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December 6 - 12, 2022

Matt Taibbe: It Felt So Good
Typical Males Typical Females Wuhan Leak
My Hat-Trick Game Points to Kari Lake
Beware TruNews' Prophetic Outlook

If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture

It was nice while it lasted. Hall of Names is no longer showing the descriptions of the Coats of Arms presented at House of Names, but I have many of them recorded in my past updates from which to borrow.

Just want to say up-front, there's now an ability to buy used solar panels for very little money, and this is the way to go for tribulation purposes where you plan on using them for four years. Look then up at youtube when you are ready to buy. Store them in a dark place.

The used panels may have new electronics, the diodes, but if they do not, you can cut off the old diodes, buy new ones for very little money, and solder them on yourself. The diodes are easily accessible where the wiring is connected to the back of the panels. You don't need to rip out the old diodes if they are stubborn, just cut their wiring with a wire snip, and solder on the new wiring from the diodes. The video above gives no indication of having their diodes changed. If the used panel is producing well, you probably don't need to replace the diodes, but having them purchased before the trib is probably a good idea just in case. Here's a diode-testing video:

I have found heraldic pointers to Matt Taibbe starting with the Tibbs/Tibbits in Tippit/Tipper colors. I was just about to scrap the attempt to find pointers, even after finding that Tippits/Tippers have a blue-sleeve version of the Avison Crest. I just didn't know what to do with it all for a pointer to Mr. Taibbe. But then it struck gold.

To follow better, load Tibbs now to load and view other surnames on another Internet tab.

I remembered that Tibbs/Tibbits and Tippets/Tippers are in Dorsey/Darcy colors, but it wasn't until loading the latter that I saw there sharing the same crosslets (same colors). Jack Dorsey was the Twitter CEO, and Matt Taibbe is now in the throes, in charge, of dumping evidence of criminal wrong-doing at Twitter.

But even after seeing the connection to Dorseys/Darcys, I was still thinking of scrapping the effort, until I remembered that Irish Kennedys, first found in TIPPERary, connect with dolphin-using Tippits/TIPPERs because Scottish Kennedys have a dolphin too. I even remember pointing out that Avisons almost have the Tippit/Tipper Crest because Scottish Kennedys use a motto, "AVISE la fin," while Avisons are also AVIS'.

The thing that convinced me to doing this section is when loading the Matts, for Welsh Matts share the giant Lafin lion!!! ZIKERS, I couldn't believe it. Lafins/La Fonts were first found in Tipperary too, and they are in the "Avis LA FIN" motto of Scottish Kennedys! ZAM, this can be fun. Welsh Matts even have a "fyn" motto term to go with the "fin" of Kennedys. We are laughing because God isn't pointing to this for no reason. Whenever God is involved with news, we have Power on our side.

The Feins/Fins share the triple fesses of Finchems while Finch's/Vince's, with one of the triple Finchem fesses, are the in "Vincit" motto term of Lafins/La FONTs. Finchems were first found in Norfolk with FOUNTains, and while Lafins/La Fonts share the lion of Italian Conte's, French Conte's were first found in Languedoc with Ville's/Font-de-Ville's, and Hugs!!! This is beautiful, because my hugging Mamie pointed to Kari Lake, who's at this time trying to beat Katie Hobbs as she attempts to become the Arizona governor. Hugs share the triple fesses of Fountains and both use the same lion to boot! This is incredible heraldry.

Ahh, the Cats/Ketts and Keats were first found in Norfolk with Finchems, and both have three cats only in the colors of the three fesses only of Finchems! Meow.

Mr. Taibbe has already released Twitter evidence against Katie Hobbs, the current Arizona state secretary seeking to ruin Mark Finchem's chances of replacing her. The evidence shows that her office asked Twitter to remove certain public tweets that didn't bode well for her cheating side.

Headline as I write this section on Wednesday eve: "Twitter Files: Jack Dorsey urges Elon Musk after James Baker ouster, 'Just release everything without filter'" The Dorseys/Darcys happen to share the cinquefoils of McKinneys and Frasers, both first found in Peebles-shire with Tweets!! Zinger, how do like them apples? Juicy. The other McKinneys look connectable to McCabe's, and James Baker, who reportedly just tried to block Taibbe's second lot of revelations, was previously the chief lawyer for Andrew McCabe's FBI! Another zinger.

The McKinneys / Frasers were related to the Keiths, a branch of Catti, which can explain the cats of Tibbs/Tibbits/Tibbeys. No Taibbe surname is coming up. repeat: "Ahh, the Cats/KETTs and Keats were first found in Norfolk with Finchems, and both have three cats only in the colors of the three fesses only of Finchems" The Cats/Ketts must have been of the Keiths. Keatons/Kettons/Kittens, essentially in the colors and format of Kitchens/Ketchins, look like they relate to Keats liners, and Catch's/Ketchers, I've just recalled, use the cat and were likewise first found in Norfolk.

Catch's/Ketchers, first found in Norfolk with Platters, almost have the Plate Coat while "plates" are used my Mussels/MUSCELs who named Musselburgh in East Lothian, a few miles from the Faucet castle. This explains why Quincys use MASCLEs. Plate's were first found in Lancashire with Tibb-like Tipps'/Tippins and the latter's Ratcliff kin.

[Insert -- I didn't know until Monday, days after writing here, that Michael Shelleberger has been working with Matt Taibbe on disseminating the Twitter Files. It just so happens that Shellenbergers are listed with Shells while Scottish Shields/Shiels, who are in Tipper/Tippit format and colors reversed from them, share the motto of English Shaws/Sheaves' while Irish Shaws use a "TE IPSum" motto phrase that is what caused me to find Tipps'/Tippins in the first place!

Shields/Shiels use a "Vincit" motto term while Vince's were first found in Hertfordshire with Scale's while Shellebergers/Shells (Scale colors) are also Schells. "IpSUM" looks like part-code for the Some variation of Sions/Swans because they are in Shield/Shiel colors and format. Can we believe this: Some's/Swans were first found in Lanarkshire with Tweet-like Tweeds/Twiddys!

Shields/Shiels were first found in Berwickshire with Elons, with Tweet-like Teets/Tate's (almost the Tweed Coat!), and with the Dove's in the Shield/Shiel Coat. Some-like Soams/Soans named Cambridgeshire, where MusCATs/MUSKs were first found, that's right. The Dove write-up: "Four years later, John Dowe was a witness at an inquest taken at Berwick-on-TWEED, 1370." Can we believe it? Tweets were at Tweedale.

Tweeds use a "think" motto term, and "Thincke" is a motto term of English Tate's, first found in Suffolk with Soams/Soans. English Tate's share an arm in a blue sleeve with Tippers/Tippits. I'd suggest that the material in this insert is coming at you from God Himself to indicate that He's fighting back against the censorship of His people...using Democrat donkeys to do it. Just because Musk, Taibbe and Weiss are for absolute free speech does not make them God-friendly. We might say that, rather than using Christians to disclose a major crime method of high-level Democrats, He's sparing Christianity the backlash by using the donkeys. End insert]

Platters were a branch of Plains/Platters who in turn share the fleur-de-lys of Vychans/VAUGHNs while Faucets share the "compony" of FAUGHNs. Fiens'/Finis' were a branch of Phone's/Fiens/FANE's/VANs, you see, who were already pointed to by Arizona fraud, as well as by the window-and-fence events at Muschatov's place i.e. that pointed to Musk. The Plain variation of Platters is from Palins because they are in Plain/Platter colors and format, and while Palins were first found in Dorset with Beautys who share the Dorsey/Darcy bull, in the colors of the Tipps/Tippin and Ratcliff bull head, Plains/Platters were first found in Suffolk with Starlings/Starlincks to whom Muschatov's antenna pointed. Elon Musk owns both Twitter and Starlink satellites. Here's a video out this week on the Starlink partnership with google:

Both Musk and google are demonic. google is a world-control machine that is a target of God for persecuting His peoples' voices. Musk is a futurist fool who wants inter-planetary space travel. He's got that in common with Trump. He's either delusional and naive, or a liar seeking to fool the world with his impossible dreams. He is not doing God's work, but is a futuristic technovilain trying to put a good face on rebellion against God's program for the planet. Like Trump, he loves big-money opportunities, the sky's the limit on how much money he can make, and though he sees google acting as a globalist spy, he'd partner with the country to enlarge google's spy capabilities. How can this man be good for the human race?

He may have some innate desire to see capitalism instead of communism, perhaps explaining his free-speech tack with Twitter, but this is a small consolation when placed beside the harms he's doing with his other businesses, all of which are facilitations for long-standing globalist plots. Electric cars, skinchips, human-machine mergers, Internet control/monopoly, driverless cars, car-tracking goonery, earth-boring machines, partnering with NASA; none of these things are God-friendly, and each one of them can open paths to other aberrations playing to world-government goonery.

A goon is an attack dog. Leftists don't want to play democratic fair, don't want to be good sports when they lose, but have operated, beginning with stealth over decades, with warfare tactics, especially deception, against the political and ideological opposition. They fit the definition of Jesus for a wolf; by their fruits you will know them. By these wolves, God is discovering who the worthless shepherds are. The evil wave happens to serve as a test for we who call ourselves Christians.

Taibbe-like Tabers are interesting for looking like kin of Fein/Fin-branch Fiens/Finis', the latter having been resolved with the lion of Sforza's which in turn uses a "quince," perfect because Quince's/Quincys were first found in Northamptonshire with Tibbs/Tibbits/Tibbeys. Plus, Saer de Quincy built the castle of Faucets (East Lothian, same as Keiths!!!) who in turn share the giant LaFin/La Font and Matt lion!

More: Tabers got us to Sforza's, first found in Rome with the TIBER river! Beauty. The Taber / Fien/Finish lions connect to the Windows, and my knocking on Muschatov's window pointed to Elon Musk; see last few update for that story.

I can make the trace of Elons to the Tiber river because its where PIERleoni Jews (partly named after a Peter) of Rome lived who infiltrated the papacy. The Papa's/PapaLEONI's give hint of having been a Papia family merged with PierLEONi, for Papia is also Pavia, where PIERro's/Pero's/Petri's were first found who share the red roses of Papa's/Papaleoni's.

Miss Peare had pointed to the "bello CHRISTi" motto phrase of Bouillons for more reason than her first name, Christine. Christs (Hips kin) have a version of the Papa/Papaleone Coat, red rose included. Godfrey de Bouillon was the grandson of Godfrey III who in turn went to the rescue of the Pierleoni when threatened by the vatican. This partnership seems ideal in explaining why Godfrey de Bouillon was announced the first ruler of Jerusalem with the first crusade.

Pierleoni were named partly after pope Leo benedict. A variation of German Leo's reveals that Leo's were Pierleoni, and here we can take it to the English Leopards in Taber colors and format, and sharing the lion, I assume, of Rome's Sforza's. The Taber chevron appears to have leopards. The English Leopards have a blue-Shield version of the Fitt/Fitch Coat.

By the way, German leopards have a chevron in the colors of the fesse of Italian Leo's, and the latter's fesse is shared by French Payne's while Hugh de Payens was the first grand master of the Templars once Bouillon's brother became the first king of Jerusalem. Payens/Pagans are in Taber / Leopard colors and format, and even share the hexagrams of Pero's/Perino's.

I've just conjectured that Papa's had married Leopard/LePARDs, and therefore checked for a PapPARD surname, finding it listed with Pepperds having the Pavia and Feet/Fate fesse-with-martlets in colors reversed. No surprise, but very welcome. Feets look like "Fitts," and while Fitts/Fitch's apply to Leopards/Lepards, the Fitts/Fothes' (Foot branch) are also Fette's, and first found in Kincardine with PEARtree's/Patria's.

Papers/Pepperwells share the Taber lion heads, and with that it's certain that Tabers were Tiber-river liners from a Pierleoni merger with Pero's of Pavia. Taibbe's may have been a Taber branch.

God gave Lorraine the babe a beautiful-feet symbol on the PAVEment of Yonge street, and Scottish Yonge's share the triple piles of Scottish Leavells while Laevi Gauls co-founded Pavia. English Yonge's were first found in Essex with Fitts/Fitch's. I had asked Lorraine for our first date at her BUS STOP, as little as a month after I spent my last two days with Miss Peare. The bus-stop event pointed wildly to Pepin / Pipe liners, and here it's amazing that Pappards/Pepperds share the Bus cinquefoil. Stops/STUBBs were Pipe kin, from Stobi of the Paioni people group, and Payens/Pagans are also Paions. Hugh de Payens married Elizabeth Chappes, a line quite obviously from the chief priest of Jerusalem, Joseph Caiaphas, murderer of Jesus. French Chappes' were first found in Ile-de-France with Levi's, and Scottish Chappes' were first found in Stirlingshire with Bouillon-connectable Scottish Bauds.

Repeat: "The English Leopards have a blue-Shield version of the Fitt/Fitch Coat." It recalls MontFITCHetts/Muschats while Muscats list Musks. The amazing thing now is the "ESPERANCE" motto of Fitts/Fitch's (Essex with MontFitchetts/Muschats), amazing not only because it's like the "SPERNo" motto term of Elons, but because Speranza's have a Coat much like the Papa's/Papaleoni's. SPERANZa's use arms, as do Armors who were once said to be first found in Berwickshire, where Elons were first found. The Armors are excellent because they are in Tibb/Tibbit colors, and in Tipper/Tippit colors and format.

Miss Peare pointed to Christ's with a belly-pull event that I claim God connected to a hips-pull event, both events between she and I, and Hips' have a reflection of the Christ Coat while Hips use a "SPHINX" while Spinks were first found in Northamptonshire with Tibbs/Tibbits. This is interesting because I had described both events with, "it FELT so GOOD," which I later realized constitute two further pointers to the bloodline of Godfrey III, including his father, Gothelo, via the Good/GUT-connectable Goths/Gothels.

A gut is a belly, and Felts have the Bouillon Coat in colors reversed. Pappards/Pepperds share the white greyhound with Spanish Guts. Bellys have a chevron-with-items in the colors and format of the chevron-with-lion-heads of Papers/Pepperwells.

I've only just remembered, thanks to asking self how Twitts or Tweets might apply to this discussion, that Tweets were first found in Peebles while Peeble's/Peoples' look like a branch of Pepins/People's, and the Peeble's/Peoples' even use a parrot while Parrots use pears for Peare liners.

Pierleoni were to Benedicts and Bennets who share mottoes, and Bennets look like kin of English Goods, but compare also with Peppers, the latter apparently using the Benedict lions. Their identical motto loves the Roys, connectable to German Rolls (almost the lion of Italian Leo's) who in turn have a Coat like German Leo's, and Poppa of VALOIS was wife to king ROLLO. The Valois surname has a Valour variation to go with the "valore" motto term of Pappards/Peppards. Bennets share the scaling ladder with English Trips, the latter first found in Kent with Goods. Miss Peare met Kepke (Ukrainian) when he was selling shoes, and German Trips, from Trypillians of Kepke-line Kiev, use shoes.

I've told this belly- and hips-pull story many times before, but never with the new-to-me Kepke's/Kopke's, who not only use a goat, but are in Goth/Gothel colors and format. Both Coats add a border. Miss Peare dated Mr. Kepke after she left me. The Kepke/Kopke Coat is the upright goat of BOCKs/Bokke's, in the colors of the upright ram of French Bauds/BAUX's, first found in Auvergne with Bouillons, and with Payen- / Pero-connectable Mullets. Is that not amazing? I'm now wondering whether "it felt so good" is a pointer to Matt Taibbe's revelations, an act of God, that is. It's making sense.

Bocks/Bokke's, relatively new to me, are a very-welcome surname for further discovery of the Kepke bloodline, both surnames sharing the upright goat of English Kidds, first found in Suffolk with Starlings/Starlincks. AND WOW, it was only after writing the last sentence that I thought to load Rams because I knew without looking that they are in Bock/Bokke / Baud/Baux colors, and when Rams loaded, there was a "tibi" motto term!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Tibbs/Tibbits are in colors reversed.

The Baphomet Goat of the Weiss Bloodline

Musk put both Matt Taibbe and Bari Weiss on the task of unveiling Twitter files. Amazingly, as per Bari Weiss, the Bari surname shares the Crest of the Weis'/Wise's exactly. To my shock, the Weiss surname, not "Wies," along with the Weishaupt Coat, both have a black-goat version of the Kepke/Kopke Coat, I gather, because Weiss' were first found in Saxony with Kepke's/Kopke's. Bunnys, first found in Nottinghamshire with Goats/Gothams, have black goat heads. German Gode's/Godefroys/Godelins (Hamburg with Kepke-related Trips) are in Keip/Keiper colors and format. Bunns/Bone's (Oxfordshire with Peare's) were a branch of Bone's/Bohuns, the latter first found in Sussex with Keeps. Bunnys are in Rabbit colors and format, and Rabbits were first found in Suffolk with Starlincks. What think ye of all that? Does Musk just want to have a monopoly on communication?

It doesn't escape me here that Basford is where Bunnys and Ainsleys were first found while the Ainsley Crest has a scimitar for connection to the Skins/Scans, a branch of Schims/Schiens, both first found in Aberdeenshire with the Leslie's who have a near-copy of the Starlinck Coat. I've shown how the "weavers' shuttle" of both Keeps and SETTEL-like Shettleworths points to "SATELLite," especially as Settels share the lozenges of Stars in "Starlinck." Pero's use "flaming STARS" while German Flamings/Flemings (Pero colors), first found in Saxony with Weiss' and Kepke's/Kopke's, share a giant wolf (different colors) with Gode's/Godefroys/Godels.

What comes to mind with skin scans and Chips/Chippers (Trip colors and format)? Elon Musk wants skinchip implants, and he can use Twitter to popularize the idea whereas the previous owners may not have been willing to go there.

It's amazing that Gode's/Godefroys/Godels, who look like they are from Gothelo, father of Godfrey III, use what could be a giant red wolf, for the gold-on-red wolf heads of Skins/Scans are those also of Wolfs/Welfs. Mr. Kepke has a golf-ball symbol suspect with Guelfs, who were the Welfs by another name. After we collected and sold golf balls from the Rouge river in three golf courses, we became golf caddies, and Caddys can be gleaned as a branch of the Keith CATTi.

The Rouge river. Rouge's/Rogers (share Hamburg bend) can point here to Rogers phone and Internet services. It's first interesting that they share the blue bend with French Gode's/Gaudets (in the Legg motto) who in turn look connectable to Basfords/Bashfords. Goat-loving Bunnys were first found in Basford, and Bash's have a coat like that of Kopple-like Copple's. KOPLik on the CLAUSula river is a pointer to Klaus Schwab because Schwab-connectable Keips/Keipers were first found in Nuremberg with Kopple's. Charleys, in Schwab/Swab colors and format, as well as Charlie's, were of the Chorley location where Copple's were first found.

Then, Gode's/Godefroys/Godels were first found in Hamburg with Trips while German Trips were first found in Kent with English Trips and Gode's/Goods. The Caddys look like kin of pennant-using Cowes', and Pennants share the Trevor/TREFor Coat while German Trips are also Treffs.

One Bash-like Bass surname (shares the Mascal escutcheon) was first found in Haddingtonshire with Keiths/Mascals, and the other Bass' share the Gore / Trip / Engain/Gain / Hamburg crosslets. English Trips were first found in Kent with Gore's and Gode's/Goods, keeping in mind that the latter are the line of Goats in the Coat of Basford's Bunnys. We are all over the Kepke-goat bloodline here, and Mr. Kepke pointed to graphene-oxide in vaccines, a highly-magnetic material said to be conducive with 5G transmissions from phone / Internet towers.

Having said that, the Gore's almost have the Coat of Engains/Gains suspect in the "Enghien" motto of Brains. The single pale bar of Brains is in the colors of the single, palewise wolf of Gode's/Godefroys/Godels. Musk wants skinchip implants into brains, such a ghoul. What can be done to people from phone antennas when people have electronic devices in their skulls? Why do Skulls look like kin of Bone's and Bunns/Bone's? Why does it appear that Skulls and Bone's named the ghoulish cult, Skull and Bones?

Brain implants will NOT become popular even as electric cars are sure to fail. Will Musk censor people who speak out against brain implants, electric cars, and SpaceX's faked flights? Makes sense? Space's/Speccots share the Keep / Lorraine / GORsuch bend. GorSUCH's were first found in Lancashire with Such's/SUCKERs.

Sucker-like Zuckers/Zuckerbergs share the Arms of Saxony, and that's where Weiss' and Kepke's/Kopke's were first found. Mark Zuckerberg, who looks like a robotic human, is the co-founder, owner and CEO of facebook.

I'm going to try to make the case that Tibbs/Tibbits / Taibbe's were from Dober on the Clausula, about two miles from Koplik seen shortly above. It starts with the TenPENNY surname listed with TAMANeys almost using the trefoil of English Dobers/Daubers while German Dobers are also Taibbe-like Taube's. Tenpennys/Tamaneys look like they are from the Taman peninsula, but merged with Pennys/Penes', the latter first found in Northamptonshire with Tibbs/Tibbits and SPINKS, excellent because the female face on the SPHINX in Wikipedia's article on Phanagoria (Taman peninsula) reminded me of Miss Peare, and for that reason I started looking for a Kepke-like entity in that area, finding Kepoi just a couple of miles from Phanagoria, I could barely believe it. It appears that Kepke's are from "Cheops" of Egypt, location of the Great Sphinx and Great Pyramid.

Keep in mind that while Gore's share the crosslets of Trips from Trypillians of Kepke-line Kiev, there's PhanaGORia that was named after something. I was able to trace PHANagoria to PANias, PHOENICian home of a Pan cult i.e. the mythical satyr = goat!!! Kepke's use the goat, but I didn't know it yet when tracing Phanagoria to Pan. Hips' almost have the PHOENIX/Fenwick Coat, believe it or not. Miss Peare was in my dream a few years ago for a hips-pull event because Hips' use the sphinx, and because God obviously arranged that dream. Compare Phoenix's with Pennys/Penes'.

Another sphinx is with Brocuffs, first found in Silesia with early Sitlers sharing the Tenpenny/Tamaney trefoil. Sitlers: "The surname was originally seated in GORlitz," how about that. While Gore's were Trip kin, Gorings have a TREFoil suspect partly for Trips/TREFFs). Gorings, with the Sitler and Gar lion in colors reversed, were first found in Saxony with Kepke's/Kopke's, making PhanaGORia look like the proto-Gorings were there. Gars (Gower/Gore colors) were first found in East Prussia with Sitlers, and we may even say that Matt-like Mathie's have the Gar lion too, which is colors reversed from the Welsh Matt lion.

After writing on the Kupa river shortly below, the Kupe's/Kops were loaded to not only find them in East Prussia too, but having a Coat like that of Kepke's/Kopke's. Therefore, it looks correct to go to Sitlers after all (I wasn't sure). Amazingly, Sitlers not only share the giant lion of Welsh Matts, but German Matts were first found in Prussia with Sitlers. Is this a pointer to Matt Taibbe?

Does the Schitner variation of Sitlers indicate that Musk is feeding the world a skit, i.e. a script through Taibbe and Weiss? Peare's hip symbol was on a stage. Stage's/Staggs and Stacys are both of Eustace's, suspect from Eustace II, father of Godfrey de Bouillon i.e. right-down the Baphomet line. One predictable goal of the deep state is to make the masses give up and just submit, and one way to do this peacefully is to show the masses that cheating and lawlessness goes on but that there's absolutely nothing they can do about it but just give-in and submit. Thus, the so-called Twitter Files of Taibbe could be a psychological operation.

SERIOUSLY, see here. The Files surname is listed with the Fylde's of Lancashire, and Fylde is where Singletarys (share Dunham spear) were first found who not only share the black Muscat/Musk antelope (same design), but, if the Hips' (Norfolk with Dunhams) didn't have a split Shield, they would probably have the three Singletary martlets. Singletarys even have the triple Muschat chevrons in colors reversed so assure that they were related to Musks. Did God arrange this to expose Musk as a fraud, a mole, a rat? Obama (mother's surname, Dunham), who I think loves false-flag operations, descends from Jonathan Singletary-Dunham.

Weishaupts may even have an antelope in Crest, and it happens to be black too, not only the color of the antelopes in the Crests of Singletarys and Musks, but of the goat in the Weiss Crest. I'm sure I recall that the black Weishaupt goat is called an "ibex," though I don't know why.

I almost forgot to load Wies'/Wiesers, who essentially almost have the Weis/Wise Crest. The latter share the white hexagram with Goths/Gothels, from Gothelo, grandfather of Goda, wife of Eustace II. Wies'/Wiesers were first found in Silesia with Sitlers.

Sitlers are also SCHITners while Scythes'/Side's and their Suty branch look like they have the Sitler lion. Scythe's/Skate's were first found in Norfolk with Hips', and share the potent cross of Brocuffs (same place as Sitlers) and Sheds/Scheds (Yorkshire with Gowers/Gore's).

Gowers (Yorkshire with Sowerby location) look like they were named after Sowerbys due to similarity of Coats. That is, as Gowers/Gore's share the white Gore wolf, Gowers look like they were from a Gore-Sowerby marriage, and the Hicks of Yorkshire are in Gore colors and format. The Hicks are in the format of Keppochs (Yorkshire). Phanagoria elements should therefore have been on the Sava, a tributary of which is the Kupa. Hicks were at Low Leighton while Leightons/Latons (share Soar/Sors quadrants!) must be from the Latovici between the Kupa and Sava rivers! Sowerbys are from the Sava river (Croatia) with Sauers, and I have been suggesting for years that Gore's are from a Primorje-GORski Kotar county covering the Kupa and upper Sava. The Sauers share the lion of goat-using Russells, the latter first found in Dorset with Soars/Sors'.

The Kupa now looks like it's from a Caucasian people of Kepoi. Ah, there's a sphinx (now in a St. Petersburg museum) in the Phanagoria article, and so trace "Kupa" to the Cope's, first found in Northampton with sphinx-like Spinks! The Kupe's/Koops/Kops use cups while Cups are likewise Cope's. Kepke sold shoes, and while the Shoe star is with Mile's who in turn have a Coat like that of Kupa's/Koops/Kops. Mile's were first found in Hampshire, beside Northamptonshire, and beside Keeps and Coopers/Coppers of Sussex, but also beside Russells and Soars/Sors'.

SATYR like Satters named SatterTHWAITE in Lonsdale, and while Mr. Kepke is Lawrence by first name, Lawrence's were first found in Lonsdale. Thwaite's/TWITTs (Norfolk with Hips' and Tute's/Tuits) were a Tuit branch, can we believe it? This comes in a section on Matt Taibbe of the Twitter files. Lonsdale is in Lancashire with Keep-connectable Shuttleworths/Shettleworths and Settle's.

The Chief of Satters/Satterthwaite's is in the colors and format of the Chief of French Role's while English Role's/Rolls share the fesse-with-besants of the other Thwaite's who in turn look like they have a version of the Keppoch Coat because Role's/Rolls were first found in Yorkshire with Keppochs. We read of a Thwaite location in Suffolk, where Knights were first found who share the triple pale bars of French Role's, red bars just like the triple pale bars of BASHams/Bashans (Norfolk with both Thwaite surnames). This recalls Bass' of Haddingtonshire, where Keiths/Mascals were first found who have the triple pale bars of Bashams/Bashans and Goring-like Garlands in both colors.

Peare's can be gleaned as kin of Thames'/Teins and Tennis, thus tending to reveal where "TENpenny" should trace. Taman-peninsula liners are thus suspect in naming the Thames river through Oxfordshire.

It just so happens that while Tenpennys/Tamaneys share the Organ Coat, "organ pipes" are used by the Lets/Late's who in turn share the Teins/Thames and Peare stars. Keppochs named Kippax in Let-like Leeds. The lizard of Tenpennys/Tamaneys and Organs takes us to Lizarts/SARDE's, and from there we take things to SARDinia, where Avezzano's and Italian Amori's were first found, super because Amore's and Damorys/Amori's were first found in Oxfordshire with Tiens'/Thames', Peare's and Tennis'.

Avezzano's are mentioned because they are the line to Avesnes on the HELPE river, and the Halpers/HalfPENNYs -- sharing the PEPOLi Shield -- share the fitchee of Helps/Halps/Halfs. Pepins/PEOPLE's share the Pipe Coat, and to this we can even add that Tweets were first found in Peebles while Peeble's are also Peoples'. Avezzano's are to Avis/Avisons (Tipper/Tippit kin) in the Scottish Kennedy motto, and Irish Kennedys were at Tipperary, and thus we are back to Tippers/Tippits in Tibbs/Tibbit colors. The Taman peninsula is in Caucasia facing Crimea.

Pennys/Penes' are from the Penestae people group, the proto-Pendragons. The "Te IPsum" motto phrase Pendragons looks like code for Tipps/Tippins, and as Pendragons share the helmet with Kennedys of TIPPERary, it tends to explain why Pendragons were first found in Cornwall with Tippers/Tippits.

The helmet-using Hermits are in Kepke/Kopke colors and near-format, and as I know for a fact that the Crest of Scottish Sheds/Sheddens has a "hermit," it's likely that Kurts/Ceards/Kurds have a hermit too because they were first found in Ayrshire with Sheds/Sheddens...and Scottish Kennedys! Sheds/Sheddens were a potential pointer to vaccine shedding, especially as lockdowns make hermits of people, but with Shedden linkage to Kepke's, that idea becomes more solid.

English Sheds/Scheds were first found in Yorkshire with Hermits, Keppochs and Bruce's. My list of Kepke-related surnames is growing. Ceard-like Cards share the Ceard lion, probably the Bruce lion because Marjory Carrick of Ayrshire married Mr. Bruce of Annandale, a location near Kilpatrick castle, tending to explain the "Ceard" motto term of Irish Kilpatricks.

Back to Bari Weiss' of the New York Times fake news company. Apparently, Bari in not a typical Times reporter, but we shall see according to her works what she's made of. Weiss' have the goat in the black-gold colors of the WALSer Goat, and Mr. Kepke dated Kim WALSH, part of the Walser line. Weis'/Wise's were first found in Bavaria with Walsers, and the Walser Crest has a black-only goat to go with the Weiss goat / Weishaupt goat. Adam Weishaupt founded the Bavarian Illuminati on May 1, a chief satanic holiday. Thomas Jefferson approved of Adam Weishaupt. Walsers were named after the Wallis canton, also called, Valais, and the Valois/Valour surname we saw above is also the Valais surname.

Kepke dated Miss Peare immediately before leaving her for Miss Walsh, and Pero's/Perino's have a pale-bar version of the Weis/Wise hexagrams. Why are things-Kepke seemingly pointing to Musk and Bari Weiss? This past halloween, Musk appeared with the goat-headed god, Baphomet, on the breast of his satanic suit. Coincidence?

Irish Walsh's share the pheons of Maine's, the latter first found in Devon with Bari-like Berrys, with English Wise's, with Spice's suspect in the motto of Scottish Walsh's, and with the Moline's having goat heads in the colors of the Walser goat (Goat/Gotham colors). Scottish Walsh's share the Bat saltire while Goats are also Gothams while Batman lived in/near Gotham. It recalls that Batons/Bastons, who share the black bats of Bats, were first found beside Devon, in Cornwall with Trysts in the "Keep tryst" motto of Hebrons. Tristans (Devon) have the triple pheons of Maine's and Walsh's in colors reversed, and the Tristan pheons are in the colors of the giant pheon of Nickels/Nichols, while Miss Walsh's sister, Nikki, probably born, Nicole, was the wife of Kepke's brother.

The new-to-me French Nicole's share the triple wolf heads of Skins/Scans and Wolfs/Welfs, the latter first found in Cheshire with Nickels/Nichols. French Nicole's are even in the colors and format of Coverts/Cofferts, first found in Sussex with Keeps!

The other English Tristans (Cornwall with Trysts) share the stag head of Vise's/Vice's, first found in Sussex with Keeps. Kepke's Miss Walsh is Kim, and Kims share the trefoils of DORSEYs/Darcys and French Pine's while Keeps share the bend of Space's/Speccots (Devon with Tristans, Spice's and Pine's) while Specks/Spocks/Spike's, with a branch in Devon, use the porcuPINE. Jack Dorsey was the CEO of Twitter, and he's under fire this week for lying to Congress concerning whether Twitter was in cahoots with the government for purposes of censoring the political opposition.

The black wolf head of Tristans can go to the same of Zeals/Seals (Devon with Hoods) expected in the "Zealous" motto of fret-using Hoods ("Cornish chough"). Kepke sat on my hood, and Space's/Speccots use more frets.

I can now go back to the time that Miss Walsh got suddenly upset with Kepke, opened my car door, got into the passenger seat, slammed the door on him, leaving him to sit down on a parking-lot curb. This had pointed for reasons to Curbys/Kirkbys sharing the crescents of Coffers/Coffare's, in Coffee/Coffer colors. This was in Toronto, and the naked rider on a dolphin in the Coffee/Coffer Crest is, in a different color, the Arms of Taranto, a location in Apulia along with Bari, the Taranto capital. We were at a BAR at the time. There's a naked man in the Batson/Bats Crest, what are the chances by pure coincidence?

New: Curbys/KIRKbys, first found in Lancashire with the Fylde location of Obama's Singletary line, have a fesse in Files/Fylde colors. Singletarys were first found in KIRKham of Fylde.

The naked rider on the Taranto dolphin is mythical Taras, and the Taras'/Tarrs have pale bars in the colors of the fessewise bars of Devon's Berrys. English Beers were first found in Devon, and they with Berrys share the bear with French Benjamins. The only difference between the Benjamin and Scottish Walsh Coats is the gold Shield of Benjamins, which makes the Benjamin saltire that of Dutch Beers.

Beer-like Beavers have a beaver looking like a bear, and share the fesse of Hazels (Devon with Beers), kin of Beaver-like Weavers. Again, Keeps use a "weaver's shuttle" that points to Musk's SATELlites via Settels and Shettleworths.

Motels, who had a location in Taranto, share the white horse with French Barrys. Amazingly, the French Biens, suspect in the "bien" motto term of French Barrys, share the horizontally-split Shield of Walsers, and while Biens put axes on their Shield, the Walser Goat holds a "halpert" axe, or "halbert," I forget which. It just so happens that while Halperts/HALBERTs (Sledge/SLEIGHT/Sley colors and format) use axes, English Alberts use another naked man, what are the chances? He's called a "savage," and has a "sledge" over his "shoulder." I don't think I know any other naked men in heraldry. SLATE's share the motto of CHEPmans/Chapmans, first found in Cambridgeshire with Musks.

Compare "Halpert" with "Halper," then: "In 2019, [Matt Taibbe] launched the podcast Useful Idiots, co-hosted by Katie Halper."

I've just seen a video (last 2/3rds looks like trash, no need to brush up on satanism) showing that the goat head is a part of Biden's White-House Christmas decorations this year. Let's remind that the Meads/MEATs are suspect in "BaphoMET," because Boofima is to the Roets, first found in Somerset, where Meads/Meats were previously said to be first found after they were said to be first found in Sussex with Keeps. Meads/Meats share a Godfrey Coat, and while the family of Godfrey III got to rule Jerusalem, securing the Templar guards there, Baphomet was a Templar god. Godfreys father is to Goths/Gothels (Thuringia, same as Roets), kin of Kepke's/Kopke's.

There is an argument to be made that the goat goes back to Seir of Edom, not only because Esau, king of Edom, is said in the Bible to have had arms like goat hair, but some say "Seir" means "shaggy." Esau's son married Timna of Seir, explaining why Time's/Timms use a goat head. It's a white goat head like the one in the Bush Crest, and while the book of Enoch (not inspired) says that the black boar was the symbol of Edom, Bush's use the black boar, as do Swynfords who married Catherine Roet. Bush's and Bushers can be from "BOZRah, Esau's Edomite capital.

There's another white goat head with Mortons, first found in Wiltshire near Clapton. Meads are online marrying Arthurs in Clapton, and the Roets, sharing the Gordan boar heads, are expected to be related to some family at Gordano, right beside Clapton. In the myth, "Le MORTE d'Arthur," concerning the death of king Arthur, we learn that Deaths/Darths share the Mort/Mott crescent for a related reason, and this apparently takes Morts to Mortons, one branch first found in Cheshire with Claptons.

The neighboring Russells, with a goat in Crest, have a Chief in the colors and format of the French Role/Rouleaux Chief, and I showed two updates ago that Roets descended from a Rouleaux-like family: "Isabeau of Montreuil married GILLES of Roeulx, which looks related to MontREUIL." Rollo's have another black boar, and even the Roet boar heads in colors reversed. The Normans from king Rollo were chief Jerusalem crusaders. I have every inclination to see this bloodline leading to the Bavarian Illuminati, explaining why the goat is used by Weishaupts.

Therefore, with Musk dressing up with baphomet in his breast, why really did he choose Bari Weiss to work with his task of becoming popular? The craving or obsession for popularity is a terrible illusion that accompanies a trap that snaps hard without letting go. People love entertainers, but once the entertainment is old, entertainers are no longer esteemed, hence the trap that does not let go, the trap that chronically depresses all who seek fame. "Hey, it's me, I'm here." "Who cares, get lost." This is the fate of all the once-lofty sinners and gangsters, money falling out their pockets, now being exposed...i.e. they will eat shame and contempt. Hollywood has become a bag of contempt.

Beauty and the Bats

Here's an amazing thing from 3rd update in June. 2021, before I knew of Fang Fang (or Wang Fang), a writer on Wuhan's lockdowns:

I've told the story before that, while dating Mrs. Deeter in Texas, she took me to a bat-cave event to watch the thousands of bats fly out in their evening routine. That appears to apply here. I told the story where the tour guide said that males tend to go from cave to cave to mate, and a woman blurted out, "typical males." Later, when someone found a dead bat on the ground and told the tour guide, he showed us the fangs of this female bat, and I blurted out, "typical female." This is being repeated because the Fang surname may be related to the Funks/Fink and Finkle's, who had cropped up as per gain-of-FUNCtion. Plus, the giant horse of Fangs is in the colors of the giant unicorn of Pepin-related RasMussens [and Schwabs], and Pepins were a Poppin branch i.e. linkable to Poppa of Grabfeld. As I showed above, Deeters were related to Grapows and Grabbens/Grape's/GRIPPs....Or, it may turn out that a Chinese Fang surname applies to Fauci's scandal.

I didn't know Fang Fang at the time. The bat-cave event was obviously set up by God, a thing I've never stressed in relation to the vaccine goons.

I went to an event with Mrs. Deeter, and there was a beautiful blond at this event in her 30s, more beautiful than Miss Hicks, and maybe even more beautiful than Miss Earhardt in her 30s. I had the sense that she was Sleeping Beauty because she was with a hefty man who looked very much like the hefty man in the Sleeping Beauty dream. I rarely mention the man in the dream because I don't know who he is. In the dream, I felt he owned the car that Sleeping Beauty was with, but this man was not at the scene.

My supposition is that God can have several people fulfilling Sleeping Beauty in order to add to the dream's pointers. Not long after I saw the beautiful woman with her hefty man, Mrs. Deeter invited me to the bat caves, and she drove. While parked on the shoulder of the road outside the entry to the cave, just as I was about to write "shoulder," not more than a second before, "shoulders" sang over my speaker in the song, "You Raise Me Up" by Selah.

While parked on the shoulder of the road, the same beautiful woman appeared with her hefty man across the road, and they went walking into the cave event. She was the one who blurted, "typical males." I'm amazed here. It appears that God gave the song above to show that, yes, He set up the event to point to Wuhan's bats, and to gain-of-function bio-weapons programs there. This event was probably in 1999, three years before I would get to know Miss Hicks (I'll get to this later in this section).

I've just realized that we can go to Cave's here, for they share the fretty Shield of Caens/Cans, the latter first found in Dorset (beside Cave-connectable Cable's) with Beautys. Cave's were even first found in Lancashire with Ratcliffs and their TIPPS' kin, both of whom use the same bull head, in both colors of the Beauty bulls. The beautiful woman said, "TYPical males." I said, "TYPical female." Was that phrase arranged as a pointer to Tipps' and John Ratcliffe?

The only heraldic "female" I know is in the Crest of Darlene's, first found in Devon with Batons/Bastons sharing the black Bat bat. See the pointer to the Fauci circle by Darlene Ray/Wray in my last update. As per the paragraph below, let's add that the "female figure" of Darlene's is said to hold a book, symbol of Rhodes-branch Roets and Reeds too.

The female bat was found dead on the ground, and Scottish Grounds/Crannys use the crane as code for the Corona line. Coincidence? I don't think so because English Grounds/Grundys (Yorkshire with Rhodes') have a version of the Rhodes Coat while the Rhodes cross-with-four-lions is all colors reversed from the entire BATH Coat, and the latter's cross is used by Scottish Randolphs who show both a black BAT and horseshoes, the big pointer to the horseshoe bats in the Wuhan lab!!! Can we believe it?

Plus, Bats (share Kilpatrick saltire) were first found in Shropshire with HUNTERs who share their saltire, and the Biden write-up has a Button family in BATH and Wells of Somerset, where the Baths above were first found!!! We thus have the beautiful woman pointing to Hunter Biden too. Hunters have both KilPataick saltires. I aim to get to Mrs. Kilpatrick shortly, the original Sleeping Beauty, can we believe it?

We can go to the Mee's/My's in the Ainsley motto here because there was indication above that God was behind the bat-cave event via the song, "You Raise ME up." The Mee's/My's, you see, have four boar heads surrounding a cross in the same colors as the four lions surrounding the Bath cross. It explains why a bat is used by Bugs who were once said to be first found in Nottinghamshire with Ainsleys and Mee's/My's. The latter even share ravens with German Bugs. English Bugs are now said to be first found in Dorset with Beautys, and with the Newmans/Numans expected in the "numine" motto term of Mee's/My's, and moreover, this is cool because "amor" is shared between the Newmans/Numan and Ground/Cranny mottoes. The female bat with fangs was dead on the ground. Newmans/Numans are in the format of, and colors reversed from, Beautys...

WOW, just as I was writing "Beautys," I kid you not, not a second earlier or latter, "beautiful beautiful" was singing on my speakers from the song, "Beautiful Beautiful" (by Francesca Battistelli). I kid you not. The Creator is so beautiful, you just wait and see.

Justins are from Justine of PICenum, the line to Pike's / Picks/Pickens. I'm repeating this due to "tyPICAL," for three picks are used by Pickle's, first found in Devon with the Tours/Thors who happen to be in Pickle colors and format. The TOUR guide showed us the bat with fangs. Thus, perhaps, the woman at the bat-cave event may be pointing to justin trudeau too, for he's been in cahoots with the Biden government. Pickle's are in the format of, and colors reversed from, Pucks/Puckle's, and the latter's three hands indicate the Hands/Hans' (three hands in Pickle colors and format), in Pike colors and format and first found in Cheshire with Picots. German Pucks can be gleaned as kin of Ottone's, kin in turn of Chappes', the latter first found in Ile-de-France.

AH, I think I might have something: Pucks/Puckle's were first found in Sussex with Keeps while Keips/Keipers have a giant horse in colors reversed from the giant Fang horse. Can that work? I think so. Mr. Kepke pointed to poison vaccines when we were 14, and at 17 we worked at Knob Hill Farms with Darlene Ray/Wray, where she handed me the ice-cream. Knob Hill Farms was owned by Mr. Stavro, who had interests in race horses. STAVE's/Stevensons were first found in Northumberland with Horse's (white horse heads) and Keep-loving Hebrons/Hepburns (white horse head).

Immediately after Kepke was on the white horse of Miss Peare, at about age 20, I got on it for an event that pointed to the Banks of Bank Newton (Yorkshire with Keppochs and Pickle's). Newtons (Cheshire with Picots) use "SHIN BONES" while China-like Chings/Chine's are listed with English Shins. Irish Shins share the Collins bend for a likely pointer to NIH. Bone's/Bohuns were first found in Sussex with Keeps. Thus, the white Fang horse can be pointed to by this heraldic set.

Bat-using Batons/BASTons were first found in Coron(a)-connectable Cornwall with the Trysts and Tristans in the "Keep Tryst" motto of Hebrons/Hepburns, though one of the two Tristan surnames was first found in Devon with Batter-branch BASTers. Batters were first found in Berkshire with the Pack-branch Pasleys who in turn share the triple Ching/Chine/Shin fesses, and PACKs were first found in Sussex with Keeps. Plus, the "PAX POTIOR" motto phrase of Basters (Trudeau's were found related to them) links to French Batons/Bastons because they were first found at Poitou of POITIERs. The Picot-like Pictones were at Poitou. Pictons, sharing a Shield of gold drops with Darlene's and Darlingtons, were first found in Flintshire, beside BATHers. Is that not all something?

Darlingtons were first found in Durham with CONE-branch Conte's. English Bucks have the Cone / Conte antlers, and Italian Conti's share half the lion of Simsons (BUCKinghamshire) while the other half of the Simson lion is the giant Picton lion, and Mrs. Deeter was born Miss Sim(p)son. She was with me at the bat-cave event, were I now claim that God spoke "tyPICAL" through me, and spoke it also perhaps through the third fulfillment of Sleeping Beauty.

Maschi's use "pine cones" while English Pine's were first found in Devon with Darlene's. The Nutters suspect in the "nutrior" motto term of Simsons are also Knutts while Cnuts/Knots share the Darlene drops in both colors, and as they are gold drops called, "or," note "nutriOR." Cnuts/Knots look related to Lords/Lauds who in turn look related to French Pine's (Limousin, beside the Pictones). Lemovices of Limousin were from LEMNos, and Lemons (Keppoch colors and format) were first found in Suffolk with Lords/Lauds. God told me to wake Sleeping Beauty, and Ore-related Wake's ("Ora") have a "wake KNOT" in Crest.

The Wake motto is translated, "Watch and pray." When I woke her, we went up into a rapture, and so this is our Message from Him for these drastic days. Note the ora-like "heure" motto term of Hicks, for Eure's/Keevers are also Ure's. Ore's and Hicks both love Bone liners in their motto. The Ure's/Orreys (motto translated, "Without stain") look like Aur/Aures kin. The Hicks motto is translated, "All in good time," yeah, like maybe when I'm 99. Ore's share the Darlene fitchee, to no surprise with those "or" drops.

I'm guessing that the German Bucks and English Buckings share the giant Ure/Orrey lion because the Bucking bend-with-items are in the colors and format of Stain-connectable Stanleys (share "Sans" with Ure's/Orreys) and buckle-using Leslie's. The Hicks Crest has a "buck" head, no guff. The English Bucks are the ones looking like Cone kin. Darlene's ice-cream CONE symbol pointed to Ice's/ICKE's/Ecco's sharing the trefoil of Pike's (Devon, same as Darlene's), and while Miss Hicks (lives ten miles or less from John Ratcliffe) is the original Sleeping Beauty, Hicks are Icke's too. Can you believe how nicely we slipped into things here? I've had the Guido's/GUIS' on the back burner as per the tour GUIDE, and they share the giant lion of German Bucks while Ore's have the GUIScard piles in colors reversed.

[Insert -- New: German Bucks look like kin of Creights/Cree's/RAYs. Darlene Ray. It makes a Darlene-Ray link to the Icke's, but it should be added that while Hicks share the fleur-de-lys of Ainsleys, the latter use the SCIMitar while Schims/Schiens share the Creight/Cree/Ray Chief. The "REward" motto term of the latter look like part-code for the Ree's/Rays.

Oh wow, I get it, for English Wards share the blue lion with Crichtons/Creightons, and the first ice-cream girl lived at Warden avenue when we dated. "ReWARD" at our service. Irish Wards share the Coron / Corona crowns, how perfect, especially as the Irish Ward Coat is essentially that of Grands; the latter first found in Inverness-shire with Cree's/Creights/Rays. French Grands share the triple bends of French Cree's/Crete's (Burgundy, same as Grands).

Miss Hicks at the Get'n GO (topic of last two updates) pointed to Gows/McGoo's, first found in Inverness-shire with Creights/Cree's/Rays, and so it's amazing that Scottish Cree's/Creights/Rays look related to the Leaks/Leakeys, for the Get'n Go is on the Leakey road. Leaks/Leakeys share the Hicks fleur-de-lys, and so the item in the Cree/Creight/Ray Crest may be the Hicks "chaplet" that's around their buck's neck.

The "Gracieusete" motto term of French Ree's/Rays is probably in connection with the "grace" motto term of Crichtons/CREIGHTons. Beauty. It can be seen that Crichtons/Creightons were a branch of Mens'/Mame's who in turn share the Chief-Shield colors of Cree's/Creights/Rays and Leaks/Leakeys (this comes from later in this update).

The esCARbuncle symbol of French Ree's/Rays might be part-code for Cree liners, because Buncle's/BONkylls use BUCKles, and Hicks have a "bon" motto term. Ahh, Cars share the triple stars of Cree's/Creights/Rays (look like Washington kin), explaining why Sleeping Beauty was with a car. This is great due to the "serio" motto term of Cars, for the ice-cream pointed to the Serio river at Crema! Zikers, this is now well-explaining why Darlene Ray was an ice-cream girl. Crema is near Cremona, where RAYmundo's were first found. Crema is in Lombardy, and Giorgi's, first found with Bono's in Milan, the Lombardy capital, share the Shield of English Wards.

The Otters/Otters, from Lombards, were first found in Huntingdonshire, where Ada of Warenne got married, and Warrens share the checkered Shield of English Wards. Warrens share "ROBur" with Rayborns, and the female in the Darlene Crest is said to be wearing a "robe," and likely "wearing" is part of the official description because Wearings (Devon with Darlene's) share the Warren checks. Robe's/Robbs possibly have bucks or roebucks, and share the chevron of Robins. Bucks share the antlers of Cone's and Conte's, the latter first found at/near the Wear river while Wears/Were's were first found in Devon too, is that lickety-smooth and cool, or what? Wears/Were's (definitely a Vere branch) look by their Coat like kin of Leak-like Lake's because Lake's were first found in Oxfordshire with the Vere rulers there.

Rie's were first found in Norfolk with Roe's while a "roeBUCK" is used by Rayborns. Rie's were once said to be first found in Sussex with Bone's. End insert]

The ice-cream cone was LICKed by yours truly, and Licks/Lucks share the mascles of English Hansons while Katrina Hanson was the first ice-cream girl, who handed me an ice-cream cone at my age 16. The last time I saw her, as I've said many times, was when her new boyfriend was dropping her off at work at Sam's restaurant, where she had sold me the ice-cream probably less than a year earlier. I was situated at that time (when looking at her, and she at me) at the road's entry to both the parking lots of Sam's and the neighboring Ratcliff Lumber.

Mr. Ratcliffe was the mayor of HEATH, and he still lived in Heath last time I checked. Picots use "pike HEADs" while Heads/HEEDs were a branch of Beauty-related Haydens. The latter have a "foy" motto term while "foys" is used by Picots, perfect because Trudeau's were first found in Ile-de-France with one French Foys/FOIX surname while Ainsley Earhardt, mother of Hayden, works for Fox news while she was the second fulfillment of Sleeping Beauty.

The Foys/Foix's above even share the split-Shield of Hunters and Latins (and Banners). Head- / Hayden-branch Hades'/Hats, sharing the Bath / Mee/My cross with the other English Haydens, were first found in Dorset with Newmans/Numans, Beauty's and Bugs, tending to explain why the Beauty bull in the Hayden Crest is with the Newman/Numan lion. I always use "Hades" for the Hat surname because God may want it to point to deaths by vaccinations.

Here's what I did. I just scrolled back to find who it was that had the "jugum" motto term, but seeing the brown and rising falcon in the Crest of "Pax"-using English Reeds (Pike/Pick/Picken colors and format), I stopped scrolling there and then rushed to the bathroom. I then put on the KETTLE, and while waiting for it, I went to get the trash can at the road, then made a lemon tea, and sat at the computer to deal with the Reed falcon just as the song ("How Deep the Father's Love") on my speakers sang, "shoulders." I had loaded the SHOULDhams earlier when the other songline miracle sang "shoulder," but didn't know what to say about it, though I usually tell that the gold Shouldham falcon is that of Knocks/Knox's too, first found in Renfrewshire with Ore's. And "ORate" is a Shouldham motto term, but so what? What are we to point this to?

After finishing the paragraph above, I still didn't know who it was that had the "jugum" motto term. The reason I stopped scrolling at the Reeds is that I saw their brown falcon in Crest (same design) in someone else's Crest, and wanted to scroll back further to find it, but my bladder was calling for me to go right away to the toilet first. That brown falcon just turned out to be in the Crest of Hays, the one's having a "jugum" motto term. Wow. Although Knocks/Knox's have a brown falcon in Crest too, it's not in the same design. So, what is God trying to say here? The Hay-like Haas/Haze's (giant hare) are in Shouldham colors and format, but I'm still stumped.

Ahh, the Hays'/Hayse's (leopard FACEs), with the demi-lion in Crest of the Mee/My Crest, were first found in Herefordshire with Juggs/Judds! It's where Kiev-traceable Trevors/Trefors were first found who have a good reflection of the English Simson Coat. The reason I wanted the "JUGum" motto term is that Juggs/Judds share the Mee/My boar head. Okie-dokie, but what important pointer are we to make of this? The Hays (not Hays') are in Tour/Thor colors and format, and the tour guide showed us the female bat with fangs.

Are we to go with Juggs/Judds to Judge's/Juge's and court cases against Fauci's vaccine monsters? Shouldhams and Haas'/Hase's are in Fauci colors and format, though Fauci's are COUNTERchanged as part-code for the Counter variation of English Conte's, and the "MY country" motto phrase of Ainsleys can apply to Counters because Countrys have counterchanged colors too. Ainsley is the mother of Hay-like Hayden, and Shouldhams were first found in Norfolk with Haydens.

This is working because the Hays leopard faces are shared by Feltmans who are in turn in BATHhurst colors and format, and that's the Bath line that we can find in the Hayden cross! Bath of Somerset is near the Herefordshire border, and Mee's/Mys look like Bath kin but with the Jugg/Judd boar heads instead of the four Bath lions.

Mee's/My's are also Mea's in the "mea" motto term of Taffs who can be gleaned by their Coat and motto as Face kin, and they both share the Mee/My/Mea and Bath cross. It just so happens that the Taff cross is filled with fretty in colors reversed from the Cave fretty, that's incredible. It's not easy to make heraldry click like this to the very world-affairs discussion you're involved in. The Taff and Face mottoes have the Segni's/Segurana's, first found in Genoa with Fauci's and Fieschi (see Wikipedia for the latter).

I had first looked up Hays (earlier today) while on Haydens because I recalled that Hays show nothing but three escutcheons, the only thing Chips/Chippers show, and I wanted to check for a pointer to skinchips.

The Pickle's are super here for being at ALLERton, for Allers and their Holding/Holden kin both share the Hay escutcheon. Plus, Allertons share the lion head in both Crest and Shield of MALES/Mails!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FANTASTIC, for she said, "tyPICAL MALES." Males'/Mails were first found in Cheshire with Picots. And I'm not done, for "TYPical" was suspect with Tipps', first found in Lancashire with Ratcliffs and sharing their bull head exactly. Then (I just can't get over this), Ratcliffs were first found in Bury of old Salford with the HOLDs/Holts, and while Holdings/Holdens were first found in Lancashire too, Sleeping Beauty and I were holding each other while rising into the sky! We read: "Allerton is also a suburb of Liverpool." That's in Lancashire! This entire paragraph appears tailored by God to fit "typical males" by a BEAUTY woman.

How many Pickle's do you know? Nick Pickles, I discovered this week, is/was Twitter's Policy Director. Isn't that one of the characters responsible for setting the policy for to wipe away conservative posts? Mr. Pickles, we learned this week, was in cahoots with the FBI, Homeland Security, and DNA Intelligence.

JUST JUMPED OUT AT ME: NICKels, sharing the pheons of Cardine's, were first found in Cheshire with Picots, Cardine's and Males'/Mails, and Picots share arrow heads with Picots and Cardine's. NICK Pickles. And, believe it or not, Males'/Mails are in Cardine format and colors reversed from them. It looks like "typical males" can even point to Mr. Liar Pickles of Twitter. Cheshire is where Foots were first found while their Fido/Fothes branch, first found in KinCARDINE, are probably in the "Fide" motto term of Nickels, Cardine's, and Barksdale's.

If we go with the gold stems of the Barksdale arrows, the Barksdale Coat is in the colors and format of the Picks/Pix's. Pickle's use picks.

Bark Obama. Bow-Wow

The new-to-me-this-week Barksdale's/Brickdale's named BIRKdale in North Meols of Lancashire, and Males'/Mails are also Meoles'. Is this a pointer to Deborah Birx? Barksdale's were checked because Miss Simson and I were attending church in Barksdale. The absolute-amazing thing here is the Brace-like look of BARKsdale, for Brace's/Bras' are in Males/Mail/Moeles colors and format!!! ASTOUNDING!!! It took me by surprise. Even our place of attending church goes with "typical males."

In order to get to the bat cave, we had to take the road to LEAKey. I'm checking online to see the name of the place, and it must have been the "Frio Cave near Concan, Texas." I'm just trying to figure out why Barksdale's/Brickdale's share the five, bunched, silver-on-blue arrows in the Arms of Rothschild. And WOW, the five in the Arms of Rothschild are held by an ARM, the Brace/Bras symbol!!!!! I get it. This is a first. And, to boot, it appears that God is pointing to Rothschilds for the LEAKing of the bat-engineered coronavirus from Wuhan, explaining why the tour guide pointed to Fang Fang of Wuhan!!! I GET IT!

The church in Barksdale that Mrs. Deeter and Mr. Kilpatrick attended was previously on the Ranch = Leakey road, in 1994 when I first saw Mrs. Kilpatrick there. The Wuhan-like "ohne" motto term of Handels can play here because handles share the Moray Coat.

The five, bunched arrows of BARKsdale's are shared by BOWs/Bough's who share the motto of Rothschild-branch Roets. Bow-wow, woof-woof. Keep that in mind where Roets were first found in Somerset with Cave-connectable Cable's and Caen-connectable Trashers. Catherine Roet was immediately a BeauFORT, and while Barksdale's love the Forts in their motto, English Beauforts were first found in Norfolk with Barks. Bow-wow, woof-woof. Plus, the Dine's/Dives' in the "fortituDINE" motto term of Barksdale's share the patee crosses of English Beauforts. The Bow/Bough Crest is likely the lion of German Bucks because English Bucks, using "fortitudine" too, were first found in Norfolk. We are getting a good handle on things here.

The "inDUSTRia" motto term you see in the Arms of Rothschild can be traced to DUSTERs because they share the bend of Jewish Rothchilds (don't enter "RothSchild") and Jewish Pollocks. Dusters happen to share armored arms (different colors) with Brace's/Bras', and Armors do too while sharing the Moray stars. Rothschilds were from Pollocks of Rothes at Moray. The father of Peter Pollock, builder of Rothes castle, was in Shropshire, where Bats were first found who share the black bat with Scottish Randolphs (horseshoes!), first found in Moray!

OH WOW, Armors are fully in the colors and format of Tipps-like Tippers/Tippits!!!! INCREDIBLE. TYPical males! The pheon arrow heads of Tipps'/Tippins are shared by the Cords suspect in the "ConCORDia" motto term in the Arms of Rothschild! "Corde" is a motto term of Batsons/Bats (!) who in turn look (by their Coat) like Meschin kin, especially as Meschins were first found in Shropshire with Bats. Rothschilds descended from Batson-like Watsons.

Plus, Bats were first found in Shropshire with the Breakers who just came up as Birx-like Brichs and Bark-like Bracks!! I'm seeing Bark Obama here because his mother's surname (Dunham) was first found in Norfolk too. Plus, astounding, his mother's father was Stanley ARMOUR Dunham, from his mother's Armour surname!!! Can we believe it? God apparently set up a pointer to the Obama bat line, for while Dunhams share the English Randolph Coat, it's known that Obama's Dunham ancestry had married Randolphs. Scottish Randolphs have the horseshoes and bats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Plus, English Randolphs are traced to Ranulph le Meschin, son of Ranulph de BRIQUESsart!!! It's the Barksdale bloodline. God set me up in a Barksdale church to point to Obama, whose bloodline named Dunham Masci in Cheshire with Males'/Mails!!! Mr. Briquessart was descended from MALahule of More, strongly suggesting that Males'/Mails and Malls (Cheshire with Males'/Mails) were from him. You cannot believe this, it's just too much. But it's true. Obama must be one of the prime vaccine criminals.

The Batson/Bats motto term, "manu," shared by Mackays (Barksdale/Brickdale colors and format), indicates the Scottish Mans because they are in Batson/Bats colors and format, and meanwhile German Mans share the quadrants of Masseys whose fleur-de-lys are in turn in the Brick Coat. Dunham Masci is also called, Dunham Massey, and while it was ruled by Hamon de Masci/Massey, Hamon(d)s were first found in Kent with the Mynetts, and with the latter's Dragon/Drainer kin. Scottish Mans (dragon in Crest) are in the colors and format of Dragons/Drainers, first found in Kent with Mynett-like Munds/Munts, which allows us to go to Mandys/Mondays because Mandy is the first name of Miss Simson = Mrs. Deeter. Read on.

The Mandy/Monday Coat is much like that of Rudes'/Rudge's, first found in Shropshire with Bats, Draytons and Brae-beloved Breakers/Brichs, and beside Hales' of Cheshire. The Mandy/Monday Chief (compares with Brae/Bray Chief) has eagle legs that, in colors reversed, is the gold one in the Crest of Drainer-connectable Draytons. The latter were in Hales while Hales' (Drayton colors) in turn have an ARM in Crest with the fretty of Cave's in its sleeve!!! What are the chances that this Cave surname surfaces while following Batsons/Bats'!?

Hales' not only have arrows where Barksdale's/Brickdale's place their arrows, but the Hales' are in Barksdale/Brickdale format and even share their chevron! What are the chances of coming to this while following Mandy Simson? Mandy of the Barksdale church at our service. Simsons were first found in BUCKinghamshire, very connectable to Barksdale's, as we shall see.

The Brace's are Bras' too while Brae's/Brays have a "FLAX BREAKER"! The Brace's are thus connectable to Barksdale's of BIRKdale! The flax-like Flags were Float / Flett / Fleet kin while Fleetwoods were first found in Lancashire with Birkdale. Fleets were first found in Lincolnshire with Bracebridge's. The Floats (Norfolk with Bucks) might even have a buck in Crest because the Barksdale's/Birkdale's share the Buck motto. Flags share the scallops of Meschins (Shropshire with Breakers/Bracks/BRICHs) i.e. who descended directly from Ranulph BRIQUESsart of the Bessin i.e. thus explaining the BRICKdale variation.

Lancashire is where Forts were first found who are in the "FORTitudine" motto term of Barksdale's/Birkdale's.

I've shown how Rinds (near Rothes) and their Randolph-connectable branch of Rands/Rynds/RANCE's trace to St. Malo at the Rance river, SO AMAZING not only because this river starts in Cotes-d'ARMOR province, but because the road to Leakey we took to the bat cave is called, RANCH road!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You can't believe this. St. Malo is in Vilaine while the Chief-Shield colors of Vilains are shared with Tipps/Tippins. Dol is near St. Malo, and Fulbert, father of Peter Pollock above, was a vassal of the Dol Alans. There is an exceptional chance that Males' were related to the namers of St. Malo!!!

The Rance river passes DINan while "fortituDINE" is a Barksdale/Brickdale motto term. Dine's/Dives' probably have the Masci wing because the Meschins ruled at Diva (Chester). The Dives river is near Ferte-Mace.

Lest we forget, Birkdale is at North Meols while Males'/Mails are also Moeles'. The Barksdale/Birkdale arrows are in Dol colors, and the Brick-branch Brix's/Brests have a fesse-by-lozenges in the colors of the Dol fesse.

St. Malo is in Ille-et-Vilaine with the Plunketts who in turn are in Brace/Bras colors and near-format. Pollocks were named after the father of the first Pollock lived in Pollok, but they may have been Plunketts before that because Plocks (share Pully/Pulling martlet) have a write-up with the Plunketts. Plocks are in Brace/Bras format. Plunketts share the horse with Fullers while FULbert was the father of Pollocks. The Plunkett horse is the white one of Fangs, perchance. The other point, besides connection to Brace's/Bras', is that the Plunkett motto has "Festina" while "Fest" is a motto term of Handels who share the Moray Coat. Plocks were first found in Oxfordshire with Brace-connectable and Leak-like Lake's.

This is interesting: Fest-like Fasts are like the Faust variation of Fists who in turn show a hand in a fist. Fangs are also Fangers while Jewish Fingers have a hand POINTing, and POINDexters share the Fist/Faust fist, thus making a FINGer link to Fausts. And Jewish Finks are also Fang-like Funks. Did the Plunkett motto just point to Fang Fang? The Lents (Brace / Plock format) suspect in the Plunkett motto were first found in BUCKinghamshire, and use Dol-related dolphins.

English Bucks were first found in Norfolk with Barks, and with Buckers/Bouchers sharing the Buckingham lion, and with the Bucket-connectable Gangs/Geggs. It just so happens that the other Buckets share the BRECon/BRICHane Coat. Again, Barksdale's/BRICKdale's share the Buck motto. Bat-using Bugs and Bouchier's use "water bougets," code for Bucket / Boucher liners. Is this paragraph pointing to Rothchilian elements who wormed their way into Buckingham palace? The house of Windsor loves that palace.

Wendels go to Fiens/Finis' and WINDows, and thus to Fien-loving Windsors of BERKshire. Berks/Burghs were from John de Burgo, ancestor of the mother of Ranulph le Meschin, son of Briquessart. The Handels and Morays can suddenly be gleaned with the Macey/Mace Coat because a mace can be seen in the Crest of Vandals/Wendels (Massey colors), who are in the "wandel" motto term of Handels. This can go to the Fiens/Fane's/Vans sharing the gauntlet (armored glove) of Maceys/Mace's (mace). Miss Dol married Robert D'Avranches of Ferte-Mace, and le-Meschin's mother was the sister of Hugh D'Avranches of Diva. This Hugh used the BATHer wolf head. This tends to explain why Barksdale's/Brickdale's are in Mackay colors and format.

AVRANCHes is suspect from antler-using VERINGers of Baden, and English Bucks share the antler of Conte's, suspect in the Conteville bloodline of John de Burgo, father of Herluin de Conteville. Hugh D'Avranches was the son of Herluin's daughter, EMMA, and the Im's/Immes' in the Handel motto, said to be from "Emma," share the Bucker/Boucher / Buckingham lion.

The Arms of St. Malo has an ermine mammal wearing a scarf. Deborah BIRX was the scarf lady with Fauci and Trump night-after-night egging the world to lockdown, etc. She never failed to wear a scarf, it seemed to me. The Barksdale's named BIRKdale!!! The Ermine's/ARMys, i.e. like the Brace-connectable Armors, were first found in Lincolnshire with Mail-like Miles' and Bark-like Bracebridge's. The latter's "Be" motto term can be for Bee's while bees are used by Bessins (Cheshire with Males'/Mails) who in turn are in Males/Mail colors and near-format. That woiks.

Let's add that while Tippers/Tippits and Armors are in the colors and format of Rimmons/Crimmons, the latter's crosslets are shared in colors reversed by Tippers/Tippits. Rimmons/Crimmons were first found on Skye with the FLAG- and FAST-loving McLeods, while Fasts are also in the motto of Leslie's, earls of Rothes by marriage to the family of Peter Pollock. I've seen the white McLeod bull head in black, the colors of the Tipps/Tippin bull head. Lute-related Fasts and Flags were first found in Norfolk with Case's while Irish Caseys look like kin of Scottish Nicolsons/Nickle's, first found on Skye with McLeods/Lutts.

I kid you not, English Bakers put the Flag scallops upon their saltire. The Tippers/Tippits were part of the pointers from Matt Taibbe, which involved James Baker, and it just so happens that German Bakers share the Jewish Pollock Coat. The plot thickens. English Bakers, sharing the Bat saltire, were first found in Norfolk with a branch of earl Dol Alans at Mileham. Miles', sharing the Chief-Shield colors of Simsons, were first found in Lincolnshire with BRACEbridge's. Miles' even use a mill RIND!

Darlene's Car Accident

Forts in the Barksdale motto even share the McLeod castle. The Fortibus' in the Fort write-up share the stars of Cars, first found in Lancashire with Birkdale of Meols, and it just so happens that Mules' were first found in Devon with Fortibus'. The latter's Coat is in a reflection of the Sutherland Coat known to use the Moray stars in other colors. Meschin-connectable Spaldings (Lincolnshire), who look like they have a dagger, the known symbol of Sutherland's Mackays, share gold buckles with Mallets/Malo's and Buncle's, yet the Spalding buckles face sinister, the Masci- / Messina- / RasMUSSEN symbol from mythical Mucius and the MUCIANus surname, and shared by Jewish Rothchilds. As the bat caves were at the Frio canyon while Frys/Freys are in Ray colors and format, let's repeat from above while this paragraph has the Car stars:

The esCARbuncle symbol of French Ree's/Rays might be part-code for Cree liners, because Buncle's/BONkylls use BUCKles, and Hicks have a "bon" motto term. Ahh, Cars share the triple stars of Cree's/Creights/Rays (look like Washington kin), explaining why Sleeping Beauty was with a car. This is great due to the "serio" motto term of Cars, for the ice-cream pointed to the Serio river at Crema! Zikers, this is now well-explaining why Darlene Ray was an ice-cream girl. Crema is near Cremona, where RAYmundo's were first found.

That topic pointed to Fauci's vaccine poisons, right down the bat-cave tunnel. We did not go into the caves, but rather watched the millions of bats fly out shortly before dusk. The Spaldings are also Spoltons, suspect with Guy of Spoleto because Guys use buckles too. Let's not forget that Barksdale's share a Buck motto. Guy was also GUIDO, and while the tour GUIDE showed us the bat with fangs, Guido's/Guis' share the lion of German Bucks. English Guys are also Guise's whose "HONEStior" motto term connects with the "ohne" of Handels. The latter share the Morays Coat, colors reversed from the One/Ones/Innis Coat, and Goz's/Gos' too have the Moray / Handel Coat while Ranulph le Meschin was the grandson of Richard Goz.

McLeod-beloved Flags and Fasts were first found in Norfolk with the Barks, indicating Barksdale's, and while Barks (Norfolk with Larks) use "larks," the Lark Coat looks very related to the Coat of Fly's of Flagi, but also to Irish Pratts, first found in Norfolk. McLeods are Clouds too while Larks use the cloud. "Pratus" is a motto term in the Arms of Rothes-connectable Rieti, and Pollok in Rench-connectable Renfrewshire was named from a line of Vespasia Polla of Rieti, husband of FLAVIUS Sabinus (son of Petro), the line to Sabine's (Norfolk). The Fly's have this: "The surname Fly is derived from "Flageum," a French village named for FLAVIUS, the owner of an estate in the region. This village eventually became known as "Flagi"..."

The Fly martlets are colors reversed from the same of Pullys/Pullings (share Sabine scallop) because they were from Vespasia Polla. The Fly fleur-de-lys are in the colors of the same of Arrows/Arras' suspect in the Barksdale/Brickdale and Rothschild arrows.

It's time to show how "typical feMALE" can get us to the Barksdale-connectable Bucks. I've never known what half of the "female FIGURE" in the Darlene Crest refers too. Let's set the stage, for this female holds a book, the Roet symbol, and Roets were kin of Book-like Bows/Bough's, first found in Durham with Darlene-branch Darlingtons. Bows/Bough's were gleaned with the Buck lion, and Bucklow (of the Buckleys) was where Mere's/Mayers were first found who probably named Mayer Bauer, the first Rothschild, because Bauer-branch Bowers share the five, bunched arrows (different colors) with Buck-connectable Barksdale's. German and Danish Mayers/Mayers look like they have the Roet tree on green, and there is a Danish Bauer surname.

Next, Mere's/Mayers above share the giant and black ship of DEEMs/DeMere's, both first found in Cheshire with MALES'/Mails. There's got to be a darling female around here somewhere. Deems were looked up as per the "TanDEM" motto term of figure-like Vickers who share the red fitchee with Darlene's/Darlings (same place as Mules'), and Vickers likewise use the black ship. We are getting warm, maybe even hot. Come-out come-out, darling, wherever you are.

It just so happens that Fie's/FEE's/Fays/CUFFIE's have another black ship, this is a first. I think I've just found the reason for the "FEmale figure" in Fee's. Cuffie-like Coffie's/Coffeys share the green dolphin in Crest with French's, the latter first found in Devon with female-figure Darlings. I guarantee you, the woman who said to me, "typical males," was a blond darling in the precise meaning of the word, and Darlene Ray/Wray, a blond, had the exact look of a darling female, I'm not exaggerating.

Plus, I've just recalled the Trashers and the neighboring Tracys/Trasse's. The latter are said to have had a location near Caen, and I've seen two Tracy locations near Caen. Tracys/Trasse's were first found in Devon with Darlene's, and figure-like Vickers share the fitchee of Trashers in both colors! Caens share the Cave Shield, and Trashers were first found in Somerset with Cable's and Bat-line Baths.

The Vickers essentially share the Rodham/Roden tree stump, and as a Roden river of Shropshire runs also at the Cheshire border, the "TanDEM" motto term of Vickers can be for the Deem variation of Cheshire's DeMere's who share the black ship with Vickers. Buckleys (Cheshire) share "Nec" with Rodhams/Rodens, and add a "temere" term suggesting that DeMere's and Mere's/Mare's/Mayers were near the Roden river. French Mars/Mere's/More's share white scallops with Meschins (married SKIPTONs), making it appear that Marsi were in Cheshire, and indeed the Ships/SHIPTONs use "bellows" while Bellows were first found in Cheshire. Their Billet branch were first found in Devon with Vicker-connectable Darlene's. French Billets/Billiards and Billiards/Hillards look like Moray kin, and Bellys were first found in Moray while their Bailey branch were first found in Northumberland with Rodhams/Rodens.

Buckle's (Buckley colors and format) use "temere" too, and Buckle-beloved Leslie's were at Rothes i.e. at the Moray border upon the Spey river that flows to Buckie. Leslie's almost have the Coat of Starlings/Starlincks, first found in Suffolk with Buckle's, and beside the Bucks sharing the Barksdale motto, which includes "Fide" while Fido's are listed with Fitts/Fothes'/Fette's. The latter's cornuCOPIA jibes with the "PAX copia" motto of Reeds (Northumberland with Rodhams/Rodans), and Scottish Reeds (Aberdeenshire with ProFETTs, beside Fitts/Fothes'/Fette's) share the book with Darlene's. The gold drops of Darlene's are expected for the Ore's/Orrs using another cornucopia. Davids of Cheshire, using "Pax et copia," were kin of AIDs/Ade's (Rodham/Roden colors and format), first found in Berwickshire with Darlene-beloved Books. PACKs (suspect in the Reed motto) were first found in Sussex with early Buckle's, and the Pack Coat is in the colors and format of the Angers who in turn share the Fauci lozenge. Fauci wants the whole world to get AIDS via poison vaccines.

Cheshire was home to Hamon de Massey, and so compare the Book Coat (share Reed stag head) to that of Hamons because Buckleys are said to have named "Bokkeley". Darlene's put a book in a hand of their female figure. It just so happens that Angers share the escarBUNCLE with French Rays while Buncle's use buckles. We have just spelled Darlene Ray whose ice-CREAM pointed to Fauchys, first found in Perigord with Faux's/Fage's/Chollens' who in turn almost have the CREMer Coat. I even trace the ImPERI people of the Boofima human-sacrifice cult both to PERIgord and to Imperia i.e. Oneglia, the Nagle line sharing the Fauci / Anger lozenge.

Follow the next three paragraphs. Mr. Kepke left Knob Hill Farms, where Darlene Ray was working, shortly after he was on the hood of my MUSTANg. He and I went to sell shoes at that time, and KOPke-like JOPlins (Northumberland with Horse's) share the Shoe star. The Kepke/Kopke Coat is almost the one of Buckley- and Darlene-connectable Bocks/BOKKE's, the latter sharing the Coat of French Bauds/Baux's while Scottish Bauds (Stirlingshire with Darlene-beloved Robe's) can be linked to Hoods (link shown below). The "NOBlesse" motto term of Bocks/Bokke's can be for Nobs and Knobs in "Knob Hill Farms." Farmers are Keppoch-connectable. The owner of Knob Hill Farms, Steve Stavro (has a Wikipedia page), was into the business of racehorses, and a Mustang is a horse breed.

It's been a long time since mentioning Bocks, and this is very impressive because they were first found in Alsace and Franconia while Schwabs/Swabs, first found in Franconia too, have an upright horse (unicorn) in colors reversed from the same of Keips/Keipers! This is why Mr. Kepke pointed to poison vaccines. The Franconia-suspect English and Scottish Franks even use a "NOBis" motto term to go with the "NOBlesse" of Bocks/Bokke's! How can that be coincidental? The so-called "Franconian Rake" of Franconia could be code for the line of Keep-related Richeza of Lorraine because Rich's/Richess' are.

I'll even add that while Kepke's father was Ukrainian, and while we saw Bocks/Bokke's connect earlier in this update to Musk's Starlink via English Kidds, the English Franks, sharing the Pollock Coat, have a falcon in Crest, by the looks of it, much like the falcon in the Crest of Knocks/Knox's, first found in RENfrewshire with Pollocks. Renfrews, sharing the ship of Scottish Bauds while Bocks/Bokke's were obviously kin of French bauds/Baux's (ram), were of the Rennes elements and thus of the Rains/Raines', first found in Essex with Rams, and having a similar Coat. Rains/Raines' have a Philippe de REMi in their write-up.

My point was that my knock on Muschatov's window pointed to Musk's satellite system, as does the "weaver's SHUTTLE" of Keeps. The knock on her window, from my standing two stories up on her TV antenna, pointed to Musk's satellite systems going dark in Ukraine a few weeks ago (they might still be dark, I haven't heard more news on it), not only because her parents have a Ukrainian accent i.e. migrated to Canada from Ukraine, but because the system went dark due to attacks on the antennas on the ground, not attacks against the satellites. The Bocks/Bokke's were linked above to Rams when I said that English Kidds were first found in Suffolk with Starlincks. Just look at all those "coincidences." Scottish Kidds even share the Moray stars so as to get us back to the horseshoe bats.

The paragraphs above helps to trace the Randolph horseshoes to some of the right places, but we can then take things to MUSTANs (look like Keppoch kin), first found in Yorkshire with Bath-related and Roden-like Rhodes' to explain why Bats were first found in Shropshire with the Roden river. It's reminding that Rods/Rodes' were first found in Devon with Darlene's. Mustans are in the colors and format of Sheffields (RUTland) who in turn share the Keppoch garbs, and Chips/Chippers were at Sheffield while Keips/Keipers use a giant horse to get us to Horse's of Northumberland, beloved by Keep-beloved Hebrons (Northumberland).

Fangs, from the female bat, use a giant horse, we may wonder how. Kepke sat on my Mustang's hood telling me that Allison was getting into Denardo's car. Scottish Allisons are in the colors and format of Batsons/Bats', first found in Yorkshire with Mustans (swords). Fang-like Phone's/Fane's were a branch of Phoenix's/Fenwicks/FANWICKs (corruptible to "Fank"), first found in Northumberland with Siward of the Swords, and with Hebrons who might just have the Fang horse), for the neighboring Vaux's (Cumberland) share the Funk Shield. Northumberland is where Vails/Velis' were first found who are in the "preVAILs" motto term of Scottish Allisons, and while Griffins use the motto, "Ne vile velis," Phone's/Fane's use "Ne VILE fano."

Phne's/Fane's share the Macey/Mace gauntlet while Massey-related Bricks were first found in Munster with Irish Griffins, wherefore Welsh Griffins are suspect with the lion of Ranulph le Meschin and the Rands. The other Irish Griffins therefore look like kin of Marble's.

Mustan-connectable Moses' (Shropshire with bats) use a "calvary" symbol. Fane-beloved Vile's/Veals/Viells use calves while Calvarys use owls while Owls/Howls can be of the Howells (Fang colors), first found in Monmouthshire with Phone's/Fane's. Vilaine province is beside Vannes province.

I almost didn't load the Donnel-branch MacDonalds after seeing that Scottish Allisons are said to be from the Donnels. One of the Irish Donnels (share the ship of Kepke-connectable Bauds), with nearly the Fang horse in Crest, share the calvary symbol of Moses'. Allison is a topic with my Mustang, and from Mustans, we go to the Moses write-up having the Mostyn lords of vaccine-like Vychans. The latter were not only first found in Shropshire with Moses', Bats and the Roden river, but VYCHans must therefore have been a branch of Vickers (MacDonald kin) suspect in "female FIGURE"!!! Beauty. Vickers had connected by their motto to Buckley-connectable Deems/Demere's, both first found in Cheshire i.e. beside Shropshire. Darlene Ray is now pointing again to poison vaccines.

The Phone/Fane motto phrase, "NE vile." Vice's/Vise's (share Knee/NEE stag head) were first found in Sussex with Donnel-like Downs/Douns while County Down is where Knee's and Prays were first found. The latter share the six pale bars of Truths/Trude's/Trots of the "Truth prevails" motto of Donnel-related Allisons. In colors reversed, the TRUDeau stag is black, as with the Vice/Vise stag head.

Back to Sheffields of Rutland, and to Horse-beloved Rutlands. Rutland is where Decans were once said to be first found who have the Bath Coat in colors reversed. The Deacons who share the Decan Coat share the axe with Decans while the Axe river is near Bath. Rutlands were first found in Surrey with axe-using Weeks/Wicks. See anything suspicious resembling a female figure?

English Vicks, in Rodham/Roden colors, almost have the Coat of German Neckers to explain the "Nec" motto term of Rutland-connectable Rodhams/Rodens, and German Neckers were first found in Bavaria with German Vicks who in turn almost have the Crest design of Handel-beloved Vandals/Wandels. Just compare the root terms of the latter to FanWICKs, first found in Northumberland with Rodhams/Roden. It just so happens that Wicks ("Cari") have a black-axe Coat version of Battins/Badens, the latter first found in Somerset with Bat-branch Baths, Carys, Weeks/Wicks, and the Axe river. Weeks look like kin of Births/Berts (same place as Darlene's) who in turn have the Vicker fitchee in colors reversed. Battins/Badens share the hand with Bats'/Batsons/Bate's, first found in Yorkshire with Bath-related Rhodes'.

Fitchee crosses are likely code for Fitch's/Fitts, and their leopard faces are always code for Fauci-line Face's/Fessys who share the Bath cross. It's the Bat line. Bats were first found beside the Fothes-branch Foots (Cheshire). Baths were first found near the two Axe rivers, one of which flows through Devon, perhaps through the first-known Darlene's, and thus the Axe river was suspect with Darlene's ACCident. Scottish Fitts are listed with Fothes'/Fette's whose full motto is "Industria."

The "Industria" motto term we saw in the Arms of Rothschild is shared by Dents, and I've said many times that Darlene was in a CAR acciDENT when we were dating. Coffie's/Coffeys have a "proviDENTia sed" motto phrase, and while Dents were in Yorkshire's SEDbergh, the "sed"-using Sedans, once said to be first found in Yorkshire, are now said to be first found in Durham with Darlingtons and CONE-branch Conte's (both share the Buck antler). The Cars use a "Sero SED serio" motto, and Darlene's ice-CREAM CONE pointed to Crema on the Serio river. Can you dig it?

Seir of Edom can apply to the Car motto because the Kos cult of Edom may have named Kos off the CARia coast. Kos is beside Rhodes, and "Edom" means "red." Darlene's were first found in Devon with Esau-like Ash's and the Axe river, meaning that a tribe from Esau may have named the Axe. Sedan-branch Seaton is at the mouth of the Axe (Devon with Rods/Rodes'). Paionians from the Axius river could have named the Axe because the Payne's/Paine's were first found near or on one of the Axe rivers in Somerset. The Axe rivers are near Bath, and Baths (lions in Payne-lion colors) have most of the Rhodes Coat in colors reversed. Battins/Badens (Somerset) use axes, and Batti's/Botto's (stars in Seer- and Car-star colors) were first found in Cremona, which looks related to nearby Crema on the Serio river. ZAHRingers of Baden can be to the Zerrs/Zehrs/Zehers (axe in Crest), but see also the colors of the Sere stars. The Caucasian Bat peoples were at/near Rodopolis.

"Sed" is a motto term of Nagle's who share the Fauci lozenge, and Oneglia is not far from the first-known Fauci's of Genoa. Oneglia is now Imperia, and while Moray-branch Murrays have a motto, "Imperio," the Randolphs using the Bath cross and the bat were first found in Moray. The Ruths/Rother's/Randolphs, first found in Moray, share ermined-white on red with Rodhams/Rodens, and there is a Rodden river in Shropshire, where Bats were first found. Rodhams/Rodens were first found in Northumberland with Horse's and Joplins, and the latter share the Shoe stars to help track the "horseshoes" of Randolphs. There we see a way to connect Fauci's to horseshoe bats in four sentences while also including the human-sacrifice cult of baphomet that goes to the Roet-beloved Books. It explains why Bocks/Bokke's use the goat. They even share the Kepke/Kopke goat exactly, and Mr. Kepke pointed to graphene-poison vaccines.

Joplins share the stars of Mile's/Meiles' while Scottish Simsons have the Chief-Shield colors of Miles' (not "Mile"). This makes the Meiles suspect with "typical males," wherefore further investigation should come across other pointers to poison vaccines. Darlene's were kin of Cnuts/Knots while Nutters appear to be in the Simson motto. Exters/Exeters use SCIMitars while Sim-like Schims/Schiens share "fortuna" with AXE-using Simms'. Mile's/Meiles have a motto, "EX industria" which, I now gather, may be part code for the namers of Exeters. Cnuts were first found in Derbyshire with the Sola's in the motto of Irish Miles'.

Sola's are also in the motto of Bless' suspect in the "NoBLESSE" motto term of Kepke-connectable Bocks/Bokke's. Mr. Kepke is always a pointer to poison vaccines. However, there are Jeepma- and Goth-reasons that "Noblesse" may be partly for the Less/Lesk surname from Lesce on the Sava. Lesce is beside Bled while Bleds are also Bles'. Perfect for going to Bless'/Blois' who have the line of Felix's in their motto, first found in Sussex with Vick-like Vice's/Vise's, and with Keeps, and Felix's even share the mill rind with Miles'. Sola's are also in the motto of Hate's/Hague's/HAIGHTs while Heights (Derbyshire with Sola's) almost have the Coat of ECCLEStone's. The Height cross is shared by Vice's/Vise's.

Eke's/Eickle's are in the colors of the Eccles axes. The Eccles', with an "defenDENDo" motto term to indicate Dents, were first found in Lancashire with Tipps' in "typical," with Ecclestone's, and with axe-using, Dent-like Dennis'. Dennis Quinn loaned me his parents' car to take Katrina Hanson on our first date after she agreed to date me while she handed me an ICE-cream cone.

The Sedans/SIDDENs of Sedbergh use a "sino" motto term to indicate that they were a branch of Seatons/Sittens (East Lothian with axe-using Simms'), namers of Sitten at Sion, and it just so happens that Sine's/Sions/Swans use the swan in colors reversed from the swan of Eke's/Eichels. The Ecco variation of Ice's/Icke's (share Pike trefoils) comes to mind because they were a branch of Eggs/Edge's. Seaton is a location at the mouth of the Axe river in Devon (same place as axe-like Ash's, Pike's and Mules'), near EXeter. Exters/Exeters and Births/Berts are in Week colors and format.

The Egg/Edge Coat looks like the Rode/Road Coat because Eggs/Edge's are now said to be first found in Worcestershire with the Rocks, kin in turn of Devon's Rods/Rodes'. This part of the discussion has Darlene's ICE-cream symbol all over it. Thus, "typical males" can point to Mile / Miles liners.

Dent-like Denets not only have a "proviDENTiam" motto term, but share a Shield of drops (different colors) with Darlene's and Darlingtons. Denets were first found in Sussex with Hood-connectable Hodleys while Darlene's were first found in Devon with Hoods/Hoots. The Hooters and Hoovers have the eagle leg colors reversed from the Mandy eagle legs. The Denet and Donut/Dannett drops are white, which may have been code for Milks/Milksops, first found in Buckinghamshire with Simsons. Hounds share the Dent lozenges, explaining the greyhound in the Donut/Dannett Crest.

There is also an Irish Fee/Fey/Foy surname and the French Fee/Fay (fox) surname linkable to Foix's/Foys, though I can't see how they can link to Darlene's or Males'. However, Fee's/Fays and Foix's/Foys were first found in Auvergne with French Bauds while Scottish Bauds, with the Hood/Hoot crescent in colors reversed, share the Hodley quadrants, colors reversed from the quadrants I the Arms of Rothschild.

Kepke's/Kopke's share the upright goat (almost the French Baud Coat) of English Kidds while Scottish Kidds share the Chief of Dougal-like Douglas'. Amazing. As I've said many times, Mr. Kepke and I sat on the hood of my Mustang, in the parking lot of a GROCERY store, watching Allison BAUER leave me (getting into Mike's DENARDO's car) for a fellow stockboy. Denardo's/Nordi's and North's (Sussex with Keeps) share the tower of Auvergne's. I dated Allison at Knob Hill Farms grocers immediately after dating Darlene Ray there. The French Bauds are in Kepke/Kopke colors and format while Keeps were first found in Sussex with Hodleys.

I've just realized that the all-important Barksdale's/Brickdale's are almost in the colors and format of Robe's/Robbs, first found in Stirlingshire with and Hodley-related Bauds! It's amazing because the "female figure" of Darlene's is said to be wearing a "robe." Irish Fee's/Foys are linkable to Chapmens/CHEPmans, like the Chappes'/CHEAPs of Stirlingshire.

Robe's/Robbs share the Robin chevron, and while Kepke's use a goat for Goats/Gothams, BATman and Robin lived or worked in a CAVE in Gotham City!! Cave's share the fretty Shield of Caens/Cans, and I've been tracing the latter to the Ceno tributary of the TARo river! There was a paragraph above starting with, "I can now go back to the time that Miss Walsh got suddenly upset with Kepke, opened my car door..., which ended with: "The naked rider on the Taranto dolphin is mythical Taras, and the Taras'/Tarrs have pale bars..."

The Fie's/Fee's/Cuffie's have a horizontally-split Shield in colors reversed from the same of GROCE's/Greggs, and Bauds with Hodleys were initially to topic when I found a MEDALlion on the HOOD of my Jeep at a GROCery store. Jeepma's are also Cheap-like Cheps, can you dig it? The MEDAL/Dougals (with a Baud-like motto term) not only share the Baud / Hodley quadrants, but the Baud ship. German Balds were first found in Baden with Keep-related Veringers, and with Groce's/GREGGs. I first saw Kepke walking along the property of GREG(G) Fisher, and German Fishers were first found in Saxony with Kepke's/Kopke's.

[Insert -- Sorry to interrupt again, but while writing the above a few days ago, I hadn't yet loaded Wikipedia's article on Steve Stavro, owner of Knob Hill Farms. It reads: "Stavro was also an avid sports fan and heavily involved with the Canadian sports scene, beginning in 1961 with the founding of the Eastern Canada Professional Soccer League together with George GROSS." The medallion event thus looks connectable to Kepke on a hood because Gross' look like the Groce surname. The latter's horizontally-split Shield is in colors reversed from the same of Poindexters who in turn have the lone star of Shoe's while Kepke left Knob Hill to sell shoes.

Moreover, the medallion pointed to Scottish Bauds, first found in Stirlingshire with the Nemo's in the Poindexter motto. But there's more because I accidentally loaded Schwabs/Swabs earlier today as Scwabs, and they were first found in Baden and Swabia while Groce's/Greggs were first found in Baden too. I showed how Schwabs/Swabs link to Keips/Keipers, and the latter almost have the Fang Coat. Klaus Schwab is at the charge of the global vaccine program to be used as basis for trapping the world in a microchip-control system. Dr. Spock on Star Trek was played by Leonard NEMOY, and Spocks/Spike's can point to spoke proteins, the torpedoes in vaccines that can destroy body cells.

As German Rolls were first found in Swabia too, it's notable that Scwabs share the fesse of English Rolls/Role's. French Role's share the triple pale bars of Knights/Nights (Suffolk with KIDDs) while Scottish Nights/McKnights share the lion in the escutcheons of Rolls/Role's (look like they have the escutcheons of Cecils and Corrins). The Shoe's use a "knight," and the Trip shoes are in the colors and format of escutcheon-using Chips/Chippers (Worcestershire, same as KNIGHTons). Neither the Shoe nor Chip Coats shows anything else. Repeat: "Scottish Kidds share the Chief of Dougal-like Douglas'". Medals/Dougals were kin of Bauds, first found in the same place as Nemoys who in turn have a Shoe-like "show" motto term. Lookie: Shows/SCHAWs were first found in Baden with Grace's/Greggs and SCWABs!!! The latter are new to me today, Saturday. The Russian medallion is pointing to Klaus Schwab's skinchip lusts, but why a medallion for Russia's St. Petersburg?

It's just simply amazing that while Jeepma's/Cheps were first found in OLDENburg, Oldens essentially share the Show/Schaw Coat. Again, the medallion was found on the hood of my Jeep, and while Jeepma's are Cheps too, the Cheaps were first found in Stirlingshire with Show-loving Nemo's/Nimoys in the motto of PoinDEXTERs who in turn use the right = dexter FIST. The vaccine program was dubbed, "Warp Speed, in honor of Star Trek, and in one Star Trek movie, Leonard Nimoy killed God while portraying him as a cosmic lunatic, the very way that anti-Christs portray Christians.

The "timeo" motto term of Elons can play to this due to the white goat head in the Time/Timm Crest. Elon Musk wants skinchips in brains.

The Nots in the Nemo/Nimoy motto, sharing the Darlene Shield, are suspect with having the Schwab/Swab unicorn because Steve Mellanson (my old friend) pointed us in a miracle of God to the Note variation of the Nots a few weeks before God gave us a healing event with a cotton SWAB in his ear. Mellansons share the Not/Note crescents.

Mellanson challenged Joe Oullette and I to heal the ear with prayer, and after prayer, he was surprised not to draw blood from his ear with a to his brain, where we might expect some skinchip implants i.e. down the ear hole. Heals (Devon with Mellanson-beloved Rods) have a pale-bar-by-lozenges in the colors of the pale bar of Brains who in turn place leopard FACES on their pale bar for a good pointer to Fauci's. The Brain motto, "Enghien," suggests the Engain variation of Gains for a pointer to gain-of-function bio-weapons. Gains/Engains were first found in Huntingdonshire with the Lombard-line of Others/Otters while Mellansons ("bunch of rods") and their Milan/Millen and Mellan branches were from Milan, the Lombardy capital.

The Muriels and Murs are a topic soon below, and so here's a whammy of an heraldic set. The Murs, looking like kin of Scottish Lombards, have a Shield of lozengy in the colors of the giant Fauci lozenge. Spanish Murs/Muriels use "walls" in Chip/Chipper colors and format, and the German Wall pale bar is colors reversed from the one of German Neckers suspect in the "nec timeo" motto phrase of Elons. English Muriels share the Time/Timm fleur-de-lys, and have another pale bar that looks like it's honoring someone's red pale bar. Muriel Pollock was at Rothes (in Moray) while Rothes' were first found in Kent with TIME's/Timms in a Moray motto, "Deum time." The Muriel fleur-de-lys is that of Morinis' too, who are in the write-up of Deerings, first found in Kent.

The Maurels/Maurino's were first found in Milan with Gallia's, and Gallia was the mother of Tullia of Lyon, and so let's add that the red pale bar of Brains is that also of Tullia's/Tulls. Lyon is near Macon, and Macons are listed with Masons/Massins (Kent) who share the Moray mermaid. The mermaid's mirror is code for Mire's/MIREUX's while the French Murs are also Mureux's. I've just accidentally loaded Mureau's/Amours to find the lozenge of FAUX's, first found in Essex with the Peacocks in the Crest of English Muriels!! The French Faux's were first found in Perigord with Fauchys!

Essex is also where Musk-branch Muschats were first found, and the Elon motto probably shares in common the Speers/Spire's/Speyers with the motto of Masons/Massins. MASINo-Visconti was named partly by the Visconti's of Milan.

Muriel Pollock was a niece of the second Pollock, Robert, who in turn married Isabel, daughter of Eschyna de Molle who in turn married the Elon-line Alans. "Mole hills" are used by Shake's/Shakerleys, and the latter can be gleaned in the variations of Fauci-like Fake's (Shake/Shakerley colors). End insert]

I'm not sure if the following is a pointer to the TOUR GUIDE at the Frio bat cave, but with the female of Darlene's working so well into this hood picture, I think it can work. Auvergne's share the giant tower of French Tours, both towers in the colors and format of the ram of Auvergne's Bauds. English Tours/Thors were first found in Devon with Hoods/Hoots and Darlene's. As Bauds were a Bald branch, we then take it to German Balds sharing the GUIDo Shield. French Bauds were first found in Auvergne with Bouillons, and Godfrey de Bouillon, brother of king BALDwin (Jerusalem), was the son of Eustace II of Boulogne wile Guido's were first found in Bologna.

I kid you not, I did not intend to go to Godfrey and Baldwin when starting the paragraph above. The case for pointing to the bat cave was not string. However, after jotting down king Baldwin, I recalled by heart that Baldwins were not only first found in Shropshire with Bats, but share their saltire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God just lays out the bread crumbs, and they lead to gold over and over.

Why is the tour guide pointing to the proto-Zionist kings of Jerusalem? Do Rothschilds descend from Baldwin? Is the white Fang horse the Rothchild horse? Why did I ride Peare's white horse immediately after Kepke was on it? The Fang horse is the Waistell horse, and the latter's is on the quadrants of Mandy-connectable Rudes'/Rudge's (Shropshire with Bats and Balders). I was also on Mandy Simson's brown horse, perhaps a pointer to the brown horse of Pollock-suspect Fullers.

Miss Peare, whose family owned the horse, had a waist symbol given to her a few years ago. She lived in Unionville with Darlene Ray when I knew them, and Rays were first found in Cumberland with Waistells. The white Waistell horse is courant in design, same as the white horses of Fry's/Freys; the latter almost have the Ray Coat.

New: the only difference between the cuffed sleeve in the Waistell and Avis/Avisons Crests is the gold drops on the Waistell sleeve. It explains why Avis'/Avisons and Waistells share the same garbs. The Avis/Avison arm with sleeve holds a white anchor, the colors of the Hood/Hoot anchor, the the gold Pasleys anchor is the one of Packs (Sussex with Keeps) while Fullers share the Pasley Coat. Why do we think that Baldwins use a "pas" motto term if not for Paisley-branch Pasi's, first found in Bologna with Guido's? The sons of FULbert settled Pollok near/in Paisley, and a Pollock family married Leslie's who are in turn in the colors and format of the Waistell bend-with-garbs.

The granddaughter roughly of Peter Pollock married the cloud-using Watsons (share RODham stump) while that Pollock-Watson family married Leslie's. Pollok was named by the line of Flys of Flavian/Flagi, from VesPASIa Polla. We can go now to the flag-using Lure's, a sept of McLeods, for the Fly Crest has a "lure" with an armored arm. The Lure chevron-with-star is in the colors of the Watson chevron-with-crescents, and both chevrons are in the colors of the Rimmons/Crimmon / Armor / Tipper/Tippit chevron. I showed above how the latter surname is related to the sleeve of Avis'/Avisons, now discovered in the Waistell Crest too. The "SpectaMUR" motto term of Lure's is probably for Muriel Pollock, the one, I think, who married Watsons. Spanish Muriels are listed with Murs. "Mur" means "wall," which is why Muriels/Murs use "walls," and English Walls have a MURAL crown.

The Mur walls are in Chip/Chipper colors and format, and Buckle-loving Leslie's almost have the Coat of buckle-using Starlings/Starlincks, first found in Suffolk with Buckle's. The latter's Buckley branch uses "nec timide" in comparison with the "nec timeo" of Elons. It's making a connection of Elon Musk to chips. Though Elons use oak branches with acorns, the triple trees in the Elon Crest have no acorns, ditto for the timide-like Timothys/Tomaltys. Tomati's/Tomasi's look connectable to English Alans, and to the latter's kin of Rundels/Roundels (Kent with Time's/Timms and Rothes').

Tomati's/Tomaso's are in the colors of Drummonds and Murtac-like Merits/Meriels, suggesting that Muriel Pollock was named after Maurice Drummond somehow. Leslie's were Hungarians along with Drummonds, and Maurice Drummond was the son of George of Hungary and a woman of Podebrady, in Bohemia, explaining why German Franks were first found in Bohemia while English Franks share the Pollock Coat.

Speaking of Leslie's: Somebody online writes: "The barony of Rothes belonged, in the 12th century, to a family called Pollock, and by the marriage of the heiress Muriel de Pollock, passed to the family of Murthac, and again by subsequent heiresses, first to Watsons and then to the Leslie's, who in 1457 became Earls of Rothes." Another article: "Peter de Polloc's daughter, Muriel, lady of Rothes, was married to Walter Morthach, in 1220 probably..."

Murthac looks like he's of the Murs/Murats/Mureau's, who share a lozengy Shield (different colors) with Scottish Lombards, first found in Renfrewshire with Pollocks. Maurels/Maurino's of Milan come to mind, especially as French Maurels (Brittany with Alans) share the acorn with "timeo"-using Elons and the fleur-de-lys of Time's/Timms. The latter note only have a Coat like that of Cnuts/Note's/Nots, but both share a white head in Crest, and the Time's/Timms (Kent with Gode's/Goods) use a goat head while Goats/Gothams were first found in NOTTinghamshire with goat-using Bunnys.

French Maurels share the fleur of Brocks (Essex with Muschats) who in turn share the Stewart motto. Milan-line Mellansons (Aberdeenshire with same-colored Leslie's) were Cnut/Note/Not kin, and the latter virtually share the Crest of French Maurels (Mellanson / Cnut/Note colors). PodeBRADY is on the Labe river while "labi" is a motto term of French Maurels, and the Laps/Labbs' share the Moray mermaid.

English Muriels share the Morinis fleur-de-lys, indication of Morano-of-Sybaris Moor liners for the namers of Moray. Morinis' and Morano's were first found in MODEna, explaining why Modens almost have the Mus/Murat/Mureau Coat. Mureau-like Mireux's were of the mirror of the Moray mermaid.

The bat with fangs FELL from the SKYE, so to speak, and here we can go to the Fells who are in the colors and near-format of the Rimmons/Crimmons of Skye (same place as McLeods/Clouds). The triple Fell lozenges are fessewise in colors reversed from the three fessewise lozenges of Brix's/Brests. This connects us again to Barksdale's/Brickdale's who were all over Rothes of Moray. The Fells have the eight-pointed star of Ducs/LeDucs in colors reversed, shared by Bellys, first found in Moray and having a chevron in the colors and format of the Watson chevron i.e. linkable to the Rimmon/Crimmon chevron. Fells were first found in Dundee with the Kids who in turn share the Moray stars in the way Douglass' of Moray do. The Kid tree (with ROOTs) looks like the Watt and Watson tree.

Thus, my attending church with Mrs. Deeter in Barksdale has gotten us to James LeDuc, who is online said to have been involved with setting up parts of the Wuhan lab. This heraldic link does not appear coincidental due to the Fells being so potentially linkable to Barksdale's, and it was the bat that fell from the sky that's pointing to Fang Fang.

Roets (share "book" with Scottish Reeds) share the Watson tree on a mound. Watts (tree shows Roots while Roets were a Rothes branch) almost share the Crest of Rieti-line Reeds and Hays, and the latter's "jugum" motto term is suspect with Jugon, a location in Cotes d'Armor near the Rance river. It works because Hays were first found in Perthshire with Rance-branch Rinds. The latter trace to St. Malo because they share the English Mallet scallops while French Mallets are Malo's too. English Mallets were first found in Suffolk with Eye, and the Watts have an eye. Eye is near the Norfolk border and thus near the first-know Shouldhams (Norfolk with Risings) who in turn share the rising-falcon design (different color) of Reeds and Hays.

The overwhelming sense I'm having is that the two songline miracles today each using "shoulder" was intended to get us to Ainsley Earhardt and Haydens, especially Hades'/Hats (Dorset, near Bath) sharing the Bath cross. There was a third songline miracle today at the song, "Beautiful Beautiful," by Francesca Battistelli, and while I stopped scrolling at the Rieti-line Reeds to go to the TOILET, Tollets/Tulls share the "pyramid" with Battistelli's. Batti's and Stelli's both use eight-pointed stars, and German Steels share the Tull/Tullia pale bar, wherefore it's notable that Batti's/Botto's, first found in CREMona, where the ice-CREAM points in pointing to Fauci, are in Pickle colors and format. Raymundo's, first found in Cremona, share the checkered Shield of Fauci- / Face-branch Fiscs (Norfolk with Shouldhams), can we believe it?

I'm now wondering how many dead people the Fauci crime syndicate is placing into a "pickle" to preserve their BODY part for sale to hospitals? That makes a lot of sense. There are liquids that dead bodies can be put into to preserve their organs. That makes a lot of sense coming from "tyPICAL." The Tollet/Tull checks are shared by Checkers, the latter first found in Hampshire with Changers, FLYs, as well as Bidens/Buttons of Bath and the BODYs/BOTTERs. The latter have a Coat reflection of the Shouldhams (Norfolk same as Drops/Trope's sharing the Tollet/Tull Chief). Tulls/Tulia's use the BUTTERfly. Is this potential pointer to BODY organs the reason that God steered me to Shouldhams?

I put on the kettle after seeing the Reeds, and the "Bono" motto term of Kettle's is almost the "bona" of Ore's and the "bon" of Hicks. Ore's have a "cornuCOPIA" to go with the "PAX copia" motto term of Reeds. Packs were first found in Sussex with Bone's. The "ORGAN pipe's" of Lets/Late's looks interesting because they share the Reed saltire. As the Reed Coat is in the colors and format of Scottish Pike's/Picks/Pickens, is this another pointer to preserving organs in pickle juices?

I almost missed this. The organs pipes of Lets/Late's are justified exactly with the Shouldhams because they have a "VigiLATE": motto term!!! That has got to be why God used "shoulder" twice. It tends to mean that He wanted the Shouldhams to topic, and this in turn tends to mean that there's going to be murders and organ sales involved with my knocking on Muschatov's window. It pointed to Ukraine, and I've seen organ-sales stories from the Ukraine! Zinger, it's a zinger.

I've just googled "organ sales ukraine," and the first result has this title: "Ukraine tops Europe in organ trafficking - BioEdge". Is that not extremely horrible and yet incredible on how I fell upon this theme heraldically. I think we can expect such a story from Fox and Friends, why else are we pointing to Miss Earhardt here?

Imagine deliberately selling organs of vaccine-destroyed people to perpetuate "population control." They get gangsters at funeral homes sneaking bodies out of caskets, and into the pickle juices their vaccine-poisoned parts go, even if the individuals didn't sign off to donating the parts. In the news section below, there is a video about rampant human meat being sold through restaurants. The bodies are thought to come from funeral homes.

[Insert Wednesday eve -- After coming to Crickets below, I noted that they have the Chief-Shield colors of Doners, and moreover both Scottish Simsons and Crickets have three crescents in Chief. In the news section of this insert, there is a video on food chains mixing human-body meat into hamburgers and sausages. The devils are planning to do this with crickets en-masse. It's even possible that many child abductions are for selling bodies for meat. Imagine, someone murdering a child for a few hundred dollars in sausage meat. CURSED DEVILS someone please shoot these abductors, no mercy.

I was eating pretzels this day, from even before this insert was written the day after the pretzels above. In fact, the pretzel bag was sealed only a minute ago.

Crickets share the crescents of Cheeks/Checks/Chicks (Oxfordshire too), and the Cricket Chief is that of Diane's/Deans too, recalling Diane Muschatov choking on a chicken bone. Muschats were kin of Love's/Luffs (Oxfordshire) who in turn share the red Cheek/Check/Chick patee-fitchee. Love's/Luffs and Muscats/Musks have lion heads to match the red Cricket / Oxford lion. Choke's, probably kin of Amore's and Damorys of Oxfordshire, have the triple Luff/Love fesses in colors reversed. Chocks are listed with Chicks, first found in Essex with Muschats. End insert]

[Insert -- It's almost midnight after writing the insert above. I've just had a stir-fry, with potatoes, butternut squash, onions and peanuts, all dipped in spicy SOUR CREME. Then I loaded the Sour surname to recall that it brings up the Sauers from the Sau = Sava river. The write-up says: "The family, which originated from the Sau river region, became prominent in local affairs in the KRAIN, CARINTHian, and Styrian regions". That's the Coronis line to Crane-line Ceraunii at the Sava and Urbanus rivers.

Let's now go to the Cremers/Cramer write-up because of sour CREAM: "This name is often rendered MacTRAYNor or MacTreanor in English, but the Anglicizations Mac CRAINor and MacCreanor are actually more phonetically accurate." Isn't that something? Ukraine-like Crainors looking like they were from Ceraunii. And Trains/Trayne's even share a giant, red lion with Sours/Sauers. Trays/Treys (CORNwall) have three of the Hone fesses, and the latter have been lately resolved from the Una/Oeneus tributary of the Sava.

Is this to tell me not to buy sour cream anymore? Are they vaccinating dairy cows, poisoning their milk? Oh no.

I finished this insert yesterday as I begin this paragraph, and WOWOW, you will not believe this. On the Sava river above the Ceraunii were the Breuci, and while the Sour/Sauer write-up has Mr. Galleri, Gallerys/Galloways share the English Bruce Coat. It explains why Scottish SOWERbys were first found in Galloway, even with Fergus'/Ferris in turn sharing the giant Sour/Sauer and Russell lion. Russells (Dorset with Soars/Sors') share the scallops of Tarvisium-like Travis'. Sowerbys share the annulet of Vito's/Vita's, first found in Tarvisium, near the Sava river, explaining why Savers (beside Sava-river Russells) share the same annulet, and why "vita" is a motto term of Saver-like Saffers, i.e. all from the Sava river. At least some of these lines can be traced to emperor SEPTimius SEVERus, tending to explain why Saxons/SEPTons have "chaplets" looking like the Saver / Sowerby annulet. Saxons/Septons were first found in Lancashire with a Sowerby location, where Carltons (Whalley kin) were first found who look like Dent kin. Emperor Severus married the sister of Julia Maesa (Maezaei were on the Sava), wife in turn of Julius AVITus.

The WOWOW didn't come until I finished the paragraph above: the English Carltons share the Hanson mascles in colors reversed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Katrina Hanson was the fist ice-CREAM girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hansons were first found in Yorkshire with two Sowerby locations, and with Bruce's. Hanna's (Trump stag head in colors reversed) were first found in Galloway!!! Trump the vaccine-pushing fraud, the mass-murdering, money-loving narcissist supported by all sorts of Christian goats and fools. Play it safe with Jesus, stop following Trump news. Ignore the self-interested fraud like you would ignore the devil. That's what I do.

Moreover, Hansons were first found in Yorkshire with Anne's/Hanne's, and with Dents! Perfect. Hanson-like Hannons have a bend-with-crosses in the colors and format of Dents and Carltons. Repeating from above, keep eyes out for the Dents: "Eke's/Eickle's are in the colors of the Eccles axes. The Eccles', with an "defenDENDo" motto term to indicate Dents, were first found in Lancashire with Tipps' in "typical," with Ecclestone's, and with axe-using, Dent-like Dennis' [and with Carltons of Sowerby]. Dennis Quinn loaned me his parents' car to take Katrina Hanson on our first date after she agreed to date me while she handed me an ICE-cream cone."

The car he loaned me was a Valiant, and the Valiant surname (Yorkshire) is the only surname I know of with a shark. Valiant-like Vallans share the Sarasin moline while Sharks were from the Saracen people group. Russells (Dorset with Sour-like Soars/Sors) use a "sara" motto term. The Valiant Coat shares the Chief-Shield colors of Wrays (Lancashire with the Sowerby of Carltons) who in turn share the martlets of RAYmonds, and Darlene Ray/Wray was the second ice-cream girl some seven or eight months after I stopped seeing Katrina. The Wray / Raymond martlets are colors reversed from the same of French Charles'/Charlotte's, a clear branch of Carltons. Aren't you glad I had sour cream last night?

Welsh Carltons share the coat of Trains that we crossed with the CRAINor and Traynors in the Cremer write-up. The Raymundo's who were first found in CREMona share the red-white checks in the Arms of Croatia, and the Ceraunii lived in Croatia...and probably named Croatians because they were also called, KRVati. Change the 'v' to a 'u' to get "Ceraunii." They go to the Cravens of Yorkshire, and while Meschins married Skiptons of Craven, Meschins were kin of the Travis' we crossed shortly above. English Carlsons were first found in Suffolk with Crauns/Crane's, and the Carlsons even share the eagle of Irish Henrys, first found in Tyrone with Sharks. Sorry to spoil the flow of the topic before the insert. End insert]

As Miss Simson invited me to go see the bat caves where "tyPICAL" was the codeword, I've just loaded Scottish Simsons for the first time today, because I know by heart that they have the Chief-Shield color combination of Doners in colors reversed. Doners were looked up as per "organ donor." And by the way, before starting this paragraph, I made myself a chick-pea with herring salad (first time with herring), with a few red Pepperds, and put a PICKLE to the side. The pickle has a couple of bites out of it as I write. I'm been munching on pretzels while writing this paragraph.

Scottish Simsons have a brown bird in Crest, looking like a falcon in attack mode. I've got it recorded: "The Simpson Crest is a falcon, linkable to the falconer's gloves of Sins/Sions. Sinsons/Zinzans use the falcon too,..." That works where Sion-connectable Seatons/Sittens were first found in east Lothian with Simms'. The "nutriOR" motto term of Scottish Simsons connects to the Ore-kin of Shouldhams, and it was Miss Simson who parked on the shoulder when we saw the beautiful woman who uttered, "typical males." The Males'/Mails were first found in Cheshire with Picots.

The herring in the salad doesn't taste good at all. I've been previously using tuna, which is much better. I'm going through some of my stored cans. The PRETzels I've just finished are interesting as per the "Pray and watch" translated motto of Wake's partly because the Wake Coat is almost that of Mules'/Mule's (Devon same as Pike's!), and partly because English Prays are also PRETers. BUT THERE IS MORE, wow, for while the beautiful woman can be said to be pretty, Prettys/Prets (Staffordshire, beside Cheshire) share the stars of Scottish Pike's/Picks/Pickens!!! She said, "tyPICAL males," and Males'/Mails named Mules-like Meoles.

Doners are listed with DonaHUE's while Hue's/Hugh's have a giant lion in the colors of the lion heads of Males'/Mails. The latter were first found in Cheshire with earl Hugh Lupus (and Dons), which works with the wolves in the Doner/Donahue and Pray/Preter Coats. Dons share the double fesses of Nicolsons/Nickers while Nickels (Cheshire with Cardine's and Males'/Mails) share the pheon of wolf-head Cardine's who are in turn in Males/Mail format and colors reversed from them.

Hugh Lupus' wolf head was in the colors used for it by BATHers, the latter first found in Flintshire (beside Cheshire) with the Pictons in turn sharing the English Simson lion, and beside the Pennants who have a Coat much like the one of English Simsons. Plus, Penns/Pence's were first found in Buckinghamshire with both Simson surnames. Bats were first found in Shropshire, beside Cheshire and Staffordshire's Prays/Prets. I gotta say, it looks like God set me up with pretzels tonight.

Indeed, the Prays/Preters share the white wolf head with Bathers and with the Picot Crest, and I've just learned that the Picot arrow heads (the "pike heads") are in colors reversed (same design) with Simmers, whom I looked up as per the "Kymmer" motto term of Hue's/Hugh's. Picots share "Tout" in their motto with Hicks', and while Hicks use an "HEURE" motto term to boot, Houstons/HUGHstons (GLASgow) use a HOURglass. Houstons/Hughstons, first found in Renfrewshire with Shouldham-connectable Knocks/Knox's and Ore's, translate their motto, "In Time," like the "ALL IN good time" of Hicks'. ALLINs/Alans, with a fesse colors reversed from the one of Hicks, became the Stewarts who not only lived in Renfrewshire bigly, but share the Houstons/Hughston checks.

I visited the brother of Miss Simson in Houston. Miss Hicks' husband had family in Houston. Some medical orgs in Houston are probably very privy to the Galveston National Lab of James LeDuc.

I can barely believe this. I first recalled that the herring-like Herons have a version of the Haveran/Hearn Coat, which I thought was interesting because the Haveran/Hearn herons are in the colors of the Doner/Donahue wolves. Instead of loading Herons, I tried for a Herring surname, and found two, and only then were the Herons (Puckle colors and format) loaded to see that they share the motto of English Simsons!!! I put heron into my salad tonight, and upon the top of the salad, I put a whole pickle (because I didn't want to chance slicing it into the salad). Believe it or not. I took one for the team tonight, a yuck salad dinner compliments of God's will. I assume. It's not the worst he's done to me for these writing projects.

I just want to record, as per God sending a stool pigeon to my septic tank, that late this afternoon (December 6), after the kettle was put on for tea, I went out to remove the lid to the septic tank to check whether, after 15 years, it needs to be pumped out. I couldn't believe it when I put the shovel into the tank, it went to the bottom i.e. no solid matter whatsoever. It's the first time I've checked it (grass needs to be removed to get to the lid).

As I've said many times, a few days after the first-ever pigeon I saw at my property walked over the septic = stool tank, three doves WHIRLed around the adjacent maple tree. I said at that time the Males'/Mails were at WIRRAL. Wirrals have black lions in both colors of the Males/Mail lion heads. This can explain the timing of my checking the tank today. I don't think I've yet identified the stool pigeon in real life.

English Herrings look like an Hebron branch. Compare "Hebron" to "Haveran." Plus, while Hebrons have the Trysts/Trice's in their motto, the latter were first found in Cornwall with Haverons/HAFERings/HEVERings (share Herring lion), a potential branch of Hovers/Hoffers/HOFFs (Westphalia, same as Pickle-connectable Allers). English Hoffs/Huffs (Cheshire, with Males'/Mails) share the Males/Mail bend. The last update had the stool pigeon, Andrew Huff. Does that work for the septic tank?

I think I'll add that Dutch Herrings use anchors, as do Avisons, the latter being a branch of Avezzano's, first found in Sardinia. Herrings are adult Sardines.

Typical Hangers

Next task, to see if the last syllable in "typiCAL" is a pointer to Cals/Kallers, and, if so, why? The feasibility is where they almost share giant griffin of English Alberts who in turn have a "savage" while Savage's/Sava's are like the Irish Shaws who have a "Te IPsum" motto phrase shared by Pendragons who in turn share the helmet with Kennedys of TIPPERary, and Pendragons were first found in Cornwall with TIPPERs/Tippits. This is how I found the TIPPS'/Tippins in the first place, from the Pendragon motto phrase...which I have not been able to decipher in any other way, so far as I recall. It can be added that "te" is a Savage/Sava motto term too. Thus, we are spelling "TYPiCAL." Again, if God arranged this, why point to Cals? I have a theory.

But first, let's add that Pendragons share the open helmet with Dragon-related Mynetts, first found in Kent with English Alberts i.e. who almost have the Cal/Kaller Coat. I've seen the Mynett description telling that they use "oPEN" helmets, apparent code for the part-namers of PENdragons. Helmet-like Helms share pheons on black with Tipps/Tippins.

I made the case above that the Pendragon motto is part-code for Tipps/Tippins, and as Irish Shaws have the full Pendragon motto in reverse order, we can add that Irish Shaws are in Fly colors and format. On top of this, Dragons are in Potter colors and format. "Fly catcher" is a motto phrase of the translated motto of Dragon-like Drake's, first found in Hampshire with Flys, Potters, Pots, but also with Ghents. The latter, with a Chief in the colors and format of the Tipps/Tippins, have the eagles of Irish Shaws in their Chief. Danish, Ghent-like Cnuts have "POT HANGERs", and Hangers were first found in Hampshire too who have the split-colored Cal/Kaller griffin, how about that.

Ghent-connectable Gaunts were first found in Ghent-like Kent with Dragon-related Mynetts. The Arms of Kent is a giant horse in the colors of the giant Fang horse. "Typical female" had pointed to Fang Fang.

I just want to repeat that the Russian medallion on my JEEP had seemingly pointed to Trump, or to his Russia-collusion saga, but I didn't have the Cals/Kallers at that time to make that case, who share the hexagram of JEEPma's/Cheps, and moreover have the horizontally-split Shield of Groce's/Greggs to which the medallion pointed.

With the Cals/Kallers sharing the Hanger griffin, we can go to trumpet-using Calls/Calles' in neighboring Wiltshire, where also the Box's were first found who share the Cal/Kaller / Albert griffin. The Box Crest is even the demi-griffin in the Hanger Crest. The theory thereby is that "typical," which has pointed to the Wuhan bats, is a pointer to Trump's vaccine trafficking.

While Danish Cnuts love Hangers, English Cnuts have a reflection of the Darlene Coat. The "FEMALE figure" in the Darlene Crest holds a Box-like "book," and Box's were first found beside Somerset of book-using Roets. The female figure wears a robe while Robe's/Robbs almost have the Coat of Honors/Honens suspect in the "HONORabit" motto term of Hangers. The latter share the escarbuncle with French Rays while Darlene Ray took us to the "female figure," a symbol acceptable in this heraldic set because we are on the "typical female" bat with fangs.

Hangers (beside FACE's) are also Angers, and there is another English Anger surname, both using the "escarbuncle". Then, the Angers share the FAUCi lozenge, what are the chances? The Fauci Shield is split in the colors of the split Cal/Kaller / Hangers/Anger griffin. Plus, along with Trump and Fauci, the scarf lady, Deborah BIRX, appeared on the nightly COVID report, and BERKshire is where English Shaws were first found. Debbie's were first found in Hampshire with Hangers/Angers.

This Arms of Traby, with three strings looking like a 666, shares the five white feathers in the Caen/Can Crest, justifying the latter's trace to the Ceno, near the Trebia. The dragon of Drake's has a tail looking like 666. Trabys/Sadowski's use a "scarf," and the Taro river is a tributary of the Trebia while I trace Caens/Cans to the Ceno tributary of the Taro. Taras'/Tarrs were first found in Somerset with Cable's almost having the Cave / Caen Coat. The Cavii Illyrians were on the DRIN river with the PENEStae, and the latter were the proto-Pendragons because DRAINers are listed with Dragons. Surprise. PENES'/Pennys were first found in Northamptonshire with Fauci-branch Face's.

What do bats do in their caves? Hang. What do they do when not hanging? Fly. This didn't come to mind until after going through the Hanger-and-Fly material above.

The mark of the beast is suspect as a vaccine PASS, and Pass'/Pascals were first found in Essex with the Muschats who in turn show nothing but three chevrons. Above the '6' on your keyboard is a chevron.

I'd like to go back to the Book-like Bocks/Bokke's with nearly the Kepke/Kopke Coat. I'd like to show how the "NobLESSe" motto term of Bocks/Bokke's applies to a Lesce location on the upper Sava river near the Japodes. As was said, Lesce is beside Bled while Bleds/Bles' tend to allow us to read the motto also as "NoBLESSe obLIGE." The Lige's happen to be listed with Lise's/Leash's (almost "Less") who have two of the triple chevrons of Bleds/Bles'. Anytime we are on Kepke liners with TRIPLE chevrons, figure the Traby-like TRYPILLians of Kiev in code.

Bats have radar, and there is a radar surname listed with Rads who share the HEXagram (SIX points) of Jeepma's/Jappa's/Cheps, suspect with the Japodes at/near Bled. The Noble's suspect in "NOBLEsee" have blue lions possible from the Bruce's expected from the Breuci, shown on this light map a little down-river from Bled and Lesce (not shown but beside Emona).

Less/Lesks were first found in BERKshire, and Barkers/Berkers can apply because Barksdale's/Brickdale's share the full Noble motto, which shares "fide" with Barkers/Berkers. The latter share the Crest of Leslie's while the Leslie buckles link to Bucks (Norfolk with Leslie-related Case's), and Bucks are the ones sharing the motto of Barksdale's/Brickdale's and Noble's. Buckle's were first found in Suffolk with the Clare's having the Bled/Bles Coat in colors reversed.

I've seen the Dutch Berker-like Bergers/Burgers (Berk/Burgh colors) showing triple chevrons in the colors of the triple fesses they now show, and the triple chevrons happen to be colors reversed from the same of Bleds/Bles'. Barkers/Berkers almost have the Coat of Pools/Pole's who named Poole near the Stour river while the neighboring Sturs share the triple Berger/Burger fesses. Sturs were first found in Hampshire with the Lise's/Liss'. French Pole's share the French Berger Coat.

Pools/Pole's were first found in Dorset, beside the Box's, and beside also the Book-loving Roets. The Pool/Pole Coat is a version of the Auvergne Coat, making sense where the BOCKs/Bokke's, the ones with "Noblesse," almost have the Coat of Bauds/BAUX's, first found in Auvergne.

Scottish Bauds were first found in Stirlingshire with Cheaps, and Stirlings/STURlings can be connected to Sturs because the Scottish Drummonds of Stirling's Drymen location essentially share the Stur Coat. Scottish Drummonds were first found in Perthshire with Hagars who in turn share the hexagram of Jeepma/Jappa's/Cheps. The "MODESte" motto term of Hagars can go to Modes'/Modeys/MODENs, first found in Berkshire with Less'/Lesks, and linked solidly above to MODENa. Arch's were first found in Berkshire too, and then MODANE is on the Ark river of Savoy with Chambre while French Chambre's (Savoy, same as French Chance's) share the flory Shield of Pools/Pole's and Auvergne's.

Sturs were first found in Hampshire with Case-like Chace's sharing the Noble lion, making Chace's and Chance's look like they share the white patonce of Nobs/Noppe's (Norfolk with Case's). English Chance's were first found in Essex with Este's suspect in the "ModESTE" of the Hagars.

With Hagars sharing the Radar/Rad hexagram, it would be nice to be able to link the Chace / Chance patonce to the cross in the same colors of Bat-line Baths who named Bath near the sources of the Stour river. Ah, patonce-like Patents/Pattens were first found in Essex with Chance's, and Pattons (not "Patten") were first found in Shropshire with Bats! I didn't think it could be done when writing, "it would be nice," but then what you just read dawned on me. Hagar was the concubine of Abraham, and Abram-like Bramtons were first found in Norfolk with Case's and Nobs/Nopps. Abraham lived near Nob of Israel.

I'm trying to figure out why this particular heraldic set should be linkable to the bat cave in the Frio canyon, for the inclusion of Barksdale's to the discussion suggests that link along with Radars. Frio-like Frys/Freys were first found in Wiltshire, right-near Bath. Baths were first found in Somerset with Cable's who with Cave's in turn looks related to the Modes' suspect in the Hagar motto. Cable's share the fretty Shield of Cave's, only Cable's use it in Nob/Noppe colors, but also in the colors of the checkered Shield of RADice's/Radix's.

For reasons we just crossed, "NobLESSE" can be code for families from Lissus of the CAVii Illyrians. Liss'/Liss' were first found in Hampshire with the Chase's in turn sharing the Noble lion. The Cavii were at least beside Kotor.


I've said that the end of the Obama dream of early 2017 had a whistle blower that Obama was disappointed with. He was suspect with one of the two James Bakers or both. One James Baker (ONA director) was of the military, and the other with the chief legal team for Obama's FBI. James Baker of ONA was working with Stefan Halper, and it just so happens that Halpers/Halfpennys were a branch of HELPs/Halps/Halfs who are in turn traceable to the Helpe river, location of Avesnes, a place named by the Avezzano bloodline. Halpers and Halfs look like they may have been branches of Haverons/Haferings. Haafs/Have's share ducks with VELINs (Westphalia with Hovers/Hoffers/Hoffs) while mont AVELINo is beside Avezzano. That's amazing. I didn't get to the James Baker article below until a few minutes AFTER writing on Hovers / Haferings above.

By the way, Mr. Halperin was/is the husband of KERI Lake while Helps/Halps/Halfs share the Kerry Shield. The pointer to Keri Lake started with Brace's, and Bracebridge's were first found in Lincolnshire with Helps/Halps/Halfs. Lincolnshire is where IVO Taillebois may have lived with his wife, Lucy (she was of Lincolnshire), and to the HIVE and bees of Kerrys may be code for the line of this Ivo, for he was from the Bessin while Bessins (look like Males/Mail kin) use bees. Bracebridge's have a "Be" motto term, and Ives'/Ivys' were first found in Lincolnshire. The Coat of Bessins (Cheshire with Males/Mails and Marble's) is in the format of, and colors reversed from, the Lake Coat (looks related to Marble's).

James Baker of the FBI was at Twitter until this week. It's Tuesday evening as I write, and news has just revealed telling that James Baker was the one in charge of releasing the revelations that went to Matt Taibbe. Who in tarnation put Baker in charge of that task? Did Musk do it? Who else? Is Musk a fraud thereby? Surely, if Musk is going to make revelations, he's not going to put someone in charge who's going to resist the revelations. Therefore, how could Baker worm himself into a position where he's in charge of what goes out?

Why didn't the person put in charge by Musk complain to him about Baker's intrusion? It's not making sense where Musk is saying he's surprised by Baker's suppression of hand-outs. James Baker is widely-known, deep-state troll with a lot at stake even for his own self. Musk has quickly come out to say he fired Baker, like one doing fast damage-control for PR purposes, but we hear of nothing about the one who was initially put in charge, and why he's not being fired for allowing Baker to take over. There may not have been anyone else. Musk may have put Baker in charge to assure no serious harm comes to the FBI. It makes sense that the FBI threatened Musk until he put an FBI handler in charge. Matt says:

On Friday, the first installment of the Twitter files was published here. We expected to publish more over the weekend. Many wondered why there was a delay.

We can now tell you part of the reason why. On Tuesday, Twitter Deputy General Counsel (and former FBI General Counsel) Jim Baker was fired. Among the reasons? Vetting the first batch of “Twitter Files” – without knowledge of new management.

The process for producing the “Twitter Files” involved delivery to two journalists (Bari Weiss and me) via a lawyer close to new management. However, after the initial batch, things became complicated. Over the weekend, while we both dealt with obstacles to new searches, it was @bariweiss who discovered that the person in charge of releasing the files was someone named Jim. When she called to ask “Jim’s” last name, the answer came back: “Jim Baker.”

"My jaw hit the floor,” says Weiss.

I suppose it's possible that Baker released the material out thus far, perhaps explaining why Obama was disappointed with the whistle-blower in the dream. However, Baker may be releasing only the material that does not implicate the FBI, especially when the FBI asked him his opinions on how best to censor the political opposition. Baker may have tried to scrub Twitter files of most of the damning material, and may have decided to throw the DNC under the bus so that he "looks good" in order to able to continue as the gatekeeper to revelations.

Dutch Bakers are Beckers too, and German Beckers share the checkered fesse of Steele's while James Baker was the FBI lawyer when the FBI hired Christopher Steele. Beach's/Bechs almost have the Clapper Coat while Clappers share the sun of Hesse's/Hessels while Dutch Bakers/Beckers almost have the Hazel/Hessel Coat.

I didn't get to the article below until adding the Keri-Lake aside above, and this is very interesting:

...The lawsuit, filed on behalf of Lake and Finchem, demanded paper ballots be used during the 2022 general election because of problems that occurred involving election machines during the August primary.

U.S. District Judge John TUCHI, a far-left Obama appointee to the bench, called the lawsuit “baseless” and ordered sanctions against Lake and Finchem’s attorneys.

Tuchi stated “that Plaintiffs made false, misleading, and unsupported factual assertions in their [blah-blah-trash]...”

I did an extensive heraldic set pointing to Finchem and 2020 election fraud in Phoenix which included the Phoenix/Fenwick surname sharing the "phoenix" in Crest with Tufts/Tuffs', the latter first found in Cheshire with TOUCH's/Tuffs!!!! The corrupt judge for Kari Lake's and Finchem's cases, Mr. TUCHI! It works.

Mark Finchem was pointed to by Lorraine's Finch bus-subway station, and because I saw her there while I was with Joe Oullette. Decades later, less than two years ago, he appeared in a Joe's-van dream deciphered as being on the Phoenix election fraud. Two or three weeks before seeing her at the Finch station, Joe's brother gave Lorraine a babe symbol, and that included the discovery that Babe's were kin of Beaks, which worked well later because Beaks and Oullette's (bars gemel) share the triple fesses of Finchems, in the colors of the one fesse of Finch's. Babe's not only have a Coat similar to Finchems, but share two fingers pointing in Crest with Touch's/Tuffs!

[Insert -- The day after writing above, I put an insert near the top of this update in which a new thing was said, "Wears/Were's (definitely a Vere branch) look by their Coat like kin of Leak-like Lake's because Lake's were first found in Oxfordshire with the Vere rulers there." I'm so dinged here because Wears/Were's share the crosslets of Tufts/Tuffs'. Ding-ding.

The Wear/Were motto is shared by Brace-like Bruce's. The pointer to Keri Lake was by Mamie and I emBRACing in a lake, and it just so happens that Bracebridge's share the "crozier" with Wears/Were's. It's not surprising if Brace's/Bras' have a reflection of the Lake Coat for a related reason, and that proposed relationship was the initial basis of pointing the embrace to Keri Lake. Therefore, this insert tends to verify that Brace's were Lake kin, super-duper.

PLUS, BE AMAZED, BEHOLD. The Wear/Were Crest shares a lion holding a gold cross with Halperins, and Kari Lake was once Kari Halperin. The Halperins happen to use a checkered Shield in the colors of the similar Bracebridge Shield!!! BEHOLD, because the human makers of heraldry did not know that Miss Lake would marry Mr. Halperin. I've told that OWL-line Joe OULlette pointed to Arizona fraud for the 2020 election, and here we can add that the Wear/Were Crest is essentially the one of owl-using Sledge's/Sleights/Sleys (share the gold Halperin and Halp fitchee).

Sleight-like Slate's share the chevron of Quints, once said to be first found in Essex with Sledge's/Sleights/Sleys, explaining why both the latter and Quints share a lion paw holding a gold fitchee, as do Halper(in)s. Sledge hammers to voting machines are good. It's the Halper-like Alberts who have the savage holding a "sledge," and Sledge's came up earlier in this update with HALPERts/Halberts. Italian Alberts were first found in Bologna with the Pepoli's in turn sharing the checkered Shield of Halperins, explaining why Popoli's (not "Pepoli") have a horizontally-split Shield colors reversed from the same of German Alberts. Pepin-branch Pipe's were first found in Staffordshire with the Bassets having a "populo" motto term.

The Wear/Were hunting horn is shared by Brace-like Brechs, first found in Shropshire with Hobbs'! Kari Lake is running for Arizona governor against Katie Hobbs the hellish cheat. The Bruce lion is in the Hobbs Crest. None of this shows indication, that I can see, as per which of the two ladies will be the next Arizona governor.

The Bracebridge motto, "BE as God will," looks hopeful for defeating the Hobbs crew. Mamie's thigh, hours after we embraced in the lake, pointed to two surnames with "God," one being in the motto of Sinclairs along with "thy," and German Gode's almost have the Thy/Thigh Coat! That's amazing. Looking Gode. Looking bee-utiful, for Bee's/Beas' (share Vere quadrants) were first found in Oxfordshire with Lake's. "BE AS God will."

As I've said, while the Bracebridge Crest has a crozier, the Bracebridge Shield is the one of Scottish Champagne's because the Arms of Chalons-en-Champagne use a Coat of the Scottish Crozier's sharing the Cruce cross. It explains why Bracebridge's were first found in Lincolnshire with Croce's ("Cruce") who in turn share the Bee/Beas quadrants. Halperins/Halfpennys (share gold fitchee of Helps/Halps/Halfs) and Helps/Halps/Halfs are connectable to Avesnes on the Helpe river, and as I've said many times, a noble of Avesnes, Margaret, married the Dampierre's of Champagne, explaining why French Champagne's share the potent pattern on a bend with Avezzano's.

The Bee/Beas Crest has the green dragon of the Crichton/Creighton Crest. The latter have a motto, "God send grace." Clue? Ahh, Crickets were first found in Oxfordshire with Lake's! The Cricket lion design was once in the Chief of Oxfords (lions are in the same colors). Cricks/Cracks nearly have the Wear/were Crest! Look at all of that rich material. The Crick/Crack pale bar is shared in colors reversed with Crutch's/Crooch's, and while a crozier is like a crutch, the potent feature of heraldry is taken from the tops of crutches...explaining why the Scottish Champagne's have a Shield much like that of English Patents/Pattens.

The only thing missing in this discussion is a broken Dominion-Voting machine. Then again, the Voters (share Hobbs eagle) have variations like the Gaudets/Gode's (in Legg Crest) to which Mamie and I pointed the night before our holding in the lake, at the CAMP site. Could "CHAMPagne" point to the election campaign? Bellows/Ballots even have a fox head to go with the Thigh fox. Scottish Champagne's were first found in Leicestershire with the Legro river, and Mame-connectable Leaks/Leakeys use the leg. Amazingly, while Leggs use a "Gaudet TENTamine" motto phrase, "tent" is a motto term of the Crockets sharing the Cricket and Croc crescent.

Cricks/Cracks were first found in Yorkshire with black-dog Craggs, suggesting a branch of black-dog Carricks, especially as there's a black dog in the Crocket Crest. Marjory Carrick (mother of the royal Bruce's suspect with Brace's) is thought to be the mother of Thomas Randolph, first earl of Moray. Molle's have the Moray Coat plus.

As Crockets (Lanarkshire, beside Paisley) share the stars of Moray's Innis, they look very connectable to Eschyna de Molle's husband, Mr. Croc. ESKINs/Erskins share the pale bar of Cricks/Cracks/Crocks and Crutch's/Crooch's. While I was viewing the Crockets, a song was singing "Y'SHUA," and this was realized just as I noted that the Crocket stars are those of SHOE's. The Shoe's use a "wall" while German Walls have the single Eskin/Erskin pale bar! Beauty.

The CROCodile shoes and boots of Michael Zlochevsky are being pointed to here! Amazing. I've just came back here most of the way through this insert, after writing the Cricket insert a little above this one, where I went from Crickets to the Ukrainian, Diane Muschatov, choking on a bone. Zlochevsky is Ukrainian...who needs to choke on a bone.

Choke's (Chaucer / Chalk branch) were Pasley kin, and share the stork with the Croce Crest. Choke's almost have the Coat of Amore's and Damorys/Amori's while Italian Amori's were first found in Sardinia with Avezzano's. End insert]

OULlette's were gleaned as Owls/Howls due to Oullette connection with Monmouths, and therefore with Howells of Monmouthshire. This week, I found the Hulleys, listed with Oullette-like Howlets/Owletts, using the owl, and having a Shield in Owl/Howl colors. Moreover, though not in the same colors, Hulleys/Owletts share towers with Howells. The amazing thing is that the Hulley/Owlett towers are black, as is the giant DOMINO tower, and Joe Oullette, in the Joe's-van dream, pointed to DOMINION Voting's cheating machines. On top of this, the Howley/Owletts use the ship while Ships use "bellow" fans while Bellows are also Ballots! Therefore, as ballots are for election voting, it tends to convince me even more that God is the creator of that dream, and that He wants us to be concerned with, or watch, the Arizona fraud saga.

Houlets/Houle's are in Hulley/Owlett colors, and the latter were first found in Yorkshire with Hulls. Hulleys/Owletts are in Heath colors and format.

[The morning after writing on Hulleys/Owlets, Gab had a short video from Kari Lake's attorney, Kurt OLson, what looks like an Owl-related surname. German and Norwegian Olsons share red hearts with Swedish Thors while English Thors have the Howell Coat in colors reversed. Oltens/Oldhams use the owl while Oltons/Otone's are very linkable via Bono's (Milan) and Odins to Ottone Visconti of Milan, and then German Thors have the tall, curved, solid chevron of Ottone's in colors reversed. This stands as further evidence that God used Joe Oullette to point to Arizona fraud.

Oltens/Oldhams come up as Haldemans too, which is the birth surname of Elon Musk's mother. Elon intends to expose election-fraud machinery at Twitter.]

There are very few heraldic hands pointing, and those that have it do not always use two fingers. Pointers use two fingers pointing, and the Pense's in the pointer motto share the Lorraine eagles. Pense's are also PINCons while the Pinc Crest has a cuffed sleeve akin to the Pointer Crest, and both Coats use the same patee-fitchee in gold.

The Lorraine lion can be connected to the Lyon lion, and the Lyon Coat is a colors-reversed version of the Touch/Tuffs Coat. The Lorraine bend-with-eagles is shared by Gorsuch's, and judge Gorsuch is one of the normal judges on the U.S. supreme court. Kari Lake says she's going all the way to the supreme court with her election-fraud fight. The same eagles are those of Childs, whom Lorraine pointed to the last time I saw her (carrying her infant), and Childs were first found in Hertfordshire with Finch's.

The Holds/Holts we met earlier share the PATEE-fitchee of Pincs in both colors, and the Hold/Holt Crest has a squirrel while Squirrels/Square's were first found in Worcestershire with Pattys. As was said, Holds/Holts (two of the Holder fesse) were first found in Lancashire with Holdings/Holdens (kin of Allers), and it just so happens that the latter use "ALLERions" that are BEAKless eagles so as to be code for Beaks! This related above to Pickle's of Allerton, and we went at that time to the Hays (Perthshire, same as Lyons) sharing the Holding/Holden and Aller escutcheon, and so we've got to add that Hays'/Hayse's (Herefordshire, beside Worcestershire) share the Babe and Beak leopard face.

People of God, something tells me that God is going to twist the deep staters into painful pretzels as they try to get out of his jams coming soon. God is in the business of exposing, and I think He's going to delight in what He's carrying out even now. Part of this exposure program seems to be to allow the guilty to think they are going to get away with everything for the long haul, and that's how it gets the most painful, when the trap snaps suddenly, and they look like the dirt nobody wants to know...because they've been lying to all their friends all along. In the meantime, we who have been painted as the liars will be vindicated.

After realizing that the beautiful woman at the bat-cave event was not likely to bump into me again (she didn't), I began wondering whether Miss Hicks would become my wife, for the dream portrayed Sleeping Beauty as my wife. I had seen Miss Hicks a few times in church in 1994, and the fact that she came to sit in front of me one Sunday (she was always without a man or husband at the time) had me wondering between 1996 and 2002 whether she would be the one.

I shouldn't have been dating Miss Simpson (her husband was not a Christian, and they were divorced). All the while I was wondering whether God would have me bump into Miss Hicks, whose name I didn't yet know. Miss Simson and I attended the same church where I had seen Miss Hicks in 1994/5. We sat there at the same place each Sunday, always directly behind on old man. One day, she told me that the old man is married to a "beautiful blond" with "BIG Texas hair." In the dream, when I first saw Beauty, I said, "she's beautiful," and I mean more beautiful than we can conceive.

I don't recall going to the Bigg surname on "big Texas hair" until now. They were first found in Essex with the Hicks' of Low Leighton, and both Hicks and Biggs share the same fleur-de-lys with Ainsleys. Hmm. Ainsley Earhardt (worked for KENS TV in Texas) was the other fulfillment of Sleeping Beauty, and Earhardts/Airharts were from the bloodline of Eyers/Ayers, Ayers/Airs and HAIRs, believe it or not. Big Texas HAIR now pointing to Miss Earhardt? The Bigg Crest is a red leopard face, the symbol of Antons/Antonys, and Kens TV is in San Antonio. Antonio's/Tonys show water, and Waters, sharing the Epstein Coat, were first found in Essex with Biggs and Low Leighton. Sleeping Beauty has been resolved upon the beach of Jeffrey Epstein's island.

[Insert -- This section is being written Monday, but not until Wednesday night did I learn that Republican Andy Biggs of Arizona is running to be the speaker of the U.S. House of representatives. I see no connection between Andy Biggs and Miss Hicks' hair, but I've decided to leave this insert here because the English House surname has water in Crest along with a white anchor, the color of the anchor in the Crest of House-like Hoods/Hoots. The water above is with Italian Tonys, and then House-like Hose's were first found in Leicestershire with English Tonys. Hose's use legs, as do Hooters and Hoovers.

Hoods/Hoots have a "ZEALous" motto term wile Zeals/Seals (Devon, same as Hoods/Hoots) share the fesse of Hazels/HALSwells while French House's have the leaf design of German HULS' in colors reversed, and they are in the leaf design of Hazels/Halswells/HARSwells too. Miss Hicks with the big HAIR, as Sleeping Beauty, was first seen at the hood of her car, and here we just saw why HARSwells can apply to Hoods/Hoots. Suddenly, her big hair seems applicable here with Hazels (share a Hessel variation with Hesse's/ESSE's), first found in Devon with Ash's/ESSE's. German Hars'/Hares', in the colors of the hare-using Haas'/HESLins, who share the fesse of Scottish Hairs/Hare's (compare with Hood/Hoot-like Holds/Holts), have a fesse colors reversed from the Hazel/Harswell and Zeal/Seal fesse. Is this predicting that Andy Biggs will win the House? If he doesn't, is this insert coincidental? His Wikipedia article says he was a Mormon in his youth. Biggs is against election fraud.

While Sleeping Beauty was on a beach, Beach's/Bechs can be gleaned as a branch of English Beckers. Repeat: "Beach's/Bechs almost have the Clapper Coat while Clappers share the sun of Hesse's/Hessels while Dutch Bakers/Beckers almost have the Hazel/Hessel Coat." End insert]

The Texas surname shares the Coat of English Vaux's, a branch of Faux's (Essex with the Biggs and Hicks'), and of Kilpatrick-connectable Faux's/Fage's/Chollens', the latter first found in Perigord with Fauchys.

The old man with the wife having big Texas hair was Dr. Kilpatrick, 32 years older than his wife, it turned out. As soon as Miss Simson told me that his wife was a beautiful blond, my heart sank. Oh no, she's married. I had to wait to see who his wife was, because she wasn't coming to church with him. In 2001, I stopped going to that church because I decided I had best end it with Miss Simson. It was not God's will that I should marry her.

Her ex-husband's Deeter bloodline may have named Detricks, and can thus be a pointer to Fort Detrick, a military lab into gain-of-FUNCtion work. Detricks share "WATER bougets" with bat-using Bugs, and we just saw Bug-like Biggs in Essex with Waters. Bags were kin of bouget-like Buckets. Bags were at Gaywood, and Gaywoods have the TOUR/Thor Coat in colors reversed. The bat-cave TOUR guide in play here? Detrick/Dethick variations suggest that they were related to Thicks/Thackers, and then Thatchers/Thackers share the "grasshopper" with Fauchys, what are the chances?

Fauci's were first found in Genoa with the Segni's in the Gace/Fessy motto, and Segni's are listed with SEGURana's sharing the Seagar/Sugar moline in colors reversed. Seagars/Sugars (snakes) were first found in Devon with Moline's and with Fens'/Venns sharing the MAR scallops. The mythical snake god, Sugaar, was married to Mari, and the Marsi had a snake goddess, Angitia. The Walsers sharing the Moline goat use the heraldic mermaid, which I view as mythical Melusine (said by Nicholas de Vere von DRAKenberg to birth a fictitious MILo de Vere, count of Angers/Anjou) who had a snake tail before adopting a fish tail. Mile's (Hampshire with Drake's) have a blue moline, the color of the Segni/Segurana moline. The Anger surname shares the Fauci lozenge. This mermaid's mirror is code for Mire's/Mireux's, first found in Anjou.

Recall the Funks with Mrs. Deeter in the quote at the top of this update. Jewish Funks almost have the Texas Coat. Instead of using the Texas / Vaux checks to fill the Shield (almost the FISC Shield), Jewish Funks use same-colored lozenges to fill the Shield, as do Bags (Norfolk with Fiscs) and Grimaldi's in half their colors. Grimaldi's of Genoa were partnered with Fisc-like Fieschi, the line to FACE's/Fessys, and it just so happens that Fauci's, with a giant lozenge, were first found in Genoa. Are you impressed with how God repeatedly snitches on ANTHONY Fauci, this trash bag of maggots who refuses to come clean no matter how many opportunities he's been given? He's a self-trashing machine; never stops incriminating himself with the cheapest of words intended to save himself. English Faux's have another giant mascle. Recall the leopard FACE of Beggs shared by Antons/Anthonys, for the latter were first found in Lincolnshire with Mussels/MUSCELs, a branch of Meschins/Masculine's, the line for which mascles were invented.

Fauci's boss at NIH was Francis COLLINS, the reason that it's so amazing that Faux's/Fage's are listed curiously with CHOLLENS', yet we can add that the Austrian Anthonys share the bend of English Collins'. Who arranged all of that?

The Deeters list Teeters too, and Waters were kin of Muschats while Muscats are Musks, and so we can entertain a pointer to Teeter-like tweets at Twitter. Tuit-branch Twitts/Thwaits look like kin of Face-related Taffs. The latter two share the cross of Bat-like Baths.

At the end of 2021, no longer with Miss Simson, I returned to Texas. My wood STOVE needed its LEG welded back on, so I went to a welder whom I knew, Bill. The Leggs are a pointer in this picture to Leggs and Trumps, the very ones whom Sleeping Beauty points to. Stove's are listed with Stave's/Stevensons, a branch of English Steins, and Stave's are in the "staves" of PilGRIMs, first found in Norfolk with Steins, Bags, Fiscs and Hake's (once came up as "Hykes"), and thus Pilgrims were a Grimaldi line. The Hicks-like Hawks use "pilgrim's staves," and Hawk-like Haks/Hacks/Heckens share the white goat head with the Anton Crest. German Steins have a white goat. Kent HECKENlively has written books on Fauci's sick criminality, and so we should perhaps credit God for his outspoken accusations. Miss Simson kept goats when I was with her.

While at Bills to get the leg welded on, his pastor dropped in, and so I decided to go to his church. I'm sure it was on my first occasion of attending that I turned around and saw who I think was Miss Hicks. I wasn't sure, but on another occasion, I saw her there with the old man, so, yes, it was Miss big Texas hair. Eventually, I was trying (how does one do this?) to discover whether she was going to become my wife after Dr. Kilpatrick passed away. I just wanted to know whether I should remain alone, waiting for her, or whether I should seek Sleeping Beauty elsewhere.

Dr. Kilpatrick didn't pass away until 2015. In 2016, for the first time, I began heraldic investigation into the props in the Sleeping Beauty dream to see whether they could verify that Miss Hicks was Sleeping Beauty, and this turned out wildly in the affirmative. I haven't stopped writing on the heraldic sets since. But rather than posing as my wife, I think God had her pose as the Bride of Christ. On that I'm not sure, but if you want more on this, see the Rapp and Weddings surname in the last update in a discussion that turned up some awesome things, especially as per the Ecohealth whistle-blower, Andrew Huff, the apparent meaning of Sleeping Beauty hovering in a car.

German Finks share the Jewish Funk Coat, and this can be an additional pointer to Larry Fink of Blackrock, a company at the charge of Schwabite globalism and nobody-knows how many corrupt operations.

Fox and Friends had Friday-night's Musk-Twitter dump story first thing Monday morning. I'm impressed:

To my surprise, even Doocy is openly claiming that the DNC was involved in election criminality to "drag" Joe Biden "across the finish line," a good way to represent it. My senses are that Mr. Murdoch is not liking this talk at all, and yet it would be worse for his $$$ if he ignored the story. Is this just a lip-service show only to see it die away after Monday morning?

The DNC is suspect as the main funnel for "news" to all the news organizations, but who do we think controls this DNC funnel outside of the DNC. Nobody has yet revealed this, but it's a good guess that the Clinton crime ring is in there with the Obama beast.

The thing to watch now is whether Musk puts out an excuse not to release any more criminal guilt. Such an excuse may have already begun where he says his life is in danger of assassination. I'm not doubting that this is possible, but once all the data is out, all at once, there's less reason for anyone to assassinate him. The impact / dialogue in the news won't be as thorough if there's a massive dump all at once.

If the gangsters resort to killing those who reveal criminality, then what? Lie down and get walked on by gangsters for the rest of our lives? How about going into hiding, Mr. Musk, not doing any public events announced ahead of time? That's what he says he's doing. That should work.

Thus far, Musk has revealed conspiratorial complicity between Twitter and the DNC, but not much between Twitter and the FBI / CIA / NSA. If he does the latter, I might be able to cancel my theory on his being a CIA asset. We can maybe rule these types of theories out one at a time depending on whom he incriminates. However, note that Musk has given the task to Taibbe to unfold, perhaps with special instructions, though.

On Thursday, Musk tells the people that some of the twitter files have been deleted (by Baker and company we assume), but that he's going to release whatever's still left. Ya, you look just like a fraud, Musk, to allow someone in charge who deletes whatever was necessary to delete. We could have predicted such an excuse.

The problem with releasing everything at once is that everyone in the news covers different parts of the material, but none of it much becomes a conversation with heavy societal impact.

Now that Fauci has revealed, as of last week, that his daughter works at Twitter, we expect Musk to reveal what her communications were, and who she worked with mainly, and what her tasks were. The public should like to be confident that she did nothing wrong, if she did nothing wrong.

Trudeau, the maniac, wants to ban hunting rifles to force us to eat crickets. LUNATIC, everyone is calling him that. He surely doesn't want to ban rifles to protect himself from being shot because getting stabbed to death is much worse and easier. He had better ban the sale of kitchen knives, because they can be hidden even under thin clothing. Looks like we will need to make ourselves crossbows for tribulation hunting, or deer traps.

By now, you may have heard that trudeau wants a program to kill sick people in order to save taxes. LUNATIC. It's the Schwabite program. Part of the program is to withhold life-saving medical treatments. What better way to assure your unpopularity. What better way to appear as a ghoul. trudeau the ghoul, that's my new nickname for him. "Goon" has been too kind.

Kari Lake for 2024?

As an aside, I showed a few times how my hat-trick night in organized hockey (16 years of age) could point to a big score for the good guys on election fraud. That hat-trick night gave reason for pointing to the 2024 election. I've said that the second goal of the hat-trick was my deke of the goalie, and thus I found Deke's listed with Decans, now said to be first found in Norfolk with Hips'. Miss Peare had a hip symbol, and she lived in Unionville when I knew her, which is where I played hockey for the hat-trick night, and it's where Darlene lived when I dated her a few months after the hat-trick. Tricks and their Drig branch use "darts," and Darts were first found in Devon with DARlene's. WOW, Moline's were at Devon's Dartington, like the Darlington variation of Darlene's (Devon with Wise's), and while Moline's share the goat of Weiss', Dartington is in Devon with the first known Wise's who in turn have the Coat of Cotys'/ArchDEACONs with in colors reversed!

I swear, I did not know I would bump into Archdeacons when starting that paragraph. The reason for starting it is that Hips' almost have the Phoenix/Fanwick Coat, and the election fraud of Phoenix is a thing I've been pointing to with heraldic sets. But it can be added that KARI Lake is now embroiled in Phoenix election fraud while "Cari" is a motto term of Wicks who in turn share an arm holding the battle-axe with Deke's/Decans and Deacons. I find that amazing. There was evidence that she will become a VICE-president from the Vick-like, Trump-connectable Vice's/Vise's, though making this prediction makes me nervous.

The pointer to Kari Lake was through the arm-using Brace's/Bras, and Archdeacons share the arm in Crest with Deke's/Decans. A deke in hockey is a deception, a trick. A hat trick is a three-goal game. I don't remember my first goal, or anything else in that game aside from Mary Nigro of BUTTONville attending who probably was responsible for my applying for a job at Knob Hill Farms (where she worked). I remember Mary talking with me after the hat-trick game, and so let's repeat that Marys (Norfolk with Deke's/Decans!), Hatricks and Edrichs/Edricks all use the same lion, and ZIKERS it's the Deke/Decan lion too. The last time I went over this material, Deke's/Decans were said to be first found in Rutland, not Norfolk, lookie there.

As Edrichs are suspect in the Powell motto, "Edrych i fYNw," I ventured to suggest that Sidney Powell would be part of whatever the hat trick represents. She's a lawyer who's been involved in prosecuting election fraud. As Powells share the green griffin with fynw-like Fens'/Venns/Fanns (Devon again), this set connects to the Phoenix's/Fenwicks and therefore to Hips' of Norfolk.

As per the battle-axes of Deke's and Battins/Badens (beside Dorset), we go to Battle's (Berwickshire with Books) sharing the giant griffin of Chaffs, first found in Dorset with Hats. Hat trick. Ahh, Dorset is also where Chaffens/ChafFINCH's/CafFINs were first found!!! Dorset is also where Week-like Beeks/Beaks (beside Veeks) were first found who share the Finchem and FIN fesses, how fynw amazing is that? Weeks share the flory cross (different colors) with Chafens/COFFins/CafFYNs, first found in Devon with Coffey-Coffer-connectable French's, and Weeks were first found in Somerset with Coffers/Coffare's. Finch-like French's and Coffeys/Coffers have a green dolphin in Crest to go with the green griffin of Fens/Venns/Fanns, and Dolphins are also DolFINs, once said to be first found in Surrey, where Wicks/Weeks were first found. Amazingly, the FEmale figure pointed to Fie's/Fee's/CUFFIE's! We are on it.

The third goal that night was my deflecting a slap shot between my legs (into the net), and Leggs almost share the Trump Coat (Dol colors), predicting more election-fraud saga in Trump's 2024 bid. PRIME's, suspect in the "praemia" motto term of Chafens/CafFYNs, use a giant leg.

The Light-Swan Masseys

Good morning Tuesday. I don't recall why the Latens were loaded yesterday to find the Littons. I'd like to record a few things on this surname. First, the Littons probably use a crane in Crest because their Shield shows nothing but crowns, both traceable to the Ceraunii, who lived beside the Maezaei, explaining why Litton-like Litts share the fleur-de-lys of Masseys (Cheshire, same as Littons and Corons/Corona's). The Litton crowns are even those of Corons/Corona's and Corona's. This is good evidence that Corona's are from the Ceraunii, and that Masseys are from the Maezaei.

Plus, while English Pace's were first found in Cheshire too, Pasi's/Pace's can be proven to have been a branch of Paisleys and Packs (share Paisley ANCHOR) while Packs are in Litton colors and format. They both share the Chief-Shield colors of Saluzzo's, relevant because Saluzzo is in Piedmont with Alba, and with Massey-branch Masci's. Leiths have the Anchor lozenges in colors reversed. German Alba's have the Litt Coat in colors reversed, and Italian Alba's share the swam of Litt-like Lights/Lite's (Somerset with Ladds/Ladons) expected in the "Lighter than air" motto of Ayers. It just so happens that Ayer is a location beside Sion while Sions/Swans were first found in Lanarkshire (beside Paisley and near Ayr of Ayrshire) with Astys while Asti is a Piedmont location at/beside Alba.

Plus, Leiths (Edinburgh, beside Seatons/Sittens) share the crescents of Seatons/Sittens while Sion is also Sitten. Mythical Leto was a Clarus while Clare-line Sinclairs lived six miles from Edinburgh. Leto was mother to Apollo, and Apollonia is beside the Ceraunii mountains. Apollo mated with Coronis. Leto's use the crane. Clare's were first found in Sussex with Ceraunii-like Crauns/Crane's (crown in Crest).

But there's more because I initially found Littons as Latens while Late's/Lets, in the motto of Glasgows (Glasgow and Paisley are between Lanarkshire and Ayrshire), were first found in Gloucestershire with the Bumps/BumPUSS'/BomPASE's who in turn share the vertically-split Shield of German Alba's (and English Pike's), and colors reversed from the vertically-split Shield of Latens/Littons. This explains why the Bumps share the giant Letter/Leather, Lauder and Ali/Alliota griffin. Ali's/Alliota's (Leto colors and format) were first found in Messina while Messina's can be gleaned by their Coat as a Masci branch.

Thus, we have found a strong Massey-line link to Litt liners. The BomPASE variation reveals linkage to Pasi/Pace/Pascel liners because the Bumpuss variation connects well with Poussins/Pussys, first found beside English Pasleys (Berkshire with PACKers) and having their Coat in colors reversed. The German Baums (share Laten/Litton crown in Chief) even have the crossed spears of Pasi's/Pace's/Pascels to reveal that Bumps were Baum / Baumgartens liners. Jewish Baumgartens share the fleur-de-lys of German Banners who not only share the vertically-split Shield of Latins/Lattons (Hunter kin), but have a black-Shield version of German Alba's. Paisley-branch Packs were first found in Sussex with Bohemian-suspect Bone's/BOHUNs, making Baums look like Bohemians.

Banner liners named the PANaro river of Modena, and ALBini's were first found in Modena with some proto-Bohemian Boii who were also in neighboring Bologna, the latter being where Pasi's/Pace's/Pascels were first found along with a Seaton-like Setta valley of the PANE's/Panico's. Seaton is a location in Devon, and Devon is where Albins/Aubins were first found. Modena-like Modens were first found in Berkshire with Pasleys who in turn share the triple fesses of Love's/Luffs, kin of Muscats/Musks, kin of Muschats, the later first found in Essex with Pascals/Passe's. Apollo was leader of the Muse's.

The Alans of Shropshire, from Aulon/AVLONa between Apollonia and the Ceraunii mountains, were at Dol, in Vilaine, and the Arms of Vilaine share the double pale bars of Setta-like Seats/Seeds. Mythical AVALON was given nine witches, the number of female Muses of Apollo. The chief witch was Morgan while Morgans have the Asty Coat in colors reversed while Astys were first found in Lanarkshire with Sions/Swans from Sitten.

Masseys had lived in Manche, where there was an ALAUNa location. LAUNdrys/Landrys show a giant tree (symbol of Pane's/Panico's and German Baumgartens) while Tree's/True's share the knight with one Lannoy Coat while the other Lannoys share the giant lion of Lyons/Lune's. They are green lions, the color of the Asti lion, and Asti is at/beside Langhe while German Langs were at LUNEburg, beside BRUNswick, which can explain why Italian Latins were first found in Florence with Bruno's, for the latter are said to have had a branch in Asti. Brunswicks have two of the triple lions in pale of Lawns/Lane's.

The True variation of Tree's is in the "True TO THE end" motto of Hume's/Home's who in turn have the Lannoy / Lyon/Lune lion in colors reversed. Hume's/Home's were first found in Berwickshire with Letters/Leathers and Lauders, both of whom share the griffin of Tooths suspect in "to the," which we can see in the "Trustie to the end" of Leiths. Lyons/Lune's were first found in Perthshire with tree-using Lothians/Loudons. Tree's/True's have greyhounds while Greys were first found in Northumberland with Lorraine's who in turn share the Asty lion, and then French Landrys were first found in Lorraine.

Good morning Wednesday. I'm going to explain why God put me together with Mamie to point to the line of Abraham and his second wife, Keturah. I think that, once you see this, you will gain faith that God does exist as the one who chose Abraham as the founder of the Israelite tribe of Hebrews. May it give you stronger in Jesus is the Son of God.

Lorraine, my date of a couple of weeks or three, had a dinner for some friends, and so I went to a party at the home of Mamie, invited there by some friends. When Mamie walked into the living room, she took my hands and started to dance with me because it is to be a pointer to the dancing symbol of the mythical Maenads, code for Maeonians on the Maeander river, explaining why Mamie points to the Mens'/Mame's and Mansfields at Mamesfelde. This is going to be a long discussion because it's packed.

Mansfields share the maunch sleeve with Tonys, the latter first found in LEICestershire, where there flows a LEGro river. This river gave rise to heraldic leg symbols used, for example by the Hose's, first found in Leicestershire. About three weeks after she danced with me, I saw her for the second time, and this time she sat on my legs when she couldn't find a seat around the camp fire with the same gang that had been at her party. Someone there invited her camping.

I asked myself this morning why none of the surnames she points to use a leg. And then it hit me that there is a leg in the Crest of Leaks/Leakeys who, in their Shield, use the Mens/Mame Coat plus a single fleur-de-lys. Perfect. The locals in Texas pronounce a Leakey location as "Lake-y." Lakeys even have a "PRAEMium" motto term while Prime's have a giant leg. In passing, let's add that Lakeys use a brown wolf head to go with the brown wolf of Gards, for she pointed to lake Garda on the day we were in a lake.

The next morning after she sat in my legs, God arranged for Mamie and I to go into the Legg-like Lake, and we became a couple there. She needed to be in a bathing suit that day, by God's will. I don't remember a thing after we were in the lake until we were back at her place, and I don't remember a thing at her place but her walking by me on the front lawn, to her GARDen, and that's when I saw her right, wow, the best ever thigh, beautiful did they look on her, and I know why. And that's why I remember this event. I reason that she went to her garden to HOSE it with water. Hose's use human legs i.e. includes the thigh. This event pointed to Val Trompia at lake Garda, but there is history behind this leading back to Abraham.

Donald Trump is said to descend from Drumphs, which can explain why German Drummonds, in Trump and Legg colors, were first found near the first-known Trumps. It should be added that German Drummonds were first found in Hamburg with Trips from Trypillia south of Kiev. This is in Ukraine near the Crimea.

Drummonds and at least one of their variations look like "Therm," and Herodotus of Caria claimed that the Amazons of Lydia and Mysia (probably some in Caria and LYCia too) had earlier been on the THERModon river. The Maeander river (splits Caria from Lycia) is to downtown Caria. We are in the land of the dancing Maenads here, all women. Another mythical group that were depicted as all-women were the Amazons. ArTEMIS was an Amazon goddess, and THEMIScyra was at the Thermodon river, indicating that the Thermodon Amazons were at Ephesus and neighboring Clarus, where Artemis and her mother, Leto, were worshiped. Leto was also Latona, code for the Lydians who became the Latins at Rome. Myth writers even traced the neighboring Etruscans (north side of Rome) to Lydians.

Ephesus and Clarus were at the Caria-Lydia border region, and near the Maeander river, and it just so happens that Sinclairs, first found in Midlothian with the Mens'/Mame's, were from the Claro's, and the Claro's are also Caria-like Charo's, and thus Mamie's thigh symbol was arranged by God to link to the line out of Clarus...because Sinclairs use a "thy" motto term while Thy's are listed with Thigh's. Shocking evidence that God set me up with Mamie, especially as my Masci line traces to the Mysian family of peoples.

We can even gather that Mamie's name is a pointer to being maimed, which usually means lame or without the ability to walk due to ruined legs. It's known that Ephesus was founded by Amazons, very important for the line of Abraham and Keturah, and here I can repeat that mythical HEPHAESTUS looks like word-play on "Ephesus." His name was also spelled, Hephaistos, like the city of Phaistos on Crete. His sister was Hebe, and so we can also see that the first part of his name is play on Hebrews, especially as his wife, Aphrodite, depicted a Hebrew peoples from the Habur tributary of the Aphrodite-like Euphrates. Yes, for Hephaestus was the ruler of a Kabeiri cult, and the Habur was also the Chabur/Khabur.

There are three surnames first found in Midlothian all using a "God" motto term for the Goth / Goat bloodline that probably includes the Gaudets/Godee's in the Legg motto. The motto has a "Gaudet tentaMINE" phrase while Mine's are also Mens-like Means/Menne's. Maeonians, right? Yes, for that explains why Mine's/Means/Menne's use a DANCEtte, code for the dancing Maenads.

The three surnames with "God" are the Mens/Mame's, Sinclairs, and Crichtons/CREIGHTons. The latter look like the ancient Cruithne of Britain, and they also look like the Curetes of Crete said to have founded Troy. Lemnos, the island of Hephaestus, is off the coast from troy, but also near the mouth of the Hebros river. In myth, Dionysus took Ariadne (an entity probably related to Phaistos) of Crete as his wife, and took her to Lemnos. We read: "Dionysus is called twice-born because he was born from Semele and then, while she was dying, Zeus saved him by sewing him up in his THIGH and keeping him there until he reached maturity. He then 'gave birth' to Dionysus..." The myth writers copied one anothers' symbols, and Hephaestus himself had a thigh symbol, and was even made lame from birth. The important point here is when a myth writer had Hephaestus mating with Athena, spilling his seed on her thigh. So, you see, Mamie's thigh symbol was to get us to these historical things that myth writers put in code.

It's to my chagrin that while I spent many years deep-diving into Scripture, I then had to deep-dive into mythology (satanic, cheap) to learn these such traces to Abraham. He lived in Hebron with Amorites who had a capital on the Euphrates. It's Aphrodite again, or the people representing her, who named Aprutium that is now TERAMo, looking like the THERMOdon Amazons. Lemnos was an island of Amazons, another name for the Meshech/Mushki, the namers of the Moschi mountains beside the Thermodon.

These Meshech became the Mysians, the mythical Muses of Apollo, the twin brother of Artemis, two children of Leto, the line to the swan-using Lights/Lite's. The mythical swan was Zeus (Apollo's father), who mated as a swan with Leda of Sparta, thus identifying Leto as a Lydian line to Sparta. Leda's son, Pollux, looks like play on "Apollo," and Leda's daughter Helen was abducted by Paris, a prince of Troy and son of Abram-like Priam. The latter was code for Parium, a real Mysian city like "Prime," or like the "praemium" motto term of Lakeys.

The SPARtans must have been from the SEPHARvites, whose god was ADRAMmolech, whom I trace with full confidence to the Biblical HADORAM, one of the sons of Joktan, son of Eber, founder of Hebrews, the ancestor of Abraham. Genesis says that Joktan's sons lived in/beside SEPHAR. Adrammelech elements look like they may have named proto-DRUMmonds. Apollo mated with Coronis, daughter of Peleg-like Phlegyas, and Peleg was Joktan's brother. Thus, the Amazons were at least part Hebrews, but not of the Israelite tribe.

Most of the heraldry-usable ladyfriends I had were blond as good pointers to the Budini of the Kiev area. Herodotus said they were blond. But Mamie is a dark brunette, almost black hair, the color of the Coronis crow.

Leto and her twin children all had wolf symbols, and this takes us to wolf-head Bathers because Mamie's thigh symbol came from her bathing suit on the day we were bathing in the lake. Bathers were first found in Denbighshire with Bachs/Baghs whose Coat looks like that of Sephar-like Saffers and Silvers.

The symbol of Thy's/Thigh's is a fox that houseofnames uses also as a wolf symbol for other surnames. The Fox / Foix bloodline could have been from Foca, anciently Phocaea near the mouth of the Hermus river through Lydia. It just so happens that Phocaeans founded the leg-like Ligurians. Liguria is on-shore from Sardinia, and the Hermus went through/near Sardis, the Lydian capital.

Aphrodite's mate in adultery, Ares, turned into Mars for the Romans, code for the Marsi at lake FUCino. This area is in Aphrodite-line Abruzzo, a province very easily viewed as Hebrew, especially the Abreu variation of the Abruzzo surname. Ligurians were founded at Marsi-like Marseilles. Scottish Marsells/Marshalls (Lothian with Mens/Mame's) share the saltire of Nails/Nagle's while Oneglia is in historical Liguria. Oneglia is near Grasse, and the Grace's/Grasse's are in the motto of Crichtons/Creightons.

The Abruzzi named Brescia at lake Garda. Gards use the wolf. Mamie has large breasts as a pointer to Brests/Brix's but also to Mamesfelde, looking like "mammal" that is itself named after the female breast. BREScia is also BRIXia, you see, which doubles-down on her pointer to Val Trompia to the north of Brescia. She was on her lawn when she got the thigh symbol, and Lawns are also Lane's while Italian Lane's/Lano's were first found in Brescia. Both Lawn/Lane surnames have lions in the colors of the Abreu/Abruzzo lions.

Abruzzi-line Bruce's share the Coat of Crichtons/Creightons, first found in Midlothian with Mens'/Mame's. It tends to explain why Bruce's were first found in Yorkshire with Cricks/Cracks. The Crick/Crack Crest looks linkable to the crests of Halpers/Halfpennys and Helps/Halps/Halfs, the line to the Helpe river, location of Avesnes, named after Avezzano's who named Avezzano in the Abruzzo land of the Marsi. The Crick/Crack Crest is almost that of Wears/Were's who in turn share the Bruce motto while the giant Bruce lion is that of Crichtons/Creightons too.

The Crick/Crack patee-fitchees are likely those of Pincs (Yorkshire with Mars) and Pincon-related Pointers (probably from the Paioni). The Pense variation of Pincons is in the motto of the Eskins/Erskins who share the single Crick/Crack pale bar. It just so happens that Erskins were historically kin of the earls of MAR at KilDRUMMY. Scottish Mars (Yorkshire with Ticks/Tucks and Tickhill) were at Tickhill, and Tickhills (Mar colors) use the Tony maunch in colors reversed.

Mamesfelde was named by Mansfields, a branch of Mansells both using the "maunch," code for the Manx people on the Isle of Man. The latter's Arms use a raven, a crow species, and Coronis was the mythical crow. King Maccus of the Isle of Man was from Maceys, and Masseys (from Manche) are Maceys too, from the Maezaei Illyrians, beside the Coronis-line Ceraunii who named the Ceraunii mountains near Apollonia, in Epirus. Brix-branch Bricks use the Massey / Litt fleur-de-lys, and Littons/Latens (probably have a crane) have the Coron / Corona crown. Very impressive.

The Molossian branch of Epirus named Molise, a province beside Abruzzo, indicating that Abruzzo province was named from the people of Epirus, called Epirotes, like "Aprutium," the old Abruzzo capital. This again makes Mamie's blackish hair look like God's tip to us that she descended from the Coronis line. It was brown hair, and Brunswicks have two of the three Lawn/Lane lions in the Lawn/Lane Coat that looks like it uses the Macey/Mace Shield. Brunswicks almost have the Scottish Mar Coat, and have the Coat of Abram-like Bramtons in colors reversed.

I know why Hephaestus was made to mate with Athena, because the last king of Athens, Keturah-like Kodros, had a son, Medon, like Medan, the son of Abraham and Keturah (this is in Genesis). Another son of Kodros is said to have founded Ephesus, perfect for identifying Hephaestus' relations with Athena as per Amazons at Ephesus i.e. near the Maeander river to which Mamie points. And her thigh symbol thus points to Hephaestus spilling his seed on Athena's thigh. Mamie again looks like a pointer to Hebrews, now to Hebrews in Athens i.e. from Abraham who lived in Hebron. Abraham was not quite Israelite, but this is splitting hairs.

I don't like repeating the following, but as God obviously wants this message out, here I go. There was a mythical witch, Medea, suspect from a tribe named by Medan, KETurah's son. It explains why Medea's goddess was the witch, HECATe (wolf symbol), for Abram-like Priam had married HECuba, and with her had the son, HECTor. If we remove the first vowel from "Hecate," we're left with "Kate." There is even a Kate/Katterbeck surname, in Trump/Tromp colors, and first found in Mecklenburg with Trumps/Tromps. The Kate/Katterbeck hexagram is used by Goths and Hagars, and Hagar was Abraham's concubine. In colors reversed, the Kate/Katterbech hexagram is on the Israeli flag.

Repeat: "Bathers were first found in DenBIGHshire with Bachs/Baghs whose Coat looks like that of Sephar-like Saffers and Silvers." Kate's are also KatterBACHs. Neighboring Cheshire is where Picots were first found who probably share the Bather wolf head. There was a Pyxites river near the Thermodon / Moschi mountains which can apply to Picots. Meschins can be gleaned as kin of white-wolf Wolvers.

In myth, Jason, son of AESon (play on "aes" = metal), stops with the crew of his Argo ship at Lemnos to mate with the Amazonian women there. Aeson explains "HephAEStus," the mythical metal maker. The Khaldi of the Thermodon region were iron makers. Leaving Lemnos, Jason goes to KUTaisi to meet Medea above, and he marries her. He takes her to Coronis-like Corinth, where she is his queen there. When they divorce, she flies her dragon-pulled chariot to Athens. And there we see the high likelihood that mythical Medon of Athens was the Medea line there. The Medea-like Meads/Meats use PELICans, suspect from PELAGonia, suspect from Peleg the Hebrew, suspect with Phlegyas, father of Coronis and Aeson-like Ixion. Iasion was the founder of Hephaestus' Kabeiri cult. It was all word-play for nation tracking by the myth writers, and I've been able to see their game because God wants to reveal the line of Abraham and Keturah to the many nations, as numerous as the stars in the sky, whom He will cripple at Armageddon, when He sets up the line of Israel as the eternal chief of this planet. That's why God gave Abraham another wife instead of Keturah, I've got to assume.

Jacob, Abraham's grandson who was renamed, Israel, wanted to know something from God, and made a fleece for the purpose. Thus, we can glean why Jason went to Kutaisi in the first place to get the so-called golden fleece. It was a myth writer's symbol, apparently, from what he heard or read from the Israelite Scriptures. That is, the writer knew that Medea was related to the line of Abraham.

ArMAGEDDON is named after Megiddo in northern Israel. Pelagonia is at MACEDON. I claim that king Antipater of Macedon named Antipater, the father of the first king Herod. HERODotus lived a few centuries earlier near Herod-like Rhodes. Mythical Helios of Rhodes is the reason the myth writer gave Medea chariot. Helios was made related to the moon goddess of Caria. Herodotus moved from Caria to SYBARis, smacking of the Sepharvites who chose the line of Joktan's son as their chief line to worship. On the Sybaris river, we find Saracena, from the family of peoples who named the Saraca's. Wikipedia's article on SARAka's says they were first in KOTOR. See anything suspicious? It's the line of Keturah through Kodros, and thus the proto-Saraca's are suspect in naming Sarah, Abraham's first wife.

On this dark map, one can see KODRium" to the near-west of where your see "MACEDONIA." Kodrium happens to be on the Apsus river with Antipatria, which I think was also, Antipater. It can appear that the line of Keturah through Kodros-line Athenians were at least close to the first HeROD. Note that Rods, from "Rodez," share a blank, gold Chief with Kate's/Katterbecks. You can see "Pelagonia" directly above "MACEDONIA."

Megiddo is beside Dor. and the Greek Dorians lived in Macedonia. The Daorsi can be seen on this other map at Rhizon, which is itself a dog's walk from Kotor. Note Medon-like METEON on the opposite side of Rhizon from the Daorsi. The latter were represented by mythical Doris without doubt, mother of fish-depicted Nereids who named the Neretva river (or vice-versa) of the Daorsi. It explains the fish as the primary symbol on this Arms of Saraca. Mythical Kodros had a fish symbol. The Fish surname is even in Catter colors and format, and Catters use fish.

The griffin in the Catter Crest is suspect with the line from Herod Agrippa, explaining why the fesse in the Arms of Saraca is also that fesse of Bernice's, i.e. likely from Berenice Agrippa. The tiger in the Fish Crest connects with the tiger of Mead-branch Medleys. Meads had married Arthurs of CLAPton, as had the Hicks (married Juliana Arthur), and Beach's/Bechs share the Clapp/Clapper Shield. Arthurs are from the Ardiaei that you see marked at Rhizon / Kotor.

In the Sleeping Beauty dream, I started to walk toward Beauty on a beach, and so the Bech variation of Beach's must have named Katterbecks. Beach's/Bechs were first found in Herod-like Hertfordshire, near the first-known Catters of Berkshire. After I started to walk toward Beauty, I was instantly transported to the DOOR of a car, and looking into the Caria-like car, SLEEPing Beauty was hovering, afterwhich she fell asleep as a pointer to the SELEPitanoi that you see on the map above near RHIZON. That explains why she and I were RISING into the sky once I touched her LEG at the knee. I feel sure that Knee-like Kness' point to the Israel parliament, the Knesset, a synagogue of satan to be raped by God when He sends the anti-Christ to it.

To the near-east of Meteon, we see the Dassareti, who are stamped on other maps at Antipatria. The map above has Kodrium and Kodrion. Antipatria named the Kilpatricks and Pattersons/CASSANE's. Cassane's/Cassandra's are from king Cassander, son of king Antipater of Macedon. Kilpatricks use the "DAGGER" because the Dassaretae were at Antipatria, and they were also called, the DEXARoi. Can we see why God gave the Sleeping Beauty dream with Mrs. Kilpatrick? The dream can be interpreted partly for this history lesson.

Here's how we can get to skinchips. The Sleeping Beauty dream gave the impression of a Wedding about to happen when she and I were rising in rapture. The Weddings/Waddingtons (Keppoch colors and format) were first found in Yorkshire with Waddings and the Medley-branch Methleys, and with Keppochs. Medleys were once said to be first found in Sussex, where Meads/Meats were once said to be first found, along with Keeps and Wadding-like Waddlings too. Meteon is beside Rhizon, you wee. Sleeps were first found in Shropshire, where Medleys are now said to be first found, and where Motleys were first found too. Waddings happen to share the fleur-de-lys of Catter-beloved Fish. I first saw Kepke (about 12 years of age) walking alongside the Fisher residence. The Fish Coat is shared by vaccine-like Vychans/Vaughns, first found in Shropshire.

The Waddlings/Watlings, new to me here, share escutcheons (different colors) with Chips/Chippers, and Jeepma's/Cheps share the Katterbeck hexagram upon an escutcheon. Chips/Chippers were at Sheffield while Sheffields almost have the Keppoch Coat.

Waddlings/Watlings have the six escutcheons of Cecils who in turn have a Coronis-like motto, "Cor unun via una." The Una/Oeneus river of the Maezaei is beside the Japodes to whom I trace Jeepma's/Cheps. One's/Innis have the Jeepma/Chep hexagram in colors reversed. I've tried to decipher a dream that God gave about the DOOR HANDLE of my Jeep, and Handels have an "ohne" motto term for the One's because the latter were first found in Moray while Handels share the Moray Coat, which is colors reversed from the same Coat of Innis'.

The dream said that a BARRel-shaped part was missing from the door handle, and so we can see here that we are on the line from Bar, a location smack where the Selepitanoi are stamped, near the Dorian-suspect Daorsi. Barrels were used for the dream, I assume, because they were first found in Herefordshire with English Doors.

The Una river has a mouth at the Sava river, explaining why the six Cecil escutcheons are in the format of the six lions of Sava's/Savage's. The latter's lions are even colors reversed from the six in the Cecil escutcheons, but there's more, even the three escutcheons of Coronis-like Corrins (Waterford with Corrys/Currys), in both colors of the Cecil escutcheons.

The amazing thing here is that mythical king Oeneus was ruler of CALYDon, whom I trace to the Khaldi at the Trabzon area, at or near the PYXITes river, very cool because I've just seen that Corrins are in PICOT colors and format! Beauty, that is amazing. Plus, Calydon is at the ACHELous river, where I trace the Eagle's/Hegels who share the six Cecil lions in the same pattern. It verifies that Eagle's/Hegels, and many heraldic eagles, were indeed from Calydon. The Picts of Scotland had a Caledonian tribe.

Repeat: "Neighboring Cheshire is where Picots were first found who probably share the Bather wolf head. There was a Pyxites river near the Thermodon / Moschi mountains which can apply to Picots. Meschins can be gleaned as kin of white-wolf Wolvers." Pictons were first found near Cheshire of the Meschins, and beside the first-known Bathers who in turn share the Coat of Scarfs who are in the "scarf" of Polish Trabys/Sadowski's, and we just saw TRABzon. The TREBia river is at PIACENza. The Wolfs/Welfs, likewise first found in Cheshire, are in Chip/Chipper colors and format. Again, the Wolf/Welf wolf heads are with Skins/Scans, and I've predicted that the 666 man, the False Prophet, will be a Meschin / Massey.

When the Mamie crow sat on my legs, she may have been sitting on the giant leg of Prophets/PROfetts, first found in Aberdeenshire with Skins/Scans. I met her in a dance, and PERO's share the Dance/Donnas pale bars. When she sat on my legs, she was pointing to Trump without question, and PEARtree's/Patria's (suspect from Antipatria), share the Trump stag head, and were first found in Kincardineshire with the Fette's suspect in naming the neighboring ProFETTs.

Dannys/Dance's were first found in Wiltshire with trumpet-using Calles' and their Shoot/SCHUTE kin sharing the three swords of Skins/Scans. Chips/Chippers use eSCUTcheons in the colors of the same of Scute's (not "Schute"). Shoots/Schute's use a "Fortune" motto term to go with the "fortuna" of Schims/Schiens, the latter first found in Aberdeenshire with Skins/Scans. German Marks have a Coat much like that of Dutch Tromps. Mark-like Marici were co-founders of Pavia, where Pierro's/Pero's/Petri's were first found, and while Marici-like Marsi were in Abruzzo, the Abreu/Abruzzo lion is shared by English Marks (look like Biggs / Hicks kin).

Mythical Oeneus was the father of Medon-like Methoni, and a Greek location of that name was also Modon. Are you impressed? The line of Abraham and Keturah went to Calydon and Methoni. Modena is where Morano's, Morinis', and Marano's were first found, and Morano is a location on the Sybaris river along with Saracena. The peoples of Sybaris founded nearby Laus, and while Saraca's of Kotor moved to Ragusa, the latter was also named, Laus(a).

I've got a feeling that God's going to preserve these writings so that Abraham, at the Resurrection, will get to read about it.


There's some prophetic material after the news.

The following story doesn't, at first glance, ring true. The claim is that the Biden administration has canceled sales of much-needed microchips to China. I'm more apt to see a trick from the Bidenites, who want the people to think that the chips are being denied when in reality they are not being denied. The trick is to give China the reason to deny Americans some vital product(s) made in China. That makes a lot of sense at this time when the Schwabite agenda is to make life miserable / fearful.

Every once in a while, it's good brush-up to hear criticism against Trump, just so we don't forget his blotches amid all the high-fives he works to receive:

Tulsi Gabbard has recently pretended to be a conservative to some degree, but she's been lying about her participation with Schwabism, and that says it all. The implication is that she's a mole into conservative camps, saying all the right things, hoping to become a political power to then betray the voters who elect her. She doesn't even deserve standing at the back of the line:

As the former vice-chair of the DNC (left early 2016), how much sway did she exert on Twitter and similar others to silence conservative voices? Would she now snitch on those in the DNC who contributed to systematic, criminal censorship and political interference thereby? I haven't heard her snitching yet? No bombs at all sent toward the DNC, not even a little clawing. She was the DNC vice-chair until a few months before the DNC's murder or, and cover-up for, Seth Rich. The DNC was Obama's and Hillary's crime syndicate, therefore, in those years.

Katie Hobbs (thus far has been claimed the winner over Kari Lake) is guilty of a crime that can be successfully prosecuted, if anyone cares to take it to court, such as the Arizona attorney general. Keep in mind that this minor but hard evidence against her is likely the tip of the iceberg:

Update on Kari Lake's court proceedings:

Ms. Lake is saying, and I think I believe her, that she's taking it to the U.S. supreme court after Arizona scum-judges refuse to give her justice in the next week or two. I've yet to see a real court from Arizona on election fraud.

The final results had Hobbs "winning" by .6-percent, and I DID read that there can be no automatic re-count in Arizona, paid for by Arizona, if the victory is by .5 percent or more. So, you see, the cheats took many days to produce false ballots, and/or to scrap some of Lake's ballots, in order to get Hobbs' count to more than a .5-percent win, and then the cheats called it quits. It's obvious what took place, and they don't care if everyone knows it.

It's now being made clear by the next, rightful Canadian prime minister that China interfered in the last federal election in order to give trudeau the win:

There ought to be a two-day jail sentence for the first offense of not answering a question in parliament, with the penalty increasing with every next infraction.

This video is probably better seen than not seen on some disturbing sounds from Russia:

The video above has a section (40th minute) telling that Trump is calling for a side-stepping of the U.S. constitution in order to rectify election fraud. I think he means temporarily, as in the military stepping in with martial law. In this picture, we should first sit back asking whether Musk and Trump are working together to get the conservatives to rise up in Arms as a trap. If that's not correct, then we should ask Trump why he didn't order martial law while he was the president, not on behalf of himself, but on behalf of all who voted for him in an effort to keep the Democrats out of power. Instead, Trump handed the White House to the Democrats without lifting a finger or a tongue to fight it. Go to the back of the line, fraud.

DeSantis is the fighter, and much more moral than Trump, though he may have some secret, selfish leanings, who knows for sure? The voters should just make sure he promises not to print money as president, not to support wars over the oceans.

I'm so thankful I haven't been to MacDonald's in years and years, now caught selling human meat, though we don't know for how long into the past. This is a great way to ruin franchises globally, and hopefully other chains won't try it as word of this spreads:

The U.S. government knows that human meat is being sold, and maybe it's highest people at the FDA is just faking investigations. This is satanism in our world, treating humanity like trash. I won't buy ground beef or sausage anymore from a store. From now on, I buy beef from a local rancher, or I become a chickenarian and a fishitarian. The video doesn't tell where the final, hideous conversation came from, whether it was faked or not.

Pause in the late 6th minute of the video below, and read about the email exchange between Fauci and Zuckerberg of facebook. Not only is Fauci deflecting the questions posed to him that seek to discover his vaccine guilt, but the emails reveal that Fauci talked to Zuckerberg about COVID-19 vaccines before February 27, 2020, which was only the start of the COVID scam, before it was known that a vaccine would be needed, and a full year before the vaccines started to go out. We see that Zuckerberg happy to hear whatever Fauci had to say about the vaccines, in February, 2020. What did Fauci tell Zuckerberg? he probably wanted to become friendly with Zuckerberg for the purpose of controlling facebook talk on the plandemic when needed:

There is a nasty psychological operation in social media taking place to make us think there's an invasion of transsexuals, as if they are everywhere. Ignore it, it's a scam. There are so few of these freaks, it's not worth bothering about it. There's all kinds of similar operations to make us believe that there's all kinds of freaks, as if they are the majority. This is typical leftist propaganda, probably from robots mainly. Bitchute has been loaded with transsexual videos daily for months, they never stop coming; how can that be unless there's a concerted scam taking place?

It's looking like Stew Peters is pushing flat earth, but this too has been a long-standing psychological operation on bitchute:

It is impossible for the earth to be flat. I've yet to hear one flat-earth argument that is troublesome to correct. One clearly sees planets round, why not earth? Duh. The moon, round, duh. The sun round, duh. The moon's face changes a little, which could not be the case unless it were a sphere. The lit-up phases of the moon prove a sphere. Duh. There is overwhelming proof that it orbits the earth, so why can't earth orbit the sun, duh. Venus can be proven to orbit the sun.

The following from Musk's second dump reveals some of the tactics used by leftist social-talk sites:

On the day I added some material above where Mandy Simpson links to Miles', I found a webpage by Amanda Milius below, whom I've not heard of. Mandy was born, Amanda:

Friday night finds a Fox report on Musk's second drop through Bari Weiss, and it features Ainsley Earhardt looking prettier, with a look of innocence, than ever:

The second speaker in the video above underscores why it's best not to elect Trump again, because he's likely to get a piece-of-trash attorney general who will not prosecute the big, federal-wide lawbreakers. Trump is to blame for the state of the United States at this time, why praise him if all he did was put a few hundred or thousand dollars more in your pocket per year? It would have been better to lose a few hundred or thousand while having a vibrant Justice system on top of corruption. DeSantis seems to me like one who will not err when choosing an attorney general, but in order to get the best one possible, he needs, as president, a large majority in the House and Senate in order to overcome the RINO's who vote to protect their own guilt in past corruption. This is why there needs to be dealt a death-blow to election fraud before 2024. At the rate that fight is going, it's not looking good. These RINO's want censorship because conservative enemies of RINOs are verbally attacking them.

Video on James Baker and Perkins Coie by a White-House-level whistle-blower outlet:

Kash Patel, in the video above, is challenging Musk, if he be a true good guy, to get rid of Perkins Coie from defending Twitter, or advising Twitter, or being Twitter's attack dog. Patel is challenging Musk to reveal what Perkins Coie has been doing with Twitter to date, and of course James Baker wants to hide all of that. Musk is already guilty for not getting the proper people in charge of transparency. Why didn't he get a Kash Patel or a Devin Nunes to head up that task, since Twitter was attacking Trumpers and Trump primarily? What's Musk willing and wanting to hide, and why? Can't Musk afford 20 people in charge of releasing the data so that anyone of them can choose to check the work of another to assure that materials don't become deliberately missed?

Someone at this Fox show says that Baker is the one who released the first Twitter dump, meaning, if true, that Musk almost-certainly appointed him to do so:

It's week's end as I write, and NOBODY has revealed whom Musk placed in charge of releasing the files to Taibbe and Weiss. Therefore, we have got to tentatively assume that Musk put Baker on the job, and fired him only because he, Musk, was caught doing so. Why can't Taibbe or Weiss reveal from whom they are receiving the files? How independent or biased is this mystery person(s)? If there isn't one, then Baker was in charge, and Musk knew it, apparently without telling Taibbe or Weiss. Will Musk have Baker charged for deleting his property? Why not? Is Baker really "exited," as Musk claims he's been?

How do the people know that they are not being played by these dumps to raise hopes, then dash them, then be laughed at, then be forced to accept that they are powerless to do anything about the tyranny? U.S. Intelligence is that diabolical. It's the guard and arm of the shadow government deeply imbedded. It's a parasite intend on growing, not merely surviving. It is the enemy that will not assist in prosecuting our enemies because they and Intelligence are one. We are seeing this. There is no outcry from Intelligence, not spy product, to facilitate prosecutions in order to curb corruption and tyrannical abuse, because it's at the charge of the abuse, and we are seeing that "diabolical" is exactly the correct description. The military is on-side too, because there's not one peep from that demonic body, which has the power to correct the corruption. We have seen this glaringly in the past two years; the military has been outed as a rabid bat in the darkness, at war with the people who pay it, in unabashed cahoots with the secret people behind the Biden White House. It's a world-dominance beast, having no use for the people but for their money. Fat, blood-sucking parasites and rabid bats live in the brass military headquarters.

As For Trump, he doesn't want to go back tweeting at Twitter even though he now has the green light from Musk. What does this tell us? It seems to tell us he cares more about $$$ via his own platform, Truth Social, than he does about reaching a wider audience on the political battlefield. Twitter is a battlefield again where both sides can now take shots at each other, though one doesn't need to be hurtful in simply stating some truths.

On the other hand, there are many truths that are hurtful by nature of the disgusting things that many on the left have been doing, and there's just no way to sanitize such truths, nor should one speak kindly when speaking on a disgusting act. The left is largely disgusting by choice because it desires to be a continual provocation in our faces. This is why everything countering the Bible is their game, to provoke us to anger and unhappiness. The game has included getting charge over as many government stations as possible, and turning them into communist-pig police stations, so to speak, where all their chiefs know the game, to stack their stations with like-minded underlings, and to condition them for to be on the ready to betray us when the ambush arrives. The leftist leaders at the very top are signalling to them that the ambush should now take place. But they don't know that there is a God who fights on our side, and so they will be often frustrated, unable to carry out their plots as extensively as they desire.

I think we need to discover their plots and convey them clearly, to call them out in order to weaken their thrusts against us. I can see no way for we mere humans to overcome this thing but through elections. We don't have miracle power, but we do have voting power to cleanse government stations. One goal is not to be fooled into voting for, or listening to, the fakes they put up who pretend to be on the peoples' side against them.

Even an ex-CIA man, Jeff Carlton, was in charge of a Twitter torpedo room The trouble is, he became the chief of the torpedo room only last month, but didn't Musk own the company at that time? Yes. What in tarnation does this suggest? Did Musk put this guy into the torpedo room? If so, why?

The page in the video is from Andy Ngo, who wrote: "Clarification: Jeff Carlton became head of Twitter's Strategic Response Team [torpedo room, my term] in November 2022, a role he inherited after working with the team since May 2021, according to his newly-deleted LinkedIn". This is another red flag against Musk. Is he a pretender? Beware the false hopes of those who front Musk and Trump, for they ask you to walk happily in celebration on thin ice. The reality of the situation is that the deep state is the Goliath at this time, and we have no David in our ranks that I can see. A David is one who carries the flag of Jesus in war against Goliath. Know anyone like that? Instead, political Christians are depending on Godless Trump, and now on Godless Musk too.

In the meantime, pastors don't want to ruffle the feathers of their liberal-leaning church members, and so they do not get political enough to help in removing the parasites and bats. Shame for any pastor who is like this, and of course we do not know who they are but for a few perhaps. A church member voting for liberals is a salt pillar in the pew. The very god of liberal parties is the sickest sin possible. How can these people live with themselves, voting for the party that not merely tolerates the sickest sins possible, but protects them for the citizens as though they are their holy cows? Many churches need to apply weed killer to their pews, but some pastors refuse because they need the money that the weeds offer for paying their bills, how sick is such a secret choice? Who's going to apply the pitchforks to their legs when the people in the pews are made to think that every pastor is a Moses on the holy mount?

When a pastor thinks he's Moses on a holy pulpit, he doesn't think he needs to change anything. He convinces himself that it's better to have the liberal voters in the pews because at least they are getting the Word, but what about the harm these weeds pose to those they rub shoulders with? How lack-luster do the sheep become when the pastor caters to the goats equally, sacrificing oneness for the body, unable to lash out at liberal policies, for fear of offending the goats, policies that pollute the world we live in seven days per week? A successful fighting force needs to have oneness in the ranks. If the army is infiltrated with some of the enemy, and the military leader condones it, what do we call that?

Moses concerned himself with social policies, but a pastor who will not is no Moses. If the only thing a pastor does is recite and expound upon the Word that intends to purify the Body, but does not become an active fighter against the impurities of modern Sodom, which has already become worse than old Sodom, what kind of a salt is he? He looks more like a Sodom-tolerating salt pillar. God called for a stamping out of the enemy in the NATIONAL ranks, and their punishment, and so pastors should be calling for the eradication of the enemy from the government body, and their punishment in order to curb future government corruption. Why should pastors do this? Because God wants to see nations abiding on the right side of His laws, and way over from borderline sinlessness. Pastors do not want to become warm spit in God's mouth, do they?

There are tens of thousands of cities and towns, and even more villages, all with multiple pastors and other church leaders, and so we cannot know them all to know what they are thinking and doing. Don't label them all as hypocrites unless you like receiving the anger of God against you, but it's fine to egg them on to helping in the political task needed at this time, even if it means jabbing their legs with a pitchfork, no disrespect intended. How do we convince them to help out unless we call them out for being like ghosts, for being silent in the background? How sweet it would be to hear that churches are unafraid to offend their liberal voters in order to become a spine against the fascist machine seeking to swallow us alive.

Every church should be a camp, not a battlefield. Feminists are seeking to topple church norms, and all sorts of goat-horned lusters are seeking to control the leaderships. Changing the norm is good when the norm becomes flat, like a man who lies down to be walked on by the government's police. Changing the norm to an erect spine sounds like a good plan to me. Pastor's should own the country's policies. Separation of church and state was never intended to remove church policies from government policy, as if government is by definition anti-church. Separation of church and state was intended to keep an anti-Christ government from changing the policies of the churches, and in no way should a government be permitted to become anti-Christ.

However, I believe that God has not only allowed anti-Christ governments to proliferate, but that He's intended for it to expose the nature of evil, and why it must not be permitted to rule the earth. In this case, we can't fault churches for the development of modern Sodom, which is the result of God allowing demons to dig-in to the hearts of the Godless who lust for political power. However, that's not to say that churches should sit idly by to watch Sodom swallow us alive. I rather think that God would approve of churches who are properly concerned, to the point of resisting, fighting against, this snake.

We await the five smooth stones of Jesus, when he opens the first five Seals. Could they begin as early as 2028, in time for the Apophis asteroid of April, 2029? That's what I'm thinking.

Just a reminder on how Musk has been obedient to Schwabites:

With Christians speaking out against a cashless society, it forced globalists to put that program off in about 2010, but they put it on a secret back burner and are trying to push it again publicly as we speak, to see whether they can force it upon us. This is Schwabism, to force their control system upon us, by brutality, just as Revelation 13 says.

Here's what the globalists are wishing to do by ambush this winter:

The fact that most people do not want vaccines anymore is a testament to how far and wide thousands of little-leaguer news media reached even while big-leaguers shunned announcing vaccine illnesses. This is why the deep state, though in charge of the justice systems around the world, isn't going to become popular nor appreciated anytime soon. The damage has been done already to last two or three decades. Even the deceived / naive children will soon realize that the vaccine pushers have acted wickedly, even trying to kill them. The deep state has become suicidal, on the brink, soon to lash out insanely, angrily. Prepare your foods for long-haul security.

With trudeau trying to tighten the noose on hunters, it signals that Schwabism is trying to force people to be subject to city chains, slaves to the grid, no ability to be free from control:

Saturday story from Newspunch, though I don't much trust the article choices of this news media: "The Brazilian military have declared that Jair Bolsonaro will remain the 'Supreme Commander of Brazil' as they continue their executions of 'treasonous' Lula da Silva officials.".

Here's some globo-goons practicing with angel faces what they will say and do for a staged pandemic (not necessarily with a fake virus) that looks slated for 2025. This staged pandemic could be caused by 5G radiation in people having graphene. The graphene that people now have in their bodies could be permanent, or at least long-lasting to 2025 at least. At least one top doctor, Dr. McCullough, says mRNA cannot be removed from the body, and increases in volume with every vaccination. All options for guessing their next moves should be on the table:

God has five, smooth stones by which to bring Goliath down, the five Bowls of Revelation. The giant is brought down in the 5th Bowl. His lights are put out, his neck put onto the chopping block. In the meantime, during the Bowls, He refines the Church with His measured persecution against it, and prepares natural Israel for a holy ending by stomping to death the wrong Israelites. The anti-Christ is called the treader, but that's a stomper too, and he will stomp on Israel, let all Israelites take warning, let Christians warn Israel. Prepare to flee to the mountains when seeing the invader coming in. Jesus didn't say to flee to the sea coast.

If they go without food, what's the use in fleeing? Can a store of food lasting 3.5 years be had in an instant, or does it take time and work to store it? Would it be wise to move out of Judea long before the midway point of the tribulation, to secure a home? Are pastors asking their members to store foods? I don't know. If not, why not? What would God think of a pastor who stores food but is afraid to ask his members to do the same? What will God do to the globalists who plan a food shortage, who store food for it, advising friends and family to do the same, but seeking to prevent us from doing so?

Verse 27 Doesn't Have Jesus

Mid-week, Rick Wiles gave his audience the impression that God called him to attend a meeting of 500 VIPs in Jordan. That's due to his claim that God told him, years ago, to pray for the king of Jordan. However, he and Doc were on vacation in Jordan for a couple of weeks with 48 Christians who attended the trip, just two or three weeks ago. And he has hired an employee in Jordan for a reason I do not know, and thus he's been saying repeatedly on his show that God told him to pray for the king of Jordan, which could be the real reason, not the will of God, that he was invited to the dinner this past week with the king of Jordan.

In the dinner, he says he was seated at a table with only one table between he and the king. The night before the dinner, he was already telling his viewers that God set him up at this event, though Rick did not yet know what the king wanted to announce at the dinner.

After the dinner took place, it was revealed that the king was going to start a tourist attraction on the Jordanian side of the Jordan river for the place where Jesus was baptized. However, I don't think it's especially likely that God would do such a thing at this time, but rather the real motivator for this idea could be tourist $$$. And the Jordanians king may have asked his servants to invite the most-vocal Christians to get the word out with free advertising. So, with Rick having a wide audience, it can explain why he was plotted just two tables away from the king.

A couple of months ago, when I first started to watch TruNews, I was happy to hear that they were not pre-tribulationists, and they sounded post-tribulationist on the topic of the rapture. Since then, I've seen some not-good things from Mr. Wiles and Doc, including their catholic-like "communion" service where the round wafer is called a "eucharist." Red flag. And then Wiles assaulted all Christians Zionists with a broad brush, it seemed, even those who are not active in Zionism but just take the position that God respects or wills the existence of national, or those who celebrate the existence of national Israel because it's a Sign for prophetic fulfillment.

Thus, Wiles started to look more cultic than I could be comfortable with, by which I mean that he's willing to tarnish all churches not thinking as he does with a broad brush of the color dark.

Then, in the Friday-night TruNews show this week, while Rick was flying back to the United States, Doc had a prophetic section midway into the show. And he revealed his position that the 70th Week is not for the end-times, and he rebuked people like me for "blaspheming" Jesus by interpreting the character in the last verse (27) of Daniel 9 as the anti-Christ, for Doc and others view him as Jesus on the Cross.

Therefore, let me write down the last two verses for you, first word-for-word as it's translated in my Hebrew interlinear, which will help to expose Doc as goofy and irresponsible on this matter:

And after the weeks sixty and two, shall be cut off Messiah, and not is to Him. And the city and the sanctuary shall destroy the people of a prince coming. And its end with a flood, and until the end war; are determined desolations.

And he shall confirm a covenant with the many week one. And in the half of the week, he shall make cease sacrifice and offering, and upon a wing as abominations a desolator, even until the end. And that which was decreed shall pour out on the desolator.

You can clearly see why almost all readers of these two verses view it with the anti-Christ in view. But Doc and others before him have claimed that the middle of the seven-year "week" refers to Jesus on the cross. Doc wasn't good enough to give his viewers the background to these verses, where Daniel elsewhere speaks of an "abomination of desolation" in which it's clearly accomplished by the anti-Christ, and yet though Doc sees that this phrase is essentially in verse 27 above, he insists on being a big goof, insisting that the covenant with the many refers to Jesus and the New Covenant, as if he has no muscle of brain to conceive that it could be a different covenant. Instead, he chooses to be divisive because cultic Christians like to assault mainstream Christianity. Cults throw the baby out with the bathwater.

Doc went on to say that it's preposterous for mainstream Christians to put a gap of thousands of years between the 69th and 70th week. However, the text calls for it, and there is textual justification for it. Everyone agrees that the 69 weeks (483 years) end at the first coming of Jesus. Doc thinks the 70th week starts at the ministry of Jesus and ends somewhere around 35 AD, with no gap of time. He thinks this is the proper way to view the prophecy because he prefers to be a goof who likes to raise himself above mainstream Christianity.

Here's the two verses in a typical English translation, and I'll use the NIV because it's conveniently in the margin of my interlinear:

And after sixty-two weeks, Messiah shall be cut off, but not for Himself. And the people of a coming prince shall destroy the city and the sanctuary. And its end shall be with the flood, and ruins are determined, until the end shall be war.

And he shall confirm a covenant with the many for one week. And in the middle of the week he shall cause the offering and the sacrifice to cease; and on a corner of the alter desolating abominations even until the end. And that which was decreed shall pour out on the desolator.

"Corner of the altar" is incorrect because the text has no "altar." It just says that an abomination will take place upon a section of something. The interlinear translation uses, "wing," fairly accurately in my opinion because the Hebrew word means, "edge, extremity." A wing of a building is implied, meaning to one side of the building, not in the center, not the whole building.

And so we should not imagine a wing or edge of the altar, as that makes no sense due to the smallness of the altar, but also because there is no altar there at this time, and we don't expect there to be one, for the Jordanian king officiates the temple site at this time, protecting the Dome of the Rock, which is not exactly the will of God for this site.

The "wing" or "extremity" text is clearly referring to the Western Wall, the so-called Wailing Wall, the only part of the temple left standing after the Roman invasion of 70 AD. How did Daniel know that an extremity of the temple would exist in the end times? God wrote the prophecy, didn't He?

It's not very hard to see that verse 26 has two characters, the Messiah and a coming prince who desolates. Are we going to view both verses as having only Jesus? Some insist. And Doc wants you to believe that the following pertains to Jesus: "...upon a wing as abominations a desolator, even until the end. And that which was decreed shall pour out on the desolator." Is Jesus "a desolator"? No, of course not, for this abomination of desolation is in Daniel 11:31, described there as part of the invasion of Jerusalem by the "king of the north." Is Jesus the king of the north? Is Doc going to conflate the "desolator" of Daniel 9:27 with the king of the north? That's worse than goofy and blockheaded because it shows malice (perhaps based in arrogance) toward those who interpret these things justifiably and properly.

Doc says that there is no proof of a gap of time between the 69th and 70th Week. But there is great proof in the fact that the abomination is in the end times long after Jesus was on the cross. What more evidence does one need? Daniel makes it plain that the king of the north gets his demise at the resurrection of God's saints, both Old and New-Testament saints. Why can't Doc wrap his head around this?

It can be argued that the text distinguishes between the 69 weeks and the 70th due to a gap of time between them. We can glean that God didn't want Israelites to know that there would be a gap there, but Christians after the Crucifixion can grasp it. Why can't Doc? Isaiah 53 has Jesus dying for the sins of Israel, and then the same chapter has the same person alive again to rule the world, and there's no indication of a long gap of many centuries between the two events.

Revelation 17 has the seven-headed beast portrayed like so: "it was and is not, and is present." A few verses earlier: "The beast which you saw was and is not, and is about to come up out of the abyss to destruction going" (verse 8). This picture is explained to a degree in verse 10 when we are told that the seven heads are seven "kings," not "kingdoms." It is wrong for pre-tribulationists to claim that these are seven kingdoms or empires.

Verse 10 tells that "five [kings] fell, the one is, the other not yet come, and whenever he comes, a little it behooves him to remain." It's clear that the five fell in the past, one is yet ruling, and a seventh must be a king for a short time. The only way to view this is with emperor Domitian represented by the 6th king, with Nerva following for about 16 months upon the Roman throne. That's a short term for a king.

We can even identify the five fallen emperors thanks to Daniel telling that three of the 10 horns of Rome will be uprooted. So, the first of Revelation's seven kings was Little Boots (37 AD), then Claudius and Nero, and then we skip three emperors in a row who each ruled a very short time, all in 69 AD, after Nero's death. The fourth head then becomes Vespasian, and then his two sons, one being Domitian. It's that simple to figure. And where we read from Daniel, "the people of a coming prince shall destroy the city and the sanctuary," the "prince" can be viewed either Vespasian himself, or the devil who has charge over the seven kings.

Not long ago, I reported that my tinnitus, which sounds like an alarm, had become twice as loud, maybe more. But for the past week or so, it was back to low volume, as before, which doesn't bother me much. However, while writing the paragraph above, suddenly the volume shot up to about three times the volume. Is God sounding the alarm for us this day?

I choose to view the "prince" as satan because the text then goes from him to a "he" without introducing another character, saying, "And he shall confirm a covenant with the many week one. And in the half of the week, he shall make cease sacrifice and offering, and upon a wing as abominations a desolator, even until the end." This text is end-time, and thus "he" is now the devil in the end times. We have no choice but to see it this way. The seven "was and is not" but will preside again.

The "prince" is the first-century dragon of Revelation 12 morphing into the seven-headed anti-Christ beast of Revelation 13, what is so hard to understand about this? DOC does see a gap OBVIOULSY between the seven-headed dragon of Revelation 12 and the seven-headed beast of Revelation 13, for the latter gets destroyed at Jesus' coming. Yet the Revelation text in chapters 12 and 13 tells of no such gap. We can glean the existence of this gap, thanks partly to Revelation 17, partly to the way history has unfolded with a gap between the two comings of Jesus, and partly to our good-enough-to-figure brains, something lacking in Doc's skull. Turn your brain up a notch, Doc, get with the program.

In Revelation 11: "And the beast which was and is not, even he is an eighth, and of the seven is." We don't see eight heads on the dragon of chapter 12, and there are again seven heads on the beast of 13, but there is a small difference between the two because the dragon has crowns on the seven heads while the beast has crowns on his ten horns. It tends to reveal that the dragon represented the seven emperors from Little Boots to Nerva, and that the beast of 13 is the eighth king.

The way in which we find the language, "which was and is not," suggests that the book of Revelation, though written in the reign of the sixth head, was distributed to the churches by God after Nerva's rule, for only then could it be said that the seven-headed beast "is not." There is something, in the mind of God, that makes the end-time head pertain the first seven. We don't know how that is, but I suppose we one day will understand it. The clue seems to be that the eighth head is Roman, Western, for the seven heads are even revealed as seven hills upon which the woman sits, and it's well known that Rome was built on seven hills.

Moreover, the final verse of chapter 17 has: "And the women who you saw is the great city having a kingdom over the kings of the earth." There is no way to interpret this but as the Roman empire during the reign of Domitian. The empire was wide-spread at that time. There was no empire or king who could compete with the world-rule of Rome. plus, even Daniel seven has the end-time anti-Christ coming out of the Roman empire, and, Doc, get this, it has the 11th king coming AFTER the 10 so that we can glean a gap of unknown time between the 10 and the 11th, can't you? C'mon, Doc, I just know you can do it.

In Daniel 7, here we find the 11th, it even says that, after he has his 3.5 years of war against the saints, the kingdom(s) of the earth go to Jesus. Thus, there is a gap of time between the 10 and the 11 that the text does not necessarily indicate, if the text is all we had to go on. But we have history to help with this, Doc, which plainly indicates a loooooong gap. It's clear that he's the 11th, versus the 8th in Revelation, because the Daniel text includes the three uprooted amongst the 10 kings, which in Revelation become the seven.

The three are ignored in Revelation, but Daniel adds them probably to help us identify who the seven are. It's only due to the three uprooted ones that we can identify the seven by gleaning the three to be the ones who ascended the throne in 69 AD. Wikipedia: "The Year of the Four Emperors, AD 69, was the first civil war of the Roman Empire, during which four emperors ruled in succession: Galba, Otho, Vitellius, and Vespasian." Vespasian went on to rule several years. His family becomes the crux of the seven heads because the 8th king is expected to take-off or continue from Vespasian's son, Domitian, not short-rule Nerva.

It doesn't appear correct to view the Roman anti-Christ as a Russian unless we view Russians from the Varangian Rus of Sweden. Note that the Swiss surname has a bear, likely the bear of Bern, Switzerland, seen also in the Bern surname. Bernicia has a bear symbol today in the Arms of Berwickshire, and with the Berwick and Barwick surnames. It claims a blood connection between Vern and Bernicia. God showed me that the Lorraine eagle is also the Child eagle, and here it may be appropriate to add that Childs were first found in Hertfordshire with the Titus', suspect from their sharing that Chappes Moor head to be from emperor Titus, Vespasian's son and therefore the 5th head.

Where did Russia get its bear symbol? It just so happens that heraldry allows us to track Maria of Kiev (wife of Casimir of Poland) via the red Casimir antler to Lorraine's and Keeps with bends in the colors of the bendwise Casimir antler. This bend is the Arms of Baden too, and the red antler happens to be a symbol of Veringers of Baden. The Bern bend is in colors reversed because Zahringens of Baden, who used a blue antler, founded Bern. Thus the Russian bear looks connectable to the Zahringens / Veringers of Baden.

Google is minimizing articles on Zahringens and Veringers, can't even find their antlers anymore by simply asking. The google computer pretends it doesn't know what I'm asking when asking for the Veringer antlers. We need to use "Veringen" instead even though there's got to be hundreds of articles mentioning Veringers of Baden. Google doesn't care what we ask for anymore because it has been instructed by the globalist goons not to allow the people to deeply educate themselves, but to keep it thin and shallow. Asking for "veringer of baden," I don't get anything. Instead, it suggests "Beringer." Is the google computer that STUPID? No, but it's programmed not to feed us what we ask for, especially if we are on its black list.

Therefore, when you read something and wish to verify it, it may appear that there's no such thing because the google computer is programmed not to give you much of what you ask for. This leads to mistrust of what everyone reads, and so the globalists are making even their own children STUPID in their fight against their enemies: everybody. They hate everybody.

Finally got this: "...the County/Duchy of Wurttemberg, whose seat was in the original Wurttemberg castle on a hilltop near Stuttgart. It is based on the arms of their cousins, the Counts of Nellenburg (3 blue antlers on a field of gold), which was in turn based on the arms of their cousins, the Counts of Veringen (3 red antlers on a field of gold)." Casimirs use one red-on-gold antler. Nellenburgs are listed with Nellys/Neille's. The Arms of Nellenburg have the three antlers fessewise, in colors reversed from the triple fesses of Stuttgart-like Stouts/Stows. Stute's share three red roundels with Nellenburgs/Nellys/Neille's. English Neals were first found in Wiltshire with eye-using Stars, and near the first-known, eye-using Battins/Badens (axes) likely on the Axe river.

Casimir above was the son of RICHEZa of Lorraine, and the Biden-connectable Rich's/RICHESS' are said to have named a location in Lorraine. Rich's/Richess', who show BOTTONy crosses (crosses with button ends), were first found in Hampshire with Bottons/Buttons/Bidens who are in turn said to have become clergy in Bath of Somerset, where Battins/BADENs were first found, what a lucky strike. Hampshire is where Flys of Flavius were, and Vespasian was a Flavius by surname. I've shown many times how Flys trace in multiple ways to these imperial Flavians.

The Swiss surname not only uses the Bern bear in both colors, but the Lorraine eagle. The horizontally-split Swiss Shield is in colors reversed with the same of German Halls/Hole's/Hallands/Hallersdorfs, first found in Baden with Groce's/Greggs almost having their Coat. Swedish Halls use the split Shields above with a vertical split, and add an emBATTLEd bend in the colors of the Bern and Lorraine bends. Battle's, first found in Berwickshire = Bernicia, thus look like a branch of Battins/Badens. Dutch Halls/Hallands share triple-red chevrons with Cassane's/Cassandra's, first found in Hampshire with Mile's. At the tips of the Hall chevrons are stars in the colors of the Mile stars. Mile's were gleaned (by me) with the fictitious Milo de Vere, explaining why three Hall Coats above are in Vere colors. English Halls were first found in Lincolnshire with Miles'.

The new thing above is where I've just noticed that German Halls almost have the GROCE/Gregg Coat, recalling that the Russian medallion at my GROCEry store is why I've become familiar with Groce's/Greggs in the first place. I showed again, earlier in this update, why Kepke on the hood of my car, and spotting ALLISON Bauer at that moment, connects with the Russian medallion found on my hood. Amazingly, Allisons have a dog in the colors of the Hall/Holl / Hull and Holly dog! This gives us another clue as to what the medallion might mean, now connecting with the Varangians / Veringers / Halls.

Hallisons are listed with English Allisons using "black birds" while Blacks were first found in Lincolnshire with Halls/Holls. It recalls Kepke's black Lab, Blackie/Blacky by name, and it therefore recalls that Blackie's/Blacky share the vaired Nero/Neretti chevron because the Neretva river was also the Naro...perhaps the entity that named emperor Nero, the third of the seven heads. The amazing thing is that, if the vaired Blackie chevron were gold, the Blackie's would have the triple chevrons of Dutch Halls in colors reversed. The Halls/Holl / Hall / Holly and Allison dogs are all Labs, like Blackie (not pure Lab).

As the Blackie Crest is green like the Leslie Crest, Blackie's look like they share the Bled/Bles/BLEY Shield, recalling the Blaze's of Blay who share the Black saltire. Bled and Lesce are near the Japodes to which I trace my Jeep, and it should be repeated that the Allison "black birds" are in the design of the black "Cornish chough's" of Hoods.

By the way, perhaps it's a coincidence that while Leslie's were earls of Rothes at Moray, Bley-like Bellys were first found in Moray. Were Bellys and their Bailey/Baliol branches of the Bley variation of Bleds where the latter were from Bleda, brother of Attila? Leslie's were Hungarians, and Hungarians claim to descend from Attila.

Plus, it looks like we can get to Darlene of Knob Hill farms here because Coughs share the fleur-de-lys of English Morleys (Derbyshire with Darlene-connectable Cnuts) while Scottish Morleys/Mauls (Yorkshire with Blackie's, Hallands and Hulls) share the green dragon in Crest with Blackie's. The latter's fitchees are colors reversed from the same of Darlene's, you see. plus, the Darlene / Darlington / Cnut drops are shared (both colors) by English Hallands/Hallams! It's interesting that while the latter were first found in Yorkshire with Hansons, Hallam-like Gallows/GALLERYs share the Halland/Hallow lion, in the colors of the stag heads of Hanna's, first found in Galloway. Dutch Halls/Hallands are also HALLERs, as are German Halls/Hallands and Danish Halls. Gallerys are in the write-up of Sava-river Sauers, and while Bled above is on the Sava river, Sarah's/Sayers were Barwick kin round-about.

Morleys/Mauls happen to share the scallops of Tailbois' (Lincolnshire with Halls/Holls), a branch of Talbots who named the heraldic talbot, usually a Lab. The talbot always looks like the Hall/Holl / Etc. dog, and is used in black by Carricks, a branch of Groce's/Greggs i.e. probably kin of German Halls/Hole's/Hallands.

For my records, I'd like to jot here that German Hallers share the giant Marble griffin, and Hullmar drive is where my miracle-marble shot took place. We called marbles, alleys, and Alleys (Halley/Haley colors) share the giant lion of Hollands, colors reversed from the lion of English Hallands/Hallams. Hulleys/Howlets, first found in Yorkshire with Hulls, use the owl so as to make Hulls and Halls look like an Owl/Howl / Howell branch. Howells share towers (different colors) with Hulleys/Howlets. The miracle-marble shot was when I was playing potsies, as we called the game, which involves making a little pot, or HOLE, in the ground. Is that cool or what? "Hole" brings up three Hall surnames. English Halls/Hole's and Hulls share the dog head (different colors) with Hulley-like Culleys/Cullough's.

Hollands share the fleur-de-lys of Bernician-liner Burns/Bearns whose hunting horns look connectable to the same of German Barrs, who were at Brunswick about the time of naming Bar-le-Duc in Lorraine. The gyronny pattern of Titus' is suspect with Gernons who share the Brunswick Coat. Gernons were first found at Montfiquet, and Montfiquets are listed with Moscow-like Muschats while Fly's are in the Drake motto as the Muscas variation of Mosca's. Can this predict that the 8th head of the beast will be a Moscow element from the line of Vespasian?

Back to the question of the Russian bear. It's suspect with ZAHRingens, downtown Germans, and the "hatchets" of ZEHRs/Zehrers can play to this because Hatchets/Hackets can be a branch of Hatch's/Hacchs who in turn share the Brunswick Coat while Bernicia was also Brunswick-like Bryneich//Brynaich. It can explain why the Bruno Coat, if it had a red Shield, is he Bern Coat but without the bear.

Barwicks share the Sarah/Sayer motto while "sara" is a motto term of Rus-line Russells sharing the Rossi Coat. Russells use the goat while the Sarah/Sayer Coat is the Goat/Gotham Coat plus the scallops of Varangi-like Varns, the latter first found in Ayrshire with Scottish Barrs. German Barrs were first found in Saxony with goat-using Weiss' and goat-using Kepke's/Kopke's. This is perfect with Kepke's dog, Blackie (alive when I was Kepke's friend), for Blackie's were Neretva-river liners while Nerets share one Rosseau Coat while the other Rosseau's have the Irish Door and Doral Coat in colors reversed, making sense because Daorsi were on the Neretva river. Keppochs named Kippax in Leeds, and "leades" is a Rosseau motto term while Leeds come up as Leades'. The latter use a cockaTRICE while Trice's/Trysts are in the "Keep tryst" motto of Hebrons (Northumberland with Keep-related Lorraine's). Leeders/Leaders share the Varn / Sarah/Sayer scallops.

The Leeder/Leader scallops are also those of Joke's, a branch of English Jacks (Yorkshire with Leeds and Presleys/Priestlys). The red Presley/priestly cockatrice is in the Joke Crest. Scottish Jacks show nothing but holly. The Fine's/Finis' expected in the "finem" motto term of Presleys/PRIESTlys were first found in Kent with Joke's. Prests/Press' were first found in Hertfordshire with Titus'. The Titus gyronny is suspect with Gernons sharing the Brunswick Coat, and while Presleys/Priestly have two symbols of Abruzzo's, the latter's two comBATTANT lions are in the colors of the double Gernon / Brunswick lions. Battants are listed with Battins/BADENs.

The red cockatrice is almost the red wyvern dragon of Drake's (666-like tail on the dragon) and Rusts/Rosts. Varangi-line Varni were at ROSTock. Drake's, who translate their "Muscas" motto term as "fly," were first found in Hampshire with Fly's of Flavius, the line of the Biblical red / scarlet dragon. Rusts/Rosts are in the colors and format of Bats (Shropshire with Meschins and Hunters). The latter two share saltires, the Hunter saltire too, and Hunters go with the Barr / Burn/Bearn hunting horns.

As Meschins married purple-lion SKIPtons, we can ask whether the purple robe on the Roman whore of Revelation 17, the one who rides on the back of the seven-headed beast, is from general SCIPio, a Roman general, for he formed an alliance with Meschin-line king Massena of Numidia. Together, they caught and jailed Syphax, who on one of his coins (Wikipedia no longer showing it) looks like Mr. Kepke. Compare "Syphax" to "Kepke." Boofima is from Africa along with Numidia and Carthage (Syphax was defeated while ruling Carthage, if I recall correctly).

The Syphax-like Spike's/Speke's/Spocks are in Keip/Keiper colors and format, and the Spice's suspect in the "Respice" motto term of Presleys were first found in Devon with Space's/Speccots, with a location of the Speke's, as well as with the Hooks (possible Brown/Brun kin) in the Presley chevron, not to mention with the Tours/Thors in the Presley Coat. As was said, Presleys share two symbols of the Hebrew-line Abreu's/Abruzzo's while Presleys are in the colors and format of the Keep-beloved Hebrons...meaning that HeBRONs (beside Burns, Bernice's and Browns/Bruns) may have been Abruzzo elements.

New: I once proposed, though I can't remember how, that "SOPHonisba," wife of SYPHax, but lover of Massena, was the line to GOPHers/Gofers. I was just asking self what surname her name might trace to, and Spoons came to mind, zowie, who share the boar head Goffs/Gough's and Googe's!!! All in Gopher/Gofer colors, but, zowie, Gophers/Gofers even share the red drops of Spoons!!!

The Gopher-like Sopers/Supers were first found in Devon too, as were Spurrs. "Spur rowells" are used by Panters who have a fesse-with-items in the colors and format of the fesse-with-items of French Pine's in the PORCupine of Spice's/Speke's/Spocks. PORCius Cato was heavily involved with things-Carthage, and his Wikipedia article tells that he owned land in Sabina, location of Rieti, home of emperor Vespasian (son of Flavius Sabinus). It can explain why Petro's share the Porci fleur-de-lys, for Vespasian was the grandson of Flavius Petro of Rieti. Rita's were first found in Rome, where Syphax was placed in house arrest, and thus his child with Sophonisba could have taken off from Rome. Syphax-like Sforza's were first found in Rome, and the Fine's we saw in the Priestly motto share the Sforza lion.

Porcius-like Porch's have the Basset fesses in Crest, and Bassets were first found in Staffordshire with DUCE's (Brunswick Coat in colors reversed), and with the Stops/Stubbs from Stobi, a city of PAIONians, explaining why PAIONs/Payens share "spur rowells" with Panters. The Panter-like Pantzers/Pansys are in the Arms of Bar-le-DUC as pansies, and "duce" is a Schim/Schien motto term. The Panter Coat is not a bad reflection of the Schim/Schien Coat that itself shares the Spoon / Googe boar head. German Ducks were first found in Westphalia with Pantzers/Pansy's, and English Ducks were first found in Somerset with Baths and Badens while the Shaunde variation of Schims/Schiens is said to have attained earldom of Bath.

Online: "As the Kievan [Varangian] Rus' was evolving and separating into different states, what we now know as Russia was being called Rus' and Russkaya..."


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