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December 13 - 19, 2022

Musk's Twitter Points Especially to Election Fraud
If Lake Fails, Sonny Borrelli Last Hope for 2022 Election
Sonny's on the Snow-Cleared Path
Fusion is From Nutbar Atomic Physicists

If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture

It was nice while it lasted. Hall of Names is no longer showing the descriptions of the Coats of Arms presented at House of Names, but I have many of them recorded in my past updates from which to borrow.

There is a very strange thing: Christians are not yet talking about end-time preparations in high numbers, at least not in news videos. Sometimes I wonder whether this is God's will because it tends to amplify the enemy's thwart tactics against our preparations, but, surely, we've got to urge one another in some way to make them. Just look at the ignorance toward prophecy, or anything to do with God, in the world today, and we can understand why Destruction takes them by surprise. But how can they be ignorant of prophecy when Christians in large numbers are talking about it? There are two definitions for "ignorant": 1) one just doesn't know something; 2) one knows it but ignores or despises it. The latter is called an ignoramus, and it describes those who know our end-time plans to endure the 666 years, yet struggle to keep us from doing so. Revelation 12 calls this thwart tactic a river from satan's mouth.

Here's the reason that globalists are finding themselves stronger today then yesteryear: they are powered by demons globally, all involved in a similar conspiracy. They speak through all sorts of people in leadership positions or otherwise. The spirits alter minds to reflect their own minds, and thus they come to have similar agendas. When it comes time to choose between things, the demons cause or even trick them into choosing the evil thing. The humanist fool that reads this thinks I'm a fool, and sticks to his belief that there are no demons, no God, and that I'm just making this story up. But what does the fool do when he sees the 666 on the horizon in a world that looks like Sodom? Does he shrug it off as prophetic coincidence? It's worse than that. The ignoramuses will promote the 666, and promote Sodom either thinking that it's not prophecy at all, or thinking that it is prophecy but that God must be thwarted at all costs.

Daniel 7:25 says of the anti-Christ: "he intends to change times and law." I don't know why "law" is a part of that verse, but the verse sounds in general as though he'll try to alter the prophetic predictions so that he wins against God, so that His scheduled Day doesn't arrive. Perhaps "law" would be better translated "decrees."

This gives us a glimpse into the ignorance of end-times people, for the anti-Christ is not "worshiped," as Revelation says he'll be, without the people seeing eye-to-eye with his agendas. They are going to fight to their ends seeking to topple God's end-time program. There cannot be a bigger ignoramus than this. It's actually contradictory because the anti-Christ is said to mouth-off against the God of Israel, and it says elsewhere that he honors no god but himself, thus looking like an atheist, yet why is He trying to change the prophetic predictions if he doesn't believe in the existence of God? Because, he and the devil know the truth but despise it, and thus they are ignoramuses.

Revelation 13 tells that the peoples who worship him will be in awe of his military might. If Revelation is a closed picture ignoring the wider world and including only the environs around Israel, then this super-military power can even be an Arab military machine, but if Revelation is a worldwide picture, then he appears to be holding the American and/or Russian military. This is what Daniel 7 and Revelation 12 both suggest, that he will be a Western ruler, and Daniel makes it plain, along with other prophets, that he will start small in the Middle-East to fast become prominent there. I can easily envision the American military (or NATO) doing that, but also the Russians, through some agent. We could say that the Americans are already a small power in the Middle-East...small in the sense of how large their military presence is in the Middle-East alone.

Especially Daniel 11, from verse 21 on, is enlightening for us, revealing that he begins to foment animosity toward Israel at least a couple of years before he succeeds in toppling the Jerusalem temple, followed by invading the streets. We might therefore decide it wise not to begin storing foods, or moving into the country, until we at least see him in the Middle-East fomenting a wide war against Israel collectively with several Arab countries, which fulfills the "many" with whom he makes a covenant in Daniel 9:27. I call that covenant a war pact, but the devil has convinced prophetic scholars that it will be a peace treaty with Israel, can we see why Christians might become asleep at the wheel instead of preparing foods?

I say this peace treaty with Israel will never arrive, and is not Scriptural. If even post-tribbers are expecting it, then who's going to wake up the Church in time for them to prepare foods? If post-tribbers are looking for some smooth Westerner in a peace deal with Israel as the first sign that the last 3.5 years have arrived, then how will they be tipped off by prophecy that they had best store foods ahead of time? They almost all, pre-trib and post-trib, claim that this peace deal arrives with 3.5 years left, and therefore they see this deal at the very time in which the 666 is enforced. Surely, God gave us some clues to watch out for that we might have a couple of years or more to store foods.

The pre-tribbers not only lie about the timing of the rapture in order to convince Christians that food prep is not needed, but lie about the timing of verses Daniel 21-31, placing them in ancient times rather than in the end-times. We have a serious problem here, and we had best start speaking out about it or God will start to view us as goats who care not for the well-being of His people. Don't you think? Daniel 11:21-31 is the prime piece of prophecy that alerts us when to store foods, a couple of years in advance of the mandatory 666. As soon as we see a ":small horn" in the Middle-East calling for what looks like an invasion on Israel, it's time to store foods and plan a country get-away.

Having said that, I don't know the details of the future. I don't know whether computer purchasing will be allowed in the 666 system. Perhaps the 666 will be needed only to get into stores and buildings as proof-of-vaccination, and therefore there will be no law about mandatory 666-purchasing online. I don't know which way this will go, and the point I'm trying to make is that, maybe, people will be able to pay their electricity in a city situation, to heat their homes, via online payments or even via direct bank withdrawals, so long as one has enough money in the bank when they are unable to work. But anyone choosing to remain in the city at that time, hoping to be able to secure energy and water via computer or direct-withdrawal methods, is taking a big chance. I probably wouldn't take that chance.

For Christians who do not have homes, or enough money to make purchases of country properties, there is some hope that renting throughout the tribulation could secure you a shelter. If a Christian or family has $100,000 at that time, it could go far in a city situation where the landlord secures your utilities. You then secure your foods in some way and hope your landlord doesn't cause problems for you for doing so. It may be the only option for many Christians, and some who live alone in an apartment can ask the landlord to allow one more person to share it, at a little higher rent amount, so that costs are reduced for both renters. It seems like walking on thin ice from the standpoint of today, and in view of the tyranny we see in Revelation 13, but perhaps God will allow such situations.

My message will remain: get a place in the country when you see the beginnings of the anti-Christ's arrival. If all you have is a tent, you can make it through winters in southern latitudes of the United States with an Arctic-grade sleeping bag, and God may provide Christian-friendly governments to persist from Florida to Arizona. The growing seasons are long in the south.

God may be toppling the anti-Christ leaders of Arizona as we speak. It now makes more sense if indeed He's been pointing my heraldic work to Arizona election fraud. The idea coming to mind is that God wants to secure Arizona for tribulation purposes. I'm not stating it as a fact, but a good theory to keep minds on. He may have led me to the Texas hill country, to buy property, so that I could inform you that it's a decent place to find huge ranches with plenty of Christians, and plenty of conservatives who might become Christians in the near future. Next, New Mexico needs to become Christian-friendly.

Globalists might even help Canadian Christians by eradicating the Mexican and Canadian borders, for I think this is their goal. If Canadian Christians can gang with American Christians in the southern states, where there is plenty of room, especially in the mountains, that could be a bonus in many cases because there's many poor American Christians in the country while Canadians in cities generally have a lot of money from their properties. There are many poor Christians owning large ranches obtained from inheritances, and each of these people could use some well-off Christian to come make the land a tribulation haven. Some of these tracts are already fitted for ranching. FREE-MEAT PROBABILITY.

At the end of the last update, I shared my unique view of Revelation's seven heads, which I equate with Daniel's ten kings minus three, all Roman emperors of the 1st century from Little Boots (37 AD) to Nerva 98 AD). I don't call it my theory, but an indisputable fact. It's a full-proof fact, you cannot find a piece of Scripture to refute it. It's the face value of the text, there is no other viable interpretation that sticks to the text.

There is no evidence that the seven "kings" are seven empires throughout history, as prophecy scholars insist to be the meaning. My interlinear translates the sevens heads of Revelation 17 as "kings," not "Kingdoms." The Bible does not lump seven empires throughout history as a lot, and does not apply seven of them to the development of the anti-Christ kingdom.

At the end of Daniel 9, we find a "prince" who both destroys Jerusalem in 70 AD, and then comes as the end-time anti-Christ. Who could such a person be but satan himself? In Daniel 7, we have ten kings followed by an 11th who not only subdues three of them (i.e. in the first century), but appears in the end times as the anti-Christ. It's satan.

We can serve evidence that the ten are of the first century because there were three uprooted Roman emperors in succession all in the year 69 AD. That's why my view is indisputable, call me lucky if you wish. I'm being head-strong about it because I want you to know the fact, call yourself lucky to be here reading it, because you won't find it written by many others. You can't find who these three subdued kings are unless you find them in the three of 69 AD. The Daniel text doesn't allow you much sway in deciphering who they are because it connects them to the fourth kingdom, the Roman empire, that smashed and swallowed the entire civilized world.

In Revelation 12, we see satan followed by himself as the anti-Christ man in the next chapter. Once again, the Bible has satan working in the Roman period but coming again after a gap of unknown time to bring back a facet of old Rome.

The point is, God has chosen to allow satan to own a human body in order that the world can witness how the mind of the devil works, in order that he might condemn himself by his own words and deeds, that the saints might find him worthy of condemnation and the sentence (punishment) that God will force him to suffer. The end-times is a stage of God, and when it begins, we should move to the sides, off the stage, and keep distance from this temporary boss.

Daniel 7 says that he will "wear out the saints," suggesting persistence, zeal, passion against God's program. STUPID. The devil has been stupid since the day of his rebellion. He is portrayed in Daniel 8 as a "little horn" that becomes great, and terrible toward God's people, and "It cast truth to the ground, and it worked, and prospered." Later in chapter 8, we find that its prospering refers to military feats against many victims, not Israel alone.

So, we can expect that when we see, for the first time, what looks like a nightmare only beginning, it's going to get frightful, it's going to prosper, excel, grow larger toward us because he has a special disgust for God. He's the devil getting to do what he's always enjoyed doing, destroying. He doesn't enjoy people because he hates people, ditto for Schwab. The monsters who've built empires, rising up the ranks to become rulers, hate humanity, and that's why we can believe that they are plotting population control right now, as a method of joy for themselves.

But the devil incarnate can't be everywhere at once. You won't want to walk up to this snake and stick yourself into its mouth. Time to get away. Move it, make haste, get ready to survive alive years before he uses the 666 to thwart us. Find a quiet spot in God's country to eat the foods you prepared in advance. And be quiet.

Prepare a crossbow to hunt with, use manual saws to cut your firewood. Prepare saw sharpeners. Make your plans, get your needs. It is very nice living in the country, if you have shelter and warmth with food. You will like it. It will be exciting for quite a while if you've never experienced it. Your body will become healthy with plenty to do to fill the hours. After the day's work is done, close your eyes in rest, fall asleep with Jesus on your lips and on your mind and with love in your heart. Make yourself white.

The white robes of Revelation are not clothes, but a representation of cleanliness in Jesus. You will be in the wilderness because you want no part of filthy Sodom, and because you want to be accepted by Yeshua when He comes. WHITE. Let your hands be dirt-smudged, and your heart white. When Jesus said that washing our feet is sufficient, he didn't mean literal feet. He meant that if our walk is clean, our whole self will be clean. Where we go is what determines the level of our cleanliness. Do we rush to be with sinners? Do we scale walls to be with sinners? Do we like goats jump over an abyss to be with sinners? Not anymore. Jesus changed us.

When we disconnect with the world, people sense it. They can tell we're not like them. And they think us weird or something. If we tell them why we are different, if we say, "I can't come with you, thanks anyway, I'm a believer in Jesus," things can go from bad to worse for us. But this is the time to stick it to the anti-Jesus zeroes with, "praise God for the gift of life." We need to remind them that God is the great Creator, because they have a warped sense of evolutionary creation. The potential beginning of faith for the unbelievers is to hear the words, "God is the Creator of everything."

Why do you think God reveals, in Daniel 8, that the anti-Christ musters his offensive for 2300 days? I'd say it's to give us a heads-up before the 666 is enforced about three years into those 2300 days. Two years will be sufficient time for most of us to prepare, but if one has little income, as I do, start now. I've started. The current forecast for civil society looks uncivilized. Get yourself some body security. Do you insure your house but not your body? It costs no extra money to store food if you're going to eat it. But now I don't think I'll want to buy beef to hydrate due to the possibility that cows and pigs are being vaccinated, and the only reason for forcing ranchers to vaccinate animals is to get the vaccine products into us. I hope they're not bothering with chickens. Pay a little more and buy from a local rancher direct. Get a side of beef to bring costs down, and cut it up yourself.

If you don't relish cutting firewood with a manual saw, buy the firewood in advance. It lasts forever if kept dry, and can last years even in the open. It takes me roughly two weeks of work to gather a year's supply of wood around here, with trees fairly close to home, using a chainsaw. Imagine how long it will take with a manual saw. Therefore, get your firewood in advance, and hope they don't make a law against buying it, because we can expect exactly such an attempt. However, they are fast learning that, for every over-reaching law they try to make, their power base becomes weaker, because every over-reaching law makes them appear as the monsters that they are. For decades the globalist pretended to be angels in order to build their empire above our heads, and will they now spoil all of that in a short time with tyrannical measures? We will need to wait and see just how foolish these goons are. No, they cannot do all they please without a backlash, and that's what Armageddon is, the over-reach of the devil, making enemies and being killed by the sword...because he kills by the sword.

Where Revelation says that the whole world worshiped this beast, it doesn't mean everyone. It means that there will be support from all places. I cant imagine a nation supporting him in sincerity whom he defeats in war. We can glean that there are many "liberals" in every country today who would relish an anti-Christ movement. The globalists have conditioned the minds of liberals to favor an anti-Christ movement. This has been their plot for decades, since before the 1970s. They will use our disconnect with them to portray us as rebels, and it was Obama who started the concept that Christian whites are "terrorists." This is the new mental conditioning that goes deeper now than during the Obama years. They use this new angle to test the waters, to see how many people would be in favor of Christian persecution, willing to lie about our nature, saying that we have a violent intent when we oppose the globalist regime.

This is much of what the false flag of January 6 is all about, to falsely portray us as violent. trudeau attempted it with the truckers. It's the new globalist angle. Even though the attempts have failed because those who produced it are on camera, and on record of, producing it, yet there are people willing to "believe" it because they want to see us persecuted. These are the enemies we rub shoulders with every day, the ones we grew up with, went to school with, it's really this sick. It's time to get determined to do a spiritual disconnect from this type of traitorous society, and to plan a physical disconnect in case it's needed or desired.

It's not right to weaponize the justice system against Americans who oppose the Obama crime ring. This is what Obama did, and when Trump got into the White House, he left the justice system in dirty hands, fortifying it by inaction to the point that it could take visible shots at a president without repercussions. It wasn't wrong for Trump to weaponize the justice system against the house of Obama because the justice system was intended to be a weapon against crime. But Trump did the bidding of the house of Obama by minding his own business, not directing the justice system in any way, as if he were not its boss. He did exactly what Obama would have wanted him to do, to stay disconnected, even though Obama was well-connected, and Biden even more, with the hammer of the justice system for to use it on the heads of Americans who oppose globalist intrusions. Thus, Trump is a worldly man, a son of hell, a traitor to his own voters, a masked man who continues to act as though he's one of them to this day.

He did not care about censorship from Twitter until it censored him, this is what we learned, and so do not be deceived by his appearances, to portray himself as a good guy. he has a lust for power, for the limelight, because he's sure he is a great man. But a great man is one who cares for others, wherefore Trump is a very small man. He did not care about election fraud until it swallowed him alive, and now he suddenly cares about it? He sure talks as though he does, but only because he wants Americans to get rid of it so that it doesn't re-threaten his bid for the White House. The hopelessness of our situation is that there is not a better man than Trump who is being advanced heavily at this time in order to protect North America from the mother of all globalist intrusions. While DeSantis seems to be a White House contender against Trump, he's not as heavily supported as he should be in light of Trump's failure to so much as try to cripple the Clinton / Obama machines. I don't know whether DeSantis would try to cripple it, but at least there's a chance. Someone should get him to commit to bringing justice to all of these high-level crimes we are witnessing.

Apparently, DeSantis is anti-Putin and pro-Ukraine war, but this doesn't necessarily man that he's pro-Schwab. I expect NATO to be pro-Schwab, but not everyone who supports NATO against Russia is pro-globalism.

Elon Musk is now appearing with promising comments on Gab with a picture of himself wearing his 2022-halloween military suit, which is exactly scarlet in color on top of having goat's heads on the breast and forearms. This guy is a contradiction, coming from the wrong places and saying the right things. It's like Trump all over again...and maybe Musk wants to run for the White House, doesn't that make sense? He could be trying to steal Trump's supporters, and will easily do so if he continues to fight the deep state as he's now doing. If he begins to color himself as a Christian, he could make a suitable False Prophet. There seems to be evidence that he's in some cahoots with Israeli Intelligence. David Knight claimed on his Tuesday show this week that Musk's father tried to topple some political entity in Canada, but I've not heard anything on this before. I've heard that Musk's father was booted out of Canada.

Having just gone to Musk's Wikipedia article, I've just added a short paragraph to the following insert placed yesterday into the last update (To follow better, load Hulleys now to load and view other surnames on another Internet tab):

[Insert -- The morning after writing on Hulleys/Owlets, Gab had a short video from Kari Lake's attorney, Kurt OLson, what looks like an Owl-related surname. German and Norwegian Olsons share red hearts with Swedish Thors while English Thors have the Howell Coat in colors reversed. Oltens/Oldhams use the owl while Oltons/Otone's are very linkable via Bono's (Milan) and Odins to Ottone Visconti of Milan, and then German Thors have the tall, curved, solid chevron of Ottone's in colors reversed. This stands as further evidence that God used Joe Oullette to point to Arizona fraud.

Oltens/Oldhams come up as Haldemans too, which is the birth surname of Elon Musk's mother. Elon intends to expose election-fraud machinery at Twitter.

I think that's very interesting, and for those of you who know my Joe's-van dream concerning election fraud in Arizona, you might want to know whether parts of it point to Musk at Twitter. I'll think about it; the idea is fresh on my mind as I write. I'll let you know if anything comes to mind. Early in the last update, I was compelled to say:

...I'd suggest that the material in this insert is coming at you from God Himself to indicate that He's fighting back against the censorship of His people...using Democrat donkeys to do it. Just because Musk, Taibbe and Weiss are for absolute free speech does not make them God-friendly. We might say that, rather than using Christians to disclose a major crime method of high-level Democrats, He's sparing Christianity the backlash by using the donkeys. End insert]

That insert was a spectacular piece of work near the top of the update. The reason "donkey" was used is as per God speaking through a donkey in Scripture. But it fits Democrats too. Musk is also the 800-pound elephant now shifting to a Republican mentality, it seems.

Re-Visiting Joe's-Van Dream, Now With Musk Involved

We might like to consider why Oltens/Oldhams/Haldemans were first found in old Salford along with Ratcliffs and Oldham-like Holds/Holts. Haldemans even come up as Holdemans. It's just incredible that, recently, I've been explaining why my embracing Mamie in a lake is a pointer to Kari Lake, now embroiling in Arizona election fraud as she seeks to become the Arizona governor. When we were embraced, I was HOLDing her! Oldhams look definitely like a Hold branch! My holding Mamie can now point to Musk via his mother's MAIDen name, and Musk has already revealed election fraud by Kari Lake's opponent, with perhaps more to come! Zikers.

We read: " the parish of PRESTWICH, hundred of Salford." Prestwichs happen to have a "domine" motto term for a pointer to Dominion Voting, the chief architect of Arizona election fraud. The night before we were in the lake, Mamie sat on my lap, and Laps share the merMAID with PRESTWICHs. It just so happens that Maids/Mauds, obvious kin of Monmouths, share the triple bars-gemel of Oullette's! See below on why Monmouths are Owl-line important, but let's add that Joe, in the dream, was with a BLACK van (why black?) while Fane's/Vans were first found in Monmouthshire.

"Joe's-VAN" pointed, I thought, to Jovan HUTTON Pulitzer, for he had a key role on the fight against election fraud of 2020. Huttons were first found in PRESTon of Lancashire, perhaps related to the namers of Prestwich. Prestons happen to share the double fesses of Muscats/MUSKs, what think ye of this? Hutton-like Haddons share the motto of Haldeman-like Haldans. Hattons (Holder colors and near-format) share the motto of Finchem-branch Finch's while Finchems share the triple fesses of Oullette's / Maids/Mauds. Amazingly, Finch's were first found in Hertfordshire with PRESTs/PRESS'. Miss Peare's hips-PULLING event, which pointed to Arizona election fraud on at least two good counts, was connectable to her belly-PRESS with Peare, very connectable also to Mamie on the night she sat on my lap (I don't want to re-explain these things here for the millionth time). Pullings/PULITs (Yorkshire with PRESleys/PRIESTleys) pointed to Jovan PULITzer.

Dominion Voting was founded by a Mr. Poulos at 215 SPADina rd. in Toronto's Chinatown, and while prime minister trudeau has said that he loves Chinese communism for the expedited way in which it can accomplish government programs (what an idiot to say such a thing), the Trudeau stag is in the colors of the Hutton stag heads. Plus, Spike-like Spice's are in Trudeau colors and format.

Prestwichs share the porcupine in Crest with Spike's/Speaks/Spocks, the latter first found in Lancashire with Oltons/Oldhams/Haldemans, Holds/Holts, and Prestwichs. Amazingly, Spike's/Speaks/Spocks, sharing the red eagle with Holdings/Holdens, were first found in Lancashire too. Holds/Holts have two of the one fesse of Holders, and Holders can point to Obama's first attorney general (Eric Holder), the weaponization of Obama's justice department against Republican whites.

Domine's (Prestwich motto) are listed with Dunhams, the surname of Obama's mother. Dunhams look like kin of Hairs/Hare's (share the double Hold/Holts fesses), first found in Ayrshire with a Prestwich location. Perfect. I've read that Bassets used a porcupine too, while Oullette's named Ouilly-le-Basset. Holdings/Holdens use "allerions," defined as BEAKless eagles, and Finchems with Oullette's share the triple fesses of Beaks! Mark Finchem is embroiled in Arizona election fraud as we speak as he's seeking court help to make him the state's Secretary (it's a lofty / powerful position for cancelling election fraud).

Here's a paragraph from the last update, two paragraphs before the insert above with the Oltens/Oldhams/Haldemans:

OULlette's were gleaned as Owls/Howls due to Oullette connection with MONMOUTHs, and therefore with Howells of Monmouthshire. This week, I found the Hulleys, listed with Oullette-like Howlets/Owletts, using the owl, and having a Shield in Owl/Howl colors. Moreover, though not in the same colors, Hulleys/Owletts share towers with Howells. The amazing thing is that the Hulley/Owlett towers are black, as is the giant DOMINO tower, and Joe Oullette, in the Joe's-van dream, pointed to DOMINION Voting's cheating machines. On top of this, the Howley/Owletts use the ship while Ships use "bellow" fans while Bellows are also Ballots! Therefore, as ballots are for election voting, it tends to convince me even more that God is the creator of that dream, and that He wants us to be concerned with, or watch, the Arizona-fraud saga.

And now it seems that the use of Mr. Oullette in the dream is pointing to Musk's revelations on election fraud.

The Fraud Surname

There is a Fraud/Frith surname with a grove of trees in Crest, ditto for the Elon Crest. I don't know what the bunch of trees are called for Elons, but I've got it recorded: "In fact, Friths/FRAUDs use 'A SUN SHINing OVER the TOP of a GROVE of TREES.'" The True variation of Tree's/TRUDE's is in the motto of Home's/Hume's, first found in Berwickshire with Elons.

Behold: the Frith like "FRET" symbol of OVERs, and the "Fretty" of Twitts/Thwaite's, can suggest that God is pointing Elon's Twitter revelations to election fraud, a topic I think He's made plain for me/us to watch as something He engages. But if God wants to expose election fraud, shouldn't we think of it as important for His people? How so? By weakening the power politically of our enemies over us.

The English SHINs/Chine's/Chings (suspect in the Fraud/Frith Crest) look like a pointer to China's known involvement in election fraud. In fact, TRUDEau at this time is being called out for a scandal in which China interfered with his last election. The Tree's/True's are also Trude's. The Shins/Chine's/Chings (Somerset with Grove's) have three fesses in the colors of the same of Musk-related Love's/Luffs (Musks use two of those fesses). Therefore, it could seem that God arranged the "shining" term over the Fraud grove to signal his use of Musk to unveil election-fraud tactics at Twitter. This seems especially true due to the multiple trees in the Elon Crest.

The Fraud/Frith description didn't need to use "over the TOP of a grove," but could have used "over a grove." The Shield of Topps (Wiltshire, beside Ghents and Shins/Chine's/Chings) shows only a GAUNTlet in a canton square while Cantons are also GANTons, which reminds that Ghents have a Chief in the colors and format of the same of Topp-like Tipps/Tippins. I'll show below how the "scythe" in the Fraud/Frith Coat can get one to Sickle's, first found in Ghent/Gaunt.

I'm pretty sure the both the Ghent and Mosley Crests have white eagles covered in ermine spots. Mosleys share triple-white sickles with Sickle's. The Mosley write-up suggests a branch of Mows/Mole's who in turn share the boar head of Shin-like Schims/Schiens, a branch of Skins/Scans/Skene's.

The Fraud/Frith scythe is apparently code for the Scythes variation of Side's. The latter were a branch of Sutys who share "hazard" with Seatons/Sittens, and so we take the latter's crescents to the same of the neighboring Leiths because Leiths almost have the Home/Hume motto, both using "TO THE end" as likely code for the Tooth's because the latter share the giant griffin of Leith-like Letters (Berwickshire with Home's/Hume's) who named Lauder, near the first-known Leiths. The beauty here is that Toths and Letter's share the Bump Coat, and I aim to show how the Bumps are pointed to by the bumper on Joe's van. Therefore, it seems correct to follow the Fraud/Frith scythe, and thus correct to include the Frauds/Friths in a discussion of Joe's van.

It just so happens that Leiths have lozenges in the colors of the lozenge that acts as one handle of a SHOVEL in the Spade Coat, which I think is a pointer to Dominion Voting, as per the shoveling of the snow in the Joe's-van dream. I'll show below how the Spade shovel applies to the dream, but let's add right here that Joe shovelled snow into a box that sat on his bumper!!! It again appears that God put the scythe in the Fraud/Frith Coat, and that He wanted that surname as part of the Joe's-van dream.

The Scythe (not "Scythes") variation of Skits/Skeets/Skeochs looks like it's related to the Sickle surname because it was first found in Ghent/Gaunt. I tell you no lie: the Swans/SIONs, now showing falconers gloves, once substituted them for gauntlet gloves, important because Sion of Switzerland was also Sitten, named by Seatons/Sittens. Swans/Sions (look like Mackay kin) share the lion of Box's, the latter first found in Wiltshire with Topps suspect on the Fraud/Frith Crest.

Next, we note that Sickle's (showing sickles) are in Howell colors and format while Howells were first found in Monmouthshire with the PHONE's/Fane's/VANS who show nothing but gauntlets in their Shield! With the Topps in the Fraud/Frith Crest, we are thereby back to the PHOENix's/Fenwick line, the pointer to Arizona election fraud, and it's even more amazing because Maceys/Mace's, with another gauntlet, are from FERTE-Mace, the place to which the fret of Overs (Cheshire, same as Maceys/Mace's) can trace, but also to where the Twitt fretty can trace, and of course the Frith's look applicable to Ferte-Mace elements too.

I had read that Miss Alan of Dol, daughter of a ruler of OKEhampton, married Richard D'Avranches of Ferte-Mace. Elons share the OAK theme with Alans and Alan-related Rundels/Roundels. The latter were first found in Kent with Gaunts. The Oaks/Oke's were first found in Somerset with the Shins/Chine's/Chings and Grove's, both of whom are in the Fraud/Frith Crest while Elons look like they have a grove in Crest too.

Lest we forget, the owl-using Haldemans are pointing to Musk's mother. The reason I highlighted the Friths/Fraud sun is that a giant sun is used by Holdermans while Haldemans are also Holdemans. In fact, while Fetters/Fettermans use the same Coat exactly of Holdermans, it's obvious that John Fetterman beat Dr. Oz this past election, in Pennsylvania, by election fraud. Oz didn't contest it because, we can assume, it's true that he's a leftist running as a conservative.

Fetters/Fettermans use a sun version of the Weis/Wise Coat, both surnames first found in Bavaria. English Wise's were first found in Devon with Hazels/Hessels while Hesse's/Hessels share the Holderman / Fetterman Coat exactly. Hazels/Hessels share the fesse of Zeals/Seals (Devon with Hoods) expected in the "Zealous" motto of Hoods/Hoots, and the latter use another Fraud-connectable fret.

The Joe's-van dream pointed to Jovan PULITzer, as if Joe himself at his bumper was playing Pulitzer. This dream had a snow-cleared walkway to a HOUSE that turned out to be a PATH for connection to Dominion Voting. I walked along this path to the house while French House's share the leaf design of Hazels (Devon with Zeals) who in turn have the Clear/Clark leaves. It's full-proof connectable to the dream's props because Irish Clarks share the besants of French Clairs/Clere's and Clermonts' while Clare and Sun liners are vital to the dream below, even to the man, to my right, sitting in front of the house a few feet from his porch as I went to pick up a box on my left (the path I was on was between the man and box).

English House's share the white anchor with Zeal-loving and FRET-using Hoods/Hoots. There's a question on whether English House's place their anchor on a lake because Lake's were first found in Oxfordshire with House's, and with the Plocks. If there is a lake in the House Crest, bingo for Kari Lake. French House's have the Hus' in their write-up while Huss' are listed with Hazel-connectable Hesse's/Hessels. Hus' are listed with Houstons, first found in Renfrewshire with Plock-like Pollocks and the related Haldans (from Mieszko of the Polocks) now suspect with Owl-loving Haldemans! Plocks share the Pulling/PULIT and Joseph martlet.

Hus'/Houstons share the hourGLASS in Crest with Box-like Books, the latter first found in Berwickshire with Elons. Hus'/Houstons were at GLASgow while there was a man wearing GLASSes at the house. Hus'/Houstons share the checkers of Alan-line Stewarts / Stuarts for additional connection to Elons. Hus'/Houstons use a "time" motto term to go with the "timeo" of Elons. Can we dig it?

Again, one of the French Clairs (share German Rose Coat) was first found in Brittany with the proto-Stewart Alans. These Clairs share the Haldeman roses in the colors of the boar head of Scottish Rose's who in turn have a beautiful "Constant" motto term to go with the Constant variation of CONTANs/Constance's. The box I've been talking about was called a "CONTAINer" in the dream. The full Rose motto is, "Constant and TRUE," and as "True" is shared by Home's/Hume's, the man sitting at the house must have been sitting also at the front of his HOME for this pointer to Home's/Hume's (same place as Books and Elons).

Irish Clarks have griffin heads in the colors of the Bump griffin, and I'll shortly show why Bumps were pointed to by this dream. Suffice to say here that while the OulLETTE-connectable Lets are in the Glasgow motto, Bumps share the Letter griffin.

The glasses worn by the man at the house are yet more important because the Glasgow motto has the phrase, "Lord, let," while Lords are Lauds too while Late-like Ladys/Laudymans almost have the Chief of French Clairs/Clere's and Clermonts'. The House anchor is on a blue body of water that could be the lake, and Anchors/Annackers are in Lady/Laudyman colors and format. There was a CONTAINer at the house that was central to that scene, which pointed to CONTANs having a pine tree, and Lords/Lauds (Suffolk with Clare's) are in the colors and format of French Pine's, first found in Limousin with French Clairs/Clere's and Clere's/Clairs, and with the Ardens' who happen to be in the Path/Pett/pert motto, "Ardens"! English Pine's were first found in Devon with Hazels/Hessels and House-connectable Hoods/Hoots/Hutts.

The English Clarks/Clerks (Hampshire with Tudys) have a "fortiTUDo" motto while sharing the Tudy/Totty chevron, and then Tute's/Tuits were a branch of fretty-using Thwaite's/Twitts for an additional pointer to Musk's Twitter revelations. English Clarks/Clerks are even in Tipper/Tippet colors and format, and in Tibbs/Tibbit colors. The top of the last update shows how Matt Taibbe is connectable to Tibbs'/Tibbits. Mr. Taibbe is Musk's pointman for releasing the Twitter Files. TWITche's/Twiggs have the Todden/Totten dancetty-fesse in colors reversed. Tweety Bird says: the twick is to wealize that Tate's/Teets were a Tweed branch while Tweets are also Tweedale's. English Tate's (almost have the Clark/Clerk roses) were first found in Suffolk with Clare's.

Thus, we could say that Elon Musk and Matt Taibbe are along the snow-cleared path, for I, a Masci liner, was upon it, and Mosca's are in the "fly CATCHER" motto phrase of Drake's (Hampshire with Clarks and Flys). That phrase is a translation, shown at the bottom of the Drake page, of the Drake motto phrase, "captat muscas," and while Mosca's are listed with Muscas', the Catch/Catcher surname uses the cat, the only Tibbs/Tibbit symbol showing. Catch's/Catchers were first found in Norfolk with Tute's/Tuits and Thwaite's/Twitts, you see, and as English Tute's/Toots share the crescent of Massy-beloved Tattons, it seems that "capTAT" is part-code for part of the Tate / Tatton bloodline. My Masci grandmother was born Miss Taddei, and Taddei's were first found in Tuscany with Mosca's/Muscas'.

Irish Clere's have a "VirTUTE non VerBIS" motto while Biss' share the Meschin scallops while early Meschins married Clare's of Tunsbridge; the Clare side, Richard of Clare, died in Monmouthshire, as did his son.

Plus, the other French Clairs/Clere's, first found in Brittany with Elon-branch Alans, share the Haldeman/Holdeman roses for an additional pointer of the snow-cleared path to Musk. The Snows even share the Dol fesse. The man to the side of that path wore owl-like glasses, and Haldemans/Holdemans use owls! The Alans of Dol moved from Shropshire to GLASgow (!), where HALDans were first found!!! LOOKIE THERE. There is even a gold griffin in the Halden Crest, the color of the griffin in the Box Crest, now tending to verify that the container that I picked up to the other side of the path from Mr. Owl Eyes is indeed to be regarded as a box.

As I've said many times, Mieszko I married both Oda of HALDENsleben and DOBRawa, explaining why the Haldan griffin head is that of Dobers/Teubers/Tobers/TAUBers too, but then compare with "Taibbe." Dobys were not only first found in Renfrewshire with Glasgow and Haldans, but they use the helmet for connection to Tippers/Tippits (see top of last update to see how that works). I can't recall which of Mieszko's wives was mother to Swietoslawa, mother of king Cnut, but I'll add that Cnuts/Note's were first found in Derbyshire with Macey-connectable Frauds/Friths.

KLAUS Schwab becomes suspect behind election fraud with China, not only because he loves China, but because Dobrawa can be trace to a Dober location on the CLAUSula river, right beside KOPLik, the place that named GOPlo in Poland, where Mieszko descended from. Gallus Anonymous gave a mythical wheelwright as an ancestor of Mieszko, and WheelWRIGHTs share the Catherine wheel (of Catherine Roet) with the English Scotts, from lake Scodra, where the Clausula drains. Roets love the Books. Wrights (Berwickshire Books, Home's and Elons) share the checks of Hus'/Houstons and Stewarts. Roets were first found in Somerset with China-pointing Shins/Chine's/Chings and Grove's (both in the Fraud Crest), and Grovers were first found in Sussex with English Wrights.

Grovers are new to this discussion, and because a pastor, Grover Crosby, married me while Joe Oullette was my best man, I've just loaded Crosbys. I was at a loss for how any one Crosby symbol could connect to topic, until the "ResurGAM" motto brought Game's/CAMS' to mind, first found in Gloucestershire, where Kemmis'/CAMOIS' were once said to be first found who in turn share the Shin/Chine/Ching Coat!!! Look at the timing of when Grovers came to topic, before loading Crosbys, and in the same sentence with Shins/Chine's/Chings!!! INCREDIBLE. It seems that God even arranged my best man, and my new pastor, to point to this election-fraud investigation.

Gloucestershire is where OulLETTE-connectable Lets/Late's were first found who actually have a fat saltire cross in the colors of the fat cross of Crosbys!!! UNBELIEVABLE. When I was first dating my wife, I was renting in the home of a Crosby residence. When I first met her, I was renting in the apartment of Albert Oosteyn, who wore-big-round glasses. English Alberts, who use a "sledge," share the Box griffin, and, no guff, Sledge's/Sleiths/SLEYs use owls!!! Game's/CAMs were first found in Dursley, and DurSLEYs/DearSLEYs (Cambridgeshire with CAM river) might apply to Sleys.

You can find Albert OOSTEYN many times in my updates; the first time I can find is in the 3rd update of April, 2017, in case you want to check. There is absolutely no reason for OSTENs/Osters to share the diagonally-split Shield of Crosbys, unless God arranged it!!! LOOK AT THAT SURPRISE.

I've known that Austins/OSTIANs ("crux") were kin of Quints (Essex with Sledge's/Sleiths/Slays) who in turn have a lion paw holding a gold fitchee, and there's a white lion holding a gold fitchee in the Sledge/Sleith/Sley Crest. How could that relationship be, involving the Oosteyn-like Ostiens, if it's by Alberts that Sledge's came to topic? It appears that God arranged Albert Oosteyn's first name in order to get me here. Grovers even share the blue vair fur of Quints, and the Grover Crest shares the cloud with the grove in the Fraud/Frith Crest.

The Quint lion paw is black like the ones of Bedfords, and Bedfordshire is where English Austins/Ostiens were first found. Thus, God apparently had Albert Oosteyn in my life in order to assist these connectors to the Joe's-van dream. Saer de Quincy ruled Winchester, and there's a gold fitchee in the Crest of Winchesters, first found in Hampshire with the Lise's/Liss' who in turn share the Game/Cam Coat. The latter were taken from the Crosby motto, and we can add that Croce's share the red potent cross with Skits/Skeets and Sheds/Scheds.

[Insert Saturday -- "WINchester" looks related to the WINdows because the latter have a blue lion paw holding a gold fitchee (the color of the lion paws of Scottish Austins). Windows were kin of Fiens/Finis' and therefore of Phone's/Fiens/Vans who are in the Joe-s-van dream. The Fien/Finis lion is that also of Sforza's whose lion in turn holds a "quince," code for the line of Sear de Quincy. As Fiens can be gleaned in the Windsor motto, it stands to reason that Windows were a Windsor branch, and Windsors share the saltire of French Julians while the Arizona judge who unjustifiably dismissed the court case of Mark Finchem yesterday is Ms. Julian. End insert]

I tacked on the Sleith variation of Sledge's because I knew of the Slate's (share Chapman/Chepman motto), who share the Quint and Austin/Ostien chevron. But it gets better because Slate's were first found in Derbyshire with SCYTHE-using Frauds/Friths while Slate's have a "CreSCIT" motto term!!! Scythe's are listed with Skits/Skeets!!! Albert Oosteyn, and the Albert sledge hammer, just took us to Frauds! But it could not have happened without Joe Oullette being my best man with Grover Crosby! Skits/Skeets were first found in Ayrshire, and Winchesters are said to have moved there.

I've got the description of English Alberts (Kent with Gaunts) recorded in the 3rd update of August, 2013: "A savage with a sledge HAMMER OVER his shoulder." "Over" is shared by Frauds/Friths as "over a GROVE of trees." The Fraud/Frith garbs of those also of Joe's/Joseph's, first found in Hampshire with Winchesters. I'm dumbfounded. Grovers were first found in Sussex with hammers and Hams, and German Hammers/Hemmers have another diagonally-split Shield though in different colors.

The Hammer/Hemmer hammer is over the shoulder of a giant lion in the colors of the giant griffin of the hammer-using English Alberts. The split colors of the Hammer/Hemmer lion is reversed from the split colors of the giant griffin of Hangers (Hampshire again), and the Hanger griffin is in the colors of the Albert and Box griffin.

Italian Alberts look like kin of Pasi's/Pascels, both first found in Bologna. German Alberts look like kin of two DOMINic surnames, one of them having a "Pax" motto, likely for the Packs who share the anchor of Pasi-branch Paisleys (Renfrewshire). I've mentioned my old, teen friend, Dominic De FILIPPis, as a pointer to Dominion Voting's vote flipping.

[Insert December 26 -- The following was put into the last update of this month:

Masters share a motto term of Book-loving Roets, making the Master griffin head look like the one of Box's (Wiltshire, beside Roets). Masters were once said to be first found in Kent with Roots. Roets share the Gord/Gordan boar heads which are in the colors and format of the three griffin heads of both Box's and Books (Berwickshire, same as Gords/Gordans and BRNovich-like Bernicians).

Having said that, I described a dream, two updates ago, about a box I was told to fetch relating to election fraud in Arizona, but until now I've neglected to mention Blake MASTERS, a pro-Trump, anti-abortion Republican who first thankfully beat out the standing attorney general of Arizona (Mark Brnovich) this past election, but then lost by a small-enough margin, to the Democrat, that it may have been by election fraud. Thus, the box in the dream can be pointing to Blake Masters, yet another potential pointer of the dream to Arizona.

End insert]

Enter the Bus Babe

I now need to repeat that while Joseph Oullette's brother said, "what a babe," when he first saw Lorraine, I turned around and looked at her (she had been my date for about a week at the time), noticing her beautiful feet, and it proved true that she thus got both a babe and a feet symbol for Babe's and Fetter-like Feets. Feeters are listed with Clare-connectable Clarens who in turn share the double fesses of Scottish Lise's/Lease's while English Lease's share the sun and cloud with Frauds/Friths. This recalls the Lise'/Liss' sharing the Game/Cam Coat for the pointer to China's part in election fraud.

Babe's were once said to be first found in Dorset with the Beaks who almost have the Babe and Ny Coats, and "Ny" is twice in the Grove motto, you see. Frauds use a "grove," and while Mark Finchem is right-now in an election-fraud fight in the courts, Finchems share the triple Beak fesses, in the colors of the Finch fesse.

It was Mike Oullette who gave Lorraine her babe symbol, and it was Joe Oullette, the pointer to election fraud, who asked me to come with him to visit a friend in downtown Toronto. We took the bus to the FINCH subway station in order to get on the subway, and when I was getting off the bus, there was Lorraine the first in line to get on, watching me get off the bus. I walked right by her saying nothing because we had split up about a week earlier in a bad way, and this subway event was no more than about three weeks after the what-a-babe event. To now have the Grove's in the Fraud/Frith Crest while Grove-loving Ny's/Nie's share the Babe Coat, it speaks for itself, a pointer to Mark Finchem's ordeal in Arizona. Kari Lake was pointed to my Mamie, whom I met on my last night with Lorraine.

The grove of trees in the Fraud/Frith Crest are of a tree design that houseofnames uses typically for pines, the CONTAN/Constance symbol. In the dream, Joe at his van's BUMPer asked me to get him a CONTAINer, and as it was a square box that I went to fetch for him, I settled on deciphering it as a box of fraudulent ballots. Or perhaps a ballot drop-off box. As the container was near a house, a drop-off box doesn't make much sense.

Follow this. This box was up a walkway toward a house, and sitting out in the snow (why snow?), on the LAWN, about ten feet from the PORCH of a house, where there sat a man with big-round glasses making him look like an OWL. The Porch's (Norfolk with Bus'), sharing the giant BUS cinquefoil, use the Basset Coat in their Crest, and Owl-line Oullette's were at Ouilly-le-Basset, amazingly enough. The Bus / Porch cinquefoil is used also by Bellows/BALLOTs in the "bellows" of Ships/Shiptons, the latter first found in Oxfordshire with the Crispins sharing the four bars of Porch's. Heraldry is singing again.

French Crispins were first found in Lorraine. Crispins were immediate Clare's, and English Clare's were first found in Suffolk with Owls/Howls, and with Babe's who in turn share a hand pointing at the sun with Bradys. Joe Oullette would always/often wear big-round sunglasses at the beach or on a sunny, summer day. Sunnys use suns for a Coat in Elon colors and near-format with them. Joe's/Joseph's use a "charo" motto term while Charo's are also Claro's. Claro's became the Sinclairs/SUNs, and the Sunny Coat has suns with a fesse all in Elon colors and near-format. The Sunny suns, can we believe it, are in the colors of the Brady sun. Babe's can be traced with Babwells/Babels ("gold gate), Beaks and Finchems (both have triple black-on-white fesses) to the "gold gate," with triple black-on-white fesses above, it in the Arms of PodeBRADY.

[Insert -- A day or two after writing this section, I came across a Renz video, dated Friday, telling that the man in charge of Dominion Voting machines in Arizona (seeking to topple Kari Lake and Mark Finchem) is Michael Richer, which grabbed me immediately because Richeza of Lorraine, wife of Mieszko II, is to the Rich/Richess surname that tells of their location in Lorraine. The Lorne's above in Lanarkshire is where SWANs/Sions were first found, and so when you see Swanington-like "SENONes" below, note that Sion is in Switzerland with the first-known Senns. The Richers have this (square brackets mine): "Later, a branch settled in Kent [where Rothes/Wraths of Wrotham were first found], where Robert Richers of Wrotham 'descended from an ancient family of Swanington, Hall, Norfolk.' Richer of Senones (Richer le Lorrain) (c. 1190-1266) was a French monk and chronicler of Senones Abbey in Lorraine,..." As I've said a million times, I asked Lorraine for our first date at her bus stop at the corner of LORNE and Yonge streets in RICHmond Hill, Ontario.

Lorraine had a grass STAIN symbol for a pointer to Stanley-like Stains/Stans. Richers are in Stanley and Leslie colors and format, and Leslie's were earls of Rothes, thus making the Richers of Swanington connectable to Leslie's, and possibly to Case's (Norfolk with Swanington Hall) too. Richeza was the mother of CASimir. End insert]

As Joe's/Josephs have a Ny-like "ni charo" motto phrase, it's possibly that Sunnys developed from a Sun-Ny marriage. Muscats/Musks were first found in Cambridgeshire with the Changer-loving Stanleys in turn in Sonny/Staney (not "Sunny") colors and format. It's just amazing that Sonnys/Staneys share the garbs of Joe's/Josephs, and moreover while Sonnys/Staneys are in Leslie colors and format, Leslie's have a round-buckle version of the Starling/Starlinck Coat while Elon Musk owns Starlink satellites. Leslie's were kin of CASE's while Joe's/Josephs (Hampshire with Chance-branch CHASE's and Chance-branch Change's/Changers) have a "CAS ni charo" motto phrase. Can we believe this heraldic set? It looks like it has eyes to see the Joe's-van dream...while pointing to Musk, a new thing. Do Musk's satellites have evidence of election-machine hacking from computer's in China and other countries?

Miss Peare, who pointed to Arizona fraud, worked for SONY electronics while she was still dating LAWRENCE Kepke. Pero's use "flaming STARs." Scottish Flemings were first found in LANarkshire with Lawn/LANE-beloved Roys, and with Lorraine-branch Lorne's (in the Lanark/Lurnack write-up). Weavers share the Joe/Joseph / Sonny/Staney garbs. Lawrence's were first found in LONSdale (Lancashire) with SatterTHWAITE's while fret-using Thwaits are also Twitts, another pointer to Musk's revelations. Irish Lawns/Lane's share the bend of Keeps and Lorraine's. Keep's use the "weaver's shuttle," as do Settel-branch Shettleworth's/Shuttleworths (Lancashire), and Pipe's can be gleaned as kin of Weaver-branch Webbers.

Stars share the lozenges of satellite-like Settels. StarLINGs/Starlincks were first found in Suffolk with Lings, and with the Clare's almost having the Muschat Coat to go with the Muscat variation of Musks. The Lings are in the colors and format of Lynch-connectable Fellers, excellent here with Holders and Holdermans because Loretta Lynch was chosen by Obama to replace Eric Holder as Obama's attorney general, the position absolutely needed to protect Obama's rackets from exposure and punishment. Lynch's were first found in Galway with Sunny-connectable Bradys.

The square container is a box while Box's, first found in Wiltshire (beside Holders in Gloucestershire) with Starling-related Stars, essentially share the Holder griffin...suggesting that Eric Holder was central to the election fraud via satellite hacking of Dominion-Voting machines.

Fellers/FellTRAGERs (kin of Tragers and Rocco's) can be gleaned with the Coat of Falls'/Fallis', first found in Midlothian with the Sinclairs of Roslin. Roslins share SQUARE buckles (rare) with Starlings/Starlincks. The container was square, and Square's/Squirrels are beloved of Holds/Holts (two of the Holder fesses), and first found in Worcestershire with the Rocks who produced RockeFELLERs. Holds/Holts look like kin of Stouts/Stows, first found in Cambridgeshire with Stanleys and Musks, and looking like kin of the Changers in the Stanley motto.

Lorraine's bus stop is where I secured our first date about a week before the babe-and-feet event. The Stops/Stubbs were first found in Staffordshire with Bassets, and with English Lawns. The container was on a lawn. Staffordshire is where Pipe's were first found who are in Stop/Stubb colors and format, while "organ pipes" are used by LETT's/Late's suspect in forming "OulLETTE."

Letts/Late's were first found in Gloucestershire, not only with Holderman-like Holders, but with the bumper-like Bumps who share the giant griffin of LETTers and Lauders, both first found in Berwickshire with Elons. Elon Musk is a Haldeman on his mother's side. The Lett/Late Chief is a different-colors version of the CONTAN/Constance Chief, and in this dream, Mr. Oullette asked me to get him a "container," the word he used, while he and I were standing at the back of his van, with the back door open, and thus we were at the BUMPer.

When returning to him with the square container, he shoveled snow into it while it sat on the bumper, but I immediately FLIPPED the box upside-down to let the snow FALL out, and returned the container from where I had picked it up. Dominion Voting flips ballots, as you have probably heard. FALLS'/Fallis were not only first found in Midlothian with Sinclairs/Suns, but Ouilly-le-Basset is in FALAISE, thus the snow falling out of the box appears to confirm that God set up the heraldry to fit the dream's props.

[Insert -- This section was written Tuesday and Wednesday. On Thursday, Dan Bongino's show, in the first section, there is a deep-state character, PHILIP Bump, of the Washington Post, who fights off everything from the anti-deep-state truthers, including election-fraud fighters. The Philips are also FILIPs, and you can see above that the box was FLIPPed at the BUMPer. The Philips/Filips have a giant lion in the colors of the Oullette and Aulnay lion. Aulnays are in the Oullette write-up as their branch.

The "Ducit" motto term of Philips/Filips can be for the Duce's/DUCEYs, and a Mr. Ducey holds the position of Arizona governor that should now rightfully be going to Kari Lake. Lake's were first found in Oxfordshire with the Amore's suspect in the "amor" motto term of Philips/Filips.

As AulNAYs/OullNEYs look like an Owl marriage with Nays/Neys, let's add that the latter are the Ny's/Nie's too (Grove motto) who almost have the Coat of Finchems, the latter first found in Burgundy with Aulnays/Oullneys. The three Finchem fesses are in the colors of the three bar-gemel fesses of Oullette's ("gemel" is said to mean, "twin," but is probably code for the Gemel surname). We can now see why I flipped the box over, as a pointer to both Kari Lake and Mark Finchem, but perhaps also to a key, criminal role played by Philip Bump.

Just realized: the Gemel surname looks like a branch of the Game variation of Cams because the Can river named Cambridge while Cambridge's share the swan with Gemels and French Phillips (Normandy, same as Oullette's.) Game's/Cams (triple fesses in red) were first found in Gloucestershire with Bumps/BumPUSSE's! Pussys (triple fesses white-on-red) were first found in Oxfordshire, likely a branch of the neighboring Pasleys sharing triple-red fesses with Game's/Cams. I'll have the link to the Bongino show in the News section below. Bumps are also BumPASSE's while Passe's/Pascals were first found in Essex with Nays/Ny's/Nie's. Pasleys were a Pasi/Pascel branch without question. End insert]

I didn't realize that I was FLIPPING the box when dumping the snow until first realizing that the square (or rectangular) container was a box of ballots.

The man with big-round glasses was perhaps one of the bad guys, suggesting that faked ballots are produced in peoples' homes. He was sitting on a lawn chair in the snow. As I've said, the walkway I was on to fetch the container was CLEARed of snow, and Clears were a Clare branch, and thus a branch of Suns. It was probably cleared of snow to point to Dominion Voting, which had an original head office at 215 Spadina road in Toronto's Chinatown.

The Spadina-like Spade's use square-bladed shovels that do not reflect the look of a spade, suggesting that proto-Spade's had married the Shovels so as to explain the formation of Spade's from a Spade-like variation. Joe shoveled snow into the container, and the walkway had been shoveled of snow.

Shovels were first found in Hertfordshire with Quince-like Vince's/Finch's, and with Titus' suspect in the motto of English Constance's. The CONTANs are listed with Pine-loving French Constance's, and Quince's share the mascle that acts as the handle of one Spade showel. The Spaeth/Spath variations of Spade's can suggest a branch of the Space variation of Speccots (Devon with Pine's) because porcuPINE-using Speke's (Lancashire), who named a Bramton Speke location in Devon, have a giant eagle in red, the color of the giant Constance eagle. Speke's are also Speaks/Speech's while Musk is in favor of free speech as the basis of his Twitter revelations.

The four blue-white bars of Speke's/Speech's can be gleaned with the four red-white bars of PORCH's (Norfolk with Bramptons) because the Speke/Speech crests is a PORCupine. Free speech leads to spats. The square container was beside a porch along the snow-cleared PATH, and Paths/Petts/Perts along with Quince's share the mascle at the handle of one of the Spade/Spath/SPAT shovels. Paths/Petts/Perts were first found in Kent (beside Clear-branch Clare's) with Spade/Spath-like Spate's/Speights, believe it or not. The Path/Pett/Pert Crest has bulRUSHes while Rush's were first found in Suffolk with Clare's.

Paths/Petts/Perts have a bend-with-mascles in the colors of the CASE bend-with-buckles. A square container is a case, in case Case's and their Casey branch can apply somehow.

The giant Constance eagle is shared by Cussons (Casey eagle?), the latter first found in Burgundy with Quince-connectable Finchems, and with the Poulos', which can point to Mr. Poulos, founder of Dominion Voting.

I've never known for sure what to do with the Snow surname, but perhaps this paragraph unlocks it. It uses anteLOPEs in Loupe colors, and the Loupe's almost have the Coat of Owl- / Oullette-connectable Howells. It's just beautiful that German BARI's/Barrys are in Howell colors and format while also sharing the Weis/Wise Crest!!! While Bari Weis is Matt Taibbe's partner in releasing the Twitter Files, Loops share the Weis/Wise hexagrams while Weishaupts, a Weiss branch, have what looks like an antelope in Crest.

Therefore, the snow in the Joe's-van dream looks like a pointer to the Twitter Files. I might say that while I dumped the snow from the box after Jovan Pulitzer filled it with snow, it means that there will be some other way to catch the election frauds beside Pulitzer's shunned / failed attempt.

Recall how Clarks were part of the heraldry for the snow-CLEARed path, for Irish Clarks (share Clair/Clere besants) have the three griffin heads of ELLISONs in colors reversed. The latter's griffin heads are in Howell colors and format while Allisons/ELLISONs were first found at Loupe (Lanarkshire). The Loupe's share the tower of French Tours while English Tours/Thors have the Howell Coat in colors reversed.

Allisons/Ellisons are said to descend from Donnels, and so the Donnell ship fits where Ships love Bellows/BALLOTs, and also because the "HIS vinces" motto term of Donnells can be for Vince's/FINCH's, and for the Hiss variation of Hesse's/Hessels who almost have the Fetter Crest while fetters have a sun-version of the Weis/Wise and Bari Crest.

I'm very impressed now with the Snow surname. I've never been happy with how it could be a sensible part of the dream's pointers until now. I had to wait for the Twitter Files before coming to this.

My files are shadow-banned by google. If you search "tribwatch" at google along with "Joe's-van" in quotation marks, you may get a few past updates where I tried to decipher the dream, in case you want to check that I'm not changing the dream in this update to fit entities pertaining to the Twitter Files. God needs to deal harshly with google for hiding the works of His people. Shameful conduct. Woe to those responsible, they're going to eat their shame.

I've just googled " tribwatch "Joe's-van" ", but google brings up a whopping one file (2nd update in March, 2021) even though my computer's search feature tells that "Joe's-van" is in 15 of the tribwatch files. Ask me how I feel about this.

On Tuesday, the day after I called Musk a donkey, he put out this message: "I'm going to buy 2000 Mules and release it with names and addresses." That's the documentary on election fraud mainly by cheating with drop-off boxes. Mules share the double Musk fesses, and both surnames have three red items in their Chief.

Killing election fraud is more important than killing censorship. Killing election fraud allows anti-censorship politicians to be elected. Kill two birds with one stone.

Sonny Borrelli Last-Chance Saloon

(I thought this bit of heraldry was so impressive, I've yanked it up from the news section to put it up here.)

I predict that full transparency of Twitter will expose details of Ukraine conspiracies, the theater now threatening the world, not by the Ukraine war itself, but by how the globalists are framing the war in order to justify unjustified "solutions" to pretended intended to cause pain and suffering to whole countries. When I climbed the TV antenna of Diane Muschatov, and event that pointed to both Musk and Ukraine, I knocked on her GLASS window, and this latter item could now be construed as God's pointer to Twitter TRANSPARENCY. I like this interpretation. We can understand why God would want to point to this Ukraine theater if the anti-Christ, the chief of the abyss, will be in, or stemming from, that theater.

I knocked on her window, and the only surname I could find like the "Moveo" motto term of Knocks/Knox's is the Mowe variation of Mole's. A mole is a spy sent into an enemy camp to act like a friend of the enemy, and to do the work of the spy agency there.

It just occurred to me that the snow-cleared path can be another pointer to transparency. Repeat from above: "The square container was beside a porch along the snow-cleared PATH, and Paths/Petts/Perts along with Quince's share the mascle at the handle of one of the Spade/Spath/SPAT shovels." Not more than 20 minutes ago as I write here, I added an insert above showing that Windows were kin round-about of quince-using Sforza's. To clear something is to expose something.

While writing on Joe's-van in this update, I didn't yet have the news on Sonny Borrelli's law suit against the Arizona whore house. Borrelli was part of the senate that created the major election audit of 2020, which effort was torpedoed at the last minute by Karen Fann, the senate president. I'm impressed just now where English Borrells/Burrells have leaves in the colors of the Clear leaves!!! Zikers, will Borelli's case finally show transparency on Arizona election fraud?

Behold. What are the chances that by following the saltire of English Borrells/Burrells, in colors reversed from the saltire of LETs/Late's (in the GLASgow motto), that we should come to the Thicks almost having the stork-in-bulrushes of Paths/Petts/Perts? This works where the Borrell/Burrell Coat is almost the one of Tweeds with a Thick-like "think" motto term. We then go to the Tweed write-up: "The surname Tweed was first found in Lanarkshire (Gaelic: Siorrachd Lannraig) a former county in the central Strathclyde region of Scotland, now divided into the Council Areas of North Lanarkshire, South Lanarkshire, and the City of GLASGOW, where they held a family seat from very ancient times, on the lands of Tweedie in the parish of Stonehouse in Lanarkshire." Glasgows, what looks like another pointer to glass transparency, use a "let" motto term.

Stonehouse's (share Babe leopard face) were first found in Gloucestershire with Lets/Late's! The two surnames have stars in colors reversed from one another. The white dog head in the Stonehouse Crest goes with the white dog in the Stone and Hayden Crests, thus making the Stonehouse fesse-with-items look related to the Hutton fesse-with-items (all in the same colors and format), if Huttons were a Hayden branch. Stonehouse's even share the Knock/Knox rising falcon, though in purple, and both surnames probably have the Orrs in their motto. Risings/Risons look like Pollock and House kin. The "petaMUS" motto term of Stonehouse's goes good with MUSCHAT(ov)s. I knocked on Muschatov's window, and StoneHOUSE's look like a Stone-Houston marriage, for Knocks/Knox's were first found in Renfrewshire with Glasgow, and with the Houstons sharing an hourglass with Box-like Books, the latter first found in Berwickshire with Hobs, Letters and Tweed-branch Tate's/Teets.

There's even a question on whether the "PETamus" motto term of Stonehouse's is for Paths/Petts/Perts, is that not amazing? Borrelli is on the snow-cleared path. The Stonehouse leopard face can be connected to the same of Babe's and Beaks because Beaks use an ostrich, which is called a "struthious" in Greek to go with the Stroud location of Stonehouse. Strouds look like kin of Rabbits and thus Bunnys, the latter first found in Basford with Ainsleys.

From the last update: "'Thincke' is a motto term of English Tate's." Plus, note the Knox-like location at Renfrewshire in the Borrell/Burrell write-up: "...'William Bwrel attested a document concerning the land of CNOC in Renfrew, 1234'"!!! I just find that incredible. What are the chances? Borrelli has already been highly involved in election-fraud transparency.

The Borrell/Burrell lion head is in the grey color of the Tweed bull head, which goes with BULrushes. Red bull heads are used by French Borrells/BAURels while Bauer-branch Bowers were first found in Tweedale with Borrell-related Tweeds. The engrailed blue cross of French Borrell/Baurels is shared by Hardys, first found in Lanarkshire with Tweedie above. It's making me think that Musk might pass some juicy Twitter data, on election fraud, to Sonny Borrelli. Perhaps Borrelli has some such data as we speak, to use against Katie Hobbs. Crossing my fingers.

Scottish Roys were first found in Lanarkshire too, and "Roi" is a motto term of the Abba's (share purple with Stonehouse's and Paisley-connectable Pace's) expected in the "ABBAeREO" motto term of Borrells/Burrells. Abba's use boar heads in Borrell-bull colors, and Burleys/Bourleys share the green Shield with Baers/Barrs, Bauers, Bowers, and Pollocks of Renfrewshire and Rothes. The Baers/Barrs suspect in "AbBAEReo" share the Pollock hunting horn. Bermans/Barrhams are said to have been early in Middlesex with Abba-like Abbs'/Epps.

Bermans/Barrhams have a Barham location (Kent with the Rothes') that was later, Bercheham, and Berchams/Bergheims/Berkems (Rhineland with Rothschilds) have the Jewish Pollock Coat plus. The reo-like Roys are in the Irish Berk/Burgh motto. Bercheham was the Saxon village of Bioraham in 799, and Fulbert "the Saxon" was the father of the first Pollock. Actually, this first Pollock was named after the village of Pollok, but there must have been Polloks who named that before Fulbert's family settled there. Fulbert was likely in Brittany, where French Roys were first found. Fulbert may thus have been closely related (by his unknown wife?) to John de Burgo of Conteville and Comines, the line to Irish Berks/Burghs. Birch's are in Comyn/Comine colors and format, and the Courage's in the Comyn/Comine motto are in the colors and format of the Abba boar heads. Irish Lawns/Lane's (Royal bend?) share the Courage fleur-de-lys while English Lawns/Lane's love the Roys in their motto. English Burgh's (share Crest of Pollock-connectable Dobermans essentially sharing the Jewish Pollock bend) use "wreaths" while Rothes' are also Wraths.

Leslie's were earls of Rothes after Pollocks built Rothes castle, and Leslie's almost have the Sonny/Staney/STONEY Coat while Stoners have the Hobbs eagle in colors reversed (let's keep "Tweedie in the parish of StoneHOUSE" in mind). Sonnys/Staneys share the scallops of Rinds (Leslie colors and format), a branch of Rants/Rance's who named the Rance river at St. Malo, explaining why French Malo's/Mallets share buckles (different colors) with Leslie's, and why English Mallets share the Sonny/Staney scallops too. Then, Sonny-like Sions/Swans were first found in Lanarkshire with Scottish Caseys (and Stonehouse) while English Case's, kin of Leslie's, share the Malo/Mallet buckles.

We then take it to the mallets of Soams/Sone's who look like the Some variation of Sions/Swans. Thus, the Sonny surname, taken from Sonny Borrelli, led us back to Lanarkshire, where Borrells took us, and the Case's with Caseys could even be pointed to by the square ballot box that Joe asked for me to get him. Irish Caseys share the red eagle head with Thicks, and French Caseys have leaves on a branch similar to what's in the Borrell/Burrell Crest.

Borrelli's CASE was filed against both Katie Hobbs and Michael Richer, and here we can add that Sonnys/Staneys are mainly in Richer colors and format. Rich's/Richess' were first found in Hampshire with Case-connectable Chase's/Chace's while Chaucer-branch Chalks use the swan. (For what it's worth, French Richers look related to the Coat of Scottish Austins.)

Richer-like Richters use a log that looks much like the "sticks" of Poulos', and Mr. Poulos is the founder of Dominion Voting. The Poulos sticks were probably logs at one time because Loge's and Loche's/DeLoge's/Locks were both first found in Burgundy with Poulos' and Finchems. Scottish Locks and German Loch's both have more swans for connection to Swans/Sions/Sine's.

While Finchem brought his case in conjunction with Jeff Zink, Sings probably have the Vince variation of Finch's in their motto. Sticks (beside Rich's/Richess') share the garbs of Sion/Sine-like SINGs. "Sine" is a motto term of Gullys/Gollys, a branch of English Julians, while the judge who dismissed Finchem's and Zink's case is Ms. Julian. "Sine" is a motto term also of Gulls who have the six pale bars of German Julians. Sticks were first found in Somerset with Ricks and Shins/Chine's/CHINGs, and Stichs were first found in Cheshire with Sonnys/Staneys.

The square case was at the house, and French Caseys/Casa's are in French House colors and format while a casa is a house. Plus, French House's share the leaf design of Clears while the latter's leaves are in the colors of the Borrell/Burrell leaves. Italian Casa's/Cassino's essentially have the Coat of Changers in the motto of Stanleys who are in turn in Sonny/Staney colors and format. The Risings/RISONs (Norfolk with Case's) who had pointed to "ARIZONa" partially with a Phoenix-rising theme almost have the Coat of English House's. It appears that Sonny Borrelli is on the snow-cleared path to the box sitting beside the Arizona election house. Spanish Casa's have a castle in the colors of English House's, and Stanleys were first found in Cambridgeshire with Casts/Cass' who love the Fountains (Norfolk with Case's).

The Risings/Risons first came to topic with Sleeping Beauty rising, when she was HOVERing. She pointed in that scene to Hoovers, which can be a pointer to the Hoover building i.e. of the FBI.

I'm hoping that Borrelli isn't merely staging an effort to raise hopes without fruit.

Fusion Flap

There's a lot of yap this week about a major step in creating free, clean energy by fusion, but this looks announcement appears a lot like the faked moon landing to brag about technology that isn't real. From what I can gather after watching a few videos, the "fusion" of atoms is for a very small period of time, less than a second, where an extreme-high temperature is attained by shooting "hot" particles at a pellet-size sphere. Apparently, the particles strike the sphere from all directions so that the pellet heats and explodes, creating an inward force against the atoms at the core, forcing the atoms of the core to merge deeper into one another. STUPIDS! They've deceived themselves. Deeper atomic merger is not fusion as they think it is. The atoms will not remain more-deeply merged once forced to be.

Only a fool teaches that an explosive force causes two atoms to permanently fuse into one atom. If you shoot two cannon balls at one another, do they fuse? If you shoot two cannon balls at one another and pretend that they are indestructible, unable to crack up, will they fuse or bounce from one another?

As I've explained confidently because I know I'm right, heat cannot be kinetic energy, but is a material all its own, not a mysterious material, but common electrons removed from atoms. Electrons freed from atomic capture are heat when they enter the air, or wood, plastic or metal. Anybody can grasp this. Heat expands materials because electrons within them inter-repel.

Next, electrons do not orbit atoms as only a fool thinks so, and all modern physicists are such fools but a few who are starting to say things like, electrons don't really "orbit." The reality is that electrons tend to go stationary while captured on atoms. The outer compliments of an atom's electrons hover over one another due to the conflict between positive and negative charges acting upon them. The positive force says, "come this way," but the negative forces say, "oh no you don't; go the other way." Electrons captured on atoms take a position in space where the positive force of attraction upon them equals the negative forces upon them from neighboring electrons. This is such a no-brainer that one can claim it to be the fact because the laws of magnetism demand it.

If we imagine a naked proton with zero electrons, the first few electrons tossed at it will be brought to the protonic surface. IT'S A FACT. There is no dispute here except in the mind of a fool who thinks electrons are ever speeding around at near light-speed. Only a fool thinks this way who doesn't mind breaking the laws of physics, and doesn't mind doing so in the public square because everybody else there is a fool too. They all pat themselves on the back unafraid because there is not one person who calls them out as fools.

The law of physics is: things, including atomic particles, that collide experience a reduction of overall velocity, and particles that continually collide continually experience a reduction in total velocity until gravity brings them all to a halt. Therefore, there cannot be ever-speeding electrons, photons and atoms. The kinetic theory of atoms is bogus.

As the illustrative proton above continues to draw electrons to itself, they begin to hover, but only after a certain number of electron layers are sitting as a unit upon the protonic surface. Can you spot why they should hover eventually?

The lowest of all electrons can be predicted to be in contact with one another, because the proton is able to pull them into contact in spite of the electrons repelling one another. We can call the lower electrons the "electron crust" due to their not hovering. Once the protonic attraction is countered sufficiently by outward repulsion from the electron crust, electrons will no longer be pulled into contact with the crust, but will hover above the crust even while captured by the attraction. The reason this is the fact of the matter is that it's a no-brainer that the outward repulsion force increases with the increase in number of layers that form the crust. Eventually, the outward repulsion forbids electrons to make contact with the crust. IT'S A FACT. You now know more about the true look of an atom than all the fools combined.

It is the doctrine of a fool to state that the electron, much smaller than a proton, has exactly as much negative charge as the proton has positive charge, but this is what the fools tell you because they need one electron per one proton in their faulty atomic model. LAUGHABLE FOOLS. I get things wrong, sometimes badly, but at least I'm not a science fool.

Lets envision 10 layers of electrons sitting all around a proton, all touching one another because the proton is boss. And let's say that the combined negative forces of these 10 layers radiates sufficient negative force to prevent the 11th layer from being drawn into contact with the tenth layer. The 11th layer hovers ever-so closely to the 10th layer. The 12th layer will experience more outward negative charge upon it than the 11th because it has 11 layers repelling it instead of 10. Therefore, the 12th layer will hover higher above the 11th layer than the 11th hovers above the 10th. And so on until the last layers, defined as the peripheral layers that is attracted by as much force as they are repelled. Any would-be layer above that point experiences a net-repulsion, and cannot therefore be a part of the atom.

Law: captured electrons become more sparse with height above the protonic surface, identical with the atoms in the atmosphere the further they are from the gravity force that has them captured. Therefore, FACT: every atom has an electron atmosphere. Picture it, and you have thus seen the atom's true look more closely than all the fools over the whole wide world.

Hovering electrons take a position where the positive force upon them equals the negative force; this video shows how that works:

I'm telling you these things in order for you to understand what really happens in the "fusion" of the pellet mentioned above.

Unless captured electrons are moved, they will remain still as a door knob over the proton. If they are moved, they can jiggle, bounce, spin, flow as do air currents in the atmosphere. If struck hard enough by mere light waves, the electrons can bounce away from the atoms and never come back to it. For every electron lost by ejection, the proton attracts an electron near its outer perimeter. FACT: there are free electrons available in the air, and in an airless space, EVERYWHERE. They come from the sun daily, and fly away nightly.

A vacuum is filled with heat because it's filled with free electrons. The fools can't confess that much to you because their bogus essentials include the concept that heat is defined as the collision of ever-speeding atoms that never lose their total velocities upon collisions. FOOLS, they deserve only a tongue lashing.

Captured electrons define stored heat, and thus they are stored energy, for virtually all atomic energy, defined as push, originates from the electron's repulsion forces. As electrons repel one another, they push one another. Voila: energy.

The hardest of all to remove from the atom are the lowest electrons. If one removes all the electrons from an atom instantly, their will be an explosion defined as the start a nuclear chain reaction. Neighboring atoms gets crippled / destroyed too, and so on. Sufficiently cripple or destroy a proton, and the electrons are then free to push-explode in all directions. Any kid can grasp this. An explosion is defined as a lot of pushing going on from electrons in extremely close proximity to one another, and they are as close as possible in the electron crust. Do not destroy a proton at home. Wearing a face shield won't save you.

When two atoms merge their electron atmospheres, they bond by attracting the other atoms' electrons. Each proton attracts its own electrons plus the electrons of the other atom, and so the atoms will remain united until something (usually heat getting between them) pushes them apart. I explained much of the true atomic model in the 4th update of last month (click link at top-left of this page to go there), where it was explained how heat comes off of atoms when they are in the process of merging electron atmospheres. See "merger" in that update.

In short, the merged sections of two or more electron atmospheres suddenly increase in electron density, and thus the electrons in those sections inter-repel with greater force due to being closer to one another than the electrons in the unmerged sections. Therefore, the atom sees as many electrons freed from itself as needed to bring the density of the merged sections down to the density level of the unmerged sections. To put it another way, the proton can only hold so many electrons, and when you add more into their atmospheres, they bleed off (become freed) as heat. Why do they bleed off as heat? Because heat is defined, as a fact, as captured electrons leaving the atom. Heat and the push-energy are one and the same thing.

You're now ready to understand why high heat can be obtained when the scientists squeeze a spherical object into a smaller size from all directions. All the atoms in the sphere are merged to begin with, and compressing it forces the atoms to merge deeper, thus causing the merged sections to increased in volume, and thus the atoms bleed off more electrons, causing heat, not by fusion of a few atoms, but by deeper mergers. There is no fusion going on. They get some heat, but it's not by fusion as they define it. The atoms will refuse to fuse. Fusion is another folly of the fools.

They have discovered that, the harder they press the sphere inward upon itself, the more heat they get out of it. It's the same with squeezing a liquid or solid under mechanical pressure: heat comes out of the substance when atoms are forced closer to one another.

There is a limit to the amount of heat that compression of atoms produces. The specific depth of merger determines how much heat will be released, and no more heat quantity will ever be released until there is a deeper merger of the atoms. However, the fools think that they have forced a few atoms into a fused condition, and so they try to devise ways to hit the sphere with more force in order to get more atoms to fuse when in reality all they are accomplishing is deeper mergers. Thus, they deceive themselves into thinking that there is unlimited energy if only they can get more atoms to fuse continually by maintaining a squeeze-force continually.

For some reason(s), atoms will merge only so deeply, and always merge the same depth, no matter how many times the mergers are caused. A gram of water vapor will produce the same amount of heat each time it's turned fully into liquid. Therefore, the water molecules always merge to the same depth each time water forms from a vaporous gas. Ditto with the formation of any liquid. And when the process goes the other way around, from liquid to gas, the same amount of heat that was freed is recaptured by the atoms upon being fully unmerged into the gas state...because the atoms re-load with free electrons amply available in the air/space in which the atoms find themselves.

The sun does not produce heat by fusion, the nutbars are nuts. Atomic cores cannot fuse with one another. If you can understand why electrons refuse to fuse, you can also understand why protons refuse to fuse. Why has nobody produced liquid electrons? Because electrons repel one another. The most that science can accomplish is to fill a sealed space with sufficient electrons (heat) to produce what they call a "plasma." It will not remain plasmic if the container is opened, but rather the heat material will fly away out of the container. You cannot force protons to fuse, but this is what they teach, the nutbars.

You can easily understand that, if wee-wee electrons won't bond, then it's going to be much harder for more-powerful protons to bond against their mutual repulsion forces, but this is exactly what the utter fools teach you, that all atoms, besides hydrogen atoms, have more than one proton bonded together to form the protonic core of atoms. COMPLETE NONSENSE. They break the laws happily and pat themselves on the back as if they won first prize.

There is no reason whatsoever that atoms should comprise a cluster of identical protons at their core. There is no reason that God could not have made different protons per each type of element. FACT: each atom has a different type of proton, not multiple protons. Some elements have larger or smaller protons, and/or of different shapes, and/or different levels of positive charge, and/or bells and whistles thrown in that we know nothing about.

In my logical opinion, it was the evolutionists who decided they needed all atoms to have identical protons, but more than one of them per atom. And upon this fallacy, their entire atomic model had to be built. It was easier for evolutionists to convince fellow scientists that the big bang produce all protons alike, than to convince them that the big bang produced roughly 100 different protons where each type was exactly identical to the zillions of others. That is, all iron atoms identical, all nickel atoms identical, and so on. That flies in the face of reason, and so they settled for a smaller flight into the face of reason by making all protons identical. No matter, it's an obvious sham because it's not predicted by the big-bang = massive explosion. How many explosions can you envision that produce all particles identical? Now you know how sick the fools are, deluded.

So, be wise, view each of the roughly 100 atoms as different in size or shape or density. That's right, a proton needs to have density, and a proton needs to have a specific electrical charge. They are not all the same, or all materials would look identical. The great diversity of materials is thanks to the differences in protons. All electrons are identical, so far as I can gather, but who knows for sure? There could be special electrons for special purposes.

The fools claim that a proton cannot be divided or split in half. Why not fool? I know the answer: because they want us to think the proton survived the big bang intact. That is what they call "science." We need an intact proton, they say, to support the big-bang theory, wherefore the proton cannot be destroyed, they conclude. These people are sick, treat them as sick dogs.

When you understand that a proton can be crippled or destroyed so that it's electrical charge is reduced, then you can understand how the sun might produce continual heat while throwing out a continuous stream of free electrons called the "solar wind." Solar electrons can come from no other place than from atoms, and therefore something in the sun is causing its atoms to release their captured electrons. That's a simple fact because there is no other way to produce heat and free electrons.

A good theory is, therefore, that the weight of the sun's material cripples atoms in the lower parts of the sun. The weight of the sun's material does not fuse atoms, but may cripple or destroy them. We can try a second theory in which the weight of the sun's material causes deeper mergers of atoms in order to free their electrons. The problem with this theory is that crushing atoms will produce heat for only as long as the atoms are forced closer into mergers. The sun would then stop producing heat and light as soon as all the atoms settled down to their deepest-possible mergers.

As the sun produces continual heat, it seems a much better theory that atoms are being crippled and/or destroyed at a certain depth within the sun that we might call the Cripple Zone. Higher up toward the solar perimeter, the weight will be less crunching, permitting the atoms to remain healthy. As the electrons freed from crippled atoms escape through the atomic spaces into outer space, it opens room (because electrons take room) in the Cripple Zone for additions atoms to fall into, and so the crippling process is repeated, and the sun keeps shining. It predicts that the sun gets progressively smaller, less bright and cooler, with time.

Electrons don't weigh anything, and so when they are released into space, there is always the same level of weight above the Cripple Zone. Electrons don't weigh anything because they aren't attracted by gravity, because gravity comprises free electrons. That's right, the electrons that are set free in the sun, and in the earth, create a large negative force that is the true gravity force. Gravity repels electrons, and sends them flying into space as the solar wind. See the 4th update of last month for that interesting discussion.

The fools actually think that the fusion of protons occurs when protons are fired at one another with sufficient speed. Only a moron who's controlled by a big-bang requirement would teach such a thing. Slaves of the big bang control atomic science, did you know that?

The scientists doing the fusion experiments seek to create electrical flow with the energy release from a bombarded substance. It can be done because materials losing electrons go more toward the positive charge, and thus if atoms of an electrical conductor are bombarded, electrical flow of electrons through the conductor will result.

If you shoot light energy at an electrical conductor, the electrons will bounce up away from the atoms, leaving the bombarded material more positive in charge, and this is the way that solar panels produce electricity. For as long as the light energy is bombarding, the bombarded material will allow an electrical current to flow.

However, the fools don't realize that the electrons freed above the solar panels are what reduce solar power. They realize that higher temperatures above the panels reduce the ability of the sun to produce electricity in the panels, but they don't view that higher temperature as the electrons freed from the solar panel. Imagine what leaps could be made if they had the correct view of atomic particles.

This is kiddie material. When atomic electrons are bouncing around like tennis balls in their captured condition, they will eventually shoot outward toward the sun and thus oppose the incoming solar energy. What is it that they can't understand about this? They can't understand it because they have orbiting electrons, not bouncing electrons. The incoming solar energy is rightly defined as light-waves in MOTION, first passing through the solar wind, and finally through the electrons in the air until they strike the solar panel with pushes. What is it about the push of a tennis ball that a kid doesn't understand? Solar power is push, the definition of energy.

And so if there are bouncing electrons pushing back toward the sun, from within the solar panels, you expect less energy of motion to strike the panels each time a bouncy electron strikes the incoming solar wave of motion. That's right, you now know more about the mechanism of solar-panel energy than the fools know. The bouncier the solar panel's atoms, the less of the sunlight gets through to the atoms of the panel in order to make it more positively charged. It's a self-limiting system.

Whatever level of energy is sent into a material, the same level bounces back out. The atoms receiving the energy perform like a trampoline because the outer electrons of the atom are movable, squeezable, yet resist coming closer to the proton...because the proton's positive force sends them flying back outward. One light wave causes a jiggle event in the atom, and with no further incoming light, the electrons will jiggle less until stationary again. Depending on what hits them, outer-layer atomic electrons can jiggle, swish and bounce over the proton. The outer layers are not held fast as are the lower layers.

The fools: "A calculation shows that the electron is traveling at about 2,200 kilometers per second." A calculation from what, the imagination? Where's the experiment to prove that atomic electrons are super fast? Contradiction: "The average constant solar wind speed at Earth is around 190 miles (300 km) per second (mps) according to the space weather forecast website" The latter velocity is more than seven times slower than the claim above that electrons orbit atoms at 2,200 kps. Why should electrons be slower in space than on earth? Where do they get many times more the velocity than they have from the sun? Who could be so stupid as a modern physicist who thinks that an electron moving at 2,200 kps is going to be captured in orbit by a weensy-bitty proton, as if getting into an orbit is the natural thing?

Imagine an electron particle, as small as you can imagine a particle, traveling at 60 miles per hour past the period on your computer screen. Let this period be a huge proton with a huge attraction force as compared to a true proton. You know how fast 60 mph is from being on the shoulder of a highway watching a car go by. Try to imagine that electron coming across your computer screen at that speed. What do you think of anyone who tells you as a fact that the electron will be captured by the period on your screen when traveling past it at any distance at all from the period. Make that distance a millimeter, or make it a yard, are you going to let yourself believe that the proton will not only attract the electron to itself when traveling 2,200 kilometers per second, but also draw it into an orbit regardless of how far away it's traveling, or regardless from what direction its coming by? Why do you respect these nutbars?

An they tell us that when a photon strikes an orbiting electron, the electron goes into a slightly higher orbit...whether the strike is to the front or back of the electron. They have it both ways, added energy to the electron even when it gets a frontal crash that demands a slowing down of the electron. They fool you with "quantum," where anything goes, as if they have intelligence you can't attain, which is just smoke-and-mirrors: "...if energy is added to an atom, an electron can use that energy to make a quantum leap from a lower to a higher orbit." And you believe this to be the fact just because you think those fools are highly intelligent? They are skilled in deception and mental control, that is all they are.

And how can the electron maintain the same speeds when crashing continually against protons? When electrons go free from orbit, don't they crash into protons? Why shouldn't they crash into protons while orbiting? How can they crash while maintaining orbits? How can they maintain orbits when you strike the head of a nail with a hammer?

God is about to fry these fools, these God killers, to make them openly known as the fools they are. They are responsible for the hell-on-earth both at this time and in the future. Albert Einstein will be known as one of the fathers of Armageddon heat.

The amazing thing is, everything you see is electrons. No matter what material you are looking at, you are seeing the light bounce off of electrons, and yet the world is filled with array even though the only thing visible to our eyes are the electron atmospheres of atoms. There's no protons visible to us. And there's no such thing as color aside from our eyes creating it. Outside of the eye, there is no color, just different intensities of light waves that the eye registers as color. God is brilliant, so utterly amazing, so utterly intelligent, this is what we praise God for. But those bastards without their Father will be ashamed and pained, nobody yet knows how badly.

What do our eyes see? Only the motion energy from the jolting, swishing, bouncing electrons. Just think of it. Everything on your desk is seen from that itty-bitty motion of hovering electrons. Can the fools create such a system in combination with the eye receptors?

Turn the light off, and you see black, when electron motion is essentially zero. We thus learn that anything with a black color, when immersed in light, must have slow electron motion, as if the electron atmospheres are very thin around the proton, and thus held so strongly by the proton that they do not jiggle much, and perhaps don't bounce at all. However, with sufficient white light, even black objects can be given a whitish reflection.


Here's a man who sought why a Mr. Speranza became a minister of health, during the pandemic, when there seems no justification for him taking such a position, and the speaker thinks the Fabian Society is behind Speranza. Take a look at his description of the Fabians:

The longer the Fabians have worked at globalist control, generation after loyal generation, only to finally succeed for a year or two, and then to see Jesus wipe it out in one hour, after a dismal, world-wrecking mission by the anti-Christ, ouch that is going to hurt. We warn them to give the money they stole back to the peoples, and to lay down their weapons.

It seems a no-brainer that the Fabian societies today are run by the biggest fools of all who have no fight-passion in them. From the people the rob, the elite fear losing all their global-order dreams in one swoop, if the people rise up in bitter protest. That's because the beginning of their clamp-down upon the bitter people can easily be the beginning of their end...which is why they have never tried to clamp-down in the past. The best they've amounted to in the past is weasels, don't compliment them by calling them wolves.

Did you see how fast the Chinese government backed down when the Chinese people arose bitterly not many days ago? The Canadian truckers are still praised to this day for their nicey-nice protest, but I say they should have left the women at home (so to speak) and done it bitterly with spit and grit. Why? Because they are being walked on, stolen from, abused. Is this the time to be nicey-nice? Send your government a bitter message today, and watch the politicians shut their mouths for years afterward. Fabians are only as powerful as their paid-off politicians. The Bush's were weasels, Obama is a weasel, the Clintons are jackasses, Biden is a talking corpse, and trudeau is a snake to be walked on. If this is all the Fabians have, what are we afraid of? By going to jail when protesting bitterly, we could humble them, because word gets into the courts that we were arrested without cause, and we win even bigger if they try to seize our money for no just cause.

Did you not see how trudeau's face was plastered into the dust due to his seizing bank accounts? He has no face left. Everytime he opens his mouth, there is no human speaking words. Even his own political supporters feel ashamed to be on his side. We may as well get prepared to protest bitterly because they aim to take our lives away, and we shouldn't stand for it.

One climax in the video below arrives just after the 13th minute when Richard Dawkins admits that DNA requires an intelligent designer somewhere other than earth, but he simply refuses to say that this designer is God. He turns himself into a pretzel because he thinks there could have been intelligent beings who evolved such smarts as to create artificial DNA codes, which were then seeded on earth in conjunction with some proto-life. Ya-but stupid, how did the super-intelligent beings evolve since they too needed some DNA-like code to reproduce and live and think? Spread the news.

Here's a video telling you all you need to know to know that mankind started population growth in Noah's day less than 5,000 years ago:

Here's Josh Hawley making a falsifying tool of Mark Zuckerberg as he finds excuse after excuse to not commit to providing congress with the data they seek.

One of the questions in the video above, posed to Zuckerberg, is whether his facebook's Task program (perhaps "TASK") is collaborating with Twitter on censoring speech. Zuckerberg was faint in answering the question, and so there may be hope now in Musk's future exposures to prove that even Zuckerberg himself is in Task's inner-circle communications collaborating with Twitter for setting up measures not only in violation of the constitution, but in violation of the peoples' responsibility to voice opposition to crimes, rackets, duplicity, and authoritarian machinations.

As atheists steal undeserving souls from Jesus, Jesus steals promising souls from atheism. Atheism attracts a heap of apostate trash while Jesus makes the long-suffering gems:

Sometimes the apostle Paul got long-winded with his letters, but wouldn't you if you were in jail? If you have never read Paul's writings, you're missing out on some gems in print. If you want to know Christian history, there's no better place to discover it but in Paul's writings. He's one of the bedrocks of this history, and as his writings outnumber those of the other disciples, I suppose he's the biggest influence of them all. However, he doesn't quote Jesus, indicating that the Gospels were not yet written. It is amazing that, even though he had never been with Jesus the man, yet his teachings are bang-on in line with His. Paul hadn't even spent time with the Apostles before founding several churches. How did he do it? He sought for Jesus in what we call the Old Testament.

Paul would not approve of how Torba officiates Gab because Torba doesn't officiate. He allows any sewer mouth to open and spew on all the Christians there, without warning. Beware, Torba, for you may get a dirty reward from Jesus. If you own Gab, you have no excuse. God does not condone absolute free speech. Christians have the internal goods to act as judges of what should or should not be allowed to be aired. It's the devils who should not be permitted to officiate or censor. Even some non-Christian talk sites are cleaner than Gab, just think about that because Torba is proud of his position. He's a first-class American, and a second-class Christian, way to go, Torba.

With Musk looking like a superman lately, Trump the boastful fake "tweets": "AMERICA NEEDS A SUPERHERO! I will be making a MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT tomorrow. Thank you!" He doesn't like the fading limelight in his eyes. Polls out this week, likely exaggerated, have DeSantis beating him by 15-20 points on the question of 2024.

It never fails, I'm reading some delightful posts at Gab only to be rudely met with a sewer mouth that Torba condones. On Wednesday, Torba said: "I’m not going to be told what I can or cannot say or talk about by someone who hates and rejects Jesus Christ. These aren’t my leaders. My leader is Jesus Christ and anywho who calls Him Lord. The only place people who reject Jesus can lead you is off a cliff." If you really did obey Jesus, you would not allow sewer mouths to put up posts i.e. you would ban sewer language, band posts with profanity. It's not even hard to do, and the only people who would oppose are those who don't respect Jesus. Therefore, Torba, you have one foot in the sewer. Not even Fox News permits sewer language. Seems to me, Torba, you're closer to the bottom of the cliff than you realize, and blowing the TRUMPet while dangling on a rotting tree from the side of the cliff.

Trump would have done right to call martial law after January 6, but only to investigate the January-6 "riot" and to look into election fraud, but Trump let the country down. Here's a video on the topic:

Here's Dan Bongino on the thing conspiracy theorists were saying a decade ago or more, but what took Tucker Carlson until this past week to say:

Why did Tucker take so long to reveal that Twitter is a government-spy organization? Because Fox didn't seek the evidence, but just sat on its arse until someone, Musk in this case, revealed it. Fox news sits on its arse and gets most of its news in the same places that I and every other home-based newscaster gets it. Imagine that. Hey, Tucker, facebook is a government-spy organization, why don't you send your people to get proof? What's Murdock doing with all the $$$ you make for him? Hey Tucker, 9-11 was a government inside job, STUPID, so who are you going to serve, Murdoch or the truth??? The deep state didn't become evil all at once only with Trump in 2016. The worst of the worst includes people like Rupert Murdoch, government-spy stooges. It begs how much Fox prime-timers have acted, over the last two and half decades, as propellants of Intelligence propaganda.

Someone said that Musk refuses to allow posts that knock 9-11 as a staged event, which, if true, seems like evidence that he's a Mossad buddy.

Late in the week from leftist Politico: "'We are fighting for the gay community, and we are fighting and fighting hard,' Donald Trump told a Log Cabin Republicans gala." That's at Mar-a-Lago, Trump's house. The writer claimed that Kari Lake was there, though didn't mention who invited her. If the affair was strictly to celebrate faggotry, then my view of Ms. Lake takes a nose dive, if indeed she was there. Are Trump's supporters going to censor what Trump said above? Will they hide this from his Christian supporters?

Gab didn't have this pro-faggot statement this Sunday morning. Instead, it put up a post from Trump: "Our Country is SICK inside, very much like a person dying of Cancer. The Crooked FBI [blah-blah]..." But he promotes dirty, disgusting faggots, doesn't think they are sick. And he himself is sick for lavish, loving praise. And he himself is responsible for the sick FBI at this time, which he could have made clean because he was its boss for four full years. He has no excuse because he saw it sick while he was its boss. You're fired, Trump.

Almost no day goes by when Gab's homepage doesn't have a post by SomeBitchIKnow. Who decides who gets to post on the home page, Torba? Aren't you the guy who portrays yourself openly as a proud Christian? There's more sewer terminology on your page this Sunday, but Torba doesn't have the sense to put up a rule against it. It's not a wonder he supports Trump, what wishy-washy Christians do. When you want to become an activist Christian, you need to maneuver on God's road. You can't be parking your car each night in a red-light district, or people like me will frown on you. Torba allows people on his website to talk like hookers do. Trump, the lover of hookers, married women, and casinos, Torba's hero.

Kari Lake's opposition has asked a judge to hear reasons to dismiss Lake's case, which he scheduled for December 19, with the hearing on December 21, then followed by two days of trial if the judge doesn't dismiss. The judge should have asked for the hearing to dismiss closer to the 13th, the day when these dates were set, because this judge reduced the three days, requested for the trial by Lake's lawyer, due to lack of time. Why did the judge waste so much time from the 13th to the 21st while he laments that he's in a rush?

The defense (Hobbs) suggested one day only for the trial, for obvious reason to limit the evidence against it, and so the judge compromised by reducing the three-day request to two days, robbing the Lake side of 33-percent of the time. This would be fine if he's already seen the gist of the evidence to know already that his decision will come down for a win for the Lake side, but it could also be that this judge has already decided to thwart Lake, though I think he will crush his own reputation in the Arizona court system by so doing, not that liberal types care about their reputations as measured by conservatives. It's dry, but if you want to watch the court session yourself, as per what I've just reported, it's here:

For a read of the potent six points the Lake side is scheduled to make in the case:

Watch Bill Gates in the very-short video below, where, with his facial expression, he sends a message as if to say: there's nothing the anti-vaxxers are going to be able to do about it:

The video below claims/shows that the pension pot of Canada is invested partly in Blackrock, a globalist company. This is exactly what anti-Christs do, put tax-payer money into the mouths of globalist parasites so that they grow forever fatter, forever harder to topple.

They use our tax money to enslave us. The only way out of this jam is to vote them out of power, put people in power who cease support of invasive foreign powers. It's a no-brainer that Schwab wants the pension money for his own agendas in its totality, and, bonus, many old people die earlier from suffering without the money they need to survive. It's the only thing that can put a smile on that ugly face of his. He's got only a wee time left before God wipes any smiles off of his face, and replaces them with shrieking. Who cares. So be it. No weeping desired for scum at the bottom of the trash barrel with the maggots. He wants to proudly marry the vaccine program. Ugly death and his wife are walking down the broad isle to destruction, they have sworn the oath to remain forever one. That's why he's slipping a 5G ring on her bony finger:

Don't ask Godless medical establishments to oppose 5G, because when people get sicker, the doctors and hospitals get richer, and they think there is no God to see them relish. Anti-Christ funeral homes secretly love it. The world does not need faster internet than 4G now gives. Only the globalists need 5G for nefarious purposes.

Go DeSantis:

Here's Jane Ruby with a scathing criticism against DeSantis that I can't argue against. The most I can say on DeSantis' behalf is that the deaths-by-vaccines may have been the basis of his government action now in progress. DeSantis may be measuring his COVID-policy approach with his political standings in mind, and I'll even say that, to a fair degree, a politician who is on the good side of things MUST be careful navigating in a political environment where sharks are all over. The DeSantis clip starting at 25:50, where he praises COVID vaccines, makes him look no better than Trump in this regard, though this clip was very early, in July of 2021, when politicians were politically gullible, or easily deceivable by CDC numbers, etc.

If DeSantis is still okie-dokie with optional vaccines at this time, I'll cease to lump him in with genuine good guys.

A good point in the video above by Dr. Ben Marble is that doctors who dished out vaccines were naturally opposed to declaring the official reason of vaccine-induced deaths as vaccine-induced. The doctors don't want to sign their own confession of guilt, and so they not only kill and injure, but deceive their patients on the reasons for their vaccine-induced illnesses, sending them on wild-goose chases as to what's wrong with them.

A killer drug in Britain that caused all the official COVID deaths? I wouldn't be surprised:

Here's blame of the vaccine program on the U.S. military, and yet this military is not in charge of vaccine programs in other countries, suggesting something higher than the U.S. as the ultimate organizer of this killing machine:

For decades, Americans were boasting of having the greatest military in the world, simultaneous with boasting that they run the greatest nation in the world, and the people were taking shelter in their military security. And when God hears a people talk like that, a declaration from God could be in order to make the military attack the boasters to slap them to their senses. America is not the greatest nation, unless you mean the greatest satanic nation. Only God is good, only God is great. There is no greater percentage of good people in the United States than there are in many other countries. Bigness is not greatness. Wealth is not greatness. Cleanliness of body, clothes and hair is not greatness. Television did not make America great. Computers, a military item, has not made America great. German scientists did not make America great. The faked moon landing did not.

Greatness is goodness.

The American military proved to be one demon act after another, a thing that was not blatant until evidence came forth that it had orchestrated the 9-11 crimes. Dr. McCullough says that the military organization, DARPA, produced the mRNA technology -- the bio-weapon -- specifically to deal with a plandemic. I'm not surprised. If true, then the military is at the charge of this thing, and had it released from Wuhan. It didn't get leaked accidentally, but there was a well-planned set-up to make its origin appear to stem from nature. Whether a virus out of Wuhan had global traction or not is debatable. It makes sense that, as part of the plan, they would release something from Wuhan so that medical people could proclaim it to be a new virus, and from there the Fauci machinery would take over to fake a global spread with faked positive testing and calling every illness a COVID illness to inflate the number of "cases" for justifying the rushed vaccines. Trump was part of both the military and the Fauci machinery.

This video is not a happy one, but you would do well to share it with unbelievers i.e. those who deny that vaccine-caused deaths are massive in numbers. It's a short video, but it's enough to plant the seed of vaccine-fear in the minds of unbelievers. It's vaccine season again, save some people as you are able by spreading the message of vaccine death:

Here's some good news, if you like freedom. Living in the country with your own home makes you as free as a homeless person but with a home. Is that not delightful? And because it makes people happy, the Schwabites want to force us into lawn-less townhousing in cities right next to 20-story apartment buildings. Be smart, make less money with another job, and own a country property today before there's too few available. Breath happy, no din, trade the night-life for the day-life, what a concept. Let the sinners go pack San Francisco, let the Christians own God's country. Homeless people view houses as boxes of depression, and so do I.

I invited a homeless person home once, he didn't want to come. He was more offended for my asking than I was for his refusal. He was happy, he had a routine, free as a bird. My only regret is that I can't be in Texas anymore, where I spent all my days, even in January, outdoors. It was nice. I'm in prison here, locked in the house, four or five months of the year, with little work outdoors but shoveling and plowing snow. To be happy, I compare myself with a person in prison 12 months of the year, and say, "awe, I got it good. I get to go shopping every 10 days. I got a big prison with a tub and a kitchen sink, awwwe man." There's nobody happier in this world than the jungle bunny, and nobody more sick of mind than a jungle bunny moving to New York.

Russia is again threatening a nuclear response merely because Ukraine has sent some missiles into Russia. Some Russian military leader is publicly talking in such an unexpected, nonsensical way as to make me think, again, that the West and Russia are orchestrating fear tactics for some diabolical end to make Westerners suffer this winter, a thing Russia would like to see as well as the Schwabite lunatics. Russia is saying that it doesn't have the military capability to respond to the Ukrainian missiles in any other way but nuclear. Cow patties. It just looks farcical to me because NATO has shown much restraint in becoming involved with the war. A few missiles into Russia can be dealt with in conventional ways by Russian strikes in Ukraine, no need at all for a suicidal nuclear strike, is Russia nuts?

Simultaneous with the Russian announcement, the vice-president of the European Commission said that the E.U. no longer has any military defense to fight the Russians because it gave the lion's share of its weapons to Ukraine, another load of cow patties to instill fear into the Western people, or to play to some script in the making. What idiot, in the middle of the struggle with Russia, confesses publicly that they are out of weapons? This is a Schwabian farce. The Ukraine war has not spent many weapons. NATO blew up the Russian gas pipe to Germany in order to make the German people suffer this winter, probably as a trial balloon on how best to do the same Europe-wide. This looks like part of the effort to phase out fossil fuels, but it could be worse.

I'm getting this information from the Wednesday TruNews show, as it quotes some news articles. TruNews is selling Fauci dolls for Christmas gifts to raise ministry money, no guff at all, even though TruNews opposes Fauci's machinery. I can't wrap my head around that. I suggest you not take Rick Wiles seriously when he says, "the truth and nothing but the truth." I often listen to get Russia news in case it's nowhere else to be found.

NATO is leading the world to Armageddon. Its tricks are going to backfire. There are several years left, at least, but things are going in that direction by the spoiling of any possibility of building trust with Russia. In the end, I say Russia pours down nuclear fire upon the European harlot.

In keeping with the Biblical claim that destruction comes suddenly on the unwatching world, at the coming of Jesus, I can't fathom a nuclear war in Europe prior to that sudden destruction. TruNews doesn't consider this point, and has been teaching that a nuclear exchange by the end of 2022 is almost likely. How does a SMALL nuclear exchange work? Who stops sending nuclear missiles first so that the other side might stop too?

So far as we have information, Musk is on-side with the ADL, wherefore see this story out midweek:

Two weeks ago, PayPal abruptly announced a major new partnership with the Anti-Defamation League to investigate the financial transactions of its users:
PayPal Holdings Inc. (NASDAQ: PYPL), in partnership with ADL (the Anti-Defamation League), today announced a new partnership initiative to fight extremism and hate through the financial industry and across at-risk communities. This is the latest effort by PayPal in combating racism, hate and extremism across its platforms and the industry.

Through this collaboration, PayPal and ADL have launched a research effort to address the urgent need to understand how extremist and hate movements [that's you and me, moms and pops] throughout the U.S. are attempting to leverage financial platforms to fund criminal activity. The intelligence gathered through this research initiative will be shared broadly across the financial industry and with policymakers and law enforcement.

Musk promised the ADL to keep hate speech off of Twitter, which is fine if it is hate speech, but when one has a dirty bone to pick with leftists, or with ADL, is that hate speech too? Is ADL the 800-pound angel in the room? Is it the Most-High Judge of Righteousness? It's time to spew "hate speech" toward the ADL, fire away as is fitting. Musk was a founder of PayPal. The new war is now against PayPal. Make it go broke. It's now a spy organization, and ADL just admitted as much about itself. is Musk an spy for Israel? Is this why he wants to please conservatives, to have them back on the Twitter platform, in order to record their latest banking data, etc.? "The people who founded PayPal—the so-called PayPal Mafia—include Peter Thiel, Elon Musk, David Sacks and Max Levchin. All are champions of free speech."

Theils (Nottinghamshire with Ainsleys) share the fleur-de-lys of Ainsleys, a branch of Annas' suspect from the Jewish killer of Jesus, Annas, the money-grubbing chief priest of Israel. LEVchins look Levi-like, and Sachs are a Jewish surname. Thus, original PayPal could look related to the Jewish bankers that everyone hates. Sachs' share the roses of Lowers while there is a Jewish Lower/Lowen/Low/LEBE surname too, and leaves are shared between Leafs/LEVE's/Leave's and Elons. Scottish Rose's share the "water bouget" with Bugs, and Waters were Muschat kin.

Annas' were once said to be first found in Nottinghamshire with Bugs, and now said to be first found, as per their Arness branch, in Cambridgeshire. The Theil write-up: "The Hundredorum Rolls of 1273 had two listings for the family, both found in Cambridgeshire: Matilda Tele; and Martin Tele." The Theil Coat shares the wyvern dragon of Tile's/Tillys (Dorset with Bugs), which is almost the cockatrice of English Bogans while German Bogans are in Bug colors. The vertically-split Shield of Theils is with Scherfs/Schere's.

New: while Thiels and Ainsleys share the Hicks fleur-de-lys, and while Hicks' had a branch in Cornwall with Bogans, I've just found, thanks to the Bugs, the Buggans/BUCKins with a giant eagle in the colors of Bugs / Bogans...and in the colors of the eagle legs of HICKsons, first found in Staffordshire with Buggans/Buckins! Maybe I've found that in the past, but I don't remember it. The Hicks Crest has a BUCK's head. I'll try to remember that Hicks were related to Buggans/Buckins.

Perhaps this PayPal schism between PayPal's founders and the communist owners at present are indicative of a schism amongst globalists who prefer capitalism and free speech on the one side, and tyranny on the other. PayPal is only one example of banks going toward world control. This is surely the guts of the 666 dragon. Put that together with Musk's head implants, and with the curiosity that the 666 will be either on the hand or the head. We easily grasp waving a hand over a purchase scanner, but purchasing with an electronic gadget in our head is absolutely bizarre. The globalists would popularize it.

If the 666 system is almost upon us, it's cause for our rejoicing, isn't it? It's Jesus calling us out of the system to prepare shortly afterward for The New Age. It's true after all: there will be a successful New World Order.

The fact that no conservative U.S. governor has called an emergency to stop all vaccinations, and to demand paperwork from those hiding the vaccines deaths, is a testament as to why God would not feel love enough to save the United States from the wolves. Those Christians who show God they care more for the USA than for the Kingdom of God, and even those who equate the USA with the Kingdom of God, are goat material. In the same way that goats don't care about the sufferings of others (This is how Jesus defined the goats), ditto for governors who see with their own eyes people under their jurisdiction falling critically ill and dead from vaccines, but do nothing.

This Bongino show goes where Rupert Murdoch doesn't want him to go on vaccine deaths:

Del Bigtree's Thursday show revealed a 26-percent increase in people (3 million Americans) with disabilities up until September 2022. That's a large increase, mainly to be blamed on vaccines. Most of these people are workers. It doesn't include deaths amongst the workers, said to be about 35-percent higher than in normal years. If the plan was for governments to save pension money by murdering the aged, it appears to have backfired in that there are all these disabled people now collecting disability welfare. Plus, by taking them out of the workforce, there's less income taxes, less products made and sold, all-around financially dismal, and a horror show to millions of human spirits and families. The blame goes to pro-vaxxers who are still intent on blaming the anti-vaxxers.

I suggest that there are at least 65-percent of all injuries occurring to pro-vaxxers who would persecute anti-vaxxers to some degree. How ironic, how shameful that pro-vaxxers continue to maim and kill pro-vaxxers by urging them to continue vaccinations. I wonder how many Christians are continuing vaccinations who don't watch anything but mainline news.

If the disabilities and deaths continue to rise on a graph into the summer and fall of 2023, it will suggest that people are being affected in 2023 who stopped vaccinations in 2021 or 2022, because few are willing to take more vaccines between now and mid-2023. In other words, if vaccines disable people near to the time of vaccination, then there should be a downturn in disabilities and deaths between now and mid-2023, and the only ways to explain a rise in future sudden deaths is that: 1) vaccines from 2021 and 2022 ruined human bodies in some ways for the long term, and/or, 2) phone calls to people can trigger a critical, bodily ailments.

In this hearing to dismiss Mark Finchem's case, the opposing lawyer has the audacity to argue that dismissal is warranted because Finchem's case is rests on a "conspiracy theory." Well let the court judge on whether it's a conspiracy theory. How can a judge throw out a case just because the defending lawyer claims a conspiracy theory? That's no argument at all, which you can hear in the second minute here:

The opposing lawyer wants the people to believe that Finchem cannot "alledge that the machines had any impact whatsoever on the results of the 2022 general election." That's ludicrous. This is how Dominion Voting schools the cheat houses. Why can't the loser of an election cite election-machine non-compliance, malfunction, management, or cheatability as the reason(s) he/she lost? That's what the courts are for, to hear such a case. It's no reason to dismiss just because the other side says you can't fault the machines or those who run them. That's ludicrous.

The judge reminds me of a young and ignorant AOC, easily swayed by lawyers whose lifelong job is to become a master at screwing with the brains of judges. Whenever the judge opens her mouth, she sounds as though she was schooled by leftists on precedents for dismissing this case. Talk about ripping the people off from being heard in a court. The courts belong to the people, and there needs to be a very-good reason to dismiss before the case even comes forward.

Half the lawyers per each case want judges to believe that the right is wrong, or that the wrong is right, meaning that, after decades of sitting before such snakes, judges are the least capable of making proper decisions due to having their sensibilities screwed over. The judge keeps asking the lawyer for Finchem why this case cannot be dismissed based on "civil rules" technicalities, and she has him sweating, making me think she wants to dismiss. Finchem's lawyer is schooling the judge, and she even asks to be schooled by him, but only to come back down on him as though she's intent on making him appear wrong or out of bounds.

The second opposition lawyer speaking says that Finchem's side has not filed to argue that there was election fraud. But that charge later looks erroneous.

The judge says, "why don't we talk about those claims [that Finchem intends to bring to court], I'll try not to interrupt," but I think she's setting the lawyer up to speak so that she can interject and shoot him down now (like having a mini-court case) so that she can later appear justified to dismiss. This fight begins near the end of the 39th minute.

Musk's Twitter releases are in the 40th minute, where Finchem's lawyer echoes the released Twitter files telling that the Arizona secretary of state (Katie Hobbs) asked Twitter to hide the political comments of the Finchem-et-al side. Therefore, this issue is slated to be a part of the court case, and we can easily understand why a leftist judge would want this case to be dismissed in order to protect Hobbs. The judge doesn't want to hear Finchem's lawyer on this matter, and argues (43rd minute) that Twitter is not a government org, and so why should she allow Twitter's misconduct to enter the court case? BECAUSE, it was the secretary of state -- very much a part of the government, duh -- that is under the gun for asking Twitter to censor.

From my last update: "Mr. Taibbe has already released Twitter evidence against Katie Hobbs, the current Arizona state secretary seeking to ruin Mark Finchem's chances of replacing her. The evidence shows that her office asked Twitter to remove certain public tweets that didn't bode well for her cheating side." Unfortunately, the Twitter Files revealed only a small infraction by Hobbs, not exactly a bombshell, but it does open the door for making the case that she is expected to ask Twitter by some proxy to do the same big-time during this past 2022 election. The judge should consider that likelihood, but the case on whether to go forward with the trial does not rest on this issue.

After the Finchem lawyer tells the judge that although Katie Hobbs was required to run a smooth election after the horror show in the 2020 election, this election was far worse for reliability, but this snake, the judge, tries to make Finchem's lawyer admit that there was no fraud, but only the appearance of fraud. Half the machines didn't work from the top of election day, and moreover they had not been properly certified or checked for quality performance, and the judge is going set proof-of-fraud as the bar to jump over before Finchem can proceed to a trial??? If it waddles like fraud, and it quacks like fraud, it really could be fraud.

Just because the judge talked about the possibility of going to trial doesn't mean she has any-such intentions, for she needs to make it appear that she hasn't yet decided as of the time of the video. I think this judge would be committing judicial suicide to dismiss this case from what we've seen in this video, or what we saw in the news concerning the wreckage that this past election was.

Nick Moseder (in the final minutes of the video) does a good job explaining to me what we saw in the video. In the last four minutes, Nick reveals to me that the judge for the Kari Lake case is pro-cheater, not allowing Ms. Lake to inspect a sizable number of ballots, clearly assisting the cheats, and so there's a good chance he will dismiss in order to set further precedent to dismiss serious election-fraud cases on some whimsical technicalities. The snake in judicial processes is that wrong judicial decisions, based on evil or self-interest, can be used from the past by a lawyer as precedent for today, just one example of how lawyers screw with the brains of judges until they no longer have the common sense to make a fair ruling. We see it all the time, rulings that ignore common sense.

She ended up dismissing the case. Whatever this agent of lawlessness argued doesn't matter; she's a snake, nothing more needs to be understood. What kind of judge decides in her own favor that Finchem is not allowed to appeal her decision? That's what she did, but this should not be permitted because it's a tool of tyranny. She acted like she's the country's supreme court by not allowing the appeal. But I think we have not heard the last of Arizona election fraud even if a judge treats Kari Lake in this way, which I expect he will do. No trials allowed for these cheated-out people. The anti-fraud people have come within inches of totally exposing the election-fraud machine. Sooner or later, there's bound to be a success.

There is another law suit, filed by Arizona senator, Sonny Borrelli, against Katie Hobbs, Steven Richer, and the Arizona election house where Hobbs is boss, but we need to ask how it can be that Arizona gets to have lawless judge after lawless judge overseeing election-fraud cases. It seems that the tyrants have a program in place to choose their own judges to address their own agendas, which is a terrible mechanism for advancing tyranny. How are the judges chosen? Isn't there anyone in Arizona who can expose how the tyrants secure like-minded judges?

I suppose there is the possibility that no matter what judge is chosen, they refuse to entertain trials due to being threatened. That's a good theory.

Borrelli's suit was filed in Mohave county, and so let's see if he can secure a better judge. The filing is seeking to overturn the election in Maricopa county, though I don't understand why it's being filed in Mohave.

It would be a greater travesty if the Lake suit is dismissed because her margin of loss is very small while she is claiming that she has more than ten times the vote totals in fraudulent ballots. For judges to feel comfortable ignoring such issues means that the population as a whole has far too many rotten eggs. This crime wave in Arizona should be cried over from coast to coast, yet it's becoming the norm without the out-cry.

I don't see anything tarnishing the CIA or NSA in Twitter Files Dump 6, I wonder how-so. Surely the CIA was asking Twitter to band various topics that harmed its agendas:

Clearly, the FBI is the enemy of Americanism, but Trump did NOTHING to assure that he deal properly with this rotten tooth from the mouth of America. Instead, after Trump pulled Comey out, he put a bridge in the mouth of the FBI to replace the rotten tooth with a fake one, and while the smell was going forth from the depths of the rotting tooth, into the nostrils of his voters, they deemed it the smell of roses because they were blinded by Trump-love. This is a sickening situation, especially with Trump, this week, promising to go after censorship if his voters support him in the 2024 election. Who would trust this farce any longer? What type of dope still gambles with this facade in such a critical moment where winner takes all?

The FBI was working hand-in-glove with the CIA to ruin Trump's anti-globalist agenda. Is Musk and/or Taibbe protecting the CIA for fear of a dangerous backlash? Any day now, Musk may decide to cease the Twitter Files due to fear of a severe backlash against his body or that of his son. The United States seems too-far held in ransom by the abyss if justice is withheld by repeated death threats. The next Republican president needs to risk assassination to unglue the deep state from political offices. Trump exposed his unwillingness. Wray to go, Trump.

The deep state is wanting the money of the tax payer, or the money from the printing press, otherwise the deep state will harm or even kill the people. That's called an abduction, and a holding for ransom. It's the rot of the abyss, the dwelling place of the devil. When the root of the tooth is rotten, the infection can easily go to the neighboring brain center. You understand. The entire head of America needs to by sliced off, but I've got a sense that God's not going to do it because the voters prefer Trump over a typical Christian. Why should God run to support such voters? But for the sake of His loyal people, He will do some things to keep the abyss at bay.

I don't talk much about the Hunter-Biden-computer scandal, but it's got some legs now to expose details of deep FBI collusion with the invisible people behind Joe Biden. There seems to be a God-directed assault against the FBI, the organization with the most power, especially by spying on the homeland, to regulate the abilities of anyone who resists the rot. The last person Americans should want in the White House is the Trump card who refused to fire Christopher Wray, the director of the FBI. He's still there covering for Biden's shadow government, but Trump, rather than promising to cut the tooth and head off of America, promised only a fight against censorship. Even if all of Twitter is rectified, it's not nearly the totality of the globalist sewer-mouth system. Some good news is that some of these systems, including CNN and the Washington Post, are looking severely crippled at this time. The deep state's behavior has become a turn-off for a large percentage of the electorate, and this is a serious problem for the tyrants. What the good guys need now is good guys at the helm of the fight, not atheistic fools, such as Trump, with one leg in the swamp. Trump's loyalists are the slippery slope into the abyss. Anyone who says that Trump is the best hope is the mud on the slippery slope.

Sewer-mouth Taibbe, or whoever seeks his Twitter material, is reporting this week that little more than 150 emails have been identified between Twitter's Yoel Roth and the FBI since January of 2020. This is woefully too few emails to do the needed damage from the FBI assigning 80 liaisons (people), we are learning this week, to put the screws to social-media platforms including Twitter. That's a standing army. How many additional worms did each of the 80 worms employ to assist in the task of gagging the good guys? These revelations expose to the bad guys what the game of war is so that the bad guys come out to support the war. To fight back, what the good guys need is all the damaging emails.

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