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April 19 - 25, 2022

Sussmann's Alfy-Bank Crime
Unassailable Traces to Edomites
Maybe Even to the tribe of Esau's Wife

If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture

It was nice while it lasted. Hall of Names is no longer showing the descriptions of the Coats of Arms presented at House of Names. It appears that Swyrich bought Hall of Names back this week, and for some reason, Swyrich doesn't want to show the descriptions anymore. Perhaps it gave licensing to another company. One way to better deal with my long updates, and links to several stories, is to put your computer to sleep (instead of shutting it down) so that this page is ready for you whenever you feel like continuing in the following days.

Vanguard and Blackrock are involved in a conspiracy to reduce food supplies this year by blocking fertilizer to farmers. This was predictable as the next move of the global lunatics to make us buckle to their communist tyranny. The people need to rise up because these goons make up less than a tenth of one percent of the global population. They are far outnumbered, and they can't get away with this without politicians, therefore vote out any politicians that give poor excuses for not getting farmers their fertilizer. To vote them out, their false representations of what's truly happening needs to be exposed. They will lie, and it's up to the social-media army to expose their lies. That's what this is all about, a media war. Courts cases expose much, even if you lose the court case. You go to the legal discovery process, and tell through social media what you've discovered. Social media shut the mouth of trudeau.

Big news. Here's a Christian page from Gab that shows how beautiful Christians are as compared to bitchute trash:

Here's a foolish move by a Christian, so foolish:

I founded Gab in 2016 because I believe in its potential to be the platform for free speech around the globe and I believe free speech is a societal imperative for a functioning constitutional federal republic.

However, since founding Gab I realized that in order to provide a free speech platform you must also have free speech internet infrastructure. Gab has since transformed from merely a social network into a free speech internet infrastructure company. We built our own servers, our own email services, our own payment processor, and so much more not because we wanted to, but because we had no choice if we were going to continue to exist.

What we are missing at the moment is an ISP. I fear that the next big leap of censorship is at the ISP level, with ISPís blocking access to You solve that problem with Starlink. Together we can build infrastructure for a free speech internet.

I am willing to offer you a Board seat along with equity in the company in exchange for you selling your Twitter position and investing $2B into Gab. My offer is my best and final offer.

Gab has extraordinary potential. Letís unlock it together.

Andrew Torba

Jesus Christ is King

Gab wants to have a non-Christian futurist who wants to integrate humans with machines on the Gab board, and then be $2B indebted to him??? ARE YOU NUTS ANDREW? I thought God was your king? Flying low is much better than having one foot in Musk hell. Keep aflight, let God be the wings under your wings, and rise slowly, much better than making a bargain with the $-devil. You are delusional, Andrew?

Here's a well-done report on John Durham's latest:

Just after the 4:00 mark in the video above, a lawyer for the Clinton crime ring, Mr. Sussmann, visits the CIA as part of his paid-by-Clinton task, on the last day of January, 2017, just a few days before my Obama dream...that ended with what seemed to me to be a whistle-blower against Obama. One of my theories on the identity of this whistle-blower was James Baker of the FBI, who's in the earlier part of the video as the one to whom Sussmann lied in a phone conversation. Did Baker grant Durham his telephone conversation with Sussmann in order to clear himself of any legal risk? Certainly, the phone call makes Baker look innocent because Sussmann said he wasn't coming on behalf of the Clinton campaign (when in fact he was). Baker can thus put out a message telling the world -- if indeed he gave Durham this phone call -- that he knew nothing about the Russia-collusion conspiracy when Sussmann came to him with it. Question: why did Sussmann go speak to the chief FBI lawyer (Baker) at the time (11 days after Trump became the president) instead of to the FBI boss (James Comey?). There was definitely a plot by big-baby, sore-loser Hillary Clinton to get him out of the White House as soon as possible on a charge of treason. That's how dark that Clinton crime ring is.

The second story in the video seems to involve a mole in the Trump camp with a specially-provided phone that makes the Trump team appear to be communicating with the Russian government. Where you see "user-created," that's a phrase from a CIA person, by which he/she means that it was not a real, natural set of phone-related events, but faked in a conspiracy. This evidence against Sussmann includes a fuller CIA statement that makes the CIA look innocent, and so this looks like a CIA group gave Durham some info against Sussmann, to throw him under the bus but to salvage itself. It looks like the CIA agency #2 provided Durham some material in return for getting a clean bill of health in the news from Durham.

Durham cannot be so stupid as not to realize that the CIA was a primary shaker of plots against Trump. It would be tactic-101, when engaging in a conspiracy, to make a official, recorded notes that absolve you of guilt in case you get caught. You write down things like, "I don't believe this report from Sussmann. It looks user-crated." Then you help out the conspiracy acting as if you are not.

Durham may turn out to be a louse, going after only the small-fries to satisfy Trump's voters. These crimes were not against Trump as much as they were against his voters. Sussmann worked for Perkins Coie in these faked plots, yet Durham is going against Sussmann, not Perkins Coie. Why's that? In the Obama dream, Perkins COIE was suspect as my pool CUE. I took a shot on the table with a PAGE as the cue ball, though I had to turn it into a paper airplane, and so I thought that the cue ball was Lisa Page, an FBI lawyer under James baker on behalf of the second-in-command in the FBI, an ardent Clintonite, Andy McCabe.

I shot the plane into the corner pocket without striking a ball, and that's a sewer, a pointer to "Barry SOETORo, Obama's previous name, because Sewers are listed with SUTERs. In the next two scenes after this sewer shot, Obama was wearing his typical suit, and Suits are listed with Sewers/Suters too. The second scene with his suit was the second-last scene, followed by the scene that I took as a whistle-blower against Obama.

No Sussmann surname comes up, but there is Susan surname with a giant lily, and the first thing I'd like to say here is that the fleur-de-lys, code for the Lys surname, has a Lisa-like Lise variation. The Susan lily is in McCabe colors, and Lilys were first found in Worcestershire with Hillarys, with the Clent Hills, and with the Lechs. The Lechs are big below. I've recently shown a few times how Clents/CLINTs share the garbs of Blythe's. Hillary Rodham married Bill Blythe, but after his mother married Mr. Clinton, Bill became Bill Clinton. Hillarys even share the six Clinton fitchees. The Lechs have a Coat much like the Clint/Clent Coat. Load Susan link now to have access, on another tab, to other Coats of Arms.

Sussmann acted as the middleman between David Joffy (guilty party) and the FBI / CIA. Joffy apparently created or compiled the phone "evidence" against Trump, but, before Sussmann tried to throw Joffy under the bus, Joffy signed an immunity deal with Durham to throw Sussmann under the bus. The good guys need things like this to keep the bad guys from trusting each other enough to do things like this again. When the bad guys learn that there could be a big price to pay by being ratted-out by a fellow conspirator, the world will get better again.

Sussmann's court case is in Washington, wherefore the bad guys can probably arrange the "right" judge for him so that a slap on the wrist is what he gets...but, still, even in a case where Durham loses, plenty of document evidence goes public to the court of public opinion. Trump, if he were any good at all, would be using his own money to sue, on behalf of his voters if he thinks he doesn't want to do so on behalf of himself. But he wants to play it safe, doesn't want troubles for himself, doesn't have the ambition enough to fix the country more than by blistering some hot wind from sidelines. Sit down, Trump, barky dog with no bite.

In the billiard-hall dream, Obama in his president's suit was DANCing in one scene, and skating in another, because Trump let him skate, let him be joyful. Italian Dance's show four pale bars (though called a "paly of nine") in the colors of the four, fessewise "BARS of French Page's and Lepage's. The latter were first found in Ile-de-France with Lys'/LISE's. English Dance's share the lion heads of Scottish Bars/BARRs, you see, and Trump "hired" do-nothing Bill Barr to go after the Obama / Clinton crime rings without assuring that he was desirous of going after them. The horse head in the English Dance Crest was once showing in the Crest of English Este's while Scottish Barrs share the Coat of Italian Este's, a super way for God to point to Bill Barr with Obama dancing (Barr committed a massive crime by covering for the Obama team). The ESToile-using Bute's/Butts have the Dance horse head as some proof that Este's did use it (in case you don't believe my word on it) English Dance's, on one-half their Shield, are almost in the format of, and in the colors of, the Blythe Coat.

Unfortunately, there is no Dagan surname to go with David Dagan the stool pigeon, but Dagens/Dugans are interesting for having eight-pointed estoiles in the colors of the six-pointed estoiles of Bute's/Butts. Perhaps there's a Butt aspect to David Dagan that we don't yet know.

It's interesting that Lily-like Lille's are also Lise-like Lisle's while the fleur-de-LIS is a lily. It was amazing to find the Lechs first found in Worcestershire with Hillarys, the Clent Hills, and the Lilys in the Coat of Sussmann-like Susans. The latter are in the colors of Hams, and Hams were first found in Sussex (beside Lise's/Liss') with the Prime's using a giant leg. It's known that NELLY OHR got a ham-RADIo licence at the time that she was involved in framing Trump with Russia collusions while McCabe's use the HAM salmon, both in RADi/Radix colors. It makes me think that she got her ham licence in order to communicate more-secretly with Andy McCabe than the Internet / phones would allow. I was floored to see that Nellys/Nels share the Lech fesse. I've known for a long time that the Nelly/Nels roundels are used by ORRs/Ore's as if God is pointing to Nelly OHR. Her husband (Bruce) was working in Obama's DoJ, in a high-level position there, obviously involved in framing Trump by that route. The chief of the DoJ at the time was Loretta Lynch, and I've explained how she was Obama's partner in owning the billiard hall.

The Lech Coat is a not-bad reflection of the Clint/Clent Coat while the latter share the Blythe garbs, But there's more because the Blythe-like Billets/Billiards were first found in Maine with the Pellicans in the Lech pelicans, and English Billets were first found in Devon with Maine's. It signals that Lechs were round-about related to Clents and Blythe's, as if God arranged it, because Fussen is on the LECH river. That's how Lechs became a topic in the first place. By what coincidence did we see the Obama dream above where he owned a billiard hall while Billets are listed with French Billiards while English Billiards are listed with Hillary-like Hillards? The Lechs took us to the Billiards. Is it not amazing that Steele's use BILLETS in their Chief in the colors of the stars in the Clinton Chief?!?!

And the reason I was at Fussen was because FUSION GPS was a major conspirator with Perkins Coie against Trump. It is known that Perkins Coie paid Fusion GPS to create the Steele dossier against Trump, and it's known that Hillary Clinton paid Perkins Coie to get the Steele dossier framed. John Solomon writes: "The Clinton campaign gave money to Perkins Coie, which then paid Fusion GPS for opposition research on alleged Trump-Russia ties during the 2016 election." Why is God pointing to these crimes while the criminals are yet free? Don't you think it's more amazing yet that Perkins were first found in LEICestershire, on the LEGro river that is also the Soar river as a pointer to Soros-like Soars/Sors' (share the Legro lion)? The Hose's, first found in Leicestershire, use human legs bent at the knee.

But there's more, because Leggs almost have the Trump stag head, and the Lechs are no doubt the reason for the three human legs, bent at the knees, in the Arms of Fussen. Note that these legs are in Foot colors because Fussen is also called, FOETes. Then, there is a human leg bent at the knee in the Crest of the Leck-like Leak/Leakey Coat, which begs whether I need to go to Miss Hick's knee symbol which she got on Leakey road. The locals call ranch road the "Leakey road" because it goes to Leakey, pronounced, "Lakey." Foots, Leghs/Leys and Steele's were all first found in Cheshire. To what stool-pigeon leak might Leaks be pointing to?

Knee's share the engrailed bend of Leaks/Leakeys, and the latter were first found in Lincolnshire with Needs while Needhams share the Knee Coat. Is that cute or what? The Need/Neme Coat looks related to the one of Neil-branch Neilsons (share dagger with Cue-related Comyns), and Neil liners are suspect in the motto of the Prime's sharing a bent human leg with Leaks/Leakeys. Prime's are probably in the motto of Lakeys. That's even cuter. Is God about to force arrests?

Knee's (County DOWN) share the stag head of Acorns (Sussex, same as Downs/Douns linkable to the Dunham/Downham surname of Obama's mother) while Dutch Tromps use acorns, and while German Trumps/Tromps have a stag head in the colors of the Down/Doun stag. It all looks arranged to point to Trump and Obama together, especially if the legs above are bent at the knee as code for Knee's (use a bend). Knee's and Needhams share Coats, and a Needham entity is in the write-up of Halpers, who in turn not only share the Steele checks, but Stefan Halper is known to have worked as a mole in the Trump camp to help frame Trump with Russia collusion. The single rose in the Halper Chief is alone at the center of the BILL Chief that itself has a pelican on either side of the rose! The Bill pelicans trace Bills to "Billets/Billiards" (Maine, same as Pellicans), and spells out BILL Clinton, obviously enough. Just look at all of this unfold before your eyes. I didn't create the heraldry to make it fit the gangsters.

I almost missed this: Billet-like Builders/Bilders -- an apparent pointer to Bilderberg conventions and corporate nasties run by gangsters -- share the Bert and Burt Coats while Italian Berts/Berta's share the giant griffin of German Steels!!! English Berts were first found in Devon with Billets, the latter sharing the Coat of Bellows, first found in Cheshire with Steele's. The gangsters shall NOT take over the world, God is spying on them, knows everything they say and even think. But this won't stop them from trying to salvage their financial empires as they see God's plagues falling. There's a Bild(t)/Bilderback surname evoking "Build Back Better."

Although I don't have a big heraldic reason to go to Lakeys aside from verbal similarity with Leaks/Lakeys, we find some reason after we go to them, because Prime's, with a giant human leg bent at the knees to go with the same in the Leak/Leaky Crest, appear to be in the "PRAEMium" motto term of Lakeys. As the Lechs are nearly both, in the colors and format, of Hicks who in turn share the Leak/Leaky fleur-de-lys, we are justified here in going to Miss Hicks at the Get'n Go gas bar on the Leakey = RANCH road, where she got her knee symbol less than an hour after the 9-11 memorial ended that our church had put on. Although 9-11 ought to point to the Bush circle of gangsters, it's hereby pointing to the Clinton crime ring, we might ask why. Was 9-11 crime planned when Bill Clinton was the president until January 2001? Makes sense.

English RENCH's share the GORE crosslets, and German Rench's have the lone Leak/Leakey fleur-de-lys. Gore's are important because they share the white wolf with GOWers/Gore's, and I think Get'n GO points to Gower-like Gows/McGOO's because they share the cinquefoils of Loches'/DeLOGE's, first found in Brittany with the PRIMO's having three roses in the colors and format of the three McGoo / Loches cinquefoils. Primo's were at Cote-d'OR, and the English Hollys in the Lakey holly happen to share red roundels with Orrs/Ore's and Nellys. It's even as though there's verification from God here that Prime's are in the motto of Leakey-like Lakeys. Ahh, I'm not familiar with it, but I've just found that Lakeys have a "holly BUSH in base"!!! Incredible. Yes, the Lakeys do apply to topic as part of God's Leakey-road pointers!

The Gore's, in Hicks colors and format, share the crosslets of English Trips (Kent, same as Gore's), and the Shoe's in the Coat of German Trips were fundamental to Miss Hick's sandals at the 9-11 memorial. As I've said before, the Camera's/Camerons were directly linkable to her sandals, and I'll explain that below, the point here being that Camera's/Camerons, with three of the single Gore / Hicks / Lech fesses, love the Cheile's in their motto who were in turn not only first found in Lincolnshire with Leaks/Leakeys, but use "A LEG in ARMOR". It can be therefore gleaned that ARMYs/Ermine's (Lincolnshire) have a version of the Leaks/Leakey Chief for a related reason.

The second-last scene in the Obama dream had him on a skateboard upon a Ramp, and I had noted that Ramps share double lions combattant with Irish Collens', in what I think is a pointer to Francis Collins, though this pertains to Fauci-circle crimes rather than to Russia-collusion. The Irish Hollys are listed with Cullins, you see, and they have a mermaid in Crest with mirror, symbol for the Mire's/Mireux's, first found in Anjou with count Fulk I, husband of Miss Loches, explaining why the Loge's', first found in Burgundy with Loches'/DeLoges' and Prime-like Primo's, share the Coat of the Gettes', first found in Anjou. The Primo's happen to use a mirror. The "GET'N Go" might even point to a Gettes branch.

Ahhhhhh, Gethins/Gettins (Cheshire, same as Giddy Hall!) are also Giddens, and Steele's were at "GIDDY HALL near Sandbach"!!! I GET IT!!! It has taken years to finally get that little-tidy thing. I don't remember making those links before. The Giddys/Geddys even share the Nelly / Orr/Ore roundels. I'm impressed. Why would God use a 9-11 memorial on September 11, 2002, to point to Christopher Steele? Shortly after 9-11 Bush became a blood-brother, so to speak, with the British prime minister, Tony Blair. To this day, the latter is an outspoken globogoon. There is no doubt that the Blairs ("A stag LODGED") share part of the Maxwell Crest, and it just so happens that Maxwells add a "holly BUSH" to their lodged stag! LODGE's are listed with English LOGE's (Suffolk, same as Holly-like Owls).

The Sire's/Sirets/Sirons, were first found in Burgundy too, along with Noyers sharing the Snake/Snook / Sans/Sanchez eagle, and Sire's have "a green SNAKE LOOKing at himself in the mirror". The leg-using Hose's were at a Noyers location in Les Andelys. I trace "Andelys" to "Antalya," beside Perga, the line of Perkins, first found in Leicestershire with Hose's (Courage colors and format) and sharing the Snake/Snook and Courage fleur. On Obama's billiard table, my Perkin-pointing pool cue sewered a page after I formed it into a paper plane and rifled it into a corner pocket as a pointer to LISa Page and even to Carter Page whom the McCabe team was persecuting. English Lise's/Liss share the Coat of LIZARTs/Sarde's, and a "A LIZARD in front of a HOLLY BUSH proper" is used by Irish Dunns who happen to share the giant eagle of Snake-branch Sans'/Sanchez's and Noyers (Burgundy, same as Snake-loving Sire's/SIRETs). I trace Bush's to the Buzau tributary of the SIRET river.

The Trotus is another Siret tributary, and Trade's/TROTTE's share the lone fleur-de-lys of German Bush's, tending to point to the TRADE towers that came down with Bush's blessings. The Trade/Trotte fleur is in the Chief, ditto for the lone Corner fleur-de-lys. Why does the Tower Crest look like the Holder griffin?

The Pockets in the CORNER pocket have the giant BUS cinquefoil in colors reversed, and Corners share the lone fleur-de-lys of German Bush's. Conspicuous yet? There's a lot of gangsters in that one corner pocket. The giant Bus cinquefoil is with PORCH's (Norfolk, same as Bus'), and it just so happens that PORCia's have black boars (as do English Bush's) in both colors of the boar head of German Corners!!! No guff, I think this is the first time I've deciphered the corner pocket this well.

The "lizard in FRONT of the holly bush" could be a pointer to Anthony FERRANTE who played some part, and an ongoing cover-up role with BUZZfeed, in the framing of Trump for Russian collusion with FBI winks. There's no Front surname coming up, but English Ferrante's/Ferrands were first found in Yorkshire with Bush's, and with early Leaks/Leakeys (nearly the Ferrante/Ferrand Coat), first found in Lincolnshire with Pockets.

We just saw the holly bush with Lakeys, and as Maxwells had developed a close relationship with Bosco-related Rose's, it can explain the Lakey roses. Rose's were first found in Nairnshire with Geddys/Geddes', believe it or not. The Get'n Go can thus be a pointer both to Blair and Christopher Steele together. Rose's are also Ras' while Rasmussens share the FUR/Fire unicorn while Scottish Steels (Cheshire) use "FURisons". We perhaps need to wait and see what crimes Steele was committing while under the Blair government. The "proBOS" motto term of Blairs can be for the Bos/Bosch/BUSH surname. German Boschs share the fleur-de-lys of German Bush's.

The Blair saltire (in the colors of the Kilpatrick and Maxwell saltire) has ten mascles upon it making it look related to the Super saltire that itself has ten billets upon it due to Billets being first found in Devon with Supers...and Berts. The latter share the Coat of Burts, the latter first found in Norfolk with the Irish Pratts sharing the mascles upon the Blair saltire. Burts were first found in Norfolk with Risons/Risings suspect in the Steel fuRISONs. This has the Bilderberg gangsters all over it. They gang up, they love money, they steal tax money, they steal corporate money, and now they threaten, punish and kill opponents when needed, they are gangsters literally.

This gets more incredible where "Amo" is a motto term shared between Blairs and Scottish Scotts who in turn share the OVER bend. English SCOTTs then share the SCOOT border, and that spells, SCOOT OVER. Tony Blair therefore belongs in the scoot-over / sandal events along with Camerons. I'll re-explain soon how the sandal event was also the scoot-over event. The Tonys link hard to kin of the Sire snake, and that spells Tony Blair. Hollys/Cullins have trefoils in the colors of the Loches' cinquefoils. The GREEN SNAKE LOOKing is obvious code for Loches liners.

The Snake's (Kent, same as Greens) get interesting for sharing the Perkins fleur-de-lys, but even more interesting where they are listed with Snooks, for the shot I took on Obama's billiard table had red balls (I was aiming for one), which I saw, and thus it was a SNOOKer game. The cue in that game pointed to Perkins Coie, and I should at that while Steele's were at SandBACH, Sandbachs share the garbs of Cue's/Kews. These are the garbs in the Arms of Cheshire, and Sandbach is in Cheshire with Macclesfield while this Arms of Macclesfield has the Cue/Kew lion-with-garb in colors reversed. I've shown how SHIRbirn, seat of the Macclesfield earls, connects with Shire's/Shere' and Schere's, and it just so happens that German Schere's share the green snake with SHIRE-like SIRE's.

The Looks/Luke's/Lucks, sharing the FAUX mascle, have another pelican, and "pelicano," by the way, is a Lech motto term. For those who don't yet know, French Faux's/Fage's, listed with Collins-like Chollens', were first found in PeriGORD with Fauchys, which does not look coincidental, but rather looks arranged by God to make the pointer to dastardly, punishable vaccine crimes upon humanity.

The brown wolf head in the Lakey Crest is in the Crest of Teague's/Teegers, the latter first found in Galway with Lynch's. The Pennys happen to share the "lynx" with Lynch's, and Halpers are also HalfPENNYs, how about that. It suggests that Stefan Halper was working with protection from Loretta Lynch (if she didn't call for arrests, there would be none). Pennys share the black greyhound with Loches-like Looks/Luke's/Lucks. This gets better where the double greyhounds of Pennys is shared by Scoots/SCOUGals. It's curious as to why the Snake write-up has Robert Shouk, a SCOUG-like term. Pennys were first found in Northampton with the Spinks sharing the Snake/Snook eagle, but there seems to be more to this in making all sorts of related connections.

At the 9-11 memorial, I had set up the video CAMERA for Miss Hicks, and then asked if anyone was sitting beside her, and she said that if her daughter comes to take the seat, "you can SCOOT over." So, I sat beside Miss Hicks, and this was about three hours before she got a knee symbol at the Leakey road. To get to my seat, I looked down at the ground to make sure I didn't step on her feet, and saw her green TOE polish because she was wearing SANDALs. Scottish Sandals share the Knee bend, and the English Sandals (GREEN cross) have in their write-up what jibes with the SCOUGals in "you can scoot over": "John de Sandall or de Sandele, appears as CAMERAius SCOCie..." The Shoe's/SCHUGs, I kid you not, have "...a knight issuing from the KNEEs..." English Sandals, with the SELF/Shelf Coat in colors reversed, share the Snake/Snook fleur-de-lys, and we saw the Sire's with "a GREEN snake looking at himSELF in the mirror."

In the Sleeping Beauty dream, I had TOUCHed her knee at her wake scene, and the reason I touched her knee is that Touch's/Tuffs, with a toe-like Tow variation, were first found in Cheshire with the TUFTS/Tuffs' sharing the phoenix in Crest of Knee's. I had touched her leg when touching her knee, and Leigh's/Leghs/Leys were first found in Cheshire too, beside the Leightons/Leytons while Hicks' are said to have had a branch at Low Leighton. At this point we need to stress that the Hicks Coat, sharing the Leak/Leakey fleur, is similar to the Lech Coat while her sandals were on her feet while FOETes/Fussen is on the Lech river while the Arms of Fussen has legs bent at the knees.

As Bosco's have their tufts on pillars, lets add from the last update when it found the Coles/Coals Crest as "A snake circling a marble pillar". The Feets/Fate's (Yorkshire, same as Bush's and "buck"-using Hicks) are suspect in the "Fato" motto term of Cheneys (share Bush eagle), first found in Buckinghamshire with Penny-like Penns/Pens/PENCE's. There's a "a writing PEN" in the Scoot/Scougal Crest. Mike Pence is a Bushite fiend, chosen by Trump (= the big accident waiting to happen). The Bush-branch Bosco's, in Cheney colors and format, have "TUFTs of GRASS", and I GRAZED the knee of Sleeping Beauty with my hand, WAKing her. The Walks/Wachs share the Sandal / Snake/Snook / Perkin fleur-de-lys, and while George Bush is descended shortly from Walkers, English Walkers (Yorkshire, same as Hicks and Bush's) have a "magna" motto term for a trace to Perkin-related Plancia Magna. English Sandals were at "Sandal Magna, near WAKEfield, Yorkshire." Wakefields share the Cue/Kew / Walks/Wach / SANDbach garb, and Wake's share the Chief of Orrs/Ore's, both sharing the Nelly/Nels roundels, and Nellys/Nels even share the Lech / Hicks fesse.

The "Nil" motto term of the Prime's in the Lakey motto should be for Nelly-connectable Neils/O'Nails. German Neils/Nails/NAGLE's share the saltire of GALE's because Irish Nagle's use the "NIGHTenGALE" to go with the "knight ISSuing from the knees" of Scoot-connectable Shoe's/Schughs. The ScouGALE variation of Scougals can thus apply, and "issuing" thus looks like code for Issa's from the island of Issa = VIS, explaining why Vise's (Sussex, same as Acorns) share the Knee and acorn stag head. That's a beautiful Set-up, even more amazing because the scoot-over phrase from Hicks led immediately to the sight of her green toeNAILs! Neil-branch Neilsons even have the illegal Need/Neme chevron in colors reversed while Knee's share the NEEDham Coat...suggesting the Knee's may have been a Neil offscoot. It appears that Scoots (Scott branch) are listed with a Schugh-Gale or Shoe-Gale merger, and sandals happen to be shoes. Hicks are also Issa-like Icke's.

By the way, I don't know what comes to mind with green nails, but this pale green was nice, not bright green, though I don't think Christians should be painting nails or faces. If you have ugly nails, at least paint them a natural color instead of trying to impress people with an array of colors, such a waste of your time, no rewards from God except a frown upon you everytime you get out the polish remover. Painting your face an nails will inform your children that it's okay for them to put one foot into mod-Hell, and after the foot is in, the whole leg can slip in too.

The Prime's, first found in Sussex with Shoe-connectable Vise's, use an owl while Owls/HOWLs (Suffolk, same as Shoe-beloved Knights) might identify the Shoe tower as the HOWELL tower. The Touch/Tuff/TOW Coat is colors reversed from the Home/Hume Coat, and the latter love the True variation of the Tree's growing on top of the Shoe tower ("...a silver tower topped with a tree"). HOWLeys, in Hume/Home colors, have a saltire version of the same of Selfs/Shelfs suspect in the Sire snake that comes with a tower in Howell-tower colors, and the Selfs/Shelfs share the Coat of English House's, the latter first found in Oxfordshire with OWLEYs/Oilli's. As Howleys were first found in Cheshire with Sandbach while the Howley Coat is connectable to the Sandal Coat, the Steele's of Sandbach return to topic. The Scottish Steels have a "fuRISON," and Risons/Risings/RISTONs (Norfolk) almost have the Self/Shelf Coat. That works very well.

Rison-branch Restons are said to have been in Downham of Norfolk, and Dunhams are also Downhams. There are probably detailed aspects about Mr. Steele to which God points in the midst of these links, but I'm not very knowledgeable about details of Steele's affairs.

It appears that God even provided proof in the scoot-over event that Overs share the Owley/Oilli bend for a related reason, for the latter surname was first found in Oxfordshire with the AMORE's in the motto of Scottish Terras' (MORay) who in turn share the Over bend, and have the Coat of Scoot-connectable Scottish Scotts. To boot, the Rockefellers are in the rooks of German Terras'/Derrs. When we load the Amore-branch Damorys/Amori's (Oxfordshire, same as Owleys/OILLI's), we almost find the Basset Coat while Owl-like Oullette's were at OUILLY-le-Basset in Rockefeller-line Falaise. That stands as evidence that Overs and Terras' were Owley/Oilli kin round-about.

As Overs come up as Owers while almost having the Coat of Owleys/Oilli's, it's possible that Overs developed from owl liners. Overs were first found in Cheshire with Steele's, for example. A minute before she said, "you can scoot OVER," I was setting up Hick's video camera, in front of my BARBER at the time, and Camera's/Camerons can be a pointer to prime minister Cameron, because he was the British leader into the early stages of the Russia-collusion hoax that involved Christopher Steele of British Intelligence. BARBAR's happen to share the double fesses of Owleys/Oulli's to help prove that "scoot over" applies to Owl liners. Overs/Owers almost have the one Coat of Scottish Sandals/Sandlands.

Scottish Barbers, in their "Nihillo" motto term, probably love the Nihill variation of Neils/O'Nails to go with the toenails in the camera-pointing sandals, and English Barbers (Sand / Sandy colors) share the triple fleur of Gellone's who were identified hard (last update) with the Courage's in the motto of CUE-related Comyns both sharing the Sandbach garbs. Steele's were from the Sandbach area, and Perkins COIE hired Mr. Steele. Perkins share the Courage fleur in both colors. Barber-related Berbers/Barberrys (Sand / Sandy colors) share the Hicks fleur-de-lys.

New here: one can say that Obama on his skateboard was SCOOTing up the ramp because Ramps were first found in Cumberland with Carlisle's in turn sharing a "pen" in Crest with the "WRITing pen" Scoots/Scougals! CarLISLE's/CarLILe's use "A RIGHT hand holding a pen." As I've said, Miss Hicks sat down, at the scoot-over event, immediately beside the center ISLE. The "flory" cross of Carlisle's (and others) has fleur-de-lys ends for a reason. Let's repeat: "It's interesting that Lily-like Lille's are also Lise-like LISLE's while the fleur-de-LIS is a lily. It was amazing to find the Lechs first found in Worcestershire with Hillarys, the Clent Hills, and the Lilys in the Coat of Sussmann-like Susans. The latter are in the colors of Hams, and Hams were first found in Sussex (beside Lise's/Liss') with the Prime's using a giant leg." In the scene before the skateboard, Obama was dancing such that he kicked his LEG toward me until it was horizontal, and he then turned 180 degrees and kicked in the opposite direction. That's all I saw in that scene.

The Lechs came up due to Fussen on the Lech, and the founder / owner of Fusion GPS is Glenn Simpson while Simpsons, first found in Buckinghamshire with Scoot-beloved Pens/Pence's, are in Susan / McCabe colors. Safe to say, Sussmann was working especially close with McCabe and his FBI-appointed layer, LISa Page.

The "HUMiliTATE" motto of Carlisle's takes us to Hume's/Home's and Tate's/Teets, both first found in Berwickshire with Blythe's, and the Hume/Home Coat is the Touch/Tuff/Tow Coat in colors reversed, important because we saw the Touch's at the sandals and toes of Miss Hicks during the scoot-over event. One can ponder how that event connects to Obama's skateboard. The Carlisle's share the red flory cross with Birds/Burds, and the other Birds/Birds (both in Cheshire with TOWs) share the Hicks / Leak/Leakey / AINSLEY fleur-de-lys. The Broxtow location of Birds/Burds probably named BroxTOW, where Ainsleys were first found. Sleeping Beauty was with a car to go with CARlysle's. Carlysle in Scotland is near Annandale, and Tate's/Teets share the Annandale Coat, but it's also the Army/Ermine Coat though the latter add one symbol in their Chief in the colors of the one fleur in the same-colored Chief of Leaks/Leakeys, the latter first found in Lincolnshire with Armys/Ermine's, how about that. It appears a shut-case that God wanted us to the Carlisle's for the several pointers which going to them makes.

Lille's/Lisle's were first found in SHIRburn, the seat of the earls of Macclesfield. Macclesfield is in Cheshire along with Broxton, and Broxtons have a giant fitchee in the colors of the near-same fitchee of SCHIRE's/Schere's/Scherfs, and in the colors of the Shire/Shere fitchees. The Lille/Lisle fitchees, in half the colors of these fitchees, are in the rare style used for them by PLAINs/Platters, the ones I trace the paper PLANE to that I sewered. Plains/Platters (named partly after Palins) were first found in Suffolk with the Owls/Howls who have three owls in the colors and format of the three Shire/Shere fitchees. How does this help us to understand why God had me make a flat page, lying on the billiard table, into a paper plane?

One of the theories is that the plane pointed to Loretta Lynch flying to the Phoenix airport to meet Bill Clinton, who wanted to talk to her about not prosecuting his wife for her email scandal. I don't know all the details of her private email servers that she used to hide all her crooked government business, but it's online that her private server as PLATTE River Networks. It's only interesting that Platte's/Plate's were first found in Lancashire with FLEETwoods, for the latter can be connected to Platt-like Flatts/Flete's while Fleets were first found in Norfolk with the other English Platters.

Although there wasn't a knee on Obama's billiard table to help prove that the paper plane pointed to Loretta Lynch at the Phoenix airport, the phoenix in the Knee and Needham Crest is code for the Phoenix/Fenwick surname that itself shares the gold Needham phoenix. As soon as I made the paper plane, I saw a RED ball sitting beside the corner pocket with at least another red ball; I remember about three red balls. I aimed for one, but the plane just rifled into the corner pocket like it was on a mission. Reds/Reeds, first found in Northumberland with Phoenix's/Fenwicks, share the Clint/Clent and Blythe garbs, and the English Packs, suspect in the "Pax" motto term of Reds/Reeds, look related to the Clinton Chief.

There was a Harry Reed in congress, a staunch Democrat who assisted in the Russia-collusion hoax in cahoots with John McCain when the latter delivered the Steele dossier to the FBI. Reed, at the time, was talking to the FBI. It just so happens that the Bushite, John McCain, tried to defeat Obama in the 2008 election (Bush's last year), and McCain's running mate (for vice-president) was Sarah PALIN. The Palin Chief is in the colors and format of the PLAIN/Platter Chief.

Phoenix's/FENwicks were a branch of Fiens/PHONE's/Fane's, who are in the colors and format of Fiens/Finis' who in turn have three lions in the colors of the PAPER lion heads. can this apply to the PAPER plane? Loretta Lynch took the job of Eric Holder, and Holders, first found in Gloucestershire with Papers, have a gold lion in Crest to match the gold paper lion heads, all in Lynch colors. The Paper lion heads are in both colors of the Holder griffin, all in Lynch colors. The Fien/Finis Crest has a brown wolf, the color of the wolf head of Teague's/Teegers who in turn were first found in Galway with Lynch's.

Harrys, in the same colors, and first found near Gloucestershire, have a PORCupine in Crest, and PORCH's share the POCKET cinquefoil. Can that help to point the paper plane, aimed at the red ball, to HARRY Reed? Bassets, who do own a porcupine, have the three fesses in the Porch Crest. Another porcupine is used by Specks/Spike's, first found in Lancashire with Platte's/Plate's. Harrys were first found in Wiltshire, very near PORTIShead, and Porch's come up as "Portis." I claim that God linked the Pine-branch Pino's to Portishead. PorcuPINE, in the Harry Crest. Harrys have hedgeHOGs, and Hogs share the black boar with Porcia's.

Ahh, the Glory's suspect in the "gloria" motto term of Hogs take us to Glorys/Lowrys, a branch of LARRYs/Laurie's/Lowrys, both using a giant cup to go with the "Pax COPia" motto of Reds/Reeds, and we saw Loretts listed with LARYets!!! BINGO, I win. Scottish Reeds, sharing the red stag head with the Blythe Crest, and first found in Aberdeenshire with Cups/Cope's, share the "book" with the Roets who in turn share the boar heads of Gords/GORDANs (Berwickshire, same as Larry-connectable Lauders and Blythe's). Roets were first found in Somerset with Portishead at GORDANO, you see. Isn't that amazing.

Catherine Roet married Mr. Swynford, and Swynfords share the three black boar heads of Hogs, and, wow, just realized that these boar heads are shared by Boths/Booths (Yorkshire, same as black-boar Bush's), and the Lynch Coat is that also of BOTHwells!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WIN. This game is all over but the weeping in Hell for the fools. God has your free ticket to get in, Democrat blockheads, and you will never rise to see the light again.

The "Dat" motto term of Hogs can be for Date's who share the Clint/Clent Coat, what a gangsterincidence. Clints/Clents share the Blythe garbs. The Blythe write-up: "Blythe was an old barony in the lordship of Lauderdale..." Lauders share the LARRY/Laurie motto and tree stump, and it happens to be a brown stump, same as the Rodham tree stump! Larrys/Lawrie's call is a "trunk," and Rodhams a "stump." Ahhhh, Roet-like Rodhams were first found in Northumberland with Reds/Reeds and Phoenix's/Fenwicks! That's why God made me shoot at the red ball. Lauder-branch Letters share the goose on a rock with Rutherfords who in turn share two "nec" motto terms in their motto with Rodhams. Portis' probably got on the list of Porch variations from the Ports / Porters/Pawters, both first found in Hampshire, near Portismouth. Also first found in Hampshire were Pawter-like Potters (Porter/Pawter colors), and the Potter cinquefoil is shared by Flowers while Lauders use "a double tressure [border] flowered and counter-flowered, all SILVER.".

I recall making a good case for connecting Larys/Laurie's to Larry Silverstein, the owner of the Trade Towers when he conspired to bring them down at 9-11, to collect the insurance. He got the insurance money, but it was likely stolen from the U.S. treasury in a deal made with a corrupt insurance agency that was itself paid off to cover the crime. He was probably in cahoots with Clintons; they all stick together like flies on manure, and the Bush's decided to be manure on the flies on the manure while pretending to be a breath of fresh air for weary Republican voters. The Bush's turned out to be traitors.

When I was four or five years old, I was taking a leak while standing on the PORCH railing. I don't remember doing that ever before or after, and so I could say that, on that day, I just had to go real bad. Or, I could say that God arranged it. As the urine was falling, the kid next door, Pino, my age, came walking around the corner of the porch below me, and when he felt the "water" on his head, he looked up and got it down into his mouth. The urine on his HEAD from the PORCH suggests that it points to PortisHEAD because Portis' are listed with Porch's. There was good evidence that God arranged that event to point to the urine god, Orion, but the point here is that Blythe's share the Pino/Pinto crescents. I think maybe God was telling us what he thinks about the Clintons. English Pine's were first found in Devon with Flowers, Blythe-like Billets who in turn share the Portis/Porch and Bus cinquefoil.

The Orions/Irons named Airaines, and Arran relates because the McABBE's/McCabe's of Arran must have been of ABBEville near Airaines. Andy McCabe of the Obama FBI, and his wife, were staunch Clintonites. The McCabe's use a salmon, and Sales'/SALLETTs with Salemans are expected from Saluzzo, beside Busca, and Saluzzo's provided the Clinton Shield. Saluzzo liners were in Shropshire with Clun, and with the billet-using Saltire's/Salters. As Cluns share the Saluzzo Coat exactly, Clintons may have formed from Clun liners.

Back to the WRITing pen of CARlisle's, and to the RIGHT hand with a pen of Scoots, for while the scoot-OVER event links to the Knee's, Sleeping Beauty had a knee at her wake scene in which she was HOVERing OVER the CAR seats. Were Carlisle's a Car-Lille/Lisle merger? Apparently, yes, for Lille's/Lisle's were first found in Oxfordshire with Owleys/Oilli's/DuLYS', the latter two looking like branches, and Overs are the ones with almost the Owley/Oilli Coat. As soon as I inadvertently touched her knee, she started RISING, and while Risings are Ristons too, Restons (Lincolnshire, same as Leaks/Leakeys) share the Wright/Right leopard faces.

This paragraph was taken from way above at the mention of Hose's of Noyers (share Snake/Snook eagle), but moved down here for a reason at the end of the paragraph. Snake's/Snooks were first found in Kent, where Ticks/Tooks/TOUQUE's were once said to be first found, and while Hose's (Tony colors) have the Tonys of Les Andelys (Touques river) in their write-up, Tickhills (Yorkshire, same as Ticks/Tucks/Touque's, Courage-connectable GELLONE's, and GAILs/GALE's) have the Coat of Tonys in colors reversed. The GAILLON area (Les Andelys) of the Tonys is in Louviers, and Louvaine's are also Louvier's. The latter were first found in Kent with the Sea's, a branch in turn of Seamans/Semans expected in the "semina" motto term of Gails/Gale's. The latter are now suspect in making the ScouGALE variation of Scoots, for English Scotts (Gail/Gale colors) were likewise first found in Kent who share the Scoot border. SURPRISE: the Gail/Gale unicorn head has the double bends of Owleys/Oilli's, and these bends are suspect as the Over bend = SCOOT OVER!!!

As the Scougals at the heart of the Scoot surname look like a Shoe-Gale merger, the Shoe-beloved Knights can take us to Knights, first found in Suffolk with Owls/Howls. We then find that while scoot-over was at my crossing past Hicks' sandals to sit down, the Knight Crest is the gold spread eagle both of Scottish Sandals/Sandlands and Knee-branch Needhams.

The Edom Owl on the Halys

I'd like to go back to the Prime's for their brown owl, connectable to the brown Ramp lions because Browns were first found in Cumberland with Ramps and Carlysle's. We just saw an impressive Carlysle-Ramp link with Obama scooting on his skateBOARD, and while the only thing significant that I've been able to say about Boards is that they have a Coat like that of Sewers/Suters, it's interesting that Boards were first found in Sussex with Prime's. My point in going to all of this is the brown wolf head shared between Teague's/TEEGERs and Lakeys, for the brown owl is also that of TEGGERts while Lynch's were first found in Galway with Teague's/Teegers, and moreover Loretts (Yorkshire) were once said to be first found in Suffolk with Owls/HOWLs. The Howells share the Pellican tower, and we saw a few pelicans above, first with Lechs, the pointer to Fusion GPS.

The Sussmann scandal includes his attempt to frame Trump with an ALFA-BANK in Moscow, and from there to make a potential Trump connection to the Russian government in order to insinuate treasonous things in the news that were untrue to knock Trump down in the election polls. Although there's no Alfa surname, I've found the Alfy/Alvy surname looking like a branch of Always'/Alwys. The Always/Alwys, first found in Suffolk with Alfys/Alvys, share the black lion of Oullette's of Always-like Ouilly, and the same lion is used by Alway-like Aulnays/Oulneys in the Oullette write-up. Therefore, I see Alfys as a branch of Owls/Howls, and to this a few interesting additions can be compiled. For starters, the Alfys, first found in Suffolk with Owls/Howls, and use a boar in colors reversed from the Owl/Howl owls. The Alfy boar is colors reversed from the Porcia boars, and Porch's (share "Pro rege" with Bassets) were connected (last update) to Bassets without doubt of error while Oullette's were at Ouilly-le-Basset.

Also, while Banks were at a Newton location, Sussmann-like Susans (Oxfordshire, same as Lille's/Lisle's and OWLeys/Oilli's) are in Newton and HOME colors while the Lilys in the Susan Coat are in Howell colors and format. The Banks, said to derive from HOLME's, named a Bank Newton location. Does this give anyone the impression that God set the heraldry up to point to the Alfa-Bank scandal?

Alfy/Alvy-like Alive's/Ayliffe's, who have the giant Aulney/Oulney lion in colors reversed, were first found in NorthUMBERland, where Crispins trace who were in turn first found in Oxfordshire with Susans. Crispins can be traced to UMBRia elements. The Aulneys/Aulnays (Burgundy, same as Cressys) share the lion of Crispin-like Cressys. Howells were first found in MONMOUTHshire with Phoenix-branch Phone's/Fane's, and Phoenix's/Fenwicks were first found in NorthUMBERland while Porcia's were first found in UMBRia, and then the Oullette's almost have the UMBER/Humber Coat. The Oullette's use their fesses as bars gemel, as do Monmouths in the same colors.

Lorraine's were first found in Northumberland too, and Mike Oullette gave Lorraine her babe symbol. In the end, Lorraine got a GRASS-stain symbol, and GRAZio's, first found in Umbria too, share the pomegranate with French Crispins (Lorraine) while English Crispins, I kid you not, share the eight fessewise bars of Porcia-like Porch's!!! The Alfy boar is colors reversed from the Porcia boar, and while Lorraine had a Bus symbol, Porch's (Norfolk, same as Bus') share the giant Bus cinquefoil. English Crispins were even first found in Oxfordshire with OWLeys/Oilli's! And, oh, Howleys show nothing but a saltire in the colors of the saltire-by-bones of Newtons!!!

I'll even add that while Lorraine's bus stop pointed to Stops/Stubbs because they were first found in Staffordshire with their Pipe kin, Staffordshire is not only where Porch-related Bassets were first found, but also the Arrows/Arras' sharing the Bank fleur-de-lys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know what this means, for when I was asking her to get together with me, at her bust stop, we agreed to meet that night at my LAUNDRomat, and thus she's indicating banks that launder money for gangsters. The Monnow river that named Monmouth might even have been named by MONeys, first found in Herefordshire with Babe-connectable Umbers/Humbers and MONmouths. Repeat, Lorraine got her babe symbol when Mike Oullette's said, "what a babe," at the second she got her FOOT / feet symbol, and "Oullette's almost have the UMBER/Humber Coat. The Oullette's use their fesses as bars gemel, as do Monmouths in the same colors."

AHHHHHHHHHH I GET IT. The Monmouth lion is missing a LEG, and Monmouths with Moneys and Money-like Miners were all first found in the same place while Minors are expected in the motto of giant-leg Primo's!!! You heard it here first. Lech / Leak liners are to the missing Monmouth leg, justifying pointers of things-Monmouth to Fusion GPS.

The Orrs/Ore's who love the Bone's in their motto share the cornuCOPIA with Fussen-connectable Fothes'/Fette's (near first-known Scottish Reeds), and there is no doubt that Bruce and Nelly Ohr were working on the same project as Fusion GPS. Reds/Reeds (Northumberland again) use a "Pax COPIA" motto while Packs were first found in Sussex with Bone's and Prime's. The CORNucopia can even be for the Corners/Corne's having the Alfy boar in colors reversed! The red billiard ball was beside the CORNER POCKET, and while Pockets look like Porch kin, Corners/Corne's have a black boar head in both colors of the Porcia boars!!! I missed this while on Harry Reed above, where the hedgehogs of Harrys (PORCupine) took us to the black Hog boars.

I asked Lorraine for a DATE at her BUS stop, and due to Bus' (Norfolk, same as Date's) sharing the Porch cinquefoil, let's repeat: "The "Dat" motto term of Hogs can be for Date's who share the Clint/Clent Coat, what a gangsterincidence. Clints/Clents share the Blythe garbs." Lorraine is now pointing to Alfa-Bank. I've never done Alfa-and-Bank heraldry before, at least not like it's been done here. Sussmann and Alfa-Bank are in the news right now. The Date's can be gleaned as kin of Comyns/Comings and CUE's. There's even a question on whether Porcius Cato was named after some branch of a Perga surname to which I trace Perkins.

The Holme's who are said to have changed their surname to "Bankes" have a red lion head in Crest wearing the same "chapeau" as used by Buttons/BIDENs, and this lion head is shared by Steele's, making sense while we are on Sussmann's Alfa-Bank crimes. The "inVITA" motto term of Prime's goes with the "vide" of Holms where Vito's/Vido's are also Biden-like Bittini's, and the "Fide" motto term of Holmes is perfect for the Fido variation of Foot-related Fothes'/Fette's (share Foot chevron) both in the colors of the legs in the Arms of Fussen!!! The Foots (Cheshire, same as Steele's and Bank-related Newtons) have a "cyFOETH" motto term to go with "Foetes," the alternative name of Fussen! The Bank line just pointed to FUSION GPS with Biden involvement! Again, leg-symbolized Fussen is on the Leck river; Prime's use a giant LEG; and Lechs use pelicans while Pellicans show nothing but a tower in the colors of the Howell towers in the colors and format of Susan-beloved Lilys.

Hold on to your chapeau, because, when I earlier saw the Alive's with the Peak patee crosses, I felt that there was a connection there in some way to the Banks having fleur-de-lys in the colors of the Peak patees. The Peak-like and Babe-related Beaks came to mind too because they essentially share the Umber/Humber Coat. Finally, after the Peak patees gnawed at me some more, the Peak Coat was loaded, and even while loading my brain kicked in to remind me that they have the Bank fleur-de-lys too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I then saw that Peaks were first found in Suffolk with Owls/Howls, Alfys and Always!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! INCREDIBLE, I didn't expect such a strong pointer to Alfa-Bank when starting out this morning.

The patee-like Pattys/Pati's were even first found in Worcestershire with Lechs, Lilys, Hillarys, the Clent Hills, Newton-like Nitons/KNIGHTons, and Alleys'/Alye's in case they were an Alfy / Always branch. KNIGHTs were first found in Suffolk with Owls, Alfys and Always, and Nitons/Knightons almost have the Coat of bank-related Holms, and almost have the English Crispin Coat too.

The above makes AulNEYs/OulNEYS suspect with the Neys because the latter almost have the triple Umber/Humber fesses, and the Neys do have the six bars of Babe's, the latter now said to be first found in Suffolk with Owls/Howls and Alfys. Babe's were once said to be first found in Dorset with early Quints, and Quints share the black lion paw with the Miners expected in the "minerva" motto term of owl-using Prime's. Miners were first found in Herefordshire with Umbers/Humbers. Quints were once said to be first found in both Essex and Dorset, and Essex is where Neys and Peak-like Peks/Pecks were first found. The Quint vair fur is shared by English Shins/Chings in the Newton "shin bones," and Bone's were first found in Sussex with Prime's. Monmouths (and their Maid/Maud kin) both share the Shing/SHINick/Shiner lion. Irish Shins share the Porci (not "Porcia") bend. The Aulneys/Oulneys were first found in Burgundy with Primo's, and with the Sire's who share the Howell tower. That's a mouthful, but it does give the impression that Alfa-Bank may be pointed to (by God) if one starts merely from the Alfys connectable to the Prime owl. Porci's share the fleur-de-lys of Ainsleys while "always" is an Ainsley motto term.

Hall of Names just went out on me Wednesday morning, no longer allowing me to load surnames. I was enjoying having access to surname descriptions again, but Swyrich canceled the site years ago, selling their rights to Hall of Names. I see that Hall of Names now has a new home page, and is owned by Swyrich again, which owns

Back to Loretta Lynch. The Loretts are listed with Laretts/Laryots, which can justify taking it to Spanish Lara's having green "serpent heads" in "cauldrons". The Caldrons share the three martlets of Glenns and Glennys in case this can be pointed to Glenn Simpson of Fusion GPS. WOW, it's falling all over me as I write: it's hard to say whether the "NutriOR" motto term of Simpsons is for Orrs/Ore's in a pointer to Nelly and Bruce Ohr, but the Nutters who can be in "NUTRior" were first found in Gloucestershire with HOLDERs and LETTs/LATE's, the latter suspect in the "RepulluLAT" motto of Letter-branch Lauders (share Letter Shield). IT JUST SO HAPPENS THAT "Repullulat" is a full motto also of Laryot-like Larrys/Lawrie's!!!! IT JUST SO HAPPENS THAT Loretta Lynch was Obama's attorney general immediately after Eric HOLDER was Obama's attorney general!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This set of heraldry is stacked, impeccable!

Loretta Lynch was cheating, protecting Glenn Simpson, and they call it a good thing because it was for the liberal cause. They say that the political enemy is the liar instead, while portraying themselves as the fine examples for the earth to follow. That's all this war is, the need to expose that they are the losers, the cheats, the ones not to follow, and they are taking a massive, political hit as we speak, partially due to their censorship of our voices, yet they continue to stupid apes on a mission of self-destruction. There shall be no world if they cannot rule it, that's what this is now.

The Letters (Berwickshire, near Rutherfords) share the goose on a rock with Rutherfords who in turn share the black Glenn / Caldron martlet, and the Rutherfords have an "ORLE" border while Orells share the red roundels of Orrs/Ore's (!) and Nellys!!! There we go, Glenn Simpson and Nelly Ohr working together on the same crimes, and getting paid for it to boot. Still not arrested. The Letter goose is "SITTING on a rock."

After writing all of the above, I tried to find Alley branches and found Allweys/Alewys/Alloways, much like the Alfy/Alveys. Having shown fairly conclusively that Alfys were an Owl branch, it seems very revealing that Allweys/Alewys share the three boar heads of Halys'. I'm sure I've read that the Eliphaz-like Halybes lived on the Halys river, and as lake Tatta is off the upper Halys, it explains why the Coat of Tattons can be linked to both Tute Coats who in turn can be linked to the Coats of Hatti-like Haydens and Hats/Hades'. The Hatti Phrygians lived on the Halys river, and Eliphaz-like Oliphants (share Tout/Tute crescent) even use a "Tout" motto term. Oliphants were first found in PERTHshire, and PERTa was a location on lake Tatta.

Eliphaz was the son of Esau, king of Edom, and Edom had the OWL god, Kos. So, it appears that a tribe from Eliphaz named Halybes, and later some line from Halybes managed to form an Owl surname from Halybes-like terms such as Alfy / Alewy / Alive / Aulnays/Oulnays / Ouilli, and perhaps even Alley. As Halybes were also called, Chalybes, it can explain why Alleys are listed also with Cauleys. I didn't know until getting to the end of the last sentence that CALVarys use many owls.

Consider the ExCALIBer sword of mythical king Arthur. The Welsh called the sword, Caliburnus, and I've shown that a mount Alburnus in Italy's Lucania is near the Hales river (not the Halys); see left side of this map for that: If people from Tatta and Perta were in Perthshire, we'd expect other peoples from that area there. The Halybes are thought to be of the Khaldi, and it just so happens that the CELTs/Colts were first found in Perthshire too, along with Justine's from Justine of PICENum. The Celts/Cults have the Pilate pheon in colors reversed likely because Wikipedia's article on Pontius Pilate was correct in stating that Pontius' father (Roman ambassador) mated with a PICT (like "Picenum") from Perthshire to birth Pontius. After reading that, I discovered that one of two peaks at mont Pilat (near St. Etienne) is the PERDrix peak, and from this one can trace peoples at Perta to the naming of that peak. The Khaldi lived near a Pyxites river to explain the naming to the Picts, but the Picensii Illyrians come to mind because the first known CELTs were in Illyrium.

On the Lucania map above, one can see PYXUS, otherwise called, BUXENtum, to the near-south of the Hales river. To the near north of the Hales river is a PICENTia location with its Picentini mountains. I trace "BUXENtum" to the Buchans and Buchanans. The latter's write-up has: "...the first to establish the name of Buchan was Anselan O'Kyan, son of the King of Ulster about 1016." Kyans/Keens, with the red hand of Ulster, have a "Felis" motto term, amazing, because Felice (vatican code for a surname in the village/area) is the patron saint of PICENZE.

Almost missed it: Kyans/Keens use a "CALVARY" symbol! The Moses'/MOESens who have a calvary symbol too look like Moesians, and the Picensii are shown on the dark map on Moesia's Pek river. CALVERs were first found in DERBYshire (beside Tattons) while Derbe was due south of lake Tatta. Derbe gets us to the frontier of Pisidians who may have named Pessinus, homebase for Cybele, and so it's interesting that while mythical Atlas was named from the Pisidian city, Attalia, the Alley surname shares the Atlas/Atley Coat.

This is making the line of Hyksos king, KHYAN, look like it passed through the Halys river, which was at least close to the land of Paphlagonians who I in turn see from Apophis, the Hyksos king who followed Khyan. The Keons, who share the same fish in base with Kyans/Keens, were first found in Sligo with HICKensons/Higgensons and their Hickin/Higgins branch. The Keon hand can then identify the Hands/HANTs/Hans, Hanns and Hahns from the HENETi Paphlagonians and the Galli priests of Cybele (in the land of the Heneti) because the Hann / Hahn roosters are shared by various Galli and Galli-like surnames. Cybele was credited as the mother of Lydians (i.e. Lydians were largely Phrygian), and mythical Pelops of the Lydians ruled at (H)Eneti.

My mother, born and raised in Picenze, has a book in her home on Picenze telling that it was settled by peoples of Naples, which is right beside the Picentini mountains. The Capone's/Capua's, first found in Naples, share the black-on-white lion head with Buchans!!! I'm impressed. It can explain why the Buchanan lion is in the colors of French Levi's, and why the latter's chevron is shared Foots and Fothes'/Fette's, the latter first found in KinCARDINE, near Buchan in the land of the Picts. The "seCUTus" motto term of Buchans can be for the line of Cutters, first found in Dorset (beside MontaCUTE's) with the PALINs in turn having a lion in the colors of the Buchan lion heads. Buxentum is beside PALINurus (shown on the map).

Cardine's were first found in Cheshire with Foots and Maple-like Marple's/Marble's and Mopps'/Moberleys. The last update explained how MAPle's, Mapps and Mopps' can trace to mythical Mopsus, also named Muksus, likely after Mokissos at the upper Halys. The Halys Coat has its three boar heads in pale (vertical), and while the same boar heads are bendwise (diagonal) with Alleways/Alewys, Maple's have the three boar head bendwise in half their colors. As kids, we called our marbles, alleys.

I've spoken many times on my miracle-marble shot on TONY's marble. It just so happens that the Heneti people group, to the near-west of the Halys river, and possible on one bank of the Halys, were represented mythically by ANTENor, the possible makings of Antons > Tonys. As the Heneti are said to have named Veneti, and because "Venus" looks like it's a Veneti element, I trace Aphrodite, the Greek Venus, to the Heneti, because her husband, the mythical metal smith, goes well with the metal makers, the Halybes and Khaldi. I say an Aphrodite cult named Aprutium, old Abruzzo capital i.e. beside Picenum.

I've only now just found this Internet statement: "This hike near PELUSSin in the Loire takes you to the highest point of PILAT: Le Cret de la PERDRIX." This is incredible because PELOSI's are also PELOSINs/PILATi's!! That's new, I think. Pelosi's/Pilati's were first found in Savigliano, near Alba, and Alba was the name of proto-Scotland, home of Picts.

Mont Pilat is near St. Etienne, explaining why Etienne's show nothing but Pilat-like billets in Pilat colors, and in the colors of Billets/Billiards. Then, while mont Pilat is near the southern Forez mountains, French Bassets/Besancons, showing nothing but 11 of the Etienne billets, were first found in Forez. Then, English Bassets share the Coat of German Drummonds, first found in PERTHshire with Tout-loving Oliphants while "TOUT travers" is a motto term of Fore's/Forez's! Zikers, I'm shaming the willfully blind historians who don't want to touch upon Pontius Pilate because they don't want to bring Jesus to anyone's mind in any way. These cracked pots view anyone who traces a surname to the killers of Jesus as a conspiracy nut. The professors are trained to shun Jesus, but aren't smart enough to realize that they are the conspiracy, therefore. They gang together and wink to do the evil. "Drummond/Tremonds" has been suspect (by me) from the THERModon river flowing into the Khaldi theater and at least near the Pyxites river (the latter might have been a Thermodon tributary for all I know of its track).

Calvary-like Calvers look like BalFORE/Balfour kin. The Balfour write up: "...barony named Balfour, near the junction of the rivers ORE and LEVEN..." Ore's/Orrs use a cornuCOPia while English Cope's (at HANwell) are in Hand/Hant colors and format. Levens, first found in Shropshire (beside Hands/Hants) with calvary-using Moses'/Moesens, use elephant heads, as do Sanders who I trace to Santones (beside the Pictones and Lemovices) whom I trace to Sintians on Lemnos, the "sacred" island of the disgusting mythical metal smith, lord of the Kabeiri cult officiated by the Galli transvestites. The Calvary (not "Calver") Coat is in the colors and format of Sadducee-like Saddocks, the latter first found in Sussex with Prime's who in turn share the brown owl with Calvarys and Levi-like Olive's. Sadducees were Leven-like Levites, named after Levi, ancestor of Moses.

I'm not saying that Moses' were descended from Moses, but very-possibly from the Hyksos princess who named Moses from proto-Moesians from / of Lake Van. The Phone's/Fane's/VANs were first found in Monmouthshire with Howl-like Howells. The Etruscans, descended from Lydians, named mythical Minerva in the Prime motto. Mus at Lake Van was, in my guess, named after the proto-Moesian Meshech when they were called, Mushki from the Moschi mountains, and to this we can add that while TOGARmah was the nephew of Meshech (the man), TOGARts/Taggarts/Teggarts have another brown owl. The Moesians are thought to have been Mysians, and Trojan PARIUM in Mysia may have named the Prime's suspect in the "PRAEMIUM" motto term of Lakeys. Togarmah-like Teucer was a mythical patriarch of the Trojans. Mythical Capua, named after the namers of a Capua location of the Buchan-connectable Capone's/Capua's, was a Trojan.

Calver-like Clarus was a station of the Mopsus cult. Clarus was beside Ephesus, what I say named mythical Hephaestus, the metal smith. Clarus was a base of the Leto-Artemis cult that was twinned with Apollo who himself had the Apollo Oracle, a false-prophet cult, ditto with Mopsus. "CLARiOR" is a Buchanan motto term, and Buchanans were first found in Lennox while Lennox's are also LEVENax's while Levens, first found in Shropshire with calvary-using Moses'/Moesens, use elephant heads suspect with Oliphants (Perthshire, near Lennox).

The cracked pots get out their many dictionaries in multiple languages, and ancient ones too, and they try to find the terms that they think best fit a place name, and then crack-pots say things like, "The Gaelic name of the river is Leamhn, meaning the smooth stream, which anglicises to Leven (as Gaelic mh is spirantised)" (Lennox article). And this "brainy" simpleton practice they think makes them professors. Does the Wikipedia writer give evidence for the sentence above? No, Wikipedia requires no such evidence as it makes million of claims, just like that one, as FINAL authority on the matter. What if a branch of the Lennox surname named "Leamhn," rather than the other way around, just because the Irish (GAELs) didn't speak proper English? The Lennox/Levenax motto term, "I'll," can be for the Ile variation of Alleys. The cracked pots might like to ask why the Lennox/LEVENax Coat looks like that of the Tease's/Tess'/Tecks ("LEAVES") from some family at the Ticino canton and/or its TESSin/Ticino river through the land of the LAEVI. Oh, no, they can't ask that because the "experts" have already spoken, and who do I think I am to confound them with a better theory?

The PICTons have the giant Buchanan lion in colors reversed; the Picton lion is in the colors of the giant Marble griffin. Moreover, the Pictons share the lion of Trevors while "travers" is a Fore/Forez motto term. The Trevor Coat is shared exactly by Pennants, the latter first found in Flintshire with Pictons. The Cowes "pennants" are usually called, "piles," i.e. could be for a Pilate line. Scottish Yonge's share the three piles of Scottish Leavells while this Coat, though it has no name on it, was taken from a page that said it was the Arms of a Welshman, John Yonge. It's the Trevor / Pennant Coat exactly.

Trevors were first found in Herefordshire, beside PORTIShead, and Portis'/Porch's were Basset kin. The Bassets are suspect with the triple Stur fesses because the Stour river has a source near Portishead. Portishead is at the Gordano area of Somerset, and Gords/Gordans have the boar heads, in colors reversed, of Rollo's who in turn were first found in Perthshire with the Oliphants who share "tout" with Rollo's.

Edomites and Horites Through Crete

You might think that it's highly unlikely that the Ore/Orr cornuCOPia is traceable to the Cretan cornucopia owned by the Zeus cult, or more exactly it was the goat horn of mythical AMALthea. The latter term traces well, especially in this discussion, to AMALek, the father of the dread Amalekites. What are the chances that Amalek was the son of Eliphaz under discussion? Eliphaz's mother, Ada look like she had a tribe to the "ADESte" motto term of Cope's. The Ades surname has a version of the Tufts/Tuffs Coat, and while there's evidence that the Bush surname traces to "BOZrah," where Esau and Ada lived, the Bush-branch Bosco's use "TUFTs of grass." The book of Enoch claimed that Edom has a black-boar symbol, and Bush's use a black boar. Oliphants use the uniCORN.

The Cups/Cope's/COLPs are easily deciphered from the COLAPis/Kupa river, and when we look at "ColAPIS," it appears to be a term incorporating the Colchians known to have lived at or around the ColAPIS river, but also, there was an ancient bull cult called, "Apis," and the Zeus of Crete was a bull. Crete had the bull symbol even aside from Zeus mythology. His father CRONus, obviously named the CORNucopia, and Cronus is even involved in a myth that derives the cornucopia. The Ceraunii lived at least near the Colapis, and moreover, while the Romans fashioned the Zeus cult as Jupiter, the Jupiter-like Japodes lived on the Colapis. It's obvious why Jupiter was conflated with Zeus. The CURetes of Crete look like a people group named partially after Cronus, and thus Crete itself looks like it was named after Cronus.

So, anti-Bible historians, do the right thing and trace the line of Esau to Crete's cornucopia, especially as horn-like Horites were in Edom. But the daft historians are too scholarly to make such a suggestion, even if it's theoretical, because they prefer you view the Bible as myth, and there are satanists who would tell you that myth pertains to real characters and events. Fanciful myth put Dionysus on Crete, or at least gave him a wife from Crete, for a reason, and as his alternative name was Zagreus, it can be gleaned that he was from a people group at the Zagros mountains, for it just so happens that Horites lived also at NUZi by the Zagros, and so now you know what named DioNYSus. So, all of you bright-minded dimwits, be the first one to trace Horites to Crete, and look for further evidence, because it should be in the books.

Just compare the Ore/Orr surname to "HOR(ite)," daft historians, and it can explain how the cornucopia came to be in the Ore/Orr Crest. If just one little-ole me can figure these things, why can't all the world's historians put together? Because, they have mental disabilities due to their self-darkened spirits. It's like when a man sticks a knife into his own brain, that's what scholars do. If only they would be happy to destroy their own brains, but, no, they destroy the brains of those they teach too. There is error everywhere in scholesia, like fallen soldiers on the battlefields.

The Cope's share the Copp Coat, and so perhaps the neighboring Coppers/Coopers were from "Kypros," the Edomite mother of the first Herod. The Cope's are said to have been at Herod-like HARDwick. Hardwicks use a saltire in the colors of the similar Hardy Coat, and Hardys use black boars, daft historians. Wakie-wakie to the facts, killers of true knowledge. What are the chances that the Hardwick saltire is blue like the saltire of Coppers/Coopers? And both surnames even share blue Chiefs. Coopers/Coopers were first found in Sussex with Sadducee-like Saddocks, and with the Bone's in the Orr/Ore motto. Scottish Coppers/Coopers may be using a wreath, and Wreaths are listed with Crete-like Creights/Craiths.

Did it never occur to historians that the Herod name should have developed Herod-like variations? To them was the responsibility to find the Herod bloodline, and that of Caiaphas, but this is unlawful in scholesia because it touches upon Jesus. Everything true about Jesus must be framed as a lie in the land of scholesia. The "TUTus" motto term of Hardwicks goes with the "Tout" of Oliphants, doesn't it? Yes, and Rollo's, with a black boar in Crest, use "tout" too. Bozrah-like Booths/Boths (Yorkshire, same as Hardwicks and Bush's) have an "ADjuvat" motto term, and Bothwells use "ADversus." Scottish Coppers/Coopers use "VurTUTE" for a full motto.

"TuTUS" can be gleaned with the Tous'/Tosini's who in turn have a "man" with "shirt," for Shirts/Shards are in Ades colors and format. I can't load the Hall of Names anymore, but was able to last week, when I wrote: "'Tous'/Tosino's...use a "man" "...WEARING a red SHIRT with BUTTONs'" The WEARINGs were a branch of Warrens while ADA was the daughter of a ruler of Warenne! Beauty. The Boet-branch Buttons/Bidens apply. The Wears/Were's (Devon, same as Wearings and Ware's) even share the Ades crosslets. Wearings not only share the red dragon in Crest with Cope's ("ADeste"), but share hunting horns on red with Huntingdons while Ada of Warenne married Henry of Huntingdon...son of King Davis I, explaining why Welsh Davids have a Coat like that of Ade's/Aids (latter in the Levi motto). Shirts/Shards were first found in Cheshire with Cope-related Hands/Hans', and with Davids who can be gleaned as kin of TOOThills and Eytons (Shropshire, same as Hunts/Hunters). Hayden- / Eyton-like Aytons/AITons were first found in Berwickshire with Ade's/AIDs.

As illuminatists (so proud of themselves for nothing) still don't wish to reveal their love of these bloodlines, there's only one conclusion: they are ashamed of their ancestry even while secretly proud of it = cowards in fear of losing the support of voters who won't like what they cherish. Hunting horns are goat horns evoking the cornucopia = Amalekite line, yet Horns/Orne's are from whatever named mythical Orion of BOEOTia. His name was, in my estimation, play on "Uranus," father of Cronus. With the Cronus cult suspect at the Ceraunii mountains of Epirus, the Dodona location of Epirus comes to mind because it had a temple to Zeus while Dudons/Dodingtons show nothing but hunting horns in their Shield. The BULLis location of Epirus can be to Bullis'/BULLiards, first found in Wiltshire, beside Dudons/Dodingtons (Somerset, same as Bulls/Bule's). At one time, Bullis'/Bulliards were said to be first found in Suffolk with Ceraunii-like Crauns/Crane's. Do you see how this works, historians. Ditch you dictionaries, and use surnames with their symbols to track people groups to locations. Compare Bulliard-like Billiards/billets to the Arbuthnott Coat. Edom-like Dome's/Dume's use a giant crane.

The Oliphant write-up: "Under later rulers, the Oliphant lands were significantly extended as King Malcolm granted the family BOTHwell in Lanarkshire, and King William I granted them Arbuthnott in Mearns." The white Hardwick cinquefoils are likely those of French Pine's in turn in the Bothwell pine tree. The pineAPPLE's of English Pine's (Devon, same as Billets who share white cinquefoils) look like they trace to APOLLonia, near Bullis. The Arbuthnott write-up: "The first of the name in record appears to have been Hugh de AberBOTHnoth...'Thanus' de Aberbuthenoth. He obtained his lands from Walter OLIFARD..." Not only are Olifards listed with Oliphants, but Arbuthnotts, with the Moray Coat plus, were once said to be first found in Moray. It just so happens that Morays share the Handell Coat while Cope's had a seat at both Hardwick and Handell-like Hanwell.

Oliphants are now said to be first found in Kincardineshire with the Fothes'/Fette's who have another cornucopia, what a great way for historians to get some light for a change. Kincardineshire is in the area of Buxentum liners, and while Buxentum is at the bay of Laus, "Laus" is an Arbuthnott motto term. Fette-like Feets/Fate's (Yorkshire, same as Hardwicks, etc.) look like kin of Butts/Bute's/BOETs, suspect from the house of Boethus, that being the Sadducees who married the Herods, waddaya know. Yes, see Salome Boethus, wife of Herod. Plus, the Hardwick Chief has the cinquefoils of Kims, first found in Bute, which the Arthurian myth writers called, Avalon, code for Avlona (Aulon) at the Ceraunii mountains suspect as a Cronus entity. Feets/Fate's are suspect in the motto of Cheneys who in turn have a Coat like the one of Bush-branch Boasts/Bois' in the "boast" motto of Nimo's suspect in the "animo" motto term of Cope's. The Shows/Schauers/Schorrs in the same motto almost have the Oliphant Coat.

Irish Murrays/Morays even have the Imperia location of Liguria in their motto, home of the Arduinici when that place was called, Oneglia, by a branch of Nagle's who happen to share the Hardwick saltire in both colors. As I've said many times, houseofnames once showed a Moray Coat with a "DEUM TIME" motto in honor of EDOM's Horite line from TIMna, wife of Eliphaz. The Moray Coat still showing uses a motto, "TOUT PRET," and Prets share the Salome stars. The Scottish Vaux's, essentially with the Salome Coat, were first found in East Lothian with the Fortune's in the motto of Tout-loving, black-boar Rollo's (same place as Oliphants). Arduinici were from the Ardiaei who included a queen Teuta and a queen Etuta to go with the Tout/Tute surname. While "Salome" became a name used by Herods, descended from Kypros, the Scottish Coppers/Coopers even have "...Salomone de Cupir witnessed a charter in 1245."

Prets were first found in Staffordshire with Artois' Arrows/Arras', and with the Hades-like Ades'. As Touts and Tuits can be gleaned as Hades / Hayden kin, it now seems that Haydens were from Ada, Esau's wife. The way this works is that families, or whole bloodlines, who knew themselves to descend from the line of Esau, gravitated to an Ada or Ada-like surname in honor of their ancestry, but when vatican "Christianity" ruled the world by brute, satanic forces, such families kept mum about their ancestry in the killers of Jesus. They became the anti-vatican Freemasons, we may gather, who came to control scholesia's "age of enlightenment" (HAHAHAH, a laugh), the dark age of the modern day. Don't confuse the light of the sun in your daily life with the "light" of the "enlightenment." The latter is a pit of snakes in a cave which don't like to come into the light. Anyone from the Herod bloodline is welcome to partake in Salvation. Even Herod himself was invited, we could say.

The Epirotes (of Epirus) named Aprutium, the Abruzzo capital from mythical Aphrodite i.e. the cult representing her named the Epirotes. Off all places, the Greeks gave her a birthplace in Cyprus, and from there she was called, Kypris. it just so happens that Cyprus was named after copper so that one could expect a Copper surname to crop up from her cult or people group. The peoples of Abruzzo were of the Eburovices/Ebroicum Gauls, the namers of Eboracum, later York, tending to explain why English Coppers/Coopers share the blue saltire with Yorks, and why Yorks use a "cupias." I suggest that Yorks share the Lane/Lano besant because the latter were first found in Brescia, part of the Eburovices people group. Some told me that the York rite Freemasons use this besant. Yorks were first found in Wiltshire with Bullis'/Bulliards. Bullis is near the Apis-like Apsus river.

The brown lion head of Yorks can be for the Browns/Bruns (brown lion) because the "meTUAS" motto term of Yorks can be for Tous'/Tosini's, first found in Tuscany with Brown-branch Bruno's. Tous'/Tosini's were first found in Apis-like Pisa. Note how the York motto term, "cuPIAS," is like "Pisa." The York motto creators may not have been able to find a better term to depict their Tous / Pisa origins because the motto looks important in English too (not easy to create perfect surname codes in both languages for the same motto). In English, the whole motto is, "Neither deSIRE nor fear." Sire's have been suspect from Seir in Edom, and Fears/Fiers were first found in MIDDLESEX with Apis-like Apps'/Epps, from the Apsus river through Fier county. Horite-like Hore's/Hoars, first found in Suffolk and MIDDLESEX, and are in HORton colors and format. There's a good chance that the Sire weight scales are called, "scales," for Scale's share the Apps/Epp scallops. The "JUSTitia" motto term of Sire's goes well with the "just" and "fear" motto terms in the motto of Peacocks who are in turn in the Crest of Tous-beloved Shirts/Shards.

The Lesire and Siret/Sirat variations if Sire's look like the "Shirt/Shard" but also like the Lizarts/Sarde's, and even the Swords/Swarts ("ParaTUS" motto term) in the Justine Coat, reminding of SERDica, at the upper Hebros river not far from the TONZus tributary of the Hebros, where I trace (with reasons) the Tonso variation of Tous'/Tosino's. Swords/Swarts love the Justine-related Wings/Winks (billets). The Wings/Winks share the single pile of English Hagels, and the latter are from the ACHELous river (Greece, near Epirus), location of the mythical Sirens, which can explain the Siron variation of Sire's. The Eagle's/Aigle's/Hagels were from the Achelous, and they are in the colors of the giant eagle of Hore's/Hoars. Wings/Winks, Justine's and CELTs/Colts were first found in Perthshire, and while I see the KHALDi at the roof of the Celt people group, CALYDon was at the Achelous theater, while the Caledonian Picts lived at or near Perthshire. CALTs are listed with ColAPIS-like Cole's/Colds showing a giant bull.

Mythical Oeneus of Calydon can be traced to the Oeneus river near the Colapis, and as that river is now the Una, let's go to the UNIcorn of Oliphants, for the CERAUNii were near the Una to explain the uniCORN. The Japodes on the Colapis can be traced to the Jeepma's/Jappa's, in Calt/Cole/Cold colors and format, and the Jeepma/Jappa hexagram can be that of Hagars (Perthshire again) because the ancient AGARus river is now the Siret while Sire's/Sirons are also Sirets. Jeepma's/Jappa's were first found in OLDENburg while Oldens essentially have the Coat of Oliphants (Perthshire). Eliphaz married Timna of Seir, and may have named the Khaldi-associated Halybes. The "serva" motto term of Calts/Cole's/Colds can be for Serbian / proto-Serb elements from Servitium, near the mouth of the Oeneus river:

The Wings/Winks are from VINKovci, on the map above as "Cibalae," the line to Sibal(d)s, first found in Fife with Scottish Coppers/Coopers. Aphrodite of Cyprus was made the wife of the mythical metal smith likely because her cult was mining copper on Cyprus. Recall how Dionysus was of the Horites, for while Timna of Seir was a Horite, myth had Dionysus and his Cretan wife live on Lemnos, the island of the metal smith above. Dionysus' wife was AriaADna, perhaps play on two tribes, one from Ada, mother of Eliphas. ARiadna could have been part-play on Ares, Aphrodite's extra-marital mate. AriADNa may be play on an ancient Adana location in Cilicia.

Is This From Esau's Wife?

Amazingly, Adens/Audins (Adan lion in colors reversed), with nearly the Ainsley Coat, were first found in Dorset with Hayden-branch Hades'/Hats, and Ainsley EarHARDT (possible Herod line) named her daughter, Hayden. Perhaps this can explain why God chose Ainsley to be a fulfillment of one Sleeping Beauty. Adens/Audins share a Hayden cross while the other Haydens share the black bull of Beautys (Dorset again) to go with the black Calt/Cole/Cold bull. Beautys/BOWds may have been of the Roet-related Bows/Bough's, begging whether Roets were a Herod variation, for the Adan/Audin cross-with-lions is in the colors and format of the Rhodes cross-with-besants. Rhodes' were from Lindos of Rhodes (Greek island), where myth had the Danaans before settling Argos, and writers trace Argos elements to Cilicia, location of ADANa, suspect by some historians with the name of Danaans. The Adan/Audin cross is shared also by Aid/Ade-connectable Aitons. I believe that Hades'/Hats have wreaths for a potential trace to Crete liners.

Was the Aude province in France, beside Herault, named after Ada of Esau? Looks like, because Herods are listed with Heraults. A woman in Aude's Roquefeuil married Hugh IV of Herod-like Rodez.

The Hatti were to the near-northwest of Cilicia. Hattusa, the Hatti capital probably named Kutaisi, the city of mythical AEETES, likely named after mythical Attis, the likely symbol of the Hatti. That's repeated because the Argo ship visited Kutaisi. The goddess of Argos was a white cow, play on the white Zeus bull of Crete. Cilicia was depicted as mythical Cilix, brother of Europa, the latter being the Tyrian-Zeus line to Crete.

As the Ure's list Orreys/Horreys while MacKENZie's use an "uro" motto term, suddenly the Aures area of queen KENZa comes to look like it was named by Horites, for Aurs/Aures' almost use the Ure/Orrey/Horrey Coat and Crest. The Shawia Numidians in Aures trace to the Sheaves'/Chiava's, first found in L'Aquila, which itself uses an eagle as a potential symbol of Achelous-river elements. It just so happens that Ure's/Orreys/Horreys are said to have been in Perthshire with Shaws, early Oliphants, and Justine's; the latter not only share the MacKenzie border, but are from Justine of PICENum, the line of which apparently named PICENze, seven miles from L'Aquila. In the Ure/Orrey/Horrey write-up: "Another branch of the family was found in the Fetteresso parish, Kincardineshire and for the most part, these names included 'de' denoting 'of.' Hugh de Urre swore fealty at St. John of Perth..." Ya see? The Shawia of Aures were at the Abruzzo theater, and Masci elements in Numidia even named king Massena.

Ure's/Orreys/Horreys (early in Kincardineshire with Oliphants) even share the motto of PEERless'/Napiers (Oliphant crescent?) while PEARtree's/Patria's were first found in Kincardineshire. Peerless'/Napiers were even likewise first found in Perthshire. For anyone of the Napier / Napp bloodline, it's noticeable that Napps share the Side lion, in both colors of the Suty and BUCHANan lion while BUXENtum is near the Hales river in Italy while PERTH is highly traceable with Oliphants to Perta at lake Tatta at the upper HALYS of Galatia.

Peerless' and Peartree's can be traced to the Ticino river, home of the Laevi GAULs (highly suspect from the Galli priests, and later to Galatians), while I do hold the theory that the line of Jonathan, the Levite pagan priest of Laish/Dan, named "Oeneus," mythical king of Calydon. While I have reasons to connect the Numidian people group that named king Massena to the Maezaei at the Oeneus river, note that Massena's father, Galla/GAIA, is to the French Galli's who share the GAY rooster, and to that add in the Galli priests of Cybele in the Halys-river theater. I'm telling this because the only thing in the Jonathan/Jonas Coat is rooster heads in the colors of the Gallus/Gall/Galletti rooster. Messina in Sicily (faces Numidia) was named by Messenia in Greece, and the latter had a Methoni location that was made mythical Methoni, daughter of Oeneus of Calydon. Compare "CALYdon / GALATia" with "Galli / Galletti."

The city of Calydon was in AETOLia, and Perthshire happens to be where ATHOLs/Athels were first found, making the Atheling branch of Saxons suspect from Aetolia, what myth writers regarded as Atlanteans. In myth, Calydon was made the great-grandfather of Oeneus, and the latter's mother was given the code, "EURYte. There are many "Eury" suffixes in Greek myth, and, like "EURopa," I view them from "Eber," founder of Hebrews (Israelites were merely one of many Hebrew tribes). Note that Eber-like Evers are listed with Ure's/Eure's so that Hebrews can be suspect in naming Aures rather than Horites. The Sheaves'/Chiava's were first found in ABRuzzo.

However, Horites of Edom were amongst Hebrews, because Esau was a Hebrew. Thus, Hebrews married Horites when Timna married Esau's son, and so they could have migrated to Greece together. Aures was the land of African Amazons, suspect from the mythical crow, Coronis, who looks like play on Cronus, Zeus' father, and this takes us back to the Zeus-Europa line through Crete's Amalekites, who had Timna as their mother. The Cretan cornucopia was suspect in the Crest of Horite-like Orrs/Ore's. That works.

Timna-line Timms/Time's were first found in Kenza-like Kent with Massena-like Masons/Massins, and while the latter were first found on THANET, the Shawia Numidians of Aures were in a ZANATa region. Masons/Massins share the mermaid with the Moray Crest, and another Moray Coat once shown by houseofnames had a "DEUM TIME" motto along with FETTERlocks to go with the Fetteresso location (Kincardineshire) of the first-known Ure's/Orreys/Horreys. Scottish THANE's were first found in Banffshire, beside Moray. The Mason/Massin motto, "DUM spiro spera," has got to be for the Speers/Spire's/SPEYers suspect with the Spey river that divides Banffshire from Morayshire. Rothes is on the Spey while Rothes' (Eagle/Aigle lions?) were first found in Kent.

Rothes' were first found in Aylesford, and, waddaya know, there's a black boar head in the Aylesford Crest. The Ayles'/Ailes' (Kent), a potential Aigle branch, almost have the Coat of Athols/Athels (beside Banffshire), both being in the colors of the English Thane eagles. The latter are six Achelous-like eagles in the pattern of the six Eagle/Aigle/Hegel lions. Aylesfords have pears for linkage to Peartree's and Parrots, and it just so happens that French Perrots (not "Parrot") have a giant eagle in the colors of the Eagle/Aigle lions. The Perrots even share the Hore/Hoar Coat. Parrots have the Eagle/Aigle lion in colors reversed. Perrots speak of their Parret Somerset, where Backs were first found who share the Perrot Coat, and where Hagels (not "Hegel) were first found. As Hagels share the lone pile of Wings/Winks, it explains the many heraldic eagle's wings.

The Jonathan/Jonas-like Jones' use drops for their lion while Drops are listed with Trope's while Troops were first found in Banffshire with Ayles'/Ailes'. The Jonathan/Jonas-like Johns (not "Jones") are said to have married the Rice family, explaining why Johns share the three Rice ravens (or perhaps crows), but then the Khaldi that I see as the namers of Calydon were at Rize, or very near it. That helps to trace Johns to "Oeneus." The Greeks gave Oeneus a wine symbol, or named him after "oen" = "wine," and Wine's/Winns (EAGLES, perfect) and Owens (Eagle/Aigle lion colors reversed) were both first found in Wales with Rice's and Johns. The latter share the full motto of Corbetts (raven or crow) who in turn have an ELEPHANT in Crest. English Johns were first found in Lincolnshire with Eagle's/Aigle's/Hegels.


This week:

Former top Hillary Clinton presidential campaign officials are leaving onetime Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann to bear the brunt of the blame for orchestrating the now-debunked claim that Donald Trump and his associates colluded with the Russian government in the 2016 race, new court filings show.

Requests to intervene in the case were filed late Tuesday by the Clinton campaign, campaign chairman John Podesta, campaign manager Robby Mook, and law firm Perkins Coie, which represented the campaign.

In his prosecution of Sussmann on a charge of lying to the FBI, special counsel John Durham has been seeking certain documents that are being withheld by the campaign and Perkins Coie under claims of attorney-client privilege and work product protection.

"Hillary for America [HFA] respectfully moves this honorable court to intervene as an interested NON-PARTY [caps mine] to assert privilege claims over documents and information that the government seeks to compel," the campaign wrote.

Here's a happy American story:

Here's Dr. Andrew Kaufman responding to the snake-venom theory that was rife in social media last week, though it started to fizzle out early this week due to some ridiculous assertions by Dr. Bryan Ardis all of last week. Kaufman claims that there is no COVID virus, and his basis for that assertion is that the virus has not been isolated. But, doc, just because it's not been isolated doesn't mean a virus doesn't exist. COVID might be fully a trick -- just flus and pneumonia's and even colds tested falsely as COVID -- or there may be something in addition going around, in some capacity, from Wuhan, we on the outside just don't know for sure. But what I think Karen Kingston has made plain is that there are many patents for viruses any one or more of which may have been released in any number of possible ways.

One great point that Kaufman makes is that cobra venom will attack the skin at the injection site, therefore tending to prove that pure venom is not being injected with vaccinations. But in a hospital's critical-condition ward, there could be venom fed via a tube when Remdesivir or another chemical is administered to mask a murder, though not administered to every patient, but perhaps most of them if the hospitals can get away with it, for they have been paid handsomely to kill people. Those who pay the hospitals did not say, "you kill them, we'll pay you." Instead, they said, "if a patient dies of COVID in your hospital, we'll pay you handsomely for your hard and dedicated work (wink) in trying to save that patient."

I don't think I heard Kaufman address whether a synthetic snake venom in a vaccine is expected to cause injury at the injection site. But the goons may have arranged for the mRNA material in vaccines to produce the venom peptides internally i.e. no injury at the injection site possible.

In the 5th minute, Kaufman goes over the best evidence presented by Ardis, the paper from Italy, which I thought was good evidence (at face value) when I saw it last week. The team concluded that the "toxic-like peptides could potentially be connected to SARS-COV-2..." As one looks deeper into this paper, the question arises as to whether the study team left room for doubt with, "could potentially connect" to the virus, due to not trusting the people who supplied the agents to be studied. I mean, if 20 out of 20 patients testing positive for a virus all showed peptides while 10 out 10 patients who tested negative for a virus had zero peptides, that looks like absolute proof to me that people with viruses have peptides...unless the material to be studied, or the people from which the material derives, involves a trick.

I do not see the positive-testing patients for COVID necessarily having COVID because I don't know what exactly they have been tested for, and neither do you. The PCR test has been shown to be part of the overall sham, and so someone reliable first needs to identify and define what trick the PCR tests are playing on the world. Only then can we talk about what exactly the positive-tested "patients" have or don't have.

What is not to be found in the paper is whether or not the infected patients had received a vaccine or Remdesivir. We would doubt it because the paper should say so if true...unless the study team is tasked, knowingly or otherwise, to put out the false idea that unvaccinated people have venom-like peptides. A motive for such a false report is that, if and something is found to resemble venom peptides in vaccinated people or on Remdesivir, the guilty parties can say that such peptides were found in unvaccinated patients too, i.e. making it appear that vaccines or Remdesivir cannot be the culprit.

At 15:00 of the video, you can read, in the "Cohort" section, the team's admission that, apart from knowing the positive-test status of the 20 patients, nothing else was known about their conditions, not even their sex. Therefore, they may have been vaccinated or put on Remdesivir. This is completely suspicious. This team must be playing a trick. How in tarnation can a team report reliably on a study not knowing whether the patients had been injected with a substance that could possibly have provided the peptides? IMPOSSIBLE. No team would report on it unless being forced to.

It's simply a no-brainer that all patients need to be ruled out from being vaccinated if the purpose of the study is to discover the bodily effects of only the virus.

Who provided the patients? How sick were they? Why shouldn't such details be a part of the paper's final report? Were the sicker ones more infected with peptides? Don't the doctors want to know??? Or were they paid only to put out pre-designed results? If they are legit, they didn't do the study to discover peptides because they didn't know the peptides were there until finding them.

I conclude that Ardis has indeed brought to the public a very-important paper with this study, not because the results can be trusted, as Ardis trusts them, but because the results look bogus, staged. And if the vaccine goons are behind it, then it seems that they did indeed place venom-like peptides into COVID patients, because this study is best interpreted as the vaccine companies doing damage control. The cat is out of the bag, and the bag needs to be made to appear as though it belongs to somebody else.

Ardis has used this paper to spread the rumor that UNVACCINATED COVID patients have peptides closely resembling snake venom, not pure venom, but akin to venom. I believe that Ardis confesses a grave problem with venom-like strings propagating person-to-person as does a virus, and so that's where his water-poisoning claim comes from. He says that the goons put the venom-like strings in the water supply. NUTSO, Mr. Ardis, you have spoiled your reputation. Fix it fast, because few are still talking about you this week who were excited at the start of last week.

In the cohort section, the team admits that they were not told how severe the patients were, nor how many days after initial infection they were used for the study, nor if the patients died. In fact, we can even ask whether the urine / stool / blood samples were legit, because the people collecting the patients and their samples may have been DA GOONs DEMSELVES. It seems that the team providing the samples to the study team are remaining necessarily invisible, but why? Kaufman even remarks what we're not told the type of tests that were conducted on the patients. We don't even know whether the urine / stool / urine samples were substituted with those of other people, or tampered with. If so, then the invisible team WANTED the study team to find the peptides. Why? Damage control by the people who pushed vaccines / Remdesivir seems the best answer.

It would have been ever-so-easy for the study team to do another ten patients to verify results. It would be ever-so-easy for another team altogether to test and confirm those results. Even Kaufman could arrange to do such a study if only on one person. Why don't we see follow-ups? Shouldn't these quasi-venom results tweak the interest of labs worldwide? Perhaps the people who own this study refuse to tell other, interested parties how the "plasma" was made in order that they might do the study to the same specifications.

The video then shows that the patients had peptides that may or may not have resembled snake-venom characteristics as opposed to snail venom, and even when they did, they were not always from the same type of snake. Assuming that the framers or architects of this study are of the distributors of Remdesivir, how might these varied results play beneficial to them? The glaring admission of this study is that most of the patients had bitties that resembled snake venom, and all had bitties resembling venom of one kind or another. Amazing outcome, wouldn't you say? Why not bitties resembling something else in the animal kingdom? If the study was faked, why might the goons go the way of venom-like bitties? I'd say it's because snake venom is in Remdesivir, and this study is trying to give the impression, as Ardis is giving the impression, that merely infected people have the venom-like bitties i.e. it's not Remdesivir's fault.

I totally reject Kaufman's healing hypothesis for explaining the presence of these peptides, because this would be old news by now if healing people produced them. It seems a weak interpretation of the results, and I'm not even a doctor. I appreciate this video from Dr. Kaufman. I appreciate that he didn't ask for money. He did the right thing in pointing out the things he did about the paper. I hope he has a follow-up.

Now look at this news show talking about snake-venom-like materials killing people on COVID regimens. However, approaching the 1:00 point, the woman slips in a statement to suggest to the naive viewer that having snake venom in the body in low amounts is good as a bacteria killer, and so we can start to see the game of the enemy, to perhaps admit that they have synthetic snake-venom in vaccines, but that they intended it in low amounts rather than in quantities that make people sick. Oh ya? Then why didn't the vaccine companies immediately report on this possibility the minute vaccinated people started dying and getting sick?

The timing of the video above seems to have the purpose of getting ahead of the Ardis story to give venom in drug products a spin that looks benevolent to the world's populations rather than fiendish. Instead of focusing on the people that the venom is killing as per vaccines or Remdesivir, the show goes on to give venom a good light. It's as arse-backward, as we'd expect from the sinners, the willfully dangerous. When news shows protect the corrupt, we are in deep danger. The rabid cat is out of the bag, and the cat needs to be disguised as an adorable puppy.

The solution is to disconnect with their society, let them all go to Hell if they chose, but we must disconnect with our children. No more public schools. Get a less-expensive house so that mom can home-school. Be a hero to your own family today. There is cut-throat danger in the world governed by the satanically-inclined.

The first two minutes of this video below, featuring Dr. Ardis, is very good information, food for thought, evidence that Ivermectin can kill snake-venom peptides:

As you can see, Ardis is speaking in tandem with a claim by Judy Mikovits wherein the proto-Ivermectin, Suramin, kills whatever illness is caused by poison VACCINES, and as Suramin destroys snake venom too, the correlation is assumed by Ardis. If it's a correct assumption, the venom is not in the drinking water, but far-more likely in what's been injected / dripped into people.

Here's a clip from Project Veritas exposing the AstraZeneca CEO as he says, in 2020, that vaccines can kill people who have certain conditions, such as lupus, MS, and AIDS:

There's a manned, moon-landing project in the works, slated for lunar touchdown in 2025, and the big task of he tricksters is to convey this fakery on a screen to the public without obvious cracks that tip-off the millions of people who will be looking for evidence of fakery. This 2025 mission looks like a Trump baby, but this could be a jumping to conclusions on my part. The Apollo program didn't have many people looking for fakery when it first took place (except maybe by the Russians). The real goal of his faked moon landing is to quell the surge in peoples becoming convinced, with each passing year, that the Apollo program was faked. So, to answer those people who find it highly suspicious that NASA was able to land men on the moon with essentially zero computer technology in 1970, yet with today's technology they have not speedily returned to the moon, the goons have decided its time to fake another moon landing. Here's the Artemis moon mission:

When the first Apollo rocket passed through the Van-Allen belt, nobody at Houston control asked any of the three lunarnauts, "hey, you guys okay? How'ya feelin approaching the belts?" "Experiencing any dizziness now that you're entering the belts?" "Looks like all that talk about the dangers of the belts is fiction, boys." "Wow, you made it through the belts without a hitch, congratulations."

Instead, there was zero mention of the belts. ZERO. Because they never went through them, and because they didn't want anyone to know that the belts are problematic.

Elon Musk is a space fraud. Musk says he has a secret material to block out the Van-Allen belt radiation. FRAUD. He looks forward to deceiving the masses; it's what end-timers thrive on, the thrill of mass deception by computer animation in combination with fake news.

The Apollo program was an opportunistic event for measuring the radiation in the belts. Crickets. Nothing was said. The U.S. government has been lying to the people ever since its representatives (they don't represent the people) learned how easy it is to get away with it on a mass scale.

Proof that there's been a murder program for the "useless-eater" old people comes from this headline: "Pennsylvania has lost 30,000 nursing home workers since start of pandemic..." Multiply that by all the other states and nations who forced nursing-home workers out, asking how it bodes for the aged who need nursing care. They die earlier, don't they" The goons got rid of all the "wrong" kind of nursing-home workers who would snitch on the killings. This is just so sick. Anyone who says "useless eater" is a sick and demented individual who needs to be shot and put out of his/her misery. God's wrath comes in an ongoing rise, a rising line parallel with His exposure of the filth in secret rooms all over the world. As the goon get exposed, they put the best spin possible on their filth, but their popularity will decrease, and so they will do desperate things, poor, naked detestables.

Here's obscene Obama in a 30-second, self-condemning clip, admitting his guilt in the murder program while trying to put his best spin on it, as if to say there is danger enough in not receiving vaccines that they are still justified now and in the future:

Obama is a sick animal. He's blaming the downtrend in respect for his values on the "misinformation" of the Republicans even while that "disinformation" is banned in 80-percent of the world's media. So, even with that sort of advantage, the Democrats are becoming unpopular, not only because of what their enemies are saying, but because of Democrat policies being exposed before for all to see like never before. Had we claimed that Democrats want to have kids engaging in sex, leftists of a few years ago would have laughed us off to hide it, but now the leftists themselves are going all-out to make people accept their satanism in every way, and most people don't want it. Obama is onside with the animals.

Obama is maybe coming out now to call for more censorship of Republicans, and to portray them as liars, due to the Durham probe probing around his bushes for buried bodies in his yard. He did not look well as he spoke. he had been troubled. There's almost nothing left for him but a few more years in the sun of this planet. He's a passing weed in need but doesn't know enough to go to the right Place to fulfill his need. He's zero until then. There is more useful power in a beggar who acknowledges God than a rich animal without a rekindled soul. Power on the left, and over leftists, is not useful, but destructive. Obama still hasn't learned, is still gunning for the wicked. Zero.

Here's a wicked Colorado legislature in an excellent abortion video where you can be proud of the pastor and his friends. The legislature is being rude, heartless, and pro-murder throughout it's demeaning questioning / interruptions in attempts undermine or de-rail this group's vital message:

When I see a pastor speak that way openly, I hope to see his adversaries severely punished by God, I can't help myself on the issue of liberal abortion. It is when pastors speak up like this that, I think, compels God to act against our deplorable, mortal enemies both now and at the Judgment. They don't care at all, with not one fibre of heart, for the murders of unborn children no matter how old so long as they can stick this sin into our faces along with liberal fornication, sluttery, and prostitution. This is so sick that God had long ago passed the sentence of Armageddon upon them, and we will not weep for these people by the time it arrives. We will see that when God judges with cruelty, there is justification. God is not cruel, until, for a short time, his enemies make Him use cruelty in return for cruelty. I fault the pastor for one thing only, for not rebuking the fascist woman with a fiery dart who said time was up...but fiery darts are not his style by choice. She didn't hear one word of what he said.

The beginning of the end of our enemies is probably here, I feel confident. I lament at times even if there's 10 loooong years yet to go, but at other times, I see 10 years as going fast, and we need time to prepare, anyway. Study the enemy in government well to see that they are murderous already. They open their minds to futurism, which is necessarily demonism, and then view us as closed-minded, old-fashioned retards. That's why we need to portray them as the retards lest our children believe them over us. We have got to get a little dirty in this fight until we can fight no more. But where are the canadian pastors? Clean and tidy in their churches, I almost feel sick. For all of my four decades as a Christian, canadian pastors have not teamed up together to spew the fire at the enemy as is badly needed to fight their groundless arguments in the public square, even though that public square has been amply available to them online for 30 years. Stop treating the enemy with the respect they do not deserve. They lie, they cheat, they sin, the destroy. I don't even hear the alarm going off.

BUT, there are many Christians in the pews, or who once sat in the pews, speaking out online. I await the day when God destroys the censorship against us so that we flood the town square with Truth. We don't need the pastors. We can become the shepherds. You don't need a college degree to be a shepherd. Anyone who fends off the wolves is a shepherd. A shepherd also feeds and de-worms the flock. Pastors are not the only ones who can throw Bible straw to the herd. Get on your horses, cowboys and cowgirls, and do the job online that pastors do only in their four walls. Strengthen the flock, turn lambs into fire-breathing rams. Let's get on our smoke-breathing bulls and ride them through Democrat cities, over-turning their money tables. Did you see what happened to that murderous governor of New York? Did you see what happened to that fascist, trudeau?

I was shocked to hear a pastor, Steven Anderson, a couple of weeks ago rebuke home churches because they don't have proper pastors, and don't grow. What an insinuation to imply that they just stay stagnant. Maybe they don't grow per household due to lack of seating capacity, but a second home church can be started, and a third, exactly what that pastor was afraid of: losing his members to home churches. When you hear a pastor bad-mouthing home churches, they are trying to save their money bag from getting smaller; otherwise they would not oppose home churches. A home church is a beautiful way for people to meet and talk and get personal, whereas Sunday church is more superficial on the social level. Christians need to get personal, and the demons don't want us meeting socially anymore, not even shaking hands. Where are the pastors through all of this reconditioning (brainwashing) of society? Are they cowering before the mask-up compliers in the churches, to keep them from leaving? The more we hear backlashes against home churches, the more there must be growth in home churches making money-grubbing pastors (not all) nervous. The more the home churches, the harder for the trudeau-like fascists to control what we say when gathered.

We must repeat over and over that liberal fascists are the busy beehives of disinformation. Don't let them win this fight, because it's the foundations of the House of Jesus they are undermining with mockery. Defend Jesus. Open your mouth and defend Jesus. Get a web means to defend Jesus, because it's online that they are taking the fight to Him. Just protect yourself from becoming like the non-Christian patriots who use bad language and reflect worldliness. Don't talk disgustingly / crudely like Bongino is in the habit of. He's a gruff character at times, but not always. One slips and falls into the sewer pipe by playing near it. Be clean, and God will be your re-strengthening. Let's demolish the arguments and "truths" of the false god who merely acts as though he has the truth. If you are willing to die for American freedom, you had best be willing to die for Jesus too, while not fighting with guns.

Here's the kind of pastor I want: "I have asked all the pastors in town to join me to visit Mr. Antichrist Politician, and we are going to tell them that we are going to tell our members not to vote for you, and we are going to ask all members who wish to vote for you to get out of our churches. And then we will go out to pastors further out from us, until one asks the other, from border to border, not to vote for you. You are a disgusting official." Sign me up, pastor.

Woe is the pastor who claims to preach to his church to save souls but abandons them to the 666, to see them face starvation and cruel treatment. Who am I to speak this way against pastors? Who are they to pretend to care for the flock? I keep seeing all sorts of end-time messages, but almost NEVER see those pastors warning their flock to prepare foods. How many more years will they wait? I predict that, in three more years, they will stay silent even then. It could be that some pastors are saving foods for themselves, but don't want anyone to know, and therefore they don't tell others to do the same. Is that a good shepherd? Well, if pastors won't do it, we can warn others online to save foods before it becomes illegal. The reason we are hearing of food shortages and spiked prices is because they know people are storing foods. They are the devil, of course. You should have saved a year's worth last year.

Here's an election-fraud MOVIE, but it's not a fiction. It shows real fraud caught on camera in multiple locations, but you'll need to pay to see more than this appetizer:

Here's Dr. Reiner Feullmich with some latest comments on so-called VAIDS, the next battle against the goons in his attempts to prove them guilty of mass destruction:

A climax in this video, featuring snake-venom bitties from Wuhan, as told by Dr. Tau Braun, comes at the 16th minute (slow-starting):

It's interesting that while Braun and Ardis are working together to resound the same venomous message, Brauns/Browns almost have the Hardes/Haar/Hare Coat, both sharing the fleur-de-lys of Hardis'/Hardests (not "Hardes") and EarHARDts. The latter surname has two SNAKEs. Coincidence? Dr. Ardis is Bryan while French Brians share the Hardwick saltire. Another climax arrives starting at 23:00, but one should watch the whole from the 16th minute to get the full nicotine-receptor story. Braun says that COVID was a US-made bioweapon using Wuhan to disguise itself.

As Hardes'/Haars/Hare's are in the colors and format of English Harveys (share Hare/Hair fesse) while the latter share the martlets of Hardens (Yorkshire, same as Hardes'/Haars/Hare's, Hardwicks and Boths), it seems that Hard / Herod liners came to name the Arve river. English Harveys share the black boar with Hardys (Lanarkshire same as Bothwells while Boths have black boars) and Hardis'/Hardests. The latter's boar head is shot with an arrow, as with the black boar in the Crest of Bole's (Lincolnshire, same as Ardis') and the brown boar of Pollocks. German Bole's have comPASSes to go with the "passe" motto term of Rollo's.

French Harveys are in Braun/Brown colors and format, and Hardens have a brown Crest. The Flore's expected in the "Floreat" motto term of Brauns/Browns share the Braun/Brown and Hardes'/Haar/HARE fleur, and there's a giant hare in their colors with the Hesse-like Haas/Heslin surname while Hesse's/Hessels share the sun of Persons'/Pearsons who may have named the Persano location of Flore's. Persons/Pearsons have nearly the Coat of French Poussins while poison-like Poissons/Poussons have nearly the Coat of Bardys (Perigord, same as Fauchys and Faux's/Chollens') while Vardys are said to have been barons of the La Ferte location in the Braun/Brown write-up. Scottish Browns, with a version of the Braun/Brown Coat, share the Coat of vaccine-like Vychans/Vaughns. The latter share the rare, wavy chevron of Pearson/Pierson-like Pierce's. Bardys share the Coat of Daggers, first found in Cumberland with Brauns/Browns and Vaux's. See also BathGATE's, for the Bath cross is shared by Flore's. The Ardis and Braun surnames have clicked us over to Fauci and Collins'-related surnames, and Irish Collins' even have brown lions.

Persons/Pearsons/Piersons were at Shevington while Shevingtons (Leicestershire) nearly have the Waleran Coat while Waleran de Leavell was of Percevil ancestry while PERCivals were first found in Somerset with Leavells and Pierce's. This Waleran married the Beaumonts of Meulan and Leicester while the Arms of Meulan is the Coat of English Vaux's. A Meulan-like Mule is used by Italian Capote's/Capone's, first found in FLORence with Brown-connectable BRUNo's while Flore's were first found in Naples with Capone's/Capua's. French Capote's (share the Chief-Shield colors of Hare's/Hairs) were first found in Forez with Fauchs. As English Capone's can be traced to QUINTus Caepio, it's very noticeable that Cumberland happens to be where Quints were first found who share the Chief of Hardis'/Hardests (share Flore and Brain/Brown/BRUN fleur-de-lys). English Capone's were related to Jeune's in the motto of English Yonge's (share Capote roses) while Scottish Yonge's share the three piles of Scottish Leavells (Roxburghshire, same as Hardens).

Walgreens has shamed the vaccine goons:

Listen to this Bank witch tell us with a straight face that our ID's are intrinsic with the ability to function in society. Achem, this is a lie, but the goons wish to make it so. I rarely need my ID to make a purchase, but the goons subjugated us to forcing us to give our addresses when making some purchases as a first step toward control of the marketplace, and we now see where this is going, to force us to accept their recording of all that we buy because that's like their leash around our necks when they want to leash us for specific, satanic purposes. The mark is coming:

She says that buying our products electronically is needed in order for the government to assist us, which is a lie to put the best face possible on the evil endeavor of the having government record all our purchases. And it's our job to educate the masses not to comply with this sham. It's the job of the pastors to educate their flocks on this up-coming society. If being at its threshold is not enough to make pastors speak up, what kind of shepherds are they? She speaks "digital ID" as though it were candy from an abductor. Stock up all your needs starting yesterday if you wish to escape the need for the mark of the beast. (I didn't watch the video past the 20th minute, in case the speaker's language got worse.)

Many amongst those who comply KNOW that this is a movement to oppose Christians, and that's why they will comply more than happily, wanting us to be punished harshly. This war is on. If you want to see what such a Christian murderer looks like, see roughly the 11-14th minute in the video above. Not all of them are quite that lunatic, but they are murderous lunatics just the same, products of leftist media. The backstab comes in a second of time, keep that in mind during the calm in the eye of the storm. The lunatics will be on the look-out for us wherever we live, meaning that God needs to deal with this. I suggest that God will allow us to live on our own lands, by law, to raise foods, but the goons are thinking to make fertilizer scarce, you see. And the package of tomato seeds I bought this week had the slimest volume of seeds. Get your soils as best they can be. Learn how to get the acidity levels of your soils right. Use a little wood ash in forested soils.

We didn't get a chance to see how big the anti-globalists would have made their anti-vaccine movements because governments started to retreat in the weeks of the Canadian convoy. Even Australia has relented. But the killers are still vaccinating as much as they can.


Here's all four Gospels wrapped into one story.

For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God.
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