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April 26 - May 2, 2022

I Climbed Muschatov's TV Antenna to Point to Ainsley Earhardt's KENS TV??? What's That?
What's Elon Musk Got to do with Rain Gutters?
Jack Dorsey Look-Alike at 666 Walmart

If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture

It was nice while it lasted. Hall of Names is no longer showing the descriptions of the Coats of Arms presented at House of Names, but I have many of them recorded in my past updates.

Here's a video in which, I think, we have evidence of the globogoons, including the FBI, contributing to an orchestrated attack on food systems that's partially blamed on non-government arsonists and computer-systems hackers...when we should realize that the government is seeking to increase food prices, and to strangle both non-compliers along with the compliers to their will, and even their own family members, by making the acquisition of ordinary foods a hardship, a fret, and a wallet-gobbler:

What will happen if we don't comply even after they make food a drastic problem? Will they make it a bigger problem? I think they will get smacked in the teeth just for trying it the first time. I think it will only enlighten the people more to what extents the globalists are willing to go to control us, meaning that they will lose more control than gain it, which is a good, hard smack to their yaps. In any case, you should have stored food starting last year to alleviate yourself from this impending fret and price-fixing nightmare. Yes, it is price fixing. The globalists who have big companies in their hands will ask them to increase prices for some off-the-wall "good" of humanity. The politicians who do not fix the food problems will be exposed as frauds, beauty. Weaker and weaker they become as they fight in this cheating, ruthless way. We outnumber them. They have the money and the liberal voters; we have the remaining voters. This is why it's important to make more voters who vote against globalist tools.

Hopefully, Elon Musk, as much as he is a threat to Christianity, will assist our cause now that he's bought Twitter. Anti-globalists may have a gigantic platform now from which to expose the goons. We shall soon see. We should ask: whom are the other money bags who secured Twitter in this buy-out? How will they contribute to shaping the new Twitter platform. We shall see. Might this be a trick to financially destroy Truth Social and other republican platforms now growing? If people on those platforms leave to go back to Twitter, for the most part, won't the many conservative platforms suffer? Here's some surprising-clean comedy:

Don't celebrate Musk too fast for his Twitter accomplishment, which seems so fast-sweeping it too could be fake. Here's a video portraying him as a fraud, a deceiver:

I do not believe that Musk lands rockets on earth. If I'm correct, he with NASA are deceiving the globe? Why would they do that? Juvenile tendencies? Suckers for punishment? Bored? Are they trying to fool the Russians on how superior American technology is?

The deep state wants to know where Christians are all moving amongst those who are moving, but by chasing them away from leftist social media, it doesn't keep up-to-date data on them. Perhaps Musk is a ploy to bring all the enemies of globalism back to a spy agency such as twitter. Perhaps there is worthwhile a trade-off, advantageous to globalist enemies because they get to ring out their opposition to globalism. Here's another thumbs-down video on Musk:

Don't watch the video above after 16 minutes, unless you like trash.

If I were you, I would not join any social-media platform, from here-on-in, that demands your email and phone number, especially Trump's Truth platform. Any such platform can be hacked by a backdoor. You should not use your computer camera and mic, but instead put layers of tape over both, and check your computer for an extra camera / mic in case the goons apply one for those owner who tape up the standard mic / camera. We are in the early stages of a war, no doubt about it. There will be an ambush upon us, if they succeed in their plans, because war typically includes the ambush. However, they have long-ago given away their plot, and Revelation tells us all we need to know: store food, and plan to survive without purchasing. Rebuke the elders in your church if they do not yet have such a message. Embarrass them before the congregation, for you are more valuable before God than they if they do not yet have that message. If they act like everything is well, they are no shepherds. You be the good shepherd.

You will be guilty of nothing to tell the people, "Don't you think it's time that we start saving extra food each time we shop in time for the mark of the beast?" Watch your pre-trib elders go crazy, but stick to your message: "Just saying, but as things look now, shouldn't we be ready to live three or four years without the ability to make purchases?" Way to go, hero. When you have coffee with your fellow congregants, say the same person-to-person. It's time, just in case it's time, because it looks like it's time. One way to play it safer after you've spoken to many people about it, is to save all the food you need, then move away (to a new property) telling nobody where you are going aside from the most-trusted ones. Sure, if the government was looking for you alone, it could find you, but there will be millions of us all doing the same, and it only has so-much manpower to persecute and frustrate.

Make it grueling for them to frustrate you; make them expend much time with you, wear the workers down with the Word of God spoken to their faces...give them bad dreams. "How can you sleep at night persecuting Jesus," tell them. "Don't you know you came from a single egg possessing a program from a Programmer who watches your every move? Not fat-chance evolution created that program in the egg you once were. There is a God."

Get together with several people, and buy an entire cow cut into quarters; slice it up yourselves, grind your own beef. Do the same with deer and sheep. Dry the meat. I have dried, jarred meat in a freezer at a very-high temperature but still below freezing temperature. I don't see why it can't last at least five-to-ten years this way, In winter, I put it into the garage to save the freezer from operating all year. I got four months this past winter without use of the freezer, and it's far colder out there most of the time. Don't put your food-hiding secrets online for all to see. Let each person figure out their own way of hiding it under their own circumstances.

Musk didn't buy twitter until Schwabites won the French election. Hmm.

Here's some unsightly history on the current, communist leader of WHO:

Here's a disgusting individual, a used-car salesman who was a president of the United States:

Beware Trump's second term. Perhaps God kept him from winning by allowing election cheating because the agenda in his second term was a 5-G combo with mandatory vaccinations. BEWARE 2024-2028.

Here's from the 3rd update of this month:

I've found the tree-felling event in the 2nd update of March, 2017:
Just as I finished the paragraph above, a strong wing came in and caused some branches to hit the house's front door area. I had been praying just a few days ago, "Lord, please take that tree down." Yes, I meant by the wind, and I meant only the top part of it, for even the top 10-15 feet would be enough. It wasn't the first time I asked him. It's a dead tree on the front lawn, and I've been afraid of cutting it down for three years because it's tall enough to get near the windows, and would likely hit the garage roof. The only way to avoid it is to get up on a tall ladder and cut it about 12 feet up, dangerous. It leans toward the garage, and trying to make it fall the other way risks having it fall to the front where windows could be broken. This wind just blew twigs against my front door, and when I saw and heard them, it confused me, because I don't see how twigs could be on the roof above the door. But when I looked out, there on the ground, and pointing straight to the front door, was half the dead tree! I'm telling you, the trunk on the ground points about 7 inches to one side of dead-center of the front door, and therefore straight at me. No windows were damaged. No damage at all. There are twigs on the front porch, and, I kid you not, Twitch's have a Twig variation! He arranged for these twigs to "knock" at my front door, otherwise the tree could have fallen without me knowing about it at this moment. Most of the wind-blown twigs are gathered within two feet of the door. It seems He made this take place deliberately while I was writing on end-time, anti-Christ prophecy.

...The fact that the TRUNK is pointing right through my body suggests that the anti-Christ will be a Massey liner. I have been sharing this prediction for years, and it was first shared as the MOUSE line to the anti-Christ...

I was writing on the Twitch/Twig, Tweed and Tweet surnames at the time, but this was so many years ago, when I was mainly in a fog as to what God was pointing to; I did my best guessing. This week, Elon Musk is in Twitter news, and Musks are listed with MOUSquette's. What am I saying, that Musk is the anti-Christ? No. But this is curious. In that update, it was added: "...Twitch's seem most linkable to Thwaite's/Twaits'/TWEATs'/Threats, and then there are Treats/Treetons who may have formed from Tree's." Thwaite's were a Tuit/Tute branch, and "meTUIT" is in the motto of cat-using Cetins/Cattans to go with the MusCAT variation of Musks.

Load Twitch/Twig link now to have access, on another tab, to other Coats of Arms.

The reason I'm repeating this is that the fallen tree was likely a maple for reasons explained, and the following heraldry tends to prove it because there seems to be a packed pointer to Elon Musk. We start with the Elon and Elm surnames with near-identical Coats, both sharing the double bends of Fleets, and then Fleetwoods (Lancashire, same as Elms) are excellent not only because they share the split Shield of Maple's, but the martlets of Mountains. Firstly, the latter first found in Essex with Maple's and MusCHATs, yet Mountains are much helpful for connecting to Maple's by blood because Chives', who almost have the Maple motto, use "CAT-a-mountains". Plus, Chives were first found in Tarves while the split Maple and Fleetwood Shield is shared by Tarves'/Tarve's. The Maple boar heads are bendwise in the colors of the Mountain and Twitch/Twig bends. Cats use used by Tibbs/Tibbys suspect in the "tibi" motto term of Fleetwoods.

The Quoids/Quade's suspect in the "Quod" motto term of Fleetwoods are suspect with the Q-shaped "scarf" of Trabys/Sadowski's because Scarfs share three wolf heads (different colors) with Quoids/Quade's. This tends to reveal that Tarve's/Tarve's were a Traby branch, and so see what looks like 666 in the three strings of the horns in this Arms of Traby (taken from Wikipedia's Traby article). Did God arrange the Fleetwoods to be Tarves/Tarve kin for this pointer?

It appears that the fallen maple tree is pointing to Mr. Musk, but I explained why it should also be pointing to Rockefellers from Roquefeuil (Languedoc, same as French Mountains). The Rockefeller-line rook symbol is in giant form with ROCKETs/Roquets (Languedoc, same as Roque's/Rocks), you see, and Elon Musk owns rocket-using doubt a satellite-delivery system for future spying and warfare. English Rocks could be sharing the TREEton trefoils because God wanted to point the fallen tree harder to Rockefellers. "The surname Treat was first found in Yorkshire where Richard of Treeton (Turton) held that village consisting of a church and a mill from the Count of MORTAIN..." Mortains/Mortons, sharing the Tuit quadrants, were first found in Wiltshire with Tree's/True's, I kid you not.

The Muschats are important because Musks are listed with Muscats. The Chives Crest is shown as the Mosca/Muscas leopard so that MusCHATs look like a Mosca merger with Cato/Chattan / Cetin/Cattan / Cat/Kett liners. So, we have a solid heraldic connection between Elons and Muschats, via the use of Fleetwoods, and Musk even wants to change the way we get to work, using car FLEETs, we could say. Why should this heraldry be so compelling? Did God provide these pointers, and, if so, why? Is it because Musk is a good guy? He doesn't look like a good guy. His programs look conducive to the 666.

In that 2017 update quoted from above, it was said: "The tree fell on my DRIVEway. There was a chance that it could fall on the lawn apart from touching the driveway. The Mosca's/Muscas', an apt surname for depicting Moscow, share the leopard in the Chives Crest while the Chives quadrants are those of Drive's, shown properly as Drove's." Actually, the quadrants are colors reversed from one another. Chives' were once said to be first found in Devon with the Hykes'/Hacks whose quadrants they share, and the latter not only add a cross in the colors of the Chives cross, but the Hykes/Hack scallops are used also by Fleets. Musk wants to see the world filled with self-DRIVing cars.

It's amazing that while the Muscas' are in the motto of Drake's who in turn have a 666-like tail for their dragon, Drake's were first found in Hampshire with Drive's/Drove's and Irish ELMers, an apparent 666 link to Elon / Elm liners. Elmers share the BATTLE-axe in Crest with Drake's, and Battle's were first found in Berwickshire with Elons. English Elmers (Essex, same as Muschats), may be sharing the Thwait/Twitt/Tweat cross.

As Hykes'/Hacks share the black scallop with Edins, it explains why the Hykes/Hack Coat is almost that of Eatons who in turn helped to name multiple locations, Water Eaton, and Waters (Essex same as Muschats) share the Muschat Coat. If you look above the '6' on your keyboard, there's a chevron, and Waters with Muschats show nothing in their Shields but three chevrons that could be construed as 666.

The Edins are telling because they share a large part of the Clint/Clent Coat. The Clent Hills were first found in Worcestershire with English Rocks, Hillarys, and Clints/Clents share the garbs of Blythe's, the latter first found in Berwickshire with Elons. Hillary Rodham married Bill Blythe, but after his mother married Mr. Clinton, Bill became Bill Clinton. Hillarys even share the six, black Clinton and Tarves/Tarve fitchees. Why SIX FITCHees, and why are Muschats listed with MontFITCHets (Essex, same as Fitch's/Fitts)? Clintons were first found in Oxfordshire with a Water Eaton location, and with Rocket-related Rooks (share black rooks with Rocks). Is God pointing here to a secret Musk-Clinton relationship? Rooks share the Hesse sun while the Chatti were at Hesse-Cassel, and the Eppsteins of Hesse-Nassau share the Water / Muschat Coat, all sharing triple-red chevrons with German Cassels.

Edins (Sussex, same as Dice- / Dicken-like Deacons), in Dice/Diss/Deise colors and format, were first found beside Diss (Norfolk), at Stainton while Stains share the double fesses of Elons / Elms / Fleets / Flags/Flecks. Eatons once showed the type of cross once shown by Samsons; both crosses have since been changed by houseofnames, we may wonder why, but it's still showing in the Dicken Coat, and it's nearly in the design of the Stainton crosses. It's important here that Staintons share the Vito annulet while Vito's were first found in Tarves-like Tarvisium. Samsons have the Flag variation of Flecks in their motto because the two surnames share scallops, and they are the scallops also of Hykes'/Hacks and Fleets. Flags/Flecks were first found in Norfolk (beside Edins) with, not only the Date's/Dade's sharing the Clint/Clent Coat, but with Ketts/Kite's and cat-using Cats/KETTs who are in turn very linkable to the Chives cats. The Catti-branch Keiths/Keths were first found near EDINburgh, and the Sinclairs, who lived at Roslin just six miles from Edinburgh, share the cross, almost, of Tuit-branch Thwaits/TWITTs/TWEATs (Norfolk, same as Cats/Ketts and Flags/Flecks).

I'm seeing FALLS-flag operations, so to speak. I think Musk is a deceiver along with NASA and the U.S. military / CIA. The dead maple tree FELL and was FALLen, and Roslin is in Midlothian, where Feller-branch Falls/Fallis' were first found. While Fellers almost share the Coat of Lynch's, the latter were first found in Galway with Fallens. The Kitts almost have the Kett/Kite Coat, and Kidds were first found in Dundee with Fells/Fellas'. Isn't that neat and tidy? Why do rock-using Roach's have the Mon variation of MOUNTs in their motto while the Mountain-loving MacKenzie's love the Luce's (in their "Luceo" motto term) who in turn almost have the Roach Coat? Why were Luce's first found in Norfolk with Tuits and Thwaits/Twitts/Tweats while Tweets were first found in Peebles-shire with Mons/Mounts? See anything suspicious here? It's more evidence that the fallen maple is pointing to Musk's purchase of tweeting Twitter.

The Arms of Edinburgh have a motto suspect with Domino's because they were first found in Piedmont with the Dance's/Donnas' who in turn look related to DANCEtte-using Twitch's/Twigs. The maple tree fell and splashed broken twigs against my front door, and Maple-related Chives' named Chivasso in Piedmont. The Maple was pointing right through my body when if fell, and my mother is a Masci, a surname first found in Piedmont. The Pero's/Perino's (Piedmont) have one of the Dance/Donnas pale bars, and the "flaming star" of Pero's/Perino's is a hexagram in the colors of the Tulip and WELDER hexagrams. Tulips are in the "tulips" of Kitts.

Welders were looked up for this investigation because Diane MUSCHATov (Ukrainian) lived on Weldrick road when I dated her (age 22). Repeat: ""The surname Treat was first found in Yorkshire where Richard of Treeton (Turton) held that village consisting of a church and a mill from the Count of MORTAIN..." Mortains/Mortons, sharing the Tuit quadrants, were first found in Wiltshire with Tree's/True's, I kid you not." The Elon Crest didn't need to use pine TREES if it wanted to be code solely for Pine's, and it's amazing here that Hume's/Home's, who love the True variation of Tree's in their motto, were first found in Berwickshire with Elons. But it gets staggering now -- this is brand new -- that TOVE's/Touch's have the Hume/Home Coat in colors reversed! Tove's were looked up in case God wanted to use them to point Diane MuschaTOV to Elon Musk!!!! INCREDIBLE.

As we just saw why Treetons should link to elements in Norfolk, that's where Fleetwood / Fleet--connectable Flags/Flecks were first found expected in the flag of the Treeton Crest. Thwaits/Twitts/Tweats speak of their Tew-like THWaite location in Suffolk, and Suffolk is where Muscats/Musks were once said to be first found, and where Knights are still said to be first found who share the triple pale bars of Tews/THEWs. Tulips are also TEWlipps, perhaps from a Tew-Lipp merger, and while Laps were first found in Wiltshire with Tree's/True's and Tuit-connectable Mortains, Scottish Lipps share the Chives motto (includes "VirTUTE"), and nearly their Crest too. The Lipp Crest looks like the Tail/Tailer leopard because Cats/Ketts (Norfolk, same as Tuits/TUTE's / Thwaits) have three cats in pale like the three lions in pale of Tails/Tailers, the latter's being in the colors of the Chives cats. The Talls (Tuit quadrants in colors reversed) were first found in Thuringia with the Welders (share Tall hexagram). Tews were first found near the first-known Tailer-branch Tillers.

The Corks/CORE's have lion tails in the colors of the Tail/Tailer lions, which reminds that Chives-connectable Fleetwoods share the white wolf in Crest with Gore's/core's in case Al Gore is in financial cahoots with Musks electric cars. Musk owns TESla, and that topic was linked earlier this month to Tease's/Tyes', who happen to share the stars of Tyes-like Tews/Tews'.

Repeat: "Welders were looked up for this investigation because Diane MUSCHATov (Ukrainian) lived on Weldrick road when I dated her (age 22). Repeat: ""The surname Treat was first found in Yorkshire where Richard of Treeton (Turton) held that village consisting of a church and a mill from the Count of MORTAIN..." Mortains/MORTons, sharing the Tuit quadrants, were first found in Wiltshire with Tree's/True's, I kid you not." The Tesla-like Teasels/Tessels share the Mott/MORTE crescents, and both surnames were first found in Essex with Muschats so that, indeed, it appears that God arranged Welders to help point to Diane Muschatov on Weldrick road. Tease's are also TYES', and TYsons/Tessons happen to share the lion of True-loving Hume's/Home's, the latter having the TOVE/Touch Coat in colors reversed. Diane MuschaTOV!!! Beauty. English Lannoys share a KNIGHT's helmet with plumes with True's/Tree's, and French Lannoys have the Tyson/Tessin Coat in colors reversed while Knight's share the Tews pale bars.

Lookie at this past week in the news: "The former heavyweight champion, Mike Tyson, talks about the employees of Tesla working for Elon Musk in his recent podcast..." Or, "Mike Tyson once talked about how he was the first person to launch one of Elon Musk's rockets." There we go folks, God put me together with Diane Muschatov to point to Musk and Tyson together this week with Musks' Twitter purchase. Boxers were first found in Wiltshire with Mortains/Mortons, no guff.

As Welders are also Welters, we can go to English Walters, first found in Cambridgeshire with Muscats/MUSKS!!! BANG-BANG. Dutch Walters show nothing but hooks while Hooks are in Welder/Welter colors and format. Hooks were first found in Devon with English Page's while French Page's were first found in Dauphine with Payens/Pagans who in turn almost have the Welder/Walter Coat.

English Walters even share the bend of Goats in the Mortain/Morton goat heads. More goat heads are used by Chives-related Moline's (Devon, same as Moline-loving Hykes'/Hacks), and these latter goat heads are in the colors of the full goats of Walter-like Walsers, who in turn share the mermaid with Laps, the latter first found in Wiltshire! You can fly to Mars, but you can't hide. Goats/Gothams were first found in Nottinghamshire with Tease's/Tyes'. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Goths/Gothels (Thuringia, same as Welders) almost share the Welder hexagram! Welders/Welters suddenly look like Walsers, and while the latter are from Wallis canton, not far from the Ticino canton, Wallis'/Wallace's share the Coat of German Lipps. Tease's/Tess'/Tecks (Switzerland, same as German Goods/Guts/Guths) are expected to have been first found in the Ticino canton.

Sion is in Wallis canton while Swans/Sions were first found in Lanarkshire with the Tweeds in turn having a "Thol" motto term that might have been for a branch of the Thal variation of Talls. As Tweeds almost have the Coat of Scottish Tate's/TEETs (probably in the Wallis/Wallace motto), they look like branches, and the latter were first found in Berwickshire with Tyson-connectable Hume's/Home's. Tattons were a Tute / Tuit branch. Totts share the Swan-Sion swan. Ahh, Tottens, with the Twitch/Twig dancette in colors reversed, were first found in Middlesex with tulip-using Kitts.

The Hope's were once said to be first found in Derbyshire (has a Hope location) with Twitch's/Twigs, but are now said to be first found in Shropshire with TALbots. We just saw Talls linking to Welders (both in Thuringia) and therefore to the Muschatov pointer to Elon Musk. The Hope's (Welder colors) happen to share a globe in Crest with Welders, and I've been suggesting for ten years or more that the "spes" motto term of Hope's is for the SPACE variation of Spacote's/SpecKITTs. It looks like a pointer to SpaceX.

As the wind BLEW maple TWIGs against my door, let's repeat: "Ahh, Tottens, with the Twitch/Twig dancette in colors reversed, were first found in Middlesex with tulip-using Kitts." It appears that Kitts merged with Specks/Spice's (porcuPINE to go with the Elon pines) to form the Speckitts. I have the Welder Crest recorded as "A MAN dressed in BLUE SUPPORting a globe." While Supers were first found in Devon with Space's/Speckitts, Pine's and Moline's, Blue's list Blews while Blows use goat heads in the colors of the Moline goat heads, and the Walser goats. Scottish Mans (more goats) were kin of Dragons/Drainers who in turn share the helmet with Twitch's/Twigs. Scottish Mans are in the colors and format of Potters, and as the latter were once said to be first found in Hampshire with same-colored Porters/Pawters and Ports, it might explain "supPORTing." Portens/Portans/Bortons (Warwickshire, where Tree's/True's were once said to be first found) share the Bristol crescents while Bristol is near PORTIShead, and also near the first-known Tree's/True's and goat-using Mortons (both in Wiltshire with Hope-like Hoppers/Hopers). Wiltshire is beside Hampshire. [I didn't realize here how important it was to go to Bristols.]

I've told the story before, where, a year after Muschatov and I were no longer seeing each other, she drove into the STEER Inn with some boyfriend, who parked the car facing into the place. When she saw me through the front glass eating inside with the sister of VERNE Archibald, he drove out and left. This is amazing because German Mans were first found in Steer-like Styria, and Weldrick road was close to this Steer Inn while we just got the Mans from the Welder description. Verne's (TREE) have a near-copy of the Kitt-like Kidd Coat, and while the latter Kidds were first found beside Scottish Mans (Aberdeenshire), white goats (Man symbol) are used by English Kidds! I'm impressed.

Ahh, it was only after writing the above that I decided to look up Steers, first found in Surrey with Bristols. I then took another look at the Bristol Coat, and the Teasels/Tessels came to mind because they both share three crescents on a black fesse...and as it turned out, the blue spread eagle in the Bristol Crest is in the Teasel/Tessel Shield!!! It thus appears that God had fixed that Steer-Inn event to point to Musk's Tesla solidify her pointer to him. Why? Because he's a good guy? Or is it because we are involved here with the up-coming 666? What's Diane's Ukrainian parents got to do with it / him? The Portis'/PORCH's (suspect with Portishead near Bristol), linkable to the Speck/Spice PORCupine, can be gleaned as kin of the Bus' who are twice buried in the Bristol motto. The Bristol motto is translated, "For the vigilant not for the sleeping."

Back to the Welder description, "A man DRESSED in blue...," for Dressers were first found in Thuringia with Welders. Dressers share the Wallis/Wallace and German Lipp lion while Scottish Lipps were first found in Aberdeenshire with Welder-beloved Mans. As the split Shield of Dressers is shared by Morleys/Mauls, a branch of Morlands, the Liptons/Luptons, first found in Westmorland with Morlands look like Lipp liners. David Morley, a regular topic to my heraldic discussions, lived at Harding and Church streets, a stone's toss from the Steer Inn, and he's Pointed to Davids who happen to have a Steer lion in colors reversed.

AHHHHHHHHHH WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWIIEE, the tunnel-using Spitzers were first found in Styria with Welder-beloved Mans, and Tunnels/Tunno's (Northumberland, beside/near Westmorland) have a the split Shield of Dressers too! The Spitzer "tunnel" is said to be in a "hill," and Musks' Boring company bores underground tunnels!!! Expected to be bored in hills? That's another reason that God had Muschatov see me at the Steer Inn. When I set out today to see whether Musk could link to Muschats better than before, I did not expect as much as you've read thus far. Both the maple trunk and Diane are pointing to him.

The Steer Inn closed years ago, but was at 9839 Yonge St, Richmond Hill, Ontario, at the corner of Palmer avenue. It's still online as a famous hamBURGER joint, and I've said many times that Dutch Burgers once showed only triple-red chevrons, the Muschat symbol too. Palms (share Massey fleur-de-lys) were first found in Yorkshire with Tute's while "virTUTi" is a Palmer motto term. Palmers were obvious kin of Flags/Flecks and Fleets. In case it applies as per "hamburger," I may as well add that Hams were first found in Sussex with Diane's/Deans (share Tatton crescent) who in turn have the Tute crescent in colors reversed. French Masseys/Masse's share the Tute / Tatton crescent while Tattons are said to have married Massys. Tattons have a seated white greyhound to go with the black, seated greyhound of Palmers. Masseys/Masse's love the Leave's, first found in Norfolk with Flags/Flecks and Fleets both of which share the Meschin scallops. A giant black and seated dog is used by Furness', they being from king Pharnaces of the Pontus, near lake Tatta. Welsh Bachs/Baghs share the Palm vair and have a seated black dog in Crest. Palms share the vaired Chief of Quints once said to be first found in Essex with Yonge's and Muschats. The Greys in greyhounds are Talbot kin.

So, yes, it seems that God worked Palmer and Yonge streets into the short event at the Steer Inn. I trace the "steer"-using Bachs/Backs to Apachnas, a Hyksos king with feasibly a Mus household.

The TV Antenna

I'll repeat it again in case someone can make a link to Elon Musk with it. Muschatov's parents either didn't like me, or they wanted me gone because they had a husband chosen for Diane. So, after I wasn't welcome at the home, I climbed the TV antenna to the second story and knocked on her bedroom window. I was crazy by normal standards, always taking risks, always having fun like that even into my early 20s. I had checked the Windows and the Knocks/Knox's long ago as per this event, but I see nothing to say about them in relation to a TV antenna, which we can theorize is a symbol of communication, maybe even a symbol of Musk's Twitter purchase. The Quint-like Windows can be gleaned related to QUINT-related Austins, but I see no clue in all of that for pointing to Musk in any way.

Ahh, but wait. I have found two ways to link the knock-on-window event to communications. First, I've got to repeat that the French / Italian for "window" is like the Finis variation of the English Fiens who have lions in the colors of the WINDow lion paw, and "fie en" is even a motto term of WINDsors. We can then glean that the Fien/Finish lion is that of Sforza's because the latter's holds a "quince" while Saer de Quincy ruled WINchester while the gold fitchee in the Crest of Windows and Quince-link Quints is in the Crest of Quint-like Windows. The Quints and one Austin Coat (share Quint chevron) use their lion paws in black, as do Bedfords, and English Austins were first found in Bedfordshire. Bedford is not far from Windsor castle. With all of that to go on, my point is that Fiens/Finis are in the colors and format of Fiens/Fane's/PHONE's. I will propose that God is warning us not to give our phone numbers to Twitter when and if it asks for them to sign up to use its platform.

I'm proposing that Musk might even be a stooge of the royal Windsors i.e. under the finger of prince Charles, the likely king of England soon, a vocal globalist nutbar striving for global communism with the Schwabites. Musk's brain implants at Neurolink go perfectly with the Schwabite agenda of turning people into quasi-machines that can be controlled. If that's not a wicked nut, what is?

Secondly, we now ask whether God made me climb MuschaTOV's TV antenna because He had arranged the TOVE/Touch surname to come up as TV-like Teve's. That's right, the Teve's are listed with Tove's/Touch's, and the latter are said to have been "Lords of Audley", which is exceptional because Audleys share a white-on-red border with Knocks/Knox's, you see, and the latter's border is probably called an "orle" because Orrels share the roundels of Orrs/Ore's while the latter were first found in Renfrewshire with Knocks/Knox's.

After making that realization, I also realized that the fret of Audleys is shared by Berkshire's while Windsor castle is in Berkshire. After that, I remembered that the Coat of Berkshire's (Wiltshire with Tuit-related Mortains/Mortons) is shared by Spencers while Lady Diana, former wife of prince Charles above, had a Spencer surname, now making it appear that the antenna event is indeed pointing to Charles, for I went up to see DIANE (perhaps her birth name was Diana). Diane Muschatov was a pure blond like Lady Diana, and Ladys were even first found in Northamptonshire with Quince's.

After loading the Spencer Coat, I realized that it along with Berkshire's have the quadrants of tweet-like Tuits in colors reversed, and if that's not enough, the Twitter-like Thwaits/Twitts/Tweats use "FRETTY" to go with the Audley / Berkshire / Spencer "frets," is that not an impressive batch of God's condemnation upon the Musk agenda? Take heed, for Musk may be trying to get new people to sign up on Twitter so that globalists will have their phone numbers, and thereby their addresses. Frets are even used by SPACE's/Speckitts. The Berkshire's even share the Shield (frets included) of Meschin-related TUTors/Duttons (Lancashire, same as Tweeds/Twiddys) to go with the Tute variation of Tuits. FERTE-Mace was named by Maceys/Mace's while they share the gauntlets of Fiens/Vans/Phone's.

The Audley Crest is shared by Wise's/Weis and almost by Wies'/Wiesers, meaning that the gold hexagram in the Audley / Wise'/Weis Crest can be that of Welders. The latter use them in the colors and format of Windows / Fiens/Finis' / Fiens/Vans/Phone's and DIANA's clickety-click. The Welder-like Walters (German) are essentially in the colors and format of Wies'/Wiesers, the latter first found in Silesia with the Broke-branch Brocuffs. The latter share the sphinx with the Hips' who in turn almost have the PHOENix/Fenwick Coat! Get rid of your smart phones; they spy on give our political enemies opportunities to twist our recorded words.

The Spencers will take us to Fien-connectable BolingBROKE's below, quite an amazing thing because they were of Diane's window. German Bole's/Boels (Mecklenburg, same as Dols) have nearly the Audley / Wies Crest. Repeat: "The maple tree fell and splashed BROKEN twigs against my front door." I'm still trying to figure out what a blown-down tree may depict for Mr. Musk. It could look like it represents the blowing down, by God, of Twitter, with Musk's purchase, leading to deeper troubles for the deep state's secret operations as people are allowed to spread that information. Dols share the Wies/Wieser / Walter / GAUNT / Bolingbroke fesse, and GAUNTlets are used by Fiens/Vans/PHONE's.

I've told the following two stories before, I'm not making them up. One concerns the Quint- / Quince-like Quinn surname, and the other is: after I came down from the antenna, I got onto the privacy FENCE and walked on top of it because I was protesting against Diane's parents for her not wanting to see me. She had indicated at the window that her brother was up due to my knocking, and that scene suggests that her parents were woken up too. I liked Diane much, but she was not a Christian, though I hoped she would become one. I still had wild oats in me, having been a Christian about a year by then.

I had looked for a fence-like surname, for the first time, as per my walking on her fence, and that found the Fens'/Fenns/Fans/Venns, which seems to verify that God wants to point to the Fiens/Fane's/Vans/PHONE's. The message of Jesus here could be: stop walking the fence between pure Christianity and Trump- / patriot-aligned Christianity.

Now watch what happens when we go to the Phone-like Phoenix's/FENwicks, for they share the phoenix in Crest with Needhams (Derbyshire, same as Twitch's/Twigs), Needham-related Knee's/NEE's, and phoenix-using Tufts/Tuffs'. Not only does it appear that Nee's are in the "Ne" motto term of Fiens/Vans/Phone's, but Tufts/Tuffs' were first found in Cheshire with the Tove's/Teve's/Touch's/TUFFs!!! Is that not astounding? The fence-walk took us back to what the TV antenna pointed to, and the Audleys in the Teve-write-up took us to the royal family. In fact, the Spencers share the scallops of Muschat-connectable Meschins, rulers of Cheshire, and this magnifies Diane's pointer to Lady Diana.

They say that Lady Diana was killed / murdered in a TUNNEL! Isn't that a pointer to Musk's Boring Company? Apparently, yes, for Borings/Barringtons share the triple chevrons of Muschats! They are also the triple chevrons of Cassane's while Irish Pattersons/Cassane's share the Fens/Venns scallops!!! How can such coincidences occur unless Arranged? Borings/Barringtons were first found in Cambridgeshire with Muscats/Musks, and in Lincolnshire too. Boring/Barrington heraldry was a topic in the 2nd update of last month.

The Diane/Dean surname, which had pointed well with Irish Dene's ("crocodile") to the crocodile-leather shoes of the Ukrainian, Mykola Zlochevsky (owner of Burisma Holdings), was first found in Sussex with Mascals, near the first-known Muschats (Essex, where Quints were once said to be first found). The double fesses of Irish Dene's are shared by Muscats/Musks. What say ye of that?

The antenna-like Antons/Anthonys are in the colors and near-format of English Tonys, the latter first found in Leicestershire with Spencers, and Antons/Anthonys were first found in Lincolnshire with le-Meschin's wife, and with Mussels/Muscels with a version of the Meschin Coat. I've just learned that Austrian Anthonys were first found in STYRIA, where tunnel-using (!!!) Spitzers were first found along with Welder-beloved Mans. Scottish Mans happen to share the white goat with the Crest of Antons/Anthonys! Her antenna was on Weldrick road, and as there's no Weldrick surname coming up, it looks like God used Welders instead, but why? The Steer-Inn event with her was about 1.5 years later.

Le Meschin's wife was Lucy BOLINGbroke, and while the three Fien/Finis lions are shared by Bolingbroke's (Lincolnshire, same as Bowles'/Boles' and Bole's/Bolls), Prince Charles above remarried Camilla Parker BOWLES, and OHHHHHHHHH WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW, the Camilla surname shares the rare, now-illegal (gold-on-silver) fesse of Tweets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can we believe this? While the Fien/Finis lion was expected as the Sforza lion, it just so happens that Camilla's were first found in Rome with Sforza's, as well as the Luciano's who share the fish of Luce's/Lucys who may have been responsible for LUCY of BolingBROKE. Broke's and Brooks were first found in Essex with Muschats. Bole's/Bolls (Window / Fien/Finis / Fien/Van/Phone colors and format) have an arrow in their black boar, and while Pollocks have an arrow in their brown boar, Pollocks were first found in Renfrewshire with Knocks/Knox's.

As I've said, 20 years after Diane and I split up, we bumped into each other in a GROCery store, and so I'll tack on here that the horizontally-split Shield of Groce's/Greggs is shared by German Bole's/Boels who in turn have comPASSes to go with the "passe" motto term of Rollo's who in turn share the black boar with Bole's/Bolls and Bowlers'/Boles'. That looks like another pointer of Diana Muschatov to prince Charles.

Ahh, while Muschats are listed with MontFITCHets, first found in Essex with Fitch's, by what cosmic coincidence are the latter in the colors and format of English Parkers??? Camilla PARKER Bowles! That's incredible. You've got to understand, that when I set out to seek heraldic evidence of Intelligent Design, first thing in a morning, not having great confidence that anything will materialize, only to find paragraph after paragraph of endless things to say, it amazes me. The antenna-like Antons/Anthonys even share the "flaunches" of the other English Parkers while ROLLo's uncle (Malahule) was the ancestor of Tonys (and Meschins). It strongly appears that God used Diane Muschatov to point to prince Charles, perhaps the murderer of Lady Diana. "LADY fortune" is in the Klassen Coat while "fortune" is a Rollo motto term.

Perkins/Parkins were first found in Leicestershire with Spencers, and Pollock-like Bollocks, in the colors and format of Car-related Perkens/Parkinsons (Lancashire, same as Chorley of the Charlie's), are interesting for being in Child colors and format while the latter share the eagle of English Charles'. The Childs were first found in Hertfordshire with the Vince's/FINch's (share Bollock motto) while Finchems share the triple fesse of Fien-like Feins/Finns. I didn't realize until now that Feins/Finns have a border colors reversed from the Knock/Knox and Audleys. The TEVE's/Tove's were lords of AUDley. Childs are said to have been at Wanstead while WANsteads are also Fein-like WEINers. WANE's/Wayne's happen to share the ermined chevron of Bollocks and the three gauntlets of Fiens/Vans/Phone's, can we believe it?

I've talked about the time I was ROLLer skating with CAMILLE Brady (a couple of years after I was with Diane), and I took her HAND while skating. The Bradys share a HAND pointing at the sun with Babe's (Suffolk, same as Charles'!) because they were related, and Babe's have two fingers pointing, as does the hand in the Teve/Tove Crest. Does this look like another pointer of the TV antenna to prince Charles, due to Camille Brady? Camille's/Camilla's share the Tweet fesse, and Roller-like Rollo's share the Bowels boar, purdy amazing. Plus, Rollers were first found in Derbyshire with English PARKERs, and with Twitter-like Twitch's/TWIGs and with the Needhams who share the PHOENix with Teve/Tove-branch Tufts/Tuffs'! "The maple tree fell and splashed BROKEN TWIG against my front door." The Broke-branch Brocuffs (Phoenix-connectable) share the potent cross of SKATE's, no guff at all, folks, this is astounding.

The "MOVEtur" motto term of Parkers may be of the "moveo" of Knocks/Knox's. The Bole-connectable Mowe's/Mole's have another phoenix!!!

Plus, unbelievably, Rollers share the border of Audleys, and the ermined fesse of Rollers is that also of Darts/Dards who are in the dart in the hand of the lion in the Broke Crest. BolingBROKE's and Bowles! The lion holding the dart is the red one in the Roller Crest. Astounding. I've mentioned the roller-skating event a few times, the earliest, I think, in the 4th update in April, 2017: "This recalls Camille Brady, a Christian, daughter of a family that I got to know well. The young people at the church went out roller skating, and I took Camille's hand and skated with her (spontaneous, no plan to start anything). This Camille has been on my mind as per "Camilla," and so I've just looked up Rollers to find them first found in Derbyshire, same as Parkers. Rolls, amazingly enough...use a "roll of "PARCHment." Parchments/Parkmans (Lincolnshire, same as Bowles' / Bole's/Bolls / Bolingbroke's) are in Charlie/Chorley colors and format.

OH WOW, the Charleys/Charlette's (not "Charlie") were of Leicestershire, where Spencers and Perkins/Parkings were first found. Charleys/Charlette's share the Audley / Rollers border !!! It's not surprising that Audleys should connect to Spencers since they share the same fret, yet this link to Charlie's / Charleys points to prince Charles, does it not? Some of you may know the event when Sharon Quinn punched Barry in the LIP, wherefore I pointed out that Charleys/Charlette's share the Lipp lion, for she was dating Charlie at the time. He worked at a bank giving out loans, and so let's add that the Audley / Rollers border is in the colors of the Knock/Knox border for a potential pointer to Fort Knox (a globogoon bank). I knocked at her window while on the Tony-pointing antenna, and Tonys were first found in Leicestershire too. (The Legro / Soar river in Leicester points to George Soros).

I'll even add that Aude's (where was my head?) in the motto of Fien-beloved Forts (Sforza branch, probably) were first found in Savoy with the Masseys/Masse's who not only have the DIANE/Dean Chief in colors reversed, but a "tree without leaves"!!! The fallen maple was dead, without leaves! Aude is a province in France, location of Roquefeuil, the ones who named ROXburghshire, where Bollocks/Bullocks were first found along with the Mowe's/Mole's, and with Googe's/Gouch's, both of whom share the boar of Bole's/Bolls. Is that not impressing? This set of heraldry was able to bring in the Charles', and prince Charles of Windsor married Miss Bowles.

[Later in this update, Diane's BEDRoom window had me checking Bedders to find them first found in Berkshire with Windsors.]

As Bowles' share the black boar with Bos-connectable Bush's/Buschs, the Bowel variation of Boswells (Yorkshire, same as Bush's/Buschs) makes it look like there was a Bowles merger (marriage) with Bos'/Bush's/Boschs. The Bowels/Boswells have a fesse-with-items in the colors and format of the fesse-with-items of Teasels/Tessels and Motts/Morts; the latter two were first found in Essex with Muschats. Why should this paragraph with a wife of a royal Windsor point to Tesla electric cars? I remember when Diane said she liked the Cars, the band, which band I did not like, but now I know why she said it. I don't remember her saying what other band she liked. Do Tease's/Tyes' share the Dennis fesse for a related reason?

Either soon after or soon before the antenna-and-fence night, Miss Muschatov moved out of her parents home to be with me, but as I didn't have an apartment of my own, we stopped off at my friend's place, Dennis QUINN, I kid you not (story appears in the 4th update of December, 2017). We stayed the night there, and we stayed the following night at my parents', but as this wasn't going to work, I suggested she go back home to her parents, and soon after, God, I assume, tore her away from me. I can't remember why I moved out of an apartment to go be with my parents; I wasn't working at the time, and I wanted things to work out for us. I had blown the engine to the Firebird (not cheap to replace it), and after it was in my parents garage for about a year, I was driving it again while with Diane.

Repeat: "FERTE-Mace was named by Maceys/Mace's while they share the gauntlets of Fiens/Vans/Phone's." One Quinn Coat shares the winged horse with Masseys/Maceys who in turn share the quadrants of German Mans (Styria). Steers, with another lion paw, share a "ne" motto term with Fiens/Vans/PHONE's. Remember, the latter came to topic with my knocking on her WINDOW upon the TV antenna (scalable type).

The Dennis surname may have been a branch of the Diane's/Deans. Scottish Deans (Aberdeenshire, same as LIPPs) share the blue patee of MOSE's/Moss' while Le Mose is a part of Piacenza while Italian Deans/Diano's (share Diane/Dean crescent) were first found in Piacenza. That makes the sword of Scottish Deans look like the MOCH sword, but also the Justine sword. Those Mochs (Burgundy, same as Monts) are also Muschat-like Muchets. I get it, in part, anyway. Dennis' sister punched Barry on the LIP less than a year before I met Diane, and Miss Quinn then ran and fell down outside the door of Dennis' apartment, screaming like she lost her mind, the symbol of Dionysus' MAENADs, the line to Manders from the Maeander river of Caria. Dennis' is said to be from "Dionysus," and Caria was the location of Clarus, which held a MOPSus cult. This Mopsus was also called, MUKsus, what I see as going to the Moch surname, but also to the Mopps'/Moberleys who in turn share the double fesses of Irish Dene's (share Diane/Dean motto)! That is amazing.

It's likely that the Mopps/Moberley canton is related to the same of Tute's/Touts, the latter having the Diane/Dean crescent in colors reversed. MOKISSos was near Tute-trackable lake Tatta. To the east of Mokissos was the Pontus, ruled by queen Nysa, the line to Ness'/Nice's who share the double Mopps/Moberley / Dene fesses, and she was likely named after DioNYSus elements. Is that cool or what? By why would God trace us to this ancient thing through Diane? Mythical ArTEMIS was named after THEMIScyra elements at the Pontus theater, and she was the Roman Diana. "Diana was the goddess of hunting...She was the daughter of Jupiter and the Titan Latona (or Leto)." That's the same basic parents as Artemis.

Mose's/Moss' were first found in Lancashire with Maple-connectable Fleetwoods, and Maple's share a gold tower in Crest with Mose's/Moss'. The maple tree had no leaves, which is connectable to Diane's/Deans via Mose-like Masse's. Fleets, Floats and Flags/FLUCKs were related to Flatts/Flete's expected in the "fluctu nec flatu" motto phrase of English Parkers.

I was driving to Montreal with Barry when the WATER in the rad drained out, causing the engine to seize. Waters (Essex, same as Muschats) share the Muschat Coat. I had to TOW the car home, and, can we believe it: Tows are listed with Teve's/Tove's!!! ZIKERS, that's a first! AMAZING. MONTreal can apply where Scottish Monts/Mounts (Diane/Dean lion in colors reversed) were first found in Peebles-shire with Tweets. As French Monts probably have mountains (MacKenzie symbol) in the shape of the Roque/Rock rocks, let's now repeat from above: "Why do rock-using Roach's have the Mon variation of MOUNTs in their motto while the Mountain-loving MacKenzie's love the Luce's (in their "Luceo" motto term) who in turn almost have the Roach Coat? Why were Luce's first found in Norfolk with Tuits and Thwaits/Twitts/Tweats while Tweets were first found in Peebles-shire with Mons/Mounts?"

I now remember what I've said before, I'm not making this up. After the engine blew, I was living in an apartment of a "friend" for a short time before moving to another place at the time I met Diane. This friend stole my TV!!!! She wouldn't give it back to me (I don't remember her name). I remember walking from her place to the other, assuring that the Firebird was seized by then. I had painted the album cover of Boston on a full wall of her apartment, and Barry was over there to see it. Bostons (ESSEX again!) have the TEVE/Tove/Tow Coat (!!!) in colors reversed, meaning it's the TYson/Tessen lion. That's incredible. She wouldn't give it back. The painting of the Boston cover appears in the 5th update of March, 2017. If God's pointing to television and Musk together, why?

I took the time to look up Gattonside (at google) because it's where Bostons were first found, and here's what I found: "Gattonside is a small village in the Scottish Borders. It is located 1 kilometre (0.62 mi) north of Melrose, on the north side of the River TWEED." Believe it or not. The only possible albums that were painted at that time (early 1980s) were the one in 1976 or 1978, both of which feature spaceships, which thus makes the painting look like a pointer to Musk's SpaceX. "The surname Boston was first found in the Scottish Borders at Gattonside where 'their name appears in record as Boustoune and Bowstone...'" Twitts are also Tweedle's because they were first found in the area of the Tweed river.


I'm one who's wondering hard on whether the mark of the beast will be a proof-of-vaccine door pass into stores and workplaces rather than a literal purchasing method at check-out desk. If it's a door pass even into buildings, it makes the unavailability of products and services much-more harsh for us, for if we're allowed into buildings, then we might be able to pay with precious metals or some form of bartering in some cases. For this purpose, possessing silver coins seem more advantageous because a common coin is now worth 500-700 dollars, much better for paying for a large load of groceries than a gold coin. We could ask for $500 worth of groceries for a coin valued at $600, for example, to give the store owner a reason to take the silver. But then we need to ask whether the satanists will de-value precious metals at that time to make things harsher for those who do not vaccinate.

Perhaps, rather than stocking up on precious metals, we could stock up on what everyone needs so that we could barter more safely. Revelation 13 doesn't tell us whether taking foods from, or sharing a home with, 666ers is acceptable to God. I prefer not to touch them, but what happens when the choice is in our situations to make?

Revelation says that the "image of the beast" is an icon, or "eikona" of the beast. As it's a talking icon, a television program in honor of the beast is what I've suggested for its meaning. Note that eikona-like Ixion was the mythical brother of CORONis, she being an apt pointer of God to the coronavirus. Plus, the English Corons/Corona's/Coroners show three crowns in the colors of the three crowns of Italian Diana's/Natali's/Dianatale's/Nadins/Naletto's. Did God arrange the Diana variation of this surname to point to Musk by way of Diane Muschatov? Why were Corons/Corona's/Coroners first found in Cheshire with BEASTons/Bessins, Masseys and Maceys? Muschats use three chevrons only that could be code for 666 as per the chevron above the 6 on your keyboard.

Italian Diana's/Natali's were first found in Venice, near the first-found Vito's of Treviso, and Treviso is where Italian Corona's were first found who have a giant crown in the colors of the Coron/Corona and Diana/Natali crown. Is that not amazing? But there's more, because Italian Diano's/Degans/Deans share the Diane/Dean crescent, colors reversed from the Tout/Tute crescent while "Tout TRAVERS' is the Fore/Forez motto while Travers/Traves' (share Meschin scallops) look like they are from Treviso/Tarvisium.

I must now add that, due to the ringing in my ears the past two days, being louder than usual, I looked up the two Ring surnames this Thursday morning before delving into Ixion and Coronis above. The two Ring surnames can be gleaned with the OTTER of BalFOURs ("FORward" motto) because Irish Rings, with almost the Otter/Other Coat, are listed with Crans while Grounds/Crannys use the crane for the line of mythical the Ceraunii Illyrians. The Ground-like Scottish Grands use three gold crowns too (it's almost the Diana/Natali Coat), and French Grands (Burgundy, same as Cressents/Crete's) share the triple bends of CRESSENTs/Crete's. Perhaps the biggest point is that Rings/Crans share the Tout/Tute CRESCENT so as to be linkable to Diane's/Deans and Diano's/Deans. The same triple bends are with Nerets while the Neretva river, beside the Ceraunii, was home to the Ardia whose queen Etuta and Teuta could have named the Touts/Tute's.

As ringing in the ears is called, TINitis, it's amazing that the Ceraunii lived between the Urban and UNA rivers, for the latter can be shown to have named mythical Juna and her Etruscan counterpart, Ina. The latter was wife to TINia. (Usually, though I've had tinitis for many years, I never notice it except for at times when going to bed.)

As tinitis is ringing in the EAR while I trace heraldic ears to Eyers/Ayers, it's remarkable that they were first found in Derbyshire with Twitch's/Twigs who in turn share the triple Cressent/Crete / Neret bends. It's clear to me that Twitts/Tweats were from Teuta or Etuta, and so why now also Twitch's/Twiggs, especially as God sent twigs against my DOOR. The Daorsi, represented in myth by mythical Doris and Dorus, are shown on the map above on the Neretva too. Dorus was mother of the Neret-like Nereids. So, we have now discovered, thanks to the fallen maple, that Twitch's/Twigs were from the Neretva. English Doors use bees. New: I've said that the twigs were "knocking" on my door, and Doris'/D'ORis' (black border) share the wavy bend of Jewish Pollocks while Scottish Pollocks were first found in Renfrewshire with Knocks/Knox's and Orrs/Ore's! Plus, I've just loaded D'Ores' and D'Ore's to find them listed with English Doors.

There was an important surname in this update first found in Buckinghamshire with Dorals, but I've forgotten it. Dorals share the giant lion of Irish Doors, and it's the Fien/Finis lion so as to be linkable to the Windows. The Knocks/Knox's came up with my knocking on Muschatov's window. There was a surname in this update that I can't recall that share's the goat head in the Doral Crest. Orals are listed wit Orells sharing the Orr/Ore roundels, and Orells moreover look like kin of Saxons/Septons (both first found in Lancashire).

Scottish Doors probably have a Coat, with leopard FACES, connectable to the Segni's/Segurana's (they're in the Face/Fessy motto), first found in Genova with Doria's who married ARDuinici, and with Fessy-branch Fieschi. The Grimaldi kin / associates of Fieschi were in Monaco, where Mykola Zlochevsky of Ukraine has a home and probably some corrupt business. He's the man whom Diane Muschatov pointed to earlier in this update thanks to Irish Dene's having a crocodile and the full motto of Diane's/Deans. But we can now add that Scottish Deans (linkable to MacARTHURs) share the moline of Segni's/Segurana's!

[Insert -- Perhaps God wanted to point my TINITis to the Atintanes, on the map above upon the Aous river flowing by Apollonia. Apollo was made the mate of mythical Cyrene and Corona, and the Meshwesh of Cyrene probably named the Numidian tribe from which king Massena was himself named. Numidia is the location of Aures, which place I trace to Ayers and ear-like Eyers (version of the Irish Shaw Coat). The Aurs/Aures' have a Coat like that of Scottish Ure's/ORReys, the latter first found in AYRshire with Ayers and Varni-like and Neretva-connectable Varns (explained below). Ahh, the Sans' in the Ure/Orrey motto share the eagle of Spanish Corona's!

The Ure's/Horreys/Orreys probably have the Russell and Rosso lion because it's colors reversed from the Ross lion, and because MacKenzie's were first found in Ross-shire. I've told of my buying a DORAL boat and using it mainly on lake Rosseau. Both Rosseau surnames were first found in Burgundy with Seir-like Sire's and Cressents/Crete's, and one Rosseau Coat is even the Neret / Cressent/CRETE Coat. The Amalekites are suspect from AMALthea of CRETE. If Ure's/Horreys/Orreys were from the Horites of Edom, note that Esau's son married the sister of Lotan the Horite from Seir while ancient Seir-like Syria had a seven-headed dragon called, Lotan. It seems that God gave the Revelation dragon seven heads, and a red hue, to indicate Lotan-line Edomites, the ancestry of Amalekites. Lotan's sister was the mother of Amalek, and while I trace her to Timms/Time's, the latter were first found in Kent with Masons/Massins who in turn share the giant lion of the other Rosseau's.

I've got it recorded that Sire's use "panels" for their tower, and Panels are listed with Pings/Pongs/Pagans having the triple Rosseau / Neret / Crete bends in colors reversed. French Pagans share the three hexagrams of Welders (Thuringia, same as Basina and Dressers), and the Welder-beloved Dressers share the giant Ure/Horrey lion. Amalthea was given a goat-horn symbol, and we have a white goat head in the Doral Crest as well as a white goat in the Russell Crest. The white goat head is used also by black-boar Bush's and Timna-line Timms/Time's, and Time's are suspect in the Elon motto. I took the Doral boat about 70-percent of the time to lake Rosseau, and about 25-percent to the adjacent lake MUSKoka! I almost missed the last part. Elon MUSK! Russells were first found in DORset. Amalthea also had a honey symbol from which a future myth writer could transition to the ESSEnes bee cult of Ephesus (thanks Julie for the essenes bee cult). Was that code for an ESAU tribe? Looks like.

Wow, the amazing thing here is that lakes Muskoka and Rosseau join at Port Carling, and Carlings share the Coat and motto of KYANs/Keens while king Khyan of the Hyksos ruled immediately before king Apophis/Apepi. MacKenzie's are the ones who point to the Apophis asteroid of 2029...that I more-than-half think is the asteroid of Revelation's 2nd Trumpet. Is God pointing here the Elon MUSK with lake Muskoka? If so, why? Is his SpaceX the maker of fire from the sky attributed in Revelation 13 with the second beast, the one who promotes the eikona of the first beast, the latter being the scarlet = red dragon? The Space surname uses "frets," and Twitts/Tweats use 'fretty," and Ferte liners can be traced to the Neretva with the Vardy surname (explained below).

The Elon surname, listed with Ellims/Ellams, shares double-black fesses with Flecks while the Felis' in the Carling / Kyan/Keen motto are listed with Fleck-like Felice's. The "TIMeo" motto term of Elons can be for Timna of Seir, isn't that amazing? Timms/Time's were first found in Kent with the Lots sharing the brown dog with Lotan-like Lothians. Elons even share the tree with Lothians. The Seatons/Sittens, whose green dragon can go with the green Sire snake, were first found in East Lothian with the Fortune's in the motto of black-boar Rollo's (Perthshire, same as Lothians). I have it recorded in the 2nd update of this month that Elon-branch Elms have "A woman's head and shoulders", which is the description also for the Crest of Parrs (Lancashire, same as Elms) in the Rollo motto.

The Elon / Alan-like Elis' have a woman in Crest too, and Elis-branch Elias' were first found in West Lothian with bee-using Bathgate's who in turn share the sun of Esau-like Hesse's. German Ash's/Asch's have the Muschat Coat in colors reversed, and D'ESSE COURT is in the write-up of English Esse's/Ash's/Aschs (almost have the red Drake dragon). Just wondering now if Muschatov's courthouse job is to be a pointer to D'Esse Court, and from that we can go to Curtis'/COURTis' (Court/Covert colors) because they have a farmer described with, "...over HIS SHOULDER a plowshare." It's Esau-interesting because Hiss' are listed with Hesse's. This recalls that the SHOULDhams/Shoultz's (MacKenzie colors and format) almost have the Knock/Knox Coat, and while the latter were first found in Renfrewshire with Orrs/Ore's, "ORate" is a Shouldham/Shoultz motto term. This reinforces my knocking on Muschatov's window with a pointer to Elon Musk. The Elis woman has "DISheveled hair, and Shouldhams/Shoultz's were first found in Norfolk with Diss', and with the Diss'/Dice's whom I suspect have a gold-version Teran/Taran/Terent Coat.

Although the reason for pointers to Tonys has evaded me in this antenna discussion, it's interesting that Knock-like Noke's/Knokes' not only share red leopard faces with Antons/Anthonys, but are in the colors and format of Cords/McCOURTs. Somehow, that seems to be applicable to the knock-on-window event yet connecting to her courthouse job. OH WOW, I knocked on her window at WELDRick road, and English Walters (like "Welders/Welters) come up as "Watters"!!! They have boar heads in the colors of the Noke/Knokes leopard faces! The MacCuarta variation of Cords/MacCourts takes us to same-colored Quarters/MacWATERs (Ayrshire, same as Cords/McCourts), isn't that even more amazing for connection to Muschats? "LaudaMUS" is even a Quarter/MacWater motto term. The Quarter/MacWater Coat is a version of a Simpson Coat, and Simpsons were first found in Buckinghamshire with Noke's/Knokes'. Beauty, so tidy.

AH WOW, I knocked on her GLASS window, and Glasgows use a "Lord" motto term while Lords are also LAUDs. "LAUDamus"!!! Glasgow is near the first-known Quarters/MacWaters of Ayrshire. I'm impressed. Glass' were first found in neighboring Buteshire with Kims, and while I met Diane when she was with Kim, Kims have the Lord/Laud cinquefoils in colors reversed. Bute is part of Argyllshire, and the latter is where Vatts/Watts/MacWatters were first found, no guff. The latter have a pair of glasses hanging from their tree, but called them "spectacles." The Crest of Vatts/Watts/MacWatters has the falcon design in the Crest of French Falcons, and the Knock/Knox Crest has the falcon design of English Falcons.

Ayrshire is where VARNs were first found who share the Walter/Watters bend, and VARANgians were in Kiev (i.e. Ukraine with the Muschatovs) before co-founding Moscow! Beauty work, O Lord. It's not the heraldry-to-history link that's amazing, but how the antenna event points to this set of heraldry. Varns (and Grahams) share the English MITCHell/Michael scallops, and Mitch's bring up the Muschats, so amazing. Scottish Mitchells/Michaels use a "pen" while Pens/Pence's were first found in Buckinghamshire.

The caduceus staff of Quarters/MacWaters goes to mythical CadMUS, part code for the Cadusii Armenians, and part-code for Mus in Armenia. From there, we take it to Fiens/Fane's/Vans because Mus is at Lake Van, and Fiens were Window kin, how about that. It appears that MUSchatovs were Mus-of-Van liners, probably the namers of Moscow by connection to the neighboring Moschi mountains. Mosca's use a leopard to go with the leopard heads above. A Masci liner knocked on her window, but don't blame me, it was His idea. Cadmus' sister was taken to Court-like Crete.

Ahh, wow, Curtis/Courtis' share the triple crowns of Diana's/Natali's and Corons/Corona's!!! I missed this while talking on Diane's courthouse job below. It strikes me here that while Crete had nine Curtis-like Curetes at first that were then counted as ten, and this nine number is expected from the nine months of birth of the Cretan birth goddess. In myth, Zeus was given birth on Crete while amongst the Curetes. Amalthea the goat attended this infant and fed him honey. Genesis 27 implies that Esau had hair on his arms like goat hair. People write that "Seir" means "shaggy, like a goat," but I doubt that Seir was named after a goat. More like the AsSYRians (from Nuzi, for example). As Cressents/Crete's are also Crests, it can be added that Diane worked at an office-supply store in the HillCREST Mall (Richmond Hill).

I kid you not, I've said it at least a couple of times before, that when Diane came up to me in the grocery store to see if I was her former boyfriend, we talked briefly. I wanted her to come visit me, inviting her, but I then had to tell her I had a ladyfriend...whose name is Elon-like Helen! That's amazing. Helens were first found in Brittany with Alans, and Elens are listed with Elons. So God had me go grocery shopping when she was there, and caused me to take the shopping cart up an isle right into her path. As we were miles from where she once lived, it caused me to ask what she was doing in those parts, and that's when she said she worked at the courthouse of that town.

Is it possible that this predicts that Elon Musk will take leaders at Twitter to COURT for abusing the system illegally? Project Veritas this week featured a Twitter representative telling that Musk's main opposition to Twitter was it's "health" program, referring the censorship of our side of the COVID / vaccine news. Note that Courts/Coverts were first found in Sussex with Coverts/Cofferts who are in turn in the colors of Cove's/COVITS, that being as close as I can get to "COVID." Cove's/Covits have an ALAN of Brittany in their write-up, and that can link to Elons / Helens (Brittany). The GROCEry store can point to Groce's/Greggs/Graggs, first found in Baden, and then Badens/Battins (Somerset, same as Axe river) share the axe with Cove's/Covits, and I think its a battle-axe, which takes us to Battle's/BatTAILs, first found in Berwickshire with Elons. Court battles?

If the three trees in the Elon Crest is a grove, it's interesting that Grove's (Somerset, same as Badens/Battins) share the TAILbois scallops, tending to explain the BatTAIL variation of Battle's, and thus revealing them as a Baden/Battin branch. The Grove Crest shares the black dog with Groce-branch Carricks and Craggs. Grove's probably have the Tiss/Teese chevron, and the latter's Coat is the Arms of Carrick. The Ny's in the Grove motto were first found in Essex with Muschats and WATERs. Ny's share the six bars of Babe's, the latter first found in Suffolk with Cove's/Covits. Babe's were once said to be first found in Dorset with Bugs (share Carrick dancette) who in turn use "WATER bougets", and Waters share the Muschat Coat.

For the first time ever, I've just seen Babels/Babwells no longer first found in Middlesex, but now in Sussex with Courts/Coverts, and they both almost have the same six pale bars!!! They both share a black, spread eagle too. Compare Babels/Babwells with ArmSTRONGs who share a strongarm in Crest with Battle's (Strong colors and format). Strongs were first found in Somerset with Badens/Battins. Armstrongs were first found in Cumberland with Vaux's sharing the Baby Coat. Another strongarm is with D'Ark/D'Arques' while ARCHers were first found in Provence with the Lizarts/Sarde's who share the three Armstrong pale bars. Beauty. Both Archer surnames are important below involving Diane Muschatov at the Steer Inn, but let's add here that Larchers, sharing the motto and Coat of English Archers, were first found in Derbyshire with Twitch's/Twigs, which recalls my TWITCH at the top of my right ARM, the reason that I looked up Twitch's in the first place. Arm-using Armours were once said to be first found in Berwickshire with Battle's and Elons.

The Ure's/Horreys/Orreys are no doubt in the "uro" motto term of MacKENZIEs/Kenneths (from queen Kenza of Aures) who in turn almost have the motto of Fieschi-like Fisks ("VirTUTE") who in turn have a Shield like that of Grimaldi's and BAGs (Norfolk, same as Fisks). Bachs/BAGHs use vair fur too, and German Bachs use a STEER. End insert]

The Neretva was also the Naro, and Nero's were first found in Tuscany while French VAIRs (share Fisk Shield) were first found in Burgundy with Grands. "GRANDescunt" is a motto term of COURT/Coverts, first found in Sussex with Diane'/s/Deans. This justifies the remention of my bumping into Diane Muschatov 20 years after splitting with her, when she told me she was working in a local COURThouse. Nero's share the VAIR fur of Saffers who in turn have a UNIcorn and the Vito's in their motto. The uniCORN is code for an Una-river family likely from the Ceraunii, explaining why Saffers were first found in Devon, beside Ceraunii-like CORNwall.

English Vairs/Vere's (Massey Shield) were first found in Essex with Muschats, where blue-vair Quints were once said to be first found. Essex is where Yonge's/Youngs were first found who have a "jeune" motto term for the line of mythical Juno. English Jeune's (almost the June Coat) were first found in Cambridgeshire with Muscats/Musks, not surprising if Muscats/Musks were a Muschat branch. Quint-like Quinns share the winged horse with Masseys, the latter being from the MAEZAei on the Una river (marked as the Oeneus). The Vita's in the Saffer motto are from Julius Avitus, husband of Julia MAESA BASSIANus, the line to Beeston of Cheshire, named after Beasts/Bessins (ARDis colors and format).

I still trace mythical Coronis for reasons to Chora on Patmos, and this island is where John wrote the Revelation having the "IEKONA of the beast," and the 666 scheme. Corons/Corona's were first found in Cheshire with the Bellows sharing "vita" with the Saffer motto, and I'm showing how Saffers were from the Ceraunii. A giant CRANE is used by Dome's/Dume's while empress DOMna was the sister of Julia Maesa Bassianus. Domna was married to SEVERus. Saffers were first found in Devon with the Billets who share the Bellow Coat, and it's interesting that while the "GrandesCUNT" motto term of Courts Coverts can be for Cuntys, they have the Billet / Bellow cinquefoil in colors reversed, and may even be using the lion of the neighboring TYsons/Tessons. The Thigh's/THY's share the fox with the Bellow Crest.

Saffers and Nero's use vair fur, and while Vairs' are listed with Verona's, Verone's use ravens or crows (or maybe even a CORNish chough), the crow being the ancient symbol of Coronis. French Jeune's were first found in Verone-like Auvergne with "BELLO"-using Bouillons, and the Vito's/Vita's are in the motto of Bellows/Bello's (Cheshire, same as Balls) while Belli's and Bellini's were first found in Verona. Bellins/Blains (almost the Neret Coat) were first found in Brittany with Nerets and Balls/Ballons/Balots. English Ballons, sharing the giant lion of English Balls and Cressys, were first found in CORNwall. As French Cressys/Crecys were first found in Burgundy with Cressents/Crete's (and Vairs), the Cressent/Crete lion looks like the Cressy/Crecy lion. Burgundy is also where Feins/Finns were first found who share the border of French Cressys/Crecys, and Feins/Finns bring us back to the Window-Fien relationship that arose in this update with my knocking on Diane's BEDRoom window that seemed to point well to the Bedder variation of Batters/Betters (Berkshire, same as Fien-related Windsors) who in turn share the Belly chevron. But even better for this part of the discussion, Bedders/Batters share the Demy/DuMAIS/LeMAIS Coat. While Saffers are also Savarys, French Savarys/Savards share the Dumas (not "Dumais") besants.

The Carpenters who love Belli's share the "globe" with Welders. Ceraunii lived on the URBANus, explaining why Masci-branch Massena's share the chevron-with-hexagrams of Urbans. Diane Muschatov lived on WELDrick road, and Welders share those hexagrams in the colors and format of the Diana/Natali Coat! I get it. My Masci-line mother was born in Picenze, and Piacenza is where Diano's/Degans/Deans were first found. I spoke of the Le Mose area of Piacenza above, and the Mose's/Moss' can be in the "mois" motto term of Saffers. Severs share the annulet of the Vita's in the Saffer motto. As it's pointing to Miss Muschatov, might God have caused us to bump into one another in a grocery store as His pointer to the 666 keeping Christians out of such stores? What would her courthouse have to do with it?

Repeat: "The same triple bends are with Nerets while the Neretva river, beside the Ceraunii, was home to the Ardiaei whose queen Etuta and Teuta could have named the Touts/Tute's." The latter were first found in Yorkshire with the Pings/Pungs/Pagans having the triple bends above in colors reversed. Then, French Payens/Pagans share the three hexagrams of Welders.

Welders were first found in Thuringia with TALLs/Thalls having the same hexagrams, but Thuringia was home also to queen BASINa, explaining why Talls/Thals throw in bees, symbol also of Beasts/Bessins too. This is a hard trace because Meschins, from the Bessin, married Lucy TAILLebois (of Bolingbroke) while Talbots were first found in Shropshire with Meschins. Talbots share the border of Knocks/Knox's, we could say, because Meschins descended from king MALahule, ancestor also of Tonys while I knocked on her window from a Tony-connectable antenna. Mails (Cheshire, same as Malls) look like Beast/Bessin kin.

The Beast-like English Bests have a "LEGibus" motto term while the Leghs/Leys (Cheshire, same as Beasts/Bessins) share the THERE Coat. The Greek word used in Revelation 13 for "beast" if "THERio." It's also used as "therion," and There-like Trains share the There Coat too, which is a giant red lion possibly that of Ure's/Horreys/Orreys.

Terens/Tarrens/Terents have the Coat of Childs in colors reversed while Childs are from king Childeric, husband of Basina whose tomb was discovered with gold bees. Why did he honor bees if not for their being the symbol of Basina's family? These bees apparently transfered to Talls/Thals (Thuringia) because they were from Lucy Taillebois' marriage to Ranulph le Meschin.

Basina's husband and son ruled the earliest Franks from whom I see to the naming of "Varangi," and thus I trace Franks forward in time to Varangians of Kiev in Ukraine. I trace Varangians back to the Varni living in Saxon realms at least a couple of generations before empress Domna. It's therefore interesting that the Saxon/SEPTon surname could have been from SEPTimius Severus (born 145 AD), husband of Domna Bassianus, this surname being in Basina's ancestry. At least one family tree gives Basina a Saxon father (Wechta by first name). Septimius Severus was born in Libya, land of the ancient Meshwesh and Bistones (BC times), and it just so happens that there is a Bistone surname sharing the Beast/Bessin Coat, virtually. Plus, the Meshwesh were also called, Mazyes, like the Maezaei Illyrians to which I trace Julia Maesa, Domna's sister. Meshwesh are known Amazons, and while Artemis was an Amazon, she evolved into the Roman Diana. Diane Muschatov is Ukrainian, now suspect from Varangians.

Bistones worshiped Ares with an erect sword, seen in the Bistone Crest, and Ares was the grandfather of Coronis and Ixion while Coronis was an alternative name for mythical Cyrene, depiction of Cyrene in eastern Libya, land of the Meshwesh and perhaps also the Bistones. This makes the "eikona" term for "icon of the beast" even more suspect with the line of "Ixion." Ixion's father, PHLEGyas," is suspect from the Biblical Peleg, the founder of a Hebrew tribe, tending to explaining why Ares was paired in myth with Aphrodite.

We saw the Neretva river worm into this discussion, land of the ARDiaei, and that's why I put in brackets (above) that Beasts/Bessins are in ARDis colors and format. I say that NERTHus, the mother-earth goddess of the Varni, was related to "NERETva." It can explain why Vere's share the Massey quadrants, and why the Vere-branch Fiers/fears share the moline of the Vardys suspect from "Vardaei" (on the map above at the Neretva = Naro), and alternative name of the Ardiaei (proto-Arthurs). Vardy are said to have been barons of La Ferte, and the namers of that place must have been related to Ferte-Mace of the Masseys/Maceys. Ahh, this reminds me that MacArthurs, with the moline of Scottish Deans (erect sword) in colors reversed, have the three Coron/Corona / Diana/Natali crowns! The Scottish Deans even have an "arte" motto term. The Arda tributary of the Hebros river plays well here, especially as both rivers were in draco-like Thrace.

Aphrodite was made born on Cyprus, location of LAPITHus (faces Cetis), and Phlegyas, Ixion and Coronis were Lapiths. I trace "APHRODite" to the EPHRATes river because it had the Habur tributary of Hebrews (called Abiru/Apiru at that time). The Habur was also the CYPRus-like Khabur. The AMORites of HEBRon were also at Mari on the Euphrates, and AMORE's use much of the STEER motto but differ by using "malis." It just so happens that Coronis' "mother was called Cleopheme, daughter of MALUS and the Muse Erato." The Mysians, represented by mythical Muses, could have named, PatMOS, and I think they were the root of Muschatovs. Why might God have arranged my seeing Muschatov at the Steer Inn that one time?

The crowns that Amore's share with Steers is either called a MURal crown or a CORONet (depending on the surname using it), we get it. I say that Amorites (AMURRu) named MEROWE (Sudan), which Wikipedia calls also, BEDEWE, perfect for tracing that place to mythical MEROVEE, father of the real, Merovingian king Childeric (yes, Basina's husband). They say that Merovingians evolved from BATAVI Franks, and so compare with "Bedewe." Malus-like Malahule was the king of MORE in Norway, you can't be steered wrong when I'm on it. We may wonder here whether my knocking at her BEDroom window is related to the Bedewe line, for Bedders/Batters/Betters were first found in Berkshire with Arch's! That works.

It just so happens that while I was sitting with Miss ARCHibald (don't remember her first name) when Diane's boyfriend steered into the Steer-Inn, Archibalds share the crescent of French Archers while English Archers share a white item in a red coronet with Steers. Is that not amazing? This Steer-Inn story appears in the 3rd update of May, 2019, and again in the 2nd of December, 2019, where I said: "And then after that, I saw her drive in with a man to the Steer Inn while I was inside sitting with the sister of Mr. Archibald. They didn't come in. I've told this story before, but I don't think I mentioned the WINDOW. I think I only mentioned the glass". As soon as he pulled in and put it into park in the parking LOT, she saw me, and asked him to leave, for he immediately put it into reverse, and left. Windows can be linked to Windsors, the latter first found in Berkshire with Arch's and Bedders/Batters. Lotan-connectable Lots were first found in Kent with Windsor-related Gore's/Core's, and while Herods were from Edomites, I trace Perkins/Parkings to the Herod, Plancia Magna.

We might add that the "maLIS" motto term of Amore's can be for the English Liss'/Lise's who almost share the Coat of Lizarts/Sarde's, first found in Provence with French Archers, and with a DRAGuignan location that could explain the Archer dragon head, for Liss'/Lise's were first found in Hampshire (beside Stour river) with dragon-using Drake's...and with Sturs/STYRE's, you see. It appears that the Steer-Inn event points to this set of heraldry for reasons I cannot spot at the moment. The Lizart/Sarde write-up: "In 1552, Antoine Sardo became the Deputy of Mons at Draguignan."

Lizart-like lizards are used by Kyans/Keens (and Carlings), and so this could be a pointer to the Apophis ASTERoid because Sturs/Styre's were an Aster/Stur branch. The asteroid-pointing MacKenzie's love the Ure's/EURE's who have a Coat version of the MALLs/MarlyBONE's (Cheshire, same as Shirts/SHARDs and Hales'), and Eure is the location of Drake-like Dreux while Dreux's/Drews are in Drake colors and format. Bona's/Bons, connectable to DRAYtons and Hales', are in the motto of Archers and Larchers....yes, because Draytons were in Hales while Hales (FRETTY in Crest) have part of the Archer / Larcher Coat. Hales is on the Staffordshire border, and the Audleys (share Berkshire FRET), sharing the Hales border, were first found in Staffordshire. Audleys first came up in this update where TEVE's/Tove's were lords of Audley, and Teve's and Tove's were both/separately from Miss Muschatov. If Hales' were from the Halys river, that's where I see the Eliphas-like Halybes. Does it appear as though God is insisting on a Muschatov trace to Edomites?

English Archers (Warwickshire, same as Curtis'/COURTis') are in the colors and format of the Cutters (Dorset, beside Hampshire, and location of the Steer-like Stour river). The Hones', suspect in the "HONESta" motto term of Archers, were first found in Hampshire. German Hone's/Hains were first found in Silesia with the Brocuffs who in turn share the Chief-Shield colors of Cutters.

Connie and Diane

Cutters come up as GUTTERs, and so I have another story to tell. Diane and I separated not on good terms (it was my fault), and so a couple of months after we split up, I was painting the rain GUTTERs of Barry's home when a friend of Rick Legge was over, Connie. I asked her to set up a meeting with Diane, and Diane showed up. I picked her up (in the Firebird with rebuilt engine) in the parking lot at the Richmond Heights plaza at Yonge and LEVENdale. Levens (Shropshire, same as Draytons) use elephant heads, suspect with "Eliphas" (or Eliphaz), around the same chevron as Staffords. Hales is at the Shropshire-Staffordshire border.

Levens have a reflection of the Tease/Tyes Coat so as to look like a line from Laevi on the Ticino/Tessin river. Levens look like kin of Sands (Surrey, same as Steers) because Sanders have elephant heads too. The Sander Crest has an elephant head in a mural coronet, the latter being the symbol also of Archers / Larchers and Steers.

I have no idea how Connie was at Barry's house that day, for she was not part of my drinking buddies with Barry. She and Rick Legge had been part of a Bible study group, and I was a Christian of a year old at the time. After I picked Diane up at the Richmond Heights plaza, I drove her home right away, deciding I didn't want to start anything again. Something about the way she struck me. I just didn't think we were going to connect enough to try it again. I realized I didn't want to try again. But it seems that this gutter-paint event is clicking because Legge's have the Gaudets in their motto with a Gutter-like Goder variation, and they are almost in the colors and format of English Archibalds. This is amazing because, a few months after I took Diane home that day, maybe as little as two, Rick Legge and I build the deck of Verne Archibald. It was the first time we had met him, and it was his sister who was with me at the Steer Inn a year or two later when Diane showed up.

Plus, I picked Diane up at the Richmond HEIGHTs plaza that day while Heights share the black cross type of Vise's/Vice's. The latter share the stag head of Acorns (Sussex, same as Vise's/Vice's, Diane's/Deans and Bone's) in the acorns of Dutch Tromps while German Trumps/Tromps almost wave the Legge Coat. The island of VIS is near the ELAPHITi islands, you see, and Vis was also Esau-like Issa. I picked her up in the parking LOT, and Lots share the brown dog with Lotan-like Lothians. Eliphas married Lotan's sister. Plus, with Diane's/Deans first found in Sussex with Dans and Dane's, the 600 cruel Danites of Laish come to mind, and Ragusa, smack beside the Elaphiti islands, was also called Laish-like Laus(a). The Danners/Danier's actually have a "TIMeo" motto term, shared by Elons can we believe it? In fact, both surnames have near-identical mottoes! Surprise.

TIMna of Seir was Lotan's sister, and Eliphas' wife, yet Samson the "Danite" had a wife at Timnah, and the Samson surname was first found in Gloucestershire with Danners/Danier's, I kid you not. I once read that the Guiscards of Sicily (near Saracena) made a pact with the Saracen leaders, Samsam and Timnah, and so this is where I trace the Samson surname. It has the Flags in its motto because Flags share the Samson scallops, and then the Flags happen to share the double fesses of Elons! Bingo.

We got here from the Richmond HEIGHT's plaza on the corner of YONGE and LEVENdale, and Heights share the fleur-de-lys of June's (STAFFORDshire) while QUINTUS Caepio was ancestral to JUNia CAEPIONis. The June's almost have the Coat of Jeune's (same place as Capone's), and while YONGE's/Youngs have a "jeune" motto term, Levens have the QUINT and STAFFORD chevron. That is amazing. German Youngs/June's are thus suspect with the Trump stag.

I picked her up at the PARKING lot, and while Perkins/Parkings were first found in Leicestershire with Tonys, the latter are said to be behind the Staffords who share the Leven chevron. Tonys were from LES ANDELYs, and ANTALYa is beside Perga, where I trace Perkins/Parkings. Antalya was a city of the PISIDians beside Laish-like Lycia, and Laish was near Tyre, where mythical POSEIDon was king. Note LES AndeLYS, for I think Lys'/Lise's were from Laish. For example, Liss'/Lise's use PALE bars while Pale's/Palys can be from PALINurus at the Laus bay. Leicesters are also LESters, and we might keep in mind that while the latter are in Window colors and format, Windows are connectable to Fiens/Fane's who use gauntlet gloves, what Sions/Swans once showed who are in the Leicester/Lester Crest.

Sions/Swans now show falconer's gloves, and while the Knock/Knox Crest has the same bird design as the falcons of English Falcons, the latter use a "Vis" motto term for connecting to the Height cross. It can then be added that English falcons share the chevron of BEDDERs/Betters suspect with my knocking on her BEDRoom window. Beauty.

This warrants a repeat from above: "As Welders are also Welters, we can go to English Walters, first found in Cambridgeshire with Muscats/MUSKS!!! BANG-BANG. Dutch Walters show nothing but hooks while Hooks are in Welder/Welter colors and format. Hooks were first found in Devon with English Page's while French Page's were first found in Dauphine with Payens/Pagans who in turn almost have the Welder/Walter Coat." The Hook Coat is exactly that of Leicesters/Lesters, and the painting of the gutters can be a pointer to the Paiont variation of Payens/Pagans/PAIONs. I trace that surname to the Paioni/Paeoni people group who had a city, Stobi, which traces to PHEON-using Stops/Stubbs (Staffordshire, same as HICKsons). The "labori" motto term of Stops/Stubbs is excellent here because Labore's (Yorkshire, same as Hicks and same-colored Richmonds) share the bars-gemel of Richmonds. The Richmond Heights plaza. Irish Barrys use bars-gemel too, though not in the same colors. Gemels (Ayrshire, same as Barrs) share the swan in Crest with Staffords, and Gamble's/Gamals share the Hick fleur-de-lys.

Ahh, Hicks are said to have been in Low Leighton of Essex, and Stubbings (Essex) share the Leighton/Laton quadrants. It makes a lot of sense that Paioni were related to Hyksos if the Paioni were from the Poeni = Phoenicians. The Phoenix/Fenwick Crest phoenix shows partly as a gold, spread eagle, same as in the Stubbing Crest (minus the flames at tail). Hicks are also said to have had a branch in the Tristan neck of the Cornwall woods, and Tristans share the Stop/Stubbing pheons.

I had best mention the "HIC labor" motto of Dean-like Dee's (Cheshire, beside Heights), for their share the giant Diane/Dean/Deen lion. Okay, let's assume God got me the job to paint the gutters at Barry's. To what is this pointing to beside ancient peoples? The "nihil" motto term of Diane's/Deans is probably for the Nihill variation of Neils/O'Nails, first found in Tyrone with Sharks.

Marvel here due to the rain gutter pointing to Cutters/Gutters, because I get this now. There's another Laus in Italy near SARACena, while Wikipedia's Saraka article has the Saraca family first at Cutter-like Kotor before moving to Ragusa. Italian Ragusa is in Sicily with the Saracen people group. Laus in Italy is at the Laus bay, location of PALINurus (near Hales river), where I trace Palins whose lion is in the lion paw of Quints (once said to be first found in Dorset with Palins). The Quint Crest is a lion paw holding a gold fitchee, and while I knocked on Diane's window, the Window Crest likewise has a lion paw holding a gold fitchee, which was resolved as the lion paw of Quince-beloved Sforza's. This is so impressive. Kotor is at the northern limits of the Cavii Illyrians who were centered at LISSus.

It was Muschatov's window, and rain gutters are for CATCHing water while Waters share the MusCHAT Coat. Musks are listed with MusCATs. This brings me back to the Sassy-my-cat story that included the cat-using Catch's/Catchers (Norfolk) and the Saracen heads of Sassys/Saucers. The topic went naturally to cat-using Cetans/Cattans because they have the Saracen head too, and Cetins/Cattans were even first found in Norfolk with the Tuits in their "meTUIT" motto term so that this gets us to Twitt/Tweat liners. I kid you not, I didn't load Catch's/Catchers until writing down to here, and then realized that they have a near-copy of the Townsend Coat, perfect because Townsends (Norfolk, same as Catch's/Catchers) were at RAINham!!! Wow. Townsends are in the colors and format of Rain-like Rams (Essex, same as Rains/Raines'). Rams even have another "vis" motto term, same as English Falcons, first found in Cumberland with Saracens. Plus, Sassys share the crescent of French Falcons, and the Falcon-loving Knocks/Knox's were first found in RENfrewshire. Renfrews are also RAINfrews!

I think that the Guiscards/WISharts named VISconti's of Sardinia, who had a branch at Milan starting with OTTONE Visconti. If correct, it could appear that Guiscards were from Vis/Issa. Queen Teuta of the Ardiaei had ambitions for Vis/Issa, and the "TOUT BON" motto phrase of Hicks probably applies to her, for Bono's/Bons were first found in Milan and share the lion of Ottone-like Odins (Yorkshire, same as Hicks and Touts).

Archer's use a "bona" motto term, and English Bone's were first found in Sussex with Dans, Dane's and Diane's/Deans while Danners/Danier's have a pale-bar-by-lozenges in the colors of the Wall pale bar (Coats almost identical). Knights (near Sussex) are in the knight of Shoe's along with a "wall." The Shoe knight holds an axe, symbol of English Dennis' and German Danners (near first-known Walls). I saw Diane again, for the last time, at a GROCEry store, and Groce's, first found in BADEN with Walls, share the horizontally-split Shield of English Walls (Gloucestershire, same as Danners/Danier's). Badens/Battins, first found in Somerset with an Axe river near Bath, use more axes.

Somerset (beside Thrace-like Drake's) is where Seaton-connectable Trashers/Tresure's (dragon heads) were first found, perhaps from Thrace, location of Lissae, for Drake's were first found in Hampshire with Liss'/Lise's. As Lissae was beside the Bessi peoples, it seems they may have named Bassania (on this dark map) smack beside Lissus at the Cavii theater. Some say that the French fleur-de-LYS was owned by Childeric, son of Basina, but she was from Julia Maesa Bassianus, explaining why Masci's use the French fleur-de-lys (shared by Walls). Bessi- / Bessin-like Biss' share the Meschin scallops in a Coat looking connectable to German Walls, and a lady from Switzerland tipped me off saying that Walsers, named after WALLis canton, lived on the LYS river of Aosta. Walsers share the Moline Goat while Moline's share the black moline with Chives', and I trace the latter to the Cavii at LISSus. Making sense? Lys'/Lise's were first found in Ile-de-France with Chappes'.

The Liss'/Lise's who came up with Lizart-related Archers share the six pale bars that are in the fesse of Mine's/Means, and Legge's have a "tentaMINE" motto term. Legge's were even first found in Dumfries with Scottish Liss'/Lease's. I suppose that Laish liners could have named first the Lycians (depicted by mythical Lycus) and then LEICESter at the Legro river. Legro's were first found in Burgundy with Seir-like Sire's, and with Chives-related Mathis'. Bassania was between Lissus and the Mathis river. Leicesters share the three fleur-de-LYS of English Walls, the latter first found in the same place as Danners/Danier's while Laish was renamed, Dan, by the 600 Danites. The swan head in the Leicester Crest goes to Swans/Sions, and while Sion in WALLIS canton was also, Sitten, the Seatons/SITTENs (East LOTHIAN) may have been from SIDONians, for Laish was a Sidonian city. There is a Seaton location at the mouth of another Axe river in Devon, and Devon happens to be where Axe- and Esau-like Esse's/Ash's/Aschs were first found. Assi's have a "fasces" with axe head.

The Heights are also Hyte's while Hyde was an alternative name of ancient SARDis (Lydian capital), and Lizarts are also SARDE's. Heights share the Vise cross, and Visconti's had a branch on SARDinia. The Amore's ("maLIS") who share the MURAL coronet with Steers and English Archers were first found in Oxfordshire with Bone-branch Bonns/Bunns.

Connie put me together with Diane for that last time, but Connie didn't know I'd be picking Diane up at the Richmond Heights plaza. She was waiting for me at the coffee shop, but I didn't go in, as she came out to me. This coffee shop, once called, Mister Donut, is where I first saw another Diane, as I've said before. When I saw a piece of fluff in Diane's hair as she was serving coffee to my friend, Joe Oullette, I saw a piece of fluff in his hair too, and suggested jokingly that he was going to marry Diane on account of it. I don't think the two knew each other at the time, but they did get married, freak me out.

I've told that Mister-Donut story before with the Donut/DANNet surname (Leicestershire) in view who share the Denet Coat. The latter, first found in Sussex with Diane's/Deans, have a "provaDENTium" motto term while Dents were first found at SEDbergh, named by the Seaton-branch Sedans/Siddens. The latter were once said to be first found in Yorkshire, but are now said to be first found in Durham with Connie's/Conyers. As the latter share a giant maunch (different colors) with Donut-like Tonys (Leicestershire, same as Donuts/Dannetts), it appears that Tonys were from a Dan-of-Laish line to Donut elements. Tonys were from Les Andelys near LISieux river! I get it. This is what Connie is revealing. Lisieux was even the city of Legge-like Lexovi peoples. Lecks/Lakeys were first found in Stirlingshire with Vis-suspect Guiscards/Wisharts (from VIKings), and Vise's/Vice's (Sussex, same as Diane's/Deans, Dans and Dane's) share the black cross of Heights!!!! Lookie there.

New: as per MISTER Donut, Misters/Masters/Masts have a version of the English WALL Coat while Walls were first found in the same place as the Diane-like Danners/Danier's who in turn share the white unicorn head of Misters/Masters/Masts! This is INCREDIBLE because Musts are listed with Muscats/Musks!!! Plus, when Diane Muschatov bumped into me at the grocery stare, I was with Helen my tenant whose pointing to ELON Musk, and she was the reason I first looked up the Tenant surname that happens to use a "mast," which is how I discovered that Masts are listed with Misters/Masters!!! Tenants were first found in West Lothian with Scottish Towns while English Towns share a Tone variation with Tonys! MISTER DONUT at your service. I probably asked Diane Muschatov to meet me at Mister Donut, for I remember her walking out to my car from it's direction. There was no other store there from which I would have met her.

It's now evident that God used her at the GUTTER paint job because Connie's/Conyers share the trefoil of Saraca-like Sharks, the latter first found in TYRone while Tyrone's/Tyrells share the Coat of Dexters (Leicestershire). The BRASwells have the Tyrone Coat in colors reversed, and Bra is in CUNEO, where I trace Conys and Conns, and so why not also Connie's/CONYers?! Beauty. Conys use a cony rabbit (holding a pansy) while Rabbits (Suffolk, same as Towns/Tone's) are in Town/Tone colors and format! Can you believe it? Wikipedia's article of Donna LEASE Brazile says that her surname descended from Braswells, and Brazile's might just have the Diane/Dean lion. Scottish Liss' are Lease's too.

Ahhhh, Rabbits are also RaBETTs, first found beside the Betts (share Antrim bend) who in turn use "OsTENDo non osTENTo" while tent-using Tintons are in Town/Tone / Rabbit colors and format too. This is amazing because the Fiens/PHONE's/FAME's/Vans, connectable to Windows via Fiens/Finis', can be expected in the "Fama" motto term of Amis' (Northumberland, same as PHOENix's/FENwicks) who in turn have a Coat like that of Betts. The Betts motto looks like part-code for Ostens, but then the Austins are also Ostiens who not only share the Stafford chevron, but the blue lion paw with the Window Crest! Connie was not at Diane's when I knocked on her window, but I think Rick Legge was, and Ricks look like kin of Tints! Plus, that was the night I walked on the fence, which caused me to look for fence-like surnames, falling on the FENS'/FENNs/Venns! Believe it or not.

The KNOCKing on her BEDRoom window got suspect with BEDDERs/BETTers because they were first found in Berkshire with Fein-beloved WINDsors, and now Connie's took us to RaBETTs who in turn took us to BETTs. This recalls the cony rabbit of Christmas', for the Natali's who list Diana's are translated, "Christmas"! Betts were first found in Norfolk with Shouldhams who in turn share the giant, gold bird of Knocks/Knox's. The Bett cinquefoils are colors reversed from the same of Flowers, and Italian Tonys use a "flower." The Rants are also Rhynds while Rinds/Rhinds ("fragRANTior") use "gilly FLOWERs" in a "pot" while Potters share the Flower cinquefoil.

Rinds evoke the RAIN GUTTERs because Gutters/Cutters were first found beside the MontaCUTE's (Somerset, same as Sticks) who in turn share the Reno/Rhyne/Rine lozenges. Beauty. Sticks share the Coat of German Goods/GUTs (Switzerland, same as Reno's/Rine's), and Spanish Guts have the white GREYhound head too. Cute's/Cutts are in Dent colors and format, and the greyHOUND in the Cute/Cutt Crest signals that Dents share the Hound lozenges. Cute's/Cutts look related to the Amis Coat while the latter were first found in Northumberland with GREYs. The latter share the lion of English Goods/Gude's.

Ahh, English Noels (Stafford colors) were first found in Staffordshire! It can explain why German Christmas' share the swan with the Stafford Crest. "The surname Noel was first found in Staffordshire at Ranton, home of RANTON Abbey and Ranton Priory, built c.1150 by Robert fitz Noel of ELLENhall." Rantons (share Clavering lion) were first found in Berwickshire with Elons, and Ellens/Alans are in Stafford colors too. Christmas' were first found in Essex with Claverings, Rains/RAINES', and Muschats while the latter have the triple chevrons, in colors reversed, upon the SHOULDer of the RANT/Rhynd/RANCE lion. The RANCE river near Dol and Rennes. Shouldhams ("VigiLATE") have a version of the Knock/Knox Coat.

Rants/Rance's, at Lotan-like Loddon and Clavering, share the LEGH/Leigh/Ley lion. The "Ad" motto term of Claverings (share LEIGHton/LEYton quadrants) is suspect with Ada of Warenne, whose father was a ruler in Surrey, where Clappers were first found. Claverings share the Bruce lion while I trace Bruce's to the BREUCI peoples beside the LATovici, where I think the Laton variation of Leightons/Leytons (Shropshire, same as Ellens/Alans) traces, for Ellen-like Helens were near St. BRIEUC (Brittany, same as Dol). It must be repeated here that I first saw Miss Hicks on the RANCH road (out of Camp Wood, Texas), at her church on CHRISTMAS day (1994) that not incredible? But what does it mean if it somehow fashions a pointer to Elon Musk? The locals call Ranch road the Leakey road, and Legh-like Leaks/Leakeys have a leg in Crest.

Recall the Reno's/Rine's, first found in Switzerland with a Pully location on the shore of lake Geneva, for while Geneva is the daughter of Miss Hicks, the latter's middle name in some online directories is reported as, Rena, and Pullys/Pullings share the Christmas martlets. Miss Hicks was/is a CHURCH singer, and English Singers share the garbs of German Goods/Guts (Switzerland) and Sticks (same place as MontaCUTE's and Church's). The same Singers are also in the colors of Spanish Guts (share greyhound heads with Church's). Church's share the black greyhound head with Schutz's (RHINEland).

German Singers are also Sangs while Sans'/SANCHez's/SANGues' share the eagle of SNAKe's/Snooks (Kent, same as English Goods/Gude's), and the Senns were first found in Switzerland too. Singers/Sangs share the hexagrams of Welders/Welters while Walsers are from Wallis canton of Switzerland, and moreover the Welders love the Dressers who share the Wallis/Wallace, Good/Gude and Grey lion. Welders/Welters even share the globe with Carpenters who in turn have a motto, "Per aCUTa BELLI," which goes to Peare's belly-press event that pointed to Guts. Peare's first name is Christine, and Christmans are a branch of German Christmas'.

[Insert -- In this update, I can see no reason for the emphasis of the Tonys / Anthonys from Muschatov's antenna, until I get to Ainsley Earhardt's job at SAN Antonio, and the Sans' here might apply to that picture. Wallers were first found in Nottinghamshire with the Ainsleys who in turn share the fleur-de-lys of Hicks expected in the Waller motto. Wallers share "virTUTis" with Allers, going well with the "Tout" of Hicks, and then while I was HOLDING Sleeping Beauty, Holdings/Holdens use "ALLERions" as well as the red escutcheon of Allers. Allerions are beakless eagles while Beaks have the triple bends of Umbers/Humbers expected in the "umbra" motto term of Allers. Holdings/Holdens use a "TIMide" motto term to go with the paragraph below. The full Holding/Holden motto is shared by BUCKleys while Hicks use a "buck" head. "Nec" is used twice in that motto, as well as in the Elon motto. End insert]

I'm going to the Wallers now because Singers/Sangs were first found near Wallerstein. It's just that Wallers have a "Hic" motto term, and the translated Hick motto is, "All IN GOOD TIME," partially suspect with the Allins/Alans because Hicks have their fesse in colors reversed. It just so happens that the Waller leaves are in the colors of the Elon leaves, and then God pointed to Elon Musk with Diane on WELDRick road, the thing that brought Welders to topic. The "TIMeo" motto term of Elons goes well with the "time" in the translated Hick motto, especially as Goods/Gude's were first found in Kent with Time's/Timms. Velens and Velins were first found in Westphalia with Waller-like Allers. It's going to get important that French Alans and Velens both showed the same ducks, even as Velins still show ducks, the symbol also of Have's/Haafs.

My girl before Muschatov was Kelly. We started dating about November, and so it was at the Christmas season when I took a Bible off the coffee TABLE at her parent's place, and asked God to give me a sign on whether I'd be involved in music, for her father was a SONG writer. I opened the Bible, put my finger on a page blindly, and it landed smack at Isaiah, "YOU SHALL HAVE a SONG. Shalls (RHINEland) essentially have the Table Coat. Yoo's/Yells, sharing the Singer/Song garb, are in Church colors and format while Church's share the black greyhound head with Schutz's (RHINEland). Have's/Haafs (Belgium) may have named the Half variation of Helps who in turn look like they have the Kill variation of Keele's in their motto, for they were first found in Lincolnshire with Halfs/Helps (suspect with Helpe river in Belgium), and then the Bible miracle was at the home of Keele-like Kelly. Her father was a song WRITEr, and Scottish Write's happen to share the fesse of Alan-line Stewarts, and these Write's happen to have been first found in Berwickshire with Elons. It appears that "you shall have a song" was not decipherable until Elon Musk made the Twitter news at this time.

Leaks/Leakeys share the Dane / Madge fleur-de-lys while Rants/Rance's share the Denet Crest while Laish-suspect Lisieux was home to Lexovi. Madge's and Muggs/Mudge's (possibly related to the Leighton/Laton Crest) were both first found in Surrey with Helen-connectable Helions/Helms who in turn are in Dent colors and format. Tonys were from the Lisieux theater while we saw Tony-line Staffords at MUGGington.

Misters/Masters and TICKs/TOUQUE's were both once said to be first found in Kent, and both are now said to be first found in Yorkshire with the TICKhills who have the Tony Coat in colors reversed. Tonys of Les ANDELys were at the TOUQUES river. Perfect. The Tenants/Tenents may have been from Denets/Tenets, the Donut branch. Muschats use the ANTELope, tending to assure that the inclusion of the Tenant-beloved Masts in this picture is a pointer to Elon Musk. But why? What do the props (Connie, rain gutter, paint job, parking lot, coffee shop) leading to this set of heraldry have to do with anything God may be concerned with as per Mr. Musk?

Both Diane's were at Mister Donut. Misters/Masters have a version of the Archer and Larcher Crests, and Larchers were first found in Derbyshire with Heights who in turn have variations like those of Yorkshire's Hague's. Is this a pointer to The Hague in Belgium? The Steers who share the red mural crown with Misters/Masters and Archers / Larchers may have the Cedes' in their "cede" motto term, who are listed with Seaton-like Seats. Tenants use both a "sail" and "mast," and Sails/Sales' are in the colors and format of Denet/Tenet-branch Dents of Seaton-connectable SEDbergh. Beauty. Tenants came up as per Helen my tenant, and Helens were at Helion while Helions/Helms are likewise in Dents / Sail colors and format. Dents share the ermined lozenges of Hounds, the latter first found in Cambridgeshire with Muscats/Musks. Sedans/Siddens use a "sino" motto term to go with Sion/Sitten. I trace Sails/Sales' to "Saluzzo," near the TANaro river to Bra and ASTi, in the realm of Pero's suspect in the Denet/Tenet motto. ASTYs were first found in Lanarkshire with Sions/Swans, and HASTings (Sussex, same as Denets/Tenets, Diane's, etc) share the giant, red MAUNCH with Tonys. Asters/Sturs were first found in MANCHE.

MALahule was the ancestor of Tonys, the latter first found in Leicestershire with the Legge-like Legro river. This river was also the Soar while Soars/Sors' (share Legro lion) were first found in Dorset with Gutters/Cutters. I was painting the Gutters when Connie was over at Barry's to set up a meeting with Diane. Leicester-like Lecks were first found in Stirlingshire while Stirlings are also STURlings, and English Steer-like Sturs/STYRE's share the triple fesses of Bassets while Diane married Joe Oullette while Oullette's were at Ouilly-le-Basset. Bassets (Stafford colors) were first found in Staffordshire, and Levens share the Stafford chevron while Staffords have: "His brother, Robert de Toeni, built a castle in Stafford and was the first to be surnamed Stafford." The Stafford Crest is a white swan in a red crown to go with the white items in a red crown of Misters/Masts / Archers / Steers.

As Mister Donut was a coffee shop, note the Stafford write-up further: "The parish of MUGGinton, Derbyshire played an important part of the family's heritage." I claim that God pointed to Coffee's/Coffers on the day I was MUGGed in Galveston. But that's another, long story. Muggs/Mudge's and Madge's/MACHets (Sitter/Sidewell and Herod/Harald colors) were first found in Surrey with Steers, and I trace Steer-like Sitters/Sidewell to SITRic Caech, father of king Harald, and grandfather of king MACCus. "Caech" is to Cake's/Cakebreads, and they have a Coat like that of Sion-like Shiners/Scheins/Sheins, first found in Switzerland; both surnames share the Height fleur-de-lys. While Heights (Derbyshire, same as Hate-beloved Sola's) share the cross that's between the antlers of the Vise stag head, the Tryst-branch Tristans share that stag head while "Keep tryst" is the motto of Hebrons/Hepburns, first found in Northumberland with Sitters/Sidewells and Sitric Caech.

If God arranged the meeting at the Richmond Heights to include Richmonds, I'm not sure what contribution then can make. Richmond was ruled by Elon- / Helen-like Alans of Brittany, and the Richmond Coat is a reflection of the English Hair Coat. These Hairs were first found in Surrey with Muggs who may have named Muggington of Staffords. Richmond-like Rich's (Stafford chevron in colors reversed) were first found in Hampshire with Sturs/STYRE's while Steers were first found in Surrey with hairs too. The Sturs/Styre's have three of the double Richmond / Hair fesses. Richmonds use their double fesses in gemel form, and Gemels (share swan in Crest with Staffords) were first found in Ayrshire with Scottish Hairs (almost the Coat of English Hairs).

Heights/Hyte's were first found in Derbyshire with Canute-line Cnuts/Note's, and the Canute-like Cuntys/Condeys are suspect in the motto of COURTs/Coverts (Sussex again, same as Vise's sharing the Height/Hyte cross). Cuntys/Condeys, first found in Yorkshire with RICHMONDs and Hyte-like Hate's/HAIGHTs/Hague's, have two of the triple Lizart/Sarde pale bars. While the latter were related to French Archers, the latter share the Archibald and Hate/Haight/Hague crescent, and "Sola" is even shared between the mottoes of Hate's/Haights/Hague's and English Archers while Sola's/Sole's were first found in Derbyshire with Heights and Cnuts/Note's, suggesting strongly that God set up that meeting with Muschatov at the Richmond Heights plaza. Spanish Sole's/Solana's can point here to the family of Javier Solana in case he or his family is still pulling strings in the EU or The Hague.

But why was I doing Barry's gutters? Well, Scottish Barrys use a "legi" motto term, so unbelievable, because I had not considered Barrys in this discussion until now, after writing the above. Connie, at Barry's home, wanted to start a relationship with Rick LEGGE, but this gets unbelievable where, midway in the first sentence of this paragraph, I remembered that Rains/Raines' use a "LEGES" motto term. I was painting Barry's RAIN GUTTERS HAHAHAHA, so incredible. God makes me happy too much. Surprise John. Rains/Raines' ("fideLIS") were first found in Essex with Muschats, and the Fiddle's/Fidelows suspect in "FIDELis" were first found in Surrey with the Steers having a "maLIS" motto term. The Steers have lions in the colors of the Rain/Raines lions.

Rains/Raines' not only share the white lion in Crest with Trough's/Trowtons, but both surnames are essentially in the same colors and format. I was painting the rain troughs. Irish Barrys share bars gemel (different colors) with Richmonds, and the Irish Barry Coat almost has the triple fesses of Luffs/Love's (compare with bars of Amore's), kin in turn of Muscats/Musks. RICHmonds might have been Rick kin, and zowzers, I have what I think God is after with the use of Rick Legge, for Ricks have the Craven Coat in colors reversed while Cravens are in the colors and format of Elon-like Elys, and almost in the format of same-colored Muscats/Musks!!! Lookie: "The surname Muscat was first found in Cambridgeshire where 'William Muschet held of the Bishop of ELY in 1165." That's why Muscats/Musks have a Coat version of the Elys (Cambridgeshire).

I've told that Rick Legge was with me the night I walked on Muschatov's fence, on the night of the antenna climb. But the more I tried to remember it, the less sure I was that Legge was there. I'm sure he was at Muschatov's place with me at one time, and that night is the only one that makes sense because at any other time, I was there to pick Diane up, and he was never there at those times. Rick lived in OAK Ridge's, and Ridge's, an Rudes/Rudge branch, were first found in Devon with OAKhampton of the Elon-like Alans. The Ricks were in neighboring Somerset with Oaks, and with the TINTs who look like Rick kin. The ATINTanes were at proto-Alan Aulon, and Oaks have a Coat resembling that of Elons and Elms. The "TENTamine" motto term of Legge's plays well to Tints because "royal tents" are used by Tintons. So, it appears that God was using Rick Legge to help point to Elon Musk.

Tintons are in the colors and format of English Towns/TONE's, the latter first found in Suffolk with early Muscats/Musks. Tonys/TONE's were at Leicester, location of the LEGro river. Tonys were from Les ANDELys, and Muscats/Musks use the ANTELope. Okay, but what exactly about Elon Musk is this suggesting?

I went from non-Christian girl to non-Christian girl always hoping they would become Christians with me, but the resistance was strong. I just couldn't believe how opposed to Jesus people were. The same Barry above called me one day about 1.5 years after Diane, and invited me to go camping, and lured me by saying Mamie would be there. So I went, and Mamie and I slept in her SLEEPing BAG in a TENT that first night when we became a couple, and God assured that there wasn't even a kiss in there. I mentioned that story many times trying to resolve it with heraldry that included the royal tents of Tintons, and I could never make sense of how the Bags could relate to that event, though I had known that Sleeps were first found in Shropshire with Bagleys.

It wasn't until last October that I spotted this in the Royal write-up: "An early East Cheshire roll has the following entry: 'Sir Nicholas de Eton ... concedes to Sir William de BAGGYlegh... one hamlet... in the vill of Echeles, which is called Ruyhul ... which Richard de Ruyhul held ... c. 1318.'" Is that not amazing, since Baggys are listed with Bags!? Baggylegh was obviously a Bagley location. So, you see, God even allowed us to sleep in a sleeping bag together for this pointer to Tintons and Bag liners. But why, what's the big deal? The way I read the quote above, the village of ECHELES became Ruyhul, which tends to explain why CHEILES' and Royals share the same bend. There's a LEG in the Cheiles Crest, and "TENTamine" is a Legge motto term while the Mine's expected in "tentaMINE" are also Menne's/Means while Mamie pointed hard to Mens'/Mame's. Mane's/Manets share the spread eagle of Towns/Tone's.

[I didn't discover until extremely late this week that Scottish Deans share the full motto of English Banes' while French Banes' share the Muschat Coat. It looks Arranged. BANESters use "WATER bougets" while Waters share the Coat of French Banes' too. English Banes' have a Coat reflecting those of Echels and Sens'/Senns, both first found in Switzerland.]

Very shortly after Mamie and I split up in October/November, I moved to the Archibald residence for a very short time, and that's when Diane's boyfriend drove into the Steer Inn. German Bachs use a "steer" while Welsh Bachs are BAGHs too. Okay, but so what? Well, it was a stone's throw from the home of David Morley who appeared in my sleeping bag dream. He rode his bike down a hill / bank and circled the place where I had picked up this bag, and he then rode away. But that's another story I don't want to repeat.

As Mamie pointed hard to Tease's/Tyes' when she teased me in the sleeping bag, share pointed hard to Mamesfelde of the Mansfields. And so I had noted that Mansfields are in the Tinton colors and format, but then they're also in Town/Tone colors and format, and I may not have noticed this before from the Towns/Tone's: "The surname Town was first found in Suffolk. The written history of the name dates back as far as 1095, when Wistric OFTUN..." There's no Often surname coming up, but "often" is a motto term of Ainsleys, first found in Nottinghamshire, where Ainsley-like Annas' were once said to be first found who share the Tease/Tyes star. Ainsley EARhardt is SLEEPING Beauty in my 1979 dream, which took place the month I became a Christian. I said above that my TINITis, my EAR ringing, might be a pointer to the ATINTanes, who named the Tintons. Okay, but what's this got to do with Musk or anything in the future? Why would God include EARhardt with this tinitis picture? I'm stumped; it's late in the day, Friday, time for a break.

Wait. I think that the anti-Christ connects to Bullis on the Aous river of the Atintanes. I won't explain why (it has to do with Seleucids) I think Bullis and the Bullis/Bulliard surname are ancestral to the anti-Christ, but will point out that Tease's/Tyes and Annas' share the Bullis/Bulliard star. I've just loaded the Bollard variation of the latter surname to find a French Bollard/Bolot surname (probably the Casimir antler), first found in Arthur-line Artois, relevant because mythical king Arthur (code for Arthurs), was given a birth place in Tintagel (Cornwall, same as Tintons), named partly by Tint liners. Arthur's mother was the wife of mythical GorLOIS, and Lois' were first found in Artois too.

Casimirs were related to Lorraine's from RICHEZa of Lorraine (mother of Casimir of Poland), the line of Richmond-like Rich's/Richess'. The neighboring, Tint-related Ricks (Somerset, same as Tints) can apply. The ringing in my ears is like an alarm that never goes off, and even though I'm not conscious of it, it probably disturbs me to some degree, or perhaps robs me of peace, makes me a little edgy. I trace Seleucids to Sulcis in SARDinia, and this recalls how Miss Archibald at the Steer Inn pointed to Archers and Lizarts/SARDE's together. Bullis'/Bulliards share the red roundel with Shirts/SHARDs. The latter were related to hair-branch Harcourts, and EARhardts/Airharts were a Hair branch round-about.

Bullis is not far off of the CERAUNII mountains, and so be my guest and re-read above where Rings/Crans were traced to the Ceraunii Illyrians. Rings came to topic from my tinitis. It's just amazing that English Rings are in Pendragon colors and format, for mythical Pendragon was the father of king Arthur at TINTagel. I just keep taking all kinds of hits for the Team, now even with tinitis. Earhardts use two snakes "interTWINed," and Tint-like Twin(e)s (Hampshire, beside Tints) are in Tinton colors. The Atrebates of Hampshire had named Atrecht, which is now Arras, the Artois capital. Arras' list Arrows, and Inter-like Inders (Cornwall, same as Tintagel) and Archers both use arrows. "INTERtwined." As Archers came to topic with Miss ArchiBALD, I think there could be a reason as to why Balders (Twin colors and near format) were first found in West Lothian with Twin-like Scottish Towns (share chevron of English Towns and Peeble's/Peoples'). Peebles is where Balds were first found along with Tweets/Tweedle's, and the Peeple's/Peoples' surname happens to share green parrots with Twine's (not "Twin"). How about that. The Balder cross is even the one of Twitts/Tweats! It seems, now, that Miss Archibald is pointing to Elon Musk along with Diane!

Earhardts use two SNAKES "intertwined," and Snake's/Snooks were first found in Kent with the Gore's/Core's who named GORlois of Tintagel. Inders come up as Ingers, and Inger the Varangian was possibly the ancestry of Maria of the Kiev Varangians, wife of Casimir of Poland, the line of Casimirs who share the antler of Bullis-connectable Bollards/Bolots (Artois). German Bolot-like Bolts use a giant arrow. King Arthur's death was put on AVALON, the island of his half-sister, Morgan le Fey, daughter of Gorlois. It just so happens that Aulon at the Ceraunii mountains, beside the Atintanes, is also called, AVLONa. That's how Arthurian myth writers worked, by secretly using codes for their beloved ancestry.

The Morgan lion is colors reversed from the Lorraine lion, and the Lorraine bend is in the colors of the bend-by-antler of Casimirs for a related reason. Then, Inger's wife was Melissena RANGabe (real person), and the satanic Vere's (Varangians, I assume) had a mythical Melusine on Avalon. The Rangabe's may have named Pendragon-connectable Rings, for Ringers are also Rangers/RAINgers, the latter first found in Essex with the Rains/Raines' sharing Ring / Pendragon chevron!

Ahh, the Gore's/Core's share the crosslets to English Rench's (Cambridgeshire, same as Muscats/Musks) while Ringers/Rangers (same place as Muschats and Tesla-like Teasels/Tessels) are also RENGers. Is Musk in secret cahoots with Al Gore in green-energy plots? Avalon was related to the Deaths and Motts/Morte's (apt description of an electric car when you need it most), both sharing the TEASEl/Tessel crescent. It's also the crescent of Keele's (Lincolnshire, same as Royal-connectable Cheile's), and while Keele's share the quadrants of Drive's/Drove's (apt symbol for electric car), the latter were first found in Hampshire with Tiss'/TEESE's! Beauty. I can trace Avalon elements to Champagne (near Avallon), the latter being where French Rangers were first found.

Keele-like Kellys share the lion of Royal-like Roys expected in the "roi" motto term of Dorseys/D'ARCys!!! Motts could be from "Modane" on the Arc river. DORSEYs/D'Arcys share the cinquefoils of Frasers (Peebles-shire!) and Kims, the latter first found in Bute, which I think is Avalon. Dorseys/D'Arcys share the Beauty and Hayden bull, and Haydens were kin of Tuits/Tute's and Twitts/Tweats, is that not all amazing since Jack Dorsey was the Twitter CEO? At this time, Jack Dorsey is teaming up with Elon Musk, it appears. It now appears that Miss ARCHibald was at the Steer Inn to point to Jack Dorsey; he's the only one on the Twitter board to take the position of Musk for non-censored content. Scottish Jacks, in case it applies, were first found in Renfrewshire with Knocks/Knox's, and the Renfrew surname happens to share the giant ship of Balds!

Tinton-beloved Royals took us to the Cheile's from their Echels location. Etchels/Eggels share the Rosco/Risco cinquefoil while the latter's Rush/Rish branch shares "Un Dieu" with the Dorsey/D'Arcy motto. These cinquefoils are colors reversed from the ones of Bolot-connectable Bellows/Bellots in the "bellows" of Ships/Shiptons expected in the Bald ship. Ships/Shiptons were first found in Oxfordshire with Bute-like Abotts (share pears with Peeble's-beloved Parrots). The "suis" motto term of Frasers (Peebles-shire with Balter-like Balds) can be for the Swiss' who share the eagle of EGGs/EDGE's (i.e. like "Etch/Eggel"), and Switzerland happens to be where Echels/Eshers/Ashers were first found.

Cheile's are in the motto of Camerons who in turn share five, bunched arrows with the Arms of ROTHschild and ROET-related Bows/Bough's. Roets owned the Catherine wheel shared by English Scotts (Kent) who in turn share the griffin of Bolot-like Bolt. Scottish Scotts look related to English ARChibalds, for both have similar Coats and were first found in Roxburghshire. Scotts share "Amo" with Parrots. Bolts were first found in Lancashire with Boltons/BALTons, perhaps a Bald-line branch. Baldons can be deemed a branch of Balders because the latter share the Scottish Conan Coat while Irish Conans almost have the Baldon Coat.

Babel's/Babwells are now very linkable to Courts/Coverts. Babels/Babwells almost have the ArmSTRONG Coat while the latter share a strongarm in Crest with Battle's who are in turn in Strong colors and format. Strongs were first found in Somerset with Badens/Battins and Tints, and so note the "TENTanda" motto term of Strongs. Another strongarm is in the Crest of Darks/D'ARKs/D'ARQUES', indeed. I wish I could read these heraldic links to know the future, but I think we've got to settle for coming back to them AFTER the events they point to have transpired.

As per ArchiBALD, it's pretty amazing that Balds were first found in Peebles-shire with Tweets/Tweedle's. It gives another impression that God is pointing to Elon Musk's big purchase now underway. Muschatov was working at a courthouse when I bumped into her at the GROCEry store, and Groce's were first found in Baden with German Balds. Is this another indication that Elon Musk is going to be involved in big court cases, perhaps to alleviate persecution against Christians? Don't worship this guy, don't even smile his way, because he's got some insidious plots under way. God can use a donkey, or he can use Musk, what's the difference? Do we kiss the donkey when God uses it to do something good for us, or should we instead kiss God? Alright then.

Miss Hicks at the Check-Out

Good morning Saturday. One day, I was out for a reason I cannot recall, down in Texas. I was at a newly-built home still in progress, and the man there was showing me the super / meticulous work they were doing, including the paneling in bedroom closets. After a while, I left the place. And after that I left Texas for some time. When I returned, I walked into Walmart, and there was Miss Hicks at the check-out just as I got into the DOOR. I had a pair of brown pants I was returning in my shopping cart, but before I took a step toward the refund desk, and while Miss Hicks and I were looking at each other, the man above greeted me. And he said that his wife was at the check-out stand. Pointing to her, in Amish clothing, she was immediately behind Miss Hicks. Does this look like a set-up to you by God for some reason? Is there emphasis on the check-out here, as per a pointer to the 666?

I've told this story before, and as the man had a long beard, typical of the Amish, I had noted that Jack DORsey had grown such a beard. I had only just walked into the DOOR when this man greeted me. If there was any other reason for bringing Jack Dorsey into that discussion, I don't remember it. Here's how Dorseys entered the discussion above: "Tinton-beloved Royals took us to the Cheile's from their Echels location. Etchels/Eggels share the Rosco/Risco cinquefoil while the latter's Rush/Rish branch shares "Un Dieu" with the Dorsey/D'Arcy motto." That paragraph took us the Edge's/Eggs, a branch of Ice's/ICKYs, and Hicks list Ickys too. Miss Hicks was looking at me as the Amish man, perhaps a pointer to Jack Dorey, greeted me. The Hicks/Ickys are essentially in the colors and format of Crauns/Crane's, and the latter share three, blue, fessewise annulets with Rush's/Rish's (Suffolk, same as Crauns/Crane's). Ain't that a hoot?

Plus, Cheile's and Keele's were first found in Lincolnshire with the Tankerville's said to have married the D'ARQUES' listed with Darks/D'Arks, and Dorseys/D'Arcys are also Darcys. That's impressive, but what is it predicting from a Musk-Dorsey team? Or is it just a general pointer to Musk's Twitter for reasons yet unknown? Tankerville's have a Coat like that of Boards while Jack Dorsey in on the Twitter board. If the Boards use "birds," I can add that Builders almost have the Coats of Bird/Burd-like Berts and Burts. The Amish man was a BUILDER. Is this a pointer to Bilderbergs?

Tankerville's were kin of CHAMBERlains, and it just so happens that Chambre is on the ARC river to go with D'Arks and D'Arcys! I find that amazing. The Chamberlain-beloved Donkeys ("PATI" motto term) share the Tankerville cinquefoils, colors reversed from the same of Etchels/Eggels and Rosco's/Risco's. I was with a SHOPping cart when the Amish man greeted me, and Shop variations take us to Schere's/Schare's/Schire's/Scherfs, suspect with Square/Squire's/Squirrels (Worcestershire with Eggs/Edge's and PATTYs!) who share "ferme" with Haydens.

[Insert -- I passed the mention of Chamberlains here before loading them again, because I've known from the past, without seeing the Coats, that they were related to Tankerville's. But when I did re-load Chamberlains to see what else they might add, there were the JACK scallops in the Coat of English Chamberlains. French Chamberlains have a version of the Tankerville Coat, and the English Jacks above were first found in Yorkshire with Tankerville-branch Tanks/Tancreds. English Jacks share the Button/Biden and Butt/Bute/Boet fesse while Buttons/Bidens share the Dorsey/D'Arcy "chapeau." Donkeys use a HUNTING horn to go with the "horn" in the Button/Biden Crest, and so this makes it appear that Jack Dorsey is connecting with Hunter Biden.

Jack Dorsey is a liberal, and therefore an idiot, a sinner. There can be no liberal voter / supporter who is not a sinner these days, not one who truly loves Jesus. It's impossible. If such liberals claim to love Jesus, they lie, or love a false Jesus, or love the real Jesus as traitors to Him. Sure, Judas Iscariot loved to travel with Jesus, so long as he had charge of the money bag. God is preparing the 666 for the foolish virgins. End insert]

Miss Hicks was the original Sleeping BEAUTY, followed by Ainsley Earhardt. The latter married Mr. McKinney, and McKinneys share the Fraser Coat. Ainsley later married Mr. Proctor and had a daughter, Hayden, with him, and so let me quote the sentence that comes immediately after the quote above: "Dorseys/D'Arcys share the cinquefoils of Frasers (Peebles-shire!)...Dorseys/D'Arcys share the BEAUTY and Hayden bull, and Haydens were kin of Tuits/Tute's and Twitts/Tweats, is that not all amazing since Jack Dorsey was the Twitter CEO? At this time, Jack Dorsey is teaming up with Elon Musk, it appears." Tweets were first found in Peebles-shire too, you see. Hicks/Ickys use a "Tout" motto term listed with English Tute's. Ain't that a hooten-tooten?

Donkeys have a ship in Crest while Ships use "bellows" while Bellows/Bellots (FOX head) share the Donkey Chief. The Bellow/Bellot Coat and Crest is a version of the Percival Coat and Crest, and "candida" is shared between the Percival and AMIS mottoes. Can the AMISH man relate to that set of heraldry? Amis' were first found in Northumberland with Donkeys.

Candida's are Candi's too, Candys were first found in Suffolk with same-colored Rush's/Rish's (share "Un Dieu" with Dorseys), and with Crauns/Crane's having a patee cross to go with the "DISCE pati" motto of Donkeys and Duncans. Chamberlains ("proDESSE") are in Diss/Dice colors and format. The Diss location, once called, Disce, is just over the Suffolk border into Norfolk, and Suffolk and Norfolk is where Platters were first found who almost have the VALDes Coat, both having Coats like this international marine flag to express the numeral, six. Why are there THREE bends in the six flag? Bald-like Valdes' were looked up because the Amish man greeted me in a Walmart store in UVALDE. The Valdes Coat is exactly the flag above. Is this discussion by any chance a pointer to the infamous Valdez oil TANKER?

It's then amazing, as if it were Confirmation that I'm on the right track, that while Crauns/Crane's share the patee cross of Claptons, a Clapton location is at GORDANo, where Waltons were first found who named Walmart. Jack Dorsey, the Amish man, surprised me inside the Walmart doors. I've mentioned many times a Mr. Hicks who married Juliana Arthur of Clapton, and here we can tell that Arthurs were first found in Berwickshire with Gords/GORDANs. The same Arthur family of Clapton married the Meads (share pelican with Arthurs), and this could have been the ancestry of Brian Kilmeade, co-host of Fox and Friends with Ainsley Earhardt. The third co-host is Steeve Doocy, and I recall a Doocy-like term bringing up the Dorsey/D'Arcy Coat.

The Dorsey/D'Arcy bull is amazing because the Bach "steer" is a bull while Miss ARCHiBALD at the Steer Inn was pointing to Jack Dorsey. I bought a fiberglass BULLdog from Hamilton, Ontario, and Miss Hicks married Hamilton Kilpatrick. Hamiltons, sharing the cinquefoils of DOGs/Dougs/DOCK and Tankerville's, were first found in Renfrewshire with Scottish Jacks. Tankerville-related Chamberlains share the stars of Ducks/Dacks, a branch of Doocys/Duce's (Staffordshire, same as Docks/Doxeys/DORKSEYs.

Once we get to Duck liners, we take it to German Ducks/Dockers because they were brought up by Lorraine's pants, as per the Pansys/Pantzers, first found in Westphalia with Ducks/Dockers who named Bar-le-DUC in Lorraine, which place uses the pansy for its Arms. And so this could be why I was returning my pants when the Amish man greeted me who had a beard like that of Jack Dorsey.

I imagine that the "aeneus" motto term of Waltons is for the Ainsley-branch Annas', and when Miss Hicks gave me the impression that she wore a wig, I had noted that Annas' almost have the Wiggin Coat. Annas-like Hanna's (Trump stag head in colors reversed) were first found in WIGton. The Arness line of Annas' was first found in Lincolnshire with Tankerville's. I had wondered at that time whether Miss Hicks was BALD, I kid you not. Balds were an integral topic when Dorseys/D'ARCys were first mentioned. Wiggins were first found in Cambridgeshire with Muscats/MUSKS!!! ZIKERS. D'Arcy-like Darks/D'Arks/D'Arques' (Kent, same as Roosts/Rusts) share the Baldwin and Roost/Rust saltires (in Balder-cross colors).

Plus, I distinctly remember that, after talking with the Amish man, I walked over to the refund desk with the pants already in the shopping cart, and Shops share the Chief-Shield colors of Wiggins. The Haydens with the Dorsey/D'Arcy bull share a dancette on a red Chief with Shops. When I was at the house being built by the Amish man, it was out San-Antonio way, the city where Ainsley Earhardt was working (KENS TV) when she married Mr. McKinney. McKinneys share the Fraser / Dorsey/D'Arcy cinquefoils. Haydens use a "foy" motto term while two Fox surnames are also Foix's while Ainsley went directly from Kens TV to Fox news. Irish Foys use an EEL while we saw Muscats/Musks above related to ELY in Cambridgeshire. Is that not amazing, since Wiggins were first found in Cambridgeshire too.

Ainsleys use a scimitar, and a Greek location of Schimatari is at TANAGRa, where I trace TANKERville's. Mythical Orion's father was at Tanagra, and Orions/Irons/KENirons actually have a cross in Ainsley-cross colors, is that not amazing along with KENS TV? I was just about to ask whether Muschatov's TV antenna goes with KENS TV, but then decided not to say it because it's corny and doesn't seem logical. Then I decided to say it because KENS TV is in San ANTONIO, and the ANTENNA looks like a pointer to Antons/Anthonys, first found in Lincolnshire with Tankerville's!!! WOW! Another mystery to crack, so much fun. SAN Antonio pointed to the Earhardt snakes because the Snake-like Sans/Sanchez's share the Snake/Snook eagle. It's as though God arranged Ainsley to work in San Antonio for heraldic pointers.

Kens' were first found in Devon with the Flowers in the "flower" of Italian Tonys/Antonio's. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, Kens' share the crescents of Others/Otters who were connectable to Diane's Windsor-connectable window i.e. at her antenna, and Flower-like Fellows not only have three lion heads in the colors of the three lion paws of Windows, and not only in the colors of the three lions of Windsor-beloved Fiens/Finis', but were first found in Huntingdonshire with proto-Windsor Others/Otters!!! Can we believe it? The mystery is: why would an event at my age 22 point to Miss Earhardt's former TV station? Some day I should like to know.

In the dream a year earlier, Sleeping Beauty first appeared walking around the FENDER of her car, and then to the hood. Fenders/Venders (Huntingdonshire), looking like a branch of Fiens/Fane's/Vans, or even the fence-like Fens'/Venns (Devon, same as Kens', Flowers and Hoods/HOOTs), use an otter. Fens'/Venns share the scallops of TOWNsends while Towns share a Tone variation with English Tonys. That's an incredible verification that Ainsley is Sleeping Beauty.

I think Rick LEGGe was with me when I walked the fence at Muschatov's, and HOOTers with Hoovers have the same giant eagle leg. Legge's were first found in Dumfries with the Patients/Patents expected in the Fellow motto. After she was at the hood, she appeared HOVERing (in the car) to go with Hoovers. Hoods/Hoots have crescents colors reversed from the same of TONbridge's! Surprise surprise surprise. Ainsley's daughter is Hayden, and so compare the Haydens with the Lous' suspect in the "ZeaLOUS" motto of Hoods/Hoots (Devon, same as Zeals/Seals and Tuckers). Tonbridge's, first found in Kent with Tucker- and Sea's (said to be at Seal), have a reflection of the ZEAL/Seal Coat. Why is she Sleeping Beauty, I cannot yet figure it out in any clear-cut way?

I trace the Biblical SHECHEMites to SCHIMatari, and the Shechemites had a relationship with the Kenites (whom Moses married). I say the latter are to the Kennati priests of AJAX in Cetis, and I've been proposing a trace of Jacks and Joke's back to "Ajax"! Chief-priest Annas was likely from the BOETHus house of Sadducees, and Tanagra is in BOEOTia. Sadducee-like Saddocks/Sedgewick have a version of the Chaddock and Chadwick Coats, and the latter two have a version of the Tankerville Coat. It doesn't look coincidental, and the Annaslegh surname is in the AINSley write-up, can you just get a load of that. Incredible. The English Jacks have a fesse-with-scallops in the colors of the fesse-with-fish of Butts/Bute's/BOETs. Annas was the chief priest under which Jesus was murdered.

As the Amish man had that beard, it's notable that a giant bull is used by French Beards/Bearts/Bears. It's a red bull shared by Daggers who in turn share the Jack / Chamberlain scallops!!! And Daggers were even first found in Cumberland with Browns/BRUNs to go with the brown pants I was returning. The reason that we are justified in taking the Chamberlain donkey to Mule's is, not only because mule-using Capote's/Capone's were first found in Florence with Bruno's, but because Mule's are in the colors and near-format of Muscats/Musks! God told me to wake Sleeping Beauty, and Wake's (Lincolnshire, same as Tankerville's) almost have the Mule Coat likely because Mule's were first found beside the Wassa's/WACE's, they being proto-Washingtons while Washingtons (Mule colors and format) share the double fesses of Mule's and Muscats/Musks. The latter were even first found in Cambridgeshire with Capone's to go with the Capone variation of mule-using Capote's. Is that cool or what? Plus, Wake's were kin of Orrs/Ore's, the latter first found in Renfrewshire with Scottish Jacks!

Recall the Candida's/Candi's from the AMIS motto, for Washingtons have the CANTon Coat in colors reversed, explaining why a canton square is used by Wassa's/Wace's. The bearded man was AMISH, and he greeted me while Sleeping Beauty was looking at me from the check-out counter!!! It's full-proof. The Sleeps even have the double Mule / Washington / Musk fesses in colors reversed!!! The Sleeping Beauty dream had to be paired with Musk and Dorsey all of this time. Let this thing unfold, I want to see it.

AhA! Renfrewshire is also where Knocks/Knox's were first found, which returns us to Diane Muschatov, who was at the Steer-Inn event that's now pointing to Dorsey while she points to Musk from her surname. What happened when I knocked on her bedroom window? I WOKE her!!! We might even say that Musk might work with Dorsey to quash so-called "woke" politics, or, to our surprise, they might try to reinforce it. "Woke" is an anti-Christian program, suggesting that old, traditional ways are to be a thing of the past. Jesus has news for woker donkeys: you can run but you cannot hide, not even with the rocks falling on you.

The Wake motto is translated, "Watch and pray," code for Watch's/Wage's, first found in Cornwall with Wassa's/Wace's, proving that Wake's share the Washington fesses. Irish Prays, in Wake colors, were first found in County Down with Knee's, and Sleeping Beauty woke up when I brushed her knee. To the best of my recollection, the bearded man greeted me in February/March, 2006.

[AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH WOWWWIE! A couple of hours after writing on the Watch's, I loaded the Others/Otters because I know they share the Kens crescents, and there I saw the Other/Otter motto, "WATCH"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It proves yet again that Ainsley Earhardt is Sleeping Beauty. KENS TV is in San Antonio, the nearest large city to where I purchased Texas property. So, now I understand that God either arranged the heraldry to go with KENS TV, or he arranged Miss Earhardt to be there, in a city that connects to my climbing Diana's antenna. Romeo, O Romeo...

I've said it before, I'm not lying, that when Diane finally opened her bedroom window, she said, "Are you crazy, my brother could have shot you." Granted, I was crazy, but the point here is that he likely had a hunting rifle because mythical Orion was the hunter. It just so happens that while the heraldic hunting HORN is code for Orion because Horns/Orne's were from "Orion," Others/Otters were first found in Huntingdonshire while Huntingdons use hunting horns! Can we believe it?

Hunts/Hunters were first found in Shropshire with Sleeps. I trace Sleeps to the Selepitanoi Illyrians at/near Butua (Budva), a place that I think came from the CadMUS-branch Tyrians in Boeotia because myth had Cadmus and his wife (HARMONia) becoming two snakes when they founded Illyrians. The two snakes were the symbol of HERMes caduceus, code for the Cadusii ARMENians that CADmus represented. Mus was in Armenia, and MUSchatovs must therefore apply.

I'm proposing now that Muschatov's antenna represented the television personality of Miss Earhardt in general, not just KENS TV. I think the heraldry points very well to KENS, but the reason, I think, is in assuring that she was a fulfillment of Sleeping Beauty. Miss Muschatov is pure blond. The Others/Otters share the Lorraine / Keep bends for a trace with Casimirs to Maria of Kiev, perfect because Diane's parents both had Ukrainian accents. That's amazing, assuring all the more that Others/Otters do apply to the Kens crescents. I had knocked on her window, and I showed how Windsors applied to that window, and here the Others/Otters (Windsor colors) are said to have been proto-Windsors. The "en Dieu" motto phrase of Windsors is almost the "Un Dieu" of Dorseys/D'Arcys, and the Windsor-related Gore's were first found in Kens-like Kent with Darks/D'Arks/D'Arques', kin of Tankerville's. Kents, with a lion in the colors of the Window lion paws and the FIEN/Finis lions, were even first found in Berkshire with Windsor castle! There's a lot going on here all at once. The Windsor motto in full: "Je ME FIE EN Dieu." The Mee's are listed with the My's in the Ainsley motto.

The Windsor write-up: "The Windsor family lived in Berkshire, at Windsor Castle. Interestingly, 'The Stanwell family claim descent from Walter Fitz-Other ( fl. 1087), who held that manor at the time of Domesday Book and was warder of Windsor Castle, whence he derived the name Windsor." Stans/Stains/Stands are interesting for sharing the double fesses of Elons. The Candle's, listed with KENTwells, and using a canton square, were not only first found in Suffolk with Candys who in turn share the Windsor saltire, and not only have a Crest similar to the Crest of Stans/Stains/Stands (Yorkshire, same as Cantons and Hicks), but they have five ANNulets in the colors of the five Ainsley fleur-de-lys, and in the colors of the (three) Hicks fleur-de-lys.

Reminder: Cantons (double Sleep fesses) were Washington kin while the Wassa's (canton) were a branch of Watch's in the motto of Others/Otters, and the latter not only share the Kens crescent, but the Dicker/Decker crescent while Cantons were at Dickering. Suffolk, where Deacons/DIAKNE's were first found, is near Diss, and Diss' are also Dice's. As Diss is in Norfolk, where Burts were first found, it can explain why Dickers/Deckers are in Burt colors and format. Diss'/Dice's are in Kens colors and near-format. The Diakne variation reminds of the Diana's listed with Degans/Deans (!!) who in turn share the crescents of Diane's/Deans, first found in Sussex with Dickers! There you go, another heraldic link between Diane Muschatov Ainsley of KENS TV!!!! I think that's huge, though I don't know what the dickens it means.

Recall my thinking that RICK Legge was with me the night of the antenna climb, for Ricks share the Burt / Bert fitchees, and moreover Ricks share the fesses of Rosco's/Risco's and Rush's/Rish's while the latter share a motto phrase of Dorseys (share Hayden / Beauty bull). Incredibly, Dorseys were first found in Galway with Kennys! So even the first name of Rick Legge is tending to point to KENS TV, especially as Kennys share the Earhardt fleur-de-lys while Miss Earhardt married Mr. McKINNEY while McKinneys share the Dorsey cinquefoils. Too much. Kennys (Kenneth/MacKenzie colors) even share "floreat" with Browns/Bruns, and while the two share the same fleur, I had brown pants in the cart when with the Amish man i.e. whom I'm pointing to Jack Dorsey.

Aha. The Kennys share the crescents of Carrick-branch Craigie's while Carricks (Ayrshire, same as Craigie's, KENNedys and LOGANs) are from Aulus CHARAX Proculus, son of Lupus Laevillus, king of Cetis, location of the KENNATi priests of Jack-like Ajax!!! Bingo! God was using Ainsley's TV station to point even to the Kennati. Yet more, she married Mr. PROCtor, perhaps from the namers of "PROCulus." The three Proctor nails are in the HEART of LOGANs, and while Roger Ailes (former Fox CEO) probably had the last say on hiring Ainsley for Fox, Ailes' (Kent) have a near-copy of the Proctor Coat.

My shopping CART can go to Carts of Castle Cary of the Leavells, because they were from king Laevillus, and the Kennati-like Kents even share the Cary and Carter lion. If that's not enough, Carrots/Carews (Proctor colors) share "bien" with the Carrick motto. Ahh, the bearded Amish man from out San Antonio way GREETed me at Walmart, and Greets/Greats share the saltire of Proctor-beloved Nails/Neils/Nagle's, the latter first found in Westphalia with pants-like Pansys/Pantzers. Again, the Greets/Greats look like a GRAZio branch, and Lorraine's GRASS STAIN on her pants can now take us back to the Windsor write-up: "'The Stanwell family claim descent from Walter Fitz-OTHER ( fl. 1087), who held that manor at the time of Domesday Book and was warder of Windsor Castle, whence he derived the name Windsor." Again, the Others/Otters share the Lorraine bend! It's beautiful work when finally the missing pieces are added to the puzzle, which pieces take years to gather so that I'm prepared when news hits to which God is pointing with my events and dreams. I need the time to get familiar with the surnames that seem to apply.

The Frasers and McKinneys who share the Dorsey cinquefoils both have a "prest" motto term while Prests/Press' share the Chief of Irish Neils/O'Nails. It can explain why the Prest/Press Crest is almost the Proctor Crest. Both husbands of Miss Earhardt are in this paragraph with Dorseys, and news people are called, "the press." Scottish McKinneys were first found at Tweedale in Peebles-shire, the namer of Tweets/Tweedle's. Jack Dorsey was the Twitter CEO. Musk is now taking over, and Proctors were first found in Cambridgeshire with Muscats/Musks, though I can't see how to link them both aside from the MontFITCHet variation of Muschats, for FOOTs (Cheshire, same as BALLs/Balders) were a branch of Fothes'/Fittes' (Proctor colors) while Montfitchets were first found in Essex with Fitch's/Fitts', and Mr. Proctor was/is a professional FOOTBALL player. Rick Legge can apply here because Pear-like PROphets/ProFETTs (Aberdeenshire, beside Kincardine) use a giant leg to go with the legs in the Arms of FOETES (LECH river).

Fothes'/Fittes', first found in KinCARDINE with PEARtree's/Patria's, share the Peare stars while Miss Peare provided the belly PRESS. I wonder how that event might relate to the Prests/Press' in this discussion. Bellys could have been a branch of Bellows (Fox), first found in Cheshire with Foots, Cardine's, and Balls/BALDers. Lakeys, suspect with leg-using Prime's in their motto, were first found in Stirlingshire with Bald-branch Bauds, and French Bauds were first found in Auvergne with the Bello-loving Bouillons to which Peare's belly-press event pointed. The Bouillon motto shares almost a motto term of Lechs. The latter were first found in Worcestershire with the Square's/Squirrels who in turn have a "Tiens FERME" motto for linkage to Peare-related Tiens (share Fothes/Fittes stars) and the motto of Haydens, the latter first found in Norfolk with Peare-branch Parsons. Whatever this might mean, it's all intimidating when all we have to work with is a five-inch-diameter brain. Lechs love the Pellicans, first found in Maine with BILLETs/billiards, and Bellows/Bellots/Bello's share the Coat of English Billets. DeMaine's share the fleur-de-lys of Leaks (another leg) and Ainsleys.

Another red bull (besides the Beards/Bears) is with the Sabine's who in turn share the red scallop of Tankerville-branch Tanks/Tancreds, and Pullys/Pullings. The latter share the full motto of English Patents (Essex, same as Prock-branch Broke's/Brocks), and these Patents share the green griffin head in Crest with Scottish Beards/Bards. The motto includes "palleSCERE," and Schere's/Scherfs have variations like those of Shops. I was with a shopping cart when the bearded man GREETed me. I've been wanting to check the Greets/Greats (share rooster with Grazio's), and so i see they were first found in Northumberland with Amis' (and Donkeys). I trace NorthUMBERland to Umbria, where Great-like Grazio's were first found. I GRAZED her knee with my hand, and Sleeping Beauty awoke. I also TOUCHed her knee because TEVE's/TOVE's/TOWs/Touch's/Tuffs were a branch of Tufts/Tuffs' who in turn share the Knee phoenix. The Phoenix's/Fenwicks, with a phoenix of their own, were first found in Northumberland too. Ainsley was Sleeping Beauty, and Ainsleys were at BroxTOW. Bosco's have "tufts of GRASS."

Miss Hicks was at the CASHIER's desk when he greeted me, and his wife was behind her next in line. I think this is a pointer to both Casser surnames. German Cassers have a fair reflection of the Bono/Bon Coat while Hicks have a "bon" motto term. French Cassers have the triple Umber fesses in colors reversed. Here's part of the French Casser write-up: "John de Caleto or Caux (d. 1263), Treasurer of England...'other writers give his cognomen in the various forms De Calceto, De Cauz, De Cauaz, De Caus, and De CHAUCE....Coming over to England at an early age, he became a monk of the monastery of St. Swithhun, WINCHESTER, of which he was chosen prior in 1247.'" It just so happens that CARTers were first found in Winchester, which is in Hampshire, where CHASE's were first found who share the green griffin head in Crest with Beards/Bards and Patents, the latter first found in Essex with the Chance's sharing the patonce cross of Chace's. The latter's write-up: "The surname Chace was first found in Hampshire where one of the first records of the family was William Chase who was Mayor of WINCHESTER in 1464." Carts (beside Hampshire) were at Cary castle with English Carys while Irish Carys (KilKENNY) have the Chance lion (colors reversed from the Chace lion). So, that works well with my shopping cart, his greeting, and the cashier's desk.

I can go to the Chase-like Case's, first because they have a different-colors version of the Leslie bend-with-buckles while Leslie's have another green griffin head in Crest. The case bend-with-buckles is gold-on-red, same as the Other/Otter bend-with-crescents, which brings us back to proto-Windsors, for the latter were said to be from a STANwell entity through the Others/Otters, and "DiSTANTia" is a Case motto term while Stans are also Stants.

"DIStantia" is obvious code for Diss'/Dice's, first found in Norfolk with Case's. The latter look related to Keys and Kays', but see also how the Chace's share a key in the mouth of a griffin with Keys and Kays'. Suddenly, Case's and Chace's look like Key / Kay liners, kin of Sheaves'/Chiava's and Sheaves'/Shaws (Berkshire, same as Windsors), from the Shawia Numidians (also called, Chaoui), to which I trace MacKenzie's who in turn love the Luce's/Lucys of Dice in their motto.

English Carys were first found in Somerset with Gordano, and Waltons (named Walmart) were first found in Gordano. Gords/Gordans share the Speer boar heads, explaining why Irish Carys share the spear in Crest with Waltons, and why the latter share the swan with English Carys. Swans were first found in Lanarkshire with Scottish Caseys, and the latter's Crow kin were first found in Norfolk with Case's and the ANT river. The AUNT of Miss Hicks married Mr. Casey. The latter sold my Texas property. Speers are also SPEYers, likely namers of the Spey river, location of Rothes, where Leslie's were earls who share the green griffin head of Chase's (Case's were Leslie kin) and Beards/Bards. The bearded AMISH man is being postulated as a pointer to Jack Dorsey, and Scottish Jacks, first found in Renfrewshire with Speers and Pollocks of Rothes, use holly while Hollys were first found in Norfolk with Case's. English Carys share the roses of Amish-like Amis'! That looks very good. And Hollys share the bend of Antrims/Antringhams (Ant river, Norfolk).

I struggled how to find a way to link Waltons to a 666 item because it makes sense that the check-out at Walmart points to the 666 purchasing system. We heard reports that some Walmart stores are outfitted for the creation of concentration camps or military headquarters for the globalist fight against the American people. Finally, I found a way to link Waltons to the Trabys/Sadowski's while this Arms of Traby has what looks like thee 6's in the strings of the horns.

The Walmart-like English Walls/Wale's share the white wolf head of Scarfs while a "scarf" is used by Trabys/Sadowski's, but that alone isn't enough to make a hard link between Waltons and Trabys. Scarfs were first found in Yorkshire with Masters/Masts who in turn have a Coat like that of English Walls. Better, but not yet enough. Masters/Masts share the griffin head (not the same color) with the Walton Crest.

Bathers (Wales) were then loaded because they share the Scarf Coat. I then remembered that the Bather / Scarf wolf head was owned by Hugh Lupus D'Avranches (Cheshire, beside the first-known Bathers). I then saw that Waltons (buckles) are half in the colors and format of Buckle's while same-colored Buckleys were first found in Cheshire. And then I realized that Waltons have a form of the Goz/Gos Coat while Hugh Lupus was the son of Richard Goz. That was good enough to make a Walton link to Scarfs. Scherfs/Schere's share the fitchee of Shere's, and it's the fitchee also of Traby-like Tarves' whose vertically-split Shield is in the colors of the horizontally-split Shield of English Walls. Trabys (see Wikipedia Traby article) married ASTIKas', and there is a "STICK" in the Coat of Austrian Schere's.

This gets amazing where cashier-like English Cassers share the scallops of Tarves-like Traves'/Travers! That is crazy. The latter were related to Meschins, and Ranulf le Meschin's mother was the sister of Hugh Lupus i.e. she was a daughter of Richard Goz! Beauty. The Walmart cashier's desk, at our service. I've just found Tarbeys/Turbetts/Turbots (Yorkshire, same as Scarfs) in Scarf colors and format. Traves'/Travers share the Buckley motto, explaining why they are in the colors and format of Buckleys...and half the Walton Coat too. English Walls (look like Master/Mast kin) share the fleur-de-lys of Masci's.

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, German Cassers have the vertically-split Tarves Shield, I kid you not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So, I think we have every reason to believe that either God, or the Traby bloodline, put a 666 in the Arms of Traby. The giant red lion in the German Casser Coat is in the Tarves Crest!

Traves'/Travers use a tiger, and TIGERs were first found in Suffolk with Walton-beloved Buckle's. Teague/TEEGERs were first found in Galway with Dorseys!!! Dorseys are even in the colors and format of Scarfs / Bathers / Tarbeys, and even half of the Walton Coat.

Waltons look like kin of Troughs/TROWTons who in turn look like kin of Rains/Raines (likely namers of Renfrews), both of whom share the lion head of English Rothes' (English Cary colors and format) and Carters. TROUTs/Truebecks almost have the Tarbey/Turbot Coat. Tarbecks/Tarbucks were first found in Lancashire with the Lawrence's who in turn have a "turbot" tail. The Walton spear traces to the Spey river, location of Rothes. The latter Carters share the lions combatant of Mahers, and I'm hearing this week that leftist, Bill Maher, is backing Musk against the censorgoons. Mahers (almost the Karen crescent) are said to "traditionally belong to the barony of Ikerrin," and Irish Carys, with almost the same lion, are also Keerys.

The Fiens/Finis' (Force colors) use a "Fortem" motto term to indicate that they have the Sforza lion, and then the Mahers, sharing a brown Crest with, and the lions of, Fiens/Finis', share "audax" with English Forts. Then, Sforza lion holds a "quince" while Saer de Quincy was a ruler in Winchester, where Carters were first found who share the combattant lions of Mahers i.e. the Sforza lion too. The Cullis' could be in the Maher motto because both surnames may have the same, brown bird (hawk, I think), and then the Porters/PAWters, with a portCULLIS gate, were first found in Hampshire with Quint-related Winchesters. The fitchee Quints (Cumberland, same as Browns) is not only behind the Winchester lion, but in the PAW of Windows who in turn use lion paws in the colors of the Fien/Finis / Maher / Carter / Sforza lion. Winchesters (probably the lion of Chase-related Chance's) share the Maher / Cullis sword. Cullis' use "PEAScods," and Peas'/Peacocks were first found in Essex with Chance's, where Quints were once said to be first found.

Here's a little introductory look at Musk's brain implants:


Here's an ex-Fox reporter (good video) exposing Rupert Murdoch as well as what looks like a couple of LIBERAL sub-bosses at national Fox:

Someone at Fox news dared to reveal that Soros is behind at least some policies of the Biden government. Fast-forward this video to the end of th 4th minute for the story:

The Fox article in the video above has Joe Schoffstal as the author. He says that a "secretive group backed by...George Soros" is pulling the strings of puppet-Biden. This makes Soros an "Illuminatist," or an invisible, shadow-government gangster desirous of running the country aside from being elected. Soros is a fiend, a criminal, a violator of the peoples' will, one who tampers with democracy while pretending to be pro-democracy. Sure, satanists use the democratic machine to get into power, and once in power, they are intolerant tyrant-babies...but "wah-wah" is not the cry to be heard in Hell from them. It will be shrieking instead. Sorry, Soros, you made your diaper, now sleep in it. You can't tolerate fair play; you need to cheat with your money, your ill-gotten money, because you have yet to grow up. Look, the pablum is all over your chin, all over the high-chair and on the floor. You are a slob, a pig. You can't get enough of ganging with cheaters and the thrill of victories against those you deem to be your opponents.

The COVID scam was global by design, and part of the agenda is obviously to pillage the tax dollars of all countries as COVID-relief funds that is then scooped up by the global gangsters reinforcing their own global-"governing" machinery. But this needs to come to pass to expose how wicked the human heart is when engulfed in the flames of money and power. I would love to be in power too, for doing good, but power is a tool for grabbing more money. It would be much nicer if liberals took from the rich and truly gave to the poor, but that's a facade.

It's now an open fact that governments are recording our browsing choices: "While private browsing does hide your immediate past online activity, it doesn't offer complete anonymity. If you're using a work computer, your employer can still see your online activity. Your internet service provider, too, can track what sites you've visited and files you've downloaded. Private browsing also doesn't keep your online activity a secret from government agencies." There you go, that governments have not the decency to let you use your computer privately; it insists on tracking your every move online, as if it owns you. This is called a PIG, a peeping-Tom, a louse, a fiend, a trouble-maker, a threat, a Nazi, a Communist, a sick authoritarian. Instead of enjoying life, living to let-live, the government that tracks us wants to make us miserable under its thumb or boot.

If the government knows where all the Christians are, should we move to a new piece of property near the end, and stop using the Internet at that time? What would life be without it? I'd go crazy in winter, like being in a prison four months of the year, each day being very long. I need something to do. Working a garden, collecting firewood, looking after livestock, that is a very good life. But it lasts only seven to eight months of the year.

I've got 90 seeds in some treated soil right now. I'm going to attempt a major garden this year. I had found some nematodes in a spot so that I'm assuming they are everywhere. I brought soil to my stove this week to get it to 200 F degrees, and then let the pots sit with lids for at least a half hour. Nematodes need only a couple of minutes at such temperatures, but I'm reading that weed seeds need about a half hour. I built two small boxes this week with removable plexiglass lids to heat soil in the sun (to kill nematodes and seeds). I can use the boxes to heat plant seeds for faster sprouting. I'm going to plant much in one-gallon water jugs I've collected for over a year when purchasing distilled water. I'll cut them open at the top, put them about six inches into the ground, and leave the top few inches above ground level. This way, nematodes can't get to the roots.

Heating soil on a stove is good only for small quantities, as when planting seeds only in extra-small containers. To heat large amounts of soil without the stove, pile it up, then burn wood over it. It takes hot coals quite some time to get the soil hot beneath them. I've been collecting weeds for years and have several piles of mulch-soil, as the result, just waiting for use right now. Don't curse your weeds, but pull them before their flowers have viable seeds. Pile them up three or four feet high, and it'll turn to soil in the lower levels. Pile more as they grow. It makes excellent potting soil in about a year. In the country, there is no shortage of tall weeds.

I have acidic soil, and so I want to know whether the weed-mulch is producing non-acidic soil. Perhaps yes: "Unfortunately, most mulches and composts make soil less acidic." That's fortunate for me.

This is a video on Canadian news best listened to if you're cooking or doing dishes. There's about 15 minutes of silence, and some 20 minutes more of fun-time small-talk. Part of the news (35th minute) is on a motorbike protest in Ottawa coming up soon:

John Solomon this week has shared a Danish study that found zero benefit to COVID vaccinations: "Sixty-one vaccinated people died compared to 60 placebos in the mRNA RCTs, for an overall risk reduction (RR) of 1.03, a statistically insignificant difference. The paper said the analysis had "low power to detect differences in effect between" the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines." So, 60 unvaccinated people, all elderly and near death to begin with, we may assume, died of a virus they claimed to be COVID, and 61 others died who were in the same, basic condition but vaccinated. The moral of the story: the vaccines do NOTHING...but weaken their immune systems so that they would catch a disease easier in the future, had they lived long enough.

If you've ever seen a video (welcometheeagle88) owner (no face showing) with his own CDC / VAERS tracking records, very meticulous for over a year now keeping track of corruption, here he is (Albert Benevides), face showing, on Stew Peters:

When I asked bitchute to present me with welcometheeagle88 videos, it would not. bitchute must be doing the bidding of governments when they ask to censor certain video / owners, meaning that bitchute is a willing or unwilling tool of the vaccine goons. Many key videos, that I think are key, simply won't play.

Del Bigtree celebrates that only 34-percent of Americans in Iowa want mandatory vaccinations for children, down from nearly 60-percent in 2015. I see this as a disaster from the leftist swine, the one-third of Americans who always know the wickedness they are to support. They see the cues from their cherished media demons and act accordingly. Vaccines in 2015 were not the vaccines in 2022. If you want a two-hour-plus show from Bigtree, it's below. The food-shortage conspiracy begins a little before the one-hour mark:

What the goons really want is for people to resist vaccines. Yes, this is true. The vaccine companies, and others who make money on vaccines, want people vaccinated, but the globogoon politicians, who are tasked with raising money for the global government, DO NOT want us to be pro-vaccine. That's because they have the plot of fining, by law, those who resist vaccines, and that will make them happy. We learned that they will be happy to take money from our bank accounts, or from our social assistance, or from our pensions, anyway they can figure, with the power of government guns and courts. What we need most of all now, before they succeed at this in the near future, is to convince the great majority of judges that the COVID / vaccine schemes has made their quality of life worse rather than better.

Judges will happily make decisions on behalf of corrupt politicians if the judges themselves benefit sufficiently, but if judges lose quality of life, they will vote against corrupt politicians. How can we convince judges that they would be better off by denying the globalists their wishes? The goons are doing a good job all on their own of becoming unpopular, but we still need to help them out. The food shortages that the goons are obviously conducting will reduce the quality of life for rich and poor, and may trigger judges so as to become another backfire for the goons. It's our job to expose the food shortage as a government conspiracy. If God helps, wow, there will be a back-roll from their own rolling stone.

We have entered a period this year in which the vast majority have become anti-vaccine, in the sense that even the pro-vaccine people don't want regular boosters due to fear of them. The goons can capitalize on this situation by using their media arms to make the nation falsely think that the majority is still vaccinating, in order to justify fining the minority who resist vaccines....BUT, the reality is, the ones resisting are the majority. Watch out for this scheme, and tell every judge in the land that the globalists have engineered it...not because they are good people. The ultimate trouble is, the more the left gets frustrated, the more murderous it's supporters become. The closer to their goals they are when denied, the more murderous they become. But, as God's salt of the earth, we've got to stay the truths, expose the lies, give people a chance to see it our way who've not yet seen it, because the rest are Slated to insanity. Hell is an insane asylum, no party possible.

If your text for webpages has turned grey instead of black, welcome to the futurist nightmare. Many people are getting this problem, and I've had it for a long while. The Settings in Windows 10 does NOT allow one to change the color of the text, whereas Microsoft always had it before. People are saying that Microsoft refuses to address the grey-text issue (hard / straining to read, especially when small), suggesting that it's deliberate because the globogoons want to make us unhappy. This could be a first step to make their enemies unhappy, with worse bugs to come to get us offline so that we don't fight the goons. It's to be expected. Some of the grey is becoming lighter.

I was so offended by bitchute channels that I couldn't stand seeking some news, so I found this well-choreographed, two-hour "movie" featuring a young, tough, talented guy building a log cabin. I think he maybe has a prep partner off-camera. You get a very-sensitive mic too; this is the best production I've seen on a one-man self-sufficient hide-out. We modern builders are a lot like this guy, determined, gritty, but not winterized-tough, and the main difference is he hasn't reached 55 yet with a bad back and losing patience fast. He will if works this hard until then, but now that he's made it big with youtube, he can probably retire at 30. There's only 12.35 million views thus far (grab some peanuts):

If you want to see part one the next night:

This could be a pro-Russia view of the Ukraine, or it could be an objective / unbiased report:


Here's all four Gospels wrapped into one story.

For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God.
Also, you might like this related video:

Pre-Tribulation Preparation for a Post-Tribulation Rapture

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