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November 29 - December 5, 2022

Don't Trust Elon Musk
Sleeping Beauty Had Intended to Point to Andrew Huff All Along

If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture

It was nice while it lasted. Hall of Names is no longer showing the descriptions of the Coats of Arms presented at House of Names, but I have many of them recorded in my past updates from which to borrow.

On Friday, the story broke wherein Elon Musk handed some twitter emails to the public to expose government collusion with social media in illegal ways. Although the Friday video below is not polished due to the speed of getting the information out, it is a thorough look at twitter emails, if that's what you want. If you wish, you can mute the video and just read the revelations for yourself with the pause button to help out:

To be sure, leftist media are not opposed to free speech, but rather to seeing the truth publicized of Democrat crimes, improprieties, etc. That's the nutshell, but with the motive of winning elections.

It's well known in the news industry that if they don't want the story to have maximum legs, they put it out at the end of Friday. Musk put out the twitter revelations after dinner on Friday, if that tells you a little more about him. Just trying to look like he's fulfilled a promise? Neon Revolt at Gab has added that Musk is legally bound to reveal crimes by the previous owners, otherwise Musk can be an accomplice to the crimes.

Musk may be out to increase twitter business by allowing most speech. I'm not convinced he has any morals. He often looks to me like a warlock. He's got demons for as long as he resists Jesus, that's the way the future is going to go for all. Demons in force at their last hurrah. Demons in the brain convincing people that Christians are the problem blocking a world from love and acceptance.

And this is why it's dangerous for a Christian platform like Gab to partner with white supremacists. For one thing, it makes leftists look correct in lumping Christians in with homegrown terrorists even though there's no truth to mainline Christians espousing violence or even meanness. I have found that American white supremacists are often of a Christian stripe, yet with filthy minds and zero toleration for the ordinary Jew. This is not a good partnership, and on top of this there are Christians praising ADL-serving Musk. This is two powder kegs sitting beside each other. When one blows, so does the other.

I agree with the leftists: free speech for the goods guys, censorship for the destroyers, exactly why leftists should be censored and Christians given the full voice to order society. That's what the liberal snakes have been doing for decades, how could people not notice it? They've been turning the tables, to make themselves look like the loving ones, and Christians as the haters...just because we hate evil. The leftists become hateful, we then hate them, and get accused of being a hate group. That's all this is, a beastly claw to our faces, nothing complicated, just a swipe. Our job is, not to turn and run, but to turn the tables on leftists, reveal that they are the hateful ones, the destroyers of society. That's what God wants to do, let's help Him out. He gave us the Sword, let's use it.

On the one hand, it's good for Christians to be sheepish if it helps people to ignore the calls to lump us in with those who would use violence. On the other hand, even God is using violence, probably as we speak, to protect us. How many dread enemies of ours have been killed or put out of commission by the vaccines? How many has God refused to save from the vaccines just because He foresees that they will, if allowed to be alive/healthy, persecute us? Isn't God going to allow the demons to destroy, and to destroy His enemies thereby? Of course, that's the prophetic Plan in a nutshell. But if we even speak this thing, we'll get labeled as violence-prone, hateful.

Well, yes, we hate a society ordered by evil people such as Obama, the Clintons, the Bidens, and trudeau. We don't want dirty, disgusting faggots in power over us who have sexual eyes for teens of the same sex and younger. We don't want incest and bestiality, which is what the whorish demons wish to install into our faces. They hate us so much that they are now trying to normalize child sex, these disgusting faggots and those who support them. Recall how Armageddon was portrayed by the violent faggots outside of Lot's home just before the fire fell on Sodom. Why did God choose that picture to portray Armageddon for us? Because, He saw those same disgusting demonoids at the end times.

And so Jesus said that His coming will be like the days of Sodom, by taking the disgusting people by surprise with great Violence from His hand, and not even the wife or husband of the saved will be saved if they show a heart for this world. This is why we are blessed at this time if we HATE what this world is becoming. The New Testament has always taught, hate the world, but that includes America, and especially America. Do not be deceived by those who call America the greatest nation protected by God just because the founding fathers gave lip service to "God." Instead, look at the fruits of the nation when deciding whether God loves or hates it. Let's not lump the weeds in with the wheat, or we will end up like a pillar of salt. Let's not say, "I love Sodom." Get rid of the American flag, Christians, behind your back as you share the news of the disgusting side of America. Be your own country that goes beyond borders. Be the Country of God that will soon become The Shining Empire. The freemasons have no part in it who call America the glorious, the shining. Why are these Christians promoting the masonic view of America? Does it not occur to them that America is the reciprocal of God's Kingdom?

Of course there are Christians in America, but I'm talking about the America at the power structures. That's the end-time Sodom. The American powers have been empowering the faggots, what is it that we don't understand about this? Why, then, are American Christians standing behind America instead of something else? Why would they choose to seize America away from the anti-Christs when they have the Israel of God that they can cherish, promote and enjoy? Why would people who have joined the Israel of God care about taking America away from the wicked? Why sacrifice the Holy Nation to seize a dirty nation, to call that dirty thing your own? Is this not Lot's wife? It sure looks like it to me.

I'm afraid that those who try to marry the American flag with the Israel of God are salt pillars as they speak. I would venture to suggest that white supremacists who despise Israel are prone to rejecting the phrase, "Israel of God." Maybe not, but it's possible. In any case, trying to salvage the here-and-now in the final years is an insane quest, i.e. prone to instilling some insanity in the minds of those who try to procure it. The problem is, we don't know with 100-percent certainty that we have reached the final years, and, besides, I think it's proper to salvage the here-and-now for the sake of ourselves, our brethren, our children, and everybody else.

Therefore, we need to distinguish between the right way to salvage the here-and-now versus the wrong or worldly way. And that's why I get nervous when Christians base the here-and-now on wealth, with love of the stock market even. I have a way to make you hate the stock market: it's geared to maximize profits and therefore is not geared to charity i.e. not geared to easy or mediocre pricing of products. There you have the very definition of "the world" when we see "maximizing profits." In Revelation, this thing is Babylon the Great, the end-time Roman empire, and so you should want to despise the stock market as a gambling house which not only gambles your money, but your eternal life.

The way that God wants us to fix the here-and-now is to share / announce His ways for fixing the human heart. Charity toward one another leads to good feelings toward one another, and good feelings fix the heart. Robbing one another leads to hating and killing one another, what university degree do we need to grasp this simple thing? When the powers abuse us, we don't feel charitable toward them, and so we need to figure out how Jesus would speak to them in the here-and-now if he were still amongst us in a human body. We don't have an example of Jesus speaking to a government run by faggot-advancing animals who are moreover promoting child sex. What we do have is the drown-in-the-sea statement that He lobbed toward anyone who causes a child to sin. Leftist powers today are seeking to turn our children into sinners so that they will have a huge head-start as young adults.

Therefore, God will murder them by surprise, and they will grieve shrieks of pain with nobody to come rescue them. Horror for horror. Those who go to their deaths in love of sin, in rebellion against God, show that they would forever sin if allowed to live, and thus they will reap a forever horror. Forever horror for forever horror. We have seen that the devil is a forever horror show. After thousands of years, he has not yet repented, and will go to his death at enmity with God. It is not God who is cruel for paying them forever as they deserve, but rather those who become like the devil are the cruel ones.

Here I am, gladly doing what God wants us to do: expose the evil powers, telling of the right way to live. I'm gladly doing it because I hate evil. I hate the promoters of faggotry, of abortion, of sewer mouths, of pornographers, of thieves, of price-fixers, of those who "reason" with trickery that they delight in. I'm am so glad to hate these things. This is part of what it means to "see the Light." It is not the darkness that has the light, but those who shine the light on the darkness, and so be a mega-flashlight today. Sneak up on the darkness, and turn it on. Make them freak. Yes, they will hate us for it.

It is not a sin to like sex, or to seek it. It is a sin to abuse it. Sex with a person who does not belong to us for the purpose is a sin. People usually get married with someone they enjoy physicality with. For some, they enjoy physicality with the person they first love spiritually or mentally. Others prioritize the sex and take the spiritual side as a bonus, if it's there at all. If it's not there, things go downhill as both hearts start to cool. The spiritual side suffers when one or both partners don't give enough to the other. Charity fixes the heart; withholding charity ruins the spiritual bond, and the only heat to look forward to is the sparks. A good marriage has two positive protons attracting each others electrons, no sparks caused by disassociation. Faggots prioritize the sex and are therefore cold, downhill solums on a mudslide. Good luck with that.

God gave us the Sword, let's use it. But there is a time for retreat, a time to lay low. There is less good accomplished if we just plop ourselves into the mouth of the dragon only to get chomped. We would be more fruitful if we retreated and came back for a surprise attack at the dragon's backside. If we open our mouths only to be jailed for many years, is that the best way to produce fruit? Didn't God warn Paul that he was about to be jailed? Yes, but Paul continued full-steam ahead in zeal, and got jailed. We never heard from him again but when he was writing to his churches from jail. It wasn't a total waste at all. For one thing, it's a testimony to the people in the future that he was willing to die for his Message i.e. he wasn't a charlatan, he wasn't a Benny Hinn with secret stashes of money robbed from the flock.

Jesus predicted that Peter would remain faithful into his old age, and to prove it, Peter wrote a couple of letters in his aging years which we have in our Bibles. In those letters, he continued to call Christians to faithful service, emphasizing a loving brotherhood, bang-on the Message of Health that leads to eternal life. But Peter also wrote of imposters in the churches, and of the end-time judgments of God on the Day of the Lord.

"Day of the Lord" implies that history was given to the devil until the Day of the Lord. Why would God want people to advance love on the one hand, but leave a hateful, destructive, insidious force on earth that slips into the minds of men so that they slay each other? Well, because it's a win-win. There is judgment on the weeds, but there is also the wheat made capable of popping up through the weeds to get enough Son to produce some fruit. It's a win-win because God gets to eradicate the weeds forever after He proves them unworthy to rule the planet. The longer he allows the weeds to multiply, generation after generation, the higher the number of beautiful human beings who cancel their sins and enter the invisible Kingdom that has no national flag. Let the show go on, and let you and I keep popping up to get some Son in the meantime.

Break bread before Jesus from time to time to give thanks for the thing he did to deserve the world throne. The Cross was His tall stepping stone to the throne, and that throne is ours too, if you understand Jesus. It's not a literal throne like a chair, but a symbol. He took the tall step to give us the Kingdom, such was his love for the beautiful people who would understand His and God's aspirations for a loving human race. "Follow me up this step, my friends, I'll help you get up." Conquer that one step, and you will be immersed in Brightness. It sounds delightful while we wallow in this pitiful world, and so the more pitiful the world becomes in the end times, the more conducive it becomes to urging the sinner to take that tall step. Therefore, do not view the mud all around your knees as a bad thing, but as God's lure to the upward climb. We could say that the mud is God's lighthouse. "This way, walk this way, take My hand, come up with Me. I'll show you the Glory."

Therefore, it's not wrong for us to get into the mud to push some people up the tall step from behind. Push, push, be a hero. Push someone while God pulls, what a beautiful picture. Put your hands beneath his dirty boots, and lift him to the step. Thrash with your Sword the snakes in the mud seeking to bite the people with fatal poison ballooning from within their fangs. Let your sword rip through the fangs, wasting their poison verbiage which they speak to the masses. Let our words waste theirs.

How sweet that our war is with words and not metal. How sickening that our war is with words. How sweet and how sickening. It's like a scroll sweet and bitter. How sweet when we waste the devil's plots; how sickening that many choose the poison instead. And that's how it is, we grieve when we see the poison spouted off all around us. It mesmerizes us, but let's learn to stand with a stiff spine, turn the mesmerization into zeal. We're going to win this mother of all battles because our enemy is a fool, an empty suit, a wee-wee who can't control his fury, who becomes furious at those who construct.

"Build back better" is a facade to hide the destruction. "I will build My Church, and the Bill Gates of Hell shall not prevail against it." Build Back Better is the flag of Jesus that Biden has waved in fakery. Biden's job is to take tax money to the global government while letting the streets and the bridges go to ruin, so to speak. God is not calling us to construct roads and bridges, but to walk on the Way that Jesus built after He bridged the gap between the devil and God. The King's Highway is already laid, and it starts immediately over the bridge. The bridge and the tall step are one.

Delight in the Kingdom of God is when we have a sound and sincere Faith. When someone else who has such a faith speaks to me about the Bible, and I can respond with a sound faith, not showing doubts because I truly believe, it is a party with celebration at every word spoken. That's because we believe that we have been over the bridge, and we understand the gravity of what we have escaped behind us. It is a terrible gravity when we fall into the dark waters beneath the Bridge.

We could say that the devil is pushing people into a chasm, but that Jesus built a Bridge exactly at the chasm. People can now run to the Bridge before the devil succeeds in killing them over the adjacent cliff. Each one of us can be a gatekeeper at the entry to the Bridge; whenever God needs us to walk with someone over that Bridge, here I am Lord, use me. Whenever the dead under the bridge see people walking over it, they grieve, they shriek.

Jesus is a heavy-duty Savior. It's not just the small things He saves us from, and frankly He probably doesn't save us from much but the major threats. We can handle the small threats on our own, which teach us how to walk, how to fight. Unless we keep these ideas close to heart, we will fail to understand why the world is the way that it is. We might be led to think that there can be no God according to the dreadful appearance of the world at this time. If we falter in our faith like that, for failure to see the world from the Biblical picture, we do not as much as walk, let alone fight. Once we realize and believe that the world is the battlefield portrayed in the Scriptures, because we believe that Jesus is the Truth, and once we've become firm about these things, we can begin to get familiar with the Sword. And so God left us the New Testament in order to turn us into Sword handlers.

Jesus is a Final Sword in Revelation 19 at the back of the New Testament. He's the Final Sword at the Final Trumpet, and this time this Sword is one that destroys flesh. It's the Killer Sword, and He's going to slash off more than the ear of a priest's servant. Peter, this will be your time. John, call down some thunderbolts, your time has come. But until the arrival of Mercy-is-Over Day, do not kill anyone because you will be robbing that person of the final chance to receive Mercy. Think about that. If God keeps the Bridge open until the final Trumpet, who are we to send a person into the chasm before that Trumpet sounds?

It will be good when all Wrath has ended, when the smoking weeds have become the useless stomping grounds. When the sun rises in the morning, tranquility. No military officer comes to arrest us anymore. No FDA goon comes to take away our chickens, and the eggs too, for not having a license to own them or eat them as food. You won't have a news show in the morning spouting off arrogantly and insidiously. The shaking of the planet will put people into a new frame of mind.

The dragonic powers will be turned from tall trees to burning stumps. The buzzards will celebrate the corpses. As we await that future from the situation this week, as it builds to our persecution, does it look sweet at all? Yes, it will be sweet, after the bitterness turns us to tears. We probably deserve the bitterness, or God would not feed it to us. As God begins to drop the 28 plagues of revelation, the powers will at first attack us in reaction. But, as time goes on, the powers will be weakened by the plagues, and things go from worse to better until Surprise Day arrives...not soon enough for many. Yet Jesus said that, when the tribulations begin, the time will go fast. That's perhaps relative to the slowness that puts the Church to sleep prior to the persecution. The tribulations are to all groups, all nations, especially Zionistic Israel, but the persecutions are toward us.

When the smoke of Armageddon subsides, out of it will come a pearl, the remnant of Zionist Israel that survives alive. This pearl will join the Israel of God; in tears it will roll along the Bridge, but the masses in fear of God will wave and dance and be jubilant as the pearl sheds its rebellion against God. This pearl will be a circumcised product, the thorny heart of Israel transformed in sharp pain from a blockhead mentality. It is now a stubborn heart of cold and senseless stone, but will become a human heart capable of extending and receiving love. Anti-Semites, eat your hearts out; the Great Tribulation of Israel will produce a gem for hanging on the neckchain of Jesus. The gem will be pierced, and the chain will go into the pearl from the rebellious side, and exit the obedient side, and it will then hang on The Vine forever more in gladness of spirit. This is God's promise to Abraham fulfilled.

All the nations from Abraham's loins will come visit the Woman with 12 stars at her crown, and they will learn from the decisions of the 12 stars, the 12 Apostles who sit on 12 thrones to judge the world, to make her just and righteous like this world has never been before. The witch will lie low, the warlock will go underground, the faggot will be too ashamed to surface, as it was back in the 1950s. Under the rule of the Apostles, the world will not have the threat of hollywood, or anything else that turned the tables in the 1950s on behalf of the Snake, for the Snake will be chained at that time, able to watch but not partake. That serpent will then witness a world operating in health, vibrant, lush, happy and safe.

No politically-motivated riots, no clamor, no fake "hope and change" intended to destroy. The sounds of clean music in the land will be a thousand years of excruciating pain for the Snake as it awaits on death row. We never see the devil weeping in scripture. I think this beast is as hard as flint, but it should be interesting to see its condition as it arrives in Prison to its final few months. Will it tremble, will its eyes go weak, will it cower? Will it show regrets? Will it beg for mercy?

Revelation 20 tells that God will release the Snake from his prison term. We don't know why, whether it begged for mercy, whether it promised to be good from now on. Revelation 20 then tells that he goes out to deceive the nations once again, and musters Gog and Magog to his side for an assault on the Kingdom of Jesus. What an absolute loser this thing is, what an insignificant and detestable piece of trash. These are not my words, but are the words of the Snake itself ringing out from his actions. The Revelation is portraying it as an insignificant and detestable bit of trash which, after seeing a healthy world (probably growing in health with each passing century), it decides to destroy it.

So, you see, God gives the serpent a chance to correct itself, and he also gives the peoples on earth a chance to correct themselves, but many still choose evil, hoping to get away with it by destroying God forever. What could it mean that the devil deceives Gog and Magog except that it convinces the nations that God can be defeated? Revelation tells that the numbers of rebels are countless, and gather worldwide to come battle the King at Jerusalem.

One can get the impression that Jerusalem was once a prize for satan, and that God took it from him as part of His plan to restore the planet. It was king David, the "branch" to Jesus, who first conquered Jerusalem for Israel. At the time, it was the city of JEBUSites, who look like they were named by, or vice-versa, JABESH of Gilead. The Jeepma/JABACH surname happens to use a lone hexagram -- otherwise called the "star of David" by the imposter Jews -- in colors reversed from the lone hexagram at the center of the Israeli flag. Zionist Israel was founded in 1948 by imposter Jews, the "synagogue of satan."

To follow better, load Jeepma's now to load and view other surnames on another Internet tab.

One can trace the peoples of Jabesh-Gilead to the Japodes (near Romula on this map), noting that Jeepma's/Jabachs are also Jappa's. I have super evidence that the Japodes named mythical Jupiter, the highest fake God of the Romans, and this tends to explain why Jeepma's/Jabachs share the doubled-headed, black eagle with imperial Rome. Who participates chiefly in running end-time Rome = the EU? The same Rothschilds -- fake Jews -- who founded Zionist Israel.

The Jeepma/Jabach hexagram is upon an escutCHEON, which is shared by KEON-branch Keens. The latter share an upright and white horse facing the Shield's LEFT side (viewer's right) with Jewish Rothchilds (don't enter "Rothschild" to load them). Most heraldic features that point or face in a direction do so toward the right. Both Jewish Rothschilds and Keens have a bend, in the same colors, rising from right to left, which is the rare positioning of the heraldic bend (most bends rise left to right). The Keons make their bend out of three lizards.

By some coincidence or not, the Welsh David surname essentially shares the bend of Jewish Rothchilds, and the lion on the David bend, same as the lion of Jewish Levi's, can be that lion of Owens (Wales) because the Owens share the Keon/Owen lion while Keons are very-likely in-code in "escutcheon." In this picture, "star of David" may have been devised as code for Welsh Davids and their Davis' branch, and from here we can go to Davos, home of Klaus Schwab's globalist goonery, for Schwabs/Swabs show nothing but a giant UNIcorn in the colors of the near-same horse of Jewish Rothchilds. The uniCORN is, I claim, part-code for the Ceraunii Illyrians near the UNA river, and the latter named Juno, wife of Jupiter, because the Una (or Oeneus) is near to where the Japodes are marked.

The One's/INNIS' thus look like they are in code with the so-called INEScutcheon, a version of "escutcheon." It's perfect for tracing the escutcheon and hexagram of Jeepma's/Jabachs to the Japodes because the Jeepma/Jabach escutcheon has the One/Innis hexagram in colors reversed.

The upright Rothchild horse is colors reversed from the same of Chipper-like Keips/Keipers, the latter first found in Nuremberg with the Kopple's who are in turn in the colors and format of the Jeepma/Jabach eagle.

The symbol in the Keen escutcheon is a "calvary" symbol, code for the Calvary/Caverley surname (Yorkshire, same as Keppochs/Kippax's) that itself shares a white escutcheon with Keens. The Calvarys/Caverleys tell of their Calvary village at the city of Leeds, and it just so happens that Kippax of the Keppochs is in Leeds too. That Kippax location was once, Chepesch, and so it appears that the Chep variation of Jeepma's/Jabachs applies here in proving that Jabesh liners were to the Keons and Keens (from Kenites of Israel?). It tends to identify the Keen horse with the same-colored goat of Kepke's/Kopke's. We can even go to the Chips/Chippers (Kenn/Kens colors), said to descend from Chepe's, who show nothing but eSCUTcheons in the colors of the same of SCUTE's. The Kenns/Kens crescents are colors reversed from the same of Leeds-like Leiths.

We can now go back to the Keen lizards because Lizarts almost have the Liss/Lise Coat, and the latter were first found in Hampshire with Cheppes'/Cheppe's/Kippers/Keppe's. We can also go to CHEPstow in Monmouthshire because Howells were first found in Monmouthshire while Howls/Owls (Jeepma/Jabach/Chep colors) are in the owls of Chips/Chippers.

Note that while ChepSTOW may have been named by a Cheppe-Stow(er) merger, Stowers/Sturs (Hampshire with Cheppe's) show nothing but three fesses colors reversed from the nothing-shown but three escutcheons of Chips/Chippers. Then, the Stower/Stur Coat is colors reversed from the Cameron Coat (almost the Stow/Stout Coat) while the Cameron Crest has the five, bunched arrows that are the Arms of Rothschild. This is a great heraldic set because French Sturs are also ISTERs/EASTers/ASTERs while Japodes are marked on the map above beside ISTRia. CAMeron-like Cambers/Coomers have an "ASTRis" motto term. "Astra" is a motto term of KENNeths/MacKenzie's (share gold-on-blue border of Kepke's/Kopke's).

Mythical Ishtar had an eight-pointed star, which is used by Bellys, and then Bellows/Ballots share the Billet Coat while the Hone's/Howens use billets. See anything interesting in "Hone." Why do French Billets/Billiards have hexagrams in colors reversed from the same as One's/Innis'? Lookie there.

EASTmans, in Cambridgeshire with the CAM river and the first-known Stows/Stouts, have another white escutCHEON (along with Keens), making the lion within the Eastman escutcheon look like the Keon/Owen / Owen lion. Compare "Owen" to "Una/Oeneus," for I'm now going to the One/Innis surname again.

The Welsh were Cambrians, which can explain why Owens were first found in Wales. This now gets amazing because Hampshire is also where Hone's were first found who come up as Owen-like Howens, and the latter's double fesses are probably in the Israeli flag! As I've said perhaps only once before this update, the Hones' variation of Hone's/Howens is like the One variation of Innis' who in turn have a hexagram in the colors of the same on the Israeli flag! I didn't expect to be here after starting on the Jeepma's/Jabachs. Una-river liners were in Hampshire with Hone's.

It now gets 666-interesting because Lizarts were at DRAGuignan while Liss'/Lise's were first found in Hampshire with and Drake's who in turn are not only in Keip/Keiper colors and format, but have a 666-like tail on their red dragon. Hampshire is beside the first-known Keeps, and the latter were first found in Sussex with the Sadducee-like Saddocks who have a form of the Calvary/CAVerley Coat. Hampshire is beside the Kenn-like Caens who share the Shield of Caiaphas-like CAVE's, and even the Caiaphas-like Chaffs were first found in Dorset. The Liss'/Lise's must have been from Lissus of the CAVii Illyrians at SCUTE-like Scodra.

Cave's were first found in Lancashire with the Scute's, and the Schutz's, first found in Rhineland with SALOME'/Solomons, share the black greyhound in Crest with Cave's. Salome Boethus (wife of a king Herod) was from the Sadducees, as was Joseph Caiaphas, and one can make the case here that the masonic "pillars of Solomon" were invented as code for the line of Salome Boethus. Pillars even share the Owen Coat while Pillar-like Pillers/Pilotte's (Pilate branch) use cups as code for the Cups/Cope's/COLPs from the COLAPis river of the Japodes, also called the Kupa, can we believe it?

I've just inadvertently discovered the secret meaning of "pillars of Solomon." It's partly from Pontius Pilate. The Piller-branch Pellets were first found in Sussex with Saddocks. The latter's Coat is a version of the Keen-beloved Calvarys/Caverleys, thus making the latter look like part of Caiaphas' line. Caiaphas was the high priest who compelled Pilate to crucify Jesus.

Lancashire is where ShuttleWORTHs were first found while Worths share the double-headed and black eagle with Jeepma's/Cheps. Lancashire is also where Oltens were first found who share the owls of Calvarys/Caverleys. This is excellent because Otone's are listed with Olten-like Oltons while Italian Ottone's have a version of the one Kope/Kobbes coat, and the Ottone's are linkable to French Chappes', first found in Ile-de-France with French Levi's, and to Scottish Chappes'/Cheaps. The Jeepma's/Cheps were first found on OLDENburg, you see. Beauty, and Kope's/Kobbes' were first found in Nuremberg with Keips/Keipers and Kopple's. The latter with the Kope's/Kobbes' are from Koplik/Cupionich on the CLAUSula river that empties into lake Scodra at the north side of the Cavii Illyrians. Keep liners thus look like they descended from the Cavii along with the Caiaphas bloodline, suggesting a link between the Cavii and the Kupa/Colapis river.

Mythical ISHTAR had an eight-pointed star anciently, and we see one such star in the Kope/Kobbes Coat. The sources of the Kupa/Colapis is neat ISTRia. The DANube was the Ister river, and Keppochs/Kippax's were first found in Yorkshire with DANce's who are half in Keppoch/Kippax colors and format. The Isters are Easters too while Eastmans may have been a branch of Este's/Easts, first found in Essex with COLchester, making Este look like it was named by a family on Istria. The giant Este EAGLE traces with Eagle's and Hagels to the ACHELous river of ancient Calydon, home of mythical king Oeneus! It would be inniscusable to argue with the facts you are witnessing with your owen eyes.

Este's/Easts have a motto, "J'avance," probably because Vance's/Vaux's share the bend-with-stars of Salome's/Solomons. The other German Kope's/Koepps share the Kope/Kobbes and Bush fleur-de-lys while the Bush's were first found in Rhineland with Salome's/Solomons. Isters/Easters share the Vance/Vaux and Salome/Solomon bend (with without the stars). Kope's/Koepps share the black Moor head with French Chappes', and while it's almost the Moor head of STURlings/Stirlings, Isters/Easters are listed with Sturs while Scottish Chappes'/Cheaps were first found in Stirlingshire. The Stirling Shield is in the colors and format of Salome-like Salemans (Salmon colors). Sturlings/Stirlings share a "forward" motto term with Seatons/Sittens, first found in East Lothian with Vance's/Vaux's.

The Diane's/Deans almost share the Speer/Speyer Chief while the latter's motto is "AdVANCE." I've been neglecting this similarity in the two Chiefs, but it could be knock-on-window important because Knocks/Knox's were first found in Renfrewshire with Speers/Speyers.

There's are two reasons to see that English Bush's were kin of Leeds, relevant where Kippax is at Leeds, where Calvarys/Caverleys had a place.


Wee-wee leaguer trudeau is in another scandal, and so here you can see him skirting the point-blank question on whether he spoke with his Intelligence people concerning China's funneling money to liberal candidates in canada. As he won't answer the question, it seems he does not want the opposition party to get far in finding the truths on the matter. trudeau admits that foreign powers interfere in the elections, but he's trying to frame it as though he opposes such interference:

The long inquiry into trudeau's "national emergency" was almost over at the end of last week:

The trudeau side was successful in proving that the truckers made noise. Aside from that, the truckers were guilty of nothing. So ineffective were they that they chose to go home as a lot instead of getting arrested as a lot. However, trudeau's implementation of martial law turned the whole, normal world against him so that the truckers came out shining with success. Mission accomplished even without courage. Plus, as it turned out, the lack of courage played well into their hands because it made trudeau look more like a tyrant than would otherwise have been the case. trudeau shot them in the back while they were running away.

The truckers had every right to stand their ground and become arrested because they did nothing illegal. It would have damaged the tyrannical government much more had they arrested the truckers as a lot, and so the powers probably would have decided against it, meaning that the truckers went into a retreat on a mere bluff.

Had trudeau not called for martial law, the truckers would have accomplished little, and would not have become famous. Thank you, trudeau, for your incompetency. You truly showed the world what you're made of. And if Schwab directed trudeau to use his fist of power, thank you, Schwab, for your stupidity. The world could not have come to hate you without you. You have both done a mighty-fine job on our behalf. You can be proud of yourselves for causing troubles for yourselves. Just one thing I ask: do it again, woncha? Play the buffoons just one more time. I especially like it when Schwab wears his emperor's outfit, he looks so ridiculously funny, all the more if he wears a straight face too.

Alas, Schwab declared war against Jesus not many days ago, making me wonder if he's trying out for the role of the anti-Christ. He wouldn't be the first to covet fulfilling that role. Schwab is a sick man. He needs Light. He doesn't have much time.

Thanks to trudeau, some faction of the country decided that a month-long inquiry had to be conducted, though I don't know the motives. In any case, the inquiry was the worst thing yet that could happen to trudeau, even if the judge decides in his favor, for the people who have now seen that the truckers posed no danger will not change their minds concerning trudeau's guilt just because a judge ignores the crux of the inquiry and tries to do damage-control for the tyrant-wanna-be. It will only open the eyes of more people that even the courts need to be re-vamped. trudeau did not know that he would be the central villain in a month-long question period that was also a month-long deflection campaign by those who were guilty with him.

I forgive the truckers for not standing their ground in the face of mere arrests. Good job, truckers, for deciding to show your weight in a long drive across the country in winter. I know they did it for their own jobs, but they right-away knew they could make a stand also for others in vaccine jeopardy, and I'm sure they were only too happy to do so. Thank you most of all for making an empty suit of trudeau, and for making his own father ashamed of him from his grave. To top things off, trudeau is not finished doing evil, and so he will be punished yet more by the Judge all along the twisted paths that he takes from this day forward. Or, let him repent and become a good guy.

Nobody but the damned and the dummies support him in his repeated defense strategy, that his bottom-line motive was to protect the people from COVID. At the time, he was going fast toward forced lockdowns and a major dent in the freight industry, and later harsh punishments against the vaccine resistors while they worried whether they could eat enough, or fix their vehicles, or keep a job. This trudeau is a despicable traitor to his people.

Here's if you want a one-hour coverage of the inquiry. Take note of how laughable he is at about the 35th minute where, in trying to save his reputation, he tries to make a vital distinction between a typical protest and a typical protest. That is, in trying to set forth a justifiable reason for the martial law, he wants to make the trucker protest look like a bona fide insurrection the way he did before the inquiry, but realizes mid-sentence, "oh, I can't do that anymore because this inquiry proved there was no insurrection. If I say it was an insurrection now, I'll look like an idiot." Whew, fortuitous recovery, and spat-on.

trudeau's been so bashed and even threatened (by law) by this month-long exposure that, when asked this week whether he supports the Chinese people protesting against his beloved Chinese government, he actually sided with the Chinese people, but in so doing, he marked them as human beings in contradistinction with the way he treated his own people as worthy to have their bank accounts seized for daring to oppose his dictatorial COVID measures. trudeau's even betraying the Chinese leader to keep from looking worse than he already does, hypocrite! Just look at how trudeau is acting the hypocrite in a huge score for the good guys, with no explanation aside from the beating he's taking in the Canadian inquiry:

Here's a "good" story on where the Schwabite globalists are going to save money for themselves. I say it's time to euthanize trudeau, make more room in this world for better people, which is exactly what Jesus has in mind to do. The plan of God is to euthanize those who hate God and his solutions for the planet, Selah, and He's got 28 plagues to start the program just for starters, finished off with the Coming of Jesus with a sword and a vast Army. The murderers will be Murdered only to wake up in Hell, and so God needs to enlighten us on why they deserve such a vast punishment, for they will delight in murdering His people, and frankly we can now begin to see that they will become death incarnate, applauding mass-murder by an organized plan. These are the abortionists who abort people of all ages, and will abort even those who favored the abortion of the unborn.

Caution. These lunatics will try to provoke people to armed rebellion to justify clamping down on everyone. It's becoming apparent that they want lockdowns most of all. We are seeing them fail at this point. Here's a little on Fauci's, closed-door deposition, showing that he, like trudeau, were in cahoots with Chinese-style lockdowns:

I've never thought to compare the Lock and Down Coats before as per "lockdown." It only-now just came to mind. While Downs use a stag in the colors of the Trump stag, the Lochs/Logens, who share the swan with Locks, have a giant swan head in the colors and format of the giant Trump stag head! Downs were first found in Sussex with the Acorns in the acorns of the Dutch Tromp Coat! It could suggest that God arranged the heraldry to blame Trump for the lockdowns.

Fauci's even share the split Shield of Dutch Tromps, and the latter even share the eagle of Doria's, first found in Genoa with Fauci's (Dunham/Downham colors). Downs are also Douns while Don's/Doune's have two fesses in the colors of the one of Dols, the latter first found in Mecklenburg with Trumps (Dol colors) and Hahns (Trump colors and format). Stephen Hahn, Trump's FDA director, appeared on stage with Trump and Fauci during the lockdown period. Hahns are in the write-up of Bibo's, which may be a pointer to Bibi Netanyahu, now the Israeli leader once again.

Plus, as if to verify the pointer to Trump, the vertically-split Tromp and Fauci Shields are colors reversed from the same of Tarvins/Tarvis' while Dons/Doune's were first found at a Tarvin township. I the Tarvin/Tarves write-up: "'Thomas Tarwas, abbot of Paisley, died in 1459...'" Paisleys share the anchor of Packs, the latter first found in Sussex with Downs/Douns and Tromp-connectable Acorns.

We can even get a pointer to the Clintons because they share the six, black Tarvin/Tarves fitchees while being in Pack colors and format. I've already traced the Clinton Chief-Shield combination to Saluzzo's, and the Saluzzo's of heraldic importance were from THOMAS of Saluzzo, husband of Luis of CEVA while Chives' were first found in Tarves. Plus, we just saw THOMAS Tarwas in the Don/Doune write-up. Did this line name Kiev? Apparently, yes, because the Lorraine's, from Maria of Kiev, have a bend-with-eagles in the same colors and format as the two bends above.

The double fesses of Dons/Douns are even in colors reversed from the four of Cavetts while Ceva is at a Cevetta river. Plus, the Don/Doune bend-with-arrows are in the colors and format of the Fast bend-with-crosslets while Fast-like Vasto's ruled Saluzzo. We can now go to the "fast" motto term of both Leslie's (Aberdeenshire with a Tarves location) and McLeods/Clouds, for the latter add a "Hold" motto term while the double fesses of Holds/Holts are almost the two of Dons/Doune's. The Hold/Holt Crest is a squirrel while Squirrels/Square's were first found in Worcestershire with the Hillarys in turn sharing the six Clinton and Tarves fitchees. Plus, Clintons were first found in Oxfordshire with the Tiens' in the Squirrel/Square motto.

The Fasts (Norfolk, same as Dunhams/Dounhams) are in Dunham/DOUNham colors, and Barrack Dunham-Obama chose Eric Holder for his attorney general while Holders have one of the two Hold/Holt fesses. Holders have a Dancetty-fesse while Italian Dance's/Donna's can be expected in the "dona" motto term of Dons/Douns (Cheshire, same as Pace's and Dunham-Masci) because Dance's/Donna's were first found in Piedmont, location of Saluzzo. The Dunham/Dounham spears are connectable to the Leslie's (earls of Rothes), Pasi's/Pace's, Paisleys, Packs, and Rothes-branch Roets.

While Deborah BIRX was dancing criminally on stage with Trump, Fauci and other morally-sick characters, we can even add that English Pasleys were first found in BERKshire. The BIRCH's share the Masci and Bury/Buris fleur-de-lys while Holds/Holts were first found in Bury of Lancashire, in old Salford, and the latter area is where Birch's are said to be first found (at a Birch location in Salford). Burys/Buris' look like Masci and Leslie kin.

Burys named Bury in Suffolk, and Leslie-beloved Buckle's were first found in Suffolk with the Omens suspect in the "Omnia" motto term of Dons/Doune's. Burys were first found in Devon with Buckle-like Bickle's while Biks/Bickers were first found in BERKshire. Bickle's share the Crest of Dons'/Douns (Cheshire with Buckle-branch Buckleys). Bickle's (Broxton colors) named Bickle at Broxton (Cheshire with Tarvin) while Broxtons have a giant form of the Tarvin/Tarves fitchee while Dons/Douns were at first found at Tarvin.

Having said that, the Burys/Buris' share the three fleur-de-lys of SWAN-using LEICesters (Cheshire with Dons/Doune's and Masci's), and it was the swan-using Locks/Lochs/LICKs and Lochs/Logens who started this heraldic section with "lockDOWN." We easily imagine the Clintons with Obama and Holder's criminal circles involved in pushing the lockdowns with giddy Democrat goons in power throughout high-population centers.

Leicesters love the Patria's/Peartree's (near Tarves) in their motto who share the Trump stag head. While TWEETs were first found in Peebles with Locks/Lochs/Licks, Licks/Lucks (share pelican with Tweets) were first found in Berwickshire with the Tate's/TEETs suspect in the "AssiduiTATE" motto of Locks/Lochs/Licks. Licks/Lucks (probably kin of Bush's and Church's) share the black greyhound head with the Schutz's who have the Lock/Loch/Lick saltire in colors reversed. The Lick/Luck mascle is in giant form with English Faux's (share "rege" with Leicesters) while French Faux's/Fage's/Chollens' (share Leicester fleur) were first found in Perigord with Fauchys. The giant Faux mascle is almost the Fauci Coat.

There has been an ice-cream symbol (part of my heraldry-pointing life) that pointed to both Trump and Fauci, and the Licks were a fundamental part of it because Miss Hanson, my teen girlfriend, was given an ice-cream symbol. English Hansons share the Faux mascle, and thus the Licks are part of the ice-cream pointers because I licked her ice-cream. I've told that Nordic Hansons were Fugger/Fugitt kin, suspect with the Fage variation of French Faux's, but I did not know the Fauci surname at that time, and can now add that the vertically-split Shield colors of German Fuggers/Fugitts are also the same of Fauci's! Lookie there, Julie. Fuggers/Fugitts even share the Leicester fleur-de-lys.

I don't know why I hadn't loaded Fauci's until recently. I assume I believed that there was no page for a Fauci surname, but there is now.

The news on Musk this week is his new war against Apple. I don't know what to make of the fact that the six Applebys martlets, in the colors of the six Apple martlets, are in the format of the six Tarves fitchees, and in the meantime the split Shield of Fleetwoods, who look like Apple kin, is shared by Tarves'. Apple-like Maple's share the Tarves / Apple Shield too, and the Maple motto is much like the one of Chives', first found in Tarves. Maple's were first found in Essex with the Mountains sharing the six Apple / Appleby / Fleetwood martlets.

The Dunham/Downham/DOMINE Crest has a mammal martin, and "Domino" is a motto term of Irish Martins. The latter share the crescent of MARTels (Gascony, same as French MARTins) who in turn share the Corona / Coron/Corona crown. Corons/Corona's were first found in Cheshire, where Ranulph le Meschin ruled who's in the write-up of English Randolphs who in turn essentially share the Dunham/Downham/Domine Coat. Obama descends from Randolphs, and Scottish Randolphs (Bath cross) have both the horseshoe and the bat for a pointer to Fauci's COVID / mask / vaccine / lockdown crimes. The Mask surname is listed with Maschi's, who are in the colors of Masci's who were in turn first found in Piedmont with Domino's, and it just so happens that Dunham-Masci, a location in Cheshire, was ruled by Hamon de Masci while Hamons have a "discRIMINa" motto term to go with Rimini, where Masks/Maschi's were first found.

The Totts suspect in the "tot" motto term of Hamons almost have the giant swan of Lochs/Logens, which gets us back to one of the surnames pointing to "lockDOWN." Swan-using LEICesters were first found in Cheshire, and even share the Masci fleur-de-LYS, suggesting that Leicester was named from the cousins, at least, of Illyrians from the Lissus river, where I trace Lys'/Lisse's. Leicesters are also LESters, and The Drops/Trope's on the Leicester swan head were first found in Norfolk with Dunhams/Downhams/Domine's, and with a Disc/Diss location of the Diss'/Dice's that we find in "DISCrimina." Norfolk is also where the McLeod-beloved Flags and Fasts were first found while McLeods were first found on Skye and Lewis with RIMMONs/Crimmons. The LESlie-related Case's were first found in Norfolk while Chase's were first found in Hampshire with Lise's/Liss'. The Maschi lion is thus suspect in the Chase and Chance Coats.

I once predicted that the False Prophet would be a Massey / Meschin liner, and I even predicted that God had shown me how he would be depicted by a mouse. I then found the Misl surname with the mouse, and realized that this surname is behind mythical SiemoMYSL (invented by AnonyMOUS Gallus) of Poland's mouse tower at Goplo, the mythical (= codework) ancestry of Mieszko I. The Gallus surname even shares the gold lion with Misls, and the latter use two lions each facing in opposite directions, as do List-like Leists/Listners in the same colors. Lists (Silesia, Polish border) can be gleaned as a branch of Lise's/Liss' above. The Leist/Listner bend is probably the one of Leslie-related Case's.

I see the "fire from the sky" of the False Prophet as high-tech missiles, and Misls have missile-like variations.

The DEMI-lion in the Misl/Meisel Crest is shared in the Crest of the Simsons (Music/MOUSY colors) who are like the Siemen variation of Siems', suggesting that SIEMomysl is part-code for this Simson line. The DEMY's are also DuMAIS's/LeMais', suggesting that the cartoon character, Maisy Mouse, was named after this Massey-potential line. The triple bends of Leists/Listners are in the colors of the triple chevrons of Musk-branch Muschats/MOUSquette's, begging whether Elon Musk's SpaceX will create the miraculous fire from the sky. Maria of Kiev, who married the son of Mieszko II (yes, Poland), was the sister of king YARoslav, the line, I feel sure, to Yarborough's sharing the split shield, though in colors reversed, at the center of the Leist/Listner Shield.

Elon Musk owns Starlink, and Starlings/Starlincks almost have the Leslie Coat. Starlink might even have a "smart" missile-delivery system that nobody knows about. God is going to judge Mr. Musk on whether he's out to make more money than he already has. Money-grubbers have no part in the Kingdom of God. God is going to judge Mr. Musk on whether he uses his satellites for military operations and spy programs. No such goons have part in the Kingdom of God. Let the goons of Hell propel the military to Armageddon, but let the people of God seek white linen, so to speak. Be clean, be apart, be loyal.

The split Yarborough Shield is shared by English Neals whose lion is that of Swans/Sions/SINE's in the "sine" motto term of Yarborough's, and we can then go to the "FACTis" motto term of English Neals because Fauci-line Faucets were first found in East Lothian with the Simms, and beside the Leist-like Leiths who in turn share the crescent of Seatons/Sittens, the namers of Sitten, which is also Sion, in Switzerland with Davos. Klaus Schwab operates his globalist conspiracies out of Davos, and the Misl mouse is on a bend all in the colors and format of Welsh Davids (Cheshire, same as Masseys/Maceys).

Yarborough's married Stains, and Stains/Stants can be in the "DIStantia" motto term of Case's, first found in Norfolk with the DISS'/Dice's of Disc. Case's use buckles, and BUCKinghamshire is where Simsons were first found.

Plus, while the Lissus river we saw above is beside the Mathis (now the Mat) river, the Mathie's/Mathans use a "FAC ET" motto phrase while sharing the Misl / Simson lion, we may assume. While Cavii lived between Lissus and the Mathis river, Chives' share the moline of Mathis' (Burgundy with Messeys), and moreover Italian Mattis' come up as "Massi." Half the Simson lion is that also of Welsh Matts/Matthews (Mieske/Mesech colors). The "fyn" motto term of Matts/Matthews can be for the Feins/Finns, first found in Burgundy with Mathis'. Fiens/Fane's/Vans share the gauntlet with Maceys/Mace's (Cheshire).

There is even a Mick Coat sharing the triple bends of Moise's/Moisens to go with Mickey Mouse. Mickeys, whom I've loaded rarely in the past, are said to be from the Keppoch-branch MacDonalds! The Mickey ship might even be the one of Keeps, the latter being from Maria of Kiev and Mieszko's son, CASimir (assume the Leslie-related Case's). Again, GALLUS Anonymous wrote Goplo-tower myth to put in code the ancestry of the dukes Mieszko, and German Gallus' share the rooster of Goplo-line Kopple's, the latter first found in Nuremberg with Keips (i.e. makes Keips and Keeps look like a Goplo line). The giant lion of Italian Gallus' is in colors reversed with Mickeys. My teen friend, Mr. Kepke, had a pet rat in his basement. Mickeys (Aberdeenshire with Leslie's) share the SPIKE/Speke/Spock eagle, and pointy-ear Dr. Spock killed God in a Star-Trek episode.

Star Trek was created by the Rodham/Rodden bloodline, a Rothchilian bloodline. Star Trek was created by GENE Roddenbury, and Gene's/Ganays (Burgundy) happen to have the Music/Mousy Coat in colors reversed! The Gene's/Ganays happen to share the Tromp eagle while Donald Trump's Space Force uses a logo like the Star-Trek logo. The Space's/Speccots were a Spike/Speke/Spock branch!!! The Prophets/Profetts use a giant leg while Leggs almost have the Trump Coat.

Ahh, the RoxoLANI of the Kiev area were Ros-Alans, and Alans named Alania at the TEREK river!!! The Star-Trek logo looks like an 'A' as code for Alania. Note "StarFLEET" turn on the logo, for Alans descend from Flaad of Dol while Flatts are also Fletts. Alans are from Aulon (at Ceraunii mountains), beside APOLLonia, and Apple's with Applebys share the Fleetwood martlets, no guff at all. Even the star on the A-like logo looks like an 'A'. You can see that Trump's Space-Force logo is almost identical, and Trumps were first found in Mecklenburg with same-colored Dols.

Alans were blonds, as were Budini of Kiev, as is Kepke and Miss Muschatov (both Ukrainians). Roxolani named Roxburghshire, where Simmers were first found who look like kin of both Meschins and Baliols (Northumberland with Lorraine's). Siems'/Siemens are also Siemers, which reminds that Summers/SOMers are in the Simson colors while even sharing the MaCabe/McAbbe chevron, we may assume. Baliols and Baileys named Bailleul just six miles from ABBEville, but also near Airaines (all near SOMME river), the line to Arran (beside Alexanders), where McCabe's/McABBE's (salmon) were first found who share the Mickey fish, yet it's the Ham salmon too while Hams were first found in Sussex with Keeps (share Lorraine bend). King Baliol was brother to Alexander. Airaines is where Irons/Hirams/Orions were first found while peoples of Alania were called, Irons. The other Simsons share the Sam/Sammes and Misl lion.

Baliols named Picardy, where Chives-connectable Cavetts were first found.

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Bravo for Arizona where the smoking rubber meets the cracks and pots:

Unless all the social-media sites keep on pouncing on election fraud, the country is lost. It's a waste of time to cover other news if election fraud is not the number-one game until the American people force even Fox news to deal with the issue. Instead, conservative media has all but abandoned the election-fraud fight even while there are on-going, important fights. Shame conservative dopes, shame.

Have fun making money on all the latest news stories, while your country burns down. Keep on raking in all that commercial money, Bongino, even while claiming to deeply care for the country. Why not do away with your commercials, eat Kraft dinner for a year, and double your audience in the meantime as well as tripling their confidence in you? Because, you are half a fraud, just like Fox, interested more in money-grubbing. Your love for America is love for it's money-grubbing opportunities. Your honor of free speech is not God's mandate for proper speech, but a gift to the devil to overcome the nation using free speech only to forbid it to the opposition once the human demonoids have secured sufficient powers. Such demonoids do not deserve free speech because it's their weapon against God's people.

This fight should be winner takes all, and just let God finalize the battle in His good time. Announce: God will take power from the demonoids, and shut their mouths so they can speak not one word but the shriek of pain. The wicked do not deserve to speak, that's the flag that conservatives should fly, but Americans have been so deceived by the freedom-of-speech "value," that they are incapable of talking that way.

The new battle flag should be this: we are going to take power from the leftist swine, and when we do, we will not allow them their speech in the market place of ideas, but will jail them for perverting the nation. Winner takes all, and let that flag be the Jesus flag, for then God will partake in the fight at the last moment, just when the demonoids think they have the ultimate victory. Put the foul-mouthed and pornographic-minded conservatives at the back of the line, or better yet, boot them off the team. The Mustard Seed is about to become the New World Empire in spite of the small political powers allotted to Christians. Act like it. Speak like it. We are the brothers of the Supreme Emperor, and we will rule the nations with Him who adhere to the Speech of Jesus.

God forbids speech that falsifies information, or that falsely accuses, especially for the purposes of gaining wealth or power. This should be Bongino's message to his audience, not the free-for-all freedom of speech secured by the "founding fathers" donning masonic aprons. All anchors for all leftist media are worthy of jail for slandering people unworthy of the false accusations, and moreover these anchors have supported the destruction of the nation's well-being. Therefore, announce their jail terms with warnings of all kinds because those jail terms are sure to come when the Mustard Seed sits on the world throne. God wants us to speak warnings to the wicked, otherwise He cannot punish them. They must first be warned, and only then will their destruction arrive. In the meantime, warn America-First fools that America shall not survive the judgments of God. Band around the flag of Jesus because no other flag will remain standing.

Foul-mouthed, porno-minded, Constitution-loving conservatives shall not rise to rule the planet. This is another cancer in the midst of Christianity, dare we partner with them? Here's a comment Friday from the family that owns Gab:

The amazing part about freedom of speech is EVERYONE has the ability to say whatever they want. Whether or not it is the truth will be worked out in public discourse because people also have the ability to openly talk about it.

You don’t have to like what others say, and lucky for you, you have the ability to tell people you don’t like it. But shutting them up for saying it should never be an option (Emily Torba).

"Never" is not anything that Jesus would say. The quote is a recipe for creating end-time America. Like it so far? When a Christian supports speech unsightly or unlawful to God, isn't that a cheap Christian? There are many wishy-washy, pro-Trump Christians just like that, and they too need to be warned.

While they censor us on their platforms, we are going to give them full-throttle access to our platforms, have I got that right? Fraid so.

Mr. Gab, do not divorce yourself from Jesus to marry a Trumpist movement even while you can see what could very well be the judgments of God on your country. If God doesn't save the nation now, it can be deemed His judgment upon it. Dare anyone claim that God will come to save it? Who do they think they are to be God's mouthpiece in that way? How does anyone know that God will win this battle for conservatives?

Mr. Gab, I appreciate your Christian announcements, but for your sake, stay pure from the political impurities, and don't let them taint your website. You are its custodian, keep it dirt-free. Yet you won't even make a rule to keep foul language off the site, as if you honor free speech more than God's will for people, as if you care more for what free-speech advocates prefer for an American website than what Jesus prefers for a Christian website.

William Wolfe on Gab Friday: "Good evening we are going to win! Why? Because Christ wins." William doesn't say how the victory is going to happen, or what victory he's referring to. His words can be taken as a world win before Jesus returns, a win against the deep state. Nobody Christian should promise such a win.

Yes, fight the wicked Democrats by exposing their machinations whether God is sending Jesus soon or not, because exposure of, and hatred toward, wickedness is always God's will. But let the non-Christian / sinful conservatives fight the Democrats on their own, not in Christian partnership with them. It's not a waste to have a speech platform that "preaches to the choir" because it's a boot camp, a place to learn how to use the Sword. A speech platform that allows total free speech is the battlefield. Boot camps prepare fighters for the battlefield. The more boot camps, the better.

For Christians to create battlefield platforms is problematic because it permits the devil to spout off in the boot camp, to pollute the people of God there, to threaten / weaken their faith. Ideally, there should be a well-thought-out response to correct any destructive comments, but if you allow sewer-lipped responses against such comments, that's acid to the faces and eyes of Christians. Anyone spouting sewage should automatically have their comments disappeared. If you can't bring yourself to making a rule like that, you look like a free-speech fool.

The better strategy is for the strong to venture over to the platforms of the enemy to do battle with their lies there. They lose a battle everytime they cancel someone from the platform for explaining truths and Godly values. It's not a total loss because the entire boot camp hears of it, and repeated cancellations allows us to win in the reputation department. The deep-state-supporting side is losing, as we speak, due to the things they do not permit in free speech, because it's not destructive language they censor, but truth and helpful criticism of deep-state supporters.

Midweek, Gab had this: "Gab is the home of free speech on the Internet. Free speech is a right enjoyed by private citizens around the world. It does not extend to [foreign] state actors who seek to weaponize American internet infrastructure against U.S. citizens. Appropriate remedial action was taken." Ya but the foreign elements who are American citizens are abusing free speech, and are you going to allow that in your own house in the name of the "sacredness" of free speech? Will you protect Americans but not Christians from weaponized language???? Use thy brains and put limits on free speech whenever it's obvious that people speak to destroy all which is good. We can bicker about the grey areas later. Free speech for good people, not for evil people, that's how this war needs to be fought, for the good guys have God on their side.

There must be censorship because the bad guys will censor us undeservedly. Are we not going to censor them deservedly? Are we such nice guys that we hand them the mortal victory over us? Isn't that a free-speech fool? The way to censor is to make a public file for every individual or channel who's prone to destructive talk. The file explains why the person or channel was booted off the site, showing some of the destructive comments made, with explanations as to why those comments are destructive. Our side will win such a censorship war because the other side attempts to explain constructive comments as destructive. Only the fools will side with the fools, and the censorship of the fools upon Christian platforms add light to the minds of those who see the punishment of the fools. But to give the fools "rights" without punishment is to partner with them, is it not?

There is the risk that the fools take away our platforms altogether, but if they haven't done so already, perhaps they've decided that it's too counter-productive / costly for them to do so. They are trying, but for this we need to depend on God for the continuation of getting His message out. Nobody cares more about getting it out than He.

Are we going to allow them to steal the minds of our children for the "sacredness" of free speech? Are we nuts? Apparently, yes, Americans are nuts and are getting what they deserve for allowing the devil the "right" to speak. Chain the devils. Make laws forbidding the media to tell lies, and have very stiff jail sentences for telling lies for political agendas. They might get away with fake news when their own are in power, but they run the risk of losing power and being thrown into jail afterward. They'll think twice about abusing their positions as informers of the people. Ditto for the educators of our children: stiff jail terms for feeding mere children propaganda and anti-religious poison. How nice the devil has it to eradicate religions from schools while teaching anti-religion in its place. We could see this coming from a long ways off, decades ago.

If a law is made, or even a constitutional amendment, forbidding falsifications in media / educational speech, then one can at least take bodies to court to enforce the law. But society (some free-speech police force) may also hand out fines for breaking this law, with the onus on the lawbreaker to prove innocence in a court. It will drastically reduce deliberately-falsified speech. There may be grey areas where no resolutions may be had, where guilty parties may be judged innocent for the time being, but that alone is no reason to pooh-pooh such a law and effort.

Judges can reduce fine amounts to protect from over-punishing, and there can even be free-speech courts where judges decide on nothing but these matters. If the judge cannot arrive to the truth of the matter, he can pronounce the defendant innocent for the time being, but if it later becomes known, for example, that vaccines kill and maim people more than save them from death, then the defendant can be charged at that time, with the prosecution used as weight for further court action by the parties who were harmed by the misinformation. In the same way, if someone is found guilty but is later proven innocent, the government must return the fine amount. It's a court system with hassles, but necessary. This plandemic would not have taken place so freely under such set of laws. Even police departments and free-speech judges should be fined / punished for protecting the guilty i.e. turning a blind eye to guilty parties due to political affiliation. Do not spare the rod, for the one who spares the rod, for example a RINO, is like one who loves wrong. Do not allow destructive speech to go unpunished. Speak with the authority of God, providing we speak the things of God.

Here's Pierre putting the screws to trudeau's skull, which is a form of punishment. As you can see, trudeau is responsible for destruction. He's Schwab's wrecking ball:

Pierre makes a great point: trudeau always tries to look good by telling how much money he's spending on programs for Canadians, yet the money doesn't go much to making those programs better. Pierre should say the "laundering" word, but is hesitant. Pierre is the DeSantis of Canada, a doer. While the trudeau's of the delinquent world (duh) try to create energy shortages even in winter, the Pierre's of the world will become elected national leaders, a no brainer (duh) long as election fraud, and the fruits of the devil's free speech, can be kept at bay.

Kari Lake's latest appeal for help:

Dr. John Campbell has become a conspiracy nut just like us, congratulations. He now gets to make a million youtube dollars off of our side after making a million off of communist-leaning sleepers which he helped put to sleep. But, maybe he can convert a million sleepers now, we'll take it, welcome aboard doc. Sometimes, he now acts dumb / naive rather than admit he was playing consciously blind while advocating the deep-state narrative:

To play consciously blind, you try your best not to allow the wrongdoing to enter the conscience. This is ungodliness with an angelic face. It feels so much better to advocate right-doing with all confidence. Be a builder, not a destroyer. Cut down the tree of evil, and urinate on the stump.

At the 21st minute, Mr. Campbell reveals his unworthiness to speak to this topic by admitting he was listening only to a "reputable press." The reality is, he was afraid to come across as an out-on-the-limb "nut," and thus he missed the boat by staying in the sinking ship, where he felt secure and safe, sure that this huge, world-class titanic would not begin to sink as it now has.

He didn't only miss the boat, but convinced many millions of people to stay on the sinking ship. Where's his apology? How many vaccine deaths and illnesses is he responsible for by convincing his viewers that the authorities were truthful and reliable? He makes an apology in the 26th minute, but is this apology deep enough for his part in the wreckage? Should he apologize again in a later video after he comes to terms with his full guilt? It's not just a matter of being fooled by the authorities; it's a matter of willful blindness...because millions saw through the authorities, why couldn't he? He chose to be blind, not to allow the truths to surface to the conscience for consideration, because he was gaining something he wanted by this sin. He heard the other side's contentions, but stopped his ears, and did not report them when he reported the government's narratives.

I suppose he facilitated the vaccine crime in the second degree, he cannot plead guilty to manslaughter. He partook in sticking the needle into the arms of his trusting viewers. He reassured them that the medical authorities, and the doctors, and the hospitals, were safe and normal. This does not merit a mere "oops, sorry about that." He can start making amends by giving away all the video money he's made, and giving it to people whom the vaccines have hurt. There are thousands upon thousands of such guilty people in media, and in the medical profession. How sorry are they now? To his credit, Mr. Campbell is way in front of those who've yet to admit error.

By week's end, Campbell is provoking youtube to shut him down with this video showing "proper science" with of microscopic photos of damaged heart tissue from people deceased due to vaccine-induced heart attacks:

At the start of the video, Dr. Campbell says that the vaccine products attack the heart spottily (not pervasive over the tissue) to cause electrical imbalances that cause the heart to vibrate rather than pump, thus reducing blood pressure to zero and killing organs soon enough. This is not death by blood clots. This is a super video for your court case if needed. Precious, and a stiff shot to the faces of youtube and google, are the comments at the video above. DEATH TO YOUTUBE and GOOGLE's OWNERS.

The tide is turning as we speak on the murderous fiends. It's going to be a slow tide, and by the looks of it, they don't know what to do to stop the revelations, or they would have stopped them by now. If they start gagging even Dr. Campbell, won't that backfire? They have a big decision to make: die by staying quiet and hoping for the best; die by stomping out the voices. I say they must have the electric chair, no pity, no mercy. They can have a month to make peace with God. The message must ring out that this type of murderous campaign must cease, but the willing-to-punish powers are slow to punish, afraid to punish.

I've read perhaps 50 comments down the page, and nobody has blasted Campbell for this message. Everyone has been polite and thankful, but I say, DEATH TO YOUTUBE'S OWNERS as much as to the goons leading the mRNA vaccines. DEATH TO TRUMP. We are talking unrepentant, mass-murder here.

When Campbell was going with the government script, there were very likely hundreds of thousands of his subscribers who followed with delight in order to see him quash the conspiracy theorists, because this was a political battle from the heartless side of humanity. My bet: most of the people dying of heart attacks by vaccines were those who delight in the political left. I am confident of this prediction because the political left was zealous to take multiple vaccines in order to spur one another one in this battle. Therefore, the further prediction is that word of mouth has spread rapidly in leftist political circles telling that vaccines are killing / almost killing their friends and relatives. It explains why less than ten percent of populations are willing to take boosters now, meaning that at least half of the far-left demonoids are trying to avoid them. This war seems almost over, nothing left but the capital punishments, I hope.

Gab midweek: "Fox News has suddenly discovered the COVID vaccines might be bad - which is ironic since Fox News spent two years telling their audience to get vaccinated." Mr. Murdoch was paid off by the vaccine companies and perhaps even by certain globalists such as Soros. Mr. Murdoch is a guilty as a scarlet-stained goblet in the hand of a drunken whore. And so are the Fox anchors, all of them who did not warn the people about vaccine dangers. They should have quit their jobs in protest, but they relied on vaccine companies not faltering. The anchors thought that there would not be disclosure of their guilt, and so they turned a deaf ear to those who warned them in repeated criticism. They know who they are.

Here's outspoken, indignant Stew Peters on not being soft on media trolls:

Here's how the Soros-led globalists want a country to look, with young kids having fun:

Globalists are learning that they are paying a big price by using the iron fist, and so Britain has, for the moment anyway, changed its mind on rolling black-outs this winter. Hurray! MORE PROTESTS, that's the way to send these dogs running. MAKE NOISE. Get persecuted, giving others zeal to come protest on our behalf. Persecution leads to revival, to zeal, to passion, and the globalists are nothing but fat cats who pay workers to screw on their light bulbs, so to speak, totally useless aside from eating $400 lunches, so to speak. Many judges go for the underdog, and so always portray the globalists as the brutes persecuting the underdogs, which is an accusation that will look exactly correct when they persecute us.

Don't use sewer lingo, don't be an arrogant ruffian on social media, or judges will think we are all low-lives. Get rid of low-lives from the movements. Make them choke on their sewer talk. Make them feel low for using low lingo. Say, "if you can't even control your language in public, how can you lead? Go to the back of the line, don't embarrass us." Just look at how many sewer mouths there are in conservative social-media comments, though some of them may be trolls with the agenda of giving conservatives a bad image. Some conservatives want derogatory language to become stylish, as if it's the manly thing, but that's the hollywood blotch, isn't it?

Musk may be using his spat with Apple and Google to justify creating his own phone. He's now telling that he's thinking of doing just that. If per chance he's an Intelligence agent, having conservatives purchasing his phones could be a super method for spying on, or persecuting, conservatives. That is, his befriending conservatives by all appearances in the news last week, and the week before that, may be a ruse to ultimately trap conservatives. Let's not forget that he's admittedly in partnership with the Jewish ADL. What Intelligence might he be working for?

I'm thinking that 5G together with his phones and his skinchip implants looks dire for whoever's buying into his phone system(s). He's making it clear that he want's to convert twitter to a purchasing platform, which will give the twitter computers the latest phone numbers and addresses of those who make and ship purchases.

He waited until after the elections before making moves to thrill conservatives. Beware. He's shown that he will do the will of the ADL to rid twitter of anti-Jewish speech. It is very true that there is an Zionist cabal of the most-loathsome conspirators who could become killers of Christians. The False Prophet could very well be a member or stooge of "Jewish" bankers. What I do not like on bitchute is the anti-Jewish video owners who do not distinguish between the money-sick crime syndicates in American culture, and the ordinary Jew. If Musk quells white supremacists who do in fact spew hatred for all Jews, I'm for it. But if he quells speech against Rothschilian bankers and Rhodian globalism, that's synonymous with throwing in his lot with the most-loathsome people on the planet.

On Sunday of this week, Andrew Torba, founder of Gab, wrote: "Elon is acting as a pressure release valve for the Regime — giving the illusion that the 'right' now has a voice on Twitter. Only the 'right' the Regime has in mind is the Judeo-con right that puts up a great gatekeeping wall preventing anyone from going to the *actual* right with the Christian Nationalists." That's starting to sound as though Torba is a Jew hater. I'm offended. Leave some room in our hearts for the descendants of Abraham whom God will choose to rule this world. God will take Israel away from the obstinate, stony-heart Israelites, and give it to the meek of Abraham's bloodline. Does Torba wish to marry white-supremacists with mainline Christians to salvage founding-father America? Does that sound like a winner plan? It looks more like the wisdom of the foolish virgins or the nutcracker Mormons.

DO NOT MARRY CHRISTIANS TO A COUNTRY. Let Christians be a spiritual force in a country, become politicians, even, who promise God-sanctioned programs, and stay detached from those with soiled clothes who tend to be a snag for pure and whole Christianity. God is not going to set up a watered-down, part-polluted theocracy in the United States. The USA is not the New Jerusalem, foolish, twisted Mormons.

Hitler made the gross mistake of persecuting all Jews. Had he killed only the globe-trodding corporates who think they own the world in the name of some cabalistic God, I would have been much better than that. But God has reserved that service for His Son. His Kingdom will have Blacks, Yellows, Reds, White's, Jews, Tans, Browns, and Israelites. Everyone is welcome, especially the poor, the sick, the lonely, the insignificant, the deserted, the weepers, the pained, the troubled, the trapped, the tormented. If He sets you free, start celebrating it. FREEDOM.

Not American freedom to sin (= harm people) as you please, which is what some absolutist free-speechers may support (SPIT!) as if it's almost the will of God for America, but freedom to speak and live as God will have us speak and live. Not satisfied with that? Not good enough for you? Then you are risking to be Lot's wife under Wrath. Let's work to be absolutist Christians, defined as PURE Christians, as in no mud at our feet, no sewer water in our mouths, no dark soot in our eyes, no compromise in our hearts. The doctrine of white supremacy is mud for our strides, sin in our hearts like the sin of Masons when they cherish bloodlines. Heraldry is not a product of God, but of Aryans. I spit on those who cherish their bloodlines as supreme. Neither bloodline Israel nor white supremacists nor black supremacists will rule the kingdom of God, but only the ones who subscribe to Spirit and Truth together. It's not enough to be a truther but not connected to the Spirit.

The place to find the Spirit is in your private closet, so to speak. People close their eyes during prayer in church to enter their private closets. You can enter this place whenever you choose, but if you choose not to, your are nothing but blood no matter how good or honest you are. I love to enter my private closet to say a few words to Jesus, or to the Father, or to both. This is not yoga, this is not the third eye. This is the heart seeking to find connection with a God who has provided Jesus as the only way to his Room. There are those who pray instead to demons, seeking filthy knowledge, and there are those who seek connection to God but who instead find filthy spirits probably because they are displeasing God in life. It acts as a sign that correction is needed.

Life is not all about spending time enjoying the love of God, because God wants to see daily life lived in honor of Him, and when the powers live it in dishonor of him, we should react politically if we are lawfully permitted to do so. And in a representative government, there is no king so that we are permitted to oppose the ruling party and contradict its platforms. Free speech was initially intended for decent people who use it constructively together to iron out disagreements or to designs plans mutually beneficial. Free speech was never intended to be a lethal weapon to cripple decent people with slander, ridicule, confusion, and propaganda. Absolutists want the enemy to have the right to use those nasty things, meaning that absolutists, the biggest goofs you ever did see and hear, prop up the wicked against themselves.

Learn to be strong in God before, and while, you attempt political service or newscasting. Let political boxing slide to the side if you need exercises in God. Don't be guilty of lip service to God while prioritizing national politics. Don't start Christian nationalism, because you are sure to fail, you will not have God's help.

Don't disconnect His people from Him to make them support a theocratic vision for USA, are you crazy? That's as crazy as globalists seeking to control the world, or as crazy as any political party seeking to control a nation. It's fleeting, it's vanity. What Western nations need is church leaders, those strong in Jesus, speaking out against the sins of our enemies in every area of life. Church leaders and all those strong in faith should pull the plug on our enemies in hopes that their sinful and rebellious ways are not accepted by the majority of voters. Alas, there can be no Armageddon if Christians win the political battles hands down. It predicts that we will lose. Those on the wide road outnumber those on the narrow road; we are going to lose this political fight, but we could lose not as badly if church leaders come out of the church shadows to impregnate the court of public opinion with stiff doses of sanity and righteous advice. Once we accomplish that, it could be sufficient to protect our families as we tread on toward the Return, and God will be on our side with more fervor.

I think it's due to church leaders not having pulled the carpet from under the feet of our enemies that they are now threatening to possess the minds of our children. Are we going to allow the fake moralists to rule us with total disregard for our chosen lifestyles? Will there be almost no peep at all from church leaders? They are not all silent, but I'm sure the battlefield is not as noisy as it should be given the great numbers of churches across the lands.

Churches ought partly to be boot camps for doing battle, and when the anti-Christs forbid pastors to speak politically, tell them to mind their own business. If pastors refuse to become political in church for fear of losing the liberals in their pews, spit! Find another church, and warn everyone not to attend there. Liberals in churches are a luke-warm spit. Christian women who vote for Hillary Clinton, or Christian men who vote for trudeau, are insidious snakes. Stomp (so to speak) on them.

Jason Kenney, the despised, former premier of Alberta, the one who persecuted Artur Pawlowski, took a seat in the Alberta legislature while the new, good-gal premier replaced him in his old job. But, this week, Kenney resigned even from the legislature, probably because he fears being exposed by the new premier. She's a bit of a tigress, and rightfully so:

I don't think I heard the video owner above, of Rebel Capital, ask for money or likes or subs, and he had no commercial. What a breath of fresh air. You would think that video owners with business smarts and class, who want to make a living at what they do, would restrain themselves from asking for support to about once every week, since most of the people who watch do so fairly regular. Those who routinely ask for money and support in every video probably look greedy because they are greedy. These types would continue to beg for your money even when making more than they need or deserve, for example Gary Franchi. I rarely load his videos.

Don't let the communists stop you from hating all that is evil by labeling us as haters for speaking out against them. Pound their reputations into the ground, for if we treat them with respect, they will gain a larger following, but if we speak as champions over blood-sucking slimes, we gain more respect. However, keep in mind that Judas Iscariot was a protestor of the Romans more than he was loyal to Jesus' way of dealing with the Roman occupation, and in the end, Judas saw such little value in a lamb-like Jesus that he used Him for an opportunity to make some easy coin. The Capitol Building in Washington is in Roman design. The end-time Roman senate might just be in Washington. If your number-one aim has become the usurping of Roman powers in Washington, how little concern have you for Jesus' Kingdom?

How much money would you take, begging for it, from the people of God? How much do you deserve for an easy ten-hour day gathering news from your home computer and then reciting it? If you get paid for it from Christians as a service to Christians, I don't think you have a reward in heaven. That's how I understand Jesus. I would like to see one tenth the Christian newscasters who do so for zero money, making their living by some other means. I see more fruit that way. I see God behind them. There are thousands of retired Christians who have the time to follow news, who have money enough to pay bills, who need not ask for money. Make our day today, be an honorable voice by doing it freely. Without pressure to succeed financially with your show, you could be happier, more-comfortable doing the show. You could have a news show mingled with God's glory contrasting against the human failings in the news.

In the United States, but also in Canada, the Chinese Americans/Canadians who rose up in protest at various government offices, forced both Biden and trudeau to take sides with the Chinese protestors, lest these hypocrites (Biden and trudeau) begin losing the votes also of the Chinese liberals. I say that Chinese liberals have been traitors to their countries, and need to hang their heads in shame. For the sake of hoped-for gain, they stop their consciences from considering the immorality advanced by liberal politicians. "Liberal" to them means out-of-step with God, or beyond God's ways. All human trash gravitates to liberal political parties, and the trash will stay there until the conservatives take on morality as their flag so as to jolt the consciences of the trash. The salt of the earth are the jolters, so, let's jolt away. Be electric, do a little zapping. They call it hatred because it stings them. Sting harder when they portray us a hateful. Every false accusation is an opportunity to shed Light, but their game is to appear as the majority, which is why they censor their opponents. If they have the majority, they flaunt it to make our stings upon them look like self-infliction.

Don't let them be a major voice, and especially not the majority, for the churches have failed us in this regard so that we are now, decades later, under the pains of the gross thumbs of liberals. We need to start pricking the pastors with our index fingers, I think, until they create their own programs (websites can be programs) for to partake in this end-time battle. Otherwise, we can give them the thumb, go take a hike. Do not ridicule or attack all pastors, all churches, you have no such right, for you cannot know the motives and hearts of them all. But certainly, in canada, anyway, most churches seem like a let-down in the battle for end-time morality because they all hold boot camps (their church buildings), but without going to the battlefield of public opinion. They did not seek to be the major voices in newspapers, radio and television. They allowed both us and our children to be duped by those media, but now that the Internet is easily available to the churches, why don't they all have websites to shine the Light and meanwhile to stick the enemy with two fingers in their two sorry eyes? Every pastor and his assistants should don a knife at their belt by which to cut out the snake tongues of liberal owners of liberal media. God could be proud of churches like that.

The protests in China have apparently weakened the bonds between the Chinese communist government and the Biden / trudeau communists. As China has become very dictatorial in its vaccine response just as the rest of the world is cowering suddenly, but also due to other factors that ring of China's guilt in Wuhan, I glean that China was behind the lab-leak plandemic. However, I still maintain that the Americans were behind it too. I just didn't know, until now, whether to suggest that China was in partnership with the Americans, versus whether the Americans released a virus in Wuhan without China's blessings.

Neither trudeau nor Biden are willing to stand up proud for communism this week, how about that. When the lead pigs cower, something is turning for good in the land. This situation is taking place just as other pigs are calling for new Western lockdowns. It's just as though the wild boars have not yet learned their political lessons. Do not forget what they hope to accomplish against us; do not think they are about to behave well suddenly. My bet is that God is permitting them to overcome prosecution so that they will continue their crimes until they are guilty to the fullest. And then God's hammer will come down upon them.

Also, when the Prosecutor in the Sky holds off on judgments, He watches the guilty trying to cover their crimes, and this brings in new players who help cover the crimes so that the end-game needs a bigger hammer for a bigger bang. The more rats in the trap, the merrier, right? Let God do His thing, be patient.

Let's not ignore the vaccine scheme or leave it behind in the dust in order to move-on toward the normalcy, or the popular quest, of "getting ahead" financially. Let the pagans live like that, said Jesus, but you, you go stick the salt into the eyes of the sleepers. The devil's sons will yet seek to pounce upon us, but while God restrains them, it makes sense that we should obliterate their reputations and bombard their plots as much as possible before God allows them 3.5 years of war over us. We will win precisely because they wage that all-out war over us. They prefer to die rather than have us order the world. We will order the world, we may as well start ordering it now. There is a time to retreat or lay low when dangerous persecution comes near to us, but so long as we are able to speak up, now is a good time.

It's possible that China is enforcing brutal lockdowns in an effort to set an example, in time for this winter season, for the Western pig-puppets...who are simultaneously being called by Schwab to leap to it. With time running out, with Western pig-puppets not doing enough to ensure lockdowns, it seems that Schwab had to publicly imply, this past week, that he is in partnership with China at this time. Hint-hint. George Soros has voiced his rotten opinion that this world should allow China to rule it, how strange to the ears. This sounds like the West's chosen method to keep China from siding with Russia. Hug China more than Russia is hugging China, what a loser program. The globalists are desperate and submitting our governments to a loser, brutal program.

Apple loves China:

Here's a good vaccine-fight update video by Bigtree, another good video in case you need it in court to avoid a forced vaccine:

At 36 minutes above, we see a headline telling that Biden "wasted" millions on boosters nobody wants. Achem, he did not waste the money, it was always intended to go to his fellow gangsters and global-government builders. He bought the vaccines, tax money gone bye-bye, he cares not it nobody takes the vaccines. He only wants to give public appearances that he dearly believes in vaccines so that he can buy them with that excuse. "Build Back Better" is a building of the global government, explaining why Biden's best service as president is to be a santa claus to the diabolicals. This man is a million miles from Christianity, and he's so close to death, the door to Hell, how astounding a fool a man can be.

The video gives thanks to Musk for his fight to protect free speech, but I'm not celebrating yet. Why is he declaring "amnesty" for the innocent who were booted off? Amnesty is for law breakers. Why is Musk portraying the censored as law breakers? What if he's planning to re-boot them off in time for the next election with the excuse that they have all re-offended, and have thereby desecrated his "gift" of amnesty? Amnesty is like putting the "offenders" on parole. Step out of line, go to jail.

Don't be fooled by the chart at the 41st minute, because those are from the government officials, and they lie, not reporting all the deaths and maimings.

At the 49th minute, we see yet another medical expert with stranded "clots" from the veins of the deceased. He says they are made of proteins, and will check to see if spike proteins can be found within them. These clots are sending shivers up the spines of vaccine companies because there is a special means by which they are formed, and when this becomes understood, I think the vaccine companies will look like murderers. If these snake-like formations were connected to normal ailments, they could be blamed on those ailments but unrelated to the vaccines. However, as this clotting debris is without-question vaccine-related and new, I think it's a smoking gun. We need a whistle-blower in the industry to reveal how / why the vaccines produce the structures. This topic is on next week's Highwire show.

My tinnitus has gotten louder. It's a stinging, high-pitched monotone that puts people on edge, or an unsettling sense of alarm. While watching the video above, I have this brook-water video below going at the same time (background "noise"), in my earphones, that not only blocks out some of the tinnitus tone, but has the opposite, relaxing case you would like to try it (set the settings at the lowest quality for visual):

I can still hear the tinnitus with the video above, but, amazingly, while the video below has not a pleasant sound (like a music speaker's hiss sound), it blocks out the tinnitus about 95-percent even at a low volume.

It could be that God provided tinnitus for all of us to sound the alarm concerning some wrong thing we are putting into our bodies. So far, I haven't found a food-related cause. It could indicate some growth in the brain that presses against the ear system, in which case the tinnitus won't tone down by removing a certain food for a week or two. The problem in the brain could have developed over years, and may therefore take several months of corrective food measures just to partially tone the sound down. Just a guess.

The tinnitus zapper below (an airier hiss than above) actually made the tinnitus stop for a couple of minutes after listening for just a few minutes, suggesting that it might stop the tinnitus for as long as the sound is playing, like the lesser of two evils. If even played for ten seconds and stopped (after listening for a few minutes), the tinnitus is either virtually gone, or I can barely hear it. It may be that the sound activates and temporarily locks-in a certain part of the sound receptor(s) that does not hear the tinnitus.

Stew Peter's far-spreading documentary on the snake-like clots is frightening the enemy, and if I recall correctly, Jane Ruby broke this story:

UNDERSTAND. With such a documentary spreading widely, how can people like biden and trudeau not be found guilty of murder as they totally ignore these rubber-like clots that develop in blood vessels? How can any sane person with an ounce of goodness not cancel vaccinations when such HUGE structures are found in veins of all things. Clogging the veins kills, a no-brainer. These "clots" are dynamite for convicting people who try to force-vaccinate you. You sue not only to protect yourself from the vaccine, but to seriously punish the one trying to force you.

We are in danger of being poisoned with the same substances found in vaccines because the ones killing with the vaccines would want to make it appear that even the unvaccinated get these clots. That's where they will now go in order to quell the accusations against them. Our side needs to move on this and speedily nab the culprits, or they will find a way out of the coming squeeze by causing the clots in unvaccinated people. The music in the Peters' video was not from him, but from the free-loading owner of the bitchute channel who makes money on Peters' shows.

Why do you think that Fauci is saying, in 2022, that a vaccine shot on top of natural immunization from being infected, is helpful, while almost 20 years ago he was emphatic that people who've been previously infected absolutely do not need vaccination? Why would he try to cover for his own vaccine-pushing crimes in this way, to say that vaccines won't hurt, but rather will help, knowing the huge mortality rates due to the vaccines starting in 2021? BECAUSE, he's arguing to protect his complicity in pushing the vaccines, CLEAR AS DAY:

A proper judge would say to Fauci: "how can you say that vaccines are helpful even when unnecessary while vaccines, or something suspect as the vaccines, are maiming people months after vaccinations who would have been fine and normal if all they had caught was a COVID infection?" If the top medical "expert" won't admit this, then he's obviously guilty of framing his words to protect himself from complicity. If he now says that vaccine programs should be halted, he will admit he's guilty of killing people to this point. If he continues to promote the vaccines in an effort to make vaccines appear the lesser of two evils, he'll become more guilty still. So long as he promotes vaccines, this looming disaster over his head will not vanish. There will be no peace for the wicked, and he will not get the last laugh.

Those who are celebrating Fauci's looming loss on this issue, you need to demonize Trump just as you've demonized Fauci. The two men are in the same boat. Trump has been behind Fauci from the start on the vaccination programs. I think the exchange above is a little "old," yet Fauci is promoting vaccines to this day as a tactic to make them appear human-friendly. He's gambling on nobody being able to trace the mysterious deaths to the vaccines, but even if this is traced with certainty, he'll argue that he didn't know it. However, the fact is, if even there exists a sizable possibility that the deaths are from vaccines, he's obligated to demand a halt to vaccinations. This is where he has failed to protect himself. trudeau is just as foolish, and I want to see the hammer come down with jail sentences so that this doesn't happen again.

Alas, we may need to weather this same ordeal in the form of the mark of the beast, where people cannot make purchases or hold most jobs without proof of vaccination. I think Fauci is at the head of a signalling campaign to the rest of the conspirators worldwide that this show (the scheme) must go on to fulfill orchestrated plots scheduled for 2023. Pitiful creatures they are, suicidal.

Even the Australian government has been in trouble since the fall, but this government is identical to the Arizona authorities who stop their ears, who have hearts of cold steal:

Surely, brother, sister, you can see the inhumanity of Western governments by now. They will kill us if they can get away with it, even if we don't stand up against vaccines, but once we resist them in the mark-of-the-beast system, we will need God's special help to keep safe from their worldwide tentacles. Best thing, prepare to live off the grid to the best of your abilities, before the trap is set against us. Stay in the Faith, store your lamp's oil, let it give some light and heat in the coming darkness, and wait for God's fury to pass upon the guilty.

Elon Musk Looks Like a Mole Against Us

Watch the video below until you get to the part telling how Musk wants as much personal information from certain Twitter channels as possible:

I've found an heraldic set that could snitch on Musk as being a mole-spy in the conservative camp through his use of twitter. Note that he didn't sound very interested in what was going on in the censorship-unveiling department. he may have ordered someone to get the job done just to satisfy law to keep himself safe from prosecution.

This goes back to when I climbed the TV antenna of the UKRAINIAN, Diane Muschatov, to KNOCK on her WINDOW while she was asleep around 11 pm or later. When she came to the window, she said that her brother could have shot me thinking I was a fiend or something. I assume he had a hunting rifle, especially as getting a handgun in canada has been much restricted. The RIFLE fits the event because it had been pointing, along with Musk and the Muschatov surname, to Kiev, the Ukrainian capital. The Riffle's, you see, almost have the Kepke/Kopke Coat, and the last time I saw my friend of about a decade, Mr. Kepke, was as little as two months earlier.

I'll need to repeat a few things here for new readers. The ANTENna event looks further as though God arranged it to fit heraldry because Nochs/Noke's share the red leopard face with ANTONs. And I want to go to Knocks/Knox's here because they were first found in Renfrewshire with Pollocks so that the event can also point for some reason to a Poland-Ukraine alliance against Russia, which we see even now.

I had told that Musk's Starlink communications had been knocked out (likely by the Russians attacking phone towers) in Ukraine not long ago, though I don't know whether it's been re-established, and this fit the knock-on-window event because the antenna I was on points to communications towers having antennas...for PHONE communication.

The PHONE's/Fane's come up as Fiens, as do Finis' who in turn have three lions in the colors of the three lion paws of WINDOWs, you see, looking as though God set up the heraldry to fit the knock-on-window event. From here we go to the MOWE/MOLE surname. If I can show justification for going to this latter surname, then that's how God may be fingering Musk as a fraud, a mole, a spy using twitter. I can't find a Move-like surname at the moment to go with the "MOVEo" motto term of Knocks/Knox's, but that's how i get to the Mowe variation of Mole's who in turn have a Phone-like PHOENix in Crest as well as a "FOENus" motto code likely for a Phone branch. There is a Phoenix/Fenwick surname.

The Pollocks are important because Eschyna de Molle had a daughter, Isabel, who married the second Pollock, Robert. See how tidy this is? The Knocks were first found in Renfrewshire with Pollocks and ESCHYna-like Eskins/Erskins, and Jewish Pollocks share the bend of Crooks, the latter from Robert Croce, husband of Eschyna de Molle. Eskins/Erskins share the pale bar of Crocks, we get it, and English Crocs (Shropshire, same as father of Robert Pollock), have the Phoenix/Fenwick martlets in colors reversed.

Crooks are said to have been first found in Westmorland, beside the first-known Phoenix's/Fenwicks. The Mowe's/Molle's were first found in ROXburghshire, named by the Roxolani who lived at the Dnieper river that happens to flow past Kiev. What are the chances? What are the chances that Roxburghs have as "AUDax" motto term to go with the "Audaces" of Goose's/Googe's versus the "Audacter" of Pollocks? Goose's/Googe's not only have three boars in Moray colors and format, but were first found in Roxburghshire with Mowe's/Molle's. What are the further chances that while there was likely a rifle in the knock-on-window event, Riffle's were first found in Savoy with AUDE's? The latter's Coat (Moray colors) is a blue-Shield Coat version of the Pollets in the motto of Pollock-branch Pools, and the giant Pool lion is shared by English Posts (Hampshire, beside Pools) in the Mowe/Mole motto.

Until recently, Jack Dorsey was the twitter CEO, and is just so happens that Dorseys are listed with Daces' to go with the "auDACES" motto term of Goose's/Googe's. This is super corroboration that the knock-on-window event points to Musk even while the event incorporates the Mole's. A "goose" is used by Rutherfords who in turn have an "orle" border, and I think an orle border is used, in colors reversed from the Rutherford orle, by Orr-connectable Knocks/Knox's, for Orrs/Ore's (Renfrewshire with Knocks/Knox's) share the red roundels of Orle-like Orrels/Orells, but also of Neil-like Nellys/Neilie's. This has been a pointer to Nellie and Bruce Ohr.

Dorseys/Daces' share the "chapeau" of Bidens/Buttons, and moreover were first found in Galway with Irish Dene's. Aside from the background, Dorseys/Daces' are in Mow/Mole, Duc/LeDuc, and Moray colors and format.

I've read that Pollocks had a sept in the Peacocks, and while Windows use lion paws, both Paw surnames use the peacock. Now watch as we take this discussion very naturally, without a stretch, to a Spy-like surname, and you probably won't have trouble with a suggestion that this can also be a pointer to the spy service of Bill Gates' Microsoft Windows.

The Crooks could indicate that God is pointing to Ukrainian crooks, for I've shown how one of the Irish Dene's has a "CROCodile" as part-code for Dile's who share the giant DIANE/Dean/Dein lion. DIANE Muschatov at our service. The Diane's/Deans/Deins (sharing the full motto of crocodile Dene's) even share the crescent of English Crocs, and to this we must repeat that this same crescent is shared by Speers/SPEYers/Spiers (Renfrewshire with Pollocks, Knocks and Eskins) that likely named the Spey river in Moray, the river upon which Peter Pollock, the first Pollock and brother of Robert, built Rothes castle.

Repeat from above: "The Diane's/Deans almost share the Speer/Speyer Chief...I've been neglecting this similarity in the two Chiefs, but it could be knock-on-window important because Knocks/Knox's were first found in Renfrewshire with Speers/Speyers." As Masseys/Masse's have the Diane/Dean Chief in colors reversed, the saltire-by-spears of Speers/Speyers can be that of Messeys/Messier's, especially as Masons/Massins (Kent, same as Rothes') use a "Dum spiro spero" motto. Thus, my bet is that my climbing the antenna should include a pointer to Intelligence agencies, and so we take this idea to the Starlings/Starlincks almost having the Coat of Leslie's, who were earls of Rothes on the SPEY river! Beauty, the knock-on-window event is pointing to Musk's satellites.

I spy with my little eye the globo-fiendish Rothschilds, the crooks who stole Israel from Jesus. This is why it's important that Mole-related Goose's/Googe's are in Moray colors and format while Mole's have the Moray Coat plus the Goose/Googe boar. plus, the Rothes-branch Roets (share Speer/Speyer boar heads) were of the Boofima cult along with proto-Rothschild Bauers/Bowers, Scottish Bowers, and Bows/BOUGH's. The latter not only share the Roet motto, but the five, bunched arrows of Bowers and the Arms of Rothschild. Scottish Bowers were first found in Peebles with Tweets. The "metam" motto term of Scottish Bowers may be code for the line that named BaphoMET. The full motto is "AD metam," and Ade's/Aids (Berwickshire, same as Elons and Roet-beloved, Bough-like Books) are in Crook colors and format. Roets share the boar heads of Speers/Speyers who in turn have an "ADvance" motto.

Roots were first found in Kent with Rothes' and Speer-loving Masons/Massins, but let's add that while Stars share the lozenges of SATELlite-like Settels, the latter's Coat is a different-colors version of the Root Coat. It appears that the spy agencies pointed to by the knock-on-window event points to Rothschild bankers / globalists / anti-Christs.

This is where it gets amazing, for it wasn't long ago that I was on the BOOFima cult run by the IMPERI people (Africa) that I trace to Imperia, a city once called Oneglia. "IMPERIO" is the full motto of Irish Murrays who in turn share the Moray Coat!!! Elon Musk dressed up as a satanic character, donning Baphomet on his breast, this past Halloween! I had read that the Imperi conducted goat and human sacrifices, thus making it plain that the goat-headed god, BAPHomet, was a play on "Boofima." Plus, it's the Riffle's and Kepke's/Kopke's who use the goat. But there's more. Is it not amazing that Riffle's were first found in Savoy with the Masseys/Masse's having the Diane/Dean Chief in colors reversed?

ONEGLia was named by the Nagle's, and from here we go to the German Neals/Nails/Nagle's because Irish Neils/O'Nails are also Nihills while "nihil" is a motto term of Diane's/Deans and crocodile Dene's. The other Irish Dene's share the two FESSes of Muscats/Musks! ZINGER.

Savoy is not far from Imperia, and the Savoy cross is also the FACE/FESSy cross while leopard faces are a common heraldic design, shared by Nocks/Noke's and Antons, suggesting a Face/Fessy-line merger with Leopards. I had read that the Imperi conducted their sacrifices (probably stabbing victims with a knife) wearing leopard gloves, suggesting that they worshiped Diane-like Dionysus, for the latter had a leopard symbol. This mythical Dionysus had a dancing symbol with his MAENADs, and while French Dennis' share the fesse of Nocks/Nochs and English Dance's, the latter share the lion heads of Muscats/Musks!

The Nocks/Noke's are also Oak-like Noaks, and they not only have a fesse colors reversed from the Oak/Oke fesse, but both Oaks and Elons put oak leaves on their fesses while the fesse-with-leaves of Elons is in the two colors of the fesse-with-crowns of Nocks/Nocks/Noaks. The Alans of Dol ruled OKEhampton, super proof that Elons (share oak leaves with English Alans) were Alans of Dol.

I've told of my taking Diane Muschatov to stay the night at the apartment of DENNIS Quinn, and Dennis' are said to possibly derive in "Dionysus." Quinns look like a branch of Quince's, the latter first found in Northamptonshire with Face's/Fessys, and the lion of Sforza's -- in the colors of the Window lion paws, and in the colors of the Fien/Finis lions -- holds a "quince." English Dennis' share the battle-axe (different colors) with Denns while the latter share the split-Shield colors of English Neals while Irish Neils/Nihills/O'Nails are Neals too. It seems that Dionysus elements were at Oneglia.

I see the Maenad lunatics as old myth-code for Maeonians on the Maeander river, and so let's add that MANDERs have a Coat like that of Rhodes' who in turn have all the Bath Coat in colors reversed while Baths share the Savoy / Face/Fessy cross. From here I'd like to go to the Goffs/Gough's who share the Coat of Goose's/Googe's, both in the colors and format of BATHers, the latter first found in DENbighshire with a branch of Goffs/Gough's. The Bather Crest happens to be the Crest of Knocks/Knox's. Bather-like Batters were first found in Berkshire with Window-branch Windsors, and with Windsor castle. The Fiens / Feins/Finns can be gleaned in the Windsor motto.

The "Ut" motto term of Bathers (show only wolf heads) can be traced well to Uts, first son of the Biblical Nahor, whose line I trace to the wolf-loving Neuri on the Bug river of Poland and Ukraine.

Gophers/Gofers / Goffs/Gough's / Goose's/Googe's are in Guiffre colors, perhaps a pointer to Virginia Guiffre, the lady who snitched on the Epstein crime ring. She snitched on prince Andrew, a Windsor liners. Gophers/Gofers have the Nail/Neil/Nagle saltire in colors reversed.

The father of the two Pollock brothers was FULbert, whom I think is to the Fullers looking like kin of Muscats/Musks, Love's/Luffs, and Muschats. The Futters are suspect in the Fuller motto because the Futter Coat is mainly in the colors and format of English Crocs, the latter first found in Shropshire with the Elon-like Alans of Dol. Fulbert above was a vassal of the Dol Alans.

I think I've made the case that the knocking-on-window event can imply that Elon Musk is a spy, or a mole now entering the camp of conservatives / Republicans disguised as their buddy. When he says that he's about to rid twitter of pedophilia-conducive posts, might he be doing this to rid twitter of anyone who mentions pedophilia, even those who fight against it? Something to watch.

Musk's brain implants are going forward in spite of the dangers and warnings against it. The Skin and Scan variation of Skene's looks like an apt pointer to skinCHIPs scanned by cashiers, and we can even add that Cash's were first found in Cambridgeshire with Muscats/Musks and nail-using Proctors. The Skene's were first found in Aberdeenshire with the Schiens/Schims who in turn share the Mowe/Mole boar head, and this is where James LeDuc comes in, with the "duce" motto term of Schiens/Schims, for Ducs/LeDucs can be gleaned with the Moray and Mole Coats from the Duc/LeDuc star being in the Coat of Bellys, first found in Moray.

It's illegal now in heraldry to have gold in contact with silver (I call the latter "white," not technically correct). The Tweets have a gold-on-silver fesse, in colors reversed from the fesse of Jewish Gofers. Scottish, Gofer-like Jeffreys, were once said to be first found in Pebbles with Tweets, and Teets/Tate's were first found in Berwickshire with Elons. The Jeffreys above share "Post" with the Mowe's/Mole's, you see, and as English Gofers/Gophers can point to Virginia Guiffre, she's the one who claims she was forced by Jeffrey Epstein to be the temporary whore of prince Charles and Alan Dershowitz.

From here we can go to Welsh Jeffreys (keeping in mind the Welsh Goffs/Gough's): "Geoffrey (d. 1093), was 'Bishop of Coutances, {who} came of a noble Norman family settled at Montbrai, or, as pronounced in English, MOWbray, in the arrondissement of St. LO; he was brother of Roger of Mowbray..." The "Moveo" motto term of Knocks/Knox's is decipherable with Googe-related Mows/Molle's, suggesting that Jeffreys / Geoffreys were a Googe branch round-about. Robert Croc(e) was of the Croce's who share "cruce" with Welsh Jeffersons/Jeffers, and Croce's even have a "spero" motto term to return us to Speers/Speyers.

The cloud in the Crest of Scottish Jeffreys, likely code for McLeods/Clouds/LUTTs, can be of the following in the Goff/Gough write-up: "Iolo Goch or the Red (fl. 1328-1405), a Welsh bard, whose real name is said to be Edward LLWYD, was Lord of Llechryd and resided at Coed Pantwn in Denbighshire." Wales is where Lewis' were first found who not only have the Welsh Jeffrey Coat in colors reversed, but have the seated white griffin in Crest, symbol of Welsh Jeffersons/Jeffreys. Then, while McLeods/Clouds/Lutts were first found on the Island Skye and Lewis, the other Welsh Lewis' share red drops with Gophers/Gofers.

Plus, Ludds/Ladds/Ladons (Somerset with early English Landrys/Laundrys) are in the colors and near-format of French Landrys, the latter first found in Lorraine with French Louis' while Welsh Lewis' are Louis' too. Landrys / Laundrys point to Ukraine money laundering, and the English Landrys/Laundrys are suspect with the oak tree of Elons.

This Cloud/Lutt picture looks connectable to white-griffin Letters/Leathers and Landry-like Lauders who named Lauder near Peebles, and who share a goose on a rock with Rutherfords. Elon Musk bought twitter and its tweets, and Tweets were first found in Peebles. Not only were Elons first found in Berwickshire with Letters/Leathers and Lauders, but Elons share "Nec" twice with the Rutherford motto, and Elons add "SPERno." Rodhams/Roddens use "Nec" too as well as being in Crook colors and format, no surprise with Ruths/Rothers/Randolphs first found in Moray.

The Elon motto term above could be specifically for the SPERANza's/SpenzieRATo's who share the strongarm with the Arms of Rothschilds, and with the Darks, first found in Kent with Roots and Rothes'. As Roet-related Speers/Speyers are now linking to Diane's/Deans, Lady DIANA SPENCER comes to mind with "SPENZIERato," and Spencers look related to the Rothes Coat, as well as to Berkshire's for potential linkage to Windsors. The latter descended from Others/Otters, first found in Huntingdonshire with ADa, and Speers/Speyers use an "ADvance" motto. Others/Otters were from Lombards, and Speranza's/Spenzierato's were first found in BERGamo of Lombardy, making BERKshire look related to a family in Bergamo. Berks are listed with Irish Burghs, from John de Burgo of Conteville and Comines.

German Neckers/NOCHers and noose-like Nuse's/Newes' point to Jeffrey Epstein's noose around his neck, and so note that German Neckers share the single pale bar of Eskins/Erskins in colors reversed, for the latter were first found in Renfrewshire with Neck-like Knocks/Knox's. Thus, my knocking on Muschatov's window is pointing both to Musk and Epstein (why?), especially as News'/Nuce's were first found in Cambridgeshire with Muscats/Musks. It seems well-established that Epstein was a spy, and so I've now got to return to my Sleeping Beauty dream of 1979.

After the dream opened with a shark in a pool that I claim attacked Trump, the scene shifted to another setting where I was standing in a body of blue water, to be assumed as an ocean. In the next scene or two, I was on the beach. The dream could have started on the beach, but instead started in the water likely to indicate that I was on the beach of Jeffrey Epstein's island (Virgin Islands, in the ocean). The Waters, first found in Essex with Muschats and an Epping location, share the Eppstein Coat. The Beach's/Bechs, sharing the Clapper Shield, were first found in Hertfordshire with Nuse's/Newes', and near Epping, and so this tends to indicate that Epstein was working for James Clapper, head of all Obama's Intelligence apparatus.

Hertfordshire is beside Middlesex, and also beside Buckinghamshire where Nocks/Nochs were first found who have the leopard faces of Thames-related Peare's in colors reversed. The Thames river flows across Middlesex into Essex, where Apps'/EPPs and Epping were respectively. The Beach/Bech and Clapper Shields are almost those of Fiscs (Norfolk with Peare-branch Parsons) and their Atha branch. Fiscs share "ad astra" with Nicholsons/NICHERs who in turn share the red lion head with Muscats/Musks, the latter first found in Cambridgeshire with Atha's, Newes', and Cash's/Cass'/Casts. The latter can apply, not only with their "pair of SCALES," but with the "Per Castra ad astra" motto of Nicholsons/Nickers. The Apps'/EPPs share the Scale scallops. The Scale's were first found in Hertfordshire with Beach's/Bechs too, and Schole's/Schools/SCAYLE's share the Shield of Patents/Pattens (Essex with Muschats, Waters and Epping), which is almost the Beach/Bech and Clapper Shield. Eppsteins were first found in Hesse, and Hesse's share the sun with Nicholsons/Nickers.

It's important that Elons share the double fesses of Stands/Stains/STANs (Middlesex) because Stanleys, first found in Cambridgeshire with Musks and early Eastmans/Estmans, are in Starling/Starlinck colors and format. StarLINGs/Starlincks (Suffolk, same as Lings, Eastmans/Estmans and CLARE's) essentially have the Coat of Case- and Pollock-related Leslie's of Rothes. Lings are in Feller- and / Marone colors and format while Feller-connectable Linch's/Lynch's were first found in Galway with Croc-beloved Dene's. Marone's, sharing the Mowe/Molle boar head, are suspect from "Myrina," on Lemnos, where Dionysus was living when he had a thigh symbol from his father, Zeus. Mamie, depicting Mens/Mame's (Midlothian, same as Clare-line Sinclairs) from Maeonians, had a thigh symbol, and that pointed to Thigh's/Thy's in the "thy" motto term of Sinclairs. The Maeander river of Maeonians flowed near to Clarus in CARia. DENhams ("Cura") share the Car/Curr chevron. Irish Carrs (Este colors) use ESToiles connectable to EastMANs/Estmans, first found beside English Este's.

The "SPERavi" motto term of Apps/Epps can indicate the spy-like Speyers, and while we saw Speers/Speyers as the likely namers of the Spey river at Rothes, Apps'/Epps have a Coat looking related to the Croc Coat which itself shares the Speer/Speyer crescent. The Domine's in the Apps/Epp motto are listed with Dunhams for a pointer to Barrack Dunham-Obama. There are two spears in the Domine/Dunham Crest. The Domine's/Dunhams named Essex with Epping.

They also named Downham in Lancashire, and while Obama is known to descend from Jonathan Singletary-Dunham, Singletarys were not only first found in Lancashire too, but they share the antelope of Muscats/Musks. Lancashire is also where Cars/CURRs were first found suspect in the Denham motto. The Dennam variation of Denhams is almost "denim," and, as I said, I saw myself walking on Epstein's beach with only my jeans on, perhaps a part-pointer to Obama in this way. In the second scene of the dream, after I was in the ocean water, I saw the CAR of Sleeping Beauty parked on the beach. The third scene was my walking on the beach, walking toward her car, that is. I'm pretty sure that scenes two and three were in reverse order.

Denims (show only a DANCEtty-fesse) are listed with Dinhams, and as there is a Dinham location near Dol, Denims/Dinhams likely share the fesse of Crocs (Shropshire with Elon-like Alans of Dol), perfect where Irish Dene's have the crocodile. The other Irish Dene's have the double fesses of Muscats/Musks, in colors reversed from the double fesses of Sleeps (Shropshire) to go with Sleeping Beauty. The Beauty bull is in the Dorsey/Daces Crest. The double Sleep fesses are ermined, as is the one fesse of Denims/Dinhams, and while the double Sleep fesses are white, ditto for the ermined fesses of the Nicholsons/Nickers. It's interesting that nickers are a name for short pants, though I had long jeans on.

It appears to be making the case that Musk cannot be trusted as he now gifts globalist enemies with some visibility on twitter. Musk may indeed have a bone or two to pick with globalists, but that doesn't mean he loves Christians.

The Skin/Scan wolf heads are used by Welfs/Wolfs/Lupus' who are in turn in Chip/Chipper colors and format, how interesting is that? Welfs/Wolfs/Lupus' were from Hugh Lupus, uncle of Ranulph le Meschin, and the latter's son's Gernon family is even in the write-up of Wolvers (Meschin colors and format). Wolvers were first found in Suffolk with LINGs and StarLINGs/Starlincks, but also with the Knights/NIGHTs whose triple pale bars are colors reversed from the triple pale-bars-by-swords of Skins/Scans. The Trump-connectable Leggs were first found in Dumfries with the NITH river. Kilpatricks had a castle at CLOSEburn on the Nith, and Close's share the spur with Knights/Nights. The Geds were on the Nith who have three pike fish in the colors of the three fish heads of Lings.

Then, with that premise established, Gernons ("cyFOETH") were kin of Fothes/Fette-branch Foots (Cheshire with Wolfs/Welfs/Lupus') while Skins/Scans were first found in Aberdeenshire with the Prophets/ProFETTs and Starlinck-connectable Leslie's. Prophets/Profetts have a giant leg connectable to Trumps, and the Trump stag head is used by Peartree's/Patria's, the latter first found (beside Aberdeenshire) in Kincardineshire with Fothes'/Fette's. It's all a wonder as to whether Musk and Trump will bond in facilitating the 666.

Another giant leg (with spur) is with the Prime's suspect in the Kirk motto while Kirks share the Skin/Scan sword. Captain Kirk on Star Trek? Prime's have a "MINErva" motto term while Leggs use "tentaMINE." Prime's use an owl in Crest while Owls/Howls were likewise first found in Suffolk. Val Trompia is at lake Garda while TagGARDs share the brown owl with Prime's and have a "RATione" motto term to go with the "DuRAT" of Geds (pike-using Geddes' were first found in Nairnshire with Rats/Raids). Taggards share the full motto of Chives', first found in Tarves (Aberdeenshire with giant-leg Prophets/Profetts), and it just so happens that the Tarves Shield is linkable to the Tromp Shield.

After she was a the hood of a car, I touched the leg of Sleeping Beauty, Mrs. Kilpatrick. Hoods/Hoots, probably a branch of leg-using Hooters, were first found in Rattery, in Devon with the first-known Spurr-branch Supers (share Kilpatrick saltire). Ratterys love the Supers in their motto, and were first found in Perthshire with OLIPHants while Scottish Olive's/OLIPH's probably connect with Spanish Olive's because the latter have another brown owl. Scottish Olivers ("FOEDera") share the crowned heart of Douglas' who named Castle Douglass off the Nith river.

Douglas' were first found in Moray with Bellys while Bells were first found in Dumfries while Bellamys (Shropshire with Meschins) were at Perche while Perche's share the double chevrons of Scottish Olivers (probably Rutherford kin). Oliphants were first found in Perthshire with Dogs/Doags sharing the cinquefoil of Bellows/Ballots (Cheshire again) and Billets (Devon with Rattery). Billets were beloved of Hone's/Howens, first found in Hampshire with Botters/Buddys/Bodens who in turn have an eagle standing on a "perch." Italian Olivers use a label for the Labels/La Bells.

Finally, the Oliph-like Elaphiti islands are beside Melita while Mallets (Suffolk again, same as Buckle's) love the Deers/Dere's suspect in the "foeDERa" motto term of Scottish Olivers. French Mallets/Malo's use buckles. English Mallets were kin of RINDs ("fragRANTior"), first found in Perthshire with Oliphants, and St. Malo is at the Rance river, named by Rants/Rance's/RYNDs (Norfolk with Oliph-like Leafs/Leave's/Leve's). Esau's son was ELIPHas, husband of Timna, and Timms/Time's (Kent with Moray-related and "Dum"-using Masons/Massins) are in a Moray motto, "Deum Time," looking like code for Edom-Timna.

Compare the Rance's to Rench's and read the next section, with new and intriguing material pointing to God's handiwork.

Andrew Huff Says Daszak is a "Lunatic"

Sleeping Beauty was fulfilled by Miss Hicks, and here I'll repeat that Hicks/ICKE's can be a branch of Ice's/Icke's/ECCO's, whom I've pointed to ECOhealth, because health-like Helts/Helds share the HICKson Coat. There is much more to this pointer of Miss Hicks to Ecohealth's involvement with the Wuhan lab, but let's now go to an article out this week on a former vice-president of EcoHealth:

A scientist [Andrew Huff] who worked at a controversial research lab in China has claimed that COVID was a man-made virus that leaked from the facility, according to a report.

...Huff is a former vice president of EcoHealth Alliance, a New York-based non-profit that studies infectious diseases. The group has been studying different coronaviruses in bats for more than a decade with funding from the National Institutes of Health [led by Francis Collins], and had forged close ties to the Wuhan lab.

Huff, who worked at EcoHealth Alliance from 2014 to 2016, said that the non-profit helped the Wuhan lab put together the 'best existing methods to engineer bat coronaviruses to attack other species' for many years.

I've said a million times that, after I got to Sleeping Beauty's car, I found her HOVERing in the car after I first saw her at the HOOD. I've claimed that God not only gave that dream, but made it click with various heraldic sets, including that fact that HOOVERs and HOOTers (Hoods are also Hoots) share the eagle leg (different colors) with Hicksons and Helts/Helds. I can now add that Huffs are also Hoffs, as are German Hovers/Hoffers!!! WOW! It seems that God has been pointing Sleeping Beauty to Andrew Huff all along! I'm liking this. I've not know this man until now. Hoffs/Hovers/Hoffers use a giant leopard FACE while Face's/Fessys were from the Fieschi of Genoa, where Fauci's were first found! ZINGER-RINGER, lucky horseshoes.

MORE: the horseshoe bats of Wuhan's lab are pointed to by Scottish RANDdolphs because they use a bat as well as horseshoes, and yet they also share the Face/Fessy Cross!!!! Plus, RANDs/Rance's look like they can apply to Ranch road! I'm impressed. Now we know why she was asleep hovering, a pointer to poison vaccines. I think God is trying to say that many Christians will be murdered by vaccines, then raised to life in the rapture.

Rapps have a rapture-like "raptor" in the colors of the Hickson eagle legs. Slings have a vulture (symbol of Armageddon) in the same colors, and were first found in Silesia with Roet-related Karens. Roets (share sleeping moon with Karens) were first found in Thuringia with Rapps. Karen Graff had pointed to graphene-oxide. Rape's/Reaps share the book with Roets.

Rape's/Reaps look like kin of both Scotts and Scoots/Scougals ("Haec"), whom Miss Hicks pointed to earlier in the evening of the Get'n-Go event, when she said to me, "you can scoot OVER," part of a pointer to the military crime of 9-11. I think the same military players who conducted the murderous 9-11 are conducting vaccine poisoning as we speak. This is heraldically amazing: while these Scottish Scotts have a Coat like Hover-connectable Overs/Offers (Cheshire with Hoffs), the other Scotts have the Catherine-Roet wheel. That's a compelling heraldic set.

Though I can't think of how to use the Rapper Coat, Rappers were first found in Sussex with the Keeps who were part of the pointer of Karen Graff to graphene-oxide. On second thought, Rappers use the anteLOPE while Spanish Lope's/Lopez's (Rapp colors) share the black wolf with Hoffs/Huffs, the latter first found in Shropshire with the Wolfs/Welfs/Lupus' (share Skin/Scan wolf heads) in the colors and near-format of Keep-like Chips/Chippers. The latter were first found in Worcestershire with Nith-connectable Knightons while Scougal-connectable Shoe's/Schugs have a "knight issuing at the knees," and then Knights/Nights have three pale bars colors reversed from the three pale-bars-by-swords of Skins/Scans. It looks like a pointer to skinchips in the midst of pointers to poison / killer vaccines.

Another "vulture" is with Geiers, who are like the "GUERRE" motto term of Trump-connectable Shots/Shute's/Schute's. The latter share the triple swords of Skins/Scans fessewise, in the colors and format of the triple TRUMPets of Calles' (Wiltshire, same as Shots/Shute's/Schute's). This can explain the sling SHOT in the Arms of Dachau. It makes the Tromp eagle look like that of Italian Garins/GUERini's. The Geier vulture is in the colors and format of Trumps. Coincidences? Or will the end-times arrive under the presidency of Trump?

I've said many times that Mr. Kepke reminds me of Trump, yet I've not known the Kepke Coat but for about a month. Geiers were first found in Saxony with German Garins/Gorings, and with Kepke's/Kopke's who are likewise in the colors and format of Geiers / Trumps. Kopple's and Keips were first found in Nuremberg with the Nazi's who were judged for partaking in the concentration camps, and Dachau was Hitler's Bavarian headquarters for concentration camps.

The rapture with hovering Sleeping Beauty pointed to the Wedding Feast, and to Keppoch-related Weddings (Yorkshire with Hicks) and Weeds/Weetins. And here I can add that German Wettins use the Arms of Saxony while sharing the green trefoil of Saxony's Garins/Gorings. English Wettins/Wetneys, in Chip/Chipper colors and format, were first found near Chips/Chippers of Worcestershire, beside Whitneys of Herefordshire. Worcestershire is the location of Knighton, which may indicate that Garins/Gorings use the Scottish Night lion.

Geers were first found in Suffolk with English Knights/Nights. I should probably add that German Wissels (Westphalia, same as Hoffs/HOVERs/Hoffers!!!) share double-red wings in Crest with Geers (Hick fesse?), and meanwhile English Wissels are listed with Whistle's. Andrew Huff the military whistle-blower! Blowers (Staffordshire with Hicksons) have goats in Rapp / Sling / Hickson / Goat colors.

The Volens' and Valens in the Whitney motto, a branch of Duck-related Volens'/Valance's, were first found in Westphalia with duck-using Velins and Ducks, and the latter's Coat, along with the Volens/Valence Coat, is almost the Coat of Knightons/Nitons (Worcestershire). Welcome aboard Whitneys, new to me here. The Whitney motto is shared by Feathers/Fathers, first found in Sussex with Rapps, and sharing the antelope with Rappers. The Duce's/Doocys were first found in Staffordshire with Rapp-colored Hicksons, and the Whitney bull head likely belongs to the Beautys. Welcome aboard Whitneys.

As I said, Miss Hicks moved from my area of Texas to about ten miles from the home of John Ratcliffe in Heath. Hickson-connectable Blowers (Heath/Heather colors) were at Blore Heath, and the Whitney bull head is exactly the Ratcliff bull head. Heather-like Heaters use bull heads, making them suspect with the Haydens who definitely have the Beauty bull. John Ratcliffe, shortly the head of all American intelligence in 2020, is a good guy who would blow the whistle on the wicked military factions. Stay tuned. Mr. Ratcliffe appears on Ainsleys Earhardt's Fox and Friends from time to time.

I showed how Trumps were related to giant-rooster Hahns and Hanns, and here we can go to the giant French Gay rooster, for Geiers are also Gayre's. Kopple's share the giant Hann rooster. French Gays were first found in Savoy with the Riffle's who in turn essentially share the Kepke/Kopke Coat. Bang-bang. Belgian Gays use legs (or maybe just feet).

It's amazing here that Geier-like Geers (Suffolk with Starlings/Starlincks) share the Noch/Noke leopard face!!!! Trumpet-using Calles' were first found in Wiltshire with Starling-related Stars. Bang-bang. Do not climb Musk's antenna, so to speak, or knock on his window, or you could be shot by a rifle. He's not faithful to whom he pretends to be faithful, and ditto for Trump. The gold crown on the Hoff/Hover leopard face could be the gold crown of Nochs/Noke's.

Oh wow. I knocked on Muschatov's window on WELDrick avenue, which I pointed to Welders (Thuringia with raptor-using Rapps) who share the triple hexagrams of French Garins/Guerins. Amazingly, the Noch/Noke fesse is that of Italian Garins/Guerini's!!! What could this mean as might relate Ukrainians at Armageddon? I rapped on Diane's window!!!! "Rap" means "to knock"! Unbelievable.

Buzzards/Boszarts (German Bush / Bosch colors) use cups in Kepke/KOPke colors, and I trace Hann-connectable Cups/Cope's/Colps to the Kupa/Colapis river with Jeepma's/Cheps. The latter's giant eagle is in the colors of the giant Tromp eagle, but also in the colors of the Rapp raptor and Sling vulture.

Although it seems contradictory to point my rapture with Sleeping Beauty to raptors, vultures, crows, and buzzards of Armageddon, I think it's permissible because the rapture takes place at the start of Armageddon. The Rapp raptor is not only in the colors of the Hickson eagle legs, but the eagle legs of Helds/Helts, suspect as a branch of Holds/Holts because she and I were holding each other during our rapture. We were arm-in-arm if this can point further to ARMageddon. The Dutch Geers are even Gedda's to go with "ArmaGEDDON." It recalls that Miss Hicks pointed with her knee event at the Get'n Go to Gethins/GETTENs!!! They latter are in Riffle colors and format!!! Geers/Gedda's use a blue lion likely in the gold crown of the Crest of English Geers.

I've shown many times how an ice-CREAM symbol in my teen life pointed hard as nails both to Ice's/Ickys/Ecco's and Cremers/Cramers. The latter not only share the Chief of Kilpatricks while Miss Hicks is also Mrs. Kilpatrick, but the Cremer/Cramer Coat is almost that of Faux's/Fage's/CHOLLENS', an obvious pointer to Francis Collins, chief of the NIH, and the boss therefore of Tony Fauci. Faux's/Fage's/Chollens' were first found in Perigord with Fauchys, is that not miraculous?

I have gone over this territory so many times it makes me sick to do it again, sorry. But I've got to give this an hour of time. In the dream, God asked to wake the woman who was hovering over the car seats. "It's you she LOVES," He said, and so let's add that Love's/Luffs were kin of Muscats/Musks who in turn have the double fesse of Sleeps in colors reversed. It seems that God wanted to include Elon Musk in with Epstein's island, right?

And so when God asked me to wake her, Sleeping Beauty came to mind i.e. I leaned over to KISS her awake, and I know why, partly because Kiss'/CUSH's share the Coat of CUSTs suspect in the "custodet" motto term of Cremers/Cramers, and partly because the red Kiss/Cush rooster is in the Crest of Cremers/Cramers, and in the Shield of Bibo's who in turn have their rooster on a CUSHion to go with Cush's, but also to go with the "cushions" in the Chief of the other Kilpatricks. But there is more reason for the attempted kiss, though God did not let me kiss her awake when I tried to. Why not? Because He wanted to point to Trump, the bulldog at the start of the dream that got swallowed by the nasty shark.

The Cremer/Cramer motto is translated, "The sentinel SLEEPs not," can you dig it? It's more proof that we are on the right track through Cremers for connection to Sleeping Beauty. Am I the sentinel? I did name my website, tribWATCH, and a sentinel is a watchman.

The Bibo write-up tells that the Bibo rooster belongs to a Hahn family, and while Stephen Hahn was Trump's FDA director during the decree to roll out the poison vaccines at warped atrocity, Hahns, first found in Mecklenburg with Trumps/Tromps, have a giant rooster in the colors and the format of the giant Trump/Tromp stag head. Plus, Dutch Tromps have a black-on-gold eagle to match the black-on-gold eagle LEGs of Hicksons and Helts/Helds. As it turned out, while leaning over to kiss her, I saw a scene of my hand grazing her knee i.e. at her LEG, and the Leggs, first found in Dumfries with Kilpatricks, almost have the Trump/Tromp Coat.

I'll say it again: the Dutch Tromps add acorns while Acorns, first found in Sussex with Downs and Vice's/Vise's, share the stag head of Vise's/Vice's and Knee's, and while the latter were first found in County Down, Downs have a stag in the colors of the Trump stag head.

I'm not done repeating. There were two ice-cream girls in my teens, both of whom agreed to date me for the first time when they were handing me an ice-cream cone. The first girl was Katrina HANson, and the German Hanns/Hawns who share a giant rooster (different colors) with Hahns do so in red i.e. it's the red rooster of Kiss', Cremers/Cramers and Bibo's. Can you believe it? Reminder, Hahns were kin of Cremer-connectable Bibo's.

More. English Hansons happen to share the mascle of English Faux's (Essex, same as Epstein-connectable Waters and Musk-connectable Muschats), and it was French Faux's/Fage's/Chollens who almost have the Cremer/Cramer Coat. Nordic Hansons look like kin of Fage-like Fuggers, both sharing the fleur-de-lys of Cremers, Kilpatricks, Faux's/Fage's/Chollens' and Masci's.

More: The Kiss'/Cush's and Custs use "fountains" while Fountains were kin of Hugs (Languedoc, same as Ville's/FONT-de-Ville's). As soon as I grazed her knee, she popped into my arms for a hug, which ended the dream, though not until we were in rapture, still HOLDing each other, into the sky. Possibly, this can signal that the HELTs/Helds, due to being like the Holds/Holts, are in fact part of the pointers so that, indeed, we are to be pointing to Andrew Huff, former VICE-president of EcoHEALTH.

Hoovers, listed with Hubers, are very connectable to Earhardts/Airharts, Hers, Herzogs/Hartzogs, Hermits, Wings/Winks, Justins, Eyers/Ayers and Here's/Heyers. The latter two were first found in Derbyshire with Nots/Cnuts, recalling, "The sentinel sleeps NOT." The Nots/Cnuts can be gleaned with the Coat of Darlene's, and Darlene Ray/Wray was the second ice-cream girl. The Wray Chief is in the colors and format of the English Raymond Chief, and French Raymonds have the basics for conforming to the Cremers/Cramer Coat while Raymondo's were first found in CREMona, believe it or not.

How many Raymundo's have been your work mates? I worked at Knob Hill Farms about six months with a fellow stock boy, Raymundo. Darlene Ray/Wray worked the snack bar at Knob Hill Farms (grocery store). French Rays share the "escarbuncle" with Hangers (Hampshire with Pots and Potters) and Angers, and Danish Cnut's use "pot hangers".

Mr. Huff: "China knew from day one that this was a genetically engineered agent. The US government is to blame for the transfer of dangerous biotechnology to the Chinese. I was terrified by what I saw. We were just handing them bioweapon technology."

Here's from February of this year:

Earlier this month, Dr. Andrew Huff, a scientist who worked with Peter Daszak at the EcoHealth Alliance, sent a whistle-blower complaint to Senator Gary Peters, the Chairman of the Senate Whistle-blower committee, stating that he believes Daszak works with the CIA and could in fact be 'a double agent working on behalf of the Chinese government.'

...In a twitter thread posted on 12 January, Dr. Huff stated that Dazsak [sic] invited him to join the CIA and on three separate occasions...

...And in a twitter thread posted on 23 January, Dr. Huff said he believes EcoHealth is basically “a CIA front organisation.” In the thread, Huff explained that the Covid experiments were part of scientific research and development programs that started in the United States and were transferred to China. He claimed “the United States of America is primarily responsible for Covid—not China.”

The article above is amazing because I've claimed a million times that my touching the knee of Sleeping Beauty in the 1979 dream had connection to the knee symbol I gave Miss Hicks, on the eve of September 11, 2002, at a Get'n Go corner store in Camp Wood, Texas. If it's still there, it's at the corner of Ranch rd., and I was able to show why both Rench surnames should apply to the event. For one, German Rench's share the lone fleur-de-lys of LEG-using Leaks/Leakeys, shared by Hicks, and Ranch road is called the Leakey rd. by locals because it takes one to Leakey. The point in repeating this is that while German Rench's are also Renz's, the article above tells that Andrew Huff has joined the legal team of Thomas Renz! I don't recall knowing this story before. I've missed it all year long.

I had suggested that "GET'n GO" is a pointer to Gethins/Gettins', and they happen to share the giant lion of Longs while the article above tells that Huff joined the Renz team as a whistle-blower along with the whistle-blower, Dr. Theresa Long. Both lions are shared by Rains/Raines', and while WRENs are said to have been a branch of Raines', the Wren crosslets are shared by English Rench's/WRENch's! I've seen Miss Hicks' middle name online as, Rena. I don't know what it is about "Rena," one of the most-beautiful names. Another whistle-blower on the Renz team is said to be Peter Chambers, recalling that I went to Bible studies at the home of John Chambers on the Leakey rd.

Almost missed this: German Cremers/Cramers use a giant ram's heads while one can glean that Rains/Raines' (Essex, same as Rams) were a branch of Rams!

The amazing new thing is the Cobble's. I TOUCHED her knee with my hand, and Hands (Cheshire, same as Touch's/Tuffs, Tufts/Tuffs' and Gethins/Gettins') are also Hans'/Hanns while Tufts/Tuffs', sharing the phoenix in the Knee Crest, almost have the Coat of Kopple-like Cobble's. Like the Hahns and Hanns/Hawns, Kopple's share a giant rooster, and it's the rooster of Hanns/Hawns (share Cremer Crest) in both colors. Kopple's were a branch of Kepke's/Kopke's who almost have the Coat of Riffle's who are in turn in Gethin/Gettins colors and format. And so gawk at the Tuft/Tuffs write-up: "Toft is also 'a township in the parish of KNUTsford, Cheshire and is the parent of the Cheshire Tofts.'" One k'not deny the obvious here: God set this heraldry up to prove that He gave the Sleeping Beauty dream with Miss Hicks as the pointer to poison vaccines. Mr. Kepke has pointed to graphene-oxide in vaccines.

When I worked at Knob Hill Farms, I suggested to Kepke to apply for a job there, and he got the job. It was three years after he pointed to graphene-oxide. We both left that grocery store to both sell shoes in the same mall, and this pointed to the crocodile-leather shoes and boots that Mr. Zlochevsky sold/sells in Kiev. It was another reason to point Diane Muschatov to criminal elements in Ukraine because crocodile-using Dene's share the Diane/Dean motto. He owned/owns Burisma gas, which used the Biden family to steal and launder money from U.S. tax payers. Bidens are listed with Budins, from the Budini of Kiev. The Trypillians of Kiev are to German Trips/Treffs showing shoes but previously showing boots. English Trips share the Rench / Wren crosslets, what are the chances?

The same article tells that senator Ron Johnson had the whistle blowers above speak in Congress, and so let's add that Scottish Johnsons almost have the Kilpatrick Coat. The Burisma-like Buris'/Boris' can even point to some guilt of recent British prime minister, Boris Johnson. Britain is the main Russian antagonist in Ukraine.


Here's all four Gospels wrapped into one story.

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