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February 8 - 14, 2022

Mellanson's Ear Points to justin trudeau
Freedom Convoy's Dagny Pawlak is More Than Embarrassing
Ambassador Bridge Blockade Looks Like a Government False-Flag Event

If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture

If at anytime you want to know a Coat's description as given by an unidentified person/group, see Hall of Names. One way to better deal with my long updates, and links to several stories, is to put your computer to sleep (instead of shutting it down) so that this page is ready for you whenever you feel like continuing in the following days.

Every once in a while, I like to lay me down to sleep and think about the great depth or great gravity of what Jesus did WILLINGLY. This is what history is all about at this present age. When one allows the thoughts to go that way, it's natural to come to the re-realization that Jesus's Sacrifice gives us unwarranted justification before the holy God of Law. If we are spared eternal death because Jesus cared enough about us to create the situation, then there is a justification that comes with it, but as we don't deserve it, we feel indebted to Jesus. The more we understand that our human bark cannot support the tree of good and life, the more we appreciate what Jesus is for us. The one who has eternal life is the one who contemplates on what Jesus did, and thanks Him. It's easy, if you are inclined. But some human barks are just sick saps, incapable of appreciating the Living Vine because they do not wish to serve the Living Vine. Do you know on which side you're on?

Try appreciating Him tonight; see if you can muster a "thank you" for what He did when enduring night-long abuse with a beating, and a painful, humiliating death in the morning at the hands of heartless cops and two-faced wolves of the Sanhedrin. This is a Friend you will want to keep. No better Friend can anyone have. Be His friend, and He will be yours, guaranteed. If you talk to the Father long enough with a soft heart of friendship toward Jesus, and commitment, He will respond.

Have you any idea how powerful the Father is? He doesn't really have a beard. He doesn't look like Zeus or Leonardo da Vinci. He is Spirit, and so we speak to him with our spirits, not with our academic polish. We are little-bittie before Him, less than babes. We are still in the womb of history, and He's willing to wait for us to grow up over millions of years. That's the plan, I assume, that we might become formidable conversation partners with the Creator, eventually. But right now, He enjoys a conversation with me less than I would with an ant. He's not impressed with one's college degrees or verbal eloquence. But He's patient, willing to see us live if we improve, becoming more like Him so that we can be One. Do you get that? No Father wants a child who's contrary to his thinking, at war with his thinking. The Father wants us to KNOW Him, to be one with Him. That's what our lives should be all about, bringing out thoughts and teachings to align with His'. To stand up for Him when a movement or a canadian Trotsky spits in His face.

If you're a freedom fighter, make sure the freedom you're fighting for is not for the unGodly to be free from God, because charters of rights, as developed by trudeau's father and his ilk, were made to give liberals freedoms from Christian law. And what you see today is what you get when you give freedoms to sinners, because God delivers them to demons...who infiltrate power structures to do harm. Law is good because it's a tool for making stands against lawbreakers, the harmful. Freedom from Law is destruction, and trudeau-II is Destruction-II, carrying on after his father's heart. That's right, we should not become one with an evil father. Rather, as Jesus said, we must hate such a father, or we will not be worthy of Jesus. It was trudeau-I who destroyed canada, who made idiot sops of "liberated" people whom have since evolved into wrong-thinking sociopaths who first accuse us of being what they have been, and then wish us dead.

Faith in Jesus is not merely a belief, but an umbilical cord between He and you. He's your mother, giving you growth, and you trust your mother. Your mother lets you know that she can be trusted with your very existence...unless she's a liberal lunatic who despises children, or is irreverent toward human life. This is the "new" way of the schwabite parasites, just the old witchcraft. Our war is with him, to be free of him, to be free to live under the Law of Jesus. We are not free to do as we please, unless all we do is Lawful. The Law: do no harm against your fellow man, unless your fellow man is satanic, but even then, we have limits as to how far we can go in war with him. We are to resist his thinking, wise with Knowledge so that we are not tainted with, or deceived by, his thinking. We are absolutely permitted to speak against him publicly, to teach anyone who has ears to hear that Jesus is the Way. Stick His umbilical cord into your belly today, and fight on with His double-edged sword in your spirit. Let the slashers arise. I'm doing my part to slash trudeau to pieces, and it's easy because he slashes himself to pieces everytime he opens his mouth. His supporters are idiots.

I think the biggest threat against the canadian push to forcefully vaccinate every citizen is either already coming fast, or about to, thanks largely to a video on social media wherein Klaus Schwab himself admits that trudeau and half his cabinet are on board Schwab's "great reset" "revolution." That message going around can have a big dinging effect against the biggest ding-a-ling in Canada right now, wherever he is. Perhaps the biggest threat against this lump of human mutation is the way he's been acting since the convoy reached the frontier of his capital city. Like a scared deer, he high-tailed it out of town, and comes out of hiding for minutes at a time to throw dull darts at the truckers' wheels. They just bounce off and hit him in the face, but he keeps on repeating the tactic, with the same darts over and over. This is the highest integrity level of this buffoon...because he's doing Schwab's will even though it's killing his reputation. That's defined as a stooge.

There's bound to be vaccinated people who do not want the country to go to Schwab's enterprise. That's what's likely going to make winners out of the truckers. trudeau sold the country out to Schwab's nest of horned gangsters, spread the word. This is what this fight should be all about. Schwab intended to put his fingers round our throats using forced vaccinations, first to identify his enemies, and then to slaughter them. Yes, these people are mass-killers of the elderly, don't get over-confident and sloppy, for if they think they can get away with it, they have reasons, and some plans set up to deal with getting caught.

So here's what I did two updates ago, with follow-ups in the last update: I told of my prayer for God to spear trudeau in the head. That's what I prayed maybe four times, because I didn't think He was hearing me the first times. I wrote that event down in a couple of updates, but deleted them because a spear to trudeau's head doesn't sound very Christian. But then I realized that it was not my prayer, but rather God's prayer through me to indicate the looooong, spear-like convoy headed for the HEAD of canada, where trudeau works...if you can call it work.

Then, minutes before I started writing above on the SCHWAB-trudeau connection, I was asking self about the cotton SWAB in Steve Mellanson's ear. I was wondering whether that swab was code for Klaus Schwab while Mellanson's ear was a symbol of trudeau's head, with the cotton swab as a sort of spear "through" his head. I know it sounds corny, but bear with me. In order to be true that God intended the cotton swab in Mellanson's ear as a spear through trudeau's head, something about that event needs to click heraldically with trudeau. But right away I saw no way to link the Schwab/Swab, Cotton, Mellanson, or Tipps/Tippin surnames to trudeau. The Tipps' become candidates because of a Q-TIP cotton swab. (Load Schwab link now to have access, on another tab, to other Coats of Arms.)

Then, shortly after writing the paragraph above with "horned gangsters," I realized that the Spurr surname is like the Spear/Speer surname. But, at first, I saw no way to prove that Spurrs were a Speer branch. The reason that Spurrs came to mind is that EYERS/Ayers use a "spur," and I always assume that heraldic ears are code for Eyers. So, in a nutshell, if Spurrs were a Speer branch, there we have a Speer-Eyer merger in the Eyer spur.

I was fortunate when I loaded Spurrs at Hall of Names, because the Spurr Coat shown at houseofnames has a white bend on a blue Shield, and it's not linkable to Speers that way. But Hall of Names says: "A silver [white] Shield with a gold spur ROWEL between two wheat SHEAVES on a blue bend." That makes the Spurr bend blue-on-white, the color of the Leslie bend, and both Leslie's and Spurrs place three gold items on that bend. Leslie's were earls of Rothes, and Rothes is on the SPEY river, while Speers are also SPEYers! Bingo! Note how it evokes Eyers as per "SpEYER." Plus, Leslie's share the green griffin head of Bards/Beards (share gold boar with Speers) while Bartons share the red boar heads with Leslie-like Less'/Lesks whom I trace to "Lesce" on the Sava river, right beside BLED!!!! This is incredible, for Mellanson's ear was BLEEDing, and he challenged Joe and I to heal it with prayer. He put the swab into his ear, expected blood, but no blood came out after the prayer. Mellansons were first found in Aberdeenshire with Leslie's.

Mellanson wore a beard. Bards/BEARDs have a giant boar colors reversed from the Less/Lesk boar head, and so see what seems like God's arrangement in the Spurr write-up: "The surname Spurr was first found in Devon where they held a family seat from very ancient times, as Lords of the manor of Spurway BARTON"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Okay, maybe I've just gotten over-excited there. There's no big surprise where Spurrs were at a Barton location, if Spurrs (Devon, beside Spree's) were kin of the Leslie's and Speers together. But it is a huge thing, under my circumstances above, to see the Spurway Barton location because it tends to prove that Spurrs were a Speer branch.

I now have an inkling to the answer to a hard question I recently had: if the cotton swab points to something related to the COVID scheme, why was the swab into the ear instead of up the nose or in the mouth, both of which are more symbolic of COVID testing? The answer: the ear was necessary to get to Eyers and Spurrs to point to justin trudeau, the Schwabian parasite now sucking the blood of Canadians.

Speers were first found in Renfrewshire with the Pollocks who ruled Rothes and then married Leslie's, allowing the latter to thus become earls of Rothes, the proto-Rothschilds. But Renfrewshire is also where Simple's were first found who are in-code in the motto of Spree's (share Speer crescent). Spurrs use the "spur rowel" while Rowels are listed with ROTHwells/Rosswells.

So that's why I started writing on the schwab-trudeau connection in this update. The Eyer-Spurr-Speer connection tends to inform me that the spear-convoy to trudeau's head is all about trudeau's STUPID obedience to the VERY-STUPID Klaus Schwab. We are in STUPIDLAND here, all protected by guns of the military and police forces, even many of the courts.

Before moving on to the next questions I have concerning the ear-swab spear, let me fill in some gaps to the things above. The "SHEAVES" of Spurrs must be code for the English Sheaves' with a Sava-like Shaw variation, first found in Berkshire with Less'/LESKs from Lesce at the Sava/SAVE river. Spurrs share the Save bend. Neat and tidy, but let's add that TRUDeau-like Trots/Trude's/Truths were first found in Berkshire too. TROTs/Trude's/Truths have three-and-three pale bars in the colors of the triple chevrons of Bleds. Berkshire is also where Boots were first found while the Eyer Crest is: "A BOOT and armed leg on which there is a spur." German TRIPs/Treffs once showed boots, and TRYPillians were at the TROTus river.

Eyers/Ayers and Ayers have a version of the Irish Shaw Coat, and while Scottish Shaws were kin of Comyns/Comine's (both share the "dagger"), the Comyns/Comine's share the wheat sheaves of Spurrs. These sheaves are at times coupled with "EARs of wheat" for obvious reason of connection to Eyer liners. Wheats/Whate's use "ears of wheat" in their Crest, and wheat sheaves called "garbs" in their Shield. English Daggers share the Coat of Barton- / Bard-like Bardons/Bardys, first found in PeriGORD with Fauci-like Fauchys and Faux's/Fage's/Chollens' (pointer to Francis Collens, mass-murderer), and Gords/Gordans happen to share the Speer boar head!

It's only interesting where Scottish Shaws were first found in Perthshire with Justins, but as I link the latter to the Ass surname, let's repeat; "Spurrs use the 'spur rowel' while Rowels are listed with ROTHwells/Rosswells." The latter share the double chevrons of Ass-like Ash's/Esse's, you see, first found in Devon with Spurrs. And the "fasces" symbol of Ass' is the symbol of fascism, perfect description for the trudeau jack-ass who has no sign of intelligent life in him when he calls typical Canadians racist, dangerous goons. Truly, a jackass he is, there's no better word to describe him. I failed to realize, in the last update, that because Justins were kin of Greats, this may be a pointer of justin trudeau to "Great Reset," the phrase klaus schwab uses for the implementation of his new communist world order.

Justine's use "a PAIR of balances", and Pairs/PAUERs look like a branch of Powers, the latter first found in Devon with Spurrs. English Powers have a "stag's head" with a "green trefoil" on the "NECK," and Spurr-beloved Rowels/Rothwells have a RED stag head, the color of the NECK/Necker stag head, with a green trefoil in its mouth. Yet the Neck/Necker stag head is called a "deer's head" that can go well with the "deer" of Trudeau's.

The Power-like Poors (Devon, same as Powers) and Justins share a "non" motto term while Nans/Nons/Nevins, first found in Ayrshire with Scottish Ayers, were a significant topic in the last update concerning the possibility that trudeau is hiding out at Tofino or neighboring Nanaimo at this time. Nans/Nons/Nevins have a fesse colors reversed from the same of Poors, and we saw how the "pair: code of Justins links to Powers via Pairs/Pauers. It just so happens that "reset" like Restons share the Nan/Non fesse while Justins were kin of Greats, the latter from Gratian the Elder, father-in-law of Justine of Picenum, the line to Justins. PICenum liners can be to Pike's (Devon, same as Poors) who have a reflection of the Poor Coat. Scottish Pike's/Pickens were first found in Ayrshire with Nans/Nons/Nevins (essentially in Reston colors and format).

I know exactly where I'm supposed to go with this at hand; the Picks/Pix's (Shaw colors and format) share the fitchees of Ratterys, and while Ratterys (Shaw / Comyn colors) were first found in Perthshire with Justins (and Shaws), there is a Rattery location in Devon, where SPURRs and their SUPER branch were first found. Rattery's have a "Super" motto term! The "siDERa" motto term of Ratterys could be for Dere's/DEERs, trudeau kin. The Crest of Picks/Pix's must be the tree of ROOTs/Route's (Kent, same as Picks/Pix's) and Woods, for the latter share the Pick/Pix / Rattery fitchees. This is PERFECT, for Roets (Somerset, beside Devon) share the SPEER boar heads! Roets were first found in Somerset with Gordano, and so let's repeat from the Shaw dagger: "English Daggers share the Coat of Barton- / Bard-like Bardons/Bardys, first found in PeriGORD with Fauci-like Fauchys and Faux's/Fage's/Chollens' (pointer to Francis Collens, mass-murderer), and Gords/Gordans happen to share the Speer boar head!"

Restons were at Downham of Norfolk, where Downhams/DUNHAMs were first found, which is the surname of Obama's mother. It is believed by many that trudeau is taking communist / false-flag cues from Obama. The leopard FACES of Restons go with the "fasces" of Ass', and a jackass has a pair of moons that looks like trudeau's face on the one side, and obama's on the other side. We're talking destructive children here who have government guns in support of their sly plans for the global masses. Things got to be this way because God wants them to condemn themselves utterly by giving them power. They are self-destructive when in power, and this is His Plan to undo their plans forever. God is not mesmerized nor shaking in his boots because trudeau and obama have powerful people with them. Watch them condemn themselves in everything they do.

Okay, so let's assume that God did cause Mellanson to stick a Q-tip into his ear as a pointer to the convoy to Ottawa, but more in particular to the schwab-trudeau partnership that includes half of trudeau's cabinet. Is there any other way to point that event to TRUDeau? Yes, see the Trots/Truths and similar surnames in the last update, as they look like Trudeau branch's. As I said, MELLANson challenged Joe Oullette and I to PRAY for his ear, and Irish Prays share the six pale bars of Trots/Truths. And MELLANs were first found in Ile-de-France with Trudeau's. Irish Mellans/Melons have a "basket" in Crest while Baskets almost have the Reston Coat. Basket-like Baskins/Paskins almost have the Bach/Bagh Coat while BACau is beside the TROTus river (Romania, topic of the last update). TROUTs/TroutBACHs/Trebecks look like they can apply to a Trudeau-line link to Baskins and Bachs. The TROBeck variation looks linkable here to the Troops, first found in Banffshire with Baskins/Paskins ("ARMIS").

[Insert -- After finishing this section for Wednesday, I spotted this from French Mellans: "'Savaric de Malleon...held Petersfield and MAPLE Durham...'" Maple's share the Speer and Rollo boar heads. Rollo's were first found in Perthshire with Justins, and the latter share "non" with Maple's. The latter show as kin of Chives' and Tarves' (share axe with Mellansons), and Chives' were first found in Aberdeenshire, where CARLs, Mellansons and Milans/Millens were first found. The Tarves and Maple Shields are split vertically in colors reversed from the same of German Marks (SPEAR), likely a branch of Jewish Marks/MARX's, and then English Marks were first found in Essex with Maple's. It looks like a pointer to trudeau's Marxism. Note "SAVARic de Malleon" in the quote above, for I did not place this insert here due to his name jibing with Savarys and Savers below, but because it comes after mention of Mellans just before this insert. It's pretty incredible that I got to Tarves' in this paragraph because Vita's were first found in TARVISium. End insert]

Recalling how Spurrs (share Save bend) linked to Lesce liners on the Sava/Save river, here we find that the vaired fesse of Baskins/Paskins is shared by Saffers/SAVarys, first found in Devon with Spurrs. This rises to astounding because Saffers/Savarys love the Vita's in their motto who in turn share the annulet of convoy-like Conveys/Conways (and Savers)!!! So, we were not disappointed by following the Eyers to Spurrs; they took us to Speers and to the convoy too. Heraldry doesn't have eyes to see the future unless God arranges things to click, and it looks like God arranged pointers to this convoy; I assume He wants Credit for it, to assure His people He's doing something to curb the plots of foolish anti-Christ monsters.

Tarves is a village in Buchan, and Buchans share the black lion of Buchanans while the latter are said to be a possible branch of Milans/Millens, which looks correct in that they share the same Coat. Therefore, the Tarves axe probably is the Mellanson axe, and as Mellansons use "an axe in the MIDDLE," note that Middle's (Shropshire, same as Pattons sharing the Mellanson crescents) have a giant lion in both colors of the Buchan lion heads. Bucks have a horizontally-split Shield in colors reversed from the same of German Marx's while German Marks have a spear and the Tarves Shield. The lion of German Marx's is colors reversed from the same of Milans/Millens and Buchanans.

The Trout/Troutbach Crest has a "A naked man holding a gold dart," and darts are used by truck-like Tracks/Tricks and Drigs, though the Tracks/Tricks show the darts as spears, a central topic of the last update's truck-convoy pointers.

I might add that the fleur-de-lys of English Marks/Marx's (ESSEX) are shared by buck-using Hicks who in turn are said to have had a branch in Low Leighton of ESSEX, and then LEIGHtons/LEYTons were first found in Shropshire with Mellanson-beloved Middle's while Leigh's/LEGHs/Leys (Cheshire, beside Shropshire), with the Mark/Marx lion in colors reversed, can be in the eagle LEGs of Mellanson beloved Bundle's, reminding that eagle legs are used also by Hicksons.

It's now interesting that Bachs/Baghs were first found in Denbighshire with the Bathers (Trout/Troutbach colors and near-format) who in turn share the Scarf Coat (English Cotton colors) while there is a Q-shaped "scarf" in the Traby/Sadowski Coat that could go with the Q-tip = COTTON swab. Indeed, French Cotta's/Cottons use a FRETTy Shield while the three Trot/Troutbach trout are said to be "fretted". That works surprisingly for a pointer to trudeau. If we compare this 666-able Arms of Traby to the Trout/Troutbach Coat, we can then compare the Trobeck variation, for example, with "Traby," perhaps explaining why a Trot-like surname evolved Traby-like. Treebys and Treble's were first found in Devon with Spurrs, etc.

Just before Troutbachs came to mind, I had loaded the new-to-me Trudells. The Crest of English Trudells/Trewdale's/Trowdale's of TROUTdale has "A green dragon's head holding a BROKEN SPEAR in its mouth." Brokens/Brogans have a saltire in the colors of the saltire-by-spears of Speers. The Trudell/Trewdale's Shield makes them look like kin of Scottish Leavells, the latter first found in ROXburghshire, a region named by the Roxolani who had lived at the southern AGARus river, now the Siret. The Trotus is a Siret tributary, and while Abraham had a concubine, HAGAR, I claim that BRAMtons/Bromptons were from Abraham and his second wife. Trudells/Trewdale's are said to have been in Troutdale of BROMPTON, Yorkshire. Sire's/SIRETs (Burgundy, same as Save's) were Justin kin, and Hagar(d)s (Trout/Troutbach colors) were first found in Perthshire with Justins.

Although hall of names gives French Trudells/Troutelle's a "patee" cross, it's showing as a potent cross, in Trudeau colors. Patents/Pattens share the green griffin head in Crest with Speer-connectable Leslie's and Bards/Beards, and it may be green to go with the green dragon head of Trudells/Trewdale's, the point being that while Abraham lived in Hebron, that place had an Eschol valley while Schole's share the Patent/Patten Shield. Trudells/Troutelle's were first found in Champagne with Sauvage's expected from the Sava river, location of Lesce. Leslie's had been Hungarians, and the Sava flows from Lesce toward Hungary, and flows near Cibalae, home of Valentinian I, the line to Justins. Scottish Champagne's have a vaired Shield similar to the Schole and Patent/Patten Shields. Abraham knew Anak of Hebron, and Cottons use Anak-like "hanks of cotton", is that not amazing? Hanks are also Anke's, and have bendy in the colors of the Leslie bend. I trace Abraham's second wife, Keturah, to Cott-like Kotor, beside Rhizon, and Risings/Risons can be gleaned as a branch of Restons.

I've just found the newish-to-me Hankens sharing the phoenix of Phoenix's/Fenwicks, the latter first found in Northumberland with Hebrons. The Hanking variation is like "honking," and the latter is a term used by the truck convoy. The Hankens come up as "Honken"! It had already been resolved that the cotton swab points to the spear-convoy! The Hanken/Honken "fretty" is half in the colors of the Cotta/Cotton fretty! The amazing thing is, Hankens/Honkins, first found in Somerset with Ducks, use "ducks" while Duck-branch Duce's/Doocys have the Bramton/Brompton Coat!!! Incredible. The Duck Chief, much like the Hanker/Hanacre chief, is in the colors and format of ANCHors/ANNACKers. Hankers/Hanacre's look like Clinton kin.

[Insert -- I got way down to the Trot/Trude-connectable Couch's below before Coutts, Alberta, came to mind, for while the Ottawa convoy evolved also into the convoy at Coutts (they say 10,000 trucks, but that way sounds over the top), I remembered that Cootes'/Coots use ducks in the colors of the Honken ducks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Zowie, that's big. And the Coats/Cotes' share the Trot/Trude Coat!!! Can we believe it? Entering "Coutts" gets the Scottish Cootes'/Coots/Couts, kin/branch of Colts/Cults (Perthshire, same as Justins). End insert]

Trudells/Troutelle's have an "Ad" motto term to indicate Ada of Warenne, who married a ruler of Huntingdon, and this gets us back to the cotton swab because English Cottons were first found in Huntingdonshire. Scottish Leavells were first found near the first-known Aids/ADE's in the Levi motto. Where it says of Trudells/Troutells, "They branched into Paris and L'Orne," that's near the first-known Trudeau's and Levi's of northern Paris. Suddenly, we realize that the one Trudeau chevron is colors reversed from the three of Levi's while Jewish Levi's/Levine's share the Bramton/Brompton Coat in different colors. English Trudells were at Brompton. Trouts/Troutbachs were first found in Westmorland with English Levine's/Livings.

OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH WWWWWWWWWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! I had known that Trouts/Troutbachs have a "trout fretted in a triANGLE", and knowing the Angle Coat well, I didn't load it because I couldn't see how it could contribute to the topic at the time, and that's why I didn't bother to show the "triangle" part in the description. BUT NOW, I've just loaded Angle's (kin / branch of Hangers, Angers and Anchors) to remember that they use a "SUPER" motto term! Supers were a Spurr branch, and the Spurrs were instrumental in my even bothering to check out whether the cotton swab could point to the convoy. So, I assume, Trudeau's were a branch of Trouts.

The Trotus flows along a Bacau region, and Bacons/Beacons are said to be from a Mr. Bacon, grandson of William de Warenne. As Bacons/Beacons were at a MONK-Bradfield location, while William de Warenne is said to have been a relative of GRIMbald, it seems that Grimaldi's of MONACo were related to Warrens and Bradfields (share Warren checks). Bradfields share the POPP/Poppen annulets while Mr. Grimaldi married Poppa of Valois. Popps/Poppens (Westphalia, same as Ducks/Dockers) share the red bull head with Anchors/Annackers. Hankers/Hanacre's are in Poppin/Popham colors and format. Poppa was wife to king Rollo, and Rollo's (Perthshire, same as Justins) have the Speer boar heads in colors reversed.

Cocks and Grimaldi's share the Shield of Bags (Norfolk, same as PilGRIMs and Cockers/Cockets). Bradfield-like Bradfords, who named a Bradford location in Morley (Yorkshire), look like PeaCOCK and Fier kin, and share a "sage" motto term with Speer-branch Spree's. Speers were first found in Renfrewshire with Scottish Smalls while English Smails/Smalls were first found in Morley of Derbyshire. Here's from the last update: "The same checkered Shield is with Warrens, from ADA of Warenne, whom David Morley pointed to (in my sleeping-BAG dream) when he pointed to Aids/Ade's, suspect as a pointer to the vaccines for the AIDS / HIV programs that many say Fauci is criminally responsible for." Trudells/Troutelle's (Trudeau colors) have an "Ad" motto term, as do the Fiscs from the Grimaldi-associated Fieschi. I get it. Monaco is near Grasse, and Grasse liners are probably in the Fauchy grasshopper. AIDs is not a disease, but the loss of the immune system. Many are saying that COVID "vaccines" are causing various degrees of AIDS.

If Mellanson's ear swab is a pointer to the schwab-trudeau relationship, then shouldn't Mellansons contribute to it? They use "an upRIGHT bundle of rods with an AXE in the middle." Many heraldic axes can be traced to the Axe river, and so what surname do we assume named one or the other Axe river? Note that the Axe river through Devon ends at SHET-like Seaton, for Axe-like Ass', who pointed to trudeau above, were first found in Shetland, and Ass' even use the fascist symbol, a "FASCES," which has an axe head. Perfect for describing the schwabite dictators. And one RIGHT surname uses "leopard FACES." The same leopard faces are shared by RISTon-branch RESTons, the potential pointer to "great RESET," and the Rights tell of an ancient Writh surname that could have developed into/from Ristons/Risings.

Having said that, let's repeat that French Mellans, who share a blank, gold Chief with Mellanson-beloved Rods (Devon, same as Spurrs), were first found in Ile-de-France with Trudeau's. Irish Mellans/Melons use a "basket," and Baskets can be a branch of whatever "fasces" is code for because they have more leopard faces, now in the other colors of the Reston leopard faces. The Basket Crest might be the lion of Visconti-related Sforza's because Visconti's/VASCO's are also BISConti's. OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH WOW, knowing that Biss' are connectable to the "biscione" snake of Visconti's, I've just tried for a Biscone surname, finding stag heads in the colors of the Trudeau stags!!!! INCREDIBLE outcome. Mellansons and Mellans are from Milan, where the Visconti's had their headquarters!!!

Ever since loading Trudeau's a few weeks ago, I could not think of any other surname sharing stags in the colors of the Trudeau stags, but there we go, we have found one, and it looks to make Trudeau's descendants of Milan elements. Biscone's are listed with Bissphams/Biscombs, and as they call their stag heads, "buck's heads," we can compare Bucks with CONE's and Conte's to surmise that VisCONTI's / BisCONE's are of those surnames. Bucks, Cone's, and Conte's all have ANTLers while an ANTELope is used by Singletarys, the latter first found in Fylde (Lancashire) with Biscone's/Biscombs. Bischs/Basch's/Bescheffels share the gold border with Justins.

We saw Hicks linking to things-Mellanson above, and Hicks use a buck's head in gold, the color of the Biscone buck head so that the convoy movement could possible be lumped into the RISING of Sleeping Beauty into the sky. For she was hovering at the time, and Hoovers share eagle legs with Hicksons. The latter's legs makes a giant saltire colors reversed from the Biscone saltire for a Hicks connection to Trudeau's. This recalls leaving off my writings one day on Miss Hicks at the HOOD of the car (Hooters share the Hoover Coat), the scene before she was hovering in it, and then finding a Russian medallion on the hood of my Jeep a few hours later while at the Food BASICs grocery store. Without going over all of the possible pointers in that event, I just want to say that a BASCone/Bascomb Coat ("dog" in Crest) has just been found with nearly the Coat of Dogs/Doags. Bascone's/Bascombs call their cinquefoils "five LEAFed flowers," and so this applies to the "flower pots" of Rinds (Perthshire, same as Dogs/Doags), but also to the Bus', first found in Norfolk with Leafs/Leve's/Leave's, with the Bramton-connectable RISINGs, and with the Bramtons sharing the Bascone/Bascomb Crest.

Miss Hicks is Mrs. Kilpatrick, and the first name of her husband, Hamilton, has worked into much heraldry with her involvement, and here it can be added that Hamiltons, first found in Renfrewshire with Speers, share the three cinquefoils of Bascone's. The Hamilton motto is, "Through," and my prayer to God was that He would put a spear THROUGH trudeau's head. "Through" may even be code for a Trudeau branch, for as Hamiltons use a TREE in Crest, they loved the Tree's/TREW's/Trows. So, there seems to be somewhat of a Sleeping Beauty pointer to prime miniscule trudeau. The Hamilton Crest: "A green tree with a saw CUTTING THROUGH it." Saws/Shaws were first found in Perthshire with Dogs/Doags almost having the Bascone Coat, explaining why Hamiltons share their cinquefoils too. Plus, Saw-related Comyns were first found in Norfolk with the Cuttings in the "cutting" term of the Hamilton description, and it just so happens, wow, that Cuttings share the fretty (in colors reversed) of COTTONs/Cotta's! Bingo, the cotton swab resurfaces.

Saws/Shaws love the Means in their motto, and Irish Means/MEIGHANs (Perken / Car colors) look like they are kin of Cars (Lancashire, same as the related Perkens) because Sleeping Beauty was with a PARKed car, and because Caria was beside PERGa, where Plancia MAGNa lived, and where I trace PERKins/PARKings (not "Perken") who share the Kilpatrick lion, and the fleur-de-lys of Wake-connectable Walks/Wachs (Dumfries, same as Kilpatricks). English Walkers have a "magna" motto term. Walks/Wachs share the garb of Saw/Shaw-related Comyns/Comine's (share dagger with Kilpatricks). That all works super. The Perkin/Parking motto ("Simplex") even links to the motto of Speer-branch Speers, the latter using "Simple" while Simple's were first found in the same place as Hamiltons and Speers. It strikes me here that Irish Shaws (Perthshire) are colors reversed from, and essentially in the format of, Trudeau's for a related reason (not by chance). Sleeping Beauty is pointing to trudeau for the first time, but I have no idea how this can jibe with her pointers to other people...unless they are all of the same-basic globalist cabal as the schwabites.

Back to the Bascone/Bascomb flowers and Flower-loving Rinds, for the latter's Rand branch lists the Rance's while the Rance river is near the Meu river to which I trace Meighen-like Mea's/Meigh's (Mean/Meighan colors).

The Flowers (share Potter cinquefoils) have a white lion head to go with the white, Crest lion shared between the Biscone's/Biscombs and Pattys while "pati" is a motto term of the Duncans who, along with their Donkey branch, have a Coat similar to that of Bascone's/Bascombs. Suddenly, the Food Basics / medallion event might perhaps have needed the new-to-me-now Bascone's/Bascolms for a fuller interpretation of what God was pointing to, a thing I'm contemplating. I've already told why the MEDALlion pointed to MEDALs/Dougals, and so just compare "DOUGal" to the Dogs/Doags in the Bascone/Bascomb Shield and Crest! BINGO. I'll come back to this if I see more to add. It could appear that I was slated by God to discover Bascone's on the same day of my discovering Biscone's in an update focusing on trudeau. But why a Russian medallion stamped with "Saint Petersburg Russia." I apologize for giving out the wrong URL in the past to see this medallion, but it's loading now at that URL.

Note "medalLION," for French Lions share "flames" with DOUGlas') are therefore suspect with the lion of Visconti-related Sforza's. It appears that God used the medallion to point to the Dougal / Douglas / Dog bloodline absolutely. "Donk" looks like it applies. Lyons, first found in Perthshire with Dogs/Doags and Justins, share the green lion with Tracks/Tricks and Lorraine's, the latter first found in Northumberland with DONKeys. As Bascone's/Bascombs are also BasCOME's, it's interesting that the Track / Lorraine lion is colors reversed from the same of Comeys/Come's/Combs.

I've told several times of the BalCONs/BalCOLMs ("Dum SPIRo SPERo") as per the BALCONy of Lorraine, my date in my 20s. It was my last night with her when I was on her balcony, and yet I bumped into her by a freak "chance" a couple of weeks later at her BUS station, and it just so happens that Bus' share the Bascone/Bascolm cinquefoil. The event on her balcony had to do with a grass stain on her BUTT, and so I reckon that Balcons/Balcome's (Fife) are using the bend of Italian Botters (probably from the Butteri cowboys north of Rome). The Ass' were kin of Justins, making this look like a pointer also to the spear-depicted convoy to Ottawa thanks to the Balcon/Balcomb motto having the Spire's/Speers. The Balcon/Balcomb motto is shared by Masons/Massins, first found in Kent with the Hells/Hellers sharing the Coat of Crabs/CRAILs (Cambridgeshire, same as Lorraine-connectable Tracks/Tricks) while Balcons/Balcombs were first found in Crail.

Oh Mammy

The night on her balcony, and especially her grass stain, had pointed to Bus-like and Grass(e)-loving Bois' (Bosco branch), a branch of Bush's, and so it's notable that German Bush's/Buschs and Boschs share the Crab/Crail and Hell/Heller fleur-de-lys. Bosco's are in the write-up of Scottish Rose's who are in turn in the Balcon/Balcolm roses. Cone-branch Conte's/COMitissa's were first found in Durham with the Darlingtons who in turn have the Speer-loving motto of Balcons/Balcolms, and Spurrs (reflection of Balcon/Balcolm Coat) were first found in Devon with Darlington-branch Darlene's. It's even possibly that the Conveys/CONways have a black-Shield version of the Balcon/Balcolm Coat...for a SUPER pointer to the convoy. Supers (Devon, same as Spurrs and Billets) use billets while Billets (share Donkey Chief) share the Balcon/Balcolm / Bus cinquefoils! Just lookie there.

The Bears (share gold garb with Spurrs) of Devon named Bears, where Spurrs were living, and French Bears are listed with Beards, recalling how the Bards/Beards were instrumental in securing a pointer of Mellanson's ear swab to the spear-depicted convoy. Schole's/SCHOOLs share the Shield of Patents/Pattens who in turn share the Bart/Beard Crest. Perhaps Lorraine's bus stop is hinting that SCHOOL BUSES will soon join the truckers...loaded with protestors and mommas all over?

I've told many times that I saw Lorraine just one more time, about two years later, carrying her infant CHILD. Lorraine's share the Child eagle while Childs are in Bascone colors and format. I link Childs and Tarents to Diss'/Dice's suspect in the "Disce pati" motto of Donkeys. Bascone's share the motto of English Deans/Deins and Irish Dene's. Scottish Deans share the giant moline of SIBALs who's "Justitia" motto is code for the line of Justine of Picenum, for she married Valentinian I of CIBALae. Sibals were first found in Fife (beside Duncans), and Fife's were a branch of Five's/Fifys that should be in the "FIVE leafed flowers" of bacon-like Bascone's. And wow, the latter's cinquefoils are shared by French Bacons, suspect from Bacau, beside the TROTus river. I'm sure that I'm missing a lot of good points here in this part of the investigation, but suddenly, it appears that God was pointing also to trudeau with things-Lorraine.

(History lesson -- JEEPma variations are suspect from the 400 women of JABESH-Gilead, married by the 600 Benjamites of Israel's RIMMON (Judges), and the RIMNa river of WALLACHia is not far from the Trotus while Benjamins (flames) share nearly the Scottish Walsh/WALCH Coat. Benjamins have a saltire colors reversed from the Biscone saltire! Variations of French Benjamins (share bear with Trots/Trude's) look linkable to the Douglas motto. The medallion on my JEEP is pointing to trudeau. Maschi's were first found in RIMINI, and they use pine CONES to go with BasCONE's and BisCONE's. Massino-Visconti is not far from Visconti-related Bissone, and Biss' who share the Arms-of-Bissone snake in the green colors of the original Visconti snake, share the Meschin / TRAVES scallops. Sibal-related Seagars (probably the Masci wings with their snakes) share two green snakes in Crest with Biss', the latter first found in Surrey with the James' suspect in the Douglas motto, and with the Fiddle's/Fidelows suspect in the Bascone motto.

The "pruDENCE" motto term of Biss' has just found the Dence's/Denns'/Dennish's sharing a green Shield with Quinns, which recalls another one of my heraldry-involved dreams where Dennis Quinn (old friend) handed me an ice-cream CONE while I was tying up my shoe laces. I was headed at the time to see the tenants living in the basement of my parents, and my mother is a direct MASCI, perfect for linkage to the Maschi pine cones. English Pine's use pineAPPLE's while Apollo-like Apple's share the martlets of English Mountains while the snakes of abyss-like Biss are on a "mountain." Apollo, in the 5th Trumpet of Revelation 9, is king of the bottomless abyss.

If Lace's were of Leslie's from Lesce, note that it's beside Bled while Blade's are in Dence/Denns/Dennish colors and format. Plus, I trace the 400 women from Jabesh to mythical Jupiter, old-Roman code for the Japodes who lived smack to the south of Bled! Shoe's are used by Trypillian-like Trips, and the latter's, once-showing boots were once shown also by Masseys/Masse's whose Chief looks connectable to the Chief of Denns-like Deans/Deins (Sussex, same as Dans and Dane's). My shoe LACES could thus indicate the 600 DANites of LAISH (Judges). English Lace's have a "knot," what one gets at times with shoe laces. Lesce is on the Sava river while Denys'/Dennis', sharing the fesse of Dance's (Yorkshire, same as Blade's), were first found in Champagne with Sauvage's while Savage's are also Sava's. Dance's look like kin of Keppochs while Jeepma's are also Cheps while Keeps were first found in Sussex with Deans, Dane's and Dans. Dannys/Dance's were first found in Wiltshire with Bascone's (share Dean / Dene motto). Bascone's are in the colors and format of Keep-loving Hebrons, and while ABRAM lived in Hebron, the Bascone Crest is the red dog in the BRAMton Crest. End History Lesson)

The Biscone's/Biscombs share the SCHUTZ saltire, recalling the potent cross, in Trudeau colors, of French Trudells/Troutelle's. The Skits/Scythe's/SKEETS', Sheds/Scheds (add patee crosses), and Skate's/Sheets use potent cross too. I told that the Trudelle potent is used also as a "patee" cross, and so it's just great that the Patty Crest is also the Biscone/Biscomb Crest, tending to nail the Biscone/Biscomb stag as the Trudeau stag. I trace Schutz liners to lake SCODra, into which flow the waters of the CLAUSula liver, and Claus' are listed with Klaus'. It just so happens that Speer-branch Spree's share the hourglass-shaped Shield of Skits/Skeets' and Skate's/Sheets!

The potent cross is suspect with Patty-like Patents/Pattens because no Potent surname comes up, and the Mellanson crescents happen to be the colors of the Patton crescents! It's hardening the trudeau link to MELLANson liners that God seems to have given us, and this is necessary to confirm that the swab in Mellanson's ear is about God's wrath on justin trudeau, klaus schwab, and other detestable Marxist goons.

Pattons share the lone fleur-de-lys of French Maurels while Italian Maurels were first found in Milan. Beauty. French Maurels even share the acorns of Clauds/CLAUSEL i.e. looking like a Clausula-river liner. The Acorns share the stag head of VISe's/Vice's, the latter first found in Sussex with Acorns and with the Saddocks/Sedgewicks sharing the Patty eSCUTcheon. Saddocks/Sedgewicks almost have the Chaddock and Chadwick Coats, and Chads share the Skeets/etc. potent. Beauty.

Ahh, Pattons have a "sparrowhawk RISING proper," and Sparrows look like Speer liners, to be assumed because it seems that God is pointing the cotton swab to Speers via the Eyer-related Spurrs. The Sparrow Crest is even a white unicorn, the color of the Schwab/Swab unicorn. Risings/Ristons look like Restons while the latter look like kin of Mellan-beloved Baskets. "Sparrow-hawks" are used by German Sparrs/Sperlings, and English Sparrs/Sparks (Mellan/Melon colors) mention a "Gilbert SperHAUK". Sparrs/Sparks use the Coat of Irish Henrys in colors reversed, who were in turn first found in Tyrone with Mellans/Melons. I trace Henrys to Henry of RODez, and I trace the Mellanson rods to "Rodez." Hawk-beloved Strike's/Strakers even share the giant Klaus lion. Believe it or not, it seems that God has aimed a spear for trudeau's head, and God never misses. I did not expect the ear swab to point so well to a schwab-trudeau partnership, what a ding-a-ling canada has for a "leader."

Ahh, the Rod write-up has a Sparr-like surname: "The manor of Treveniel...was then purchased by the Spoures; and being included in the bequest of Mrs. Grylls to Francis Rodd..." There is a Spoures/Spore surname, first found in Cornwall with Spree's.

The Klaus lion is also with Bisch's/Bosch's/Bos'/Bush's (share billets with Supers), but as this is a Dutch surname along with Bischs/Baschs, perhaps houseofnames got it wrong to list Bischs with Bosch liners.

Milan is the capital of Lombardy (Sparr/Spark colors), and Scottish Lombards, with the Patent/Patten lozengy in half its colors, were first found in Renfrewshire with Speers, and with Pollocks who look connectable to Risings/Ristons (Norfolk, same as Sparrows).

As I've said many times, Mellanson, shortly after the ear-swab event, asked me to be his assistant coach for a pee-wee hockey team. As Hockeys/Hockleys share the Mellanson crescents, perhaps this was arranged by God to go with Skate's/Sheets, and indeed, I've just looked up Rockfords because Hockeys/Hockleys were first found at Rochford (Essex). This is a first, and French Rockfords/Rochforts show nothing but a cross in the colors of the Trudelle potent (nothing else shown), which is the cross that goes with the same-colored saltire of Skate-connectable Schutz's, and, to boot, the latter's saltire is shared by Biscone's who in turn have the Trudeau stag heads. AHH, Chadwicks (version of the Arms of Rochford) were at ROCHdale (Lancashire), and they use a "Candore" motto term to go with the "Candor" of English Rockfords/RuckFORTs!!! Rocks were Rod kin (from at least the Rodez-Roquefeuil marriage)...and thus his asking me to COACH hockey is pointing to Rockefellers. Coach-like Couch's even look like Trot/TRUDE kin! The "AUDax" motto term of FORTs is for Aude, location of Roquefeuil.

This is where the Cootes and Coutts surnames came to mind as per Coutts, Alberta. I remembered that the Cootes ducks are those of Honkens too, perfect for a pointer to the convoys. The Cootes' happen to share the motto of Alis'/ALAS' (share bear with Trots/Trude's and Couch's), which is the Keith motto in reverse, and "alas" happens to be a Rockford/Ruckfort motto term. The chief of Keiths, first found in East Lothian with SCOOTs/Scougals, almost have the six pale bars of Trots/Trude's and Coats/Cotes'. The Cudds and their Cuthbert branch both share darts with Tracks/Tricks (Cudd colors).

Scoots/Scougals share the border of Scotts, and lake Scodra is near Cotes-like Kotor while Cutters share the Chief-Shield colors of Scottish Sheds (Ayrshire, same as Skits/SCYTHE's/Skeets'. The "HERmit" in the Shed Crest is related to German Hers/Herrs who use SCYTHEs as well as the Justin / Hermit border! Another dinger to trudeau's iron skull.

I'd like to repeat: "Perhaps Lorraine's bus stop is hinting that SCHOOL BUSES will soon join the truckers...loaded with protestors and mommas all over? " Note how Schole's/Schools can be pointed to by Debbie Wasserman-SCHULTZ. I met Mamie on the night of my last night with Lorraine (on her balcony), and Mamie was, in a main sense, a symbol of mothers due to her large breasts that I claim God pointed to in order to clinch her pointer to Mamesfelde of the Mansfields. Plus, I explained several times why she had a BRA symbol on the second instance of my meeting her. An interesting thing here is that Mommys/MowBRAYs share the giant lion of Lodge's/Loge's/LICHs, perhaps a pointer to Tamara Lich, the so-called leader of Freedom Convoy 22, which seems to be co-stealing the donations.

Now just look at this. Lodge's/Loge's/Lichs were first found in Suffolk with Clare's who in turn have three of the two chevrons of Scottish Lich's/Lise's/LEASE's, and then English Lease's have a "CLARior e teneBRIS" motto while Bris' are listed with breast-like Brests. Plus, the sicko, murderous Democrat, Donna LEASE BRAZile, at her Wikipedia article, is said (or was said) to descend from BRASwells/BRAYcewells (Bris/Brest colors). Why should Mamie point to DONNA Brazile? As I've said, I was at her party while Lorraine was entertaining guests, and as Mamie turned the corner into the living room, she took me while walking by and had a slow DANCE with me. Italian Dance's are also DONNA's.

Plus, Lucks/Luke's come up as LICKs who share black GREYhound heads with Church's, and I've said many times that Lorraine lived on Church street when I last saw her on her balcony, about an hour after Mamie and I danced (Lucks/Licks and church's look like Bush kin). Greys, first found in Northumberland with English Lease's (and Lorraine's), happen to share the giant Lodge/LICH and Mommy/Mowbray lion. Brays/Brae's use a "FLAX breaker," and Flags are used by the McLeods/CLOUDs in the Lease Coat. English Lease's use a cloud in front of a SUN, and Suns are listed with Clare-branch Sinclairs (Midlothian, same as Mens'/MAME's) who in turn share "God" in their motto with Mansfield-connectable Mens'/Mame's/Mames'/MOM's. That's pretty incredible.

As I've said a million times, the day after I met Mamie for the second time, she got a THIGH symbol to go with her breast and tease symbols because Mamesfeld is in Nottinghamshire, where Tease's/Thys' were first found, and Thigh's are also Thy's while Suns/Sinclairs use a "thy" motto term. So what could all of this mean as regards the convoy? Is Tamara Lich allied to Democrats that include Donna Brazile in some way? I'm stumped, and I'm not liking this quasi-accusation against Tamara, yet she's a mystery. How did she get to be the official organization to which all of those millions of dollars are going, or not going?

Bra is a location right beside SAVIGliano, and that's where Pelosi's were first found. Savage's are also Sava's, and Jack Sava, chief surgeon at a Washington hospital, became highly suspect in murdering Seth Rich when he was in the hospital. Donna Brazile wrote a book about Seth Rich starting about the time of his murder (July 2016), with falsifications no-doubt to hide the murderers. Donna Brazile was chosen to replace Debbie WASSERMAN Schultz, chief of the Democratic National Committee, after she was ruined by Seth Rich's complicity with WikiLEAKs. Lease's look like a Leak branch, is this not amazing? Wasserman's use the savage.

Wassermans, in Susan colors, put "a torse" around the "WAIST" of the savage, and WAISTells are suspect from "Vestalis," grandson of king Donnus (Piedmont, same as Dance's/Donna's!!!) whom I trace to Dance's/Donna's/Donnas'. Waistells use "wheat SHEAVES," perfect for a pointer to Seth Rich. Donnus ruled at Susan-like Susa, and Susans were first found in Berkshire with SETH-branch and Sava-like Shaws/Sheaves', is that not more amazing? Is that not looking like God snitching on these collaborators with the murder? Indeed. Mamie got her thigh symbol at her GARDen (said this a million times), and Rich's have a "Garde" motto term. Wasserman's have the savage standing in WATER, and Waters share the Epstein Coat. King Donnus of the Cottians was father to king Cottius, and the Cotta/Cotton fretty is shared by Brogdens while Braswells (Yorkshire, same as Brogdens) are said to have been at Brogden! Beauty! It's harder to argue that these links are coincidental than not. Susa is near BRIGantium, now BRIANcon, making the Brazile lion look like the one of Irish Brians.

The Mellans share a gold, blank Chief with Brogens, and Steve Mellanson gave us the COTTON swab now pointing to the anti-vaccine convoys / protests.

Scottish Seths/Shaws use a "mean" motto term, and the English Means/Menne's/Mine's, looking like a branch of Mens'/Mame's/Moms, share in their DANCEtty fesse the six pale bars of English Liss'/LISE's, first found in Hampshire with DEBBIE's, RICH's (Biden kin), Butt-branch Bidens, and the Poppins/Pophams who in turn have "Mens" and "MANSit" in their motto. AMAZING. The Poppin/Popham Chief looks like a version of the LEAK Chief, I kid you not. The founder of WikiLEAKs admitted to at least one news man (Sean Hannity) that Seth Rich was the one who gave him the DNC material that, for one, exposed Wasserman-Schultz, forcing her to step down. Why did the Democrats put Brazile in her place at that critical hour?

I met Mamie for the first time about an hour before leaving her party and seeing Lorraine on her balcony. Lorraine came home from a walk, at that time, with a married man, and having a grass STAIN on her butt = ass, and Ass'/ASSI's are therefore suspect in the "ASSIduiTATE" motto term of Licks/Locks (!) because it looks like a pointer to Tamara Lich. Scottish Tate's/TEETS (teets = breasts) were first found in Berwickshire with Lucks/Licks. Stains/STANDs are suspect in the Wasserman savage said to be STANDing in water. Licks/Locks show water, but don't mention it, which looks like a pointer to Debbie Wasserman anyway. Licks/Locks, sharing "non" with Ass-related Justins, even have the saltire of trudeau-linkable Biscone's in colors reversed. French Locks happen to be listed with Loches'/DeLOGES' (Burgundy, same as Loge's), looking like a branch of Lodge's/Loge's/LICHs (Suffolk, same as English Tate's).

Later in this update, I share a video from Polly who tells of some very suspicious things concerning Tamara, because she's made an Obama-supporting character, Dagny PawLAK, one of her official spokespeople. As I said many times, Mamie and I went wading in a LAKE the day after we met for the second time, the night when she got her bra and breast symbol (had nothing to do with me), and later on the day we were in the lake, she got her thigh symbol. She got her tease symbol the night before, and Tease's are from the Ticino/Tessin river, where Pierro's/PERO's were first found while Pero's/Perino's can be gleaned as a branch of Dance's/Donna's. The latter with Pero's/Perino's were first found in Piedmont with Bra and Savigliano. Peare's were kin of Tiens'/Thames' who come up as Tamara-like Tamers. I would have liked it more if they had come up as Tamars.

Peare's were first found in Oxfordshire with Tiens'/Tamers and Lake's/LACHe's, a possible pointer to Dagny PawLAK, especially as Lachs/Leach's look like a Lease and Leak branch. Lachs/Leech's have a Coat looking like kin of Poppins/POPhams, the ones with the Mens'/Mame's/MOMs in their motto. Moms and POPs at the protest? Poppins/Pophams were first found in Hampshire with English Liss'/Lise's, and the Scottish Lease's are Lise's too. Also, as per "PAWlak," the Paws/Pauers/PauerBUSCHs come up as Pairs in the "pair of balances" of Justins. As I said, Mamie and I emBRACEd in the lake that day, and while Brace's/BRAS' share the Lake bend, Bracebridge's were first found in Lincolnshire with leg-using Leaks. The night before the wade in the lake, she sat on my legs uninvited, not yet my girlfriend. She sat on my lap, that is, on my knees, and the Leaks share the engrailed Knee bend. It looks like a pointer to WikiLeaks.

Brace's/Bras' (Schultz colors) even share the armored arm (different color) holding a sword with Schultz's (Switzerland, same as Tease's/Tess' and the Ticino Canton). I kid you not, Dutch Schultz's/Schilds have two bends in the colors of the Brace/Bras and Lake bend! Zikers. Wassermans use a savage "standing" in water, and Mamie and I were not swimming, just wading = standing, in lake water when we embraced! Brace- / Bracebridge-colored and Wasserman-beloved Fish were first found in Lincolnshire with Bracebridge's, and the latter share the Shield of Scottish Champagne's while the Sauvage's were first found in Champagne! Zinger, the Wasserman savage holds fish! Fish's use a tiger, and Tigers were first found in Suffolk with Lodge's/Lichs.

Fish share the Coat of vaccine-like Vychans/Vaughns (Flag colors), the latter first found in Shropshire with the Brechs/Breakers (Rich colors and format) in the "flax-breaker" of Brays/Brae's. Braswells are also BRACEwells, and their "girdle" in Crest goes around a waist! Beauty. And girdle-like Girtle's can be gleaned as kin of Brights and Bride's (Savoy, same as Brigantium) from BRIGgantium. Bricks have the Bris/BREST lozenges in colors reversed. It again makes the Brazile lion look like the Brian lion.

There is a Dagney surname to go with Dagny Pawlak, and it has Dance- / Dense-connectable variations such as Denaut/Dauneau. Dannys/Dance's were first found in Wiltshire with Laps, and German Lipps might apply who share the giant lion of Lodge's/LICHs and Barre's/Barreys, important because Mamie was in the back of a pick-up TRUCK with Barry when she got her bra symbol, a few hours before she sat on my lap. English Berrys, first found in Devon with the Bears location of Spurrs, share "Nihil" in their motto with Deans/Deins and Dene's.

Mamie got her tease symbol when she allowed me to sleep in her sleeping bag, an hour or two after she sat on my lap, without letting me give her a hug. I've said it many times before; I went to sleep with my hand draped around her WAIST as she looked away from me, but this can go also to the Hips' (Norfolk, same as Shouldhams/SHOULTZ's) because they share the sphinx with Brock-branch Broxtons (Silesia, same as Wassermans) while Braswell-connectable Brodens are also Brockdens/Brokdens. Flax-breaker Brays were first found in Northamptonshire with sphinx-like Spinks. The first-ever thing the sleeping bag pointed to, in the sleeping-bag dream, was the murder of judge Scalia four months before the murder of Seth Rich.

The reason "proTEST" was brought to topic at all is that Tests/Testoni's show only a giant lion head in the colors of only-a-giant-lion Brazile's, but other than this, I can't see any other way to link Donna Brazile to "proTEST," not even with the Teston Coat. I don't see what Brazile could possibly have to do with trucker protests.

The Trudeau "deer" can be of the Deerings, said to be descended from the Morinis', who come up as Morasso's while Tom Morazzo has been a spokesman for the Freedom Convoy. Deerings can be gleaned as a branch of Drings/DRINKs in the "roebuck" of RAYburns that's said to be "drinking," for Deerings, in Roe/Row colors and format, use roebuck heads, gold like the Trudeau deer. Morinis'/Marasso's were first found in Modena with the Marano's sharing the giant Lodge/Loge/LICH and Grey lion, and Drings/Drinks (Northumberland, same as Greys) have a lion in colors reversed. For what it could be worth, the Dring/Drink pale bar is shared with English Tate's while the other English Tate's share a six-sectioned Shield with Deers. Tate's were suspect in the motto of Licks/Locks.

I say that the convoy was depicted by God as a spear through Ottawa, and TOMs use "A Cornish chough between two erect SPEARs." The Tate's with the same "Cornish choughs" add a "pine apple between two EARs of wheat," recalling the Eyer-Spurr relationship. As Downhams/Dunhams use a martin between two spears, God may have arranged the Toms to point to Tom Morazzo in order to suggest that he and/or his convoy leadership are working a staged plot on behalf of the same globalist imbeciles served by obama. Spurrs are a Super branch, both first found in Devon with the Waistell-branch Wests sharing the dancetty-fesse of Toms, and the latter were first found in Cornwall with the Wassa's who may have named Wasdale of Waistells.

We're not done. Rays (stags) are in FREE/Freys colors and format in case this set of heraldry is a pointer to FREEdom Convoy. As per freeDOM, there's a gold stag in the Crest of Dome's (Murena colors), and then Dooms/Downs/Douns ("buck" links well to Rayburns) work here because Dons share the double fesses of Morinis'/Marasso's, in the colors of the double chevrons of Braswells...looking like a pointer to DONNA Brazile because "dona" is a Don motto term. The convoy-like Conveys/Conways use an "AMORE" motto term, as well as a MOOR head to go with the Moor heads of Morano's, first found in Modena with Morinis'/Morasso's and Marano's. Dooms/Downs/Doun have "a silver buck charged on the SHOULDer with black star," and Shouldhams/SHOULTZ's have a "VigiLATE" motto term while Letts/Late's share the Tiens/TAMER stars...looking like "FreeDOM" just pointed to Tamara Lich. Tiens/Tamers were even first found in Oxfordshire with Amore's suspect in the Convey motto! That works.

On passing, I didn't realize what the giant heron of Dome's could do for this discussion, not until ending the paragraph above. Herons are used by Horns!!! Trucker's horns!!! Horns (share Heron Coat and motto) even use a "desPERanDUM" motto term while Dome's come up as Dume's! Peare's were first found in Oxfordshire with their Tiens/Tamer kin! It's working very well (I didn't expect it) as a pointer to the organizer's of Freedom Convoy, and with stags in this picture, Miss Peare on her stage looks relevant because Stage's/Staggs use gold stag heads. It could mean that Freedom Convoy is staging the event for the deep state. What might God do to thwart this effort, which looks like it wants to repeat January 6 (arrest and long-term jailing of innocent people) on a larger scale.

"DesPERANdum" could be for Peare's and Perino-like Perans ("impaviDUN") together; the latter share leopard faces (different colors) with Peare's, and were first found in Northumberland with Deering-branch Drings/Drinks and RODDENs/Rodhams while Dutch Horns share the hexagram of Rotens and Jewish Reitmans. I met Miss Peare when she worked for Reitman's clothing, and Dutch Reitmans even share the Schultz stars. There appears to be re-occurring pointers to the leaders of the Democratic National Committee here, which saw both Wasserman-Schultz and Donna Brazile cheating on behalf of getting Hillary RODHAM Clinton elected. Hillary was all over the sleeping-bag dream that ended with Peare on a stage.

The Amore's suspect in the Convey motto were a branch of Damorys/Amori's (both first found in Oxfordshire), and then Italian Amori's were first found in Sardinia with AVEZZANo's who share a red rose on a stem with Jewish Reitmans while Dutch Reitmans share the white anchor with AVISONs/AVIS'. The latter share the coat of Comyns/Comines' (Norfolk, same as DOWNhams/DOUNhams/Dunhams for a pointer to Obama), both sharing the garb of Waistells. Comines, near AVESNes (Helpe river), was in the realm of de-Bouillon's family (pointed to by Miss Peare on her Waistell-pointing stage), whose father was count Eustace II, and it just so happens that Stacy-branch Eustace's ("PERsequeris") share the cross between antlers of Avis-like Vise's/Vice's (Sussex, same as DOOMs/Downs/Douns). Stages/Stags have another cross between antlers, and Comyns/Comines were first found in Norfolk with Hips' and Peare-branch Parsons.

I've told several times of my patent agent, Ms. Parsons, who obtained for me a patent for a fence post, which product I took to a fencing show in New Orleans, the city of Donna Brazile. That event was linked heraldically, using Dons, to my trip through Galveston, itself a pointer in multiple ways to the vaccine-killer criminals who could be suspect in supporting a staged convoy. Remember, if it is staged, only a tiny percentage of truckers are privy to it.

I didn't realize until now that "a stag at a gaze" is used by both Stacys and Dooms/Downs/Douns. And wow, Gaze's are listed with Wassa's, a branch of which may have named the Wasdale location of WAISTells! That makes Peare on her Stacy-connectable stage, where I was pulling her WAIST and HIPS, look like a pointer to staged events by the communist, Barack Dunham-Obama. The Gaze Coat even share the Roten, Reitman and Horn hexagram! Beauty. Honk-honk, for the truck-like Tracks/Tricks show gold-tipped spears as do Downhams/Dunhams. The Track-branch Drigs were first found in Cumberland with Waistells.

Wasdale is in Cumberland with the first-known Rays, and with FARE's/Fairs and Daggers from the Apsus river flowing through FIER county, the latter being the location of Kuman, the line to dagger-using Comyns/Comine's (Norfolk, same as Parsons). This explains the "FIR CONE" of Perans, for Cone's share the antler of Conte's while Conteville's ruled Comines. Braswells have the Dexter/DECKster Coat in colors reversed, and then the stages doubled as decks because Decks/Daggers share the red squirrel with Peare-related Tiens'/Tamers! Beauty. The Horns were first found in Middlesex with Fiers/Fears, and Apsus-like Apps'/Epps.

Ahhh, Downhams/Dunhams share the Chief-Shield colors of Don-connectable Morinis'/Morasso's so that Donna Brazile's first name points to Obama. I've got to repeat here that Deerings, said to be descended from Mr. Morinis, can be a pointer to the Trudeau deer, for I feel strongly that there's been a cahooting obama-trudeau relationship for the anti-Christ, communist cause. Morinis'/Morasso's and Lease-connectable Leaks both show nothing in their Chiefs but a fleur-de-lys.

Donna's middle name, Lease, points to the English Lease's because they use a cloud over a sun, which was the OMEN I saw a few hours before being mugged in Galveston. I had the omen roughly a couple of hours after entering Texas from Louisiana, and New Orleans is in LOUISiana, recalling that the LOUISE Phillips was one of the two ladies on the stage with Peare. Welsh Phillips (Kent, same as Deerings) use "DUCit AMOR PATRIa," which now looks like another pointer to James LeDuc of the Galveston National Lab. Patria's come up as PEARtree's while Amore's can be gleaned as kin of Drummonds, the German branch first found in Hamburg with Nissans, and using three fesses in the colors of the two of Dons! Beauty, for Dons use an omen-like "OMNia" motto term. The Orrs/Ore's, sharing red roundels with Orleans' (not "Orlean"), use another "omnia" motto term. The omen.

[The day after writing here, Brasier's/Brazers were loaded to find their motto, "Amor patriae." Both Brasier surnames together look like kin of Potes' / Weavers / Potters / Webbers.]

As I said, my patent was in a fence-POST product, and "Post" happens to be a motto term of Scottish Jeffreys who in turn use a small cloud entirely covering the sun, which was exactly the omen, a tiny, longish cloud covering the sun completely in an otherwise blue Texas sky. Welsh Jeffreys share the giant lion of Welsh Phillips. As I've said several times, I had temporarily called the proto-type the "Pillar-Post," and Pillers/PILE's happen to share the giant Jeffrey / Phillips lion. is that not amazing? I didn't start heraldic explorations until a decade after the omen. Orrs/Ore's use PILES.

I was driving a Nissan pick-up when the omen (feeling of impending doom) took hold of me, and Nissans have the double Morinis / Don fesses in colors reversed, making them the double Parr fesses to go with PARsons. Nissan liners look like they can be of the "BoNIS" motto term of Orrs/Ore's. Parrs were first found in Lancashire with the Orells who in turn share the Orr/Ore and Orleans roundel. The Wassa-branch Washingtons share the double fesse of Ness'/Nessans/Nice's. And to boot, Nissans share the "deer" with Trudeau's, making the double Nissan fesses very connectable to the two of Deering-related Morinis/Morasso's. 'Nisi" is a motto term of English Barbers (Northumberland), and Chris Barber has been made an official convoy spokesman along with obama-loving Pawlak. French Maurels/Morels (Morinis fleur in colors reversed) use "NEScit." The Bono's in the Orr/Ore motto were first found in Milan with Maurels/MAURINO's who in turn have one of the Morinis/Morasso fesses. That's purdy amazing.

Recall the cotton swab in MELLANson's ear, the event that took us to the Eyer-Spurr relationship and the imbecile, Klaus Schwab. The ear event can now point strongly to obama because Dunhams have a fesse-less Coat version of Scottish Hairs, first found in AYRshire with Eyer-branch Ayers. The Scottish Hairs share a blank, gold Chief with French MELLANs, you see, who in turn share the Chief-Shield color combination of the same Hairs and Dunhams. Yet-more, these are the colors of the Chief-Shield of Morinis'/Morasso's who add two fesses, as do the Hairs (and HARcourts of Oxfordshire), though in a different color. Harcourts (version of English Hair Coat) love Fier/Fear-loving Peacocks, and Irish Hare's/Jarrys/Garrys love the Fears too. Firs/Fire's share the giant Schwab/Swab unicorn. One of the Harcourt fesses is shared by Lance's (Norfolk) in the "lances" of Italian DERE's, and Trudeau-beloved Deers are Dere's too. Deerings were Morinis'. Harcourts included an early Humphrey de Vieilles whose surname looks like Vital variations.

The Morinis' in the Deering write-up are said to descend from VITALis FitzOSBERT, and Osberts/Osburns (Kent, same as Deerings) share "bello" with Bouillons who in turn have a giant flory cross colors reversed from the similar moline of VITAL. It's a little interesting that Vitals share the annulets of Riggs ("DUM"), a possible pointer to a truck rig (all 18 wheels), for Dome's/DUME's use a heron for HORN liners. Honk-honk.

The "RIGore" motto term of Morleys/MAULs relates here because the dream with Peare on her Bouillon-pointing stage, in a MALL, had David Morley (my old friend). The Bouillon FLORY is connectable by blood to the same flory of Tate-like Taddei's, the latter first found in FLORence with Bruno's while the OsBERT/OsBURN cross (compare with BIRD/BURD cross) is shared by Bruns. Browns/Bruns use a "FLOReat" motto term, and were first found in Cumberland with Waistells, BURNs, and Bernice's/Burnetts (and brown-lion Ramps). "FloREAT" looks like code for Reeds sharing "Pax" with Osberts/Osburns, and Berts with Burts (same chevron as Deers/Dere's) share black hunting HORNs with Burns and Bernice's/Burnetts.

I'm tripping over all that can be said here, for "Clementia" and "riGORE" are two Morley/Maul motto terms while Clements come up as "Clermonts," relevant because Bouillons were first found in Auvergne with Clermont-Ferrand (named partly after FIREnze = Florence). Morleys/Mauls were first found in Yorkshire with English Ferrands who in turn can be gleaned with a version of the Taddei Chief. Scottish Tate's were first found in BERNICia to go with Bernice's/Burnetts.

Parrys have one fesse colors reversed from the two of Parrs, and so Parrys can be used as a pointer to Donna Brazile because Braswells have a "teneBRIS" motto while Bris/Brests have lozenges colors reversed from the same of Parrys. Bobby ORR of the Boston BRUINs was born and raised in Parry Sound, which seems like an odd twist for this discussion, yet Orrs/Ore's were an Orleans branch for a pointer to Donna Lease Brazile. Bostons share the Coat of Home's/Hume's, the latter first found in BERNICia so that even Bostons get us to Brun / Burn liners. Just gawk at that "TENEbris" term, for Teens could have been a Tiens/TAMER variation.

English Bruns, the ones sharing the OSbert/Osburn cross, were first found in OSsulstone (MIDDLESEX). Bruins/Brewns (look like Perkin kin) have a bend with bendlets colors reversed from the same of Conveys/Conways, and Middlesex is where Horns were first found while Herons (share Horn Coat) were first found in Northumberland with cloud-over-sun Lease's. Scottish Lease's/Lise's are connectable to Liss'/Lise's sharing the six pale bars of Babels/Babwells, the latter first found in Middlesex. Lease's/Lise's now have this: "The surname Lise was first found in Dumfriesshire where 'Mychael M'Cleish or M'CIeisch was tenant of the BREWland...'" It could be a Bruin/Brewn line, though more likely a line of Brews' / Bruce's of Annandale. Barbers (Northumberland) share the Annandale saltire. Herons, who have a Mr. Herioun in their write-up, may have named Herluin de Conteville and Comines, and Conte's/Comites' could have named Conways/Conveys. Ditts/Dyots have a stripeless tiger to go with the Osbert/Osburn tiger, and the Ditt/Dyot tiger is said to be on a "leash" while Leash's are listed with Lease's/Lise's. Tigers were first found in Suffolk with Bruce-branch Brews' (share crosslets of Wears who in turn share the Bruce motto).

The Don write-up: "'The manor was for many generations in moieties between the families of BRUEN and Done; the first passed, with Bruen-Stapleford, to Mr. Wilbraham, and the other with the Utkinton estate to Mr. Arden. Duddon Hall, which continued to be the seat of a younger branch of the Dones..."

Back to the "RIGore" of Morleys/Maule's for an amazing outcome, for while Windsors share the GORE crosslets, note "riGORE." We then go to the WINDSOR write-up: "One of the first on records was Sir William de Windsor, Baron Windsor (d. 1384), Deputy of Ireland, the son of Sir Alexander de Windsor of GrayRIGG, WestMORLAND..." Riggs (dog) can be connected to Greys via the dog of Huns/Hungate's and the greyHOUND of Huns/Hundts (Grey colors) and Hungers. The Morley-branch MORLANDs, first found in Westmorland with Grayrigg, speak of a Mauley branch in neighboring Yorkshire, where Morleys/Mauls were first found. This begs the question on whether it's a pointer to the truck rigs at the Ambassador bridge of Windsor. The situation there got critical on Friday.


This Brit has it all together:

Globalists want us to wish pro-vaxxers dead, and for pro-vaxxers to wish anti-vaxxers dead. That's where they want to see this go. God wants to see anti-Christs dead, and that's the final solution followed by the prophesied New World Order. Sorry, globogoons, it's going to be our world. We will rule, own nothing, and be happy, because spirits won't need houses or food anymore. And I assume that we will be enveloped with the Life of God, the big surprise that thrills.

People have been asking about who it was that started the GoFundMe account for the truckers, but now someone's asking what sort of criminal operation GoFundMe is:

The problem with arguing for the right to choose vaccination is that a restaurant owner then has the right to choose not to allow unvaccinated people in. He/she will say, you have the right to reject the vaccine, but you haven't got the right to enter here. If it's ALL about the right to choose, we lose. This needs to be about the crimes conducted by the vaccine goons. There's no other way. Politicians now caving are not caving much due to pressures from the soft-approach truckers cleaning the streets and feeding the homeless, but mainly due to the escalating exposures of the criminal doings of the criminal forces. That's what politicians and police chiefs are afraid of, not flag-waving families in Ottawa who can be tarnished in all state-media blowhorns. I'm not saying that peaceful protests have no benefit, because rallying the troops is good all-around, but if you want to crush this vaccine scheme, and if you want to do what's right, we need to show the masses that a murder program is in progress. The mask-up citizens need to be shamed, to see and admit that they are the reason for the vaccine murders now taking place...because the lockstep, hardened, mask-up citizens let it get this far.

It's the vaccinated who have been dying, most of them within 14 days of vaccination, and the schemers rigged this up to label every death, within 14 days of vaccination, as a death from the unvaxxed. That's how the devils have been inverting the data prior to publicization. See this follow-up from Jane Ruby on a new-found method of killing by vaccination. She discussed long worm-like developments in the bloodstream, and then the video switches to long strands of highly-magnetic graphene-oxide that can easily explain the "worm" development, as the graphene attracts material in the blood / organs to itself:

At eight minutes of the video above, the man calls the graphene-oxide "spider webs," but I didn't know of this video, or that phrase, when I claimed (months ago) that Kepke chasing me with a spider, dangling on its web, in front of the GRAFF residence, was a pointer to GRAPHENe-oxide in vaccines...because Graffs are also Graffens/Gravs, likely a Grave branch (ominous). Kepke-like Keeps use a "weaver's shuttle," you see, and spiders weave webs. Weavers are a Webber branch.

At the time of that event, at about my 14th year, I had been well acquainted with Ratcliff Lumber (Gormley, Ontario) because my father would send me there often to pick up things to build his house. This lumber yard was just an eye-shot from the Graff residence, and I mention this because Shuttlewords, who own the weaver's shuttle too, named Shuttleworth in the Bury area of Lancashire, where Ratcliffs were first found. I have the sense that I haven't seen the last of Ratcliffs in regards to the vaccine scheme.

Both Shuttlewords (Whalley colors and format) and Ratcliffs are said to have been in Lancashire's Whalley, and Whale's share the Keep bend. Whalleys use a "MIRabile" motto term while one German Mire/Meier Coat shares a "woman" with Elis' who in turn share the RAT cross. The Elis woMAN is "naked," reminding of the "A naked man holding a gold dart" of Trudeau-connectable Trouts/Troutbachs. As per ShuttleWORTH's/ShuttleWORDs, the Maxwells who share the double-headed WORTH eagle use a "holly BUSH" to go with the "myrtle bush" of French Mire's/Mireux's.

Whale's were first found in Berwickshire with the Ade's/Aids who in turn are in the colors and format of Bile's suspect in "MiraBILE," but compare Ade's/Aids also to Ward-branch WORDs/WARDENs, for the latter two share the Warren Shield to prove that Ade's are from Ada of Warenne. Via the Faux's and Fauchys, the ice-cream girl of Gormley, Katrina Hanson, pointed (in my 16th year) to Tony Fauci (and even to the Whalley mascle), and while she lived on WARDEN avenue when I dated her, the last time I saw her was when I was at the road entry into the parking lot of Ratcliff Lumber. She was at her ice-cream place of work, Sam's Restaurant.

The heraldic WOMan can be part code for Mans and Womwells (Yorkshire, same as Elis' and Bush's), and they happen to use unicorn heads in the colors of the Schwab/swab unicorn, and, besides, while the cotton swab entered the skull of Mellanson when he stuck it in his ear, Skulls happen to have a horse-head version of the Womwell Coat. From here we can go to Wheelers (evokes truckers), listed with Whalers and sharing the Track/Trick, Drig and Lorraine lion. Lorraine's, sharing the Whale and Keep bend, were first found in Northumberland with the Hebrons using a "KEEP tryst" motto, and moreover Tracks and Drigs share the dart with Trouts/Troutbachs. Wheelers/Whalers use an "AVITO" motto term looking like God's arrangement because Vito's share the annulet of convoy-like Conveys/Conways. That annulet is in colors reversed with the German Tile's suspect in the "Utile" motto term of Shuttlewords.

Don't miss the lunatic at roughly the 13 minutes of the video above, for he thinks that the "hacking of human beings" by a select few, not only to understand them better, but to engineer = alter their internal workings, is a great thing. Listen, Mr. Lunatic, I don't want you understanding me better, tweaking my sacred property, and spying on my nerves. Stay out of by body, wacko. The satanic, extreme fringe like him need to be shot before words like that drip out of his mouth. This guy tends to verify that graphene-oxide is being used to "hack" us "animals."

This short video shows some kind of a staged news shot, in the background. You can see what expense the stagers went through to produce this shot, and so we can surmise that this type of thing goes on all the time, in all Western countries:

On Tuesday, we hear that Bell Canada outed the Internet in parts of Ottawa. Trudeau's Schwabite cabinet is exposing itself as more of a tyrant than ever, now wanting to hide its next, imminent moves, we must assume, from the city's population.

Meanwhile, the police have arrested Pawlowski for the 5th time, and so the RCMP (police) out there don't mind looking like tyrants either. They want to scare Canadians before they grow the movement larger with more excitement, we get it, desperation. If more pastors would get themselves arrested, we could see a better backlash against these fiends. Here's the harass-arrest in progress, so sickening, just before he was scheduled to speak at the trucker camp on the border:

Bits of the Canadian movement are being aired on Fox prime-time, believe it or not, but there are many large social-media outlets doing the same, and so the world is watching it all, no worries, the powers are only burying themselves. If only the churches were leading this "rebellion." If only the churches would act as the heroes and saviors, I would be proud. Here's the first REAL news conference I've seen from the convoy's representatives, done Monday night where the speaker thinks that RCMP trouble is being set up in Ottawa, though this could be a trick by the schwabite administration to scare people, to keep more people from coming to Ottawa for this week-end's party:

I thought that was a good conference, though on the unpassionate side, maybe even rickety-scared. The video ends with an accusation that the schwabites are "concealing the risks" of vaccines = deliberate mass-murder. Tamara says that the convoy set up a new fund, a Christian one, for the trucks, to replace GoFundMe. Why did the speaker doing most of the speaking, Tom Morazzo, not respond to the person who said that some truckers seem to be leaving Ottawa? Why did it seem that this was a hot-potato topic? Do the convoy's organizers want many truckers to leave because the donations get spread thinner if they stay? Just asking.

Jesus has a party in store. PARTY, definition: 1) people in communion; 2) people sharing spirits; 3) what schwabites don't want people to do; 4) clubbing schwab over the head and having a blast.

I assume the news conference below, starting out passionately in opposition to vaccinations, was done later in the day after the video above. It was only the two guys, who look like truckers, who took the passion out of the conversation, stressing "peaceful." I think they sound a tad like mush; turn up the volume, make some noise (not with truck horns), sound like you have the victory in the bag, because you do, because the government has acted criminally; act like a warrior, speaker after speaker. Scare the pants off of those cops with your words, because they are lending comfort and support to murderers. Instead, the convoy's representatives are messaging all truckers to treat the policemen with respect and friendliness, as if that's going to make any difference when it's the politicians who've prepared a police hammer from before the convoy reached the capital. Get some lawyers to take the police chief to court, and then trudeau too. What's wrong with the lawyers in canada? There will be no arrests if there are severe court cases pending. Duh.

Here's the bloodsucker himself admitting to a globalist conspiracy, in under a minute:

Take the video above to court with you when you sue trudeau. And there's a thousand other documents with FACTS that can land that coward where he deserves to be. LAWYERS, where in tarnation are you? If only one person raises the voice to a policeman, he/she could get arrested, but not if all raise voices simultaneously. If one restaurant opens in Australia, they get arrested, but not if thousands do it simultaneously. If there is only one lawyer taking those goons to court, he can be abused even by the judge's decision, but not if there are hundreds of lawyers doing it simultaneously. Class-action lawsuits begin, what's taking so long? Every person whose lost a loved one by vaccine can take this government to court, because the government acted criminally by permitting, and then forcing, untested chemicals, and they are now trying to force them even after plenty of evidence has surfaced to tell that vaccines kill and maim.

Here's a short video with good evidence to show that the Ottawa police chief at this time is an insider, vaccinate parasite. He's Peter Sloly, and Slolys/Slowlys use bats, a pointer to the COVID scheme's inception. Slolys were first found in Devon (beside bat-using Bats) with the Spurr-branch Supers who in turn share the saltire of bat-using Batons/BASTONs while a "bastion" is used by the Angels having a "super" motto term.

The ploy of George Soros and company is to foment protests until the politicians they are aiming for, usually the national leader, is forced to step down from pressure from his own party due to bad, political press that puts the entire party at risk on many/all levels. This is what the truckers now need to do because the national leader refuses to talk, and yet he's refusing to talk because most of his government leaders want it this way. The trick is to gain more public support until the polls show political support going downhill steeply for the bad guys. This is why the protestors are on their best behavior, to keep the movement legal, yet the bad guys, when they protest, do the opposite. It's an indication that Christians should move away from liberal counties, or better yet, from liberal provinces and states.

The problem for canada is that even the conservative-led provinces have been COVID-tyrannical. Where do we go to live out the tribulation with the likes of schwabites breathing down our necks? There's nothing but liberalism west of Ontario, and even the conservatives in Ontario are largely "progressive" / anti-Christian tools. We just saw this with the mask-goon society, happy to comply and to make normal people miserable. Well, that's why God needs to changes things, by exposures, to make the schwabites weaker in time for the tribulation period. That's my opinion. If God permits frightening situations, like labor pains, for Christians, it's probably to alert us that the time for preparing has arrived. It's up to you to decide how extensive you want to go, when.

Here's a short video with the premier of Saskatchewan, ending COVID measures in February, as proof that there is NO DANGER. I've got to assume that a premier cannot make such a decision unless a large sector of the people agree with it, call for it. It's now interesting that my friend, Paul, a devoted follower of Jesus, moved to Saskatchewan years ago. Is this a Sign that this may be a good province to settle down for trib purposes? It's not warm in that province, and neighboring Manitoba (brrr) has a lot of trees and lakes, endless number of lakes and wilderness. Imagine how many American Christians will flood into Saskatchewan and Manitoba when the liberals in Minnesota and Illinois persecute them? People can just walk over the border through the fields.

A big high-fives to Saskatchewan, but I'm so disappointed with Alberta. Until now, Canadians thought this to be a quasi-Christian province. Not sure anymore. The churches there won't even stand up for the recently jailed pastors. I now need to ask if there's correlation between church-goers on the pro-mask / pro-vaccine side and the foolish virgins who receive the mark? Are they in high numbers in the churches at this time? How will we be able to answer these questions? We should not paint all churches with a broad brush. Rebuke anyone who does. How does anyone know what motive any particular church-goer has for attending church? Still, I think it best that church buildings are sold, and that we meet in one anothers' homes, not paying pastors and secretaries. I think that there are many people who would go to a home church who view churches with suspicion.

Here's stiff pressure on trudeau, two years too late, in the canadian parliament:

I couldn't resist loading The Five on a roasting of trudeau:

Here's the story on Ottawa's tow-truck companies refusing to tow trucks away. The meat of this story is, probably, that the trudeau side planned, before they got to the city, to ruin the truckers by towing them away, and then this fell through, leaving them the only option of arresting the truckers.

On Stew Peters Tuesday, Chris Sky says that even the Ottawa mayor was a stooge at a Schwab event:

Nobody could have exposed the globalist deep state like schab himself, thank you. And trudeau is just making it more sure. When schab saw his dream slipping away because the world people didn't like globalist intrusions, he came out of the shadows to do PR work on the dream's behalf, and one day revealed on camera that trudeau was a part of it, as if this was some sort of special thing that the rest of the world should model...and here trudeau makes a jackass out of himself in one week alone, and takes scab down with him. Beauty. Scabface exposed his scabs, and trudeau is one of them upon his fascist face. But there are many others, like blasphemies on his face. And that's all this is: money bags with blasphemies all over.

Prepare for a new, dangerous virus unleashed, because it's the next natural plan, though I think the goons will first need to make sure the coast is clear as per dire court cases against themselves. If the good guys give the goons too much time before going after them, the latter could slip in a dangerous virus to defeat the "freedom" argument, and also to wipe out our current ability to argue that there's no danger to justify mandates.

Americans should not shy away from gathering at their capital. January 6 was a ruthless intimidation tactic to dissuade anti-globalists from gathering to protest. Snap out of it, and go back to your capital, just stay out of the legislative building, and there's nothing they can charge you with. Expect false-flag operations in your midst, and deal with them. Every false-flag operation wakes more people up as to what liberal governments are truly like. Force them to use false-flags, don't dissuade them. Then expose those operations, because you now have your very own cameras. January 6 made "conspiracy theorists" out of many news people who were hesitant until then.

People like Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity are traitors to the nation for letting 9-11 pass as an Arab attack. $$$-loving TRAITORS. There are still many influential people who put reputation = money first. This is America's downfall: the abandonment of integrity for love of big-money allows lawless gangsters to gang-up and rule. Better that, says Hannity, than for me to lose my job. That's fine with me, says Tucker, so long as I get to be the next big guy on Fox, maybe even bigger than Hannity was.

Do you think the hospital director in the video below is lying when he says that 80-percent of severe cases were vaccinated? This is on trudeau's head too, because he invited 4-years olds to come get vaccinated like it were candy. That's why trudeau needs to be executed by the Canadian justice system. Where are the lawyers with integrity in Canada??? Shame lawyers.

On Wednesday morning, I caught wind that the premier of Alberta is fast-tracking his abandonment of mask mandates, especially for children, which makes those cops who arrested Pawlowski look like paid assassins. Pawlowski's only crime was doing church services maskless for anyone who didn't want to wear one. The Alberta premier also trashed vaxx passports starting immediately. IMMEDIATELY. In truck lingo, that's called an embarrassing a U-turn in the middle of the intersection. We can spot why the truckers chose southern Alberta to pack their convoy, to throw their spear into the face of the Alberta premier. It looks good on this hypocrite, whose just making a self-serving political move. Keep it up, noise makers, it's working. Don't let the moles infiltrate your movements. If this movement drags on, some of the most zealous amongst you are bound to be moles come to spy on your leadership meetings. A mole is defined as one who champions your cause with the greatest zeal in order to spy on you, on behalf of your enemies. Beware the zealous ones who always hang around your leadership camps. Test them, watch them. A police officer coming out to claim that he quit the department this week could be a mole in the attempted-making. Never allow a police officer, who quits the force during a key protest, to become privy to the meetings of the protestors' leaders, no matter how impressive or eloquent his step-down story; play it safe.

Early this week, the Ambassador bridge at Detroit-Windsor was shut down by truckers. It's a major cargo route between countries. The bridge blockage, which is far better than blood-artery blockages, could spell food shortages, in central Canada anyway. I'm always open to these truckers being led by those conducting false-flag operations to dwindle food supplies, and thus clamp down on the unvaxxed. Waiting to see the outcome. The bottom line is: fakes or no fakes, most truckers are for real.

Housing prices for later in 2022 could be going down in some cities due to gluts, in places, of new housing, and so if you were thinking to sell your city place to move into the country this year or next, you might consider this and ask whether you should sell before prices come down. Ask whether a substantial portion of these homes are being built by governments in order to give them to Democrat-favoring illegals who've flooded the country for the last year:

I have a major regret that I've got to repeat once in a while. Bitchute is a horrendous platform with many sick individuals spewing trash daily, and now it's building in porn-leaning captions too. I regret taking my readers there whenever I show a bitchute video, and yet I thought I had no other video platform to get the news because the others don't give me the latest news videos at the top of the page, as does bitchute. But I've just learned that Rumble has a news page with the latest videos at the top. I don't remember Rumble having that option that last time I was there many months ago. Maybe it was my fault for not working the page right. I'm starting to watch Rumble videos now, but, the problem is, there's only 16 news videos for all of February 9, and it's 8pm as I write this. That's not much good. If one hits "ALL" at bitchute's homepage, there's 100s of videos daily, plenty of trash.

Passionate mother rebuking a youthful and complicit CBC crew on-site in Ottawa; this is a good video, to the stinging point, but unfortunately her hearers are without conscience. Her passion evaporated her fears as she takes on three delinquents at once:

There are quite a few videos that could easily be posted by the enemy, as if from the truckers, which serve to dissuade more people from joining the capital protest. The government has all the money, and is expected to put out such videos, so be wise, expect them. Don't spread them around. For example, a video taken from within a circle of officers telling that police snipers are all around the area on rooftops. Could be true, could be faked to keep the scared rabbits at home, in their cages. Another report coming Wednesday is that the government is about to take children from their parents who are amongst the protestors, which is what mom above was passionate about. The enemy doesn't want a big crown this weekend, plain and simple.

It's not a win necessarily for us if the goons allow a big party this weekend, for some countries have protested 30 weeks in a row with no government back-down. This could last a while, yet on the other hand, the reason that trudeau is in more troubling water now is that this protest comes as several Western nations all backed down on restrictions very recently, making the hold-outs like Austria, Germany, Australia, and the trudeau fink, look like safety- and control-freak goofers. I don't think there's anyone in all the world who's looked more the goofball than trudeau. Here he is in the parliament, after coming out of hiding:

Note that passion amongst the Conservatives that was absent these past two years. What do you think explains it? Were they afraid until the truckers gave them this opportunity? Or were they traitors until now but suddenly trying to hide it with feigned support? One never knows with politicians. Nobody in Canada thought they would ever see this goofball becoming a lame duck in humiliation, this winter. We were bracing for the worst. trudeau's gang was going for our jugulars. We saw Australian tyranny moving here to set up camp. That's what gave birth to this giant jab at trudeau.

I keep a theory that some western nations have eased restrictions as part of a faked plan to look reasonable (to their voters), but knowing secretly that their masters have the so-called "Marburg" variant up their sleeves, a card to be played later this year, maybe even this month. John Solomon on Thursday:

...President Biden and fellow Democrats in Congress and governors' mansions nationwide are completing a 180 on their COVID-19 response, abandoning the president's promise to "shut down" the virus...

In the process, Democrats have begun to lift key COVID-19 restrictions and return to normal life — the same approach, long embraced by red states, that they once rebuked as cruel and dangerous...

On Wednesday, New York Gov. Kathy Hochul and Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker, both Democrats, announced they will end mandates in their states requiring face coverings in most indoor public settings...Several other blue states — New Jersey, Connecticut, Delaware, Oregon, and California — are also lifting their indoor masking requirements in the coming days.

Meanwhile, trudeau's going to sick the guns on the truckers instead of ending mandates? FREAK. As early as Tuesday, there were rumors that police were starting arrests later in the week, and Chris Sky came out first on Wednesday morning to say arrests are definitely on for Thursday. I think he was also the one out early Tuesday to claim that some Internet was shut off in Ottawa, but nobody else has mentioned this that I know of as per my perusing bitchute news? Is Sky falling for enemy disinformation?

Here's an example of a short and to-the-point video that might be from the enemy to scare protestors away:

Here's Pawlowski at the Coutts demonstration urging a national up-rising:

Do you think Pawlowski's spirited (or maybe hot-headed) attitude is the way to go versus the friendly-Canadian way in Ottawa? Which will go further in destroying the schwabite cabal? A little of both is a good way to go because the people can monitor both methods, and modify either one in lessons learned. The peaceful way is to get rid of the liberals at election time...but without a hard crushing, they will try to get power back, and likely will because they have globo-corporate and government-printed money. A hard crushing sets them back harder, longer, because the people will remember the pain, because a hard crushing of the cabal requires more sacrifice from the people. A hard crushing is justified because they are criminals who officially hold the courts and the government guns, and that's what can make a hard crushing more painful for the people who attempt it. If God wants to lead this, then it will pan out as He dictates. The GOOD DICTATOR is for the good people. If canadians had been Godly, the enemy would not have acquired such strong powers as it has. The churches let canada down by not speaking out against this liberalism, allowing it to brainwash the masses almost unfettered decades in a row.

Nobody calls anyone a conspiracy theorist anymore for saying that national media is in bed with the global cabal. The cabal has exposed itself in this regard, and thus will find it much harder to brainwash the masses using the media. That is a major win for anti-globalists, thanks completely to the impatient globalists who've decided to attack prematurely, before most were brainwashed. I don't know what happens next, but I implore you to use the rest of this year, starting yesterday, to store foods and other needs, a little at a time if it's all you can do, because, come next flu season, we should see the rest of their game coming down like another hammer.

There are those who predict that the vaccine injection will install the mark of the beast as a microchip, but as that is far harder to push on the masses than a vaccine door pass, I would suggest we entertain the latter...because that sort of thing can be implemented immediately, at any time, especially if it's a mere, non-electric mark on the skin rather than an intrusion into the skin. The mask goons would go for that idea like biden goes for an ice-cream cone. My take is that mask goons will be your future enemies because they do not understand, do not see the snake, do not see Jesus. They are the blind leading the blind, perfect useful idiots for the globalists. I'm not saying that everyone who wears a mask is a mask goon.

Here's a short video (Thursday) of Ottawa police seizing, illegally, the firewood donated by the public to the protestors, both truckers and street protestors; no further comment needed:

What if these really-good cops are fakes trying to get traitor cops to come out and expose themselves? Is there nothing I will trust? Governments have lots of money to put out trickster videos, and they have trickster-video departments working on these things. One just never knows in videos like this: Start this video at 18 minutes to see an insider scientist (I don't agree with all he says, and neither do others) who fought the Fauci team like one fights against sociopaths:

I found the first two speakers above to be coming up short because neither one wanted to claim that deliberate murder is taking place by the COVID and vaccine schemes. I assume the two speakers are acting the hypocrite because they probably know (they imply it) that the killings are deliberate (how can they not know?) but do not want to seem over-the-top by telling that truth plainly. Therefore, as the convoy likewise refuses to stress the murders, it makes sense that these two speakers were asked to come out to represent the convoy. The first speaker claims that there has been a "pandemic," even though he says that 95-percent of positive COVID tests were false. I don't know how, or why, he keeps that contradiction. The second speaker is joking around, having a ball, while he implies that the murder of kids is taking place in the present. Where's the indignation that these speeches demand? Are they now celebrities? Do they want to be loved too much to speak the hot fire that these topics deserve?

The third speaker is involved in court challenges, but losing case after case due to judges that rubber stamp government will, and it may be that all judges are being threatened one after the other. Whatever it is that causes the judges to support murder, we need to have it exposed. It is better that others, besides this man, take the killers to the courts, because once a prosecutor gets a bad track record in court on any one issue, the opposition can point that out to future judges, which gives the corrupt judge a "good" reason to deny the good evidence of the prosecutor. What the world needs now is the Great Arrest.

I tend to agree with this third speaker where he says that the next "pandemic" will be the common flu because it kills young people, and because the goons can now shoot children with mRNA "vaccines," thanks to daft, naive, hardheaded, or ignorant citizens. We should have seen it coming: forced flu vaccinations are probably their logical end-game. This is terrible.

The people need to revolt in several ways. It's not necessary to use trucks. Angry protests are needed, with the message that governments have MURDERED citizens -- especially in euthanasia -- until the majority gets it. Ottawa has been a nicey-nicey affair, but there are strong-angry people out there who can take this fight further. WE NEED TO STRESS MURDERS. There is evidence of MURDER. These three speakers are shy to use that word, shame. When governments, across the board, meticulously deny the vitamins and drugs that heal flu-like symptoms, IT'S MURDER. Only a daft, naive, blockheaded or ignorant person would think there's got to be a good reason for the denials. If they get away with inoculating children with merely "omicron," they get the ticket to do it annually with the flu.

Ask if this Black American woman is making Obama's knees shake, or whether she's an actress on obama's side seeking to incite his enemies to a civil revolt. If she's an actress, she's the best I ever seen. One thing is certain from the first word out of her mouth: this tiger ain't no Canadian woman. If everyone talked like that, politicians would be afraid to step outside. If everyone talked like that, politicians would be afraid to make arrests, and that's the problem with too-peaceful, lovey-dovey protests: politicians crack open the champagne, and call up the police to get on the offensive. She kept her language clean, and I respect that. I don't like sewer-mouthed speakers; if they can't control their language, how can they control a protest movement when the wheels start going off the rails?

Here's a good and critical treatment of Dr. John Campbell who, probably, has yet to apologize for supporting the mask-goon society as went the will of main media messaging, totally ignoring the reports that vaccines were dangerous:

If you want a 5G nightmare, then try to elect Trump rather than a Republican who opposes 5G:

Here's a presentation of crimes against humanity that doesn't promise the ear of the world court for the anti-vaccine push because we may assume that the world court is a hub with some Rhodian spokes. This is a critique and history of British (Rhodian by another name) globalism:

Globalism has always depended upon intruders and thieves seizing the tax / treasury systems of as many nations as possible. Without that money, there would be no viable globalism. Private companies, no matter how rich, are not willing to fund it; it needs your money, and that's never asked of you. You never donate it; it's always stolen in taxes. They have long created programs for creating programs for creating programs to seize tax dollars. This anti-Russia thing looks central to the reasons for Armageddon.

The Christian churches haven't the money to topple it politically, but we do have words that can expose their lawless workings so that their politicians can be voted some cases only. They have come to the point of raising polished politicians who feign being on our side to get elected, and that's what I think the False Prophet will be. By nature, it raises anti-Christians, and it's never been so bold, as now, to steal tax money, now stealing it by run-away, government printing presses, and glutting the economic machine with plenty of money as a consequence. This will cause the fast increase in prices, which promises some massive advantage for tribulation survival because the increase in home prices to more-obscene levels will buy more out in the country because price increases of country properties always lag behind, by years.

For those Christians who say that we should not judge, take a look at this 20-second message:

It means that we need to be careful when judging someone's motives or position, but when someone blurts out his true soul from his own mouth, we are then not judging by mere appearances if we criticize the obvious that rolls out. trudeau undercuts his own soul everytime he opens his mouth with obvious duplicity. His entire argument for mandates is safety to the people, yet he never stresses the vaccine-caused ailments. Here's what he's responsible for many times over, in the first four minutes of David Knight:

Here's the CDC forced to admit that kids are being killed in far-too-many numbers by "vaccines," which is what the conspiracy theorists foretold long ago:

I don't know how the things above can happen without legal firms not immediately blocking the killing with emergency law suits. I'm stunned.

Don't be fooled by the new news out this week, that Clinton spied on Trump, because it's old news, everyone already knew it. This story comes out with such timing as to replace news stories with itself rather than what needs to be done: poking stiff shots at the sinking of the vaccine goons.

Here's part of the next Grand Jury Court of Public Opinion out this week, where a man in-the-know snitches on the goons, telling that the real pandemic started as soon as the jabs started, and that, for his area, there was a 12-week surge in deaths, followed by large increases in deaths having the markers of vaccine-related "complications".

Freedom Convoy "Organizers" Look Like Rats

Below is supposedly Chris Barber, a co-organizer of the convoy, but sounding like a sewer mouth so as to possibly be of the enemy, saying that mass arrests are imminent. What do you think, is this guy for the people or against? Usually, we may surmise, spies and deep-state workers have sewer mouths when they speak to the people pretending to be of the people, to give the people a bad name.

I don't think someone representing the truckers would talk that way if he really wants good to come of things. If he is a legit coordinator with Freedom Convoy 22, then that movement is more suspect by me as a controlled-opposition staging.

About an hour after posting the video above for you here, I came across Polly finding the organizers suspicious. Polly nails what could be a mole (Dagny Pawlak) in the organizer camp, or, perhaps, she's not correctly a mole if the organizers themselves are fakes, working for the enemy. Polly is claiming, I think, that Tamara Lich is the enemy, and I can believe it:

When Polly reveals to us her questions to Tamara, we can understand why Tamara's team would try to cancel suspicious people like Polly from social-media platforms. It seems completely foolish for Tamara's "office" to persecute Polly immediately after receiving her questions, because it let the cat slip totally out of the bag. I'm just wondering whether Tamara saw the questions at all, or whether Polly's letter to her was seen only by Pawlak, for example. But if Tamara doesn't get rid of Pawlak immediately now that even social media knows her to be an Obama supporter, then, two cats have slipped out of the bag simultaneously i.e. Tamara is a corrupt actor too...a canadian RINO, we could say, set up by the liberals to conduct a false flag operation.

These organizers (who made them that, themselves?) want truckers to "hold the line," because every month of staying put is millions more in donations. But if they are also working for the trudeau-obama alliance, then holding the line can suggest that the trudeau cabinet has something of a surprise for the truckers, akin to January 6. The good news is: the goons can't pull off a January 6 if the protestors don't invade the parliament buildings. This explains the police intimidation, seeking to turn the protestors violent.

Just minutes before coming to Polly's video, I got wind that a canadian court (Ontario, court, actually) unrightly froze some $10M US of donations given through GiveSendGo, and this was the organization that Tamara suggested people donate through instead of GoFundMe. Perhaps those two money-collectors are run by the same gangsters. Hopefully, the court is freezing this, not because it doesn't want the money to go the protest / truckers, but because it knows the Freedom-Convoy-22 org to be corrupt. In other words, it might be a good thing to freeze the money now, if it eventually goes to the protest effort by an honest broker. I don't think an Ontario court has jurisdiction to force GiveSendGo to freeze donations permanently. It's ludicrous. If the court has a legal beef with the Freedom Convoy, then go after it, but the courts cannot seize or detain the money of people donated to a legal protest.

People need to start making a distinction between the authentic movement and Tamara's group. The truckers need another group of representatives to raise their funds, and through which to speak to the people though social media. Tamara's reign as queen of the convoy is just about over. Thank you, Polly, for your dedication, and chasing down your suspicions. Below is Tom Morazzo of the Convoy looking like he's in a staged news conference, as if the question asked of him was pre-planned, and he too says that imminent arrests of protestors is going forward, for Friday. If no arrests take place, and they did not Thursday, it looks like the Convoy's organizers are trying to throw cold water on the protests because the Convoy's organizers didn't plan for it to be so large and invigorating.

Here's Polly's follow-up, which is exactly how I feel on all points, especially the question of why the money was not dispersed immediately as it came in. GiveSendGo even claimed that the funds go DIRECTLY to the CONVOY, but then how can the government block it? How direct is "direct"? How much time is there between getting the funds until they go to the Convoy's bank account? What has the Convoy done with it? No one else is pointing this out that I know of, but it needs to be said, especially in light of Pawlak's history. Why isn't even one of the four people elected to this cause informing the public as to what's transpiring?

On Sunday, Jacob Wells, the founder of GiveSendGo, appeared on Fox (below) to say that some money has been given to two "campaign owners," one of which, I assume, is Freedom Convoy. The host fails to ask how much has been given. ??? There are so many suspicious things here. It seems that the founder made a deal with Fox to appear on the show so long as details were not asked of him. When the founder makes it appear that there's no way to transfer the rest of the money, is that true? No, it's not true. The truckers can open an American bank account in an hour, and send the funds there in another hour, then send the funds by checks to the truckers on their list. The Convoy has a list of the truckers, right? If it doesn't have a list, then just how was the Convoy planning to distribute the money to the truckers??? Three weeks in from the outset of the convoy, THIS STINKS. We're getting disinformation on this controversy, and the CONVOY is not enlightening the public, may not even be speaking to the truckers in any way, for no trucker has come out to say that there is dialogue. The Convoy, my bet is, is complicit with freezing of funds in order to get the "wrong" truckers to go home.

Let me clarify. Mr Wells says that there are multiple options available for his company to transfer the funds to leaders / organizers of the truckers, yet on the other hand he says he still has what seems like MOST of the money in his own account. How can both be true? If there's no restriction to money flow, because canada has no legal control over his American company, why does he still have the money? This question shows why it's important to know how big a slice of the two-piece pie is still in his account. If he's barely transferred any money at all, WHY NOT? Mr. Wells says that it looks like it's going to take the next week and two to transfer the money. ??? That kind of language allows the freeze to go on for a month.

I got word from AnOmaly (he got it from Business Insider) that the Toronto-Dominion bank in Toronto froze, on behalf of the bad guys, 1.1 million dollars in two bank accounts opened on behalf of the truckers. "The agency reported that one of the two frozen accounts received a lump sum of C$1 million through GoFundMe. The bank said it was unsure of the origin of the payment. The rest of the money was sent to a second account through numerous bank transfers" Perhaps the Freedom Convoy opened up a second account in order to take for themselves some of the money. It seems that ten percent of the larger account was going into the smaller account. Are the Convoy's leaders paying themselves 10-percent of all proceeds?

It also says: "The email [to Reuters], written by Keith Wilson (Convoy representative), also said the convoy will seek a court order to release the money raised to a new not-for-profit corporation." Hmm, that's funny. CTV reports that the accounts were "personal accounts." That means the people owning the accounts can do as they please with the money, which explains why this story is being disseminated, to make the truckers look bad by making its leaders look bad.

I wonder: the deep state is definitely connected enough to worm its way into a trucker convoy, taking the vociferous / official lead as representatives for all truckers, and opening a donations channel with the intent on never giving up the money to the truckers, and then giving the truckers a bad name by making the leaders look like they're dipping their fingers into the money pot. That can put a harsh freeze on a movement in the middle of an Ottawa February.

I ask you. Why would the Convoy's legal team write an email to Reuters, a big-time media opposed to movements such as this, to reveal things about the Convoy's business on this sensitive issue? Is this a little like hanging your dirty laundry on the front lawn at the brink of the road while trying to signal about how clean it is? The email seems to have the purpose of portraying the leaders as good guys, with the intension of recovering the money for the truckers. But I'm not buying this. The truckers deserve to know what the name of the two accounts are.

CTV says that the TD bank wants to give the $1.1M to a court's custody to assure that the funds are not abused. In other words, the TD bank is whitewashing its dirty intentions and in the meantime making the Convoy's leaders appear unreliable for spreading the money around honestly, wherefore a court, it says, needs to step up to assure that the money goes to the truckers rightfully. In that tricky-dicky way, the TD bank doesn't appear to be opposed to the truckers, for if it did, it would lose many customers. But we're not so stupid as to fall for this. TD will be losing customers.

"“We will be taking expedited legal steps to have the restrictions on the donated funds lifted as soon as possible,” Wilson said in an email to CTV News."

Yup, all the big canadian media are carrying this story because they like it. Even they can see that TD is acting perfectly corruptly on their behalf. Stop banking at TD, it's too big, anyway. On Thursday, the Ontario Superior Court hijacks the donations through GiveSendGo, and on Friday the TD bank asks the SAME court to hold the $1.1M from GoFundMe, boy-o-boy, we just can't see what TD's up to, can we? This is fascism, government and corporations working political battles together. Christians and would-be Christians, prepare to live off the grid.

Rebel News put out the following short video (late Thursday night) without additional background, which I find insulting to the public. It has the Conservative premier (Doug Ford = COVID criminal) of Ontario in a phone call telling someone that he's ending the vaccine passports "soon." In other words, he's caving, but maybe this is the plan to highlight that the truckers are winning. Maybe there's some nefarious plot to first make the Convoy look like it's winning, and in the meantime the canadian spy agencies get the names of all the top zealots involved, and mark them out for further spying-upon and persecution. Or, maybe Ford is truly caving (not necessarily due to the convoy). But why so fast? Maybe it's because he doesn't want trudeau's new-found "reputation" on his shoulders. Nobody likes to walk around with a spear in his head trying to appear distinguished.

Maybe trudeau has become the symbol of our over-night victory, folks, the biggest reason for the victory, by acting the overweening control-freak. Give him a round of applause. Yay. Hold the line, trudeau. The cutie-pie who wanted to be known round the world is now known round the world. But wait, it's too early to celebrate. Maybe these many leaders caving are together up to some back-stabbing of the public. Yup, on Friday, Ford came out and called for martial law -- a "state of emergency" -- with jail and severe fines to the Windsor (opposite Detroit) truckers unless they go home. Here's what a man walking with a spear in his head looks like:

Dare trudeau do more of the same to get his voters back? Won't even his best friends tell him to knock the horned schab off his shoulder? Schabs develop on wounds, and schwab knows only how to wound. The destroyer doesn't know construction. Ford is a hardhead, I can tell by the way he talks. A spear won't penetrate it. He needs the club reverberating upon his skull. I think Ontarians are going to make him dizzy after what he's done. He is a pathetic leader. Ford is a demon because the alternative decision he has is the good and right one: to leave the protestors alone to battle things out with the stubborn-ass trudeau. It's ford and trudeau who're responsible for the blockages, both the trucker blockades and the blood clots that started them. Unforgivable.

So, it looks like the arrests are going forward because a judge has given them the green light to do so, at least for the bridge blockade. The Ottawa truckers are not blocking anything, on the other hand. One wonders why Alberta has not done what Ford just did with the courts. This situation is at a climax, but maybe not the highest one yet.

LOOK IT. HUGE, billion-dollar car plants maybe had to tell some workers to stay home for two or three days, and Doug Ford brings in a state of emergency, the same Ford who put little guys out of business for months or years or permanently, but he did not mind doing so on top of seeing people fired for rejecting vaccines. Do you see anything lopsided here, favoritism toward big corporations including the vaccine companies? YES, we see it clearly. It took a little disobedience from the persecuted working class to reveal this bloated hippo-critter. Let's not forget: trudeau demanded that Canadian truckers delivering into the United States must quarantine when coming back into Canada, which is sheer persecution with the bald-faced intension of forcing them to vaccinate, yet Ford has no bone in his body inclined to support the truckers because he's mistreated others in roughly the same way. If he condemns trudeau, he condemns himself.

This week, Manitoba was about the 6th Canadian province announcing an end to some restrictions, followed by Ontario Saturday. The seven all at once did this just as trudeau is on a suicide mission. He was invigorated by Ford's announcement to jail truckers, but as of Friday midnight, no arrests yet in Ottawa. British Columbia is a hold-out province, not yet announcing a will to normalize, and so note the central role this province has in making gangster money through forced / routine vaccinations:

The video above might give you the impression that vaccinations in canada are all about politicians and their various governments making money as per getting a piece of the vaxx-profit pie. But this is wrong, for if pocketing some vaxx money were the only game being played, politicians wouldn't need to keep vitamin D and other nutrients from sick, aged people in hospitals. There is a murder campaign going on too, and, yes, that too is based on making money. That is, the pension money no longer going to murdered people can be re-directed to pockets of the gangsters, especially the ones desirous of creating an official global government...which is itself a money-making machine by tax theft. This is a racket.

Australia has mustered a HUGE crowd:

To boot, Australia is reportedly destroying / scrapping 50 million vaccine doses (maybe they'll just put it into secret storage). The media below claims that people who've been vaxxed with these batches test "falsely" with HIV, but we'd expect the crime syndicate to claim that these are false tests when in reality they could be true tests. Plus, scrapping vaccines now is necessary to hide the criminality before some good guy gets a court order to put some of the vials under the microscope.

Attorney Thomas Renz, who has several law suits on the go, is making the media rounds telling that the U.S. military knowingly maimed (sickened in different ways) soldiers by vaccines. This is a very big deal, and may explain much of the retreating on forced vaccinations.

Make a law: news media are not permitted to produce ads for vaccine companies, and politicians are not permitted to have stock in vaccines.

Until now, there's been nothing overly heroic from the truckers, but if they hold the line in the face of penalties in the tens of thousands of dollars, that's where they truly cross the hero threshold. They may get those fines tossed out of court, or they may not, but the risk they take would be of great value in taking this fight to the next level so that other convoys can watch and learn. I think the people who side with them should foot the bill for those fines, for even with a fine of $10,000 each, that's only a million dollars per 100 truckers. I don't know how many trucks are at the border, but if they start to get arrested in big numbers, the people should open the floodgates to safe donations to the tune of $50-100 each. That's because the truckers should be let out on bail, and need to know at that time that there's money available to continue the protests. Will the goons make it illegal to donate money?

By Saturday afternoon, no word of arrests, a good sign. The weather's turned cold, but Ottawa is filled with happy, determined, maskless, excited, INVIGORATED and affectionate protestors on this day, and lots of kids. Not a good day for tyrannical arrests by those who want to throw the invigoration to the ground. This would be a very good time for somebody to give trudeau his court papers on crimes against humanity. I have no idea why there is not one appropriate spine in canada who can do this. The science is all against him, and he's responsible for the people as a whole, and so how can any lawyered-up group be afraid to accuse him in court of ruining peoples' lives and bodies? It makes no sense to me. There's not only one type of gross violation, but many, and even one is sufficient for bringing him before a judge. The trucker money could perhaps bring such cases against him, not just one case, but several simultaneously. People would donate to such things.

When trudeau promised that he would not mandate vaccines a year or more ago, his liberal supporters believed him, and therefore they took the shots in good confidence. trudeau then took the opportunity to make them turn against the unvaxxed, but now the vaxxed see that they too are being forced to inoculate further, and so there have got to be some liberals turning on this fink. That's what's going on. trudeau and the other politicians have lost the full support of their mask-goon STUPIDS, the reason we are in this mess at all, though I blame the churches too for not standing up against the mask goons. When I say I "blame," I'm not going so far as to despise them, but to matter-of-factly say that their silence is much responsible for where we are now. That silence gave the politicians the fortitude to clamp down, and to make clamp-downs the "norm." SHAME CHURCHES. Do you think you might start to correct yourselves now?

Here's klaus schwab the imbecile introducing trudeau the imbecile for announcing their un-Canadian partnership in the deception of the masses without asking their opinion on whether they wish to be deceived:

trudeau likes to brag that 90-percent of Canadians are vaxxed, though we can assume this figure to be exaggerated. The point is, half the people who received at least one shot were forced to do it against their will, and these people are now part of the freedom fighters. Then add in those who absolutely don't want a third shot, and trudeau is as good as speared to death because the majority oppose him, even if some of that majority consists of silent liberal sinners who regret vaccination yet maintain their anti-Christian values. The only resort this prime spinster now has is to force the majority against their will. But as of Sunday morning, no trucker arrests have materialized, as promised for 36 hours earlier? Was it a bluff?

As Doug Ford was so wicked along with trudeau, what caused Ford to do a 180-turn this week? I'm going to be able to shop without a mask imminently. I'm wondering whether to rub things into the faces of the mask goons, and, if so, how. Do they need to be punished by anti-maskers for causing this faked pandemic? If we just make-up and be friends again, is that the right way to go? I live in a conservative area, which is why I was shocked to see my fellow townsmen masking up so terribly. All stores were scared by Ford into forcing mask-ups, but they had the choice of standing together in rebellion to that order. There was no attempt at all.

I now get the impression that trudeau's failure to cave shows that various provincial and European states are caving due to something other than the call of the schwabite blood suckers. But that may not be correct. It could be that schwabites want mandates to end to make their enemies less angry as we go through the exposure stages, but that they want to learn how far they can go dictatorially to crush truckers now, because truckers will be coming back again the next time the goons try a global-virus scheme.

The Ambassador Has No Clothes

Perhaps the reports of massive trucker arrests were timed for Thursday and Friday only to dissuade large crowds for the weekend, and it seems to have worked for the Detroit-Windsor bridge:

On Saturday, police blocked the road to the Ambassador bridge with concrete partitions, which could signal that the trucks were no longer on the bridge. They wouldn't block access to the bridge if trucks were still on it. But nobody showed the trucks being forced to leave. ??? Then, also on Saturday, we hears that U.S. truckers were blocking the nearby bridge to Canada at Sarnia. Might that, too, be a part of the deep-state plan while they naturally attract anti-vaxxers to do most of the trucking and honking? Just asking. Here's the Sarnia honking from the U.S. side:

THEORY: the shadow government engineered the bridge blockade to begin a controlled food shortage, but, after several nations and provinces simultaneously caved to enforcing the vaccine scheme further, the government had to relent and cancel border-crossing blockades.

Here's on the blockade of a Niagara-river crossing at Buffalo, a third bridge between Ontario and the U.S:

Here's a Detroit media (likely the enemy) reporting that police cleared the Canadian side of the Ambassador bridge Sunday morning, yet no trucks are shown leaving, nor parked on, the bridge. Nobody had shown the police encounter with the truckers, and I'm writing this 11:25 am Sunday, so how did the police possibly get all the trucks off the bridge so fast? How do we explain this? Is this media show a bluff, a lie?

She says "the convoy has left," and this was the day after the truckers swore to fight this by accepting fines / arrest. ????? You tell me. I can't wait to hear what the leaders of these truckers have to say. Why doesn't the video above show the empty bridge?

At about noon Sunday, CTV news (Canada, national) reported the following. See if you can find trucks forced off the bridge in this report:

A heavy police presence continues in Windsor, Ont. as work continues Sunday to clear the area near the Ambassador Bridge.

According to police, there have been 12 arrests [when?] with majority of the charges related to mischief [= not to truckers for parking on bridge]. Ten vehicles [any trucks?] have also been towed and police say they did have to negotiate with some drivers [car drivers or truckers?} to leave their vehicles before they were towed.

Demonstrators are now on Tecumseh Road west between Northway Avenue and Huron Church Road.

Police say there will be "zero tolerance" for illegal activity.

That's the gist of the whole article, no truckers, just "protestors." It's 4:20 pm Sunday as I write here, but there has been not one video I've seen at Bitchute or Rumble showing trucks removed off the bridge, or those on the roads leading up to the bridge. Every trucker has a phone camera. Almost every trucker-supporter at the scene has a phone camera. What gives? It's like the trucks were never there. Hmmm. Was this a manufactured crisis to show that, when the government gives the dictate, truckers are weak and retreat on a dime? Was this a psychological operation to show unwarranted hoopla in blocking borders, as in don't waste your time doing it again, truckers? I didn't start hearing about this bridge until Wednesday, just four days ago, and suddenly the event is over by Sunday morning, just six days after its reported start, and with no pictures of trucks leaving, nor even cars being towed away. ??? That doesn't look like reality to me.

Here's how The Hill puts it: "Truck drivers involved in the protests bucked a court order on Friday calling for an end to the days-long blockade. Canadian police moved to clear out demonstrators Saturday, and vehicles [not trucks?] reportedly began leaving the area around 10 a.m...Police arrested and removed the remaining protesters early Sunday."

No sign of trucks leaving, just "vehicles." No sign of trucker arrests. The CBC's article only says "a few pickup trucks." There's no mention of big rigs on the bridge ??? It then says: "Some trucks [I saw those two trucks in a video] had also been encamped at the intersection of Tecumseh Street and Huron Church Road. Two officers came by to warn those parked on the street that if they didn't leave, they would be arrested." That's more than a mile north of the bridge, and for all we know, the police sent the two (or three) trucks to block the entry toward the bridge. The story of a convoy of trucks to the bridge must have been faked. There may have been a few, or maybe not, by the sounds of these articles.

Here's a short video from Global News; not big rigs shown leaving the bridge:

Just look at all of those police officers, like an army come out to disperse 35 hold-ups in their cars. It's like they -- four police departments in all -- only want to make a show of big-muscle to make happy the mask-goon society, what a bunch of nuts the RCMP has for leaders. Wow, you showed them, OPPers, that you have the really big stuff, you are the BIG BOSS of Canadians. And that's why the other half of Canada despises you today. Just look at this show, which I'm sure is on Sunday morning, when there were few people there:

All the videos are for Sunday morning, none for Saturday, the really-big day of the really-big win for the police. But there's no pictures of the REALLY-BIG win, when the heroic and determined drivers of the really-big rigs hung their heads in shame and retreated without a peep. That's because there were no such truckers, apparently. ??? You tell me what really happened at this bridge? Did the canadian government do a false-flag crap on itself? Nothing can demoralize police officers than to be ordered to participate in false-flag events. It only informs them that the police chief and his superiors are rotten. The protestors on Sunday were not blocking the bridge. They were not near the bridge. They had every right to be there, on a road perhaps two miles from the bridge, for all we know, they were actors, faked protestors.

From the sparse material we're being shown today, I don't know whether the bridge was blocked at anytime. The big media I've just reported with above have got to have many pictures of the trucks on the bridge, blocking it, and so why were these pictures not part of the reporting today? Big media ALWAYS ALWAYS reports false-flag events, because there's no use doing them otherwise. False-flag events are intended for big-media dissemination, and so they will get the media's nod before doing staged operations. Media are complicit from before the events are staged, perhaps even before they actors are chosen and trained for the events. False-flag events with 50 actors acting like part of a crowd (needing little training) are not uncommon. There are many pictures from the past showing the Ambassador bridge laden with trucks; they fakers could use a couple of them to fool us.

False-flag videos often have foul language and obnoxious rants because the cursed-sinful are hired for them, and because the damned-sinful organize and direct them. Here's a good example of a cursed, toxic actor in a staged production (foul language from the get-go) who gives the good guys a bad name:

Did the car plants really shut down this week, or were they just signalling that they would need to shut down if the Windsor truckers weren't removed immediately? Was this faked to make the situation at the bridge so dire that Doug Ford could justify a state of emergency? Think about it. There appears to have been no trucks on the bridge, yet Ford calls for martial law, making the bridge blockade look like it was specifically faked to call for martial law, which, who knows, might be permitted to linger now, even though the bridge problem has been "solved," so that martial law can be used in Ottawa or elsewhere in Ontario. As regular laws aren't in effect under martial law, Ford's call for it "justified" arresting protestors at the bridge that would otherwise have been safe from arrest. It looks like Step One to further tyranny if needed.

Here's a man who thinks that the leadership of the Freedom Convoy is sabotaging the effort:

Look at this naive James O'Keefe:

Here's a true-story movie that'll take your mind off the vaccine war:

My question: didn't the plane have a fuel gauge to tell the pilots how much fuel was in the tanks??? It's weird that no such gauge existed. Surely the plane has a gauge. It makes the story suspect to convey to us that the pilots didn't know they were out of gas until the engines went off. WEIRD. The right decision would have been to turn the engines off immediately, before gas ran out, then glide toward the nearest airstrip, then turn the engines on at the last minute to control the plane with engines on. Why wasn't this solution part of the movie? We are to believe it's because the plane has no gas gauge. IMPOSSIBLE.


Here's all four Gospels wrapped into one story.

For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God.
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