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October 12 - 18, 2021

New Heraldic Pointers to Election-Fraud Fighters
The diGenova Lawyers Look Like They're at the Ramp
More Evidence for the Dropping of the Apophis Asteroid

If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture

If at anytime you want to know a Coat's description as given by an identified person/group, see Hall of Names. It's not a great website because it doesn't allow scrolling back and forth through surnames, nor can one copy and paste the URL for any particular surname. But I'm very happy to be able to have access to it.

Judge Amero of Georgia, who started out looking promising, ended up siding with the cheats, and will NOT allow Mr. Favorito to inspect unlawful ballots after all. He made Favorito wait some ten months after giving him the go-ahead, only to toss his case this week with claims that Favorito had suffered insufficient injury (= red herring). To the appeals court he now goes. Election fraud has become a big threat to so-called RINO's, and this is a very good thing. It is important to elect Republicans dedicated to traditional normality because RINO's side with the satanic the point of hiding 2020 election fraud, miserables. Here's Moseder's crew talking about this story:

This story is not a waste because it shows the people nationwide that corrupt judges need to be dealt with. It could be too late for them to deal with them because Jesus could return to do the job first, because it'll be a years-long process to cleanse the courts short of a strong civil disturbance or unique measures from the military.

I heard last week that Mike Lindell's top lawyer is Kurt Olson, which caused me to load Olsons to find their German and Nordic branches sharing the heraldic log with Swedish Lindells/Linds. Norwegian Olsons describe their coat with "a log SPROUTing leaves," and Sprouts/Sprote's share spears in saltire (different colors) with Scottish Linds/Line's. The Sprout/Sprote spears are those of Sprote-like Speers. (Load Olson link now to have access, on another tab, to other Coats of Arms.)

As Speers are SPEYers too, likely namers of the Spey river, we now go to the Rothes location on the Spey, where Leslie's were earls. The Spaldings not only share the Leslie buckles (almost), but the first known Sprots is said to be "Sprot de SPALDINtona." Plus, Leslie's were earls of Rothes only because they married the Pollocks of Rothes, and so note that while Scottish Hearts share the Pollock saltire, Olsons use hearts.

AMAZINGLY, WOW, I just fell upon the following quote from the Sprout/Sprote a minute after the Spaldings brought the Apophis asteroid back to mind, for the heraldic SPOTS lately became suspect with the Spotten variation of Spaldings. However, we may now see why the Spotten variation exists due to the Sprout/Sprot write-up: "Back in England, Thomas Sprott or Spott ( fl. 1270)..." It appears that a Spaulding liner married a Speer liner to produce Spotts/Sprots or Spottens. SPUDS MacKenzie can be a pointer to the Apophis asteroid as per what I've been saying about MacKenzie's over the past few weeks, and while MacKenzie's use a "URE" motto term, the first Scottish Sprot is said to be "Hugh Sprot of UR," from the region of Hur/Urr. Spuds MacKenzie is the mascot for BUD Light beer, and Buds/Bude's use a "hurt" while Hurts/Horts look linkable to the Huret variation of Hure's. Why would the asteroid be part of a possible pointer to the Lindell team?

BEHOLD. The Scottish Ure's/Hurrys has William Urri of FULTON!!!! Favorito's lawsuit above is for Georgia's Fulton county!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! INCREDIBLE! Hure's/Hurets almost have the Danish Cnut Coat while English Cnuts (Derbyshire, same as Olson-loving Sprouts/Sprots) have crescents colors reversed from the same as Amero's while Amore's and their Damory/Amori branch were first found in Oxfordshire with HURTs/Horts (and FULKEns/Fulkins). Can judge Amero of the Fulton case apply here in the midst of what seems to be a pointer of God to the Lindell team? If God is pointing to that team, why? So far, Lindell has only made a wacko of himself. I'm not saying he's wacko, but he's come across that way, and has yet to rectify it.

German Fulks show only black wings while Wings/Winks (Perthshire, same as Peerless'/Napiers and Ratterys) share black-on-white billets with Fulkens/Fulkins. Billets/Billiards were first found in Maine with the Pellicans in the Sprouts/Sprot pelican head. Peerless'/Napiers share the stag head of both Trumps and Favors (almost the Rattery Coat), what now looks like a pointer to Garland FAVORito and Matt DePerno's client in the election-fraud fight, Bill Bailey (Michigan). Amazingly, while Baileys were a Baliol branch, Sprouts/Sprots have: "The first recorded of the name in Scotland appears to be Hugh Sprot of Ur who witnessed a charter by Eustace BALIOL granting the church and lands of Hur (Urr) in 1262 to the monks of Holyrood." "Amore" is a motto term of the Terras' who share the Scottish Scott Coat while English Scotts (Catherine-Roet wheels) claim descend from a brother of king Baliol. Speers/Speyers share the Roet boar heads.

Favero's have variations like those of Favors, and Favero's share the fesse of Dols (Trump colors) while Dols were first found in Mecklenburg (beside Denmark) with Trumps. Amazingly, Danish Cnuts use "pot HANGERS" that connect to Angers, where the Fulk-PLANTagenets ruled, and Plants / Plantagenets can be in the "three plants growing out of a LOG" of Lindells/Linds. Loge's and LOCHES'/DeLOGES' were first found in Burgundy, and Fulk I of Angers married Miss Loches'.

Fultons (Fulkin branch?) share the Coat of Masons/Massins who in turn have the Speers in their motto, for Rothes is at Moray while Morays share the Mason/Massin mermaid. Fultons were first found in ROXburghshire, named by the Roxolani who had lived on the NAPARis river, and then the Ure's/Hurrys happen to share the motto of Peerless'/NAPIERs (Perthshire, near Rothes). Pero liners were at Pavia (Ticino), founded by the Laevi who lines can be in the "sprouting LEAVES" of Olsons. The Ticino-line Tess'/Tecks (Switzerland, same as Sens') use "leaves," and while "Sans TACHE" is the Ure/Hurry / Peerless/Napier motto, the SENSii lived at least beside the Naparis.

Ure's/Hurrys/Orreys (Aur/Aures branch) have a giant lion in colors reversed from the same of Ross' while Ross-shire is where MacKenzie's were first found. Ore's/Orrs were first found in RENfrewshire with Speers and Pollocks, and while Hure's/Hurets are also Hurons, the other Hurons share the Coat of Orne's/Horns, the Orion line to the Rains/Raines' / Reines'/Rainers ("comet"), the likely namers of Renfrew.

Hockey Memories

As Pollocks/POKE's are rudimentary in this discussion, I feel justified in going back to the POKE-in goal I got at 12 years of age that I predicted would point to something good or great concerning Mike Lindell. So far, there's been no good aside from his desires to get something great done. He's still chugging.

We saw the Terras' work into things who could be a pointer to judge Amero via their "Amore" motto. Well, Tarrs are also Terres' while it was Steve Tarr who took the SLAP shot that caused the puck to come to rest on the goal LINE. I slid by the net and POKed it in for the last-minute winning goal that propelled us to the championship. You might even say that I SPEARed the puck in because the stick was used in a forward jab, not a sideways swipe. I speared it in while moving toward it, no sideways swipe at all.

It was on the goal LINE. Scottish LINE's/Linds share crossed spears with Speer-branch Sprouts/Sprots, you see, and with this goal, the team PILEd up on top of me to celebrate while Pile's/Pilots can be a branch of Pillers/Pilotte's/PILLOWs while Mike Lindell owns My Pillow. Sprouts are in the Olson motto, and Lindell's lawyers include Kurt Olson.

The Fulkens are new to me now, and they reveal many things. Their billets are very linkable to the English Billets because the latter's Bellow/BALLOT branch were first found in Cheshire with the first-known Filkin family. Mike Lindell is involved with election-fraud BALLOTs, but I'll show below how we seem to be on kin of Line's/Linds to boot.

Fulkens/Filkins are said to have named Filkin in Broughton POGGS of Oxfordshire, and Oxfordshire is where Ships/Shiptons were first found who use fans called "BELLOWs." It's proof that Filkins were related to Billets and Ballots. Broughtons, who almost use the FULLer Coat, are said to descend from Cheshire's SHIPbrook(s).

The amazing thing here starts with the Broughton write-up: "The surname Broughton was first found in Staffordshire at Broughton. However, 'the Broughtons descend in the male line from one of the most ancient families of the county of Chester, the Vernons of Shipbrook. Richard de Vernon, a younger brother of this house, was father of Adam de NAPton'..." The Nap-like Nipps/Knypps have double fesses in colors reversed from the same of Broughtons, and the two of Nipps/Knypps are those also of Sleeps/SLIPPERs (Shropshire, beside Broughtons of Staffordshire) while I've recently seen a commercial for Mike Lindell's "MySlippers" (this product name from MyPillow could be new). Shropshire is also Sleep-like SALOP, where Sleeps/Slippers were first found, and Steve Tarr had taken a SLAP shot that hit the goalie, and ended up stopping at the goal line.

One can see here how the Nipps/Knypps were a branch of Napps/Knapps since Nipps/Knypps look like kin of Sleeps. It seems that Napps were play on a sleep theme. The NAParis river is beside the BUZau, and so it's interesting that the Bus' (Norfolk, same as Fulke's) share the cinquefoil of Fulken/Filkin-beloved Billets (and Ballots). German Belli's and Fullers use a beacon while Beacons are also Bacons while French Bacons share the Bus / Bellow/Ballot cinquefoil.

The sword in the Napp/Knapp Crest is said to be held by the BLADE, and while Blade's share the saltire of Scottish Franks, English Franks share the Pollock/POKE saltire. Blade's share white pheons (arrowheads) with Blade-like Pilate's/Pilotte's (Burgundy, same as Lindell-beloved Loge's and Poulos') while English Pillows are listed with English Pilotte's. Is that not amazing? Loge's share the saltire of Anjou's Gettes' likely because Fulk I of Anjou married Miss Loches', and while Dominion Voting was founded by John Poulos (who's suing Mike Lindell), the saltire of Poulos' (share wings with Fulks) is colors reversed from the Loge saltire, and the Poulos is gold, same as the Pollock/Poke saltire, adding more reason to see my poke-in goal as a pointer to Lindell versus Dominion Voting.

I once thought that Poulos' use logs too, for obvious reason, but when I found Hall of Names, I learned that the Poulos saltire is made of "sticks." It's just amazing because I poked / speared in the winning goal with the BLADE of my STICK.

Let me repeat that Broughtons named Broughton POGGs, where FULkins/Filkins were first found. I have claimed that Fullers are from Fulbert, father of Pollocks/Poke's. Fullers and Broughtons almost have the same Coat, both using red CANTON squares along with proto-Washington Wassa's while Cantons/Gantons (Yorkshire, same as Napp-beloved Blade's) are in Nipp/Knypp colors and format. Nipps/Knypps were first found in Lancashire (beside Yorkshire), where Washingtons were once said to be first found who in turn have the Canton/Ganton Coat in colors reversed.

The Nipps/Knypps use wolf heads are in the colors of the "MAStiff" dog head of Futters suspect in the "futura" motto term of Fullers (three of the Futter fesses). Futters were first found in Angus, beside the Peerless'/NAPIERs. The "mastiff" looks like part-code for the Stiffs who happen to have a solid chevron in the colors of the same of Flake/Flack (share the black Fulk wing), and the double-fesse Flags/Flacks were first found in Norfolk with Fulke's (and Pollock-connectable Risings). The Futter mastiff would be red in colors reversed while a red "sea dog's head" is in the Broughton Crest.

More dog heads are in the Crests of Blade's as well as Oxfordshire's Damorys/Amori's and Amore's; the latter two have three-and-three fessewise bars in the colors of the triple Fuller fesses. Oxfordshire is also where YELLOWs were first found while the NAPARis river is now the IALOmita. Judge Amero looks linkable to this set of heraldry because the crossed spears of Line's/Linds are in colors reversed in the Stiff Coat. So far as I know of, I don't know that Mr. Lindell is involved with the Amero case. If Lindell's evidence is so true, why doesn't he share it with Favorito? Nobody in the election-fraud fight has publicly indicated that Lindell has shared his super-weapon with them. Why not? Is Lindell a fraud? Stiffs (Gloucestershire, same as Stephens/Stevens) look like a Stephen/Steven branch.

I can see where God is going with this, or so it seems, to the line of Abraham and Keturah out of Kotor. Cotters were first found in Oxfordshire too. Yet another beacon is in the Crest of Bromptons/Bruntons who are in turn in the colors of Abram-like Bromtons/BRAMtons who in turn have a "red dog's head" in Crest. It makes the Broton variation in the Broughton write-up look related to "Bromton," especially as Brunton-like Brunswicks have the Bramton/Bromton and Semper/ St. PEERE Coat in colors reversed. The latter surname is in the motto of Line's/Linds.

In my 1979 dream, I was told to WAKE SLEEPing Beauty, and when I did so, we both started RISING into the sky because God was pointing to Rhizon, beside Kotor, near the SELEPitanoi Illyrians. Wake's share double-red fesses with Broughtons, you see, and the Rising/Rison cross is connectable to the Pollock saltire. It just so happens that while Risings/Risons look like Rice / Rise liners, "melioRIS" is a motto term of the Broughtons i.e. sharing a red dog in Crest with Bramtons/BROMtons, amazing. The Broughton cross is colors reversed from the same-style cross of Chadwicks who in turn were in BROMSgrove of Worcester.

The interesting thing here is that Poke-like Pocks are listed with PICKENs/Pike's (could share the Fuller star), which may not be a mistake because both they and Pollocks/Poke's use a gold saltire, in which case Pollocks suddenly look like they were related to the namers of PICENze (my mothers village of upbringing), which is itself suspect with "Picenum," and it just so happens that Fulk- and Flake-beloved the Wings/Winks (share Fulkin/Filkin billets) are from VINKovci, home of Valentinian I, husband of Justine of Picenum. Vinkovci was once CIBALae, and Sibals were first found in Fife, near the first-known Fullers and PEERless'. Fife's ("oPERA") share the Fuller / Picken/Pike star.

Broughton Poggs (of Fulkens/Filkins) is in Oxfordshire, where Peare's/PERLE's were first found who are in the "Per il" motto phrase of Packets (Oxfordshire), a possible pointer to Lindell's so-called packet captures. While Gettes' share the Coat of Lindell-beloved Loge's, Geddes' use a "capta" motto term that's translated "seek," same idea as "acquire = capture." Geddes' happen to use Pogg-like pike fish, recalling that Pocks are listed with Pickens/Pike's. Fulkens/Filkins love the Billets, first found in Devon with English Pike's. The Geddes motto is translated, "Seek GREATer things," and I've only just realized now, for the first time, that this is part-code for the Greats, from emperor Gratian, father of the husband of Justine of PICENum!

Peare's/Perle's love the Tiens' in turn beloved in the Square/Squirrel motto that itself loves Fermo liners along with the Fuller and Beacon/Bacon mottoes. Fermo is at the south of historical Picenum. Fulkens/Filkins were early in Cheshire with the first-known Picots/Pigots using more arrowheads (Blade symbol), which they call "pikeheads." Poke-like Poggs have the only MASCULly Shield I know of while Mascals share the Fulken/Filken escutcheon. Geddes share the escutcheon of the Chadwicks, and while the latter, along with Chadwicks, have a red-Shield Coat version of the Saddocks/Sedgewicks, the latter were first found in Sussex with the Mascals having their escutcheon in colors reversed.

Keith/Mascals were first found in East Lothian with Bromtons/Bruntons, and the latter are connectable to the Broughtons who in turn have the Chaddock cross in colors reversed. Amazingly, Saddocks/Sedgewicks use "ears of rye" while Rye's are also RISE's!!! That looks like the Abraham-Keturah line out of Rhizon. Rye's/Rise's were once said to be first found in Sussex with Saddocks, but are now said to be first found in Norfolk with Risings/Risons. Chaddocks were at Tyldesley while Tyldesleys (Lancashire, same as Chaddocks and Fulkens/Filkins) share "mole hills" with Shake's of Lancashire's Shakerley.

Ahh, Saddocks and Mascals were first found in Sussex with Filkin-like Felix's! Again, Fulkens/Filkins share the Mascal escutcheon, and then FELICE is the patron saint of the village of Picenze seen above! FELIX's even share the potent cross (different colors) with Chads and Skate's. As Felix's were first found in Sussex with Hams and Hammers, the Felix write-up is enlightening for seeing the latter two from Hamon de Masci: "...Felix filius Hamonis, and Hamo Felix were both listed in Kent in 1229." Hamons were first found in Kent. While the Travers in the motto of Fore's/Forez's/Forests (Savoy, same as Masseys/Masse's) were Meschins = Masci's, the English Forests/Fosters, who look like kin of Felix's, are said to be of Forez. Fore's/Forez's/Forests share the HEROD/Harald fesse.

I've explained why MacKenzie's were from Numidians along with Masci's, and so I'll add that while MacKenzie's were first found in Ross-shire, where the capital was once Dingwall, Dingwalls (Ross-shire) use a Felix-like "FLEECE," and even share the border of MacKenzie's. The Dingwall Crest is said to be "A buck RISING proper," though it's not showing as rising at houseofnames. A "buck" in half the colors of the MacKenzie stag head is used by German Youngs/Jungs while the Dingwall write-up suggests that Dingwalls were related to Yongs. The Downs/Douns (Sussex, same as Felix's) use a buck in the colors of the Young/Jung buck, and Hamon de Masci lived at DUNHAM-Masci while Dunhams are also Downhams.

The Trump and Favor stag heads are in the colors of the bucks above, and so the "FAVENte" motto term of Dingwalls can be for Fava/Favara variations such as Favino's. The latter's nebully bars can be related to the nebulee bars of Amero-like Amore's (probably Drummond kin) so that Fava's/Favara's can be a pointer in this was to the Favorito-Amero battle. Scottish Drummonds have three fesses in the colors of the three pale bars of Garlands, the latter first found in Perthshire with Scottish Drummonds and the Ratterys who share the Favor fitchees! Garland Favorito. Garlands probably have the Ross lion.

I'm seeing wolves, in the colors of the wolf heads of Nipps/Knypps (Lancashire), in the Coat of Spanish Felice's. It can explain why Flags/Flacks/FLECKs share double fesses (different colors) with Nipps/Knypps. The Flag/Flack/Fleck fesses are in the colors of the two of STANDs/Stains, and Spanish Felice's use "...a red castle STANDing on a sea of waves." The Sea's (Kent, same as TRIPs) share the TRIPle fesses of German Drummonds (Hamburg, same as German Trips). I see the earls of Ross from Drummonds (= Jung-like Hungarians).

Sleeping Beauty works into this because there were two of them, one with Miss Hicks to indicate a Hyksos line though Picenze / Picenum, and while Apophis was a Hyksos king, the "SEA of WAVES" of Spanish Felice's suggest a pointer to the Apophis asteroid that Miss Hicks pointed to already via Spuds MacKenzie. If it's the Revelation asteroid, it's going to hit the sea and make big waves. It says that it destroys a third of ships, and the Ships/Shiptons use "bellows" while Bellows/Ballots above come up as Billows. Billows of waves are expected. The other Sleeping Beauty is AINSley Earhardt, and it just so happens that Ainsleys were first found in Nottinghamshire with Annas' while Saddocks are suspect from Sadducees that included the killer of Jesus, ANNAS/ANANus. The Ananes Gauls suspect with his name lived between the Tarr-like Taro river and the Trebia at Picenze-like Piacenza.

Stands/Stains and Steins were obviously a Stevenson branch, and the Stand/Stain and Stevenson Crests (garland) is shared by Scottish Coppers/Coopers who use a "garland," a potential pointer here to Garland Favorito, for the slap shot which ended up sitting on the goal line was from STEVEN Tarr. English Coppers/Coopers (Sussex, same as Saddocks) share the Gettes / Loge saltire, and have "Salomone de Cupir" in their write-up, suspect from Salome BOETHus of the Sadducees, for she married a Herod while the first king Herod was a son of CYPRos. The Gettes-like Geddes' use fish heads in the colors of the BUTE/Butt/BOET fish. Kotor and Rhizon are beside Butua. Tarr took a SLAP shot, and while Coppers were first found in Fife, Copars/Cuppars (SALOP) share the Fife lion (in the colors of the BRAMton/Bromton lions). Bromtons/Bruntons are said to have been first found in East Lothian's Cupar location. We can't argue with the obvious insinuations of these facts, and surprise: English Cope's even use "three roses SLIPPed proper"!!! MySlipper. This comes with Steve Tarr in the discussion, who already pointed to Lindell with his puck on the goal line.

Copers/Cuppars share the lions of Pale's/Palys (bend in Copper/Cooper colors), first found in Yorkshire with the Pullys/PULITs/Pullings (share PELICAN with Cupers/Cuppars) who pointed to Jovan PULITzer's election-fraud work. Garlands use "three PALES" and a "chaplet." Chaplets use swans in the colors of the giant swan once shown of French Josephs, the latter first found in Maine with PELLICANs and sharing the martlet of Pullys/Pulit's/Pullings.

I showed how the Callouville location of Bellows/Ballots and the Chalice's/Challes' (from Pas de CALAIS) in the "chalice" of Belows (one 'l') looks like it points to the TRUMPet-using Calls'/Calles' (Wiltshire, same as Shots/Shoots). Calls/Calles' look obviously like kin of Shots/Shoots to go with the hard slap SHOT that knocked the goalie down and did everything but go into the net, which seems like an apt picture of Trump's surging election win that was turned into an election loss by the cheats who Lindell is fighting on Trump's behalf. As much as Trump disappoints me, my sliding in to knock the puck into the net with seconds left on the clock may indicate that Lindell and company will get Trump back into the White House in the nick of time. Or, maybe I'm reading this wrong.

While Bellows/Ballots/Billows were seated at Wirral, the Wirrals use the chalice of Belows yet call them "cups." As Wirrals are expected in the motto of Drummonds, note that Drummonds use "WAVY bars" linkable to the same of Amero-like Amore's / Damorys (Oxfordshire, same as Bellow-loving Ships). Yet Lindell is not involved with judge Amero. FAVORito is in the thick of things with Amero, and Favors share the Trump stag head. Damorys/Amori's almost have the Coat of Scottish Barrys (Angus, same as KilDRUMMY), explaining why Damorys/Amori's use "BARRY of six wavy silver and red..." Scottish Barrys even have a "legi" motto term while Leggs almost have the Trump / Favor stag head, yet it's almost the MacKenzie stag head too. The three-and-three fessewise barry of Scottish Barrys is even in the colors of the three fessewise trumpets of Calls/Calles and the three fessewise swords of Shots/Shoots.

Angus is where Sewers/SUITs/SUTERs were first found, while Shots/Shoots are also SHUTE's, and the point here is that my Obama dream (two weeks after Trump took Office) pointed to Sewers/SUTERs partly due to Obama's alternative name, BARRY SOETORo. I had SEWERed on Obama's billiard table, and French Billiards happen to be Billets too while English Billets share the Bellow/Ballot/Billow Coat. How do we read this if God is trying to say something? Doesn't it seem true that the people behind election fraud are the global, anti-Christian tyrants who will get God's asteroid response? Will Obama provide the anti-Christ? Sewers/Suits/Suters share the fitchees of Peartree's who in turn share the Trump / Favor stag head.

Here's a new thing, I think. As I've said many times, aside from the poke-in goal, I remember nothing else of that hockey game but sitting on the bench looking up at the CLOCK seeing that there were two minutes and some seconds left in the game (this is vivid in my memory) that was then tied 2-2. I don't remember getting on the ice, but I did get on because I scored the winning goal. The point is, Clocks share the Coat of Clents/Clints who in turn share the garbs of Blythe's while Bill CLINTon's biological father was Mr. Billet-like Blythe. Is that not a mind-blower?

But why would God point to the Clintons in that hockey game if not for the election fraud being on behalf of the Clintons? English Billiards (almost the Billiard/Billet Coat) are even listed with Hillary-like Hillards. Clintons (Oxfordshire again) share the six fitchees of Hillarys, and the latter were first found in Worcestershire with the Clent Hills. Amazing "coincidences." I was on the BENCH when looking at the clock, and Bench's (Yorkshire, same as RHODES' and Billiards/Hillards) can be gleaned as kin of Rhodes', and then while Cecil Rhodes founded an anti-Christ globalist society to which the Rhodes Scholarship was devoted, Bill Clinton is a Rhodes Scholar.

The heraldic WAVE is suspect as code for WEAVers (share "fidelis" with Scottish Barrys) and Webbers because English Webbers use wavy bars, as do Seamans in the colors of the wavy Sea and Drummond fesses. Webbers happen to use a fesse-with-fleur in colors reversed from the same of Pepins/Pepys while king Apophis was also "Apepi." Pepins/Pepys share the Coat of Pipe's, the latter first found in Staffordshire with Broughtons who in turn seem linkable to Bromptons/Bramtons, and then Bromtons/Bruntons have the Diss/Dice eagles in colors reversed while Webbers use a hurt but call it a "disk," suspect with a term in the Diss/Dice write-up.

I remember the goalie that Tarr knocked down with his slap shot. I knew him from school, though he was not a friend, nor can I remember his name. I remember that my first two goals of that season were scored on this goalie. The reason I remember him in goal is as per my first goal, a beauty. One often remembers memorable moments. I was skating for the net on a 45-degree angle, with only the goalie between me and the net, but I suddenly found myself falling head-first toward the goalie, probably tripped by a stick. I was falling almost upon the goalie, I was that close, and so while falling I thought to FLIP the puck over his head, and it worked. It went clean over and into the net.

I FLIPPED it over his head. Is that not a pointer to vote flipping by Dominion? I kid you not, I've told it several times, that Tarr's slap shot his this goalie, then bounced over his head and rolled to the goal line, suggesting that this goal is related to my flip-it-over-his head goal. I also remember that my second goal of that game was by a DEKE (fake going one way, then go the other) while Deke's/Deakins essentially have the Rhodes Coat. I'm sure I was TRIPPed from behind, and German Trips were first found in Hamburg with German Drummonds, and beside the first known Drummond-like Trumps/Tromps. Does this goal point to election fraud that wiped out Trump's presidency? German Trips use shoe's while Shoes use a "KNIGHT issuing from the knees," and it just so happens that while Knee's (County DOWN) share the stag head of Acorns (Sussex, same as DOWNs), Dutch Tromps use acorns. Downs/Douns, expected as a branch of Dunhams/Downhams/DOMINE's, have a stag (called a "buck") in the colors of the Trump/Tromp stag head. Is this linking Barack Obama-Dunham to Trump for a special reason?

Knights/Nights recall the Scottish Drummonds with triple fesses in the colors of the triple pale bars of Garlands, for the triple pale bars of Knights/Nights are half in the colors of the Garland bars. Garlands got suspect above with the Ross lion in the Dingwall section, and while Dingwalls share the spur with Knights/Nights, it's used also by Close's probably because the latter were of Closeburn on the Night-like Nith river. The Nith is in Dumfries, and while Walks/Wachs were first found in Dumfries, Scottish Walkers share the triple pale bars of Garlands. Nets/Nights/Naughts and Nitts/Naughts were first found at the Dumfries theater.

Knights/Nights were first found in Suffolk with RUSH's (Ross colors) while Dingwall was the capital of Ross. Rush's/RISH's (Rise/Rye colors) share the annulets of Line's/Linds. Nitts/Naughts share the checks of LINDseys ("swan RISing"), and Line's/Linds look like a branch of LINTons while "lente" is a motto term of Plunketts from Plancia Magna. "Magna" is in the motto of English Walkers, and then "voLENTi" is a motto term of Nets/Nights/Naughts. What can we make of this? Durhams, perhaps in the Net/Night/Naught motto, share two dolphins with Lents. Durhams use "two dolphins HAURIENT adDORSEd, proper," and Dorseys/Darcys share "Un dieu" with Rush's, and the chapeau with Buttons/Bidens, a potential pointer to election-fraud support by Jack Dorsey.

AHHH, "HAURient" is considered to mean a fish RISING, and I had forgotten until just now that Haure's are listed with Favors!!! I flipped it over his head while getting tripped, and Trips share the crosslets of English Rench's while Germans Rench's/Rentz' can be in "hauRIENT." It was my first-ever goal of organized hockey: there was no way I could score while falling by trying to knock the puck forward toward the goalie, so I sent it over his HEAD and into the NET. That's why I've stressed the Nets/Nights. While Heads share the three horse heads of Pepins/Pepys and Pipe's, Scottish Nets/Nights ("durum") share the lion of Papps (Piedmont, same as Domine-like Domino's). Pipe's are in the "ORGAN pipes" of Lets/Late's, and it was my first goal in ORGANized hockey. Hockeys share the crescents of Amero's, I have only now just realized, and the Hockey Crest has black demi-griffin of English Scotts (Kent, same as Trips!!!) while Scottish Scotts ("Amo") share the Coat of Terras' ("Amore") who happen to have the Amero / Hockey crescents too!!! I had missed that until now. Tarrs are also Terres'.

English Scotts share the black griffin in Crest with English Line's, which seems to explain why God would have his slap shot come to rest on the GOAL LINE, for English Line's were first found in Oxfordshire with GOLLys who share the Line chevron. Gollys/Gullys (share English Julian cross) are a branch of English Gulls (almost the German Julian pale bars), and it just so happens that Gulls were first found in Kent with the Terras-related Scotts.

In my early 20's, STEVEN Mellanson asked me to be his assistant coach for a pee-wee hockey club (I was in pee-wee with STEVEN Tarr). I accepted, probably because God had arranged Mellansons ("rods") to share the Hockey crescents. But there's more to say here because French Mellans share a blank, gold Chief with Mellanson-beloved Rods and the Gulls above. Then, Stevens and Ottone's share solid chevrons in the same colors, and while the Ottone's have a version of the German Puck Coat, Ottone Visconti ruled in Milan, where MELLANons and Milans/Millens (both first found in the same place) derived. Rods share the trefoils of Frosts expected in the "frustra" motto term of the same Gulls. Frosts ("old man") share "sprigs of laurel" with Scottish Line's/Linds, making Dutch Forsts (not "Frost") look like they have a version of the English Line Coat. German Forsts even have the same-type, rare (curved) chevron as German Pucks. The only kid on our team whose name I recall was Glenn, the Golly-like goalie.

The flip-over-the-head goal looks like it's pointing again to judge Amero of GEORGia, and the Hockeys even have their three crescents on a fesse all in the colors of the three besants on a fesse of George's, the latter first found in DORSet (recalls "haurient adDORSed" dolphins of Durhams). Dorsets (Wiltshire, same as Calles') have the same crescent to boot. Dolphins/DOLfins are in Dol colors while Dols can be connected to the Trumps/Tromps. DolFINs may have been a Dol merger with Fiens/Fins (share the Scott / Scoot border), which recalls that the sea dog of Broughtons (Staffordshire, same as Pipe's) has fins emphasized. Sea's look connectable to Trips, and Scoots are linkable to the Trip-beloved Shoe's. English Knights/Nights are in the Shoe Coat. The "Haec" motto term of scoots can be for a Hockey branch.

German Trips once showed the very same boots as French Masseys had once shown, and while the latter now share the tree with Shoe's while Trips now show shoes, they (French Masseys) were first found in Savoy with Trump-connectable Favors. It flip-it-over-his-head-while-tripping goal is again pointing to Favorito's battle with the screwball judge Amero. We might say that Amero has tripped Favorito up this week, but Favorito's going over the judge's head. That works. Hoping he scores.

The Trip / Massey boots look important for pointing to Bute's/Boets sharing the Button/Biden fesse, for election fraud principally used Joe Biden. The Boot surname was first found in Berkshire while Berkshire's were first found in Wiltshire with trumpet-using Calles', and beside Buttons/Bidens. The latter were at Bath, smack beside Wiltshire, and while Baths (beside Wiltshire) essentially use the Rhodes Coat, we saw the latter's Coat like that of Bench's who in turn share the fret with Berkshire's. Berkshire's (Knee bend?) look arranged by God because they share the Coat of Duttons while DATTons/Datons, who were once listed with Deke-like DEIGHtons/Datons having a lion in the colors of the Rhodes / Deke lion, were first found in Yorkshire with Rhodes' (and Deightons/Datons). Clocks and Clints happen to share the Coat of DATE's/Deeds, you see, and the latter were first found in Norfolk with Deke's and Bucks while Dattons/Datons have a horizontally-split Shield in the colors of the same of English Bucks. German Bucks even share the Deke / Rhodes lion. Flags/Flacks (Norfolk) are linkable to the Flake's/Flacks who in turn share the black wing with German Bucks.

It's Biden-important that MARYs (see below) were first found in Norfolk too while sharing the Deke lion. My first deke goal was the one in the same game, on the same goalie, as the one where I flipped it over his head. But one could say that I FLICKed the puck over his head, for Flicks are listed with Flags/Flacks ("SEA shells").

It appears that houseofnames has created a new Coat for Dattons/Datons (I've not seen it before), and it happens to share the Powell Coat. Note the Dade-like term in the Powell write-up, for Date's/Deeds and also Dade's: "'...the Welsh King Hywel Dda 'the Good' ap Cadell (c.880- c.950), son of Cadell ap RHODri, in turn a son of Rhodri the Great." Caddells use BUCKles, and the giant fret of Blake's/Caddells is in the colors of the Bench fret so as to link Dda, son of Cadell, to the Rhodes'. That works.

WOW! It just so happens that while Sidneys share the blue pheon with Colts/Cults and Coutes', the latter two have a version of the Calder/CADDELL Coat while the latter's giant stag head is called a "buck's head cabossed", same name given for the Legg stag head! This entry of Powells to the discussion must be a pointer to Sidney Powell. Deke's actually came up originally (months ago) on my hat-trick game of four years later (after the poke-in goal) that pointed to the Edricks/Edrichs in the Powell motto because they share the lion of Hatricks/Ettricks, Deke's and Marys. Mary Nigro of BUTTONville was at that hat-trick game, and as Nigro's don't seem to apply while Marys do, it seems like God put her there to point to Biden's fraud and gangster-style crime. One of the goals in the hat-trick game was a deke, and the next goal was a puck deflection off my stick and through my legs that looks like a pointer to Trumps via the Leggs ("BUCK's head," what are the chances?)!!! I've told that many times, which is why I have the exclamation mark at the Leggs above. Deke-branch Deacons use a "TRUMque" motto term.

[Insert Sunday night, just in time -- I've just found Jennifers/GENEVers sharing the Deke Coat. As Geneva's are also Genova's, it reminds that, for one day only, the DiGenova's (lawyers) and Sidney Powell were standing on TV behind Rudy Giuliani during a news conference on election fraud. Trump must have given the diGenova'a and Powell the get-out-of-here backhand after some RINOs complained to him about them. Trump listened to the RINO's because he's an idiot, too stupid to know his own enemies. How can someone like that fix a nation? You don't need Trump to fix the nation; anyone normal will do a much better job. Were my deke goals pointers to some future good from the diGenova's court cases? Mrs. diGenova is Victoria TOENSING, and Tonsings/Tonsens, a topic later in this update, use "candelABRAs" while Abreu's share the Geneva/Genova lion. Abreu's share the Pellican tower while pelican-using Pullys/Pulits named Pully on the north shore of lake Geneva.

OOOHHHHH WOOOOWIE! As I've said a few times, I went brushing up against the boards after scoring on the deke goal, and the Boards are split horizontally in the colors of the same of Geneva's/Genova's! Zinger. Here's from the 4th update in January of 2021: " I brushed along the BOARDS upon scoring the second goal of the hat trick. I don't remember the second goal aside from a faint memory of doing a deke on the goalie. Though the memory is faint of the actual play, I do know as a fact that it was a deke, and to help prove it, Deke's share the lion of HATRICKS/ETTRICKs, Marys and the EDRICHs in the Powell motto."

As the Geneva/Genova and Abreu lion is that also of Seconds/SEGURS, and as Abreu's are also Abruzzo's, we first note that Segni's/SEGURana's (first found in Genova) share the Aquila eagle while L'Aquila is the Abruzzo capital. Then, the Arms of L'Aquila ("Manet" motto term) uses the black eagle, the color of the Town/Tone and Manet eagle. Tonsings/Tons' are expected to be a Town/Tone branch. Another black eagle is used by Giuliani's, and the diGenova's are (or were) in cahoots with lawyer Rudy Giuliani.

The Arms of L'Aquila also uses an "ImMOTA" motto term while Mota's are a branch of Motels. My coffee in VICTORIA, Texas, pointed to Motels of Taranto, because the Coffee Crest has a different-colored version of the Arms of Taranto. Coffee's use a "victoria" motto term. Victoria Toensing. Plus, the naked rider in the Arms if Taranto is mythical TARAS, and, as I've said a million times, Steve TARR passed to me from the corner BOARDs in the first game of the championship match. I scored from that pass on Jim McGee, the goalie. It was the very next goal after the winning poke-in goal from Tarr's slap shot. The McGee's share the boar heads of Tenants, the latter first found in LINlithgowshire with Scottish Towns! Zinger, Linlithgowshire even looks like a pointer to that goal-LINE goal, begging now whether the diGenova's will partake with Mike Lindell in some good, future event.

Ahh, some verification to validate a McGee pointer to Tenants is where the Vela's in the Tenant motto have "torches on blue CORNERs." Steve Tarr was trying to get around the defenceman at the very CORNER of the BOARDS, and when he got round him and headed for the net, Tarr saw me alone in front and passed the puck ever so nicely. I lifted the puck over the knee / LEG of Jim McGee. The Boards share the split Shield of Genova's. Ahhh, I think I now get it: Tarr gave me a sweet PASS because Pace's/Pasi's in the "Pace VEL" motto phrase of torch-like Turks/Torks share crossed white spears with Line's/Linds. Tenants and Towns were first found in LINlithgow!

Later in this update, I show why Genova's link to Ramps, which brings back to mind that the ramp dream of last month had a court case at the end exactly when the old man said to me, "You owe me five THOUSAND dollars," as a pointer to Tonsings/Tonsens. What are the diGenova's doing these days? End insert]

The Coutes-like Cootes' (Coats/Cotes / Keith/Mascal branch) share the Coat of Yeo's while Humans are also YEOmans (colors reversed from, and in the format of, Humans). Humans/Yeomans, in the description of Tromp-beloved Acorns, share a HEART in FLAMES with Bullys (Dumfries, same as Leggs) who in turn share the mascles of PERTs/Petts (Kent, same as Sidneys) while Celts-Colts (share Sidney pheon) were first found in PERTHshire. Perts/Petts even use BULrushes to connect better with Bullys. Flame-branch Flemings love the Deed variation of Date's/Dade's. As per the "heart in flames," it's probably pertinent that Scottish Hearts share the saltire of DADDys/Douds/Doodie's and Poke's.

Sidneys were first found in Kent with Phillips/FILIPs ("AMOR PATRaei"), and as the latter share half the Powell lion, it's reason to predict that Sidney Powell will war against Dominion vote FLIPPing. Even though I was tripped, I still flipped the puck and scored. I went over the goalie's head, to defeat Dominion Voting, we could say. English Trips, first found in Kent too, use "SCALing ladders," and the pale-bar-by-ladder of SCALia's is in the colors of the two pale-bars-by-crescents of Amero's, and in the colors of the pale-bar-by-wolf of Filip-connectable Phelps. Does this signal that Favorito will take it over Amero's head to the supreme court, where Antonin Scalia once judged? While English Phelps (Monmouthshire, same as Howells seen in the Powell write-up) share the Phillip/Filip lion, Welsh Phelps use a wolf in colors reversed from the Flynn wolf. As Sidney Powell was general Flynn's lawyer recently while Flynn is a fighter against election fraud too, this set of heraldry looks arranged by God, the One we turn to when going over their heads. No one is slower and more potent than God. He likes to run us through the patience mill.

Dunhams/Domine's use a dancette that looks like code for Piedmont's Dance's/Danse's who have four of the one pale bar of Piedmont's PERO's. Therefore, let's repeat: "Sewers/Suits/Suters share the fitchees of PEARtree's/PATRIA's (probably in the Phillips/FILLIPs motto) who in turn share the Trump / Favor stag head." They are in half the colors of the Favor fitchees, tending to explain why Favors share the Peartree stag head. Peare's/Perle's were first found in Oxfordshire with Amero-like Amore's / Amori's, and we could even add that the pale-bars-by-crescents of Amero's are colors reversed from the Pero pale bar.

The Peartree/Patria stag head is called a "buck's head," and is thus linkable to the same-colored buck of Downs/Douns. To help assure that the Peartree / Favor stag head is that of Trumps/Tromps too, the Downs/Douns were first found in Sussex with Tromp-beloved Acorns and Vise's, and while the latter share the stag head of Acorns and Knee's, note "TarVIS" below, for VISconti's ruled at Milan, where Amero-like Maurels/Maurino's were first found who share the fesse of Favero's/Fabers, first found in Modena with the Morini's having the same fesse, in the colors of the Dol fesse. Morini's are in the write-up of Deerings (Kent, same as English Trips), which can explain why Acorns call their stag head a "deer's head." English Trips share the crosslets of HAMburgs while Hams and Hammers were first found in Sussex with Acorns. Deerings use "roebuck's heads."

French Maurels (Brittany, same as Dol), suspect with the naming of Maurice Drummond, the first Drummond, share the Tromp acorns. Therefore, let's repeat: "Favero's have variations like those of Favors, and Favero's share the fesse of Dols (Trump colors) while Dols were first found in Mecklenburg with Trumps." Dols have a wavy fesse, and it happens to be in the colors of the three wavy fesses of German Drummonds.

Maurice Drummond was the son of prince George, the line to English George's having the Dol / Favero/Faber fesse in colors reversed, and thus looking like a pointer to Garland Favorito of GEORGia's election fraud. George's were first found beside the Trumpet-using Calles'. The George fesse is shared by German Fabers, and while George's share blue doves with WAISTells, some of you may be familiar with my dream (during Trump's presidency) that ended with my PULLING the WAIST of Miss Peare, a pointer, I claimed, to Jovan Pulitzer's activities in Phoenix. Knee's use the phoenix.

The material above is quite amazing because I poked in the product of TARR's slap shot while sliding in on my KNEE pads, and Knee's share the black-on-white stag head with Acorns and Vise's. Therefore, it seems that God used Steve Tarr as a pointer to Tarvisium / Tarvis liners, and the only apparent reasons for doing so are: 1) to bring Trump into play, and; 2) as per the Tarvis connection to Clintons (same as Peare's and Purys) and Hillarys. The latter were first found in Worcestershire with the Clent Hills and the Hill surname, and the latter's tower is colors reversed from the Domino tower. I was looking at the clock just before the knee-slide goal, and Clocks share the Clent/Clint Coat.

The PapaFAVA variation of Papps caused me to load Fava's showing a FAVARa variation, recalling the Trump stag head of Favors. Fava's/Favara's were first found in Tarvisium, you see, and Tarvis' not only happen to share the six black fitchees (same pattern) of Clintons and Hillarys, but have a vertically-split Shield in colors reversed from Dutch Tromps. The Vita's in the Bellow/BALLOT motto were first found in Tarvisium, what are the chances? Purys are mentioned above because Bellows/BALLOTs use a "puro" motto term while the English Below chalice is said to be "POURing water." While the chalice is linkable to the Calles trumpets, the German Belows have a giant eagle in the colors of the giant eagle of Dutch Tromps.

The Fava's/Favara's share nebuly bars (different color) with Amore's, and those of Fava's/Favara's are in the colors of the double fesses (no nebuly pattern) of Chalice's/Challes'. "NeBULY" can be code for Bullys who share a heart in flames with Acorns. The latter call it a "human heart" while Humans/Yeomans have a broke SPEAR while Speers share crossed spears with LINE's/Linds who in turn share "virescit" with Broke's/Brocks (look like kin of French Maurels).

The problem is, if the puck on the goal line is a pointer to Lindell's last-minute victory over Dominion, Obama and the Clintons, it hasn't happened yet. Should we expect it? Should I predict it? Lindell's packet-capture dance, with bad missteps, hasn't given me the fortitude to make the prediction.

The Line's/Linds can be solidified as a pointer of God where they come up as "Lin," for there is even a Chinese Lin surname that comes up. Interesting here is Lin WOOD, for Woods share the Favor fitchees, and Lin Wood, raised in Georgia, has involved himself in Georgia election fraud, and may thus be working with / alongside Favorito to undue judge Amero's fatal decision. Lin Wood was born with Lucian first name, and Lucians/Luciano's happen to have three fessewise fish in the colors of the three fessewise trumpets of Calles'. Moreover, the Tromp eagle is the same one in the Lucian/Luciano Chief.

I slid past the net on my knee = SHIN pads, and poked the puck in with the BLADE of my stick. Blade's have a saltire in the colors of the Newton saltire, only Newtons use "SHIN bones" to make the saltire. English Shins are listed with China-like Chine's/Chings, you see, and Dominion, while founded in Toronto's Chinatown, was working with Chinese elements to rob Trump of the election. Lindell has Internet packet-captures that he claims catches the exact computers in China that did the cheating. Waiting...

I've just been at Wikipedia's article on Lin Wood to read a horrible, gangster-supporting ruling from a spiritually-ill judge with a Parker surname:

In August 2021, U.S. District Judge Linda Parker formally sanctioned Wood, [Sidney] Powell and seven other pro-Trump lawyers for their suit seeking to overturn Trump's election loss. The court determined that the nine attorneys had participated in "a historic and profound abuse of the judicial process," namely filing a baseless, frivolous lawsuit in order to undermine public confidence in the democratic process. The court ordered Wood and the other lawyers to pay costs to the State of Michigan and City of Detroit for their expenses in defending against the lawsuit, and referred them to their respective state disciplinary authorities for possible disbarment for conduct violating the rules of ethics for attorneys

There cannot be any backing down on judges who utter such empty words. People have the right to challenge elections in the courts, and it's the job of judges to see the evidence BEFORE ruling that the case is frivolous. Parkers happen to use "A TRIPPant stag proper". The same Parkers have "buck's heads cabossed" in the Shield.

The other English Parker's have a giant buck's head in the colors of the giant stag's head of Hortons who in turn have a spear "on the waves of the SEA proper" It recalls Spanish Felice's with "...a red castle standing on a sea of waves." It then recalls that English Forests/FOSTERs have a Coat looking related to that of Felix's. As Trips (Kent, same as SEA's) loved Scalia's, the trippant stag of Parkers points to the killers of judge Scalia, for a Mr. Foster participated closely in Scalia's last weekend, when he was murdered on Poindexter's ranch. Trips use shoes while the lone Shoe star is in the Poindexter Coat.

Back to the Revelation Asteroid

Now that I have access again to Coat descriptions, now at Hall of Names (bought out the company I once used), I've learned that the Flag/Flack scallops are called "SEA shells." I started poking around, starting with the Shell surname, to see what it would lead to, and eventually saw that we could be in some Arranged heraldry for pointing to the asteroid in the second Trumpet that lands in the SEA. I've stressed the Apophis asteroid because it's coming very near the earth, according to scientists...who could be wrong in how they predict its track, not near, but bang-on.

Shells, in the colors of Scottish SELLers, were first found in Westphalia with German Sellers, indication that Shells were a Seller branch. Scottish Sellers are in the colors and format of Shovels (Hertfordshire, same as same-colored, SCALLop-using Scale's) who in turn use two of the three Shell and PALM fleur-de-lys. English Shelleys, sharing the engrailed fesse of Meschins who in turn share the Flag/Flack scallops, have a Shovel-like "Shevels" surname in their write-up. Meschins call their scallops "seashells," beauty, I don't recall knowing that. The Shell and Palm fleur-de-lys are even those of Masseys/Maceys, and Palms are mentioned because Flags/Flacks share the double fesses of Palmers (Norfolk, same as Flags/Flacks).

I've just discovered, from the "fesse beTWEEN three seashells" of Meschins, why there were two Obama's on a ramp in my Obama dream. In that dream, I took a shot on his pool table, and Table's/Tapleys essentially share the Coat of Scale-like Schalls who come up as Shell-like "Shall," how amazing is that?

So, Flags/Flacks call their heraldic escallops, "sea shells," because they were related to Shell liners, and we could infer that they were related to Sea's too, or they would use "shells" alone. The English Shelleys use "whelk shells," for example, and Welks happen to share the black anchor with the Crest of Irish Shelleys/SHALLOWs who in turn must be using the Dol whale because Alans of Dol were in Shropshire, where SALLOWs were first found who can be gleaned as a branch of Swallows, for FitzAlans (Shropshire) share swallows with Swallows. Note that Swallows have "a fesse beTWEEN three swallows in flight."

The Irish Shelleys are excellent for the following reasons: "[Shelleys/Shallows] held a family seat as an offshoot of the Cahills, being directly descended from Tomhas na Sealbuide, or THOMAS of the Seals." One can glean here THOMAS of Sallow-line Saluzzo, for Fitz-Alans married his daughter, and while those particular FitzAlans ruled Arundel, that was in Sussex, where Shelleys/Shallows were first found. Arundel was named after the Arun area of Sussex, and it's important that Arens/Aarons use clouds because McLeods/Clouds use FLAGs while Flags love the Shells...and the Sea's.

Back to the Seals in the Shelley/Shallow write-up. The Sea's happen to have a Seal entity in their write-up, you see, and Cahills/CALE's even use "a whale on a wavy sea." Recall that Dols were first found in Mecklenburg with Drummond-suspect Trumps/Tromps, for Cahill-like Calls/Calles use trumpets, and I'm headed toward pointers to the 2nd trumpet of Revelation. Dols use one of the wavy fesses of Sea's and Drummonds. The latter's Scottish branch shares the Crest of Snake's/SNOOKs (Kent, same as Sea's) who are in the "snake" of Shells. I sewered the cue ball on Obama's billiard table while aiming for the red ball i.e. I was playing SNOOKer. Is that not amazing? Snake's/Snooks have fleur-de-lys in colors reversed from the same of Shells.

Calls/Calles (beside Tweens/Twins) were kin of Shots/Shute's, and I took a SHOT on Obama's billiard table while Table's/Tapleys (in Cheshire's Cheadle) almost use the Coat of Call- / Challes-like Schalls/Shalls. The latter use "...a fesse beTWEEN six hurts" while Hurts (Shelley/Shallow colors and format) were first found in Oxfordshire with Bee's (not all similar Coats use "between"). Saluzzo liners are suspect to Sales' (Cheshire) who in turn are in the Bee Coat. BEtween. Shelleys/Shallows were first found beside the Tweens/Twins, with the latter first found in Hampshire with Flys of FLAGi (surprise!) who are in turn colors reversed from Shelleys/Shallows. Flys use a "hawk's lure" while Lure's and their McLeod/Cloud kin both use flags. Shelley-connectable Seals were kin of Weavers while Webbers (beside Flys) share the fleur-de-lys of Flys.

The "tibi" motto term of the Flag-connectable Fleetwoods might be code for the Tibbs' who have Table/Tapley-like variations, and in the Tibbs Crest there is a cloud (i.e. while McLeods/Clouds use flags). If we enter "Tibb" instead of "Tibbs," we find cats in the colors of the McLeod-connectable Rimmons/Crimmons (on Skye with McLeods/Clouds) who in turn have a "CAETERa" motto term suspect with cat-using Catters/Cetins (share the Tarves fitchee). MOUNTAIN cats are used by Chives' of Tarves, and the Tarves' not only share six fitchees (different colors) in the pattern of the six Tibbs / Clinton / Hillary fitchees, but the Tarves Shield is split vertically in the colors of the same of Fleetwoods. The latter share the martlets of English MOUNTAINs, and the Revelation asteroid is called "AS a mountain." Th Ass'/Assi's may have been related to ASHworths (Lancashire, same as Fleetwoods and Holds/Holts), and the Holds/Holts in the McLeod/Cloud motto were at Ashworth. Ashworths happen to share the fleur-de-lys of Flag-beloved Shells.

I'm being interrupted here by Obama on a ramp, and so I'll address this first before carrying on toward the asteroid pointers intended at the outset of this section. Alans use "a fesse BETWEEN three oak leaves," code for their member of OKEhampton, and this explains why Cahills/Cale's have an "oak BRANCH" to the "dexter side" of their anchor. The Alan of Okehampton had a daughter who married Robert D'AVRANCHes (like "branch") of Ferte-MACE, named by Masseys/Maceys / Maceys/Mace's. Oaks, in Shelley/Shallow colors and near-format, use "slips of oak fructed")" as well as the engrailed fesse of Shelleys/Shallows and Meschins (Shropshire, same as Alans and Bell-branch Bellamys).

The "Domino" motto term of Cahills/Cale's (share anchor in Crest with Shelleys and Cale-like Kyle's) should go here to the Domine variation of Dunhams because Masseys/Maceys named Dunham-Massey (also spelled, Dunham-MASCI), and because Dunhams use a dancette while Italian Dance's/Danse's were first found in Piedmont with Domino's and Masci's. The latter named Meschins who have the "beTWEEN" term, and Tweens/Twins became suspect with the two Obama's (like when one sees double-vision) I saw going up and down a ramp in a scene that immediately followed his dancing on a stage. The reason I think that the double-vision Obama was Intended to be a pointer to Tweens/Twins is because they share the black estoile with Coomers who in turn have a "DOMINabitur" motto term. Thus, the ramp scene looks like a pointer to Dominion's executive, Eric Coomer.

The other theory was that the double-vision Obama's are to point bell-using to Double/DoBELLs, and that's why the Bellamys were included above. Double's/Dobells were first found in Norfolk with Domine's/Dunhams, and are therefore possibly using the stag (or "buck") of Downs/Douns (Sussex, same as Shelleys/Shallows and Boards).

The reason that Meschins use "BEtween" is that they were rulers of the Bessin, and Bessins (Cheshire, same as Dunham-Massey) use BEEs. It was minutes ago when I asked self who might be a branch of Tweens/Twins, and it was so great to realize that they look like "Town" because this immediately recalled my dream (of the third update of last month) where I was on a highway RAMP driving backward, and an elderly couple, at the end of the dream, in a pointer to TONY Fauci, the OLD man said to me, "You owe me five THOUSAND DOLLars." New: the Old-like Holds/Holts (same place as RATcliffs) were at Ashworth, and Ashworths have a "raTIONi" motto term! You see, the ramp dream's old man is pointing to Tony! Ashworths even have a fox that can go to Fauxside castle of Fauci-line Faucets, first found in East Lothian with Vaux's while English Vaux's were first found in Cumberland with Ramps. The "AppeTITUS" motto term of Ashworths can be for Titus', first found in Hertfordshire with Chalice's/Challes' whom in turn share the Dollar besants.

I had told readers that "thousand" is like the TOWNsand/Townsen surname, and then Towns (Tweens/Twin colors) show a Tone variation while English TONYs are listed as Tone's too. This seems to prove that Obama on his ramp (going up and down on his skateBOARD) is to be a pointer to Tweens/Twins but also to Town / Tony liners, and the Kyle's who share the Shelley / Cahill anchor happen to use CANDLEsticks while similar "CANDELabras with silver candles." are used by Tonsings/TONSENs/Tons'.

"CandelABRA" can even be code for a surname from the Abri people group that I saw marked on the south side of the Selepitanoi, the line to Shropshire's Sleeps. The Abreu's/Abruzzo's have lions combattant in gold, very linkable to the same, but brown, ones of Ramps (Cumberland, same as Browns/BRUNs) because the two of Abreu's/Abruzzo's are in the colors of the two of BRUNswicks. That looks like proof that "five thousand" was used as a pointer to Tonsings. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, I didn't load Tonsings/Tonsens until writing this paragraph thus far, and they not only share the brown and upright lion with Ramps, but were first found in Westphalia with Shells and Sellers! The Tonsing lion is even called "RAMPant" in the description.

I now go back to my pee on a highway ramp about an hour before I entered Galveston for the first and last time as a pointer to James LeDUC of the Galveston National Lab. The old man on the ramp (was it Fauci himself?) was exposed last month as a hard pointer to TONY Fauci, who was working with, and funding, James LeDuc's part in the Wuhan lab. The point here is that German Ducks were first found in Westphalia with Tonsings/Tonsens/Tons', a surname like "Tony/Tone." The Dollars even share so-called "flaunches" (different color) with English Antonys.

Here's from the 3rd update of last month: "...Joe diGenova is married to VICToria Toensing (two lawyers). A Tonsing surname does come up, but note how Townsands are like "thousand." The diGenova's would like nothing more than to sue Obama et-al in criminal court." I don't think I caught it in that update that Genova's/Geneva's share the Abreu/Abruzzo lion. The end of the ramp dream had the old man threatening e with court (because he blamed me for wrecking his vehicle on the ramp).

As I see Snake's/Snooks as a branch of SENESchals with a Snake-like SENECa variation, note that Snake's/Snooks share the chevron of Townsands/TownSENS' (Norfolk, same as SPHINX-using Hips'). Snake's/Snooks share the eagle of SPINKs who in turn share mascles-on-blue with Seneschals/Seneca's. It could be that SenesCHALs were named when marrying Chalice's/CHALLes' (Hertfordshire) because the latter share the besants of Dollars. Spinks were first found in Northamptonshire with OLDs (share hurts with Schalls/Shalls who could be in "SeneSCHAL"!). The OLD man in the ramp dream said, "You owe me five TOWNSENS DOLLARS," so to speak. I didn't checked the Elders before, as per this old man, but Elders happen to share the green-on-white border with Dollars! Townsands/Townsens, first found in Norfolk with Flags/Flacks, share white SCALLops with them. Elders were first found in Midlothian, right beside Faucets and Vaux's.

I love evidence such as this to prove that God gave the dream. It can get unexpectedly exciting after some mind-bending twists and turns. Elders even share the dolphin (in colors reversed) with DOLfins (makes for a better connection between Dollars and Elders), and Dolphins are now said to be first found in Cumberland with Ramps. Ahh, to prove that Townsands were Town liners, Scottish Towns were first found in Linlithgowshire with the LIVINGstons who have a green-on-white tressure border, but better yet, Livings/Levins, first found beside the first-known Ramps, share the Old martlets!!! It explains why Tonsings/Tonsens/Tons' have "a green branch with one LEAF," for Leafs/Leave's (Norfolk) are also Leve's.

In the Elder motto we find the Duce's, a branch of English Ducks who have the Brunswick Coat in colors reversed, and we just saw why Ramps are likely using the double Brunswick lions. Thus, we have another pointer here to James LeDuc thanks to a ramp in a recent dream. If we follow German Ducks/Duckers to Tuckers (SEAhorse), we will see why the two are connectable to Sea's and Seamans.

Livingstons use a SNAKE, but call it "a serpent in the SINISter," and heraldic sinister might be part-code for Snake-linkable SENESchals. In fact, while "flaunches" is suspect with Flans/Flints and Ches', Flans/Flints (share estoile with Stars) are in the colors and format of Stars who've just come up as "Ster," because I tried it as per "siniSTER." Flans/Flints even use "flint STONE's" to explain same-colored LivingSTONE's. Is an asteroid aptly called a flint stone? Doesn't it look like a star to the eye on earth? Yes, they say that Apophis will be visible to the naked eye, and Stars/Sters use an eye. Flints look like Flanders elements, and while the double-tressure border of Livingstons is owned by FLEMings from Flanders, MacKenzie's use a rock but call it "A mountain in FLAMES." The Revelation asteroid will be in flames once it hits the air, and Airs are listed with EYES'/Eyers. The eye is used also by Batants/Battins (Somerset, same as Ducks) expected in the comBATANT lions of Ramps. Note that Palmer-like Plums/Plumers are also Flaums.

I showed how "FIVE thousand dollars" brings Five-branch Veys/VIVIANs into the picture, and it just so happens that "Vive en" is a Star/Ster motto phrase. Is that not amazing? But why should the man on the ramp point to the asteroid when he's otherwise pointing to poison vaccines? Veys/Vivians share the purple lion with Reines-branch Wrens, and Reines' use a "comet." The Reines' are exactly the ones who caused me to start this section, for a reason I'll get to soon. Ahh, after writing that, I realized the Lloyd Reinecker raised long-horned STEER!!! It's he exactly who cause me to include Reines'/Reineckers below! German Backs use a "steer" while English Backs were first found in Somerset, down the Stour river.

The great thing now is that Italian Tonys/Anthonys, with two stars in Chief in the colors of the three in the French Alan Chief, have a wavy sea (though they don't mention it in the description). The Shield of these Tonys, split in half by the top of the sea, is colors reversed from the split in the sea-using Shield of Shelley-related Cahills/Cale's. Again, Calls/Calles' (Wiltshire, same as Stars/Sters) show only trumpets, and Stars/Sters were first found at the Stour-river theater while the Asters/Sturs are suspect in the "as astra" phrase of MacKenzie's that points to the asteroid of the SECOND trumpet. The Seconds (share Ramp lion) are in the Levi motto, and you just saw us cross Levi-connectable Livingstons with Stars/Sters suspect in their "siniSTER" term. Star-related Flans/Flints were first found in Suffolk with Rosco-branch Rush's while Rosco's/Risco's share the three Livingston cinquefoils.

In Obama's dance, he was walking toward me, and kicked up one leg to the horizontal position toward me, then did a 180-turn and kicked up a leg in that direction. That's all I saw, and Leggs are suspect with the Trump stag head. As he was on a SKATEboard in the very next scene, I concluded that this meant Trump let Obama "skate" from prosecution, and so Obama was a happy dancer too. Trump never went after the Obamaites, but gave them a DoJ that heavily favored them. Obama had his dark SUIT on both while dancing and on the skateboard ramp. The LEGro river is in Leicestershire, where Tonys have their "SLEEVE" in the Arms of Leicester (probably code for the SALUVii Ligurians). The Legro is also the Soar, and the Sors variation of Soars (Dorset, same as Pools, and Hungarian-line George's, kin round-about of Sea's) looks like "Soros." Sors/Soars share the Legro lion.

In the scene immediately before he was dancing, I sewered a POOL shot as a pointer to Soros-like Sewers/SUITs/Suters, and while George Soros (Hungarian) was born, George Schwartz, the latter surname shares a giant rose (different colors) with Swiss Sewers (share the swan head of Leicesters/Lesters!). This all looks like an accurate disclosure of Obama's leg in his dance.

AHHH, NEW: the blood drops on the Leicesters swan head is called, "guttee," and Gutte's/Gude's/Guttenburgs (Hamburg, same as George-line Drummonds and Sea's) share a giant, gold rose with Schwartz's!!! Bingo-bango on target. George, son of king Andrew I of Hungary, was father to Maurice Drummond. Gutte/Gude liners could have been related to the Gaudets/Godets in the Legg motto. Sorrels were first found in Leicestershire, and share the double lions of Mars while earls of Mar were at KilDRUMMy. Mars (probably the Ross lion) share the lion of Drops/Trope's, and Shelley-connectable Seals use "blood drops." Scottish Pattersons (Ross-shire, Drummond-Hungarian country) share "Pro rege" with Leicesters while Irish Pattersons/Cassane's not only share the French Mar scallops, but have "blood drops" covering their Shield. Bloods/Bluds have "three bucks LODGEd proper," and Lodge's/Loge's share the Ross lion, almost the Pool lion. French Loge's were first found in Burgundy, where French Mars were once said to be first found, and where Pool-like Poulos' were first found who have the Loge saltire in colors reversed. The Poulos sticks are important here because Stick-branch Styche's were married by Cliffs/Cleffs who in turn link well to Seals for multiple reasons.

Flag and Fleet liners are from RIETi's emperors, the Revelation dragon, namely from Vespasia Polla, the line to Pools and Rita's who both share the giant lion of German Flocks. English Flocks share the Fleet / Flatt/Flett chevron. Rita's use "pieces of wood," and Woods share the club with German Flocks. It's showing as a baton, but Hall of Names says they use a club. Clubs/Clobbes' are suspect from king Clovis, son of CHILDeric, and Childs were first found in Hertfordshire with Titus' while Vespasia Polla was mother to emperor Titus, destroyer of Jerusalem. The Ashworths above (and Constance's) have a motto, "AppeTITUS rationi paREAT" that looks like part-code for Rieti/Reate liners, and RATcliffe's were first found at the Ashworth theater.

It's now amazing that, a week or two ago, I started to taunt Mike Lindell for his packet-capture failures, and portrayed him as a FLAT-earth nut, saying that he climbed down the CLIFF-face at the edge of the flat earth to hide out in his shame. Lindells use a LOG. It's jibing with the paragraph above, especially as he was promising the world to use the packet-capture evidence against Dominion Voting...but decided not to without giving reasons. FLATTs/Fletts, Floats and Fleets can be gleaned as kin of Flags/Flacks and Palmers, you see. Floats were first found in Norfolk with Flags/Flacks, Palmers and Skate's/SHEETs while Flatts/Fletts were first found in SHETland with Yells; the latter share the Stick garb and have one of the double Flag/Flack / Fleet fesses. The Alans of Dol descend from Flatt-like Flaad, father of Alan.

Three updates ago, I wrote: "Mike Lindell was spotted tying towels and SHEETs together to CLIMB down the edge of the flat earth"!!! I didn't have any heraldry in mind when writing that. The Clements are also climb-like Climers, and they share the double fesses of Flags/Flacks / Fleets. The other English Clements use these two fesses as two bends, in the colors of the double bends of RatCLIFFs!!! ASTOUNDING. I've suspected that John Ratcliffe made it possible for Lindell to get the packet-captures, and so my use of the cliff at the edge of flat earth looks Inspired by God. Cliffs look like they use a fesse-version of the Yells (Shetland, same as Flatts/Fletts!), and the Cliff trefoil thus makes Cliffs linkable to Flatts/Fletts, Floats Fleetwoods and Palmers. Ratcliffe's were not only first found in Lancashire with Fleetwoods, but the latter's motto looks connectable, at one point, to Holds/Holts (in the "Hold" motto term of flag-using McLeods/Clouds) in turn first found in Bury of Salford with Ratcliffs. Salfords not only share the fesse of Yells / Flags / Fleets / Cliffs, but share the black-on-white wolf with Cliffs. Is that not all too-much to pass off as coincidence?

Let me spell this out; Fleetwoods use "Quod" and "ALTeri," and while Quoids/Quade's share the three wolf heads of Cliffs, the "ExALTavit" motto term of Holds/Holts is the one that looks related to the Fleetwood motto. Yet the "ex" in "EXaltavit" has lately become suspect (from any surname's motto) with the Eggs/EDGE's!!! The EDGE of the flat earth!

Repeat as per Lindell's sales of bed sheets and towels: "Mike Lindell was spotted tying TOWELs and sheets together to climb down the edge of the flat earth." There is a Towell surname listed with Tews/Tewells, and while they can be gleaned from Tullia of CLERMONT-FERRAND, entering "CLERMONTS" brings up the Climers/Clements!!! What are the chances? Towells/Tewells have three of the Tullia/Tull pale bars, and the latter put the butterFLY on their pale bar while Flys were at Flagi while Flags share the double fesses of Climers/Clements. What are the chances of that? Tulls/Tolle's (share Italian Ferrand Shield) share the lion of Tewell-like Tools. I'm impressed. I must be on the right track for God's exposures. We saw why Palmer-related Flags ("sea shells") were related to Shells sharing the Palm fleur-de-lys, but here we can add that English Ferrands share "justus" with Palms (Yorkshire, same as Ferrands).

I always link the Chiefs of English Ferrands (from Firenze = Florence) and Scottish Alda's because Italian Alda's were first found in Florence, and Alda's recall the "ExALTAvit" and "ALTERi" motto terms of Holds/Holts and Fleetwoods. Alters are listed with Colters, first found in Lanarkshire with the Biggars who are in turn in the motto of the Arms of Shetland.

Back to the Legro / Leicester discussion. The Leicester elements above are collectively pointing to George Soros, and the PEE's/Peacocks are even in the Sorrel Crest while my pee on a highway ramp was a topic of last month. Three ramps are now all jibing, all pointing to tyrannical monsters in the making. French Mars ("chevron beTWEEN thee silver escallops") even share the Townsen scallops, and "thousand" was part of my ramp dream. The Bee's (share Massey quadrants) in "between" have the Sors/Soar quadrants in colors reversed.

Sorrels came to topic as per the WOOD sorrel weeds I had all over my property, and Woods, using a savage, were first found in Leicestershire! Ya see? I had been wondering whether my picking out the sorrel weeds was God's pointer to His demise of George Soros, and while those particular weeds were rife the first year I started picking them out, and the following year too (last year), this year saw a drastic reduction, though this can be expected. let's see if Soros hits the news now as a broken power.

AHHH, Leicesters (share Pero-like "Pro" with Sava's/Savage's), first found in Cheshire with Sava's/Savage's, love the Patria's/Peartree's in their motto who in turn share the Sewer/Suit/Suter fitchees and the Trump stag head!!! The leg that Obama kicked up toward me is pointing excellently to these surnames. The Skate's (Norfolk, same as Domine's/Dunhams) are also Sheets while the Obama dream opened with all of his billiard tables (he owned the billiard hall) covered in a single, black SHEET. SHETland is where the Ass'/Assi's were first found who share the fasces (symbol of tyranny) with Sorrys. Is this a pointer to the dark agenda of George Soros. Obama loves him, by all appearances. Sorry/Sawrey variations betray their being a branch of Sava-liner Sauers (Jack Sava comes to mind), and I see the Sorry / Sauer lion as that of Russells (share Flag/Flack scallops), first found in Dorset with Sors'/Soars.

Okay, here's the reason I decided to do this section at all, which inadvertently led to Obama's skateboard ramp. The section started with Shells and Sallows, and then I saw the willow tree of Sallows. In the first half of last month, I talked about Lloyd Reinecker of Texas, whom I visited from time to time, and as Reineckers are listed with comet-using Reines', I thought that I should follow the sea-shells of Flags/Flacks to Mr. Willowby, who lives (may still live) across the street from Reinecker's steer ranch. The sea shells were expected to point to the asteroid falling in the sea, and as Revelation depicts it as a mountain, it seemed that God arranged for the two men to live in MONTell. Scottish Willows, listed with Wills, share "as" with flaming-mountain MacKenzie's. The Ass'/Assi's were first found in Shetland with Fleetwood-like Flatts/Fletts. It all looks Arranged.

But it was the MontHOLT/MonHOLD variation of Montells that convinced me to do this section because Holds/Holts are in the McLeod/Cloud motto. The Montells thus look like Mons/Mount liners.

During the course of the discussion earlier in this section, we came to the Flack-connectable Fleetwoods sharing the martlets of English Mountains, and we saw the Tibbs' as per the "tibi" motto term of Fleetwoods (share Tarves Shield). It just so happens that Tibbs' have a near-copy of the Trell Coat while Willow(by)s use a "trellis." Both the Tibbs' and Trells have six items only, in the pattern of the six swallows only of Arundels, and Swallows are a Sallow branch. The Tibbs (not "Tibbs") show nothing but cats, and the cat is the symbol of Chives' ("cat-a-MOUNTAINS") of Tarves, but of Cetins/Cattans (share Tarves fitchee) who not only share the Saracen head with Willowbys, but love the Cautes'/COTTA's in their motto who in turn share a fretty Shield (different colors) with Willowbys. The royal COTTians had a capital at SUSA, directly over the Alpine peaks from MODANE on the ARC river, and while SUSANS, MODENS and ARKs/Arch's were all first found in Berkshire, Modens have the Willowby fretty in colors reversed. One can see how important and justified the Fleetwoods are in this discussion.

Lloyd Reinecker came to topic initially as per his white CAT that died (wild animals got it) on the weekend that I was looking after it. It connected with Sassy my white cat, and Susa-like Sassys share the Saracen head too. Sassy pointed by her tail to Cetins/Cattans, and that story pointed to Apophis-connectable Papps, for the latter have a lion with a tail at its mouth. and Sassy sucked her tail routinely as an adult. The reason that Sassys and CETINs/Cattans share the Saracen head is that God arranged it, because the CETINa river was also the TILURius, and Tillers can be gleaned as kin of Cetins/Cattans and a branch of TAILs/Tailors, no guff. The white Tail/Tailor lions are probably the same-colored cats of cat-a-mountain Chives'. So, God gave me a cat for these pointers.

The same Willowbys have a "sans" motto term while Sans'/Sanchez's share the eagle of Snake's/Snooks who in turn are linkable to the SENESchals/Seneca's who in turn share mascles on blue with Spinks (share Sans / Snake eagle) who in turn have the mascles, in both colors, of Trell-like Trails (share trefoil with Trells). Spinks were first found in Northamptonshire with Tibbs. Trails can be gleaned as a Feller/FellTRAGER branch, and thus, as Tragers can be gleaned as Rocco kin, we are on the ROCKefellers. Tragers can be gleaned in the write-up of rock-using Roach's (three fish only, in the pattern of the three trumpets only of Calls/Calles'), and the "Mon" in the Roach motto can be for Mons/MOUNTs, no guff. The rising eagle in the Roach Crest recalls that Eagle's (Lincolnshire, same was Willowbys) have six lions in the pattern of the six, same-colored swallows of Arundels.

It's simply amazing that Montells share the lion of Feller-branch Falls/Fallis'. The reason that the Montell lion can be gleaned as the Falls/Fallis lion is that the latter were first found in Venice with leg-using GAMBino's, and Montells have a "silver lion's gambe" (leg) in Crest (though it shows brown at houseofnames), in the white color of the giant lion in its Shield. Scottish Willows/Wills are also Velis', and then the swan head in the Crest of English Velis' looks like it has drops, same as the swan head of leg-liner Leicesters.

The big rock in the sky is about to FALL through the clouds on Rockefeller trade, will demolish cargo ships, and will give the haters of God insanity like they never had before. In their madness, they will deny that the asteroid is from God. And God will make them go mad even further, like burning in their souls, like the fires of hell in their souls, because they hated their Creator without cause, without justification; for love of money and sin they blamed the ills of humanity on Him. MADNESS, we see it even today.

Although the three Roach fish are shown fessewise, Hall of Names tells that they use them in pale (vertical), which then makes the Roach Coat look like the Coat of Luce's/Lucys, and to this we just add that flaming-mountain MacKenzie's, with a "LUCeo" motto term, show the mountain as a rock. I think we now know why. I think we can be sure that George Soros works with Rockefeller wickedness.

The Willows/Wills come up as "Velis" because they use griffins while Griffins us a "velis" motto term. English Velis' use "COTised dancettee" as code for king DONNUS of the Susa Cottians. English Velis' share the Julian and Gully/Golly cross, and JULIUS Caesar's mother was Miss Cotta. Susa is in Piedmont with the Domino's suspect in the "Domine" motto term of English Velis', and with the Dance's/DONNAS'. Mr. Willowbys daughter is JULIE.

Amazingly, one of the Irish Griffins shares the giant Marble griffin, and my marble-shot miracle at age 11, against TONY, involved FLICKing the marble off my index finger with the THUMB, and TUME's/Tombs use "R.I.P" on their tombstones likely because they are in Susan colors while Susa is on the RIParia river. Flicks are listed with FLAGs/Flacks, and so we are right-on topic with the marble shot. As I've said many times, it took place on Hullmar avenue directly across from Skye Court (Toronto), and flag-using McLeods/Clouds were first found on Skye and Lewis with the Rimmons/Crimmons (Tibb colors) who in turn use a "caetera" motto term looking like code for the Willowby-connectable Cetins/Cattans above.

The English Velis have six eagles, recalling the six lions of Eagle's because the six lions of Sava's/Savage's are in colors reversed, and in the same pattern, while "te" is shared between the mottoes of Sava's/Savage's and English Velis'.

After doing this section to this point, I realized that Jimmy Willowby is the wrong name. The entire section as per Willowby connections to Reines'/Reineckers and Montells is ruined. However, I've just checked online, to find his name as Jimmy Wimberley, and Wimberleys have a reflection of the HOLD/HOLT Coat because both surnames were first found in Lancashire (!!!), as well as the same-colored Fleetwoods who share the Mountain martlets. The discussion can be salvaged further because Montells are MonHOLTs/MonHOLDs too, and that does look Arranged by God.

Here's from the Wimberley write-up: "The manor of Wimbersley or Wimbaldesley...was afterwards for several generations in the family of HOLT, and appears to have passed about the year 1495 to the COTTONs, who in 1545 sold it to the BRERETONS of Ashley." It was the Willowbys and Willows/Wills/Velis' who connected to Cotta's, and the latter are also Cottons, how amazing. Breretons share the double fesses of Flags/Flacks and Fleetwood-connectable Fleets!!! How can that happen when I got his surname all wrong to begin with?

While Bays share the double fesses of Wimberleys and Holds/Holts, that's why there's "garland of bay LEAVES" in the Wimberley Crest. Leave's/Leve's were first found in Norfolk with the Fasts/Fastoffs in the "HOLD fast" motto of McLeods/Clouds/Lutts. Lute's/Lutts share the Fast/Fastoff quadrants, and while we saw Montells with the FALLS/Fallis lion, Fasts/Fastoffs share the quadrants of FALstaffs (Norfolk). Isn't that a hillbilly hoot? LLOYD Reinecker's first name may have been a Lutt branch.

I'm not done salvaging because Holds/Holts and Wimberleys can be gleaned as kin of STOUTs/Stows, suspect from STUTTgart on the NECKAR river. Mr. Wimberley lived across the street from Mr. ReiNECKER, hee-hee. Plus, Stouts/Stows were first found in Cambridgeshire with the Stanleys who share the Wimberley stag heads!!! Incredible, because it's the cabossed stag head of flaming-mountain MacKenzie's too!!! The Wimberleys are, therefore, even better than Willowbys for connecting to the Revelation asteroid via Lloyd Reinecker's pointer to the Comets!

Cambridgeshire is also where Cotton-connectable Julians were first found. Stanleys use "Sans changer," recalling the "sans" motto term of Willowbys, but the point is that Changers have the triple fesses of Stouts/Stows in colors reversed! Bingo. And I've told a million times that Stanley took my seat at the 9-11 memorial of September 11, 2002, holding the American FLAG.

Jimmy Wimberley ran his own business cutting cedar trees in the hills, and Cedars are listed with Cottars! Cedars/Cottars were first found in Oxfordshire with Julian-branch Gullys/Gollys. Cotta's/Cottons are also COTTARds. He sold the cedar trunks for posts while English and German Posts share the Montell /Falls/Fallis lion. We could say that he felled trees, but we can also say that he CUT trees because Cottar-like Cutters share the Chief-Shield color combination of Dutch Posts. Zinger, it looks like God arranged things in his life to fit with heraldic connections. Ahhhh, Cutters were first found in Dorset (beside English Posts) with Poole, and with the Pools who share the giant Post / Montell / Falls/Fallis lion, and the split-color Reinecker lion is even half in those colors. And then while Cutts are Cute's too, there's MONTaCUTE's who may have been Montell liners. Montacute's share the lozenges of Reno's, and Reineckers are listed with Reines'.

WimberLEYs are said to be named partly after Leys/Leghs (share giant Mons/Mount lion). The WIMBALD variation (of Wimberleys) of the 11th century suggests that they were of the Wimbolts/WimBOLTs listed with Wimble's, and as the latter share the single pile of WINgs, Wimble's look like they had been Wings/Winks first of all, first found in Perthshire with Athels, and where I remember that Apophis-like Pope's/Pape's were said to be first found. The latter share the checks of Wimble's/Whimbolts, and so when we add this to what the Wimberleys did for us above, it's making me feel very good for starting this section, no waste at all, more like a revelation. If the Winger/Wingate Shield were blue, the Coat would be a good reflection of the English Mountain Coat.

Plus, Wingers/Wingate's share the ermined bend of Wards who use the same checks. The reason that Athels are mentioned is as per the Atheling family that included royal Edgar and similar names, and then there's an "auger" on the Wimble/Whimbolt pile while Augers list Eagers/Etches'/Eaches', making them look like a branch of Eggs/Edge's and Eggertons/Edgetons, both first found in Cheshire, where Wimberleys were. The Breretons in the Wimberley write-up are in the Eggerton/Edgeton write-up, as are the Stanleys who share the Wimberley and MacKenzie stag heads.

I suggested an Athel link to Pope's/Pape's, but there's also Edmonds, whose write-up mentions king Edmund Ironside, son of AETHELred. Edmonds share the Pepin/Pepy / Pipe fleur-de-lys. As the Edmond Coat is in the colors and format of HEATHs/Heths, compare with "AETHelred." (Edmonds were related to Ships.)

The lion in the Wimble/Wimbolt Crest, in the color of the Augur lion, holds a "a red shield on which is the symbol for Mars," yet Mars is fashioned as a red annulet. This must be code for the earls of Mar near Perthshire, and I do recall suggesting that earls of Mar were related to nearby Tarves, perfect here because Vito,s with a giant red annulet, were first found in TARVISium. Plus, amazingly, Wimble's/Wimbolts (black scallops) were first found in Norfolk with sea-shell Flags/Flacks (share double fesses of Stanley-like Stans) who in turn share the white-on-black scallops with Tarvis-like Travis'/Travers!

Stanleys were first found in Cambridgeshire with Crabs and News'/NUCES', and Jimmy Wimberley lived on direct NUECES riverfront. The Nuse's/Newes' have two of the NECKER pale bars! The Apophis asteroid is coming back in the constellation of cancer the crab, and the CHANGE's/Changers in the Stanley motto ("Sans changer") are like the Chance's/CHAUNCERs, a surname like "Cancer." Chance's/Chauncers even use wings for linkage to the Wimble/Wimbolt pile. As Chance's/Chauncers were first found in Essex with Mountains, let's repeat that the Winger Coat could be a different-colors version of the Mountain Coat.

The Wimble's/WinBOLTs have a passant lion in their pile that's in the colors of the same of Boltons, the latter first found in Lancashire with Bolts, and thus the Wimble's/WimBOLTs look like a Wing merger with Bolts / Boltons. In fact, they come up as "WINbolt." Boltons have "A buck's head with an arrow through the NECK"!!! The Bolts share the black eagle head in the Crest of Bridge-like Bride's, and Bridge's use crabs! What are the chances that a Wimberley branch should do that for this discussion?

I almost missed it. First, let's repeat: "Stanleys use "Sans changer," recalling the "sans" motto term of Willowbys, but the point is that Changers have the triple fesses of Stouts/Stows in colors reversed!" Stouts/Stows were first found in Cambridgeshire with Stanleys, and while Stanleys share the Wimberley stag head, it's notable that the double Wimberley fesses are in the colors of the three of Stouts/Stows, for the latter's Chief is in the colors and format of the Wimberley Chief. So, while Jimmy's surname is not Willowby, the Wimberleys work even better for linkage to Stouts/Stows (from the Stuttgart on the NECKAR river). I assume he was born, James, and James' share the Montell lion.

Another thing of note is Mr. Winger mentioned recently. He was my employee installing lawn decorations in Hamilton, Ontario, a thing that linked to Hamilton Kilpatrick (HW Kilpatrick), for the latter is in a photo in the Baytown Sun standing with Spuds MacKenzie, a bulldog (or see it here), and I bought a large (about six-feet tall) fiberglass bulldog from Hamilton as part of the lawn-decor business. The point here is that while jimmy Wimberley is pointing to the revelation asteroid, his expertise is/was with a chainSAW to cut trees, and Hamiltons use a saw in a tree. Hamilton Kilpatrick also had direct Nueces riverfront at the time that I was living in Texas, and while he married Miss Hicks, Hicks' share the chaplet with News'/Nuces'.

Jimmy Wimberley went to the same church as I did. While MacKenzie's use a "Luceo" motto term, Luce Construction installed my septic system. I'm repeating this because, one day, I was helping to fix Jimmy's sewer pipe. I recall digging near his house exposing the PIPE, and Pipe's share the Pepin/Pepy Coat while king Apophis was also Apepi. I don't know if Luce installed his septic system, but I think this set of heraldry fits well with the rest of the Wimberley / ReiNECKER pointers to the Revelation asteroid. Recall the arrow through the neck of the Boltons, for Pipe's and Pepins share the Arrow/Arras fleur-de-lys probably due to Pepin of Landen being near Arras. Arrows/Arras' were first found in Staffordshire with Pipe's.

Wimble's/Winbolts share the single pile of Hagels, and while Chuck Hagel was Obama chairman for the Intelligence Oversight Board, as well as the chairman for Obama's Intelligence advisory Board, John Ratcliffe, former mayor of Heath, was Trumps Intelligence Chief for a short while. Hagels use an "olive branch," and Olive's ("combed" cockatrice = part rooster) have a reflection of the Heath Coat. When Mr. Kilpatrick moved from the Nueces river, he bought a home some ten miles from the home of John Ratcliffe. The Heaths have a rooster in colors reversed from the rooster heads of LANGLEY-related Landens, and while Landen is near Gaunt (at the LYS river) while the Arms of Gaunt uses a "virgin," Langley in Virginia is headquarters for the CIA Intelligence beast, a demon. John Ratcliffe, who was an overseer of the CIA, came out this week or last to say that he had given John Durham (special investigator with grand jury at his disposal) thousands of pages / documents, and it just so happens that Heaths were first found in Durham. Durham's after FBI people under James Comey, and the combed cockatrice of Hagel-beloved Olive's can be for Comeys/Combs. Chuck Hagel is a Republican, perhaps capable of betraying Obamaites at this time.

Bill Barr appointed Durham's investigations, and Barr had also chosen Mr. Bash of Western Texas to investigate Obama's unmasking crimes. As Bash's (Hertfordshire, same as Nuse's/News') can be gleaned as kin of News'/Nuces', it makes me wonder whether Durham has collected information from Bash's investigations. The Bash Coat has nearly the Heath Shield. While I think Barr did his best to make a good show of investigating Obamaites, I think he hampered investigations, or at least deflected them toward rabbit holes to nothing-burgers. But with Barr gone, Durham may have no such restrictions in that he may be of the mind to simply snub Bidenites without a care.

Ahh, lookie: Irish Comeys/Combs, sharing combatant lions (different colors) with Ramps, have "An oak tree with a snake enTWINed, which looks like it goes to the double-vision (or twinned) Obama that I saw on a skateboard RAMP! In the very next scene, Obama was disappointed with an unidentified employee, which I took to mean a betrayal of Obama's secrets to get him to turn sour instead of celebrating. Might this paragraph reveal that the traitor will be James Comey or someone on his team?

Scottish Comeys/Combs share the Five lion, and the old man on the ramp wanted FIVE thousand dollars from me. The Five / Comey lion is colors reversed from the Abreu/Abruzzo lion, and I showed why the Ramp lion ought to be the Abreu/Abruzzo lion in brown. Irish Comeys/Combs share gold lions combattant with Abreu's/Abruzzo's. As I've said many times, the dream ended with Obama scolding the employee whose BACK was turned to both me and Obama, and so the back looked meaningful. I'm still trying to decipher it, but here it can be said that English Backs, sharing the black eagle with German Hagels, were first found in Somerset with the English Hagels having the WING / Wimble pile. This is also the Giuliani eagle, yet I'll bet it's from the black eagle in the Arms of L'Aquila, the Abruzzo capital. Portuguese Abreu's happen to use FIVE WINGS!!! One of my other employees in lawn decor was Miss Abreu, Portuguese, which is how I discovered Abreu's. She set up lawn decor in Kingston, and Kingstons share the lion of German Hagels! That's all new and looking good.

The Abruzzo's named the Ebroicum Gauls, the namers of Yorkshire as, Eboracum, and Kingstons were first found in Yorkshire, and named Kingston at the Hull river. The Hull Crest has "A dog's head beTWEEN two laurel branches." Tweens are listed with Twins. Ahh, Hagels use an "olive branch," and Olive's a cockatrice. Presleys (Yorkshire), with two symbols of Abreu's/Abruzzo's, have another cockatrice!!! Kingstons share the lion of German Hagels!!!! Incredible. Presleys use a "grappling IRON."

Lloyd Reinecker raised long-horned STEER, and German Backs/Bachs use a "steer." Repeat from above:

I showed how "FIVE thousand dollars" brings Five-branch Veys/VIVIANs into the picture, and it just so happens that "Vive en" is a Star/Ster motto phrase. Is that not amazing? But why should the man on the ramp point to the asteroid when he's otherwise pointing to poison vaccines? Veys/Vivians share the purple lion with Reines-branch Wrens, and Reines' use a "comet." The Reines' are exactly the ones who caused me to start this section, for a reason I'll get to soon. Ahh, after writing that, I realized the Lloyd Reinecker raised long-horned STEER!!! It's he exactly who cause me to include Reines'/Reineckers below! German Backs use a "steer" while English Backs were first found in Somerset, down the Stour river.


Here's the number-one video, on-the-short, if you need to go to court to fight a vaccine mandate simultaneous with giving the judge a good time:

In case you need this for someone who wants to take the "approved" Pfizer vaccine, this shows nothing's been approved in the ordinary way:

Even Fox news is being forced to air anti-vaccine interviews now:

Somebody leaked a piece of John Durham's investigations, and we find late last week the following from Paul Sperry: Durham's after others at Perkins Coie:

The story above is as per one Rodney Joffe, the Clintonite who apparently spearheaded the Trump-Russia conspiracy theory. But if he spearheaded it, he did so on behalf of Perkins Coie, and that makes the spear-tip Hillary Clinton, a client of Perkins Coie at the time. Joffe is only the spear thrower, and Perkins Coie the shaft. Concurrent with Jaffe's conspiracy was the Steele dossier and the weoponization of the DoJ and White House against a successful presidential candidate.

The article achieves an anti-climax with this: "Garland [Biden's DoJ chief] controls the purse strings to Durhamís investigation and whether his final report will be released to the public." We expect Garland to do the right thing, but we do not, actually. He hasn't done anything good yet. This is an anti-Christ bastard who's forsaking the Father in heaven to be an evil hub in the Biden administration. Garland treads on thin ice because he's guilt-ridden. Mobsters elevate mobsters. Biden's a mobster. Obama's a mobster. The Clintons are mobsters. The article above is filled with criminal juice involving the framing of Trump as a traitor to his country. In fact, Trump did become a traitor to his voters, and so we could say he deserved his pains at the hands of traitors to their country.

Gateway Pundit on Monday tends to reveal that Jovan Pulitzer's handling of the ballots during the Arizona audit was not an official part of Karen Fann's audit report. Why not? "A new video from Jovan Pulitzer shows that the original ballot image for over 284,000 Maricopa County ballots is missing. This is one out of every 10th ballot." The video is at this page:

In short, the cheats disposed of (deleted) 284,412 computer images, of ballots, that were counted by the voting machines. The paper was there, but the images were not. What we would like to know is the details on the paper for these ballots. Are they faked ballots or not? Why does Gateway have nothing to say on that question? Is it because Jovan said nothing about it? If so, why didn't he comment in that regard? Why is this coming out now instead of weeks or months ago? Why the fog and slow walk on everything? Why is Maricopa disappointing EVERYONE after so many hopes were set upon its audit? Didn't the Fann witch know about these missing images before she permitted her final report to say the audit was inconclusive on who won the election? Here's a video by Jovan on an assortment of findings:

A RAT-judge tried to cover for Dominion executive, Eric Coomer, as per his guilt in election cheating, by unilaterally privatizing his deposition stacked with what I would call "evidence" of his guilt. But the deposition has now been made public. Coomer's language is horrific, like the devil's, just a warning if you click to the story:

Gateway Pundit has a link to the deposition on video, start at the 25th minute to see the rat give his sworn testimony. Only those who really want to see should view this hard-to-deal-with version. Once you get to the 31st/32nd minute, it goes off record until the 39th minute. If you make it to the one-hour point, fast-forward from there to 1hr-25min for resumption of the deflecting-rat story. At the latter time, Coomer reads his open letter letter to Trump, which he now claims was only a joke, and he's not done until 1hr-30min, so you might like to fast-forward to that time for the questioning period (you won't be out of the woods yet, not nearly). Social media will probably have this video without the hiccups:

The video brings out the facts that Coomer was a drug addict, a skinhead, and probably a satanic-style, religious atheist. He didn't repent, but moved on to become partners with the Dominion crime ring = high-level crime that cannot be conducted but with high-level Democrats. He also sounds like he could murder people. He's got Obama mentality by calling Trump-voters fascists when in reality its Obamaites and Bidenites who are the fascists, as we he himself as a skinhead. They are turning things on their head, devil-style, backward thinkers, deluded, shameless in sinful corruption.

For a long time, without access to the Arms descriptions now at Hall of Names, I've been wrongly claiming that the Coomer Crest has a leopard head. It turns out to be a lynx, the Lynch symbol too. Was this heraldry arranged by God to make a Coomer link to Obama's attorney general, Loretta Lynch?

I told that I worked on a farm in my early teens, at the farm of my high-school friend, DOMINic De FILIPPis, whose younger brother was Danny. I slept in their bedroom when staying nights to work the farm the next day. I told that, while "Dominic" is like "Dominion," his surname looks like a pointer to ballot FLIPPing by Dominion Voting. I also showed that Dannys are listed with Dance's while Italian and English Dance's/Danse's can apply to Eric Coomer because Coomers not only use a "dancette," and a "DOMINabitur" motto term. Plus, not only do Coomers share the fesse of English Dance's/Danse's, but Domino's/Damons were first found in Piedmont with Italian Dance's/Danse's. What are the chances? Does it look like God got me the job on Dominic's farm to point to Dominion fraud? What could be the chances that while Obama's mother was Miss Dunham, Dunhams come up as "Domine," and use a dancette?

Coomers use ESToiles while English Este's once showed the black horse head in the Crest of Italian Dance's/Danse's. The latter even share the Irish Farmer lion head while English farmers are essentially in the colors and format of English Dance's/Danse's. The latter's fesse is that also of French Dennis'/Denisons, and then English Dennis'/Denys' have a red-axe version of the Batant/Battin Coat to go with the "comBATANT" animals of Danny's/Dance's (Wiltshire, beside Batants/Battins), and the combattant lions of Irish Comeys/MacCombs. "COMbatant" can be for a Coomer branch such as Scottish Come's/Comeys/Combs, for Coomers are also Comers/Combers.

It appears that Danny De Filippis has gotten us to John Poulos via the COMbatant lion-and-griffin of Dannys/Dance's. Poulos is the founder of Dominion voting, the one who knows more than anyone how his machines can be used for cheating, the one who lied when saying that Dominion machines cannot connect with the Internet. The Poulos surname uses "two CROSSed sticks" while Sticks (Somerset, same as Batant/Battins) have a red-Shield version of the COMyn Coat. This gets amazing where Cross'/Croce's use "A stork HOLDING a cross formy in its BEAK." Holdings/Holdens use allerions = BEAKless eagles as code for Beaks, the latter first found in Dorset, beside the Danse's/Dance's who share the gold griffin with HOLDers. ERIC Coomer gave us the LYNX of Coomers, and ERIC Holder (mobster) was Obama's first attorney general followed by Loretta LYNCH. Cool. Beaks were kin of FINCHems (three of the Finch/Vince fesses) while Poulos us wings for Wings/WINKs.

For those of you who know that Miss Covert and her ex-husband, Mr. Dein, pointed to Aryan Nations or skinheads, I now find it amazing that Eric Coomer was a skinhead. For Deins are listed with Deans/DENE's suspect in the "dea ne" motto phrase of COMERfords/Comforts (share blue peacock with Pee/Peacock Crest) while Pee's/Peacocks are basically in Covert colors and format. Coverts even have a Comfort-like Coffert variation. Irish Dene's (CROCodile linkable exactly to Cross'/Croce's), sharing the five-word motto of Deins/Deans/Dene's, were first found in Galway with Lynch's, what are the chances? What are the chances that the gold-on-blue wings of stick-using Poulos' are in the Coat of the other Irish Dene's (Galway again)??? The Fears/Fiers in the Pee/Peacock motto were from Fier county, location of Kuman, the line to Comyns above who almost have the Stick Coat. This is very compelling heraldic material, and the Dene crocodile even pointed to the crocodile-leather shoes of Mr. Zlochevsky, Ukrainian boss of Hunter Biden. Dominion Voting cheated in 2020 on behalf of Hunter's family.

The Dene wings are in the colors of Dannys/Dance's (Wiltshire, beside Bristol), and in the Dene write-up we read: "According to Hardiman, the name came from England when William Den of Bristol arrived in Galway." Dans and Dane's/Danes' were first found in Sussex with Deins/Deans/Dene's, and the latter share the Dany/Danis lion. We can see here the importance of Danny De Filippis. To really nail down the idea that God arranged this heraldry, the Filippis' even share the crescents of Deins/Deans/Dene's and Italian Deans/Diano's/Degani's. The latter were first found in PLACEntia while Place's may have the Dein/Dean / Dany/Danis lion. It really looks like God wants to point to skinheads, as if to say, possibly (I'm guessing), that they with antifa are going to join together to create false-flag operations for some key part of the tyrannical take-over (try to start a civil war?).

Want to see tyranny moving "forward" this week: "Massachusetts Governor Activates National Guard to Test School Children For Covid". Poor kids, they never saw anything like this. They're being conditioned to being confronted with gun-toting authoritarians in their faces. If the military goes ahead with such things, consider them demons in human clothing.

AHA! It's what I've been waiting to see: "Former DNI Ratcliffe says he's given Durham 1,000 intel documents he thinks support more charges." There's not much else to this story at this time:

Let the initial airline "strikes" of this week jolt you into storing food and other vital needs, because shortages on just about everything come into effect if airline cargo can't get off the ground. One would think that the strikes are a bad thing for the deep state, politically, but one can also view them as win-win for the deep state in that it clamps down harder on the resistance. Which side will break first? Once the deep state has invested much into the scheme, it will risk jailtime to continue forward to success. The risk is there. Biden's DoJ won't jail them, but if the Republicans can get the proper lawmakers into the House in 2022, things could shift by 2024 with a better Republican president than Trump. But wait. We could be in the throes of the last seven years, predicted never to get better.

Get your chainsaws soon, because I'm hearing that California is banning their sales, as well as other gas-operated items. This looks like part of hoping to bring people to their knees.

Here's the best moon-hoax video in the world, an Italian production. It's unassailable, comes with new material in the first hour or so, and even makes junkies and magicians (tricksters) out of the television Myth Busters in ways the duped general public could not realize. It a 3.5-hour production, but I couldn't help watch it all at one sitting. Bravo. youtube did NOT give me a slew of other moon-hoax videos when I loaded this one because the globalists would rather have the public deceived. youtube and google always fall on the side of public deception, and are hiding the best moon-hoax videos. The real problem with the world today is willingly-duped Americans; otherwise, false flag operations and government deceit would have been packed away long ago due to backfiring and self-inflicted injuries:

The video's called, "American Moon," but when I ask youtube for that phrase, the first video in by NASA, the second by NBC, and the third by ABC, etc., clearly making criminals out of youtube. What NASA did with the moon hoax was criminal. For example, it had to pay off and threaten the astronauts and many others to keep the secret. It stole public money to conduct the hoax, and paved the way for greater funding of self. The only fault I can see in the documentary is when it portrays the perpetrators motive as wanting to escape humiliation for not actually going to the moon. Good people don't act that way. Good people don't commit to extravagant crimes to hide failures.

Even when I put "American Moon" in quotation marks, youtube brought it up as the 24th video. Nor do I see any videos trying to debunk the claims in this video (at least two years old now)...because they are unassailable, and any efforts would only amount to advertising for the truth.

There was a hiccup in the documentary when claiming, probably correctly, that the shutters on the cameras were not open long enough to captures stars. But what about the moving films? Why didn't they capture stars? Or, why not mention how easy it would have been to provide a camera with a shutter speed capable of capturing stars? The video should have had a section on the impossibility of landing a craft, when going backward, due to the impossibility of keeping it stable (straight up-and-down) throughout the descent.

Share this video because those you share it with will be indebted to you. Most of the technical arguments have been pointed out by others before, but this video does a great job in convincingly exposing the fraud (the reason it's so long is the trouble it went to provide a tight shut-case). Part of the deception is the polling, which seeks to make the moon-hoax believers look like the minority. Yet if you just look at the comments in this video, it's obvious that the people who trust NASA today are now the fringe. What people say in public on this matter is not always what they believe, same goes with 9-11. If you would like to read more comments, enter "American moon" in quotation marks at youtube, and load that video, for example, this one. Note how few comments this video has, dated May 4, 2,020, with only 6,628 views at this time. youtube is hiding the video and probably deleting the comments. What is wrong with google? LOTS. It needs to be destroyed because it's a deception-support machine, a working tool for those who seek to harm humanity eternally while nearing the Glorious Kingdom of Jesus Christ. Google's place will be in Hell, you executives can laugh at us from there whom you've offended and canceled who've had the message of good mental health and Life. Jesus' words lead to great mental health, never forget it. Truth with a capital T cures. Truth strengthens. Truth is invaluable. Truth is coming back. Truth makes the earth sing. Lies make it groan. Let truth be your spouse.

This video is going around right now because a police officer, with a bitchute channel, is featuring a story on it, which is how I found it. This police officer was, until seeing this movie, a moon-hoax denier...because he didn't look and listen carefully to the evidence that's long been out there. There are many people like this who would be convinced by this "movie," which has taken the time to elongate on the arguments already out there for a decade or more. Spread this show to those you love. DO IT for truth's sake, because we need as many as possible to know criminal-level inter-government deception lest they become deceived by current and future plots. Dan Bongino was a cop who denies the moon hoax (last I heard from him), which says a lot about him. Trump (politics-motivated imposter) is an avid supporter of NASA, which says a lot about his willingness to deceive criminally.

When one loads bitchute, the automatic setting is at "Popular." That is, bitchute provides only the popular videos, or so it claims. But one can click "All" at the top to get all videos. I'm scrolling through Bitchute's "All" category carefully now (Wednesday), the day after finding the police officer's video at ThinkLikeACOP. I am looking for anyone who put up the documentary. NOBODY. His video is still available now at 22 hours old, yet I find it hard to believe that not one other Bitchute channel shared his video. Is Bitchute censoring this documentary? topic? It could based on the fact that it would inevitably take a Bitchute cruiser to youtube to watch it. Or, maybe there's more to it.

On Wednesday, I learned that there may have been a faked space trip by William Shatner. Let's take a look at a video that was offered to the public. Note at 30 seconds that there's a full shot of the rocket during the count-down to lift-off.

At about 43 seconds, when the lift-off is about to take place, there's a short view of the entire rocket, same view as at 30 seconds. Yet, the view switches to another camera before we can see the rocket lift off the ground. Therefore, there's no evidence this rocket lifted off the ground on this day. Listen to the engine noise as the rocket rises. At first, the noise level diminishes as we expect with height, but then it's as though someone is following the rocket as it rises, because the volume of the engine rumble remains the same for a longish time. Nobody's following the rocket up with a microphone. Therefore, I claim that the soundtrack is faked, and that the woman speaker is a hype-selling actor.

From about 50 seconds, it seems that a helicopter is taking the picture as the rocket races upward past it, but at 57 seconds, a new camera view comes up at less than 500 feet of altitude. This camera view follows the rocket up at roughly the same speed until 1:05, where yet another camera view takes over that likewise follows the rocket up matching its velocity, until about 1:40. We can't say that military jets are going straight up starting at 500 feet of altitude, and we can't say that military jets carry the microphones to feed us the rocket noise because jets make noise too, yet we hear no jets. I say this was a faked lift-off. The rocket doesn't even look right. The camera follows the rocket until it's almost at 1,000 mph, yet we hear no sonic boom from an airplane breaking the sound barrier. How could a camera follow the rocket in that situation with no sonic boom? Only if the sound on the camera attached to a jet is left out. But then into what mic is the rocket noise entering if not that of a jet?

Now look at the landing. The capsule is coming down, and just before it touches land, the camera view changes. It was a close-up at first, and everyone of course wants to see the capsule land with a close-up, yet at the split-second of the landing, we only get to see a very-distance "splash down." Something's way wrong with that. They must have been hiding something, for we were not allowed to see it land in a close-up. ALERT RED FLAG. FAKE JOB.

At 3:09 the ground looks too dull for a perfectly-blue day. This close-up shot just doesn't look right as per a comparison with the previous distant view in the brilliant-blue sky. Then, the touch-down view looks even more dull, more washed out, something seems very wrong with these three views.

Who in their right mind would bring this capsule down in such a treed area? But when it lands, the greenery is knee-high bushes only. But that's TOO RISKY. In the descent scene showing the greenery on the ground, the capsule is still at a considerable height, and therefore the greenery has got to be larger than knee-high bushes. From the air, the greenery looks like small trees. There are tree widths and heights in the background that have got to be as wide and tall as the capsule, for they are more distant than the capsule. Indeed, a few seconds later in the descent, the trees disappear and are replaced with very small bushes by comparison. In other words, this craft landed right-near the trees, which only proves my point: they would be nuts to use this particular region, with trees, to land a craft with people inside. This landing must have been with an unmanned flight on some other day, and not necessarily dropped from a rocket. It could have been raised and dropped by/from a helicopter's hook.

At 3:22, the capsule's on the ground, surrounded by smoke-like dust that blocks the sun upon the capsule. At 3:04, during descent, there is a shiny-white sliver of reflected sunlight at the top of the capsule, yet it's exactly the same "reflection" -- same shape but now dull -- as the one seen when the capsule is on the ground surrounded by the clouds. This is not right, for the sunlit part should change hue in the clouds, toward darker shades, due to the enveloping clouds. The white does not change at all, as if the clouds were doctored into the image.

I don't see shade under the trees in the direction we expect it, and moreover neither the trees nor the ground look sun-lit in the least, yet there is a brilliant sliver of solar reflection on the far side of the capsule. The sun is clearly not much higher than about 45 degrees, according to the look of the capsule, yet the trees don't show shadows as long as they are tall (which is expected at a solar height of 45 degrees = midway up).

What are the chances that the capsule would land with the camera (it's got to be in the air somehow) pointing directly to the hatch? It was designed this way, wasn't it?

What happened to the rocket? They landed it back on earth, like in science fiction. I don't buy that for a second, and neither should you. You are being duped into a sci-fi frame of mind if you buy this trash. The people in the capsule had phone cameras? Where's their shots of the disengagement and freefall? You won't see them because they were not up there.

Here's Shatner on the news. He says the capsule has "boosters" (fueled jets) on the bottom to soften the landing, which now explains why they didn't show the touchdown in a close-up....because there are no boosters. He says the boosters went off just before the capsule hit the ground, and so that's why they didn't show the landing close up...because we would then see that it has no boosters. There was nobody in that capsule when it landed. They put Shatner and the others into it while it was on the ground. People there were in on the hoax. There's a host of reliable false-flag actors who could be used for such a stunt. They're paid well.

The video below tells that the greatest height attained (apogee) was about 67 miles AFTER disengagement of the capsule from the rocket. In the 5th minute, it reveals one camera looking down the rocket when fuel is shut off. At 5:25, you will see a faked, hollywood-type fuel ejection (or anti-ejection) at the bottom of the rocket. The video pretends to take the viewer through the disengagement process, but it does not show the actual disengagement; why not? Did they run out of cameras? Why didn't they have a camera pointed up at the capsule to show the disengagement? Is it because professionals would see the fakery?

How can there be no spin at all on this rocket? There's no air up there to keep the rocket straight up. Without air, there's no way to steer it. It's going to start spinning and revolving if even slowly. But in the camera shot, it's not spinning / revolving, or we would have seen the sun eventually.

The video then shows the faked landing of the rocket, hollywood animation. The landing of the rocket is all we need to see to know that this is a fake job. Nearer to the end, the knee-high bushes are clearly shown.

Here's the White House press secretary in a 20-second clip where she implies that her president calls vaccinated people "marked people," a term we don't expect. Is this president the False Prophet? Why does the Biden surname use TWO HORNS? Will this president support an invasion of Israel sponsored by Obama? Judging by his conduct thus far, where he goes along pretty much with all that he's told, I'd say he would.

I were a vaccine owner and trafficker, I'd send a dozen agents with a dozen faked reports from microscopy, to people like Stew Peters, until the people are totally confused as to what the vaccines possess. They won't know which is the true report, thus I'd safeguard the evil inside my vaccine. This is what seems to be going on, because everytime Peters has a new microscopic view of a vaccine, it's got different thingies within.

Artur Pawlowski said he doesn't mind faggots partaking in his freedom rallies, meaning I won't be covering him anymore. Such a disappointment. I can't see God working with him, as I had hoped He would. The Western communist society starts by accepting faggots. He even called them children of God. He's defining all people as children of God. I don't like that sort of trash. The anti-Christs pushed faggots into our faces, and now he's embracing them like brothers. SPIT!

It's here. Ah, er, it's there: "In Hesse Germany all retailers including grocery stores can now decide whether they want to allow the unvaccinated in their stores" (Gateway Pundit, article has no details). It's just as good as here because biden the lalalander, and the trudodo bird, are of the same diaper cloth, one an old man reverted to childhood, and the other not yet grown up. This part of the scheme is orchestrated. It's been in the planning, and introduced now at the start of the flu season, when the schemers have the heaviest hand for playing their cards. It's the pilot project. trudeau can now pretend, "hey, why didn't I think of that?" But with an official playing this card, the people will see his true scarlet colors even deeper: officials are willing to make their own citizens starve unless they take a drug they don't want. PATHETIC. Go for it stupids, put your own self into the trap. We wanna see it. We want to see you on the record doing such a thing.

Careful, because the schemers have taken step-after-step, small degree to larger degree to larger yet, to make lives miserable probably because they know that, at some point down the steps, they can get the people to start shooting bullets. Careful, people, these are atrocities waiting to happen, with plots designed beforehand. As much as you would like to kill them, don't, even when they take your grocery store away. Store food NOW, and later, you can march on the streets, scream up an uproar, and, at worst, pay someone to go buy your food. Plan on starting a garden next year. Always buy more than you need, but look, they have designed shortages and will probably opt to ration food this winter. I had a sense that they would do it this winter, but we pray not. Let's do all we can to keep them from getting away with it this winter. If they try, we will all be smarter for next winter. So this German story is actually a good thing, to unveil that they will in fact do it, that we might be more prepared next year with more than just food needs.

The silver lining in Germany is that it's not a hard law aside from giving grocery-store bosses the choice in closing their doors to pure bloods. That means that stores who don't close their doors will rake in more money. Wunderbar. Maybe Christians can go into the food-selling business. Maybe people who get fired for staying pure in blood could start selling food from their garages. One person sells cans only, the other person a block away sells cereals only, etc. They all buy food from each other. In summer, set up a tent and sell local farmer's crops from pure-blood farmers. We can create our own world and shun the tyrants and anti-Christs. They love us so much they can't mind their own business, but will always stick their noses into our affairs. That's how it will go, from the spies and control freaks.

They are mentally sick, desirous of doing harm. It's not goodwill for fellow man, not love, but hate and ruin they desire. Their true scarlet colors must be exposed. They don't know the Agenda, so maybe we should tell them: God has given you supreme power to see what you will do with it, to test you, to condemn you for your deeds. We know the Agenda, so let's not act surprised when the evil comes to our door. Go to jail if that's where they take you, and tell them the Agenda with a warning. Tell them that if they fail God, God will jail them. Don't be ashamed to say so. It's the truth.

This video claims to show magnetic Corn Flakes, and shows why. Should we cease to buy Corn Flakes, or all Kellogs products? Should we test all cereals before eating? Do you need to put a magnet on your list of things to buy this week?

google is telling us that it's normal to have iron in Corn Flakes, and that Cheerio's has it too. It's telling us that this is the nutrient of iron in cereal. But is this not too strange? Nobody expects enough iron in cereal to allow bits of flakes to me moved by a magnet. It's very suspicious to me. I don't like it. What it they illegally transition to graphene oxide once they think they can get away with it? What if they already have?

Iron tablets are made of ferrous sulfate (or iron(II) sulfate), a compound. google fails to tell me whether it's magnetic, perhaps deliberately not telling me due to anticipating people asking that question once they discover magnetic cereals. Does Kellogs put pure iron in cereals, or powdered ferrous sulfate instead? If not the latter, why not, since it's the logical choice? Wikipedia's article on iron-sulfate says that it's "magnetic susceptibility" (scientific phrase) is 1.24 ◊ 10-2 cm3/mol, which amounts to essentially zero magnetism as compared to pure iron. Therefore, why are cereals magnetic??? We should demand to know. Maybe I was wrong to suggest we buy cereals for food storage. I'm eating cereals daily now with plenty in storage. Should I stop? Graphene oxide is magnetic.

google is conditioning people even now by sponsoring the following from an article at the top of my search result: "...a large specific surface area, paramagnetic and biocompatible properties, making [graphene oxide] a promising biomaterial in the field of biomedicine." Read between the lines: they are planning to use it in the body, and want us to welcome it, love it.

Suppose that cereals are putting pure iron into the bloodstream. What happens if true that the goons intended to fill people's veins with graphene oxide? The latter would attract the iron, and then become metallic clumps that could, I suppose, begin to clot the smallest of arteries, and later the larger arteries. This can explain the reports of microscopic pieces of stainless steel found in vaccinated blood. Whatever happened to all those videos showing magnetic skin? Did the powers stop magnetizing skin with vaccines lest they get caught?

Here's another good-job Moseder talk (with Jeff O'Donnell) of this week which get's to the meat-and-potatoes at the 13th minute for some Colorado fraud:

It occurs to me that the cheats have spent so much money, they didn't plan to, to cover their own crimes from the onslaught of cheat hunters that they are asking Biden for some tax money to continue the cover-up. If they run out of money, they could collapse. Keep the court cases going, deplete their cash. Kill them with a thousand court cases.

Bill Gates, looking very guilty on liberal news, admits that he met with Jeffrey Epstein to talk about funding "global health."

We can now see where the COVID scheme is headed. Aside from funding a global government with tax dollars, they are already starting to fine people heavily for rejecting the vaccine. So, they have fines for not wearing masks, and fines for resisting vaccines. I am seeing that, on top of putting people out of work, and fining companies who disregard lockdown orders, the government puppets will be willing to fine people $50,000 or more over time, maybe even take away their homes. DEMONS. Americans would start shooting bullets before that happens, don't you think? Maybe Charles Schwab should be the first man assassinated if true that he wants us to own nothing and be happy. That message has been going around.

Bill Clinton is reportedly in a hospital with sepsis. "Sepsis is a potentially life-threatening condition that occurs when the body's response to an infection damages its own tissues." It's otherwise called "inflammation, identical (or almost so) to a COVID / vaccine response when the body's defence mechanism gets confused and starts to attack its own organs / tissues instead of the virus. Are the doctors lying to the world to hide Clinton's illness by a viral effect? "During sepsis, your immune system, which defends you from germs, releases a lot of chemicals into your blood. This triggers widespread inflammation that can lead to organ damage. CLOTs reduce blood flow to your limbs and internal organs, so they donít get the nutrients and oxygen they need." It sounds like Clinton is being murdered by a virus or even a vaccine. Is God killing Clinton? Is he partially responsible for this global take-over?

The CDC says that 270,000 Americans on average die annually from sepsis. Now that's eye-popping because any Sepsis death in the past 20 months may have been recorded as a COVID death, just one way to inflate the numbers deceptively.

Dehydrating the Way to Go

I dehydrated 10 pounds of white potatoes this week that ended up weighing only 650 grams, exactly seven times less weight. They filled two one-liter Mason jars exactly (to within a half-inch of the rim). That's roughly seven times less storage room versus fresh, and they last 10 years longer this way. Sound like a good choice for food storage? Yup. If you want even less storage space used up, cut the foods smaller because they will cram jars better that way. Mine were turned into fingers instead of blocks.

I asked google for the shelf life of dehydrated foods. I was hoping that I would get a long chart with every food possible. Instead, the google demon fed me this at the top of the search result: "Time in storage: Recommended storage times for dried foods range from 4 months to 1 year." Lie I said, lying deceptive demons inhabit google offices, who feed us trash like this on all sorts of food-storage fronts. Some good news is that I also found this: "Dried foods kept in a good deep freezer can last almost indefinitely."

When you put dried foods in jars, kill bacteria by leaving jars, lids off, in an oven at 210F for an hour. Remove from oven, and get the hot lids on. It's debatable as to how long one should wait before screwing on the lids. If I wait a minute, the jars won't pop but a couple of hours later. If I screw them on immediately, they pop much sooner = better seal. Yet I wonder if I'm doing damage to the rubber seal on the lids by applying them at 210F. I intend on re-using the lids. I see no problem in doing so.

Okay, so I have many jars like that in storage, free of bacteria. What could go wrong? Why should the food spoil, even though there's oxygen in the jars, after five years? What could spoil it? If water-laden foods in sealed jars/cans last five years, how could google lie to the world by not cancelling the statement above? Google's partially responsible for fronting trash like that because it knows it exists but has not put a stop to it. Besides, we know that google is a global leader for global tyrants, and so the first rule in self-survival is in not respecting google or the people it fronts on this topic.

Someone else says: "Shelf Life of Dehydrated Foods -- When stored properly and kept in a cool, dry place your foods can last up to 30 years or longer depending on the item." That's more like it, but then why didn't the screwball at the other article teach this to his/her readers? Because there's screwballs deliberate screwing with our brains. Most of the people at google searches are either the screwball type, or the ignorant who simply copy from the screwballs.

You might think that 30 years is obtained only with freeze-dried foods, but what's the difference between them and heat-dried foods? In so far as shelf life goes, I see not much difference. Both have had their water content severely diminished. I'm reading that freeze-dried foods typically leave less than five-percent water content, which is very good, but even if heat-dried foods leave 10-percent water content, it's not enough to let bacteria grow, in case some gets through the lid's seal. Beware freeze-drying because the food does not shrink. Storing a years-worth of freeze-dried foods will require a lot of space. If you have an unused basement, fine, otherwise, heat-drying is the way to go. You can stack a lot of dried meat into a freezer.

I'm not removing oxygen because I want to see if I can get five years from these foods, and I'd like to report back to readers as to how long they last, and their condition after two years. The problem with oxygen absorbers is that they have a short shelf life. So, once you have a good number of jars, 50 or 100, that would be a good time to purchase 50 or 100 oxygen absorbers. My question is: will I need to put the foods through the oven again if I open all jars to slip in an oxygen absorber per jar? I don't see why. There might be a little bacteria on the oxygen absorber, but so what? The lids will pop even without the cooling of the jar.

What if the global goons remove oxygen absorbers from the market? They'll think of a "good" reason to do so. They could pretend that they are back-ordered all the time due to heavy demand. We are seeing their market tricks right now. They are causing shortages right now. They can do this because they have control of the government organizations that do the arresting of criminals. That's all it takes to form a lawless tyranny: own the cops and the military. Trump the screwball left those things in the hands of the anti-Christs and the gangsters, and we are suffering due to that precisely. It's his fault, but he doesn't know how to take the blame. There are unwise Christians supporting him. Choose your Christian friends wisely. Many will abandon Jesus, or become cold, and I can see them doing so while following Trumpism.

So, the point is, we should seek to get other means, especially mechanical, to remove air from jars / bags. We have time. We can get away with foods stored in oxygen for now. But to save work, the longer term we can store, the better. Storing a years-worth of food for ten years is half the work as compared to storing the same amount for five years. I get it. If even I would rather not have twice the work, even though I need to store for one person only, imagine the workload of a wife with multiple children? If she stores dried food for two years only, she'll be spending her whole life drying foods.

For families, I suggest oxygen absorbers into the jars as soon as possible for the longest-possible shelf life. I suggest that the kids and husband help out. It's not hard work.

I've got a solar-electricity system not being used at this time. In summer, it would easily get me enough power for a freezer filled with dried foods. You wouldn't need a large system to power a freezer that ran on 200 watts. This freezer would run only about 15 minutes on the hour because you need only a low setting (= a fairly-high temperature). So, if it runs on 200 watts, but only runs 1/4 hour per hour, that's called 50 watt-hours of power, and you'd need 1,200 watt-hours for 24 hours. If you had only one solar panel that's rated for receiving 120 watts with bang-on (not at an angle) sunlight, you'd need ten hours daily of bang-on sun to get 1,200 watt-hours. You're not going to get 10 hours daily of that kind of sun no matter where you live. So, you'll need more than one panel, more like eight of them, and they're not cheap. But if the electrical grid fails you, solar electricity can get you by with such vital things as the water pump, and to keep the freezer meat cold. If you have lots of money, get a solar-electrical system soon, and an extra water pump, because the global goons have signalled a declaration of war.

Let me tell you a secret. If you cannot buy land near a natural water source, and if you can't afford to drill a well, and if there's no ground water shallow enough for a shallow well, you'll need to dig a hole in the ground to collect water during ample rainfalls. All the saturated soils around the hole will fall into the hole, and remain there for a few days. You then need to get it into a tank that can hold water, which can be your own home-made tank right beside the hole in the ground, or closer to your vegetable garden. It's water. It's vital. You'll do what you need to do, and a cheap way to build a tank is with a lumber frame and plywood walls, with a waterproof liner against the plywood. Just put these ideas into your mind's memory banks in case needed. For household water, use the roof's rain i.e. install rain gutters around the roof, but you knew that, no secret there. Or, buy your property now/soon while there's still some around with water capabilities, though don't buy land because I say so, but because you choose to. Can you convince your rich parents to buy some insurance land for the kids?

Want to preserve dairy? Cheese is the way to go:


Here's all four Gospels wrapped into one story.

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