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March 1 - 7, 2022

Heraldry Knows About the Donbas
And John Durham's Investigations

If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture

If at anytime you want to know a Coat's description as given by an unidentified person/group, see Hall of Names. One way to better deal with my long updates, and links to several stories, is to put your computer to sleep (instead of shutting it down) so that this page is ready for you whenever you feel like continuing in the following days.

Before you watch the video below, let me say that this is a terrible video for its tone, but also for its claim that only 144,000 people will be saved in the end times. Plus, this video says NOTHING about the need to prepare foods; it only makes one think that most Christians will be murdered. This is not my message. Beware the Christian cults who happen to teach post-tribulationism, and beware those who haven't the proper hearts to advise you to store foods. I don't know what their games are, but if they haven't the hearts to tell you to store foods, they must be distorted somehow.

I've just watched other videos from this anti-theology goofball, and he likes to portray Christians as hypocrites in cartoon fashion. Christian cults despise all denominations, and all member of all other churches. Beware videos from the cults who do not identify themselves as such. Mormons and pope lovers are putting out videos as "Christians" when in fact they hate Christians not of their own brand. If all the pastors in the world were fakes, which they are not, it doesn't make all church-goers fakes. If a Christian has the audacity to paint all Christians with a bad brush, woe to that person. Don't fall for that mentality, or you too will acquire a special view of yourself as specially owned by God when in fact He thinks you're as arrogant as a Pharisee. His videos look like they are produced by an organization, not a loner.

In another of his videos, this goof teaches the selling of all we have to follow Jesus, but I guarantee you, he owns things himself. How does he square his own life with what he says with his mouth, therefore? If I sell everything I have, how will I then follow Jesus? Whom will I join to follow Jesus? How will I "follow" Jesus? Must I rent a home and rent its furniture too, to follow Jesus? Must I go renting house-to-house? Why can't I follow Jesus if I own the house and the furniture? GOOFBALL doesn't consider these questions. GOOFBALL doesn't say that he sold everything he had. GOOFBALL has a high opinion of himself, and is seeking honor with his bravado messages. It's one thing for Jesus to ask a few disciples in his lifetime to sell all to follow Him physically, for training, and quite another to follow Him when he's not on earth physically. Make a distinction.

Goofball's message: get ready to be murdered for Jesus. He says nothing about storing your foods for survival until he comes. Stay away from this teaching which makes Jesus look brutal toward His flock. Here's his video on preparing to endure the tribulation, where you will not find the word "food," and where you are told to get ready to lose all you own. How dare anyone teach that when he/she does not know whether it's going to be the reality?

One can make this logical argument: Revelation 13 implies we should store our needs because it tells us we won't be able to buy and sell for 1260 days. DUH. The natural reaction of reading that sentence is to store our foods ahead of time, DUH. Some Christians may lose home and furniture because they don't get prepared with their needs. They may then need to move to a place where they can survive without purchasing, and so they may not even be able to sell their home by that time. So, the logical thing to do: sell your home before you're no longer permitted to do so, and prepare to endure 1260 days elsewhere. It may or may not work for you or me, but it's the logical thing to do, so do it when you think the right time has arrived.

Find a relative or friend who has the same mind, and start talking about some plans together. Hey brother, do you think you and I can make plans, or are you thinking to make plans with your family so that there will not be room for me? That's a good question to ask.

Goofball's bitchute channel is "K. John." His video below is a waste of five minutes, where he (or his people) tries to convince Christians that aliens are going to invade the earth, but I ask you to listen to it because it has a message akin to that of Klaus Schwab: the giving up of human life and the things we enjoy in order to save the planet. GOOF-BALL.

In this video (don't bother wasting your time), goofball has the New Jerusalem coming down from heaven, as an alien city, BEFORE Armageddon. You see, this man is twisted, and aims to harm Christians in the end times. Therefore, while he offers some true things, the goal is to harm you. Beware such teachers. Know your scriptures. The end of Revelation says that the New Jerusalem is in a New Earth a thousand years after Armageddon. Goofball may be teaching acceptance of extreme poverty for Christians in order to get us to better accept Schwabism by 2030.

Trunews, I've just learned, is moving Christians to store foods as of now, but it suggests buying it ready-made, very expensive. Dry your own-bought foods, it's so easy. Instead of watching TV, dry foods in the evening, especially if you have kids / grandkids.

Ukraine News

Here's Russia's story on the Western report that Russians attacked a nuclear power plant (start this at 1:10):

I doubt very much that Putin would bomb a nuclear power plant, but some Soros-backed group inside Ukraine could be expected do so to blame it on Russia. This is standard blame-game propaganda from Western communists.

I don't want to repeat the fake news on Fox concerning events in Ukraine that are not taking place, but said to be taking place to make Putin look like a monster. This works to Fox's benefit to take focus off of the unraveling of vaccine-pushing monsters...because Fox has been fornicating with them all along. Don't be fooled by the pictures you see of fires that can be started by Ukrainians to be blamed on Russians, and on and on goes the war propaganda. Shame Fox. The West is trying to give appearances that Putin sought to conquer Kiev but failed.

BE SHOCKED, see the fakery for yourself as admitted by a slightly-reputable news org:

This is a similar video with additional fake jobs if you have nothing better to do:

The video above starts to make the case that bio-warfare plants in the Ukraine is a special impetus for Putin's "war." He's not trying to take Ukraine, but rather he's stomping his military boots in a noisy complaint that he hopes will be heard the world over concerning the devil-West's operations in a corrupted Ukraine. The Ukrainian people themselves should be fighting against their own government; they should perhaps be happy for Putin's weakening it for the short-term. The Ukraine government is a gangster stealing the peoples' money, wake up STUPIDS.

Here's part of the Ukrainian Whore in the Ukrainian government, on Fox news:

The social-media people who started out highly anti-Putin, in light of learning about the fake news stories blowing against Putin, are now saying, to save their own faces, that there's propaganda on BOTH sides, yet they don't offer any evidence that the Russians are using propaganda = fake news. When Putin threatened to use nuclear weapons, he wasn't serious, and I knew that from the start, but why didn't others brush it off who are into the news business a lot more than me? It was part of his boot-stomping. He wanted to be heard. He's saying that the Ukraine government is abusing Russians in the country, and to-boot NATO's nuclear powers seek to make Putin cower.

So, he was saying, "I'm not afraid of your nuclear powers," even though he is afraid of NATO. "Get off my back," is what he's saying, because his fellow leaders are sick of NATO's encroachments. This is not complicated, but news people who've gotten Putin pegged wrong are spinning their apologies now, and making this look more complicated than it is so that they can come out looking better for making a mistake in the first place (for portraying Putin as a madman).

I don't know what Putin's military strikes have as their goals, but I don't expect to hear what those goals are from Western media. So, tentatively, I'm thinking he attacked one or more bio-weapons operations, and secondly he's showing the Ukraine leadership that he has the power to take the country fully inside of a week. "Get off of my back," is what Putin's people are saying, "or we'll do you meanly."

Below is a Bulgarian journalist (Dilyana Gaytandzhieva) claiming that 11 bio-labs were funded by Americans in Ukraine. One website claims that she released her work, "The Pentagon Bio-Weapons," on January 16, 2018, but she claimed, last week, that this material is gone from public view, which implies that Putin wants to put a spotlight on these labs. We'll see:

Here's a Rothschild view of the Ukraine war (when the invisible globo-biggies come out to coach the world, things must be bad for them):

Did it occur to anyone that the goons might be planning to blame the Russian fall-out in the Ukraine war for then next lab-induced pandemic? Shhh, don't give anyone any ideas.

Heraldic Pointers to Donbas

Although I can't remember the means, my trip through Galveston in 1994, which pointed to James LeDuc's involvement / links at the Wuhan lab, pointed also to Ukrainians involved with the Biden family. I thought it was erroneous to have those pointers, but now, maybe it's not so uncanny at all. I had an OMEN hours before getting mugged in Galveston on the only night I spent there, and I've told how the "OMNia" motto term of Dons relates to that omen, and so the Dons can now become a pointer to the DONbas at the Donets tributary of the Don river. That's working because the Donbas is the principle part of the current war. Wow, the Donets surname (Leicestershire, same as Bas') share the greyHOUND (different color) with English Bas'! DonBAS! Bas' have their greyhound in a "MURAL CORONet". Donets share the Shield of Denets who in turn have a motto with the Dents (share Hound lozenges), apparently.

(Load Donet link now to have access, on another tab, to other Coats of Arms.)

Ahh, Leicester (where Sorrels were first found) has the Soar/Legro river while Soars (share Legro lion) have a Soros-like Sors variation! George Soros was like a king to Ukraine after the Obamaite toppled its pro-Russia president in 2014. Sorrys (Sauer branch) use the fascist symbol, the fasces. OH WOW, Sorrys (Lancashire, same as Mural-like Muriels) share a red bend with arrows with Dons!!! I've always identified the Sauer lion, in the Sorry Coat (ROSE), with Russia-like Russells (Dorset, same as George's and Soars/Sors'), and later found the same lion with Rosso's/Russo's, in colors reversed from the Ross lions, and while I connect Ross' to Scottish Mars, the latter share the SORRel Coat. Sauers are said to be from the Sau = Save river, explaining why Save's were first found in Burgundy with Rosseau's (share red crown with Donets and Bas').

Ross' are said to be from an Andrew, which I've identified from king Andrew I of Hungary, father of George (see DRUMMond write-up) to the George's above. Andrew married a Varangian RUS of Kiev, now the Ukraine capital. George Soros is a Hungarian. This heraldry is clicking. The Sorrels and Mars probably have the Angus lion in colors reversed because earls of Mar were at KilDRUMMy of Angus.

It was too many months ago when I told of my helping to build a steel boat house over the water at lake Rosseau (Ontario), where God apparently caused my boss (sub-contractor) to quit (on the contractor) early, allowing me to go home on-time to ask Lorraine on a date, at her bus stop, on my 24th BIRTHday. I showed how Births/Berts connect with the STEEL BOAThouse where Bertha's/Berts share the griffin of German Steels. Boats/Bode's have a lion head colors reversed from the Lorraine lion, and Lorraine turned out to be a Jehovah's Witness, otherwise called a RUSSELLite. The reason I'm repeating this now is due to my telling (several times) that my job was to go down off the steel beams, and to dive into the lake to retrieve the WRENCHES that the crew dropped (I did this at least five times). The Wrench's/Rench's not only share the crosslets of Bas', but the Bas Coat (another red rose) is in the colors and format of Birth/Berts!!!! INCREDIBLE.

MORE!!! Bas' use a greyHOUND, and Hounds were first found in Cambridgeshire with Wrench's/Rench's (and Tricks/Tracks sharing the Lorraine lion). The Greys (Northumberland, same as Lorraine's) in the greyhound have the Russell / Rosso/Russo Coat in colors reversed, I kid you not. Suddenly, my job at lake Rosseau is pointing to the Donbas war, or to Donbas corruption I don't yet know about, or to salvation from the next pandemic thanks to the Russian effort in Donbas.

As I said, the contractor, a devil, was Frank. I don't know his surname. It just so happens that English and Scottish Franks use a Nazi-like "nati" motto term while Natts/Nathans share the Coat, almost, of Scottish Bass'!!! INCREDIBLE coincidence. Both German Franks were first found in Bohemia, where the mother of the Drummonds, or wife of George, son of king Andrew, lived. Specifically, it was in Bohemia's PodeBRADY, and while Lorraine got a babe symbol about a week after I met her at her bus stop, Babe's (Dorset, same as George's and Soars/Sors') share the finger pointing to the sun with Bradys because the Arms of PodeBRADY shares the "gold gate" with BABwells/Babels.

Babe's are now said to be first found in Suffolk with RUSH's/Rish's, and with their Blond kin (the BUDINi of Kiev were blonds, as was Lorraine). Rosco's/Risco's, sharing the Rush/Rish fesse, have the BUS cinquefoils in colors reversed, just as though God made these arrangements to confirm the pointers through Lorraine to George Soros in Ukraine. The Ricks (share Birth/Bert fitchees) share the Rush/Rish / Rosco/Risco fesse, and Rich's/RICHESS' are said to have been in Lorraine, because RICHEZA of Lorraine lived there. That fesse is colors reversed from the same of Buttons/Bidens. It just so happens that Rich's/Richess' use BOTTONY crosses while Bottons (Hampshire, same as Richs'/Richess') are listed with Buttons/Bidens!!! The Bidens are steeped in Ukraine corruption!

If that's not enough, Richeza of Lorraine (or Lotharingia) was mother to Casimir of Poland, husband in turn of Maria of Kiev's Varangians!!! Maria-like Marys (Norfolk, same as Bus' and Bert-branch Burts) are suspect with a Mary Drummond, and they share the Russell / Rosso/Russo / Sorry / Sauer lion. The Mary Coat is the Ross Coat in colors reversed, and, as I said, I knew Mary Nigro of BUTTONville. When she came to my party (we were 17), Lawrence Kepke slept alone with her in the BASEment that night (I don't know what they did), and KEPke's father is a Ukrainian while Keeps share the Lorraine bend. Keppochs share the Button/Biden bend, and so it seems that Buttons are from the Budini of Kiev, and even from Maria of Kiev. Is that not amazing? Mary, being Italian, was probably born, Maria.

Ahh, as per the BASEment, I've only just loaded the two Base surnames again. Keep in mind that "baseMENT" was a term pointed to by Kepke's own basement because he and I played ping-pong down there (at around 17 years of age) while Ments/Mants (Yorkshire, same as Pings/Pongs/Pagans) have the triple Ping/Pong/Pagan bends (LePage / Page colors) in colors reversed. This is now amazing because the Ment/Mant Coat is also that of one Rosseau Coat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Plus, while one Bas-like Base surname shares the black hunting horns of Births/Berts, and while Hunts are also Hunters for a pointer to hunter Biden, the other base surname almost has the Mar / Sorrel Coat.

Ahh, to show that "basement" was arranged by God to be of both Base and Ment/Mant liners, German Bas'/Base's/Baes' (Austria, same as Sauers) almost have the Coat of Mant-like Manets! Bas'/Base's/Baes' share the giant, spread eagle of Bert-like Brets (Bavaria). Sauers share the red lion with the English Brets/Brits (Somerset, beside Births/Brets). It appears that Kepke is now pointing heavily to the Donbas situation. While the Don river drains into the sea of Azov, Kepoi is a location near the opposite end of the sea of Azov. the Here's perhaps some evidence that Obama was arming ISIS in Syria:

Last month, I wrote about Bulgarian journalist Dilyana Gaytandzhieva’s revelations that Azerbaijan’s state-run Silk Way Airlines had shipped 350 planeloads of heavy weapons and ammunition to terrorist groups in Syria and many other countries in the last three years, under diplomatic cover.

On Aug. 24, Dilyana tweeted: “I just got fired for telling the truth about weapons supplies for terrorists in Syria on diplomatic flights.”

...Dilyana stressed that Bulgaria was well informed about these illegal weapons’ shipments, since she had all the documents proving that the Bulgarian government, several European countries, the United States, and many others had given their approval for this secret and illegal operation.

Of course, maybe she's a Russian agent putting out poopaganda. Or, maybe she's not. Here she is in a video on these matters; she sounds authentic, and shows evidence that Bulgaria was complicit with the arms shipments:

Man, people who say God is cruel for making Hell, just wait until He reveals the full extent of globalist evil, starting with the American military. God will be vindicated for creating Hell.

John McCain's appearance in the video below, because he was a Bushite stooge, could signal that Nazi elements in Ukraine are from the nazified Bush circle:

The video above showed some Ukrainian leaders spewing vitriol against Jews and Russians together, which begs whether end-time Gog is, not Russia, but a Ukrainian effort backed by NATO and the United States. In this picture, I can easily understand how the False Prophet can be an American leader. However, I don't think Ukraine has military to speak of to fit the boots of the anti-Christ. I think the anti-Christ and Gog of Ezekiel 38 are one and the same. I have more a problem today seeing a Russia-Western alliance for the prophesied invasion of Israel than ever. And if the anti-Christ is merely a Ukrainian (i.e. small military power), how could he betray Europe to the point of burning her with fire? Current events just do not supply for me a scenario I expect from anti-Christ prophecy...unless Trump teams up with Russia for the invasion of Israel, which seems crazy at the moment.

A third scenario, which doesn't exist at this time, is where the West succeeds in toppling Putin for to install a Western leader in Moscow, and this then becomes Gog into Israel because it's an anti-Christ, Western government.

Putin's big problem now is the new sanctions in the West against the Russian people with Western investments. It could make Russia an armed thief in the future, seizing nations due to the sheer need of $$$. Did Putin miscalculate? Didn't he realize that sanctions would return if he lashed out militarily in Ukraine? This is identical harsh treatment as per how Western goons will punish truckers, for example, in order to restrain them in the future. Seize their money when they misbehave. Therefore, God will seize their souls for misbehaving before His Laws.

Putin ultimately wants a Ukraine with friendly relations toward Russia so that the latter can sell gas to Europe. Putin may therefore be gunning to install a Russia-friendly government in Kiev, and in the meantime the West is promising an earthquake against him if he tries. Someone could argue that Zelensky has played into Putin's hands by running under the wings of the EU for protection, a situation that Putin can exploit by saying it's unacceptable. Instead of talking with Russia, Zelensky played hardball, promising more of the same-old, and so Putin can justify his takeover of Kiev for to install a Russia-friendly actor. That would be his dream, but he may know it's not attainable at this time.

It's not far-fetched to suggest that Putin could overtake Trump as leader against the new world order. Trump has his "father-of-vaccines" ego flying against him like a boomerang to the back of his head. In not too many years, he may no longer be kidding when he threatens to use nuclear weapons.

When a pro-West Ukrainian leader refuses to accept Russian Ukrainians as first-class citizens, he's just like trudeau treading on conservatives as second-class citizens undeserving of being heard. We need to call a spade a spade, because viewing the current Ukrainian leadership as a good guy just because the West supports him is playing the hypocrite, and there is no room for such hypocrisy in God's Kingdom. If we support the West as an angel of light, we evolve into foolish virgins. Beware. We need to expect that non-Russian Ukrainians of the last days can be just like anti-Christian westerners, our arch enemies. It is a mistake to whitewash an entire country with the same brush, and patriots of any country tend to use such brushes.

We Christians are not to stand for any nation in its entirety, but as citizens of God's Kingdom, we accept a portion of all countries, whosoever embraces Jesus in an acceptable way. We are the good globalists, for God's kingdom is global, but we must resist the rulers of nations who war against Jesus as well as the people who support such rulers. Any Christian who embraces Zelensky can receive the reward that Zelensky receives from God. Any Christian who embraces Trump can get what Trump deserves. Beware who you embrace and honor, because you don't want to become a pillar of salt. Despise end-time Sodom.

I'd like to say that, for a few years, its seems that there has been a Putin double with a pudgy face, and he's the one now giving video press releases at this time. I followed Russian news throughout the invasion of Syria by the Obama administration, and so I know Putin's face. It's not the same as this face I now see. I realize that age can change a face, but I still think this pudgy face is a fake. This could be fake Biden versus fake Putin.

Here's a pastor whom I don't know. I'm sharing this video because he says, from the outset, that churches should be talking about world events. I agree. Just try to imagine pastors who, in these days, teach Old-Testament Bible stories totally irrelevant to the war overtaking the people of God in the real world today. I suppose that any Bible story can be tailored to some part of the modern world, but could it be that pastors are totally ignoring the specifics of the enveloping darkness RIGHT NOW? Is this wise? Is the pastor's job only to make us nicey-nicey to our enemies while they try to murder our King? Does God wish for us to be undistracted with the enveloping clouds, paying them no attention but letting Him look after things for us, or does He want to see us invading the clouds to zealously slash down the enemy with the Truth? The latter will get us persecuted and killed more assuredly, but we need to answer these questions.

Did pastors do the same ignoring when evolution and porn took our society? Did they turn the same blind-eye when feminists tried to shake our homes, now at the gates of the churches like slithering snakes in the grass? Did the pastors do the same when every new wave of darkness enveloped our society, for fear of differing with, or offending, a few in the pews? Did they fail to condition and train their sheep to become Word warriors for not wanting to make them uncomfortable with the enveloping darkness? Did they put them to sleep with irrelevance? Why does Revelation portray the Two Witnesses as warriors taking the battle to the enemy?

What did the pastor above fail to say? He failed to tell that pro-mask Christians facilitated by-vaccine murders. He failed to say that some Christians saw the vaccine mandates coming as soon as governments forced masks upon us. He failed to bless those latter Christians or to proclaim them as the best Christian tools of God to block the vaccine holocaust. It's not wrong to say, "I love you all, but as it's turned out, those of us who gave support to masks have inadvertently allowed the vaccines to maim many people." The truth is better late than never, wouldn't you say?

We need to ask: why didn't pastors teach their congregations that mask mandates were leading to sinister things, to forced vaccinations and the start of the store-blocking mandates? Why didn't they teach that we should be brave, to reject masks at the pain of being arrested, and to find other ways to play it safe for the vulnerable, old-and-sick people amongst us? Why did the churches sit back and allow this dark cloud to come over everyone? For fear of dividing the Christians? In that case, the churches are useless for taking the heat to the enemy.

And even when the truckers took the heat to the enemy, I didn't see pastors rising up collectively to become arrested as an example of bravery to the flock. The pastors know that the country will not arrest hundreds of them simultaneously at this time, yet they failed to arise collectively to show integrity, to show that they will not be pushed around by a diabolical scheme of anti-Christ globalists. All confidence went to our enemies, and they will attack yet again on account of it as devils attack cowards. If Christians do not turn off mainline media, they will come to believe the lies along with the cursed. It is very easy to ask the Kiev government to turn on the war sirens so that main media on-site can say to Westerners that the Russians are attacking Kiev. It's faked, but the media devils have been trained in sounding honest. On and on go the crafted lies, we never know what's true or not from these media.

After this pastor plays it safe by denouncing Putin's attacks in Ukraine, he attacks the anti-Christ supporters of Ukraine. Thus, he attacked both sides in an attempt to make happy both sides in his pews prior to trying to swing them all softly to an anti-Soros side. I can accept that tactic, but I think we need not to fear appearing anti-Ukraine by attacking the Ukraine leadership at this time as a whore in the Western Whore House. I like this pastor's admission that the U.S. military is an evil company, an important distinction. Even if Putin should become the anti-Christ, let's keep in mind that God uses the anti-Christ to destroy His enemies. The very people who will worship the anti-Christ system will be destroyed by it. It's not a pretty picture, and so we need to forcefully yank the heads of pew Christians from out of the sand by teaching them about the shocking nature of the sinister clouds now surrounding us.

It's already obvious that Putin is opposing our mortal enemies, and that he's not invading Ukraine as, for example, Bush invaded Iraq. Sean Hannity has called for the execution of Putin for invading a country and killing its people, and so Hannity must call for the execution of many Fox people, and Lindsey Graham too, for supporting the invasion of Iraq. If an invasion is justified only when the West invades, we have a hypocritical and dangerous problem, for the West is the most-lunatic and satanic entity on the globe. It is the West that in fact wants to invade and abuse Ukraine. Putin is only trying to check that invasion like a shepherd seeking to protect his country from the West's encroachments. I don't see wrong with that.

It is very possible that the West will turn Russia against Israel in the near-future, if it hasn't already. This has been Obama's hope from the start. He wants Russia to fight with Iran against Israel. It's a no-brainer. But then how do we explain that Western liberals oppose Russia at this time when it's opportune to use it to crush Israel? I would say that the West's top priority is to make Russia a Western puppet. It's been a long-range goal. Either way, Western puppet or not, I still think that Russia is the best fulfillment of Gog, and the beast-whore partnership in Revelation 17 makes good sense with a Western puppet in Moscow.

From the Last Update

On Tuesday and Wednesday of this week, I put the following insert into the last update, then removed it due to its becoming so long and off-topic within the Edom / Seir section:

Ahh, Save's are in BalCONE/Balcolm colors and format, and use an Edom-like "Dum" motto term. In fact, the whole motto, "Dum spiro spero," is that also of Time-connectable Masons/Massins. Timmins share Blade-like plates with Mussels/Muscels while the latter's Meschin branch share white scallops with Plate's. Meschins are in CONN / Cony colors and format.

This recalls the grass-stain event on Lorraine's BALCONY, as little as two months after I last saw Miss Peare. That balcony brought Balcon/Balcolms to topic to a great surprise, first because the grass stain was on her BUTT while the Butteri cowboys north and south of Rome were likely named by Italian Botters (north of Rome) having a reflection of the Balcon/Balcolm Coat. We can even add here that the Lorraine's share the Ripley/Ripper lion, I get it. English Botters/Bodins were first found in Hampshire with BUTTons/Bidens/Budins you see, who share the fesse of German BUTTS/Boets who in turn share red roses with Balcons/Balcolms. Plus, English Grasse's, first found in Lincolnshire with Mussels/Muscels and the wife of Ranulph le Meschin, share the Balcon/Balcolm and Botter bend. While Scottish Rose's have Bush-branch Bosco's in their write-up, "Tufts of grass" are used by Bosco-branch Boasts/Bois' while English Bush's use the black boar that is said to be a symbol of Edom in the Book of Enoch (not inspired by God). I met Lorraine at a BUS stop. God was saying things through my dating her. God arranged for me to date her. Her pant stain pointed to Pansys/PANTzers in the "pansy" of the Cony Crest. BalCONE's must apply to Conns and Conys, therefore, and Balls with Bellows/Ballots (share Bus cinquefoil) were first found in Cheshire with Tufts/Tuffs'.

The "JE PENSE" motto phrase of Erskins/Eskins" can apply to her pant stain because Je-like Jays almost have the Balcone/Balcolm Coat, and while I POINTed at the long-streak stain on her butt and thigh, POITvins use a jay. [I had neglected to look up Chatans until later, to find that they share the Balcon/Balcolm roses-on-bend, and Chatans were first found in Poitou!] Pense's/PinCONs/POINcons share the Child eagle, and while Lorraine was carrying an infant child the last time I saw her, Lorraine's share the Child and Pense/Pincon eagle. Pence's/Penns use more plates. The pant stain was on Church street, and while Church's are in Bush colors and format, they share the black greyhound head of Lucks/Luke's while Italian Botters were first found in Lucca. Plus, these greyhound heads are in both colors of the Pennys/Penes greyhounds. Her PANT stain thus speaks still, 40 years after it happened.

I'd need to be STUPID to deny that God arranged that pant-stain event to conform with this heraldry. But why did He? He won't tell me. I never get the specific reasons nor purposes for why I write these things day after day. As I've said a half-million times, Lorraine had walked (with her child) three feet away from Paul SMITH and I in a hamburger joint, and Smiths use a heron for the Horn-related Herons = the line of mythical Orion, thus making Butt / Boet liners look like BOEOTians.

Paul Smith was in the throes of becoming a journeyman carpenter, and so where Pauls share the Carpenter crosslets while Carpenters share the Belly motto, I think it's God's lead to certain other matters. The motto includes Acuitas-like "acuta" (trudeau's financial ties to Acuitas was in the last update).

Here's what I have not yet told, that while I was dating Miss Burger at the time Lorraine walked past Smith and I, it squares with the hamBURGER restaurant that we were in. Paul and I always had coffee when at a restaurant chatting, and Coffee's/Coffers share the fesse of McCabe's/MacAbee's who in turn share the Ham salmon. HAMburger! Paul Smith was in the process of becoming a licensed carpenter i.e. swinging a hammer, and Hammers (Sussex, same as Hams, Muscel-like Mascals, and Sadducee-like Saddocks) use dolphins in the colors of the Ham salmon, and, in colors reversed, the Hammer dolphin is green, the colors of the dolphin in the Coffee/Coffer Crest!

Ahhhhhhhh, the Salmons use an "opTIMA" motto term! I get it. And Salome BOETHus was a Sadducee while Saddocks have the Mascals escutcheon in colors reversed! "OPtima" can be code for the line of OPgalli, wife of king TIGRanes VI (a Maccabee from the line of Salome Boethus), because a TIGER head is in the Crest of Smith-beloved Fish's; the latter share the Sale fleur-de-lys while Salemans/SelHAMs (Salmon colors) have a Selham location in Sussex, where Hams and Hammers were first found. Hammers use the dolphin while Dolphins/Dolfins were once said to be first found in Surrey, where Salemans/Selhams were first found. The hamburger restaurant speaks. Sellers are in Child colors an format, and king CHILDeric was partly a Salian Frank while Salians are listed with Salemans/Selhams. Childeric's wife, Basina, is the line to the Bessin, location of the Orne river while Orne's/Horns were a Heron branch! Bingo, we're at the heron with fish in its mouth in two Smith Crests. That's why God arranged Lorraine to walk by with her infant child.

Plus, McCabe's/MacABEE's were first found in Arran, named after Airaines (near ABBEville), where Orions/Irons were first found (!), and near the location that Baileys and Baliols (Cony / Conn colors and near-format) have in their write-up. The Coffee/Coffer Crest is, in different colors, the Arms of TARANTo, and while Tarants/TERENTs have the Child Coat in colors reversed, it's just amazing that TERENTia MURENA is likely the line to Murena's who in turn share the giant tower of German Burgers!!!! Astounding work, Oh Lord, at the burger resTAURANT!!!

As I've said, the Fish's (Lincolnshire, same as Mussels/Muscels and RESTons) in the Smith "fish" essentially use the Coat of Vaughns (both in English Smith colors and format), and Lorraine walked past Smith and I in the city of Vaughn, which is where Paul lived. Paul was an avid fisherman (as in addicted).

I don't recall ever saying before that Paul and I were chatting, and now realize it may have been Inspired because Scottish Chattings are listed with Chattans ("omniBUS"), the ones sharing the bend of Botters (and Chatans) and likely being of the cat in the Lucca Coat, for Botters were first found in Lucca. Chatans actually share the Balcon/Balcolm bend-with-roses, which I had forgotten until now! Lorraine's balcony. Chattings/Chattans are of Clan Chattan, which uses a cat as well as a "BOT" motto term.

English Chattings/Chettings use a "dog' head," and Dogs/Doags share the Bus cinquefoil. Plus the Chatting/Chattan castles are in the colors of the Comet towers while Reines' have a comet" as well as the Pisa Coat in colors reversed while Pisa is beside Lucca. The Chatans share towers on blue with Reines'. The House of Canossa, which uses a dog as symbol is said to have come out of Lucca. Lorraine lived on Church street at the time I knew her from her bus stop, and Church's (BUSH colors and format) share the greyhound heads of Lucks/Luke's. BUS' were first found in Norfolk with LUCE's/Lucys and CHADS, believe it or not. Dogs/Doags were first found in Perthshire with the Glove's in "bot a glove" phrase of Clan Chattan, and with Butteri-like Butters, but also with ASS-related Justins. Lorraine got the BUTT = ASS stain while on a late-evening walk with a married man on Church street, and I saw it when she got home to her balcony!

Reines'/Rainers can be from Renier/Rainier of Montferrat (near Susa) because his house put out Dal VASTo's at Bush-like Busca while FASTs (Norfolk) have a version of the Chatting/Chetting Coat, both sharing a bend-with-items in the colors of the same of Lorraine's. Chats can be gleaned as a branch of Sheds/Scheds, and Ass' were first found on SHETland. Shatners/Chatbolts/Chadbolts were first found in Hertfordshire with Lorraine-related Childs and Vince's/FINCH's, beautiful because, as I've said a million times, I bumped into her by "pure chance" at her Finch bus-subway station about two weeks after we broke up when I pointed to her grass stain! This subway station is in Taranto-like Toronto (miles from her bus stop at Lorne and Yonge streets). Vince's/Finch's are in Church / BUSH colors and format, a pointer to the Bush family, for Busca is in interior Liguria, at least near the STATielli Ligures that go with the BUS STATion. Stations/State's share the greyhound head (different color) with Church's, and moreover Stations/State's share the Reno/Rhine lozenges.

Ahh, Wikipedia's article on the Statielli says they lived at Asti (beside Montferrat), and Astys not only share the Lorraine lion, but were first found in Lanarkshire while Lanarks/LURNacks not only share the Bus cinquefoil, but have the Lorraine-like Lorne's in their write-up while her bus stop was at Lorne and Yonge streets (Richmond Hill)!!! Incredible. Astys were first found in Lanarkshire with Biggars (Botter star?), and the latter are in the "Byggar" motto term in the Arms of Shetland i.e. where Ass' were first found who use a Fieschi-like "fasces." The Fieschi of Genova, near the eastern border of the Statielli Ligures, were partnered with Grimaldi's whose lozengy Shield is in the colors of the Reno / Station/State lozenges, and Bus' were first found in Norfolk with Bags sharing the Grimaldi Shield. The Newmans/Numine's in the Aston (and Smith) motto look like kin of Raines'/Rains. Ash's are also Esau-like Esse's.

Through pairing me with Lorraine, God must be revealing that my mother, with a Grimaldi maiden name, was descended from the Statielli, for her mother, born Miss Masci, can be traced to Masci's, first found in Piedmont with Montferrat and the Statielli. Astons ("asto"), first found in Cheshire with Masci-branch Masseys/Maceys (from FERTE-Mace), can reveal that Asti was named from an Ass branch. Her grass stain can point to Grasse, near Grimaldi's of Monaco, and AZov is at the GRIMaldi-like CRIMea while Cremona was founded when neighboring PIACENZa was founded. My mother was born in PICENZE, and Justine of PICENum is to the Ass-related Justin(e)s.

I really dislike these topics when they point to my mother's ancestry, because I don't really care about it. I'd rather these things point to prophecy-related things. But then this is not my work, so I've got to be patient to see how things end. I've gotten the sense that there's going to be a tie between Burisma's Zlochevsky and Monaco's Grimaldi's, and it just so happens that while Zlochevsky is Ukrainian, the CRIMea is in Ukraine, part of the country annexed by Putin not long ago. Lorraine's butt thus points to Buttons/BIDENs, and Hunter Biden was on Burisma's board in CRIMinality. The Bushites are at this time egging NATO to attack Putin. End insert]

That insert ended amazingly on-topic with last week's, and this week's, Ukrainian news. Grimaldi's share the Bag Shield, and Bulgers (pointer to Bulgaria's arming of terrorists?) almost have the Bag Chief while Hunter Biden was involved in foreign crimes with James Bulger. Via the Flatts/Flete's, Floats, Flags/Flacks and Palmers (the latter three first found in Norfolk with Bags), Bulgers look like they share the bull head of Butter-related McLeods. The Bulgarians weapons were going to ISIS, I assume, who were Sunni Arabs along with Baathists, and the latter were co-founded in Syria by Mr. Bitar, whose surname can be pointed to by Butters/Bitars, how about that. Float-branch Flatts/Flete's were first found in the Orkneys with ASS'!!! INCREDIBLE! The Sinclairs who ruled the Orkneys share the Bitar/Butter cross.

Lorraine's butt stain can now be pointing to the Bush-circle RINO's ganging up with Bidenites against an anti-globalist Putin (he's opposed by ISIS). I'll add that while her grass streak went from the bottom of her butt along the rear-side of her thigh, the Thigh's/TIE's can be of the English Tie's/Dye's (Yorkshire, same as Bush's/Buschs) who are in Aston colors and format, both feasibly having a version of the Bush/Busch Coat. George Bush has lived in/near Aston-like Austin. The Stains, for over a decade (until now) said to be first found in Yorkshire with Bush's, have two fesses in the colors of the Tie/Dye / Bush fesse.

BEHOLD. The Butters have "two hands issuing from a CLOUD drawing a bow," and Stains have "A hand emerging from a CLOUD..." I've seen the white bull head of McLeods/CLOUDs in black, the color of the Aston bull head, and then McLeods/Clouds put flags beside their bull head while Flags/FLACKs share the double fesses of Stains. Plus, amazingly, the Baathists that the two Bush presidents attacked in Iraq were founded by Flack-like Mr. AFLAQ and Mr. Bitur! They both have roughly the same cross. That's amazing. So, Lorraine's butt stain is pointing to the attack on Iraq plotted from the insider-job, 9-11, or to the rise of Baathists in league with other Sunni in Obama's term.

Again, Lorraine's share the lion of Aston-like Astys/Hastys, first found in Lanarkshire with Sions/Swans who in turn share the swan (different color) with HASTers. The latter are in SALES colors and format while Busca is beside SALUZZo. Bosco-branch Bois'/Boasts can be gleaned as kin of Cheneys, the latter in SALEman colors and format. Haliburtons share the Bush boar.

She got her grass stain while on a walk, and George Walker Bush was a Nazi element adopted by the Walker bloodline. The elder president Bush, George Herbert walker Bush, was born from the son of a Nazi, George Herbert Scherff, and was taken in by the Nazi-supporting banker, Prescott Bush. It just so happens that the Prescot Chief is essentially the FELTham Chief while FLEETs share the double fesses of Flags/Flacks and PALMers, but that's not all because they are colors reversed from the double fesses of Felthams ("PALMa"), and the latter are in the colors and format of, an apparent pointer to BAATHists. I've never seen Stains said to be first found in Middlesex until recently, and that's where Felthams were first found. The Bathurst Chief uses PATEE crosses, and Pattys, suspect in the "pati" motto term of Sheldons (Schild colors), were first found in Worcestershire with Pattys while Prescott Bush was the son of FLORA SHELDON, believe it or not. Sheldon-like Sheltons share the Coat of English Bruns (Middlesex again), and Bruno's (Flora-like Florence) are said to have had a branch in Asti. Flora's and Flore's share the fleur-de-lys of Browns/Bruns ("FLOReat"), half in the colors of the same of German Bush's/Busch's and Boschs. Flore's share the Bath cross!!!

As this is all being pointed to by Lorraine, whom I first met at her bus stop at the corner of Yonge and ARNOLD (it's also the corner of Yonge and Lorne), I've just looked up Arnolds again to find German Arnolds sharing the FELT Coat!!! It floors me to see things like this rolling along with Intelligent Design at its root. As this is linking to things Ukraine, let me repeat for the millionth time that I asked her on a date that day at her bus stop, and as I was doing laundry that night, we met at the laundromat, suggesting the money laundering done by Burisma Holdings through Latvia, with the money deposited into Hunter Biden's bank account in 12 or more installments of $83,333.33 each. This story is in social media, but google is likely trying to hide it.

Here's from two updates ago while talking on Miss Peare's belly-PRESS, a possible pointer to PREScott Bush: "As I've said, when I was with her, Miss Bennett lived on Bathurst avenue while Bathursts, who love the Peare-related Tiens in their motto, have a near-copy of the FELTman/Feltham Coat. It FELT so GOOD." Goods look like Bennett kin. As I said, as little as a month after Miss Bennett and I broke up, Miss Peare called me up out of the blue, and we spent a weekend together, but I never saw her again. As little as a month later, I was at Lorraine's bus stop. I took Peare out with my FireBIRD, and Birds share the Felt / Arnold Coat, which is colors reversed from the same Coat of Belly-connectable Bouillons.

As I said, the laundromat was at the corner of Yonge and LEVENdale, and I was living at Albert's apartment at the time, on Levendale. Levens, first found in Shropshire with HUNTs/HUNTER, share the Austin/OSTIEN chevron, and Albert's surname was, OOSTYEN. Scottish Austins may have the Young/Jung stag. I moved out of Albert's place while dating Lorraine for two or three weeks only, and moved to Rumble avenue. Rumble's not only share the Austin / Leven chevron, but the Bus cinquefoils and the Peare leopard face. I was living at Albert's when seeing Miss Peare for the last time. I then returned to Albert's apartment about 17 months after being with Lorraine, when he called me at my apartment on the neighboring HUNT street, asking me to keep (move into) his apartment while he went to work at Whistler ski resort for the winter...which I thought was a pointer to a whistle-blower.

I find it amazing that the Whistlers/Whistle/Wissels (could be a branch of Peare-related Wessels/Waistells) have five lozenges bendwise colors reversed from the four lozenges bendwise of Stations//State's whom were pointed to by Lorraine's bus-subway station. As I've said many times, a dispatcher for a taxi company lived at Hunt while I was there, and he helped me get a job driving taxi. Tax's/DACHs can be traced to Dachau, Hitlers headquarters for his Bavarian concentration camps, because they share the swords of SHOTs/Shute's while the Arms of Dachau uses a sling shot. Tax's/Dachs share the crossed swords of Borders, the latter first found in Somerset with Dach-like Ducks/Duche's, Whistlers/Whistle's (share Bath lion), and Baths.

I've just found the new-to-me Duchs (Duc/LeDuc colors) with a near copy of the Balcon/Balcolm Coat. Duchs use red roundels usually called, TORTeau," and the STATielli Ligures were at TORTona. Lorraine's BALCONy event was a week or two after I took a bus to the Finch station, and as I was stepping off the bus, there was Lorraine, the first in line to get on, and we eyed each other as I walked by her...her's being the evil eye. Did she represent Bushites caught in the act of some crime?

Note the BalCOLM variation, for Irish Comeys (Lorraine lion in colors reversed) are Colms too, and I think James Comey could be a nazified Bushite. If I recall correctly, James Comey replaced Robert Mueller as FBI director, and Mueller was hired for that job by George Bush just six days before 9-11 i.e. to cover for the 9-11 crime, obviously. It now gets amazing that while I showed why Balcons/Balcolms link to Botters and Chattans, Scottish Comeys (cat in Crest) use the motto of Clan Chattan!!! Note only that, but Scottish Comeys, sharing the Bush/Bos/Bosch lion, were first found in Perthshire with early Butters/Bitars (pointer to Baathists), who share the red heart of Scottish Comeys (Perthshire, same as RINDs).

I can even add here that while Miss Peare lived in UNIONville when I last saw her (I was at her apartment that weekend), Unions, in the colors of English Arnolds, share the millRIND with Mueller-connectable Miles', which recalls my story or Norman Miles, whom I knew for about a month only when I attended Mark II school in UNIONville at 13 years of age. At about 25 years of age, I fell asleep in my taxi, and Norman Miles knocked on its window to wake me up, as a police officer. Repeat: "I took Peare out with my FireBIRD, and Birds share the Felt / Arnold Coat, which is colors reversed from the same Coat of Belly-connectable Bouillons." The Felt / Bird Coats are almost that of Scottish Millers while German Millers are listed with Muellers. The FIREbird might just point somehow to Schwabs via Fire's/Furs.

While writing the paragraph above, I still had not loaded Normans as per Norman Miles, and I remembered (before loading them) that English Normans share the Feltham Chief (!), a version of the BATHurst Chief. That's amazing. The write-up of these Normans: "They claim descent from 'a branch of Basset of Normandy...' Oullette's were at Quilly-le-Basset in Normandy, and the Oullette couple (my friends) were behind me when I stepped off the bus to see Lorraine first in line to get on. Her bus stop (where she gets on and off every work day) was at ARNOLd and Yonge. Bassets (Duck/Duche colors) were first found in Staffordshire with Stops and Duck-branch Ducys/Doocys. German Duchs almost have the Balcon/Balcolm Coat.

This entire heraldic exercise is tending to suggest that the Nazis in Ukraine are Bushite-sourced fiends stirring criminal trouble with the purpose of toppling the Russian government. It was only after writing the last sentence that I went back to the Norman write-up to find this: "The surname Norman was first found in Suffolk, where a record from the Abbey of BURY St. Edmunds...." Burys, who named Bury in Suffolk, come up as Burisma-like Buris', and Hunter Biden was on the board of Burisma.

The Oullette couple with me on the bus were Joe and DIANE, and here I think this is definitely to point to the Irish Dene's sharing the full motto of Deans/Diane's (share DILE lion). It's perfect because Irish Dene's use a "crocoDILE," and it's still online that Mr. Zlochevsky of Burisma owns/owned a shoe boutique in Kiev where he sold crocodile-leather shoes. Is that not wild? My bus trip to Finch is pointing to Burisma.

Here's the caption to a photo in the article below: "The Zlocci shop features collections of flashy men's shoes made from crocodile and caiman skins arranged on two polished marble tables. In 2015, investigative reporters traced the ownership of the business to Zlochevsky."

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, WOW. You may be familiar with my writings on Miss Covert (emailer to me), who had an address a few miles from Aryan Nations in Hayden Lake of Idaho. She pointed to Nazis, in other words, and she had married Mr. Dein (in California, in case this matters) while Deins are listed with Deans/Diane's, this is so amazing, for English Crocs, first found in Shropshire with Hunts/HUNTERs, almost have the Covert Coat!!! The same Crocs even share the Dein/Dean/Diane crescent!!! Coverts (look like Pear / Parson kin) were first found in Sussex with Deins/Deans/Diane's!!! INCREDIBLE. There's no way to interpret this but as God's linking Ukrainian Nazis to Zlochevsky's circle of fiends, which includes Mr. Kolomoisky.

I met Mamie on the night of Lorraine's grass stain, and after Mamie and I split up, I was dispatched to pick her up twice in my taxi. On the second occasion, we had one last date. I therefore began to think that she is a pointer to Nazis from a Tax/Dach link to Dachau, for she had been a pointer to Mamesfelde of the Mansfields, who share the Mansell/MANGELS Coat, both using "maunches." Charles Mangels of Montana (beside Idaho) was a white supremacist once involved with Aryan Nations, and he may have been born from a relative of Josef Mengele. It just so happens that a "maunch" is used by Irish Crocs so that even Mamie can point to Zlochevsky's crocodile shoes in Kiev. In the past, I knew only that the boutique was on the Dnieper river, but an article above has it in Kiev.

There is/was a story online telling that a Nazi, Otto Skorzeny, confessed on his deathbed that Hitler escaped to Montana, and that George Herbert Walker Bush was born George Herbert Scherff Jr., son of a Nazi. I tend to believe this report partly because Walkers (and Wilkins) have a version of the Scherf/Schere Coat. Perhaps Schwab's "fourth industrial revolution" is secretly an attempt at the fourth reich led by Rothschilian industrialism. Why else would he use "fourth." I don't know anyone who's been counting the number of industrial revolutions, and who's to say there were three distinct ones? That sounds like mumbo-jumbo.

The "vult valde vult" motto phrase of Mansells/Mangels' suggest whatever the heraldic vulture stands for (perhaps Walters or Valters/Galtier's), which is used by Slings, and the Arms of Dachau uses a sling shot. JOE (Joseph) and Diane Oullette were on the bus with me (they had invited me to be on it with them), and Joe's/Josephs (comparable Coat with that of Valters/Galtier's) have a valde-like "wlad" motto term. Buzzards are a symbol of Armageddon.

Joe's/Josephs can be gleaned as kin of both Chaplain surnames, and they look like a branch of Capelli's (share Button/Biden "chapeau"!), first found in Ferrara with the Charo's in the Joe/Joseph motto. The motto includes, "CASS Ni charo," and CASSANe's/Cassandra's (share Epstein Coat) were first found in Hampshire with Joe's/Josephs and Chaplains/Caplans while Clare's share triple-red chevrons with Cassane's, and then Claro's are listed with the Charo's above. Casino's (Casano/Cassandra branch) have triple fesses colors reversed from the same of Valters/Galtier's, and the Galt bend may be with Charo's/Claro's.

Geiers/Gayers, who are almost in the motto of SHOTs/Shute's (linkable to Dachau sling SHOT), share the vulture (different colors) with Slings. Giers/Geers look related to Coverts, both using a fesse in the colors of the fessewise swords of Shots/Shute's.

KEPke, who's father is Ukrainian, looks like a pointer to Zlochevsky's show store because Kepke sold shoes, and was the reason I sold shoes too. Why both of us at the same time in two different shoe stores? Do the Meshech apply to Kiev? The area south of Kiev was home to BUDINi, and Botters/Bodins (Hampshire, same as Buttons/Bidens/BUDINs) look to apply to Lorraine's-butt pointers. Herodotus said Budini were blonds, and both Kepke and Lorraine were sun-bright blonds. Ahh, the giant Botter/Bodin eagle forms a bend in the colors of the Keep and Lorraine bends!!! ZIKERS. Kepke was born, Lawrence, and Lorraine's are also Lorrens'. French Lorrens'/Larins share the scallops of Scale's (Hertfordshire, same as Lorraine-related Childs) who are in turn expected in the Trip SCALing ladder.

The only heraldic shoe I can think of belongs to German Trips, who once showed the boots of French Masseys/Masse's, though the latter no longer show the boots, but now have the Dein/Dean/Diane Chief in colors reversed. Compare "Putin" with "Budini."

TRYPillians were south of Kiev. Trips were first found in Hamburg with Drummonds whose wavy fesses in turn connect with Sea's (Kent, same as English Trips) as well as TOCKERs/Tuckers (SEA-horses). The latter were possibly from the Tocharians of Russia, who look like they were earlier the Biblical Togarmites, brothers of Gomerians, the latter thought to have been the Cimmerians of proto-Ukraine. These Cimmerians came south to conquer king Rusa, and Russia was co-founded by the Varangian Rus of Kiev. It makes complete sense that the Meshech/Mushki named Moscow. My girlfriend immediately before ROXanne Bennett (why black hair?) was DIANE MUSCHATov, a sun-bright, blond Ukrainian. ROXolani were south of Kiev too. My girlfriends were storybook pointers to end-time powers against Israel, apparently.

Ahh, I get it: English Bennetts share the "scaling ladder"" with English Trips!!! That's another reason that God put me with Roxanne Bennett! English Bennetts look like kin of Goods, the latter first found in Kent with English Trips! Full of surprises.

This is new here: Muschatov's friend, when I first saw her while Joe Oullette was with me, was Kim, and Kims were first found on Bute, suggesting that Bute's/Butts were from the Budini! Amazing. Darcys/Dorseys share the Kim Coat, and the "chapeau" in Crest with BUTTons/Bidens, thus identifying Buttons/Bidens/Budins and Botters/Bodins as a Bute branch. Amazingly, Kim's mother was a native ("Indian") in Canada, and Indian-like "Un dieu un" is a motto phrase of Darcys/Dorseys. The Darcy/DORSey bull (standing on the chapeau) can be of the Beautys/BOWds (DORSet, beside Buttons/Bidens and Roets), and while Scottish ROETs (same place as Bulls) share the BOW motto, the island of Bute was at first, ROTHESay. German Roets share the Dorset/Dowser crescent. Oullette's were at Bassett, and English Bassets happen to share the Coat of Scottish Drummonds (Perthshire, same as Benedict in Bennet write-up). The Basset fesses are in the colors of the Pierro/Pero fesse to go with the "Pro" motto term of the same Bassets, and finally the Pierro/Pero Coat is a good reflection of the Butt/Bute/Boet Coat (share Button/Biden fesse).

Bessins share bees with Doors/Dorrs, and I trace Doors / Dorsets to the Daorsi Illyrians, from mythical Doris, likely named after mythical Dorus, the latter having been the son of Hellen (Greek founder) possibly indicating the Geloni neighbors of the Budini whom Herodotus identified as Greeks. German Drummonds (same place as Trips traceable to Budini realms) share the wavy fesse of Dols, and while the TRIPLE (like "TRYPILLia") fesses of Scottish Drummonds are in the colors of the Alan fesse, Alans of Dol could have been of the Hellen bloodline. Helens were first found in Brittany with Dol. The Daorsi were on the NERETva river, and so as Nerets (Brittany) share the Coat of Rosseau's, add the heraldic section above on George-Soros pointers to Ukraine (included Rosseau's / Rosso's / Varangian Rus of Kiev) to this set of heraldry.

Geloni-like Gelons/Gellens not only share the Let/Late saltire, but the Ladys/Laudyman annuLETs. Gelons/Gellens have crossed "batons" (as their saltire) while Batons/Bastons (Biston / Bessin branch?) were kin of Bats while Caucasian Bats and their neighboring Lazi were at least near the Alans of Caucasia. The Lazi lived in Lazona, and could have become the namers of the Ladon river, the proto-Ladds/Ladons and so likely the line to Ladys/Laudymans. The husband of mythical Leda (Sparta, near the Ladon river) was named after a Tyndaris location (at Colchis) of the GLAUCus river (flows to the Lazi theater), and Letts/Late's (GLOUCestershire) are suspect in "OulLETTE." Leda and Tyndareus were the parents of mythical Helen, wife of MeneLAUS, myth code for Las/Laas on Sparta's Mani peninsula. Is that not a tidy piece of work? Roet-like RHODopolis is shown on the map above in the land of the Bats at the Moschi mountains.

As German Roets were first found in Thuringia, home of queen Basina, Bassets suddenly look like the Basina line to Bessins, for the latter are in the colors and format of the Popleys suspect in the "populo" motto term of Bassets. French Bassets come up as BESANcons while English Bills (Somerset, same as Roets) have a version of the Roet Coat plus "wood bills," and while Woods were kin of Roet-branch Roots, Bills have pelicans while Pellicans were first found in Maine with the Billets/Billiards who are in turn in the colors of the Basset/Besancon billets. Pellicans share the tower of Oullette-connectable Howells, and Maine is where French Josephs (Howl colors) were first found. Joseph Oullette.

The Ladon river is at Pisa, named by Pisidians in and around ANTALya, the latter being to the heraldic ANTELope in the Crest of Feathers. Feathers were kin of PERKens (feathers) while Perga is beside Antalya. The Talls (Thuringia, same as Basina) not only share bees with Bessins and Baston-like Bistons, but have feathers in Crest while the Feathers -- in CHILD colors and format to go with Basina's husband, CHILDeric -- have the family of Valens and Valentinian I in their motto who lived near the Ceraunii Illyrians a generation or two before Basina (Merovingian queen). Thuringia is where German Roets were first found while they share the sleeping moon of Ceraunii-like Karens, and while the Ceraunii mountains were at Aulon/AVLONa, ancient home of Alans of Brittany, and while mythical AVALON was the island of Bute/Rothesay, and while mount Velino is in the land of the Merovingian-line Marsi of Maruvium, Talls share the bend-with-hexagrams of Urbans while the Ceraunii Illyrians were on the URBANus river, beside the Una expected in the "Un" motto terms of Darcys/Dorsys sharing the Coat of Kims (Bute). The Tall / Urban hexagrams look related to the same of Karens.

The Bees share the green dragon with Lewis', the latter first found in GlaMORGAN with Tail-branch Tillers, from the Tilurius river having a source near the Urbanus. Morgan le Fay was the mythical witch of Avalon, and sister of king Arthur, he representing Merovingian elements in Britain. Fay-like Veys use a boot. Lewis-branch Louis' were first found in Glamorganshire too, and that goes with mythical GorLOIS, father of Morgan le Fay. Arthurian myth was written by satanists, apparently, expected from the Marsi snake goddess, Angitia.

The Gehlen surname is listed with Gelons/Gellens above, and so note the Nazi, Reinhard Gehlen, near the start of this video telling how the U.S. military was a nazified demon as far back as the second-world war. We find that Gehlen was placed in charge of CIA operations in Ukraine, in opposition to the Soviets:

On Wednesday, I got my first confirmation, from a Pravda article, that there has been heavy warfare in Ukraine: "According to official representative of the ministry, Major General Igor Konashenkov, as many as 498 Russian servicemen were killed and 1,597 were wounded." That's major, and numbers are possibly played-down. Until reading this, I wasn't sure whether there was any war to speak of aside from some surgical attacks from the air. But with at least 500 Russian soldiers killed...perhaps most of it in the Russia-held Donbas due to Ukraine seeking to take the area back. This is a sorry state, but the fighters in Donbas are mainly Russian Ukrainians seeking to separate from the country, and so what's Putin to do? Let them die and be subjugated without help?

It is naive to think that the West would be fair to Putin's concerns so that Russia can feel safe from NATO's threat. The West wants to topple Russia, period. It's been a sub-goal (on the back burner) since the first president Bush, and might now become the chief goal on high heat. We shall see.

If this video below is correctly translated, then Putin has been caught trying to make Russian communism look like Christianity. I can fathom some similarities between a benign communism and Christianity, but Russian communism was purely atheistic and anti-Christ, and so who would be daft enough to compare Marxism with Christianity? The irony is, Ukraine seems to be going Schwabite, and Scwab's communism is far worse than Soviet communism, making Putin the lesser of two evils.

Judy Mikovits and Mouse-Brain Viruses

Below is a video where Judy Mikovits claims that COVID vaccines are giving people HIV (virus). At the start of this video, she mentions the Fauci partnership with a Dr. Gallo, both of whom were attempting the steal, from her, a virus invention from her boss at the time, Dr. Rosetti. When Mikovits refused to give it over, she was jailed by the Fauci side, and, as goes her story, Fauci unleashed medical horrors on the global populations.

I've just looked up the Gallo surname, finding it listed with the Italian Gallus surname, and then French Galli's happen to have been first found in dauphine with Rosetti's. The latter use rooks, code for a family out of Roquefeuil, the proto-Rockefellers, amazing because Rockefellers practically own the medical establishment.

The Gallo/GALLUS surname is important because German Gallus share the KOPPLE rooster while GOPLo is the location Polish MOUSE Tower in a myth by AnonyMOUS Gallus. Judy Mikovits often tells that Fauci and company were growing viruses off of mouse brains, you see. In other words, the heraldry you just witnesses appears arranged by God to point to Gallo's and Fauci's crimes. As per mouse BRAINs, we might even take this to the Brain surname because Brians were from Savoy, where Gays were first found who share the Galli rooster.

On top of these considerations, I trace Kopple's to KOPLik, on the CLAUSula river, where Claus'/Klaus' were likely from...meaning that this can be a pointer to Klaus Schwab, who's hoping to profit from the vaccine scheme, with thousands of his corporate partners, via a total reorganization of the world's handling of money. He's a wicked madman, which word is going around fast these days. It's simply amazing here that Gallus-like Claus'/Klaus's have a giant lion colors reversed from the same of Italian Gallo's/Gallus! It tends to prove that God arranged the personalities above to jibe with the collective heraldry of their surnames, or vice-versa. Why might Kopple's have been first found in Nuremberg?

To get the Brains (look linkable to one Irish Brian Coat) to link to these personalities, we note that they have one pale bar in the colors of the two pale bars of German Steels while English Steels share the checks of English Galleys, the latter first found in Dauphine with Galli's and Rosetti's. Irish Brians have lions in the colors of the Gallo/Gallus lion. AND WOWIE, so-called "FURisons" are used by Scottish Steels (Cheshire, same as English Steels) while Furs/Fire's share the giant Schwab/Swab unicorn!!! CAN WE BELIEVE IT? Ferrara is where Berts/Berta's were first found who share the griffin of German Steels.

Steels are said to descend from bigot de Loges' while French Loges' share the blue saltire with French Brians. Steels are said to have been at GIDDy Hall while Giddys are listed with English Geddys while Scottish Geddys/Geddes' were first found in Nairnshire with the Rose's in the French Brian Coat. Plus, I've shown how the cotton SWAB in the ear of Steven MELLANson can point to Schwab, and it just so happens that Mellans (Ile-de-France, same as Bigots) have a fairly good reflection of the French Bigot Coat while we just saw Bigot de Loges'. Mellansons use a "bundle of RODS," and Rods, kin of Roquefeuil, share the blank, gold Chief of Mellans, but, moreover, Rods were first found in Devon with English Berts, and with the Pike's in the pike fish of Geddys/Geddes'. Bigot-like Pigots/Piccots (Cheshire, same as Steels) use "pikeheads" (arrowheads). Devon is also where Steel-beloved Billets were first found.

French Galleys/Galets/GALTons (roses) share the chevron of French Bigots, and Galts happen to have a "PATENTia" motto term while Judy Mikovits claims that Fauci and/or Gallo stole Rosetti's invention and patented it! Beauty. Heraldry has eyes to see the future. Galts were first found in Perthshire with Justins and Rinds, and while the latter share the scallops of French Bigots, Justins share the border of Steel-connectable Berts/Berta's.

OHHHHHHHHHHHH! We just passed Justins for a potential pointer to justin trudeau, whom Klaus Schwab loves and boasted aboutbecause he and half his cabinet are Schwabite stooges . When I saw the gold stag head in the Sandbach Crest, I wondered whether it could be the gold, so-called "deer" of Trudeau's (Ile-de-France, same as Bigots), and as it turned out, the Sandbach Crest has a "reinDEER"!!!! English and Scottish Steels (Cheshire, same as Sandbachs) were at "Giddy Hall near Sandbach," you see. Sandbachs are in the colors and near format of French Bigots, and while Sandbachs almost have the Comyn Coat, I see the latter as a branch of Comets (Comyn colors and format) in the "comet" of Reines'/Reine's! The Sandbach REINdeer deciphered, and pointing to trudeau.

Raines'/Rains were first found in Essex with the Galt-beloved Patents/Pattens, and while the "ship" in the Galt Crest has "pennants," the pennant-using Cowes'/Coo's share the crosslet of Schole's/Scayle's who in turn share the Patent/Patten Shield. This tends to prove that we are on Patents with the Galt motto. These same Galts share a "vincit" motto term, and a "muzzled" bear, with Alis'/Alice's, and the latter happen to use a "fir tree" while the Furs/Fire's above are Firs too (they came up with the "FURison" of Steels). The Ships use "bellows" while Bellows (Cheshire same as Steels) share the Coat of English Billets in the billets of English Steels.

Comyns were first found in Norfolk with the Risings/RISONs expected in the "fuRISON" of Scottish Steels. Reesors/REASONs share the giant Gallo/Gallus lion, and while we saw why Gallus' can be from the Clausula river, it's smack near ancient RHIZON! One half of the Reines'/Reine Shield is split horizontally in colors reversed from the same of Comet-like Como's/Cuomo's, an apparent pointer to Andrew Cuomo, former New York governor who openly murdered old people in the name of the COVID scheme.

The two Como/Cuomo bends are alone (no other symbols with them), as is the lone bend of Scottish Sandals and German Galts. The other quadrant of Scottish Sandals has a thistle-version of the English Bigot Coat while Fauch's show nothing but thistles. The anti-Christian bigots and the thorny weeds, trudeau and company, preparing themselves for the end-time fires of God. They can't say we didn't warn them. Half the world is condemning them everywhere, but they refuse to hear or repent.

Six Back-to-Back Girls Point to Ukrainian Nazis

As Scottish Bennetts are expected to be related round-about to Goods, we now take it to the "God" motto term of Mens/MAME's, who Mamie pointed to whom I met on my last night with Lorraine. Men's/Mame's were first found in Midlothian, location of Roslin, home of the Sinclairs who not only share "God" in the motto, but a "thy" motto term to go with Mamie's thigh symbol. I find this amazing because the Bennett write-up traces to a first-found situation in a Benedict character in Perthshire, which is where Lyons (Peir/Peer colors) were first found sharing the green lion with Lorraine's. Italian Leo's use the lion likely for the PIERleoni Jews -- named partly after pope Leo Benedict -- who I connect to Peare's, and, as I said, I saw Miss Peare one last time as little as a month after being with Miss Bennett, and as little as a month before seeing Lorraine for the first time. The Mens'/Mame's are said to have been in Perthshire's GlenLYON.

At Godfrey III's Wikipedia article: "In January 1058, Leo de Benedicto CHRISTiano [Jewish founder of Pierleoni] threw open the city gates to [Godfrey] and Beatrice after the election of Pope Nicholas II. Possessing the Tiber and assaulting the Lateran, Godfrey succeeded in expelling the antipope Benedict X on 24 January." That seems to explain the "Christi" motto term of Bouillons.

I met Mamie at her party, and while Partys share the checks of Pavia-like Pavers, and while Pierro's/Pero's were first found at Pavia, Peare's (share Covert LEOpard face), kin of Tiens sharing the Pavia and Covert martlets, share the leopard faces of Party-like Parsons while Pardons/Partons have the Mens/Mame Coat plus a bend.

Ahh, I think I have a new entry that works. I've just loaded French Leons sharing both the lion and flames of one half the Monaco Coat while the other half has a lion in the colors of the Leo/Leon lion. The Monaco-line Monks, first found in Devon, where English Goods were said to be first found only months ago, share the lions of English Goods! The latter's are colors reversed from the giant lion of Spanish Leons and German Leo's/PYRzewski's.

Both Diamond Coats have lozenges in the colors of the Grimaldi lozengy (diamond shapes), and English Diamonds/DINANs were first found in Devon with Monks. The reason I met Mamie at all is that Lorraine was having DINNER GUESTs one night, and so I attended a party with some old friends, and it happened to be at Mamie's place. Dinners/DINANs, you see, were first found in Northumberland with Lorraine's, and Dine's/Diens use patee crosses while Party-like Pattys were first found in WORCestershire with Welsh and English Guests; the latter have a black swan head in Crest to go with the black swans of Chaplets, the latter first found in Lorraine. I don't recall this paragraph's set of heraldry before with the Guests involved, but it's working. French Leons were first found in Gascony with the Labels/La Bells in the "label" of Dinners/Dinans.

Amazingly, the Party Coat, which looks a little like the Coat of Irish Diamonds/DyMOTTs, is a version of the Stewart Coat, and while Stewarts descended from the Dol Alans into Shropshire (where Partys were first found), Dol is less than 25 miles from a Dinan location, not far from MOTT. Party-like Pattys share the lions of Raines'/Rains, the latter expected from Rennes, near Mott.

Let's remind that God gave us an event with Mamie and I at HOME plate of a baseball diamond, a pointer to Huma Abedin of the Clintonite crime ring. Home's/Hume's have the Lyon Coat in colors reversed. The BEDINs/Bedows (Shropshire, same as Partys) along with the Seconds/SEGURs helped to point to Huma ABEDIN, and they both share the Dinner quadrants, what a hoot, for Huma's husband (Anthony WEINer, convicted pedophile) was pointed to in a related event, a couple of weeks later, when Cindy Richardson and her parents came to dine in the pizza restaurant where I was serving tables that night only. I served her family's table, and they ordered WINE. This Cindy was at SECOND base when Mamie and I were at home plate (we three were the only people on the baseball field, no game happening at the time). Apparently, Seconds/SEGURs are in the "succerere" motto term of Diamonds/Dymotts.

Cindy and my job at the pizza place pointed to pizzagate pedophilia, as per Comet Ping Pong pizza, and the comet-using Reines'/Reine's, with the Coat of pizza-like Pisa's in colors reversed, may have been from Rennes too. As Seconds are in the Levi motto, it's a good idea to add that Seconds/Segurs share the lion of Dutch Bennetts/Benedicts. Lorraine's are kin of Childs, and while she was carrying a baby when I last saw her, UKRAINIAN Babys/BabCHIKs share the Party checks, and the Shield of CHICHesters. I've told a million times that God gave Lorraine a babe symbol (as per the Babe surname) via the brother of Joe Oullette, and so let's remind that I bumped into Lorraine at her subway STATION with the Oullette couple, for Stations/State's (Devon, same as Diamonds/Dinans and Chichesters) share the lozenges of Diamonds/Dinans, good proof that these are of the Grimaldi lozengy because Grimaldi's were in the realm of the STATielli Ligures. Chichesters virtually share the motto of Haydens who in turn share the Dives dancette.

When Mamie sat on my legs (around the camp fire), she was on my lap because Laps share the mermaid with Babe's/Babels. It was a continuation of the Babe pointer of Lorraine. But the interesting thing now is the Labbs variation of Laps, perhaps a pointer to Ukraine's bio-weapons labs. Just a preliminary thought. Bill Gates may be the object of the "gold gate" of English Babwells/Babels. The latter's six pale bars are in the MINE/Menne/Mean dancette, and it just so happens that "tentaMINE" is a motto term of Leggs. The merMAID can be part-code for Maids who share the triple bars-gemel of Oullette's.

Why would God be pointing to Grimaldi / Monaco heraldry? Might it be to point to Monk-like Munichs, or to Ukrainian Munichs/MINKs??? Zowzers. Hiedlers/HITLERs were first found in Munich, and English Minks (DANCEtte) are listed with Mens-like Mine's/Menne's/Means we just saw above. She also pointed to the Mames variation of Mens' because her large breasts confirmed her pointer to MANSfields of MAMESfelde. Leggs even have a Good-like "Gaudet" motto term. She sat on my legs on the second occasion of my meeting her, and we slept that night (no sex) in her sleeping BAG, in a TENT, to go with the "Tentamine" motto term of Leggs. Bags share the Shield of Grimaldi's of Monaco. Mr. Zlochevsky, of Ukraine corruption, lives in Monaco. Mansfields (maunch) share the Mansell/MANGELS Coat while Irish Munichs (a giant "deer") are listed with MANGans/Mannix's...looking like the Manx peoples on the Isle of Man.

For what it's worth, the RISdeard variation of Tuits/Tute's looks applicable because they were first found in Norfolk with Rice-connectable Risings/Risons while Diamonds/Dymotts (share Hicks fleur) use a "MiseRIS" motto term while Dinners/Dinans share the Tuit/Tute quadrants. The English Tute's/Touts (Yorkshire, same as Hicks) in the Hicks motto takes us to the chaplet around the neck of the Hicks "buck," and the Guest swan heads are said to have "necks ERASed." The Eras' are listed with Rasmussens, and Mr. Rasmussen was the previous chief of NATO. The Rasmussen bend-with-fleur is colors reversed from the same of Webbers who in turn have a "disk" in Crest to go with the "disco" motto term of Diamonds/Dymotts, and while Diss in Norfolk was also, Disce, the Diss' are Dice's too while three dice displaying a 6 each are used by Quintana's who were married my baron Massy of the Monaco Grimaldi's. It makes my head spin. While Luce's were first found in Norfolk, the Lucents/Luca's expected in the Webber motto share the Monaco hexagrams. Lucca is where Botters were first found who have a version of the BALCON/Balcolm Coat, and I was on Lorraine's BALCONY an hour or so after first seeing Mamie.

The Glads suspect in the "gladio" motto term of Welsh Guests look like kin of English Dance's, and I met Mamie at her party when she took my hands for a dance as she was walking by. A dancette is used by Dives while Dine's/Diens are also Dives'. The Dives dancette is shared by Haydens who in turn share the motto (almost) of Chichesters, kin of Ukrainian Babys/BabCHIKs, both of whom share the Party checks. The other English Haydens (Norfolk, same as Tuits/Tute's) share the Tuit/Tute quadrants i.e. colors reversed from the Dinner quadrants. It reminds that I first saw the Ukrainian, Diane MUSCHATov, at a party when I attended with Joe Oullette! Diane became my girl a couple of weeks later. Haydens are perfect here because Aryan Nations was at Hayden Lake!!! ZOWIE!!! MUSCHATs share the Epstein Coat!

Diane Muschatov is the fifth girlfriend in this discussion if we include Miss Peare too. As I've said many times, my girlfriend immediately before Muschatov was Kelly (don't recall her surname), and Kelly share the Keveney/Gaine Coat, both using green Crests, and the latter surname calls it an "enfield" griffin, the symbol showing in the Hiedler/HITLER Crest! What are the chances? Grace KELLY married the Grimaldi prince of Monaco, which can help to explain why Kellys share the Monaco lion.

The Hall of Names description for Hiedlers/Hitlers doesn't call it an enfield, but the design of the griffins for both surnames, which is very rare at houseofnames, is identical. The Kellys call their Crest an enfield too, but it's not in the same design. An enfield griffin has the head of a fox.

I promptly left Mamie's party, after the dance with her, to see whether Lorraine's dinner guests had left, because I wanted to be with Lorraine. I first saw Lorraine at Lorne avenue and Yonge street, and Yonge's share "Toujours" with Diamonds/Dinans. While Lorne's are in the Lanark/Lurnack write-up, Guest-beloved Swans/Sions, first found in Lanarkshire, share the passant lion of Leo's/Leons! Zinger, is that not amazing? The Glad bend-with-sword is in the colors of the Lorraine bend-with-eagles.

Wow. The Glad sword is in the colors of the Tax/DACH swords, a pointer to the Dachau concentration camps to which Mamie in my taxi had pointed. Glads were first found in Staffordshire with the Duce's/Doocys sharing the lions of Ducks, the latter first found in Somerset with the Borders sharing the crossed swords of Tax's/Dachs. These swords are in the colors of the same of the Shots/Shute's (Wiltshire, beside Somerset) while a sling SHOT is used as the Arms of Dachau. The Fisc-like Feschs share white, crossed swords, and while Grimaldi's of Genova were with the Fieschi, the Fisks happen to share the Shield of German Munichs!!! It's almost the Grimaldi / Bag Shield. WOW! Lorraine and Mamie together are pointing in this way to Ukrainian neo-Nazis. The Feschs and Fiscs are amazing here because, as i said, the last time I saw Mamie -- thanks to my taxi job -- was when I took her to the restaurant of Joe FIX almost directly across Yonge street from Lorraine's bus stop. I got my taxi job due to a taxi dispatcher at hunt street, and Hunts list HUNTER's.

I should add that, when moving into Hunt, I didn't have a vehicle, and so I had to carry a large extension LADDER on my shoulder to Hunt street, and I did so down Church street past Lorraine's apartment. Yes, I was renting on Church street about six houses down from where Lorraine had been living a year earlier (she may have been there still). A year before meeting Lorraine, I was living at this Church-street address for the first time, and was dating Roxanne Bennett while living there, and Bennetts use a scaling LADDER. As I've said many times, I met the owner of my Church-street address when Rick LEGGE and I built his deck.

The owner of this home was VERNE ARCHibald, and while Legge's love the Gaudets/GODays who in turn use HUNTING horns, Hunter Biden was partnered in Ukraine crime with Devon ARCher while French Archers share the crescent of Archibalds (ROXburghshire). I trace Balds to the Baltea river, origin of Baldwin I, first king of crusader Jerusalem, grandson of GODfrey III "the bearded" whom I'll get to below. As Verne's have a version of the Scottish Kidd Coat while these Kidds share the Archibald Crest, it appears that God is pointing to something here. English Kidds have a goat-version of the French BAUD Coat, and while Bauds were a Bald branch from the BAUTica = Baltea river, French Bauds were first found in Verne-like Auvergne with Bouillons while Godfrey de Bouillon was the brother of king Baldwin I above. Is this a pointer to end-time Rothschilian Zionism, and to the Priory of Sion that was the cult of Godfrey de Bouillon? The Guests love the Swans, and Swans are also Sions. Godfrey III "the bearded" was a ruler of Lorraine, and it was Lorraine who had the dinner guests, can we believe it? Archibalds share the crescents of Labels/La Bells in the "label" of Dinners/Dinans.

If one walks across Church street from Verne Archibald's, and continues through the yard of the house there, one would be at the rear of the small strip plaza where Mr. Fix's restaurant was. He had an Israeli accent. Fix's, with the Rasmussen fleur in colors reversed, share the eagle of Stoltenbergs, and the current chief of NATO is Mr. Stoltenberg. It was the ERASed neck line of Guests that took us to Rasmussens. E

The split Shield of English Guests is colors reversed from the same of German FELTmans, and the latter's Shield is a version of the German CAPLan (like "CHAPLet") Coat which in turn shares the split Guest Shield. English Feltmans are listed with the Felthams who worked into Peare's "it felt so good" phrase that belonged to her BELLY-press and her waist-pull on a STAGE, both of which pointed to the family of GODfrey III, son of GOTHelo, likely the line to Good variations. Godfrey III "the bearded" assisted the Pierleoni Jews under discussion from vatican threats. Gothelo was count of Lorraine, no guff at all, and Goths/Gothels share the hexagram of Monaco's and of Hagars, the latter first found in Perthshire with the Benedict character above, and with Lyons. Hagars are expected from the AGARus river, home of TRYPillians, and while German Trips were first found in Hamburg with, English Trips (Kent, same as English Goods) share the scaling ladder with Good-connectable Bennetts.

Hamburg is also where Glad-like Galts were first found, and Glads are suspect in the Guest motto. It appears that God set Lorraine up to have dinner guests for a pointer to the Jerusalem invaders, killers, vatican snakes. Scottish Galts were first found in Perthshire with Benedict of the Bennets, and while the "ship" of Scottish Galts is often called a galley, French Galleys were first found in Dauphine with Galli's who share the Gay/GUEST rooster (!), and with Payens who furnished Hugn de Payens, first grandmaster of the Jerusalem Templars under the Baldwin kings of Jerusalem. It's obvious that the Pierleoni Jews were behind this invasion...likely because they descended from the chief priest of Israel, killer of Jesus, Joseph CAIAPHAS, for Hugh de Payens is said to have married Elizabeth CHAPPES. French Chappes' were first found in Stirlingshire with Bald-branch Bauds, no guff. Plus, French Payen-like Paine's share the fesse of Leo's/Leons i.e. from pope Leo Benedict > the Pierleoni.

The Ships in the Galt Crest have Bellows" while Bellows list Bello's. The belly-press with CHRISTine Peare pointed to the "bello Christi" motto phrase of Bouillons, and Peare's were first found in Oxfordshire with Ships. Press'/Prests are in the "prest" motto term of Diamonds. Godfrey III "the bearded" was duke of SPOLeto, and "spolia" is a motto term of the FELThams/Feltmans. As I said, God must have caused me to say, "it FELT so GOOD," when I was telling about my pressing Peare's belly, and while the Felts have the Bouillon Coat in colors reversed, you just saw why Felthams/Feltmans link to Godfrey III. The other Feltmans are linkable to the Swan-loving Guests.

Felts share a Bird Coat while "birds" are on the bend of CHILDren while Lorraine's share the Child eagles. The Lorraine bend-with-eagles is that also of GORsuch's/GoSTAGE's, first found in Lancashire with English Bennetts almost having the Good Coat, and Goods were first found in Kent with GORE's who in turn share the crosslets of Trips (and Hamburgs) who in turn share the scaling ladder with English Bennetts. These Goods were once said to be first found in Kent...with STAGE's/Staggs, and "it felt so good" was exactly the sensation I had in the dream where I was pulling the waist of Miss Peare on a STAGE, a pointer to Stage's/Staggs, a fairly-obvious branch of Stacys and Eustace's expected from count Eustace II, father of Godfrey de Bouillon and king Baldwin I.

Is there a supreme-court reason that Stage's may have named the GoSTAGE variation of Gorsuch's? The waist-pulling event was also a hips-pulling event that pointed hard to the Arizona audit or election fraud that may find itself before judge Gorsuch of the U.S. supreme court. Gorsuch has proven to be one of the good guys.

Other News

Someone decided to put out this video on the faked Boston Marathon, a real eye-opener on how near-real faked scenes have become from the U.S. military:

Pawlowski 2 has now been arrested in a continuing harassment campaign by an infamous police force:

A Swedish study has released its findings: the mRNA in COVID "vaccines" modifies to DNA INSIDE human-liver cells with the ability, if not the inclination, to change cellular programming. To the contrary, the CDC has maintained that no part of the vaccine gets into any human cells. Therefore, where are the lawyers taking the CDC and vaccine companies to court for trillion-dollar law suits? HURRY UP ALREADY. How many of you, raise your hands, want the DNA of your cells altered? This explosive story is everywhere. Here's Dr. Malone promising legal action against the CDC (= vaccine police) this week:

Did God provide the Liver surname with a trumpet to show that Trump is somehow to blame for liver failures due to vaccines? While Trump's drug lord was Stephen Hahn, by what coincidence is the giant Hahn rooster in Trump colors and format while both surnames were first found in Mechlenburg? Plus, the Liver Crest has "A rooster standing on a trumpet, all proper."" The Bibo's, said to be Hahn kin, use "...a red rooster standing on a trumpet." See this conflict-of-interest revelation, with mention of Hahn at one point:

The only reason there's some relief lately from the vaccine trafficking is due to various revelations weakening the political platforms of liberals who've been suppressing the revelations. If Americans cancel the grip of RINOs over the Republican party this November, we could expect government-sourced, CRIMINAL court action against the CDC and other guilty parties, including RINOs who suppressed evidence of the crimes. But if the Republicans fail to oust the bulk of RINOs (liberal Republicans), then we could expect the same-old, like when nothing was done during Trump's two years of FULL-congressional control. The revelations are shifting the politics, but you need to understand that had these revelations not occurred, the goons would be iron-fisted toward us RIGHT NOW. We would be drowning in fears and perpetual inconveniences, and they would be happy about it. NEVER FORGET what they have been planning against us. Vote them out.

Below is a short clip of a guilty Australian politician admitting deaths by heart attacks, yet not cancelling the vaccinations. He's caught between a rock and a hard place because, if he suddenly cancels vaccinations, then he admits guilt for enforcing them with an iron fist prior to proper testing, and if he allows them to continue, he's guilty of greater numbers of murders. Therefore, HURRY UP ALREADY and start the court cases so that goons like this will retreat in greater fear. Sue biden and trudeau today:

The reports of greatly-increased cancer patients / deaths doesn't necessarily mean that vaccines cause cancer...because cancer takes much time to develop into problematic tissues. The report I've heard is that everyone has some cancer in their body, yet subdued by the body's defense systems. Therefore, the vaccines can be highly suspect for minimizing that defence system, and permitting people with substantial cancerous tissues to become victims of dire cancerous growths in shortened times.

On the other hand, cancers are defined as runaway cells damaged in their DNA programming to the point of not "knowing" when to stop replication. Vaccines can possibly cause cell damage resulting in cancer in the first place. I think that Judy Mikovits blames pre-COVID vaccines in the first place for run-away cancer in Western societies. The medical establishment has blamed cancer on many different things when the reality, which it may be trying to hide, may be that vaccinations cause the bulk of cancers and other diseases. It doesn't take many people globally to introduce a vaccine disguised purely as a safeguard when in reality it's deliberately spiked with the ability to weaken the immune system in various ways. The Creator built the body to fight more than viruses, and He no-doubt caused the disintegration of cells that cause a slow death, but then we don't need that process to be sped up, which is, I think, what the population-control "gods" wish to do to us...but not to themselves nor their children.

The irony is that the mask-goons and pro-vaccine yahoos are the ones, in the main, now dying suddenly of vaccine poisoning. This is sending shock waves into the pro-vaccine "community," the people who were too daft to see what's really going on. Some of them are still fighting to this day to continue on. The Good Father is evil toward those who do evil. Make no mistake about it, when God says that He sends the lie to make people believe the lie, it is a EVIL that the evil deserve. Cancer is an evil, and when God cuts the cancer out of a society, it is an evil toward the cancer, but a blessing for the good guys.

The churches should have been screaming to their sheep NOT to receive the vaccines, and so we await to discover what part the shepherds have played in destroying the bodies of their sheep. It is the evil shepherd who tells his sheep that they should be given a choice concerning the receiving of vaccines. NO, that is an evil message, STUPID. It's long been rung out that COVID "cases" and "COVID deaths" have been artificially inflated, and that vaccines are therefore NOT required. It's been known for months that vaccines are causing a huge number of fatal and near-fatal conditions. The shepherds have no excuse. Their only message should have been: do not risk the vaccines, take your chances with the virus.

If pastors thought they had an excuse in the past, not now. Pfizer was forced to release more documents this week, showing it's knowing that the death rate for its vaccines was three per 100 people vaccinated. That is a huge number, especially if the deaths include a large proportion of young and healthy people under 65. Depending on who one quotes, that 3-percent figure is as much as 150 times the deaths caused by all viruses combined (Thomas Renz has it at only 12 times more). Don't quote anyone who has the COVID death rate amongst people already on their death beds, or amongst false-positive "cases." The COVID death rates have been inflated, get that straight, and even the mortality rates of flus in past years may have been inflated to push flu vaccines...a trick that may have evolved naturally to the tricks being played in the COVID scam.

Just look at this STUPID criminal message from a supporter of the trucker convoy:

The leaders of the Canadian convoy had the same message: you have the CHOICE to choose vaccinations. That is criminal under the circumstances. Change the message, STUPIDS, to: avoid vaccines at all costs, let your risk be taken in catching a virus. "Freedom to choose" is exactly the message vaccine companies want at this time when their criminality is being exposed to the point that government-forced vaccinations are no longer tenable.

As the tables turn, doctors will feel it's riskier to support vaccinations than to speak out against them. That's what we need to see to keep this scheme from overtaking us again. At least, we want this scheme to fumble until the mandatory mark of the beast. At that time, we can check out of their society. Use the time between now and then to make yourself ready to check out. Start talking to others about this. The mark of the beast needs only be a door pass into stores and other workplace building. It doesn't need to be a tracking system or microchip. It can be a number or piece of artwork only, tattooed invisibly into the skin.

If it's invisible, how will we know that it comes with something that looks like "666"? Well, Revelation 13 says that it's a number special to the anti-Christ, a number that represents his very name, and so when the vaccine door pass -- if indeed it does become the prophecy fulfilled -- is in the name of such a man, that will be the clincher for us for revealing that the skin code will be fulfilled prophecy. Trump has shown no sign of backing down from his freedom-to-choose position on vaccinations. That position is just one step away from freedom to not choose.

Here's a story that, if it was out before the last day of February, I had missed until then. This story made it to Fox news (Maria Bartiromo), telling that a DNA bittie, just like the COVID bittie, was patented by Moderna vaccines three years before COVID arrived in 2019 as a pandemic, suggesting that the vaccine companies conspired to produce the vaccines, and, of course, they had every motive to do so. This story tends to reveal that vaccines produce the COVID illness in order to perpetuate the need for vaccines. It's the obvious conspiracy being thrown at the world, obvious unless one is a blind bat. I've heard reports that Moderna stock has crashed, but I don't know whether this story of last week is much the reason for it.

It's incredibly unlikely that a strand of DNA can be matched at random / accidentally when formed in nature as a typical virus. But if the COVID strand of DNA matches the patented strand of DNA, then COVID developed from some substance, placed into human bodies, that had been artificially impregnated with the patented viral bitties. Whether this story is true or not I can't say, but it sure makes sense. Trump's drug lord, Stephen Hahn, became an officer for Moderna interests after Trump left the White House, a clear conflict-of-interest kind of guy. Why did Trump pick Hahn if Trump is so old-owl wise? Nay, Trump is a clown, a fake, always choosing the enemy to run your American government. Go ahead, Trump lovers, pick him all over again if you love torturous, self-inflicted wounds and delusional celebrations.

If ever you want to take a government to court for force vaccinating your kids, give the judge this short story:

John Solomon headline tells the whole election-fraud story on this particular matter: "Wisconsin special counsel bombshell: 91 nursing homes had 95-100% voter turnout in 2020". That's probably about 99.5 out of 100 more voters than was the reality, meaning that Democrats created votes for Biden by faking the votes of the elderly. The liberals are brazen and dangerous wackos who should be allowed on the streets of any country, and, to boot, they project their own criminality onto those who expose them. They would jail the innocent to protect themselves. Like I said, not fit for human society, put them out of their misery, Oh Lord. Take away their lives forever which they have corrupted, because they will not repent and heal.

Here's Judy Mikovits...who always talks too fast for me, and always skips explanations on the questions I have as I listen to her:

Here's an American-trucker tribute to Canadian truckers in what looks like a willing friendship in opposition to globalism in both countries. THIS IS BADLY NEEDED.

The American truckers can now take money out of bank accounts before arriving to Washington, and Canadian truckers can do it all over again (in warmer weather) after taking their money out of their bank accounts. I don't think that half or more of canada decided to do away with COVID mandates simultaneous with the trucker convoy due mainly to the convoy. I think there was some very big scare, prior to the convoy, that signalled it was time to cease complicity with this crime. Perhaps word got around that Pfizer was about to release, at the first of this month, what you see in the video below, an open admission of criminality, and so it begs the question: why did Pfizer release this particular, self-condemning thing? Did Pfizer not have a choice in releasing it? Couldn't it have chosen something else to release?

Late this work week, the following was aired that seems surreal, claiming that all mandates in Canada will end March 14, including masks. How can this be real when, until now, the situation was portrayed so dire that there had to be martial law enacted to quell opposition to vaccine mandates? The cursed liars are exposing themselves even with this sudden shift in attitude. They are not doing us favors, but are afraid to continue. You win, people, curtesy of the mercies of Jesus. I watched this guy's lips; he is indeed speaking what we are hearing:

Time to sue canadian pigs who pushed the fake crisis and then killed people with the remedy for the fake crisis. Perhaps this about-face is due to the latest Pfizer documents unleashed this week, with a near-endless list of side effects that stopped the pigs in their tracks. Time to slaughter the pigs, no mercy, no exaggeration, they deserve to be slaughtered. I know what I'm saying, I know the human devastation they have caused KNOWINGLY. They will pretend they didn't know it, but they did know it.

You may have seen parts of the video below where long strands of clots were pulled out of veins by an embalmer, but this video is newer and shows the long clot being slipped out of a dead woman's artery (at around the 16-17th minute), not a pleasant sight, but this needs to be shared with doctors all over the world to show what they have been complicit with in SOME cases (not all vaccine vials do the same bodily damage). I think this type of clot would create a shock wave for the vaccine producers, because it signals further study into this terrible way to kill people. I saw a similar, long, bloody, worm-like section being pulled from a woman's nostril, imagine if it were you, you'd want to kill your doctor and your political leaders for vaccinating you, and rightfully they should be killed, I really don't care how it's done:

I will never trust my society again, less than before. I will always view my community as crawling with human germs -- the liberals, the anti-Christ pigs -- who will betray us again soon enough. It is coming. There is nothing to celebrate at this time but bought-time to prepare for their final assaults. They have only just begun, and they want blood. They are very unhappy to hear this news that mandates are over. They wanted to drag us tied to ropes behind their horses, so to speak, to torture us.

The next order of business for the goons is their damage controls, to deny their guilt, to plaster over the seriousness of the vaccine-induced illnesses. Whether or not the convoy movement resulted in this sudden about-face, it's going to give other nations that impression so that convoys will be magnified in greater confidence elsewhere.

When trudeau and his paid-for state media accused the truckers of being neo-Nazis, he was projecting his own staff upon them, for here's a Schwabite gal in trudeau's pocket, a Ukrainian elitist to boot, waving a Nazi scarf in Ukraine (why a Scherff-like scarf?):

Movie Time

Here's a corny movie featuring Jesus in a restaurant that you'll probably enjoy; after the movie ends and does the credits, fast-forward a little to some talking:

In the movie, I don't like the part about "religion" getting a bad name. Instead of using that term to confuse, why not make the distinction that Jesus made as per "traditions of men" versus God's commands. The latter is religion too, is it not? These Christians say that Christianity is not about religion, but, yes it is about rules, for how can God's commands not be rules? When non-Christians buck against religion, they see it as bunk. We make a distinction between true religion and traditional, vatican bunk. True religion with Jesus is to care about the plight of people when they endure their plights, to help them if we are able. Their greatest need is to see that Jesus's resurrection is not bunk, for the continuation of life depends upon it.

Here's a decent free Christian movie:

Here's another decent one:

Here's a NASA documentary teaching us that, thanks to the fakery of the moon landings, SOME people (not including the fools) today are learning FAST that Western governments are nothing but fake-shows on a regular basis. There are funny parts to this, but you'll need to fast-forward at times when the repetition gets nauseating. I laughed best at the Reynold's wrap:

Here's a science show with a corny backdrop but with a great message that nails evolutionists to their graves with no chance of resurrection:

John Durham vs. Michael Sussmann

John Solomon has a story this week which includes some arguments in court made by John Durham on why Hillary Clinton's former campaign lawyer, Michael Sussmann, should be blamed for the Russiagate scandal against Trump's bid to become the president. I therefore loaded the Durham surname to see whether it would point to this scandal, and found some interesting things soon enough that merited this section.

My first inclination was to view "Sussmann" with Susa, the royal-Cottian capital. I knew from past experience that Dure's, who could have named Durhams, share the Saluzzo and Clun Coats while Clintons (Oxfordshire, same as Peare's) happen to use that Coat while adding pierced stars in the colors of the "stars" of Pero's/Perino's, the latter first found in Piedmont with Susa and Saluzzo. The FitzAlans who lived at Clun of Shropshire had married Alice of Saluzzo, and Cluns were first found in Perthshire with Dure's. The same FitzAlans had ruled at Arundel while Arundels share the "swallow" with Lille's while SUSans use a giant lily. Susans are in Star/Stairr colors, and the latter use estOILEs while DuLYS'/OILLi's, in Lille colors, were first found in Oxfordshire (beside Susans of Berkshire) with Oilli-like Lille's and Clintons. Lille's use an "honESTE" motto term to go with "estoile."

Clintons share the six fitchees of Hillarys, what are the chances? They are also the six fitchees of Tarves', the latter first found in Aberdeenshire with Turins while the Riparia river, location of Susa, flows to Turin. I trace Traves' to Tarvisium, where Vita's, in the motto of Durham-beloved Dolphins/Dolphins, were first found.

The dream with SLEEPing BAG that I picked up on a HILL was heavily about Hillary Clinton and Perkins Coie, and Hillarys were first found in Worcestershire with Hills and the Clent Hills. Clents are also Clints (Yorkshire, same as Billiards/Hillards, a branch of BILLETs) while sharing the BLYTHE garbs while Bill Clinton's biological father was Mr. Blythe. Blythe's share the red crescent with Durhams. BAGleys were first found in Shropshire with Sleeps, and Bagleys are said to have been in Berkshire too, where Susans were first found. Bags share the lozengy Shield, virtually, of Irish Weirs while Scottish Weirs/Vere's share "NIHIL" in their motto with Durham-beloved Dolphins/Dolfins. The belly-press with Miss Peare took place while I was literally SLEEPING, and Press'/Prests share the Chief of Neils/NIHILLs. Miss Peare, at the end of the sleeping bag dream, had a waist-pulling event that was coupled to the belly-press event, and WAISTells are suspect from Vestalis, son of king Cottius of the Cottians of Susa. The belly-press seems to be pointing to Michael Sussmann here.

Both the belly-press and the waist-pull pointed to the family of Godfrey de Bouillon, and Bouillons (share Moor head with Bellys) have the motto, "A VERO BELLI Christi" to go with the "vero" motto term of English Vere's. Bellys share the rose of Jumps who in turn share the Trump and Peartree/Patria stag head. It's appropriate to get to the Trump stag head here with Sussmann being charged for a crime against Trump.

The "seDULo" motto term of Lille's can indicate Alans of Dol because FitzAlans derived from them, but, to boot, Dule's are listed with Dulys'/Oilli's. The Lille's use a "swallow in flight" while Flights are listed with FLATTs while Alans of Dol descended from FLAAD, father of Alan. If that's not enough, Dolphins/DOLfins are in the Durham Crest, as well as in the Arms of Dauphine over the Cottian Alps from Susa. Sedans/Siddens, who have a "sed" motto term to go with "SEDulo," were first found in Durham with the Wear river while Wears/Were's ("fuiMUS") were a branch of Weirs/Vere's who share the fesse-with-stars of Durhams ("fert aniMUS").

Sedans/Siddens were a branch of Seatons/Sittens who share the Durham and BELLamy crescent, and while Bellamys (Shropshire, same as Swallow-branch Sallows and Alans of Dol) share the Bell and Mellanson fesse, Bellys (Moray) were a branch of Baileys who in turn share the Moray stars with Durhams and Weirs/Vere's. Steve Mellanson was given a COTTON-swab event to point to Klaus Schwab, and Cottons/Cotta's are expected from the Cottians of Susa while Mellanson's wife was Susan.

MELLANsons (Aberdeenshire, beside Peartree's/Patria's) use rods "with an axe in the middle," and Middle's with Motleys of MedliCOTT were first found in Shropshire as part of the Mead/MEAT bloodline, recalling the SITTaceni scythians of lake MAEOTis (Azov), home generally of Alan Huns. The MELANchaeni are shown at the top of this old map of Caucasia on the Tanais (= Don) river to Maeotis. The Cotesii were on the north side of the SENSii, the latter possibly naming Sion/SITTEN (Switzerland, same as the Sens' and Hocks), and Mellansons share the crescent of the Sens' and of the Hockeys while Hocks share the swan of Sions/Swans. The map has a Naparis-like Navaris location on the Tanais. The Sensii are on the Naparis at the top-right of this dark map.

I trace Alans of Dol to the Roxolani Alans that I saw stamped at the Buzau river, home also of the COTESii, yet Wikipedia's Roxolani article has them on the NAPARis = IALOmita river, which tends to explain with YELLO's were first found in Oxfordshire with Peare's. Yells were first found in the area of the first-known, Lille-beloved Flights/Flatts, the latter suspect with Flaad of the Dol Alans. The Durham-related Weirs/Vere's were first found in Roxburghshire, named by Roxolani. Napiers come up as PEERless' (Perthshire, same as Cluns and Dure's), and Peartree's/Patria's, appropriately sharing the Trump stag head, are in the "pro patria" motto phrase of Dure's, how amazing is that? It appears that Miss Peare is pointing to Durham's probe as it relates to MICHAEL Sussmann. Durham-beloved Dolphins (Dol colors) were once said to be first found in Surrey with Michaels.

I don't know whether Sussmann was working officially for Marc Elias of Perkins Coie, but it's well known that Elias was participating centrally in the Steele dossier given to the FBI to create Trump's Russiagate. Coie-like Coys share the pheons of Cardine's while Trump-pointing Peartree's/Patria's were at KinCARDINE. Sussmann was a key participant with foisting the FBI against Trump. It's a crime to knowingly foist false information upon the FBI against a presidential candidate, and later also against the president himself.

The FBI under Sussmann's crimes was James Comey, whom Trump fired but replaced with another swamp snake, Christopher Wray. It's waist-pulling interesting here that Pullings/Pullys have a Coat much like that of Wrays. When Trump hires an FBI chief without asking him if he's willing, ready and desirous to stamp out the swamp, and to arrest the Clintonite mob on behalf of his voters, Trump is as good as a traitor to his voters. He deserves all that he got from the snakes. He bragged about being a skilled boss, then chose three men to run his Justice department who all refused to prosecute the swamp. Bill Barr threw the hot potato to John Durham, not willing to risk his own life for the people. Trump's campaign ran on risking his life to put Hillary in jail, but he then betrayed the voters as soon as he took Office. He spent four years acting as though there was nothing he could do about the three men he chose to run Justice. And so will the voters foolishly choose Trump for 2024 instead of the more-promising DeSantis, who genuinely fights swamp crocs with his bare hands and a kitchen knife in his teeth?

I've just realized that the Pulling/Pully bend-with-scallops is in the colors of the BALCON/BalCOLM and Chatan bend-with-roses. I showed earlier how Comeys/Come's (share Clan Chattan motto) link to the Balcolm kin of Botters and Chattans (ROXburghshire). The Boders/BAUDers are new right here, and they look like Balcon/Balcolm / Chatan kin. The Buder/Bauder description mentions the "bottom" of the Shield, and Bottoms are listed with Bothams/Boothams. It just so happens that Bothwells (share Lynch Coat) have "A boy PULLING down a green pine tree." Bottoms/Bothams share a Lucca-like Lace/Lacy Coat.

The "swallows in flight" of Lille's is the description also for Swallows (Lincolnshire, same as Eagle's) while the six swallows of Arundels are in the colors and format of Eagle's. The six Arundel swallows are in colors reversed and in the format of the Hillary and Clinton fitchees. The Sallow (not "Swallow") Shield is that of Italian Belli's in colors reversed. While Belli's were first found in Verona with Bellino's, Welsh Bellings/Bellins share the Eagle lions, and moreover the Powys' (Shropshire, same as Sallows) have the Bellino bear paw in colors reversed. Powys' share red fitchees with English Bellings, the latter first found in Worcestershire with the six-fitchee Hillarys. Is the belly-press pointing to Hillary Clinton here, since the waist-pulling event on a PLATform pointed to her private server at Platte River Networks (Denver, same as Dominion Voting and Perkins Coie)?

Pullings are like "Bulling," and Roger de Bully is in the write-up of Trump-pointing Jumps (Yorkshire, same as Pullings/Pullys). As I said, in my 1979 dream, the BULLdog JUMPed into the kidney-shaped pool and got half SWALLOWed by a nasty shark. The shark's teeth circled the bulldog's BELLY when it was half in the shark's mouth head-first. The Clinton crime ring looks like this shark. Jumps share the Belly roses and the Trump stag head.

The amazing thing now is that the sleeping bag was picked up on a hill that was a BANK off of a Rodham-like Road, and Bagleys share the Root Coat. Sallows even share the Rod/ROOD Chief-Shield colors. The Banks were at Craven, and Cravens have the Coat of Ricks (Somerset, same as Bulls/Bule's (Plow kin?) in colors reversed. English Bellings share the six fitchees of Ricks (share Rosco/Risco fesse) in colors reversed. Belling-like Bullings use a plow while Plows, sharing the Dole and Bush/Busch fleur-de-lys, were first found in Shropshire with Sallows and other elements of Saluzzo, and Saluzzo is beside Busca. Bosco's are in the Rose write-up to explain the giant rose of English Bellings. French Bellings share the ROSco/Risco cinquefoils. Rosco-branch Rush's/Rish's are in the "bulrushes" of Perts/Petts who in turn share the lozenges of Jump-connectable Bullys, the latter first found in Dumfries with Bells.

As the bulldog was HALF in the shark's mouth, I thought it was a pointer to Stefan Halper, who was part of the Steele-dossier plot. Halpers/HALFpennys, sharing the Steele checks, were a branch of Helps/Halfs, and the Halper-Chief rose is in the Chief of Bell-like and Billet-connectable Bills (Somerset, same as Bulls/Bule's), who happen to use a "patria" motto term.

Repeat: "Paul Smith was in the throes of becoming a JOURNEYman carpenter, and so where Pauls share the Carpenter crosslets while Carpenters share the Belly motto, I think it's God's lead to certain other matters. The motto includes Acuitas-like "acuta" (see trudeau's financial ties to Acuitas in the last update)." I've just checked for a Journey surname to see that it shares the checks of English Steele's, first found in Cheshire, beside the first-known Sallows with the six Carpenter pale bars. The Journey / Halper / Steele checks are half in the colors of the checks of German Bills/Bilss', all looking like a pointer to BILL Blythe whose mother later married Mr. Clinton to produce Bill Clinton.

The amazing thing here is that the English Bill Chief has the rose in what must be a Blythe- and Bilss-like billet, though the description doesn't mention the billet, yet its in the colors of the three billets in the Steele Chief, how amazing is that? The English Bills even share the Saluzzo Chief-Shield colors, and look like Clinton and Roet kin. The pelicans in the Chief of English Bills are for the Pellicans, first found in Maine with the Billiards/Billets, with nearly the Coat of Billiards/Hillards (Yorkshire, same as Pauls and Pullings/Pullys). By what further coincidence were Halpers/Halfpennys first found in Worcestershire with Billings, Clents, Hillarys and Hills? Halps/Halfs (eagle in Crest) were first found in Lincolnshire with Arundel-connectable Eagle's.

The Clinton / FBI / Sussmann plot against Trump was facilitated greatly by Loretta LYNCH, Obama's attorney general (boss of FBI) at the time. It therefore appears that God arranged for Halpers/Halfpennys to merge with Pennys/Penes' because the latter share the LYNX with Lynch's. The Pennys/Penes greyhounds are half in the red-on-white colors of the Gore/JORE greyhounds while JOURneys share the Halper/Halfpenny checks. Gore's/Jore's have a version of the French Alan Coat, both sharing the Chief of Galli's (Dauphine, same as Galleys) while English Galleys share the checks of Halpers/Halfpennys, and adding greyhounds in colors reversed from the same of Pennys/Penes'.

That's amazing enough, but then Pennys/Penes' were first found in Northamptonshire with the Ladys/Laudymans while a "lady" is used by Suss'/Suese's (Austria, same as Swiss'/Switzers). Sussmanns are Suessemanns too. Lords/LAUDs have the cinquefoils of McKinneys in colors reversed while McKinneys use a "SUIS PREST" motto phrase to go with the belly-press, and the other McKinneys look like kin of McCabe's, beauty! Not only was Andrew McCabe' Comey's deputy director for the FBI during the Sussmann crime against Trump, but McCabe's share the salmon of Hammer-branch Hams while Paul Smith the carpenter took us here in the first place. Hammers share double dolphins with the Durham Crest.

Press'/Prests were first found in Hertfordshire with Vince's/Finch's who in turn share the Hatten motto. Salmons are in Saleman colors while the latter are in the colors and format of the Hat bend-with-wreaths while the Suss/Suese lady is said to be "in a hat." Hats look like a Hayden / Haddington branch, and McKinney-related Frasers are said to have been of the Keiths (Catti) of Haddington.

Just to show evidence that God arranged the Journey heraldry to go with Paul's work, let's remind that Journeys share the Halper and Steele checks. Carpenters have a chevron-with-crosslets in the colors and format of the chevron-with-stars of BattiSTELLI's (more billets). This seems to nail Paul's pointer to the crimes committed by Stefan Halper and Christopher Steele. The Battistelli's share the pyramid with Tolle's/Tulls, and the latter can be traced to Tullia of Lyon, the line to Tulls/Tullia's who have one of the two pale bars of German Steels (not "Steele"). The reason that German Steels share the Berta griffin is probably as per Berthe, wife of Mummolin, for the latter descended from Rusticus of Lyon, who was named after Decimus Rusticus, husband of Tullia of Lyon. It should be added that while Battistelli pointed to Lisa Page (I'll show you how), English Lise's/Liss' were first found in Hampshire with the Flys (and BOTTERs/Buddys) expected in the BUTTERfly symbol of Tulls/Tullia's.

I last saw Lorraine with Paul, and while Lorraine's share the green lion with Lyons, I saw her the time before that at the subway station while Stations/State's share the lozenges of MontaCUTE's, feasibly part of the "acuta" motto term of Carpenters. The Battistelli PYRamid can go well with the "PER acuta belli" motto of Carpenters and Bellys, especially as the Battistelli and Carpenter chevron is shared by Bellys. The latter share a blue chevron with three, gold items upon it with Carpenters and Battistelli's. Bellys share the eight-pointed Duc/LeDuc stars, and while Batti's and Stelli's both have eight-pointed stars of their own, English Ducks (Somerset, same as Montacute's) share the Chief-Shield color combo of Battistelli's. Ducks are even used by Have's/HAAFs while Halps/HALFs share the gold fitchee with Halper/Halfpennys.

I don't think it's a coincidence that German Ducks were first found in Westphalia with NAILs/Neils/Nagle's while Irish Nagle's have a fesse-with-lozenges in the three colors of the fesse-with-crosslets of Pauls! Paul Smith the nail-hammering carpenter! Plus, as I've said, he once gave me his home-made, wooden ROUTer case, and Routs/Roots have the Nagle lozenges in colors reversed! Irish Nagle's have a "nightinGALE" in Crest because Gale's are in Nagle colors and format, and so while Gale's too have a fesse-with-items in the colors of the fesse-with-items of Pauls, both surnames were first found in Yorkshire! It's beside the Durhams of Durham, and Durhams love the Dolphins/Dolfins who in turn love the Nihill variation of Irish Neils/O'Nails. And, super, the Galleys who share the Journey / Halper / Steele checks were likewise first found in Yorkshire! In fact, both the Gale's (unicorn head) and Galleys have a horse head in Crest done in bendy! Who could ask for more, yet we can add that Galleys share the white greyhound with CUTE's/Cutts. Gale's share the saltire of Nails/Neils/Nagle's. Now I know why God made me friends with Paul Smith.

God used the songs of Francesca Battistelli several times to point to surnames. The first time He did so was in pointing to the Page's as per my pool shot on Obama's BILLIARD table in a dream I had about two weeks after Trump took Office in 2021. French Page's were first found in Dauphine with Galli's and Galleys. When I went to take a shot, the cue ball was a flat piece of paper on the table, and so I needed to figure out whether it was a pointer to the Paper surname versus the Page surname. And just seconds (maybe five, maybe ten) after loading English Page's, while staring at the Page Coat, "I'm an empty page" sang over my speakers from the Battistelli song, "Write Your Story."

As I shot this piece of paper with my pool CUE, I began to think that it was a pointer to Perkins COIE, Hillarys legal firm known to have hired Fusion GPS which in turn hired Christopher Steele to create the fake dossier against Trump. One one of the main players in the FBI, for this scheme, was Andrew McCabe, whose FBI-appointed lawyer was Lisa PAGE. Moreover, one of the main abuses of McCabe's FBI at that time was their opening an official spy case on Carter PAGE.

It wasn't for a significant time after being at the Page Coat, as per the Battistelli event above, that I realized: the Papers have three items on a chevron in the colors of the same (different items) of Battistelli's! Beauty, but it can be added that the Papers put lion heads on their blue chevron in the colors of the lion heads upon the blue fesse of Gale's! Beauty. These lion heads are in the colors of the Carter lions while the other Carters share the white greyhound with Galleys.

I can even connect the Cue's/Kews to the Halper-branch Halps/Halfs. Let's also mention that Sheaves'/SHAWs share "Qui" with Gale's, for Scottish Shaws (share dagger with Comyns/Comine's) have the Comyns (Shaw colors and format) in their write-up who were in turn first found in Norfolk with the Cue's/Kews who the Comyn/Comine garbs. The Comyn/Comine Coat is shared by AVISONs probably due to AVESNes being near Comines (in Artois). Avesnes is on the HELPe river while Halps/Halfs come up as Helps too. Halps/Halfs not only share the gold fitchee with Halpers/Halfpennys, but with the Winchester Crest while Winchester is where Carters were first found. It looks like a pointer to the spy program on the Trump team by first acquiring an excuse to spy on Carter Page.

Houseofnames once said outright that Carters were first found in Winchester, but has since removed it even though one Carter write-up has the earliest-mentioned Mr. Caretarius from Winchester. Houseofnames probably knows my work, and sometimes I think it tries to thwart my links if someone complains about them. Saer de Quincy, earl of Winchester, can be gleaned from Quints because they too share the gold fitchee, and Quincys/Quince's are in the "quince" held by the Sforza lion, which is in the colors of the Winchester lion. Why might houseofnames wish to deny you this link?

Quincys/Quince's were first found in Northamptonshire with the Pennys/Penes' (more greyhound) suspect in Halfpennys, what a hoot. It's a great reason to see the page on Obama's POOL table as a pointer to carter Page, and yet it can point to Loretta Lynch too because Pennys/Penes' share the lynx with Lynch's. The latter were first found in Galway with Teague's/TEEGERs while German Teegers share the giant, eight-pointed star of Steele-connectable Battistelli's (!), and Francesca Battistelli is the one who verified that the cue ball was a page on Obama's table. Plus, Sforza's (almost the Rita Coat) were first found in Rome with Rita's, and the latter were from "Rieti," home of Vespasia Polla, the line to Pools. I took a shot on a POOL table, and Pools were first found in Dorset, beside Carters and Lisa-like Lise's. French Lise's/Lys' were first found in Ile-de-France with LePAGE's, I kid you not. The Pool lion may even be in the Carter Crest. Poole of Dorset overlooks the sea to the Isle of Wight that itself has a Cowes location while Cowes', with a coup-like Coo variation, use PENNants.

As Vespasia Polla was wife to Flavius SABINus, it explains why Pullys/Pullings -- first found in Yorkshire with Pauls (I get it) -- share the scallops of Sabine's, the latter first found in Norfolk with CASE's, Comyns/Comine's and Cue's/Kews. The Case-like Caws' are listed with Mackays who in turn share the dagger with Cue-related Comyns/Comine's (makes Cue's look like a Caws branch). French Caseys were first found in Ile-de-France with Lise's/Lys' and LePage's, and the latter may have the Pool / Rita lion. Paul Smith gave me his WOODen ROUTer CASE, and while Rout/Roots were kin of WOODs sharing the Roet tree, Roets and their Reed branch (both use books) were from Rieti too. Irish Caseys almost have the Caret Coat, and while Carets were first found in Yorkshire too, I looked them up as per Mr. CARETarius in the write-up of the Carters who share the giant Sforza lion. We once again are seeing a pointer to both Lisa and Carter page.

[Insert -- I didn't know until after four paragraphs below that Smothers'/SMITHers share the red eagle head with Irish Caseys. The Smothers'/Smither Shield shares the Coat of Irish Henrys, first found in Tyrone with Neils/O'Nails. French Henrys, who were at Mott, have a familiar chevron, and Mott liners happen to be in the next paragraph before this insert was conceived. Mott-Henry is near St. Malo while Malo's/MALLETs (= type of hammer, goes with nails) share the Case buckles. The Payne's with a "Malo" motto term were a branch of Payens/Pagans, the latter first found in Dauphine with French Page's/LePage's. The full Payne motto is shared by French's who share a green dolphin in Crest with Coffee's/Coffers, and the latter's is the naked rider on a dolphin in the Arms of Taranto! Taranto is in the next paragraph too. In colors reversed, the Coffee/Coffer and French dolphin is that of Hammers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! INCREDIBLE. End insert.]

Case's ("DIStantia") were first found in Norfolk with Diss, and Diss'/Dice's (Norfolk) have a gold-version of the Child Coat while the Child Coat is the TARANT Coat in colors reversed, recalling that Lorraine walked right by Paul Smith and I in the resTAURANT holding an infant child. The Tarent Coat is that also of English Francis' (like "Francesca"), and almost the Irish Casey Coat while Taranto is in APULia, i.e. where Polla's / Pauls may have derived. Suddenly, the French's sharing the Coffee/Coffer dolphin makes Francesca Battistelli more pivotal in the pointer to Andrew McCabe.

[Insert -- The Wears/Were's speak on their very close relationship to Giffords who share the full motto of Payne's (Somerset). The motto includes "Malo mori" while Mori's are listed with Murena-like Morinis' while I think Taranto elements named Terentia Murena. The Weare-Giffards were of the Devon and Somerset area with the first-known Tarrs whose Coat looks like that of Touraine's while Thors/Tours were first found in Devon too, as were French's sharing the full Gifford motto. Touraine's were first found in Savoy with Galli-branch Gays who both share the gold rooster with the Gifford Crest. While the Morinis' in the Deering write-up are said to descend from Osberts, the latter are listed with OsBERNs who in turn share a tiger in Crest with Dennis-like Dents who in turn share the Gifford lozenges. In the Gifford write-up, we have OSBERNE Giffard of BRIMSfield while Brims/Breams share a "fish" in Crest with Smiths while Smiths (Gifford colors) were first found in Durham with the Wear river.

The reason I'm inserting this immediately before the Quinns below is that the Brims/Breams have "bream" fish in their Shield in the colors of the Valiant "sharks," and Dennis Quinn (my teen friend), as I've said a million times, loaned me his parents' Valiant car to date Miss Hanson at SAM's ResTAURANT (that was the place's full name) for the first time. Sharks were of the Saracens of southern Italy, having named Saracena on the Sybaris river along with Morano, and Morano's were first found in Modena with Morinis'. The Guiscards of Sicily made a military pact with the Saracen leaders, Samsam and Timnah, and Samsons were first found in Gloucestershire with Brims/Breams. Wears/Were's are said to have been on an Axe river while English Dennis' show nothing but axes.

Samsam and Timnah may have known of their descent from something to do with the Biblical Samson, who had a wife from Timnah. Timmins share the Smith chevron, and for reasons not repeated here, I trace Smiths to Amazons under mythical Hephaestus (= mythical metal smith), whose sister was Hebe, wife of Hercules (a Dennis-like Danaan), the latter having been descended from the Danite entity represented by Samson of Timna. Esau's son had married Timna, and "Esau" may have formed a tribe that eventually became the Axe river, for one Axe river starting in Somerset goes through Devon, where ESSE's/Ash's/Aschs were first found. I saw some mythology in which HephAEStus ("aes" means metal") was related to Aix terms. The line of Esau thus becomes suspect in Lemnos, the island of Hephaestus, and location of Morinis'-like Myrina. Malis'/Mellish's were first found in Devon with Malo-loving French's.

Repeat from above: "The Newmans/Numine's in the ASton (and Smith) motto look like kin of Raines'/Rains. Ash's are also Esau-like Esse's." TourRAINES' may have been a Tour-Raines merger, and while I trace Raines' to Rennes, it's off the Meu river, where I trace My's/Mea's in the Brim/Bream motto, but also near St. Malo while Mallets/Malo's are in Deering colors and format. Deerings were first found in Kent with Time's/Timms. The line of Timna, and I saw a Moray surname with a "Deum Time" motto that goes well with Mori's. The Spey river at Moray was likely named by Speyers of the Speers who share crossed spears with Timmins.

I trace elements from BUXENtum near Saracena-related Laus, to Buchanans, and the latter are probably in the write-up of Millens/Milans (Aberdeenshire, same as Mellansons and Scottish Dene's) due to their sharing the same lion. French Mellans, in Mallet colors to go with "Malo mori," have a Coat like that of Valiants (shark), and these Mellans were first found in Ile-de-France with DEER-using Trudeau's. English Mallets use "deer" too. Irish Mellans/Melons (Tyrone, same as Sharks) have a bend in colors reversed from the Wear/Were bend. Milan is where Maurels/MAURINO's were first found whose Coat looks related to that of both Mellansons (an "axe") and Timmins, and it just so happens that Time's/Timms share the Mori/Morinis' fleur-de-lys. Steve Mellanson lived on the same floor, in a small apartment building, as Dennis Quinn, when I knew them both. End insert]

The Motels in Taranto may have the winged horse of QUINNs, for Sforza's love Quince's. The Motel-branch Mota's (similar Coat to that of Cue's/Kews) are suspect in the "Immota" motto term in the Arms of L'Aquila (not too far from Rieti), and L'Aquila is where Sheaves'/Chiava's were first found who show keys to go with the "Qui" motto term of English Sheaves'/Shaws, and of the Gale's suspect with the Carter / Paper lion. The Chiava's are suspect from the Cavii Illyrians at Lissus, the line to Lise's/Lys' first found in Ile-de-France with Chappes'.

Bari is a major city in Apulia, and Scottish Barrs, first found in Ayrshire with Carrot-branch Carricks, share the Aquila Coat. Bill Barr probably assigned John Durham to do an investigation on Russiagate in hopes of subduing, or even cancelling, that task, for Barr is an anti-Trump, Bushite swamp lizard.

It's also mentionable that while Smiths use a heron while Herons (in the colors and format of French Caseys/Caze's/Casa's) were a branch of Horns/Orne's, the Orne river flows where the BiaoCASSES lived while Caseys have a "casus" motto term. I still have Smith's router case. It came with a lock and KEY. Note that Casino's go with dice, and that Casano's/Cassandra's look like a branch of Cassane's/Cassandra's, the latter first found in Hampshire with Lise's/Liss'. The Irish Pattersons show a Cassane variation, and while Pauls were first found at PATRington, Pauls share "Pro rege" with Scottish PATTERsons (share pelican with Pullys/Pullings). I met Miss Peare, who was given the waist-PULLING event, when she was a SALESlady for REITman's clothing, and Sales'/SALLETTs are probably from the Salto river through Rieti. Irish Caseys use a "Per" motto term to go with the "Per" above.

Ahh, "per" is a motto term shared between router-like Reuters and German Hammers/Hemmers, and while the latter two have very-similar Coats, that Hammers/Hemmers share the Sforza / Carter lion holding a hammer, what Paul Smith does most of the time in his profession. So, his router case is now pointing to Hammers, and while English Hammers can be gleaned as kin of Hams, the latter share the salmon of McCabe's, how amazing, whose FBI-appointed lawyer was Lisa Page. Sales'/Sallets share the black bend with Salemans, the latter using it in the colors of the Salmon salmon. It's just amazing that Italian Salmons share the FISC/Fisk Shield, for the FISC is the name of the FISA court that Andrew McCabe used to get a warrant for spying on Carter Page!!! You can't believe this, can you? Italian Salmons were first found in Sardinia with Avezzano's, and Avezzano happens to be a location smack near the Salto river! Plus, it is a fact that Avezzano liners named Avesnes on the Helpe river, and Halpers were a help branch!!! See? Believe it. God is using heraldry to point to crimes now under investigation by John Durham.

The Smothers came to mind after writing the paragraph above, but it was only after loading them again that I was reminded that they are listed with SMITHers. Smothers were found as per the final scene in my dream with my red Jeep, and I've told many times that Paul Smith owned a red Jeep when I was having coffee with him, when Lorraine walked by us. His Jeep was about 35 years before I bought my red Jeep. After I spoke with the previous owner of my Jeep, in the dream, I was holding a barrel-like container. To make a longer story short, those two events pointed to Bill Barr's do-nothing attitude for Trump. After dropping the container on it's open rim, flames developed around the rim, and I JUMPed down yelling "fire," and then started to smother the flames with sand. Jumps share the Trump stag head. The opening scene of this dream pointed to Bushite Nazi's via a SHOPping CART, for Shop variations link to SCHERFs/Schere's and Carrick- / CARROT-related Shere's), and president George Herbert Walker Scherff had hired Bill Barr as his attorney general in the 1990s. It' a good bet that the Shop Shield is in the Battistelli Coat, and it was Francesca Battistelli who pointed to CARTer Page.

In real life, I was given a Russian medallion on the hood of my red Jeep when getting back to it with a shopping cart full of GROCeries (this story first appears in my 4th update of October, 2017). Groce's/Graggs look like they are of the Greggs and Craigs, the latter being in the Carrick motto as Carrick ancestors. Once can see that Lawns/Lane's and Groce's/Graggs were related, and Lawns/Lane's share a Carrick motto term, as do cart-like Carrots. As it turns out, the horizontally-split Groce/Gragg Shield is colors reversed from the same of Francesca's, and the latter look like they may be using the Page/Lepage, Lepage and Pool lion, is that not amazing?

The Roys (LANarkshire) in the Lawn/Lane motto share the giant Pool and English lion, and I add the English's were first in Herefordshire with Doors and Barrels. As soon as I was no longer riding the shopping cart in the dream, I was complaining to the former owner of my Jeep about the DOOR HANDLE missing a barrel-shaped part. The last time I talked to Paul Smith, who once owned a red Jeep too, he told me he was hand-making DOORs (in Saskatchewan). The Handle's and Handells share the Moray Coat, and while the MEDALion pointed to Medals/DOUGals sharing the English / Pool lion, Douglas' (Moray) share the Moray stars in Chief, identical to the English Chief. The Pool-branch Pollocks were first found beside Lanarkshire, and they built a castle at Moray's Rothes.

Sussmanns are also SusKINDs, and Kinds use "Cornish choughs" but looking like ravens. They are black, as is the giant raven of Rothes/Rothchilds, the latter first found in Bavaria with Sussmanns. Hoods/Hoots use the Cornish chough too, and English Rothes' happen to be in the colors and format of Coughs / Cuffs. The medallion on the hood was stamped with "SAINT-PETERSBURG RUSSIA," and Peter Pollock, the proto-Rothschild, built Rothes castle. "Kynd" is a motto term of Kays along with Kepke-like "kepe." Kays (Key branch), first found in Yorkshire with Keppochs, use two of the Rothes bend, and both surnames have a white head in Crest. Kays use a "Kynd KYNN" phrase, wherefore let's repeat: "...the Suss/Suese lady is said to be 'in a hat.' Hats look like a Hayden / Haddington branch, and McKINNey-related Frasers are said to have been of the Keiths (Catti) of Haddington." McKinneys look like McCabe kin.

Now Wikipedia's article on Clan Pollock shows their saltire in green on gold, the colors of the similar cross in the Arms of Pula/Pola (Istria). The Andrews tend to be showing a green-on-gold saltire, I think we can assume, and this can point to ANDREW McCabe, I think, because Andrews were first found in Case-like CAITHness, named by the Chatti of Hesse-Cassel, and then Irish Caseys share the chevron of Cassels while the latter were obvious kin of Carrick-related Kennedys. Cassels and Kennedys share "Avise" in their motto, and Avis'/Avisons (share Comine Coat) were an Avezzano branch to Avesnes on the Helpe river, the pointer to Stefan Halper, McCabe's helper in spying on Carter Page et-al. Cassels share the black key with the Arms of Comines near Avesnes.

It just so happens that Spanish Franca's (and Italian Franks/Franca's) share the McCabe / Coffee/Coffer fesse while the Pollock saltire is showing for English Franks! Italian Franks/Franca's (partly have the Covert/COFFERt fesse) have a Coat similar to that of Irish Heffers who in turn share the crescents of English Coffers/Coffare's (Coffey/Coffer-cup colors), the latter first found in Somerset (beside French's) with English Heffers. This suddenly tends to explain why FRANCesca Battistelli was used for a pointer to Andrew McCabe's crimes.

The "quam" motto term of Cambridge's is expected for Cams because Cambridge was named after the Cam river. Cams share the six Lise/Liss pale bars while Scottish Lise's/Lease's have two of the Clare chevrons. Now watch how this picture points to Lisa Page and Andrew McCabe. Cass'/Cash's were first found in Cambridgeshire with the Tricks/Tracks (share Lorraine lion) suspect in the "VicTRIX" motto term of Andrews. Cambridge's share "quam" with Francesca-like French's who in turn share the Cass/Cash chevron, and it just so happens that Cambridge's share the Swan/SION/SINE/Some's swan while Siena is where Francesca's were first found. Sonnys/Staneys, probably kin of Stanleys (Cambridgeshire), share the Mallet scallops, and Some-like Somes'/Soams/Soans' (mallets in Malo/Mallet colors), first found in Suffolk with Clare's and Mallets, have one of the triple Clare chevrons. Sunnys use suns, and Clare-branch SIENs/Suns/Sinclairs were first found in Midlothian, beside the first-known, Sion-related Seatons/Sittens. The latter named Devon, where French's were first found along with the Page's whom Francesca Battistelli pointed to.

The Francesca-like French's share the Coffee/Coffer dolphin. The "VICTRix" motto term of Andrews goes with the "Victoria" motto term of Coffee's/Coffers who in turn share the McCabe fesse. This has Andrew McCabe all over it. Coffee's/Coffers, Kennedys and Cassels all have dolphins in their Crest.

Avezzano is off the Salto river of the Sales'/Salletts who in turn have a version of the Cuffey/Cuff/COUGH Coat, and a "Cornish CHOUGH" is used by Hoods/Hoots were the medallion was on the Jeep's hood. The Pullys/Pullens from the Salto at Rieti love the Culp variation of Cups/Cope's in turn in the "cups" of Coffee's/Coffers. Rieti-line Reeds use a "copia" motto term. The fleur-de-lys of Sales'/Salletts and Cuffeys/Coughs / Cuffs is shared by PLAINs/Platers (Suffolk), and the page on the pool table was afterward a plane.

It appears that Andrews may have named the Andeville's in the write-up of Anvils, for an "anvil" is used by Scottish Smiths (share heron with English Smiths) McCabe-linkable Hammers go with anvils, and while one works iron on anvils, Irons/Orions were a branch of Horns/Orne's and Smith-beloved Herons, and moreover Irons/Orions were at AIRAINes, near ABBEville, and thus this relates to the McABEE's/McCabe's of ARRAN. How about that. The Orne river passes Caen while Caens (Dorset, beside Somerset) share the motto of Sure's/Shore's in turn in the Scottish ANDERson motto. Anvils were first found in Somerset (beside French's) with the Payne's who in turn share the motto of French's (share Sure/Shore chevron). I trace Caens to the Ceno tributary of the Taro, near Placentia, and the latter uses a wolf in its Arms in both colors of the wolf of Nordic Andersons.

When I went to take a shot, the cue ball was a flat piece of paper on the table, and so I made it into a paper plane and took the shot, sending the plane in a corner pocket without hitting a ball. It was a sewer shot, in other words, and so I looked up Sewers to find them listed with SUTERs, and eventually realized that this was a pointer to Obama's previous name, Barry SOETORo. I then gleaned harder that the paper on the pool table was a pointer to Lisa Page and/or Carter Page.

One of the most prolific speakers, if not the most, against the Russiagate scandals perpetrated by McCabe is Dan BONGINo, and "BENIGNo NUMINE" is the motto of English Smiths, first found in Durham with Durhams. Newmans/Numans (Dorset) were probably in the "Numinor" code of JJ Tolkien, for Numenor was an island that I deciphered as Arran years before I knew of the McCabe's, first found in Arran. Bongino's were first found in Tuscany with the Francesca's, and Battistelli's share the Bongino stars. Dan's wife is Paul-like Paula, and while Paul Smith studied to become a JOURneyman carpenter, Jure's/Gore's look like Bongino kin.

Two Red Jeeps

"NuMINOR" may have been Tolkien's code for Minors too, first found in Herefordshire with Doors and Barrels, and the latter's Chief-Shield colors are even reversed from the same of Minors. neither Shield has symbols, and both have just one symbol in their Chiefs. It looks like a hit, a connection to Smith's red Jeep via the "numine" motto term of Smiths, and thus tending to verify that God gave the Jeep dream with door-handle problem. Minos use "A naked ARM", perhaps code for arm-using Armours who in turn share the Handle / Handell / Moray stars. And it just so happens that the Minor Chief-Shield colors are shared by Brocuffs/Procks, the latter first found in Silesia with Handle's/ Handells. I include Handells because they have a motto for further clues that could relate to the Jeep scene. The Moray-like Amore's come up as "Armer" and happen to share a white dog head with Barrels!

Ahh, "MINERva" is a motto term of Prime's who in turn use a giant leg while Leggs) almost the Trump Coat) have a "tentaMINE" motto term. Mine's look connectable to English Lise's/Liss'.

As I've said, Jeepma's are Cheps too while Chappes'/Cheaps were first found in Stirlingshire with Medal-related Bauds, more proof that God provided the medallion on my FOOD BASICs grocery store. Foods/Foots were kin of Fothes'/Fette's, first found beside ProFETTs who in turn share a giant human leg with Prime's. Fothes'/Fette's were first found in Kincardine with Peartree's/Patria's who in turn share the Trump stag head. Basic-like BASKins share "wheat" with Chappes'/Cheaps. Baskins happen to have an "ARMis" motto term to go with the "arm" of Minors, and while the latter are said to be from BASKerville's in turn descended from Plantagenets, the latter were Fulks of Anjou from Fulk I, husband of Miss Loches'. Loches' were first found in Burgundy with the Prime-like Primo's and Sire's/Sirets, and while the latter two use a "mirror," Mire's/Mireux's were first found in Anjou.

Baskins share blue vair with Quints while Quints share the black lion paw with Minors. I don't recall Minors working into the Jeep dream before, but Minors just connected to the medallion on Jeep, and perhaps God's intention is pedophilia i.e. minors = children.

I think I can link several things shortly above to the crocodile shoes of Zlochevsky, which might, for some reason I don't now know, link Hunter Biden's pedophilia to Saint Petersburg. I'll start with the "ARMIS et DILigentia" motto of Baskins, suspecting it to be for the Dile's in the "crocoDILE" of Irish Dene's because the Dile's have a giant lion in the colors of the ARMY/ERMINE lion, and the latter surname was first found in Lincolnshire with the Restons who share the Coat, almost, of BASKets (both use ERMINES). Not only are half the Reston leopard heads in the colors of the same of Scottish Doors ("lion's paw"), but the Minors ("lion's paw"), suspect as kin of Barrels, have the Chief-Shield colors of Cutters, the latter first found in Dorset with Baskets.

It can be added that the Welsh Bachs/BAGHs, sharing the vaired Baskin fesse, were first found near the Minors and Barrels. The Bags look like they have a version of the Bulger Coat, and Hunter Biden was involved in crime with James Bulger. Bulgers share "ears of RYE" with Saddocks, and the latter were first found in Sussex with the Deans who share the giant Dile lion as moreover share the full motto of crocodile Dene's. The Rye's/RISE's were once said to be first found in Sussex too, but are now said to be first found in Norfolk with Reston-branch Ristons/RISONs, and Rhizon is beside Cutter-like Kotor while we crossed Cutters above with Minors. Reesors/Rice's can be gleaned with the Reesors/REASONs who likewise share the giant Dile / Dean lion. Baskets share the demi-gold lion in Crest with the other Irish Dene's (Galway, same as crocodile Dene's), and the same demi-lion is used by Graffs/Graffens who pointed to graphene-poisoned vaccines.

It then gets Nazi-interesting where that demi-lion is in the colors of the Nassau/Naso lion while Italian Naso's/Nasi's are in Reston colors and format. The Ristons/Risons have a giant cross in the colors of the saltire of English Franks who in turn have a "nati" motto term. German Franks share a white column with Kinds who in turn have "Cornish choughs" while Cornwall is where Stone's were first found in the Naso/Nasi "mill stones," and it just so happens that while Restons share the leopard faces of Scottish Doors, Stone's have a reflection of the English Door Coat while the Barrels (same place as English Doors) have a white dog head to go with the white dog (a "spaniel") in the Stone Crest. The three choughs (showing as ravens) of Kinds are in the colors and pattern of the three "black birds" (showing as ravens) of Verone's, and then Belli's and Bellino's were first found in Verona while Nassau's/Naso's use billets while Billets share the Coat of English Bellows/Bello's (Cheshire, same as Birds).

While Reston-beloved FACE's/VASE's/Fessys have the Segni's/Segurana's in their motto, the latter's eagle is half in the colors of the eagle of Stone's who in turn have a "viVAS" motto term. Segni's/Segurana's, first found in Genoa with DORia's who in turn have the Stoner eagle in colors reversed, are linkable to Barrels especially thanks to Barrs.

I'd like to go back to this: "Baskins happen to have an "ARMis" motto term to go with the "arm" of Minors, and while the latter are said to be from BASKerville's in turn descended from Plantagenets, the latter were Fulks of Anjou from Fulk I, husband of Miss Loches'. Loches' were first found in Burgundy with the Prime-like Primo's and Sire's/Sirets, and while the latter two use a "mirror," Mire's/Mireux's were first found in Anjou." While French Grands were first found in Burgundy with Loches', the latter share the cinquefoils of Gows/McGoo's who were in turn first found in Inverness-shire with Scottish Grands, and my Jeep is a GRAND Cherokee! We've got big fish here by the tails.

The LEGRon variation of French Grands could be of the Legro's (Burgundy) sharing the Soar/Sors lion so as to be of the Legro/Soar river of Leicestershire...where Simon de Montfort ruled who's in my Jeep! My Jeep was owned by the Italian Simons. French Grands share the Coat of Nerets while the DAORsi and the Ardiaei were on the NERETva river, and then the Ardiaei line to Arduinici married the Doria's! Beauty. God arranged for me to own the GRAND Cherokee, and then pointed to its DOOR handle. Perhaps the barrel-shaped part that was missing didn't allow the door to LOCH, so to speak. In the dream, I heard "barrel-shaped" as the part missing.

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, I just remembered; Irish Smiths are listed with Gows!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We just saw Gows/McGoo's playing with the Grands! This is why Smith had a red Jeep too! The "exPELLIT" motto term of Smiths/Gows gets the Pellits sharing the Scottish Shaw and English Pilotte Coats, and while these Shaws share the "dagger" with Smiths/Gows, Pelosi's/Pellati's were first found beside Bra, perhaps identifying the "TeneBRAS" motto term of Smiths/Gows with Bra. Bra is in Piedmont with Italian Franks/Franca's while German Franks share the column on red with Pelosi's.

"TENEbras" can be partly for Teens using a Pilat-like "blade," for Blade's share the saltire of Scottish Franks, as well as white pheons with French Pilate/Pilotte's (Burgundy, same as Loches' and Grands). The "arma" motto term of Gows/McGoo's works with Armys/Ermine's, first found in Lincolnshire with English Pilotte's. The Army/Ermine Coat is virtually the one of Cowans while Smiths/Gows and also Gowens. The Army/Ermine lion is almost the one of Brazile's while Donna Brazile (as corrupt as Nancy Pelosi) had the BRASwells in her ancestry (says her Wikipedia article). Pelosi's/Pelotti's have a bull in the colors of the Bulger bull head, and while James Bulger was involved with Hunter Biden, Scottish Hunters (Ayrshire, same as Cowans) share the "hunting HORNs" of Turks/TORKs (Dumfries, same as Leggs) while Smiths/Gows use a "TORCH" while English and Scottish Smiths have a Horn-related heron. Dumfries is the location of Annandale, and the Annandale Coat is essentially that of Armys/Ermine's.

Donna Brazile's (involved with WikiLEAKs dump from Seth Rich) middle name is "Lease," and Leak's have a human LEG, as do HOSE's (Leicestershire, same as Legro river and Simon de Montfort) while "arma HOStes" is a Gow/McGoo motto phrase. Leaks (Lincolnshire, same as Armys/Ermine's) share the Chief of Cowans (almost the Army/Ermine Coat).

The Burisma company of Zlochevsky not only had Hunter Biden on the board, but Igor Kolomoisky, and the latter is online having a SHARK tank. So, while French Mellans/Melons have a reflection of the shark-using Valiant Coat while Irish Mellans/Melons were first found in Tyrone with Sharks, we can take things to Mellents/Meulan because Mellanson-branch Milans/Millens are also Mellents. Dene-like Dennis Quinn loaned me his Valiant in a pointer to vaccine poisons, and Quints are looking like kin of Minors and Baskins. Mellansons were first found in Aberdeenshire with Scottish Dene's/Deans. Mellent/Meulan was ruled by Beaumonts (Dorset again) who married Simon de Montfort, and as the giant Montfort lion is colors reversed from the giant one of Italian Simons/Desimone's, we add that the former owner of my Jeep is Mr. Desimone. It was to him to which I complained about the DOOR handle, and DORset is where Baskets were first found who are in the "basket" of the Irish Mellans/Melons.

As I said, Mellan liners were kin of Buchanans / Buchans from Buxentum, at the PALINurus area of Italy, and Palins, first found in Dorset, where Quints were once said to be first found, have a black lion to go with the same of BUCHanans and Buchans, and to match the black lion paw of Minors and Quints. Baskets were first found on Wight too (off the Dorset coast), and while Cowes is on Wight, Cowes' use "pennants" while Pennants were first found in DENbighshire with the Bachs/Baghs sharing the vaired fesse of Baskins. The Trevors sharing the Pennant Coat were first found in Herefordshire with Minors, Doors and Barrels.

Did it occur to anyone that the Ukraine war may cause the vaccine goons to falsely claim that the Russians attacked a Ukrainian bio-weapons lab to release the next pandemic? Let's hope this does not take place.

The previous owner of my Jeep is from Benevento, where Aquila's were first found who share the eagle of Barrel-branch Barrs and of Segni's/Segurana's, the latter first found in Genoa with Bag-related Grimaldi's. It just so happens that the Segni/Segurana Coat is much like the Barrel Coat while sharing the moline of Scottish Dene's/Deans. If I recall correctly, James Bulger and Hunter Biden were both involved corruptly with Rosemont Seneca, and, perhaps, AstraZeneca vaccines are to be pointed to here. Seneca's nearly have the Flint motto.

It's possible that Seneca's, whom I see as a branch of Snake's/Snooks, were related to Snake-like Segni," for snakes are used by Seagars while Segni's, with the Seagar moline in colors reversed, are listed with SEGURana's. German Seagars even share the eagle of Snake's/Snooks. Then, it just so happens that Segni's/Segurana's were first found in Genoa with the Fisc-like Fieschi (see their Wikipedia article), and Fiscs happen to use an "astra" motto term that could point to AstraZeneca. English Seagars were once said to be first found in Norfolk with Fiscs, and while it's where Fasts were first found, German Seagars share the Fast quadrants. German Seagars look related to this Arms of Rothschild

I've just loaded my own page at, where the Russian medallion is shown, and the google URL line adds "Not secure," as though my page might give people a virus. This is a google trick played on pages it finds threatening to the deep state, but my entire tribwatch website is shadow-banned by google. No matter, I tread on because God will pay google back what it deserves for supporting global gangsters and banning those who wish to expose them for the betterment of the whole world.


Here's all four Gospels wrapped into one story.

For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God.
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