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March 8 - 14, 2022

Peare's Rushed Kiss Seems to Explain the First Revelation Horse
There's Inklings of the Other Three Horses Too
The Hyksos Descendants of Peleg, Son of Eber
It Re-Visits the Apophis Asteroid

If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture

If at anytime you want to know a Coat's description as given by an unidentified person/group, see Hall of Names. One way to better deal with my long updates, and links to several stories, is to put your computer to sleep (instead of shutting it down) so that this page is ready for you whenever you feel like continuing in the following days.

The CDC / FDA pooh-pooed with great passion on a very safe drug, hydroxychloroquine, and tarnished it for its side-effects, virtually outlawing it from all hospitals. Yet the CDC did not reveal, until forced to earlier this month, the long list of side-effects from vaccines. Someone has placed those side-effects cascading in this video (the list might have been shorter if it listed the ailments that vaccines don't cause):

What I don't understand is: if the trick was to deceive the world with safe vaccines, or if the vaccine companies didn't want to be on the legal hook, why did vaccine companies report all of those side-effects to the CDC (it was recorded and reported prior to March of 2020)? How could the elites in the CDC not be liable for instant arrest having known of this long list? Any harmed person can sue those elites for ushering in COVID malpractice, for starters. Who's going to do it? What happens if class-action law suits win a trillion dollars from the government? Who's going to pay? The victim pool -- the people at large -- will pay through their taxes. Does that make you see red? The ones who did not get sick will foot the BIG PAYMENTS to those who did get sick, and the latter are mostly our ideological enemies who taunted us, who embraced the vaccines and wanted us dead or jailed or locked in our homes if we didn't do likewise.

Here's an Alex Jones show of this week featuring Sean Stone and his new book seeking to reveal Cecil-Rhodes globalism to the modern day, and talking about Ukraine too. In this video, Stone says that there are more than 1,200 adverse events listed in the newly-released Pfizer document:

Although you may not get much of the full picture of what Karen Kingston says here, you can tell by her tone alone that she's describing vaccine gangsterism in the American military, but do keep in mind as you watch this that Trump was a kingpin in this effort:

Liz Wheeler has a short show on the Pfizer list of adverse reactions:

How can the vaccines have over 1,200 side-effects unless the vaccines are not all identical? Is it logical to deliberately maim and kill people by different methods in an effort to hide that they are being caused by vaccines? Yes, it is logical, but then why did a Pfizer board admit to these 1,200 ailments? That's the mystery. On the one hand, I want to think that this list is being released to foment a civil war, because I think the globalist puppets in all nations want nothing more. It's possible that the men at the top of the pyramid are conveying their wishes to all puppets: get the opposing sides to kill each other.

The men at the top should learn the meaning of a boomerang. He who incites killings by riots is killed by riots. George Soros is just days away from his eternal prison; won't he be surprised if the demons there beat him to a pulp in a grand riot? Whatever you did, Mr. Soros, to cause division and strife, it's coming back at you from behind your back, from where you can't see it, and won't know it, until it strikes you on your skull. Mr. Soros, it is coming.

The following is weird, showing the real Putin in a jail cell. It's the real Putin, I know, because I covered him starting back in the range of 2010. The Putin I see on Ukraine news today doesn't look quite like the one here:

Imagine that, a fake Biden versus a fake Putin. You can't get more puppet than this; you can't get more shadow-government than this. Back before 2010, I, like most others in the West, expected Putin to become a back-to-Sovietism tool, but that didn't happen. Here's Stew Peters on what I think is an appropriate tribute to Putin, or, at least, evidence that he's not at all like a typical, anti-Christ globo-puppet:

Anti-vaxxers have become divided over Putin, and this is like salvation to the vaccine pushers because the real war should be against them, but now the new worry is WW3. I suggest that The Restrainer is still restraining, or we would be drowning in a tyrannical cesspool by now. No matter what happens from the darkside, the Restrainer will thwart it until the start of the final 1260 days. After that, He will protect us from the unrestrained darkside. Throw off the pre-trib claim that when the Restrainer ceases to restrain, that He will no longer be on earth, for that is STUPID. They teach that satan has a free-for-all for those final years. We have 28 torpedoes in Revelation alone for holding to the contrary.

Stay away from pro-Trump Christian broadcasts, is my advice. I don't see many of them anymore, but he's trying to make a come-back with his Christian supporters. Do not bond around the American flag for the cause of America because it was masonic from the beginning. Let the American and Canadian flags be a symbol only for anti-globalism. Better yet, somebody should invent an anti-global flag to be used in every country wishing to boot globalists out of office.

The symbol on this flag could be a boot to a jackass' rear, and it should scare politicians the globe over. Make war against globalist puppets in political offices. That's how the war can be won. They infiltrated political offices to steal from you, you boot the infiltrators out. Easier said than done, partly because the state media will not promote your candidates. To solve this problem, watch media that favors your type of candidates, and, wherever you have an internet voice, start naming names that you want in political offices. For example, call for president DeSantis, and hope it catches on. The fewer the globalists in power by tribulation time, the better. BUT, God may have a different plan, to have political offices heavily stacked with the enemy, and to thwart them on our behalf in spite of their having a monopoly on power. As we don't know what God's plan is, we should do what we can to alleviate future tyranny.

I understand the long-held desire to topple Russia so that the West can be rid of a communist threat. But, NOW, the West is the communist threat, and it revealed itself as such when the leaders got desperate to make the people conform to it by trickery. Rather than the COVID scheme facilitating the smooth transition to Western communism, the latter is getting another kick in the teeth. trudeau has been a super tool to expose this Western nastiness, and so the people are starting to favor Russia over the West, explaining why Western nasties are fighting very hard to keep that from happening, to the point that even Fox news' Hannity, for example, has capitulated to Fox's anti-Russia propaganda. If Bongino has decided to support Fox on this matter, Bongino should be trashed, for while he speaks against globalism regularly, what's he doing supporting it in Ukraine? Tucker Carlson is a pimple on Fox's face, and he with Bongino are two warts on Fox's chin, because they would ridicule 9-11 truthers to protect their own positions at Fox, it's disgusting, disgusting like warts with human faces who won't heal. I might trust a three-legged chair more. The good guys need better leaders than this.

I don't know what exactly is going on in Ukraine because I can't trust either side not to be feeding propaganda. But, my senses tell me that Russia is attacking anti-Russian forces in Ukraine only, because they cause strife for Russians inside Ukraine. I can't blame Russia for wanting a Russia-friendly government in Ukraine, it makes all the sense in the world, but the West, with Fox news included, does not want it taking place to the point of now considering air-combat warfare with Russia. It looks like the Armageddon-attitude to me, and so I'd be nuts to support it. No thanks, not me. Safe to say, Russia is not in Ukraine to egg the West into a superpower war. It's not what Russia wants. The dark lunatics are in the West, guaranteed.

Everytime I see "Putin" speaking to the world, it doesn't look like a president, but rather like a mere spokesman for the invisible people who rule Russia. Lavrov comes to mind. At any time, I suppose, those invisibles could act with wickedness, or they could act with good character. As we don't know what's going on due to the unreliability of the Western press, we should not fuel this war with murderous animosity toward Russia. Only a lunatic would want to risk a war in this setting, and so ask why Hannity is talking like a lunatic? Maybe it's because he has his secret bunker all prepared with all his needs.

The Russian minister of defence, late last week or early this week, announced that an American-financed, bio-lab program has been uncovered in Ukraine. The question is: as this was a publicized statement, was it more propaganda than truth? We shall see. I don't know who the Russian is in this video below, but note his claim that, since American and German bio-work has started in Ukraine, illnesses have gone up. How easy might it become for Russia to be ruled by a group which supports population control that way Bill Gates does?

Suppose it's true that the Americans and Ukrainians (the government) together plotted to invade Russia with pathogens, or that they had already started? Is the white horse of revelation the Ares horseman? That makes sense where I claim that Ares, from the Aras river of Gog, and having sources near the Moschi mountains (probably named Moscow), was named by the Hros people group. The Aras-like Ras surname is listed with Scottish Rose's, and RasMUSSENs, probably descended from the namers of the Moschi mountains, use a giant white horse with horn, and that horn could cleverly be code for the line of mythical Orion in Boeotia. For CadMUS, a mythical character represents Armenians from MUS, settled Boeotia and married Armenia-like Harmonia, Ares' daughter. Mus is at Lake Van, and, king RUSA ruled Lake Van.

(Load Ras link now to have access, on another tab, to other Coats of Arms.)

Cadmus was a Phoenician descended from mythical Phoenix, and Phoenix's/Fenwicks (Northumberland, same as Rodhams/Roddens) can be gleaned with Phone's/Fane's/VANs who share the gauntlet with Maceys, a branch of Maezaei-like Masseys/Maceys. The horn on the RasMUSsen horse makes it a uniCORN, part-code for the Ceraunii Illyrians smack beside the Maezaei at the UNA river, explaining "UNIcorn." The Ceraunii can be gleaned from mythical Cronus, son of Orion-like Uranus, and Cronus can be gleaned with the namers of Corinth, where mythical Jason had his queen, Medea, the witch of Colchis, where the myth writer placed the Ares protect the golden fleece which Jason stole when he stole Medea from the Colchian king. Colchis is to the near-north of the Moschi mountains. See "Tyndaris" in my last update for more on that Colchian realm, for the Ares dragon of Colchis arose from the Sparti of the Ares dragon in Boeotia.

Jason's father was AESon, play on HephAEStus, god of Lemnos and son of HERA, because Jason's Argo ship stopped on Lemnos on its way to Colchis. And then there was IASION, the founder of Hephaestus' Kabeiri cult. The latter was predominantly on Lemnos, Samothrace and Boeotia, that's right. Hephaestus' official wife was Aphrodite, the lover of Ares while she was married to Hephaestus, that's right. To the Roman, Aphrodite was VENus, and we can glean here that she was named after a line from Lake Van to Veneti. The far-West Veneti names Vannes in Brittany, home of Alan Huns from Caucasia's Alania / Iron, and the Iron surname is also the Orion.

Alania is now partly North Ossetia. The latter's flag is similar to the Coat of English Alans. The capital of North Ossetia is VLADikavkaz (near the Colchian location of the fleece), and the first-known Alan of Brittany's Dol was a son of FLAAD. The "mago" and "wlad" motto terms of English Alans is interesting where Vladikavkaz is near Magas, and then there's a Magor location in Monmouthshire while Monmouthshire is where Phone's/Fane's/Vans were first found. French Josephs once showed a giant swan, from lake SeVAN, named after Lake Van, and this was the lake of Gog, called "Lychnis" on this old, incorrect map. I saw with my own eyes that the Swan/Sion surname used gauntlet gloves, the Phone/Fane/Van symbol.

While CHEPstow is another location in Monmouthshire, the Jeepma's/CHEPs share the hexagram of Vlads, and then Josephs (Caplan / CHAPlain kin) can be traced amazingly well to Josephus the historian, who claimed to be descended directly from the Israeli priests, making him a possible descendant of Joseph Caiaphas, whose surname can be to the Chappes'/CHEAPs. As I trace Jeepma variations to Japodes near EMONa, this latter place could have named Mon(mouth). Japodes named Jupiter, husband of Juno, and while Uni was the chief goddess of the Etruscans on the north side of Rome, it makes sense that Juno was named after the Una river to the near south of the Japodes. Emona is beside Lesce, the line to Leslie's, the latter first found in Aberdeenshire with Cups/Cope's/Colps, and the latter are from the Kupa/COLAPis river of the Japodes. June's were once said to be first found in Cambridgeshire with Jeune's and CHEPman/Chapmans. "Jeune" is a motto term of Youngs/Yonge's while June's are listed with German Youngs/Jungs, and then June's come up as "Jung" too.

As Chepstow is at the Monmouthshire-GLOUCestershire border while the golden fleece was recovered by Jason at the GLAUCus river on the map above, here's a quote from the last update that's of interest in this discussion:

Geloni-like Gelons/Gellens not only share the Let/Late saltire, but the Ladys/Laudyman annuLETs. Gelons/Gellens have crossed "batons" (as their saltire) while Batons/Bastons (Biston / Bessin branch?) were kin of Bats while Caucasian Bats [on the edge of the Moschi mountains] and their neighboring Lazi were at least near the Alans of Caucasia. The Lazi lived in Lazona, and could have become the namers of the Ladon river, the proto-Ladds/Ladons and so likely the line to Ladys/Laudymans. The husband of mythical Leda (Sparta, near the Ladon river) was named after a Tyndaris location (at Colchis) of the GLAUCus river (flows to the Lazi theater), and Letts/Late's (GLOUCestershire) are suspect in "OulLETTE." Leda and Tyndareus were the parents of mythical Helen, wife of MeneLAUS, myth code for Las/Laas on Sparta's Mani peninsula. Is that not a tidy piece of work?

The OULlette's were resolved with Owls/Howls, and it just so happens that Howells were, not only first found in Monmouthshire, but they share the tower of Stewart-beloved Pellicans, the latter first found in Maine with French Josephs. In myth, Glaucus loved Scylla, and scallops are used by Samsons. The latter's "letho" motto term must be for Letts because they were first found in Gloucestershire with Samsons. The Flags/Flacks (share Flag/Flack scallops) in the Samson motto share the double fesses of FLEETs, and they are in the colors of Flaad- / Vlad-like Flatts/FLETE's. The latter were first found in the Orkneys with the LinkLETTERs, who can be gleaned as Stewart kin, and look like they explain the letters (ABCDEF) of the Aleng- / Link-like Langs (German Langs share the pelican with Scottish Stewarts). LinkLETTERs thus look like a Lang-line merger with Lett-like Letters, a branch of LAUDers. Stewarts removed from their Shropshire location as Alans, moving to Glasgow, and the Lords/LAUDs in the Glasgow motto are connectable to Ladys/Laudymans (NorthAMPTON) via Amptons.

LAUDERs even share the motto ("RepulluLAT") and tree stump of Laurie's/Larrys (share laurel with Lorraine's) to reveal their descent from LOTHARingia, otherwise known as, Lorraine. "RePULLulat" looks like part-code for Pullys/Pullings (pelican) because they share the martlets of French Josephs while English Josephs (Hampshire, same as Caplans) look related to English Caplans while German Caplans look related to Gardners and Laurie's/Larrys while English Gardners share gold griffin heads with English Caplans. CHAPlets (a possible Chappes-line merger with Letts), with swans in both colors of the swan once shown by French Josephs, were first found in Lorraine with the Simons in turn having a "MON" motto term. In the last update, I told why God linked Italian Simons to my JEEP, and so let's repeat that the Chep variation of Jeepma's can be of Chepstow on MONmouthshire (Monmouth is named after the Monnow river).

When heraldry works so well to explain place names, the "expert" historians who try to guess where place names derive start to look laughable. Trust me, don't respect them, for they are almost always wrong when they don't know what a place name is named after. In a thousand years, they will saying that Washington was named for its many washing machines, they are that simpleton.

French Simons share the Coat of Welsh Louis' probably due to French Louis' being first found in Lorraine with French Simons. Welsh Louis' (and Lewis') were first found in GlaMORGANshire, beside Monmouthshire, and Morgans have the Lorraine lion in colors reversed. The Tillers (Glamorganshire) and their Tail/Tailor branch probably have the Louis / Simon lion. The Tilurius river has a source at the CERAUNii Illyrians who are expected to have named the Ceraunii mountains at Alan-line Aulon, and as the latter location was also AVLONa, it explains why mythical MORGAN le Fay, daughter of GorLOIS of CORNwall, was placed on mythical AVALON. You see, I've learned to put family historians to a laughable shame, and I enjoy it because most of them are anti-Christ. The Arms of Glamorganshire use the triple Clare chevrons, and Clare's were first found in Sussex with CRAUNs/Crane's. The Shark-like Saraca's of Ragusa were near the mouth of the Tilurius, and Sharks use the crane.

So, while Crauns/Crane's can be gleaned from the Ceraunii, the historians involved in the Craun/Crane write-up say: "The name derives from a nickname for a person whose was tall, and had long legs. This nickname derived from the Old English words cranuc, and cornuc, which mean crane." Aha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-hahhhh-ha, what a good laugh. The Craun/Crane patee cross is shared by Colapis-like Claptons, and Clapton is a location at the Gloucestershire border.

The previous owner of my Jeep is JOSEPH DeSIMONE, and, as was said, he's from Benevento, in CAMPANia, and so it can be added that English CHAMPIONs, sharing the Alan fesse, have the trefoils of English Simons in colors reversed. Camps/Champs, in Capone colors and format, share the griffin heads of English Caplans, and Italian Capone's, with the CROWNed lion of Jewish Levi's, I gather, were first found in Campania. French Levi's were first found in Ile-de-France with French Chappes'. The CRAUNS/Crane's (share the gold patee of English Caplans) use a CROWN around a neck, achem, not because the first Mr. Craun had long neck, aha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-hahhhh-ha. English Capone's were first found in Cambridgeshire with CHEPmans/Chapmans, and Cambridge's use swans so as to trace to lake Sevan.

The English Champions under discussion share the red fesse with Buttons/Bidens, and branch of Butts/BOETs, and Buttons/Bidens (Hampshire, same as CAPLANs and Josephs) share the Capelli/CAPPELIN "chapeau." The Capelli write-up links to Este (near Ferrara): "The surname Capelli was first found in the city of Ferrara, where the Cappelli family occupied many of the first seats in the ESTensi Court in the 12th century" The Este's share the Coat of Aquila's (in Capelli-Shield colors), first found in Benevento i.e. in Campania, and Campanio's, with quadrants in the colors of the split Shield of Capelli's, were first found in Padua with Este.

Ahh, the CampaNAZZI variation of Campanio's must indicate a Campania-line merger with Naso's/Nasi's (Campanio colors) because Dutch Naso's/Nassau's share the Ferrara lion! Beauty. My dream with the previous owner of the Jeep, which was highlighted and partially explained in the last update, started with my RIDING a SHOPping cart (like one rides a skateboard pushing with one leg from the side) down a sloping ROAD to where the Jeep was parked. The Ridings/Readings share the black boar with Booths and Bush's, and while the first Bush president was born George Herbert SCHERFF, Jr., son of a NAZI, this CampaNAZZI variation attaching to the Campania origin of the previous owner is wild...because Shops list SHARElans/SHIRlands/SHERands while Scherfs (Shere branch) are listed with Schare's/Schire's/Schere's!!! I've never been on the Campanazzi variation until now. Chep-like Keeps were first found in Sussex with Ridings/Readings.

Avezzano's share the potent pattern with CHAMPAGNE's because a Mons-related noble of Avesnes married a noble of Champagne, and the Avezzano's happen to share the stemmed red rose with Scherfs. Baldwin IX, count of Hainaut, where Mons is the capital, can be assumed in the "mon" motto term of French Simons. This Baldwin had a daughter, Margaret, who married " Bouchard d'Avesnes, a prominent Hainaut nobleman." this same Margaret remarried "William II of Dampierre, a nobleman from Champagne" (Wikipedia's "Avesnes family" article), explaining why Dampierre's share the Arms of Flanders and the giant lion of Hainauts (Belgium, same as Flanders and Belgian Champions).

Dampierre's were even first found in Lincolnshire with the Bracebridge's sharing the Shield of Scottish Champagne's. The latter were first found in Leicestershire with Simon de Montfort, and while Montforts are suspect with MONforte, the Mons' are listed with Monts who in turn share a giant, red lion with Italian Simons/DeSimone's. The latter's is colors reversed from the lion of Montforts. Avezzano's share the red rose with Pierro's/Pero's/Petri's while same-colored Dampierre's have a "petra" motto term. Pero's/Perino's were first found in Piedmont with Monforte and the Domino's/DAMons expected in the "Dominus" motto term of DAMpierre's. Perins were first found in Lorraine with French Simons.

The Humans listed with CRONell-using Yeomans/Yoemans (Gloucestershire) are interesting for being in Champion colors because D'HOMAN is a variation of Domino's/Damans. It should be added that while the Jeep was parked in the dream, Perkins/Parkings share the lion of Jewish Levi's while Laevi Gauls co-founded Pavia with Marici, while Pierro's/Pero's/Petri's were first found at PAVia. Cronell-like Cornells (share the giant Simon/Desimone lion) have a "La VIE" motto phrase, as well as a "Durante" motto term, and while one Durant Coat shares the fleur-de-lys-of SALES'/SALLETTs, the Durance river of the SALYES Ligures traces well to the TURANo river running beside the SALTo...and the latter passes by Avezzano.

I rode the shopping cart down a PAVed road to the Jeep, and Pavers share the checks of Louvier's while La Louviere is beside Mons of Hainaut. Plus, I see Marici from the Marsi who lived at Avezzano, and then up the mountains from Avezzano is Mont Velino, from peoples of Aulon/AVLONa, explaining why Alans share the Pierro/Pero'/Petri fesse, and why Montfort is near Dol, and even closer to Rennes while Raines' (Essex, same as Marici-line Marks), expected from Rainier of MONTFERRAT (near Monforte), are in Human/Yeoman colors and format. Essex is where the Yeo-beloved Peacocks were first found, and Yeo's list a Yeoman variation to boot.

The Velino river is, along with the Cornell-like CORNo river, a tributary of the Naro, and the latter joins the Salto near Reading-connectable Rieti. I was riding the shopping cart down the ROAD, and Ridings are listed with Readings while Reeds are Riets too, first found in Northumberland with Road-like Rodhams/Roddens. I rode the cart down a hill, and Hills were first found in Worcestershire with Hillarys. The parked Jeep, and Parkings/Perkins, therefore point to Perkins Coie, Hillary Clinton's partner in crimes. I was riding the shopping cart from the SIDE, and the giant Road eagle is "DISplayed on its side". Champions share the DISS/Dice eagle, and Diss'/Dice's are in the colors of Arthurs who are in turn from Ardiaei on the Naro (Neretva) river near the Ceraunii. The Arduinici married DORia's, and the Jeep scene in the dream concerned it's DOOR handle. Doria's have a giant eagle in the colors of the Jeepma eagle.

The Dampierre's look connectable to "Peter Damian...Italian reformer...He became a Camaldolese monk at Fonte-AVELLINO (near Gubbio)..." That sentence is in the Domino/Damen write-up, and Avallon, incidentally, is/was at the southern end of Champagne province.

With Domino's/Damens in this picture, while Obama's mother's Dunham surname comes up as "Domen," we might even ask whether God is pointing, with the shopping-cart / door-handle scenes, to Dominion Voting. The Chief-Shield colors of Dampierre's is colors reversed from the same of Shops, and while Italian Dance's/Donnas' were first found in Piedmont with Domino's/Damens, the latter share the dancette (different colors) with Coomers who in turn share the dancetty-fesse of German Damans. The latter were even first found in Oldenburg with JEEPma's!!! Zikers, that snuck up on me. Dunhams/Domens are also DOWNhams, and I rode the shopping cart DOWN the hill toward Hillary's PERkins Coie, and Downs have a stag in the colors of the PEARtree/Patria and Trump stag head.

Domans (share COMyn garbs) have another dancetty fesse in the colors of Dunhams/Domens/Downhams (dancetty border), and in the colors of the dancetty-fesse of Olden-like Holders (gangster Eric Holder was Obama's attorney general). The Coomer / Daman fesse is in the colors of the fesse of English Dance's and Dampierre-connectable Pierro's/Pero's/Petri's, amazing because Pero's/Perino's were first found in Piedmont with Domino's expected in the "DOMINAbitur" motto term of Coomers. THE PUNCH LINE: Eric Coomer was/is an executive at Dominion Voting who openly claimed that Dominion's cheating machines would defeat Trump in the 2020 election. I am sure that the Nazified Bushite goons contributed to that cheating. Plus, Obama chose Mr. Dempsey to head the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and Dampierre's come up as Dempers while Dempsters share the Dempsey sword.

Back to the Domino-connectable Yeo's/Yeomans sharing a peacock in Crest with Coomer-like Cumbers/Comberfords who in turn share the cross of Mea's in the Dampierre motto. Again, the latter's motto has "Dominus," and Coomers have "dominabitur."

While Comyns/Comine's named Comines near Avesnes under discussion, they are in Comet colors and format while a "comet" is used by Reines' that is the hexagram of the Damans sharing the dancetty Coomer fesse. Comyns/Comine's share the Coat of Avesnes- / Avezzano-like Avisons, and, to boot, see the Cue's/Kews in the last update as per my pool cue on the billiard table of Obama...from my 2017 dream where Obama owned a billiard hall. The Cue's/Kews share the Comyn/Comine and Doman garbs, but they are also the grabs of English Josephs while French Josephs were first found in Maine with Daman-like DeMaine's. REDmaine's could be of the Readings because "ready" is a motto term of Lawrence's of Redmaine. Links like these are so much fun for making laughing stocks of family historians who pass themselves off as language / foreign-dictionary experts. They can spend years "discovering" that a place name is derived in such-and-such a word when all along it was named after a surname variation.

The billiard hall was owned by Obama and an unidentified partner that I reasoned, due to the L-shape of the billiard-hall floor, was Loretta Lynch, Obama's attorney general after Eric Holder was forced to quit. Lynch's share the Bothwell Coat while Boths/Booths (Yorkshire, same as Bush's, Pavers and Domans) share the Riding/Reading Coat. Plus, while we saw the Human-like d'Homan variation of Domino's/Damens, Humans/Yeomans were first found in Gloucestershire with Holders, tending to explain why the Holder Coat is much the Doman Coat but with the Cue/Kew garbs. My pool cue pointed, I think, to Perkins COIE, and Coys happen to be in the colors and format of Humans/Yeomans!!! Beauty.

Plus, to verify the links above: the three Coy pheons are shared by the Tristans, first found in Devon with Yeo's/Yeomans, and the latter are in the format of, and colors reversed from, Humans/Yeomans who in turn have "cronells" suspect with the Cornell variation of Cornwalls, relevant because the other Tristans (and Trists) were first found in Cornwall. The "drakes" of Yeo's/Yeomans suggest a Human/Yeoman link to Pendragons (Cornwall).

Redmaine's were first found in Wexford with Wadecks/Vaddocks. What's that? It looks related to Whats/WHADcotts because the latter are in Wheat/WHATE colors while the latter share gold garbs with WADecks/Vaddocks. Wheats/Whate's have another dancetty-fesse, and moreover they were first found in Norfolk with Cue's/Kews and Comyns/Comine's, both of which share the gold garb in the same two colors. Comyns/Comine's happen to use a dagger while German Daggers are DECKs so that Wadecks look like a Wheat-line merger with Decks. The last scene of my sleeping-bag dream had me pulling the hips / waist of Miss Peare on a DECK, and while Hips' were first found in Norfolk too, WAISTells share the Cue/Kew and Comyn/Comine garbs in both colors! That's amazing, especially as Miss Peare (four decades before the dream) left me to be with LAWRENCE Kepke. Lawrence's were at Redmaine. As I said, the waist-pulling event with Peare gave birth to the phrase, "it felt so good," a pointer to Felts and German Goods/Guts, and the latter happen to share the Wadeck/Vaddocks Coat. The latter are said to descend from Mr. GAODhail, perhaps of the Goad variation of English Goods.

The Peters must be in the Dampierre motto because English Peters share the giant Dampierre lion (Jeepma colors). The Majors in the motto of these Peters (share swan with Scottish Petersons) are also Magors, and we saw Magor of Monmouthshire shortly above, just a few miles from CHEPstow, perhaps named by the Chep variation of Jeepma's. Majors/Magors and Shops have the Chief-Shield colors of Dampierre's in colors reversed, and while the Shop dancette is in the colors of the Carrick dancette, my Jeep is a Grand CHEROKee Laredo, and Spanish Laredo's/Lares' have swan too, in the colors of the swan of Sions/Swans/SINE's in the Peterson motto. Swedish Petersons share the Pero/Perino hexagram. The giant swan shown once by French Josephs is in the colors and format of Jeepma's/Cheps, and Joseph is the Jeep's original owner. Recall the Gardners, for "Garde" is a Carrick motto term.

Ahh, Carricks are also Kerricks while English Kerricks have a "PARATus" motto term while the Arms of Rieti use a "Pratus" motto term while Prude's/Prats share the Carrick fesse. I trace Peter Pollock to Flavius Petro of Rieti, and Dampierre's have a "petra" motto term. Flavius Petro was grandfather to three Roman emperors in the seven heads of Revelation 17, and the double-headed Roman eagle is probably in the Jeepma Coat. When I was riding the shopping cart, it was like a carriage, we could say, because there is a Carriage surname listed with Kerricks. Shops share the Carrick/Kerrick dancette! Bingo. It does appear that God arranged the Cherokee to point to Carricks, whom I trace to Charax Proculus, son of Lupus LAEVillus of Cetis, location of the Kennati priests, explaining why Avesnes-linkable Kennedys (Ayrshire, same as Carricks) share the Arms of Carrick. Lupus' mother, VIBia, looks like she's in the motto of Carrick-branch Craigie's and Craigs.

English Pratts even share the mascles of the Peters above so as to clinch Peters from Flavius Petro. Pratts look like kin of Flys (Carrick colors), and Flys happen to have this: "The surname Fly is derived from 'Flageum,' a French village named for FLAVIUS, the owner of an estate in the region. This village eventually became known as 'Flagi'..." As the Fly martlets are colors reversed from the same of French Josephs, and as Flys were first found in Hampshire with English Josephs, that's why I trace Josephs to Flavius Josephus the historian, for he was adopted (loosely speaking, anyway), and renamed, by Flavius Petro's grandson, and by a son of Flavius Sabinus. Read'em weep, family historians, because you haven't got a clue in your dictionaries, and in your imaginations, as to where 95-percent of surnames derive.

It's just beautiful, all you who know that there's a Creator ALMIGHTY, that Flags/Flacks share the double fesses of PALMers (Norfolk, same as Flags/Flacks), because the Carts have palm trees, and God stuck me on the side of a shopping CART in order to get us to what we are reading. Cart-like Carrots (Carrick colors) share "bien" with Carricks.

Flavius Petro lived in Rieti at Sabina, and the English Daggers share the red bull of Sabine's, the latter first found in Norfolk with dagger-using Comyns/Comine's, who named Comines near Avesnes, the line of AVIS'/Avisons (share Comyn/Comine Coat) in the "Avise" motto term of Kennedys. Good stuff here, family historians, take your cue from someone who's being taught these things by The Almighty (it doesn't make me big). English Daggers share the scallops of English JACKs, and AJAX was the god of the Kennati priests. Just go ahead and compare Jake's to Kerricks/Carriage's.

Jaspers (share "wreath" with JOCelyns/Josselyns), suspect in the motto of Carrick-related Carrots/Carews, share scallops on red with Jacks. It begs whether Ajax elements became Jas-like to form Jaspers. Jaspers and Carrots/Carews were first found in Cornwall with Tippers (share dolphin with Scottish Kennedys) while Irish Kennedys were first found in Tipperary with the LAFINs/La Fonts in the "Avise LA FIN" motto of Scottish Kennedys. Lafins/La Fonts share the giant Dampierre / Peter lion. JASper-like Jasons/Jessons/Gessons share the fesse of Carrick-branch Craigs ("VIV ut "VIVas") and Jack-branch Joke's/Yoke's, and while VIBia was the mother of Lupus Laevillus, BIBO's share the red rooster with Jasons/Jessons.

Cornwall was home to mythical GorLOIS, and Welsh Louis' share the Coat of French Simons, the latter first found in Lorraine with French Louis'/LOYs, and then Jack-connectable Daggers have a "LOYalte" motto term, as do Denvers (same motto exactly), begging whether Dominion Voting is pointed to here, for its American headquarters is in Denver. Perkins Coie has a Denver office, and Denvers share the green martlet with English Gards suspect in the Carrick motto term, "Garde." Guess' / Guests (share the split Caplan / GARDner Shield) could apply with their swans, for Swans/Sions were first found in Lanarkshire with Jocelyns/Josselyns, and while the latter's wreath could have developed from Chaplets, the latter (Lorraine, linkable to Lorne's in the Lanark write-up) share the black swan with the Guest Crest. French Simons, sharing "mon" with Jocelyns/Josselyns, were first found in Lorraine.

As was said, the Simon / Louis lion is in the colors of the Tiller lion because Tillers were first found in Glamorganshire with Louis', and yet-more, the Tiller lion is that of Mackesys/Margesons (probably from Margaret Carrick and the Margys/Mackeys) who in turn have a "LOYalite" motto term. Mackesys/Margesons were first found in Sussex with Lorraine-related Keeps, and with Ridings/Readings. My riding the shopping cart is pointing hard to Carrick ancestry through Rieti.

The last time I saw Lorraine, I was with Paul Smith when he owned a red Jeep (details last update). My Simon-pointing red Jeep is now looking like it should be pointing to Rieti > Red/Reed liners. Dutch Geese's/Goes' share the giant Peter / Dampierre lion. Gose's/Goz's have the split Shield of Craigie's ("VIVo"), first found in Ayrshire with Carricks, Kennedys and Margys/Mackeys, in colors reversed. It seems that we are pointing to the seven heads of the Revelation dragon, the murdered blood of the earth for which Hell was devised.

The "holly" of Scottish Jacks (Renfrewshire, same as Pollocks from Vespasia Polla, wife of a son of Flavius Sabinus) is related to Plunketts who are in turn from Plancia Magna (probably descended from Julia Polla of the Galatians), whose husband, Tertullus, was likely related to Tertulla, wife of Flavius Petro. The Pollock-like Plocks/Pluknetts (share Pully/Pulling and Joseph martlet) look to be Plunkett elements, and I've shown several times how the line of Tertullus goes to Tertullus of the Fulks, the line to FLAGs/Flacks (Norfolk, same as Sabine's and Fulke's) and Plunkett-like Planque's/Plants. The latter use "cabbages" while Cabbage's share the Mackesy/Margeson / Tiller lion, in colors reversed from the Perkin/Parking / Levi lion. The Feather-loving Perkens (not "Perkin") are in the colors and format of Feather-loving Lite's in turn suspect in the "LoyaLITE" motto term of Mackesys/Margesons.

Hey daft, anti-Christ historians, are you learning yet how to play this game? Lite's, who are also LIGHTs, and not named after light people (no, stupid historians, contain yourselves) have ostrich feathers in Crest to go with the ostrich in the Crest of Carricks, the latter first found in Ayrshire with Ayers having a "Lighter" motto term. Ayer is a location near Sion, and Sions are listed with Swans. Ayr is a location in Ayrshire with Prestwick, and Prestbury was home to Kerricks/Carriage's. Wikipedia's Ayr article: "The name Ayr can be traced back to a pre-Celtic word meaning 'watercourse' or 'strong river'." Not even a nice try, STUPIDS. Stupid after stupid hides what surnames and place names derive in. The whole world has become a lie of the intellectual stupids.

The whole world needs re-educating by God's people, those who have Jesus. Teach away, Church. It's free on the Internet, and who knows but that God might cause somebody at google to cease banning our writings. We would be ruling the world hands-down if we had not been manhandled by anti-Christ forces insisting that they rule the globe. God has allowed it to condemn them for their lies and their pushing every type of sin.

Perkins/Parkings were first found in Leicestershire with Simon de Montfort, and Monforte is at the Alba theater of Piedmont, tending to explain why the Lite swan is that also of Italian Alba's. Leicesters (share Masci fleur) use a swan head. I'll let the historians Guess as to whose swan's head it is. German Alba's share the Massey fleur-de-lys, and look like kin of Bumps (Gloucestershire, same as Letts/Late's) who in turn share the griffin of Letters and Feather-loving Tooths. Monforte and Alba is at the Langhe theater while Langs use LETTERs.

Palmans/Pelhams in the Tooth motto use pelicans (not swans as I once claimed, sorry), and German Langs have a giant pelican. The pelican is used by Polla-line Pullys/Pullings, first found in Yorkshire with PALman-like Pauls. PAUL Smith had a red Jeep now pointing to Vespasia Polla! Beauty. The Pride's/Prats share the Carrick fesse, and are suspect with the "pratus" motto tern in the Arms of Rieti, tending to explain while Palmans/Pelhams have "A silver peacock in its PRIDE." Peacocks, a Pollock sept, have mascles in their roundels, and mascle-using Pratts (Norfolk, same as Fly-related Flags/Flacks and Sabine's) along with Flavian-related Flys have items in their roundels too! Both Flys and Pratts have martlets in their roundels.

Plancia Magna lived in PERGa with Tertullus, and he was related to Mr. Simplex in the PERKins/Parking motto, and so let's add that the three fleur-de-lys of Perkins/Parkings are shared by Droits (Oxfordshire, same as Plocks/Pluknetts and Peter-connectable Peare's) who are in turn in the Riding/Reading motto term, "droit." I was riding the cart down the ROAD, and Roets are Rieti liners along with the Scottish Reeds who share their "book." The Coat of English Reeds looks like the Petro Coat; the latter shares the DEMAINE fleur-de-lys.

Here's a view of the U.S. convoy on a stage:

Why Were Peare and I Russian Up the Stairs?

The section above was supposed to be the news section, but I got carried away all day with that heraldry. I started on the thought that the white horse of Revelation 6 could be representative of Ares, the pagan "god" of war, the Thracian Horseman, the line, I maintain, to the Rus people, and so perhaps it's a symbol of Russia's going out to conquer.

One day, Mr. Kepke walked by the shoe store where I was selling shoes. He was with Miss Peare, whom he had freshly met. They were coming from the direction of Reitman's clothing, where she was a saleslady. Kepke was selling shoes at another store on the lower floor of this indoor mall. They walked by my store while I looked on, and were headed to the food area. They didn't stop to talk to me, and I noticed that Miss Peare was a doll. It was the first I saw of her.

Soon after, Kepke invited me to a bar with he and her. I remember nothing of that night until he left the table at the bar, at which time I asked Peare if she wanted to step outside. She knew what I meant, and got up, followed me to the stairs. Whenever I told this story, I always said that we RUSHED up the stairs because we didn't want Kepke to catch us kissing. As soon as we got outside the door, we went right at it. I've got to tell you, I laugh whenever I tell this story, for Kepke barged up the stairs after us, and loudly ordered the bouncer to kick us off the property...for kissing. I remember NOTHING, NOTHING, after he did that. I do remember the kiss, but thus far, I don't think I've been able to understand the heraldic significance of the Kiss/Cush surname to my satisfaction.

I got to thinking about this event after writing on the Ares > Rus line above. After telling the story a few times, I started to include the Rush/Rish surname, and eventually found that Rosco's/Risco's share the Rush/Rish fesse. This is going to make sense along with a Rize location near Trabzon, but first, let's add that Rosco's/Risco's have the cinquefoils of the neighboring Billets in colors reversed, and that Billets share the Bellow Coat, and that "bellows" are used by Ships, the latter first found in Oxfordshire with Peare's and their THAMES kin. There was a THEMIScyra location on the ThermoDON river that flows to the Trabzon / Rize area (not exactly sure off-hand where the mouth is).

Herodotus the geographer / historian, a few centuries BC, claimed that Amazons lived on the Thermodon, and that they went north into the Crimea, then over to the east side of the DON river in the land of Sarmatians, and so note that, on this Old map of Caucasia, one can see "Amazones" near the top. This area is at least near North Ossetia, and I'm sure I heard Putin say this week that his mother is from Ossetia of Georgia. The Amazones are near the Tanais river, now the Don, suspect with "ThermoDoN."

In other words, the Thames surname, because it shares the chevron-with-STARS of Peare's, while both surnames were first found in the same place, has taken us to the Amazones of Caucasia, land of the HROS. Not only did we RUSH up, but we rushed up the stairs while Stars, in the "flaming stars" of Pero's/Perino's, come up as "STAIRR." If that's not enough, the Stair has stars colors reversed from the Peare and Thames stars, and even shares a gold chevron with the two.

Stars/Stairrs have a chevron in colors reversed from that one of Shake's, and the latter were first found in Lancashire with the Settle's who in turn share the lozenges of Stars/Stairrs. I trace Shake's to SHECHEMites who named Schimatari, home of mythical Orion. The Orion surname is listed with Irons while the Iron peoples included the Alani of Ossetia who are on the map above to the near-south of the Amazones. Between the Alani and Amazones we see the Orion-like Orinians, and I have never noticed them before, not until writing shortly above! Beauty. To the near-north of the Amazones, we see the Schimatari-like Schimatae, and I had never noticed them until a few days ago. This is amazing.

Just to confirm the Star-Shake link, Settle's look like a branch of Shettleworths, the latter first found in Lancashire with Settle's and Shake's.

Now as God chose me to kiss Miss Peare after RISING / rushing up the stairs in order to point to Russians or proto-Russians, let me repeat that my mother's maiden name, GRIMaldi, may derive from CRIMea, the area of Ukraine annexed by Putin not many years ago. The Amazons of the Themiscyra / Mazaca area migrated through Crimea, and then my mother is a Masci on her mother's side while the mouth of the Thermodon is near both Rising-like Rize and the Moschi mountains, and the Aras river of Ares is likewise near the Moschi mountains.

So, it could seem that God chose me for my bloodlines, to kiss Miss Peare that night, as a pointer to the Russians at this time, for Putin, this very day in which I am writing, is telling the West that he'll cease his military activity if Ukraine gives over Crimea, and allows the Don-river area to become autonomous. But the rush-up-the-stairs event might even be indicating the first horseman of Revelation. Did I tell you that Rush's/Rush's use WHITE HORSES? Hee-hee. And Rish's/Rish's were first found in Suffolk with Crauns having a Ukraine-like Crane variation. Crauns are from the namers of the Ceraunii mountains at Aulon, home of Alans, beside Apollonia, named after Apollo, the twin brother of ArTEMIS the Amazon goddess of war, and her named looks like it's related to THEMIScrya on the Thermodon.

You see, God chose Mr. Kepke, a Ukrainian on his father's = Kepke side, to invite Miss Peare to a bar that evening, and Kep-like Kiev is the Ukraine capital. One day, while at Wikipedia's Phanagoria article, I saw a sphinx with a female's face that reminded me of what Miss Peare might look like later in her life. I think that got me to study the article more until I got to Kepoi, smack beside Phanagoria. Isn't that wild? There's a sphinx beside the Great PYRamid of Kepoi-like Kheops / Cheops, is that not more wild?

I say that Hyksos enslaved the Israelites during the Exodus, and were Asians from Mus of Lake Van because the daughter of one Hyksos king, the Exodus pharaoh, named Moses. This suggests that CadMUS (descended from Danaus below) was a Hyksos entity after Hyksos' were booted out of Egypt. Egyptologists don't have their dating correct for the period of Moses. Hyksos were at Tanis (Nile delta), and the Tanais river is near Kepoi. Tanis is at PELUSium, which I say named belly-like Belas/Belus, mythical father of Tanais-like Danaus and Aegyptus. Danaus is the known code for the Greek Danaans at Argos, and so ask: why was Jason's ship called the Argo? Miss Peare had a belly-press event, a few weeks after our first kiss, to go with her hips-pulling event.

Kepoi and Phanagoria are in the TAMan peninsula facing out to sea at the Crimea. You may know why God linked Miss Peare to the Hips', and they have a sphinx in Crest as if to assure that God set up the female sphinx in the PHANagoria article.

Mythical Pan was the god of Panias in Phoenicia, the area of mythical CadMUS, he representing Armenians of Mus at Lake Van, where king Rusa ruled until the Cimmerians of the Crimea came down to conquer him (8th century) a few centuries before Herodotus' lifetime. The Amazons of the Thermodon were gone from there by Herodotus' lifetime, and so were likely at the Tanais by then. Cadmus married the daughter of Ares, Harmonia, and then Hermes was the father of Pan. When mythical king Aeetes left CORINth to go be the king of Colchis, he left Corinth to the family of Hermes, and then in Colchis, the Ares dragon protected Aeetes' domain...near Alania. More specifically, the dragon was protecting Aeetes' golden fleece, and an heraldic "golden fleece" is used by Scottish Dingells who named Dingwall, once the capital of ROSS-shire! Hrosincidence? German and Dutch Dingle's/Dinkelmans/Tinkels share the quadrants of Tute's/Tuits, first found in Norfolk with same-colored Hips'.

For years, long before I knew of Phanagoria or its sphinx, I saw "Panias," also called, Banias, as the makings of PHOENICia from the Biaini peoples of Lake Van, and the PHONE's/VANS look like a branch of Phoenix's/Fenwicks. The latter almost have the Hips Coat, is that not absolutely amazing since Hips' have a sphinx? In Greece, "hippo" means "horse," and the hips-pulling event was also the waist-pulling event that in turn pointed to Peare's white horse. To Nordics, a horse is a Hros-like hross. Phoenix's/Fenwicks were first found in Northumberland with Horse's. The Amazons of Pisa had the queen, Hippodama. Her father, OenoMAUS, suspect as part-code for Mus / Cadmus of Lake Van, had a chariot race, i.e. with horses as the symbol, that involved Hermes.

Jason went to Colchis to fetch the golden fleece, but stopped first at the Amazonian island of Lemnos, which had a Sintian people suspect by from the Sindi of Caucasia. If you still have the old map above open, see the Sindi smack on the north side of Phanagoria. Amazing, is it not?

The only other surname I can think of with a sphinx is the Brocuff/PROKOPP surname, from Prokopia, wife of Michael I Rangabe, Byzantine emperor just after 800 AD. The first known Varangian, Inger, married his granddaughter, and this Inger can be suspect from the Kiev Varangians because Byzantines related with them. The Inger surname is listed with Ander-like Inders/Enders, and the Ross clan is said to descend from an Andrew or Anders character. Brocuffs have the Brock Chief-Shield colors, and while Brocks were first found in Essex with Brooks, the latter have: "The name, however, derives from the family's former residence in Broc, in the area of Anjou, France." The Brook beaver can be of the beaver in the Arms of Oxford, for Vere's ruled Oxford for centuries.

English Vere's have a blue Crest, the color of the Brook-Crest beaver. Varangian-like Wearings (share Warren checks) were first found in Devon with ware's and Wears/Were's, but also with Supers and the Spurrs suspect in the spurs of Dingle's/Dingwalls. The latter may have been d'INGELs to begin with, feasibly from a term related to "Inger," such as INGELer, father of Fulk I of Anjou. The father of Inger's wife, MELISSENA Rangabe, was TheoPHYLACtus, a Fulk-like term, and the ANGEVins of Anjou may have formed "Rangabe" to begin with. Mythical MELUSINE was made, by the Vere-Drakenbergs, the mother of a fictitious Milo de Vere, first count of Anjou about the time of Ingelger, and perhaps the Vere's knew that Ingelger was a Vere from the Varangians. For example, "Varangi" is suspect from Wieringen (Netherlands), explaining why Vere's are also Weirs/Wiers and Ware's. The latter are super here for sharing a "border" in colors reversed from the Dingle/Dingwall border. Wearings (probably the Drake dragon) share the hunting horns of Broc-like Brecks. Ware's have a "BROKen sword blade" with their Crest dragon.

Just compare "Fulk" with the Flecks (Norfolk, same as Fulke's and Hips') to "fleece," for heraldic codes are usually code for related surnames. Ahh, after writing that, I remembered the millRINDs of FELIX's/Feelicks, for Rinds share the Ware scallops!!! Beauty. It was only after writing that when, almost missing it, I saw the Wearing dragon standing on a millrind with a square center. Normally, millrinds have mascle (diamond shapes) at their center, and yet the Felix millrind has a square center too! Bingo. Plus, Milo-like Mile's (Hampshire, same as Drake's sharing nearly the red Wearing dragon) have the ware border, and Mills (Hampshire) have another millrind along with Miles'.

Rinds happen to use "A flower POT..." while Phasis of Colchis is now called, Poti! I get it. We have just discovered that the heraldic fleece goes back to the mythical fleece, for the Phasis river to Phasis, both shown on the old map above, has the Glaucus river cutting into it, and the fleece was in Kutaisi, up that Glaucus river. Gloucesters even have the Ross Coat in colors reversed. The Gloucester Coat (shares Mill Crest lion) is essentially that of Marys too, whom I trace to Mary Drummond, descended from Maurice Drummond, grandson of king Andrew I of Hungary i.e. founder of the Ross clan as per his Varangian Rus wife. I've seen Maurice Drummond as "Marot," and Marys are said to have named Meret.

Maurice's father was George, and Colchis became Georgia. Was king Andrew's mother or wife descended from Georgia? The Hips-pulling event was a waist-pulling event when pointing to the white Waistell horse, and Waistells share blue doves with English George's, the latter very traceable to George above, father of Drummonds. Belgian George's: "The earliest recorded bearer of the name was EVERHARDus filius Georgi, who was a resident of Hamburg in 1256." German Drummonds were first found in Hamburg, and Hamburgs in Oxfordshire with Peare's and Thames'. EVERhards/Eberhards (share Eber boar) were first found in Wuerttemberg, home of the VARingian line of Veringers, the latter being from Maria of Kiev, wife of Casimir of Poland, for Polish Casimirs share the red antler with Veringers. Hamburgs share the tower of Eber-like Abruzzo's/Abreu's.

Kildrummy was the seat of the Mars, and if this line is from the Marsi of Abruzzo (had a goddess, ANGitia), and I think they were, they were of mythical Mars, for while the Roman Mars was the extension of the Greek Ares, the latter's Aphrodite mistress named Aprutium, the Abruzzo capital now called, TERAMO, i.e. like "Thermodon," and like a Drummond variation. mars had a woodPECKer symbol that looks like it was for the Pek-river's Picensii i.e. Picenum elements. The new Abruzzo capital is seven miles from Picenze.

The Gettes' (Anjou) share the blue saltire of Loge's because the latter were a branch of LOCHES'/DeLoges, from Miss Loches', wife of Fulk I, and the point is the blue saltire of Greats whose gold border in turn is that of Justine's, the latter having the border also of Dingels/Dingwalls in both colors. Another surname with this border is with the Kenneths/MacKenzie's, first found in Ross-shire, beside the Gettes-like Geddes' using pike fish suspect with Pike's/PICKENs and Justine of PICENnum. My mother was born in Picenze, which is why I remember that the patron saint of Picenze is fleece-like Felice! The Ware border is colors reversed from the Justine border.

The Great saltire is in both colors of the Nagle/Neil/Nail saltire while the Nihill variation of Irish Neils/O'Nails is in the Weir/Wier/Vere motto. Nails are used by PROCtors, and the sphinx-using Brocuffs/Prokopps are also PROCKs. The three Proctor nails are with Loge-like Logans. To boot, I've just found the German Wiers (virtually the Jeune Coat), first found in Westphalia with Nagle's/Neils/Nails.

Nails are used in the Arms of COLchester, and Colchesters are suspect from the COLapis river, where the Colchians are known to have settled in relation to mythical Medea. Jason stole both the fleece and Medea from Colchis, and became the king of Corinth afterward with Medea as his wife. It's just myth code, with meanings that ancients probably realized, like if I wrote a myth about a terrorizing beaver, with needle-like fur, named Trudge, and wearing a Nazi helmet with a maple-leaf symbol written in the blood of syringe-stabbed children, you'd probably know it was play on the vaccinite lunatic, trudeau. I could then say that this beaver was eating all the nation's trees and putting logger truckers out of business; you'd know what I mean, but people a thousand years from now might not.

After staring off with the theory that the mythical fleece was of the Hros Caucasians / Ukrainians, and possibly describing some facet of Revelation's white horse, the heraldry above has made the case that the heraldic fleece was from the Varangian RUS, co-founders of Russia.

Drummonds show a THERModon-like variation, and it just so happens that German Drummonds share the wavy fesse of Dols while Alans were at Dol. Plus, Pierro's/Pero's share the Alan fesse and add Rus- / Rosh-line rose's. It's just wild that while both Kepke and I were selling shoes when we met Peare, the only heraldic shoes I know of are with German Trips, first found in Hamburg with German Drummonds. After Julie (a wink to you if you're reading) told me about TRYPillians of the Ukraine, I went looking for their ground zero. By that time I felt sure that their hourglass goddess, as Wikipedia described it, had been Artemis. One day, I found one article, and one only, claiming that Trypillia was south of Kiev. I just think that's wild.

If PhanaGORia was named by the line to Gore's, the latter were not only first found in Kent with English Trips, but they share the Trip and Hamburg crosslets. These Hamburgs have a white horse in Crest, and were first found in Oxfordshire with Thames' and Peare's. The Gore's even share the Craun/Crane fesse, colors reversed from the Alan fesse, it's just incredible how this is panning out. The center of the Hamburg Coat has the Howell tower, and while Howells were first found in Monmouthshire with Phone's/Vans, Monmouths have a version of the MOLD/Maid/Maud Coat. I've wondered whether this surname is from MOLDova, beside Ukraine, for Wikipedia says/said that Trypillians were in Moldova too.

It bears repeating that while Molds/Maids share the TRIPLE bars-gemel of Howell-connectable OULlette's, the latter were at Ouilly in Basset while Bassets share the TRIPLE wavy fesses of Scottish Drummonds, is this not extra-wild? How can things click along like this unless Arranged? Rush's/Rish's and Crauns/Crane's were first found in Suffolk with Owls/Howls. As said, OulLETTE's can be from Letts/Late's, first found in GLOUCestershire while the Ares dragon of Aeetes was at the Glaucus river on the old map above. The Tyndaris location on the Glaucus named mythical Tyndareus, husband of Lett-like Leda, and she was likely the extension of mythical Leto/Latona, mother of Apollo and Artemis. Leda even gave birth to Apollo-like Pollux, and his brother, Castor, had a horse symbol. Leda's children were birthed in swan eggs, suggesting elements was lake Sevan, between the Aras river and Colchis. The swan in Leda's myth was Zeus, son of CRONus.

AHH, I just fell upon it: the kiss with Peare must point to CASTor, not only because I rode Peare's white horse, but because Kiss'/Cush's share the Coat of Cass'/CASTs and CUSTs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I GET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kepke was with us when I rode Peare's horse that day, and i was on it after he was. My bloodline traces back to Ares the man on the white Thracian Horse. As I said, I rode it to a BANK in the field, then turned the horse around and went back. Banks have CASH!!! Cass'/Casts are also Cash's! My kiss with Peare must be a pointer to international banksters.

As I've said, I kissed her at the La Paloma bar (Toronto), and Paloma's share the pale bar of Pero's/Perino's, the ones with the flaming stars that points us to Stars/STAIRRs. As I said, the stairs were also scala because Scalia's share the ladder with English Trips, and the latter use a "SCALing ladder." The Scalia ladder forms a pale bar colors reversed from the Pero/Perino pale bar, and this is being repeated because a "a pair of SCALES" is in the Crest of the all-important Cass'/Cash's/CASTs! This is wild. The kiss is pointing to mythical Castor, I'm beside myself.

Ahh, Castors/Costers use "a hunting dog" while Huntings of Huntingdon are in Rush / Rosco colors and format!!! You can't believe it. They are both in the colors, and near-format, of Dogs/Doags, and the latter's cinquefoils are in colors reversed from the same of Rosco's! Bingo, it looks like Intelligent Design for making the event jibe with heraldic symbols.

Ahh, there is even a Castor/Coster surname (Gloucestershire) in the colors and format of Stairs!!! I had forgotten that Stairs were first found in Kent with scaling-ladder Trips. Plus, wow, Castors/Costers share the besants of Flame's/Flamins to go with the "flaming stars" of Pero's/Perino's. I now know why we had to kiss after the trip up the stairs. I don't know whether the horse was doing a trot versus a gallop when I was on it, but the interesting thing here is that while the TROTus river is near the Moldava river, and while Trots are also Trude's, TRUDeau's are in Castor/Costor colors and format. Trudeau's were first found in Ile-de-France with the Mellans (share besants with Castors/Costers) who in turn share a blank, gold Chief with Flame's/Flamins.

I'm sure the horse was doing faster than a trot when I turned it around, and the next pace up from a trot is a CANTer. There is a Canter/Ganter surname (more besants), looking like it could be related to the Dutch Flaming/Flamingo Coat, and moreover this too is amazing because Canters/Ganters were first found in Oxfordshire with Peare's. Plus, I've read that the Cantii peoples named Kent, where Canterbury is located, and where Trips, Gore's and Stairs were first found. When I pulled her hips, I was pulling her waist, and Waistells have a white horse "on a FULL gallop." Irish Fullers use a horse too (!), and while I trace Beacons/Bacons to Bacau on the north side of the Trotus river, English Fullers have a beacon in Crest. Beacons/Bacons share the Crest of COLTons who are in turn in the colors and format of Trudeau's. A colt is a horse.

Both Fullers share the TRIPLE fesses of Love's/Luffs, first found in Oxfordshire!!! The amazing thing about arriving to Love's/Luffs is that they share the fitchee of Cheeks (said to have been in Oxfordshire early), and I kissed Kepke's next girl (immediately after he left Peare) at the same La Paloma bar, though I kissed her on the CHEEK!!! WILD I TELL YOU, JUST WILD. The second lady is Miss Walsh, and Walsh's/Walchs can be traced hard to Wallachia, at least neat the Trotus river! GOD LIVES, believe it.

Ahh, English Fullers look like Wassa kin (they both share red cantons), a possible Waistell branch because the latter were at Wasdale. Wassa's were proto-Washingtons, and Washingtons have the CANTon/GANTon Coat in colors reversed to go with Canters/Ganters.

I rode the horse to a bank (about a three-foot drop off in the field), and Banks (Flame/Flamin colors) look like Benjamin kin who are in turn obvious kin of Scottish Walsh's/Walchs. Benjamites were at the Rimna river not far south of the Trotus, and the Benjamin Crest happens to be "A FLAME of FIRE proper." Fire's have a giant and white unicorn = horse!

Pollux and Castor "were also associated with horsemanship, in keeping with their origin as the Indo-European horse twins....Castor and Pollux aspired to marry the Leucippides ('daughters of the white horse'), Phoebe and Hilaeira, whose father was Leucippus ('white horse')." This was play on the twins, Apollo and Artemis, for as a hunter, Artemis rode a horse. Orion was also a hunter. I've never been on Pollux and Castor before while on things-Peare, so far as I can recall. This is new, and explains both her white horse and the kiss. I'm impressed.

I'd like to go back to Belgian George's from EVERHARDus, son of Georgi, of HAMburg, keeping in mind that George of Hungary had a mother from Kiev's Varangians. I'll add here the Keeps were first found in Sussex with HAMs. Repeat: "German Drummonds were first found in Hamburg, and Hamburgs in Oxfordshire with Peare's and Thames'. EVERhards/Eberhards (share Eber boar) were first found in Wuerttemberg, home of the VARingian line of Veringers, the latter being from Maria of Kiev, wife of Casimir of Poland, for Polish Casimirs share the red antler with Veringers. Hamburgs share the tower of Eber-like Abruzzo's/Abreu's." Evers/Ivers share the gold boar in Crest with Weirs/Wiers/Vere's, suspect with Veringer-like Wieringen.

I've repeated all that to ask: was Casimir of Poland named after whatever mythical Castor was named after. After all, his brother, Pollux (I trace his pugilist symbol to Puglia = Apulia), could have named Poles of Poland! The Casimir antler (the only thing on the Shield) is positioned as a bend in the colors of the bend (the only thing, almost, on the Shield) of Kiev-like Keeps!!! WOW, as I often say, the Keep bend is the Lorraine bend, and Richeza of Lorraine was Casimir's mother!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW!

I kissed Peare on the night KEPke asked her to a BAR, which was the event that pointed to Castor, and here we have the Keeps involved with Casimir! BARi is the capital of Apulia. The kiss at the bar could thus reveal that whatever "Castor" represented in the real world was in Apulia. Lookie: "Taranto was founded in 706 BC by Dorian immigrants hailing from Sparta, its origin are peculiar..." Pollux and Castor were Spartans! When Cadmus killed the Ares dragon, its teeth came to life as warriors called, "Sparti," we absolutely get this. She and I RUSHed up the stairs. Stairs are in Castor/Coster colors and format, and the Spartans of Apulia were from the RUS dragon of Ares!

[BIG INSERT -- I either didn't load Paloma's when writing the above yesterday, or, if I did, I didn't read the write-up of Italian Paloma's. I don't know whether I've known this before, but Italian Paloma's were first found in Bari of Apulia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! INCREDBILE "coincidence." I don't know of any other surname said to be first found in Bari. End insert]

[Insert -- Later in this update, I realize this important thing: "I now recall that Taranto was made related to mythical Satyrion. The latter's Wikipedia article: "In Greek mythology, Satyrion or Satyria was a nymph perhaps from the region of Taranto, Italy. Her union with the god Poseidon produced Taras..." I should put this at the first mention of Peare's kiss pointing to Castor, for the Stars / Stairs look like "SATYRion"!!!" Uni, the chief Etruscan goddess, had Satre for a father, looking like play on the Roman god, Saturn, father of Jupiter, husband in turn of Juno = Uni; this set of myth characters goes to the Japodes-to-Ceraunii theater, near Apulia-like Pula/Pola on SATYRion-like Istria. Taras of Taranto elements must have named Tarsatica at northern Istria.

Japodes were on the Kupa river, and Kepke's may relate to that place, where I trace Cups/Cope's/COLPs. COPElands share the fesse of Keppochs and Augusts. Copelands were first found in Lancashire with Lawrence's, and the ragully cross of Lawrence's is colors reversed from the one in the Arms of COLchester while I trace Colchesters to the COLAPis = Kupa river. That's working. Cuppae is the "city of doves" while Paloma's use the dove, and then Palms share the fleur-de-lys of Masseys while Maezaei were (between the Ceraunii and the Japodes) on the Una river of Uni = Juno. That works great with Christine Peare, Lawrence Kepke and I at La Paloma, especially as cups are used by Christine's. End insert]

Ahh, Peare's first name, Christine, has pointed to the Christs (show only ROSes) in Hips colors and format, but I almost never mention the KIST variation of Christs! It looks much like the Kiss / Cast bloodline, and the latter two love the Fountains, first found in Norfolk with Hips' and Pulling-related Sabine's. Spanish Fontana's (share red scallops with Sabine's and Pullys/Pullings!) have a version of the Spanish Petro Coat, traceable to Flavius Petro of Reitman-like Rieti! That's pretty amazing, and, moreover, KISinov/Chisinou is the capital of Moldova at the Ukraine theater.

Let's continue on this vein. Fontana's ("baskets") and Petro's use the FLORY cross while Florence is where Taddei's were first found who in turn share the flory cross of Bouillons with a "bello CHRISTi" motto phrase! If that's not enough, the triple fesses of Fountains (and the related Hugs, same place as Font-de-Ville's) are in the colors of the triple Taddei chevrons. We were hugging when kissing in the PARKING lot of La Paloma, and Perkins/Parkings are from Plancia Magna, whose husband I say was related to Tertulla, wife of Flavius Petro, and mother of Sabinus.

God showed me that Bumps (GLOUCestershire, same as Castors/Costers) were kin of Tooths, and the split Bump Shield is the Arms of Bari. Tooths and Bumps share the red griffin, symbol of Pomerania, where TEETers/Deeters were first found, how about that. I'm not necessarily suggesting that Tooths and Teeters were named after the Sparti teeth, but that God may have arranged this heraldry to fit those teeth. As I said, I dated Mrs. Deeter, born Miss Simson, and I trace Simsons to Laus, an Italian location founded by peoples of Sybaris, and while Laus(a) was another name of Croatian Ragusa, home of Shark-line Saraca's, Saracena is on the Sybaris river. In my 1979 dream, the shark had nasty teeth.

The Tate's/TEETs (Berwickshire, same as LICKs/Lucks) look like they apply to Caucasia because they can be in the "ASSiduiTATE" motto of SWAN-using LICKs/Locks, and Lake SEVAN was also LYCHnis. The Lick/Lock Crest is the swan in the Crest of German Plate's, and the latter share grapes with Deeters/Teeters. Lake Sevan was named after Lake Van, and while German Plate's use "a grape vine", Vine's/Veyns (GLOUCestershire!) look like they are of the Veynes variation of Fane's/VANs. The "BLACK spots" on the Fane/Van bull heads are usually called, pellets, and Pellets share the Coat of Plate-like Pilotte's (Lincolnshire, same as BLACKs). Thus, one could conjecture that the teeth of the Ares dragon was a people group at lake Sevan or Lake Van. The Aras river (Araxes" on the old map) is between the two. Teeth are dents, and Dents, in Vine/Veyn colors, share the tiger head with them.

The Deeters lived on a Wine Cup ranch, and the "nutrior" motto term of Simsons is suspect by me for the Enotrians of the Laus area, otherwise called the OENotrians. "Oen" is the Greek for "wine," and there is even a "a bunch of grapes" in the Teeter/Deeter Coat. OENOmaus was the horse-depicted Amazon king of Pisa, near Boura, and it's known that peoples from Boura founded Sybaris. Simsons are in the colors of Burleys/Bourleys, the latter first found in Somerset with Ladons/Ladds. Letts/Late's were first found in Gloucestershire with Bumps, and the latter share the griffin of Letters and Lauders, the latter suspect with LOTHARingia = Lorraine. Perhaps the heraldic ladder of Trips and Scalia's applies to Lotharingia. Miss Simpson owned a horse (brown) which I rode once, named, "Mig" (Migeul).

In fact, I showed above how Letts/Late's, thanks to their GLOUCester location, are likely from Leda, wife of Tyndareus, he being named after Tyndaris on the Glaucus river, and as Leda was the mother of Castor, that must be Castors/Costors were first found in Gloucestershire too!!! While Castor is being pointed to by Peare rushing up the stairs, it's notable that one English White/WEIGHT Coat has the three Peare / Parson leopard faces in half their colors. Peare's share the Lett/Late stars. The other Weights/Waits use a "PRO" motto term.

It begs whether the kiss event points to the white horse of Revelation, though I think the kiss refers only to the Kiss/Cush bloodline, which unfortunately includes the Cass'/Casts having scales as a pointer to the black horse's scales. Plus, the "weights" in the Dexter Crest are weight scales too, and we just saw the Weight variation of English White's. The other English White's share the vaired Nero/Neretti chevron for another pointer to the black horse. The Crest of that White surname as a "CORONet" = crown!!! The white horse's rider is given a CROWN, code for Coronis liners, which allows us to go to the CRONells of Humans/Yeomans, first found in Gloucestershire!!! Amazing. Weights/Waits are in Yeo/Yeoman colors and format, and Yeo's/Yeomans were first found in Devon with Silver-related Saffers while Silvers share almost have a copy of the White Coat with coronet, and share the vaired fesse of the Gloucester White's.

The problem with the above is that White's are pointing to the black horse, which includes "barley," and Barleys share the quatrefoil (different color) with the Scottish White's in turn sharing the black eagle that's in the coronet of English White's. Scottish White's (compare with Plains/Platters) share a semblance of the PALin Coat, and the pale horse is the fourth horse. I'd rather not have surname connections point to different horses; otherwise I start to see coincidences rather than God's arrangements.

Oenomaus was father to Hippodamia, and the latter was mother-in-law to CHRYSippus while the Greek for "golden fleece" is, CHRYSomallon deras. Atreus, CHRYSippus' brother, was father to Menelaus, husband in turn of Helen, sister of Pollux and Castor. I had read that the Minyae, who filled Jason's (or Iason's) Argo ship along with Pollux and Castor, buried their men with horse heads. CHRYSE, a Minyae (or Minyan), was made the mother of Coronis the crow and Iason-like Ixion. Chryse was made the daughter of Almus, a CORINthian, brother of Glaucus, we get it, from the Glaucus river, location of Tyndaris, the line to Leda's Spartan husband who was substituted in myth for the Zeus swan. Horse heads are used by the Helen surname, and mythical Helen "of Troy," daughter of Leda, was a sister of Pollux and Castor. Troy had the Trojan horse.

I've talked much about Helen my tenant, but I've not often mentioned that, while waving goodbye to her from my vehicle while she was on my driveway, I drove off to my Texas property. She was standing with her boyfriend and his red, 1960's Mustang, and while Mustans/Musins are like the Mostyns, the latter have a Coat much like that of Simsons.

On the very day I arrived to Texas two or three days later, I met Miss Simson above. As I said, I was in the parking lot of my MOTEL, and when I saw her driving out from the restaurant across the street, I flagged her down in the middle of the street (this was a slow Texas village), and asked if she'd have COFFEE with me. The Motels and Motts are said to be from Calabria, location of the Sybaris river, and Motels, I kid thee not, are said to have named Mottola of Taranto! Coffee's/Coffers have the Arms of Taranto in different colors!!! You can't believe I'm telling the truth, but I have these stories recorded in the past to prove I'm not making them up here. Motels have a white horse!!!

The Motel horse is in both colors of the Troy unicorn!!! These German Troys were first found in Mecklenburg with Trumps/Tromps (Troy and Hahn colors and format), and as Irish Troys use griffins while the Griffin family was from Pomerania, beside Mecklenburg, let's add that Deeters/Teeters have dogs in Troy / Trump / Hahn colors.

Ahh, the Motel horse in "holding a gold ARMORed arm" with its MOUTH, and while Motts are said to be from Cotes-du-Nord, now called, Cotes-d'Armor, it just so happens that Armors have a "Cassis" motto term. Cass'/Cash's are also CASTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Incredible outcome! Cass'/Cash's/Casts share "fountains" with Waterfords, and the Trump/Tromp stag head is in the Arms of County Waterford. These fountains use the German Drummond/Tremond Coat in colors reversed, begging whether Trumps were a branch of same-colored Drummonds/Tremonds.

I've just gone to my atlas seeking a Castor-like location in Apulia. Nothing seen, but I then looked over to the Sybaris area and saw Castrovillari! Can this work with Peare's kiss? Yes, because Murunum, now MORANO Calabro, is smack beside Castrovillari, and this smacks of TERENTia MURENA! Motels were at Taranto, and Mota's tell of being from OTRANTo (Apulia), yet both surnames were first found in Calabria. The Arms of Mottola uses a tower, in the colors of the tower in the Arms of Otranto, and Murena's/MORENO's use a tower too, in different colors. Cool. While Mota's list MOTINo's, the Morano's, Morini's and Marano's were first found in MODENa with Casano's. There's even a Pollino area next door in POTENza (some Arms in Calabria have the POTENT cross) while Pollino's are listed with Apollo's.

The Simms / Simsons might be in the "fidelisSIMa" motto term in the Arms of Otranto (in Liss colors). The same motto term can suggest the Liss'/Lise's, first found in Hampshire with Casano-branch Cassane's who in turn have an "aLIS" motto term. Liss'/Lise's share the Lizart pale bars, and a green "lizard" is in the KISSane/CASHman Crest. The latter surname has a "fideli" motto term, and while the entire motto is shared by Deans and Irish Dene's, the latter use it as a green "crocodile."

Ahh, I've got it. Morano and Castrovillari are in the province of COSENza, and the Kiss'/CUSH's share the red rooster with one on a CUSHION of Bibo's (Hahn kin), suggesting that heraldic cushions are for Cosenza liners. The following is a little complicated, but I think it supports this case. It starts with Cussons and CUSTERs having a giant red eagle (both on gold) while the Tarents/Terents share the three red eagles of Courcys (both on white). Castors are COSTERs too. The Custers are also Constance's while French Constance's (TREE) come up as "Constant," the latter being in the motto of Ras'/ROSE's whose boar head is in the colors of the Custer/Constance / Cusson eagle. The Ras/Rose motto also has the True variation of TREE's, as does the LEITH/Lethe motto.

I therefore wondered whether Cussons had been Courcy-like Curseys, and so the Curseys/Kerseys were loads to find a Shield of black drops, shared by Drops/Trope's, the latter first found in Norfolk with Cousins/Cossins. Black drops are often called, poix, the French word for "tar," which begins to touch upon TARents, and furthermore Tarrs/Terres' were first found in Somerset with Courcys. But there's more.

Curseys/Kerseys, the ones suspect with "Cusson," are said to have been in BABERgh, which was part of COSford. I then loaded Babers, who were not only first found in Cambridgeshire with Cass'/Cash's/Casts, but the two surnames have the same chevron. Three of these chevrons are used by COTYs'/Archdeacons while Deacons and Decans are in Bamburg/Banbury colors and format. The Babers show nothing but their chevron, as is the case for Cousins/Cossins, and the latter were first found in Norfolk with Decans, and with the Fountains in the "fountains" on the Cass/Cash/Cast and CUST chevron. This looks like the line of queen Bebba of Bamburgh castle (Bernicia), of the Bebbanburgs.

I then loaded Cosfords to find that they were first found in Oxfordshire with Baberg-like Bamburgs/Banburys, and moreover there's a beaver in the Arms of Oxford while Beavers come up as Baber-like "Beber." Cosfords list Cotesfords, and while Cotes'/Coats have some of the Tarr/Terres pale bars, Cotta's/Cottons/Cotys' were first found in Languedoc with Costs/Cotels while Castors are also Costers.

We can go back to the black drops of Curseys/Kerseys, called, poix," for the French for "peas" is "pois," and while POWERs are said to have been at Pois, the Peas' are listed with Peacocks while the peacock is used by both Paw surnames while German Paws are also PAUERs. Cass'/Cash's/Casts use a "pair of scales" while Pairs are listed with Paws/Pauers. Note how "Pair" is like "Peare," however, for the kiss with Peare has pointed to Cass'/Cash's/Casts.

A thing I missed earlier, and may never have been on before, starts with the "CAULDRON" of Spanish Paloma's. The kiss with Peare was at the La Paloma bar (I think its been closed), and it's the Spanish Paloma's who have two pale bars in the colors of the one of Pero's/Perino's. I normally go to Calders with cauldrons, but I've just seen Caldrons (share the Power Chief-Shield colors) having a good Coat reflection of the Purys/BUREYs (Oxfordshire, same as Peare's). Sybaris was settled from Greeks at BOURa, and while Burleys/Bourleys (share green Shield with both Bowers) were first found in Somerset with Ladons/Ladds, it's interesting that the latter's Coat is a little like the Caldron Coat. The latter share the Chief-Shield colors of Palins, and the Palins even share the Pury/Burey stars. I trace Palins to Palinurus at the bay of Laus, and Wikipedia says: "Laus...was an ancient city...It was a colony of Sybaris at the mouth of the Lao River..."

Laus is about four miles from SCALea! Bingo, for the rushing up the stairs was, in my opinion, pointing to Scalia's too. Scalea is in COSENza province with CASTROvillari! Perfect. And while the Calabria area (not far from Potentia) has the potent cross in some places, the Schole's/SCAYLE's share the Patent/Patten Shield! Does it matter that Scottish Patents are also Putins, and using "crescents FLAMMANT" to go with the Flaming stars of Pero's? Flammants are listed with Flame's/Flamins. Isn't this section on the Rus horse? I'm wondering whether it has to do with the first Revelation horse. Is the rider on that horse Vladimir Putin?

The Other Three Horses

The waist-PULLING event pointed to Peare's white horse, and Pullys/Pullings share the full motto of Patents/Pattens. The latter's motto is translated, "To turn PALE from no crime." Some Bible translations describe the fourth Revelation horse as "pale," though the Greek text means, "light green," or the chlorine color of mythical Glaucus (a character given a sea symbol). Online: "...from Greek glaukos, meaning 'gleaming' or 'gray,' and has been used to describe a range of pale colors from a yellow-green to a bluish-gray."

The fourth horseman is called Death, and the text immediately adds that "Hades" was following close behind. The third horseman causes rationing yet the text tells not to harm the WINE, and while this might sound crazy: did God stick wine into that text due to Wine's sharing the eagle of GRAVE's/Grieve's/Greafs? Are the latter a pointer to death by graphene-oxide pointed to be Graffs/Graffens/Gravs in conjunction with Mr. Kepke? I was just floored to see that Grave's/Grieve's/Greafs were first found in GLOUCEStershire with Castors/Costers. German Costers use a heart while Scottish Hearts/Harts (Herod/Harald colors) share the saltire of Pollux-like Pollocks and English Franks while Kesters were first found in Franconia.

This would be a good place to say that, if God chose me to divulge that Revelation codes jibe with heraldic codes, then I can certainly understand this heraldic marathon I'm on, with no end in sight yet after 15 years or more.

Deaths share the MORT/MOTT crescents, and Mota's are a branch of white-horse Motels.

Did God use the color of the fourth horse to point to Caucasians / Georgians on the Glaucus river? The Tyndaris region is shown on that river, and then mythical Tyndareus married Leda while Letts/Late's (GLOUCEStershire) use "ORGAN pipes" that I decipher partly for ORKNEY, which was ruled by a Henry Sinclair whose ancestry was in ROSlin! Not to take us away from Peare's pointers to Rus liners, the Lett/Late Chief shares the Peare stars!!!! The Orkneys were ruled often by vikings, and they were often Rus peoples!

The Chief-Shield colors of Letts/Late's are shared by THAMES'/Tiens' who share their stars too. Plus, the Ali's/Aliotta's, sharing the Letter / Lauder Coat, are said to have named an Ali TERME location that looks like "THERModon," location of THEMIScyra. Terme is in Sicily's Saracen region. Ali's/Aliotta's are in the colors and format of the Leto crane, and while I trace many heraldic crane's to where I trace many heraldic crowns, the first horse of revelation has a rider given a crown. Did God use that symbol to point to the Ceraunii Illyrians, or the Ceraunii mountains near Apollonia / Aulon? Mythical Leto was Apollo's mother.

I kid you not that Ali Terme is exactly at mythical Scylla, the multi-headed wolf monster of myth that ate sailors who passed by. The wolf was symbol of Leto, Apollo and Artemis! "SKYLLA (Scylla) was a sea-monster who haunted the rocks of a narrow strait opposite the whirlpool of Kharybdis (Charybdis). Ships who sailed too close to her rocks would lose six men to her ravenous, darting heads." Ali Term is smack facing the toe of Italy, at Calabria. In myth, Glaucus loves Scylla! Can we believe this?

The Scylla monster was described differently by different writers. For example: "Scylla. (Creature). Type, Aberration (aquatic) ... has the upper body of a beautiful woman, and a lower body of wolf heads and tentacles." I think that quote has "upper" and "lower" backward.

Or, lookie at this: "While Scylla was bathing in the sea, the jealous CIRCE [a witch, like Medea] poured a baleful potion into the sea water which caused Scylla to transform into a frightful monster with four eyes and six long snaky necks equipped with grisly heads, each of which contained three rows of sharp shark's teeth." I see the shark as code for Saracens! The teeth were anciently a symbol of the Ares dragon at the golden fleece on the Glaucus river!!! Tooths share the giant Ali/Aliotta / Letter griffin! It's all clicking.

Mythical CIRCE was made the ancestry of Latins of Lazio, whom I see from the Lazi peoples shown south of the Glaucus river, and it just so happens that the Lazi were at Caucasia's CIRCasia! Princess Medea of the golden fleece was made the queen of CORINth, and I trace that term to the Ceraunii via mythical CORONis. I see her line at Chora of PatMOS (off the Carian shore), where Revelation was written, and this same Patmos as a SKALA location that looks like it named Scylla!!!! I rushed up the scala with Peare. Scalea is in Calabria, and the latter was named after Kalavryta near the Ladon river of Daphne and Apollo.

Tending to prove that Patmos elements were at Scylla, Patti is a location smack near Ali Terme, in Messina. The Messina surname, having an obvious version of the Masci Coat, uses PATEE crosses. The Messina Coat also has the Urban Coat, and the Ceraunii, beside the Maezaei, were on the URBANus river. See them there on this light map:

I've read that Messina was named after Messene in Greece, and the latter has a Methoni location that was mythicized as a daughter of king Oeneus of CALYDon. The Maezaei, in the land of the first-known CELTs, are shown on the Oeneus river, tending to nail them with the namers of Messina. Mycenae was a twin city with Argos, and Jason's ship to the golden fleece was named, Argo. Mycenae was given to the Perseus-branch Danaan who had been on Rhodes first, but also to Atreus, father of Helen's Spartan husband. The teeth of the Ares dragon were "Sparti," and involved CadMUS, perhaps related to PatMOS.

The lower Aras river cuts between the Medes and an Otene region on the old map provided above. It just so happens that Otene-like Teins/Thames have a chevron-with-stars in the colors of the chevron-with-martlets of Meads. I see Meads as a branch of TIGER-using Medleys, and I trace the heraldic tiger to TIGRanes VI, king of Armenia (on the Aras river). Ares' daughter, Harmonia. Vine's/Veyns (Gloucestershire, same as Letts/Late's), expected from a variation of Fane's/VANs, have a tiger's head in Crest. Letts/Late's share the Tiens/Thames stars. The interesting thing here is that while the chief Etruscan goddess, Uni, was wife to Otene- / Tiens-like Tinia, Ottone's were first found in Perugia, where Uni was the patron goddess.

Medea worshiped the witch, Hecate, who was given three wolf heads. She's suspect with mythical HECTor, brother of Paris, and the latter abducted Helen above, daughter of Leda, and sister of Castor and Pollux i.e. the white-horse peoples.

The Masci, Messina, Rasmussen and Rothchild (not "RothSchild") bends rise toward the Shield's left side, and so note first that the DOVE of Italian Paloma's is positioned to be a bend rising in that same direction while being in the colors of the Rothchild bend. One can glean that both Paloma Coats are related to both page Coat, and then Paggers/Packers/PECKers (ROSES) are in Pek/Peck colors while the latter share the Messina patee. Cuppae, called city of DOVES, is off the Pek river and also near the Ister. English Page's have doves in the colors of the Paloma dove, and Palms share the Massey fleur-de-lys. You can see there another reason that God chose La Paloma for my Masci bloodline, but then my Masci mother, born in PICenze, from the Picensii MOESians on the Pek river, is a Grimaldi by maiden name, and the Grimaldi lozengy is in the colors of the Pagger/Packer/Pecker/PICKer lozenges. While French Page's/Lepage's were first found in Dauphine with PAYENs/PAGans, English PAYNE's (Somerset, beside Page's) happen to share the lion of Whistle's/Wissels (Somerset) while the latter share the Pagger/Packer/Pecker (and Stoll) lozenges. Wissel-like Wessels are listed with dove-using Waistells, the ones that pointed with Peare to her white horse. Stolls (another dove = pigeon) were pointed to by a STOOL pigeon (walked over my septic = stool tank) that God sent here, and Page's/Lepage's are also Pageons.

Pullys can be of the namers of Apulia, but then I trace them to Pola/Pula shown on the light map at southern Istria, near the location of Apsorus (shown in the islands), and mythical Apsorus was made the brother of Medea, yes the Colchian Medea, wife of Jason. The myth, Argonautica, written by a writer of Rhodes, had the Argo ship sail up the ISTER river (looks like it named Istria), the DANube, and then across other rivers to the Croatian / Istria area. This writer knew Colchian migration, and put it into creative / fanciful myth form. note the LATovici on the north side of the COLapis river.

Craven-like CERAUNii thus look like they named Croatians, for they were called, KRVati, whom trace well to CRAVens, and while I rode Peare's horse to a bank, Banks were at a Newton location in Craven (in Yorkshire, same as Pale's/Palys, Pullys/Pullens and Pauls). Newtons even use an "EASTERN prince" in Crest while Easters are listed with Isters!

Pero's/Perino's use PALE bars, extra fodder for pointing Peare to the four horses. Pale bars are code, likely, for Pale's/Palys, looking connectable to her waist-pulling event (pointed to her white horse) due to the Pully variation of Pullings. The latter were first found in Yorkshire with Pullys/Pullings!!! Dang, I get it. The Pully/Pulling and Patent/Patten motto is translated, "To turn PALE from no crime."

The camel head of the Pale/Paly Crest gets us to the same of Pepins / Pipe's, and while Peare-connectable Letts/Late's use "organ pipe's," Pepins and Pipes are connectable to the giant and white RASmussen unicorn. Ras' are listed with Rose's! RasMUSSEN's even share the sinister bend with Masci's and Messina's. Pale bars are sometimes, pallets, and Pallets list Palleys.

Ahh, Pale's/Palys have one of the two OILy/Dulys bends!!! Or perhaps that excitement's not called for, for "oil" is in the text for the third, black horse, not the fourth, pale horse. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, I had been wondering where I saw the Pale/Paly lions, but could not recall. Staring at the Pale/Paly Coat, wondering how I could link it to Oilys/Dulys' (Oxfordshire), I recalled that Beavers are in their colors while the Arms of Oxford has a GREEN beaver. Loading Beavers (Yorkshire, same as Pale's/Palys), there were the Pale/Paly lions! Beavers even share the fesse of Oxford's Weirs/Vere's. Plus, the Pale/Paly CAMEL brought bars-GEMEL to mind, used by Oullette's, and the latter's Ouilly location is like the Oullie variation of Oilys/Dulys'. Owls, first found in Suffolk with Clare's/CLORES', are in Pallet colors and format, and "xloros" (pale GREEN) is the color of the pale horse.

The three red lions in the Beaver Chief can be the red one in the Oxford/OXENford Chief, and then three more red lions are with OKENs/Acombs (Yorkshire, same as Beavers and Pale's/Palys. Scottish Okens are listed with Aikens, first found in Lanarkshire with Caesar-like Casseys, and Julian-line Gullys/Gollys (Oxfordshire) are in the colors and format of Okens/AIKENs. The diagonally-split Shield of German Beavers is shared by Eggers/EGGENs, and yet another red lion is with Eggertons. Eggers/Eggens use hurts, and Hurts/Horts were first found in Oxfordshire. There's another red lion in the Achen/Aken Crest, and the Achen/Aken Shield shares the three DEATH/Darth crescents. The pale horse carried "Death." Deaths/Darths were related to king Arthur (in "Le Morte d'Arthur"), and Arthurs use more hurts. Deaths/Darths have a griffin in the colors of the Camel griffin, and Pale's/Palys love Camels.

UNBELIEVABLE: From Pully-related Patents/Pattens, we go to Patents/Putins/Patients/Patience's, and "patience" is a RUSHton motto term! Tarants/Terents named Tarrant-Rushton! Can we believe it? The rushed kiss with Peare in a BAR took us to Bari of Taranto, land of Spartans at Mottola. Motels of Mottola use a winged horse = pegasus, and the mythical Pegasus fought against the Chimera dragon in Lycia (near Rhodes), which I deciphered as code for Kamiros, a city on Rhodes. It looks Cimmerian. The Cimmerians had conquered king Rusa, and Rhodes, island of roses, they say, probably applied to his people. Might Lycia have been named by the ones who named lake Sevan as LYCHnis? LEICesters use a swan.

This has not dawned on me until now: the kiss with Peare got us to Cass'/Cash's/Casts in relation to the horse symbol of Castor, and while Pullys/Pullings can descend from whatever real-word entity Pollux depicted (probably Apulia), Cass'/Cash's/Casts use a "pair of scales" while the black, third horse of Revelation carries a "pair of scales" (NIV translation)!!! Zikers, where was my head when mentioning the Cass scales earlier in this update?

The Arms of Scalea even shows a ladder on red bendwise, as do English Trips. German Trips show shoes while I was a shoe salesman when we rushed up the stairs. She was a saleslady for Reitman's clothing, and Dutch Reitmans have two of the three Palin stars (used also by Polesdons). Palins were first found in Dorset, same as Gallops in the "full gallop" of the Waistell horse. RUSSells were first found in Dorset. Dorset is beside the first-known Stars/STAIRRs suspect in the Palin stars. Gallops even use a "wyse" motto term while German Wise's/Weis share the double hexagrams of Pero's/Perino's which the latter call "flaming STARs." English Wise's use a "SaPERE" motto term. The Fullers suspect in "full gallop" use a horse for the Irish branch, and the English branch substitutes with "A beacon on fire on a mount," and Fire's/Feuerers (pointer to Nazis?) have a giant unicorn in the colors of the Rush horses.

AHHHH, as I've said many times, we were working at Scarborough Town Center (in Taranto-like Toronto!), and Scarborough's, I now recall without looking, have three of the Murena towers!!! AMAZING, I'm laughing at this. Repeat: "...Castrovillari! Can this work with Peare's kiss? Yes, because Murunum [on Sybaris river], now MORANO, is smack beside Castrovillari, and this smacks of TERENTia MURENA! The Arms of Mottola uses a tower, as do Murena's/MORENO's." The Mottola tower is in the colors of the tower in the Arms of Scalea. Incredible. I'll never remember all of these many proofs that God provided the kiss with her. I really have no idea why this Sybaris area is important to God. "Sybaris" may have been from a version of "Sparta," from Spartans in Taranto. If the Scarborough Shield were white, it would be in Tarent/TERENT colors and format.

AHHHHHHHHHHH BEAUTY. No guff, the Scarborough Crest has a "Saracens head" while Saracena is in the Sybaris river too!!! The Murena's were therefore Morano liners! Zinger. Scarborough's were first found in Yorkshire with Caldrons, and English Towns are even in Caldron colors and format. Centers share the Peare / Parson leopard faces!!! SCARBOROUGH TOWN CENTER!!! Plus, Towns are Tone's too while Tonbridge's (Kent, same as Gore's and Trips) share the Saracen crescents!!!

Recall PhanaGORia's sphinx with Miss Peare's face. Gore's share the Trip crosslets, and are in the colors and format of the Centers above showing the three Parson leopard faces, yet they are also the leopard faces of Tennis', first found in Oxfordshire with Peare's and Thames'/TEINS'. Phanogoria is at the TAMan peninsula, and "TEMere" is a Tennis motto term, but also of SANDfords. I once watched Kepke and Peare play tennis, and Phanagoria is a dog's walk from Kepoi. Ahh, they were playing on a tennis COURT while Courts/Coverts were first found in Sussex with Keeps and Coverts/Cofferts (similar Coat to nearby Rush's), and the latter share the gold leopard head with Tennis'! It never ends. The pale bars of Courts/Coverts are even in the colors of the Pero/Perino and Paloma pale bars! It's just too much for these links to be coincidences. Pierro's/Pero's were first found in Pavia, and Coverts/Cofferts share the Pavia martlets. Pavia's share Coat of Feets/Fate's, the latter first found in Yorkshire with Pavers. That's why I was present that day when they decided to have a game of tennis. And it just so happens that Tennis-branch Thames'/Tiens' share the Pavia / Feet martlets, as do Grimaldi-like Grime's. They had no idea that God was moving them to play that day, the God they thought didn't exist.

HAH! The Parson and Center/Sainter Coats are identical but for the latter's addition of a fesse, which is the only thing on the Coat of Lance's (Norfolk, same as Parsons!), and then Scarborough's have: "...a Saracen's head on the TIP of a LANCEs"!!!! Canst thou believe it? I didn't name that mall. I didn't arrange the heraldic symbols. French Lance's have a giant ROSe, and Lance's could be from Alania (land of the Hros) because English Lance's have the Alan fesse in colors reversed.

Ahh, the tip of the lance must be for Tipps'/Tippins (LANCashire) having a Chief in the colors and format of the Caldron Chief. Tipps/Tippins were kin of Ratcliffs while "RATione" is a motto term of Custers.

The Sinclairs of ROSlin, six miles from the first-known LEIThs/Lethe's of Edinburgh, are also Saints. The "TrusTIE" motto term of Leiths/Lethe's can be for the Tie variation of Thigh's/THY's in the "thy" motto term of Sinclairs/Saints. The "Trustie TO THE" motto phrase of Leiths/Lethe's must be for Tooths because they share the giant LETTers / Lauder griffin. Plus, mythical Hephaestus of LEMnos had a LAME symbol that caused at least one myth writer to use a THIGH (in the myth with Hephaestus and Athena mating).

Hip-like HEPHaestus, very linkable to AESon, father of Jason (in the land of Thessaly's Muses), also had an ugly-face symbol that had been routinely given to Gorgons suspect with the namers of Georgia = Colchis, home of MEDea, code for the Medes. This land is near Mus in Armenia. Colchis-like Glaucus married EuryMEDE, we get it, which I read as EbroMede because I read Europa as Eber-opa ("opa" is a common suffix in Greek myth). Another Eurymede was a daughter of Oeneus of Calydon, father in turn of Gorge. Gorgophone was a Spartan name birthed from Perseus (killed a Gorgon Medusa) and AndroMEDA. Mede-associated Gorgons had lived at the south end of the CASpian sea, in case Caspian elements named the Spartan Castor. Europa, Cadmus' sister, might actually have been of an Eber > Sephar > Sparti line that appeared after Cadmus' war with the Boeotian dragon. The early descendants of Biblical Eber were at Sephar, which may have named Sparta-like Subartu.

Muse's and Gorgons of Mysia are known to have lived at Parium/Parion (near Lemnos) which itself named mythical Priam, Trojan father of Paris and HECTor, the latter looking like he was named after HECATE, goddess of mythical Medea of Colchis. That works, and Hector was the principle king in the mythical Trojan war against the Spartan, MeneLAUS. HECuba was Priam's wife. This was the line of Abraham and KETurah, and the latter's tribe may be in "HeCATE." Medea took her dragon-pulled chariot from Corinth to Athens (named Athena with the thigh symbol), and the line of Keturah through her son, Medan, went to Kodros, king of Athens, father of Medon. Thus, mythical Medea looks to be named after the tribe from Medan. Hebe was HEPHaestus' sister, and while Abraham lived in HEBron, the Hebron/HEPburn motto is, "KEEP Tryst," looking connectable to "Trustie."

Hebrons/Hepburns have a white horse head (both colors of the Rush / Rothchild horse) and a red ROSE traceable to Rhodes. The Rhodanus mountains are at the source of the Hebros river, and a little ways down that river is Ares-like Arsus (shown on the light map) while Hephaestus' wife was the mate of Ares. Hephaestus' Kabeiri cult was at Samothrace, near the mouth of the Hebros.

Now behold. I have been tracing the SANTones Gauls (named Sainte location), because they lived near the LEMOvices Gauls, to the Sintians of Lemnos, and, as was said earlier in this update, the Sindi are on the old map RIGHT BESIDE Phanagoria. The Centers above are also Santers/SAINTers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is HUGE. Laughter again, I can't help myself. When you work as hard and meticulously as I do on these things for the Boss, and things like this pop up out of the blue, I've got to say, "How Great Is Our God." It makes me happy to see such things. God placed me with Peare at the Town Center to verify that I was correctly seeing the sphinx of Phanagoria with Peare's face.

It's now obvious that God causes Kepke and I to stop working together at Knob Hill Farms, at which time he caused Kepke to land a shoe sales job at Scarborough Town Center, some 30 miles from where I was living at the time. I would never have worked there otherwise, but we just saw that God used all three words heraldically in the name of that mall. One day, I visited Kepke at that mall, then walked up the STAIRS to a competing shoe store (Fredelle's), asked the manager (Joe) if he needed help, and got the job on the spot. MIRACLE. I got fired for some dinky reason at Knob Hill Farms days after Allison BAUER (CASHier at Knob Hill Farms) left me. Bauers/Bowers and Bowers share the green Shield with Boura-like Burleys/Bourlys. It never ends. Knobs look like Rothschild/Roddenstein kin, and the first Rothschild was Mr. Bauer. I didn't kiss another girl after Allison until the rushed one with Peare up the stairs.

Kepke was sitting on the hood of my MUStang with me when we saw Allison getting into the car of her next boyfriend. Until then, she had been my girl. Mustans/Musins are almost in Scarborough colors and format, and have the look of the Keppoch Coat. The Keppoch MacDonalds are linkable to the MacDonald-related Allisons.

Back to the Purys/Bureys who have a Coat much like that of Caldrons, keeping in mind that Caldons were from the Paloma cauldrons so as to tend to prove that God set Kepke and Peare up at La Paloma that first time. The Sainter variation of Centers suggests a look at sanders, and while the Chief-Shield colors of German Sanders/Centers is colors reversed from the same of Caldrons, Irish Sanders, ignoring the Chiefs, are in Caldron colors and format, and moreover Irish Sanders share the motto of Vince's/Finch's who are in turn in the colors and format of Purys/Bureys. And here's what I realized only while writing the last sentence: CALDers are from the Khaldi!!!

I've told many times that Kepke and I, at about 20 years of age, worked at the used furniture store of Kepke's neighbor, Calvin Young, and so when seeing the similarity between Calvins and Caldrons, French Calvins/Cauvains were loaded to see that they have a near-match with the Caldron Coat.

I didn't know until after writing two paragraphs below that the Crest of Caldrons (Yorkshire, same as Palms) shares a "palm branch" with PALMs to go with "Paloma"! It proves that the Paloma cauldrons are code for Caldrons, and exposes that Paloma's were a Palm branch. The Caldron birds are swallows, by the way, the Arundel symbol too. Arundels were named after Arun in Sussex, and FitzAlans of Arundel lived in Shropshire, where SANDfords were first found who have the Aren/Aaron quadrants in colors reversed. Swallow-like Sallows were first found in Shropshire too, along with Hunts/Hunters, which recalls the hunting dogs of Castors/Costers. Orion the hunter is now expected from the Orineans in the land of Alani, and the latter became FitzAlans of Orion-like Arun / Arundel. Orions were the namers of Arun-like Airaines and Arran. I think we've just found Orion Boeotians at Arun of Sussex, beside Buttons and Botters, and the Potters too possibly from Poti of Colchis.

The Davids have a version of the ADE/Aid Coat because king David I was the father of Henry Huntingdon, husband of ADA. The David Coat is a white-bend version of the Gallop Coat, and Gallops are beloved of Waistells. As Aids were first found in the same place as Aitons/Aytons, perhaps Aita, mythical sister of Uni, applies. Aita is said to be the Roman counterpart of Hades, and so it looks like the Hatti Phrygians of Hattusa, a tribe of Aeetes of Colchis. Aeetes was related to Hermes, father of Pan the Satyr, and we saw Satre, father of Uni. Lake Tatta is off the upper Halys, the river of Hattusa, and while Toots/Tute's share the TATTon crescent while Tattons share the Hades / Hayden quadrants, colors reversed from the same of Tute's/Tuits. Toothills have a version of the Eiton/Eytons Coat, that being like the Aiton/Ayton surname.

Miss Peare's waist-pulling event pointed to the Gallops by way of the galloping Waistell horse, and Gallops have a reflection of the Aiton / Eiton Coats too. I trace Waistells to Vestalis of the Cottians, and COTYS was sometimes made the father of Attis! Beauty. I trace the motto of Pullings to the Kupa river of Japodes, and Pullings, sharing the Mead martlets and the Mead pelican for a potential trace to Medea, Aeetes' daughter, share the bend of Toothills and Eitons/Eytons. The Una was home to Maezaei, and Tattons are said to have married Massys.

Sandford-like Sands and Sandys share the fesse of Alans, Rundels/Roundels and Dance's (Yorkshire), we may assume, because Sandys use a dancetty-fesse, and Italian Dance's (Piedmont, same as Pero's/Perino's) happen to have four of the Paloma / Pero/Perino pale bars. Beauty, and Sands with Sandys have Coats reflecting those of Scarborough's and Keppochs (Yorkshire).

AHH BEAUTY. The Swallows, with a Coat similar to the Caldron Coat, use "swallows in FLIGHT" while Flights/Fleets, first found in Orkney with Rush-like Rus, are in the colors and format of Caldrons. The latter came from the Paloma Cauldrons, and Peare and I rushed up the FLIGHT of stairs at La Paloma!!! That's new, that's funny. Stars/Stairrs have the chevron of Shake's in colors reversed, and the molehill of Shake's traces them to Schimatari (because Schims/Schiens share the Mole boar head), home of Orion the hunter. Mole's were first found in ROXburghshire, named by Roxolani Alans, with Gog-like Googe's who share their boar. You dig? Gog and Rosh.

Ahh, the Aude swords are said to be "MEETing in base", and Meets/Meads (Castor/Coster and Stair colors and format) can be from the Iranian Mede's expected in mythical Medea of Colchis! That works with Gog and Rosh. Castor's mother laid swan eggs when she mated with Zeus in the form of a SWAN, and lake SEVAN was named after Gog as Gegham and Gokcha (two terms offered by Wikipedia's article on lake Sevan). Gog was an Aryan = Caucasian = Indo-European speaker, having the language that gave us, "swan." Lake Sevan is today in GEGHARquniq Province, probably named after ancient Gugar/Gogarene. "Gogaver is a locality in Lake Sevan Region..." Sevan was also, LYCHnitis, and Licks are listed with swan-using Locks. Lochs use the swan too. Licks/Lucks share the pelican with Meets/Meads.

Googe's were a branch of Goffs/Gough's, both in Gopher/Gofers colors, and a giant, white unicorn is used by Giuffre's, in the colors of the horse of Taranto's Motels. Roxburghs have a horse head in the colors of the Guiffre unicorn. "Gopher" look like play on "Mole." The Liss' who look connectable to the Arms of Otranto for two reasons have pale bars in the colors of the Roxburgh pale bar. The Roxburgh saltires are colors reversed from the Gopher/Gofer saltire, and while "Tam" is a Roxburgh motto term, Tams/Thames'/TIENS' were first found in Oxfordshire with Gophers/Gofers. Tiens' are in the motto of Square's/Squirrels, first found in Worcestershire with Hills. Shake's don't use moles, but moleHILLs. Both the Roxburgh and Googe mottoes have elements from the Aude province of France, location of ROQUEfeuil, the Rockefeller line. Schim-branch Skene's share three white swords with Aude's.

Gophers/Gofers use drops which they call, "GUTee de sang", and Sangers/Singers share the Good/Gut garbs. Goods/Guts were part of Peare's belly- gut-press, and Peare's were first found in Oxfordshire with Gophers/Gofers and oil-like Oilys/Dulys'. Moreover, Sangers/Singers share the white horse with Motels while Mota's were at Otranto while the Arms of Otranto has a "FIDELissima" motto term to go with the "FIDELitas" motto term of Sangers/Singers. Fiddle's use a wreath but call it a "garland," and while Garlands ("chaplet") share the PALE bars (pointer to pale horse?) of German Stephens, English Stephens were first found in GLOUCEStershire. The pale horse is a glaucus color. Stick with me here, "FideliTAS" can be part-code for the Tass, first found in Suffolk with Clare's and using one of the Clare chevrons, and while the Greek term used for the color of the pale horse is, xloros, Clare's are also Clores'. My interlinear translates "xloros" as "pale green." I'm not quite done with this line of thought.

The Black Horse and Trump

English Falcons (share Belly chevron) in the English Stephen Coat were first found in Cumberland with the Waistells who share a white and courant (all fours off the ground) horse with Sangers/Singers, who in turn, according to Hall of Names, have "A horse's head through a wreath" in their Crest. Wreath's share the Black Chief for a potential pointer to the black horse of rationing, and while Hades follows this black horse, the Hades surname uses "wreaths" too!

Wreaths/Craiths (share Black Chief) can be a branch of WRATHs/Rothes' (Kent, same as Goods), and the four horses are the wrath of Good-like God. The belly- / gut-press and the waist-pull both have "it felt so good" attached, and maybe now it can be gleaned as a good thing for us, the wrath of God (causing the globalists to engage in wars) falling on our gone-bonkers mortal enemies while some of them try to murder us.

The Mole / Googe / Goff boar is shared by Schims/Schiens who share the Washington / Wreath / Black Chief. Wreaths have a version of the Washington Coat, and while Wassa's were proto-Washingtons, Gallop-loving Waistells were at Wasdale of Cumberland while Gallops love the Was-like Wise's/Weis who share the hexagrams of Peare's and German Sangs/Sangers. English Wise's were first found in Devon with Sangers/Singers. Gallops have a version of the David / ADE Coat, and the Greek word for "Hades" is "ADES." Hades' share the quadrants of Haydens, and Hayden Lake was headquarters to Aryan Nations. Will end-time Nazi goons be of the black horse? It begs whether death will come in the near-future from the new rolling out of AIDs now being blamed on COVID "vaccines." Won't the enforced vaccines be a part of the 666?

One Black Coat has the Chief-Shield combo and saltire of Scottish Johnsons, which can perhaps point to Johnson & Johnson COVID vaccines, for both Black surnames were first found in Lincolnshire with English Johnsons. English Johnsons share the cross of Bruns, first found in Middlesex with the Fiers and Apps'/Apps who can together point to the black horse via the Custer motto. I'll get to the reason shortly below. Bruns were at SPITALfields while Spittals essentially have the Castor/Coster Coat while it's the Custer motto that points to the black horse.

It was Peare's PARKING-lot kiss that pointed to Castors and Custers, and Kiss'/Cush's share fountains with Trump-connectable Waterfords. While the kiss pointed to Bari in Apulia, the Tarent Coat is almost that of Deise's/DICE's while "Deise" is a motto term in the Arms of County Waterford. Currys/Corrys and Corrins were first found in Waterford, and COURage's, sharing the three fleur-de-lys of Perkins/PARKINGs, are in the motto Comyns, from Kuman of Fier county on the Apsus river. Moreover, dice go with Trump's casino while Casino's and Casano's were a branch of Pattersons/Cassane's, said to be from KISSane's, and Pattersons were from Antipatria on the same APSus river. Kissane's are also CASHmans, and use a "stag trippant" for possible connection to the "SCALing ladder" of Trips. While Apps'/Apps share the scallops of Scale's for to point to the scales of the black horse, they are also Epps, and then Eppsteins share the Coat of English Cassane's and Waters/Waterville's while Waterfords are listed with Waterville's! Trump was buddies with Jeffrey Epstein. Will the latter's covert Intelligence network bring on the black horse? Is there any use in speculating like this?

Scale's are in the colors of Skulls, and the latter were first found in Herefordshire with Barleys, interesting where the scales of the black horse concern the rationing of barley.

Plus, Epstein's partner in crime is Ghislaine Maxwell, and while Maxwells share the lodged stag with Bloods/Bluds, "blood drops" fill the Patterson/Cassane Shield. Maxwells put their lodged stag under a "holly BUSH." There's an Ades surname with a version of the Tuft/Tuffs Coat, and while Bosco's use "tufts of grass", English Grasse's were first found in Lincolnshire with the Blacks looking related to Tufts/Tuffs'. Bosco's are a branch of Bush's/Buschs, and the president Bush's were Nazi-supporting goons. Bosco-branch Boasts/Bois' are, ignoring the Hades quadrants, in Hades colors and format! Zikers, that line of reasoning / prediction looks viable. I (age 18) kissed Peare when she was 16 or 17, about the age that Epstein likes his girls, and Kissane's/Cashmans show a Ghislaine-like Guissane variation.

Repeat: "...the Liss'/Lise's, first found in Hampshire with Casano-branch Cassane's who in turn have an "aLIS" motto term. Liss'/Lise's share the Lizart pale bars, and a green "lizard" is in the KISSane/CASHman Crest." The same six pale bars are with Babels/Babwells, first found in Middlesex with Apps'/EPPS!!! Casino's look related to these pale bars.

Hades' are beautiful for having been first found in Dorset with Beautys, for the latter were pointed to by Sleeping Beauty of my 1979 dream, which I've resolved as being on Epstein's island. The Haydens sharing the Hades quadrants have a Hayden branch (both in Norfolk) sharing the black, Beauty bull, you see. I'm going to guess that the Hades Crest has the eagle head of Casseys (Ades colors and format) who in turn share the Cassel chevron, and then the Hades / Hayden quadrants are colors reversed from the same of German Castels, the latter first found in Bavaria with German Cassels (share triple Clare/Clores chevrons).

Wow, while the above is only one of several reasons for my identifying Ainsley Earhardt as the dream's Sleeping Beauty, due to her only child, Hayden, I don't know whether I've ever shown the Hades-like Adens (Dorset, same as Hades) with a strong reflection of the Ainsley Coat! I think Ainsley Earhardt knows something about Fox-news people as they associated with Jeffrey Epstein. I've mentioned a million times that I TOUCHed the Knee of Sleeping Beauty, to wake her, and Knee's share the phoenix of Tufts/Tuffs', a branch of TOUCH's/Tuffs, and here we can repeat that Tufts/Tuffs' almost have the Ades Coat. Beauty. Aden variations along with their lion look like a Dene/Dean branch.

There was a reason that English Falcons were mentioned above, and, due to all the things coming to mind since then, I'm finally getting back to them. English falcons keep us on the black horse with their "fier" motto term. "Rationi" is in the Custer motto with "APPetitus," and Apps'/Apps were first found in Middlesex with Fiers and Players; the latter use more "guttee de sang", or blood drops. That's the symbol of Gophers'/Gofers, first found in Oxfordshire with Oilys/Dulys (in Falcon colors), and while I showed how Giuffre's related to Gophers/Gofers, Virginia Giuffre is the one who claims that Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell forced her to have sex with Alan Dershowitz (Fox-new darling) and prince Andrew of Britain. The text of the black horse tells not to harm / ration the OIL and the wine, and this is how Oilys/Dulys' can come in.

It sounds like there's some good times with wine in store for us, and playing and singing too. I wonder whether Wine's/Winns are in Wheat colors for a reason? In any case, DERSHowitz's may have been related to Dere's/Res' or Dero's/Ros' (Owl/Howl colors) perhaps in the "AD foeDERA" motto phrase of Scottish Olivers (Roxburghshire, same as Guiffre-connectable Googe's and Maxwells), for Spanish Olivers have a giant owl in brown, and, I kid you not, I wrote that before recalling that Taggarts have brown owls, wherefore I loaded them to see their "Ratione" motto term!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The oil mentioned with the rationing black horse can thus be pointed to by Olivers too. Taggert variations are like the Tigers, first found in Suffolk with Owls/Howell. While Teague's are Teegers too, I purchased a Texas property from Mrs. Teague (owned a large ranch), and she told me she had six fridges / freezers stacked with food. I had never met her before, but she turned out to be a post-tribulationist.

Taggarts were first found in Ross-shire with BISSETs while OULette's were at oil-like Ouilly-Basset. Bassets were first found in Staffordshire with ADES'! It just so happens that Bissets share the Maxwell motto! The two-heads and black eagle is shared between Dero's/ROS' and Maxwells while I have this Maxwell-Ros Coat to show that Maxwells merged with Scottish Rose's/Ras' (Tuft-beloved Bosco's are in the latter's write-up). The Maxwell motto is shared by RUSHton-branch Rishtons. The motto is, "ReviRESCO," like the "cRESCO" term of Scottish Olivers. Rosco's/Risco's share the cinquefoils of Keith-branch kettle's, and Keiths were of the Catti, possibly from Hatti elements, and Hades' are also Hats / Hatts (Scottish). Scottish Olivers share the Rutherford Crest, and Rutherfords with Maxwells were at Maxton. Rutherfords share "nec" twice with Rodhams (look like Aid/Ade kin), and the latter share a tree stump in Crest with Bissets.

The "Ad" motto term of the same Olivers can get us to Ades' / Hades,' a black-horse theme. Repeat: "I TOUCHed the Knee of Sleeping Beauty, to wake her, and Knee's share the phoenix of Tufts/Tuffs', a branch of TOUCH's/Tuffs, and here we can repeat that Tufts/Tuffs' almost have the Ades Coat." The Ades' look like they are related to the Scottish Oliver Coat. "Aden variations along with their lion look like a Dene/Dean branch," and the latter share the crescents of Max's/Maxeys who are in turn in Ades colors and format.

Maxwells love Bush's and Maxwell-beloved Rose's married Bosco who in turn have "tufts of grass." Grasse's, first found in Lincolnshire with Blacks, share the three lions of Warwicks while the Balance's, first found in Warwickshire, can be a pointer to the balance = scales of the rider on black horse. Warwicks share the three lions of James, and Epstein's island is Little Saint James. James' were first found in Surrey with Share's/Shere's sharing the fitchee of Schere's/SCHERFs. Maxwell-beloved Bush's were from Scherff Nazi's, and SHERIFFs (roses) were first found in Warwickshire too. Ada WARenne's father was from Surrey. Sheriffs, in Dere/Res colors, use "viDERI," and the Alan-like Lance's in the DERE/Res Coat, along with Shows, can point to Alan DerSHOWitz (he was Epstein's lawyer when charged with pedophilia), especially as one Lance Coat has the Alan fesse in colors reversed while the other Lance's have a giant rose. Deerings (Kent, same as Alan-related Gore's sharing the Lance fesse) are from Morinis', and the latter share the Sheriff fleur-de-lys.

Shows are in the Nimo/Newmarsh motto along with the Bosco-branch Boasts/Bois' (look like Ades kin). Shows are listed with Schorrs/Schaws (recalls the Shops/Shawlands/Shorelands/Sherlands) while Schore's (roses), who come up as "SHARE," have a "column" in the colors of the similar Bosco "pillars" (with "tufts of grass" on the pillars). So, this black horse could be pointing to a nazified CIA that took Epstein and Maxwell under its tail. Maxwell's father was of British Intelligence.

I've got to say here that Boxers/Box's have the three griffin heads of Sheriffs as well as a lion in Warwick-lion colors. Mythical Pollux was a boxer born from the Zeus swan, it just so happens that the Boxer lion is that also of Sions/Swans. His family was pointed to in the rush-up-the-stairs kiss, and Stars/Stairrs were first found in Wiltshire with Boxers/Box's. Casters/Costers (Gloucestershire) are in Stair colors and format, and Boxers/Box's are said to have named Box in Gloucestershire. Tarrs/Terres' were first found in neighboring Somerset with BOOK-using Roets, and the Arms of Taranto has mythical Taras. A boxer is a pugilist, and I assume the latter term was ancient enough to have depicted Puglia, otherwise known as Pollux-like Apulia, location of Taranto. The Roet Chief is in the colors of the chief of neighboring Caplans, and the latter use the Boxer/Box griffin heads in that Chief.

I now recall that Taranto was made related to mythical Satyrion. The latter's Wikipedia article: "In Greek mythology, Satyrion or Satyria was a nymph perhaps from the region of Taranto, Italy. Her union with the god Poseidon produced Taras..." I should put this at the first mention of Peare's kiss pointing to Castor, for the Stars / Stairs look like "SATYRion"!!! Can we believe this? Why would God, the father of Jesus, arrange that stair event to point to mythical creepers, lovers of demons?

Although the black horse indicates rationing of wheat and barley, two GRASSes as ingredients in bread, oil is a part of bread too. Can the details of this third horse be a cue for us wherein, due to grains becoming a little scarce in the future, we should store our own flour and oil? Suppose that we, during the enforced 666, are able to get food from anyone if, for example, we work for it (no money exchange). But what if everyone is rationed? How will they be able to supply us food in any bargaining deal? Let's stock up, but not in freezers, that's dumb. It costs money to purchase and run six freezers, and then we may not be able to get electricity.

I haven't been to a grocery store in a month, and can go on like this for months more with the foods I've stored. I've got six months of canned milk for bread, and a year's worth of flour stored at home. I have an unopened, three-liter plastic jug of corn oil with a best-before date of March, 2022. I've had it stored in a very cool place for about a year, and won't need to open it for a few months yet. After it's opened, I'll take some out, and store the rest in a glass jar in a cool place, and probably won't get through it all until about 2024. So, I want to see if it goes rancid by 2024 or 2025, because the word is that cooking oil soon goes rancid, but I don't trust the goons who educate us on food storage at google. I think they want to dissuade us from storing.

You need to start testing the shelf life of foods that reportedly don't last four years. If they do last four years where you live (the cooler the climate the better), it will be a vital thing to know as you see the mandatory 666 coming. Sell your homes and buy cheap country land, and lots of food. But, will there be any country land available for you the longer you wait? I wouldn't venture a guess.

BARLeys were first found in Herefordshire with BARRELs and Doors, and I've recently explained the dream where there was a barrel-shaped part missing from a door handle. That dream started out with the Bush-Scherf Nazis, and then, immediately after the door-handle scene, I was up high holding a barrel-like container. I dropped it on a round patch of sand, and as it landed on its open rim, the rim caught flames. I wonder, can this indicate the burning of the grass in the 1st Trumpet of Revelation? Won't that burn wheat and barley and cause rationing in those products and more? One would think so. Why does the text only mention wheat and barley, oil and wine?

The text for this 1st Trumpet has HAIL and FIRE falling on the ground, and while Barleys have a boar head, Hailys share the boars of Googe's and Goffs/Gough's, both in Gopher/Gofer colors. The latter use "gutee de sang" = drops of blood, and the 1st Trumpet happens to say that hail and fire came down "mixed with blood."

Plus, I didn't load Players ("guttee de sang") at houseofnames until now, and they have a "clarior" motto term to go with the Clare's/CLORES'. The fourth horse of Death and Hades is a xloros color. The Player motto adds "ServiTUTE," and Tute's/Tuits have the Hades / Hayden quadrants in colors reversed! Can you believe that? Hades follows the xloros horse. Players show nothing but a PALE bar (blood drops within it), and Hailys show nothing but three boar heads in pale (= vertically positioned). The fourth horse is the pale-green one.

My sequence of the 21 Revelation plaques has the 1st Trumpet immediately after the 1st Seal, and the latter is the first white horse. I have the 4th Trumpet immediately after the fourth horse, but there's no blood indicated in the 4th Trumpet to go with the blood drops of Players (they looked like they pointed to the fourth horse above). The Drop surname is also the Trope, and there is a Troop surname to indicate armies expected of the four horses. Drops/Trope's use black drops often called, Poix," meaning, tar / pitch, and there is falling pitch in some end-time events associated with volcanic activity. Possibly, the blood falling could indicate explosions from bombs in densely-populated towns / cities. I don't claim that the Revelation plagues are necessarily global in scope.

Psalm 11:6: "Upon the wicked He shall rain snares, fire and brimstone, and a horrible tempest, this shall be the portion of their cup." Brimstone and pitch can be associated. Isaiah has end-time prophecy on the pitch of Edom, recalling the sulfuric fire (brimstone) falling on Edom's Sodom.

Gophers/Gofers were first found in Oxfordshire, where Vere's ruled as earls, and the latter are in the write-up of Weirs/Vere's sharing a gold boar in Crest with Barleys. We saw the Mottola connection between Taranto and Calabria's Sybaris theater, and while Sybaris was settled by peoples of Boura, Burleys/Bourleys, first found near Barleys and Barrels, have boar heads too. While Saracena is on the Sybaris river, its Shark line was first found in Tyrone with Neils/NIHILLs, and "nihil" is a motto term of both Vere surnames i.e. including the Weirs. I can actually get to Barrs via the Kensington fesse, suggesting perhaps that Bari in Apulia was settled by the namers of Boura who then went over to the Sybaris and neighboring Castrovillari. It just so happens that English Vere's share a blue boar in their Crest with Irish BARone's.

Oh wow, Barone-like Barnicalls are listed with Irish Cohens/COENs/Coins, and Revelation's third-horse text uses "CHOENIx [of] wheat"" and "choenixes of barley"! The Cohen/Coen bend is blue, as are the two of OILys/Oullie's/Dulys' (Oxfordshire), and the latter's bends are all that show, as is the case for the one bend of Bruno's in colors reversed, and Bruno's were first found in Tuscany with Barone's/Varone's/BARELLO's. The latter happen to share the Coat of Kos'/KOSINski's, and their shared bendy is in colors reversed with Danish Bauers/PAUERS. The "PAIR of scales" of Cass'/Cash's/Casts can be for the pair variation of German Pauers!!! The black horse that rations the barley has a "pair of scales"!!! ZIKERS.

Kos/Kosinski's were possible from Kos, an island off the Carian coast, not far for a pirate from Skala of Patmos. KOSINski's evoke the Cousins/Cossins, and then Cash-connectable cushion-like Cussons were first found in Mecklenburg with Trumps while the Trump stag head is in the Arms of County Waterford i.e. Waterford is where Irish Barone's were first found, revealing a "Vere" connection to Varone's. Kos was a cult on Edom, said to have been an owl cult, and Owls/Howls were resolved with OUllette's of OUILLY! It looks like a pointer to the oil.

Kos is beside Rhodes, and Lindos on Rhodes is where myth placed the Danaans of Argos (before they got to Argos). The Caria-like Care's/Carre's were first found in Yorkshire with Dance's/Danse's, and with the DENTs whom have a bend-with-items in the colors of the bend-with-items of Care's/Carre's. DONATo's nearly have the Bauer/Pauer Coat with the Kos/Kosinski bendy in colors reversed. The Care/Carre bend-with-leopard-faces is colors reversed from the same of Ade's/Aids, and the latter are in the Levi motto along with the Seconds, the latter first found in Limousin with Charo-connectable Clairs. Donato's were first found in UMBRia while Ade's/Aids (of Ada of Warenne/VARENNE) have a Coat version of NorthUMBERland's Stevensons and Rodhams, and then the Stevenson Coat is like that of Barone-like Barnstaple's (Devon, same as Were's/Wears / Ware's and Warren-branch Wearings). Barone's/Varone's have the Donato bendy in colors reversed (all bendy here has three-and-three bends), and Verone's list Varenne's.

The BeronCELLI variation of Barone's/Varone's is like the Barnicall variation of Irish Cohens/Coens, and I just showed how Coens can be pointed to by the choenix of barley and wheat. German Cohens share the Coats of Italian Ferrands and French Ferrats/Fers (Brittany, same as Black-connectable Nerets), and Hohens share the similar VAIR/Fers Coat. Vere's are Vairs too, but let's add that Jewish Cohens/Kagans share the Kensington fesse, for the Weirs/Vere's who descend from Aubri of Oxford, and who share the Barley boar, are said to have been at Kensington of Middlesex, and Middlesex is where Barone-connectable Bruns, and Vere-branch Fiers, were first found who connected earlier to the black horse that rations the barley. The Fear variation of Fiers is in the motto of Peacocks (Essex, same as English Vere's) in the peacock of Pairs/Pauers, is that not amazing as per the pair of scales that rations the barley and wheat?

As was said, Bruns share the Johnson cross while Johnsons are linkable to Blacks. Repeat: " Bruns were at SPITALfields while Spittals essentially have the Castor/Coster Coat while it's the Custer motto that points to the black horse." English Browns/Bruns, linkable to Bruno's of FLORence by their motto, were first found in Cumberland with Wasdale of Waistells, and the latter are now pointing to Washingtons because they share a Black Chief.

Clare'-like Claro's are also Carre-like Charo's, and Clarus was an ancient location at the Caria-Lydia border, home of the Leto-Apollo cult. Claro's/Charo's share the Fier/Fear bend, and OILs/Dulys (Oxfordshire with Vere earls) have two of them. Dols (Mecklenburg, same as Trumps/Tromps) share the Kensington/Kennington fesse while Kenneths, with almost have the Trump stag head, were first found in Ross-shire with Scottish Pattersons while Irish Pattersons/Cassane's ("blood drops)" share the Kensington/Kennington scallops (colors reversed from the same of Sodans). Pattersons were from the Apsus river through Fier county in ALBANia, and Albins/Aubins were first found at Devon with Pauer-like Powers, Poors (share Sodan fesse), and with the Sodens connectable to the write-up of Pattersons/Cassane's who in turn share the camel head in Crest with Pale's/Palys, the latter first found in Yorkshire with Pullys/Pullings who in turn share the pelican with Scottish Pattersons.

Sodans and Poors together can tell a story because Sodans look like kin of Weirs/Vere's and Nagle's, the latter having named Oneglia, home of Doria's that married Arduinici, from the Ardiaei and Daorsi of the Naro/Neretva river. Nero's/Neretti's named Blacks, and the latter share the Poor stars while the black horse makes people POOR!. POVERty, that is, and Poor-like Povers/Poveys were first found in GLOUCestershire with the Papers who could be in the "Pauper" motto term of Poors. Blake's (PALE bar), first found in Devon with Poors and Poors, have the martlets of Povey-like Pavia's, and Italian Pavia's happen to have the Sodan scallops in colors reversed. Or, perhaps, as Poors were first found in Devon with Wearings who in turn share the Pope/Pape bend-with-checks, "Pauper" can apply to them too, and thus point perhaps to a pope.

Though not in the same colors, Blacks and Powers share three stars in Chief, and the black horse involves the pair of scales that my interlinear translates as a "balance." It just so happens that while Balance's were first found in Warwickshire and English Pavia's/Pavier's (share Feet Coat), Warwicks share the three lions of French, Black-like Blanks. God Pointed to Pavia's with the FEET of Lorraine a week or so after I met her at her BUS stop, and Bus' share the giant cinquefoil of English Blanks.

The interesting thing is that while the Calls/Calles' show only TRUMPets, it could be related to the BarniCALL variation of choenix-like Coens/Cohens, begging whether the black horse of rationing is due to a future president Trump. "Ratione" is in the motto of Custers sharing the giant Cusson eagle, and this eagle is used also by MacDONALDs. Pointer to Donald Trump??? The Donald-branch Donells (Scottish branch) use the eagle in giant form (as do Cussons and Custers) along with two "per" motto terms, and while Peare was with Kepke, MacDonalds had a Keppoch branch, and moreover Keeps share the "galley" ship with Donalds and Irish Donells. Kepke had hair, and a womanizing/immoral personality, like Trump. Scottish Donnels were first found in Inverness-shire with Gows/McGoo's who not only share a boar head on green with Burleys/Bourleys, but share the fleur-de-lys of Portuguese Mota's. Then, Jumps, sharing the Trump stag head, have the roses of Italian Mota's!!! By following the BARnicall variation of Coens, we just came to the Taranto elements suspect at the Sybaris area of Calabria.

Inverness-shire is where Wreaths/Craiths were first found who share the Black / Washington Chief. It's also where Grands were first found in the motto of Courts/Coverts, the latter first found in Sussex with Keeps, and sharing the pale bars of Pero's/Perino's and Paloma's. The La Paloma BAR pointed to Bari in Apulia! Zinger yes, for Italian Paloma's were first found in Bari. We now take it to the "terras" motto term of Donalds and Donnels, for Scottish Terras' share a Scott Coat while I trace Scotts to lake Scodra near Bar (on the sea coast), and opposite the Adriatic sea from Bari (at the sea coast).

Barrs share the Italian Este Coat, and English Este's (white horse heads) were first found in Essex with Vere's and the Waterville's who match the Waterville variation of Waterfords. The Este's are in the Swale motto, and Swale's can be gleaned with the Dol fesse and it's Swale-like whale while Whale's share the Keep bend and probably the Stewart lion. The Dol fesse is wavy, matching the wavy fesse of Dutch Gaunts, and the Swale write-up tells of John Swale marring Miss Gaunt. This tends to link back to Alans of Dol in Arundel, SWALLow and Sallow kin...recalling the swallows of the Caldrons in the Paloma "cauldrons." In the 1979 Sleeping Beauty dream, the shark SWALLOWED the bulldog that I identify as Trump. Sharks were kin of Nihills in the Vere motto. The Weir/Vere write-up tells of Aubri de Vere's holding Kensington in Middlesex, where Players were first found who share the blood drops with Gophers/Gofers. Kensingtons/Kenningtons share the Swale et-al fesse.

Not far above, we saw Roxburghs intertwined with Apulia's Taranto / Otranto elements, and while Weirs/Vere's were first found in Roxburghshire with Googe's, the latter's boar would be blue in colors reversed, explaining why "AUDACes" and "juvat" are motto terms both of Googe's and Irish Barone's. The latter were first found in Waterford while Waterfords share "fountains" with Kiss'/Cush' and Castor-suspect Cass'/Cash's/Casts. Irish Barone's add "Fortuna" to their motto, and while "Lady Fortune" is used by Klassens/Class', Ladys/Laudymans share the Barone annulets. Leiths/Lethe's (Midlothian, same as Feller-branch Falls/Fallis' sharing the Pool lion) were first found beside Scottish Fortune's. Rollo's, using blue boar heads, use "fortuna." Forts use "AUDAX." Aude is where Rockefellers derives, and because the bulldog both JUMPed and FELL into the pool with the shark, I see RockeFELLers involved with that pool.

"Fortuna" is in the motto of Schims/Schiens (share Washington Chief, is this four-horse important?) who share the Googe / Goff / Haily/Haley boar, and their Skene/Scan branch have three swords in PALE in the colors of the three swords of Shots/Shute's (Wiltshire, same as Calls/Calles'), and the latter's three swords are a match with the three trumpets of Calls/Calles'. The rushing up the stairs can point to the Stairr variation of Stars, first found in Wiltshire, and they happen to share the Settle lozenges while Shute-like Shuttleworths/SHETTLEworths share the "weaver's shuttle" with Keeps. The related Shake's (MOLEhills) were from Boeotians, where the Ares dragon was that traces back to the Gogarene / Sevan area. Cadmus of Boeotia was a Cadusii line to Kutaisi-like Hattusa location on the HALYS river, home of the Hatti that look like they named mythical Hades, brother of Zeus and Phoenician Poseidon. Zeus was given a swan symbol, suggesting that whatever he depicted, he was at Sevan. Zeus was the father of Ares, of Apollo with Leto, and of Leda's Spartan swan-children.

The stairs were scala, and scales are carried by the black horse while Blacks share the Washington Chief. If Trump becomes the next president, he rules from Washington. There's been talk that Nikki HALEY wants to run for the White House in 2024. Might Trump make her the vice-president or something.

Pan, a Satyrion-like Satyr, was born at the north border of Sparta. Spartans could have been named from SEPHARvites. The Joktanite HEBREWS are in Genesis, said to have lived in and beside SEPHAR (Assyria). The HEBROS river starts off at the Rhodope mountains, and the opposite side of these mountains was home to Satrae (a real peoples). English SAFFERs (Devon, same as English Burys) use a heron while Herons, in the colors of French Saffers, are a branch of Orne's/Horns from Orion Boeotians. And by now you know that Boeotians gave birth to Armenian-based Sparti. The island of Rhodes is near Attalia, the namer of mythical Atlas, and one of his daughters, Merope, probably play on mythical king Merops of neighboring Kos, was mother to mythical Glaucus. The Glaucus river of Caucasia was near Rhodopolis in the land of Gorgons. While mythical Aeetes was at the Glaucus river, mythical Attis was code for Hatti, suspect with the makings of "Hades," and then the seven daughters of Attis-like Atlas were called, "pleiADES." Italy may have been named after an Atlas / Attalia variation, recalling Aita of the Etruscans.

The Heron-branch Haverans/Hearns have a green-Shield version of the Heron / Orne/Horn Coats, and Haverans/Hearns are in the colors of boar-head Burleys/Bourlys (Somerset, beside English Burys) while Bury is where Shake-connectable Shuttleworths were first found. Irish Burys have a green Shield too, and share the gold boar head in Crest with Burley-like Barleys/Borleys. I can't at the moment show how Wheats/Whate's might be related to Irish Burys since they are in the same colors, but the Whats/WhadCOCKs share the green Shied too, and happen to be in Star/Stairr colors and format, both having the Shake chevron in colors reversed. COCKs were first found in Somerset with Burleys/Bourleys. I gave good reason above for tracing Stars/Stairrs to Satyrion at Saturo near Spartan Taranto. Is this all making a Barley connection to Wheats on behalf of the black horse?

[[[Insert -- The Whate-like Waits/WEIGHTs (hunting HORNS), with a Rize- / Ares-like "aris" motto term, are in the so-called "weights" of Dexters!!! I kid you not, the Dexter Crest is a pair of scales called: "Two WEIGHTs hanging from a tree." This looks very much as though God arranged Wheats to be Whate's too in order for there to be a pointer to the black horse! In the Sleeping Beauty dream, God said to me: "WHAT are you WAITing for...go wake her up." We were then taken up in rapture together, as soon as she awoke. Dexters share the double chevrons of owl-using Hucks. Sleeping Beauty is Miss Hicks, and Hucks were once said to be first found in Yorkshire with Hicks.

Hucks have: "GAMEL filius Hucca was a Knights Templar in Yorkshire in 1185." It tends to explain why Hicks share the fleur-de-lys of Gamble's/Gamels (crane), and may explain why Gamels are in the colors and format of Owls/Howls (Suffolk, same as Crauns/CRANE's and Thurstons). Leaks, first found in Lincolnshire with Hucks, but also in Yorkshire with Hicks, and thirdly also in Nottinghamshire, have the Hicks and Gamble fleur, which is also the one of Ainsleys, the latter first found in Nottinghamshire. Leaks share the engrailed bend of Knee's (Martina McBride just sang "knees" (O Holy Night) as I was writing "Knee's) to go with my waking Sleeping Beauty by a touch of her knee. The leg in the Leak Crest indicates the Legro river, in Leicestershire, where Dexters were first found. I touched her leg when I touched her knee.

"I fall DOWN on my knees" was singing while I was writing the part above after the "knees" of Martina McBRIDE. This second song is "Here With ME" by MercyME. In her song, the line is, "fall on your knees." The Mee's are listed with the My's (Nottinghamshire, same as Ainsleys) twice in the Ainsley motto. Knee's were first found in County DOWN. God framed the Sleeping Beauty dream as though she was my BRIDE, but I now see she represents His Bride at the her tribulation waking from sleep, and at the rapture. As one song is from MARTINA McBRIDE, it's cool how Martina's/Martins share the Earhardt fleur-de-lys, yet there are three of these fleur in the Martina/Martin Chief, and ditto with a Kilpatrick Chief! Miss Hicks is Mrs. Kilpatrick! Zikers. Kilpatricks had their castle on the NITH river, and Nitts/Naughts (Dumfries, same as the Nith) look like Night/Naught / Knight branch, and so let's repeat: Martina's song is, O HOLY NIGHT.

I just followed Holys/Holly to Hole's/Halls (share Holy/Holly dog) to see what I might find, and came to this in the Scottish Hole/Hall (not the English Hole's/Halls) write-up: "The first Hall of Fulbar in Renfrewshire was Thomas de Aula, SURGEON, who for his faithful service obtained from Robert II a grant of land in the tenement of STANELEY, barony of Renffrow, 1370." For those who know the story of Mrs. Kilpatrick's knee on the Leakey = RANCH road (Texas), you may recall that it included Stanley...which discovered that Stanleys (Cambridgeshire, same as RENCH's) share the bend of Leaks/Leakeys and Knee's. German Rench's share the Hicks / Ainsley / Leak / Gamble fleur. And here the Hole's/Halls (Lincolnshire, same as Leaks/Leakeys) have the Aule's of Renfrewshire, which is where Hamiltons were first found. HAMILTON Kilpatrick, husband of Miss Hicks, was a doctor. Hole's/Halls are said to descend from FitzWILLIAMs, and you can find Mr. Kilpatrick online as "HW Kilpatrick," for his full name is Hamilton WILLIAM Kilpatrick. Holys/Hollys use a "dog" while Dog's/Doags share the Hamilton cinquefoil. McBride's "Holy Night" has not disappointed. But there's more.

Hamiltons (almost the McBride cinquefoil) were earls of Arran as well as dukes of BRODick on Arran, and McBRIDE's were first found in Arran. The Sleeping Beauty dream had a BRITISH bulldog falling into a swimming pool, and British's are listed with Brodicks/Braddicks, no guff, who have a fox to go with Earhardt's job at Fox and Friends. We can even say that the bulldog went for a plunk into the pool, for Plunks/Plunketts (share Hill-of-Hall tower) can be gleaned as Holy/Holly kin, and moreover Plunkets are in the write-up of Plocks while Pollocks/Polks, related to Pools, were first found in Renfrewshire. Sorry for breaking up the conversation outside of this insert, but this insert wasn't my idea, apparently. End insert]]]

Burleys/Bourleys were first found in Somerset with Cocks and Backs while Bachs/BAGHs share the vaired fesse of Saffers while Cocks share the BAG Shield. French Saffers show nothing but Falcons, and I showed how the Fiers in the Falcon motto get us to themes of the black horse. English Saffers share gold unicorn heads with Pierce's (Somerset). The Somerset Backs/Bache's have the Coat of Balance's in colors reversed, though I'd like to see a harder Back-Balance link before being happy about a pointer to the black horse's balance / scales. English Silver(stein)s, in Saffer colors and format, and therefore linkable to Bachs/Baghs, were first found in Hertfordshire with SCALE's (French Saffer colors). How's that?

The Silver(stein) lions are half in the colors of the Steer lions, and German Backs/Bachs use a bull but call it a "steer." Stars/Stairrs of Wiltshire were at the Stour river (I think it starts in neighboring Somerset), and Sturs are Steer-like Styre's too. Are Steers from mythical Satyrion, since Tarrs/Terres' were first found in Somerset too? Looks like. Was Satyrion named after ISHTAR? Possibly because "Apulia" look like "Pula" of ISTRIA. I trace Maxwells to the Arms of Rijeka, that location being at ancient TARSatica, at the north end of Istria, and Maxwell's have a two-headed eagle in the colors of the giant Back/Bache eagle. Rijeka is near Bled, and I just sang the word, "bled," while pondering the last sentence. I was wondering whether to mention the Bled-like Bloods/Bluds sharing a brown, lodged stag with Maxwells. The Bled Coat is colors reversed from the same of Clare's, the latter first found in Suffolk with Rush's/Rish's, and Maxwells loved Rose's.

Terentia Murena and her brother (conquered the Salassi) were likely to the Tarrant-RUSHton location of Tarents/Terents (similar to the Scarborough Coat). The "enDURE" motto term of Rushtons can be for the Dure's sharing the Saluzzo Coat, for FitzAlans of Arundel married Alice of Swallow- / Sallow-like Saluzzo. Rush's are Rish's too, and Rushtons share the lion of Rishtons ("ReviRESCO") while the latter's Chief looks connectable to the Caldron Chief because the latter use swallows. Rishtons share the motto of Maxwells, the latter first found in Roxburghshire.

French Alans share the chief of lance-using Dere's/Res', and then the giant eagle of Dero's/ROS' is in the colors of the eagles of Murena's who in turn share the tower of lance-using Scarborough's. Murena-like Myrina was an Amazonian city on Lemnos, and the mythical goddess, Myrina, represented African Amazons at the Atlas mountains of north Africa. Mythical Atlas was the king of Atlantis, and Calydon had a queen Atalanta. The Lemnites (of Lemnos) named Limousin of the Lemovices Gauls, and Limousin is where Comets (show only towers) were first found. While English Clare's were first found in Suffolk with LEMONs/Limons (Keppoch colors and format), French Clairs were first found in Limousin. The other French Clairs show only ROSES.

Note "LiMOUSSIN," for while Kepke sat on my Mustang in an event provided by God, Mustans/Musins/Moussons, first found in Yorkshire with Keppochs and Scarborough's, are in half the colors, and in the format, of the Scarborough's sharing the Murena tower. The Mustans/Musins, in Tarent colors and format, are in the colors and near-format of Lemons/Limons and Keppochs. I got the shoe-sales job at Scarborough TOWN CENTER due to Kepke, and Centers/Sainters are probably from Sainte of the Sintian-line Santones. Towns were first found in Suffolk with Clare's/Clores' while Sinclairs (from "Saint Clairs") are also Saints.

Historians confuse the Khaldi with the Halybes, and call them metal makers. Hephaestus, god of Lemnos, was the mythical metal maker, and while Amazons lived on Lemnos along with Sintians, Khaldi lived around the Thermodon river of early Amazons, where we find THEMIScyra. Hephaestus was the ruler of the Kabeiri cult, and the priests of the Kabeiri were "Galli," whom I trace to "Gaul." I trace "Khaldi" to "Celt." The Caldron-like Calders share a giant stag head with CELTs/Cults/Colts, a branch of Kelts. So this is why I had to kiss Peare at La Paloma, to get us from Caldrons to Khaldi. I say they named CALYDon in Greece, because the Khaldi were at or near to the PYXITes river while the Scottish Picts ((Perthshire, same as Celts/Colts / Kelts) had a Caledonian tribe. The Pictones (at Poitou) were roughly amongst the Santones and Lemovices Gauls. The Calydonian boar in Calydon belonged to Artemis the Amazon huntress.

Let's go back to the Kiss- / Cust-connectable cushions, and therefore to the Cussons and Custers. Kepke has a Lawrence first name, and Lawrence's ("Be READy" motto) were at REDmaine while Redmaine's use cushions, as do the Kilpatricks who descended from the namers of AntiPATRia on the APSUS river (flows to Fier county of the Celtic region of Albania). Fiers were first found in Middlesex with APPS'/Apps, you see, and "APPeTITUS" is a motto term of Custers along with Reitman-like "paREAT." Reats are listed with Reeds/Riets/Reds. Emperor TITUS lived in Rieti. Lawrence's were first found in Lancashire with the Parrs expected in "PAReat." Parrs happen to share the Coat of Dutch Gocks/Gochs while Goffs/Gough's/GOCKs, in Rad/Redler colors and format, were first found at RADnorshire.

Peare and I rushed up those stairs to get away from Kepke, and Rush's are in the colors and format of Apps'/Apps. The latter were first found near the first known SCALE's who share their scallops, and the stairs pointed to Scalia's, and now to Scalea near Laus and Morano. Buxentum on the bay of Laus is also called, PYXus, perhaps from Khaldi at the Pyxites river. Scale's were first found in Hertfordshire with the Vince's/Finch's who in turn share the full Sander motto. The latter use white roundels called, plates, and while German Plate's share the grape bunch with Laus'/Lauers (potential branch of Laurence's), English Plate's (Lancashire) share the scallops of Irish Pattersons/CASSane's, who are likewise from the namers of Antipatria. I trace Cassane's to king Cassander, son of king Antipater, and thus Cassander looks like he's named after mythical-Castor elements.

I think we can now entertain the second, RED horse of Revelation as being from the imperial Rieti bloodline to the end-time anti-Christ, another Rus entity. I'm pretty sure that Ares elements named Rhodes, then to the Rhodanus (Rhone) river, and up to Redones of France, etc., who were also called, Russi, and probably named Roussillon. Or, as Kepke met Peare at REITmans, might Kepke hint of a red horse from Russians in Ukraine? Russells were first found in Dorset with George's, and perhaps Russians of Caucasian Georgia (old Colchis) apply here. The Biblical Tubal, once in CILICia, named the Georgian capital. Mythical Cilix, brother of Cadmus and Europa, was code for Cilicia. To the north of the Moschi mountains of the Meshech was RHODopolis. I can see "Hros" becoming "Hrod" and naming HERODotus, who lived in Caria, onshore from Rhodes. Herodotus actually moved to live in Sybaris, I kid you not. Caria had Amazons at Ephesus and Smyrna, for example, and John, the writer of Revelation, wrote on seven churches around Caria.

The third horse is black, and zowie, it's said to be the horse of RATIONing, and the Custers use a "RATIONi" motto term!!! Plus, Kepke had a white (pet) RAT in his basement which I've often mentioned with baseMENT pointers, one to the Ments/Mants sharing the Coat of Nerets. As I've said, thanks to Kepke's black dog, Blackie, I learned that Blacks were from the Naro/NERETva river, for Nero's/Neretti's share the vaired chevron of Blackie's!!! Thus, Kepke is part of the pointers to the black horseman of rationing! INCREDIBLE. I did not get familiar with the Nera tributary of the Salto until a year or less ago, and it has a mouth about 20 miles only from Rieti! Is this the red and black horse together at the bloodline of the Revelation dragon? Looks like. The Custers have the Titus' in their motto, and Titus of Rieti conquered Jerusalem in 70 AD as a precursor to what the end-time anti-Christ will do to Rothschild-founded Israel.

Blacks were first found in Lincolnshire with the Swallows sharing their chevron, and it's the Cust / Kiss/CUSH chevron too, as well as the . The other Blacks (Lincolnshire) share the saltire of Scottish Kilpatricks. The Custs / Custers can be buried in the "custodet" motto term of Cremers who in turn share the red rooster with Kiss'/Cush's, as well as the Chief of Irish Kilpatricks, the latter being an obvious branch of cushion-using Scottish Kilpatricks. Cushion-like Cussons share the giant Custer eagle, and it's Custers using the "rationi" motto term for a pointer to the black horse. Dutch Custers have a Coat like the one half of the Kester/Castner/Koestner Coat.

The red Cremer rooster is on a green surface while the red Bibo rooster is on a green cushion. Bibo's are said to be related to Hahns (branch of Hanns), and the latter look like Trump kin, all three first found in Mecklenburg with German Costers, and with the Dols sharing the fesse of Swallow-like Swale's. German Costers share the hexagram of Rat-like Rads, and it's white like the hexagram of Reitmans, Rottens, and Good-connectable Goths/Gothels. There's a question here on whether president Trump will be a part of one of the four horses.

The chevron-using Blacks share the Chief of Wassa-line Washingtons, and Wasdale is where Waistells were who point to the white horse. Might Washington DC be part of the black horse of rationing? Or, as white-horse Waistells point to Peare's white horse, might the first horse be of Rus elements in Washington, such as white-horse Rothschilds? Wassa's share the ROTEN / Reitman hexagram, and Peare worked for Reitmans, wherefore this paragraph can reveal that Washingtons descended from Waistell-liner Vestalis of Susa's Cottians. Rothschilds list RODDENsteins. The Schims/Schiens sharing the Washington Chief have a reflection of the Brocuff Coat (sphinx), and the latter's Crest shares a white dove with olive branch with Italian Paloma's. There's a "flag" in the Brocuff Crest, and Flags/Flacks, first found in Norfolk with Wheats, share the double fesses of Barleys. Wheat and Barley are of the black horse, and Blacks share the Washington Chief too.

Trump was connecting with this Washington-Black connection to Skene's and Stairrs/Stars not far above, and the Scan variation of Skene's can be a pointer to 666 scanners. There had been some evidence that the waist-pull with Peare was in a MALL because it was pointing to unlawful purchasing due to the 666. Scanners might be with store CASHiers, and Cass'/Cash's/Casts are the line pointed to be Peare's rushed kiss up the stairs. Cashier-like Cassers/Casse's/Casots share the Flag/Flack scallops. German Cassers/Gassers have the split Tromp Shield in colors reversed. Schims/Schiens use a "comite" motto term while Comets are in Comyn colors and format while Comyns (from Kuman in Fier county) love the Courage's who can be in the "courageux" motto term of Fier-loving English Falcons, the latter first found in Cumberland with the Waistells sharing the Comyn garbs. Repeat from above: "There's reasons in the above for indication of the black horse because 'fier' is a motto term of English Falcons. 'Rationi' is in a motto with 'APPetitus,' and Apps'/Apps were first found in Middlesex with Fiers and Players..." Trump's a "player."

The "Vis" motto term of English Falcons (share Belly chevron) can be traced to Bello-connectable EuSTACE II via both Peare's belly-press and the waist-pull on a mall STAGE. Stace's and Eustace's (look like Vise kin) may both have Peare liners in their identical motto.

Should I be predicting that Russia will lash out to begin the tribulation of the world? Or will it be the Rothschilian Europe that does so? Will Rothschilian globalism rape and burn Europe, its own peoples, in the end? Is the 8th head of Revelation 17 a Rothschilian / NATO tool, and is the harlot a conglomeration of Europe's chief nations? That's not a bad fit for Revelation 17? As things now stand, I cannot conceive a Europe-Russia partnership even on a superficial level. Will Europe retain Ukraine to prepare the way for the first horse? The second horse? Why was the Ukrainian Kepke involved? Will Putin put out the first horse, and NATO the second from combat against Russia so that peace is taken from the earth?

Ahh, after writing that, I went to the Bible and reminded myself that the first horse has a rider granted a bow, and I've known for years that Rothschild-branch Roets share the motto of Bows!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! INCREDIBLE. Do you think that God fixed some heraldry to decipher symbols in Revelation? I wouldn't want to make that claim as a fact, but just look at how these four horses seem to be jibing with heraldry. The Bow Crest has five, bunched arrows, the symbol in the Arms of Rothschild. The Bows show only bows, and the first Rothschild was Mr. Bauer while German Bauers (Bavaria, same as Wise's/Weis') are also Bowers. Scottish Bowers use five, bunched arrows along with more bows.

I'm amazed here, and feel that we might now have the proof that the first white horse is Rothschilian, not Russian, though Rothschilds descend from a Rus people, seemingly, anyway. Rothes of the Pollux-like Pollocks is on the Spey river, and Speyers/Speers (Renfrewshire, same as Pollocks) share the Roet boar heads. Burleys/Bourleys use more boar heads. The Pollock Crest is a boar shot with an arrow, same as the Caledonian boar. Jewish Pollocks show nothing but a bend in the colors of the bend of Jewish Rothchilds (not "RothSchild"), and the latter's comes with a white-on-red horse, the colors of the Rush horse!!! I kid thee not. Scottish Bower have a motto term, "meTAM,' and Tams are listed with Thames' = Peare kin. Is that not amazing?

The rushed kiss with Peare is pointing to Rothschild BANKers, explaining why I, a Masci liner from the Moschi mountains of the Meshech, RODE her horse to a bank (drop-off) in a field before turning it around. The Arms of Rothschild above use "turned" helmets probably for Turin elements, and while Turins have more boar heads, Turin is in Piedmont with the first-known Masci's (share wings with Bauers) and Pero's/Perino's.


Here's a two-minute salute to trudeau from Britain:

y Shortly after the current Ukraine president took office, it was heard that he was in political bed with the corrupt sharkman, Igor Kolomoisky. And now there's word that the president is some sort of queerbox, not conducive to Ukraine Christianity. The Ukrainians seem to be under wicked rulers, as is the case wherever the West has its fingers. We need to look at this correctly, and STOP assuming that a Western-backed government is okay or even dandy. It's not. It's all working for an anti-Christ empire.

Here's a short video on Ukraine's Nazi's aired by a big media a few years ago, which wouldn't air the same today because the media have the task of whitewashing the Ukraine government:

Nazi types have no place in the Kingdom of God, and neither does president Zelensky.

Here's Victoria Nuland admitting in Congress that Americans have bio-labs in Ukraine:

It seems completely insane for Americans to be doing bio-research in Ukraine that, according of Nuland, must not get into the hands of Russians. Duh, it seems surreal because there are other places to do such research besides a country filled with pro-Russia Russians who can get hold of the research. I don't trust the West with any news story, and perhaps the plan is create this story to unleash a new pandemic from Ukraine. In fact, fast-forward Bongino to 4:00 below, and wait for Nuland's statement to end, because Rubio then speaks and reveals that this conversation is fixed, pre-planned to create the narrative that Russia is about to unleash another pandemic. There is no way that Nuland, as sub-head of Biden's highest foreign-affairs org, is going to divulge that Americans have potential bio-weapons labs in Ukraine unless there's a reason that helps the Bidenites. It's not defence on Nuland's part, but offense. This is scary, actually, because it's again making the Bidenites look like they wish to go forward with the mass-murder programs:

In the 16th minute of Bongino's video, we see that Obama was helping to get a bio-weapons lab going on the Ukrainian Black sea BEFORE he was president, as early as the 4th year of George Bush's presidency. It surely means that Bush's foreign affairs department was involved, and so those nazified Ukrainians are coming back to mind. What do you think could have been the reason to create deadly germs in Ukraine, of all places? Obama's foreign-policy advisor, Brzezinski, was very anti-Russia. And so was Bush. But then Obama started his presidency seeking to befriend Russia, which jibes with a communist take-over of the planet. Hillary Clinton, in charge of Obama's foreign affairs, even sold the Russians a hunk of uranium-mine rights on American soil, a criminal act that the Clintons have yet to pay for. We should not try to understand the moral rationale of money-grubbing lunatics, because bagging vast amounts of tax money is their main political game, it's not complicated. There are no morals involved except the law to protect self at all costs.

Might Bush have been involved in a population-control program(s) that many elites of his time, RINOS, contributed to if only nodding their heads in agreement? Surely, what we are seeing in the COVID scheme now didn't explode suddenly on the globe in 2019. Might that viral plot have been the agenda of president Hillary Clinton soon after January 20, 2017? By that time, her old reset-button love of Russia had become animosity. Note the terms and phrase used, "RESET BUTTON," for I recall Biden taking credit for that program while Bidens are listed with the Button surname. We now have the "great reset" that's integral to Biden's "build back better" (looks like part-code for Bilderberg globopaths) program, though it doesn't originate with Biden, but with the Bilderbergite Schwabsters. When Daniel 11 reveals that the anti-Christ will commit global suicide, it's not kidding. We can see it taking shape already from deranged actors in high places. If they can't have what they've long been planning for, then everyone must die.

Movie Time

I enjoyed this evangelical kids show set in the 1960s:

At first, I wasn't happy with this movie where the kids were told to read the Bible only, because God needs to be more than the character in the old text. He may or may not have written the text, the new reader will think, unless He's real outside of those pages. If the most he becomes is a character in the pages, that's not what it's about. Jesus said that reading the Bible is not enough, but that we are to come to Him. But then the movie got bang-on when the old man said that we need to talk to God. To seek Him in our lives. Probably, if he doesn't show Himself in even one way to our lives, we haven't made Him happy. We haven't shown the proper, or deep enough, respect / appreciation. The rich soil is what He ultimately wants, but if we have even some shallow soil, He'll probably take advantage to help make it deeper for us. But it's ultimately our choice. How deep do we want to KNOW God? This is what ultimately saves. If we have no depth continuously, we will fall away to shun Him, and that's not faith that saves.

"Lord, Lord, I want to be saved," if it's only lip service, won't make God happy. But if we consider His ways, and are attentive to maintain them, that's proof of love for God. It starts by staying away from sin, and not contributing to the sinfulness of others. If we clean ourselves up, God can find ways to use us to bear fruit.

Youtube has a lot of trash "Christian" movies where they do more a mockery of Christians and God than otherwise. I'm starting to wonder whether there hasn't been a deliberate effort to put out such "Christian" trash that minimizes devotion to God while running worldly endeavors / lifestyles by us as normal. Devotion doesn't need to weigh heavy on the soul; it just needs to be steady, real. Some movies for youth make universities / colleges look important when in fact they are God-killing factories. Some Christian movies are "clean," and yet they barely give God praise at all after much spiritual poisoning is dished out. Many of these movies mock Christians as hypocrites in order to have a storyline; is that a good thing to put on display? This movie, which does have a foolish pastor, is not bad at all:

The movie above has the Russian viewing Christians as psychopaths while extolling science. Achem, STUPIDS, there is not one fossil showing the progression of a reptilian fore limb into a wing. Achem, if you can't find the evolutionary past of birds, then birds were created, and ditto for everything else. The STUPIDs feed the archaeopteryx bird to student as proof of reptilian evolution into birds, but, STUPIDS, that bird has fully-developed feathers, so there's no proof at all that it was anything different in some earlier times. Where's the proto-archaeopteryx with half wings, half legs??? How could a creature with half wings survive millions of years since it can't use them for flight nor for walking? Who really is the psychopath? Who really makes believes in fictional nonsense? The atheist, the anti-Christ, the fool.

Somebody might say, "John, why are you so hard on non-believers? Why not use some respect and love to win them over"? I'm not trying to win the damned over. We don't want to grant them any respectability, because they want to bring your children to Hell with them. Lost sheep, those who have been thinking about faith in Jesus, beware the evil in the hearts of anti-Christ fools. It is they who keep you lost from Jesus. They want you to believe that they have the superior intelligence when in fact they are BIG GOOFS. If they can't even see that all life forms require a programmer-Creator, they are more than BIG GOOFBALLS. They are evil too, shamelessly deceptive and reckless, walking graves, the cold-wet basement of humanity. Once you get that figured out, you stand a chance of seeing the existence of God even though you can't see Him with your physical eyes. Once you are firmly convinced that a Creator made all that you see, you can progress to the salvation of your soul.

God causes the evolution of a fish into an amphibian in a few weeks, a tadpole into a frog in no time at all. He programmed the tadpole's water-breathing apparatus to evolve into an air-breathing apparatus in a few short weeks. That's not done my mutations, but by a program that was created from scratch in the eggs. It's an astounding accomplishment, and it begins to tell you how super-intelligent God is, and how woefully wicked the evolutionists are who know more than I do about the evolution of the tadpole. God mocks them with the tadpole. He made worms to evolve wings in a few short weeks, a tiny cell to evolve into a human in nine months, PURE EVOLUTION, a STAGGERING combinations of events happening simultaneously. God mocks the GOOFBALLS with the butterfly, yet they fail to admit that they themselves are a miracle of CREATION. These goofs do not progress in knowledge, they destroy it. If one gets high marks for learning knowledge in university but has not learned truth, isn't that a goof? What better definition is there for a goof than one who possesses in his head 100 books of scientific / technical knowledge, but it's almost all wrong and untrue? Mad irony, STUPIDS, they destroyed their own minds, their own souls, and are fixated on doing the same to you.

It would require a miracle to fix them, or just a confession that goes something like this: "Jesus, I've been a fool, so stupid, a GOOFBALL, please forgive me, help me to fix my head, my soul, my standing." And don't forget the tears, woeful one.

Below is a tribute to Scripture by a few different speakers, all of whom build faith in the listener. But if each speak was followed by an evolutionist giving a rebuttal, the video would become mud. But then what do we call the universities and colleges, the high schools and primary schools, where no Christianity is permitted, not even a torn page from the Bible? That's called the rotting devil fed down the throats of your children. And what have the churches done to complain about this situation if only to shed some brilliant light upon it? Instead, by being silent, they have protected themselves, like the hypocritical Russian pastors who allowed the state to call the shots in their own churches. Am I not correct? Wasn't it time decades ago for pastors to call their members to home school, to protect them from the poison-shovelling education secretaries? Isn't it better to be a healthy, Christian ditch digger than a poisoned university graduate? Yes, because a ditch digger can learn to build homes, and make a respectable living, and eventually build his own home.

I don't like shows like the above when they show ancient paintings of Jesus, etc., but the show is very good otherwise. I won't watch a movie about Jesus because I don't want a fake Jesus in my head. I tolerated a fake Hosea last week, but I don't want a fake picture of Jesus in my head. When I was a child, my Catholic mother put a picture of Jesus on the cross in my room, and it got engrained in my head. But it was not Jesus. Catholics are nuts about pictures, but my mother never mentioned a thing from the Bible to me, and when I became a Christian, she didn't want to hear about Him, and did not read it on her own. She walked in darkness like a pagan. Beware becoming a Christianized pagan from vatican tools who want to be your "father."

Jesus will conquer the devil, and has conquered him, by small drops of faith-instilling events in our lives. It would be like cheating the devils if God gave full-blown, billowing miracles in our lives to keep us in faith. God wants to shame the devil by our hanging on to Him by a thin thread, because we want to hang on to Him at all costs. He doesn't want us to believe in the reality of His existence due to blatant appearances of His Person to our physical eyes that would naturally make us fearful, because He wants to give us the free choice to abandon Him rather than serving Him with lip service out of fear of punishment. Can we grasp that? If He remains sufficiently invisible, he offers us our free ability to cut the thread to Him, and thus He weeds out those who are not fit for His kingdom. That's how I see His choice to remain as-invisible to us. I say, but Lord, I want you to be, I want you to rule, to bring sanity and hope to everyone. I want your power over everything, and in the meantime I don't want you angry at me for my blunders. Can we have that? Yes we can, because Jesus called Him, "Our Father." YOUR Father, little worm, even you, if you reinforce the Thin Thread that ties you to Him. Though thin, the Thread will not brake, though you can cut Him off with your knife at any time.

This world needs the control and policing of God, and He's proving that throughout all of history. War will continue to the end, said Jesus as a testimony against the rulers of the world, who fail to bring peace precisely due to their greed. But evolutionist buffoons, the anti-Christs, turn things on their head, and blame wars on religions. No, the reality is that many greedy rulers put a god on the frontal flag of their wars in order to recruit and incite warriors. These men were not of God, and some of them, vaticanite imposters such as the Normans and "holy" Roman emperors, even put the Biblical God on their war flags. Don't let the anti-Christs and masons fool you into thinking that they were Christians, for they were lovers of this world's glory.

The over-wealthy looters of modern times are now the greatest controllers of the world, yet they cannot control it. They have driven themselves to a spin-off, off of the True Way, and will crash fatally. We're just waiting for the final smash-up, and fools will form a convoy behind the vehicle to crash with them in a pile because they have allowed themselves to be convinced that the globalist, anti-Christ driver is reliable. The engine of their car is the "Enlightenment," and the spark plugs are, Reason, and the exhaust is Evolution smoke on our faces, and down deep into the lungs of your children. Our Father, as the situation is in Heaven, controlled and at peace, let it be on earth. That prayer from Jesus will not go unanswered.

But first, we must witness how high the crash will pile, how loud a tragedy it will be. You cannot deny, fools, that the world is now in your hands, not in Christian hands. You have prided yourself in its being under your full "control." Let's see what happens, let's just see. We mock you before it happens, we see it out of control already. We warn you, stop the car, but you will not take your foot off the floor. They snort gold dust, and have become stoned on money. Lavish is their war against us, with a trillion swords of Goliath weighing heavily against us, but with one little smooth stone, the Humble One will cause the front wheel to slide when the driver wants to turn away from the impending crash. Put your hands in front of your eyes, but it won't stop the crash from taking place, at Crash Time. You drove there laughing, having a wonderful ride with blood on your steering wheel, now deal with it.

This is why the world is the way it is today: God wants us to witness their self-inflicted end. It's not that He's indifferent to great evil, the murders, but that He wants an end to evil once and for all by making a great spectacle of it's fruit. It's the only, acceptable, explainable explanation for the end-times. God doesn't want it, but does want it, to be. Let it happen.

And what do you think is the proper way for God to direct the Christians while this crash takes place...which, one may argue, is the crash of a vehicle that set out on its meandering way the day Jesus was proclaimed resurrected? Be good people, when they do evil to you, just be good to each other, keep Me in your heart, and we'll get past this together. Don't hold it against Me that I'm letting this vehicle put deadly smoke in your eyes; stay away from it and breathe Me instead. Wait, watch out for the enemy in the meantime, and fill your lives with work that nets rewards from Me. That's the New Testament message in a nutshell. You don't need to be more than a fisherman to understand this.

This history is merely a stomping grounds; God has better creations to dazzle our senses, by far, than the evolution of the ugly frog. Wait for it, and get together in your homes while waiting. Enjoy each other's company while waiting, rub off on one another, don't just sit in church when you get together. Meet and talk, take turns being the happy host. It's okay to be bright and happy when getting together. You don't need Christmas to be cheery. Humans are alive, furniture is dead; which do you enjoy more, your things or like-minded humans? Globalists want us to no longer meet, wanting to put the lights out on our humanity. They call it "communism" as a lie because they don't really want communities. They want people pitted against people. They always give names to their organizations that are the opposite of their true nature. It's called, the devil.

Go ahead, try swinging on the unbreakable Thin Thread that you can't see. So long as you're hanging on, have a good time every once in a while.

You may have heard evangelists say that they work to get people to the Bible in order to get them to know God, but one could do much better to get people to the Bible by having them first know God. That's how God operates. He makes a handshake with the One He wants saved, and then they go to, and see Him, in the Scripture. Here is the one He wants saved: the one who calls out to Him with all the heart in sorry repentance. If God's not good enough for me to express my share of sorry repentance, I'm not good enough for God. If God's not good enough for me to express my share of sorry repentance, then I proclaim myself better than God. We can't have people like that in the Next Age because we've seen what they have wrought in the present age, things like core-rotting evolutionists, walking graves, and spastic, gold-snorting rulers who make a mess of things worse than a drunk bull in a china shop.

Here's a "funny" Christian movie, with the first punch line at about 14:00:

I apologize for the Black guy in ear rings in the movie above. I do not accept men in ear rings. I will never accept it as normal. It is a symbol of modernist rebellion against God, nothing less. It's not me that's old-fashioned, but the ones who allow faggots to be normalized. Modernists are bringing the world to the ancient past, and the ancient past is about to be Punished with "modern" times. It's the melting pot of Babel-on about to be cooked in its own juices. Not my will be done, but God's will, with me in agreement. Just imagine churches in 20 years filled with men in ear rings, heads wearing Muslim turbans, and women in green and blue hair and black nail polish. What then, after 20 more years? Am I really being petty to speak against those ear rings? No, but we denounce them, because they represent REBELLION. They are not lifestyle choices; they are states of rebellion. My tenant, who wore a mohawk hair-do, and had Gothic stickers on her van, turned out to be a lesbian to boot, and, when she, as she was moving out last month after I discovered it, maintained that she is a Christian. Where are we going, people, with this sort of Christianity? Are we afraid to denounce these "lifestyle choices"? Just because people with tattoos become Christians doesn't mean God's okay with people painting themselves to look like snakes and dragons.

The last thing we want is a world with one denomination that can be controlled from the top by a slithering-in snake. The snakes try to slither into all denominational heads, it seems, and of course they eye the money bags. It's best to have home churches; why don't the pastors arrange for them? Because, pastors would then need to find another job. Shame. Home churches is the way to go. We could, and should, go to more than one. Human interaction always causes discomforts, but human interaction also has rewards. Doctrinal differences cause discomfort leading to division, and so we had best be as spot-on doctrinally as possible, because if there is a dividing point, you want to be on the right side. Home churches allows you to be your Christian self in a social affair, and you need to "practice," or let-out, your Christian self more than Sunday church allows. That's how I feel. After-church chit-chat isn't enough, is it?

Human interaction can be dangerous if we don't interact well. The reason that Christians are taught to be forgiving is to let-slide some bad interaction, or some bad attitudes. That's helpful because the forgiven ones can be grateful and improve without being told to improve. Abounding mercy allows the gruff sinner to improve. But if a person repeats a sinful attitude, or doesn't want to repent, or doesn't feel sorry, then that person can be asked to leave the church group. I don't care about Christian-filled football stadiums or superstar pastors. It's missing the mark. Hitting the mark is when we touch hearts, and that needs human interaction, in a social setting. Those who pooh-poooh churches as being mere social gatherings are harmful and wrong, because there's not enough social activity in church buildings, usually. Humans need social activity, and Christians more than anyone, and that's why it's wrong to malign Christian social gatherings. Then again, it depends on what we talk about, or why we gather.

I don't pray to God before every meal, not even close. That's because I think God finds it ridiculous of us to thank him everytime we have a cracker. If you feel to naturally thank God before meals because it's your time to get a moment's closeness to God, go ahead, it's not unpleasant for God at all, but I think dutifully repeating the same prayer before every meal is not something He desires nor appreciates. Being genuinely thankful once per month beats 30 x 3 repeated prayers, don't you think? And the more we repeat a prayer, the more heartless / dutiful it becomes. So, that's why I stopped doing it over 40 years ago. At times, I do find myself saying, "mmm, Lord, that was good, thank you," during or after I eat. What 's that? Giving thanks AFTER we eat? Is that a heresy?

God might say to me, "don't thank me, I didn't cook it. I didn't even work for it, or pick it up at the store. I didn't even prepare it. Why are you thanking me? Are you trying to butter me up? What do you want from me? I didn't even grow the food, or bring it to market, or buy the field. Why don't you thank me for something I actually did for you?" If God doesn't do anything for us, we're probably not doing anything for Him. The way I read Him, we can't outgive Him.

When I eat something and say, "that was good Lord," I think I mean, "let's enjoy the moment together." Sometimes I even say, "Lord, will you join me for dinner. You're welcome, please join me." I know He's not going to show, visibly, but if I'm feeling so good, or so bad, that I like to make Him feel welcome, it's a win-win. The Christian life is much about being one with the Spirit of God. Thank you Lord for being willing to be one with a rag. Isaiah saw me from centuries ago. He pegged me perfectly. Thanks, Isaiah, from one rag to another. You need to be a certain kind of rag to be called to a prophet's office, and Isaiah was Jesus' most-loved rag. That's saying something. Jesus has a lot of laundry to do, but, fortunately, He's secured the bleach.

I can't watch an Encourage TV movie for more than five minutes. I don't know what it is about them.

The Insert Where God Inserted Himself

Let's face it: God is an intruder. Lucky us. Every once in a while, He actually shows His hand to us. I think the Ancient of Days, who can not learn anything because He knows everything, cures his boredom by making surprise visits to us. Something has to keep Him going, and it happens to be His children, because it certainly isn't His enemies. Just think of how important we are to God's happiness. Let's not say, "God bless you" anymore. Instead, let's say, You bless God. Have you ever wondered what it's like to be Existence?

I'd like to repeat the entire insert above that had the McBride song involved. I want to ask why God injected Himself into that insert. If you've read it, you saw it tending to confirm that there are two women who both fulfill Sleeping Beauty, as I call the one woman of the dream. This double-fulfillment is a mystery to me. First off, why would Miss Hicks be a fulfillment, who lived a thousand miles from me, or more? I assume that her Hicks and Kilpatrick bloodlines are important to what God has wanted to divulge. I've talked plenty on those bloodlines, and as her late husband was a doctor, I'd suggest that the Hicks bloodline was from the Hyksos, who I think named Ixion, brother of Coronis the crow, mother in turn of the mythical doctor / medicine man, Asclepios.

As Miss Hicks is not known to the general public, perhaps this is why Miss Earhardt is a second fulfillment, but as yet I can't say for sure what Fox and Friends has to do with the dream. My tendency has been to place the center of gravity on the way the show has wrongly reported on the global / national vaccine scheme, which topic goes well with Asclepios. The latter's mother, CORONis, is a super pointer to the CORONA virus, and her being made a crow along with mythical Cyrene (part of Libya), suggests African Amazons, called MESHwesh (lived in Libya). The Joktanite Hebrews lived between Sephar and MESHa. Cyrene and Coronis had Apollo as mate, and his twin sister was an Amazon goddess.

The vaccine scheme is a candidate at this time for bringing on the 666 system, and "hex," signifying witchcraft and "six," looks like it could have become ancient code for "Hyksos." It may be signalling that end-time Hyksos will love 666 because they have been secretly keeping the number sacred for centuries. The Hick surname can be deemed kin of Alans, and ancient Alans lived in Caucasia with Asians while Hyksos historians say that they had been Asians, and some say they were of a Hebrew stripe. I agree. Israelites were not the only Hebrew tribe.

The Hebrew-like Iberi of Caucasia lived at least beside Alania. Spain, with an EBRO river, is called, Iberia, and Spanish Jews are called, Sephardic, looking like the Joktanites of Sephar. Joktan's father was, EBER, founder of Hebrews, and Joktan-like OCCITANia is, I think, a region that included the lower Ebro river. The name of Joktan's brother, Peleg, looks like it named a tribe that a Greek myth writer framed as, PHLEGyas, son of Ares and father of Ixion and Coronis the crow. Compare "Peleg" to "Pollux," son of Leda, and one can argue that Apollo, son of Leto, was the Peleg bloodline into Anatolia and Greece.

On top of this, I see "AINSley" from Annas, the chief priest of Israel who had a principle part in the kangaroo court that submitted Him to a murderous capital punishment. I've shown how the Antipatria elements of proto-Kilpatricks led to Antipater, father of the first HEROD king of Jerusalem. And so the Herod bloodline seems to be to such surnames as EarHARDTs/AirHARTs. This is a lousy topic for me. Annas is also called, ANANus, and Annan(dale) is near Kilpatrick castle.

As I discuss the insert above having the owl-using Hucks, let's add that Asclepios was a form of "ascalaphus," the Greek for an owl. Mythical ASCALAphus was a demon, and appears to be part-code for SKALA on PATmos, and so this is why I see "Coronis" as play for the Chora location on Patmos, and I do wonder, therefore, whether Patria > PATrick terms were related to "Patmos." This was the island upon which God wrote of the 666, and so doesn't this seem to jibe perfectly with what God is intending to point to through Miss Hicks = Mrs. Kilpatrick?

If we then ask why God couldn't have chosen a woman closer to my home, I can answer: my trip to Texas, to seek property there, had many pointers to the vaccine-scheme goons, including James LeDuc of the Galveston National Lab. That place seems to be central for explaining why I had to be in Texas to meet Sleeping Beauty (I had her dream 15 years before driving through Galveston for the first and last time).

"AscaLAPHUS" looks like part code for the Lapith people group because Ixion and Coronis, and their father too, were from Lapiths. There's a LAPITHos location at northern Cyprus, and Herod's mother was Cypros. APHRODite, representing a Hebrew peoples from the Hebrew river, the (K)Habur, tributary of the EUPHRATes, looks like the Hyksos Hebrews, partly because her lover, Ares, was from the Aras area where I expect proto-Hyksos. Aphrodite was given a birth at PAPHos of on Cyprus, looking like it was named after Apophis, a Hyksos king. They say that Hyksos introduced chariots into Africa, and Ixion was given a chariot wheel for a symbol. Chariots go with horses, and the horse may have named Horus of Egypt, and also the Aras-like Hros / Rosh of Caucasia.

So, all these things are part of the reason, I suspect, for God's choices to fulfill Sleeping Beauty with me, a Moschi > Amazon > Meshwesh > Masci liner. Time to get to the insert, which I'll dissect one paragraph at a time:

[[[Insert -- The Whate-like Waits/WEIGHTs (hunting HORNS), with a Rize- / Ares-like "aris" motto term, are in the so-called "weights" of Dexters!!! I kid you not, the Dexter Crest is a pair of scales called: "Two WEIGHTs hanging from a tree." This looks very much as though God arranged Wheats to be Whate's too in order for there to be a pointer to the black horse! In the Sleeping Beauty dream, God said to me: "WHAT are you WAITing for...go wake her up." We were then taken up in rapture together, as soon as she awoke. Dexters share the double chevrons of owl-using Hucks. Sleeping Beauty is Miss Hicks, and Hucks were once said to be first found in Yorkshire with Hicks.

Okay, I assume that, since God broke into this insert midway, that I was writing what He moved me to write when writing the above as per the weight SCALES of the black horse. It begs whether God wants to send a message here concerning Skala of Patmos, and the 666, for that paragraph even has the hex-like Hicks. The 666 will be placed on the dexter hand, and the Dexters share the double Huck chevrons, blue chevrons, the colors of the HUCKabee chevrons, and Huckabee's, I kid you not, use "a rod of Aesculapius" in Crest, and "three snakes around rods" in their Chief. It looks like part-code for the Rod bloodline, which I've resolved to be from a Hugh-of-Rodez marriage to Miss RoqueFEUIL = proto-Rockefellers. Some say that Rockefellers control modern medicine. Rods share the treFOIL of Rocks, and Fellers with Fallis' have more trefoils.

If the first horse kicks off the 1260-day 666 system, then the third, black horse is a little ways into it, and perhaps the Message to us is that we have some time to get our foods stored before God brings on a food shortage to punish those who took away our ability to buy foods. Therefore, we can see the importance of being able to identify the first horse, that we might work extra hard at storing foods before rationing arrives two horses later.

The weights scales of Dexters can point also to the White's/WEIGHts, and then Withens/Whittons have an owl in Crest. The paragraph above with White's/Weights (Gloucestershire) seemed important for the Revelation horses, and the other English White's use a "DUCal coronet"" crown. This Arms of TRABY looks like it has 666 in the strings of the hunting horns, and the Weights/Waits share black, gold-striped hunting horns with those Arms. What do we suppose "ducal" is code for? Dougals, or perhaps Ducs/LeDucs? What about Duce/Doocys since Steve Doocy on Fox and Friends is a pro-vaccine fool?

Plus, TREBY, first found in Devon with the Saffers (part of the SEPHAR topic above) who look related to the coronet-using Whites, share the Withen/Whitton Chief. The vaired fesse of Saffers and Silvers (look very related to both English White's) is shared by one English White Coat, but also by HOOKers who in turn could have the double Levi lions seeing that Livings/Levins look related to the Scottish White Coat. The problem was, the White surnames share Coats that in turn point to the black horse. Trebys, Treble's and Saffers were first found in Devon with HOOKs and Huckabee's while Hucks use owls too. The Ceraunii-like Crauns/Crane's were first found in Suffolk with Owls/Howls. The Hooker lion is also the Kilpatrick that has it's "DEXTER paw" on the head of a green dragon. Weights/White's have a green dragon head in Crest while Dexters use "weights."

In Matthew 25, the parable of the wise and foolish virgins concerns oil stored in jars, and I've always seen that parable as touching upon food storage for the 666, because the foolish ones who didn't store are sent out into the NIGHT to BUY their oil i.e. they took the 666 in order to not starve. The black-horse text says that oil will not be rationed. Is there a relationship between that oil and the parable's oil?

Let's now go to the second paragraph of the insert to see what else God might be messaging us:

[[[Hucks have: "GAMEL filius Hucca was a Knights Templar in Yorkshire in 1185." It tends to explain why Hicks share the fleur-de-lys of Gamble's/Gamels (crane), and may explain why Gamels are in the colors and format of Owls/Howls (Suffolk, same as Crauns/CRANE's and Thurstons). Leaks, first found in Lincolnshire with Hucks, but also in Yorkshire with Hicks, and thirdly also in Nottinghamshire, have the Hicks and Gamble fleur, which is also the one of Ainsleys, the latter first found in Nottinghamshire. Leaks share the engrailed bend of Knee's (Martina McBride just sang "knees" (O Holy Night) as I was writing "Knee's) to go with my waking Sleeping Beauty by a touch of her knee. The leg in the Leak Crest indicates the Legro river, in Leicestershire, where Dexters were first found. I touched her leg when I touched her knee.

Whenever I come to legs, I see that Leggs (Dumfries, same as Kilpatricks) have a frontal view of the giant Trump stag head in profile. I heard Trump say that he called Fox and Friends each morning, and I think we can see how God's injecting Himself into the insert above tends to start proving that Ainsley of Fox and Friends is the second fulfillment of Sleeping Beauty. And Ainsley has been woefully slow in vilifying the vaccines that Trump, to this day, is proud of. He gave the country the vaccines as a good thing, what a devil in sheep's clothing, what a fool. He doesn't have the character enough to admit he did wrong to the world with killings by vaccines, and moreover I blamed him for the deaths of many when he did not fight to force doctors to make hydroxychloroquine available to ANYONE...when Fauci and company were outlawing it.

A future president Trump could very well become the 666 man, the False Prophet, though I have reservations on that theory. The Fothes'/FETTE's were first found beside the ProFETTs/PROPHETs (giant leg), and the Fothes'/Fette's, sharing the FOOD chevron, were first found in Kincardineshire with the Peartree's/PATRia's having the Trump stag head. Feets/Fate's share a Pavia Coat, and Pierro's/Pero's/Petri's were first found in Pavia, co-founded by LAEVI Gauls while the KilPATRick lion with dexter paw is also the Jewish Levi lion. French Levi's show only chevrons in the colors of the Fothes'/Fette / Food/Foot chevron. The other co-founders of Pavia were the MARICi, and English Marks share the Hicks / Ainsley / etc. fleur-de-LYS. Lys'/Lise's were first found in Ile-de-France with French Levi's.

The "dexter PAW" of Kilpatricks can even take us to the "pair of scales" of Cass'/Cash's/Casts, for pairs are listed with Paws/Pauers. English Powers (Devon) share the Chief-Shield colors of Livings/Levins. When God told me to wake Sleeping Beauty with a "wait" term, I was planning to KISS her awake, like in Sleeping Beauty, but while leaning over to kiss her, my right hand brushed her right knee, and she awoke then before a kiss took place. Kiss'/Cush's, related to the Kilpatrick cushions, share the Cass/Cash/Cast Coat, can we believe it?

Dexters use "Two weights HANGING from a tree." I can see why God may have arranged this to point to RUPERT Murdoch, owner of Fox News, for he's pro-vaccine. Murdochs (share the checkered Right fesse) use "two ravens HANGING by an arrow." As English Rights use two fesses in the colors of the two chevrons of Dexters/DECKsters, I'd suggest that, when Deck liners married Rights/Wrights, they formed the Dexter variation to go with "Right."

Murdochs were first found in Ayrshire with MARGys/Mackeys who in turn share the same ravens hanging on an arrow. I've told a few times before the Mackey-like "Mackesy" brings up the Margy-like Margeson Coat, and the latter's "Loyalite" motto term looks like code for the Lolita's/Loyola's, thus pointing to the Lolita Express, Jeffrey Epstein's plane. I can now add this: "a cauldron HANGING by a HOOK" is used by Lolita's/Loyala's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can barely believe it. I wasn't able to look up the Lolita description in the past because I couldn't find a website that gave such descriptions, but Hall of Names was found a few months ago, and I suppose this is the first time I've looked up the Lolita description since. Wow, it's clinched: Rupert Murdoch is pointing to Jeffrey Epstein because I know how scare "hanging" is used as a descriptive term for Coats of Arms. I can only think of three such surnames, all under discussion here. Hooks share the Earhardt fleur-de-lys, but, perhaps more importantly, Hooks (Devon, same as Buris/Burys) share the fleur-de-lys of Burisma-like Buris'/Burys.

Ruperts were Roberts, we may assume, and French Roberts (Burgundy, same as Sephar-like Saffers), share both the lion and blue vair of Silvers, the latter being an obvious branch of English Saffers. French Saffers share the falcon with Sandfords, and while the latter's quadrants are colors reversed from the Rupert quadrants, Murdochs have a "checkered fesse in the CENTER" in the colors of the central vaired fesse of Silver-connectable White's. Centers, with a different-colors version of the White Coat with vaired fesse, are listed with Sand-connectable Santers/Sainters. The latter are traceable to Sintians of Lemnos, and while Lemnites named Limousin, it explains why Seconds/Segurs (Limousin), in the Levi motto, share the lion of the other English White's, the ones with the "ducal coronet" and an upright-lion version of the Silver Coat.

As Peleg was the brother of Joktan, we can expect that Peleg's tribes were at least near Sephar. Phlegyas, the line of Peleg, I feel sure, was father to the Coronis crow. The Murdoch raven is a crow, and it's hanging on an Aaron-like arrow while Aarons/Arens share the Rupert quadrants. The coronavirus may have been secretly named after the line of Coronis, which I think was a Hyksos line. Her brother, Ixion, looks like play on Iasion, founder of the Kabeiri cult on Samothrace (near, and related to, Lemnos) and thus very linkable to "Aeson," father of Jason (visited Lemnos to mate with its Amazons), king of CORINth. Ixion's home was in Thessaly with Aeson's home. "Jason" is also "Iason." "Ias" sounds like "yas," and so note the Lapith king, "PhlegYAS, father of Ixion and Coronis. It was the "center" code of Murdochs that got us to Lemnites (almost no surnames having a central fesse mention "center"), and so MURdochs may have been a line from Myrina, city on Lemnos. The coronet crown is often a "MURal coronet."

Murdocks were first found in AYRshire with the Barrs whose red lion head they share. I trace Ayr and Ayers to Aures of Numidia -- land of mythical-Myrina Amazons -- and the Aurs/Aures' and Ure's (Ayrshire) have red lions in Crest too while Kenneths/MacKENZie's use an "uro" motto term due to descending from queen KENZa of Aures. In fact, the Aurs/Aures' share the Murdock / Barr lion head, making a strong case for the Murdoch descent from Myrina of Lemnos. Spanish Murs (share arrow with Murdochs!) use "walls" as play on "muro = wall," yet these walls look like tower tops, and they happen to be in colors reversed from the tower of Spanish Murena's. Beauty. In myth, Coronis / Cyrene the crow represented dark-skinned people from white, and thus indicate the Aryan Amazons into north Africa. Mythical Myrina was at the Atlas mountains, and there is an Atlas surname (Kenza- / Kenneth-like Kent) sharing the English Alley Coat (Aule colors) while Irish Alleys/Auleys/Cauleys share the red lion in both Shield and Crest with Aurs/Aures' and Ure's. PLANCia Magna was beside Atlas' Attalia, and PLUNKs/Plunketts look like kin of Holys/Hollys who in turn share the dog of Hole's/Halls/Haule's. Holys were in the insert under discussion

It just so happens that the Aeson/Esson/Asson surname has the DUCE/Doocy lions, in both colors of the Duck lion heads, and the Duce/Doocy lions are even colors reversed from the Robert (and Proper/Robert) lion. Therefore. MurDOCHs/MurDOCks may have been a Myrina / Murena-line merger with Doocys (Staffordshire, same as Docks/Doxeys), which points very strongly now to the pro-vaccine fool (Steve Doocy) who sits each weekday morning beside Ainsley Earhardt. I trace Bruce's, sharing the giant Dock lion, to the same-colored lion in the Arms of Brescia/Brixia, and that's where Martina's/Martins were first found, along with Italian Lane's while both other Lane/Lawn surnames share the Robert lion. Things are starting to make sense as per why Miss Earhardt should be Sleeping Beauty.

Kent is where Kenza-like KENSingtons/Kenningtons were first found along with the Snake's/Snooks having a similar Coat. There are "intertwined gold snakes" in the Earhardt/Airhart Coat. Ainsley Earhardt, before landing her job with Fox news, worked at KENS TV in San Antonio. Italian Antonio's use a "flower" while Flowers share the Potter cinquefoil, and the Potter-Flower relationship can be gleaned in the "flower pot" of Rinds. Then, Danish Cnut's, probably the line that named Nottinghamshire, where Ainsleys and their beloved Mys/MEE's were first found, use "pot HANGERS," you see, thus linking to the hanging Murdoch ravens. Hangers/Angers (Hampshire, same as Potters) share the escarbuncle with Angers, who in turn have a Coat version of the Anchors in the My/Mee Crest. The "HERE With ME" song from MercyME can apply here because Mercys have the Potter Coat in colors reversed. EARhardt-connectable HERE's/Heyers and Ayers/Eyers were first found in Derbyshire with English Cnuts, no guff at all.

German Hers/Herrs share blue wings with Here's/Heyers ("down on MY knees" just sang as I was writing "Heyers"), and God said to me concerning Sleeping Beauty: "What ARE you WAITing FOR..." The Are surname is listed with Scottish Ayers sharing the Eyer/Ayer Coat, and "FOR MY" is in the Ainsley motto twice!!! Here's/Heyers use "two blue DEXTER wings," no guff whatsoever, and Dexters love the Weights while Weights are also Waits!

I kid you not, "down on my knees" just sang at the brackets above, almost an identical line to the one from MercyMe and Martina McBride. This time, the song title is, "I Can't Even WALK," sung by BRIAN HANEY. Brians (share Robert lion) are expected from Briancon, anciently Savoy, where Bride's and Brights were from!!! Scottish Haneys/Hanna's have the Trump stag head in colors reversed for what looks like another Earhardt-Trump link. Walks have two of the Bride / Bright stars, and the Wach variation of Walks look like a Wake variation. "What are you waiting for, it's you she loves; go wake her up." I thought God was promising me a bride. That's what the voice said in the dream from behind me or above me.

Walks/Wachs look linkable to Close's (version of Snake/Snook Coat) who are in turn sharing the Bride Shield. Walks/Wachs even share the fleur-de-lys of Snake's/Snooks in the snakes of the Earhardt/Airhart Coat. The same fleur are used by Perkins who in turn share the Kilpatrick lion. The same fleur are with Courage's in the motto of Comyns who in turn share the dagger with Kilpatricks, and the garb of Walks/Wachs.

French MURs have a lozengy Coat like the one of Scottish Lombards, and the Kens surname shares the crescents of Others/Otters who are in turn said to be from lords of LOMBARDy. We seemed to have made a pointer here to Rupert MURdoch using Ainsley's job at KENS TV. Mike Huckabee appears often of Fox news, and maybe also on Fox and Friends. Huckabys share "rods" with Mellansons (from Milan, Lombardy capital) who in turn have a Coat like that of Hooks (share Earhardt fleur). Mellansons share the Hockey crescents. Ainsley is now linking to Hyksos suspects, and, besides, heraldry touching upon her is mixing with heraldry touching upon Miss Hicks.

Here's another apparent pointer to Rupert Murdoch. The Rupert quadrants are colors reversed from the same of Irish HAGENs, and "SpecteMUR AGENdo" is the motto of Augers who in turn share the Hagen lion. Hagens were first found in Tyrone with the Sharks in the Sleeping Beauty dream. Tyrone's/Tyrells share the double chevrons of Dexters and Hucks. Miss Earhardt was once Mrs. Proctor while Proctors use nails while Tyrone is where Neils/O'Nails were first found. German Neils/Nails were first found in Westphalia with Hagen-like Agens/Achens and German Ducks/DOCKers. English Dockers were first found in Cumberland with Daggers who are in turn in the "dagger" of the Hagen Crest. The shark was in a kidney-shaped pool, and Kidneys, sharing the blue fish with Hagens, put their two fish into a saltire in the colors of the Neil/Nail saltire. It appears that God is pointing the nasty shark at Rupert Murdock. They say that the Fauci-accepted "remedy" of COVID, Remdesivir, attacks the kidneys and kills people thereby.

Here's the next paragraph of the insert:

"I fall DOWN on my knees" was singing while I was writing the part above after the "knees" of Martina McBRIDE. This second song is "Here With ME" by MercyME. In her song, the line is, "fall on your knees." The Mee's are listed with the My's (Nottinghamshire, same as Ainsleys) twice in the Ainsley motto. Knee's were first found in County DOWN. God framed the Sleeping Beauty dream as though she was my BRIDE, but I now see she represents His Bride at the her tribulation waking from sleep, and at the rapture. As one song is from MARTINa McBRIDE, it's cool how Martina's/Martins share the Earhardt fleur-de-lys, yet there are three of these fleur in the Martina/Martin Chief, and ditto with a Kilpatrick Chief! Miss Hicks is Mrs. Kilpatrick! Zikers. Kilpatricks had their castle on the NITH river, and Nitts/Naughts (Dumfries, same as the Nith) look like Night/Naught / Knight branch, and so let's repeat: Martina's song is, O HOLY NIGHT.

That was all shocking. It's amazing how one word in two songs could get me to write so much, or to help prove that there were two Sleeping-Beauty fulfillments. I neglected to mention that Nights/Naughts and Nitts/Naughts are like the namers of NOTTingham, which can get the Ainsleys of Nottinghamshire to the Nith river because Ainsleys share the Hicks fleur-de-lys. Kilpatrick castle is at CLOSEburn, and so we glean here, thanks to the Bride in the dream, that French Bride's share the Close Shield. The Kilpatricks use a "dexter paw," and Dexters love Weights, and the dream said "wait," and Weights/Waits share the black, gold-striped hunting horn of Close's, is that not remarkable? French Martins share the giant castle of English Forts who in turn share "Fortis" with the Close motto. Martina McBride! God had her all planned out with O Holy Night. She does this song beautifully at youtube (link above).

Martina's song was doubled up with one from MercyMe, and while Mercys (Gloucestershire) are listed with Maisie's, it's just amazing that French Bride's (Savoy, same as Masseys/Masse's) and Close's (Yorkshire, same as Hicks) can be gleaned with the Macey/Mace Shield. Masseys/Maceys (Cheshire, same as Bride-branch Brights and Maceys/Mace's) have the Hicks fleur in half their colors.

Next paragraph from the insert:

I just followed Holys/Holly to Hole's/Halls (share Holy/Holly dog) to see what I might find, and came to this in the Scottish Hole/Hall (not the English Hole's/Halls) write-up: "The first Hall of Fulbar in Renfrewshire was Thomas de Aula, SURGEON, who for his faithful service obtained from Robert II a grant of land in the tenement of STANELEY, barony of Renffrow, 1370." For those who know the story of Mrs. Kilpatrick's knee on the Leakey = RANCH road (Texas), you may recall that it included Stanley...which discovered that Stanleys (Cambridgeshire, same as RENCH's) share the bend of Leaks/Leakeys and Knee's. German Rench's share the Hicks / Ainsley / Leak / Gamble fleur. And here the Hole's/Halls (Lincolnshire, same as Leaks/Leakeys) have the Aule's of Renfrewshire, which is where Hamiltons were first found. HAMILTON Kilpatrick, husband of Miss Hicks, was a doctor. Hole's/Halls are said to descend from FitzWILLIAMs, and you can find Mr. Kilpatrick online as "HW Kilpatrick," for his full name is Hamilton WILLIAM Kilpatrick. Holys/Hollys use a "dog" while Dog's/Doags share the Hamilton cinquefoil. McBride's "Holy Night" has not disappointed. But there's more.

I found that paragraph amazing because a previous paragraph in the insert had pointed hard to both Sleeping Beautys, and here it's pointing to the Kilpatrick couple together, and Mr. Kilpatrick was used, I claim, in a pointer to the Apophis asteroid of April 13, 2029, which is slated to pass so dangerously close to earth that I think it will land to fulfill the 2nd Trumpet, which I place immediately after the second, red horse. The date above was at least close to 50 years after my Sleeping Beauty dream of about the first of April, 1979. The morning vision may have been bang-on the 14th of April because I know Mellanson's party, on the night of the vision, was on a weekend night, either Friday or Saturday, and April 13 was a Friday. April 13 of 2029 is likewise on a Friday.

Final paragraph:

Hamiltons (almost the McBride cinquefoil) were earls of Arran as well as dukes of BRODick on Arran, and McBRIDE's were first found in Arran. The Sleeping Beauty dream had a BRITISH bulldog falling into a swimming pool, and British's are listed with Brodicks/Braddicks, no guff, who have a fox to go with Earhardt's job at Fox and Friends. We can even say that the bulldog went for a plunk into the pool, for Plunks/Plunketts (share Hill-of-Hall tower) can be gleaned as Holy/Holly kin, and moreover Plunkets are in the write-up of Plocks while Pollocks/Polks, related to Pools, were first found in Renfrewshire. Sorry for breaking up the conversation outside of this insert, but this insert wasn't my idea, apparently. End insert]]]

This paragraph tended to nail God's use of Martina McBride with a pointer to Sleeping Beauty's husband, and this update even emphasized the line of Hyksos king, Apophis. I am taking seriously the possibility that the Apophis asteroid fulfills the 2nd Trumpet. If BRODicks were Hebrews of the Abruzzo kind, then, while the Abruzzo capital, Aprutium, looks like "Aphrodite," she's the one whom the Greeks gave Paphos for her birthplace, smacking of the line of Apophis. She was paired with Ares, and the Brodick Crest is a white horse. German Broders share a white tower with Abruzzo's/Abreu's, and Portuguese Abreu's show only wings while there's wings in the Crest of German Broders. Portuguese Alfreds share the Portuguese Abreu Coat, and English Alfreds were first found in Kent with Brodicks and savage-using Alberts while Brode's/Broads use a "savage," and Alberts have a giant griffin in gold, the color of the griffin heads of English Broders/Brothers.

Finally, the Hamilton-important Brodicks come up as "British," which explains why the bulldog of the Sleeping Beauty dream was a British bulldog. There is a photo of HW Kilpatrick in a Baytown Sun page, shown online (google is making it even harder for me to find now than before), where he's standing with the bull terrier, Spuds Mackenzie. I've explained the reasons for a MacKenzie pointer to the Apophis asteroid. For Revelation says that the fiery thing in the 2nd Trumpet looks "as a mountain," and the burning rock of MacKenzie's is said to be a "mountain." The MacKenzie's even use an ASTERoid-like "astra" motto term.

I just find it amazing that while BRITISh's are listed with Brodicks, the Bride's almost have the Coat of BRITES'/Brights. The latter share the pierced stars of Britains (who in turn share the Armor motto). It's even more incredible that Britains are in the colors and format of English Mountains suspect in the MacKenzie "mountain in flames". It's more verification that God set these things up.

The Britain motto includes "Cassis," which recalls Mr. Casey at the Kilpatrick gate a few hours he had been to my Texas home to list it for sale. Mr. Casey was the husband of Miss Hicks' aunt, and so she too was possibly a Hicks. I TOOTed my horn as I passed Mr. Casey, and Miss Hicks was walking out toward the gate at the time, otherwise, I had never seen anyone at this gate before though I drove past it at least once weekly to get to town. The point is, Hicks have a "Tout" motto term while Touts list Toots/Tuts (same place as Hicks'), and "Cassis TUTissima" is a Britain motto phrase. It recalls the trace made above of Tute's and Tattons to lake Tatta of the Hatti, the line of mythical Cadmus / Hermes, likely a part of the Hyksos people group through Phoenicia.

The Britain-related Armors might even have been from whatever Hermes named, and so note that Cotes d'Armor is in Brittany while Brittanys are listed with Britains! The Hermus river of Lydia is now the Gates-like Gediz! Attis of Hattusa was made the father of Lydians!!! Bingo. I tooted my HORN at the Hyksos gate, and Horns are from Boeotians of Orion! Cadmus settled Boeotia! Bingo-bango. Plus, while Perta was on the shore of lake Tatta, Perts/Petts were first found in Kent with British's/Brodicks. Perts/Petts (BULrushes) share the mascles of Bullys, first found in Dumfries with Kilpatricks. The BULLdogs, common to both the Sleeping Beauty dream and Mr. Kilpatrick's photo! Bullys use "A heart in flames" to go with the "mountain in flames" of MacKenzie's. Bulls/Bule's, looking like kin of Rush's in "bulrushes," have white bull heads in both colors of the white bulls of French Mountains! The Intelligent Design in all of this is undeniable.

The Ardens" motto of Perts/Petts can even suggest Hardens who share the martlets of English Mountains and Britains/Brittanys. Brits/Bretts share the lion of Mounds/Mounts/Mons', the latter first found in Peebles-shire while Peeble's/Peoples' look like a branch of the People variation of Pepins/Pepys, and king Apophis was also, Apepi! More bingo-bango. Peeble's/Peoples' use green parrots to go with the green "POPPINjays" of Twine's, and I only just-now looked up Twine's due to knowing of the "interTWINEd" snakes of Harden-like Earhardts/Airharts! It looks like Ainsley's surname is to link to the Bully heart, you see, because Ainsley too is Sleeping Beauty.

The Twenge variation of Twine's are said to have been in BRIDlington. The "heure" motto term of Hicks' can be for the Eure's who share the quadrants of Bridlingtons, though the latter are curiously listed with Burlesons. Why might God have arranged that? The Bridlington/Burleson Coat looks like that of Bee's/BEA's, and Bridlingtons/Burlesons were first found in Dorset with BEAutys. Hmm. The Eure's are also Ure's, and "uro" happens to be a MacKenzie motto term. Ahh, I get it. BURLES' (Mountain colors), in the colors and format of French Bride's, were first found in Essex with Mountains, and with the Low Leighton location in the Hicks write-up, and it just so happens that Leightons/Leytons have the Bridlington/BURLESon quadrants in colors reversed while the neighboring Leigh's/Leys (Cheshire, same as Brites'/Brights sharing the Bride stars) share the Mount/Mons lion. It thus becomes clear that Bride's married Burles' to explain why Bridlingtons are listed with Burlesons, and it's the Earhardt-related Twine's who were at Bridlington.

Burl- and Barley-like Borrels/Baurels (bull heads) have a Coat like that of Hardys. Barleys share the gold boar head in Crest with Eure's sharing the Bridlington/Burleson quadrants. Brights (same place as Maceys and Masseys) share the Macey/Macey stars, and Masseys/Maceys share the Bridlington/Burleson / Bee/Bea / Eure quadrants. My mother is from Abruzzo along with the Eure's (feasibly from mythical EURopa). Me, a Massey liner, was with Sleeping Beauty. French Burels, sharing the POTENT pattern with Avezzano's while Avezzano is in Abruzzo, have a Coat similar to the Burles', and Patents/Pattens were first found in Essex with Burles'. The Borrels/Baurels even look related to Brittanys Brians while Bride's and Brites'/Brights are from Brigantium = BRIANcon.

Poppins share the Chief-Shield of Pepin-beloved Mens' who are even in the Poppin motto. Poppins were first found in Hampshire with Twine-like Twins and the Tiss'/Teece's who may be in the "TuTISSima" motto terms of Britains/Brittanys and Armors. I trace Tiss'/Teece's to the Ticino river at Peeble-like Pavia/Papia. Mens' (share Chief-Shield of Glennys) were at CULDARES of GLENlyon, which recalls how Glenns and Glennys share the CALDRON martlets, but so do Scottish Bride's (essentially share Brites/Bright Crest) who in turn share the Twin fesse, and even have a good reflection of the Caldron Coat. The great thing about Poppins, if we glean their being from the Apophis-line Hyksos, is that they share a buck's head with Hicks'.

I know that google has "Charlotte Kilpatrick" is many of my articles along with "trophy girl," but google will not present them to me. I just loaded the Baytown Sun page with her as trophy girl and her husband with Spuds, but google will not give it to me now. This is a putrid situation when someone else decides what I can and cannot load. Google gives me only two pages of results when I ask for " "charlotte kilpatrick" "trophy girl" ", and they are both my pages, neither of which has a link to the Baytown Sun page. Google's people have decided that this topic is off-bounds for you, is that not putrid over-reach abuse by a company steeped in crimes? The same two pages come up when I search, " "charlotte kilpatrick" "spuds mackenzie" ", or, " "HW kilpatrick" "spuds mackenzie" ", and there's no option presented on the google-results page to see my other articles with both of these phrases. But I've found one of the Baytown-Sun pages regardless:

It boggles my mind, that while God sent me all the way to Texas to meet Miss Hicks from a 1979 dream, her surname is like "Hyksos," as it to verify that God is pointing to the Apophis asteroid. But if this asteroid doesn't land in 2029, then is this just a big coincidence? Or might it land when it comes back again in 2036, or a few years after that? I think 2029 makes sense. The Baytown-Sun page above is dated, April 9, 1987, 42 years and four days before Apophis is slated to arrive? Might it arrive four days earlier due to God putting it on a slightly-different trajectory?


Here's all four Gospels wrapped into one story.

For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God.
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