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January 18 - 24, 2022

La Quinta Columna Looks Like a Big Deal
Sleeping Beauty at Dalbeattie Pokes at My Teeth
I Heard a Voice This week, "You win"

If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture

If at anytime you want to know a Coat's description as given by an unidentified person/group, see Hall of Names.

I was so impressed with the following clips from the last update that I'd like them up-front here (load Graff link now to have access, on another tab, to other Coats of Arms):

...I still have no clue whose lion Graffs use. Is God hiding this for last?

...[After saying even more] I HAVE FOUND IT. I AM SURE THAT GOD BROUGHT THIS TO MIND. I had shut the computer down, and had taken a seat on the couch, and thanking God for the things above that have come from the spider event, I let it be known that not knowing whose lion the Graff lion is has been a perplexing problem. It was just seconds later, as I started to consider things again on the Graff Coat, that La QUINTa Columna came to mind, for that's the Spanish group that disseminated the graphene-oxide story in the first place, and, if not mistaken, they were the first researchers to discover it. Some people, including myself, have been skeptical of their report because nobody else seems to be finding the same. Plus, it all sounds over-the-top when they add 5G communications with the body's vaccine products.

As soon as La QUINTa Columna came to mind, I recalled that the Sforza lion holds a QUINCE, and after that I realized that Quince's/Quincys, who built the castle of vaccine-pointing Faucets, have gold-on-red mascles, which are hollow lozenges, in the colors of the Anchor lozenges!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you believe it? The Graff lion holds an anchor, and the same-colored Sforza lion holds a quince, and it's just so perfect for pointing to La Quinta Columna, but I'm not yet done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EVERYBODY, this is God's set-up, He's been watching the human demons from before they were born. From centuries ago, He set up the heraldry of the Graffs to point to La Quinta Columna.

Baron Massy, a Grimaldi of Monaco, married Miss QUINTANa. The Quintana's use three dice, which recalls that the Diss'/Dice's are in the "BLUE DISC" of the Webber Crest, right-down the spider-event alley [at the Graff residence]. I had said that Blue's list the Gorms, and that the spider event was in Gormley, and that Gormleys are Grimaldi-like Grimes' too. I said that, yes I did, and the three Quintana dice are all 6's spelling 666!!! It could seem that God is warning that vaccines will bring on the prophesied 666, the sort of thing that La Quinta Columna speculates on too. This is all amazing. PRAISE JESUS even so, even if this spells our persecution.

I'm not done. Quince's/Quincys, who remind of Sharon Quinn pointing to Farrah Fawcett, were first found in Northamptonshire with the Ladys/Laudymans having an annulet version of the Anchor Coat. They are identical Coats aside from the three items in their Chiefs, though those items are in the same colors. It's additional evidence that the Graff anchor links to the Sforza quince. And the quince is a FLOWER while Italian Tonys, possibly of the Spitzer Tunnels/Tunno's, use a "flower." Flowers share the Maisy cinquefoil, and the demi-lion of Graffs thus looks like code for the Demys/LeMais'/DuMais'.

...Once we are convinced that God is behind this warning not to receive vaccines if only to avoid graphene-oxide, we can understand that it's not likely a coincidence that Hane's/HaneGRAAFFs/Ganegreve's share the Hahn rooster. It appears that God arranged a further pointer of the Graff family to Stephen Hahn, director of the Food and Drug Administration. He was in charge of whether COVID "vaccines" would be distributed at all, and he with Trump pushed the vaccines at warp speed = reckless demons. They are not vaccines at all, and we have yet to hear the main players apologize for deceiving the public on "efficacy." There is no efficacy, yet they promised sure-fire numbers in the range of 95-percent successful. DECEIVERS.

The GANEgreve variation tends to assure that I was correct in pointing to Gains and similar surnames for pointing out gain-of-function, but now that Grimaldi's seem to be a part of the graphene-oxide picture, we can add that Funks/Finks and Crone's almost have the Grimaldi Shield, and almost the Vaux/VOXE Coat too while "vox" is a motto term of Irish Nagle's who happen to share the lozenges of Anchor-branch Angers!!!!!!!!!!!!! But that's not all, for German Neils/Nails/Nagle's share the saltire of Malcolms/COLUMNs in what must be a pointer to La Quinta COLUMNa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BIG-BIG-BIG, for Ainsley Earhardt's husband took us to Nails.

La Quinta Columna means "The Fifth Column," and so as this organization ties vaccines to 5G phone transmissions, it recalls the FIFY variation of Five's. Just saying. There may be more to this than meets the eye now. Ah, for example, Five's/Fifys share the Malcolm/COLUMN stars! Plus, the Petits in the Malcolm/Column motto share a giant, red lion with Five's/Fifys and Fife's. Petits were first found in Kent with Petts who in turn share the Quince mascles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Surprise, I had no idea I'd come to this when starting this paragraph! The "Ardens" motto of Petts even goes with the "ardua" of Malcolms/Columns. PLUS WOW, the PFIFers use a huge anchor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's clinched: God was intending for me to find this via Karen Graff, a pointer to the founders of graphene-oxide in vaccines.

Ganegreve's could have been of the Grave's/Grieve's who, I repeat, share the Diss/Dice eagle, and we saw that God probably arranged Karen Graff to get us to the Dice-loving Quintana's. It's one of the most-amazing things I've ever seen from Him in heraldic arrangements. For the Trump stag head is in the Arms of County Waterford that includes a "Deise" motto term while Diss'/Dice's are also Deise's. Trump's Casino's and dice go together.

What an incredible knock-out punch to somebody, after struggling for months to understand how the Graff Coat could possibly point to graphene-oxide. The Quints even share the Clot chevron while graphene-oxide is suspect as the blood-clotting agent we've been hearing from vaccine victims. KLAUS Schwab, the globalist fiend who's using the COVID scheme to usher in his Godless 5G world, has been a topic in recent weeks along with the Claus/Klaus and Claws/Klason surnames, and here we can add that Clots are listed with DuCLOS'/DuClauds while Clauds, sharing the Tromp acorns, are also Clausels. The HaneGRAAFFs/Ganegreve's share the Coat of Trump/Tromp-connectable Hahns (Mecklenburg, same as same-colored Trumps/Tromps).

English Hane's/Hains almost have the Olden/Aldan Coat while Hane's/Hanegraaffs/Gangreve's were first found in OLDENburg. The Oldens/Aldans then become suspect with the Graff lion in a crown, for the last update showed how Karens were of the crown-depicted Ceraunii Illyrians. Corons and Corona's show only crowns, seeest thou this?

The Olden/Aldan lion is a gold demi-lion like the demi-gold one of Graffs/Graffens. The Olden/Aldan lion is in a crown split in the black-red colors of the gyronny of Scottish Mathie's/Manns/Maghans who in turn put a gold lion over it. And the Mathie/Manns/Maghan motto has a Faucet-like "Fac et" phrase. The Faucets/Fawcetts tell that Saer de QUINCY (pointer to La Quinta) built the FAUXside castle of Faucets/Fawcetts, you see, and French Faux's were first found in Perigord with Fauchys while English Faux's share the mascle of Hane / Hahn-like HANSons.

About two years after the spider event at the Graffs, I had my first date with Katrina Hanson (she pointed to Fauci and Ecohealth), who worked at Sam's Restaurant in Gormley, and so it should be added that Sams, first found in Essex, where Quints were once said to be first found, share the giant Faucet/Fawcett lion. From the age of 14, which I think was when the spider event took place (close the my 14th birthday, anyway), I worked for Tony CAMPANia at a BP station directly across the Gormley road from Sam's Restaurant. And so it seems arranged by God, to convince the reader that He's in these pointers, that "COMPONY" is how the Faucet description describes the checkered Faucet bend.

As said a hundred times, my friend, Dennis QUINN, brother of Sharon Quinn above, loaned me his parents' Valiant car for my first date with Miss Hanson, and Valiants use a shark while Sharks use the Ceraunii-line crane. It's possibly that some branch of mythical CORONis the crow also had a crane symbol, because Greek crane is a "geranos," much like the Mathie/Mann gyronny. The Ceraunii were on the Sava river, as was Bled, and then English Mathie's'/Matthews share the Bled Coat. On the south side of Bled were the Japodes, suspect to the Jappa variation, for example, of JEEPma's, the latter first found in OLDENburg with Hane's/Hanegraaffs/HaneQUINs. Now you know why I repeated the Quinn story.

The last update told again why Manders are from the Maeander river of Caria, and here we can add the Mattys/Mate's/Mathei's are now showing the Mander Coat. Yet, the "Laus" motto term of Manders can be for Laus down by Shark-line Saracena, itself on the Sybaris river. The last update gave evidence for a trace of "Sybaris" to Joktanite Hebrews of Sephar, and while I got into some Sephar-like surnames, I didn't do the Sparrs. German Sparrs look arranged by God because they have "A swallow" in Crest while my Sleeping Beauty dream of 1979 -- definitely Arranged -- had a shark SWALLOWing a bulldog that I claim to be Donald Trump. I told why Joktanites named oxide-like OCCITANia.

Mattys/Mate's/Mathei's once showed a fat cross instead of their saltire now showing, and that makes them look like kin of Ainsleys. The latter's "my" motto terms can be demonstrated as code for My's/MEIGH's (Nottinghamshire, same as Ainsleys), and Mathie's/MAGHans could apply as a Meigh branch. The Fieschi had associations, perhaps even kinship, with Angers / Anjou, and while Anjou was ruled by Fulks in previous times, Italian Fulks have a version of the MASSI/MATTIS Coat. It was baron MASSY of Grimaldi who married the 666 dice.

German Sparrs use "sparrow-hawks" to suggest that they were a Sparrow branch, and the latter have a uniCORN head in a CROWN as code for Ceraunii. Sparrows were first found in Norfolk with Hawk-related PilGRIMs, but also with Bec-like Bags sharing the GRIMaldi Shield. I've read that the throne of the Monaco Grimaldi's is purple, perhaps explaining why the "pilgrim's stave's" of Pilgrims are in purple in the Hawk Coat. As Ainsleys share the scimitar with the Pilgrim Crest, let's repeat that Ainsley Earhardt married Mr. Proctor, for the three Proctor nails are in the colors and near-format of the three, similar stave's of Pilgrims. The couple had one child, Hayden, and Haydens (share Beauty bull and My/Meigh cross) were first found in Norfolk with Pilgrims.

However, the Pilgrim Crest was apparently changed, for Hall of Names describes it as a "cutlass," which was in the last update with Elliots (share "pellets" with English Lace's/Lacys). I had loaded "Lass" to find them with PURPLE-lion Lacys/Lace's (Irish). I suggest that it was a scimitar at first, but upon marriage with a line from Lacys, the Pilgrims adopted a cutlass while Lacys adopted Grimaldi purple, or, by marriage to Lacys, Grimaldi's adopted a purple throne. The Auge's seem to be in the Lass/Lacy motto because Auge's were at CREVEcoeur while purple-lion Skiptons (Yorkshire, same as English Lass'/Lacys), who married Masci-line Meschins, were in CRAVEn. Is this applicable to the Grav variation of Graffs/Graffens?

English Charles' (from Charles of Anjou?), with a Coat looking connectable to Auge-like Eggs and Ice's/Ecco's/Icke's, have an "auget" motto term. Eggs and Eggertons were first found in Cheshire with Weavers in turn sharing the Auget fesse, and Weavers were a Webber branch so that this picture can go with the spider-at-the-Graff's event. Graphene-oxide was founded by Pablo Campra, and Italian Campers/Camponi's/Campiani's almost have the Auget Coat exactly. It's interesting, but why is this picture off the Charles motto? What's the significance of the Charles'? Why do French Charles'/Charlotte's share the GRIMM/Grime martlets?

German Grimms happen to share the Genova/Geneva lion. These surnames look a lot like the "componi" of Faucets and Faughns. It's completely interesting that English Campers/Camps/Comps, with the griffin of Graff-like Griffins/Griffeys, are in Capone colors and format, for I have shared good reason to trace Capone's to QUINTus Caepio, whose surname morphed to Capone-like "Caepionis" a generation or two after him (his granddaughter was Servilia Caepionis). Griffs, by the way, are listed with Grave's/Greafs/GREVE's.

I had a dream where, in the act of tying my shoe LACES, Dennis Quinn handed me an ICE-cream cone, er, leaving me perplexed on how to tie the laces while holding the cone with one hand. This was the same Dennis Quinn who loaned me the Valiant after I asked Miss Hanson on a date while she handed me an ice-cream cone, and the Ice's and Cremers both pointed to the Fauci and his ECOhealth partner in crimes. English Lass'/LACE's/Lacys were first found in Yorkshire with shark-using Valiants. I was tying up my laces in preparation for a walk to my mother's home, to speak there with the tenants. It probably has to do with the Shark-line Sarasins having a moline cross in colors reversed from the moline of Vele's/Veels expected in the "vel" motto term of Turks/TORKs who are in turn in the "torches" of Spanish Vela's who are in turn in the "vela" motto term of Tenants. Compare "SARAsin" to SARS in this shark context.

I'm now assuming that the tenants lived at my mother's place (not in real life) due to her Grimaldi father and Masci mother, a super pointer to Massy of Grimaldi. Masseys/Maceys and Macey's/Mace's lived at FERTE-Mace, and English Lass'/Lace's (Yorkshire, same as same-colored Tie's) have a FRET-knot. Knots go with tying laces. Dutch Tie's/Thigh's have a giant fox.

The dream occurred in the 1st update of September, 2020, which included this:

...Quinn handed me the ice cream. The English Parents [look like Pear-Masci liners] share the martlets of Phoenix's/Fenwicks. Tenants have a "vela" motto term...

...There were two main parts to this dream. First, I needed a place to stay the night, and made arrangements by PHONE with one or two people to do so (there were no long conversations to speak of; I just knew that I had called them, and then the dream moved on). As I can't remember the people, their names don't matter. All I know is that I made arrangements to stay the night at some tenants living in the house my parents now own.

The Phoenix's/Fenwicks are a branch of Phone's/Fane's/Vanns sharing the gauntlet glove with Maceys/Mace's. I was probably on a knee when tying the laces, and Knee's share the phoenix with Phoenix's/Fenwicks. Shoe's have a "knight issuing from the KNEES." The dream was from God, no mistake, and Knight/Nights probably were of the namers of the Nith river, in Dumfries with the first-known Turks/Torks and Nitts/Naughts, the latter sharing the checks of fret-like Ferrats/Fers', a branch of the Vairs'/Fers' in turn sharing the Coat of Fieschi-line Fiscs. Incredible. Vairs/Fers' were first found in Burgundy with the Carrick-line Care's/Quarre's sharing the Ferrat/Fer and CONE/Cohen Shield!!!!!

Amazingly, English Lass'/Lacys share the Coat of English Foys (Suffolk, beside Norfolk) while Haydens (Norfolk) use a "foy" motto term. For new readers, two Foy surnames come up as "Foix" while Ainsley Earhardt is a co-host on Fox and Friends. Does heraldry have eyes to see the future, or did God arrange these things? Which seems the best answer, because "coincidence" is not a good option (but for scoffers).

The purple "fret-KNOT" in the Crest of English Lass'/Lacys jibes with Nottinghamshire, where Ainsleys were first found. It tends to reveal that PILgrims were from a Grimaldi marriage to Pile's/PILOTs because the Lass/Lacy-beloved Pellets share the English Pilotte Coat. The other Pile's have "piles" in Country- / Beach-pile colors.

Sleeping Beauty of my 1979 dream turned out to be Ainsley Earhardt, one clue of which was that I was on a beach when I saw her (Sleeping Beauty), and the "my country" phrase of Ainsleys is expected with Countrys who share the lone Beach/Bech pile. The Beach/Bech vair Shield is in blue with Beckers, and that's the color of the QUINT vair. Having said that, see this other remarkable quote from the last update that was an off-shoot mention from Miss QUINTana (wife of baron Massy of Grimaldi):

I'm very sure that this baron-Massy family was from the Dublin branch when the actress, GRACE Kelly, married prince Grimaldi of Monaco [near Grasse], and so note that while Grasse is just outside the border of Provence, Grace's/Grasse's were first found in Provence with Crispin-connectable Larins, and with Larin-connectable Lizarts/SARDE's. Crispins were Grazio kin. Grimaldi's had married the Danish line of Rollo, his daughter, Crispina. Rollo the dice. Kelly's were first found near Dublin and Deise. Hmm, the three die / dice of Quintana's, all SIXES, might actually be code for the Sichs/SYKES of Sykes-Dyke, for they share "fountains" with Waterfords while Deise is at Waterford, while "Dyke" is like "Dice." Note how Sichs evoke sickness while die evokes death. Sich-like Shicks are listed with Shake's. Shake the dice.

What can we now make of the Kellys sharing the GAINey/Gaine/Keveney Coat which moreover shares the Monaco lion??? Gain of function, right? YES, because Funks/Finks almost have the Grimaldi Coat! Whammo, that's new! It's a wowser. Plus, my walking on the BEACH [in the dream above] in jeans alone is now a viable pointer to Geans/Gains/Engains, and I now can decipher it because Mr. Grimaldi married Crispina while Crispins were at BEC abbey, and then Beach's/BECHs have a Shield almost that of Grimaldi's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DONE. It's done. The simple beach scene has been deciphered! Beach's/Bech use "vair fur," and Vairs likewise almost have the Grimaldi Coat. In fact, Vairs have the FISC Coat, and the FIESCHi were politically partnered with Grimaldi's in Genoa! For example, we can find this: "Dominating the city, the Fieschi and Grimaldi allied themselves with the French prince Charles of Anjou, under whose protection they placed Genoa." [I neglected to mention the "SIC" motto term of Fiscs.]

Here's from Wikipedia's Fieschi Family article: "The Fieschi were a noble merchant family from Genoa, Italy, from whom descend the Fieschi Ravaschieri Princes of Belmonte." Belmonts are listed with Beaumonts, and the Arms of the Princes of Belmonte (origin, Belmonte in Calabria) apparently shares the gold-on-blue Beaumont/Bellmont lion. See this, for example: "The first Trinity Church was founded by Roger de Beaumont in the late 11th century; at the time, it was a collegiate church served by English monks from Saint Frideswide’s in Oxford. Transferred in 1142 to the powerful Abbey of BEC-Hellouin..." That's the Bec abbey! Beaumonts/Belmonts were first found in Dorset with Beautys, and the latter have a full-bull version of the Waleran Coat while Waleran de Leavell married Miss Beaumont of Meulan, and it just so happens that the checkered Shield that is the full Arms of Meulan is almost the lozengy Shield of Finks/Funks! Plus, the English Vaux's use the checkered Shield of Meulan while Scottish Vaux' come up as Vance's and Fanns, which can explain why Wikipedia has Fieschi descended from counts of LaVAGNa.

I had checked for a Vagna surname without luck, but I've just found a Vagan variation of the VYCHANs/Vaughns whom I've been claiming to be a pointer to "vaccine" from even before discovery that Vaughn-like Faughns share the compony of Faucets/Fawcetts! Rollo ruled Rouen while Rouens almost have the Quince Coat while the Quincys built the Faucet castle.

The best evidence I can provide to show that Quince's were a Quint branch is where the gold Quint fitchee is behind the blue lion in the Winchester Crest. Winchesters share mascles with Quince's because Saer de Quincy ruled Winchester.

It Was a Beetle

I happened do a short section, near the end of the last update, on a dream I had starting the a VOLKSwagen, which can be read also as "VolksWAGEN," and as we just read that LaVAGNa was the bloodline toot of Fieschi, who were allied to Anjou, it seems remarkable that while the first counts of Anjou were Fulks, Volks' are listed with Fulke's (Norfolk, same as PilGRIMs). Here's how I started on it: "I'd like to go back to a dream I had, starting with a Michael I know [related to my Grimaldi mother]. I saw him standing beside his white Volkswagen beetle, though he doesn't drive one in real life. I know it was parked in the parking lot of a mall because I entered the mall. As I said several times, I put a BUCKET into the back seat [why the back seat?] of his Volkswagen, and French Buckets happen to share the cinquefoils of Gangs..." As it turns out, Gangs, first found in Norfolk with the Bec-like Bags sharing the Grimaldi Shield, have the Bag cinquefoils in colors reversed! Can we believe it?

"Water bougets" are heraldic water containers, like buckets. I put a bucket into the back seat of the Volkswagen, and then went looking for a bathroom in the mall, another mystery yet to be solved with vaccines in view. The same beetle car can be called a "bug," and Bugs (bat) use the water bouget too. Bouchier's not only have water bougets, but the checks of Meulan!!! The Fieschi were related to Beaumonts of Meulan! These checks are in the colors of the Beetle / Bedwell lozenges, and Bedwells were even first found in Essex with Bouchier's and Fishers/Fischers!!! Beetle's and Bedwells were once said to be first found in Bedfordshire with Luton, and Lutons share the Grave/Greaf/Griff eagle!!! BEAUTY! It's a Beetle-Graff link. And Bugs are now said to be first found in Dorset with Beaumonts/Belmonts.

It was a white Volkswagen BEETLE, as they call it, and Barry, whom I been mentioning lots recently, owned a blue Volkswagen Beetle when I was his friend. As I've said, his place shared a driveway with the Boucher's (don't know the spelling, but it was pronounce boo-shay). The property line went down the middle of the driveway, but it was one driveway, and French Buckets are also Bouchet's (pronounced boo-shay). A young man by the name of, Michael, lived there, and we all knew him; I was even in his apartment once. Here's what I said more than once: "I have told several times that I kissed the would-be girlfriend of Michael Boucher in a kitchen. Kitchens share water BOUGETs with Bouchier's/Bowsers..." (4th update December, 2018). It was in Mellanson's kitchen when he was throwing a PARTY. She (can't recall her name) wasn't yet with Boucher, and Partys share the Bouchier checks!

It looks like God had me kiss her because Kiss/Cush's can be traced to Lupus LAEVILLus of CETIS. That's why I put the bucket into the back SEAT, for Seats are also Cetis-like Cedes'! The Partys (look related to Dol-line Stewarts) share the checks of Pavers while Laevi co-founded Pavia, and it just so happens that the Coat of English Pavia's is three times in the Grimm/Grime Coat!!! GORMleys/GRIMES' have the Grimm/Grime martlets in colors reversed. Repeat: "German Grimms happen to share the Genova/Geneva lion." Yes, and while Beetle's and Bedwells have a "fort" on a rock, the rock-using Forts share the quadrants of German Grimms. Bingo, the Beetle's do have the Grimaldi Coat in a different color.

Ahh, I get it. The Beetle's have just taught us something that points to la Quinta, for French FORTs share the SFORZa lion, for both hold an item. Thus, the Fort lion is the Graff/Grav lion too! The Volkswagen is pointing to La Quinta's message on graphene-oxide.

Lookie: English Fishers/FISCHers (Essex, same as early Quints) share a blank, gold Chief with Rock-related Rods and Rod-loving Mellansons. Forts have a "AUDax" motto term for Aude, location of ROQUEfeuil. But "AuDAX" is Fieschi-interesting because German Dax's share crossed, white swords with Feschs, the latter first found in Switzerland with La-Quinta-pointing Graffs/Gravs. "Audax" is used also by Roxburghs who happen to share a lone and blue pale bar with LaVAGNa=like WAGNers. The latter share the swan with WAGENs! IT'S THE VolksWAGEN LINE! It's likely that baron Massy-Grimaldi, husband of Miss Quintana, was a Fieschi in his ancestry, which can act as a stark pointer to Pfizer vaccines in particular...because Pfizers look like a Fisher/Fischer branch. That's why God used a Volkswagen Beetle, first as a pointer to "LaVAGna, and then to the fort and rock in the Beetle Crest. It a "fort in flames," and there are flames in the Monaco Coat too.

Ahh, above the Monaco flames is the demi-lion of Graffs/Gravs!!!!! Unbelievable. I had it in my head that it was a full-length lion, but it's the white-on-blue Monaco lion instead that's full-length, not it's gold-on-blue one. As the Graffs lived in Gormley, the Monaco lion must be the Monaco lion, yes! Ah, the Flame-like Flamingo's/Flamings share the Arms of Meulan! The "flaming star" of Pero's/Perino's is definitely a Flamingo entity.

The Monaco write-up tells of a family in Monaco moving to Sicily i.e. near Belmonte of Calabria. Beaumonts/Belmonts share the Monaco lion too, and the other Beaumonts share the MontFORT (and Grey) lion used as lion heads by Monaco-like Monks. The latter were first found in Devon with the countess of Devon, wife of Mr. Fortibus in the Fort write-up. Monforte is beside ALBa, and we read: "...William de Fortibus, Earl of ALBEmarle, who married Isobel, Countess of Devon." Now the Fortibus write-up: "Odo, Earl of Albemarle, married a sister of Duke William thus acquiring the earldom." Duke William is the Conqueror, grandson of Fulbert "the tanner," and Alba is on the Tanaro river. Fulbert wasn't a tanner, was he? That was just secret Norman code for Italians on the Tanaro, wasn't it?

Fortibus' show only stars in the colors of the giant star of GRIIMs/Gris' (Hamburg) while French Gris' have the Beaumont lion too. Grishams (share GRASShopper with Fauchys) were first found in Norfolk with PilGRIMs. Monaco is near Grasse. Norfolk is where Fulke's/Volks were first found who descend from Plancia Magna, the line also to Plunketts, first found at/near Montfort in the Vilaine part of Brittany. Vilains share the Chief-Shield colors of Tanners. Plancia and or her husband, Tertullus, can be traced logically to Tertulla, mother of Flavius Sabinus, the RIETI dragon line to Norfolk's Sabine's, and to Rita's, first found in Rome with Sforza's and almost having their lion. As Rita's share the Poole lion because Sabinus married Vespasia POLLa, note that Beaumonts, sharing the Sforza lion, were first found in Dorset with Poole, while Monaco have both the Rita and Poole lion. Rieti is on the Salto river, line to Sales'/Salletts sharing the VAGAN/Vychan/Vaughn fleur-de-lys! Bingo, it's making sense.

The parking lot of the Volkswagen dream can be deciphered for Parkins/Perkins, from Plancia MAGNa of Perga, wife of Tertullus, explaining why there is a mythical Tertullus (can't be found in documents) in the ancestry of the Anjou Fulks. Ah, Crone-like Caroni's (Crone colors) have a palm tree while Palms share the fleur-de-lys of English Crone's/Crooms. Croms were once said to be first found in Berkshire, where Beetle's are now said to be first found!!! The Volkswagen beetle at our service.

Carrick-branch Care's have a version of the Italian Fulk Coat, indicating Carricks from Massa-Carrara...where the counts shared the checks of Massi's/Mattis' and Fulks. It appears that Mattis-like Mathie's with a MAGHAN variation were of this Plancia > Fulk line. In fact, the Fulk branch of Plantagenet, who are Plancia-like Planque's too, have an English branch with a different-colored Coat version of the Care-branch Carrots/Carews (share "bien" with Carricks) and Irish Maghens/Manns/Mathuna's. The latter even share "sic" with Fiscs.

English Fishers/Fischers share the gold Genova/Geneva lion too, though in demi form like the gold one of Graffs/Gravs. The English Dax's/Ducks and Duce's/Doocys have lions colors reversed from the same of Fischers/Fischers (Chief-Shield colors in reverse from same of Dax's/Ducks). Monaco's have six-pointed stars in the colors of the eight-pointed Duc/LeDuc stars for yet another pointer to James LeDuc.

So, as Michael had the white Volkswagen Beetle in the dream, he's linking to Mike Boucher thanks to Barry's BLUE Volkswagen, and Blue's/GORMs were first found on Arran with the McAbbe's having "salmon" in the colors of the "fish" of Pfizer-like Fisers/Vissers, another potential Fieschi branch...that could reveal "Fieschi" ultimately from Sforza-related VISconti's. Or, perhaps a Fieschi branch named Visconti's.

Beetle's share the lozengy of Finks/Funks and Crone's, in half the colors of the Bag / Grimaldi lozengy. The Beetle / Bedwell Shield is called, "gyronny," looking related to the Cronny variation of Crone's. Crone's/Cronnys call their lozengy "fussily," code for lozenge-using Fusils/Fusie's, and as the Fusil lozenges are those of Angers too while Fieschi had associations (could have gotten married too) with Anjou at Angers, it may be that Fusils/Fusie's were a Fieschi branch. WOW, the Crone/Cronny Crest is "A demi fish issuing" while Fish's share the Coat of vaccine-pointing and LaVAGNa-like Vagans/Vychans/Faughns!!!! Beauty, for it means that Crone's/Cronnys do have the Grimaldi Shield is a different color.

Fusils/Fusie's can be gleaned with the Percy lozenges because the Fish's share the wavy chevron (rare) of Pierce's (Somerset, same as PERCIvals and Leavells). Vagans/Vychans/Vaughns, sharing the SALES'/Salletts fleur-de-lys, were first found in Shropshire with the FitzAlans who married Alice of SALUZZo, whose child in turn married Mr. Percy. Thus, this was the line of Gouel de Perceval of Leavell, whose son, Waleran, married the Beaumonts = Belmonts, the same name in Calabria that descended from Fieschi. PerciVALs look very related to the VALLibus variation of the Vaux's who almost have the Fisc and Crone/Cronny Coat. It seems that when Fieschi got hooked up with Anjou elements, they married a Fulk line. The VolksWAGEN is working to indicate Lavagna (an maritime area in Genova).

As Gormleys/Grimes' look related to Grimaldi's too, by what coincidence is Grave/Greaf/Griff Shield split in the colors of the split Chief of Crannys and Fulke's/Volks? It explains the Graff/Grav ANCHOR (!!!!!!!!!!!), for Anchors have a version of the Anger Coat! Zowie, another Graff pointer to La Quinta COLUMNa via baron Massy. The Neils/Nails/NAGLE's, sharing the Malcolm/COLUMN saltire, named ONEGLia, near Monaco, home of the Doria's (first found in Genova) who married Arduinici, the latter from the BAUTica/BALTea river at Leavell-connectable Ivrea. The Arms of Lavagna is a six-bar bendy in the colors of the six, fessewise "BARRY" of GrimBALDs/GrimBAUDs/Grimalds. The Monaco bends are in the same colors, as are the eight bars of Cavetts from the Cevetta river of Ceva, home of the mother of Alice of Saluzzo.

The Grimbaud/Grimbald barry can be gleaned with the Segni's/Segurana's, first found in Genova with Fieschi's, and sharing the BARR and ESTE eagle. Spider-connectable Weavers have an "Esto FIDELis" motto term, and FIDDLE's/Fidelows use wolf heads likely for the Welfs/Wolfs/Lupus'. The house of Welf, or Guelph, was descended from the house of Este, and papal Fieschi were champions for the house of GUELPH. Kepke and I collected GOLF balls at Cedar BRAE GOLF course a couple of years before the spider chase, and Bra is beside Alba and Monforte. "Fide" and "CUI" are motto terms of particular Beaumonts/Belmonte's ("orle" border) sharing the Montfort lion, and Cue's/Kews share the Arms-of-Cheshire garbs with Weavers. The Cue Crest even has a demi-lion in the colors of the demi-lion of Graffs/Gravs, and both hold items. The Cue/Kew lion holds a "wheat sheaf", suggesting that Cue's/Kews are related to the keys in the Coat of Italian Sheaves'/Chiava's (branch of Chives' at Chivasso on the Bautica/Baltea river).

Sheaves'/Chiava's were first found in L'Aquila, seven miles from where my Grimaldi and MASCI mother was born and raised, and the Aquila's share the Este / Barr / Segurana eagle. The Gribble variation of Grimbalds/Grimbauds/Grimalds looks like the Gripel location (at Vannes, near Montfort) of Voirs/Voyers who in turn share the MASCHI lion. It begs the question of whether "Grimald" descended from "GRIPel," in which case Grimaldi's look like Agrippa's. I can trace Masci's to Julius Agrippa. The Vagan-like English Wagners, sharing the swan with German Wagens/Wagners, use an Agrippa-like griffin. The Gripps/Grape's/Grabbers share the bend of LOWS, and as the latter use more wolf heads, they look like the makings of "FideLOW." The Fiddle's/Fidelows were from VIS-de-LOU, or "Loop," a possible Fieschi branch in Normandy. The Lou's happen to use bendy in the colors of the near-same in the Arms of Lavagna.

Simon Graff always smoked his pipe, and Grimalds/Grimbauds were first found in STAFFORDshire with Pipe's and the Arrows/Arras' having the Pipe fleur-de-lys in colors reversed. The Arrow/Arras fleur are shared by Webbers, and the spider event at the Graffs was Mr. Kepke, just a kid at the time, chasing me with a spider dangling on a strand of web. The SPIDER pointed well to SPITZERs, who use a tunnel while Tunnels/Tunno's look like a branch of Tonys/Tone's said to have became Staffords; the latter share the Quint chevron. Tonys/Tone's use a maunch that's at times on the Arms of Leicester, where Beaumonts and Montforts ruled.

I didn't reload Beaumonts/Belmonte's until reaching here to find that the branch with the Montfort / Monk lion essentially has the Anchor Crest bull head!!!! The Graff/Grav lion holds an anchor as definite code for Anchors.

None of this seems to tell why Kepke, with a Ukrainian father, was the one chosen to do the spider-chase event, aside from Keeps using a "weaver's shuttle." But Kepke's pointers go to Michael Zlochevsky, owner of Burisma energy at the heart of the Ukraine scandal of the Bidens. Zlochevsky is said to have a home in Monaco, THAT EXPLAINs Kepke! As I've said, about three years after the spider chase, Kepke and I sold shoes in the same mall at different shoe stores, and Zlochevsky has/had a shoe boutique on the Dnieper river at or near Keep-like Kiev. It was the land of ancient Trypillians, and German Trips are now showing shoes, though they once showed the Massey/Masse boots (no longer shown) likely for the Budini who lived south of Kiev, location also of Trypillia. Having said that, go ahead and click the article below to see Zlochevsky's close ties to the prince of Monaco (what are the chances?): "Zlochevsky's last public appearance was in June 2016 at a Burisma-organized alternative energy forum, co-hosted in Monaco by Prince Albert II [Grimaldi], who made the keynote speech." Hunter Biden was there in shiny shoes, and Bidens are listed with BUDINi-like Buttons, what are the chances?

Later, Buzzfeed wrote: "Zlochevsky’s last public appearance was in the summer of 2017. During the Forum on Energy Security in MONACO, Zlochevsky posed for photographs with the current deputy prime minister of Ukraine, Volodymyr Kistion." Here is a video from La Quinta Columna telling that an Argentine court case caused a government employee to admit (before the judge) to the presence of graphene in vaccines. This video is in Spanish; if the speaker is too fast for you to read the English words, slow the video down; the timing of this video with my heraldic work of last week makes this story seem important / connected (I apologize that the video owner presenting La Quinta here is a Aryan snake, but I need to tolerate these guys when I come across a good story they share):

Why Did I Need to Pee?

Okay, so I saw Michael with the Volkswagen in the parking lot of a mall, but as yet I haven't studied the three Michael surnames to see how they fit in with what's been gleaned from this dream so far. Nothing else happened from the time I saw he and his car and my putting a bucket into the back seat. I then had an urge to need the washroom, and so I went into the mall. I've shown how the bucket relates to what I saw in the mall, as could be expected, but I'll explain it again below.

First, let's repeat that I was in a back seat in another dream, which now looks like a pointer to the Fieschi GUELPHs, because I was playing GOLF with my dentist, and the dream ended with his laughing at the red buttons of my shirt while I was sitting in the back seat of his car, as he was driving us home i.e. STEERing the car. I've explained that German Bachs/Backs use a "steer" while Steers use a "cede" motto term while Seats are also Cetis-suspect Cedes'. So that explains the back seat, and as the bucket was placed there, the Bucket bloodline must be from things in Cetis (I've seen it as "Citis"). A bucket is a can, and Caens/CANs (Dorset, same as Beaumonts/Belmonts) use a "liCITIS" motto term.

English Michaels share the scallops of Jack-branch Joke's, and the latter were first found in Kennati-like Kent (reportedly named by a Cantii people group). The Kennati priests of Cetis worshiped Jack-like Ajax. However, I would like something better than a sharing of scallops to make a Michael-Joke link. I didn't start this paragraph with Kennati-like Kenneths/MacKenzie's in mind, but I now find it incredible that the dentist of the dream, who was my dentist in real life, has a first name, Kenneth!!! I get it now. Plus. Kenneths'/MacKenzie's, but for one letter, have the four-word motto of Fieschi-line Fiscs! We are back to the Beetle bloodline.

Both Scottish and English Michaels were first found in Surrey with Steers. While Joke's are Yoke's too, Hocks/Yoke's have a giant swan, and while there's a swan in the Leicester Crest, the Leicester Coat shares the fleur-de-lys of Wagners while Wagens share the Leicester fesse (and the Bell / Bellamy fesse in case the latter were of Belmonts). I was SITTING in the back seat of Kenneth's car, and Seatons/Sittens named Sitten, which is also Sion, and Sions list sign-like Sine's/Swans (more swans). There was a sign in the Volkswagen dream.

The mall scenes were few. I was in the mall, not knowing where the washroom, was, but, voila, I saw a sign at the ceiling with an arrow bent at about 90 degrees: first go straight, then turn right, and so I looked ahead and saw two halls turning right, and, if I recall correctly, the dream ended before I could get to one of halls. The bent arrow was gleaned as a broken one because Brecons share the Coat of English Buckets, but it can also be a bent arrow because Bents/Bends (Cheshire, same as Leicesters) have a Coat looking related to Leicesters, and the Sine's/Swans are in the Leicester Crest. Ceiling-like Seeleys/Ceileys have a Coat only a little like the Sine/Swan Coat, but the chevrons are not in the same color. Why wasn't the sign on the wall?

As I've said recently, the WASHRoom looks like a pointer to the Washer variation of Guiscards/WISharts because the latter share three piles to a point with Brecons and Buckets. Guiscards/WISharts, with an "IS" motto term looking like code for the island of Issa/VIS, have the brown eagle of Bohemian-line DRUMmonds in their Crest, and a sealed bucket is also a DRUM while the Gangs, sharing the Bucket cinquefoils, are in the Drummond motto. The Seal-branch Sea's have a fish "SWIMMING", and English Wagners have "A swan swimming in water." Sea's were first found in Kent with swan-connectable Joke's/Yoke's (Switzerland, same as Sitten/Sion).

We saw how German Bachs/Backs apply well to a back seat, but Welsh Bachs/BAGHs can apply because Bags (Norfolk, same as Gangs) have the cinquefoils of French Buckets in colors reversed. Bachs/Baghs were first found in Denbighshire with Bathers, and a washroom is also a bathroom for some. Baths share the MEE/MY cross, and "me" is a Steer motto term while "my" is in the Guiscard/Washer motto. That works.

The bat of Bugs (Dorset) is likely code for neighboring Baths, for the bats of Scottish Randolphs are for Baths. These Randolphs were first found in Moray with Ruths/Rothers, clearly from Rothes in Moray. The broken ARROW on the washroom sign can be for the five arrows that were/are the chief Arms of Rothschild, for while Rothschilds descended directly from Bauers, Danish Bauers/Pauers have double bends looking much like the bendy of Jewish Wagners. The latter have a "demi wheel," and the wheel was a symbol of Rothes-branch Roets...meaning that Rothes' were from Rieti.

Rita's use "pieces of wood" while Woods (share tree with Roets), share a rooted tree with Roots (Kennati-like Kent), were first found in Leicestershire. Roots share the BAGley lozenges. My dentist, the one who laughed at my buttons, wanted to do a ROOT canal for a tooth of mine, but I declined. I had him pull two of my remaining WISdom teeth, and his surname, Hawthorn, can be gleaned as the Hauteville's, the ancestors of Tancreds and Guiscard/WISharts, explaining why he pulled WISdom teeth (that's new right here).

Hawthorns are in Tancred format and nearly full colors too, and Tancreds are in the colors and format of Shirts/Shards (that's not new). He LAUGHed at the buttons on my shirt, and "La fin" happens to be a motto phrase of Scottish Kennedys i.e. from the Kennati priests (that's not new either). It really is amazing, for Irish Kennedys were first found in Tipperary with Lafins. He was lafin at the buttons, folks. And I can even add now that while he was pulling the wisdom teeth (I've never mentioned this before), Pullys/Pullings (Yorkshire, same as Tancreds) share the Tancred scallops! That's new right here.

Plus, I know a Ruth whose husband, Mr. Wagner, was buried by her in her field next to a raven sign she planted beside his grave, and German Rothes' use the raven. I saw the grave and the sign. Ruth showed me a bracelet that her husband had made for her from the silver / gold he pulled from murdered victims of the Nazis, for he was commissioned to pull teeth to collect the silver. Ruth didn't think this was appalling, but I did.

Suddenly, the Bump/Bumpuss/BONpas kin of Tooths are coming to mind because they share the vertically-split Shield of Tunnels/Tunno's. I discovered the Tooth link to Bumps when a tooth developed a bump at the gum called a "fistula." This was the same tooth that Hawthorn wanted to pull so that he could do an expensive root canal. A fistula is a bump that develops a small hole to release PUS from the infection in the tooth. That's why it amazed me that while Tooth's share the giant Bump (and LETTer) griffin, the latter are also BumPUSS' (Gloucestershire, same as LETTs/Late's).

And now I'm looking at a Bump link to the Spitzer-beloved Tunnels/Tunno's while Spitzer's share the gold-on-red unicorn with Saffers who are in turn in the colors and format of Silvers (Hertfordshire, same as swan-using Palmans in the Tooth motto). We just saw silver removed from the teeth of Nazi victims. ??? Both Saffers and Silvers share the vaired fesse of Bachs/Baghs.

I'm not making up the story, it can be found in the 2nd update of March, 2018: "I kid you not, that this woman I know who carved out a raven for Mr. Wagner's grave told me that he was employed by Nazi's to pull the gold and silver out of the teeth of murdered Jews. And she showed me the bracelet that he made for her with metal he stole while so employed...It recalls that Grave's are suspect with Gripp / Griffin liners!" The Spitzers had come to topic with the spider at the Graff residence. Are we back to La Quinta pointers here?

The Tunno-like Tonys/Tone's of Leicester were Toeni's and TOSNi's while Tous'/TOSINI's use a man "wearing a red shirt with gold buttons." The buttons can't be seen, and I assumed they were red like the shirt, but with access to Hall of Names now, I see that they are gold buttons, not a perfect picture of the red buttons laughed at by Hawthorn. I think one can make a good case that a Button-related Gold surname is in-code with the gold buttons, otherwise why make the buttons gold? German Golds (share horn with Buttons/Bidens), in Tute/Tuit colors, are horizontally-split in the colors of the vertically-split, Tooth-related Bumps while "Tous" is like "Tooth."

English Golds share the Bone/Bohun and Beaumont/Belmont lion, and Bumps have a BONpas variation that could reveal their Bone ancestry. PASi's were first found in BONonia, and so "BonPAS" works to reveal Bononia liners, recalling that Guido's/GUIS' (Guiscard kin?), first found in Bononia, have a red-version of the English Gold Coat! That works. I can see "GUIDi" becoming "Gold." "The Guidi family descended from Lombards settled in Tuscany in the mid 10th century." Tuscany is where Tous'/Tosini's and Fulks were first found. I've just realized that the fesse of English Wagners looks connectable to the Chief of Italian Fulks.

Perhaps the dream had red buttons (I didn't see the color of my shirt) as a pointer to Reds/Reads (share Clint and Blythe garb), first found in Northumberland with Tunnels/Tunno's (share ROTEN hexagram), RODDENs/Rodhams, and with the latter's Malbank kin. MALbanks (nearly the Rodden/Rodham Coat) are important because Hillary Rodham Clinton employed PERKINs Coie, gangster lawyers, and the beetle was parked in a parking lot while Perkins are also Parkings (Leicestershire with Toeni's). The Perkens (not "Perkin") were kin of Tooth-connectable Feathers. Fetters share the Hesse sun while German Silvers were first found in Hesse.

The sleeping-BAG dream pointed to both Malls/Marlybone's and Morleys/Mauls (Yorkshire, same as Tute's/TOOTs), and Morleys/Mauls share the split Shield of Bumps and Tunnels/Tunno's. Bach/Baghs share blue vair fur with Quints, but this alone doesn't justify an entry of Quints to topic for a pointer to La Quinta Columna. I need to have better reason for bringing Quints to topic. Don't under-estimate the size of dent that La Quinta might be making against the goons, because they may be shrinking back, or even shaking in their boots, now that graphene-oxide has been discovered and revealed publicly.

Before starting this section, I knew where I was going, because I recalled that German Stocks use beetles. Stocktons (Cheshire, same as Malls) were then loaded without recalling yet that MALLs have Ellen of MALbanc married to Mr. Stockton, and so Stocks are very justified to topic even because the Volkswagen beetle was in a mall parking lot. The point is: both Stockton Crests use a COLUMN. Surprise. This is why I was in a mall parking lot with the Volkswagen, to better justify the Stocktons! EXCELLENT.

Both Stockton columns are held by a brown lion, recalling how the brown Ramp lion connects to the brown Collins lions as a pointer to Francis Collins, boss of Tony Fauci. Ramps were first found in Cumberland with Browns (and Quints), and one Brown Coat is exactly the one of vaccine-like VAGANs/Vychans/Vaughns. The Fisher branches of Fieschi of Lavagna and Belmonte are expected now as pointers to vaccines by gangster-company, Pfizer.

The bucket in the back seat of the beetle goes well with me in the back seat being laughed at by a dentist steering the car, and English Stocks have a giant lion in the one color scheme of the Steer lion while the latter's other lion, in a different color scheme, is in the colors of the Stack/Stake lion. As the Stock lion has two tails while the Stack/Stake lion is in the colors of the Montfort / Beaumont lion, it tends to explain the "FORTis" motto term of English Stocks. We are right back to Belmonte bloodline in the Fieschi investigation that connected with Beetle's.

The "TU NE" motto phrase of Steers can explain why the Steer Shield is split vertically in half the colors of the same of Tunnels/Tunno's, and we can add that while Tonys are expected as a branch of the Tosini variation of gold-button Tous', English Golds (share Beaumont lion) were first found in Suffolk with TUNE's/Tone's/Towns, and with the Clare's having the Coat of Tous-loving Bleds in colors reversed.

The MalliBONE/MarlyBONE variations of Malls plays well into this because the beetle-using Stocks were first found at Rothenburg while Rothens have a version of the Bono/Bone Coat. The latter were first found in Milan, and Rothens were first found in Aberdeenshire (near Rothes) with Millens/Milans/MELLENTs and Mellansons. Beaumonts/Belmonts had ruled Meulan/Mellent. The Beetle-loving Stocks just took us to Fieschi-descended Belmonts. The other Beaumonts/Belmonts (sharing the giant Stock lion) have a circular "orle" border formed of their crescents, and an "orle" is used also by RUTHERfords and Rutlands. English Bone's, with a Bohemia-like Bohun variation, share the a Beaumont/Belmont lion, and German Franks, first found in Bohemia with German Michaels, share the column with Stocktons.

It was only after writing to the paragraph above that I got round to checking whether there's a Wisdom surname, and, ouh-la-la, they have the Shirt/Shard Coat exactly! My dentist pulled my wisdom teeth, and then laughed at my shirt buttons. Wisedoms/WISEdoms were first found in Devon with English Wise's.

I remember being on the golf course with this dentist, but I cannot remember any scene with any particular item to go on as a lead. And so I've loaded Course's and fairways in case we're to go to them. Fairways have a Coat almost that of English Michaels, and almost that of Travers/Travis', and the latter share a tiger in Crest with Dents! I think that's patt of Intended things. Both Travers and Michaels can be gleaned as Meschin kin. Travers are said to have married a daughter of Ranulph le Meschin, and the write-up calls him "Lord of Cumberland," and that's where Fairs/Fare's were first found, suggesting that Fairways almost have the Travers/Travis Coat for a related reason. I've never been to the Fairway surname before.

The Phares variation of Fairs/Fare's can now be traced to Pharia, an island beside Issa/VIS, for we saw the latter as per the "is" motto term of Guiscards/WISharts/WISHers to whom my dentist points. Thus, Wisdoms look like a Guiscard branch. Amazing. This is new to me, and it's amazing. each wisdom tooth had a silver-mercury fillings from way back, and so a dentist had drilled out a cavity for each tooth, and then cavity-like Cavetts/Cheve's/Schavo's (probably of the Cevetta river at Ceva) are suspect as a branch of Chives'/Shewas', the latter first found in Tarves, named by a branch of Travers/Travis!

[Insert -- I'm writing above and below on Wednesday. Later, on Wednesday night, I saw Stew Peters featuring Robert BEADLES, and so the Beadle's were loaded to find a red-Shield version of the Fairway / Travers/Travis Coat. I've never know the Fairway Coat before. Beadle's share the scallops of Morleys/Mauls (Yorkshire), and Beadle's were first found in Yorkshire with Hawthorn-related Tancreds. Beadle's and Tancreds are colors reversed from, and in the format of, one another. Tancreds are in the colors and format of Shirts/Shards and Wisdoms. Beadle's are in the colors and format of Tosts/Tostys (Yorkshire), and Shirt-loving Tous'/Tosini's are also Tosetti's. End insert]

He put the teeth in a BAG, and we saw Bags as kin of Beetle's. I had taken both teeth home because I had taken a gamble, thinking they might be infected, and so I sawed at least one in half to check (finding no infection). Saws are listed with Shewas-like Shaws who share the "DAGGER" with Comyns/Comings, and the latter are from Kuman of Fier county (Albania), the line to Fairs/Fare's/Phares', it seems, because they were first found in Cumberland with Daggers. It could indicate that ruling Fier-county elements were at Pharia. The Saw/Shaw write-up may even have the neighboring Rothens, who are traceable to Bono's/Bone's and therefore to VISconti's: "However, this ancient leadership was challenged by many other Clans Commyns (Cummings) who had leased the Shaw lands of ROTHIEmurchus." Beetle-using Stocks were first found in Rothenburg.

Rothenburgs/ROTTENburgs (Prussia, same as Fire's/Furs) are fairly new to me, and they have three fesses in the colors of the two of Danish Bauers/Pauers. "Danish Bauers/Pauers have double bends looking much like the bendy of Jewish Wagners." The Rothenburg write-up: "The [Rothenburg] territory emerged as Hesse, and the Rothenburgs became the Grand Duchy of Hesse." It seems that Mayer Bauer, banker in Hesse, renamed himself from the Rothenburgs. See also the double bends of Schilds. Rothschilds are listed with RODDENsteins, first found in BRUNswick, and Browns/Bruns were first found in Cumberland too, which is where I trace the brown lions, holing columns, in the Stockport Coat. Beetle-using Stocks were first found in Rothenburg.

Mayer Bauer (first Rothschild) was a banker in Hesse-Cassel, and Scottish Cassels share the Coat of Kennedys, the latter being the ones to which the dentist's laugh pointed. They were from the Kennati priests of Ajax, and English Jacks share the scallops of the Cumberland's Daggers. As has was laughing at the buttons while I was on the seat, it can only mean that Buttons/Bidens were from something in Cetis, and it works because Buttons/Bidens were a branch of Butts/Bute's/BOETs, from the Sadducee house of Boethus. My butt was on his seat, and the island of Bute was previously ROTHESay. Dents (Cumbria) share two terms in their motto with the Arms of Rothschild.

Mayer named his first banker son, Nathan, and Nations/Nathans look like kin of Cords/McCOURTs (Ayrshire, same as Kennedys) in the "Concordia" term shared between Dents and the Rothschild Arms. Natts/Nathans share the escutcheon of Sadducee-like Saddocks/Sedgewicks, first found in Sussex with COURTs/Coverts. The latter's "GrandesCUNT" motto term can be for Cuntys/Caunadys, now looking like another Kennati-priest line because they share the double pale bars of Seats/Cedes'! Cords/McCourts even share the Tipps/Tippin pheons while Irish Kennedys and Lafins/La Fonts were first found in Tipperary. The Kennedy-related Pendragons apparently have the Tipps' (RATcliffe kin) in their "Tipsum" motto term, and Irish Shaws use a version of the Pendragon motto. Ratcliffs were Cliff kin while Cliffs are said to have married Stichs while Shaws, said to have ancestry in Stich-like "Sithech," come up as "Seth."

The Shaw/Seth dagger is for the Dexaroi on the Apsus river of Fier county. To the near-north of the Apsus, and near the Fier border, was Arnissa (Genusus river), and while Seth was the father of Annas, chief priest of Israel and therefore a Sadducee, Arniss' are listed with Annas'. Fiers/Fears are said to be Vere's, and Arniss'/Annas (in Vere / Fier/Fear / Fair/Fare / AINSley colors) share the Vere star. Dexaroi (or Dassaretae) were at Antipatria (Apsus river), beside Macedon, and king Antipater of Macedon was ancestral to queen NYSA of Cappadocia, daughter of queen Nysa of the Pontus, and so it could appear that Annas of Israel descended from ArNISSA elements in the line to the Nysa's. The Button / Bute/Butt/Boet fesse is shared with Gennes', perhaps from the GENUSus river shown with Arnissa at the far-left on this map:

On this map, there appears to be a "Maruscum" location between Antipatria and Arnissa, which looks like a good candidate for naming Maruvium of the Marsi in Abruzzo, for Abruzzo was named by Epirotes i.e. of Epirus to Maruscum's south. French Mares' have a Coat reflection of Fiers/Fears (Middlesex, same as Apsus-like Apps') and Irish Fairs. This recalls a MASSyas area of Lebanon, in the 1st century BC -- the time of MACCabees in Israel, likely the proto-Sadducees -- that was also, MARSyas. It was near Emesa, which had a chief priest, Julius Bassianus, the line to Masseys/Maceys (share Vere quadrants) and Mace's. Might nobles of MACEdonia have named Maccabees? It makes one wonder whether Maruscum elements went with the Antipater line to Nysa...and to Antipater, father of king Herod I. The mother of Herod I was from the family of ARETAS III, and the Emesa cult had previously been at ARETHUSa. There's another Arnissa in Macedonia.

The reminder of the Beadle's above caused another look at Bede's (haven't loaded them in a long time). The share the Tromp / Claud/Clausel and Maurel/Morell acorns, right down my topics of late. The similarity of "Morley" with "Morel" is key because Beadle's share the Morley/Maul scallops, and thus we are now at the mall in the sleeping-bag dream that featured David Morley. There was a mall also in the Volkswagen beetle dream, and a link between Bede's (Brittany, same as Maurels/Morells) and Beetle's can be made because Italian Maurels/Mauro's were first found in Milan = Lombardy while Scottish Lombards have a half-Shield of lozengy half in the colors of the Beetle lozengy. Plus, while Bede's mention Alain of BEDEL, Alans of Dol had a branch in Renfrewshire, where Scottish Lombards were first found. The other half of the Lombard Coat could be the Tromp eagle.

Bags and Grimaldi's have a Shield of lozengy too, and while the line of Alain of Bedel is said to have been "lords of Lairye and of Tertre, in the region of Vannes", perhaps Vannes liners named Lavagna. I don't know how the Vannes' got to be listed with the Ness'/Nice's since Vannes was named by Veneti; perhaps there was a Ness-line marriage with Fane's/Vanns who then took on a VaNESS' variation before naming Lavagna. Ness'/NICE's have the Sleep Coat in colors reversed, and Sleeps were first found in Shropshire with an early branch of Dol Alans. Nice is a Ligurian location about a dozen miles from Monaco, and the Doria's who share the Lombard / Tromp eagle were in that region, and first found in Genoa with Fieschi. Veneti of Italy were near Val Trompia.

The write-up of English Alans tells that FitzAlans of Arundel were from the Dol Alans (Flaad, father of Alan), and Arundel is in Sussex, where Pellets were first found who are in the Bede pellets. Bede's happen to be in Maceys colors and format, and Dol Alans had married Robert D'Avranches of Ferte-Mace. Maceys/Mace's share the gauntlet with Fane's/Vanns, yes they do. It's explaining why a Grimaldi-Masci liner was playing golf with my dentist.

The Lairye of the Bedel family must have been named after Lairs (at Dol!), who happen to share the Fairway Coat (Meschin scallops)!!! The Fairways have a black-Shield version of the Beadle Coat!!! Zikers, the new-to-me Fairways strike again in the very update in which they were discovered in the dentist dream.

The only surnames I can think for my being on the fairway with my dentist is the Fairways, Course's and Guelphs. Coeurs/Cours, in Course/Cour / Maurel/Morell colors, were first found in Brittany too. Fieschi of Lavagna were chief Guelphs, and while Alans of Dol were close to Hugh Lupus of Cheshire, the Lupus surname is listed with Welfs/Wolfs, first found in Cheshire, and sharing the wolf-head symbol with Hugh Lupus. The latter used it in the colors of the Bather wolf heads, and Bathers were first found in Denbighshire, beside (or nearly beside) Cheshire. Wolvers/Wolferstons (wolf heads) are in Meschin colors and format, but compare also with an English Michael Coat, for I say that Michaels were from Michael I Rangabe.

Wikipedia's article on Hugh Lupus once said that he had a "Flaith(e)" nickname, but I realized it was from "Flaad," father of Alan of Dol. This name became suspect with king VLADimir of the VARANGians because Hugh Lupus was of AVRANCHes. Plus, Beadle's named Bedele in HANG-East (Yorkshire, same as Morleys/Mauls sharing their scallops), and Hangs are listed with Inger-like Ings. Inger the Varangian looks to apply, who married Melissena Rangabe, grand-daughter of Michael I. The Fessys/Face's in the leopard FACES of English Morleys and Hangs/Ings goes with the Fieschi.

This is Trump-suspicious because the Lair / Fairway Coats are almost the Travers/Traves Coat while Tarves' have the split Shield colors of Tromps, apparently verifying the Trump liners were a part of the Bede / Lombard circle of kin. Travers/Traves liners named Treviso/Tarvisium, ground zero for the Veneti of Italy, and where Corona's were first found who share the crown of Corons/Coroners (Cheshire, same as the Meschin kin of Travers). Travers are in the Forez/Fore motto, and mont Pilat is near the Forez mountains while Pellets in the Bede Coat share the Pilotte Coat while French Pilate's are also Pilotte's. The latter were first found in Burgundy with Vairs/Fers' (share Fisc Shield!) and FAIRs/Veirs having a Feuers variation like variations of same-colored Fire's/Furs. "Vair fur" is an heraldic fur, we get it. MontBRISON is at least very near mont Pilat, and Brescia-line Brix's/Brests are Brisons too. Brescia (or Brixia) is beside Val Trompia, and Brest is near Saint Brieuc, the latter being where Alain of Bedel lived.

English Rothes', once said to be first found in Shropshire, are in Dent and SALES' colors and format while Alans of Arundel married SALUZZo. From Shropshire, Alans escaped persecution, probably when the Meschins sought a coup over the Norman throne in England, to Renfrewshire, which appears named after Rennes, near Dol. Rains/Raines' are in Fairway / Lair colors and format, and so here's a full quote: "Alain Bedel, a knight, is mentioned in historic documents. The members of the different branches of the family became the lords of la REIGHNERais, in the diocese of Saint-Brieuc, and the lords of Lairye and of Tertre, in the region of Vannes." Rangabe-possible Reiners/Rainers are the ones with the Pisa Coat in colors reversed, and the Mosca's suspect in the Crest of the Chives' of Tarves were first found in Pisa with Button-loving Tous'/Tosini's who in turn made if to the dentist dream.

English Rainers/RayNERE's (evokes Narets of Brittany) were first found in Herefordshire with Doria-like Doors/Dorrs, and with Travers-like Trevors. The Stewart and Brock Coats share a motto which includes "vulNERE," and Brocks share the Chief/Shield colors of Brocuffs/PROKOPPs ("oRIENte") while Prokopia was wife to Michael I Rangabe, indicating that his line was to Rainer liners, apparently. English Rainers/Raynere's almost have the Coat of Ports, the latter first found in Hampshire were with the Hone's who in turn share the double-wavy fesses of German Leirs/Layers while French Leirs are listed with the Bede- / Beadle-connectable Lairs above. Beadle's were at Rangabe-connectable Hang, and Hampshire is also where Hangers/Angers were first found who share the escarbuncle with French Rays, which can explain the RAYnere variation of Rainers.

I can glean that RayNERE's, which includes a Mr. Blake in the write-up, had merged with Naro- / Neretva river liners, and the Daorsi lived on that river who can be traced very will to the Doria's. The Dorrs/Dorrs come up as "Dower," like the Dewer variation of Dure's who share the Saluzzo Coat, and Rainers/Raynere's happen to have the Saluzzo Shield too. Rainers/Raynere's and Dorrs/Dorrs were first found in Herefordshire with BARels who likewise share the Saluzzo Shield, and bar is near lake Scodra, as is Budva, the ancient Butua, explaining why Rainers/Raynere's share the Bute/Butt estoiles.

Butua is beside KOTOR, and Brocks with Brocuffs/Prokopps share the Chief-Shield colors of CUTTERs. As the Clausula river drains into lake Scodra, let's repeat that Clauds/CLAUSELs share the three Bede acorns. The Claus/Klaus lion is shared by Naro-like Nairs (Perthshire, same as Dure's/Dewers) who in turn share the mermaid in Crest with Clausula-line Glass' (BUTEshire), and I say that this mermaid is mythical Melusine, code for Melissena Rangabe. It explains the "McINDEOR variation of Dure's/Dewers looking like the Inders who come up as "Inger"! Beauty. DORsets were first found in Wiltshire with mermaid-using Laps/Labbs'. Cutter-like Cuthberts and Cudds share the dart with the Brock Crest.

Inger's daughter with Melissena was EUDOKia, and this was in the 9th century, in time to name a EUDES/Odo, and even emperor Otto I (born 912). Let's repeat that Beautys (DORset, same as Cutters) share the black bull with Auto's/Otto's, and Sleeping Beauty appeared with a classic auto while Glassicks are listed with Glass'. Otto I was son of Henry the Fowler, and Fowlers, fully in Bead colors and format, were first found in Wiltshire too. Compare "BEATTy to "Bede" and the Bead variation of Beadle's! This provides more clues as per Sleeping Beauty.

In fact, last week, while I was at my atlas to see how far Castle Douglas is from the Nith river, I noticed, for what could be the first time, a DalBEATTIE location on the Nith, about 10 miles from castle Douglas. Dalbeattie is about 20 miles from KirkCUDbrightshire, where CUTHberts were first found, and KirkcudBRIGHTshire is probably related to the Brights sharing the stars of Maceys/Mace's and Walks. The latter were first found in Dumfries with the Nith river, and Maceys/Mace's are in Bede / Fowler colors and format, with Walks having a similar Coat. So, as Kilpatrick castle is on the Nith, it proves yet again that Sleeping BEAUTY was Mrs. Kilpatrick = Miss Hicks. She married HAMILTON Kilpatrick, and I had shown how Hamiltons were chiefs of KilBRIDE (on Arran), a line related to British's/Braddocks that explains why there was a BRITISH bulldog in the Sleeping Beauty dream. Sleeping Beauty was fashioned as my bride in the dream, and French Bride's (almost the Maceys/Mace Coat) share the Brights stars.

Hamiltons were first found in RENfrewshire with Pollocks, and Mrs. Kilpatrick is online with a RENa middle name, and so when she was POKing in my mouth, was she preparing for a PULLING of a tooth, since Pullys/Pullings were a branch of Pollocks/POKE's? POCKets/POUCHers have a giant cinquefoil colors reversed from the Hamilton cinquefoils, and the latter is all the Hamiltons show. She may have had a pick instrument while poking, for Scottish Pocks are listed with Pike's/Pickens sharing a gold saltire with Pollocks/Poke's. English Pocks/Pochins (horseshoes) are in Clot colors and format, amazing because Clots are listed with Clos'/ Duclos' while the Closeburn castle has been the Kilpatrick possession since the 13th century. The late Mr. Kilpatrick was a doctor.

New: the Clot/DuClos Coat is a lot like the PATERnoster Coat (Gully colors and format) that itself shares the Patrick and Kilpatrick saltire.

As Pocks/Pochins were first found in Leicestershire with Tonys, the Pock/Pochin chevron is likely that of Tony-line Staffs/Staffords. Moreover, as estates of Pocks/Pochins were held by the Powers family, note that Leicestershire is where Perkins/PARKINs were first found who share the Coat of Power-related Pews/PUGHs (share Kilpatrick lion). Mr. Kilpatrick died after fighting PARKINson's disease for several years. The Simple's, perhaps in the "Simplex" motto term of Perkins/Parkins, were first found in Renfrewshire with Hamiltons and the Pollocks showing a Pugh-like Pogue/Poag variations. Pochin-like Porch's (Norfolk, same as Bus', Patricks, Pulling-related SABINE's, and BARKs) share the Bus and Hamilton cinquefoil while Barkby manor passed from the Powers to Pocks/Pochins...making the latter look like a branch of Pews/Pughs.

I've already told that Pollocks were from Vespasia Polla, who married SABINus, son of TERTULLa, while I think Perkins are from Plancia Magna, wife of Tertullus of Perga. Plancia is the line to Plunketts, who can in turn be gleaned in the write-up of Pollock-like Plocks/Plucknetts (Clot / Pochin colors) who in turn share the Pully/Pulling martlets.

[Insert -- Later in this update, the dream with my dentist finds that Fairways/Fairwells were at FAGERwell in STAFFORDshire, which then finds the new-to-me Fagers/FAGE's...who happen to share the Clot/DuClos / Pock/Pochin chevron, which looks like a pointer to Tony Fauci and Faux's/Fage's/Chollens' (share Kilpatrick Chief). I then come across Charlie's/CHARLETTE's at Fairwell (Staffordshire), no guff, first found in Leicestershire with Pocks/Pochins. I find that amazing since Mrs. Kilpatrick is CHARLOTTE. The Charleys come to topic as per the manfriend of Sharon Quinn, the one who had already pointed to Faux's/Fage's/Chollens'! This is all NEW. The dentist was on the GRASS when we were on the Fairway, and Fauchys (same place as Faux's/Fage's/Chollens') use a GRASS hopper. Carls/Carleys share the pomegranite with GRAZio's. The Fairways almost have the Travers Coat, and while Travers are in the Forez motto, Fauchs were first found in Forez. End insert]

I've just checked my files for "Dalbeattie," finding it only in the 4th update of November, 2013. I had noticed the Dalbeattie location on the Nith, but there's no "Beauty" term in that update because I didn't realize until 2016 that the Sleeping Beauty dream was stacked with pointers to surnames. I didn't start having a rash of surname-pointing dreams until 2016 or later.

The Vere's of Drakenberg claimed that mythical Melusine of Avalon was mother to a fictitious Milo de Ver, count on Anjou in the 8th/9th century. I theorized that "Milo" was code for a line of MIchaeL Rangabe, and so let's add that Hampshire is where Mile's and Drake's were first found. The Drakenberg Vere's want end-time Stewarts back on the British throne, and Stewarts were Dol Alans. The latter are said to have been at MILEham, in Norfolk, same as Volks/Fulke's said to be from Fulk NERRA of Anjou. We are on it. Kepke's dog, Blacky, taught me that Blackys share the vaired NERO chevron, which is why I think Blacks were from the Naro/Neretva river, home of the Ardiaei, also called, VARDaei. One Black Coat has a giant FRET probably due to the VARDys (share Fier/Fear moline) having been barons of La FERTE.

The other Blake's look like Blacks (share Kilpatrick and Blaze saltire), and Blaze's have a version of the Kilpatrick saltire, and so as Blake's share the lone bend of Beatys, it appears that the latter, sharing the Michael scallop, named DalBeattie, the Sleeping Beauty line. This is new material to my quests in deciphering that dream. It can also explain one of my most-recent dreams where Mrs. Kilpatrick was a DENTAL nurse, or dentist, poking in my mouth with a dental doubt poking at my TOOTH to go with the Touts in the Hicks motto. There was nothing else to that dream, and so it must have been about the Dents, first found in Yorkshire with Hicks (i.e. Hicks were at Dentdale, or something of that nature). Mile's share "Industria" with Dents of SEDbergh, a place that I say was named by Sedans/SIDDENs (possibly the McBride cinquefoil in Crest), and then SIDNeys share the pheon of Nairs. German Beths have a blue-Shield version of the Hicks Coat. Scottish Beths/Beatons (said to be from Artois), in the colors and format of German Beths, have a "DebonNAIRE" motto (no guff) that can also be viewed as "DeBONnaire" as per the "bon" motto term of Hicks (no guff).

In 2016, I discovered a photo in the Baytown Sun having Hamilton Kilpatrick posing with a bulldog, Spuds MacKenzie. It verified strongly in my mind that Mrs. Kilpatrick was Sleeping Beauty. I then went on to prove it heraldically. However, it would be five-to-six years later, TODAY, that I would see DalBeattie, with open eyes, on the Nith river. There's going to be something new to this, and I can already add that BAYTown is like the Bayt variation of Bats (black bats) who share the Kilpatrick saltire, and were first found in Shropshire with Sleeps. The write-up of Beth-like Beatys: "'The following variants of this surname are found on the Border: Beatie, Baitie, Baittie, Batie, BATY, Batye, BAYTie, and Bette.'" No guff, folks, no guff. The late Hamilton Kilpatrick was a doctor in Baytown.

Recently, Sleeping Beauty worked out to be "Lady Fortune" of the Klassens/Class, and so I'll add that Bayt-like Baits/Beaths, with a "Fortuna virTUTE" motto to go with the Tute's/Touts in the Hicks motto, share the green dragon in Crest with Kilpatricks. No guff folks, God wants to prove to you that I'm not nuts after all. I'm nuts enough, though, to venture full-time, without pay, into heraldry, and insist PUBLICLY (spurning the scorn) that events and dreams in my life are to be heraldically deciphered. Even my kids probably think I'm nuts...though they've been kind enough not to tell me so.

As I've said, I first saw Sleeping Beauty in a BATHing suit walking around the FENDER of the classic car (1950s model) to the Otto-connectable hood, and Fenders have an otter at the tip of a sword to go with the boar head at the tip of the Bait/Beath sword. You see, I was correct to call her Sleeping Beauty because Beaty liners were at/near Kilpatrick castle. I called her that because God, in the dream, directed me to wake her up, and I thought to myself, I'll kiss her awake like in Sleeping Beauty.

I now recall BETH KENDry, living on Church street one block from Major MacKenzie drive (Richmond Hill). I attended Bible studies in her home. MacKenzie's are also Kend-like Kenneths. Kendrys have a "torch" in Crest while Turks/Torks, sharing a rock in flames with MacKenzie's, were first found in Dumfries with Kilpatricks. MacKenzie's use an "as astra" motto phrase while "AD astra" is a motto phrase of Tottens suspect in the "Tout en" phrase of Hicks. ADa of Warenne married Henry Huntingdon, and Fenders with Otto-like and Ottone-connectable Others/Otters (from Lombardy) were first found in Huntingdonshire.

We can spot here that God was pointing, with her classic auto, to Others/Otters, the root of Windsors (part-Stewart). Italian Lombards essentially share the Chiefs of French Alans and French Julians (Languedoc, same as MacKenzie-beloved Mountains), and the latter share the Windsor saltire. German Julians share the Other/Otter crescent. Hicks have the Alan/ALLIN fesse in colors reversed, and the Hicks translate their "Tout en" phrase as "ALL IN." Thus, we can assume that Alan-related Sleeps of Shropshire had married Hicks at some point, explaining why Sleeps have two fesses in the colors of the four DANCEtty fesses of Tottens. English Dance's (Dent branch?) share the Alan fesse, and were first found in Yorkshire with Hicks and Tatton-related Touts. It seems to me that God is pointing to corruption in the end-time house of Windsor, especially to prince Charles', whose brother, Andrew, was on excursions to Jeffrey Epstein's island of filth.

Popping Golf Ball Mystery Solved

As Julius Caesar was a PATRICian, it can explain while Kilpatricks share the saltire, almost, of English Julians (salamander in flames), for there is a Geddes article online talking about St. Patrick being related to proto-Geddes' Geds on the Nith, though I don't think the writer knew that Kilpatricks were on the Nith. I don't remember the writer mentioning it. The English Julians use "St. Julian's cross," and it's the same cross as Gully/Gollys, Gulls and Schole's/Scayle's, the latter first found in Yorkshire with Dents, and sharing their lozenges. Only, Schole's/Scayle's use the lozenges throughout the Shield, as do Scottish Lombards, for example, in half their colors. Again, Italian Lombards share the Chief of French Julians. English Julians were first found in Cambridgeshire with the Hounds sharing the Dent lozenges.

The Gullys (Oxfordshire, same as Gophers/GOFERs and Clintons) and Gulls may have been a branch of Gulls/GOLFins. Virginia GIUFFRE openly accused Epstein / Maxwell of forcing her to give sexual services to prince Andrew, and he has his arm around her in an online photo that's gone around. The Hood-connectable Oddie's/Hoddie's (Yorkshire) share the saltire of Giuffre-like Gophers/Gofers, and same-colored Giuffre's show a GOLFredo variation. I wonder what that could mean, if anything, in connection to the Fieschi Guelphs. Fiscs share "ad astra" with Tottens suspect in the Hicks motto, giving the impression that I'm correct to see Sleeping Beauty on the island of Jeffrey Epstein. I had a dream with golf balls popping up everywhere from sand, and while Sands and Sandys share the Alan fesse, Sleeping Beauty was on a sandy beach. Epstein's island (Little Saint James) has a sandy beach. When the Kilpatricks moved away from my area of Texas, they moved into a home previously listed with a Childs family, and Childs, an appropriate symbol of pedophilia, were first found in Hertfordshire with Beach's/Bechs.

The other fulfillment of Sleeping Beauty, Ainsley Earhardt, works for Fox and Friends, and, I wouldn't know, that show may host(ed) ALAN Dershowitz regularly, who was not only Jeffrey Epstein's lawyer when he was first charged with pedophilia, but was accused by this same Giuffre of taking sexual favors from her by force of Epstein and/or Ghislaine Maxwell. Maxwells, sharing the Kilpatrick saltire, are in the "make" motto term of Kilpatricks.

German Gulls/Golfins are not only in Giuffre/Golfredo colors and format, but in Trump/Tromp colors and format. Trump was fairly-deeply involved with Epstein, and Trump loves GhisLAINE Maxwell. Laine's can be traced to lake Garda, beside Val Trompia. Tromps are Dutch, as are both Gull/Golfin surnames. Trump own(ed) a golf course(s). I collected gold balls with Mr. Kepke, and he was a symbol for Trump because they have the same hair and personalities. When Trump's hair is exaggerated in cartoons, it looks the way that Kepke kept his blond hair when I knew him in his teens and early 20s.

German Gulls/Golfins (Holland) are said to have a martlet, though heraldic martlets come without feet. The Gull/Golfin bird is a seagull, obviously, and it's on a "green triple mount", as is the "bird" (not a gull) of Dutch Gulls/Golfins. Grens were first found in Kent with Greenwich's, and the latter share the Coat of Odins, first found in Yorkshire with the Oddie's/Hoddys above sharing the Gopher/Gofer saltire, is that not amazing? Might the golf balls popping out of the sand indicate murdered girls buried under the sand at Epstein's island?

To assure that God is pointing to Gulls/Golfins, they show a GollenHOFER variation, and Sleeping Beauty, after she was at the hood of the car, was hovering over the seats while Hovers are also Hofers (leopard face, code for Fieschi liners). Plus, Hoovers and HOOTers (like the Hoot variation of Hoods) share the same Coat exactly, a giant BIRD LEG to go with the Gull/Golfin "bird," and then the Leggs (Dumfries, same as Kilpatricks) essentially have the Trump/Tromp Coat. Do these pointers to Trump seem like they're due to his being a good guy, good for Christians? Or, are Trump-loving Christians mainly a bunch of goats and foolish virgins who love and dream the USA too much to watch / heed prophecy?

One Bird/Byrde Coat happens to share the Hicks and Ainsley fleur-de-lys, and this Coat looks related to Dance's and Blythe's for a pointer to former president, Bill Blythe-Clinton. The other English Birds love the My's/Mea's along with Ainsleys who in-turn have a "country" motto term while Countrys share the Beach pile. Is this a pointer to "golf balls" buried under the beach? Of all ways for God to combine golf balls to sand, why were they popping out from beneath the sand? Why not landing on sand instead? Why wasn't sand throw at golf balls? What was under the sand? Sands even use a raGULLY fesse, how perfect to justify the inclusion of Gulls/Golfins to topic. Centers are also SAINTers, and while Epstein's island is Little SAINT JAMES, Sands were first found in Surrey with James', and Little's may be using the white Kilpatrick saltire. For what it's wroth, KEPPle's/Capells have the sand / sandy fitchees in colors reversed.

As Sleeping Beauty was fashioned as my future bride, it's remarkable that Scottish BRIDE's share an eagle's head (different color) in Crest with the particular Birds/BYRDE's (Cheshire, same as Brights) having the fleur-de-lys. Scottish Bride's even have a black-martlet version of the Bird/Byrde Coat. So, it appears that it's correct to go to the Gull/Golfin "bird," noting that the other Gulls/Golfins are said to have used a martlet. It appears that the golf balls out of the sand are indeed to be connected to the beach with Sleeping Beauty, especially to Miss Hicks.

The Birds, new to the Sleeping Beauty discussion, are so important that they allow us to go to Kepke and I collecting golf balls in golf-course streams, for the Birds/Bryde's with the Hicks / Ainsley fleur are in the colors and format of Keppoch (Yorkshire, same as Dance's) and Dance's. As Miss Hicks was a dancer/stripper in her teens, this could indicate that Epstein employed strippers for the island, or turned some of the young ladies into strippers, like a pimp might. Amazingly, suddenly, a surprise: the golf balls POPPing out of the sand may be a pointer to Popps/Pope/s/PIMPS!!!!! Wow. They were first found in Caithness with Andrews!!!!! WOW!!!!

OHH WOOOOWWWEESH! As I said, we would SELL the balls back to golfers, and that's why Sells/Sellers were just loaded to find them sharing gold annulets with German Popps/Poppens, first found in Westphalia with Sells/Sellers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The "bird" of Gulls/Golfins got us to Birds, and Birds to Keppochs, and now this! EXCELLENT WORK OH LORD! But there's more to this than heraldic links. WHY did God make these links? And why is God "wasting" my old age away trying to find out? The Popps/Pimps even use a "clam SHELL", suggesting that Shells were a Sell branch.

To assure that the hovering scene is to point to Hoovers and Hooters, they share the eagle's leg with HICKsons, the latter first found in Staffordshire with Pipe's, who are like the Paip variation of Popps/Pimps. The Hickson eagle legs are black like the Bride eagle head. Hooters have "...a gold eagle's leg at [the Shield's] CENTER," and German Centers are listed with SANDers. English Centers (leopard faces) are in Hicks colors and format. It all looks Arranged to point to this dream. German Popps/Poppens have "elephant trunks", and Irish Sanders elephant heads. Dutch Sanders share the now-illegal gold-on-silver of Sells/Sellers. Sales'/Sallets almost have the Cough Coat, and Hoots/Hoods have a "Cornish chough."

Hoovers, by the way, show a gold and blue wing described as "A VOL gold and blue". That's a term looking like a Latin term for "fly," and there is a Dutch Vol/Val/Vel/Falla surname with little to go on for finding kin.

So, maybe there's nothing under the sand at Epstein's island. Maybe the golf balls had to be popping up in order to get us to Pimps in the midst of talk on Jeffrey Epstein and Virginia Giuffre. And maybe the Sanders worked into things only as proof that I am on the right track with Epstein's beach being in the Sleeping Beauty dream. The English Centers/Sainters who came off of the Hooter description are in Sandy and Sand format, and colors reversed from them. The Centers/Sainters share the Peare leopard faces, and Kepke dated Miss Peare; the two danced and danced everytime they went out with me.

As I've said a few times, Kepke and I graduated from collecting and selling golf balls to becoming caddies (about age 14) at Cedar Brae golf course. There is a Caddies/Caddy surname (Yorkshire, same as Keppochs) using garbs that, in colors reversed, would be red, the color of the Keppoch garbs. No guff, Caddies'/Caddys are essentially in the colors and format of Poppins/Pophams!!! UNBELIEVABLE. The latter love the Mens', first found beside the Keiths who in turn have a version of the Caddies/Caddy Coat. Keiths descended from a Catti tribe that named Caithness, where Andrews and Popps/Pimps were first found. It looks Arranged. Either God made us caddies to fit the heraldry, or he made the heraldry fit the event, or a little of both.

Caddies'/Caddys share the Clint and Blythe garbs, and Blythe's look like kin of Bride-branch Birds while Clintons share the stars of French Bride's. The Birds accelerated the golf theme in the first place. Clintons were first found in Oxfordshire with Cedars/Cottars, and with the Peare's sharing the Center/Sainter leopard faces. The Cedar-beloved Evetts were first found in Perthshire with Keith-branch Kettle's. Evetts use a "patee flory" cross in red, the color of the Bird flory. It just so happens that Evetts speak about an Eviot Angus, where Bird-branch Bride's were first found. That is just unreal, coming off of Cedar Brae golf while Gulls/Golfins use the bird. The Bride martlets are in the colors of the same of Mens' (branch at Glenlyon) related Glenns / Glennys, namers of GlenLYON, in Perthshire with the first-known Kettle's and Lyons. Glennys even have a "pennon" to go with the Caddies/Caddy pennant.

Yes, "pennants" are under the Caddies/Caddy Chief, and while Cowes'/Coo's use those same pennants, the Cowes'/Coo's share the black crosslet in the Schole/Scayle Crest, which Caddies'/Caddys (Yorkshire, same as Schole's/Scayle's) use in green. As this is the Julian cross while Julius Caesar was a son of Miss Cotta, it explains why Coats/Cotes' have three-and-three pale bars in the colors of the three pale bars ("palets") in the Keith Chief. If English Julians were Kilpatrick kin, then we should also repeat that Schole's/Scayle's share the lozengy Shield of Patents/Patens (share flames with English Julians) while Patents/Patients were first found in Dumfries with Kilpatricks. Which reminds me: French Julians share the Gospatrick saltire, and the latter add another black martlet to it.

The black Glenny martlet is "legged red" as an apparent pointer to Leggs, which recalls Mamie sitting on my legs, for she pointed to the Mame variation of Mens'. Glennys (share Mens/Mame's Chief-Shield colors) use a "clayMORE" sword to go with the sword of English More's (Leicestershire, on LEGro river) who are in turn in the colors of Scottish More's/Muirs (look like George kin) who in turn have a "DURis" motto term while Dure's/Dewers were first found in Perthshire with Glenlyon. English More's share the Gang cinquefoils, and I always said that Mamie sat on my lap while the GANG was around the campfire until one day I realized why; we slept in the same sleeping BAG an hour or two later because Bags were kin of Gangs. We slept in a tent while "tentamine" is a Legg motto term. Laps/Labbs' are from the Labe river, location of Podebrady, origin of Drummonds (Perthshire, same as Glenlyon, home of a Mens'/Mame branch) having a "Gang" motto term. French More's are Mars too while earls of Mar were at KilDRUMMy. Why did God go through all the trouble of arranging all that? Was He just bored one day? Leggs almost have the Coat of Drummond-like Trumps.

I cannot understand what the lap event can mean if it's a pointer to Trump. What is it telling us about Trump? What is it predicting about Trump? What good is pointing to Trump or anything else without a message about it? Is this predicting a MAIMing of peoples legs due to Trump-fathered vaccines? Does that make any sense? I've not heard of blood clots in legs in the news, but they often occur there. And the Clots/DuCLOS's can be of the namers of CLOSEburn, but then there's also the Claws-like Clays/Klees' in the CLAYmore sword who click us over to German Klees' who in turn share the blue sword with Beatys/BEATTIE's while we saw Sleeping Beauty (why was she sleeping?) pointing to DalBEATTIE on the Nith river, location of Closeburn, and the first-known Leggs may have been at either location.

With SLEEPing Beauty pointing to the SELEPitanoi Illyrians with her sleeping, and to neighboring RHIZon with her rising, the Selepitanoi must have lived on the Clausula, and thus they were at Closeburn too. The Sleep fesse is that of RISH's/Rush's and RISco's/Rosco's, you see, and also of Riggs and Ricks, and the other Riggs share the Lady annulets while "Lady Fortune" is in the Coat of Clausula-line Klassens/Class'. Thus, these surnames look like Rhizon branches. Lady-related Riggs share the black rooster with Kopple's, from Koplik on the Clausula. The Sleeping Beauty dream taught us these things. We have a MASTER TEACHER, and it ain't me. The "cano" motto term of Lady-related Riggs is for the house of Canossa that shares the Fortuna dog. Woof-woof, the Dogs are also Doug-like Doags (Risco/Rosco cinquefoils in colors reversed). The other English Riggs (Rish/Rish colors and format) have dogs in the colors of the Fortuna dog.

It strikes me here that DuCLOS' may have named Castle DOUGLAS beside Dalbeattie. Douglas'/DuGLASS'(MORay), who share the salamander-in-flames with Julians, have a heart as a central symbol, and that seems to spell blood clots in the heart. We hear much about the following disease, perhaps the chief ailment caused by "vaccines": "Myocarditis is an inFLAMation of the heart muscle (myocardium). The inflammation can reduce the heart's ability to pump and cause rapid or irregular heart rhythms (arrhythmias)." Douglas' use FLAMES, and put a CROWN on their heart that can be the Corona / Coron crown. It all fits with Closeburn too.

"Infection with a virus usually causes myocarditis." It thus makes sense that some "vaccines" are causing a rich, viral condition in the body. Doesn't it make you want to strangle someone?

French More's/Maureys, by the way, have a Coat enough like the one of Mellans (Ile-de-France, same as More's/Maureys) to be gleaned as a branch of Italian Maurels/Mauro's, first found in Milan. The More/Maurey eagle is shared by Spinks while it's substituted with a SPHINX by Brocuffs/Prokopps. Spanish Corona's have five of the More/Maurey eagles, and that's all they show, in the colors of the Corona crown. Mellanson's ear swab pointed to the coronavirus scheme. As Prokopia was grandmother to Melissena Rangabe, the latter's daughter, EUDOKia Ingerina, may have named a Eudes/Odo who eventually named OTTONE Visconti of Milan.


Bad news: Democrats, disappointed with Biden, are joining Republicans. There's no good news in spreading mud over a RINO and turning it into a hippo-crit. Democrats in the Republican party can only make it more foul. This is not a victory, but an invasion of rats and moles to subvert, to prop up RINO's, and make war against the better people of the party. Trump is one fine RINO, don't kid yourself. He hired RINO's, schmoozed with RINO's, feared them, and took advice from them, as long as they gave him lip-service support. Trump is a BIG-EGO house built on sand. He's Mr. Big illusion. He'll say all the things you want to hear to get you on-board the house of sinking sand.

Canada's truckers are again promising food shortages, immediately:

I've just heard that Canada's supreme court voted 5-4 to keep the "genetic non-discrimination law" intact. But why was this case in court at all unless the globalists were wanting to abuse us? Who are those four satanic judges that would cast down a long-standing law? CBC says: "In a curious twist, the federal government itself argued the legislation falls outside of federal jurisdiction." In other words, a law made on behalf of a government request in or prior to 2017 (when it passed) was opposed in only 2018 by a government because globo-aliens have possessed trudeau's brain, to put it simplistically. It was the province of Quebec that challenged the law, and Quebec right now is the most tyrannical province the country, and expected to very influential in a trudeau government.

"Genetic testing is a type of medical test that identifies changes in genes, chromosomes, or proteins." And, "Genetic tests are performed on a sample of blood, hair, skin...uses a small brush or COTTON SWAB to collect a sample of cells from the inside surface of the cheek." And: "Genetic discrimination occurs when people are treated differently by their employer or insurance company because they have a gene mutation that causes or increases the risk of an inherited disorder." Or, if this law could be struck down, then testing broadly for vaccination status can be deemed non-perverted, non-intrusive, when in fact it has satan at the charge. The law states, in part:

It is prohibited for any person to require an individual to undergo a genetic test as a condition of

(a) providing goods or services to that individual;

(b) entering into or continuing a contract or agreement with that individual; or

(c) offering or continuing specific terms or conditions in a contract or agreement with that individual.

My understanding is that testing for vaccination status could involve genetic testing because the "vaccines" are altering genetic information. If a person "fails" the test, goods and services could be withheld if the law were struck down. Could stores be forced by government to do genetic testing by some simple-fast method? But if stores prohibit entry into their doors that is disconnected officially from a government mandate, the mark of the beast can go forward in that way, tough it promises that some stores will sell to the unvaxxed under such a system. That would be very good news for us, but we should go forward assuming that nobody will be able to buy and sell.

If the claim in the following video is true, concerning the world court taking up a case going after the vaccine schemers -- with shakers and movers on our side using the court filing to shut down vaccinations centers by sending shivers up the spines of those who contribute to pro-vaxx movements -- then this is the best news of all. Listen to how people behind the prime minister sound just like sheep:

The problem is, how much faith can we put in the world court? Wouldn't the globalists have their own people there? Is this video a faked piece of work in the police station, with the police complicit? It seems unthinkable that a police officer would appear on camera to fake such an event.

If true that the world court has accepted the case, then indeed, police departments can be scared into ceasing their vaccination movements with information conveyed to them exactly as this woman does it. People can take police departments to court if the world court finds criminality. It's a whole new ballgame at that point. All those who with confidence committed their vaccine crimes will start to cower. This is why I am sorely disappointed in church leaders not taking this faked pandemic to their national courts. Win or lose, they are responsible to try. If they are shepherds at all, they must try. Otherwise, staying silent, they are Hitler's helpers.

Here's a man saying the same as the video above, including many whistle-blowers in the Hague court; he's standing in front of a police officer to warn him about crimes to humanity:

Then, on the same day (January 19) as the video above, we hear that England is ending all mandates. ??? It's all mainstream news. Is this a BIG HURRAH?

If England is truly caving due to being in hot waters, then we could expect trudeau and biden, and other European leaders, to cower as well. That could be fun to watch, but it isn't enough. They need to be executed, yet that won't bring lives back which they murdered. This is totally unexpected in mid-January. It goes against all that they've been brainwashing the people with, where the message was FEAR FEAR FEAR.

Think about it. They were accusing anti-maskers of potentially killing people, and here in the heights of virus season, the UK prime minister cancels masks even for schools starting on January 20th = immediately. THERE'S SOMETHING GOING ON that he's not telling. NEVER FORGET, for they were planning to do this for years straight; Fauci is saying this week that the world is still in stage one of a five-stage pandemic. NEVER FORGIVE THEM even after they retreat, for liberal dogs will go to their deaths destroying lives and minds. DO NOT FALL FOR THEIR ANGELIC FACES as they cower and retreat. They intend the death blow to us, and we have seen their true colors. Just look at the fake angel, Boris, and, before this video is to the 10th minute, you can see Quebec indoctrinating children to become communist pigs:

The lady above needs to be more careful. She says that omicron is evading the vaccines, but this is what media stooges teach, and it's impossible where they tell us that omicron is a mutation of COVID-19. The vaccines, if they were vaccines at all, would definitely work against a mutation; I've heard that from experts willing to say it. The reality is, the "vaccines" are weakening immune systems so that people catch any virus floating around, and then the goons label them all as omicron infections to: 1) explain away the failures of the "vaccines"; 2) coerce people to get vaccinated with the anti-omicron "vaccines" to come out later this year, or so is Pfizer's plan.

After the return of Jesus, this world goes to His Government, and so we might surmise that God will so expose the wicked, and make such a terrible spectacle of them, that the better people, who survive alive to the post-Armageddon period, will take the reigns of power at the start of the Millennium. We can imagine that even non-Christians will reject the mark and its wicked representatives. Don't you think that Jesus will have His own World Court to square things up? Here-here, yay-yay. Come to the party, be on the winning side. Can't you see what God is doing by luring the wicked, by making them think their time is now to conquer us? So, they do their evil, and expose their guilt, and all that's left to do is to eradicate them in the way they want to eradicate us, without pity. We will win, especially with the Resurrection. If they kill us, we are not killed. When they are killed, they are worse than dead. Get your Life Insurance Today, make peace with Jesus. "I am the resurrection," He says. May you find that Way and be blessed by it.

[Insert -- The video with woman at the police station was out on the 18th, and on the eve of the 19th, I distinctly heard a voice as I was in bed about to pray, saying, "You WIN." The next day, I wondered about it, and knew without looking that Winns share the Grave/Greaf eagle. But there wasn't enough to go on to continue looking at other surnames. late on the 20th, late in the day, I was watching another video on the matter, and for the first time acknowledged the name of the police officer in the video above, and also got it into my head that he was of the Hammersmith police department. The officer's name is, Winn!!!

This insert is on the morning of the 21st, and I've been doing a surname investigation, checking to see whether God was the author of, "You win." Thanks to His saying "you" in the Sleeping Beauty dream, I knew of a Yoo surname listed with Yells. I therefore loaded Yoo's/Yells to see their "Numine" motto term, and then loaded Newmans/Numans, but saw nothing to add of follow through its symbols or motto. But I then recalled by identification of the Newman motto with the McABBE's. I can't prove that the "Ubi" and "ibi" motto terms of Newmans is for the McAbbe's, but my theory has been, for about a decade or more, that when JJ Tolkien invented a fictional NUMENor island, from which one could see his "Avallone," I felt sure that Numenor was the island of Arran, where McAbbe's were first found, because it's beside Bute, and I think Bute was the Avalon of Arthurian myth.

The reason that this is important is that McAbbe's share the ham salmon in the same color, and they are in the colors of the dolphins of HAMMERs, the latter first found in Sussex with Hams. HAMMERSMITH police department, location of officer Winn!!! I thought that was purdy good. And Newmans speak on their early branch in Sussex. Plus, these salmon are in the colors of the FISER/Visser fish, looking like a pointer to a chief defendant, Pfizer.

So, about an hour ago I went online to see if this Hammersmith story could be verified, and came first of all to the webpage below called, "WIRRAL In It Together," which recalls that I went to the Wirral surname as per three doves WHIRLIng upwards around my maple tree beside the septic tank a few days after I saw my first-ever pigeon at my place, which I saw land on the dirt above the septic tank. It walked in a curvy line over the tank, and then flew off. As there is stool in a septic tank, I wondered whether God was promising a stool pigeon to bite the arses of deep state actors. And this Hammersmith case claims to be based on many WHISTLE BLOWERS, which recalls that stool-like Stolls, first found in Somerset with Whistle's, share the Whistle lozenges.

Stolls/Stowers are said (at Hall of Names) to have a white ("silver") eagle with scroll in its "beak," but the Crest shows a white dove (pigeon) with branch in its mouth. Beaks were first found in Dorset with Newmans/Numans, and the latter share white lions with Whistle's and Baths. I suspect that the Stoll/Stower cross-by-lozenges is of the baths because the latter share the Whistle lions in both colors.

Plus, there is a Blow/Blower surname that looks like the Blue surname, and the latter was first found on Arran with McAbbe's. The latter, as I've said many times, shares the fesse of Coffee's/Coffers, and the latter has a "Victoria" motto term reflecting, "You win." Then, the Hague's (look like Oddie/Hoddy kin) had been loaded first of all this morning, and they have an "inVICTa" motto term that can be for the Victors/Victoria's.

[A week after this update was uploaded to the Internet, I was back to the Hague surname, reading: "The Scottish branch lived in Bemersyde for many centuries..." Bemers have "two hammers"! As Bemers use bells while Bellamys share the Bell fesse, it appears that the Bellamys in the Beem write-up assure that Bemers were a Beem branch. "The surname Beem was first found in Normandy where the family was formerly Beaumis, Beaumeys, or Beametz and are from Beaumetz, near Abbeville." ABBEville named the McCabe's/McAbbe's who share the HAM salmon! Amazing, as though God arranged the Hague's to be a part of the Hammersmith pointers.]

I'd like to add that while Blue's are also Gorms, Gormleys are also Grimm-related Grimes' while Newmans/Numans have this: "There are also early records of StanGRIM Noueman listed in the Pipe Rolls of Norfolk in 1166..." PilGRIms were first found in Norfolk too, along with Fiscs, and the Fisers/Vissers above are now suspect with the Fieschi, partners of Grimaldi's. This story out days ago comes in the same update that concentrated on Fieschi liners starting from before the story came out.

Plus, the FBI under Andrew McCabe illegally used the FISA court, which is called, FISC, and while Fieschi are a Fisc branch, McCabe's are listed with McAbbe's under discussion. As per the stool pigeon under discussion, I had mentioned Lisa Page, McCabe's FBI-appointed lawyer, because French Page's have a Pigeon-like Pageon variation, and because English Page's (beside Stolls/Stowells) use doves. Yet on this day, the same stool pigeon may be pointing to the Hammersmith case.

The Whistle's are also Visser-like Wissels, and they with Stolls/Stowers have lozenges in the colors of the Grimaldi lozengy, suggesting now that Wissels were a Fiser/Visser branch from Fieschi. And the Feschs/Fechters/Vechters/Wachters have Victor-like variations! After not seeing much heraldry to follow, just look at how rich this is. Wessels/Waistells even use doves = pigeons. They are BLUE doves, same as George's, the latter first found in Dorset (beside Somerset) with Newmans/Numans! We wouldn't be here unless the voice said, "YOU win," for Yoo's brought us the Newmans. Whistle's/Wissels even share the lions of Strange's, who may have been formed from "STANGrim Noueman." The Grave/Greaf eagle is half in the colors of the same of Strange-like Strongs (Somerset, same as Whistle's and Stolls/Stowers).

I almost missed it: Fiscs, sharing the estoile (different color) with Feschs/Vechters, share the lone and black pale bar with Victors/Victoria's! Plus, while both surnames share gold stars, the Fisc stars on a pale bar are in the colors of the fesses-with-items of Yoo's/Yells, explaining why both surnames use a "virtute" motto term.

We saw McABBE's with the fish of Fisers/Vissers, and Fiscs have "ad" in their motto for Atha's/Attys who share their checkered Shield, and for ADA of Warenne, whose father was of Surrey, where the Dolphins/Dolfins, in the Hammer Coat, were once said to be first found. And Surrey is where Muggs/Mudge's and Madge's/MACHETs were first found while "MACTe" is a Fisc motto term! Plus, it was while writing the last sentence that I recalled the SMITH heron "holding a FISH". HammerSMITH police department!!! German Smiths even share the German Hammer lion!!!!! The Smith lion is "holding a hammer", same as the same-colored Hammer lion. The Crest of German Smiths might even be the demi-lion of Graffs/Graffens/Gravs, recalling that Grave's/Greaf's share the Winn eagle.

I've only just remembered, due to re-loading the English Smiths now, that the fish-using branch have a "Numine" motto term!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW! These Smiths are in Vagan/Vychan/VAUGHN colors and format, and Paul Smith, an old friend, lived in the city of Vaughn (south side of Richmond Hill), explaining the Smith Fish because the Fish Coat is essentially the Vagan/Vychan/Vaughn Coat. Fish (Newman colors and format) share the white tiger with Dents, and the SEDbergh of Dents was named by Sedans/Siddens who were in turn first found in DURHAM with English Smiths. John Durham was tasked with, and is still doing, an investigation of McCabe's FBI. James Clapper was the head of all Intelligence during the FISC crimes by McCabe, and Beach's/Bechs share the Clapper/Clapp Shield while the latter share the black stag head with Vise's/Vice's suspect in the Visser-like "vis" motto term of Stolls/Stowers and the "Vis" of French Falcons. French Pigeons have a Coat like that of English Falcons, and Dents are in the colors and format of pigeon-using English Pigeons.

I was wondering where the PiGEON surname may have derived, and so loaded Geons to find them listed with French Jeans/Geans sharing two of the Hammer / Smith lions. The French Page's and LePage's almost have this lion. French Pigeons have a Coat like that of English Falcons while French Falcons were first found in Languedoc with Geons/Jeans. I now note that while I was wearing jeans alone while approaching Sleeping Beauty, after seeing her at the HOOD of a car, that the saltire-by-fret of Hoods/Hoots (Devon, same as Page's) is in the colors of the Oddie/Hoddy and HAGUE saltire. The Hague is reportedly part of the Hammersmith story this week, and Hague's share the crescent of French Falcons/FalCONTE's and French Conte's...which, along with the "Vis" motto term of Falcons, spells "Visconti." Beach's/Bechs share the COUNTRy pile, and English Conte's/COUNTERs were first found in Durham with Smiths.

I was on a beach while approaching her car in jeans, and Beach's/Bechs have a Shield of vair similar to the Fisc Coat. Beach's/Bechs are a branch of Beckers while Dutch Beckers/Bakers share the chevron of French Pigeons. The other Beckers share the Steele (and Spanish Falcon) checks, and Christopher Steele of England's spy circle put together the "dossier" that McCabe and company delivered to the FISC (secret, non-publicized, deep-state court). Beach's/Bechs were first found in Hertfordshire with Childs, and the latter are said to have been at Wanstead while Wansteads are also WINNers. Is this part of "You win."

The Stowell variation of Stolls suggest the Sturs/Stowers, and the "ad astra" motto phrase of Fiscs suggests the Stur-branch Asters. Newmans, Stolls/Stowell, and Whistle's were all on/near the Stour river.

The interesting thing now is that the city of Vaughn (I previously said it was a county, sorry) is in York Region while Hague's, first found in Yorkshire, have the York saltire in colors reversed. Yorks were first found in Wiltshire (beside Somerset-Dorset area) with Shots/Shute's/SHITTs, and the stool pigeon was over the shit TANK (sorry, but how else can I put it?). The DENTist dream involved Mr. Hawthorn, and while Hawthorns are kin of Tancreds/TANKs, they too were first found in Yorkshire, even with the Tooth-like Tute's/Toots expected in the "virTUTE" motto term of Newman-loving Yoo's/Yells, the latter first found in SHETland. When the pigeon took off from over the septic tank, it flew almost parallel with the driveway, then crossed over the driveway near the road, and went across the road to the neighbor's property, the surname of which shares the Shot/Shute/Shitt swords.

[Insert -- The day after starting this insert, I came to a Burnes location said to be on or near the Shetland islands. And so wanting to know where exactly it was in case it was near the Yoo's/Yell's of Shetland, I looked for Burnes at google, but not finding it, an article on a Burra Ness area came up, and it's on the Shetland island of Yell. Bang-on. The Burra Ness article has a link to the Gutcher location on Yell, and it just so happens that Gutch's are listed with Googe's/GOUCH's. Here's what I've said several times: "The installation of my septic tank, where the stool pigeon appeared, was inspected by Mr Gouch. About a week after the pigeon walked over the septic tank, a mole tunneled over it [made a mound in the soil above the tank], and Mole's (Roxburghshire) share the Goose/Gouch and GOFF/Gough boar" (1st update July, 2020). Is that not amazing? It could appear that "you win" has to do with this stool pigeon. Winns were first found in Wales with Goffs/Gough's. Mole's even share the phoenix with Winn-connectable Phoenix's/Fenwicks.

The Crutch's/CROOCH's (fitchee similar to the Smith fitchee) in the paragraph immediately below this insert look like a branch of Croc(e)s, who married Eschyna de Molle, no kidding at all. The Schims/Schiens, who share the Stoll/Stowell Crest dove with "olive branch" (no guff at all), also share the giant boar head of Mole's/Molle's (God set that mole up, didn't He?). These same Schims/Schiens share the Chief of CRUTe's, whom I usually call the Wreaths/Crete's, and so this is a new realization; Crute's (not in the list of shown variations) were a Crutch/Crooch branch. Crute's were first found in Inverness-shire with boar-head Gows/McGOO's, the possible pointers to GO = graphene-oxide.

As the Crie variation of Crute's looks like the cry of a whistle-blower, "Cry" was just loaded to find the double-red chevrons of Scottish Olivers ("olive branch") that goes with the olive branch of Stolls and Schims/Schiens. These Olivers were first found in Roxburghshire with Googe's/Gutch's and Mole's/Molle's. A cry is a YELL. YOU WIN! The Crute / Schim Chief is also the Washington Chief, and the proto-Washington Wassa's are like the Wasdale of dove-using Wessels/Waistells (Cumberland, same as Vaughn-linkable BROWNs). The latter were in the sleeping-bag dream directly with the Hips' who in turn have a version of the Phoenix/Fenwick Coat.

Spanish Olive's share the BROWN owl with the SLEYs/Sleigh's who come up below with the HammerSLEY variation of Hammersmiths. Is that cool stuff or what? End insert]

Earlier, not mot much earlier, I had a dream which ended with Paul Smith walking up this same driveway in crutches, a symbol we can give to mythical Hephaestus, born lame, and he was the mythical metal SMITH. The immediate point is, the English Smith motto is "BENIGno NUMINE," and Bings/Bengs, with the Drive/Drave quadrants in colors reversed, share the Newman/Numan lion. Paul Smith is a licensed carpenter i.e. he swings a hammer most of all.

A few days after the stool pigeon appeared, I was on the front deck, and witnessed three pigeons circling the maple tree, all whirling upward fast, one chasing the other, in what looked very cool. I figured it was as per the Wake's in the Sleeping Beauty dream, where God said, "WHAT ARE YOU WAITing FOR...GO WAKE HER (up)." Wakefields (Yorkshire) share the vertically-split Shield of Chives-related Maple's and Tarves'. What's/Waddcocks are in Wheat colors while you-like Yoo's/Yells use an "EAR of wheat", and while Wheats/Whate's have a stag with ears of wheat in its mouth", the Wheat/Whate Chief shares triple-gold garbs with the Wakefield Chief. The latter's garb is in the colors of the Walk/WACH garb, and the latter's motto shares "Industria" with Dents. Are's/Airs/Ayers share the EYER/Ayer Coat, and Eyers/Ayers were a branch of Here's/Heyers sharing the blue wings of Earhardt-connectable HER's/Here's. Ainsleys even have a "FOR" motto term...all good reasons for my claim that Ainsley Earhardt is a fulfillment of Sleeping Beauty.

The interesting thing now is that while German Hammers are Hemmers too, that's why I checked for a Henner surname, finding it first found in Sussex with hams and Hammers, and the Henners have a Coat like that of Wheats/Whate's.

WHAT ARE YOU WAITing FOR. WAITs/Weights (share Are / Eyer chevron) are in the "weights" of Dexters, and Here's/Heyers have two "dexter" wings. Waits/Weights (in Yoo/Yell colors and near-format) share the Arms-of-Traby hunting horns while Trabys married Stick line Astikas', tending to explain why Yoo's/Yells share the Stick garb, gold like the Wakefield garb, though the latter call them "wheat sheaves" while Italian Sheaves' are also Chiava's. Tarves is where Chives' were first found, and while the latter's quadrants are colors reversed from the same of Drive's, we can take this back to my driveWAY, for Ways are also Weight-like Weigh's. Ainsleys use an "alWAYS" motto term, and the Always' are essentially in You/Yell colors and format.

The full line that God spoke was, "What are you waiting for, it's you SHE loves, GO wake her." "GO" is the short form for graphene-oxide. Shee's are listed with Shea's while English Shaws'/Sheaves' (Wait/Weight colors and format) are also Shea's. Irish Shaws look like Are / Eyer kin, especially as "shaw" is a motto term in an Arms of AYRshire. The Kyle's, first found in Ayrshire, have candleSTICks, and Sticks use "sheaves." The "Vincit" motto term of Shea's/Shaws/Sheaves' means "win," though it stands as code for the Wings/Winks, first found in Perthshire with Comyn-related Scottish Shaws ("garbs of wheat"). Wings/Winks (Perthshire, same as HAGars) share the lone pile of Hague-like Hagle's/Hagels.

Then, Tarves-line Travers are in the FORE/Forez motto ("Tout travers") to go with the Ainsley motto further, and the Fore/Forez Shield (share's Wheat fesse) is essentially the Winn Shield, but although I'm smart enough to learn heraldic links, I'm not smart enough to see what any of these pointers can mean or predict. Maybe you can. Is Sleeping Beauty now pointing to the investigation of the Hammersmith police department, thanks to officer Winn's presence in the video? Did my jean>hood scene in the dream start to point to that story? A wake scene looks like a victory, and "vinco," which means, "win," is in the Wakefield motto. That's new. "You win" might actually predict that God is behind the Hague's move to kill the vaccine scheme, tentatively, anyway.

The Winns ( Wales, same as Phone's/Fiens/Fane's/Vans) have a gold spread eagle in Crest to go with the near same in the PHOENix/Fenwick Crest, and so Wins look like a branch in Fiens which I expect in the motto of Windsors, the latter from Berkshire, where Shea's/Shaws/Sheaves' were first found. Gwinns (Wales) look like Meschin kin. The "Vim" motto term of Gwinns caused me to check for a Wom surname to find it listed with Winns. Womwells/Wombwells ("well") might apply who look like kin of Skulls.

One stand-on-guard-for-satan fact-checker says: "The Metropolitan Police confirmed to Full Fact that a crime reference number was created following 'allegations of criminality in relation to the UK’s vaccine programme'. However, it said no criminal investigation has been launched and it has so far found no evidence of criminality." Still, the police have been put on the hook with this complaint. And it has caused the concrete blockhead, Boris Johnson, to fade away like steam out of a piping-hot tea kettle. The London police is an obvious and dangerous hypocrite.

The transcript of the woman's words to officer Winn don't say that the case originates from the Hague world court, but from Metropolitan Police:

...Okay, thank you. So the reason we’re here today – and you may or may not know this – the COVID19 vaccinations are now under criminal investigation with CID police station in Hammersmith in London, so MET Police investigation. This has come about as a result of the catastrophic death and injury figures to both adults and children across the UK. We have a Metropolitan Police case number which I can give to you later. Also, this case has been acknowledged by the International Criminal Court in The Hague. We have an application reference number for that as well. The filing has been acknowledged by the International Criminal Court on 6th December 2021.

In the video, Winn says the he's acting under oath, suggesting that the women was let into the police station with the full knowledge of its leaders to do what she's doing, on camera. But it doesn't say that Metro police initiated the investigation, and so this might be nothing more than an official public complaint REQUESTINg an investigation, with a case number to boot, but it doesn't mean that there will be an investigation. However, if there is no investigation, then Metro will be on the hook for crimes against humanity, a good strategy.

Here's a video from the Irish prime minister giving his people the trash by saying COVID has suddenly stabilized, and he too is cancelling restrictions "tomorrow." There's no way this is a voluntary decision in what he would otherwise frame as the viral heat of mid-January:

No more restrictions on gathering together, in mid-January? If this is not a result of their fears of legal troubles, then it's a trick, perhaps to cause people to shed their viral loads and bring on a new need for vaccinations.

The Winn write-up suggests that Winns, who show a Gwinn variation, were a branch (I usually mean cousin by that term, not necessarily a direct branch) of Winmans/Windhams, Wayne/Weynmans/WAINERs, Weiners/Winners, and Windows, and from there we go to Windsors and both Fien surnames, but it gets very interesting where the Quints, Quince's and Quinns/Guinns can be gleaned as part of that bloodline too. I'll tell you why later. I didn't check the Johnson surnames until now. Danish Johnsons/Jansens have a near copy of the Weiner/Winner Coat! Boris Johnson is right at the top of the list of those being charged with crimes by the group handing officer Winn the paperwork.

Scottish Johnsons have a red-Chief version of the Kilpatrick Coat. If the bend-with-fleur of Boris'/Buris'/Burys were a Chief, it would be a Kilpatrick Chief. Both Kilpatrick Chiefs are linkable to Irish Cremers, and German Cremers share the ram with Hammersmiths/Hammersleys. The latter are in the format of, and colors reversed from, Bores'/Borrs!!!! That's pretty amazing, because German Hammers have a "laBORES AD" motto phrase! Just look at that: the Hammersmith bloodline involving a Boris-like surname.

The Hammersmith/HammerSLEY Crest is much like the Sley/Slie Crest, and the latter has a lion holding a gold fitchee akin to Quints and Windows. Quints were once said to be first found in Essex, where SLEYs/Slie's and Cook's were first found. It thus appears that Hammersmiths, which I didn't know about until the morning after writing the paragraph above with Windows, have brought us to the right place. Reminder: The Hammer and Smith lion is the same as the Sforza lion holding a "Quince," and while Sforza's were VISconti kin, Rams use a "vis" motto term. The Bores'/Borrs' use "cooking pots" while Cooks and Coke's share the white ostrich. Cooks even share the horseshoe with Dutch Smiths. Cocks share the red Cremer rooster, and the Grimaldi Shield. Coke's share the eagle of Segni's/Segurana's (Genova, same as the Fieschi-Grimaldi partnership) in the Fesse/Face motto. The "ad" motto term of Hammers is shared by Fiscs.

The Cock link to Fiscs is better made where BabCOCKs share both the Cock rooster and have a lone PALE bar colors reversed from the same of Fiscs. The latter were first found in Norfolk with Cockers/Cockets and PilGRIMs, and the latter use "stave's" (staffs) while Staffordshire is where Hammersmiths were first found. Staffs/Staffords share the chevrons of Quints and Slate's, the latter being like the Sleight variation of Sleys/Slie's. Slate's were first found in Derbyshire with Coke's while Cooks were first found in Essex with Quints. The pale bars above are for Pale's/Palys sharing a camel head with Pipe's (Staffordshire) while Camulodunum was in Essex too. English Patents/Patens (almost the Grimaldi / Cock Coat) were first found in Essex too, where Rams were first found who are in the Hammersmith Coat. Essex is beside the Hammers of Sussex, and the latter is where the Dens'/Deans (share Genova lion) were first found who could be in the "PruDENS" motto term of Coke's. Paly-like Pullys/Pullens share the Patent/Paten motto, and Coke's use a "patiens" motto term while Patiens'/Patients/Patents were first found in Dumfries with Johnson-related KilPatricks.

There's a little more to ponder because Patiens'/Patients/Patents share the crescents of Newman-loving Yoo's/Yells, and Newmans share the lions of RAINS/RAINES', the latter first found in Essex with Hammersmith-beloved RAMS/RAMES'. "I heard a voice saying, "YOU win," which started the investigation that brought us to Boris Johnson. YOO's/Yells were on the island of Yell in the SHETland islands, and Slate's are said to have been in Burnes of the Shetlands, and that place must be an alternative name for Burra Ness on Yell!!! It therefore seems that "You win" is a pointer to the loss this week of PRIME MINISTER Boris Johnson!

Burnes' are listed with Bernice's/BURNESS', a branch of Burns suspect at CloseBURN of Kilpatricks. If, therefore, Slate's are of the SLEYs/Sleights, this picture connects with the HammerSLEY of Hammersmiths, tending to verify that Johnson was so afraid of the Hammersmith investigation that he suddenly became an "angel" so that the courts might leave him alone. Close's share the spur in Crest with Scottish Johnsons (Dumfries, same as Closeburn).

Aha! The Minister surname is even in Yoo/Yell colors and format...and Prime's, wow, share the owl with Sleys/Sleights!!! I didn't know this until after writing the paragraph above. The giant Prime leg has a spur!!! It's called a "HUMAN leg", and while Leggs were first found in Dumfries with Closeburn, Humans are listed with CRONel-using and Yoo-like YEOmans/YOEmans/YOUmans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Her-thee. Boris can run but he can't hide. You win, British people, you win. But for how long? The theory now is that God provided the Hammersmith investigation. The spear cronels look like ROOKs.

The Prime leg is "ERASed at the thigh," and the thigh was the symbol of Mamie, the pointer to Men's/Mame's very connectable to Slate-like Slade's. Let me show you how this clicks, first by saying that ERAS'/Rasmussens (in the ERASed thigh) can be gleaned as kin of and Mens-loving and Slade-related Pepins. Reminder: Rasmussens share the giant Schwab/Swab unicorn while Joe Oullette, the Owl liner, prayed for Mellanson when he stuck the cotton swab into his ear to draw blood. No blood came out, to Mellanson's surprise while he was taunting us for praying. Mellansons use rods for Rodez-line Rods (green trefoil, see more below), first found in Devon with the Aubins/Albins, from near Rodez. Devon is also where Yeo's were first found who are in the format of, and colors reversed from, Humans/Yeomans.

The Win-like Winhams/Windhams (Norfolk again) can be gleaned from their "Au BON" motto term, and by the Albini's in their write-up, to have been of the Aubins/Albins of BARNstaple, and while BarnSTAPLE's and Albini's share green trefoils with Slate's (no surprise), Staple's share the bend-with-fleur of BORIS'/Buris/Burys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO GUFF. What are the chances? It's another hee-hee taunter.

Repeat from the last update: "The Alba-like Albini's were first found at SESTola, and the Cetis surname is also SETTier/SESTier while Sestola is near the Setta valley! I don't know if I've ever been here before." Note now the similarity between "SHETland" and "Setta"! Plus, the SKITs/Skeets share the Coat of SHEETs/Skate's (Norfolk again) to match the "creSCIT" motto term of Slate's! "VireSCIT" is a motto term of Brocks (Essex again) while the latter's Brocuff branch was first found in Silesia with SCHITners, and Brocuff even share the red potent cross with Skits/Skeets and Sheets/Skate's.

It's now important that Sleys/Sleights use owls while Owl-line Oullette's are at BASSET in FALAISE. Bassets were first found in Staffordshire with HammerSLEYs, you see, and Staffords share the Slate chevron. "Falaise" with Falls'/Fallis and Fellers are from the namers of RoqueFEUIL, in AUDE, where the "AUDax" motto term of Slade's (and Forts) traces. Isobel of Roquefeuil married Hugh IV Rodez, and Rodez is near Aubin. Slade's share the Chief-Shield colors of Pepin-beloved Mens'/Mame's (Midlothian, same as Falls'/Fallis'), and the horse heads of Pepins and Pipe's (Staffordshire) are colors reversed from the same of Slade's. Mens'/Mame's were at GLENlyon, and Glenn-branch Glennys are in the colors and format of Mens'/Mame's.

Yoo-like Yeo's use "drakes" (ducks), like the Sheldrake ducks of Sheldrake's, the latter first found in Essex with Coke-branch Cook and Peacocks, and then the "PRUDens" motto term of Coke's can be for Prude's/PRIDE's because the heraldic peacock, in the Yeo Crest, is sometimes said to be in it's pride. Coke's share "qui" with the Shea's/Shaws/Sheaves' (Berkshire, same as Windsor castle) who in turn share the motto (almost) of Drake-line Pendragons (Windsor kin), who were at Tintagel while Tintons (CORNwall, same as Tintagel) are in Yeo colors and format. They both have a chevrons colors reversed from the one of Pendragons (Cornwall), and the latter share the Human/Yeoman chevron. The latter use CRONELs while Cornwalls are also Cornells.

A "human heart" is in the Crest of Acorns of Rotherfield (Sussex, beside Hampshire), and Rotherfields (Hampshire, same as Yeo-beloved Drake's) look like kin of Patons / Masters / Mellansons / Note's/Cnuts. The Acorn Crest happens to share the double-white wings in the Wies / Wise/Weis Crests, and Wies' show a heart.

Mythical Pendragon became the father of king ARTHUR at Tintagel of Cornwall, and one Cornell/Cornwall Coat has a "WE" motto term as well as a "warily" term that recalls WIRALL In It Together, the website from which I found the Hammersmith warning in print. It works, because the entire motto is, "WE beg YOU see warily." Then, on Saturday evening, after starting this insert earlier on Saturday, I came across ARTUR Pawlowski on his assisting the trucker convoy to the canadian capital. In this video below, I saw a message, on a shirt he's showing and made against the vaccine goons, that ends with "WE win" instead of "you win." I just showed how Youmans relate to Arthur kin without Pawlowski in mind at all, and you Youmans relate to Cornells. Is that not amazing? The video is dated 3:35am on January 22, British time, or 10:35pm on Saturday, January 21, my time.

What could this apparent pointer to Artur Pawlowski mean, if these things are not coincidental? Pawlowski is from Poland, home of the Windsor-like Wends/Vandals, likely a branch of the Veneti who named Vannes. Fane's/Vans share the gauntlet with Maceys/Mace's while a "mace" is in the Wise Crest. Pawlowski was so badly treated that he's become a crusader against the politicians, and wants to jail them eventually. We beg he succeeds.

As the Cornells/Cornwalls have a not-bad reflection of the Wies Coat, their "We" could possibly be for a Wie branch of Wies' (branch of Wise's/Weis'). English Wise's ("aude") were first found in Devon (beside Cornwall) with Yeo's, and the triple Wise chevrons are in the colors of the Human/Yeoman/Youman chevron.

King Arthur's mother was GUINEvere, part-code for the Winn/Gwinn line, we can assume. Look at how much God can convey to us with two words, "You win." Pendragons were related to Rounds (Essex again) and the Esse's/Ash's (Devon) in the Round Crest. The cockaTRICE in the Esse/Ash Crest is partly for Trice's/Trysts and Tristans (Cornwall, Cornwall, and Devon). The oak branch of Guine's suggests the Oaks ("oak leaves") having the Gwynn fesse, we may assume. This can be gleaned with Okehampton in Devon, ruled by the Dol Alans, explaining the "oak leaves" (with acorns) of English Alans. The latter were first found in Shropshire with the Sleeps in the "sleeping lion" of Rounds. Hazelwoods were once said to be first sound in Shropshire.

The (SHEL)DRAKE's we saw with Yeo's reminds that Shelleys share the Oak fesse too, and while Oaks use "slips of oak" as code for Islips/Haslips, the latter were a branch of Hazels, tending to explain why Hazeltons were first found in Sussex with Shelleys. As Hazels share a Hessel variation with Hesse's, the Esse's/Ash's (Devon, same as Hazels) look like a Hazel branch. I always trace Hazels to a modern Has location (Albania) on the DRIN river of Dragons/DRAINers, kin of PENdragons, the latter from the PENEStae people group on the Drin. Penes'/Pennys were first found in Northamptonshire, beside Drake's in Hampshire, itself beside Sussex.

Repeat: "The Winn write-up suggests that Winns, who show a Gwinn variation, were a branch of Winmans/Windhams, Wayne/Weynmans/WAINERs, Weiners/Winners, and Windows, and from there we go to Windsors and both Fien surnames, but it gets very interesting where the Quints, Quince's and Quinns/Guinns can be gleaned as part of that bloodline too. I'll tell you why later." The Quinns/Guinns share a green Shield with Winns/Gwinns, and Sharon Quinn was in my morning vision soon after the Sleeping Beauty dream. The "FORTem" motto term of Fiens/Finis' suggests that they have the lion of Quince-loving Sforza's, which then identifies the same-colored lion paws of Windows and the same-colored lion heads of Winhams/Windhams as the Sforza lion. The Window Crest shares a lion paw (different color) holding a gold fitchee with the Quint Crest, and the Window lion paw is blue, the color of the lion that stands with a gold fitchee in the Crest of Quince-related WINchesters.

Austins share the blue lion paw with Windows, and both Austin Coats share the Quint chevron, Scottish Austins (crown) then throw in a "corona" motto term. As the Texas surname shares the Coat of Vaux's (Cumberland, same as Quints), this could be a pointer to the liberal city of Austin, Texas, where we could find nasty Bushites backing the COVID scheme. The Austins share the lodged stag with Maxwells, and the latter put it with a "holly BUSH". English Austins were first found in BEDFORDshire, and while they share the black lion paw with Bedfords and Quints, Bedfordshire is where Beetle-branch Bedwells/Bidewells were first found who almost have the Texas / Vaux Shields. For the record, Portuguese Austins have "vases."

The following is amazing, because, when mentioning Sharon Quinn above, I had no intention of going to Charlie's. On the night of my morning vision with Sharon Quinn, her manfriend was Charlie, as I've said many times before. I couldn't help noticing that Charlie's/Chorleys have bottles in nearly the colors and format of Scottish Austins, for Beetle-like Bottle's show only crowns while both Austin Crests have their lodged stag in a crown. This could indicate that Beetle's had been Butua liners.

I then loaded Charleys (not "Charlie") of Chorley to discover a Charley location in FAREWELL, and Fairwells (Staffordshire, same as Hammersmiths) are listed with the FAIRWAYs who were in my dentist dream. First of all, it recalls the dream where Miss Hicks was a dental nurse or dentist poking in my mouth. CHARLOTTE Kilpatrick was Sleeping Beauty in the 1979 dream a few weeks or less before the morning vision with Miss Quinn. Charlotte's are listed with French Charleys.

Secondly, Miss Quinn pointed to FAUCets/Fawcetts, a branch of Faux's/FAGE's/Chollens, the latter first found in Perigord with Fauchys. So see this from the Fairwell/Fairway write-up: "The earliest record of [Fairwell] was in 1200 when it was listed as FAGERwell." Not only are Fagers (Clermont of Auvergne, not far from Perigord) showing a Fage variation, but they share the Austin / Quint / Stafford chevron, And Saer de Quincy built the Fauxside castle of Faucets/Fawcetts. Staffs/Staffords were Toeni's of Leicester (home of Montforts), which can explain why Charlie's/Charlette's (share Montfort lion, probably) of Fairwell were first found in Leicestershire. Recall the vases of Portuguese Austins, for Vase's are listed with Fieschi-branch Fessys.

There's more, for the Grimms/Grime's (have a GRYm surname in the write-up) were first found in Northumberland with the GREY/Croys who share the Charley/Charlette Coat, and then the Grimms/Grime's share the martlets of French Charleys/Charlotte's (Austin / Quint fesse in colors reversed). We are now on the Grimaldi bloodline (married Miss Quintana), partners with the Fieschi in supporting to golf-like Guelphs, and the Fairways came up because I was golfing on a fairway with my dentist in a dream. As the two bars in the Grimm/Grime Chief look like the two bars in the WAY/Weigh Coat, it could be that FairWAYs were a Fair merger with Ways (Devon, same as Wears/Were's and Ware's). Fairs/Fare's (Vere colors) were first found in Cumberland with Vaux's, and Irish Weirs almost have the Grimaldi Shield.

My heart sank to hear Artur's number, 95-percent of Calgary / Alberta churches, in support of mask mandates or segregation of unvaxxed. I hope that number's wrong:

The situation is delicate, and this kind of raw talk from Pawlowski is toward a civil war; if the powers don't back down with civil disobedience, it could go that way. Some risk is probably necessary at this time because trudeau's doubling-down toward Australia. I don't know what God's will is on whether we should mix with non-Christians for "Canada the strong and free." I don't know whether He wants us to mix with non-Christians in a political union at this time or at any other time. I think it's the right thing to protest meanly in Ottawa at this time, and before premier's homes who are not backing off, and who ignore the people. I think protesting before the homes of rotten judges is sending the right message, to center them out, to make them pay for their ignoring laws and supporting the globalist take-over of the country. They deserve worse than a thousand people lining their street(s). I don't think that protesting with non-Christians is necessarily mixing with them politically, but it can be a start. Keep proper distance.

The truck convoys, coming from three directions at least, are soon meeting in Ottawa (I don't know the date). Instead of churches taking charge , it's others. Sad. The way to do this is for churches everywhere to "violate" mask tyranny in churches, and to get arrested one after the other so that thousands of pastors go before the courts with the realities on COVID and vaccines. Don't pay the fines, because they are illegal, for one can easily prove that there is no pandemic. Counter-sue the governments, asking for jail time for crimes against humanity, and in support of other people who've lost long-standing careers and jobs needlessly. Sue the jailhouses for making conditions terrible for people not yet convicted of a crime. DO SOMETHING. Yet the churches are complying, judging by reports.

I would be irresponsible not to show you this video, as it could be true as stated. However, whenever I see videos with music and a theatrical look to it, it gives me the impression someone's just trying to make money on it, and it cheapens the message. The chief claim by a purported whistle-blower is that trudeau's Ottawa with Ontario's government are involved in seizing all private property by the methods outlined in the video. Even if this is true, God has the last say on what these hot-potato heads end up succeeding with:

The video above could be government disinformation to make Christians and others feel that buying a country property for self-sufficient living is in vain.

If any political leader tries to jail people in concentration camps, without possibility of release unless they give up their property to the government, then the leaders will imprison themselves because, if they go outside, they could get a kitchen knife to the back, or a sniper's bullet. If they want to start a war, then they are fair game for a killing. That's how it works. Taking people's belongings is a declaration of war. So far, the fighters have been patient with the politicians, and we will soon discover how Australians will get themselves out of their martial-law situation.

There's probably a lot of thought going into whether to buy gold or silver going forward. I can't offer an opinion. What if the globalists slip the basement out of the price of precious metals after Christians buy it up, depending on it to barter with neighbors without need to make electronic purchases at stores? Will it be acceptable to God to buy food from a 666er by paying for it in precious metals or labor? Again, I don't know.

The bulk of Christians are unready for self-sufficient living, and I doubt very much that there are sufficient wealthy property owners who've prepared for them. In other words, I expect that God will create frightening scenarios to jolt Christians into beginning their self-sufficient plans. Expect frightening scenarios going forward, and leaks of globalist plans. God is our general and our king. My bet is that they have a scary pumpkin pi variation in time for halloween 2022. You Greeks know that pi comes after omicron. End insert]

Here's how governments have been instructed to kill COVID-positive people (not necessarily meaning they have a virus at all), by using the peoples tax dollars to force the military-founded drug, Remdesivir, into their veins:

Now you know why government-run health care has been desirable by globalist fiends. Governments can then bribe medical establishments to do their will. Governments use your money to study how best to control doctors and nurses to affect you adversely if there's a program to do so. The medical establishments have long been murdering people in disguised ways. Here's Stew Peters making you want to kill a doctor, a nurse, a hospital owner, a governor, and Biden, all in one day; you must watch this, you will like it:

The video below cannot be faked, it has the absolute ring of truth. The man speaking, not knowing he'd be going publicly, says that vaccine companies put aluminum nanoparticles into the vaccines. he then goes on to tell of the potential dangers. This video doesn't reveal the full context of the statements. Why is aluminum added to vaccines? Is it like the aluminum we hear of that's dropped in the sky by planes? Is it to make people brain-maimed? You might need to listen to this man twice. he says that the aluminum nanoparticles bind to any substance in vaccines that he may not know about, and that brings graphene-oxide to mind.

Wow, this looks like a great message on a cancer cure I'm not up to speed with. It's old news, but the big message behind it is that the FDA has long been a corrupt actor not wanting cancer cures...begging the questions of whether cancer is deliberately induced in a country, and how. I might have held back on such a view in previous years, but after seeing the COVID scheme, it's TRUE as HELL: the FDA is a killing machine, and that's why Hell is a reality.

Beware of peptide treatments authorized by medical establishments, because they can be "watered down" by lacing them with an agent(s) to prevent a cure that peptides would otherwise assure. Know the enemy. The FDA is a murderous demon. It will lead the charge against Christian survival in the end times. Our sharing foods will likely be deemed illegal for "safety" reasons. The nano-nanny-state is here. "Bioactive peptides from plant sources are typically from soy, oat, pulses (chickpea, beans, peas, and lentils), canola, wheat, flaxseed, and hemp seed." Eggs and meat too. Every three days, I drop mixed beans, soft wheat, barley, lentils, peas (dried) into water to soak for two days, then cook them on the third in various soups or pastas, but I've just added chickpeas to the mix due to the statement above (I've got loads of "cheap" dried foods like this in storage) . I usually drop some broccoli in these meals too. Aren't you proud of me? I keep all the above mixed in the dry form so I don't need to open bags everytime I mix them for cooking. Just reach into the jar and grab them, pre-mixed, and pour the smaller items (lentils, peas) from a smaller jar.

Stew Peters had a guest midweek telling that a California hospital is killing using the COVID scheme to "harvest" organs. Just think about that. A human body is worth millions of dollars where gangsters own the organs. But how can they possibly use so many organs from the dead COVID victims...unless they destroy the organs of many other with "vaccines," and so they get to sell a whole-lot of organs. That's probably what's going on. That's probably the entire COVID scheme in a nutshell. If the government subsidizes the organs, then more people can afford them, and thus the sales go up, with government gangsters taking a piece of the profits. If that's not the most disgusting killing machine ever. Last I heard, in canada, people can sign away their organs before they die, to be removed at death.

Here's the Pfizer CEO admitting that the vaccines were ineffective, possibly fearful from the world-court case, and wanting to come across truthful for a change:

Here's a good follow-up to the discovery of bad vaccine batches that did most of the harm, which can explain why leaders may be having changes of heart as this news spreads:

John Solomon headline all you need to see: "COVID con, part 2: How billions in pandemic relief funds went to everything but pandemic relief" Globalist sociopaths (no hearts for others) and gangsters had the most impetus to seize global power over the decades on the fuel of their abounding greed and satanic spirits.

I don't remember whether Dr. Robert Young advocated the graphene-oxide position in the past, but he's doing so now to the point of claiming that globalists want us infested with this substance so that they can kill us, if they chose, by a phone call to our phones. Imagine:

As you can see in the video, blood cells, that normally repel one another so as to not clot in small arteries and organs, are bunching up around graphene-oxide particles so as to create a bus-load of blood cells. Many buses can jam in small roadways and maim or destroy an organ. I think we can easily conceive the possibility that the magnetic force of the graphene-oxide can be made stronger via light waves from a cell-phone tower. Stronger graphene = bigger buses. If true, they can harm an entire neighborhood of people, or many neighborhoods, without a direct call to anyone. If they want this power, they need to leak it to the public, and what better way than to use those posing as our friends? Unless the public knows that they have this capability, the public can't fear it, and thus it can't be used to force compliance...unless we dispose of our cell phones. Christians, I think Jesus would say to most of you, get rid of it, you don't need it. It's a luxury.

Word is still coming out that the most-vaccinated places have the highest rates of people sick with flu / cold-like symptoms. But even in vaccinated places, the number of sick people is so low that if doesn't bode well for the plotters unless they do something to revamp the fears. There's no justification for forced SARS vaccinations if the number of sick, unvaxxed people is equal to or less than was the case under normal flus.

The suspicion of some, including myself, that vaccines cause viruses, is not necessarily proved wrong just because there's only a small percentage of virus-infected, vaxxed people, for the plan may be to get most of them sick by lowering their immune system, meaning that they are safe until they catch a virus. But even if they catch a virus, they can be safe so long as they are not over-vaxxed, and so long as they stay out of hospitals, for the latter have become Venus-fly traps. They can probably give people a heavy viral load directly from vaccines, but they can't do it to everyone, or the vaccines will instantly become unpopular, and the vaccines companies will suffer a severe backlash. So, a few killed one way, a few made sick in another way, and all the rest given a weakened immune system, seems to be the basic plan with some fine-tuning along the way.

In the meantime, they raise money from the unvaxxed and give it to media, hospitals, and other corporations to get them to betray us. The truckers are leading a war in canada right now, and we will need to see what happens, for the goons have corporate friends that need trucked goods to keep making their daily million. They plan to block a U.S.-canada border point(s). trudeau may have decided to blame the shortages of cargo on truckers, and truckers will blame the politicians. Showdown. This fight was started by trudeau himself, and of course he's just a stooge trying to make others happy with him. January in canada is not a good time for a trucker revolt, but the crime minister has no choice, because flu season will soon be gone if he doesn't put his foot down now. That's the idiot he is, and idiotic half of canadians are for electing him. If they were only idiots, we wouldn't have anything to fear.

Try not to celebrate the light at the end of the tunnel in a calm period, because it could be an enemy missile coming in. God may have decided that it is better for the church to face harder times than to enjoy lattes and stylish fashions in Sodom in peace and prosperity. Let the war begin, let the Gospel go out, and then let the end come. That's how I think God has it sorted out.

There's a wall around the canadian Black House:

Look at this donkey of a doctor who's long heard in the news that the number of COVID deaths were far lower than the authorities claimed, and he now acts surprised as if he's only just heard about it. This is what you call an evil doctor who was playing for the criminals, and now wants to appear like he's on the truthful side as the scheme is crumbling. Don't be fooled, he was not naive over the last two years; he was complicit with the crime:

The information which you see in the video above could explain why the UK prime minister suddenly acted like the country needs no more masks or lockdowns, as this report was forced out to the public. It's just such a sad testimony to the wickedness of leaders and doctors like this. It makes me so sick I could strangle them myself. Meanwhile, Quebec wants to tax the unvaxxed, a cash-cow plot no doubt supported / fueled by the canadian crime minister. The number of COVID-only deaths you see in the video above are over-blown because many old people and young were murdered in hospitals and nursing homes, but the doctor, the donkey's rear that he is, still doesn't get it enough to say so. It's willfully-naive people like this who are the most-dangerous, because they want to see population control (but will not admit it in most cases). Plus, of those who died (average age 82) of a virus, it wasn't necessarily COVID. Some could have died from a cold, or pneumonia, or another lung infection, but all were lumped in as COVID, and this jackass of a doctor seems oblivious, a liar to his audience.

Good-news update for the murder victim (Scott Quiner) in a Minnesota hospital moved to Texas:

If you want to witness the ongoing insanity in Australia:

In the 13th minute of the video above, there seems to be confirmation that Britain has called off COVID restrictions due to an official investigation on vaccines. That explains things. Have no mercy on Boris' dogs, let them pay the full price and then some. Let the people not spare the rod. If the people let them get away with forgiveness, the dogs will rip them to shreds just as soon as they their heads. That's how this war will play out. It is a war, make no mistake about it. A set-back is not the end of the war. Set-backs in the enemy camps are times for the people to re-load, to strengthen their muscles, to prepare for battle. To store food, to get their own water system, their own power system (solar is much better than gas generator), if possible.

At the end of the 17th minute, there is what purports to be an official letterhead for the Hague. This is supposedly the criminal investigation against vaccines, and so does that letterhead look real to you? Shouldn't there be confirmation concerning this from all the social-media "giants" if this is legit? This case tends to explain Boris' about-face, absolutely. The case has not been won, but, as words goes, the Hague has accepted to hear the case, and so anything can happen, and surely this is better than nothing for exposing the gangsters. Groups should be taking the gangsters to courts everywhere, even if only half of the courts are sympathetic. That's a lot of courts.

Take trudeau to court today, and expose him, what is the hold-up? Where are the valiant pastors? I'm ashamed of the churches. They are lying down like scared rabbits. It costs nothing to file a court case, and that alone will stop these gangsters. There are lawyers who will work for free in the churches just to see the criminals brought to justice. Find them, and use them. Where are the heroes? How gruelingly pathetic is this? Gasp, this is shocking. Afraid of a paper tiger. trudeau has no case, all the evidence is against him. Quebec and Ontario are paper tigers, they have no teeth. They roar, and the churches cower. It's just noise. There is no pandemic.

The evidence is clear and available already, even without forcing it out of agencies in court; they've been lying to the masses, and the courts are there so that it can be proven without question. Even corrupt judges will confess that the evidence is overwhelming once it's extracted from the agencies who've been lying. If the people fall back just because a judge here and there shuts his eyes, this game is over; we lose. Find the better judges. For this, there needs to be many court cases. There can be court cases wherever there is a police department, or a school, or a company, etc., that has abused the people with or without government orders. You just argue in court that the pandemic was faked with faked testing, and moreover you prove that vaccines destroyed much more than they saved. Stick to those arguments.

Late in the week, I heard that Czechoslovakia, after putting in place vaccine mandates, removed them even though "cases" were the highest ever. So, on the one hand the shadow-government goons are feeding the government and the people a load of trash on high "cases," and on the other hand the elected government stabbed the shadow-government goons in the back. Why? Why now just as we least expect it? Is it because it's becoming unpopular politically to force-vaccinate, or is there wind of some EU-wide legal movement holding promise for the anti-goons?

I'm not under-estimating the victory for our side here even though they have the powers to finish their war. They will need to finish it with more people enlightened to their tricks, their duplicity, their wicked goals. That can't be sweet for them. And God is only starting to torment them. Yes, it's torment to them. Like labor pains, increasing in intensity. The goons have nothing to use as tricks but the tricks that have been perfected in the past, which worked marvelously for them. But they worked only because the public trusted their words. No more. There advantage has dissipated now. Even their sheep are hearing that they're liars. Liars will support liars, satanists will support satanists, but they know they lie.

It is no small infraction to force willing people to be vaxxed, to save a job, and then to turn around in mid-January and say, "the threat's over. Be happy." It's like admitting guilt. They first pretend it's crucial to force vaccinate, and then end up saying something like, "I was only joking, ha, playful elbow to your side, c'mon, be happy."

The COVID sheep are upset they need to wear masks for a third year, and so rather than blaming the true culprits, themselves, they want to blame the resistors. If they had resisted from the start, we wouldn't be here now. BLAME GOES TO THEM. After taking two shots, they now need to tell people they aren't taking the third with a red face, embarrassed for being a dope in taking the first two. They should have resisted from the start. BLAME GOES TO THEM. That's why they want anti-vaxxers dead, now, because whether we deride them or not, they feel as though we are mocking them. Their consciences are going to burn painfully, unless they keep pushing ahead with their mental-case programs.

Do you see that light at the end of the tunnel? It's the collective burning consciences of the mental-cases who betrayed us, who supported the nano-nanny-state. We need a fire extinguisher, the harshest words possible against these mental-cases. Don't let them yell louder than you. You take command, for they are the guilty ones, and they know it. Don't let them blame us and we stand silently by so that they think they are the righteous ones. They are responsible for the deaths, and when you hear freaks like Trump claim that vaccines saved millions, have the wisdom to ignore that man. John in his epistle said, do not be entertained by such men, or you will be guilty with them. Do not partake with those who deny that Jesus is God in the flesh. Do not watch a Trump rally to enjoy it, because you are enjoying a murderer. It's time to put a deep chasm between us and Korah's rebellion. Do not mix as masons mix with all unless you want to become a concrete blockhead. This is not rocket science. Stop playing Mr. Nice Guy to God's mortal enemies. Trump is a carcass on feet. He's a gold-trimmed grave.

The traitors betrayed because they wanted to be on the winning side, the "safe" side, and they had amongst their champions are those with every inclination to punish us who have the opposite mind. But now that the traitors are making the politicians look like hypocrites, BEAUTY! The traitors want their reward, to have privileges that the unvaxxed are forbidden. But if politicians give them these privileges even while they spread viruses more than the unvaxxed, trudeau looks like the big jerk he's always been, only magnified. He would allow the vaccinated sick into restaurants but deny the vaccinated who have no virus.

His safety premise slips away from under his feet if vaccinated ones are allowed sick into places not allowed by others, for it's becoming known that the vaccinated are the most susceptible for being virally sick. So, what's a politicians to do? Well, if you're stupid like trudeau, biden and obama, you double-down to your own punishment. The irony of what the traitors have done to themselves. They will end up at war with each other; they will view each other as losers, and will feel that we are mocking them. The moment you raise a voice with corrective words, they'll flounder because they'll feel you're trying to punish them. Let your voice be a match stick to set their bad consciences on fire. The political leaders are in the midst of a back-fire this winter, and if they press-on doubling-down, they will be like men walking a couple of steps down the plank. That's how things are looking as we near the end of January, but we're only halfway through the alphabet. I wonder what they have planned for pi.

I feel for anyone who doesn't like my stressing COVID in every news update; I know it can be depressing, but in case you want to keep up to speed on this globalist agenda, and I think we would all do well to know the enemy and it's agenda. Here's lots of news clips showing that the COVID house of cards is falling where the goons who once deceived us are starting to talk sanity, but only a little, for fear of backlash. Let's make sure we sharpen our whips, shall we:

By talking sanity, the criminal puppets can get some respect back for their next assault, though they can get respect only from the naive and the wicked, and their numbers have gone down due to the over-reach we've just witnessed. There's a question on why some are naive, perhaps an effect of their cowardice and silent support for population control. That's not at all beyond unthinkable, because some people are talking as though population control is a good thing, and I agree if fauci pulls the plug on his own life to make more room for better people. That's an acceptable form of societal benefits which God had decided upon since the foundation of the world. There will no longer be a police officer who makes an unlawful arrest on behalf of a fauci-like snake in government.

Sharon Quinn

This section could end up to be a waste of time, just so you know. I'm going to investigate whether Sharon Quinn is meant to be a pointer to Sharrons, and, if so, why? How does it add to her pointer to Fauci and company? I've already seen how Sharrons get us to Miss Hanson's ice-cream, which pointed to ECOhealth, the company Fauci used to fund bio-weapons research in Wuhan when it was illegal in the United States. Just think of how radically traitorous this is, to involve the Chinese communists in such studies. It's not the Chinese who stand as America's arch enemies, it's the radical globalists.

Sharrons/SHEARings/Sheerans, who had a SEARthuin variation in Ireland, share the PenderGRASS Coat and motto. Penders have one of the Grace/Grasse chevrons as well as the lion of English Grasse's, thus establishing a link of Grass liners with Shear- / Sear-like surnames. Fauchy's use a grasshopper, which quickly gets us to a pointer to TONY Fauci, and while Tonys were from Les ANDELys, that's where I trace the ANTELope in the Pendergrass and Sharron/Shearing Crest.

Grace's/Grasse's were first found in Provence, and the Grasse location over the Provence border is near Monaco, which can explain why GASTons share the checkered Shield of Fiscs, for Pendergrass' are said to have named PenderGAST. While Fiscs were a branch of Fesse's/FACE's, one Quinn Coat has a white wolf head "FACE up." Sharon Quinn. Plus, the Gaston / Fisc Shield is shared by French Vairs while vair fur is used by Sharrons / Pendergrass'.

Crispins were direct Clare's. GRANTs/Grands ("fast") look like Corona / Coron kin, and GRAZio's share the pomeGRANATe with French Crispins and Clare-like Carls/Carleys, the latter first found in Aberdeenshire with Fast-loving Leslie's. Grants/Grands were first found in Inverness-shire with the Gows/McGOO's, a potential pointer to GO = graphene oxide. Grants/Grands are said to have been lords of Yeo-like Eu, and then Yeomans/Youmans use CRONels, i.e. a crown-like object to go with the three crowns of Grants/Grands and CORONs / Corona's. The "burning rock" of Grants/Grands recall Burra Ness, or Burness, on the island of Yell, where Yeo-like You's'/Yells were first found. There was a Gilbert de Brionne of Clare, Count of Eu, who was the first Crispin of his line. He was not named after curly hair, as the dopes at Wikipedia claim. The Crispins of BEC were born from Crispina and Grimaldus of Monaco, explaining why Beach's/Bechs almost have the Grimaldi Shield.

While Crispins were direct Clare's, we find this in the Pendergrass write-up: "MAURICE, Lord of Prendergast was a great friend and neighbor of Strongbow, Earl of Pembroke. He accompanied Strongbow in the Anglo Norman invasion of Ireland..." That explains why Pendergrass' were first found in Wales, which is the theater in which Maurice's and Morris' were first found who apparently share the lion of English Grass'. French Crispins share the bend of English Grasse's (not "Grass"). Maurice's and Morris' were first found in Herefordshire with Travers-like Trevors, and the Travers/Travis Coat is almost the Fairway/Fairwell Coat. Suddenly, the fairway upon which I played golf with my dentist looks like it can include Grass'.

Next, we visit to car motto, "Sero SED Serio," which looks connectable to the Shearing / Searthuin variations of Sharrons. "Sed" is shared by Sedans/Siddens who in turn have a version of the Gracie Coat, which itself shares the giant lion of French Grass', the latter first found in Provence with Grace's/Grasse's. The latter show nothing but three fesses, ditto with the English Clare's, though in different colors. The Tass' (Suffolk, same as English Clare's), in VERe colors, use one of the Clare chevrons, and can therefore be expected in the "VERiTAS" motto term of Sharrons and Pendergrass.

As Sharron Quinn was dating Charlie on the evening of the morning vision, it's interesting that Charleys/Charlette's essentially share the Coat of Grace-like Grays'/Greys'. The Fairs suspect in Fairways/Fairwells use a giant anchor, and Grays'/Greys' love the Anchors/Annackers. The latter are suspect from the Anaki of Hebron, and while Hebrons/Hepburns were first found in Northumberland with Grays'/Greys', the "Keep" motto term of Hebrons/Hepburns now points to Mr. Kepke because he and I collected golf balls in golf courses. As was said, the biggest course was CEDAR Brae, and Cedars are listed with Cottars while Kotor is the line of Keturah and Abraham. The latter lived in Hebron and knew Anak! Zinger. The Grays/Greys motto has both the Anchors and the Fasts who in turn share the Keep bend. The Fast bend-with-items is in the colors of the same of Lorraine's, first found in Northumberland.

Now that you can feel sure that Sharon Quinn has pointed to the Clare-Crispin line, let's repeat that she PUNCHed BARRY on the FACE on the evening of the morning vision, because Punch's almost have the Coat of English Crispins and English Berrys, and German Barre's/Barreys share the giant lion of Charleys/Charlette's and German Lipps. I saw blood at Barry's lip after she punched him. Why would God produce these pointers to these particular surnames?

Repeat from above: "I then loaded Charleys (not "Charlie") of Chorley to discover a Charley location in FAREWELL, and Fairwells (Staffordshire, same as Hammersmiths) are listed with the FAIRWAYs who were in my dentist dream. First of all, it recalls the dream where Miss Hicks was a dental nurse or dentist poking in my mouth. CHARLOTTE Kilpatrick was Sleeping Beauty in the 1979 dream a few weeks or less before the morning vision with Miss Quinn. Charlotte's are listed with French Charleys." Is the Charlette variation of Charleys Intended to link the morning vision with the dream's CAR, to suggest that Sharrons/Shearings are part of the car motto? Yes, I think so, because the dream started with a shark while Valiants use a shark while my first date with ice-cream Hanson was in the Valiant car of Sharron's parents. The ice-CREAM pointed with Cremers to Crema (Lombardy), on the SERIO river, and "serio" is a Car motto term.

In the dentist dream, the dentist, with a Hawthorn surname linkable to Tancreds (Yorkshire, same as dents of Sedbergh), was in his car after we had been on the GRASS of the FAIRWAY. He was laughing at my shirt buttons, and Shirts/SHARDs, in Tancred colors and format, are like the Shard variation of Lizarts, the latter first found in Provence with Grace's/Grasse's and Grass'. The Dents were first found in Car-connectable SEDburgh, named (I feel sure for reasons) by Sedans/Siddens who share the French Grace Shield, and Hawthorns were first found in neighboring Durham with Sedans/Siddens. Aside from the hawthorn tree, Hawthorns are in Tancred / Shirt colors and format, and the Hawthorn cinquefoil is red, as is one of the Tass cinquefoils, and the other Tass cinquefoil is in the colors of the English Grass cinquefoils. The other Tass scallop is the gold one of Gastons. Tass' not only have a GREYhound in Crest, but share the red scallop with Tancreds. The Tass' are suspect in the Sharron / Pendergrass motto. It's a greyHOUND, and Hounds share the Dent lozenges, what are the chances?

The Tass' are like the Taws'/Taws, and it just so happens that the Taw river of England has a source very near the Axe river that itself flows to Seaton. Seatons/Sittens were a Sedan/Sidden branch. Plus, English Dennis' use the axe possibly for one of the Axe rivers. There's a Bishop's Tawton location near the Taw, and Tawtons/Tarletons share the Tass cinquefoil and chevron.

I can make heraldic connections to the dreams and events in my life, but it makes my head sore to figure out the meanings behind the gamut of links. What exactly is the Message in these links? Is Sharon Quinn linking to the dentist dream, and the dream with Charlotte as a dentist too? Why? Is the Tass chevron that of Quints too? If so, why? I suppose it's a pointer to SAER de QUINCY of Fauxside castle. See how nice that works, relieving my headache? The Sharrons/Shearing must have named Saer de Quincy.

Sears and Sere's both share the Car chevron to verify that the Car motto is for their bloodline, and the Cars also share the stars of Sere's/Saire's/Serres' in colors reversed. Sears/Seers share the car stars as well as the Tancred scallop. The Sears/seers were first found in Essex, where Quints were once said to be first found, with Sarah's/Sayers who in turn look to have the cinquefoil in the Sedan/Sidden Crest because the Sarah/Sayer cinquefoils are colors reversed from the ones in the Sedan/Sidden Shield. The Sarah/Sayer write-up: "[the surname] could have been 'an Anglo-Norman personal name, as Saher de Quincy, the famous Earl of Winchester.'" Sierre is a location beside Sion/SITTEN, and the SINE's/Sions square with the "SINo" motto term of Sedans/SIDDENs. The Shears/Sheers (Surrey, same as Gastons suspect with Pendergast) share the fitchee of German Schere's/SCHERfs while Scarfs share the white wolf head with Quinns. The same Quinns share the "snake" with Austrian Schere's. Thus, it appears that God arranged SHARON QUINN to point to Sharrons/SHEARings/SHEERons INDEED. And the reason seems to be of the Faux-related Cremers, or the ice-cream symbol of God to Crema on the Serio river.

Again, Fairways had named Fagerwell, and Fagers (share Quint chevron) have a Fage variation, same as the Faux's/Fage's/CHOLLENs' who point to Tony Fauci, and to his partner in bioweapons crimes, Francis Collins. Fuggers, said wrongly to be from "sheep SHEARs", can be gleaned with the Coat of Nordic Hansons, and English Hansons share the mascle of English Faux's because God intended Katrina Hanson, the ice-cream girl in the Quinn Valiant, to point to Tony Fauci. The Fager chevron is that also of Tony-related Staffords: "His son, Ralph de Toeni, was hereditary Standard Bearer to King William the Conqueror...His brother, Robert de Toeni, built a castle in Stafford and was the first to be surnamed Stafford." I suggest that a Fager liner became Fuggers because the latter surname sounds like a word for "sheep shears" i.e. Fuggers had been of the Sharron/Shearing bloodline.

German Hansons show a green "snake," yet the Hall of Names description tells that it's a blue snake. As the Sforza-related Visconti's had a green snake originally, now blue, the lion of German Hansons must be the Sforza lion, the one that holds a quince. Katrina is pointing to Saer de Quincy, right? ABSOLUTELY. The same German Hansons share the lozengy Shield of Scottish Lombards, and not only did Visconti's rule the Lombardy capital, but Crema and the Serio river are in Lombardy.

The first-known Hansons included Hannesons of Yorkshire, and Hannes'/Hains can therefore be using the Quinn crescents. The other Irish Quinns share the GILLigan Coat, and then English Gills, with a lozengy Shield in the colors of the Arms of Lombardy, were first found in Yorkshire too. Our foreman at Knob Hill Farms was "Gill," or so everyone pronounced it. Perhaps he was Giles, but that's pronounced "jeel." Less than a year after asking Miss Hanson on a date while she handed me an ice cream cone, I asked Darlene Ray/Wray on a date while she handed me an ice-cream cone at the Knob Hill Farms snack bar. Scottish Rays are said to be from Gill, what are the chances? Apparently, the link between the two ice-cream ladies is the Gill / Gilligan bloodline.

Darlene's share the drop-filled Shield of Note's/Cnuts, and this latter is the surname pointed to by Steve Mellanson on the night Sharon Quinn punched Barry in the face. That doesn't look coincidental. Minutes after Sharon appeared in my morning vision, God asked me to write Mellanson a NOTE. I gave him this note about five minutes after Sharon punched Barry. Danish Cnuts use "pot hangers," and Hangers (Hampshire, same as Potters) share the 'escarbuncle" with French Rays. I can make the links, I just can't figure out everything that they mean or point to.

It was the Pendergrass' sharing the Sharron Coat who took us to Crispins, and they named Crispina, daughter of Rollo the viking killer. The Quinn / Hanson snakes can be for the Snake's/Snooks, whom I see as a branch of the Seneca variation of SENESchals because Sans'/SANCHez's share the Snake eagle. While Rollo ruled at Rouen, Seneca's/Seneschals have the Rouen Coat on a blue Shield, and Rouens have nine of the seven Quincy mascles; otherwise the Coats are identical. Seneca's are said to descend from Hamon Aux Dents, and Hamons were first found in Kent with Snake's/Snooks.

Here's something new. I don't know whether Darlene's surname was Ray or Wray, but as the Wrays share the Chief-Shield colors of Valiants, the Wrays can apply to the Quinn-Hanson shark picture. As Katrina Hanson was in Gormley for the ice-cream event, it appears that Wrays use the GORMley/Grimes martlets. That's amazing because Wrays (this is new) are said to have been at Wrey in Moreton-Hamstead, the Hamsteads were first found in Sussex with Hams who are in turn in Ray colors and format. Suddenly (this is new too), we have arrived to the McCABE salmon, which the Hams use, and McCabe's were first found in Arran with GORMs/Blue's. I wonder what that could mean. Why would God come to this?

Trump chose Chris Wray to be the director of the FBI immediately after Andrew McCabe was its disgraced deputy director. Wray turned out to be a disgrace, a government gangster just like McCabe.

As I said, I was sitting at the kitchen TABLE with Sharon when I decided to tell the gang about Jesus, and that I had recently become a Christian. Sharon promptly cut me off and said, 'don't be a fool.' And when Barry spoke up to the effect, "let him believe what he wants," she went over to him and punched him. It was so unreal. The Table's use "hurts," and Hurts/Horts -- first found in Oxfordshire with the Crispins who look like Punch / Berry kin -- have a Coat like that of Hames', and the latter almost have the Potter Coat! That's new, and it's got to do with the "pot hangers" of Danish Cnut's being part-code for Potter liners. When I was writing the second dash above as per the Hurts/Horts, a song line, "no matter the hurt," played in my hearing (from the song, "Flawless" by MercyMe). Potters were first found beside the first-known Hams and Hammers.

It was only after writing the paragraph above that Table's were loaded to find this: "Continuing the quest in Cheshire, the parish of KNUTsford was also found to be an ancient family seat. 'At the Conquest, Knutsford formed part of the barony of Halton, but in the reign of Edward I. it came into the possession of Sir William de Tabley..." I guess that's why I was sitting at the table with Sharon, to make the case better that God set the evening up for reasons. Danish Cnuts are also Knuts. There are four other Knut surnames, and the Belgium Knuts have a Coat like that of Hames'.

Norwegian Knuts use a "boat," and while there was once no Boat surname listed, I see they're now listed with English Bode's (Essex) who happen to have a lion head in the colors of the lions of Henners (Sussex, same as Hams and Hammers).

It was the kitchen table in the DINING room, and here we can start with the Dennis-like Dine's/Diens/DIVES, once said to be first found in Sussex with Deans/Deins...and Hams, Hammers, Hamsteads, and Henners. This is cool because the Knut boat is a fesse, which is all the Coat shows, and it's colors reversed from the fesse of French Dennis', who likewise show nothing else. Then, the Knut boat-fesse is in the colors of the DIVE fesse, and the Dine's/Diens/Dives' are now said to be first found in Surrey, where Hammer-beloved Dolphins/Dolfins were once said to be first found. The Dive fesse is a dancette on red, same as the Dinen/DYNEhams Coat, which again shows nothing but a fesse. The Dining room table had pointed to Knuts with Table's, and Cnut was Danish while Sussex has the first-known Dans and Dane's. Jewish Daniels even share the Quinn sword and crescent. French Daniels share the Dean/Dein lion, and the latter's crescents are colors reversed from the same as the crescents above.

The Deans/Deins and their Irish Dene branch look like kin of Hamsteads. Those Dene's use a "crocoDILE" probably due to Dile's sharing the giant Dean/Dein lion. The Dele's then become interesting as per the "fiDELi" motto term of the same Dene's, for Dele's (Frankfurt) show only a chevron in the colors of the inverted chevron of Chanuts, and the latter show nothing else. In colors reversed, the Dennis axe is white, the colors of the Hamstead axe.

Hamsteads use one of the two Sleep fesses, and "sleeping" is a term from the translated Bristol motto while Mr. Den of Bristol is said to be the ancestor of Irish Dene's. Bristols were first found in Surrey with Dine's/Diens/Dives'. I don't remember where Dennis was sitting at this party, but after Sharon punched Barry, she ran down the hall (apartment building) and fell in front of Dennis' door, screaming. Nobody knew she could be this way. Bristols (Cnut crescents?) are said to descend from "HAMon aux Dents."

It's perhaps best recording that a branch of Dennis' (Lancashire, same as Wrays) was at Lesnewth of Cornwall, beside Egloskerry. This webpage tells that a Trebigh is at EGLOSkerry (Cornwall), and Trebigh of St. Ives (Cornwall) is where a branch of English Wrays were. It was Dennis Quinn who loaned me the Valiant. The Ives-like Ivys mention an Ivy branch at EGLOShayle. TAWtons/Tarletons can be traced to the Taw river that flows to Barnstaple, where Aubins/Albins were first found who are in turn said to be from Eure, and then Eure's are also Ivers. Ivy share the lion of Eure-liner Abreu's/Abruzzo's and Salisburys. The Taw river is in Devon, and that's the general area of the first-known Treble's and Trebys.

EgloSHAYLE is said to be named "eglos" = church, but this seems a coincidence and error because the Strand SAVAGE is said to be "wrapped in IVY." While EGLE's/Eagle's (Lincolnshire, same as Ives') have the Savage/Sava Coat in colors reversed, Shayle's and Scale's have six scallops in the pattern of the six Savage/Sava and Egle/Eagle lions. Recalling that Wrays took us to McCabe's/McABBE's, it's intriguing that Abbe's and Apps'/Abbs/Epps share the Shayle Scale scallops. Shayle's were first found in Somerset with Whistle's/Wissels and stool-pigeon Stolls/Stowers who in turn share the Abbe / Whistle lozenges. The Blue's may have been a branch of Blows/Blowers. A pointer to a whistle blower against the deep-state FBI? I hope so.

Wow, I kid you not, I was loading Brechins due to the "parish of Abbey and Brechin" in the Abbe write-up, and there was a song (The Rose) singing "breaking" throughout my typing "Brechin." It was perfect timing. Brechins and Abbe's (share brown eagle in Crest with Drummonds) were first found in Angus, home of the earls of Mar, and here we find that Scottish Mars share the two lions in the Whistle/Wissel Coat. I've been telling why the Wests were a branch of Wessels/WAISTELLs, and The Rose was being sung by WESTlife! Zikers. Plus, Wessels/Waistells share blue doves with English George's, from George of Hungary, father of Maurice Drummond, who's line is suspect as Kildrummy castle, headquarters for earls of Mar.

On Sunday night, I came across an entertaining Christian movie (good actors) with a great message. It starts out in the 1800s, but, if you're patient, it goes to modern times:


Here's all four Gospels wrapped into one story.

For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God.
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