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October 19 - 25, 2021

If You want to Know If Apophis is the Revelation Asteroid...
...Don't Stop Reading Until You Get to Pascals (and don't skip anything)
Popeye and Olive Oyl Point to Apophis and Rockefeller Oil Ships

If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture

If at anytime you want to know a Coat's description as given by an identified person/group, see Hall of Names. It's not a great website because it doesn't allow scrolling back and forth through surnames, nor can one copy and paste the URL for any particular surname. But I'm very happy to be able to have access to it.

Late in the lst update's heraldic investigations, I was so surprised by the pointer of Jimmy Wimberley, and his neighbor, Lloyd Reinecker, to the Revelation asteroid. Here's a clip, read carefully to get the links that should not be there unless God arranged the heraldry to fit the people (Load Stanley link now to have access, on another tab, to other Coats of Arms):

Stanleys [share the stag head of flaming-mountain MacKenzie's with an asteroid-like "astra" motto term] were first found in Cambridgeshire with CRAB's and News'/NUCES' [and Neckers-connectable Stouts], and Jimmy Wimberley lived on direct NUECES riverfront [in Mountain-like Montell, Texas]. The Nuse's/Newes' have two of the NECKER pale bars [i.e. like "ReiNECKER]! The Apophis asteroid is coming back in the constellation of cancer the CRAB, and the CHANGE's/Changers in the Stanley motto ("Sans changer") are like the Chance's/CHAUNCERs, a surname like "Cancer." Chance's/Chauncers even use wings for linkage to the Wimble/Wimbolt pile [Wimberleys were shown to be Wimble's likely]. As Chance's/Chauncers were first found in Essex with Mountains, let's repeat that the Winger Coat could be a different-colors version of the Mountain Coat.

The Wimble's/WinBOLTs have a passant lion in their pile that's in the colors of the same of Boltons, the latter first found in Lancashire with Bolts, and thus the Wimble's/WimBOLTs look like a Wing merger with Bolts / Boltons. In fact, they come up as "WINbolt." Boltons have "A buck's head with an arrow THROUGH the NECK"!!! The Bolts share the black eagle head in the Crest of Bridge-like Bride's, and Bridge's use crabs! What are the chances that a Wimberley branch should do that for this discussion?

I didn't capitalize "through" in the last update, but am now for a following reason. The point here is that the News/Newes' came to topic initially as per my newspaper purchase on the morning of my mugging in Galveston, which was purchased to seek property in Texas, a thing I didn't plan on doing until the mugging, for I was headed to Mexico to scout the land situation there. I wanted it cheap as a winter / snowbird resort. I ended up buying direct Nueces riverfront seven months after the newspaper purchase.

The point here that goes with the quote above is a comparison between "GALVEston" and "Galway," for I bought the Nueces property off of Mrs. Teague, and Teague's were first found in Galway. Galways use "BAALs BRIDGE", I kid you not. Bridge's have the crabs. English BALLs use a "fireball" while the asteroid will become a fireball when it hits the air. Balls were first found in Cheshire with BALLots/BELLOWs/BILLOWs, and when the Revelation asteroid strikes the sea, as Revelation says it will, there will be BILLOWS of waves, for we read that a third of SHIPs are destroyed. The Ship surname uses so-called "bellows." No guff, check it out; it says "three pairs of black bellows." Pairs are listed with German Paws/Pauers while Danish Pauers (two bends in the colors of the Jewish Rothchild bend) are Bauers too, potential proto-Rothschilds.

I'd like to add here that I did a small section on Chuck Hagel in the Wimberley section of the last update, pointing out the cockatrice of Olive's because English Hagels (Somerset, same as Bridge's), who share the pile of Wimble's/Winbolts, have an olive branch in Crest. The Muggs show nothing but cockatrices, and this is therefore new heraldic territory for me to investigate.

I now see why I was MUGGed in Galveston, I think, as a pointer to Wuhan via James LeDuc of Galveston, but also to connect to the Revelation asteroid via Teague's. Both Mrs. Teague and Jimmy Wimberley were post-tribulationists like myself, a fat chance in itself because most American Christians were pre-tribbers in those days (1994).

Ahhh MORE NEW: the Teague Coat looks like the TICK/TUCK Coat, and one can glean that Tuckers (Devon, beside English Ducks) were a branch of German Ducks/Duckers/DOCKERs, and so while Ducks point to James LeDuc, what would be the chances that English Dockers use "A bridge" in Crest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Incredible. Plus, English Duckers, bringing the pro-vaccine Rupert MurDOCH to mind, were first found in Cumberland with Ramps, whom had looked (in the last update) to be sharing the double lions of Abreu's, kin of cockatrice-using Presleys.

OH WOW, just fell upon the fact that while TRICE's/Trysts in "cockaTRICE" were first found in Cornwall with TRISTans, the latter share are in the colors and format of Ticks/Tucks, both using a solid chevron colors reversed from the same of Teague's, and, too boot, the other English Tristans were first found in Devon with Tuckers! The Mugg cockatrice belongs in this set of heraldry because the mugging caused me to seek land in Texas, and God obviously led me to Mrs. Teague.

I've talked much about the day I wore a tie with treble-clef design to church one day and one day only. I also wore a BLAZER that day, and leathers shoes by DOCKER. I remember wearing those shoes with that outfit. I remember the event because, when the pastor asked everyone to go find someone to pray with, Miss Hicks came to me. Without going deep into that event again to prove that heraldry verifies it as God's set-up, the Blaze's/Blazers, an apt surname for a blazing asteroid, share the Kilpatrick saltire, and moreover the Blaze/Blazer Chief is in the colors and format of the two Kilpatrick Chiefs. The pastor was Mr. Johnson, and Scottish Johnsons not only use a version of a Kilpatrick Coat, but parts of the Scottish Black Coat while Blacks share the Kilpatrick / Blazer saltire. The bigger point is, Blaze's/Blazers share the martlets of English Mountains. Blaze's/Blazers were first found in Yorkshire with Hicks', and the latter are said to have been in Low Leighton of Essex, and Essex is where English Mountains were first found who share the Blaze/Blazer martlets. The Dockers use a bridge that is now pointing to the Crabs, first found in Cambridgeshire with early, if not the first, Ewe's/Cuish's, and the Hicks write-up continues: "Much farther to the south in the parish of St. Ewe in Cornwall, another branch of the [Hicks] family was found."

As I said, on that same morning of the Dockers shoes, I went outside the church to find a FLAT tire on my PARKed vehicle. "FLATu" is a motto term of English Parkers while Parchers are listed with the Parchments in the "roll of silver parchment" of the News/Nuces Crest (until recently, I thought it was a rolled-up newspaper, and maybe it once was). The same Parkers share the GOLD "buck's head" with Hicks, and the one of Parkers is "cabossed," same as the GOLD stag head of asteroid-pointing MacKenzie's who in turn have an "iTUR" motto term that could be for whatever the "moveTUR" motto term of Parkers is for. In this way, the newspaper purchase on the day of my mugging can be a pointer to the asteroid.

In my 1979 dream, God had Miss Hicks standing at the HOOD of a car, in the first instance that the dream showed her. I can't go into the abundant evidence here to prove that she was in that dream. The point is, Hoods use a "Cornish CHOUGH," and this dream had a British bulldog to go with Hamilton Kilpatrick and Spuds MacKenzie (see their photo below). Here's a photo of my fiberglass British bulldog purchased in Hamilton, Ontario, about six months before I first saw Miss Hicks (she married Hamilton Kilpatrick) 15 years after the dream.

New: Spuds came by when the Kilpatrick team won the so-called COOK-out contest. Cooks share the ostrich and horseshoe of Coke's, and Coke's were first found in Shardlow of APPLEtree. The Apple's and Applebys share the Mountain martlets, and MacKenzie's use a "mountain." Muggs use a COCKatrice? Mrs. Teague lived on the COOKsey ranch at the time I knew her. Coke's use a "patiens" motto term while Patiens'/Putins/Patients (flaming crescents) were first found in Dumfries with KilPATricks. "Apple" is like the Apollo in the 5th Revelation Trumpet, which, like the asteroid of the second trumpet, concerns a bright object falling from the sky and creating a huge hole in the ground with blazing furnace.

I didn't record the date of my conversion. A while after my conversion, I tried to figure out the date (Apophis was way into my future at that time), and concluded the last week of March / first week of April. The dream with Miss Hicks was about a week after my conversion so that it may have been very close to April 13, 1979...50 years to the day from Apophis' scheduled arrival.

Dutch Necks/Neckers have a red stag head (called a "deer") with red antlers, and while the Parker arm with sleeve holds a red antler, Parks use red stag heads. How can my flat tire relate to what looks like a Hicks connection to Park liners? The last update had the Flatts/Fletts, though for no reason having to do with the flat tire. The FLEETwoods then entered the discussion because they share the martlets of English Mountains. The split-Fleetwood Shield is that also of German CASSers/Gass' while Kiss'/Cush' share the Coat of Cass'/Cash's. French Cassers/Casse's share the scallops of Flags/Flecks/Flacks ("sea shells") and the related Fleets (Floats have a version of the Flatt/Flett Coat). French Cassers even share the triple fesses of Hood-connectable Hottens/Haughtons.

Although I don't mention the following often, I did tell at least once that, while jacking up the vehicle to put on the spare tire, the son of a woman in our church came over, and looking into the back of the van as he spoke with me, he saw the empty case of beer bottles. Spuds MacKenzie is the mascot for Bud Light beer! I don't remember the brand of beer in that empty case. I had given his mother a bag of native pecans from my section of a pecan forest, and the Nueces river is named after its pecans. (I drank one beer daily, at the end of the work day; southern Texas is HOT-HOT.)

The Parchments/Parchers share the scallops of SODANs/Sowtens, and the Kilpatrick-branch Pattersons/Cassane's have the scallops in colors reversed probably because they are said to be of the "Sodhans." The Hicks are said to have included Mr. SAUTEby. The Patterson/Cassane write-up has: "The surname Patterson comes from the Irish O Casain. At one time it was anglicized as Kissane..." Kissane's (another red stag) not only share a "trippant stag" with one Parker Crest, but the other Parker Crest has the cuffed sleeve in the blue color of the Cough/Cuffie/Cuff sleeve while Kissane's have a "right arm in armor with a silver CUFF holding a lizard"!!! Lizarts/Sarde's share the Coat of English Liss'/Lise's, first found in Hampshire with English Cassane's. Kissane's share the full motto of Irish Dene's (Dein branch) who in turn use a lizard-like "crocodile."

We thus have the News/Nuces Crest linkable now to Kilpatricks, for the latter use Cassane-like "cushions" while KISS/CUSH's seem to relate to Kissane elements. It explains why I was going to kiss Miss Hicks awake in the 1979 dream. Recall the Hicks family of Ewe in CORNWALL (i.e. and the Ewe's/CUISH's), where we can expect surnames to trace that use "Cornish choughs." The Ewe's/Cuish's share the giant eagle of cushion-like Cussons/Cussance's and English Constance's/CUSTers while Kiss'/Cush's share the Cust Coat. It's clicking, and if the whole of God's "madness" in setting out to do this marathon-heraldic project is to prepare us for the tribulation by convincing Christians that Apophis is the Revelation asteroid, then, I take "madness" back. I can then understand. The gravity of the situation warrants such a massive project, though it's massive only to me, but for God it's like a walk in the park.

As I said, God caused me to get a coffee with the newspaper (in Victoria, Texas) for reasons, and here it can be added that the cups of Coffee's/Coffers, which look like MUGS, as well as the Coat of Coffers/Coffare's, are in the colors of the stag-using Parkers. The favorite coffee of Canadians by far is Tim Horton's, and the other Parkers (Somerset, same as Coffers/Coffare's) share the giant Horton stag head. TIM Horton can play into this by the Hicks motto, translated, "All in good TIME," for Time's are listed with Timms. How else but via God's arrangements can we explain that Coughs/CUFFIE's and Cuffs share an arm with blue sleeve with the Somerset Parkers? The News/Nuces' Crest is code for Parchers, and while Nuse's/Newes' have two of the NECKER pale bars, "NEC flatu" is a motto phrase of Parkers while Hicks have a chaplet (News'/Nuces symbol too) around the neck of their buck.

LLOYD ReiNECKER was in the last update in pointers to the asteroid by multiple methods, one of them being the "comet" in the Reines/Reinecker Coat. Miss Hicks is online with a RENA middle name. Lloyds not only share "scaling ladders" with the English Trips suspect in the trippant stag of Parkers, but the pheon of Tristans, the line suspect with the Mugg cockTRICE, for Trice's/TRYSTs were first found in Cornwall with TRISTans. English Trips (Kent, same as Gore's/Core's) share the crosslets of Gore's/Core's (share white wolf with Lloyds), the reason for mythical GORlois of Cornwall. Gorlois' wife was mother to mythical king Arthur, and while Hicks (Arthur colors) married Juliana Arthur, mythical Tristan was of the Arthurian cult too, as was Pendragon while Pendragons were likewise first found in Cornwall.

I told of the night that I was headed to Leakey. I had looked at land in one area that day, and decided to stay the night in Leakey, but as we were driving on mountain ledges to get there, and as the clouds were racing over the full moon, I got an ominous feeling because I had an ominous feeling a half-year earlier, a couple of hours before reaching Galveston, when a small cloud covered the sun in an otherwise blue sky; I was mugged that night. So, on the way to Leakey, the moon-and-cloud scene convinced me not to take chances, but to turn around. I landed in a camp site for the night. The next morning, I asked the lady tending to the camp where I could find a real-estate agent, and she pointed me across the street. It was Mrs. Teague's place, and when I asked if she had acreage on a riverfront, she did. I bought it.

Cornwall is the location of Bude, and Bude's/BUDs share the "hurt" with Arthurs. Spuds MacKenzie is mascot for BUd Light BEER, and Beers were first found in Devon with one Tristan family. The "black bird" of English Beers is often a "Cornish chough," but here's it's notable that Allisons use "black BIRDs" in the design and color of the Cornish chough of Hoods (Devon, same as Beers). As I said, I (age 17/18) was sitting on my HOOD when seeing ALLISON Bauer get into the car of a fellow worker. She had been my girlfriend for a couple of months to that point, and she wouldn't come out of the car when I went over. God set that event up. While Tristans link to the Mugg cockatrice, the Mugg-branch Madge's (share Hicks fleur-de-lys) could be using the Bird fesse-with-fleur, especially as Miss Hicks first appeared in the dream at a hood.

Allison was the CASHIER at Knob Hill Farms, where I was working too. Prior to her, my first girlfriend at Knob Hill was the ice-cream girl, and while Ice's are also Icke's, Hicks come up as "Icke." We saw the Kilpatrick-branch Pattersons/Cassane's, and then Italian Cassano's/Cassandra's were related both to Cassane's and cashier-like Casier's/Casino's. Repeat: "French Cassers even share the triple fesses of Hood-connectable Hottens/Haughtons."

I discussed Chuck Hagel (Obama's Intelligence advisor) with John Ratcliffe (Trump's Intelligence Chief) in the last update's Wimberley section, hoping the two would come out with damning data against the deep state (or maybe they already have with John Durham). While Ratcliffs were kin of Tipps'/Tippins (load "Tipps"), English Dockers use "seven BLUE TIPPed spears". The Blue's/Gorms were first found in Arran with McCabe's, and while Andrew McCabe is a deep-state fiend who worked as the FBI deputy-director under director James Comey, the Comeys/Combs came up in the last update as per the comb of the Olive cockatrice. Scottish Comeys/Combs (Clan Chattan member) share the cat with the Galway Crest, and Sassy my cat, a common topic in my heraldic discussions, pointed to Chattan-like Cattans, mentioned in the last update.

You need to get this, and so I need to repeat a few things. Sassy sucked her tail routinely as an adult, and so it's very convincing that God provided Sassy for me (I named her as a kitten) because the Sassy surname shares the Saracen head with cat-using CETINs/Cattans above, but also because the CETINa river is the TILURius too while Tillers share the lion of TAILs/Tailors. Sassy SUCKed her TAIL, which is why I included the SUCHs/Zouch's into that set of heraldry, especially as Sassys are also SAUCers/SAUCHys. It's just incredible, therefore, that Suchs come up as "Chuck." Chuck Hagel!

If that's not enough, what do we make of English Tile's using a giant wyvern dragon that is almost the same-colored cockatrice of Muggs? Is Chuck Hagel going to be involved, or was he already involved, with whatever my mugging (by a Black man) in Galveston points to? German Tillers are Tile's too. [The day after writing here, it was found that cockatrice Tile's come up as Tillings, which were looked up as per the "dagger disTILLING drops of blood" of Kilpatricks. Bloods/Bluds share the buck with Hicks. I was mugged in Galveston, about an hour from the Baytown home of the Kilpatricks.]

After moving in, Jimmy Wimberley was the first friend I met aside from Mrs. Teague, and he happened to go to the same church as she. So, I attended there too, appearing first on Christmas day, where one couldn't help but see Miss Hicks standing in the audience (she sticks out). Hicks' share the chaplet with News'/Nuces, and she too had direct-Nueces riverfront not far from Montell. After that year, I didn't see her again until 2002. Keep "CHRISTmas" in mind because we're going over to Crystals.

After attending her church after that Christmas day, I had major hang-ups back home and wasn't able to get back to Texas until 1999. That year, and for the next two, I attended the same church as in 1994, but Miss Hicks wasn't there. Yet, early in 1999, I learned that the old man who sat directly in front of me was her husband. He was not in church with her in 1994/95. At first I thought they were having marital problems, but then someone said that she wasn't welcome at that church due to her style of prophesying, in the first-Person as if God was speaking directly out of her mouth Scripture-style.

In 2001, I got upset with a visiting preacher. After the fourth time he told the people that we today should feel sorry / guilty for what the "Christian" Templars did to people, rape and kill, I stood up in the middle of his preaching, and rebuked him: "Excuse me, but make a distinction between the people of God and those who rape and murder." Mr. Kilpatrick was there. In 2002, I switched churches upon arriving back to Texas, and to my surprise both Mr. and Mrs. Kilpatrick were attending there already. That year, she said that I should try attending a church in Crystal City, which made me realize that she was going there all the time she was banned from the first church. On the night of purchasing the newspaper on the day of the mugging, I slept in a motel in Crystal City, what are the chances? Crystal City is not even near to her place.

[Insert -- To make a point not made before, let's repeat that I developed black smoke out the tailpipe between Victoria and Crystal City, because, I assume, God wanted to point to the Rockefeller-line Roach's with both the Smoke's/Rauch's and the cockROACHes in the Crystal City motel. The Kidder-like Kids were first found in Dundee with the Feller-like Fells who have the LeDuc stars in colors reversed, and I was fresh out of Galveston when the smoke developed, a pointer to James LeDuc, chief of the Galveston National Lab that probably participated with the Wuhan conspiracy (otherwise, why did God have me mugged in Galveston of all places). They say that Rockefellers are into all sorts of medical sales, and thus at the spearhead of vaccinations. For example, this headline: "The Rockefeller Foundation Launches Action Plan for Increasing Global Covid-19 Vaccination Efforts". Nobody is safe until the world is vaccinated, the article says, but we can see right through the dollar signs in their eyes of these cockroaches.

This insert is here because Kidders are come across later in this update who share the crescents of English Coffers/Coffare's, and these crescents are in the colors of the MUG-like cups of Coffee's/Coffers ("VICTORIA" motto term). This is why I stopped in Victoria to get the coffee and newspaper, of all places along my way, not knowing at the time that God was working up a pointer to poison vaccines. The Coffee/Coffer Crest is essentially in the Arms of Taranto, and while God provided cockroaches that night in my motel room, Motels are said to have been in Taranto. However, Motels were first found in Calabria with the Mota's, and then the Motts/MORTE's share crescent of Deaths while "mort(e)" means "death." We don't have any trouble here seeing the message: Rockefellers are killing people with their poison-vaccine push. Portuguese Mota's are in Coffee-cup colors.

There's nothing dangerous about coffee, however, yet while coffee has caffeine, the Caffins are listed with death-portraying COFFins. The latter's "blue bird" is likely due to Coffins/Caffins (Devon, beside CORNwall) sharing the flory cross with Birds, but the blue bird is showing as a Rothes-beloved raven (shared by Rooks) that's often called a "Cornish COUGH." The latter is used by Hoods (Devon, same as Coffins/Caffins), and Miss Hicks fell asleep after she was at the hood of a car. The blue bird seems part code for Blue's/Gorms because they were first found in Arran with the McCabe's who share the Coffee fesse. Perfect. But then the blue jay is code for Jays who share the bend-with-roses of Jewish Rothschilds. It all looks arranged by Intelligent Design to point to the global freak show, the international mobsters trying to give life to their Frankensteinian empire. The Rook Coat (shares rooks with Rocks) even looks connectable to that of Cup-branch Copps, and Coffee's use "cups." Do not take the vaccines. Warn everyone who will listen. Coffins/Caffins even have a Faucet-like "FACTis" motto term.

By the way, Hall of Names assigns a patonce cross to Coffins/Caffins, the Chance / Chase symbol.

I'll show later why Jewish Fellers were kin of Roach's and Rocco's, very important for establishing Fell / Feller liners as the root of Rockefellers. What do think arranged the Chaffs/Chaffie's to share the three lozenges of Fells? Did coincidence arrange for it, or does God want to point the coffee in Victoria to Rockefeller cockroaches living in crystal houses, those who manufactured the poor of the earth upon their assembly lines? They have long been ready to dispose of the poor in favor of robot workers.

Later, I tell that Rocco's and Feller-related Tragers/Trogers use emBATTLEd bends, and I use this to enter the Battle's to the discussion, yet I didn't remember at the time that the giant Battle griffin is shared by Chaffs/Chaffie's (like "Caiaphas"). The Coffins/Caffins here have reminded me. Prophecy says that God will blow away the end-time Jews like CHAFF in the wind. Chaffs/Chaffie's happen to share the Chief-Shield colors of Caiaphas-like Capes'. New: Griffin-like Graffs/GRAFFENs/GRAVs (Switzerland) point to graves, where coffins will be dropped with people predicted to die from the GRAPHENE-oxide in vaccines. Amazingly, Dutch Graffs use an embattled fesse in black, the color of the embattled bend of Rocco's!

I told of the Graffs that lived almost across the road from my place in GORMley, and the Coffin/Caffin blue bird looks like code for Blue's/GORMs. I told that Simon Graff always came to talk to my father with a beer and his pipe. Bauer-like Beers/Bears were first found in Devon with Coffins/Caffins. AND WOW, I didn't see the Beer/Bear Crest until after writing the last sentence: it's the raven on a garb showing also for Rooks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Incredible. Beers/Bears use bears, symbol of Berwickshire, where griffin-using Battle's were first found, and half the Chance/Chauncer griffin head is in the Crest of Berrys (Devon, same as Beers/Bears). Beers/Bears call it "A black BIRD STANDing on a garb," and while Coffins/Caffins were at ShebBEAR of Great Torrington, Torrings share the double fesses of Stands. Berrys named Berry-Pomeroy while Torringtons speak of descent from Ralph of Pomeroy. Thus, Mr. Graff's beer is even connecting with Coffins. I see Stands/Stants in the motto of Berwickshire's Arthurs (Battle / Chaff/Chaffie colors). The Berry-beloved Labore's (Battle colors) share the eye with Battins/Battants. Pomeroy looks like a Pomerania term because the Arms of Pomerania has a red griffin, the colors of the Chance/Chauncer griffin head.

Thus, as Mr. Graff works excellently into the Rockefeller / Rothschild heraldry under discussion, his SMOKING pipe speaks both to Rothchild-related Smoke's/Rauch's and to the Apophis asteroid. His surname batch includes Gravs while Grave's/Greafs share the giant eagle of Lutons while Luton is in Bedfordshire while Bedfords are Bidefords (share black border with Torrings) too while grave-theme Coffins/Caffins were at Bideford of Great Torrington. My only problem so far is that the one or two groups worldwide claiming graphene oxide in vaccines isn't sufficient evidence that it's true, for some evil groups play disinformation games in social media.

As per Simon Graff, I didn't get around to loading Simons until now, and I'm amazed, especially as God gave a super songline miracle later in this update (yesterday, as I write this insert on Sunday) from a song by John BERRY. The miracle included Champions and Champagne's, and I am now compelled to seeing that English Simons (Devon, same as Beers/Bears and Berrys) have the trefoils (Rock, Rod, Feller and Falls/Fallis symbol) of English Champions (BEDFORDSHIRE!!!) in colors reversed. A few years ago, God gave me a dream with my JEEP and its previous owner, Mr. DeSIMONE, from Benevento in CAMPANia, the name also for Champagne in France. Rocco's were first found in Naples, in Campania! Naples is where Capes-like Capone's/Capua's were first found, as well as Popoli's, and while JEEPma's are CHEPS too, the Torring write-up tells that the Torrington location of Coffins/Caffins was once called, Cheping-Toriton. English Capone's were first found in Cambridgeshire with Chapmens/CHEPmans and Jeune's, where June's were once said to be first found who share the Torring fleur-de-lys. Were Champions a branch of Capone's, or related to them by marriage?

The same English Champions share the chaplet with Hicks, and use a CUFFed arm to hold it while Coughs/Cuffs/CUFFIE's look linkable to Coffins/Caffins. The Grave/Greaf eagle, which we saw with Bedford-connectable Lutons, is half in the two colors of the Luton eagle, and half in the colors of the Champion eagle. Simon GRAFF did not know his Grave ancestry when he was named at birth, yet Simons are linking to Grave liners via Champions.

I don't recall making a link of the COCKroaches to the cockatrice of Muggs. It's seems feasibly part of God's pointers. Cockers were first found in Norfolk with Roach-connectable Luce's/Lucys. The Smoke's/Rauch's share the rare, sinister-rising bend of Jewish Rothchilds (not "Rothschild"), and while the first Rothschild was a Bauer, Crystal-like Kriss'/Cryslers have two of those bends, as do Danish Bauers/Pauers while German Bauers share blue wings with Chance's/Chauncers. The two Kriss/Crysler / Bauer bends are white, same as the two of the Schilds that could have merged with Rothes' (Bavaria, same as Bauers, Smoke's/Rauch's and Rads) to form "RothSCHILD." Kriss'/Cryslers share the Rad hexagram, half in the colors of the same of Jewish Rothchilds. As Rasmussens use a sinister bend, the horse of Jewish Rothschilds can be the same-colored RASmussen unicorn, and that gets us to Pepin/Pepy kin. RAS'/Rose's (Nairnshire, same as Rats/RAIDs) are in the roses of Jewish Rothchilds. Apophis has the shape of money-grubbing, soul-corrupting, global-government rats and cockroaches.

Crystals even share the thistle with Fauchs. I've told a few times in recent months that, within a month of my 1979 dream, I had a morning vision (confirmed to be from God) that pointed to Faucets, Fauchys, and therefore Tony Fauci, but the vision was fulfilled that same evening by Sharon QUINN (I won't go back over the details here). The new point here is that Quinns and Motels share a giant, winged, white horse, and that Quinns not only share a blank, gold Chief with Rock-related Rods (Hugh Rodez had married Miss Roquefeuil), but Rocks have a blank Chief too while the Rock Chief-Shield color combination is colors reversed from the same of Quinns.

In the 1979 dream, Miss Hicks fell asleep, a symbol of death or illness we can assume momentarily. I was told to wake her, and so for the first time ever, I've just asked myself how this wake scene can be pointing to a cure from the COVID / vaccine scheme, and it just so happens that, for about a week now, I've been seeking surnames that match "IverMECHTin," the drug that the Rockefellers et-all DO NOT want used because it cures COVID fast. Over this past week, I've realized that Muggs/MUDGE's (Surrey) points my Galveston mugging to Madge's/MACHETs (Surrey), you see, and while that looks after the "mechtin" in "IVERmechtin," Ivers are listed with the Eure's while Hicks have an "heure" motto term! Is that not amazing? It's as though God had found this way to verify that the dream pertains to poison vaccines.

It appears that my mugging was necessary to point to Ivermechtin. The mugging occurred just after I passed the Baytown home of Miss Hicks, whose husband was a doctor (it's the right theme for COVID). Plus, if we go back to Sharon Quinn, note the other drug that keeps viruses from forming illnesses: hydroxychloroQUINE. Quinns were first found in Longford with Faucet-branch Faughns while vaccine-like Vychans/Vaughns were first found in Shropshire with the Dol Alans, the latter being kin of SWALLOWs (swallows are used by Alan-line Arundels). The shark swallowed the bulldog, and Motels even share the Chief of French Alans. I see evidence that Alans were from the ROXolani Alans, and Roxolani (ROS-Alans) were the line to Roque's/Rocks, Roquefeuil, and Roxburgh without doubt. Apophis is returning in April, and Aprils/Avri's (Brittany, same as Dol) have a Chief-with-ROSes in the colors and format of the French Alan Chief.

I might add that the Surrey surname comes up as Shark-like "Sark" while the 1979 dream started with a shark in a swimming POOL that pointed to Falls/Fallis' (share Pool lion) because a bulldog FELL (or went for a FALL) into this pool, afterwhich it was HALF-swallowed by the shark. The Halfs/Helps use motto terms with kill-like "xil / xill" buried within them. In the wake-up scene, Miss Hicks was fashioned as my future BRIDE, and I think I can see why this goes to Bride's and Crabs, etc. Later in this update, I realize that Chance's/Chauncers have Masci-line symbols in connection to the patee cross of Scottish Bride's, and I even realize at that very time that Bride's share the omen-like OMAN Coat. For new readers here, I had an OMEN (the ominous feeling above) about an hour before reaching the Baytown home of Miss Hicks, and that omen was because God had planned to have me mugged a few hours after passing Baytown. I wasn't hurt.

The mugger had both hands around my NECK, shouting, "GIVE EM over, give 'em over." He wanted the keys to my truck. Hicks (Yorkshire, same as Keys and Kays) have a chaplet around the neck of their buck's head, and Chaplets share swans with GIVENs (Lanarkshire, same as Swans/Sions). The Givens (Lanarkshire, same as Swans/Sions and Biggars/Giverns) have their swans in the colors of the Swan/Sion, Crystal-like Christmans, and CamBRIDGE swans, and Chaplet-connectable Chapmans and Capone's were first found in Cambridgeshire along with chaplet-using News'/Nuces' (very connectable to Neckers), BRIDGE-beloved Crabs, and with the Stanleys who love the Changers, first found in Hampshire with Christmans. I was mugged about 1 am, and at about noon, and was buying a newspaper in Victoria as a pointer to the Nueces river, where Miss Hicks moved to from Baytown.

The counterchanged pale bars in the Surrey/Sark form check-like items in the colors of the check-like items in the Faucet / Faughn bends. The latter two surnames share counterchanged "compony." A definition of "compony" is: "divided into a single row of squares in alternating tinctures." It looks like code for Campo's/Champeau's because they share the engrailed cross of Sinclairs/SINGULARs (Roslin, beside Faucets), and we just saw that compony needs to be a SINGLE row. It needs to be single COUNTERchanged row while Counters are listed with Conte's/COMITissa' in the "Commit thy" motto phrase of Sinclairs/Singulars. For a long time, I haven't known whether the Thy's/Thighs in the Sinclair/Singular motto show a wolf or fox, but it turns out to be a Faucet- / Vaux- / Faux-connectable fox.

Now note heraldic counterCHANGED, for Stanleys were first found in Cambridgeshire with the English Dole's and Crabs, and while the latter two share the same fleur-de-lys, Stanleys share the MacKenzie stag head to go with Cancer the crab. Change's/Changers are in the Stanley motto while cancer-like Chauncers look like a Changer branch. I suppose the questions are: why are we back to the asteroid while following pointers to COVID? Why was Miss Hicks involved with Stanley? Do vaccines cause cancer too? End Insert]

And so we go to the Crystals, which I assume were a branch of Christmas' / Christmans. Christmas' happen to use "coney" rabbits, as do Conys and Conns, and if the Christmas Shield were black, it would essentially be the Cony / Conn Coat. The interesting thing here is that Conys became a topic first with the Bra location of Cuneo, and later, my girlfriend, Lorraine, pointed to Langhe at Bra via her strong pointer to Pepin of Landen, for I discovered that Landens/Landers (probably Longford / Langford branch) share the six pale bars of LANGleys. Is this to be a pointer to the CIA in Langley? Is it a pointer to Apophis coming to destroy the empires of such things as the CIA shadow government?

The asteroid will be a game changer. It predicts that God sends it just as the globalist beast is about to pounce harshly on Christians. It'll change the global agenda from attacking us to tending to the damage at sea. The beast can advertise the 1st Trumpet of Revelation as an product of climate change, but a rock from the sky cannot be so blamed, and so this rock will signal our imminent victory, folks. It will signal that God is the eye in the sky with a vengeance, who did not take a long nap after all. Wakey-wakey, people of God, when the asteroid falls. Lift your dreaded hearts, and be happy. Leave America behind to the foolish Masons, the lumpers of Christianity into satanic dough. Don't mix with them when they implore you.

The 1st Trumpet of fiery hail sounds like volcanic activity. If it's on a large / global scale, it suggests a hotter interior of the planet, which can be blamed on the greenhouse effect. This added warmth will be good for growing crops in the wilderness, good for reducing the amount of wood needed to keep warm, further into the north.

The Chaplets in the Crest of the Lorraine surname show nothing but black swans, the symbol once showing for French Josephs who now show a giant martlet in the same colors, and it happens to be the Christmas martlet too. Then, English Christmans and German Christmas'/Christmans have the swan too. Lorraine's were related to Lorne in the Lanark/Lurnark write-up, and Lanarkshire is where swan-using Swans/Sions were first found.

On the drive from the mugging to Crystal City, as I've said a million times due to its importance, my truck developed black smoke out the TAILpipe. I've always stressed the tailPIPE, but I don't think I've ever realized before that Tail- / Tiller-connectable Tile's almost have the MUGG cockatrice. It's just more evidence that God is very clever in making the events jibe with heraldry. Mugg variations suggest their being a branch of Madge's/Machets (Surrey, same as Muggs) who in turn share the Hicks fleur-de-lys. Madge's/Machets share the hourglass shape (different color) with News'/Nuces'. Madge's/Machets look like kin of Irish Charles' (share motto of FAUCHy-connectable Hoppers) while French Charles' are also Charlotte's, and Miss Hicks is Charlotte. Fauchs share the thistle with Crystals.

For a while now, I've been wrongly saying that Crystals use a poplar tree for connection to surnames like "Popham" / Popley." Pepins and Pophams share "Mens" in their mottoes with Crystals. It turns out, thanks to Hall of Names, to be a fir tree, but this is even better for linking Crystals to Pepins and Pipe's because the two can be gleaned using part of the Rasmussen Coat while Rasmussens and Firs/Fire's share the same giant unicorn. In fact, the Firs/Fire's are a good pointer to a blazing asteroid, and what better surname for that, if the Apophis asteroid is the one God wants to point to, than one connectable to Pepins/Pepys? Papa's not only use another swan, but have a version of the CHRIST/Crist (and English Charles) Coat, which makes it appear that God timed my first seeing Miss Hicks at Sunday church on Christmas day, for Christmas'/Christmans use the swan. Miss Hicks was the trophy girl at the 1987 event with Spuds MacKenzie, whom her husband and sons posed with. MacKenzie's have a mountain in flames.

Crystals share the "calvary" symbol with Moses'/Moys. I claim that Biblical Moses was named by the daughter of a Hyksos-Egyptian king, Khyan, whom I've seen on the throne immediately before king APEPI/Apophis. Those who know their history will "know" that the Exodus was well after the Hyksos ruled Egypt, but I say the evolutionist Egyptologists have got too many Egyptian kings in their historical schemes in hopes of stretching history back before the Flood, and so they thereby put their dating a little out of whack, too far back in the range of 1500 BC. I say the Hyksos ruled during the Exodus. As it's the Shake's who use a poplar tree while CUNNinghams (Ayrshire, same as KENNedys) use a "SHAKEfork," might Cunn- / Kenn-like surnames have developed after "Khyan"? Lately, since about the first of August of this year, Kennedy-like Kenneths/MacKenzie's have been pointing to the Apophis asteroid.

In the Baytown-Sun page at the link above, one can scroll down the page and barely see a trophy in the top-right photo, which I had not noticed until recently. The woman (dark pants, light top) standing with the trophy must be Miss Hicks, but the photo quality is horrible because the Baytown Sun wants people to pay money to see a better quality, I assume. The date of the article is Thursday, April 9, 1987, and so the team must have won the barbecue contest about the first week of April. Apophis is scheduled to pass by the earth Friday, April 13, 2029. Did God miss? Why was He about a week off with the barbecue contest? Maybe He wasn't off. Maybe it's arriving earlier than the NASA watchers think. They think it's going to miss the planet by about 20,000 miles, but if it hits, can that mean its trajectory was altered, and can that in turn mean it'll get here faster? There's 42 years between Spuds MacKenzie in the photo and Apophis.

Good morning Wednesday. I was poking around the work of yesterday just now, and came to the spare tire I was putting on the van after it was found with a flat tire. I therefore loaded Spare's, and there popped up a giant and red stag head, same as Necks/Neckers. Spare's call their stag a "hart." Plus, overnight, it came to mind that my next-door neighbor in Texas is a troublesome, beer-drinking, dictionary RED NECK, and so note the red color of the Neck/Neckers "deer's head." Plus, While Reds are listed with English Reeds, Scottish Reeds have a red "buck's head erased"! Unbelievably, the Floats with the FLATTs chevron and trefoil use another "deer's head"!!! The spare was for the FLAT tire! My mother is a Masci, and Hamon de Masci reminds that Hamons use antlers which they call the "at TIRE's of a stag".

This red neck neighbor would hunt with red light OFTEN, and shoot DEER even out of hunting season without a care. One day, I found the head and neck of a deer cut off from the body, just lying beside the river, on his property. The same Reeds have "A right arm emerging from a CLOUD holding a book." and McLeods/Clouds use flags.

If this heraldry has been arranged from God, why? I think I know. On my first return to the Texas property, my new submergible PUMP had been stolen from the well, and I can think of no better suspect than the red neck, for the 30-foot well was a few feet past my property upon "his," owned by his father who gave me permission to use the well. The Pumps are listed with the Apophis-like Pope's/Pape's! Ya see. MORE: Poppins/POPhams share a "buck's head erased" with Reeds!!! YA SEE?

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, the Christmas' have coney rabbits, and Conys / Conns are also Cone's while Cone's share the Buck antlers. Yet the Cone's show nothing but three antlers in pale in the colors of the pale bar of German Neckers, and the latter is all the Coat shows! The only thing shown by Nuce's/Newes is two PALE bars in the colors of the Neckers pale bar. Pale's/Palys share the camel head with Pepins/Pepys!!! I GET IT. It looks like God is pointing to Apophis with my Texas property.

MORE: Pale's/Palys were first found in Yorkshire with Pullys/Pullings who in turn share the martlets of Christmas'/Christmans, and God pointed to Pullings and Hips' in my dream (explained a million times) where I was pulling the hips of CHRISTine Peare toward me upon a STAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stage's/Staggs (in Pale/Paly colors) use stag heads! Plus, the Hips'/Hipkins have a version of the CHRIST/Crist and Papa Coats! Is that not amazing? I was also pulling her waist as a pointer to Waistells who share blue doves with the George's suspect in the "GORGED" chaplet on the Hicks buck head. "Gorged" refers to an item around the NECK of an animal.

I'm still waiting to discover why Miss Peare was on a stage with me inside of a shopping mall. The Malls and Morleys/Mauls were useful together for proving that God gave that sleeping-bag dream, but I suspect that He has more to the mall as relates to something I've not yet realized.

Stage's/Staggs share the gold stag head with Wimble's, MacKenzie's, Parkers and Hicks. The Stage/Stagg Shield has "stag heads ERASed"," and we saw a the gold buck heads ERASed with Poppins/Pophams. It just so happens that ERAS' are listed with the Rasmussens who in turn share the Pepin/Pepy and Pipe bend-with-fleur, and moreover Eras'/Rasmussens share the giant unicorn of Firs/Fire's expected in the CRYSTal "fir tree," especially as "Mens" is a motto term of both Crystals and Poppins/Pophams. As I've said many times, at about age five, I was thinking to jump off the porch roof of PEPIN Taff with an umbrella because I had recently seen Mary POPPINs doing it on TV. Or, if it wasn't Mary Poppins, then it was in some other scene (perhaps a cartoon) of someone FLOATing around while holding an umbrella.

I've just remembered another Neck. here's from the 4th update in March, 2018: "and it was probably for being on [the porch's] roof that day that I thought about jumping off like Mary Poppins...That day, my father caught a pigeon and gave it to my mother, and she TWISTed its NECK right in front of me as though she had been doing this all her life. I was old enough to assume that she was going to cook it, and old enough to think my mother was a barbarian. This thing really shocked me. And that's why I looked up the Pigeons, followed by the TWISTS...The demi-griffin design in the Twist Crest is in the Pigeon Crest too...I have nothing more to say about the Pigeon, Twist/Twiss and Twitch/Twigg Coats. Maybe something will dawn on me." Unbelievably, while one Pigeon Coat shares the Stage/Stagg chevron, the Twists have "bucks" in the colors of the Poppin/Popham buck heads!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! INCREDIBLE. I missed this in the 2018 update probably because I didn't load the Poppin/Popham Coat at the time of loading Twists! Does that not look like a pointer to Apophis? It was Pepin Taff's porch (my parents were renting the top floor with access to the porch roof from the kitchen window).

She probably cooked it, and while Miss Hicks was the trophy girl for a so-called cook-out contest, the Twists (share gold buck with Hicks) are in Hicks colors and near format. Twists, because they were first found in Northumberland with Tryst-loving Hebrons, may have been a Tryst branch. Hebrons have a chevron half in the colors of the Twist chevron. Trophy-like Trope's/Drops, beloved by the Kilpatrick dagger, share the lion of Roofs/Rolphs, the latter first found in Norfolk with Trope's/Drops. Kilpatricks have "a dagger distilling drops of blood," and Bloods/Bleds have "a buck's head erased proper." Propers/Roberts share the ostrich with Cooks and Coke's.

Amazingly, Twist-like Twitts/Thwaits share fretty inside a cross with Taffs (though in different colors). Tute/Tuits (Norfolk, same as Twitts/Thwaits, Porch's and Roofs/Rolphs) tell that they were a Thwait branch, and then the Yorkshire Tute's/TOUTs are in the Hicks motto. Likewise first found in Norfolk are the Diss'/Dice's, in Twist colors and format, suspect in the "DIStilling" term of the Kilpatrick description. "DiSTILLING" can be partly for Stillings/StillingFLEETS (share "magna" with WALKers) because they share the leopard faces of Irish McGee's while Scottish McGee's were first found in Dumfries with Scottish Kilpatricks and Wake-like WALK/Wachs. WAKEfields happen to share the split Shield of FLEETwoods. I've never tackled the distilling term before to acquire this new set of heraldry. The Stilling/Stillingfleet Coat is even a reflection of the omen-like Oman Coat.

I claim that English GEORGE's are from George father of the first Drummond. I claim that Drummonds named Kildrummy of the earls of Mar, which can explain why the Mar lion is shared with the Roofs/Rolphs who have a mural crown "GORGEd" around its lion's neck. One should probably speculate as to whether there had been a fundamental Neck-line relationship with George's, and here we can appeal to the Roof ravens, for the STOUT-named vikings used a raven banner while STUTTgart is on the Neckar river.

Cookseys were at KIDDERminster, and Kidders are interesting for sharing the Coffer/Coffare and Heffer crescents, in the colors of the Coffee/Coffer MUG-like cups. The newspaper in Victoria went with the coffee, and the Kidder Crest not only looks like it was once a parchment (now called a "packet"), the item in the News/Nuces Crest, but Parchments are Parchers too while English Parkers, first found in Somerset with Coffers/Coffare's and English Heffers, share an arm with blue sleeve with the English Parker Crest and Coughs/CUFFIE's/Cuffs. This is pretty amazing, suddenly, all brought on by the Cookseys, which wouldn't have happened without my buying land off of Mrs. Teague, which led to my meeting Jimmy Wimberley.

Asteroid Points to Rockefellers

It's important here that Holds/Holts (Lancashire, same as Holdings/Holdens, Wimberleys and WinSTANLEYs) in the Kidder description share the double fesses of Wimberleys who in turn share the Stanley / MacKenzie stag heads while Standard-like Stanleys have a bend-with-stags-heads in the colors of the Cooksey bend-with-cinquefoils while the Cooksey cinquefoils are shared by Stanley-connectable Stone's who in turn share a gold-spread eagle with the Stoners who in turn share the gold-spread Standard eagle in both colors. WINstanleys, in this picture, look related to the WINbolt variation of Wimberley-connectable Wimble's, especially as Bolts and Boltons (share Wimble/Winbolt / Brian lion) were likewise first found in Lancashire.

As Coffee's/Coffers share the fesse of McCabe's, first found in Arran with Blue's/Gorms, note the Kidder Crest, "An arm in BLUE HOLDing a packet, inscribed thereon the word, 'STANDARD'" (caps mine). The Standard/Stonerd Coat is a different-colors version of the Cook-related Coke Coat, and it's COOKseys (share Stone cinquefoil) who took us to Standards/STONErds. Coke's share the vertically-split Shield of STONE's. Sometimes I look for evidence for pointers to the asteroid, for example looking for heraldic rocks such as MacKenzie's show, but sometimes I fall upon them such as we may be doing here with Stone liners. The asteroid is a big stone coming for the head of Goliath from the sling of God, and Slings use the vulture, the theme used by Jesus to depict the destruction of the anti-Christ's army.

Is this a coincidence: the Revelation asteroid falls into the sea, where it will sink cargo ships, which include oil tankers for STANDARD OIL, founded by John D. ROCKefeller and Henry FLAGLER. OILeys were first found in Oxfordshire with the Ships who love the Bellows with a Billow variation. Flaglers are listed with Fleet-related Flags/Flecks, and ships go in fleets. Standard-connectable Stanley was holding the FLAG at the 9-11 memorial. Fleetwoods share the martlets of MacKenzie-beloved Mountains. Flaglers/Flags were first found in Norfolk with Gangs/Geggs who share the triple cinquefoils bendwise of Cookseys. Ships have gangs. Norfolk is where LUCE's/Lucys were first found who share three fish in pale with rock-using Roach's, and "LUCeo" is a MacKenzie motto term. Roach's are said to have "three silver fish in pale," and "a rock PROPER" while Propers/Roberts share the ostrich with Cooks and Coke's.

The Apophis asteroid is coming back in the constellation of CANCER the crab, and while Standard Oil split in 1911 to become partly Esso, it's interesting that while CHAUNCERs are listed with English Chance's (Chase branch), French Chance's share the lone sun with Esso-like Esse's/Hesse's. I didn't notice until after writing the sentence above that Esse's/Hesse's share two wings (different color) in Crest with Chance's/Chauncers. It's starting to look as though the asteroid is to ruin Rockefeller oil.

[Sorry for this longish insert, but I was amazed at how it plays to Standard Oil, and then ends flow-fully with a shipwreck. I loved watching POPeye the SAILER man as a child, whose girlfriend was Olive OYL. Popeye loved SPINACH, and SPINKs were first found in Northamptonshire with Olive's. What are the chances that STANDards (Suffolk, same as Oyl-like Owls/Howls) have a vertically-split Shield in the colors of the same of Olive's? Spanish Olive's use a giant owl. STANDs were first found in Yorkshire with Poppys/Popeleys (share black-spread eagle with Standards). OILeys were first found in Oxfordshire with Ships and Standard-branch Stoners. Standards were first found in Suffolk with an Eye location. PopEYE. It appears that either the creators of Popeye knew their heraldry, or God arranged the heraldry to point to APOPhis slung toward oil ships. It can explain how so many sea creatures will die at that strike. I was three to five years old when watching Popeye, the same age as when I saw someone flying while holding an umbrella, which could have been Mary POPPins.

Scottish Olivers have an "Ad" motto term, and while Ada of Warenne is of the Warrens, the latter share the POPP/PAPE checks. The Cosmic Torpedo is coming. Pop that into your hull, lusty, bottomless-pit fatcats, because German Pape's/PAPENBURGs (Hamburg, same as Sea-related Drummonds), suspect with Poppo's BABENBERG family, have the triple Hull dog heads (in the colors of the triple Pepin horse heads) in colors reversed.

Popeye always has a pipe in his mouth, and Pepins with Pipe's share the Jeune fleur-de-lys. Jeune-branch June's were first found in Staffordshire with PIPE's while Jeune's were first found in Cambridgeshire with Crabs and Julys/Julians while Cancer the crab, according to astrologists, owns the latter days of the month of June and the first three weeks of July. July-branch Gollys/Gullys were first found in Oxfordshire with EEL-using Ships while Ely is in Cambridgeshire. Will seaGULLs feast on drowned sailors?

Gulls have the six PALE bars of German Julians in colors reversed, and Cams have six pale bars too. Chauncers use a "pale" while Pale's/Palys (Yorkshire, same as PELLICAN-loving Pullys/Pullings, Sailors and Poppys/Popelys) share the CAMel head with Pepins and Pipe's while Ely is down the CAM river, in which picture CamBRIDGE looks named after Crab-loving Bridge's upon the Cam river (of Cambridge). The Bridge griffin head is the red one of Chaucers in colors reversed. Cams named Cam at Berkeley, and Berkeleys (Gloucestershire, same as Cams, near the first-known Howells) share the Bride patee. Pellicans share the tower of Owl/Howl-like Howells.

LOOKIE: Thurstons were first found in Suffolk with Owls/Howls, and Thurston Howell of Gilligan's ISLAND was shipwrecked!!! Thurston's wife was Lovey, and Loveys/Luffs ("bars") were first found in Oxfordshire with Ships (ISLE-like eel) and Islands/HOSTillers ("barry wavy"), though Loveys/Luffs (share triple fesses of CAMoys') were previously said to be first found in Suffolk too. Isle's were first found in Somerset with Hosts/Osts, explaining why Islands are listed with HosTILLERs'/OSTlers. Tiller-connectable Tile's/Tillys were in neighboring Dorset. Tillers were first found near the first-known Howells of Monmouthshire,

And by the way, Mackens, first found in Monmouthshire (Wales) too, use pelicans while Pellicans share the Howell tower. Mackens share the vaired fesse of Welsh Bachs/Baghs, yet the Machen Coat is in the colors and format of Saffers/SAVARYs who in turn love the Vita's who in turn have the annulet of German Tillers/Tile's in colors reversed. That's all working, and French Savarys/Savards even share the Skipper besants. savers share the Vita annulet. This is amazing because Ships love the Bellows who share "vita" with Saffers/Savarays, yet it connected to the Howells (i.e. pointer to shipwreck theme) via Saffer-related Mackens (Silverstein colors and format).

Ships are also Shiptons, like the SKIPtons of Craven (Yorkshire, same as Gilligan-colored Gills/Jills), and Elys have a Coat like that of Cravens. The captain of Gilligan's ship was the SKIPPer, and Skippers were first found in Essex with CAMULodunum. Gills/Jills were from GAMEL, son of Gille. Gamels (Cheshire, same as Ship-beloved Bellows/Billows) share the stars of Jells/GILLs/Gells (Yorkshire, same as Jacks). Jack and Jill went up the hill, and Apophis knocked them on their keisters. Gills/Jills may have the Domino's in their motto because Domino's look like they have the Hopper tower while Jells/Gills/Gells were at Hopton while Hoptons (the Lovey/Luff formee-fitchee in colors reversed) were first found in Suffolk with early Loveys/Luffs and OILeys. Standard Oil became partly ESSO. End Insert]

English Esse's/Ash's could be a branch of whatever the "AS astra" motto phrase of MacKenzie's is for (probably the Ass'/Assi's), and of note is yet another cockatrice (owned by Olive's) in the Esse/Ash Crest. The latter were first found in Devon with Billow-branch Billets while there is a billet-like "pale" between the Chance/Chauncer wings. Winstanleys were at Billing. The "fasces" of Ass'/Assi's can connect to the Fiscs using "AD astra" as compared to "as astra," and so the fasces can be for Fieschi-line Fessys/Face's who share the Billing cross, which happens to be in Chance/Chauncer- and Chase-cross colors. The latter two surnames share the "patonce" cross with the Chapell-related Tailards/Tailords while Billings were at "Chapel-End Billinge."

The cockatrice-connectable Tristans have the Tailard/Tailord quadrants, recalling that while Tails/Tailors share the Tiller lion, Tile's use wyvern dragons in the colors of the similar cockatrice of Muggs. The "GRAPPling iron" of cockatrice-using Presleys could be related to Crabs.

Just realized WOW: POPPo Babenberg of GRABfeld (or Grapfeld) looks like a pointer to APOPhis. Poppa of Valois had a daughter, Crispina, whom someone said married Grimaldus, and Grimaldi's (partners with Fieschi!) share the Cock Coat. I assume the cockatrice is for partly for Cock liners. OH WOW: Presleys use a cockatrice and a "GRAPPling iron"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is a great place to add that the Tragers in the Felltrager variation of Fellers can be gleaned in the Roach write-up: "...'the manor of Tregarrick or Tregorrick alias Treroche, belonged, prior to the Norman Conquest, to an ancient British family thence denominated TreROCHE, and afterwards De Rupe, or De la Roche...'" Okay, so Fellers got related to Roach's to create the Rockefellers, explaining why Italian Rocco's and German Tragers/Trogens have nearly the same Coat. Both surnames show only an emBATTLEd bend on a gold Shield, and while Battle's/BatTAILs use a giant GRIFFin, the Rocco Coat is essentially the GRIPP/Grape/GRABBer Coat! See? Battle's were first found in Bernicia, a place-name suspect from Berenice AGRIPPa, a Herod. See? It begs whether Poppo was a Herod-Agrippa liner, especially as the Rocco bend is colors reversed from the Pepin/Pepy bend.

It could appear that God worked the Herod-Agrippa line into the Apophis rock via Crabs; Herods/Haralds even share the fesse of Fore's/Forez's, first found in Savoy with Bridge-connectable Bride's, and Bridge's use GRIFFins as well as crabs.

OH WOW, I have it recorded that the descriptions website once called the Presley symbol "grapping HOOKs," and Hooks have three fleur-de-lys half in the colors of the same of Crabs! I wonder whose fleur Crabs use closely. OH WOW, here's the Hook write-up: "[The surname] is derived from the family living in Dorset at Hooke, a parish, in the union of BEAMinster, hundred of Eggerton, BRIDport division"! Bridports/BRIDGEports (Dorset, beside Bridge's) share gold crescents with HOCKeys, and Bride's are a branch of crab-using Bridge's!

The Hoke variation of Hooks must be of Okehampton, ruled by Mr. Dol; English Dole's do share the Crab fleur-de-lys while Scottish Dole's use a billet border while Billets were first found in Devon with Hooks/Oke's, Okehampton, and the first-known English Stewarts sharing the Beam / Eggerton lion. Beams are said to be Bellamys (Shropshire, same as Dol-Stewarts) while Hooks have a version of the Bellamy Coat. I was told that Bellamys married "Massy" of Ferte-Mace. Robert D'Avranches of Ferte-Mace married the daughter of Mr. Dol of Okehampton.

As Bride's and Brights share the Macey/Mace stars, the Hook fleur-de-lys must be those of Masci's. Eggerton titles are said to have transferred to Masseys. Eggertons were first found in Cheshire with Eggs/Edge's, a branch of Ice's/Ecco's/ICKE's (Mecklenburg, same as GRAPE-using Deeters/Teeters) who in turn have the Beam trefoils in colors reversed, and the Hicks/ICKE's (almost the Massey fleur) are from the Hook-like Hyksos who provided Apophis/Apepi. The Ice/Icke trefoils are shared by English PIKE's (Devon, same as Hooks) who are in turn suspect from PICenze elements, and my Masci mother was born and raised in Picenze, in Abruzzo while grappling-hook Presleys use two Abreu/Abruzzo symbols. I was probably born in the home of PEPIN Taff who married Miss Masci. Bridgeports are said to have officiated the Catholic church in Salisbury while Salisburys were Abreu/Abruzzo kin.

Ahhhhh ZOWIE: PICENce-like Pigeons share the pigeon with CRAPPers/Croppers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As I said, my father caught a pigeon on Pepin Taff's roof, and my mother cooked it! The Crappers helped to prove that the first-ever pigeon seen on my property was from God, because it walked over my septic = stool = crap tank...suggesting that God was pointing to a stool pigeon.

I've just realized that the Chance/Chauncer cross is a version of the Massena patee cross shared by Scottish Bride's, for while the Massena Coat is a version of the Masci Coat, Maschi's (not "Masci") share the Chance/Chauncer Chief. I always root Masseys in the Hyksos. Scottish Bride's have the OMAN Coat, and part of the Pury Coat while Purys are suspect in a "Pour y" motto phrase of Mens-branch MANNers/Maness (share Mens Chief). Pepins and Poppins love the Mens', and while the latter were at GLENlyon, Glenns and Glennys share the martlets of Scottish Bride's and Purys.

Masseys share the fleur-de-lys of Shells in the "CLAM shell" of Pope/Pape's/POPPs, and Shells were first found in Westphalia with German Popps. English Shelleys are in OKE/Oak colors and nearly in their format, and Irish Shelleys/Shallows share the Dol whale. Clam-like Calams and their Malcolm/Column branch share the Bride / Bright / Macey/Mace stars. NEW: Calams and Malcolms are in the colors and format of Alan-based French Brians (Brittany) while Briancon was BRIGantium! Bingo. Flags/Flacks use "SEA shells," yet they are the Meschin scallops while Meschins of Cheshire married the Duncan family in direct relation with Malcolm III. The latter married the sister of the first Drummond, and Drummonds share the triple-wavy fesses of SEA's.

The first Drummond was son of George, the line to English George's (Dorset, beside Crab-using Bridge's) who have a fesse-with-items in the colors of the same of HOCKeys/Hockleys and Hazels (Devon, same as Hooks, once said to be first found in Cheshire). George's were first found in Dorset with the Bridports/Bridgeports sharing gold crescents with Hockeys and Hazels...and the Pattons who moreover share the Hook fleur-de-lys.

By the way, the Bridport/Bridgeport Chief looks related to the WESTry Chief because Alans of Dol were at OsWESTRy, and while Wests can be found as a Waistell branch, the latter share blue doves with English George's. Westrys are also WestWRAYs/WestRAYs/WestROE's while Rays (Cumberland, same as Westrys and Waistells, and beside Roddens/Rodhams) are in the colors and format of the Os' (Susan and Tume/Tomb colors and format) that apparently named OSwestry. The Rayborns use a ROEbuck, and while the Rodden river is in Shropshire with Oswestry, the Ray-like Rie's/Rise's share the Rodden/Rodham bend. I see "Waistell" from "Vestalis," son of king Cottius at Susan-like Susa upon the RIParia river suspect in the "R.I.P" in the Tume/Tomb Coat.

Although Bridports/Bridgeports show a fretty Shield, their Hall-of-Names description tells that they use a red-on-white bend, same as MacKenzie-beloved Asters and Chase-like English Case's. Chase's share the patonce cross of Chance's/Chauncers, perfect because it appears that God used CANCER the crab to go with Bride-branch Bridge's. Plus, the two trees of French Chance's may have been play on the Pairs/Paws because Cass'/Cash's use "A PAIR of scales." Ahh, I get it, for Pairs/Paws and the other Paws use the peacock while Peacocks were first found in Essex with Chance's/Chauncers! KilBRIDE is at Glasgow, right beside the first-known Scottish Caseys who use the crow that could apply to CROWper variation of Crab-like Crappers/Croppers.

Bridge's use a "chevron enGRAILed between three red crabs." Crabs come up as "Crail" while Grails/Neils/Neals use "A rock proper," the Roach description. Again, Roach's share the three fish in pale of Luce's/Lucys while "Luceo" is in the motto of asteroid-pointing MacKenzie's. Luce's/Lucys use PIKEs. Irish Neils, with an anNIHILate-like Nihill variation, were Shark kin while Sharks use the Rockefeller symbol, the TREFoil. Grails/Neils/Neals have a "castle on the SEA", and my 1979 dream, perhaps exactly 50 years before Apophis' arrival, opened with a nasty shark in a kidney-shaped swimming pool while Kidneys/GEDneys (Ged / Neil/Nihill fish in colors reversed) share the blue fish with Sea's and Hagels (Tyrone, same as Neils/Nihills and Sharks)a, in colors reversed from the fish in this Arms of SARACa. The Vele's suspect in the "vel" motto term of Grails/Neils (FETTERlocks) use FEATHERs as well as the moline cross of VALLANs who in-turn have the moline of SARACen-branch Sarasins while VALIANTs (Yorkshire, same as Ticks/Tucks) use a shark. It's almost the flory cross of the Birds in the Crest of Kidneys/Gedneys. The latter almost have the Coat of German Nails/Neils/Nagle's, first found in Westphalia with Sea-connectable Ducks/Duckers who in turn have the five fesses of English Vallans/Valence's (Kent, where Ticks/Tucks were once said to be first found) in colors reversed.

The Somerset Heffers share the triple BRIAN and Lawn/Lane lions while the latter share "GARDE" with WINstanleys while WINGers/Wingate's share the ermined bend of one Clapton Coat while the other Claptons share the patee cross of Winstanleys while WINGs are used by Chance's/Chauncers, the pointer to Cancer the crab and therefore to the Apophis asteroid. One Bridge Coat uses crabs, and the other Bridge Coat has a "GARDEray" motto term. I'm not done with Brians. The Bridge's who don't have the crab use griffin heads that, in colors reversed, is the red one in the Chance/Chaucer Crest, but, safe to say, the human heraldry makers did not link Chaucers to the Bridge crab was per Cancer the crab, though God may have made the arrangement because Apophis is returning in the Cancer constellation.

Wimble's/WINbolts share the one pile of WINGs/Winks while VINCE's were first found in Hertfordshire with Neckers-connectable Nuse's/Newes. Stanleys are Apophis-important because they share the stag head of flaming-mountain MacKenzie's who in turn have an asteroid-like "astra" motto term. The last update showed why the Stanley-beloved Changers/Changers were kin of Neckers-connectable Stouts, the latter first found in Cambridgeshire with CRAB's while Changers are like "cancer." Brian's are highlighted above because Briancon was BRIGantium, in Savoy with the first-known French Bride's while Bride-like Bridge's use crabs! Brians even share the triple lions of English Heffers, the latter first found in Somerset with Bridge's!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No Kiddering, folks.

French Chance's were first found in Touraine, and Tarrs (Somerset with Coffers/Coffare's sharing Kidder crescents) show nothing but ten pale bars in the colors of the show-nothing-but ten bendy-bars of Tarr-like Touraine's/Turenne's. Could the latter be a branch of whatever the "iTUR" motto term of MacKenzie's is for? Tours is the Touraine capital. Touraine's/Turenne's were first found in Savoy with Bridge-branch Bride's. Coincidence? Ahh, while BRIGantium is Briancon (in Savoy), French Brians have the DeTour variation of Tours in their motto. I've known it long, but didn't know it was for Touraine liners because I'm not familiar with Touraine's, but am now thanks to Chance's. The Chance/Chauncer cross suddenly looks like the Savoy cross. Yes, for the French Maurice's in the Savoy motto almost have the French Bride Coat. The patonce cross of Chance's/Chauncers can be for Patents/Pattens, first found in Essex with Chance's/Chauncers and MacKenzie-beloved Mountains. Patents/Pattens share the Pully motto while Pully is on the opposite shore of lake Geneva from Upper Savoy. Scottish Patents/Patients love Flame's/Flamonts along with MacKenzie's.

The Torrens/Torrance's have a vertically-split Shield colors reversed from the same of the particular Claptons who have a patonce-like patee cross that's "counterCHANGEd." Chauncer-like Change's/Changers were first found in Hampshire with Sturs suspect in the Porch/PORTIS Crest, and while the Stour river expected with Asters/Sturs begins near Clapton / PORTIShead, the vertically-split wolf head in the other Clapton Coat (share ermined WINGer bend) is colors reversed from the vertically-split Shield of Tarves'. Chance's/Chauncers use WINGs, and Tarves' were kin by way of Chives' of Maple's, the latter first found in Essex with Chance's/Chaucers, Paw-connectable Peacocks, and the Quints ("paw") sharing the blue vair of HOOKers.

I get disgruntled at times with whoever supplies surname derivations to houseofnames because at least half of them are misleading, typical for our end-time world of falsifying, untruthful anti-Christs. For example, the Torrens/Torrance's have the Bride's in their write-up yet the derivation of Torrens is not in "Touraine," but some off-the-wall "expert" opinion of some ignorant dope(s) who claim as fact a mere guess that sounds right to their simpleton naivety: "The surname Torren was first found in Stirlingshire. The name is a habitation name from either East KilBRIDE or north of GLASGOW where it is derived from the Gaelic word 'torran' which means 'hillock' or 'mound' or 'little hills.' Torrens/Torrance's use "oars" while Ore's/Orrs were first found in Renfrewshire with Glasgow. Ore's/Oars have the triple piles of Guiscards/Wisharts (Stirlingshire, same as Torrens and BAUDs) in colors reversed, and the cornuCOPia of Orrs/Oars can be for the Cups/Cope's/CULPs (Aberdeenshire, same as Turins) in the "culpa" motto term of Pullys and Patents/Pattens. Kilbride's/McBride's share the cinquefoil of Ardens while Arduinici were up the Baud-like BAUTica river from Chivasso, the line to Chives' of Aberdeenshire's Tarves. Surname derivation begins by following heraldic codes that the families provided for themselves.

I claim that Ardons (not "Arden") share the red BOTTer eagle, and thus Botters appear derived in the namers of the Bautica river, which is also the BALTea, explaining why Scottish Bauds share the Bald quadrants. Bauds use a ship, and we are on the Revelation asteroid here that destroys ships, and one can speculate that many seamen will be in their lifeboats with OARS when the asteroids tidal waves pass by them. French Bauds were first found in Auvergne while Auvergne's share the giant Tour tower as well as the Shield of Pully-like Pools. Balders (West Lothian with sun-using Bathgate's), who look like ROOST kin), share the cross of SinCLAIRs/SAINTs/SUNs (Midlothian's ROSlin) while "Saint-Maurice" is the Savoy motto while French Chance's and French Ardens (Limousin, same as CLAIRs) use a sun. Chance's were from Touraine in Savoy.

I've given historians a thousand or more new and valid surname connectors, but google hides my work partly because end-time anti-Christ snots don't mind falsifications as long as they can rule the world with "knowledge" directly opposed to Jesus. That's why the asteroid is coming, to treat such people as disposable beasts. They will be made into fish food, so they are not going totally to waste. We would love it if they repented and became wise and beneficial like us, but they refuse to their death to even begin appreciating the Son of God sent once already to begin to rectifying the earth from the calamities of evil kingdoms. Their arrogance knows no bounds, hating the One who made the stars to "hang" in space. Is it only a little thing to create one star alone? How magnificent is God who made the entire sky of stars? And that was just for starters. How dare these people war against His people. Stop being greedy, Jesus warns them, but their cargo ships roll on with greed bulging in their hulls.

Turris/Terras' (share Bride star) might have the gold stag of Greens, the latter first found in Kent with the English Scotts ("stag TRIPpant") and Trips while Scottish Scotts share the Turris/Terras Coat. Also first found in Savoy were the Masseys/Masse's sharing the tree with French Chance's, and Greens are mentioned above as per the "two green trees" of French Chance's. Ardens were first found in Warwickshire with Tree's/True's (now changed to first in Wiltshire) and Pettys while Petts and Petits were first found in Kent too. Petits are in the motto of Malcolms/Columns who have a version of the French Brian Coat, and both use a saltire in the colors of the Torren/Torrance saltire-by-oars. Masseys/Masse's once showed the three boots that German Trips/TREFFs once showed, and while the latter now show shoes, Shoe's, with a "tree," share the "knight" with Tree's. Treffs may have been of Trevors/Trefors (Herefordshire, same as English Maurice's) and therefore of Travers and Tarves. Note "TreFOR."

Likewise first found in Savoy were FORE's/Forez's who in turn love Trevor-like Travers/Travis'. The BalFOURs (Fife, same as a Crab branch) with a "FORward" motto are pretty amazing here for having a near-copy of the Calver Coat with Crab-like Carber variation. Calvers/Carbers even share the Pepin/Pepy fleur-de-lys, now making them look like God's pointer to the Apophis asteroid in particular. The Otters/Others expected in the Balfour otter are in Turin colors and format, and we just saw Touraine's in Savoy, where Fore's/Forez's, Crab-connectable Bride's, and Balfour-like Beauforts/BoFORE's were first found too. The latter, essentially sharing the MonFORE/Montfort Coat, are in the colors of Bridge's, first found in Somerset (beside Beaumonts) with the Roets who were also Beauforts. MONTFORT is near RENNES, and Turin is on the north side of RENier/RAINiere of MONTFERRAT (near MONFORTE beside BRA). TouRAINE/TuRENNE.

This set of heraldry is expected as the TARves line, and so I think I know why Steve Tarr got FOUR goals in our CHAMPIONship game (topic of last update), as God's pointer to Fore's/Forez's. The first goal of that game was when Tarr passed to me and I scored on Jim McGee. As I've said a dozen times, Scottish McGee's (Dumfries, same as LEGGs) share the boar head of the Juggs/Judds...expected for Judicael of Rennes in the Rains/Raines motto along with "LEGES." Irish McGee's use leopard FACES in Rain/Raines colors. Near the Meu river at Montfort and Rennes is JUGon, and Meu-like Mea's/Meigh's (almost "McGee"), sharing the Savoy cross, share the McGee / Jugg/Judd boar head. Leggs almost have the giant MacKenzie stag head, and while the "as astra" of MacKenzie's is like the "AD astra" in the Fisk motto, the Fieschi are suspect to the Face's/Fessys (Northampton, same as WARDs and Bra-suspect Brays) sharing the Mee/Meigh / Savoy cross. Furthermore, "ad" is connectable to ADA of Warrene while Warrens share the checkered Shield of WARDs likely in the "ForWARD" motto of Balfours, for Balfours use the otter while Otters/Others were first found in Huntingdonshire, where Ada of Warrene got her husband, Henry. French Henrys are said to be from the Meu-river theater smack of Montfort!

It's time to tell that Crabs, with almost the Coat of Macey-branch Mackays, share the dagger with Mackays, yet more: the two Mackay daggers are in a chevron and therefore in the shape of the two McGee swords. The Crab dagger is held by a lion's "claw," and Claws'/Clasons share the giant Beaufort/Bofore / Montfort lion. "Lady fortune" is in the Klassen/Class Coat, and Ladys were first found in Northampton with "FLAX-breaker" Brays. Lady Fortune holds a banner, and banners are from the Panaro river, location of Marano. Marano's share the Montfort lion because Montforts owned the "gonFANON banner," part-code for Fanano, near Marano.

For those who know that I pointed the GET'n GO gas station on RANCH road to Gows/McGOO's, Geth-branch McGee's and Rench's/Wrench's (Cambridgeshire, same as Crabs) when I didn't have access to Coat descriptions, it's pretty amazing that I now discover McGee's to have "two swords arRANGEd perchevron." Range's, showing nothing but a cross in colors reversed from the Orion/IRON cross, could have been a Rench branch, and we might even read the code as "ARRANged" (note "arranGED") so as to be for Orion-branch Arran liners. It recalls the Crab-like "GRAPPLing IRONs" of Presleys, and the Rocco-related Gripps/GRAPE/Grabbers/GRABBELs. The GONfanon banner looks like part-code for Gone's, listed with Gows/McGoo's. Gow-like Gowers/Gore's share the white wolf with Gore's/Core's who in turn share the Rench/Wrench crosslets.

Range's look like they were named after a mountain range because their cross is in the colors of the similar saltire of French Mountains. Range's share the Coat of English Bruns, and their Brown branch has a Coat that's almost the Crab Coat!!! The flaming mountain, if it's Apophis, will come in the crab constellation!!! Bruns were first found in SPITALfields while Spitals/SPITTLE's (share the besants of the Flame's/Flamonts in the "mountain in flames" of MacKenzie's!) were first found in Dumbartonshire with the Eure's who almost have the Coat of Claverings, the latter first found in Essex with English Mountains! ZINGER. Italian Bruns/Bruno's even have half the saltire of French Mountains. The write-up of French Mountains has their seat in MontIVER, and Eure's are also Ivers!

Dumbartonshire is beside Renfrewshire and Stirlingshire, and RENfrews use a giant ship in the colors of the same of Bauds (Stirlingshire). French Bauds (Auvergne) use a giant ram in the colors of the RENfrew ship, and RAINs/Raines' were first found in Essex with Rams and Mountains. Mounts share the giant lion of Rance's. Note the TorRANCE variation of oar-using Torrens (Stirlingshire), for Orrs/Ore's were first found in Renfrewshire. Reckless family historians who want to teach correctly when making surname derivations need to get up-to-speed on heraldic codes.

The same write-up: "[Mountains] were also in Moulines and at Poncins in FOREZ." Belgian Moulines' share the Spittal/Spittal fesse. AHHHHHHH, and French Moulins' share a reflection of the Board Coat! For my goal on McGee, Tarr passed to puck to me while he was at the CORNER of the boards, and Boards were first found in Sussex with Acorns in the "oak branch" with aCORN in the Corner Coat, and with the Shelleys ("whelk shells") who are in turn in Spittal/Spittle colors and format. Tarr then went on the score FOUR goals in that game, now suspect with Mountains of Forez because French Mountains have bulls in the colors of the bull heads of Bulls (Somerset, same as Tarrs). The Fore/Forez-beloved Travers share the scallops of Flags/Flacks who in turn call them "sea shells" i.e. connectable to Shelleys! Bullys even have "A heart in flames." That works for Tarr's pass, but short of God's intervention, I'll never remember this set of heraldry. Travers are linkable to Tarr liners.

This is the first time I recall that French Mountains have been applied to the asteroid, and it's a zinger, like God's spittle of a big fiery rock into the Rockefeller pond. The three evil frogs will be roused in time to do their final croaking. I wouldn't be writing this from Range's had I not started up on McGee's, and it was Tarr's pass to me that brought McGee's to topic. The Taro river is near the Trebia, and Trebys share the Spital / Flame besants. Ahhh, the Moulines' were no doubt a branch of Moline's, first found in Devon with moline-using Snells ("victoria," for my records) to go with the snails of German Bartons suspect in DumBARTONshire, where Spittals/Spittle's were first found. And English Bartons, no guffing, have the McGee boar heads in colors reversed! Plus, as I've said, my shot on McGee sailed (I've always used "sailed" and now I think I know why) over his KNEE PAD as he kicked it out to block the shot, and while Knee's share the Acorn stag head, Padds use MILL rinds to go with the moline cross of Scottish Mills (Hampshire, same as English Mills with a mill rind).

I kid you not, immediately after writing the paragraph above on this Saturday, the day when I usually listen to music, a song, "You raise me Up (by Westlife) was playing, with the words, "You raise me up so I can stand on MOUNTAINS, You raise me up to walk on stormy seas..".

Back to the mill rind of Padds. Rinds have been resolved as a branch of Rands/Rynds/Rance's (share red lion with Mill Crest) at the Rance river near Rennes. ZIKERS, I didn't realize, when starting this paragraph, that "Rance" is like the RANGE's suspect in the "arranged" descriptive term of McGee's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Incredible. That's why the puck had to involve McGee's knee pad! It sailed right over my head all these years...because I didn't know McGee's use an "arranged" code. Ahh, when mentioning Clavers above with Mountains, I couldn't remember the surname first found at CLAVERing; it's the Rands/Rynds/Rance's. I've recorded in the past that French Mountains had married CLAVIERE's, is that not wild or what?

OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH WOW. I now know why I had to be led to the Corners by way of Tarr at the corner boards, for the Corner Crest shares the red griffin head of cancer-like Chance's/CHAUNCERs (!), and the Corners even share the fleur-de-lys of Crabs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is great. GREAT, I say, especially as both Corners and Chauncers have their griffin head between a pair of wings (different colors). The Wings/Winks were first found in Perthshire, and I remember that Pope's/Popps/Pape's were said to be first found in Perthshire. I'm at the point where, if Apophis is not the 2nd Trumpet, no one will be more surprised than I. This looks like a God-ordained heraldic crystal ball 7.5 years ahead of time.

Okay, well if Tarr's PASS from the corner is a pointer to Apophis in particular, what does my goal mean in relation to that rock? I don't know, but PASS'/PASCALs (share TARAN/Tarant eagle!) were first found in Essex with Mountains, and the Apophis comet is scheduled near Easter = PASSover which Latins call, Pascal!!! There's More because Easters are listed with Asters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have you ever seen anything like this? Pass'/Pascals even have a cross colors reversed from the cross of Chance's/Chauncers (Essex, same as Pass'/Pascals)! Apophis is scheduled to arrive 12 days before Easter of 2029, and 14 before the first day of Passover (the latter is a week-long holiday).

I had forgotten until now that while Tarans/Tarents are also Terents, Trents/Trans'/Trans were first found in Somerset with Tarrs/Terres' (and Coffee-related Coffers). The Arms of Taranto uses mythical Taras on a dolphin, similar to the Coffee/Coffer Crest. Dolphins/Dolfins share the dolphin with James', and we can assume that Jim McGee was born, James.

Why didn't God just have Tarr go from the corner boards to score the goal on McGee himself? Because he needed to pass it to find what was just found. Plus, I wouldn't have remembered this goal has I not scored. I don't remember anything else of that game, not even celebrating with the team for the win. I don't remember one of Tarr's goals. I just know he got four (we won 6-2, I remember), and I have a faint recollection of knowing I got two, but on the latter I've confused myself just by trying to remember. However, after writing that, I looked up two-like Tews to find that they share the double-blue wings in the Chance/Chauncer Crest! But even if I got one goal, the One's/Innis' are a branch of English Innis' who share the hexagram between the double wings of Chance's/Chauncers.

Now look, for the only goal I recall, in case I got two, is the pass from Tarr as he got around a defenceman at the corner of the boards. The Boards have a Coat like that of French Moulins'. The latter, instead of the eight martlets around the Board border, have eight "drops" around the border, and Drops/Trope's share the Chief of Tewel-like Tolle's while Tewels are listed with Tews. The last update talked about the very previous goal that our team got, in our game previous to the one against McGee, which was scored by me off of a slap shot by Steve Tarr that needed to be tipped into the goal. I told why that goal points well to Mike Lindell, and so let me repeat this from the last update:

Repeat as per Lindell's sales of bed sheets and towels: "Mike Lindell was spotted tying TOWELs and sheets together to CLIMB down the edge of the flat earth." There is a Towell surname listed with Tews/Tewells, and while they can be gleaned from Tullia of CLERMONT-FERRAND, entering "CLERMONTS" brings up the CLIMERs/Clements!!! What are the chances? Towells/Tewells have three of the Tullia/Tull pale bars, and the latter put the butterFLY on their pale bar while Flys were at Flagi while Flags share the double fesses of Climers/Clements. What are the chances of that? Tulls/Tolle's (share Italian Ferrand Shield) share the lion of Tewell-like Tools. I'm impressed. I must be on the right track for God's exposures.

The Tulls/Tolle's and Tools share the lion of Drops in the Moulines border. The Borders/BOARDers (Somerset, same as Tarrs) happen to have two swords in saltire, in the colors of the two McGee swords, in the colors of the saltire-by-keys of Clermonts, what are the chances? It helps to convince me that I remembered correctly that I had two goals that championship game. The McGee swords are shared by Rickets/Recketts suspect in the "recte" motto term of Coffins/Caffins who in turn use a scimiTAR. Coincidence?

If I haven't mentioned yet that Padds share the fesse of English Champions, that looks absolutely pertinent for including Champions into this discussion. It may be that the goal was over McGee's knee pad as a special pointer to Champions. But why? Irish McGee's happen to be in the colors and format of the other English Champions. Both English Champions use treFOILs, part-code for RoqueFEUIL liners to Rockefellers. How does our championship game point to money rats? Shouldn't it point instead to the transfer of globalist wealth to the meek of the earth? Note "championSHIP," a thing I didn't SEA until now.

I remember admiring the TROPHy at home (not because it was a nice trophy), and Drops are TROPE's too (it means the trophy points to Tolle-line Tullia below). It's working, and I probably haven't gleaned, as yet anyway, all there is to. We can ask whether Tarr led us to a CHAMPIONship for Tarr-line linkage to Mummolin of CHAMPAGNE. Asteroid-interesting is that German Tolle's (Mecklenburg, same as Tolle-like Dols) share the black-and-white checks of Pepoli's, another possible Apophis/Apepi line. The Pepoli's almost have the Coat of Scottish Champagne's, and MumMOLIN of Chalons-en-Champagne, the line suspect to Moline's / Moulines' under discussion, was descended from Tullia of Clermont-Ferrand. French Ferrands (share white-wavy fesse with Dols) were even first found in Gascony with French Moulines'.

[Insert -- I kid you not, that several hours after writing here on Saturday, the day I usually play music, I came back to look at the paragraph above, and added the brackets: (not because it was a nice trophy)". A minute earlier, I had added the question, "We can ask whether Tarr led us to a CHAMPIONship for Tarr-line linkage to Mummolin of CHAMPAGNE." It's why I came to revisit the paragraph, to add that question. Then, while writing the brackets, and probably at or very near "trophy," the word "trophies" was sung over my speakers, I'm not lying, from the song, "Old Rugged Cross" (by John Berry). The Arms of Chalons-en-Champagne uses the English Crozier/CROSier Coat. Old Rugged CROSS. It tends to answer my question on whether the Championship game was a pointer to Mummolin's line. God routinely (on average once every few weeks) does this sort of song-line miracle on Saturdays.

Ahh, as per John Berry the singer, English Berrys (Devon, same as Moulins'/Moline's) have a griffin head half red, the colors of the Chance/Chauncer griffin head. Plus, while there's a Rugg surname to go with "Old Rugged cross," I think we are to be pointing to Rudge's ("CRUCE") because they have the engrailed Rhodes cross in colors reversed while the "meum" motto term of Rhodes' looks like code for Mummolin elements.

OH ZOWIE, I get it. The Cruce's/Croise's, which I would have missed here if not for the "cruce" motto term of Rudge's, share the Crozier/Crosier cross, but the Cruce/Croise Coat is essentially the English Brun Coat, and this insert is timed here after the paragraph below this insert, with Bruno, was already written. I've told perhaps a half-dozen times that I would play LaCROSSE against the brick wall of Bruno! Cruce's/Croise's (Languedoc, same as Mountains) have a cross in the colors of the similar saltire of French Mountains!!! You see, God is pointing to the asteroid with the hockey game with Tarr. And I've only just realized that English Mountains share the Bruno bend!

Here's from the 1st update of May, 2017: "It was recent when I mentioned Bruno, my neighbor at Reesor street. He and my father were working for the same real-estate company, and they bought side-by-side homes in a new area. I used to bounce a LACROSS ball off the bricks of Bruno's house, with a lacrosse racket..." Lacrosse's are listed with Cruce's/Croise's! ZINGER FOLKS, God just set up Old RUDGE Cross for us, with the championship trophy to boot to prove that Tarr's pass from the boards is for the DROP-using Moulines' having a good reflection of the Board Coat.

Mummolin was a Merovingian, and the Merovingian Mayor of the Palace (like a shadow government) in those years were Pepins! I get it. It is, it is, the hockey game is a pointer to Apophis!

Ah, the lacrosse BALL. English Balls (Cheshire, where Meschins ruled) use a "FIREBALL"! It never ends. Bricks use the Massey/Macey fleur, suggesting that Bricks were from Ranulph de BRIQUESsart, father of the Meschins. The Brick lozenges are shared by Fells. We can say that God is sending the fireball to fell the off-yer-Rockerfellers. Lunatics making the entire world go mad, if possible to protect their power-interests. The Mountain saltire, by the way, is shared by Messeys/Messier's. End insert]

Italian Ferrands (share Tull/Tolle checks) were first found in Florence with Bruno's while English Bruns share the cross in the Arms of Chalons-en-Champagne. Bruns were at SPITTALfields while Spittals/Spittle's share the fesse of Belgian Moulines'. During the games with Tarr, my father was freshly moved into a new house on Senator REESORS drive (Markham, Ontario), right beside BRUNO, his workmate at the time in real-estate. The Reesors share the blue-vaired cross of English Ferrands, I kid you not, and while my father's mother was the (grand)daughter of a Taddei family, Taddei's (FLORence = Ferrand-line Firenze) were exactly kin of English Ferrands. The two Taddei crosses in Chief (essentially the two in the Ferrand Chief) are the flory cross of Bouillons, the latter first found in Auvergne with Clermont-Ferrand.

I think I have it. The Tolle's of POMERANIA and Mecklenburg are Apophis-important due to Schwerin being in Mecklenburg. The Schwerins (Mecklenburg) have a horizontally-split Shield in colors reversed from the same of Pepoli-like Popoli's, and Pepoli's are the ones sharing the Tolle checks. This gets amazing because the Arms of Pomerania has a red griffin due to the House of Griffin in Pomerania, and even the GRAPE-using Deeters/Teeters were first found in Pomerania, important because Griffins are suspect with Gripps/GRAPE's/ with a Crab-like Grabber variation, and the Gripps/Grape's/Grabbers essentially have the Coat of Rocco's, first found in Naples with Popoli's. It's pointing to the Apophis rock, isn't it? Yes, because this rock in coming from CANCER the crab (I've read that) while Chance's/CHAUCERs have a RED GRIFFIN head!!! Again, Rocco's use their bend with an emBATTLEd pattern, and Battle's have a giant griffin, as do Griffins. How did we get to this paragraph? By following my TWO goals on McGee to Tews/Tewells, then to Tolle's.

McGee was a friend of mine (not more than about a year) before this goal from Tarr took place, otherwise I wouldn't have known McGee's name. We had played road hockey in front of his house with a gang which included Steven McGill. One McGill Crest shares the Pass/Pascal / Tarent eagle.

I ALMOST MISSED IT. The McGill Crest is not a red eagle alone, but is a "phoenix in flames"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's the Knee symbol in the same red color!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hall of Names gives no description for the phoenix in the Knee Crest, but fortunately, the Needhams, sharing the Knee Coat and Crest, are said to have a phoenix in Crest. Jim McGee's knee pad has just been pointed to by Steve McGill, and then the "Sine" motto term of McGills is shared by goalie-like Gollys/Gullys and Gulls! How-bout that. The full motto is "Sine fine," and Fiens/Fane's/Phones definitely look like a Phoenix/Fenwick branch so that, yes, God used McGill in our road-hockey games to prove that He was in my hockey-arena goal against McGee. Gollys and Gulls are gleaned as Julian liners, and goal-like Joals/Jewels (Devon, same as Seaton) use "GILLYflowers." Gillys were first found in Lothian with the Seatons/Sittens who named Sine-line Sion as "Sitten."

Phoenix-using Phoenix's/Fenwicks even share the martlets of Irish McGills, and while the latter have the split-Shield of English Charles', Scottish McGills almost have the Coat of French Charles'/Charlotte's. This is huge. I have McGill in the 1st update of February, 2018: "The point is, the Michaels are said to be Irish MacGille's too, and Steve McGill, who had RED hair, played road hockey with Jim McGee and I..." Red-branch Reeds share the Pass/Pascal / Tarent eagle too, and Reds/Reeds have a fair reflection of the French Mountain Coat. It just so happens that Michaels, first found in Surrey with James', have the James scallops in colors reversed. Scottish Michaels, the ones with MacGille's, are in Spittle/Spittle colors and format. German Michaels have the lion of Chase's, and while this lion is in colors reversed with Chance's/Chauncers, the latter share the patonce cross of Chase's.

McGee's KNEE pad pointed the Padds with mill RIND, and Stanley in Texas pointed to Knee's and Leaks on the night that God gave the pointers to McGee's at the Get'n Go (Ranch rd. also called the Leakey rd). Rinds (Perthshire, same as Pope's/Popps/Pape's) had gotten us to McGee-connectable and Ranch-like Rands/Rance's, and here' I'll repeat that German Rench's/Rentz's share the lone fleur-de-lys of Leaks/Leakeys (share engrailed Knee bend) while Stanleys (share Knee / Leak bend not engrailed), first found in Cambridgeshire with Rench's/Wrench's and Crabs, love the Chauncer-like Changers, first found in Hampshire with Mills and Chauncer-related Chase's. That's pretty incredible on top of Stanleys sharing the stag head of MacKenzie's. It's almost the Legg stag head, and Leaks/Leakeys use "a human leg" bent at the knee.

Back to the McGee-obtained Range's sharing the Coat of English Bruns, first found in Middlesex (at SPITTALfields) with the Fiers. The latter share the MOLINE cross of Shelly-like Snells, and Shelleys are in Spittal/Spittle colors and format. MumMOLIN ruled at Chalons-en-Champagne, and Range's were first found in Champagne. The Arms of Chalons-en-Champagne uses the Scottish Crozier Coat, which includes the Range / Brun cross and the Brown/Brun fleur-de-lys. French Crozier's were first found in Auvergne with Claviere's and Mummolin's ancestry at Auvergne's CLERMONT-Ferrand, and Clermonts were kin of Claviere's. While Sauvage's were first found in Champagne, Sava's/Savage's share "te" with the Scottish Gills who in turn use "te DOMINE," like the "Domino" term in the McGill motto. The Sava river is also the Save while "saved" is a motto term of Tarent-like Torrens/TorRANCE's. Rance-branch Rinds use "GILLie flowers."

Middlesex is also where APPS' were first found (along with Fiers), from the APSus river through Fier county of Albania. Vardys share both the Fier MOLINE and the black vair fur of Champagne's. Kuman in Fier is the line to Comet-connectable Comyns who share the dagger with Crabs because Daggers are from the Dexaroi. Daggers were first found in Cumberland with the Brun-branch Browns/Bruns who are in the brown lions of Ram-like Ramps, and Raines-connectable Rams ("FIERi," no guff) are in the colors and format of Crabs (Cambridgeshire, same as Range-like Rench's). The "arRANGEd" term of McGee's connected to the Mackay daggers, and to the Raines' (Essex, same as Rams and Mountains). The Quade's Quoids suspect in the "Quod" motto term of Rams share the Irish Mackay Coat.

The Quid variation of Quade's/Quoids is in the motto of the Rickets in turn sharing the McGee swords to a point! The Rickets describe them as two swords "points inWARD," and Rickets (scimiTAR) are said to have migrated to Combe while Wards have a "Comme" motto term while Comme's/Gumms have two scimitar-like swords in Ricket / McGee-sword colors. The "two swords in saltire" of Comme's/Gumms are in the colors of the two swords in saltire of BOARDers. Tarr passed from the boards! Bingo, it must have been a pointer to Boarders. And French Combe's come up as "Comet." The Combe location of Rickets is in Hereford, and Tarr-connectable Trevors/TreFORE's were first found in Herefordshire. Tarr got FOUR goals in the championship GAME.

And by the way, Game's/Cams are in Crab colors while Crabs were first found at the Cam-river area (near CAMULodunum) while a CAMel is used by the Pale's/Palys (and Pepins), who are in the six pale bars of Game's/Cams, and I've learned that six pale bars are owned by Landens/Landers / Langleys / Longfords / Langfords from Pepin of Landen. Cancer-like Chauncers use a "pale."

In fact, one of the guys playing road hockey with McGee and I could have been Ricket-pointing Rick Spence, for he was at times amongst us, and he lived on James Speight rd. with McGee. Amazingly, Speights were first found in Kent with Rickets (and Wootens), and while Rickets moved to Herefordshire, that's where Jays were first found who are in the Speight Crest! On this map, finds Senator Reesors drive, where I lived, by following Wooten Way south, and you'll see James Speight rd. nearby (you might need to make the map larger to get the names of these roads to appear). Another amazing thing is that while Speights (new to me) share the TRISTan pheons, a cockTRICE is in the Trevor/Trefore Crest (while Trice's/Trysts were first found in Cornwall with Tristans). WOOTens look like a branch of Woods in this picture because Spencers share "defend" with Woods (Leicestershire, same as Spencers).

English Spence's are even in the colors and format of Irish McGee's while Spencers (share scallops of Tarr-connectable Travers/Travis') share a griffin head between two wings (in different colors) with Chance's/Chauncers. Jim McGee had long HAIR (even at 11 years of age), and Chance's/Chaucers share blue wings in Crest with German Here's/Herrs while English Here's/Heyers use "two blue DEXTER wings" in Crest. Dexters are also DECKsters while German Daggers are also Deckers (Prussia, same as Here's/Herrs). English Here's/Heyers use a "tree trunk sprouting aFRESH" while Fresh's are listed with Frischs/Fritsche's (Derbyshire, same as Here's/Heyers) while Frauds/Friths share the "scythe" with Here's/Herrs ("scythes"). Scythe's are listed with Skate's, and Scythes' with Side's.

Oh wow, the "sun shining" of Here's/Heyers caused a peak at Shine's because my first goal of of Tarr's slap shot was on my SHIN pads. German Shine's (Switzerland, same as Graffs/Graffens/Gravs that had coupled with Coffins/Caffins) are listed with Scheins while Schims, suspect in the scimiTAR, come up as Schiens. Shine's/Scheins have a giant fleur half in the colors of the giant fleur of Tarr-like Torring(ton)s (named Torrington of Coffins/Caffins) of Devon, beside the first-known Tarrs (Somerset, same as Shins/Chine's/Chings and Here/Heyer-beloved, Grave-like Grove's). I therefore checked for a Tarring surname, and it's listed with Torrings, how-bout that. It's more proof that God caused me to FALL on my knees so as to score the goal while sliding on the shin pads.

[Off-topic insert, but just to make the blood link between Shins/Chine's and Shine's/Scheins, we note that Shins/Chine's share the Coat of Chine-like Kenys' with Kemmis/Camoys/Camois variations. Houseofnames once told that the latter surname was first found in Gloucestershire, where CAMs/Game's were first found, but houseofnames has obliterated any mention of Gloucestershire, and now has Kemmis'/Camoys first found in Huntingdonshire, a part of CAMbridgeshire upon the CAM river. Cambridgeshire is where houseofnames once had the first-known June's/Jungs who share the Shine/Schein fleur in both colors, but the Jeune's are still said to be first found in Cambridgeshire who use the same fleur in one of the colors. After a comparison of French Jeune's to Mustans, one realizes that CamMOYS/CamMOIS' were a Cam-river family merger with Moys/Moses', for the latter is said to have been related to "Vychan, Lord of Mostyn". Vychans/Vaughns (Shropshire, same as Moys/Moses') have the June/Jung / Shine/Schein fleur in colors reversed.

I trace Cambridgeshire's CAPONE's to QUINTus Caepio, grandfather of JUNia CAEPIONis, and so we note that Quints (Essex, same as Jeune-loving Yonge's) share blue vair with Kemmis'/Camoys' and Shins/Chine's (could have the triple fesses of CAMerons in colors reversed). It could appear that Capone's were on the Cam river. June's/Jungs are now said to have been first found in Staffordshire, beside Shropshire. The great thing is, houseofnames has found that the first Quints were in Cumberland prior to being in Essex, and while Cumberland is where Daggers were first found, German Daggers/Decks have a near-copy of the Camer Coat. The Cam river flows to near Ely (Cambridgeshire) while Elys have the Camer / Dagger/Deck fleur-de-lys in colors reversed. Elys look like kin of CRAVens/GRAVEns. End insert)

I'd like to record here that the Grove motto terms, "desSUX" and "DesSOUX," look like code for Suchs/Zouch's (like Sassys/Sauce's) that had been pointed to by my cat (named Sassy) SUCKing her TAIL, for why she definitely pointed to Tails/Tailers and Tillers, the "dog" in the Grove Crest is often called a "talbot" while Talbot-branch Tailbois' share the Grove scallops. Graffs/Graffens/Grave's come up as Grove-like Groffs.

Here's/Heyers use a grave-like "grove of trees," and Grove's (beside Tree's/True's) love the Ny variation of Nie's/Neys in their motto who might be a Knee/Nee branch for connection to McGee's knee pad or my knee pads. Here's/Heyers were first found in Derbyshire with their Eyer/Ayer branch showing a leg bent at the knee. Scottish Ayers were first found in Ayrshire with Here's/Hairs. Jim McGee had long HAIR, and Scottish Herrs/Hairs have double fesses in colors reversed from the same of peacock-using Manners/Maness' ("POUR"). The Pairs/Paws/PAUERs are in the "pair of wings" of Here's/Herrs. It's just amazing that the Fears in the Peacock motto are listed with Fiers, first found in Middlesex with the Kitts (Kite branch) who use "tulips" while Tulips are listed with TEWLops, looking like a branch of Tews/Tewells (the potential pointer to my TWO goals on McGee). In fact, if TewLOPs were a Lopes branch, it can explain why Portuguese Lopes'/Lope's/Llops have a "border COMPONy" like the double-billet border of Tolle-like Dole's. I didn't realize until loading Dole's just now that English Dole's share the Crab fleur-de-lye while both surnames were first found in Cambridgeshire.

I've told that I had new Johnny Bower brand hockey skates that first year of hockey with Tarr on my team, and so let's add that Danish Pauers are Bauers too while German Bauers/Bowers use more blue wings, amazing. The Manners/Maness' are good here for being a branch of Mens' in the Pepin/Pepy and Poppin/Popham mottoes. The latter surname was first found in Hampshire with Chaucer-connectable Chase's while Cass'/Cash's use a "PAIR of scales." Chaucers are the ones with two blue wings that got us the Here's/Herrs in the first place.

The Wards suspect in the "Forward" motto of BalFOURs are said to be Vard liners too, and Vardys (Cumberland, same as Daggers) happen to share the Fier moline. If our championship game with Tarr's FOUR goals is for some logical reason pointing to the Apophis comet, we can add that Pope's/Popps/Pape's share the Warren / Ward checks. Wards ("Comme" could be for Kuman-of-Fier liners such as dagger-using Comyns) were first found in Northamptonshire, beside the Chase's who share their blue lion. Plus, while Galways have the Crab- and Bride-connectable bridge, Irish Wards were first found in Galway with the Lynch's having nearly the Coat of Rocco-connectable Fellers/Felltragers. It looks like Apophis is a big rock that's going to crack apart under atmospheric heat and feller down like fiery rain on the sea. Fire's share the giant uniCORN of Pepin-related Rasmussens, and Irish Wards (probably from the Vardaei near the CERAUNii Illyrians) share the crown of CORONa's and Corons/Coroners, the latter (Cheshire, same as Ship-beloved Billows and Bride-related Brights and Maceys/Mace's) being in Bride colors and format.

Will God send the asteroid to smash Rockefeller interests in the COVID vaccines? Looks like. If its manufactured seaport congestion (shipping and shopping crisis) that the global industrialists want for to put the noose around the consumers' throats, then may God hit the FLEETs of cargo ships with billows, spreading their FLOATing cargo out to sea for the poor of the coastlands to pilfer. Bravo, I like it, and free freshly-dead fish to boot (by the time the asteroid hits, the crews on board will have abandoned ship). The Floats (Norfolk, same as Orions/Irons/KENirons) not only share the Balfour / Beaufort / Carber chevron, but use "a DUCal CORONet", such a coincidence. And LeDUCs/Ducs have the eight-pointed Fell stars in colors reversed, an incredible coincidence, just Standard fare for this job. Floats were even kin of Flags/Flacks sharing the scallops of Fore-beloved Travers, and the Flags/Flacks (almost the Fleet Coat) call them "SEA shells." Therefore, the Fleet-branch Floats look like they do apply to the asteroid. The UNIcorn is almost-certainly part-code for the Una river, home of the Maezaei, beside the Ceraunii. The Vardaei-like Vardys were barons of La Ferte while Maezaei-line Maceys named Ferte-Mace at the Orion - / Rain-related Orne river. Clickety-click-click-click.

But why point to Fore's/Forez's with Tarr's four goals? God could have given Fore's/Forez's a "Tarr" motto term to make the connection, but in using Travers' (Meschin kin), it seems He's indicating that Tarrs/Terres' were Tarvisium liners. Coffee's/Coffers are important here because they have a naked rider on a dolphin, same as the Arms of TARANto, and Tarrs were first found in Somerset with Coffers/Coffare's. It looks like Touraine's/Turenne's were Taranto elements. One of the English Champions has a GREEN arm with a Coffee-connectable "cuff holding a green chaplet." News/Nuces' have a chaplet too. By what stretch of my over-stretched imagination should our VICTORious championship game with Steve Tarr link to the newspaper and coffee in Victoria?

Then there's the question of whether Touraine's named Tourlaville, where asteroid-like Asters/Sturs were first found. New: it's simply amazing, suddenly, that Asters/Sturs share the red bend with TURins (share Touraine/Turenne bend in both colors!) who in turn have an "AUDentes" motto term while Aude's were first found in Savoy with Tourraine's/Turrenne's/TURENs!!!!! REPEAT: "Could [Touraine's/Turenne's] be a branch of whatever the "iTUR" motto term of MacKenzie's is for?" It's even more indicative of God's Bridge-crab arrangements -- as a pointer to the asteroid -- where Bridports/Bridgeports are said to share a red-on-white bend with MacKenzie-beloved Asters of TOURlaville! Turins were first found in Aberdeenshire with Tarves, where Chives' were first found who named Chivasso near Turin!

Ask: did God arrange the TouRAINE/TuRENNE variations for a pointer to comet-using Reigns? The towers in the Arms of Tours (in Touraine) is used also by Clavers, and Claverings were first found in Essex with English Mountains. Fisks use "ad astra" instead of "as astra," and "Ad" is a Clavering motto term too. I had read and reported that Claviere's married French Mountains. For example, in the 1st update of October, 2017: "French Mountains married Claviere's (same place as Clermont-Ferrand), said at the description website to use keys (as do Clavers), symbol of French Clermonts (Dauphine)." The Clermont keys make a giant white-on-red saltire, and Hall of Names has the French Clavier Coat using four keys around a white-on-red saltire, though houseofnames has Clavier's using a hand that looks like a perch for a falcon. Dutch Clavers/Clavier's almost have the Bride Coat.

There is a Claviere location (near Susa) to the west of Turin, that explains things. The Arms of Claviere uses the key, so, yes, the Claviere's named this place. French Clavier's were first found in Auvergne while the Auvergne surname shares the white-on-blue Tour tower (not in both colors of the Arms-of-Tours tower). The line between Plancia Magna of the Fulks seems to pertain to the family of Julia POLLa of Galatia, and as Opgalli was herself Galatian, we note that the Auvergne Shield is filled with the same fleur-de-lys as fills the POOL Coat. Hoppers were first found in Wiltshire, beside the Dorset of Poole.

Ahh, there's a key in the mouth of Chauncer-related Chase's!!! It never ends. Both Chauncers and Chase's have crosses in the colors of the Clavier saltire.

The Fiddle's/Fidelows in the Hopper motto were first found in Surrey with Claver-like Clappers/Clapps (share the sun of French Chance's), and with the James' who have the Clermont dolphin in half its colors. Surrey is where Dolphins/Dolfins ("NIHIL") were once said to be first found, and the Vita's in the Dolphin/Dolfin motto share the Coat of German Hams while English Hams (Sussex, same as hammers) are in the colors of the English-Hammer dolphins.

I see Clavers from "GLAPHYRa," great-grandmother of Plunkett-like Plancia Magna. The latter was the granddaughter of OPgalli suspect to the HOPpers who share the Claver / Plunkett tower. In this picture, grassHOPPER-using Fauchys look like Fulks of Anjou. Yes, this is the tower in the Arms of Tours too, and Tours is near Anjou. Plunketts were from Villaine, location of RENNEs. The write-up of Pollock-like Plocks, who share the Turraine/Turenne bends, mentions a Plunkett entity while Pollocks were first found in RENfrewshire. Plocks use "...the battlements of a tower..." Rennes-like Arran is the location of the first-known McCabe's/MacABEE'S, and while Glaphyra above married a MACCABEE (said to mean "hammer"), McCabe's/MacAbee's share the SALMON of English Hams (same place as same-colored Hammers). The salmon in this picture looks like the line of Salome Boethus of the Sadducees, wife of the Herods whom Glaphyra had likewise married. Glaphyra married the Herod-Maccabee, Alexander, and Alexanders were first found in KinTYRE, beside Arran. The latter location is from whatever mythical "Orion" of Boethus-like Boeotia depicted in the real world.

The Comet surname shares the Tower tower while Towers share a giant tower on blue with Tours. MacKenzie's are from queen Kenza, whose husband, IDRis, is suspect as an ITURean. The Itureans may have named the Tuareg Berbers, for Idris ruled in Morocco, land of Berbers. Spuds MacKenzie appeared at the BARBecue contest, and that seems to be code for BERBers (or such things as the Barber / Barbera / Berber surnames).

Spanish Turres' show nothing but five towers in the colors of the show-nothing-but five wings of Portuguese Abreu's and Portuguese Alfreds. Italian Abreu's (tower) have two symbols of Presleys (tower) who in turn share the cockatrice (different color) in Crest with Trevors/Trefors, and the latter's cockaTRICE is the black one of Muggs. The latter's Madge/Machet branch share an hourglass shape (different colors) with English Alfreds, first found in Kent with Trefor-connectable Trips while "NEC TREPidum" is a TRICE/Tryst motto term.

The only evidence I have thus far that God pointed to Muggs with my Galveston mugging is: 1) Madge's/Machets share the hourglass shape (as I call it) with News'/Nuces'; 2) the Coffee "cups" look like coffee mugs. I'm currently disappointed (i.e. anticipating more) as to the reason that He might point to Muggs, or why a frightening mugging in Galveston had to take place to do so. I've shown how the Mugg cockTRICE points to James LeDUC of the Galveston lab by following the Trice-branch Tristans to Ticks/Tucks, Tuckers (Devon, same as Tristans) and Ducks/Duckers/Dockers. Then compare Tuckers to Sea's and Seamans because the Revelation asteroid falls into the sea.

Lorraine's Butt Stain Amazes Anew

Apophis is returning in April, and Aprils/Avri's (Brittany, same as Dol) have a Chief-with-ROSes in the colors and format of the French Alan Chief. I see Alans of Brittany as ROS-Alans = Rockefeller-line Roxolani. While I trace Alans to mont Velino in Abruzzo, Avri-like Abri's not only share roses (different colors) with Aprils/Avri's, but have the Abreu/Abruzzo lion in colors reversed. Then, the DuBRAY and LaBREE variations of Abri's suggests that Bra (Piedmont) and Brays/Brae's/Bree's were Abruzzo liners. The Bra location is at Langhe, what I claim to be an Alan/Aleng term, and it's beside Asti while Astys (Lorraine-connectable Lanarkshire) share the lion of Lorraine's while Abri's/DuBrays were first found in Lorraine.

Lorraine my girlfriend (in my youth) had pointed, with her PANT stain, to Pansys/PANTzers and Ducks, both first found in Westphalia with Velino-like Velins (ducks) and Velens (share Alan/Aleng martlets), and the Arms of Bar-le-DUC (location in Lorraine) has pansies for obvious reason. I'm wondering whether her pant stain points to STANDard Oil of the ROCKefellers, for Stains are listed with Stands. This update convincingly framed the Apophis asteroid as aimed for the Rockefeller empire. I'm entertaining it, and if Lorraine my girlfriend applies to it, that why, as I've said a million times, she pointed to Pepin of Landen!!!!!!!! ZIKERS FOLKS, I GET IT. God has snuck this on me. I've got to investigate all events with Lorraine again, inspecting for her possible pointers to the asteroid, but it's too late this week.

There is a Bar location, which I mention often, smack to the north side of where the Abri Illyrians are stamped on this map! The SELEPitanoi at Bar (not shown) are to the Sleeps, first found in Shropshire with English Alans. Sleeping Beauty i.e. Miss Hicks of the 1979 dream pointed to the Sleeps and nearby Rhizon. Ahh, Rhizon is beside BUTua, and while Bute's/Butts (ESToiles) show the black horsehead once shown by English Este's, Scottish Bars (near Bute) share the giant eagle of Italian Este's while Abreu's/Abruzzo's were first found in Padua with the Este location. The Abruzzo capital is L'Aquila, and Aquila's share the giant Bar / Este eagle...this is so cool, because I've been claiming that the island of Bute is the mythical, Velino-like Avalon! The Alans, as soon as they ascended to the Scottish throne via marriage with Abruzzo-line Bruce's, seized Bute (Rothesay by another name) for themselves.

Folks, this is going to blast your mind. Folks, tie yourselves into your chairs or this could be dangerous. As I said, her pant stain (a long streak) was on her BUTT (and rear thigh), and this was useful for her pointer to Bar-le-Duc, but I now know why it was on her butt, because God has a sense of humor while whistling for Apophis. Are you ready? Okay, blast off: Butts/Bute's use EstOILes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Didst you survive? STANDard OIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's a killer, folks.

I've seen meteor flash through the sky as STREAKs. I've said it a hundred times: her stain was a long streak.

More: The grass-like Grazio's (PERUSia) share the pomegranate with French Crispins/Crepins, first found in Lorraine's PEREZ region. I don't know if God is hiding something about Apophis in that, but it at least serves as further evidence that He provided the grass stain while manipulating the heraldry to indicate it. English Grass' not only share the Abreu/Abruzzo lion, but the ARDen cinquefoils...which could reveal that StandARD's were a Stand-Arden merger. Stains/Stands married Yarboroughs who in turn have a Coat reflecting that of Ottone's, first found in Perusia with Grazio's, what are the chances unless this was Arranged. The only reason Grazio's are in this paragraph is as per Lorraine's stain. Ottone's share the solid chevron in the colors used for it by Stain-connectable Stevens. Yarborough's share Rothes-connectable "wreaths" with the Stain/Stand Crest...that could have been a chaplet at one time because Chaplets were first found in Lorraine. It's clear that Stains were a branch of English Steins who are in turn showing as a branch of Stevensons/Steinsons, the latter first found in Northumberland with Lorraine's. Yarborough's were first found in Lincolnshire with English Grasse's (must have the 'e' to come up) who in turn share the bend of French Crispins/Crepins, and per chance the Grasse lions are those of Falls/Fallis' (share part of the Feller Coat) because Apophis is looking like it's aimed at Rockefellers.

Apophis was discovered in 2004, while I was forced to live at my employee's place, Miss Abreu. I was awaiting permission to get back into the United States, but it took 2.5 years from late 2002 to early 2005. I left Texas about a month after the 9-11 memorial that God planned between Miss Hicks and I, and Stanley, and I drove straight to Miss Abreu's because I didn't want to ask the tenants at my own home to leave. I didn't know how long it would take for permission to re-enter; someone caused a problem for me at the border, and it may have been she, or even Miss Hicks, because I accused her of adultery with Stanley on the night of the memorial. After he sat down beside her, and then left, I walked up to Miss Hicks, because it was the third time I saw him sitting next to her in a period of a few weeks without her husband.

I leaned over to her ear, asking, "Is that your BUDDY" (this was the full extent of my "accusation"). Buddys are listed with English Botters, and Italian Botters share the Grasse / Crispin bend. Buddys/Botters were first found in Hampshire (beside POLE's/Pools) with Stanley-beloved Change's/Changers, and with Butt-like Buttons/Bidens. It looks like the buddy event can point to Apophis too, as per Lorraine's butt STAIN, and STANleys were probably a Stain/Stand/STAN branch, for when he was sitting beside her, he had the U.S. flag in his hand, on a POLE, and while Flags/Flacks share the double fesses of Stains/Stands, Pole's/Pools share the Grasse lion. King Apophis was a HYKSos, I get it. Stanleys share the MacKenzie stag head, and he sat beside Miss HICKS. I GET IT. Lorraine's stain was on her ass, and the "AS astra" of MacKenzie's is expected for the Ass'/Assi's.

This is so amazing, to have Lorraine and Miss Hicks working together to point to Apophis, because Spuds MacKenzie was the mascot for BUD light beer!!!!

PLUS WOW, I said to her, "IS that your buddy," and is-like Ise's are listed with Ass'/Assi's!!!! God must have spoken that sentence right through me, wow! Repeat from above: "...STANDARD OIL, founded by John D. ROCKefeller and Henry FLAGLER. OILeys were first found in Oxfordshire with the Ships who love the Bellows with a Billow variation. Flaglers are listed with Fleet-related Flags/Flecks, and ships go in fleets. Standard-connectable Stanley was holding the FLAG at the 9-11 memorial." The "DiSTILLING" term in a Kilpatrick description looks like part-code for Stillings/StillingFLEETs. The asteroid will make much shipping go still. The last time I was on Stillings, the Walks/Wachs and Wakefields were part of it, now begging whether the wake scene in the 1979 dream (roughly exactly 50 years before Apophis) was a symbol of waking the sleeping church with the asteroid, for when I woke her, we participated in a rapture into the sky.

Wake's share the double fesses of meteor-like Meters, and MEETs/Meads could bring to mind our MEETING the Lord in the air. Meters even share the fleur-de-lys of wake-like Walks/Wachs! This looks interesting, especially as Walks/Wachs (share Wakefield garb) share the Dol fesse. Meets/Meads use a "TouJOURs" motto term while Gore's/JORE's have a version of the French Alan/ALLIN (share red martlets with Meters) while Gore's/Core's have the fesse of English Alans/ALLINs (same place as Sleeps, MIDDLE's, and MEDLicott of Welsh Motleys) colors reversed, which makes the Gore/Core fesse that of Hicks' (could be from the Apophis-line Hyksos) who translate their motto, "ALL IN good time." It could appear that this heraldic set points Sleeping Beauty to the Apophis meteoRITE, and Rite's/Wrights even share the checks of Alan-line Stewarts who in turn happen to use another pelican. The Rite/Wright unicorn is even split vertically in the colors of the vertically-split Wakefield Shield! How-bout that.

English MOTLeys may have been of Motels / Mota's because Motels share the Chief of French Alans. English Motleys were first found in Yorkshire with Hicks. Meets/Meads were once said to be first found in Sussex with Medleys and with the Feathers in the feather in the mouth of the Rite/Wright unicorn. Feathers are in the colors and format of Meet/Mead-branch Meadows. Brian KilMEADE is on Fox and FRIENDs with the other Sleeping Beauty, and Meadows are in Friend colors and format. After Meets/Meads were no longer said to be first found in Sussex, they were said to be first found in Somerset, where Friends were first found along with the Clapton location of a Hicks family that married pelican-using Arthurs in turn expected in the "Arudua" motto term of Wakefields.

I kid you not, that after I asked, "is that your buddy," she answered, "he's just a FRIEND"!!!!! To prove me honest, you can find "he's just a friend" in the 4th update of August, 2017: I went up to her and asked, "Is that you 'buddy'"? Lines formed on her forehead, and she said, "He's just a friend." It's in about four other updates, including the 4th of January, 2018. I think this is huge to prove that the 9-11 memorial is pointing to Apophis, and that God will definitely respond to the 9-11 criminals within their lifetimes.

Stillings/Stillingfleets share "Magna" with English Walkers. I say that president George Herbert WALKer Bush Sr. was born George Herbert SCHERFF Jr., son of a Nazi, and so note that Walk-related Wakefields share the green wyvern dragon with WILKins who in turn have the vertically-split colors of Walker-connectable SCHERFs/Schere's (branch of Kilpatrick-connectable Sheers/Shere's). Kilpatricks use another green dragon, as well as a "DisTILLing" term to describe their blood drops, and Wilkins were first found in Glamorganshire with Tillers, and with green-dragon Lewis' (more blood drops). Apophis is scheduled for FRIDAY the 13th, and Fridays share the Tiller crescents, yet they are also the crescents of green-dragon Seatons/Sittens.

The Bush family (adopted by the pro-Nazi, Prescott Bush, banker) was into oil too, and while Lorraine's BUS stop and grass stain pointed to Bush's, German Bush's (Yorkshire, same as "magna" Walkers) share the Crab fleur-de-lys. Bush-branch Bosco's use "tufts of grass," you see, which I think is huge now that the grass stain has proven to point to Standard Oil...and after writing that I loaded Bussys/Bushe's (Babe-connectable) to find that they share the triple Umber/HUMBLE fesses!!!! SURPRISE, for Standard Oil had mixed things up with Humble Oil. I suspected that Lorraine got the grass stain behind a bush with her married lover, for she wouldn't have been on the grass with him (down a residential street) in the wide-open. She lived on Church street (Richmond, Hill, Ontario), and was likely on her WALK with him on it, and Church's are in Bush colors and format. English Bush's have one of the Bussy/Bushe fesses. (I say the bloodline of Plancia Magna of Perga was to Perkins who share the Walk/Wach fleur-de-lys.)

As per the Bowsey variation of Bussys/Bushe's, I've just looked up German Bowsers to see that they are in Crab colors and format (to go with Crabs sharing the Fleur-of German Bush's). Plus, Bowsers almost use the French Bride Coat while Scottish Bride's are in Church / Bush colors and format! I have said before, that about two weeks before asking Lorraine out at her bus stop, I WALKed past her at Lorne and Yonge streets as she came from Church one block away, and as she walked by, I said, "I'm going to marry you"!!! Now I know why, as a pointer to Bride's and Crabs! She didn't say anything and continued walking by. We had never met before. Bosco's are in the Scottish Rose write up, English Yonge's show nothing but three roses (in Shield), the German Rose Coat exactly, and English Bowsers (Essex, same as Yonge's, both have black Crests) share the "water bouget" with Scottish Rose's.

I discovered that Marys/MARRYs (share Russell lion) were from Mary Drummond, and while Drummonds were likely at Kildrummy of the earls of Mar, in Angus, Scottish Bride's were first found in Angus. Plus, Lorraine turned out to be a Russellite (Jehovah's Witness) while Russells (Dorset, same as Drummond-line George's, Bushers and Babe's) have the Ross lion in colors reversed, and the Ross lion is in the color of the Scottish Mar lion while French Mars and French Maurice's look related to German Bowsers / Bride's / Maceys / Mackays.

How might MacKenzie's, first found in Ross-shire, apply to Drummonds? George, father of Maurice Drummond (the first Drummond) was Hungarian, and Hungarians traced themselves to a mythical-stag ancestry, though I think I've discovered that it was code for the Eustace- / Stacey-branch Staggs/Stage's because Eustace II was father to Godfrey de Bouillon while Bouillons use a "bello" motto term suspect with king Bela of Hungary, brother of king Andrew I, father of George above.

The MacKenzie motto term, "Luceo," together with the Change's in the Stanley motto, point to "Loose Change," one of the first videos to expose the 9-11 crime. I asked the buddy question on September 11, 2002 (I remember that it was a Wednesday night), when our church was putting on a 9-11 memorial. Morgan Stanley had several floors in one Trade tower, and Morgans have the Lorraine lion in colors reversed.

McLeods/CLOUDs use flags while the Stain and Stevenson Crests use clouds.

I hope you're still tied to your chair. Bolt it to the floor, because SPUDS MacKenzie got suspect with the Spotten variation of SPOLTONs/Spauldings, and as the latter share buckles (different colors) with Guys, Spoltons are suspect from Guy of SPOLETo, in UMBRia, where Grazio's were first found to which Lorraine's grass stain pointed while pointing to Standard Oil. I've told a million times why Lorraine was given a Babe symbol for the English Babe's, kin of Beaks who in turn share the triple fesses of Umbria-like Umbers/HUMBLE's. Humble Oil!!! Wikipedia's humble Oil article: "Farish served as vice president for five years and in 1922, he became the president of Humble Oil and Refining Co. In 1933, he became chairman of the board of STANDARD OIL Company of New Jersey (later Exxon Company), which held substantial stock interest in Humble, and in 1937, he became president of Standard"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lorraine had pointed to Standard oil with her grass stain on the last night she was my girl, because I accused her of committing adultery while on a walk that night with her friend's husband. As soon as she got home, where I had dropped in unexpected by her, and was waiting with the wife on the BALCONy, I saw Lorraine's grass streak on her Bott-like butt (bright-white pants, can't miss it). She kicked me out, and that was it for us. BALCONs happen to have a good reflection of the Italian Botter Coat.

Incredible, for I've told a million times that I asked Lorraine for our first date at her BUS STOP, which was rich in heraldic pointers, but for now let's just go to the Pipe-related Stops/Stubbs (Staffordshire, same as Apophis-line Pipe's and STANfords). I've often mentioned that the Stops/Stubbs (share laurel with Lorraine's) have a bend-with-BUCKLEs in colors reversed from the same of STERLINGs, and a super thing is that the Guy buckles are black, same as the Stop/Stubb buckles. Yet here's why this is being said: "The Humble Oil Company was chartered by Walter Fondren Sr., and brothers Ross STERLING and Frank Sterling, in February 1911." That's why you needed to bolt the chair to the floor! Lorraine is pointing to another oil company that had a relationship with Standard Oil.

I pointed with my finger to her grass stain, and while Points/Pointers use a hand pointing with two fingers, same as Butt- / Buddy-like Boyds (Buddys are also Bodys/Botters), the Pense's in the Point/Pointer motto share the Lorraine eagle. The Point/Pointer Crest has fingers pointing from an arm said to be "vested black," and Vests show only an "arrow POINT up" in their Shield while Arrows/Arras' were first found in Staffordshire with Stops/Stubbs and Pipe's. The Arrows/Arras' share the Sterling fleur-de-lys, in colors reversed from the same of Pepins and Pipe's (version of Stop/Stubb Coat). The city of Arras in StandARD-connectable Artois is beside PicARDy, the latter being where buckle-using Guys were first found.

We now go to the STURling variation of Sterlings, for French Sturs are listed with asteroid-like Asters. We can glean here why God caused me to meet Lorraine at her bus stop, and, as I've said a dozen or more times, it was on my 24th birthday, which is during Cancer the crab. Her bus stop was at the corner of Yonge and Lorraine-like Lorne, and Lorne's are in the write-up of Lanarks/LURNacks who share the BUS cinquefoil. Her bus stop was also at the corner of Yonge and Arnold (across the intersection from Yonge and Lorne), and Arnold of Metz was closely related to Itta of Metz (in Lorraine, France), wife of Pepin of Landen. The Apophis asteroid is Landen in the sea, by the looks of it.

Italian Botters were first found in Lucca, which can be part of the "Luceo" motto term of MacKenzie's, for Stanleys, sharing the MacKenzie stag head, have the Chauncer-connectable Changers as kin, first found in Hampshire with Buddys/Botters and Chauncer-branch Chase's. That's why I had to ask Lorraine on that date in Cancer (not meaning that God respects astrology).

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, unbelievable. After writing the paragraph above, I started to read the Balcon write-up. Balcons are the ones with a reflection of the Italian Botter Coat, and Balcons came up because I was on Lorraine's balcony waiting for her to return from her walk. Here it is: "The surname Balcon was first found in Fife, where one of the first records of the family was 'Robert de Balcomie who was constable of CRAIL in 1297 is probably the Robert de Balcomi..." Crails are listed with Crabs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! INCREDIBLE YET AGAIN. Look at the timing, just as I was on Cancer the crab! I'm not sure whether Apophis is coming toward earth from the Cancer region of space, or whether the Cancer constellation is behind it when it's closest to, and visible from, earth.

I almost forgot. Births/Berts share the arm from a cloud holding a wreath with Stains/Stands and Stevensons, yet the Births/Berts call it a "garland of laurel," connectable to the Lorraine "branch of laurel." I wonder why it was my 24th birthday? Garlands share the Coat of German Stevens. Garlands use a green "chaplet," and Chaplets were first found in Lorraine. There's no reason for this to click so well because none of the heraldry makers knew I would ask her on a date on my birthday. Why do Births/Berts share the Bilder/Builder Coat? A pointer to the secretive, globalist, money-grubbing Bilderberg meetings? It makes sense.

Bilders/Builders were first found in Northumberland with Lorraine's, and they have a BOLDer variation in the write-up while sharing the chevron of Boltons/Boldens, the latter first found in Lancashire with Bolts. German Bolts show nothing but a giant arrow "POINT upwards," the description essentially of the Vests in the Point/Pointer Crest. English Bolts share the Crest of Crab-connectable Bride's.

Crab-loving Bridge's were first found in Somerset with Bert-like Brets/Brits (share Bush/Bos/Bosch lion), and beside the Bride-like Births/Berts. I therefore think I know the reason that Lorraine was asked for the date on my birthday, for had it not been on that day, I would not be able to remember the date. It's important because my birthday, and probably the I'm-going-to-marry-you statement that pointed to Bride's, was within the astrological sign of Cancer. Not that God cares for astrology, but in this case He's using it to make a point, which I think is to reveal that Apophis is landing.

Lorraine was a Russellite, and Russells are said to be from "BERTram, Baron of Briquebec." If Bertrams were a Bert-Ram merger, it's notable that Rams (Essex, near first known Crabs) are in Crab colors and format.

When she agreed to a date at the bus stop, God spoke right through me, I feel sure. I remembered that I had planned to do laundry that night, and so I suggested we meet at the LAUNDRomat (big-time date, I'm so embarrassed), God's code for Pepin of Landen, for Landens are also LANDERs. The latter use "paly" while Pale's/Palys share the camel head with Pepins/Pepys. Scottish Landers have more "paly." It could appear that God is trying to say, Apophis is LANDING. Note "laundroMAT" as per Pepin of Landen marrying Miss Metz. Jewish Landers share the double fesses of Danish Pauers/Bauers (and Criss'/Cryslers) while Jewish Rothschilds share a white and sinister-rising bend with Landens/Landers. That looks ominous for Rothschilds.

I'm out of time for this week. I'll keep plugging away for anything I've missed.


This is sad, reprehensible:

The US Supreme Court on Tuesday declined to hear an emergency appeal attempting to stop a Covid vaccine mandate for healthcare workers in Maine, the Associated Press reported.

...Far-left Justice Stephen Breyer, who oversees complaints for the First Circuit, rejected the emergency appeal in the first time the highest court of the land has weighed in on a statewide Covid vaccine mandate. (Gateway Pundit)

It's terrible when the people can't depend on the top court to at least HEAR a case. I don't know how the high court works, but this article makes it appear that the head judge alone has power to accept or reject cases. He happens to be a terrible political animal, installed by Bush Jr. if I recall correctly. This is a big blow to the country. Some good news is that police people who refuse the vaccine and lose their jobs thereby are being welcome to apply for new police jobs in conservative regions so that, hopefully, the liberals of those regions will go to the Democrat areas to fill the voids, and the good-guy cops will stack the deck in conservative areas in-time for the tribulation period of Christians. Ontario and Quebec are by-and-large like New York, STUPID, no fear of God.

The fear of God leads to wisdom because people who fear God concern themselves with doing the right thing, making the right choices. When a people do the right thing in God's value system, God blesses the society. It's backward for the ungodly, who do what's right in their own eyes after God hands them over to demonic infiltration of their minds. Muddy decision-makers will destroy themselves, just as you see "Biden" destroying himself with his decisions, or as you see the global whores destroying themselves further with their COVID / climate-change decisions. They are at war with those who despise them, and wish to make us pay.

Above all the din of this world, we should revert repeatedly to the happiness that's the inheritance of the saints. The demons will be tormented when they see that God grants a happiness that has never been achieved here on earth. The demons can't stand to think of that outcome. Forsake the constitutionalists when they give praise to the "pursuit of happiness," for God shall be our happiness. In whatever way the founding fathers interpreted "pursuit of happiness," they didn't mean by way of God's gifts and rewards. Today, those who repeat those words mean the pursuit of mammon, to be well-off financially. Even political conservatives are dopes, therefore.

The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom, and the promise of salvation in Jesus is the beginning of happiness. Don't forget it; it's what you knew intimately when you first became a Christian. If you've departed that simple recipe for happiness, go back to it. Everything in the news today looks like a trap to make us unhappy, bewildered. Christians don't let their arms hang limp at what they see coming upon the world, for we are to be looking to the Kingdom that replaces this horror show. Don't be Lot's wife, who was saddened by the destruction of her world. Conservatives need to do the right things as God's sees them, but they are not all Christians. I predict that the end-time conservative movement will be led by the goats. They might even give power to the False Prophet.

At 2:04 of the video below, pause, and see the real Joe Biden, because the man in the president's position today is not Biden. The real Biden has a normal ear lobe; the fake Biden has no lobe on his right ear. The real biden's nose has a slight beak shape at the tip, and the tip is well past the midway point between eyes and mouth; the fake Biden has no beak in his nose, and his nose tip is exactly midway between eyes and mouth. The real Biden does not have a smooth curve to the back of his ear; the fake Biden does. The heads of both men are showing at the same angle so that we can't relegate these physical differences to differing angles of sight:

I don't know who made the video above, but he/she seems to be the sort of over-the-top or silly prophecy buff who makes shallow assertions. Disregarding that, the video mentions that Jared, Donald Trump's son-in-law, owns 666 Fifth Avenue in New York. If you find otherwise, that Jared was instead at 660, note Wikipedia's article on 660 Fifth Avenue: "660 Fifth Avenue (formerly 666 Fifth Avenue and the Tishman Building)..." It's understandable as to why it was changed from 666. Some say that Jared Kushner is anti-Israel. I cannot appreciate his liberal wife. "As part of the renovation, the building was rebranded as 660 Fifth Avenue in 2021." It was 666 throughout Trump's presidency. Coincidence? Or Sign? Another article tells that the building is 664 feet tall. Might that be a wee lie to hide that it was built 666 feet tall?

Did you not that I didn't run silly with a shallow assertion that Kushner or Trump is the False Prophet due to 666 Fifth avenue? I used question marks because I don't know, but the video owner is the sort who makes concrete assertions based on little.

I wonder who the fake Biden is? I wonder what happened to the real one. I wonder why Biden's family is accepting the fake one, even posing with him? I'm making an assertion, but not based on little. You saw that the two men do not have the same ear or nose. If you show this to Fox-news farcicals, they won't expose it for fear of suffering a backlash. That's because they are not journalists at Fox, but tools for money-making. Entertainment intended to lock you in, to hook you. The number-one aim is to make Fox successful financially; truth takes a back seat, utilized often but only if not forbidden by the boss, but money is the driver. Besides, the conservatives at Fox would have you become worldly. They want you to watch the sick news every day because they care more for their money than your spiritual condition. They feed you clips of news from the anti-Christs routinely as their method of dishing out the news. They poison you with clips from the anti-Christs. I can't tell you how many times I've canceled a Fox-news video as soon as it starts showing clips from CNN. BANG GONE, ahh spared myself from hearing that lunatic trash.

The vaccine schemers have apparently shot themselves in the foot by promising near-100-percent efficacy only to see it drop below 50-percent. Here's the new wave of mandate shoot-downs, the only wave we want to see:

Some good news concerning global tyranny is that it has committed itself to going forward with a facade of "democracy." The deeper the whore acts like it's functioning on true democracy, the more it commits itself to that drag. The facade is nothing more than pretending to be the majority. It controls media with the task of making the values and agendas of anti-Christ globalists look like the majority positions, but this can only work if it silences the opposition, but if it's gagging the opposition, that ain't democracy.

We are seeing the collapse of the vaccine program simultaneous with the goon's cry that more censorship is needed against conservative social media. It means the good guys are winning, though barely, to the point that the conspirators decided to RISK more self-threatening damage control. It seems that every come-back the schemers utilize, the deeper into the hole they dig themselves, because their come-backs are transparently wicked. They have spent decades conditioning society SLOWLY that they haven't yet learned how to do it quickly. By rushing, they expose themselves. The point in going slow was to deceive while not getting caught. The Rhodians admitted that they would conquer the people slowly and bullet-less, by re-education. But when they try to ram things through, they look guilty because they are.

The goons have the big media to quash dissent, but the thousands of social-media newscasters have succeeded in leaking urine on the heads of the goons. The thousands of wee-wee newscasters have managed to get their juices out sufficient to frighten sufficient people concerning poisonous vaccines, and the goons simultaneously going full-speed ahead with forced vaccinations and flint-faced police look reckless and even criminal. It would have gone well for the whore if only the dissenters had been wiped out first. So, the whore is now more angry than ever with the leakers, and will seek to castrate them. The war's not over. The people have a lot of ground to recover. Slowing down the assault is not yet victory. The enemy has the nuclear option: a new virus unleashed. We should anticipate it, make plans, rather than prematurely celebrate the knockdown of COVID-19.

This week, the Ontario premier (big cheese of the province) announced that all COVID restrictions will be abandoned by April Fool's day of 2022. I'll believe it when it happens, for the Alberta premier tried a similar thing, this past summer, and is now back into goon mode. I suggest that the premiers back off when the polls indicate it's time to, but the COVID trolls will play their heart strings by April to change their tunes. That's my prediction. I'd rather be wrong. I'd rather get past the mask-goon society. But it still looks like the perfect way to fulfill the mark of the beast, and so even if it dissipates for a year or more, we could half-anticipate its return soon after, just in case it does return with a vengeance. The premier could be playing a trick to get people NOT to stock up on foods from now-on-in, because he knows that a grocery-store passport will be pushed by March. It's possible. Other nations are starting to do the grocery-store pass. This Conservative premier is worthy of crimes against humanity, not to be trusted.

As half the police in democratic-ruled Chicago are resisting the mandatory vaccine, it means the schemers are in for a major set-back in other cities too, especially Republican-led ones in Republican-led states. This means the whore must do something drastic, and she's not going to wait for next winter but will try it this winter, I predict. If some didn't stock up on food over the last few months, they acted irresponsibly, but if they failed to do so and have children, I'm shaking me head. OBLIVIOUS. In the COVID scheme, entering April is the daylight, and entering October is entering the night. We're here, anything can happen soon. Had some police departments / unions not resisted, we might be in pitch black already by November. The goons are easing up on the ropes around the throats of those who resist, but not because the goons are becoming reasonable. It's because they see the enemy growing larger against their hopes. They need to huddle, to change their plan. If they end up doing nothing this winter, it's because they can't devise a viable plan. Let's not be like the vast majority of canadians who trust their government. OBLIVIOUS. Come on, trudeau, show your fangs, educate the oblivious. Do it now, vampire, the dusk has arrived.

Rebel News this week says that the last count is almost ten pastors arrested in canada on mask-related charges. Ezra of Rebel News says that he doesn't know of any other Western country arresting pastors on this "game," and I say I'm ashamed of pastors in canada for not coming out in the thousands to risk arrest by forsaking masks in their churches for anyone who doesn't want to wear one. ASHAMED. If not for Rebel News, these pastors would have been arrested with almost nobody knowing it. And Rebel News is founded by a non-Christian Jew, think of it.

Here's a great video on an Amish community's resistance to COVID measures, and even though there's no proof that the Amish who fell sick to flu-like symptoms had COVID, the community did not have a greater death rate than the lockdown world. Plus, they achieved herd immunity FAST FAST FAST without masks or self-imprisonments at home, a thing that pro-lockdown governors / mayors (spit!) shun and never speak of...because the agenda is not to cure people fast, but to draw-out and escalate a manufactured health crisis with lots of smoke and mirrors. The Amish are naturally well-prepared to endure the mark of the beast's commercial onslaught:

When I called canadians cowards, I wasn't referring to those prone to becoming extremely ill by a flu / virus, I hope the reader understood that. I call them cowards because coward upholds coward. Instead of thinking as the Amish do, for example, that COVID was a scheme from the get-go to bring mandatory vaccinations, and that we therefore need to resist the government, cowards afraid of government repercussions were too cowardly to instruct or rebuke their fellow cowards. IMAGINE, so cowardly that a coward is afraid to go against, or rebuke, another coward. And so by their cowardice they forced everyone to wear masks lest they feel like cowards in the face of those who go without. I'm so ashamed of canadians.

I wouldn't want you to think that I'm Mr. Courage, for it doesn't take much courage to open up against smug liberals. Instead, other things drive me, with plenty of disgust. I became disgusted with canadians over 40 years ago in street evangelism. I saw what they were made of, SICKENING. Like the Jews of Jerusalem who had ears but WOULD NOT HEAR even though most canadians have Christian backgrounds. It's the great-smug falling away that in the end will horrify them. Who can save them from themselves? Not even the street preaching of Jesus.

Here's the only thing needed to avoid a severe illness: if someone coughs or sneezes in your vicinity, stop breathing and walk away. You don't need a doctor to tell you this. If you breathe in a few viruses only, it's a free vaccine. You might feel a little ill for a day, but your body will produce the free and long-lasting "vaccine." It's so simple to avoid a severe flu if you merely keep away from someone's face who's infected. If the people just dress themselves with a little courage, workers can then cease to be masked-up six, eight, or ten hours daily. The cowards think only for the very few susceptible to severe illnesses, and think zero for the millions upon millions of workers. SICK HYPOCRITES who tolerate a mask-goon society. They even see news reports that hypocrites like wee-wee trudeau don't wear masks when they are having good times with associates, and yet they still listen to the dictates of these politicians to be fearfully masked-up. STUPID CANADIANS.

When someone's called a coward, they tend to put on some courage. Inform mask goons of how cowardly they look, in hopes that they will get some courage. I do not call someone a coward who is afraid to die. Military leaders who fight to the death for a cause will call some cowards who don't want to join the cause, but I won't call them cowards if they don't have passion for the cause, or don't think it's worth dying for. But by now, everyone knows that COVID is not a dangerous pandemic. Everyone knows there is little risk in dying, and anyone who pretends otherwise to justify the mask is a beast, a communist-pig blockhead, because they have been told that most people have been vaccinated, and they themselves will claim that vaccinated people can't be harmed by the virus. Yet, gigantic hypocrites, they still insist on wearing masks. If they believe that vaccines prevent serious illness, they are more cowardly now than before, for insisting on perpetual-mask wearing, and/or are demented morons who don't understand the inhumanity of wearing masks perpetually. I'm starting to think they like wearing masks, the more sinister looking the better. Is that not moronic? Didn't I use the right word?

The cowards are the ones who are afraid to go maskless in a store for fear that some nanny cowardess will catch them in the act and force them to mask up. But I say, go maskless in a store (have fun watching the dirty looks on a few faces as they see you) until the socialist cowardess comes up to you, and fill her head with the truths she doesn't want to hear, the things I've just said and more. I have come to the point where I don't wait for someone to come speak to me, I pick the bone with anyone when the opportunity arises, such as in line at a grocery store, to discover whether they are the "enemy," and, if they turn out to be an ignorant pro-masker, my voice before long starts to get louder (as he/she starts to give reasons for mask wearing) until other people around start looking my way to listen on, and sure enough someone will speak up to tell me off, which causes me to raise my voice more, and on and on this goes, I don't let up, and I walk out of that store HAPPY to have filled their heads half-way across the store or more, with the things they never hear on the liberal news. HAPPY, but sad. It's a shame I need to put up with this.

This week, the floor manager asked me not to be so loud, but did not ask me to leave, surprising enough. Always tell the people that the mask goons, who look like apes, I tell them, are responsible for forcing half the workers across the country to wear masks against their will. The cashiers who are on your side will love you for it. This week's opportunity started when a man in front of me in the check-out line started telling me how well-behaved canadians at the U.S. border are because they are all wearing masks while the Americans who come over are usually unmasked. Wow, what a golden opportunity to get under this skin. And that's what I did. The canadian SMUGNESS was oozing from his lips. canadians are getting the reputation of do-whatever-the-government-tells-you.

The apostle Paul was wrong to say that ALL governments are formed by God, insinuating that ALL are created by God by which He can do good through them. That is an obvious contradiction to God's despising Gentile peoples and of course their governments. Paul was afraid that if his churches started to rebel against local authorities, the latter would snitch on the globalist leaders, the Roman imperialists, who would then shut down his churches. And so he lied to his churches about God creating all governments. He wanted his church members to be good, to honor the local governments, in order to stave off persecution. FINE, I agree, but he should have been straight with them, not fibbing to get them to be good. He should have said, be careful when criticizing the local authorities, because they can unleash a heavy hand in reaction that will pain you, yet God never rebuked John the Baptist for openly criticizing the king of Israel. And being good is not necessarily agreeing with, or obeying, or always honoring, the Gentile authorities. There is a global government being set up that hates God, and will the churches honor that beast as the earth's gift from God??? Shudder. Jesus criticized the government of his day, and did not honor the leaders. Paul was WRONG, just as we all are wrong at times when under duress.

I don't want to go to a church that honors a canadian or provincial government full-steam ahead to global-warming heists and mandatory-vaccine maimings. If churches do not speak out against these evil plots, and moreover if they are pre-tribulationists, I don't want to stain my clothes by sitting in their stuck-in-the-mud pews at this time. I don't need pastor to tell me what the Bible says; I can read all on my lonesome. I desire a church family, but not if it's infected by cowards who comply with trudeau or the political liberals in their membership. The church situation has not improved over the decades, but has become worse, judging by the few pastoral cries I'm hearing at this time. When churches do the bidding of Western governments, the latter start to think they are kings. When pastors treat democratic governments as Paul instructed wrongly, representative ministers in government start to act like kings. Everyone in a democracy has the right to safely speak out the right and the good, but this is foremost the job of those who get paid to be SHEPHERDs of the flock. They are not paid to open the gate for the wolf. Therefore, I will not give my money to a church unless the pastor has wolf-head trophies on his wall.

Here are a few EU members speaking out against mandatory vaccinations. The problem I see is that they all stress human rights. I think this is the wrong way to go. The goons will just say that we have the right to reject the vaccines, but that we are not allowed into buildings in that condition. Therefore, the way to go is to argue that unvaccinated people are not a special danger, and the great news is that the vaccinated are actually more dangerous. Therefore, change this "rights" approach, and instead argue the science: there is no pandemic to justify punishing the unvaccinated:

I know what's going on: the pro-globalist "behaved" and docile citizens will take the key jobs and the highest government posts while those who resist vaccines will lose jobs, become impoverished, less powerful...and so the dictatorship will find greater control to advance to the next steps. Don't assume that, should God stick a monkey wrench into their scheme, that they won't come back again with further attempts at total control. Take a sigh of relief momentarily, but don't celebrate prematurely, when they stumble.

The cowards are unreasoning animals who don't ask themselves: how can viruses be spreading while everyone in Canada is forced to wear masks in all stores and workplaces? If they asked this question, the guilty finger points to them because they and the politicians who force everyone to wear masks don't wear them at home. They pretend to care for perfect strangers in stores, then take off the masks at home with their relatives. One guy swore at me as he walked by to go outside, but when I went out, he and his lady were maskless getting into the car together. So I called them hypocrites as I walked by. MERE BEASTS who don't think / behave like humans.

I said something similar to the antagonistic woman in the check-out line, that the reason she doesn't wear a mask at home with loved ones is because she's knows there's almost no danger, yet she pretends, I continued, that there's great danger at a grocery store even though there's much more air mass per person. She would argue that it violates her rights, humanity and happiness to force her to wear a mask at home, but she won't use that same truth for the millions who are forced to wear them at work...because she's a shallow beast. She contributes to the oppression of workers and the forced lockdowns by happily wearing the most-goonish mask that covers the most of her face to show what a caring person she is. The people who think it's ridiculous to don masks won't speak up against the cowards, that's the other problem. How can I esteem my fellow citizens too cowardly to take on a hypocritical coward?

It's time to start telling them that vaccinated people are getting more sick than unvaccinated. The juggernaut of the entire vaccine program is to divide the people, to give ammo to the cowards for accusing the anti-maskers as the guilty. That's why the statistics in countries like Israel are important to our cause of turning the guilty finger back on the hypocrites...whose ears are stopped with willful ignorance. Turn this into a war today, because we can win it that way. Don't be docile and just let the lie roll over the whole country. Spew ammunition from your mouth. Slice the enemy to pieces with the two-edged sword.

I keep one grocery store where I don't speak up in ways to get booted permanently from it, but at the other ones, I'm free to get booted...which is why I was surprised not to be booted this week. The last time I was there, the floor manager called the police, or pretended to, but I called his management out for forcing his workers to wear masks, because half of them were not when it was optional. Store owners have no excuse when they say they have no choice because the government has made a mask law. Resist the government with this law. Instead these stores play docile and abuse their own workers to avoid fines. Get the fines and fight them in court, show solidarity with the workers. Argue: those who want to wear masks, feel free to do so, and if you're really afraid of the unmasked, wear two while you shop. Wear your own mask, and wear the other guy's too, but don't be a pig by forcing the other guys to wear them. That's no way to be a civilized citizen. The pigs are making it as though it's no big deal to wear masks in public, BUT IT IS A VERY BIG DEAL. It will nurture a MONSTERous effect on civility and social interaction. Children will grow up not seeing faces in public, HORRIBLE. That alone makes me want to go to war. This is what drives me. I don't need a lot of courage to speak out because I view the pigs as nobodies to be stomped on (by my words). They have turned me from a nice guy to a stomper. The nice guy they once saw and spoke to is now PASSIONATELY INTOLERABLE. It didn't happen in a vacuum. Those who pretended to be nice people are proving to be communist tyrants, just look at nice-guy Biden as he crusades to force-vaccinate, to stomp on us. Instead, we should stomp on him. I'm waiting for canadians to start stomping, but I have little hope.

The enemy is loading the rifle as we speak. The enemy KNOWS what their next move is: to argue on behalf of vaccinations in order to enter a grocery store. That's where they KNOW they are going. The message has been sent out by their anti-Christ politicians, and the goons amongst us have heard it between the lines. If you still don't think they are pigs, wait a little longer to see how true it is. If we all play docile, well-behaved, they will bring up to the firing squad anyway. That's the game of these snakes who have knowingly and gladly been conditioned by liberal, anti-Christ values this past generation. They drank up anti-Christ values, but soon will spit them into the faces of Christians. You can play docile, pastors, but it's not going to help you avoid persecution. It'll just make you look like pathetic "shepherds," a laughing stock, for not calling out the wolf's tactics. trudeau the wolf has arrived to the fence line with malice.

Here's a trickle of new news on Tucker suggesting that large Western countries know, but are trying to hide, the fact that vaccine-related deaths are causing unusually high death rates overall. It's called first-degree murder of people in their prime years, and so someone should investigate the political leanings of those killed:

You need this video alone to fight in court to with a punch your government in the nose that wants to force-vaccinate you:

Headline this week to go with cancer-the-crab investigation: "Former Pfizer Employee Karen Kingston: Covid Vaccines Will Likely Cause Increase in 'Deadly Cancers'" The article says: "Gen. Colin Powell was suffering from cancer and died last week of Covid-related symptoms despite being fully vaccinated." There's nothing more to say. Just don't take chances with vaccines for as long as such reports come forth. And urge people around you not to take chances. Keep away from boosters absolutely. Without booster shots applied, the globalists will lose this "game" for the moment. Fauci has a lot or repair work to do on his reputation, but he's hasn't got enough time because his appointment with Jesus the Judge is soon. But, no worries, there are countless diabolicals who would take his place at the helm of his post.

It's now established fact that January 6 was an inside FBI job, something that's waking up more people than I had ever dreamed could be made woke by all the conservative-social media warriors combined. The FBI did expose itself all on its own, good going guys, great job. Some politicians are airing this unashamed because it involves Trump, otherwise this story would not have seen the light of day. Tucker would not have aired it otherwise. The mainline conservative news people and politicians are such hypocrites to cherry-pick the FBI false-flag crimes they work will expose. Had they worked to expose 9-11, they would have weeded out for exposure the criminal-leaning Bushite RINOs by now. Instead, these media worked to elect a fraudster in Trump who was too chicken-hearted to even admit that 9-11 was an inside job, let alone try to bust that crime open. There's no hope with conservative media such as this leading the way. They amount to a big tease, and will let the good guys down.

Here's a former Fox reporter, who quit Fox rather than go with its flow, who makes Ainsley Earhardt look like a pee-wee. Once free from Fox employment, people can finally be themselves, but rather than help the people, Earhardt is in it for the $$$millions. PEE-WEE. The richset shall be the poorset. The CNN woman in black hair is a Jerusalem Jew who will not hear the truth, but Kari Lake rifles it to her, anyway:

Did China really shoot a missile circling the entire globe at low altitude? Or is this a fake report from the CIA demon? I say the latter. I say the Bidenites are pro-China, and John Ratcliffe revealed that the CIA favors China over Russia. We no longer hear reports of the North Korean threat because that too was just a CIA "news release" to set up a potential false flag within the U.S., in my opinion, an inside job to disturb the American society (with an inside job) so that the globalists can step in and "fix" things, or whatever they had in mind to do. What the CIA may be toying with now is a Chinese missile(s) strike into the U.S. with the Chinese actually doing it but only in agreement with whoever's running the Biden government. We can see that the American nation is being weakened at various sectors, exactly what an invader would like to see. What would be in it for China? This looks like a horror story no matter how we'd guess at the question. I want my mama, I'm scared, not of China, but of the lunatics in the Democrat party. But mama was given a stroke; why is there so much of that going on today?

Within a couple of years, if this trend continues, you'll be begging God, "please, Lord, let Apophis be the one, I can't take this much longer." There is no logical reason for the hang-ups of cargo ships at port; this is a manufactured crisis. If you say, "no it's not, it's due to COVID and vaccine fallout," I'd respond, "that's right, you're right, it is a manufactured crisis, you hit the nail on the head."

Obama is being blamed for Chinese powers rising at this time; it sounds like a correct assessment. Shortly after the asteroid of Revelation 8, the "kings of the orient" will invade the Middle East to challenge the global powers of the anti-Christ. The asteroid is in the 2nd Trumpet; within the time of the 5th Trumpet, the powers of the anti-Christ will wane, and the kings of the east begin challenging in the 6th Trumpet. Everyone assumes that China will be the main aggressor of those orientals, but as there's no way the oriental world can put up 200 million troops, I'd suggest that the angels of God are coming from the east as the tip of the spear, managing the kings of the east so that they are successful into Israel.

Here's a good video on a military doctor's persecution by the military beast stoned on vaccinations:

Two Stew Peters videos would not play for me on Wednesday night, even though they are from two different bitchute channels. It suggests that some Internet force is blocking his videos. No other videos have failed to play. The one above quit on me at about 17 minutes, and would not play again even after re-loading it three times. People notice these things and blame to goons. The heartless, inhuman, rotten goons are exposing themselves. We all take the opportunity to malign their characters when they malign themselves, and word gets around. They will be ashamed to have dinner with people before this is over. It's not decent people who need to be ashamed. Ram their own corruption down their throats.

They are easy to spot by their positions on vaccinations and masks. If they demand that children wear masks, shoot them like a sick horse and put them out of their misery. If they demand vaccinations for children, death is not enough punishment for the goons. I have spoken. I judge correctly. I would tell the same to any judge in the land. We have the evidence against the goons to expose them as killers. Children don't die of the COVID virus, but do die of vaccination "complications." The goons know this, and obviously want to kill the children, therefore, because they hate the parents, they hate the people. It's that thick. A mass killer should be killed right away to spare those he kills; the police do it all the time, and every private citizen has the right to do so too. If you see someone in the act of killing others, you shoot them dead without guilty conscience. If a judge has a problem with it, he's a lunatic.

In canada, judges are largely lunatics because anti-Christ lunatics put them in power by design. Infiltration of anti-Christs into power structures got evolution into the schools, etc., and look at what new forms of rot they push in the schools today. These people deserve cruel death, and, PRAISE GOD, they will get it. I have spoken correctly in good conscience. Death is insufficient punishment for them. It's the plain truth.

Here's sheer buffoonery: if you take the vaccines, you'll be bullet proof aside from the occasional death from a "breakthrough" infection. What's wrong with that statement? It's misleading because, without the vaccine, people are bullet proof aside from the occasional death. It's not the vaccines that save people, it's the body's defence mechanism. Amongst the deaths in the vaccinated category are younger-than-elderly people galore, but that is not the case with the unvaccinated. The vaccines are MURDERING people unnecessarily by giving them insufficient bodily defense against a virus. There's no other possible explanation I can think of to explain the deaths of young, healthy people in the vaccinated category. And the vaccines may be infecting young people overboard in the first place because the vaccines are intended to infect them slightly.

Someone did a half-lie this week when saying that Fox news doesn't require vaccinations. He failed to say that for those who don't want vaccines, they need to be tested daily, or as often as they come to work, I assume. What a headache. That's as good as showing desire for mandatory, and it amounts to harassment for the unvaccinated. If vaccination is so bullet proof, why are they worried about the odd person who might carry the virus? Why harass the entire world over a nothing-burger? Because the oppressors operate in lawlessness and moral decline, and Fox is a facilitator of that very oppression rather than being a leader against it. Any organization that rides the fence, at best, when the situation is dire, is a traitor to the people. The oppressors DO NOT CARE if people lose jobs to enter financial insecurity, because they are GOONs. Not only will they kill with vaccines, but they don't care about the obliteration of normality in order to get everyone vaccinated. So what REALLY is their agenda in openly abusing the people if not to abuse them secretly too?

I was just saying in the last update; whatever happened to vaccinated people showing magnetic qualities? Stew Peters has a woman on who suffered greatly starting a few days after vaccinations, and she claims her doctor placed a magnet on her arm, and it stuck. It means that doctors know this but aren't saying anything? Are we the people to regard magnetic bodies with a yawn? Absurd. The woman is covered in what she calls "sores," and Revelation says that sores will break out on those who have received the mark of the beast. Will the mark be proof of vaccination?

Below is Sununu tyranny at a local meeting; just get mentally prepared for something similar as the anti-Christ system draws near, but be happy in Jesus, between bouts of anger, because there's lots to be upset about. In a police state, police naturally make the people feel inferior because the cops put on a superior / arrogant attitude, which is how you know they are the inferior ones. Cops, with the thinnest skins of all, are better than us in arresting people, or driving people to the police station, or giving out tickets, or shooting people, but millions of people are better than them in millions of different ways. From now on, the police by-and-large will be our enemies; you cannot bring an ignoramus to seeing right and wrong as we do, because arrogance blinds him. If Jesus couldn't convince the Israeli leaders of their blindness, neither will we convince an ignorant cop who receives his pay from end-time Sodom of his blindness. Warn the authorities of God's eternal destruction, and that puts the ball into his lap. When the time comes in which we know we've entered the last seven years, we can be happy even in hand cuffs, even in jail. Just wait the few years out, and be good, on your best behavior. No use fighting for any country at that time. Here's Nick, the non-Christian (not "anti-Christ") fighter for his country:

If you want to try to figure out what the Vancouver government is doing by closing this small restaurant, ask it if it looks like a globalist or country-wide pre-determined plot to close small guys permanently by making them go broke? What could globalists gain from this? Not just money; they can also put the world into the hands of big chains (corporations) for easier control of every further plot. They would close all anti-globalist places and let the business money pour into places where the bosses are showing the right signs for being pro-globalist. In the meantime, the abused become helpful toward Christian persecution, because whether these "losers" are Christians or not, they will adopt an anti-globalist attitude for life. As you can see everywhere, there are myriads of non-Christian fighters pushing back the globalist agendai, and they are making lots of friends who never realized until now that canada is a pig. They may have known that canada is a little communist, thinking it was for the common good, but that naive view is evaporating fast in the heads of millions. So, keep on being tyrannical, crime minister trudge, it's good for the better people to know what you're really made of, once and for all. This is my dream come true. Instead of the good guys exposing the pigs by hard and expensive work over much time, the pigs are exposing themselves wildly beyond my wildest hopes.

Bastyon above is a new-to-me information-exchange website not subject to attack, as others are, from the big-tech trolls. Hopefully, it's much better than bitchute for quality content producers.

Here's a long but spirited (on the frantic side) video on the state of Maine trying to hide over 600 vaccine deaths of healthy people within a month of receiving a vaccine program. Those people would NOT have died had they become infected with the virus. That's 600 needless and horrendous murders that we know of, in Maine, and nobody knows how many others are unreported. Start video in 2nd minute:


Here's all four Gospels wrapped into one story.

For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God.
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