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August 16 - 22, 2022

Who Is Sleeping Beauty's Manfriend?
Henry Kissinger or Donald Trump?
Wray Wants to Jail Trump

If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture

For those new to heraldry, there are online "experts" posing as idiots who say that heraldic symbols are chosen at random in fancy, and can mean anything. Or, for the biggest idiots, they think they know what the symbols mean. A rabbit, they might say, is a symbol of their brains. In reality, heraldic symbols are code for related surnames, and one person's Arms can be transferred to a spouse in identical or modified form, which was customarily done.

Just after 6:30 pm on Monday, after submitting the last update to the Internet at about noon, I was telling the Lord that I really enjoyed the last update. I asked Him if I could know the mystery of why He said to me, "it's you she loves." The "she" is pointing alternatively to Ainsley Earhardt (see last update for details), mother of Hayden by WILL Proctor. And so, after asking Him what it means, since I don't take it literally that she loves me, I loaded the Yells/Yule's that I've known in the past to come up as "you"-like Yoo's. I was hoping that "it's YOU she loves" could be deciphered by a strong look at the Yoo/Yell Coat.

But before I go to Yoo's/Yells, I need to bring back to topic what I had forgotten in the last update while on that phrase. The you-like Ewe's share the giant CUSSON (and Constance/CUSTer) eagle, and the Kilpatrick CUSHIONs are like the CUSH variation of Kiss', a branch of CUSTs. I think that works super because Ewe's happen to be listed with MacCUISH's. KilPatricks share the "dagger" with Comyns (Norfolk, same as Patricks and KEWS'), and while Comyns were related to SHEA-branch Scottish Shaws (dagger), Ewe's/Cuish's are also MacKEWSH's while Kews' share the Comyn garbs. It's EWE SHEA loves," only this time it points to Mrs. Kilpatrick, the original Sleeping Beauty some five years before realizing that Ainsley Earhardt was an alternative fulfillment.

(Load Ewe link now to have access, on another tab, to other Coats of Arms)

In the last update, I found the DISTERs as per Sleeping Beauty being in DISTRESS. Kews' were first found in Norfolk with Diss and the Diss'/Dice's/Deise's who have a one-headed version of the two-headed Dister eagle. Not only is the Diss/Dice/DEISE eagle colors reversed from the Ewe/Cuish/Kewsh and Cusson eagle, but Deise is a location at Waterford while Waterfords share the fountains of Kiss'/Cush's and Custs. That's very impressive, and it can point to Trumps in the Arms of County Waterford.

Kews' are also Cue's and thus suspect from the Shawia / Chaoui Numidians, even to the CHIVES'/Shewas', important because Italian Sheaves'/CHIAVa's, related to Kew-like Keys / Kays, look like a Chives/Shewas branch. I trace Comyns to "Kuman" on/off the APSUS river of Fier county, and Fiers from that river were first found in Middlesex with APPS'/Epps while "APPetitus" is a motto term of Cusson-branch Constance's/Custers. It appears Arranged (by God) to enjoin with Sleeping Beauty.

Another surname first found in Middlesex is the Players, who share red drops with Kilpatricks and Pattersons/Cassane's. This is now amazing because Sleeping Beauty's manfriend came out looking like a playboy in the last update, and they are often called, "Players"!

It's pretty amazing that Apps'/Epps (possible namers of Eppsteins) share the Scale scallops while Kiss-branch Cass'/Cash's use "scales" to go with the scales called, "weights," in the Crest of Dexters/Decksters. I trace the latter to the "Dexaroi" on the Apsus river! In the dream, God said, "What are you WAITing for, it's you she loves, go wake her", and Waits happen to be listed with Weights, believe it or not. The Dexaroi are stamped as the "Dassaretae" at the lower-left of this map, at AntiPATRia (Apsus river), the line to KilPatricks and Pattersons/CASSANE's. English Cassane's share the triple Eppstein chevrons, believe it or not. Kilpatricks use a "DEXTER paw" along with the Dexaroi-related dagger of Comyns.

There's no denying it, God chose for Mrs. Kilpatrick to act as Sleeping Beauty. She's five months older than I, and all sorts of things happened between she and I (we attended the same church), convincing me that she was Sleeping Beauty, between 1994 and 2005, yet I didn't start on the heraldry for the Sleeping Beauty dream until late 2016. And it worked amazingly aside from the fact that she has not become my wife. (Why did God tease me in this way with this dream?)

Mrs. Kilpatrick gave me a CASSette tape of her music done in a studio. She's a singer, and the red drops above are called, "sang," for "blood." The Bloods/Bluds even share the LODGEd stag of Kilpatrick-related Maxwells. Ghislaine Maxwell. It's a little interesting that English Singers share the YOO/Yell garb. I kid you not, that while Lago's are Logu's too, Lodge's are listed with Loge's!! Trump was an associate of Jeffrey Epstein, do the Beauty math. It seems that God does want to point to Sangs/Singers because they share the Lago/Logu hexagrams, for French Mars share the Patterson/Cassane scallops.

This is a good place to repeat that Antipatria was also, Antipater, probably named by king Antipater of neighboring Macedon, father of king CASSANDer. Cassane's and Casino-branch Casano's both come up as Cassandra's, and the Casano hexagrams are colors reversed from the Lago hexagrams. After I saw her playboy manfriend, I touched her Lago-like leg, and Leggs almost have the Trump Coat. That's impressive.

As Earhardts/AirHARTs look like Herods, I've got to add that Wikipedia reveals queen Nysa of Cappadocia as a descendant of king Cassander above, and as Glaphyra Archelaus of Cappadocia married the son of king Herod I, it seems that the latter's father changed his name to, Antipater, because he descended from Antipater and Cassander. GLAPHYRa looks like the line to Clavers/Cleavers (share keys with Sheaves'/Chiava's) and their branches. Cliffs/CLEAVE's married the Styche's who share the garb of Singers and Yoo's/Yells. Sheaves'/Chiava's have a Caiaphas-like Chiapponi variation.

Chives'/Shewas' were once said to be first found in Devon with HYKES'/Hacks who share their quadrants, but Devon is also where Cheevers (share "foy" with Haydens) were first found who look like a variation from the Cheaves' variation of Sheaves'/Chiava's. One of the French Foys/FOIX's were first found in Ile-de-France with Caiaphas-like Chappes', and as Caiaphas married the daughter of Annas, by what coincidence does AINSley Earhardt work for Fox news? The News'/Nuces' (Cambridgeshire, same as Chapmans, Ponders/Ponters and Cass'/Cash's) look like CHAPman kin, and even share the "chaplet" with Hicks'. Chapmans love the Ponders/Ponters in their motto, a branch of Ponts, and the mother of queen Nysa was queen Nysa of the PONTus. [I didn't yet know while writing here that JP Morgan bank was founded by a son of Miss PierPONT. Pierponts are also Pearponts, and Peare's share the PARson leopard faces, possibly of the Pontus-connectable Parrs.]

Nysa of the Pontus was married to Pharnaces, the line to FurNESS' and Parrs (both in Lancashire, both sharing black borders), and it just so happens that Furness' share the black dog with the Herbs/Herbacks who in turn share the vertically-split Shield of Foys/Foix's above. The Herbs/Herbacks not only link hard to Sleeping Beauty on HER BACK later in this update (you should enjoy it), but they come up only as per my tenant giving me three types of garden seeds this year, one being CHIVES! She was hovering LEVEL on her back, a pointer to Levels/Leavells from king Laevillus of Cetis, that being a Cilician area ruled at times by rulers of the Pontus.

Laevillus married the Bassus > Bassianus line, and the latter included Julius Bassianus, uncle of Julius Agrippa, and then the Leslie's, who share gold BUCKles on a bend (different color) with Case's (Norfolk, same as Fasts and BUCKs), use an Agrippa-like "GRIP fast" motto. Assuming that Julius Agrippa descended from the Herod Agrippa's, and as the Case buckles are in Ainsley colors, the Case bend could be very close to the same-colored Annesley bend. Part of the reason is that the Arniss variation of Annas' can be from an old Arnissa location on a Genusus river to the near-north of Antipatria. Ainsleys share the Hicks fleur while the Hicks "buck" (probably of the Buckle / Buckley bloodline) is what has the "chaplet" around its NECK. If I recall correctly, the dog in a Hayden Crest is "spotted," or has "spots," and the best I can do for heraldic spots is the Spotten variation of Spauldings/Spoltons (looks like a dagger in Crest) who share the Leslie buckles, almost.

Bassianus' led to the naming of queen Basina, the line of CHILDeric to Childs, kin of Tarents, and the latter have a different-color version of the Diss/Dice's in the "DIStantia" motto code of Case's.

English Levels/Leavells even look connectable to the Amore's in the Annesley motto. I was going to kiss her on the cheek, and Cheeks/Chicks may have been a branch of Chichesters who almost have the full Hayden motto, using "foi" instead of "foy."

The Herbs/Herbacks were looked up when my tenant took the basil herbs I had grown for him this summer, for the heraldry involved was amazing. I can add here that English Basils almost have the Coat of English Foys. The Basils were first found in Yorkshire with Lace's/Lacys, and the latter do have the English Foy Coat exactly. The so-called "pellets" shared between Foys, Lace's and Basils (and upon the Hayden dog) suggest that PONTus Pilate was named after Pontus elements because Pellets (share Shaw Coat) share the English Pilotte Coat while French Pilotte's are listed with Pilate's. Mr. Kilpatrick tells in his obituary that he's was an amateur pilot, and Kilpatricks were part of the line to queen Nysa.

Later in this update, the hovering Sleeping Beauty is seen as fretting over her manfriend, and so let's add that Lace's/Lacys use a "FRET-knot" to go with the "wake knot" of Wake's. She was HOVERing OVER the seats before I was told to wake her, and while the basil event pointed squarely to Seeds/Seats because my tenant gave me the basil seeds to begin with, Overs/Offers use a FRET. I have it recorded (4th update November, 2011): "The "gold BIRD" in the Over Crest holds an OLIVE branch..." Love's/Luffs use a "bird."

I remembered seeing a Coat in Yoo/Yell colors and format in the last update, but could not remember the surname. Per chance, it could be important for the task at hand, I thought, so I wanted to find it, but how? Lucky me, I remembered writing "a black version" concerning that mystery surname, and so I was able to search that phrase to find it lickety-split. When finding the surname, I was amazed, and so I put an Addition into the last update as you see it in the quote below (everything else aside from the square brackets was there already):

[Insert -- I have found the LOVE/Luff Crest description: "The Love/Luff write-up: 'A silver BIRD on a red cross formee fitchee'" (2nd update August, 2014)! Broxton [where Birds/Burds were first found] is near Chester while Chesters share the Sheaves/SHEA motto. It's you SHE LOVES"!!!

The other Birds (Cheshire), with the same martlets shared by Proctors [Ainsley married Mr. Proctor], share the Ainsley / Hicks fleur-de-lys in the colors of Bird-like McBRIDE's, and Scottish Bride's have a BLACK VERSION [= mystery surname] of that Bird Coat. [Addition, hours after this update was uploaded: YOO's/Yells were loaded to find them in Bride colors and format, and Yoo's/Yells use an ear of Weeton-like wheat! See Weetons below, a branch of WEDDINGs (!), first found in Norfolk with Wheats/Weets sharing a gold dancetty fesse with Haydens (Norfolk).] "It's you she loves" gave me the impression that God was showing me my future bride [in a 1979 dream]. After writing that, I remembered, from below, that Fails use a black eagle head in Crest, the symbol in the Crest of Scottish Bride's, and Fails come up below only because I stumbled over the Love/Luff fitchees with Fail-branch Velis'/Vails! Can we believe it? The Bird Crest is an eagle head partly in black.

Birds can be gleaned as a Bride branch where French Bride's share the stars of Brights, the latter first found in Cheshire with "bird"-using Overs/Offers and Birds.

I missed mention of WILL Proctor, Hayden's father, when going to the Scottish Velis/WILL surname, is that not incredible. The Love's/Luffs manage to point to Will Proctor in both his names, and so I see Intelligent Design when God told me, "it's you she loves." But there's more, because the Wheats/Weets use garbs that are at times called "wheat SHEAVES," and English Shaws/Sheaves' are also Shea's while Irish Shea's, sharing the Earhardt fleur-de-lys, are also Shee's.

But there's more, because God said, "WHAT are YOu WAITing for, it's you she loves..." Whats are in Wheat/Weet colors, and the latter use a Wait-like Whate variation, and then I showed (last update) how Weights/Waits (You/Yell / Bride colors and near-format) share the black, gold-striped hunting horn with this Arms of Traby. I took the Arms from Wikipedia's Traby Horn article, where it says that Traby married ASTIKas', whom I trace to Sticks who happen to share the garb of Yoo's/Yells. I no longer have access to a heraldry-descriptions website in order to check whether Sticks, You's/Yells and/or Wheats/Weets use "sheaves." But I've just found from my 3rd update in February, 2018, that: "Yells use an "EAR of wheat" while EYERs are a branch of Ayers while Kyle's of AYRshire use candleSTICKs." Since that update, I've shown several times why EARhardts/AIRharts are a branch of Ayers and Eyers/Ayers/AIRs. Isn't it amazing that Kyle's have the Sticks in their symbolism?

From my 1st update of November, 2017: "The Schere's (ears of wheat), feasibly a branch of Schere's/Scherfs, use a STICK, and Sticks use "sheaves" (usually wheat sheaves)." When I put a symbol in quotation marks, it means I've read the description. I didn't put the Schere stick in quotation marks, but I know the surname well enough to know that they describe their Coat with a "stick." So, the Yells love the Kyle-connectable Eyers / Ayers, and the Wait-connectable Wheats, and the Sticks were related to Sheaves', perhaps the Shea's. We got here by following the Weights/waits to the Arms of Traby, and Weights/waits are in the colors and format of Sheaves'/Shea's. That's how this is rolling.

I've just checked my files for "Wheats use," and arrived to a LOVElass surname with wheat sheaves: "The Scottish Lawless/Lovelass surname can be gleaned from Shawia Numidians. The "numine" motto term is the first clue. The gold garbs in the Chief...are called 'wheat SHEAVES',...'" Perfect for what God told me in the dream. The Lawless/Loveless Chief-Shield color combination is shared by Vilains while Astikas' were in VILNius! I've always traced Vilnius to Vilaine, where Dol and Rennes are located, and I see Rennes liners in the Raines' (and Wrens) who almost have the Coat of Newmans/Numans suspect in the Lawless/Loveless motto.

The Newmans/Numans (Dorset, same as Beautys) are incredible here for they use "amor" in their motto while "amore" is used by Ainsley-branch Annesleys, the latter first found in Oxfordshire with Love's/Luffs and Amore's. It's just wild that while Ainsley Earhardt was Sleeping BEAUTY in the dream under discussion, Beautys share the black bull with Lovicks! The Chief/Shield color combination of Lovicks (Lancashire, same as black-bull Ratcliffs and TRUMPet-using LEVers/LOVERs!) is even colors reversed from the same of Lawless'/Loveless'. The latter surname smacks of the anti-Christ system.

As I've said many times, Sleeping Beauty was hovering LEVEL in the AIR (over the car seats) when God said it's me she loves. The Levels/LEAVells list LOVells! I get it, for Walerans, from Waleran de Leavell, share the black bull heads of Lovicks. The leg in the Crest of Eyers/AIRs has a spur, and Spurrs were first found in Devon with Walerans, and with Spurr-like Supers who in turn have a saltire colors reversed from the Lovick saltire. "Super" is a motto term of RatCLIFF-connectable Ratterys, and, lo-and-behold, the Cliffs are said to have married Styche's, and they share the Stick "EARs of wheat." Compare Eyers/Airs with Irish Shaws.

The Eyer/Air leg can be code for Leggs who have a "tentaMINE" motto term while Mine's/Menne's/MEANs have the six pale bars of ANNESleys. Scottish Shaws/SETHs have a motto, "I MEAN well." And while SETH was the father of ANNAS, chief priest in Israel! Bingo. The Shaws/Seths are said to be from Stick-like "Sithech," we get it. It looks like a Shawia-Numidian merger with Astikas liners that somehow incorporated the line of Annas vis Annesleys (Oxfordshire, near the first-known Sheaves'/Shaws/Shea's).

Ahh, I think I have found whose red bend in particular the Annesleys use. There are hundreds of surnames using a red bend, but the Royals seem like a good et because they are in the "royal tents"" of Tintons suspect in "TENTamine." The Royals have a write-up playing to some of the things said shortly above: "This source goes on 'most of the Cheshire and Lancashire Royles and Ryles are sprung from this spot, including the late Bishop of Liverpool [Lancashire, same as Livers/Levers/Lovers above]. In the form of Royle the surname has ramified very strongly.' 'Royle is the name of an ancient mansion in Whalley parish, {Lancashire}." Whalleys use whales in Waleran-bull colors and format, making the Waleran bull head connectable to the Ratcliff bull head in the same colors.

The last update floored me when Ainsley connected to Mamie's tease and thigh symbols. The Tease symbol was from the night we became a couple at a camp site, when we slept in the same TENT, in her SLEEPing BAG (she wouldn't even give me a hug), an hour or two after she sat on my LEGS uninvited (when she couldn't find a seat anywhere due to the gang). My legs are in the Ayer/Air Crest, watch and see. I found the Tinton royal tents due to my sleeping in a tent that night, and so see the Royal write-up's BAGleys (in Bag colors) as BaggyLEGHs, for they were first found in Shropshire (beside Eyers/Airs of Derbyshire) with Sleeps and LEIGHtons/Leytons, the latter probably of the neighboring Leghs/Leys (Cheshire). Remember, Leggs are the ones with "TENTamine," but lets add that the Menne/Mean variations of Mine's are like the Mens' with Mamie-like Mame/Meme variations.

The Royal bend is in the colors of the bend of Kyle-like Cheile's/CHELES' (Lincolnshire, same as Keele's/Kills) who share a leg in Crest with Ayers (Ayrshire, same as Kyle's). Clearly, Echeles was a Cheile/Cheles line, for here's from the Royal write-up "An early East Cheshire roll has the following entry: 'Sir Nicholas de Eton ... concedes to Sir William de Baggylegh, knt. ... one hamlet... in the vill of ECHELES, which is called Ruyhul ... which Richard de Ruyhul held ... c. 1318.'" It tends to explain why Echeles-like Eagle's/Hegels were first found in Lincolnshire with Cheles' and HULL-branch Halls. The village of Echeles, also called, ETCHells, was alternatively called, RuyHUL. It looks connectable to Eggs/EDGE's (giant eagle), once said to be first found in Cheshire with Eggertons and Savage's (Eagle/Hegel Coat in colors reversed) with a Shaw-like Sava variation. Echeles' and Etchells are listed with EDGElls/Eggells. Savage's/Sava's use a "pro te" motto phrase suspect with Pierro's/Pero's (share Tease/Thys fesse) on the TESSin/Ticino river, for Tee's are listed with Tease's/Thys'.

Ahh, Echeles' and Etchells share the cinquefoils of Etchell-like Kettle's (Keith kin).

The Eggs/Edge's can be gleaned as German GARDNer kin, from lake Garda, location of an Edge-like Adige river, and as I said, Mamie got her thigh symbol at her GARDEN the day after we slept in the tent at the CAMP grounds, and then Camps almost have the Coat of English Gardners (Oxfordshire). Dutch Camps have a giant eagle head.

I kid you not, Gardens and Jardins were first found in Angus with Camerons who in turn use a "cheile" motto term. On my arrival to the camp site, Mamie was with Barry, and then Scottish Barrys, first found in Angus too, have a "legi" motto term, so amazing, for she sat on my legs a few hours after I saw her with Barry. I don't remember anything between those two events. I can remember only a few seconds of either event, no more than about three or four seconds each. I don't remember anything else (that day) until we were spreading the sleeping bag in the tent. I showed how she with Barry in the truck's hatch pointed to BAR-le-Duc in Lorraine, which is exactly where Lorraine pointed with her grass stain (explained in the last update).

Mamie was not in the garden, but upon her LAWN tending to the front flower garden (her mother was away at the time). I don't remember whether she was watering the garden with a hose, but it makes sense (why else was she at this flower / bush garden?) because Hose's (Leicestershire, same as LEGro river) use more human legs. English Lawns use a motto, "GARDE le ROY," is that not absolutely wild!? Royals named RoyHUL and thus look like Roy liners. Irish Lawns have another red bend, in both colors of the Lorraine bend-with-EAGLEs. Scottish Roys were first found in Lorraine-connectable Lanarkshire (share BUS cinquefoil, white like the Flower and Potter cinquefoil), near the CUMNock location of the first-known Kyle's. COMYNs/CUMINgs/COMBings share the Port garbs (might be called, wheat sheaves).

Lookie: Flowers share the cinquefoil of Potters, the latter first found in Hampshire with Ports, and with same-colored Porters/Pawters, and, zikers, the flowers in her garden are new right here, excellent because Scottish Porters were first found in Kyle! Zikers. I didn't need the flowers of that garden until now. It probably had at least one bush, and Bush's (Yorkshire) use more eagles. Dutch Bush's/Boschs share the Legh/Ley lion.

Garden-branch Jardins share the Tease/Thys stars, and Mamie pointed to Tease's/Thys'. You can see Intelligent Design in my recollected events with Mamie. I don't remember anything at her home for the garden event but the garden event, and I remember only about one second of it, seeing those magnificent thighs in her BATHing SUIT (she was standing between me and the garden). Suits were first found in Angus with Gardens and Jardins, and Bathers have wolf heads colors reversed from the wolf in the Arms of Piacenza. They are the Scarf wolf heads too, and a "scarf" is in the Traby/Sadowski Coat while ANANES Gauls were between the Taro and Trebia rivers. Is that cool Work or what? Yes, because Jardins share the Chief-saltire of ANNAN(dale)s. This page shows the Piacenza wolf in purple (also in black), but Wikipedia's Piacenza article once showed it in blue. Echeles' share the Treby besants while the Treby lion is that also of English Jarrets (Garden branch).

Damorys/Amori's use a blue dog head. The Tarrs/Tara's are also Terres' while Terras' use the motto, "Amore." You can glean hear that Ananes named Annesleys with another "amore" motto term. Jardins share the stars of Italian Amori's.

Mamie's flower garden is now important because Mamie pointed to the royal tents while Royals gave us Kyle-branch Echeles'. It's the Cheile/Cheles leg that makes the connection to Kyle's via the Ayer leg, and Ayers involve Earhardt branches. Ainsleys and Hicks share the Leak fleur-de-lys, and Leaks/Leakeys, first found in Lincolnshire with Cheile's/Cheles', share the human leg with Cheile's/Cheles'. God gave us a knee event (September 11, 2002) at a glass door, featuring the knees of Miss Hicks, on the LEAKEY road, on the evening that I set up her video CAMERA (I proved from heraldry that God arranged that Camera event). Camera's are listed with Cheile-loving Camerons. Miss Earhardt works every day in front of a camera.

Earlier in the day of her garden event, I was embracing Mamie in a lake, and while Brace's share the Lake bend, Lakeys/Lecks (not "Leakey") use a "PRAEMium" motto term while Prime's use a giant human leg with spur. These legs may have developed from the Human variation of Yeomans, and the other YEO's/Yeomans played to "it's YOU she loves" in the last update.

Lakeys/Lecks share "VirtuTIS" with Annesleys (Oxfordshire, same as Lake's), and the Lakey/Leck chevron is that also Tiss'/Teese's while Tease's/THYS' were first found in Nottinghamshire with Ainsleys. Is that not amazing since Mamie got her thigh symbol that very day at her garden? Irish Gards even share the brown wolf with the Lakeys/Lecks. The latter were first found in STIRlingshire, same as ear-of-wheat, Ainsley-connectable Chappes'. It just so happens that Stirlings/STURlings, sharing the Moor head in Crest (different color) with Annesleys, can be traced via the Drummond motto to Sturs (Hampshire, same as Tiss'/Teese's) who in turn have the triple fesses of Scottish Drummonds, in colors reversed from the three fesses of Cheile-loving Camerons! French Chappes' have the Moor head too.

Lakeys/Lecks share the chevron of Shirts/SHARDs with a "HosTIS" motto term to go with the "VirtuTIS" of Lakeys/Lake's, and Italian Amori's were first found in SARDinia with Lago's/Logu's. Mar-a-Lago. Scottish Mars ruled from KilDRUMMy, in Angus, where Camerons, Gardens and Jardins were first found, and Jardins share the stars of Tease's/Thys' and Italian Amori's.

Annesleys have a motto, "Virtutis amore," and the Amore's almost have the Coat of Damorys/Amori's, all three surnames first found in Oxfordshire, the point being that the Damorys/Amori's have wavy bars in half the colors of the wavy fesses of Scottish Drummonds (named Drymen in Stirlingshire). I always said that Mamie say on my lap when the "GANG" was around the campfire, not realizing for quite some time that Gangs/Geggs (Norfolk, same as Bags), in the "gang" motto terms of Stirlings and Drummonds, have the Bag cinquefoils in colors reversed, important because she sat on my lap an hour or two before we were in the sleeping BAG.

When she sat on my legs, it was on my lap, and the Lapps look like they have a mermaid COMBING her HAIR. Comyns/COMBINGs are excellent here for sharing the Coat of Avis/Avisons, a branch of Avezzano's, first found on Sardinia. While Comyn variations look like they named the Cumnock location of Kyle's, the latter share an anchor in Crest with Avis'/Avisons, and then "Avise" is a motto term of Scottish Kennedys (share Lakeys/Leck / Shirt chevron), first found in Ayrshire with Kyle.

Shirts/Shards were a HARcourt kin, in turn a branch of Hairs, and Harcourts were first found in Oxfordshire too. I have recorded at least one surname like so: "Skaff/Skeffington Crest ('a mermaid combing HER HAIR')..." (4th update November, 2014). Ahh, just found the following while Lakeys/Lecks us HOLLY: "The Hollys/Cullens: 'A Mermaid combing her hair.'" Purdy amazing. Hers are Earhardt-connectable, and Hers were a branch of Hermits in the "hermit" of Sheds/Sheddens (Ayrshire). The Augusta's in the motto of Skaffs/Skeffingtons (same black bullheads as Ratcliffs), first found in Leicestershire with the Legro river, use an eagle's leg along with the fesse of Scottish Leavells/Levels (related to bullhead Walerans).

Scottish Hairs were first found in Ayrshire with leg-using Ayers, and with a Prestwick location while Prestwicks share the design of the Lapp / Skeff mermaid. She's combing her hair, and Coomers/Combers use a "DOMINAbitur" motto term while "domine" is used by Prestwicks. (I'd like to record here that Prestwicks share the porcupine with Spike's/Specks). Prestwicks were in Cheshire with the first-known Maids suspect in "mermaid."

The Glass' having the same mermaid design probably named Glasgow, near CUMNock, the latter having been home to Kyle's sharing the Glass stars. Plus, the Glass' share the fleur-de-lys of the Courage's in the Comyn/Combing motto. The latter are in the write-up of Scottish Shaws (Comyn/Combing colors and format), and "shaw the light" is a motto phrase in an Arms of Ayrshire while "Lighter THAN air" is the motto of Ayers. There is a Than surname (look like Tarves kin) with six eagles in the format of the six Eagle/Hegel lions. The Than eagles are in the colors of the eagle heads of German Kelle's/Kellers whose Crest is shared by Bride's (Angus, same as Cheile-loving Camerons).

Kelle's/Kellers were first found in Swabia with the Royal-connectable Rolls sharing the Roy lion! Beauty! English Rolls (Yorkshire, same as Kingstons at the RuyHUL-like Hull river) share the Kingston lion, and even throw in the Echeles / Etchell besants! Wow. The Roll / Roy lion is also that of Garden-connectable Jareds/Jarrats (Jarrets share the giant Garden boar head). Jared Kushner married Ivanka Trump while lake Garda has a Val Trompia beside it. I now think that Mamie's garden is pointing to Jared Kushner (see him last update). Dutch Tromps must share the Kelle/Keller eagle because Echeles/Edgell liners named the Adige river at Garda.

English Kelle's share the red star in base with Kyle's, and, for what it's worth, these Kelle's throw in the Wheat/Weet garbs. The Weets are suspect with Wedding-branch Weetons that went super in the last update with the Bride's because God fashioned Sleeping Beauty as my future bride. Weddings were at Waddington (Yorkshire), and Waddings/WADINGs were first found in Yorkshire. Mamie and I were wading in the lake when embracing, not swimming, and while she had her bathing SUIT on, we can add that Bathers share the Coat of Traby-related Scarfs while the Traby scarf is Q-shaped due to the Quade's/WADE's (share three wolf heads, different colors, with Scarfs and Bathers).

The three Quade/Wade wolf heads are shared by Cliffs/CLEFFs who married Traby-related Styche's. I claimed that God arranged for me to receive a BIRTHday gift, a TIE with treble-CLEFs upon it, and it just so happens that Treble's were first found in Devon with Trebys and BIRTHs/Berts. The latter share black hunting horns with the Arms of Traby. The Dutch Tie's are listed with Thigh's/Thy's. I wore this tie only once, when Miss Hicks took my hands, both of them (???) to pray for me in CHURCH. The Coat of Church's (Somerset, same as Sticks) looks related to English Bush's, the latter in the colors and format of Cliffs/Cleffs.

Wikipedia's article on Piacenza (Trebia river) now shows its Arms with a black wolf, in both colors of the Cliff/Cleff wolf heads. The Arms adds a square upon it, possibly code for the Square's/Squirrels because they are split in the colors of the split Arms. These are the colors of Haydens while the other Haydens share "Ferme" with Square's/Squirrels, and so the Hayden lion, with paw on the Beauty bull, might just be the Treby lion. Holds (same place as bullhead-Ratcliffs) use a squirrel, and while I ended up holding Ainsley while floating into the SKY, and while "Hold fast" is a motto of McLeods of SKYE, the Cliffs/Cleffs are also Cleave's. One cleaves to a bride.

This recalls my miracle-marble shot on HULLmar drive directly across from Skye Court (Toronto). Square's/Squirrels were first found in Worcestershire with I'lls/Ills/Ale's/ALLEYs. "I'll defend" is the motto of Lennox's/Levenax's who look like kin of Tease's/Tess'/Tecks, a possible branch of Daggers/Decks (share the Square/Squirrel squirrel). Although I'm not very happy with the loose, heraldic connection (I'd like it to be stronger to be convincingly from God), Daggers/Decks have a Coat similar to the one of Christs while the Dagger/Deck fleur-de-lys is colors reversed from the same of Weddings, a possibly pointer to the Bride of Christ and the Wedding SUPPER that takes place after the Church has fallen asleep. Kilpatricks use the dagger and a saltire in the colors of the SUPER saltire. Supers were a branch of Spurrs, and the spurs we've been seeing in legs are used by Knights and Close's, both of which go to Kilpatrick castle at Closeburn on the Nith river.

Look: Suits share the Patria/Peartree fitchees while Peartree's have the Trump stag head. Mamie pointed to Trump even when she sat on my legs, which is my lap, and Lapps were first found in Wiltshire with trumpet-using Calls in the colors and format of SHUTE's (Wiltshire) while Suits are listed with Suters/Shuters. Church's share the Schutz/SHUTZ greyhound head! Lorraine lived on Church street when she was on a walk to get the grass stain.

That bathing suit Mamie wore was necessary for me to remember the garden event via her thighs, and the bathing suit just pointed to Trump, perhaps in particular to Ivanka Trump. Jared Kushner owns a building at a 666 Fifth Avenue, but he (I assume) got the address changed once Trump became the president. The Arms of Traby look like they have a 666. Wikipedia: "660 Fifth Avenue (formerly 666 Fifth Avenue and the Tishman Building)...Tishman sold the skyscraper yet again to Kushner Properties in 2007." Tish's/Tischle's (could be a Tickle/Tickhill branch) might just have been a Tiss/Teese branch. The Births (and Builders) share the Tiss/Teese chevron, and are expected to have the Traby hunting horns around that chevron. Can we say that my almost-kiss with Beauty was a tease as a pointer to Kushner and Tishman?

I got the tie at roughly my 48th birthday (not 49th, might have been 47th), and so, in keeping with my theory that the 2nd Trumpet of Revelation is the Apophis asteroid in April of 2029, 50 years after, to the month/week, the Sleeping Beauty dream, perhaps the tie gift is predicting that the 666 becomes compulsory 48 years after the dream, which lands about the first of April (Passover season) in 2027.

While Births are listed with Berts, sharing nearly the Builder Coat exactly, one wonders whether this is a pointer to Schwabite Bilderbergs. As I see the 666 tentatively as a vaccine pass which Schwabites want to install upon the masses -- which will make hermits out of people, as we saw in 2020's "social-distancing" policies -- it's notable that Hermits and Hers (= Earhardt branches) share the border of Italian Berts/Berta's. The "hermit" is in the Crest of shedding-like Sheds/Sheddens (Ayrshire, can't get away from Earhardt-related Ayrshire). I didn't load Sheds/Sheddens until after writing the last sentence, to find them using griffin heads in the colors of the giant Berta griffin! Surprise. I loaded Sheds/Sheddens just now only because I remembered that they share the Echeles cinquefoils. And I didn't take another good look until after writing the last sentence to see that the Sheds/Sheddens have a chevron-with-fitchees where the fitchees are colors reversed from the fitchees on the Birth/Bert chevron!

I met Mamie on my last night with Lorraine. I had left Mamie's home, where she was throwing a party, to go see Lorraine my date at the time, and when I arrived, Lorraine was out for a walk with the husband of her friend who greeted me on the BALCONy. When Lorraine arrived back with a grass stain on her pants, a long streak from her butt to her rear THIGH, which she got from a LAWN, I pointed at it accusingly. I now assume that he and she had gotten behind a BUSH on someone's lawn, for Bosco's use Knee-connectable "tufts of grass". English Grasse's, sharing the bend BALCONs/BalCOMBs, were first found in Lincolnshire with Kyle-branch Cheile's and Keele's/Kills. English Grasse's even share the Kelly lion, as well as the lion of Roys in the Lawn/LANE motto. The last update had a songline miracle using "Lean on me," and Leans are listed with McLANE's. It had to do with my leaning over to kiss Sleeping Beauty, but I instead ended up TOUCHing her knee as a part-pointer to the Touch-branch Tufts/Tuffs' (share Knee phoenix).

Balcons/Balcombs were first found at Crail, and Crails/Crabs share the fleur-de-lys of German Bush's/Buschs and Boschs. "Crabs" are used by Bride-branch Bridge's (beside Hampshire), and the Bride's mentioned above were first found in Angus with Crail. The English Lawns even share the stars of French Bride's and Brights; the latter were first found in Cheshire, same as Leicesters in Bright colors and format. The latter two are in the colors and format of Balcolm-connectable Comyns/Combing who in turn share the garbs that are the Arms of Cheshire.

There is a Kingston upon Hull location (Yorkshire) that can go with the "for my KING" motto phrase of Ainsleys (Nottinghamshire, beside Yorkshire), for Kings and Kingstons share the lion of German Hagels (eagle) the colors of the Bushers/Buscher lions. Annesleys share the Royal and Cheile/Cheles bend. The Childs/CHILLs share the Lorraine eagles, and the latter's are upon a red bend. CHILDeric (loved bees) married Basina, the line from the Bassus' > Bassianus to the Bessin, home of Mrs. TailleBOIS' husband, and TailBOIS' were first found in Lincolnshire too, while Bessins/Beasts (bees) were first found in Cheshire with Ruyhul/Echeles.

Both the Etchells and Echeles' have a chevron-with-items in the colors and format of the Eyers/Airs chevron-with-items, and so this tends to explain why God arranged for Mamie to sit on my legs. I trace Eagle's/Hegels to the Echeles-like Achelous river (Greece) near ASTAKOS, and the latter is like the Traby-related Astikas' of Vilnius we met above. The Styche's were in Cheshire with Eggs/Edge's who in turn have a giant eagle. Etchells and Echeles share the besants of Trebys, and the Q-shape "SCARF" (recalls the "stick" of SCHERF-connectable Schere's) of Trabys/Sadowski's is code for Quade's/WADE's (Weigh/Wait colors), the line from QUADratilla Bassus to heraldic besants. Her husband was Lupus Laevillus, the line to Leavells/Levels/Lovells we saw with Walerans above. The Bassus > Bassianus' trace to Meschins of the Bessin, rulers in Cheshire.

Astakos is at what was once Calydon, the line to the Caledonian PICTs of Scotland, for the Khaldi, who I see in naming Calydon after themselves, were at/near the PYXITes river. The scales of justice in the Arms of Vilnius are the symbol of Justine's (Perthshire, same as Picts), from Justine of PICENum. The Trebia river flows to PIACENza. PICOTs (use "pikeheads" = arrow heads) were first found in Cheshire. Pictons were first found beside Cheshire, and beside the Bathers (Denbighshire, same as BAGHs) who share the Scarf Coat. Pike's/Picks/Pickens were first found in AYRshire with candleSTICK Kyle's. Walerans were first found in Devon with English Pike's sharing the Ice/Ecco/Icky trefoils who in turn look like Egg/Edge kin. We're rollin.

The Haydens were big in the last update, but I didn't know until today, Monday, that, late last week, this was news: "Ex-CIA Chief Michael HAYDEN Implies Trump Should Be Executed for Taking Classified Docs". Did God arrange Hayden, Ainsley's daughter, to indicate that Michael Hayden is in the upper-level decision making for this new plot against Trump? No CIA boss can be anything but a devil in human skin. There may be no cure for the beast that grows within for those who pilot the CIA craft.

Will the Real Sleeping Beauty Please Stand Up

I was looking intently at the Kiss'/Cush's to understand why God would have included "fountains," if indeed it was His idea. I already showed that Hugs were Fountain kin, and there was a hug between Sleeping Beauty and I immediately after the would-be kiss. But aside from this, and the sharing of triple-red fesses between Love's/Luffs and Fountains (not a big deal without a strong link between the two), I couldn't see a bombshell with the Fountain bloodline as pertains to Beauty. But then I noted that Italian Fontana's have their Chief-Shield combination in the colors of the split Shield of Hugo's who in turn have the mermaid combing her hair. I kid you not, that I'm writing this about an hour after my tenant, of the Chance bloodline, took a planter of basil from me (from my GARDEN), and Basel is where Hugo's were first found.

French Chance's were first found in Burgundy with French Basils! What could this mean? Burgundy is where French Mars/MERE's were once said to be first found (I have that recorded a million times) who happen to share the scallops of Pattersons/CASSANE's and the fence-like, Chase-connectable Fens'/Venns who can be pointed to by the "fence" of BaumGARDENs!!! Lookie there folks. Those exclamation marks are for the MERmaid possibly being part-code for these Mars/Mere's, for they are also More's while Morays have a mermaid! See?

Burgundy is where one French Bale surname was first found, and Basil is also called, Bale. Italian Fontana's (Tuscany, same as Fulks) share the Fulk Chief while English Fulke's have the split-Shield of English Bale's (Norfolk same as Fulke's and Flecks. Belgian Flecks have the Fulke / Bale Shield in colors reversed, perfect because Flake's, sharing the wing of German Fulks, have a long, curved, and solid chevron colors reversed from the same of Swiss Basels.

Fulks of Anjou became PLANTagenets, and I gave the tenant a PLANTER of basil. English Plants/Planters/Plantagenets (share the KISSane stag, see below) use a "label" while Labels are also LaBells while the French Bale's first found in Provence share the chevron of Bellys (Moray). Plants/Planters/Plantagenets have a Coat somewhat like the one of the Burgundy Bale's. Burgundy is where Primo's were first found who have the mermaid's mirror, code for Mire's/Mireux's, first found in Anjou. Primo's also share the lion of the Burgundy Bale's. The Hugo's have a second mermaid in the Shield, and she holds an anchor while Anchors/Annackers almost have an Anger Coat while Anjou is in Angers. Hangers/Angers were first found in Hampshire with Buttons/Bidens; is this why the mermaid is showing a belly button?

God must have arranged for me to give the Chance liner some basil TODAY. I asked him in the morning, as he went out the door to work, whether he'd like some, and I put it at the front door for him to take up, and he took it up! The reason that the basil was in my garden at all is that my tenant brought down some basil seeds in June, and I planted them. Burgundy is also where Pellet-branch Pilate's were first found while English Basils use pellets. Chance's can be linked to Kiss', perfect. Kiss'/Cush's, Cass'/Cash's and Custs all place fountains on a black chevron.

WOW. He also gave me some Parsley, and Parsleys are listed with PASleys, but if you enter "Pasley," you get the English Pasleys, first found in Berkshire with Parsleys/Pasleys, and the first Pasleys share the triple LOVE/Luff fesses! God said, "it's you she loves," and so I went to kiss her awake, and then we hugged. The only thing missing is Beauty's fish tail. Parsleys, because they are in Parry colors and near-format, and in Pasi colors too, seem to be a Pasi-line merger with Parr liners from the Pontus.

Wow, I didn't mention the BAUMgardens above for the fact that both Baum surnames look like kin of Pasi's/Pascels, the branch of Scottish Paisleys/Pasleys!!! But just lookie there, folks. Pasi's/Pascels share the white on blue, crossed spears of German Baums. French Basels even share the crown of German Baums. Boom! It's nuclear. The Basil crowns are in the colors of the Bessant/Bessen crown, I get it because these Basils are also Bezons. Bessins were in Cheshire with the Corons/Corona's who share the same crown. If there's more significance to these herbs, I don't know it, yet anyway. He gave three seeds in all, the third being chives. I mention the Chives' and Sheaves'/Chiava's often.

The Herbs are listed with what looks like a Her-branch merger with Backs or Becks. Beauty was HOVERing on HER BACK, and Herbs show a Herback variation. HOOVERs (leg) share the blue wing with Hers, Here's/Heyers, Herzogs, and German Bachs/Bachs!!!!! WOW. The latter are even in Earhardt colors, and while Ainsleys love the My variation of Mee's/Mea's, Backs/Bachs use a "mea" motto term.

BEHOLD. He gave me herb SEEDs, and while she was hovering over the seats, the Seats (BESANTs) are also Seeds! Big surprise. God seems to have intended to emphasize her hovering scene today. Backs/Bachs use a "steer" while Steers ("ne") have a "cede" motto term while Cedes' are a Seat/Seed variation!!! can we believe it? Steers even have a "me" motto term. I had reason to trace Backs/Bachs to the HYKSos king, Apachnas, and Paisleys/PASleys share the PACK anchor while French Packs use a giant bull like the Back/Bach steer (different colors). Sturs are also STYRE's while the Stura-Demonte river is in Piedmont with the first-known Demonte's having a giant unicorn in the colors of the giant Back/Bach steer.

Lookie: he gave me chives seeds too, and as Chives' were first found in Aberdeenshire with Turins, I trace them to CHIVASSo near Turin, both in Piedmont!!!! I can't believe it. Chivasso is on the BAUTica river, the line to French Bauds/BAUTs, and God said concerning Beauty's manfriend, "HE's out and ABOUT, maybe CHASing other women." "He's" is even like the Hess surname sharing the sun of French Chance's.

I almost missed it: French Demonte's share the Chance lion!!!! It's the Masci lion too while Masci's were first found in Piedmont with Italian Demonte's, is that not absolutely wild? My Masci mother was born seven miles from L'Aquila. My Chance-line tenant (of the French Chance's) gave me chives seeds, and while "it's your SHE loves" points to Sheaves'/Shea's, Italian Sheaves'/Chiava's were first found in L'Aquila. The Arms of L'Aquila has an eagle exactly the one of English Backs (Somerset, same as Stour river)!!! It's also the Manet eagle, and Manets are in the motto of the Arms of L'Aquila.

WOOOOWWWIE, Manets were first found in Savoy with French Chance's (share tree with Masseys/Masse'[s), Masseys/Masse's, and the FORE's/Forez' having a "Travers" motto term, and we saw Travers' marrying the daughter of Ranulph Le Meschin. Savoy is also where Fevers, with a Four-like Favre variation, were first found who share the Trump stag head. "For" is twice in the Ainsley motto, and so here's from the last update:

The sentence with, "it's you she loves," seem to be referring to my Masci line as it traces back to chief priest, Annas, or Ananus [i.e. like "AINSley"]. Jesus was in "court" at the home of this chief priest during the early-morning hours of the night on the day he and the other high priest, Joseph Caiaphas, "offered" Him up as a sacrifice for sins. The reason he chose me, for this heraldic-deciphering job, seems to be my mother's birth in Picenze, for the Ananes Gauls were between the Trebia and Taro rivers at/near Piacenza. It's telling me that the namers of Piacenza were related to the namers of Picenze. This Arms of Traby has black hunting horns with gold stripes, as do Weights/Waits. What are you WAITing for, it's you she loves."

Cass' were a Chase branch via the "PAIR of SCALES" in the Cass Crest. In other words, the Kiss attempt might involve one or more of the Cass/Cash / Chase / Chance branches of Kiss'/Cush's. The Scayle variation of Schole's/Schools looks to apply to the Cass Crest because they share the lozengy Shield of Patents/PATTENs who in turn were first found in Essex with Chase-branch Chance's. The latter two use the same "PATONce" cross while Chase's share the green griffin head of Patents/Pattens. We can't argue with that link, and so the Kiss / Cass bloodline was also the Chase / Chance bloodline, very important as per God's wrath on our enemies, I believe. For new readers, the original Sleeping Beauty was Mrs. Kilpatrick, born with a Hicks surname.

The Chase's (Hampshire, beside Soars/Sors') have a lion in the colors of the Soar/Sors lion, and we might say that Sleeping Beauty, when she was distressed in her car (see "distressed" last update), was sore or sorry, for Sorry-branch Sore's are listed with Soars/Sors' (share Legro lion), and they share the quadrants of Legh-connectable Leightons while the Soar river of leg-depicted Leicester is also the Legro. Immediately after she was sore, I touched her leg en route to kissing her, and then the Hicks' are said to have had a branch at Low Essex, where Kilpatrick-connectable Patents/Pattens were first found. The Leightons were first found in Shropshire with Sleeps and Pattons (not "Patten").

I touched he knee in particular, and Knee's use a phoenix while Phoenix's are listed with FENwicks while Fens/Venns share the green griffin head with Chase's and Patents/Pattens. Fens/Venns even share the scallops of Kilpatrick-branch Pattersons/Cassane's, and I showed, in the last update, how Casins/Cassane's were Chase / Case liners.

I'm hesitant to point her being sore to George Soros, for Soars/SORS' and Sorrys (fasces = fascist symbol) point to him. In the dream, Sleeping Beauty was sore concerning her manfriend CHASING other women (see last update for "chasing"). I don't know whether we can give that scene a second meaning as per the dastardly bastards, without a Father, in Soros' circle of rich and reckless poopers. In the last update, there was an inkling that the kiss is a pointer to Kissinger's relationship with Jared Kushner, and that could involve Soros. The latter was a ruler of Obama's new Ukraine, and that's the country of Michael Zlochevsky, corrupt owner of Burisma Holdings who was sucking American tax dollars from a willing Biden family. The reason I'm going here is that Zlochevsky sells/sold crocodile-leather shoes in Kiev, and I think I just saw a crocodile in the KISSane/CASHman Crest, for this surname shares the full motto of Irish Dene's who do in fact use a "crocodile." Casins/Cashmans share the triple chevrons of Epsteins, as well as the water and Muschats, both first found in Essex with Chase-branch Chance's.

[Insert -- On Saturday later this week, I came across a video (it'll be in the News section below) on Kissinger's rise to a globalist stooge of the Rockefellers. The video claims that the Rockefeller family helped set up Kissinger with a wife, Nancy Maginnis. After that's said (still in the 17th minute), we learn that Kissinger brought David Rockefeller of the CHASE-ManHATTEN bank into the state department. Mr. Rockefeller then made Kissinger the same bank's chairman. The Maginnis/MacGUINNess surname (Winn/GWYNN colors) was first found in County Down with Knee's. Hattens (Cheshire) share the garbs (or sheaves) of Comyns, the latter first found in Norfolk with Kiss-beloved Fountains, and with Haydens who in turn share the white dog in Crest with KISSels. Hattens share the motto of Vince's suspect in the SHEA/Sheaves, and it's also the Chester/CHISter motto, interestingly. God had pointed to the Roach and Smoke/Rauch branches of Rockefellers when I arrived to CRYSTal City, and here it's interesting that Chister-like Kists are listed with Crystal-like Christ's, while Crystals happen to come up as Kistals.

The video (18th minute) then talks about a Kissinger-Rockefeller scheme using the Shaw-like Shah of Iran and Chase-Manhattan. As Shea's/Sheaves' are also Shaws, and as Comyns (Norfolk, same as Bilders) are in the write-up of Scottish Shaws, perhaps this angle of seeing the Sleeping Beauty dream is emphasizing Kissinger globalism now being passed off to other actors. Or maybe this is too crazy. Then again, Beauty was with a roughly 1957 model car, and Kissinger was in his mid-30s at that time.

The video then tells that Kissinger was a devoted Bilderberg-er. After that, we find George Bush appointing Kissinger to oversee a 9-11 "commission," where Kissinger's job is to cover for that massive crime, and God showed me that Sleeping Beauty's knee, at the Get'n Go, was about 9-11. I can't go into details about that here. In the dream, instead of the kissing her, there was the touch-knee event. The knees of Miss Hicks at the Get'n Go on the LEAKey road, at the first anniversary of 9-11, pointed in multiple ways to Julian Assange's leaks, and perhaps the biggest leak from him of all was his revelation that the American military was enjoying the brute murder of Iraqi civilians.

Kissinger squares with George Soros. End insert]

Tuesday night: "Trump's niece [Mary Trump] says she thinks the Mara Lago mole who worked with the FBI was Jared Kushner" (The Red Elephants). That's curious, for family to accuse family. Is Kushner that bad?

Who was the man that Beauty was sore with? I dunno. I don't know how possibly I can identify him with certainty, but he looked like a player, or a gambler in the last update, someone who frequents casinos and chases women, and that section started with Casins/Cassane's. I wish that "gambler" had come to mind then because Gamble's share the Ainsley and Hicks fleur-de-lys.

[Insert -- Amazingly, after I did the Kissinger insert above, a Kissing/Gissing surname was loaded, and it was first found at Diss, and Diss' list Dice's. What are the chances? But Kissinger doesn't strike me as a womanizer / gambler.

Kissings/Gissings look related to Leslie's and therefore to Case's (Norfolk, same as Diss). The latter's motto term, "DiSTANTia," is not only code for Diss elements, but Stants are listed with Stans while Stanleys are in Kissing/Gissing colors and format. There was a Stanley character closely involved in the 9-11 memorial where I sat beside Miss Hicks, on September 11, 2002. After I got up, he came and took my seat beside her. Later that evening, Miss Hicks had her knee event at the Get'n Go on Leakey road. Stanleys share the Knee and Leak/Leakey bend, and while the Leakey road is officially Ranch road, German Rench's share the lone Leak/Leakey fleur-de-lys, and the Rench Coat is even essentially the Gamble Coat. Plus, English Rench's were first found in Cambridgeshire with Stanleys. The first Gamble-line surname in the Gamble write-up was first found in Lincolnshire, where Leaks/Leakeys were first found. Both surnames were found early in Yorkshire together. Stanley pointed to Morgan Stanley's offices in one of the Trade towers, and I'll bet Kissinger knows all about that bank's role in 9-11.

OH wow, the Changers in the Stanley motto essentially share the Casino Coat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How can that be a coincidence? Changers are also Chance-like Change's, first found in -- get ready for it -- Hampshire with Chance-branch Chase's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Beauty was thinking, "he's maybe chasing OTHER women," and Others/Otters are from Lombards while Casino's were first found in the Lombardy capital, believe it or not. I've said before that Loose Change, an early documentary exposing 9-11 as an inside job, seems to be pointed to by Change's, especially as Loose-like Luce's (look like Roach kin) were lords of Dice!!! Can you believe it?

The knee event at Get'n Go pointed to president Moreno of Ecuador, the one who arranged the jailing of Julian Assange. I'm repeating this because Maurino's were first found in Milan with Casino's while Casano's were first found in Modena with Morinis', Marano's, and Morano's. Maurino's have stars similar to the Kissinger stars, not surprising where Casano's were of Pattersons/Cassane's whom I think were a branch of Kissinger-like Kissane's/Cashmans/GUISSane's. It was the Kissings/GISSings who took us to Stanleys.

I should repeat here from above to show that the hefty manfriend was looking like Trump too. Can there be multiple fulfillments of the same man?

Mrs. Kilpatrick gave me a CASSette tape of her music done in a studio. She's a singer, and the red drops above [shared by Players, Kilpatricks and Pattersons/Cassane's] are called, "sang," for "blood." The Bloods/Bluds even share the LODGEd stag of Kilpatrick-related Maxwells. Ghislaine Maxwell. It's a little interesting that English Singers share the YOO/Yell garb. I kid you not, that while Lago's are Logu's too, Lodge's are listed with Loge's!! Trump was an associate of Jeffrey Epstein, do the Beauty math. It seems that God does want to point to Sangs/Singers because they share the Lago/Logu hexagrams, for French Mars share the Patterson/Cassane scallops.

This is a good place to repeat that Antipatria was also, Antipater, probably named by king Antipater of neighboring Macedon, father of king CASSANDer. Cassane's and Casino-branch Casano's both come up as Cassandra's, and the Casano hexagrams are colors reversed from the Lago hexagrams. After I saw her playboy manfriend, I touched her Lago-like leg, and Leggs almost have the Trump Coat. That's impressive.

About two minutes after she handed me the music cassette, in church, Stanley walked in and sat down right beside her, shoulder-to-shoulder as a couple would. Her husband was not there. Usually, when a pew isn't crammed, friends leave about a foot of space between each other; Stanley did not, even though there was no one else on his other side. Stanleys had been Stonleys too, and Stoners share the Music/Musy eagle. It's gold, as is the Stone eagle, and Stone's have a version of the English Door Coat. It's the Diss/Dice / Dister eagle too, and I was at the car DOOR when she was distressed over her manfriend. Maybe he's a stoner as well as a gambler. Miss Hicks was Sleeping Beauty on Epstein's island, and Music-like Muschats share the Eppstein Coat.

English Doors substitute the Stone eagles for bees, and Bee's were first found in Oxfordshire with Stoners. The split Door / Stone Shield is shared by Maybe's/MayBEE's, and sleeping Beauty said, "HE'S MAYBE chasing other women". Is that not amazing. I've never gone over this heraldic territory before. Cassette-like English Castels/Castle's have a bee in Crest, and while I proposed that "HE'S" is a pointer to Hess'/Hesse's, the first Rothschild was a banker who did business with prince William of Hesse-Cassel! Scottish Cassels share the chevron of Irish Caseys, and German Cassels a castle as well as the triple chevrons of Clare's, first found in Suffolk with the Tigers in the stripe-less tiger of Maybee's!!!! ASTOUNDING VERIFICATION. It seems that the manfriend is fashioned as a pointer to Rothschilian bankers, and perhaps they own Chase bank(s). Hesse's use a sun while Clare-branch Sinclairs list Suns.

Stone's mention an early Mr. Stane, yet Stane's are listed with Stands/Stains who tell of their branch on the Thames river (in Surrey), which flows in Oxfordshire i.e. where Stoners were first found. It is completely amazing now, that immediately after finishing the paragraph above, I checked for a Banker surname (listed with Bunkers/Benchers), and they, likewise first found in Oxfordshire, are in Stanley colors and format...tending to prove that Stanley pointed to Morgan Stanley bankers.

The Lille's, first found in Oxfordshire too, tell of the earls of Macclesfield (used leopards, as do Scottish Doors) in Shirburn of the Thame district, and I see Macclesfields as Maxwells. It just so happens that Haydens share the engrailed Macclesfield cross, and further share a white dog in Crest with Stone's. And the Hades/Hat / Hayden quadrants are even shared by German Castello's/Castle's. Stone's share the cinquefoil of Gangs/Geggs, first found in Norfolk with Haydens, which tends to assure that Stone's do share the Diss/Dice eagle closely.

The mention of Chazette's below, first found in Ile-de-France of Lys'/LISS', made me realize that they are in the colors and format of Lille-like Lilys. The fleur-de-lys is a lily, and while Chazette's show leaves, Levi were first found in Ile-de-France too while Leave's/Leafs (Norfolk again), beelieve it or not, use more bees! Later in this update, it's said: "Heinz's share the Bank fleur-de-lys while Banks were at WinSTANLEY", beleaf it or not. Oh wow, the Leave/Leaf leaves (same colors, same design) are shared by Craggs who, if their black dogs are ignored, are not only in Stanley / Banker colors and format, but, with their black dogs, Craggs are in Knee colors and format!!!

The Craggs share the black Carrick dog with Spinks who have the other half of the Stone eagle, in Cragg-leaf colors. Stone's share the motto of Carrick-branch Craigs. The motto is very suspect with the Vivius bloodline that named Vivia, mother of Lupus Laevillus of Cetis (father of CHARAX), explaining both the Cragg leaves and the lily (in Waterford-lily colors) of the Cetis/Sestier surname, first found in Provence with Liss-branch Lizarts/Sarde's. Spinks (Northamptonshire, beside Lise's/Liss') use "FideLIS," and English Liss'/Lise's share the Coat of Annesleys, a surname coming right at you below before this paragraph was written. "FIDELis" can also be code for Fiddle's/Fidelows, first found in Surrey with a Staines location. Lizarts/Sarde's share the Coat of ArmSTRONG's while Strongs share the giant Stone eagle too, in the colors of the Diss/Dice eagle while Diss is in Norfolk with SPHINX-using Hips' and Gangs/Geggs. Whew.

Again, Stone's share the Gang cinquefoil. Gangs are in the Drummond motto, and while I claim that Drummonds descend from a gate-like Agatha of Podebrady, the "gold gate" in the Arms of Podebrady is in the Babwell Crest while the Babwell Shield is shared by Annesleys, first found in Oxfordshire with Muscat-related Love's/Luffs. The music cassette of the original Sleeping Beauty is thus even clicking us over to Ainsley Earhardt. Amazingly, the triple Beak fesses, in non-wavy form, above the gold gate in the Arms of Podebrady are colors reversed from the triple fesses of Cassets/Casse's/CASSONs (I didn't look them up until this minute)! Casino's and Stanley-beloved Change's have triple fesses too, as do Fountains, and the Kiss/Cush fountains have the triple-wavy chevrons of Drummonds in colors reversed. Stanleys were even first found in Cambridgeshire with Casset-like Cass'/Casts! Amazing. The Cam river named Cambridge (or vice-versa), and Cams share the Babwell / Annesley Coat, can we believe it? I have told the story many times of my TOOTing my horn at Mr. Casey, as I drove by him when he was at the front GATE of Miss Hicks' ranch.

Babwell-branch English Babe's were once said to be first found in Dorset with their Beak kin, and with Hades'/Hats, and with Hayden-related Beautys. Babwells are also Babels while German Babels are also Babe's. This all looks like a pointer to Bill Gates on Epstein's island with mere babes as sex toys. Babwells were once said to be first found in Middlesex, and Stane's tell of an early Staines location there. Players, first found in Middlesex, share red blood drops with Pattersons/Cassane's while English Cassane's share the triple Eppstein / MUSChat chevrons. The MUSIC cassette. Cassane's were first found in Hampshire with Chase's while Cassets show a DesCHASEaux variation. Chase-branch Chance's were first found in Essex with Muschats.

For what it's worth, I remember laying the cassette on the pew. The Pews (share Perkin Coat) share the Fisc motto, which has four words shared almost exactly by MacKenzie's, the latter first found in Ross-shire with Scottish Pattersons. I always connect ASS'/Assi's (Shetland, same as Yoo's/Yells) to Justine's, and the latter share the border of MacKenzie's with an "AS astra" motto phrase. The Sichs suspect in the Pew motto almost share the Kiss/Cush / Cass/Cast Coat, and have an "ASSIduus" motto term. Sichs are said to have been at Sykes-DYKE, suspect with Diss'/Dice's because the latter were first found in Norfolk with Tute's/Tuits and Haydens (and Fountains and Fiscs), both linkable to Tattons while Sichs have a "Tatton Sykes" character of Yorkshire, where Tute's/Toots were first found.

I tooted my horn as Miss Hicks was coming out to let Mr. Casey into the gate, and while there's a turtle in the Sich Crest, Turtle's are listed with TOOThills. Chase-like Chaucers use a "TORToise," and the Haughts/Hottens (Cheshire, same as Tattons) with a "tort" motto term share the triple fesses of Cassets/Casse's/Cassons. French Caseys are also Chazette's/Cassins, pretty unbelievable.

I HAVE IT. I have found the Annesley bend with Chaucers and Chasers. The latter have the same Coat, and Chaucers were first found in Kent with Chalkers who in turn almost have the Coat of Damorys/Amori's, a branch of Amore's in turn on the Annesley motto! The man in the dream was a CHASER of women! I get it.

Make of it what you will, but there appears to be Intelligent Design in at least most of this heraldry...which is not to say that God has any fondness for the rulers who created / honored heraldry. Perhaps, when Sleeping Beauty was in distress, we can say she was also SICK.

Ahh, I didn't know until writing all the above that Tottens (MIDDLESEX) share "Ad astra" with the Pews! Hicks use a "TOUT EN" motto phrase, and the Totten dancettes are in half the colors of the Hayden dancette. End Insert]

Ahh, I have the Kissane Crest recorded: "The Kissane Crest: "A right arm in armor with a silver cuff holding a lizard.'" Beauty, for although it's the Dene crocodile (part-code for Dean-related Dile's), Kissane's retained the lizard name for it, and Lizarts/Sarde's are not only linkable to Liss' (Hampshire, same as Casins/Cassane's) and Lists, but the latter two share the Annesley pale bars, perfect because the red stag, shared by Kissane's, is called a "hart" at times due to the red stag of German Harts. McCarthys/ARTys share the giant Kissane stag almost exactly, and both surnames were first found in Kerry and Cork. It means that the kiss to Sleeping Beauty can also go to Miss EarHARDT thanks to KISSane's/Cashmans. Jewish Harts and Earhardts have Coats looking related.

So, the man who was maybe chasing other women becomes connected to the Chase-related Pattents/Pattens, begging why Scottish Patents are also PATIENTs (and Putins). What do we suppose is going on here along with the late Mrs. Kilpatrick's husband having been a doctor? Patents/Patients were first found in Dumfries with Leggs, and with PATrick-branch KilPatricks while Patricks were first found in Norfolk with Case's (kin of Leslie's sharing the green griffin head of Patents/Pattens and Chase's). Norfolk is also where Diss and Crawl-branch Crows were first found while Scottish Caseys use "crow" heads. The Crawl Crest is interesting for looking somewhat connectable to the DISS/DICE and DISTER Coats, which were topics in the last update with Case-liners such a Casino's for their dice. Disters were new to me in the last update because Sleeping Beauty was DISTRessed. In this update, I used "sore" instead of distressed, though I normally told the story using "distressed." As we saw, the Sore's worked very well with Beautys leg.

Having said that, the "jungit" motto term of Case's looks like it's for the Jungs/Youngs who have a stag in the colors of the Trump stag head, and Trump owns/owned at least one casino. In the last update, I shared an old quote where I said the manfriend in the dream had "dark hair." It was not black. As best I can remember, it was medium brown.

Wow, the Case Crest shares a vertical arm with Kissane's/Cashmans! The latter are the ones pointing to Miss Earhardt by use of the Arty / Hart stag. Diss/Dice's and Disters are in Arthur colors and format. Diss'/Dice's are also Deise's, and "Deise" is a motto term in the Arms of County Waterford sharing the Trump and Legg stag head (the Arms uses either one alternatively). Here's what I've just added to the last update upon mention of the Waterford Arms: "[I failed to add here that Waterfords share the Kiss/Cush "fountains"!]" That's incredible.

The base of the Arms has waves of the sea reflective of the Kiss fountains, and Fountains were even first found in Norfolk with Diss'/Deise's and Wheats while the eagle head in the Arms has ears of wheat in its beak. I say that ears are code for Eyers/Ayers/Airs while Scottish Ayers (Ayrshire same as Barrs) use the motto, "Lighter than air" to go with the LIGHThouse in the same Waterford Arms. The eagle head is in the colors of the Barr eagle.

I think it's important here that Waterfords are listed with Waterville's while Waters, sharing the Epstein Coat and the triple chevrons of Casins/Cassane's, are likewise Waterville's. The Trump relationship with Jeffrey Epstein seems at play here, and so Beauty manfriend looks like an Epstein-circle guy.

Wikipedia once showed the Arms of Country Waterford with the Trump stag head (faces sideways), which is where I got the file above, and then changed it to the Legg stag head (faces the viewer). The "tentamine" motto term of Leggs, with Mine's/Menne's, points to Annesleys, but the same term points also to the "royal tents" of Tintons who named Tintagel, birthplace of mythical king Arthur, code for Arthurs. Juliana Arthur is online in marriage to a Robert Hicks where both families shared the "clarion," thought to be a trumpet by some.

It was the Kiss-branch Cass'/Cash's that took us to Patent-related Scayle's, and it was the Cass'/Cash's who have a "pair of SCALES." As I said, Mr. Casey was the husband of Mrs. Kilpatrick's aunt, and the Ant river is in Norfolk. This Mr. Casey was my REAL-estate agent who sold my Texas property at the same time he listed the Kilpatrick home. Reals/Riels could be of the Royals because "real" is "royal" in Spanish. It seems that the manfriend in the dream is pointing heavily to Mrs. Kilpatrick instead of Miss Earhardt. I had purchased that property from Miss Friend, and perhaps the manFRIEND (I don't know what else to call him, maybe "boyfriend") can be a pointer to Fox and Friends.

Dragons/DRAINers look like they were named after the PENEStae peoples on the DRIN river, explain "PENdragons." Dragons/Drainers are in the colors and format of dragon-using Scottish Mans. MANfriend. Scottish Mans ("ARDua") look like Pen kin. Friends (Somerset, same as Arthurs of Clapton) share the ermined chevron of Irish Arthurs. The Penes'/Pennys were first found in Northamptonshire with Waterfords. The manfriend chasing OTHER women just linked to UTHER Pendragon.

It begins to beg whether the white Friend stag head is that of Waterford County (at Deise) because I see Diss'/Dice's/Deise's (share VIENNE eagle) as kin of Child-related Tarents, and while Friends (share ermined chevron of Vienne-like and Veynes-related Wayne's) are in Child colors and format, Epstein had been a sinner with children. We might also say that while Waterfords share the Kiss fountains, the Kissane stag is colors reversed from the Friend stag head. I have told several times before why it should be that Ainsley Earhardt, as Sleeping Beauty, points to Epstein-acquainted people at Fox news, including Alan Dershowitz. The Childrens look related to the Gaudets in the motto of Leggs who have the County Waterford stag head in both colors.

Irish Kilpatricks (share the Lovick saltire) are also Patchie's, and Pattys (look related to Dumfries' Nitts/Naughts), first found in Worcestershire with Disters, share the Hayden lion with paw on bull. The Pairs in the "pair of scales" are listed with Paws, and Kilpatricks/Patchie's use a "dexter paw" on the "head" of a dragon while Heads/Heeds were first found in Norfolk with Haydens, perfect because the Hayden lion has a paw on the Beauty bull. Can we believe it? In other words, the Kilpatricks loved a Hayden branch while Ainsleys share the Hicks fleur. Will the real Sleeping Beauty please stand up.

I have just found another lizard to go with the one of MacArthy-related Kissane's. It's used by Organs and Corrigans, and Organs, first found in Cork with MacCarthys and Kissane's, were looked up because the Arthur "rests" are thought to be organ rests. This is cool. The three Real/Riel crowns are half in the colors of the MacCarther crowns, both crown designs identical. The giant MacArthur moline is colors reversed from the same of Scottish Deans ("arte"), and it's Dean-branch Dene's (share Kissane motto) who use this lizard as a crocodile.

CORRigans are very useful in deciphering Beauty's manfriend, for Corks (Cornwall) are also Core's, as are the Gore's used by a myth writer to produce mythical GORlois of Cornwall (same as Tintagel), whose wife committed adultery with UTHER PenDRAGON, father of king Arthur with her. The Coors/Corys, sharing a green DRAGON with Kilpatricks, were first found in Dumfries with them. "UTHER" was chosen by the myth writer as code for the Others/Otters, proto-Windsors, and Gore's/Core's (Hicks colors and format) share the Windsor crosslets, and Windsors share the saltire of GosPATRICKs and French Julians. "TintaGEL" (a real place) was named between Tints and Nagle-related Gale's, and French Galli's share the Chief of French Gore's/Jore's and French Julians. Nagle's are from Oneglia's namers, home of Arduinici, who married Door-like Doria's there, explaining why Restons share the Scottish Door leopard faces.

The reason I'm delighted in coming to this latest set of heraldry, after following the clues for Beauty's manfriend to Organs and Corrigans, is that I heard her thoughts concerning him, "He's out and about, MAYBE chasing OTHER women." I've always put "maybe" in that sentence whenever telling the story. There is a Maybe/Maybee surname in Bono colors and format, and Bono's are excellent here starting with their being first found in Milan with OTTONE Visconti. Secondly, the vertically-split Shields of Maybe's/Maybee's and Bono's is the Shield of English Doors! The latter use bees to go with MayBEE's. I was at the car door when Beauty was in distress thinking the he's maybe chasing other women.

The car she was hovering in was also am auto as per Auto's/Otto's sharing a black bull with Beautys, and Ottone's are also Otto's, like variations of Others/Otters, you see. This is wild because Others/Otters are said to be from lords of Lombardy while Milan is a the Lombardy capital, and then the first I saw of Sleeping Beauty was as she walked from the front FENDER of the car to the Hood, and while Fenders (Huntingdonshire, same as Others/Otters) use the otter, they are also Windsor-like Vendors. Huntingdonshire is where Gains/Engayne's (share Hayden dancetty-fesse) were first found who have nearly the Gore/Core Coat.

But there's more, for the Bono lion is that of Odins/Oddie's/HOODys while Hoods are also Otto-like Hoots! The mystery is: why would God use the manfriend to confirm that it's correct to view the car as an auto? Or, why is God pointing to Windsors liners? Or, did God get the dream to Ottone VISconti as a pointer to Vise's who share the Acorn (and Knee) stag head while Tromps (share Doria eagle) use acorns?

Corrs/Corys almost have the English GARDNer Crest, and Val Trompia is at lake Garda. Acorn-using CORners/Garners are said to have perhaps been from Gardeners. Cornwall-like Corners suggest Corns and CORNISH's who share the Corr/Cory and Gardner chevron. Cornish's are even in the "Cornish chough" of Hoods (Devon, same as Cornish's and Cornwalls). It's amazing here that while Lovers use the trumpet, English Lowers (uniCORN) almost have the Cornish Coat, and Lowers (Cornwall) even share the Gardner chevron.

Emperor Otto I was the son of Henry the Fowler, and Fowlers share the lion of Chase-branch Chance's [same place as Cassane's]. French Chance's substitute that lion with a sun in the same colors, and it's the Hess sun that might be in "HE'S out and about, maybe chasing other women." Hesse is where Epsteins were first found. "Out and" is like "Odan," and Odans bring up the Odin/Oddie/Hoddy Coat. "Out-and"-like Hottans [share Casset/Casse/Casson Coat] are said to have named HOOTon. "About"-like Abots (Peare kin) use a "patria" motto term while Patria's/Peartree's share the Trump stag head. Trump chases women. Abots share the white unicorn with Wombwell/WOMwells, and "chasing other WOMen" might apply here because Jumps, sharing the Trump / Patria stag head, were first found at Wombwell (Yorkshire, same as Jumps).

The about-like Bouts share a red arrow with Ainsley-connectable Ains'/Hains. The latter are connectable to Ainsleys via Cheeks and Annesleys.

The manFRIEND, suspect as a playboy, was HEFty, and Heffers/HEFNERs were first found in Somerset with Ducks/DIGGs and Friends. The Duck/Digg lion heads are in the colors of the Duce/Doocy lions, Steve Doocy sits beside Ainsley Earhardt on Fox and Friends, along with Brain KilMEADE. The three Heffer/Hefner lions in pale are colors reversed from the two lions in pale of Duce's/Doocys. That is some cool piece of work. Meads, because they married Arthurs of Clapton (Somerset), were once said to be first found in Somerset. Meads are in Corr/Cory colors and format, and I think it was clear shortly above how Corrs were related to king-Arthur myth codes for surnames. The Digg variation was tried just now as per the Digester variation of Disters (Heffer/Hefner colors), and Beauty was in DISTRess over her hefty man.

The triple Heffer/Hefner lions in pale are in the English Lawn/Lane Coat, and the latter's Carrick kin shares "bien" with Vienne's, the latter first found in Burgundy with Feins/Finns, but also with French Bale's while English Bale's have the giant Vienne eagle. Fiens/Fane's/Veynes' share the Wayne gauntlets, and the Friends sharing the ermined bend of Wayne's have the Vienne eagle in half its colors. We crossed these surnames with the Childs and Children above in connection of Epstein's sins. Vienne's share the Diss/Dice/Deise / Dister eagle, and Beauty was in distress over her manfriend as she hovered OVER the car seats. Overs (Cheshire, same as Hottans of Hooton), in Children colors and near format, have only a FRET on their bend, half in the colors of the Hood/Hoot fret, and Ferte-Mace was home to Maceys/Mace's sharing the Wayne and Fien/Fane/Veynes gauntlet.

I can now add, for the first time, that when Beauty was distressed over MANFRIEND, she was FRETTing. The Macey-connectable Mosca's descend from MANFRED Mosca. Mackays use a "Manu" motto term for their descent from king Maccus of MAN. Man's people are called, Manx, and Manche is where Maceys/Mace's and Masseys/Maceys lived. Beauty's manfriend was depicting Massey liners, but why?

The Macey-like Mackeys won't come up unless we load "Margy," and they were first found in Ayrshire with Marjory/Margaret Carrick, and with the Murdochs who share the raven hanging by the neck with Margys/Mackeys. Epstein was reportedly hung by the neck, and while he flew the plane, LOLITA Express, Lolita/Loyola's (share black wolves with Irish Mackays) can be suspect in the "Loyalite" motto term of Mackesys/Margesons. That's a neat-little way to suggest the possibility that the owner of Fox news, Rupert Murdoch, has complicity with Jeffrey Epstein's sins. It can explain why God chose Miss Earhardt to act as Sleeping Beauty on Epstein's island. Don't we think it's amazing, with this new manfriend = Manfred addition to the dream on Epstein's island, that Epsteins share the Coat of Muschats, like the Muscas variation of Mosca's?

Dirty Players

Just after writing the above, I was at Gab, watching Gorka, and there on the margin, in the list of suggested videos, was a Fox and Friends show on Mar-a-Lago. Loading it, Ainsley was smiling again, a good sign. This video is on a dirty-nuclear bomb that the FBI claims might be used against it, and thus it's easily gleaned that the deep-state is desirous of conducting a false-flag attack on the FBI to be blamed on Trump supporters in order to have the excuse of rounding some of them up, but, of course, one man's crime, even it it's not from a false-flag operation, is not to be blamed on any one other person.

Any attempt by the FBI to round up innocent people again on zero charges will only cause the people to struggle against it with greater resolve. But the unrepentant and unrelenting American deep state has no other option as it whirls round in a drain whirlpool at this time. It can't get the people to like it anymore, just as the ugly-faced Klaus Schwab can't get anyone to like him unless they're bribed, and so the deep state's only option is a martial-law move hoping that its money bags holds out until its finished...but it will never be finished because the people will never stop hating it. Good luck stupids with your self-inflicted, massive headaches, you will never enjoy the Utopia you long for. There is no peace for the wicked.

No Dirty surname comes up to see whether it can be linked to an heraldic bomb, but Dirts are listed with Darts/Dards, and even with Welsh Davids. I saw nothing here to speak of unless the flames in the Dart/Dard Crest are called a "fire" to go with the "fireball" (bomb) of English Balls, first found in Cheshire with Welsh Davids. I had the Dart Crest recorded as "A fire burning" (2nd update in August, 2011). Fire's list Fewers while Fevers/Favre's share the ERASed Trump stag head, and then Eras'/Rasmussens share the Fire/Fewer unicorn.

What I don't understand is why Dirts are listed with Davids. This is amazing as per what was said in the last update on the FBI accusation that Trump stole nuclear secrets, storing them at Mar-a-Lago. I started by saying, "I had even checked out Nuce's and Lears as per the charges against Trump of stealing / mishandling nucLEAR secrets." It was then followed up with: "I'm fairly sure that French Davis', in Lear colors and near-format, use a lyre." The amazing things are: 1) French Davis' share the Coat of Welsh Dirts/Davids, and, 2) French Balls/Ballots were first found in Brittany with French Davis' while both English Balls and Bellows/Ballots were first found in Cheshire with Davids. The Billet branch of Bellows/Ballots were first found in Devon with Darts/Dirts.

The FBI broke into Trump's safe, supposedly to find or plant nuclear secrets, and the Broke Crest has a lion holding a little dirty "dart." Lyre-like Liers were first found in Brittany with Davis' suspect with a lyre, and Liers were first found in Dol with the Alans who became the Stewarts who in turn share the Broke motto fully. English Stewarts share the Broke lion and were first found in Devon with Darts/Dirts and safe-like Saffers. English Stewarts share the "ragully" pattern with Lears. Saffer share "Vita" in their motto with fireball-connectable Bellows/Ballots, and Vita's were first found in TARVISium while Travis'/Travers almost have the Lier Coat. The Travers are said to have married the Meschins of Cheshire, and we read that the estates of this Travers family passed to Engayne's, first found in Huntingdonshire with David-related Aids/Ade's.

It appears Clinton-important that Engayne's are said to have fled to Northumberland, where Rodhams were first found who are in Aid/Ade colors and format, and Rodhams share "Nec" twice in their motto with Travis'/Travers. In the last update, I suggested that Nuce's can be part of "NUClear," and it just so happens that "Nec"-like German Neckers almost have the Nuse/Newes/Nuce Coat. German Neckers are also NECKLers/NECKELere's, and they are in the colors and format of Cheshire's Nickle's. Neckers also show a nuke-like NEUCHenter variation.

Then, wow, Garden-like Cardens (Cheshire, same as fireball Balls) share the pheon of Nickle's! We can even ask whether NeckeLERE's were a Nickle/Nichols-line merger with Liers / Lere's/Lure's? In any case, the GARDEN-branch Jarrets, with the Travis/Travers boar head in colors reversed, were first found in Dol with Travers-related Liers, and the BAUMgardens might just have been from Boms who use "bombs"! And while Val Trompia is at lake Garda, Gardens use a "JUNGunter" motto term while Jungs/Youngs have a stag in Trump stag-head colors. Ya see, it all looks Designed to point to Trump's current woes from the FBI. A Trump-family member is saying that JARED Kushner is involved!

BREAKERs/Brechs, first found in Shropshire with the Dol Alans and English Jarrets, have the hunting horn of Italian Davids in colors reversed. It jibes with Davids of Brittany. Brech-like Brace's/BRAS' are in Carden colors and format, and the Bras-like Brays/Braes' use a "FLAX BREAKER" while Lere's/Lure's use a FLAG. I was about to kiss Sleeping Beauty, and then we were suddenly emBRACEd, and "amore" is shared between Cardens and Annesleys.

Cardens are also Cardine's whom we can assume named KinCARDINEshire. It's where Fido's/Fothes'/Fette's were first found while "Fide" is a Carden/Cardine motto term. Fido's/Fothes' share the stars of Peare's/PEARs and their related Abots, both first found in Oxfordshire with Love's/Luffs, Amore's and Annesleys!!! Patria's/PEARtree's were first found in Kincardineshire too, and they share the Trump stag head, as well as the fitchees of Sewers/Suits, first found in Angus with Carden-like Gardens.

Repeat from when my tenant took the basil, which led to Baumgardens: "Wow, I didn't mention the BAUMgardens above for the fact that both Baum surnames look like kin of Pasi's/Pascels, the branch of Scottish Paisleys/Pasleys!!! But just lookie there, folks. Pasi's/Pascels share the white on blue, crossed spears of German Baums. French Basels even share the crown of German Baums. Boom! It's nuclear." I neglected to tell in the last update, when Baumgardens were a topic with Baums, that German Baums use what I reckon is called a wall, adding the same eagle as DORia's and Tromps inside the DOOR of that wall.

In that same paragraph, it was added: "He gave three seeds in all, the third being chives. I mention the Chives' and Sheaves'/Chiava's often." Chives' were first found in Traves-like Tarves! The Herbs/Herbacks show a bend alone on one-half the Shield in the colors of the one bend alone (nothing else on the Shield) of German Neckers/Neckelere's. Herbs/Herbacks were first found in Swabia with HOHENzollerns / Hohenstaufens, and Hohens share the checks of Zacks while "Zack" is the first name of the tenant under discussion. Zacks add the same lion as per the Arms of Kyburg, a Swiss location beside Swabia and near Basel.

Hohens almost have the Cohen Shield, and Cohens share the Shield of Checkers while Love-connectable Checks/CHEEKs play to my kiss intended for her cheek. Checkers were first found in Hampshire with the Liss'/Lise's sharing the pale bars of Annesleys, the latter first found in Oxfordshire with Love's/Luffs and Checks/Cheeks (AINS/Hain kin). Here's where I got really excited in the last update: "I kid you not, I've been long wanting to know whose six wavy pale bars are in the Ains/Hain crescents, and just this minute I realize they are the six of Annesleys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Those pale bars are almost the wavy fesses in the Kiss "fountains."

The Baum wall is very "nucLEAR"-important, not only because the German Walls essentially have the Necker/Neckelere Coat in colors reversed, but due to Lears having a Coat much like that of English Walls.

French Baums have: 1)a Shield in Rollo Shield colors; 2) A Crest in Rollo-Crest colors; 3) a "pas" motto term to go with the "passe" of Rollo's. Gardens share the black boar with Rollo's. BaumGARDENs. I know that a "wall" is used by Shoe's who in turn have a knight, and then French Role's share the triple pale bars of Knights while the Scottish Nights share the lion of English Rolls/Role's. Those triple pale bars are in the colors of the triple PASley fesses. The question: did God arrange for Scottish Nights to be first found in KirkCUDbrightshire with Cudd-branch Cuthberts? The latter not only have a "Nec" motto term, but use a so-called "dart"! Dart list Dirts. The dirty-nuclear bomb. Is the deep state actually going to set one off in a false flag?

The Cuthbert dart in a hand is shared by Maine's (Devon, same as darts/Dirts), and Maine's happen to have the Nickle / Carden pheon in colors reversed.

Shortly after the FBI warned of a dirty-bomb possibility (clearly part of the agenda on the Trump raid), it warned of an impending "civil war" due to pro-Trumpers being upset. Yup, you have us all fooled, FBI, we can't see right through ya. The problem is, nobody supporting Trump is wanting to start a civil war, because they see right through ya. The deep state agenda is basically to create painful division between the peoples conducive for utilizing a pretext for the application of an iron fist. Go for it, Wray, try to fake a civil war.

I'm going to give some heraldry predicting that Trump will either be jailed by Wray, or he's going to attempt it. Many are already saying that the attempt is under way. It starts with the Arms of County Waterford sharing the Trump stag head and what looks like the Barr eagle. Trump chose Bill Barr to be Chris Wray's boss. Trump either blundered in this, as his supporters claim, or he did it deliberately to protect himself from deep-state attacks upon himself and family.

Repeat from above: "The base of the Arms of County Waterford has waves of the sea reflective of the Kiss fountains, and Fountains were even first found in Norfolk with Diss'/Deise's and Wheats while the eagle head in the Arms has ears of wheat in its beak. I say that ears are code for Eyers/Ayers/Airs while Scottish Ayers (Ayrshire same as Barrs) use the motto, "Lighter than air" to go with the LIGHThouse in the same Waterford Arms. The eagle head is in the colors of the Barr eagle. " The Lights/Lights (probably have the Feather ostrich feathers) are in Feather colors and format while the Feather motto loves the line of Justine's husband. Do you see anything in the Justine Coat that could indicate Wray's attempt to jail Trump?

The big problem with this set of heraldry is that there's no Jail surname coming up. I've got to use the Joels/Jewells and similar surnames on the notion that "gaol" is the old word for "jail." I don't like this, but it is interesting that the "gillyflowers" of Joels are in the colors of the "water lilies" of fountain-using Waterfords. But that's not all, Joels were first found in Devon with Flowers, Births/Berts and Wray-like Ware's; the latter share the lion of Cass-like Chase's while Cass' have fountains too. Ware's even share the scallops of Rinds (Perthshire, same as Scottish Drummonds) who in turn use "gillie flowers," you see, nearly the "gillyflowers" of Joels. Scottish Drummonds love the Gangs, first found in Norfolk with Fountains and Bilders, and the latter were first found in Hamburg with German Drummonds having three wavy fesses in colors reversed from the same in the fountains of Waterfords-et-all.

Rinds were first found in Perthshire with the Justine's having "scales of justice," and Wray is under the authority of the Department of Justice. Wray's use a "juste" motto term. Rind-branch Rands/Rynds have the triple Cassane / Water/Waterville / Epstein chevrons in colors reversed.

Waterfords are also Waterville's while Waters/Waterville's (look like CASSane kin) were first found in Essex with English Este's (Essex, same as Chase-branch Chance's) while the eagle of Italian Este's is known to be the Barr eagle because Barrs were related to Este's, and we saw above why the Barr eagle should be the one in the Arms of Country Waterford. Jail BARS come to mind. Cassane's were first found in Hampshire with the Chase's, with Potters in the "flower pot" of Rinds, and with the Bottons/Buttons/Bidens in the Wray-with-Botton location of Wrays. Coincidences?

Warings/Wearings, first found in Devon with Ware's and Wears, happen to use a dragon standing on a millRIND, nailing Wray-like Ware's (dragon) with gilly-flower Rinds, very important. Dragons/Drainers are even in Potter colors and format while Rinds use a "pot."

Bilders are justified in this set of heraldry because they almost have the Coat of Births/Berts who in turn share the fitchees of Gillie's/Gillys and Wray-like Warys; the latter were first found in Norfolk with Bilders, a potential signal that Chris Wray is on-board with Bilderberg / Schwab globalists. You can now see why the "gillyflowers" of jail-like Joels seem important for connection to Mr. Wray.

The Wary Crest even has a white griffin head, and Italian Berts/Berta's have a giant, white griffin in the colors of the Waterford Arms. Warys even share "bien" with Carricks (Ayrshire, same as Barrs) who in turn share an ostrich in Crest with Wrays. The Bert/Berta griffin is shared by German Steels while Christopher Steele, a major instigator against Trump, was protected by the likes of Christopher Wray. Beaks, very linkable to the earliest Drummonds, share the white ostrich with Carricks, and the Beaks may be in the beak of the Waterford-Arms eagle holding ears of wheat.

English Steele's share the Barr Crest, and while Steele's are thought to descend from a Mr. Loges, the Loge's/Lodge's (Suffolk, beside Warys) share the giant Wary lion. This lion is colors reversed from the Steele and Farmer lion heads, and COURTis'/Curtis, with three crowns looking like a version of the Scottish Steel Coat, use a "farmer." Carricks were first found in Ayrshire with Cords/McCOURTs sharing the Carrick fesse, an indication, perhaps, that Trump will soon be in a criminal court.

If I recall correctly, Carricks descended from Fife elements, and Fife is where Jurys were first found who are in Waterford colors and format. I've heard that a GRAND Jury is already in the works for Trump, and so we'd expect that Wray would oversee such an operation. "GRANDescunt" happens to be a motto term of COURTs/Coverts who share the Tromp eagle. Val Trompia is at lake Garda, and Carricks have the motto, "Garde bien."

We now return to the Wray-like Ware's sharing the Chase lion, for Chase's share the green griffin head of Fens'/Venns, the latter first found in Devon with Ware's. The Fens/Venns (sharing Patterson/CASSANE scallops) look key for a pointer to a slew of jail-like surnames that link to surnames shortly above. Fens'/Venns, sharing the blue border with Ware's, can be expected as kin of Fiens/Fane's/Vans who are in turn in Fien/Finis colors and format, and the latter's lions can be expected in the fesse of Gale's having a jail-like Gail variation, and a "fama" motto term suspect with the Fame variation of Fiens/Fane's/Vans. Gale's/Gails were once said to be first found in the Cornwall peninsula, which is where Ware's and Fens'/Venns were first found.

The thing is, Gillys/Gillie's share the ship of MacDonalds that's often called a "GALLey." English Galleys happen to share the checks of STEELE's and Halperts. See anything suspicious? Gale's/Gails are now said to be first found in Yorkshire with Galleys, and with jail-like Jells/Gills and Jalls/Gills, probably branches of the Gillie's/Gillys we saw with Joels and Rinds. Gillie's/Gillys share the Wary fitchee, and it's Wray who would technically jail Trump if his court case succeeds in jailing him.

I would like to see Wray jail Trump. I would like Trump in jail for the rest of his remaining life, to ponder the sins he committed against his own people, his own voters, when he allowed Wray to rule the FBI under cruel circumstances that are now ripping the country apart like wolves on squirrels. When the country needed a Justice department that would fend off the lock-down and vaccine scheme, Trump became the chief jailer of the people by locking them at home, and the chief vaccine pusher. This man is a farce, your destruction, America.

Trump rightly fired James Comey from the helm of the FBI, but then replaced him with Wray. The grass-stain event with Lorraine was on a BALCONy that pointed hard to Balcons/BalCOLMs, linkable to Comey/Comb variations. And Scottish Comeys/Combs (Perthshire, same as Gilly-loving Rinds) even share the Clan Chattan motto with Gillys/Gillie's. The thing is, Balcons/Balcolms were at Fife's Crail while Jury's, first found in Fife, are in Crail/Crab colors and format. Is that not amazing?

Jurys and Crails/Crabs are in the colors and format of the Essex's (share Barr / Este eagle) suspect from AZZO, found of Este, who lived in Fermo, suspect with the "ferme" motto term of Squirrels in the squirrels of the Valentin Coat. Valentinian of CIBALae married Justine, and SIBALs were first found in Fife too. Justine's use "scales of justice" to go with the Jurys of Fife. (It appears that Azzo liners in Essex, where English Este's were first found, named themselves the Essex's.) The ESSE's/Ash's (Devon, same as Ware's), probably a branch of Ass'/Assi's (another scale of justice). Does this predict an ASSASSination attempt?

I now go back to an event in my basement, as I went down to turn on the sump PUMP that DRAINs a pool of water that forms on my basement "floor," which is the natural rock. On my way out of the basement, I saw a mouse DROWNEd in the pool with both rear LEGs (Trump-connectable) caught in the mouse trap. It had dragged the trap using it's free front legs a few feet from where I had set the tap, but when it tried to slip under a floor joist, the trap got trapped between the bottom of the joist and the rock. It looks like a pointer to Rockefellers versus Trump. When the pool's water rose after a rain, it rose high enough to drown this trapped mouse. I go down after rains to turn on the pump.

With this mouse event in mind, let's repeat from above: "Warings/Wearings, first found in Devon with Ware's and Wears, happen to use a dragon standing on a millRIND, nailing Wray-like Ware's (dragon) with gilly-flower Rinds, very important. Dragons/Drainers are even in Potter colors and format while Rinds use a 'pot.'" The DRAINers had been looked at as per the mouse event because the PUMP drains out the water, and because Drowns are Drains too. It just so happens that there's an ORANGE lion in the Drown/Drain Crest while the Orange hunting horn is colors reversed with the Warings/Wearings who in turn use the checkered bend of PUMPs/Pope's/Pape's!!! It now appears that the mouse event has to do with Chris Wray turning on Trump with lethality.

Drowns/Drains were first found in Yorkshire with Jells/Gells, Gale's/Gails and Jalls/Gills. Drowns/Drains share the Chief of English Blacks (and Washingtons) while Scottish Blacks share the orange demi-lion of Drowns/Drains (same Crests exactly).

There's a gold demi-lion in the Crests of both English Bale's and mouse-using Misls/Meisels with a Massey-like Meisi variation. The latter were first found in Austria with Trapps/Trappers so that this spells, mouse trap. While English Balls (Cheshire, same as Masseys) have a "FULCrum" motto term, English Bale's were first found in Norfolk with Fulke's sharing their split Shield, and Fulke's share the Massey fleur-de-lys. Balls were clearly a Bale branch. Trapps/Trappers use a "bustard," symbol of Bush-connectable BusTARDs. The Tards happen to be listed with Darts/Dards/DIRTS (Devon, same as BasTARDs and Ware's) while the lone mouse on a bend of Misls/Meise's is in the colors of the lone lion on a bend of Davids/DIRTs (Cheshire, same as Masseys / Maceys / le-Meschin and Bello's).

English Balls are the ones with the "fireball" to go with the dirty bomb in case the Americans explode one soon, blaming it on Trump supporters. It would be a classic false-FLAG operation, and while Flags (Norfolk, same as Bale's and Fulke's) are listed with Flecks (share Meschin scallops), note that Belgian Flecks have the split Shield of English Bale's in colors reversed. The Fulks descended from Tertullus (mythical or otherwise, doesn't matter), just one of multiple clues that they descended from Tertullus of PERGA (husband of Plancia Magna suspect in the Walker motto), the line to Perkins, and so here's something new: the FliglPERGER variation of Belgian Flecks can be for Pergers/PERGENs.

Pergers/Pergens look like Egg/Edge kin while old variations of Aflacks (with "achyn") can apply to Egg liners. Aggs/Auge's look like they share the Irish Conan Coat to a degree because Scottish Conans essentially share the Aflack Coat. The ice-cream CONE symbol pointed to Ice's/Ecco's, an Egg/Edge branch.

Bastards, who share the chevron of Bellys and French Bale's, and even throw in a "bello" motto term, probably use the Mieske/Mesech arm-and-sword. Meschins share the Judge scallops. It's Wray's job to justify the dirt on Trump to the point of justifying his arrest. Bale's look like kin of French Galleys (Dauphine, same as French Galli'), and Mieske-like Mieszko's out of Goplo's mouse tower can be shown to be related to Galli's.

French Bale's/BAILs look like Grave/Grief/Greaf kin, and Graffs/Graffens have another gold, demi-lion in Crest. Will Trump get out of jail on bail? French Bails/Beils were first found in Burgundy with Messeys/Messier's while English Messier's were first found in Lincolnshire with Drown-related Blacks. Bellys use an "acuta" motto term like the "aucta" of Courts/Coverts. Balas' are also Bailiffs, and they share the antelope design of Wheelwrights (Yorkshire). In Polish myth, there is one SiemoMYSL from the Goplo mouse tower, obvious code for mouse-using Misls. Siemomysl descended from Piast the Wheelwright who in turn had JAILED Popiel in the Goplo mouse tower. Mice ate Popiel to death. "Popiel" looks like code for Popleys, and the PUMPs are listed with Pope's/Popps. Pepoli's share the Galley checks.

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, desperate to find a jail-like surname, Jailers were found listed with Gale's/Gails who share, in different colors, bendy upon a horse head with English Galleys (Yorkshire, same as Jailers/Gale's/Gails)!!!!! That's amazing, coming right after the potential Pepoli link to Galleys. Popiel myth was written of GALLus AnonyMOUS, and Italian Gallus'/Galli's can apply to Galleys, especially as German Gallus'/Galls (bendy) share the rooster of Goplo-like Kopple's! It appears that this jailing section, starting way above at the Joels and Rinds, was set up by God to link to a mouse theme at Goplo. Kopple's were first found in Nuremberg.

When Comey was the FBI director, his deputy was McCabe, and here we can add that the McCabe fesse is in the colors of the SUMPtion/Sommer and Coffee/Coffer fesses. Perhaps God arranged the Sumption fesse in this way due to the SUMP PUMP at the mouse-in-trap event. Cofferts/Coverts were first found in Sussex with COURTs/Coverts. The Pump/Pope Crest shares the gold scallop with the Irish Judge Crest.

[Insert -- On Saturday, I put the Kissinger insert above, and then Sunday, before my first sip of my first coffee, I got around to looking at the Henrys, though Kissinger was born with a Heinz first name, not "Henry." I saw that French Henrys shared the Bale and Belly chevron, and it was interesting that they were at Saint-Gilles, for Gilles' are listed with jail-like Jalls/Jills, but what floored me is that French Henrys even share the Wray martlets. Wow, we have a good pointer to jail and bail with Wray involved. Wray-like Rays were even first found at a Gill location.

There's even a gaol-like term in the Henry write-up: "The surname Henry was first found in Brittany (French: Bretagne, Breton: Breizh,) where the family stems from Vaurouil and de la Motte-Henry, villages in Saint-Gilles, to the west of Rennes, in the former barony of GAEL-Montfort." Gaels are listed with Galls/Galens (share giant, gold lion with Italian Gallus'/Galls/Gallons), and I'm sure this surname is of the French Galli's who share the Chief of French Alans, for French Henrys, first found in Ille-et-in Vilaine along with the Dol Alans, share the martlets of English Alans.

With Henrys first found in Montfort, I need to repeat from the Kissinger insert above (in italics below). But first, while Scottish Lombards were first found in RENfrewshire, named after Rennes / Wren / Raines elements, note that while Saint-Gilles is beside Rennes, Gilles'/Jalls/Jills share lozengy Shield with Lombards in the colors of the Arms of Lombardy. Plus, Raines-branch WRENs share the crosslets of English Rench's/WRENch's to which the Get'n Go pointed.

Here's the quote, but first know that Marano's share the Montfort lion because they were definitely related: "...Maurino's were first found in Milan [Lombard capital] with Casino's while Casano's were first found in Modena with Morinis', Marano's, and Morano's. Maurino's have stars similar to the Kissinger stars, not surprising where Casano's were of Pattersons/Cassane's whom I think were a branch of Kissinger-like Kissane's/Cashmans/GUISSane's. It was the Kissings/GISSings who took us to Stanleys." Are we making a Kissinger-line link to Henrys? The Henry-version Enrico's share the fretty of Modena-like Modens/Modeys, and the latter can be traced to Modane on the Arc river because Arks/Arch's were first found in Berkshire with Modens/Modeys...and with the Windsors (share Wren / Rench crosslets) who descended from the Other-branch Lombards! Beauty's manfriend was chasing OTHER women. Windsors did descend from the Alan > Stewart line.

Although it's not a hard link, Heinz's were first found in Saxony with the German Julians. French Julians share the Windsor saltire, and Windsors share the Other/Otter crescents. Can this make Heinz Kissinger part of the man chasing other women? I'll repeat: Jumps share the Trump stag head; Trumps owns/owned a casino(s); Jumps were at Wombwell; Wombwells are also woman-like Womwells.

Windsors share the saltire of French Julians who in turn share the chief of French Alans. French Julians, smacking of the Jewell variation of GILLYflower Joels, were first found in Languedoc with Cotta's/Cottons likely due to Miss Cotta, mother of Julius Caesar. It just so happens that English Cottons were first found in Huntingdonshire with Others/Otters.

The FENDERs/Venders, looking like Windsors, use an otter and were first found in Huntingdonshire too, along with Gore-connectable Gains/Engains sharing the Windsor crosslets. After I saw Sleeping Beauty walking from the FENDER of the 1950's model AUTO (pointer to Ottone Visconti of Milan) to the hood, I saw her manfriend. Was it Stanley? He is a hefty man. The Stanley stag heads are shared by new-to-me-now Aggs'/Hages', first found in Yorkshire with same-colored Hague's/Haights/Hate's and Role's/ROLLs. Augers have an "AGENdo" motto term while Eggens/Egeno's, first found in Swabia with Royal-connectable Rolls, share the Royal crosses! I don't think I can remember this, but I think it's huge, for Aggs/Auge's share the black MOOR head with Aggs'/Hages' while Irish Moors share the MORGAN lion. Morgan Stanley!!!

Plus, as per Javier Solana the EU globalist, it should be added that while Eugene's share the red Solana/Sol sun, Sole's/Sola's are in the Hague/Haight motto. Heights (not "Haight") look like kin of Aggs/Auge's and Conans (same cross type as Heights and Royals), and the other Conans share the engrailed cross of SUNs/Sinclairs.

Ainsley Earhardt is pointed to by Sleeping Beauty via her daughter, Hayden, and the Hayden-branch Hades'/HATs is suspect with the Hate variation of Hague's, and so this entry of new-to-me Aggs'/Hages can even point to Hattans via Chase-MaHATTAN because Fox News is in Manhattan. Ainsley works in Manhattan. Perhaps Miss Earhardt was used as Sleeping Beauty to finger the Kissinger group of Republicans, Bush, Cheney, Rove, Romney, and other horned beasts. "As of 2022, JPMorgan Chase is the largest bank in the United States, the world's largest bank by market capitalization..." JP Morgan had branched to form Morgan Stanley bankers in 1935.

"JP Morgan" was named by John PIERPONT Morgan (his mother was Miss PIErpont), and Pierponts/PEARponts (new to me here) use a "Pie" motto term while Pie's (Herefordshire, beside Jeans/J'Anes') have the Beach and Country pile in colors reversed while Ainsleys have a "country" motto term. As I said, I first saw Sleeping Beauty on a sandy beach, and then I saw myself approaching her (on the beach) with only my jeans on, and so I'm amazed at this moment because the Jean/J'ANES Crest is essentially the Pie Crest! The Tee-like "te" motto term of Pierponts tends to assure that they were of Pierro's/Pero's (share Tease/Thys fesse) on the Tessin river, and as the Tee's are listed with the Tease's/Thys' in turn sharing the Annas star, take a look again at the J'ANES variation of Jeans. It is starting to appear that Sleeping Beauty can point to the Morgan and Chase bankers. Chase's were first found in Hampshire with Tiss'/Teese's and Kissinger-connectable Cassane's.

The Stanley character (I don't know his surname) pointed to the Morgan Stanley, and Heinz's share the Bank fleur-de-lys while Banks were at WinSTANLEY. Heinz's look like Camp kin because Banks (Yorkshire, where Camps were once said to be first found) share the Dutch Camp eagle head. Campo's (Bale/Bail kin?) were first found in Tarvisium while Tarves' share the Campden/Camden fitchees, and the great thing here is that Campo's share the Tromp eagle while the split Tromp Shield is colors reversed from the same of Tarves'! Mamie at the CAMPsite pointed to Trump in multiple ways, including my legs, her tent, and her GARDen. She had sat on my knees at the campfire.

Banks were first found in CRAVEN while Camps use GRIFFINs while Gripps/Grape's are also CRAVers. Campdens/CAMdens (look like Role/Roll kin) were first found in Gloucestershire with CAMs who share the Annesley Coat minus its bend (same as Royal bend), and with Grave's/GRIEFs who in turn share the WIN/Gwyne eagle. WINstanley. Sleeping Beauty was in GRIEF when she was distressed. Winstanleys share the "garde" motto term of Carricks who in turn share the Campden/Camden fesse. We saw how Stanleys link to Carricks and Knee's via Craggs. Winstanley is in Wigan while Wigans (almost the ANNAS Coat) were first found in Cambridgeshire (named after CAM river) with Stanleys.

When I was walking toward her with just the jeans on, I was headed to her hovering scene in which she was DISTRessed over her manfriend. Miss Hicks appeared to be seeing Stanley secretly (without her husband knowing), for when he sat beside her at the 9-11 memorial event (put on by our church), it was the third time out of four that I saw him sitting beside her in the span of a few weeks. Stanley has pointed by the Stanley motto to dice-laden Casino's, and Dice-branch DISTERs were first found in Worcestershire with Jeans.

About an hour after Stanley sat beside Miss Hicks, I bumped into her at the Get'n Go, where I claim there was a knee event to help identify as Sleeping Beauty. I showed why Gows/McGoo's and Gowers/Gores should be pointed to by "Get'n GO," and here I've just found that the Gower/Gore motto is also that of Ripons suspect in the "Pie ripone" motto phrase of Pierponts, and, besides, Kissinger was a stooge for NELSON Rockefeller (Republican) while Nelsons/Neilsons share the black flory cross of Gowers/Gore's. Ripons named Ripon (Ure river) Yorkshire, where Gowers/Gore's were first found along with the Hicks in the colors and format of Gore's/Core's. Yorkshire is also where Ripleys were first found sharing the Morgan lion! That works.

The Ripon motto is used also by Cashels, and banks are all about cash, until we go cashless. I found Cashels looking for a potential pointer to a cashless society, though they are listed with Cassidys. They happen to use a boar in the colors of the McGee boar heads, and as McGee's had been MacGETHs, they were tentatively part of GET'n Go along with Gows/McGoo's (gold boar head).

Winstanleys have a Prince/Prinse-like "Prenez" motto term while Banks were at Newton in Craven while Newtons have an "eastern prince". Stanley, in this update, via the Changers in their motto who essentially have the Casino Coat, has pointed to the Chase-Manhattan bank affiliated with Kissinger. I'm going out on a limb here to say that the sleeping lunar crescent of Kissingers is that of Karens/Kerns for a pointer to Karen Graff, the pointer to graphene-oxide. Kissinger is a population-control / world-control monster.

Raines' have an "AUT leges" motto phrase while Legges' are listed with Leggs. The "Judicium parium" motto phrase of the same Raines' looks like part-code for giant-leg Prime's, but, also, Raines' are in the colors and format of Irish Judge's/Juge's for a related reason. There is a Jugon location near the Meu river of the first-known French Henrys, and I trace that place to Juggs/Judds sharing the boar head of Meu-like Mee's/Mea's/My's.

I didn't realize until now that French Lombards were first found in Provence with the Bale/Bails who not only share the Henry chevron, but are fully in their colors and format! Clearly, Lombardy elements were all over the Alans of Brittany. French Balls were first found in Brittany.

The gold lion in the Crest of English Bale's holds a lance likely because Alan-connectable Lance's (Alan fesse in colors reversed) were first found in Norfolk with these Bale's. Lances are used also by Dere's/Res' sharing the Chiefs of French Alans, Julians and Galli's. French Lance's share the French Bale rose. Languedoc is the location of Roque's/Rocks and Roquefeuil, the namers of Rockefellers. Miss Roquefeuil was mother to a HENRY of Rodez. Roquefeuil is near RENNES-le-Chateau.

With Henrys pointing to what looks like a Wray-jail-bail theme with even the Trump-connectable Leggs involved, might the Kissinger-Rockefeller slimes be pushing Trump's arrest at this time?

Heinz's are said to be of Heinrichs, and the latter use what I assume is a log. Loge's/Lodge's share the Montfort lion for a good Heinrich link to Henrys of Gael-Montfort. Gaels/Galls and Gallus'/Galls could be using the giant Rodez lion, which is almost the Montfort lion.

As Gale's/Jailers are loved by the Nagle nightingale, let's add that while German Nagle's are Neils/Nails too, Irish Neils/O'Nails were first found in Tyrone with Irish Henrys. End insert]

The Galli priests of Cybele were, I think, on the Halys river near lake Tatta, and Tattons share the white, seated greyhound with English Galli's. Although I was never able to prove it, I had thought that Pepin liners were from Paphlagonians at the Cybele / Halys theater. Pepoli's share the Galley checks. Pepins/Pepys may be with the Galley horse head, for the three Pepin/Pepy horse heads are in the colors of the three Galley greyhounds. The Heads/Hede's (share unicorn head with Halley-branch Jailers/Gale's), traceable to the Hatti of the Halys, look like Pepin/Pepy kin. Hatti are suspect to the Keith Catti of HADDingtons (Haydens share the Haddington cross), who named CAITHness, where Pope's/Pape's/Pumps were first found. Haddington is beside the first-known Mens' in the Poppin/Popham and Pepin/Pepy mottos.

The Jailer/Gale Crest once showed with a fully-blue unicorn head, the colors of the Tint unicorn. Tints are from the Atintanes at the Ceraunii mountains named by the proto-Cornovii of Cornwall and Cheshire, explaining the Tint and Helen uniCORNs. Helens, with the Head/Head Coat in colors reversed, were first found in Brittany with Helen-like Alans/Ellens from Aulon/Avlona at the Ceraunii mountains. The UNIcorn is suspect with Ceraunii Illyrians at/beside the Una river. The "UNfinished" pyramid in the satanic Great Seal of the United States should be placed together with "unFINIShed" because the Fiens/FINIS', suspect in naming Finistere near the first-known Helens, share the Jailer/Gale lions. In this picture, the pyramid could be secret code for the line of king Apophis/Apepi (not mythical Apophis/Apepi), a Hyksos king.

Bullis of the Atintanes theater is suspect in naming king Balas of the Seleucids, a possible son of king Antiochus IV Epiphanes. The BULLdog in the Sleeping Beauty dream appeared with Miss Hicks. The Balas surname is also the Bailiff, and the Baileys were a branch of Bellys, the latter first found in Moray with the Una-like One's/Innis who share the brown boar head of Bailys. The shark had its teeth around the back and belly of the bulldog. The Backs/Bachs are suspect with the Hyksos king, Apachnas, thought by some to be the same as king Khyan, and Wikipedia puts Khyan on the throne immediately before Apophis. Do you see any relevance here as per Trump, the Apophis asteroid, and/or the Seleucid nature of the end-time anti-Christ? We can only wait and see; let's not be dogmatic in any way without evidence.

After the Alan/Ellen write-up mentions the Alans of Arundel, we find this: "Alain de LILLE (1114-1203), was 'one of the most illustrious scholars of his age,'..." It just so happens that Lille's, sharing the bird design in the Arundel Crest, share the Balas/Bailiff cross. The red Lille fitchee is similar to, but not identical with, the red one of Love's/Luffs and Cheeks/Chicks, all three surnames first found in Oxfordshire with Annesleys. I was going to give Ainsley just a lille kiss on the cheek, but God decided against it, making me touch her leg instead, and it just so happens that Leggs have a "TENTamine" motto term that can trace with tent-using Tintons to the Atintanes at the Bullis theater! Beauty.

French Balls (show only ermine spots, a popular symbol in Brittany) love the Ermine's/AyrMINE's. This way of looking at the Ermnine's is a new for me. The Arms of AYRshire uses the Annandale Coat as do Bruce's, but the Annandale Chief-saltire combination is also of Ermine's/Ayrmine's (large ermine spot in Crest, shared in the Shield of Balas'/Bailiffs). The Ananes Gauls were at Piacenza, and the Picots (Cheshire, same as Balls and Ballots), with "pikeheads" that look like ermine spots, can be Piacenza liners. The AIRmine variation is excellent as per AIRharts because Ainsley Earhardt takes us to the Annesleys in the Mine/Menne fesse.

The Mine's/Menne's in "tentaMINE" (sharing the six pale bars of Annesleys) make the stars in the Bullis/Buliard roundels look like the Annas star. The would-be kiss was fatal attraction in that it's pointing to all the enemies of Jesus. The three Bullis stars are in the colors and format of the three lilies of Lilys, and we saw the "water lilies" of Waterfords. Bullis'/Buliards are in Cheek/Chick and Ains/Hain colors and format, and "BULrushes"-using Perts/Petts share the mascles of Bullys and Hains, the latter two first found in Dumfries with Leggs. Beautys use bulls. [Monday night: Trumps are expected at Val Trompia at lake Garda, and new-to-me Gardes'/DesJardins (Brittany, same as Jarrets) use three lilies in the colors of the three water lilies of Waterfords!]

The Ainsley fleur-de-lys are lilies from Lille in Artois at the Pas-de-CALAIS theater of Chalice's/Challes'. Bullis'/Buliards were first found in Wiltshire with the trumpet-using Calls/Calles' who were shown recently (see "chalice" last update) to be connectable to Belows, Billets and Bellows/Ballots, and so the Bullis'/Buliards may have named the Billets/Billiards and Billiards/Hillards whose Moray and Bailey stars can link to Bellys of Moray.

I think I get why heraldry has "ermine SPOTs," because Spottens/Spauldings share gold buckles with Mallets/Malo's while the Arms of St. Malo (at the VILAINE border, near Rennes and Dol) has a mammal ermine; it wears a scarf traceable to Astikas' of VILNIUS, who married Traby. Piacenza is at the Trebia river. Trebys (Devon, same as Alan-line Stewarts and Flowers) share the lion of Rennes-line Raines' with a leges" motto term suspect with the Legges variation of "tentamine" Leggs. Mallets/Malo's share the buckles of Case's (look like Leslie kin), and Spottens/Spauldings share the Leslie buckles. English Mallets share the scallops of GILLie-flower Rinds while Rands/Rynds are Rance's too who named the Rance river at St. Malo, near Saint-GILLES at Rennes.

Look: Motte-Henry is in Saint-GILLES, and so let me show how this links to GILLIEflower Joels/Jewells. Motte's are also Morte's sharing the Death crescents, and so the myth writer honored this family union with the myth title, "Le Morte d'Arthur," on the death of king Arthur. The Deaths are also Arthur-like Darths, and the Dirts/Darts have Ralph de DERTH in Devon, where Joels/JEWELs (and Stewarts) were first found. The Dirts/Darts then have JUHELinis de Derte. Bingo. MacARTHys were Kissane/Cashman kin.

Then, as proto-Arthur Ardiaei had their southern boundaries at the theater of the Sleep-line Selepitanoi Illyrians, it tends to explain why Sleeps share the double fesses of Cantons in the canton square of Dirts/Darts, and the two ermined Sleep fesses are even the one fesse of Dirts/Darts. Sleeping Beauty pointed hard to Selepitanoi. Dirts/Darts share a red Crest with Derths/D'Arths, and the Derth/D'Arth Crest is the Kiss Crest. This is new because I've not know the Derths before. I didn't know of them until writing the paragraph above. Derth's/D'Arths happen to share the Vilain Coat while Motte-Henry is in Vilaine. As Jarrets were "well establish" in Vilaine, and as Kiss'/Cush's were kin of CUSHION-using Bibo's, are Derth liners somehow a pointer to Jared KUSHNer?

The Rinds who use "gillie flowers" share the scallops of Pie's/Pies', and the latter's blue lion can be that of Pisa's, for the Pisa Coat is in colors reversed from the one half of the Reines Coat, and Rennes is near Motte-Henry of Saint-Gillis. The same scallops are shared by Ware's, first found in Devon with Joels/Jewells and Wears. The Wear river is at Durham, where Conte's/COMITissa's were first found, which can explain the "comet" on the other half of the Reines Coat. Comets are in Comyn colors and format while Comyns (Norfolk, same as Kews/Cue's) share the garbs of Kews/Cue's who in turn nearly have the Pie/Pies Crest.

Heaths/Heathers were first found in Durham while Heeters were first found in Devon with Wears/Were's. Heaths/Heathers share the gold rooster with Livers/Levers (trumpet), first found in Lancashire with Ratcliffs, and John Ratcliff was mayor of Heath. Ratcliffs share the double bends of Livers/Lovers.

GILberts (at DARTmouth) were first found in Devon with Gillie-loving Joels/Jewells and Births/BERTs sharing the GilBERT chevron, making Births/Berts look related to the Arms of Carrick as used by Kennedys. There were Carrick liners in Yorkshire with Gills. The Heed variation of Heads is apparently in the Gilbert motto because Heeds/Heads were first found in Norfolk with the Bilders sharing most of the Birth/Bert Coat. Heeters/HAITers were first found in Devon too. Hede's share the crescent of Hague's/HAIGHTs (Yorkshire). Heeters/Haiters (look related to Osts/Hosts and Walerans) have a broken spear while Broke's/Brocks (Essex, same as Head-related Este's) use the dart for connection to Gilberts of Dartmouth.

Kews' are like variations of Ewe's/CUISH's (they point hard to Miss Hicks) while Kiss' are also Cush's, and Cussons share the giant Ewe/Cuish eagle. I was going to kiss Beauty awake because God assured me, "it's EWE she loves." Miss Hicks is online as Charlotte RENA Kilpatrick. The Pie's/Pies' have the pile of COUNTRys in colors reversed, and Conte's/Comitissa's are also Counters, who are part of heraldic "counter-CHANGE," a feature used by Countrys. Stanleys have the Change's/Changers in their motto.

The Pie surname came off of the Pierpont/PEARpont motto, and the Reines comet is in the design of the "flaming star" of Pero's/Perino's (Piedmont). RENier of Montferrat was in Piedmont near the Arduinici of Ivrea, on the BAUTica river to which I trace the family of Godfrey de Bouillon in Boulogne. French BAUTs/Bauds were first found in Auvergne with Bouillons, and Scottish Bauds were first found in Stirlingshire with Derths.

The question now is: does the Derth Crest show a Kiss-surname link to Arthurs, and, if so, what might be the significance of the would-be kiss with Sleeping Beauty in that context? Artois is at the theater of Boulogne, and while the latter place has red roundels in its Arms, called torteaux, Tortona in Piedmont is also DERTona. Kiss' use fountains while Fontana's were first found in Bologna.

When the bulldog was head-first into the shark's mouth, it can now be a pointer to a Trump-Earhardt relationship, somehow, because Heads/Hede's were a Hayden branch. The white Hayden dog has black roundels upon it, as does the white Cetin/Cattan cats and the white Tiller lions, and while the Cetina river was the Tilurius, Tiller-branch Tails/Tailors come to mind because the only part of the bulldog out of the shark's mouth was its hind legs, it's Assi-like ass, and its tail. Shark-like Saraca's were at Ragusa, near the mouth of the Tilurius. Ragusa is even beside ancient ASAmum, perhaps named by the Assi/Ass line. Azzo of Este comes to mind with the "honESTE" motto term of Lille's. New as per ASAmum: The bulldog's ASS and TAIL were sticking out the shark's mouth, and Trumps are in the colors and format of Este's from AZZO of Este.

The Lille write-up has another link to Sleeping Beauty, new right here. First read: "The surname Lille was first found in Oxfordshire at Shirburn, a parish, in the union of THAME, hundred of PIRTON. "This place was the property of Richard, Earl of CORNwall, and passed to Alice, wife of Warine de L'lsle...SHIRBURN Castle, the seat of the Earl of Macclesfield..." First, Pirton must have been of the pear-using Pertons/PEARtons (probably the Tiss/Teece chevron) because Peare's were kin of Thames, both first found in Oxfordshire with Lille's. Peartree's use the Trump stag head. The Lille link to the earl of Cornwall can explain the unicorn head in the Sherburn Crest. Sherburns are in their write-up first found at Dorset, where Hayden-related Beautys and Hayden-branch Hades'/Hats were first found. And Macclesfields share the Hayden cross. I touched her knee, and Touch's (Cheshire, same as Macclesfield) share the Sherburn Coat. Sherburns share the motto of bull-head Buckleys (Cheshire).

I think the thing I'm to do here is to link Sherburns of SCIREburn to Schere's/Schire's/Schare's/SCHERFs, probably a branch of Square's/Squire's/Squirrels, for the latter have a motto, "Tiens FERME," linkable to Azzo of Este in Fermo, but also suggesting kinship with the Tiens branch of Thames'. Shirburn of the Este-connectable Lille's is in Thame, perfect, and from Scherfs we can take this to Sheriffs because this section is on the attempted jailing of Trump now underway, and sheriffs are historically the authorities over jail cells. Plus, AMAZINGLY, Lille's are the ones sharing the Balas/BAILIFF cross!!!! A bailiff is partly a jailer! Zinger, lookie there.

Sheriffs even have an "Esse" motto term likely for Esse's/Ash's, and the latter are said to be from a man, D'Esse COURT," believe it or not. The bailiff is a court employee tasked with carrying out the sentencing decisions of judges. This set of heraldry, to my amazement, appears Designed to point to Trump's current woes.

As Vere's ruled Oxfordshire for centuries as earls, we might even point out that the Lille Coat looks related to the one of Wray-like Ware's, a branch of WEARs/Were's (AXE river) who in turn share the crosslets of Touch-branch Tufts/Tuffs'. Touch's/Tuffs are the ones sharing the Coat of SHERburns who took us to Sheriffs, the latter first found in Warwickshire with the Peers/Peirs (may have named Pirton of Thame) having a bend in colors reversed from the Wear/Were bend. SHERwoods were first found in Durham with the WEAR river.

Warwickshire is where English Pettys (Peer/Peir bend?) same were first found while Scottish Pettys have parrots while Parrots share pears with Pertons/Peartons (share Tuft/Tuffs chevron). That all works, and while Pierro's/Pero's were on the Tessin/Ticino river, Tysons/Tessons have the Touch lion in colors reversed. Scottish Pettys (Lannoy colors and format) were first found in Perthshire with Ass-connectable Justine's, and with the Lyons who share the Touch and Lannoy lion. Pettys even share the Yardley Coat while Yardleys were first found in Staffordshire with Peartons.

Unfortunately, I don't know whether the Yardley Crest is a HIND, deer or fawn, but it's showing almost-exactly as the known "hind" in the PERRy Crest where it has a PEAR in its mouth, beauty, for Parrys (not "Perry") have the Hind Coat in colors reversed. The bulldog was half swallowed with its HIND quarters sticking out the shark's mouth! This is new, but what could the meaning be in relation to Trump's FBI woes at this time? Why are Yardleys necessarily lumped into this picture? Box's (Wiltshire) share the Perry lion and the Sheriff griffin heads. Does it help to bring in Box's? Not that I can see.

The Petty and Yardley bend-with-martlets are in the colors of the leopard faces of English Judge's/JUGE's, the latter first found in Warwickshire with Pettys. Earls of Macclesfield (at Shirburn with Lille's) used leopard faces', explaining why Face's/Fessys share the Macclesfield cross, and also explaining why Irish Judge's/JUGE's share the Meschin scallops, yet the Macclesfield cross is also the cross of My's/Mea's who share the boar heads of JUGE's/Judds.

I feel compelled to add that while Parrs have two of the Parry fesse, the Parr Crest is a "A woman's HEAD and SHOULDers, dressed in blue, WEARING a wreath of red and silver roses." Heads/Hede's were first found in Norfolk with SHOULDhams, and the bulldog's head and shoulders were in the shark's mouth.

I touched her leg at the knee, and Perry-like Irish Preys were first found in County Down with Knee's while Downs are suspect with the Trump / Leggs stag. French Preys have the Knee bend in colors reversed, and add the hunting horn of Legg-beloved Gaudets who in turn share a blue bend with Knee's.

The bulldog was half swallowed with the ASS = butt sticking out the mouth, and English Butts/Bute's almost have the Balas/Bailiff ESToiles. The large ermine spots of Balas'/Bailiffs are likely those of French Balls, and it's the Cheshire Balls who have a "fireball." The Sorry surname shares the "fasces" with the Ass surname. Trump is now a (fill in the blank) for not getting rid of Wray.

The U.S. government has very small nuclear bombs, far smaller than those dropped in WW2. The Lears are suspect in pointing to a dirty NucLEAR bomb that the American deep state has obviously considered using in a false-flag event. Lears, first found partly in Leicestershire, and partly Warwickshire with Sheriffs, have unicorn heads around a fesse in the colors and format of Sheriffs and English Walls. The latter share the three fleur-de-lys of Leicesters and English Lannoys. French Lannoys, with the Tysons/Tesson Coat in colors reversed, share the Touch / Sherburn lion, and while Lille's were at Shirburn, the Crest of Lilys (Worcestershire, same as Scherf-branch Square's/Squirrels who love Tiens/Thames') shares a swan head with the Leicester Crest.

Roughly a couple of weeks after the 9-11 memorial put on by our church at an outdoor park in Camp Wood, I was at a football game at the Camp Wood stadium. Across the bleachers came walking Miss Hicks. As she got to the opposite end of the bleachers from where she entered them, Stanley met her going up the stairs at that end, and they talked for a while there but did not sit down. She probably told him not to sit near her because she saw me there as she walked by. So, he did not sit near her, but after the game, he walked straight to her.

He was wearing a black cowboy HAT, and Hades'/Hats (Tute quadrants) are connectable to Beautys and round-about to Touts in the Hicks motto, "Tout en BON." Roughly a couple of weeks later, Stanley was serving drinks with our pastor at the refreshment counter at another outdoor event. The Camp Wood FOOTball team was having a huge bonFIRE. That's BONfire for linkage to the Hicks motto. Note that Balls, in "football," use a "FIREball," and that Balls were first found in Cheshire with Foots. As Wrays share the FEET martlets, I thought I should tell this story again.

Miss Hicks was upset at me because I asked her, at the 9-11 memorial, whether she was sleeping with Stanley. That is, after he sat down beside her, I asked her in no-misunderstood terms, "Is that your buddy." Buddys are listed with English Botters having an eagle "STANDing on a perch," and Stands/Stans/Stains can be a Stanley branch.

"He's JUST a friend," she responded. And that was the end of the conversation. The Get'n Go event was an hour or less later. Stanley was holding the American flag while sitting beside her, and he then went up to the stage with it at the end of the evening's performances (people were singing songs; Miss Hicks sang two).

And so, at the bonfire event, she tried to convince me that he's just a friend. When she finished speaking with me while sitting at the refreshment/snack counter, she got into her vehicle to leave, and when Stanley was looking her way as she got in, I saw jail bars flash before my face with Stanley behind them in the background smiling toward her.

Minutes later, everyone at the event was gone except Stanley, the pastor, and myself. I was talking with the pastor at the counter, asking what he was doing looking like he was taking his time to get packed up. He asked me when I was leaving back for canada, and I told him in a couple of days. Just then, a police car drives up to the site, and the officer gets out of his car and comes to us. Miss Hicks, I think, called the police and told them that I had over-stayed my six-month limit for visiting the country (I had a good reason for over-staying). I think what happened is that the pastor, knowing the police was coming for me, motioned to him not to detain me or speak to me, because I had told him I was leaving in a couple of days.

As Stanley was involved with the jail bars I saw, and figure that they might be part of the Wray-jail-Trump set of heraldry above, because we were at a football event, and while Foots were a Fothes/FETTE branch, Feets share the Wray martlets. Fothes'/Fette's were first found in Kincardineshire, smack beside the Prophets/ProFETTs. Kincardineshire is where Peartree's were first found sharing the Trump stag head. Prophets/Profetts use a giant leg while Trumps almost have the Legg Coat. Feets look related to Birds/Burds (Cheshire, same as Foots) who in turn share the fleur-de-lys of Hicks, first found in Yorkshire with Feets. Birds/Burds share red martlets with Wrays and Feets.

Birds/Burds were first found at BROXton while Brox's/Brocuffs/PROCKs share the "sphinx" with Hips' who in turn share the Bird/Burd martlets in both colors. PROCtors share the Bird/Burd Crest, and Brox-branch Brocks/Broke's are the one with the dirty "dart" in Crest. The Perche's suspect in the Buddy/Botter Coat share the double chevrons of dart-using Maine's (Devon, same as Darts/Dirts). Birds/Burds were first found in Cheshire with Davids/Dirts. Is Trump going to be a jail bird? Lovers (Lancashire, same as Wrays) have a rooster "standing on a trumpet" to go with the Buddy eagle standing on a perch. I assume that her "buddy" was Hicks' lover, but I'll never know for sure. It's possible he was a RANCH hand at her ranch because Rench's were first found in Cambridgeshire with Stanleys. German Rench's share the Bird/Burd fleur-de-lys.

As was said, Hicks' and Arthurs of Clapton (beside trumpet-using Calls/Calles') used "clarions" thought by some to be trumpets. Arthurs use an "obSTANTia" motto term expected for Stanley liners. Clare's (share Arthur chevron) are expected in the clarions because they were first found in Suffolk with the Crauns/Crane's who are in turn in Hicks colors and format, and even share the Clapton patee. Birds/Burds of Broxton were in BOUGHton while Bough's/Bows share the motto of Roets (Gordan boar heads) who were in turn at Gordano, beside Clapton. Gordans were first found in Berwickshire with Arthurs.

As was said, Miss Hicks married HAMILTON Kilpatrick, who is in a Baytown Sun photo with Spuds MacKenzie the bull-dog mascot. MacKenzie's share the Stanley stag head. I bought this fiberglass bulldog in Hamilton, Ontario. My employee in Hamilton was Gord Winger, and Wingers/Windgate's happen to share the ermined bend of Claptons. Gords are listed with Gordans. There appears to be Intelligent Design in this at least partly to help prove that Miss Hicks was Sleeping Beauty. Hamiltons were first found in RENfrewshire (Rench/Wrench / Wren liners named that place) with the Speers who share the Gord/Gordan boar heads.

It just so happens that Bough's/Bows and Roets share a "quaerere" motto term of Masters/MISTERs, who came to mind when suggesting that Miss Hicks was Stanley's MISTRess. The term could be code for Carrick-branch Quare's/Carre's sharing the lion of Carrots/Carews in Carrick / Cragg-dog colors. As Quarre's/Carre's have a "LAUDamus" motto term, as well as a "CADuceus" (looks related to Tute's/Toots/Touts), it appears that Quarters were related to Ladys/LAUDymans because their Chief is in the colors and format of the Chief of CADDs/Caddys/Kade's. The latter were first found in Yorkshire with car-like Care's/Karre's, Hicks, and with the latter's Tute/Toot/Tout kin. Sleeping Beauty was hovering LEVEL is a CAR!!! I get it. Care's/Karre's are in Cary colors and format. The Arms of Carrick is solely a chevron in colors reversed from the Car chevron.

A lion in Quare/Carre lion colors is used also by QUARters (Ayrshire, same as Carricks) whose "laudaMUS" motto term can be for the same-colored Musics/Musys. We saw how Stanleys link to Carricks and Knee's via Craggs. Less than an hour after Stanley sat beside Miss Hicks with a FLAG at the 9-11 memorial, a few of us were packing up the music equipment when Miss Hicks came up looking for her music CASSETTE used for her songs that night, and when she indicated verbally that she was having trouble finding it amongst all the other cassettes, it was me who saw it first and handed it to her. It's notable that while Music-like Muschats share the triple Cassane / Water chevrons, Quarters are also MacWaters. Muscats/Musts were first found in Cambridgeshire with Stanleys.

I think the significance lies where Flags, kin of Fulke's, share the Casset/Casse scallops while Quarre's/Carre's have a lion-version of the Italian Fulk Coat. It appears that Carre's named Castle Cary, home of LEAVells/LEVELs in the leaves of Craggs. That's the Laevillus > Charax line. Sleeping Beauty was hovering LEVEL in a CAR!!! I get it. Care's/Karre's (share McGee leopard faces) have the Aids bend-with-faces in colors reversed. [I missed this: Laevillus son was Charax PROCulus, and Will PROCtor was a QUARTERback (for the Calgary Stamperders)!]I

When I handed it to her, I put it into her palm. I remember that she did not grab it out of my hand with her fingers, but put out her hand palm up for me to lay it into her palm. I now know why, for Manfred Mosca was of Palma di Montechiaro. Palmers share a version of the Flag Coat, and Italian Fulks almost the Massi/Mattis Coat) were first found in Tuscany with Mosca's! Musics are looking like Mosca's (the latter were first found beside MASSa-CARRara). Wikiwand: "The Chiaramonte are a noble family of Sicily...In the 13th century the marriage of Manfredi Chiaramonte to Isabella Mosca, united the two Sicilian counties of Modica and Ragusa....The name of the Chiaramonte can be found today in numerous Sicilian toponyms. The town of Chiaramonte Gulfi in (province of Ragusa) and Palma di Montechiaro (province of Agrigento)..." Agrigento was ACRAGas too, and I'd had been insisting for years that its name applies to Carrick-branch Craigs, and then I found that Carrot-like Carts (same place as Roets) of Castle Cary have PALM trees. Chiaro's/Charo's are also Claro's while English Clare's (share brown stag head of Carts) were first found in Suffolk, where Muscats/Musts and Love's/Luffs were once said to be first found.

Nobody has ever made such excellent traces of the Carricks, and many other surnames, but google wipes this work off the face of the planet. Heraldry is often a key for tracking surnames to the names of specific locations. I make fools of family historians now. I've gotten good at this. To figure out where "Drago" derives, historians get out their ancient dictionaries and look for a word that closely matches, like the blind leading the blind, they haven't got a real clue, it could be almost anything in those many dictionaries of different languages. One picks this word, another picks that word, and they debate which word is best suited. Some of the choices eventually become "facts" in the books of the experts. They might find a bend in the Drago river and say, "aha, they named it after a snake = dragon."

Her car was also an auto as a pointer to Ottone Visconti, and VISE's happen to share the Knee stag head. Visconti's ruled the Lombardy capital while the Serio river in the "serio" motto term of Cars is in Lombardy. It's all verification that Miss Hick's knee event on the night of the memorial was itself verification that she was Sleeping Beauty back in 1979. We got to this stretch of heraldry from "mistress." Masters/Misters (share "quaerere" with Roets) share the griffin heads of Box's, the latter first found in Wiltshire, beside the BOOK-using Roets. The Books (Berwickshire, same as Gords/Gordans) use an "HOURglass" to go with the "heure" motto term of Hicks, but it can go with the fiberGLASS bulldog too because GLASgow is in Renfrewshire with hourglass-using Houstons...and even with police-like Polis'/Pollocks.

The HOUSTon-like Hosts/Hosts were first found in Somerset with Roets, and with the Bulls/Bule's sharing the white bull head of Hosts/Osts! BULLdog. Hamiltons share the Dog cinquefoil! Houston is beside Baytown, where the Kilpatricks lived at one time. Intelligent Design to prove to you that the Sleeping Beauty dream was His doing.

The Crest of Osts/Hosts/HUSts looks related to the Crest of Hesse's/HUSS' suspect in, "HE'S out and about, maybe chasing other women." That's what the Voice said in the dream while she hovered in the car. Car's share the sun with Hesse's/Huss', and Suns are listed with Claro-branch Sinclairs. Perfect for proving that Cars were Charo/Claro liners. The latter share the bull (different colors) with Osts/Hosts. Charo's/Claro's were first found in Ferrara with CAPELLI's (Biden kin) while Masters/Misters share the CAPLan griffin heads. Caplans and Bidens (share Capelli "chapeau") were first found in Hampshire with Drake's who in turn trace to the Drago river of Agrigento because they use a "muscas" motto term while Mosca's were of Agrigento's MonteCHIARO! Bingo, I win.

"Muscas" is translated "fly" while Flys (Hampshire) named Flagi while Italian Fulks were first found in Tuscany with Mosca's/Muscas'. Stanley was holding the America flag when he sat in my seat beside Miss Hicks. But why did God set me up with a Sleeping Beauty all the way to Texas? I'm stumped.

When Miss Hicks moved away from my area of Texas, she moved to within 10 miles of John Ratcliffe in Heath. Repeat from above: "Heaths/Heathers were first found in Durham while Heeters were first found in Devon with Wears/Were's. Heaths/Heathers share the gold rooster with Livers/Levers (trumpet), first found in Lancashire with Ratcliffs, and John Ratcliff was mayor of Heath. Ratcliffs share the double bends of Livers/Lovers."

Arthur Bloodline

I've developed two origins for the Arthur bloodline, one with good evidence from the Ardiaei Illyrians to the Arduinici to Artois. The latter is where Lois' were first found who I say are in mythical "GorLOIS," the husband of king Arthur's mother (Igraine). The other Arthur-line source is in "Aretas" III, from the Edomite family that produced the mother of king Herod I. It appears that "Aretas" named "Herod." The Lois' have a giant ostrich which looks linkable to the ostrich in the Wray Crest for reasons I'll explain below.

Herod's son, Herod Archelaus, was banished to Vienne Isere, and the Vienne eagle is shared by Igraine-like Grains who in turn are split colored in the split colors of the crane-using Ground/Cranny Chief, indicating that king Arthur's mother was code for a line from the CERAUNii Illyrians who I say named CORNwall as the Cornovii Celts, explaining why Gorlois was a ruler of Cornwall. The Grain Coat is shared exactly by Grieve's/Greafs, and I claim that GRIFFins were from the Herod "AGRIPPa's. The Vienne / Grain eagles are shared by Diss'/Dice's and Disters who are in turn in the colors and format of Scottish Arthurs.

Grieve's/Greafs were first found in Gloucestershire with the Tewkesburys who married the Arthurs of Clapton (Somerset-Gloucestershire), and while Clapton is at Gordano, Gords/Gordans were first found in Berwickshire with Scottish Arthurs. Tewkesburys are listed with TUCKSburys while Tucks/TICKs use griffin heads. Plus, Julia TYCHE was of the Galatian royals who produced Quadratilla Bassus, and Julie-like Juliana Arthur married Robert Hicks of Clapton. They had a son, Baptist Hicks, 1st viscount of CAMPden, and Camps use more griffin heads, in the colors of the Griffin griffin. Campbells use Ceraunii-connectable "gyronny" in Camp colors.

Gloucestershire is where Letts/Late's were first found who use "ORGAN pipes," and while Letters and Lauders were first found in Berwickshire with Arthurs, the so-called "rests" of Arthurs are ORGAN rests.

Campdens (Gloucestershire), with black fitchees, can be gleaned as kin of Carricks, especially when the Arms of Carricks used the black fitchees as used by Scottish Kennedys. The latter were from the Kennati priests of Cetis, where Quadratilla Bassus was queen. The Kennati god, Ajax, was from Cyprus, and that place named Cypros, mother of Herod I, descended from the family of Aretas III. It can explain why Herod's son married Glaphyra Archelaus in neighboring Cappadocia, itself on the east side of lake Tatta.

Lake Tatta was within reach of the royal Galatians of Julia Tyche. Her line went to Julia MAESA Bassianus, whom I trace to the MAEZaei, smack beside the Ceraunii Illyrians (they could have been from the Illyrian Celts, the original Celts). As MASSEY-Tattons share the crescents of Tute's/Touts (Yorkshire same as Hicks) in the Hicks motto, we have a potential link of the Arthur-Hicks family back to something at lake Tatta. Scottish Tate's were first found in Berwickshire with Arthurs.

Tattons moreover have the quadrants of Tute's/Tuits in colors reversed, but lets add that the Tatton quadrants are those also of Haydens and their Hades/HAT branch. Long before stressing Hayden liners, I was suggesting that mythical Hades was ancient code to the HATTi of HATTUSa, and they lived on the Halys river that comes near Lake Tatta. It tends to explain why one Hayden Crest is a white dog to match the white greyhound in the Tatton Crest.

The Tute's suggest the line of the Ardiaei queen, Teuta. The Ardiaei disappeared from Illyrium about the time that Julia Tyche's Galatians appeared in Anatolia, and so I theorize that "Teuta" was related to "Tatta." ARDahan was at the Moschi mountains near Rize, and Ardiaei lived at Rhizon. Rice's/Rhys' share ravens with English Tate's. And so the possibility is that Ardiaei in the ballpark of lake Tatta formed the ancestry of Aretas III of Edom. Then, when the line of Cassander produced Nysa of Cappadocia (beside Tatta), it married Cypros to produce Herod I.

Back to the Kennati priests of Cetis, for Scottish Kennedys (Ayrshire, same as Carricks) use the Arms-of-Carrick chevron while one son of Quadratilla Bassus was CHARAX Proculus (full name Aulus Julius Claudius Charax Proculus). Quadratilla descended from Julia Tyche, and the latter is said to be the granddaughter of king AMYNTES, the line to Mynetts who share the helmet with Irish Kennedys and Pendragons. Mythical Uther Pendragon (code for two surnames) was made the father of king Arthur, from GORlois' wife, and the Gore's in "Gorlois" were first found in Kent with Mynetts and PERTs/Petts, the latter suspect from ancient Perta on the shore of lake Tatta.

The "BULrushes" in the Pert/Pett Crest can be code for the Bulls/Bule's, first found in Somerset with CLAPton, and the latter term can possibly be from "GLAPHyra." Bulls/Bule's share the white-on-blue bull head of OSTs/Hosts suspect in "OSTrich," for the latter term is suspect also with the neighboring Rich's/Richess' (Arthur colors and format). The Crest of Osts/Hosts/HUSts (Somerset) looks related to the Hesse/HUSS and Fetter Crests, and it's important that the latter two surnames share the same giant sun because feathers, likely ostrich feathers, are used by Fetter-like Feathers in the colors of the Perken feathers. Perkens were first found in Lancashire with ostrich-using Wrays, and Wrays were at a Wray-with-Botton location while Rich's/Richess' (Hampshire, same as Bottons/Buttons/Bidens) use "BOTTONY" crosses (with button ends). It serves as evidence that the ostrich is part-code for Rich's. Carricks use another ostrich.

Perkens are important now because Perkins, with a "Simplex" motto term, can be traced to Perga, home of Tertullus, relative of a Mr. Simplex. Tertullus married the Herod, Plancia magna, and her father was from Galatia, home of Julia Tyche. Plancia and her mother were high priestesses of ARTEMia, and Artems are listed with Aitons, first found in Berwickshire with Arthurs and Tate's/Teets. Teeters (possibly the white Hayden dog) use Agrippa-like grapes, and were first found in Pomerania, location of the House of Griffin. Grape's and Gripps are listed with Grabbers.

As Artems/Aitons share the cross of Hades'/HATs, in the colors of the Tate/Teet saltire, "AITon" appears to derive from the Hatti at Tatta. The Chief-Shield combination of Tate's/Teets is shared by Annans, from the Ananes Gauls who may have moved from northern Italy as part of the known Gaul migration to name Galatians. The Laevi Gauls of northern Italy are suspect in that migration because LAEVillus was the husband of Quadratilla Bassus (around 100 AD) i.e. she descended from Galatians. I have seen this Bassus family spelled as "Bassianus," and Julius Bassianus (2nd century AD) was the uncle of Julius Agrippa. The latter may have been born around 100 AD.

The Aiton-like Eitons share the bend of TOOThills (share raven with Tate's). It's "magic" because I'm not wrong, generally, in many of these traces. It's getting a Tute-like surname back to the Hatti. Both Toothills and Eitons place a lone black lion on their bends, as do GALLops and Davids/DIRTs. Chris WRAY is the chief of the FBI which just threatened the country with a false-flag event using a dirty-nuclear bomb. The Darts/Dirts are from the Dardanians who produced TriTEUTa, wife of an Ardiaei king. It just so happens that Tuttle's, who come up as "Tertullus"-like Turtle's, show a Toothill variation.

Again, Feathers share the same feathers as Perkens, and Feathers use an ANTELope while Perga is smack beside ANTALya. DERBE, roughly between Plancia Magna and lake Tatta, was conquered by king Amyntes above, explaining why Derbys share red antelope head of Feathers. I suspect that they are ostrich feathers to go with the Wray ostrich, and so let's bring in the "juste" motto term of Wrays, for Justine of Picenum married Valentinian, brother of emperor Valens, and the Feather motto is, "Valens et volens." It then gets amazing because Wrays share the martlets of Velens/Volens' and Valens'/Valence's (Crest shares the double wings of the Fetter Crest).

Picenum elements are suspect in naming Piacenza/PLACentia, and the "PLACuerit" motto term of Derbys might apply to that place. The same term could be part-code for COURTs/Coverts, first found in Sussex with the Feathers sharing the Derby Crest. English Bone's (Sussex) happen to share the bend-with-bendlets of Toothills, and the Bohum variation of these Bone's can be of the bomb-using Boms! I like that. Bohems/Boems have a man or boy wearing a HAT.

The Vreys suspect in the "vray" motto term of Wrays are listed with German Freys while English Freys and Freeze's/PHREEZE's (like "Pharisee") are in Ray colors and format. The lion of German Freys/Vreys is split in the colors of the split griffin of Hangers/Angers ("ARTES") who happen to share the "escarBUNCLE" with French Rays and English Angers (Essex, same as Freeze's/Phreeze's). The latter's Anchor/Annacker Chief could be related to the Wray Chief. Buncle's/Bonkylls look like Bunns/Bone's who in turn have a red-eagle version of the Bone/Bohun Coat. The Artes' (red eagle in Crest) in the Hanger/Anger motto are listed with Artois', and Lois' of Artois share the ostrich with Wrays.

Here's a new idea: the "ESCARbuncle" is part-code for Aischers/Echeles' because they have a giant cup while Cups/Cope's were first found in Aberdeenshire with Leslie's sharing gold buckles with Buncle's.

King Arthur was made to be born in TINTagel, in Cornwall with the Tintons using "royal tents," and then "TENTanda" is a motto term of Strongs who share the Grain/Gran eagle.


I think bitchute has mainly trash and plenty of evil that will defile your mind if you visit the site daily as I do. I go there because it has the most-recent videos at the top. Use your helmet of protection, shun the trash because, if we don't, we become trashier. I'm concerned about people I send there when I share some of its videos. I thought this one was newsworthy:

What did you see? You saw a government org, I assume, faking a scene. It's standard practice now. Wise up.

The political winner in Wyoming this week says it all as millions upon millions believe it should be said, and I agree whole-heartedly on moral grounds, because God is a moral God:

The production above says all the right things, but it also has a spirit of civil war, and so beware, because the best way for the deep state to start a civil war is the send out fake pro-Trumpers to generate confident heat in the Trump camp that makes it think it can defeat the shadow government. It cannot defeat the shadow government because it has a very big hammer, trillions of dollars to pay off the political machinery. The best the good guys can do is to slow the beast, put some hooks into its pants, make it struggle in going forward with an angelic facade, for it knows that unless it successfully puts on an angelic / democratic facade, it's doomed. Therefore, to slow it down, unmask it. The Two Witnesses in Revelation torment the beast no doubt by calling it out for what it is. In the end, the beast makes the fatal mistake of killing them.

Here's court proof that the FBI was producing a false-flag event, and even trying to instigate, ahead of January 6, Christian groups to perform violence:

This is a good-news video for anyone wanting to sue a company that forced employees to quit in opposition to forced vaccinations:

The United Nations recruited more than 100,000 ‘digital first responders’ to push the establishment narrative on Covid on social media at the height of the pandemic

...The revelation was made originally in October 2020 during a World Economic Forum podcast called ‘Seeking a cure for the infodemic’. The informtion has just resurfaced and started going viral on Twitter this week.

Imagine that, having the money to hire 110,000 people to say what you want them to say while pretending it's their own sentiments. Hiring the news. It's the only way they can control the world mind, but even that's not working for them anymore. Schwab, it's not how many information warriors you have that will make the world love you, it's the right message, and you have a loser message. The more people you hire to push your agenda, the more you expose your detestable face. A facade is supposed to make something look better, but in your case, no amount of mascara and lipstick can make your face look delightful. When your words are empty for lack of truth, your face is the face of a mere animal. When a liar claims to have the truth while accusing truthful people, his face becomes hideous. This is Klaus Schwab, a psychopath who would feed your school kids crickets while he smacks his lips dining with the finest wines.

Bombshell revelation from Pfizer docs:

The video above, or the information in it, is an excellent one to use when suing Pfizer. Pfizer cannot be immune, even if the government awards it immunity, if it defrauded the people with a vaccine claimed as safe when it knew it not to be safe. Let to court cases begin. Let Pfizer's officials pay with their blood for the lost babies, the damaged hearts, the damaged brains, etc. The video above does not show that 44-percent of pregnant mothers lost their babies after receiving Pfizer vaccines in 2021/22, but rather this figure was for a Pfizer TRIAL (no date given) using the vaccine, though the video doesn't tell which vaccine in particular. The video highlights the large increase in still-births in months after the vaccines were rolled out publicly. This video with the same speaker gives more details, including date (early 2021):

Imagine that, 22 out of 50 pregnant women lost their babies. The vaccine killed their babies. The VACCINE KILLED their babies. She tells that the FDA, under biden, received this abyssal report on April 1, 2021, and so, at first glance, we ask whether the FDA gave thumbs-up for vaccinations later that same year due to Pfizer altering the vaccine that killed unborn children. Word is that many mothers lost their babies later that year. Nobody in the government said anything to the people about the trial. ANYONE who lost a baby can sue Pfizer, the CDC, and FDA, and anyone else who knew about this trial, IF the same general vaccines were rolled out to the public as were used in this trial. We should hear soon from the anti-vaccine experts about this trial.

With the deep state retreating in shame at this time, more judges don the confidence to judge for the good guys for a change. I am reminded of the Israelites who would not let the wicked escape when retreating, but chased them until they were all caught and slaughtered. The Chaser is coming, the Executioner.

In fact, this is a very good time to rebut the anti-Christs who claim that God is cruel for sending Israeli armies to kill enemies, for we should not imagine those enemies anymore righteous than the likes of the vaccine-scheme conspirators. When God kills a cancer, celebrate it, don't accuse Him of brutality. When the wicked rule, the people groan. God is the SERVANT of the planet, the caretaker, the Manager-Servant, the one who manages to maintain the survival of the human family until everything is accomplished. Jesus then becomes the Judge.

The oil-producing companies are complicit with high fuel prices. They act as though high prices are out of their hands, but this cannot be true. A company that gets oil out of the ground sells it to a refinery, or perhaps has its own refineries, and the latter sells the gasoline to the gasoline station. The one selling crude to the refinery is not forced to sell a barrel for $100 or more. The one that got the crude out of the ground can sell the oil at any price they so choose. It is flagrant hocus-pocus to make us believe that the price of oil is out of the oil-producer's hands. The oil producer is the authority on the selling price. Period. If the oil producer sells cheap, the refineries are compelled to follow suit.

I cannot fathom how it could be that the stock market gets to set the price of crude unless the oil companies are complicit with world-class gangsters (e.g. Rockefeller oil). The stock market doesn't pump the crude out of the ground, why should it set the price? It's a scam, to rob the peoples and transfer their hard-earned dollars to the global beast. Rebel. Demand your money back. Pilfer the globalists, chase them down, kill them off at the pass, throw them off the cliff, those detestable beasts. Toss them into the Lake of Fire. The Chaser is coming. The meek will inherit the wealth of the beasts when they scream. No pity. The doors will be shut, and nobody will hear their screams. Instead, music for the ones who acknowledged Jesus.

If you reject this world, you can acknowledge Jesus. Nobody who loves this world acknowledges Jesus. That's why acknowledging Him is sufficient to acquire eternal life, for if you acknowledge the true Jesus -- His words -- then you have passed from this world to Forgiveness. Do not say, "I love America," I'm warning you. What do you mean by, "I love America." The system? The American system is not the kingdom of God. It doesn't matter how many good virtues you can list concerning the American people, the American system is not the Kingdom of God. It's designed by His enemies, those who wear facades. It doesn't matter how nice you think it is to go from rags to American riches, or to fulfill the "American dream," it has NOTHING to do with crossing over from death to life. The fact is, American riches is the filthy rag. Trump is a filthy rag, don't you understand? The Pharisees washed their hands before meals, but their hearts were coal.

We are at the threshold of being free and rich when money doesn't mean anything to us but for paying the bills and having a nest-egg for emergencies. The pursuit of money is a straight-jacket. An obsession to be rich is like locking yourself in jail and throwing away the key. If per chance you succeed to "fabulous" riches, then you have entered the prison of Hell. The only way out of money jail is through the eye of a needle, but you will be too fat to fit through. You will be doomed in your money fatness, because you will be trapped. The American system lures the citizen to money entrapment.

Foreigners don't come to America for the nice people, but to get rich, meaning that all the bad apples are allowed into the country by the immigration program. The more money an "alien" has, the easier to migrate and get citizenship. All the bad apples vote Democrat when they "naturalize" in America, because they are rotten apples. What can't we understand about this? They take the Democrat bribe, and vote Democrat, for want of money. America is a death trap, and you must not love it, Christian. Abandon Bongino, because he does not follow the Word. He loves America. He's like one who wears leather underwear, a masochist. He'll torment you by making you a lover of America. He'll put you onto the bed of a whore.

I don't know what sort grand America Bongino favors. He's fine with letting the devil co-exist with good people in America. He'll fight to allow absolute freedom of expression, which can be defined accurately as incurable enmity between the peoples. Even if he argues that freedom and democracy, with co-existence of the evil and the good, is the best political system the world can offer, does that make it "great"? Are we nuts? A world where weeds grow with wheat is not even mediocre. It's a swamp. It's conducive to the spread of wickedness. The brutes have the advantages. The brutes act like angels in order to become wealthy. They pretend to offer services and products as those who care about their customers. All the commercial ads feign concern for the customer. It's the American way. "Sell it to the people" means "deceive the people." Once the bullies have consolidated themselves in the power structures, each raising the other to office to protect and advance themselves, the country will begin to look as it now looks. Not great.

America was never great. America has always been a masonic whore. She was less potent at first, less rich, but look at her now. She's a gangster with a money-printing machine, and she flaunts herself. She's ready to kill you if you get in her way, if you try to take her money away. She pretended to be a virgin in her youth because she knew she'd be trampled if she were discovered. She sold you the bill of goods, "We the people..." She pretended to care for the people to keep the people from revolting. She armed the people to keep Britain from taking the country back. She armed the people in hopes that they would protect her. Now she wants the guns back because she hates the people, and has no need for their protection. She hates the people because the people have come to hate her, for they have seen her bed, her abominations globally. The European whore is her sister. They commit incest. She's been unfaithful to the peoples she pretended to love, and the peoples discovered her incest with her money-fat sister. They can't fit on the same bed together. The floor gives way. It creeks, and the peoples heard the creaking. When they entered the bedroom, a horror show was in progress, as ugly as Klaus Schwab. No, worse, as ugly as George Soros. A frog is more handsome than he.

The only great thing about America to speak of is it's Christian community, but Christians would never call themselves "great." "Make American great again" has nothing to do with Jesus.

In a democracy, candidates need to "sell themselves," meaning that brutes with masks will deceive you. Political candidates in America are like the false teachers who tell us what our ears want to hear. Political candidates in America often leave a token of Christianity in their wake. That doesn't make it a Christian nation. Keri Lake is now publicly calling Democrats to join the Republican party if they are we-the-people patriots. Calling all weeds, calling all weeds, come grow with us. Is that a good policy? Americanism can never be great. The best it can be is mud. There is no glory in a field of weeds with the wheat struggling to survive. The founders of the country put the "glory" above a pyramid, and you know that's not the True God. There is more hope for mud than a false glory.

It has taken until this month to allow a Dominion-Voting law suit to proceed against Mike Lindell, Sidney Powell, and Rudy Giuliani. At this rate, the three defendants won't have time to report much of the Dominion-machine fixes (built-in tricks), through the discovery process, in time for the congressional November elections. That in itself looks rigged by the courts. Plus, the 22-month deadline for protecting election information is up in a couple of weeks, and thus Dominion can cancel all of its machine data at that time, perfect timing by the corrupted courts.

Start this Kissinger video at the middle of the 4th minute to get to the meat and potatoes:


Here's all four Gospels wrapped into one story.

For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God.
Also, you might like this related video:

Pre-Tribulation Preparation for a Post-Tribulation Rapture

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