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July 26 - 31, 2022

The Door-Gates Connection to Food Shortages

If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture

On Monday morning early this week, I felt I had a miracle event. It started when I went out the front door in the morning to see almost ten wild turkey on the front lawn. I realized that they could get through the make-shift blockade I install nightly at the garden gate to keep deer / moose out. But turkeys could get under the stepladder or wheelbarrow that I'm using for the blockade. By nightfall, the gate was installed, and I even electrified the chicken screen stapled to the gate's wood frame.

In the afternoon, I was lamenting that I could find no bolts in my trove of nuts and bolts that were long enough to go through the round PVC pipe I'm using for gate posts. I'm using PVC because it's non-conductive for the electric fence i.e. electricity won't go into the ground when the fence is attached to the posts. I forget how it was that I was AGAIN looking through the messy drawer with bolts, but there, in a near-empty box, I spotted a bolt about 4 inches long and a quarter-inch thick, so I took it out to see if is was long enough, and it turned out to be a half-inch longer than needed to penetrate the hinge and post, PERFECT. I then went back, sure that there wasn't going to be four of this same bolt, because I needed four, and, lo, there were exactly four...though no nuts. Drats.

I was sure that I wasn't going to find nuts for these bolts, and at some point through all of this I was wondering whether God had provided, for I often find Him doing little things like this for me. So I started going through this old-dresser drawer filled with various boxes and containers of bolts (I've been a home renovator most my life), and lo, four short bolts were found with four nuts in the box. I tried one nut on the four-inch bolts, and though it fit the bolt, it at first wasn't turning on the bolt. I figured this nut was the right size but with the wrong threads. BUT LO, it then started to turn!!! It was good!!! All four nuts fit all four bolts!!! Happy-happy. I looked up to the sky happy because it seemed like an affectionate act of God for me. I was impressed.

But later that evening, I had a change of heart. He didn't do it for me, but for you. He didn't go out of His way to reserve these nuts and bolts for my gate just to save me a trip to the hardware store. I began to feel that this was a Sign to make me feel sure that I was doing the right thing to build this garden. However, I started to realize that this miracle event is a pointer to Bill GATES just because this gate is to a garden I'm building for the first time this year in fear of what food shortages globalists have in store for us, and it's Bill Gates who wants us to eat lab meat and crickets, and who knows what else he's involved with as regards our foods. In other words, I think this bolt-and-nut event involves God wanting to send you a message that the right time for storing foods has arrived.

The next morning, which is as I write here, I started looking at the heraldry, starting with the Turks, as per the wild turkey that prompted the building of the gate. Scottish Turks/Torks use a rock, perfect for an additional pointer to Rockefeller globalists. I then noted the "bello" motto term of Scottish Turks/Torks, knowing from the past that the ram head in the Turk/Tok Crest is connectable to the ram of French Bauds/Bode's, for German Bauds use a "bello" motto term too. I'm familiar enough with the Short Coat to know that it's connectable to the Box Coat, and this seems like an additional pointer of God, as per food SHORTages, because Shorts (Dorset, beside Box's) share the Box griffin (in Gates colors) while Box's have a lion in the colors and format of the Baud/Bode goat, and moreover these same Bauds/Bode's are also Box-like Baux's! Beauty. Dutch Bode's are in the colors and format of German Turks.

(Load Turk link now to have access, on another tab, to other Coats of Arms.)

German Bauds even share the Moray stars while Bello-like Bellys (roses) were first found in Moray. German Bauds even share the spread eagle of Italian Este's while English Este's once showed the black horse head still showing in the Crest of Butts/Bute's (ESToiles, we get it).

Shorts (Dorset, beside Buttons/BIDENs) even share the English Butt/Bute estoile, yet it's also the estoile of Ports, the latter first found in Hampshire with Buttons/Bidens and English Posts!! The latter are in Baud/Baux colors and format. Buttons/Bidens share the fesse of German Butts/Bute's/Boets whom in turn have a fish in the colors of the fish heads of Gates-like Geddes'. The latter were first found in Nairnshire with the Rothschild-related Rose's (see "Rothchild") in the roses of German Bode's (Brunswick, same as Rothschilds/Rothsteins), and while Rothschilds descended from Bauers and Bowers, Scottish Bowers share the bow with Bude's and Box-branch Bows/BOUGH's who in turn share the full motto of Rothschild-branch Roets (Somerset, beside Box's) who in turn use a Box-like "book." Rothschilds have chosen many wicked Jews to fill globalist posts over several generations, and these satanic Jews will culminate in harsh persecution against believers in Jesus. I'm not advocating hatred toward Jews in general, just the corrupt m/billionaires.

Keep in mind that the thing convincing the world most of all, that globalists are seeking food SHORTages, is the farmer uprising against the Dutch prime minister with a Roet-like surname, Rutte. He's an avowed Schwabite. I believe that God showed me that He personally brought the trucker convoy to the canadian head office of the other Schwabite, and so it could appear that God wants us to know that He's unleashed the farmers of Holland to begin a movement against Schwabism.

Shorts share blue wings with Bauers. However, I would like to see FOODs/Foots and/or their Fothes'/Fette/Fitts branch work into this set of heraldry to help prove that God set up the Short surname to go with "food shortage." And lo: the Food/Foot Crest shares the crescent of Scottish Bauds. The latter use what I think is a triDENT, and Dents (Rothes colors and format) happen to share two motto terms in this Arms of Rothschild. It's just amazing that Fothes'/Fette's/FITTs share "Industria" with Dents and those Rothschild Arms, but even more amazing that HINGE's/Ings share the Fitch/FITT leopard faces. The nuts-and-bolts miracle was for the bolts of the gate hinges. Fitch's/Fitts use "ESPERance" for a motto.

The following is amazing because I had a bout with my brand-new stapler when it came time to staple the metal screen to the gate. I couldn't slide the staples to the locked position after slipping the staples into the loading rail. The tool seemed to be jamming. After trying and trying, I gave up, figuring I'd have to go to the store to get another one. But why would God save me a trip for nuts and bolts while arranging this defective stapler? So I decided to see if there was some trick by reading the directions. Who would think that an experienced contractor would need to read the directions on how to load a staple gun? But lo, as it turned out, this design is different than traditional staple guns. Instead of loading the staples from the top by sliding them onto a rail, the staple gun needs to be turned upside down, with staples fed into void after the rail is pulled back. IT WORKED. I stapled the screen to the gate. HAPPY-HAPPY.

This is why I've just checked the Stapler and Staple surnames. I've known for a long time that Staple's share the motto of Peters, and that Peters are from Peter Pollock, builder of ROTHES castle (Moray, near the Rose's), the location that named Rothschilds without a doubt. Old Rothesay is now Bute. Plus, I even trace Roets to Staple's partly as per a quote in the write-up of Staplers (Somerset, same as Roets): "Their name, however, is a reference to Estaples, Normandy. Etaples is a small seaport on the French coast about 10 miles from Boulogne. AMAZING, for the count of Boulogne was the father of Godfrey de Bouillon, and Bouillons, with a "bello" motto term to match the motto term of Turks/Torks and German Bauds, were first found in Auvergne with French Bauds/Baux's/Bots. The staple gun has just taken us back to the wild turkey. The father of Catherine Roet was in Estaples, or beside it.

The "Pace" motto term of Turks/Torks goes to Pace's/Pasi's, first found in Boulogne-like Bologna! As I've said a million times, Pace's/Pasi's share crossed spears on blue with Speers, first found in Renfrewshire with Pollocks and Pasi-branch Paisleys/Pasleys (share the Belly rose). The SPEYer variation of Speers (share Roet boar heads!!) must have named the Spey river, location in Moray of Rothes, where Peter Pollock built a castle. Can we believe this? The wild turkey suggested a look at Turks/Torks, and their motto points to Roet / Staple kin bang-on topic with Rothschild ancestry. Beware the globalist Rothschilds.

The Staplers share the Chief-saltire combination of Annan(dale)s ("SPERabo"), and Annandale is in Dumfries, where Turks/Torks and Belly-like Bells were first found, home also of the proto-Geddes Geds in early times. The Rabbs/Rave's, perhaps in "SpeRABo," share the Coat of German Rothes/Rothchilds. The gold griffin in the Annandale Crest could be that of Shorts because Shore's/Sure's are in the motto of Kilpatricks (Dumfries).

FREAK-OUT, I almost missed it. The Chief-saltire combination of Staplers, including the stars in the Chief, is shared by JARDINs!!! Aside from the Stapler acorns, the Stapler and Jardin Coats are identical, and Jardins were first found in Angus (beside Geds) with GARDENs/Jardens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can we believe it? My garden gate is pointing to the Gates-connectable Geds on the Nith river of Kilpatrick castle.

OH WOWWWWIE! I was using a staple GUN, and the Guns ("bellum" motto term!) not only share the three stars in Chief of Staplers and Jardins, but add the Renfrew and Baud ship!!!! It seems that God went to pains, in the distant past, to set up the heraldry to fit the details in the building of the gate yesterday (July 25).

The "belLUM" motto term of Guns can be gleaned with Lums/Lambs who share the Templar lamb of English Pascals while Turk-beloved Pace's/Pasi's show a Pascel variation. Bouillons use "bello CHRISTi," and "Christus" is used by French Pascals in turn in the colors and format of French Bauds/Bode's/Baux's (same place as Bouillons).

The "AUT bellum" phrase of Guns gets us to the Otto's/Ottone's via Auto's/Otto's, and Ottone Visconti ruled Milan, where Italian Maurels were first found who are in the colors and format of English Butts/Bute's. German Turks share the crescent of Rockefeller-connectable MELLANsons (have a Coat much like that of Italian Maurels), from Milan, and looking like a pointer to MELINDa Gates because Mellansons were first found in Aberdeenshire with Millens/Milans/MELLENTs...and with Cups/COPE's (German Turk colors and format), as well as with BOOK-using Scottish Reeds (share Book stag head and Pascal eagle). English Reeds were first found in NorthUMBERland with English Lums/Lambs, and then Otto's/Ottone's were first found in UMBRia. Orrs/Ore's (Renfrewshire), connectable to Visconti's via Wisharts, share the cornuCOPia with Food-branch Fothes'/Fette's/Fitts (beside Aberdeenshire).

English Lums/Lambs (Lancashire, same as BOLTs) are amazing because they have the three eagle heads of Irish Caseys in colors reversed. As I've said many times, Mr. Casey the real-estate man came to my Texas property one morning to sign a contract to list my place for sale, and that afternoon, while returning home from FOOD SHOPPING some 45 minutes from home, I saw Mr. Casey, parked on the shoulder at the ranch GATE of Mrs. Kilpatrick (born Miss Hicks), with the latter walking out to let him into the gate. I TOOTed my horn as I drove by, and Touts/Toots are in the Hicks motto in a "Tout BON" phrase. Italian Bons/Bono's, first found in Milan too, almost have the Gates coat, is that not amazing? English Case's look like Leslie kin, and Leslie's were earls of Rothes on the Spey river.

I've told many times of the NOTE that God told me to write for Steven Mellanson. It led me to discover that Note's/Cnuts share the crescents of Mellansons ("bundle of rods"). But here we can add that Danish Cnuts, sharing the cinquefoil of Mellanson-beloved Rods, use "pot hangers" while Hangers/Angers share the gold griffin with the neighboring Shorts and Box's.

The Millens are also Mellents while Mellent/Meulan was ruled by Waleran de Leavell because he married Miss Beaumont of Mellent/Meulan. Leavells are also Levels while I did use the level when levelling the gate posts when installing the gate. Beaumonts (Dorset, same as Shorts) share the Gates lion. Food SHORTage. The Mellanson-beloved Bundle's were first found in Bedfordshire with the Bedwells who in turn share the BEETLE Coat with nearly the checks in the Arms of Mellent/Meulan. Bill Gates wants us to eat crushed and modified beetle meat while he gets to eat prime-rib.

[Insert -- On Saturday night, later this week, I happened upon the Beetle-like Boets again, this time recalling that Italian Boets/Bove's use a bull-and-stars in Short colors and near-format. But I must have been daft at the time, because I couldn't see how the bull could apply to the Short topic even if I could make a strong link between the two surnames. Then, on Sunday morning, as I write here, a brainstorm of heraldic connections between Italian Boets and Shorts was realized, and, the point of this insert is: Dutch farmers have been protesting government mandates against them that will reduce their cattle production and income, and, of course, duh, cattle farming needs bulls, duh.

Later in this update I mention Bee's/Bie's and Boys'/Bie's off of the Door bees, and still I was duh dumbo man. It later became somewhat important that Boys/Bie's use bees, for Italian Boets/Bove's come up as "Boy." I didn't think that this was cause enough for a strong link between Boets/Boys and Shorts because I didn't see a link between any of the Doors / Dorrs and Shorts.

The Boet/Boy bull is the so-called "steer" of German Bachs, and Bute-connectable Shorts were first found in DORset, where the Stour river flows, and where the Stars were first found suspect in the Boet/Boy stars because Stars share gold estoiles with Shorts. Stars share the lozenges of Settle's, the latter first found in Lancashire with COWes'. See anything suspicious? Cows go with bulls and steers. The Cowes'/Coo's use "pennants" while Pennants share the Coat of Trevors/Trefors, the latter first found in Herefordshire with bee-using Doors/Dore's! Plus, Pennants were first found beside Welsh Bachs, and it's German Bachs/Backs who use a giant steer bull in the colors of the giant Boet/Boy bull. Pennants were first found in Flintshire, and Flints have the Star chevron. COWens share the Chief-saltire of Staplers (Stable variation).

Ahh, to make that Bach-steer connection to Shorts even better than thus far, Shorts with Stars were first found beside English Backs, the latter first found in Somerset with the Bulls/Bule's who use a gold bull head in Crest, the color of the Boet/Boy / Bach/Back bull. This trace is justified because Bachs/Backs use stars.

The Ports, who were also GATE-using Porters, share the Short / Bute/Butt estoiles, and were first found in Hampshire (beside Dorset) with Stour-like Sturs who have a steer-like Styre variation. It's making a very good connection of the Boet/Boy bull to Shorts because Hampshire is also where BUTTons/Bidens were first found who share the fesse of German Bute's/Butts/BOETs! Beauty. And while the Door bees are in the format of the GATES lions, both on the same split Shield, I repeat that the Butt/Bute/Boet fish is in the colors of the GEDDES fish heads. They are pike fish, used also by Geds whose "DURat" motto term is suspect partly with Door-like Dure's (Perthshire, same as Stur-related Drummonds). Doors even come up as Dore's.

But there's more, for Wight, an island off the Hampshire and Dorset coast, has a COWES location. Plus, the Cows are listed with Irish Cuffs who share the Coat of English Cuffs, first found in Wiltshire, beside Dorset and Hampshire! It's amazing. Cowes-beloved Pennants have an "animo" motto term while Cows/Cuffs have, "animus." Both Cuffs share the Coat of Sales, whom I trace to "Saluzzo," and Saluzzo's share the Coat of Dure's! The SALYES Ligures were on the DURance river, and English Durants (PENdragon colors) share the Sales / Cuff fleur-de-lys. Both Cuff Coats use besants while Bessins use more bees while Besants share the Bee quadrants while Bee's put the Sales / Cuff bend-with-fleur upon their quadrants! English Durants were at Tong (Shropshire, same as Saluzzo-related Alans and Clun), and Tongs/Tongue's she the bendlets of Cows/Cuffs. Astounding.

The Crests of both Cuff surnames is much like the Crest of Rutts, and Mark Rutte is the Dutch prime minister at this time calling for a reduction in cows! Rutts use bells while Bells were first found in Dumfreis with BULLys!!! Bell-branch Bellamys were first found in Shropshire with Rudes'/Rudge's.

Boets/Boys come up as Bovets, like the Bowd variation of bull-using Beautys (Dorset). Plus, I didn't realize until now that the "fide" motto term of Porters can be for the Fido variation of Food-branch Fothes'/Fette's.

The Short-connectable Ports, aside from their chevron, are in the colors and format of Snape's, the latter first found in Oxfordshire with the Clintons who have a similar Chief, all sharing the Chief-Shield colors of Dure's and Saluzzo's. The Clintons share the Bach/Back stars as well as the six fitchees of Trevor-like Tarves' and Hillarys. The latter were first found in Worcestershire with another Stour river, and Worcestershire is beside Herefordshire, where Trevors were first found.

The Sturs can be from the Stura-Demonte river, and here one can go to French Demonte's with only lions in the colors of the Door / Gates lion. The Italian Demonte's (Piedmont, same as the Stura-Demonte and Masci's), are in the same colors, the colors of Shorts. French Demonte's, with two of the Maschi lions, were first found in Burgundy with the Messeys/Messier's who in turn share the saltire of French MOUNTains, suggesting that DeMONTE's were a Mountain branch. French Mountains use bulls in half the colors of the Boet/Boy and Bach/Back bull, perfect for tracing the Bach/Back steer (Demonte colors) to "Stura." The Mountain bulls are in both colors of the bull heads in the Bull/Bule Shield, and so I'm thinking that the black eagle of English Backs is the eagle of L'Aquila. The Stura-Demonte is near Saluzzo, and we saw Saluzzo-connectable Tongs/Tongue's above who almost have the Coat of English Mountains. The latter pointed to the Apophis asteroid that can cause food shortages if and when it strikes the sea.

English Backs were first found in Somerset with Gord-related Roets. The latter share the motto of BOWE's/Bough's while Boets/Boys are also Bove's. It's a hit, I can feel it. German Roets were first found in Turin-like Thuringia with bee-using Talls who in turn share the hexagram of Roet-related Karens/Kerns. Thuringia was home to queen Basina, and Bessins use bees too, making Talls look like a TailBOYs branch. The Roet-beloved Books, suspect with Box's (Wiltshire) sharing the Short griffin, were first found in Berwickshire with Boys/Bie's and GORDs, a not-bad way to glean a Short link to bee-using Doors. PeriGORD is where Beefs (!) were first found whose variations suggest merger with TURNbulls. TURIN is in Piedmont, near Chivasso, and Chives' were first found in Tarves (Aberdeenshire, same as Turins/THURINs). The Chives-like Chiava's/Sheaves', sharing blue keys with Boet- / Beauty-like Beatys/Batys, were first found in L'Aquila, and Beetle's were first found in Berkshire with English Sheaves'/Shaws ("qui"). The Chives-related Mathis' were first found in Burgundy with French Demonte's. We can even add that "PIEDmont" means "FOOT of the mountains," for Foods are listed with Foots. I say that L'Aquila elements are in the motto of Drake's, first found in Hampshire with Butt-connectable Ports / Porters and Buttons.

Dragons/Drainers, Pendragon kin, are in the colors and format of Porters, Scottish Mans (dragon), and Bates'/Bats'/Baits ("manu") while we just saw Beatys/Batys/Baitie's linkable to L'Aquila. Cows/Cuffs use a "baton" while Batons were a Bat branch, and though I can't see a solid connection between the Beaty/Baty pale bar and the same one of Blake's, the other Blake's/Caddells share a giant fret (different colors) with CATTLE's. Beatys/Batys use a "CoelESTE" motto term while Italian Este's share the Aquila Coat. The same motto term can be for Cole's having a giant, black bull to go with the black bulls of Beautys/BOWDs (linkable to bull-using Boets/Bovets/Boys). That's all pretty amazing where Beautys/Bowds were first found in Dorset with Shorts, the ones for whom I've been seeking links to the Boet/Boy bull.

As Shorts have a GRIFFIN in the colors and format of the Graff/Graffen lion, it begs whether food shortages for Christians will be in conjunction with graphene-oxide in the mark-of-the-beast scheme. Graff/Graffens use the anchor, and Anchors have a bull head. The Anchors have a different-color Chief version of English Angers (Essex, same as estoile-like Este's), itself in the colors and format of the Ports having the Short estoiles. I think the upper half of the Hanger/Anger griffin is the Short griffin. This heraldry appears Arranged for Graffen inclusion. "Fides," the full motto of French Angers, could be for Fido's/Fothes' i.e. the Food branch.

Hangers/Angers, with an "ARTES" motto term, were first found in Hampshire with the Botters/Bodins who in turn have the Artes/Artois Coat in different colors, both using a giant eagle. The Botter/Bodin eagle is red, the color of the eagle head in the Artes/Artois Crest. Hangers and English Angers share the "escarBUNCLE," and while Buncle's use buckles in Artes/Artois colors, Buckle's were not only a branch of bull-head Buckleys, but were first found in Suffolk with Artes'/Artois' who come up as "ARDON." I trace the namers of Artois, location of king BALDwin of Templar Jerusalem, to the ARDUINici on the BAUTica/BALTea river. Baldwin was the brother of Godfrey de Bouillon, and so this goes to Bauds while the Botters/Bodins/Bodys can apply.

This is perfect because Arduinici married Door-line Doria's (from the Daorsi in the land of the Ardiaei) in ONEGLia, and NAGLE's share the lozenges of English Angers. The Daorsi were "Daversi" too, and Davers (Suffolk, same as Artes/Artois'), in Arthur colors and format, are Graff-interesting for sharing half the eagle of Grave's/Greafs. German Nagle's are also Neils/Nails while "Nil" is a motto term of Buckle's who share the Gates lion. The Nagle/Neil/Nail saltire is blue, as is the one of Gettes', first found in Anjou = ANGERS. Irish Nagle's, sharing the Anger lozenges, have a "NIGHTingale" while Knights/Nights were first found in Suffolk too. Gale's share the Nagle/Neil/Nail saltire, and have a fesse-with-lion-heads in the colors of the Nagle fesse-wit-lozenges.

The Gale and Nagle fesse is that of Beefs, first found in PERIgord, where I trace the namers of Imperia, which was Oneglia above in the past. Beefs have a variation like "TurnBULL," and the latter's bull heads, in the colors of the Buckle bullhead, include the RATcliff bull head while Rats/Raids were first found in Nairnshire with Gettes-like Geddes'. Imperia is near Grasse (and Monaco), and Perigord is where Fauchys were first found having a giant grasshopper. TURNbulls are suspect from Turin, smack near the Arduinici of Ivrea, on the Bautica river that flows near to Turin. This paragraph is pointing to a Gates-Fauci partnership. The Turnbull bull head is shared by Tipps'/Tippins who in turn share gold pheons with Fauch-beloved Thistle's who in turn look like they have the Graff/Graffen lion in Crest.

I think I can get Bill Gates to Jeffrey Epstein's island, where Sleeping BEAUTY appeared in a 1979 dream a couple/few weeks before I was told to write Mellanson a note. Bill Gates was recently forced to admit that he had been meeting with Epstein.

I think I can even glean why she became SLEEPing Beauty in this dream, after she was hovering in a car. I found myself standing at the DOOR of her car when I first saw her hovering. That's the first clue of Gates inclusion. She was previously walking at the HOOD of the same auto, and so bare with me here while I repeat that hover-like Hoovers share the giant gold, eagle leg of Hooters while Hoods are Hoots too. This was fascinating for me, because I identified Sleeping Beauty as Miss Hicks BEFORE seeing that Hicksons use eagle legs too. Even later than that, I found another gold eagle leg with Draytons, from a Market-Drayton location near Sleap, in Shropshire, where Sleeps/Sleaps were first found. Market-Drayton is very near HODnet, and Hodnets (Shropshire) have the quadrants of HODleys/Oddeys and MEDALs/Dougals in colors reversed.

As I said, I was writing one day (2016, I'm sure) on Miss Hicks standing at the hood of the car. Prior to about that time, I had not yet realized that the Sleeping Beauty dream needed to be deciphered through heraldic links. her standing at the hood was the last thing I wrote before heading out to town. The last thing that happened in town was finding a Russian MEDALlion on my HOOD, which is how the Medal surname became a topic. Hodleys were not found until some significant time afterward. Years later, I saw Hodnet on a google map four miles south-west of Market-Drayton.

I now know why I was standing at the door of her car, for the vertically-split Shield of Doors is that also of Draytons. The Gates Shield is split vertically in colors reversed from both, and the giant Drayton lion is in the colors of the three of Gates,' and in the colors of the three bees of Doors. Isn't that a hoot? These Doors are also Dorrs, and then the quadrants of German Dorrs are shared by Tute's/Tuits while English Tute's//Touts are in the Hicks motto, "Tout en BON HEURE." Italian Bons/Bono's have the split-Shield of gates', and add a giant lion as do Draytons, only the Bon/Bono lion is that of Odins, a branch of Oddie's/HODDys, like the Oddey variation of Hodnet-branch Hodleys! ISN'T THAT A HOOTEN TOOTEN? Yes, for Tute's/Tuits named Le Thuit in heure-like Eure.

Tute's/Tuits were first found in Norfolk with two Hayden surnames. One shares the Beauty/Bowd bull, and the other has the Tute/Tuit and Hades/Hat quadrants in colors reversed. The Hades'/Hats were first found in Dorset with Beautys/Bowds.

Market-Drayton is in Hales, and the three Hales arrows are in the colors and format of the three Door bees, both Shields being vertically split in the same colors. Then, the Hales Crest as fretty in the colors of the Hood/Hoot fret. It's another hooter time, for this is brand new: the Hales fretty is shared by Caens, first found in Dorset with Beautys, Hades' and SHORts while SHORE's share the full Caen motto. You caen't beat that. Shore's are Sure's too, and "sure" is a motto term of Kilpatricks. Miss Hicks is Mrs. Kilpatrick. The full motto is, "I make sure," part-code for Maxwells/Makeswells (share Kilpatrick saltire) who share holly with Shore's/Sure's. Maxwell-branch Maxtons have the bee, yup, and this arrival to Maxwells with Sleeping Beauty on Epstein's island suggests Ghislaine Maxwell.

The Sleeping Beauty setting started with my location at the SHORE of an ocean beach. Shore's/Sure's share the stork with Store's/STURys. The three swan heads in the Store/Stury Shield look like 666 upside down, because the eye of the stork head looks like a '6,' and because Caens share five, white feathers in Crest with this Arms of Traby that itself looks like it has 666 in the three strings of the three HORNs. Horns/ORNE's are from the Orne river passing by Caen, and the Ceno river is near the Trebia.

The last scene in the Sleeping Beauty dream had she and I RISING into the sky because the Arthurs (Hicks colors), which the Hicks of Clapton had married when they shared "clarions," were from the Ardiaei Illyrians in the region of RHIZON. Arthurs use "rests" because Restons were a Rising/RISON branch, and Restons have the three leopard faces of Scottish Doors because Ardiaei lived amongst the Daorsi. That's another reason for my being at her car door.

New: leopard FACES are interesting because leopards have spots, indicative, possibly, of chickenpox / monkeypox. Some are saying that shingles is being deliberately conflated with monkeypox by the medical tyrants. CTV news: "Risk of shingles rises after COVID-19 infection: study." That may be a deliberate trick to hide the real cause of shingles in vaccinations. Revelation's 1st Seal reveals PAINful sores on people with the 666. English, leper-like Leopards are in Payen colors and format while German Leopards are in the colors of French Paine's/Payne's while English Paine's might just have the lion of monkey-like Monks, for the Paine/Payne lozenges are in the colors of the Grimaldi lozengy.

Many experts says that vaccines are giving people AIDs (immune deficiency), and the Aids/Ade's use leopard faces too. Aids/Ade's are where my idea above initially launched. To add to that theory, Face's/Fessys are from the Fieschi associates / kin of Genoa's Grimaldi's, and the more-important branch of Grimaldi's were in Monk-line Monaco. Monks were first found in Devon with Powers of Pois/POIX, and the latter, along with Monkeypox, will be a topic late in this update. Monks use lion heads in colors reversed from the SHING lion, though I can't see a way to make a link between those two surnames.

The Monks use a COCKatrice, and cocks are chickens. Chickenpox. Cocks, who share the Grimaldi Shield, were first found in Somerset with Paine's/Payne's and SHINs/Chine's/CHINGs, whom I point to Chinese corruption i.e. such as the COVID scheme. Shins/Chine's/Chings use "vair fur," and Vairs almost have the Grimaldi / Cock Shield, and do have the Shield of Fieschi-like Fiscs. The latter, who use an "ad" motto term suspect with the Ade variation of Aids, were first found in Norfolk with PilGRIMs, and the latter happen to use "staves" while Stave's are listed with one Stevenson surname while the other Stevensons have the Aid/Ade Coat in different colors. The Vair-branch Fers/Ferrats almost have the Shin/Chine/Ching Shield (ignore the fesses). Fiscs share the Shield of Aid-like Atha's while the Baths (Somerset, might have the lions of neighboring Monks), said to be from "Atha," share the Face/Fessy cross.

Face's/Fessys love the Segni's/Segurana's in their motto, first found in Genoa with Fieschi and the Gates-linkable Doria's. The latter were at Oneglia while Nagle-beloved Gale's have lion heads in the colors of the Gates lions. Daorsi were Daversi while the Daver Crest has a jay, and Jays were first found in Herefordshire with Doors/Dorrs. French Porters were first found in Berry with same-colored Pots (Nagle fesse?) while Gates-loving English Porters look like kin of Botter-like Potters, and it just so happens that POTvins, with another jay, look like kin of Gale-like Galli. End insert]

Polly This Week

She's on a roll. You can watch all her video now, or just the parts used for this section.

This week, Polly discovers the largest foundation, larger than any Rockefeller or Rothschild foundation. It's Novo Nordisk, and it's slated to play a role in the monkeypox vaccines that WHO right now is trying to launch via an "emergency" announcement that he made days ago. Polly explains below, but what I'd like you to watch out for is a Ms. Kerns, followed shortly afterward by Ms. Tuna (about 18 minutes), for when I claimed that God pointed to graphene-oxide (poison) in vaccines, at the home of KAREN Graff, it justifies inclusion of the Karen/KERN surname (related, I think, to German Roets). The pointer to graphene-oxide at Karen's home was pointed to by a spider, and the spider had become suspect with the Spitzers who happen to use a "tunnel" in their Coat while Tunnels come up as Tuna's. That's very interesting. Tunnels/Tuna's share the ROTEN hexagram, and Rothschilds are listed with RODDENsteins.

Bavarian Nordic is the producer of the monkeypox vaccine. The chief financial officer (hired 2018) of Bavarian Nordic had long-before worked for Novo Nordisk. One wonders whether the two companies have family ties due to similarity of company names, and because Rothschilds descended from Bavarian elements. Polly reveals that this man, Henrik Juuel, once held the CFO (chief financial officer) position for Richard Branson's Virgin Moblie. Branson was a major topic in my last two updates (along with Jeffrey Epstein) as per emphasis on him by this same Polly. The first Rothschild is said to have been the banker, and even some sort of partner or close friend, of a prince William (the IX, I think) of Hesse-Cassel. Epsteins were first found in Hesse-Nassau. Rothschilds like the Nathan name, and NATO was once run my a Mr. Rasmussen of Denmark, and this Mr. Juuel is Danish (or at least of Denmark). Rothchild-related Rasmussens, who share the Schwab Coat, were first found in Hesse. Schwabs were first found in FRANConia (united with Bavaria), and "nati" is a motto term of Rothschild-connectable Franks. The first Rothschild, Mayer Bauer, was of Frankfurt.

Anu Helena KERNS, in the 15th minute, worked for both Novo Nordisk and Bavarian Nordic. When she was hired by the latter, she was directly under the president and CEO, Paul Chaplin. French Chaplins share the double chevrons of English Joseph's who in turn have a Chief in the colors and format of English Chaplins/Caplins (share Box griffin). It just so happens that these English Chaplins (Hampshire, beside Book-loving Roets) have a Chief in the colors and format of Scottish Roets. These Chaplins look like kin of Bute-connectable Ports too, and it just so happens that Ports were first found in Hampshire with the English Porters who use the portcullis GATE!!! I had forgotten this when on the Ports earlier in this update! Polly discovered (17th minute) in the news that Bill Gates got mucked- and raked-up with Novo Nordisk, thus revealing that Gates' financial interests in vaccines includes a partnership with Nordisk ventures. Yup, Bill Gates would actually conspire with vaccine companies because he doesn't yet have enough money. MONSTER. He's just as much a bottomless pit as the Rothschilds.

The Gates lion is also the Graff/Graffen lion.

English Chaplins have a crown around a neck, a symbol I trace with Kerns/Karens to the Ceraunii Illyrians. The Chaplin crown happens to be around the neck of the GRIFFEN while it's the Graffen variation of Graffs that points to GRAPHENE-oxide. KAREN Graff has just pointed to Anu KERNs, or so it seems, for she works for Mr. Chaplin. Karens/Kerns share the sleeping lunar crescent with German Roets. Scottish Roets were first found in Somerset with Webbers.

The spider at Karen's place was dangled by my friend, Mr. KEPke, the line to Keeps who use a "weaver's shuttle," and of course spiders weave webs. The CAPLin-like Kepple's/Keplers have a bend-by-lozenges in the colors of the Keep bend. He was CHASing me with the spider, and the Keeps are known kin of CASimir's. Case's look like kin of Rothschild-connectable Leslie's. I cannot recall, but I do not think I've ever included the Keppels/Keplers in with the heraldic investigations regarding Karen Graff, but having just taken then off of Paul Chaplin, it's amazing because the Keppel/Kepler lozenges are colors reversed from the same of Anchors/Annackers, and the Graffs/Graffens use nothing to go by (for making links) but a demi-lion holding an anchor. This tends to prove in yet another way that God set Kepke up to do the spider dangle. Keppels/Keplers were first found in Bohemia with German Franks.

I even trace the Anchors/ANNACKers to the Biblical Anaki, and Nicholas de Vere von DRAKEnberg called them, ANUnnaki. Is this why she's Anu Kerns? The Anaki lived in Hebron, and it's the Hebrons/Hepburns (probably Rothschild horse and rose?) who use a "Keep" motto term! Zikers. DRAKE's use a "muscas" motto term that they translate as "fly" because Flys, sharing the Webber fleur-de-lys, were first found in Hampshire with Drake's and Griffin-loving Chaplins! ZIKERS AGAIN. Hebrons/Hepburns were first found in Northumberland with REIDs/Reeds, Rodhams/RODDENs and with Tunnels/Tuna's; the latter share the ROTEN and REITman hexagram.

I trace the Anchor/Annacker Coat to an Arms of Agrigento, and it just so happens that there's a DRAGO river at Agrigento. Can AGRIgento be a hint that the Revelation dragon, when it spews a flood/river from its mouth (chapter 12/13) to overtake the Woman (Church) in the wilderness, will assault AGRI = farm foods. The Revelation text says that God checks the dragon's "river" by opening the earth's mouth, perhaps a Hint that agriculture / crops will grow unusually well at that time, in the last 1260 days.

AHHHHHHHH, Anu HELENa Kerns is interesting also where Helens can be gleaned as kin of English Este's who happen to be in the motto of Pipe-branch Pepins. The Pepin and Pipe bend-with-fleur can be gleaned both with Rasmussens and English Webbers, perfect, because Karen Graff's father was always holding a beer while SMOKing a pipe when he walked across the street to talk to my father. Beers use the bear as do Bavarian elements such a Bayers. Smoke's/Rauch's (share leftward-rising bend of Jewish Rothschilds) have been resolved as a branch of ROCK-using Roach's = Rockefeller liners. But the kicker is that while English Weavers use an "Esto" motto term to prove that God set up this set of heraldry for pointing a guilty finger to Helena Kerns, German Webbers/Weavers (same place as Karens/Kerns) have a "segne" motto term while Segne's/Segurana's share the eagle of Italian Este's! God arranged the Helens to have the Este / Pepin / Pipe horse, or so it seems.

OHHHH WOW! I can't believe it. I almost missed this because I almost didn't re-load English Webbers. They have what they call a "DISK" in their Crest, and so this is a pointer to Novo NorDISK!!! Beautiful. I once had access to websites that described Coats of Arms (no longer do), and I even have it recorded that the Webber Crest is a "disk."

I told that Kepke chased me with a spider dangling on its web between the Graff residence and a barn across the street from that residence. German Barns/BERNE's not only use the bear, but it's on a bend colors reversed from the Keep bend, itself being the Arms of Baden. The Keep bend is the Lorraine and Casimir bend because Casimir of Poland, son of Richeza of Lorraine, married the Varangian, Maria of Keep-like Kiev, the line to Varangian-like Veringers of Baden who used the red antler, explaining why the Casimir bend is made using a red antler. The related Zahringers of Baden used the blue antler, and Zahringers founded Berne in Switzerland, where Barns/Berne's were first found. Last I checked, I think that barn was still there on Doner street in Gormley, Ontario. Graffs/Graffens, I kid you not, were first found in Switzerland. The family of Casimir of Poland were related to Pomeranian Griffins, believe it or not.

AHH, Scottish Roets were first found in Somerset with BADENs/Battins, and the latter's eye could be code for a family from Eye, a location beside Diss, which was also "Disce" according to the Diss/Dice write-up! The disk is in the Crest of Somerset's Webbers. Plus, while Graffs/Graffens are also Gravs, Grave's/Greafs share the Diss/Dice eagle. Grave's/Greafs were first found in Gloucestershire with Nuts/Nnutts, and Roets must have been at Gordano, at the Somerset-Gloucestershire border, because Roets share the Gord/Gordan boar heads. This is amazing because the nuts-and-bolts miracle at my gate is now pointing to Nuts/Knutts because Bolts share the Graffen-like griffin of the English Scotts who in turn use "Catherine wheels," owned in the past by Catherine Roet!!!Incredible. Scottish Scotts even look like Karen/Kern kin, not surprisingly (because German Roets share the sleeping moon of Karens/Kerns).

The bolts were found in a BOX, and Box's are linkable to Roets, even to Jews/Chews (Somerset, same as Roets) having the Catherine wheel and the Box / Short griffin.

The Bavarian Illuminati was founded in the lifetime of the first Rothschild, and both Bauers and Rothes'/Rothchilds were first found in Bavaria along with Wies-branch Weis'/Wise's, relevant because Adam WEIShaupt was the founder of the Bavarian Illuminati. It's relevant also where Weis'/Wise's share the hexagram of Karens/Kerns, but the reason Weis' were brought up is because they essentially share the Crest of Wies' who in turn EXACTLY have the Crest of German Webbers!!! WOW! The latter were even first found in Silesia with Karens/Kerns. Incredible. The spider chase at the Graff residence was not more-fully decipherable until Polly would come out with this week's message.

I think I know why Wies'/WEISERs share the Webber/WIEBER Crest, for "Wieser" is a form of "Wieber." English Wise's were first found in Devon with Segne-branch Seagars while "segne" is a Webber/Weaver motto term. English Seagars share two wings in Crest with Webbers/Weavers, Weis'/Wise's, and Wies'/Wiesers, all four using the white wing. German Seagars share the quadrants in the Arms of Rothschild presented earlier in this update.

After ending the paragraph above, not far down from mention of the Graff-beloved the Anchors/Annackers, I went back to see the rest of the video, until Polly got to the 24th minute, where's she's in the throes of describing the live virus in the Nordick vaccine. I was wondering why they are using a virus rather than the mRNA technology, probably because the world has heard enough horror from mRNA. At the 24th minute, the virus they put into the vaccine is called, "modified vaccinia ANKARA-Bavarian Nordic." Not only does it seem that the Graff anchor is pointing to this Ankara vaccine, and not only does it seem that they are going to slip some poisonous graphene into it, but Ankara is the capital of TURKEY. I am writing this on Tuesday evening, the day I introduced the wild turkey above, and my building the garden gate.

I almost missed it: German Turks (share Karen/Kern crescent) were first found in Silesia with Karens/Kerns! That is amazing. On the night of the morning wherein I wrote on the turkeys, we went to Karen Graff, and here we are. Karen was my age, 14, when Kepke chased me with the spider in her presence.

As I said, I stapled a metal screen to the gate frame...that most people call, CHICKEN wire. The Chickens have a chevron in colors reversed from the same of Irish Kerns. Monkeypox is a chickenpox variant, isn't it? The Ankara-Bavarian Nordic vaccine is said to be formed from CHICKEN-embryo cells "suspended in a TRIS buffer." One could get the impression that Bill Gates and this Ankara vaccine go hand in hand like the CIA and Microsoft spy services. The TRIS/Tyrst/TRICE surname, suspect in the "cockaTRICE" of Chickens (no guff), and sharing the Stapler Chief (no guff), is in the "Keep tryst" motto of Hebrons, I kid you not. The Staplers were kin of Garden-branch Jardins.

Polly is one of the best Internet researchers, especially in the way she presents findings. In the 25th minute, she finds a paper telling that while Bavarian Nordic claims that their Ankara vaccine does not replicate, a study found that it does replicate, for example in human kidneys, hearts, and in mice with weak immune systems. I think the plan was/is to weaken immune systems with mRNA vaccines, and then to feed this live, replicating Ankara virus to those with weak immune systems. My bet: the killers put the Ankara virus into some COVID vaccines, or into some Remdesivir, to test it out for its lethality, etc.

Staplers share the saltire of Desmonds/Geralds who are in turn the only surname I know of with a "monkey." The "Crom" motto term of Desmonds/Geralds should be of the Crombys (Aberdeenshire, beside Gardens and Jardins).

The Tris/Tryst Chief is colors reversed from the same of Washingtons (share raven with Rothes'/Rothchilds), and then Weis-like, proto-Washington Wassa's were first found in Cornwall with Tris'/Trysts and Tristans. Staplers use acorns, and Tristans share the Acorn stag head. The Acorn Crest even appears related to the Weis/Wise and Wies/Wieser Crest while English Wise's were first found in Devon (beside Cornwall) with the other Tristan surname. Acorns are said to have been at ROTHERfield.

AHHH, Rotherfields/Rotterfields (Hampshire, same as Roet-connectable Chaplins/Caplins) share the Roet, Karen/Kern and Turk crescent. Rotherfields/Rotterfields look related to Weaver-related Hazels while Hazeltons and Hazelwoods share the chevron of Chickens. I bought a Roll of chicken wire and am sure I'm going to use the rest when I get chickens. German Rolls were first found in SWABia.

Rotherfields/Rotterfields almost have the English NOTE/Cnut Coat (Turk colors and format), both sharing the Mellanson and Turk crescents, and Steven Mellanson, whom I gave the NOTE to, soon afterward had a cotton-SWAB event that I've suggested to be a pointer to Swabs/Schwabs. The Note/Cnut Crest could therefore closely be the white Swab/Schwab unicorn head. Mr. Chaplin is the CEO of Bavarian Nordic while the CFO is Danish, and here we may add that Danish Cnuts use "pot HANGERs" while Graffen-beloved Anchors/Annackers almost use one English Anger Coat which in turn shares the "escarbuncle" with HANGERs/Angers, the latter first found in Hampshire with Chaplins and Rotherfields. I just think that's incredible. Hangers/Angers probably share the Graffen-like griffin of Chaplins.

Recall the NUTS-and-bolt miracle at my garden gate, for Nuts/Knutts look like a Note/Cnut/Knott branch. Nuts/Knutts share the gold pheon with the Thistle's while Fauchs (not "Fauchy") show nothing but thistles. It just so happens that, in the Thistle Crest is a demi-gold lion holding a gold pheon, akin to the demi-gold lion in the Graff/Graffen Crest holding a white anchor. And there is a giant, white anchor in the Coat of English Majors, the latter first found in the Channel Islands with Thistle's! Bang. English Bolts use a giant Graffen-like griffin, and it's black like the demi-griffin of English Scotts (Roet wheels) while Scottish Scotts (look comparable to Karens/Kerns) are not only in Thistle colors and format, but share the Karen/Kern / Note/Cnut / Mellanson crescent! All that isn't by chance.

The nuts-and-bolt miracle caused me to load Bolt-like Bullets/Bullheads who share the "bull's scalp" of Cheneys, though Bullets/Bullheads may not call it such. CNUT-like Chanuts are also Cheney-like Chenu's. That's already amazing as per NUTs-and-bolts. Are you impressed? Chanuts/Chenu's have the Note/Cnut chevron inverted. [I didn't realize until hours after writing here that "major" is a Cheney motto term.]

The Bullet/Bullhead bull's scalp is black, the colors of the bull head of Ratcliffs and their Tipps/Tippin kin, both first found in Lancashire with Bolts and Boltons. Mellanson's Q-TIP can apply here because it's a cotton swab while Cottons were first found in Huntingdonshire with Bullets/Bullheads. Huntingdonshire is where Others/OTTERs were first found who are in turn from Milan's Lombards, and so Others/Otters have variations like the Otto's/Ottone's likely because the latter named Ottone Visconti of Milan. It's right down Mellanson alley. Then, while there are FOUR nuts and four bolts on the gate hinges, the BalFOURS, featuring an otter's head, look like kin of Beauforts, and Roets were direct Beaufort ancestors through John of Gaunt / Ghent...which can explain why the Tipps/Tippin Chief is in the colors and format of the Ghent Chief. The Tipps/Tippin Chief happens to share the gold pheon with Thistle's and Nuts/Knutts, believe it of nut! It's pointing to Fauci and Gates together.

Plus, the TiPING/TyPING variations may indicate proto-Tippin merger with the Pings/Pongs/Pagans because Catherine Roet's father was Payne Roet while French Pagans (share Karen/Kern hexagram) are also Payens. It's then incredible that the Ping/Pong/Pagan bendy is a colors-reversed version of the Hank bendy. Hanks of cotton! Plus, English Payne's (Somerset, same as Roets and Baths) probably share the lion of Rhodes-related Baths (Mellansons love Rhodes-like Rods) while Bathers share the Scarf Coat while Trabys/Sadowski's use a Q-shaped "scarf" that happens to include a knot while Knots are listed with Note's/Cnuts, believe it or knot.

The "Fato" motto term of Cheneys is interesting where Fate's/Feets (Yorkshire gold martlets with Cheneys. This evokes the Foods/Foots who seemed to be pointing to "food shortage" along with Shorts. Amazingly, while Hollands share the Fate/Feet martlets, Hallands (Yorkshire, same as Fate's/Feets and Farmer-related Dance's) share gold-on-blue drops with Note's/Cnuts. We saw Danish Cnuts linkable to the Short griffin.

As I've said a few times, the Graff residence is at the corner of Union and Doner streets. Unions use mill RINDs while Rinds use a "flower POT" to go with the Cnut pot hangers. Flowers (Devon, same as Hazels and Hooks) happen to share the cinquefoil of Potters (Hampshire, same as Hangers/Angers), and the Porters/PAWTERs (Hampshire, same as Rotherfields)), using bells in Potter colors and format, own the portcullis GATE. Rotherfields look like Bellamy / Bell kin, but also like Hook kin, and so note the hooks that are part of the Cnut pot hangers. "HANKS of cotton" are used by Cottons to go with the cotton swab in Mellanson's ear. The ear-like Eyers/Ayers (quatreFOILs) were first found in Derbyshire with Note's/Cnuts. See how God pointed to deadly vaccine shedding, at the top of two updates ago, with branches of Herrs/HEYERs (Derbyshire, same as EYERs/Ayers).

The interesting thing is that Mellanson challenged Joe Oullette and I to heal the blood in his ear, and so we put hands on him. After we prayed, Mellanson drew no blood from his ear. The Oullette's are said to have named a William-like location in Falaise, and I see Fallis'/Falls as a branch of Fellers = Rockefellers because both surnames use the Rock and Rod symbol, treFOILS. Mellansons use rods, and Rods share the Hanger/Anger trefoil. Then, WILLIAM the Conqueror was the son-in-law of the "tanner" of Falaise while Oullette's named OUILLY-le-Basset at Falaise. I kid you not, I did not start this paragraph to mention my visit to Joe's brother's house, but to say that Williams share the Hopper gyronny while Fauchys use a giant grassHOPPER.

I've said it perhaps a half-dozen time: one day, Joe Oullette and I were at his brother's apartment, but only outside the door knocking to speak with the brother, Dave. When he opened the door, there I saw Karen Graff, about 23 years old, sitting on a couch. She moved away from my street at 14, shortly after the spider event, and I never saw her again until that day, and never saw again after that day. Dave was likely born, David, and I see Welsh Davids using a version of the Ade/AID Coat (version of RODham/Rodden Coat), a pointer to Fauci's corruption with AIDS and HIV. King David's son, Henry of Huntingdon, married ADA of Warenne, you see, and it just so happens that English Cottons were first found in Huntingdon. King David built had a "Haly ROD" house (for his mother) which I think was code for Henry of RODez, which can first of all explain why David's son was another Henry. The mother of one Henry of Rodez was Miss ROQUEfeuil, and Roque's/ROCKs (Languedoc, same as RoqueFEUIL and French Cottons/Cotta's) explain why English Rocks and Rods share green treFOILs. This tends to explain why God chose Joe to be part of the swab event, to indicate that Klaus Schawb is a Rockefeller stooge.

I saw Karen's high-heel SHOES at the front DOOR when I saw her sitting on the couch, and German Trips/TREFFS, the possible reason for TREFoils, use shoes. Irish DOORs share the Graff/Graffen lion, and Scottish Doors share the leopard faces of Rite's/Wrights expected in the "veRITE" motto term of Williams. The English Doors happen to have a Coat reflection of the Gates Coat while Irish Doors share the Gates lion. The three leopard faces of Scottish Doors/Doormans are in colors reversed with Baskets, and the Basket Crest is not only the Door / Gates lion, but it's the demi-lion of Graffs/Graffens. Joe's are listed with Port- / Chaplin-related Josephs. Baskets are in the basket" of the Irish Melon/Mellan Crest.

Karen was sitting on the couch, and Couch's almost have the Irish Pray Coat while Joe and I prayed for Mellanson's ear when he was sitting on his couch. Couch's share the brown bear with Beers, and Mr. Graff (Simon) always had a beer in his hand, smoking a pipe, and Pipe's were first found in Staffordshire with the Bassets (Couch / Pray colors) who named Ouilly-le-Basset in Falaise. Bassets share the white unicorn head in Crest with Note's/Cnuts, and while I put the note into my pocket that God asked me to write for / about Mellanson in the morning, Pockets/Pouchers look like kin of Basset-related Portis'/Porchers.

I personally saw part of the airPLANE that Joe's father was building in his basement. PLAINs/Platters (Suffolk, same as Eye) share the Chief-Shield colors of PALINs who in turn share the Oullette lion. French Henrys are said to have named a location in the VILAINE province of Brittany, and the William-like Vilains share the Chief-Shield colors of Palins and Plains/Platters, but also with Tanners (Devon, same as Rods) who in turn use Moor heads to go with the "Moorcock" in the Oullette Crest, tending to assure that Tanners were from the "tanner" of Falaise. The Tanner Crest is even the gold William dog. Fallis'/Falls were first found in Midlothian with HENRY Sinclair of Roslin, the cup-bearer to Margaret, mother of king David for whom Haly Rod (Holyrood) was built. Irish Henrys were first found in Tyrone with the Sharks sharing the Rod trefoil.

Irish Moors share the lion of Mellanson-like Malone, and Robert Malone is a leading fighter against the AIDS caused by COVID vaccines. Malone's use an "ad" motto term that I see as code for Aids/Ade's. The Oullette MoorCOCK suggests Cocks who can be linked to Fiscs that likewise use an "ad" motto term. Fiscs were first found in Norfolk with Cockers/Cockets, and with the Lance's in the Malone Crest.

Williamsons use trefoils, and almost the Food/Foot Coat. Williamsons have a different-colors Coat version of the Meschin-line Blundville's who in turn share the Rod trefoils. The Williamson write-up says that the surname "...'is at present most numerous in Cheshire.'" That's where Foods/Foots and Davids were first found, and where Meschins ruled as earls. I had read that Williamsons were a Mackay sept. Irish Mackays share the Coat of Quade's who are in turn probably in the Q-shape of the Traby/Sadowski scarf. Williamsons are in Owl colors while OULlette's were resolved as Owl liners even though they had relationship with Williams.

I can see where "la port" is translated as "gate" in some Latin settings. The Williamson Coat is almost that of DavenPORTs (Cheshire) probably because Davenports were near MACCLESfield (Cheshire, same as Foods/Foots), itself suspect with Mackay-branch Maxwells/Makeswells who in turn share the saltire of Scottish Williamsons. Davenports use black FITCHees, similar to the black trefoils of English Williamsons, and this Arms of Macclesfield included the davenport fitchees along with what could very well be the Halland lion because Williamsons appear related to Hall liners. The Hallands thus make it appear as though God is pointing to the farmers of Holland along with the portcullis GATE as a pointer to Bill Gates.

The earls of Macclesfields used leopards, and FITCH's/FITTs use leopard "faces" while Face's/Fessys share the Macclesfield cross. The Fothes'/Fette's/FITTs have a version of the Food/Foot Coat so as to likewise be in Williamson colors and format.

The write-up of Scottish Williamsons mentions a "Donald Willeam ALLANSON" in an old quote along with "The surname is also spelled in France D'Oillençon..." It's suggesting that an ALENcon location near the Bellamys of Perche was named by Oullette-connectable Williamsons. Bellamys (Shropshire, same as Alans) share the fesse of Bells while PORTers use bells, suggesting the DavenPORTs (beside Shropshire) were a Daven merger with Porters liners. The English Botters (Hampshire, same as Ports and Porters) use an eagle standing on a "PERCH," and Alencon with Bellamys lived at the Perche mountains.

Perche's share the double chevrons of GARVeys (Tyrone), and while Graffs/Graffens are also GRAVs, the Arms of Cheshire is the garb of GARBs (look like Wies/Wieser and Weaver/Webber kin). This is amazing where the eagle of Grave's/Greafs is shared by Wins while an old motto of Scottish Williamsons is said to be "Venture and win."

The portCULLIS can be part-code for the Cullis surname that uses "PEAScods" while Peas'/Peacocks (Essex, same as Hollands and Farmers!) share a "fear" motto term with Davenports. Davenports use "Fear GOD," and "God" this is a motto term of Mens'/Mame's and Sinclairs while Mens'/Mame's were first found in Midlothian with Roslin of the Sinclairs, and with the first-known Fallis'/Falls' (suspect with Oullette-connectable Falaise). Mens-branch Manners/Maness' (and English Allisons) use the peacock. The Fallis/Falls Coat is similar to the Holland Coat so as to again see, couched in this set of heraldry, a pointer to the Dutch farmer uprising. The Dutch/Duche surname even shares the Feet/Fate martlets.

The Holland Coat is also a little like the Poole Coat, and Pools were from Dorset with a Poole location smack beside Ports / Porters / Potters. Poole and Pools, who share the giant lion of Posts to go with my gate posts at the garden, were first found in Dorset with the Palins who share the Oullette lion, and the Palin stars are colors reversed from the stars of Scottish Williamsons who happen to add the GARDEN (and Jarret) boar head. This can explain why Garden-branch Jardins share three white stars in Chief with Palins. Dorset is also where Palin-connectable Russells were first found, suspect with the namers of Roslin. The Poltons/POOLtons (Cheshire with Polesdons), in Potter format and colors reversed from them, share the Williamson stars while Polesdons share the Palin stars.

Scottish Allisons, said to be of the MacDONALDs to go with Donald Willeam Allanson, show an Allinson variation, suggesting that Allisons had been a branch of the namers of Alencon after all (I didn't think so until now). Scottish Allisons share the Holly dog, in the colors of the Hole//Hall dog heads, and Porters/PAWTers happen to be in Hole/Hall colors and format while Potters (same place as Potters/Pawters) are in the colors and format of Scottish Allisons. Allison Bauer of Knob Hill FARMS Grocery store is coming to mind with this farmer-shortage discussion in Holland, especially as Hallands share the Cnut and Darlene drops, for immediately after dating Darlene of Knob Hill Farms, I dated Allison Bauer. That's amazing, for up until now, Darlene's ice-cream symbol pointed to poison vaccines, which Bill Gates is involved with.

KNOB Hill Farms suggests the German Nobels (share Rothchild rose) because German Knobs (share Rothschild/Roddenstein arrow) are also Knobels. Ahh, DUTCH Nobels have the giant rose of Bauer-like Bayers in colors reversed, you see, and these Bayers were first found in Gloucestershire with the Yates' who show portcullis gates!!! I get it, I get it, I finally understand the full (or fuller) meaning of what looks like God's use of Allison Bauer. The secret was in the Bayers all along, and I kid you not, French Bays share the three crescents of Labels/La BELLs while Porters use bells! The Label//La Bell greyhound can even be of the Hun/Hundt greyhound, and while the latter's is a white greyhound, that's the color of the greyhound of Loops (share Bay / La Bell crescents in Loupe colors) while Scottish Allisons are said to have been at Loupe!!!! Incredible. Loops were at HOLstein. French Bays were first found in Dauphine with the Galli's sharing the Bauer Chief. The Arms of Dauphine shares the dolphin with HOLLys.

English Bays were first found at COLchester, in Essex where portcullis-connectable Peas'/Peacocks were first found, and moreover English Bays share the double fesses of peacock-using Manners/Maness' for another pointer to the portCULLis gate. Collis'/Collins can be a pointer to Francis Collins (Fauci's boss). Collis'/Collins share the martlets of Pullys/Pullens, and English bays share the Paul crosslets. Scottish Allisons share the white dog with Hollys while the other Hollys are listed with Cullins! I get it. It's got Bill Gates all over it.

Lookie: Scottish Allisons share the white dog with English Huns/HunGATE's, first found in Yorkshire with Pullys/Pullens, Pauls, and Farmer-branch Formans/Fermans and Firmins! The latter's "Christi" motto term must be for the Christs who have both the Bayer and Nobel roses. Bayers use a "fortuna" motto term while the Hungate and Hun/Hundt dogs are in the colors of the Fortuna dog. Manners/Maness' were first found in Northumberland with Roten-connectable Tunnels/TUNA's who might, in some cases, be in "forTUNA." My jobs at Knob Hill Farms included working the produce section i.e. farm produce. I'm impressed.

Bauer-branch Bowers were first found in Peebles-shire with Scottish Williamsons. Plus, Scottish Allisons use a "preVAILS" motto term while Vails are listed with Griffin-beloved Velis' while Scottish Velis' (use the sun) are listed with griffin-loving Wills with a motto, "As GOD wills." "God" is a motto term of SUNS/Sinclairs. The Macclesfield cross is shared by Rhodes-related Baths while only suns show in the Shield of BathGATE's (Lothian, same as Roslin of Sinclairs). Firmins (share Farmer lion head) use the sun too. English Bayers were first found in Gloucestershire with Grave's/Greafs while Simon Graff always had a beer while Beers share the brown bear with German Bayers!

French, poison-like Poussins/Poseys share the Bathgate Coat, and Poissons share the three scallops of Bardys, the latter first found in PeriGORD with FAUCHys and Fage's/Faux's/CHOLLENS'. There's much more to this that won't be repeated here, but I will add that Faughn-branch FAUCets were first found in East Lothian with Scottish Nobels while vaccine-like Vychans/Vaughns can apply to Faughns. I was sitting on the hood of my Mustang when watching Allison Bauer leave me for Mike Denardo, and while the Allison "blackbird" is the "Cornish chough" of Hoods, Moses'/Moys (share Bayer rose) are said to have been lords of Mustang-like and Vychan-related Mostyn. Moise's/Moissons share the triple fesses of English Poussins. This recalls that "poussin" was a codeword in a "blue apples" code concerning Rennes-le-Chateau, which was rebuilt by a Mr. Saunier, and here we can add that Saunier's/Saulner's are the reason for the Chaulnes variation of Fage's/Faux's/Chollens' (Perigord, same as Saunier's/Saulnier's). English Faux's were first found in Essex with Farmers, and faux's share the mascle of Hansons, the latter first found in Yorkshire with Formans and Firmins.

English Poussins (share leopard in Crest with English Farmers) were first found in Oxfordshire with Clintons whose Chief and Shield in turn reflect the Coat of portcullis-using Snipe/s/Snape's (Oxfordshire, same as Harcourts). Harcourts use the peacocks while PEAS'/Peacocks are suspect in the "peascods" of portcullis-suspect Cullis'. English Farmers were first found in Essex with Peas'/Peacocks, and the latter use a "not" motto term while Nots are listed with Note's/Cnuts who share the Halland drops! Beauty.

Poussins/Poseys were first found in Maine with Bill-branch Billets/Billiards. The Gord-loving Roets throughout this discussion were kin of Bills (Somerset, same as Roets) so as to point to Bill Gates and even Bill Clinton, for the Clinton, Roet and Bill Chiefs are similar. The German Bauer Chief is almost the Clinton Chief. Bills use "wood bills" while Woods share the rooted tree of Rutte-like Roots i.e. the Dutch prime minister's surname looks like a Root / Roet branch. Maine's share the double Perche chevrons.

WOW. The Dutch prime minister is Mr. Rutte while Rutts/Rudds, I kid you not, use BELLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I didn't know this while writing above on the Porter bells!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Rudes', first found in Shropshire with Bell-branch Bellamys and Bagleys (share ROOT Coat!), share the engrailed Macclesfield cross, and then the Woods share the savage with Macclesfield-related Davenports.

I now take us again to Gill, or perhaps, Giles, our FORMAN at Knob Hill Farms. It's where Darlene Ray handed me the ice-cream, and Rays are said to be from Gill. Gills (share gold lion with Gillys/Gillie's) were first found in Yorkshire with Formans and Firmins. I know what this is, a pointer of God to the Gillie's/Gillys (Lothian) sharing the horizontally-split Shield of GROCE's/Greggs, a surname that was originally looked up as per a FOOD Basics GROCEry store that I say God wanted to advance to the reader due to my finding a Russian medallion left on my Jeep's HOOD there one day. The "Domine" motto term of Gills reminds that, at age 14-15, I worked the season at the farm of Dominic De Filippis, brother of Danny, and then Dannys/Dance's can take us to Farmer-related Dance's (Yorkshire again), even to Italian Dance's, first found in Piedmont with Domino's/Damans.

Dannys/Dance's look connectable to the Box's (Wiltshire, same as Dannys/Dance's), and then the Box griffin is also that of neighboring Hangers in the Cnut "pot hangers." The Nots/Cnuts (now linking to Hallands and Darlene's) can be in the "not" motto term of Gillie's/Gillys. Wiltshire and Hampshire are so close to Poole that the Danny/Dance lion can be the Pool lion, yet the latter's Coat looks related to the Holland Coat.

In the 25th minute, Polly goes to the smallpox vaccine of the RAND corporation, and the Rinds above can be linked solidly to Rands/Rhynds/RANCE's because St. Malo is at the Rance river (at the Vilaine border) while French Malo's are listed with Mallets while English Mallets share the Rind scallops. The Arms of St. Malo use a scarf (upon an ermine), and this may be a pointer to the scarf lady, Deborah Birx, Trump's Coronavirus Response Coordinator who worked in tandem with Fauci to secure the lockdowns from Trump. Indeed, the Traby/Sadowski Coat is a Q-shaped "scarf," and this situation may be pointed to by the Q-tip in Mellanson's ear.

BE SHOCKED. THIS IS INCREDIBLE. I have it recorded that Rinds use "gilly flowers" while "gillieflowers" are used by JEWELs (Devon, same as Flowers). The Danish CFO of Bavarian Nordic is Mr. JUUEL!!!! I almost missed that.

Oh wow, there is a German Juel Coat with the split Tunnel/Tuna Shield. What are the chances? As the spider-like Spitzers use "hills" in which there is a "tunnel," lets add that Hills (look like Allison / Hull kin) were first found in Worcestershire with Hillarys (share the fitchees with Davenports!) and the Clent Hills, for Tunnels/Tuna's were first found in Northumberland with Reeds and Rodhams/Roddens while Tunnels/Tuna's share the Roten hexagram. Reeds share the garbs of Blythe's and Clints/Clents while Hillary Rodham married Bill Clinton, though the latter's biological father was Mr. Blythe. The six Hillary fitchees are those of Clintons, no coincidence, and while Davenports have three of these fitchees, the Savage's/SAVA's (Cheshire) in the Davenport Crest have six lions in the pattern of the six Hillary / Clinton fitchees.

The Shields of Juels and Tunnels is that also on Hinge-like Hinkleys, wherefore let's repeat: "...even more amazing that HINGE's/Ings share the Fitch/FITT leopard faces. The nuts-and-bolts miracle was for the bolts of the gate hinges. Fitch's/Fitts use 'ESPERance.'" We can read that as "EspeRANCE" too, and, to boot, the Q-tip is a cotton swab while the Cotton-beloved Hanks/Anke's might just have been a variation to Hinge's/Inge's. Hinks look like kin of Staplers, and of the Jardins of Anke-like Angus.

I'd like to go back to DOMINic de FILLIPis, for he pointed to the vote-flipping crimes of Dominion voting machines, which was founded on SPADina Road in Toronto's CHINAtown. I've shown that SPADE's use what look like crossed shovels rather than spades, but in any case, I've just found what looks like a shovel blade with Swiss Dormans/Doormans, who came up when loading Dormans as per the DORMINay variation of English Dominics. It just so happens that the horizontally-split French Dominic Coat is in the colors of the vertically-split Spade Coat. As a doorman is a GATEkeeper, note that the vertically split Shield of German Dominics is shared by Gates'. Do you think that Bill Gates was a CIA fink all the way back to his invention of Microsoft technology from the CIA? It was his job to get the entire world to use it as a spy tool of the CIA?

I'm sure that Doormans use a shovel BLADE, for it even comes with the slot for the shovel handle. Blade's are said to have a BURSEblade variation while Burse's/BOURseys were first found in Somerset with Rothschild-branch Roets, and with Burleys/BOURleys (Blade) colors) who in turn share the green Shield with Bauers and Bowers. The six bars of Burse's/Bourseys are shared by Blonds/Blunds (FOOD/Foot colors) who in turn have a "foot" on the sun. Foods/Foots are in the motto of Meschin-related Gernons, and the Meschin-Gernons named Blundville's. These Meschins married Skiptons of Yorkshire, and that's where Farmer branches were first found while we got here from Dominic De Filippis the farmer (he remained a farmer at least into middle-age). Blondville's must be using the Davenport FITCHees and the Chief of Massey-connectable Palms. Palmers, first found in Norfolk with Floats/Flote's, share the Meschin scallops, and Blundville's (trefoils) are said to have been at Norfolk's FLOTman. Floats/Flote's (trefoil) almost have the Food/Foot Coat (trefoil).


When trudeau legalized pot, he became personally responsible for destroyed, demonic minds (I stopped watching when they had a needless sound-effect while slicing a brain with a knife, won't tolerate gross producers like that):

As per this short video below, I'm going to say that medical-bent globalists didn't want the world to get much fun and sun (it's good for us), and so they scared people indoors with the fright of sun-caused skin cancer when in fact there may be no truth to it at all. We have got to look back at the last generation with new eyes, knowing that the sociopathic Fauci's of the world were operating even then, in the grass, like slithering snakes, to promote frights that got us to buy suntan lotion, drugs, whatever gimmick they could dream up.

Below is a good set of messages for the pig-headed, from Tucker (short version here):

Whoever Joe Biden really is, he doesn't have COVID. He was tested positive, big deal, he has no virus. Many are tested positive but have no virus. We know that by now.

There are two ways to interpret this statement: "About one in every 500 vaccines causes an adverse reaction." Pro-vaxxers will interpret it as a certain, few people having some odd thing in their bodies that doesn't sit well with vaccines. That's the naive view. The other way to interpret the statement is that one in 500 vaccine shots are intended to cause harm, increase medical visits, increase the medical cash-cow for those in the business, keep doctors and hospitals happy in $$$ so that they stay hush about vaccine poisoning. And that's just for starters. The only silver lining is that, for the most part, staunch, pro-vaxxer, leftists are going forward with booster shots.

Candice Owens remarked on how amazing (sarcasm) it is that the media kept a daily and all-important-to-them tracking of COVID deaths, but does not do the same for vaccine deaths. I wish the media bosses dead as recompense. It's about time the people are permitted to wish mass-murderers dead without fear of being blamed for someone murdering them. If they are murdered, it's fine with me. I don't care what any judge would say to me, mass-murderers deserve to be shot, anywhich way is fine with me, is what I would tell that judge. There are millions of people who feel the same way but won't put it in print. This is the news of the day: millions wish the vaccine pushers shot dead, and this is why the spies of the leftists spy on gun owners and "Christian militia," to catch any would-be assassin before they kill a guilty politician. When people say that Biden and trudeau deserve to be arrested, what they really mean is that they deserve to be executed by a firing squad. This is the news this day, and I report the news this day as it is. People wish trudeau dead, not out of mere political opposition, but because he's willing to see children die and become maimed that he might climb the Schwabite totem pole and become the scariest face at the top.

It's not enough that Schwabites support killing the unborn, they now want to kill the born. If there is a judge in this land, and there are many, who support trudeau in these matters, SPIT on that judge. You sit in my court, judge, I pay you not to support killing of the innocent, but to support the punishing of the guilty, you twisted psychopath.

Someone on Gab remarked that the difference between a democracy and a republic is that the constitutional republic is protected by law even from the majority in case it decides to do evil. This could explain why Schwab and trudeau are throwing out the "democracy" word lately. I see their game, to use bribe the media to conduct polls to make the leftist / globalist agenda appear as the majority to justify advancing it from political forces. When European nations voted for EU-ism, the countries voted for or against it, but by bet is that those votes were rigged before voting day on behalf of ushering in EU globalism. Their game needs fraudulent voting, and so the people need to strive to expose and reduce voter fraud to the point that leftists are made lame in elections.

Here's one of the best messages I've heard in a long time, a rash in sales of dumb phones by people made dumb and depressed by smart phones:

As the Putin who appears on TV doesn't look like Putin of yesteryear, might the West actually be working with the fake Putin to strangle the West with high gas prices and food shortages to boot, all blaming the mere war in Ukraine. That's a very good theory. It's crossed the minds of many. At times, this war appears hyped, or even outright faked, in the news.

As we enter satanic times from the power structures all across the West, we should expect that the Christian ideal, to have concern for the poor, will not only be shunned, but violated with exactly the opposite attitude: robbing the widow of her last nickel. Here's a good description of canada's robbery of everyone, poor or rich:

I disagree with Jordan Peterson above where he implies that the old multiculturalism of canada was a stable thing. To the contrary, there was too much multi-culturalism that made society unstable, and has now led to the empowerment of liberals, which multiculturalism was intended to do. Racism amongst liberals targets the White male -- and even White liberals of both genders target White males -- because they are the major voting block of conservatives. That's why Whites are being downplayed by leftists everywhere, and that's why the other cultures in canada and the USA have been inclined on downplaying Whites. Liberals have been traitorous, and there could be a big price for them to pay for this before Jesus returns.

Peterson is very upset, and is justifiably crying the blues. His political tune is one that's going around the world. I saw one poll this week that claimed only 19 percent of American Latino's support Biden at this time, and so whatever election gains the deep state made with opening the border to Latino's are being more-than-lost by the deep state's choices in burdening the country. As we see, neither the globalists nor the American shadow government can use harmful tactics, to force compliance, without losing political power. Ask globalist Italy now about to lose power unless the global side does something drastic:

News Hiatus

The globalists have been the best friends, after all, of its enemies by mistreating them. At the sight of the surname of the GEORGia Meloni, the prime-minister wanna-be in the video above, I thought of Steven MELLANson's cotton SWAB, and so I loaded the Melon surnames. The video says that she's "teaming up" with a Mr. Salvini, and in the meantime the French Melons/Mellans (definitely a Mellanson branch) share the besants of Savards/SAVARys while the Melon/Mellan write-up traces to an early "SAVARic de Malleon." These same besants are used by English GEORGE's. This is a good start.

English Saffers/Savarys share a unicorn-on-red with SWABs/Schwabs, and moreover the Vita's in the Saffer/Savary motto share the annulet of Savers/Saviours (Somerset, between George's and Saffers/Savarys). Thus, we can see possibility of a branching of Saver/Saviour lines to form the Salvini's/Salvato's (Saffer/Savary colors). English Savards/Salfords can apply because the Ratcliffs who were first found in Salford share a bull-head design (different color) in the Melon/Mellan Crest. Zikers, I wrote that forgetting this: Ratcliffs (Lancashire, same as Tipps/Tippins) share the black bull head of TIPPS/Tippins, and a cotton swab is a Q-TIP!!! That is amazing. Mr. Salvini took us here. As was said, Tipps' are also TiPINGs while Pings/Pongs/Pagans/PUNGs have the bendy of Cotton-beloved Hanks in colors reversed. Does this not appear Arranged? "PUNGit" is a motto term of Rome's, can't get more political in Italy than Rome?

Savers/Saviours were first found in Somerset with Bulls/Bule's (annulets in the colors of the similar besants of Melons/Mellans) whose bull heads are in the white-on-blue colors of the bulls of French Mountains, the latter first found in Languedoc with Cottons/Cotta's. The Bull head in the Bull/Bule Crest is gold, as is the bull head in the Melon/Mellan Crest. That's pretty amazing. Somerset is where Bow-related Roets were first found while German Roets share the Mellanson crescent. Bows share the bow with MELONeys/Maloneys. Mellanson's wife was/is Susan, and I trace Susans (Irish Melon/Mellan colors) to "Susa," capital of the Cotton-like Cottians.

Georgia Meloni and Matteo Salvini are going against the pro-Schwab government. Savers/Saviours are Sivers too while Silvers/Silvia's have a lion-version of the Saffer/Savary Coat while German Silvers share a crescent on blue with Mellansons. German Silvers were first found in Hesse with the Rasmussens who in turn share the Swab/Schwab Coat. That's pretty amazing.

The HOOKers have a not-bad reflection of the Silver/Silvia Coat while Mellansons share the HOCKey/Hockley crescents while the latter share the fesse-with-crescents of Hazels/HESSELs (Devon, same as Saffers/Savarys, Mellanson-beloved Rods, and ESSE's/Ash's), and then HESSE's are likewise Hessels.

The video told that Meloni is about to win a super-majority along with a party run by Silvio Berlusconi. He has/had the Visconti snake shaped out on his lawn, and so this is amazing for more that the Silvio's being listed with Savary-branch Silvers, for Mellansons are from Milan, a city run long ago by Ottone Visconti. But there's more, for as Ottone's can be gleaned as kin of both Chappes surnames, French Chappes' (Moor heads) were first found in Ile-de-France with Melons/Mellans and French Levi's while the two lions of Jewish Levi's are in the Hooker Coat. The Visconti snake has a "Moor" child in its mouth.

Scottish Chappes' may be why Mellanson put the cotton swab into his ear, to nail his pointer to Chappes' because Scottish Chappes' use "ears of wheat."

Now look at "VisCONTe," for English Conte's share the antlers of Cone's while BerlusCONi's look like Cone liners. Plus, Italian Conte's/Conti's share the giant lion of Milans/Millens, first found in Aberdeenshire with Mellansons. This gets amazing because Matteo Salvini was the deputy prime minister for prime-minister Giuseppi CONTE. Then, the Conte / Milan lion is that also of Faucets while the Visconti lion was also used by Sforza's, and the latter's lion hold a "quince" while Saer de Quincy is in the Faucet write-up as the builder of the Fauxside castle. The same giant lion is used by Welsh Matts/Matthews. We then take this to Mathie's because they have the Faucet /Matt/Matthew lion in colors reversed, I reckon, because "Fac et" is a Mathie motto term. The first point is that English Mathie's are listed with Matthews so the this appears to be a pointer to MATTEO Salvini.

But this gets more amazing because Mellanson had BLEEDing in his ear, and Bleds share the Coat of English Mathie's/Matthews!!!!!!!!! I've been talking a long time about this cotton swab, and all along it seems that God was using it to point to the next government of Italy, the toppling of Schwabites. I had no way of knowing until now.

Mathie's/Matthews even share blue wings with Here's/Hears/HEYERs, first found in Derbyshire with EYERs/Ayers/Heyers whom I assume are in heraldic EARs. Here's/Hears/Heyers show a tree stump of the kind once shown by Italian Milans! Beauty. Plus, Scottish Herrs/Hairs (Ayrshire, same as Ayers) share a blank, gold Chief with Melons/Mellans while both use gold-on-blue in their Shields. Ya see, God arranged the heraldry centuries ago to prove that He set up the swab-in-ear event...suggesting that God is about to topple Schwabism in Italy, and perhaps give it a major set-back in other nations too, to ease persecution against His people.

Herrs/Hairs and their English Hair branch were HARcourts, especially as Herrs/Hairs share the double fesses of MANNers/Maness' who in turn share the Harcourt peacock. Harcourts birthed Humphrey de Vieilles, father of the Beaumonts of Meulan/Mellent. Milans/Millens and Mellents too. The Shirts/Shards (peacock) can be gleaned as kin of Harcourts (Danes, same as Tancred of the Guiscards) of the Harborough branch, and then the Bleds use a "tous" motto term while Tous'/Tosini's have a "MAN" wearing a "shirt" with "buttons," an apparent pointer to Buttons/Bidens. Shirts/SHARDs are suspect from SARDinia, where the Visconti's had a branch. Shirts/Shards are in Tancred colors and format, and Tancreds share the red scallop with the Mathie's/Matthews who share the Bled Coat. It's amazing, but then Tancred was the father of the Sicilian Guiscards, and the latter were not only first found in Stirlingshire with Scottish Chappes', but have a WIShart variation suggesting that they may have named VISconti's. Bleds share triple chevrons (different colors) with English Wise's.

The vertically-split Salvani Shield is shared by Tache's, and because Tacks are said to be Tancred kin, the Tache scallop is probably the Tancred scallop. We saw this red scallop in the Crest of Mathie's/Matthews who in turn have the triple Clare chevrons in colors reversed, and Tache's, first found in Suffolk with Clare's, show both the Clare and Mathie/Matthew chevron.

I'd like to go back to the Russian medallion that someone left on my hood at Food BASICs, asking whether God had arranged a Basic-like surname to apply in some way, for Baskets are in the Irish Melon/Mellan Crest with a greyHOUND while Hounds share white lozenges with greyhound-using Brothers/BRODers (Rus-line rose in Crest) while Meloni and Salvini are of a political party called, Brothers of Italy. Broads use the white lozenge in both colors of the Hound lozenge, and while Greys can be connected to Huns/Hungate's and Huns/Hundts (greyhound), the brother of Atilla the Hun was BLEDa. We saw Bleds sharing the Mathie/Matthew Coat in connection with Mellanson's ear swab. "Atilla" looks like "Italia." The Brothers of Italy. Bled is at least near the Italy border. Bled is beside Lesce while Lesks/Lusks can apply "BerLUSConi" to topic, and the Lesks/Lusks have the boar of Broad-like Beards/Bards in colors reversed.

[I didn't know, until a few paragraphs below, that Huns/Hundts were first found in SWABia. I didn't know until many paragraphs below that English Bass'/Bassins, like "Baskin," share a black greyhound in Crest, holding a red rose, with the Brother/Broder Crest. The Medal variation of Dougals, who have a "bas" motto term, you see, were found initially due to this Russian "MEDALlion." I'm impressed.]

Repeat: Mellanson's wife was/is Susan, and I trace Susans (Irish Melon/Mellan colors) to "Susa," capital of the Cotton-like Cottians. Joe Oullette and I PRAYed for Mellanson's ear bleed, and Irish Prays share the six pale bars of COATs'/COTES' and Trots. I trace the latter to the Trotus tributary of the Siret river. The Cottians were likely from the Cotesii on the Buzau tributary of the Siret, and I saw ROXolani stamped across the Buzau on a map. Mellansons love the Rock-related Rods who share the trefoils of Sharks, the latter first found in Tyrone with Irish Melons/Mellans (Susan colors). Irish Melons/Mellans share the bend of English Peers while Peerless' ("tache") are listed with Napiers while the NAPARis river, near the Buzau, was home-central for Roxolani. The Naparis is now the yellow-like Ialomita, and Yellows were first found in Oxfordshire with Brothers/Broders (fesse colors reversed from yellow fesse). I had put the note for Mellanson into my pocket while Pockets have the giant cinquefoil of Buzau-like Bus' in colors reversed. The bendlets on either side of the Peer bend is called, "COTISed," in heraldry. It just so happens that German Peers are listed with Peters while the medallion is stamped with "SAINT-PETERSBURG RUSSIA." On the back of the medallion, it's stamped in Russian letters. What are the chances that I would receive a medallion like this on my vehicle?

The Peerless motto is "SANS tache," and this can be for the SENSii people group to the south of the Naparis. The Spanish Sans'/SANGuez's (means "blood") share a giant, gold eagle with Spanish Salva's. The Basic- / Basket-like Baskins share the vaired fesse of Saffers/Savarys and Silvers/Silvio's. Salvini's use roses, very likely the symbol of Roxolani > Varangian Rus. Varangians settled Kiev at the Dnieper river, and that river was home to Roxolani too, suggesting that Varangian Rus were Roxolani. "Dnieper" is a lot like "Naparis." Danish Rus had king Cnut, the line to Note's.

Roxolani Rus are thereby suspect as proto-Russians, founders of Moscow, and while the Siret was once the AGARus river, the hexagram of the Hagars is shared by JEEPma's/Cheps. The Russian medallion was left on my Jeep. The Chep variation looks like a Kiev element due to Keeps being definitely from "Kiev." The double-headed Jeepma eagle is black, as is that of Maxwells, first found in Roxburgh, a place named by Roxolani. I trace this eagle to the double-headed black eagle standing on a ROCK in the Arms of Richeza-like Rijeka, and Richeza of Lorraine was the mother-in-law of Maria of Kiev's Varangians. Bloods/Bluds share a lodged stag with the Maxwell Crest.

Wikipedia: "LOSINJ is a Croatian island in the northern...It is almost due south of the city of Rijeka and part of the Primorje-GORski..." I trace Gore's to "Gorski," and they share the Brother/Broder fesse. Upon the Brother/Broder fesse are LOZENGes. Bled is due north of Rijeka. Gore's (Kent, same as Trips) share the crosslets of English Trips, from Trypillians at Kiev. German Trips/TREFFs look like they belong to the Rockefeller-line TREFoil. Rijeka-line Ricks share the gold griffin with Brothers/Broders, and Riggs, with the RUSH/Rish / ROSco/Risco / Rick fesse, share the Hun/Hungate dog. Lozenge-using Broads have a savage in Crest while Savage's/SAVA's can apply because Bled is on the Sava river. Joe Oullette prayed for Mellanson's ear, and Oullette's share the Savage/Sava lion.

Losinj is in the KVARnar gulf, and that name may have been named by a Kiev line such as Vere / Weir-connectable Keevers/Evers/Eure's (makes Vere's look like Varangians).

Oullette's settled Basket-like Basset in Rockefeller-line Falaise. There is a La Falaise Ile-de-France, where French Melons/Mellans were first found. Trips/Treffs were first found in Hamburg with the HUNgarian Drummonds (French Basset colors), and English Bassets share the Coat of Scottish Drummonds.

During the period under Obama when the CIA was sabotaging the Russian pipeline industry by toppling the pro-Russia president of Ukraine, Russia had been in a pipeline alliance with Italy ever since prime minister Berlusconi. Wikipedia: "In November 2007, Italy's state-owned energy company Eni signed an agreement with Russian state-owned Gazprom to build the South Stream pipeline". Berlusconi was then the prime minister. While we're on Foods, it can be added that Baskins were first found in Banffshire with Troops while Trope's are listed with Drops while Hallands share the NOTE/Cnut drops while God had asked me to WRITE Mellanson a Note that would show Note's/Cnuts sharing the Mellanson crescents. It could appear that Mellanson's swab is pointing to a Russia-Italy alliance against Schwabites, for Russia to this day opposes European globalism, and is now speaking out against Schwabism.

Swabs/Schwabs share the RASmussen uniCORN (from Ceraunii Croatians on the Sava), and Ras'/Rose's were first found in Nairnshire with Gates-like Geddes'. Nairns, if I recall correctly, use a chaplet, and Chaplets (linkable to Milan's Ottone elements) were first found in Lorraine. Scottish Chappes'/CHEAPs look connectable to Jeepma's/CHEPs, and I trace other Jeepma variation to the Japodes at Rijeka. Chappes'/Cheaps were first found in Stirlingshire with Scottish Bauds and Visconti-suspect Guiscards/Wisharts, and the Bauds were kin of Dougals who come up as "Medal," a thing I discovered when seeking what the Russian MEDALlion might point to. The Baud and Medal/Dougal quadrants are those of Hood-like Hodleys / Oddie's too, and the medallion was left on my Jeeps' hood. The Oddeys/Hoddys were kin of Odins, and the Odins share the lion of Otone's, and of Bons/Bono's (Milan) who in turn look like Gates kin.

Medals/Douglas ("bas") share the lion of German Rolls, first found in Swabia with Huns/Hundts. Hungarian Drummonds were first found in Perthshire with Rollo's. The first Drummond had a mother from Bohemia, now in Czechoslovakia, and there is a Czech Hungar surname sharing the Grey lion (it's the Arms of Bohemia too), in the colors and format of the German Hungar and Hun/Hundt greyhound, and also in the colors and format of the dog of the Fortune's/Fortuna's who are in turn in the Rollo motto. Heraldic dogs are often "talbots," and the Talbot Coat is the Grey Coat in colors reversed. Dougal-like Dogs/Doags (Perthshire, same as Drummonds) share the Bus cinquefoil, colors reversed from the same of Pockets, the latter first found in Lincolnshire with talbot-branch TailBOIS'. Boii named Bohemia.

The Hungars are perfect here, for hunger goes with food shortages, and Schwabites are committing suicide for food-shortage scares. German Hungars were first found in Hesse with Rasmussens (share Swab/Schwab Coat). There is a Czech-like Check/CHEEK/Chick surname early in Oxfordshire with Brothers/BRODers, and the mother of the first Drummond was in PodeBRODy (Podebrady). The Marble's (Brady colors), first found in Cheshire with Bradds/Breads, who share the Brother/Broder griffin, tell that their Marble Hall once belonged to BRADshaws: "...Bradshaw, a chapelry in the parish and union of Bolton in the hundred of Salford..." Salford/Savard-connectable Saffers/Savarys use "vita," and "vit" is used by Bradshaws. Irish Melons/Mellans were first found in Galway with Bradys.

The father of the first Drummond was prince George of Hungary, and this looks like a pointer to Georgia Meloni, for the Hungarian leader has been anti-globalist for years. Whenever the Melons are to topic, it's not just a pointer to Mellanson's swab, but to Ms. Meloni. The Arms of Podebrady uses a "gold gate," as does the Crest of Podebrady-liner Babels/Babwells, suspect with "AGATa," mother of the Drummond's (George's wife), and so let's add that English George's were first found in DORset while we saw Doors looking like Gates/GATH kin.

It appears that there's more than one story going on via Mellanson. But he was French, not Hungarian. However, MELINda Gates was born Miss French, and both German Franks were first found in Bohemia. George's father (Andrew I) was in exile in Kiev, and Keevers/Evers/Eure's share nearly the Coat of Boii-like Bee's/Bie's (Oxfordshire, same as Brothers/Broders and ruling Vere's). Boys/Bie's use bees. The Weirs/Vere's sharing the gold boar in Crest with Keevers/Evers/Eure's were first found in Roxburghshire.

Jewish Cohens are Kagans too, suggesting the Khazar Huns. Hun-like Hohens (share Arms of Croatia, a country suspect with the crow), with a red version of the Cohen and CHECKer Coats, were from Swabia as per Hohenzollerns and/or HohenSTAUFENs. STEVEN Mellanson. CHICHesters share the Arms of Meulan/Mellent. Stauffers/Stovers look like a branch of Stevensons/Stove's, recalling my recent dream with crow KICKing at my stove burner. Stauffers/Stovers share the hexagram of Graffs/Graffens (Switzerland, same as Stauffers/Stovers), and if the Stauffers/Stovers use a glass, we can add that Glass' (Buteshire) share the mermaid of Walsers, from Switzerland's Wallis canton. Wallis' share the Grey and Hungar lion, and Greys were first found in Northumberland with Stevensons/Stove's, and with the Tunnels/Tuna's now suspect with the stars of Wallis canton. Tunnels may have the split Shield in the Walser Coat. Irish Walsh's use the swan while Swans (Lanarkshire, same as crow-using Caseys) are listed with Sions while Sion is in Wallis canton. The Sens'/Senns (Switzerland) are suspect from the Sensii mentioned above, the possible namers of Sion.

Cohen-connectable Checkers were first found in Hampshire with BUDINs/Buttons and Bodins/Botters. I kissed KEPke's girl, KIM Walsh, on the CHEEK, and Walsh's/Walchs are from Wallachia at the Buzau river of the Cotesii. Kims were first found on Bute (with/near Glass'), suspect with the BUDINi south of Kiev. Kiss' may have named the Moldavian capital between Kiev and the Buzau river. Checks/Cheeks are listed with Chicks, and then the Chicks/Chichs share the Medal/Dougal lion. Medals/Dougals were kin of MacDonalds, who had a Keppoch branch, and MacDonalds were first found in Argyllshire (beside Bute) with the KEVens/Ewens who share the Medal/Dougal lion. Irish Kevens/Cavans share the Check/Cheek/Chick crescents, believe it of not. Kevens/Ewans share the Maxwell motto, "ReviRESCO," and have the Groce/Gregg Shield in colors reversed. Groce's/Greggs were first looked up as per the Food Basics grocery store because I had found the medallion there.

Budins/Buttons use a "chapeau" while Chapeau's (roses) are listed with Caiaphas-like Chappus' (Forez, same as French Bassets/Besancons). They come up as Capote's, like the Italian word for "coat." Basset-like Bissets, first found in Ross beside the Rose's, share "REViresco" as the full motto with Groce's/Greggs and Maxwells, and so see this Maxwell-Rose Coat that shares the "water bouget" of Ras'/Rose's. Bissets share the bend of Italian Botters, and the Reeve's suspect in the Bisset motto have roses, and share "rege" with English Bassets. Basic-like Baschs/BesCHEFERs use the rose. Cheffs/Chaffs look like Brother/Broder kin.

The Groce's/Graigs, part of Food Basics, have the split Shield of Fie's/Feys in colors reversed, and the latter share "Pro rege" with Bassets, and with Irish Pattersons while Scottish Pattersons were first found in Ross-shire with BISSets. The Patterson scallops are in half the colors of the BISS scallops. Irish Pattersons even throw in a Graig-like "grege" motto term. OH WOW, THIS IS NEW I THINK: Gregs almost have the FOOD Coat! If it's not new, it's almost new, because I can't remember doing it before. But if God arranged this, what's the meaning(s) behind it?

Patterson-beloved Gregs were first found in Fife with the Geds who were on the Nith river of Patterson-branch Kilpatricks. I trace Five's/Fifys and Fife's with their Vivian/Vey branch to "Lviv" in Ukraine. Are we to decipher this set of heraldry with food shortages from Ukraine's controlled and exaggerated war? Do Gregs have a Ukraine-like crane? The Greg bird has a trefoil in mouth, and SHARKs use a crane with trefoils. SARACena is beside Morano, and Moor-head Morano's were first found in Modena with Casano's, a branch of the Cassane variation of Irish Pattersons. That works. Lviv is on the Bug rivers, and Bugs (Dorset, same as Shorts) share the fesse of Greg-branch Carricks. Beauty. The "water bougets" of Bugs are partly for Waters who share the triple chevrons of English Cassane's. The Ross-connectable Russells (Dorset, beside English Cassane's) almost have the Patterson/Cassane Chief.

Freemasons may have named the heraldic Chief after Cheffs because it's opposite is the so-called "BASE." One Base surname has the Semper/St PERE/SimPIER Coat in colors reversed, and that looks connectable to the pear-using Parrots because their Chief-Shield color combination is shared by Cheffs/Chaffs. The Peare's are suspect in the "PRO rege" motto of Bassets. Pierro's/Pero's share roses with Chapeau's/Chappus'/Capote's as well as the bend of Chapeau-loving Budins/Buttons. French Pierre's (Languedoc, same as St. Pierre's) share the Peer/Peter bend.

It's becoming apparent that the globalists had to figure out a grand excuse to keep people from growing their own foods in time for their 666. So they all sat at the same table of satan to chew things out, and they came up with global warming. One of the related plots was, apparently, to deny people nitrogen fertilizer, for we are seeing this now in the name of "climate change." People trying to produce food from gardens alone will have a hard time without fertilizers in some soils. Plus, I expect that they will sabotage seeds; I'm just waiting to see how they attempt it. To put this another way, we can now understand why God would, not only want to check trudeau, Rutte, and Draghi of Italy, but to let us know that He's doing it because the time is here to prepare our own foods. I hope I'm not guilty of disinformation here.

The globalists tried to keep prime minister Draghi from caving so that anti-globalists might not fill his position. I've been claiming for years that Agrigento, also called, ACRAGas, is to the Craig > Carrick line, and the Lawns who share "Garde" with Carricks tend to assure that Groce's/Graigs are Acragas liners too because they share the split-Shield colors. In other words, the grocery store that introduced me to the Groce/Graig surname traces to Agrigento, location of a Drago river to go with "Draghi." Craigie's even share the Hood crescent, in colors reversed from the Baud crescent. The medallion was left on the Jeep's hood. Grose's were first found in Cornwall with a Bude location, and Welsh Bude's happen to share the MELONy bow. That's a very-stunning pointer to the Brothers of Italy, apparently. The Gross Crest even shares the brown dog with LOTHIANs (Perthshire, same as Dogs/Doags and Hagars) and Lots while Lots share the black and double-headed eagle with Jeepma's/Cheps (share Hagar hexagram). Mythical LOTAN was a seven-headed dragon.

Grose-like Grace's are Grass liners, and English Grasse's, sharing the Medal/DOUGal lion and the Botter/Butini bend, were first found in Lincolnshire with Talbot-branch Tailboys, from Lucy Taillebois, wife of Ranulph le Meschin. The heraldic "talbot" is a DOG, usually of the breed seen in the Grose Crest and Carrick Shield. Meschins were first found in Shropshire with Talbots.

The Mosca's of Montechiaro / Chiaramonte were near Agrigento, explaining why their Muscas variation is in the Drake motto. It's interesting that while Mosca's/Muscas' were first found in Pisa (beside Botters/Butini's), the Pisa's share the Medal/Dougal / Grasse lion. It's interesting because "Mosca" is like "Moscow," and the Medals were initially looked up as per the Russian medallion. Something seems to be shaping up here. The Biblical dragon beast? Meschins were from the Bessin, and Bessins are Beasts too. Is Russia going to furnish the anti-Christ after all? Will Russia get confidence thanks to a tumbling Biden dumbo? Will Russia see opportunity to expand into the Middle East now?

As I said, I hadn't seen an old girlfriend, Diane MUSCHATov (Ukrainian) for 20 years when we bumped into each other at a grocery store. If the medallion is about food shortages, does it seem that Russian and Ukraine have anything to do with them? Yes, for the globalists attempted to set up food shortages / high food prices based on, and simultaneous with, the war in Ukraine. I once knew an elderly Ukrainian lady named, Vera, to go with "Varangian." She lived in the HOLLAND Landing, an area famous for its black soil, and thus it's farmland. She spent her entire days, in the years that I knew her, gardening and sending clothes to churches in Ukraine. I had been convinced that the Shorts are a pointer to food shortages, and so let's remind that Shorts, first found in Dorset with Pools, share the Bute/Butt estoiles while Pools (probably from the Polish-Piast noble lines at Pisa) share the Medal/Dougal / Pisa lion.

The way to trace Pisa's to Medals/Dougals is by way of Italian Botters/Botini's, first found beside Pisa. Medals/Dougals and their Dowell branch were in the area of Bute, and Bute once used the Rory lion from Rory MacDonald, which is in the colors of the lower Pisa lion. English Botters/Bodins place their eagle as a bend in the colors of the Lawn / Keep / Lorraine / Casimir bend, and as the latter three are definitely from Maria of Kiev, it proves that Botters were from the Budini of Kiev. It's where Bidens were from too. Reminder: Medal/Dougals ("Buaidh") share the quadrants of Budini-like Bauds/Bade's. Dorset had several bloodlines from Podebrady, and so let's add to that list the Cheffs/Chaffs who share the Brother/BRODer griffin, which is the giant Short griffin in half its colors.

I can now glean that Shorts share the Bauer wings because Bowers share the bow with Welsh Bude's while Shorts share the Bute estoiles. English Bude's share the Morgan lion while mythical Morgan le Fay was a witch on Bute. English Bude's were first found in Leicestershire with the Legro = Soar river, and Soars (Dorset) share the Legro lion. That works.

The Bade variation of Bauds reminds that Casimir of Poland, a Pisa-like Piast, and husband of Maria of Kiev, is to the Casimir surname sharing the red antler with Varangi-like Veringers of BADEN. Dowells were first found near BADENoch, and English Badens/Battins were first found beside Buttons/Bidens/Budins and Botters/Bodins. Polish Piasts were said to be mythical wheelwrights, code for the Wheelwright surname which, I think, has a red Catherine wheel in Crest, the color of the Bodein/Baudain Catherine wheel. As Bauds and/or Medals/Dougals likely share the "galley" ship with Keeps (the latter call it a "galley"), the Bodein/Baudain Chief is likely that of French Galli's, especially as Piast-the-Wheelwright myth was written by Gallus Anonymous. GALLOway is where Medals/Dougals were first found, and it just so happens that Gallows/Galloways share the giant Rory / Pisa lion!!!

Keeps were first found in Sussex, where Deins/Deans (share Gallus/Gallo lion) were first found, and where Dine's/Diens/DAINs were once said to be first found to go with "BauDAIN/BoDEIN." The Catherine wheel was owned by Catherine Roet, and Scottish Roets (share GORD boar head) were first found in Somerset with Bodiens/Bodins/BOYDens (not "Bodein") and Badens/Battins. It's interesting that while the latter share thistles with Fauchs, Fauchys were first found in PeriGORD with Bodeins/Baudains. Italian Fulks were first found in Tuscany with Pisa.

The amazing thing is that, it was only minutes ago that I looked intently at Pisa variations to spot that they may have been merged with Neils/O'Nails. I wasn't going to say anything until finding that Rorys (I rarely load them) were first found in Tyrone with Neils/O'Nails! That's why the giant Rory lion is the Pisa lion! Beauty. Tyrone variations suggest the island of KinTYRE, near Bute. I reckon that "Rory" is from "Rurik," the Varangian conqueror of Kiev.

More: the Pisa Shield is split horizontally in the colors of the vertically-split YARborough/YEARby Shield, and I was able to glean that the latter surname was from Yaroslav, king of Kiev! The Years were even first found in Stirlingshire with Bauds! Zikers. The great thing is, it was only two updates ago when realizing that the split Shield of Yarborough's/Yearbys is that also of English Neals!!!! ASTOUNDING. The split Neal lion is in both colors of the split Pisa lion! Plus, Irish Neals/Neils/O'Nails share ESToiles (different colors) with English Bute's/Butts while "est" is a Yarborough/Yearby motto term.

More: the dancetty-fesse of Carricks is shared by English Rolls while German Rolls share both the Medal/Dougal / Dowel / Pisa lion and the Yarborough/Yearby chevron.

Italian Este's have their eagle with Scottish Barrs, first found in Ayrshire (onshore from Bute) with Carricks and Craigie's. If the Yarborough's/Yearbys use wreaths, we can even add that Wreaths/Craiths/Crete's were first found in Inverness-shire with Dowells. Yarborough's were of Yorkshire, near the first-known BASfords who share the Este / Barr eagle, and Basfords may be a branch of whatever the "bas" motto term of Medals/Douglas' represents. Though in different colors, German Barrs share two hunting horns in pale with German Base's/Bass'. German Bauds/Bauts/Baulds have the Este / Barr eagle with the Moray stars, and even kick in a "bello" motto term, suggesting the Dougal-like Douglas' (Moray stars), first found in Moray with Bellys. German Belli's (Austria, same as Base's/Bass') share the split-Shield of Groce's/Graigs, I kid thee not, who were found thanks only to the medallion at the grocery store. English Base's/Baise's have the Duce Coat in colors reversed while Bellys share the eight-pointed star of Ducs/LeDucs (almost the Moray Coat). Base's/Baise's almost have the triple Lawn lions in pale, and Lawns share the split Shield of Groce's/Graigs and Belli's too.

There is a Bar location off of lake SCODra that I mention often, and as I trace Scotts and Schutz's to Scodra, it seems to explain why Schutz's share the black greyhound with gold collar and chain with Bas'/Bassins and Brothers/Broders. The Russian medallion had four links of its neck chain still on it, and it just so happens that while Bute's/Butts were Este kin, link-like Lynch's/Linch's share the Coat of Bute-line Bothwells. I trace the mythical GOPLo mouse tower (written by Gallus) of the Piast Poles to KOPLik, at the Clausula river at lake Scodra. KOPPLE's share the GALLUS rooster.

It seems worth mentioning that the Groce/Graig Shield is split in colors reversed from the same of PoinDEXTERs, for the latter use the fist, an apt symbol of Schwab and company. The Nemo's in the Poindexter motto were first found in Stirlingshire with Medal-related Bauds; the quadrants of the latter two are colors reversed from the same of Fasts while Fists (share the Poindexter fist) are listed with Fausts. Dexters share the Tyrone/Tyrell Coat, and while KinTyre is near Bute, Welsh Bude's share the bow of MELONYs while Irish Melons/Mellans were first found in Tyrone with the Neils/O'Nails now linking to Pisa's with Medals/Dougals. Mythical Morgan le Fay was on Bute, and Morgans share the MALONE lion. Dutch Veys have a boot, and Fie's/Feys are split in colors reversed from the same of Groce's/Graigs.

We have just arrived to more amazing. English BUDE's (Essex, same as English Este's) not only share the lion of Kiev-like Keefe's/Keefers to go with BUDini of Kiev, but the garbs of Wheats!!! That's why Bauds were first found in Stirlingshire with the Chappes'/Cheaps using "ears of wheat". BUDva, once Butua, is smack beside Kotor, home once of the Shark-like Saraca's, and while Sharks were first found in Tyrone too, Saraca liners named Saracena at the Sybaris river along with Morano. The Arms of Morano, and the Morano surname, share MOOR heads with French Chappes', you see, and Irish Moors share the giant Keefe/Keefer lion! Budva and Kotor (near lake Scodra) were within range of Dardanians, and the latter named Darts/Dards in the "dart" of Cudds who in turn share the stars in the Chief of Irish Moors.

Dexters were first found in Leicestershire with English Moors having one of the double Dexter chevrons, and with Bas'/Bassins who share the black greyhound with gold collar and chain with Schutz's. The black Quade/WADE wolf heads have a gold collar and chain too, and the Dexter Crest has "weights" while Weights/Waits (Quade/Wade colors), sharing black hunting horns with Base's/Bassens, look like a Quade/Wade branch. Wheats are also Whate's, and Watt-branch Vatts/Watters (share Watson tree) were first found in Argyllshire with Kevens/Ewens. English WATsons (Rutland) are in the colors and format of English Moors (Leicestershire, same as Rutland).

Dardanians married the Ardiaei line to Arthurs, and mythical king Arthur was made born in TINTagel, in Cornwall with a Bude location. Arthurs share the blue roundel with Welsh Bude's while English Bude's (Leicestershire) are connectable to Wheats/Whate's. King Arthur was made the half-brother of Morgan le Fay of Avalon, a mythical island that was in turn Bute. MORgans share the Moor and Bude lion. King Arthur was made to die on Avalon. Avalon was named after Avlona/Aulon (real place) at the ATINTanes (real peoples) theater next to the Ceraunii mountains, the namers of which named CORNwall. Ardiaei lived near/amongst the Ceraunii Illyrians. Crauns are in Arthur colors.

Morano's and German Moors share the Moor heads of Collars in the collar of the Schutz GREYhound, and Greys were first found in Northumberland with Cudds. The Cutts/Cute's use the greyhound too, and they may indicate that Cudds are from "Kotor." Cutts are in Dent colors and format while Dents share the Hound lozenges.

Wow, minutes after writing the above, I went to the news to find a headline: "UKRAINIAN MILITARY BOMBS THEIR OWN WHEAT". It's to deplete Western stores of wheat! It's right on topic of the heraldry above. The "weights" in the Dexter Crest is a pair of scales, symbol in Revelation 6 (third, black horse) of food rationing. Take this to heart, and start saving foods; go in on it with others to buy bulk cheaper; ask farmers if you can pick your own:

The Wheats entered the picture immediately from the medallion on the Jeep where Jeepma's/Cheps look connectable to Wheat-loving Chappes' who were first found in Stirlingshire with medal-branch Bauds. Plus, wheat and Chappes-like chaff go together in end-time prophecy. Cheffs/Chaffs share the giant Battle griffin. Whatever the true story in the video above, we've been hearing of wheat shortages for some months thanks to the Ukraine war. canada is another major producer of wheat, and canada is controlled to a fair degree by Schwabites. Wheat is one of the least-expensive, hardy foods on the market, and when that goes high in price, the poor will suffer greatly. We have got to collect our wits in concert and do something.

Good Morning Saturday

I thought I was finished the section above so I could return to news gathering, but there's more of interest as per food shortages. When I awoke and sat down minutes ago, the Shorts were on the computer screen, and I asked self if there was anything else to be added, and then took note of the Bute/Butt estoiles in the Short Coat. I then realized that Bolts were Budini liners of the Butt/Bute kind, I'll show you how. The amazing thing is that the same estoiles are used by Ports, first found in Hampshire with GATE-using Porters, BUTTons/Budin/BIDENs / Botters/Bodins, Hangers and the Pools who share the Medal/Dougal / Pisa and POST lion. This goes to the NUTs and BOLTs on the garden GATE's POST, you see, the pointer to Bill Gates and food shortages, for Nuts were a branch of Hanger-loving Danish Cnuts while Hangers share the Short griffin. The addition of Bidens into this picture speaks for itself, for there is no other "leader" so callously a globalist stooge.

Although in different colors, the Nuts/Knutts share a six-sectioned Shield with Wheelwrights, the Piast-the-Wheelwright line that started with Mieszko I, father of Swietoslawa, mother of king Cnut! I had read that Cnut invaded England from Hampshire too, which would have been from the area of coastal Poole, and so Poole's look like Mieszko-line Poles. A post is a pole. This is a good place to mention that WheelWRIGHTs suggest Wrights, for when I was a Christian of about a month old, I heard an audible voice tell me to WRIGHT down that Mellanson and I would have a disagreement that night. I then gleaned that God wanted to use that to point to NOTE's/Cnuts, and it's only this week that I find the Note/Cnut drops upon the Halland lion while Hollands share the Pool / Pisa / Medal/Dougal lion too.

SWIEToslawa can be traced to Sweets/Sweits because they have a Coat reflecting those of two Lambert Coats suggesting Mieszko II Lambert, father of Casimir who married a women of Lorraine. Note how French Casimirs look like kin of French Grace's/Grasse's, for English Grasse's share the Pisa-etc. lion along with the Botter/Botini bend (it once showed as a straight bend, but is now curved for a reason). Plus, the line of Casimir was to the Lorraine surname (shares the so-called "Piast eagle"), and I've talked a million times about the GRASS stain on the BUTT of Lorraine's white pants that I saw on her BALCONy on CHURCH street. Balcons/Balcombs almost have the Botter/Butini Coat, and Church's are in English Bush/Busch colors and format while Bush-branch Bosco's use "tufts of GRASS," and moreover German Bush's/Buschs and Boschs share the fleur-de-lys of Hallands and Crabs/CRAILs while Balcons/Balcombs were first found at Crail. I met Lorraine at her BUS stop, and so it could appear here that the Bush-circle Nazi's need to be included into the food shortages now threatening Holland. The Ukraine has open, known Nazi elements.

The grass stain was on her ass, and the Ass surname uses the fascist symbol, a fasces. She was given a babe symbol. English Babe's (branch of gold-GATE Babels/Babwells) were once said to be first found in Dorset with their Beak kin, and Beaks (have their triple fesses above the "gold gate" in the Arms of Podebrady) share the triple fesses, in Bush-fesse colors, of Bussys. The latter's write-up: "'The first Jordan de Bussy, called, in the pedigree, the son of LAMBERT, founded a great Lincolnshire house...'" Lincolnshire is where Grasse's were first found while French Grace's/Grasse's (Provence, near Grasse) have three of the two lambert chevrons. The Arms of Grasse share lambs with English Lamberts. The Bussy surname is said to have been first found in farmland-like Framland (Leicestershire).

I've just realized that the Shield and Crest of Bussys/BOWSEYs looks like that of Poussins/POWSEYs/PUSSYs. I don't know whether this occurred to me in the past. It means that Poussins, looking like kin of English Pasleys, were Bush liners somehow. Scottish Pasleys (Renfrewshire, same as Pollocks and Speers/Spire's) were a branch of Pasi's/Pascels while Pascals share the Lambert lamb. It just so happens that while Speers/Spire's are in the Pasi/Pascel spears, they are also in the Darlington motto phrase, "dum spiro spero," while Darlingtons share the drops of HALLANDs and Cnuts, made more important here where Hollands (share Pool/Pole lion) were first found in Essex with Pascals. Isn't it amazing that while Rutte leads Holland, Roets share the Speer/Spire boar heads?

I had evidence that God attacked trudeau (part of the Schwabite war against fertilizer along with Holland's leader) by a "spear to his head," which is what I asked Him for just before the spear-like convoy drove to the head of canada i.e. Ottawa. I'm not taking credit for the truckers and farmers, of course, but rather God made me write those words, I reckon, to show that He was bringing the convoys. And He never fails in what He sets out to do.

The Halland drops are gold, technically called, "GUTTEE d'or," and Orrs/Ore's were first found in Renfrewshire with Speers/Spire's. Gutts/Guths are in Gates/Gatt colors, and almost use the Schwartz Coat while George Soros, a Hungarian banned from Hungary, was born George Schwartz. Drummonds were from George of Hungary, husband I think of an AGATHa of Podebrady, and German Drummonds were first found in Hamburg with Gutts/Guths, you see. Shoe-using Trips were first found in Hamburg too, and Shoe's use a "knight" while English Knights share the triple pale bars of Gattenburgs while Gutts/Guths are also Guttenburgs/Gittenburgs. Plus, The Gates/Gatt Crest shares the demi-lion of Graffs/Graffens, a big deal for pointing to poison vaccines underlying in the food shortages (coercion to vaccinate, or else), and Goods/GUTs were first found in Switzerland with Graffs/Graffens. I showed evidence that the Gut variation of Goods is a pointer to Bouillon-beloved Bellys, and food has to do with bellies. Italian Belli's almost use the Gattenburg / Knight pale bars exactly, and German Belli's use a "beacon" while Beacons/Bacons were first found in Suffolk with Knights .

A fasces is used also by Sorrys, from the Soar river of Leicester, and I resolved that Soars/SORS (Dorset, same as George's and Russells) and Sorrys were pointers to George Soros, the fascist, defacto ruler of Ukraine when it was first toppled under Obama. Sorrys share the Russell / Sauer lion, and Lorraine turned out to be a Russellite = Jehovah's Witness. Russells share the Russo lion for an apparent pointer to Russia.

The Sorry fasces is on an armored arm, used also by Mieszko-like Mieske's/Mesechs. Sorrys share the Sweet/Sweit rose. The Bussys above were lords in TICKhill, and Sorrys use a "facTIQUE Simplex" motto phrase to go with the "Simplex" term in the motto of Perkins, first found in Leicestershire with Bussys of Framland. The Speer-branch Spree's use "Simple," and the Spree river happens to be in Poland's Lusatia. The fasces is use by Ass' too, and while Lorraine's grass stain was on her balcony, Balcons use the motto, "Dum spiro spero," the motto incorporated by Darlingtons, the latter first found in Durham, beside the Hallands of Yorkshire who share the Darlington drops. Again, Hollands share the Crab/Crail fleur-de-lys, and Balcons/Balcombs were first found in Crail, BUT I'VE JUST REMEMBERED that these fleur-de-lys are used by Plows and English Dole's too!!!! Farmers use plows!!! It appears that God had used Lorraine even to point to the Dutch farmers. Her pant stain even pointed to German Ducks (and Bar-le-Duc), yet I didn't get familiar with the Dutch's/DUCHs until the Ditch-farmer uprising! Zikers. Bellys share the eight-pointed Duc/LeDuc star!

OHHHHH WOWWWWWIE! I don't recall entering "Duch" before, but they almost have the Balcon/Balcolms Coat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For new readers, her PANT stain pointed to Pansys/PANTzers, first found in Westphalia with Ducks, and then Bar-le-Duc in Lorraine uses a pansy. Neat and tidy proof that Lorraine pointed to Ducks. The Arms of Bar-le-Duc is suspect with the barriCUDA, and "acuta" is a motto term of Bellys and Belli-related CarPENTERs! There is a Panter surname, and PENDERgrass' too. Acuta-like "aucta" is a motto term of Courts/Coverts/ACOTTs/ACOTES (almost have the Coates/Cotes pale bars) while Farmer-beloved Curtis' are also Courtis'.

Plows were first found in Shropshire with the DOL Alans, and English Dole's were first found in Cambridgeshire with Crabs/Crails, and so you see a distinct Plow connection of Balcons. PLUS, I've only just loaded Dole's to see that Irish Dole's share the Farmer lion heads!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Plows/Plough's are in the "plowshare/ploughshare" (I forget which spelling is used) of the "farmer" in the Curtis Crest, explaining why Curtis' share the Plow (and Holder) dancetty-fesse, in the colors of the fesse of English Dole's. Curtis' (Warwickshire, same as Sheriffs and Holders) are much in the colors and format of Scherff-like Sheriffs, and the Sheriff Crest shares the demi-lion of Gates'. I claim that the first president Bush was born George Herbert Scherff Jr., from a Nazi family, and while Goods/Guts share the Stick Coat, a "stick" is used by Austrian Schere's while English Schere's and Scherfs too. German Bush's and Boschs share the Plow / Dole / Holland fleur-de-lys. I'm impressed.

Lorraine pointed to Bush liners in multiple ways, and as she lived on Church street, let's repeat that English Bush's are in Church colors and format, for the Church Crest is the Crest of Schutz's, first found in RHINEland with German Bush's. Reno's/Rhine's share the MontaCUTE lozenges. Both the Church and Schutz Crest use the greyhound head, and there's a white greyhound head with Hound-connectable Cutt/Cuttes Crest while Spanish Guts have the white greyhound head too. Hounds were first found in Cambridgeshire with Crabs/Crails and Dole's. We just saw Coats-related Courts/Coverts/Acotts'/Acotes', and while the latter have the six Coats/Cotes pale bars in the colors of farmer-loving Curtis', Cutts/Cuttes have a different-colored version of the Duch Coat. Goods/Guts were pointed by God, I claim, in a belly-press event in my teens, to Bellys sharing the Duc/LeDuc star. James LeDuc of the Galveston National Lab was involved with the Wuhan lab.

Cutts/Cuttes are in Dent colors and format while Dents share the Hound lozenges. Dents were at Dentdale in SEDberg (Yorkshire), and the "sed"-using Sedans, once said to be first found in Yorkshire, share the black border with MontaCUTE's who use lozenges too. Montacute's were first found in Somerset with crab-using Bridge's, and a bridge is used by Galveston-like Galways/Galweys'. The Galveston lab was deeply involved in China's Wuhan, and while China-pointing SHINs/Chine's/Chings were first found in Somerset too, "sino," a term used commonly for China elements, is a Sedan motto term. Sedans share the cinquefoil of McBride's, a branch of Bridge's, Bride's, Brights and Brittanys. CamBRIDGE's use swans. The Setantii Brigantians likely named Sedans. The related Sine's/Sions/SWANs were first found in Lanarkshire with the Lorraine-like Lorne's in the write-up of Lanarks/LURNacks (share Bus cinquefoil), and Lorraine lived about two properties from Lorne and Church streets (in Richmond Hill, Ontario). Her balcony butt-event is now pointing to the new-to-me Duchs, I'm amazed.

Back to Shorts, who by the way have a giant griffin in the colors of the griffin heads of Sheriffs who in turn share the demi-lion in the Gates and Graff/Graffen Crests. Food shortages and poison vaccines by Bill Gates and company. Sheriffs use an "Esse" motto term while Esse's/Ash's, potential Ass branch, are said to be from D'Esse COURT, a man. Ass' share the fasces with SORRys while SHORts were first found in Dorset with Soars/Sors. Shorts not only share the Bute/Butt estoiles, but have the Graffen-like griffin in both Shield and Crest, as do Bolts (in different colors. This caused me to theorize that Bolts/Bolds were a Bute/Butt branch, and therefore from the Budini.

The House of Griffin was in Pomerania, beside the GATTenburgs of Mecklenburg, and God pointed to Bill Gates by the nuts-and-bolts miracle on my garden gate. The nuts point to Cnuts who gave us the Hangers sharing the Short griffin, in the colors of the griffin heads of Caplans/Chaplins (Hampshire, same as Hangers. Caplans/Chaplins are in the colors and format of Ports -- Hampshire, same as gate-using Porters -- who in turn share the Short / Bute/Butt estoiles. German Caplans were first found in Switzerland with Graffs/Graffens, and the latter use the anchor while Anchors can be gleaned as an Anger branch while Hangers list Angers too. I link German Caplans to the Shield of German GARDNers because English Gardners share gold griffin heads with English Caplans/Chaplins. Thus, my GARDEN gate points to this set of heraldry.

God used KEPke for the pointer to graphene-oxide at the Graff residence. Caplans are also KAPPelins, and then the "chapeau" of BUTTons/Budins/Bidens (Hampshire, same as Caplans/Chaplins) is owned by CAPELLI's (Este connectable). There you have a solid link of food SHORTages to JOE Biden, for Joe's/Josephs (Hampshire) have a Chief in Caplin-Chief colors and format, and moreover Joe's/Josephs share the double fesses of French Chaplins. Kepple's/Cappels were first found in Herefordshire with Gates-connectable Doors. The lion of Irish Doors and Gates' is shared by Ferrari's, and so here's the Capelli write-up: "The surname Capelli was first found in the city of Ferrara, where the Cappelli family occupied many of the first seats in the ESTensi Court in the 12th century." Ferrara was politically allied to neighboring Este.

We can now go to the Pools/Pole's, first found in DORset with Shorts, and the Poll-connectable Pisa's have a horizontally-split Shield in the colors of the same of Capelli's. The Pisa's had looked like kin of English Neals, and here we can go to Irish Neals/O'Nails, first found in Tyrone with Sharks. The shark in the pool. PACKINs/FEIGHANs (griffin), first found in Tyrone, look like a pointer to vaccines along with Faughns, Faucets and Vychans/Vaughns. "PAX IN bello" is the motto of German Bauds/BAULDs/BAULTs (share Gates / Door split-Shield colors) who share the solid chevron of Packins/Fagans/Feighans. There we have another reason to see Bolts/BALTs and Boltons from Bute / Baud/Baut/BAUX liners, for the latter were first found in Pool-connectable Auvergne with "bello"-using Bouillons from the BAUTica/BALTea river. Boltons (Lancashire, same as Bolts/Balts) thus look like they use a version of the German Bute/Butt/Boet Coat. It appears that Budini settled that river, and it happens to be a tributary of the Po river that was once called the BODENcus.

The Baux variation of Bauds reminds that Shorts share the griffin of neighboring Box's, and then the Scottish Reeds share the BOOK with Halland-connectable Darlene's. English Reeds share "Pax" with Bauds/Baults, and Reeds add "copia" for the Cups/Cope's (Aberdeenshire, same as Scottish Reeds and MELLANsons) in the cups of the Packins/Fagans/Feighans (Tyrone, same as Melons/MELLANs). Baux-like Paux's are listed with French Pots, first found in Berry with French Porters while English Porters/Pawters look like Potter kin. Paux's/Pots share the fesse of English Weavers who have a motto, "Fidelis esto," to go with the "FIDelis" motto term of Packins/Fagans. Fido's were a Food branch.

Paux's remind me of the smallPOX / monkeypox "emergency" that's the start of another planned crisis, if they can get away with it. The Pocks' are listed with Packin-like Pockins evolving the Pokes variation of Pollocks, the latter first found in Renfrewshire with Scottish Smalls. German Smalls share the saltire of Gettes' for what looks like a pointer to Bill Gates. Pocks'/Pockins are in Clot colors and format.

Pocks'/Pockins happen to use horseshoes for a link to the horseshoe-bat crisis that was foisted successfully upon the world, like when a man with dagger under his cloak attacks suddenly. That man's problem now is that the world is watching for the next dagger; it's not going to be as successful a crisis as before, we hope.

Pocks/Pochins are said to have had a Pochin family of Barksby manor owned previously by a Power family, and Powers are said to be of a Pois/POIX location. Packs were a Pasley branch, and Scottish Pasleys were first found in Renfrewshire with Pokes'/Pollocks. The latter were from VesPASia Polla, traceable to PLANCia Magna of Perga. PLUNKetts were in Ille-et-Vilaine while Vilains share a Power Coat. Leicestershire is where Pocks'/Pockins were first found along with Packin-like Parkings/Perkins. Pocks'/Pockins share the Stafford chevron while Staffords are said to be kin of Tonys, the latter first found in Leicestershire too. Tonys are from Les ANDELYs, and ANTALya is beside Perga, where I trace Parkings/Perkins. The latter share the lion of Scottish Smalls who in turn have a "RaTIONE" motto term, and Scottish Smalls have a horizontally-split Shield in the colors of the vertically-split Shield of Tunnels who in turn have variations like the Tonys. The Rats expected in "Ratione" were first found in Nairnshire with Gettes-like Geddes', and Gettes' share the blue saltire with GEDneys/Kidneys; the latter were first found in Lincolnshire with POCKets/POWchers. Geds have the motto, "DuRAT."

Powers were first found in Devon with MONKs, and a monkey is used by Desmonds/Geralds (write-up doesn't tell why Desmonds are listed with Geralds. We may have a Poix link here to the Gerald monkey for a potential pointer to monkeypox. I have it record many times that Croms (Crome/Crone colors and format), in the "Crom" motto term of Geralds, were once said to be first found in Berkshire, location of Windsor castle. Geralds are said to be Windsor ancestors via the Others/Otters of Huntingdonshire. Others/Otters were from Lombards, and one Power Coat is in the colors of the Arms of Lombardy. The latter look like they use quatrefoils, and Croms happen to use quatrefoils. Powers (Devon, same as Rods) use trefoils in the same colors, and they are the Rod cinquefoils too, in CROMby/Crommy colors to boot, and it just so happens that Milan is the Lombardy capital while rod-using MELLANsons and Milans were both first found in Aberdeenshire with Crombys/Commys.

Geralds are strongly implied to be from king David I of Scotland (built Haly ROD House) in arriving to the Others, and his line is to Welsh Davids who happen to share the lion of Scottish Smalls. David I had a son, HENRY of Huntingdon, and Irish Henrys were first found in Tyrone with Melons/Mellans. Mellanson's ear swab pointed to Eyers/Ayers (quatrefoils), first found in Derbyshire (in the land of Morleys to be specific) with English Smalls.

The Gerald write-up has a Henry with a David, all suspect from the Rockefeller ancestor, Henry of Rodez: "Maurice Fitzgerald (d. 1176), was the Welsh conqueror of Ireland... He was thus half-brother to Robert Fitzstephen and Meiler FitzHENRY, and brother of DAVID II, Bishop of St. David's. His father Gerald, according to later genealogists, was grandson of Walter Fitzother, who figures in 'Domesday' as a tenant at Windsor and elsewhere..." French Henrys were at Mott, and Motts/MORTE's share the crescents of English Smalls and DEATHs. Beware the smallpox vaccines. Revelation speaks of sores breaking out on those who receive the mark of the beast, and the mark of the beast could become proof-of-vaccination for entering stores.

Windsors are like the Vendors/Fenders who use an otter, and were first found in Huntingdonshire with Others/Otters. The Windsor saltire is colors reversed from the Desmond/Gerald saltire. Beware the end-time Windsors. Note that FitzGerald was the half-brother of MEILER FitzHenry, for Meilers/Maylors (Wales) and Miles' (Lincolnshire, same as pockets) have the Cromby/Crommy Chief-Shield colors in reverse.

Derbyshire is where English Morleys and NOTE's/Cnuts were first found while I put God's note to Mellanson into my POCKet, and gave it to him that night while he was showing disdain for me at his front DOOR, because I had left his party (temporarily) earlier that night with a few other guys. I've told this before, that these guys drove with me to Bradford (why do I remember this?), and it just so happens that Bradfords were first found in Morley of Yorkshire while English Smalls were in Morley of Derbyshire. It seems that God arranged this pointer to Smalls for a pointer to smallpox. The Small Crest even shares the white unicorn with the Note/Cnut Crest. Scottish Morleys/Mauls were first found in Yorkshire too. Wow, I wrote the above before loading Morleys/Mauls to find: "His son, Robert de Maule aligned himself with David, Earl of Huntingdon, later known as David II..."!!! That's incredible.

Morleys/Mauls have a "Clementia" motto term while Clements (share a Clair Chief) were first found in Power-like Powys (Wales), and then one Simson Coat is a lot like the Coat of Trevors/Trefors, who in turn are said to be from Tudor Trevor, "Lord of both MAELORs in Powys." Trevors/Trefors were first found in Herefordshire with the Rosers who are in turn in the colors and format of the other Simsons; both share the Chief-Shield colors of Maelor-like Meilers/Maylors...from Meiler, brother in Wales of FitzGerald. I trace the Simson motto to ancient Enotri of the PALINurus region (southern Italy), and while one Power Coat is in Simson colors, the other Powers share the Chief-Shield of PALINs. One French Clare Coat shares the Clement Chief, explaining why Clements come up as "Clermonts," and then the other French Clairs share the Coat of German Rosers.

I see the MacKenzie's as a pointer to the Apophis asteroid that, in 2029, could very well fulfill the "like a mountain ablaze" in 2nd Trumpet of Revelation. It's the "astra" motto term of MacKenzie's, and the flaming mountain in their Crest, that persuaded me of their pointer to the ASTERoid. The Crest is drawn as a rock, but it's said to me a "mountain." I've read that this asteroid will arrive from the crab constellation of Cancer, and then while the ROSSer variation of Welsh Rosers were at Chancery, and while Chance's/Chanceur's were first found in Essex with Mountains, MacKenzie's were first found in ROSS-shire. That's interesting. The "Alis" motto term of Simsons can apply because Alis' share the sword across a fir tree with Alpins, and then MacKenzie's are listed with Kenneths while there was a king Kenneth said to be the son of king Alpin. Firs happen to be listed with FIRE's. That's blazing interesting. Firs/Fire's share the giant unicorn of RASmussens, and Ras' are listed with Scottish Rose's while German Rose's are Rosers too! Zinger, that is, it is, interesting.

Roser-like Roders/Rodez's (Languedoc, same as Roque's/Rocks, Roquefeuil, and French Mountains!) look like they can apply to the MacKenzie Crest's rocklike mountain, especially as the giant Roder/Rodez lion is shared by Maurice's, first found in Herefordshire with Rosers. Moris' were likewise first found in Herefordshire, and they share the scaling ladder with English Trips (Kent, same as Drummond-related Sea's) while German Trips/Treffs look related to Trevors/TREFors (Herefordshire)! Maurice FitzGerald looks like he's from Maurice Drummond, but as I see Gates' from the Bohemian mother of Maurice Drummond, zowie, note that Gates-connectable Doors were first found in Herefordshire too. Hungarians trace themselves to a mythical stag, and there's a stag in the Crest of FitzGerald-line Windsors who in turn share the crosslets of English Trips.

The Morley/Maul split Shield is that of the neighboring Tunnels/Tuna's who in turn use the ROTEN hexagrams, and this is amazing, because David Morley, a Christian friend I met about a year after the note to Mellanson, was in a sleeping-bag dream that had a Maul-like mall. Malls/Marlybone's (Cheshire, same as Welsh Davids above) are said to be related to Malbancs, and it just so happens that Malbanks, first found in Northumberland with Roten-connectable Tunnels/Tuna's and RODhams/RODDENs, share the ermined bend of Rodhams/Roddens.

MalBANKs could have been a Maul-Bank merger because Banks were first found in Craven (named by Croations), where Massey-line Meschins, kin of Clare's on Tunbridge, married Skiptons.

The last scene in the sleeping-bag dream was my pulling Miss Peare toward me. I've said a million times that she worked at Reitmans when I first dated her briefly, and have mentioned that Reitmans share the Roten hexagram. This dream pointed in multiple ways to the Clintons, and yet I've not yet fully deciphered it. There must be things in the future yet pointed to by this dream. I saw myself walking into the front doors of the mall, and so this scene became suspect with the mark of the beast, perhaps to be expected from the Massey bloodline to which I belong. Crome's/CRONE's, probably a branch of Corons/CORONA's/Coroners (beware), share the fleur-de-lys of Masseys (Cheshire, same as Corons/Corona's/Coroners). As Croms use the cat, I suggest that they were Ceraunii Illyrians (Croatia-Serbia) in relationship with some family on the Cetina river, for Cetins/Cattans (possible Gates branch judging by split-Shield colors) use the cat.

If monkeypox is a crisis, then we expect the global hypocrites to close down every public place where faggots gather. And faggots should be forced to quit their jobs and go bankrupt, the way that the global lunatics put other people out of work. But wait. Faggots are some of the best friends of the lunatics, and so don't expect any world-class measures pit against them. Faggots account for a large swath of child abuse, which is why smart countries don't tolerate them. The Western power structures, however, have been infiltrated by them, but God has permitted in order to set up a hot Appointment with them.

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Here's how long globalists have been planning to reduce our nitrogen stock:

The speaker in the video above says that Holland's land mass is 62-percent farm land, which underscores how zero crisis there is, for as Holland is in the thick of European civilization, yet the country still has plenty of open land i.e. no over-population problem whatsoever. If the globalists don't get away with the way they are treating the ordinary world at this time, they will pay a dear price from those whom they are now making their enemies. I would like to see their punishment harshly, for these are wicked worms unworthy of human life. Let them become natural fertilizer upon the war fields. Let the vultures feast on their bodies. David Knight headline: "Trump Wants Death Penalty for Drug Dealers". Then Trump to the firing squad, because he trafficked in poison vaccines. They be drugs too.

Artur Pawlowski reveals some details about the recent decision at Alberta's supreme court. I didn't know until now that the judge even declared his arrest(s) as "illegal." So, you see, eventually, the globalists will be betrayed by the better judges when the tide turns against fascism. The tide turned against COVID, masking, and vaccines, and this changed the tunes of judges in many places. The normal people are on a roll, time to send the communist pigs running by a concerted effort of law suits everywhere. Get into the courts now that the control freaks are unpopular. Sue for $$$ and win-win-win for the turmoil they caused you. Tell your stories to the judges. Don't hold back on how you frame the freaks as 1st-degree killers. The evidence is ample and available.

\ Mr. Pawlowski has become the chief persecuted one due to his stick-to-it nature, his non-compliance. The wicked tried to break him by tormenting him, but now he has respite, and the ball may be in his court. I don't like his insinuation (about the 46th minute) that 99-percent of the pastors are just working for the money. I do think that pastors should not be paid to be pastors, because this assures their shepherding from their hearts. But 99-percent is much too high.

Artur's not asking for trouble by being a rebel. Artur simply fumed, as I did, against mask mandates and lockdowns, etc., with the threat looming of vaccine passes into stores. I applaud his fury. I am appalled by pastors if they laid down to allow this leftist state to walk on their backs.

The phrase, "Christian nationalist," is being glorified these days by Trumpers. Beware. Call yourself an anti-globalist Christian, but do not tether your own neck to any nation on earth today. Keep distance of the nations going down to the fate of Sodom. Make the Israel of God your nation because Jesus made you a citizen of that kingdom. In the meantime. America is run by the "synagogue of satan," the Jews of the flesh. Your war is against them. Do not try to take America or canada or France or Germany to yourselves, Christians, because they do not belong to God. Instead, just do the rightest and bestest things for EVERYONE, of any nationality, for the people of God are the true Globalists. The Rothchilians -- intruders, imposters, trespassers upon the turf of God -- want us minimized because God will cause us to inherit the globe. If all you want is free America, or liberal France, pity. Who dreams of living in mud? We are to be the people of the Country of Right.

If you had doubts:

This is the closest thing yet to fire from the sky, a new weapon, apparently. There's no evidence given that it's falling thermite, and moreover if nobody goes to that city in the morning to discover and report what the fiery debris was, then I suppose this video could be faked:

There's two theories on the rash of Canadian doctors dead instantly and unexpectedly: 1) vaccines killed them with help somehow from their globalist enemies; 2) they are false-flag / fake-news deaths (hard to pull off, maybe impossible, in canada) to make other doctors shut their mouths on bad-talk against vaccine murders of the general population. Who but doctors know better that people were murdered with vaccines? If it's obvious to you and me, it was obvious to them from day one of vaccine toll-pouts. yet they said nothing out of fear, or out of a willingness to be paid off to kill. Doctors with integrity are speaking up progressively more these days. Polly has a video on the dead doctors:


Here's all four Gospels wrapped into one story.

For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God.
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Pre-Tribulation Preparation for a Post-Tribulation Rapture

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