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February 22 - 28, 2022

Heraldry Nabs justin trudeau Yet Again
My Tums and Bladder Point to Esau's Bloodline in the Cottian Alps

If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture

If at anytime you want to know a Coat's description as given by an unidentified person/group, see Hall of Names. One way to better deal with my long updates, and links to several stories, is to put your computer to sleep (instead of shutting it down) so that this page is ready for you whenever you feel like continuing in the following days.

All Scripture can be summed up like so: pray to God in love, and treat all people well when they are near to you. And then just one more thing: EXPAND UPON those two things. If you do them because Jesus said so, but also because you are in agreement with those principles, then you also have The Faith. To do them because Jesus said so, and because you are like-minded, is to have GREAT FAITH. This is the best news of this week.

The problem with trying to treat all people well is when they don't treat you well, or don't even like you, you lose desire to treat them well. What do you think is the solution here? Can we at least do good to people we don't have much heart toward? Yes, we can. The first way to treat them well is not to repay tooth for tooth. Resist your backlash, and mumble if you must. It's okay to think, dirty-rotten... Just leave it alone, whatever the person did to you, if it's affordable for you. If the person is suing you for $5,000 when you don't deserve it, and can't afford, it, it's okay to defend yourself in court. There is a limit to what you are to give when people ask it of you, and each person has a different limit.

The good news is: anyone who is not like-minded with Jesus will not have freedom to be otherwise when Jesus returns with the Iron Rod of His rule. People can fight for freedom all they want, but the only freedom in all the universe is in doing things Jesus' way. You, mere human, don't get to call the shots on what can or cannot be free to do, speak and think. If God says it's not to be free, it means you must pay a price if you do it or think it. And if you pay a price, the free thing you think you enjoy is an illusion. If you must pay a price, it's not free. This generation is paying a big price for its liberal SINdrome, because it has sinned big. Dan Bongino argues that freedom to sin must be permitted in a free country. That's not what Jesus argues. Don't be deceived by this type of "Christian." The foolish virgins have a platform now, beware them. Bitchute is a sinful place of free speech. How can Bongino's platforms be any better? Or Trump's new platform?

Bongino argues that the fathers of American gave "God-given rights" as part of the nation's foundations, but then why not create a social-media platform where everyone must respect God's requirements in order to post? No sewer mouths, no porn, no promotion of faggotry, no attacks on Christians, no attacks on Jesus, all blatant lies placed in the Lie Folder (videos still available). If you think this is ridiculous, then you think Jesus is ridiculous too. We had best watch how we think.

The good news is: if we just stick to the ways of Jesus, we will escape the price paid by others. How good will that feel? HOLD THE VINE. God gave Jesus a big stick; nobody has a bigger one. He's coming with army boots the second time, and once He's done stomping the winepress of wrath, He'll take the judicial robe from his backpack, put it on, and smack down the iron gavel upon all nations. He will teach proper justice, and the peoples will be amazed with it. Justice sprinkled with mercy to those who showed mercy, and the fist for those who use the self-serving fist. Woe trudeau, the Christophobe who pairs his snake's tongue with his unreasonable fist.

Below is the latest I've seen in the quest to prove the existence of graphene-oxide in "vaccines." The speaker tells that science labs reporting on this will be persecuted instantly, and perhaps this is exactly the truth to explain why there are not many such reports as this. As the speaker spoke, I was keeping an ear out for a surname to go with my claim that God provided the Graff family in my youth to point the GRAPHENe-oxide. At seven minutes, the speaker introduces a British professor, Andrea C. Ferrari, and it just so happens that Graffs/GRAFFENs share the giant lion of Ferrari's. Save this video for when it might be needed to fight the government on your forced vaccination:

(Load Graff link now to have access, on another tab, to other Coats of Arms.)

The Graff/Graffen lion is said to be "holding an anchor," and Holdings/Holdens use a two-headed, red "allerion" (beakless eagle) while Specks/SPIKE's have a giant, two-headed, red eagle; both surnames were first found in Lancashire with Holds/Holts, and the latter share the squirrel in Crest with Hazels while Holdings/Holdens were first found at Haslingden. It just so happens that Haslingdens are listed with HAZELtons, and while Hazels were once said to be first found in Cheshire with Weavers, they share near copies of one another's Coats. This is a big deal because German Weavers are also WEBBers, and the event that pointed to graphene-oxide was Mr. Kepke, at 14 years of age, dangling a spider on a WEB, chasing me with it, in front of the Graff home while Karen Graff, my friend of our age (also 14), was watching (and enjoying me cower).

I've told all this before, and added that Kepke-like Keeps (Sussex, same as Hazeltons) use a "weaver's shuttle", I kid you not, proving that God chose Kepke for the event to point to graphene oxide. I've seen self-assembling graphene looking like a spider. There is also this: "Silk Spun by Graphene-Fed Spiders Is One of the Strongest Materials on Earth" and "Spiders Create Graphene-Infused Super Webs." If God pointed to graphene-oxide, then it must be true that it's in vaccines, and may even be a part of the mark-of-the-beast tracking systems.

You wouldn't be reading any of the above had there not been a "holding" term in the Graff description, and had there not been a Haslingden location of the early Holdings, but we then also had the "coincidence" of Holds sharing a squirrel in Crest with Weaver-connectable Hazels. The latter call their Crest, "A squirrel cracking a NUT", and while Nuts/Knuts were first found in Gloucestershire with HOLDers (one of the two Hold fesses), Cnut's/Knots/Note's (Derbyshire, beside Cheshire) share the Hazel crescents. Holds describe their Crest with: "A gold squirrel HOLDING a HAZEL branch". English Silks/SilCOCKs were first found in Derbyshire, and Cocks in Somerset with Webbers.

We saw the Spike's sharing a double-headed, red eagle with Holds, first found in Lancashire with Graff-loving Holdings and Spike's, and so does this point to the deadly spike PROTEINS in vaccines? Seems reasonable. Holdings were at Haslingden, and Haslingdens/Hazeltons use a "PRO" motto term while Peare's (share chevron-with-stars of Tiens'/Teins) were kin of TIENs'/TEINs (Oxfordshire, same as Peare's), and those two terms spell "proTEIN," is that not amazing? I capitalized "Tiens" too because it's a motto term of Hold-beloved Squirrels, is that not amazing? The Spike Crest has a porcupine, and that mammal has needles, as do vaccine syringes. The Graff/Graffen lion holds an anchor, and Anchors/Annackers have a Chief much like that of Tiens'/Teins.

The Pero's even have two hexagrams in the colors of the same of German Karens/Kerns (Coron / Corona colors), and I recently showed how Karens were Ceraunii liners, suspect from whatever named mythical CORONis. There we have a pointer to the corona virus because the spider event was in front of KAREN Graff. Pero's call their hexagrams, "flaming stars," and Stars have a chevron in the colors of the same of Irish Kerns, and colors reversed from the chevron of Haslingdens/Hazeltons. It's the latter that have a Pero-like Pro" motto term. Pero's are also Perino's, and Perins have another "allerion" to go with the Holding allerions. The Graff/Graffen description uses "holding," and the holding is done by the "DEMI-lion" of Graffs/Graffens while Demys/DuMais' have the Perin/PerRION Coat exactly minus the alleRION. What are the chances if not arranged by Someone?

I like to add that while Pierro's/Pero's/Petri's were first found in Pavia, Pavia's share the Tiens/Tein martlets, assuring that Peare's and Parrots (use pears) were a Pero branch. From the Petri's, we take it to Patria's/PEARtree's, and then to PATmos, where John, writer of Revelation, wrote about the 666. Mythical characters were named after entities, people groups or places, and I see the Chora city on Patmos from the entity that named Coronis, a LAPITH, and mother of AscLEPIUS, the mythical medicine man i.e. right down the coronavirus line. The COVID > vaccine schemers in big medicine are now suspect with ushering in the 666 as vaccine passes into stores and other buildings.

The last update found the Stairr variation of Stars, which brought me back to my first kiss with Miss Peare when we rushed up the stairs of a La Paloma bar to get away from Mr. Kepke (he had invited her to the bar) as he was busy doing something away from the table. We were 18 years old at the time, just four years after the spider event. Paloma's have two pale bars in the colors of the Pero pale bar, and while stairs are "scala" in Italian, Scalia's have a pale bar by ladder colors reversed from the pale bars above. I return to Scalia's here because of Skala, a city on Patmos that I think named ASCLepius. It makes me think that Peare liners were from Patmos.

Here's something new. I've told years ago that the Star/Stairr lozenges are colors reversed from the same of SETTLE's, but can now add that the latter were first found in Lancashire with Holds, Holdings and Holding-connectable Specks/Spike's. Then, Kepke points to the "weaver's SHUTTLE" of Keeps, and lo-and-behold: that symbol is owned by Shuttleworths/SHETTLE's!!! Zikers, even the latter were first found in Lancashire, and even in Bury of Lancashire, where Holds were first found! AMAZING! Stars/Stairs were first found in Wiltshire with Shuttle-like Shute's/Shoots, kin of Calls/Calles' (Wiltshire) showing nothing but TRUMPets, and while Patria's/Peartree's share the Trump stag head, Livers/Levers (Lancashire) have the trumpet too! Trump calls himself "father of the vaccines," and so if he becomes the president in 2024, he's expected to facilitate the ushering in of the 666 system. I find this shocking.

I'll come back to Shuttleworths, but first to the Mathers (Kincardineshire, same as Patria's/Peartree's) having fesses in the colors of the Pero/Perino pale bar, and stars colors reversed from the Pero/Perino stars. We then follow the "CELERiter" motto term of Mathers to both Celler surnames, one sharing gold acorns with Dutch Tromps and the German Cellers (Swabia) having eagle heads in the colors of the eagle of Dutch Tromps, thus implying that Cellers were a Call/Calles branch, beauty, I didn't know it until now. Calers/Kallers are split horizontally in the vertically-split colors of Dutch Tromps. The Mather/Mother Crest is even the Crest of Scottish Drummonds, who look like "TRUMp." The description of Scottish Cellers (Angus, beside Sellers/Cellars) includes "...the CENTER acorn flanked by two silver disks", and Centers have nearly the Parson Coat with the Peare leopard faces. Cellers were first found in Angus with Sewers/Suters sharing the Patria/Peartree fitchees. Kepke and I met Miss Peare when she worked at REITman clothing, and this could connect to Ritters feasibly in "celeRITER." Rita's share the lion of German Rolls (Swabia, same as German Cellers).

Ahh, my claim was that Mr. Kepke (had hair a personality like Trump) was a pointer to Trump by various methods, and here I can add that the blue roundel in the Webber Crest is called a "disk" to go with the Celler disks. The "PRAElucent" motto term of Webbers can be partly for Irish Prays sharing the Trot/TRUDE pale bars. As Webbers were a branch of Keep-beloved Weavers, Kepke's spider dangling on a web is pointing to the trudeau family. AHH, lookie: Trots/Trude's are expected from the Trotus river, anciently the AGARus, and Hagars, first found in Perthshire with Justins (share gold border with Webbers!), share the hexagram of Spanish Lucents/Luca's expected in the Webber motto term, "praeLUCENT"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HUGE SURPRISE.

While Parsons are in the colors and format of the Bardys (Perigord, same as Fauchys and Faux's/Fage's/CHOLLENS' (pointer to Tony Fauci and Francis Collins), Parson-like Persons/Pearsons almost have the Coat of French Person-like Poussins while poison-like Poissons have the Bardy Coat plus a dolphin! Lookie at that implication. English Poussins, showing just three fesses in the colors of the three, fessewise trumpets of Calls/Calles', were first found in Oxfordshire with Peare's, which hardens Peare-line links to Trumps. Calls/Calles (Wiltshire, same as Shute's) and Poussins are in the colors and format of Shute's while Sewers/Suits/Suters share the Patria/Peartree fitchees. That's huge for making Miss Peare a pointer to Trump's warp-speed criminality. Swedish Sewers have a Lance Coat in colors reversed while the Trudeau "deer" can be of the lance-using Italian Dere's sharing the Person/Pearson stars.

The split giant griffin of Calers/Kallers is that of Hagar-like Hangers/Angers (share escarbuncle with Anchor-branch Angers), and the Caler/Kaller griffin holds the hexagram of Hagars (Perthshire, same as Roll-like Rollo's and Drummonds), suggesting that Anger liners can derive from the AGARus = Siret river! That's new. The Sire/Sirets (Burgundy, same as LOCHES') even use a mirror as code for the Mire's/Mireux's, first found in Anjou = Angers! Count Fulk I of Anjou married Miss Loches'. The Loches'/DeLoges' must be in the Sire/Siret description: "...a green snake LOOKing at himself in the mirror." Apparently, ancient Siret-river liners, as ancient as its Agarus name, settled and named Angers. The Caler/Kaller hexagram is shared by Jeepma's/Cheps having a double-headed eagle in the colors of the one-headed eagle of Dutch Tromps. Jeepma's/Cheps almost have the Coat of Shuttleworth-connectable Worths.

It's been a while since I've mentioned an ANGUSta location that I saw on a map on/off an Agarus tributary (roughly the Trotus) to the west side of the Agarus river. English Ritters share the Angus lion, and Scottish Cellers were first found in Angus. Annas' share the Angus star, and Annas'/ENNIS' were once said to be first found in NOTTINGhamshire with AINSleys, and while Cnut named Nottingham, Danish Cnuts use "pot HANGERs." The Enys'/ENNIS' were first found in Cornwall with ENDers. I can trace Bacons well to a Bacau region / province at the Trudeau-connectable Trotus river, and so let's repeat that the white boar in the Crests of Bacons/Beacons and Coltons (Trudeau colors and format) is likely the white boar head in the Enys/Ennis Crest. "ANGUSTis" is a motto term of Cabbage's (share BAKer lion) in the "cabbages" of French Plants/Planque's, the latter being from Geoffrey Fulk-Plantagenet. Angusta was probably the Augusta on this dark map. When I compare that inaccurate map to a modern map, Augusta seems to be on the Trotus river.

The Cabbage and Baker lion is shared my Mackesys/Margesons while Max's/Maxeys (Northamptonshire, same as Cabbage's) have "Nicholas de Makeseye" in their write-up. Max's/Maxeys are in TRUman colors and format, and while Truman's share the crowned heart of Douglas', the latter were first found in Moray with One's/INNIS,' and with the Bellys sharing the chevron of Dutch Bakers/Beckers. Belly-branch Baileys (Moray stars) and their One/INNIS kin look like they have a brown version of the Enys/ENNIS Crest. The One-like Una/OENeus river is beside the COLapis, and that's where I'd trace the Coltons suspect with the Enys/Ennis boar. Trumans, new to me here, were looked up as per the Tremond variation of German Drummonds. The Margesons suggest that Mackesys were of the Margys/Mackeys (MurDOCK kin) using ravens "HANGing on an arrow". French Bacons share the Dog/Doag/Dock cinquefoils. This Mackesy Coat shares the green snake with Sire's/Sirets.

Zowie, the Looks are listed with Lucks/LICKs sharing the Hanson and Faux mascle!!! Miss Hanson's ice-cream (sold to me), which pointed hard to Tony Fauci and Francis Collins via the Faux's, was LICKed my me, and German Hansons share the green snake with the one LOOKing at "HIMself." Hims are listed with Hume's/Home's mentioned in the last update with HUMorului at the upper Siret river. Selfs/Shelfs, suspect in "himSELF," are in Him/Hume/Home colors. From the last update: "It's important to add that Humorului is near the SITNa river where we find Trustie-like Trusesti while Leath's/Leith's (Midlothian, beside Seatons/SITTENs), sharing the Seaton/Sitten crescents, use the motto, "Trustie to the END," like the "True to the END" of Hume's/Home's, thus tending to assure that Hume's named Humorului." True- and Trudeau-like TRUmans (Devon, same as a Seaton location) use a green dragon "spouting FIRE from both ENDs proper," matching the green Seaton dragon "spouting fire." The Fire Coat is almost the Swab/Schwab Coat, and we just saw Trump kin (Cellers) first found in Swabia. Leaths have the Anchor lozenges in colors reversed.

It was only after writing the above paragraph fully that I got around to loading the Ends, listed with German Enders, which reminded of what I had forgotten: they share the Swab/Schwab unicorn!!!! This set of heraldry is linking Stephen Hahn, Donald trump and KLAUS Schwab. Clot-like Clauds/CLAUSels even share the acorns of Dutch Tromps. Do not trust Trump.

Shuttleworth are also ShuttleWORDs while English Words have a version of a Ward Coat, both sharing the checkered shield of Warrens. Before getting to the punch line, let's add that Words share the leopard faces of Irish Kerns for connection to Karen Graff and the Stars/Stairrs. Let's also add that Katrina Hanson, the ice-cream girl whom I dated at 16, lived on WARDen avenue in Gormley while Gormley-branch Grime's share the Pavia Coat three times. Karen Graff lived in Gormley at the time of the spider event. Miss Peare lived, at the time I met her, in Unionville, which has Warden avenue as its western boundary, and Wardens happen to use PEARs. The punch line comes where Warrens are from ADA of Warenne, the line to AIDs/Ade's! I don't mean to be excited, for COVID "vaccines" are now causing partial AIDS in victims, defined as a loss of immunity to viruses and bacteria.

The Levi's with an "aide" motto term were from the Laevi Gauls, founders of Pavia on the Ticino/TESSin river with a source in Switzerland. Tease's/Tess' were first found in Switzerland with Graffs/Graffens.

Ada of Warenne was the daughter of Elizabeth of VERMANdois, and Vermans/Firmans use a "Christo" motto term while Miss Peare is CHRISTine. The Christ surname has a Coat like that of Papa's (both share red roses with Pierro's/Pero's), and Pavia was also, Papia. The Christ and Papa Coats are similar to the Deck/Dagger Coat which in turn shares the red squirrel with the Squirrels having a motto, "Tiens FERME."

Elizabeth of Vermandois descended from the Capetians, and English Capets are listed with Caiaphas-like Capes'. Joseph Caiaphas, expected by me to descend from Laevi Gauls, killed Jesus. As Gauls founded Galatians just before the appearance of Sadducees and Pharisees in Israel, I assume that Laevi Gauls were to the royal Galatian, Quadratilla Bassus, wife of Lupus LAEVillus (first century AD), a king in Cilicia, beside Syria, the latter being where SETH lived, father of Annas/ANANus the Israeli high priest whose daughter married Joseph Caiaphas. Christine's share the Shaw/SETH Coat. The Annas-like Enys'/Ennis share the Chief-Shield colors of Parrots and Capes', no guff, and the ANANES Gauls named the Annan(dale)s who have the Tease/Tess saltire in colors reversed. The latter put LEAVES on the saltire, we get, we really do. While Miss Peare lived in Unionville, Karen Graff lived at the corner of UNION and Doner streets. Unions are also ANIONs, and their "millrinds" are partly for Rinds sharing the scallops of Warren-branch Ware's (Devon, same as Moline's) who share the lions of Chase's, the latter first found in Hampshire with moline-using Mills.

The chief-Shield colors of Capes' is shared by French Jeune's while English Jeune's were first found in Cambridgeshire with Capone's for a hard trace to Junia Caepionis (a couple of generations before Caiaphas, and contemporary with Seth, father of Annas). Capone's share the Stair Coat.

Elizabeth of Vermandois married Mr. Beaumont, and her Beaumont grandfather was the son of Waleran (Meulan) of the LEAVElls, tending to explain why Levi's use "aide." English Leavells were first found in Somerset with STICKs while Shaws/Seths are said to be from "SITHECH." Waleran de Leavell lived at (or ruled over) Yvery while Iverys (Oxfordshire, same as Peare's) have the Peer/Peir bend in colors reversed. The latter's bend is that also of Wears/Were's, first found in Devon with the Wearings sharing the Warren checks. Warrens happen to share one of the Beaumont lions. Were-branch Vere's share the Annas star, and Vere's/Weirs were first found in Roxburghshire with Scottish Leavells.

The Vermans/Firmans, and Elizabeth of Vermandois, and Farmers, thus look like they have the Monks lion heads in colors reversed, for Monks were first found in Devon too, and are from MONACo with GRIMaldi's (use a monk symbol in Monaco), the line to Gormleys/GRIMES' (Grime/Grimm martlets in colors reversed). Monaco's share the Graff/Graffen lion. Keeps ("weaver's shuttle") were first found in Sussex with Warrens, and this is beside the CHASE's who share the lion of Ware's (Devon, same as Wears/Were's and Warren-branch Wearings). English Farmers share the Wearing hunting horn. Kepke CHASEd me in GORMLEY with a spider dangling on its web, and I had a spiderphobia at the time, which is why he chased me. The Chase lion is in the colors of the lion heads of Chretiens, and the latter too are in the Levi motto.

The funny thing now is Mykola Zlochevsky, Ukrainian owner of BURISma Holdings, who has/had a shoe boutique on the Dnieper river, which is at least near Keep-traceable Kiev. Kepke sold shoes when he met Miss Peare. Zlochevsky has a home in Monaco. And the Graff-connectable Holds were first found in Bury while Burys are also BURIS'. I wonder, what could Burisma's players, or Grimaldi's of Monaco, have to do with the lead up to 666. Prince Grimaldi of Monaco married Kelly Grace, and from her came baron Massy to Monaco. One baron Massy of Monaco, alive today, married Miss Quintana while Quintana's use three dice each showing the six. Dice's/Diss' share the eagle of Grave's/Greafs while Graffs/Graffens are also Gravs. Monaco's share the Graff/Graffen lion.

The Seconds in the Levi motto share the lions of German Grimms while English Grimms are the Grime's using the English Pavia Coat three times. The quadrants of German Grimms are in the colors of the split-Shield of Italian Pavia's (Piedmont, same as Pero's/Perino's). Seconds were first found in Limousin with Clairs while Clare's became Crispins of Bec, from Crispina, we may assume, wife of Mr. Grimaldi. Grimaldi's were first found in Genova with Segni's/SEGURana's, and Seconds are listed with Segurs. Segni's/Segurana's share the ESTE eagle, in the colors of the Perin allerion (eagle), and "esto" is a Weaver motto term while Warrens share "est" with Webber- and Poppin-related Pepins/Pepys (share Este horse heads). Perrins (not "Perin"), with leopard faces colors reversed from the same of Aids/Ade's, use a motto term, "ImPAVidum."

Aids/Ade's have a version of the David / Davis Coat (same lion as Jewish Levi's) for a related reason, and Davos in Switzerland is where Klaus Schwab does his globalistic lunacy. He has said that the COVID "pandemic" is an opportunity to install his communist "GREAT reset." Greats/Greeps, of the Crispin bloodline, were Justin kin, a pointer to Schwab's stooge, justin trudeau.

The Welsh Davis' sharing the David Coat were first found in Flintshire while Flints (Suffolk, same as Daves'/Davers and Clare's) share the chevron of Irish Kerns. Wards/VARDE's share the Shield of Warrens, the latter first found in Sussex with Haslingdens/Hazeltons (Kern chevron in colors reversed), and so the Wards look to be from the VARDaei (another name for the proto-Arthur Ardiaei), who lived on the Neretva river with Daorsi, and the latter's Wikipedia article says/said that they were also "DAVERsi," and so the fact that Daves'/DAVERs are in Arthur colors and format tends to nail that trace. Arthurs, using reset-like "rests," were first found in Berwickshire with Aids/Ade's and Artems/AITons.

[Insert -- After finding the "conJOINed" lozenges of MontaCUTE's later in the update, which surname points to trudeau's financial racket with a Pfizer-associated ACUITas, I looked up Joiners to discover: Daves'/Davers share the hexagram of German Joiners/Jenners, the latter first found in Switzerland with Davos! Montacute's, as you can see below, Sedans/Siddens (SITTEN branch) with a "sino" motto term that's definitely code for a line from Sion/Sitten of Switzerland. End insert]

Prior to trudeau, the liberal prime minister was Mr. Chretien, and Chretien-loving Levi's were first found in Ile-de-France with Trudeau's and Caiaphas-like Chappes'. Do you see it? justin trudeau looks like he's of the bloodline that killed the God of Christians. His father, PIERRE, after he was the attorney general, was prime minister throughout my teens and early 20s. As I often tell, when writing on the Graff residence, it is about three homes over from the Elliotts, and I lived directly across from the Elliotts ("baton" = Bat bloodline). pierre trudeau's mother was Grace Elliott, hmmm.

Trudeau's are in Stair colors while Stairs have stars colors reversed from the same of Peare's while Pero's love Stars/Stairrs while Jewish Levi's look like kin of Italian Capone's while English Capone's share the Stair Coat.

The above was written Tuesday, and the following insert was added to the last update the day after, which you may have missed. This piece was inserted in pointers of Miss Peare to Arizona's election fraud and audit:

[Insert Wednesday -- The Stair stars are colors reversed from the Peare stars. Stairs are said to have included Mr. STEGRe, and while Miss Peare was on a STAGE when God gave the hips-pulling events, Stage's are also STAGGERs. I can't figure out why the event had the kiss i.e. I can't see how Kiss'/Cush's or their "fountains" apply here to the Maricopa election. The event ended with Kepke storming out the front door to have the bouncer kick us off the property...for kissing. He was very upset and blistering. I can't remember a thing that happened after that, on that night, but we remained friends, and he soon convinced her that I was only using her. Cheating? Yes, he later cheated on her.

Ahh, Kiss'/Cush's use "a STAR in DEXTER Chief," and while Dexters/DECKsters (Leicestershire, same as Kiss'/Cush's) can be a branch of DECKs/Daggers, her stage was also a deck! Zikers, I had missed this, in the past, concerning the Kiss/Cush description. The stage / deck was at first a PLATform as a pointer to Platte River Networks and Hillary's crimes, and here we can add that Plat(t)e's share the leopard face of English Antonys while Toeni's made it to the Arms of Leicester (with the Tony sleeve). "PlatFORM" suggests the Formans/FERMans as per the "Tiens FERME" motto of Squirrels (share red squirrel with Decks/Daggers).

The Antony Crest shares the white goat with Stegre-like Stegers/Steigers, amazing (that part is new here). The giant Steger/Steiger goat is in the colors of the giant goat of German Steins while English Steins/Steyne's (Norfolk, same as Bus' and Parsons) share the Peare and Parson leopard faces. That's new too, and Bus' share the ermined cinquefoil in the Arms of Leicester. I cannot recall the reason, but when Peare and I were together for about two weeks (starting with the kiss at stair event), we had taken a bus to work (I owned a car at the time). Stegers/Steigers were first found in Berne (Switzerland, same as Tease's/Tess'), and Berne's (Switzerland, beside Austria), with nearly the Coat of Austrian Antonys, have a bear that can link to the "bear paw" of Belli-branch Bellino's and Deck-connectable Squirrels.

Ahhh, there are "weights" in the Dexter/Deckster Crest while Weights, with a "Pro" motto term, share the chevron of the Kiss'/Cush's with the star in dexter Chief. The full Weight motto is shared by Haslingdens/HAZELtons while Hazels use a squirrel! Plus, this insert comes the day after writing, "Holdings were at Haslingden," in the next update. Holdings were first found in Lancashire with squirrel-using Holds/Holts and Plate's, and this is BEAUTIFUL because she and I were HOLDINg when kissing!!! That's why we were kissing, to do this paragraph, though I suspect there's more to it. The motto includes arise-like "aris," expected for the Rice's (Weight colors and format) who can be from Rhizon as part of the line to ARIZONa-like Risons! I get it. Haslingdens/Hazeltons (Star/Stairr chevron in colors reversed) were first found in Sussex with Saddocks/Sedgewicks using "ears of RYE," and it just so happens that Rye's/RISE's were once said to be first found in Sussex too!

English Antonys were first found in Lincolnshire with Kiss-branch Custs/Cuss'. While Cass'/Cash's share the Kiss/Cush and Cust/Cuss "fountains," the Casey-beloved Crows, with the Kiss/Cush rooster in colors reversed, were first found in Norfolk with HUG-related Fountains and Case's!!! We were hugging while kissing! Case's are in the colors and format of Steins/Steyne's (Norfolk too).

As per the Rush's/RISH's (Rice-like Rish variation) shortly below who apply to the kiss, it's notable that English Lums/Limbs (Lancashire, same as Plate's and Specks/Spike's), in the motto of Stein-branch Stevensons, are in Rush/Rish colors and format. Scottish Lums/Lambs (Northumberland, same as Stevensons) share the Bus cinquefoils, colors reversed from the same of Rush-branch Rosco's. RISE's/Rye's (Norfolk, same as Bus') share the Stevenson bend, and German Rise's/Rice's share the crozier with English Lums/Limbs. It all looks Arranged, but what can it all predict in real events for Arizona? Why might the eagle heads of Lums/Limbs be colors reversed from the Speck/Spike eagle?

Ahh, the three Lum/Limb eagle heads are colors reversed from the same of Irish CASeys (FERMANagh) while Kiss'/Cush's essentially have the CASS/Cash Coat! The latter even have "a pair of SCALES" in Crest, which is what the "weights" of Dexters/Decksters are! Zinger. The Scale's go to Scalia's! We rushed up the stairs = scala to kiss! Amazing. Irish Caseys use a Pero-like "per" motto term.

Ahh, the "SCOT's head" in the Haslingden/Hazelton Crest is perfect where the Scott surname traces to lake Scodra, near Rhizon and BUTua!!! BEAUTY. Scottish Scotts look like HAZel kin, and I trace Hazels to the namers of Has (Albania), at the north end of the Drin river i.e. near Scodra. English Scotts share the border of Cass'/Cash's. End insert]

Kepke and I were shoe salesmen at the time, and shoes are used by German Trips. The latter once showed boots, and BUTEshire is where Glastons/Glass' were first found. Stars/Stairrs were at GLASTONbury, what a hoot. Look at how the Stairr variation points to Ken Bennett.

As I've said, a month or two after Roxanne BENNETT and I split up, miss Peare, whom I hadn't seen in a couple of years, called me up, and we spent that Saturday and Sunday together (we didn't even kiss that weekend). On Saturday evening, she showed me a PICTURE of herself in a bathing SUIT RUNNING on the beach. I've tried to decipher that event heraldically in the past using Picture's/Pictalls/Pickthaws, which I'm repeating because they are in the colors and format of Irish Caseys and English Line's (Oxfordshire, same as Peare's). Scottish Line's/Linds share the crossed spears of Picture's/Pictalls. Meaning, anyone?

Picture variations suggest English Pike's and Scottish Pike's/Pickens because the latter were first found in Ayrshire with Line's/Linds sharing part of the Picture Coat. The three picture lions are colors reversed from the same of English Goods. Miss Peare pointed to Goods, once said to be first found in Devon with English Pike's but now said to be first found in Kent with Picks/Pix's.

Picture's/PicTALLs can suggest the Talers/Tallers because Miss Peare and I went to the home of Jeff MOORE earlier in the day from when she showed me her picture. As Irish Moore's share the MORGAN lion while Tillers were first found in GlaMORGANshire (anciently Morgannwg), that day with Peare suddenly looks like a pointer to the devil: the abortionist, Henry MorganTALER, the one who successfully challenged all abortion laws in canada. The churches in canada haven't even tried to protect the unborn from murder in the ninth month. SHAME CANADIAN PASTORS. Can't you join hands, share funds, and buy some lawyers to take it back to court??? All it takes is a sending out of letters and phone calls to get churches on-board such an endeavor.

Morgantaler was joined in his Humanist Association of Canada by pierre trudeau, and the latter had 11 years as prime minister by which to condition or stack the supreme court, the thing that struck down the abortion laws. It was a conspiracy by anti-Christs.

Talers/Tallers use a "silver BASE," and Talls/Thalls were first found in Thuringia with Basina, who became the queen of king Childeric I. The latter was found with golden bees in his tomb, and Talls/Thalls and Basina-like Bessins both use bees. The Talers/Tallers use a "black point" while Points love the Pense's/Pincons who in turn share the eagle of Childeric-line Childs. The latter were first found in Hertfordshire with Beach's! Miss Peare was running on a beach in her picture! Runnings/Ronnys even share the Pense/Pincon fesse. "Pense" is a motto term of Erskins who in turn share the single pale bar of Tiller-branch Tails/Tailors.

Again, Picture's/Pictalls share the LINE spears, which now look like a pointer to "HOLD the line," the phrase of the truckers = the spear to trudeau's head. My prayer that God would spear trudeau in the head apparently was to point out the long, spear-like convoy to the head of Canada (Ottawa). Here's from the 1st update of this month: "As justin trudeau is a main part of my last update as per the trucker SPEAR to his "head" (Ottawa), I decided to load Justins/Justice's to see whether God may have arranged pointers to him from starting there. The first thing I did was load Caus'/Caustons as per the "causa" motto term of Justins, and I spotted that Caus' are in Toft/Tuffs' colors and format..." Caseys, in Line colors and format, have a "PER varios CASus" motto, and while justin's father was pierre trudeau, Pierro's/PERO's share red roses with Line's. It just so happens that French Caseys were first found in Ile-de-France with Trudeau's.

I have told the story many times (I'm not making this up) of HONKING my HORN at the GATE of Miss Hicks when driving by and seeing Mr. Casey there!!! He had been at my home that morning to list my Texas property for sale, and I then went shopping, seeing him at the gate on my return home! That's amazing. I had never seen Miss Hicks (or anyone else) at that gate, though I drove by it everytime I went to town, but she was coming out to greet Mr. Casey (her aunt's husband) as I was driving by, and this is because Hicks use a "Tout" motto term while Touts are also Toots. I tooted the horn, you see, and Horns/Orne's and Herons are in the colors and format of French Caseys. Scottish Caseys use crow heads while Crows, in the format of, and colors reversed from, Irish Caseys, were first found in Norfolk with Tute's/Tuits, Thwaits, Case's and Phoenix-related Hips'.

Tuit-branch Thwaits share gold fretty with HONKens/Hankings (Duck kin), and the latter share the gold phoenix with red flames of Phoenix's/Fenwicks, the latter first found in Northumberland, same as Horn-branch Herons! Amazing! German Ducks were first found in Westphalia with Holding-related Allers (Holdings use ALLERions). There's a question here on whether phoenix-using TOFTs were a THWAIT branch. Tofts share the Weight/WAIT (and Perrin/PERAN) chevron, and the latter may have merged with Tuit liners to form "ThWAIT." "desPERANdum" is a motto term of Horns/Orne's (share Heron Coat), and Perins use an allerion. I started dating Lorraine as little as a month after my last weekend with Miss Peare (the beach-picture weekend), and Perins were first found in Lorraine. Again, Horns are in the colors of French Caseys, first found in Ile-de-France with trudeau's, and these Caseys use "laurel branches" while "an arm in armor HOLDING a BRANCH Of LAUREL" is used by Lorraine's. Lorraine pointed to Bus' heavily, and how we wish there was a large school-bus convoy of mommas to punch trudeau's nose.

Pear-using Perrys have an "agens" motto term while Gens' are listed with Jeune's. Perrys use a hind while Parry-related Hinds were first found in Essex with Jeune-loving Youngs. German Youngs are also June's. English June's/JUNGs expected in the "jungit" motto term of Case's were once said to be first found in Cambridgeshire with Jeune's. Cass'/Cash's were first found in Cambridgeshire with truck-like Tracks/Tricks, and the latter's "darts" are showing as spears. Case's (Norfolk, same as DISS'/Dice's) have an "DiSTANTia" motto term while Stands/Stants are also Stans while Stanleys (Cambridgeshire) love the Change(r)s in their motto, the latter first found Hampshire with CHASE's and CASSandra's/Cassane's. The latter have a red-bend version of the Leslie Coat, and the latter share the Chase Crest griffin head, which is black in the Crest of Line's (Casey colors and format).

The Case Crest shares an erect, white-sleeved arm with the fisted arm of Punch's, and while Fists are also Fausts, Case's were first found in Norfolk with Fasts. The latter are in the Leslie motto, verifying that Case's have a red-bend version of the Leslie Coat (Stanley colors and format).

At week's outset, trudeau aimed to continue his martial-law situation to frighten the protestors, which tells us that this was the game plan from the start, to frighten the people so that they will not protest soon against Schwabite policies being rammed down our throats. Yet trudeau looks very bad in going forward with forced vaccinations because Boris Johnson, spooked by something, has continued to lift all COVID restrictions. Perhaps Johnson and others have been wise enough to see some hard threat coming their way that trudeau remains blind to. Hopefully, trudeau will be bashed like a deer in the headlights once that threat arrives.

By week's end, impounded trucks were released due to trudeau's bad press globally. The government had planned to charge $500 daily for impounded trucks, but a judge said only $60 was appropriate, though truckers can sue because the trucks were impounded illegally, probably, in most cases. Truckers go back to Ottawa and do it all over again, because you were bluffed away by a blowhard.

If conservatives and Christians didn't warn people about Schwab, transhumanism, communism, and pedophilia, liberals would champion opposition to such things. But when we oppose those things, liberals come to embrace them just to rub things into our faces, just because we oppose them. That's what they're made of. They have come to do things contrary to what is good, with all their might, and this is exactly the mindset of trudeau.

he is caught celebrating his new powers against people opposing vaccines at a time when the call for vaccinations globally is dropping profusely due to several, simultaneous assaults against vaccines. We are no longer hearing the daily drum beat of "get vaccinated" as if it were a song and a dance. Vaccines are dangerous, the liberals are hearing the reasons why, and have become muffled. Liberals have been killing and maiming liberals by denying the dangers. Only the fools, generally, went forward to gladly receive the "candy" offered by the Big Jackass of canada, elected by the liberal jackasses of canada who always choose the wrong in this generation. Liberals talked to one another, urging one another to receive the vaccines so that they could then intimidate anti-vaxxers with police powers on their side. It was going to be so much fun. Then they realized that they were being harmed by vaccines, and depended upon like test patients for ushering in eternal vaccinations. Feeling like fools, their voices were muffled, as is the situation now. They've gone eerily quiet, but trudeau seeks to refuel their spirits, we wonder how he'll try. Never underestimate a fool in power.

With vaccine companies and pushers on the ropes, perhaps the silent majority will now come into the ring to start thumping for the knock-out blow. Now's the time, before the goons bounce back.

On Tuesday, "half" the canadian parliament (not including the senate) passed trudeau's martial law act, even though the protestors were no longer in Ottawa. What does this tell you about the will to go dictatorially so long as anti-Christs have the dictatorship? The spotlight from all over the world is now on trudeau's many hypocrisies and crimes, how can this be good for liberals? Hurray, I celebrate this tyrannical shift. Turn up the spotlights. trudeau's conduct of late has caused a rash of videos warning against Schawb's plans. We couldn't have done it without canada's Biggest Jackass. I don't want to give donkeys a bad name, and "jackass" is the appropriate term for this pathetic excuse of a man. "Jackass" has the connotation of being backward. Liberals claim to be forward-progressive when in fact they are going back to Sodom's violence.

Canadian authorities just admitted last week that they will hound the protestors for months, and the best way they can track them down is to go to electronic money, no cash. That way, we can't get our money out of a bank, and they can then control us because, if we don't behave as they demand, they will know where we are living by where we are buying our needs. For this reason, God forbids us to use that system, eventually, and asks us to stick it to these fiends by living outside the system. Get ready to stick it to them, and trust God to work things out. Do your part, prepare your needs, alleviate God, do what you can yourself, and watch God stick it to them from the sidelines. Don't assume that if you do nothing to prepare your foods that He will do it for you.

These are the same liberals accusing Christians of wanting power to become dictators over their affairs. It was an illusion, there was no Christian movement to form a dictatorship. Some Christians became political activists only in efforts to check anti-Christs worming into power / educational structures, but church leaders, by following an shun-politics policy, abandoned their people to this snake. Shame church leaders.

There is an illness in the church amongst pre-trib pastors. I've entertained the theory that pastors do not want to teach the church to store foods because it costs money to do so, and when people are spending what's left over after the bills on extra foods and other needs, the pastors don't get as much to pay their bills. Plus, a church gets poorer, reflecting badly on the pastor's performance. Therefore, to save their own skins, these shepherds will abandon their sheep to no preparations at all. But the worst of these worthless shepherds are the post-tribbers who do not teach others self-preparation even though they themselves will prepare foods for themselves, guaranteed. Here's Monte Judah (I remember nothing of his teachings) telling his congregation that God will prepare foods for them for 42 months, yet he does not direct the people to save their own foods at the proper time (right now seems proper). I would find it disgusting if Monte never does, but I don't know that:

For good videos on food prep for the tribulation, don't seek them from pastors. I'm very worried about them, now. I'm worried about the churches being abandoned to the 666 at the last moment.

On Wednesday, the day after the House of Commons voted for martial law, trudeau abandoned it, not because this jackass wanted to. Here's Rebel News on theories as to what went wrong for him:

Okay, the truckers won big time in not fighting back, but had the truckers resisted harder, it would have went even worse for trudeau in the end because he would have put his foot down even harder. Go back to Ottawa, Canada, and do it all over again, because it's legal to protest, and illegal to punish you for protesting. The jackass is only trying to scare the opposition with his rhetoric.

The convoy's self-appointed leaders are being denied bail, they say, but this looks like a faked act like January 6 for the purpose of scaring the people into not protesting again. It's too ridiculous for a court to deny a citizen bail on the charge of "mischief." Therefore, this is not a credible claim. The convoy's leaders now look even more like the enemy (false-flag actors) than they did last week. This is to frighten people who plan to go all the way to becoming arrested, and the judges are abusing citizens for not granting them bail just because the protestors are large in numbers and thereby a threat to liberal politics. The larger goal was probably to issue martial law for a long haul, to get the truckers to become violent, or to frame them as such, in order to elongate martial law. Something went wrong for the enemy, but this only makes it more determined to find a way to make a come-back. THE LIBERAL and NDP PARTIES WANTED MARTIAL LAW FOR NO JUSTIFIABLE REASON, think about what wackos they are. Prepare to be dealt with by wackos, Church of Jesus. They didn't come this far to give it up.

I think trudeau revealed a little of the future, where globalists have their fingers in peoples' bank accounts, by a cashless system, to force people to comply. We can guess that welfare, unemployment and pension payments will become a carrot on a stick: if we don't comply with global dictates, we don't get the money. That's what they want, to rule OUR money. We have the mother of all jackasses to thank for giving us a glimpse of this plot.

STORE FOOD NOW. STORE THREE YEARS of food for yourself, and then extra on top for others who may need it. Do it slowly over the two years, food that will last five-to-ten years, then start eating it, at some point, and store new batches to replace what you've eaten.

Guaranteed, if they can swing it, they will make a list of activist anti-vaxxers, and arrange to force them to take some of the most-poisonous vaccines. That's what they want, it's too predictable to deny, and they may be practicing it already in hospitals. The one hee-haw who accused us of being nazis are the true nazis.

This Project Veritas offering has an FDA official (not knowing he's being recorded) admitting many things about the corruption in the system he works, and he admits that employees in the system had best just comply with blind eyes if they want to get other jobs or promotions:

Look at how David Martin accuses Fauci and his partners, in a public setting, of specific high crimes, and yet Fauci has not defended himself against this man:

Here's a good video (not short), with Karen Kingston, for technicalities on vaccines corresponding with law-suit vibrations plaguing Fauci and company, things that can explain the retreat of politicians from trafficking the COVID scheme:

Here's Reiner Fuellmich, a leader in the anti-global thrust, this week in another long-sit-down video:

The CDC if ripe for prosecuting, making fools of pro-maskers and pro-vaccinites, it looks so good on them, hurray:

Hey fools, the CDC is your demon suit that you wear proudly. The CDC has caused pro-maskers to want to kill me for being anti-vaxx, and yet when I say that the leaders of the CDC should be executed, the ones who'd like to see me dead stick up for those gangsters. They are going to be ashamed of themselves, yet they will probably come back and do it all over again in the next wave. This is our light at the end of the tunnel: their incoming missile. Expect it, because our enemies have put on demon suits. There is no cure for demonic infestation when the soul despises Jesus to the death. They will go more nutty-mad than they already are. They are the incoming missile...that I don't think can reach us is we are self-sustained in a home with water, food and heat. It seems that they may not be able to go further than blocking us out of stores, though Revelation says that some will be murdered who do not "worship" the beast. Without a word from God on the details of that latter point, it's impossible to predict the specifics. ,p. The best preparation is a stick-to-Jesus proclamation: I stand for the goodness and rightness of Jesus; I desire His government over the world. I despise His enemies, and will hold the line for Him when they seek to make me abandon Him. For the love of God's country, wave the flag of Jesus. Forget the canadian, the american, flag. Forget the french flag, the British, the german, for these nations are squeaks in the pocket of the devil, it's so obvious already. Have ONE FLAG alone, and worship the Giant One. When you stand up for Him, your sins are forgiven, you shall enjoy good life when he makes the tyrants disappear.

Do not kill the guilty, the anti-Christs, because you cannot do them as much pain by doing so as God can. Reserve them for the wrath of God, and we shall be more than satisfied. They will say, "aha! You want us dead, now you must die." So, don't start a movement to kill those who wish to sit in the seat of God, who would kill you for refusing a dangerous vaccination; relieve yourself of the backlash for doing so, and let God kill the lunatics most-painfully. Lest we be deceived into their camps, our job is to recognize that they are insaniacs drinking lies until drunk on them. Stay away from those who misunderstand the realities. Stay away from trumpism, for this man seeks worship from his supporters. He is not your savior from the anti-Christs. He is an anti-Christ. Let God provide the assassins of the wicked, for dragon will kill dragon, and they will taste misery who cause misery. The 28 MISERABLE plagues (21 + 7 Thunders) are coming, be satisfied in them, and in the sub-final Misery followed by the final Misery. When God does it, it's perfected.

The video below shows Fauci lying in Congress yet again, trying to make his financial records appear publicized. As a result of his exchange with a congressman (Roger Marshall), his financial records were released, showing his investments in WuXi, wherefore, let's repeat from the last update:

I was watching a Stew Peters show on Wednesday, and a Pfizer whistle blower, a Christian, told that Pfizer has a lab in Wuhan with a 666 address. I therefore checked and found: "Pfizer (Wuhan) Research & Development Co., Ltd. B14, Biolake 666 Gaoxin Ave., Eastlaske Hi-Tech Wuhan, HB 430205 China." That's pretty incredible in light of many coming to the theory that the mark of the beast will be related to vaccinations....

Politifact is a leftist cover-up machine, but admits: "WuXi AppTec Group is a pharmaceutical and biotechnology company with a location in Wuhan, China. The company primarily manufactures medical devices. George Soros has invested in WuXi in the past, but he does not own it." Politifact wants us to think this is innocent, nothing of concern, because Soros invests in so many other things too. But how far is WuXi from the Pfizer location in Wuhan? Another leftist fact-checker admits: "Although the laboratory WuXi AppTec really exists and is located in Wuhan, 666 Gaoxin Road East Lake, its objective is described as 'small molecule drug discovery and research services'.

The address, 666 Gaoxin Road, is both for Pfizer and WuXi, and this is what Fauci has invested in, looking like a giant conflict-of-interest. It even appears that Pfizer and Fauci together are chief suspects in leaking a virus from Wuhan in the first place. Here's the video with Fauci's records:

In the 5th minute of the video above, we find Fauci investing in the MATTHEWS Pacific TIGER Fund. It's possible that God is pointing to this company through heraldic links. We first note that English Matthews use the Coat of Clare's in colors reversed, and that Clare's were first found in Suffolk with Tigers. These Matthews come up as "Mathie," and then Scottish Mathie's/Mathans/MANNs/Maghans have a "Fac et" motto phrase suspect with Fauci-connectable Faucets because the Faucet Coat is also that of Welsh Matts/Matthews. The "duw" motto term of Matts/Matthews should be for the Dews/Deweys because they have a version of the MAN Coat.

The lion of Scottish Mathie's/Mathans could therefore be construed as the Faucet lion in colors reversed, and because Mathie's/Mathans share half-red gyronny with Fortune's, the latter first found in East Lothian with Faucets and Vaux's.

Then, I take this to Sharon Quinn (my old friend), who had pointed to Faucets specifically when she punched Barry on the lip to draw blood. Quinns were first found in Longford with Faucet-branch Faughns, and Saer de QUINcy built FAUXside castle of Faucets while Fauchys were first found in Perigord with FAUX's/Fage's/CHOLLENS' (points to Francis Collins, Fauci's boss).

The punch-lip event pointed to Bleds, who happen to share the Coat of English Mathie's/Matthews above. Bleds love the Tous'/Tosini's in their motto who in turn use a "man" for Man liners. Tous'/Tosini's also share the eight-pointed star of Tiger-like Teegers. Sharon pointed to Sharrons sharing the PenderGRASS Coat, and Fauchys use a GRASShopper while Hoppers share half-black gyronny with Mathie's/Manns. French Grasse's (Provence) share the giant Faucet and Matt/Matthew lion, and French Grace's/Grasse's (Provence) share triple chevrons (different colors) with Mathie/s/Matthews. GYRONny can be code for a surname that's a branch of English Grounds/Grundys (Yorkshire) with a Coat version of Rhodes' (Yorkshire) who in turn have a Coat much like that of Mathys/Mate's (not "Mathie"). While Mathie's/Mathans are also Maghans, Irish Maghans/Manns (County CLARE) share the Ground/Grundy lion.

The only location in the Mathie/Mann write-up is Inverness-shire, where GOWs/McGoo's were first found too, which allows us to go to Gowers/Gore's because they share the so-called BARRY of eight (= eight bars) of Punch's. Sharon punched Barry in an event that pointed to Fauci. Plus, Fauch's share the thistle with the Gow/McGoo Crest. The latter's "arma" motto term can be for Armys/Armine's/Ermine's (Lincolnshire, same as early Rhodes' and Grasse's) sharing the Mathy/Mate saltire. Gows/McGoo's were first found in Burgundy with Loge's, and with the Loches'/DeLoges' who share the Gow/McGoo cinquefoils. There's a question on whether McGoo's point to GO, the short form for graphene-oxide. English Loge's/Lodge's, sharing the giant Barre/Barrey and Lipp lion, were first found in Suffolk with Tigers and Mathie-connectable Clare's.

As much as I didn't want to get into transhumanism, hoping that Jesus would arrive before this gets started, the following video is probably something Christians should see to witness how the anti-Christs are working to become God, to assist the biological evolution of humans (their nuts), and even to own people wholly and to manipulate them in obedience:

Anti-Christs don't just happen to be globalists, but anti-Christs evolved into globalists deliberately because their game is to be God, to control God's Creation. The first order of Creation-control is control over the human enemy (with backlashes and negative fall-out), and control also of your own useful idiots (betrayals eventually form). What these stupids cannot control is in-fighting, the thing that destroys all large human movements and partnerships. God will allow globalism to self-destruct that all the angels may witness the end result of anti-God STUPIDS. Jesus does not come to destroy globalism, but comes instead to judge it. Globalism will destroy globalism, and Jesus destroys the individuals who propped up the globalist attempt to destroy the Christian conscience. As infiltrators into governments and human minds, they became worms, and so maggots in Hell they will inherit.

The Israeli woman starting at 2hrs28min in the second hour of the video above has a powerful message testifying against her Israeli government, proving that certain Israeli leaders and medical professionals deserve the worms of Hell to eat them clean to the bone. This is your end-time Israel, Zionist Christians, wicked to the bone. Dare you call this the nation of Jesus? This is the first-century synagogue of satan amplified. I'm not writing this for neo-Nazis, or as a neo-Nazi. I am not one. I hold the position of Jesus, who opposes neo-Nazis, but also opposes wicked Israelis. Not all Israelis are wicked. Make a distinction between Rothschilian goons and average Israelis, neo-Nazi stupids.

If Bill Gates is not using the farmland he purchased in order that other humans may not use it to produce food, then God gives us the right to tread foot on his farmland to produce food for ourselves when globalists forbid us to purchase our foods. In other words, go ahead and "trespass" over his land, for he purchased it to trespass against God's Law. He deserves prison, and you deserve the land for food. This is a no-brainer.

If you like to see some of the U.S. convoy and its bring-hope noise through middle America. Perhaps this convoy will have learned something from the Canadian convoy:

See also these far-right terrorizors involved with the U.S. convoy:

With the number of deaths reaching a whopping 40-percent beyond normal years this past year of vaccinations, the insurance companies that foot the hospital / drug bills for illnesses were bound to speak out, and so cracks will develop in the vaccination cover-up as these companies reveal their details, such as in this short David Knight piece:

Communist-Expansionist West Has Roused the Bear

Start this video at 1:30 to see the current "Joe Biden," who is not the same man as the real Joe Biden just after 2:00. The ears are not the same, and neither are the nose lines. I think the global goons have eradicated almost all videos / photos of the real Joe Biden. If you can find any, you will see that his features are not the same. The fake has no ear lobe on his right ear. The fake is the current "president," though in fact he's agreed not to be the president because he always takes order from the invisibles behind him. The fake has the point of his nose more midway between eyes and mouth than the real one.

It appears that the Russians were planning some Russia-expanding program for February 22, but, if so, why would a Russian politician, Vladimir Zhirinovsky, reveal it ahead of time? On the 21st, as I write here, Russian military entered the Donbas to liberate it from Ukraine. Is this the preliminary rise of end-time Gog?

Like everyone else, I found it surreal when hearing that Russians attacked Kiev with helicopter missiles this week due only to saber-rattling at Donbas. The video looks old, and/or could be from elsewhere, and some reports claim to verify that it's a media-fake job. Here's the publicized reason for the attack in under a minute from the Russian leadership:

Who do you think is worse for Ukraine, Putin or the Soros stooges? Soros moved into Ukraine under the Obama-era coup, and that means Ukraine became run by Western-communist gangsters. How can anyone blast Putin but not Biden more? Soros and Obama together are far stronger than Putin, far more destructive therefore. They steal money, that's what gangsters do, and they use that money to seize other nations. Pirates. There is more hope for Ukraine in Putin's economy than in that of the Bidenites. In the end, dragon will slay dragon, and where prophecy has fire burning Rome and the Revelation harlot, what country do we think that fire comes from? Who's big enough to burn Europa with military fire? In Putin's Russia, Christians are not being persecuted. In Biden's "Russia," they are being marked out for slaughter. We keep hearing reports of how liberals want us dead.

A few years ago, the Obamaite president was defeated by a pro-Trumper (Zelenskiy), and so Biden may be turning a blind eye to Putin's plots in Ukraine hoping that the pro-Trump president gets wiped out, at which point the Bidenite crows can swoop in to install their dark brand of government again. In the meantime, the threat of war destabilizes, nets hardships, and causes fears, perfect for the crows and buzzards together.

Suddenly, the West has become the beacon of democracy again just because Putin's in the Donbas? Are we crazy? I don't think Putin is a quarter as bad as Bidenites, are you kidding me? Putin's not doing to his country what Bidenites are now doing to the United States, or what the jackass in canada is doing to Canadians.

For the Russian side of the story, go to Pravda. It may be as reliable as the New York Times, but at least we can get Putin's official side of the story. Here's one example:

Russia put forward a new ultimatum to Kiev, Telegram-channel Legitimate reports. Volodymyr Zelensky was given 12 hours to make a decision, after which Russia will kick off the second phase of the military campaign with the use of military aircraft and warships, the channel said.

Putin voiced the first ultimatum on February 23, when he said that in order for Moscow and Kiev to negotiate peace, Ukraine will need to:

conduct demilitarization,
refuse to join NATO,
hold direct negotiations with the DPR and LPR.

The second ultimatum came from the head of the Donetsk People's Republic Denis Pushilin, who demanded the peaceful liberation of the territory of the republic to its administrative borders. However,'s Kiev's Bandera regime refused to fulfill all of Russia's conditions, and Putin was forced to launch a military operation to coerce Ukraine to peace.

Let me put it this way. If Putin invaded the U.S. and won, he wouldn't have a 50th the money that Schwabites do to destroy your lives along with the liberals who now control the nation's vital organs. WAKE UP. trudeau has found his confidence in American liberals; he feeds at the same trough. They print money like gangsters because they are gangsters, and they use that money to hem the people in, to make them caged animals. To steal your private property is their next move. Are you okay with that? If not, call to Putin to come save you too (I'm kidding). What is there to lose (I'm making a point)?

Also from Pravda: "NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that the alliance had no intention to deploy its forces in Ukraine." One could tentatively interpret this as the Western goons wishing for the pro-Trump president to fall in Ukraine. On Friday, the U.S. asked the Ukraine president to flee to their safe haven. It's a trick, because Biden loves the former Ukraine president.

I make a distinction between the Ukrainian people who were appalled with Stalin's murder campaign in their country and the recent Ukrainian governments. I also make a distinction between Stalinism and Putinism until Putin proves to be a Stalinist. So far, he's not acted like one. Recent Ukrainian governments have been terrible to Russians in Ukraine because they pose the threat of creating break-away provinces, and Ukrainian governments don't want to lose all that tax money because they steal tax dollars liberally. The West needs to listen to both sides of this situation, but Western media is controlled by Western communists, wake up West. They pose as democratic angels to get your support, then betray you with globo-communism.

Here's a decent, 90-minute video (I don't know who the Russia-leaning speakers are) on what's happening in Ukraine, which includes Russia's fight against Nazis in Ukraine supported by globo-Westerners. The speakers give the Russian side of the issue, a thing we will never get from the ANTI-CHRIST (never forget this part), liberal leftists who control the Western narrative. Putin allows churches to thrive, and, in very fact, the West is the new Stalin now, we have Schwab's own word on it. The crux of the current situation comes at the 26th minute:

Remember, Europe is the Revelation Whore, and so who do we think we are, Christians, to love European countries? If God indicates that Russia will nuke Europe as His will, don't we think we should accept it as pure justice? Are we going to side with the Whore? This dirty slut has fornicated with our enemies, and is expected to kill many Christians yet. Let's get our perspective correctly in-focus. Revelation and Daniel 7 together predicts that the anti-Christ will betray the Roman Whore, spoiling and burning her. What nation better fits this than Russia?

Perhaps the Whore sitting on the back of the anti-Christ can be defined as European communism as an extension of Soviet communism, for there is evidence that Russian communism was founded by Rothschilian Fabians from Britain. Plus, Russia, part of the G-20, has been a reluctant partner with economic globalism so that, to date, there has been a Russo-European alliance of sorts even though the West (NATO in particular) is desirous to see the Russian government go to the Western globalists. This looks like the rip that rips wider toward the end of days, fulfilling the end of Revelation 17. I can be wrong, of course, but I don't see a better interpretation than this for Revelation 17.

Chris Sky has a video where he claims possession of an official document(s) from a Polish source telling that NATO gave the green light for Western fighters to dress in Russian uniforms in order to attack their own people (for unsaid plots), but Sky fails to let the viewers see the documents. ??? If there's truth to this, the idea seems to be to give Russia a bad name.

Below is from Ukrainians who caught the Biden family receiving taxpayer money from Zlochevsky through a money-laundering operation in Latvia. This is now old news, but this video spells it out with whistle-blowers on camera. It is to be assumed that the tax money funneled to the Biden bank account was gifted to Burisma, directly or indirectly, by the U.S. government under Obama. The money to the Bidens is a small piece of the total gifts, as rewards for getting it to Ukraine in the first place. It is to be assumed that there were identical operations using banks in other countries, with rewards going to others in the United States besides the Bidens. Any American responsible for securing the gifts to Ukraine is a suspect, and of course Hillary Clinton and John Kerry are prime suspects. This video was made after Biden became the president:

Below is Putin (or his double) telling that he's been an attendee to Schwab's events, including in St. Petersburg, and yet Putin's words seem to make him an antagonist against Schwab's policies, favoring "traditional values," "fundamental freedoms," "family," "right of choice," "privacy," things that Schwabites seem to abhor, to want to stamp out. Therefore, any Russian delegation to Davos may be to spy globalist plots and to feign that Russia is on-board, which I find hard to believe i.e. that it's on-board a Western framework for globalism.

Below is a video of the second plane hitting the World Trade Center, except that it's faked. The plane was added to the scene. The person taking the picture is part of the fakery, and was on-site the day of the crime. You can know it's faked because, if you pause at 2:10 (do it slow-motion with sound off), the plane can no longer be seen at the building after it's supposedly slipped into it like a ghost through a wall, without making a hole. That's right, after the plane disappears, there no hole, no destruction, even though there's a bright explosion already taking place at the side of the building. The building wall closest to the camera, where the plane supposedly crashes, starts to explode AFTER the side has already undergone significant explosion, which is not to be expected. We expect the fuel tanks igniting first and more massively at the crash-site wall. I think they planted explosives in the walls, then pasted the plane into various video scenes.

The plane strike is replayed at 6:03 in slow motion to the tune of 10 times slower than at 2:10. Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity know there's no plane showing in the Shanksville crash site (see Flight 93), but they are too traitorous to the people to admit it. After doing a massive study on that crash site, pictures emerged with what looks like a plane tail next to the hole, but it was NOT there to begin with. You are being deceived. The hole was reported to be very small, and all sorts of locals who were at the crash site claimed openly that there was NOTHING in that hole or around it resembling plane parts. The people at Fox all know this, but are too self-serving to tell it like it is. They therefore are covering for that crime, SPIT INTO THEIR FACES, including Trump's face. These men are no good, just shallow pieces of trash paid to report conservative perspectives.

Just look at all these gettyimages of the Shanksville crash, yet there's not one view of the hole from up close in order to hide the crime. Of course he took up-close pictures, even if he had to zoom in, and so why are they not shown? BECAUSE, no plane ever hit that hole, and pictures prove it...but so do the denial of pictures.

google is complicit, for I saw very good photos of the smoking hole, but when I ask google for "aerial photos flight 93 crash site," I get none of them. In April of 2015, I recorded this picture of the hole with no plane there (the quality of this image seems deliberately lowered):

Here's the hole still smoking, no plane has shadow-banned all photos like this by demand of the criminals:

Here's the hole in comparison with the size of plane. Hole is under "Flight 93," beside the road with easy access for an excavation machine; it's right beside a metal scrap yard (not shown) that media didn't reveal:

Here's the plane with nose in the ground showing the impossibility of this hole being the crash site:

The globalists who did 9-11 have been anti-Russian snakes leading to Armageddon. They have not ceased to seek the downfall of Russia, over the past 20 years, in order to expand their global powers; we should not be naive to their end-game: to become 10 times more terrible than Soviet Communism.

If you are pro-West in Ukraine, then you are also pro-crime. Bottom line. You are pro-crime with your eyes closed. Reckless. Globalists in control of Obama started this war in 2014 by installing president Poroshenko, and in the meantime they ruined Syria for pipeline superiority over Russia. The end goal was to impoverish Russia for taking it over in a Fabian-led coup. They always smear the national leaders they go after. Are we surprised that Putin should try to protect his people, or to remove NATO from his back-yard fence?

Whenever Western leaders are seeking to rally their populations behind "democracy," as they are now against Putin, it's a win for Christians because the communist pigs who hide behind their democratic facade then need to treat the people more democratically if they wish to use the same ruse again the next time they need it. trudeau just tried to use democracy as his own mascot, but his own right hand simultaneously picked up a dictatorial club and clubbed his own face with it...which is even better for us. It's going to give us some time to prepare before he bounces back with a mean trick he can use successfully.

Christians may be asking whether Russia will now try to use it's Syrian platform to take the Golan away from Israeli forces. Russia took parts of Georgia under Bush's nose, then took the Crimea from under Obama's nose, and now has the power to instantly take all of Ukraine under a most hapless, brain-dizzy pretend-president. If Russia moves this year to set up the anti-Christ on the Israeli-Syria border (at Golan), we can start to ask whether the invasion of Egypt, by the anti-Christ as per Daniel 11:25-29, comes soon afterward.

My tentative timing for the return of Jesus is two or three years after the Apophis asteroid of April, 2029, and my reading of Daniel 11:21-31 has the invasion of Egypt some six or seven years before the Return. I'm therefore watching for a military stab at Israel by 2025 as a launch pad to taking Egypt...probably because Egypt accepts Israel as a quasi-ally for protecting it's north-eastern border against Iranian plots. What we are seeing this week from the West will push Russia closer to Syria and Iran.

Stay properly perspectivized: the invasion of Israel by Russia is not bad guy versus good guy, but against a wicked end-time Israel. View modern Israel as a Rothschilian dragon. Many Jews are not even Jews. German Jews were largely Khazars from Togarmah. It's ironic that Khazars were Aryans. When the Varangian Rus toppled the Khazar empire, Khazars fled to Hungary and Germany as AshkeNAZI "Jews," and these were persecuted by Nazis proper.

Naftali Bennett is the current Israel prime minister, but later in his "term," a liberal becomes the prime minister: "On 2 June 2021, Bennett agreed to a rotation government with Yair Lapid, whereby Bennett would serve as Israel's Prime Minister until 2023, after which Lapid would assume the role until 2025." Lapid is a liberal religiously, and though he claims not to want to give Old Jerusalem as the Palestinian capital, he does want a Palestinian State. He may be feigning his policy of an undivided Jerusalem because granting Old Jerusalem to Palestine is not politically attractive for his own fortunes. Lapid is slated to take the reins of power about the time that I TENTATIVELY expect a build-up at Golan.

Lapid's Wikipedia article glosses over his time in London: "Lapid grew up in Tel Aviv and London." What was he doing in London as a man? Was he schmoozing with Fabian leftists? I see Lapid as a closet leftist. The reason that "centrist" is his middle name is to disguise what he really is, a traitor to the God of Israel and Jews on the right.

It'll take you until the 45th minute of this "old" Polly video to get an inkling on why the pro-Trump president (Zelensky) of Ukraine may have beaten Biden's good buddy, Poroshenko, in a 2019 election. Zelensky may have been bought by George Soros because Poroshenko was poised to unravel Soros' anti-corruption (= corruption) organization.

Here's a good movie (good acting) about a Christian who has dreams from God by which he jails a bankster. I used to take people with a grain of salt who claimed to have messages from God in dreams, and then I claimed that He gave me dream after dream, so unexpected. I still think we need to be careful with Christians who have a grandiose view of their dreams, when they interpret them as messages from God. It's easy for some to slip into that sort of mindset just because they want to be close to God, or to do great works for Him. In my case, I can test a dream with heraldry to see if it's from God, but if one doesn't have a comparable method at his/her disposal, how can one prove that the dream is of God? It can be dangerous to follow a dream's interpretation wrongly as a message of God.

Graphene Pointer to Trudeau

After seeing the video above with KAREN KINGSTON, a couple of things nudged me to write this section. She's known as a Pfizer whistle-blower, exposing poisonous vaccines, and KAREN Graff pointed to a poison, graphene-oxide, found in Pfizer and other vaccines. The Graff/Graffen lion is gold, as is the Kingston and King lion, and Kings share the crosslet of Coltons. The Trudeau surname is in the colors and format of COLtons. As I said, Karen Graff lived two or three properties from the Elliotts across the street from my house, and justin trudeau's grandmother was Miss Elliott. I only wish I could make a harder Kingston-Graff link than their sharing gold lions, but it's a start.

Here's from the last update: "Ahh, the "ACUTA" motto term of Bellys may be a pointer to ACUITAS. Dr. Malone, founder of mRNA technology, but opposed to the vaccines, is saying that reports out of canada include trudeau's family owning 40-percent of Acuitas, which makes the all-important lipids for Pfizer vaccines." Online: "PFIZER ENTERS INTO AGREEMENT WITH ACUITAS FOR USE OF LIPID NANOPARTICLE DELIVERY SYSTEM (JAN 2022)." The agreement was relatively recent.

Karens use a DEMI-lion, and Demys/Dumais' share the Belly chevron. David Martin is giving details on trudeau's ties to ACUITas, and it just so happens that a CUTlass (sword) is used by one Elliott Crest. The MontaCUTE's were first found in Somerset with the TRANS'/Trents expected in the "TRANSfigam" motto term of Colton-like Colts/Celts. Coltons are in Trudeau colors and format, and while Trudeau's use DEER, the Italian Dere's are also Res' perhaps in the "honoRES" motto term of LASS'/Lacys who can in turn be in "cutLASS."

I've told the story several times that Mike Denardo, who drove a CUTLASS car, brought his DRUMs to my party at my age 17/18, and that some of the partiers went out to the Elliott pool because it was next to the road, far from the house. I didn't of course know at the time that the Elliott surnames has a cutlass. This tends to verify that God was pointing to the Elliotts for a reason, suspect now as a pointer to Acuitas. DRUMmonds were first found in Perthshire with Colts/Celts. Denardo's/Nordi's and Norths have the same lion, in both colors of the Graff/Graffen lion.

Now be amazed. Soon after my party, Denardo took my girl, ALLISON Bauer. The first I saw of her with Denardo, which was the last time I saw her, was when she was in the his Cutlass. The Bauer Chief is also the Dere/Res Chief while Trudeau-beloved Deers are also Dere's. Dere's/Res' use lances, and while the fesse of English Lance's is colors reversed from that of Pierro's/Pero's, French Lance's share the red rose with Pierro's/Pero's while prime minister PIERRE trudeau was the son of Miss Elliott. ALLISONs, first found in Lanarkshire with COLTers (Catherine wheel of Catherine Roet), use a "Truth PREvails" motto, and Truth's are listed with Trots/TRUDE's!!! Allisons even have dogs in the colors of the Hull dog heads, and Hulls were first found at KINGSTON upon Hull (Yorkshire, same as first-known Kingstons). Kings share the Colton crosslets, and Trudeau's substitute the latter's crosslets with "deer" (otherwise the Coats are identical).

Trots/Trude's are from the Trotus river at the BACau area of Romania, and BACons/BEACONs share the Colton Crest while German Belli's use a "beacon." Scottish Bellys probably share the PIERRO/PERO rose for another pointer to Pierre trudeau (athiest goon, set Canada on a path of moral destruction), who was very high up in the Humanist Association of Canada (anti-Christian group), where the infamous abortionist, Henry Morgantaler, was president.

Truths/Trots/Trude's (bear) almost have the Carpenter Coat, and Carpenters share the Belly motto, "PER aCUTa belli." Italian Belli's, with the Carpenter Coat in colors reversed, use a bear's paw. I didn't kiss a girl again, after Allison, until I kissed Miss PEARE at La Paloma, and the BELLY-PRESS with her was about a month after that first kiss. PRESS'/Prests share the Neil/O'NAIL Chief, both sharing red estoiles with COLchesters. The Arms of COLchester uses NAILs. Miss Peare can link to trudeau pointers also via the Pierro's/Pero's. It appears that these back-to-back girlfriends were both pointing to trudeau's crimes with Acuitas. He's forcing Canadians to vaccinate in order to profit.

Neils'/O'Nails were kin of Sharks, and while trudeau is now expected in the shark pool of my 1979 dream, Pools were apparently pointed to by the Elliott pool on the night of my party with Denardo present. Pools were first found in Dorset with CUTTers, believe it or not, and it's also where Moons (almost the Italian Pavia Coat) were first found, beside the Roets, Pavia's and MontaCUTE's of Somerset, and then German Roets use a "MOON" that is the Karen sleeping moon. Neils/O'Nails share the double-lions combattant of Monans/MOONans, and the Sauers having one of these lions are said to be from the Sau = Sava river, where Karen-connectable Urbans lived. Roets and their Book/Bogg and Bow/Bough kin were kin of Buffys/BOUGHeys, the latter said to have been lords of Colton. While Coltons look like Trudeau kin, Buffs/Boeffs share the white-on-blue Belly rose while the red-on-gold Belly rose connects with the same of Pierro's/Pero's who in turn have a Coat looking related to the BOOKing and Craven Coats. Cravens (and Ricks) are from Rijeka's Croatians, at the COLapis-river theater upon the Sava. Reeds (Aberdeenshire, same as Cups/Cope's and Sava-liner Leslie's), sharing the book with Roets, and probably adding the Colt/Celt stag head, have a "copia" motto term for the Cups/Cope's, from the Kupa river, another name for the Colapis.

We can add here that while Gowers/Gore's (Yorkshire, same as MONE's and Kingston upon Hull) share the white wolf with Gore's/Core's, the latter share the Lance fesse while Gowers/Gore's are obvious kin of Monans/Moonans. Kings were first found in Devon with early Moons, Darts, and dart-using MAINE's while MOINE's were first found in Dorset with Moons. Moine's share the saltire of Scottish Walsh's/Walchs while Irish Walsh's/Walchs in turn use a "TRANSfixus" motto. Colts/Celts (blue pheon) with "Transfigam" share the dart with Maine's ("PROjeci") who in turn share the black pheon of Irish Walsh's/Walchs. Gore's/Core's were first found in Kent with English Moens and Goods while the latter are in the colors and format of Dutch Moens/Mooens.

Back to "TransfiGAM" of Colchester-connectable Coltons, for Game's/Cams can be from the Cam river near Colchester. GAMbino's ("man's leg") can be expected in the "bear's gamb"" (bear's leg) of Powys' who in turn use the "bear paw" of Belli-branch Bellino's (Verona, same as Italian Belli's) in colors reversed. Italian Belli's have the pale bars of CARpenters in colors reversed while Karens are traceable with Roets to CARians expected to Ceraunii Illyrians. Caria had the eternal sleeper, Endymion, lover of the Carian MOON goddess, sister to Helios of Roet-line Rhodes, explaining why German Roets share the sleeping moon of Ceraunii-like Karens. These moons are crescents in the colors of the URBAN crescents, and Ceraunii were on the URBANus tributary of the Sava. The COLapis is another Sava tributary near Lesce, and the Leslie's of Lesce elements are in Urban near-colors and format.

Pierro's/Pero's were first found in Pavia while Italian Pavia's (Piedmont, same as Pero's/Perino's) almost have the Moon Coat. As Moons were once said to be first found in Devon with Darts/DARDs and Pine's, I trace Moons and Monans/Moonans to the DARDanian king, Monunius II, for he married a woman of the Ardiaei who in turn had a king PINNES. French Pine's have crescents colors reversed from the Moon crescents, and the Gambino Chief shares both the crescent of Moons and Spanish Urbans while the latter share the stars in the Gambino and Dere/Res Chiefs. The border of Spanish Urbans is that of Justins, the latter first found in Perthshire with the Colts/Celts have a DART in Crest.

Peare's belly event was connected by God (my claim) to her event on a mall PLATform, and "plates" (common name for white, heraldic roundels) are showing in the Coat of Cutts/Cute's (said to have had an old CUTUS surname). However, I've only just noticed that the Hall of Names description for the Cutts/Cute's substitutes the plates with "three white SQUARE's"! As I've said a million times, the platform was also a deck while Decks/Daggers share the red squirrel with SQUARE's/Squirrels! Zikers, Miss Peare's waist-pulling event may thus be pointing to trudeau's Acuitas racket.

Her belly pointed to the Goods with a Cute-like Gut variation. Spanish Guts share the white greyHOUND head with Cuttes'/Cute's. The latter have a version of the DENT Coat, and trudeau was pointed to by the shark TEETH around the belly of the bulldog! Cutts/Cute's were once said to be first found in Cambridgeshire with HOUNDs who share the Dent lozenges! Teeth are dents too! Dents were first found at Sedbergh, where I trace Sedans/Siddens "(sed" motto term) who in turn share the black border with MontaCUTE's! Beauty, we just made a ripping, bone-hard link between Cutts and Dents.

This is where I added the following insert above while on the Daves'/Davers: "After finding the "conJOINed" lozenges of MontaCUTE's later in the update, which surname points to trudeau's financial racket with a Pfizer-associated ACUITas, I looked up Joiners to discover: Daves'/Davers share the hexagram of German Joiners/Jenners, the latter first found in Switzerland with Davos! Montacute's, as you can see below, Sedans/Siddens (SITTEN branch) with a "sino" motto term that's definitely code for a line from Sion/Sitten of Switzerland." "Sine" is a motto tern of Gulls and Gullys, to now be expected in the "reGULa" motto term of Montacute's. GALLops almost have the David / Davis Coat.

Sedans/Siddens, once said to be first found in Yorkshire with Sedbergh and English Joiners/Jenners, are now said to be first found in neighboring Durham with Cone-branch Conte's/COMITissa's. French Conte's are COMITes' too, and so this takes us to the "CONjoined" term in the Montacute description, but secondly to the "comet" of Reines'/Reine's, for this comet is a hexagram in the colors of the Joiner/Jenner / Daves'/Davers hexagram. French Davis' are in the format, and almost in the full colors, of English Joiners/Jenners with a Geneva-like Genower variation. Sion/Sitten is near Lake Geneva, and on the upper Rhone near the Reines-like Rhine. It just so happens that Reno's/Rhine's (Switzerland!) share the Montacute lozenges, beauty, which are also the lozenges of Pincs/Pinks (Yorkshire, same as Joiners/Genowers).

Pincs/Pinks were related to Pings/Pongs with a Punch-like Pung variation...which pointed hard to Comet Ping Pong PIZZA because comet-using Reines' also have the PISA Coat in colors reversed. justin trudeau paid a woman off who was accusing him of pedophilia in her youth. Pincs are of Pincum at the mouth of the Pek river of the Picensii Illyrians, the namers of Picenum, home of Justine of Picenum, the line to Justins. CUPPae is near the source of the Pek, and the Cups/Cope's are in the Joiner/Genower cups.


Truths/Trots/Trude's (bear) almost have the Carpenter Coat, and Carpenters share the Belly motto, "PER aCUTa belli." Italian Belli's, with the Carpenter Coat in colors reversed, use a bear's paw. I didn't kiss a girl again, after Allison, until I kissed Miss PEARE at La Paloma, and the BELLY-PRESS with her was about a month after that first kiss. PRESS'/Prests share the Neil/O'NAIL Chief, both sharing red estoiles with COLchesters. The Arms of COLchester uses NAILs. Miss Peare can link to trudeau pointers also via the Pierro's/Pero's. It appears that these back-to-back girlfriends were both pointing to trudeau's crimes with Acuitas. He's forcing Canadians to vaccinate in order to profit.

I'm repeating this because I want to go to Leon TROTsky, who was born Lev DAVIDovich BRONstein, son of David Bronstein. The sleeping-bag dream had DAVID Morley because David's pointed to their kin, the Aids/Ade's, and the latter are in the colors and format of German Brons'. Levi's use an "aide" motto term while we just saw LEV Bronstein. As I've said, when I first saw David Morley riding his bike in the sleeping-bag dream, he looked like a WW2 Nazi, but suddenly he may have been a WW2 Soviet. He had an old-style, rounded helmet covering the head only, completely different from modern biker helmets. At the outset of Soviet Communism, the LENIN government took on Leon Trotsky as foreign that he could conspire with Rothschilds, I gather.

Lenins/Lennans are then interesting because Scottish Lennans have a red heart pierced with NAILs, similar to the red heart pierced by the Rothschild arrow of Nations/Nathans. The first Rothschild named Nathan for his first son, and this Nathan ran a bank in London when he established the Rothschild family in Fabian-communist Britain.

Note that Lenins/Lennans have a "hiBERNICo" motto term while Bernice's/Burnetts were first found in Cumberland with Browns/BRONs and Burns. It just so happens that Trots/Trude's share the bear with German Brons and Berne's. German Brons and Aids/Ade's are in Rodham/Rodden colors and format, and their bend is used as an arrow by Rothschilds/Rottensteins (Ruth/Rother colors), in the colors of the bend of Jewish Rothchilds (not "RothSchild"). Rothschilds/Rottenteins were first found in BRUNSwick.

The "STIRpe" motto term of Lenins/Lennans could be partly for STYRE's/Sturs (Hampshire, same as English Fabians) because they have the triple fesses of Camerons in colors reversed while the Cameron Crest shares five, bunched arrows with the traditional Arms of Rothschild. The bend of Jewish Rothschilds rises toward the sinister direction, and the arrow piercing the heart of Nations/Nathans is said to be "sinister."

Lenins/Lennans were first found in Galway with the Teague's whose "diem" motto term is likely for the Diem variation of DittMAYERs (perhaps named of Mayer Bauer, the first Rothschild), for while Teague's are also Teegers, tigers are used by Ditts. As they are tigers without STRIPES, perhaps a Stripe-like surname applies to the "stirpe" motto term of Lenins/Lennans. It just so happens that Stirrups/Stirpe's were first found in Nottinghamshire with Nations/Nathans. This Arms of Rothschild shares an eSCUTcheon (shield) with German Nathans/Natts, and while SCUTE's use shields too, Scoots/Scougals share the red-on-white border of English Fabians.

Ahh, Trotsky was born Mr. Bronstein, and Bronsteins (Dutch Tromp colors) were first found in Hamburg (beside Trumps/Tromps) with the Nathan-connectable Nissans, with the Drummonds whose Scottish branch (beside STIRling) shares the triple Styre/Stur fesses, and with Rupps/Krups. The latter were looked up in case StirRUPs were a Styre-Rupp merger. Bronsteins use "attires of a bull" while the fessewise Bull/Bule annulets are colors reversed from the same of Crauns/Crane's suspect in the Stirrup/Stirpe Coat. Stirrups//Stirpe's use a "bird" in a design used by houseofnames as a crane, and while Crauns/Cranes (crown in Crest) are from CERAUNii Illyrians, the "crown" at the base of the Stirrup/Stirpe Shield is in the colors of the CORONa / Coron crown.

Ahh, bingo, for while I started this Trotsky section with the Trudeau bloodline in mind, because justin trudeau is a communist pig, here we find that "deer" are shared between Trudeau's and Scute's! Scute's, with Chief-Shield colors in reverse from the same of Dutch Puttens, even share the gold tower of PUTINs/Patents! Scute's, in Craun/Crane colors, look like kin of Fife's, a branch in turn of Five's/Fifys and VIVians whom I trace to Lviv in Ukraine. The Russians call it, Lvov, and Trotsky's mother was Miss Lvovna. It recalls that the CRANE in the Scute Crest was the first crane I traced to "UKRAINE." Putins/Patents use crescents "flammant" (in flames) while Flame's/Flamants share the besants of English Puttens/Puttocks (look like Potter branch).

The Craun/Crane deer (no antlers) is called a "hind," and Hinds were kin of Perrys (another hind in Crest), and of Parrys who in turn have one fesse of the Parrs in turn first found in Lancashire with Scute's. Perrys were first found in Hampshire with Styre's/Sturs.

As was explained not long ago, David Morley came off the ROAD with his motorbike, and as he CIRCLED (made a round shape) the sleeping bag before riding back down the road, it was deciphered as a pointer to the Rounds ("SLEEPing lion" in Crest) because the RHODian Illuminati -- Fabians -- had a Round Table organization. Italian Fabians share the Bag Shield. The SLEEPING BAG, at our service for pointing to the Rhodian / Rothschilian Illuminati.

On Friday, I learned that a constitutional group is taking trudeau to court concerning the unlawfulness of his "emergency act" = martial law decision, which, by the way, he revoked in the middle of senate debate prior to a vote i.e. he may have known that he didn't have the votes to make it pass. If it's unlawful, he broke the law and should be jailed without bail since people are now being jailed without bail for mere "mischief," and unjustified arrest for mischief at that. Here's details on the court case:

I suggest that the truckers all come back to Ottawa and do it all over again, only this time with a lawyer ready with papers to charge trudeau with a crime for invoking the emergency act. Just because the House of Commons gets a majority votes to implement the act doesn't make it legal. Does the American convoy have a legal team on-the-ready for Biden's martial law? Just as trudeau got "popular" worldwide as a buffoon, the American convoy should nail Biden's already-nailed coffin just to make sure.

Here's a happy story from a decent (but not wise) judge on the vaccine-mandate controversy. This judge is unwise because he received the vaccine, and thus shows he's too stupid to be a great judge, too dull to follow the admonitions of well-grounded thinkers telling that there never was a pandemic, that it's been a racketeering and social-engineering scam, but now appearing to have had a change of heart (which makes him decent):

Did you know that it's the job of lawyers to screw with a judge's mind, to deceive the judge into thinking that wrong is right, if it's what's needed to win the case? Did you know that judges are continuously screwed over until confused about what's right and wrong? A lawyer is a twirling screw into the skull of a judge. The lawyer is never telling the judge both sides of a matter, but only the side that helps his case, and he plasters over his eyes until he's leaning one way...until the opposing judge enlightens him on the other side of the story in order to get him leaning the other way. If a judge doesn't know the right from the wrong without being told by lawyers, his skull is a ping-pong ball between the two lawyers, not exactly an honorable position, or leading to a clear mind for making decisions. Liberals represent the blinding craft of satan in a court room, a legislative meeting, or a school setting. They only tell one side of an issue, the side that gets the listener to lean toward the sinful side. The total effect is to jade the mind of the nation.

Another Bladder Pointer to Boeotians

In all three theories I've had, starting with Orion-like orange juice, for the temporary fixing of my bladder problem, there has been a pointer to Orion of Boeotia. The latest theory was in the last update; see "bladder." This week, I tried calcium tablets, two and then three daily, and the bladder has been operating normally ever since, now going on about the fourth day. It empties fully instead of partially.

As the calcium brand is Tums, I asked why the Tumes/Tomb surname should trace to Boeotians, and instantly found good reasons that even confirm my trace of Tume's/Tombs to the royal Cottians. They were at SUSA on the RIParia river, which I claim is the reason for the "R.I.P" on the tombstones of Tumes'/Tombs, which happen to be in the colors of the SUSAn Coat. I've been telling for years that mythical CADmus, who settled Boeotia, was a term invented by a writer to express the CADusii Armenians either at MUS of Armenia, or in merger with Armenians at Mus. CadMUS. He married Armenia-like Harmonia, daughter of Ares, and I'm going to show how Ares is in the white horse head in the Tumes/Tomb Crest.

But first, I claim that the Cadusii named both Hattusa and Kutaisi. Hattusa (in or beside Phrygia) was named by the Hatti, and a myth writer represented this entity as mythical Attis, god of Phrygia. Another myth writer invented mythical Aeetes, king of Colchis in Kutaisi. Another myth writer invented mythical Cotys, who was at times made the father of Attis, and there you have the proto-Cottians in whatever Cotys was named after, which looks a lot like "Cadusii." In a nutshell, we just showed how the Tums tablets gets us to the Cadmus Boeotians. Orion of Boeotia was given a urine symbol to go with my BLADder problem, and Blade's happen to by in Tumes/Tomb colors too, as is the gyronny of the Horse Coat. The WHITE horse head in the Tumes/Tomb crest can thus be heraldic code for the Horse surname, for even the Horse's have white horse heads.

Here's Wikipedia's article on the Thracian Horseman: "The Thracian horseman (also "Thracian Rider" or "Thracian HEROS") is the name given to a recurring motif of a horseman depicted in reliefs of the Hellenistic and Roman periods in the Balkans (Thrace, Macedonia,[1][2] Moesia, roughly from the 3rd century BC to the 3rd century AD). Inscriptions found in Romania identify the horseman as Heros (also Eros, Eron, Herros, Herron)..." I see "Ares" as code for the horse-like Hros people group of Ukraine, and mythical Eros was even made a son of Ares. The Nordic for "horse" is "hross." I've see the Thracian Horseman on a white horse.

This recalls that I rode Miss Peare's white horse when she was with Mr. Kepke. I was invited to ride it after Kepke rode it. We must have been depicting the Thracian horseman, for we saw Moesia above as his homeland, and my Masci bloodline is through Moesia, and of course Moesians look like they were from Mus, near the Moschi mountains (north of the Aras river of Ares), themselves near Kutaisi. Peare's horse was pointed to in a dream I had where I was pulling her waist toward me, because WAISTells have a white horse on a "full GALLop." Gauls in Galatia settled Phrygia in the 3rd century BC. Myth writers made Attis the father of Lydians who in turn lived beside Mysians expected as Moesians.

I've been telling for years that "Waistell" is from VESTALIS, son of king Cottius of the Cottians!!! Amazing, is it not, how my bladder problem, and now the Tums calcium tabs, knows history? Cotys-like Cottius was a son of Edom-like Donnus. Ancient Susa (Iraq-Iran border) was near the Horites of Nuzi. Susa is in Piedmont, where Peare-line Pero's and Masci's were first found. There were even real kings, by the name of Cotys, in ancient Thrace. I can even take this to the Kepke-like Keeps because they are in the motto of Hebrons/HEPburns (white horse head), the latter first found in Northumberland with horse-head Horse's. Keeps use a "GALLey" ship.

I may as well repeat that the Hros were not only in Ukraine, but in Caucasia, location of Kepoi. Mr. Kepke (pure blond in his 20s), with a Ukrainian father, pointed to Kiev by his shoe-sales job, and the Dnieper river through Kiev was home to the ROXolani, a RUS-Alan people group suspect from the real king, Rusa, of Lake Van. It just so happens that Mus is at Lake Van. The Cimmerians in the Ukraine conquered king Rusa. This was probably the entity of Ezekiel's Rosh. Ezekiel's Meshech, also called, Mushki, probably named the Moschi mountains. Repeat: I saw a map with the Roxolani stamped on the Buzau river, which has the Cotys-like Cotesii upon in on this dark map. Wikipedia's article of Roxolani has them on the Ialomita river near the Buzau, which was to the north of Thrace.

As the Buzau is a tributary of the Siret, we now go to the Sire's/Sirets, suspect from Seir. As Esau's son married Timna of Seir, I'm starting to wonder whether the Tumes/Tomb surname, with a Tomes term in its write-up, was from a version of "Edom," for Esau was king of Edom. Esau may have lived in Hebron, where his grandfather, Abraham lived. I don't know off-hand if Esau's father was living in Hebron. Timna was a HORites Seir, and I can see here mythical HORUS, whom the myth writers made a son of Seir-like OSIRis, and thus the Horse surname looks like its from the Horites of Edom. Sire's/Sirets were first found in Burgundy with Orsons/HORSons, but also with the Loge's in the "log proper" of German Riders. It could appear that God set the Riders up with a log to square with "Thracian Rider."

Repeat from earlier in this update BEFORE writing this section: "Kepke and I met Miss Peare when she worked at REITman clothing, and this could connect to Ritters feasibly in "celeRITER." Rita's share the lion of German Rolls (Swabia, same as German Cellers)." Ritters are also German Riders!

Mythical Cotys was made the son of Manes when Cotys was made the father of Attis, and Manes thus looks like code for the Mannai Armenians, the entity that named Maeonians on the Maeander river, and here we can point out that Manders (Rhodes kin) share the saltire of Orsons/Horsons. HORtons, in Hore's/Hores colors, named Northumberland, where Horse's and Hebrons were first found, and Hebrons even use the rose for Rus liners. Manders were first found in Devon with Esau-like Esse's/Ash's in turn having two of the three chevrons of Cotys'/Archdeacons. Deacons (Suffolk, same as Hore's/Hores') and Decans look like Rhodes kin.

Rhodes-connectable Roets were first found in Somerset with the BALANce's sharing the giant Hore/Hores eagle, and Ballans (Balance colors) were first found in Suffolk with Hore's/Hores'. Roet-like Roots were first found in Kent with Timna-connectable Time's/Timms (Root colors), and with Masons/Massins (share Moray mermaid) using a "DUM" motto term to go with a "DEUM TIME" motto of a Moray Coat no longer showing. You can find mention of "Deum Time" in about 40 of my updates (google hides most of them even if you ask for the exact phrase along with "tribwatch"), even as far back as the the 6th update in January, 2011. Time's/Timms share the Masci fleur-de-lys, and have a solid chevron in the colors of the chevron of Bellys (first found in Moray), a branch of Baileys (Moray stars) in turn first found in Northumberland with their Baliol branch that could have named Balance's and Ballans (both in Baliol and TIMMins colors).

As was said, Peare's waist-pull event was God's take off of her BELLY-press event which in turn pointed to the tummy-like Tume's/Tombs under discussion with by bladder problem. A bladder is in a tummy. Blade's are in Tume/Tomb colors. A "blade" is used by Teems/Tiems while Peare's were kin of Teins/Teins/Tame's. You thereby have what looks like God's arrangements to identify Teems and Tame's (namers of the Thames river) from the line of Timna. Teems/Tiems use "shields" while English Shields (Plate colors and format) share the motto of Shaws/Sheaves'/Shea's (Berkshire, same as Susans) while Irish Shea's/Shee's share both Time/Timm fleur-de-lys. Beauty work, especially as Shaw-like Save's were first found in Burgundy with Sire's/Sirets.

[Insert the day after this update was uploaded -- This insert got so long, I decided to have it in the next update, in case you started it and it's now gone]

There's a "shield" in the Crest of RIPleys/Rippers, suspect from the Riparia river (location of Susa) along with the Tume tombstones. Ripleys have a write-up suggesting their relationship with Mr. AmCOTS, and Cots' are listed with French Cotta's/Cottons/Cotys'. English Cottons were first found in Huntingdonshire with the husband of ADa of Warenne, and while her father was from Surrey, where there is a Ripley location, "ADvance" is the Speer motto. Hunts/Hunters and Huntingdons are beloved in "hunting HORNS," part code for mythical Orion the hunter.

Ballans were in BOSmere, and Esau's Edomite capital was at BOZrah. The BUZau river comes to mind, especially as the Bus' share the cinquefoil of Bellows/Ballots (Cheshire, same as Balls). Hore-like Orrs/Ore's use an "omnia" motto term while "omniBUS" is a Mander motto term.

From the 4th update in July, 2012:

..."Mount Oeta (older name: - KataVOTHRA) is a mountain...between the valleys of the rivers SPERcheios..."? In the Spercheios article: "The Spercheios is a river in Phthiotis, central Greece. The river begins in the TYMfristos mountains..." The Melusine in the Glass Crest is used by the Moray Crest...A Moray Coat no longer shown at has a "Deum time" motto that I traced to Timms/Times/TYMmes of Kent, whom I identified as elements from Timna, sister of Lotan, wife of Eliphas of Edom. The father of Eliphas ruled at BOZRAH, smacking of "KataVOTHRA" ("kata" in Greek carries the idea of "down"). It's suggesting that Timna / Timnah elements may have named Tymfristos, and that Esau-ites were at Katavothra too.

The Timna-like Timmins share crossed SPEARS with Speers, and while the latter were first found in Renfrewshire with Horite-like Orrs/Ore's, Speers share the boar heads of Roets. The island of Rhodes is near the island of Kos, and Edom had a Kos cult. Edom can mean "red," which the Aryans called, "rhodes." Pollocks, first found in Renfrewshire too, built a castle at Rhodes-like Rothes, in Moray, yes indeed, that's correct, and google hides my writings on behalf of dark freemasons. But they are not my writings alone, and so God will punish google and thwart its attempts to hide my material. Timmins have one black roundel, the colors of the Ballan roundels.

Ahh, Timmins share plates with Pence's who in turn have a "recTUM TENEum" motto phrase that can be part-code for the Teins/Tame's, and therefore connectable to the Teems/Tiems having a bladder-like "blade." The rectum is connected to the tummy is connected to the bladder! "RECTum" can be part-code for Ricketts/Reckitts using a scimitar, which I trace to Boeotia's Schimatari, home of mythical Orion with a urine symbol. I see "Orion" as play on "URANus," and he's suspect from Eran, now Iran, recalling that Uranus' grandson, ZEUS, was suspect at Iran's SUSA because his mother, Rhea, was traceable to Rhagae, now Ray in Iran. Rays look like kin of Freys (Moor's head) who in turn have white horses (!) in Susan / Tumes/Tomb colors. Ricketts/Reckitts ("Decan-like "decens" motto term) even have a "veRUM" motto term while Rums/Rome's are also Rims, suspect with proto-Roman Benjamites at the Rimna river (Romania).

Esau's son, Eliphas, is likely to the Oliphant surname because it shares a "Tout" motto term with Morays. The Voirs in the Oliphant motto share the lion of Maschi's, the latter first found in Rimini, suspect from the Rimna river to the near-north of the Buzau. The namers of the Rimna probably named Rhamidava, shown on the dark map above. Benjamites in Judges were at RIMMON. Oliphants must be sharing the Spree and Speer/SPEYer crescents because Rothes is on the SPEY river while Speers/Speyers (Renfrewshire, same as Pollocks) have a Coat like that of Brocks (share Stewart motto) who in turn share the dart with Pollocks. The father of the Pollocks was a vassal of the Dol Alans, the proto-Stewarts. Alans of Alania were Irons, and the Orion surname is listed with Irons.

Oliphants were first found in Perthshire with PEERless'/Napiers suspect from the Naparis river of the Roxolani Alans, and English Alans share the Pierro/Pero and Bute/Boet fesse. Bude and Bude's were first found in Cornwall with Spree's. Roxburghs share the Horse horse head. The "tache" motto term of Peerless'/Napiers can go to Tacks, the latter said to be a branch of TANKERville's suspect from TANAGRa, home of mythical Orion's father. It appears that Orion was code for Horites moving as the tribe started by Timna the Horite.

The six spears of Timmins are said to be in a "MURAL coronet", and while Muriel Pollock was the daughter of Peter, builder of Rothes castle (eastern border of Moray), Muriels/Merrels share the Time/Timm fleur-de-lys while one Moray motto is "Deum Time." Maurels/Morels (Brittany, same as Pollock related Alans) have the other Time/Timm fleur-de-lys, in colors reversed from the Muriel/Merrel fleur. Timmins use "plates" while Plate's were first found in Lancashire with Muriels/Merrils. The latter share the peacock with Peacocks who in turn were first found in Essex with Brocks, and with Rams (Plate colors and format), possibly from "RHAMidava." Rams use a "fieri" motto term, and while Fiers are listed with Fears, the latter are in the Peacock motto. I've read that Peacocks were a sept of Pollocks. Plate's share the scallops of Irish Pattersons, they being from Antipatria up the Apsus river from Fier county in ALBANia, and Albanys (Shropshire, same as Brittany's Alans) share the Coat of Moray-connectable Masons/Massins. The Alan-line Stewarts were first found in Devon with Albins/Aubins who named Aubin near Rodez.

Ahhh, beauty: my Tums are packaged and sold by the company, Equate," and Quate's are listed with Vatts sharing the Coat of Watts (once said to be first found in Worcestershire) while English Watts/Wathes' were first found in Worcestershire with Tumes'/Tombs! It's also where Square's/Squirrels were first found who have the Peare-related Tiens' in their motto.

Alan-Stewarts loved the island of Bute, earlier named, ROTHESay. Orions/Irons named Airaines, the namers of Arran, an island beside Bute. It appears that Boeotians renamed the island, Bute. German Bute's are also Boets. Welsh Bude's use a "hurt," and Hurts are also Horton-like Horts (Yellow fesse in colors reversed). Hurts/Horts were first found in Oxfordshire with Peare's and Yellows, and the Yellow-like IALOmita river, which was anciently the NAPARis, was home to Roxolani Alans. NAPIER's list PEERless'.

English Bude's have a lion head in the colors of the Ripley lion. English Bude's show the gold garbs of Tacks and Wheats/WHATE's who all-three share a green Shield with Tumes'/Tombs who in turn were first found in Worcestershire with Whate-like Watts/Wathes and Susan-beloved Lily's. Whats/Whadcocks (Susan colors) are also WadCOTTs!!! It's more evidence that the Tumes tombstones have "R.I.P" as code for Cottians on the Riparia. These garbs are often called, "wheat sheaves," and Shaws/Sheaves' were first found in Berkshire with Susans. Lille's were first found nearby in the Thame area of Oxfordshire, and more exactly at PIRton (Pertons/PEARtons use pears), and so the Susan lily is connectable to Peare's and Tiens'/Tame's, as could be expected.

I can now return to my last weekend with CHRISTINE Peare, when she showed me her beach picture on her COFFEE table. Table's share hurts with Bude's, and Coffee's/Coffers use cups in Bude colors while Christine's use cups too. I'll bet there was at least one coffee cup on that coffee table because I probably wasn't drinking alcohol that night (I had become a Christian). Bude's share the Irish Moore lion, apparently, for I took her to the home of my friend, Jeff Moore, the day that she showed me the picture. Coffee's/Coffers look like kin of Whats/Wadcotts, and the latter are in the colors and format of Pero-beloved Stars/Stairrs. One my first-ever meeting with Miss Peare, we rushed / ran up the stairs to kiss, and Runnings/Ronnys share the fesse of Rush's/Rish's (white horses), Ricket-connectable Ricks, and Rosco's/Risco's (Cornwall, same as Bude).

She was in her BATHing SUIT in the beach picture, and Suits/Suters share the Peartree/Patria fitchees. Baths essentially have the Rhodes Coat in colors reversed. Roads use a version of the Child eagle, and Childs were first found in Hertfordshire with Beach's. The Road eagle is "DISplayed on its SIDE", and Diss'/Dice's have a gold-eagle version of the TARANT Coat while the latter's is the Child Coat in colors reversed, another beauty because the Coffee/Coffer Crest shares a naked rider on a dolphin with the Arms of TARANTo. Tarants were at Tarrant-RUSHton, and Rushtons, who share the SIDE (and Napp) lion, share a "have" motto term with Side-branch Sutys. Naparis-like Napps/Knapps happen to have "An arm holding a sword by the BLADE."

The interesting thing is where Susa might have been named by Suty liners, for Side's use a tiger while Susa was an ancient location at the TIGRis river. The Nothings (share Seaton/Sitten dragon), in Cnut/Note colors and format, in the Suty motto were first found in Huntingdonshire with Cottons. Cotesii were on the Buzau river with Roxolani of the NapaRIS, and Rush's/Rish's were likely a Rice / Rise branch from Rosh / Rusa elements at Rize, near the Moschi mountains. Rhizon is beside Budva/Butua.


Here's all four Gospels wrapped into one story.

For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God.
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