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February 1 - 7, 2022

trudeau With a Small T is Pointing Criminally to the Hague
Erich Speckin the Election-Fraud Specialist Nobody Knew Until Now

If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture

If at anytime you want to know a Coat's description as given by an unidentified person/group, see Hall of Names. One way to better deal with my long updates, and links to several stories, is to put your computer to sleep (instead of shutting it down) so that this page is ready for you whenever you feel like continuing in the following days.

As justin trudeau is a main part of my last update as per the trucker SPEAR to his "head" (Ottawa), I decided to load Justins/Justice's to see whether God may have arranged pointers to him from starting there. The first thing I did was load Caus'/Caustons as per the "causa" motto term of Justins, and I spotted that Caus' are in Toft/Tuffs' colors and format, which interested me because a leader of the Freedom Convoy said last week that someone thinks trudeau has escaped to TOFINo. I therefore loaded Toffens/Toftons because it's more like "Tofino" than the Tofts/Tuffs', and the Toffen/Tofton Coat has a giant, spread eagle in the colors of the same of Balance's while Justins use "...a pair of balances." What do we make of this? Did God use heraldry to snitch on trudeau's hiding out in Tofino? If he's not been there, then that's a wild coincidence. (Load Justin link now to have access, on another tab, to other Coats of Arms.)

But there's more. I stayed in Nanaimo for a winter once, and that's near Tofino. When we split "Nanaimo" into the Nan and Naim surnames, it's interesting that Nans, who come up also as Naim-like Nams, are listed with the Nons in the Justin motto. It's another head-scratcher. The last update resolved that my prayer for God to put a spear into trudeau's head (not literally) was resolved as the convoy, a long spear, to Ottawa, the head of Canada. And here we can add that Nams/Nons have a "SPERanDUM" motto term that's likely part-code for Spears/Speers. In fact, "DUM SPIRO SPERA" is a motto term of Masons/Massins who have a giant lion in the colors of the lion heads of Naims/Name's. NanNAIMO!

Plus, flip me out some more: English Name's/Neems (Lincolnshire, same as Naims/Name's) come up as "Need," and Needhams share the Coat of Knee's, both sharing the phoenix in Crest with Tofts/Tuffs'! What a cosmic coincidence if that's a coincidence too. Just look at the Needham motto: "NUNc aut NUNquam."

The "ViVIS" motto term Nams/Nons can be for the Vise's/Vice's and Acorns both sharing the Needham / Knee stag head! Incredible. I've already got the Covers/COVITs (like "COVID") and Coverts/Cofferts in mind, as per "VanCOUVER," and the latter were first found in Sussex with Vise's/Vice's and Acorns while German Snells show only acorns. As there's no Snail-like surname I can find to go with the snails of Bartons, perhaps they are code for the Snells, for English Snells have a "Victoria" motto term, as do COFFERs/Coffee's, and Victoria is not only the capital of Vancouver Island, but Tofino and Nanaimo are on Vancouver Island! Zikers.

Bartons were checked because they share the three boar heads of Caus'/Caustons suspect in the Justin motto. These Bartons have "All is" in their motto while "Ales" is in the Toffen/Toften motto, and Alis' share the muzzled bear with Caus-like Caws'/Mackays. Barts even share the gold-on-blue border with Justins. Caws/Mackays use a "dagger," code for the Dexaroi people group on the Apsus river (Albania), and while Fier county is down that river, Fiers share the moline cross of English Snells. The Fear variation of Fiers is in the Peacock motto along with Justin-like "just," and the peacock is the symbol of Pairs/Pauers suspect in the f"pair of balances" of Justins, and the "pair of blue balances" of Assi's. The latter were first found on Shetland with Yoo's/Yells. Assi's are perfect for describing trudeau because their fasces is the symbol of fascism. trudeau is a fascist with a pacifier, got lots of growing up to do.

Balance's (share the giant Toffen/Toften eagle) were first found in Warwickshire, where TRUE's/Tree's/Trow's were once said to be first found who may have been ancestral to TRUdeau's. True's are in the motto of Home's/Hume's who in turn have the Coat in colors reversed of Toft-branch Touch's/Tuffs (Cheshire, same as Tofts/Tuffs' and Bartons). The Touch/Tuff Coat is that also of Lyons, first found in Perthshire with Justins.

The BLUE Assi balances can be code for Blue's/Gorms, first found on Arran with McABBE's, a potential branch of the Abbs variation Apsus-river Apps'/Epps (Middlesex, same as Fiers/Fears). McAbbe's share the fesse of Coffers/Coffee's, the latter being the ones who share "Victoria" with Snells.

We can even revisit "VANcouver" because Phone's/Fane's/VANs have got to be a branch of PHOENix's/FENwicks (almost share the Covert/Coffert martlets), and we just bumped into the phoenix of Toffen-like Tofts/Tuffs'. I gotta say, that if trudeau is not in Vancouver Island, and if he's got no government-gangster buddies there to which God is pointing, then these heraldic sets of "proofs" are mere coincidences.

The boar-using Bartons can be gleaned as kin of Lesks (boar), Bards (boar) and Leslie's, which explains why Leslie's share the buckle with the Caus/Causton Crest. Leslie's owned Rothes castle on the Spey river suspect with the Speyer variation of Speers (boar heads). Leslie's love the Fasts (Norfolk, same as Caus'/Caustons) in their motto who share the Naim/Name quadrants.

I quit for the day, on the Tofino topic, at the paragraph above, and in the evening came across this dude who says Trudeau's on what sounds like "Lion street" in Tofino, but he gives no source for this claim (after he says this at 12 seconds, there's no point watching the rest of the video). I've found a Lynn rd. in Tofino, and so maybe that's it. Is it another coincidence that the Scottish Lynn surname has spears?

trudeau was in Tofino last fall, where he was exposed as a hypocrite elitist. Even media that favors him puts it this way: "For instance, Conservative MP Michael Cooper wants to follow up on the Tofino scandal, whereby Prime Minister Justin Trudeauís public itinerary had him in private meetings in Ottawa on the first National Day for Truth and Reconciliation on Sept. 30, when in fact he was in Tofino, B.C., on vacation." The article having this comment says that "hundreds" of trucks befell Ottawa over the weekend, making it seem fringe. It's hard to believe that liars of this sort rule the national information services. It's going to be a wonderful day when Jesus comes to cleanse the earth of these types. Hold the Line until Jesus returns, for as the New Dictator, He will dictate that liars be gone to forever-jail, and freedom for honest people will rule. Jesus the Iron Rod will strike the Fatherless bastards dead. Be a son of God today, hold the line to the end, and partake in everlasting life.

trudeau, not wanting to look like the coward that everyone is calling him, came out Monday to make a public statement, but instead of unifying the country and showing understanding, as a strong man of character would, he came out with all guns ablazing, blasting insults at the truckers and their supporters, which is like a fool throwing dirt on his own body for burying his own self. Tell me how these Canadians are going to love him after he portrays them as despicable low-downs?

The trick now is to make his supporters feel ashamed of themselves so that they will fall back and faint. To save himself from the pit he stands in, trudeau has the option of using police force, even military force, to quench the spirits of his enemies, but that can backfire. We knew somebody in the Western world would try it, eventually, and trudeau may be just the tyrant to do it now "better" than Australia. I can hardly believe I'm reporting this. trudeau is surreal, horrible. When a national leader won't listen to his people, the people will go more rebellious on him, and maybe that's exactly what he wants because he wants to be Mr. big-guy tyrant, to make a name for himself before his fellow would-be tyrants. We are pretty deep into a demonic twilight zone. We need to get ready for worse. The signs are everywhere.

Here's trudeau's right arm continuing the slander on Monday:

If you watched that, you saw with your own eyes that the right arm of trudeau speaks just like him, accusing the truckers of having violent insurrection as their goal, which may hint that a January-6 type false flag is planned by the government. On the other hand, this rhetoric may be to pacify the truckers so that they are ineffective. There needs to be anger shown, not anger suppressed, for there has been a murder campaign, and those who deny it now will be held more guilty later if they continue to deny it publicly. Let them condemn themselves with their words. Peaceful rallies may self-destruct. There needs to be anger. You don't drive across the country unless you are angry. SHOW IT. Showing anger is not insurrection. Passion is fuel for a movement. Too much peace will put you back to sleep again. Show passion, you bummed-out canadians. Put the woo-hoo hoopla aside, and start raising the truth by raising passionate voices. Sting and slash your enemies with the truth they wish to deny. This love affair with pro-vaccine demonstrators is your pitfall, Mr. Convoy, your beddy-bye song. You lie even to yourselves if you say taking the vaccines is an acceptable choice. Traitors.

In the video above, you saw passion and anger from the woman, and then the liberal side came back with an emphasis on a "PEACEFUL" demonstration, and to "de-escalate." What he really means is, he wants to see an ineffective demonstration, without raising angry voices. That's their trick, don't fall for it. To gather people to your side, use passion and truth together. Anti-Christs in canada have tried to brainwash the people into thinking that expressed anger deserves "anger management." They succeeded. They didn't want Christians ruining their societal engineering. They succeeded. Now Christians are the targets of persecution. Did they think they could make co-existent peace with the Snake by remaining peaceful before it? Yes, I think the pastors thought exactly that, and thus they are abandoning their sheep to the fangs of this snake, now incarnate in trudeau. The pastors are still not warning their sheep to prepare foods and other needs. I don't hear anything like this from pastors. Perhaps they are being low-key.

Here's the sort of message that the truckers need to convey:

There is at least one truck in Ottawa with a constant horn going off, and I think this is the enemy to keep the people from hearing the speakers on the stage, but also to ruin the spirit of the event, as a constant drips irritates and spoils ones presence. That makes a lot of sense. Can't someone get the wits to walk up to that truck, and tell him to SHUT UP? Who in his right mind keeps the horn going constantly without stop to over 30 minutes? I heard this horn for that long in this video, and it didn't go quiet until the 38th minute, only to start up again at the 40th minute:

A person cannot be angry constantly, but as you saw in the voices of the speakers, if you watched the video above, there was appropriate anger conveyed. The "speeches" are moving the spear tip more on-target, with verbal attacks against vaccinations.

The truck horn is still going after an hour and a half of that video, a clear sign, I think, that the enemy is trying to reduce numbers for Tuesday. This is impish, of course, the way obnoxious bullies operate.

I've seen only one person wearing a mask in the crowds, and so we can firmly see who these people are, the disgruntled abused who are starting to see that they have won the vaccination and mask-up battles. But not so fast, because the enemy put out the Marburg variation last week, which is why I went to the Marberg and Marborough/Marbury surnames. I think I can get back to the latter by starting at the Hague surname. I'm just wondering if there's a pointer here of trudeau to The Hague, International court of JUSTICE, for Justins list "Justice" too. Hague's share the saltire of Oddie's/Hoddys (Yorkshire, same as Hague's), said to be lords of HOLDERness, and while Holders are Olders too, "An OLD man's head" is used by the Barts sharing the Justin border. And Olds are in Marborough/Marbury colors and format. Plus, the Odin branch of Oddie's/Hoddys can be gleaned as a branch of Otone's/OULDons said to have had an ancient "Alan de Oldeton."

The Olds are also in the colors and format of Sola-like Slows, interesting where Sola's are in the Hague motto.

[Insert -- I didn't realize until writing way below that the Bemersyde location of Hague's is near snail-like SMAILholm, and so Smails were loaded to find them listed with the Smalls in Slow colors and format!!! Smails/Smalls were first found in Morley of Morleston, Derbyshire, and while Sola's were first found in Derbyshire too, this insert comes many paragraphs after Morleys become a topic below. Smells share the white crescent with Smails/Smalls and Hague's, the latter first found in Yorkshire with Dents who in turn share "Industria" with Smells. End insert]

I'm just wondering if it's justifiable to go to the Hague surname from the Nans/Nons who share their crescents. First of all, although trudeau was in Tofino last fall acting the COVID hypocrite, the Nans/Nons entered this discussion with "Nanaimo," a region beside Tofino, but it's not Tofino. And so is it justified to go to Nanaimo with heraldic pointers? The heraldic links we saw above involving Nans/Nons, Naims/Name's, Name's/Needs and Needhams seemed to suggest, yes, they apply to trudeau. And of all places to spend an entire winter, I personally stayed in Nanaimo even though I had never lived within 1,000 miles of that place.

[Insert -- I kid you not, it wasn't until after getting to Sollers below, and not until getting to Nagle's, that I read the Sola write-up again to see this: "They held NEEN-Solers at the end of the twelfth century, and had held Hope-Solers for several generations..." NEENs are listed with Nans/Nons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! INCREDIBLE. There is even a Nene/Nain/Nane surname, first found in Belgium with The Hague court. And ZIKERS, the Nene's/Nains/Nane's share the checkered Shield of Cliffords, the latter first found in Herefordshire with Sollers!

The same checkered Shield is with Warrens, from ADA of Warenne, whom David Morley pointed to (in my sleeping-bag dream) when he pointed to Aids/Ade's, suspect as a pointer to the vaccines for the AIDS / HIV programs that many say Fauci is criminally responsible for. End insert]

Needhams were first found in Derbyshire's MORLESon, and while Morleys were first found in Derbyshire too, Morles'/Morleys/Mauls (Yorkshire, same as Hague's) share the vertically-split Shield colors of Bart-like Bartons. The latter's snails took us to the Snells, and the latter's "victoria" motto term was key for pointing to Tofino / Nanaimo, yet the Hague's even have an "inVICTa" motto term that looks like it's at least part of the Victor/Victoria bloodline. The Snell quadrants are colors reversed from the same of Otone's/Oultons. Derbyshire is where Sola's were first found i.e. who are in the Hague motto. Here's from the last update for a Sola pointer to Tony Fauci and FRANCIS COLLINS:

The Sole's/Sola's [Derbyshire, same as Francis'] developed a Solney variation, like the Solniere's/SAULNIER's of SAUNIER's, first found in Perigord with Faux's/Fage's/CHAULNes'/Cholnes'/CHOLLENS' (share dove with Fage-like Page's and Stolls/Stowers). Perigord is also where Fauchys were first found whose grassHOPPER can be of the Hope's/Hopers, once said to be first found in Derbyshire with Sole's. Grasse is at the Provence theater. Sollers owned a Hope location: "Walter de Solars held Hope-Solar, Herefordshire."..."This family was in early times most powerful in Scotland, where it gave its name to the barony of Soulistoun - now Saltoun - in East Lothian."

When Saltons were loaded in the last update, they were seen to be first found in Warley of Halifax, which was perfect for the stool-pigeon set of heraldry that happened be a major part of the last update aside from anything to do with Sola's and Saltons. It now has me wondering whether the stool pigeon, which God sent to my septic tank, is about getting trudeau in trouble with the legal system.

Saltons have a "majores" motto term while English Majors share a giant anchor on red with Fairs/Fare's, who in turn have the giant anchor of German HOPE's/HOODs, the latter being a surname that can link both to Sola's of Hope, and to the Hoods/Hoots, a branch of Oddie's/Hoddys who share the Hague saltire! Zikers, that's purdy good. Irish Fairs almost have the Fier/Fear Coat while the latter's moline is in the Coat of Victoria-loving Snells who in turn have a red dog in Crest to go well with the red greyhound in the Major Crest. As French Majors were first found in Provence with the Lizarts/Sarde's sharing the six pale bars of Sollers, it could be that the crescent of French Majors is colors reversed from the Hague crescent due to a close bloodline connection.

In the quote above from the last update, you can see three dots where I skipped a small portion, and here's what was skipped: "Herefordshire [same as Sollers] is where Doors were first found, and Doria's were first found in Genova with the Fieschi-Grimaldi duo. Saltons share the Doria eagle..." Doria's married Arduinici at ONEGLia, a place named by Nagle's, and German Nagle's happen to have the Hague saltire in colors reversed. (This is where I loaded Sola's to see their Neem location.)

English Nagle's not only have a "Non" motto term, but the Nan/NEEM/Non fesse in colors reversed.

Repeat: "I'm just wondering if there's a pointer here of trudeau to The Hague, International court of JUSTICE, for Justins list "Justice" too. Hague's share the saltire of Oddie's/Hoddys (Yorkshire, same as Hague's), said to be lords of HOLDERness, and while Holders are Olders too, "An OLD man's head" is used by the Barts sharing the Justin border...Plus, the Odin branch of Oddie's/Hoddys can be gleaned as a branch of Otone's/OULDons said to have had an ancient 'Alan de Oldeton.'" I checked for an Ottawa-like Otta surname, and it brought up the Otone-like Ottone's/Otto's. I've explained how the Otone's/Ouldons trace to Ottone Visconti of Milan through the similarity between the Coats of Otone's/Ouldons, Odins and BONs/Bono's (Milan). And Mellans were first found in Ile-de-France with Trudeau's.

After writing two paragraphs below, I'm spotting that the HOOD scene with Sleeping Beauty applies here to trudeau, for she was with an auto while Auto's (share black bull with Beautys) are Otto's too. Hoods/Hoots have a saltire-by-fret in the colors of the Oddie/Hoddy and Hague saltire. Plus, Sleeping Beauty is Miss Hicks, and while Hicks were first found in Yorkshire with Hague's and early Hucks, the "bon" motto term of Hicks needs to be held out for this paragraph as per the Bons/Bono's above, but there's more.

There's a stag head, described as a "gold buck's head couped", in the Hicks Crest, and Trudeau's use gold stags. Oltens (not the Otone's/Oltons) share the Trudeau chevron, the Odins share the Coat of Greenwich's, first found in Kent with the Greens who in turn share three gold stags with Trudeau's. Kent is where DEERings were first found while Trudeau's call their stags "deer," while Deerings have three gold stag heads they call "roeBUCKs" to go with the Hicks buck, you see. English Bucks, first found on Norfolk with Roe's/ROWS, share the antlers of VisCONTI-connectable Conte's (Durham, same as Rowens), and this is just incredible because God knew I would try for a Taw surname from "OtTAWa," and Taws share the gyronny of ROWens! Lookie there, it's like I just caught the rat who accuses the truckers of being Nazis just because one person showed up with a swastika flag. To boot, he was sent into the crowd by the trudeau-supporting rats so that rat-media could report him as the norm for the crowds.

Deerings are said to descend from the Morinis', and Milan is where Maurino's were first found. The Deering ROEbucks are in the colors and format of Roe's who in turn have a "non" motto term, and the "ViVIS" motto term of Nans/Nons (share Maurino and Morinis fesse) can be for Visconti liners. The Time's/Timms (Kent again) suspect in the "timidus" motto term of Roe's/ROWs share the Morinis fleur-de-lys. Amazingly, Hicks (Deering colors) translate their motto, "All in good TIME."

The Vise's/Vice's share the black cross (not very common design) of Heights/Hyte's (Derbyshire, same as Hague-beloved Sola's) while Hyde's use a "noVIS OTIO" motto phrase while Hague's are also Haits/Hate's. The double bends of Hitts/Ith's/Itiers are colors reversed from the two bends of Hiedlers/HITlers. That fits trudeau in HIDing perfectly. He's the would-be Hitler projecting himself onto the truckers. Heidlers/Heidts/Heiders (not "Hiedler") have one of the Hitt/Ith/Itier bends, and even share the white anchor with Hoods/Hoots; the latter were first found in Devon with HATERs/Haiters who in turn have a broken SPEAR in Crest. AHHHH, Hodens/Haders/Hutters, first found in Switzerland with Hitts/Iths/Itiers, have a giant "spear head"!!! It not the head alone for nothing!

The Haters/Haiters look like kin of the neighboring Hosts, and while Shirts/SHARDs use a "Hostis" motto term, I saw myself without a shirt two scene's after I saw Sleeping Beauty at the hood. The Host bull head, half in the colors of the Hater/Haiter bull heads, is in Ottone/Otto colors while a Visconti branch had been of SARDinia, where I trace Shirts/Shards. Sardinians are suspect from Sardis (Lydia), which was also called, HYDE. Hosts (share Speer / Spree crescent) were first found in Somerset with the Roets sharing the Speer boar head. The Wings of Hosts were related to Justins. See also Bulls/Bule's and Popps/Poppens.

I had only my Jeans on when seeing her at the hood, and Jeans/Jane's are said to descend from the Beaufort branch of Roets. Jeans/Jane's are suspect as a branch of James' who in turn were first found in Surrey with VanCOUVER-like Coovers, and Fane's/VANs us GAUNTlets while Catherine Roet married John of GAUNT...the parents of John Beaufort below. James' share the Holland lion, in colors reversed from the Jean/Jane lion, and so see this from the Jean/Jane write-up: "Jane or Johanna (d. 1445), Queen of Scotland, 'was the daughter of John BEAUFORT, earl of Somerset. Her mother was Margaret, daughter of Thomas HOLLAND, second earl of Kent..." Gaunts were first found in Kent. The grandmother of Thomas Holland was Margaret WAKE (baroness of Liddel), believe it or not, as if Sleeping Beauty's wake scene pertains to this picture pointed to by my jeans. This material from the Jean/Jane write-up is new right here, and I'm impressed. Wake's share red roundels with Shirts/Shards, but if this is more than God's history lesson, what could that more be?

Margaret Wake was the daughter of the baron John Wake of Liddel, and Liddle's share spurs with CLOSE's and with Nith-like Knights, Liddle-branch Little's had a branch about 20 miles east of Annandale (Dumfries, same as Kilpatricks), suggesting that Little's can be using the white Kilpatrick saltire because Miss Hicks is Mrs. Kilpatrick while Kilpatrick castle is also the CLOSEburn castle on the Nith river. As I said, I saw her from afar in front of the hood (in my 1979 dream), and the next two scenes were: 1) a CLOSE-up of her face; 2) seeing myself in jeans alone, WALKing toward her car. Walks, with a Wake-like Wach variation, were first found in Dumfries too, and while English Walkers have a "magna" motto term, Little's use "magnum."

English Walkers share the annulets of Ladys/Laudymans, the latter first found in Northamptonshire with Quincys. On the father of Margaret Wake: : "John Wake was born in 1268, the son of Baldwin Wake and Hawise de QUINCY...He was to married Joan de FENES by 24 September 1291." Fenes'/Finis'/Fiens (branch of Fane's/Vans) probably use the lion of Visconti-related Sforza's which itself holds a "QUINCE." Thomas Holland, 7th baron Wake of Liddell, was also the 1st Duke of Surrey, which can explain why Jeans/Jane's share the James Crest while the James Shield shares the Holland lion. As Sleeping Beauty was on Jeffrey Epstein's island, is God linking trudeau to Sleeping Beauty because he's compromised by Epstein's pedophilia? Looks like.

Sleeping Beauty was hovering when I was told to wake her. Here's from my 3rd update in July, 2020: "Did you notice the city of Victoria? Oh, and wow, I had stayed at a friend's place (a male) on Vancouver Island, named Cary by first name. Leavells/Levels of Yvery were at Cary Castle! She was HOVERing LEVEL!! Wow!!!...I now remember that there was a missing child while I was staying on Vancouver Island, up at Nanaimo. The community was asked to help look for the child, and, if I recall correctly, they blamed his disappearance on a freak wave of the ocean coming in. But under the circumstances of what we just read, it looks like a sex-trade abduction."

The Crest of English Walkers uses a "green lizard," and Lizarts are also Sarde's, like the Shard variation of though this is verification that my walking toward her without a shirt is to point to the things you just saw. Scottish Walkers, first found in Berwickshire with the Liddesdale of Liddels and Little's, share the Garland pale bars, three red ones, same Knights. There's a question on whether Scottish Walkers share the saltire and crescent of Hague's (Yorkshire, same as Walkers). As soon as she woke up, we were embracing while rising into the sky, begging whether Hugs/Hughes' were a Hague branch, and whether something sweet will take place at the Hague to minimize the powers of our enemies in time for the final four years.

Jean-related Hollands share the fleur-de-lys of Trade's/TROTTE's, but that alone is not cause for a strong link. The Hicks buck head is "couped" while Scottish Coopers use a "garland" while Garlands not only share the "chaplet" with Hicks', but have three pale bars in the colors of the three-and-three pale bars of Trudeau-like Trots/Trude's/TRUTHs. God gave me a car-hood event with Allison (explained this a million times), and the Allisons with a "Truth" motto term were first found in Lanarkshire with Swans/Sions while swan-using Chaplets were first found in Lorraine, while Lorraine's, in the Lorne's of the Lanark/Lurnack write-up, share "laurel" with Scottish Coopers. One could read this as an extra hint that Sleeping Beauty at her car hood is a pointer to trudeau, and not because he's a good guy.

Lorraine's share the lion of Astys (Lanarkshire), and this is the lion also of TRACKs/Triggs whom were in the last update as a suggested pointer to the TRUCKers because the Track/Trigg "darts" are shown as spears...which was a premise for my suggesting that the spear to trudeau's head is fulfilled by the convoy to Ottawa.

Irish Prays are in this spear to Ottawa, and they share the Trot/Trude/Truth Coat while English Prays are PRETers too while the "Tout PRET" motto of Morays shares "Tout" with Hicks while a Moray Coat no longer shown at houseofnames has a "Dum TIME" motto while "Time" is in the translated Hicks motto.

We can now go to my prayer to God, asking him to spear trudeau in the HEAD. I need to be very upset to pray a prayer like that, but all along the course of my writings, trudeau and company were emphasizing the deliberate murder of people with incidental maimings along the way, and so if you did not have similar sentiments against he and similar national / provincial leaders, I forgive you, brother, I forgive you sister, so long as you repent and pray in the same way. These men need to be quenched and ruined. God is heart-stricken by what they are doing, aghast and pierced in His heart and mind. And so He will not leave them unanswered. There will be a Reaction.

My point is that Heads/Heeds are in Haid/Heid(t) colors, and while the latter are also HAGelsheimers, by what coincidence are Hague's also Hate's/Haits? We would all love to see the spear of God in trudeau's head as his being brought to The Hague, but is that really going to happen? Seems like a fat chance. Hague's had a branch in BEMERsyde, which is Berwickshire, where Haid-like Aids were first found. Bemersyde is near SMAILholm, and Smails/Smalls were at Morley while DAVID Morley pointed to Aids (related to Davids) because Ada of Warenne married the son of king David I. Incredibly, the Smail/Small Crest has a unicorn, and the unicorn heads of Heads/Heeds are in Smail/Small / Haid/Hied(t) colors. I'm impressed.

As BEMERs (hammers and scythes) use the bell, they were linked to Beems because the latter are said to have been Bell-branch Bellamys. I stayed the winter in Nanaimo to help a friend, Mr. Bell, with his CARPENTER work. The Italian Belli's, in the Carpenter motto (!), are listed with Bellens suspect in the following from the Warren write-up: "His name was derived from his fortress situated on the left bank of the Varenne, and called after that river, though later called BELLENcombre." Varenne's are listed with Dutch Verone's while Belli's/Bellens and Bellino's were first found in Verona. And it just so happens that Verona's (not "Verone") were first found in Ile-de-France with Trudeau's.

Plus, Varenne's/Verone's share "black birds" with Scottish Allisons while English Allisons use a "Truth" motto term while Truths/Trots/Trude's look like a TRUDeau branch. I PRAYed for a spear to his head, and Irish Prays share the six pale bars of Truths/Trots/Trude's (half in the colors of the Belli and Carpenter pale bars). The latter use a bear to go with the "bear's paw" of Bellino's, and this paw is vertical so as to act as a pale bar, in the colors of the Truth/Trot/Trude pale bars. We are now getting a clue to a Trudeau branch.

The GAMBino's use a human leg as a pale bar, likewise in the colors of the Truth/Trot/Trude pale bars. The Bellino bear PAW is colors reversed from the "bears GAMB" of POWys' (a gamb is a leg). This gamb is in the colors of the Gambino legs.

Again, I was out to Nanaimo helping Mr Bell with his carpentry work, and while German Belli's use a "beacon," Beacons/Bacons are essentially in the colors and format of the Borderlands Bell Coat. Scottish Belli's share the Carpenter motto, "Per acuta belli." I trace Bacon liners to Bacau, now in Romania, a region stamped on my atlas on the north bank of the TROTus river. It's a tributary of the old AGARus river, and Hagars with Hagens are in Hague colors while Hagars were first found in Perthshire with Justins. Does that all appear Arranged?

Justins were from Justine of Picenum, whose husband was from VINKovci, explaining why Wings/WINKs were first found in Perthshire too, and Wings/Winks share the lone pile of English HAGels. There's a wing in the Tute/Troit Crest. French Sauvage's share the red heart with Trade's/Trote's/DROTHE's while Savage's/Sava's can be gleaned as kin of Hagel-branch Eagle's, explaining the giant eagle of Trute's/Troits, we may assume. Drothe-like Droits/DREWitts bring me back to Dreux's/DREWs and Trews/Tree's.

Justine of Picenum married the son of emperor GRATian, who can be gleaned with the GREAT Coat because it shares a gold border with Justine's, and it just so happens that, aside from the border, Greats have a saltire in colors reversed from the Oddie / Hague saltire.

It is hard to believe that the fellow canadians I grew up with have become the brutal Romans. They are, make no mistake about it. They are becoming the brutal Roman soldiers, the ironheads with hearts of stone, to be crushed by the Crusher. You will not convince them to join you; they will not repent, but will plot harm for you, and carry it out the more you level them with logical, truthful thinking. They are going mad with the infectious venom of evil spirits; they share it with one another in their secret places. They drink snake's blood, spiritually speaking, yet consider themselves to be the champions of all history, the perfected ones to pave the future to a faggot-ridden utopia led by schools just like the old-Communist schools. BLIND VIRAL BATS, they bite the good people and hang upside-down with the worst of the worst. Prepare to survive as best you can without the utility grids and the trucking systems. Get off the tracking systems.

Re-Visiting Joe's Van with Erich Speckin on the Path

Last week I shared a Nick Moseder video, a long one, with Doug Logan sitting in, then joined later by Jovan Pulitzer. Logan was the leader of the Arizona audit (Maricopa county), and he's afraid to tell it like it is, that Karen Fann betrayed his audit. Pulitzer is likewise afraid to say it, though "afraid" may be the wrong word. They are possibly afraid of losing contracts elsewhere if they publicly bite the hands of the ones who hired them. I don't see a better explanation. Jovan, whenever he opens his mouth, is about 70-percent fat, 27-percent grizzle, and three-percent to-the-point.

Fann betrayed the audit. I don't care how well-intentioned she started out to be, Jovan, she betrayed Logan, and the reason why you love Logan so much, I think, is that he's praising Fann instead of publicly humiliating her. She didn't even finish paying him even though he's now broke. She ruined him. If she had told the truth about the audit's findings, Mr. Logan would be a great hero. Instead, softy-tofty that Logan is, he's now a nobody in the field of election auditing. Someone needs to give him another chance, but not if he can't call a spade a spade. Not if he can't stick up for his own audit. Not if he can't shout from the rooftops that Fann took him for a ride, on her broom, and dumped him into a ditch.

Until Jovan joined the video, the interviewers were getting valuable information out of Mr. Logan, but Jovan seemed to be taking the topic off-track, and he does all the talking filled with fat and grizzle. I stopped watching.

In the video below, Erich Speckin joins Moseder this week. Speckin was on the Maricopa-audit floor; he's a paper expert with elections experience, and he's reporting new fraudulent things. Karen Fann buried Speckin's findings. Why? Because she a wonderful person? As Jovan likes to portray her?

Speckin himself is afraid to accuse that fraud took place. He first of all tells that he separated 61 boxes filled with 200 ballots each. He separated them because he was looking specifically for any box having 90-percent or more voters voting either for Biden or Trump. So, in a box with 90-percent for Biden, 180 of the 200 ballots are Biden votes, and 20 votes for Trump. There are 61 such boxes, and only three of them have 90-percent of more for Trump, which is possible aside from fraud because Trump had a huge edge on hapless Biden. But when we see 58 of the 61 boxes going 90-percent or better for Biden, it's obvious fraud, especially as all 61 boxes were from early voting, i.e. the cheats had lots of time to insert fraudulent ballots. Nobody thinks that this happens only in Arizona. The Democrats are a fringe party if not for their unGodly cheating. They would lose all significant power in the United States if they were not permitted to cheat again.

Although Speckin would not accuse anyone of anything publicly on Moseder's show, he did come on to tell his story, and that speaks succinctly as per how he KNOWS his findings to be fraud.

Why didn't the other senators tell the public that Fann decided to bury Speckin's work? Are they all that hopeless? YES. No matter that make a good speech, they are all hopeless if they can sit quiet and not lift a voice against a mere witch.

I ended the discussion thus far on Wednesday night, wondering whether the Speckin surname could link to my JOE's VAN dream, as i came to call it, that I claimed was a pointer to JOVAN Pulitzer's part in the Arizona audit. But I didn't see anything to say...until the next morning upon loading the Speck/Spike surname. It took a while for me to see it, but when I did, I took this discussion out of the news section below, and made it into it's own section.

In the dream, an old friend, JOE Oullette, owned a VAN, and he asked me to get him a "CONTAINer" (Joe's word), which I got him. So, this Thursday morning, I asked the Lord, okay, what could this container have to do with Erich Speckin. And then I remembered the CONTAN surname that I claimed the container pointed to. Contans are listed with French Constance's using a "PINE tree" to go well with the "porcuPINE" in the Speck/Spike Crest, but that's not all, for, BELIEVE IT OR NOT, English Constance's/Custers and Cussons use a giant, red eagle, the Speck/Spike symbol too. I think that's a match. I think God was pointing to Speckin with the container.

As I said, the container was square, and so I theorized that it represented a box of ballots. I took the container from near a house after walking up it's snow-cleared path. The container was a few feet from the home's front door, and when I took it back to Joe, he shovelled snow into it on the rear bumper of his van. I promptly dumped out the snow, and took the container back. I've battled with that mystery, and I now think I have a potential solution. The container represents home-made fraudulent ballots on someone's laser printer, for example, and the snow means that Jovan Pulitzer would be bad for the audit, putting ice on its accomplishments. Although Jovan has the technology and the voice to do damage to the Arizona politicians, he's been protecting Karen FANN.

And by the way, Fann-like PHONE's/Fane's/VANs were a branch of Fenns/Venns/FANNs and PHOENIX's/Fenwicks, and the city of Phoenix (the largest voting block in Arizona) is part of Maricopa county, where Doug Logan's audit took place. I explained already why the last scene in the sleeping-bag dream can point to this audit because the scene was my PULLING the HIPS of Miss Peare toward me on a DECK that acted also as a STAGE for theatrical performances. The container was SQUARE, I must assume, because Decks/Daggers share the red squirrel with Square's/Squirrels. The Hips/Hipkin Coat, akin to the Deck/Dagger Coat, is almost the Phoenix/Fenwick Coat, you see, and so the theory had been that the audit was staged, with the outcome known from the start, to trick the voters into thinking it would be an authentic effort to punish the cheats. The PULLINGs come up when we enter Pulitzer-like "Pulit," what are the chances. This left me scratching my head as to why the sleeping-bag dream would have a final scene pointing to Jovan Pulitzer in Phoenix.

Prior to the last scene pointing to the Hips'/Hipkins, it pointed very well to the WAISTells, for more reason that my pulling her waist when pulling her hips. Suddenly, thanks to what Fann ended up doing last fall, we can even interpret that scene as a WASTEd effort, a tease. She squandered the entire audit, protecting the criminals. She's guilty of crimes.

The "APPEtitus" motto term of Contan-branch Constance's can even help to facilitate this view of things because the Decks/DAGGERs can be from the DEXARoi on the APSus river. For new readers, I need to repeat that Apps'/Epps' were first found in Middlesex with Fiers because the Apsus river flows through Fier country, and the latter is where Kuman is located, explaining the "dagger" of Comyns/Comings. English Daggers/Dackers were first found in Cumberland with Waistells, Fann-branch Vaux's, and Fier-branch Fairs.

As I said, my pulling Miss Peare's waist / hips gave me a sensation identical to one in real life, when I was sleeping between Miss Peare (we were in our teens) and Miss PHILLIPs. There was no sex, the ladies just needed to sleep the night, so they slept in my bed. My recollection was that there was a SNOW storm that night, which might jibe with the snow that Joe dumped into the container. That is, the snow in the container may have as one purpose to link the dream to the night we three slept in the same bed.

The Phillips' are also FILIPS, and thus this speaks to the vote flipping by Dominion voting machines in Maricopa county. Karen Fann allowed Dominion to get away with its crimes. The last time I saw Miss Phillips, she said she was going into "choreography," and that's STAGE productions. There were two women on a deck / stage in the second-last scene of the sleeping-bag dream, and thus one of them must have been Miss Phillips, even though I didn't see her face. I did see Peare's face when she came onto by stage, and that's when the waist-pulling event took place. Peare's were kin of Tiens/Thames in the "Tiens" motto term of Square's/Squirrels.

Scottish Fanns are listed with Vaux's/Vance's featuring a lion "holding in the DEXTER PAW a PAIR of balances proper". Pairs are listed with German PAWs/Pauers/Bauerbuschs, and Dexters are also DECKsters. It appears that Karen Fann can work into the stage scene. Pauer-like Powers were first found in Devon with Fenns/Venns/FANNs, tending to explain why Vaux's took on a Fann variation.

So here's what happened when we all three fell asleep. I woke up pressing Miss Peare's belly toward me (she was facing away from me) with a strong sensation (it felt so good) exactly like the sensation in the dream's waist-pull event. But as she was Kepke's girl at the time, I immediately removed my hand and went back to sleep. We could call it a tease, like in the dream, because the dream ended as soon as I started to pull her my way i.e. we never made contact. I woke up at the start of the pull, and it never escalated, therefore. And Tease's/Tess'/TECKs, a potential Deck branch, were first found in Switzerland with the Ticino canton that named the Ticino/Tessin river that flows through Pavia, where Pierro's/PERO's were first found. So, it appears that God wants to stress the tease factor because Fann and Pulitzer are teasing the voters. And Doug Logan is participating in covering for Karen Fann, shame on him. Logans use nails PIERCING a heart, and Pierce's are also PIERs.

Lookie: I called it the "belly-PRESS" long before coming to the PRESTon location of the first-known Huttons, and their PRIEST-Hutton location. Press'/Prests are also Priests, and Jovan HUTTON Pulitzer likes to use his middle name. Press'/Prests were first found in Hertfordshire with the Titus' suspect in the Constance motto, but also with the Shovels. It's making a hard-as-nails pointer of the shovelling of snow into the container to Jovan! Zikers.

The Pero's/Perino's were first found in Piedmont with Dance's/Donnas' and Dominion-like Domino's. The latter's variations are like the German Damons/Damanns who not only use a DANCETTy fesse, but put the hexagram of Contan-branch Constance's upon it. The Waistell-like Wests use a dancetty fesse too because Italian Dance's/Donnas', having four of the Pero/Perino pale bar, were from king DONNUS of the Cottians, grandfather to Waistell-like Vestalis. The dancetty fesse of Wests is colors reversed from the same of Dove's, explaining the doves in the Waistell Coat.

Ahh, Vestalis' father was king COTTius, and Wests were first found in Devon with Speck-beloved Pine's, Fenns/Venns/Fanns, and Speckin-like SPECcots/SpayCOTTs using FRETs in the colors of the FRETTy of Cotta's/Cottons, the latter first found in Languedoc with container-like Contans/Constance's! That is a beautiful pointer to Erich Speckin. Specks/Spike's share the red eagle with FERTE's and Donnus-like MacDonalds, and while the latter had a Keppoch branch, Keeps share the bend of Speccots. The Contans/Constance Chief is almost that of French Julians (Languedoc), and Aurelia COTTA was the mother of Julius Caesar. French Julians share the Chief of French Alans who in turn share the martlets of Hips' and Phoenix's/Fenwicks.

French Alans look like kin of Gore's/GORE's suspect in the "TouJOURs' motto term of Phoenix's/Fenwicks. Alans of Dol may have been Snow kin because Dols share the Snow fesse. The anteLOPES of Snows jibe with the resemblance of the Gore/Jore Coat to that of Loops, and the Keppoch-connectable Allisons were at Loupe. I read that Fidelow (Normandy, where Gore's/Jore's were first found) of the FIDDLE's was also, "Vis de LOOP," and "Toujours FIDELe" is the full Phoenix/Fenwick motto. Perhaps the hexagram combination with sleeping moon of Loops is a pointer to Karens as per Karen Fann. Loops may have named Westphalia with Alan like Allers and Alan-branch Velins and Velens. We might say that Karen Fann, the wolf in sheep's clothing, took everyone for a loop.

The BELLY-press with Miss Peare is important in several ways, but I would like not to repeat them all. Italian Belli's were first found in Verona with Bellino's while the latter share the "bear paw" with Square's/Squirrels. The Powys' having the Bellino bear paw in colors reversed call it a bears's "gamb" as code for leg-using Gambino's, and then Gamble's share the giant fleur-de-lys of Damann-like DeMaine's, the latter first found in Maine with Josephs and Pulling-beloved Pellicans who in turn share the tower of Howells. Joseph OULlette's surname was a branch of Owls/HOWLs.

The owner of the home where I picked up the square container had big owl-eyes; it seemed he was wearing big-round glasses. It was unmistakable, he had big-round eyes to prove that God chose Mr. Oullette for linkage to Owl/Howl / Howell liners, explaining why Oullette's share the bars "GEMEL" of Monmouths, for Howells and Phone's/Fane's/VANs were first found in Monmouthshire. JOE's VAN. The Gamble's are also Gemel-like Gamals.

Maine's can be gleaned as kin of dove-using Page's (Devon, same as Maine's, Wests and Fenns/Venns/Fanns), and I think it qualifies here to view the Page's as a pointer to ballot pages because Ballots are listed with Belly-like Bellows/Bello's. French Page's/LePage's, first found in Dauphine with the Payens/Pagans (PIERCED hexagrams) who in turn share the Pero/Perino hexagram, have four fesses in the colors of the four pale bars of Dance's/Donnas' (Piedmont, same as Pero's/Perino's and Domino's). I think it's probably a pointer to Karen Fann where the so-called "bellows" of Ships/Shiptons show as FANS. Scottish Bellys share the chevron of STAGE's/Staggs (Devon again).

As Patrick BYRNE is an integral part of the election-fraud fight (though there's reason to view him as a potential bad guy faking being a good guy i.e. a spy), the "Custance de BYERNE" in the write-up of English Constance's should me mentioned. Pat Byrne was, I believe, instrumental in hiring Doug Logan for the audit job in the first place (see this in the News section below). But then there is also the Arizona attorney general at this time, Mark BRNnovich.

When it seems that God is pointing to a person, I don't always know why He's pointing to that person, and cannot always know whether he's a good guy or bad. I had assumed that Pulitzer was one of the good guys; I no longer know which side he's mainly on. For the hope of making big dollars in future audits, he may have sided with the Fann side so as to give appearances that he will be loyal to other politicians who do audits.

The mystery still stands on why shovelled snow went into the container on the rear bumper of his van, and why I dumped the snow out immediately after the box was filled. Who did I represent in that dream, and does my flipping the box upside-down to remove the snow mean that it's a countermove to the freeze that Jovan put on the audit? Jovan praises and excuses Arizona's attorney general whom Karen Fann tasked (in a slow-walk) to do a criminal investigation, but some people, if not most, think it's a sham / STAGED investigation. The audit remains on freeze mode to this day.

Today, I have a new addition to that dream; Erich Speckin. He conveyed, for the first time this week, that 61 BOXes of ballots were problematic. Is he a part of the tease, or is he God's fix for this sham audit? I had told that the Box's share a "fireball" with English Balls, the latter first found in Cheshire with Ballots/Bellows. That doesn't look coincidental at all. And the Box griffin must be that of Dannys/DANCE's (Wiltshire, same as Box's) for a pointer to king Donnus again, of the Cottians, and the Cutters (beside Wiltshire) have dragon heads in the colors of the Box griffin heads.

I picked up a box at Mr. Owl Eyes' place, and after I dumped it out, I felt obliged to return the box to where I had picked it up. If the box represents cheats, why was I helping out the cheats by returning the box? Or, was I striking fear into them, by returning it empty, or after Jovan had a look-see at the ballots?

Either on the first or second trip up his snow-cleared path (I can't recall which), Mr. Owl Eyes was sitting on a lawn chair watching me. The red MacDonald eagle heads are probably in the Clean//McLANE Coat, and as Lawns are also Lane's, the fact that the snow-cleared pathway was CLEANed of snow, we could say, it appears that we've just seen a Lawn/Lane link to the container that itself gets pointed to by the Constance- / Cusson-branch Contans/Constance's! That works. It's to be assumed that the walkway was cleared by a shovel, a pointer to Dominion Voting, I take it, for a reason I'll get to soon.

When I returned to the van after returning the box, it was gone from the street, and I then found myself in a shopping mall looking for Joe, which tends to link this dream to the waist-/ hips-pulling event because it took place in a shopping mall. I had noted that Morleys/MAULs, who were in the sleeping bag dream too, share the vertically-split Shield of Bumps, in case the BUMPer applies to this particular set of surnames. What could it mean that Joe and his van suddenly disappeared? It looks sinister to me. It looks like a trick was played with the snow-in-box.

To assure that Oullette's were an Owl-line merger with Lett liners, but also to assure that the bumper is God's intended prop, Bumps share the giant griffin of LETTers and Lauders. The "RePULLuLAT" motto of Lauders (share Letter Coat) looks partly for the Pully variation of Pullens/Pulits (share JOSEPH martlets), and partly for the Late variation of Letts. I had noted that Bumps were first found in Gloucestershire with the Letts/Late's (share Peare / Tiens stars) expected in "OulLETTe." But Gloucestershire is also where Holders (another dancetty fesse) were first found who share the gold-on-blue griffin with Box's. Eric Holder, Obama's gangster? Doesn't he want to be the next Democrat president? He could use some cheat machines for that quest.

The "ALARum" motto term of Letters looks like part-code for the Allers sharing the escutcheon of Holdings/Holdens, and the latter use "ALLERions." I was HOLDING Miss Peare for the hips event, and Holds/Holts/Halts (Lancashire, same as Holdings/Holdens and Specks/Spike's), with two of the Holder fesses, have a squirrel in Crest ("HOLDINg a hazel branch") to go with the Hips' and Phoenix's looking like they are kin of Squirrel-loving Decks. I think it could be extremely important, as per John Ratcliffe, that Holds/Holts were first found in Bury with RatCLIFFs while "RATioni" is a Constance motto term. Cliffs (Cheshire, same as Ballots/Bellows) married the Stick-branch Stiche's, and "two crossed sticks" are used by Poulos' while Dominion Voting was founded by Mr. Poulos.

The SHOVELing of snow into the box may not mean an audit freeze by Jovan, but by Dominion Voting, for it's original head office was at 215 SPADina road (Toronto) while SPADE's happen to use "two SHOVELs in saltire". I worked in that area as a teen, and therefore discovered that this Spadina address is in Toronto's Chinatown, suggesting that China has ties to some Chinese people of Chinatown with whom Dominion Voting went into financial bed. I FLIPPED the box over / upside-down to dump the snow at the rear of the van. What does that mean? FLIPs/Phillips' were first found in Kent with the Fiens/Fenes'/Finis', a branch of Fiens/Phone's/Fane's/Vans and Phoenix's/Fenwicks.

It was Dominion-important that something be shovelled into the box, but why snow? I still don't have a good answer.

There are also the Feins/Fins (not "Fien") who share the triple fesses of FINchems, and Mark Finchem, former Arizona politician, happens to be at the forefront of pushing the Arizona audit. The same three fesses are with Beaks, and the Holdings/Holdens use "allerions," with are BEAKless eagles. They are red eagles, the color of the Speck/Spike and Constance eagle. Finch's/Vince's were first found in Hertfordshire with Shovels, in case this applies.

I wasn't going to mention that Danish Eriks share the saltire of the French Brians (from Brittany's Alans) for lack of a way to get ERICH Speckins into an heraldic pointer thereby. But then, not only had I failed to see that French Brians included Alan the Red of RICHmond to go with "ERICH," but I remembering that the owner of the square container was sitting on a LAWN chair, for Lawns share the three lions in pale of Irish Brians. Hmm, and half the three lions of Irish Brians are those of the England surname in the so-called "three lions of England" in the Lawn Coat. Beauty, for this looks like a way to identify the square box to the boxes investigated by Erich Speckin.

[I didn't know until loading Constantine's below that Irish Constantine's share the three split-color Brian lions in pale. The Contans come up as Constantine's too. Beauty.]

I've told many times that I think GUILLestre (named after the Guil river), near Briancon, was a location of Julians / Gullys / Gulls/Guils because the Arms of Guillestre has the black, double-headed eagle of Rome. The Specks/Spike's have a two-headed eagle too. And Briancon is directly over the Cottian Alps from Susa, the capital of king Donnus and Cottius. French Julians were kin of Cotta's/Cottons. Richmonds share a blank, gold Chief with Gulls/Guils who in turn have the six pale bars of German Julians in colors reversed.

More blank, gold Chiefs are with Mellans and Rods, recalling the COTTON swab of Steve Mellanson. Mellansons use "rods," and Rods share the trefoils of Frosts possibly in the "FRUSTra" motto term of Gulls/Guils. Frosts were first found in Hampshire with Erich-like RICH's, and the snow in the square box goes well with frost! That's interesting. As the Gulls/Guils are a part of this set of heraldry, it gets us back to the two-headed eagle of Guillestre, and thus very possibly to the Specks/Spike's. OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH WOW, the latter use a PORCupine while Porci's essentially have the Irish Lawn Coat in colors reversed, and Mr. Owl Eyes was on a LAWN chair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I really like that. I'm very tough on God when it comes to making heraldic links. They need to be good, or I don't stress them. The above looks very good, like Intelligent Design.

Frosts share "laurel" with Lorraine's which Rich's/RICHESS' (same place as Frosts) are said to have been from Lorraine, probably from RICHEZa of Lorraine. Frost like English Forrests were first found in Northumberland with Lorraine's who in turn share the bend of Irish Lawns. The Lorne's are in the Lanark/Lurnack write-up, and Lanarkshire is where Lawn-beloved Roys and Guil-beloved Sine's/Swans were first found. Briancon and Guillestre are in Savoy, and Savoy is where Fore's/Forez's/Forests were first found. Forez is where Chagne's were first found who share the giant lion of Laurels (Languedoc, same as Julians, Cottons and Contans), and Guillestre is on the Chagne river. That all works, and while English Cottons were first found in HUNTINGdonshire, "Hunter" is a motto term of Scottish Forrests. These are new pointers for Steve Mellanson (my old friend whom God pointed to). Chagne-like and Chance-related Chase's were first found in Hampshire with Frosts and Changers. Chagne-like Gagnys/GAINE's were first found in Burgundy with the Cussons sharing the giant Constance eagle.

The Fore/Forez fesse is colors reversed from the CURBy fesse, and Curbys share the crescents of the Roans in the "roan horse" of English Lawns. Joe's van was parked at the CURB of the street when he asked me to get him a container, which I got from off the lawn of the man in lawn chair. Was he Erich Speckin? Or was he the cheating enemy? Roans were first found in Galway with Irish GAINE's/Keveneys and Teague's/CAIGE's, and then Cage's were first found in Cambridgeshire with Changer-loving Stanleys, and with English Julians (share cross of Guil-branch Gullys). It makes Caige's and Cage's suspect was the namers of the Chagne river, and as Cage's look like Gates/Gatt kin, it can explain why the Gate/Gatt lion is that also of Chagne's.

Galway is where Clare-branch CLEARs/Claree's were first found, and the container was arrived to on a snow-CLEARed walkway. English Clare's were first found in Suffolk with Owls/Howls, and the man in the chair looked like he had owl eyes. That works. Here's Speckin's webpage:

The page has forensic specialist, LEONARD Speckin (Erich's father?), on it, and it's interesting that Scottish Leonards (TIGER) have one of the three Changer fesses, interesting because upon that fesse the Leonards put the fleur-de-lys of German Gains'/Geyns. Irish Leonards/LENNENs were first found in Galway with Teague's/TEEGERs/Caige's, Gaine's/Keveneys and Lawn-beloved Roans. Scottish Lennens are listed with Logans, and Doug Logan was hired to head up the Arizona audit. Logans may have been LeGane's originally, for while they have a "merces" motto term, Merces'/Mercier's share the Roan crescents.

The "buck grazing" of Leonards/Lennens suggests the Leo's because they are in Grazio colors. But the Graze's/Grasse's can apply because they share the giant CHAIRman lion while Mr. Owl Eyes was on a lawn CHAIR. Lawns are also Lane's, a potential Leonard branch.

There's a Laner surname (shares brown Crest with English Lawns/Lane's) with what could be construed as a double-headed eagle (Speck symbol too) in Crest described like so: "Two eagle's heads RISING out of a CRESCENT". The city of Phoenix is in RISON-like Arizona while Risings are also Risons, and of course you know about the rising phoenix. Cressents and Cressy were first found in Burgundy with both Gagny/Gane/Gain surnames. Cressys share the giant lion of Aulnays (also in the Oullette Chief) who are in turn in the Oullette write-up as an Oullette branch. It looks like God set the Laners to link to Joe Oullette, and therefore to the lawn's walkway. The BRAMPTON-Speck location of Specks recalls that BRAMtons were from Keturah and Abraham, and that Keturah's name is from a tribe that morphed into the namers of Kotor, right beside Rising-like Rhizon! Beauty. Cottars could be of the Cottard of French Cottons/Cotta's, and Cutters were first found in Dorset with Beautys.

PLUS. The Aulnay / Oullette lion is shared by Always' in the Ainsley motto. Always' were first found in Suffolk with Owls/Howls! Ainsley Earhardt played Sleeping Beauty in my 1979 dream, and she pointed to Rhizon absolutely when she and I were rising into the sky! The AINSleys and their Annas branch are suspect from "Anak" of Hebron, whom Abraham knew. He was an AMORite, suspect to the MOORcock in the Oullette Crest. Always look like a branch of Alleys who in turn share the lion of Roys in the Lawn motto! Beauty.

The Hanks in the "hanks of cotton" of English Cottons almost have the Cressent Coat, and this same Joe Oullette, in real life, was praying for Steve Mellanson's ear-blood problem when the latter put a COTTON swab into his EARhardt-pointing ear. That's very cool. As Cressents share the Neret Coat (very similar to the CUTTER Coat) while Nerets (Dol) were first found in Brittany with French Brians, I still suspect that the latter share the saltire of Eriks so that Joe Oullette may contribute to a pointer to Erich Speckin. When I dumped the snow out of the box, perhaps it means that what Jovan put a freeze on, Speckin's team / supporters will resolve / counter.

English Gains/Engain's are said to have married the Vere earl of Oxford, near Berkshire, and the latter is where Windsor castle was, giving hint as to why Gains/Engains share the Windsor and Gore crosslets. Windsors descended from Others/Otters, first found in Huntingdonshire with Gains/Engains. The Other/Otter crescents are shared by Guil-related German Julians. Berkshire is where Susa-like Susans were first found, and the Cottians of Susa used the dancette, and so we see that Gains/Engains use another dancetty fesse. Cotta-connectable French Julians even share the Windsor saltire, in the colors of the saltire-like fret of Specotts/SpaCOTTs. Cotta's/Cottons use fretty in the colors of those frets, and English Cottons were first found in Huntingdonshire too, how about that.

The Specott Coat has the look of the Other/Otter Coat, and while PENdragons (Dragon/Drainer branch) were first found in Cornwall with mythical Gorlois, see this from the Speccot write-up: "We did find that the manor PENheale, in the parish of Egloskerry, Cornwall was sold to 'John Speccot, Esq. who was sheriff of Cornwall in 1662...'" Heale's were first found in Devon with Speccots, and Hells were first found in Kent with Gore's/Core's. Caesars (Surrey, same as Burners/Berners) were once said to be first found in Kent, where Gore's/Core's were first found who named mythical GORlois, whose wife UTHER Pendragon committed adultery with. Utters are also OTTERbyrne's. OtterBYRNE looks connectable to Mr FitzBURNER in the Speccot write-up. Hells share the fleur-de-lys of German Gains'/Geyns.

Ahh, as Heale's were first found in Devon with Fenns/Venns/Fanns and SPICE's, I suggest the Heale Crest is the Phoenix/Fenwick Crest due to a bloodline connection. Phoenix's/Fenwicks were first found in Northumberland with Keep-loving Hebrons/Hepburns, and KEEPs share the Speccot bend while I claim that God showed me that Mr. KEPke's surname traces to king SYPHAX (Numidian), a name like the SPIKE/Spick variations of Specks! Good one. I had forgotten about Spice's until now, and they share the "fire ball" with Box's and Ballot-connectable Balls!

OH WOW, I had caught site that Numidians were related to the namers of NEAMT, on the BistRITA river of Romania one major river north of the TROTus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Spice's are in TRUDeau colors and format!!!!!!!!!!! Rita's were first found in Rome, and Syphax was put under house arrest in Rome. Neamt was the land of TRYPillians, and Trips (Kent, same as Gore's and Numidian-line Masons/MASSINs) share the Gore crosslets. King MASSENa of the Numidians helped to capture Syphax. RasMUSSENs share the Fire unicorn. The Walsh's/Walchs, from Wallachia near Neamt, use an "AuSPICE NUMine" motto, and Kepke was engaged to Miss Walsh. Spice's are in Trudeau colors and format, and while Scute's (Lancashire, same as Specks/Spike's) share "deer" with Trudeau's, Scute's share the gold tower with Spice's. This recalls my tracing the Scute CRANE (holds a rose for Rus liners such as Roxolani) to "UKRAINE," beside Wallachia.

The Scute crane-with-rose is shared (different colors) by Gamals/Gamble's while Oullette-beloved Gemels share the pierced swan with Irish Walsh's/Walchs. Gamals/Gamble's share the fleur-de-lys of Porci's, but so do hundreds of other surnames. Gamals/Gamble's look like kin of English Lease's whose "CLARior" motto term tends to explain why Scottish Lease's/Liss have two of the triple-Clare chevrons. Joe Oullette sent me up the snow-CLEARed path to get the box. English Lease's were first found in NorthUMBERland while UMBRia is where Porcia's were first found.

For the first time I recall, I think "AUSpice" is part-code for the Aus variation of Aurs/Aures', beautiful because Aures is a region in Numidia! I don't recall trying for an Aus surname before. "Uro" is a motto term of MacKENZie's/Kenneths, and queen KENZa of Aures is certainly in view with MacKenzie's/Kenneths because Scottish Ure's have a version of the Aur/Aures Coat. The amazing thing here is that MacKenzie's share the gold-on-blue border of Justins, wherefore it does seem that Spice's were Trudeau cousins round-about. Does trudeau know Mr. Poulos, Dominion founder?

(For my records, Hells share the Crab Coat while Crabs pointed to the Apophis asteroid that could hit earth in 2029. The Trudeau stag is in the colors of the Hooten stag heads).

The "Sans tache" motto of Ure's is shared by Napiers while the Naparis river was home to the ROXolani at the Wallachia theater, tending to explain, along with another factor, why Scottish Walsh's were first found in ROXburghshire. Sans'/Sanchez's share the eagle of Spice-like Spinks. Is it coincidental that the vertically-split Shield of Tache's is that of Spade's/Spats too?

Spice's tell of a Mr. Spicer at FINibus while Fenns/Venns/FANNs were first found in Devon with them. The Speck/Spike porcuPINE can link to Spice's here because the Fenn/Venn/Fann fesse-with-items is in the colors of the fesse-with-items of French Pine's while English Pine's were first found in Devon with Spice's, Brampton-Speck, and Fenns/Venns/Fanns. The LeSPINasse variation of French Pine's (Spink colors) may have formed the Spine's/Spings because they have similar Coats.

The DOMINion CEO was/is Eric Coomer, and so it appears that God arranged the DOMINabitur motto term of Coomers (DOME colors). Coomers share the dancetty fesse of Damons/Damms while Domino's are also Damans. This dancetty fesse is colors reversed from the same of Dives', and then while the Dives river is near the Orne of Herons and Orne's/Horns, a giant heron is used by Dome's. The dancetty fesse above is in different colors with Domins/Dolmans, and the latter's is in the colors of the dancette of Dunhams who come up as "Domen," which could look like it lumps Barack Dunham-Obama in with Eric Coomer. The Domin/Dolman dancetty fesse is shared by Holders, and Eric Holder was Obama's first attorney general. Dunhams/Domens use a "martin" while English Martins share the Coat of Irish Dene/Deans (crocodile) who in turn share the full motto of English Deans/Deins, first found in Sussex with early Diens/DIVES'. As I said, Joe Oullette's wife, Diane, was in the Joe's van dream, though she did nothing in it, and English Deans/Deins came up as "Diane." The Dene crocodile pointed to Mr. Zlochevsky, owner of Burisma gas.

Domino's/Damens were first found in Piedmont with Dance's/Donnas' and Pero's/Perino's while Napier's come up as "PEERless." Pierro's/Pero's have a fesse in the colors of the Coomer dancetty fesse. The "astris" motto term of Coomers jibes with the "astra" of MacKenzie's, and while Numidians included the Shawia peoples, Domins share the "garbs of wheat" (often called "sheaves") of Shaw-related Comyns/Comine's (both use a dagger). Those Shaws (in Comyn colors and format) were first found in Perthshire with Justins (share MacKenzie border), and with early Bitars/Butters possibly suspect in "dominaBITUR." Note the "itur" in "dominabITUR," or the "patITUR" of English Shaws/Sheaves,' or the "itur" of MacKenzie's, suggesting king IDRis, husband of Kenza above? English Shaws/Sheaves' were first found in Berkshire.

Berkshire's use frets too (along with Speccots), and it happens to be the fret of Speck-like Spencers whose "defend" motto term is suspect with otter-using Fenders (Huntingdonshire). WILTshire is where Berkshire's were first found, and English WILDERs (Gore/Core fesse?) were first found in Berkshire while German Wilts/Wilds/WILDERs look like kin of Woods (Leicestershire, same as Spencers) who share "defend" with Spencers.

The paragraphs above don't get us to Specks, but they do touch upon Speccots, and while the latter share the fret (different colors) with Spencers, the latter's fret has a central mascle in the colors of the mascles of PATHs/Perts/Petts, who had been to topic in the past with the "snow-cleared PATH" (as I called it) that I took to the square CONTAINer. Paths/Perts/Petts (Kent) have their mascles on a bend in both colors of the Other/Otter bend-with-items. Speccots were first found in Devon with CONSTANTine's, with "Brampton Speke in the county of Devon" (Speck write-up), with the Pine's in the Speck porcuPINE and in the CONTAN/Constance/CONSTANTINE pine tree. It appears that God intended for me to walk down a snow-CLEARed PATH to get the container, especially as Clear-branch Clare's named County Clare, where Irish Constantine's were first found! Wow! And, I kid you not, Irish Constantine's share the triple lions in pale of Lawns!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Clears even use "nettle leaves" while Nettle's have "...snakes entwined, respecting each OTHER," a perfect description of Dominion and it's political gangsters. Snake's/Snooks, sharing the red fleur-de-lys with Irish Lawns, even have a Coat like that of Walks/WACH, and the path was a walkway too!

Those are the kind of heraldic links I LOVE to see, especially when it grabs me by surprise. INVINCIBLE GOD, at our service, telling us He's seen the election fraud from centuries ago, and that He's watching over the crime syndicate set their well-deserved trap. It means that He did intend for the square box to be a CONTAINer. I can't think of anything other than a ballot box that it should represent.

The Path/Pert / Spencer mascle is even on the shovel handle of Spade's for an additional pointer to Spadina avenue, Dominion's Canadian headquarters. The crossed Spade shovels make a saltire in the colors of the saltire that's part of the Spencer fret. Spence-like Spinks (share Snake/Snook fleur-de-lys) have mascles too. Spade's, in the colors of Irish Lawns, are also Spats while Spatts/Spats (Bavaria, same as Spade's/Spats) happen to have the horizontally-split Shield of English Lawns! I think that's a great pointer to Dominion Voting.

The Birds in the "bird" of Spatts/Spats have the Lawn fleur in colors reversed. The Bird fleur are those of Porci's, and then Porch's (share "Pro" with Bassets) have the Coat of Bassets (Staffordshire, same as English Lawns) in their Crest while Oullette's were at Quilly-le-Basset. Oink-oink, wink-wink. This makes the Spatt/Spat hexagram look like the one of Pro-like Pero's, first found in Piedmont with Domino's. The Spatt/Spat and Lawn Shields are split horizontally in the colors of the same of Groce's/Greggs/Graggs, the latter being an obvious branch of the Craig > Craigie > Carrick line because Carricks share "Garde" with Lawns. English Gards were first found in Kent with GREENs and Snake's/Snooks, and the latter share the Crest of Scottish Drummonds who in turn share the Basset Coat. Gards share the GREEN martlet with Denvers, and Dominion Voting's U.S. head office is in Denver. Craigie's look like kin of Spine's/SPINGs.

I almost missed this from the Basset write-up: "The surname Basset was first found in Staffordshire where the family traces back to THURSTON, a Norman who held six hides of land in Drayton (known today as Dayton Bassett.)" God had pointed with Miss Hicks to Lovey and THURSTON HOWELL, and while Oullette's were Howell kin round-about, I have told in the past that Thurstons were first found in Suffolk with Owls/Howls.

English Constantine's share the fleur-de-lys of Julian-connectable Jeune's (Cambridgeshire, same as Julians). Jeune-branch June's share the Pendragon, DURANT, and SALES fleur-de-lys, and while Briancon (Cottian Alps) is on the DURANCE river of the SALYES Ligures, the Irish Brians use the three split-color lions of Irish Constantine's, how amazing is that? Guillestre is on the Chagne river draining into the Guil that itself drains into the Durance. Caesars are now said to be first found in Surrey with the Steers who in turn have a good reflection of the Irish Constantine Coat.

As the path was a walkway too, I think I can glean that God provided a way for Walks/Wachs to work into this heraldry. Keep in mind that Brians worked into this with the Eriks too. The "UACHtar" motto term of Irish Brians looks like part-code for Wachs, for Walks/Wachs were first found in Dumfries with the Kilpatricks who share "laidir" with Irish Brians. Dumfries is where the Nith river flows, and where the Nitts/NAUGHts were first found while Nights/Naughts/NETs have lions in the colors of the one half the Constantine / Brian lions. Lawns use three "lions of England" while Englands use three lions in the colors of the other half of the three Constantine / Brian lions. Walkers were first found in Yorkshire with Englands, and with the NETTle's in the "nettle leaves" of Clears. This has the snow-cleared walkway all over it, but why?

The lions of Englands have an "ermine spot on its shoulder," and Ermine's (share Lawn / Brian lion), with a giant ermine spot in Crest, almost use the Coat of Annandale's while Annandale is in Dumfries too. Scottish Walkers almost have the Knight Coat. The star-crescent combination of German Walkers even looks like the CONTAN/Constance Chief. Walks/Wachs look like kin of Julians, Dols, and Bride's (Savoy, same as Briancon).

The following quote from the Speck write-up continues to make the case that this cleared-path scene is a pointer to Erich Speckin: " 1086, a descendant, Richard Le Espec acquired the manors of Wenworthy and Brampton Speke in the county of Devon, which he held from Robert FitzROY of Oakhampton." Not only are Roy's in the motto of English Lawns, for the Speck PORCupine must be for Porci's because they have the Coat of Irish Lawns in colors reversed. And as a Dol Alan ruled Oakhampton (whose daughter married Robert D'Avranches of FERTE-Mace), it tends to verify that the Speck bars are those of Dols, which in turn nails the Brittany Brians (share Erik saltire) with Alans of Dol who came to rule Erich-like Richmond (Yorkshire, same as Specks of Helmsley). As French Maurels were first found in Brittany too while Italian Maurels are Maurino's, the same Eriks may have the Morinis fleur-de-lys, for Morinis' even have two of the Dol fesses.

Also from the Speck write-up: "'Espec's chief property was in Yorkshire, and he resided at Helmsley.'" The Helmsleys (Yorkshire) use a "garde" motto term to go with the "Garde le roy" of English Lawns, how about that! It's another reason to see Erich Speckin in the path / walkway across the lawn of Mr. Owl Eyes. English Lawns were first found in Staffordshire with Bassets while owl-like Oullette's were at Quilly-le-Basset.

I think I'm ready to make a theory. Somebody else could have gone to get the container besides myself. But as I was the one to dump it, and as I'm for the honest guys, perhaps this means that Jovan Pulitzer is the bad guy who contributed to keeping Speckin's work in the dark. Both men are paper and ballot specialists. Jovan's contributions to the Arizona audit were in ballot inspections, and perhaps he wanted to become known alone so that the next American county to do an audit would hire him. And so perhaps he helped to deny the work of Speckin to the people, but my overturning the box was undoing Jovan's snow job. A "snow job" is slang for deception. Jovan Pulitzer is trying to persuade people that Karen Fann and Arizona's attorney general are legitimate while they pull off a snow job. I think this view works. The snow was shovelled into the box, and to the best of my ability to decipher, the Spade/Spat shovel represents Dominion Voting.

The Ballots/Bellows share a "vita" motto term with Joyce's who in turn share the giant, two-headed eagle (same colors) of Specks/Spike's. I almost missed this. Obama was on the board of the Joyce Foundation. The "honoraBILIS" motto term of Joyce's looks connectable to the Billets sharing the Ballot/Bellow Coat, and Billets were first found in Devon with Speccots, with location of the Specks, and with Pine's. The bilis-like Bliss'/Bless'/Blois' (Leicestershire, same as Woods) almost have the Coat of Porci's suspect in the Speck porcupine! Bills' use the pelican while Pellicans (share Howell tower) were first found in Maine with Billiards/BILLETs, and with Domino-like DeMaine's who in turn share the Porci fleur-de-lys.

The Bliss/Bless/Blois Crest is almost the Crest of Roet-related Bows/Boughs (branch of Books/Boggs), and while Roets (Somerset, same as Bills') were kin of BILLS' ("WOOD bills"), the Roet BOOK can be a branch of Box's (Wiltshire, beside Somerset)! That works well, and Roots/Route's were Wood kin. Book-like Bochs/Bocks (partially in Franconia, same as Schwabs/Swabs) even have a "NoBLESSE" motto term, and here I can add that while Assmannshausen is at RUDESheim/Ruedesheim, Rasmussens/ASSMANNs share the giant Schwab/Swab unicorn. Billets and others under discussion were first found in Devon with Rudes-branch Ridge's.

Schwabs and Rasmussens almost have the Coat of Haeks (Boch/Bock colors and format) expected in the "Haec" motto term of Scoots/Scougals. German Troys (look like Trump/Tromp kin) share the Haek Coat while Irish Troys share the Box griffins, and Box's were first found in Wiltshire with TRUMPet-using Calls/Calles' and Scoot-like Shots/Shute's/Schute's. Calls/Calles' are linkable to the "chalice of Belows, and to the location of Ballots/Bellows. That works. Scoots/Scougals were first found in East Lothian with the Nobels viably in the "NOBLesse" motto term of Bochs/Bocks. That works. And Dutch Nobels have the Coat of German Eriks in colors reversed.

Roots/Route's (Kent, same as PHILLIPS'/Filips) almost have the Coat of French Louis' while Welsh Louis' and Lewis' were first found in Glamorganshire with Joyce's. If per-chance the Joyce Foundation funds false-flag / staged events, LOUISE PHILLIPS, on one of the mall stages with Miss Peare, comes to mind with the Louis', for she was on that stage in the SLEEPing BAG dream while Bagleys (Shropshire, same as Sleeps and Rudes'!) share the Root/Route Coat, and named Bagley-Wood. While Specks were in Brampton (Devon), Bramptons share the Coat of Duce's feasibly in the "Ducit" motto term of Phillips'/Filips. Duce's (Staffordshire, same as Bassets) look related to Bassets in the PORCH Crest.

My FLIPPing the box over comes to mind with Louise Phillips, but what I don't like here is the potential connection of Erich Speckin to the Joyce Foundation. I met Louise when she worked at Pennington's clothing, and while Penningtons (very connectable to the Phillips/Filip motto) share blue lozenges with French Louis', the Pennington lozenges are in both colors of the Root/Route and Bagley lozenges, and finally Penningtons were first found in Lancashire with Specks/Spike's. The Pennington write-up highlights an early "Gamel de Pennington," and Gamble's/Gamals share the fleur-de-lys of Porch-like PORCi's (and Bliss'/Bless'/Blois') expected in the Speck porcupine. Gemel-using OulLETTE's were at Basset. Gamels share the Peare and LETT/Late stars while Peare's were first found in Oxfordshire with the Crispins sharing the eight bars of Porch's, and then French Crispins were first found in Lorraine with French Louis'. French Crispins share the pomegranate with Grazio's, and the latter were first found in Umbria with Porcia's. I'm confused. Is Speckin a good guy or bad guy?

Aside from the colors, the Scute Crest is the Gamble/Gamal Crest, and German Camels have a lozenge colors reversed from the Louis lozenge. The Camel lozenge is that also of Brix's/BRISons/Brests, and "teneBRIS" is a motto term of English Lease's who in turn are essentially in the colors and format of Gamals/Gamble's.

Enter the Erichs

I don't remember seeking an Erich surname before. It uses six bends in colors reversed from the same as the Crest of Birds. The latter describe their Crest eagle head as "DuCALLY gorged." I figure that it's part-code for Duce's/Doocys sharing the Bramton Coat because Callys/Cauleys were first found in Norfolk with Bramtons, and, to boot, the Cally/Cauley bend-with-stars is in the white on red of the Speccot bend-with-frets while Speccots were first found in Devon with Brampton-Speck, and with the Bird-like Berts (chevron-with-crosslets in same colors as bends-with-items above). Plus, as Birds are also Burds, it's super that Burts share the Bert Coat while being first found in Norfolk with Hips'. It's pretty amazing that Erichs should get us so cleanly to Specks/Spike's, but as it does so via the Birds, I have something to repeat.

After pulling the hips / waist of Miss Peare in the final scene of the sleeping bag dream, I told about it and repeatedly wrote, "it felt so good" when comparing it with the feeling I had with the belly-press with the same Miss Peare. It should first of all be repeated that Waistells share blue doves with English George's while we just saw the "ducally GORGed" eagle of Birds. And Waistells look very much to be from the royal Cottians expected with the Cotta/Cotton FRETTy, in the colors of the FRETs of Speccots/SpaCOTTs.

I had found that Felts, from "it felt so GOOD," used the Bouillon flory cross in colors reversed. But as concerns us above, Felts share the giant flory cross of the other English Birds/Burds, both first found in Cheshire with Belly-like Ballots/Bellows, do you see? We're being pointed to the ballot inspections of Erich Speckin. For all I know, Speckin is an IT specialist to go with "IT felt so good." The Bouillons use a "BELLO CHRISTi" motto phrase, and while Miss Peare is CHRISTine by first name, Ballots/Bellows come up as "Bello." Godfrey de-Bouillon, son of GODa, was the great-grandson of GOTHelo, and German Goods are also Guts and Goth-like Guths while a gut is a belly. So, you see, it seems that God caused me to write, "it felt so GOOD," before I realized the reasons for it. I've repeated this many times, but never with Erich Speckin in the picture, for I didn't know of him until days ago.

But a pointer to a person doesn't tell us whether he's a good guy or bad. While it felt good, I could translate that as his being a good guy doing some marvelous good thing. But then, as the HIPS PULLING could be construed as a tease that pointed to PULITzer's work in Phoenix, maybe Speckin can be viewed as just another tease.

While Hips' almost have the Phoenix/Fenwick Coat, it's just amazing that the latter's phoenix is a gold, spread eagle to be seen (without flames at the tail) in the Crest of German Bello's/Belows (share giant double-headed eagle in different colors with Specks/Spike's). Spanish Bello's share the border colors of Italian Berts/Berta's, and have "pilgrim's staffs" to go with the "staves" of Pilgrims, the latter first found in Norfolk with Bert-branch Burts and Stevenson-branch Steins. Stave's/Stevensons were first found in Northumberland with Phoenix's/Fenwicks and Greats, and the other Northumberland Stevensons look like kin of Valentins (squirrels), expected from Valentinian I, husband of Justice of Picenum because her line uses borders in the colors of the Bello, Berta, Justine and Great borders.

While I'm here, I may as well repeat that Ballots/Bellows have: "...Bellet or Bellot of CALLOUville in Normandy, but emerged in the 12th century as Bellow or Bellows." English Belows/Bella's have a "CHALICE" in Crest to go with the CALLOuville of Ballots/Bellows. I included the Greats above because Valentinian I was a son of GRATian, suspect in the "Grata" motto term of trumpet-using calls/CALLES', and then Chalice's/CHALLES' (Susan colors) are said to be from "Eschailles, in Pas de Calais", and then Pas-de-CALAIS was home to count Eustace II, father of Godfrey de Bouillon (I don't know if the latter lived in Pas-de-Calais).

What are the chances that Greats share the saltire of Danish Eriks?!?!?! Amazing. Greats are said to have been in OVERS of Shropshire (beside Cheshire), and fret-using Overs (Cheshire) might just be part of Sleeping Beauty HOVERing OVER the seats of her car.

The Chief of Erichs has the crosslets of Gore's/Core's, Trips, Hamburgs, Gains, Rench's, and Windsors (I can't remember any others), but at first glance I don't see how to work any of these surnames into things pertaining to Erich Speckin. But wait. We can take Gore's to mythical GORlois, for he looks like part-code for Louis-like LOIS' (giant ostRICH!) due to the latter being first found in Artois while Gorlois' wife was made mother to king Arthur. Artois includes Pas-de-Calais! Arthurs used "clarions" thought by some to be trumpets to go with Calls/Calles'. Ahhh, beauty, this recalls LUIS of Ceva on the CEVETTa river, and the Cavetts share the eight fessewise bars of Specks/Spike's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is that not wild?

The brother of Godfrey de-Bouillon was king BALDwin I of Jerusalem, whose name traces well to the BALTea river of Piedmont. It flows through the Ivrea location of ARDUINici, which tends to explain the ARDINcaple location of Alleys/Auleys/CAULEYs (ARROWs), recalling the Callys/Cauleys taken from the "duCALLY gorged" eagle in the Crest of Birds who in turn look related to the Erich bendy. The Arrows/Arras' are from Arras, the Artois capital. The heraldic "bird BOLT" looks traceable to Baltea-river liners, for Bolts/Balts and Boltons use the "arrow." The Bolton chevron is shared with Berts and Burts, and Boltons share a giant griffin (different colors) with Berts/Berta's. Boltons share two motto terms with the Cavett-connectable Chives' from Chivasso (near Turin) on the same Baltea river, and while we saw Cavetts sharing the eight bars of Specks/Spike's, the latter were first found in Lancashire with Bolts/Balts and Boltons (Turin colors). Amazing.

The Arduinici were in ONEGLia in marriage to Doria's who could have the Below eagle, and then Nagle's/Nails share the Erich saltire too. The Lois' of GorLOIS are amazing here, for ERICH's may be of the Rich's (Biden kin) suspect in the Lois ostrich. The it-felt-so-good event in the dream (that points to de-Bouillon's family) happened when Miss Peare came off her stage with LOUISE Phillips, and onto my stage. Why didn't I go onto their stage for that event? Why was I on a stage too? As I said, the last I saw Louise, she said she was going into CHOReography, and Gore's are Core's too who share the Erich crosslets. I now repeat that Eustace's and their Stacy branch share a cross between antlers with STAGE's/Staggs, DO YOU SEE? The latter even share the Belly chevron while the latter's eight-pointed star is shared by Duce-line Ducs/LeDucs...who could be in the "DUCally gorged" bird eagle, black like the black griffin (has an eagle's head) of Bolts/Balts.

We can even add that the Eustace crosslet is between the antlers of the Vice's/Vise's who in turn share the stag head of Tromp-connectable Acorns and Knee's, and it's the latter who have a PHOENIX in Crest. The Bolton buck's head has "an arrow THROUGH the neck," and Necks have a stag head with antler emphasized. "Through" is the full motto of Hamiltons sharing the Ballot/Bellow / Billet cinquefoil. And this is a good place to tell that Bird-connectable Erichs were first found in Oxfordshire with the Ships who use "bellows (FANs) while a giant ship is used by Renfrews while Hamiltons were first found in Renfrewshire. The Renfrew ship is shared by BALDS and their Scottish BAUD branch while French Bauds (Bald / Baud colors) were first found in Auvergne with Bouillons probably because the Baltea is also the BAUTica river. Scottish Bauds were first found in Stirlingshire with Chappes'/CHEAPs while Jeepma's/CHEPs share the giant two-headed eagle of chalice-using Belows. Wirrals use "cups" looking like chalices, and Ballots/Bellows were at Wirral.

Erichs were first found in Oxfordshire with the Peare's/Pears and the BAUD-like Abotts who use PEARs. Oxfordshire is also where Crispins were first found who share the eight bars of PORCH's (Norfolk, same as Bus') who in turn share the Ballot/Bellow / Hamilton / Bus cinquefoil. Porch's use a "PRO" motto term. Rich's (Hampshire, same as Bolton-like Bottons/Buttons/Bidens) use bottony crosses, and even have a "rising" wyvern dragon while Arizona-like Risings/RISONs were first found in Norfolk with the Porch's feasibly in the Speck porcuPINE. French Pine's share white cinquefoils with Porch's/ etc. Abott-like Bote's/Butts/Bute's share the Botton/Button/Biden fesse. Pine's have their cinquefoils in both colors of the same of Kims, first found on BUTE with the Glass' who could be in the big-round glasses of Mr. Owl Eyes. Rich's even share a "Garde" motto term with Lawns (share Bolton lion), can we believe it, another pointer of the square box upon the lawn to ERICH Speckin, wow.

Rich's even share "foy" with Haydens (Norfolk again) while two Foy surnames are also Foix's while the Ballot/Bellow Crest has a fox head.

I now need to click over to Sleeping Beauty as represented by Miss Hicks who married Hamilton Kilpatrick, for she and I were RISING into the sky the second I touched her KNEE, and the knee phoenix points to Phoenix, Arizona. Our rising did not feel like a tease at all, but why should it point to the Arizona election audit? It was the last scene, as was the waist-pull. I TOUCHed Beauty's knee, and Touch's/Tuffs were first found in Cheshire with the Tufts/Tuffs' sharing the red Knee phoenix. Cheshire is where Ballots/Bellows were first found, and Hicks share "Tout" with the motto of the chalice-using Belows (Yorkshire, same as Hicks). The Hicks share the buck's head with Boltons, and the Hicks buck's head is in the gold color of the Stage/Stagg stag head. Bolts are also Ballot-like Balts. German Belows use a giant eagle in the colors of the HICKson eagle LEG, and the Crest of the latter Belows/Bellauts (Pomerania) is almost the Phoenix/Fenwick Crest. I touched her LEG.

The Oxfordshire location of the first-known Erichs is of obvious connection to the Peare- and Abott-related TIENS'/Thames because I picked up a SQUARE box while "Tiens" is a Square/Squirrel motto term. It's another pointer to Erich Speckin's ballot-box inspections. The full Square/Squirrel motto is translated, "Hold firm," and Holds/Holts use the squirrel. I was holding Peare in the stage event pointing to the Phoenix audit. FIRMens ("CHRISTo") and Formans/Fermans love the Anchors suspect with the Tiens/Thames Chief. The Erich Chief is in the colors and format of the Forman/Ferman Chief.

And by the way, the CHRISTs suspect in the Firmen and Bouillon motto look like kin of both Hips' and the Decks/Daggers, the latter sharing the red squirrel with Square's/Squirrels. The hips-pull was on a stage when connecting with de-Bouillon's family, but the stages were decks too, though originally I called them platFORMs to go with FORMans, and then Platts share the scallops of FENNs/Fanns (Devon, same as Wears/Wears and WARE's) who go with Phoenix's/FENwicks with almost the Hips Coat. Is that tidy enough for the doubters yet? The red fitchees in the Firmen Crest match the red crosslets of Tufts/Tuffs' probably because the latter are in the colors and format of Firmens! Surprise. The "Firmus" motto term of Firmens is like the "Fuimus" motto of Were's/Wears sharing the Tuft/Tuffs crosslets. Wowie, and Ware's (share scallops on blue with Fenns/Fanns) share the blue Fenn/Fanns border.

[Insert February 9 -- Nick Moseder hosted Gail Golec on February 8, who informed the viewers that senator Kelly TOWNSEND is going to call the attorney general of Arizona, in two weeks, to inquire on why he seems to be doing nothing against the election crimes. I just wanted to say that, as per PLATform, the Plate's/Platts essentially share the Townsend Coat. They both share the Fenn/Venn/Fann scallops. Does that picture look promising on Townsend's part, or more staging of events? End insert]

I GRAZED her knee with my hand, and Grazio's share the pomegranate with French Crispins (Lorraine, same as Louis'). English Crispins share the Porch bars. Crispins were direct Clare's in the snow-cleared walkway. If CrisPINs were a Cressy-PINE merger, then Oullette-connectable Cressys and Cressents can apply. I brushed her knee with my hand, and Brush's were first found in Suffolk with Clare's and Owls/Howls. Brush's and Bruce's happen to share the "Fuimus" motto of Were's/Wears (Devon, same as Speck elements) who in turn share the crosslets of TUFTs/Tuffs. Impressed? Has God got you amazed yet? I'm almost done repeating these things, so you had best hurry and get amazed if you haven't already been dazzled. You can't do this so well with heraldry if events and scenes were not arranged to fit with heraldic connectors.

Grazio-like "TUFTs of grass" are atop of Boast/Bois "pillars," and Boasts are in the motto of Nimo's, the latter first found in Stirlingshire with Below-connectable Chappes'/Cheaps' who go well with the Chaplets (Lorraine) "gorged" around the neck of the Hicks "buck's head." HOOTers have a giant eagle leg, and while fret-using Hoods are Hoots too, Hodleys ("patria") share the quadrants of Scottish bauds, first found in Stirlingshire. Hoods/Hoots and their Oddie/Hoddy branch have the Erich / Great saltire in colors reversed. Greats are GREEPs too probably due to kinship with Grazio's and Crispins/CREPons.

Higgensons/HICKensons were first found in Sligo with the Hickens/Higgins ("Pro patria") who share a black tower with Domino's. Patria's (in the Phillips/FILIP motto too) list Pro-like PEARtree's sharing the Trump stag head, and of course the crossing of Trump and Biden elements in this set of heraldry suggests the audit under discussion.

She was HOVERing OVER the seats when I touched her knee, which is on her leg, and Leggs (Dumfries, same as Bruce's of Annandale and Kilpatricks), with almost the Trump Coat, have a "GAUDet" motto term to go with "it feels so good." Gaudets (share OVER bend) are listed with Goders/Goddetts. My embrace with Sleeping Beauty did feel so good. I thought she was going to be my future wife, no tease at all in the dream....but, lookie, she never materialized in my life. Is that a tease? Big one. Tease's/Tecks have the Annan(dale) saltire in colors reversed, and Brush's with Bruce's use the Annandale Coat on a gold Shield. HOOVERs use a giant eagle legs. Repeat: "What are the chances that Greats share the saltire of Danish Eriks?!?!?! Amazing. Greats are said to have been in OVERS of Shropshire (beside Cheshire), and fret-using Overs (Cheshire) might just be part of Sleeping Beauty HOVERing OVER the seats of her car."


Here's the story of Doug Logan, the captain of the Arizona audit last year, that could make you want to cry at the abuse he took from Karen Fann, the wicked witch of the West:

I had faulted Mr. Logan for not exposing Karen Fann when she railroaded his audit. I don't know the detains of his situation, but I still think it was wrong to protect her at that critical time, for it even made him look complicit with her while letting her get away without the deserved backlash. She ruined him.

I don't have much comment about Logan hooking up with Lin Wood, general Flynn, Sidney Powell and Patrick Byrnes BEFORE Karen Fann called him to ask whether he would like to do the Arizona audit. It gives rise to something like a spy novel, but, I'll refrain from comment until there's a solid picture of what was going on. We may never have that picture. Perhaps nothing odd took place; perhaps one of the people above contacted Fann to give Logan the opportunity to do the audit by putting in a good word for him. Yet it was Fann who sabotaged the audit in the end, and even failed to pay Logan the full amount. It might make more sense that one or more of the people above are deep state, who then contacted Fann to urge her to hire Logan because he was a small-fry company that could be easily manipulated during the audit, and so the devil got Fann to hire Logan instead of a company with money coming out its ears. But I should make such comments not having a clue. Just providing options.

Here's another video (new documents from FOIA request) to go with your law suit, if it ever comes to a law suit for you, due to some organization forcing you to vaccinate:

Quebec has ended the tax-the-unvaxxed program just weeks after announcing it, meaning the politics are not good for it right now, suddenly, especially as Quebec is trudeau's right arm. The politics were deemed good enough a few weeks ago to implement this heist, so what do we think caused this sudden shift? The convoy caused the "rebels" to lift their voices, and the ranks are growing. The police want to start arresting the truckers to quench this movement before it gets bigger, but it might get more-bigger if they make the arrests, don't you think? Even if they force the truckers to leave, by no means does it make the convoy a failure. For the country of supporters will see what the true enemy has done, and that's a political shot to the head of trudeau's buddies too. His buddies told him, hey stupid, when you heaped vitriol on the truckers, you heaped it on us.

The man in the video below asks where the metal dust came from that washed up on a beach? I think I have the answer. When people started to discover that certain cereal companies were putting raw iron dust in cereals that could be separated with a simple magnet, they all got terrified and stopped ordering the metal dust. The companies that made it had to get rid of it without getting caught making it, so they dumped it into the sea. I suggest that cereal companies, hand in hand with globalists, are trying to harm the masses.

I don't know Pete Santilli at all, but here he is involved in the Solidarity movement that Artur Pawlowski aspires to start. Santilli is saying that the Calgary police should stop harassing Pawlowski, but then how can the Solidarity unite into a force? Persecution is needed before the tyrants are cast down. The tyrants in canada may not have enough power at this time to succeed, if only the pastors would commit themselves to jail cells for a few days, once, twice, three times. And not just pastors, but anyone else who can afford to leave a home for a few days (super opportunity to tell the courts how vaccines are a murder campaign). To do this, pastors must preach loudly against forced vaccinations, and condemn the politicians with accusations of mass-murder. Then the pastors will become targets, and may be jailed, and that's how you get people heartily in support of a movement. I don't like Santilli supporting Mike Lindell, because Lindell is too daft not to know to not support Trump.

However, let the Christians do this alone; they don't need the sinners. Pawlowski is wrong not to do it with Christians alone. God would be proud to step in and be their General, I think, under these circumstances. Instead of the pastors leading the way, humble truckers had to do it. I heard them say today, Tuesday, that they are not leaving Ottawa aside from leaving in a police cruiser, and then they all prayed after committing to arrest, if it comes to that. It will not come to that if the numbers of those resisting are high enough. That's why all pastors must stand up simultaneously, for this country will probably not arrest many pastors all at once, as that would be bad imagery at this time when even pro-vaxxers are sick of vaccination rhetoric. Now is a good time to accuse the vaccine companies of mass-murder.

The last time Pawlowski was arrested, days ago, he was detained only three hours; the police were afraid to punish him harder because they see the tide turning.

John Hopkins came out this week to say that lockdowns were a disaster, without helping the spread of COVID, another sign that court cases against the vaccine goons are changing the tune of the scheme's leaders. For now, anyway.

Before commenting on this Convoy video, see what you think of the Convoy lawyer's attitude, purposes, and claims:

This news conference from the Convoy made me suspicious. The Convoy's lawyer is speaking, and it seems that the guy asking him the second question was rigged, chosen beforehand to be asking the question before the conference began, because he was pointed to by the lawyer, and had his hand up already before the lawyer finished asking, "does anyone here have a question about GoFundMe." And sure enough he asked about GoFundMe as already on the tip of his tongue. The question is obviously the concern of all worried truckers, and so this explains why this news conference is being given, to send the truckers a small idea on how the GoFundMe scandal is being played out. The truckers must be worried about who decides to distribute the money, and will all truckers get some equally, or will the majority of the funds go only to the truckers who are closest to the Convoy's organizers.

So this lawyer praises GoFundMe whereas everyone else is cursing it. Strange. It begs the question on whether GoFundMe is withholding the money with the blessing of Convoy's organizers...because the organizers don't want to distribute it to the "wrong" truckers, those not on board with the sheepish program of the organizers, for example. In the first news conference, the guy speaking beside Tamara, the female leader of the Convoy whose not yet known, said that all rumors about GoFundMe blocking the donations were untrue. At that point, about $5 million had accumulated in the fund, and so if the Convoy really cared about the donors, it would have told them to immediately stop giving through GoFundMe. Instead, when this guy said that the bad reports about GoFundMe were untrue, that's what we would expect if the Convoy's organizers were corrupt. It's equivalent to saying, "keep on giving through GoFundme. By the time of this second news conference, over $10 million had accumulated, and we discover that, yes, it's true, GoFundMe was not letting the money come to the truckers, aside from $1 million, which we can assume goes to the organizers, and they get to choose how it's shared with paying for lawyers to make sure the money goes only to the Convoy.

In this video, a police agent tells that the Ottawa mayor shut down the GoFundme account, and that is not what the convoy's lawyer said:

The next thing we know, the Convoy's leaders appeared on a news clip making it look like they opposed the Ottawa mayor, but that's exactly what we would expect after this video above came out. We could expect that the Convoy would promptly create a pretend news scene to give the impression that the mayor and the Convoy's organizers are not friends when in fact they are working on the same crime, the theft of millions of donated money to keep it from going to many truckers. The Ottawa police are trying to get rid of the trucks, and the Convoy has yet to come out to ask the people to donate via other methods, a clear sign of guilt.

I'm open to the possibility that the organizers are "controlled opposition," as they say, to create a controlled food shortage, exactly what trudeau wants. BUT, the organizers didn't expect as many good guys to join the convoy (spreads the money thinner), nor did they expect that convoys would start up globally, nor did they expect such excitement amongst all the good guys. It's just my theory, and this was reinforced when this lawyer suddenly walked out of the "news conference" when the "wrong" questions were at risk of being asked. He came to the conference only to tell a story, but not to answer questions honestly, that's my take. His only message to the truckers is that GoFundMe is on the up-and-up, treating this situation correctly, which seems laughable when by all other reports the Fund is trying to strangle the movement by drying up its money supply before it begins to flow. This lawyer did not direct the people to donate through some other forum. It STINKS. When the lawyer indicated that he didn't want to take more questions, Tamara was the first and fastest to scoot out of the room, as if to say to the lawyer, follow me. IT STINKS. She didn't want to take funding questions either, even though it's one of the most-pressing issues at this time.

I even suspect that the huge number of reported truckers, 50,000, was falsified to excite the spirit of donations. There's no evidence of 50,000 trucks. That just seems to be way too many. By stalling the money, many truckers will leave, which is what the organizers may want. I heard that a million protestors would be in Ottawa on Saturday, but it turned out to be thousands only, according to rebel news, yet the sound of a million causes more donations to pour it. There's nothing like deception to squelch a movement.

Shortly after the second conference, GoFundMe indicated more hostility toward the donors, worse than at first, indicating that the convoy's lawyer is lying to the truckers. The female leader doesn't give me the impression that she's even a trucker, and we've heard nothing on her story as per how she organized this movement, but one would think that her story would have made the social-media news by now, unless she's refusing to talk about it. She doesn't look happy at any time. I think it's good that this GoFundMe inconsistency is materializing because most of the truckers are there for a good cause, and maybe the organizers need to be called out for suspicions. On the other hand, it's going to cause in-fighting. The message should be mass-murder by vaccines, and some of the truckers are conveying it, but the convoy's conference representatives don't want to tarnish vaccines at all. SUSPICIOUS.

John Solomon: "GoFundMe announced it would refund more than $10 million to donors of the "Freedom Convoy" online fundraiser after Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis threatened a fraud investigation after GoFundMe reportedly froze the fundraising account Friday and said they would redistribute the funds to another charity of Freedom Convoy's choice." It took American threats instead of Canadian to rectify this crime, tentatively.

Instead of arguing that the COVID testing was fraudulent so as to create a faked pandemic in the first-degree, many are arguing for their rights to choose vaccinations. Forget denial of this right when the premise of the COVID scheme, and the vaccines, are so criminal that those two things alone gives EVERYONE the MANDATE not to be vaccinated. It is NECESSARY not to be vaccinated, for the good of EVERYONE. Argue that way. Make this the flag of this movement. Canada the free pales in comparison, and will not produce many recruits. People are leaving the mask-coward camp because they now see more danger in the vaccines than in the virus, so stress it.

You might be interested in this 2-minute message on the convoy:

Here's another news conference telling that the truck horns will be almost silenced, great because I suspect that the enemy is blowing the horns profusely to give fodder to the media to portray truckers as nasty:

Here's a convoy scare story concerning planned arrests by the RCMP, perhaps ultimately from the enemy to dissuade more truckers and people from coming in. If they make arrests, then they have some of the most zealous "fighters" in their grip, and there can be a civil-war direction that this can go in. Maybe that's the plan from the organizers, whom I don't trust, though I'm not saying that the three in this video are an integral part of the organizers:

Here's a look at the Alberta situation:

Dr. Campro, the discoverer of graphene-oxide in COVID vaccines, has been maintaining that the vaccines have materials that build "DNA crystals" once in the body. They are being reported as square-shaped "mother boards" of sorts, or electrical circuits capable of communicating with communications towers. It all sounds so science-fiction. The video below 'explains" some of this, but it's all Greek to me, because I haven't the knowledge to understand it. My point is, for those of you who have heard the reasons for my claim, that God pointed to poison vaccines with my trip through Galveston in 1994, I repeat: on the night of the morning that I left Galveston (Texas coast), I slept in CRYSTAl City, and had a cockROACH event that pointed with Smoke's/RAUCH's to Rockefellers.

I had developed black smoke out my tailpipe, and it got so bad in Crystal City on the morning I awoke from a motel there, that I ended my trip and returned home, though the smoke problem went away on the drive home without my doing anything to the truck. Decades later, after realizing that God set up events in my life to become pointers through heraldry, I looked up the Smoke surname due to the black smoke, and found it listed with Roach-like Rauch's. It just so happens that the Rockefeller Foundation is behind the poison vaccines, many surmise. I could hear noises behind the loose wallpaper as I slept in the Crystal-City motel, and I assumed they were cockroaches (I was almost upon the US-Mexico border, lots of cockroaches in that area). Roach's and Roque's/Rocks use a rock as code for Roquefeuil = Rockefeller liners.

To verify that God set up the heraldry to make that event point to Rockefellers, the Crystal surname shares a "Mens" motto term with Pepins while Pepins share the Pipe coat. SMOKE from the tailPIPE. The Crystals also share the thistle with Fauci-like Fauchs. Smoke's/Rauch's (Bavaria, same as Bauers and Rothchilds/Rothes') even share the sinister-rising bend of Jewish Rothchilds (not "RothSchild"), and the latter's horse is upright and in the colors of the giant and upright unicorns of FIRs/Fire's, Rasmussens, and Schwabs. The Crystal Crest has a "FIR tree", you see, and German RASmussens (Hesse) share the bend-with-fleur of Pipe's. Ras' are listed with the Rose's in the Jewish Rothchild Coat. It's telling a story through heraldic links. The first Rothschild, Mayer Bauer of Hesse affiliations, named his first son, Nathan, and while the cockroaches behind the wallPAPER can point to Pepin-like Papers/Pepwells, the latter use "carNATIONs" while Nations are listed with English Nathans.

Cockers/Cockets, as per COCKroaches, share the three, bendwise fleur of Pipe's. The Cocker/Cocket Crest is a "MAN's head," and the Mans could easily have been a branch of Pepin- / Crystal-beloved Mens'. God could have arranged these family ties to produce this heraldry to help show that He's behind the Crystal-City cockroaches. I almost missed this: as per the Cocker "man's HEAD," Heads/Hede's (Norfolk, same as Cockers/Cockets) have unicorn heads in the colors of the Pipe horse heads! Beauty, we have a Cock-line merger with Pepinids.

German Nathans use a white-on-black "escutcheon," which is a shield, and the Calvarys/Calverleys (eight OWLS) have "A shield within a shield..." in the same colors while Crystals (Yorkshire, same as Calvarys/Calverleys) have a "calvary" symbol. Calvarys/Calverleys were first found in Yorkshire's Morley, and Calvers (MOOR head) were first found in Derbyshire with MOORleys/Morleys. The Calver fleur-de-lys, in colors reversed from the same of Pipe's and Rasmussens, are shared by Rothschild-beloved Arrows (Staffordshire, same as Pipe's) Morley-branch Morlands.

While my Nissan was made by Datsun, the Datsons/Datons (Yorkshire, same as Crystals and Morleys/Mauls) share the Morland fleur-de-lys, shared also by Webbers, and the latter were used by God, I claim, to point to graphene-oxide. The Webber bend-with-three-fleur is the Pipe and Rasmussen bend-with-three-fleur in colors reversed. Webber-branch Weavers use "Esto" while Pepins (share the Este / Pipe horse heads) use "est" in their motto. Webbers were first found in somerset with Cocks! The globalist cockroaches are probably responsible for graphene-oxide in vaccines.

Plus, while the smoke developed on my NISSAN pick-up, English Nathans show a Nusan variation while Nissans (another white escutcheon) share a sinister-rising bend on RED SHIELD with Smoke's/Rauch's and Rothchilds. The Nissan bend is even in the gold-on-red colors of the sinister-rising Rasmussen bend! That's pretty amazing. Here's the Arms of Rothschild sharing a central, white escutcheon with Nissans. In the Arms, there is a "shield" within the white escutcheon, code for "RothSCHILD."

Back to the cockroaches behind the wallPAPER. Papers/Pepwells were first found in Gloucestershire with Letts/Late's who in turn use "organ PIPES," no guff. I'll showed why Crystals are connectable to Owls/Howells via their Calvary kin. OulLETTE's were OWL liners from Quilly-le-BASSET in FALAISE, the latter suspect with Fallis'/Falls' looking, by their Coat, like a Feller branch. Fallis'/Falls' were first found in Midlothian with Crystal-beloved Mens' (share Poppin Shield). And Fells have the eight-pointed Duc/LeDuc star in colors reversed while James LeDuc of the Galveston National Laboratory set up parts of the Wuhan lab. This is why I say that God had me sleep in Galveston the night before I slept in Crystal City. Bassets were first found in Staffordshire with Pipe's, and while Bassets share the Scottish Drummond Coat, German Drummonds were first found in Hamburg with Nissans.

Here's the curious start of a claimed grand jury proceedings, to see whether an international grand jury can be persuaded of a criminal COVID enterprise. I see no grand jury in this video, and so I'm not sure what's going on. Start the video at 4 minutes, for it starts dumb. At 22 minutes, Reiner Fuellmich has the lead-up to accusations against Klaus Schwab as one seeking everything Christians have expected for the mark-of-the-beast system:

This is an eye-popping video to show that we win, yet as so much human damage has already been done, how does this spell a win? Only if God is actively protecting good people and staying inactive when evil people suffer the damage.

Bad news. Somebody said that more Democrats age 25-59 are now watching Tucker more than CNN. Bad news: the filthy Democrats are entering Republican camps to corrupt them. If they were not filthy, they wouldn't have been watching CNN until last year. Bad news. They were slandering Christians, and now want an end to the "pandemic," but they still hate us as they watch Tucker. And Tucker will cater to them because he's in lust with millions of $$$ annually. Bad news.

Good news. Police departments are making a stink of themselves all over the Western world. Good news, the myth that 98-percent of cops are good is being dispelled. They do good or evil to keep jobs. TRUTH, bad news. Good news: it's better we know it than deny it. We're in trouble even though we've done nothing wrong.

Here's the message going around the world that should be scaring politicians who have brains enough to be afraid:

Here's trudeau's true heart coming from the premier (provincial "prime minister") of Quebec. This is horrendous because "taxing" = fining the unvaccinated will get money to reinforce the vaccine mandates FOREVER, and the Quebec politicians have revealed their true hearts. Yes, they want to steal our money, and this is the bare bones of that skinny coward trudeau, who truly wants to get the military in the Ottawa streets, though he acts like he doesn't, and that's because many Western countries have removed mandates suddenly, even in winter, so that he'd look extremely tyrannical to get military on the capital streets. Goons like him terribly want a new and dangerous virus to be introduced:

Here's a new movement (book) exposing the faked moon landings. When you get to the 35th minute, the "earth" you see in space is really a piece of the earth out of a small, round window in the space capsule that is itself very near the earth rather than half-way to the moon:

Food Storage

As they say white flour won't last much more than about two years in a cool place, I started looking for information to grow my own wheat, make my own flour. But then I came across the video below showing industrial, canned flour 20-28 years old, yet nobody at a google search tells us that flour can last that long in a sealed container...because globalists don't want us storing foods long term. In the video, they make bread for a taste test, and even with the 28-year old flour, they can't say that it tastes like poison. There are lies upon lies on food storage at google, you won't get the long-storage facts, and there's exaggerated scare stories to boot. This video even tells that the shelf life of white flour in a sealed container is five years, even without an oxygen absorber, but I could find no google response, not even at youtube, to give such a long span. LYING DEMONS. ,p. I repeat, google canada may hide things from Canadians that google U.S. does not from Americans because canada is far-gone demonic (no exaggeration) at the government level. canada is a deceiver just like google because they are both made of the same leftist cloth. Discard into trash.

I assume that this canned flour was heat treated to kill bacteria before canning, but you'll see a little mold forming at the top of one can. The guy implies that you can't eat the flour in that can, but fella, it's just a few mold hills on the top, so scrape off the top layer and eat the rest. After cooking, I don't see the problem.

Here's what I get when asking google for "eating cooked mold": "Is cooked mold safe to eat? Yes, but most molds produce compounds that would be poisonous to some degree and those compounds do not necessarily break down upon cooking. So the mold is dead, but the food is still inedible." So, this person had to admit it's safe, but then goes on to give the impression that it's still dangerous. That's the kind of scare story I get from google on all sorts of questions regarding food storage. I'm no expert, but I suggest that if you can't see mold, you can eat the food. Nobody cooks visible mold, right? So, a little mold on food doesn't spoil it if the food can be heated / cooked. Eat food suspect with invisible mold a little at a time to assure it doesn't make you sick, and that's all there is to it. Here's the video:

I've never seen a video telling that white flour can last 20 years in a sealed container, and I'm happy with five. Alaska Granny at youtube, in her flour-storage video, says flour can last "a year or more," but where do you think she got those numbers? From the globalist / googlite liars, where else.

In the video below, they eat the 19-year old bread not knowing how old it is, and they say it's smack-good. They say the bread less than a year old tasted and smelled virtually the same as the 19-year old. In other words, people can have heat-treated bread for the entire tribulation period without growing wheat in a field, a big bonus. I heat-treated flour about a year ago, then dumped it into plastic jars without an oxygen absorber, and aim to make bread in another year, and then do more after three years, etc. I'll report back the results in one of my post-trib chapters.

Use glass / plastic jars ideally, but plastic lids may be risky (I'm no expert on that) as per getting the perfect air seal. You can't put plastic jars in the oven, so for very-long last, heat treat with the glass jars in the oven. When you transfer the heated flour from the metal sheets to plastic jars, the plastic can have some bad bacteria, but I think for short term of about three or fours years, it should be fine. I'll find out. It only takes about an hour to heat-treat flour, so long as you can get the central material up to about 180-200 F degrees.

I should have heat-treated brown flour to see how long I could get from that, but I was happy enough to be able to store white. I will do some brown soon in glass jars. If we have daily bread for a trib situation, it's HUGE because it's filling, good for us, and very low in price at the flour-purchase level. Even without yeast, it's okay, and pasta is a ready-made wheat product that gets 20 years too. The only regret with flour storage is that the cost of glass jars is more than the flour, and so large, plastic containers makes more sense. Or, save all jars from all products you buy to get "free" jars (you pay little for the jar in the cost of the product). That's what I do.

I found this: " acre of wheat will on average produce between 3500 and 4200 1-lb. loaves of bread" (works out to about .08 of a pound per square foot). So, if we want 350 small loaves annually, about one daily per person, we need a tenth of an acre, which is roughly 100 feet by 40 feet. The entire plot would do best tilled and raked out, ouch, so much work. But, on the good side, a plot of wheat, and even a garden at all, will attract deer, rather than you going out looking for your deer meat. It comes right to your door. Have a quiet crossbow rather than a gun. It is lawful to snag deer out of hunting season, when the powers do not permit us to buy foods in grocery stores. Yes, you just ask God his opinion, and He will say it's lawful to hunt when the wicked wish for you to starve.

Here's a guy planting wheat at home, and he's not tilling the soil, just scratching it with a rake, very inspiring:

It seems to me that raking the dirt after broadcasting the seed is the way to go, to get most of the seed buried, and to spread the seed more evenly. He agrees that a little bit of over-turning of the soil, as opposed to pure raking, is recommended. So, we don't need to dig a shovel's blade fully into the dirt, but maybe just a quarter of the blade, a nice little work-out for us per plot of 100' x 50', no problem. Invest in a pitchfork for that work.

When he threshes the wheat, he puts the entire stems into the sack, which seems dumb. Cut the stems off before threshing, stupid. You'll figure a way to separate the chaff, one way or the other, but if you're prepared in ways that save frustration, all the better when doing large amounts. You won't likely be the only person at your home, and so you may be doing a couple of acres of wheat if you are providing for friends and family too who have no land. Plan. At the end of the video, he weighs his wheat to discover enough for a half loaf of bread, and his plot looked like 8' x 4', and that's depressing. It works out to five times less product than the farmer-yield quote above at .08 of a pound per square foot. Something must have gone wrong, and maybe it's because he didn't plant it right. So, learn. Dig deeper, maybe use a little fertilizer. Maybe broadcast more seeds. Maybe don't cover seeds with mulch. Maybe this video is from the enemy to dissuade us.

There are electrical or manual flour mills for the home, and for tribulation use, one should get a reliable, long-lasting one:

One can eat the wheat unground, of course, in soups and stews. It won't go to waste if you can't grind it. I assume chickens will eat it too. It seems like an easy food to grow, and so why not grow different varieties, even some oats?

Here's another wheat-planting video where the guy is doing a better job. His two beds are 17' x 4', and he plants .5 pound of wheat seeds per bed. He covers all seeds with dirt by raking it out, but why didn't the dummy above do that? I don't know why he added sticks to the plot, maybe to keep the dog / cat out. He harvested 236 days after planting, a whopping 7.5 months later.

He uses a threshing machine, and puts only the tops of the plants (no stems) into it, but, zikers, cutting off each plant top (ear) one at a time, ouch, it'll take forever. A better way is to cut the stems (at the garden plot) where they cut easiest, probably near the bottom, then lie the plants in bunches on a hard, plywood surface, then run a cutting instrument across the bundle, or a chopping instrument like a curved sword, to cut off the ears in bulk.

In the 12th minute, he tells that he got 9.5 pounds of grain (wheat seeds) from the one pound he planted (in 136 square feet of ground), which works out to .07 pounds per square foot, far better than the .0015 from the dummy. I wonder? Will we also get "false-flag" videos on food prep to dissuade us? In any case, you can clearly see why storing flour seems the far better choice since it works out to well under a dollar (maybe even less than a half-dollar) per one-pound loaf. Eliminate all that work in treating wheat, and use your garden space for other things, a no-brainer. Buy flour in bulk by getting together with others.

The advantage in growing your own is in getting the whole grain instead of storing only white. But will you like 100-percent whole-grain flour to make bread? Store-bought brown bread is made with more white flour mixed with brown flour. Here's a video from the people (The Provident Prepper) who gave us the 20-year-old cans of white flour, now telling how long whole wheat can last:

As you can see, they get 20 years for storage of whole grains of wheat, but all the modernite / globalist finks, and the trusting ones educated by them, say that about one year is all you get from brown flour, because it goes rancid. The video above agrees with that but adds that unground wheat lasts "forever." THEREFORE, why have I not heard of this from those who say brown flour won't last long in storage? It seems like a no-brainer that, while on the topic of storing brown flour, EVERYONE should add that it's okay to store the whole-wheat seed for long term, and then grind it as one needs it. But globalist societal engineers VERY LIKELY wish to hide this from us. The video above is 11 months old, done well, but there's not yet 8,400 views, suggesting that youtube has it programmed to be partially censored / hidden when people search for the shelf life of brown flour or whole wheat. A youtube program can be written to remove a video nine times out of ten when the computer chooses it for a showing.

A concern in the video above is the eggs of bugs in the wheat that survive the freezer, and the said solution is to remove the wheat from the freezer for a short-term thaw, giving the bugs time to hatch from their eggs, and then putting the wheat back into the freezer to kill the young bugs. But my understanding is that most bugs can be frozen in winter without a kill. The good news is that most wheat doesn't come with bugs or their eggs. Also, some bugs need more water than the wheat can offer, so store wheat drier (left on the garden stalk longer) rather than on the humid side.

Here's an example of a youtube video owner that's been brainwashed by globalist goons, because the title is: "How to store / preserve flour (for up to 2 years)". MISINFORMATION BEWARE.

Mylar bags are the going thing for extra-long term storage. Amazon is selling five-gallon bags at this time for about 43 each, and two-gallon bags for under two dollars. By the time you figure in the plastic bucket (non-food-grade will do), you're still at about $10, meaning you'll be storing something like $10 of flour in containers that cost about $10 on top. I don't know what harm a non-food-grade bucket will do for the short term in the trib. If you want a food-grade 5-gallon bucket, Home Depot's selling them now for $8, but this could sky-rocket due to the war waged upon us by globalists. It's happening. Canadian Tire has them for $5. Lids are extra in both cases.

The buckets and the bags will be reusable, but if you're storing four years of flour volume all at once, you'll only get to re-use some of them for any significant length of time. The alternative is to by-pass the buckets and find a less-expensive way to keep rodents from the bags. Mice can't climb slippery surfaces like sheet metal, and can't chew through it either. A mouse- / bug-proof storage room makes some sense if it doesn't cost you much to get it that way. Depending on how many walls of a room you need metal sheeting, it could cost less than using individual buckets, but then you won't have the buckets in case you need them for further use. Some rodent, which may have been a chipmunk, chewed through my aluminum window screen, no kidding. And so I had to get the diamond metal lath (very inexpensive)...which will keep out rodents, but not bugs. To keep out bugs too, put nylon screening on the other side of the wall, so that mice can't get to it for not being able to get past the lath.


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