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February 15 - 21, 2022

Convoy's Organizers Look Complicit With a Government Trap
trudeau is in the Shark Pool with Trump
The Punch to Barry Will Floor Us
My Bladder Is Intelligent
New Look at the Arizona Hips Pull

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Here's a good 1/2-hour view of David Martin claiming vehemently and openly that justin trudeau is guilty of a crime(s) and conflict of interest. Nobody makes such a public statement lightly, but I have, and my accusations are different than Mr. Martin's. I say trudeau is guilty of mass murder because he continues to push the vaccines after it was roundly known that they are severely maiming and killing people. This is not rocket science, and trudeau is hiding behind the wall of "I'm doing it to make people safe." BALONEY, because if he were truly concerned about health, he'd cease even with optional vaccinations. Mr. Martin accuses him of an "illegal monopoly." This is huge because it signals that Canada has financial vaccine benefits (it's taking a bribe) other nations don't have, and the problem is: the truckers are not sending Martin's message from a loudspeaker upon a platform probably because the convoy's self-appointed leaders are imposters.

I appreciate Mr. Martin's statement in the 11th minute where he heightens trudeau's crime if he dares use the police or military to serve his vaccine interests. That's an understandable concern that trudeau must have, and he's not likely going to give the decision to use unjustified police force to anyone else if he personally is on the hook for the crimes. The buck of what Canada does stops at his desk, and he's not a king, let's be reminded, but a wanna-be king.

People are saying that the truckers are the last hope for fighting tyrannical governments. Could people and truckers in cars, by greater numbers than the trucker convoys, protest just as well? I'm hearing that there are only 400 trucks in Ottawa from the truckers, and those trucks are not necessarily making any difference by being parked in parking lots away from the protests. The truckers could just as well be on strike, with trucks parked at home, with their bodies in their cars in Ottawa. Couldn't that work just as well? It could work far better if Canada were not so large, with such long driving distances.

Advantages in using trucks include the near-impossibility of towing them away, and the fact that they act as free motel rooms, saving lots of money and allowing truckers to be present daily for weeks / months at a time.

In the last update, I had a section telling why the trucker blockade at the Ambassador bridge looks like a government fake job, and here this week more evidence has come out. One of my pieces of evidence is the lack of pictures showing the trucks on the bridge, or even near the bridge. All truckers carry their own cameras, and so why are there no pictures of police forcing them off the bridge? Why no pictures of trucks leaving the bridge, since this immediate clearing of the bridge amounts to a huge score by the government? Don't we expect that all major media in canada would have been on-sight to show the trucks leaving? Then why does even Fox do a story on the event, below, without showing the trucks on the bridge at any time? Instead, as the Fox story claims that 30 truckers were arrested, it's showing truck scenes in Ottawa, far from the Ambassador bridge at Detroit. The arrest of 30 truckers is big news, if it really happened, yet no canadian media caught it on camera???????????????????????????????????? Not credible:

Why are truckers not sharing photos of parking lots and streets filled with trucks all over Ottawa, if indeed there have been 50,000 trucks. There's 2,220 miles between Vancouver and Ottawa, meaning that if only one truck decided to drive to Ottawa per linear mile -- each west-east mile spreading south-north from the U.S. border to the Arctic Circle, then that alone would provide for 2,200 trucks not including those coming from the east of Ottawa. So, 50,000 is not at all too high to believe, but where are they? This is a story in itself. Why hasn't anyone driven around town to give an idea as to where they all are?

On this Monday, trudeau threatened EMERGENCY powers to disband the trucks. As he has a financial interest, we can understand this arrogance. He's doing it also for his partners in crime, who are pushing him, no doubt, and telling him everything will be fine for him if he pushes.

trudeau needs to take his emergency-measures proposition to lawmakers in parliament for two voting sessions, both of which need a majority vote in favor, in order to be passed. The quasi-recognized leader of the convoy, Tamara Lich (who's she?), said that the truckers have decided to "hold the line," but how does she know? How many truckers have confirmed to her that they will hold the line until they are arrested? Nobody even knows if she talking to more than three truckers. She hasn't said a word to them publicly about the money they've been denied to cover their costs for being in town. Is she trying to trap truckers with "hold the line"?

Is there more than mere arrests in store for them? Is the national spy system involved, making a data base of all hard resistors? Do the Schwabites intend to jail harshly to make an example of what happens to those who do not comply? That's probably the plan. Will the number of trucks double or triple if trudeau goes ahead with the emergency attempt? That would be sweet.

Dr. Paul Alexander and Dr. Roger Hodgkinson repeatedly appear on video to give step-by-step messages. As much as I like their messages, are there only two doctors / scientists in all of Canada who can spend some time in Ottawa to add to the numbers of those sending such messages? It starts to look like a fringe group when the same two or three faces appear. Where are the representatives of churches from sea to sea? Anyone in a congregation can be sent by a church leadership to be its representatives. But maybe churches are afraid to take-up this issue for fear of offending their pro-mask / pro-vaccine members, what a terrible shame. Many churches must be choosing to be politically useless for not wanting to loose their liberal members...which looks like concern for $$$ to me. Start a home church today, take no routine collection of money.

In the 6th minute of Laura-Lynn below, Tom Morazzo says, "I work very closely with the board of directors for the convoy," so, wow, Laura-Lynn, you really bagged a good interview here because I didn't know there was a board of directors. Like in a company? Which truckers elected this board to represent them? How did this organization come about? Who's on the board? He says that the organizers / directors start all meetings with a prayer, but then why wouldn't good Christians want to reveal their to-this-day secrets on where they came from, who they all are...and is it true that they are of a political movement? Why is this Christian group not coming out to apologize about, or explain the reason for, having an obama supporter, Dagny Pawlak, on the team? That doesn't jibe with Christianity?

This convoy "leadership" has been nicey-nicey, and yet trudeau is still coming at them with guns. It begs the question on whether showing some passionate anger is a better way than nicey-nicey? Nobody on trudeau's side is afraid of nicey-nicey, but anger makes the trudeau side nervous, jittery, off-balance, and it underscores the gravity of the controversy. Nicey-nicey, on the other hand, makes the controversy look more toward the trivial / indifferent side. If you want recruits, show passion, show a willingness to take risks, like winning this means something. If you all go away having been nicey-nicey as your bragging rights, how strategic is that? If this is a war, act like it. Throw out the accusations against that criminal, trudeau. He throws out accusations untrue of the truckers, but the truckers can't throw accusations against trudeau who's killing people for profit???? HELLO? This leadership STINKS.

This leadership has lost the confidence of many truckers, no doubt about it. This leadership should step down and pass the torch to others. This leadership has squandered the opportunity to get the message out that trudeau is a killer for profit, and a pro-Schwab traitor to the country. That's what matters. That's the center of gravity in this controversy. The leadership is hiding the center of gravity, the crucial truth of the matter. What's the use in praying to God for help if those who pray deny the crux of the crimes? SPEAK OUT. Make God's day.

With trudeau taking this war to the parliament, he gives the trucker side -- it's not just about the truckers -- fantastic media attention. Although it will be faked news against the good guys, still, the media will need to serve some truths to the people on what exactly is taking place, and what the politicians are saying, and the wise citizens will figure out what's really happening. Every step he takes, trudeau hands the truckers a win, like when he steps on a rake and the long handle comes up fast from the grass-roots level to smash him in the face by surprise, and so this next step he's taking looks like another fall-back upon the back of his skull. The only question is, how small a win does the present, self-appointed leadership want?

How many truckers voted for this pathetic excuse for a leadership? Why don't truckers form a new leadership, with a different approach? They don't need to sound belligerent, but they do need to sound-off the whole-dirty truth concerning the national and provincial leaders these past two years. They constituted a viper's nest. Did the truckers deceive us into thinking they had spines when in fact it's mere cartilage? Here's an example on how to talk right:

Let me tell you a secret. The most painful punishment from God is when He does nothing to punish the wicked in this life, so that they grow confident in their evil, thinking they're getting away with it all, boasting about it, even mocking the existence of The Judge, and then, at their death, the sudden horror, and the weight of the punishment, is most-horrible. That's why, if you're being punished by God routinely, it's because He loves you, seeking to correct you because you have the stuff of becoming a decent person. But woe to those who don't get chastised by God in this life for their many sins.

Chant: trudeau is a killer, TRUDEAU IS A KILLER. When I hear this from canadians, they'll deserve a capital 'C'. Until then, they are darts that miss the entire target. trudeau wants to kill your aged and even your young, and the trucker leadership responds with, "we want the freedom to choose"...uh, so that only half the country plays Russian roulette with becoming murdered or incurably maimed??? Way to go, show your heartless stupidity.

If the convoy leadership really cared about people, it would call for a full cancellation of vaccines, and a jailing of the perpetrators. In being nicey-nicey multiculturalists who kissed father government for decades, canadians allowed their own enemies to seize their military brass and police forces. That's why those two important things are not on their side this month even though trudeau is talking CLEARLY the COMMUNIST PIG. The snakes crept in while canadians patted yourselves on the backs for being world-friendly and sin-tolerant. Not even God bothered to protect your back, canadians. You walked away from Him and depended on your government for security, and now this government is going to abuse you. Do you think you can rub the chin of the dragon to pacify it? Are you going to pretend it's not a snake?

What kind of a person won't tell the truth about the ill-effects of vaccines in order not to offend those who received vaccines? This is the sick heart of the Freedom Convoy 22. The correct message is: do not risk receiving vaccines, it's not worth it; some of them kill, others ruin your organs and blood vessels. Trudeau must be jailed, held responsible for those who've suffered these things needlessly.

Look it: even trudeau's partner in crime, Quebec, looks poised to oppose his call for martial law:

You see, the Quebec snake doesn't want its head trampled by the voters, but trudeau goes prancing about like an elegant buffoon, thinking he's Midas with the golden touch even though everything he's touched so far has turned to dross. This guy is the Exodus pharaoh reincarnated. What canada needs is an obedient Moses to throw the Law into the stone-hearted king's face. Trudeau is the silk-diaper kind of guy, the laughing stock worldwide, and his secret helpers have only one desire: use police force. Show the fist, make the country obey out of fear.

Start the video below at 1:55 to hear one good reason to explain why political COVID goons have relented lately, because what you will hear in the second minute is likely akin to what's being effected in Europe too...though trudeau is positioning himself as the heroic holdout against all odds of succeeding this prosecutorial onslaught:

David Martin is mentioned about midway through the video above, involved in launching criminal complaints in all 50 states (that's not likely to go smoothly in every state). This is the same David Martin in the video at the top of this news section, the one calling trudeau out for killing citizens for money? There's going to be many sheriffs who WILL commit to prosecuting Fauci et-al. Other politicians think this is a recipe for civil war, but if the risk is not taken, then it risks the victory of tyranny. Take a cue from God from the results of this convoy: you've seen tyranny show it's ugly head without question, it will continue to effect Christian persecution i.e. start preparing your stored foods.

Look at Ford talking our tune now, like one who sticks his self-serving finger in the air to see which way the political winds are blowing before opening his mouth to speak publicly. Vote this tyrant's stooge (= willing pawn) out of politics. As a high-level politician, he had all the scientific, medical and statistical data needed to arrive to the correct conclusion, but like his fellow stooges, he suppressed that data, pretending it didn't exist. He colluded with the killers, that's what this is about:

The Alberta convoy caved on Tuesday. They all went home. The police planted guns on a table, took a photo for news purposes, and implied / claimed that these guns came from the convoy...but the police did not show where they got the guns. It's a staged event. Now we know that the government is willing to stage such a faked event. This convoy may have started as a government operation with the plan to plant those weapons. Look: "Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino on Thursday said there are links between the Ottawa protest and a blockade in Coutts, Alberta, where police seized guns and ammunition from demonstrators (" Clearly, they want the Ottawa convoy to be framed with insurrectionist guns. That's been the plan, we may assume, from the start, in order to call martial law akin to what Australia has.

Shiela Gunn of Rebel News tweeted: "Is this the same Dagny Pawlak now doing media for the convoy? If it is, she didn't just work for Marco Mendicino's campaign, she went to the United States to help Obama win." The cat's out of the bag, but Tamara has not addressed this Pawlak character (so far as I've heard), but it's obvious as to why not.

The way to accompany a convoy with the right message is to announce that it's to stop the murders. PERIOD. You are justified at that point for some disobedience to minor laws. There is nothing that can stop such a movement. If the police dare threaten to arrest, the truckers can be prepared to tell all officers that they would be very happy to be arrested in order to have the opportunity to convey to a judge their secure defence in the vaccine deaths and maimings, for this message then gets up to trudeau's cabinet, and it's a big threat to trudeau himself. The evidence is overwhelming that politicians facilitated vaccinations after they knew the death and illness numbers from vaccinations. In the least, that's mass-manslaughter. trudeau is in a criminal position in his attempts to force vaccination by forcing the quarantine of truckers everytime they cross the border. Truckers have that defence, but the organizers are not using that defence...probably because they're imposters.

Truckers, as plaintiffs, can go to court. They don't need to be arrested to get an emergency court hearing as a collective group of workers. trudeau is threatening their health. GO TO COURT and splash such a story all over the world news. Say, trudeau is a killer, he has no standing to claim he's saving people from illness.

Now we know why trudeau labeled the truckers terrorists, because his people plotted to plant guns to frame them. This false charge cannot work unless the police can produce video as to where they obtained the guns. Who owned the vehicle where the guns were found? It is a high crime to frame people as murderers or insurrectionists. Have the wisdom to realize that the "arrests" are faked too:

If you are familiar with the details of the convoy to Thursday, which I shared above, skip the first section, and fast-forward to 19:00 minutes, of Polly's video below to see something suspicious: Tamara acting unilaterally (essentially on her lonesome, with lawyers) on behalf of the truckers (i.e. without their knowledge / consent / participation / opinions) with the top Ottawa official:

When Tamara's letter was publicized by the Ottawa mayor or his supporters, Tamara claimed that the media lies, and that no deal was made with the mayor, but she did not say that the letter was a fake. That about proves to me that she did write it, agreeing to ask truckers to move their trucks, and so maybe it's true that there was no official deal, because she just did what Ottawa wanted, possibly (probably?) because she's never been an authentic player for the truckers. BJ Dichter, one of her convoy partners, then tried to make Tamara look like she was merely mistaken to concede to the mayor...instead of conceding as an enemy of the convoy, the other option on truckers' minds. Every trucker there knows that this Tamara-group is a self-appointed leadership that does not seek the will of the truckers.

If it now seems that the Tamara-group has been there to manipulate truckers, should we be asking whether an elaborate trap was set for the truckers by first getting them to Ottawa in the first place? There is a deadly-looking trap about to snap, but then on the other hand the truckers haven't been dangerous at all so that martial law isn't even justified. Under these extreme-threat circumstances, the peaceful approach to the protests works well to highlight the contrast in attitudes. Such an elaborate, planned trap, especially with unjustified martial law, might just have the purpose of dividing the country, and egging anti-vaxxers to start violence. That's what this looks like, but, crime minister, wee-wee, watch out for the trap of God set for you. What if you set your trap, and it snaps on your leg like a deer caught in the Truckers' headlights for all the country to see?

So, the plan seems to have been, from the start, to use the convoy to bring in a "temporary" martial law, and then to make it last a little longer, just "two weeks," to so speak, "to flatten the curve," and by doing so the schwabites get to have a test run, and in the meantime they can use it to spy on the banks and communications of ALL anti-vaxxers, not just truckers, but anyone supporting them. If trudeau steals money out of bank accounts just because people donate to the truckers, for example, that's a declaration of war, and so he might just do that with the protective measure of martial law on his side. This could happen because this man is a wicked soul.

The Ottawa police chief, one of the bad guys, resigned on Tuesday. He was apparently deemed not harsh enough, and then, no sooner did he agree to resign that this false-flag gun photo came out...which backfired because it exposed the trudeau side as more a laughing stock than ever. There's no threat if truckers break no laws in Ottawa. Truckers have a right to drive to the city, park their vehicles, and demand to be heard. They have a right to exit their vehicles and partake in LOUD demonstrations if the politicians refuse to negotiate with them. The more the sinister actors plug their ears and pretend not to see, the louder the protesters are justified to be, and thus the noise and the city congestion is the fault of the stubborn lawmakers who lord it over the people. The modern Romans.

Canada set up its parliament system to be a "Crown," you see, providing for itself a quasi-monarchical role by attaching the queen to itself. We were told in school that the queen is merely symbolic, having no say in parliament, yet the parliamentarians can (ab)use the "Crown" to become a monarchical power over the country. I think that's how the wicked view the parliamentary setting. trudeau thinks he's a king standing in the queen's shadow. There's all kinds of nasty, British things in the darkest parts of her shadow -- spiders, cockroaches, scorpions, stink beetles and blood-sucking grubs crawling around on her legs behind her dress. She's responsible for shaking her legs and letting these nasty things fall out into plain view, but she never does. She covers for them by remaining silent, but God will demand an answer from her for this complicity. Yes, for if canada is under her authority on paper, then she is required, in the least, to expose canadian collusion with British socialism. She can't make laws in canada, but she can point to the corruption being worked, now being a good time to do so.

Here's government-admitted evidence of murder which trudeau is guilty of:

Here's more of David Martin in case you want further details on his accusations against trudeau:

On Tuesday, canada announced SOME scrapping of travel restrictions, like when an 800-pound hippo sits on the ankle instead of the knee. No dancing going on yet. This is merely a plastic token given grudgingly as proof that trudeau's losing the support even of his own cabinet.

These three men could be moles to spy on the truckers. They are saying all the right things, but of course, we'd expect that from moles seeking to get close to truckers business. It's still possible that the Convoy was started to make a list of people who support anti-vaxxers. If their phones have been spied on as they make calls from Ottawa, it's a sick country. I frankly don't care if they have me on a list as an anti-vaxxer. I respect that position.

On Thursday, I learned that martial law is in force this week even though the parliament has not voted on the move. Apparently, the prime minister can call for martial law, and have it immediately until the parliament votes it down. Martial law means that all normal laws do not apply to protect citizens. The NDP, a communist political party in Canada, is doing a suicide mission by voting for this martial law, and so it's going to pass. This allows us to see what trudeau will do with his superpowers.

Here's Tamara's arrest looking rehearsed / staged, because the officer positioned himself looking straight at the camera when asking her to turn for cuffing, so that when she turned around, she was facing directly at the camera for maximum effect. I say it's a faked arrest:

News stories tell that Tamara quit her political party to organize the convoy, but there's no details on how she organized it. I can agree with the political party she was with, in its aims to separate from Canada, because the east is a liberal bastion. I was under the impression that central Canada was a quasi-Bible-belt, but having now seen the anti-Christian persecution from Alberta, SPIT! I want to know whether Tamara brought Pawlak to the convoy. Politics is filled with moles, and, who knows, Tamara might be one herself.

Chris Barber, another organizer, was arrested on camera Thursday: "Justice Julie Bourgeois released Barber on a $100,000 bond and on the conditions that he leaves Ontario by next Wednesday and not publicly endorse the convoy or have any contact with the other major protest organizers." The judge has demanded an illegality from Barber. He or anyone else has every right to partake in the protest, to speak with other protesters, and to organize protests. No judge can remove that right. PERIOD! This news comes from a state-stooge media in Canada:

Pat King, a co-organizer of the convoy, appeared on Fox's Varney (Friday morning I think) to say not-much. The organizers have done nothing + nothing = nothing. Hold the line, they say, but I see no passion from them at all, nothing + nothing. Where are their lawyers addressing these farcical arrests? One could get the impression that all the organizers want is to see truckers behave until arrested and questioned for persecution. Mr. King was arrested shortly afterward, and has a court date scheduled for Tuesday. Tamara has her court date scheduled Saturday.

All three "organizers" have been arrested. Is the plan to make truckers feel cold and abandoned without a leadership? Who will fill the void? Some mole? Why were the organizers arrested simultaneously when they were not guilty of a crime? Isn't that fishy? I assume they will soon be released, but note that they got arrested at the end of the week, usually meaning that their court date to go free will be after the weekend. But under martial law, they can be detained until they agree to go home, and they might also be able to deny them a court appearance. We shall soon see.

"Dagny Pawlak, a spokeswoman for the convoy, told The Washington Post that [Tamara] Lich was detained on a charge of 'aiding and abetting mischief.' Earlier Thursday, Lich, an Alberta resident, told CBC News her personal bank account had been frozen, and she knew she would soon be jailed. Ottawa police declined to comment on the arrests" ( This report of bank freezing is to scare truckers. Why isn't Pawlak showing her face regularly for messaging us on someone's social-media channel? I'd say it's because the "organizers" don't want her to show her face. Protesting is not "mischief." Talking to truckers is not mischief. Walking out on the streets is not mischief.

Watch the video above to the end to see a man (sounds like a lawyer) rebutting the call of martial law. On Friday, Ottawa police said that 70 arrests were made of "Unlawful" protestors, though they did not tell why they were unlawful. The judges will be the judges of that issue, and so let's not despair here, because this could boomerang on trudeau. The arrests may not have been conducted on the boot of martial law, but on the slap-down of normal laws...we shall need to wait to see about that, this could all be a scare campaign. The other truckers are hoping that 140 others will fill the vacuum of the 70 arrests.

There are all kinds of 20- / 40-second videos showing a little police rough-and-gruff that could be from pro-government stage-stooges trying to scare off the arrival of protestors this weekend. And even many or all of the 70 arrests could be fakes as propaganda, something they worked on all week to stage. It's probably routine for police around the world to stage made-for-TV, rough-protestor scenes to keep the softies from coming out. It is illegal for police to touch anyone for protesting. It is lazy, easy and cheap to produce a 35-second scene of police getting rough, and there are many such shorties out on Friday, and more of them during the week. If the videos are not 10 or 20 minutes long, but under a minute, they could be on-the-spur, staged productions. It's information warfare (deception), what governments are not permitted to do against the people.

Chris Sky says the arrests are not arrests:

Here's the real scene Friday, no police gruff:

All capital-building sites in all nations are required either to: 1) provide sufficient parking lots for the vehicles of tens / hundreds of thousands of protestors; or, 2) tolerate cars filling the streets in front of and beside the capital building. It is not unlawful for protestors to park wherever they can find a parking spot if the government has provided no protestor parking lots. A government cannot make a law legalizing protests, but then make it illegal to conduct protests due to the heavy parking of vehicles. And that's what Ottawa is doing now, saying that protests are unlawful due to the heavy parking of vehicles. If Ottawa wants to persecute truckers with illegal vaccine enforcements, truckers have a right to drive trucks to the capital, and Ottawa is then obliged to provide them parking spots. Ottawa is unlawful for effectively forcing a drug into their veins that they reject as dangerous. It is Ottawa that is the dangerous actor, and the terrorist. YET, I heard with my own ears, from the leader of the Conservatives, say in parliament, that she wants to see the trucks gone. Where do you wish to put them, ma'am, a quarter mile away in front of someone else's businesses / homes? They need to be parked somewhere, so why not at the capital building to make their statement loud and clear to the opposition that wants to stop their ears?

At about 11 minutes, the cameraman comes up against goonish police looking like they are ready for serious business. The goons in quasi-military wear have been brainwashed to think that the protestors are invaders, and, to salvage their jobs, they all lapped it up, or they would not have come out to stand there looking like goons. It's our job to make them feel rightfully guilty for this lapse in brain usage, this empty-heartedness, this terrorist demeanor. Definitely, they are the ones looking like terrorists, who will lay on hands in true violence.

Here's a scene near the end of the daylight hours:

There are many gruff, sewer-mouth truckers sending messages via social media. I think when they or their supporters talk that way, people who were thinking to come to the anti-vaxx side change their minds. Keep it clean and respectable, eh? Here's a clean show on Thursday's escalated issues:

I'm not buying the reports, yet, that canadian banks are freezing bank accounts of pro-convoy citizens, for this can be a scare tactic to keep people from assembling in the capital on the weekend. I don't know how it helps the trudeau side to put out such reports, for it seems that people will tend to want to join with the underdog-truckers with more passion after hearing of such horrendous measures. I think trudeau is going to call his side of the country to attack anti-vaxxers to start a civil war, the way this is going, but he may only have 20-percent of the population if things stay as bad for him as they are this week. He can't win this battle fair-and-square even with all the big media as his horns, and so his invisibles must be urging him to use the handcuffs to slow the movement. Chances are, the same anti-vaxxers will pop up elsewhere the moment he continues to vaccinate children.

This is a good two-minute video if you champion the ruin of Pfizer and trudeau together:

Here's a follow-up chit-chat with stick-to-it truckers:

Truckers should have a ticket-burning event on the parliament lawn. This is nothing less than stealing the money of anti-globalists, a sign of more to come for those who do not comply. That's what schwabites are all about, and their worst enemies will soon be the hold-the-line Christians, make no mistake about it. We will not comply. We shall resist. Take our money, but we will live on our stored foods. Store foods today, Christians, just in case we are at the very end. You can survive with a happy heart before God if all you have is food, water and a home heated to 60F degrees. You will be much happier if you have a garden to take up your time, to keep both your muscles and mind exercised. Not needing to hold a job while waiting for Jesus to destroy the enemy = pure joy. Store foods and view the final years as the best years of your life. Find a place near some woods where you can gather dead wood for fires if that's all you have available. There's nothing wrong with cleaning forests of dead wood. Carry it home in a back pack, and enjoy the hikes. Decide whether the right time for you has come to get out of this mad world.

Hah, if all the wise in the land were to tell the world that canadian lawmakers are lawless hypocrites, nobody would take us seriously. But, now, hah, the lawmakers themselves are about to vote to make a legal activity illegal, to inform the world for us, and members of all countries will know that even police violate the law when lawmakers = lawbreakers command them, thank-you very-much lawbreakers for this great gift to us. We are leaping forward in bounds thanks to your impishness, projecting your scarlet sins onto those who do not commit them.

Weird. About 3 pm Sunday, after being unable to find one video showing the scene earlier that day, I succumbed to loading a CBC video, to see that the area in front of the Parliament building was all clean, no trucks, no cars, no people, not even a seagull after a scrap of food. Two theories, I can't think of a third: 1) 90-percent of the hundreds of protestors on site Saturday were actors, and ditto for the truck drivers parked at that area. When the police directed them to go, they all slipped away, and by morning, the place was a ghost town; 2) the government somehow managed to keep any protestor or trucker from getting their phone videos to somebody with a social-media account, right up until to 7:30 pm Sunday (as I write here) to show truckers and people leaving or getting arrested. Which of the two options do you think is more likely the reality? Not even Laura-Lynn has a video out today at bitchute. How can we explain this?

On Saturday, all the truckers said they weren't going anywhere, by morning, GONE. No pictures today of tow trucks, no pictures of trucks leaving, no pictures of anything to show the place clearing out. Did the police arrest everyone and confiscate their phones at gunpoint?

Minutes after writing the last paragraph, waddaya know, a Laura-Lynn video came out. And she annoyed me because she's speaking on Sunday, and even shows pictures from Saturday, but she says nothing about how the parliament area was cleared out. She doesn't even say that it was cleared out until 9 minutes in, but while this is the most-important story of the day, she glosses over it. By 11 minutes, she shows no pictures of that scene, so I turned her show off. Perhaps she fled when things got hot with threats.

Not even Rebel News has a show on this story, at bitchute, by 8 pm. ??? How many truckers are still in Ottawa. What is going on? Where are the social-media news warriors ??? Was this a psy-op? Are the scenes and threats we saw and heard on Saturday to be viewed as a staged event to frighten canadians never to do a protest again? That's exactly what January 6 was in Washington, a scare tactic to keep anti-globalists from gathering in the future.

Somebody at the global round table, during a meeting, asked: "how are we going to keep people from gathering as we implement our harsh mandates?" And someone piped up: "how about a trucker convoy, and then we pretend to take their money straight from their bank accounts, and then we pretend to chase and hound them down to make life hell for them. And we pretend to jail them harshly, after we pretend to take their children, and bash their old women. We'll pretend we're wackos willing to do anything. We'll put our people in social-media news disguised as them, telling of these scare stories to really hammer it home." Just a theory.

And in the midst of the faked convoy scheme, too many truckers came, too many cars too, more than the goons wanted, and the goons got a bad reputation globally for their act, only to provoke and produce more activist rebels against them. They think they can control the world. They can't. They can control governments only. trudeau gave schwab a nasty black eye these last three weeks. Let's go Act 2.

CTV has this show saying only 70 vehicles towed, but most of them had to be cars because there wasn't enough time to tow 70 trucks overnight. The trucks and cars must have driven away after implying they were going to get arrested as a lot. Fakes?

The video has another scare story, that trucks seized will be possessed by the government and sold for cash. They can't do that, it's theft, but it will scare some truckers into not protesting again.

It's deja vu. Between two men sits the female organizer of the American convoy set to do what the Canadian convoy has done, but this makes me suspicious because I assume that the organizers of the Canadian convoy have the help of American Schwabites. None of the three people are truckers, apparently, in this video; I'm hearing the U.S. convoy starts this coming week, just as Ottawa was cleared out:

Here's a western logger saying that loggers are organizing right now to fill Ottawa yet again with big trucks:


Here's part of the reason, probably, for the recent shift toward ending COVID restrictions. This is an excellent (exposure-wise) but horrifying presentation on murder-by-Remdesivir:

I think it is very clear that Fauci and company, including Trump, murdered the aged and sick with Remdesivir in order to perpetuate the need for forever-vaccinations. This crime has flipped on the Armageddon switch. The time clock now ticketh away for these hideous demons.

While I was watching the video above, I remembered the Sleeping Beauty dream opening up with a shark in a KIDNEY-shaped pool. The kidney shape was confirmed as an item provided by God first as a pointer to the Kidney/GEDney surname, linkable by it's fish to Geds and the Arms of SARACa (Shark-branch). The video highlighted KIDNEY failures in people. As a bulldog fell into this pool, which dog was deciphered as Trump long before he was in charge of COVID, I was thinking about that very thing while watching the video shortly before the 40th minute. Then, as soon as the video crossed 47:00 minutes, the speaker mentioned LIVER problems by Remdesivir, which caused be to recall the TRUMPets of the Liver/Lever surname. It happened just that way. (Load Kidney link now to have access, on another tab, to other Coats of Arms.)

Here's a clip from below while stressing Cullis'/Colsons: "...Livers/Levers of Bolton, and it just so happens that Livers/Levers share the trumpet with Cullis-like Calls/Calles! Zikers, that's new. The portCULLIS GATE is related to Trumps (I wonder ho closely)." That looks like a pointer to Bill Gates because Geds share pike fish with Geddes' while Gates'/Gatts look like their branch. The opening scene of the Sleeping Beauty dream thus looks like a pointer to the Fauci-et-al shark, and Trump fell into this scheme, and even sped up the vaccinations by military order. To this day, this murderous Trump, master engineer of the COVID cesspool, has yet to speak out against Remdesivir, a "drug" produced by the military. Pick DeSantis for president, toss Trump to the scrap heap.

There's even a Culles surname (new to me), first found at LECCE while Legge's almost have the Trump Coat. Culles' use a giant rose (Trump / Legge colors) in the colors of the Jump roses, and Jumps share the Trump stag head! Plus, Jumps were first found in Yorkshire with PULLys/Pullens while Lecce is in APULia. Unbelievably, Pullys/Pullens have the POOLs in their write-up! This is amazing, for as I said, the bulldog walked past my LEG (at the pool patio), and both FELL and JUMPed into the pool. I say it fell too because Feller-branch Fallis'/Falls' share the Pool lion, and moreover the eight-pointed LeDuc star is in colors reversed with Fells while James LeDuc is expected to obey the Rockefeller program for the COVID scheme.

Oh wow, Italian Lecce's were first found at Brescia, beside Val TROMPia! Plus, Italian Lecce's share the eagle of Dutch Tromps, beauty! Ahh, one quadrant of the Lecce Coat shares the Irish Leslie Coat! Scottish Leslie's were first found in Aberdeenshire with Scottish Lipps who in turn share brown lions with Irish Collins'. Figure on Lecce's being from Lesce on the Sava. Half of the Lecce Coat probably has the Barre/Barrey (and Charley) lion because Bari is in Apulia with Lecce! Not many days after the Sleeping Beauty dream, I had a morning vision from God that was fulfilled that night, which included Miss Quinn (pointed to Fauci), Charlie's girlfriend, punching BARRY on the LIP, and I saw the droplets of BLOOD from his lip. Bled is beside Lesce, and German Lipps share the Barre/Barrey / Lecce/Lodge lion! Scottish Barre's (Poleson/Pole colors) share the POLESdon/Pulesdon stars, and Pools are Pole's too. Lipps were first found in Westphalia with Ducks in Duc/LeDuc colors.

As I said, from many years ago: after the bulldog walked into the pool, seeming oblivious to the pool, it was swallowed head first by the shark, though its rear half was outside the mouth so that a ring of nasty shark teeth could be seen circled around its BELLY. As Bellys (Moray) share the Jump / Culles rose and the eight-pointed LeDuc star while LeDucs essentially have the Moray Coat, it indicates to me/us that James LeDuc of the Galveston lab is a part of the Fauci shark...and I think God aims to expose this thing that's not been exposed as yet. All we know thus far is that LeDuc was involved in setting up some of the WUHAN lab. I can add that the LeDuc Coat is very similar to the one of Wuhan-like One's (Moray). One's are listed with INNIS, and INCE's (Cheshire, beside Livers/Levers) with Inch's share double-black bendlets with trumpet-using Livers/Levers.

Ahh, the "ACUTA" motto term of Bellys may be a pointer to ACUITAS. Dr. Malone, founder of mRNA technology, but opposed to the vaccines, is saying that reports out of canada include trudeau's family owning 40-percent of Acuitas, which makes the all-important lipids for Pfizer vaccines. Fisers/Vissers use more white fish. So, the bulldog's belly is a possible pointer to trudeau's financial stake in forced vaccinations. We just crossed the Lipps as I was coming to this new-idea paragraph, and so note, "LIPid." As I said, the shark had teeth circling the belly, and Tooths are in Lipp and Barrey colors and format. The Tooth Crest is red, and while Trumps were first found in Pomerania, the Arms of Pomerania has a red griffin too. Griffin-like Graffs/Graffens pointed to graphene-oxide in some vaccines. My understanding is that lipids are added to carry the graphene-oxide.

More: Trump called himself, "father of the vaccines," and Fathers are listed with the Feathers (share Tooth feathers) in the Tooth Coat. Thus, Trump FELL into the pool with the vaccine goons. The Valens'/Valence's in the Father/Feather motto share red martlets with Velens/Volans', the latter first found in Westphalia with Lipps (!), Velins (ducks), and Ducks (share Valens/Valence fesses)!!! Beauty. The Fells have the eight-pointed Duc/LeDuc and Belly stars in colors reversed, believe it or not. Trump fell in with Rockefeller drug pushers, and bragged about it. The beauty of this paragraph is that Valens was the brother of Valentinian I, the latter being the husband of JUSTINE of Picenum, the line to Justins WOW! The belly of the bulldog does indeed point to trudeau too!

Italian Vallans/Valletta's share the moline of SARACen-branch Sarasins, and thus the Shark line. Vallans/Valletta's probably named Valletta on Malta, and Malta's happen to share the giant Lipp / Barre/Berrey lion. Valens'/Valence's (said to be from POITOU) are said to be descended from Hugh le BRUN while Scottish Lipps share brown lions with Irish Collins' and Browns/Bruns. French Porters have the Bruno Coat in colors reversed. French Bruns, first found in Poitou, have the saltire of Greats in colors reversed, and Greats (share gold border with Justins) were from GRATian, father of Volans and Valentinian. Beauty. If that's not enough, we are not off-topic at all because Poitou is at Poitiers suspect with "Porter." French Porters were first found in BERRY (!), and English Porters use the portCULLIS GATE!!! We just put Bill Gates into the shark pool with justin trudeau. The Pots' with a POTUS-like Potes variation were first found in Berry too, and they happen to share a blue fesse with Cullis'.

Cullis' have an "oPUS" motto term, which recalls my finding that Bumps/BumPUS' share the Tooth griffin because I had a FISTula BUMP on my gum letting out some pus. Punch's use a FIST. I was led to the PUSSy/Poussin surname (Oxfordshire, near first-known Tooths), and from that I got to the poison-like Poissons with almost the Bardy Coat, the latter first found in Perigord with Fauchys and Faux's/Fage's/CHOLLENS' for a pointer to poison vaccines by Tony Fauci and Francis Collins his boss. Pussys/Poussins look like kin of Crispins who in turn were kin of Grazio's while Fauchys use a GRASShopper, and Grazio's may have been Greats because the latter are also Greeps, like the Crepin variation of Crispins. The grasshopper is shared by Crispin-like GRIShams and Thatchers, the latter first found in Essex with English Faux's, Tooth-like Toot Hill, and the Peas'/Peacocks ("JUST" motto term) suspect in the "peascods" of Cullis'. English Bruns were first found in Middlesex with the Fears in the Peas/Peacock motto.

Thatchers share the Vallan/Valletta moline. The latter share the quadrants of Irish Tute's while English Tute's are also Tooth-like Toots. we now go to Tooting Bec and Bec Abbey, the latter being the location of Crispins. Wikipedia: "The village of Tooting Bec, now a London suburb, is so named because the [Bec] abbey owned the land." Tooths were first found in London. Tuttle's/Toothills (with a Tertullus-like Turtle variation indicating the Fulk-of-Anjou line) share the Belly and Falcon chevron, as well as a Falcon crescent, while there's a falcon in the Cullis Crest. Tuttle's/Toothills share a black Crest, and a chevron, with Rollo's (Perthshire, same as Justins), and king Rollo was father to Crispina. Toothills share the bend of French Crispins.

The Culles' and Lecce's are new to this discussion, so far as I can recall, and they point hard as a blockhead to Mr. Trump. I will now repeat that the parents of Sharon Quinn (pointed to Faux-branch Faucets) above had a Valiant car which was loaned to me by her brother to date Miss Hanson, the latter having herself pointed to Faux's/Fage's/CHOLLENS and Fauchys (Francis COLLINS was Fauci's boss). Miss Hanson's surname also pointed to Stephen Hahn, Trump's national drug pusher. The point in repeating this is that Valiants, with the only heraldic shark I know of, share the Chief-Shield colors of Pool-connectable Pullys/Pullens, the latter first found in Yorkshire with Valiants! This is now more important because Pullys look to be from Apulia. Again, Valiant-like Vallans/Valletta's share the moline of SARACen-branch Sarasins, and the Saracen people group were probably in Apulia.

Plus, the "Nulla" motto term of Pullys/Pullens is likely for the Null branch of Neils/O'NAILs (share Null lion) while the latter, sharing the Ged / Arms-of-Saraca fish and the COLchester estoiles, were first found in Tyrone with Sharks! Beauty. The Arms of Colchester has nails. German Nails/Neils/Nagle's (Westphalia, same as Ducks in Duc/LeDuc colors) and Greats/Greeps have a saltire in the colors of the saltire formed by the two Kidney/Gedney fish. God gave us the Sleeping Beauty dream and the morning vision to warn about this COVID / vaccine scheme. Take heed. Neils/O/Nails share the red hand of Hands/Hanns/Hans' while Hahns (Mecklenburg, same as Trumps/Tromps) were a branch of German Hanns.

Sharon Quinn punched Barry on the lip, and God apparently provided English Berreys to have triple fesses in the colors of the near-same of Punch's. German Berreys are listed with the Barre'/Barreys sharing the Lipp Coat. On top of this, English Berreys use a "NIHIL" motto term while Nails/Neils come up as "Nihill." Do you have any idea what the punch represents, for or against the good guys?

Ahh, now that I know Lodge's/Loge's to come up as "Lecce," we can repeat that I saw blood drops at his lip, for Bloods/Bluds use "bucks LODGEd"!!! I missed that when on the Bleds above. Oh wow, I now recall the IsLIPS using a "lodged" stag!!! It's as though God wants to verify that event as being part of the pointers of that miraculous night...yet I still haven't got the punch deciphered in a meaningful / logical / vaccine-related way. Bleds love the Tous' who in turn love the Mans and Shirts while Max's (Shirt colors and format) and Maxwells are from king Maccus of Isle of Man. Max's were first found in Northamptonshire with Quinn-like and Fauci-connectable Quince's (see them in FAUCet write-up). Maxwells (holly bush) almost have the Islip Coat (holly tree) in their Crest. Bleds have the Coat of English Clare's (Suffolk, same as Lodge's/Loge's/Lecce's) in colors reversed.

Perhaps the paragraph above is to take up to Maxtons, for Maxwells were at Maxton while Maxtons have a Coat much like that of Clots. Blood clots? Yes, i think so because the Maxton and clot chevron is shared by Quince-branch Quints. That works with Sharon Quinn delivering the punch that drew blood. The Quint fitchee is in the Winchester Crest while Sear de Quincy (built Fauxside castle) was earl of Quinn-like Winchester. In colors reversed, the Maxton fitchee is gold. Maxtons share the bee with English Forts while a "quince' is in the Sforza Coat. As George Bush lives/lived in the Austin area while Maxwells use a bush, it's notable that Austins can be gleaned as Quint kin. English Austins, in Clot colors and format, have another lodged stag, but said to be "sejant." The presidential Bush family has been for the "new world order." Scottish Austins (share Clot chevron), in Maxton colors and format, even have a "corona" motto term! That goes with blood clots absolutely, and so this tends to explain why Miss Quinn was used, to get us here.

Calls/Calles were first found in Wiltshire with the Clench's/Clinch's expected in the "fist clenched" of Punch's, and Clench's/Clinch's (share BOSton Coat) are in Chalice/Challes colors. Clench's/Clinch's (QUINN COLORS!!!) share the Coat of Home's/Hume's who in turn love the True variation of Tree's/Trews, with potential connection to TRUDeau's. I've never gone to Clench's from the Punch's before. Lookie there. True's/Tree's were first found in Wiltshire with Clench's/Clinch's! The Home/Hume motto, "True TO THE end," has been suspect as code for Tooths! Trudeau is in the shark's TEETH, and Home's/Hume's were first found in Berwickshire with Tate's/TEETS!!! SURPRISE WOW! Clinch's are said to have been at Pewsey, and Pewseys are listed with Pussys/Poussins (Oxfordshire, same as Maxton-beloved Bee's, and as Francis in Max colors and format) who were part of the tooth-and-pus part above! French Poussins share the BathGATE Coat (another bee in Crest).

Islips (holly tree to go with Maxwell holly bush) were a Hazel/HESSEL branch, and Hesse's/HESSELs share the Poussin / Bathgate / FETTER sun while Tooths love Feathers/Fathers. The Fetter Crest is almost the Crest of Valens'/Valence's in turn in the Feather/Father motto! Toths/Totts share the swan of Palmans in the Tooth motto. Hazels/Hessels share the crescents of MELLANson (Aberdeenshire, same as Lipps) while Mellans were first found in Ile-de-France with trudeau's while Sharon punched Barry's lip at Mellanson's apartment.

Plus, Valens/Valance-related Justine's were first found in Perthshire with the True- and Lannoy-connectable Lyons who in turn have the Clench / Home/Hume lion in colors reversed. Lyon is a location about 60 miles up the Rhone river from Valence. While French Lannoys share the Lyon lion, English Lannoys share a feathered helmet (on a knight) with True's/Tree's, and then MontGOMERys share the English Lannoy Coat, wherefore, as German Gumms are also Gomers, let's repeat: "Bumps/BumPUS' share the Tooth griffin because I had a FISTula BUMP on my GUM letting out some pus. Punch's use a FIST."

The "chevaLIER" (knight) of Lannoys is clever because Liers almost have the Tarves/Traver Coat while Chives' of Tarves are expected in naming Ceva, location of the Cevetta river while Cavetts/Cheve's (Picardy, same as French Lannoys) almost have the five fesses of Valens'/Valence's. Ceva tends to explain "CHEVAlier," and "TOUT Travers" is the motto of Fore's/Forez's/Forets expected in naming Lyons-la-Foret in the Lyon write-up. Tarves'/Travers were first found in Lancashire with the Specks/Spike's nearly sharing the Cavett/Cheve Shield. Chives' are also Shewas' while Shaws were first found in Perthshire with Lyons. English Shaws/Shea's (Berkshire, same as TROTs/TRUDE's) can be expected as a branch of Irish Shea's sharing the Lannoy fleur. Irish Shea's were first found in County Kerry (HIV-like hive) while Kerrys were first found in Montgomeryshire while Montgomerys share the Lannoy Coat, beauty.

Tarves'/Travers share the white boar with Bacau-like Bacons and Coltons, and while Coltons are in Trudeau colors and format, Bacau is an area at the TROTus river. Three white boar heads are with Burleys/Bourleys, and they are in the format of, and colors reversed from, French Lannoys. The punch to Barry's lip brought us here, and so maybe God's about to punch trudeau in the mouth, beauty. Knock out his teeth, silence his defamatory bark. French Lannoys speak of a Lannoy location in OISE, near the first-found Trudeau's. Oise's/Loiselle's happen to share the giant ostrich with Lois', the latter suspect from Luis of Ceva! The OSTrich is suspect as code for Austin- / Osten-like Osts/Hosts and Rich's, and we saw Austins (Bedfordshire, same as English Lannoys) in Clot colors and format, and sharing the lodged stag with Bloods/Bluds. trudeau is responsible for all the blood clots, by lipid-delivery vaccines, in Canada at least.

The punch to Barry's lip was a difficult mystery to crack, but I think I have just found the bulk of it, thanks to Clench's. As I said, after punching Barry, Sharon ran down the hall to her brother's apartment, but FELL DOWN to the FLOOR outside the door and began to scream loudly. I ran down, bent down on one KNEE to PRAY to Jesus for help, and she came to immediately. Prays were first found in County DOWN with the Cotes' sharing the Trot/Trude pale bars. Is this another pointer to trudeau? FLORE's and Flora's share the Lannoy fleur, and so let's remind that Lannoys with Lyons came to topic from the Clench Coat. The Flore's also have the fleur of FALTs/Fauls', which reminds me of a FALTiceni location at HUMorului (upper Siret) not very far north of the Trotus river! The Hume's share the Clench Coat! Sharon Quinn must have fallen at the door floor for this extra pointer to Trudeau's.

It's important to add that Humorului is near the SITNa river where we find Trustie-like Trusesti while Leath's/Leith's (Midlothian, beside Seatons/SITTENs), sharing the Seaton/Sitten crescents, use the motto, "Trustie to the end," like the "True to the end" of Hume's/Home's, thus tending to assure that Hume's named Humorului. Clench's were first found in Wiltshire with FAWLeys/Fowlers while Falts/Fauls' are also Fawles'! Wiltshire is beside Bath while Flore's share the Bath cross. The neighboring Poppins/Pophams share the Falt/Fauls stag heads, and while Poppins/Pophams love the Mens'/Mame's/Meme's (Midlothian, same as Leaths/Leiths!) who in turn are said to have had a branch of GlenLYON (Perthshire) of the Lyons! Zinger. Tooths were kin of Leith-like Letters and Lauders, and Lauder is a location near Midlothian. Fauls-like and Feller-branch Fallis'/Falls' were first found in Midlothian too.

Scottish Falts (share Chief-Shield colors of Mens'/Mame's and Poppins/Pophams) are also Fowler-like Vowells, and were first found in Aberdeenshire with Scottish Lipps. English Vowells/Fowls have a good reflection of the LIPton Coat! Bingo, it appears that it's correct to go to the Falts/Fauls' with Sharon's fall to the floor. Liptons use a "tau" while Taws share gyronny (different colors) with Lyon-like LONSdale's while Liptons were at Lonsdale. LONE's/Lawns were first found in Staffordshire with Falts/Fauls'/Fowles'. English Vowells/Fowls (Devon, same as a Seaton location), sharing "sed" with Sedans/Siddens, have an "OSTENdo" motto term, similar to the Ostien variation of Austins. Portuguese Austins use "vases" that may have been Calles-connectable chalices at one time. This can indicate that Calles' (same place as Clench's) were of the Clench-like Challens'/Chalants who share the Collins bend, but then see the Chaulnes variation of Faux's/Fage's to which Sharon Quinn pointed! That looks like a correct interpretation of her punch, though there may yet be more to it. Collins' share the Pully/Pullen martlets. Francis Collins resigned not long ago, probably in disgrace.

The Pollets (Somerset, beside Pools) in the motto of Pools (Dorset, same as Beautys) look related to the Shute's/Shots (Wiltshire, same as Calls/Calles') who almost have the three trumpets of Calls/Calles' (Wiltshire, beside Dorset and Somerset). Colles', in Calls/Calles colors, were first found in Somerset with Pool-branch Pollets and English Ducks, and in Wiltshire with Calls/Calles'.

Barry was SITTING on the floor when he was punched, and Seatons/SITTENs jibe with the "sine" motto term of English Berreys (Devon, same as a Seaton location) because Sine's are listed with Sions while Sion is also called, Sitten. Berreys were at Berry-PomeROY (Devon) while Roys, sharing the Pool lion, were first found in Lanarkshire (beside Pollocks) with Sine's/Sions. Pomeroys use a "fortuna" motto code likely of the Fortune's, first found in East Lothian with Seatons/Sittens. The "comes" motto term of Pomeroys, and their "FIR CONES," is for the Cone-branch Conte's, first found in Durham with Seaton-branch Sedans/Siddens ("sino"). German Cone's/Cohens share the checks of floor-like Fleurs! Incredible.

Seatons/Sittens use "fire," and Firs/Fire's/FEUERERs (Austria, same as same-colored Barre's/Berreys) share the Schwab/Swab Coat, a great reason for God to have Miss Quinn punch Barry on the lip, or we would not have gotten to Schwabs. Barry was punched at a party at Mellanson's apartment, and this same Mellanson had a cotton-SWAB event weeks after this punch event.

OHHHHHHHHHH WWOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEE! Fuhrers, first found in Switzerland with Sion/Sitten, share the fleur-de-lys of FLORE's and Flora's!!! Barry was sitting on the living-room FLOOR! I kid you not, I've been telling that for years. I've never thought to go to the Fuhrer and Feuerer surnames before, in regards to Barry on the floor. I'm not even familiar with Fuhrers. I kid you not, that Sharon Quinn was herself sitting on Mellanson's living room floor at one of his other parties. I remember it because Charlie (loan officer at a bank) was lying with his FACE on her upper, upper LEG, which she thought was improper in the full view of everyone there. The Leggs are a Lecce branch, we may now assume, linkable to Trumps, and Face's/Fessys share the Flore cross! That works. The floor-like Fleurs/Florida's use vair "fur" while Furs are listed with Firs/Fire's! Heeee-haw!

THIS IS NOW AMAZING, and just look at the timing, with trudeau making a jackass out of himself. The Firs/Fire's with a Fuhrer-like variation also list FEWer, and while trudeau is being dubbed the fuhrer these days, the Fews (Wiltshire) share the red-on-blue heart with Trade's/Trotte's (almost have the lone Fuhrer fleur) while Trots are also TRUDE's!! [After four paragraphs below, I got round to seeking a Flory surname, and it happens to share the Trade/Trotte fleur!] I think I get it, for SCHWAB is online everywhere these days telling that trudeau, and half his cabinet, are obedient Schwabite puppets / stooges. trudeau has proven that to be the truth overwhelmingly. I think he wants to be Schwab II after Schwab I passes away.

The Few heart is "in flames" while Seatons/Sittens were Flemings, thus suggesting that the Swiss elements of Fuhrers were linked to Sitten-of-Switzerland liners, and thus being well-pointed to by Barry / Sharon / Charley sitting in the floor. Charleys (LEICestershire, same as LEGro river) share the Barre/Berrey and Lipp Coat, all in Schwab/Swab colors and format. The Legro river is also the Soar, and Soars with a Soros-like Sors variation share the lion of Legro's. Leicesters share the swan with Sine's/Sions! Beauty.

The vair fur of Fleurs/Florida's is shared by Clappers/Clapps and their Beach kin. Clappers/Clapps (Surrey, same as James') share the pike fish with Geds, and thus connect to the kidney-shaped pool. James Clapper comes to mind, Obama's spy chief who was loyal to his crimes, including his crimes against Trump. As soon as I saw the bulldog in the shark's mouth, I dove into the pool to save it, but the scene ended, and I was then instantly in the ocean about waist deep. I walked out onto a BEACH having Sleeping Beauty, and the kiss I was about to give her must be a pointer to Kiss'/CUSH's, who share the red rooster of Hahn-branch Hanns and Hahn-related Bibo's using a CUSHion. The Cush-branch Custs are in the motto of red-rooster Cremers, and the latter have a version of the Faux/Fage/Chollens Coat for a pointer to the vaccine goons upon which Schwabite stooges suck.

I claim that the beach I walked onto was on the island, Little Saint James, of Jeffrey Epstein, for while I was in the ocean WATERs to start this new setting, Waters share the Coat of Epsteins while the latter were first found in Hesse-Nassau while Hesse's share the Clapper/Clapp sun. They say that Epstein was a blackmailer for corrupt Intelligence agencies. Jeffrey Epstein has/had a mansion in Florida, and the Fleurs sharing the Clapper/Clapp vair are also Florida's. The Vairs/Fers' (almost the Clapper / Beach Shield) are a branch of Ferrats/Fers who in turn share the Cone/Cohen Coat while Jewish Cohens/Kagans share the Hesse / Clapper sun.

Italian Ferrands share the Cone/Cohen Coat too while Ferrands are from Firenze = FLORence, where Flore's / Flora's / Fleurs likely trace. The Trade/Trotte heart is in the colors of Florence's Taddei's, kin of English Ferrands. Cremers, sharing the Flore / Flora fleur, share the red rooster of Cocks (look related to Clappers/Clapps), the latter first found in Somerset with Florys/Fleurys (Duck colors), Ducks, Ferrand-like Friends, and Colles' (Friend colors and format). Colles' use "A snake CIRCLing a marble pillar," and a pillar is shared by Bosco's while German Boschs and Bush's/Buschs share the Flory/Fleury fleur too. Circle's are listed with German Church's while English Church's (Somerset, same as Florys/Fleurys) were resolved as kin of English Bush's.

Sleeping Beauty was fulfilled also by Ainsley Earhardt in a pointer to Steve Doocy the pro-vaccine stooge of Rupert MurDOCH, and Ducys/Doocys share the lion of Ducks (Somerset, same as Florys/Fleurys). Earhardts have "...two intertwined snakes, enCIRCLing a fleur-de-lys," the same fleur as Flore's / Flora's (look like Brun / Bruno kin).

Clapper-beloved Pike's share the Ice/ECCO/ICKE trefoils for connection to the ice-CREAM of Miss Hanson who pointed to Cremers. Ecco's thus look like Fauci's partner in crime, ECOhealth, and moreover Sleeping Beauty was fulfilled by Miss Hicks while Hicks come up as "Icke" too. Hixons/HICKsons share the HELT Coat suspect with "EcoHEALTH." This set of heraldry appears arranged by God, little doubt about it. If EcoHEALTH or Helts can be a pointer to Heaths, it's interesting that John Ratcliffe, former mayor of Heath, took Clapper's former job under Trump, and his home at Heath is about ten miles from the home of Miss Hicks. Should we be waiting for Mr. Ratcliffe to undo the COVID fools? Between Clapper and Ratcliffe, the top spot in U.S. Intelligence was taken by Dan Coats (Trump hater even though Trump appointed him), and the Coats/Cotes' share the six pale bars of Trots/Trude's. Florys/Fleurys share the fleur of Trade's/Trotte's.

As I leaned over to kiss Beauty awake, she woke up before I could reach her LIPs, when I TOUCHed her knee instead, and Touch's/Tuffs were first found in Cheshire with Tufts/Tuffs' (share Knee phoenix) while Bosco's use "TUFTs of grass" on their pillars. As Trump was always choosing Bushites for his leadership positions, because he's a fraudulent blockhead, it's interesting that trumpet-using Calles' were first found beside pillar-using Colles', and as the latter share circling snakes with Earhardts while Trump was calling Fox and FRIENDs daily (he said at one time), it's impressive here that Friends look like Colles kin while Fox news is a Bushite bastion that betrayed Trump. Ainsley Earhardt is the central host on Fox and Friends. Beautys (Dorset, beside Calles' and Colles') share the black bull with Colles-like Cole's, but I don't know how to interpret these things, or whether I've correctly or incorrectly lumped these surnames together for to tell some story as God intends, as per what's in the news.

I wonder whether Trump succeeded in getting a secret relationship going with Earhardt to make her pro-vaccine. Trump is in the first setting of the Sleeping Beauty dream, and Earhardt is in the second setting on Epstein's island, and Trump has his famous place in Florida with Epstein's place. The two were friends at one time, and who knows what Trump was doing in Epstein's circles. Encircling snakes indeed.

The day after ending the heraldic section above, I came across a Fox and Friends clip at youtube where even Steve Doocy is pro-convoy, or at least acting like it, and so the show has now apparently gone to an across-the-board frown on vaccination mandates. I rarely see youtube offering Fox and Friends clips, and I haven't watched a show in months, so maybe this clip means something as per Sleeping Beauty. I disagree with Miss Earhardt on forced testing of truckers; such an idea gives the false impression that COVID is dangerous, and, worse, it sets a pattern for everlasting virus checks as a stepping stone for everlasting vaccination persecution. She says she's a Christian, but apparently she's stopping her ears and shutting her eyes to the high possibility that this controversy is leading to the 666 purchasing system. Is this just a small thing for a Christian to overlook?

I was watching a Stew Peters show on Wednesday, and a Pfizer whistle blower, a Christian, told that Pfizer has a lab in Wuhan with a 666 address. I therefore checked and found: "Pfizer (Wuhan) Research & Development Co., Ltd. B14, Biolake 666 Gaoxin Ave., Eastlaske Hi-Tech Wuhan, HB 430205 China." That's pretty incredible in light of many coming to the theory that the mark of the beast will be related to vaccinations. Some think the vaccination itself will insert the mark into the skin, but there is a greater likelihood that the mark will be a store-entry pass that includes more than stores. You can't get into a building to deal in business without it. One can now predict that the Pfizer company is leading the charge to the mark of the beast.

Politifact is a leftist cover-up machine, but admits: "WuXi AppTec Group is a pharmaceutical and biotechnology company with a location in Wuhan, China. The company primarily manufactures medical devices. George Soros has invested in WuXi in the past, but he does not own it." Politifact wants us to think this is innocent, nothing of concern, because Soros invests in so many other things too. But how far is WuXi from the Pfizer location in Wuhan? Another leftist fact-checker admits: "Although the laboratory WuXi AppTec really exists and is located in Wuhan, 666 Gaoxin Road East Lake, its objective is described as 'small molecule drug discovery and research services'." Oh, well, if it's only "small molecule," there's nothing to worry about. And Trump's son-in-law (Kushner) owns a building at a 666 address in New York, recently changed to 664 (or maybe 662, I can't remember which).

We thus have reason to believe that WuXi and Pfizer are working together on a global plot to advance the prophesied anti-Christ, how oblivious to their folly can they get?

John Ratcliffe and John Durham vs. the Clinton crime ring:

Perhaps Biden's weakness at this time is permitting the Durham team to have the confidence to advance the case against Clinton more openly. Ratcliffe promises several indictments. The bigger reason that this is surfacing now is that Trump was a traitorous coward, for if he had done his job in choosing good people to run the DoJ, this case would have gone to court years ago. Instead, Trump let the snakes proliferate until they even cheated him out of the White House.

This could me the start of something good for Christian persecution:

Legislators [in Arizona] have given early approval to a bill that would ban the use of voting machines and require the millions of Arizona’s electoral ballots to be counted by hand.

The Senate Government Committee voted along party lines Monday to move forward Senate Bill 1338. Sponsored by Sen. Wendy Rogers, R-Flagstaff, the measure would ban the use of electronic voting and electronic or other tabulating devices in any election in Arizona. It also would mandate precinct polling places, forbidding the current system of more consolidated voting centers.

On Thursday, I heard from RedPill78 that the attorney general of Arizona has interviewed Mark Logan, leader of the Arizona audit last year. There's nothing necessarily exciting about this because Logan was probably interviewed, FINALLY, because he appeared on a Moseder show two to three weeks ago telling that the attorney general (Brnovich) hadn't even contacted him yet. That's such a bombshell politically that Brnovich probably thought he had best contact Logan to make a good political show. However, now that Logan has talked to him, Brnovich is under the gun to use that information for indictments.

The article doesn't tell what the chances are of enacting this bill into law. "Along party lines" means that Democrats want to cheat, all of them. It's just mind-boggling incredible that not one election-house leader has been arrested yet in that state. Shame.

Here's Obama admitting that he wasn't born in Hawaii, meaning that his Hawaiian birth certificate was indeed faked. That's a crime, and he knew it was a crime all along, but did not come out to say that the certificate was forged.

Here's an FDA officer admitting (perhaps showing desire to blow the whistle) that the FDA accepts bribes from vaccine companies, which makes the FDA (= government drug pusher) a gangster's accomplice:


Here's Tom Morazzo, a spokesman for the convoy, telling that he was fired from his military post, but he's reading from a page as if not very familiar with what's on it i.e. he didn't write it, apparently. He's maybe saying all the right things (I didn't listen to much), and so perhaps he's just a mole to spy out the convoy's plans as they change day to day...though there's not much to change. I wouldn't be saying this against Morazzo had he not appeared in a news conference with Tamara:

I may have been wrong about the convoy being the spear through trudeau's head. I think it's closer to the truth that trudeau speared himself in the head, and it wasn't even a suicide mission. Just think about how hard it is for a person to put a long spear through his own head, especially with arms as short as those of a TyrantaSoreAss Wreck, but he managed to do it nonetheless. Whatever the plan was, he's been a disaster to his own party, just like biden to his:

A comment at the video above:

Disappointed in the Toronto Sun, as someone said we thought the opposition politicians would say no but they didn't, then we thought the media would say no but they didn't, then we thought the nurses would say no but they didn't, then the doctors but they didn't, then the police officers but they didn't. We lost hope, we were crushed....but then the truckers said I will fight for you....may blessings be upon you for a thousand generations.

Artur Pawlowski is being denied bail, right now after his fifth arrest, being left in prison in conditions of abuse even though the mask mandates for which he's been repeatedly harassed by his province and/or his city are about to be removed from his entire province. The police offers who've patted themselves on the back for tormenting Pawlowski should be feeling like idiots about now because Pawlowski was correct, there is no danger is not wearing a mask. It's just another sign that authorities are blockheaded anti-Christs to the bone, and that we cannot reason with them. They are suffering in their souls the damnation effect that God has placed upon them, as when the apostle Paul said that God knows how to handle the ungodly until Judgment Day. Blind and obstinate they chose to be repeatedly, continually rejecting Grace, and so blind they will be to their own damnation until they wake up engulfed by it in the second resurrection. It's going to be horrible for them.

To all the stupids who wore masks gladly these past two years, what a waste, fools, because you did yourselves no good at all, and you persecuted others wiser than you, who knew there was no danger. Think about it, fools, that you wore a mask daily at work FOR NOTHING. Think about the colossal idiot that you have been, I will not repent from talking this way. And on top of your mask stupidity, you also pushed vaccines on the population FOR NOTHING, and assisted in the deaths of many aged and sick people, granny and grampa, you colossal SICK PEOPLE.

Some of these people to this day wish to continue forward as they have for the last two years in order not to be accused by the wiser people, in order not to feel like fools and cowards. But they are worse than those two things, for they are dastardly to their bones, for even though the evidence is coming out that masks and vaccines don't keep us safer, they yet become angry at people who remove their masks, and they stand behind trudeau / biden in continuing vaccine mandates. We are not yet out of the woods because demonic sociopaths are amongst us. If they loose a battle now, they will come back at us at the earliest opportunities.

Here's trudeau pushing Schwabism:

Schwabism has a target date of 2030, just nine months after the Apophis asteroid of 2029. Schwabism promises to put forward the mark of the beast. We should tentatively predict a mandatory 666 by about 2026/27. In the 33rd minute of the video above, there's an "electronic tattoo" that you should check out. They will not get done what they plan to get done by 2030; things will not go well for them when they clamp down. The most dangerous thing I can think of is Trump turning some Christians and anti-globalists into pro-globalism. That's what Trump is expected to do, for he's pro Mars exploration, pro 5G, pro-vaccine. Get rid of your cell phones, and get off the electrical grid by 2025 if you can. You don't need to carry a phone wherever you go, starting today. Assume that anything you say on your phone can and will be used against you. Get your own cows, with bulls, if you want to eat beef much longer. Mate your own foods for meat, in other words, and have chickens.

Schwab is a communist lunatic. Period. trudeau is a lunatic's stooge.

My Bladder Knows Greek History

I feel silly writing about this, now the third time on the same topic. The first time I wrote about it was in my second update of November, 2021:

Amazingly, I am in the process of testing ORANGE juice for by bladder problem, and I've been meaning to report this in my updates in case someone picks it up and shares it. Like most men after middle age, I have the problem of draining only half a bladder. They say it's due to a swollen prostate gland that blocks the urinary track to a degree. But about six weeks ago, full drains were happening over a period of two weeks, making me wonder whether it was something I was eating. Then, one day, within an hour of drinking orange juice, I had a full drain. I then drank two containers of frozen juice over four days, and my bladder was doing full drains for days and days. However, at the time of the realization that orange juice could be the solution, I was daily on 325 mg of Aspirin, 2,000 UI's of vitamin D3, and 1,000 mg of vitamin C tabs. I canceled all three and did the test with orange juice alone...

After saying that, I remembered and told that the Orange surname can apply because it sounds like the name of mythical Orion, the HUNTER, who had a urine symbol. And as the Orange surname even uses HUNTING HORNs as part-code for the Horns, note how the Orne variation of Horns is almost exactly "Orion." The Hunter and Huntingdon surnames likewise use hunting horns. The theory was thus born that God made the orange juice clear my urine problem at the bladder because He wanted me to tell readers, again, about the descent of the House of BOETHus from whatever people-group Orion was named after. Orion was from BOEOTia, you see, and the House of Boethus was a branch of Sadducees who sentenced Jesus to death. Apparently, the Sadducees had married a family descended from Boeotia.

In the 5th update of December, I said this:

In the second update of November, I started to tell about my bladder problem, and it ended up in a heraldic work involving mythical Orion, the urine god, from Boeotia. That's because I drank some ORANge juice, and repeatedly got a full bladder drain...

Well, on Monday morning, January 3, as I write this, I was thinking about how the beets I began to eat two days ago has cleared up my swollen thyroid, and how the bladder is draining well on account of it. About a week ago, the thyroid was swollen during the day, a thing that didn't happen in the past. Normally, it gets swollen only after I'm in bed for sleep, and it comes and goes, been doing this for years. I began to suspect that the thyroid controls the urge to drain, and that because the thyroid was problematic, it causes the urge to drain too soon, way before the bladder is full.

A couple of weeks ago or more, I happened to purchase four jars of beets on sale, not at all thinking to buy them for the thyroid. Then, when the thyroid started to act up during the day, I remembered that thyroids get swollen when a person lacks iodine, and I remembered that beets are high in iodine. So, I popped open the first jar, and after eating a small bit (in with cabbage and black-olive salad with mayo, yum), the thyroid problem got better, and after the next day or two with more beets, now almost half into the jar, the thyroid seems almost non-problematic, just a hint of a problem remaining. So, the point is, as I was waking this morning, I asked myself if God is in this heraldically to point to the Beet surname, and, of course, right away, I put it together with "BOEOTia"!!! Amazing.

It's not important if thyroids do not control bladder drains because God may have set up the beets to reduce the thyroid problem so that I could look at Beets and similar surname, which is what was done in the December update. But now I have a third story because the bladder stopped draining for a long while soon after the December update, and would not drain normally at all until recently. I had noticed that a full drain took place immediately (within an hour, anyway) after eating a large amount of soup a little over a week ago. Then the bladder stopped draining fully until I had another large volume of soup, and since the latter event, the bladder has been draining normally, going on about the fourth day in a row to this day. I then realized that, for the first time in over a year, I had started to drop CHICK PEAS into these soups. I started to do this about two or three weeks ago, and so I can see why God could be in this.

Just realized: I have a jar filled with mixed BEANs into which I dumped the chick peas too, and Beans have a "BOT" motto term highly traceable to Italian Botters, Boeotian suspects! English Botters/Budins were first found in Hampshire with BUTTons/Bidens who not only use a "HORN" in Crest, but share the fesse of German Butts/Bute's/BOETs for a hard trace to the Herodian / Sadducee House of Boethus. Yes, my chick-pea soup included mixed beans.

I want to say that chick peas may not be the cure for bladder problems such as I have, but that God caused the bladder to clear fully after eating CHICK PEAS because, for starters, the Chick surname was first found in Essex with PEAS'/Peacocks, and because "peas" sounds like "pee." But that's not all, for I have been telling, for as long as two years, that Orion's father was from Tanagra (Boeotia), beside/at SCHIMatari, and that the latter place, suspect from the Biblical SHECHEMites (in Israel), is the line to Shake's with a Chick-like Shick variation! Zinger, that's why God, apparently, made the bladder drain with chick peas. There's even a Jewish Shick surname.

I now have another set of heraldry to explore for further clues that God may have arranged, in heraldic code, to elaborate on the Orion line to his killers. I'll repeat here that Beets share the Coat of English JUNE's. Although I haven't been able to prove it, I've suspected that Joseph CAIAPhas, Israel's high priest when the Sanhedrin sentenced Jesus to death at Passover, descended from one of the JUNia CAEPIO's. By the time of these Junia's, the Caepio surname had become Capone-like Caepionis, and all three Junia's were the daughter of Servilia Caepionis, long-time mistress of Julius Caesar, which can explain why Jeune's, Capone's and English Julians were all first found in Cambridgeshire. I believe that Huntingdon was a part of Cambridgeshire.

[Insert after this update was uploaded -- French Jeune's were first found in Auvergne with the Fagots/Fageys (CLERMONT) sharing the Quint and Clot chevron, and the QUINTus Caepio was Servilia's father. The Faughn's (same place as Quinns) share the "COMPony" bend of FAUCets while French Faux's are also Fagey-like Fage's, and then Faughn-like Vaughns have the June / Irish CONAN fleur-de-lys in colors reversed. COMPs/Camps are in Capone colors and format. The Clermont location of Fagots/Fageys goes to Sinclairs (Roslin, beside Fauxside castle of Faucets) sharing the engrailed Compo/Campaux and Scottish CONAN cross, and the Thy's/Thigh's in the Sinclair motto have a FOX. The "label" of Compo's/Campaux's is for Labels/La Bells (Capote Shield?) while Campanio's use bells. The COMPasses of Nations/Nathans can apply here because they share the Cony / Conn fesse while German Cons Cohens share the Coat of Italian Ferrands, from CLERMONT-Ferrand in Auvergne. The pierced heart of NATIONs/Nathans could be a pointer to heart attacks caused by vacciNATIONs, for "vaccine" is like the Vychans/Vaughns, and like the Vexin, location of Saint-Clair-sur-Epte. King Rollo was related to this area, and his daughter married the Grimaldi's in the Compo/Campaux write-up. ComPASSes thus look like code also for the Passe's'/Pascals who share the Templar lamb with Leveque's while Sinclairs are said to have been from St-Clair-L'Eveque. Rollo's use a "passe" motto term. End insert]

Plus, while German Youngs list June's, English Youngs, first found in Essex with Chicks and Peas'/Peacocks, use a "jeune" motto code. And while the Sadducees needed to be Levites, Scottish Leavells, first found in Roxburghshire with Shake-beloved Mole's, share the triple piles of Scottish Youngs. The Chickens share the chevron of Shake's/Shicks. Jesus died on Passover to become the Pascal Lamb, and it just so happens that the masonic Pascal lamb is used by Pascals, first found in Essex too, and sharing the lion of Jewish Levi's while French Levi's were first found in Ile-de-France with Caiaphas-like Chappes'. Plus, while the first grandmaster of the Templars, Hugh de Payens, married Elizabeth Chappes', Payens were first found in Dauphine with French Pascals, and with the Galli's who share the chief of French Julians.

I never see the good Purpose is tracing surnames and people groups to the killers of Jesus, yet it seems that God wants it known, because I've been on this topic a million times by countless heraldic paths.

The Peas'/Peacocks use BESANTS, a "Be" motto term, and a "fear" motto term. The Besant surname shares the QUADRants of Bee's, and Besants were first found in Middlesex (near Cambridge) with Fiers/FEARS and Horns/Orne's! Quadrants are suspect as code for the line of queen QUADRatilla Bassus/Bassianus, the line to Besant-like Bessins/Beastons, wife of Leavell-line Lupus LAEVILLus. The Bessins/Beastons use bees, and the Bee's share the bend-with-fleur of Sales' (share Bessin/Beaston bend), the latter first found in Cheshire with Bessins/Beastons. Not only are the Bee fleur those of June's and Boeotia-suspect Beets/Beats, but the Orne river flows through the Bessin, home of the BAOIcasses while "Boeotia" is also "BOIotia." The Meschin rulers of the Bessin married Mrs. TailleBOIS; the latter family was likewise from the Bessin (France, not vary far from Ile-de-France). Beets/Beats were first found in Midlothian with the Falaise-like Fallis', and La Falaise is at Ile-de-France. Not only do Fallis' share the Chick lion to go with my chick peas, but Falaise (not La Falaise) is either on or near the Orne river.

Chicks are also Chichs, and Chichesters share the vaired chief of Quints, once said to be first found in Essex with Chicks/Chicks, and suspect from QUINTus Caepio, (great)grandfather of the three Junia Caepionis'. Chichesters also have CHECKered Shield that is the Arms of Meulan while Beaumonts of Meulan married Waleran de Leavell. Checks are Chicks too, and were early at Oxfordshire, where Peas-connectable Bee's were first found too. The Arms of Meulan is shared by English Vaux's/VALLIbus' while Scottish Vaux's/VALLIbus share the bend with stars of Salome's, the latter suspect from Salome Boethus of the Sadducees. VALLIbus' are suspect from Humphrey de VIEILLes, father of the Beaumont rulers of Meulan. The latter place is also, Mellent, and Mellents/Milans/Millens were first found in Aberdeenshire with MELLANsons while French Mellans were first found in Ile-de-France with La Falaise, Levi's, and Chappes'. Getting the picture? Mule's, in the mule of Capote's/CAPONE's, were first found in Devon with Chichesters and Page's while French Page's and LePage's were first found in Dauphine (same as Payens) and Ile-de-France respectively. I think that God has made His case by tinkering with my bladder.

What are the chances that the Chichester Crest is "A HERON rising" while heron-using Herons share the Horn/Orne Coat!? It's proving that God set up my chick peas to point to the urine god, Orion. The Foys suspect in the Chichester motto had a French branch first found in Ile-de-France. As these Foys are also Foix's, note that a giant fox is used by Thigh's/THY's, making my enlarged THYroid look like it points to them. I'll come back to "thyROID." The heron RISING of CHICHesters is excellent here because Risings/Risons were a Rice branch while I'm alternating the CHICK peas between rice and pasta soups. I have rice soups about every three days, and noodle / pasta soups about three days later (because I soak the chick peas, beans, wheat, and more for that long).

OH WOW. I ALWAYS drop a half-cube of BOUILLON in these soups!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Incredible. The choice is almost always between CHICKEN and beef bouillon cubes! Back to HumPHREY de Vieilles, for Pharisee-like Phreeze's, listed with FREY liners, were first found in Essex with Leavell-related Youngs, Chicks/Chichs and PASCALs/PASS'. Humphreys, with a Payens-like "PAYS" motto term, almost share the Coat of Bouillons while Hugh de Payens was the Templar leader when the brother of GodFREY de Bouillon was king of Jerusalem!!! Godfrey's father ruled as count of Boulogne while Bologna, home of the Boiotia-like Boii, is where PAYS'/PASI's/PASCELs were first found. Bouillons were first found in Auvergne with the other French Foys/Foix's, ha-hah.

Over the past year especially, I feel the urge to pee as soon as I turn on a FAUCET. This is not uncommon, many people get this. Faucets (have Quint-like Quincys in their write-up) of Fauxside were first found in East Lothian with Vaux's/Vallibus'! And neighboring Midlothian is where Sinclairs were first found who have a "THY" motto term! I think that God created the sound of urine hitting the ground or water to signal something in the brain to open wider the urinal canal, for this explains the sudden urge to urinate at the sound of water hitting a surface.

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, there is a BEEF/Boeuf surname I'm very familiar with, to go with the beef bouillon cubes, and this surname was first found in Perigord with Faucet-branch Fauchys and Faux's/Fage's/Chollens!!! LOOKIE THERE, can we believe that? The odd time I use vegetable-flavored bouillon cubes, but rarely. It's almost always chicken and beef. Beefs/Boeufs have a variation looking like they were kin of TurnBULLs who in turn have a Crest looking related to the Bait/BEETH Coat. The latter love Fortune / Fortuna liners along with Shechem-like Schims/Schiens, and with Rollo's who in turn love the Passe's of Pascals. English Turnbulls are roughly in the colors and format of English Rolls while German Rolls (SWABia) share the Chick/Chick / Fallis lion. King Rollo (probably father of the Crispina > Crispin line of Clare's) ruled at Rouen (near La Falaise), and Rouens almost have the Quincy Coat.

Turnbulls share the black bull with Haydens who in turn almost have the full motto of Vaux-connectable Chichesters. The latter's Quint kin are now said to be first found in Cumberland with the Vaux's/Vallibus' sharing the Chichester checks, tending to help clinch the Quincys in the Faucet write-up as a branch of Quints. The Firmens suspect in the Chichester motto phrase, "Firm en," can be shown to be a branch of Cumberland's Fare's/Fairs and Farmers. Fare's/Fairs (branch of Midlothian's Pharme's/Farme's/Fairholms) are also Pharisee-like Phares', and Irish Farmers, first found in Essex with YOUNGs, Chicks/Chichs and early Quints, have a version of the Firmen Coat. "Vieilles" and "Vallibus" look like Wells because German Wells have "...a pelican feeding her YOUNG in a nest...". Firmens and Formans/Fermans look related to the Coat of toilet-like Tollets/Tolle's/Tulls.

"ValliBUS" gets interesting where Bus' share the cinquefoil of TANKERville's, suspect from Orion of TANAGRa. Pellican-loving Pullys/Pullens (Yorkshire, same as Tancreds/Tanks, Firmens and Formans/Fermans) share the scallops of Tankerville-branch Tancreds/Tanks, and have martlets colors reversed from the same of Formens/Fermans (share Fare/Fair anchor for a trace to Hebron's Anaki).

There's another pelican on a nest in the Crest of Haverans, who not only have a green-Shield version of the Heron / Horn/Orne Coats, but there was an AVARAN Maccabee who's surname -- originally, "MaccaBAEUS" -- looks to be from the Boii for reasons I've repeatedly explained. For example, the Boii of Bologna were at neighboring MODENa too while the first-known Maccabee brothers were at Israel's Modi'in. The Sadducees and Pharisees cropped up from amongst the Maccabee king-priests of Israel. Haverans share the otter with BEETons/Beths/McBEE's, and Others/Otters were first found in HUNTINGdonshire, at Cambridgeshire.

God is snitching on the end-time bloodlines from those who killed the Son, and God has given charge to Jesus to crush these bloodlines horrifically if they do not take proper refuge in Him, and if they continue to war against the Government that the Creator has bestowed upon Jesus. This world does not belong to sick-rotten globalists. They can portray themselves as angels all they wish, but God will expose their evil, if anyone cares to see it.

The thyROID points to the Rods (Devon, same as Chichesters) suspect in the "Haly Rod House" (or Holyrood) of king David I of Scotland. I explained that he named his son, Henry, after the the line of Henrys of RODez. One such Henry was the son of Hugh IV of Rodez, who in turn married Miss RoqueFEUIL (Rockefeller and Feller line), explaining why Feller-branch Fallis were first found in Midlothian with Roslin, the latter having been granted, by David's mother, to her cup-bearer, HENRY Sinclair. Some say Hugh de Payens married additionally Catherine Sinclair, but in any case we saw the Sinclairs with a "THY" motto term to go with "thyroid."

MELLANsons use a "bundle of rods," and Rods share the blank, gold Chief with French Mellans (Ile-de-France, same as Chappes'). Mellansons and Mellents/Milans (share Wells lion) were first found in Aberdeenshire with Carls while Carlsons, in Chicken colors and format, share the Shake/Shick chevron. Chickens were first found in Suffolk with SinCLAIR-branch Clare's. It just so happens that Carlsons share the spread eagle of Irish Henrys. Carls happen to share the pomegranate with Crispins, and the latter were direct Clare's at Bec Abbey, where Wells and Meulan's Beaumonts were too.

Today, as I wrote this section, I had the chick peas in my chicken-flavored RICE soup. I ate half at lunch, and, now, for dinner, I'm heating up the other half. I did not write this today on account of that soup, and so it looks Arranged.

I can show the relationship between the Peas variation of PEACocks (ESSEX) and the "PEAScods" of Cullis'/COLEsons by tracing this to the PEK river of Moesia. Mythical CadMUS, husband of HARMONia, who was probably named after the CADusii and MUS ARMENians, may have thereby been related to the Mysians and Moesians. COLchester is in Essex, and I trace it to the COLapis river, which was also the Kupa, like the Cuppae location near the source of the Pek. CUPs/Cope's were first found in Aberdeenshire with Cullis'/Colesons, and with the Skins/Skene's/Scans who were Schimatari liners along with the and SCHIM/Schiens/Shands. The latter share "fortuna" in their motto with Baits/Beeths who share the white sword of Skins/Skene's/Scans, both having an item at the tip of their sword. It's telling that the beets I ate are linking to my bladder-urine theme, and that Baits/Beeths were from Boeotians. My bladder is telling an historical story, can your bladder do that?

Schims/Schiens are extremely important for making the trace to Schimatari because they share the giant boar head of Mole's in the "mole hills" of Shechem-like Shake's/Shicks.

"VirTUTE" is a motto term shared between Porters (portCULLIS gate), Baits/Beeths and Schims/Schiens while "virtutis" is used by Cullis'/Colesons (another white sword). "Tout" is a motto term of Rollo's ("fortune") who share the black boar with Baits/Beeths, and while the book of Enoch says that Edom had a black-boar symbol, Oliphants (Perthshire, same as Rollo's and Lothians/Loudons) use a "Tout" motto term too while Oliphant-like Eliphas was the son of Esau, king of Edom. Eliphas married the sister of Lotan, and Lothian is where Fortune's were first found. Lothians/Loudons use a HUNTING HORN.

The "peascods" looks like code for Peas'/Peacocks and a branch of Cudds together, for the latter were first found in Northumberland with peacock-using Manners/Maness'. Cudds share the dart with CuthBERTs, and Berts (hunting horns), in Codd colors and format, were first found in Devon with Darts/Dards, and beside Codds of Cornwall, where Coleson-like COLE's were first found too who share the bull of Turnbulls, which might reveal that the Cullis/Coleson fesse is that of Beefs/Boeufs/Tourneboeufs/Tournebulle's. The latter were first found in Perigord with FAUX's/Fage's/CHOLLens' while English Faux's were first found in Essex with COLchester and Peas'/Peacocks suspect in the Cullis/Coleson peascods. That works. There were split peas in my chick-pea soup, both green and yellow peas.

Rollo's daughter with Poppa of VALOIS was Crispina while Crispins were at BEC abbey. The Beach's have a pile looking connectable to Swedish Carlsons while Carls/Carleys (Aberdeenshire, same as Cullis'/Colesons) share the pomegranate with French Crispins and Grass-like Grazio's. Perigord is where Faux-like Fauchys were first found who have a GRASShopper. German Carlsons happen to share the split-Shield colors of the split Boeff/Boff (not "Boeuf") Shield, and German Carlsons add the Bert/Berta griffin, recalling the Berts who worked into the Cuthberts and Codds. Too boot, the Shake/Shick chevron is shared by English Carlsons (Suffolk, same as Crispin-line Clare's and Carl/Carley-like Charles') in CHICKen colors and format. Charleys/Charletts have a Coat much like that of Chicks/Chicks (Essex again), and then Boeotia-possible Bottle'/Bootells are used by the Charley-branch Charlie's/Chorleys. The latter were first found in Lancashire with Cars, Bottle's of Boltelai, Bolts, Boltons, and Livers/Levers of Bolton, and it just so happens that Livers/Levers share the trumpet with Cullis-like Calls/Calles! Zikers, that's new. The portcullis GATE is related to Trumps (I wonder ho closely).

Having said all of that, note that while Cullis' are suspect with the portCULLIS gate of Porters, the Ports (Hampshire, same as Porters and Botters/Bodys/Budins) share the Chief of English Butts/Bute's (Bude / Boit colors). Beets were first found in Midlothian with Fallis' while Butts/Bute's have: "Another source claims the name was derived from 'the name of several places in the arrondissement of Falaise.'" That gets us back to the ORNE river, where we can expect Boeotians. The STOCKport write-up tells of Beetham family at Bootle of the Bottle's/Bootells, and German Stocks use beetles, we get. Bottle's/Bottells have: "Conjecturally they are descended from Count Roger de Poitou," and Poitou is of Porter-like Poitiers, founded by the PICtones who may have descended from the Picensii of the Pek river. Boits have many variations like "BoiTOUS," and Tous'/Tosni's have a Coat like that of English Butts/Bute's.

French Porters were first found in Berry, which has also been called, Bourges, perhaps the namers of Berkshire, where Boots were first found, for Berks are listed with Irish Burghs while English Burghs were first found in Hampshire with Ports and Porters (Bottle/Bootell colors and format). Irish Burghs ("foy", like the "foi" of Heron-loving Chichesters) and French Burgs/Bourges' can, therefore, be sharing the cross of ORIONs/Irons/Hirams. English Burghs are essentially in Chicken / Carlson colors and format.

For what it may be worth, Boeffs/Boffs are also Buffs while Buffys/Boffeys/Bougheys share the stag head of Acorns while Dutch Tromps use acorns while German Tromps/Trumps share the Jump stag head. Buffys/Boffeys/Bougheys use a "quarere" motto term, like the "quaerere" of both Bows/Bough's and Book-loving Roets. Books/Boggs use an "hourGLASS" while Glass'/Glassicks were first found in BUTEshire. I trace Glass' to the Clausula river near BUTua (now BUDva), and Clauds/CLAUSELs (look like Butt/Bute kin) share the Tromp acorns.

Now for the write-up of Buffys/Boffeys/Bougheys: "The surname Boughie was first found in Staffordshire where they were Lords of the Manor of COLton from very ancient 1066, the village of Colton was held by Ascelin from tenant-in-chief Earl ROGER. Conjecturally the Boughies are descended from this Norman noble." This may have been the earl Roger of Poitou of Bottle's/Bootells, but, in any case, it tends to explain why Buffys/Boffeys/Bougheys, Acorns and Knees share a stag head in the colors of the Roger stags. French Rogers share the bend of Knee's, the latter first found in County Down while Downs/Douns (Sussex, same as Tromp-connectable Acorns) have a stag in the colors of the Trump/Tromp / Jump stag head. Again, Jumps share the rose of Boeffs/Boffs/Buffs, but it's also the rose of Paisleys while Paisley is at GLASgow.

The interesting thing now is that the English Roger Coat looks like a version of the Trudeau Coat because Coltons are in Biscone colors and format while the latter's stag heads are in the colors of the Trudeau stags. Knee's were first found in County Down with Prays who in turn share the six pale bars of Trots/TRUDE's. Bacau is a region on the north side of the TROTus river, and Bacons/Beacons share the white boar in Crest with Coltons.

Let's go on with the write-up of Buffys/Boffeys/Bougheys: "In similar speculations, some say there is a relationship between the early Bougheys and the great Lords Bohun, one of the signers of the Magna Carta and that the surname Boughey, Buffey, or Boffey was interchangeable with Bohun." BOME's/Bone's/BOHUN, sharing the BEAUMont/BOWmont lion, and suspect from the Boii-line Bohemians, were first found in Sussex with Acorns. Bome's/Bone's/Bohuns have "Humprhey with the beard," and Humphrey de Vieilles, from the Harcourts, was the patriarch of Beaumonts. Bonns, with a version of the Bome/Bone/Bohum Coat, were first found in Oxfordshire with Harcourts. The Tous', suspect in a merger with Boits/Boitous', love the Harcourt-related Shirts (share peacock with Harcourts), but also love the Buttons, the latter being a branch of German Butts/Bute's with a Boethus-like Boet variation.

As beets have a scarlet hue, or deep scarlet when cooked and jar-packed, I wonder whether God moved me to write about the beets when on the thyROID problem to show that the dragon bloodline went through Orion of Boeotia. I've always claimed that the Biblical dragon is through Ezekiel's Rosh, likely the Hros > Rus bloodline to terms such as Roid / Rhodes. In myth, Cadmus killed the Ares dragon in Boeotia, and as Ares' son was made, Eros and Erotes, this looks like the Hros people. And so I went online to see if anyone uses "scarlet" to depict the color of beets, finding the following that includes urine:

If you are a beetroot lover like me, you may have run into this problem. A visit to the restroom some time after eating a tasty beet leaves a SCARLET trace.

The technical term for the presence of the red beetroot pigments in urine or stool is beeturia...

. Beeturia is thought to be mostly harmless, but it can be a sign of IRON deficiency in some individuals.

Amazingly, Orions are listed with Irons!!! Incredible coincidence.

The Ares dragon of Boeotia was also in Colchis, where mythical king Aeetes ruled who was a version of biblical Attis, code for the Hatti of CADusii-like Hattusa. "CADmus" was part-code for the Cadusii Armenians, and part-code for Mus at Lake Van, and it just so happens that kings called, Rusa, ruling at Lake Van, were conquered there about a century before Ezekiel by the Cimmerians of proto-Ukraine, where the Varangian Rus would eventually settle 1,500 years later. Aeetes ruled Colchis at Cadusii-like Kutaisi. Cadmus was the brother of EUROPa, the whore who supports the anti-Christ dragon.

The Iron people group of Caucasia were the Alans (Alani), the namers of RoxoLANI who lived both at the Kiev theater and the Ialomita river. Attis was at times made the son of Cotys, suspect with the Cotesii people group in the land of the Roxolani where the DANube meets the Siret and Ialomita rivers. The Danes were originally called, Rus. The Beets/Beats were first found in Edinburghshire, just six miles from ROSlin, home of the Sinclair Rus.

I think I missed this until now: half the Orion/Iron cross is the Beet/Beat cross!!! The other half of the Orion/Iron cross is in Alan colors. Early Alans are said to have been in Norfolk, where Orions/Irons were first found. Both Mile's and Orions/Irons use the moline cross, and the Mile moline is in the colors of the Orion/Iron and Beet/Beat cross, how about that. The erect sword was anciently a temple to Ares, and Alan-related Rundels use such a sword in Crest. Milehams look like kin of Shellys whom I can link to Sallows and the Arundel-beloved Swallows.

The Alan / Rundel fesse is shared by Butts/Bute's/BOETs, and while Levites are expected for the House of BOETHus, Alans use "OAK LEAVES," and while Oaks are suspect with the Biblical OG (a giant), I happen to trace him to mythical Ogyges ( monster) of the Greeks, who lived partly on Boeotia! Some say he was the Ares dragon! There was a king Gyges of Lydians in the time that Cimmerians controlled Rusa of lake van, and he was also Gugu, making some think that this was Gog, perhaps from the "Royal Scythians" who were invading into / around the Lydia theater at that time.

The Beat/Beat cross is also the Balas cross, and here's why this can be important. The end-time anti-Christ is connected by Daniel to Seleucids, and because Wikipedia's Seleucus / Seleucid article said that their ancestry was allied to Thesprotians of Epirus, it seems that the Seleucid king, Alexander Balas, was named after Bullis in Epirus, near Aulon, where I trace Alans. Mythical Hellenus (of Troy) of Epirus looks like code for those Alan Huns. Hellenus' brother, Paris abducted Helen of Sparta, and the Ares dragon, after Cadmus killed it, was resurrected to life with men called, "Sparti." We get it. This looks like the Biblical dragon entity.

Britannica: "Seleucus I Nicator, (born c. 358, EUROPus, Macedonia..." Europa was Cadmus' sister, and while Cadmus settled Boeotia, here's Wikipedia: "Europus was a town in BOTTIAea (later named Emathia), ancient Macedonia."

Paris' family was the line of Abraham and his second wife Keturah, and their son, Medan, named mythical Medon, son of Keturah-like Kodros (or "Codrus"), a king of Athens, and it just so happens that Ogyges lived in both Boeotia and neighboring Athens. This is how we can trace Og of the proto-Israel theater to Ogyges, for Abraham was in proto-Israel too.

Wikipedia's Codrus article: "He was succeeded by his son Medon, who it is claimed ruled not as king but as the first Archon of Athens. He was said to have traced his descent to the sea-God Poseidon through his father Melanthus." The latter's father was a king of Thessaly, which may have named the THESprotians (proti-like "Epirotes" is the name for people of Epirus). Melanthus was made a mythical king of Messenia, which area had a Methoni location that was made mythically the daughter of king Oeneus of Calydon. There's a Methoni location on this dark map to the near-south of Emathia, the latter being where Seleucus I was born, making "EMATHia" a possible Oeneus liner.

The mythical king, MELEager, was a king of Calydon (and Aetolia we may assume) too, and his wife, ATALanta, gives away that she was code for AETOLia's namers from the Pisidian city of ATTALia (named Atlas, son of Poseidon). This then reveals that king OENomaus of PISA was from the Pisidians, and Poseidon happens to be in the ancestry of MELANthus (usually a play on apple = sweet = honey), making Meleager look like an aspect of the same, real-world entity as Melanthus, and Melia, the honey goddess of Boeotia. Poseidon was also placed in the ancestry of Cadmus.

Cadmus was an Armenian entity, and Melanthus' grandfather on his mother's side was made mythical ARMENius, perfect, for myth writers gave Harmonia (Ares' daughter) as Cadmus' wife. The latter couple were made founders of Illyrium (north of Epirus), location of Kodros-line Kotor, and of Boeotia-suspect Butua, both beside Rhizon of the ARDiaei who are together traceable to Rize and nearby ARDahan at the ARAS river theater of Armenia, which named Ares.

The Aras river passes through GOGARene (see map), and near lake Sevan (Lychnis on map above) which, at one time, was named after Gog. I trace the JEREVan location near lake Sevan to mount "GAREB" at Jerusalem, and as the latter was also Salem, it appears that JERevan elements renamed it, JERusalem. Jerevan is where you see Sadducee-like Soducena on the map. The Balas Coat uses giant ermine spots, and the Ermine surname is also Armine. I trace the ANTELope in the Balas Crest to ANTALya, the alternative name of Attalia of the Pisidians. Armenia was ruled in the Herodian period by Tigranes VI, the ancestry of Plancia Magna at Perga, beside Antalya.

Remember, the Beet cross is the Balas cross while my beets are being taken here for their scarlet colors in pointing to the scarlet dragon of Revelation 12, 13 and 17. Alexander Balas may have been the son of king Antiochus IV, successful invader of Jerusalem who was checked by the Maccabee brothers. One of those brothers, Jonathan -- with the same name as Jonathan the pagan Levite priest of Laish, suspect to Oeneus of Calydon -- made a strong pact with Alexander Balas, and, shortly afterward, Maccabees using the Alexander name appeared, one of which was the father of Tigranes VI above. This Alexander Maccabee's father was Alexander, son of Herod "the great" and the Maccabee, Mariamne I. This same Herod then married Mariamne II, daughter of the high priest, Simon BOETHus. Herod II Boethus (son of Herod I) was father to Salome Boethus. We can't get more dragonian than this, the Seleucid bloodline in the high priests, and in the kings of Jerusalem, of Jesus' days.

Bullis (or Billet-like "Byllis") is beside Fier county, and then while French Balls share the giant ermine spot with Balas', English Balls/Balls' use a "FIREball" while Fire's can be from Fier county. Aulon is near Fier county too, and French Balls/BALLETs were first found in Brittany with the Dol Alans. English Bellows/BELLOTs, and branch of Billets/Bylotts (Devon, same as Alan-line Stewarts), were first found in Cheshire with English Balls'. French Billets/Billiards look like kin of One's/Innis' i.e. Oeneus-liner potential. Bellows/Bellots (same place as Mortons) are said to have been "Lords of the Manor of Moreton," and Morts/Motts share the crescent of Alexanders while also sharing a white estoile with Balas'. One's/Innis' have the Moray Coat in colors reversed.

Balas' show a BAILiff variation while Baileys (share Moray and Billiard/Hillard stars) share the brown boar head of One's/Innis, the latter first found in Moray with Bailey-branch Bellys. Bellys / Belli's / Belows thus appear to be of the line of Alexander Balas. Scottish Mortons (Cheshire) share the Salome / Sutherland star, and the SUTHERland write-up tells that they are the Moray stars (in different colors). The Balas estoiles, a type of stars, are in the colors of the Moray / Bailey stars.

As I've said, the Bullis surname (Wiltshire, same as English Mortons and Stars) with a Billiard-like Bulliard variation shares red ROUNDELs with Shirts/SHARDS (Cheshire, same as bellows/Ballots and Balls'), suggesting that Shards were from Seleucus-like Sulcis at SARDinia. Sulcis is at/beside Sant'ANTIOCO, and king ANTIOCHus was the son of Seleucus I. The Alans were kin of Arundels, and Rundels/ROUNDELs even share the Alan fesse. FitzALANs of Arundel married Sulcis-like Saluzzo. Red roundels are called, torteaux, and the TOREATae Caucasians were a tribe of Sittaceni (Alania theater, land of Alan Huns), the latter possibly having been proto-Sadducees.

Glamorgan was anciently MORGANnwg, and mythical Morgan le Fay was on mythical Avalon, named by the Avlona version of "Aulon." "Patriae" is a motto term of Welsh Louis' -- first found in Glamorganshire, same as Balas' -- who in turn have the Balls Coat in colors reversed. Bellys, with a "patria" motto term, and who share a "PER" motto term with Alexanders, share the Bail chevron, in Balas/Bailiff colors while PEARtree's/PATRIA's share the fitchees of Sewers/SHUTERs (i.e. like "SUTHERland"). Peartree's/Patria's were first found in Kincardineshire with FIDO's/Fothes'/FETTE's (share Peare stars) while "Patriae FIDus" is the full Louis motto. Feets/Fate's share the Pavia Coat while Pero's/Pierro's/Petri's (share Alan fesse) were first found in Pavia. It appears that Patria's could have been from Antipater, father of Herod "the great" slime of Israel. While Laevi Gauls founded Pavia, French Levi's have three chevrons in the colors of the Fido/Fothes'/Fette chevron.

Morgan le Fay was a half-sibling to mythical king Arthur, and the latter's DEATH on Avalon was in a myth, "Le MORTE d"Arthur," because Deaths/Darths share the Morte/Mott crescent, yet this is also the one of Alexanders, the latter first found on Kintyre, beside the first-known MACABEE's/MacABBE's of Arran. This island was named by elements at AIRAINES (near ABBEville), where Orions/Irons were, very near the Bailleul-En-Vimeu location of Baileys and Baliols. MacAbee's/MacAbbe's ("mori") share the green Shield with Morgans and Moors. "Vimeu" may have been named by Vims, listed with Beans and first found in Aberdeenshire with the Leslie's sharing the green griffin in Crest with MacAbee's.

Wayward Israelites to Troy

I was on the Trotus in the last update, but neglected to say what I have a few times, that while Trots/Trude's share the six pale bars of Coats/Cotes', a Cotesii people group on the dark map are stamped on the Buzau tributary of the Siret (Romania). The Trotus is itself a tributary of the Siret. This area is at WALLACHia, explaining why Scottish Walch's/Walsh's almost have the Benjamin Coat, for the Biblical Benjamites of RIMMON named the Rimna river (my claim) between the Trotus and the Buzau. One can now add that the Benjamin saltire is colors reversed from the same of COLtons, and this is just fantastic, for I claimed that the Benjamites had a role (with their 400 wives from JABESH) in founding the Rimmon-like Romans, and the Roman god, Jupiter, was named by the Japodes at the COLapis river!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is huge. The COLtons are thus huge for connecting Benjamites at the Rimna to the proto-Romans at the Colapis! As it was Romans who named Romania, now we have a good idea as to why: their ancestry was there. I realize how unbelievable these claims are.

There is evidence here that Bacons are from Bacau because French Bacons share the cinquefoil of Buzau-like Bus'. The latter were first found in Norfolk with Benjamins. The Rimna is near the Buzau. English Bacons (share Colton Crest) were first found in Suffolk (beside Colchester) with Rush's while I had seen ROXolani -- or RUS-Alans -- stamped on the Buzau too...this explains why Scottish Walch's/Walsh's were first found in ROXburghshire. Roxburghs share the white horse with Rush's/Rish's (share white-ermined Crest with Bacons). Rosco's/Risco's, sharing the Rush/Rish fesse, have the Bus / Bacon cinquefoils in colors reversed. There is nothing new in this paragraph; I've told of these things before. The new addition to this set of heraldry are the Coltons and Trudeau's with near-matching Coats, there's a Colton location in Norfolk with the first-known Bus' and Benjamins. Rosco's/Risco's were first found in Cornwall with COLE's (colors reversed from Coltons).

English Bacons share the stars of Hamons, and as Maschi's were first found in Rimna-like Rimini, it tends to trace Hamons to Hamon de Masci due to the "discRIMINa" motto term of Hamons.

Note the RosCOE's variations of Rosco's (Cornwall, same as PENdragons), for their write-up has Mr. PENdarvey. There is a PenDARVEY surname (Cornwall) I've not known before with a PenTARVES variation, most excellent, because I trace Pendragons to the Penestae people group on the Drin river of the CAVII, the line to Chives', first found in Tarves! That trace is now nailed along with the Chives' sharing the Mathis moline, for the Drin is beside the Mat, the ancient Mathis. Cowes' now seem to apply to Cavii because they are also COE's, and they use "PENNants" while the Pennant surname share's the Coat of Tarves-like Trevors. The latter use a "cockaTRICE" while Trice's/Trysts and Tristans were first found in Cornwall too. Travers/Travis' were kin of Masci-branch Meschins. Mathis' were first found in Burgundy with Sire's/SIRETs.

The "three panels" on the "castle" of Sire's/Sirets are excellent here, first because Panels are listed with English Pings/PUNGs/Pagan(ell)s (Yorkshire, same as Pincs/Pinks) while French Pagans/Payens/PAIONs are suspect from the Paioni people group beside the Penestae. Secondly, "PUNGit" is a motto term of ROME's with a Rimna-like Rim variation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BEAUTY! I trace Pincs/Pinks to PINCum at the mouth of the Pek river, bringing us back to Moesians, especially to the PICENSii at the Pek river. My mother, a direct Masci on her mother's side, was born and raised in PICENZE, is that not amazing? Why would God be concerned in "my" discovery of Roman roots in Benjamites, and involving my bloodline? Beats me, but he started this discovery with my dream in 2012.

The Panel/Ping/Pagan Crest has a "mural CORONet", code for the Ceraunii upon the Sava/Save river right beside the MAEZAEI people. Ceraunii named the Cornovii of CORNwall. Maezaei were on the UNA river that named mythical Ino and Juna, the latter being the wife of Jupiter. The Una is beside the Colapis river of Japodes (left side of this map). Perfect. There is a black eagle in the mural coronet, possibly the Roman eagle of Jeepma's/JAPPa's. The latter share the hexagram of Hagars, and the Siret was anciently the AGARus. Hagars were first found in Perthshire with Sava-like Shaws and Sire/Siret-related Justine's (the ones pointing to justin trudeau) from Justine of PICENum. She married a man from Cibalae near the lower Sava/Save.

Save's, sharing the snake (different color) with Sire's/Sirets) were first found in Burgundy with Sire's/Sirets and Messeys). Making sense? Save's call their snakes "serPENTs." The Hagar hexagrams are colors reversed from the same of English Innis' (share green snake with Sire's/Sirets), first found in Cornwall. They have an Una- / Ina-like One's/Innis' branch showing essentially their Coat. Sire's/Sirets call their tower top a "castle" while the Innis' have a "TRIPle towered castle," suggesting the TRYPillians of the Siret-river area. The Innis' call their snake an "adder."

The Una was anciently the Oeneus, and mythical Oeneus was in Calydon, where there flows a Achelous river. Mythical Achelous (married a Moesia-connectable Muse) was made father of the mythical Sirens (all females, same as Muses and Amazons), at that river, and so the Siron variation of Sire's/Sirets may reveal that this Seir-suspect line was the namer of the Siret. Oeneus named mythical OENoMAUS, father of Hippodamia (Amazon queen), and the latter was part of the pointers of my 2012 dream that revealed Masci's as part of Roman ancestry. The dream pointed also to mythical Chrysippus and Laius, the latter of the CadMUS bloodline = the Phoenician migration to Boeotia. "Laius" was suspect as code for Phoenicians of Laish.

The write-up of English Innis: "The surname Innis was first found in the parish of SaltASH, Cornwall. 'Ince, or Innes, was at an early period in moieties between John de Innes, and Thomas de Stonehouse.'" Stonehouse's ("petaMUS") happen to share the stars of Perdarves'/PenTarves', and while Chives' were first found in Tarves, they share "vi" in their motto with Innus'. Mathis-like Mattis', who come up as "Massi," were first found in TUSCany (beside Rome), land of Etruscans who had Ina as their chief goddess, an obvious version of the Roman Juna. The three "hawks" of Stonehouse's are in the colors and format of the Innis and One/Innis Coats. Rosco's/Risco's (Cornwall) have "ELEPHant TUSKs" in Crest while ELIPHas, son of Esau, married Timna of Seir!!! Beauty. Beethams have an "elephant head" with "gold tusks" in a "coronet." Oliphants were first found in Perthshire with Hagars (Innis hexagram in colors reversed).

"Esau" is like the Esse variation of Ash's (Devon, beside SaltASH), and Sire's/Sirets and Justine's were kin of Ass'/Assi's. Stonehouse's were at Devon's Devonport. Esse's/Ash's have two of the triple chevrons of COTYS'/Archdeacons.

Although Rosco's/Risco's don't come up as Resco's, there probably is such a surname, and while Strouds (Hamon and Devonport colors) use a "viRESCO" motto term, Stonehouse's were first found in Stroud, and later in Devonport. "Reviresco" is the full motto of Maxwells who in turn share a black, double-headed eagle with Jeepma's/Jappa's, and I trace Maxwells (ROXburghshire, same as Walch's/Walsh's), who share the Walch/Walsh saltire, to Rijeka near the Colapis river. The Ricks/Rex's, from Rijeka elements, share the Rosco/Risco fesse. The Stroud Crest is a "savin tree" while Savins are listed with Savage's/Sava's (compare with Tarves') who in turn have the Coat of Eagle's in colors reversed. I trace Eagle's to the ACHELous river.

Strouds (Rabbit colors and format) share coney rabbits with Conys / Conns, and I link the latter to Bra, beside SAVIGliano. Rabbits were first found in Suffolk with Rosco-branch Rush's. Stone's (Cornwall) share a white-ermined Crest with Rush's and Bacons. The Stone Crest is a white dog ("spaniel") to go with the white dog head of Stonehouse's. The "PETamus" motto term of Stonehouse's can now go to Petts/Perts (Kent, same TIME's/Timms, Hamons and Moray-related Masons/Massins) because they use "bulRUSHes."

A Moray Coat no longer shown by houseofnames had a "DUM TIME," suggesting Timna above, for she was likely the queen of EDOM, for Esau was king of Edom. The Morays still showing at houseofnames share "Tout" with Oliphants (same place as Hagars). Esau was the grandson of Abraham who in turn had Hagar for a concubine. One's/Innis' were first found in Moray. OENomaus was father to HIPPoDAMia. Stonehouse of the Innis' was formerly Hipperston, and Hippers are listed with Hips'/Hipkins (Norfolk, same as Abram-like Bramtons). Phoenix's/Fenwicks, with almost the Hipper/Hips Coat, were first found in Northumberland with BELLYs and Hebrons (love the TRYSTs of Cornwall), and Abraham lived in Hebron. 'TRAIST" is a One/Innis motto term, and the One/Innis boar head is that of Belly-branch BAILEYs. Stonehouse's share a dog head (different color) in Crest with Bramtons, and the Stonehouse dog head is in the Crest of Moray-like Amore's. Stonehouse's were first found in Gloucestershire with Letts/Late's while Leaths use a "TRUSTie" motto term.

Amore's and Morays may have descended from mount Moriah at Jerusalem, likely named by its Amorites, yet Jabesh-like JEBUSites lived in Amorite Jerusalem too. That works, and Amorites of Hebron bring us to Anak of Hebron, the line to Anchors/Annacker in the anchor of Sire's/Sirets. In fact, Sire's/Sirets" have an anchor together with "scales," and while Hebron had an Eschol valley, SCAYLE's are listed with Schole's! The latter share the Crest crosslet of Cowes'/Coe's and the annulet of Benjamins! Beauty, for 600, wicked Benjamites of Rimmon married 400 women of Jabesh-Gilead.

Next, Schole's/Scayle's share the Shield of Patents/Pattens, the latter first found in Essex with Colapis-line Colchester. Coltons have gold crosslets that, in colors reversed, are black, the color of the Schole/Scayle crosslet. The Colapis was/is also the Kupa, the line to Cups/Cope's with a CULP variation that's in the "culpa" motto term of Patents/Pattens.

In the 2012 dream, I was being lowered down a well by a rope after seeing persecution papers with "Masci" on them. That morning, after waking, I found myself on mythical Chrysippus and Laius. While at Chrysippus' article, I found: "Chrysippus's death was related in various ways...Hellanicus of Lesbos and Thucydides writes that he was killed out of jealousy by Atreus and Thyestes, his half-brothers, who cast him into a WELL." Later that morning, I was at an article for mythical Hippodamia, wife of Chrysippus' father, and was floored to discover that she hung herself, for I was lowered down the well by a rope around my neck. I concluded that my Masci bloodline was through OenoMAUS, Hippodama's Amazon father. "They had been sent by their mother, Hippodamia, who feared Chrysippus would inherit Pelops's throne instead of her sons. Atreus and Thyestes, together with their mother, were banished by Pelops and took refuge in Mycenae. There Hippodamia hung herself."

I now come to the Devonport description: "A man's head with a gold rope around in neck." DEVONports (in Devon too) were first found in Cheshire with Hamon de Masci, can we believe it? It's been a long time since I've suggested that "Devon," was named after Daphne elements, and so let me repeat that Laius-like Laish is a couple of miles from an ancient Daphne location, explaining why mythical Daphne was swimming in the Ladon river of Pisa, home of Oenomaus. Near the Ladon is the Peneus, named fairly-obviously after Phoenicians at Panias, likewise a couple of miles from Laish. I figure that Phoenicians from Daphne named the Taphians of the nearby Achelous river, i.e. at Calydon, where mythical Oeneus was king. This is why I think that the Levite line of Jonathan of Laish (in the book of Judges) had a tribe that myth writers encoded as "Oeneus."

The Stonehouse fesse-with-items is almost a copy of the same of Cliffs who in turn married the Stick-branch Stiche's, whom I trace to Astakos near the Achelous river. "Astakos is a town and a former municipality in AETOLia-ACARNania..." The Carni lived at least near the Colapis river. ATHEls/Athols (almost the Trot/Trude / Coats/Cotes Coat) were first found in Perthshire with the CALEDONian Picts, and Aetolia was historically in Calydon. Athels/Athols share the white castle in Crest with ONE-branch Innis', and king OENeus was a myth code (for some real thing) of Calydon.

The STONEhouse's (of Devanport) look like a branch of Stands/STANTs/Stains as per the "obSTANTia" motto term of Arthurs, for as the latter were first found in Berwickshire with HOBs/Habs, "OBstantia" looks like code for the latter too, who share hawks with Stonehouse's.

MORE. After remembering that my chick-pea and bean soup includes lentils, I recalled the "lente" motto term of Plunketts, the line from the Herodian-Maccabee liner, Plancia Magna. I then loaded "lentil" to discover that there is such a surname, and it has the Plunkett bend in colors reversed, and the three gold stars on the Lentil bend can thus be the three gold stars on a bend of Salome's, suspect from Salome Boethus, another Herodian. The Lentil bend is in the colors of the Sales bend, black like the bend of Salesmans (Lentil colors and format!), the latter being in Salmon colors. Maccabee-like MacAbee's use "salmon," and while the Lentils / Plunketts look like Conway kin round-about, the latter were first found in Donegal with the Irish Leslie's while Scottish Leslie's almost have the MacAbee Crest. Cliffs we saw above with the Stonehouse stars on a fesse have stars in Lentil-star colors! Cliffs are also Cleave's while CLAVERs/Cleavers, sharing the Plunkett tower, are suspect from GLAPHYRa Archelaus (married two Herods), ancestor of Plancia Magna! Zinger, my soup has these nasty things.

I usually add lentils to the second jar of soup items, the one with the split peas and other small things such as wheat (there's wheat in that jar right now). Wheats/Whate's happen to share the Herod/Haralds fesse!!!

My work has confirmed that Romans descended from Trojans, and so we could expect Benjamite elements to have been at Mysia with Troy. I've shown how the line of Abraham and Keturah goes to mythical Priam of Troy, code for the Muse city of Parium in Mysia. Mysia was an Amazon bastion, and neighboring Lydia was where Pelops ruled, father of Chrysippus. The Etruscans were from mythical TYRRhenius of the Lydians, which picture looks like Tyrians from Laish having named Lasonii and Lydians, and also the Ladon river of the PELOPonnese. Rome is in LATvia of the Latins. "Tyre" is like "Troy."

Latest in Maricopa / Arizona Election Fraud

Nick Moseder does a show below, featuring an interim report from Jovan Pulitzer to the attorney general, part of Pulitzer's slow-walking on the election crimes, in Maricopa, to run out the clock, in my opinion, because he's become a quasi-traitor to the cause for personal benefits = $$$. That's my opinion-based accusation from what I've seen of him so far: he's riding the fence between kissing up to the traitors, Karen Fann and her accomplices, and exposing the fraud. Moseder goes on to mention a new thing about Randy PULLEN, which recalls that Miss Peare on her stage (in my dream), when I was PULLING her hips, was a pointer to PULITzer partly because Pullings come up as "Pulit," and partly because Hips'/Hipkins almost have the Phoenix/Fenwick Coat while the city of Phoenix is the largest part of MariCOPA. Pullings/Pulits have the Culp variation of Cups/COPE's in their motto. Cups are used by Christine's, and Miss Peare's first name is, Christine.

But, now, Pullings/Pulits are also PULLENs, and Peare was on a stage to indicate, I gather, that there are players in the Maricopa audit who are staging their parts in seeking election-fraud crimes for the purpose of covering the crimes. Here's the show:

Moseder says that Jovan was given the images of the ballots as compiled by Doug Logan's audit, but that Jovan counts 93,000 fewer ballots (about two pallets) than the "official count" on election night, a thing that Logan did not disclose after his audit. Instead, Logan said that his count essentially matched the official count on election night...which tends to suggest that all counted votes have a ballot attached i.e. there were no fraudulent votes added without a ballot added too i.e. there was NO artificial increase in votes done electronically by the press of a button by a cheater.

Moseder offers a scenario when he says that Jovan's claim of almost 94,000 too-few ballots (about 2.0 million total) could indicate that Logan's audit team neglected to handle and count two pallets (or 94,000 ballots). That's possible if someone on the audit team was able to ignore two pallets, but with cameras constantly on the entire audit site, how could some rats) on the audit floor get away with it...unless two pallets never arrived to the floor in the first place? That is, the cheats arranged to hide two pallets before handing all the ballots to the audit team. The problem with this scenario is that it makes Logan guilty of agreeing to the 2.1 million (approx) figure when in fact he counted 2.0 million (approx).

Logan's report (of 2.1 million ballots total) suggests that his team counted two pallets MORE than are needed to match Jovan's number of ballots counted. This picture has Logan's team failing to give Jovan all the ballot images. This picture can make Logan look the least guilty because he can claim honest error. But then he can correct the error at any time, by downloading to Jovan the entire set of images all over again, and then Jovan just does a comparison of the two downloads to see if they match or not.

But there is a third scenario: if Jovan's count is correct, and matches the number of ballots recorded by Logan's team, then 94,000 votes were added electronically (with no voters behind them) at the press of a computer mouse in the hand(s) of an election rat(s). That makes sense because it could be expected of the cheating side. But if that's true, then Logan was responsible for making that discovery, yet he didn't report it.

The audit took place with a main purpose of finding whether any votes tallied by the election house were added electronically without ballots, but Logan did not report it, IF Jovan is correct about there being 94,000 fewer votes than Logan agreed to. The election house tallied 2.1 million, and Logan agreed to that number in his report.

The question then becomes: why is Jovan revealing this now, so late in the process? Maybe he has a good reason. Maybe he's willing to stab Fann in the back because she's not being useful to him, as he hoped she might be, or, to the contrary, maybe Jovan's trying to stick the final nail in the audit's coffin with this large inconsistency / doubt in ballot count. What's an attorney general to do now, with this new information?

I remember Fann bringing in another organization to do an extra count of the ballots, without looking at ballot details, just doing a raw count (to cook the books?). I had suspected that Logan's count didn't go / sit well for the cheaters, and so Fann was trying to override Logan's count with this extra count, and Moseder is telling that this late count was done by Randy Pullen, whom we can assume to be one of the rats, for it was his count, we may assume, that matched (wink-wink) the 2.1 million number. The possibility is that Logan's arm was twisted (with threats) so that he would agree (more wink-wink) to that number even though he knew his team counted 94,000 fewer.

Moseder says that Jovan is saying that he was wasn't given all the images. Why should Jovan assume such a thing? Perhaps he was given all the images while the rest, the 94,000, were phantom, electronic votes having no voters behind them. If Jovan didn't advance that latter possibility, doesn't that raise suspicions about his motives? In other words, if Jovan's only theory is that Logan failed to give him 94,000 ballot images, then Jovan is supporting the 2.1 million figure, and thus favoring / facilitating Fann's team.

Logan suggested the possibility that 94,000 images were "not copied to the server," by which he must mean that the download to Jovan (or perhaps the load of files was sent to him by mail) was missing that many images. But someone has all the images, and there are copies of all the images in case one set gets damaged, and so this neglect to send Jovan all the data could have long-ago been corrected. As it hasn't been corrected as yet (or this discussion would no longer be an issue), then it's not likely the problem in the first place.

if Logan agreed to let the 2.1 million figure go public when he knew the audit;s tally was 2.0 million, then he's blackmail-able. He put himself into a trap. If he confesses now, he'll be despised on the one hand, and loved on the other for coming clean. He'll first be despised, then loved, but this is the best way for a Christian to bow out of this mess.

In the 17th minute of the video, Logan tells Moseder that Jovan was tasked to do a comparison of the audit team's ballot images to those of Dominion's ballot images (this assumes that the election cheat house did give up the Dominion images to the audit team). One would think that computers can do image matches at the rate of 100,000 daily, by which I mean to say that Jovan should have long been done by now, and yet he hasn't yet said anything about that comparison??? That's weird. I mean, Jovan should have been able to discover which 94,000 ballots are missing just by comparing his file dump from Logan with the images provided by Dominion's voting machines (all ballots run through the voting machines are recorded as pictures).

Therefore, when Jovan contacts Logan to say 94,000 ballots are missing from Logan's system, he's implying that he possesses 2.1 million images from Dominion. That makes him look like he's giving shade to the Fann club to lower the heat coming against it, even though he wants to correct the crime of the election fraudsters. On the other hand, he's admitting to Logan a big problem that he would have stayed silent about had he wanted to support the Fann club. The truth may therefore be that he once chose to whitewash Fann, but has since lost interest in her i.e. changed his mind on that approach. He's flipped, like when I flipped the square container in the Joe's van dream that pointed to Jovan. See "Re-Visiting Joe's Van with Erich Speckin on the Path" in my 1st update of this month to see that the snow in the container looked like Jovan putting a freeze to his audit work, but that my flipping the container over suggested a forthcoming result in an opposite scenario.

Still in the 17th minute of the Moseder video, Logan tells Moseder that his "QC team theoretically looked at the counts of the PE images and told me they were in line with the official counts." That's weird. Logan's making it sound as though his QC team ("quality control"?) is responsible for agreeing with the official tally, and that he had nothing to do with the final tally of images (incredible), yet he's the boss of the audit so that he cannot bow out from taking responsibility. It sounds as though Fann (Logan's boss) gave him a QC team to mess with his audit tally, and he let it happen. But I respect this quasi-confession from him. Better late than never. By "theoretically," Logan means to say, "maybe the QC team did, and maybe it didn't," count the images. That looks like a bomb in Fann's office to me. She somehow took Logan right out of the ballot-tally event. We should like to know what the QC team was.

In the 23rd minute, Logan confesses that his audit team found missing ballots to the tune of a "significant" number, for which reason the QC team stepped in, and this latter team concluded "data entry error." That is, nothing wrong with the official count, but rather someone(s) on Logan's audit team made some keyboard-punching errors, or something along those lines. As possible as that is, I'm not buying it until I know that this QC team was honorable with integrity. But Logan seems to be snitching kindly on that team.

Moseder thinks that Randy Pullen and Ken BENNETT were in on the final QC cheating together, but I'm not so sure I oppose Bennett. But what I will repeat is: in real life, I sort-of dated Miss Peare for one weekend as little as a month or two after splitting up with Miss Bennett. Miss Peare was in my dream, decades later, where I was pulling her hips. Two updates ago, I told why the phrase, "it felt so GOOD," applied to that hip-pulling scene, and so just go ahead and load the English Goods, comparing them with the English Bennets, for their Coats are very similar while Pullens are listed with Pullings. I find that pretty amazing.

I was HOLDING her hips when pulling, and Holdings/Holdens use a two-headed red "allerion", which is a beakless eagle, and while Specks/Spike's have a giant, two-headed, red eagle, they were first found in Lancashire with Holdings/Holdens and Holds/Holts (squirrel for Square's/Squirrels).

As I've said, when I was with her, Miss Bennett lived on Bathurst avenue while Bathursts, who love the Peare-related Tiens in their motto, have a near-copy of the FELTman/Feltham Coat. It FELT so good. The Tiens' are in the motto of Square's, and the container in the Joe's-van dream was square, suggesting ballot boxes. Joe filled the container with snow at the rear bumper of his van. One day, I watched Jovan Pulitzer talk about SPOLIAtion (in regards to election data), and "spolia" happens to be a Feltman/Feltham motto term. STONEhouse's share the leopard face of Feltmans/Felthams, and while it's gold, as is the Peare leopard face, Peare's were first found in Oxfordshire with STONErs who in turn almost have the Phoenix/Fenwick Crest.

Is Jovan a stoner? he normally uses his middle name online, Hutton, and while "it felt so good" applied also to a BELLY-PRESS with Miss Peare that I talked about two updates ago, the Huttons, in the colors of the Feltman/Feltham and Bathurst Chiefs, were at PRESTon while Press' are also Prests. the Stonehouse fesse-with-items is in the colors of the same of Huttons. Bellys were probably a Bello/BALLOT branch.

A belly is a gut, and German Goods are Guts/Guths too while Gothier's/Gauthier's come up as the Voter surname; doesn't that appear arranged by God to go with the belly-press event? Yes, especially as Voters/Gothier's share the Pulling/Pulit/Pullen martlets. Plus, although the martlets of Voters/Gothier's (Languedoc, same as Cabanes') and PHOENix's/Fenwicks are not in the same colors, both surnames have six in the same format, and then while the Cabanes Coat is essentially that of Fiens/Finis', the latter are in the colors and format of Fiens/PHONE's/VANs while Voters/Gothier's are said to have been co-lord of "Savignac and CABANES".

The Joe's-VAN dream had Joe OULlette (my old friend), born "Joseph," whose surname was resolved as a branch of Owls/Howls and Howells, for the latter were first found in Monmouthshire with Fiens/Phone's/Vans while the Oullette's share the bars gemel of Monmouths. Plus, French Josephs share the Voter/Gothier and Pulling/Pulit/Pullen martlets too. Therefore, why would God want to point to the Arizona audit and election fraud as far back as the belly-press in roughly my 18th year? I asked Him this last night, but cannot understand it. It seems ridiculous and even bizarre. There must be something very Church-important about the criminals who set up their elaborate election-fraud systems all over the Unites States, but why assume the same snakes aren't in other countries too. What sort of fraud elected trudeau?

Voters/Gothier's are in Coomer colors and near-format, and while Coomers have a "DOMINabitur" motto term, Eric Coomer was an executive of Dominion Voting Systems during the election rigging. Coomer's supporters likely threatened all attackers to silence them. Election fraud is a huge beast, and this is going to empower our enemies going forward. God may have plans to cripple this thing to weaken its power of persecution over us. But why did He bother pointing to this through me, and in a way, using heraldic pointers, that likely looks crazy to most readers? I dunno.

The founder of Dominion Voting has a Poulos surname, and while Poulos' use "CROSSed sticks"," the Sticks (Somerset, beside Pools of Poole) happen to share the Good/Gut Coat. This latter surname is what the belly-press in my 18th year pointed to. The Cross/Croce surname uses the potent cross, suspect as code for Patents/Pattens, and the latter shares the full Pulling/Pulit/Pullen motto, what a coincidence.

Ahh, new: " EACH or the red quarters, there is a cross potent." That's the fuller description of the Cross/Croce Coat, and the EACH/Auger motto happens to use "SPECTemur" while Speccot-branch Specks/Spike's were in the first update of this month with the sub-title: "Erich SPECKin the Election-Fraud Specialist Nobody Knew Until Now". Speckin appeared on a Moseder show, and was joined by Jovan Pulitzer later in the show. Pulitzer had ignored Speckin's work along with Fann and her accomplices, and I showed in that update how the Joe's-van dream pointed to Erich Speckin. I was convinced of that pointer, and here we come to "Spectemur" by way of following the "crossed sticks" of Poulos'.

The giant Each/Auger lion is in the colors of the three lions of Fiens/Finis', the latter first found in Kent with English Goods. I wonder whether the Goods are a pointer to GOD's work against Poulos and company. As English Goods (share Ken chevron) almost have the English Bennett Coat, I'm wondering whether to predict that KEN Bennett will snitch on Randy Pullen on behalf of the honest guys. Kens (Devon, same as early Goods), with a Coat roughly like the Peare Coat, share the crescents of German Julians while Voters/Gauthier's can be gleaned as kin of Julians and Giuliani's. English Goods were once said to be first found in Devon with Speccots, with a location of the Specks/Spike's, and with Alan-line Stewarts. Devon is beside the Sticks sharing the German Good/Gut Coat, and English Goods have a lion colors reversed from the same of Stewarts and Monmouths. The latter's lion is missing a leg, likely code for Leghs and/or Leggs; the latter have a "GAUDet" motto term to go with Voters/GAUTHier's. English Alans share the Voter/Gauthier fesse. The election fraud was perpetuated against Trump, whom lawyer Rudy Giuliani defended to some degree, and Leggs almost have the Trump/Tromp Coat.

Val Trompia is beside lake Garda, and the ADIGE river on the opposite side of lake Garda can be traced to Eggs/EDGE's (Cheshire, same as Leghs and Stichs), looking like an Each/Auger branch. Leghs are also Leigh's/Leys, and Leightons/Leytons (Shropshire, beside Leghs/Leigh's/Leys and Malls) with Malls have quadrants colors reversed from the Cross/Croce quadrants. The Alans of Shropshire married Eschyna de Molle, who had married Robert CROCE previously, thus tending to assure a Leighton link to the Cross/Croce quadrants.

For some reason(s), the hips-pulling event was on a stage in an indoor shopping MALL. The Malls have variations ending with "bon(e)" while "bon is a Bennett motto term. The Malbanks in the Mall/Marlybone write-up married Stockports who in turn were lords of Edge-like ETCHells. The shopping mall did point without doubt to Morleys/MAULs having a "riGORE" motto term. (As an aside, English Morleys were a Morland branch, both using the Beetham Coat, almost, in different colors, and Beethams were first found in WestMORLAND, where Morlands were first found. The Mall-related Stockports, who share the green dragon with Morleys/Mauls and BEATHs/Baits, were sharing a home with BEETHams (Beet colors).)

French Alans, sharing the Phoenix/Fenwick and Hips martlets, were first found in Languedoc with Gauds/GAULTER's/Galtier's while Voters/Gauthier's share the English Alan fesse. Alans of Shropshire derived from Dol, and the fesse of Dols, first found in Mecklenburg with same-colored Trumps/Tromps, is colors reversed from the same of Gauds/Galtier's. The Voter/Gauthier' Crest can therefore be the spread eagle of both Giuliani's and Dutch Tromps. Both Alan Coats are similar to both Gore Coats, and while French Gore's are Jore's too, "TouJOURs" is a motto term of Phoenix's/Fenwicks. English Gore's were first found in Kent with English Goods, and in Essex with Low Leighton of the Hicks who in turn share the Gore fesse.

The black Giuliani eagle is highly suspect in the Voter/Gauthier Crest because I trace Julians to Guillestre, the Arms of which has the black Roman eagle, I assume. The "chacun" motto term of Voters/Gauthier's is probably the closest thing the family could find to "Chagne," the name of a river at Guillestre. Over the alpine peaks from Guillestre is the VIU river, tending to explain the "vue" motto term of Voters/Gauthier's. The latter were first found in Languedoc with the French Julians sharing the chief of French Alans. English Julians were first found in Cambridgeshire with Chagne-like Cage's, and then Teague's/Teegers/CAIGE's share the cross of English Julians. The vertically-split Cage Shield is shared by DeBons/Bono's suspect in the "De bon" motto phrase of Bennets (and Benedicts).

Remember, the theory is that God provided the Voter surname to point to Dominion fraud in Phoenix, Arizona. While the Gore Coat is almost that of Gains showing a Chagne-like Gagne variation, both Gagny surnames were first found in Burgundy with Poulos' whose crossed sticks in turn form a saltire in the colors of the Cage saltire. One Coat of Gagnys is in Fien/Finis and Fien/Phone/Van colors and format, and Fiens are in the "fie en" motto phrase of Windsors who in turn share the saltire of French Julians. The latter were first found in Languedoc with Cotta's/Cottons while English Cottons were first found in Huntingdonshire with Gains/Gagne's, and with the proto-Windsor Others/Otters having the crescents of German Julians (and Kens) in colors reversed. The Ken Coat is so much like the Gain/Gagne Coat that KENs look like a branch of KEVENeys/Gaine's, first found in Galway with Teague's/Teegers/Caige's. Windsors were first found in Berkshire with Enfields in the "enfield" griffin of Keveneys/Gaine's.

having come to Cotton liners, it's important that one of the leading computer specialists hired for the Maricopa audit was Ben Cotton (google is hiding articles that favor him). He might even be considered an IT specialist to go with "IT felt so good." English Cottons use "hanks of cotton" while Hanks have a Coat like that of Pings/Pagans while French Pagans/Payne's share the triple, pierced hexagrams of Gagnys, the latter suspect as a branch of whatever surname is in code in the Voter/Gauthier motto.

The write-up of Bens/Bends/Bents suggests that Bens were also Bennets. Bens/Bends/Bents (Cheshire, beside Bellamys of Shropshire) have a Coat like that of Bellamys who in turn share the CRESCENT of Others/Otters and Seatons. Others/Otters were first found in the same place as Cottons and Gains/Gagne's, believe it or not. Cottons even use a "fortuna" motto term while Fortune's (East Lothian, same as Seatons) share the gyronny of the other Gagnys! Zinger, God seems to be pointing to Ben Cotton too. CRESSENTs, with nearly the Hank Coat, were first found in Burgundy with Poulos'.

Cottons bring us to the royal Cottians at SUSA, near the Viu river that we arrived to with the Voter/Gauthier motto. Susa is directly over the peaks from Guillestre, and SUSans, first found in Berkshire with Julian-related Windsors and Cotes-related Trots/Trude's, are in the colors of Spanish GUTs and TUME's/Tombs. It's incredible here that Tume's/Tombs have tombstones with "R.I.P" written on them, for the Viu valley is a tributary of the RIParia, the latter river being the location of Susa is on the Riparia. The incredible part is where Peare's belly is a gut and a Tume-like tummy too. I've mentioned this a few times, it's not new here. Peare-line Pero's/Perino's were first found in Piedmont with Susa. God cam point to historical things too with any scene he provides to me. Pierro's/Pero's share the Voter/Gauthier fesse, and the Pero's/Perino's use "flaming stars" while Stars are in Susan / Gut / Tume colors too.

Huntingdonshire is where Ada of Warenne married, and Warrens were probably a branch round-about of the Guerins who share the Pagan/Payne / Gagny / Pero's/Perino hexagrams. Cottars were first found in Oxfordshire with Peare's, and Cottons in Huntingdonshire. Cutters and Brocks have a Coat somewhat like that of Hanks, and Brocks were first found in Essex with the Brooks who in turn share the Coat of German Goods/Guts, Sticks and Stichs.

As the Cottars (Oxfordshire and HUNTINGDONSHIRE) use "evetts" while Evetts share the green dragon with Lewis', and as Lewis' were first found in Glamorganshire with Louis', I've got to repeat that the belly-press took place with LOUISE Phillips in the bed with Peare and I. Now don't go covering your eyes just yet, because we three didn't do anything but sleep. And, surprise again: Evetts (Perthshire, same as Poulos-beloved Wings, and Bennets) have a patee cross in colors reversed from the same of Scottish Bennets while English Bennetts share the besant (both colors) with Evetts. Surprise again: Evett-like Ebbetts bring up the Coat of Peare-related Abotts/Abbetts!!! It suggests a Cotter-Peare relationship. Surprise again: the Patria's/PEARtree's are in both the Ebbett/Abott and Phillips motto.

It was a strange and unexpected thing. Mr. Kepke and the two ladies were at my apartment, and even though Peare was Kepke's girl at the time, the two decided to stay the night while Kepke drove home alone, which doesn't make sense because he had to go right by Peare's home (Unionville, in Markham township) to get to his home in Markham (town). Markhams almost have the Guerin Coat.

As I remember it, the girls didn't want to go home due to a snow storm, but this is foggy in my head. Whatever their reason to stay, they ended up sleeping in my bed with me in the middle. I woke up in the middle of the night pressing my hand on Peare's belly; she didn't respond as I awoke, and so I went back to sleep without a word. There was snow on the ground in Joe's-van dream, and Joe shovelled snow into the square box he asked me to get for him. It was the crux of the dream, and can be interpreted in different ways. I chose to interpret it as Jovan Pulitzer putting cold ice on his part of the audit, because he's taken a long time to have some impact, and still hasn't impacted the audit as much as was expected, but it could also be God's suggestion of Jovan's snow-job (= deception) on Logan's audit.

I've told about the girls sleeping in my bed a million times, but never had a clue, until recent months, as to why Louise was a part of it. I revealed two reasons two updates ago as to why she was there, one of them being the flip-like Filip variation of her Phillips surname (Kent, same as Goods). As I said, as soon as Joe filled the box with snow, I FLIPPed it upside-down, and dumped it on the ground, then returned the container to the owner with big-round owl eyes. One unmistakable interpretation is the so-called "flipped votes" conducted by Bidenites thanks to their partner-in-crime, Mr. Poulos. Dominion-like Domino's were first found in Piedmont with Pero's/Perino's, and Domine's are listed with Dunhams.

Next, we go back to Guillestre, near BRIANcon, for French Brians, from the Alans of Brittany, share the saltire of Norwegian Eriks for a potential pointer to Erich Speckin. Guillestre is on the Chagne river while Gains/Gagne's share the crosslets of Erichs, the latter first found in Oxfordshire with Cottian-suspect Cottars. Erichs look like kin of German Julians. The Erik saltire is shared by German Nails/Neils while Logans use nails. Doug Logan and Erich Speckin. Irish Neils/O'Nails share the Press/Prest chief, and while the belly-press may be God's pointer to His work in fighting the election fraudsters, Neils/O'Nails can be gleaned as kin of Keons and Ken-like Keens. The latter use "lizards," and the Cottar evetts are lizards too while Ebbetts (Oxfordshire, same as Cottars) look like Ken kin.

A few weeks before the belly-press, on the first occasion of my meeting Miss Peare, we were in a bar when Kepke left the table. So Peare and I went up the STAIRs to kiss without him knowing, and she became my girl for a while. I'm repeating this because I've emphasized those stairs many times, and because I've just found that Stairrs are listed with Stars expected in the "flaming stars" of Pero's/Perino's. I told that stairs = scala while Scalia's have a pale-bar-by-ladder in colors reversed from the Pero/Perino pale bar. I think I can now decipher that kiss up the stairs because English Bennetts have a "double SCALing ladder," and because these Bennets look like kin of Goods, the latter first found in Kent with Stairs (not "Star"), and with the Trips who likewise have the scaling ladder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JUMBO.

[Insert Wednesday -- The Stair stars are colors reversed from the Peare stars. Stairs are said to have included Mr. STEGRe, and while Miss Peare was on a STAGE when God gave the hips-pulling events, Stage's are also STAGGERs. I can't figure out why the event had the kiss i.e. I can't see how Kiss'/Cush's or their "fountains" apply here to the Maricopa election. The event ended with Kepke storming out the front door to have the bouncer kick us off the property...for kissing. He was very upset and blistering. I can't remember a thing that happened after that, on that night, but we remained friends, and he soon convinced her that I was only using her. Cheating? Yes, he later cheated on her.

Ahh, Kiss'/Cush's use "a STAR in DEXTER Chief," and while Dexters/DECKsters (Leicestershire, same as Kiss'/Cush's) can be a branch of DECKs/Daggers, her stage was also a deck! Zikers, I had missed this, in the past, concerning the Kiss/Cush description. The stage / deck was at first a PLATform as a pointer to Platte River Networks and Hillary's crimes, and here we can add that Plat(t)e's share the leopard face of Antonys while Toeni's made it to the Arms of Leicester (with the Tony sleeve). "PlatFORM" suggests the Formans/FERMans as per the "Tiens FERME" motto of Squirrels (share red squirrel with Decks/Daggers).

The Antony Crest shares the white goat with Stegre-like Stegers/Steigers, amazing (that part is new here). The giant Steger/Steiger goat is in the colors of the giant goat of German Steins while English Steins/Steyne's (Norfolk, same as Bus' and Parsons) share the Peare and Parson leopard faces. That's new too, and Bus' share the ermined cinquefoil in the Arms of Leicester. I cannot recall the reason, but when Peare and I were together for about two weeks (starting with the kiss at stair event), we had taken a bus to work (I owned a car at the time). Stegers/Steigers were first found in Berne (Switzerland, same as Tease's/Tess'), and Berne's (Switzerland, beside Austria), with nearly the Coat of Austrian Antonys, have a bear that can link to the "bear paw" of Belli-branch Bellino's and Deck-connectable Squirrels.

Ahhh, there are "weights" in the Dexter/Deckster Crest while Weights, with a "Pro" motto term, share the chevron of the Kiss'/Cush's with the star in dexter Chief. The full Weight motto is shared by Haslingdens/HAZELtons while Hazels use a squirrel! Plus, this insert comes the day after writing, "Holdings were at Haslingden," in the next update. Holdings were first found in Lancashire with squirrel-using Holds/Holts and Plate's, and this is BEAUTIFUL because she and I were HOLDINg when kissing!!! That's why we were kissing, to do this paragraph, though I suspect there's more to it. The motto includes arise-like "aris," expected for the Rice's (Weight colors and format) who can be from Rhizon as part of the line to ARIZONa-like Risons! I get it. Haslingdens/Hazeltons (Star/Stairr chevron in colors reversed) were first found in Sussex with Saddocks/Sedgewicks using "ears of RYE," and it just so happens that Rye's/RISE's were once said to be first found in Sussex too!

English Antonys were first found in Lincolnshire with Kiss-branch Custs/Cuss'. While Cass'/Cash's share the Kiss/Cush and Cust/Cuss "fountains," the Casey-beloved Crows, with the Kiss/Cush rooster in colors reversed, were first found in Norfolk with HUG-related Fountains and Case's!!! We were hugging while kissing! Case's are in the colors and format of Steins/Steyne's (Norfolk too).

As per the Rush's/RISH's (Rice-like Rish variation) shortly below who apply to the kiss, it's notable that English Lums/Limbs (Lancashire, same as Plate's and Specks/Spike's), in the motto of Stein-branch Stevensons, are in Rush/Rish colors and format. Scottish Lums/Lambs (Northumberland, same as Stevensons) share the Bus cinquefoils, colors reversed from the same of Rush-branch Rosco's. RISE's/Rye's (Norfolk, same as Bus') share the Stevenson bend, and German Rise's/Rice's share the crozier with English Lums/Limbs. It all looks Arranged, but what can it all predict in real events for Arizona? Why might the eagle heads of Lums/Limbs be colors reversed from the Speck/Spike eagle?

Ahh, the three Lum/Limb eagle heads are colors reversed from the same of Irish CASeys (FERMANagh) while Kiss'/Cush's essentially have the CASS/Cash Coat! The latter even have "a pair of SCALES" in Crest, which is what the "weights" of Dexters/Decksters are! Zinger. The Scale's go to Scalia's! We rushed up the stairs = scala to kiss! Amazing. Irish Caseys use a Pero-like "per" motto term.

Ahh, the "SCOT's head" in the Haslingden/Hazelton Crest is perfect where the Scott surname traces to lake Scodra, near Rhizon and BUTua!!! BEAUTY. Scottish Scotts look like HAZel kin, and I trace Hazels to the namers of Has (Albania), at the north end of the drin river i.e. near Scodra. English Scotts share the border of Cass'/Cash's. End insert]

Kepke and I were shoe salesmen at the time, and shoes are used by German Trips. The latter once showed boots, and BUTEshire is where Glastons/Glass' were first found. Stars/Stairrs were at GLASTONbury, what a hoot. Look at how the Stairr variation points to Ken Bennett.

I found that variation because I couldn't remember the surname I had seen at Glastonbury, and so I asked google, "houseofnames glastonbury," and it brought me the page for the Stairr surname. I wanted to say that Glastons/Glass' share the mermaid of Masons/Massins (Kent again) who in turn have most of the motto of Cross'/Croce's expected in the "crossed sticks" of Poulos'. The latter's sticks make a saltire in the colors of the saltire of Messeys/MESSIER's (Burgundy, same as Poulos'), and English Messier's were first found in Lincolnshire with Cross'/Cruce's. French Masseys/Masse's (Savoy, same as Guillestre and Briancon) once showed the three Trip boots exactly. Boots (three boots) were first found in Berkshire with Susa-like Susans. Stars/Stairrs use a "Vive en" motto phrase while Vivians list Veys while Dutch Veys show a boot, I kid you not.

Plus, Kent is where Gore's/Core's were first found who almost have the Gain/Gagne Coat, both sharing the crosslets of Trips (Kent) and Erichs. The Ken Coat is like the Gaine/Gagne Coat, and Kent is where Goods were first found who look like Bennett kin. My events with Miss Peare in those days is pointing to Ken Bennett and Erich Speckin.

I always said that Peare and I RUSHed up the stairs (to get away from Kepke before he saw us). I think I can now understand why we rushed, for Rush's/RISH's and Rosco's/RISCo's share the RIGG fesse while Morleys/Mauls use a "RIGore" motto term. Decades later, Peare in the mall was in the same dream as David Morley. We went RISING up the stairs, and the audit was in rising-like ARIZONa.

Not only was the hips-pulling event on a stage, but it was a tease because "it felt so good" to be pulling her toward me, yet the dream ended abruptly the instant I started to pull. I think it suggests that Randy Pullen and Jovan Pulitzer were part of the tease, the staged part of the audit which the Fann club conducted by hijacking the audit's results from Doug Logan. When Bennett had a run-in with Fann's hijacking, he looked like one of the good guys, though Fann and her accomplices may have gotten away with making him do some things he didn't wish to. I don't know who Fann was working with, but she was definitely doing what the cheats wanted of her, as far as she was able without looking like a traitor. In the end, she looked like a traitor, and even Wendy Rogers supported her in her final assault on the audit: the creation of a "Master" who is nothing but a pawn for the cheaters.


Here's all four Gospels wrapped into one story.

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