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January 25 - 31, 2022

Trumps Scottish Golf Course Points to a Trap
The Spear to Trudeau's Head has Big Horns

If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture

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[Insert -- On Thursday of this week, the short video below was found telling that the father of prime minister Boris Johnson wrote a book, "The Marburg Virus." [End insert]

In the following, note that Marbergs / Marburgs look like Marburys, because I'm going to show that the you-win theme of my last update links to Marbergs, and this is as per a Marburg virus that was introduced last summer just in case needed. Nobody heard anything about it until now that it's needed. (Load Marberg link now to have access, on another tab, to other Coats of Arms.)

Marbergs (Hesse) show nothing but a giant fleur-de-lys in the colors of the same of German Alba's, though the latter's Shield is split in half so that it looks linkable by marriage to Wansteads/WINNers, for both Shields are split in the same colors, and both Shield use the same fleur-de-lys. Already, we have a super Marberg link to "You win."

Alba in Italy is in Piedmont, where Meschin-branch Masci's and Pero's/Perino's were first found, and then PEARtree's were first found in KinCARDINE. Hold the Cardine's a minute. Masseys/Maceys share the Alba / Marberg fleur-de-lys too. Pierro's/Petri's/Pero's, who share the fesse of Italian Alba's, look like Peter liners, and while Peters share the swan with Scottish Petersons (Aberdeenshire, beside Kincardine) and Italian Alba's, Pero's/Perino's share the hexagram of Swedish Petersons. Scottish Petersons are in the colors and format of Marborough's/MARBURys, the latter first found in Cheshire with Cardine's and Masseys/Maceys. Marborough's/MARBURys happen to share the Cardine pheons, is that not amazing? Did we win yet?

French Cardins are in Club/Clobbes colors and format while English Cardine's were first found in Cheshire with Clubs/CLOBBES'. the latter are in CHILD colors and format because both surnames are from king CHILDeric, son of king CLOVIS. The latter's mother, Basina, is the line to the Bessins, where Meschins ruled who came to rule Cheshire (where Bessins were first found). Childs get important because they are said to have been at Wanstead while Wansteads (German) are also WINNers while English Winners share the rare, purple Shield with Farndons while Clubs/Clobbes' were at Cheshire's Farndon. We win.

It appears that God set up the heraldry to link Winn liners to Marbergs in order to show that the Marburg virus was a resort for the next ploy / play of the vaccine goons who don't like the losing they are now undergoing. They had this card up their sleeve in case Plan A didn't convince everyone to become vaccinated. But if God says we win, then Marburg should prove to backfire on the prison- / Hell-deserving desperadoes.

The last update neglected the Winn-like Guine's/Gunns, first found in the Orkney islands off of the Shetlands, the latter being where YOO's/Yells were first found who were part of "You win." The Welsh Winns are also Gwynns/Guine's, and the other Welsh Gwynns share the black boar in Crest with Rollo's. Winns use a "gold eagles DISplayed", and Diss/DICE use the eagles of Grave's/Greafs who in turn have the Winn eagle too. Baron Massy of Monaco's Grimaldi's married Miss QUINTana, and Quintana's use DICE, three 6s, and nothing else, a potential sign of 666. The Gunns can be from Gunnora Crepon (married the Rollo line), a Crispin liner suspect from Rollo's daughter, Crispina, wife of Grimaldi of Monaco, the parents of Crispin, husband of Hawise de GUINES (in Artois) according to this tree:

Grimaldi's of Monaco are official princes of nothing, but they have a purple throne. Can that explain the purple Shields of Winners, Farndons and Pace's (Cheshire)? Guine's/Gunns use a "ship" while Ships/SHIPTONs (Oxfordshire, same as Crispins/Crepons) look like purple-lion SKIPtons (married Meschins). It appears that God was pointing to Masci-connectable Grimaldi's with "you win." Winns/Guine's are in Quinn/Guinn colors. I link the black lion paw of QUINTs to the same of Bedfords, and Bedfordshire is where Lutons were first found who share the Grave/Greaf and Winn/Guine eagle (none of the three surnames show anything else).

I get the distinct impression that graphene-oxide in vaccines, leading up to the mark of the beast, is from royal-of-nothing Monaco elements, perhaps in cahoots with pope Francis' vatican. This Francis has turned out to be a dangerous loon. English Francis' (Oxfordshire, same as Crispins, near Wanstead) almost have the Diss/Dice Coat. La Quinta Columna has been a co-founder, I believe, of graphene-oxide in four vaccine brands, and it was the Graffs/Graffens/Gravs, like the Grave's/Greafs, who pointed to "graphene" along with the Webbers who have a "disc" in Crest as code for Diss (or Dice). English Francis' (not saying the pope descends from this line, but it could be God's arranged pointer) have the Child Coat in colors reversed, and it's Childs who were at Wanstead while Wansteads/WINNers looked very linkable to Marbergs.

Playing Golf With Grimaldi's

The Grimaldi supporters of Guelphs have been a topic recently with the Fieschi-branch, likewise fighters for the Guelph cause. I therefore checked out Grimaldi history. Wikipedia Grimaldi article only brings it back RAINIER I of Monaco (12671314), son of "Lanfranco Grimaldi, French Vicar of Provence, by his wife, Aurelia del Carretto..." There are several things I can link this picture too. For example, Rainier of Montferrat is to the Ferrats/Fers who have the checkered Shield of Fieschi-line Fiscs in blue, while the red-checkered Shield of Fiscs is shared by Vairs/Fers'. So, it appears that Rainier I Grimaldi was a Montferrat.

MON(T)FERRAT is beside MONFORTE and Alba, and we just saw German Alba's with essentially the Marberg Coat. So what's going on here? Montforts can be connected to Rainier I Grimaldi, as I'll show.

Then, while German Cohens share the blue-checkered Shield of Ferrats/Fers, Jewish Cohens, who look connectable to two parts of the Monaco Coat, come up as Kagans and CAGANs while Rainier I Grimaldi was the lord of CAGNes! Zikers, this is all new to me. This was a Khazar line, for Khazar kings were called, kagans, and their minor kings were Bec-like begs, and an earlier Grimaldi birthed rulers of Bec abbey. The flag of Cagnes is the CAGE Shield! NEW! The Arms of Cagnes even has the sinister-rising bend of Jewish Rothchilds while Rothschilds are thought by some to have been Khazar "Jews." The Cohen-like Hohens share the Vair/Fers / Fisc Shield. My mother is a direct Grimaldi and a direct Masci, and Maschi's use "pine cones" while German Cohens are also Cone's.

My mother has a book on her home town of PICENze, telling that it was founded by nobles of Naples, and Rainier I Grimaldi was "Baron of San Demetrio (Kingdom of Naples)." The Arms of PIACENza used a blue wolf, the color of the dog in the Arms of Cagnes, and the other half of the Cage Coat shares the Pike/PICKEN saltire. Pike's/Pickens were first found in Ayrshire with Carricks, and I think the latter can be traced to Rainier's mother.

The English Cone's: "The Cone family lived in Kent, where they held lands and a family seat at Fairbourne (later Fairlawn)." FairLAWN looks pointable to my dentist dream stressed in the last update, which pointed both the Fairways and Grass' because my dentists and I were GOLFing on a fairway, and so FairLAWNs look to apply because "golf" pointed to Guelphs! Zikers. Grasse is near Monaco.

The dentist in the dream, in real life, is Mr. Hawthorn, and I explained why that surname is of the Hauteville's, ancestors of Tancred. It just so happens that while Fairlawn was earlier, Fairborne, Fairborns (West Riding of Yorkshire, same as Dents and Tancreds) are in the colors and format of Tancreds!!! UNREAL! I'll repeat again why Grimaldi's were related to king Rollo, but let's add here that Fairborns have a different-colored version of the Rollo Coat.

So, as the dentist is pointing to FairLAWN, by what coincidence were English Lawns first found in Staffordshire with Fairwell of the Fairways? While Gards were first found in Kent too, English Lawns share "Garde" with Carricks while the latter were a branch of Quarre's/Care's and CARROTs/Carews while Rainier I Grimaldi was the son of AURELia del CARRETTo. This recalls the Aurelius birth name of emperor CARACalla Bassianus, suspect to Carricks because the latter use the talbot dog expected from Taillebois', who married Meschins of the BESSIN, the latter named by the Bassianus line. Quarre's/Care's (share Carrot/Carew lion), first found in Burgundy with Fair-like Vairs/Fers', share the checkered Shield of Ferrats/Fers. Beauty. I now trace Carricks to Massa-Carrara, beside Lucca, which can explain Luca, a child of Rainier I Grimaldi. The Ferrat/Fer Shield is used by Italian Fulks, first found at/near Lucca.

Lucca is beside Pisa, and as the Pisa Coat is in colors reversed in the Reines Coat, the latter look like they are from Rainier Grimaldi, how about that. It explains why Reno's have lozenges in Grimaldi-lozenge colors.

English Lawns and Carricks share a motto term while the dancetty Carrick fesse is shared by English Rolls/Role's, the latter first found in Yorkshire with Craggs (share Carrick dog). The Crest of English Lawns has a "ROAN horse" while king Rollo -- son of RAGNvald -- ruled at ROUEN. I'm going to guess that the "Cresco" motto term of Roans/Rouine's/ROGANs is for Cressents / Cressys, both first found in Burgundy not only with Vairs/Fers', but with the Messeys/Messier's sharing the Cage saltire. Roans/Rouine's/Rogans were first found in Galway with Teague's/Teegers/CAIGE's! Zinger.

The Roys in the motto of English Lawns suddenly looks like a Rouen / Roan liner, but, in any case, Scottish Roys share the lion of German Rolls, the latter first found in Swabia with HOHENzollerns / HOHENstaufens. French Role's were first found in Brittany with French Roys.

The last update had CHARLOTTE Kilpatrick, who was in my dream as a dental nurse or dentist, which was awesome when I came across the Charleys/CHARLETTE's of Fairwell, for the latter are listed with Fairways, and they share the Meschin scallops. Charleys/Charlette's were first found in Leicestershire with Simon de Montfort, and while Montforts share the giant Charley/Charlette lion, which is in the colors of the lion heads of Monaco-like Monks, Montfort is near Rennes, where I would trace "Rainier"! This is working. And while Pollocks/Poke's were part of her poking in my mouth with a pick-like instrument, Pollocks/Poke's (their patriarch was a vassal of the Dol Alans) were first found in RENfrewshire, suspect from "Rennes."

The Shield of English Lawns has the three "lions of England" while the England-surname lions look like they have the Monk / Montfort lion. The Lawn-beloved Roys were first found in Lanarkshire with Sine's/Sions/Swans expected in the "sino" motto term of Sedans/Siddens, once said to be first found in Yorkshire with SEDbergh of the Dents. Seatons/Sittens, who were at Sion/Sitten of Switzerland, named Seaton, in Devon with the first-known Monks. The lower half of the Sine/Sion/Swan Coat ("gloves") suddenly looks very related to the German Roy Coat, and Glove's were first found in Perthshire with Rollo's.

French Charles'/Charlotte's share the martlets of GRIMMs/Grime's. And here we find CHARLES I of Monaco, brother of Rainier I Grimaldi. Charles married Miss Spinola, and Spine's (Gloucestershire, on the Bristol channel) share the crescents of BriSTOL's while Stolls/Stowers (Somerset, beside Gloucestershire) have lozenges in Grimaldi-lozengy colors. The Whistle's sharing the Stoll/Stower lozenges throw in lions in the colors of the lion heads of the neighboring Monks, and the latter essentially have a red-Shield version of the Rain/Raines Coat! This is telling me that Grimaldi elements were at Rennes and Montfort, both near Dol, and while Dolphins/DOLfins are in Dol colors, Rain-connectable Reagans have dolphins in the colors and format of the Rollo boar heads while Mr. Grimaldi of Monaco married Crispina, Rollo's daughter, generations before Rainier I. Genealogies tell that Crispina birthed the Crispins of BEC, making sense because Beach's/Bechs have a vair-version of the Grimaldi Shield. This can explain why Charlotte Kilpatrick, when she appeared in my SLEEPing Beauty 1979 dream, was on a beach.

In fact, Rollers/Rollesleys have one of the two ermined fesses of Sleeps, and neither Shield shows anything else. This recalls the Hamsteads with the lone Roller/Rollesley fesse, though the Hamsteads add a Chief that is the Washington Chief while the Washington Coat, in colors reversed, is the Canton Coat that could have the double Sleep / Wassa fesses. Wessels/Waistells have the doves of George's (Dorset, same as Beautys). But nothing here is yet the breakthrough I'm looking for as per why she fell asleep. This idea that her being asleep is part of the Rollo > Bec line is welcome, but why would God do that? As the Roller/Rollesley lion holds a rose for Rus liners, the lion in the Roller/Rollesley Crest looks like the Ross / Russell lion (it's the Wissel/Whistle lion too), and Russells were first found in Dorset with Beautys. Rollers/Rollesleys were first found in Derbyshire with Cnuts, and king Cnut was Danish, same as Rollo.

REAGANs could be from RAGNvald, Rollo's father. Meschins descended from Malahule of More, Ragnvald's brother. Pollocks build a castle at Rothes of MORay, and English Rothes' (Kent, same as Cone's) are in DENT colors and format. Gormleys/GRIME's have the Grimm/Grime martlets in colors reversed, and God provided me a special an ice-cream CONE in Gormley, Ontario. The three Gormley/Grimes martlets are used by French Henrys, from Mott smack in Montfort (!), and these Henrys even share the Rollo chevron! I get it, all spankin' new right here, to my great surprise.

Rainier was ruler of CAGNES, and both French GAGNES' were first found in Burgundy with Fisk-connectable Vairs/Fers' who share the Shield of Cohen-like Hohens while Jewish Cohens are also CAGANs/Kagans. Gains/Gagnys have been forwarded (by me) as a pointer to GAIN-of-FUNCtion along with Funks/Finks who nearly have the Grimaldi Shield. One of the French Gagnes' has the Shield of Fortune's in the Rollo motto, bingo. The Bags who share the Grimaldi Shield show kinship in their Chief with Gagnes-like Gangs/Geggs (Norfolk, same as Bags). Bags were at GAYwood. As Irish Gaines'/Gaynors (Quinn/Guinn / Winn/Guine colors) were first found in Longford with Quinns/Guinns, Gain liners may have been Winn / Gywnn liners to begin with. Interestingly, Gaines'/Gaynors are split in half in the colors of the split Grave/Greaf Shield. That looks like a pointer to gain-of-function bioweaponry and graphene-oxide all at once.

GINSburgs use "buckets" while Buckets share the Gang/Gegg cinquefoils! Zikers, that's new. Gain-of-function just went to a Winn/Gwinn-like surname. The Ginsburg buckets may have been vases as code for the Vase variation of Fieschi-line Fessys (Ginsburg colors). Gins' are listed with Gwynns/Gwinns. There's also a Ginnes/Guinness surname in Winn/Gwynn colors.

This gets stool-pigeon interesting where English Gage's/Gauge's have a "sans" motto term while Sans'/Sanchez's share the eagle of French Gage's/Gagers. The Googe's/GOUCH's and their Goff/Gough branch are coming to mind, and the letter were first found in Wales with Winns/Gwinns and Gwynns. Mr. GOUCH inspected my septic = stool tank. The Spine-like Spoons (both first found in Warwickshire) have a giant boar head in the colors of the Googe/Gouch / Goff/Gough boars. Yet the Spoon boar head is that also of Gouch-related Mole's, and I told that, a few days after the first pigeon walked over the tank, a mole made a hump of dirt over the tank. Repeat: "Charles married Miss Spinola, and Spine's (Gloucestershire, on the Bristol channel) share the crescents of BriSTOL's while Stolls/Stowers (Somerset, beside Gloucestershire) have lozenges in Grimaldi-lozengy colors. The Whistle's sharing the Stoll/Stower lozenges throw in lions in the colors of the lion heads of the neighboring Monks, and the latter essentially have a red-Shield version of the Rain/Raines Coat!" It's not hard to figure out why the Grimaldi symbol is a MONK with sword under his frock.

Repeat: "Rainier was ruler of CAGNES, and both French GAGNES' were first found in Burgundy with Fisk-connectable Vairs/Fers' who share the Shield of Cohen-like Hohens while Jewish Cohens are also CAGANs/Kagans." HohenZOLLERNs can be expected as a Hohen merger with Zollerns who in turn have the quadrants of Drive's/Drave's, and this can explain why the stool pigeon, that walked over my stool tank, took off and flew along my DRIVEway to the neighbor's property across the street, the surname of which uses swords. To assure the close connection between Zollerns/SOLERns, Drive's/Drave's were first found in Hampshire with Liss'/Lise's who in turn share the six pale bars of SOLLERs. The three-and-three pale bars of Liss'/Lise's are used as three pale bars by LIZarts/Sarde's, first found in Provence, the Grimaldi domain. We read: "In 1552, Antoine Sardo became the Deputy of Mons at DRAGuignan," tending to explain why Hampshire is where Drake's were first found. The Drake motto is partly for L'Aquila, and my mother's Grimaldi family was in Picenze, seven miles away. L'Aquila is the Abruzzo capital, and Abruzzi named Evreux in Eure, and the Conteville location of Eure is where Brents (Somerset, beside first-known Drake's) were from who have the Drake Coat in colors reversed.

Soller-like Sole's/Sola's are in the Hague motto while Hague's share the saltire of Gophers/GOFers (Goff / Gouch colors). Javier Solana can be a part of this set. Sollers were at Neen-Solar while Neens/Nons/Nevins share the Hague crescents and the Monaco fesse. Monaco's share the HAGar hexagram. Sole's/Sola's are said to have married Painells in the Somerset region, and Somerset is where Paine's/Payne's were first found who share the lozenges of Whistle's and Stolls/Stowers, how amazing. The Paine/Payne and Whistle lions must be the lion of Monks (Devon, same as Page's). The pierced hexagrams of Payens (Dauphine, same as Page's/LePage's) are shared by Gagnes' and Guerins, the latter suspect with Guerin of Provence. It makes the Guerin lion look like the same-colored one of Sollers. The other Gagnes' share the black border with Sole's/Sola's.

The Sole's/Solana's use wolf heads colors reversed from the same of Wolfs/WELFs/Lupus' of Cheshire! It looks like the Grimaldi-Guelph line to Hugh Lupus D'Avranches (earl in Cheshire), uncle of a Meschin, and son of a Conteville. Conteville's ruled Comines, and Comine's/Comyns share the dagger with the Crest of Gwynns, the latter first found near Cheshire and having a version of the Meschin Coat. Hugh's personal wolf head was the same as used by Bathers (beside Cheshire), and Baths (Somerset, same as Paine's/Payne's and Whistle's) share the Paine/Payne and Whistle lion! We read: "[The Sole's] were descended from a noble who accompanied King William whose home in Normandy was at Subligny near Avranche. Richard Subligny was Bishop of Avranches." These lions are in the colors of the Montfort lion, and Montforts were first found nearby in Warwickshire, where Spine's were first found who share the BriSTOLL crescents while Somerset is off the Bristol channel.

It just so happens that while the dentist playing golf with me is Mr. HawTHORN, the Thorns (Somerset) use a "SPINis" motto term while Torns/Turins use an "AuDENTes" motto term. The Thorn phrase, "spinis uVAS," looks like code for the Vase variation of the Face/Fessy Guelphs. Face's/Fesse's were first found in Northamptonshire with SPINks. Spings are listed with Spine's! The latter have a different-colors version of the Wither Coat while WitherSPOONs share red crescents with Withers. TOURNeys have a version of the Turnbull Coat, and Scottish Turnbulls were first found in Roxburghshire with Spoon-connectable Googe's/Gouch's. While Cole's have a giant bull in the colors of the Tourney / Turnbull bulls, Thorns use "COLLeQUINus," and Quints share the chevron of Niss' expected in the "spiNIS" motto term of the Thorns. I'm not sure whether Trumps apply to the Trumple variation of Turnbulls.

The Sole's/Sola's developed a Solney variation, like the Solniere's/SAULNIER's of SAUNIER's, first found in Perigord with Faux's/Fage's/CHAULNes'/Cholnes'/Chollens' (share dove with Fage-like Page's and Stolls/Stowers). Perigord is also where Fauchys were first found whose grassHOPPER can be of the Hope's/Hopers, once said to be first found in Derbyshire with Sole's. Grasse is at the Provence theater. Sollers owned a Hope location: "Walter de Solars held Hope-Solar, Herefordshire." Herefordshire is where Doors were first found, and Doria's were first found in Genova with the Fieschi-Grimaldi duo. Saltons share the Doria eagle, and so here's from the Sole/Sola write-up: "This family was in early times most powerful in Scotland, where it gave its name to the barony of Soulistoun - now Saltoun - in East Lothian." East Lothian is where Rollo-loving Fortune's were first found who share a Gagnes Coat. Rollo's have a "par" motto term, and Parrs share the black border with Sole's/Sola's and the same Gagnes'. That black border is also used by Sedans/Siddens, a branch of Seatons/Sittens, the latter first found in East Lothian with Faux-branch Vaux's and Faucets/Fawcetts.

Sittens named Sitten at Sion, and while Sions are listed with Swans, the swan in the Spoon Crest is important because Spoons share the GOOGE / Gough boar while ancient Gog had lake SEVAN named after itself at one time. Sevan named the mythical swan, and some heraldic swans, for example the swan of Licks/Locks and lochs, for lake Sevan is "LYCHnis" on this old Caucasia map showing GOGarene next to it. The mythical Swan King, LohenGRIN, strikes me as the mythical Greek swan, CYCnus/Cygnus, king of Liguria, son of STHENelus, the latter looking like code for the namers of Sitten at Sion. The stretch from Genova to Monaco is/was Liguria, and Sevan-like Savona is a giant's spit in the wind from Genova. It appears that Gog of CAUCasia moved things over to Liguria. Greeks even had a mythical LYCURgus, king of Edones, a branch of SITHONES that likely named Sthenelus. Cygnus his son then looks like he's code for the Cicones, not far from Edones.

Logans/LOHANs go with "Lohengrin," son of mythical PERCival, explaining why the Logan/Lohan heart is PIERCEd, for Pierce's were first found in Somerset with Percivals. This Percival was secretly made the "grail king"...because, obviously, Grails are listed with a Neil branch while Neils/O'Nails go with the nails piercing the Logan/Lohan heart. Plus, German Neils/Nails are also NAGLE's, from Liguria's Oneglia, where Doria's married Arduinici, the latter being the head of the Arthurian cult that named Lohengrin and Percival. The Hochs/HocHARTs (Switzerland) expected in the "Hoc" motto of Logans/Lohans have a giant swan. Saltons (share Doria eagle) apparently love Majors in their motto along with Logans/Lohans.

Saltons are said to have held WARley, and while Montforts were first found in WARwickshire while Warwicks share the white lion with Montforts, the latter's two-tailed lion is the Warley Coat in colors reversed. Warleys use a "tree," and Tree's/True's were once said to be first found in Warwickshire, but are now said to be first found in Wiltshire, near Bristol. We are now near the Arthurs of Clapton at the Somerset-Gloucestershire border, and as Arthurs were cousins of Arduinici, the latter's Doria kin share the eagle of Saltons while the latter share the pelican in Crest with Arthurs. The Saltons use a blue pelican, matching the blue unicorn of Tints and Nagle-beloved Gale's, the namers of TINTaGEL, place of mythical king Arthur's birth from PenDRAGON, which I think explains the PIERCED dragon head in the WARE Crest. That tends to prove that Saltons were Doria-of-Arduinici kin.

There are unicorns in the Arms of BRIStol, and BRIS'/Brix's share the lozenges of Hinds, the latter first found in Essex with Warleys and MAPLE's. I was always disappointed when pointing the WHIRLing pigeons to Wirrals, because it didn't lead anywhere to confirm that the pointer was correct, but suddenly, as the pigeons whirled around a maple TREE, it looks like a Maple-Warley link, especially as Warleys are also Wirall-like Warelys with "A tree" in Crest. And it just so happens that Maple's share the Rollo boar head to go with the Rollo > Grimaldi line we've been seeing. Rollo's were first found in Perthshire with the Drummonds having a "GANG WARILY" motto!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ZIKERS, that's why the pigeons were circling the maple tree, and I was correct to see it as a whirl! It struck me as a whirl because it was very fast and circular in a corkscrew path. Rollo's even share the Pigeon chevron! Go ahead and try to figure out what this means.

Plus, Rollo's were first found in Perthshire with Rinds who in turn share the Ware and Mallet scallops while I hold a theory that "GriMALDi" was a Grim-Mallet / Grim-Malta union. Malta's have the Montfort, etc., lion along with a column, and Malcolms/Columns share the Neil/Nail/Nagle saltire. The reason that Hinds were mentioned above is that the "deer" head of Mallets is the "hind" head of Shaws (Perthshire, with Rinds).

Rinds were a branch of Rands/Rynds/Rance's traceable to the Rance river near Montfort and Rennes, where Rainier Grimaldi traced. The Rance is near St. Malo, and while French Mallets are listed with Malo's, English Mallets share the Rind scallops. Mallets/Malo's are interesting for being in the colors and format of Hammersmiths/Hammersleys, for we could expect a Hammer liner to name a Mallet family, or vice versa, from some similar surname. Hammersmiths use rams while Rams/Rames' were first found in Essex with Rains/Raines'...and Warleys and Maple's, and early Quints expected with Quintana's.

This now becomes an intriguing mystery to solve. Why did God use the pigeon to point to Warleys? Who does the stool pigeon represent? This recalls officer Winn of the Hammersmith police department, a major topic of the last update, the event that explained the simultaneous backing down of the British and Irish prime ministers on their MASK mandates and lockdowns. Note that the Ware lion is the Mask/Maschi lion in colors reversed. The three Mask/Maschi pine cones are in the colors and format of Hammersmiths and Mallets/Malo's, and the Mask/Maschi lion is in the colors of the Hammer/Hemmer lion. I missed the Mask surname in the last update, and it seems to apply very well.

But who's the main stool pigeon in the Hammersmith investigation? Those who started / facilitated this investigation put a complaint in at the Hague, and there is an International court case to begin next week, though I'm not sure whether it's at the Hague. We'll find out. I suggest: one of the main whistle-blowers in that court case is the one my pigeon is pointing to, a God-directed whistle-blower, I assume. "You win." The court case alone will slow the goons down and get us through this winter. Make sure you prepare your foods and other needs as time and money allows; don't think that this war is over while we're in the eye of the storm.

Maple's were Chives and Tarves kin, and Turins, from Turin, near Chivasso, have the boar of Malo-like Malleys in colors reversed. Malo's share buckles (different colors) with Leslie's (Rind colors and format), who in turn share the green griffin head with Bards, who in turn have the Malley Coat in colors reversed, which is the Turin boar while Turin is at Montferrat. Plus, Turins and Tarves' were first found in Aberdeenshire with Mellansons and Millens/Milans while Mallets/Malo's have Malon-and-similar variations.

Mr. Mellanson had pointed to the inhuman freak, a traitor to humanity, Klaus Schwab. He needs to be charged with crimes against humanity.

WOW, I almost missed it. The Force's in the motto of English Mallets have three leopards in the colors of the SFORZa lion, and the latter was resolved as the lion of Graffs/Graffens/Gravs, the pointer to graphene. I now find that the same Mallets have this: "William Lord Mallet de GRAVille." There's three Gravel surnames, and French Gravels/Gravile's (Normandy, same as Valois'/Valais') share the Coat of Valois'/Valais' (Rollo chevron in colors reversed) while king Rollo married Poppa of Valois, parents-in-law of Mr. Grimaldi. I just can't seem to get away from the Grimaldi's. Normandy is also where Demys were first found who share the Rollo chevron, and are suspect in the demi-lion of Graffs/Graffens/Gravs.

WOW-OW! This is unbelievable. I have never before used "corkSCREW" to describe the three pigeons. It reminded me that I saw a "lever-screw" in someone's Crest earlier in this update, though I didn't record the surname. So I checked my files and found that it's the Fairborns. Keeping in mind that the Fairways/Fairwells came up as per golf, a pointer to Guelphs I feel sure, let's repeat from above: "The dentist in the dream, in real life, is Mr. Hawthorn, and I explained why that surname is of the Hauteville's, ancestors of Tancred. It just so happens that while Fairlawn was earlier, Fairborne, Fairborns (West Riding of Yorkshire, same as Dents and Tancreds) are in the colors and format of Tancreds!!! UNREAL! I'll repeat again why Grimaldi's were related to king Rollo, but let's add here that Fairborns have a different-colored version of the Rollo Coat." The Tancreds are also TANKS!!!! The first-ever pigeon that I saw at this property over about a decade in which I had lived here, arrived to the septic TANK a few days before the three did the corkscrew around the maple!!! And Maple's share the Rollo boar head! I had read that the Sicilian Guiscards, born from Tancred of Hauteville, were from Rollo's line.

As I said, my septic tank was inspected by Mr. Gouch of the Googe/GOOSE surname, and it's now interesting that there was a Hauteville-la-GUICHard-de-Hauteville location while "GUIScard" is like "Goose." Just look at the resemblance between "GUICH(ard) and "Gouch." Rutherfords use a goose and a "ORLE" border whole ORRELs share the red roundel with Orrs/Ore's (Guiscard piles in colors reversed) and Shirts/Shards (Tancred / Fairborn colors and format). Orrels were first found in Lancashire with LEVERs i.e. who fit the Fairborn "lever-screw." Levers use "A rooster standing on a TRUMPet", in case Trump is involved in these pointers. In fact, the first pigeon pointed to the Shitt variation of Shots because they share the Sword swords. And Shitts/Shots were first found in Wiltshire with the Calls/Calles' having three trumpets in the colors and format of the three Shitt/Shot swords.

I haven't loaded Shitts/Shots again until now to see that they share "Fortune" with Rollo's. Plus, the Shitt/Shot motto is, "Fortune de guerre," evoking Guerin of Provence, and moreover "guerre" is translated as "war," suggesting God's pointer to the Warley/Warely line. Rollo's (share Pigeon chevron) were first found in Perthshire with Scottish Drummonds using "warily," and to this we can add that German DRUMmonds (Hamburg, beside TRUMps) share the triple-wavy fesses of Sea's while "sea shells" are used by Tancreds/Tanks. Is that cool or what? The pigeon events are squaring with these family ties. The Gangs in the Drummond motto share the cinquefoils of French Buckets while the other Buckets almost have the Coat of Guiscards (share Drummond Crest).

One of the reasons that Swords go with the pigeon events is that I was building a SHOWER stall at the time of the pigeon events. Showers are listed with Sewards, suspect from Siward of Northumberland, the line to Swords/Swarts. The latter share three swords (different positioning) with Shitts/Shot's.

For your information, from the 3rd update in July, 2019: "But there is more, for a few weeks ago, a stool pigeon flew from my septic tank down along the DRIVEway. A few days later, I saw and reported on what looked like three pigeons WHIRLing around a MAPLE tree beside the septic tank..." There's no other birds of the size I saw around here but robins, but I saw no red on the whirling birds. A couple of paragraphs later, while on the golf theme of Kepke, I said: "The point is that Kepke once saw my Cousin, Mr. Grimaldi, and said to me, 'he looks like a GOOF.' I had no idea why he would say that. They didn't speak; they only walked past one another in my house, and Grimaldi was some eight years older than he (adult versus a middle-aged teen)." I then went on to suggest a pointer to "GUCCifer 2.0, as well as going to the goof- / golf-like Goffs/Gough's, the Gouch/Goose branch. So, you see, even in 2019, the pigeon at the septic tank was pointing to the Grimaldi Guelphs. The stool-pigeon event was first reported in the 4th update in May, 2019.

Once the event points to Showers/Sewards and Swords/SWARTs, it points very well to George SCHWARTZ, more-commonly known as the freak-demon in a human body, George Soros. The septic tank is my SEWER, and Sewers are also Suters/Shuters, like the Shute variation of Sword-loving Shitts. See that? God's swearing at George Soros. The Ass' even use a Fieschi-like "fasces." Swiss Sewers share a giant rose on black with Schwart's. See that? Maple's share the gold tower with SCUTE's who in turn share the "deer" with Mallets.

Swords/Swarts use a "man's head" while the quadrants of German Mans are colored reversed from the quadrants of Soros-like Sors'/Soars. The latter were first found in Dorset with George's and Beaumonts, and beside the Shitts/Shute's of WILTshire. Wilts/Wilds share the savage with German Mans, and the latter share the lion of Sorrels/Sorwells. As the latter were first found in Leicestershire (location of SOAR river) with Simon de Montfort, these lions look like the Montfort / Beaumont lion. The Wilt/Wild savage holds a "tree," and Tree's were once said to be first found in Warwickshire with Montforts, but are now said to be first found in WILTshire. Savage-using Woods (Leicestershire) have another giant tree, and SAVIGliano is beside Monforte.

Savigliano and Monforte are beside Alba, and we saw German Alba's sharing the MARberg Coat, and here we can add that Scottish Mars share the Sorrel/Sorwell Coat. The earls of Mar were at KilDRUMMy, and Drummonds are the warily guys. Savage's are also Sava's, and the Sava-river liner Sauers share the lion of Sorrys/Sawreys (fasces). As it's colors reversed from the Montfort lion, it recalls the two-tailed Warley/Warely lion that comes with "a tree" in Crest. That brings us right back to the pigeon events. In case you missed it, Warelys share the Sorry / Sauer lion but with two tails. Does this mean that the stool pigeon is going to dump stool and feces on George Soros and company? That's what I was led to believe in the past. How will we know if it happens?

Drummonds are from Bohemians, now expected to the Gates surname that shares the lion of Bohemian-like Beaumonts and Bone's/BOHUNs. The Fieschi were of Belmonte, a line of Beaumonts. The Montfort lion is the Arms of Bohemia. George Soros is Hungarian, as was George, progenitor of the Drummonds. I say that this George married AGATha of Podebrady (Bohemia), the line the Gates'/Gatts. Is that not working great?

Here's another thing. The Soros-pointing Swords use a man while German Mans were first found in STYRia, and then Steers, sharing the lion of German Mans, share "cede" with Fairborns (Shirt colors and format), the latter named after Fairborn, which was previously Fairwell of the Fairwell/FAIRWAY surname. I was on the fairway with my dentist, and then I was in the BACK SEAT of his car, and he, while STEERing the car, laughed at the red buttons of my SHIRT. Backs/Bachs use a steer, and Cedes' are listed with Seats. He must have been laughing at Joe Biden, like everyone else.

The Farlane's, obvious kin of Lennox's/Levenax's, essentially have the Coat of German Franks, first found in Bohemia. The Lennox's/Levenax's have a similar Coat, and they were first found amongst Drummonds in Stirlingshire, where Drummond-related Guiscards were first found whom my dentist points to. There is another savage in the Farlane Crest, and this surname shares "defend" with savage-using Woods (Leicestershire, same as the Montfort-Beaumont earls). The Tonys were in Leicester, and "TU NE cede" is a Steer motto phrase.

Trump's Golf Course

This golf theme has gotten me to check out the name of Trump's golf courses. The one in Scotland is interesting, called "Golf LINKS," in Balmeadie, Scotland. When Links were loaded to see the Lipp lion (not necessarily closely related to Lipps), I recalled that Scottish Lipps were first found in Aberdeenshire, location of Balmeadie. I'm familiar with Lipps and Barre's/Barreys (share Coats) only because Barry was punched on the lip at the home of the Mr. Mellanson, and while Mellanson's were first found in Aberdeenshire with BalMEADie, the Mellanson description uses "middle" while MIDDLE's were first found in Shropshire with Motleys of MEDLicott, and this was a line of Medleys, a branch of MEADs whom I think named BalMEADie, for while the latter is just outside the city boundary of Aberdeen, the Arms of Aberdeen use three towers in the colors of the Pellican tower while Meads use pelicans.

Medleys use a tiger while Teague's/TEEGERs were first found in Galway with Link-like Lynch's/Linch's. Motleys share the white-on-red Link / Lipp lion, and Motts are said to have named Mota in WestMEATH. Meads are also Meats, and Meaths were first found in Yorkshire with Methleys, Mottle's/Motleys, and Jumps. Mota's share the roses of Jumps, and the latter have the Trump stag head. BalMEADie gold club. Mota's (and Motels) were first found in Calabria with the Belmonte location of the Fieschi GUELPHs! Bingo, the golf line.

Why might Irish Gards share a brown WOLF with Teague's/Teegers? Could it be that English Gards (Kent) share black griffins with Teague-branch Ticks/Tocks (once said to be first found in Kent)? Looks like. The brown colors is for Bruno liners, namers of Brunswick (beside Langs of Luneburg), where the Guelph branch of Barrs were. That picture allows a Barre/Barrey link to Links, and so let's add that LIPtons have a black wolf head to go with the Wolfs/WELFs/Lupus. Then, Liptons use the "Tau of St. Anthony" as well as the scallops of Tass' so that Tau's/Taus' look like a Tass branch. Tass' (share Clare chevron) were first found in Suffolk with Tigers and Clare's, and I explained why Tass' look linkable to Hawthorns and Tancreds/Tanks so that we are at my dentist here, who was playing golf with me. Dents use the tiger too.

The Diems/DITTmayers in the "diem" motto term of Teague's/Teegers were first found in Schleswig-Holstein with the German Teegers. It's near the first-known Trumps/Tromps, and then Dutch Tromps are split vertically in the colors of the horizontally-split Diem/Dittmayer Coat. Ditts/Dyots (Spanish Lupus colors) use stripeless tigers, one on a "leash" while Leash's/Lise's have two of the Tass chevrons. For the first time I can recall, Leash's/Lise's are said to be first found in Dumfries...with Leggs, reminding that Sleeping Beauty was a pointer to leg-using Leaks (Lincolnshire, same as Tankerville's).

Leash's/Lise's now have this: "The surname Lise was first found in Dumfriesshire where 'Mychael M'Cleish or M'CIeisch was tenant of the BREWLAND cum le stallage' in Dumfriesshire in 1376.'" BREWland suggests Bruce's of Annandale. Irish Brews/Broys/Burrogh's (Chief-Shield colors of Tass') use a "stump" while Stumps look like kin of Teague's/Teegers and Ticks/Tocks (Yorkshire, same as Bruce's and Scottish Brush's). The write-up of English Brews/Brewse's (Suffolk, same as English Brush's and Tass') suggests a trace to "Brix," and thus to Brixia/Brescia at Val Trompia. Brews/Brewse's, new to me, were at Suffolk's Wenham, and Winhams (look like a Quinn branch), first found in Suffolk with Knights/Nights, almost have the three pale bars of Knights/Nights whom I trace to the Nith river of Dumfries. The six Wenham/Winham pale bars are shared by Longfords while Quinns were first found in Longford. Longs have a different-colors version of the Brews/Brewse Coat. English Lise's/Liss' have six pale bars too in a different color.

Ahh, as Bruce's and Brush's share the Wear/Were motto, it seems certain that the Wear/Were crosslets are those of Brews/Brewse's, and the lion of the latter then looks like the same-colored Warley/Warely lion. Wearings/Warings and Ware's were first found in Devon with Wears/Were's, and while Warleys/Warelys were at Brentwood, that's probably why Brents share the red dragon with the Wearings/Warings. The latter share the Warren checks.

Now that Leash's/Lise's were first found in Dumfries with the Rums of Annandale, we can go to the "NOSTRum" motto term of Warrens, for it looks like part code for Rums and part for PaterNOSTERs. As Kilpatrick castle is on the Nith of Dumfries, let's repeat from the last update: "...Clots are listed with Clos'/ Duclos' while the Closeburn castle has been the Kilpatrick possession since the 13th century...New: the Clot/DuClos Coat is a lot like the PATERnoster Coat (Gully colors and format) that itself shares the Patrick and Kilpatrick saltire." Gulls are also Golfins.

The checkered bend of Wearings/Warings is shared by POPPs/Pape's/Pope's, and the German Popps/Poppens have two annulets colors reversed from the same of Irish Brews. But as we just crossed the Warleys/Warelys in the whirling pigeons, how does this picture relate to the stool pigeon? English Poppins/Pophams were first found in Hampshire with Drake's who fit smack into this Warely picture. Although it looks like a tree, the Popp/Poppen Crest is said to be a "A BUSH between elephant trunks..."

Mythical Milo de Vere of Anjou looks like he was fashioned by the Drakenberg Vere's off of this Wearing/Waring write-up: "The patriarch of the family was Miles Sire de Guerin..." Mile's were first found in Hampshire with Drake's sharing the Brent wyvern dragon (in colors reversed). As Milo de Vere was made a son of mythical Melusine suspect with Melissena Rangabe, note the Mile's and Ware's (dragon) share the blue border with Rangabe-like Rantons (share Bruce lion). As Rangabe's are from Michael I Rangabe, here's a new thing: German Michaels (Bohemia) share the two Ware lions! Beauty.

As Mans were Dragon/Drainer kin, note that Tous'/Tosino's have a "man" "WEARING a red shirt with gold buttons," for Bidens/Buttons were first found in Hampshire too. Vere is a location in Manche while the maunch sleeve is used by MANfields and Mansells.

The Tass-like Tease's/Tess' are also Tecks, and Tease's/Thys' are also Tighs, and so while Tacks/Thackerys are said to be of Tancreds/Tanks / Tankerville's, I loaded Tackers/Tackleys just now to find the wolf head used by Hugh D'Avranches LUPUS (Cheshire, same as Wolfs/Welfs/Lupus'), and Here's why: "William the Conqueror granted the manor of Tackley to Hugh d'Avranches, 1st Earl of Chester." Scottish Tackers are listed with TEGgarts/TegGARDs (brown owl), and Teague's/Teegers share the brown wolf with Gards. The Owls/HOWLs were first found in Suffolk with Tigers and it just so happens that the Arms of Aberdeen share the HOWELL Coat.

The Takel variation of Tackers/Tachleys reminds of the "pair of specTACLEs" of Watts and Vatts/Watters'. It just so happens that Dutch Takels have a "clovers" while Clovers/Clavers/Cleavers look like a branch of the Cleave variation of Cliffs/Cleffs (share Quade wolf heads) who in turn married the Stichs that I see from the Astikas' who married Traby, and the Trabys/Sadowski Coat has a "scarf" in a Q-shape as obvious code for Quade's, while the Tacker/Takel wolf head is used by Scarfs.

Here's some not-bad reasoning starting with the Fauchs who show nothing but thistle's. The Thistle's/Tissels (possibly Tessin-river liners along with Tacker/Takel liners), were first found in the Channel Islands, and the Channel/Connell surname (stags) may have been used by God to point to Trump via its "Ciall" motto term that looks like code for trumpet-using Calls/Calles'. The reason this is said is because Channels/Connells have trefoils in the colors of the three-leaf Takel "clovers," and then Takels/Tackers/Tackleys share the Scarf wolf head while Deborah BIRX always wore a scarf when she appeared on the nightly COVID stage with Fauci and Trump. The Takel/Tacker/Tackley wolf head was owned by Hugh Lupus (his Wikipedia article once showed it), and Hugh's sister married Ranulph de BRIQUESsart, looking like the origin of Birx's because Berks/Burghs were form John De Burgo, father of Herluin de Conteville, father in turn of Hugh Lupus' mother (= Briquessart's mother-in-law). We then note that while Hugh ruled in Cheshire, where the Welfs/Lupus' were first found who go together with golf-like Guelphs, the Takels/Tackers/Tackleys have a giant wolf head in the colors and format of the Trump Coat, and in the colors of the giant gull of German Gulls/GOLFins.

Hugh Lupus' father was Richard GOZ, tending to explain why Channels/CONNells use an "aGUS" motto term, and then the Conteville's can be expected with English Conte's sharing the CONE antlers.

Dutch Gulls/Golfins use a bird with red belly and stout beak, looking like a robin because Robins use thistles. See "BriquesSART," for Shirts/SHARDs (Cheshire, same as Briquessart's son) use a "HosTIS" motto term as well as the chevron of Tissel-like Tiss'/Teece's, and then Tease's/Tyes' come up as "Tee." Tiss'/Teece's were first found in Hampshire with Drive's/Drave's, and one DRIVES a golf ball from atop a golf tee. The dentist was DRIVING his car when he was LAUGHING at the red buttons on my SHIRT, after he and I were on the golf course. LAFINs/La Fins look like a branch of Ville's/La Fonts because the latter were first found in Languedoc with French Conte's who thus look like they created Conteville's, for Italian Conti's share the Lafin/La Fin Coat. FONT-de-Ville's were first found in Languedoc with Hugs/HUGHES (no guff), and the latter share two parts of the FOUNTain Coat. We are right back to Hugh Lupus de Welf.

Eye-opener: the reason that Clovers/CLAVERs, HOPpers and PLUNKets all use the same tower is that GLAPHYRa Archelaus was the ancestor of OPgalli's husband, Teeger- / Tiger-like TIGRanes IV of ARMenia (goes with the "arm" in the Clover/Claver Crest), the ancestors in turn of PLANCia Magna. Teague's/Teegers even use an "OPtem" motto term. Glaphyra was married to a Herod as per this line, and previously had married Herod, called ARCHELaus, and so note that Watt-branch Vatts/Watters' were first found in ARGYLLshire with Herods/HURLs while Hurls/Herls are in Clover/Claver colors and format. Clovers/Clavers share the key with Keys, and the indentations in the Key chevron look identical to the same in the Teague/Teeger chevron.

Plus, the Hurls/Herl fesse is in the colors of the same of Oaks (oak tree) in the "oak tree" of Watts and Watts/Watters'. Scottish WATsons use the "oak tree" too, and they were earls of Rothes to pass that title on to Leslie's when marrying them. The "Grip" motto term of Leslie's is thus suspect from Herod Agrippa. Watsons became rulers of Rothes upon marriage with Pollocks, and so note how Pollocks share the saltire of English Franks while Scottish Franks have the Blade/Blate saltire.

The "opTEM" motto term of Teague's/Teegers can thus be for Teems/THEIMs using a "blade," for Blade's can be from Bled in the land of the Carni, and right beside Lesce, where I trace Leslie's. Watts were first found at CARNagy, and Carnys share white pheons with Blade's/Blate's. Bleds love the Tous' who share the eight-pointed star of German Teegers who in turn use Blate-like plates. The Carny pheons are also those of Blate-like Pilate's. The name of PONTius Pilate is suspect from the Pontus, beside Tigranes IV of Herod. The Herod-like Hurts/Horts share the Hurl/Herl fesse, and Horton is a location in Northumberland, the latter being where Hurls/Herls were first found. Carnagy use a "covered cup" probably due to Cups/Cope's (Aberdeenshire, same as Leslie's) due to the Kupa (Colapis) river to the south side of the Carni (on this map north of (H)Istria).

The new-to me Theme's, with helmets in the colors of the Teem/Thiem "shields," were first found in Banffshire, which borders on Rothes. Heraldic helmets are sometimes called "SQUIRE's helmets, and Tiens'/Thames'/Temes', in the motto of Scarf-connectable Square's/SQUIRE's (Worcestershire, same as Watts), were first found in Oxfordshire with Hurts/Horts and PEARs, recalling that PearTREE's/PATRia's share the Trump stag head. It just so happens that Tiens'/Thames'/Temes' share the chevron-with-stars of Pears, and as the Tiens/Thames/Temes martlets are those of Pavia's, we are on the line here of Pierro's/Pero's, first found in Pavia on the Ticino/Tessin river that goes with the Tess'/Tecks and similar surnames such as Tackers / Takels above, or the Decks/Daggers sharing the red Square/Squire squirrel.

This recalls Miss Peare on a deck at the end of the sleeping-bag dream. I did nothing with or to the sleeping bag but PICK it up on a hill in the WOODs, and Hills (Worcestershire, same as Watts and Square's/Squire's) share the Clover/Claver / Hopper / Plunkett tower. Picks/Pix's share the fitchees of Woods (share oak tree with Watts / Vatts/Watters'), and while the three of Picks are those of Fevers, the latter add only the Trump / PearTREE stag head besides. Could this be a pointer to virus fevers? Don't Fochers/Fauchers/Fauchy' use a grassHOPPER?

While Woods were first found in Leicestershire with the Perkins/PARKINGs line from Plancia Magna, I walked into the PARKING lot of a mall after picking up the sleeping bag. The Wooders/Woodhouse's named Woodhouse on the SOAR/LEGro river of Leicestershire, and Soars/Sors share the Mall quadrants, how bout that. Malls have the RODham-related MalBANKs, and the hill was also a bank off the ROAD while Roots were Wood kin. Once I walked across the road at the top of the hill, I entered a parking lot as a pointer to Perkins Coie, Hillary Rodham's legal firm, partner in many gangster-style crimes. Lookie: the Soros-like Sors'/Soars were first found in Dorset with the George's (and Beautys) who in turn share the blue dove of WAISTells, perfect for the last scene of the sleeping bag dream where I was pulling Miss Peare toward me, on a deck in the mall, by her WAIST! The deck was resolved as a stage, and George Soros is suspect my many as staging false-flag operations.

If the "Defend" motto of Woods is code for Fenders, then as Fenders were first found in Huntingdonshire with Gaines/Engaine's, who in turn share the crosslets of Wooders/Woodhouse's, the sleeping-bag scene looks like a pointer to gain-of-function.

If the Teems named the Temple's/Tempells, it's notable that they share the Tromp and Doria eagle. In the write-up, we find that "the Manor of Temple in Leicestershire" was granted to the family by the earl of Leicester, likely Robert Beaumont. Doria's are included because they were first found in Genova with Segni's/Segurana's sharing the Este eagle while the house of Este was founded by Azzo of Fermo. The Square's/Squire's have a "Tiens ferme" motto. "signo" is a Wooder/Woodhouse motto term. Este is located not far from lake Garda, and Val Trompia is on the opposite side of lake Garda, which can explain why Trumps/Tromps are in Este colors and format. The Trump stag head is used by the Arms of Count WATERford, and Vatts are also Watters'. A comparison with the Chiefs of Tiens'/Thames'/Temes' and English Watts suggests kinship with Anger-branch Anchors/Annackers, which can explain why the "the PAIR" of Vatt/Watters spectacles are "hanging," for Hangers/Angers share an Anger symbol.

Este's were first found in Essex with Waters/Waterville's while Waterfords/Waterville's were first found in Northumberland with the Face's/Fessys sharing "hoc segno" with Wooders/Woodhouse's. Thus, as Face's/Fessys were Fieschi of Genova, it suggests the Teem / Temple liners were of Genova's Guelphs in some form, perhaps verifying that English Temple's/Tempells share the Doria eagle. The Shields/Sheils expected in the "shields" of Teems/Thiems have a "vincit" motto term to go with the "segno vinces" of Face's/Fesse's.

The way to assure that the Temple/TemPELL eagle is the Tromp eagle is where the Pells/Pelles' can be expected in the Pulling motto, for Pells/Pelles' share the pelican with Meads / Meadows and Pullings while the latter share the black martlet with the Temple/Tempell Crest and the Mead chevron. I've only just noticed that the Mead chevron-with-martlets is in the colors of the Tiens/Thames/Temes' and Peare chevron-with-stars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EXCELLENT! This looks like a pointer to Trump's Guelph course, so to speak, in BalMEADie!

Pullings love the Culp variation of Cups/Cope's (Aberdeenshire, same as Balmeadie!), and the motto includes "palleSCERE culpa," looking like part code for the Scarf-connectable and Square/Squire-like Schere's/Schire's/Schare's/SCHERFs. It's the Square's/Squire's/Squirrels who love the Tiens!!! Meads are now said to be first found in Warwickshire with Scherf-like Sheriffs! Bingo. Sheriffs even share a "quam" motto term with Temple's/Tempells.

The Acorns/AuldCORNs/HALDcorns in the Tromp acorns look like a merger with Corns/Cornalls who happen to share the Tiens / Mead chevron. HALDs/Holds use a squirrel to go with Peare's deck, and I was HOLDING Miss Peare on a deck by her hips while Hips' look like Deck kin. Holdings/Holdens (Lancashire, same as Halds/Holds) have an escutcheon shield colors reversed from the Teem/Theim shields. I was holding her by her waist, and Waistells were first found in Cumberland with Daggers and Corns/Cornalls while Decks are also German Daggers. A dagger is used by Turnbulls/TRUMPle's. The Teem/Theim shields are colors reversed from the one of Holding-related Allers (Holdings use "ALLERions"), first found in Westphalia with Shells while Shields are also Shiels.

Interestingly, Shells share the Marberg fleur. "My shield and my strong TOWER" just sang over my speaker as I was looking at the Shell Coat. Towers were first found in Lancashire with Holdings and Halds/Holds! The Tower Crest looks like the Holder griffin. Can this mean that God has the Marburg variant all under control to benefit us by exposing the gangsters more-fully yet? This songline comes from the song, Yeshua HAMashiach, and "you WIN" was in the last update as per officer Winn of the Hammersmith police department...when Hams and Hammers made it to topic. Scottish Hamels almost have the Holder Coat. Look at the timing of that song, immediately after the first sentence of this paragraph. Dutch Hamels are in the colors of the McCabe salmon, which are the Ham salmon too.

[Insert -- The people reading the report to the Hammersmith police said that the Hague was notified about the issue. The following was added to the last update during the spell-check in this update:

"A week after this update was uploaded to the Internet, I was back to the Hague surname, reading: "The Scottish branch lived in Bemersyde for many centuries..." Bemers have "two hammers"! As Bemers use bells while Bellamys share the Bell fesse, it appears that the Bellamys in the Beem write-up assure that Bemers were a Beem branch. "The surname Beem was first found in Normandy where the family was formerly Beaumis, Beaumeys, or Beametz and are from Beaumetz, near Abbeville." ABBEville named the McCabe's/McAbbe's who share the HAM salmon! Amazing, as though God arranged the Hague write-up to be a part of the Hammersmith pointers.

Bells were first found in Dumfries with Kilpatricks, and Hicks share an Icky variation with Ice's/Ecco's while the Hickson Coat is that also of HELTs/Helds; the latter were discovered as per "EcoHEALTH." Beems have the Ice/ECCO trefoils in colors reversed, and while Ice's/Ecco's look like an Egg branch, Eggs were early found in Cheshire with the Eggertons who in turn share the giant Beem lion. I was told that Bellamys married Ferte-MACE, and Maceys have a mace = hammer. Ice's/ECCO's point to ECOhealth, who's director has been caught with self-incriminating words, saying that COVID can be exploited as a media-fueled sham for the purposes of money-making for various industries, and so his words will be part of criminal cases going forward. German Eggs/Eggers look like they use the Arms of Zurich while Zurich is near Basel, the latter being where Bemers were first found. End insert]

Recently, Eggs have been changed to first found in Worcestershire, which is beside the first-known Balance's of Warwickshire who share the giant Egg eagle. Balance's are in the "balance" of Assi's, first found in Shetland with Yoo's/Yells. Balls were first found in Cheshire with early Eggs. End insert]

French Hamels have a Coat much like the Close Coat probably because HAMILton Kilpatrick, Sleeping Beauty's husband, descends from Closeburn castle. The other Sleeping Beauty was fulfilled by Ainsley, and Ainsleys use "my" twice in their motto, same as "my shield and my tower." Does this mean that Ainsley Earhardt will do some amazing thing for God on her show? Sleeping Beauty was holding me when she woke up. So far, Miss Earhardt, last I watched her, is still asleep, doing precious nothing for quenching the mass-murder campaign. Hamiltons were lords of KilBRIDE...on Arran, where McCabe's were first found, and French Bride's share the French Temple Coat, almost the Close Coat. That's even more amazing as per the timing of that songline, just as I was on the Teem shields. French Bride's share the stars of Maceys/Mace's (use a mace hammer!) and Brights, both first found in Cheshire with English Temple's/Tempells! Zinger. French Bride's were first found in Savoy with the Fore's/Forez's suspect in the "For my" motto phrase of Ainsleys. My's share the Savoy cross.

Holders and CAMs/Game's were first found in Gloucestershire with Letts/Late's sharing the Tiens/Thames/Temes' and Peare stars. I was definitely holding Miss Peare (I dated her some 40 years before the dream). Halds/Holds look like kin of Stouts/Stows, the latter first found in Cambridge, and as Cambridge's share "quam" with Sheriffs, it seems that the two Hald/Hold fesses, and the one of Holders, are indeed those of Sheriffs. Cambridge was named by the quam-like Cam river. CAMULodunum was nearby, and a camel head is used by Pipe's in the "organ pipes" of Latts/Late's.

This begs the question on whether Trump was in the final act, where I was PULLING Miss Peare on a DECK and stage, for while it felt so good to be pulling her toward me, it was a TEASE, because the dream ended abruptly at the split-second I started to pull. Pero liners were on the Ticino/Tessin river of the Tease's/Tess'/Tecks, and Decks share the Square/Squire/Squirrel squirrel. In other words, Trump's just a feel-good tease to his voter base where in reality he's a deceiver, the enemy, staging his love for them.

The colors of the Mead and Tiens chevrons are those of English TURNbulls/TRUMBells while Turins were first found in Aberdeenshire with Balmeadie. These Turnbulls even share three black bulls with Beautys, the latter first found in Dorset with the Beaumonts who granted a manor to Teem-liner Temple's/Tempells. And the thing is, both Turnbull surnames come up as TRUMPle's.

As English Turnbulls/Trumple's almost have the Coat of Tourneys while the latter were first found in Shropshire with Sleeps, this looks like another part of Sleeping Beauty, for Beautys share the three, black Tourney bulls in half their colors.

The Shields in the Teem/Theim Coat are also Shiels while Irish Shiels, with most of the Irish Fox/SHINnochs Coat, use a "patria" motto term to get us back to Peare liners, especially as the Shield/Shiel dove is colors reversed from the Waistell dove. The Shields/Shiels use "THREE doves CLOSE"," and Clots/CLOS' look like kin of PATERnosters. As Jewish Simons have a fox, Shinnocks look like Italian Simons, both having the Montfort lion in colors reversed for a trace to Simon de MontFORT, tending to explain the "forti patria" motto phrase of Shiels. The Fox/Shinnoch / Simon lion is that also of Warleys/WARELys except that the latter's has two tails, as does the Montfort lion. So, with the "three doves close" and the Warelys in the picture together, were my three doves close, when whirling around the maple tree, point to Shiel / Teem liners for any important reason? The doves were on each others' tails, you've probably seen birds doing such curves in fast flight. This paragraph implying Kilpatricks of CLOSEburn goes well with the next section, where I connect the stool pigeon to Sleeping Beauty in multiple ways.

Trump's golf course is right beside the city of Aberdeen, and the Arms of Aberdeen shares the Pellican tower. The Pellican-loving Pullings share the martlet of French Josephs, first found in Maine with Pellicans. Trump chose the deep-state puppet, Mark MEADows, to be his White House chief of staff, the Meadows share pelicans with Meads/Meats. Plus, I think that the Teague's are working into this because I purchased my Texas property from Mrs. Teague, who was born with a Friend surname while Friends are in Meadows (Suffolk, same as Tigers) colors and format. Meads were previously said to be first found in Somerset with Friends, how about that.

Brian KilMEADE is a co-host of Fox and FRIENDs. Trump loves Ainsley Earhardt of Fox and Friends. Ainsleys ("my") were first found in Nottinghamshire with Tease's/TYES'/TIGHs while Thigh's/Thy's use a giant FOX. What does this mean? The My's/Mea's (Nottinghamshire), from the Meu river at Mott of Montfort, are in the "mea" motto term of Meadows. Is God trying to tell us what a hypocrite Trump is, a player whose playing along with the deep state while deceiving his voter base? Almost all of Trump's key government posts were given to deep-state RINOs.

The "Mea DOS" phrase of Meadows can be for the Dose'/Doz's because they are said to be from Schleswig-Holstein with Diems/Dittmayers and Teegers, though Dose's/Doz's are said also to be from Holstein and Mecklenburg, where the first-known Trumps were first found. The Doose variation of Dose's is like the Doocy variation of Duck-branch Duce's, and Steve Doocy is the third co-host of Fox and Friends, a real traitor to Americans on the issue of vaccines. We are talking RINO's and HIPPO-critters here, big open mouths but nothing to show for it; paper tigers who merely pretend to cater to make-an-honest-living people.

I think it's important to re-mention the pulley that's painted at the feet of the Guiscard brothers in this painting. The Pulleys/Pullens (Yorkshire, same as Tancreds and Dents) share the Tancred scallop and the Mead/Meat martlets, and Pullys/Pullens share the pelican with Meads/Meats so that we have what looks like a connection between the dentist-on-golf-course dream to Balmeadie's golf course. Pollards/Polars almost have the Tancred/Tank Coat.

Golf LINKs. Lynch's/Linch's can be gleaned with Fellers because the latter are in English Ling colors and format. Lings were first found in Suffolk with Tigers. German Lings use "banners" on their crossed spears, and Scottish Banners have a "PRO patria" motto term while Peartree's/Patria's share the Trump stag head. PROfetts/Prophets (Aberdeenshire) use a giant leg, and Fothes'/FETTE's were first found in Kincardineshire with Peartree's/Patria's. Coincidences, or is God pointing to Trump's Aberdeen golf course?

When Kepke and I collected golf balls in the ROUGE river through CEDAR BRAE golf club, we carried BAGs to put them in, and Bags are Grimaldi kin, more Guelphs. Bra is beside Monforte, and Mott is at Montfort. Cedars/Cottars were first found in Oxfordshire with Peare's/Pears suspect in Peartree's, and Kepke dated Miss Peare about five years after we collected golf balls. The Rouge's/Rogers have a rose-version of the Knee Coat while Knee's (share Acorn stag head) were first found in County Down while Downs (Sussex, same as Tromp-beloved Acorns) have a stag in the colors of the Trump stag head. As the Knee and Acorn stag heads are in the colors of the full stags on English Rogers, it appears that God set up the Rouge river to point to Trump.

As Lings are said to have been at LEGE of Somerset, it's notable that Lengs/Langs use letters as code for LINKletters. It appears that Legg liners named Ling / Lang liners, and while German Langs share the pelican with Meads, Leggs almost have the Trump stag head. Doesn't it seem that God is pointing to Trump's golf course? Dutch Langs share the Monaco hexagrams, and while Monforte and Bra are at the Langhe theater, beside Alba, German Alba's look like kin of German Banners.

Yorkshire is where Bruce's were first found, who were from Brescia, beside Val Trompia. The Bruce lion is shared by RANTons while Rants/Rance's could have named the Rance river near Rennes. Motts were first found in Essex with Rainer-like Rains/Raines', and as there is a Mott(e) location very near Montfort and Rennes, it appears that the Link / Lipp lion is also the Montfort / MONK lion too. It might explain why Monaco's share the other Motley lion, and so this gets us quickly to the Guelphs under Rainier I Grimaldi of Monk-like Monaco. The Mottle/Motley write-up: "...Motley Hill in RAINham, Kent." Rainhams were first found in Angus' Forfarshire, on the Kincardine border, and thus near the first-known Patria's/Peartree's of Kincardineshire.

The Henrys at this Mott location (of Montfort) share the Gormley/GRIMES martlets, and while they are colors reversed from the same of Grimms/Grime's, the latter share a green martlet with GARDs. Lake Garda at Val Trompia. German Grimms have quadrants colors reversed from the Motley quadrants.

Of the three events I remember on my camping trip, Barry, the one who got punched on the lip and face, was in the first event, in the back of a pick-up with Mamie. The only reason I came up to the camp site was to see her, because I had met her once before, and we had danced. Dannys/Dance's were first found in Wiltshire with three-trumpet Calls/Calles', and with LAPs/Labbs', right next to the Lings of Somerset's LEGE!!! The second thing I remember at the camp site was Mamie sitting on my LAP and LEGs while the GANG was around the camp FIRE, which had pointed well to Trump because Leggs essentially have the Trump Coat. Laps/Labbs may have been Lipps, and Fire's, sharing the Schwab Coat almost, were first found in Austria with the Links, who are almost in their colors and format.

The Ling write-up: "However we must look to either Lyng, Norfolk or Lyng, Somerset for the origin of the family. Of the two, Lyng, Somerset is the oldest dating back to Saxon times when it was known as LENGen c. 930. Interestingly, while both were listed in the Domesday Book of 1086, they had different spellings at the time: Ling, Norfolk and LEGE, Somerset." This Lege location is new to me, and it looks perfect for explaining why Mamie was on my lap, i.e. in order to point hard to Trump's Golf LINKS fairways. This jibes with Mamie and I sleeping in the TENT as the third event, for Tints were first found in Somerset too.

Leggs use a "TENTaMINE" motto term, and Mine's are listed with Man-like Means. The Gaudets/GODets in the Legg motto can be of the "God" motto term of Mens'/Mame's/Meme's/Mime's and the neighboring "thy"-using Sinclairs. English Goods, said to descend from "God," were once said to be first found in Devon with Monks who almost have their Coat. To put it another way, God-descended Goods share the Link lion. Henry Sinclair ruled Orkney, where LINKletters were first found. Mine's/Means use a DANCETTE with the six pale bars of Babels/Babwells = Podebrady liners, and while German Babels/Babe's share the mermaid (two tails to go with the Montfort = Bohemian lion) with Laps/Labbs', DANSETs share the roses of Mota's and Jumps. Babys/Babenko's share the Arms of Meulan.

I can now glean that Tints share the German Man lion because Mamie was a pointer to Manfields (Tinton colors and format) and Mens'/Mame's, and because Scottish Mans were first found in Aberdeenshire with Trump's Golf Links. The Link lion holds a "bezant," and Bezants have a version of the German Man Coat! ZINGER, all this time, Mamie on my lap was pointing to his golf course, and I didn't know it until now. It's in combination with a pointer to Grimaldi's, and so why should this be important to God?

The third event was Mamie and I sleeping in her sleeping BAG, and while Bags (share Grimaldi Shield) can be gleaned as kin of Gangs in the Drummond motto, Laps/Labbs' are from the Labe river through Podebrady, origin of Trump-like Drummonds. The day after we slept in the bag (no sex, not even a hug), Mamie got her thigh symbol at her garden, which I recognized as a pointer to lake Garda, beside Val TROMPia. The Gardens were first found in Angus with KilDRUMMY, and Angus is on the southern edge of Kincardineshire (part of Aberdeenshire), the latter being where Peartree's/Patria's were first found who share the Trump stag head and the fitchees of Angus' Sewers/Suters/SHUTers while Shitts/Shute's (Wiltshire, same as Laps/Labbs' and Calls/Calles') have a version of the three trumpets of Calls/Calles'. This is starting to look like a CRAP SHOOT at Trump's casino as a pointer to the 666 dice of Quintana's.

I had forgotten what I've told before as per the pigeon on my septic tank. I remembered it only due to the crap shoot above: Crappers/Croppers use "pigeons"!!! I thought that was amazing when I first discovered it. It proves that God sent the stool pigeon.

The only thing between BalMeadie and Kincardineshire is the city of Aberdeen, that's how close they are, and so, when asking why Trump would want a golf course up in that nowhere place, it seems that he knew it was laced with Val-Trompia and Trump liners, explaining where he got his Scottish name, Donald. Repeat: "German Lings use 'banners' on their crossed spears, and Scottish Banners have a 'patria' motto term while Peartree's/Patria's share the Trump stag head."

Sleeping Beauty and the Stool Pigeon

Ahh, here's from the Warley/Warely write-up: " the West Midlands, Warley is a place in the metropolitan borough of Sandwell." As Sandwells have one of the two ermined fesses of Sleeps while Sleeping Beauty was on a sand beach, it now starts to appear that my waking Sleeping Beauty has connection to the stool pigeon, for Warley of Sandwell is an area almost in contact with Shropshire, and the latter is where Sleeps were first found. Warleys/Warelys were first found in Essex with Maple's, and while the three pigeons whirled around a maple tree, and while the Warley/Warely Crest is "A tree," Maple's look like kin of WAKEfields (green wyvern dragon), and I was told to wake her from sleep! Wakefield is in West Yorkshire with Warley Town and Dents! Miss Hicks, Sleeping Beauty, was a dental technician in my dream, expected to be working on a tooth because Hicks (Yorkshire too) love the Touts, and here we can add that Hicks are said to have been at Low Essex, where Warleys/Warelys and Maple's were first found!

After all of these years, the sand beach is looking like a key to connecting the wake scene with the stool pigeon we don't yet know. It seems that for any of this to make sense, God will reveal the stool pigeon in some heraldic way.

Sleeps named Sleap in Shropshire, but it seems they also named, Salop. From Wikipedia's Shropshire article: "Salop however, is also used as an alternative name for the county town, Shrewsbury, which also shares the motto of Floreat Salopia." "Floreat" is part-code for Florence elements in the motto of Browns/Bruns because Bruno's were first found in Florence. One Brown Coat shares the Vagan/Vychan/Vaughn Coat, and the latter were first found in Shropshire. The Warley-beloved Tree's were first found in WARwickshire, and Warwicks/Warricks were first found in Cumberland with Browns.

More: The only thing between Sleap and Warley is a thin strip of Staffordshire, and while the Arms of Staffordshire has a knot, the wake Crest is a "wake knot"!!! There is a Market-Drayton location on the Staffordshire-Shropshire border while Dragon-related DRAYtons share the eagle leg with Hicksons (Staffordshire), Hoovers and Hooters. One Pigeon Coat is in the colors and format of Drays, and the other Pigeons in the colors and format of Dents. Draytons almost have the Bon/Bono Coat while Hicks use a "bon" motto term. While the Drayton Coat is related to the HALE/Hales Coat because Drayton is in Hales, and Warley Town is at HALifax (Yorkshire, same as Halifax's) while Hallys almost have the Maple boar heads! Hallys share the Mole boar head, and there was a mole digging over the septic tank about the time the pigeons whirled around the maple tree some 10 feet from this tank).

Hallys were first found in Sligo with Hickensons/Higgensons and Higgins. Hallys look like kin of Dutch Langs, and as I can show why Langs/Lengs were Alans/Alengs, note that Fachs'/Vachers were first found in Dol with its Alans, for HalliFAX's may have been named by them. Fachs'/Vackers almost have the Coat of Tottens who may in turn be in the "Tout en" motto phrase of Hicks. That works.

Ahh, wow. My claim is that Sleeping Beauty was on the island of Jeffrey Epstein, and while Epsteins share the Coat of Waters/Waterville's (Essex, same as Warelys and a Hicks branch), Waterfords/Waterville's share the "fountain" with Halifax's (Hickson colors), and the latter are said to descend from Waterhouse's who in turn have "An eagle's wing and leg" in the black color of the Hickson eagle legs!!! Can we believe it? The Waterehouse write-up: "Waterhouses is the name of a place in the neighbouring county of Stafford," and Hicksons were first found in Staffordshire! Trump was Epstein's good buddy, and the Trump stag head is in this Arms of County Waterford. Waterhouse's were first found in Lincolnshire with Hally-connectable Halls, and Dutch Halls share triple-red chevrons with Waters/Waterville's and Eppsteins.

The heraldic fountain usually comes with three wavy bars colors reversed from the same of Sea's, and as the English House Crest has a "sea," Waterhouse's look named after House's. In the dream, I was transported from the shark-in-pool scene to a blue body of WATER, a sea, and that was one clue that I was at the shore of Epstein's beach in the Virgin Islands. Virgins share the giant Warely lion.

I'm not seeing Ainsleys or Earhardts in any of this emphasis on Sleeping Beauty...unless Fachs'/Fachers/Vachers had been Fox's. AHH WOW, Fochers/FAUCHers are listed with grasshopper Fauchys! The Warelys of Halifax might thus be pointing to Tony Fauci going down in defeat due to "You win," and to Beauty becoming awake. Fochs'/Voss' (Mecklenburg, same as Dols and same-colored Trumps) use the giant fox of Thigh's/Thy's, and the latter were part of Mamie's thigh symbol (at her garden) the day after she pointed to Trump on my lap. Mamie was in a bathing SUIT at the time, as was Sleeping Beauty on the beach. Both Garden-branch Jarrets were Alan-of-Dol kin by the looks of things.

Ahh, the Hoppers in the grasshopper were first found in Wiltshire with the Tree's; the latter were once said to be first found in Warwickshire. The latter is where GRISwalds were first found whose Coat looks very connectable to Tree's, and Grishams, the name of one of Trump's do-nothing press secretaries, have another grasshopper. It just so happens that grasshopper-using Thatchers/Thackers were first found in Essex with tree-loving Warelys. The Thicks/Thackers have a fesse in the colors of the fesse-by-grasshopper of Fochers/Fauchers/Fauchys. Thatchers/Thackers have a Coat version of the AINSley-branch Annas', and Ainsleys have a scimitar in Crest that is almost the "Saxon sword" of Thatchers/Thackers. Saxons/Septons/Sextons share the "chaplet" with Hicks.

Tacks/THACKERys are said to have been a branch of Tancreds/TANKs. The Tack/Thackery Crest shares the Drummond Crest, and Drummonds use a "Gang WARILY" motto. The triple-wavy fesses of German Drummonds are the Sea fesses, and these are colors reversed in "fountains" while we saw Waterhouse's, the ancestry of Halifax's, using fountains. Hallifax's, Tancreds/Tanks and Thackery are all in West Yorkshire with the Drummond-connectable Mars (share brown Crest with Drummonds).

Trump and Fauci gave the world mandatory vaccines together. Trump tries to play innocent, and opposed to mandatory vaccines, because he wants to be re-elected. he of all people could become the biggest whistle-blower, but look at how much time has gone by, and he's not yet pointed the finger at any criminality in Fauci / Gates / Hahn circles...because he's a fraud, a 666-loving gangster.

When the line of Dunk married George Montagu, 2nd earl of Halifax, he called himself, George Montagu Dunk, and so as Dunks are in the colors and format of Hall-branch Hulls (Yorkshire, same as Halifax), it stands to reason that "Halifax" was from a Hall or Hill merger with some other surname. The Hills are included because their write-up suggests their being of Halls, and moreover Hills share the Dunk tower. Dunks were first found at Och, in Berkshire, near OXfordshire, and Ochs ("bull") apparently shared the red ox with the Arms of Oxford. Oaks/Oke's were first found in Somerset with Montagu's/Montacute's. Oxfordshire is where Shiptons were first found, and so see the Montagu write-up: "'Drogo [de Montacuto] fixed his chief residence at the castle of Shipton-Montacute, co, Somerset.'" As the Arms of Oxford has a BEAVER too, this Drago looks related to Drago de BEWERE/BEAUVIERE (in the Burton and Blade/Blate write-ups). The Cute's suspect with MontaCute's were first found in Lincolnshire with Halls (Cute/Cutt colors). COTTars were first found in Oxfordshire too.

Dunks have an anteLOPE in Crest. Loupe's share three white towers with Dunks, and Cute's/Cutts share the white greyhound with Loops, which tends to go with the Scottish ALLisons, who share the Hull / Hall / Holly dog, where they're said to descend from "Alexander MacAlister of Loupe". These Allisons are in Hill format and colors reversed from them.

There's a lot of dogs here, and Burtons use more while Dogs/Doags share the cinquefoils of DUNCans / Donkeys, and thus we probably have the stuff here to identify the Dunks as king-Duncan liners. Tank-branch Tankerville's have the same cinquefoils, and were first found in Lincolnshire with Halls. So, as Warelys were at Halifax, while Tanks apply here, it seems we are on the stool-pigeon event. Drago's (Genova) use a giant green wyvern dragon, and we saw a green one with WAKEfields (Yorkshire, same as Warelys and Tanks). Warelys are in the colors and format of the giant Drake wyvern. Have you been keeping in mind that HaliFAX is probably a pointer to Tony Fauci?

Wombwells/Womwells (Yorkshire) have a "BEWARE" motto term, and while Drago de Bewere is in the Blade write-up, Ware's use "a broken sword BLADE". Ware-connectable Guerra's use the green wyvern too, as do Wilkins and Lewis both first found in Glamorganshire. Guerin of Provence probably had charge of Draguignan. Lizarts/Sarde's were first found in Draguignan, and they share the six pale bars of Podebrady-liner Babels/Babwells. George of Hungary married Miss Podebrady, and was father of Drummonds who use a "WARILY" motto term. The George Montagu's look like they are from Drummonds.

As the Wilkin motto has "pruDENTes," the green Seaton/Sitten dragon applies because Dents were at Sedbergh, named by Sedans/Siddens (share black border with Montagu's/Montacute's). As the Seaton dragon BREATHs fire as part code for Breaths/Breads/Bradds from Podebrady. It explains why Cute's/Cutts are in Dent AND PIGEON colors and format.

The Wirrals of Cheshire were at the Mersey river, and Merseys (dragon head) happen to be listed with MAISeys while Demys/DuMAIS' (Pots colors) share the Pigeon chevron. The Demy/Dumais write-up: "A branch was formed in Anjou at POITIERs." It just so happens that Merseys/Maiseys have the POTTER Coat in colors reversed. The POITvins of Poitiers even have a version of the German May/MAIS Coat. The Gate-loving Porters can be gleaned with Porter and Pots involvement, and Gate's/Gatts (in the Babel/Babwell Crest) are now suspect from an Agatha of Podebrady, mother of the Drummonds, which can explain the seahorse in the Potter Crest, for Seamans use the seahorse too as well as a version of the German Drummond Coat, itself used by Sea's. The latter were first found in Kent with the Petits in the motto of Malcolms/Columns (share York saltire), the latter likely from king Malcolm III, son of king Duncan.

When reading that Ralph of Tancarville was the founder of Bocherville Abbey, Bochers were loaded to find the German branch with a ibex goat in the colors of the bottom half of the Fire unicorn. I've mentioned that the bottom half of the Fire unicorn could be a goat because its legs are thicker than other surnames with the full unicorn, such as Swabs/Schwab. The latter share the upper half of the Fire Coat, and Bochers were first found in SWABia, now making it more certain that Fire's were Schwab kin. This recalls the door-handle dream, when there was a BUCKET in my hand, which, when dropped on a circular patch of sand, caught flames. I JUMPed down yelling, "fire." Buckets (Lincolnshire, same as Tankerville's) are also Bocher-like Bochards, you see, so that the fire can represent, as I tentatively concluded in that past, riots in the streets from the likes of George Soros, good communist-pig buddy, we can assume, of Klaus Schwab.

The iBEX goat of Bockers has to be a symbol for something. Bex's look like Dutch Beck liners, and Dutch Beckers/Bakers share the Pigeon chevron too, while English Beckers and Beach's/Bech share VAIR FUR. There are two heraldic furs, and the Vairs/Fers' are easily comprehended as a branch of the Fur variation of Fire's. It appears that Bochers were Becker liners. That mound of sand upon which the bucket / drum caught fire is looking connectable to the beach sand with Sleeping Beauty, especially as Warely was a location in Sandwell while Sandwells have one of the two, ERMINED Sleep fesses. Ermine is the second heraldic fur.

Scottish Bockers are also Bogeys, and as the latter is a common term for golfers, perhaps a sand trap applies to the circular patch of sand, for such traps cause lots of bogeys. In fact, Trapps/Trappers share the "bustard" with Bustards (Bush branch) who in turn have a fesse-with-items in the colors of the Birds (in BOUGHton!) while a birdie is the opposite of a bogey. The Crest of ibex-using Bochers has a ram, and Rams were first found in Essex with Warelys [and Faux's].

OH WOW! I've just checked for a Worley surname as per the Warleys. Curiously, Worleys are listed with Whalleys, and Whalleys (Waleran colors and format) have the English FAUX and English Hanson mascle in colors reversed, which interested me because Miss Hanson pointed to Tony Fauci, where I think "HaliFAX" is pointing. And then I read the write-up of English Hansons (first found in Yorkshire with Halifax): "The Hansons have for a long time resided in the parish of Halifax"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CAN WE BELIEVE IT??? WHAT ARE THE CHANCES!?

Nordic Hansons are the ones with the FUGGER Coat to go with the Fochers/Fauchers/Fauchys, the latter first found in Perigord with Faux's/Fage's/Chollens. My hunch was correct: the whirling stool pigeons are going to be God's stool pigeons on Fauci and Gangsters. I can't wait to see what Jesus has in store. Hanson was the ice-CREAM girl, and Cremers use another ram.

English Hansons share the Chief-Shield colors of Tanners while Tankerville's are said to have named TANERdevilla. German Tanners have pine CONES, and Miss Hanson handed me an ice-cream CONE. The thing I like about the Bocherville of Tank-line Tankerville's is that the stag head of Beach-branch Beckers is colors reversed from the TRUDeau stag, and a septic tank is also a TURD tank. I'm just wondering if I can put crime minister trudeau into the sewer along with Fauci, Gates, Trump, Soros, Schwab, and Hahn. The Halifax chevron is colors reversed from the Trudeau chevron. I find trudeau to be a disgusting character, something very rotten about the way his brain operates. He's a robot. He does the agenda robotically, a sociopath without a human heart who knows only how to pretend to care about people. The ruling pretenders have together become sociopaths.

Let's repeat from where I was showing that HALLifax's were Hall / ALLison liners: "Dunks have an anteLOPE in Crest. Loupe's share three white towers with Dunks, and Cute's/Cutts share the white greyhound with Loops, which tends to go with the Scottish ALLisons, who share the Hull / Hall / Holly dog, where they're said to descend from "Alexander MacAlister of Loupe". These Allisons are in Hill format and colors reversed from them. " Those Allisons have a "Truth" motto term while Truths/Trots (Berkshire, same as Dunks) may have been a TRUDeau branch.

I've never been on the Dunks, let alone the woman from the Dunks who married George Mantagu II, son of George Montagu I. It appears that God has shown verification through the Dunks that he set up the whirling pigeons and the stool pigeon too. For it just so happens that while I was working on the shower STALL at the time the pigeons arrived, the Showers are listed with Sewards while Siward of Northumberland defeated king McBeth in battle, the one who had killed king DUNCan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Three years later, Malcolm III, son of king Duncan, killed McBeth! There we go, and note how "stall" is like the Stolls to whom I think "stool pigeon" points.

There is/was a writer online who claimed that there is an historical document telling that George of Hungary (father of Drummonds) was in Scotland in 1055...the year after Siward defeated McBeth. This explain why George's son, Maurice Drummond, married a sister of Malcolm III. George's mother was a Varangian RUS (Kiev), and the ROSS clan is said to be from an Andrew, suggesting king Andrew I of Hungary, George's father.

It just so happens that the special GRAVel (I think it's called "screen") needed for my septic bed was delivered by Mr. Patterson while Scottish Pattersons were first found at Ross-Shire! Incredible. The earls of Mar were at KilDRUMMy, and French Mars happen to share the scallops of Irish Pattersons/Cassane's. GRAVELS are in the colors and format of French Mars!!! It looks set up by God to prove to the reader that He's the author of the stool pigeons.

MORE NEW: Pattersons/Cassane's are said to be from SODHANs (not new), explaining why Sodhans/SOWTens have the Patterson/Cassane scallops in colors reversed (not new) while sharing the blue fesse with Casano's and Casino's (not new). And it just so happens that SOWTers are listed with Siward-like SEWERS/Shuters (!!!!) to go with my sewer tank (!!!), and Sowters/Sewers were even first found in Angus with the earls of Mar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Too much. I'm sure that latter part is new, but if not quite new, it's not been emphasized.

I don't know whether I've ever realized that French Mars are also More's while Sodans/Sowtens share the fesse-with-stars of Scottish More's/Muirs. The Sodan/Sowten and More/Muirs fesses-with-items are in the colors and format of the same of English George's! Beauty, and the full George Coat is in the colors and format of the Sodan/Sowten Coat.

Sodans/Sowtens named Sowton in BUDleigh, and Budleighs (Bud/Bude colors) share the Coron / CORONA crown. Budleigh's were first found in Devon with Sodans/Sowtens, and are said to have named Cornwall, location of Bud/Bude. The "DuRIS" motto term of More's/Muirs suggests Rhizon liners because Rhizon is beside BUDva. The Dure's ("sword" = line of Siward), first found in Ayrshire with the Nons/Nevins sharing the Gravel crescents, are expected in "Duris." Dure's have a "NON PRO PATRia" motto phrase to go with PATTERsons, and Peartree's/Patria's happen to share the fitchees of the neighboring Sowters/Sewers! Dure's were first found in Perthshire with Drummonds. Pierro's/PERO's/Petri's have a Coat almost that of BUTTs/Bute's/BOETs (they both share ROSes), and Budva was anciently Butua. Italian Maurels/MAURo's (almost "Mar / Maurice") are in the colors and format of English Bute's/Butts.

Here's from the 4th update of July, 2019, concerning the mole(s) tunneling under the front deck and in the gravel beside the deck:

As I told readers: at the time that the pigeon walked over the tank, the mole(s) was lifting the GRAVel (just a couple of inches deep) where my patio stones are slated to go. I just saw "grave feld" in the translated article on GRABfeld, and Gravefeld may have been its name at some time...Amazingly, a Mr. Patterson delivered the gravel for the septic bed while Pattersons share the camel in Crest with Pepins. He also delivered the driveway gravel. I should add that Mr. Patterson had an infection in his leg, which I saw, and he died from it a year or so later. As was said, the pigeon over the stool took off from over the tank and flew down along the driveway. I hate to suggest it, but was his death a pointer to Grave's?

I quoted that so the reader will know that I'm not making up the story with Mr. Patterson. The Pattersons do apply to this discussion, and moreover as they were first found in Ross-shire, the capital of that place was once, DINGwall, like "Dunk." Dingwalls are listed with Dingle's (MacKenzie kin), and it just so happens that German Dingle's share the lozenges of Montagu's!!! BEAUTY.

When I just saw "GRAVE FELD," it recalled my checking Veins last night after seeing a video, to be presented below, in which an embalmer claims to have found long strands in the veins of deceased people that no one has ever seen, but that he first came across at the time that COVID-19 vaccines were being rolled out. The Fields/FELDs (Gloucestershire, same as Veins and GRAVE's/Greafs) share the Vein "garbs," and "Garbs are like "GRABfeld." Grabfeld was home to Apophis-like Poppo I, and MacKenzie's (Ross-shire, same as Dingle's/Dingwalls) are the chief pointer, along with Crabs, to the Apophis asteroid of 2029 coming in the constellation of Cancer the crab.

WOW, JUST REALIZED. As we are on Grave liners here, it recalls the STRAND of web that Mr. Kepke CHASEd me with outside of the Graff residence, a main topic of recent weeks as per the GRAPHENE-oxide (poisonous) in vaccines. The Graffs are also GRAFFENs/GRAVs, and I even went to the Strand surname as per that strand of web. I now get it because the embalmer shows that the strands (his word) are covered in blood clots, meaning that the strands attract blood cells that normally repel one another away. The main feature of graphene-oxide is it's strong magnetic quality of attraction, and so it's suspect with working in conjunction with the whitish strands. Just look at the 2019 quote above that took me to the Veins. The Strand savage is said to have one hand on his "hip," and Hips' look like kin of Decks/Daggers.

Plus, you just witnessed that I went from Cancer the crab constellation to Kepke CHASing me with a spider dangling on a stand of web. Cancer-like Chance's/Chaunceurs share the same patonce cross of Chase's, what are the chances? The patonce-like Patents/Pattens, who share the green griffin head of Chase's, were first found in Essex with Chance's/Chaunceur's...and Warelys and Maple's. Patents/Pattens share the Pulling motto, and I was pulling the hips of Miss Peare. She became Kepke's near-wife starting four or five years after the spider-chase event. While the George's share the blue DOVE (= a pigeon) of WAISTells, I pulled the waist of Miss Peare on a DECK, which goes with by building the shower-stall walls on my deck.

The Palle's/Palles' expected in the Patent / Pulling motto have a fesse-with-items in the colors and format of the George / More/Muir / Sodan/Sowten fesse-with-items. The same green griffin head is used by Leslie's (Hungarians, like Drummonds) having a bend-with-items in the same colors, and using a "GRIP" motto term.

Here's from the same update as above: "As was shared with readers, the stool pigeon (first pigeon I saw here ever) arrived a few days before the three pigeons whirled skyward around a maple tree beside the septic tank. I was putting together kitchen cupboards at the time, and once installed on the second floor, my next job was to tile the shower stall." This means that I was working on the shower, to prepare it for tiles, about the time the one stool pigeon arrived, for I even recall constructing the shower walls on my deck, where I was putting together the kitchen cabinets...because the tenant was living in the apartment at the time, and I didn't want to make more mess in the apartment than needed. The tenant moved in with an unfinished apartment, and the deal was to put the rent toward finishing the place, with shower stall and kitchen cabinets being the first priorities.

As it seems that God wanted to point to Siward of Northumberland, why did he time the whirling pigeons with my the kitchen cabinets instead of the shower walls? Although I can't see the reason why, the KECHin and KICHyn variation in the write-up of Kitchens ("water bougets") write-up can be branches of Kicks/Kecks who are not only in Leslie colors and format, but share the crescents of Pattons (while Leslie's share the Patent/Patten griffin). Perhaps this goes to Mellanson's cotton SWAB, for the Kick/Keck / Patton crescents are shared by Mellansons, first found in Aberdeenshire with Leslie's. The cotton-swab event had to do with blood in Mellanson's ear, and Leslie's are suspect from Lesce, beside Bled.

L Ahh, I think I get it, for Mellansons and Millens/Milans (Aberdeenshire too) were from Milan, where Italian Maurels/Maurs were first found, and then French Maurels (Brittany, same as Dol Alans) are in the colors and format of Pattons (Shropshire, same as Dol Alans). French Maurels share the Tromp and CLAUD/CLAUSel acorns (!!!), a pointer to KLAUS Schwab because the Schwab/Swab unicorn is white, as is the one in the French Maurel Crest!!! Clauds/Clausels look like a branch of CLOTs/Clos', and while Bleds look like Bloods/Bluds, Italian Maurels/Maurs share the eight-pointed stars of Tous' in the Bled motto!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you think that's all by chance, a total coincidence, blind are thee. God set that up.

It couldn't have happened without the kitchen cabinets to get us over the Kicks/Kechs so as to get us to Mellanson, and, as I said many times, I kissed a girl in Mellanson's kitchen at his party, and she went on to be the girl of Michael BOUCHER (or maybe "Bouchet") while Bouchier's (Essex, same as Pattons) share water bougets (different color) with Kitchens while Bucket variations are Boucher-like. The Kick/Kech bend-with-crescents can be related to the different-colored one of Others/Otters because the latter are from Lombardy all around Milan, and then otters are used by Gardens/Graydens while Gradys are listed with Podebrady-liner Bradys.

I'm still waiting to make a breakthrough on the Fauch thistles, and here we can note that the Thistle's share the Graden/Grayden pheons while the thistle bend-with-pheons is in the colors of the Kick/Kech bend-with-crescents. This recalls my last dream a few weeks ago, with my kicking a raven/crow at the STOVE burner, and here we can add that while Stove's are listed with Stevensons who love the Lums/Lambs / Lums/LOMBs (Lombardy liners?) in their motto, Lums/Lambs (Northumberland, same as the related LAME's) have a Grayden location from which I found Gardens/Gardens in the first place.

The building of the kitchen cabinets while witnessing the whirling pigeons, in combination with the last few paragraphs, tends to nail the stool pigeon to the Schwab / Fauci globalist crime syndicate. Recalling that Mamie sat on my lap = legs as a pointer to trump, note the Labbs variation of Laps, and the "labi" motto term of French Maurels, for the latter share the Tromp acorns. Trump, the stupid "father of the vaccines."

Back to the Bochers, taken from Bocherville of the TANKerville's. German Bochers have what looks like the bottom half of the Fire/Fur Coat that is the Schwab unicorn on the top half. English Bochers share the Neil/O'Nail and COLchester estoiles, and "COELum" is a motto term of English Bookers. The spread eagle of English Bookers is not only the Grave/Greaf eagle in colors reversed, but the Booker eagle is green, the colors of the spread eagle of Irish Henrys, first found in Tyrone with Neils/O'Nails. "CoeLUM" is shared with Stevensons, first found in Northumberland with English Reds/Reeds, and with Scottish Lums/Lambs sharing the Tankerville cinquefoil. English Lums/Limbs/Lombs (Lombardy elements?) were first found in Lancashire with Bookers.

The paragraph above just caused a find of the NAIL of German Bogers/BOGNers, recalling the water bouget of Bugs, the latter in BOGAN colors. And that was before loading the Lame's (obvious branch of both Lum surnames) who have the Neil/Nail/Nagle saltire in colors reversed. Bouchier's use bougets while Bouchiere's/Bouche's (with the final 'e') share the red, spread eagle of book-using Scottish Reeds who in turn share the red stag head of Books/Boggs. The latter were first found in Berwickshire with the Graydens in the Lum/Lamb write-up, and I showed above how Graydens link to the Fauch thistles.

Plus, as Callams (share Malcolm/Column Coat) share "tendit" with English Bochers, the Bouchiere/Bouche Coat looks like a version of the Callam / Malcolm/Column Coat, both sharing the saltire of German Neils/Nails/Nagle's, how about that one. Crossing the Columns here evokes the exposures of graphene-oxide by La Quinta COLUMNa.

The nail-using Bogers were first found in Silesia with Brocuffs/Procks while PROCtors use nails too.

The Spear to the Head is Chugging Along

Some weeks ago, I prayed to Jesus that He would spear trudeau in the head. That's how upset I was with him. And I prayed passionately against this man, but of course I wasn't being literal with a spearing to the head. Some time later, I prayed the same prayer, and even wrote it out in an update. But I deleted it from the update because it sounds too violent. I prayed it again, I believe, at least a third time, and wrote it out in an update again, that trudeau needs to be speared through the head, but I removed it again, because it sounds too violent for Christian print. Finally, not long ago, I said to the effect, "Lord, it looks like you're not answering my prayer about trudeau," and I accepted it.

Then the truckers arose, and so I thought to check for a Truck surname when I instantly remembered that there is no Truck surname coming up at houseofnames, for I've tried that in the past. The closest thing I could find was the Track variation of Tricks/Triggs. And then I remembered that Tracks/Triggs use spears. Hmm, I thought. Hmmmm, isn't a truck convoy like a long spear, and isn't this convoy headed to the capital = head? Hmmm.

Before going on, I'm not suggesting that me pray lonely is responsible for this convoy, but rather, it's more likely that God arranged the convoy, then put it into my heart to pray for a spear through trudeau's head so that I could write about it, which is what I'm doing now.

I knew that the Drigs, who have a version of the Track/Trigg Coat, use "darts," and they look like darts. Even though the Tracks/Triggs are said to use darts too, they look like spears. I think I can show how Tracks/Triggs were related to spear-using Speers to justify their own spears. For this, we need to go to the Track/Trigg and Drig Crests, both using a "RISING sun". The Risings/Risons, in Track/Trigg and Drig colors, have the Arms of POLa/Pula (Istria) in colors reversed. The fat Rhizon/Rising cross is in the colors of the fat POLLock Coat, and the way to know that Pollocks elements had named Pola/Pula is that the latter's Arms is a green-on-gold cross, and Wikipedia's article on Clan Pollock shows a green-on-gold saltire (colors reversed from how houseofnames shows it).

Then, the same article describes the Pollock Crest like so: "A boar passant shot through with a DART Proper". Believe it or not, a dart. Pollocks were first found in Renfrewshire with Speers, and that's how Track/Triggs can justify spears and darts. They had apparently married both Speers and Pollocks at some point, or both at the same time.

Next, we go to Speer-branch Spree's, who lived at Powder of Cornwall, the line, I feel sure, of Powters/Putters/PEWters (Cornwall). The Pews share the Perkin Coat, and while Spree's have a "simple" motto term for the Simple's, first found in Renfrewshire with Speers, Perkins use "Simplex." Perkins are also Parkings, and perhaps we could say that the truckers are going to park themselves, and sit tight, in the canadian capital as their main strategy for changing the vaccine rules. We might even note that while truckers are shippers of cargo by trade, Renfrews have a giant ship. I see Perkins from Plancia Magna, whom were indeed proto-Pollocks.

Putter-like Potters have the Maisey Coat in colors reversed while Demys/DuMAIS' are suspect in the demi-darts of Tracks/Triggs and Drigs.

I now take us to Darts/Dards, who have one ermined fesse in the colors of the two ermined fesses of Sleeps. I was told to wake Sleeping Beauty, and when I did, we were both RISING together, and for good reasons I've been pointing that event to Rhizon, and consequently to Risings/Risons, for years. Everyone who's celebrating the truckers are viewing their convoy as a WAKE-up event globally, for truckers are starting up in other countries, one already scheduled for the EU capital about February 8. The Wake's can be gleaned as kin of Orrs/Ore's, first found in Renfrewshire with Speers. Folks, we may finally be at the fulfillment of Sleeping Beauty's wake scene, though this may last a few years. People are saying that sleepy canada is rising at this time.

Sleeping Beauty was at first Miss Hicks, and the touch-knee event in the Sleeping-Beauty dream, which is what woke her up, is to be linked to her knee event on September 11, 2002, when out church put on the first-year memorial of 9-11. I sat beside Miss Hicks that night, and my sitting there involved her sandals in a pointer to sandals. English Sandals share the fat green cross in the Arms of Pola, and are said to have been first at "Sandal MAGNA, near WAKEfield, Yorkshire." This is beside pigeon-whirling Warelys of Halifax, and Warelys were first found in Essex with a branch of Hicks, and with the Maple's who share the vertically-split Shield of Wakefields!

It should blow your mind also because Scottish Sandals, sharing the Knee bend, use a "SPERo meliORA" motto, looking connectable to the "ora" of Wake's. It looks like the prayer to spear the crime minister involves Sleeping Beautys wake-up call. And the stool pigeon too. Does anyone remember where else Warelys were that connected us to Sleeping Beauty? It was Warely of SANDwell, and Sandwells were the ones having one ermined fesse in the colors of the two ermined fesses of Sleeps, and so it seemed resolved that the SAND beach of Sleeping Beauty was to point to Sandwell, and Sandals are also Sandlands. Can we dig it? To put it another way, the one ermined fesse of Sandwells is that one of Speer-connectable Darts too. The darts are flying from all directions toward trudeau's head. This is going to hurt. The jabber king is about to get multi-jabbed, I can barely contain my celebratory spirit.

As I've said, the gold spread eagle in the Scottish Sandal Crest is shared by the Needhams who share the Knee Coat and Crest, and thus it tends to prove that Scottish Sandals share the Knee bend. Needhams were first found in Derbyshire with the Knots/Note's/Cnuts in the "wake-KNOT" of Wake's. In the Sandal Chief is the Corona crown even, and in the crown a thistle.

[Insert -- A few days after writing here, I came across a Wakeman surname in the news, which uses doves, and the Warely and Maple's were of the stool pigeon. Wakemans were first found in Devon with Ware's and WERE's/Wears, and beside dove-using Stolls/Stowells. The "Wakeman of Ripon," is said in the Wakeman write-up to share a horn (watchman's horn, I assume) with the borough of HarroGATE (Yorkshire, same as Wakefields), and the Harrows are also HareWERE's. Plus, the "harrows" of Harrows, in Gates colors, look like the PORTcullis gates of Yates' who in turn have a horizontally-split Shield in colors reversed from the same of Wakeman.

Plus, the Ports and Josephs (both of Hampshire with portcullis Porters) share the garb in the Harrow Crest, as do Comings/Comyns, first found in Norfolk with Harrows and the Dunhams who almost have the Hair/Hare Coats. The latter were a branch of Harcourts. The Peacocks in the Harcourt Crest love the Fears/Fiers, from Fier county, location of Kuman, the line to Comings/Comyns. Thus, Wakemans can point to Obama (hired Sally Yates as his attorney general) and Bill Gates.

Harcourts included the peacock-using Shirts/Shards (of HARborough affiliations) who in turn share red roundels with Wake's. I had no shirt on at the wake scene for Sleeping Beauty, and I was on Epstein's island, where Bill Gates likely frequented. The EPPsteins can be of the Epps variation of Apps', you see, first found in Middlesex with Fears/Fiers, which is why I trace Apps'/Epps to the APSus river through Fier county. Beauty.

While Scottish Hairs/Hare's were first found in Ayrshire with Barrs, English Hairs/Hare's are said to have been in STOW-BARdolph of Norfolk, which may have to do with Stolls/STOWells. Bardolphs of Norfolk are said to have married the Warrens, and Mr. Warenne was of Surrey, where English Hairs/Hare's were first found. Bardolphs share gold dragon head in Crest with Ware's, and gold dragon heads are with Kotor-like Cutters (Dorset, same as Cutters) while Sleeping Beauty pointed to Rhizon, beside Kotor, and near Bar.

Bardolphs are fairly new to me, and I had forgotten them; they share the cinquefoils of Bags (Norfolk) whom I think God puts together with "SLEEPing bag." Surrey is where DOLPHins were once said to be first found, and thus BarDOLPH's appear to have been a Bar-line merger with Dolphins. It just so happens that Bar of Albania is where the Sleep-line SELEPitanoi lived, and Fier county is itself in Albania. ALBINs/Aubins were first found in Devon with ware's and Wakemans, beside the tent-using TINTons who go with Mamie's sleeping bag and tent, and who descended from ATINTanes to the near-south of the Apsus, if not on the Apsus too. Ware's have lions in the colors of the Albany lion, and Albanys (Bagley colors) were first found in Shropshire with Sleeps, and with BAGleys in Bardolph colors and format. The Dolphin-branch Dols were likely Alans, from Aulon/Avlona, where the Atintanes lived. I'm eating an APPLE while I write here, and APOLLONia, right beside Aulon, may have named Apulia across the Adriatic sea, location of BARi (city). Pollocks, who started as vassals of the Dol Alans, may have been from Apulia elements at Pula of Istria).

Back to the "Wakeman of Ripon," for Ripons and Ripleys/Rippers were first found in Yorkshire with Wakefields, and Ripleys/Rippers share the lion of dart-loving Tracks/Triggs while Darts/Dards were first found in Devon, Wakemans and MOONs. This is excellent because it's suggesting that God is "waking" up canada as per the truck spear and SLEEPing Beauty together, for while Sleeps look like Dart/Dard kin, I've been tracing the latter for years to king MONUNius of DARDania, suspecting that his people were amongst the SELEPitanoi. And here I can add that MONANs/MOONans almost have the Ripon motto. Ripons share the motto of Gowers/Gore's (Yorkshire, same as Ripons), a branch of Gore's/Core's (Kent, same as Moions).

Moons are no longer said to be first found in Devon, but are now said to be first found as Moions of Dorset, though Moions/MOYons have their own Coat sharing the Chief of Trebys (Devon). Dorset is where Beautys were first found while Sleeps were first found in Shropshire with MOYs/Moses' (not sure if they were related to Moyons). End insert]

We can give 40-foot trucks the wheel symbol, which was owned by Catherine Roet, and while that symbol was developed as per the roto-like look of "Roet," the wheels of automobiles named the road. And so as the convoy is looking like a spear coming down the road, it works because Roets share the Speer boar heads. What are the chances? This tends to prove that the Speyer variation of Speers named the Spay river, location of Roet-like Rothes, where the first Pollock of Renfrewshire build a castle. And so I suggest that the spear of God is coming down the road at the head of the Rothschilds, for they were named after the Rothes-of-Pollock line.

Streets show nothing but Catherine wheels, and the Traynes', listed with Trains, were lords of STREETlam. The convoy is a train on the street, is it not? Trains were first found in Northumberland with Trings/Drings/Drinks, in case they named Tracks/Triggs and Drigs, or vice-versa. In any case, I'm wondering why God didn't provide a Truck surname if indeed He's pointing to this convoy. I assume that "truck" was named after a "track."

Ah, lookie. Trings/Drings/Drinks share the lion of Dreux's/Drews, and the latter have this: "The Anglo-Norman name claims descend from Dreux, which lies near the boundary between Normandy and the Ile-de-France." Ile-de-France is where TRUdeau's were first found so that they may have been of the Drews > Trews/True's/Tree's/Trows. The latter were first found in Wiltshire with Dreux's/Drews! How interesting. Trow the bum out.

We can call a road the tar, which recalls my oft-told hockey event in which I POKED a winning goal into the next after a slap shot from Steve TARR came to rest on the goal line. As I've said, I had Johnny-Bower brand skates in that game, and Poke's are listed with Pollocks. Scottish Bowers (share green Shield with German BAUErs/Bowers) share the five, bunched arrows in the Arms of Rothschild, and the first Rothschild was Mr. Bauer.

I had called it the TIP-IN goal because there was reason for a pointer to John Ratcliffe while Ratcliffs (Lancashire, same as Tipps'/Tippens) share the Tipps/TIPPIN bull head. It happens to be the Dreux bull head too. The reason that the goal was a pointer to John Ratcliffe is because Line's/Linds can be a branch of Linds/Lindells, and Mike Lindell was suspect with packet captures thanks to John Ratcliffe's abilities. The puck was resting on the LINE, that is, justifying the entry of Line's, and it just so happens that Scottish Line's/Linds share crossed spears (different colors) with Speers! With God's wits, I don't see why the same hockey event can't point to both the truckers and to Lindell's work.

It was the winning goal of the semi-finals game in the final minute of play, and Tarr led us with four goals to winning the championship in the very next game. I'm just wondering if those two hockey games can be about this trucker spear rolling down the tar. As I said, when I saw the puck coming to rest on the goal line, with the goalie knocked to the ice by Tarr's slap shot, and nobody near me as I skated fast toward the net, my knees gave out in the excitement, and I slid past the goal post while poking the puck into the net, as one SPEARs it into the net, with the tip of my stick. I did not hit the puck with the side of the stick's blade, but with the tip of the blade, spear style. I've said that several times, I'm not making it up now. Speers were first found in the same place as Poke's, and Tarrs were first found in Somerset with Roets! It's making sense.

If Dreux's/Drews with the Tippin bull head were a Trudeau branch, the tip-in goal would appear to be against him i.e. he's losing the game. Dreux-like Drake's (Dreux colors) were first found in Hampshire with Drive's while truckers are drivers. The Trudeau stags are called "deer," begging whether Deers/DERE's were Drew branch. Italian Dere's use the lance, a type of spear.

I went DOWN on my KNEES to score this goal, and Knee's were first found in County Down with Prays who share the six Trot/TRUTH pale bars. Is that a Trudeau branch? I PRAYed for a spear through trudeau's head.

There's going to be a huge pile-up of trucks, we might say. As I said, after crashing into the boards on the slide-by spearing, I got up, started to skate toward the bench, but just then I saw the entire team coming at me, and they pounced with giant smiles on their faces, piling on top of me as though we had won the Stanley Cup. It was a moment for a 12-year old boy. I scored the next goal too, the first in the final game, from a pass from Steve Tarr. I played center, and Centers are SANDers too, interestingly enough. [The day after I wrote here, I got to an Ezra Levant video where he says Canadians in Ottawa sound like they just won the Stanley Cup:]

I think I now know why Steve Tarr got FOUR goals in the final game. I've told this before, that the Travers/Travis' in the FORE motto are likely from Treviso/TARvisium, and that happens to be where Vito's were first found who are short for "Vitorio" = victory. I checked the convoy-like Conveys/Conways to find the Vito and Saviour/Saver annulets, is that not something? Saviours/Savers were first found in Essex with the Tarves-related Maple's. The games were in Markham, and Markhams were at Maplebeck. I've told before that TARanto is where the Crest of Coffee's/Coffers points, and "Victoria" is in the Coffee/Coffer motto. They are in the colors of Tracks/Triggs and Coffers/Coffare's, the latter first found in Somerset with Tarrs.

I just asked the Lord, "have You got all your ducks in a row?" He knows what I meant: have You prepared things to get done? And then the spear cronels of Spear-using Yeomans/YOUmans came to mind, who were part of the Voice I heard last week, "YOU win." But I didn't remember that Yeo's/Youmans (not the Yeomans/Youmans) use DUCKs until re-loading them after writing the last sentence! I suppose it explains: "Have You got all Your ducks in a row"! Yeo's/Yeomans are said to have been in Lance-like Launcells in cronel-like Cornwall. More ducks are used by Drew-like Dree's/Drays, whom I had looked up while on the Dreux's/Drews above. The Yeo's call their ducks, "drake's," is that not amazing?

What if a schism becomes apparent in the military over this rising-up? What if police officers who've been quiet until now start to make some noise of their own? What if trudeau sends out the guard but the guard won't go?

If my last-minute winning goal is a digest of what we can expect, then I suggest that this will be an uneventful stalemate until the very end, where the truckers win an unexpected victory with team hoopla. If something like this doesn't happen, then I would say it's wrong to see that hockey game as pertaining to this convoy. I was on the bench looking up at the clock with 2 minutes and some seconds left in the game. It's the first thing I remember about that game. The score was tied 2-2. Why do I remember that part since the scene wasn't yet a memorable moment? Do I remember it because God needs it here? They don't stop clocks at whistles in pee-wee hockey. Time was almost up for the game.

I don't remember the coach telling me to get onto the ice. The next thing I remember is being just outside my blueline when a pass came to Tarr at roughly center ice along the right-side boards. I took off in a fast skate because we had a two-on-one break, but I assume he didn't know I was there, and thinking time was about to run out, he took a slap shot from just inside the blue line, which I thought was curious because this guy was a super-star and could have skated around the defenseman. I already told you the rest. The goalie came far out of the net for the slap shot, and it bounced over his head after it knocked him to the ice. Is trudeau this goalie? Is Tarr the truckers? The BENCH cleared, as they say, to come pile on top of me, and Bench's (Yorkshire, same as Rhodes') are using a version of the Rhodes/ROADS Coat, and Truckers are on the road. Benches' and Rhodes'/Roads' share a "meum" motto term. The Bench Crest shares a gold tower with Scute's while SHOTs/Shoots are also Schute's.

This is amazing, for I've said it before, not very long ago. It was my first year of organized hockey. My first goal that year was very memorable, and it was against this same goalie. I was skating in toward the net, when I got tripped just as this goalie came out toward me. As I was going down with the goalie about six feet from me, I decided to TRICK him by flicking or flipping the puck over his HEAD, and that's what happened. The puck went over his head and bounced across the goal line. I was so impressed with myself. It must have given me fuel because I got a second goal that game, the only two things I remember of that game. I remember being impressed with the second because it was an impressive DEKE (another trick). I don't remember whether we won the game.

There is a DEKE surname listed with Dakens/Deakons (Deacon branch), and while it's said to have named Docking, it has the Rhodes/Roads Coat minus the latter's besants!!! How impressive is that? Does that goalie, therefore, whose name I can never remember, represent trudeau's up-coming failures at the hands of the truckers. Trucks DOCK when they unload their trucks, that's what they call it, and Dockers have "SEVEN blue TIPPed SPEARS"!!! Wow, seven of them. Is that code for the Tipps'/Tippens too?

Oh wow, everytime I try to think of the goalie's name (we attended the same school), something like "Reynold" is at the tip of my tongue, yet I always reject it because I can't be sure it was his name. But, for the first time, I've just loaded the Reynolds/Renauds (portcullis gate) to see their sharing "meum" with Bench's and Rhodes'. Maybe he was Reynold. Reynolds/Renauds were first found in Somerset with Tarrs.

"Meum" could be code for a family along the Meu river, for Rennes is there which could have named the Reynolds. Scottish Rainolds are listed with Ronalds/Donalds, and they share a giant ship (different colors) with RENfrews. Speers were first found in Renfrewshire. Ahh, the "terras" motto term of Rainolds/MacDonalds (KinTYRE!) is like the Terres variation of Tarrs (MacDonald colors)! The latter were first found in Somerset with the Baths who in turn have the Deke / Deacon / Roads Coats in colors reversed. That works. And Tarr-like Tyre's/TIRE's (!!!) share the Rainold/MacDonald ship and fitchee symbol!!! Long trucks have 19 tires! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, I've just remembered, fro "18 wheelers," that Wheelers share the Track/Trigg and Drig lion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UNBELIVABLE, as though God arranged that.

Recall how the Vito's entered the discussion with the annulets of Conveys/Conways, for Wheelers use an "Avito" motto term!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UNBELIEVABLE! Wheelers share the FORE fesse, and Tarr's FOUR goals pointed to Fore's!!! The Travers/Travis' in the Fore motto are from Treviso/TARvisium, where Vito's were first found! UNBELIVABLE, coming out of the blue at me. As the Tarves Shield is split vertically in the colors of the German RainHOLD/RhineHOLT Coat, it seems that the goalie's name was indeed, Reynold. The Tarves Crest has a red lion holding a battle-axe, and while I deked him for my second goal of that game, Deke's of Docking, sharing the red Tarves / Roads lion, have "A dexter arm embowed, HOLDING a silver battle-axe..." Holds/Holts (Lancashire, same as Holdings) were first found at Bury (Lancashire), same as Tippin-related Ratcliffs.

The Deke arm is said to have "a BLUE RIBBON on the wrist." Ribons/Rayburns have a "robur" motto term as opposed to the "Robor" of Rhodes'/Roads. It tends to verify that the deke goal does point to truckers on the road. Ah, recalling that Trigg- / Drig-like Trings/Drings/DRINKs share the Dreux/Drew lion (it's red too), it's amazing that Ribons/Rayburns have "a roebuck DRINKing out of a BROOK." Brooks were first found in Essex with Tarves- and Chives-related Maple's, and with DART-using Brocks!!! Tracks/Triggs/TRICKs and Drigs use darts! This set of heraldry is coming directly off of my trick deke on Reynold.

I all my first year of hockey, I remember only four goals (total 16), three of them on Reynold. I remember only my first two, and my last two. FOUR in all. Tarves is in Aberdeenshire, and the Carls (Aberdeenshire) share the pomegranate with German Rainholds/Rhineholts i.e. the ones with the Tarves / Maple Shield.

If we load "MacDonald," and click the second MacDonald link, we get a tree upon which there is a spread eagle in the colors of the Win/Gwinn eagle!!! That's the surname pointed to by "you win" last week. The Yoo's/Yells were at a Shetland island (of Yell), beside the Orkneys, or maybe a part of the Orkneys. Plus, the giant Renfrew ship is used by Gwynn-like Guine's/Gunns, no guff at all. Yoo yell truckers. trudeau is a mass-murderer. he knows the aged are "useless eaters" being killed off, and soon the unvaxxed will be labeled "useless eaters" too. You scream, truckers, this is not the time to make peace. Get rid of your peace-maker truckers. You have a spear, use it.

MORE! As I said, I flicked the puck over this goalie's head, and the Flicks/Flecks had come to mind soon after I said it, but I didn't have anything to say. Then, it came back to mind because I remembered that Flatts/FLETTs were first found in the Orkneys with the Guine's/Gunns I've just loaded, and that's when I remembered that FLEETS essentially share the Flick/Fleck Coat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A convoy is a FLEET of trucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Floats (Norfolk, same as Flicks/Flecks and Palmers) almost have the Flatt/Flett Coat, and "float trucks" are giant TOW trucks while Tows/Touch's/Tuffs happen to share the green lion with Tracks/Triggs and Drigs. Floats and Flatts/Fletts share the trefoils of Champions (BEDfordshire), perhaps. The Fleet and Flick/Fleck scallops are shared by Travers/Travis' who came up above from Wheelers. SHOCKING. Plus, I had been wondering why my first goal of the championship game, from a pass from Tarr, was scored on Jim McGee, and here I can add that McGee's share the white boar head with Travers/Travis, but in both colors from the Mea's whom I trace to the Meu river. I always said that I sailed the puck over his knee pad as he kicked it out to block the shot, and a "ship under sail" is part of the Guine/Gunn description.

Plus, "a GREEN tree" is used my MacDonalds for the Win/Gwynn eagle, which recalls the possibility that "Trudeau" is of the proto-Trews/True's/Tree's (Wiltshire, beside Bath of Somerset). The Greens share three gold stags with Trudeau's. The same MacDonalds use a "a GREEN SEA" probably due to Sea's and Greens both first found in Kent, but this is also where English Trips were first found to go with my being tripped while scoring the flick-over-head goal. Sea's share the three wavy fesses of German Drummonds, the latter first found in HAMburg with German Trips. HAMburgs share the crosslets of English Trips, and Hams share the "salmon" with both Sea's and the same MacDonalds" "a salmon on a green sea". The same salmon is with McCabe's/McABBE's, first found in Arran with the Blue's possibly in the "blue tipped spears" of Dockers, and moreover Arran is from Reynold- / Rainold-like "AIRAINes" (near ABBEville), but that's not yet the end of this because Arran is beside KinTYRE, where MacDonalds were first found. The "you win" had to do with the HAMMERsmith police department, and Hammers (Sussex, same as Hams) are in Ham colors.

English Salmons use salmon in Trudeau colors, but that alone is insufficient to make the link. Yet there is a spear in the Crest of English Salmons, and they were first found in Cumberland with seven-spear Dockers! That's interesting. RHINEland is where Salmon-like Salome's/Solomons were first found, and RAYmundo's share the checkered Shield of Italian Salmons, almost the checkered Shield of English Vaux's while Scottish Vaux's share the Salome/Solomon bend-with-stars. English Vaux's were first found in Cumberland with Rays and Dockers. RIBONs/RAYburns use a brook, and Brooks were first found in Essex with English Raymonds. French Raymonds were first found in Languedoc with Cotys/Cottons/Cotta's, and English Cotys' are listed with ArchDEACONs while Deacons share the Coat of Deke's of Docking, the ones with the RIBBON.

The truckers say that they are going to give Ottawa a "big bear hug." Jewish Salmons share the passant bear of French BENJamins/Jamins/JAMMES', and Bengs/Bings/Bang/Bongs share a "tuebor" motto term with Reynolds/Renauts. Jewish Salmons throw in the Douglas Chief, and Douglas' -- with a SALAMmander -- share flames with English Benjamins. Douglas' even use a "JAIMAIS" motto term to go with French Benjamins, and "jaMAIS" looks like part-code for Demys/DuMAIS' and/or Maiseys. The latter happen to have the Potter Coat (Pawter/Porter colors) in colors reversed, and PAWTERs/Porters (Hampshire, same as Potters and DRIVE's) happen to share the PORTcullis gate with Reynolds/Renauts. That's working, though I'd like to see Hugs working into it too. What might be the big-takeaway from these arrangements?

Douglas' were Flemings along with big-like Biggars, and "Byggar" is a motto term in the Arms of Shetland. Is this a pointer to "BIG Bear hug." Biggs/Bigs (possibly sharing the Booker border) share the Dreux/Drew and Tring/Dring/Drink lion.

Drive's use quadrants colors reversed from the Beng/Bing/Bong quadrants. The Drive quadrants are shared by Chives', first found in Convey-connectable Tarves, tending to argue that God arranged Drive's to go with the truck drivers. Plus, Putters/Pewters/Powters are suspect with the Powder location of Speer-branch Spree's. The Sage's/Sagers in the latter's motto use a "RAINbow," and BONGino's have a "curved fesse" looking like it might have been a rainbow at one time. Sager-like Sagans/Segans share the salaMANDER in flames with Douglas', and Manders were Rhodes/Roads kin.

I'd like to shock you again by going back to the Deke arm having a ribbon on the WRIST. In the paragraph with that part, I went on to say: "Ah, recalling that Trigg- / Drig-like Trings/Drings/DRINKs share the Dreux/Drew lion (it's red too), it's amazing that Ribons/Rayburns have "a roebuck DRINKing out of a BROOK." Brooks were first found in Essex with...DART-using Brocks and Biggs/Bigs!!! Tracks/Triggs/TRICKs and Drigs use darts! This set of heraldry is coming directly off of my trick deke on Reynold." I've just checked wrist-like Ristons to find them listed with Risings/Risons in the "rising sun" of Tracks/Trigg and Drigs!

Plus, Traver-like Trevors were first found in Herefordshire with Clock-like Clacks English Doors while Scottish Doors almost have the Reston Coat. While Ristons/Risings were first found in Norfolk, Restons have this: "There is also a Ryston, in Norfolk in the union of DOWNHAM, hundred of CLACKclose". trudeau loves Obama, and is likely working with his communist agenda, and Obama's mother is Miss Dunham, a surname listed with Downhams (Norfolk).

That ClackCLOSE location in Downham works with the "KNIGHT's helmet" in the Ribon/Rayborn canton because Knights are suspect with naming the Nith river at CLOSEburn, and moreover English Knights share the triple fesses of two-like Tews whom I just looked up as per two minutes on the clock. Like I said, I was looking at the Clack-like clock, and it's burned in my memory that there were TWO minutes and some seconds left. I don't remember how many seconds, but the Tew-like two is burned in my memory. The next thing I remember is the tip-in / poke-in goal on Reynold with the tip of my STICK, and Sticks (Tipps/Tippin colors) even share the Brook Coat.

It's now interesting that Knights were first found in Suffolk with Clare's to go with the Suns/SinCLAIRs in the "rising sun" of Tracks/Triggs. Plus, unbelievable, French Clairs were first found in Limousin with Seconds/Segurs, and "second" is in the Levi motto while French Levi's, sharing three black chevrons with Cotys'/ArchDEACONs, were first found in Ile-de-France with Trudeau's! Klaus Schwab is online trending at this time on bitchute saying that he has half of trudeau's cabinet on-board his "great reset" program.

DROPs/Trope's (Norfolk, same as Downham of the Risings), who point to our trophy, share the Tool lion while Tews are also Tool-like Tewells. We got the Tew-related Knights from the "Knight's helmet," and helmets alone are shown by MINUTE's/Mynetts (Kent). With likely less than a minute to go in the game, I uncontrollably DROPped to my KNEES for the long slide toward the poke-in goal, and while the Knee's (county DOWN, probably of Downhams) share the phoenix (often said to be rising) with Needhams, the latter use it as a gold, spread eagle (with flames at the tail), which is (without flames) in the Crest of English Knights.

When we get to the Clocks, wow, they share the CLINT/Clent Coat. And so I'll repeat here what I've said many times. Bill Clinton's real father was Mr. Blythe, and Blythe's (near Yorkshire) share the garbs of Clints/Clents (Yorkshire). The Clent Hills are in Worcestershire, where Hillarys were first found who share the six, black fitchees of Clintons and Tarves'!!!! Steve Tarr pointed to Tarves elements, folks, with his four goals in the championship game. It could appear that God's trucker spear is for the Clinton crime syndicate too.

Tarr scored four on James McGee, and while James' (Douglas kin) were first found in Surrey with Clocks, I recall scoring two goals in that final game (we won 6-2). I don't remember scoring the second goal, but I faintly recall being at home with the Trope-like trophy, and going over that day's win in my head, and I remember thinking that while Tarr got four, I got two. But I can't prove I got two. I remember nothing in that game but scoring the first goal. Irish McGee's share three white leopard faces with Restons.

It's only here I realize that, if Scottish Nights had a gold chevron, they'd be both in the colors and format of Trudeau's. Scottish Nights were first found in KirkCUDbrightshire with DART-using CUThberts, a branch of DART-using Cudds!!!! The latter are in the colors of dart-using Tracks/Triggs, Drigs, and RISTons/Risings!!! The latter were first found in Norfolk with the Date's/DADY's sharing the Clock / Clint Coat exactly. It recalls that Pollocks/POKE's share the DADDY (not "Dady") saltire!!! It's also the saltire of Scottish Harts/HEARTs (HEROD/Hurls colors) who in turn have the Cudd stars in colors reversed. I looked at the clock, then poked the puck home with a spear shot. The Deke ribbon on a WRIST took us to the "Knight's helmet" to make this set of heraldry possible. Cudds even share the Fore, Wheeler and Herod/Hurl fesse.

The Dady / Clint / Clock garbs are all gold like those of Sticks. I tipped the puck with the tip of the stick's BLADE, and while Pollocks/Poke's can be gleaned as kin of English and Scottish Franks, the latter share the Blade saltire while the Blade pheons, in colors reversed, are green, the color of the Cudd pheon. Pollocks/Poke's call their arrow a "dart" at times. I fell on my shin bones when dropping to my knees, and the "shin bones" of Newtons form a saltire in the colors of the Blade saltire.

The Arthur "rests," suspect with Restons and Ristons/Risings (same place as Downhams/Dunhams), are called "organ pipes" by Downtons. I've read that they were also called, "clarions," thought by some to be trumpets, and trumpets are used by Calls/Calles', first found in Wiltshire with Downtons. This can well explain why Downs/Douns have a stag in the colors of the Trump stag head, beauty. Boughtons, in Downton of Shropshire, use a Dunham-like "donum" motto term. Although you and I may not be able to remember this set of heraldry, we can remember that Downs likely share the Trump stag.

Boughtons (Warwickshire, near Bristol) look like they use the Spine (Warwickshire) and Bristol crescents. Birds were at BOUGHton, and this was part of the bogey-versus-birdie discussion earlier while on the golf theme. Trump's golf course happens to be one of this update's focuses. Boughtons are in Night colors and format, and even share the Night lion head in Crest. Birds were also at BROXton while Broxtons are also Brockstone's while Brocks use the dart and the Deke / Rhodes/Roads lion while wheel-using Roets use a Bough-like book while Books are also Boggs. The same lion is in the Crest of Bows/Boghs/Bough's who share the Roet motto. The latter use "veRUM" while Nights use "duRUM", and Rums/Rims (red lion) were first found in Dumfries with the Nith river, and with Nitts who share "naught" with Nights.

Earlier in this update, the Birds came up from the sand-trap theory, and with Trapp-beloved Bustards (Sand / Sandy fesse in colors reversed) when I went from Bochers/Bogeys to the birdie. Darts are also TARDs (Devon, same as BusTARDs and BosTARDs/Bastards). The theory is that the sand patch upon which the RIM of the bucket caught fire was Intended by God to be a sand trap. And you just saw Rums/Rims from the motto of Bogey-like Bough's. That is cool. I must have been on Trump's golf course, in his sand trap, in that door-handle dream, because Meads were once said to have been first found in Somerset, where they had married Arthurs of that place. I neglected to say until now that Bogeys/BUCKleys were first found in Cheshire with both Bird surnames.

I showed how the BUCKet doubled as a barrel DRUM partly because Drummonds love the Gangs who in turn share the Bucket cinquefoils. Yet Trumps are suspect as Drummonds. Trumpet-using Calls/Calles were kin of Shots/Shute's/CHUTE's, and the latter could have formed the neighboring MontaCUTE's, which recalls George Montagu married to the Dunk line while Dunks are in Bogey/Buckley colors and format. The word, "barrel," was in the door-handle dream, and Barrels were first found in Herefordshire with Reston-connectable Doors, and with TREVORs while TRAVERs/Travis' (Bogey colors and format) share the Bogey/Buckley motto.

As said many times, I was at the height of about a step ladder when holding the bucket, and when it caught fire below me, I JUMPed calling "fire," and Jumps share the Trump stag head. There we go, it now appears that I was at his BalMEADie golf course. What is God trying to say with that scene, that Trump would be involved with a fire and a trap inflicted upon him by Bushites bustards??? Looks like, yes. The Bustards show pellets but Hall of Names says they use "egresses" (egrets?) instead. It could be code for GRASShopper-using Greshams/Grishams. Trump once had Ms. Grisham as a press secretary after Sarah Huckabee quit, but I read that Grisham didn't do one press conference. Was she another Bushite? I don't know anything about her.

If nothing more, God may have permitted this convoy to grow large to take up time so that the goons can't implement their dastardly plans in full for this winter, and if we get out of this flu season without too much tyranny foisted at us, we will then have good time to store foods in case they try something next flu season.


I think a national class-action suit against every guilty federal government is in order. The charge: ruining societal life unnecessarily. There are many ways in which governments have used the COVID scheme to make life divisive, fearful, unhappy, inconvenient, and so much more. The government can be sued for such things, and millions of people can join this class-action suit. Go for it, all who are influential, and who have the time to get the suits going. I'll join. Once you do federal governments, move to the smaller governments. It's not a waste of tax dollars if the court winnings go to ordinary workers.

Here's an unruly protest that looks like a false-flag event. Look at the guy in the 4th minute throwing what looks like a brick at a police van; we hear the thud, but there's no brick/object anywhere to be seen when he gets out of the way. I don't see it on the street, and even though I have the video in slow-motion, I didn't see the object go off-picture after I heard the thud. Was that just sound effects? Did he not throw it? Was this rebellion staged to urge the people to get excited and to start a revolt in order that the government might be justified in calling an emergency situation? Is this January 6 in Brussels? :

Now see this story on the same event, and excuse her "French":

Next, a guy creams the side-view mirror of a police van, and maybe the thud was sound effects, because it sounds too loud to be real. He's hitting the mirror with only his arm, and he's probably done no damage because some mirrors are made to flex to inhibit damage.

Here's what looks like a You-Win situation rising:

At the end of the 9th minute below, you will hear of a whistle-blower, Andrew Huff, telling that COVID was an American product shipped to, and developed / manipulated, in the Wuhan lab for CIA purposes (it makes perfect sense):

The trudeau crime syndicate is showing the whole world that it's wanting to see cargo / food shortages of all kinds in order to press boots into the faces of truckers. It's time for some disobedience that makes trudeau cower. The truckers are planning to remain in Ottawa until they get to the bargaining table. All the while, trudeau's circle will become more exposed. We're going to come to understand his skinny bones better. Some say that he went to school for Schwab, meaning that canada may have it's very own Schwabite beast at the official helm. He sure acts like one. Schwab is nothing but a jerk rowing upstream. The only reason he's still rowing now is by having the international media deceive the people by not telling what he's up to. If he were to be transparent, he'd be shot from both river banks. trudeau risks assassination, because there are now millions of Canadians who know what he's up to, population "control" (= murder) and population control (= tyranny). Here's Schwab himself telling that trudeau is on board his agenda:

trudeau's "family" is sending out the message, like Obama would, that the truckers are terrorists. This is a ploy in hopes of keeping them from becoming violent, for his circle is fearful at this point. The reality is, we're not going to see violence from the truckers, unless it's a false flag operation in order to clamp down on all anti-vaxxers. That's the far-greater reality. If that happens, you'll be sorry you didn't stock up on your needs.

The Schwabites have decided to force truckers to quarantine for two weeks when crossing the national border, and that's an obvious attempt to cause cargo shortages, and thus to cause fear, so that the people will bend deeper to Schwabite will.

Okay, it's predictable that trudeau's cabinet, said to have gone on "vacation" to avoid the truckers, will be forced to come back to deal with the truckers. The major blow against the truckers will come from all four major media (canadian), who will portray them as ruining life in Ottawa. But the truckers know they are driving into that situation, and so we can assume that they will hold their ground, and blame trudeau's Schwabites for not coming to the table. I'm hearing that there are 1,000s of trucks and smaller vehicles, some from the United States too.

This recalls that Australia's truckers got a deal right away, and so they betrayed the people, being happy to get a trucker mandate knocked down, then going home and leaving the rest of the country in the jaws of the shark. I never heard from the truckers again. These canadian truckers are saying that they're fighting on behalf of all people, but this could be a ploy to get support from all groups. We'll see how far they go. I totally understand the hardships of the long days, and the costs of sleeping nights. Winter's not a very fun time to pass away the hours. Maybe they can find a way to stay a month. There's donations coming in. They can make big history. I don't think the politicians will be tolerated if they make it last a month.

Schwabites want us to be their dogs, throwing us dog biscuits when we behave and do as they say. That's it. That's the totality of their scheme. You don't need to hear the details because you don't want to be his dog. Instead, you want to bite his tail and send him running. The off-yer-Rockerfellers are behind this. The bankers too. But we have Jesus, and that should make you smile because, instead of the darkness the tyrants promote, Jesus will be Light and Life for EVERYONE who honors him. If you've come into the Light, be happy, make the Schwabite dogs angry. God will make them foam at the mouth, you watch and see. Frustration and nerves and demons in their souls will make them go lunatic. Guaranteed.

Let's see the American Truckers in Washington. On Tuesday night, still early, I was hearing that about 1,000 U.S. truckers are joining the Canadian convoy. This is becoming huge, and it's going to be a first to see what it can accomplished. See here how the canadian media lies to the people by making them think the truckers are traveling to Ottawa to fight for better roads:

This video below shows Trump's penthouse on the 66th floor of Trump Tower, and it also claims that there's a pillow there printed with the Trump Coat of Arms. This apartment is the epitome of lust, the very thing God despises, the thing beloved of the devil.

Someone writes: "What floor NUMBERS does [Trump] and family occupy? 66, 67, 68. But there are only actually 58 floors in the Trump Tower. Ten floor numbers are lost due to numbering." In other words, trump wanted to live on floor 66, and then his son-in-law owns a building, number 666, nearby (he changed the number recently to, I think, 662). Add it up folks. This guy's the devil, a master deceiver because he has no conscience.

My prayer should be that Christian churches all fail, and that Christians are then spared needing to pay for them, and for salaries. They can then meet in homes, and have more money to buy foods, etc. Doesn't that sound beautiful? Home churches can keep in touch, people can go to more than one, and they can better plan the way forward from here. The devils would be doing us a big favor if their goal is to close churches. THINK ABOUT IT. The price of a church property is high. The money can go back to the congregation when it's sold. They can buy trib needs with the money. DO NOT GIVE 10-percent to a church, that's robbery if a church accepts it. And they do accept it. The Old Testament tithe to pay for the needs of the tribe of Levi is no longer in effect. It ended when God ripped the curtain of the temple. Start saving food with your money, and give the church only your share of paying the basic bills. That's my view. If the bills are $100,000 annually, and there are 100 money donors, let each pay $100 monthly on average, less for the poor, more for the ones with easy means.

You may already know most of what Polly says in this next video, but an extremely important point is in the 24th minute, where polio was discovered to be an effect of a vaccine disseminated by Bill Gates.

By mid-week, word is as many as 50,000 Canadian truckers, and yet the media won't talk about this, as though these Canadians are not Canadians worthy to be heard, meaning that the news media are state tools, not news agencies:

The problem I'm seeing with the tucker movement already is that too many are saying that they are not anti-vaxx, but rather pro-choice on the matter. This is a cop-out, a thing I'd expect from spineless canadians. Vaccines are killing people, STUPIDS! Get those two-bit, going-to-get-along truckers to shut their halfway-house traps. This is not about making peace with pro-vaccine goons. Speak like you're going to stop the maimings and murders of your fellow people, or it's going to come round to your family if it hasn't already. My beef with canadians is that they abandoned Jesus for the very policies set up of those who now wish to enslave them. canadians ruined the country, make no mistake about it, in unison with the media. They respected their media going forward, and half the country still does at this critical time.

Also by mid-week, we hear that Quebec has made it illegal to shop at Walmart and Costco without proof of vaccination. You see, trudeau's band of sewer rats are going toward something akin to the mark of the beast, and the big-chain grocers are decided on being fellow rats. And the churches? Hello, churches? Hello? The various convoys are timed to meet at Ottawa on the 29th. The manner in which the government handles this will matter. If it infuriates more people, then the rat hole becomes deeper. We have the promise of unending boosters and child vaccinations to thank for this uprising. Talk is spreading, and the "vaccinated" are becoming the unvaccinated. The more the Schwabite accuses the unvaccinated of being fringe terrorists or hoodlums, the more their numbers can increase due to the infuriation nobody knew canadians had. As you can see, I'm starting to capitalize "Canadian" again, sometimes. I'm becoming inspired, but the churches? Oh churches, you there? Anywhere? Anybody?

The killing-by-vaccine scam has been going on long before COVID 19, and this should have been the message of every pastor once monthly:

By Thursday, Trudeau put out the message that he brushed into the sphere of someone with COVID, and therefore needs to isolate for days (ridiculous) looks like his way-out of negotiating with truckers, to make them waste their time, make it harder for them to stick around long. But everyone sees this for what it is, not a viral infection, but an irresponsibility infection. He just wants everything his way, and people who disagree are labeled "fringe." That's what he called the truckers. This has been the way of communist liberals in canada for decades, to make themselves appear as the majority, and to minimize Christians. This is not to say that the truckers are Christians. Still, this is the spear to trudeau's head. Deal with it, punk.

Here's a little clue on convoy fever international, a great thing to get infected with:

Swamp the swamp with trucks, make noise, blow the horns, wake the sleepers, scare the goons, make them run, have a blast, slap the traitorous cops in the face, have no fear, there is power-sharing in doing the right thing.

I don't like the slogan, "I am Canadian," or the song in the video above with that line. It sounds as arrogant as Americans when they say they are the greatest in the world when the fact is the country is now greater only than Sodom. I don't like anyone saying their country is the greatest, like the idiot father at a gathering telling that his son is the greatest, and sounding like he really means it. You just don't say things like that. Be humble. Acknowledge sins. Acknowledge weakness. If one needs to feel proud and special to find esteem, that kind of fuel doesn't burn. Fake fuel. Find fuel in the Spirit of the Father by acknowledging your weaknesses to Him.

Think about the dedication needed to drive two thousand miles. You're just one truck, one man, so what's the use in going through all that gas and the stress over for many days. You're just one truck. And so every truck coming out is driven by a hero. Give credit to where credit is due. These guys have the stuff and the character. They care. And they should be angry that it's come to this at all. May they not waste their anger. May they not be fooled into becoming pussy cats. Leave that role to trudgeau.

In the spring, let the farmers all drive out with their tractors pulling wagons of ecstatic anti-vaxxers shooting fireworks and flares into the sky.

This show hosted by Jane Ruby shows long, pinky-white strands, covered with blood-clotting as if they attract blood cells, removed from veins and arteries of deceased, probably-vaccinated people, a real eye opener and mystery. Why didn't this embalmer send this material months ago to a lab to discover how it may have formed? Why would he waste all of that time?

The embalmer in the video above seems to be saying that the "worm"-like objects take time to develop in people, and so people die of these clots months after vaccinations, you see, when the vaccine goons think they're safe from blame. It makes sense that they would have arranged things in this way. It would be better to have a quarter of the trucks in the convoy where all of them come out to accuse the government of mass-murder. As it now stands, the pro-vax truckers are trying to steal the narrative, where the object of concern is freedom-of-choice to vaccinate. SPIT! Go home, you're not needed, you're not welcome, you're accomplices to the murders for fear of ruffling the feathers of, or "insulting," pro-vaxxers.

The embalmer says that more than half of the people he now embalms have this new material in the veins. This is mass-murder, clearly. On the other hand, he also said, as the reason he found these "worms" in the first place, that he drains the blood before embalming.

I can't believe how criminally irresponsible this embalmer is, to know that it's likely from vaccines, but not to begin doing anything about it, to just allow the jabs to continue. He's horrible.

THINK ABOUT IT. The powers didn't wake up one day in late 2019 to decide, "hey, let's start killing people, and target our enemies while we're at it." This idea was in the works for many years, probably kicked around seriously from the Bush years. Killing those people on 9-11 meant nothing to them because they wanted to kill many more, and that's what they did in the Middle East. Now they're turning on Western people too.

The medical people speaking in the American congress recently are far beyond the messages that the truckers are brining Ottawa. The truckers need to get their message more in tune with these, for these claim that there is a murder campaign taking place by the medical establishment:

I had just poured me a tea, and was sipping it, when I came across this video showing metal in tea. It's not right to have steal in cereal, but the globalist puppets are all saying that it's okay because it's the cereal companys' way of fortifying cereals with iron (hogwash), but what's the tea company's excuse for having iron in the tea bag? The video owner says it's graphene, but how does he/she know?

This should make you livid. The goons put deaths and severe illnesses of the vaccinated into the unvaccinated category to hide the fact that most severe illnesses and deaths were of the vaccinated shortly after vaccination:

The video above shows that vaccine deaths took place mainly within the first two weeks after vaccination. It shows that, starting on the first day of vaccination, people report ill to a doctor, who then registers them as COVID cases for showing symptoms, and finally they are entered into a hospital at the direction of a doctor. They are in the hospital mainly in the first two weeks after vaccination, and the more serious cases pass away. That's it, that's what the Alberta data showed, but the Alberta government took down these graphs probably at the direction of the vaccine goons seeking to deny the public the truths.

The goons arranged things such that they want us to believe that the vaccines don't start working until after 14 days so that they can report all vaccine deaths in the first 14 days as deaths of the unvaxxed. That's how snaky they are. They must have had this planned: kill the aged within two weeks, and blame it on their not being vaxxed soon enough so that the COVID bug got them first.

One of the graphs (the first one shown) shows that almost 100 people (at the first blue tip in the chart, on day one) reported to a doctor on the first day of vaccination, with an additional 200 people reporting to a doctor on day two, followed by over 300 on day three, and 500 on day five, 650 more on day six, about 800 on day seven, and peaking at about 1,000 for each of days nine through eleven or twelve...before the numbers come back down again. There is no way in tarnation that these illnesses were unrelated to the vaccines. For if they were illnesses from random viruses due to the vaccines not yet kicking in, then the daily deaths would roughly the same, making for a near-horizontal line on the chart instead of the gradual increase I showed above, which is a near vertical line on the chart. It's clear that the lethality of the vaccines increases over the first ten day after vaccination, at least in the vaccine batches used when this graph had been produced. There are different batches, and some do no harm at all. Expect different charts according to when and where the most-toxic batches are distributed.

I think this is Pawlowski's fourth arrest this year, obvious harassment from the Calgary authorities. It's only going to make his side more resolved. They arrested him for "making a disturbance" at a "LeDuc" rally. They want him gagged. Good luck:

As the churches did not stand up to start this fight, it's been taken over by heathen canadians, often foul-mouthed with foul spirits. There are plenty of pagans in canada, and even biker gangs want their freedoms, of course. Rebel News never lets a five-minute video go without begging for a few hundred / thousand dollars, no use wasting a video, is its motto. Money first now that Rebel News has become popular. I don't hear one canadian on Rebel News telling that people oppose vaccines because they kill people. Those who are missing the target are at the tip of this spear too, but at least it's a spear going in the right general direction. Christians need to get it to the bull's eye. Pawlowski, a pastor, accepts faggots shoulder-to-shoulder with him as part of his anti-lockdown movement. I heard him say it. Does that sound like a strategy Jesus can join? Do it right, and have God on your side. God doesn't need faggots to get a job done, Mr. Pawlowski.

It's Saturday night. The battle in Ottawa has begun. But, so far, pro-vaccine globalists have not filled the streets that I've heard of. Truckers can be intimidating. I dare the canadian antifa to show up. However, the authorities may have disallowed tractor trailers from entering the city, for all videos I've seen show mainly trailer-less tractors, and they are not bumper to bumper either, but about one per 40 cars. Maybe it's too early for many trucks, but it's also a good bet that police won't let many trucks into the city, in which case truckers will feel gypped. Most videos show load horn-honks, plenty of hoopla from passers by, and peaceful walking.

All the mask goons have cowered. I don't see even one complaining or jeering in the comment sections of videos, and even youtube is allowing many celebrational videos on Saturday. Nobody at the parliament building is masked up. ROAR! But there's much to do because their holy grail is to vaccinate even the children. Off with the heads of trudeau's supporters. Off with the heads of grocery-store owners who would deny us food. Jesus will end their lives forever. I'm no peacemaker on this issue. I stand with Jesus on despising them. I will not be one with anti-Christ canadians, pro-mask or anti-mask. All the anti-Christ media will show the Godless canadians most of all to give the impression that Christians don't matter. That's what canadian media have been doing for decades. I will not be patriotic to that snake. My celebration arrives when the Convoy in the sky arrives.

Canadians sat like bumps on logs throughout 2021's abuse, like heartless do-nothings, until God started this convoy, not for His enemies, but for us who love Jesus. This is God's giving us some relief, I am convinced it's the spear of God. The truckers would not have started this had their own jobs not been in jeopardy. canadians are now patting themselves on the back, and even foreigners are telling how proud they are of canadians, but they are not giving credit to where credit is due. God started the convoy, and it gave courage to the do-nothings to get up and follow along only because their childrens' health is in jeopardy. Why did this rising-up need to so long, allowing it to fester into such dire conditions from that sick-hearted trudeau stooge? Why didn't the people nip this in the bud from day one? There is nothing to be proud of in these people, and the pastors are to feel ashamed for not starting courageous movements. But for all the truckers and others who are doing this for the people, and making extra sacrifices for them, high praise be to them.

It is not only justified, but necessary, to express anger. Trudeau is wanting to kill granny and pappy to save taxes, and even to kill children on behalf of Gates and Schwab. Do you think you can show a little passion, canada? Instead of saying "freedom for us, freedom for us," scream "bloody murder." Don't you get it, canada? Are you keeping the door open for the devil to come back in while you go back to sleep? Put the spear to the target: emphasize the killing by vaccines, or the weeks- / months-long demonstration is more a wasted effort. By fighting for the right to choose, you won't take the vaccines to risk your life, but if others want to, you say: go ahead, hail freedom. You murderer. The demand should be to end vaccinations for everyones' sake, and to punish those who pushed them after the great number of deaths became known. Anything less is aid to the enemy.

Right-on time with this Spear, with the mask-goon troops cringing, here's a Germany general giving the mask goons their marching orders, telling that a super infection has been spotted, right-on time to douse the convoy's hopes. Truckers arise in every country; off with their heads:

Here's one of the best convoy videos I've seen that leaves out the loud noise. It has crossed my mind that some of the videos that were all noise on Saturday may be from the enemy to make the convoy look like a bunch of brutes (they can take videos and add the sound of loud horns before re-playing them on social media):

Here's the start of Australian convoys, though I don't see enough passion in his voice:

It might be better to hold off on convoys elsewhere until the goons have shown some of their playing cards in canada, to see how they deal with it. That way, the convoy leaders can know a little of what to expect from goons in their own countries.

Here's a man who might be responsible for the honest admissions of the CDC lately:

Here's Pawlowski's sweet moment of partial revenge:

Rebel News never wastes a five-minute video to ask for thousands of dollars in donations, which is why they have lots of five-minute videos, or less. Mr. Levant, do you think you can contain your animal self? How about asking for donations once in every five or ten videos? Oh no, think of all that wasted money, Levant thinks. Every video is a golden opportunity for free money.

Here's a representative of the truckers in a "news conference," who's part of the organizers of Freedom Convoy 2022. He sounds like he's got a level head and good attitude, but he's fully vaccinated, and the guy beside him says (end of 15th minute) that the team doesn't want an anti-vaccine platform, which is where this spear fails to hit trudeau's skull, in my opinion. There's going to be many parents who choose to vaccinate their children, and this organizer cares nothing about that, apparently. BIG FAIL. Sooner or later, poison vaccines should become part of the negotiations.

He's heard that Trudeau escaped to "Tofino or something." It's on Vancouver Island, BC, and people surf on the Pacific ocean in a Tofino winter. It may be a pedophilia haven too because a child went missing from the beach when I was there.

It might not be easy to spot what God's input is for this spear, but I'll stay attentive. This man is not responsible for this convoy; rather, as he admits, it was made possible by the bruteness by which the politicians handled the people, who are using the convoy to boomerang against the politicians. This guy is willing to see food shortages to win his victory, which can play right into trudeau's hands. The globalists might like nothing more at this time is some fear of food shortages followed by food shortages.

At about 24 minutes, he mentions a person getting "bruises" from a vaccination, but says zilch on the deaths. I'll bet that the majority of his supporters are opposed to vaccines for everyone. That's the spear I'm hoping for. He goes on to say he's Jewish. We Christians need to realize that non-Christians can fall prey to demonic deception, and so this team is on shaky ground from the start if it's not Christian. I can see the direction it wants, for NUMBERs of supporters versus quality of supporters. Jesus is the Glue for Christians. But what is the glue for these organizers? Right now, it's anger/disappointment with politicians and globalism, but the organizers are nude, without a big blowhorn or police department or military or fixed judiciary. The enemy has all four at it's disposal. Will the glue hold if the government clamps down with stooge-craft police and stooge-craft courts? Will the anti-vaxxers scatter, or go toward civil war?

Christians do not need to unite with non-Christians to effect a political win, for when God sees Christians rising against evil, and they do it right even though they don't have big numbers, He becomes their BIG NUMBER for them. Jesus requests from the Father to get their wishes done which they are unable to do, if only they do the right things together with the Glue of Jesus. The Christian who thinks he needs to unite with non-Christians to win a battle is like Lot's wife, a dead piece of rock without movement. It's over before it begins. I am your fortress, says the LORD. I have the spear in My hands, the dreadful thunderbolt.

God doesn't use the thunderbolt until the enemy attacks His people. biden, trudeau, johnson, merkel, the pope, and their anti-Christian bastards are attacking us right now, like creeps creeping toward us to get us by surprise. They forsook the Father to become bastards, and they wish to pounce on us eventually. That's what they have in mind, to throw Joseph down the well to rot because the Father favors us. It's we who have His best coat, and they're jealous. They won't allow the Return without hurting us as severely as they can beforehand.

Having said that, we need as much political damage against the enemy before it arrives to its final thrusts, and we can welcome the contributions of non-Christians, which at times may be a move of God on our behalf. God can open the way for them too to find successes, but we should never depend on their movements. We should have our own movements, our own media to disseminate our super values. Nobody has better values than Jesus. Nobody has a better message. We represent the Supreme Court, the Supreme Throne, the Supreme Worker, the Supreme Caregiver.


Here's all four Gospels wrapped into one story.

For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God.
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