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March 15 - 21, 2022

Bio-Weapons Labs in Kiev
Victoria Nuland
Murdoch, Dershowitz, and Epstein

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Metabiota, based in San Francisco, and founded by Dr. Nathan Wolfe, has a Kiev / Ukraine operation in bio-lab work in some associations with Ecohealth and even hunter Biden. This is the news out last week, and by the end of this week, this story could grow. Metabiota is also said to be associated in Kiev with Black & Veatch SPC. Info Wars says that they signed a contract together worth $18M in 2014, the year Ukraine's government went to anti-Russians Westerners. Google's not bringing up Black and Veatch's website.

Nathan Wolfe wrote a 2012 book, The Viral Storm, and, according to Info Wars, Wolfe thanked Jeffrey Epstein and Boris Nikolic in that book. The latter character was on Epstein's will. "Dr. Boris Nikolic is a Scientific Advisor to Bill Gates..." Gates won't tell the world what he was doing in association with Jeffrey Epstein. Gates' wife is divorcing him in-part due to his links to Epstein. This does not look good for Bidenite / Obamaite Kiev, and that's good news for us.

Metabiota was funded to the tune of $30M by Biden's Rosemont Seneca, according to Info Wars, and all sorts of American interests are involved here with this Kiev operation. It's obvious that they are trying to poison Russia. There's no other explanation for working such labs in Ukraine, where it's dangerous to operate. As could be expected, they got caught by the Russians. Plan B, upon getting caught, may be to start a global pandemic out of Ukraine for to blame it on Russia. I repeat: the American military is a demon, probably the biggest demon in the world. It kills in-mass without a conscience. If you'd like to see the Info Wars video telling of these things:

Marco Rubio, near the end of the video, looks complicit with Victoria Nuland in starting a new pandemic to be blamed on Russians. Just look at it, the two are joined in theater, trying to convince the viewer that Russia would start a new pandemic, no theory presented at all that maybe Russia is worried about a pandemic in their country from the American military.

The heraldic thing of note here is that while MetaBIOTa and Black & Veatch are/were in cahoots in Kiev, Biota-like Beautys/Bowds show nothing but three bulls, while Veatch's/Veach's show nothing but three bull heads, both Coats in the same colors. Sleeping BEAUTY, in my 1979 dream that took place weeks before my morning vision that itself pointed to Fauci by first pointing to FAUCETs/Fawcetts, was on a Veatch-like beach, I resolved the beach to be the beach on Jeffrey Epstein's ocean island because the scene opened with me in a blue body of water suggesting an ocean, and because the Water surname shares the Epstein Coat. Beach's come up as Beauty- / Veatch-like Beatch's. Several surnames use a "FACTis" motto term that I see as part-code for Faucets, and one of those surnames happens to be the Veatch's/Veach's. It doesn't look coincidental; we have another line of discovery to discover.

(Load Beauty link now to have access, on another tab, to other Coats of Arms.)

If we ask why God would point the dream to "Beauty" for "MetaBIOTA," which is not a very good match, perhaps it's due to His wanting to connect Mr. Wolfe both to Sleeping Beauty and to the BOTA's and Bote's. YES, for Bote's are listed with Bute's/Butts/Boets sharing the Button/BIDEN fesse (!), and Bota's show nothing but three eight-pointed stars, as do Duc/LeDucs (in different colors). I had reason to connect James LeDuc, chief of the Wuhan-related Galveston National Lab, to Zlochevsky and/or Igor Kolomoisky, but I can't recall how those pointers to Ukraine worked from my drive through Galveston. Perhaps my mind will be refreshed.

Moreover, as MUSCHATs were first found in Essex with Waters while sharing the Water / Epstein Coat, I can now go to DIANE MUSCHATov, my girlfriend for a couple of months starting less than a year after the Sleeping Beauty dream. As I've said many times, her parents had Ukraine accents, and then Diane's are listed with English Dene's/Deans sharing the motto of the Irish Dene's who in turn use a "crocodile" that pointed to the shoe boutique of Michael Zlochevsky, which is in Kiev, where he sells/sold CROCODILE-leather shoes!!! Can we believe this? Hunter Biden was/is on the board of Zlochevsky's Burisma Holdings. Incredible.

Burisma-like Buris'/Burys are also Boris', and we just saw Boris Nikolic. He's on the board of Ecohealth, itself funded and controlled by Fauci.

Some years ago, maybe four, I had a dream that I've reported a few times. I almost always include Mr. Kepke in with the telling of this dream because he and I, at 12 years of age, collected golf balls from a river flowing through three side-by-side golf courses before golfers came out on weekend mornings. The only thing I recall in the dream was golf balls popping out of white ground. I suspect that the GOLF balls were a pointer to Guelphs, who are also Welfs, and there is a Wolf/Welf surname. We just saw Nathan WOLFE of Metabiota, and Kepke's father was himself Ukrainian. The father would kindly get up at the crack of dawn and drive us to the first golf course.

I'll come back to Wolfe's, but I'd like to first make a case where Kepke and his near-wife, Miss Peare, are pointers to Ukraine's KIEV. Keevers/Eure's/Ure's are also Heffer-like Evers, and they not only share the Perry quadrants, but both use a gold head in Crest. The Perrys put a gold "HIND's head" in Crest with a "PEAR TREE sprig" in its mouth. The "conFIDO" motto term of Perrys (pointer to Rick Perrys involvement in Ukraine-gas business?) must be for the Fido variation of Fothes', the latter first found in Kincardineshire with Peartree's/Patria's. The Perrys were a Parry branch because Parrys have the HIND Coat in colors reversed, and it just so happens that while Parrys have two "heb" motto terms expected for Keep-loving Hebrons/HEPburns, HEPPERs/Heppens share the Hind Coat. The Evers/HEPHERS share red garbs with Keppochs. Therefore, especially as Mr. Kepke pointed to Heffer-related Curbys, Heffer, and even Coffer, liners may have been Kiev liners. Perrys may even have the Irish Heffer lion.

In fact, while BUDINi lived at/near Kiev, Boyds share "confido" with Perrys, and Pierro's/Pero's almost have the BUTE/Butt/Boet Coat which in turn shares the Button/BUDIN/Biden fesse. Understood? Joe and Hunter Biden appear to have descended from Ukraine's Budini. Miss Peare appeared in a mall, and the Malls nearly have the Keever/Eure/Ever Coat.

The "CuiLEAN" motto term of Irish Wolfe's can apply because Leans are listed with MacLANE's and MacGHILLE's, looking like a pointer to Ghislaine Maxwell because her first name is pronounced, Gil-Lane. Ghislaine, now in prison, was Epstein's partner in pedophilia crimes. If we read it as "CUIlean," it could be for the Coys sharing the Nichol/Nickel pheon for a potential pointer to Boris Nikolic. Coys, in the colors and format of vaccine-like Vychans/Vaughns, were first found in Cambridgeshire with News'/Nuces'. The latter are important as per NEWlands, because, before starting any heraldry in this section, I wanted to go to my NEWSpaper purchase in Texas as it once pointed to Victoria Nuland, who made bio-weapons news this week. I do that part later in this update, but I have so much to say besides that it got pushed way down below.

If we don't think Coys apply to "CUIlean," it's remarkable how Cue's/KEWS share the blue garb of Kiev-like Kevens/Ewens. Keveneys (share Keven/EWen lion) even list Gaine's for a potential pointer to gain-of-function, the standard phrase used for bio-weapons research. Kevens even share the Maxwell motto for a potential pointer to Ghislaine Maxwell. The Leans/MacGhille's are also MacLANE's while English Lane's/Lawns have a horizontally-split Shield in colors reversed from the same of Kevens. Irish Lane's/Lawns share the bend of Kiev-suspect Keeps.

BEHOLD. Recall the Boti's suggested with "MetaBIOTa," for they share the eight-pointed star of Keons/Owens who in turn look related to Keven/Ewan variations. Keons/Owens even share the lion of Owens, the latter first found in Montgomeryshire with Kerrys while John Kerry's family is involved in Rosemont Seneca. "Metabiota was funded to the tune of $30M by Biden's Rosemont Seneca, according to Info Wars..." The base of the Irish Wolfe Coat even has the fish at the base of the Keon/Owen Coat while Nathan Wolfe founded Metabiota. "Ciulean", in case you've forgotten, is in the motto of Irish Wolfe's! It all looks like a pointer of God to me, and this can go to my POOL CUE in my dream where Obama owned a billiard hall, for Pools share the Keven / Keveney lion.

[Insert -- WOW! It happened this way. After getting to the Coffee-French relationship below, I loaded French-like FRANCESCa's because they too are shortly below, and saw that they have the horizontally-split Keven Shield. That's when I got to the San FRANCISCO location of Metabiota, wherefore I loaded Francesca-like Fransisco's to see that they share the square cup with handles with Coffee's/Coffers. They are the only two surnames I know of using that cup style, and Fransisco's are TOTALLY NEW to me now!!! This is incredible, because my coffee in Victoria, which brought Coffee's/Coffers to topic in the first place, pointed to the vaccine criminals, and now it's encompassing (I have no doubts) Nathan Wolfe of Metabiota. Dutch Wolfe's even have a giant wolf in the colors of the Coffee/Coffer fesse, and Spanish Francisco's/Franca's share the Coffee/Coffer fesse!!! BEE-U-TEE-FUL.

Fransisco's call their cups "GOBLets", and the "fish" of German Gobels are also those of Irish Wolfe's and Keons/Owens. The latter are the ones sharing the eight-pointed stars of Batti'/Bota's in "Battistelli," and the latter came to us by an act of God with a song by Francesca Battistelli! He was pointing to this Nathan Wolfe character all along, but we had no clue until now that he's made the news! BATTISfords/Botsfords are in Batti/Bota colors and format. Coffee's/Coffers share the fesse of SALMON-using McCabe's, and SALOME's share the bend-with-stars of Scottish Vaux's. The McCabe salmon are in the colors of the Fiser "fish." See anything suspicious with Fisers?

Fransisco's are in the colors and format of Scottish VAUX's, and as the latter were first found in East Lothian With FAUCets/Fawcetts who in turn have Saer de QUINCy in their write-up, I see the gold Vaux lion as that of Sforza's because the latter's holds a "quince." Sforza's were first found in Rome with Fransisco's, another reason to lump this set of Fauci-pointing heraldry with Metabiota. I'm impressed. God's got their number, they are not going to get away with what they're doing. Hell awaits mass-killing money-grubbers. End insert]

Although I don't have the description for Irish Wolfe's, the Keon/Owen fish is called a "fish" while Fish's essentially have the VYCHan/Vaughn Coat (look like a Vaux branch). Both lower halfs of the Lane/Lawn and Irish Wolfe Shields are blue to match the blue "sea" at the base of the Keon/Owen Coat. Sea's were first found in Kent with English Gards while Irish Gards, in the "Garde" motto term of Lane's/Lawns, share the brown wolf with Teague's/TEEGERs while Fish have a tiger in Crest. Italian Lane's/Lano's were first found at Brescia, beside lake GARDa, and the split colors of English Lane's/Lawns are those of Dutch Tromps while Val Trompia is likewise beside lake Garda. German Tromps/TRUMps (Sea colors) were first found in HAMburg with the first-known German DRUMmons who in term share the Sea Coat, and while Sea's were with found in Kent with HAMburg-related Trips, German Trips were first found in Hamburg too while Hams share the "salmon" with Sea's while the Ham salmon is in the colors of the three "fish" is Pfizer-like Fisers/VISSers. Hams were first found in Sussex with Visser-like Vise's/Vice's. Gains/Engaine's look like kin of Gore's/Core's who in turn share the Trip / Hamburg crosslets for a pointer to GAIN-of-function. French Gains have a Coat looking related to LePAGE's. There's a question on whether the "SEIZing" term in the description of Haydens applies to Sea's, for these Haydens share the dancetty-fesse of Gains/Engains.

As per a pointer to horseshoe bats in bio-weapons investigations, I think the bat-using Bats should be here because they too have a brown wolf. God may have arranged Boti's to be Batti's too in order to point horseshoe bats to Metabiota.

Ahh, God used a songline, "I'm an empty page," from a song by Francesca BATTistelli to show that the cue ball on Obama's table started out as a page for a pointer to Page's. Batti's, sharing eight-pointed stars (different colors) with Stelli's, are listed with the Boti's above! The page on the table was resolved also as a piece of paper as per the Papers who use carNATIONs, and Nations are also NATHANs for a potential pointer to Nathan Wolfe of MetaBIOTa. Ahh, the Comps/Camps, suspect in the "compasses" of Nation's/Nathans, are in the colors and format of Means/MEATs (Warwickshire, same as Comps/Camps!) whom I've been keeping in my back pocket in case they can be linked to "METabiota"! There we go, folks. "COMPoni" is shared between Faughns and Vychans/Vaughns, and so what a great place to find this Comp/Camp link to Nathans through Meats. The Sea-related Seamans/Semans were first found in Suffolk with Meat-branch Meadows (share pelicans with Meads/Meats).

Vychans/Vaughns (Shropshire, same as MEDley / Motley liners) thus seem to be a pointer, again, to Tony Fauci because Faucets/Fawcetts are suspect in the "FACTis" motto term of Veatch's/Vitch's/Veach's, and so compare "Veatch" with "VYCHan." For a not-bad pointer to Black & Veatch, Veatch's share the black bull head with the Lux's in the Black motto, and Black's were first found in Lincolnshire Fish's who in turn share the Vychan/Vaughn Coat.

The motto of Irish Wolfe's is translated, "The noble wolf." It just so happens that Noble's, first found in East Lothian with Faucets/Fawcetts and Vaux's (related closely to Waleran de Leavell), are said to have been under the Vaux family. This was a branch of Faux's, and then French Faux's were first found in Perigord with Fauci-like Fauchys and Faux's/Fage's/CHOLLENS', the latter being a pointer to Francis Collins (former chief of NIAID), Tony Fauci's boss when the COVID scheme was playing out (Collins was forced to step down).

I've told many times that Tony Fauci was pointed to by Katrina Hanson, whom I met at age 16 across the road from TONY CAMPANia (like "compony"), my boss at the BP station where I pumped GAS (age 14/15). There's probably more to this than I now realize. Two Gas surnames use "goose," and the French Gas'/Garce's (goose in Goose/Gooch colors) share the Chief of Galli's, the latter first found in Dauphine with Gas', Galleys and Page's/LePage's. The latter's four fesses are almost the four-and-four bars of WoodBINE's, and the gas station was at the corner of GORMley sideroad and Woodbine avenue. BINE's were first found in Surrey with English Gays. GORMs/Blue's, first found in Arran with the Ham-related, Fiser-connectable McCabe's, use rooster heads. English Gas' were first found in Yorkshire with English Galleys, Gale's and Feets'/Fate's. While French Galli's share the rooster of related Italian Gays, Belgian Gays use "black crow's FEET" while Feets/Fate's can be linked to Gormleys/Grimes' via the Feet/Fate Coat three times in the Coat of Grime's/Grimms (Northumberland, same as Woodbine's). I pumped CAMPania's gas in Gormley. German CAMPs (German-Gas goose colors) were first found in Westphalia with Velens sharing the Gormley martlets.

Fate-like Faiths/Feyths/Faithfuls are in the motto of Scottish Vaux's. "Fato" is a motto term of Cheneys who in turn look like kin of Salmon-like Salemans (in Salmon colors) who in turn share the eagle of English Bush's/Buschs (Busca is beside SALUZZo). SALES' have a version of the Cuffey Coat, and the "Animus" motto term of Cuffeys can be for Nimo's who love the Boasts/Bois' in Cheney / Saleman colors and format. Boasts/Bois' share the cinquefoils of Sedans expected in the "sed" motto term of Sedans and Cuffey-like Coffeys/Coffers. It's important that the Dents -- in the SENECA write-up -- expected in the Coffee/Coffer motto were first found at SEDbergh, for the "sino" motto term of Sedans, like the "sine" of Seneca's, can be for Hunter Biden's SinoHawk, a Chinese-corruption venture of the Biden family. Hunter Biden is even involved with Rosemont SENECA, the company that reportedly funded Metabiota. Heraldry has eyes to see criminals, now even lumping Bushite animals to Biden gangsterism.

We might even add that the Dent mascles are colors reversed from the giant mascle of Vaux-branch Faux's. The Faux mascle is called a "diamond shape" while English Diamonds almost have the Mead/MEAT motto, underscoring the importance of a Meat pointer to Metabiota. Vaux's are in the Halliburton write-up.

While Boasts/Bois' were a Bush branch, it doesn't look coincidental that English Bush's share the black boar with Halliburtons while Dick Cheney was a Halliburton CEO. Not only are the Majors in both the Cheney and Halliburton mottoes, but Halliburtons (East Lothian, same as Vaux's and Faucets) share the Seneca mascles in what looks like an additional pointer to AstraZENECA vaccines.

Victoria Nuland was pointed to by the "victoria" motto term of Coffee's/Coffers who in turn share the McCabe fesse. Newlands look like they love the Nom variation of Nons, and "Non" is a Coffee/Coffer motto term. Coffee's/Coffers and French's (Devon, same as Newlands) have green dolphins in Crest, the color of the dolphins of Ham-branch Hammers (Coffee/Coffer colors) if they were colors reversed. We just crossed the Hams above sharing the McCabe salmon, And Vaux's look like Salome kin. Miss Hicks moved from my area of Texas to Forney in KAUFman country, which once had at least part of the neighboring Rockwall county. This was needed, after I suggested that Forneys have the Balfour chevron in colors reversed, because Balfours virtually have the Rockwall Coat, both almost using the French Coat while Coffeys/Coffers may have been Kaufman branch. Balfours use a "baton" while Batons/Bastons share the black bat with Bats and horseshoe-using Randolphs.

Miss Hicks is online with a Rena middle name, and Reines' share the hexagram of Jewish Kaufmans. As Sleeping Beauty, she was placed at the HOOD of a car while Hoods (Devon, same as French's) share the white anchor with Hoods/Hoots. The latter share the "Cornish CHOUGH" with Tauntons, and Rockwalls tell of a location they had at Taunton DEANE. DENhams look like Car/Curr kin, and Sleeping Beauty was at the hood of a car. Miss COFFERT, who was part of the pointers through Victoria, and suspect there as a pointer to neo-Nazis, married Mr. Dein while Deins/Diane's are listed with English Deans. Scottish Deans share the moline of Sibals (at BALgonie"), the latter first found in Fife with BALfours.

Scottish Deans share "vel" with Turks/TORKs while Vela's in the motto of Taunton-like Tenants (West Lothian, same as Scottish Towns) use "TORCHes," and Tauntons have the Towns/Tone's (share Vela eagle) in their write-up who share the Rockwall / Balfour / French chevron. Make of this what you wish; it looks like a pointer to globalists while connecting to Coffee's/Coffers. Turks/Torks ("flaming mount" but showing as a rock) were first found in Dumfries with the Bullys ("heart in flames") who in turn share the Taunton lozenges.

Foreign Relations in Ukraine

Victoria Nuland made bio-weapons news this week with senator Marco Rubio, and Rubys/Rubins look like they have a version of the Amore Coat while the latter have a version of the Leavell/Lovell Coat while Spanish Rubio's have "leaves" to apply to Leavell liners, and finally Waleran de Leavell is in the Walerans who essentially share the Veatch/Vitch Coat.

As Jewish Marcus'/Marx's share the hexagram of Rube's/Rubi's/Rubels and Jewish Harts, and as the latter two Coats look related to Coats of German Here's/Herrs and Earhardts/AirHARTs (Bavaria, same as Harts and Rubys/Rubins), we have the makings of what looks like a pointer to Ainsley Earhardt in combination with a pointer to Marco Rubio. I've just checked to see whether Rubio makes appearances on Fox and Friends, and he does. Ainsleys share the fleur-de-lys of English Marks, and so, perhaps, God has been pointing to Earhardt as per Rubio appearing on her show. Perhaps he'll soon convince many Fox-happy Republicans that a new pandemic is truly in progress from Russia's fingers in Ukraine. Rubio is the acting chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, and can therefore be in lockstep with the anti-Russia position of the secretive Counsel on Foreign Relations.

It took me this long to realize that Vitch-like Fitch's/Fitchets/Fitts (Coffer/Coffare colors, share Coffert Crest) could have named the Montfitchets amongst whom are listed MUSCHATs (Essex, same as Fitch's and English Marks), and DIANE MUSCHATov is Ukrainian. German Marks look like Tromp kin. English Marks share the giant Dean/Diane lion. Scottish Deans have the moline of English Seagars (Devon, same as Vitch-related Walerans) in colors reversed, and the "snakes entwined around" of Seagars goes with the "intertwined" snakes of Earhardts/Airharts. Ainsley Earhardt as Sleeping Beauty pointed to Jeffrey Epstein, and Epsteins share the Muschat/Montfitchet Coat.

Vychans/Vaughns were first found in Shropshire with Lowan-like Levens, and Coys are also in Lower colors and format. Lowan-like Lovens are listed with LOVERne's, and Lovers/Livers use a TRUMPet while Trump gave the official decree to start the vaccine roll-out. Lowers share the white rose with Jumps who in turn share the Trump stag head with Peartree's, and while the latter were first found in Cardineshire, Cardine's share the Coy / Nichol pheon. Lowers are in Lowan colors while Lowans share the PALM branch with the Noms/Nons in the Newland and Waleran mottoes, and moreover the LOUIS'/Loys can be in the "LOYaute" motto term of Newlands. I find it to be a compelling pointer of God that while no Aute surname is coming as per "loyAUTE," Aults almost have the Coat of Nuse's/Newes' to go with the News'/Nuces' to which my newspaper purchase in Victoria pointed. Lowans have a fesse in the colors of the fessewise bars of Nie's/Neys (look linkable to PALMer Coat) while Newlands are NIElands too.

The Aults even work with the "loyAULTE" motto term of Margesons because they come up as "Mackesy" while Margys/MACKEYs share the "ravens hanging" with Murdochs. It works as a pointer to Jeffrey Epstein's plane, Lolita Express, because loyaulte-like Lolita's list loyaulte-like Loyola's (black wolves) having "a cauldron HANGING by a hook." "LOYaulte" looks like part-code for the Loy variation of French Louis. While LOUISE Phillips pointed to Loys/Louis', I've told the story a couple of times how Glenn, her brother, put a knee hard to my face and almost knocked me out. How could that violent event relate to the Epstein circle of blackmailers? With a second knee that hard to my face, I might have died. Do blackmailers warn their victims with violence like that? Yes.

From the last update: "Mens' (share Chief-Shield of Glennys) were at CULDARES of GLENlyon, which recalls how Glenns and Glennys share the CALDRON martlets..." Welsh Phillips' share the giant PALIN lion while plane-like PLAINs/Platers (Palin colors and format) indicate a Palin merger with Plate(r) liners. Is she pointing to Epstein's plane too by her surname? I cannot remember whether Louise Phillips (Peare's friend) was with us the night I kissed Peare at the La Paloma BAR, but Spanish Paloma's use a cauldron too. The "DUCit" motto term of Welsh Phillips can be for the Doucet variation of Duce's/Doocys.

Might the knee to the face indicate that Knee's/Nee's were a Nie/Ney branch, making the event pointable to Victoria Nuland? NEYers/Nairs (Perthshire, same as Colts/Celts/Cults and Knee-like Kness'!) share the blue pheon with Colts/Celts/Cults who in turn have a Coat like that of Necks/Neckers and CALDers, which apparently gets us back to the Caldron bloodline. Ah, aside from the red antlers, the Calder stag head is the black-on-white one of Knee's/Knees'!!! I get it. Necks, Kness', and Knee's must have been branches. French Phillips (not "Phillips") even have a Coat much like the Kness Coat! French Phillips share the swan with the Calder Crest probably because Swans/Sions, in Kness colors and format, were first found in Lanarkshire with Calder- / Colt-like COLTers/ALTers!!! We're back to "loyAULTE," apparently, or even the Alton/Dalton bloodline that can point to the Dalton school where Jeffrey Epstein was a teacher of teens. "Alteri" is a Rodham motto term, and Rodhams were first found in Northumberland with Phoenix's/Fenwicks sharing the phoenix with the Knee Crest.

For the record, as per the MacGhille variation of Leans suspect in the Wolfe motto, I've just found a "phoenix in flames" with Scottish MacGills. The Leans/MacLane's/MacGhille's were suspect as a pointer to Ghislaine Maxwell, the disgusting one who secured Epstein's teen victims. They say Bill Clinton was on Epstein's plane about 26 times.

Louise was working for Penningtons at the time we met, and while Phillips-connectable Penningtons share blue lozenges with Loys/Louis', Pennys/PENES' were first found in Northamptonshire with FACE's/Fessys. I was kneed in the face by Mr. Phillips. PENSE's, first found in Devon with Newlands/NIElands, share the Bashford eagle. The Penn/Pence fesse is in the colors of the fessewise bars of Nie's/Neys. VICE-president Pence can be pointed to here because VICE's/Vise's (Sussex, same as Downs and Tromp-connectable Acorns) share the stag head of Acorns and Knee's (County Down), and the Downs have a stag in the colors of the Trump stag head! Trump was involved with Epstein, and some say Pence is a pedophile.

Ahh, Glenn-like Glynns love the Nie's/Neys in their motto!!! Impossible you say? Nay, I took a knee to the face for this, and it appears set up by God for pointing to the most disgusting people ever. I almost missed it: the Swan/Sion Crest is essentially the Glynn Crest, and Phillips use the swan while Glenn Phillips is to topic here! It's working.

The McLeods/CLOUDs, of Skye and LEWIS, are in the Coy cloud, and Welsh Louis' were first found in the same place as Welsh Lewis'. The McLeod-beloved Flags/Flacks have a version of the Palmer Coat to go with the palm branches above, and the latter two surnames have a Coat like that if Nie's who in turn have a black version of the Ruby Coat. I've seen the McLeods use a black bull head, the color of the Veatch/Vitch / Waleran bull heads.

Here's from the write-up of Nichols/Nickels: "Some of the family were anciently found in the parish of St. Kew, Cornwall. 'Trewane or Trewarne in this parish, was formerly a seat of the Nicholls family. The heiress of Nicholls, whose mother was a daughter of Sir Joseph TREDENHAM of Tregonan in St. Ewe, married Nicholas Glynn...'" The "ny" motto term of Glynns must be for the Ny's/Nie's suspect with the Newlands/NIElands, tending to explain why Newlands were first found in Devon with Diamonds/DINHAMS, for Dinham is where TreDENHAMs are said to have been who have the Diamond/Dinham lozenges in colors reversed. Then, Denhams happen to have a "VICTORIam" motto term for an apparent link between Nichols/Nickels and Victoria Newland. The Downs above have variations like those of Dunhams/Downhams! That's Obama's surname, and the paper plane (the cue ball) on Obama's billiard table was the first to point to Plains/Platers.

Diamonds/Dinhams are said to derive from Mr. Hurrant, and Hurrants/Haverans are also Heffer-like Heffrons (County Clare, same as Irish Heffers), perfect because Irish Heffers share the crescents of Coffers/Coffare's (Somerset, same as English Heffers) while Coffee's/Coffers (Coffer/Coffare colors), with a fesse in Hurrant/Heffron colors, have a "SED victoria" motto phrase to go with the "sed CUI" of Nichols/Nickels (Dent colors). Cue's are Kews too, and the quote above has Nichols/Nickels at St. Kew.

I've now got to tell the story again of Kim Walsh getting into my car and angrily slamming the door on Kepke. The latter then sat down on a CURB outside of the car, and this event, coupled with another event, pointed to Curbys who share the Heffer / Coffer crescents. I won't repeat all the details, but do want to repeat that Kepke's brother married NIKKi Walsh, Kim's sister, whom I assume was born Nichole. This curb event took place at La Paloma after Kepke left Miss PEARE. "Per" is a motto term Hurrans/Heffrons, and Kepke-like Keeps are in the "Keep TRYST" motto of Hebrons while Trysts were first found in Cornwall with one of the English TRISTan surnames. The neighboring Tristans of Devon not only share the pheon of Nichols/Nickels and Cardine's (Cheshire, same as Nichols/Nickels), but use the three of Coys...tending to suggest that Coys were a Cue/Kew branch.

The Cardine's work into this because KinCARDINEshire is where PEARtree's and Fothes'/Fette's/FIDO's were first found, explaining the "FIDE" motto term of Nichols/Nickels who in turn married the Fothes-branch Foote's (Cheshire). Plus, while Tree's expected in Peartree's are also Trews, we saw that Tredenham-related Nichols/Nickels were at TREWane...tending to reveal the TREdenhams were a Trew-Denham merger. Pero's Pierro's/Pero's look like they named the PRObus location of Tredenhams. A Hicks branch was at Probus and Ewe.

I was wondering above why Nikki Walsh should point to BORIS Nikolic, but for that I needed a link in some way to the Boris/Buris surname (Devon again). I think I have one. I often tell that the feathered helmet of Trews/Tree's seems linkable to the same of English Lannoys because French Lannoys share the Lyon lion, in colors reversed from the giant lion of Hume's/Home's who in turn have the True variation of Trews/Tree's in their motto. From here we go to GLENlyon (Perthshire) of the Lyons (Perthshire), and Glenns can thus identify with the Nichol-related Glynns we saw above linking to Newland/NIElands (Devon). The point was, the English Lannoys share the fleur-de-lys of Boris'/Buris'. I link Coffee's/Coffers to McCabe's who in turn use "salmon" while "salmon spears" are in the Glynn Coat.

The Lannoy and Lyon lion is green, as is the one of Tracks/Tricks/Triggs and Drigs, and suddenly, perhaps, the latter were named as per "Sir Joseph Tredenham of TREGonan in St. EWE." This location is near Darts/Dards in the Track/Trigg and Drig "darts," making a good argument for a Trigg link to Tregonan. Ewe-like Yeo's/Yeomans were first found in Devon too while Humans Yeomans use Cornell-like "spear cronells" while Cornells (Devon) are listed with Cornwalls (share Dart/Dard fesse) who in turn have a Ewe-like "you" motto term. St. Ewe is in Cornwall. A Ewe-like "yew TREE" is used by Kensingtons/KENNingtons who in turn can be using the Dol fesse because there's a Dinham location near Dol. I aim to show how Newlands can be pointed to by News'/Nuces (Cambridgeshire, same as Tracks/Triggs), and so this would be a good place to add that they share "parchment" in Crest with Kennys, the latter first found in Galway with crocodile DENE's (and Lynch's). The Yeoman CRONells go well with the "crane" of DENhams, and with UKRAINe's crocodile shoe boutique. Crocodile Dene's have two of the Button/Biden fesses.

The "Cornish CHOUGH" of Cornells/Cornwalls and Tragers/TREGairs (Cornwall) goes well with Coffer liners, and its "hatching" on a "rock" while Rocco's look like kin of German Tragers/Troggers (almost the Keep Coat) while Fellers (almost the Lynch Coat) are FelTRAGERs too. It looks like Tregairs were a branch of the namers of Tregonan, and that Roach's and Rockefellers were involved with them. Tregeare is in Crone-like Crowan, and then the lozengy Shield of Scottish Crone's/CROWNE's ("fish") is shared by Jewish Funks, suspect as a pointer to gain-of-FUNCtion bio-weaponry. German Crone's -- CLAWS/KLAUS and Schwab colors and format -- use a crane with a "ROCK in its foot" to go with the rock of CORNells/CORNwalls, and with the "crane holding a stone in its CLAW" of Denhams. Crows (Norfolk, same as Dunhams) are in the colors and format of English Crone's.

At this point, I've got to go to Kenneth HeckenLIVELY, who has written with Judy Mikovits against Fauci and company, and condemned them for causing plagues / cancer through HIV vaccines. Livelys are also HIVelys, you see, and while we're here, we can add the "beeHIVE" of Kerrys for a potential pointer to John Kerry, whose family is involved in Biden / BURISma corruption. Kerrys were first found in Montgomeryshire while Montgomerys, who may have the bee-using Biens in their motto, share the Coat of English Lannoys (share Buris/Boris fleur) while French Lannoys were first found in Picardy with Livelys/Hivelys. Coincidence? The latter surname, with a near-match to the Tredenham Coat, has lozenges in the colors of the Crone/CROWNE / Funk lozengy, and CROWAN of Tragers is very linkable to Tredenhams of Tregonan.

I almost missed it: Italian Livelys almost have the Epstein Coat! Is this because Epstein is/was a part of virus scheming?

As per HECKENlively, Heckens/Hacks, in the colors of Devon's Hacks/Hykes', use goat heads while Goats almost have the Rocco Coat while Rocco's almost have a Trager Coat which is itself a bend only in colors reversed from the bend-only of Livelys/Hivelys. German Hacks share the giant and white uniCORN with Schwabs, and the Hacks use it in both colors of the same of German Troys/TROYers who might just be of the Trogger variation of German Tragers/Trojens. Troys/Troyers (Mecklenburg, same as Trumps/Tromps, Hahns and House of griffin) are in Trump/TROMP and Hahn colors and format, and while Val Trompia is at lake Garda, "Garde bien" is the Montgomery motto. Irish Troys (griffins) were first found in Clare with Heffrons and Heffers. Rockwalls look like Balfour kin.

Victoria Nuland was Obama's assistant secretary of state for Eurasian Affairs, and while Newland's deputy in that post was John Heffern, Hefferns are listed with Heffers/Heffrons (Coffee/Coffer colors). Doesn't that look a little like God was pointing to this woman with my passing through Victoria?

It's a little interesting here that German Hacks and Troys (Roque/Rock colors) share the Coat of Coffer-like Giuffre's (Naples, same as Rocco's) while Virginia Giuffre snitched on Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell, but especially on Alan Dershowitz. English Rocks share the trefoil of HACKets/Hatchets (Kilkenny colors), the latter first found in KilKENNY while one Kenny Shield is split vertically in the same colors as Dutch Tromps (share Claud/CLAUSel acorns). Hackets/Hacks share "fish" with rock-using Roach's, and the Roach fish (colors reversed from the "hake fish" of Hackets/Hykes') is in the "claws" of a "rising" eagle. Trump was involved with Epstein in more ways than he's revealed, and when Ghislaine Maxwell was arrested and jailed, a thing we all celebrated, then-president Trump, the Tweety Bird, didn't even offer a tweet about it. He was protecting her, wasn't he? In the least, she had dirt on him, and her trial revealed that Trump was on Epstein's plane, a thing I did not hear him deny.

The DERshowitz's may have been from German Derrys/Dere's, and the interesting thing here is where Derry was the home of the first-known KilKennys who in turn share the BOAT/Bude lion for a potential pointer again to MetaBIOTa. These lions are colors reversed from the same of and ASTYs, Tracks/Triggs, and Drigs, and the latter were first found in Cumberland with the Browns/BRUNs who share both a Kenny motto term ("FLOReat") and a Kenny fleur-de-lys. Bruno's (FLORence) are said to have had a branch at ASTI. Browns look connectable to Montgomerys Coat because Montgomerys were first found in Renfrewshire with the Speers in the Kilkenny "spear." The gold COMBattant lions of Kilkennys are shared by Comeys/COMBs (Coffee kin?), and Irish Collins' use them in BROWN. The Kilkenny Coat looks related to Coat of Kenny-like Keveneys/GAINE's (Galway, same as Kennys) whom we met above with Kew-connectable Kevens. The latter share the Maxwell motto.

Comeys/Comb's look like Coffee kin, which bears repeating that Coffee's share the McCabe fesse because Andrew McCabe was the deputy FBI director when Jim Comey was the director.

Repeat: "For the record, as per the MacGhille variation of Leans suspect in the Wolfe motto, I've just found a "phoenix in flames" with Scottish MacGills." They use a "fine" motto term for Fine's/Fiens/Finis', a branch of Phone's/FIENs/Fane's/Vans who look like a branch of Phoenix's/FENwicks (Northumberland, same as GRIME's). In fact, Phoenix's/Fenwicks share the martlets of Irish MacGills. It just so happens that Irish Collins share the brown wolf with Fine's/Fiens and Irish GARDs! I trace Fiens Lake Van (Armenia), location of Mus, which can explain "FAMam extendiMUS" motto phrase of Veatch's/Veach's, for Phone's/Fiens/Vans come up as "Fame." Fine's/Fiens/Finis' were first found in Kent with English GARDs, and the latter share the green martlet with GRIME's who in turn share the martlets of Scottish MacGills.

There's a brown wolf head in both the LEKEy/Lakey Crest and the Teague Crest. I've told several times that, after buying the newspaper and coffee in Victoria, I checked the want-ads for vacant tracts of land, and the first one I went to see was half-way, roughly, between Uvalde and LEAKEY (on highway 83). Leaks/LEKE's/Leakeys use a "HUMAN LEG" in Crest, and we just saw Humans/Yeomans linking to Coffee / Coffer liners. I ended up buying a tract from Mrs. Teague. This looks like it's to link to the Wolf / Guelph vein through this discussion, or to Nathan Wolfe. While Prime's use a giant LEG, Lekeys/Lakeys have a "PRAEMium" motto term, and moreover Teggerts/TagGARDs, like the Teeger variation of Teague's, share the brown OWL with Prime's, tending to assure that the brown Gard wolf is that of Teague's/Teegers. I'm shocked to find, but only because I've just re-loaded all the Wolfe Coats, that German Wolfe's share the full motto ("Virtutis praemium") of Lekeys/Lakeys! Owls/Howls can be linked to Howells, the latter first found in Monmouthshire with Phone's/Fien/Fane's/Vans, and we just saw the latter's branch in the Wolfe motto.

I must repeat. One night, after dark, I was driving toward Leakey on the Ranch road, when an ominous feeling struck me as clouds were passing very fast across a full moon. I remembered the omen (of six months earlier), which took place hours before being mugged in Galveston, and so I turned around on the Ranch road, and went back toward Camp Wood. I stayed the night in a CAMP ground, and in the morning asked the lady at the desk where I might find a real-estate agent. She pointed me directly across the road at Mrs. Teague's place, and she had a tract that fit my description! CAMPs have the GARDner griffins, colors reversed from the Gard griffin, and we just saw the brown Gard wolf linking to the brown Teague / Lekeys/Lakey wolf. What does all this mean?

The omen at Galveston pointed the James LeDuc's part in the COVID scheme, and it just so happens that the eight-pointed Duc/LeDuc stars are on blue, same as the eight-pointed star of German Teegers. Irish Teague's/Teegers were first found in Galway, and perhaps GALWays were a branch of Galvestons. Galways even share the cross type, in the same colors, with Crystals, and I slept in Crystal City the night I was up toward Leakey on the day of the Galveston mugging! God pointing to things, and so let's repeat that Fauchs share the thistle on gold with Crystals. Ahh, beauty: the Crystal cross is part of a "calvary" symbol while Calvarys (Yorkshire, same as Crystals) share the brown owl in Crest with Teague-connectable Teggerts/Taggards!!! The Calvary escutcheon is even that of Natts/Nathans!!! I was wondering when I'd connect with Nathans in order to get to Nathan Wolfe! Plus, the Alis' who share a "fir tree" with Crystals share the full Galway motto!

I'll even repeat that Bash's, first found in Hertfordshire with Nuce's/Newes', have a Coat like that of News'/NUCES'. It's repeated because the cross style of Bash's is that of Crystals and Galways in colors reversed, and both Miss Hicks and Mrs. Teague lived on the NUECES river. That name means "nut" in Spanish, and Nuts/NOTTINGs probably named Nottinghamshire, where BASford of the BASHfords is located, and moreover Nottinghamshire is where Nations/NATHANs were first found who use COMPasses to go with the Comp variation of Camps. RANCH road is at CAMP Wood, and while one Sleeping Beauty was involved there with her knee and LEGs, German Rench's share the lone fleur-de-lys of Ainsleys, the latter first found in Basford of Nottinghamshire. What is this? English Rench's were first found in Cambridgeshire with News'/Nuces'. Crystal and Fauch-beloved Thistle's share the blue lion in Crest with Flag-beloved Samsons, the latter first found in Gloucestershire with the Nuts/Nottings who in turn share the gold pheon with Thistle's. The Nueces river flows through Crystal City.

I think I can now make the case that the omen with the full moon on the Leakey/Ranch road is a pointer first to Moonans (share Galves lion), kin of GOWERs/Gore's, not only because Gore's/Core's (Kent, same as Gards) almost have the GAIN/Engain Coat, but because Sleeping Beauty, Miss Hicks, got her knee symbol at Camp Wood's Get'n GO, on this same RANCH road, which event I pointed to Gowers/Gore's and Gows/McGoo's. The latter share the cinquefoils of Loches'/DeLOGES', first found in Burgundy with the Legg-like Loge's and their related Prime-like Primo's. Hicks share the Leak/Leakey and German RENCH fleur-de-lys while English Rench's share the Gore/Core and Gain/Engain crosslets. To help solidify the pointer of the clouds-over-moon omen to Moonans, McLeods/CLOUDs use flags while Flags/Flecks can be in the "Flecti" motto term of Moonans. The omen at Galveston was a tiny cloud over the sun, similar to the Coat of Leak-like Lease's.

I think, with Coffer / Heffer liners, I'm seeing a pointer to George SOROS, the gangster boss of Ukraine at one point (he may still be its invisible boss), for Irish Heffers have a lion in the colors of both the SORS/Soar and LEGro lions, and the Legro river in Leak-like LEICester is also the Soar river. Sors/Soars were first found in Dorset with George's and Russells, and while the latter have a "sara" motto term, they share the Sauer / Sorry lion too. Scottish Sewers/Suters share the leopard in Crest with SARAh's/SAYers, and Says share the Sors/Soar quadrants. Swiss Sewers share the swan head in Crest with Leicesters, and Sorrels, with a lion colors reversed from the same of Sewer-like Sauers and Sorrys (white rose), were first found in Leicestershire. George Soros was born with a SCHWARtz surname, and Schwartz's share a giant, white rose on black with Swiss Sewers. I get the impression that Victoria Nuland is, as part of a Western plot, trying this week to fix another pandemic on the world blamed on Ukraine labs. Sorrys share "simplex" in motto with Perkins/Parkings, the latter first found in Leicestershire.

I've told several times that, on a RAMP upon a highway at Baytown, while turning south to Galveston, on the day before the coffee and newspaper in Victoria, I got out of my vehicle to take a LEAK. On the RAMP, and in my dream with a SEWER shot on Obama's billiard table, I saw Obama dressed in a his business SUIT upon a skateboard upon a skateboard RAMP. Sewers/Suters are also Suits, and this dream pointed to PERKINs Coie while we just saw Perkins with Soros-like Sorrys (use a "fasces," symbol of fascism). Ramps share double-brown lions with Irish Collins'; the two Coats are essentially identical showing COMBattant lions only. As FRANCIS Collins was Fauci's boss, and as the vaccine scheme looks like it's becoming the 666 system (can't get into a store without a proof-of-vaccine pass), see this marine flag for 6 because it's identical to the Valdez Coat while I drove through UVALDE to see my first vacant lot near Leakey. Later that day, I booked a motel room in Crystal City, and that event pointed to Rockefellers and Rothschilds.

I can now repeat that I recall a political sign, sponsoring Mr. Moreno, near the end of this trip toward Leakey. The Moreno's are listed with Murena's/MORATINs, linkable to Tarents who in turn share the English Francis Coat. Then, the flag above is almost that of Mortone-like Murtons, and Says named Mortone-Say while Mortone's (Wiltshire, same as HOPPERs in the Fauchy "grasshopper") share the goat in Crest with Russells (Dorset, beside Wiltshire). As French Grace's/Grass' share the GAINSbourough Coat (Taddei kin?), it looks like a pointer to GAIN-of-FUNCtion bio-weaponry.

Scottish Mortone's (Cheshire, same as Leicesters) probably have the BLUE wings of Here's/Heyers because the latter first found in Derbyshire with the Scottish Francis' who in turn use "BLUE eagles DISplayed." Diss'/Dice's have a gold-eagle version of the Tarents and English Francis Coat. Here's/Heyers use "dexter wings, while Dexters were first found in Leicestershire. The Dexter Coat looks related to the Grace/Grass and Gainsborough Coat.

Gainsborough's (Lincolnshire, same as English Grasse's) are new to me this update, after finding them in the write-up of Bureau-like Burough's/Burghs. Gainsborough's share "wreaths" (different colors) with YarBOROUGH's/YarBURGHs (Lincolnshire, same as Gainsborough's/GainsBROWs and Leaks/Leakeys), and this goes to the GRASS STAIN on Lorraine's pants upon her Comey-pointing balcony, for Stains (another "wreath") married Yarborough's. Lorraine was a RUSSELLite Zionist. Her pant stain was on her ASS, and the Ass/Assi surname (Orkneys, same as Brows) shares the fasces with Sorrys who in turn share the Russell lion. Assi liners may have been from Azov in Ukraine, and Russells (Dorset, beside Borough's/Burghs) of course, along with their Russi branch, can point to Russians.

Wreaths often became chaplets in honor of Chaplets (first found in Lorraine) who in turn share black swans with Brows/Burghs (recalls wreaths of Borough's/Burghs), and the Sine variation of Swans is in the Yarborough/YarBROW motto. Sine's/Swans were first found in Lorraine-connectable Lanarkshire with Biggars while "byggar" is a motto term in the Arms of SHETland, and then while Ass' were first found in Shetland, Obama's skateboard pointed to Skate's/SHEETs. The CHAPLet swans are in both colors of the swan once shown by French Josephs while English Josephs (Hampshire, same as Borough's/Burghs and Caplans) have a solid, green chevron in the colors of the two of Borough's/Burghs, and the two gold chevrons of English Josephs are those of CHAPLains.

I've told the story a million times of Katrina HANSON's ICE-CREAM cone to me, which pointed to Fauci et-al, as well as to ECOhealth due to the Ecco variation of Ice's. Boris Nikolic is reportedly on the board of Ecohealth, part of the Metabiota venture in Kiev, and Fauci is the boss of Ecohealth, and working with it in conducting the vaccine crimes against humanity. The cream-like Creamers share the Coat, almost, of Faux's/Fage's/Chollens', you see, and English HANSONs share the mascle of English Faux's. As I've said a million times, Katrina Hanson handed me the ice cream cone (my age 16) in Gormley (Ontario), and Gormleys/GRIMES' have the martlets of Grime's in colors reversed, and we just passed the Grime's above. CREMona is where Bota's were first found.

I hate to repeat myself so much, but this warrants it. In the morning vision mentioned above, I saw someone who reminded me of Farrah Fawcett (Farrah's use horseshoes), and told of this long before the COVID days. She was played that night by Sharon Quinn. That is, Miss Quinn fulfilled the vision with Farrah Fawcett as a pointer to Fauci, and it was her brother who (five years earlier) loaned me the Quinn-family car, a Valiant, to take Miss Hanson on our first date, which I secured as she handed me the ice-cream (I was buying one from her). The Valiants use a shark, and the Sleeping Beauty dream a few weeks before the morning vision started with a shark, and then Igor Kolomoisky owns a shark tank, according to news outlets. Some say that Kolomoisky sits on the board of, and controls, Burisma Holdings.

Repeat from my last update: "...the Lolita Express, Jeffrey Epstein's plane. I can now add this: "a cauldron HANGING by a HOOK" is used by Lolita's/Loyala's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can barely believe it...Hooks share the Earhardt fleur-de-lys, but, perhaps more importantly, Hooks (Devon, same as Buris/Burys) share the fleur-de-lys of Burisma-like Buris'/Burys." Rupert Murdoch was part of that quote, and Jeffrey Epstein's lawyer, who defended him in his pedophilia case in Florida, is Alan Dershowitz, who appears fairly regularly on Murdoch's Fox news.

New: The Ders'/Derrs are said to be from "the Rhine region," and while Rhineland is where Schutz's/SHUTZ's were first found, the two surnames together look like they make up "DerSHOWITZ"!

As we can see, "Faux" and similar surnames under discussion could indicate branches of fox-using surnames such as German Vos'. And Walerans (Devon again), with almost the Veatch Coat, happen to have a "vos" motto term. Walerans are from Waleran de Leavell of Meulan, and the Arms of Meulan share the Coat of English Vaux's, you see. This Waleran married Miss Beaumont of Meulan, and Beaumonts were first found in Dorset with the Beautys (and NEWmans) who have a full-bull version of the Walerans and Veatch Coats. It seems remarkable, therefore, that Black & Veatch in Kiev is being pointed to by the heraldry of Fauci-like / Fauci-related surnames. Waleran of Meulan is in the Waleran write-up as a baron of Essex, and that's where Waters and MUSchats were first found who both share the Eppstein Coat.

Meulan is also called, Mellent, and Mellents/Milans/Millens were first found in Aberdeenshire with Mellansons.

Essex is also where HOCKEYs/Hockleys were first found. As I've mentioned before, I was dating Diane MUSCHATov (pointer to Epstein and Ukrainians) while I was the assistant coach for a HOCKEY team, when my friend, Steve Mellanson asked me to take the job. Hockeys share the Mellanson and NOTE/Cnut crescents, and they are in the Coat colors of Hockey-like Hooks, which might now point to the hanging Lolita/Loyola "hook." After I had the morning vision, I heard an "audible" voice (it was loud in my head) telling me to write on paper that I would encounter a disagreement at Mellanson's place that night. I wrote it out, put it in my pocket, and after a short fight broke out between Sharon Quinn and Barry, at Mellanson's party that night, Miss Quinn fulfilled the morning vision. Five minutes after tending to Miss Quinn, I met Mellanson at his front door, and handed him the NOTE. I don't want to repeat all the details. The same Scottish Jeffreys are now said to be first found in Aberdeenshire with Mellansons and Mellents. It looks like the heraldry was set up by God to point that pee-wee hockey team to Epstein's crimes. But why these young boys?

As I've said a few times, the only player whose name I recall, when helping Mellanson to coach his team (13-year olds), was Glenn, the goalie. Mellanson liked him most. I have never ventured a viable reason that God may have had for my coaching this team, aside from the Mellanson's sharing the Hockey crescents. But, now, I think we have a fish by its tail, because Glenns (and Glennys) share three black-on-white martlets with CALDRONs!!! Lolita's/Loyola's use "CAULDRONs hanging from a hook"!!! Plus, even though I knew this without need to load Glenns, I was floored to find, upon re-loading them just now, that Glenns were first found in Peebles-shire, where Scottish Jeffreys were once said to be first found.

Plus, I now understand why Glenn was the goalie, even as Kepke and his brother were hockey goalies when we played in our early 20s...maybe about a year before I coached with Mellanson. The father of the two brothers, who had earlier driven us to collect golf balls (we re-sold them to golfers when they came by), was the coach of a team I was playing on when one of the Kepke brothers (Bob) was a goalie. The Scottish Jeffreys have the six pale bars of German Julians in colors reversed, and goalie-like GULLys/Gollys share the cross of English Julians, and if that's not enough, GULLs are also GOLFins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Incredible. Heraldry has eyes to see my life.

The golf balls coming out of the ground may be a pointer to the Grounds/Crannys using a Ukraine-like crane, and/or to the Grounds/Grundys with a version of the Rhodes Coat, in case this is pointing to Cecil-Rhodes globalism as the crux of Ukraine's bio-weapons corruption. The balls were just popping out of the ground; I was not digging them out, and Poppins, with a "Mens" motto term, share the Chief-Shield colors of Mens'/Mame's and Glennys while Mens' are said to have been at GLENlyon. OH WOW, I can barely believe it. I've been on this topic so many times that I recall by heart what didn't come to mind above: the Mens' of Glenlyon were at CULDARES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! INCREDIBLE, it's almost "Caldron"!

Here's from the Mens/Mame write-up: "...They moved from the Lowlands into the Highlands in about 1090. They settled in the Lands of CULDARES in Glenylon [sic]." There we have it. Just after being on the Lolita cauldrons, we come to Mens'/MAME's of Culdares while Caldrons share the Glenn and Glenny martlets. The Paloma's who have cauldrons too were a large topic in my last update. The Mame's might be in the "FaMAM" motto term of Veatch's.

Without going over it again, let me be brief. The omen I had hours before being in Galveston was a tiny cloud covering the sun, exactly like the Crest of Scottish Jeffreys. Hours after the omen (feeling of impending doom), I was mugged (very frightening at first) in my only visit ever to Galveston, which pointed to James LeDuc of the National Galveston Laboratory. I am waiting to learn how that lab helped in the COVID crimes against humanity.

Secretive Globalists Have a Bright Visit with Apophis

The Cecil Rhodes secretive societies had a Round Table group, and king Arthur was given a round-table symbol because Arthurs were related to both Rounds and Table's (share "hurts" with Irish Arthurs). When the COUNCIL on Foreign Relations was mentioned above with Rubio, I checked for a Consul surname, and two came up. English Consuls/Counsells/Counceils share the Arthur symbol and call it a "clarion", though Irish Arthurs call it a "rest" while Scottish Arthurs likewise call it a clarion.

Rounds ("sleeping lion") look like Balfour (and Rockwall) kin, and prime minister Arthur Balfour was part of the Rhodian / socialist / Rothschild societies. The "Esse" motto term of Rounds indicates their using one of the English Ash/Esse chevrons, and then German Ash's (Swabia) have the Eppstein Coat while Eppsteins were first found in Esse-like Hesse-Nassau. Nassau's share the billets of Perrier's, and the latter were at the Launay area of Brittany while Launays/LAWNeys (Perrier colors) can be a branch of Laine's i.e. pointable to GhisLAINE Maxwell.

German Ash's happen to have a "duce" motto term as an apparent pointer to James LeDuc of Galveston. The "VirTUTE" motto term of German Ash's is pertinent because the Hicks, who love the Tout variation of Tute's, had used clarions when they married Juliana Arthur in Clapton, and the amazing thing here is that the Arthurs of Claptons also married the Meads. On one side of Ainsley Earhardt, on Fox and Friends, is Brian KilMEADE, and on her other side is Steve Doocy while Doocys are listed with Duce's. While one English Hayden Coat has the quadrants of Tute's/Tuits (Norfolk, same as both Haydens) in colors reversed, the other English Haydens almost have the Coat of German Ducks. Hayden is Ainsley Earhardt's only child.

The latter Haydens are important for sharing the black bull of Beautys, which helps to convince me that Ainsley is the second fulfillment of Sleeping Beauty to go with the sleeping lion of Rounds. It just so happens that the latter lion is white, same as the lion of Haydens (that's said to be "seizing" the bull). There is a distinct pointer here of Sleeping Beauty to the Round Table Illuminati, the Fabian nutbars who must conquer the world as infiltrating snakes, or bust. While Earhardts use intertwined snakes, Seagars use "snakes entwined aROUND a gold scepter," we get it. The Earhardt snakes are in a round circle.

Another "gold scepter" is in the Crest of Irish Godfreys while English Godfreys share the Mead Coat (minus the martlets) and the Arthur pelican. As the pelican is shared between Irish Collins and Godfreys / Meads, the Mead martlets may be those of English Collins'. I get the feeling here that the red lion heads of Godfreys are closely linkable to the same of Murdochs/MurDOCKs, for German Ducks are also Dockers, and English Dockers were first found in Cumberland with Daggers, Collins-connectable Ramps, and the Fare's who are linkable to the Fermans/Formans / Firmens suspect in the Hayden motto.

The Pully/PULLING pelican can apply here because the Pully/Pulling martlets are those of Meads and Collins' too. I the SLEEPING bag dream, I was PULLING the hips of Miss Peare on a STAGE that pointed to the Eustace-related Stage's/Staggs because Eustace II was father to GODFREY de Bouillon.

The Hayden motto has a "Ferme en" phrase, and I just think it's astounding that Fermins (anchors) share the red lion head of Murdochs while Fermans/FORmans (share Fare anchor) have the Mead chevron-with-martlets in colors reversed while "for" is in the Ainsley motto. It just so happens that "Christi" is shared between Bouillons and Forans/Forehams while Firmins use "Christo," and it was FORANs/Forehams whom I looked up earlier (though didn't mention them for lack of anything to say) when looking at "Council on FOREIGN Relations." Balfours use a motto, "FORward." The horizontally-split Foran/Foreham Shield is in colors reversed with the same of HERzogs/HARTzogs who share blue wings with Earhardt-connectable Here's/Heyers and Hers/Herrs. Believe it or not. Why would God point Sleeping Beauty to the British Illuminati? For what it's worth, the Foran/Foreham Coat is all-around nearly the Irish Ford Coat (both surnames first found in the same place).

It's clear to me that Haydens point to Aryan Nations at Hayden Lake, and thus we are probably pointing to the Scherff group of Nazi's in the CIA that I link to Square's/Squirrels/Squire's. Scherfs are listed with German Schere's/Schare's/Schire's while Austrian Schere's have "...a snake entwined aROUND a STICK." It's clearly related to the Seagar "snake entwined around a scepter."

Behold: as I've said a million times, MY wooden stage, which Miss Peare came to visit for the hips-pulling event, doubled as a deck while Decks/Daggers share the red squirrel of Square's/Squirrels, and the latter happen to share a "ferme" motto term with black-bull Haydens (Norfolk, same as Hips'). The Seagars have a moline cross "SQUARE PIERCEd," believe it or not. Seagar-branch Segurana's share the eagle of Square-connectable Este's. Pierce's/Piers were first found in Somerset with Clapton, where Meads were once said to be first found, and with LEVELs/Leavells and PERCIvals. Mythical Percival was a knight of king Arthur's Round Table. The Walerans (and Veatch's) have three bull heads matching the three bulls of Beauty's, and Waleran de Leavell was a son of Gouel de Percival. The "vos" motto term of Walerans gets the FOX-using Vos', understand what that obviously means when Miss Earhardt is Sleeping Beauty, for Fox news supports the Scherf Nazis, always assisting the CIA's global wars.

A new idea here concerns Sleeping Beauty hovering LEVEL in her car, which can be gleaned as a pointer to Waleran de Leavell. I've just noted that Irish Collins have "A pelican vulning HERself wings eLEVATED," and while I link Hers/Herrs to Earhardts/Airharts, and while the related Hairs and Ayers were first found in Ayrshire with Murdochs, we can also say that the hovering Sleeping Beauty was LEVITating! I get it, her feeling sick and then falling asleep is a pointer the Francis Collins, the killer / maimer by vaccines which Rupert Murdoch of Fox news pushes.

Levitts are also Lovetts while Leavells are also Lovells, and then God told me, "what are you WAITing for, it's you she LOVES, go wake HER." I think God was saying that my mother descends from Lupus LAEVILLus, husband of QUADratilla Bassus, the line to Quade's/WADE's (Weight/WAIT colors) with three wolf heads in the colors and format of the three Waleran bull heads, and in the colors of the three Levitt wolves!!! I get it. She was indeed levitating when she was hovering level over the car seats! English Levitts/Leavetts (Levi lion in colors reversed) even have lion heads in the colors of the Hayden lion, and the beauty here is that Rounds, sharing the white lion in Crest with Haydens, were first found in Essex with the Raines'/Reins who have more white lions, in both colors of the Levitt/Leavett lion heads! The Raines/Reins Crest is that same white lion in the Round / Hayden Crest.

If that's not enough, the Levitt/Leavett lion heads are in the colors and format of the horse heads of Este's (Essex, same as Rounds and Raines') while the "ferme" motto term of white-lion Haydens is probably for Azzo of Fermo, founder of Este. Italian Este's share the Coat of Barrs (Ayrshire, same as Murdochs) who in turn share the red lion head of Murdochs and Mead-related Godfreys. Bill Barr allowed Jeffrey Epstein to escape his court case (would have revealed Epstein's fellow gangsters), and I think I can point Sleeping Beauty, via her wake scene, to Ghislaine Maxwell aside from my claim that Sleeping Beauty was on Jeffrey Epstein's island.

Murdochs share the hanging ravens of Margys/MACKEYs (Ayrshire, same as Murdochs and Carricks), and MARGaret Carrick descends from CHARAX Proculus (I've seen him as Proculus Charax too), son of Lupus Laevillus, which explains why one Irish MACKAY Coat has the Quade/Wade Coat (the other Mackays have a DAGGER). QUADRatilla Bassus is suspect to heraldic QUATRefoils, shared by Weight-connectable White's, and Ayers and Eyers/Ayers. Levitts/Leavetts are in Dragon/Drainer colors and format, and the latter surname were kin of Mynetts/Minute's, from king Amyntes of Galatia, roughly the great-grandfather of Mr. Bassus, Quadratilla's father. Amyntes conquered Derbe while Derbyshire is where Eyers/Ayers and Here's/Heyers were first found.

When I was told to wake Beauty, I was thinking to kiss her awake, and this involves the red-rooster Kiss'/CUSH's, where they are of the red Bibo rooster upon a CUSHion, for Bibo's, suspect from "Vibia," Lupus Laevillus' mother, are said to be related to Hahns, perfect where Stephen Hahn was Trump's vaccine pusher at the helm of the Food and Drug Administration. See the Vib-like motto terms of Carrick-branch Cragie's (Ayrshire) and Craigs. The point is, and this may be brand new: I was LEANing over to kiss her, and this recalls the Leans/McLANE's/MacGHILLE's earlier in this update, when it dawned me, for the first time, that this surname can be pointing to "GhisLAINE," for it's pronounced "Gilane." English Laine's share "Garde" with Carricks, and have the Foran/Foreham split Shield in colors reversed.

While leaning over, I saw my hand brush her knee, and she awoke instantly with that touch. We can entertain that scene as a touch of her leg, for the Hayden- and Levitt-connectable Raines'/Reins' have a "leges" motto term. It seems out of place that she should awake and come into my arms where she is depicting the Rhodian deep state, but as we started to rise into the sky upon embracing, it seems that the Rhodian deep state will bring on the 666 that culminates in our rapturous escape in time for Armageddon.

The Leggs almost have the Trump Coat. Leggs were first found in Dumfries with Bells and Bullys, and Bellys share the eight-pointed stars of Ducs/LeDucs (Dol colors). The latter were first found in Brittany with the Rennes location (near Dol) of Raines'/Reins' ("leges"), and are said to have moved to Flanders and Hainaut, beside Eustace II, father of Godfrey de Bouillon, tending to explain the "BELLO Christi" motto phrase of Bouillons. My hand touched her leg at the knee, and while Hands (Cheshire, same as TOUCH's/Tuffs and Knee-related Tufts/Tuffs') are also Hans', the Hanns' share the red rooster with Hahn-related Bibo's who were in turn first found in Mecklenburg with Trumps, Hahns and same-colored Dols. Trump is, or at least pretends to be, opposed to globalism.

Back to Earhardt-connectable Austrian Schere's with "...a snake entwined aROUND a STICK." Sticks share the Brook Coat, recalling that, when I caught 16 squirrels in my attic (probably in less than a month), with one RAT trap, as a pointer to the 16 Intelligence agencies under John RatCLIFFE, I took all survivors (about five of them) to a BROOK for release. Cliffs are said to have married the Stick-branch Styche's.

The Stick Coat is shared by German Goods/GUTs, and the latter were pointed to by Miss Peare's BELLY-press event, related directly to the hips-pulling event. I was HOLDing Sleeping Beauty when we were embracing in rapture, and SQUIRREL-using Holds/Holts (Lancashire, same as Holdings/Holdens) along with Ratcliffs were both first found in the same place, I kid you not. They were both in Bury of what was a Salford region. Salfords (look like Bush kin!) share the three wolves (almost) of Levitts!!!!! I get it, for, in the past, I've placed John Ratcliffe in the hovering scene of Sleeping Beauty, though I don't recall using the levitation symbol to get at Levitts. My file finder finds "levitation" only once in all my files, but it's not used in relation to Sleeping Beauty. John Ratcliffe lives in Heath, about ten miles from the Forney home of Miss Hicks = the original Sleeping Beauty.

The fact that Salfords are in the colors and format of English Bush's/Busch's is very Scherff-related, for George Herbert Scherff, who changed his surname to "Bush," was the head of the CIA, and thus he must have stacked Intelligence with other, heartless, sociopathic, Nazi goons. The rat trap had pointed to Trapps/Trappers too, and while they use a "bustard," BUStards can be gleaned with the Bush/Busch Coat when it used a red fesse (it did use one). Rats were first found in Nairnshire with the Rose's having the Bush-branch Bosco's in their write-up? The black pellets of Bustards are even called, "ogresses," and Gresse's are listed with French Grasse's while "TUFTS of grass" (goes to my touching her knee) are used on "PILLARs" by Bosco's. Pillars/Pilots can be gleaned as a branch of Pellets who in turn share the Piller/Pilotte Coat. You see, my touching Beauty's knee is pointing to this sicko thing too. GREShams/Grishams, in Bush colors and near-format, share the GRASShopper with Fauchys.

John Ratcliffe was shaping up to be a good-guy stool pigeon on the deep state, and he carried out that part. For example, he pointed out that the Intelligence leaders were wrongly pointing to the Russians as bad guys when in fact it was the Chinese...which the Intelligence creeps were letting off the hook as per Biden ties to China. The Buttons/Bidens are said to have been in Bath of Somerset.

I therefore want to go back to my stool pigeon, when the first-ever pigeon I saw on this property of mine landed on the ground above the septic tank, which I viewed as my STOOL tank. It caused me to look up Stolls (dove = pigeon in Crest), first found in Somerset with Whistle's/Wissels (share Bath lion, I assume) and Baths. The latter were from Somerset's Bath, near BriSTOL, and while Baths (kin of Rhodes') have a cross in the colors of the Stoll cross-by-lozenges, these lozenges are shared by Whistle's/Wissels while a dove is used also by Waistells/Wessels. I therefore had reason to view my stool pigeon as a whistle-BLOWER. The Blow/Blowers were first found in Blore-HEATH, and John Ratcliffe, once the mayor of Heath, still lives in Heath, I kid you not.

Blore-Heath is in Staffordshire, where HICKsons (Blow/Blower colors) were first found, and this is part of how John Ratcliffe had gotten into the HOVERing scene of Miss Hicks, for Hicksons share eagle LEGs with HOOVERs, and while she was at the hood of the car before she was hovering inside of it, Hoods are Hoots too while Hooters share the Hoover Coat. It's clear: God is pointing to John Ratcliffe, and his latest revelations include his giving John Durham (current official high-level crime investigator) thousands of classified documents. There seems to be hope here for an it-feels-so-good ending, and so I'd like to remind that the end of the sleeping bag dream felt so good when I was pulling Miss Peare by her waist as a pointer to Whistle-like Waistells.

As Whistle's/Wessels look like kin of Livelys while Heckens/Hacks share three goat heads (different colors) with Blows/Blowers, Ken Heckenlively might apply as another God-driven whistle-blower. Hykes'/Hacks were first found in Devon with the Moline's who in turn share the Blower goat heads.

But back to the Bristol location that's at least very near to the first known Stolls. Bristols share the crescent of Battisfords/Botsfords, and as they are in Batti/Bota colors and format, I think we are back to the pointer of Francesca Battistelli to the Steele dossier and Lisa Page of the Steele-supporting FBI (the FBI was paying Steele to ruin Trump). Bristol is near Bath, and Baths are in at least one heraldic bat, that of Scottish Randolphs (Moray, same as LeDuc-connectable Bellys) who use both the bat and horseshoes for a pointer to horseshoe bats at the center of some bio-weapons programs.

It's a little interesting that Gresse's/Grasse's share the giant lion of Sams while Samsons love the Letts/Late's (Gloucestershire, same as Letts/Late's) who in turn share the Heath stars. Gloucester was in the last update with the Glaucus river of Colchis, near the Caucasian BAT people who could have named Battisford liners. Bristol is at the Gloucester-Somerset border. English Grass' (early in Gloucestershire) have a Coat version of the English Marks, the latter first found in Essex with Sams and grasshopper-using Thatchers/Thackers. This goes to Katrina Hanson of Sam's Restaurant, the pointer to grasshopper Fauchys and shark-using Valiants, the latter having been a branch of Sarasin-related Vallans who in turn share the Thatcher/Thacker moline. Hanson's ice-cream pointed to Cremers from the Crema location near Cremona, and Batti's/Bota's were first found in Cremona. MetaBIOTa bio-weapons are in Kiev, near the Cremona-like Crimea.

I came across Battisfords when reading that Greshams/Grishams were at Battisford of Suffolk, and Priors were first found in Suffolk whom I assume were at Stowell: "West Stowell in Wiltshire is now known as Alton-Priors." It just so happens that the Hoppers in the Gresham/Grisham and Fauchy grasshoppers were first found in Wiltshire too, along with the TRUMPet-using Calls/Calles, recalling that Ms. Grisham was one of Trump's do-nothing PRESS secretaries. Hips' are also Hopper-like Hippers (Norfolk, same as Greshams/Grishams), and Peare's hips- / waist-pulling event was connected to her belly-PRESS. Hmmm. Was the belly-press a pointer to a mole in Trump's camp, Ms. Grisham? Hope Charlotte Hicks was suspect as a mole in Trump's White-House affairs, and Sleeping Beauty is Charlotte Hicks.

What I'd like to see if John Ratcliffe uncovering Bill Barr's crimes in protecting Jeffrey Epstein's secrets. Bill Barr's father was the principle of a Dalton school when Epstein was hired as its teacher. We just saw Ratcliffe being pointed to by the STOLL pigeon, so to speak, and so let's repeat that West Stowell of the Stolls is now ALTON-Priors. Both Alton surnames are listed with Daltons. Priors were first found in Suffolk with the Rush's sharing the Altons/Dalton fesse.

There's more as per the "SPERIamo" motto of Priors, suspect with the Sperry variation of Spurrs, first found in Devon with a RATTery location, with the Billets in the Perrier billets, with Walerans sharing the black bull head with RATcliffs, and with billet-using, Spurr-like Supers in the Rattery motto. That's a mouthful all connecting John Ratcliffe to Dalton-connectable Alton-Priors. The "siDERA" motto term of Ratterys can point to Alan DERshowitz in order to keep us on things-Epstein. Italian Dere's use lances while English lance's almost have the Alton/Dalton Coat, and then Altens (not "Alton") have roses colors reversed from the giant one of French Lance's. I trace Alans of Lance-like Langhe to Brunswick-Luneburg, and while BRUNswick is where Altens were first found, Italian Alda's (share Altons/Dalton fesses) were first found in Florence with BRUNO's and Taddei's while Scottish Alda's (look like Taddei kin) were first found in Ayrshire with Barrs. Cool.

Having said that, Alte's (Basil, near the Neckar river) essentially have the Coat of German NECKers while they both use one of the double pale bars of NUSE's/Newes', and I pointed this set of heraldry to the NOOSE around Epstein's NECK in the event (possibly faked) that killed him in his jail cell, the event wherein Bill Barr protected the criminals who conducted that event. Dutch Necks/Neckers share a giant stag head, with red antlers, with Caldron-like Calders/CADDELLs, and Lolita's/Loyola's use the "cauldron."

Ahh, new: Caddells are listed also with Irish Blake's while English Blake's have a single pale bar colors reversed from the single one of German Neckers. English Blake's have martlets colors reversed from the same of Bash's (Hertfordshire, same as Nuse's/Newes) while the latter look like kin of News'/Nuces'. One Base Coat (Lincolnshire, same as Blacks) is the DUCE/Doocy Coat in colors reversed, and Steve Doocy works for Rupert Murdoch. Or, doesn't this look like a pointer to James LeDUC, since the News'/Nuces' came to topic with the newspaper purchase on the day I was mugged in Galveston? Steve Doocy works beside Ainsley Earhardt, and Ainsleys were first found at Basford while Basfords are also BASHfords.

Spurrs and Supers were first found in Devon with English Ash's/Esse's, and so let's repeat from above: "...German Ash's (Swabia) have the Eppstein Coat while Eppsteins were first found in Esse-like Hesse-Nassau. Nassau's share the billets of Perrier's, and the latter were at the Launay area of Brittany while Launays/LAWNeys (Perrier colors) can be a branch of Laine's i.e. pointable to GhisLAINE Maxwell." Launays/Lawneys/LUNE's (Luneburg elements?), with a Larin-like Lorney variation, were first found in LONdon with Capes', and Laine's/Lawns are also LONE's (Staffordshire, same as Blowers of Blore-Heath). Laurence's were at LONSdale, and Peare's share the stars of Heath's (Durham). The Laine/Lawn write-up: "...Jane Lane, to her cousin Mrs. Norton's residence in Bristol." Bristol-like Brests/Brix's were Launay kin, and Brest is near Launay. They trace to Italian Lane's of BRIXia/Brescia.

Priors share the Coat of French Larins, first found in Provence with Gresham-like Gress'/Grasse's and Lizarts/Sarde's; the latter share the Coat of Lisa-like Liss'/Lise's while Scottish Lise's/Lease's and Scottish LARINs/Clarens/CLARIONs both have two of the triple fesses of Clare's, the latter first found in Suffolk with Battisfords/Botsfords and Priors. French Lise's/Lys' were first found in Ile-de-France with Chappes', and Capes' share the three scallops of Priors and Larins. A "cap" is worn by the Alton/Dalton "archer," and French Archers were first found in Provence with Larins and Grace's/Grasse's, and the one Archer chevron is in the colors of the three of French Grace's/Grasse's. ALTers/Colters, suspect in the "alteri" motto term of Rodhams/RODDENs (Northumberland, same as Altens/Daltons), were first found in Lanarkshire while Lanarks/Lurnacks (Lane-Arch's?) have the Lorne's in their write-up. Altens were first found in Brunswick with Rothschilds/RODDENsteins. There's a lot of creepy-crawlers here.

This recalls the Consul/Councell / Arthur clarions that were owned by CLAPton's Hicks' (Clapton is very near Bristol and the Stolls). Clapps/Clappers could apply along with James Clapper, whose position under Obama's presidency was taken by John Ratcliffe a few years later. Clapps/Clappers (Surrey, same as Bristols) share the Shield of Beach's, and Sleeping Beauty was in a lone car parked on Epstein's beach sand. Beach's were first found in Hertfordshire with the Scale's sharing the Larin / Prior / Capes scallops, and I think Bash's of Hertfordshire belong in this paragraph in case Mr. Bash (formerly of Barr's DoJ) knows some Obama dirt that he passed on to Durham and/or Ratcliffe.

Oldens/Aldans (Archer / Lurch crown?) have the Battisford/Botsford and CHEEK/Chick Coat in colors reversed, and so this is a good place to go back to the kiss I gave to the CHEEK of Miss Walsh, for Walsh's share the saltire of bat-using Bats. They are black bats, the color of the bat of Randolphs who in turn have the BATH cross. Ruths/Rothers/Randolphs, first found in Moray with Randolphs, were probably of the Ruthstein variation of Rothschilds/Roddensteins.

Balfours, sharing the chevron of English Ash's, use a "baton" while Batons/Bastons share the black bat with Bats and horseshoe-using Randolphs. Rands share the triple chevrons of German Ash's. Baths, with most the Rhodes Coat in colors reversed, share the cross of Haydens, the latter first found in Norfolk with Roots, with Rands, and with Reston-branch RISINGs. I was rising, as a Pointer to Risings, with Sleeping Beauty, and Ainsley Earhardt's only child is Hayden. The motto of the other Haydens is almost the motto of Chichesters who in turn use a "heron rising" as well as the checkered Shield of English Vaux's, and then Scottish Vaux's were first found in East Lothian with the Seatons/Sittens sharing "forward" with Balfours. Rands were at Clavering, and Claverings were first found in Essex with Chicks. Fiscs, with nearly the Chichester Shield, were first found in Norfolk with Clavers/Cleavers while Cleave's are listed with Ratcliff-connectable Cliffs. Miss Hicks moved to be very near to John Ratcliffe.

The Chichester Crest has a white boar head, the color of the boar head of Rockwalls, the thing that makes Rockwalls look like Balfour kin. BalFOURs and their full motto, "ForWARD," look related to the "for" terms in the Ainsley motto. Balfours substitute the Rockwall boar head with an otter head, and Otters/Others were first found in Huntingdonshire, home of Ada of Warenne (probably in the "Ad" motto term of Claverings and Fiscs). Warrens share the checkered Shield of CLAPton-related WARDs. Clapton is beside GORDANo, explaining why Rhodes-branch Roets (Somerset, same as Clapton) share the Gord/Gordan boar heads. Clavering-like Clappers are also Clapps. Clavers/Cleavers share the HICKenson/Higginson, Higgins, and Hopper tower. Hoppers were first found beside Clapton.

SEE THIS: Claverings look related to the Eure's/Ure's suspect in the Hicks motto, and the MacKenzie's, with a "uro" motto term, have a branch with nearly the Fisc motto. The MacKenzie's point, as part of my serious warning, to the striking of the Apophis asteroid upon the sea of this planet in 2029. The asteroid is returning in the constellation of Cancer, and the Chance's/Chauncier's were a part of this topic. French Chance's/LaChance's have a write-up telling that they were identical to LIDEtons, and this is new: Liddle's, a branch of Little's, can point to Little SAINT James here, because the Suns/SAINTs/Sinclairs can be in the sun of the Chance/LaChance Chief. Liddle's even use a Saint-like "SANITas" motto term. Little Saint James is Jeffrey Epstein's island, and Sleeping Beauty was on his beach while Clappers share the Beach Shield, similar to the Fisc Coat.

It could all look as though God is sending the asteroid to target the Intelligence people who owned Jeffrey Epstein, the circle that JAMES Clapper was made the chief over by Obama. Clapper probably winked at the FBI abuse of the secret an unaccountable FISC (FISA court). The James', first found in Surrey with Clappers, share the three lions of Chicks, the latter first found in Essex with MacKenzie-beloved Mountains. The "aster" motto terms of Fiscs and MacKenzie's goes together with the "mountain in flames" of MacKenzie's to point to the 2nd Trumpet, which is said to be "like a mountain" in flames hurled into the sea.

Back to the Lideton relationship with Chance's/LaChance's. This is what justified the entry to topic of Little's and Liddle's. The latter share the Litt and Massey fleur-de-lys while the Maschi's have a version of the Chance/LaChance Coat. In fact, the English Chance's/Chauncier's share the Maschi Chief, and both Coats add a red Shield. Liddle's tell of their descending from Mr. Brundoz who received Liddel by the Masci-related Meschins. Liddel later went to the Wake's in the waking of Sleeping Beauty, by me, a Masci liner.

The "Hinc" motto term of Liddle's is important because Hinkleys have the vertically-split Shield of Litts in colors reversed, and then while Kilpatricks and Leggs were first found in Dumfries with Annandale, the Annandale Coat, as used by Bruce's/BRUSH's of Annandale, and by English Brush's, is shared by Hinks. I BRUSHed the LEG of Sleeping Beauty to WAKE her up. This tends to prove that Little's take us to Kilpatricks, especially as Little's tell of their branch about 20 miles east of Annandale. Bruce's were first found in Yorkshire with Wakefield and Walkers. I trace Bruce's (Brusi's) to the Abrussi of Abruzzo, the place of my Masci mother's birth, in Piacenza-like Picenze to be exact. The Ananes Gauls at Piacenza named Annandale.

Annas-branch Ainsleys, both of which were once said to be first found in NOTTINGhamshire to go with the "wake KNOT" of Wake's, share the fleur-de-lys of Hicks. Remember, Wake's are presented in the Liddle write-up as descended from Liddle's. Nitts with a Knot-like Naught variation were first found in Dumfries so as to be likely of the Nith river of Kilpatrick castle, at CLOSEburn. Nights/Nets are Naughts too, and English Knights/Nights, sharing the spur with CLOSE's, were first found in Suffolk with Brush's and Sinclair-branch Clare's.

I'm almost at the punch. As Little's use a "Magnum" motto term, like the "magna" of English WALKers, Little's can have the Irish Kilpatrick saltire, for Scottish Kilpatricks were at Dumfries, where Wake-like Walks/WACHs (share Wakefield garb) were first found who look like a branch of Macey-related Close's who in turn share the SPUR (different colors) with Liddle's. Irish Kilpatricks share the Masci (not "Maschi") fleur in their Chief, which is in the colors of the Maschi / Chance Chief. Spurrs, a branch of Supers sharing the other Kilpatrick saltire, were first found in Devon with Maschi-beloved Pine's, and while Pine's use the pineAPPLE, Apple's and Applebys share the martlets of Mountains (Essex, same as Chance's/Chauncier's). Dr. HW Kilpatrick, husband of Sleeping Beauty, is in a photo with Spuds MacKenzie, a topic of the last update. See the photo here from the Baytown Sun:

That's the punch. God doesn't hurl an asteroid into the sea unless the crimes are extremely serious. We've been told that His enemies will not repent, not even the general populations having no powers, no hope at all. They will reject their only Hope to stay alive for fear of persecution. Utter fools.

As Maschi's use pine cones while Cone's were a branch of Conte's/Comitissa's in the "Commit" motto term of Suns/Saints/Sinclairs, it's notable that Conte's/Comitissa's were first found in Durham while "duRUM" is a motto term of Nights/Nets/Naughts. Rums/RIMs were at Annandale, and Maschi's were first found at RIMini. Nights/Nets/Naughts share the gold lion with Maschi's, and we might add that while MacKenzie's were first found at ROSS-shire, Suns/Saints/Sinclairs, suspect in the sun of Chance's/LaChance's, were at ROSlin. Suns/Saints/Sinclairs share the CONan cross, in both colors of the Kilpatrick saltire. See Rimini in the motto of sun-using Hamons (Kent, same as Cone's), from Hamon de Masci / Massey.

Hamons use a "falcon RISING" between the Cone / Conte antlers, because French Conte's/Comites were first found in Languedoc with Falcons/FalCONTE's (and French Mountains). The Courage's (share the Walk/Wach fleur) suspect in the motto of English Falcons were first found in Essex with English Mountains. Kilpatricks were from Antipatria up the Apsus river from Fier County, and "fier" is in the motto of English Falcons. Kilpatricks use DROPs with their dagger, and the Comites-connectable Comyns (Comet colors and format), with the Courage's in their motto, not only use a dagger too, and not only share the Close / Wakefield garb, but were first found in Norfolk with Drops/TROPE's, perfect, because the page above showing Mr. Kilpatrick with Spuds MacKenzie also has his wife (yes, Miss Hicks) as the "TROPHy girl" in the photo at the top. "I'll Fly Away" is playing right now, and I was singing its chorus before realizing I was flying away with Miss Hicks back in 1979.

Courage's (Essex, same as Mountains and Chance's/Chauncier's) have the Liddle / Litt fleur in colors reversed, and so let's re-cap: LIDetons were Chance's/LaChance's while Chance's/Chauncier's point to the Cancer constellation, where astronomers claim Apophis will be seen with the naked eye. Better get your masks on, globo-freaks, for your faces will forever wear horrible and sickening expressions.

The Comyns with the motto, "Courage," were first found in Norfolk with Patricks and CASE's (look like Leslie kin) while CHASE's share the patonce cross of Chance's/Chauncier's. The patonce-like Pattens/Pattens (Essex, same as Courage's and Chance's/Chauncier's) share the green griffin head in Crest with Chace's and Leslie's, and Scottish Patents/Patients were first found in Dumfries with Kilpatricks (share Patrick saltire). Chase's were first found in Hampshire with Apophis-connectable Poppins/Pophams who in turn love the Mens' (Sun/Saint/Sinclair kin) along with Pepins/Pepys. King Apophis of the HYKSos was also, Apepi. "The sun and moon will be replaced with the Light of Jesus' face," is a songline (by Selah) that was singing as I ended this paragraph.

KilPatricks have a "dexter paw" of what looks like the Levi lion on the head of a green dragon, for while Kilpatricks are also Patchie's, Patch's (Devon, same as OAKhampton) have a "dexter arm" in Crest, and "OAK LEAVES" in the Shield. Leave's/Leve's were first found in Norfolk with Patricks, and with the Lance's sharing the Oakhampton fesse (Mr. Lance-like Alan of Dol ruled Oakhampton). "Patria" is a motto term of Oaks/Oke's ("oak leaves"), and the Laevi Gauls co-founded Pavia, where Pierro's/Pero's/PETRI's were first found. The other co-founders were Marici, and English Marks (Essex again) share the Hicks fleur-de-lys.

French Alans once showed ducks (now show the Chief of Lance-beloved Dere's), and so the Oakhampton stars are likely those of Duce-branch English Ducks. This tends to prove that Dere's are a pointer to ALAN Dershowitz. German Velens (Westphalia, same as Ducks/Dockers) once showed the Alan ducks. English Ducks use the falcon probably because English Falcons were first found in Cumberland with Dockers and Daggers while French Falcons were first found in Languedoc with French Alans. The fact that the Duck falcon is "standing on a mound" probably reveals that the Mound/Mount/Mons lion is the Duce and Duck lion.

Repeat from above: "Comeys/Comb's look like Coffee kin, which bears repeating that Coffee's share the McCabe fesse because Andrew McCabe was the deputy FBI director when Jim Comey was the director." I was struck by the Comey/Comb Crest, "An oak tree with a snake enTWINed." The second last scene in the Obama dream was two identical Obama's (side-by-side like when one sees double vision) on a skateboard going up a ramp. I had wondered whether the TWINs applied, but I don't recall going to the entwined snakes of Comeys before on that idea. It works where the last scene had pointed to one or both of the James Bakers, one having been the chief of the FBI's legal team.

The FBI-appointed lawyer of Andrew McCabe was Lisa Page, and my shot of Obama's billiard table, two scenes prior to Obama on the skateboard, had the cue ball initially as a flat PAGE. The Cue's/Kews share the garbs of Comey-like Comyns/Comine's, but the three garbs of the latter are used also by Ders'/Derrs. Repeat from above: New: The Ders'/Derrs are said to be from "the Rhine region," and while Rhineland is where Schutz's/SHUTZ's were first found, the two surnames together look like they make up "DerSHOWITZ"!" I'm just wondering whether this dream is supposed to be pointing to things-Epstein too. This dream was about a dozen days after Trump took Office in 2021.

Comets, in the "comet" of Rhine-like Reines'/Reiners, are in Comyn/Comine colors and format. The Raines'/Reins' are in the colors and format of Cue-like Coys for a decent pointer of my POOL cue to Perkins COIE, the legal firm working closely with Comey's FBI to ruin Trump. Kevins/KEWans, with the Comyn/Comine garb in colors reversed, and sharing the Cue/Kew garbs, share the POOL lion, and Reines'/Reiners have half of that lion. The Courage's (Essex, same as Raines'/Reins') in Comyn/Comine motto share the three fleur-de-lys of Perkins! It's all clicking.

The entry of Schutz's here is phenomenal. A Mr. Skeetz had contacted me, and we exchanged many emails. He was looking to find how his surname linked to Schutz's, or I may never have known them. The SHUTZ variation is amazing here because I took a SHOT on Obama's billiard table, and missed the red ball. The paper plane, which had been the flat page on the table, missed the red ball, and went into the corner pocket for a so-called sewer, and while Shots are listed with Schutz-like Shute's/Schute's, Scottish Sewers are listed with SUTERs/Shuters while Obama's other surname is Soetoro. It's all a match, suggesting that the dream may have been pointing to Dershowitz too.

As I said, Mr. Skeetz contacted me, and while Obama was on a SKATEboard, Skate's/SHEETS share the Coat of Sheets'/Skits/Skeochs, I kid you not. I've said many times that Sewers/Suters have a reflection of the Board Coat to go with the skateBOARD.

As the table had red balls I saw two or three near the pocket), I was playing SNOOKer, and I now see that this goes to the Snook variation of Snake's in the Comey/Comb "snake"!!! Zikers, and Snake's/Snooks share the Courage / Perkin fleur-de-lys to boot.

This gets more amazing because "FBI" stands for Federal BUREAU of Investigations, and there is a Bureau/Bure/Burel surname sharing the potent pattern with Avezzano's, and the latter happens to be a branch of Avisons who in turn share the Comyn/Comine Coat!!! Again, the Ders'/Derrs use that Coat too. Two updates ago, Avisons helped to point things to Stefan Halper, fellow criminal with Comey's FBI and the Steele dossier:

I can even connect the Cue's/Kews to the Halper-branch Halps/Halfs. Let's also mention that Sheaves'/SHAWs share "Qui" with Gale's, for Scottish Shaws (share dagger with Comyns/Comine's) have the Comyns (Shaw colors and format) in their write-up who were in turn first found in Norfolk with the Cue's/Kews who the Comyn/Comine garbs. The Comyn/Comine Coat is shared by AVISONs probably due to AVESNes being near Comines (in Artois). Avesnes is on the HELPe river while Halps/Halfs come up as Helps too.

There is a Russian federal-like Federov surname ("grenades") sharing the gold garbs of Boats/Bode's (Essex, same as Whats and Courage's), and looking like What / Wheat kin. Federov's use a "trail blade", and while Trails look like Feller kin, Blade's are in all three What colors. Boats/Boads have a lion head in Comey/Comb lion colors. Bote's/Butts/Bute's are a Button/Biden branch. Federov-like Feathers are loved by Perkin-like Perkens while Perkins share the Courage fleur.


Sometimes I come across a Christian video, but don't always know where to put it, and so why not in the news section? Well, it shouldn't go here because people are expected something from the news when they see the "news" sub-title. But I'm going to break a rule, and present this Christian video here at the top of the news section that is more like spinach, or a discipline-builder, in case you need or appreciate it. Note how life-building, or crisp and clean, or so-much-better-than-news-messages, the scriptures are which this man presents. Read them yourselves rather than just letting him read them for you:

You don't really believe that Russians attacked a hospital in Ukraine, do you? Fox not only thinks so, but teaches you this. Great shame, Fox. It's not possible to fake photos of a demolished hospital in Ukraine at this time, and so there's only one explanation: the West attacked the hospital to blame it on the Russians. I don't know how they did it, probably by sending in missiles. You don't still thing that the American military is holy, too holy to attack a hospital, do you? I think we need to understand, now, that where the globalists have decided to murder a large portion of populations randomly as a "good" thing for the survivors, to make more room in the world for the survivors, the military doesn't care about killing people when it's profitable for garnering world control. They view such murders as a win-win, because they are demons in human bodies.

News going around this week is that Pfizer made a deal with Acuitas Therapeutics to market 10 more mRNA products of various kinds. Reuters is saying that trudeau's office (who?) claims that neither trudeau nor the trudeau Foundation has "any shares" in Acuitas, in contradiction to claims made by Dr. Robert Malone, and at least similar ones by Dr. David Martin. Reuters says nothing about Martin, and I can see why, for Martin is the last person Reuters wants people to know about. Martin claims that trudeau's government receives kickbacks for Acuitas sales to certain vaccine companies, and he shows a journalist's comments saying that both "The companies in question and the prime minister's office have confirmed to us that it's not true" as per the kickbacks. Therefore, how much can we trust the word of trudeau's office if trudeau's the criminal? Is the criminal going to admit to the crime?

Here's Martin telling that coronaviruses were invented for unleashing by 2002:

At the 17th minute of the video above, Martin tells how a canadian province developed the delivery system of the "vaccines" which would kick-off the slow-kill of humanity, and this done or completed under the watch of trudeau. The delivery system requires lipids, and that's what Acuitas supplies to Pfizer and Moderna. So, trudeau is, in that capacity at least, responsible for this delivery system that murders the human race mercilessly, often slowly by first maiming critical human organs. After many were quickly murdered and maimed, this swine beast went public to lure little children to come take the vaccines as if it were candy.

Only the truckers slowed him down, for it seems he was poised, over this winter, to force-vaccinate people like me by stealing our money in one way or another unless we comply. Capital punishment is being called for, for the likes of men like him, and there are hundreds globally. If things fall apart much more for them, they could very well be facing capital punishment...and then the mark of the beast will be some lesser evil, hopefully, than forced vaccinations, something like optional vaccination with the inability to buy food unless one complies. As I say in most update these days, start storing your foods now, while it's amply available, while the heat is off from the goons, in ways that it won't go to waste. If it's dry enough, most foods will last ten years easily in temperatures under 65F / 18C degrees.

The COVID scheme did not take us by such force without a massive conspiracy in the works for many years, and parts of it over decades. We might slow them down this year, but the conspirators are entrenched in powerful positions, and are expected to come-back against us as they feel confident. Their problem is in being so large, so-widespread, from different countries each with its own dynamics of resistance. A big beast is slow to crawl, in other words...but also slow to stop once moving.

Below is one who suddenly despises Dr. Malone, and perhaps the video's speaker is on to something i.e. that Malone is a fake good guy. After you watch this video, ask: could Malone have a motive for pretending to be opposed to the mRNA vaccines? YES, he could, because he's an inventor of this technology by his own claims, and so to deflect from his making money on the technology, in case he's doing so in some unknown way, but also to protect himself from the killings and maimings, he could be pretending to be opposed. He seems sincere, though.

The work of Dr. Fuellmich and team with the publicized "grand jury" information was very useful, like a turning point to shut the goons up. The news media went quiet immediately after the team got their word out on the evidence against the goons. Somebody at the top of the news media, and at the top of political puppets, told them to all stand down, because they had all incriminated themselves, and the more they push the murder once the evidence against them is hard, the more the fools they play.

So, the trick now is to make-good the evidence in courts around the world. Do not stop, don't let this go, put trudeau and biden in prison forever, execute them even. They do not deserve to see the light of life, for when they knew how many people the vaccines were killing, they continued to push them, even on children. Murdering them is too good for them, I would tell it to a judge, I am not afraid of trudeau. He would stand no chance in a court of law, even if the judge is on his side. The known numbers of those killed and maimed is far more than any politician should tolerate, yet trudeau was willing to kill even more, and he had a financial motive to boot. No judge anywhere would judge on his behalf in a high-profile case and come out unscathed. He would be ostracized for the rest of his life when the facts are made plain before him. The leader of a country is to know more than anyone the numbers of those killed and maimed, and the leader of any country knows full well that the number of reported killed and maimed is not nearly the entirety. trudeau cannot act dumb as if he didn't know what was happening.

Good doctors around the world were reporting on the vaccine-related fatalities. There's an army of such doctors who have recorded, and told, the truth. Most of them may have been largely silent, but they were recording the truth, and that truth will come out because good men will play out their good roles when safe enough to do so. It's now looking safer to do so. Politicians should betray trudeau because he killed his own people, and was prepared to kill the youth too in large numbers to line his pockets. If this mass-murder is not deserving of capital punishment, what is? It's not manslaughter, it's first-degree murder if the vaccine kills ten times more people, and maimed 1,000 times more, than the virus. The virus does not permanently maim, but the vaccines do. Is this a small crime? Why doesn't some Canadian with the right stuff take trudeau to court? I'm horrified that there's no capable person / group seeking justice yet.

Here's the Pfizer CEO, Albert Bourla, who was guns-ablazing on forced vaccinations, now trying to get himself out of hot legal water by trying to blame the "vaccine" on his bosses, I kid you not. Yes, now that the "vaccines" have been exposed as first-degree murder machines, he's suddenly claiming that it was unwise to go the mRNA route, what a typical gangster:

Making such a public statement was sure to anger Bourla's bosses, and so what could we expect from a duplistic gangster-type but that he came out and changed his tune, saying the people should take a fourth vaccine. It's got Pfizer gangster-bosses all over it. Bourla admits that it was going against his conscience to go full-out global with the mRNA without a track record, but at the insistence of his bosses, he agreed to PUSH them. He PUSHED them like candy. He did it for money, making him a gangster who killed / maimed people more than cocaine kills / maims people. He trusted his bosses, he's saying, he's just the innocent employee, he's now saying, and even after he's heard of and seen horrible adverse events, he's still pushing a fourth vaccine, as we could expect from a heartless, money-grubbing gangster.

Bourla knows about those so-called "blood clots" that are never-been-seen-before, spaghetti-like "worms" as long as three feet that embalmers have been handling and reporting for weeks now. Below is an update on the topic with one man who studying this hideous thing that plugs arteries and kills. Yet Bourla is still pushing a fourth shot of the vaccine? Where are the lawyers who should be jailing this murderous horror story? The weird thing about the man (is he a fake?) in this video is that he smiles and even laughs at times when there's nothing to smile/laugh about, and he shows no pictures to prove he's actually working on the project he claims to be working on:

Bourla knows that Pfizer documents came out at the start of this month to damn the company for the deaths and maimings it knew about but covered, and yet if he's still pushing boosters, he's probably being blackmailed. It's gangster on gangster.

Because Trump blamed the COVID scam on China, and also because China suspects what others suspect, that Fauci-and-company used Wuhan to deliberately let a man-made virus get out, China is now incensed about the revelations of US-funded bio-labs in Ukraine. Therefore, a war with Russia could drag-in China, and so how might this situation evolve into fulfilled prophecy where, in my view, China fights against the anti-Christ's forces entrenched in Israel?

How do we explain the anti-Christ's forces still in Israel in a big way when the "kings of the east" come into the Middle East? As the anti-Christ takes Jerusalem 3.5 years before the kings of the east arrive, what are the former forces doing in Israel all that time if not seeking to control the entire country a bit at a time. It looks like a drawn-out war that even starves Israelis, according to what Isaiah predicts. And Jesus warns Christians in Judea to flee, not to other nations, but into the mountains. Will they be safe there? I assume they will be, for the most part, though I don't see how unless local Palestinians oppose the invasion.

Now that we know how wicked the military is in partnering with the COVID / vaccine crimes, we might treat the chem-trail conspiracy theories with more seriousness. Has any congressman ever asked what these chemicals are that are being floated above population centers? Did Trump ever ask? If he did, why didn't he tell us what the answer was which he received? Surely, he was dutifully required to ask what they're spraying? Yes, and it was his duty to report to the public what the answer was, whether true or not. Thus, Trump is on the side of the enemy, OBVIOUSLY. He wanted a good relationship with the military demon, and was on-side with it right up until he told the country that the military would be passing around the vaccines like candy to all the kids. That's Trump, the demon, which many Christians love and adore. Ask whether the report in this chemtrail video is true or fabricated:

Here's a short video with evidence that president Biden is a fake Biden:

Chances are, chem-trails consist of something that makes people die slow, faster. That is, they get sick slowly, and die sooner than would otherwise be the case without the chem-trail materials in their lungs. I doubt that the chem-trail material is to alter weather. They spray it on windless days, apparently, so that it falls to the ground in concentrated form where they intend it to fall. Windless days are not rainy days. These materials are not going to alter the temperature at the ground, and nobody's going to go through all that cost just to alter the temperature a small fraction of a degree, or to create a little rain. So, these chemical must be intended for human consumption, or the people responsible, the military, would tell the people what they are doing.

If they made the material fall to the ground sooner rather than allowing it to hover a long time, the material would fall on less ground area in higher concentrations. They apparently opted to spread widely in thin concentrations, but as widely as a breeze would spread it. By night, the atmosphere shrinks in thickness to facilitate lowering the material to the ground. Any wind the next day or two will kick the material off the ground so that it goes into peoples' lungs. I don't think the material is intended as a gas, for gases spread out continuously. Some say its aluminum, a poison.

You might like to check out these nasal-swab findings where the tubes that make up the swab fibers are hollow possibly for delivering a chemical (from within them) into the nasal tissue:

I'm wondering whether God arranged for the questioning of Victoria Nuland last week in congress, where she admitted that there are bio-labs in Ukraine, though she stopped short of calling them bio-weapons labs, of course. And, of course, she tried to blame the Russians if any viruses or bacterial infections get loose from the Ukraine theater.

Dr. Francis Boyle calls Victoria Nuland a Bush neo-con, and reports that Nuland was a part of ousting the Russian-backed Ukraine government in 2014 for the purpose of setting up neo-Nazis in Ukraine. Boyle views the bio-labs in Ukraine as the work of Bush-planted nazis. As of 2005, Nuland was Bush's ambassador to NATO, and the latter has become heavily invested in Ukraine for to topple the Russian government.

Under Obama, Victoria Nuland became the assistant secretary of state for Eurasian Affairs, after Hillary Clinton quit the Obama administration. Again, Newland's deputy in that post was John Heffern, and Hefferns/Heffers share the crescents of Coffers/Coffare's (Somerset, same as English Heffers) who are in turn in the colors of Victoria-loving Coffee's/Coffers. That looks like a set-up by God to point to this woman, not likely because God likes her.

I've mentioned several times that CURBys share the Heffer / Coffer crescents too, and I told of the night when I almost crashed into a CURB while returning home from a live appearance of CHEECH and Chong (pointer to Democrat-beloved Chinese?) at about age 20/21. I told that story because I had kissing Kepke's girl on the CHEEK after she slammed my car door to get away from him, leaving him sitting outside on the CURB at the La Paloma parking lot. The Cheech's/Cheeks share the fitchee style (same colors too) of Newlands, you see, and while Kepke's father is Ukrainian, the girl I kissed on the cheek, Kim Walsh, has a surname from Wallachia near Ukraine. I'm pretty sure she was from a Welsh background. Scottish Walsh's/Walchs almost share the Benjamin Coat, and Walsh's/Walchs have the NEWmans/Numans in their motto. Irish Walsh's/Walchs share the Newland chevron. The Armes' in the Newland motto share the gold annulet with Scottish Walsh's/Walch's and Benjamins, and George Bush Jr. married Laura Walsh. The Armes' share symbols with Lowers and Lowans, and Love's/Luffs share the Newland / Cheek fitchee. Lovers/Livers/Levers have a TRUMPet.

So what do we make of all that? I see one big headache to interpret. I always feel sick like this before it gets fun, but maybe not this time. I go where the leads lead me, feel sick, then start to unravel, and eventually I start plaster exclamation marks to the page. But maybe not this time.

The Coffee/Coffer Crest has a "A man RIDING a green dolphin", and Ridings/Readings pointed to the Bush-Scherff nazis when I was riding a shopping cart, partly because Ridings/Readings share the black boars of English Bush's. I rode the shopping cart to my Jeep, and Jeepma's/CHEPs have a giant two-headed eagle in the colors of the giant, one-headed eagle of Candida's in the Armes motto phrase, "candida ROSA." The Jeepma/Chep eagle is used by Dero's/ROSA's, you see, and so let me slam down just one exclamaton for that one! Candida's were first found in Naples, in Campania, and the previous owner of my Jeep, who was in the dream where I was riding the shopping cart to his Jeep, is from Benevento of Campania!! Suddenly, the Newland motto has brought us to the dream that pointed to the Bush-Scherff nazis. In the dream, I complained to the previous owner about the Jeep's DOOR handle, and Doria's share the Candida eagle, good one.

The "proviDENTia" motto term of Coffee's/Coffers can jibe with the dents being in the colors and format of the Armes bend-with-items. Irish Wolfe's share the split Shield of Italian Rosa's, both Shields in the colors of the Campanio quadrants, and Newlands have a wolf head in Crest.

We now return to News'/Nuce's because the solid chevron on the ARM in their Crest must be the one of Chapmans/CHEPmans, which is why I highlighted the Chep variation of Jeepma's above. Compare "JEEPMa" to "CHEPMAn". Chapmans/Chepmans were first found in Cambridgeshire with News'/Nuces', and with the Ponders in the Chapma/Chepman motto. Ponders (it's a version of the Bush and Bustard Coats, trust me) and Ponds/Ponts share the black-on-white boar heads of Ridings/Readings. Bush's use them as full boars, and I've seen the Bush Coat having a red fesse in both colors of the Ponder and Pond/Pont fesse. The latter's patee cross is on both colors of the patee-fitchee of Newlands.

The "LOYaute" motto term of Newlands can be for Loys/Louis', first found in Lorraine with the Chaplets in the News/Nuces "CHAPlets," which is also why I think that the Chapman/Chepman chevron is on the arm in the News/Nuces Crest. "Chaplets" are used also by Saxons while Sax's share the roses of the ARMes' in the Newland motto. The News/Nuces crest has an "arm" holding a newspaper-like item but called a "parchment." The Parchments/Parkmans share the Newland chevron.

As we just saw the News'/Nuces first found in Cambridgeshire, this allows us to go to English Julians, first found in Cambridgeshire with Chapman-like Capone's while Italian Capone's were first found in Naples with the Candida's. The News'/Nuces pointed to my buying a Texas property on the Nueces river, and Mrs. Teague, who sold it to me, had a ranch on that river. Teague's share the cross of English Julians, and the Teague Crest is a brown wolf head, the colors of the wolf head in the Newlands Crest. So, I think we have made the case that Victoria Nuland's Ukraine activities are being pointed to by my trip into Texas.

Miss Hicks likewise had a ranch on the Nueces river, and while Hicks' share the "chaplet" with News'/Nuces', I've shown how the other Sleeping Beauty can be pointed to via Bash's who, first found in Hertfordshire with Nuse's/Newes', have a Coat and Crest like that of News'/Nuces'. Bashfords are also Basfords, and Basford is where Ainsleys were first found. Bashfords share the eagle of Aquila's, first found in Benevento, where the previous owner of my Jeep came from. Aquila's also use the Coat of Barrs, and Bill Barr hired Mr. Bash of West Texas in a DOJ job (that apparently came to nothing) looking for dirt on Obama and Biden. Bash's area covered Victoria, Texas, as well as the Nueces river, and all the way to San Antonio, where Ainsley was working prior to her job at Fox.

The Aquila eagle is also that of Segni's/Segurana's, first found in Genoa with Doria's, and six Doria / Candida eagles are using by BASings. BASINgs look like they are from Basina, queen of CHILDeric, tending to explain why Childs (Hertfordshire, same as BASfords) share white eagles with Aquila's. Childeric was a Merovingian, and Merovingians were from Venetia, where Este is located, explaining why Aquila's share the Este Coat.

I think Bill Barr was in the barrel-shaped part MISSING from the Jeep's door handle, and Barrels (Herefordshire, same as Doors) have a reflection of the Segni/Segurana Coat. It all looks Arranged, though I really don't know how to read it all. Perhaps John Durham will request Bash's findings before Barr cut him loose from his task. Bash claims that he quit on Barr, but I'm not buying it. Bash's job was to discover how Obama and his inner circle were inventing dirt on Trump. After Bash quit, Barr appointed nobody else that we know of to that task. It was a major crime by Obama, but Barr the do-nothing (missing in action) snubbed his nose at the law even while he was the chief law enforcer, especially for laws applying to criminal attacks on a president from a former president. Barr the GREAT SHAME, he can take this painfully to his deathbed, if he has a conscience left.

I don't see how Ainsley Earhardt fits into that Bash investigation, for her show is chicken hearted, and days or weeks behind the news in social media. She just goes with the Fox flow, nicey-safey, pussy-footing, more worried about keeping her job secure than getting to the truths. Her show's a big yawn, nobody's ever late for work for wanting to watch it, and they never break a story but just grab the news from other I do. Why would God want to point to this lame show?

I'll say it again, I bought my Texas property from Mrs. Teague, born Miss Friend, and Ainsley works at Fox and FRIENDs. But why would God want to point to a woman who spends more time on her looks and practicing her lines, than on getting to the bottom of the news stories that matter to Him? I started watching her shows when I became convinced that she's a fulfillment of Sleeping Beauty, but I had to stop watching out of sheer boredom and intolerance to the whitewash they put out. While I think that Brian Kilmeade is by far the most feisty and push-push, he lies to his audience about 9-11. They all do at Fox. The test of human character for people in the news business is whether they will tell the 9-11 truth. If they cannot, they are pee-wee leaguers that I cannot respect.

When Fox is more concerned about a leftist-media backlash than digging for truth, it gravitates to being a typical, controlled media. If the hosts do it the way they know the boss wants it done, then that's a controlled media. If the stories Fox covers are usually obtained from leftist media sources, then that's called more-than-half trash with a sprinkle of garbage on top, and zero-percent of what matters for saving the world from government gangsters. The leftist media never offers a way of salvation to the country from the mobsters who rule them.

Movie Time

You might like to ask whether it's better to be a Christian in Soviet Russia than in the masonic, pluralistic United States after seeing this movie:

There are A LOT of American movie productions that youtube classifies as "Christian," but 80-percent (generalization) of all these movies make Christians and pastors look like hypocrites and/or faithless in a modern, evolutionist's mindset. And then they have a small, touching Christian ending with little power of converting anyone because it's just a movie. What do you think will be the net-result of such movies, positive or negative, for or against Christians??? How many of these movies are secretly from Christian cults bent on making denominational Christians look like hypocrites? I've just tried to watch another movie (Timbertown) by Encourage TV (never watch them very deep), and, it figures, the murdered pastor was a porn devotee. So I stopped watching, as I routinely do whenever I load an Encourage TV production.

I saw a "Christian" movie where four of the five guys stuck in a barn were mocking God. One of them was angry at Him for not answering even one of his prayers. If that's you at any time, ask thyself: when did you ever say to yourself, "hey, what can I do for God today to bless His heart"? Why should God do anymore for you than He already has when you have not once said, "today, I'm going out to do what God wants me to do."

The (wo)man who does for God regularly will find Him, for He will be ready to serve such a one. Don't be the stuck-up, angry, bitter, anti-Christian fool. Get serving others just because God wants it. Start talking to God with respect as your service to Him. Things will change for a person like that. But if you serve in order to receive, that's not serving. That's making a bargain for profit, labor in return for answered prayer. It don't work. When we serve, we want the person served to be blessed. You've seen such heroes. Do likewise. Here, you be the judge, does the mocking of God by the four men do more harm to the viewer than the touching end that does not prove God's existence to one who doesn't yet know Him:


Here's all four Gospels wrapped into one story.

For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God.
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