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August 1 - 8, 2022

Bill Gates in the Glass Door of Get'n Go
My Miracle Marble Shot to Ruin trudeau

If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture

I often catch myself spelling the second word in the list below when I intend the first word, or vice-versa too. Some of these words have the wrong letter two and three keys apart, meaning that my brain hijacks my intention to another word altogether (is there a name for this?) that spellchecks don't catch. The "not" versus "now" does much damage to a sentence:

our out
or of
of on
now not
now know
think thing
my by
is if
not nor
say saw
the to

I do other words too. I chalk it up to brain rebellion against me for getting mentally exhausted with too much keyboard work. Or, my brain tries to make me more absent-minded to find some relief from too much keyboard work.

The Lunar Atmosphere

There is a video out this week at bitchute. The guy believes that men went to the moon, and he's trying to debunk those who claim that a camera on the moon cannot withstand the 250-degree temperatures on the sun-side of the moon. The moon does not turn as the earth does, every 24 hours like a chicken on a rotisserie, but rather the moon turns one full circle every 27 days or so...meaning that the sun shines on the same lunar face for many days in a row, allowing solar heat to build for that long period rather than allowing it to escape each night as it does on the earth.

They guy, Harry Vox, is adamant that there is only one kind of heat on the mean, radiant heat. He claims that there's no convection heat because it requires a gas to transfer through. In other words, as the moon has no gaseous atmosphere, he argues that the space around the camera is not 250F degrees, but only the lunar surface is. This is how he thinks the cameras were protected from the high heat.

But he's wrong because he's implying that heat cannot move through the space above the lunar surface. Only a bimbo thinks this, because he takes the evolutionist physicists at their word, but doesn't think things through on his own. Vox simply apes what he's been told by physicists, and he trusts them lock, stock and barrel. The physicist tells us that heat cannot move by convection through a vacuum, but he lies, because it's only in his theoretical view of heat where it can't move through a vacuum. In the experiments, heat moves through a vacuum without a problem.

Let's put it this way, that when the moon's surface is at its maximum temperature while the sun shines upon it, it means that as much heat is leaving the lunar surface as is entering by the sun. Can't argue with that. And where does the heat go that leaves the lunar surface, Mr. Vox, did you ever stop for a second to ponder that?? No, because if you had, you wouldn't be arguing as you do on this matter.

Yes, heat flows through the vacuum on the moon more easily than it moves through the earth's atmosphere (assume no wind) because there's no gas on the moon to obstruct the flow of heat. If the lunar surface were 250F degrees, it would be roughly that temperature five feet above the surface too. A no brainer. No man has ever been to the moon, the evidence is overwhelming for anyone who thinks on his own rather than going by what he thinks is a fine-sounding, scientific analysis by the "experts." The experts are so daft that, although they see heat moving freely into a vacuum in a jar, they yet claim that heat cannot move through a vacuum. Only a person with a vacuum in the brain can adopt such a theory as fact, and this is the ENTIRE WORLD of physics. It's a cruel joke. The physicists are all mad with errors they won't admit to.

The reason that they say that heat cannot move through a vacuum is because their evolutionary theory required that heat not be a material. If heat were a material made of particles, then of course it would be able to move through any space, gas or no gas in the space. In fact, as heat always moves from a high density of heat to a lower density, it shows that heat consists of particles repelling one another, and as such they are perfectly expected to repel one another through a vacuum.

There is only one possible heat particle on the moon, the solar wind. It's made up of electrons ejected from the sun. Electrons are all negatively charged, and thus they repel one another. Free electrons in a space define heat, it's just so obvious. But anti-Christs will not adopt this view because anti-Christs need the lie above all else. Evolution is their king, and they cannot have electrons acting as heat, therefore. That's because stars could not form from the big bang if heat always spreads out continuously, for if it spreads continuously under inter-repulsion forces of heat particles, the particles would accelerate from one another, and could then not be useful in making proto-stars. It's that simple, for star formation requires a gathering of big-bang material into concentrated locations, and to accomplish this, in their dreams, they assign every atom a gravity force that attracts other atoms. WRONG, it doesn't work that way. Atoms do not attract one another; the fools believe this because it's absolutely necessary for star formation without a Creator.

Fact: solar heat gets pumped into the moon. Fact, solar heat leaves the moon. Fact: solar heat RISES away from the moon; it is not pulled DOWN by lunar gravity. Fact: heat is a particle material from the sun. Fact: the heat particle is repelled by gravity. YES, it must be true, for if gravity attracts electrons, then heat could not escape the earth, and we would fry as one day's heat builds on another's day's heat. Fact: heat particles are not kept down to the lunar surface, they must rise away from the moon, a no-brainer.

Fact, heat always rises because gravity repels electrons. Fact: heat rises in solid objects (even if the objects are blocked from making contact with a gas on their exterior). Fact: electrons move through the atomic spaces of solids and liquids. Wherever there is space, there the electrons inter-repel one another. Nothing can escape this heat material that spreads out and fills all space.

Gravity repels electrons? That's just so weird to an expert scientist. He laughs, he scoffs, but only because he hasn't been told that the gravity source is heat trapped in a planetary body. That's right, electrons packed as internal heat send out a negative charge and repel electrons in the planetary atmosphere. If a planet or moon has no gaseous atmosphere, then the atmosphere consists of heat alone. It's a no-brainer, unless you're brainwashed by another view of heat, the masters of which don't allow you to know the alternative. The alternative is: heat is a substance. The going theory thinks that heat is the SPEED of atoms, they are all so utterly stupid while thinking themselves so loftily wise.

How can the speed of atoms define heat if wind, rather than making an object hotter, makes it cooler? You can send wind a million miles per hour against any object, causing gas atoms to crash into the object, but an object won't get hotter. STUPIDS, think for a change. Give yourselves a slap in your face. Take a cold shower, wake up from your delusions.

Wind sucks heat out of the atomic spaces of objects. It works like wind passing across the top of a chimney pipe. Moving gases decrease in pressure, ask an airplane wing about that. They form the wing so that wind moves faster across the top side of an airplane wing, and so the air pressure going against the top of the wing is less than the pressure going against the bottom side of the wing, and thus the plane gets lift.

As wind crosses the top of a chimney pipe, air in the chimney comes out because it's higher in pressure than the air in the wind. Identically, as a flow of electrons in the wind move across the openings of atomic spaces in your arm, the electrons (= heat) in the spaces come out from the atoms in your skin, and the skin cools down. That's how she works. Wind does not heat your arm. Heat is not the speed of atoms. Only a fool who got great marks in college believes that. They scored big on their exams precisely because they were the fools of their fool-teachers. They repeat the lies they were taught ALL THEIR LIVES LONG. They think they have it all together.

There are two types of solar heat: 1) radiant, defined as a wave of light energy passing through the solar-wind medium that is the electron ether; 2) the physical crashing of the solar-wind particles (electrons) onto surfaces such as the moon. The solar wind is the solar atmosphere, and it crashes onto the lunar surface, a no-brainer, and mixes with the lunar atmosphere of heat particles rising up from the heated surface.

Fact: the sun emits electrons. Fact, the electrons never fall back to the sun. Fact: the solar-wind electrons move outward continually. Fact: they crash into anything they strike. Fact: they get concentrated wherever they crash, and thus they enter the atoms of anything they crash into. Duh. The solar wind soaks into whatever it contacts. Mere rain clouds block the advance of the solar wind, allowing heat to rise from the ground under cloud cover, and this heat enters the clouds. The clouds thus become soaked from a heat source above and a different heat source from below.

But, I may have made a mistake to assume that the electrons rising up from the sun-side of the earth, on a cloudless day, fight back with equal force against the in-coming solar wind at some point high in the sky. It could be that the solar wind is such a boss that it reaches the earth's surface (on windless days), pushing back toward the ground any electrons from the ground that earth gravity seeks to lift to the sky. Only toward the dark side of the planet can they escape if that's true.

If we place an object in a box of the thinnest glass, it heats up in the sun about as well as if it were not in the box. The box would cancel any solar flow of atmospheric electrons in case they do occur on windless days. It means that your arm is being heated in the sun by radiant heat, the passage of light-WAVE energy through the medium of electrons in the air. No electrons, no light. Fact: light is a wave, not a photon, passing through the electron medium. I would bet all I own on that statement. I would win. If there is light in air at absolute-zero temperature, then it's not at absolute zero. True absolute zero is devoid of free electrons, and thus there are no FREE electrons in the atomic spaces of objects, only electrons CAPTURED by protons that constitute atoms in the first place. As long as electrons are captured on protons, they cannot escape to become heat. If they don't enter your finger as you touch captured electrons, they cannot be heat into your finger.

The light wave energy is a jolt, nothing more mysterious than that. There is no particle-wave duality except in the mind of a nutbar. You have no choice but to adopt "my" view of light, because it's the only option. There is no particle-wave duality, it's a STUPID idea. Only a stupid person would believe such a thing, or try to explain it. Physicists were correct over a century ago before the stupids invented the photon. They knew light was a wave through a medium, but they did not know what the medium was. The solar-wind electrons were not discovered until the 1950s. But even after they were discovered, the leading stupids in physics refused to tell the world that this is the light-wave medium. Evolutionist disinformationists continued to push the photon particle.

A light wave begins by electrons emitted from the compliment of electrons captured on atoms. The sun emits once-captured electrons into space. Each emitted electron begins one light as it jolts the electrons in front of it, and so on and so on until the jolting process reaches an atomic material, at which time the jolts send electrons into the surface atoms of the material. They splash into atoms, causing what physicists call "excitation." It's a splash, like when you throw a rock into water. The captured electrons start to jiggle in excitation, and this jiggling sends out jolts of wave energy known as color. Color is light. Color is from light waves.

Phone waves are light waves, and so 5G waves are going to jiggle the atoms of your bodily cells much stronger than 4G. Every cell has many atoms. They are all jiggled by light rays. What do phone waves do to the graphene-oxide that might now get into your body? It's known that graphene-oxide has a very strong attractive force that can attract blood constituents, even blood cells, to itself so that every unit (the bigger the worse) of graphene-oxide in the bloodstream becomes a thorny dustball obstructing blood flow. Think of what dustballs could do in the smallest capillaries?

Try this cell-phone experiment at home to see if this is true, because if it is, then the heat is on at the ring, with electrons escaping wildly from the corn:

Every type of atom has its own color; every molecular combination of atoms has it own distinct color depending on what "color" of light is sent into it. Color does not exist aside from how the eye translates the specific force of light jolts. The stronger the jolts, and the more numerous per unit time (frequency), the more the color changes in combination with the type of atomic material the jolts strike. God made many colors this way, but all colors depend partly on the specific forces of the jolts.

When you see a rainbow in a glass prism, each color has it's own specific force because each color is forced to travel through a different amount of glass. The glass must, therefore, alter the force of the light jolts passing through the captured electrons of the glass molecules. For some reason, light can cross across the captured electrons of transparent materials, but is blocked from such passage with non-transparent atoms.

It is reasonable to assume that glass slows the forward-jolting process that is the light wave. The more glass that light penetrates, the slower/weaker the jolting process. It makes sense. It is NOT true that sunlight has all the colors, within a white ray of light, that we see in the prism, but rather the prism is creating the colors. Scientists be-fooled. The colors do not pre-exist in sunlight, but rather the prism is creating the colors. True, we can expect sunlight to be a mix of countless specific forces of light jolts, and thus it's made of countless POTENTIAL colors. Yet, there is no color in sunlight because color creation also needs sunlight splashdown into atoms, and after that it needs an eye. Without an eye, light is just the specific energy of jolting electrons. God made human eyes to see a bounty of color as evidence that he is kind. He did no choose something akin to black-and-white eye reception, for example.

No matter the different sources of light, they are formed by the emission of captured electrons. There is nothing taking place in a light bulb aside from the forcing of captured metal electrons through a thin wire. It's like having a thousand people run across a bridge that allows only 100 to cross at a time. The 900 will be forced to the sides of the bridge to fall into the water. Electrons in a wire a 1/16" thick, when forced into a much-smaller wire (the filament), will be forced to "fall" into the air, thus creating jolts of light through the electron medium that is ever-present in the air. That's it, that's all, that is light formation, not ridiculous photos traveling at impossible speeds.

Light waves act from location A to location B as though there were a particle traveling at 186,000 miles per second, but in fact there is no such particle traveling at that speed. If you take a stick ten feet long and move it forward from location A in your hand, to location B, then, even though you move the stick one mile per hour, it will contact location B instantly, which is faster than the speed of light. That's how light waves work, like a stick starting at the filament of a bulb to your eyes in almost no time at all. Electrons in the air are all in contact with one another via their repulsion forces, and so they constitute a grid in the air. Move one part of the grid with your air fan, and it moves all electrons in the room, and even in adjacent rooms from the spaces through the door.

Electrons are not held down by gravity so that they possess, for a lack of a better phrase, absolute-easy motion. Air atoms inter-repel too, but are held down by gravity, and so it takes work to move them around, which is why a bird can fly in the air, but not in a "vacuum" filled only with electrons. If you believe that air atoms attract one another, as the scientists-be-fools teach you, and if you believe that air atoms are all racing around in the atmosphere, continuously crashing into one another very split-second, as scientists-be-fools teach you, then you cannot explain how a column of air one square inch, from ground to atmospheric ceiling, can weigh 14.2 pounds. You cannot explain how flying air atoms can transfer their weights to the ground if they attract one another while flying.

But if they repel one another, then they are in contact with one another through their repulsion forces, and thus atoms in the air can transfer their weights to the ground. You can see that little-ole me is correct on this one, but if you be a working scientist-be-folly, you won't risk telling this truth to your peers because your are unable to injure your reputation for a truth that is sure to bring you a reputational backlash. Sorry, small person, you are betrayed by your own want to be a respectable person. Sorry, you are prone to keeping your whole head, face and all, in the trap for the sake of your career and reputation. Think of it: you keep your face in the trap for the sake of saving face, how more stupid can anyone be?

Light from fire is formed because combustion is the release of captured electrons via chemical reactions. The very same electrons that are released to cause light also create heat, a no-brainer once you understand that heat consists of electrons freed from atoms. However, mild-light formation may occur without the release of captured electrons i.e. without the release of heat. This mild light is what we see as color emanating from objects. Color is merely the reflection of strong light from a light source, and we can define the the latter as light formed from electrons wholly escaping their atoms. On the other hand, mild light is from electrons bouncing around on the atoms, jolting outward into space, but not being freed from the atoms. They bounce up and away from the atoms, but come back down again because they are held to the atom by the proton's "gravity" force. We can call it protonic gravity. It's nothing stranger to us than magnetic pull, though it is "magical" because nobody can explain how attraction works if there's no strings attached...unless the air is filled with electrons. Have you ever heard anyone teach that air is filled with electrons? Why do the worthy-of-ridicule keep this fact from you? What is so dangerous about it to their scientific framework?

Planetary gravity is magnetic too, but evolutionist buffoons refuse to submit to that obvious reality because it doesn't allow for the creation of the cosmos by big-bang evolution. They cherry-pick their physics "facts" based on what's best or needed for their views of cosmic evolution. The latter is the priority over the true facts of physics...which is why they are juggling clowns disguised as experts. In order for stars to form, atoms need their own inter-attractive forces, and thus the buffoons appointed every atom, regardless of type, to possess its own graviton particle that is the gravity force in every atom, and thus they claimed that the accumulation of atoms in a planet or star is the total gravity force of that body. And you probably think this is a correct view because you heard it from them, and you trusted them because you think they know better than you.

Okay, we imagine a big bang, but we cannot fathom how such a destructive explosion could assign every atom with a graviton particle to begin with. If every proton started out not having an attractive force toward other protons, until the graviton particle merged with it, it must be explained how a proton came to stick to a graviton. They teach that gravitons are neither positive nor negative, but have some third type of charge. Therefore, if we say that gravitons attracted protons to themselves while all gravitons have the same charge, we expect all atoms to repel one another if all protons have a graviton. But, as it's not yet illegal, big-banger cultists claim that gravitons attract one another. This is called cherry-picking our theories even when they don't make sense, or are impossible according to experimental observations.

The better theory is that planetary gravity is the negative charge of planetary heat. There is evidence: electrons all rise when freed from an atomic source. Flames go up because they consist of electrons freed from atoms. You cannot now claim as fact that flames go up because hotter air rises, for you have just been handed a competing theory: flames rise from the repulsion of gravity upon them. You need to prove what scientists-be-fools teach you: flames rise due purely/exclusively to upward air currents due to heated air. Can you prove this? No, you cannot, because heat goes up a heated rod (imagine vertical) made of any material, even when the rod is protected from air currents. You now need to explain what it is that drives heat up the rod much more than heat is driven downward in the rod. I can explain both: electrons forced into the heated rod repel one another equally in all directions, and, simultaneously, gravity repels electrons upward. The inter-repulsion of electrons at the hot-spot in the rod repel one another downward with a force greater than the repulsion of gravity upon them, and the electrons repelling one another upward get a boost from gravity repulsion so that heat spreads out in the upward direction more efficiently than in the downward or sideward.

I win. I've conquered the anti-Christ evolutionists, manufacturers of trash that they deliver into your head. But what good are my claims if no influential people take them as a ram-rod to the fools to make their house of cards fall? Who has the courage to go against that lofty house? Alas, no courage is needed to go against a house that teaches orbiting electrons. Anyone who claims that electrons orbit protons is making their own self open to a trashing. Go ahead, thrash away. You can make that person look like a complete idiot. And they all teach that electrons orbit protons. They've been doing it for over a century. If you don't know how to make the orbiting-electron theory look wrong, I pity your ability to think in this age of science. What do you know about orbits?

If the electron doesn't orbit a proton because it's impossible for obvious reasons, then we need to explain how electrons get captured upon protons. Duh. As a proton attracts an electron, how do you imagine the attractive process? Clue: it doesn't go through hoops. Clue: there is nothing out-of-the-ordinary here, nothing hard to grasp. A motionless electron will be attracted in a STRAIGHT line toward a proton, duh, like a rock dropped in the air falling straight down to planetary gravity. An electron in motion will be attracted to a proton, duh, in a CURVED line the way a piece of space rock falls toward the earth's gravity. Either way, once the electron falls to the proton, duh, it'll be stationary, unmoving, until some force (such as light-wave jolts) comes against it to cause it to move. Did you ever once think of this simple, logical, and expected picture resulting in the stationary electron? No, because you trusted the fools, and they made a fool out of you.

They told you that electrons orbit protons, and you believed them, and you therefore didn't look for another way in which the electron could be captured by a proton. They brainwashed you while you were still young, and they made you lose interest in atomic mechanics because they complicated it beyond your appetite to venture deeper into it. If the last thing you wanted to do in life was to excel in their atomic mechanics, there is hope for you. If you marvelled in their atomic mechanics, you are one naive dope because atomic mechanics starts with orbiting electrons, and you weren't even able to spot that flagrant red flag. STUPID-be-you. It's time to bite the bullet and admit error.

Take baby steps to healing. Step one: the closer you bring atoms, say, in a rock, toward the earth's gravity source, the stronger the negative force of gravity repels the electrons of those atoms. Step two: The stronger gravity repels the captured electrons, the more that some of their outer layers go free from the atoms (to join the electron medium in the air). Step three: the more that captured electrons are pushed off of atoms, the more net-positive atoms become. Step four: the more net-positive atoms become, the stronger the atoms are attracted by gravity, explaining why objects nearer to gravity weigh more, because weight is nothing more than the pull of gravity upon atoms. You are now in momma's arms in good care. Stay there, because the big-bang devil lurks nearby to smack you on the skull with dizzy electrons. It is against the big-banger laws of physics for gravity to repel electrons from atoms. They have you blinded in their cribs, and won't let you grow up to understand the real world. They keep you mentally retarded into adulthood.

The big-bang devil tells you that electrons do go free from atoms, but can also go back to atoms. Do you think it would be an easy matter for electrons to enter orbits all over again around central particles??? Do you know anything about orbit formation? You should by now.

Gravity is a negatively-charged wind toward electrons. If the bottom sides of your body's atoms were suddenly to produce a certain number of extra electrons that could not be blown off by the gravity wind, your body could not only be made weightless, but could rise into the sky. That's all it would take, which doesn't sound like an impossibility. If all or most of the bottom sides (facing earth gravity) of atoms in our bodies were made net-negative in charge, our bodies could be repelled upward by gravity. I agree with the scientific assessments that magnetic materials have more electrons trapped to one side of the atoms than upon their opposite sides. The sides having the most electrons continuously emit a greater negative charge in that direction, and the opposite sides of the atoms emit less of a negative charge, called the positive side of a magnet.

The high-negative side of a magnet repels more atmospheric electrons in the magnet's vicinity than would be the case for non-magnetic materials. In other words, the magnet makes the air at its high-negative side more SPARSE in atmospheric electrons. Step one of my theory: if we bring a steel object close to the magnet's negative side, there will be less atmospheric electrons between the steel and the magnet than in the air at the opposite side of the steel object. Step two: the more-dense electrons on the opposite side of the steel object push the steel toward the magnet because there's less push-back from the air between the steel and the magnet. That's all that's needed to explain magnetism. In this picture, magnetic attraction is not a true pull, but rather the magnet's charge arranging a push from the opposite side of the "attracted" object? There is NO attraction (from the magnet's protons) working as far away as an inch from the magnet, it's an illusion. Instead, "attraction" is a push from the other side of the steel because electrons push everything in their path.

This is easy to understand. Where electrons are more dense, they push each other more strongly because higher density translates into closer distances between electrons. They are all little repelling magnets, and we all know that, the closer a magnet to another magnet, the more they repel (or attract) one another.

Conversely, the air at the positive side of a magnet develops more-numerous electrons (per unit volume of air) than the rest of the surrounding air. Consequently, the steel is pushed away from the magnet, though the magnet's atoms are not repelling it. Instead, the electrons between the magnet and the steel are physically pushing the steel away. It's a theory that seems to be the best one possible so far as I can realize any theory. All energy is from the electron one way or another. All energy is from electron push. Life depends upon it. Cells move around, and atoms in cells move around, thanks to electrons, and to the One who programmed cells. The destroyers would like to reprogram our cells, apparently. The lunatic buffoons want to play with our bodies without telling us. That's a heavy-duty crime.

Evolutionists wormed their way into governments to better brainwash the children, you, than would be the case if they controlled only science establishments. Wherever they go, they go as falsifying worms. They are the precursors to the anti-Christ man. They work to set up his house, to give him a lavish entry, to honor him when he arrives, to support his war against us. All the naive stupids in the world will become his gang. But they will not be innocent due to naivety, because he will openly advertise his satanic policies. By tolerating or supporting evolutionists, they will be made ready to follow the anti-Christ man. The arch-enemy is the evolutionist. The anti-Christ, says Daniel the Biblical prophet, will honor no god.

However, we have another mortal enemy that is just as much a worm as he. Instead of loving zillions of years, this other worm loves zillions of dollars. This fat worm is Jewish, and at times may believe in a Creator, but this Creator is, in their minds, one who despises Christians, and we may be given over to persecution, to some degree, to this snake. It worms into governments too because it envisions a world ruled by Israel, according to their views of Old Testament prophecies that are much like ours in many cases. World rule needs control of the strongest governments.

The rich Jewish worm controls schools too, and seems to be more satanic than "orthodox" evolutionists. The latter tend to be atheists, and thus have no belief in satan, but when you have a mix of satanism with a seeking to fulfill Old-Testament prophecy by the power of their own worming machine, it's lunacy incarnate. Protect your mind in these coming years. Politicians controlled by the money of the Jewish worm will in many cases support the evolutionist worm to form a unity thereby. Hopefully, they will try to gobble each other so that they have less time and resources to gobble us. If only we could fall asleep until it's all over.

Both worms pose an angels, do-gooders to the human race, but there is also the caterpillar to beware, the foolish virgins who turn into moths, eating away at our Christian clothes. The foolish virgins (Matthew 24) are described by Jesus as those who don't do good deeds, like the Pharisees who walked on by the man beaten half to death on the road. I'm wondering whether foolish virgins are letting their bare legs be seen at this time where they care not for vaccine deaths and illnesses. If Christians become indifferent to such slaughter, isn't that an indication of love gone cold? And once they put a bare foot into the pro-vaccine swamp, might they be pulled deeper into those waters by the crocs?

Into which worm camp would you place Schwabites? Is Schwab anti-Jewish? Some suggest he's got Nazi colors. trudeau's father was an atheist. Mark Rutte could be a Rothschild, for his father, Izaak Rutte, sounds Jewish. Is this the fornication of the drunken harlot, the mixing of all of our enemies into one pot? Will God place a lid onto this pot until the appointed time of the final dark hour? How can we turn the heat up on this pot in the meantime? Should we turn the heat up, or will that backfire on us? One thing I believe in: we are to warn this world come backlash or not, and warnings include mention of the terrible fate of the damned. Our mortal enemies don't want to hear of such fates, and they will want to harm us for the warnings, especially when we show pleasure in the fate of the damned. There's another solution other than harming us: don't be the damned. Take the warnings and cease animosity against God's people. Embrace your Creator even though he is a "hard man" with an iron fist as concerns the fate of evildoers. Take up a position on the opposite side of the damned, and God's displeasure / anger toward you will suddenly subside.

Look, trudeau is openly turning canada into a farm laced with Schwabite worms, and he's nurturing weeds to be against us instead of growing wheat to be with us. The weeds he's planting are the worst kind that grow under the wheat thickets and spread new roots in the soil, entangled there with the roots of the wheat. These roots are continuously bringing up new shoots to compound the infestation. Quietly, as though in the darkness of the soil, canadians are plotting against us with a network from sea to sea. Though the activist weeds are the minority, yet they operate with various forms of wickedness not an option to their enemies, and thus the weeds together with the worms have those advantages. As this situation gets dire, God is expected to act on our behalf, but perhaps not until the pains against us separate the foolish from the wise, making it more obvious who the foolish are. Any Christian still voting for liberals at this late time is a super-candidate for a foolish virgin. This is kryptonite in your household. It will weaken you if it's in your workplace, and weaken you more if it's in your house, and even more if its in your bed. Get out of the rut, for weed seeds are planted there before being buried alive with the dirt.

The Schwabite Rut

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From the last update: "It just so happens that while Speers/Spire's are in the Pasi/Pascel spears, they are also in the Darlington motto phrase, "dum spiro spero," while Darlingtons share the drops of HALLANDs and Cnuts, made more important here where Hollands (share Pool/Pole lion) were first found in Essex with Pascals. Isn't it amazing that while Rutte leads Holland, Roets share the Speer/Spire boar heads?" I'm repeating that here because "Dum spiro spero" is the full motto of Irish Dillons who share the crescents of English Deans/Dene's who in turn share the full motto of Irish Dene's who in turn use a "crocoDILE" while Dile's/Dills share the lion of English Deans/Dene's. I've said this because Rutte's mother was Hermina Cornelia DILLING. Dillings/Dillers (share four fesses of Gotts/Goths) are likewise listing Dillons.

LOOKIE at what was found while adding to the above (not known while writing the above): Irish Dillons share red crescents with Diller-like Tillers who in turn have a fesse colors reversed from the Dilling/Diller/Dillon fesses. The Tiller crescents are in both colors of the Bellamy crescents while Bellamys (Shropshire, same as Rudes'/Rudge's) share the Bell fesse while Rutts use bells!!! Tillers were a Tail/Tailor branch while Talbots were first found in Shropshire. Rutts were first found in Carmarthenshire, and Tillers first found in neighboring Glamorgan that is now partly Neath Port Talbot. I'm impressed because it appears that God took the trouble, centuries ago, to arrange marriages and heraldry thereby, to point to Mark Rutte.

Here's from the last update while on the Cow variation of one Cuff surname (the Cows were looked up because Rutte wants to diminish cows): "The Crests of both Cuff surnames is much like the Crest of Rutts, and Mark Rutte is the Dutch prime minister at this time calling for a reduction in cows! Rutts use bells while Bells were first found in Dumfries with BULLys!!! Bell-branch Bellamys were first found in Shropshire with Rudes'/Rudge's." It's also where Bagleys were first found who share the Rutes/Root Coat.

Dile's/Dills were first found in Warwickshire with Pettys who in turn share the quadrants in the Arms of Rothshild. The Bullys share the mascles of Petty-like Petts, and the latter were first found in Kent with Petits, with Rutes'/Roots, and with Masons/Massins. The latter share the full motto of Irish Dillons who in turn share the Petit lion in Crest. Food SHORTages engineered by Schwabites were pointed to (last update) by Shorts, and while I talked about the Artes/ARDON surname from the "Artes" motto term of Shorts, here we find "Ardens" as the full Pett motto. Moreover, "petit" is a motto term along with "ardua" in the Malcolm/Column motto. This is amazing where, years ago, I was suggesting that the Malcolm-branch of Callams were of the Hallam variation of Hallands. Malcolms/Columns come up as "MacHallam."

I've been recently explaining why the Gates/Gatt surname (major topic in the last update as a pointer to food shortages by Bill Gates) is from an AGATHa of Podebrady, and we saw the Gotts/Goths above with the four Dilling/Dillon fesses. The Gettes' share the saltire of Loges' (Burgundy, same as French Petits) for a related reason, for Gettes' were first found in Anjou with Fulk I, husband of Miss Loches while Loche's/DeLOGES' were first found in Burgundy. The point here is that the giant lion of the Burgundy Petits is that of Gates'/Gatts too, and in the meantime Malcolms/COLUMNs/MacHallams and Callams use another blue saltire. If that's not enough, Podebrady is in Bohemia, where German Franks were first found who use a COLUMN.

Gows, who share the Loches/DeLoges cinquefoils for a related reason, may have been of the Gore-branch Gowers/Gore's ("FRANGas") having a Goward variation that may have named Gords, for the latter share a gold boar head with Gows. Gords were Trip and/or Hamburg kin while German Drummonds were first found in Hamburg while the fesses of Scottish Drummonds are in the colors of the Gower/Gore bars. The Agatha of Podebrady I'm talking about is a conjectural one, mother of the first-known Drummond, I predict. I saw an Agatha of Podebrady, but so far as I recall, she could not have been the conjectural Agatha I speak of. Perhaps they were related. I cannot find Agatha of Podebrady again, but in any case, if you look into Drummond history with the wife of Malcolm III, you will find that wife to be the daughter of Agatha of "unknown" heritage. I think this Agatha was the mother of Maurice Drummond, explaining why Maurice married Malcolm III's sister.

Anjou is in Angers, and English Angers have the Rutes/Root lozenges in colors reversed. I missed that latter point in the last update when telling that English Angers share the "escarbuncle" with Hangers/Angers who are in turn suspect with the Short griffin closely. I told that Shorts may have been of the Store's/Sturys, and here we can add that the latter shares the stork with Petts. The Pett stork is in "bulRUSHes" because Petts share the BULLy mascles, and from this one can glean that the Rush annulets are those of Bulls/Bule's, first found in Somerset with Root-branch Roets/Rouets. You can see how important it is to have these Rutte-like surnames in with the Shorts. The Shorts share the estoiles of the neighboring Gates-linkable Ports (Hampshire, same as Hangers/Angers), and the Port Chief is in the colors and format of the Chief of Roets/Rouets (share tree with Rutes'/Roots).

The Dene crocodile had pointed well to the crocodile-leather shoe store of Mikhail Zlochevsky, owner of Burisma gas, where HUNTER Biden was on the board. I think that we may need to add the Scharp variation of Sharps into the crocodile-shoe set of heraldry because it's like the Italian word for "shoe" while we read of "Patrick Sharp held land in DENburn in 1439..." Scottish Deans/Dene's are connectable round-about to Segni's/Segurana's (Genoa, same as Grimaldi's) who in turn have a Chief possibly related to the Carny Chief which in turn has the Sharp/Scharp pheon. Hunter Biden was a partner in crime with a relative of Whitey Bulger (gangster, no surprise), and Bulgers (bull head) have a trefoil version of the Bag Chief. Bags share the GRIMaldi Shield while Zlochevsky has a home, and who-knows-what-more, in Monaco, home of "royal" Grimaldi's. GRIMsteads/Grinsteads have "Waleran HUNTER" in their write-up, and Walerans (bull heads) were first found in Devon with the Saffers/Savarys sharing the vaired fesse of Grimsteads/Grinsteads. While Gris' list a Griim variation, Grishams/Greshams (Norfolk, same as Bags) use a grassHOPPER while Hoppers were first found in Wiltshire with Grimsteads/Grinsteads.

Then, Waleran like Whalleys were first found in Lancashire with Ratcliffs who in turn share black-on-white bull heads with Walerans. Ratcliffs were at BURY of Salford while Salfords are also Savards while French Savards share a Savary variation with Saffers above. The BURYs list Burisma-like Buris', no guff, and Whalleys have the mascle of English Faux's while French Faux's/Fage's/Chollens' were first found in PeriGORD with the Fauchys showing a giant grasshopper! The Ratcliff write-up: "Richard Radcliffe held the manor for the manor of Whalley..." Perigord is suspect with Gords because Roets were Beef-like Beauforts, and Beefs/Boeufs were first found in Perigord. It is well understood by the half-wise that Toni Fauchi's vaccines schemes are related to the food-shortage schemes now in the works. Buffys/Boghie's almost have the Roet / Bough motto term.

I trace Beefs/Boeufs to a Boofima cult that is said to have been officiated by Imperi peoples / priests, and Imperia is smack near Monaco. The same writer claimed that the Imperi would wear leopard GLOVES when conducting human or goat sacrifices, and there is a leopard head in the Crest of the English Pauls who have a fesse-with-items in the colors of the fesse-with-items of Irish NAGLE's ("nightinGALE") and Gale's. Imperia was once, ONEGLia, and it just so happens that Nagle-related Gale's were first found in Yorkshire with Pauls. The Arduinici of Oneglia were Arthur cousins, and Arthurs were related to GLOVE-using Wayne's and Fane's/Veynes'.

Back to Grimsteads, first found in Wiltshire with Stars/Stairrs who share the chevron of CARNes'/Kerns/Kerins (Mayo, same as Carnys) and Flints. As Bath is very near Wiltshire while Bathers were first found at DENbighshire (same as Grimstead-connectable Bachs/BAGHs!), wow, it just so happens that Scharp-like Scarfs share the Bather Coat while Sharps (share CARNY pheon) were at DENburn so that, apparently, Scarfs had been a Scharp branch. Scottish Deans/Dene's can be linked in three ways to Justine's, explaining the Sharp/Scharp wings. A "scarf" is used by Trabys/Sadowski's while Picenum-like Piacenza is at the Trebia river. Irish Dene's use wings.

Food shortages are being combined with high GAS prices, and I pointed the Get'n GO gas bar to Gowers/Gore's because they have a "FranGAS" motto term, and because the Gows are also Go-like McGoo's. Gower-branch Gore's (Kent, same as Trips) share the Trip crosslets while Trips/Treffs use SHOES! I've said this before, and it's awesome, that while you can find Zlochevsky's shoe boutique online at the Dnieper river at Kiev, I had read that TRYPillia was south of Kiev! The Get'n Go is/was at the corner of Ranch road, and Rench's share the Gore crosslets too. Rance's/Rynds were likely a Rind branch, and we can go also to Raines', Rams' (Rutt colors and format) and Rames', all three first found in Essex with Rind-connectable Potters.

Get'n GO was suspect with "GO," the short-form of "graphene-oxide," but in order for that place to point to graphene, there needs to be at least a solid pointer to it by something at that place. As I've said a million times, the Get'n Go had a knee event at its GLASS DOOR, which begins to point to Bill Gates. Glass' share the Kyle stars while Scottish Porters were first found in Kyle. It works because Glass' were first found in Buteshire while German Bute's/Boets have a fish in the colors of the Geddes pikes. English Bute's share the Port Chief, and gate-using English Porters were first found in Hampshire with Ports and BUTTons/Bidens (share Bute/Boet fesse). Who could ask for a better pointer to Bill Gates? Gates' share the Graff/GRAFFEN and Irish Door lion.

The Cullis'/Colesons in the portcullis gate of Porters were first found in Aberdeenshire with the Craigs and Milans/MELLENTs, and with Mellansons who in turn have a good reflection of the English Bute Coat. In this picture, it could be a pointer to MELINDa Gates. Craigie's share the Mellanson / Hockey/HICKley crescents, and so here's the write-up of Scottish Porters: "The surname Porter was first found in Kyle, where Radulfus the porter witnessed the gift of the church of Cragyn (Craigie)..." Craigie's even share the Hood crescent. The portcullis-using Yate's were first found in Gloucestershire with STEVENs who in turn share the solid chevron of German Bauds while Scottish Bauds have the HODley quadrants as well as the Hood / Craigie crescent in colors reversed. STEVEN Mellanson. Craigie's are said to have been in LinlithGOW, where there is a BathGATE location, and it just so happens that the three Craigie crescents are in the colors of the three suns of Bathgate's (Linlithgow) who in turn share the full Craig motto. Is that not amazing?

Bills use "wood bills" while Get'n Go in Camp Wood. Ranch road is called the Leakey road by locals, and Leaks/Leakeys (share the Knee bend) share the COWen Chief. The GET'n Go, which itself can point to a Gates branch, is where Sleeping Beauty, Miss Hicks, got her knee symbol aside from the knee symbol she had in the Sleeping Beauty dream. Graffen-beloved Anchors, with a fair reflection of the Leakey Coat, are also AnnerCAWs while Adams/Caws were at Annandale while the Annandale Chief-saltire combination is shared by Cowens. The Annandale Chief is the gold Graffen-like griffin in the Collins / Cawen/Callan Crests. Both the Cawens/Callans and Collins use it as a demi-griffin in the colors of the demi-lion of Graffs/Graffens.

The amazing thing here, with this new find of Cawens/Callans, is that they are in the colors and format of the Lorraine bend-with-items while the Lorraine bend is that definitely of Keeps, and I claim that God used Mr. KEPke at the Graff residence to point to graphene-oxide. Some four years later, KEPke and I both sold SHOES at SCARBorough Town Center at McCOWAN road in Toronto! Gore's were Trip kin, and Trips/Treffs use shoes. The Sharps above are also Scharps while "scarpa" is the Italian for "shoe." Sharps were at DENburn while English Deans/Dene's were first found in Sussex with KEEPs. The Cawen/Callan Coat is a good reflection of the GORsuch Coat (exactly the Lorraine bend-with-eagles), and while variations listed are not much like "Gorsuch," it may have been the original because this surname was first found in Lancashire with Such's. The GosSEDGE variation is interesting where Sedge's/Saddocks were first found in Sussex with Keeps.

Plus, the following was neglected from the Annandale write-up: "'A family of this name, prominent in ANGUS from at least the thirteenth century, derived their name from the lands of Inyaney or Aneny now called Ananias." Angus (near first-known Cowie's/Covie's) is where Garden-branch Jardins were first found who share the Chief-saltire combination of Annandale's. The Angus Chief share the Annas star.

I've been telling for years that the "make" motto term of Kilpatricks is code for Maxwells/Makeswells, but I don't remember knowing (until now) that a Maxwell Coat is in the Arms of the earls of Nithsdale. I might never have known this except that the Gows/McGoo's are said to have had a branch at Nithsdale, which is along the Nith river of Kilpatricks. As Miss Hicks is Mrs. Kilpatricks, it seems that God did set up her knee event at the Get'n Go for a pointer to Gows/McGoo's/Gowens.

I wonder whose PORCupine is on the Kilpatrick / Maxwell saltire in the Arms above. Porch-related Bassets once used the porcupine, and Porch's share the giant POCKet cinquefoil while Pockets were first found in Lincolnshire with the Armys/Ermine's suspect in the "arma" motto term of Gows/McGoo's. Arms/Ermine's share the Chief-saltire combination of Annandale's (Dumfries, same as Nithsdale), and it's the saltire of monkey-using DESMONDs/Geralds. Are the Pockets in this picture a pointer to monkeypox? The Hicks fleur-de-lys, no guff, is shared by PORCi's! Almost missed it. Though not in the same colors, Porch's share eight bars with porcupine-using Spike/s/Specks, perhaps a pointer to spike proteins in COVID "vaccines."

While Irish Collins' were first found at North DESMOND, the Porci bend is also that of English Collins' (essentially have the Annandale Crest). While Deborah Birx always wore a scarf when fear-mongering the public on a COVID pandemic, the ermine in the Arms of St. Malo wears a scarf. Toni Fauci's boss at the NIH was Francis Collins, and the English Collins' almost have the Shield and Crest of Cawens/Callans, and the Desmond/Gerald Annandale saltire is that also of Cowens. Irish Collins' are suspect with the double-brown lions of Ramps/Rumps while Rums/Rome's were at Annandale. Now compare the "Frangas" motto term of Gowers/Gore's (share white wolf with English Gore's) with "Francis," and let's add that the Gorsuch eagle is colors reversed from a Francis eagle while the other English Francis' share the blue, spread eagle with Scarf-like Sharps/Scharps.

The Get'n Go, in CAMP WOOD, Texas, is (or was) a corner store selling foods in at least half the store. (I just went to the toilet, and looking out the window there, I saw the wild turkey back on my lawn that pointed to Bill Gates in the last update.) Woods share the rooted tree of Rutes'/Roots who in turn share the Coat of BAGleys, first found in Shropshire with English Hunters. Can we believe it? Scottish Hunters use horns, as does the Biden Crest (gleaned as BULL horns to go with Bulgers). John Kerry was likely in the thick of Biden corruption overseas, and Kerry's family-by-marriage, the Heinz's, are in Camp/Comp colors and near format.

Gows share the Chief-Shield colors of Miles' while Gates-loving Porters/Pawters are said to be from MILo de Port, tending to explain why Mile's (not "Miles") were first found in Hampshire with Ports and Porters. Miles' use a millRIND while Rinds use a "flower pot" while Flowers share the cinquefoil of Potters (Porter/Pawter colors) and Goward-like Cowards. Porters/Pawters and Rutts use bells while La Bells are listed with the Labels in the "label" of Gorts while Gords/Gordans share the Roet boar head because Roets were in Somerset with a Gordano PORTishead. The Bidan variation of neighboring Bidens may be in the Gord motto.

I had read that Sibalds (Fife, same as Doors/Dormans) were related to Dormans/Doormans, which can explain while Sibalds share the blue moline with Mile's. The Porter write-up makes a convincing case that Ports of Hampshire developed from a doorman in a jail, and the Porter write-up even claims that the Ports had a Janitor variation, which looks linkable to Janets because they were first found in Poitou, the capital of which is Potter-like Poitier, which the French call, Poitevin. Poitvins use a jay while Jays were first found in Herefordshire with Gates-connectable English Doors.

When I was at the door of Sleeping Beauty's car, I had only my jeans on, and Jeans came up as "Jan." Was I pointing to Bill Gates at that door while on Epstein's island? I was going to kiss Sleeping Beauty, and Kiss' share the CASS Coat. English Janets almost have the Coat of Cassane's (Hampshire, same as Hawkes'/Hawks and Potter-connectable Hangers), Epsteins and Waters. It looks like there's something to this, for Potters are no longer said to be first found in Hampshire, but now in Essex, where Waters and Muschats were first found both of whom share the Eppstein Coat. Muscats (not "Muschat") were first found in Cambridgeshire with Cass'. English Janets were first found in Yorkshire with the Bruce's and Hallands who share the Jean/Jan lion, and the latter surname was first found in Worcestershire with Water-like Watts (at HAWKESdale) who in turn look like kin of Hanger-connectable Anchors/Annackers. Gates' share the lion of Spanish Jeans/Jans. Bill Gates was probably on Epstein's island.

The double-gold wings in the Watt Crest are in the Crest of Carnagys (share Rous Coat) while Scottish Watts were first found in Carnegie. I'm pretty sure I had read that the CARNagy Crest has lightning BOLTs too, which can explain why Sharps, sharing the Carny pheon, have a black eagle head in Crest to almost match the black griffin head (it's an eagle head) in the English Bolt Crest. These Bolts were first found in Lancashire with the CRANE-using Scute's (and Cowes') while the giant Carnagy eagle, blue like the Scute crane, is in the colors of the eSCUTcheon of Sharps. There's a black eagle in the Crest of Carnage's/CORNish's, perhaps interesting where Hoods/Hoots (Devon, same as Carnage's/Cornish's and Rous') have a "Cornish chough" to go with the Cows/Cuffs/COUGHs. The Carnage variation is new to me here. Cornish's are said to have been at TREVORick (Cornwall, same as Trice's), and Trevors (cockTRICE) share the Coat of Cowes-beloved Pennants. Cows eat corn, and Rutte would like to see the carnage of cows, we might deduce here. Sharps use "Dum spiro spero."

The double Watt wings are almost the double wings of Seagars who have the Sibald moline in colors reversed, and the Seagar moline is shared by Segni's/SEGURana's, first found in Genoa, home of GRIMaldi's while Hawkes'/Hawks use "pilGRIM staves." Watts were at Hawkesdale. While Miss Hicks was Sleeping Beauty, Hawkes-like Hakes' (Norfolk with Pilgrims), who list Hykes', are in Shirt colors and format. I had no shirt on when having only my jeans at her car door, when I decided to kiss her awake, the scene that made her into Sleeping Beauty. Kiss' are Cush's too while Kilpatricks use "CUSHions." Miss Hicks is Mrs. Kilpatrick.

German Seagars share the quadrants of Fasts (Norfolk, same as Pilgrims) suspect with the Fists/Fausts (Faucets/Fausets?) in the Coat of POIndexters who in turn have a Coat like that of French Janets (POItou). Jeans/Jans share the Bruce lion while Bruce's probably named Brix's/Brisons who share the three Janet lozenges. Brice's, sharing the Chief-saltire combination of Scottish Bruce's, share "justitia" with Sibalds, and the latter are from Cibalae/VINKovci, I claim, explaining the Seagar / Watt wings.

I'm perhaps going off-topic here, but as judge Antonin SCALia was murdered on the ranch of John B. Poindexter, it should be added that while Justine of Picenum married a man from Cibalae, Brice's (Moray, same as Bellys) share the SCALES of justice with Justine's/Justice's. Cass' use "A pair of scales," and Cassane's share the Epstein chevrons. Was Scalia murdered by Epstein-associated goons? Justine married Valentinian, and Valentins have a version of one Stevenson Coat while the other Stevensons (Moray stars) are also Stave's.

It's interesting that while Faucets/Fausets (same place as SEATons) use "compony" on their bend, Campanio's (BELLs) have endings looking like they married Pane's/Panico's/Panetta's of the SETTa valley (Panico's were in the Setta valley). Seatons share the BELLamy crescents, and there's a Seaton location in Devon along with the first-known Hykes'/Hacks, Seagars and RODs. This Seaton location is at the mouth of the Axe river while axes are used by HAWKESwells/Axels/AxelRODs. Hykes'/Hacks were kin of Chives', first found in TARVES. Dutch Camps and Italian Campo's (TREVISo) look like kin of Porter-related French Pots. Compo's share the red label with Pane's/Panico's, and the engrailed cross of Sinclairs, while Clare's (almost the Eppstein Coat) were first found in Suffolk with Hawkeswells/Axels.

English Camps/Comps are in Trudeau colors and format while Trudeau's share the gold stag with the Crest of Keiths, the latter first found in East Lothian with Seatons. Pane's/Panico's use a "green tree" while Tree's/True's were once said to be first found in Warwickshire, where Camps/Comps were first found who share the gold griffin with Shorts. The Keith Chief looks like a version of the Coats/Cotes Coat, and the latter is also that of Trots/TRUDE's, you see, a potential pointer to JUSTIN trudeau's engineered food the footsteps of Rutte's food shortages.

Justins were first found in Perthshire with the Potter-connectable Rinds, and with Halberts/Halperts who share the brown wolf with Irish Gards while English Gardners (English Gard griffin in colors revered) share the Camp/Comp griffin heads. Gards have variations like the Onions/Unions using the millRIND. The write-up of English Gardners: "The surname Gardner was first found in Oxfordshire where they held a family seat from very early times. Early records show William le Gardinier in county RUTland in 1199..." Rutte-incidence? Watt-branch WATsons (share tree with Watts, Vatts/Watters, Roets, Rutes'/Roots and Pane's/Panico's) were first found in Rutland. Start your gardens, get set, go.

Hawkeswells/Axels share the three axes of Halberts/Halperts (Perthshire, same as Justine's, Wings/Winks and ATHELs) while English Alberts, sharing the Short Coat, are said to have been of king ATEHELbert. The Albert / Short Coats are in the colors and format of the SHOULDhams (Norfolk, same as Hakes'/Hykes') while English Alberts have a "savage" with a "sledge hammer" over his "SHOULDer." Italian Alberts were first found in Bologna with Pane's/Panico's. The latter's Setta valley is suspect with Seatons/Sittens, first found in East Lothian with the Simms who use either "halbert" or "halpert" axes, and that type of axe is also used by Walsers from the Wallis canton of Switzerland, location of SITTEN (Sion). That works. Italian Alberts have what look like chains while Cheneys were, until recently, first found in Buckinghamshire with the Pens in the Simms Crest, and with Simsons sharing the lion of Fausets/Fausets (East Lothian, same as Simms). The neighboring Sinclairs of Roslin share the Chain cross, and Chaine's/Chenays use a wing likely holding the Justine sword. I'll let you decide whether this is a pointer to justin trudeau, whose following in the footsteps of Rutte's food shortages. Another feathered pen is in the Crest of Scoots (East Lothian) having a "HAEC" motto term. Scoots share the Penny/Penes greyhounds.

Bells were first found in Dumfries with Bullys and with the Rums/Rome's expected in the "verum" motto term of Roets. The Cow-like Caws are listed with Mackays and with English Adams, the latter first found in Annandale with early Rums/Rome's. Scottish kings descended from Bruce's of Annandale, and the English Bruce's and Hallams/Hallands have a lion colors reversed from the Holland lion. Mackays were first found in Sutherland while Sutherlands share the stars of English Adams.

I'm very sure that English Adams use the Rudes/Rudge and English Rhodes cross, especially as German Rhodes share red roundels with Gorts. French Adams (Languedoc, may have covered Rodez) share the lion of English Rhodes', and the latter's cross-with-lions is all in colors reversed from the same of Baths, first found in Somerset, and at Bath near Gordano. The Button variation of Bidans/Bidens (suspect in the Gordan motto) are said to have had clergy at this Bath location.

Zowie, I've just looked up Cowie's to find them sharing gold boar heads with Roets / Gords, but moreover Cowie's are in the colors of Ardens suspect in the "Ardens" motto of Petts! It's all coming together. And while we are at this moment seeking clues that God is using this set of heraldry to point to food shortages, the Foods/Foots share the chevron of Fothes'/Fette's, the latter first found in Kincardineshire with Cowie's! I think that's a zinger-ringer pointed-finger of God. The Feets/Fate's are even in the colors and format of Cowie's! The Cowie's share the boar heads of neighboring Turins, first found in Aberdeenshire with Prophets/ProFETTs.


This video shows that many homes within eye-shot of the Sandy Hook school were purchased "officially" on Christmas day, 2009, and all homes are registered as being sold for $0.00. Unless the video owner is faking this to fool conspiracy theorists, there was absolutely something criminal taking place there. It begs the question: what happened to the people who owned the homes prior to their being sold for zero? The real-estate information in this video can be checked, and so I don't think the video owner is making this up. Who are the people that "bought" out whole neighborhoods, or who are they all in common with? Are they all part of a deep-state task(s) in the interior of the country? Are they all part of false-flag productions? Did they do the Boston Marathon (April 2013) six months after the Sandy Hook shooting (Connecticut)? Looks feasible. Are the crisis actors we see in media all being hidden from Americans by having them all live in the same town? Seems feasible.

Here's a serious Mark Dice revealing that the CIA had a bribery office since the 1970's that amounts to the accusations of conspiracy theorists, of decades ago, that invisible "Illuminati" controlled media by buying them out one way or another. trudeau commits to the same sort of bribery with canadian media, and so we can expect that the RCMP (federal police) and canadian Intelligence does the same, I'm hearing a "wack" sound from the Sword of Jesus that cannot be silenced:

The very same prohibitions against Dutch farmers is in the works for canada, and so we easily glean that a food shortage is desired here by none other than wacko trudeau. he wants to make his people hungry, and afraid of hunger, in order that they will bow down to his cannot imagine such a fool as this yet he's real. In the 11th minute, you see part of the secret agenda no longer secret:

But wait. This goes beyond Holland and canada, for we can glean that the globalists chose these two countries, immediately after putting a dent in Ukraine wheat production, because Holland and canada are major exporters of certain foods.

In the 1tth and 12th minutes, we see that the British government want to pay farmers to quite their farming business, and to plant trees on their land instead, which can mean only one thing: the globalists do not want to use the land for farming ever again. It can also mean that they plan on reducing world population to explain why they want a large reduction in farmers. They don't care about the environment except that they wish to enjoy nature better than they do now, with half the world murdered. It's as though they view ordinary people as impediments to their happiness, and they think that they will be much happier with them murdered, as though they have no bad consciences for conducting mass-murder in that way. There are those who plan and direct the murder schemes, those who conduct the physical murders, but then there are the vast others who support it all because they think they will be happier with fewer people in their daily lives.

BUT WAIT. If they kill all their opponents, the only people left will be the those who support the murder. How can a world filled with such wicked types become a better world??? The lunatics will then make life Hell for one another, and this is exactly what God plans to give them when He calls His people out of their midst. It will be cruel weed on cruel weed. The weeds don't realize that the non-weeds are those who make societal life sane and pleasant. Remove them, and weeds will kill weeds, violence rampant, like in the days before the Flood.

I just told my tenant about the video above, and similar matters, then cautioned him to start saving dry foods, but I think it went in one ear and out the other, even though he agrees with everything I've said, holds the same basic views as the typical anti-globalist / anti-leftist. I don't understand anyone's confidence who thinks that there's no big risk of food shortages starting soon. The prediction was make-able as long as a year ago.

Here's the new iron fist of the new-normal hospital:

I check news at Rumble daily. Someone's been putting out Ainsley Earhardt clips on Rumble. I don't click many of her videos, because there's too much Biden nonsense / trash I care nothing about, but this video below is remarkable because it counters Fox bosses by covering a woman's group vehemently opposed to COVID lockdowns. However, someone may have arranged to remove the sound from this video because I'm not getting any:

Ainsley is not looking too happy these days, something's wrong in her life, I sense. There is trauma in her face, I can spot it. It's been there a long time, she's usually unable to put on a natural / happy face for the clips I've watched. Sometimes she looks like she wants to cry, she needs to snap out of it. Maybe it's mid-life crisis. I hope it's because she's not getting along with her bosses. She should have done to Fox what Kari Lake did. Ainsley should have quit her booming career at Fox to keep her soul uncompromised. Fox is the devil on her shoulder, at her ear. Set yourself free, rich lady, you have more money than you need for the rest of your earthly life.

To Tucker's credit on Thursday night, he tackled the Fox-forbodden George Soros. The story was on Ron DeSantis firing (on Thursday) a Soros-produced state prosecutor (Andrew Warren) in Florida, though it was years too late, and just three months before the major elections. It doesn't look very well on DeSantis. But at least it's a start. Why doesn't Hannity, who can't keep away from Biden news, tackle the story below, since Hannity should know more than most that the Biden we see daily is not the true Biden?

Here's the Hungarian leader, who attacked Soros years ago, in Texas this week:

I enjoyed watching the Hungarian leader, Viktor Orban. I like his policy of making Hungary a nation with a Christian-national mandate, though I always caution of the dangers of such an ideology because it tempts Christian rulers to compromise with the weeds. This reminds me that I depicted George Soros, a Hungarian, as the WOOD-sorrel weeds on my property, which I've been at war with for about three years now. They still come up in significant numbers from seeds that linger in the ground, and pop up annually. The Woods were first found in Leicestershire with the Sorrel-like Soar river, and the Soars are also Soros-like Sors' who share the Legro lion while the Soar river is also the Legro. Sorrys share the Sauer lion, in colors reversed from the Sorrel lions. Sorrys use the fasces, a symbol of Soros' fascism.

Taksony was the son of the Hungarian founder, Arpad, whom I had traced, many years ago, to Arvad in Syria, near UGARit, explaining why Hungarians were Uigurs. "Hungary" was "On-Ogur." Arvad is also Arados, which I think explains Arad near the Hungarian border. Arvad is where the Russian naval base is situated, at Tartus. The reason I'm going to this old-Syria link to Hungarians is that there was a seven-headed Lotan dragon in Syria while Latons/Leightons (black dragon) share the Soar/Sors quadrants. Latons/LEIGHtons are also LEYtons while the neighboring Leighs/Leys are also Legro-like Leghs, you see.

Then, while Hungarians had been MAGYars, which looks a little like "MAGOGar," Ezekiel has Magog related to Gomer, and MontGOMERys happen to share nearly all the Coat of Leicesters (Cheshire, same as Leigh's/Leghs). Montgomerys are said to have been closely associated with the Alans from Shropshire, which is where Leightons/Latons were first found. Montgomerys have a "bien" motto term while Biens use bees while the Bee/Bie quadrants are colors reversed from the same of Soars/Sors and Leightons/Latons. Bee's/Bie's have a green dragon.

Leightons/Latons were first found in Shropshire with Meschins and Bellamys while the latter share the Leicester fesse. Leigh's/Leghs were first found in Cheshire with MESCHin rules and their Masci-branch kin. Masci's share the fleur-de-lys of Montgomerys and Leicesters, and Ezekiel lumps MESHECH in with Gomer and Gog of Magog. The Meschin rulers were from the Bessin, and Bessins (more bees), sharing the Bee/Bie bend, are also Beasts/Beestons (Cheshire). It all gives the impression that George Soros might be the Biblical "man of lawlessness," for that is what he is. However, the man of lawlessness is the anti-Christ, the man. Is it reasonable to peg Soros as that idiot? Soros does seem stupid enough, but how can he fulfill the prophetic roles of the anti-Christ in the Middle East?

Montgomerys and English Lawns/Lane's share a "Garde" motto term. These Lawns/Lane's use three lions in pale that they call "lions of England," and then the England surname has three lions in pale too, in the colors of the two lions in pale of Sorrels (Leicestershire, same as Woods). Meschins and Masci liners were from the Maezaei upon the Sava river, and the Sava's/Savage's (Cheshire) are in a Wood Crest. Wood sorrel.

I've just realized that Hochs/Hocks/Yoke's (Switzerland, same as Swan-connectable Sion) share the Leicester swan because Hooks/Hoke's share the Leicester Coat. Hockeys/HockLEYs have "Thomas de HokkeLEGHE" (Somerset, same as SAVERs) in their write-up, suggesting a family on the Legro river. Hockeys/Hockleys are said to have renamed RayLEIGH in Essex, and the Hicks are said to have been at Low Leighton in Essex. There's a Seaton location in Devon, where Rayleigh's/Rawleigh's/Rawles' were first found along with Hazels who share the Hockey/Hockley/HICKley fesse-with-crescents. Seatons were from Swan-connectable Sion.

Hockeys/Hockleys are also HICKleys, first found in Essex with Hicks' of Low Leighton. The Hicksons were first found in Staffordshire with Roet-related Buffys/Boghie's while German Roets share the crescent of Hockeys/Hickleys. Buffys/Boeufs were at COLtons, and while the Colton saltire is colors reversed from the Hickson saltire, Cole's (black bull, same as Beauty/BOWds) were first found in Cornwall with another branch of early Hicks. Cullis/COLEsons, suspect with the portCULLIS gate, share the Hockey/Hickley and Beef/Boeuf fesse. Miss Hicks at the Get'n Go points to Bill Gates. Cullis/Colesons use "PEAScods" while Peas'/Peacocks were first found in Essex with Hockeys/Hickleys, how about that.

Buffs/Boehffs (not "Buffy") were first found in Hesse while Hesse's share "Hessel" with Hazels who in turn share the fesse-with-crescents of Hockeys/Hickleys, who in turn share the fesse of Beefs/Boeufs. This is a new set of heraldry for me, and the Tristans of Cornwall share the stag heads of Buffys/Boghie's, but they are also the stag heads of Knee's. Sleeping Beauty had a knee symbol after she was at the hood, and the Hood motto, "Zealous," is suspect with Seals/Zeals (Devon same as Hoods and the other Tristans) who not only share the Hazel / Hockey/Hickley / Cullis fesse, but the black wolf head with the other Tristans. The Buffy/Boghie write-up: "In similar speculations, some say there is a relationship between the early Bougheys and the great Lords Bohun..." Bohuns are listed with English Bone's while "bon HEURE" is a Hicks motto term while Roet-beloved Books use an HOURglass.

Hickley-like Hickie's (essentially share Kent Coat) have a "PRAEmium" motto term while Irish Prays were first found in County Down with Knee's while Downs were first found in Sussex with Bone's/Bohuns and Prime's, and with Acorns and Vise's/Vice's both of which share the Buffy / Knee stag head. Buffs/Boeffs share the split Shield of Lago's (pointer to Mar-a-Lago?). The Down stag is in the colors of the Trump/Tromp stag head, and Dutch Tromps use acorns, as do Roet-connectable Staplers. The Trump stag head is almost with Leggs while a giant leg is used by Prime's who might be in "PRAEMium." Trumps/Tromps were first found in Mecklenburg with Ice's/Ickys, and Hicks are likewise Ickys. Help yourself in fishing out what God might have in all this, if anything.

The Coat of Rayleighs (Devon, same as Saffers/Savarys) looks related to the one of Saver-connectable Saffers/SAVarys (unicorns traceable to Sava river) while the latter shares the vaired fesse of Hookers, beauty, and the Saffer-related Silvers have a German branch, first found in Hesse while Hesse's share a Hessel variation with Hazels. HazelWOODs thus look like a Hazel-Wood merger because Woods were first found in Leicestershire. Woods use the savage while SAVA's/Savage's (Cheshire, same as Leghs/Leighs/Leys) can be from the Sava river, location of the LATovici whom I can trace to Leightons/Latons. I trace Gore's to Primorje-GORski Kotar (Croatia), location of the Latovici, and Gore's share the Rayleigh crosslets.

Incidentally, this picture looks connectable to Miss Hicks at the Get'n Go in CAMP WOOD, Texas, because it was on the Leakey road while Leakeys (share Hicks fleur) use a leg, and because the same road is Ranch road while English Rench's/WRENch's (and Wrens) share the Gore / Rayleigh crosslets. It's going to be feasibly relevant below that English Camps are in Trudeau colors and format. German Rench's have the lone Leakey fleur-de-lys. Leakeys were first found in Lincolnshire with Silvers/Silversteins, with early Hookers (share Kilpatrick lion with "dexter paw""), and with the Hucks sharing the double chevrons of Kilpatrick-beloved Dexters (Leicestershire).

What could this mean: Hucks (share owl with FOWLers) were once said to be first found in Yorkshire with Hicks, and Hookers are said to have been Vowells previously. English Vowells/FOWLs were first found in Devon with Saffers/SavaRAYs (just discovered that variation) who in turn are in Silver/Silverstein colors and format, making FOWLers look like they share the triple lions of Silvers/Silversteins. Zowie. Hookers share the lion of Pascals, first found in Essex with Hicks of Low Leighton, and with a Rayleigh location that Hockeys/Hockleys changed to "Hocheleia" and similar variations. An important judge Raleghe (Rayleigh write-up) was commissioned to Cumberland. Essex is where Quints were once said to be first found who share the RAYleigh vair, yet Quints are now said to be first found in Cumberland with Rays and Kilpatrick-beloved Daggers.

The Get'n Go involved the LEG of Miss Hicks while Rains/Raines' (Essex, same as Low Leighton) use a "leges" motto term. Miss Hicks is in at least one online directory with a Rena middle name, and the Reines' use a "comet" while French Comets are listed with COMBE's while the Hooker write-up has: "'The original name was Vowell or Fowell, and the family had been seated at FowelsCOMBE t. Henry IV. or earlier; and a younger son marrying an heiress assumed the name of Hooker.'" Combe's/Comets were first found in Limousin with Seconds/Segurs while "second" is in the motto of French Levi's while Jewish Levi's share the double lions of Hookers.

The Levi chevrons are colors reversed from the one of Trudeau's (Ile-de-France, same as French Levi's). Trudeau's are about to come to topic with Hockey-related Mellansons who in turn use "rods" to go with the "rods" of Asclepios in the HUCKabee Chief. Hooker-line Vowells/Fowls were first found in Devon with Rods and Hooks (reflection of Mellanson Coat).

Fowlers were first found in WILTshire while Wilds/Wilts look related to Woods. This forces me to go back to Steven MELLANson. I was his assistant coach in HOCKEY, which is how I found that Mellansons share the Hockey/Hockley crescents. Scottish Vowells were first found in Aberdeenshire with Mellansons and Milans/Millens, and while Ottone Visconti ruled Milan, Ottone's are Otto's too while Saffers/Savarays use "aut" in their motto while German Otto's are Auto's too, and then Henry the Fowler was father to emperor Otto I. Plus, the Hockey write-up has "William de Hokkele in Huntingdonshire," and Huntingdonshire is where Others/Otters (share gold crescents with Hockeys) were first found, said to be from Lombards i.e. at the Milan theater. Huntingdonshire is where Cottons were first found to which the cotton SWAB in Mellanson's ear pointed. Swabs/Schwabs share a unicorn on red with Saffers/Savarys. The Fenders (otter), suspect in a Wood motto, were first found in Huntingdonshire too.

Others/Otters were proto-Windsors, and as Windsors were first found in Berkshire with English Wilds, it could be non-coincidental that these Wilds look related to Trudeau's, the latter first found in Ile-de-France with Mellanson-branch Mellans/Melons. Mellanson asked me to COACH hockey with him, and Couch's look like kin of Trots/TRUDE's, you see, first found in Berkshire too. Others/Otters were first found in Huntingdonshire with Gaine's/Engains who share the Windsor / Gore / Rayleigh crosslets. Hookers have what is probably a deer in Crest, in the gold color of the Trudeau stags, and Deerings share the gold stag heads of Bikers (Other/Otter colors and format), first found in Berkshire with The Other-Windsors.

I trace Trots to the Trotus river in Romania's Bacau region, and I trace Bacau elements to Beacons/Bacons while Fowler-like Fullers use a "beacon." German Belli's use another "beacon" while Hookers, Quints and Rayleigh's use "vair fur" that's shaped in a BELL pattern while the Coats of Bells / Bellamys (Shropshire, same as FULbert of Pollock) look like Hook kin, and moreover the Milan-connectable Faucets, whose castle was built by Saer de Quincy of Winchester, can be linked to judge William de Ralegh, "bishop of Winchester." Faucets use "compony" in their bend while Campanio's use bells. The Winchester Crest has the Quint fitchees. Quincys, connectable to Ottone Visconti through the "quince" of Visconti-related Sforza's, use seven mascles to go with the seven besants of Mellans/Melons. The judge above was born in Pilton (Devon) while Piltons (Devon) share the Coat of Polton-connectable Polesdons featuring the stars of Palins/Pawleys whose lion in turn is, I think, the black lion paw in the Quint Crest. Poltons are also Pawtons and look related to Potters (compare with Flowers of Devon) and therefore to Bell-loving Porters/Pawters.

My guess is that Poltons use the Hockey/Hockley Coat minus the latter's Hazel fesse-with-crescents. Polesdons and Poltons were first found in Cheshire, where Hazels were once said to be first found, and where MARBLE's were first found who share the Camp griffin while these Camps are in Trudeau colors and format. Campanio's share bells with Porters, and my miracle-MARBLE shot that I've talked much about was in the game of POTsies. That shot involved a literal prayer beforehand, and Irish Prays share the six pale bars of Trots/TRUDE's. The marble shot (late 1966 / early 67) was just as trudeau's father was becoming the attorney general of canada, the year before he became the activist-atheist prime minister. I think God wants to visit with justin trudeau.

Dodgers/Doge's use what looks like a beaver, canada's symbol, and English Beavers share the Hazel/HESSEL fesse. The six bars of Dodgers/Doge's are shared by Blonds who in turn share the sun with Hesse's/HESSELs. I've just found Dodger-like Doggers/Dogate's, beautiful because I trace Daggers (same place as Dockers) to the Dexaroi peoples at Antipatria, beside the PENEStae peoples whom I trace to Penes'/Pennys (Northamptonshire, same as Quincys) who in turn share the double-red courant greyhounds of Doggers/DoGATE's, beautiful. The Huns/HunGATE's (red dogs in colors reversed), first found in Yorkshire with Dodgers/Doge's and Beavers, and in the colors and format of Dogs/Doags/Docks, were obviously related to German Huns/Hundts who in turn have a greyhound that would be red in colors revered! This picture can easily go the Bleda the Hun, and then to bleed-like Bled. Mellanson's ear was bleeding. I even trace Hazels and Hesse's to the namers of Has on the Drin river of the Penestae! Dodgers and Doggers are new to me, or at least I can't remember mentioning them.

English Pots (Hampshire, same as Potters / Porters / Ports) share the Pierre bend while Pierre was the father of justin trudeau. German Pots share the Fulk / Flake wings while Fulke's were first found in Norfolk with Flacks/FLICKs. As I said, the miracle-marble shot was a FLICK of the marble by my thumb as the marble say on the index finger. I smacked a marble six to eight feet away with that flick shot. The marble shot took place on Hullmar drive directly across from SKYE Court (Toronto), and Skye is where flag-using McLeods/Clouds were first found while Flags are listed with Flicks.

SAER de QUINcy ruled WINchester while English Pots were at WINton. Wintons share the blue doves of George's, whose lion heads are in the colors of the lion of de-Quincy connectable Faucets. These English George's were first found in Dorset with Soars/Sors' and Quint-connectable Palins, but also with Saer-like Sauer- / Sorry-related Russells who in turn have two "sara" motto terms in a motto almost that of Flick-connectable Fulke's! The Flick/Flags share the Russell scallops, you see, and a Russell branch can be in the "bulRUSHes" of Pets. New: Quincys share the mascles of Pets while Pierre Trudeau was known as PET (!!!) because he used an Elliott middle name. Irish Elliotts share the elephant head (different color) with PETTys (!!!) while the same Pettys share the quadrants of Fasts and Lutts/Lute's, the latter looking like a branch of the Lutts variation of McLeods/Clouds (!!!) because the latter use a "fast" motto term. The marble shot is pointing well to trudeau and George Soros together. Our prayers will be answered in a miracle shot to trudeau's head, keep-on praying. Prayer rules. His head is nothing but an ugly-faced Schwab and an ugly-hearted Soros. SAER de Quincy may have been of the Sauer / Sorry / Soar/Sors bloodline.

I think it's very interesting that English Dockers (probably a Dagger branch) have SEVEN SPEARS to depict the spear to trudeau's head that I see the trucker convoy to Ottawa. The Quince's/Quincys have seven mascles in the colors of the PET mascles, you see, and while "PET" was the nickname of PIERRE Elliott Trudeau, the Sempers/St. Pierre's are in the "Semper" motto term of Dockers. German Ducks/Duckers are likewise Dockers while Sempers/St. Pierre's share the DUCE/Doocy Coat, how amazing. Let my marble shot be God's wrecking ball to trudeau's killer agenda. Plus, the Meters (look like Alan kin) suspect in a Petty motto share the martlets of Velins, who once showed the ducks of French Alans (now show the Velin martlets), and these Velens were first found in Westphalia with duck-using Velins and with Ducks/Duckers/Dockers (have Valence Coat in colors reversed).

OHH WOW. Meter-like Meats/Meads (Warwickshire, same as Pettys!!!!!) are amazing for being in Trudeau colors and format!!!!! Incredible. Meats/Meads (pelicans) share the martlet of French Josephs (Maine, same as Pellicans), and his full name was; Joseph Philippe Pierre Yves Elliott Trudeau. His son wants to rob canadians of normal meat in a Schwabite agenda.

We were playing potsies (needs a pot/hole in the ground) on a yard, and Yardleys share the Petty Coat above. For the Yardley Crest, there is a gold deer or hind head in the gold color of the deer / hind / FAWN (I don't know which) in the Hooker Crest. Yards have a "Facta" motto term looking like code for Faucets. The latter happen to share the "compony" bend of FAUGHNs/Faugeys (Longford, same as Quincy-like Quinns)! I'll bet a bag of marbles that the Yardley Crest is a fawn.

Fawns, first found in Berwickshire with DOVE's, were also at AlderWASLey, in Derbyshire, where ear-like Eyers were first found. Wassels are listed with German Wessels while English Wessels (Cumberland, same as Quints) share blue DOVES with WINtons while Pots were at Hampshire, where WINchesters were first found who share the Quint fitchee. That works with my marble shot on the yard. Winchesters (French Pot colors) even have the Pet mascles in colors reversed.

Why do ear-like Eyer-like Erie's/Airys ("Cumberland family") have the six Trot/TRUDE pale bars in colors reversed? Eyers were first found in Derbyshire with Mellanson-related Note's/Cnuts. Danish Cnuts have "POT hangers" and flags!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was flicking the marble in a potsies game, and Flags are listed with Flicks! Is Mellanson's ear swab pointing to trudeau along with the Mellanson pointers above to trudeau? It looks like it here. English Cottons (Huntingdonshire with Milan elements) use "hanks," like "Hanger."

Eyers list "Air." Scottish Ayers ("air" motto term) were first found in Ayrshire with Sheds/Sheddens who pointed to vaccine shedding in my last update with Eyer-connectable Heyers, Hers and Herzogs. trudeau, the stooge of a criminal ring, is all about getting rich and famous using forced vaccinations. He's obsessed with this task. he dreams of it, and gets filled with satan while he dreams of it.

Square's/Squirrels use a bear leg/paw, and Trots/TRUDE's use a bear. Bear paws are used by German Leuvens/LEIRvens while French Leirs/Layre's share the Flick/Flag scallops. Trudeau's may have been Levi kin. The Belli-branch Bellino's use the bear leg too, and these Belli's almost have the Trot/Trude pale bars. I flicked the marble with my THUMB, and Tume's/Tombs were first found in Worcestershire with Petty-like Pattys (lions in the colors of the Flake lion heads), and with the Square's/Squirrels sharing the red squirrel with German Daggers. "Tiens" is a motto term of Square's/Squirrels while "TIENdrai" is a motto term of Erie's/Airys. English Daggers share the scallops of Belgian George's, and Belgian Flecks look related to the Fulke Shield. One of the kids I played marbles with at HULLMAR (location of miracle shot) was Jacky (male), and this is pretty compelling where Scottish Jacks use holly while Hollys were a Hull / Hole/Hall branch, but also compelling where English Jacks (Yorkshire, same as Hulls and Mars!) share the Dagger scallops. The Yorkshire Mars share the Sorrel Coat, and I've shown why Sorrels are linkable to prince George of the Drummonds. The George dog could easily be the Holly / Hull / Hall dog.

The "GEOmetriam" motto term of Irish Pettys (Warwickshire, same as Yardley-related Pettys) could be part-code for English GEOrge's because they have the ear of a dog emphasized while Yardley-related Pettys have the ear of an elephant emphasized. German George's share the black wing with Fulks and Flake's. I was flicking the marble on the lawn, and Irish Lawns/Lane's share the fleur-de-lys of Meters who could be in "geoMETRiam." Fulke's have this fleur in colors reversed. WINNers/Weiners share the same fleur, as do Palms (share Quint Chief) while Palmers (Norfolk, same as Flicks/Flags) were obvious Flick/Flag kin.

Plus, I see the Tume tombstones (Susan colors) with "R.I.P." as code for Susa at the RIParia river of the royal Cottians, who birthed VESTALis, very connectable to the Waistell variation of Wessels (Cumberland, same as Daggers) who share the blue dove with English George's. The Petty and George ear now comes up big because Steve Mellanson had a COTTON swab in his ear as I PRAYED for its healing (as a brand-new Christian, I trusted like a child, no blood came from the ear), and Cottons look like "Cottian." We who are indebted from the heart to the ways of Jesus will pray and succeed over the Schwabite fiends who mask their wicked agendas in good works.

Christians are the ones who will heal the masses, but if you are a Trump-supporting non-Christian with a sewer mouth and a worldly mindset, pity you. Some of Trump's most-arduous supporters are people just like him, womanizers, hedonists, adulterers, sewer mouths, egotists, and bar-hopping socialites. Christians should keep far distance from such Republican low-lives. We should not ignore those things. You cannot make Trump a Christian by lending Christian political support to him. Throw your pearls to the swine, and they will attack you.

It's Sunday. I heard that trudeau is on vacation in Costa Rica, and on this Sunday, about half way through his two-week vacation, Costa Rica outlawed forced / coerced vaccinations, hee-hee, like a boot to trudeau's arse: "Get out, get out of here, GET OUT, NOW." Where have I heard that before?

This video is hard to believe, you decide whether it was made by the Ontario government to make people think the police are spying on everyone closely to scare us into compliance. The thing that tipped me off is when a vehicle was at a traffic light turning left while the man was walking out. I don't think that turn could have been timed so well, suggesting that the video producer is a fake (working in conjunction with the driver) who simply turned on the phone camera, pretending that he was only-then walking outdoors, because the driver was at that second turning left. They can't spy on a weeny fraction of one percent of the population per any given moment, and their admission to spying on their political, anti-globalist citizens only means that they are less than zeroes. A spy is a worm. The city government under the globalist edict is a worm, of zero value, to be feared only because rapists, thieves and lunatics are prone to becoming dangerous if they can't get their way with our consent.

Viktor Orban's appearance in TEXAS this week reminds that TAKSONy was a Hungarian ruler in Hungary's early days. The Texas surname share the Coat of the Czech Baby Coat, and George, son of Hungarian king, Andrew I, probably married a woman of Podebrady i.e. from Czechoslovakia (half of which is Moravia). George was the father of Scottish Drummonds who likely named Kildrummy, the seat of the earls of Mar, and Scottish Mars happen to share the Sorrel Coat. The Mar Coat probably uses the Ross lion because the Ross clan (near Moray = Moravia) descends from an Andrew. Russells have the Ross lion in colors reversed, but as "sara" is a Russell motto term, one can glean that the Russell lion is that of Sauers. The same lion is used by Rosso's, and Ezekiel lumps Rosh in with Meshech, Gomer and Magog. I claim that Maurice Drummond was the son of Agatha, mother of queen Margaret, and I had read that Margaret had Henry Sinclair of ROSLin as her "cup-bearer." Sarahs/SAYers may have been a branch of Says (Shropshire, same as Leightons/Latons) who share the Leighton/Laton quadrants. Roslins share buckles (different colors and type) with Leslie's, earls of Rothes itself in Moray/Moravia. Buckle-branch Buckleys share the bull head of ORBANs, the latter listed with Albins/Aubins. The Ceraunii Illyrians (in the Saffer/SAVary uniCORN) were at the URBANus and Sava rivers, beside the Maezaei on the Una (in the UNIcorn). It's all near the Hungarian border.

The Legh-like Leggs almost have the Trump/Tramp Coat, and I've just discovered that Trumps come up as "Tamp." Tampa is in Florida' with Trump's Mar-a-LAGO, and as Tampa is only 17 miles from St. Petersburg, my Russian medallion, with "SAINT-PETERSBURG RUSSIA" upon it, is coming to mind, especially as the RUSH Coat, but with a black Shield, is used by Stamps.

I actually tried for a Tamp surname to see whether Stamps were a merger with it. I was asking myself what the Stamp surname may have been previous to its creation. This took place because I was wondering about a tree STUMP is a Crest. Stomps/Stomps are in Stamp colors. I then remembering that the Card surname, rather than using a card in Crest, uses a "letter," and it has a stamp upon it. It then gets interesting where Mar-a-Lago and Jeffrey Epstein's mansion are both in Palm Beach while Card-like Carts show palm trees.

There's a Petersburg in Virginia, and Epstein has/had an island in the Virgin Islands. Virginia's/Virgins share the giant lion of Russo's (Drake colors and format) who in turn have variations like the Rusts/Roosts, and while Trumps/Tramps/Tamps were first found in/near ROSTock, the latter is on the WARNou river of the Varni to explain the wyVERN dragon in the Rust/Roost Crest. Drake's use a giant, red wyvern dragon, the colors of the Rust/Roost dragon, and the Drake motto has the Aquila's who share the Italian Este Coat while English Este's look like Stamp kin while it's Stamps who almost have the Coat of Russo-like Rush's.

To help explain why Rusts/Roosts share the wyvern of Drake's (Hampshire), we have: "Continuing our search through early rolls, we found Robert Rust at Winton, Hampshire in 1148..." Wintons (Wales, has a red dragon) are in the colors and format of Francis' who in turn use a tree STUMP, and the blue Winton doves are shared by George's, the latter first found in Dorset with the Russells sharing the giant Russo lion. George's are from George, father of the Trump-like Drummonds. German Drummonds, in Trump/Tamp colors, were first found near the first-known Trumps/Tamps of Mecklenburg, where Hahns were first found who use a giant ROOSTer in the colors and format of the Trump/Tamp stag head.

Arriving to Dove's, first found in Berwickshire with Letters and Lauders, is super because they are in Stamp colors and format while Cards use a letter and stamp. Berwickshire is where Arthurs were first found who were given the myth code, king Arthur, husband of GUINEvere. Quine's/Quinns are in the colors of Wins/Wine's/Gwynns who probably named Wintons (Wales, same as Winns).

Following the leads, it turns out that Dove's have a dancetty-fesse looking connectable to the same of Mine's/Menne's suspect in the "tentaMINE" motto term of Leggs, the latter first found in Dumfries with the Patiens' in the Dove motto. The Putins happen to be listed with Patiens', remarkable as per the Russian medallion. Mine's/Menne's were first found in Bedfordshire with Lutons who in turn share the eagle of Wins/Wine's/Gwynns. The other English Francis' have the Child Coat in colors reversed, and Childs are said to have been at Wanstead while Wansteads are listed with Winners/Weiners.

Beware Christian nationalism in the swamp weeds of the Hippo-critter, Donald Trump. He's like a RINO but instead has a big mouth and no horn. That's akin to all bark and no teeth. Trump boasted like a god but did nothing to drain the swamp. Chris Wray continues to lead the FBI to the great detriment of normal people, a boon to Soros' pro-crime-spree agenda. Soros is a destroyer. I like to see Christians speaking up against evil forces; I like to see Christians speaking up at all in the news because the churches are obscure and need visibility. We need to be Jesus traffickers, trafficking in sane policies that God can smile upon, but we must shun non-believers like Trump who threaten to lead the Christian faction of the Republican party.

Back to News

Do not marvel in Trump, for he's all mouth and mere lip-service to you, and loves Apollo, or the things this disgusting pagan entity symbolizes. I think that God shuns Christians who serve Trump, and I think Keri Lake honors Trump vocally far too much. Trump watches social media closely and knows what to say to you because he reads what you say. He knows what you want. Merely tolerate him as the most of your political service to him. It's not Trumpism that has put Keri Lake in her position this week, but rather it was much the Christian people of Arizona, was it not? You don't need Trump, there are FAAAAR better men. Bannon says Ms. Lake was out-spent by ten to one, but she won because social-media sufficiently spreads the word on the hideous nature of the globalist-RINO partnership now in charge in that state.

Plus, you never hear from Christian-nationalist politicians about the return of Jesus soon. You never hear them hint that we are swamped in the wickedness that very-much looks like the end times. This is a dangerous approach to the end times, which can drag you into that sort of recklessness. That's why I advocate Christians exposing the deeps state but not going forward with a mind to earthly cares. Jesus said that many will fall away from him due to intensity in worldly cares. I want to see Keri Lake expose the globalist enemy, to weaken it, and to send citizens the message that they had best store all their needs because the globalists can take iron-fist power at anytime according to Biblical prophecy. What kind of Christian doesn't acknowledge what appears to be end-time prophecy at the door? I think it's reckless for social-media Christians to put a confident spin on their fight against the deep state, as though God is going to win this battle against it step-by-step through dedicated political activism. If that doesn't happen, then these types should accept blame for bringing Christians to a precipice, to a sudden and overwhelming political defeat that leaves them stranded, unable to cope with the 666.

Paul: "Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them" Ephesians 5:11). We have the green light. Expose away. The persecuted pastor, Artur Pawlowski, announced on David Knight August 5, that he's going into politics to "chase" the law enforcers who persecuted him. I applaud his zeal, devotion to God, willingness to suffer and not back down before the canadian snake, his example to others, but I do wonder where he stands on end-time preparation. He's also filing a law suit in Geneva against the government's mistreatment of him. Things look like they are rolling along for him, but in the end, all his successes will translate into fiercer persecution against end-time zealots, should the end come in his lifetime. It certainly could. On the other hand, more fury from the snakes against us will only trigger God's fury on the snakes. What should we do, stand up and vehemently oppose the snakes, or back-off and behave to avoid persecution? It's a good question.

To Tucker Carlson's credit, he briefly (one second, maybe two) mentioned (August 3) Keri Lake's win in Arizona, something that might have taken a little courage -- or a backroom deal with the boss -- because Keri not only quit Fox news not long ago due to a Fox policy she didn't like, but is becoming a boss in a state that caused many Fox viewers to abandon Fox when it wrongly called the election for Biden when in fact Trump was expected to defeat, and in fact routed, Biden in that state. Ms. Lake now gets to become the governor of the state if she defeats the current Democrat governor this November. Barring plenty of election fraud, Lake should be the next governor. Here's her feelings towards Fox from her own mouth:

There is plenty of evidence that election fraud did occur against her on Tuesday because she merely eked a victory so far as the whore house counted the votes. I heard she won every county in the state, even Maricopa. However, the whore house stopped counting at 80-percent, and is trying to devise a way to make the remaining ballots appear in favor of her opponent, though it's roundly known that the areas left to count are mainly in favor of Lake's win. So, the whore house must be thinking to risk printing fraudulent ballots, it can be assumed, for they can't trash a significant number of her ballots because it's known that there's 20-percent remaining. It's Wednesday-Thursday midnight as I write here, and still her opponent has not conceded, evidence that fraud is in the very works right now to topple her win sufficient that she can't call for a re-count. But it's not a re-count she would need as much as an audit of the remaining 20-percent.

The people who manipulate election fraud are in a pickle, for if they try fraud against her, they could get caught due to three, key, anti-fraud Republicans owing the state come November.

Arizona is very happy this week for more than Ms. Lake. The previous attorney general, a helpmate to the election whore house, is OUT, replaced by an anti-fraud candidate.

When I set out a compelling set of heraldic pointers to Maricopa-county fraud, I had checked the Fraud surname listed with Friths, but I wasn't familiar with David Frisk, the Elections director in Arizona's Pinal county i.e. the top pimp in the Pinal whore house. German Frisks show a Frith-like Fritsch variation, and this David Frisk resigned this week due to current election fraud resting on his shoulders. Depending on what happens in Pinal county that could open up a bigger can of worms for the cheats, this potential pointer of Frauds/Friths to Mr. Frisk may be coincidental.

The garbs-in-saltire of Frauds/Friths form a saltire in the colors of the English Frisk saltire. Frauds/Frith's use a "scythe" while Scythes'/Side's were a branch of Sutys who in turn can be gleaned as a branch of Seatons/Sittens, namers of Sitten/SION. Pinals, who are curiously listed with Fenwick-like Fennels/Vennals, share the swans of Sions/Swans, and moreover Fanns are listed with Vaux's, first found in East Lothian with Seatons/Sittens. The Pinal/Fennel stars are shared by French Roys while Scottish Roys were first found in Lanarkshire with Sions/Swans. Maricopa county includes the city of Phoenix while Phoenix's are listed with Fenwicks. The Phoenix/Fenwick Crest is the phoenix in the Crest of Needhams, first found in Derbyshire with Frauds/Friths.

It was in Maricopa county where the whore house had to confess in using one of many methods of fraud, and so it's interesting that Scottish Roys have a Coat much like that of Sharps. It just so happens that Sharps were first found in Peebles-shire with swan-using Locks while French Loches'/Locks were first found in Burgundy with Loges' who have the saltire of Messeys/MESSIER's (Burgundy) and English Frisks in colors reversed. It tends to explain why English Frisks were first found in Lincolnshire with English Messier's and Pilotte's while French Pilotte's/Pilate's (Burgundy) share the Sharp pheon. That's new and compelling heraldic pointers to Arizona fraud. French Mars/More's, once said to be first found in Burgundy, are in Pinal/Fennel colors and format, and share the scallop of Fritters/Fricks/Fritze's.

Repeat from above: "English Pauls who have a fesse-with-items in the colors of the fesse-with-items of Irish NAGLE's ("nightinGALE") and Gale's. Imperia was once, ONEGLia, and it just so happens that Nagle-related Gale's were first found in Yorkshire with Pauls." English Pauls share the crosslets of English Frisks. French Pauls/POLLs share the lion of Fiens/Finis', in the colors of the Gale lion heads, while the Fame variation of Fiens/PHONE's/Fane's/Vans -- who were central in the pointers to Arizona election fraud -- can be expected in the "fama" motto term of Gale's. Fien-like Feins/Finns share the triple fesses of Finchems, and Mark Finchem is well on his way, as of this week's elections, to becoming the Arizona secretary of state this November.

Winns/GYWNNs (Wales) may have been related to the Gawen variation of Welsh Gavins who share the saltire of German Nagle's/Neils/Nails. The Gawen/Gavin write-up has mythical Sir Gawaine of king Arthur's round table, and Arthurs were cousins of the Arduinici of Oneglia. Arthurs use "rests" while Restons (DOOR kin) were a RISON/Rising branch, and then Rison-like "Arizona" has Phoenix rising, we might say. While I trace Arduinici (married DORia's) of the Bautica river to Boulogne in Artois, Irish Gavins (Mayo, same as Carnes'/Kerns and Carnys) share the three red roundels in the Arms of Boulogne. Carns (Wales) share the pelican with Arthurs, and Carnes'/Kerns share the chevron of Stars/Stairrs (Wiltshire, same as Welsh Gawens/Gavins).

Reminder: Phone-like Phoenix's are also Fenwicks, and David Frisk officiated the election fraud in Pinal county while Pinals are listed with Fennels/Vennals. It just so happens that Fens'/Fene's/Venns share the Fritter/Fritze scallop.

As I've said many times, some two weeks after Lorraine and I split up, I bumped into her at the FINCH subway station, a one-in-a-million chance. Joe Oullette was with me at that time, and he appeared in my dream (recently) that started the heraldic pointers to Arizona election fraud in the first place. As I've said many times, I saw Lorraine one last time, after the Finch event, when she walked by PAUL Smith and I having coffee. She was carrying her infant CHILD. German Smiths share the giant lion of French Pauls/Polls/Pole's. English Pole's/Pools were first found in Dorset with Palins/PAULeys and the Finchem-linkable Beaks. Beach's/Bechs were first found in Hertfordshire with Finch's and Lorraine-related Childs.

As English Pauls share "Pro rege" with Irish PATTERsons/Cassane's, while Pauls were at PATRington, I think this Paul Smith could be a pointer to David Frisk not only because Frisks share the Paul crosslets, but because Pattersons/Cassane's share the Fritter/Fritze and Fens/Venn scallop. The latter's Coat is essentially the Coat of Italian Pavia's while Pavers were first found in Yorkshire with Pauls, and then English Pavia's share the Feet/Fate Coat while this same Lorraine got a feet symbol on the PAVEment of Yonge street when Mike Oullette (Joe's brother) was there as part of the pointers. That is remarkable. The Pierro's/PERO's were first found in Pavia, and Pauls use a "PRO" motto term. Paul was a licensed carpenter, and Carpenters, sharing the Paul crosslets, use a "PER" motto term. Yonge's were kin of Leavells while Laevi Gauls co-founded Pavia with the MARici. French Mars/More's share the Pavia scallops too.

It wasn't until Thursday/Friday that Keri Lake was officially announced the winner. This lateness in counting votes is becoming a trend in states run by leftist pimps. They very badly wanted to rob her of this win, but apparently could not risk a way(s) to do it. Too many eyes watching, we may assume, and an audit surely to be paid for if she had been robbed. She went from a lame Fox reporter, kept lame by Fox bosses, to a potential position in which she can unveil the fraud from the 2020 election. But she will need to ignore death threats from the deep state.

The message below from Moseder tends to inform me that the election fraudsters, even to this week, were printing less-than-perfect quality ballots deliberately, but imperfect to a tiny degree only, so that the human eyes might not see the imperfections, but that the voting machines are sure to see so that they are rejected by the voting machine. Once rejected, it gives the election whore house the opportunity to handle the ballots, and, for example, to trash many ballots with votes to Republicans.

Somebody actually took the time to practice this spoof, nothing better to do, I guess:

This should be our war, to spread this message as we can as we rub shoulders with anyone whom we converse with on a regular basis:

Someone of Gab this week: "Presented without comment: 74.2 million people in the USA have not had a single dose of a Covid-19 Vaccine, & another 157 million have refused a 2nd or 3rd dose according to CDC." If that's even remotely correct, then almost nobody wants the third dose. That's a WHO train out of control coming to a screeching halt. Who's responsible? Not Trump. Not once that I've seen has this warped seed of the devil ever spoken a word on behalf of Americans who lost the good health of family members and friends. The train came to a screeching halt thanks to the maimings and deaths, and Trump acts as though he's oblivious to it. Pro-Trump hold-outs are desperate, playing with fire.

What's the best way to ruin the reputation of Christianity? With Christians in social media lambasting Christians with a broad brush. Beware these snakes. It is a trait of the serpents to portray all churches, all pastors, almost all Christians, as hypocrites, unworthy of your time.

Home prices are going down in the U.S., much due to higher interest rates. This is a good thing for the vulnerable, first-time home buyers because home prices are way too high for most youth under 30. As city prices decline, country tracts should hold steady rather than increase, I hope. You might want to look into the price forecast for country properties before buying right now if you were thinking of doing it now. Buying this winter instead might save you some $$$.

All-Seeing Eye is Mere Code For Colossal Zero

When finding the eye of Dodgers/Doge's above, I had already started to ask whether the ALL-seeing eye, in the Great SEAL of the United States, was part-code for the All surname listed with Aults, for I know that they essentially have the German Wall Coat in colors reversed while the pyramid beneath the eye has blocks forming a WALL. German Walls were first found in Baden while Battins/Badens use the eye.

Dodge's/Doge's use a beaver while Beavers share the SEAL fesse. Coincidence? Seals share drops (different color) with Dodge's/Doge's.

Irish Walls, with Ault-like "aut motto terms, work well because they share the lion in the All/Ault Crest as well as having a SCIMitar while Schims/Schiens share the Washington Chief. Rollo's, first found in neighboring Perthshire with Dogs/Doags, use a "fortune" motto term to go with the "fortuna" of Schims/Schiens, and Fortuna's/Fortune's use a DOG in the colors of the Hun/Hungate and Hun/Hundt dogs that were part of the Dogger set of heraldry earlier in this update.

Schims/Schiens were first found in Aberdeenshire with Cups/COPE's, and the eye above the pyramid is within a so-called "glory" while Glorys/Lowrys use a giant CUP. This can explain the word, "COEPtis," beside the pyramid. Plus, the pyramid is said to be "unFINIShed," and the Finis/Fien lion is also that of Irish Walls and Alls/Aults. Italian Alda's were first found along with Ferrands in Florence/Firenze, elements of which named Clermont-FERRAND. The Chief of Scottish Alda's looks related to the Chief of English Ferrands, the latter first found in Yorkshire with eye-using Dodge's/Doge's and Huns/Hungate's (Dog/Doag colors and format). French Ferrands have a wavy fesse in the colors of the wavy pale bar of Alls/Aults.

The BATTistelli's use a "pyramid," and Battins/Badens share the eye with the Dodgers/Doge's who in turn have a red pale bar, the color of the two pale bars of German Steels. BattiSTELLi's can be linked to German Steels because a red pale bar is used also by Tullia's/Tulls from Tullia of Clermont-Ferrand, and then Tulls/Tolle's (share Italian Ferrand Coat) have another pyramid. An Eye location very near the Norfolk border while Fiscs, first found in Norfolk, have a pyramid or pyramid shape in Crest along with a gold estoile. The Stars/Stairrs (beside eye-using Battins) have gold estoiles too. The eye of Dodgers/Doge's has gold drops while Drops/Trope's were first found in Norfolk i.e. near Eye. The Dodge/Doge write-up: "' Stoke-Climsland, Cornwall "Climson belonged formerly to the family of Doidge, who had their seat there.'" Climson might be of the Climer variation of Clements who come up as "Clermonts." The latter share the Chief of French Clairs while English Clare's/Clairs were first found in Suffolk with Eye.

Dogs/Doags were first found in Perthshire with Justine's and Lyons, and Tullia above was of Lyon (she married Claremont-Ferrand). Justine's are from Justine of Picenum, daughter of Justus, explaining the "Justus" motto term of English Ferrands. PICENum-like Pickens/Pike's (Ayrshire, same as Ferrand- and All-connectable Alda's) almost have the Coat of Farrs, first found in Yorkshire with Ferrands and Hicks. The Hicks not only share the Farr fleur-de-lys, but translate their motto, "ALL in good time." The French version of the motto uses "bon," and Italian Bons/Bono's share the split Shield of Italian Alda's.

Ahh, I didn't realize the following until after writing the paragraph above, when asking what All-SEEING eye" could relate to, seeing that these terms are code for surnames, "seeing"-like Sings were loaded, and bango, they share the garbs of German GOODs/Guts. "All in GOOD time."! It's the Hyksos bloodline, and Hyksos ruled Egypt! BANGO!!! Miss Hicks is Mrs. Kilpatrick while Eye is suspect in the "I" motto term of Kilpatricks.

The Washington Freemasons are from the Hyksos zeroes, the ones depicted by vanity, born-losers, the pagan mother of lunatics who dress themselves in what they think is lofty imagery. The Washington Masons are trying to prop up a pagan empire in witchcraft and delusions. Jefferson and Washington were lunatics disguising themselves as Christians because they would not have been accepted otherwise by the peoples they claimed to serve. It was lip service, and has been lip service all along. You are being played, Christians, by secret satanists. Distance yourselves from every pro-Trump speaker who supports the "founding fathers." You are not to call anyone on earth your father aside from True God.

By the look of their Coats, English Goods look like HunGATE kin possibly because Goods/GUTs may indicate a Hun merger with Gates'. Gotts/Gade's almost have the bars of eye-using Dodgers/Doge's. And the six bars of Dodgers/Doge's are those of Blonds/Blunds, first found in Suffolk with Eye. Goods/Guts became a topic from both a hips-PULLING and belly-press event with Miss PEARE, and so note, "PRYamid." Pero's use "flaming STARs" while Stars/STAIRRs use the eye. I claim the God set up an event with Peare and I when we RUSHed up the STAIRs for our first kiss. I always used "rushed," and Rush's, first found in Suffolk with Eye, share the fesse of Italian Alda's. Moreover, the Rush horses are in the "courant" style of the Sing horse. Pierro's/Pero's were first found on the Tessin river, where I trace Tiss'/Teese's and Tease's/Tess', wherefore note "CoepTIS." Her first name is Christine, and Christine's use CUPs for the Cups/Cope's/CULPs in the motto of PULLINGs/Pullys. The latter were first found in Yorkshire again, along with Pauls who share the crosslets of the Irish Walls who took us to Washingtons.

Tute-loving Hicks go well with the "virtuTIS" motto term of Hickie's. Tease's/Tess' were first found in Switzerland with Hochs/Hocks who share the swan of Christine-branch Christmans who in turn share the Justine border. Justine of Picenum was the daughter-in-law of GRATian, explaining why Justine's and GREATs share the gold border. I'm now seeing the GREAT Seal of Washington. Hers share the Christman border too, and they are connectable to Heyers/Here's and Eyers/EYES'! Hers were kin of the "hermit" in the Crest of Sheds/Sheddins, the latter first found in AYRshire with Eyer-branch Ayers and Pickens/Pike's. "Greatest" is a motto term of Seal-like Sailers (Yorkshire, same as Masters) who share the griffin heads of Masters/MOSTers who in turn look like kin of English Walls. Seals share the black wolf head with Sailers who in turn have a "most" motto term. The Great Seal is just in honor of bloodlines, created by the zeroes who worship their blood. MORONS, the blind leading the blind.

I met Peare when I was selling shoes, and a "wall" is used by Shoe's along with a "knight" while Knights were first found in Suffolk with Eye. The belly-press may be a pointer, I now see, to Pressleys (Yorkshire, same as Huns/Hungate's) because they are in Hun/Hungate / Dog/Doag colors and format. The "FINEm" motto term of Pressleys can be for the Fien line that includes FINIS' (Kent, same as Trips, branch of SHOE-using Trips). The unFINIShed pyramid." Pressleys share the Pellican tower, and Pullings/Pullys (share Joseph martlets) use the pelican. Pellicans were first found in Maine with Josephs, and with Billets in the billets of English Steele's, the latter first found in Cheshire with Billet-branch and Belly-like Bellows who share the Dog/Doag cinquefoils. The Steele's share billets (different colors) in Chief with BattiSTELLi's who in turn have a pyramid.

Shortly after my first kiss with Peare, she left me for Mr. KEPke, and she stayed with him for a couple of years. He was selling shoes at another shoe store in the same mall as I and Peare (saleslady). While German Trips use shoes, English Trips were first found in Kent with Fiens/Finis' and GORE's. One day, a while after my dream with the HIPS-pulling event with Peare, I was at Wikipedia's PhanaGORia article, and saw a SPHINX with a woman's head that looked like what Peare might look in her older years (she was a teen when I was with her). I therefore started poking around the article and came to a Kepke-like KEPoi location beside Phanagoria. The HIPS' (Norfolk) not only use a SPHINX to go with pyramids of Egypt, but the mother of all Egyptian sphinxes is on the site of CHEOPS!!!! Plus, while I trace the mythical Phoenix to "PANias," named for a cult of Pan, note "PHANagoria." Then, the Phoenix surname, with a Coat like that of Hips', is listed with Fenwicks, linkable to Fiens/FINIS', believe it or not, and moreover the Shoe's use a knight issuing from the knees while Knee's and their Needham branch share a phoenix in Crest with Phoenix's/Fenwicks. Needhams were first found in Derbyshire with the Eyers coming up as "Eyes" (not sure if they named Eye, but maybe).

"Scarpa" means "shoe, and Scharps/Sharps use a giant PHEON while Fiens/Fane's are also PHONE's. The latter were first found in Monmouthshire with Howells who share the Pellican / Shoe / Pressley tower, and while Shoe's love Knights, the latter were first found in Suffolk with Owls/Howls and Eye. The same tower is with Sire's/Sirets, first found in Burgundy with Feins/Finns, and with the Pilate/Pilotte's sharing the Scharp/Sharp pheon. English Pilotte's essentially have the Christine Coat.

Garden Updates

I'm impressed with the kale, still growing in August though I've snipped lots and lots of leaves already, much of it frozen. However, today, Sunday, I started to sun-dry kale in a box with clear cover. After two hours, the kale was well on its way to being fully hydrated, but the sun disappeared behind the trees. Three hours in the morning sun finished it off. It's going to work, and I have new kale growing in case the 20 plants I'm still picking die. I also have more spinach growing from seedlings at this time because the first crop bolted in July, and is all but finished. I wasn't very happy with the spinach volume of the first crop, and I've re-heated the soil for the second batch because I've found that some of my heat-treated soil still has nematodes, which could be spoiling spinach growth.

Proof of nematodes is from the knots and other deformities in my carrots this year. Not all containers have deformed carrots. It means that heat-treating, in my northern latitude, in May/June, under a 6-mil poly-plastic sheet, doesn't get the soil hot enough, if left there for one day only, to kill all nematodes. Once I've got all nematodes (tiny creatures) out of the soil in the containers, it's not likely they'll be back because containers tend to keep them out.

I'm learning a lot. The spinach is probably best grown in a 6-inch container because the root can grow fine in that depth in a container. Beets only need a 4-inch depth. If you have spinach and beets in a 12-inch deep container, you need to water it more often because water goes too low for the roots to access it. Plus, the more you water soil in containers, the more water gets out the holes at the bottom, and so you lose fertilizer and nutrients out of those holes. It's best to learn to dampen soil without having water run through the soil and out the holes. I'll get the hang of it. I'm working carefully to learn how best to do this.

On a hot, sunny days, it takes be the better part of an hour to water all the plants, and this is daily unless it's cloudy. It's going to spur me into setting up pipes for near-automatic watering (turn on the waterpipe valve for a few minutes, shut off the valve, done).

The beets gave lots and lots of edible leaves (I froze lots) by the time the beets were ready for picking, which started last week. They don't all grow at the same speed, perhaps by design by God because it's best, for obvious reason, not to have it all ready at the same time.

The squash started to put out fruit last week. I'm wanting to know how this plant grows. So far, the only plants with fruit have one (never two) developing at the end of the longest stem about four feet long on average. There are several buds on each of those branches with second branches per plant forming too. But, there is one oddity where two fruits are growing on just one squash plant with the branches one foot and two feet long, while the longer, third branch has no squash yet. I wonder why this is happening.

Squash need lots of water, yet it's a lot less than watering the entire ground of the garden. I use about 20-30 gallons daily in sunny periods, which is not much. It includes over 20 tomato plants, 43 squash plants (overkill because I thought some seeds wouldn't make it), about 10 broccoli plants, 10 cauliflower, 10 pea, eight bean, and many each of spinach, kale and beets, even some onions and garlic and peppers. So, I think if I use 25 gallons in the middle of plant growth, I think that's very good if someone is short on water due to having only a deep well, or a shallow well in a dry spell.

In the beginning, I was using soil made exclusively from rotten weeds. Water runs right through this soil. Plants grow well in it, but it goes dry fast. I heat-treated some native soil and mixed it half-and-half with the weed-soil so that it holds water better in the containers. I'll use even less water this way for next year.

Aside from beetles eating the bean leaves and some beans, there's no speakable insect issues. In fact, the beans were growing best on the plants that had the insects feeding and mating on them (I killed most of them). The cauliflower that was pitted most with insect holes in the leaves grew the first cauliflower by far. I wonder if God made a so-called silver-lining situation when insect saliva gets into the leaves.

There seems to be no grasshopper infestation this year, and I feel very lucky about that. But the year is not out yet. I have seen only two bees here. I never see them, I wonder why.

The one tomato plant in the native soil is doing as good, or better, than the rest in containers. I don't think nematodes harm tomato plants. The wind broke off a few tomato stems, but after leaving them in water for some days, they grew roots. Then they were planted in native soil, protected from the sun for a few days, and they (all seven) have survived, growing. I'd be happy if they give medium-sized green tomatoes before frost time arrives, because they can be turned red by leaving them in the sun. Green tomatoes are excellent because they store much longer than red. So, make sure you pick many green ones so that you can have ripe ones as late as December.

I have two colors of squash leaves, even though all squash were planted from store-bought squash. The squash plants with green leaves grew faster, and produced fruit faster, than the plants with turquoise leaves. The two are either different species, or the ones with green leaves were from the fresh seeds I planted, straight out of the squash. Most of the squash was planted from seeds I kept in a freezer all winter. I'll do a test next year to see whether planting them fresh is best.

I don't know how large the roots of cauliflower plants should be, but my root was only about three or four inches long when I uprooted the first plant with a cauliflower last week. I was shocked. These plants have huge leaves, and they were planted in five-gallon buckets half filled with soil. The root was perhaps stunted due to nematodes, because the cauliflower fruit was deformed, not roundish but flattish. It tasted fine. The second cauliflower is almost ready.

Google offering along with someone else who says eating spinach every day is fine and even good for you: "Too much spinach intake at one time or over a period of time may have a toxic effect on the body. Stomach issues: Gas, bloating, and cramps, spinach may also lead to these stomach issues due to high fiber content." That sounds like a globalist freak-job to make people less healthy. It's probably best to eat spinach at night.

I suggest that when you build a box to dry foods, consider a clear, plexiglass bottom for drying edible leaves because a black bottom could over-crisp them. I used two plexiglass lids to dry mine because they were handy, and the kale was done, not including the stems, in about five hours of non-overhead sun. These are the lids of my two boxes used for heat-treating soil.

As you want only 2 inches roughly of soil depth when heat-treating, screw four 2x3s (instead of 2x4s) into a rectangle, screw a plywood bottom to them, then make a 2x3 lid that sits over this box. For the lid, cut grooves in four 2x3s on a table saw, and fit the plexiglass into the grooves, then screw the 2x3s together to make a rectangle about a half-inch larger all around than the box with plywood bottom, and drop the lids over the box. That's it, you're done, but make sure the grooves are a half inch only from one side of the 2x3s (not in the middle of the 2x3s) because, the closer the plexiglass to the soil, the hotter it gets in the box.

Plus, if you have two such boxes, turn the one lid upside-down to form a box, spread your leaves on the plexiglass "bottom," then sit the second plexiglass lid on top, but off-set the top lid so that there's a small crack-opening on either side to let air in and out. When you put an object under this box to tilt it toward the sun (it's not usually straight up), one crack becomes the top crack, and the other crack is the bottom crack i.e. forms a natural air current out the top crack to automatically carry out the humidity, no fan / wind needed. Move the leaves around after an hour because humidity gets trapped under them. You now have preserved super-vitamins that can be dropped into soups / stews as flakes.

You can put these leaves into storage with damp stems, of course, and so if you need faster drying, remove the stems first. That's what I'm doing, and then I'll do various stems (different plants) all at once to finish them off. Using a plexiglass bottom is great for clean up, and needs no clean-up when drying leaves. Some homemade dehydrators use a mesh for the bottom to let air at the food, but that also cools the food. I've found that the plexiglass is perfect, not cool nor too hot so long as the box is tilted i.e. not sitting flat on a hot surface such as a wood deck. Then again, the hot deck at noon might be better (faster dry) as cooler temperatures arrive in fall.

It's 12:30, with the sun at it's highest. I've just dropped the tilt by putting a two-inch object under the box instead of the four-inch object earlier. This gets the plexiglass bottom two inches from the hot deck on the one side, with the other side of the box sitting directly on the deck. A fresh batch of spinach was put in, with the batch placed in there this morning, still damp at the stems which traverse the leaves; ditto for the kale, which has thicker stems through the leaves. This will work, I'm happy with it. BUT, a few hours later, I decided to give a higher tilt because the air flow was probably not as swift with the low tilt, and the new batch of spinach was very wet still. Tilt matters. The right-size openings matter.

My box is three feet long and about 16 inches wide, but I suggest 4' x 2' would be much better (I didn't have long-enough 2x3s on-hand for that size). n

I haven't dried non-leaves yet with this double-lid box, which would do much better with a dark bottom. Time will get more precious the more produce you need to dry the colder it gets into fall. You might find that a medium-dark bottom dries leaves in significantly less time. Whatever you use for a colored bottom, it's far-best placed into the box (on top of the plexiglass bottom) rather than on the outer side of the plexiglass. Keep the heat in the box. Some black/colored bristol board, or some painted panel board, would do if covered in transparent sheeting like food wrap that can take the heat (could be as high as 150F degrees).

The video below shows a homemade dehydrator with a different design than one you would have imagined:

The man in the video above complains about wind making the interior of the box too cold, and not a wonder because, if you look closely, he's using a metal screen for the bottom. I say plexiglass is much better. To the finger touch, my plexiglass never feels hot, but at least it gets no air from the outside as does a screen. With the plexiglass bottom, solar heat is absorbed almost exclusively by the food. The top plexiglass then becomes the wind screen and the insect guard. Wind not only cools, but blows away partially-dried leaves. Plan on having a clear lid, don't skimp.

If you leave leaves in too long without going in and moving them around, they can flatten in the sun and get "glued" to the plexiglass because they are damp on their bottoms. When you move the leaves around to prevent flattening, they curl in the sun so that their getting pasted to the plexiglass is no longer an issue. There's a simple fix by putting some screen on the bottom plexiglass. Have different screen types for different foods, for this will be a major food-preserving operation because you won't probably have time and room to can / pickle all garden produce. Drying vegetables reduces storage shelf space by five to ten times, a big deal when storing foods to last a few years.

I loaded the video seeking what method can be used to create a black surface, and this video nails it with high-temperature paint. However, he's not painting the bottom black, but the top. He's not using a plexiglass lid, but a tin sheet, allowing solar heat to radiate downward into the box (is that smart?). I'm not sure why he does this as opposed to a transparent top, but it's not too smart because, as clouds roll by, the heat from the aluminum will go free into the outer air, whereas if the black surface were in the box, the heat from that surface would rise though the box's air first, and much of that heat may still be in the box after a cloud rolls by. A transparent lid allows almost all solar heat into the box. I have a significant breeze today that would cool the food enormously if the bottom were an open screen.

Here's a glorified solar dryer with a "hot" bottom and glass top, which I guess is better than the one above:

In both videos, the units have hinges to allow the lifting open of the top half of the unit. The one man drills holes to let air out of his box, which I don't like if that's all there is for air flow. It would be better to have a small gap of about 1/8' ALL ACROSS, between the two frame pieces upon which the hinges are affixed. That creates a 1/8" gap all across the UPPER side of the tilt. Then, one could choose how much to open the lid all across the LOWER side of the tilt. Hinge thicknesses are typically 1/16" so that, if you screw the hinges to the frames without first chiseling wood away to make the hinges flush with the wood, you automatically get a gap between frame pieces of 1/8" or slightly more.

Moving the whole apparatus is easier if it can be done one half a box at a time, which is what you would do if the lower half of each hinge is not screwed to the lower frame piece. Instead, arrange to slide the lower half of the hinge into a slot that you somehow create. The slot thickness would be slightly larger than the thickness of the hinge. The hinge slides into the slot so that the entire lid can be lifted off separately for moving around, in case you need the lid to heat soil in another box...should you want to (and you probably would) kill weed seeds. In my experience thus far (which isn't much), heat-treating soil in a shallow box kills all seeds, aside maybe from some grass seed, and probably kills all nematodes too.

The option of lifting the lid off will prove super if you need a larger gap across the top than the small one provided by the hinges. Lift the top off, and offset it from the lower half of the unit to make your bottom and top gaps as large as you think best for extra-hot days. By "offset," I mean just slide the top half of the unit, in one direction or another, along the bottom half until crack-openings into the interior appear.

Soils can be heat treated throughout the summer, and then piled on clear plastic film in case the soil underneath it has nematodes. Don't take chances in a trib situation. You don't want nematodes in the soil. Cover the treated soil so that heavy rain doesn't wash its nutrients away. Or, if you build wood planters for growing crops, put the plastic film (at least 6-mils) at the bottom of the planters, then shovel in the treated soil. Play it safe. God may have arranged nematodes at my soil so that I would talk about it, and solve the problem.

I laid plywood or plastic film on the ground in May and early June, then spread two inches of soil upon those surfaces, then covered the soil in old plastic film with a thickness of 6-mils (type used for vapor barrier in homes). The film, in being several years old, out in the sun to cover firewood, was no longer very transparent, and as I'm in the far-north, the temperatures didn't get hot enough to kill seeds, and some nematodes did survive. But if I were to do this all over again from late June to early September, with new plastic film, I'm sure it would do the trick. Tuck the top film under the bottom film or plywood to keep air drafts from getting to the soil. Keep an oven thermometer in the soil to make sure it gets hot enough long enough.

One wheelbarrow of soil needs about 10 square feet of surface. If you make the soil only an inch deep, you will get it hot enough faster and more-assuredly per part-sunny day, but there will be double the work as compared to two inches thick. Full-sunny days will make you happy when treating soils.

By the way, make sure you get Tuck vapor-barrier tape to repair tears in the plastic film. They say the blue is better than the red tape, but even red tape survives outdoor for a year or more. I've used it, and it lasts a long time. This stuff is more invaluable than duck tape.

This week, I peeled five beets, chopped them, boiled them for about five minutes so that they are still a little hard (the way I like them), added three teaspoons to the water, then let it sit for a few minutes after boiling. These beets filled a jar out of which I had eaten store-bought beets (cost about $4 CAN where I live) to the top, and when I poured in the water, it came to a half-inch of the top, same as the beets, what a stroke of luck. The lid went on while still hot, and it should pop in a few minutes. This jar could keep these beets for as long as a year, maybe, but I'll be eating mush sooner, as I like them in all salads. The moral of this story, it's not worth growing, watering, and cooking beets for the jar just to save $4 per jar. However, if you are also eating the leaves in salads and soups, then it's worth it. I have five more beets in the fridge that I may try to dehydrate to see how that goes. I have a second crop of beets growing at this time that should make it before the frost. I plan on drying the leaves, as I have enough frozen greens already to last until the next harvest.

YOU ARE BETTER OFF, financially speaking, to keep your job, and to buy foods to dehydrate them at home than to quit and move into the country to grow your own garden. However, it is comforting to know what I can and cannot grow here, and it's even better because what I'm growing is all succeeding this year, no pesticides at all. On the other hand, this garden is so new, the gangs of insects in the vicinity don't yet know it's here. Not even the bees.

I was able to cancel all the living beetles that were living at the bottom of a bean plant. They must have been living there because they always fed on the same plant rather than ones three feet over. In other words, hurry-up and get rid of the pests before they mate and get too out of control. I squashed about six of these beetles as they were mating early in the morning or late in the evening. That's when they come out. There were about ten max, I assume, because I haven't seen them nor their damage since getting the last one. There are small frogs constantly in the garden, always trying to get out of the way of my feet. I don't mind at all, and I think I made the right decision to have the frog ponds beside the garden. They've got to eat something all night long. The more the pests start laying eggs in the garden patch, the more these frogs will move in too.

Two of the ponds are merely four feet deep and 10-12 feet round. The third is two feet deep and larger, and the fourth is shallow and smaller. In other words, you don't need a huge pond if you think you want frogs in your garden. They hang out at the sides of these ponds, and they call that home. I greet them, "hey froggies, you scared," when they jump into the water as I come by, but they don't talk back. I never see mosquito larvae in these ponds because the tadpoles eat them. Three of the four ponds has bulrushes over my head, which look nice by mid-July, though in June the previous year's rotting bulrushes look lousy, but things start to look nicely rustic when there is a mix of the old with the new shoots rising. If I rake out the rotting bulrushes floating on the water, and heap them on the ground, they will help to make good soil with the weeds I pile up.

For the second year straight, no blueberries on the one and only bush. It's over ten years old and perhaps expired. This year, I'm going to snip maybe ten branches and let them grow roots, then plant along a pond's run-off "ditch." That way, I get to eat some too.

The inventor of onions took some to the king to see if he would like them. Once the king tasted them sautéed and mixed in with his meat, he ordered white horses and a team of knights to parade the inventor through the capital city. Behind the horses was a wagon load of gold which the king gave the inventor without strings attached, saying, "You deserve the best thing my kingdom can offer in return for this wonderful gift."

When a fellow farmer heard what the inventor received from the king, he got to work, and came up with garlic. So he arranged a meeting with the king to see if he would like this new food. When the kind king tasted the golden-grilled garlic in with his meat, he was super-amazed, saying, "this is even better than onions." And so he ordered white horses and two teams of knights, and said, "You deserve the best my kingdom can offer, a wagon full of none other than golden onions. Haww, no worries, let me give you a big hug."

Here's a video on garlic in paradise. I didn't know that it can last in open air for six months; we can be like kings and queens right through the winter:


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