. It was a short dream, that's all that happened so far as I can remember. They say that when dreams go to a horror story, the mind shuts the dream down, so that explains the shortness. Ha-ha, you laugh, but I took another one for the team on this dream, because toilet-like Tollets are listed with Tholen-branch Tolle/s/Tulls. English Hole's/Halls have the dog heads of Pape's/Papenburgs in colors reversed, and the latter's fesse is in the colors of the Joke fesse while Joke's look like Tholen/Tool kin. Popps/Pope's/Pape's were first found in CAITHness, likely the home of the Keith Catti, and Keiths likely use the Shield of the neighboring Men's, yet the Keith Coat is nearly that of Poppins/Pophams ("Mens" motto term) while the latter share the stag head with Keiths/Mascals.

I had every intention of going to the toilet dream when starting this section with the question: why would God use me on a toilet to point to the Apophis asteroid? There can be no answer unless it's absurd, right? How in tarnation do we go from a toilet to an asteroid? We just saw a way above.

[Insert: it's Easter as I write this whole section, and Easters are Asters. While writing above, I missed the following. As per Keiths/Masculs, Muscels/MUSSELs obviously named Musselburgh in the Haddington lands of Keith, and from there we go to Metz on the MOSELLe river! Beauty. Straight away, we are on the wife of Pepin of Landen. Plus, Alis' (share hawk's head with Allisons) have the Keith motto in reverse, and Allisons share the Hole/HALL / Holly dog! The Alis bear head is said to have a "red muzzle", obvious code for Mussels. The "veritas" motto term of Alis' is translated "truth," and "Truth" is in the motto of Allisons, suggesting that the three pale bars in the Keith/Mascal Chief are those of Truths/Trots and Coats'/Cotes'.

The evidence thus builds that God uses Pepin of LANDEN to point to Apophis LANDING on earth...although, what evidence is there, really, that Popps, Pape's and Halls above point to the asteroid rather than just to the Pepin bloodline? That's the sort of evidence I'm looking for, and the similarity of the Land/Landen surname with "landing" is a super piece of persuasion. The Fortune's, first found in East Lothian with Keiths/Mascals, share the gyronny of English, Alan-like Lands in half its colors. Lands were first found in Kent with Sea's, with Alan-connectable JOKE's, and with Rundels/Roundels sharing the Alan/ALAND Coat. Now we can get an idea as to why I was on the Alan-related toilet! I get it.

Note the RunDALE variation, for Dale's share a giant and white swan with Hocks/Yoke's, the latter linkable to Swans in Lanarkshire, where Allisons were first found. The Dale write-up even has "...JOK of Dail of the Newtoun was listed in Ayrshire, 1470"! Surprise. Dells of Dale share the hand-and-cloud with Arun-like Arens/Aarons. The Arun area of Sussex likely became "ArunDEL" after merger of Arun's ruler with dells or Dale's, and Arun is in Sussex with the first-known Mascals. Arundels use swallows, and Swale's (Yorkshire, same as Dale's) share the Dol fesse. The Dale's mention "the ballad of Robin Hood and ALLIN a'Dale."" The Brittany Alans of Richmond were in Yorkshire. French Brians are said to be from Alan the Red of Richmond, and those Brians share the saltire of Keith-related Marshalls. Brians were from Brigantium, same as Seatons, and Bridge's love the Dole-connectable Crabs...this being a pointer to the Apophis asteroid. End insert]

Men's/Mame's were related to Sinclairs who in turn share the cross of Botter-like Butters in the Tull/Tullia butterflies. Butters were first found early in Perthshire with Holly-beloved Dogs/Doags who in turn have the cinquefoils, in colors reversed, of Keith-branch Kettle's (Perthshire). Kettle's, on what could be the Dol fesse closely, share two gold stag heads in Chief with Poppins/Pophams, more evidence that Tholens/Toolys were Apophis/Apepi liners. The Kettle lion is shared by Cancer-like Chance's/CHAUNCIERs who in turn have a red griffin that takes us to Pomerania with the first-known Tollens/Tolle's. Isn't Apophis coming back in the Cancer constellation? That's what they say.

While the three Crab fleur-de-lys are shared by English Dole's (CamBRIDGEshire, same as Crabs), is that not sumthin like grabbing the tail of an asteroid and swinging it down upon the Dol toilet bowl? The toilet was invented by a Mr. Crapper, and Poppo of Grabfeld comes to mind here. The blue-and-white checks of Tolle's/Tulls are shared by Alan-line Stewarts, but also by Cohens while Hohens use them in red, as do German Dole's (Bavaria, same as Grabfeld of Poppo I).

Crab-like Crappers use "pigeons" on what looks like the Levin/Living Coat. The latter's martlets are shared by Jeune's and Mascal-related Saddocks, and even by the Crapper Crest. God doesn't seem to think too well of the Sadducee line, if he's comparing it to crap. My first pigeon here at this property walked on over my septic tank to become a stool pigeon, and Keiths use a "Veritas" motto term perhaps indicating that God has empowered Project Veritas, because it's the stool-pigeon hunter of the times on behalf of truthers.

Lookie. Project Veritas was founded by James O'Keefe, and Keith-like Keefe's have this: "'In ancient times the O'Keeffes were Marshals [capitalized] and chief military leaders of Desmond...The principal county for the Keeffes and O'Keefes at present is CORK.'" Corks/Cochs/Core's use lion tails in the colors of the Tail/Tailor lions. Scottish Marshalls have: "The surname Marshall was first found in Lothian, where the Clan is said to be descended from Robert, an early Chieftain of the Catti tribe..." English Marshalls almost have the LIVEley/Hively Coat.

The Tollet/Tolle chevron-with-anchors are in colors reversed from the chevron-with-scallops of Tholens/Toolys. The Tull/Tulia pale bar is in the colors of the two of German Steels while English Steels share the black-and-white checks of Galleys, Tollens/Tolle's, Pepoli's, and Spanish Majors while English Majors (GREYhound) love the Anchors on the Tollet/Tolle chevron, as do TALbot-related Greys, and the Galleys use greyhounds in the colors of the Holly "dog" and Hole/Hall "talbot" dog, and on-and-on go the links. I was on a toilet in a hall, suggesting Dol liners in close relationship with Halls, and it just so happens that German Halls have the POPoli Coat but without the giant 'P'.

This can only mean one thing: God used a swear word in my toilet dream. POOP. I had my pants off sitting on the toilet, going poop, and it took me this long to realize this simple way to point that short dream to APOPHis!!! INCREDIBLE. You heard it, you are a witness. I would be sorely embarrassed if all of the pointing to Apophis I've been doing sees April of 2029 without the asteroid hitting the earth.

Why would God give this revelation to such a low-profile website as mine? It needs to be on twitter or something, but who would believe these things as I'm framing them? I'm stumped.

Ahh, when wondering what else to toilet scene might have, the toilet SEAT came to mind, and of course so did the Seatons/Sittins! I was sittin' on the seat! But there's more because I've known that the Arms of Ille-et-VILAINE, that being the part of Brittany that holds Dol, shares the double pale bars of Seats/Cedes! The Vilains share the Chief-Shield colors of Crappers!!!This dream is perhaps God's best work ever (of my heraldry-decipherable dreams). Short and stacked. The Cedes' can be in the "cede malis" motto phrase of Amore's, and "maLIS" is shared by Keats (compare with Tails/Tailors). Liss'/Lise's happen to have pale bars in the colors of the Seat/Cedes pale bars.

The German Hall Coat is the Schwerin Coat in colors reversed, and Schwerins were first found in Mecklenburg with Dols and Tholen-like Tollens/Tolle's, though the latter were first found in Mecklenburg and Pomerania, ditto for Dol-colored Trumps. Is Trump in my toilet too? Yes, for the Shitts are listed with Shots/Shoots, in the colors and format of the three trumpets of Calls'/Calles (Wiltshire, same as Shitts/Shots/Shute's). THAT'S MORE INCREDIBLE. The stool pigeon walked over my sewer tank, and Sewers/SHUTers look like a Shute branch. Sewers/Shuters share the Peartree fitchees while Peartree's share the Trump stag head. Trump had opened a casino for crap shooters! The three Quintana dice spell 666, and while Dice's are listed with Deise's, "Deise" is a motto term in the Arms of County Waterford (has a Deise area) sharing the Trump stag head. His casinos had poker-card flushes to go with a toilet flush, though this seems too corny for me to take seriously.

The Fortune's in the Shitts/Shot/Shute motto were first found in East Lothian with Keiths/Mascals, Seatons/SITTins, and Faucets. The latter share the lion of SITlers/SCHITners, you see, so that the latter were a Shitt / Sitten branch. "VireSCIT" is a motto term of Brocks (share full Stewart motto), and the Brock-branch Brocuffs/PROKOPPs were first found in Silesia with Sitlers/Schitners. PROKOPia was wife to Michael I Rangabe, and English Michaels share the Joke / THOLEN scallops, how about that!!! The Shitts in my toilet just took us round to the Stewart-related surname that co-founded the asteroid...along with Mr. Tucker. Tuckers have a gold, ragully chevron while English Stewarts (Devon, same as Tuckers) have a gold, ragully bend. Joke's were first found in Kent with Tucker-related Sea's. Ticks/TUCKs were once said to be first found in Kent too. Devon has a Seaton location and the first-known English Pike's sharing the Sitler/Schitner trefoil.

The Apophis asteroid looks aimed for mythical Ajax in this set of heraldry, which was officiated by the Kennati priests, the proto-Kennedys first found in Ayrshire with SKITs/Skeets/SKEOCHs. The Shoe's/Schucks/SHOOKs share the star of Dutch Halls, and I was sitting on a toilet in a hall. SHOCKs/Schocks were first found in Switzerland with Joke-connectable Yoke's/Hochs (swan) and Swan-connectable Sitten. English Shocks are listed with Shake's. Apophis with SHOCK and SHOOK-SHAKE the planet. Shoe's/Shooks have "...a WALL on either SIDE", and Side's with Sutys (share Sitler/Schitner lion) were Seaton/Sitten branches. Ahh, German Walls, first found in Baden with Halls and Carrick-related Groce's/Greggs (version of the German Hall Coat), share the single pale bar of Tails/Tailors. Carricks were from Charax Proculus, son of Lupus Laevillus of Cetis, explaining why Carricks (Ayrshire, same as Craigie's) were Kennedy kin. Kennedys share much of a Cassel Coat, and the Keith Catti were from the Chatti of Hesse Cassel. Shooks/Shake's use a "hare," and Hare's/Hairs were first found in Ayrshire too, as were "HERmit"-using Sheds/Sheddons while English Sheds are also SCHEDs sharing the potent cross of Skits/Skeets/Skeochs, Skate's/Sheets, and Brocuffs/Prokopps.

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH WOW. The dream was so short, how many pointers can it have? I was SITTING (and SHITTING, sorry, but it works) in a hall with people walking by me (in the open, no walls to keep them from seeing), and People's are listed with Pepins/Pepys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It took this long for this realization to occur. Aren't you happy? Not if you have kids and don't want Apophis landing in 2029 because you want to enjoy there adult life.

In the second update of February, 2020, in case you'd like to compare notes with this update, I wrote: "Not many weeks ago, perhaps a couple of months, I had a dream where I was sitting on a toilet (exposed) in a huge public room filled with people." There was no mention of the Apophis asteroid in that update, as I plugged away at what the dream could point to. The first time that "Apophis asteroid" appears in my writings is in the 4th update of March, 2021:

Tom claims that God gave him dreams that he was to write down upon waking. I don't know of any of them, aside from what he tells in the video. I don't know whether some of his dream-related predictions were true or false. If some turned out false, then I expect him to confess to them before speaking on his latest one. He claims that, in 2010, God made him write down that Benedict would resign in April of 2012. He claims that he was on television telling of this prediction. He tells that, although Benedict stepped down in February of 2013, such media as the New York Times told that this pope had officially quit in April of 2012. If this is all true, no games, then I am prepared to view Tom Horn as a prophet.

In the video (dated March 11 of 2020), he claims that, "approximately one year ago," or in early 2019 I assume, he had another dream "experience" in which the Revelation asteroid crashed into the Pacific ocean. As he was writing down the vision, he claims he heard an audible word, "Apophis," and I can relate to this as per when God roughly said to me, in April of 1979, "write down on paper that you and Steve will have a disagreement tonight." If Tom Horn had this Apophis vision in March of 2019, that would be exactly 40 years after my write-on-paper experience.

I don't remember the day of my conversion, but I guessed long ago that it was March, maybe April, though I leaned second half of March. The write-on-paper experience was therefore likely in April, important because the asteroid, named Apophis by the cosmic wizards, is to return in April of 2019, 50 years after my write-on-paper experience. Tom Horn seems to say that he already knew of the Apophis asteroid prior to hearing "Apophis" on the morning of his vision, in which case it's not certain in my mind as to whether he was hearing from God or from his own knowledge of asteroids. His mind may have just put two-and-two together and assumed the vision referred to the Apophis asteroid. But even so, this rock may be the prophetic "mountain". The timing looks right. Here's some details on the rock: Apophis is a near-Earth asteroid with a relatively large size (nearly 400 meters, or yards, across). It gained notoriety in 2004 when early observations suggested it might strike Earth in 2029. Though it will come breathtakingly close to Earth in 2029, a strike that year was subsequently ruled out. Apophis should pass on Friday 13, April 2029 at a nominal distance of 19,662 miles (31,643 km) from Earth’s surface.

Why was it ruled out? To keep people from preparing for a strike? Are the satanists in full-lunatic mode because they think this is the prophesied asteroid, but rather than repent, they want to do as much damage to humanity as possible because they have made eternal pacts with the devil? The Lord probably ALLOWED them to rise to power on the globe that they might do just that for self-condemnation openly.

As I sat on this toilet, the people were just walking along. I don't remember anything that they were doing but walking, which is what made it terrible, because they'd be walking closer to me as they walked by. The only thing keeping it from becoming a torment for me is that nobody noticed me. Whew. They must have been walking because Walks/Wach are essentially in the colors and format of Kettle's. The Keiths were integral to the dream and yet not pulled direct from any of its symbols. Keiths helped point to the Apophis asteroid in a big way. Keiths took us to Kettle's with Poppins/Pophams.

As PEOPLE were walking, i looked at the walk Coat for quite a while wondering how they could link to People's/Pepins/Pepys. I didn't see a way, and so I loaded Walkings (listed with Wakelyns/Walkelins) to see a lion-version of the Arrow/Arras Coat that itself has the People/Pepin fleur in colors reversed. Arrows/Arras' were first found in Staffordshire with Pipe's, and with the Ditts/Dyots whom I just looked up a minute ago as per the "DITat" motto term of Walks/Wachs! Purdy good stuff.

This section started with a Tholen family in Lanarkshire, and Lanarks share the heart with Butters. The Butters got a mention with the butterflies of toilet-liner Tulls/Tullia's, and that in a nutshell got Mr. Tholen to the toilet dream, which gave clues in this section that I didn't have in The Toilet, Part One, when I tried to decipher the dream years ago. The interesting thing about Butters/BITARs is that I pointed them with Aflacks, years ago, to Mr. Bitar and Mr. Aflaq, co-founders of the Syrian Baathists, who spread to become the Iraqi Baathists, and these Arabs I assume to be on-side with the anti-Christ's Middle-East kingdom due to his attacking Israel. Sooo, the Apophis asteroid might hit the sea near Israel to distract him, even to warn him. God righteous nature would naturally warn sinners prior to final wrath. There's a flush-like Flesh surname listed with FLAXmans/Flashmans, but I would have liked it better had the Flush surname been listed. A Google search indicates that there is a Flush surname.

To nail Butters with the Tull/Tullia butterFLY, Flys (= Flavians, related to Prats from Rieti) were at Flagi while Flags are also Flacks/Flecks, first found in Norfolk with Prats. It moreover nails Flys with Flags (both from the line of Flavius Josephus, likely). Flys were first found in Hampshire with Josephs and Botters. Butters/Bitars were first found in the same area as the first-known Aflacks/Aflecks, but the latter surname somehow became "AUCHINfleck/Auclech" and similar variations first found in Ayrshire instead. The mystery is solved with AUCHINs/Achens (Lanarkshire, near Ayrshire), in the colors and format of Ayrshire's Kennedys, Auchins/Aikens happen to share the OAK theme with Alans, suggesting a Fleck/Flack merger with Oke/Oak / Oakhampton liners. Repeat: "Kennedys share much of a Cassel Coat, and the Keith Catti were from the Chatti of Hesse Cassel." German Cassels share the giant castle of FLAG-using McLeods/Clouds.

The Italian Vigils (Piedmont, same as Papps) suspect in the "vigilantia" motto term of Auchins/Aikens have a Coat much like that of Belgian Flecks, beautiful because these Coats are like that one of Fulke's/Volks, the latter first found in Norfolk with Flags/Flacks/Flecks. Note "vigiLANTia," perhaps part-code for Landins / Lands, a pointer now to the landing of Apophis. Lantens/Lintons have an eagle with "... an acorn in the beak." Lants happen to share the unusual saltire of Andrews, the latter first found in Catti-line Caithness with Popps/Pope's/Pape's!!! Bingo. It means that the Vigil motto is a connector to Apophis elements, and even makes the link between Scottish Pape's and Italian Papps. The Papp lion is in the colors of the Walking/Wakelyn lion, and the Walkings came to topic with PEOPLE WALKING by my toilet!!! You can't believe it. Can you do all of this by pooping on your toilet? Didn't think so.

Butters/Bitars and Aflacks/Auchinflecks essentially share the same cross as Walkings/WAKElyns. The WAKING scene of Sleeping Beauty involved the Risings/Risons (Norfolk, same as Flacks/Flecks/Flags), and the Aflack/Auchinfleck Crest has "An eagle RISING." "Vigil" means not to sleep.

The Lantens/Lintons, by their eagle, can be shown indirectly to be Pepin-Landen liners by that eagle's use with the Eggs/Edge's, who were at Edge of Broxtons. The Birds/Burds, in the "bird" of French Pepins, were at BROXton. I was waiting to bump into Eggs from the first mention of Yoke's. I showed how Yoke's/Hochs have the Dale swan, and the latter's is also the one of Papa's (Piedmont, same as Papps), and it just so happens that Papa's have a version of the English Charles Coat that substitutes the Papa swan with the Lanten/Linton and Egg/Edge eagle (in the same colors). Beauty. The Eggertons (Cheshire) have a write-up implying kinship with Worsleys who in turn share the Coat of Pepin-beloved Mens'. Eggertons were in WALLASey, and use the Wallace/WALLIS lion in colors reversed, making sense where Swan-line Sion/Sitten is in Wallis canton. More oak theme is with Libers suspect in the Eggerton motto, and Libers were first found in Silesia with BROX's/Brocuffs (flag). Eggertons were in Tatton, and the Wallace/Wallis motto is, "liberTATE."

Masci's were in Piedmont with Papa's / Papps, yet named Dunham Masci (or Dunham Massey) in Cheshire. The Eggertons maybe married Tattons of massy because "'Worsley Hall...was successively the residence of the Worsleys, Masseys, Stanleys, Breretons, and Egertons.'" This can explain why Mens'/Mame's were first found beside Musselburgh. Muscels/Mussels have a version of the Meschin Coat, and while Meschins share the Flag/Flack/Fleck scallops, the latter's double fesses are those of bear-using Brertons (Cheshire) too. It just so happens that the Brereton motto has "OpituLANTE." Read also as "OpiTULante to get us back to the toilet line.

"Brereton dates back to the Domesday Book where it was listed as BRETONE..." Flags/Flacks were kin of Fleets while Fleetwoods share the Tongue martlets while the Tongue Coat is much like that of BRETONs/Britains. The Tongue Coat is almost that of Mountains (ESSEX), and "The Breton family lived in ESSEX." The Brets/BRITs were first found in Somerset with Crab-loving Bridge's. We are back to an Apophis pointer. Bret-like Brents, likewise first found in Somerset were thus beside the Drake's whose red wyvern they share in colors reversed, and Flys are in the translated motto of Drake's.

Breretons were near Sandbach, and ditto with English Steels while German Steels have the Tull/Tullia pale bar (the one with the Butters and Flys of Flagi on it), and as English Steels share the red lion head (probably the Eggerton lion) of Barrs, it's notable that Breretons share the bear head of Barwicks and Berwicks. This is bound to connect with the Bebbanburgs of Bamburgh castle in BERNICia, probably the line to Poppo I. Bernice's share black hunting horns with Bret-like Berts and Burts, and the latter are in the colors and format of the Auchins/Aikens expected in the AuchinFLECK variation of Aflacks/Aflecks. The Auchinfleck liners were first at Ayrshire with Barrs. That works.

Queen Bebba of Bamburgh castle can be traced here to Babels/Babe's because they share the two-tailed mermaid with Wallis-branch Walsers (Bavaria, same as Poppo Babenberg of Grabfeld). The Walser mermaid is, I think, on the split Shield of Papa's. The latter were first found in Piedmont with a Monforte location while two tails is owned also by the giant lion of Montforts, in the colors of the giant Wallace/Wallis lion. The double-tailed Montfort lion is in the Arms of Bohemia while the Arms of PodeBrady (Bret-like term) in Bohemia shares the "gold gate" with Babels/Babwells.

Ahh, poop-like Popo's are listed with Popoli's/PopoLETTi's/PopuLESCHi's, explaining why Lesch's/Lischers have a Coat reflecting that of Walsers! Beauty, it sometimes pays to pay attention to surname suffixes. But can this lead to the toilet? Yes. I've not known before, or at least never proved before, that Walsers have the Papa Shield. The "pails" of Lesch's/Lischers can be for Pale's sharing the camel head with People's/Pepins/Pepys. The people were walking past me on the toilet. Lesks/Lusks were at Loches while Loches' (line of Fulk I) were a Loge branch while English Lodge's/Loge's have the Wallace/Wallis lion again. A "lodged" stag is used by Bloods/Bluds while Bled is beside Lesce. Bleds have the Coat of English Clare's (Suffolk, same as Lodge's/Loge's) in colors reversed.

Bled is suspect with Bleda, brother of Attila the Hun, from the House of Dulo, the toilet line, in my strong opinion -- i.e. that of Tollets/Tolle's/Tulls and Tholens/Toolys. Lesks are in Dome colors and format, and German Dulls/Dollards/Dillards have "domed towers." Tollens/Tolle's are also Tollers. English Tollers/Towlers (probably the Bouillon flory) are said to have been in the early Arms of the counts of TOULouse. As Dome's use a crane for the Ceraunii near the Dillard-like Tilurius river, perhaps Toulouse was named by a Tilurius-river family. One of the Cetin/Cattan cats is even in the colors of the Tool / Tollet/Toole/Tull lion, and the Monaco-line Monks have lion heads in these colors while Mummolin's son, Babon, was father of Grimo, wherefore this is a good way to trace him to Grimaldi's of Monaco. The other Cetin/Cattan cat is in the colors of a Monaco lion.

"Mundzuk was a Hunnic chieftain, brother of the Hunnic rulers Octar and Rugila..." As Mundzuk was Atilla's father, perhaps the Rugila line named the heraldic ragully pattern shared by English Stewarts, first found in Devon with OCtar-like OAKhampton and Monks. Alans and Oaks use oak leaves. Hoctars/Hectors were first found in Angus with Gardens/Jardens and Jardins, branches of Alan-connectable Jarrets. Haughts (Cheshire, beside Shropshire) show Hoctor and hector variations. The Shropshire Jarrets show the lion in the Arms of GAUNT/Ghent that comes with a virgin, and Virgins (Kent, same as Munds/Muntz's, Mynetts and Gaunts) have the Monk lion in colors reversed. Perhaps there is a relationship between "Gaunt" and "GONDulphus" of TONGeren (Belgium, same as Gaunt), for the Gunters/Gontons suspect in the Garden/Jarden motto use GAUNTlets.

Gunters/Gontons were first found in BRECONshire with CLERMONTS'/Clements, and Mummolin's ancestry was in Tullia at Clermont-Ferrand. French Clairs/Clere's (Brecon / Clare colors) share the Clermonts/Clement Chief-with-besants, in the colors of the other French Clairs/Clere's/CLERKs who in turn share the English Yonge/Young Coat while the Garden motto term with Gunters is, "JUNGunter." The Chief-with-besants above is colors reversed from the Chief-with-torteaux of Wake's (Orr/Ore kin) who in turn share the double Babon fesses. Take that to the Orr/Ore Chief because the Orr/Ore Coat looks related to Brecons (Angus, same as Babon-connectable Gardens). French Clerks/Clairs (Limousin, same as Clairs/Clerks) have the Virgin Coat in colors reversed. Scottish Clerks/Clarks share the blue lion in Crest with Hoctors/Hectors (Angus same as Gardens). Was Mamie (don't know her surname) from the Atilla Huns? For what it's worth, the English Clerks/Clarks look like Tudy kin on three counts.

When Mamie got her thigh symbol at her garden, it pointed to the Thy surname in the Sun/Sinclair motto. Thigh's/Thys (Dutch) have a giant fox are in Clare / Clair colors, and Irish Fox's/SHINnocks share the large Virgin lion. Sion/Sittin appears to be in the motto of Irish Fox's/Shinnocks because Sion is in Switzerland, where Heimers were first found who have three of the giant Thigh/Thy fox, and that makes Heimers to be in the red-on-gold colors, and format, of the three fleur of Seatons/SITTINs. Hoctors/Hectors once showed a giant sun while Suns/Sinclairs (same area as Mens'/Mame's) were related to Clare's who in turn have the Bled Coat in colors reversed. Bleda here. Lesce, beside Bled, is to the HUNgarian Leslie's (Aberdeenshire, near Angus), and Atilla had a military post or capital that was later Budapest, the Hungarian capital. Lesce-like Lesks/Lusks share the red-on-gold boar head with the Babon Shield. That's all compelling material to link Atilla's family to Munderic and Mummolin.

English Tile's/Tillys share the giant wyvern with neighboring Brents (Somerset, same as Axe river) and neighboring, Fly-related Drake's; all three wyverns are in different colors, though it needs to be said that the Brent wyvern is colors reversed from the one of Drake's while Tile's/Tilly's share the axe in Crest with Drake's. When we go to German Tile's/Tillers, we find a single an arrow in pale in colors reversed from the one pale bar of Tulls/Tullia's, i.e. the pale bar with the butterFLIES. It makes an apparent connection between Tillers and Tullia of Lyon. The annulets of German Tile's/Tillers are perfect, for they are in colors reversed from the giant annulet of Vito's, first found in TARVISium while cat-using Chives' and Tarves' can be linked to Cetins/Cattans from the Cetina = Tilurius river.

Perhaps Tiller / Tailor liners were first from "ATILLa," who later named the Tilurius, for Atilla's father, MUNDzuk, was suspect (years ago) to MUNDeric, the husband of a daughter of Artemia of Lyon, herself a descendant of Tullia and Rusticus of Lyon. Munderic was father to Mummolin and Gondulphus of Tongeren. I state that God used Mamie to point to MUMmolin due to Gardens sharing the Babon boar head while Babon was Mummolin's son. But then there's the Mens/Mame's, a branch of Manners/Maness' who in turn share the peacock with Munds/MUNTZ's, like "Mundzuk. The double fesses of Manners/Maness' are in the colors of the double chevrons of Flush-like Flesh's/Flaxmans. That looks toiletish to me, especially as Munderic and Mummolin were aspirants to the seat of Mayor of the Palace that was later owned by the family of poop-liner, Pepin of Landen.

Dulls recalls the Dale's (and Dells) linkable to Lanarkshire's Swans/Sions. Scottish Dulls/Dalyells (Lanarkshire) have a "dagger" and a "dare" motto term while Dare's share the garbs of dagger-using Comyns/COMINGs while COMMINGES is directly across the river from Toulouse!!! That's proof that Comyns were from Comminges, where Herod Antipas lived when banished from Israel! The Comyn / Dare garbs are shared by Sandbachs, and the Tollet-connectable Steels were at a Giddy location near Sandbach. Giddys/Geddys have the HEROD/HERAULT fesse in colors reversed, and Herault is near Toulouse. Herault is even closer to the Gellone abbey of William de Gellone, count of Toulouse. Sandals are in Giddy/Geddy colors. Comyns even love the Courage's in their "Courage" motto, and the latter almost have the Gellone Coat.

AHHHHHHHHHHHHH, Courage's share the fleur-de-lys of Perkins/Parkings whom I trace to Plancia Magna of Perga, descended from Alexander Herod, husband of Glaphyra Archelaus, former wife of Herod Archelaus!!! This trace has escaped me until now! Herod Archelaus retained his wife's surname. He was banished to Vienne near Lyon, and Lyons are in Sandal colors.

The Sandbach garbs are the Arms of Cheshire, begging why Herods of Comminges should connect to Cheshire's earls. I trace the Meschin earls to Julius Bassianus, nephew of Julius Agrippa, and a GRIFFin is used by German Steels, the griffin also of Berta's/Berts who I trace to Berthe, wife of Mummolin, in France very connectable to Toulouse / Comminges. Mummolin was descended from Rusticus of Lyon!!!! Rusticus was descended from Tullia of Lyon in Auvergne, wife of Decimus Rusticus. Garb-like Gareb in Jerusalem comes to mind as a hill that Herods may have cherished.

I trace the line of Valentinian to "Valence," not far from Lyon, because Valentins (Vicenza, near Berts/Berta's and Stelli's) are in Lyon colors. He with his wife, Justine, are to Justine's and others sharing a gold-on-blue border, the colors of the Berta/Bert border. Bert-branch Burts were first found in Norfolk with Comyns/Comings. it's interesting here that while Valentins use squirrels, Squirrels/Square's share the red squirrel with DECimus-like Decks/Daggers while Comyns/Comings have a "dagger" in Crest. I always trace Comyns to "Kuman" on the Apsus river along with the Dagger-like Dexaroi, and the Dexaroi lived at Anti-Patria, the name of which I trace with great reason to Antipater, father of the first Herod!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Dexaroi are on the light map as "Dassaretae," which suddenly looks like "Aretas" (with "DassARETAE") because the mother of the first Herod was from the household of Aretas III (!!!). Yes, she was wife to Antipater!!! Zowie.

Sandbachs are in HARVey, and essentially in, Bellamy, colors and format, and Bellamys were first found in Shropshire with Meschins who owned the Cheshire garbs. I trace a part of Bellamys, Harveys, GARVeys and Garbs to the naming of the Arve river, location of BONNEville, and Herault is beside NarBONNE. I now realize as a distinct possibility, the TEN billets of Saltire's/Salters (Shropshire) can be code for DECimus Rusticus because the Saltire/Salter billets are gold like those of the Sandbach Steels, and colors reversed from the billets of BattiSTELLi's (share pyramid with Tollets/Toole's/Tulls). Stelli's were first found in BOLOGNA = BONonia (!), and Bouillons (Auvergne, same as Decimus Rusticus) were of Eustace of BOULOGNE (likewise called Bononia); the Arms of Boulogne share red roundels with SALTire's/Salters, making Herods suspect from the SALTo river's AVEZZANo location because AVISONs share the Comyn/Comings Coat! AVESNes is near Comines and Boulogne!!! Beauty, this is a first-ever, working set of traces for both Herod characters.

Ahh, Avesnes is on the Helpe river while Helps/HALPs/Halfs share the gold fitchee with Halpers/HalfPENNYs who in turn share the checks of the Sandbach Steels! I even trace Pennys/PENES' to the Penestae peoples near the Dexaroi. The dagger-using Kilpatricks, from Antipatria, were first found in Dumfries with the Walks/Wachs who in turn share both the fleur-de-lye of Comyn-beloved Courage's, and the Comyn / Garb garb. The Walk Coat is even a good reflection of the Garb Coat. The Wake's even share the red roundels in the Arms of Boulogne. I'm impressed by these undeniable links. Mummolin's son, Babon, can now be traced well to Babens/Babons (Suffolk with Babe's) because they share the double fesses of Wake's! Garbs look like kin of German Wise's/Weis' and Wies'.

The key in the Arms of Comines can go well to the keys of Sheaves'/Chiava's, first found in L'Aquila, beside Picenum-line Picenze, and so I have the distinct feeling that my mother is from the Herods, especially her Masci side, and that Herod liners were in Picenze massively. Garbs, Walks/Wachs and Close's look like Macey kin, and the Masseys/Maceys have the Courage fleur-de-lys in colors reversed. Massey / Mason liners are suspect with "Masonry / Freemasonry," and while Macon on the Herod-like Rhodanus river is not far from Lyon, Masons are also Macons. FREIE's share the MASON/Macon LION. God must have chosen me for this job because the Freemasons are the pit of heraldry, and he wants to reveal their secrets in the bloodlines they cherish from the killers of Jesus.

I've got to think that the sons of Herod Antipas named Herault, and then married the line of Tullia of Lyon in Clermont-Ferrand (Auvergne, same as Bouillons) because Herod's brother, Herod Archelaus, was banished to Vienne, near Lyon! Anciently, Lyon was Lugdunum, and Comminges was likewise called Lugdunum previously. My bet is the mythical Lug (sun god in Ireland) was of those cities, and it just so happens that while myth has Lug escaping to the Isle of Man, it was ruled by king Harald, father of Maccus, and, zikers, Herods/Heraults are also Haralds! Stinger. Can you do all of this with your toilets, historians? It's where some people do their best thinking. It's where much of the material of modern, dark-minded historians needs to be flushed to oblivion.

The Arms of Boulogne, where Godfrey de Bouillon's father ruled as count of Boulogne, shares the red-on-gold Giddy/Geddy roundels, and throws in a swan in the colors of the Dale / Papa swan. This Godfrey de Bouillon had a Priory of SION, and this proves it no matter what the dark-headed crappers say who call themselves historians. They hide everything touching upon Herod bloodlines. Julie, if you're still reading, wow. She predicted at the start of my heraldic work (about 2005) that Herods are at the root of freemasonry. She was right. Modern historians are (by and large) in lockstep with all the satanic / freemasonic demons whether they know it or not. Modern scholarship is tailored by humans infested with demons to slander and minimize Jesus. No exaggeration.

Burn down the universities and colleges, and start from scratch, people, by making parents the teachers. Back to simplicity, we don't need high-tech. Students are taught so as to become teachers, therefore teach away parents. Stay home, mom, and teach the kids, and build love between yourselves. Don't throw them away to the scholars in the ditch to Hell, where the blind leads the blind. When the kids get to be 20, they can be trained by employees to do the work they are required to do. It is stupid to waste money and time, parents, for college education your child may never need. Get them trained by the boss for the very job they are going to apply themselves to. let your children pay the boss for this training by working for low money for the first couple of years. Bosses, hire trainers, and do it right. BURN DOWN THE COLLEGES, halls of anti-Christian corruption. Jesus will do it. He's coming with fire to burn all corruption to a crisp. Hip-hip-hurray!


Here's all four Gospels wrapped into one story.

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