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September 28 - October 4, 2021

Miss Hicks the Totten Nurse Promises the Apophis Asteroid
What's in a Pee

If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture

The section below the quote below was written between Tuesday and Friday. On Friday, I did the following insert to the lst update (Load Fulsher link now to have access, on another tab, to other Coats of Arms):
[Insert October 1: In the next update, I was working on the new home that Miss Hicks moved into, and found, for the first time, that she's got an address listed in FulSHEAR, Texas (Houston). No Fulshear surname comes up, but Fulshers are listed with Fulchers/FUCHERs/Fuge's. Repeat from the last update: "And at the end of the dream, I yelled, "F--- off." This caused me to load Fuggers because I remember their write-up: "The name is derived from the Middle High German word 'fucker,' meaning 'sheep SHEARS.'"" FulSHEAR!!! Shears (scissors) even worked into my getting a haircut in the barber dream introduced in the last update.

I'm so amazed here because the Fulcher/Fucher Crest has a gold demi lion (called a "half lion") holding an anchor, the Graff/Graffen symbol!!! Fulshear, Texas, was named after Churchill Fulshear, father of GRAVES Fulshear, and Graffs/Graffens are also Gravs! Why is Miss Hicks connecting to the Graffs? She married Mr. Kilpatrick, and Irish Kilpatricks are also SHEERa's. It appears that God is in these pointers to poisonous vaccines.

I can add that Meullers use a "pair of snips" while Snipe's (Oxfordshire, same as Clintons) use a portcullis-GATE version of the Clinton Coat. The Mueller "probe" (sham, was used to delete incriminating evidence) was covering for Stefan Halper, and Halpers/HALFpennys were a branch of Helps/Halps/Halfs suspect in the "half lion" of Fulchers/Fuchers. Can we glean here a Fauci link to the Mueller FBI et-al? End insert]

For the first half of last week, I had it up that the demi lion in the Thistle Crest is that of graphene-like Graffs/Graffens. That was important because Fauci-like Fauchs use thistles. However, I corrected it to say that the Thistle lion could possibly be the Graff/Graffen lion in colors reversed. It makes sense in pointing to Tony Fauci's poisonous vaccines, yet I did not offer proof that the Graff/Graffen lion could be even remotely close to the Thistle lion. There are certain medical people insisting that they have found a poison, graphene oxide, in all four COVID vaccines.

The last update showed why the Fuggers point to Faux's/Fage's/CHOLLENS' and Cremers, and therefore to Tony Fauci and his accomplice, Francis COLLINS. I didn't tell then that the goats in one Fauci Coat could be code for Goats/Gothams who happen to share the Gripp/Grape/Grabner/GRAVners Coat. Graffs/Graffens are also Gravs. Grapes are used by Deeters/Teeters, first found in Mecklenburg with Hahns and Trumps, and Stephen Hahn was Trump's pick to lead the Food and Drug Administration, the ones who decide what people can/should take into their bodies. Hahn gave COVID "vaccines" a green light.

I didn't tell, in the last update, that the goat-using Fuggers have "two trefoils emerging from a gold CROWN." Whenever things are in an heraldic crown, it's code for the CERAUNii Illyrians to which I trace the crown-using Corons / Corona's, and the vaccines under discussion are for the so-called corona virus. Did God arrange the Fugger symbols to point to poison vaccines and dangerous, criminal screwballs like Fauci? Looks like. The Fuggers goats are said to be "RAMpant," and while Cremers almost have the Coat of Faux's/Fage's/Chollens' (Perigord, same as Fauchy's), the other Cremers use a giant RAM head.

The Mea's, first found in Nottinghamshire with Goats/Gothams, are not only in the in the motto of English Grave's/Greafs, but the latter share the demi gold lion with Graffs/Graffens! Looking good. The Mea cross is shared by Dutch Grave's/Greve's.

The Goats are listed with Gothams. Didn't BATman live in Gotham City? Batincidence? Batman's sidekick was Robin, and two Robin surnames use thistles!!! I missed this in the last update. Robins share the chevron of Robe's/Robbs, and while Darlene's use a woman wearing a robe, Darlene Ray was one of the two ice-cream girls that pointed to poison vaccines!!! The first ice-cream girl, as I've said a million times, was Katrina HANSon, the pointer to Faux's and Hahns / Hanns!!! Incredible. A big part of the reason for last week's pointer to Fuggers was, very apparently, to get us over to the Goats/Gothams. The other Fuggers share the Nordic Hanson Coat.

French Robins happen to share pheons (different colors) with Thistle's. Scottish Robins use a "virTUS" motto term while there is a Tous/Tosini surname that could have named the TOUZels thought by someone(s) to be at the root of the Thistle/THISSel surname. German Robe's even show a quadrant with nothing but a chevron that could be of the nothing-but-a-chevron TISS'/Teece's. Tease's/Thys' were first found in Nottinghamshire with Goats/Gothams. The Shirts/Shards are excellent here for their "HosTIS" motto term, for they were resolved with the Tiss/Teece chevron while Tous'/Tosini's are said to have a man "wearing a red SHIRT with BUTTONs"! Buttons/Bidens were first found in Hampshire with Tiss'/Teece's. Shirts/Shards were first found in Cheshire with Propers/ROBINs/Roberts, and with the Overs/Offers who might have the Thistle/Thissel bend due to a close relationship.

Especially as Buttons are said to have been at Bath (Somerset, same as HOSTs expected in "Hostis"), I'm going to guess that German Robe's were arranged by God to share the BATHgate and POUSSIN sun (almost the Poissons/Poissins), for Bathgate's can point to both Bill Gates and to the Baths (share Randolph cross) who are in the bat of Scottish Randolphs, who in turn show horseshoes as a pointer to horseshoe bats. Scottish Randolphs were first found in Moray, near the first-known Robe's/Robbs, and the latter's brown stag can be of the Kettle's and their Keith branch. The Keiths were of the Catti, and of the Chatti of Hesse-Cassel, and the sun above is shared by Hesse's.

Next, it just so happens that Dutch Grave's/Greve's share the Bath / Randolph / Mea cross, recalling the Grav variation of Graffs/Graffens. Repeat: "The Mea's, first found in Nottinghamshire with Goats/Gothams, are not only in the in the motto of English Grave's/Greafs, but the latter share the demi gold lion with Graffs/Graffens!" There we have further importance for the Fugger goats, and they come with quadrants in the colors of the Tute/Tuit quadrants, in colors reversed from the same of Haydens (Norfolk, same as Tute's/Tuits) who in turn share the Bath / Randolph / Mea cross (compare with Tease's/Tess').

For a long time, I didn't know whether Thigh's/Thy's used a fox or wolf, for houseofnames calls the same design either a fox or wolf. It turns out that Thigh's/Thys use a fox, and Foys/Foix's are in the motto of the other English Haydens. The Graffs lived on Doner, and Doners use foxes "comBATANT" while Batants/Battins were first found in Somerset with Baths, Collins' and FRIENDs. Haydens are expected to point to Ainsley Earhardt of Fox and Friends for a reason(s) I don't yet know. Tease's/Tess' were first found in Switzerland with a Morges location, the line to the mythical witch, Morgan le FAY, and Fez's/Fays (Auvergne, same as Foix's/Foys) use another fox, and while it's upon the same bend as English Collins' have, the latter put the same martlets, upon their bend, as have Pullys/Pullens who named Pully, about 10 miles east of Morges. Irish Collins use lions combatant. This looks like a pointer to Francis Collins (chief of the NIH) while involving Fox and Friends for a reason(s) I don't yet know. English Collins' use a demi Graffen-like griffin.

The gold demi lion of Mea's / Graffs is also in the Crest of MERGINs, looked up as per the the "eMERGINg" trefoils of Austrian Fuggers, the ones with goats. Both the Mergins and Mergens/MORGANs have giant gold lions in their Shield, and the thing about Mergens/Morgans (Carnarvonshire, same as Winns) is that, while they're in the colors of the Winns, the latter show only eagles in the colors of the Grave/Greaf eagle!!! BINGO! From Winns (looks like they were related to the namers of GWYNNed), we can take it to WINchester, ruled by Saer de Quincy, builder of FAUXside castle of FAUCets. Quincys/Quince's are in the "quince" of the Sforza lion, which is in the colors of the Graff/Graffen/Grave lion.

It's interesting that while Faucets were first found beside the Fallis'/Falls, the latter almost have the Sforza lion while Fage-like Faigs/FEIGENers almost have the Mergin lion. I looked up Faigs (new to me here) as per Mergins being first found in Offaly, anciently called, Ui Failge and now Uibh Fhaili. The Faucets share the compony bend of FAUGHNs/FAUGHeys. Faigs/Feigeners look like the Feugen variation of Austrian Fuggers. Fallis'/Falls share the trefoils of Rockefeller-related Fellers. Can we imagine that Rockefellers own the vaccine scheme now being foisted on the world?

The Faucet description includes: "OVERall, a bend COMPONy..." Faughns call it "counter compony", which recalls Tony CAMPANia, whom I pumped gas for at 14-15 years of age (when I knew the Graffs at 13-14) directly across the intersection from Sam's Restaurant (Gormley, same as the Graffs almost across the street from my place), where ice-cream girl Katrina Hanson sold me the ice-cream at 16 years of age. I asked her for our first date as she handed me the ice-cream, and took her out in the family car of the Quince-like Quinns. The Quinns (Winn colors) were first found in Longford with Faughns. It doesn't look like a coincidence, especially as Sharon Quinn pointed to Faucets. Sharon's parents owned the car that I dated Hanson in. The car was a red Valiant, and the Sharks (trefoils) in the Valiant shark were first found in Tyrone with the Fagens/Feighans while Faigs/Feigheners are also Fegens. Just look at all those heraldic links applicable to vaccine-pointing events in my teens.

AHH! Compony-like Campanio's have the Irish Hagen quadrants in colors reversed while the same Hagens (Tyrone, same as Fagens/Feighans), in their first quadrant, essentially have the Fagen/Feighan Coat. That's evidence that heraldic compony is code for Campanio's, but also evidence that Faucets and Faughns were a branch of Fagens/Feighans. Tony Campania, mechanic, ran a BP gas station in Gormley a quarter mile from the Quinns. The Fagen / Hagen cups are those also of BUTlers, which can explain the boot in the first Hagen quadrant. Hagens call them "covered cups," and Fagens call them "covered GOBLets,"likely code for Poland's Goplo line. Fagens come up as Hagen-like "Phagen."

In the 1st update of September, 2020, I told of a dream in which Dennis Quinn, Sharon's brother and my teen friend, handed me an ice-cream cone while I was tying up one shoe, and before I could tie up the other. Try tying your shoe holding an ice-cream cone. There is something amazing here, because I didn't have access to this dream when introducing the Quinns above. with Faughns. Here's what was said when first telling of this dream; "All I know is that I made arrangements [by phone] to stay the night at some TENANTs living in the house my PARENTS now own...I can see no other surnames that fit this part of the dream aside from the Phone's/Fane's and Tenants. Is it not amazing that Parents' share the quadrants of Hagens first found in Tyrone with Sharks?

Tenants have a "vela" motto term, and while Vela's use a giant lozenge (by appearances) in the colors of the three lozenges of Dutch Hagens, Vela's have torches too while Turks/Torks use a "vel" motto term. Turks/Torks were first found in Dumfries with the Nith river, and so here's what else I had said: "I was tying up my SHOE in preparation for walking over to the tenants' place, and I was probably on one KNEE when tying the shoe, for one can see the Knee/NEE surname applying because it uses the phoenix of the Phone-like Phoenix's/FENwicks. The "Ne" motto term of Phone's/Fane's surely applies here." Phone's/Fane's share "Ne vile" with Griffins, and Griffins use "Ne vile VELis." So, we see evidence that God created this dream. Fagens/Feigans even have a white griffin with gold wings, recalling the gold griffin of Collins, and the Camps with gold griffin heads are also compony-like Comps. Compony is used by Faughns, first found in Longford with Quinns, and it was Dennis Quinn who handed me the ice-cream.

I can see why God would lead us to the Turks/Torks, for they use a "flaming mount." As Mounts (lion on a mound) come up as "Mons," the Turks/Torks must have been related to Flemings at Mons in Annas-like Hainaut. I add the Annas' here because they were first found in Nottinghamshire with TYE's/Tease's (share Annas star), and I was TYing my shoe. The Annas-branch Ainsleys were also first found in Nottinghamshire, and it just so happens that Dutch Tie's/Thy's use a giant fox in the colors of the giant Mons/Mount lion. So, the bloodline of the Levite, Annas of Israel, killer of Jesus, must have been in Hainaut.

Last time I checked, Wikipedia's article on the counts / county of Hainaut still showed its Arms as having the French Levi Coat essentially. I can add that the Turks/Torks who brought us to Mons'/Mount were probably from Torcy, also called, Torville, because it was home to Humphrey de Vielles (like the "vel" motto term of Turks/Torks). He was the ancestor of the Beaumonts of Meulan who married Miss Leavells, thus tracing Levi's to Leavells. The Arms of Meulan are identical to the English VAUX/VALLibus Coat. Louvier's have the same checkered Shield as those Arms, and La Louviere is only about a dozen miles from Mons of Hainaut.

Turks/Torks are thus important to the tie-shoe dream, especially as they were first found in Dumfries with the Corsons/Carsons who not only share a scimitar with Ainsleys, who not only share the Hagen lozenges (suspect with the giant lozenge of torch-using Vela's, but use another "Ne" motto term. You can check it yourself at Hall of Names: the Shoe surname uses "a KNIGHT issuing from the KNEES." English Knights show a spur to help trace them to the Nith river, and the three pale bars of Knights can be related to the three-and-three pale bars of Italian Belli's while "bello" is a motto term of Turks/Torks. Wikipedia's article on BELgium fails to mention the Belgian tribe, BELLOvaci.

The Morinis', like the Belgian tribe of Morini, are in the write-up of Deerings, first found in Kent with English Trips, and with Brabants and Louvier's/Louvains, the latter from Louvain in Brabant (Belgium) i.e. near/beside Hainaut. Bellys (share Carpenter motto) share the Morano Moor heads, and Faigs/Feigheners share the Marano lion. German Trips who now show shoes once showed boots, the Hagen symbol too that's with the Fagen/Feigan Coat. German Trips were first found in Hamburg with the Nissans who share the bend of Chalants, which recalls Mr. Kepke saying to me, "be nonCHALANT," when I last spoke to my girlfriend, Karen Whelan of Henry CORSON Place (Markham, Ontario). Bellys share the eight-pointed Duc/LeDuc star, and I was in my Nissan pick-up truck when mugged in Galveston as a pointer to James LeDuc, chief of the Galveston National Laboratory that's been in long cahoots with the Wuhan lab, origin of the altered viruses from horseshoe bats. The Scottish Randolphs using both the bat and horseSHOEs were first found in Moray with Bellys. The Boot-like Butlers who share the cups of Fagens/Feighans almost have the Coat of English Randolphs.

Whelans can be from Waleran de Leavell, husband of Miss Beaumont of Meulan. Whelans (Waterford, same as CORRys) have the CORson/Carson lozenges in colors reversed, the point being that the Chalants/Chalons share the bend of Irish Collins for another apparent pointer to Francis Collins, for Meulan liners were related to Vaux's, first found in East Lothian with Faughn-branch Faucets.

It's just amazing, suddenly, that the Vos' in the Waleran motto share the Tie/Thy Coat!!! Both are giant foxes in the same colors. These Vos' were first found in Mecklenburg with Hahns, a branch of Hanns', and then the Hands/Hans', who share the Turk/Tork, can be gleaned where Dennis Quinn HANDed me an ICE-cream while I was tying my shoe, for Ice's/Ecco's were first found in Mecklenburg too, and while Dennis' sister pointer to Faucets, Dutch Vos'/Fos' might be using a version of the Faughn Coat (with compony) for obvious reason. The sister, Sharon, is suspect as a pointer to Sharrons who share the Coat of PenderGRASS', and a "GRASShopper"is used by Fauchy's, the latter first found in Perigord with the Vaux-branch Faux's/Fage's/CHOLLENS' with a Chalant-like Chalnes variation. Do you see what God's up to here?

German Hanns even share the KOPPLE rooster, and while Kopple liners named KOPLik, the line to GOPLo, Hagen-related Fagens use "covered GOBLets." The Belly- / Belli-related Carpenters use a "GLOBE," which recalls my dream in which I purchased carpenter glue to use as grease for my car's wheel bearings. Bearings share the Arms of Meulan, which is the Coat of English Vaux's. The glue thus looks like code for GOUEL de Perceval de Leavell, father of Waleran de Leavell above. The Goplanie namers of Goplo were also the globe-like Glopeani. The car was up on four jack stands, and jacks share the scallops of poison-like Poissons/Poissins. The "Pace" motto of Turks/Torks can play into this where Italian Pace's/Pasi's were a branch of Paisleys/Pasleys while English Pasleys (Berkshire, same as Boots) have the English Poussin Coat in colors reversed. Turks/Torks were brought to topic thanks to the tenant at my parents' place, i.e. thanks to the Tenants, first found in West Lothian with the BathGATE's who share the triple suns of French Poussins. English Pasleys (comparable to Belli and Carpenter Coats) share the triple fesses of Fullers who in turn share a beacon with German Belli's. English Beacons are listed with Bacons while French Bacons share the cinquefoils of Bello's/Bellows who in turn have a fox head in Crest.

I now want to go back to the shark in the kidney-shaped pool (my 1979 Sleeping Beauty dream), which had a ring of teeth around the BELLY of a British bulldog as the latter was halfway into the shark's mouth after JUMPing into the pool. Kidneys/Gedneys share the blue fish with Boot-loving Irish Hagens, first found in Tyrone with Sharks. The reason I'm going back to this is that the bulldog was linkable to a large fiberglass, British bulldog that I purchased in HAMILTON, Ontario, in the year (1994) I first met Miss Hicks, who turned out to be the fulfillment of Sleeping Beauty. She was married to HAMILTON Kilpatrick, a COVID-pointable doctor, who was in a photo with the bulldog mascot, Spuds MacKenzie, in 1987. The point is, Hamiltons (Renfrewshire, same as Paisleys/Pasleys, and beside BRAKers/Breconrigs) use the motto, "Through," and I've been wondering whether this is a pointer to so-called "breakTHROUGH" COVID cases (suspect from the direct / intended products of vaccinations). The Bellys happen to share the roses of Jumps and BRAKers/Breconrigs. The latter's "VirTUTE" motto term can go to the Tute's/Touts (Yorkshire, same as Tout-loving Hicks), is that not amazing? Sleeping beauty was on a beach, and Beach's/Bechs share the single, Braker/Breconrig pile.

Jumps (share Belly / Braker/Breconrig roses) were first found in Yorkshire with Touts/Tute's/Toots, and with the Dents who in turn share "industria" with Brakers/Breconrigs, and while the shark had nasty teeth, the Tooths are said to descend from Mr. DENTiBUS. Tooths were first found in London with Berbers/Barberrys while it was Barbers who were involved (two updates ago) in introducing Brakers/Breconrigs. London is also where the Plants/Plantagenets/PLENE's were first found who are suspect in the "Plena" motto term of Tenants.

Two updates ago: "In the last dream I told readers, a year ago (4th update of September, 2021), Miss Hicks was a nurse picking at my tooth, and Hicks use a "Tout" motto term." Nurse's/Norse's have a Coat like that of Liddle-branch Little's, and as Liddle's share the spur with Close's and Knights, Little's look connectable to Kilpatrick castle on the Nith, at CLOSEburn. Little's and Liddle's of Roxburghshire were near the first-known Tooth-related Letters / LAUDers. Little's have a "Magnum" motto term to go with the "magna" of English Walkers, and while Walks/Wachs were first found in Dumfries too, English Walkers share the chevron-with-annulets of RIGGs; they are also the Lady/LAUDyman annulets. The BreconRIGG, and similar variations of Brakers, can apply. BREAKthrough. Dents were related to Hounds (probably a Hun/Hundt branch) while Huns/HunGATE's happen to share the Rigg dogs. What say ye of that? Is Miss Hicks the dental nurse (she's not in real life) a pointer to Bill Gates?

By the way, Walks/Wachs share the fleur-de-lys of Perkins, and Perkens (Lancashire, same as Riggs) share the feathers of Tooths and Little-like Lite's/Lights. Kilpatricks share the lion of Perkins, from Plancia MAGNA of Perga, the line to Plantagenets/PLENE's (London, same as Tooths) in the Tenant motto, and the lone crescent of Little's is colors reversed from the same of Hicks-beloved Tute's/Touts/Toots (Yorkshire, same as Huns/Hungate's). I TOOTed my horn, while driving by, last I saw Miss Hicks at her GATE. Feathers are also Fathers (Hun/Hungate / Perken colors and format), and Trump aspires to be known as father of the vaccines. He maybe thinks he'll be famous in history for "cleansing" the earth of the weak and poor.

Bill Gates killed and maimed children in Africa using vaccinations, and, as I said, the last time I saw Miss Hicks at her gate, it was with her real-estate agent, Mr. Casey, who was at my house earlier that very day listing my Texas property for sale. He told me the news, at that time, that he had also listed the home of Miss Hicks (I didn't know it previously, and would never have known that she moved had he not informed me). She moved at that time to the Dallas area into the home owned previously, or concurrently, by a Mr. Childs. He was listed at her new home (new build) when I was seeking her new address to send her a LETTER (which I did), though I don't know when he lived there. The point is, Childs are in Hun/Hungate colors and format too. Is God telling us that Bill Gates is a murderer of children? Looks like.

Tending to prove that God was in the toot-at-gate event, Irish Caseys ("hand "eMERGINg") have the Child Coat, essentially, in colors reversed, and though the Caseys use eagle heads instead of the spread eagles of Childs. Scottish Caseys use the crow while Crows are in Child and Club/CLOBBES colors and format. Childs are from king CHILDeric, father of king CLOVIS, and so while we are still on heraldry pertaining to breakthrough COVID cases, it's notable that Scottish Caseys were first found in Lanarkshire with Brakers/Breconrigs. English Brakers/Brecks use horns, and I tooted my HORN at her Gate while Mr. Casey was wanting into it. He sold her ranch, I assume, and she moved to a house owned by Mr. Childs.

The Clubs/Clobbes' were once said to be first found in Cambridgeshire with ranch-like Rench's and the News/NUCES' (share chaplet with Hicks) while her ranch was on the NUECES river. The Hicks chaplet is around the NECK of a buck's head (Roe's use buck's head too), and the Nuse's/Newes', with two of the Necker pale bars, were first found in Hertfordshire with Childs. See anything resembling Intelligent Design? Perhaps the most amazing thing here is that FARNdons show nothing but a white chevron, ditto for FORNeys, and her new home in the Dallas area, where Mr. Childs was/is registered, is in Forney!!! Clubs/Clobbes' (compare with Hykes'/Hake's) are now said to have been first found in Cheshire's Farndon. CHILDren (share Over/Offer bend) are interesting for using so-called "birds" while Birds/Burds and Overs/Offers were first found in Cheshire.

Farndons (Cheshire) almost use the Coat of English Pace's (Cheshire), both sharing a purple Shield with English Winners/Winrays/WinROE's/WinROWs while Childs are said to have been at Wanstead. Wansteads/WEINERs are likewise Winners, and the amazing thing now is that my tie-shoe dream can work into this because Lace's/Lacys and Luz's/Lucio's use PURPLE lions. I was tying my LACES (!) while going to my mother's place, and while her maiden name is Grimaldi, Grimaldi's of Monaco have a purple throne! It seemed resolved above that the tie-shoe dream pointed to Tenants for the purpose of bringing in the Turks/Torks, and it's the latter who have a "Pace" motto term. Lucio's are like the "Luceo" motto term of MacKenzie's to which Miss Hick's family pointed, and Turks/Torks (same place as Kilpatricks) share the rock in flames with MacKenzie's, though neither surname calls it a rock according to Hall of Names.

Miss Hicks was a nurse in the dream, poking at my tooth while I was in a dental chair. Nothing more happened than that. Nurse's/Norse's, who happen to share the saltire of Irish Kilpatricks, may have been a branch of Nigh's/Noyers/Nie's who in turn have a "pacis" motto term to go well with the "Pace vel bello" motto of Turks/Torks, the latter first found in Dumfries with the Scottish Kilpatricks. It seems the nurse dream is panning out as a message from God. Tooths happen to share a white griffin with Hagen-related Fagens/Feigans (Tyrone, same as Hagens and Sharks), and we just saw why Hagens relate to the shark in the kidney-shaped pool. The Fagen/Feigan griffin holds is "holding an olive branch", and "pacis oliva" is a motto phrase of Nigh's/Noyers/NIE's ("A dove with an olive branch..."). Griffins (giant griffins) have a "Ne" motto term that could get around to the Nie variation, and the Nigh variation is suspect as a pointer to the NIH, run by Francis Collins. The Fagen/Feighan griffin has gold wings, and a gold griffin is used by Irish Collins. Are the dreams all making vaccine-crime sense? YES.

As Jumps share the Trump stag head with Patria's/Peartree's, and as the Trump stag head is almost used by Leggs (Dumfries), and as Patrick-like Patria's are expected in the Fagen/Feighan motto, it can be gleaned that Donald Trump is the British bulldog that got swallowed by the shark, for the bulldog came walking past my LEG and KNEE when it jumped into the pool. To this day, Trump speaks from the throat of the shark, "I'm the father of the vaccines." He sounds like he's smoking a celebratory cigar in there.

[Some paragraphs below, I was back to Faigs/Feigeners with "haure" endings, and so loading Haure's, they are listed with Lefevers/Fevers, sharing the Trump stag head. Hmmm.]

I've just found Brakens/Bracons, like Braker/Breconrig variations, who share the fretty Shield of Cotta's and Highways/HEIGHways. Heigh's/Hays were first found in Perthshire with the Hagars and Wings/Winks; the latter share the lone pile of HAGels, the same red pile that's in the Braker/Breconrig Crest.

This is where I went online to find the Childs of Forney, and found that Miss Hicks, with her Rena middle name, is listed in Fulshear, Texas. In the insert above on this topic, I ended up with the "PAIR of snips," as per shears = scissors, of Meullers. As Kilpatricks use "dexter PAW," it's notable that Pairs are listed with German Paws/Pauers (share peacock with other Paws). Both Kilpatrick Chiefs are in the colors and format of the Snip Chief. These Shields use the Chief-Shield colors of Saluzzo's, and Saluzzo was ruled by the Vasto branch of Montferrats, and the most prolific Montferrat character that I've dealt with is Rena-like Renier/Rainier. Kilpatrick castle is on the Nith, in Dumfries with the first-known Nitts/Naughts who share the checks of Fers/Ferrats, and even the lions of Raines'. You see, even her middle name applies to Fulshers/FULCHers/Fuchers/Fuge's. Fuggers share the Kilpatrick fleur-de-lys.

The Vasto's are suspect to the Fasts/FastOFFs and FALstaffs, both sharing the same quadrants, and both first found in Norfolk with Patricks, FULKE's/Folks and Flags/Flecks. Might FULshears have been related to FALstaffs/FOLstaffs, since Fasts/Fastoffs have a bend-with-items in the colors of the same of Fulshers/Fulchers/Fuchers. The latter share a gold lion holding an anchor with Graffs/Graffens/Gravs, and the split Shield of Grave's/Greafs is in the colors of the split Fleck (Belgian) and Fulke/Folk Shields. Anchors use a version of the Anger Coat (Snipe colors and format), and Fulks were counts of Angers. Angers were first found in Essex with Raines'.

Saluzzo is along the Tanaro river, which can explain why Patricks (share Kilpatrick saltire) share the Chief-Shield colors of Tanners. I'm seeing FULbert "the tanner" behind FULshears/Fulchers, which can explain why Kilpatrick-connectable Shears/Sheers share a dog in Crest with Williams (almost the Coat of "Fac et" Mathie's/Maghans/Manns), assuming the latter are from William the Conqueror, grandson of Fulbert "the tanner." Compare Faigs/Feigeners to Irish Maghans/Manns. And it just so happens that Williams (BRECONshire) share the gyronny of Hoppers while Fucher-like Fauchys use a grassHOPPER. The Normans under the Conqueror were control-freaking communist pigs on the English throne, and they, known generally as the Fulk-Plantagenets, established Australia and canada in these end-times. They're back vying for world conquest. The vikings, pirates, have been trying to conquer the world (by any means, usually trickery) since they took Kiev. Woe to them, the fools, the destroyers.

I trace Hungarian king Andrew I, in Kiev under the protection of its Varangian pirates, to the Ross clan, and Ross' share the Faig/Feigener lion (neither Coat shows anything else). In the last update, I suggested that the white rat of Kiev-connectable Mr. Kepke was God's code for Trump, and here I can add that the three Haure/LeFever fitchees are those of Ratterys (Perthshire, beside the Rats/Raiders near Ross-shire). Trumps were first found in Mecklenburg with the Varangi-like VARNi, and so compare Haure's/LefeVERs/Fevers to virus-like Vires'/Vairs/VERONa's (Feller / Falls/Fallis kin).

The Vires/Vair/Verona Coat is almost that of Bothwells (Lanarkshire, same as BRAKers/Breconrigs and CASEys), both sharing the Broken/Brogen trefoils. Does this look like a pointer to BREAKthrough virus CASEs? [I didn't know until the week after this update that the Arms of Breconshire use bats.]

I have a literal chill while writing this Friday night, after a day of wet sniffles, some sneezing, some coughing, some lousy-achy feeling similar to a flu or a cold. The chill is a literal but mild FEVER that might get worse by Saturday, but right now I feel I'm past the peak and getting better. I've taken several tabs of vitamin C, vitamin D, aspirin, and B12, over the last couple of days. Did God give me this fever to point to Trump as the father of COVID fevers? I always call Trump a farce, similar to one who feigns, and so note the Feigener variation. Why are Chills listed with Childs? Why didn't Trump push vitamin D when it was discovered to work. FARCE, beware that rat.

Miss Hicks was Sleeping Beauty, first seen at the hood of a car, and Hoods/Hoots were at Rattery. The Fever / Rattery fitchees are those also of Picks/Pix's, and in a dream a year ago Miss Hicks was a nurse picking at my teeth. The Hoods/Hoods happen to use a "Cornish CHOUGH holding an anchor" to go with my cough today (I didn't have it yesterday, just a sore/dry throat yesterday). Miss Hicks, born with a RENA middle name, I assume, had moved to Forney in KAUFman county, and while German Kaufmans happen to share a white anchor with Hoods/Hoots, Jewish Kaufmans share the hexagrams of Rena-like Reines'. As she was PICKING at my tooth, I have just loaded the new-to-me Pickings/PINKneys/Pinkie's, who happen to share red lozenges with RENO's and Pincs/Pinks (Yorkshire, same as Pings/Pongs and Pickerings). Is that not amazing?

Reines' ("comet," almost the PISA Coat) had pointed hard to Comet Ping Pong PIZZA (pedophiles / satanists), where Kepke's ping-pong table pointed that was in his basement with his white pet rat. Trump, that rat, tweeted NOTHING when Epstein's madam was arrested; there was no celebration in him at all. Trump has been protecting Jeffrey Epstein. He knows more than he's revealed because he's a farce president. He's in it for his own gain and bragging, not to sacrifice himself for the nation. You choose a weak crutch when you choose Trump. He's a blab-blab-blabber mouth who takes glory in his words. He thinks he's like a first-of-a-kind.

Coughs/Cuffs/Cuffeys (Dent colors and format) use a "baton" for the Bat line, for Bats share the black bat of Batons/Bastons, though Bats add the saltire of Kilpatricks and the Spurr-branch Supers (Devon, same as Rattery) in the Rattery motto. It could be that, because Trump promised Christians much, but became swamp rat, God stuck him into the throat of the shark in defeat. Who knows, maybe he'll learn his lesson, or maybe he'll become a bigger, traitorous rat. He chose all of our enemies to run the country, but for John Ratcliffe too-little too-late.

Let us Christians go forward in absolute dignity, the dignity of Jesus, who wins the battle for us with his unbending iron rod. Let's not bend even a little to the fools. Integrity is a backbone, and so let's put on the backbone of Jesus. If we cower, Jesus won't be able to celebrate us, to honor us, to congratulate us. "Hey Mr. Policeman, take me to jail for nothing, have a great day, sir. By the way, what do you know about the Judge of Judge's? Do you think He has a jail? Would you like to go there?" Give the police fool something to think about: put Jesus into your bad situation, you'll think of a way. Having dignity doesn't mean we don't rebuke. To have dignity means we don't compromise with the devil. If the police are arresting us for not doing anything wrong, a rebuke is warranted, which he'll view as our being mouthy. If the police get truly dangerous (versus pretending to be with a big show from his mouth), let's be wise and not get mouthy...unless you choose to. We win with words from our mouths, for if we don't speak at all, Jesus will run away from the earth and never return to save us. He's coming with a two-edged sword from His mouth; maybe we can have likewise.

Good Morning Saturday

I've got to say, even though it wasn't Vicks brand, the vaporizing rub I put on last night, above and below my lips, literally turned me from miserable to putting a smile on my face. Both nostrils were jammed, and there was uneasiness in my nasal-brain region, and in the throat. I felt sick (no fever), but within two or three minutes, this rub opened one nostril full-gate, and there was relief down at the bottom of the air passage, as a relaxation swept over all of me. I knew I'd be able to fall asleep with pleasure. It was like miraculous. Everyone should have a small jar of this rub. Mine's over a decade old, and it's still as good as the day it was bought. Eventually, a second helping of rub above and below the lips opened the second nostril. It smells good too.

The surname showing on one of my tabs this morning is the Cuff/Couff/Cuffey surname. Entering "Couffey" and "COUGHey" brings up Coffee's/Coffers, who happen to have a "proviDENTia SED" motto phrase, which reminds that, yesterday, while on a page that showed Miss Hicks listed in Fulshear, her daughter was listed in DENTon, Texas. There must be a reason that God made her a dental nurse in the dream, and I think it's because Dentons share the cinquefoils of Rodhams/Roddens (Northumberland, same as Dentons). Rodhams/Roddens use the ermined bend of MalBANKs (Northumberland), and this bend is an arrow in the Rothschild/RODDENstein Coat, you see, a pointer to Rothschild bankers.

Dents were in SEDbergh (explains the "sed" motto term of Coffee's/Coffers), and Hicks were first found in Yorkshire, location of Sedbergh. SEDans (once said to be first found in Yorkshire) share black cinquefoils with Rodhams/Roddens / Dentons. Sedans were a branch of Seatons/Sittens, from swan-line Sitten/Sion, and Hicks use a chaplet and while Chaplets (swans) were first found in Lorraine. Lorraine's were first found in Northumberland too. She moved into a home where the Childs are listed, and Lorraine's share the Child eagles. Childs happen to have the Tarant Coat in colors reversed, and the Coffee/Coffer Crest has a naked rider on a dolphin, the symbol in the Arms of Taranto. Plus, Fulshers/Fulchers/Fuchers have a bend-with-plates in the colors of the bend-with-eagles of Lorraine's. The Arms of Rothschild share the Fast/FastOFF quadrants, and the latter have a bend-with-crosslets in the colors of the bends above.

The driver of the car in the ramp dream two updates ago was going FAST in my direction, and after he got into an acciDENT, he demanded five thousand dollars from me. But I told him to "F--- OFF." I was taken aback at the thought that God would put that phrase into my head, but I've been entertaining it. Is it a pointer to FastOFFs / Falstaffs/Falstoffs (Norfolk, same as Fulke's)? Were Fastoffs / Falstoffs, in Fugger colors, related to Fulshers/Fuchers?

I don't think devils have the power to produce events in my life, and dreams too, to conform with heraldic symbolism, and then to also jibe with surname linkages. Besides myself, there's not many prophecy writers stressing the need to prepare foods. Is God using dreams and such through me to urge readers to hearken to this call?

I have another set of heraldry that is pretty amazing, and it now links to Geneva, the daughter of Miss Hicks who has a listing in Denton. First of all, the Denton Crest is the GOTHie/Gothier Crest (black eagle with gold legs), and Fuggers use the goat while Goats/Gothams share the bend of SEYERs/Sayers. The latter's cinquefoils, on a bend as with the Rodham/Rodden Coat, are colors reversed from the same of Sedans (share "sed" with Cars). Fulke's have two "sera" motto terms, and while Sleeping Beauty appeared with a car, Cars have the motto, "Sero sed serio." Seers/Sears (Essex, same as Seyers/Sayers and Hicks of Low Leighton) have another black eagle with gold legs, and Leggs use a "GAUDet" motto term. Sedans are expected from the tribe that named Sitten/Sion, very near to a Sierre location.

It's important that Leggs almost have the Trump stag head because I'm going to return to the Fevers that do show the Trump stag head. God may have provided a minor fever with CHILLs last night for these heraldic links, for Chills are listed with Childs. The Hicks are said to have been at Low Leighton, and Leightons (Shropshire, same as Rodden river and Sayer-like Says) share the say quadrants, in colors reversed from the same of EURE's. Hicks use a "heure" motto term, and the fevers were discovered last night when entering "Haure." Why would Haure's be listed with Fevers? Is this a Trump link to Sleeping Beauty for some reason? Did God provide the Haure's to show a Fever relationship to the Eure-Hick line?

Haure's/Fevers (first found in Savoy) are said to have been at Geneva, in VAUD upon the north shore of lake Geneva, in BRESSE, and neighboring Savoy. Geneva is the name of Miss Hicks' daughter. The Bresse/Brix surname (share white lozenges with Dents) has been resolved from Brescia/Brixia, beside Val TROMPia, and Haure's/Fevers share the Trump/Tromp stag head. Dutch Tromps have a black, spread eagle, though not shown with gold legs. About 20 miles south of Geneva is SEYSsel, and Seys' are listed with Says. Pully is in Vaud, and Pullys/Pullings share the scallop of Seers/Sears, and the martlets of Gothie's/Gothier's. As the latter come up as "Voter," they may have been Vaud liners, and the GAUDets in the Legg motto look applicable to "Vaud." DeVAUDs are also DeVAUX's (share pelican with Pullys/Pullings. Perhaps Miss Hicks the dental nurse was PULLING my tooth. All I remember is that she was picking at the tooth with a dental instrument, and Picks/Pix's share the fitchees of Haure's/Fevers.

The blue lion in the Arms of Brescia is the Bruce lion, but Pickerings, first found in Yorkshire with Bruce's, share the Bruce lion. I trace Bruce's to Abruzzo/Abreu liners, the namers of the Eburovices of EURE and Evreux, and I did read that Eburovices were in Brescia too. Eburovices named York as Eboracum. Hicks, with an "heure" motto term, were first found in Yorkshire. Brescia is near Pick-like Piacenza, and Picenze is in Abruzzo a few miles from black-eagle L'Aquila.

Abruzzo's/Abreu's share the Pellican tower, and Pellicans were first found in Maine with French Josephs who once showed a swan in the colors of their martlet now showing, which is in the colors of the Pully/Pulling / Voter/Gothie martlets. The swan was in the colors of the swans of Hicks-beloved Chaplets, and while Saxons (Lancashire, same as Cars) use chaplets too, they are suspect from the Sequani peoples to the west side of lake Geneva. Sequani-like Seconds, listed with Segurs, share the Abruzzo/Abreu and Geneva/Genova lion.

I can now see why God would have me load Haure's, because we must be on the line of Kenza of AURES, or at least the Shawia peoples of Aures, for while Eure's are also Ure's, Scottish Ure's/Hurrys have nearly the Aur/Aures Coat. Ure's/Hurrys were first found in AYRshire with Ayers, Hairs/Hare's and Picks/Pickens. Ayer is a location near Sitten/Sion and Sierre (to the near-east of lake Geneva). The Orrey variation of Ure's/Hurrys can explain why Saxons (Lancashire, same as Orrels) have a Coat like that of Orrels (share Orr/Ore roundels). The Orr/Ore motto has two terms like the "bon" of Hicks. This is the MacKenzie line, from queen Kenza of Aures, explaining why Miss Hicks' family was involved with Spuds MacKenzie.

The Arms of Ayrshire uses a "shaw" motto term, and while Scottish Shaws use cups, the Cups/Cope's/Culps are in the Pully/Pulling motto. Orrs/Ore's have a cornuCOPia. Spuds is the mascot of Bud LIGHT beer, and "Lighter than AIR" is the Ayer motto. Lights/Lite's (swans in Child / Feather colors and format) share the Tooth feathers, and swans are used by the Palmans in the Tooth motto. She was picking at, and/or pulling, my tooth. Hicks love the Touts/Toots (Yorkshire). The Aures Crest is also that of Barrs and Murdochs, both first found in Ayrshire. Murdochs use an omen-like "OMINE SECUNDo" motto, and Orrs/Ore's (RENfrewshire, beside Sions/Swans) have the motto, "Bonis OMNia Bona."

Ayrshire is also where Cords (CON/Conn fesse in colors reversed) were first found who can be expected in the "Concordia" motto term of Dents (at Dentdale of Sedbergh), for "CONcordia" looks like part-code for Cone's and Conte's, the latter first found in Durham with Dentdale-connectable Sedans. Cone's and Conte's look like kin of the Bucks in the "COUPed gorged" "buck's head" of Hicks. Coupers/Coppers were first found in Sussex with Courts/Coverts while Cords are Courts too.

Orrs/Ore's were first found in Rena-like Renfrewshire with Hamiltons ("Through"), and the latter use "A green tree with a SAW CUTTING THROUGH it." Saws bring up Scottish Shaws. Hamilton Kilpatrick is online in a Baytown-Sun photo standing with Spuds MacKenzie. English Shaws/Sheaves/SHEA's were a branch of Sheaves'/Shave's (L'Aquila), and Irish Shea's have a Coat like that of Fuggers (and Hansons). It's seems very clear that Aures in Numidia was a line of Abruzzo elements. It's the Faigs/Feigeners with "haure" endings, the ones that caused me to find Haure's/Fevers in the first place. This set of heraldry has the Trump-Fauci conspiracy all over it, the fathers of the lockdowns and the vaccines.

AMAZING!!!!!! The CUTTINGs/Cuttons in the Hamilton description have the Cotta/Cotton and BRAKen/Bracon fretty in colors reversed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The "Through" motto of Hamiltons was suspect in pointing to BREAKthrough viruses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I didn't know that "cutting" was in the Hamilton description until now.

Brakers/Breconrigs were first found in Lanarkshire, beside the first-known Hamiltons. (Tree's are also through-like True's/Trews.) Brecons almost have the three piles of Orrs/Ore's / Guiscards while there is a pulley at the feet of the royal Guiscard brothers (Sicily). Note the fretty on one of the brothers, for the pulley comes with rope while Rope's share the pheon of Cotta-like Coutes'/Coots. Guiscards were first found in Stirlingshire with Rope-like Robe's/Robbs, and beside the Coutes-related Celts/Cults.

Royal Cottians were over the Cottian peaks from BRIGANtium (not far from Geneva), explaining why Brakens/Bracons share the Cotta/Cotton fretty. French Bride's, a branch of Brights, were first found in Savoy with same-colored Haure's/Fevers, and Coughs (I still have a cough today) almost have the Coat of Sales' suspect from the Salyes Ligures on the Durance river past Brigantium. The Cough dancette is for the Dance's/Donnas', from king Donnus of the Cottians, though it's notable that English Dance's/Danse's have the red lion head of Aurs/Aures'. Dannys/Danse's have a dragon in the colors of the dragon heads of CUTTers (Dorset, beside Dannys/Danse's).

CUTTs/Cute's, once said to be first found in Cambridgeshire with Julians, share three plates on a bend (different color) with Fulshers/Fuchers (Lincolnshire, same as Cutts/Cute's). More plates are with the Cotta-related Brakens/Bracons. The mother of Julius Caesar was AURELia Cotta, and Orrels (Coat similar to Cutt/Cute / Fulsher/Fucher Coat) were first found in Lancashire with Plate's. Aurels/Orelle's share the Bride / Bright / Julian stars. Aurelia's (Padua, same as Abruzzo's/Abreu's) share the Moray stars, and Bellys (Moray) have an "aCUTa" motto term. The Carpenters (share Belly motto) share the crosslets of Pauls, first found in Yorkshire with Abruzzo liners, and with Paul-like Pullys/Pullings, and while Pully is in VAUD, VOTers/Gothie's/Gautier's share the eagle of Julian-like Giuliani's. As Voters/Gothie's share the Dance/Danse (and Alan) fesse, I think I'm seeing Voters/Gothie's as Cottian liners in and out of Vaud, especially Pully. Alans became Stewarts, and Stewarts share the pelican with DeVAUDs and Pullys/Pullings. Stewarts moved to Renier-like Renfrew, and they share the checks of Fers/FERRATs (Dol of Brittany). Pauls have this in their write-up: "St. Paul or Pol (d.573) 'also called AURELian, bishop of Leon in Brittany...'" We're back to the Comet-loving Reines line, and as Miss Hicks has a Rena middle name, it's a strong pointer to the Apophis "comet."

By the way, Carpenters and Italian Belli's probably have the six Julian pale bars in red, and the Bellino's (Verona, same as Belli's) have the bear leg of Powys' in colors reversed while BRECONshire is at Powys.

Palins/PAULeys (Dorset) can be gleaned as kin of Plains/PLATErs (share Sales / Cough fleur-de-lys). The Giuliani eagle is black with a gold leg, and a black eagle wing (probably the Fulk wing) with a gold leg is used by Saltz's/Salza's while Sales' are also Sallets. Northern Abruzzo is at the upper Salto river in the land of the Marsi, and French Mars have nearly the Plate Coat. The Marsi lived at lake FUCino. Faigs/FeigenHAURE's (Saxony, same as German Julians) have lions in the colors of the Scottish-Mar lions. The latter's lion is passant, as is the TROPE/Drop lion, and Miss Hicks is in the Baytown Sun as the "TROPHY girl" when Spuds MacKenzie came for the celebrations. Why do MacKenzie's ("AS ASTRA") use "A MOUNTAIN in flames". Did God coordinate the MacKenzie description with His description of the Revelation asteroid ""AS a mountain"?

ZIKERS, I've been ignoring the "Tout en" phrase of Hicks, haven't mentioned it for about a year, which looks like code for Tottens...who have an "AD ASTRA" motto phrase! It tends to show Intelligent Design wherein God chose Miss Hicks and the Hicks motto to configure with the MacKenzie pointer to the asteroid. But why her? Why the Hicks? It seems obvious: to point to the Apophis Hyksos.

[Important Insert -- When Tottens are mentioned again below, I add: "AND WOW, Fier county is the location of Kuman, the line to Comyns/Comings suspect as a branch of Comets!!!" You'll see why that's said. In case you don't read far enough below, I'd like to place up here what was found there:

As Hickensons use a "Malo" motto term while Malls share the Eure/URE Coat, it makes for a good argument to view the "heure" of Hicks' as code for Eure's/Ure's, and this can go well with the "uro" of MacKenzie's...The Hickensons, I'VE ONLY JUST REALIZED, are huge for their towers, for the Tower surname has a giant form of the Comet towers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! INCREDIBLE VERIFICATION that Miss Hicks was put into my life to point to the Apophis asteroid!!! This is making me nervous. What if Apophis doesn't land, won't I feel stupid.

End insert]

The Faig/Feigenhaure lions are shared by Ross', and MacKenzie's were first found in Ross-shire with Kilpatrick-related and pelican-using Pattersons. Irish Pattersons/CASSane's share DROPs with Kilpatricks and Trope's/Drops. Earls of MAR ruled at KilDRUMMy, and while the Revelation asteroid is CAST into the sea, Sea's share the triple-wavy DRUMMond fesses. Casts/CASS' use "fountains" with the triple-wavy fesses in colors reversed. Should we start shouting this from the rooftops? Fountains were first found in Norfolk with Trope's/Drops and Flags/Flecks, and a flag is used by FONT de Ville's (Languedoc, same as Fountain-related Hugs). Font de Ville's could be with the Aur/Aures lion / Ure lion, and "heure" is a Hicks motto term. Spanish Leons share the crowned lion of Ure's, and Italian Leons/Leo's have one of the triple fesses of Fountains and Hugs (probably the Julian Chief). Hugs (Languedoc, same as Laurels) are suspect with the Laurel lion, but it's the lion of Laurel-like Aurels (almost have the Hug Chief) too; the Laurel-Aurel link is a new realization right now.

Lorraine's use laurel, now suspect as a symbol of Aures-of-Numidia liners. The Lorraine lion is colors reversed from the Morgan lion, and Morges is near Pully. The Lorraine lion is shared by Aster-like Astys (Lanarkshire, same as CASeys). French Caseys use "laurel branches." Recalling that Haure's/Fevers were at Bresse, we can add that the Bresse/Brix lozenges are shared by Hinds in the hind's head of the Scottish Casey Crest. Recalling that I tooted my horn at Mr. Casey as Miss Hicks was coming to let him into the GATE, it's interesting that Hick-beloved Bucks are in the colors and format of portcullis-gate Yates'.

As HAMILTON Kilpatrick was posing in a photo with Spuds MacKenzie, it's interesting that Hicks-beloved Bucks were first found in Norfolk with trophy-like Trope's and Buck-like Bus' who in turn share the ermined cinquefoil of Hamiltons. I assume that Bucks were from the Hyksos king, Apachnas. German Bucks share the Font-de-Ville / URE lion, and Hicks use "heure." Plus, the "bon" motto term of Hicks can be for Bons/Bono's who have a good reflection of the Gates Coat. It could seem that God arranged the tooting-at-gate event. The "fortiTUDINE" motto term of English Bucks can be for Todeni's in the write-up of Tute's/Tuits. Scottish Caseys share the Toothill bend, yet the latter is cotised as is that bend of English Bone's. As the Bonns have a version of the English Bone Coat, they could both be using the Laurel / Aurel lion because Bonns share eagles on a bend (different colors) with Lorraine's.

The Dents are in the colors and format of Cutts/Cute's / Sales'/Salletts, and the Dents share the ermined Hound lozenges. Hounds were first found in Cambridgeshire, where greyHOUND-using Cutts/Cute's were once said to be first found. Greys, sharing the Faig/Feigenhaure lion, were first found in Northumberland with DENTons. Spanish Leons use it in colors reversed, and we just saw Pauls of Brittany's Leon. Brigantium is now Briancon, and French Brians were Alans of Brittany. French Leons (share flames with English Julians) share the Aurel lion.

I've confused myself on the importance of Miss Hicks the dental nurse. The heraldic links are there galore, but what's the big meaning of the dream? Is it just for a Hyksos-line trace through Abruzzo and Numidia's Aures? Who cares? Why waste my time with this, and yours? But if it's about the Apophis asteroid, that's what Aures-liner MacKenzie's pointed to. King Apophis was a Hyksos king. If all of my heraldic work is to convince readers that Apophis (slated to pass by the earth by an inch in 2029) is the Revelation asteroid, then I'm more than happy about that, because we need a Sign to know when to start preparing our foods. This has been my task, to time our food storage as best I can.

Some might suggest that the current thrust to tyrannize and ruin the world is from people who know from NASA that Apophis will strike the earth. They could be lying when they say it's passing some 20,000 miles from the planet. But even 20,000 miles is less than one earth-circumference away. Picture earth in space, with the comet less than three earth diameters away. That's close enough to convince us already that this is the Revelation asteroid.

The MacKenzie stag head is said to be "cabossed," a term that is also "caBOSHed/caBOCHed," and I'd like to know what this is code for, likely two surnames. You decide whether God set up this heraldry to touch upon Hamilton Kilpatrick. The best I can do for the first syllable in "cabossed" is the McCabe's/Cabes' who share the salmon of Hamil(ton)-like Hams (Sussex, same as Bone's), and then Hamiltons share the ermined cinquefoil of Boss-like Bus'. Without the ermines, this cinquefoil is used by English Bello's/Bellows (fox head, important), whom I expect in the "bello" motto term of German Bauds, for French Bauds/BAUX's/BAUS' were first found in Auvergne with "bello"-using Bouillons, Foix's/Foys, and fox-using Fez's/Fays suspect from Fez of Morocco, home of Idris, husband of queen Kenza i.e. the ancestor of the cabossed MacKenzie's. German Boss' are also Bauss'.

German Bauds share the Moray stars while Bellys were first found in Moray. Scottish Bauds (triDENT) were first found in Stirlingshire with the Nemo's who love the bossed-like Boasts/Bois' and the Shawia-connectable Shows. "Nemo" is a motto term of Poindexters who are split horizontally in the colors of the same of Boss'/Bauss. These are Fast colors, and while Poindexters share the Fist/Faust fist, the quadrants of Scottish Bauds (RENfrew ship) are colors reversed from the same of Fasts. Vasto's probably descended from Renier of Montferrat, and it just so happens that Montferrat is near the mouth of the BAUTica river to which Bauds and Balds trace well.

German Bode's/Boede's are in French Hamil colors and format, but more incredible is where Bochs and Dutch Hamils share a giant, white and upright goat. Who arranged Hamilton-like surnames to link to what looks like the caBOCHed entity? The Dutch Hamil goat (Ham and Hammer colors) is in the colors and format of the giant Home/Hume lion, and while the latter love the True's/Tree's in their motto, Hamiltons use a tree and a True-like "Through" motto.

I'd like to visit the PFISTers/Fizers/PESTERs, because Miss' Hicks' father was a pastor while Pastors were kin of Dutch BOS'/Boschs/Bush's. Plus, English Pesters/Pistols, almost in the format of, and colors reversed from, the Hicks, were first found in Shropshire with the RODDEN river while Pfisters/Fizers/Pesters share the ROTEN hexagram. While Sallows and Swallows were Saluzzo liners in Shropshire's, SWALcliffe is where pistol-using HOPkins (Oxfordshire, same as Clintons) were first found. Bosch-like Bosco's use "tufts of grass," and then there is the Fauchy grassHOPper. Do you think the Clintons and/or the Bush's are making money of Pfizer vaccines? How could they resist trying?

One can glean that German Bauds ("PAX IN bello") were kin of Packins/FAGENs (both surnames share the same solid chevron), and Faigs/FEIGENers/FeigenHAURE's, suspect from Aures, share the lion of Ross' while MacKenzie's were first found in Ross-shire. Is that not amazing? The cabossed ingredient led us here, and I've only just learned that Leggs have a "BUCK's head cabossed"! I was on Leggs just now because of the "obLIGE" motto term of Bochs (share white goat with BUSH's), and the latter's giant goat is in the colors of the giant Legg stag head. Lige's are listed with Liss'/Lease's (Perthshire, same as Hagars) suspect in the "fideLIS" motto term of Hagen-related Packins/Fagens.

The Legg buck's head is in the colors of the giant "stag's head in proFILE" of Trumps, and while File's/Vile's use calves, I once saw a calf used in place of the Back/Bach "steer" now showing. It's a giant bull, symbol also of Boss' and Bose's in different colors. "PROfile" is very welcome with the Trump stag because Pero-line Peartree's/Patria's share the Trump stag head, though they call it "buck's head."

I don't at the moment know whether Lige's/Liss' were branch of Leggs, perhaps Ligures at Leicester's Legro river. I do know that Lease like Leaks use a leg, and that God pointed to the Leaks with Miss Hicks. The Lease variation of Lige's/Lise's is very welcome right here because English Lease's have a small cloud over a sun, which is what I was looking at in the sky, while approaching the Baytown home of the Kilpatricks, when I had the omen. The tiny cloud over the sun gave me an ominous feeling, and I was mugged that night. I didn't know the Kilpatricks at that time. When I reached Baytown, it was time to turn off the interstate highway toward Galveston, and I had to pee so badly I stopped on the ramp to do it, and I remember which city lights I was facing, Baytown's.

I'm about to go to the McCabe's/CABES' with this pee-on-ramp story, and so I'm noting that English Lease's (Northumberland, beside Ramps) share the Chief-Shield colors of CAPES'. The "CLARior" motto term of English Lease's helps to connect to Lige's/Liss'/Lease's because the latter share the double chevrons of Clarens. I'll just repeat here from two updates ago on my highway trip at BAYtown:

The Highway-connectable Heigh's are listed with the Hays/HEYs sharing the red escutcheon of HOLDens. The latter were first found in Lancashire with Holds/Holts, and the latter share the double fesses of Bays!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Helds/Helts share the HICKson Coat! Holds/Holts were first found in Salford while Salfords use a heron, the line of mythical ORION to Horns/Orne's who share the Heron Coat (herons). Mythical Orion and Uranus had a URINE symbol! I urinated on the ramp!!! Dutch Horns share the Pfister/Fizer/Pester hexagrams. Smiths have a heron with a Fizer-like fish. Irons/Orion's were at Airaines, the line to Arran, home of McCabe's who share the Visser/Fisser fish.

Repeat: "German Bode's/BOEDe's are in French Hamil colors and format, but more incredible is where Bochs and Dutch Hamils share a giant, white and upright goat. Who arranged Hamilton-like surnames to link to what looks like the caBOCHed entity?" Bode's look good as part of the cabossed entity of MacKenzie's, for French Hamils even have a version of the Aurel/Orelle Coat. German Butts/Bute/BOETs are suspect from Boeotians, and mythical Orion was in Boeotia, at TANAGRa, and then Hamiltons (Renfrewshire, same as Orion-like and Orell-related Orrs/Ore's) happen to share the TANKARville cinquefoils, which can explain a Hamil-Boede link. Italian Boys/BOETs share the giant bull of Backs/Bachs, and the two stars in Chief of Aurels/Orelle's.

I'm getting the impression that Hyksos descendants were the creators of the Uranus > Orion cult. Uranus' wife was Gaia, the name of a Numidian king I've been mentioning recently. Uranus' son included Cronus (human-sacrifice cult and cannibalistic to boot), the entity likely that named the Ceraunii that I can link king Gaia too. Cronus was the father of the Zeus bull, probably the Moloch cult. Haure's/Fevers were first found in Savoy with Gaia-like Gays, and the latter's Galli branch share the stars in Chief of Aurels/Orelle's and Julians.

Tankarville's founded BOCHerville abbey, and this has taught me that German Bochers share the goat (different colors) with Bochs. CaBOCHed. Bockers call their goat an iBEX, and English Beckers, a branch of Beach's/Bechs, use another "buck's head cabossed." The HOURglass of Books/Bouks can be code for Aures' liners such as Haure's, but also for Glass', first found in Bute. The sleeping Beauty dream had a CLASSIC 1950's car on a beach, and Glass' come up as "Glassick." I touched the knee of Sleeping Beauty, and Knee's use a stag head cabossed, the same one of Acorns ("deer's head") in the acorns of Boss'/Bauss'. The latter are split horizontally in the vertically-split colors of the acorn-using Dutch Tromps.

Needhams share the Knee Coat and Crest, but while Hall of Names has no entry for the Knee Crest, it calls the Needham Crest a "phoenix." Instead of the Knee stag head, Needhams are given "buck's heads cabossed." Another "buck's head" is given for Vise's/Vice's (Sussex, same as Acorns, and as Bucks share the Cone and Conte antler, VISconti's come to mind with Vise's/Vice's, especially as the latter have "a black cross between its antlers" (see also Staggs/Stage's and Eustace's). Visconti's ruled Milan, where Bons/Bono's were first found, which can explain why English Bone's were first found in Sussex with Vise's/Vice's. Eustace II ruled at BONonia, otherwise called, Boulogne, and Italian Bononia/Bologna was home to the Boii, who may have been Boeotian, for they were also BOIOtians. Boulogne is near AiRAINES, the entity that apparently named the Orion/Irons/Hirams whose cross has the colors of the Eustace cross. The Arms of Boulogne even shares red roundels with Orrs/Ore's, Orrels/Orells and ORLeans'. What do you suppose named the KENiron variation of Orions/Irons/Hirums? The MacKenzie's/Kenneths? The latter's "Luceo non URO" motto looks like part-code for the Ure's.

In passing, it might be good to tell that the MacKenzie-beloved Mountains have a Coat reflecting both that of Bone-branch Bonns and Tongue's/Tongs. The latter's is a reflection of both the Bone and Bonn Coats, and the Tongue/Tong Crest has a "BIRD rising from a ROCK" while the MacKenzie mountain shows as a rock. Birds have the Bouillon flory in colors reversed, and Godfrey de Bouillon was a son of Eustace II of Boulogne.

Tongue's/Tongs were first found in Essex with Rains/Raines', and the latter's Wren branch shares the purple lion with Luz's/LUCIO's while "Luceo" is a motto term of the mountain-using MacKenzie's. It just so happens that Kenirons/Orions were first found in Norfolk with the Luce's/Lucys while Lace's/Lacys use another purple lion. Plus, Luce's/Lucys and Luciano's share fish in the same colors with rock-using Roach's!

Heraldic Fun with Pee

I've red from multiple sources that the Boii named the Bay-like BaiOCASSES of the Bessin. As I urinated facing BAYtown, does it give a clue that Boiotians of the Orion cult are to Bays/Bayes'. The latter were first found in Essex with Rains/Raines', and Miss Hicks is listed with a Rena middle name. I trace "Bessin" to Basina, wife of Child-line Childeric, and we saw a reason that God may have been linking Miss Hicks to the Childs. Bayes-like Base's/Bassens use hunting HORNs while Horns/Orne's are expected from the Orne river through the Bessin. The Base/Bassen horns are in the colors of the same of Patch's while Irish KilPatricks/Sheera's are also Patchie's. Miss Hicks married Hamilton Kilpatrick.

The other Base's are also Bays'/Baise's, and they were first found in Lincolnshire with LUCY TailleBOIS, wife of a Meschin from the rulers of the Bessin. The Baiocasses are suspect in naming Bayeux in the Bessin. Why is "BaioCASSES" like the Casey surname? The Mr. Casey at the gate of the Kilpatricks was husband to the aunt of Miss Hicks. Irish Caseys almost have the Child Coat in colors reversed. The Eure's/Ure's/Ivers expected in the Hicks and MacKenzie mottoes share the Massey/Macey quadrants, and Masseys/Maceys named Ferte-Mace at the upper Orne river. Base's/Bayes show only double lions in the colors of the Abruzzo/ABREU lions, and EVREUX is in EURE.

If the Base's/Bayes used leopards instead, they would have the Arms of Normandy. If Base's/Bayes added a third lion, they would have the Arms of Norman England. England thus loved the French line of Childeric and Basina. Childeric was the first Merovingian king, part Salian Frank. As Salians/Salemans share the Sales/Sallett bend, I suppose that Salian Franks were from the Marsi at the Salto river, for Wikipedia even tells that Marsi were Merovingians. It explains why Scottish Mars almost have the Base/Bays Coat. Marsi lived at Maruvium, which looks like it named mythical king Merovee from which Childeric is made descended. Masseys/Maceys were even first found in Cheshire with Sales'/Sallets.

The Marsi were around L'Aquila, and while Barrs/BARE's share the Aquila eagle, the Salmon Crest is "A BARE arm holding a spear." It just so happens that while Bare's/Barrs share the SEGURana eagle, Salmon-loving McCabe's/Cabes' have a griffin "SEGREant." It now gets extremely important that Salians/Salemans are in the colors of salmon-using Salmons (McCabe's'/Cabes' have "salmon naiant"), for while McCabe's are also Maccabee-like MacAbee's, of ABBEville near Airaines, the Sadducees who married Maccabees had one SALOME BOETHus. MaccaBEE's were also "MaccaBEUS." It looks like they had been Boii / Boeotians. Plus, someone obviously arranged a Hammer surname (Sussex, same as salmon-using Hams) from same-colored Hams (salmon in the colors of the McCabe/Cabes salmon) because historians have thought (probably wrongly) that "Maccabee" means "hammer." If that's not enough, Maccabee's lived in Israel's Modi'in" while Boii of Bologna invaded neighboring MODENa.

One of the Maccabees was Eleazar AVARAN, and then the Herons and Horns'/Orne's have a red-Shield version of the Haveran/Hearne Coat, the latter in McCabe/MacAbee colors.

While Caen is in the Bessin off the Orne river, Cabe- / Caiaphas-like Cave's share the Caen FRETTy Shield. That looks related to FERTE-Mace up the Orne, and as this fretty is in the colors of the Fer/FERRAT checkered Shield, it looks like the line of Renier/Rainier of Montferrat is involved. His family was in Sales-line Saluzzo, which itself married Luis of Ceva on the CEVetta river while Cavetts were first found in Picardy with AiRAINES.

URANus was the sky god in charge of RAIN = urine symbol. WRENs share the Rain/Raines lion and the crosslets of English WRENch's/Rench's while German Rench's share the lone fleur-de-lys of Leaks. I took a LEAK on a highway ramp facing Baytown, home of Miss Hicks, and Hicks have the same fleur-de-lys. There may be a reason that Pauls and Carpenters share the Bay/Bayes crosslets. First of all, I've told many times that the Nissan pick-up I was driving, when I pee'd at Baytown, was sold to PAUL Smith, and here's it's pretty amazing that Smiths use a heron "HOLDing a FISH." Herons have the Coat of Horns/Orne's!!! Can you believe this? It's the urine line from Orion!!! Paul Smith became a journeyman CARPENTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! INCREDIBLE. He wasn't a licensed carpenter when I knew him, but become one while I knew him. We did contracting jobs together. He gave me his home-made, wooden ROUTER case, in case this is a pointer to Rothschild-related lines.

[Insert -- Sheesh, folks, I didn't know until later below that Herons (herons) are listed with Urine's! Zikers. (Paul Smith would always say, "zikers," which is where I picked it up for expressing heraldic surprises.

Shortly after the insert above, I saw the "numine" motto term of Smiths, recalling that the McCabe's/Cabes' are probably in the Newman/Numan motto because the myth-code writer, JJ Tolkien, used a "Numenor" term to secretly indicate Arran. Besides, the Newman/Numan lions are those of Rains/Raines', and the latter are in Smith colors and format. Is that not amazing? It was due to my pegging mythical Avalon as the island of Bute that I discovered Numenor to be Arran, for Tolkien said that Avallone could be seen from Numenor. The myth writers had Morgan le Fay as the chief witch of Avalon, and it just so happens that the Morgan lion is in the colors of the lion heads of Irish McKinneys who are clearly using McCabe/Cabes symbols. Plus, English McKinneys share the Kim Coat while Kims were first found on Bute.

Irish McKinneys are in Coffee colors and format, and it was the coffee in Victoria that caused me to find Motels of Taranto. Later, I found their MOTa branch, and to this I'll add that "Le MORTE d'Arthur" was a myth telling that king Arthur died on Avalon. MOTTs/MORTE's share the Death crescent, you see. And the Coffee dolphin is connectable to the Hammer dolphin. End insert]

What are the chances that while the Smith heron holds a fish, Holds share the double fesses of Bays/Bayes'?!?!? Incredible. The Fish surname (linkable to Pfizers) essentially shares the Vychan/Vaughn Coat, and Paul lived in Vaughn county. Fissers/VISsers have "fish in PALE" in the colors of the McCabe/Cabes and Ham salmon, and then Hams and VISE's were first found in the same place. The Fish's share a rare WAVY chevron with Pierce's, and the Orion/Iron Crest has a "pierced" moline cross. This paragraph is a heavy pointer to poisonous vaccines, as was my arrival in Galveston about an hour after I urinated on the ramp. Ramps/Rumps share the lions combattant of Irish Collins, and Francis Collins if Faucy's boss and partner in global crimes.

I was mugged that night, after midnight, on a quiet Galveston street. About ten hours later, God arranged that I should buy a coffee in Victoria because Coffee's have a "victoria" motto term, yet they also share the fesse of Salmon-loving McCabe's/Cabes of Orion-connectable Arran. Then, while Salmon-loving Hams look like a branch of Hammers, the latter's dolphin, in colors reversed, is green, the colors of the Coffee dolphin. Dolphins/Dolphins (share the white dolphin with Hammers) were once said to be first found in Surrey with Sheers/Shears, and while Kilpatricks are also Sheera's, I was facing the Baytown location of Hamilton Kilpatrick when I pee'd. Dolphins/DOLfins are in Dol colors, and Dol's share a wavy and white fesse with McCabe's/Cabes'. Hicks have a wavy fesse of their own.

Coffee's, using "cups" that look like mugg-like mugs, are also Coffers while Cofferts/COVERTs are suspect in the "COVERED cups" of heraldry, used, for example, by BUTlers. Cofferts/Coverts were pointed to indirectly when I passed Bay City between the mugging and the coffee. I now see that Cofferts/Coverts are in Pee/Peacock colors and format, AMAZING because the Maness/Manner surname uses a peacock!!!!! Miss Covert, who emailed me for a few years, was married to Mr. Maness who was/is listed in Bay City's Markham location. I'm impressed because I don't remember knowing that Peacocks were Pee's until now. I'm impressed. [See Pee's in the next update to find how they point to Fauci and Collins.]

The ramp dream of a couple of weeks ago had "FIVE thousand dollars," and I sold Paul Smith the Nissan for five hundred. FIVE's/Fifys share the chevron of VIVians who in turn share purple lion heads with Wrens. The latter have the same gold crosslets as Pauls, though on a different background.

Bays/Bayes' were first found in Essex with Rains/Raines' and Pee's/Peacocks. I pee'd on the ramp facing Baytown. Essex is where Mountains were first found who look like kin of Tongue's/Tongs, and then the latter have the motto, "Steady," like the "Be steady" of BOCHers/BUTchers/Boucher's (caBOCHed liners?) who in turn share the Colchester estoiles. Colchester, in Essex, is where Bays/Bayes' were first found. Paul-like Pale's/Palys share the Five/Fify and Five lions. Recalling the "fish in PALE" of Fissers/Vissers and the "fish" of Pauls, note that Paul-like Pale's/Palys (Yorkshire, same s Paul and Pullys/Pullings) use a camel head, as do Apophis-line Pepins, for Colchester was once CAMULodunum.

As Biblical Nahor had a second-listed son, Buz, and a third-listed son, Kemuel, it appears that camel-like Hamils / Hameltons were from "Kemuel" because Hamiltons share the ermined cinquefoil of Bus'. Abram-like Bramtons have the Base/Bassen Coat in colors reversed, and the Brampton lion is that also of Bochers/BUTchers. BUTE's/BUTTs/BOETs use a "fish." BOCHs share the giant, upright and white goat with Dutch Hamils (Ham and Hammer colors).

The amazing thing now is that the Bus' share the giant cinquefoil of PORCH's (Norfolk, same as Bus'). I discovered Orion's ancient urine symbol after telling a few times at that about age 4 or 5, I pee'd on the head of my neighbor, Pino (about the same age as I). As I said a million times, I was standing on the railing of the PORCH, and started to pee on the sidewalk below when Pino turned the porch corner and got it on the head. As I said, I remember nothing of being at Pino's home (he was immediately next door) except when at his garage with a man (his father I assume) showing me a rifle. I assumed it to be a hunting rifle because Orion was the mythical hunter. Is that not cool or what? God started heraldic pointers even as I was only five years old. I've just found another giant, upright and white goat with rifle-like Riffle's/Rife's. Look at the timing? Is there a clue here in who the killer was?

Riffle's/Rife's were first found in Savoy with the Forez's/Forests, and while Mr. Foster convinced Scalia to go hunting at Poindexter's ranch, according to Poindexter himself, Fosters are also Forrests. Foster accompanied Scalia to the ranch by two planes, and was probably responsible for convincing Scalia to leave his body guard(s)at Houston. From the Houston airport, the two flew to the remote ranch by small plane. Foster was at Scalia's last dinner. The motto of Scottish Fosters/Forrests is: "Hunter blow thy horn." No guff, it's the Orion-the-hunter line. Blows use goat heads. English Fosters share the chevron of Shake's, and the latter can be well-traced to Shechemites that I trace to "Schimatari," Boeotian home of Orion the Hunter. (English Fosters look related to Hazeltons / Hazelwoods via the leaves of Patch's.)

Forez's/Forests have the motto, "Tout travers," and Travers almost have the Irish Judge Coat. Coincidence, or is this God's pointer to judge Scalia? Irish Judge's share "proviDENTia" with Coffee's, and the "TOTum" motto term of Judge's can jibe with the "Tout" of Forez's/Forests. The Rains/Reines' have a Judge-like motto term while being in Judge colors and format. It should be read as "proVIDEntia" too because Vito's/Vido's (Burgos Coat in different colors) were first found in Treviso/Tarvisium, which looks like it named the Travis variation of Travers. English Judge's share a green chevron with English Fosters.

Travers have the following write-up: "Robert de Travers or d'Estrivers, Baron of BURGH-upon-Sands,...received from his father-in-law [earl Meschin] the office of Hereditary FORESTER of Inglewood in fee..." Meschins descended from Conteville's, fathered in turn by John de Burgo, the line to Irish Burghs who could have the Orion/Iron cross. English Burghs have two of the Fosters / Shake chevrons. The Trevor write-up mentions a Trevieres location at the Orne-river watershed. The Arms of Trevieres has triple bends in colors reversed from the triple chevrons of Levi's, and the Chretiens in the Levi motto are in the colors and format of Blue's/Gorms, first found in Arran. The so-called "SHAKEfork" of Cunninghams is generally called a pall, likely for the Palls, listed with Pauls/Pols, first found in Picardy with Abbeville and Airaines. This tends to verify that God set me up with PAUL Smith, for Smiths are the urine line galore. English Burghs were first found beside Poole.

I've told before that I was at the home of Paul's parents when he showed me their TV ANTENNA downed by a storm, and lying on the fence. Was that a pointer to the death of ANTONEN Scalia?

Irish Judge's were first found in Mayo, and then mythical Maia was part of the piss line where Uranus (Aryan entity = proto-English) the rain = piss God was given a son, Poseidon, code for PISidians, namers of Pisa. The Reines' have the Pisa Coat in colors reversed. Plato made Poseidon the father of Atlas, code for Attalia in Pisidia, and Attalia is right beside Perga, origin of the Perkins (Levi lion?) who share the fleur-de-lys of Smiths; the latter are otherwise in Rain/Raines colors and format. Atlas was the father of Maia of the sky. Maia-like My's/Mea's/Meigh's share the boar head of Judds/Juggs while both Judge surnames list Judge's too. They were from the Meu river flowing by Raines-line Rennes.

Plato made Atlas was the king of Atlantis. this entity was represented by other writers by ATALanta, mythical queen of Calydon at AETOLia. The latter was the land of TAPHians, and, as I've said many times, I peed on Pino when my parents were renting the top floor of a house where PEPIN TAFF occupied the main floor (he may have owned the house). If God was using my life at the time to make pointers, doesn't Pepin look like a pointer to Hyksos king Apophis/Apepi? Pepin married Miss Masci, and she's from the Amazons of Pisa, represented by mythical OENoMAUS, suspect from Mus at Lake Van, where I trace Hyksos. That mythical king was play on king OENeus of Calydon. The Maezaei lived on the Oeneus river beside the Ceraunii, and Uranus was made the father of Cronus the dread cannibalistic, human-sacrifice cult. The cannibal symbol was given also to mythical Pelops, who married the daughter of Oenomaus. The third child of the Taffs is PAULa.

The second child of the Taffs is Teresa, perhaps a pointer to mythical Taras in the Arms of Taranto, for Tyrus-like Taras was a son of Poseidon, the latter having been made a king of Tyre along with mythical Phoenix. There's a phoenix in the Tuft/Tuffs Crest! Lookie there. Poseidon and Phoenix descended from Tanis and the Pelusium areas of the Nile delta, where Hyksos ruled. The My's/Mea's/Meigh's (share Taff cross) are in the motto of Taffs. The second that I finished the last sentence, the word "me" sang over the speakers in a song, "I Am New." My's/Mea's are also Mee's. Terres' are listed with Tarrs'.

Teresa married Benny, who went first into a food-CATERing business, a possible pointer to Keturah, Abraham's second wife and suspect as a proto-Hyksos. Benny then went into Pisa-like pizza, I kid you not. A Benni peoples lived at Arda on the Hebrew-like Hebros river. Hyksos were Hebrews, but not Israelites. Teresa-like Terras' share a Scott Coat, and Scotts were from lake Scodra, near Kotor, the Keturah line. Cutters were first found beside Terres'/Tarrs and MontaCUTE's. Caters, in Smith colors and format, use "salmon HAURient," and Smiths use a fish. "HauRIENT" looks like part-code for the Raines-connectable Rench's/REINts who share the LEAK fleur-de-lys. There is a Thomas Renz who's out fighting against vaccine trafficking who might apply here.

Oenomaus married Evarete, likely code for Avaris, the Hyksos capital, because mythical Daphne, code for Taphians, was made the granddaughter of Everes. The latter was the "shepherd seer," explaining why Hyksos were called "shepherd kings" by explanation of MANETHO's writings. Mythical MANTO happened to be another daughter of Everes. Daphne's father was TIRESias, and because he owned Hermes' caduceus (code for Cadusii Armenians), we trace Hyksos to the Hermus river of Lydia, where Pelops was king. Yet Hermes was made born by the Greeks at Arcadia, beside mythical Daphne of the Ladon river of Pisa. Daphne was a location at mount Hermon of the Poseidon / CADmus theater around Tyre/TYRUS.

Porch's use the motto, "Pro rege," a phrase in the motto of Scottish Pattersons (Ross-shire, same as MacKenzie's). Irish Pattersons/Cassane's (another camel head) share a Shield of drops (different color) with Trope's/Drops, first found in Norfolk with Porch's and Bus'. Mrs. Kilpatrick was the TROPhy girl. Troops were first found in Banffshire, not far from Ross-shire. Scottish Pattersons add "grege" to their motto, reminding that Groce's/Greggs have the split Shield of Poindexters in colors reversed. Judge Antonin Scalia was murdered on the ranch of John B. Poindexter when there were some 30 hunters there from the hunting club, International Order of Saint Hubertus. Poindexter was himself part of that organization, and saint Hubert had a hunting symbol.

I had a pointer a few years before age five, for my mother told me that, as an infant, I drank TURPENtine from a bottle sitting on the stairs (she took me to the hospital). This is getting amazing, for while I've pointed out that Turpens are in Rodham colors and format, they are also TurPINE's, and Pino's can be assumed to be Pine liners. So, while we just saw why the pee on Pino took us to hunters, and while the Porch motto took us to Poindexters as a result, I tend to view stairs as scala i.e. like "Scalia."

I did guess that Scalia was poisoned at dinner (Poindexter said that he sat beside Scalia at that last dinner; Foster was there), and turpentine can be a symbol for that poisoning, especially as Dine's are like the end of "turpenTINE." Dinners were first found in Northumberland with Fosters and Rodhams. Ahh, Dinners even share the quadrants of Tute's/Tuits (Norfolk, same as Porch's and Bus'), connectable to Tooth-like Tute/Toots, and Tooths have an "obTINEbit" motto term...expected for one of the two Tyne rivers, for the Letters / Lauders, who named Lauder near the Scottish Tyne, share the Tooth Coat. I can even show how Turpens connect with TOOThills, for the latter almost have the Welsh David Coat. I didn't realize until after writing the above that Tine's/Botville's were first found in Shropshire with the Eytons who essentially share the Toothill Coat. The mention of Davids goes with the sleeping bag below, and while Scalia was murdered in his sleep, Sleeps were first found in Shropshire too.

As Tine's list Bot(e)ville's, I've just looked up Busville's and Bosville's, both first found in Yorkshire with Bush's. Busville's share the white cinquefoil with Bus', but it's now important that Bags (Norfolk, same as Porch's and Bus') use more cinquefoils. It's amazing that Busville's share three white cinquefoils on a fesse (different color) with French Pine's.

A good theory is that Scalia was murdered (February 2016) by the Clinton circle because Hillary Rodham Clinton was thought to be a shoe-in to win the election later in 2016. The president gets to pick the new supreme court justice to replace Scalia, and the crime syndicate needed to get the supreme court out of the hands of Republicans. The Turpens use three lion heads on a bend in the colors of the one lion on a bend of Welsh Davids, and the latter were from king David I of Scotland, the father of Henry, earl of NORTHUMBERLAND and HUNTINGdon. The English Tyne is in Northumberland. TurpenTINE. Is all that not amazing already, but there's more, for this Henry married ADA of Wren-like Warenne, explaining why the David bend with lion is in the colors of the ADE/Aid bend with leopard faces. The only difference between the latter's Coat and Turpens is that the Turpens use lion heads, otherwise they are in the same colors and format.

English Morleys and Morlands share the specialized leopard face in the Aid/Ade Crest.

The day before, but also on the morning that I had the sleeping-bag dream (featured DAVID Morley circling the sleeping bag in a Foster-linkable forest that doubles as a bush), I was investigating the Scalia murder (a Mr. Foster was an accomplice, apparently). On that morning, I found a photo of John B. Poindexter posing with about 30 other members of Saint Hubertus. They all wore black robes with the red, inner lining showing as a stripe down their right sides. I was sleeping under this sleeping bag the night of the sleeping-bag dream, all black, with a red stripe down the one side. (Poindexter is the tallest man in the front row.)

[Insert: Here's something new. Hicks (Yorkshire) use a "heure" motto term, and Hoare's/Hore's are in HORton colors and format while Hortons ("stag's head cabossed") were first found in Yorkshire's Morley location. David Morley circled the sleeping bag, and while Circle's are listed with Church's, Morley lived at most two or three houses from Church street. The new thing here is that Hortons use a spear "encirlced by a dolphin." Famous Tim Horton, whose family I assume developed Tim Horton's COFFEE chain, died in a car acciDENT, and Hortons were first found in West Yorkshire with Dents. Horts may therefore be using the Sedan cinquefoil. End insert]

As I pee'd on Pino, perhaps POINdexters were Pino / Pine liners. It's interesting that Dine's/Diens were once said to be first found in Sussex with Coverts/Cofferts and Deins/Deans, for while the latter share the Pino crescents, Miss Covert was married to Mr. Dein prior to being with Mr. Maness. Maness'/Manners (Northumberland) don't only use a peacock for connection to Pee's, but share the double fesses of Bays/Bayes'. As COURTS/Coverts were first found in Sussex too, is this a pointer to judge Scalia?

The three crescents of French Bays are colors reversed from the same of French Pine's, and the latter were first found in Limousin with Seconds/Segurs who in turn share the Dein/Dean lion and the Dinner quadrants!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is stupendous because, while Scalia was likely poisoned / sedated at dinner by his dinner, Seconds are in the Levi motto along with the Aids/Ade's we saw above linking to the turpentine. My theory is that they killed Scalia while he slept with a BAG over his head. This paragraph underscores that Pee's are in Covert/Coffert colors and format, and the latter even share a gold leopard face in Crest with Aids/Ade's, what are the chances? The people who created their heraldry didn't know Miss Covert.

Here's what just happened. Recalling that Peacocks were discovered years ago as Peas' due to the "PEAScods" of Cullis', I just checked Codds to see that they were cotta liners because they are in the colors and format of Julian-branch Gullys/Gollys. I wasn't going to mention this. But a couple of minutes later, I loaded "Urine" to check whether such a surname exists, and it does, almost having the Codd Coat ("Cornish ravens")! Both surnames were first found in Cornwall, can we believe it? It appears that God connected the Pee's to Urine's in this way. I'm impressed. The Urine's/Urens/TreWRENs ("Cornish chough" in Crest, "black birds" in the Shield) share gold leopard faces with Coverts and Aids.

The peascods of Cullis' were found when checking to see whether the portCULLIS gate was part-code for Cullis'. My pee on Pino from on the porch had pointed to PORTIShead because Portis' bring up the Porch's.

Ahh, while Urine's (beside Ramps) also show Hurins, the Hurons (Northumberland) share the Orne/Horn Coat. French Hurons are also Ure-like Hure's. So, God must have caused me to urinate toward miss Hicks' home because Hicks use "heure."

OH WOWIE-ZIKERS, more arrangements. I've often mentioned that the Hicks of Clapton married Juliana Arthur. Clapton is at PortisHEAD, which I think is pointed to by my pee on Pino's HEAD because I was on the porch railing at the time while Porch's come up as "Portis." Can you see where God was going with that pee? He's pointing to the Hicks-Arthur marriage. The two families shared "clarions" at that time, and while Clarens share the double fesses, in Clare-fesse colors, of Leak-like Lease's, French Clairs were first found in Limousin with Seconds and Pino-like Pine's.

The reason the paragraph above exists at all, which I wasn't going to write, is due to GORD WINGER, my employee in Hamilton who set up lawn-party items for special occasions. Hamilton is where I bought the fiberglass bulldog that Hamilton Kilpatrick points to via "uro"-using MacKenzie's. I was asking self why bother telling about the Hicks of Clapton, even though the pee-on-Pino points there, when I remembered that Clapton and Portishead are at GORDANO, in Somerset, where Roets were first found who share the Gord/Gordan boar heads. So, GORD Winger came to mind, but if it were only for his first name, I still wouldn't have mentioned this. I then remembered that one Clapton Coat shares the ermined bend of Wingers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ASTOUNDING "coincidence."

The ermined bend of Wards is definitely close to the same of Claptons, and these Wards share the checkered Shield of Warrens, from the Wren-like Warenne's that produced Ada of Huntington. The Ade's/Aids are in the Levi motto with Seconds. As Seconds are listed with Segurs, it's notable that McCabe's/Cabes' use a griffin "SEGREant" as well as a salmon "NaiANT" to go with "segreANT." The Ant is a river in Norfolk that named Antrims/Antinghams who share the Clapton / Winger / Ward bend. "

NAIant" looks like code for Nays/Nie's, and then Nayers/Nairs have pheons in the colors and format of the Blue's/Gorms, first found in Arran with McCabe's/Cabes'. Nays/Nie's share the six bars of English Babe's while German Babe's/Babels share the mermaid with Nayers/Nairs.

I almost missed this: the cinquefoils of French Pine's are those also of English McKinneys, like the Kenneth variation of MacKenzie's, and moreover Irish McKinneys have a "salmon" in Crest! That's big because Irish McKinneys have the fesse of salmon-using McCabe's/Cabes', and are in Coffee/Coffer colors and format. The same cinquefoils are used by Kims, first found on Bute, an island beside Orion-line Arran.

I've wondered several times today whether I should say that the Apophis comet might be God's urination on the world. I've rejected to say it many times, but there you have it, because it keeps coming to mind. Note that the Porch/Portis Crest has three fesses in the colors of the same of Aster-branch Sturs. One MacKenzie Coat uses "aster" while the other MacKenzie's have the mountain in flames. The Stour river has a source at StourHEAD, near PortisHEAD, where my pee on Pino's HEAD points. As the pee on Pino was at Pepin's house, is God saying that the Revelation asteroid will be Apophis?

When he felt the "water" on his head, he looked up with a oh-look on his face. An oh-look makes the O-shape of the mouth. Yup, the urine went smack-dab into his mouth, I'm not making this up. I've told of this many times, and have thought that it's a pointer to something in MonMOUTH, not far from Portishead. But when Trump came onto the political scene, I couldn't help but notice the O-shape of his mouth in many photos. Trumpets are used by Calls/Calles', first found in Wiltshire with Stourhead. Coincidence? The "clarions" used by Hicks and Arthurs are thought by some to be trumpets, and so it's notable that the triple Clare chevrons are half in the colors of the triple trumpets of Calls/Calles'.

Recalling now that Trump is suspect as the bulldog in the KIDNEY-shaped swimming pool, a pointer to the Revelation asteroid via Spuds MacKenzie, hearken thee here: "The kidneys are the part of the urinary tract that makes urine." Kidneys/Gedneys share the blue fish of Sea's, and the Revelation asteroid is landing in the sea. The triple wavy fesses of Sea's are colors reversed from the same in heraldic fountains, and there are six fountains in the Coat of Stourhead-related Stourtons (Wiltshire, same as Stourhead), I kid thee not.

They say that the ultra-expensive Remdesivir causes kidney failure, leading to deaths, and they say this is deliberate killing of the aged in hospitals. I believe it.

Stourtons are also STOREtons, and Store's use storks. One of the things that Gord Winger delivered for me was storks for new-birth announcements. He installed pink flamingos most of all, and Flamingo's/Flamings (share Vaux Coat) go great with the "mountain in flames" of MacKenzie's. There's a lot of new material here, all looking like Intelligent design.

Pink flamingos are excellent here due to Pinks sharing the lozenges of the Reno's/REINs to which they can be connected, but also the lozenges of MontaCUTE's. Cute's/Cutts were once said to be first found in Cambridgeshire with the Hounds who share the ermined Dent and Gifford lozenges. The Wear-Giffords (see Wear write-up) were first found in Devon with Piddle's/Pedlers who have the same lozenges without ermines! A piddle is a pee!!!!! Giffords even share the HICKenson motto.

Ahh, Hickensons have the green "segreant" griffin of McCabe's/Cabes', and it's "EMERGing from a tower." I suggest that since Tottens, suspect in the Hicks motto, have the motto, "Ad astra SEQUOR," while Fieschi-line Fiscs share "ad astra," "SEGREANt" looks like code for Segurana's (Genova, same as Fieschi), a Seagar/Sugar branch for sure. Genova's share the Second/Segur lion, and while Genova is where Doria's were first found who married Arthur-line Arduinici, note that MacArthurs share the Seagar/Sugar moline, colors reversed from the Segurana moline.

The Wear-Giffords were on one of the Axe rivers, one of which has a source not far from the Stour under discussion. This Axe ends at AxMOUTH (Devon), and perhaps the urine in Pino's mouth relates to that place, for while Hyksos may have named the Axe, English Pine's were first found in Devon. Indeed, while Seaton is at the mouth of the Axe, Seatons were a Side branch while I pee'd on Pino while he was on the walkway at the SIDE of the house. I'm listening to a song as I write that just sang "walk," followed my "mountain." I was loading Walks at the time, who share "Industria" with Dents. The song is, "I Can't Even Walk," by Brian Haney (I like this version of this song; it's on youtube).

Dents are important here due to their Dentdale location at Sedbergh, where Seaton-branch Sedans trace. Sedans (share black border with Montacute's) were first found in Durham with the Wear river, and with urine-galore Smiths. Giffords share "mori" with Orion-connectable McCabe's/Cabes'. Ahh, while Durhams share the Vere/Weir fesse-with-stars, Durhams use an "aniMUS" motto term while "Animo" is used by Piddle's/Pedlers!!! We are on it. Wears use "FuiMUS."

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH ZIKERS: Wears share the crosslets of Tufts/Tuffs'. I pee'd on Pino at the Taff residence. Taffs have the Caen FRETTY in colors reversed, and while Caen is at the ORNE river, Pepin Taff's son is FREDDY! Zinger. Durhams have a "fert" motto term. Tufts/Tuffs' are said to have a phoenix, and Daphne (modern Dafna) was a location in Phoenicia. Perfect.

Giffords share the motto of the neighboring Paine's/Payne's/Paynells, and as the latter have a spear while Roets share the Speer boar heads, Paine's/Payne's/Paynells must be from Payne Roet. Roets also use the Gord boar head, recalling Gord Winger's pink-flamingo displays. Pinks were first found in Yorkshire with Pings/Pongs/Pagans/Paganells, and Paine's/Payne's/Paynells are of that bloodline. I didn't force the conversation here. I went from Pinks and Montacute's (Somerset, same as Payne's) to Hounds to Giffords and Piddle's, and Giffords happen to have the four-word Payne motto in full.

I don't see a reason for linking Miss Hicks the dental nurse to this pee topic, but can add that Urine's/Hurins, perhaps, if not likely, part of the "heure" in the Hicks motto, almost have the Coat of Nurse-like Norris/Norreys (raven heads). Norrys (not "Norrey") share the Payne fesse. This is working because German Faiths/Feits/Veits almost have the bendy of Pings/Pongs/Pagans who in turn share blue fleur-de-lys with Piddle's, and because Faithfuls/Faiths in the Norris/Norrey motto share the saltire of Scottish Kilpatricks and Patricks. The latter were first found in Norfolk with Faithfuls/Faiths and Flags/Flacks, and while Norrys (Aberdeenshire, same as Fothes/FETTE's) are said to have been a sept of McLeods, Piddle's share the red flag with McLeods. Nurse's/Norse's have the saltire of Irish Kilpatricks.

I've suggested that Norrys (wolf head) were from Nahor, Abraham's brother, via the wolf-worshiping Neuri of Ukraine. The Neuri were at the Bug river(s), both of which are at least near LVIV, and while VIVians share the FIVE/Fify chevron, Five's/Fifys and Fife's share the Nayer/Nair lion while I think Nahor was named after, or perhaps named, the Nairi of Lake Van. Miss Hicks the nurse was picking at my tooth/teeth, and Picks/Pix's share the fitchees of Ratterys (near Fife), first found in Perthshire with Nayers/Nairs, and near NAIRNshire, where Rats/Raids were first found. Perthshire is where Dogs/Doags were first found who share the Hamilton / Bus cinquefoil (i.e. = Nahor line), but also where Hagars were first found who might somehow be from Abraham and his concubine, Hagar.

If she was picking at my molar tooth, note that Molers/Mollers share the hexagram of Roet-like Rotens (Speers/Speyers share Roet boar heads), and then Roddens/Rodhams share a tree stump with the Faithful/Faith Crest. Muellers are listed with German Mollers who in turn have the Roet Catherine wheel! Was Miss Hicks the nurse pointing to the so-called Mueller PROBE (likely sponsored by Clintonites)? Was the nurse also probing my teeth? Looks like.

Roets share the boar head of Gords/Gordans, first found in Berwickshire with Blythe's (= Bill Clinton's direct ancestry), with Tooth-related Letters and Lauders (share brown tree stump with Roddens/Rodhams and Faithfuls/Faiths), and with teeth-like Teets/Tate's. The other Tate's share the ravens with Norris/Norreys. It was resolved that the nurse was also Pulling my tooth, and Pullys/Pullings or Pulls/Pools can be in the "RePULLuLAT" motto of Lauders. Late's are also Letter-like Letts.

Vivians were also VEYS, and the Faithfuls in the Norris/Norrey motto are shown as "FEYthfully." Feys/Fays show clearly to be kin of Speers/SPEYers (Renfrewshire, same as Nahor-descended Hamiltons), expected as namers of the Spey river along the Nairn border with Moray.

The Norris ravens and their "serve" motto term gives away their being kin of Shaws/Sheaves' (Berkshire, same as Norris'/Norreys), who are in Norris/Norrey colors and format. SERVitium was along the Shaw-like Sava river, and probably named the Serbs. It's a good bet that some Nahorites were at Kotor with Abraham liners, and Cotters were first found in Oxfordshire, beside Berkshire. Cottars use lizards while Lizarts/Sarde's share the Coat of English Liss' and German Lists, the latter first found in Silesia with proto-Serb Sorbs. Scottish Liss' are also Lease's (Perthshire again, same as Nayers/Nairs) while English Lease's share the "tenebris" motto term of Fullertons (Cotter-like otters) whose line might be in the "FeythFULLy" term of Norris'/Norreys.

Fullers use a beacon, and while Beacons (share Chief-Shield colors of English Lease's) are listed with English Bacons (Suffolk, same as Clare's expected in the Lease motto and Lease/Liss chevrons), French Bacons have the FIVE (Lviv code possibly) cinquefoils of Nahor-line Bus' and Hamiltons. The Chief-Shield colors of Beacons/Bacons are those also of Capes', first found in London with Tooths. The Lease cloud can be code for McLeods/Clouds who owned the Norrys as a septs. Miss Hicks was my tooth nurse.

Lease's/Liss' share two red chevrons with Perche's, and a CRANE is "perched" on the Faithful tree stump. Crane's/Crauns (Suffolk, same as Beacons/Bacons and NORmans) are from the Ceraunii near/at SERVitium, and Faithfuls are in the "Feythfully SERVE" motto of Norris'. Making sense? One of the English Norman surnames shares the fleur-de-lys of Nurse's/Norse's. German Normans/Norma's have a giant savage while Savage's list Sava's. Servitium is at the Sava near to the mouth of the Oeneus upon the Sava, and the Oeneus (or Una) named mythical Juno, the line to June's who share the Nurse / Norman fleur-de-lys.

The Sava is also the Save, and Save's were first found in Burgundy with Noyers while Nurse's are said to have been related to a Noiers entity. French Mars were once said to be first found in Burgundy.

AHHH, I get it. Mythical Oeneus was related to OenoMAUS, and while the latter is suspect from Mus at Lake Van, that was near the Aras river that named mythical Ares, father of Oenomaus, Rose-like EROS, and Rot(h)es-like Erotes. Ares had a dragon in Boeotia (near Sparta) that was defeated by CadMUS, and a myth writer gave this dragon the symbol of TEETH!!! That's why she was a dental nurse picking / probing my teeth! The dragon's teeth were likened to seeds that gave birth to men called "Sparti" by one writer, and Spartans can be traced to Joktanites (see Joktan below), Nahor's ancestors. Lake Van was ruled by king Rusa (highly suspect with "Ares/Eros/Hros"), and Rush's/Rish's (Suffolk again) share the fesse of Rosco's/Risco's who in turn have the Bus / Hamilton / Porch/Portis cinquefoil in colors reversed.

Porch's can be from Porcius Cato, whom was raised as a boy in Abruzzo, according to an entry that was once in his Wikipedia article. It was changed to his owning land in Sabina i.e. down the Salto river from the Marsi. Joktan was the first-born of Eber, founder of Hebrews, and Ares' special mate was Aphrodite, the namer of Aprutium, old capital of Hebrew-line Abruzzo. To the Romans, Ares was Mars i.e. the Marsi of Abruzzo.

The Normans with the June / Nurse fleur-de-lys were first found in Suffolk with Crauns/Crane's who share the patee cross of a Clapton Coat, and as Portishead is at Clapton, note that Porch's/Portis' have three fesses in their Crest in the colors of the same of the Normans in this paragraph. Three fesses are colors reversed from the one of Crauns/Crane's. Hicks of Clapton married JULIANA Arthur, and Arthurs are from the Ardiaei of the Rhizon / Kotor region, and before that they named Ardahan near Rize, and Ardahan is smack at the Aras-river area and the Moschi mountains!

New Ardiaei Gleanings

Pino seemed, therefore, to be a pointer to the boy king, Pinnes, of the Ardiaei. He was the son of TriTEUTA, and the step-son of TEUTA, which can explain the "Tout" motto term of Hicks. The Augers/Agars/Eagers (Yorkshire, same as Hicks) look like they are from king "AGRon," Pinnes' father, for GENTius was another Ardiaei king while "AGENDo" is an Auger/Agar. This is the first time I've realized this, and it works with the "SPECTemur" motto term of Auger/Agars/Eagers too because frets are used by Speccots. The Ardiaei were also VARDaei, and Vardys/Vertys (show a boy king in Crest) are said to have been barons of La FERTE. Hall of Names calls the Crest, "A man's head with a crown," but he definitely looks like a boy. Pinnes died as king at 15 years of age. It's interesting that Ramps were first found in Cumberland with Vardys/Vertys. The latter even share the black vair fur of CLAPPS/Clappers to go with Pino's pointer to Portishead at CLAPton! WOW! God is proving his existence to you through this, in case you doubt it.

Wikipedia's article on Gentius has Teuta as his wife i.e. she was married to both Agron and Gentius. In the Gentius article: "Ballaios appears to have ruled after 168 BC at Queen Teuta's old stronghold, Rhizon." That explains why Miss Hicks, as Sleeping Beauty, pointed with her SLEEPing and rising to Rhizon when she pointed to the SELEPitanoi at lake Scodra. Same article: "The capital city of the Illyrian kingdom under Gentius was Scodra." Ballaios-like Baliols and Baileys were at the Airaines theater, is that not cool? No, it's hot like Orion's pee if indeed those two surnames descend from Ballaios.

Hicks share gold fleur-de-lys with Masci's, and Hicks use a red background, as do Masseys for their fleur-de-lys, and Maschi's (not "Masci") use PINE cones. That explains why I was rising with Sleeping Beauty. But my mother is a Masci and a Grimaldi, and Grimaldi's were at Genova with the Doria's married by ARDuinici. Daorsi lived on the Neretva river with Ardiaei. Arduinici lived at Ivrea on the Bautica river to Chivasso, and the Cavii were at Lissus to the near south of Scodra. The Lys surname (shares Massey fleur) is also "Lise," as are Scottish Leak-like Lease's. Leaks share the Hicks fleur-de-lys. Bailey-branch Bellys were first found in Moray, and the Irish Murrays (share Moray Coat) have a motto, "Imperio," while Arduinici married Doria's in Imperia (Oneglia). Morays share "Tout" with Hicks!

I've never realized until now that king Ballaios (of the Ardiaei) is likely the Belly / Baliol / Belli ancestry. Bellys and Belli's were kin of Carpenters, and the latter's globe is suspect with the Goplo line Mieszko's that I can trace well to Koplik and Dober on the east side of lake Scodra. The shark in the pool of the sleeping-bag dream turned out to be the Saraka's of Kotor, smack beside Rhizon, and I've been saying for years that the shark's TEETH were ringed around the BELLY of the bulldog! ASTOUNDING OUTCOME, and it only took me five years to figure it out this broadly. German Belli's use a beacon. Bellovaci probably named Belgium at the Artois border.

Miss Hicks was standing with a CLASSIC car, and Glassicks/Glass' are expected as a branch of Klassens/Class' from the Clausula river, location of Koplik and Dober. Claus' share a thick, black border with MontaCUTE's, first found beside Kotor-like CUTTers (DORset, same as Beautys). I was standing at the DOOR of her car.

I had the sense that when Ardiaei disappeared from Illyria shortly after Gentius, they got merged with king ARTEMiDOROS whose rule was at least around lake Tatta, and this can explain why EGGERtons (Claus lion?) were at TATTon. Tattons, who share a GREYhound in Crest with Cute's/Cutts, married Massys. Eggertons use "VirTUTE," which looks like code also for the Virty variation of Vardys/Vertys. The Tatton Coat can be linked to both Tute Coats, with English Tute's/Touts/Toots first found in Yorkshire with Egger-like Augers/Agars/Eagers. Tate's/TEETs were first found in Berwickshire with ARTEMs/AITons, AIDs/Ade's and Arthurs while Eitons/Eytons share nearly the TOOThill Coat. Eatons have a Coat like that of Hykes'/Hacks.

Vardys/Vertys share the Fier/Fear moline, and Fiers were first found in Middlesex with the TOTTens suspect in the "Tout en" phrase of Hicks. Tottens are the ones with the "ad astra" phrase to go with the "as astra" of MacKenzie's. Can this help to explain Miss Hicks the tooth nurse? Totten use four of the double Sleep fesses, and neither Coat shows anything else. I've been neglecting the Tottens? The Apps'/Abbs', first found in Middlesex and therefore from the Apsus river through Fier county (Albania), have one of the Totten fesses. AND WOW, Fier county is the location of Kuman, the line to Comyns/Comings suspect as a branch of Comets!!! As Tottens have dancettes, note that Dance's/Donnas' were first found in Piedmont with Domino's while "Domine" is an Apps/Abbs motto term. Domino's share the black tower with Higgins ("Pro patria" goes excellent with Piedmont elements) who in turn show the Hickenson towers.

As Hickensons use a "Malo" motto term while Malls share the Eure/URE Coat, it makes for a good argument to view the "heure" of Hicks' as code for Eure's/Ure's, and this can go well with the "uro" of MacKenzie's whose branch has "AS astra." MacKenzie's and Fiscs share four words in their respective mottoes, and Ass'/Assi's have a Fieschi-like fasces (axe head at one end). The Hickensons, I'VE ONLY JUST REALIZED, are huge for their towers, for the Tower surname has a giant form of the Comet towers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! INCREDIBLE VERIFICATION that Miss Hicks was put into my life to point to the Apophis asteroid!!! This is making me nervous. What if Apophis doesn't land, won't I feel stupid.

The Tower Crest is ""A griffin GOLD and BLUE," and while we saw Hickensons sharing the green "segreant" griffin of McCabe's/Cabes', the latter were first found on Arran with Blue's/Gorms. Amazingly, Golds have a Coat much like that of German Hammers, and McCabe's/Cabes' have the salmon of Hammer-related Hams.

WOW ANOTHER VERIFICATION: there is even a Peed surname listed with Perts/Petts (Artem-like "Ardens" motto!), and PERTa was an old location on the shore of lake TATTA! This paragraph came to mind after writing the above on Tatta / Tattons, and it not only tends to verify that my pee on Pino is a pointer to Pinnes, but that the Ardiaei were merged with Artemidoros. The naming of Tatta can be related to the naming of queens Triteuta and Teuta. Tatta is off the Halys river, and as we are looking for the line of Orion at SCHIMAtari, note that Schims/Schiens share the boar head of Haleys (Sligo, same as Higginsons/HICKensons and Higgins). Ahh, "Virtute" is a Schim/Schien motto term; we just saw that term with Eggertons of Tatton!!!

Schims/Schiens (share boar head of Mole's in "molehills" of Shake's) use a "fortuna" motto term while Fortuna's use a LABrador-species dog while Gentius was from the LABeatai people group at lake Scodra, situated at the northern domain of the TAULantii, which can explain why the Lab is often called a "talbot." "Lady FORTUNE" is in the Coat of Klassens/Class' suspect from the Clausula river flowing toward lake Scodra. Ladys/Laudymans may have been of Tooth-related Lauders, and in fact the Lords/LAUDs are in the GLASgow motto! Glass' (Lys'/LISSe fleur in colors reversed) share the mermaid in Crest with Morays and LAPPs/Labbs', and as the latter can be traced well to the Labe/Elbe river (Boii-land Bohemia), perhaps it was named by the Labeatai (near or at LISSus).

The Labe/Elbe goes through Bohemia, founded by Boii, and a Boius region (lower-left on this map) is at the top of the Apsus river above Fier county. The Labeates are on the map too. "Fier" is a motto term of BRADfords, suspect from PodeBRADy of Bohemia, and Bradfords not only have hunting horns for Orion liners, but a pee-line peacock. Podebrady is where the mermaid of Laps/Labe's traces. The Presleys (probably Abruzzo liners), said to be near Bradford of Yorkshire, use "grappling IRONs."

Evidence of an Ardiaei link to Fier-river liners is where Players (drops) were first found in Middlesex with Fiers, and the Player-like Pleraei are shown on the Naro river with the Vardaei = Ardiaei. Middlesex is part of London, and London is where Teuta-like Tooths were first found. The Arms of Middlesex has swords much like scimitars.

Schims and Skene's were first found in Aberdeenshire with a Fyvie location, recalling how LVIV, at the Bug rivers, looks like "Vivian" and the Vivian-branch Five's/Fifys (share Claus lion). As Scodra is at the northern domain of the CAVii Illyrians, note that Fyvie is very near the first-known Chives' of Tarves. They named Chivasso on the river of the Arduinici, near Turin, explaining why Turins were first found in Aberdeenshire. Ardiaei were barons at La FERTE, and Renier of MontFERRAT was on the south side of Turin. Tarves is near the first-known Troops, and Tropoje is at the near-east of the Clausula.

Ah, as Agars are like "Hagar," it's amazing that Hagars were first found in Perthshire with the Evetts in the "evetts (lizards) of Cotters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It could mean that Agron was named after a line from Biblical Hagar, and she's suspect to the AGARus river that has a source not far from the Neuri. Ardiaei lived on the Naro/Neretva river!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HUGE. I trace Beacons/Bacons to Bacau midway up the Agarus (now the Siret) river, and while the Bacau-like BUZau river is an Agarus tributary, French Bacons share the BUS cinquefoil. Was Biblical Hagar named by proto-Hyksos? Are Hicks from Hagar-line Hyksos to king Agron?

Artemidoros' son conquered Derbe, the line to Derbyshire, where Cnuts/NOTE's were first found who are in NORthern/NOTHing colors and format. The latter (in the Suty motto), first found in Yorkshire with Augers/Agars/Eagers, share the green dragon in Crest with Seatons, Evetts and the particular Kilpatricks (share Cremer / Faux/Fage/Chollens Chief) who share the Nurse/Norse saltire. This makes king Cnut, whose mother was a Mieszko, suspect from Nahorites. Neuri were on the Bug river, and Bugs (Dorset) were once said to be first found in NOTTINGhamshire, said to be named after king Cnut.

Danish Cnuts (share red flag with Piddle's/Pedlers) use "pot hangers," and Hangers/Angers might just have been Hagar liners. Brocuffs have a part-red flag, that of Darts, for the Brock lion holds a dart, and Darts/Dards, who look related to Sleeps, are from the Dardanians whom king Gentius married. Dardanians (Trojan-of-TROS liners) were around TROPoje, and Trope's/Drops were first found in Norfolk with Flags.

As Eggs/Edge's and Eatons were first found in Cheshire with Eggertons, it appears that Ice's/Ecco's/ICKE's descended from king Agron or whatever he was named after. German Eggs/Eggers even share the "hurt" with Irish Arthurs. Hicks come up as "Icke," which is why Miss Hicks is a pointer to ECOhealth, for Hicksons share the Coat of health-like Helts. All along, God's ice-cream symbol was to be connected to Miss Hicks.

June's were once said to be first found in Cambridgeshire with JULIANs, Jeune's and CAPONE's, and three Junia CAEPIONis' were all daughters of SERVilia Caepionis (June's were from the Una near SERVitium), the favorite mistress of Julius Caesar i.e. at least one of the Junia's could have been Caesar's daughter. JULIANA Arthur married Mr. Hicks. Koplik is also called, CUPIONICH, much like "Caepionis." The Hick buck's head is "COUPed" and "GORGed," and George's were first found in Dorset with Beautys while Beautys share the black bull with Mieszko-like Mieske's/Mesechs.

The Caesar surname shares the Chief-Shield colors of Beacons/Bacons and English Lease's, and while mythical Juno was wife of Jupiter, named after Japodes next to the Una river, the JOPlins look like they use the Caesar Shield but with the Chief of French Julians in colors reversed. Joplins (Northumberland, same as Greys/Croys) share the Grey/CROY lion, and "The surname Caesar was first found in Surrey, at CROYdon..."


Gateway Pundit headline Sunday: "BOOM! Sen. Ron Johnson Drops Truth-Bomb on Senate Floor – 63% of UK Delta Deaths in Last 7.5 Months Were Fully Vaccinated (VIDEO)". And most of the remaining 37-percent were deaths by influenza, but scored as COVID, isn't that the truth?

The short video below has Ron Johnson explaining the UK numbers in the U.S. senate. he tells that over 7.5 months in 2021, England had 750,000 new COVID cases, which I'm viewing as viruses in general, not all COVID. Of that number, the UK claims that almost 600,000 were infected with the delta variant, but I take that as a piece of trash deception because delta is harmless while the UK says that about 2,500 people died. When we do the math, 2,500 / 600,000 = .004 (Johnsons says that it's .4, but what he means is .4 percent = .004). That's four deaths per 1,000 delta cases, VERY HIGH for a virus that's been said to be like the common cold. So, London is deceiving the people with this information, guaranteed, as we would expect. Johnson clarifies that this ratio is only of the "registered" cases, and that there are many more cases that the UK does not know about i.e. so that the ratio will be many less deaths per 1,000 cases than four. But the UK's not telling the people this, hoping they can't figure it out on their own.

Unregistered cases include people who don't know they have a virus; it's so weak, they don't feel symptoms. There are going to be more such cases than those who report to a doctor or hospital. Those who have no symptoms are the ones who get natural "vaccines," but Western governments are not telling the people that either, because these governments are run by bastards who have no Father in Heaven. They want to vaccinate those who are naturally vaccinated at the pain of punishing them with as much as losing their jobs, or even starving, eventually. That's why these vaccine traffickers deserve to be jailed, to be removed from the streets.

Johnson makes the very good point that Biden's lying to say that vaccinations keep one safe. The UK numbers tell that 43-percent of the 600,000 were not vaccinated, meaning that 43-percent -- about 250,000 people -- have natural immunity, yet the UK government did not give them a piece of paper telling them that they do not need to be vaxxed in case their employers threaten them with loss of job. Good man, Ron Johnson.

Here's another article for you to save in case you need to fight the vaccines in court. It starts by telling that Ivermectin and some vitamins were all that were used to culminate in this: "By September, cases had fallen dramatically. Out of the entire state of 200 million plus inhabitants, only 187 active cases were left compared to the peak in April of 310,783 cases."

This story was blasted over youtube by Dr. John Campbell (over a million subscribers) who usually falls prey to government propaganda and lies (which is why youtube hasn't banned him). The tide should be turning, but the despicables continue to hide these realities, which tells you all you need to know about their wicked, hell-bound motives. KILLERS, LITERALLY.

Here's an unhappy Nick Moseder of Arizona's election fraud, even though he found many more problematic fraudulent ballots in the senate's report last week:

Nick doesn't feel confident that the Arizona government will do what needs to be done on the criminal level. I feel the same way. The audit looks at least partially staged, decided beforehand how it should be worked out for minimum criminal damage. It's not inspiring other audits, and other audits are not moving fast at all. This is a pathetic slow-walk due to corrupt courts that the criminal elements can bank on for the slow-walk. It underscores the need for Arizona to LEAD with fast and numerous prosecutions to send the necessary message. Instead, Arizona is mired in the mud that hit the Fann. Here's the reason that Fann is the wicked witch of the west who needs to be melted to the floor: she trying to saved the cheats from criminal prosecution as per their manipulation / abuse of Dominion machinery:

Artur Pawloski disappeared from the social-media radar, until he was re-arrested this week. Artur tells that he was charged on two offenses, one for not wearing a mask. Sheer, laughable persecution. Start at about 20 minutes to hear him on his phone call from prison (I think he was out the next day):

Other churches in canada now have another opportunity to rise up and "misbehave" to send the "gestapo" a message. If all the churches at once did it, the government would be helpless to arrest them all for not wearing masks, what a "joke." Defy this sick government, defy that sick police force. I don't want to be a part of a cowardly church. There is an opportunity here to stand up and be heard, be seen, to be a leader, to glorify God, to let the name of Jesus resound. Those churches who were gathering without masks were not getting sick because there was and is no pandemic. The government is lying, knowingly, wickedly. You cannot respect such a government mandate, the jailing of innocent people, pastors, while the government goes on murdering old people, and now young people with vaccinations. WHERE's the COLLECTIVE VOICE of the churches?

Where are the churches collectively warning that vaccine mandates MIGHT be the precursor to the mark of the beast? Even if the mark is not yet, we can see disturbances, as early as this fall, even the threat of a civil war, due to expected vaccine mandates compounding on lock-outs and other threats to food distribution. Where are the good shepherds of the flock? We hope they are instructing their flocks to store food for this winter just in case, and it's probably too late by now to save as much as might be needed. Let the Australian situation be your trumpets. Start sounding the alarms, good shepherds, especially if you are not pastors, because pastors may be pre-trib stupid-fied and thereby out-to-lunch for warning the flock to store foods.

Are the American powers deliberately defaulting on their dept payments imminently? What would happen if half the government shuts down? More home-schooling? Great. What bad things could happen? They've already thought of something, those who don't let a crisis go to waste.

There is nothing better to help fight the vaccine goons than what the Australia government is doing right now. Hurray, Australian government, keep-on STUPIDS. Hurray, communist-pig police forces, keep on sending out our message for us, that you are communist pigs. HURRAY! Big tech blocks our messages, but the tyrants make up for it. HURRAY vaccine schemers, force more governments to expose your hearts, go for it NUT-JOBS. This under-a-minute video is a must to understand how lunatic the Australian powers are:

It seems to me that Australian lockdowns over five or fewer cases of COVID daily has no other purpose than to tempt the people to fight back with violence. Beware, Australia, they are luring you, trying to make you angry enough to warrant martial law. The powers want to test this for other nations, it seems. I'm not suggesting that fighting your government is not an option, but BEWARE; know what they are striving for in their declaration of war. If you fight, you had best make sure you have the numbers, the determination, and the means, to win. If you don't yet, then wait a while longer. Let the goons make goons of themselves a little longer without fighting back. Resist, but don't fight back until the goons have made utter liabilities of themselves. They are well on their way. Dare them to become bigger jackasses than they've already become. Suffer pain at their hands in order to let them expose their wickedness. So far, so good, Australians. Britain's been trying to do Australia, but things have not yet panned out.

The jackasses are so weak they are afraid of our words. They need to silence our words because with them alone we can crush them. No guns needed, just the collective voice of decent people. Yet the anti-vax side has a lot of creeps too, unGodly people, which is why the churches need to stand up and fire-away with words. Machine-gun words, cut them to pieces, no mercy. Let the youth pastors everywhere raise up the youth with buckshot words. POW!

Pay attention to an accusation against Bill Gates, at the 11th minute of this Stew Peters show, that sounds like a precursor to the mark of the beast, but don't skip to the 11th minute because the video until then claims to reveal some electrical phenomena in two COVID vaccine brands:

This looks like an excellent video (especially of it's muted) for fighting mandatory vaccinations. It shows how deaths spiked in many countries as soon as vaccinations were ramped up, with data apparently from John Hopkins:

In most cases, the death spikes are a few months after vaccination programs began, though in some cases, such as Ireland, Jordan and Israel and Portugal, the spike was immediate upon the first vaccinations, with deaths then going down a month or two later. Why these two scenarios? Canada and the United States, and most European nations, are not on this video.

This video by Brannon Howse tells that Trump's been schmoozing with a pro-vaccine church leader, very interesting indeed when we think that there is going to be, and already is, a schism in the churches over vaccinations pro-and-against. This is something to watch as per foolish virgins. Trump recently posed with Billy Graham's son recently,who looks like a foolish virgin to me. Mike Lindell has climbed up from his hide-out on the cliff-edge of the flat earth to come talk to Howse halfway through this video:

Mr. Howse is wrong to claim that the empire of the beast will (as a fact) be set up on vaccinations, even if he turns out to be right. As we don't know for sure, let's just say we don't know for sure. I know very little of what Howse believes. I do agree with him that Kingdom-Now is a false doctrine. Perhaps the False Prophet will be a Kingdom-Now kind-of guy, someone who stresses politics and this world over the Return of Jesus.

Lindell starts in the 30th minute, and he's announcing that his legal team will be bringing election fraud to the U.S. supreme court "100-percent before Thanksgiving" (November). Lindell should not say that there will be a 9-0 vote in this top court. He should just say, we don't know for sure. In fact, the court may reject his case. It's for Mike's unlikely predictions that I use "flat earth" against him. I'm just kidding, not calling him a flat-earther. He didn't explain (in the video) what his court case entails, but I assume he's going with the packet-captures. At least, he's insinuating it.

Here's some hope for people threatened with loss of job from a communist-pig employer:

Alberta is going full lunatic again, right on time, as the fall season begins. The people thus have another opportunity to revolt. But do canadians have it in them to fend off the communist pigs in their midst? Oh what fun. There's nothing so exciting and thrilling these days as to expose a hypocritical communist pig. I just did two in one shot a few days ago. The whole store heard me. I educated them all. Nobody argued back. I won because the enemy had no ammo. If people had really been falling dead left and right, we would have heard it from the dead amongst the famous. They would have made the front-page news daily, but no such news came about. Australian police are hiding behind their policy of safety measures trumps all else that protesters are protesting. There is virtually no danger from COVID, the numbers prove it, and therefore such two-faced police have no ammo. The hypocritical cops wear masks in the streets like apes that don't know better because they are willing political tools of the Western tyrants. IT'S CLEAR AS DAY what's going on. The cops prefer masks to hide the shame on their faces.

In various places, medical people have already been fired for refusing vaccination. There's only one way to explain this: the people who are hiding behind safety measures are endangering people who need doctors and nurses. HYPOCRITES, LIARS and USEFUL IDIOTS for the globalists. Here's a round-up of this week's news to midweek:

In Australia, the police commissioner of New South Wales has decided, for now anyway, not to enforce vaccine passports into social clubs. This may explain a story at the Gateway Pundit the day after (Friday) I heard the commissioner's stance: "Tyrannical New South Wales Premier Gladys Berejiklian announced her ‘difficult decision’ to resign as of Friday. The news comes after a corruption watchdog announced it was looking into her conduct."

Did I tell you that Toronto police rebelled against vaccine tyranny? There is hope. The goons don't have all their ducks in a row. They don't have the nod from all power structures, APPARENTLY. In games like this, we don't know what's all happening. The powers may have had mass arrests in mind for decades, and they may even have sent out media people on their side to fake being on our side, to egg us on to fighting with violence / bullets when the time comes so that the powers can fool the rest of society into thinking that they are the bad guys. The true bad guys, the powers, have got to watch their political steps. They are restricted in their absolute powers by the need to be re-elected. Once they commit to mass arrests, they could falter soon-after like a stupid domino. It's the risk they take. Hitler risked all, and lost all. He could have become respected as a political leader, but instead his greed chose to be a big-stupid domino.

It's not all over if they do mass arrests, for even if there were no God, there would be repercussions when their supporters, to that point, begin to think they are over-reacting in an evil way. But with God watching, WE HAVE THE PROMISE IN OUR HEARTS no matter what they do, and that promise foretells their demise. No one acting wickedly will escape, no matter if every last judge in the land advertises their evil as good. THE FINAL JUDGE prevails, and the Father has given the Court of Judgment to Jesus for the end-times. He came once to save and not judge, but He returns as Judge to punish all those who have not held on to The Promise of Jesus. The mockers will mock, and will later be terrified. We know how this ends.

Gateway Pundit headline Thursday: "Breakthrough Cases Surge: Vaccinated Individuals Accounted for 87% of Covid Hospitalizations Over the Past Week in Wales UK; 99% of All New Cases Were Under 60 Years Old". "Breakthrough" was probably chosen to emphasize a falsification: that a COVID virus breaks through the protection of a vaccine inside a person. I say the reality is probably that the protection is hogwash, that the vaccine itself creates the viral illness in order to perpetuate vaccinations. It's not working because the goons cannot own all the media massaging. Reality is slipping through the cracks. We're not supposed to know that most cases by far are in the vaccinated. That's probably due to the unvaccinated not susceptible to a virus in warm weather. The warm season spilled the beans on the goons. The unvaccinated went as-usual in summer, but many vaccinated got sick who otherwise would not have.

The goons are blaming the unvaccinated for the breakthrough cases, BUT WAIT. If the vaccinated get COVID too, then they become possible killers too (that's the way goons see the unvaccinated), and so please tell the world why anyone should get vaccinated in the first place? The evidence is such that the vaccine makes the vaccinated sick with a virus(es), which makes the unvaccinated the threat to others.

David Knight is best listened to when you're cooking because you'll appreciate your "rights" to still buy food as he nips at your nerves with globalist plots. Here's his show of September 24 from which you may learn a few things on the state of present-day fascism in the West:

It's true, Biden has been given a fake White House, begging the question of how often (or not often) he's in the real one:

It appears that many people know of this faked White House. Is this some king of a JOKE? What a sick bunch who feign everything they do for scoring political points.

Here's a more-accurate picture of Maricopa fraud that Karen Fann does not want known:

I wouldn't be comparing her to the wicked witch had she not shown her cards openly on the political table. Fann's desire has always been to pass the football off to the attorney general of Arizona, knowing that he's a compromised and unreliable politician whose shown like-mindedness with the cheats. She's been plotting to drag out the audit until people no longer care so that she (or her senate) wouldn't need to be responsible for arrests. We want to know what Fann did to alter the true audit results. She's an accomplice of the cheats.

Fann resisted placing the door-to-door canvassing project onto her audit detail because that entails criminal charges. Wendy Rogers (Fann supporter) was acting big on Fann's behalf when she (Rogers) snubbed Biden's DOJ when it threatened any door-to-door canvassers, but then Fann caved and didn't partake with the canvassing...meaning that Rogers wasn't having any effect at all. In the end, Rogers exposed herself as a two-faced traitor to the audit's causes.

There has been such a gigantic criminal process in Arizona (in 2020 alone) that here's the real wonder: why isn't Fann demanding a vote to decertify the election? What kind of a bag of hot air is she?

Food Prep

I'm depressed. We are being ripped off either by farmers of grocers. Normally, 490 grams of spinach (easy for farmers to grow) in my area is $4.50, maybe even $5.00. I dried this amount this week until it weighed only 30 grams. That's more than 15 times water in this baby spinach than solid material. At $4.50 per 30 grams of dry spinach, one pound of this "gold" would cost me almost $70. We have got to be NUTS to pay that much for so little. As much as I like spinach, I'm never going to buy it again. I'm putting my foot down because I went over a similar story last week on celery, which worked out to about $55 per pound of dry material. I'm going to grow my own. I'm going to pay for electric fence, and grow my own, save tons of $$$ because I'll then dry the whole year's worth of garden produce. That's my goal now.

I'm just guessing, but maybe the best way to dry spinach is to freeze it first to give it the wet look, then pass a roller over it to squeeze out the water, to dry it in half the time or less. I'm giving you city-slickers some tips. I'm making you wiser. Buying vegetables is a RIP-OFF. Cereals look like gold by comparison to dried vegetables. Even in my area, Cheerio's and Rice Crispies are about $2.50 per pound = $5.50 per kilogram. Cereals are even stacked with added vitamins / minerals.

To save storage space, can cereals be crunched into powders and then added to flour for bread-making? Yes. Will breads taste good mixed with cereals? I'll try it and report back. Corn flakes in your bread (they'll soften) sounds dandy. I've already tried some Harvest Crunch in bread dough, no problem.

The problem with crunching cereals to quasi-dust is if we open packages to do it; it reduces shelf life. But what if we put a small hole in the bag of cereal, let the air out, then press the bag until the interior is crunched into a small space; then roll the bag up tight, and tape the hole sealed? That should work.

"Four states, California, Arizona, New Jersey and Texas, grow 98 percent of the commercial fresh market spinach in the U.S. The average yield in 2020 was approximately 14,400 pounds per acre..." That means farmers should be charging well under a half-dollar per pound, and then grocers have no business doubling the price of what farmers charge them because produce sells lickety-split every day; it doesn't sit on the floor for a month or two the way a piece of equipment does. But the batch above is about five dollars per pound. OUTRAGEOUS. Even at a half-dollar per pound, the farmer brings in $7,000 per measly acre. Farm equipment can do an acre of spinach before you can watch a baseball game. An acre is little more than 200' x 200'. MEASLY. Even in the UK, they do two spinach harvests per year per field. This video shows that they don't need Mexicans anymore to harvest spinach:

You might say that farmers have no choice but to buy all that expensive equipment, but I'll say that they buy it because they can afford the biggest equipment due to the high retail prices, and because they see that machinery increases profits. When grocers get greedy, farmers start to increase their selling prices to get a piece of the extra retail action. Ethics are being thrown to the ground with truth in the last days. If we multiply 14,400 pounds by $5, it's $72,000 of take-in per acre. OUTRAGEOUS. Why do we hold jobs at all? Why don't we each just farm an acre of spinach and sell it locally? It'll take far less than a year, and we can take falls and winters off to boot.

You can turn dried spinach into flakes or quasi-powder "spice", and drop it into any pot of food, in your breads, in eggs, pizzas. The problem is in drying a large batch all at once from the garden in attempts to secure a year's worth of spinach with two crops annually. Spinach rots fast. I think that one should build a sun-drying box for that purpose, with plexiglass lid. The first batch will be ready when the sun is hot. A couple of sun boxes 4' x 4' seems ideal. Dry everything in them. We can do this.

We who have the Light of Jesus know the snake. The Light is the knowledge of the true God's existence, no small thing. It changes our perspectives on everything, if we have a strong faith. We are wise to the ways of this world that do not conform to Jesus, and we see how much of it is a snake. We know that the snake acts in men to pretend good will toward humanity when in reality the snake exploits humanity. This is the fundamental bedrock of worldliness, a kind / angelic face but with a wicked heart amassing things for self. People in this world would abandon a human life to retain their worldly possessions. A human life is no longer valued as it should be. But the Kingdom of God is Sincere Friendship. If we don't have the Kingdom of God within us, neither can we have sincere friendship. If we are dark within, we will abandon a friend for two bits. The global snake is here, and does not have global friendship in mind. It's a destroyer and a thief, and people with dark hearts will latch onto it because they have not the Light to see that it's a snake. The snake will lie to them, and they will believe the lie. The snake will direct them to persecute us, and they will.

I'm depressed again, but not for long. I bought two 10-pound bags of onions for $6.00 each, or nine kilograms total. To the best of my ability to guess-timate, I've dried three kilograms thus far for a total weight of 230 grams of flakes when dried (that's like 13 times the difference). This 230 grams cost me $4.00 fresh, plus energy to dry it, plus all the prep work, plus the Mason jar. I'm depressed because the same store (Walmart) has 150 grams of onion power for $2.00 (CAN), which is a far better deal. I'm thrilled because there's no use buying onions to dry, we may as well buy it dried to begin with! BEAUTY, I've just saved you from drying onions...unless you want flakes. But then again, maybe the powder's from China, and we should scrap that idea.

I'll let you know at a later time how much dry weight a kilogram of fresh garlic gets, and I'll do the same math to see whether we may as well buy garlic power. Each 1-kilogram bag is $4.50, but garlic has far less water than onions. I can tell already that we may as well buy it dried from the store.

Before drying foods, see what kind of deals you can get by buying them dried. It's possible that they make onion and garlic powder from sore onions and garlic not saleable in stores, but is that a bad thing? I wonder if they bleach / color it to remove the old look. Does the powder have any vitamins left??? Something to consider.


Here's all four Gospels wrapped into one story.

For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God.
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