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August 9 - 15, 2022

It's Hardt to Swallow Mar-a-Lago
I Almost Kissed Ainsley Earhardt on the Cheek
Her Knee Looks Like a Global-Jewish Vice with Kushner Thrown In

If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture

The FBI raiding Trump's Mar-a-Lago estate on Monday, I'm happy about this...because Trump left Chris Wray to lead the FBI knowing that he is a rat, knowing that he did nothing to clean it up, knowing that the FBI would go after Trump supporters after he leaves the White House, and so now it's justice if Trump lands in jail from this process.

Here's from the last update, all except one sentence in italics that I included Monday night as I write here (load Buffy link now to have access, on another tab, to other Coats of Arms):

The Buffy/Boghie write-up: "In similar speculations, some say there is a relationship between the early Bougheys and the great Lords Bohun..." Bohuns are listed with English Bone's while "bon HEURE" is a Hicks motto term while Roet-beloved Books use an HOURglass.

Hickley-like Hickie's (essentially share Kent Coat) have a "PRAEmium" motto term while Irish Prays were first found in County Down with Knee's while Downs were first found in Sussex with Bone's/Bohuns and Prime's, and with Acorns and Vise's/Vice's both of which share the Buffy / Knee stag head. "Buffs/Boeffs share the split Shield of Lago's (pointer to Mar-a-Lago?)". The Down stag is in the colors of the Trump/Tromp stag head, and Dutch Tromps use acorns, as do Roet-connectable Staplers. The Trump stag head is almost with Leggs while a giant leg is used by Prime's who might be in "PRAEMium." Trumps/Tromps were first found in Mecklenburg with Ice's/Ickys, and Hicks are likewise Ickys. Help yourself in fishing out what God might have in all this, if anything.

In my Sleeping Beauty dream, Trump was, in my opinion, a bulldog that came walking past my Lago-like leg, at knee height because it was a British bulldog. It walked past my leg and continued walking into a residential swimming pool, where it was swallowed by a shark. The shark represented Saracens, who are in the Lago write-up because Lago liners were first found in Sardinia. In 1994, without thought of the dream 15 years earlier, I bought this British bulldog having the same type, dark spotting as the one in the dream.

Trumps/Tromps were first found in Mecklenburg with the Hahns having the same colors and format. Hahns have a giant rooster, as do German Hanns. The Hann Crest shows a red rooster, the colors of the rooster of Bibo's the write-up of which tells that they were Hahn kin. The Hann Shield's giant rooster is black on gold, the colors of the KOPPLE and GALLUS rooster. I don't think I've never known before that Visconti's of Sardinia and Pisa were from the Polish Piasts, but I think I can glean this to be so, for Pisa-like Piasts, according to GALLUS Anonymous, came out of Kopple-like Goplo (Poland), and included Mieszko II LAMBERT. We then read (Wikipedia's article on Visconti's of Sardinia and Pisa): "The first Visconti of note in Pisa was Alberto, who bore the title patrician. Alberto's son, Eldizio, bore the titles patrician and consul from 1184 to 1185. It was Eldizio's sons, LAMBERTo..."

This Lamberto Visconti was the first Visconti ruler in Sardinia, at GALLura, and here's the Arms of Gallura, the Visconti rooster, black like the Gallus, Kopple and Hann rooster. The Visconti / Gallura rooster is "armed" in red, as is the Hann rooster.

After the shark swallowed the bulldog, the dream's setting changed. I was at Jeffrey Epstein's beach, I claim, and when I saw Sleeping Beauty at a car on the beach, I approached her without my shirt on. Shirts/SHARDs look like SARDinia liners, and the car had become deciphered as an auto because Auto's/OTTO's (Kopple / Hann colors) share the black bull with Beautys. The auto was then deciphered as a pointer to Otto's/Ottone's and therefore to Ottone Visconti, is that not wild? I don't ever recall linking my shirtlessness in the dream to Visconti's of Sardinia, but maybe I did. I had only my jeans on, and English Jeans look like a branch of James; the latter were first found in Surrey with English Lamberts. The Surreys come up as Shark-like Sarks, but this may be coincidental.

Repeat from above: "Bohuns are listed with English Bone's while "bon HEURE" is a Hicks motto term..." Sleeping Beauty was Miss Hicks, and Bons/Bono's were first found in Milan with Ottone Visconti, and Bons/Bono's look like kin of Otone's (Cheshire, same as Shirts/Shards) and Odins (Yorkshire, same as Hicks). Odins were first found in Yorkshire with Oddie's/Hoddys who in turn have the Neil/Nail/Nagle Coat in colors reversed while Irish Neils/O'Nails, who share the fish in this Arms of Saraca, were first found in Tyrone with Sharks. The fesse in the Arms of Saraca is shared by Zeals/Seals suspect in the motto of Hoddy-like Hoods.

Although I've assumed that the white bird in the Hodley Crest is a dove, it's almost in the design of the white "swallow" in the Crest of Arundels, the latter first found in Sussex with HODleys!

So what's the point to all of these pointers of the dream to Visconti's? I'm thinking that God wants to prove the dream to be from Him, and moreover it helps to identify the bulldog as a depiction of Trump's troubles thanks to the deep state if Trump elements can be linked to that Visconti picture. Thus far, we have the Sardinian Visconti's linking to Hahns, the latter in Trump colors and format, and first found in the same place as Trumps. And this was all kicked off by Lago's being first found in Sardinia.

We can go back to the Downs having a stag in Trump stag-head colors, and first found in Sussex with Tromp-related Acorns, but also with English Bone's/Bohuns who in turn share the bend of Botters/Botini's, first found beside Pisa. Buttons/Bidens were first found in Hampshire with Drake's who in turn love the Muscas', first found in Pisa. Bute's/Butts are in the colors and format of Italian Maurels, first found in Milan. French Maurels/Morels share the Tromp acorns.

We will need to see how the FBI invasion into Trump's estate continues, to see if other particulars of the dream match some of its key features. I noted that they broke into his safe, and so Safe's were loaded to find grapes, shared by TEETers/Deeters, the latter in Trump colors and first found in Pomerania with Trumps. The shark had TEETH circling around the bulldog's belly as it was head first in the mouth. Deeters were tentatively suspect with Fort Detrick, a military lab which would have been in touch with Trump's drug chief, Stephen Hahn. The white and upright dog is shared between Teeters/Deeters and the House of Canossa out of Lucca, where Botters/Botini's were first found.

There is an article online on the Geddes (not "Gettes") family, telling that they had been Geds on the Nith river, which is where Kilpatrick castle stood. The GEDneys are listed with Kidneys, a thing I know only because the bulldog fell into a kidney-shaped pool. The Kidneys/Gedneys have two fish in saltire in colors reversed from the Ged pike fish, and the saltire-by-fish happens to be in the colors of the saltire of the Shark-connectable Neils/Nails/Nagle's. There are many telling that kidney failure is a prime expectation from Remdesivir, and as the latter "drug" was invented by the American military, perhaps this dream is pointing to Fort Detrick with the shark's teeth. They were biting down on the dog's belly, the general area of kidneys. In the United States, all possible COVID remedies were outlawed (or practically so) but Remdesivir (it is no cure), which was and still is sponsored by the federal drug administrators.

The English Pike's (Devon, same as Hoods and Zeals/Seals) happen to share the trefoils of Hick-connectable Ice's/Ickys, first found in Mecklenburg with Trumps, Hahns, and Bibo's.

I've just found another article on the Geddes: "Here in the upper Nith Valley, the Scottish Geddeses - children of NIALL - made their first home in Caledonia. So wrote The Right Honorable Auckland Campbell 'Baron' Geddes in his book, The Forging of a Family, Geddes." Niall refers to Neils/O'Nails. It's making it clear that proto-Geddes' were of the Saraca's.

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH WOW, The Lagge- and Lago-like Loges'/Lauges' share the Gettes/Jette saltire, and it's blue like the Neil/Nail/Nagle and Kidney/Gedney saltire!!! Loges'/Lauges' were first found in Burgundy with cushion-like Cussons who almost have the Lagge Coat! The double-headed Lagge eagle is in the colors of the boar head of Scottish Rose's, and while the latter share the black "water bouget" with Detricks, here's more from the article above: "Dr. George Black, in his research into the history and origins of Scottish surnames, mentions the name of Geddes as 'having territorial origins from the Lands of Geddes in Nairnshire, which were in the possession of the family of ROSE before they obtained Kilravock.'...The date of 1230 is given by still another historian as the time Rose settled at Geddes."

[I didn't realize until far below that the Lagge eagle is in the colors of the DONALD eagle.]

So, what we have is a Shark-line relationship with Geddes implied, and then linking to Lago elements as a pointer to Donald Trump, "father of the vaccines," and partner with the military in disseminating Remdesivir and the death shots. The vaccines create "spikes," and the double-headed and giant Spike/Speck eagle is red, ditto with the Lagge eagle. Lagge's are Dutch, and it just so happens that one half the Dutch Tromp Coat has a giant eagle on gold, as do Lagge's. The Tromp eagle is in both colors of the Hann / Kopple rooster.

The other half of the Tromp Shield shared the CLAUD/CLAUSel acorns while Clots are listed with DuCLOS' while CLOSEburn is the location of Kilpatrick castle.

They BROKE into his safe, and the Broke's/Brocks are from Anjou, where Shark-connectable Gettes'/Jette's were first found. Broke's/Brocks share the fleur-de-lys of Tromp-connectable Maurels/Morels, and while the latter use a "NeSCIT" motto term, Broke's/Brocks use "VireSCIT." Skits/Skeets can be discovered as a Shedden branch, the pointer to vaccine shedding (see two updates ago for "Shedden").

Safe's have locks, and Lucca-like Locks/Loche's/DeLOGES' were first found in Burgundy with SAFErs and Save's, probably branches of Saffers and Savers. The latter share the annulet of the Vita's in the "vita" motto term of both Saffers (Devon, same as Bello-branch Billets) and belly-like Bello's. Vita's show a Botini-like Bitini variation while Lucca is where Botters/Botini's were first found. English Botters/Bodens (Hampshire, same as Bitini-like Buttons/BIDENs/Bodins) happen to have a giant eagle in the colors of the giant Lagge eagle. BELL-branch Bellamys were at Perche, and Perche's are in the Botter/Boden Coat.

The Bibo's (Mecklenburg, same as Trumps) are said to be Hahn kin, and the Bibo rooster is red like the Lagge eagle. The latter's giant eagle is in both colors of the giant CUSSON eagle, and the Bibo rooster is standing on a "CUSHION" while the Botter/Boden eagle is standing on a "perch." Sleeping Beauty is Mrs. Kilpatrick, and Kilpatricks (share Zeal/Seal drops), first found in Dumfries with Trump-connectable Legge's, use "cushions." Miss Hicks married HAMILTON Kilpatrick, and I bought the fiberglass bulldog in Hamilton, Ontario.

Back to "VireSCIT" of the Broke's/Brocks. One emailer with Skeetz surname wrote to me saying that he suspects the German Schutz's to be a branch, and here I find, from this new-to-me Geddes article, that "Although the Geddes stock had been widely scattered over the British Isles, a handful of Geds managed to stay in the old homeland near Solway Firth." The Nith river past Closeburn flows to this Solway bay. The Solways/Salloways/Selwins share the Schutz saltire, you see.

I recall Mr. Skeetz looking for Skeetz liners amongst the line of Dudo, founder of Nassau, and Nassau's happen to share the Gates lion. "Dudo" may have named the DudhGLAS variation of Douglas'/DuGLASS', and therefore Dudo's Nassau elements may have named Castle Douglas near the Nith. Glass' share the stars of Kyle's, the latter first found in Ayrshire with Skits/Skeets, and with Sheds/Sheddens who in turn share the Chief-Shield colors of Broke's/Bricks and Brocuffs, colors reversed from the Chief-Shield colors of Douglas' and Sallow-line Saluzzo's!!! Beauty, tending to explain "SALLOways," for Sallows and Swallows were Saluzzo branches from the Salyes Ligures on the Durance river near Rangabe-like Orange that formed Orange-Nassau. Michel I Rangabe (Byzantine emperor) married PROKOPia, and Prokopps are listed with Brocuffs. The latter not only share the red potent cross with Skits/Skeets, Skate's/Sheets, Sheds/Scheds and Chads, but share the sphinx with Hips', the latter first found in Norfolk with Chads and Skate's/Sheets.

As POTENTia is not far from Morano, and as Morano is beside Saraca-line Saracena, let's add that Morano's, and the Arms of Morano, share the Moor with Salways/Salloways and Collars/Colards (Essex, same as Broke's/Brocks and Brooks. Collars/Collards (Cole colors) are in the collar around the black greyhound head in the Schutz Crest. Geds use a "DURat" motto while Rats/Raids (cross colors reversed from Schuts saltire) were first found in Nairnshire with Geddes' and Rose's, and then Cluns and Dure's share the Saluzzo Coat exactly, and were both first found in Perthshire with Douglas-like Dogs/Doags/Docks. Rats/Raids: "They took their name from the Castle of Rait near Geddes..."

Now look at that, for the bulldog fell into a kidney-shaped pool as a pointer to Ged liners, and Ged liners just got us to the RAIDs. The FBI just RAIDed Trump's estate. The Rat/Raid cross is colors reversed from the Solway/Salloway / Schutz saltire.

Glass' likely named Glasgow at the frontier of Lanarkshire. Lanarks/LURNacks (share Dog/Doag / Hamilton / BUS cinquefoil) have the Lorne's in their write-up, who are in turn said to have been in the Bute area, where Glass' were first found. BUTua is beside both the Saraca's of Kotor, and Schutz-like Scodra. I trace "Glass" to the CLAUSula river into lake Scodra.

This is a good place to repeat that LORRAINE the babe of the BUS stop lived two or three properties from the corner of LORNE and Church street, for Church's (look like English BUSH/Busch kin) share the black greyhound head with Schutz's (Rhineland, same as German Bush's/Buschs). Dudo above is styled, Dudo (or "Tuto") of LAURENburg (Rhineland), you see. I had found a Dudo in relation with Eu, where Talbots had a thing, and Talbots (share Broke/Brick lion), who named a common heraldic dog, were not only first found in Shropshire with Sallows who derive from Saluzzo, beside BUSCa, but share the border of Schutz-like Scotts and SCOOTs/Skugals. The latter share the black greyhound with Schutz's, and there are two courant greyhounds with Penes'/Pennys and with Scoots/Skugals ("pen" in Crest) as there are with Doggers/DoGATE's.

Rhineland is where Schutz's and Salome's/Solomons were first found while Salemans, sharing the Bush and Tromp eagle, are very connectable to Solways/Salloways/Selways (share Schutz saltire). We don't yet know why the FBI broke into Trump's safe, but let's add here that the Broke/Brock motto is shared by the Stewarts who had earlier been the Alans of Clun (Shropshire) who married Alice of Saluzzo. Broke's/Brocks (dart in Crest) share the lion of English Stewarts (Devon, same as Darts), and these Stewarts use so called "ragully," suspect in part with the Raggs', a surname like Ragusa, home of the Saraca's. However, Wikipedia's article on "Saraka" says they lived at KOTOR previous to being at Ragusa, and CUTTERs share the Chief-Shield colors of Broke'/s/Brocks and BroCUFFs/Prokopps. Cuffs essentially share the Coat of Saluzzo-like Sales'.

Andrew McCabe, the deputy director of the FBI in Obama's presidency, would have a serious gripe with Trump along with the Bush family, and McCabe's use "salmon" while Salmons have salmon in the colors of Bush-connectable Salesmans. McCabe's share the fesse of Coffee's/Coffeys while Cuffs are also Cuffie's/Cuffeys.

If you've gotten this far, there's a surprise for you in our going from the breaking into the safe to the Stewart-Alans via the Broke's/Brocks. FitzAlan, husband of Alice of Saluzzo, was an ARUNdel, from Arun in Sussex. Arundels (and Swallows) use "swallows," and the bulldog was SWALLOWed by the shark!!! Is that not amazing? It seems that we were correct to take a tangent to Sallows from the Salloway variation of Solways who came to topic at the Geds of the Nith river.

The FBI was BREAKing into the safe. The Brecks/Breakers were not only first found in Shropshire with Alans and Dog-related Talbots, but have the HUNTING HORN in colors reversed from the giant hunting horn of Orion-like Orange's while Orange-like Rangabe's are suspect with Brocuffs/Prokopps. Arun-like "Arran," where McCabe's/McABBE's were first found, traces to the Airaines location (near ABBEville) of Irons/Orions/Hirams, and this line goes back with Horns/Orne's (suspect in the Scoot motto) to mythical Orion the HUNTER, whose father was at TANAGRa (BOIOtia). TANKERville's, first found in Lincolnshire with Talbot-branch Tailbois', share the cinquefoil of Talbot-connectable Dogs/Doags, and I showed why Dogs with Douglas = DUDhglas' could have been from Dudo of Nassau.

Likewise sharing the Dog/Doag and Tankerville cinquefoils are the English Billets who are in the billets that cover the Shield of Nassau's. Billets are metal bars, and Nassau's use gold bars, what rich men may have in a safe. Billets were first found in Devon with the Broke-beloved Darts and billet-using Supers and Spurrs. Supers (share Kilpatrick / Maxwell saltire) are traceable to Kilpatrick castle at CLOSEburn because a "SPUR" is used by CLOSE's. Schutz's came to topic with the Solway/Salloway saltire, and Schutz's introduced Dudo of Nassau, and I trace Schutz liners to lake Scodra, into which the CLAUSula river drains that is near Kotor. Clauds/CLAUSELs share the Tromp acorns. Geds on the Nith get us to Saraca's of Kotor, and to the kidney-shaped swimming pool with the Saraca-line shark. Mar-a-Lago has two swimming pools, though neither in a kidney shape.

I say that Sharks were Neil kin, and I say that the Nith pertains to Nitts/NAUGHTs (Dumfries, same as the Nith and the first-known Rums). Scottish Nights/Naughtons, with a "NIL duRUM" motto phrase to go with the "DURat" motto of Geds, are also Nets, who possibly named the HodNET variation of Hodleys. Hoods were at Rattery while "Durat" is part-code for Rats/Raids, first found near the first-known Ratterys. English Knights/Nights use the "spur" while Spurrs were first found in Devon with the SUPERs in the Rattery motto, and with the Rattery location of Hoods.

I can trace Glass' to "Clausula," and they were first found in BUTEshire. Butua and Kotor are beside RHIZON while Risings/Risons were first found in Norfolk with English Noons sharing the Schutz saltire, and then Irish Noons have the Rising/Rison cross in colors reversed. Sleeping Beauty pointed to Risings/Risons as soon as I touched her knee. Nons/Noms/Nevins, in the format and near-full colors of Italian Naso's, are kin of Knee-like Kness', a potential pointer to the Knesset. Nassau's are Naso's too.

Dudo's Laurenburg location is in Rhein-Lahn the arms of which has a version of the Nassau lion, but is much like the gates Coat, how about that. The father of Dudo of Nassau was Rupert, and here it's interesting where Arun-like Arens/Aarons share the Rupert quadrants. Dudo's Laurenburg is on the Lahn river, and both Lane's/Lawns share the lion of Rupert-like Roberts and Propers/Roberts. Welsh Roberts use "ymLAEN." English Lane's/Lawns use a "Garde le ROY" motto while Scottish Roys were first found in Laurenburg-connectable Lanarkshire. Val TROMPia is at lake GARDa, itself beside Brescia, where Lane's/Lano's were first found. Launays share the lozenges of Percys, and a child of FitzAlan with Alice of Saluzzo married the Percys. The latter's Wikipedia article tells/told that they share the Louvain lion, which is the giant Nassau lion in colors reversed.

The Shield of Welsh Roberts is split horizontally in colors reversed from the same of Yates' (portcullis gates), and while Sales' list Sallys, Sally Yates was made the boss of Andrew McCabe during the FBI's initial abuse of president Trump. Yates' were first found in Gloucestershire with Holders, and "Hold" is a motto term of McLeods/Clouds/LUTTs expected in the clouds of Arens/Aarons. Lutts/Lute's share the Louvain and Nassau lion, we might assume, and the reason that Lutts/Lute's share the Fast quadrants is as per the "Hold fast" motto of McLeods/Clouds/Lutts. Then, Leslie's use "GRIP fast," and Gripps/GRAPE's can be in the Safe grapes. Trump may have lute in his safe(s). Trump fired Sally Yates. She had been the attorney general shortly after Eric Holder had been.

Obama was behind Sally Yates (why pick her?), and I had a dream, about a dozen days after Trump officially became the president, where I was in Obama's billiard hall. I knew that he had a partner in owning this pool hall, but I wasn't told who it was. I had to guess that it was Loretta Lynch (Obama's attorney general between Holder and Yates) because I saw all the pool tables in a 'L' shape. The tables were all covered with a hard black SHEET (no draping down like drapes would) like a single sheet of BOARD, and later, Obama was on a SKATEboard upon a skateboard RAMP. The Skate's are listed with the Sheets, and this brings us right back to the "VireSCIT" motto term of Broke's/Brocks. Ramps/Romps share the double-brown lions of Irish Collins'.

The National Pulse and New York Post this week said that, Bruce REINHART, the judge who gave the FBI warrant for the invasion at Mar-a-Lago, is a former attorney for several of Jeffrey Epstein's associates. That relates to the Sleeping Beauty dream all-the-more. ReinHARTs (share Urban Coat) share the Lago hexagrams, which is fairly remarkable because the Jewish Harts have a weave design to their same-colored hexagram, and a weave design is used for the same-colored cross of Jumps (Yorkshire, same as Bruce's and Percys) who share the Trump stag head. The bulldog jumped into the pool to get swallowed by the shark. Irish Harts share the Robert lion while Italian Lane's/Lano's share a lone besant with Jewish Harts. Lane's/Lano's were first found in BREScia, which shares the Bruce lion due to a relationship. Bruce Reinhart. The Bruce lion is thought by some to be that of Louvains, and the Percys who do share the Louvain lion share the Launay/LAWNay lozenges.

I didn't plan of going to the house of Nassau when starting this update. I got there via Castle Douglas of Nithsdale while on the Geds of that area. Even then, I had no gumption to spend much time on the house of Nassau, as I could see nothing about it as related to the original topic, the FBI raid. But then I remembered that Epsteins were first found in Hesse-Nassau! I get it. Ahh, Douglas' are said to derive from Hardys, and the Hardy cross happens to be colors reversed from the cross serving as the Arms of Rangabe.

Reinharts are in the colors and format of Scottish Scotts, and then Schutz's were first found in RHINEland while Reins/Reno's are also Rhine's. The Reines'/Rhine's have a horizontally-split Shield colors reversed from the same of Lago's, and the latter share the Reinhart and Scottish Walker hexagrams. Scottish Walkers share the triple pale bars of Garlands, and Merrick Garland, Bidens attorney general, had to give the wink to the FBI to obtain this warrant from Reinhart. President Bush is a Walker, and while English Bush's were first found in Yorkshire with English Walkers and Wakefields (share Tromp Shield and Walk/Wach garb), German Bush's were first found in RHINEland. The Chief of Scottish walkers (Berwickshire, same as Blythe's) looks like the Clinton Chief. The latter's Chief along with the Merrick and Walk/Wach Chiefs all use the same two stars and nothing else.

Note the Rein-like name of the first prince of Orange-Nassau: "Claudia of Chalon-Orange (1498 – May 31, 1521, Diest) was Princess of Orange. In 1515, she married Henry III of Nassau-Breda, thus uniting the houses of Orange and Nassau. Their son, Rene of Chalon, was the first Nassau to be Prince of Orange."

At his Rene's Wikipedia article: "Rene of Chalon married Anna of Lorraine (1522–1568) on 20 August 1540 at Bar-le-Duc." The latter place was named by German Ducks, first found in Westphalia with the Neils/Nails/Nagle's who are very connectable to Arduinici of Ivrea. The house of Rene of Chalon was directly related to rulers of Ivrea.

The Arms of the House of Chalon is the bend of Chalants/Chalons (share Irish Collins bend). The latter trace to counts of Chalon in earlier centuries which merged with the house of Ivrea, and you can see the same at the link above. So far as I can make out, this Chalon location was of Burgundy, and the Orange location I know of is at least beside historical Burgundy. The house of Ivrea had the Arms of Nassau, begging which of the two had it first. Lower down the page of the link directly above, one can see the Lorraine eagle called the "Arms of the count of Burgundy."

Note that the color of the checks on the Chalon bend in this Arms of the prince of Orange are also the checks of WARRENs, for the prince of Orange used a hunting horn, symbol of Huntingdons while Henry, ruler of Huntingdon, married Ada of WARENNe. The Warrens are perfect here because they come up as Warrants. The FBI got a warrant, to raid Trump's mansion, from Mr. Reinhart.

As the bulldog JUMPed into the pool, orange jump suits come to mind, interesting where Suits/Suters/Sewers (orange leopard) share the fitchees of Patria's/Peartree's who in turn share the Jump and Trump/Tromp stag head. Is Trump going to jail? Suits/Shuters/Sewers (eSCUTcheon) were first found in Angus with GARDens while Val Trompia is at lake Garda. Shute's/Shitts can be gleaned as kin of trumpet-using Calls, and SCHITners were first found in Silesia with SKIT- and SKATE-connectable Brocuffs/PROKOPPS, and Prokopia was the wife of emperor Michael Rangabe.

Obama was wearing his SUIT when on a skateBOARD, and Boards -- looking like Chaddock / Chadwick kin while Chads share the potent cross of Skits / Skate's / Scheds / Brocuffs -- have a reflection of the Suit/Shuter/Sewer Coat that I pointed to two scenes earlier when I sewered a shot on his billiard table. It pointed to Obama's other name, Barry SOETORo because Suits/Shuters are also SUTERs. Plus, instead of shooting the cue ball, the cue ball was a paper plane while Plains/Platters are a branch of Platters who were at SOTTERley.

Sleeping Beauty was in her bathing SUIT when I was standing at the DOOR of her car, and while this points to the relationship between Bill gates and Jeffrey Epstein, the Trump link to Doria's below makes me wonder whether that door and car also points to Trump's relationship with Epstein. The latter has a mansion in Palm BEACH, Florida, and Mar-a-Lago is in Florida too while the Flory-like Fleur surname is listed with Florida's who share the red vair fur of Beach's. Vair's, with almost have the Beach Shield, were first found in Burgundy with Chalon-Orange that in turn merged with Ivrea's rulers. It appears important that while the FBI regularly gets secret warrants from a FISA court that's officially the FISC, the Fisc surname (Norfolk, same as Bags and PilGRIMs) share's the Vair Shield, nearly the Grimaldi and Bag Shield.

My sleeping-BAG dream of a few years ago, which pointed overwhelmingly to the Clinton crime ring, pointed to Aids/Ade's, Malls and Mauls, suddenly interesting where I saw someone write "Mar-a-Lago" as "MAL." The Aids/Ade's, from Ada of Warenne to which the Orange hunting horn just traced, and who took us to the Warrant variation of Warrens, is in the "ad" motto term of Fiscs, can we believe it? Warrants are obtained from the corrupt FISC institution. Atha's share the Fisc Shield while Aids/Ade's (Rodham colors and format) are also Attys. Aids/Ade's were first found in Berwickshire with Arthurs.

James Clapper, chief of Obama's Intelligence, would have been told of the FISA warrants that Obama's FBI took out to crush Trump in 2015/2016. Clappers/CLAPPs share the vaired Beach Shield, wherefore James Clapper was on Epstein's beach, especially as there are articles online where the Hicks family married Juliana Arthur in CLAPton, smack beside the Baths said to be from "Atha"!!! Both the Hicks' and Arthurs then shared the "clarion," which some think is a trumpet. There is a Bath location in Wiltshire, smack near Clapton and GORDANo, and Wiltshire is where trumpet-using Calls were first found along with the Shute's/Shitts (in Call colors and format). Can we believe this?

It appears that Trump is on Epstein's beach with Miss Hicks, and when I touched the latter's knee in her rising event, I touched her LEG while Leggs (Dumfries, same as Kilpatricks) almost have the Trump/Tromp Coat. I've shown many times how Knee's (County Down) can connect to the Tromp acorns via the Acorns and Downs. GORDANs/Gords were first found in Berwickshire with Arthurs, and Gordan-loving Roets (Somerset, same as Baths) were a branch of Roots who share the BAGley Coat. The latter shares the tree with roots in the SWALLOW, COMEY and Root Crests!!!

IVRea was home both to Arthur liners and Chalon-Orange, which I think explains why the IVER Coat shares the quadrants of the Arms of the prince of Orange that has the Warren/Warrant checks. It can be added here that the Clapton-related Wards use the same checks. Plus, the Malls nearly have the Iver/EURE Coat while "heure" is a Hicks motto term. The "Comme" motto term of Wards, who probably formed WARDENs (i.e. goes with orange jump suits in prisons), smacks of James Comey, the FBI director who signed the FISA warrants that targeted Trump.

Ahh, Wardens use pears so as to be linkable to Peartree's sharing the Trump stag head. Wardens were first found in Hertfordshire with Clapper-related Beach's. The Wards share the ermined bend of the Claptons who in turn have a wolf head in Crest vertically-split in the colors of the vertically-split Tromp Shield! Is Trump going to jail? What if he doesn't, how do we explain this paragraph? The Ward write-up: "Some of the family were found at Barford in Warwickshire. 'Barford was for three centuries the residence of the ancestors of Charles Thomas Warde, Esq., now of Clopton...'" Claptons are also Cloptons. Wards happen to be first found in Northamptonshire with the Brays/Brae's having a "flax BREAKER"! Breakers are the ones with the Orange hunting horn in colors reversed, and so the Arms of the Orange rulers are suspect with the Ward checks.

Irish Wards (share crown with Crauns/Crane's and Corona's / Corons) were first found in Galway with same-colored Lynch's, and Loretta Lynch was the boss of James Comey in the early months of Hillary's 2016 criminal attacks on Trump. Crauns/Crane's share the Clapton patee, and Sharks have a crane.


I purchased a fiberglass bulldog that connected with the bulldog in the pool. I purchased it in Hamilton. At the time, I had a business in lawn rentals for which this dog was purchased, and I had employees in several cities setting up the lawn displays. Hamilton was the city that did best aside from my own area. The people who set up my Hamilton displays for years (the only Hamilton employees I had) were the Wingers, and the Winger/WinGATE Coat has the bend-with-bendlets of the Claptons above. With the bulldog depicting Trump, it underscores the Clapton wolf head as can relate to Tromps (reminder: Clapton is near the first-known Calls' who show nothing but trumpets). These Claptons/CLOPtons were first found in Cheshire with Welfs/Wolfs/Lupus', Clubs/Clobbes', and earl Hugh Lupus who used a wolf head in the colors of the wolf heads of the neighboring BATHers! Bingo. That's another reason that Miss Hicks was in a bathing suit on the Epstein beach.

The Winger/Wingate write-up: "'...Bartholomew de Windegates was one of an inquest as to the lands of ADA de Baylloil in Northumberland, 1251.'" This Ada of Baliol married John CLAVERing i.e. like the Clapper surname, explaining why Baliols are in Claver/Cleaver colors and near-format. Claverings even have a "AD" motto term, and the blue lion in the Clavering Crest can be the blue lion head in the ward Crest. James Comey entrusted Hillary's criminal attacks on Trump through the FISC, and Fiscs use "ad" too. "Comme" is a Ward motto term, can we believe it?

As Claverings essentially share the Mall Coat, let's repeat: "My sleeping-BAG dream of a few years ago, which pointed overwhelmingly to the Clinton crime ring, pointed to Aids/Ade's, Malls and Mauls, suddenly interesting where I saw someone write 'Mar-a-Lago' as 'MAL.'...". Aids/Ade's are in Rodham colors and format while Rodhams (Northumberland, same as Malbanks, Baliols, BELLY-branch Baileys, and Ada of Baliol) share the ermined bend of MALbanks while Malbancs are in the Mall write-up, and then the Clapton and Winger/Wingate bends are white-ermined too, all incredible. The Winger/Wingate write-up: "Not withstanding the above, we must look to NORTHUMBERLAND for the first record of the family. For it is there that Aldret de Windegate c. 1145-1165 was registered."

It appears that, if Ada of Baliol was not related to Ada of Warenne, I was wrong in tracing Aids/Ade's to the latter. Instead, they very-much look named for Ada of Baliol. Ada of Warenne married the bloodline of king David I, explaining why Welsh Davids (CHESHIRE) have a Coat like that of Ade's/Aids. Ada of Warenne's mother was Gundred: "Gundred was almost certainly born in Flanders, and was a sister of Gerbod the Fleming, 1st Earl of Chester..." Chester is in Cheshire. Gerbod was replaced by Hugh Lupus, a thing I didn't know until now (I've not known this Gerbod character until now). The "ADvance" motto of Speers/SPEYers can apply to Ada of Baliol because the Baliol-branch Baileys share the Moray stars while Bellys were first found in Moray while Moray is along the SPEYer river.

Judging by their three Coats, the Baliols and their Claver kin look like kin of Meschins, and the earls of Chester went from the son of Hugh Lupus to the Meschins, making it feasible to link the two Ada's by blood where Meschins (married Mrs. TAILLeBOIS) in the Northumberland / Westmorland area married Baliols. English Morleys (Derbyshire, beside Cheshire) almost have the Coat of Morlands (first found in Westmorland), itself with the Aid/Ade Crest, and the Morleys/Maule's (share TAILBOIS scallops) were related to the Mauley elements in the Morland write-up. It works. Tailbois' were first found in Lincolnshire with the Aincourts sharing the Warren Shield, highly suspect with the Flamingo/Flaming Shield as per Gundred the Fleming. Pero's/Perino's use "FLAMING stars." The fiberglass bulldog was an addition to the pink flamingos I installed on lawns. The Clapton wolf suddenly looks like the Fleming wolf.

The Aincourts happen to share "PLATEs" with Meschin-branch Mussels/Muscels (Lincolnshire, same as Aincourts). I have said a million times that the stage in the mall was also a PLATform for a pointer to Hillary Rodham Clinton's Platte River Networks.

The mall in the sleeping bag dream featured Miss Peare while Wardens have pears while Peare's are also Pears/Perle's. Miss Peare's scene in the mall was related to her BELLY-press. The shark had the bulldog by the belly, and perhaps my entering the mall to perform the final scene of the dream with Peare relates to Trump Mar-a-Lago trial he's now undergoing. The Jumps sharing the Belly rose and the PEARtree / Trump stag head have the Aincourts in their write-up who share the Ward / Warren Shield.

AINcourts were first found in Lincolnshire with Hannitys/HAINtons (Stage/Stagg colors), and the latter's leopard face is blue, the color of the Ward lion head. Hanna's share the blue stag head with Stage's/Staggs while the final scene in the mall with Peare was on a stage. Repeat: "The Aincourts happen to share "PLATEs" with Meschin-branch Mussels/Muscels (Lincolnshire, same as Aincourts). I have said a million times that the stage in the mall was also a PLATform for a pointer to Hillary Rodham Clinton's Platte River Networks." Scottish Hains (Dumfries, same as Bullys) share the mascles of BULLYs (heart with FLAMES), but also of the Petts who in turn use "BULrushes," and Roger de Bully is in the Jump write-up with the Aincourt family.

Hanna's have the Trump stag head in colors reversed. I have been wondering whether the MAL raid first-thing this week has been staged, and everyone thinks so. The reasons may be gleaned soon. The Clapton Shield having the patee cross is split vertically in colors reversed from the same of Irish Hannitys, and while that patee is part gold, there's a gold patee in the Crest of Stage's/Staggs along with a gold stag that can go with the gold "hind" of Crauns/Crane's sharing the Clapton patee. The Hicks Crest has a gold stag they call a "buck."

James Comey was pointed to by the pant stain of Lorraine the babe on her BALCONy because Balcons are listed with BalCOLMS/BalCOME's (share the Pansy/Pantzer dove) while Comeys/Combs have the Lorraine lion in colors reversed. It was her PANT stain that pointed to Pansys/PANTzers (Westphalia, same as Ducks) because Bar-le-Duc in Lorraine uses a pansy for its Arms. English Page's use the dove too, and the FISA warrant signed off by James Comey and Andrew McCabe, to target the trump team, was against Carter PAGE in particular. French Page's were first found in Dauphine with Payens/PAGans who in turn share "spur rowells" (not the same design) with PANTers. The paper plane on Obama's billiard table started out as a PAGE lying flat on the table. I turned it into a paper plane so that I could SHOOT it. I sewered this plane into a corner pocket, and Shoots are listed with Shute's while Sewers are listed with Shuters.

The pant stain was on her BUTT, and mythical Morgan le Fay, half-sister of king Arthur, was on Avalon = Bute while Bute's are listed with Butts. The point here is that Morgans share the Comey/Comb lion. The second point is that the Drakenberg Vere placed their mythical Melusine on Avalon while Michael Rangabe was the grandfather of Melissena Rangabe. As Morgans / Comeys share the lion of Irish Moors, this can be traced to Morano, on the Sybaris river with Shark-line Saracena.

Ivrea was home to the Arthur-line Arduinici who married Doria's in Nagle-line Oneglia, and therefore I was asking self whether the Arms of Michael Rangabe, a white-on-blue flory cross, somehow got to be the blue-on-white saltire cross of Neils/Nails/Nagle's. And that's when I asked self whether I knew of any Arthur kin who used something like the Rangabe cross, which brought to mind the white-on-blue moline cross (almost a flory cross) of MacArthurs! Bingo. It's evidence that "Orange" and "Rangabe" are related terms. Plus, the MacArthur moline (Trump/Tromp colors) is that of Seagars, and it's in colors reversed with Segurana's, the latter first found in Genova with the Door-like Doria's who share the Tromp eagle.

The Fessy/Face motto has the Segni variation of Segurana's probably due to Fessys/Face's being from the Fisc-like Fieschi of Genoa, who were politically allied to Grimaldi's of Genova who in turn almost have the FISC Shield. Is that not a piece of beauty? Genova's/Geneva's share the Second/SEGUR lion, and while "Geneva" is the name of Miss Hick's daughter, Seconds/Segurs were first found in Limousin with clarion-suspect Clairs, kin of Clermonts/CLEMENTs in the Morley/Maul motto. The sleeping bag dream pointed hard to Morleys/Mauls while English Morleys share the specialized leopard FACE of Fisk-connectable Aids/Ade's.

Repeat: "Atha's share the Fisc Shield while Aids/Ade's (Rodham colors and format) are also Attys." Sleeping Beauty was in her BATHing SUIT when she was at her car on the beach, and I've told before that the Aid/Ade leopard face is that in the Shield of Hovers (Westphalia). The Hover Crest is also the face in the Crest of Scottish Doors and English Wrights/Rights while I was standing at the passenger = right door of Beauty's car. Baths share the Fessy/Face cross. Sleeping Beauty was HOVERing in her car when I stood at the Doria-like door, and Gates' were probably Door kin. Bath is beside Clapton, and Sleeping Beauty was fulfilled by Miss Hicks, suggesting she descends from Mr. Hicks, husband of Juliana Arthur, and this explains why God arranged for her RISING into the sky when she was hovering (looking ill), For Risings/Risons/Ristons (Norfolk, same as Fiscs) can be gleaned as a branch of RESTons (share Scottish Door leopard faces), explaining why the Arthur clarions are also called "rests." Restons (Down colors) have: "There is also a Ryston, in Norfolk in the union of Downham..." Downhams are listed with Dunhams, the surname of Obama's mother.

There is a part of the Sleeping Beauty dream that I stopped telling because I can make no sense of it. It's the part that made the dream special to me for many years between 1979 and 2016. The latter is when I realized that God gave the dream to be deciphered with heraldic codes, and it has proven true. It was special to me because I was convinced from day-one that it was a message from God concerning my future wife. I was thinking, in 1979, that she would show up when there is a bulldog in my life, and I bought the fiberglass dog a few months before seeing Miss Hicks for the first time, wife of Hamilton Kilpatrick who is in a Baytown Sun photo (late 1980s) standing with a bulldog, Spuds MacKenzie, mascot for Bud LIGHT beer, a lager, and then Lagge's are also Lagers. The Ayers (LEG with spur) have a motto, "Lighter than Air," and as I stood at the door of her car, I looked inside to see distress on her face as she hovered in the AIR above the seats. She was lighter than air.

I could hear her thoughts as she hovered, worried that her man (the one I assumed owned the car she was in) was out-and-about CHASing other women. I need to add here that while Spuds MacKenzie pointed with MacKenzie's (almost the Legg Coat) to the Apophis asteroid on 2029 -- exactly 50 years to the month or week after the dream -- the Chase's share the patonce cross of Chance's/CHANCEURs (Essex, same as MacKenzie-beloved Mountains) while Apophis is returning in the CANCER constellation, and suspect with the blazing mountain out of the sky in Revelation's Trumpets.

The MacKenzie border is shared by German HERs who in turn share blue wings with English Here's/Heyers, the latter first found in Derbyshire with Eyers/Ayers/AIRs/Heyers sharing the Ayer Coat! She was hovering in the air, and these latter surname branches are partly the reason the Ainsley EARhardt became the second fulfillment of Sleeping Beauty, though there are many other reasons I don't want to repeat here.

As I listened to her thoughts about her worries of the man she was with, I saw the man, hefty with short hair. By hefty, I mean someone like Sean Hannity, not fat-hefty. I am starting to think that it was Sean Hannity because English Hannitys have blue leopard faces, and the Door / Wright/Right leopard face would be blue in colors reversed. There's information online telling that Miss Earhardt was in Hannity's home, and that they flew his helicopter to a party together.

Ainsley has one child, Hayden, and, years after I dubbed the woman, Sleeping Beauty, I discovered that Haydens (Norfolk, same as Tute's/Tuits) share the black bull of Beautys, the latter first found in DORset with the Hades'/Hats who share the Hayden and Tute/Tuit quadrants. Ainsleys share the fleur-de-lys of Hicks', and the latter use a "Tout" motto term assumed to be for the Tute's/Touts (Yorkshire, same s Hicks). I don't remember whether I've said that Earhardt/AIRhart-connectable Eyers/Airs share the three words in the motto of Hague's/Haights/HATE's! Bingo.

Either God named Hayden to fit the heraldry, or He arranged the heraldry and motto of Hayden-branch Hague's/Haights/Hate's (like the Hat variation of Hades'), a possible pointer to The Hague. In any case, Miss EarHARDT married Mr. Proctor, and while Proctors share the same three nails in the HEART of Lago-connectable Logans (Lago's are also Logu's), Neils/Nails/Nagle's (in Hardy-cross colors) have the Hague/Haight/Hate saltire in colors reversed. The three Proctor nails form pale bars so as to essentially be a copy of the Ailes Coat, and Miss Earhardt was likely given the green light for her hiring at Fox by Roger Ailes. Ailes' were first found in Kent with Louvains/Lovens.

When sleeping beauty was hovering, she was looking distressed, or, ailing over something, and so perhaps it was a pointer to Roger Ailes, the Fox CEO at the time. I touched her knee while she was ailing, and, as I've said before, though not in this context, two Roger surnames look related to the Knee Coat. ROGER Ailes?

Ahh, the "Nos" motto term of English Rogers can be for the Noise variation of Nie's/Nye's/Noyes', who are essentially in the colors and format of Basfords while Ainsleys were first found in Basford. It works because Noise's/Nie's (Non, Kness/Ness and Hague/Haight/Hate colors) were at Pendray while Pendrays/Pendragons use a "NOSCe" motto term. It works also where Knee's/Knees' are also Nee's while the NUNcia motto term of Noise's/Nie's can be for a branch of Nons in the motto of same-colored Kness'/Ness'. The other Ness' come up as "Nos." Amazingly, Kness'/Ness' share the Hague/Haight/Hate star and crescent! I am not familiar with the links in this paragraph to Ainsley Earhardt as Sleeping Beauty.

Hannitys are said to have been first at HAINton, and AINSleys can relate, especially the Ains/Hains/Hainsons have a version of the Crest of Hanna's who in turn have the Trump stag head in colors reversed. It recalls that Hann-branch Hahns are connectable to Trumps. Hainson-like Hansons were first found in Yorkshire with Hague's/Haights/Hate's who might apply to some terms in the Ains/Hainson write-up.

Miss Hanson, the ice-cream girl I talk much about, lived on WARDEN avenue in GORMLEY when I dated her, and she was followed by a second ice-cream girl less than a year later, Darlene Ray or Wray. Wrays share the Gormley martlets. Chris Wray is the FBI director that Trump installed, and hopefully he will jail Trump to make him pay for all the evils Wray has caused Americans while Trump failed to replace him after witnessing his evil.

After I saw the hefty man, I heard a voice behind me that must have been God's voice: "What ARE you waiting for, it's you she loves, go wake HER." I've dealt with all the words heraldically in that sentence, but suffice it to emphasize "are" and "her" because Are's are listed with Lighter-than-AIR Ayers while Hers were an Eyer/Air branch. Eyers/Airs were first found in Derbyshire with Knee-branch Needhams, and with the Sola's/Solneys in the Hague/Hate motto. Earhardts are also AIRharts.

It's clear that Miss Earhardt is a second fulfillment of Sleeping Beauty. I just don't know why. The reason that I don't talk about the man in the dream is because he's part of what seemed to me to be a prediction of God concerning my future wife, which seems untrue by now. I've since realized that there's symbolism in it all, as well as heraldic pointers in the words above. And now, I think Hannity fits that man, especially if he has a 1950's car, for the one in the dream was such a classic. English Hannitys use "firme" while Haydens use "Ferme." It's got to be code for Formans/Fermans and their Firmin branch, both first found in Yorkshire.

I don't see Miss Earhardt as influential, but more like walking on eggshells. Hannity has become a similar puppet of his bosses, not able to speak his mind on all matters he'd like to for fear of losing his job. I suppose that God will use these two news people for something that Miss Hicks cannot be used for. The News'/Nuce's share the chaplet with Hick's.

What I can't grasp is why God would use Hannity as part of the hovering scene while Hoovers and Hooters relate to Hicksons. What I can't understand is why Hannity would be central to a scene depicting by bride when both Bride surnames, and Hamilton-connectable McBride's too, connect to thing-Hicks / things-Kilpatrick. On the other hand, the Always in the Ainsley motto are in the colors and format of Scottish Bride's.

I was standing at the passENGER door looking in to her distress. Why was she distressed about Hannity while thinking of me? When God said, "it's you she loves," I took it to mean that she was in distress over a decision of him versus me, but this cannot possibly be Miss Earhardt and me in any way. I don't recall doing the Pass' and Engers as per "PASSenger" door, but, zowie, while English Engers/Angers were first found in Essex with Pass'/Pascals, German Engers/UNGERs (Bohemia) share the Ainsley / Hicks fleur-de-lys. HUNGERs share the Hun/Hundt greyhound linkable to the Fortune/Fortuna Coat while Rollo's use a "fortune passe" motto phrase along with "tout" shared by Hicks'. The Passe's/Pass'/Pascals (from "heure"-like Eure) share the cross of Haydens, and Hannitys use the greyhound. Ivers/Eure's/URE's, with the Leighton quadrants in colors reversed, can be in the "Uro" motto term of Mountain-loving MacKenzie's, and Mountains were first found in Essex with Pass'/Pascals and the Low Leighton location of Hicks'. Hats off to you if you can decipher this riddle.

Why would God say, "it's you SHE LOVES." SHEE's/Shea's share the Earhardt and Hanson fleur-de-lys, and Love's/Luffs were once said to be first found in Suffolk with the Muscats who almost have the Love/Luff Coat, and moreover Muschats (not "Muscat") share the Epstein Coat. Why didn't God say, it's Epstein she loves, or it's such-and-such she loves? Why was it "YOU she loves." I can't see a meaningful answer in Yoo's/Yells, Yeo's or Yeomans/Humans, not can I see their connection of Love's/Luffs.

She rejects Hannity in favor of "you"??? A "YEW" tree is in the Crest of KENSingtons (Lago colors), and Ainsley worked for KENS TV immediately before being hired by Fox. Kensingtons share the MAR scallops, perhaps a pointer to Mar-a-Lago? The Kensington / Mar scallops are shared by English Plate's while German Plate's share grapes with Safe's. Is this working? Why didn't God say, "it's the money in Trump's safe she loves." Why bring the Kensington yew tree into the picture, if indeed that's what God wanted to do? Kennys (Galway, same as Irish Wards) share the Earhardt and Broke/Brick fleur-de-lys on a vertically-split Shield shared by Tromps. They BROKE the safe. Irish Wards share the Corona / Coron crowns while Yeomans/Humans have "spear CRONels" and a BROKEn spear. Might Yeo's have been from Eu?

I think I can make a case for a pointer of "it's you she loves" to Lovicks/Lowicks because they share black-on-white bulls with Beautys, and because they were first found in Lancashire with trumpet-using Livers/Levers/Lovers, and with the Spike's/Spocks who share the giant and double-headed, red eagle with Lagge's. Lookie at the Tower write-up: "The surname Tower was first found in Lancashire where they held a family seat from ancient times, and were the Lords of the manor of Lowick or Lofwick." The Tower Crest has a griffin vertically split in the colors of the same of the Tromp Shield, as well as the vertically-split Clapton wolf head, and Hicks of Clapton used clarions suspect as trumpets. The Towers (Lancashire) are also Toure's while French Tours, I kid thee not, share the Lago tower!!!! English Tours/Thors were first found in Devon with Yeo's/Yeomans and SAFFErs.

The double bends of Livers/Levers/Lovers is shared by Ratcliffs (Lancashire, same as Livers/Levers/Lovers) who in turn share the Lovick/Lowick bull heads roughly. This can actually bring John Ratcliffe to save Trump due to what he knows on Intelligence matters, or, better yet, due to what the deep state thinks he might know that he may not know.

This heraldry is stunning, but I frankly don't see why Yeo liners are important. Perhaps the spear cronells of Yeomans are to point to the German Crone's (crane), in Safer colors, first found in Prussia with Safe's. The latter love the Grape's/Gripps who in turn share the bend of SHAKEspeare's who in turn have a two-tipped spear, same as the broken one in the Yeoman/Human Crest. Shake's were first found in Lancashire.

I'm confused.

But, a possibility. The Louvains/Lovens (Kent, same as BRAbants) are said to be "originally of Lovergne near CALAIS, and then branched to Brabant..." Brays/Brae's are the ones with a "flax breaker." They also use black eagle's legs for connection to the black Tromp and Below eagle. These Belows/Bellows were first found in Pomerania with the TEETers/Deeters, and the shark had the bulldog with TEETH around the Below-like Belly. Pomerania is beside the first known Trumps/Tromps, and the double-headed Lagge eagle is giant and on a gold Shield, ditto with the giant Below/Bellow eagle. The latter's is in both colors of the giant Tromp eagle. Then, the English Belows/Bellews (share "tout" with Hicks) use a "CHALICE" while we just saw Lovergne near CALAIS, and Calls/CALLES' are the ones with trumpets! Ya see. And Hicks (Yorkshire, same as Belows/Bellews) can take us to Hicksons who use black eagle legs in the colors of the Below/Bellow eagle. But there's more.

The English Belows/Bellews share the fretty of Tuit-branch Thwaits, and Tuits (Hayden kin) are listed with Tute's, as are the Touts in the Below/Bellew motto. Tuits look like Teet-like "Tweet," and while Trump was the Twitter bird, Twitts are listed with Thwaits. But there's more.

The Below/bellows chalice pours of "water," and Waters with Muschats (both first found in Essex) share the Epstein Coat, which is almost the Coat of Italian Leuvens. "It's you she loves" was spoken when I was on Epstein's island. Waters and Muschats use three chevrons in the colors of the three LOVE/Luff fesses, and the latter's are colors reversed from the three fessewise trumpets (i.e. form fesses) of Calls/Calles'. That's amazing. The Love's/Luffs were once said to be first found in Suffolk with Muscats/Musks (now in Cambridgeshire) who almost have the Love/Luff Coat. And Suffolk is where Tigers were first found in the tiger LEG of Swallow-connectable Eagle's. The bulldog had been swallowed when held by the shark TEETH. The Eagle tiger leg is held by another leg that is of the design of the German Leuven/LAUFFer legs. Leggs almost have the Trump/Tromp Coat.

Louvain in Belgium is also called, Leuven, like the Loven variation of Louvains, and Percys, who married the child of the Arundel-Saluzzo marriage, used the Louvain lion (according to Wikipedia's Percy article). Percys (Yorkshire, same as Belows/Bellews and Touts/Tute's) share the lozenges of Lowen-like LAUNays, and Lowens were first found in Shropshire with Breakers and the Alans of Arundel.

The shark swallowed the bulldog's head, and Swallows were first found in Lincolnshire with EAGLE's who in turn are in the colors and format of Arundels who in turn share swallows with Swallows. Arundels were first found in Sussex with Tromp-beloved Acorns and Trump-connectable Downs/Douns.

It's amazing now that the two legs of Leuvens/Lauffers form two pale bars in the colors of the two pale bars of noose-like Nuse's/Newes, first found in Hertfordshire with Chalice's/Challes'! The NECKers have one of the Nuse/Newes pale bars, and this points to the noose around the neck of Jeffrey Epstein! Trump wanted Epstein gone, as did Bill Barr. When Ghislaine Maxwell was arrested, Trump tweeted NOTHING, said NOTHING. He is afraid of her and/or her friends, they have dirt on him. At her trial, a pilot of Epstein's plane fingered Trump in a relationship with Epstein.

I've talked a lot about the NEWSpaper and COFFEE in Victoria, an event I claim was from God for pointing to Coffee's/Coffers ("victoria" motto term) and News'/Nuce's who look connectable to Bash's, the latter first found in Hertfordshire with Nuse's/Newes' and Chalice's/Challes'. Amazingly, the Chalice's/Challes' share the Coffee/Coffer fesse, and Coverts/Cofferts were first found in Sussex with Swallow liners. Trump said he phoned Fox and Friends daily, and that's where Ainsley Earhardt works, revealing why Trump called there daily. She is Sleeping Beauty, the it's-you-she-loves lady. Ainsleys were first found in Basford, and Basfords (share Barr eagles) are also BASHfords.

The Coffee/Coffer / Chalice fesse is shared by McCabe's of ARUN-like Arran. Swallow-related Arundels were at Arun of Sussex. Andrew McCabe and James Clapper commented publicly on the Mar-a-Lago raid, saying they are for it.

There's more, because the Arundel tree can take us to the Vatt/WATTERs tree that has "SPECTacles" HANGing from it, and Speccots were first found in Devon with a branch of Specks/Spike's who in turn share the Lagge/Lager Coat. Mar-a-Lago. HANGers (beside Calls/Calles') share the "escarbuncle" with Anchor-branch Angers (share Percys lozenges), and the Anchor Coat is in the colors and format of English Watts (BILLETS), first found in Worcestershire, where English Watts were once said to be first found who share the Vatt/Watters Coat.

Devon is also where Billets were first found who share the Coat of Bellows/Ballots who in turn named "Bellot of CALLouville" for connection to the Call/Calles trumpets. The Bellows/Ballots happen to share a "Vita" motto term with Safe-like Saffers (Devon), and the Chalice's/CHALLES', said to be from Pas de Calais with Lovergne of the Lovens, are in the colors of the Safe grapes. This is all coming as per "it's you she LOVES" because it seemed to be pointed to Trump even before we took a turn to Louvains/Lovens. Plus, Love's/Luffs are now said to be first found in Oxfordshire with the Ships/Shiptons using so-called "bellows".

"It's YOU SHE loves." I think I get this, for Shee's share a Shea variation with Shaws/Sheaves/Shays, and Italian Sheaves'/Chiava's were first found in black-eagle L'Aquila. German Belows use the black eagle in both colors of the Tromp eagle. Trump-connectable English Belows, with chalice pouring WATER (aqua) suggest a trace to "the region of Belleau or Bella AQUA in France," and I can see "Aqua" as a play on "Aquila." The Chiava-like Chives' were first found in Tarves, and the Tarves are in the format of Aquila-like Eagle's. Plus, the vertically-split Tarves Shield is not only colors reversed from the same of Tromps (black eagle!), but in the colors of the diagonally-split Shee/Shea Coat!!! Bella-bella beauty. My mother was born seven miles from L'Aquila.

Tarves' share the six fitchees of Clintons and Hillarys, and the Saffer / Bellow-beloved Vita's were first found in TARVISium. Hillary Clinton is for the raid on Trump's safe.

As Aquila's share the Basford eagle while Ainsleys were first found in Basford, it appears that its-you-she-loves applies to Ainsley Earhardt, or Fox and Friends in general. Bellows/Ballots use a FOX head. Earhardts share the Shee/Shea fleur-de-lys, as do Masci's. My mother's mother was Miss Masci. Eagle's were first found in Lincolnshire with eagle-like Keele's and LEG-using Cheile's. A leg is used by Earhardt-connectable Ayers and Eyers who in turn almost have the chevron-with-trefoils of Irish Shaws. The Sola's (Derbyshire, beside first-known Sallows) in the Eyer motto come up as Swallow-like "Sowell."

The Shaws/Sheaves'/Shea's are in YEO format. It's yeo she loves! Yeo's (Devon, same as Saffers) use ducks, as do Velins, and there is a mont Velino at Avezzano while Avezzano's were first found in Sardinia with Lago's. Ahhh, I get it: Masci's share the left-rising bend with Massena's/Messina's who in turn share the Lago hexagram! Nailed it. Shark-line Saracens were at least beside Messina.

Zikers, Lago's/Delogu's, due to their sharing the MESSina hexagrams, must have been a branch of Loge's / Locks/DesLoges, for they were both first found in Burgundy with MESSeys/Messier's who in turn have the Loge saltire in colors reversed. It's a hard-nosed link of Mar-a-Lago to the shark in the pool. I'm not sure who has the harder nose, the shark or Trump. As said a few times, Pools share the background of Auvernge's, both using the Masci fleur for that background, and here we add that the Auvergne tower is also the Lago tower!

"Mar" means "sea," and immediately after I dove into the kidney-shaped pool to save the bulldog from the shark, I was in a new scene, a blue body of water, a sea. The Sea's, who share the blue-on-white Kidney/Gedney fish, share the triple-wavy fesses of German DRUMmonds, first found near the same-colored TRUMps. Sea's were first found in Kent with Proctor-connectable Ailes', and while the three Proctor nails are in the LOGan heart, the Kidney/Gedneys have a saltire-by-fish in the colors of the saltire of Neils/Nails/Nagle' (Westphalia, same as Hayden-connectable Ducks).

Ducks (beside Devon) have lion heads in the colors of the Duce/Doocy lions, and Steven Doocy co-hosts Fox and Friends daily with Miss Earhardt. The Prets (Staffordshire, same as Duce's/Doocys) in the Mead motto share the Duck stars. The third co-host of Fox and Friends is Brian KilMEADE, and Meads were once said to be first found in Somerset with Friends and Ducks. Friends share the white-ermined chevron on a red Shield with Irish Arthurs and pelican-using Wayne's. Somerset is where Clapton is located, and the Hicks of Clapton who married Arthurs apply here because there's an article online telling that Meads married this same Arthur family, explaining why Meads share the pelican with Arthurs.

Love in the Heights With Hate's


"I've said that Earhardt/AIRhart-connectable Eyers/Airs share the three words in the motto of Hague's/Haights/HATE's! Bingo. ...Ahh, the "Nos" motto term of English Rogers can be for the Noise variation of Nie's/Nye's/Noyes', who are essentially in the colors and format of Basfords while Ainsleys were first found in Basford. It works because Noise's/Nie's (Non, Kness/Ness and Hague/Haight/Hate colors) were at Pendray while Pendrays/Pendragons use a "NOSCe" motto term. It works also where Knee's/Knees' are also Nee's while the NUNcia motto term of Noise's/Nie's can be for a branch of Nons in the motto of same-colored Kness'/Ness'. The other Ness' come up as "Nos." Amazingly, Kness'/Ness' share the Hague/Haight/Hate star and crescent! I am not familiar with the links in this paragraph to Ainsley Earhardt as Sleeping Beauty."

Just as the Eyer/Ayer motto is word-reversed from the Hague/Hate motto, the Pendray/Pendragon motto is word-reversed with Ayer-connectable Irish Shaws who share the Trump eagle, probably the black eagle as used in the Arms of L'Aquila, for English Shaws/Shea's are the Sheaves' pointed to by "it's you SHE loves." The Italian Sheaves' (L'Aquila) are also CHIAVa's while the Cavii Illyrians were on the DRIN river along with the Penestae who can be traced very well to Pendrays/Pendragons via Dragons/DRAINers. While Shaws/Shea's ware in Yeo/Yeoman colors and format, Yeomans/Humans share the Pendray/Pendragon chevron.

"It's YOU she loves" is giving me the impression that God wants to point the region of my mother's birth and upbringing. It's giving me the impression that Freemasons, or rulers of EU globalism, or perhaps rulers of the American deep state, in cahoots with Epstein, know of their special ancestry in that area. The Marsi of that area had a snake goddess, Angitia, and Earhardts have two snakes encircling the Masci fleur-de-lys. Angitia can be traced to the Basque snake god, SUGAAR, husband of Marsi-like Mari, for Seagars/SUGARs use two snakes (coiled around a caDUCEus). We then take it to Seagar-branch Segurana's who share the Aquila / Barr eagle. Barrs were first found in AYRshire with Ayers.

I've just remembered that Hearts were related to the Human variation of Yeomans as per the heraldic "human heart". I wrote that before finding in my files who uses such a thing, and here it is: "Humans are listed with Yeomans while Acorns (Sussex, same as Keeps) have a 'human heart'." It's the Tromp connectable Acorns who share the eagle of Irish Shaws! Plus, Acorns have the Knee stag head, both in the colors of the full stags of English Rogers who are in turn in Yeo/Yeoman colors and format.

The "PACis" motto term of Noise's/Nie's takes us to the Pasi's/Pace's/Pascels, and they jibe with the spear in the Yeoman/Human Crest because they share crossed spears with Speers. The Pasi/Pace spears form a saltire in the colors of the Hague/Haight/Hate saltire, suggesting that the Hague/Haight star is the Moray star because Moray is along the Spey river suspect with the Speyer variation of Speers. The latter share the crescents of Spree's, the latter first found in Cornwall with the Pendray location of Noise's/Nie's. The Simple's in the Spree motto were first found in Renfrewshire with Speers/Speyers and Pasi-branch Paisleys. This location is near the first-known Hardys of Lanarkshire whose cross is in the colors of the Noise/Nie crosslets. Heart-using Douglas' (Moray), said to derive in Hardys, have a Moray-star version of the Paisley Chief. Yeomans/Humans are related to a surname depicted with a heart that had married Eyers/Ayers.

The "BROKEn SPEAR" of Yeomans/Humans, who are in the colors and format of BONythons (Cornwall, same as Spree's, beside Yeo's/Yeomans) suggest that Speers/Speyers are using the Broke/Brock Chief-Shield (share's Bonny / Earhardt fleur) with someone else's symbols, for Yeomans/Humans and while there is a "dart" in the Brock Crest, the Tracks/Triggs and Drigs are both said to use "darts," though the Tracks, suspect in the "nosTRAQUE" motto term of Rogers, show the darts as spears (Drigs show them as darts). Tracks/Triggs were once said to be first found in Cambridgeshire, and that's where Rench's/Wrench's were first found who have another bend-by-crosslets, the same crosslets as per the bend-by-crosslets of Noise's/Nie's suspect in "NOStraque." Neither Coat shows anything else. The Rench/WRENch crosslets are those of WRENs who in turn share a broken spear in Crest with Yeomans/Humans. German Rench's share the Ainsley fleur-de-lys.

Pasi's/Pace's were first found in Bologna/BONonia, and Noise's/Noye's/Nie's with a "Pacis" motto term are said to derive from an unidentified family in Pendray that married BONYthon (besides also marrying the Noye's). The Bonnys have a bend colors reversed from the fesse-by-crosslets of Noise's/Nie's, and the Bonny bend happens to be the Knee/Nee and Roger bend too while I took Noise's off of the "Nos nostraque" motto phrase of English Rogers. This tends to prove that Knee's/Nee's had been from a variation of Noise's because Knee's/Nee's share the stag head of Vice's/Vise's and Acorns, both first found in Sussex with Packs (share Paisley anchor), and with the Bone's/Bohuns who have a bend in the colors of the bend-by-crosslets of Noise's/Nie's. I need this set of heraldry because I always feel there's more to what I know concerning my hand grazing the knee of Sleeping Beauty as I leaned over to kiss her. I want to know what lies in that scene, but at first glance, anyway, this paragraph still doesn't help me.

But wait. She had fallen asleep, though I didn't see her do so. She was feeling terrible, and it's only that God told me to wake her that I knew she had fallen asleep. He didn't tell me to kiss her awake, but that's what I thought to do, and that's what made her Sleeping Beauty. Had I not decided to kiss her, she would not have pointed to Beautys, and then I would not have been able to link Haydens to her, but am able to do so only because they share the Beauty bull while their Hades/Hat branch were first found in DORset with Beautys. Hades is a form of sleep that Paul mentioned. When she awoke, she popped into my arms, and we rose into the sky embraced in RAPTURE. Paul said that those who sleep will awake and be raptured (2 Thessalonians 2). It appears that God arranged a Hades variation of Haydens.

We were hugging when rising, and Hugs (Languedoc, same as FONT-de-Ville's) share the FOUNTain lion and triple fesses of Fountains, all red like the three LOVE/Luff fesses! The Kiss'/Cush's use "fountains"!!! It looks Arranged. Fountains use a "nostra" motto term like the "nostraque" of Knee-connectable Rogers. PaterNOSTERs share the small saltires of PATRicks (Norfolk, same as Fountains), and while Mrs. Kilpatrick was the original Sleeping Beauty, Kilpatricks not only share the Patrick / PATERnoster saltire, but they use "CUSHions" to go with the Cush variation of Kiss' (share Cust fountains). CUSSONs and Constance's/CUSTers have a giant eagle in the colors of the Lagge eagle, and the "RATioni" motto term of Constance's/Custers can be for the Rats/RAIDs in another potential pointer to the FBI raid at Mar-a-Lago. "RaTIONI" can be part-code for Tonys, first found in Leicestershire with Kiss'/Cush's. Spanish Fontana's (Castile, same as Petro's) look like kin of PETRo's who in turn share the Hicks / Ainsley fleur-de-lys.

The intended kiss was necessary to help prove that God wants Miss Earhardt to act as the woman in the dream, on Epstein's island. The man who I think owned the car she was with was hefty, and Trump is hefty too. Has she been seeing Trump??? He was in New York during the FBI raid, and I am sure she works in New York. I've just checked to find that Fox and Friends operates about 500 meters from Trump Tower. I'm not insinuating anything. The car in the dream was a 1950's classic, but I can't find such a car in Trump's list of cars.

The hug with Sleeping Beauty points very well to Miss Hicks, and yet Hug-beloved Fountains were first found in Norfolk with Haydens, now suspect with Hug-like Hague's/Haights/Hate's (almost have the Eyer/Ayer motto). Hugs are listed with HUGHES' (share Alan Chief), first found in Languedoc with French Alans. Irish Kilpatricks, sharing the Earhardt fleur, use a "laidir" motto term, like the "lydeirNON" motto term of Welsh Hughes'.

Italian Fontana's, in Tromp and Trump/Tromp colors, share the Tromp eagle, and the LAFINs/La Fonts (Tipperary, same as Irish Kennedys) are in the "AVISe la FIN" motto of Scottish Kennedys (Paternoster colors and format), first found in Ayrshire with LOGans. Avis'/AVISONs are definitely a branch of Avezzano's, first found in Sardinia with Lago's/LOGu's. The FINs were first found in Burgundy with LOGE's and Loches'/DeLOGES'. Miss Loches was married by Fulk I of Anjou, and Fulke's with the Flags in the flag of Font-de-Ville's were first found in Norfolk with Fountains while Italian Fulks (Tuscany, same as Fontana's) have a version of the Italian Fontana Coat. Norfolk is also with Comyns were first found who share the Avis/Avisons Coat.

The Font-de-Ville flag is of greater significance when we add the flags of McLeods/Clouds of SKYE, for as she and I rose into the sky while hugging, McLeods/Clouds use a motto, "Hold fast," which describes a hug. Fasts were first found in Norfolk with Fountains. Holds share the double fesses of HUGleys/Hagleys, though the latter's fesses are COUNTERchanged, as is the COUNTRy Coat, that being a surname in the Ainsley motto that shares the lone Beach pile. English Conte's are Counters too. Change's have three of the two Hugley/Hagley fesses, and while the latter come up as Haggle's, English Hagle's have a lone pile too (in different colors). German Hagle's share the lion of Kings in the Ainsley motto.

I first saw Sleeping Beauty at the front of the car, as she walked directly in front of the hood, and Hague's/Haights were first found in Yorkshire with the Oddie's/HODDys who share the Hague/Haight saltire, in the colors of the fret (incorporates a saltire) of Hoods. This set of heraldry points to Miss Earhardt, and as Hague's are like the Hughes variation of Hugs, I suppose that God wants to use the Heights/Hite's too because we hugged as we rose to the heights. The Noise's share "Nie" with English Neys while German Ney look like HEIDler kin; the latter share the white anchor with Hoods. However, I see nothing to say about Heights/Hite's.

I was at the PASSenger door for that touch-knee scene, and Pass's/Pascals look like Pasi/Pascel branch. Pass'/Pascals were first found in Essex with Broke's/Brocks and Brooks, but also with Noise/Nie-connectable Raines' (see below for connection). It's the Noise's/Nie's who have the "PACis" motto term. "PassENGER" suggests the Enger variation of Anchor-branch Angers, and Angers/Anjou (where I trace the Marsi snake goddess) had a Broc location. Hayden- / Hite-like Hyde's/Hydens share the Enger/Anger lozenges. The passenger door is pointing to Miss Earhardt instead of Miss Hicks. Paisley-branch Packs show nothing but anchors on a Chief-Shield colors reversed from the same of Broke's/Brocks.

The "noVIS" motto term of Hyde's/Hydens suggest the Vise's/Vice's (*) sharing the Knee/Nee stag head, and, zowie, I kid you not, it was only where I placed the asterisk that I remembered, without looking, that the style of cross used by Heights/Hite's is shared in the same colors by Vise's/Vice's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I touched her knee while bending over to kiss her, and we suddenly rose up, hugging, to the heights! Bingo! This is a first for this set of heraldry, I think, and it needed the Hydens. The only other surname I know of with that black cross is the Eustace surname (branch of Stacys and Staggs/Stage's).

The Height/Hite fleur-de-lys is even shared by Irish Conans, first found in Tipperary with Lafins/La FONTs while Hugs were kin of Kiss-beloved Fountains. Believe it or not. Scottish Conans have a cross in the colors of the Height/Hite / Vise/Vice cross. Lafins/La Fonts share the giant lion of Faucets, suspect in the "fecit" motto term of Hyde's/Hydens, but it's also the giant lion of Italian Conte's, suspect with "VISconti's, and then English Conte's share the antlers of Conan-like Cone's while the Vise/Vice, Eustace and Stagg/Stage cross is between antlers. French Conte's were not only first found in Languedoc with Hugs, but these Conte's share the Hague/Haight/Hate crescent.

French Conte's (French Mar and Marone colors and format) share the Country chevron. The Conys can apply because they use a "pansy" in Crest while Pansy/Pantzers were, I claim, connected by God to German Ducks who almost have a Hayden Shield. French Conte's are in the colors and format of French Mar (and Marone's) while Scottish Mars (Yorkshire, same as Hague's/Haights) have the Duce/Doocy Coat in different colors. English Conte's were first found in Durham, beside Hague's/Haights.

I'm tempted to think that The Hague in Holland is being pointed to by the name of Miss Earhardt's daughter, but as I wonder how Miss Earhardt might play to that international court, I'm stumped because I don't think she's goes out to find stories, but rather just tells the stories to elaborate upon them with guest appearances. Her official job is called an "anchor." "ANCHORWOMAN meaning: a woman who reads the news and introduces the reports of other broadcasters on a television news program." Was I standing at the passENGER door to indicate her job as an anchor? Did someone at her workplace make her miserable?

"Fox News CEO Roger Ailes Really Likes Luring Women into Cars." Or, as Gretchen Carlson's accusations against Ailes is what caused him to lose his job, note that the Beach / Country pile fills the Swedish Carlson Shield. Beach's were first found in Hertfordshire with Newes'. The Ills/Ale's/Alleys share the Coat of Atlas', the latter first found in Kent with Ailes'. Oh wow, I took the Ills and Ailes' from the fact that her face seemed to be in DISTRess, and while I was thinking of the Diss/Dice's as a possibility because Dice is beside the first-known English Carlsons, I tried for a DISTER surname I'm not familiar with, and while they have a two-headed-eagle version of the Diss/Dice Coat, the Disters were first found in Worcestershire with Ills/Ale's/Alleys and Square's/Squirrels in the squirrel of the Hazel Crest.

Lean on Me

This section started out only as an insert here, but became so long I've made it a section with a title. The continuation from above is written already after this section, sorry. The title of this section is as per one of the most-amazing finds on Sleeping Beauty thus far.

It sounds like Beauty's manfriend is a disaster. Dice have to do with casinos, and Casins/Cassane's (Hampshire, same as Chase's), a branch of Casino's and Casano's, share the triple Epstein chevrons. WOW, I began to write that before coming to Chase's, and, I kid you not, I heard what she was thinking when in distress, that her manfriend was "out and about, maybe chasing other women." Men that do that like casinos. Chase's share the patonce cross of Chance's, the latter first found in Essex with the Wayne's (Friend colors and format) who's motto is translated with "chance." Wow, Case's, first found in Norfolk with Diss, have a "DIStantia" motto term, and so maybe the manfriend is a casino socialite. Case's have a different-color version of the Leslie bend-with-buckles, and Leslie's share the green griffin head of Chase's. Italian Case's are listed with Casino's, and they share the Casano/Casino fesse, in the colors of the Hazel fesse.

Here's from the 1st update of February, 2017, where I left out "chasing," though it's implied: "When I arrived, she was hovering in the car, eyes closed and face stressed out, worried about whether some man (who owned the car?) was out and about after other women. I was able to hear her thoughts, and after hearing that, a voice came from behind me, 'What are you waiting for, go wake her up.'" In most cases after that update, I left out, "it's you she loves," but then I began to include it again this year.

In the next update after the February one above, I put it this way: "I saw her boyfriend in the dream (assumed owner of the car), and the word I've always used (for years, long before realizing the dream was code for surnames) for him is 'HEFty,' possibly of a similar surname (e.g. Heffers) in relation to the Hoffer variation of Hovers. While in her trance, distressed, I could hear her thoughts: 'he's out and about, maybe after/chasing other women.'" There's the all-important Chase surname that clicks with the Diss' of Case's and feasibly a Trump casino. Heffers are listed with Hefners, perhaps suggesting that Beauty was with a playboy = traitor.

As I've always said, Diss'/Dice's have a gold version of the Tarent Coat while Tarents use the Child Coat in colors reversed. In the 2nd update of May, 2017, a month after the last one above, I was telling that, when I needed to write Miss Hicks a letter, I looked her address up online and found that she purchased the home listed also to a Mr. Childs. This compelled me to write:

After hearing her thoughts, with which she was wrestling, I was told to wake her up. It's been a long time since hearing what she was thinking, but I've told this story so many times that I can remember the sentence to an accuracy of about 95 percent. She was thinking, "He's out and about, maybe (chasing) after other women (or ladies)." I assumed this was as per her mate, the one who owned the car. I honestly can't recall whether she said "chasing," but I was just floored to find what was just found. This is the first time I've thought to check a surname as per what she was thinking, and while I had nothing to say about Chase's, I then tried for a Chasin surname to find the Child Coat exactly!! This is so hilarious. Perhaps she's living with Mr. Childs, the previous owner of her home.

It appears very much that Chase's do apply, and so we can use this surname with Miss Earhardt in view too. Childs were at Wanstead, perhaps named by Chance-related Wayne's, and while Wayne's look like Friend kin, I bought a Texas property from Miss Friend. Casino-like Chasins are listed with CASTons, and Casts/Cash's share the Kiss/Cush Coat. She was stressed, but all she needed was a kiss to make it all better. Casins/Cassane's share the Eppstein Coat, and Jeffrey Epstein liked children.

The Children (Kent, same as Rundels/Roundels) might be using the swallow in the Arundel Crest. As king Childeric was father to Clovis while Clobbes' are in Child colors and format, we can take the Children to the Overs/Offers (Children colors and near-format) because they were first found in Cheshire with Clobbes'. Sleeping Beauty was HOVERing OVER the car seats. Clobbes' were at Cheshire's Farndon while Farndons share leopard faces (different colors) with Hovers/Hoffers. Farndale's/Farnells (Cheshire) share the Lady annulets while Ladys are in Anchor colors and format while Fare's and Fairholms/Farme's ("firme") use a giant anchor, borrowed by Formans/Fermans and Firmens (Farmer branch) in the Hayden motto. Overs/Offers share the fret of English Hoods in half its colors, and the Fairholm/Farme Coat is the one also of German Hoods/Hope's while HODleys share the Fairholm/Farme (and Noise/Nie) Crest.

Farrs (Yorkshire, same as Hicks and Bruce's) share the Hicks and Ainsley fleur-de-lys as evidence that Annas liners were from Anaki with Anchors. The Farr saltire is colors reversed from the Annan(dale) saltire as used by Bruce's. The Ainsley cross is in the colors of the Annandale saltire as used by Bruce's and the Arms of Ayrshire. The Annandale saltire is shared by Lennox's/Levenax's who in turn use an "I'll" motto term that, even with the apostrophe, brings up the Ills/Alleys with the giant Bruce lion in colors reversed.

Then, Ill/Alley variations look much like the Always' in the Ainsley motto, and Always' (Suffolk, same as Oullette-connectable Owls/Howls) share the lion of Aulnays and Oullette's (the latter have the Aulnays in their write-up); the latter are said to have been at Falaise. Always' were first found in Suffolk with the Babe's (Oullette kin round-about) who are a branch of Babels/Babwells, and the latter share the six pale bars of Annesleys. BABcocks were first found in Worcestershire with Ills/Alleys. The Babcock roosters are colors reversed from the same of Crows (Norfolk, same as Child-connectable Diss'/Dice's) who are in turn in Child / Clobbes colors and format while the Nuse's/NEWES'/Nuce's, who have two pale bars in the colors of the Babcock pale bar, were first found in Hertfordshire with Childs while News'/Nuce's were first found in Cambridgeshire i.e. where Clobbes' were once said to be first found. Crow-branch Crawls/Crowells were first found in Oxfordshire with Annesleys.

Crawls/Crowells (Diss chevron?) were at Kent, where Ill-Alley-branch Atlas' were first found. Walmers/Woolmans (Hampshire, same as Liss'/Lise's sharing the Annesley / Babel/Babwell pale bars) are likewise in Child / Crow colors and format.

Lennox's/Levenax's were first found in Stirlingshire with EARS-of-wheat Chappes'/Cheaps while French Chappes' were first found in ILE-de-France, which included La Falaise. Fallis'/Falls share the I'll/Ill/Alley lion. Ainsley seemed ILL and DIStressed while hovering (in indecision?), and Lennox's/Levenax's share "defend" with the Scottish Woods motto while Woods use a savage with CLUB. English Woods have a motto, "TUTus in unDIS," looking like code for Tute's/Tuits (Norfolk, same as Diss) in relation to Diss liners.

Clobbes', listed with Clubs, were once said to be first found in Cambridgeshire, where Chasins/Chastons were first found as well as the Wiggens who nearly have the Annas Coat. Amazingly, Clovis'/Clovells share nails in colors reversed with Proctors, the latter first found in Cambridgeshire! Whammy. Momma. Bam-Bam.

AHH, Ainsleys were first found in Broxtow while Cheshire has a Broxton location, and the Broxton Coat looks related to Proctors. The Birds/Burds (who love Mea's/Mys, as does the Ainsley motto), first found in Broxton, share the Proctor Crest!!! Surprise.

[Insert -- I have found the Love/Luff Crest description: "The Love/Luff write-up: 'A silver BIRD on a red cross formee fitchee'" (2nd update August, 2014)! Broxton is near Chester while Chesters share the Sheaves/SHEA motto. It's you SHE LOVES"!!!

The other Birds (Cheshire), with the same martlets shared by Proctors, share the Ainsley / Hicks fleur-de-lys in the colors of Bird-like McBRIDE's, and Scottish Bride's have a black version of that Bird Coat. [Addition, hours after this update was uploaded: YOO's/Yells were loaded to find them in Bride colors and format, and Yoo's/Yells use an ear of Weeton-like wheat! See Weetons below, a branch of WEDDINGs (!), first found in Norfolk with Wheats/Weets sharing a gold dancetty fesse with Haydens (Norfolk).] "It's you she loves" gave me the impression that God was showing me my future bride. After writing that, I remembered, from below, that Fails use a black eagle head in Crest, the symbol in the Crest of Scottish Bride's, and Fails come up below only because I stumbled over the Love/Luff fitchees with Fail-branch Velis'/Vails! Can we believe it? The Bird Crest is an eagle head partly in black. French Bride's almost have the Close Coat, which goes with the close-up I saw of Sleeping Beauty (stunning beauty), and Close's happen to have a Clovis-like Clovse variation.

Close's/Clove's use a motto, "ForTIS et fideLIS," and Tiss'/Teece's were first found in Hampshire with the Liss'/Lise's sharing the six Annesley pale bars. Then, Ainsleys were first found in Nottinghamshire with Tease's/Tyes'! The latter use the Annas and Amori stars. Annesleys use "VirtuTIS AMORE." Zikers, look at what I had missed for not knowing of the Annesleys until this week. "FIDELis" must be a pointer to the WAITer in the restaurant playing the fiddle for us when Ainsley and I are on our honeymoon, for Close's/Clovse's share the Wait hunting horns. Tease's/Thys' were at Mousehole, said to be called, "Port ENYS" too, and that's the Annas-like Ennis line.

OH WOW, just as I was looking at the paragraph above, feeling tired, I put on the music that was paused yesterday. The first song playing was "LEAN on ME" (Bill Withers), and when I heard him sing "lean," I wondered whether God intended me to go to Leans/McLains as per my leaning over to kiss Beauty. I had loaded the Leans/McLains several times before with this question, but never saw a thing to say in all the several symbols. BUT, this time, wow, their "mine" motto term worked a miracle, for I'm familiar with Mine's/Menne's via to "TentaMINE" motto term of Leggs. Mine's/Menne's have a dancetty fesse with the Annesley pale bars inside of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You cannot believe this. The Leggs hereby keep Trumps fresh to topic, he just won't go away.

I've mentioned Mamie a million times. She pointer to this very thing because, after she sat on my LEGs (at a picnic table), we slept in the same TENT together, and so note the "TENtamine" motto term of Leggs. The Menne variation of Mine's can go to Mens' who come up as Mame's, like "Mamie." It's just so cool, because the next day, at her garden, she got a thigh symbol (most beautiful thighs I had ever seen) to go with her tease symbol the night before, because we slept in the same sleeping bag, but she wouldn't hug me. She sat on my legs/knee's uninvited, then wouldn't hold or kiss me; she went to sleep facing away from me, ??? God intended it to be for the Tease's/Tyes' and Thigh's/THYs (giant FOX), for "thy" is a motto term of Sinclairs, first found in Midlothian with Men's/Mame's who share "God" with Sinclairs. And we just saw Tease's/Thys' with the Annesley topic, thanks to my leaning over to kiss Beauty, but, drats, God made my hand graze her LEG, and I got no kiss there either. But at least I got a nice, warm emBRACE to go with the "God" motto term of Bracebridge's.

Repeat: "Tease's/Thys' were at Mousehole, said to be called, "Port ENYS" too, and that's the Annas-like Ennis line." The song is, "Lean on ME," and Mee's/My's (Nottinghamshire, same as Ainsleys) are in the Ainsley motto as "my." Again, pointed to MAMESfelde (now Mansfield) in the write-up of Mens-connectable MANSfields, not only because they were first found in Nottinghamshire with Tease's/Thys', but because Mamie has large breasts while "mam" means "breast." Ainsleys were first found in Basford, and Basfords share the eagle of Barrs (Ayrshire, same as Ayers). Lookie: "Basford lies close to the River Leen..."! I did, I did, leen over to kiss Ainsley.

Mamie's thigh was at her Garden, and as we had left the camp site hours earlier, it appears that God wants to point to English Gardners too, for they almost have the English Camp Coat.

"Lean on Me" is by Bill Withers, and I know without checking that the Wither Crest is an Earhardt-connectable hare. If the hare has ears of wheat in its mouth, then Withers, who come up as Weathers, look like they derive in a Wheat variation. "WHAT are you WAITing for...go lean over and kiss her awake." In fact, Withers were first found in Norfolk with Wheats (in the colors of the What cocks) and Haydens, and Wheats share a gold dancetty fesse with Haydens. Wyats not only have another dancetty fesse, but it's white-on-black, and the dancetty fesse of Mine's/Menne's is partially white-on-black! Mine's are in the Lean/Leen/McLain motto!

Mamie and I emBRACEd the next day, in the lake, and Lake's share the Brace bend. We dated for a couple of months, but not before she pointed to pizzagate themes. Her thigh symbol was at the front garden, on her LAWN, and while Lawns are listed with Lane's, Leans/McLains are likewise McLane's.

The "VirTUE mine" motto phrase of Leans/McLains can be partly for the Tue variation of Tews/Tewells, for they share the other stars of Tease's/Thys'. Tue's/Tews/Tewells have blue wings in Crest linkable to Earhardts.

The end of "Lean on Me" repeats "Call me" many times interspersed with, "if YOU NEED a FRIEND." It appears that God had caused me to record this song for my playlists because Calls use trumpets, because Needhams share the Knee Coat, and because Ainsley works at Fox and Friends.

Needs share the green griffin head with Chase's, and branch of Wayne-related Chance's, and Wayne's are in Friend colors and format. Irish Heffers/HefferNEYs share the crescents of Coffers/Coffare's, and Friends were first found in Somerset with Coffers/Coffare's and English Heffers/Hefners to which the hefty man may point, for as we saw, he was suspect with Chase-connectable casinos. It's incredible that Chase's share the lion of Irish Heffers/Hefferneys. I find it stunning that while I'm on the Leans/McLains, Heffers/Hefners share the triple lions in pale of English Lawns/Lane's/Laine's, and both Crests share the red-covered crown. It looks like a hit. I wonder whether it's a pointer to GhisLAINE Maxwell.

The Droits in the Heffer/Hefner motto were first found in Oxfordshire with the Annesleys and Annesley-beloved Amore's, and the latter share red-on-white nebuly with Droits. The latter look like a Drew/Dreux branch, in Drake colors and format, and Drake's were first found in (beside Somerset) Hampshire with Annesley-connectable Liss'/Lise's, and with the TISS'/Teece's expected in the Annesley motto. The Annesley and Liss/Lise pale bars are almost those of Lizards/SARDE's, and SARDinia is where Amori's were first found. I had my shirt off when leaning over to kiss Beauty, and Shirts/SHARDs have a "HosTIS" motto term as well as the Tiss/Teece chevron. Shirts/SHARDs share the peacock in Crest with HARcourts, the latter first found in Oxfordshire with Annesleys, Amori's and Damori's/Amori's. Shirts/Shards have "Lord Sherard," earl of HARborough, and though there's no Harborough/Harbury surname coming up, I can glean that they were Harburgs (BELLs) because they are in the colors and format of the BELLy chevron-with-items. Shirts/Shards share the red roundels in the Arms of Boulogne (Pas de CALAIS), and Boulogne was home to Godfrey de Bouillon. Bouillons use a "BELLO" motto term, and share the Moor head both with Bellys and Annesleys! While Annesleys are suspect from Annas the chief priest, the chief priest who followed him was his son-in-law, Caiaphas, and it just so happens that French Chappes', using the Moor head too, were first found in Ile-de-France with French Lise'/Lys'.

But there's more, for while this GODfrey was a son of Eustace, and of God-like Goda, the Eustace's are a branch of Stacys who in turn use the Eustace cross as a saltire in the colors of the same of the Bruce's of ANNAN(dale)s, first found in Dumfries with BELLs and Scottish Lise's. I'm amazed, for while I BRUSHed her knee, Brush's have this saltire too, and the Eustace's share the Ainsley cross!!! Incredible story, coming from my wearing no shirt at the knee-touch scene, and only my jeans. Jeans/J'ANES' have the Bruce lion in colors reversed!!! Incredible. The Eustace's and Stacys both have a cross between antlers, as do Staggs/Stage's who feature the HANNA stag head (!) and share the Bell / Harburg chevron! This is a first for tracing Shirts/Shards so well to de-Bouillon. The Hanna stags heads are colors reversed from those of Trumps, and Lago's were first found in SARDinia.

Without going into the details again of how it happened, I had a BELLY-press event with Miss Peare that brought in the Felts and GODa-like Goods/Guts. Felts not only have the Bouillon Coat in colors reversed, but it's the Bird flory cross too, and we saw Birds in the Love/Luff Crest, and sharing the Ainsley fleur-de-lys as well as the Proctor Crest. The belly-press event (my age 18) was brought back to my memory in a Sleeping Bag dream a few years ago, because the last scene in this dream was my pulling Miss Peare by her HIPS / waist, and, I had said, "it FELT so GOOD," the same sensation I had with belly-press as I awoke from SLEEP. I was pressing her belly toward me during sleep, and the Sleeps share double-ermined fesses with FELTmans. The Hips' (Norfolk, same as Haydens) share the Bird / Proctor martlet, and Will Proctor is Hayden's father. The sleeping BAG must relate to SLEEPing Beauty in some way, therefore.

As I've said a million times, with proof, the waist-pull event with Peare was on a wooden platform that acted as a STAGE, and as Stage's share the Belly chevron, I had pointed out the Peare-like "Per" motto term of Bellys, and then "PERsequeris" is a motto term of Stacys and Eustace's. I'm inclined to see "PerSEQUERis" with Segur liners, noting that Segurs list the Second surname in the French Levi motto, but then Segurana's, first found in Genoa with Bag-related Grimaldi's share the Aquila / Basford eagle while Aquila's were first found near Capua, and then Capone's/Capua's (Naples, near Capua) share the crowned lion of Jewish Levi's. Capote's/Capone's have Caiaphas-like variations. Basford is on the LEEN river.

I call the event on the stage as a hips-PULLING / waist-pulling event. Bells and Scottish Lise's were first found in Dumfries with the Leggs having a "GAUDET tentaMINE" motto phrase. Basfords look related to Gaudets/GODers/Godee's, and then Gautier's share the PULLING/Pullen martlets while Gauters are listed with Spanish GUTs, and a gut is a belly, which is what makes the Goods/Guts so compelling for proving that "it felt so good" is a line inspired by God through me. Gauters/Guts have five greyhound heads in the colors of the greyhound of Boulogne-like Bologna's. The latter have the upright Hun/Hundt and Hungar greyhound too, suggesting the line of king BELA of Hungary, brother of Andrew I, in the "bello" motto term of Bouillons.

Repeat: "English Engers/Angers were first found in Essex with Pass'/Pascals, German Engers/UNGERs (Bohemia) share the Ainsley / Hicks fleur-de-lys. HUNGERs share the Hun/Hundt greyhound linkable to the Fortune/Fortuna Coat while Rollo's use a 'fortune passe.'" Pasi's/Pascels were first found in Bologna, tending to explain the Bologna greyhounds.

Recall the Below surname with CHALICE that goes to "Pas de CALAIS" with Bellows/Ballots and Billets. French Billets/Billiards share the stars of Moray, and Bellys were first found in Moray, which was also called, Moravia, and Moravia is in Czechoslovakia, where the other Hungars were first found.

I was just asking whether Bellamys (share Bell fesse) can apply to Sleeping Beauty because they were first found in Shropshire with Sleeps. Just then, wedding bells came to mind because Beauty was portrayed as my future wife, and loading the Weddings again (Yorkshire, same as Hicks), it was recalled that they have a red version of the Hicks Coat. However, the Wedding Crest is the red martlet in the Proctor / Bird Crest! Zikers, another Ainsley surprise, with no end in sight. I've been over the Weddings and Weedins/Weetons (share Wedding fesse) before because Weedins have double fesses colors reversed from the two of Sleeps. The Weedin/Weeton Crest is a black martlet. It was the Shirts/Shards that took us to the Harburg bells. End insert]

Clovis'/Clovells might have the Sheaves/Shea chevron because both surnames were first found in Berkshire. Italian Sheaves' even share the key (different color) with Clavers/Clovers. Davenports (Cheshire) are in Sheaves'/Shea colors and format, and "God" is shared between Clovis'/Cloville's and Davenports while the latter use a savage that is often with a club, likely because Savage's/Sava's were first found in Cheshire too. The "Cruce" motto term of Birds/Burds can go to Crooks/Crookstons, and one article says: "There is also some mention made of later heirs to the Crookisfeu being John de ANNESLEY and Adam de Glasferth.'" The Crocs named Crookston and Crookisfeu (in an area inhabited by Pollocks).

The Annas Crest is the Crest of Scottish Johnsons (Dumfries, same as Scottish Hains) who in turn have a red-Chief version of a Kilpatrick Coat. This is a case where the Ainsley bloodline linked to Kilpatricks. The latter had a castle near Wigton, where Hanna's were first found whose Crest is similar to the Ains/Hain Crest. With Hanna's sharing the Trump stag head, this paragraph links to Stephen Hahn, Trump's chief drug trafficker. Johnson & Johnson vaccines are by Janssen, and English Janssens have the Chase / Chance patonce in half its colors. The Chief-Shield of English Janssens is roughly in the colors of the same of Annes' and Wiggens, all three having a blank, gold Chief. The Annas and Wiggen stars are those of Italian Amori's!!! Shortly after this inserted section, you will see why Annas' link to Amore's and Love's/Luffs in one of my most-amazing finds in a long time.

A year earlier, in the 2nd update of 2016, I did use "its you she loves," and the "dark hair" tends to rule out Trump, whew:

For a split second, there was a close-up of this woman's face, and I remarked, "She's beautiful. She looks like an actress." So I approached, but the woman was concerned as if to want to get away from me. I arrived, standing outside the car, and she was inside hovering over the seats. The car was a refurbished 1950's vehicle; I can't recall the color for certain, nor did I know the model or year. The woman had stress on her face, some issue causing her some unhappiness. And I was made to hear her thoughts: "He's out and about, maybe after other women." So I assumed that the owner of the car was him, a playboy type, and that he was not making her very happy. I was given a glimpse of this man, hefty, with short dark hair. That's when I heard a voice, which I assumed to be God, saying, in effect, "What are you waiting for, it's you she loves, go wake her up." I thought to give her a kiss on the cheek, and I saw my hand contacting her knee as I leaned over. As soon as I touched her, she leapt up, into my arms, and we rose arm-in-arm together into the sky i.e. as if into the blessings of God.

Had it not been for, "it's you she loves," I would not have thought to kiss her. To this day, I can't recall that I was going to kiss her on the cheek, but I'll trust what I said beck then. Without thought of this kiss to the cheek, which I have long forgotten, I've been lately linking the Cheeks/Checks/Chicks to Love's/Luffs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Incredible. I don't remember writing one time that I was going to kiss her on the cheek. "The surname Cheek was first found in the Hundredorum Rolls of 1273 which included: Walter Chike, Oxfordshire." That's where Love's/Luffs were first found who share the fitchee type (same color) of Cheeks/Checks/Chicks.

I'm writing here, adding material after finding Ainsley-like Annesleys shortly below. The AINS'/Hains essentially have the Cheek/Check/Chick Coat in colors reversed, and ANNESleys were first found in Oxfordshire too, believe it or not. I kid you not, I've been long wanting to know whose six wavy pale bars are in the Ains/Hain crescents, and just this minute I realize they are the six of Annesleys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Incredible. I've just checked all my files for "Annesley," not one occurrence of the surname, though I do have this quote: "'The surname Ainsley was first found in Nottinghamshire at ANNESley, a parish, in the union of Basford, N. division of the wapentake of Broxtow.'" I've never looked up Annesleys; they are brand new to me this week, and it's Annesleys who have an "amore" motto term!!

The Annas' list Anners, like the Annersley variation of Annesleys. The Unions/ANIONs have the mascle of Scottish Hains and Bullys on their MILLrind, and Hains with Bullys (flaming heart) were first found in Dumfries with Kilpatricks. Mills/Mile's were first found in Hampshire with the Liss'/Lise's who share the six pale bars of Annesleys and Lists. The latter were first found in Silesia with BROX's/Brocuffs/Procks, suspect in naming Broxtow, where Ainsleys were first found. PROCtors (Cambridgeshire, same as Wiggens) can apply.

Oxfordshire is where Bonns/Bunns were first found who share the Gates / Door lion. It's the lion of many surnames, but I'm pegging Gates and Doors here because Hicks use a "bon" motto term while Italian Bons/Bono's have nearly the Gates Coat. English Doors substitute the three Gates lions with three bees, and Bee's were first found in Oxfordshire with Bonns/Bunns. Bee-using Boys/Bie's were first found in Berwickshire with Velis'/Wills.

I almost missed it: the Cheek/Check and Love/Luff fitchee is shared by Velis'/Vails in the "NE vile velis" motto of Griffins, important where the Fien/Fane's/Vans use "Ne vile fano," and thus the Nee variation of Knee's must be in that because the kiss on the cheek was made by God a touch of her knee instead. If we ask why God would have us go to Velis', perhaps it's because they share the Tromp eagle. The Velis/Vail Crest has a swan head with the red fitchees, and Swans/Sions once showed gauntlets, the Fien/Fane/Van symbol. They substituted them for falconer's gloves now showing. I thing there's a rising falcon in the Crest of English Willis', and more griffins are with Scottish Velis'/Wills/Willis'. I've suggested that our emBRACing each other as she awoke is a pointer to Bracebridge's, and they have a motto, BE AS God will," and while Bee's are also Beas', "As God wills" is the full motto of Velis'/Wills. It appears that God wanted to point to this picture by the knee touch, especially as Touch-branch Tufts/Tuffs (share the Knee/Nee Crest) are in the colors and format of English Willis'! That's new. The Knee/Nee Crest is a phoenix, and Phoenix's/FENwicks, like the Phone variation of "Ne vile" Fiens/Fane's/Vans, were first found in Northumberland with Velis'/Vails!

Kiss'/Cush's were first found in Leicestershire, and the Velis/Vail swan head is shared by Leicesters who in turn share the fleur-de-lys of English VALLs/Walls (Velis'/Vails are also Vale's). The latter look like kin of Masters who in turn share the griffin heads of Box's who in turn share the Swan/Sion lion. Shortly below this inserted section, I suggest a pointer with Fens/Venn-linkable Baums to the nuclear-bomb secrets that Trump is now being accused of stealing. That topic includes some of the surnames in this paragraph, including what looks like a bomb in the Box crest.

The intended kiss on her cheek took us through the last two paragraphs, and what absolutely wild is that while Cheeks are listed with Chicks. Chichesters share the Shield of English Vaux's/Voxe's who are said to have been VALLibus' too. Repeat: "I almost missed it: the Cheek/Check and Love/Luff fitchee is shared by Velis'/Vails in the "NE vile velis" motto of Griffins..." The wild part is that the Chichester motto is "Firm en foi" while Beauty-loving Haydens use, "Ferme en foy," and while Fermans were first found in Yorkshire with Firmens, the latter must have the red Love/Luff / Cheek fitchee in Crest because both Love's/Luffs and Firmens share the same lion head!!! It's a connector of the would-be kiss to "it's you she loves." It explains why the Love/Luff cross is a "FORMee fitchee". Formans were once said to be first found in Midlothian with Fallis'/Falls, and with the Fairholms/Farme's ("firme") having the Forman anchor in colors reversed.

Chichesters are said to have been in a Box region. Hayden-beloved Roys (Lanarkshire, same as Swans/Sions) have a lion in the colors of the Box / Swan/Sion / Pool lion.

The Chichester Chief is shared by Quints (Cumberland, same as Vaux's/Voxe's) while Quintana's show three dice each with a 6 instead of showing three 5's as expected of "QUINTana." However, the dice do show three 5's, but not on the tops. They chose 666 instead on the tops. Quints were once said to be first found in Essex and Dorset, and Essex is where Chicks/Chichs were first found who share the lion of Pools (Dorset). The bulldog went for a fall in the pool, and while Fallis/Falls share the three Chick/Chich lions, Velis'/Vails are also Fale's/Fails. Scottish Fails/Fauls/Fale's/Vails share the Velis/Vail/Fail and Tromp eagle, and Whelans/FAILins were first found in Waterford while the Arms of County Waterford share the Trump stag head. Deise is at Waterford, and "Deise" is even a motto term in the Arms above. Deise's are listed with Diss'/Dice's. [I failed to add here that Waterfords share the Kiss/Cush "fountains"!]

Sheaves/Shea's were first found in Berkshire with Becks while Beach's are Bechs. Becks share the moline of Shark-line Sarasins. I went from the shark scene to a beach scene to be told that Beauty loves me, and Love's/Luffs were first found beside Berkshire. The Beck / Sarasin and Vallan/Valletti moline is in the colors of the saltire of Windsors (Berkshire), and the French Valle's/Valleys (Brittany, same as Sarasins) suspect in the "valle" motto term of Vallans/Valletti's (three of the Alan fesse) share triple-red fesses with Love's/Luffs. Valletti is a city on Malta, in the land of Saracens. Vallan-like Valiants use a shark. Important: Dutch Valle's are also Falls, and they share a red bend with Annesleys (same place as Love's/Luffs). There was a fall into the shark pool.

Trump's son-in-law, Jarret-like Jared, owns a building with a 666 address, though he changed it to 662 (or maybe 664) after Trump became the president. Jared's surname is KUSHner, like the Cush variation of Kiss', and like the Kilpatrick / Bibo / Johnson "cushion." Are the Bibo's here a pointer to Bibi Netanyahu? Kushner and Trump had a falling-out with Bibi. Bibi's share the red Kiss/Cush rooster. The Bibo rooster is standing on a cushion. Bibo's are said to be related to Hahns, and Stephen Hahn controlled the FDA when Israel was fast becoming the leading vaccine-crazy country in the world. But why would God portray this picture with a kiss to the cheek? Was it going to be a Judas kiss? The kiss never happened, anyway, but I instead touched her knee. I GET IT!!! The Knee's are also Knees' while the Kness' are like "Knesset," the Israeli parliament!!!!! I think that works. It gives a whole-new direction to this dream, and we can see why God would stress it. It's about the Israeli deep state, the globalist, anti-Christ beast. Blow me away.

[I kid you not, I did not introduce Jared Kushner immediately after mention of Chicks/Chichs because they almost have the Jared/Gerard/Jarret Coat!!! They share the same border and lion. This was not discovered until four paragraphs below.]

KISSingers are also KissLINGs, and Lynch-branch Lings (Feller colors and format) are very interesting for looking like a cross between Gates-like Geddes' and Geds. Bill Gates and Rockefellers are leaders in the vaccine crimes. Lynch's almost have the Feller Coat. Is Kushner part of the Henry-Kissinger circle of globalist conductors? "Kushner attended a talk Kissinger gave on U.S.-Russia relations at the Center for the National Interest in 2016..." Headline: "Henry Kissinger regularly talks to Jared Kushner" I think, with God, any scene can point to more than one batch of stuff.

I was about to kiss Beauty when I was at the door, and Irish Doors share the giant lion of Ivans/Evance's, whom I've just looked up as per IVANka, Jared's wife. Ivans/Evance's/Avans were first found in Herefordshire with English Doors! Zikers. The "Avancez" motto term of Hills (Worcestershire, same as Clinton-related Hillarys and the Clent Hills) might apply. Hills share the Claver/Cleaver / Plunkett tower. The style of lion used for Ivans/Evance's is in the Gates Coat. English Doors named Abbey Dore (Herefordshire), and that's at/beside Gwent while Gwents/Gwyns are in Claver/Cleaver colors and near-format. Coincidence? If Ivanka is another fulfillment of Sleeping Beauty (she was a blond), it's a darn-good thing I didn't kiss her. I don't like her world views. I don't like her spirit.

[Insert -- In the sleeping bag dream, David Morley (old friend) circled the sleeping bag that I had picked up on a HILL. Morleys/Mauls can now point to MAL = Mar-a-Lago, and they use a "Clementia" motto term while Clements were first found in Breconshire with Gwents who are in turn in the colors of English Morleys. That's interesting, because I still do not have it hard in my head as to what that sleeping bag symbolizes. Bachs/Baghs (look like Saffer kin) were first found near Breconshire. Morley pointed by his first name to Aids/Ade's, and thy now trace to Ada Baliol while Baliols almost have the Gwent/Gwyn Coat! Bachs/Baghs share the vair fur of Gwent-like Quints, the latter first found in the area of Morley-branch Morlands.

Wow, immediately after adding the last paragraph, and thinking that Gwyn-like Wins/Wine's were first found in Wales with Gwents/Gwyns, I went back to the spell-check, and it brought me in seconds to this: "The Winger/WINgate [!!!] write-up: "'...Bartholomew de Windegates was one of an inquest as to the lands of ADA de Baylloil in Northumberland, 1251.'" This Ada of Baliol married John CLAVERing i.e. like the Clapper surname, explaining why Baliols are in Claver/Cleaver colors and near-format." Cool. Why did Morley circle a sleeping bag on a Claver-connectable hill?

The very next paragraph with the quote above has: "As Claverings essentially share the Mall Coat, let's repeat: 'My sleeping-BAG dream of a few years ago, which pointed overwhelmingly to the Clinton crime ring, pointed to Aids/Ade's, Malls and Mauls, suddenly interesting where I saw someone write 'Mar-a-Lago' as 'MAL.'...'. Aids/Ade's are in Rodham colors and format while Rodhams (Northumberland, same as Malbanks, Baliols, BELLY-branch Baileys, and Ada of Baliol) share the ermined bend of MALbanks while Malbancs are in the Mall write-up, and then the Clapton and Winger/Wingate bends are white-ermined too, all incredible."

In the very next paragraph with the quote above, it has: "The "ADvance" motto of Speers/SPEYers can apply to Ada of Baliol because the Baliol-branch Baileys share the Moray stars while Bellys were first found in Moray while Moray is along the SPEYer river." The Hill motto, "Avancez," is almost "Advance," and neither motto has any other terms. The Vims in the Gwent motto are listed with the Bene's/Beans in the Bailey motto. I'm running out of time to comment much, back to the spellcheck. End insert]

The bird in the Kness Crest is the RISING one (different color) of English Willis', in the colors and format of Tufts/Tuffs' who in turn share the Knee Crest! Bingo. here's from my 6th update in December, 2010: "...the other/English Willis surname (Hayer colors) uses a falcon rising (in Crest), the symbol not only of the Aflack Crest (founding family of the Baathists), but of the Hay/Hayer Crest." I usually put descriptions in quotation marks to signal that I've read the descriptions, but in this case I didn't put "falcon rising" in quotations. It's important because the touch-knee event led to a rising. What I do know is that the position of the Willis bird is often called "rising" in many Crests. I've found: "Mansells, a branch of MANSfields, use a 'falcon RISING,'..." It's the same bird as the rising birds above, usually in brown probably because Browns (brown Crest, Earhardt fleur) were first found in Cumberland with Falcons. Scottish Browns even share the Coat of vaccine-like Vychans/Vaughns. Irish Browns look related to Fails. Boyers use a brown "falcon rising." I've also found, "... Chichesters (heron rising...)," but again no quotation marks.

As Sleeping Beauty's knee is now pointing to vaccines by Jewish, anti-Christ control freaks who wish to own the universe, perhaps in the name of a Jesus-less God, note that Inverness-shire is where graphene-oxide-suspect Gows/McGoo's were first found along with Velis-branch Fails/Fauls/Vails. I'm telling this because Gowers/Gore's almost have the Monan motto while I have Monans (share Gower/Gore flory cross) recorded with a rising falcon, though not in quotation marks. RHIZON is beside Dardania, and MONUNius was a king of Dardania. Moons were once said to be first found in Devon with Darts/Dards. Browns share the fleur of Broke's/Brocks (share Monan lion) using a dart for Dardanian liners. Monans share Gower/Gore FLORY cross suspect with the "Floreat" motto term of Browns, likely for Bruno's of Florence. Flore's share both the Brown and the Ainsley fleur-de-lys, but see also Flora's.

Monans share "non" with the Kness' (white rising falcon) who in turn share the French Falcon crescent. Broke's/Brocks were a Brocuff/PROCK branch, and the three Proctor nails in pale are colors reversed from the three pale bars of Stute's feasibly in the "astutia" motto term of Kness'. Though not in the same color, Stute's and Proctors share a footless martlet in Crest. Some say that Proctor & Gamble is an Illuminati company working to make people sick or dead with subtle poisons in their products. Gamble's share the Ainsley / Hicks / Rench fleur-de-lys, and English Rench's share the crosslets of Gower-branch Gore's.

As I said, I saw Beauty CLOSE-up, her face only, for such a short split-second that I can't remember the facial features exactly. It worked where Close's/Clovse's can be traced by their green Crest and spur to Closeburn of Kilpatricks, but Close's even share the black, gold-striped hunting horns of Weights/WAITs who were part of the wake scene. The Arms of Traby has such horns, with three strings (on the horns) that look like 666. Add that to the KUSHNer pointer to the Kilpatrick CUSHIONs, and we have a good idea as to why Mrs. Kilpatrick was the original Sleeping Beauty.

Close's/Clovse's share the green lion with Lorraine's while Clots/DuCLOS'/DuCLAUDS, first found in Lorraine, can take us to blood clots by vaccines, and to the Clauds/CLAUSels sharing the Tromp acorns.

The Jared/Gerard/Jarret border is ermined, as is the same-colored Flora border. Flora's were Brown/Brun kin, and Bruno's of Florence are suspect in naming Brunswick, where Barr's of Este ruled when they formed Bar-le-Duc in Lorraine. This recalls Mamie at the camp site. In the first of three events I recall that night, she was in the HATCH of a pick-up truck with Barry in there too, and Hatch's share the Brunswick Coat. In the second event, she sat on my knees and LEGs at the camp fire, and Scottish MARs (Yorkshire, where Camps were once said to be first found) have the Hatch Coat in half its colors, and this looks like a pointer to MAR-a-Lago.

I showed how Knee's link to Acorns in relation to the Trump acorns. Leggs almost have the Trump/Tromp Coat. The Knee's are now pointing to Kushner and the Knesset. The next day, Mamie and I were at her GARDEN on her front LAWN, and while Val Trompia is at Garda, English Lawns have three lions in pale in the colors of the two lions in pale of Hatch's / Brunswicks. Irish Lawns share the Lorraine bend. I met Mamie for the first time on the night Lorraine the babe got her grass stain on her pants from a lawn, the stain that pointed to Pansys/Pantzers (same place as Ducks) in the pansies in the Arms of Bar-le-Duc. Is that not wild? The Gardens share the giant black boar of French Jarrets, and Jareds are Jarretts too! I get it. God is pointing to Jared and Ivanka Trump, liberal anti-Christs.

There is a white lion head in the Crest of HATch's/Hacch's, and so it may seem that a Hack line married the Hats/Hades' because the latter's Hayden branch has a white lion in Crest. English Jarrets have a giant white lion, as do Jareds/Gerards/Jarretts. Hatchets/Hackets share fish (different colors) with English Hykes'/Hake's (Norfolk, same as Haydens and Heads/Heeds). Hatchets/Hackets look like Ged kin while the pool was kidney shaped while the Pool lion is the giant Jared/Gerard/Jarrett lion, in the colors and format of the giant and white Hake/Hacke/Haek unicorn. Hatchets/Hackets look like Saraca and Shark kin partly because the Chief-Shield colors of Hatchets/Hackets are shared by shark-using Valiants. Heads/Heeds use white unicorn heads linkable to the horse heads of Este-loving Pepins, and the latter's bend-with-FLEUR is shared by Rasmussens having another giant and white unicorn, even the Schwab unicorn.

Valiant-like Vallants/Valence's (linkable to the Proctor martlet) have the five fesses of German Ducks (same place as Nails) in colors reversed, and they look related to the Hayden bars. While Bar-le-Duc was related to German Ducks, Spanish Barro's share the upright greyhound of Vallant-like Fallants/Fallons/Vollans while Fells look related to Ducs/LeDucs and Whelans/Failins while Falls/Fallis' share the Jared/Jarrett lion too. The bulldog went for a fall / fail in the pool and got swallowed by the shark. Fallants/Fallons/Vollans were first found in Galway with the Lynch's who in turn almost have the Feller Coat. Some say that Jared Kushner is/was working an Israeli policy at odds with Donald Trump's. End insert

Back to Hazel Liners

English Carlsons are in Hazelwood and Hazelton colors and format, and it's even possible that "Ailes" was from "Hazel." Hazels were Weaver kin, and while German Weavers are Webbers, English Webbers have a blue roundel (Arthur symbol) called "disce" while the Diss/Dice write-up says that Dice was called, Disce. The Diss'/Dice's and Disters are in Arthur colors and format, as well as in the colors and format of the neighboring DAVERs (Suffolk, same as English Carlsons), and then "DAVERSI" was an alternative name of the Daorsi on the NERETva river along with the proto-Arthur Ardiaei. I trace Daorsi to mythical Doris, mother of mythical NEREIDs, and to the Doors, first found in Herefordshire with the Jays in the Daver Crest. I was standing at the DOOR when she was looking distressed, and I was still there when she and I were ARISing into the sky. Hazeltons have an "aris" motto term, believe it or not. The two-headed Dister eagle is colors reversed from the giant one of Lagge's, and, I've only just realized, the Lagge eagle is in the colors of the DONALD eagle!

Wow, Johns share the Coat of "aris"-connectable RHYS'/Rice's (and throw in the besantee border of Farndale's/Farnells). Donald JOHN Trump.

The Neretva was also the Naro, and a family from that river may have become the Nairs/Nayers/Nuirs (Perthshire, same as Door/Dore-like Dure's) who may then have branched to become Neyers/Noyers and finally the Noise's/Nie's and Knee's/Nee's. Why do German Dorrs have quadrants colors reversed from those of the other Haydens and Hades'/Hats? The latter share wings in Crest with German Dorrs while Wings were first found in Perthshire with Dure's, and with the Wing-related Justine's who share the weight scale Weight-beloved Dexters. The NUIR variation of Nairs is like "Neuri," the latter being the name of a people on the Bug river, and while English Bugs were once said to be first found in Nottinghamshire with Ainsleys and the My's in the Ainsley motto, Bugs are now said to be first found in DORset with Hades'/Hats and Beautys.

The full Hazelton motto is shared by Weights/WAITs, and the Hazelton chevron is colors reversed from the WHAT chevron, while ARE's are listed with Ayers ("air" motto term). God said, "WHAT ARE YOU WAITing for, it's YOU SHE loves..." Weights/Waits are in YEO/Yeoman and SHEA colors and format, but also in the colors and format of RHYS'/Rice's, and Weights/Waits use "aris " too. It fits the arising event. She arose from sleep, then rose into the sky in love with me. We rose into the AIR, and Eyers/Airs probably named Airharts/EarHARDts. But who did I represent in that scene, and why? I won't know until at least after Miss Earhardt fulfills that scene. RHYS'/Rice's even use a "HARDi" motto term while Hardys were first found in Lanarkshire with the Roys in the Hayden motto.

The "AD" motto term of German Dorrs can play here to Daorsi at Rhizon. Weights/Waits use hunting horns, as do Huntingdons, and Ada of WARENNE/VARENNE can be traced to Aids/Ade's who share the bend of RISE's/Rye's, tending to explain the "aris" motto term of Weights/Waits. "What are you waiting FOR...?" "For my" is in the Ainsley motto twice, and My's/Mee's/Mea's (Nottinghamshire, same as Ainsleys) share ravens with Rhys'/Rice's and Varenne's/Verone's; the latter share the German Bug Coat. What does this mean? Hazeltons (share Weight/Wait motto) were first found in Sussex with Warrens, and where Rise's/Rye's were once said to be first found (now in Norfolk with Risings/Risons) along with Saddocks because use "EARS of RYE." What-like Wheats/Whate's (Norfolk) are in heraldic "ears of wheat."

Eyes/Ayers/Airs and Here's/Heyers were first found in Derbyshire with "aris"-like Harris/HAIRis', and Here's/Heyers are said to use two "dexter wings" while it's the Dexter weight SCALE that is called, simply, "Weights." No guff. It means that Weights/Waits were related to an Earhardt branch or two or three. The SCALia ladder is in the colors of the Harris bend. English Hairs/Hare's, sharing the double fesses of HARcourts (Oxfordshire, same as multiple-fesse Love's/Luffs), were first found in Surrey with the father of Ada of Warenne.

For what it could be worth, hold on to your ears lest you brains blow out: Harcourts have two fesses colors reversed from the Wake fesses, and while Wake's were Orr/Ore kin, the latter's motto is of Bone liners along with the mottoes of Harcourts and Hicks'. "It's you she loves, go WAKE HER." Hairs/Hare's are also Hehrs, and their Harcourt branch shares the peacock in Crest with Shirts/SHARDs (share red roundels with Wake's and Orrs/Ore's) while the LeBon's suspect in the "Le bon" motto phrase of Harcourts were first found in Provence with LIZARTs/SARDE's, and then the Peacocks love the Fears in their motto, as do Irish HARE's/Jarrys/Garrys (FOX) who in turn use a LIZARD and the giant TOUCH lion. I touched her knee to wake her because Touch's/Tuffs were first found in Cheshire with Tufts/Tuffs' who share the phoenix in Crest with Knee's (and Mole's). Fears/FIERs were from the Dexaroi on the Fier river of Albania, the line to Here-beloved Dexters. SARDinia is where Avezzano's were first found while their Avison branch share the Coat of Comyns/Comine's from Kuman on the Fier river.

KilPATRicks, from Antipatria, home of Dexaroi, use a DEXARoi-like Dagger as well as a "dexter paw" of a lion on a dragon's "HEAD," and this is amazing because Heads/Heeds were first found in Norfolk with Haydens who in turn have a paw (left paw) of a lion on the Beauty bull!!!!! That's new, and I love it. Heads/Heeds were also early in Nottinghamshire. Belgian Hede's/Heedens share the fesse of Swallow-like Swale's, the latter first found in Yorkshire with the Hague's/Haights sharing the Hede/Heeden crescents, and the Swale's have an "esto" motto term while English Este's have horse heads in the colors of the unicorn heads of Heads/Heeds. "Esto" is a term of Weavers who share the Comyn/Comine garb, only Weavers use them as the Arms of Cheshire. Swale's share the fesse also of Wake-like Walks/Wachs.

It's interesting that while the DoJ has impaneled a Grand Jury to prosecute Trump for this week's theater, this case might need to be appealed by Trump to the world court at The Hague. The Courts/Coverts (share Tromp eagle) have the Grands, I assume, in their "Grandescunt" motto term. The JURY surname, listed with Durie's/Dorie's, almost have the Hede/Heeden Coat. I touched Beauty's knee when at the DOOR, and Touch's share the lion of Jury-like Jarrys. French Jarrets/Jarre's share the Garden/Jarden boar head, and Tromps are expected from lake Garda. Jurys/Durie's/Dorie's were first found in Fife, near the Gardens / Jardins of Angus, and not far from the Swallow-connectable Dure's (share Saluzzo Coat) of Perthshire. English Jarrets were first found in Shropshire with Sallows and the Alans of Dol, and Dol is where French Jarrets were first found.

Carricks use a "Garde" motto term while Carrick-branch Carrots/Carews have three of the two lions in pale of Garts (Yorkshire, same as Craggs sharing the Carrick dog), but see also the Quarre and Quarter/Water lion. Garts share the fitchees of Sheers/Shere's who in turn share the Carrick dog. They are also the fitchees of Tromp-connectable Tarves'. Travis'/Travers happen to have, almost, the Irish Judge Coat. Carricks (Ayrshire, same as Cords/McCourts and Quarters) share the Cord/McCOURT fesse. The Quarter/Water Crest can be a lyre (instead of a harp) because French Leirs (Dol, same as Jarrets) share the Irish Judge Coat.

[It didn't click until I was at the Fens' below that BaumGARDENs can be named after Boms who use "bombs." !!!!! It's nuclear.]

I had even checked out Nuce's and Lears as per the charges against Trump of stealing / mishandling nucLEAR secrets. I had nothing to say at the time, but the NEUCHenter variation of Neckers is interesting because they show just a pale bar versus the two pale bars in the same colors of Nuse's/Newes'/Nuce's. Maybe it's a stretch, but Uranium-like Urans incorporate the Rhys/Rice Coat while the latter use a "Secret" motto term to go with "Top Secret." Urans look like kin of Flys of Flagi because the Uran leopard faces are shared by Feltmans having the double Flag fesses in colors reversed. Flys share the fleur-de-lys of Arrows/Arras' in the arrows of Henters/Enders who might explain "NeuchENTER."

Lookie: Urans share the English Weight/White leopard faces, and Weights/Waits use "aris" and are in Rhys/Rice colors and format. Weights/White's share the vair fur of palms expected in the "palma" motto term of Feltmans. As Trump's nuclear woes at this time are originating from the attorney general, Merrick GARLAND, let's add that Weights/White's were first found in Gloucestershire with Stevens while Garlands share the German Steven Shield. Gloucestershire is where Holders were first found for a pointer to the nasty American traitor, a disease, Eric Holder, Obama's attorney general. GARlands have a split-Chief colors reversed from the same of German Feltmans and German Gardners while Holders can be linked to Flag-loving McLeods. English Feltmans use "PORTanti" while Ports share ownership of the portcullis gate with the Yates (Gloucestershire again), and it just so happens that Sally Yates was Obama's third attorney general, fired by Trump, and so she's wanting to see him jailed at this time, we may assume.

Proof that German Gardners are from Garda elements is where Garda is at the ADIGE river while EDGE's/Eggs are in German Gardner colors and near-format.

As per "Top Secret," Tops (Wiltshire) share the gauntlet in Crest with Flys, and Ghents were first found in neighboring Hampshire with Flys. Arras is near Ghent/Gaunt. Tops were first found in Wiltshire with Box's using a bomb of some sort along with the griffin heads of Lear-connectable Masters. NucLEAR BOMB.

Tops were first found in Wiltshire with trumpet-using Calls/CALLAS' while Arras is at Pas-de-CALAIS, and this latter location happens to be where the Feins/Fine's/Finis' (share brown wolf with Irish Gards!) were while Fiens/Fane's/Vans use more gauntlets! What a corny job I have. The Fly gauntlet holds a LURE, and Lear-like Lure's, a sept of McLeods/Lutts along with lure-using Herods, use a flag. McLeods/Lutts share the white bull head with Fiens/Fane's/Vans, but I saw a list of McLeod septs at houseofnames (lists of septs no longer available) where the McLeod bull head was black, which makes it the Ratcliff bull head because Ratcliffe's were first found in Bury with McLeod-beloved Holds/Holts. Are we back to John Ratcliffe of Heath? Will he save Trump?

Flys of Flagi can be linked by way of Flags/Flacks to Floats and Fleets, wherefore the gauntlet of Feltmans makes them look like Fleet / Flatt/Flett liners just because Flys (Hampshire, same as Ghents) have a gauntlet, and yet we can add that the Feltman Chief is in the colors and format of the Ghent Chief. Repeat: "Urans look like kin of Flys of Flagi because the Uran leopard faces are shared by Feltmans having the double Flag fesses in colors reversed." Urans list Hurins while French Hurons list variations like the Hurl variation of Herods/Haralds, McLeod septs. Herods/Haralds were first found in/near Uran-like Arran.

I've shown how McLeods/Lutts (flags) were a branch of LUTE's/Lutts by the latter's sharing the quadrants of Fasts (Norfolk, same as Flags) in the "HOLD fast" motto of McLeods/Lutts, and it just so happens that the Lyre is STRINGed instrument, as is a lute, and Strings share the Ghent (and Tromp) eagle! Strings are in the format of, and colors reversed from, Hede-like Heaths. Is John Ratcliffe going to make music for Trump? Did Ratcliffe give Trump the dirty top secrets pertaining to Hillary Clinton's sale, to Russian control, of American uranium mines? Did Trump fail to disclose those secrets?

Oh wow. The Fiens are suspect as a branch of fence-like Fens'/Venns who share the green griffin head in Crest with Strings. Fiens use gauntlets and Strings look like Ghent kin. A Fens-like "fence" is used by Baumgardens, and Boms use "bombs." Boms are Dutch, same as Booms/Boems, and then Baums are listed with Bone's/Bohums sharing the Fien/Fine/Finis and BEAUMont lions. This nuclear section followed the one on Garden liners. German and Jewish Baums (look Tromp-ish] use a wall, and German Walls look like kin of Neckers/NEUCHenters.

The Garden section took use the Shere's while Schere's are also SCHERFs. Lears look related to SHERIFFs and Masters (Yorkshire, same as Garts). Sheriffs were first found in Warwickshire with English Judge's. A Grand Jury has judges. Jarrats/Garrats (not "Jarret") happen to share the lion of French Demonte's (Burgundy, same as Quarre's and Feins/Finns) while Italian Demonte's have a giant unicorn in the colors of the unicorn heads of Lears. I'm fairly sure that French Davis' (Brittany, same as Dol), in Lear colors and near-format, use a lyre. French Davis' use lilies while Lille's share the Arundel swallow (different color) in Crest. That works. Lille is a location near Arras, and near the Lys river that flows to Ghent/Gaunt.

Make of it what you will, but it could seem that Trump's about to be swallowed by a court case...because the nasties have no way to beat Trump supporters by gagging them, threatening them, and maligning them...because the nasties make it obvious to everyone that they are the nasties. So, it'll need to be dirty tricks against him, and he well deserves to be swallowed. God can save us from the nasties without Trump, but if they jail him, they will reach new lows, less powerful to command the confidence of the peoples, which is what we need.

Swallows were Alan-of-Saluzzo kin, and while Swallows were first found in Lincolnshire with Wake's, the latter have two of the Alan/ALLIN fesses, in colors reversed from the Hicks fesse because the latter translate their motto with an "ALL IN" phrase. Alans (from Dol) were first found in Shropshire (beside Cheshire) with Sallows and Sleeps, and the Swale's happen to share the Dol fesse, in the colors of Trumps (Mecklenburg, same as Dols). It's pointing to Trump again even as Garden-branch Jarrets were of Dol.

The Comyns/Comine's (Norfolk, same as Heads/Heeds too) have another dagger, as do Shea-branch Shaws (Perthshire, same as Swallow-related Dure's). Comyns/Comine's (Norfolk, same as Wheats/Whate's) share the garb (a special name for a wheat sheaf) of Wake-like Walks/Wachs, a possible branch of proto-Washington Wace's/Wassa's. The same garb is used by WESSels/Waistells of WASdale, but also of Garbs/Garps who look like kin of Walks/Wachs who both look like kin of French Bride's / English Brights, especially as she seemed like my bride upon waking. Garbs/Garps were first found in Austria with the Dorrs who together share double-white wings in Crest with the Wies' in turn looking like Walk/Wach kin.

Back to the German Dorrs because they share the quadrants of Irish Tute's/Tuits and the red canton square of English Tute's/Touts (Yorkshire, same as a Heslington location, and the Hazelwoods who share the Hazelton/Heslington Coat). This is tootin-perfect for tracing Dorrs to Daorsi because the Ardiaei had both a queen Teuta and a queen TriTEUTA. The latter was a DARDanian princess before marriage to a king of the Ardiaei, and DARDs/Darts (Devon, same as Hazels) have one of the two ermined Sleep fesses, and use a canton of their own.

Hazeltons share the Shake chevron; Shake's use "mole hills"; Mole's share the Schim boar head; Schims ("VirTUTE") share the Washington Chief; Schims share the Noise/Nie Crest; Noise's/Nie's were first found in Cornwall with Wace's/Wassa's (look linkable to Tute/Tout canton); Washingtons have the Canton Coat in colors reversed, and the double Sleep fesses in colors reversed. Ainsley figures into this too because Tute's were Hayden kin. However, in jotting down all the pertinent heraldry that I can see, I can't make out what exactly is the crux of it all in using Miss Earhardt. I can't even draw one parallel between she and Mrs. Kilpatrick. Why were both women used for this dream?

OHHH WOWWIE, I've just tried for some surnames like "Ainsley," and found the Annesleys (new to me now) using a motto, "Virtutis AMORE," translated "Through LOVE to virtue." Annesleys were first found in Oxfordshire with Love's/Luffs!!! I get it. Why would God point Sleeping Beauty to Love's/Luffs unless He also wants to prove a pointer to Ainsley Earhardt in this way? The six pale bars of Annesleys are those of Liss', Lists, Babels/Babwells, and nearly those of Lizarts/Sarde's. Walk-like English Walkers use the "lizard" in Crest. Babels/Babwells were a branch of Babe's who in turn share the six bars of Neys/NIE's. Babels/Babwells share the "gold GATE" of PodeBRADY, and Bradys share the hand pointing at the sun with Babe's who in turn share the six Ney/Nie bars.

Harcourts (Oxfordshire, same as ANNESleys) can be linked to Annes'/HARness' because the latter share the Chief-Shield colors of English Hairs/Hare's/Hehrs (share double Harcourt fesses). That works, and it's another proof of a pointer to EARhardts/AIRharts. The latter use snakes while Snake's/Snooks look connectable to Walks/Wachs. Suddenly, it's Ainsley-important that Wake's have the double Harcourt fesses in colors reversed! Wow. I wasn't wearing a shirt on her beach, and Shirts/Shards, said to be associated with HARborough's, share the Harcourt (and Maness) Crest, and the "torteaux" in the Wake Chief.

But even though this heraldry clicks with the particulars of the sleep-rising scene, I still don't know what it can mean aside from a pointer to some of the history of the pertinent surnames. I can't believe that God would use Miss Earhardt merely to point to some lines out of Israel's pagan tribes in connection to Abraham. There's got to be pointers to the end-time dragon too. Chief-priest Annas sentenced Jesus to death, but the rising scene looks like the resurrection and rapture of the Bride of Jesus. EarHARDTs are suspect from Herods, especially Herod Antipas in COMMINGEs (beside FOIX), like the Comings variation of Comyns. Perhaps God is saying to the dragon, "ya see, I took the descendants of your cherished heroes, they are mine."

On this map, the Daorsi and Ardiaei are together stamped smack at RHIZON, and Risings/Risons (Herod/Harald colors), a branch of Restons (Arthurs use organ "rests") sharing the Scottish Door leopard faces, were first found in Norfolk with Diss and Haydens. For new readers, see the SELEPitanoi near Rhizon, for she was SLEEPing the second before we were rising into the heights.

I trace Hazels to the namers of Has where you see "Drin River" under the GRABaeoi. Between the Gareb-like Grabaeoi and Rhizon is METEON, like "Medon," son of mythical KODRos, while I trace to KETURah, mother of Medan, to Kotor, not shown on the map but right beside Rhizon. Keturah was the second wife of the Biblical Abraham, who lived in Hebron, not far from mount Gareb. The Hebrons happen to have a "Keep Tryst" motto while Keeps (Sussex, same as Weaver-connectable Hazeltons) use a "WEAVER's shuttle." The Triss variation of Trysts is interesting where we use AINSleys "disTRESS" at the passENGER door, for Enger-branch Anchors/ANNACKers are suspect from Anak, whose family in Hebron Abraham was acquainted with. Anak's line may have named the Annas', likely of the AINSleys. I trace this line of Abraham to BRAMtons sharing the Duce/Doocy Coat, and German Ducks look like kin of Haydens (Norfolk, same as Bramtons and Dister-branch Diss'/Dice's).

Abraham's concubine, Hagar, may have been from a tribe that named Ayers. Agers/Agars share the Door / Gates lion, and even the demi-lion of anchor-using Graffs/Graffens while French Agers are listed with Angers while English Angers/ENGERs (PassENGER door WOW!) almost have the Anchor/Annacker Coat!!! That is amazing. It's now conspicuous that while Graffens pointed to graphene-oxide = GO, God said, "GO wake her." Ainsley Earhardt has pointed to Fauci-et-al in many ways smack by this same dream. The door points to Bill Gates, the man of death and disease. Karen Graff, the pointer to graphene-oxide, lived, as I said, on Union street in Gormley, and while Irish Gards are Union-like Uniaks too, they share the brown wolf with Fiens/Fine's (Kent, same as English Gards) sharing the three Gates lions. I think that's a big deal, especially as Unions are in the colors and format of WAYNE's sharing the gauntlets of Fiens/Fane's/Vans/VEYNES' (Fien/Fine colors and format).

Unions are also Enions/ANIONs while the Annan(dale) saltire, as used by Bruce's and BRUSH's, is in the colors of the saltire-like "millrind" of Unions/Enions/Anions. The latter share the red hand with Hans'/Hands while Hanns/Hahns are a branch of Trump-connectable Hahns (beside Griffin-loving Pomerania). Hahns are in the write-up of Kiss-connectable Bibo's, and while I was about to kiss Beauty awake, my hand brushed her KNEE instead, and "NE vile" is a Fien/Fane/Veynes motto phrase shared by Graffen-like Griffins. Wayne-like Wagners share the red griffin with the Arms of POMErania, and the POMEgranate (not sure what it's code for) is used by Grazio's while my hand grazed her knee. Unions/Enions/Anions along with Wayne's are in FRIEND colors and format, and reflective of the Diss/Dice Coat. Beauty works at Fox and Friends, and while Karen Graff's father is Simon, Jewish Simons use a fox.

The translated mottoes of Hicks and Wayne's (Essex), with similar Coats, makes Wayne's look related to Hicks of Essex's Low LEIGHTON/Latons. While "vaccine-like" Vychans/Vaughns (Shropshire, same as Leighton) share the Fish Coat, English Fishers (Essex) have a "FINEm" motto term and are in ANNY/Anna colors and format while Fiens/Fine's (almost the three Fisher lions) have an "ANImum" motto term. It works because Annys/Anna's/Hanne's were at Tickhill with the Bussys (Bush branch) who in turn share the Coat of Feins/Finns. Laton-like Ladons/Ladds were first found in Somerset with the Friends who have the three Anny/Anna/Hanne stag heads in half their colors. Annys/Anna's/Hanne's were first found in Yorkshire with Nagle-related Gale's who share the Ennis/ENYS and Neil/Nail/Nagle saltire. Irish Nagle's ("nightinGALE") share the ENGER/Anger lozenges, and this squares with the passENGER door because Doria's married Arduinici at Oneglia.

Nagle's ("Non") are also NANgale's, and Nans/Non's are in the motto of same-colored, Knee-like Kness' (share Nan/Non" crescent). Kness' (English Cotton colors and format) use a RISING bird; it should be a falcon because French Falcons, first found in Languedoc with COTTONs/Cotta's, share the Kness crescent too. Plus, English Falcons were first found in Cumberland with the Voxe's/Vaux's expected in the "vox" motto term of Nagle's/Nangale's. Knee's even share the Vise stag head while "Vis" is a motto term of English Falcons.

Spanish Falcons (I regret almost never mentioning them, but here they can apply) share the checks of Galleys (Yorkshire, same as Gale's), and a "galley" ship is used by Keeps (part of the pointer to graphene-oxide), first found in Sussex with Vise's and Tromp-beloved Acorns/Alcorns. The latter use a crown, code for CORON(a) liners, and there is a crowned heart in the AlCORN Crest. The Noise's/NIE's were first found in CORNwall, and they share the Crest of acorn-using Ackers. The Cornwalls who were first found in Devon with Yeo's/Yeomans use a "YOU SEE" motto phrase to help prove that "it's YOU SHE loves" is code for Yeo liners, amazing because Yeomans/Humans are in the crowned "human heart" in the Acorn Crest!!! ZIKERS.

The "see warily" of the same Cornwalls can be gleaned with the motto of Scottish Drummonds because See's/Sea's (same place as Trips) share the fesses of German Drummonds (same place as Trips). The Beggs suspect in the "beg" motto term of the same Cornwalls were first found in Inverness shire with crown-using Grands and the related GO-like Gows/McGoo's.

Sleeping Beauty was in DIStress as I stood at the PASSenger door, and Luce's (Norfolk, same as Diss) are said to have been lords of Dice, but also: "Luce is in Orne in the bailiwick of le PASSeis, near Domfront, Normandy..."In 1165, Richard de Lucy's barony in Passy ({, Normandy}) " Can that rate for PASSenger door? "Passe" is a motto term of Rollo's, first found in Perthshire with Ratterys who in turn share the fitchees of Pike-like Picks/Pix's, and the Rats/Raids in the Ged motto were nearby. Luce's share the Ged / Geddes pike, and Gate's look like they relate to the English Door Coat. Hoods were at Rattery of Devon. Rollo's have the Speer/Speyer boar heads in colors reversed, and Pasi's/Pace's use spears-in-saltire in the colors of the Oddie/HODDy / Hague/Haight saltire, and in the colors of the saltire in the fret of Hoods.

Repeat from above: "Although I've assumed that the white bird in the Hodley Crest is a dove, it's almost in the design of the white "swallow" in the Crest of Arundels, the latter first found in Sussex with Hodleys!" Soon after the bulldog was swallowed by the shark, I saw Sleeping Beauty at her hood, and the HODley Crest is also in the Noise/Nie Crest for a connection to Beauty's knee. PassENGER Engers/Angers were first found in Essex with Neys/Nie's. The Luce-like Lucks/Luke's (mascles), who share the pelican (different color) with Hodleys, share the black greyhound head with English Olive's suspect in the "oliva" motto term of Noise's. French NOYERs/NEYers (Burgundy, same as Luck-like Locks/Loches'/Desloges' and Loge's) share the eagle of Spinks (Northamptonshire, same as Olive's) who in turn have the mascle at the center of the Hood "fret." Spanish Olive's use the owl, and Owls/Howls can be linked to Howells who in turn share the Pellican tower. The Hodley / Noise/Nie/NOYER Crest is much like the Crest of Olive-like Leafs'/Leve's. The pelican-using Meads share the martlets of French Josephs (Maine, same as Pellicans).

Hoods are Hoots while hover-like Hoovers share the gold eagle LEG of Hooters, and so here's from the 5th update of last month when on gold-eagle-leg Draytons: "...Market-Drayton location near Sleap, in Shropshire [with Sallows and other Swallow liners], where Sleeps/Sleaps were first found. Market-Drayton is very near HODnet, and Hodnets (Shropshire) have the quadrants of HODleys/Oddeys and MEDALs/Dougals in colors reversed."

The "patria" motto term of Hodleys is very good here because Patria's/Peartree's share the Trump stag head and the Sewer/Suit/Suter fitchees, almost the Rattery / Pick fitchees. Luce Construction installed my SEWER system in Texas.

The Volens/Velens (share Valence/VALLANT / Alan martlet) suspect in the "volenti" motto term of Nights/Naughts/Nets can connect to the 12 fessewise bars of Haydens and same-colored fesses (looks like 11 bars) of German Ducks (Valence/Vallant Coat in colors reversed) because Volens/Velens once showed Ducks along with Velins (Westphalia, same as Volens/Velens and Ducks). Repeat from above: "I say that Sharks were Neil kin, and I say that the Nith pertains to Nitts/NAUGHTs (Dumfries, same as the Nith and the first-known Rums). Scottish Nights/Naughtons, with a "NIL duRUM" motto phrase to go with the "DURat" motto of Geds, are also Nets, who possibly named the HodNET variation of Hodleys." Knightons/Nitons named Knighton in Worcestershire, and Disters with Ills/Ale's/Alleys were first found in Worcestershire. Haydens use a "roy" motto term while Scottish Roys share the giant lion of Ills/Ale's/Alleys.

From God's Killers

Amazingly, while Hayden is Ainsley's daughter with Will Proctor, Nail-loving Proctors are the ones with essentially the Ailes Coat. German Neils/Nails/Nagle's were first found in Westphalia too. The Proctor Crest shares the red martlet with Volens/Velens!!! How-bout that! It suddenly makes the white Hayden lion suspect with the white lion heads of Nitts/Naughts and Wrens (said to be from Rennes). The Nights/Naughts/Net motto term, "voLENTi" looks connectable in this picture to the "lente" motto term of Plunketts, for the latter are said to be from Vilaine, where Rennes is located, the line to Raines' who have the same lion. Raines' were a WREN kin while Rench's/Wrens look like Noise/Nie kin.

Ahh, the Plunkett bend is shared by German Heids with a Hague-like Hagelsheimer variation (evokes the Hugleys/Haggle's), and the Belgian Heids/Heedens share the Hague/Haight crescents! Just lookie there.

The sentence with, "it's you she loves," seem to be referring to my Masci line as it traces back to chief priest, Annas, or Ananus. Jesus was in "court" at the home of this chief priest during the early-morning hours of the night on the day he and the other high priest, Joseph Caiaphas, "offered" Him up as a sacrifice for sins. The reason he chose me, for this heraldic-deciphering job, seems to be my mother's birth in Picenze, for the Ananes Gauls were between the Trebia and Taro rivers at/near Piacenza. It's telling me that the namers of Piacenza were related to the namers of Picenze. This Arms of Traby has black hunting horns with gold stripes, as do Weights/Waits. What are you WAITing for, it's you she loves."

These things convince me that chief-priest Ananus was a descendant of the Ananes Gauls, and through the use of Annas-branch Ainsleys, I reckon that the Ananes had descended from Anak through centuries of twists and turns of wordplay. The Ananes named Annandale, where Adams/CAWS were first found who have a version of the Ainsley Coat. Anchors/ANNACKers, with a red bull head in Crest to match the red dog head in the Crest of Abraham-suspect Bramptons, list AnnerCAWs. The other English Adams share the cross of Risings (Norfolk, same as Bramtons, and Rhizon is beside Keturah-line Kotor. Irish Adams/McCaws use hearts to go with Earhardts, and Italian Adams, looking related to Tromps, have an "EAR of wheat." Wheats/Whate's were first found in Norfolk too, same as Haydens. "WHAT ARE you WAITing FOR, it's you she loves," appears Tailored to fit this heraldic picture when using Ainsley Earhardt.

"For" is used twice in the Ainsley motto, and Fore's/Forez's share the Herod/Harold fesse. Plus, the two Fore/Forez lions can be the lion of Tute-related Haydens because "Tout" is a motto term of Fore's/Forez's. "Tout" is used also by English Belows (Yorkshire, same as Touts/Tute's) who in turn share the fretty of Thwaits, the latter first found in Norfolk with their Tute/TUIT branch. It appears that God arranged the Ainsley motto to square with Hayden liners as well as with the sentence that He spoke in the dream. The Belows in this paragraph are the ones with the "chalice," recalling that Chalice's/Challes' are likely a branch of trumpet-using Calls/Calles', the latter first found beside HADES'/Hats. Hades is BELOW.

Val Trompia is beside Brescia, and the Arms of Brescia has a lion in the colors of the Bruce lion while Bruce's lived in Annandale. ADAM Kilconquhar was husband to Marjory Carrick, though the latter remarried a Bruce of Annandale. Carricks use a "Garde" motto term because lake Garda is at Val Trompia.

One can even speculate whether the three Proctor / Logan nails were celebrated by modern anti-Christs of the Annas bloodline as a symbol of crucifying God. The Annas-branch Ennis share the saltire of Neils/Nails/Nagle's, but as it's the saltire also of Kidneys/Gedneys, we take it to the PIKE's of Geds and Geddes', for Piacenza and Picenze are highly suspect from Picenum elements to Pike's/Picks/Pickens (Ayrshire, same as nail-in-heart-using Logans) who, due to being first found in Ayrshire with Carricks, appear related (by their Coat) to Ainsley-connectable English Adams/Caws. Pike's/Picks/Picken share the Annandale saltire as used by Bruce's, and the red Logan heart can be expected in the Adam/McCaw Crest, therefore. Picks/Pix's share the fitchees of Ratterys (Perthshire, same as Dure's) connectable to the "DuRAT" motto of Geds, and Ratterys share the Adam/McCaw heart.

Irish Adams/McCaws are also Coddans, and English Coddans are listed with Cottons using Anak-like "hanks of cotton." These Cottons were first found in Huntingdonshire with Fenders/Venders, and sleeping Beauty first appeared walking around the fender of the car to the hood. Fenders/Venders not only share the erect sword of Picenum-line Justine's, but they share the otter head with BalFOURs (Fife-same as Justine-connectable Sibals) who share a "FORward" motto term with Seatons, the latter first found in East Lothian with the Vaux's sharing the Salome Coat.

English Adams (cross in the colors of the Annandale saltire) have the Salome stars on their cross, and these stars are pierced with Pike's/Picks/Pickens, as are the Salome stars. Salome BOETHus was a Herod-Maccabee, and the Geddes' (Nairnshire with Pick-connectable Rats) have pike heads in the colors of the Butt/BOET fish. The Salome stars are pierced, and Pierce's share the rare, WAVY chevron of Fish's while German Fishers look related both to the Arms-of-Saraca and Butt/Boet fish.

Salome Boethus was from the Boethus-branch Sadducees, and Joseph CAIAPHas was a Sadducee. CHAPmans love the Ponders (Cambridgeshire, same as Chapmans and NEWS'/Nuces'), and "chaplets" are used by News'/Nuces' whose Crest looks linkable to Chapmans. Ponds, first found in Hampshire with the Buttons/Bidens, sharing the Button/Biden and Butt/Boet fesse along with Ponders. Ponders and Ponds both share the black boar with English Bush's. French Ponds have the NEWmarch's, and Nimo's/Newmarch's/Newmarsh's (probably have the Chapman crescent) were first found in Stirlingshire with CHAPPES'. Nimo's/Newmarch's/NewMARSH's share the ANNANdale saltire as used by Bruce's. If you enter "Newmarch," you'll find the MARSHall lozenges, which are related to the near-same Wissel/Whistle lozenges because the latter's Coat shares the MAR lions.

Bussys share the Coats of Beaks (Dorset, same as Bushers/Buschers) and the Feins/Finns suspect in the "FINEm" motto term of English Fishers. The lion of German Fishers is shared by English Bushers/Buschers. Salome's were first found in Rhineland with German Bush's/BUSHERs while English Bush's share the black Hardy boar head, and while Hardy-like Herods were known Edomites, the Edomite capital of Esau was BOZRah. The book of Enoch claims that Edom had a black-boar symbol. Esau's son, Eliphas, looks like a line to Oliphants (same place as black-boar Rollo's), but also a line to the Elaphiti islands smack beside Saraca's of Ragusa. The Arms of Saraca has a fish in the colors of the Ged fish, but Saraca's use it on a fesse, and the Butt/Boet fish is on a fesse too (all in different colors). The Arms of Saraca shares the fesse of Bernice's, suspect from Berenice Agrippa, a Herod.

Boethus-like Bothwells were first found in Lanarkshire with Hardys who in turn share the black boar head with Rollo's ("Tout"). Bothwell-related Oliphants ("Tout") share the Tout/Tute and AINS/Hains crescent. Oliphants (Perthshire, same as Rollo's and Ratterys) probably share the unicorn head of Rats/Raids. The Sibal cross is in the colors of the Hardy cross, and as the Sibals use a moline with fish-tail ends, it's got to be related to the same-colored saltire-by-fish of Kidneys/Gedneys because Geds are said to be first found in Fife with Sibals (and Balfours)! "JUSTitia," the full Sibal motto, is in the motto of Sire's/Sirets who in turn share the ANCHor and scales of justice (different colors) with Justine's.

New from the Sibal write-up: "The surname Sibal was first found in Balgonie, Fife." It recalls the BALCONY event of Lorraine the babe, and the grass STAIN on her BUTT there, for Balcons were first found in Fife with Balgonie. Balcons look like BOTTer/Botini kin, and moreover the Ass' share the sword and scales with Justine's while Lorraine's grass stain was on her ass. English Botters/Bodens were first found in Hampshire with Buttons/Bidens/Bodins who share the fesse of Butts/Boets, is that cool or what? Botters/Bodens have an eagle "STANDing" on a "perch," and Stands list Stains, is that cool or what?

EarHARDTs are suspect with Herods, and the Plunketts are from Plancia Magna, a Herod-Maccabee. I trace Maccabee's to Ferte-Mace, home of Masci-branch Masseys/Maceys. "Ferte" can related to the "fret" of Hoods because it has a MASCle at the center of it, and Masci-branch Meschins are also Masculine's, a branch of Mussels/Muscels. And from that we can glean their MUSCat and Muschat branches, both related to Love's/Luffs. Muschats are listed with Montfichets, and a Montfichet location was home to Gernons while Ranulph le Meschin's son was Ranulph de Gernon. Gernons share the Hatch Coat, and it may be that the Hat variation of Hayden-branch Hades' named Hatch's, for their Crest is a white lion head, the color of the lion in a Hayden Crest, and the color of the dog in the other Hayden Crest. The Shield and Crest of Bramtons can apply here.

The white dog in the Hayden Crest is a match with the white dog head of Amore's, the latter first found in Oxfordshire with Love's/Luffs and the ANNESleys who have the "amore" motto term!!! Beauty. The Amore's almost have the triple fesses of Love's/Luffs, and we can even take this to LOVicks because their bull heads are in the colors of the Beauty bulls. There is a Knee-connectable "ne" term in the Amore motto, used also by Macey-related Phone's/Fane's/Vans.

If you like mysteries, it should be added here that while Italian Amori's were first found in Sardinia with Lago's, Lovicks were first found in Lancashire with Livers/Levers/Lovers having a trumpet, and very connectable to the Ratcliffs. John Ratcliffe may have shown Trump some classified documents, and we hear this week that the FBI raided Trump's home to get classified documents. As I said, Miss Hicks moved from my area of Texas at the same time that I moved away, and she moved to within 10 miles of Head / Hede-like HEATH, where John Ratcliffe was once the mayor, and where he still has a home. I thought it was miraculous that Trump managed to make Ratcliffe the supervisor (a boss) of all American Intelligence.

Ratcliffs (Lancashire, same as Livers/Levers/Lovers) share the double bends of Livers/Levers/Lovers. Heaths share the gold rooster with red comb with Livers/Levers/Lovers, and the latter's is said to be "STANDing" on a trumpet, perfect because the Stains, listed with Stands, married Yarborough's who in turn share the vertically-split Shield of English Neals while Irish Neals are with Neils/O'Nails. Lago's are split in the same colors horizontally. The Kidney/Gedney saltire is suspect with that of Neils/Nails/Nagle's, and while English Neils can be sharing the Pool lion because Neals were first found beside Pools, it just so happens that these Neals were first found in Wiltshire with trumpet-using Calls.


The first bit of Mar-a-Lago dirt on Trump came out Friday, claiming that the highest-level Top Secret documents were found in a "storage room near the pool" were found. But the onus is on the FBI to prove that they didn't plant them there. Story here:

On Friday, Tom Fitton (Judicial Watch) said that he read the "warrant material," adding "It is all a scam."

Here's a good news show on the FBI raid:

The show seems to imply that Trump took documents that were automatically de-classified by the fact that he took them away. However, he is not entitled to take original documents away even if they are de-classified, and so we can assume he made copies of whatever he wanted to take away. If he didn't, then I think that constitutes theft, unless maybe he can prove that he's still the president at this time due to a rigged election.

What I cannot understand is why there are not thousands of law suits against trudeau and his mandates, launched by ordinary, wronged Canadians who lost careers, for even just one such court case, featured in the video below, shows what sorts of conspiracies can be discovered, in the 4th minute, through the prosecutorial process:

Someone at Gab says exactly what I expected as per my theory that the FBI raided Trump this week primarily to provoke pro-Trumpers in becoming blood-red in ire, to say things in social media that suggest bloody revolution:

Meta, formerly known as Facebook, has launched its latest artificial intelligence chatbot, which asserts that Donald Trump won the 2020 US presidential election and Joe Biden stole the election through fraud. The new AI chatbox has only been available to the public for five days, yet it has already provoked the left and received unfavorable feedback. During a conversation with a reporter from the Daily Beast, the bot said that President Donald Trump had actually won the 2020 election against Joe Biden, but Biden had stolen the votes for himself

It gives the impression that the deep state has decided to give pro-Trumpers all the confidence and righteousness in the world to revolt. That's why the deep state has done so many crack-pot, unjust and highly-provocative things, or such is the best explanation for their doing so at a great political cost to themselves. It's as though they don't care about the political cost because they have decided to take over dictatorially one way or the other, but prefer to take over by acting DEFENSIVELY (portray themselves as angelic underdogs) against a bloody revolt from pro-Trumpers, rather than seizing the country by martial law without much provocation / justification. If this is not yet enough, they might try yet more. They have their finger in the wind, and it's telling them that seizing the country fascistically without justification is not a very good plan. Don't give them justification.

All of a sudden, Ron DeSantis is being called a RINO, and passively complicit with the FBI raid on Trump, but when he was on Hannity, DeSantis rebuked Hannity and Laura Trump for calling it a "raid." DeSantis then maintained that the FBI "did their job," nothing wrong about it at all, and so, yes, it appears he let it take place before it took place. Mar-a-Lago is in Florida, where DeSantis is governor. It appears he wants to beat Trump in 2024, but this is a bad way to launch such a competition.

Someone at Gab: "So the FBI ordered the security cameras turned off at Mar-a-Lago during the raid, but they were not turned off. Now the FBI is demanding the footage to be handed over. Why are they so concerned with what’s on those security tapes? The Trump Team better make dozens of copies. Obviously there’s stuff on there that the FBI didn’t intend for anyone to see." Every false-flag operation is recorded on video for public dissemination along with a concocted storyline made for the news.

This FBI raid looks like nothing less than the continued quest of providing the dire political circumstances where false-flag events staged by the deep state could be mistaken as authentic by saying that Republicans have finally had enough, this crosses the red line. I can't see any deep-state wisdom in raiding Trump's place at this time because it only makes the deep state look worse than before, and so I assume that there's a lot more to this raid than just a risky venture hoping to find something that will land Trump in jail. Some suspect that the FBI is trying to frame Trump by planting something in Mar-a-Lago.

What Democrats do is to create agenda after agenda, especially foreign agendas, with the purpose of raking some of the money to themselves allotted to the agendas. An anti-Christ has no responsibility to God, no fear of God, no loyalty to any moral system. When U.S. money leaves the American shore, it's pilfered by the top-dog politicians in charge of the agendas, and doled out to fellow gangsters who all work together to hide the thefts, facilitate the schemes, and maximize the rake-ins. They give nations $$$ in return for favors called kick-backs, and of course they try to get as much for themselves as possible, a no-brainer. Here's one such example with the Pelosi family that's new to the light of day:

Military money in Ukraine is a heist by military rulers. The war must go on so that money can continue to go there.

The first few minutes of this video has some good NEWS, even a wrecking ball to trudeau's head in swing:

This Watters video shows point-by-point how the continuing, deep-state saga is intended to form a deep contrast to get the ire of pro-Trump Republicans, wherefore, all, leave the guns locked up, and fight back with words alone to make the deep state feel the deep pain of a deep fool:

This is a good leap for anti-vaxxers. The host is Brian Kilmeade, who's expected to take this message to Ainsley Earhardt.


Here's all four Gospels wrapped into one story.

For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God.
Also, you might like this related video:

Pre-Tribulation Preparation for a Post-Tribulation Rapture

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