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October 5 - 11, 2021

God Wants Somebodies / Everyone to Know About Levite Thingies from Boeotia
Why? Who Cares? What's it Accomplish?

If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture

I'm going to start heraldic discussions on the urine theme of the last update. Once I get rolling along, it seems I get Steered into new discoveries. Orion of Boeotia/Boiotia, the urine god, as one might call him, had a father in Tanagra, a term like the TANKARville's, branch of Tancreds who are in turn in GORing colors and format. Might Gore/Core liners have come from a family named first from ORion liners? Yes, for Gorings use red annulets (hollow roundels) while Orrs/Ore's and Orells both use similar red roundels while Goring was location in Arundel while there is a Rundel/ROUNDEL surname. So, Orions/Irons and Gorings (Sussex, same as Arun / Arundel) look like Ore liners. The latter's motto can be for elements from Bononia, home of Boiotia-like Boii. (Load Tankarville link now to have access, on another tab, to other Coats of Arms.)

It therefore seems that we are on the red roundels in the Arms of Boulogne, for that place, along with Italian Bologna, was Boulogne is near Airaines. We can now go to GORMans because they share "bello" in their motto with Bouillons, and Godfrey de Bouillon had a father who was count of Boulogne. From Gormans, we can suggest that Blue's/Gorms were initially Gorms, and later developed into Blue's (on word-play with gorm = blue) when they married Blois elements, for Blois was politically partnered with Orleans, and the Orleans surname (load as "Orleans") shares red roundels with Orrs and Orells. We get it, and Orions/Irons were even first found in Norfolk with Grome's/Grooms ("pennants").

So, the blood of these entities were in Orion-line Arran, and while Rory of Bute (beside Arran) gave Bute (Boeotia-like term) the Rory/Crory lion, it's colors reversed from the Gorman lion, and both surnames use a similar sword theme. The last update crossed the Faiths/Faithfuls in the Norris motto term, "FEYthfully," and while the Norris' almost have the Urine Coat, "faithful" is a motto term of Gorhams. The latter were first found in Hertfordshire with Childs who eagles in turn are in the Gorsuch Coat. GorSUCH's were first found in Lancashire with Such's whose besants (likely code for line of Basina, wife of CHILDeric) would be red roundels in colors reversed. Such's were at ORMSkirk, and Scottish Orms are also Urine-like Orrins/Oruns/Orens. I trace the Biblical Kenites to Orion's family, and Orms/Orrins/Orens had a seat in KENNay (this looks like modern Kemnay). This looks perfect for explaining the KENiron variation of Orions/Irons.

Such's came to topic initially because my cat (pointed to Cetins/Cattans) SUCKed her tail, and there was all sorts of heraldic connections with that story. The thing here is that Tails/Tailers have lions in the colors of the lion tails of Corks/CORE's. Cork-like Corricks/Carricks, kin of KENNedys, use "TALbot" dogs suspect with the TAILLeBOIS family on Lincolnshire, where Tankerville's were first found. Tailbois' (look related to Annans) have scallops in colors reversed from the same of Tankerville-branch Tancreds.

It's necessary here to re-mention that Kennedys can be traced to the Kennati priests at Cat- / Cetin-like Cetis, for king Lupus Laevillus of Cetis had a son, CHARAX Proculus, who must have named Carricks. It's interesting that while the Kennati worshiped Ajax, Jacks (Yorkshire, same as Morleys/Mauls and Tancreds) have scallops half in the colors of the Tailbois / Morley/Maul scallops. Cats are used by Chives', first found at Tarves (Aberdeenshire, same as Kemnay) while the Tarves Coat looks related to the Kenny Shield. Kems/Kims share a McKINNEY Coat while it's urine-line important that the other McKinneys share the SALMON and fesse of McCabe's/MacAbee's. The latter McKinneys are suspect with the lions of Morgans who named mythical Morgan le Fay of Avalon = Bute.

In passing, Rorys/Crorys were first found in Tyrone with Packens/Fagens who in turn have a Shield looking connectable to the one of Gore-like Grows/Grews. Nearly the Packin/Fagen Coat is in Coat of Hagens (Tyrone) next to a BOOT, and I think we now know why: due to Rory MacDonald of Bute. This can even explain why Dutch Hagens nearly share the Bresse/Brest/Brix Coat, for Bruce's, from Brescia/Brixia, share the Rory/Crory lion. Plus, the Gorman lion is a passant one in colors reversed from the passant one in the Arms of Brescia/Brixia. The last update showed how Rench's/Wrench's were Orion-connectable, and so let's add here that Gore's share their crosslets, as well as those of HAMburgs/Hambrows while McCabe's/MacAbee's share the HAM salmon. Hams were first found in Sussex with Gorings and Hammers.

Hamburgs/Hambrows share the crosslets of English Trips (Kent, same as Gore's), and German Trips once showed BOOTS. The Boots were first found in Berkshire, beside the first-known Hamburgs/Hambrows. Boots are suspect already from Boeotians, and Hamburgs/Hambrows even share the crosslets of Orion-connectable Rench's/Wrench's (Wrens were a Raines branch, and Orions named AiRAINES).

The Orion/Iron cross is partly in the colors of the Blue/GORM and KENNy Coats. The "luceat" motto term of Kennys may help to reveal that they were a branch of "Luceo"-using MacKenzie's/Kenneths. While Mythical Orion's family was from Boeotia's Schimatari, I showed (last update and elsewhere) how that term goes to Schims and Shake's, which I'm repeating here because the Shake chevron is shared by the Neats expected in the "TeNEAT luceat" phrase of Kennys. Gorings happen to share the annulet of Vito', first found in TARVISium, and then Tarves' (Aberdeenshire, same as Schims) have a vertically-split Shield colors reversed from the same of Kennys. This is amazing because I've claimed that the Biblical SHECHEMites, associates / partners and/or kin of KENites, name Schimatari. It tends to suggest that Kenirons indicate a Kenite line.

Moses (Levite) married a Kenite so that one could expect Kenites in cahoots with pagan Levites. And that's how we can derive the Boethus-branch Sadducees from Orion and/or Schimatari elements, for Sadducees were Jerusalem priests and were therefore required to be Levites. And so when we see the Kinneys using a Salome-like SALMON, it indicates that McKinneys were from Kenites...who may have named Hyksos king, Khyan. The Sadducees birthed SALOME of Boethus, wife of a Herod. I maintain (for good reasons) that Egyptologists have their Egyptian dating out of whack a little so that the Exodus pharaoh was in reality a Hyksos. Moses may have retreated to the Kenites of Midian because he was raised in a royal-Hyksos household, and may therefore have known certain Kenites, kin of Khyan. After Sarah died, Abraham married Keturah, and they gave birth to Midian so that Khyan may have descended from Abraham and Keturah (doesn't make him an Israelite).

As Freemasons use a mythical Hiram Abiff character in relation to their "Solomon's pillars," note that Salome's are also Solomons while Orions/Irons come up as "Hiram."

Another son of Abraham and Keturah was Medan, and Greek myth has a Medon, son of Keturah-like Kodros, king of Athens, right beside Boeotia. Kodros had a boar (pig) symbol, the symbol of anti-Israelism, we might gather. On this dark map, there is a KODRium location on the Apsus river, just up-stream on the Apsus river from Antipatria, important below. Further upstream from Kodrium was a BOIus area (on this light map) that may therefore have been Boiotian.

The reason for introducing Gorings and Gormans is that Blue's/Gorms are not only in the colors of the Orion/Iron cross, but were first found on ARRAN with McCabe's/MacABEE's, obviously from ABBEville in PicARDY (beside Artois), near the AIRAINES location said to be named after Orions/Irons. "PICardy" reminds of the Pyxites river, in the Pontius-like Pontus, near/in Rhizon-like Rize and Ardiaei-like Ardahan / Artvin. Rice's have the HARDs / Hardys in their motto. The pheon is code for Paeoni who likely named the Pinnes-like Penestae peoples between Paeonia and Antipatria.

"Gorm" means "blue," but this doesn't tell us which of the two surnames came first. Note mythical GorLOIS (quasi-father of king Arthur, we could say), because Lois' were first found in Artois. King Arthur's mother was Gorlois' wife, and the father was PENdragon disguised as Gorlois. Pendragons (share Drain/Dragon helmet) are from the Penestae on the Drin river (named the Drainers/Dragons) of the Caiaphas-like Cavii, which flows to Lissus, explaining why Lys'/Lisse's, who named the Lys river of Artois, share the courant greyhound (different colors) with Penes'/Pennys. Gormans use ANNulets suspect with the line of Annas, a Sadducee chief priest of Israel who had perhaps the strongest hand in murdering Jesus. If Annas didn't have the strongest hand, then it was Caiaphas, his son in law.

I was able to show from an heraldic Blacky link to Nero's/Neretti's that Blacks are from the Naro/Neretva river of the Ardiaei, which I'm repeating because the Black and Drain Crests share the orange demi lion (not an official heraldic color). Hall of Names describes both as "A demi-lion ramPANT proper", without mention of the odd color, and Panters (share white helmet with Pendragons / Drainers/Dragons) use "spur rowells," the description also of the Payen/Pagan/PAION Coat (Tan colors). Paeoni were also Paioni. Drains share the Black Chief, yet it's also the SCHIM/Schien Chief. Hall of Names doesn't mention the odd color of the Drain-Shield lion, which may be intentionally tan because German Tans use PINE cones i.e. possible code for Pinnes-line Ardiaei. French Pine's even have a fesse-with-items in the colors of the fesse-with-helmets of Panters.

The three spur rowells (PIERCED hexagrams) of Payens/Pagans are with Mullets, though the latter through in a hunting HORN, the Orion-of-Boeotia line, which can explain why Mullets were first found in Auvergne with Bauds (use a giant ram to go with the "RAMpant" lions above). With Bauds, we're to Arduinici of the Bautica river, at IVREA, like the YVERY location of the PERCival-Leavells. Ivorys/Iverys (Oxfordshire, same as Peare's/Pearls) have the PEER/Peir bend in colors reversed. We all know that king-Arthur myth had a Percival knight of the round table, but did you know that there is a Percival surname, first found in Somerset with PIERCE's, Leavells and Payen-like Payne's/Paine's?

I almost missed it: Mullets are also MOLEts, and Mole's (in the Shake molehills) share the SCHIM boar head!!! We can thus add heraldic mullets (stars) to the Orion-of-Boeotia lines, and the Star surname (Peir/Peer colors) happens to have the Shake chevron in colors reversed. While Pierce's are also Piers, Pero's/Perino's share the Payen / Mullet hexagrams unpiereced, and call them "flaming STARs." And this explains why Pierro's/Pero's, first found in Pavia with LAEVI Gauls, have a reflection of the Butt/Bute/BOET Coat! ZINGER. I almost never mention Mullets, and look at what they did for us.

Hugh de Payens was the first grandmaster of the Jerusalem Templars when the family of Godfrey de Bouillon was ruling it (who arranged fro Hugh's high position?). God gave Miss Peare a belly symbol in pointing to de-Bouillon, and de-Bouillon's grandfather (Godfrey III) was in cahoots with PIERleoni of Rome. Peare's/Pearls were first found in Oxfordshire with ABOTTs (seest thou?) who share the chevron-with-STARs, and with an early Geoffrey le Lepere in the Peir/Peer write-up. As Wear-related Giffords share the Payne/Paine motto, the Peir/Peer bend can be the Wear bend.

Shake's don't use moles, but rather moleHILLs for a reason, and Hills almost have the Higgins fesse-with-towers while Higgins were first found in Sligo with their Higgenson/Hickenson branch which in turn shares the Gifford / Payne/Paine motto. This motto includes "FOEDari," and Foods/Foots, with the Hickenson trefoil in colors reversed, share the Levi-suspect chevron of Fothes'/Fette's (share cornucopia with ORRs/Ore's) who were in turn first found in Kincardine with PEARtree's/Patria's (Pierro's/Pero's are also Petri's). KinCARDINE is beside the ProFETTs (Star / Peir/Peer colors) of Aberdeenshire, where Shake- and Mole-connectable Schims/Schiens were first found. Cunninghams use a "SHAKEfork," and were first found in Ayrshire with the Hairs/Hare's in the Shake-Crest "hare."

Hairs look like kin of Dunhams/DOMINE's while Domino's/Damons, with the Hill / Higgins / Hickenson tower in colors reversed, were first found in Piedmont with Pero's/Perino's and Italian Demonte's. The latter likely named the STURa-Demonte of Piedmont near the TANARo river, and Stars were first found in Wiltshire, where the STOUR river begins, explaining the "flaming stars" of Pero's/Perino's. Flemings / Flamings were at and around MONS of HAINaut, and the counts of Hainaut shared the triple chevrons of French Levi's. Mons' are listed with Mounts, and French Demonte's/Du MONTs share the Maschi lion while Maschi's share pine cones with German Tans/TANNERs. Isn't this fun? The Demonte's/Du Monts share the Voir Coat while the Voirs use saint MARK's lion while MARICi co-founded Pavia with Laevi. I see the Marici as the Marsi, and French Mars were, for a long time until recently, said to be first found in Burgundy with French Demonte's/Du Monts.

Why do we suppose that Scottish Hains share the PERT/Pett lozenges? Didn't it seem that Ardiaei were at Perta of lake Tatta? It can explain the ARROW in the Crest of English Hains whose write-up has: "Another source claims the name is from Haisne, near Arras..." in Artois, origin of Arrows/ARRAS'. We can pause here, asking why RASmussens/ERASmus' share the giant unicorn (different colors) with Italian Demonte's, and why Ras' are listed with the Rose's in the roses of Pierro's/Pero's of Pavia.

It looks like a big Orion-deal that German Hains have a different-colors version of the German Hammer/Hemmer Coat, for English Hammers and Hams are McCabe/MacAbee-connectable. German Hains were first found in Silesia with Lists who could in turn be in the "marca evangeLISTa" phrase of the Voir description. Lists share the Coat of English Liss'/Lise's while French Lise's/Lys' were first found in Ile-de-France with French Levi's...tending to explain why Jewish Levi's share the Voir / Demonte/Du Mont Coat in different colors. Hammers, Hams and Hamburgs might thus have been n-to-m Annas liners, especially as Hanns were a Hahn branch while Hahns were first found near Hamburg. In colors reversed, the Hahn rooster is blue like the Blue/Gorm rooster heads, and the latter's are in the design of the Jonathan/Jonas rooster heads while the latter's are in the colors of the Hann rooster. Hahns were kin of Bibo's, the latter suspect with Vibia, mother of Lupus LAEVillus, the ancestry of Leavells.

There are multiple inklings in this set of heraldry pointing to Ainsley Earhardt, starting with the Ainsleys, first found in Nottinghamshire with their Annas branch. Ainsleys use a SCIMITAR, and the Tanagra location of the Orion cult is at SCHIMATARi. Annas of Israel is looking like he descended from thingies in Boeotia, how can this be? Why do Tanagra-like Tankerville's have a version of the Chaddock / Chadwick Coats that are themselves near Coat copies of the Sadducee-like Saddocks/Sedgewicks? Sadducees of Israel had a BOETHus branch. Why do we suppose that Annas-like Hains share red scallops with Tankerville-branch Tancreds/Tanks and Tachs? The latter are in the PEERless/Napier motto.

"For" is in the Ainsley motto twice, and Fore's are listed with Forez's while Pontius Pilate can be traced to mont Pilat near the Forez mountains. I just mentioned Tarvisium (now Treviso), and it just so happens that Travis' are listed with the Travers in the Fore/Forez motto. Traver-like Trevors share the Coat of PENNants (Wales theater, location of king Arthur's red dragon), and it was the Gorm-like Grome's/Grooms who had pennants. What do we suppose gave rise to the red dragon of Wales? Why is it red like the red hue for the Revelation dragon? "Pennants" are used by Cavii-like Cowes'/Cows, and Cowes is in Wight off the coast from the first-known Dragon-like Drake's (red dragon).

The last update explains why the "Tout" motto term of Fore's/Forez's connects with lake-Tatta liners, and it just so happens that while the royal Herods can be shown to crop out from the Tatta region, Herods/Haralds share the Fore/Forez fesse. No Christian wants to be from the Herod bloodline, but it doesn't matter what blood we are from. Herod's daughter was eligible in being the best Christian ever.

The trace of Pontius Pilate to mont Pilat is made using one of its two peaks, the one called, PERDrix. This goes to the Colts/Celts of PERTHshire who have the Pilate pheon in colors reversed while Wikipedia tells (or once told) that the mother of Pontius Pilate could have been a Pict of Perthshire (when his father was a Roman ambassador into Pictland). Pictons look like they share the Pennant lion. Pict-like Picots use "pikeheads" that, like pheons, are arrow heads. Arrows/Arras' were from Arras of Artois, near Airaines, and in the land of the first Templar king of Jerusalem, BALDwin I, brother of Godfrey de Bouillon, a line that can be traced to the BALTea/BAUTica river of the Arthur-line Arduinici (thus Artois was related to Arduinici). Bouillons were first found in Auvergne with BAUDs, you see. Bouillons share "bello" in their motto with Gormans and German Bauds/Baults. The latter can be gleaned as kin of Packins/Fagens whom we met above in a comparison with the Grow/Grew Coat.

Further down the Bautica river is Chivasso, and Caiaphas-like Chives' were first found in Tarves mentioned above. Caiaphas was another Sadducee priest of Israel because he married the daughter of Annas. Caiaphas had perhaps the strongest hand in killing Jesus, delivering him to Pontius Pilate. Further up the Bautica from the Arduinici of Ivrea is the mouth of a Lys river, and while another Lys runs through Artois, the proto-Chives Cavii Illyrians were at Lissus (may have been their capital) while Lys' are also Lisse's, first found in Ile-de-France with Levi's and CHAPPES'. Nobody in this world has revealed these things to you, but God has through me. God has banged away through me for years, continuously adding to this picture. I'd much rather be revealing the glories of God's kingdom. This is a lousy job, but someone needs to do it, and I got pict.

Arduinici were at IVREA, and LEAVells were at YVERY. Leavells were from king Laevillus of Cetis, descending from two lines, ones from king Artemidoros, and the other from Glaphyra Archelaus, lover of Herods. The Kenite-like Kennati priests, pagans, were at Cetis. It's Kennati-important that Pendragon-related Drainers/Dragons (Kent, same as Mynetts) have the Mynett helmets in colors reversed, for Mynetts are from king Amyntes, father of Artemidoros.

[Insert -- I missed this until the day after this update was uploaded. Dragons/Drainers can be gleaned as kin of Mans who in turn share the goats of Stanford-related Stanfields (Pendragon colors, perhaps the Raines lion) who in turn share the Pendragon motto. The other English StanFIELDs (share Pendragon chevron), in Raines colors and format, substitute the goats for hunting horns, and are in Field colors and format while Fields have the Derby Coat in colors reversed who in turn are from Derbe, which was conquered by king Amyntes above. The Stanfields with hunting horns were first found in Yorkshire with Stans/Stants (and Hicks) suspect on the "obSTANTia" motto term of Arthurs. Hicks (Arthur colors and near-format) married Arthurs at Clapton = Portishead. My pee on Pino pointed to Portishead, can we believe it? Field-like Falds (Staffordshire, same as Stanfords and Stamfords) share the Poppin/Popham (and Anne/Hanne) stag heads and the Hicks fleur-de-lys (we can glean the Apophis Hyksos there). I peed on a ramp facing the Baytown location of Miss Hicks. The Stanfields share the Coat of Stanfords except that the latter use a green Shield so as to be in the colors and format of Orne/Horn-branch Haverans/Hearns/Heffrons ("ardua"). Anne's/Hanns were at TICKhill, suspect from Julia Tyche of Amyntes' family.

It's online that the Arthurs of Clapton (included Juliana Arthur = Mrs. Hicks) married the Meads who share the martlets of French Josephs and the pelicans of Arthurs. The French Josephs were first found in Maine with Pellicans (Pina colors) and Pina's/PinARDs/PinARTs, and I've not known the latter until now. They look like they are from the Ardiaei king, Pinnes. I pee'd on Pino as a pointer to Pinnes, no doubt about it. Pina's/Pinarts use cups, and the Culp variation of Cups/Cope's is in the motto of pelican-using Pullys/Pullings (share Mead / Joseph martlet). Pina's/Pinarts use the three cups of Sellers, the latter first found in Aberdeenshire with Culps/Cups/Cope's, and French Josephs once showed the swan design in the Seller Crest.

English Pine's were first found in Devon with Moons (and Maine's) probably because an Ardiaei king married the daughter of MONunius II. Monans/Moonans almost have the motto of Gore-branch Gowers/Gore's (Yorkshire, same as Stans/Stants) whose "FLECtes" motto term looks like part-code for Flags/Flecks sharing the double Stan/Stant fesses. Flys of Flagi (Hampshire, same as Tiss'/Teece's and Josephs) can be linked to both Joseph surnames. Moons look like kin of Pavia's while Pavia is on the TESSin/Ticino river suspect with "flecTES." Julia TYCHE looks like she applies to "Ticino" because Galatians were from Gauls, and the latter lived on the Ticino prior to Amyntes' lifetime. Tess'/Tecks were first found in Switzerland with the Ticino canton, and their saltire is colors reversed from the same of German Franks suspect in the "FRANGas" motto term of Gowers/Gore's, and the "frangi" of Monans/Moonans (share Gower/Gore flory cross). Monans/Moonans "a falcon RISING" on a "stump" while Stumps look like kin of TICKs/Tucks (Kent, same as Gore's/Core's who share white wolf with Gower/Gore's).

At the 9-11 memorial, STANley was holding the U.S. flag beside Miss Hicks about an hour before I met her at the Get'n GO GAS station to which Gowers/Gore's ("FranGAS") and Gows/McGoo's pointed. But that's another story. The Get'n Go is on Ranch Road in Camp Wood, Texas, and English Rench's (Cambridgeshire, same as Stanleys) share the Gore/Core crosslets. Rhizon is near SCODra, and Ticks/Tucks share the black griffin with SCOTTs. (Ticks/Tucks are now said to be first found in Yorkshire, previously in Kent for more than ten years). End Insert]

There could be a Mund reason from God as to why Pee's bring up the Peacocks in the Mund Coat, for while Mons' are listed with Mounts/Mounds, Munds were first found in Kent with Mynetts. It can suggest that Amyntes' bloodline named Mons of Hainaut. Galatians are known to descend from Gauls, but why not the Laevi Gauls that likely explain why counts of Hainaut share the Levi chevrons? Levi's were first found in Ile-de-France with Caiaphas-like Chappes', and Scottish Chappes'/Cheaps' were first found in Stura-connectable Stirlingshire with Bauds. Chivasso is on the BAUTica.

[Insert -- Just compare "Mund" to the Manner/Maness surname, and then read the following from the last update (without the background context):

I now see that Cofferts/Coverts are in Pee/Peacock colors and format, AMAZING because the Maness/Manner surname uses a peacock!!!!! Miss Covert, who emailed me for a few years, was married to Mr. Maness who was/is listed in Bay City's Markham location.

I passed by Bay City the day after I pee'd on a highway ramp facing Baytown. Bays share the double Maness/Manner fesses. I don't think I knew that Pee's were listed with Peacocks until the last update. By trip from Baytown to, and past, Bay City pointed to Fauci's COVID scheme, and Obama on a ramp with his skateboard (see "skateboard" two updates ago) pointed to Francis Collins, Fauci's boss (until this week's resignation). Therefore, I'd like to go bit off-topic to tell that the Pee's/Peacocks (Essex, same as Faux's) share the black mascle with English Faux's while French Faux's/Fage's, listed with Collins-like Chollens', were first found in Perigord with Fauchys! I didn't realize until now that even the Pee's could point to Fauci crimes.

I just did a search in the last update for "ramp" to check if Obama's ramp was there, but came to the following using "RAMPant": "The Fuggers goats are said to be "RAMpant," and while Cremers almost have the Coat of Faux's/Fage's/Chollens' (Perigord, same as Fauchy's), the other Cremers use a giant RAM head." It didn't occur to me that "Ramp" is a part of "rampant" until now. Ramps (Ram branch?) share the brown Collins lions combattant. The other Fuggers share the fleur-de-lys of Ramp-related Browns (Cumberland, same as Ramps). Rams, with a "fier" motto term, were first found in Essex with Pee's/Peacocks who in turn use a "fear" while Fears are listed with Fiers. Essex is also where Bays were first found. While Rams share the Blois scallops, Blows have black goat heads, the color of the Fugger goats, tending to make a Ram link to Faux's if Fuggers were their branch. I now recall that Rams were first found in Essex with Orion-connectable and Ram-like Rains/Raines'! As the sky god, urine-like URANus had a rain = pee symbol. End insert]

I've shown how the Kennati priests became the Kennedys (Ayrshire, same as Shake-line Cunninghams), but I'm not able to tell where Kennys and McKinneys come into the Kenite or Kennati bloodline. I keep a theory that Kenites named queen Kenza of Numidia, for she's the line to MacKenzie's/Kenneths. The way this is made possible is where Glaphyra Archelaus (three husbands) had married king Juba II of Numidia. Kenza was centuries into the future from Juba.

The Kennati were priests of Ajax, a mythical half-brother to mythical Teucer, in turn the founder of Salome-like Salamis on Cyprus. Doesn't that suggest that Salome Boethus was from Kenites of Boeotia? What's missing in this Greek picture from the devil's house? Not even the kitchen sink. Everything's being laid bare for us. The first king Herod had Cyprus-like Cypros as his mother, an Edomite from the house of Artois-like Aretas III. It could appear that "HEROD" was named after a form of "ARETas." Arthurs use "hurts," and Hurts/Horts share gold cinquefoils with the Ardens in the motto of Perth-like Perts/Petts. It just so happens that PERTa (lake Tatta) was an ancient location in or beside Cappadocia, the latter having been home to Glaphyra Archelaus. It's important that the Hurt/Hort fesse is gold, as is the Herod/Harald/HURL fesse, and that the Herls/Hurls/Herals have the same fesse in both colors of the Hurt/Hort fesse. This would be a good place to repeat the following from the last update's urine-Orion section:

WOW ANOTHER VERIFICATION: there is even a Peed surname listed with Perts/Petts (Artem-like "Ardens" motto!), and PERTa was an old location on the shore of lake TATTA! This paragraph came to mind after writing the above on Tatta / Tattons, and it not only tends to verify that my pee on Pino is a pointer to Pinnes, but that the Ardiaei were merged with Artemidoros...Tatta is off the Halys river, and as we are looking for the line of Orion at SCHIMAtari, note that Schims/Schiens share the boar head of Haleys...Ahh, "Virtute" is a Schim/Schien motto term; we just saw that term with Eggertons of Tatton!!!

Orions/Irons were first found in Norfolk with HAYDENs sharing the same-type cross as Orions/Irons (though not in the same colors). Ainsley is the mother of Hayden with Mr. McKinney as father, and the Kim branch of McKinneys were first found in Boeotia-like Bute, beside the first-known McCabe's/MacAbbe's of Arran, while the last update showed why the other McKinneys look related to McCabe's/MacAbbe's. They both use the white "SALMON," and then there was a SALOME of Boethus, you see, who married a HEROD suspect to such surnames as Harts / Hearts, and so we have "EarHARDTs"/AirHarts" suspect from Herods. Kennys share the Earhardt fleur-de-lys, and "Ear/Air" is linkable to Ayers and Hare's/Hairs of Ayrshire, where Kennedys (and SHAKEfork Cunninghams) were first found who use the Arms of Carrick. The Biens in the Carrick motto use bees.

Bute and Arran are in Argyllshire, where Herods/Haralds/Hurls (sept of McLeods) were first found along with MacARTHurs. McCarthys are also ARTys who use a red stag that at least one surname (can't recall which) calls a "hart." The red one of German Harts is called a "deer" for a reason. The Hardy cross is blue, as is the Orion/Iron cross. "ARGYLL" is much like "ARCHELaus," and it's known that Herod Archelaus was banished from Israel, when Jesus was a boy, to Vienne of Isere, near Lyon. I told why the McKinney lion heads are connectable to Bute in the last update, yet they look connectable to the Lyon and Lannoy lion, for the Lannoys with the Lyon lion were even first found in Picardy with Abbeville and Airaines! Surprise. Lyons lived at Lyons-la-Foret, and Forets are listed with Fore's/Forez's who in turn share the Herod/Harald and McKinney fesse, how'bout that. On top of this new-right-here material, the McKinney fesse is half in the colors of the Herod/Harald fesse.

I didn't load Lyons in the last update, when the importance of Porch's was shown as per my accidentally urinating on Pino's head while standing on a porch railing. I now find that "Pro rege," the full Porch motto, is a phrase of Lyons. It was the rain I sent on Pino that had me find something like this: "According to their version of his myth Orion was born when three gods -- Zeus, Poseidon and Hermes -- urinated on a bull-hide and buried it in the earth to provide King Hyrieus with a son and heir. Orion's name is derived from the ancient Greek word oros 'mountain' or from ourios 'urine'." I suggest that his name was a form of "Uranus" deliberately because he had a urine symbol.

My bet is that Uranus was Iranian = proto-English from the Scythians / Cimmerians of Iran. Glaphyra Archelaus was Iranian, and their Parthian branch is suspect in naming Persia-like Perta. Glaphyra was the grandmother of Plancia Magna of PARha (ancient name of Perga), and PERTHshire is where Mentieth's/Monteiths were first found, and where I believe Pape's/Pope's were once said to be first found who can be from Apophis/Apepi. The "PHARaoh"-like Frews were at Menteith. The Persians were Farsi too, and "Pharaoh"-like Fars'/Farrs/Pharrs (Yorkshire, same as Hicks, TICKills, Magna-loving Walkers, and Rhodes'), in Fare/Phares colors, share the Hicks fleur-de-lys. The "MAN's sleeve" of Fars'/Farrs is red like the sleeve of Tonys (Les ANDELys, like "Antalya" beside Perga), the latter first found in Leicestershire with Perga-like Perkins, and the Tony sleeve, in colors reversed, is owned by Tickhills, suspect from Julia TYCHE of the ARTEMidoros Galatians. Plancia' Magna's father was Galatian, and Plancia was the priestess of ARTEMis in Perga. This is super because MENTieth's/Monteiths now look like a line from AMYNTes, father of Artemidoros. Ticks/Tucks were first found in Kent with Mynetts, Munds ("MAN's head" and peacocks), and Dragons/Drainers. The Mans (dragon) were kin of Drainers/Dragons who have the Mynett helmet in colors reversed.

I'm not familiar with Frews, but as they share the Car Coat, it's notable that Miss Hicks was Sleeping Beauty with a car. I looked up Frews from "RENfrew." The Pollocks of Renfrewshire look like a branch of PLUNKett-connectable Plocks. CARia (on-shore of Rhodes) was beside Perga, and the MAEANDer river of Caria's Maeonians is to Manders (compare with Rhodes'). Mans have the PEN fesse-with-roundels in colors reversed, and the Pen Crest is probably the Rain/Raines Crest. As Dragons/DRAINers (Pendragon colors) were PENdragon kin, Drainers look named after Rains/Rainers (share Pendragon chevron) or even the comet-using Reines'/Rainers. The Reines/Rainer lion has a gold crown and is therefore looking linkable to the lion-with-gold-crown of Penders/Pinners/PINTers (similar to the Rain/Raines Coat). Pens have a "DUM claRUM" motto phrase.

I've just got to go back to the "You owe me five THOUSAND dollars" from my ramp dream introduced in the 3rd update of last month that pointed with Fauci-et-al, same as my pee on a ramp. The Tonsens, first off, share the brown lion with Ramps and Irish Collins, and Plocks share the martlets of English Collins who in turn have a bend in colors reversed from the Plock bendlets. The Townsends (not "Tonsen") share the Ram Coat while Rams were first found in Essex with Rains'/Raines' ("PARium aut LEGes" phrase) who in turn mention Rims (DUMfries, same place as Leggs and Kilpatricks) who in turn are listed with Rooms/Rums, like the Romp/Rump variation of Ramps. I pee'd on a ramp facing Kilpatricks of Baytown, and French Bays share the Pinto crescents. I showed how Five's/Fifys in "five thousand" were kin of Vivians who in turn share purple lions with Rain-branch Wrens.

Cimmerians had conquered king Rusa about the time Scythians had conquered Iranian Media, and while I say that the Hros Caucasians were mythicized as "Ares" from the Aras river (mouth in Iranian territory), note that he was given sons, Eros and Erotes, the latter like "Rhodes" or "Herod." The Medes were mythicized in the witch cult of Medea (we've all heard of Iranian MAGI = magicians), and myth writers gave her family the Ares dragon. Her family was in the land of a Laus-like Lazi and Caucasians Bats, and so note "ArcheLAUS," for while Morgan le Fay was made the chief witch of Avalon = Bute, I trace Morgans of Morges near LAUSanne.

The Laus area of southern Italy was founded by peoples in Sybaris, known to be from Greece's Boura near Corinth, and Medea above became queen of Corinth. She flew her dragon-pulled chariot to Athens, hone of mythical Medon and KODRos, the line from Keturah and Abraham. Wikipedia's Saraka article says that Saraca's lived at first in Kotor, beside Butua and Rize-connectable Rhizon, and Rize just around the corner of the Black sea from the Bats and Lazi. The Saraca's moved from Kotor to Ragusa, also called "Laus(a), you see, and so when we see a SARACena location on the Sybaris river, we realize that the neighboring Laus of Italy was related to Laus at Ragusa (Croatia). We just saw mythical Teucer of Salamis, but he was play on mythical Teucer, father of BATia, wife of the Dardanians at Troy. I'll show below how Medea elements got to Troy.

Dardania is near Kotor, but earlier Dardanians were in Muse-line Mysia, and while Muses were eventually depicted as nine women, Arthurian myth gave Avalon nine witches. It's indicating that Mysian liners (Amazons) were in Lausanne and Morges. HERODotus, who actually moved to Sybaris, said that Amazons originally lived on the Thermodon river, at Cappadocia. The Cappadocian capital was Mazaca, and African Amazons are called something similar such as "Mazikes/Mazices" (can explain why Glaphyra married a Numidian = Amazon tribe).

Medea worshiped the witch, Hecate, and I say she named HECTor, king of Troy, brother of Paris, and son of Abram-like Priam (married HECuba). A region touching upon both Athens and Boeotia was ACTE, which had an Ogyges monster thought to be the identity of Ares' dragon. CadMUS killed it when he got to Boeotia following the Zeus bull there. Recall the urine-and-bull symbolism to Orion. Keturah and Abraham had two Medea-like sons, Medan and Midian, though I think Medan is the right choice for mythical Medea because mythical Medon was a royal of Athens while Medea flew her chariot to Athens for her Athens-connectable reason (Medes were in Athens). She flew a chariot because she was related to Helios, god of Herod-like Rhodes near Caria, and Caria was home of HERODotus (pre-dated Herods of Israel by centuries). I see Carians in the Corinth- / Cronus-like Ceraunii of Croatia. Do you read?

I say that Paris and Priam were chosen as terms to depict the Mysian location of Parium/Parion, suggesting that the line of Abraham was there, a city of the Muses and Gorgons. The Lazi and Bats lived in what became Gorgon-like Georgia, around the Moschi mountains. Mythical Paris above abducted Helen, daughter of the Spartan MeneLAUS, seeth thou? I say that "MENElaus" was chosen as a term to depict Las, which I've seen spelled "Laas," on the MANI peninsula of Sparta (beside Athens). A myth writer called the teeth of the Ares dragon, "Sparti." It can appear that Spartans of Las were at Ragusa and Laus of Italy.

The last update showed why Ardiaei, to which Sleeping Beauty pointed, were in the royal Galatians of Artemidoros, and that period was smack at the onset of the first-known royal Herods, whom I see descended from Antipatria on the Apsus river. I see Antipatria from king Antipater of neighboring Macedon; his son, king Cassander, is said by Wikipedia to be the ancestor of queen Nysa of Cappadocia. It just so happens that Glaphyra Archelaus, who married two Herods, giving her surname to the Herod above at the Lyon theater, was in a religious cult of Cappadocia, which can explain her marriage to Herod if Herods issued from the line of Nysa. The first Herod was the son of a man who changed his name to, Antipater, how'about that folks. It seems that Herod Archelaus was so minor a political character that he took on the wife's name, not vice-versa.

As Glaphyra was of the Iranians who had PERSian and Fars branches, it seems to me that the PHARISees may have been a Levite-line merger with Persians. Pharisees cropped up amongst the Maccabees, who lived in MODI'IN (Israel), and it just so happens that Cassander-like Cassandra's/Casano's were first found in MODENa, which was conquered by the BOII who look like that could have named "MaccaBAEUS." The Sadducees cropped up amongst Maccabees too, and so we can fathom that their Boethus branch was from Boii elements too. Modena is where Morano's, Marano's and Morinis' were first found while Morano is on the Sybaris river with Saracena. You dig?

There is no mistake in my trace of king Antipater to Antipatria, for the PATTERsons, from Antipatria, are also shown as Cassane's while English Cassane's come up as "Cassandra" too. The latter share the triple fesses of EPPsteins while APPS'/Epps are from the Apsus river, location of Antipatria. Pattersons/Cassane's share "Pro rege" with Porch's and Lyons (PERTHshire), and the latter use "Pro rege et PATRIA." A ruler of MORGANnwg (now Glamorgan) had these triple chevrons in colors reversed, and Sybaris-related Laus may have named LausANNE near Morges. Morgans share the giant Moor/MOWER lion, and the Arms of Morano (and Morano's) use Moor heads. English Mowers/Mawers have two of the triple Eppstein chevrons (neither Coat shows anything else). MOWs/Mole's share the Schim and MARONE boar, though the Mow/Mole boar is closest to the Gog-like Googe boar (Rose-line Roxburghshire), and Gogarene was at lake Sevan of ARMENIA (heads up), where a Sadducee-like Soducena location sat.

Jonathan Maccabee of Modi'in had formed a political alliance with king ALEXANDER Balas, and so we can glean that Maccabees named, Alexander, were from a Maccabee marriage to Balas' family. When Glaphyra Archelaus married the Maccabee, Alexander, the line led soon to king Tigranes VI of ARMENia, which should explain the large ERMINES of the Balas surname (first found in MORGANnwg, near Googe-branch Gough's/Goffs), for ermines are owned by the ARMINE/Ermine surname (large ermine in Crest) sharing the ANNAN Chief-Shield. Annas of Israel was also ANANus. Another surname with large ermines is the French BALLs. English Balls' ("digiTATis") were even first found in Cheshire with Bellows/Bello's (and TATTons), and the Bellows/Bello's share the Porch cinquefoil!!!

While God chose for me to be on the porch railing for the Pino pee, it's looking pretty suspicious that Orion's/Irons share the Balas cross, especially as Alexanders (Rain/Raines colors and format) were first found in Kintyre, beside Arran. Lookie there folks, we just caught the big fish, for Alexander Balas was a Seleucid king, and Daniel predicts the anti-Christ to be at least associated with things-Seleucid. I pee'd facing BAYtown, and Balas' are also Bayliss'/Bayles'/Bailiffs (Beyles/Bayell/Bail colors) while French Bays share the crescents of Labels/LaBELLs. Beyles'/Bayells/Bails (share rose with German Beys/Beyers/Beirs) share the chevron of Bailey-branch Bellys.

Armens share the ROSE of English Plants while king Rusa was from Lake Van of Armenia. The Armen rose is on the same fesse as is used by Pee's/Peacocks, Rusa-like Rush's, and Darts/DARDs (from Dardanians). Those little bitties on the Armen "inescutcheon" are said to be "plants," and then English Plantagenets (London, same as Plants and Tatta-connectable Tooths) have three of the Armine/Ermine lion. French Plants/PLANQUE's are from PLANCia Magna of Parsi-like Parha, a granddaughter of king Tigranes VI of Armenia! Zinger, lookie there. Royals and nobles of a thousand years ago knew exactly what royals they descended from in the period of the Israeli rulers. Planque liners are to the Plunketts in the Plock write-up while Pee's/Peacocks are said to have been a sept of Pollocks (RENfrewshire).

She Threw a Rock at Me

As I've said a few times, I was on the porch railing because I liked to jump from there across the walkway and over the FENCE. The FENS'/Venns look like a Fane/Van branch. Fens'/Venns share the scallops of Raines-connectable Rams. Urine-like Orrins/Orens are also Ram-like Orms. Fens'/Venns (ROXburgh colors) even have a version of the Pine fesse-with-items. I've even told of the time when the neighbor across that fence threw a rock(s) at me for being in her GARDEN (wait for it), which suddenly seems like a God-arranged event as a pointer to ROXolani. The latter lived at the BUZau and Ialomita rivers, beside the Rimini-like Rimna river, and so as Porch's share the BUS cinquefoil, wow, God arranged that event, and the pee event, to point to Maschi's because my mother is a Masci! As was said in the last update, the porch was likely owned (as opposed to rented) by Pepin Taff, husband of Miss Masci!!! Fano (in the Fane/Van motto) is near Rimini, and Maschi's share the Spanish Pino pine cones, believe it.

Italian Pino's/Pinto's have a different-colors version from the Spanish Pinto Coat (Pines crescents in colors reversed), and while the latter happens to be in Pinder/Pender/Pinner/PINTer colors, the latter have a blue-Shield version of the Rain/Raines Coat, how about that. The Rain/Raines motto is translated with a "PEEr" term. I suppose one who pees is a pee-er. It's actually perfect because I expect the Annas-line Levites to be from the Laevi founders of Pavia, where Pierro's/Pero's were first found.

When telling this story above, and coming to my JUMPing over the fence, the Jumps with Trump/Tromp stag heads came to mind, and Val Trompia is at lake GARDA! It explains why I was in her garden when the old woman threw a rock at me. Why is God lumping Trumps with Rockefeller liners? I kid you not, that while Ialomita river was the NAPARis, the PEERless'/NAPIERs share the Jump / Trump stag head! Lookie at what was said in the last update:

When [Pino] felt the "water" on his head, he looked up with a oh-look on his face. An oh-look makes the O-shape of the mouth. Yup, the urine went smack-dab into his mouth, I'm not making this up. I've told of this many times, and have thought that it's a pointer to something in MonMOUTH, not far from Portishead [Porch's are Portis' too]. But when Trump came onto the political scene, I couldn't help but notice the O-shape of his mouth in many photos. Trumpets are used by Calls/Calles' [Dorset, same as Bugs], first found in Wiltshire with Stourhead. Coincidence?

There's got to be a reason that God would link the pee on Pino, and the porch-jump, to Trump. What is it? Is it only for discovering more to the line of Nahor, or does it point to some political things? The woman THREW a rock at me, and while I always link Roxolani to Nahor-suspect Neuri, "THROUGH" is a motto term of HAMILtons suspect from "KEMEUL, son of Nahor after Buz. It explains why Hamiltons share the ERMINED cinqueFOIL of Bus' and Porch's/Portis', and then foils are code for RoqueFEUIL, named partly after Rocks/Roque's. Is that cool or what? I took a rock for the team.

[Insert -- It wasn't until loading Urine's again that I recalled the Feltmans/Felthams who share their leopard faces, and "PORTanti" happens to be a Feltman/Feltham motto term. Feltmans/Felthams happen to share ermined white on black with Claptons, and Portishead is at Clapton. BATHursts have a near-copy of the Feltman/Feltham Coat, and Bath is in Somerset near Clapton. OH WOW, Tantons (Somerset), looked up as per "PorTANTi," share "Cornish choughs" with Urine's!!! The two Coats are near copies of one another, what are the chances???

If Tantons were Tattons, it can explain why Tantons (look like MORTon kin) and PERTs/Petts share the same lozenges, for Perta was at lake Tatta. Chough-like Coughs use a BATon, and Battins were first found in Somerset with bat-line Baths while Bats share the black bat with Batons/Bastons (Cornwall, same as Pendragons and Tintons). AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, English Tate's use more "Cornish choughs"!!! One of the English Tate's has a "dexter arm embowed in blue, gold CUFF," and Coughs were also Cuffs. Plus, the dexter arm happens to be "holding a PINE apple," the Pine symbol!!! I pee'd on Pino on the porch which pointed to Portishead! Zikers. This insert started with Urine's, folks. Pino pointed to Orion the hunter, and Scottish HUNTers (hunting HORNs) share the white and seated greyHOUND in Crest with Tattons.

Later in this update, I point out the "Cursum" motto term of Scottish Hunters when on the Curzon kin of Huberts, for "Hubertus" is the name of an International hunting group. I'll bet that the "CurSUM" is part-code for the Somme river in Picardy, location of ABBEville and of the Orions of Airaines. Summers/Somers even have a fesse in MacABEE-fesse colors. Somersets use a "portcullis" gate. Somersets share the PLENE/Plantagenet lions, and Tanton-like Tenants ("Plena") use "vela" versus the "vel" of Somersets. Tenants were first found in West Lothian, location of BATHgate, and Bathgate's share the sun with German Somers.

Tanton is said to have been on the Tone river, and while English Towns (look like Tinton kin) are also Tone's. Scottish Towns (look like Pendragon kin) were first found in West Lothian with Tenants. It recalls the Townsends suspect with "You owe me five THOUSAND dollars." Amazing. Mythical Pendragon gave birth to king Arthur in TINTagel of Cornwall. King Pinnes of the Ardiaei is the line to some of king Arthur's representations. The Apple's / Applebys in the pineapple can be for a people in Apollonia (between the mouth of the Apsus and Bullis) near the ATINTantes, the line to Tints (probably the Bath lion) and Tintons. The Apsus is the line to Apps'/Epps, first found in Middlesex with the Feltmans/Felthams who share the Urine leopard heads.

Boet-branch Buttons/BIDENs are said to have been in Bath. I find it compelling to see that God is pointing to HUNTER Biden with the urine on Pino. In fact, the Button/Biden Crest is "A chapeau between two gold HORNs." It's Orion the hunter from Boeotia. End insert]

Repeat: "Armens share the ROSE of English Plants while king Rusa was from Lake Van of Armenia. The Armen rose is on the same fesse as is used by Pee's/Peacocks, Rusa-like Rush's, and Darts/DARDs (from Dardanians)." Rush's share the fesse of Rosco's, the latter having the Bus cinquefoil in colors reversed.

Googe-branch Gough's/Goffs were first found in RADnorshire, beside Breconshire (in Cimmerian Wales), and the latter, I've just seen, have BATs in the colors and format of the rooster heads of Blue's/Gorms (Arran). Brechs/Brakers have HORNs. It's got Caucasian pee all over it. BATHers are in Goff/Gough colors and format, and the latter have a Goch character said to have lived in Denbighshire, where Bathers were first found. Hence, the Breconshire bat.

I jumped from the porch railing over the WALKway to jump over a fence, and Walks share "industria" with Brakers/Breconrigs and the Arms of Rothschild!!! I GET IT, the event points to Rothschilds and Rockefellers. I see "inDUSTRia" as code for Dusters who have a version of the Jewish Rothchild (no 's') Coat. Brakers/Breconrigs and Jewish Rothchilds have ROSES i.e. traceable to king Rusa of Lake VAN, a vassal of the Cimmerians who conquered his Lake VAN. Fane's/VANs were first found in Monmouthshire, beside both Breconshire and Morgannwg. "RadNORshire" thus looks like a line of Nairi from Lake Van, though I think they went though the Neuri of the Bug river (Ukraine, land of the Hros, Rus and Roxolani), and Bugs have another bat. Lake Sevan, named after Van, was/is near the Bat Caucasians.

I've told the story many times when Robert Powell (teen friend) threw a rock at me, and we then started to lob rocks (one at a time, not small) at one another in a game of chicken (on Rize-connectable Senator REESORS drive). In their motto, Powells (share Fens/Venn griffin), first found in Breconshire (beside Fane's/Vans), happen to have a "fynw" term for Fens'/Venns!!! Amazing. We could say that we were raining down rocks on one another because Powells have a black version of the one half of the Reigns/Rainer Coat while the other half has a "comet." English Rainers can be gleaned from Rainier of Montferrat because they have the Saluzzo Chief-Shield, but we may add that the English Rainers have a version of both the Clinton and PORT Coats. Ports and Porters were first found in Hampshire beside Powell-like Poole, and the Reigns/Rainer lion is half the Poole lion.

WOW! I've mentioned many times that Robert Powell was thrown off a bridge (roughly at 20 years of age) in a drug deal gone bad, which reminds that Bridge's use the crab, symbol of the Cancer constellation. Lookie: "For a couple of hours after dusk [on April 13, 2029], people in Europe, Africa and western Asia will see what looks like a medium-bright star creeping westward through the constellation of Cancer, making Apophis the first asteroid in human history to be clearly visible to the naked eye." It's going to be in Cancer the crab. Bridge's with Brights and Bride's can be traced to BRIGANtium with Brecons. Suddenly Powell and I lobbing rocks is pointing to the Apophis asteroid.

If the Jays are in the "Je garderay" motto of Bridge's, note that English Rainers (look like Port kin), sharing the Bright and Bride stars, were first found in Herefordshire with Jays (Bridge colors) from de Gai. Gays and French Bride's were first found in Savoy with Brigantium. Ports and Porters were first found in Hampshire with Potters and Sturs while Poitvins/Potvans of Poitiers use the jay. Asteroid-like Asters/Easters/Sturs were a branch of Sturs, and the latter share the triple fesses in the Porch/Portis Crest. Compare both Reesor Coats to Scottish Bride's.

Brigantium is about 25 miles from the Arc river, location of Chambre, and then Chambery, home of the Riffle's (Savoy, same as Chambers), is at the mouth area of the Arc. The evidence that God arranged for me to urinate on Pino was in the last update like so: "As I said, I remember nothing of being at Pino's home (he was immediately next door) except when at his garage with a man (his father I assume) showing me a rifle. I assumed it to be a hunting rifle because Orion was the mythical hunter." That's how the Riffle's came to topic years ago, but I had not stressed their Chambery location in a way that now seems relevant. I may have mentioned, in the past, that CHAMBERlains were kin of Tankerville's who are in turn like "TANAGRa," home of Orion's father.

Chambery was the seat of the counts of Savoy who descended from HUMBERT of Savoy, and although Humberts are listed with Humbers/Umbers (Herefordshire, same as Rainers), there's also the Huberts who happen to share the Mott crescent while Motts/Mottins may have been Modane cousins. Modane is on the Arc river with Chambre, and Modens/Modeys were first found in Berkshire with Arks/Arch's. This now appears to be pointing to the hunting group, International Order of saint Hubertus. In fact, while John B. Poindexter is/was high in that group, Poindexters are split horizontally in colors reversed from German Belleys/Belli's, and Humbert I of Savoy had a father, Amadeus, Count of Belley (Savoy). The Arms of Belley uses a wolf to explain why Humbert's descendants used one too. French Masseys/Masse's were first found in Savoy, and once showed boots while Boots were first found in Berkshire. Bello-loving Godfreys were first found in Auvergne while the Auvergne's share the French Chamber Shield.

Humbert's son, Otto, married Miss Susa, and Susans were first found in Berkshire too. Belley is in the province of BUGey, recalling the "water bougets" of Bugs, for bouget-like Buckets list Bugeys, and they share the Coat of Brecons! Excellent find. Bugs were once said to be first found in Nottinghamshire, perhaps related to this: from the Hubert write-up:"The Hibberts of Marples and BIRTLES in Cheshire claim descent from Hubert of CURZON in Calvados, a Norman noble who was granted land in Cheshire and Nottingham." Curzons (compare with Hubbards) use "poppinJAYS," and we saw Jays suspect in the "Je" motto term of Bridge's while on the topic of Robert Powell and the Cancer constellation of Apophis. "CURSUM" happens to be a motto term of Scottish Hunters.

Now look at "POPPINjay," for as I've said many times, I was on the roof of the porch from which Pino got the pee shower, and was thinking to JUMP off the roof with an umbrella because I had seen it on TV with Mary POPPINs. I wouldn't have mentioned that except that PEPIN Taff was living on the main floor of our house at the time.

Huberts were at Bright- / Bridle-like Birtles' (compare with Tufts/TUFFS), and the Birtle Coat looks linkable both the French Pine's and the Crabs in the Bridge Coat. Maschi's of RIMINi use pine cones, and Rimmons/Crimmons almost have the Coat of Birtle's (Cheshire, same as Masseys, Maceys and Brights). Cancer- / Change-like Chance's/Chaunceurs have most of the Maschi Coat! Crabs were first found in Cambridgeshire with Changer-loving Stanleys, and Changers share essentially the Coat of Italian Case's/Casino's (branch of Cassandra's/Casano's of Modane-like Modena). Chance's have a patonce cross in Savoy-cross colors, and thus it seems that the cancer constellation is pointed to by this heraldry. If correct, why would God arrange it if Apophis is not landing?

Spanish Case's have "lacs d'armor" around the border, and Armors use a "Cassis" motto term, as do Bright-branch Brittanys. It's interesting that Arks/Arch's are in French Casey colors and format.

AHHH WOW. With Robert Powell pointing to Apophis already with the Cancer constellation, we now find that Chance-branch Chase's (share Chance/Chaunceur patonce) share the green griffin with Powells and their Fenn/Venn kin, but also with the patonce-like Patents/Pattens (Essex, same as Rains/Raines'). It's just incredible that Patents/Pattens share the lozengy Shield of Orms/Orrins/Oruns/Orens! Scottish Patents/Patients were first found in Dumfries with Patchie-related Kilpatricks, and I pee'd on the ramp facing the Kilpatrick residence. Mrs. Kilpatrick's aunt married Mr. Casey. Patch's use hunting horns. Chase's were first found in Hampshire with Rainer-suspect and Pot-related Ports. Pattons (not "Patten") look like they love the DePots/Pots in their motto.

Ahh, a new thing. The Patents/Patience use a "flamont" tower and "Flammont proper" crescents while Flammonts/Flame's were at Skene-like Skerne while Skene's (Skerne colors) were a SCHIM/Schien branch. It just so happens that Skerne's share the gold tower with Patents/Patients. Skerne's share a "COUCHant" lion with Tints, and Schims/Schiens share the boar of Googe's/GOUCH's and Shake-beloved Mole's! Looking good. Plus, as Kilpatricks pointed us to Spuds MacKenzie, that bulldog was very linkable to my fiberglass bulldog which was itself purchased as an addition to my pink-FLAMINGO business. Flamingo's are Flamings/Flamens too, and the latter share the Coat of English Vaux's, first found in Cumberland with Ramps! Plus, Skerne's share the Abreu lion and almost the Abreu tower while Miss Abreu was one of my pink-flamingo installers. Her husband died of cancer. It's then amazing that Abreu's and Ramps both share combattant lions. The pee on the Baytown ramp is touching upon the MacKenzie pointer to Apophis.

Abreu's are also Abruzzo's, and I trace the namers of Abruzzo province (capital was Aprutium) to Epirotes of Epirus, location of ATINTanes. We just saw the Tints above share the couchant lion with Skerne's.

While Grimaldi's (Fieschi kin likely) have a purple throne, Thomas II of Savoy and Flanders, husband of Beatrice Fieschi, is shown at his Wikipedia article with purple sleeves and footwear. Savoys share the Face/FESSY and Taff cross. Thomas and Beatrice's son, Amadeus V, ruled at Chambery, and what do we have here? Amadeus married Sybille of Bage! It tends to explain why Bags/Bage's (Norfolk, same as purple-connectable PilGRIMs) of GAYwood have the Grimaldi Shield! I've not know of Bage (or "Bauge") before, so far as I can recall. Fieschi-like Fiscs share the Coat of Ferrat-branch Vairs/Fers'. Sybille was daughter of Guy I Damas de Bauge, baron of Couzan, tending to explain why Bags'/Bage's were first found in Norfolk with Cousans/Cousins and Gaywoods. Alans of Brittany were in Shropshire with the first-known BAGleys.

Wow, lookie. Gay-like GUY II of Bauge/Bage, Sybille's father, looks like he's of the buckle-using Guys because Chase-like Case's, Leslie's and Spoltens/Spauldins/Spottens use buckles too while GUY of SPOLETo can be gleaned here. Leslie's (share buckles-on-bend with Case's) share the green griffin head with Chase's and have buckles in the colors of the Spoltons/SPAULDing/SPOTTen buckles, and SPUDs MacKenzie, a pointer to the Apophis asteroid, can be in this. Bright-like Brittany wasn't rife with ermine SPOTs for nothing. Brights share the Brittany stars, and Brittanys use a "CASSis" motto term, having the full motto of Armors. Motts were from Cotes-d'Armor, and named Mott(e) near Raines-line Rennes.

Spoleto is in Umbria while Humberts/Umbers look like they can apply as per multiple Humberts of Savoy. French Guys (buckles) were first found in Picardy with Airaines and the Bailleul-En-Vimeu of Baileys, excellent because Humbert I was the son of a ruler of Belley! Baileys (NorthUMBERland) share the Moray / Armor stars, in colors reversed from the same of Innis' (share brown boar head with Baileys), and Bellys were first found in Moray. I don't recall knowing of the Belley location in Savoy. Bailleul-En-VIMeu is six miles from ABEEville while bees are used by Biens while Vims are listed with Bene's/Beans/Vains while "bene" is a Bailey motto term.

In keeping with the flaming MacKenzie rock that's called a "mountain," it's notable that English Mountains have a form of the Brittany Coat. Brittanys have: "John le Breton (d. 1275), was Bishop of HEREFORD..." While Reigns'/Rainers have the comet, English Rainers (HEREFORDshire with Humberts/Umbers) have pierced estoiles in the colors of the pierced gold stars of Brittanys and Brights, and the Rainer estoiles are in Chief in the colors of the three stars in the Alan Chief. Alans of Dol were near Rennes, and Rennes-line Wrens share the purple lion with Lacys/Lace's while "LUCeo" is a motto term of flaming mountain MacKenzie's. Flemings were in Flanders. Case's (Norfolk with Luce's/Lacys and Diss) use a "DIStantia" motto term while Luce's/Lucys were lords of Diss-line Dice.

We now take this to the Levis who came to own the Couzan castle of the rulers of Bage, for the Levi chevrons were used by counts of Hainaut while Mons was its capital in Flanders. The Savoy rulers who married Sybille of Bage did become counts of Flanders. Bags/Bage's were first found in Norfolk with Luce's/Lucys in turn sharing the white pikes "HAURient" of Geds. Scottish Pike's share the pierced and gold Salome stars, and while Salome Boethus is suspect in descending from Boeotians, Orion of Boeotia is the line to Orne, where Luce's are said to derive who use a reflection of the rock-using Roach Coat. The latter has a "MON" motto term. The TREGARRick entity of Roach's betrays their belonging to the FelTRAGER variation of Fellers, and from there we note similarity between Rocco's and Tragers. Luce's became governor of Falaise.

I quit for Saturday's heraldic investigations above, and went to check the news when I came across Loose Change II at bitchute. Let me re-explain that there was a Stanley (don't know his surname) who took my seat beside Miss Hicks when our church put on a 9-11 memorial, on September 11, 2002. That night was stacked with heraldic pointers, and Stanley himself became suspect as a pointer to Morgan Stanley's role in 9-11, for it had several floors in one trade tower starting directly beneath two maintenance floors that the plotters needed to carry out their methods of taking the building down.

This is such a great place to re-tell this story because I ended above on the Loose-like Luce's, and the Change's/Changers are in the Stanley motto while German Loose's share the Morgan lion, believe it or not. I've told all of this before. Loose Change II has merits, but is now old news. There are 100's of social media warriors claiming to care for America, who know that the U.S, military shot the Pentagon on 911, but refuse to say so for fear of reprisals. But, STUPIDS, if you gang together, all come out to admit the truth, what can the goons do to 100s of you that then urge 1000s more to tell the same story on their Internet shows? Isn't it time yet to have some courage? You are allowing the goons to get away with it, to have confidence to do similar things, and yet you claim to care for the country. BALONEY. You amount to pathetic media beggars making money on your audience.

Why might the Stanley stags heads be in the colors of the MacKenzie stag head? Might it be due to Crabs being first found in Cambridgeshire with Stanleys? The first-known Stanleys are said to have named Stonely in KimBOLTON, and it just so happens that Boltons share the Silver/SILVERSTEIN lion. Larry Silverstein, insider, purchased the Trade Towers six weeks before 9-11. Silvers/Silversteins look like kin of French Roberts, and it was ROBERT Powell who pointed us to Crabs (Cambridgeshire).

Boltons even share a brown stag head (called a "buck") in Crest with Stanleys. Boltons call their Crest "A buck's head with an arrow through the neck," which can explain why Stanley was sitting beside Miss Hicks, for Hicks' have a buck's head with chaplet around the neck. The Neckar river is where STUTTgart is located while Stouts/Stows, first found in Cambridgeshire with Stonely of Kimbolton, have the triple fesses of Cassandra-branch Case's/Casino's and Stanley-beloved Change's/Changers (Hampshire, same as Aster-branch Sturs/STOWers, Cassandra's/Cassane's) in colors reversed. This recalls that Case's and Chase's look like kin of Leslie's who in turn are in Stanley colors and format. The Stouts/Stows have a Coat reflection of the Holds/Holts, first found in Lancashire with Boltons, and with the WinStanleys/Winstonlys who have two of the three Changer fesses. .

LARRYs/Laurie's share laurel with Lorraine's, and the Hicks-beloved CHAPLets were first found in Lorraine. Lorraine's share the green lion with the CHAPELe Crest, and Chapele's use a chaplet but call it a "wreath." Larrys/Laurie's use a chaplet of laurel but call it a "garland EMERGINg" while MERGENs are listed with Morgans. The Loose's with Morgan lion (green in colors reversed) were first found in LUNEburg, and Lune's/Lyons use another green lion. Garlands use a "chaplet," and it's the "laurel garland" of Stevensons ("dexter hand EMERGING"), the latter first found in Northumberland with Lorraine's. Ignoring the Chief, Stevensons happen to have the Crab Coat in colors reversed.

Stephenson-like Stepps (Stevenson/Stephenson fleur in colors reversed) are StepTOWs too, and Tows/Touch's/TUFFs share the Lune/Lyon lion. Stanley and Miss Hicks at the 9-11 memorial pointed to Knee's, and the latter share the phoenix with the Bush-connectable Tufts/TUFFs (Cheshire, same as Tows/Touch's/Tuffs). German Bush's share the Stepp/StepTOE Coat, and, as I've said a hundred times, I had to step-toe across the sandals of Miss Hicks in order to get into the seat beside her, which was taken by Stanley after I got up from it. Sandals share the Stanley / Knee / Leak bend. Stepps/Steptoe's share the fleur-de-lys of Trade's and Crabs. Bush-line Bosco use "TUFTs of grass" on "pillars," and the TRADE towers are like pillars.


Here's one from this week:

New Anthony Fauci e-mails obtained by The National Pulse reveal that a lab he funded through his National Institutes of Health agency was training researchers at the Wuhan Institute of Virology’s biosafety level four facility.

...Now, a new e-mail confirms a previous National Pulse report on the relationship between the Chinese Communist Party-run institute and the GALVESTON NATIONAL LABORATORY (GNL), which describes itself as "constructed under grants awarded by {Fauci’s} National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID)."

The National Pulse can reveal a 2017 e-mail exchange between Fauci and GNL director James LeDuc confirming the existence of the lab’s partnership with the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

In brief, the e-mail shows Fauci’s funding of GNL via NIAID was doing [should be "going"] directly towards training Chinese BSL4 staff.

LeDuc sent an email {below} to Fauci on October 31st, 2017 titled “China BSL4 labs” where he reminds Fauci how they conversed “regarding collaborations with the new Chinese [biosafety level 4] labs.” Among the labs referenced by LeDuc are the “Chinese Academy of Sciences (Wuhan BSL4).”

LeDuc notes that “the directors of each of these 3 new labs has agreed to come to Galveston”: [see the email here:]

We shouldn't expect anything in LeDuc's email to reveal the real purposes of the collaboration with China. We should be wise to the fact that collaboration with China isn't needed in any way besides doing the gain-of-function work not permitted in the United States. This is worthy of significant jail time for LeDuc and Fauci. Fauci turned down LeDuc's invitation to appear with the Chinese collaborators, not necessarily meaning he wasn't involved with the collaboration, for he's been trying to cover it. I suggest Fauci thought it best to keep publicized distance from the Chinese while he funded Wuhan. The idea seems to have been to use Wuhan to get the COVID scheme accomplished, a thing that was ramped up in Trump's first year (2017) to begin the process of starting a global plandemic that Trump came to facilitate on stage with Fauci himself.

Here's Buzz Aldrin, the second man on the moon, I think he was, apparently admitting that the moon shots were "animation," not from TV camera's on the moon. I'm just wondering why the video owner didn't show the rest of Aldrin's conversation:

Too-little too-late Buzz, you're grossly guilty of fraud on the human race. You ganged with NASA gansters, and gangsters in the military coven, and you deceived the entire human race.

Alan Dershowitz, that clown act, said on Steve Bannon Tuesday, that Mike Lindell and he "might" have a "very different view" on whether the past election was fraudulent, meaning that Mike Lindell, whose starting to grow a clown's nose, hired Alan Dershowitz like one hires his own enemy, for fighting Dominion Voting in court. Here's not a bad prediction: Dershowitz amounts to a shill for Dominion, and a spy-mole into Lindell's camp.

Late last week, John Durham (who?) issued subpoena's to Perkins Coie. Apparently, Durham does exist. He's been investigating the role Perkins Coie "played" in the deep-state attack on Trump that the Clinton crime ring initiated. I didn't think Durham had it in him to bring Coie to court, for this gets right up there to Mrs. Clinton herself. HOWEVER, it's possible that he cut a deal with Biden's string-masters, where he gets to act like he's on a prosecutorial rampage, only to be fired by Biden before things get hot in court. Can that happen? Wouldn't Mrs. Clinton and her closest supporters beg Biden to fire him now?

One way to cripple the deep state is to give it so many repair jobs that it gets too thin in manpower to treat any repair with solidity. To put it in other words, attack the deep state from all sides, like many ants each getting a bite, or like a dozen coyotes, until the flesh is gone. If you attack it at one point, one attack at a time, it has the manpower to defeat each assault, one at a time. But attack it on a dozen fronts simultaneously, make it tired and dizzy, and it can be seriously crippled. It's going to make mistakes when the attacks are bewildering.

Every court case wherein a corrupt judge supports the deep state's corruption is the knowledge of a good judge that there's corrupt judges who need to be opposed and corrected. Losing a court case to corrupt actors is not a waste, therefore, for people see the injustice, and the good ones ramp up their efforts to reinforce justice. When the good guys are disgusted with a bad judge's decision, their anger can drive the determination to producing good fruit. Take the bad guys to court, no matter if half the cases are lost, because exposures nibble away at their power structures, their flesh. Exposures open up places for a good bite. If God exposes, the people can move in to lock-on to the corrupt body, and take it down. Exposure is the first step to winning the societal battle. A lie from the devil is the reciprocal of exposure, i.e. an attempted-exposure with a false accusation. The Democrats "exposed" Trump with a false Russia-collusion accusation. They tried to take him down with the tool of exposure.

No court cases = no exposures (generally speaking). Courts are where information is publicly exposed. If the good guys lose a court case, they go away learning a lot about the enemy. It's not necessarily a full waste, and might even churn out a win in a future court case. Expose corruption in the courts, for even if the bad guys win, they walk away weaker, because their hairy legs have been exposed for what they are, pillars of shame. They'll feel great relief when the bad judge supports them, but will fear the next court case because it might not be the same sort of judge, and the exposures in the previous court can come back to bite them in the arse like 12 relentless coyotes.

Exposures come by words, and fighting exposures is called, gagging and censorship. The deep state is on the defensive by its censorship, because speaking is the attack, and censorship is the shield to block the speaking. So, we naturally seek ways to get around the shields, but the best way is to send a barrage of word-bullets that keeps the shields too busy to stop them all. That's why there's a call from the speak-word chiefs in social media for all people to raise their voices, to be brave and speak up against the corruption. And that's why Biden's DoJ wants to threaten word-shooters with jail if they continue to shoot, because the bad guys are having trouble silencing the growing number of troops.

This is the way churches should have collectively fought the atheist enemy from decades ago, -- from letters to the editor, from paid articles / TV "commercials" if necessary, to owning radio and TV stations -- to get the Christian message out in order to pounce on liberal sin and lunacy, especially as God is our rear-guard and our lamp forward. But the churches, I think, chose not to be fight-ful in order to retain their love-your-enemy approach. They decided to befriend sinners into their churches, but their churches have not grown because people leave by the cob-webbed back door in the same numbers roughly that new converts come in from the decorated front door.

A fighting church is an exciting church, in my opinion, and a fighting church sticks together with a solid glue, and has the better chance at growing than do-no-fighting churches seeking not to make waves. It seems that one of the things Jesus appreciated / enjoyed most was causing waves with his words lobbed into the enemy camp, and He routinely mixed in mention of the Father to assure that, when his Words landed, they exploded like grenades in all directions. Words are Light, and the explosion of Light bombs gives the enemy no place to hide. It got so bad for the enemy that it decided Jesus had to be killed to shut His mouth, for He was converting many even in Jerusalem, and turning them against the enemy.

Our fight today is not against the middle ground where new converts may be foraging, but against the liberal activists intent on changing society toward unGodliness. There should be no fear of damaging the gentle approach in evangelism if the fighting is to protect the interests of the whole flock. I as a sheep would be thrilled to see my shepherd fight the wolf on my behalf. Wouldn't you? Do likewise. Be a shepherd today, fight for the whole flock with cutting, stinging words. Slash-slash away, and the sheep will feel like they owe God loyalty due to your loyalty to them. Faith is all about loyalty to Jesus. If the enemy proclaims war against us, what kind of loyalty to God is it if we don't utter words to confound the "logic" by which it makes converts to its anti-Christianity?

The time has come when we should no longer shine the Light of God, but rather we should shoot as from the trigger of a laser-beam gun. We shine the light for those who want to walk toward us in friendship, but for those who attack us, we need the automatic ultra-stun-gun. We do not fight the good fight against the anti-Christs by claiming to be the father of the vaccines. Such a one is a traitor going over to the other side with a white flag waving. Do not follow Judas Iscariot, because he's going to return to your camp at midnight with night torches and an armed mob, and 30 coins dinging in his belt-bag.

There are so many attacks and exposures against COVID at this time from so many sides that the trial balloon the snakes sent up is no longer rising. It's not falling, but it's no longer rising either. I can't predict which way this war will now turn, but October means that we are entering their turf. This enemy loves the fall and winter turf. When the COVID glue no longer keeps their fighters bonded, they will find another glue, and I think we can predict that new glue to be a war of words against Christians intended to punish their lives for speaking out and trying to ruin their agendas.

One thing I'm not hearing is how LONG, after receiving the double-vaccine, people are suffering the typical clots, paralysis, and heart attacks. Do those types of problems take place only in the first few weeks, or can they also take place in significant percentages six months later? Doesn't the truth bomb get bigger per the longer after the vaccines the deaths take place? Yes.

Whenever you hear of doctors and nurses being fired for not being vaxxed, have the smarts to realize that it's an unintended confession that there is no pandemic, for it's criminal to fire medical people in a pandemic. But if there's no pandemic, why the harsh treatment toward those who would rather risk getting a natural vaccine? Project Veritas has caught three Pfizer scientists telling what's really been going on:

The best thing in the video above is the admission from the Pfizer scientist that he signed a non-disclosure agreement(s), where he promised to expose what he was exposing to Veritas' spy. So, Pfizer is a gangster / masonic organization, punishing one of their own if they betray the harmful / criminal aspects of the secrets.

Francis Collins, head cheese of the NIH, has resigned in disgrace.

Funny thing, all those videos on magnetized people have disappeared. Theory 1: it was all a hoax from a thousand different video owners. Theory 2: the vaccine companies stopped putting vaccines on the market, laden with graphene oxide, once the magnetic cat was out of the bag. Do they have plan B, C, D, E, and F? People are still dying from vaccinations, though some say they die from the Remdesivir treatments, and I think this is true because the reports are compelling.

Fauci says that anti-vaxxers, for the greater good of humanity, should sacrifice their right to choose. Achem, Mr. Farci, people are rejecting the vaccine because they think it's dangerous, not because they like to exercise their right to chose. THEY DO HAVE A RIGHT to reject the vaccine if they think it's dangerous, if there's evidence that's it's dangerous and/or if the virus is mainly harmless. Vaccine rejectors are not merely throwing around their right-to-chose weight.

Start this video in the 7th minute and wait for the article with a bad title but with important details within in the increase in illnesses and deaths amongst the vaccinated according to government numbers that governments wish to hide:

Stew Peters supposedly has Dr. Zandre Batha on from Africa, but I find it very weird that while what she's saying cannot be true as per the discs she shows, she also has exact facial behavior to that of Jane Ruby. I have been watching Ruby often over the past few weeks, and she has some unusual facial expressions while Stew is talking, and not just Batha's facial expressions, but her eye movements in unison with the unique facial expressions, are identical to those of Ruby's. This caused me to inspect Batha's face to check whether she's wearing a fake nose, or fake chin, or anything that might hide her identify as Ruby. Batha has a few pages online, however, and is supposedly the writer of a book. And the voices don't match at all:

Wow, moments after watching the video above, I found someone sharing a clip from the very-beautiful Ainsley Earhardt about a police officer who was maimed after taking a vaccine!!! Those exclamation marks are because she's finally getting around to stories like this, though her bosses don't want such things aired, I AM SURE:

I'd really like to know the details on how she came to do that story, who initiated it, and how it made it to the set against those who oppose. But there needs to be warnings to all people regularly, not the odd story, one every four, or six months. That will not do. Thomas Renz claims that there is a gigantic 1-percent of the vaccinated currently suffering some strange / unexpected trauma or reaction from vaccines. From what little I've seen of Fox and Friends, Steve Doocy, Ainsley's right-hand man, is a COVID stooge, always pushing the fear, whereas her left-hand man, Brian Kilmeade, is sound in his approach to COVID. This may be intentional by the producers in order to play both sides.

I wonder. Do vaccinated people get natural immunity if they actually catch COVID, or do the vaccines block natural immunity so as to make the vaccinated dependant on perpetual vaccines? How convenient for $$$. That could explain the ardent push to vaccinate everyone.

Here's a Pfizer whistle-blower who talked to Project Veritas, this week, to show that Pfizer used the kidneys of human fetuses as part of the COVID-vaccine ingredients. Can we ask how many fetuses were used globally? Is this not the sickest, most-diabolical most-hellish thing you ever heard of?

Tucker's show below gets good in the 4th minute:

Biden's presidency is a staged operation. He's a literal puppet, and, whoever this Biden-guy is, he had agreed to being a puppet since before winning the election. The people have a right to know who's making decisions, who's setting strategies and setting the agendas. But even if that question is asked, expect lies to cover the real puppeteers. Everything is imagery, the mindset of Democrats for decades. Tell the people what they want to hear; tell our voters what they want to hear, but steal the treasury money when we're in power, and use it to reinforce the power base. That's been Obama through-and-through, and it continues now. But Biden limits what Obamaites and Clintonites want done, where Biden is a dead weight. It's like attacking the enemy while having the king lying brain-dead in your chariot. He's putting the chariot off balance whenever it turns and he's rolled around in its rear. Even the horse is complaining and threatening to go on strike unless the king is dumped out. But how will the true leaders get rid of him now? How will it look? Will they drug him so that he's so mentally unstable that stepping in to replace him is justified? Who'll replace him, the half-wit, laughity-go-lucky Harris?

Democrats are the laughing stock; who in the political middle will trust those who prop him up, who gave him blessings before he was "elected"? Obama gave Biden thumbs-up, he really did endorse him. Obama became Biden's clown-act puppeteer. I'm sure Obama's got migraines nightly by now trying to keep his secret circus from going public. The lawyers may have decided to give Biden the White-House set (the fake one) for legal reasons having to do with his unlawfully feigning the true president. Trump is the true president, and all Democrats know it. They continue to expose their lawlessness, to this day full-steam ahead. Their ship is full of holes, and they are running out of thumbs. What drastic action will they take next before the ship sinks? The people are not lying down and obeying because Biden is not fearful. The puppeteers are trying to make him look fearful, with the DOJ, but on every second day or third, Biden makes the people laugh instead, at him. What a headache this is for the deep state.

Obama has ordered the DOJ to call moms and dads "terrorists." This has always been Obama's tactic, or those who propped him up. He's going to try to make his political enemies look like they need martial law to quell. That's the only drastic action that will win the day if the Democrat fringe party is robbed of its cheat machines for the next election. Obama would be for causing staged events to justify martial law, but it's risky because the people could deem it as an unjustified over-reach in the current environment in which the Democrats already look tyrannically lawless. Best-case scenario for the normal people: all the puppeteers who handle Biden start to in-fight, unable to agree on how to best to move backward to salvage 2022. They cannot move forward; Biden won't allow it, so the best they can do is move backward with as much finesse as possible, making it look like "progress" in spite of it's being defeat. People are rising and pushing the Democrats back. In the meantime, let's store foods and other needs because they won't go quietly, and, if this is the End, they will bring the entire world to a ruinous end if they can't have world power peaceably.

Here's the terrorist moms and dads:

All I can say is, GO-GO-GO backward Democrat ship. Biden the pilot is looking forward into the fluffy clouds while the ship churns backward as it slowly sinks toward the dark depths...looking good on the puppeteers. Biden's DOJ just outraged moms and dads and gave them free fuel for a forward advance to push the Bidenites backward. Biden's DOJ is threatening to use guns against the complaining people. Looking good. Time to home-school and go forward, for public schools are churning backward toward Sodom. That's not progress. Back to witchcraft is not progress. Backward to Roman faggotry and Greek pedophilia is not progress. Back to paganism is not progress. Obama is worse than delusional. Going forward is going toward the Creator's Kingdom. That's all there is. This world offers you worse than nothing, a ticket to hell, and so the only way forward is toward God's Kingdom via The Jesus Road. Get on it today.

Well-well, it might be possible that Dog Logan, chief of Cyber Ninjas, has told the public a lie to comfort Karen Fann, and maybe all he got was a bone as his reward, because she's a cheap witch. Last month, Gateway Pundit got hold of a draft report of the final report of Cyber Ninjas, but before it could be released to the public, Karen Fann wanted to edit it. The draft report said that, according to the Ninjas, the Arizona election should not have been certified, which was not at all surprising. But the final report excluded that line, and instead said that the audit was not conclusive as per who won the election, perfect if Karen Fann and her handler(s) want to drag this out for months longer without fruit.

Last week roughly, Dog Logan told media that Gateway Pundit was wrong to publish the draft report because it was faked by some unknown person i.e. the Ninjas did not write it.

The Cyber Ninjas even released a statement to the liberal media that the draft reported at The Gateway Pundit was a fake report.

The Cyber Ninjas released a similar statement to VICE news.

Then on Thursday Doug Logan joined Joe Oltmann for the Conservative Daily podcast. During the podcast, Doug Logan admitted the so-called “fake report” was actually an earlier draft. At 1:03.28 in the interview Doug Logan is asked about the quote in question about 'the election should not be certified' that was in the report. Doug says he knows who wrote this 'draft' report. That is not what we were told last week.

Logan's statement above is not exactly an admission, so far as I can see. He's only admitting that he knows who wrote the draft, but doesn't say whether it's fake or not. Well, then, tell us who faked it, if it was faked, Dog. Bite the hand that fed you, and be better than her lap dog.

John Sullivan reports late in the week, from a state (Oregon) that's liberal: "The CDC adopted a 'double-standard exclusively for COVID-19 data collection' that inflated cases and deaths starting early in the pandemic, violating multiple federal laws and distorting mitigation policies, Oregon lawmakers told the feds' top lawyer in the state." They want grand jury investigation into COVID scheming. If other states and provinces did this, the schemers would shrink back fearful. It is no small matter for the CDC to fake numbers on behalf of an agenda such as this. One of the senators asking for a suit against the government is Kim Thatcher. It's interesting that of the three heraldic grasshoppers I know of, Thatchers and Fauchys are two which use it.

Food Prep

I hearing that onions, garlic and bell peppers don't need blanching before hydrating. I blanched the onions, I hope it's not ruinous. It makes them wetter, and they stick together too. google and youtube are on the horrible side for finding dehydrating videos for long term. Even if you ask for long term, they both give you whatever they've programmed for us to have. They are both anti-educational in the way they have arranged search results. What we need is for someone like Alaska Prepper to provide a Table of Contents of all his videos with all the foods in alphabetical order. That will make google and youtube see red because globalists and anti-Christs don't want us to have long-last food methods at our finger tips. Beware what those types teach on food prep, because they are expected to lie sooner or later.

The nice thing about drying vegetables is that we can buy the ones that are placed on the clearing rack at the grocery store, the ones for half price or better that have only a few days (or less) left of shelf life. So I bought a couple of bags of bell peppers this week, a thing I've not yet tried to dehydrate. After watching about ten videos, not one told me how long they will last in sealed jars when dehydrated, and most of the reason for this is that google and youtube give us dehydrating videos from people who are not doing it long term. That's how rottenly feckless google has become, that even if you ask for long term, too bad, it gives us the short-term video owners at the top. I asked for "alaska prepper pepper," but no luck at all; I got videos from other people mainly, and nothing on his pepper shows.

google stinks. youtube stinks. Pass it on. We need better than this for our education. They are both of the mind of public schools, rotten and evil and horrible. How can we replace them? How can we destroy them? Why isn't there a Christian Internet with all of the trash left out? Christians need a censored Internet with all the ungodly trash left out. I believe in censorship absolutely, and so does Jesus. If you do not believe in censorship, you are with one foot in satan's camp. Censorship is necessary, but not censorship of Christian material. Anything evil should not be permitted on God's earth. He owns the planet, he rules. Evil always does harm, is always shameful. When we do something shameful, it's sin. If it makes God ashamed, it's sin. google is sin, shameful.

I think this winter, I'm going to create a food prep Table of Contents of videos and articles, but also for general homesteading / survival tips. Lord willing. The only thing keeping me back is that google suppresses my webpages, all of them. I'm in it's hide-this-guy algorithm. But what I can do is to do a Table of Contents for Alaska Prepper's videos alone, asking him if he'll share it with his viewers. If you have time, consider doing the same with any other long-term food prepper. There's lots of long-term food preppers, but google hides them much, and will probably do it more as time goes on. Expect hit-job pieces on food preppers too.

Just look at this trash from a google search on "freezing dehydrated meat": "Keep dehydrated meats in an unrefrigerated area for no more than two weeks, the National Center for Home Food Preservation recommends. After that, place the jars in the freezer or refrigerator for use up to one year after dehydrating." It's plain that the worldly endtimers don't want us storing foods. They want to scare us into thinking that stored foods can become easily poisonous. Jerky hangs on the store shelf for more than two weeks. It can last at last eight years in the fridge; I watched a couple of guys eat it after eight years in a fridge. Yet the clowns above give frozen dried meat only a year in a freezer. It's going to be hard to find truthful videos and articles on food storage soon as endtimers cram the search results with scare-tactics.

I've had meat and eggs in air-tight jars in the freezer all summer, and will move it into an old freezer box in the garage in winter. I hope to have a second freezer for next spring that I can use exclusively for meat- and egg-freeze. Half the year in a freezer (at a high temperature to save energy), and half in the garage. Sound like a plan for you? I can't live on veggies alone, so this is the way to go if you're the same. Just drop the dried meat into soups, stews and pasta's. This video shows exactly what my ground beef looks like when dehydrated:

As you can witness yourself in this two-minute video above, she says her jar of meat was "sitting in a closet upstairs," and it's a year old. The hot-air endtimers give it only two weeks...just to show what sort of ignorant donkeys they want to be toward us. They lie, lie and lie some more. They disguise themselves as experts, then lie lie lie. We never know what the truth is anymore because we have evil souls in our midst, which google raises up to be our educators. Not only will the ground beef not grow bacteria if its rock-hard, but you'd kill any that might grow when you put it into your hot dish to get it back to normal. Just get extra-lean beef, or else take as much fat out of lean as you can with lots of paper towels as it dries out, if you want to preserve it for several years before re-hydrating more. They scare you with horror stories on dehydrating eggs. I dry mine (small cubes) to throw proteins into soups; they don't need to taste like fluffy scrambled eggs in the queen's kitchen.

If I were rich, you wouldn't be reading this because I'd own a freeze-dry machine. Most problems solved. Freeze-dried eggs, for example, and meat, can be stored 20 years out of a cold space. If you can afford one, get one. I might be able to afford one within a couple of years, we shall see. Note that the volume of meat that goes into the freeze-dryer is roughly the volume that come out. On the other hand, dehydrating without the freeze-drier makes the food MUCH smaller = far-less storage space. Something to think about. I find it hard to see how any family can story a year or more of food without making it much lower in volume. Maybe I might not get that freeze-dryer after all. Imagine storing some 20 grocery carts of food; that's roughly the space you'll need, per person, for a year's worth of food that doesn't reduce in size. You'll need room too, between jars / shelves, to get at the food.

I don't know enough to say how wrong this top-of-google offering is: "Refrigerating or freezing it may further increase its shelf life (6). For example, all-purpose flour lasts 6–8 months on the shelf but up to 1 year if refrigerated and 2 years if frozen." So, this writer gives frozen flour two years in the freeze, even though flour goes rancid too. But how can the rancidity process take place in a freeze? I can't see it. Corned beef in a can is now given a best-before date of five years after it's put on the store shelf. If it doesn't go rancid when fresh (not dried) in a can at room temperature, how will it go rancid in a freezer when dehydrated beforehand?

I started work on my two bags of garlic. It's an astronomical job to peal these bitties. It makes me want to just buy garlic powder. However, the smaller the food particles, the more it's susceptible to degrading from light and oxygen. So, if I buy powder, it seems the best thing to do is remove it from the packaging, then pour it into small Mason jars, then remove the oxygen, then store in a dark place. What could go wrong? I was surprised to find that one-liter Mason jars are still under a dollar into October.

I've got two 1-kilogram bags of garlic with about 20 garlic per bag. It's more than a year's supply for me, well worth the time of pealing and slicing all of them even though it's far more time than preparing other vegetables.

I'm so far into the habit of eating some of the cheapest cereals daily: honey-nut Cheerio's, Rice Crispies and Harvest Crunch. I mix two of them up in a bowl at times to change the taste, I happen to like all three cereals. I've got 15-20 boxes stored with expiry dates as late as June, 2022, but they will last a lot longer than that. Not including Harvest Crunch, they are all vitamin-enriched. I found some Cocoa Crispy Rice at a great price, probably because it's not a favorite, but while I don't like them much alone, they are fine mixed in with the other cereals. Flavinols in chocolate is good for us.

I have two chocolate coffees daily, with the "Natural" type cocoa that doesn't have the flavinols removed. Otherwise, it's much a waste. In this age of strokes, here's why dark chocolate is good: "One study of healthy volunteers showed that eating high flavanol cocoa for 5 days improved blood flow to the brain". I have about a tablespoon daily, probably not high dose, but it's daily. This vaccine scare has been a blessing for me because I fear being forced to take it, and so it catapulted me into storing foods for this winter. I have five half-pound containers of Hershey's Natural cocao at this time, enough for about five months, and will get more. One of them has an expiry of May, 2023, so no problem for storing even a dozen of them.

Just what I need for heraldic work: "Dark Chocolate Improves Memory, Reduces Stress. Researchers say eating dark chocolate can change your brain wave frequency, providing benefits in memory improvement and stress reduction." There's no sugar in natural cocoa powder. I wouldn't eat chocolate bars daily because it's got to be bad for the teeth. Tooth rot must be from high sugar levels in blood, not from the sugar that gets very-temporarily on the outside of the teeth as we eat it. Blood must somehow feed sugar to the bacteria that have gotten into the teeth.

"Onion bulbs (Allium cepa L.) are among the richest sources of dietary flavonoids..." Red onions have more than yellow, but I've been drying yellow because they come cheaper. My life does not revolve around great foods. I am content with the cheaper brands. I don't want to be like others who must have the best foods, because it's a form of worldly lust. Some people think they're better than others because they know the best foods. One can imagine socialites being like that. I like the rustic Jesus-way, of being like a stranger on this earth. I gravitate away from luxurious living. I don't strive for it. I'm lucky in this regard. I fail as a socialite, another lucky strike. Be a loser today, and smile an authentic smile...if there's anyone left who can make you smile. The love of most is growing cold, and masks are not helping. Try very hard not to hate Christians, beware. Concentrate on our own logs.

Don't become enamored with a women who packs on the make-up, because it's a sign of fakery within. There's only one thing that horrifies the make-up woman more than her natural face: letting others see it. Make-up women don't just put on the make-up, they also "put-on" the personality. FAKERY. Clown acts to entertain you, these people are bound to be the highest in emotional problems. Just imagine yourselves, guys, painting your fingernails. What kind of a human is that? Hey look at my pretty fingernails. This is not the Jesus-thing, and I rebuke you all, Christian salon ladies. Lures always come with traps.

I live alone and can therefore dry foods above the stove burner. I've set up some pieces of wood to elevate baking sheets. You can't "abuse" the kitchen stove like this if have a family; just buy a dehydrator. Over my smallest gas burner, I have a sheet about six inches high, and over the next-largest burner the sheet is about nine inches high. I've been guessing at what the temperatures are on the top sides of these sheets, and have been happy with the drying times and process. This week, I bought an oven thermometer, which elevates me into the big leagues. This thermometer can't lie flat on the sheet; the closest I can get it is a 1/4-inch from the sheet. Both sheets measured 125F degrees a 1/4 inch off the sheet, which is about perfect for most foods.

Okay, this is coming to you live, wow, so exciting. The garlic is on the drying sheets. Naked. The first batch started to turn green (the color of death), so it was blanched for a couple of minutes. Didn't help. The second batch wasn't blanched, and it turned a darker green. So blanching helped a little after all. The good news, they say the green is okay. I've only done a half bag so far, for about two hours of "work." The third batch was peeled an hour ago, and it's already turning green on the sheet. It's dirt cheap. There's no brand name; it's distributed by JINXIANG SHENGLONG TRADE CO, LTD, in China, through a Toronto company, and then to Walmart. Oh no. Should I toss it? Wow here's a video on it, bad news:

Here's where globalist mentality has led us; from a google offering: "It is possible that sewage is used as fertilizer, as it is in many parts of the world although there is no evidence that garlic in China is fertilized in this fashion. In any case, there is no problem with this, human waste is as effective a fertilizer as is animal waste." We are being brainwashed (not me) to think that plants grown is human sewage is okie-dokie fine-and-dandy. That's how much google and the globalists love us. The firing squad for such as these. Traitors to humanity. No mercy. If I use human urine to fertilize my own plants, fine, but no industrial complex should be permitted because we do not know the details, and companies can be corrupt to the core. There's more to a human sewage pipe than human waste. The firing squad please.

I just tossed all that garlic. This page tells that Great Value's garlic powder, sold by Walmart, is made in China.

It seems that grocery stores are selling Chinese garlic without informing us, maybe not even reducing the price so as to fool us. Question: is there China in garlic powder? It's getting serious as to how we're being treated, like cattle, by grocery-store owners. We need to hold their feet to the fire. I see neurological problems due to chemicals in foods. What really caused dementia to sky-rocket? This is getting sickening. If your country is run by a vaccine fiend, like trudeau, you are not going to be protected with your food supply. These people are despicable wolves in sheep's clothing, thieves and killers. Armageddon is not coming for the guilt of a misdemeanor. If trudeau cares not what's injected into your veins, neither does he care about what goes into your mouth. If biden's happy to kill the aged with vaccines, he'll be happy to kill you sooner with foods. In fact, these monsters want to kill even children with vaccines they don't need. BEWARE. The firing squad for trudeau and biden. In the meantime, figure out how you can grow your own food? It would help if wives didn't need to work jobs, but for that, you may need to downsize your home.

Coming to you live: varied-colored bell peppers all dried out look cool in the pan: can be eaten dry because they have a rubbery-crunch combination. A nice snack uncooked, and the pepper taste is heavily concentrate due to water removed. Bell peppers dry faster than other foods. I didn't weigh them fresh to do a fresh-dry comparison, maybe next time. Can you take this excitement? Hang in there, you'll come back to normal soon. This is by far better than the depressing, crazy news. The anti-Christs are trying to get under our skin with their sinfulness. Store foods and ignore them. God has the vengeful response all timed perfectly for them. It'll be an end far worse than the firing squad. They'll be begging Apophis to hit them dead-on to hide them from His Wrath.

People are rather quitting jobs and even long-held, hard-earned, full-blown careers for fear of the vaccine, but diabolical liberals act like they don't get it, and would rather portray them as irresponsible killers. That's the sort of mentality we're dealing with. The food supply is now in danger of the whims of these sorts of diabolicals. No use denying it to save you from getting unsettled. We've got to start now to deal with it because they would gladly maim us in 100 different ways. They didn't come into this scheme without ways to hide the dead, but they are definitely counting the real death numbers, not the dead from viruses', but from the vaccines. It's their killing machine, IT'S OBVIOUS. But they are also maiming people to put them out of occupational commission, that they might need hospitalization, and then they get force-vaxxed once in a hospital. It's a no-brainer that they will target the conservative enemy, which may explain why some conservative leaders are playing along, to avoid being targeted.

Things can't be going as well as they had planned because, after all, they are very stupid animals who think they have superior intelligence, and animals always fight for seniority, or just because they're too stupid to reason well. I'll bet they didn't plan on having president biden, for example. He's obama's crutch. It means that obama is both blind and lame; anything can happen now that he didn't expect.

Search "food storage" at youtube. Alaska Granny, which youtube seems to love, is a Mormon, I think, in which case she's not reliable, because there's something drastically wrong with her thinking, just because she's a Mormon. I sometimes like and always trust Alaska Prepper's way of doing things, frugal, sweeping and educationally long-winded / thorough, but youtube doesn't like him as much as Alaska Granny. Here's 21 Awesome Homesteading YouTube Channels You Should Watch. I've seen the guy at the first of 21 wearing a Jesus t-shirt. Maybe try The Best Homesteading Podcasts for New Homesteaders, or just google "homesteader podcasts".


Here's all four Gospels wrapped into one story.

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