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October 26 - 31, 2021

Much More on the Apophis Asteroid
The British Surname Under the Microscope
New Meanings and Mysteries on Sleeping-Bag Dream

If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture

If at anytime you want to know a Coat's description as given by an identified person/group, see Hall of Names. It's not a great website because it doesn't allow scrolling back and forth through surnames, nor can one copy and paste the URL for any particular surname. But I'm very happy to be able to have access to it.

I was amazed in the last update, when Lorraine's pant stain pointed to Standard oil after the topic of Standard Oil was introduced earlier in that same update. The heraldic pointers were indicating that the Apophis asteroid will land in the sea as the Revelation asteroid (2nd Trumpet), and demolish the cargo ships of Rockefeller oil. Lorraine then pointed to Humble Oil and Bush-family oil. The great thing was that while Standard and Humble both joined Esso, and while Esse's are listed with Ass-like Ash's, Ass'/Assi's are in the "As ASTRA" motto term of MacKenzie's, the latter surname an obvious pointer (of God) to the Revelation ASTERoid -- said in Revelation 8 to be "AS a great mountain with burning flames". The MacKenzie Crest is a "mountain in flames." I missed something because I forgot to see "great" in "as a great mountain," and while I always link Ass'/Assi's to Justine's, Justine's share the gold border with GREATs because Justine of Picenum married the son of GRATian the Elder (Roman emperor). Is that not amazing for proving that the "as astra" is heraldic code (of the family who created the phrase) for Ass'/Assi's. Yes, it is amazing, because the MacKenzie's with "as astra" share the gold-on-blue border with Justine's. That is a powerful piece for proving that God has a bomb for this world's sinners.

(Load Mackenzie link now to have access, on another tab, to other Coats of Arms.)

If you didn't read the last update, let me repeat that Stains/STANDs/Stans are partly how the stain pointed to STANDard Oil, but there are also the STANleys who share the MacKenzie stag head to really knock things home. I showed how Lorraine pointed to Bar-le-Duc with her pant stain, and then told that Scottish Bars share the Italian Este Coat, but also the Aquila Coat, and then L'Aquila is seven miles from my mother's place of birth and upbringing, PICENze, which looks like it was named after PICENum elements. Plus, the founder of the house of Este was Assi-like Azzo of Fermo, the latter at or off the southern end of Picenum. Is that not wild?

Lorraine's grass stain pointed to Grazio's (PERUSia), who share the pomegranate of French Crispins/CREPins first found in the in PEREZ area of the Lorraine part of France. Bolt your ROCKing chair to the floor, old FELLa's, because I have another surprise, and wouldn't want to give you an accident with this jolt. The last update pointed to Apophis again via the CREPin-like Crabs, and I've known for a few years that Greats are GREEPs too!!!! It slipped my head in the last update that Greeps and Crepins should apply to Crabs. It means that Grazio's were a branch of Greats and Graz-like CRISpins (share Grasse bend), explaining the Crepin variation of the latter. I've read that Apophis is returning in Cancer, the crab constellation. I wonder: how can the pomeGRANATE point to the asteroid? Is it made of granite? Possibly.

Ahh, I'm reading that it's made of "rock, nickle and iron." It just so happens that Stops/Stubbs share the English Nickel pheon. Safe to say, "rock" in that phrase is "granite," defined as rock from molten lava. English Nickels (Cheshire) were at a Kew location, explaining why Kews/Cue's sue the Arms-of-Cheshire garbs, and then the Coys, first found in Cambridgeshire with Crabs, share the Nickel pheon too, which in an arrowhead. When an asteroid enters the air, it looks like a fiery arrow of God. A streak. As I said years ago, Lorraine's grass stain was a streak. For example, in the 1st update of July, 2020: "She was hosting the couple for dinner. She would not have used white pants with a long grass streak for a dinner party." I was implying that Lorraine got the stain while on a walk with her friend's husband. This walk pointed (last update) to the presidential Bush family in multiple ways. French Crispins share the bend of Spurrs suspect in the "spur rowells" of PANTers.

The red cross on the Crispin bend is in the Crest of Irish White's/Wights, and so we can entertain her WHITE pants as pointing to these White's/Wights in particular. The same little red cross is used by Royals who share the ASTER/Stur bend. That can explain things, for the STOUR river has a mouth facing the Isle of WIGHT.

Ahh, usually, when a hand is holding an item, the heraldic description will use "holding." But Coys use "GRASping a snake"! So, it appears that God prepared heraldry for the nickle in the Apophis asteroid. As per the iron, note the "GRAPPling iron" of Presleys. Apophis-like Poppo I was of GRAPfeld/GRABfeld. "GrasPING" could be part-code for the Ping variation of Scottish Pagans (Yorkshire, same as Bush's and Walkers). "GrappLING" looks like code also for Lings/Lyngs, and it just so happens that the latter are in the colors and format of Rockefeller-line Fellers! The latter have a Coat almost that of Ling-like Linch's/Lynch's. This looks like a pointer to Obama's attorney general. Loretta Lynch, for Lorrets were once said to be first found in Suffolk (now Yorkshire), where Lings/Lyngs and Standards were first found. French Laredo's/DeLORETs share the black boar with Bush's/Buschs, and Bosco's have "tufts of GRASS." As was said in the last update, Bussys/Bushe's (three of the Bush/Busch fesses) share three fesses with Umbers/HUMBLE's.

Pings/Pagans are a branch of French Page's and LePage's, which have a Pigeon-like variation while "pigeons" are used by Crappers/Croppers. The latter's pigeons are in the colors of the Pigeon pigeons. Don't Pigeons look like "PICENum." I just started eating PEANUTs when writing the last sentence, I was not eating them for the first sentence of this paragraph. I wasn't conscious of eating peanuts when it occurred to me, while writing the second sentence, that PEAcocks use a "just" motto term as possible code for Justine of Picenum. Due to Pee/Peas/Pea variations of Peacocks, I remembered reading, about an hour or two ago, that NASA thinks Apophis is peanut-shaped, and only then did I look to see whether I was eating peanuts, and it's true, it happened just like that. PEANut-like Peans are even listed with Pagans/Paions! Wow! "Pean" is an heraldic term.

Peacocks even use a nut-like "not" term. Nots are listed with Cnuts while Nuts are with Knutts, and the latter share the white pheons of Pilate's/Pilotte's, a branch of Pilotte's (Lincolnshire, same as TANKERville's) who in turn share the PELLET coat (in the colors and format of French Pagans) while German Nickel's have "pellets" while English Nickels have more white pheons. I see pheons as code for the PAIONi people group, and French Pagans are also PAIONs (share "spur rowells" with PANTers). I think we pinged that one good. Due north of the Paioni were the PICENSii (on this dark map) who are in turn at the Pek river that flows to PINCum. Pinks/Pincs were first found in Yorkshire with Pings/Pagans. It looks like tonight's peanuts are helping to assure that Apophis is landing.

The Peacock Crest has a peacock "with a rose in the BEAK," perfect because Lorraine had a babe symbol for the Beak-related Babe's, and Beaks happen to share the Umber/Humble Coat! PERFECT for indication that Apophis is aimed at oil tankers.

Wikipedia's Apophis article (shows the peanut shape) seems to be using a news-juice scare-tactic from some cosmic peepers: "Until 2006, a small probability however remained that during its 2029 close encounter with Earth, Apophis would pass through a gravitational keyhole of no more than about 800 metres in diameter, which would have set up a future impact exactly seven years later on April 13, 2036." That looks like science fiction to me, what professional star gazers at NASA and elsewhere excel in. "Black holes" are fantasy, part of a now-vast public-relations tool to make a boring science look exciting.

Fifty Years Before Apophis

It appears that God called me to announce that Apophis is falling to earth, and in order to accomplish this, He had to train me in heraldic codework, for He planned to use heraldic pointers in conjunction with events, people and dreams in my life to tell stories; that's my claim to fame or infamy, sometimes I don't know which of the two this work will turn out as. This heraldic job started in roughly 2004, the year Apophis was discovered by space peepers. It was about the early summer of 2005 when I really got into heraldic gear, on a full-time basis. I've not stopped since on a full-time basis. This Apophis topic has renewed my energy, giving great meaning to this work. It tends to suggest that we are about to enter the last seven years of history that includes 2029 as one of the seven. If that doesn't happen, CRAP is me.

If it's time to prepare foods, and if the 666 is a few years away, how in tarnation will God ever convince the Church using this heraldic material? This is where I falter. This is where I get depressed. I have recently agonized with God over the silly / lunatic look of this project. Who's going to treat this approach to prophecy seriously? I don't know how readers are taking these writings because I don't take email for their sakes, for the spies are everywhere. Post-tribbers need not to communicate with one another on private concerns in the communication channels subject to spies.

I was saved in March/April of 1979. Within a month of my salvation, I had a morning vision of a woman that reminded me of Farrah Fawcett (this was in the last update too), followed by an audible voice from God, "Write down that you're going to have a disagreement tonight with Steve," or He may have said "a disagreement at Steve's place tonight." I wrote it down, and put it into my pocket. That night I let the party gang know that I had become a Christian, which caused a woman to become angry who fulfilled the morning vision. When Steve became upset with me for leaving his party and then returning, I handed him the note from my pocket that God asked me to write, but he didn't believe me when I said I wrote it in the morning. Decades later, I learned that Note's/Cnuts share the Mellanson crescents. Steve's surname, Mellanson.

Plus, Pockets (Lincolnshire, same as TANKERville's) have a giant cinquefoil in colors reversed from the same of Bus' and Tankerville's, and so I think we can glean here what God was up to: a note for my pocket. Pockets are also Pouchers, looking like a branch of Porchers (Norfolk, same as Bus') because the latter have the giant Bus cinquefoil (same colors). Yet Porchers also have the eight fessewise bars of English Crispins/Crepins, what are the chances for this paragraph's set of heraldry? If Lorraine had rear pockets on her white cotton pants, the grass streak would have been from her left pocket and down the rear of her leg. In the Porcher Crest there's a lion with three fesses upon it in the colors of the three fesses of English Sturs (near the Stour river), a branch of ASTERs/Sturs, what in tarnation are the chances of that? Porchers come up as "Portis," and PORTIShead is near the source of the STOUR river.

English Sturs/STOWers were first found in Hampshire with the Chase's and STOW-related Change's/Changers in the Stanley motto, and while Stanleys were first found in Cambridgeshire with Stows and Crabs, Change-like Chance's/CHAUNCERs, sharing the patonce cross of Chase's, are like "CANCER." The Apophis asteroid will reportedly appear to the naked EYE with Cancer the crab behind it, and an EYE is in the Crest of Stur-like Stars, the latter first found in Wiltshire with the source of the Stour river. But if this asteroid lands on earth, its route will change, and may not be with Cancer behind it. Just the same, God could point to Crabs and Chauncers just because NASA reports / thinks it'll be in the crab constellation, good enough. Maybe they are right about it showing up in Cancer, but in any case expect that God's going to do a CHANGER-upper of its trajectory.

The Peacocks and the peanuts tonight seem to be pointing to Apophis, and the NOTs in the Peacock motto therefore jibe with the NOTE God asked me to write, for if Steve was throwing a party, it was either Friday or Saturday, and I'm very sure it was in April, for I pegged my conversion in late March / early April, but leaned late March. It's very conspicuous that Friday 13th in April of 1979 is exactly 50 years to Friday 13th of April in 2029, when Apophis is scheduled to become visible to the naked eye. April 13th in 1979 was Good Friday, and thus it was Easter time, and Easters are listed with asteroid-like Asters. WHAT IN TARNATION ARE THE CHANCES OF THAT?

The problem is, I don't have a way, from recollect, to prove that the morning vision / evening party was on the 13th of April.

The Mellanson Crest includes: "...upRIGHT a BUNDLE of RODS with an AXE in the middle,"" and then the all-important and Justine-liner Ass'/Assi's have a fasces, which someone online defines as: "Fasces are bound BUNDLEs of sticks or RODS into which an AXE is inserted [in the middle]". So now I think I know why God chose Mr. Mellanson for the note. The Rights expected in the Mellanson description use leopard FACEs, while Face's/Fessys are expected as at least a branch of whatever "fasces" is code for. Rights came up in the last update as Rite's from "meteorRITE." Apophis would go from asteroid to meteorite if it enters the air. Another reason for choosing Mellansons is that Rods were a ROCK branch when Hugh of RODez married Miss ROQUEfeuil (= proto-Rockefellers), a location in Languedoc with the first known Roque's/Rocks and Mountains. English Mountains were first found in Essex with Peacocks, and with the HOCKEY who share the Mellanson crescents. Soon after I gave him the note, Mellanson asked me to be his assistant coach (I accepted) for a PEE-wee hockey team, and this looks like a pointer to the PEAnuts that God has apparently just used, for Nuts/Knutts can be a Note/Cnut branch! Wow, that's cool. To prove that Mellansons use rods as code for Rods, the latter share a gold, blank Chief with French Mellans.

Note that the fasces can be either a bundle of STICks or rods, for Sticks share the Coat of German Goods, and Mellanson's party is being entertained for GOOD Friday. Fridays/FRYdays may have been a Fry/Frey branch, and the latter are in the colors of Irish Mellans and Susans. I'm pretty sure that Mellanson's wife was Susan. [There's a great section late in this update on Frydays and Ainsley Earhardt. It includes the Pole "FRYing pan," part-code for Pans/Payens.]

Note that a non-round waterMELON can be exactly peanut-shaped.

For the past two nights in a row, instead of peanuts, I had CASHews. It's therefore amazing that Cass'/Cash's use a "PAIR of scales," not only amazing because the Justine's suspect in the Peacock motto use scales of justice, but because Pairs are listed with PEACOCK-using Paws/Pauers! Ass'/Assi's (share white sword with Justine's) use scales too but call them "blue balances." Compare "Cass' with "Ass/Assi" (the Mellanson AXE in the middle can be code for this surname). The Scale's (Hertfordshire, near Middlesex) share the scallops of Apps'/Epps, the latter first found in Middlesex with FEARs/Fiers because Fier County in Albania is on the APSus river, and the Peacock motto happens to be, "Be just and FEAR not." The Albania-like Albins are Aubins too, FANTASTIC, because there is an Aubin location right-near RODez, the line to the Mellanson rods with axe in the middle! Zikers. Albins/Aubins were at Barnstaple, and Barnstaple's (Devon, same as Albins/Aubins) share the trefoils of RODs (DEVON!!!).

Albins/Aubins were first found in Devon with the English Page's, and LePage's were in the paragraph with the peanut miracle. English Page's use pheons, expected for PEAN/Pagans/PAION liners, and we saw the Pheon with Nickle's; the latter's write-up traces to Nicholas D'ALBINi. Back to the heavy-duty paragraph above with the Stour river and the Stows, for the style of fitchee used by Stows is that also of the blue one of Albins/Aubins, and he Stow fitchee is blue in colors reversed. The Baskets in the Mellan Crest were first found off at the mouth of the Stour, and in the Isle of Wight off the mouth of the Stour. Stows come up as "Stout," and while the Stout vikings had a raven banner, a raven (but called a "Cornish chough") is in the Crest of English Nickle's.

Devon is where Tuckers were first found whose seahorses and wavy bars assure that they were kin of Seamans and Sea's, the Apophis theme. "Apophis was discovered on June 19, 2004, by Roy A. TUCKER, David J. THOLEN..." Tuckers have drops while Drops/Trope's (drops) share the Chief of Tolle's, both Chiefs having the Tool lion while Tholens are listed with Tooleys. TOULouse is across the river from COMMINGEs, and I see Comyns/COMMINGs as a branch of Comets. German Tolle's/Tollers (Pomerania and Mecklenburg, same as Dols/Tolls) share the Pepoli checks whole Popoli's can be traced to Schwerins of Mecklenburg.

Apophis was discovered in 2004, while I lived in the home of Miss Abreu/ABRUZZO. Her surname is Hebrew, and the Picenze location mentioned above is in Abruzzo. God has set up many details of my life for these writings. Miss Abreu told me that her husband died of cancer. King Apophis was a Hyksos-branch Hebrew, though not Israelite. Hyksos were Hebrews from Assi-like Asia (minor), at or around the PYXites river. Hebrews named the Habur tributary of the EUPHRATes (has a source near the Pyxites), and the latter river named APHRODite, the line to APRUTium, the ancient Abruzzo capital and obvious namer of "Abruzzo."

Apophis passed the earth on December 21, 2004, and though I can't recall when the birthday of Miss Hicks is, it was listed a few days before or after Christmas, as I remember it from an online directory. If I happen to find it on December 21, I'll come back to this. As I said, dummy me, I left the home of Miss Abreu, for Texas, in about February of 2005, wondering whether Miss Hicks was going to become my bride after her husband (32 years older than she) passed away. But when I returned in 2005, after a 2.5-year absence, he had not passed away. He lived until 2015.

I didn't start heraldry into the 1979 dream until 2016, which was the dream that seemed to be promising me that she would become my wife. In 2016, on the same day I found her husband's obituary, I found the Baytown-Sun page with her husband posing with Spuds MacKenzie, a bulldog, and the 1979 dream had a bulldog while I, in 1994, a few months before meeting Miss Hicks for the first time, bought a fiberglass bulldog for my business. Miss Abreu was one of my employees.

But Miss Hicks and I were not in contact after 2016, and so I began to think that God had her as my wife in the dream due to the Biblical symbolism in the Bride of Christ. I don't recall adding to this theory that Scottish Bride's are in the colors and format of Church's, and so that looks like a good theory.

God said to me, in the dream, "What are you waiting for, it's you she loves; go wake her up." And when I woke her, we went embraced into the sky, a literal rapture. NOW, however, there can be a second interpretation as per the Bride surname being a branch of Crab-loving Bridge's. Spuds MacKenzie is a super pointer to Apophis via MacKenzie symbols, you see. And while here husband was HAMILTON Kilpatrick, and while I bought my fiberglass bulldog in Hamilton (Ontario), Hamiltons share the Bus / Tankerville cinquefoil, two surnames pointing to Apophis' oil-tanker theme.

MacKins/Kims were first found in Bute, and share the Coat of McKinneys while the other McKinneys come up as MacKens. Lorraine had a grass stain on her BUTT. The Hamilton Coat is nearly the MacKin/Kim / McKinney Coat, and the second woman to fulfill the 1979 dream, as I think I've resolved, is Ainsley Earhardt (has the babe look of Lorraine), wife once of Mr. McKinney. MacKenzie's are also Kenneths/KENNIEsons. It looks AGAIN as though it was correct to peg Miss Earhardt as the other Sleeping Beauty. Ainsley's other husband was Mr. Proctor, and while Proctors use nails, the Nails/Neils/Nagle's share the saltire of Greats/Greeps (Northumberland, same as Lorraine's), the Crispin- / Grazio-connectable ones whom Lorraine's pant stain pointed to, and Greats/Greeps share the gold-on-blue border with the "as astra" MacKenzie's.

I'm reading that Apophis is of a size and speed that it will create 800-foot tidal wave. I don't agree. In fact, I now think I know why I spent considerable time in Texas, about the time that my heraldic studies started, discovering that the distance to the sun in not 93 million miles, but more like 10 million or less. NASA data available to me online didn't allow to make a perfect calculation, and that was probably by design of NASA because it knows you and I can discover the true distance to the sun by creating two lines on a piece of paper. One line is the solar-eclipse line to the sun, and the other is a lunar-eclipse line to the sun. Where those two lines meet, that's the distance to the sun. The only thing needed to is to figure out the exact angle of both lines, but NASA didn't give the public accurate / sufficient data to get those angles perfectly.

My point is, the speed of Apophis is calculated (by NASA) by the size of the solar system that the evolutionist liars -- the people at NASA -- think it is. If the size of the solar system is ten times smaller than they think it is, then Apophis is traveling ten times slower, which means tens times LESS power should it strike a planet. If I remember correctly, force = velocity x mass, meaning that the force is proportional to the velocity i.e. ten times slower = ten times less force.

But then the evolutionist liars may have over-sized the asteroid too if they calculated it based on the size of the solar system. For example, if they used the triangulation method of calculating its diameter, then that formula needs to know its distance from the earth too, and if they have the distance too far away, then the size comes out larger than the rock really is. Evolutionists a century ago wanted to make the solar system as large as they could get away with because it plays better to their big-bang theory of cosmic existence. They want the universe very big because they want it very old, STUPIDS. Who put Apophis into orbit around the sun in the first place?

To boot, by misrepresenting the size of the solar system by ten times or more, the expected distance of Apophis' passage in 2029, 20,000 miles from earth, could be more like 1,000-2,000 miles, and earth gravity can then do a major, earthward shift to its trajectory. I can now understand why I had the time and the desire to discover the real distance to the sun. It became a heavy-duty project. I discovered (with proof) that NASA was lying with its eclipse data. Instead of measuring distances with the eye, it simply calculated distances based on a predetermined 93-million-mile distant sun, and then dished that out as the truth when it wasn't. Their eclipse details in charts always jibe with a sun 93-million miles away because they begin with that premise when doing the math, backward. Satanists, liars. With all that in mind, see this:

Friday the 13th of April 2029 could be a very unlucky day for planet Earth. At 4:36 am Greenwich Mean Time, a 25-million-ton, 820-ft.-wide asteroid called 99942 Apophis will slice across the orbit of the moon and barrel toward Earth at more than 28,000 mph. The huge pockmarked rock, two-thirds the size of Devils Tower in Wyoming, will pack the energy of 65,000 Hiroshima bombs--enough to wipe out a small country or kick up an 800-ft. tsunami...For a couple of hours after dusk, people in Europe, Africa and western Asia will see what looks like a medium-bright star creeping westward through the constellation of Cancer, making Apophis the first asteroid in human history to be clearly visible to the naked eye.

I doubt very much that God is bring an 800-foot wall of water to an ocean. "Creeping westward means it flies over Africa toward North America. If the true distance is only 2,000 miles or less, it could curve with a fly-over of North America, into the Pacific. It could hit the Atlantic if the curve begins early enough on its approach. Or, maybe the Mediterranean, headquarters for globalist satanists, makes the most sense. Would 1/3 the world's ship be docked and active in that European pond alone? It sounds about right. Very little in-water energy would escape this pond past the Gibraltar straight.

The same article talks about the key hole: "If the dice do land the wrong way in 2029 [i.e. if the comet in 2029 does cut across the key-hole distance from earth], Apophis would have to be deflected by some 5000 miles to miss the Earth in 2036. Hollywood notwithstanding, that's a feat far beyond any current human technology." I read that as meaning that, unless the asteroid is at least 4,500 miles from earth, it could be drawn in to strike the earth.

How bright will this rock be when it hits the air. My understanding is that typical meteoric streaks are from small rocks. The bigger the rock, the bigger the brighter the streak and head-flash. One can hear a bullet fly past in the air. What will this Apophis rock sound like? One can hear a jet engines a few miles above. Loud noise goes into the soul painfully. Loud noises no one has ever heard before is terribly frightening. But then God's anger has been stewing on the back burner for 6,000 years, and it's all going to be poured out in a small time frame starting about the time of the Revelation asteroid. The birth pangs will increase in intensity, but will give birth to death by the hand of God. MURDER of the wicked, and cruel judgment, Selah. By the time the wicked are finished with us, you won't feel sorry for them one bit.

Tanker Spills

There's another thing I missed in the last update: oil TANKERs. Tankerville's (Lincolnshire, same as English Grasse's, beside first-known Bus' of Norfolk) share the Bus cinquefoil, and Lorraine's BUS STOP was part of the pointers to Bush-family oil. It never ends. Heraldry speaks again. The Stops/Stubbs pointed (last update) to the Sterling brothers, co-founders of Humble oil. Humble's are listed with UMBERs/Humbers, and Grazio's were first found in UMBRia. I told this in the last update, but neglected to add that the Lorraine surname was first found in NorthUMBERland, same as Greats/Greeps, is that not wilder than wild? What are the chances? The OILeys were in the last update, first found in Oxfordshire with English Crispins/Crepins and the Billow-connectable Ships.

I met Mamie about an hour before seeing Lorraine's grass stain, and Mamie became my girl a few weeks later on the night we slept in a TENT, in the same sleeping BAG (no sex, not even a kiss or hug, she was ice-cold by God's design). I'm repeating this because I had missed the following for failure to read the Royal write-up. "ROYAL tents" are used by Tintons; Royals have: "An early East Cheshire roll has the following entry: 'Sir Nicholas de Eton ... concedes to Sir William de BAGGYLEGH, knt. ... one hamlet... in the vill of Echeles, which is called Ruyhul ... which Richard de Ruyhul held ... c. 1318.'" BAGleys (Shropshire, same as Sleeps, beside Cheshire) are in the colors of the Bag Chief. Therefore, if God was pointing the tent event to Royals, is this to flip us to Asters/Sturs? How? Can it be done compellingly, as if Arranged, with more to go on than the sharing of bends between Asters/Sturs and Royals? The same little red cross is with Chaddocks, and they have a Coat looking like that of Tankerville's.

Lorraine took the bus to work to the FINCH subway station in Toronto. I discovered this a week or two after we split up (on the night of the grass stain), when my friends invited me to see a friend in downtown Toronto (over 2 million people in this city). As I stepped off the bus at the Finch station (we were headed for the subway), there was Lorraine the first in line to get on the same bus. WHAT ARE THE CHANCES? And we eyed each other in surprise mode, but as she didn't look too happy, I just walked by without saying anything. I'm repeating this because Finch's are listed with Vince's while Greats/Greeps had a greet location at WINCHcomb while Winch's are also Wince's. WinchCOMB recalls her balcony, where I saw her grass stain, and the Balcons (share Crispin/Crepin bend) of the last update are also BalCOLMs. CUMBERs list COMBerfords (share peacock in Crest with Comforts/CUMBERfords) while Cumberland is beside NorthUMBERland, and the latter is where Lorraine's and Greats/Greeps were first found, how tidy.

There's more, because Cumbers/Comberfords were first found in Staffordshire with Stops/Stubbs (I met her at her bus STOP while she headed for the Finch station), with Stain-connectable Stanfords, but also with Stanford-branch Stamfords. The latter share a vaired saltire on red with PenderGRASS' ("VINCit" motto term to go with Finch's/Vince's), and PENDERgrass' flipped me out because her PANT stain was pointable to PANTers/PANDERs. It looks like Someone was spending a lot of time arranging heraldry, and planning things, centuries ago, for my life so that the two coincide in these ways. I've always said, God didn't do all of this just to entertain us, and certainly not just for my personal insights. I became a prophecy buff in my first year of conversion, and I think God will stress my post-tribulation views, and the need to prepare to endure the 666. I feel that the mandatory 666 will be in force by the time of the Revelation asteroid, and I've been storing food since early this year. I think it's time.

I kid you not, I've got it recorded in several updates, even fairly recent, that the friends who asked me to come with them to Toronto were the OULette's, a surname resolved as an OWL/Howl liner. In fact, I was convinced that OulLETTE's were an Owl-Lette merger, and lo-and-behold that Letts/Late's use "organ PIPES"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lorraine at her bus STOP pointed to Pepin of Landen, and while Pepins share the Pipe Coat, the latter are in the colors and format of Stops/Stubbs (Staffordshire, same as Pipe's)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW! It's got Apophis in a nutshell.

Plus, you might be amused to read, in the last update, that Gilligan's Island pointed in the last update to Apophis-related shipwrecks, featuring Thurston HOWELL (Owl/Howl branch, by the looks of it), the rich man on Gilligan's Island who apparently implies, in God's view, the Rockefellers / Rothschilds et-al. Mrs. Howell was Lovey by first name, and while Lovey Howell was pointed to my Miss Hicks in about March or April of 2005, the 1979 dream had God saying, "it's you she LOVES." See Loveys/Luffs (Oxfordshire, same as Ships, but also in Suffolk, same as Thurstons and Owls/Howells), with a Loves variation, in the last update to see how that panned out. Note THURston, for English Thors have the Howell Coat in colors reversed.

[BIG-SHORT INSERT -- It wasn't until midweek that "Humble" was entered to find Humble's/Hummils with a rising owl, and with a buck in Standard colors. The Humble/Hummil Chief is blank and gold, same as the Rod Chief. A Thurston location in Suffolk is in the "union of Stow," and I've been showing how Standard-pointing Stanleys are linkable to Stows/Stouts, and will again shortly below. I initially ended this insert at the last sentence without fireworks, and then found the following for which I wrote, "BIG-SHORT INSERT." To set this up, let's first repeat from above: "...while Standard and Humble both joined Esso, and while Esse's are listed with Ass-like Ash's, Ass'/Assi's are in the "As ASTRA" motto term of MacKenzie's..." Thurstons use an "Esse" motto term!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I didn't start this insert for this big surprise, but fell on it. Esse's/Ash's use an "OMNiBUS" motto term suspect in part with Omans, first found in Sussex with Thurstons and Owls, what a hoot.

By the way, some further details. the Cam-like "quam" motto term of Thurstons is used by CAMbridge's likely for a Cam-river family such as Cams/Game's. Stows/Stouts were first found in Cambridge, and it's Thurstons who were at Stow. Cambridge is also where English Rench's were first found while German Wrench's share the giant fleur of Game-like Gamble's/GAMALs, and then Owl-line Oullette's use "gemel." Gamble's/Gamals use "beak" to describe their crane, and Beaks share the triple Umber/HUMBLE fesses. Another hoot. End big-short insert]

I've looked up Wrecks as per "shipwreck," and they show only a gold border (called an "orle") on a blue Shield, the color of the border of Mountain-loving MacKenzie's, and English Mountains were first found in Essex with Wrecks. The orle border is in different colors with Rothschild-connectable Rutherfords and Rutlands, but it's an orle just the same, and so we have another insinuation of Apophis wrecking the ships of industrialist-Rothschild entities. People who don't want to work regular jobs because they hate them start their own businesses, and employ many workers that hate their jobs as they once did. Then, greed motivates and drives them with determination to succeed in business. "Determination" in this context is often based on lust for money, once it gets a hold of the soul. Billionaires are stuck in the eye of a needle.

I don't think I've ever realized before that the Oullette's have a fair reflection of the Lovey/Luff Coat, and so let's add that Oullette's were in oil-like "Ouilly-le-Basset" of Falaise while Falls'/Fallis' share the Feller trefoils! YA SEE? OH wow, I had forgotten, until loading Bassets ("PRO REGE et POPulo" motto) again to check whether they have the triple fesses in the Porcher/Portis Crest (they do), important because Porchers/Portis' ("PRO REGE" motto) share the giant BUS cinquefoil! Plus, UNBELIEVABLE, Bassets were first found in Staffordshire with Stops/Stubbs and Pipe's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! INCREDIBLE. The triple Basset fesses are used by Aster-branch Sturs.

AM I EVER GLAD BASSETTS WERE LOADED, or not only would I have missed the above, but I would have missed this: "THURSTON was the 'paternal ancestor of several families of Basset...'"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is the best! The shipwrecked THURSTON HOWELL at our service. I'll repeat here that, to prove that Oullette's were related to Howells, the latter were first found in Monmouthshire while Monmouths share "bars gemel" in the same colors with Oullette's.

The Oullette Crest is even a "moorcock with WINGs exPANDed," possible code for PANTers/Panders. WINGs/Winks were first found in Perthshire with Justine, because the husband and father-in-law of Justine of Picenum lived in VINKovci! That's the FINCH/Vince line!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It appears that God arranged Oullette heraldry to link exactly to the Finch bus-and-subway station that the Oullette's were at with me, but also Lorraine's pant stain that pointed rock-hard to OIL tankers! ZIKERS, I didn't know this previously because I was unable to get at Coat descriptions again until a few weeks ago. The Oullette moorcock is "COMBed and wattled red," and Lorraine's balcony pointed to BalCOMBs.

Back to the organ-pipe Letts/Late's, for they share the stars of Bott-like Abotts whom I can link fairly uncomplicated to BUTTs, the pointer to Lorraine's butt stain. It involves the Basset / Porcher motto term, "Pro," suspect with Pero's/Perino's/PERICHs and the Pierro's/Pero's/Petri's/PERICHs. The BOTTers/Bodys/BUDDYs to which Miss Hicks pointed in the last update, use "a red eagle STANDing on a PERCH," and already we see that Stains/Stands on a Butt-like surname. Botters/Bodys/Buddys were first found in Hampshire with BUTTons/Bidens and the Sturs in the triple fesses of Bassets. Pero's/Perino's/Perichs use the comet of Reines', but call them "flaming stars," appropriate to Apophis, and the Stur-like Stars were first found in Wiltshire, at the sources of the Stour river.

[Insert during spell-check -- As Reines' use a "comet," wasn't Comet the name of one of Satan Claus' REINdeer? I first saw Miss Hicks on Christmas day, and have seen "Rena" online as her middle name. Hmm. Is my first seeing her a pointer to the asteroid? Why? What's Christmas got to do with it? Christmas' (Coney rabbits) look like Conn / CONEY kin, and Comets can be of the Comitissa and Comites variations of Cone-branch Conte's! That works. But the exercise has Miss Hicks involved. Why? End insert]

Not finished, because Pierro's/Pero's/PETRI's/Perichs, who were a branch of the PATRIA's/PEARtree's in the motto of Abotts (share chevron-with-stars of PEARE's/Pearls), have a version of the BUTT/Bute/Boet Coat, and the latter share the fesse of Buttons/Bidens. There you have it, the organ-pipe Letts/Late's linking to Butt liners by sharing the stars of Abotts (share pears with Parrots) and Peare's/Pears/Pearls (both first found in Oxfordshire with Ships (EEL), ISLE-connectable Islands, and shipwreck Loveys/Luffs).

As I've said, Christine Peare (common heraldic topic) worked at SONY electronics immediately after working at Rieti-like Reitmans clothing when I first dated her. I kissed her first at a La Paloma bar, and Paloma's share the dove with Page's (same colors) and PEACE's/PAISE's (different background color), the latter suspect in naming VesPASia. Rieti was home to the Biblical-dragon line of Flavius PETRO, suspect with the Peter who named the PIERleoni Jews of Rome, where RITA's were first found who use "PIECES of wood," and share the POOL lion because Vespasia POLLa was the wife of Flavius Sabinus, son of Flavius Petro. You can see here that this line goes to Pierro's/Pero's/Petri's. The English Reeds/REIDs were first found in Northumberland with the Lorraine's.

The last time I spent time with Miss Peare was as little as a month before the bus-stop event with Lorraine, and while the latter's PANT stain pointed especially to Pansys/PANTzers, the latter share the Peace doves in both colors. The last time I spent time with Miss Peare, I took her to the home of Jeffrey MOORE, whom I met only because he was a friend of Joe Oullette, the one who invited me to Toronto for the bumping into Lorraine about two weeks or less after the pant-stain event. Oullette's use a MOORcock, you see, with "wings exPANDed," and that phrase is used also for the Swords (Northumberland) who show a "man's head" looking like a light-skinned Moor head. I'm sure there's more to Mr. Moore than I can decipher at this moment.

Back to Miss Peare's job at SONY electronics, and for this I take you to the beautiful SUNNY CHRISTmas day when I first saw Miss Hicks on the Ranch = Leakey rd, at a church called, "HOUSE of Praise." CHRSTine PEARE looks to apply here along with the CRYSTAL-City church that Miss Hicks attended. The Christmas' (almost the Coney Coat) use "coney" rabbits while the Coney Crest has "A coney holding a PANSY", the line most-definitely to Pansys/PANTzers just crossed shortly above.

That SUNNY Christmas day in church is unforgettable for me because I had never been outdoors without a coat, on a beautiful blue summers' day, as late as December 25. The church was on the Ranch / Leakey road, and sunny- / SONY-like Sunnys are also Stain-like Stoneys/Staney, and thus another potential pointer to Standard Oil. The Sunnys/Staneys have a bend-with-scallops in the colors of the bend-with-stag-heads of Stanleys. Beauty, for the Sunny/Staney scallops are shared by Rinds, a branch of Rands/Rynds/RANCE's, like "Ranch" road. That night of the 9-11 memorial was pointed to by Rench's/Wrench's (Cambridgeshire, same as Stanleys). The Ranch road was called the "Leakey rd." by locals, and German Rench's share the lone Leakey fleur-de-lys, as do Gemel-like Gamble's (said to be from "Gamel / Gamall"), and the Hicks use three of the same fleur. The Chief-Shield color combo of Gamble's is colors reversed from the same of Leakeys. [The Rench's remind of the Christmas-Hicks link to Reines' in the insert shortly above.]

Although my head is starting to spin again, I've got to add that while OulLETTE's look like part-Letts, the latter share the stars of Gamalls (Cheshire, same as Sonnys/Staneys) while Oullette's have "bars GEMEL." Beauty.

The church on that sunny Christmas day was HOUSE of Praise, and this is new: the Leakeys share a bent leg with House-like Hose's/Ouse's, the latter first found in Leicestershire with the LEGro river. It looks like more confirmation that God arranged the heraldry to go with the event's props. We got here by following the sunny day to Stanley-branch Sonnys, and Stanleys share the Leakey bend. It's working, especially as Sonnys got us quick to Ranch- / Rance's. What would God be trying to say? That the people who did the 9-11 inside job were Rockefellers, or some oil people using 9-11 and George Bush to get into the Middle East with military invasions to get some control over oil pipelines and their contents? Sounds right.

As I said, the knee event on the Leakey rd. that night of the 9-11 memorial was at a Get'n Go GAS station, and while Rench's/Wrench's share the Gore/Core crosslets (share white wolf with GOWers/Gore's and FLEETwoods), GOWers/Gore's were suspect with the "Go" in "Get'n Go" (in Camp Wood) because "franGAS" is a Gower/Gore motto term. The latter's "FLECtes" motto term looks like code even for Fleetwood-connectable Flags/Flecks/FLACKs, and the Baathists of Syria and Iraq were co-founded by Mr. AFLAQ. This pointer of the memorial to Middle-East gas (produced in Iraq's Kurdistan) is new right here thanks to the new pointers to oil companies and oil tankers this week and last.

Amazingly, to prove that the Get'n Go is a pointer to Gowers, they were at STITTenham while Stitts (Yorkshire, same as Gowers and Stittenham) are listed with Stotts/STUTE's!!! The Changers in the Stanley motto have the triple fesses of STOUTs (same place as Stanleys) in colors reversed! WOW. The Stow/Stout write-up: "The Stout variant is most interesting in that the name and its variants were initially found at opposite ends of ancient England. To the north, Osbert Stute, Stutte was listed in the Pipe Rolls for Yorkshire [same as Stittenham] in 1190-1191 while Hanry atte Stoute was found in Devon in 1330 where 'Henry lived at Stout Farm in YARcombe.'" AMAZING, for Stands/Stains (Yorkshire), the pointer to Standard Oil, had married YARborough's/YEARby!!! Can you believe it? And while Years were first found in Stirlingshire, the Sterling variation of Stirlings co-founded Humble Oil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is all-new heraldic material. Plus, the STURling variation has been resolved (thanks to Drummonds of Stirlingshire) with Sturs/STOWers who almost have the eight bars of Gowers/Gore's.

I've told many times that my taking a seat beside Miss Hicks, where Stanley would sit a couple of hours later, was a pointer to Camera's/Camerons having the triple Stur/Stower fesses in colors reversed. Camerons, sharing the five, bunched arrows that are owned by Rothschilds, can be from the Cam river that named CamBRIDGEshire, where Stanleys, Stows/Stouts and Bridge-beloved Crabs were first found. It's also where English Dole's were first found who share the Crab (and Bush) fleur-de-lys, and to this we can add that the Stotts/Stute's tell of a Stote family seat of DOLphinstoun.

Will Julian Assange Ever Sing Again?

Dolphins/DOLfins have dolphins in Dol-whale colors...and wow, I get it: the Whale's/Whele's (Alan-fesse colors) look like a branch of Whalers/Wheelers who in turn not only share the Lorraine lion, but have a "jure" motto term expected for the Gore's/Jore's having a version of the Dol-related Alans Coat. The Alan fesse is colors reversed from the Gore/Core fesse, and while Gore's/Jore's have a version of the French-Alan Coat, the latter shares the Chief of French Julians while English Julians were first found in Cambridgeshire too. JULIAN Assange appears to be in this, especially as GLASgow is beside Dolphinstoun of Lanarkshire!!!

The reason that GLASgow is important is that I saw her knees through the glass DOOR of the Get'n GO that points to GOWers. GlasGOW. Mr. GLAS was the prime minister of EcuaDOR when Julian Assange was being taken care of in the Ecuadorian embassy in London, but when the next Ecuadorian administration came to power, it betrayed Assange and gave him up to British / London police. We have yet to see what his fate will be. Miss Hicks SANG two songs on stage at the 9-11 memorial that can be a pointer to "AsSANGe."

Before explaining those exclamation marks at "Lanarkshire!!!", let's repeat: the Stirlins/Sterlings have the bend-with-buckles of Stops/Stubbs in colors reversed while the latter were pointed to by the same Lorraine who got the pant stain, and Lanarks/LURNacks have the Lorraine-like Lorne's while sharing the Bus cinquefoil....and the heart of Stotts/Stute's. Her bus stop was at the corner of Yonge street and Lorne avenue. It can be added that while Lanarks/Lurnacks were first found in Argyllshire with Heart-suspect Herods/Haralds, the latter share the fesse of Whalers/Wheelers, and moreover the Lorraine / Whaler/Wheeler lion is shared by Astys, first found in Lanarkshire with the heart-like Hardys who are in the DOUGlas write-up as Douglas ancestors. DOGs/DOAGs share the Lanark / Bus cinquefoils, and Douglas' have another heart.

Lorraine at Yonge street can point to the June-branch Jeune's in the English Yonge motto because Jeune's were first found Cambridgeshire with Julians, and our first date from the bus stop was in June during Cancer the crab. June's share the black Jeune fleur-de-lys, and although June's were once said to be first found in Cambridgeshire with Jeune's, June's are now said to be first found in Staffordshire with Stops/Stubbs. YA SEE? It just so happens that English Yonge's have a "TouJOURs jeune" motto to go with the "jure" of Whalers/Wheelers. These Yonge's show only roses in the Shield, and the Scottish Rose's tell that they married Bosco's while Bosco's use "tufts of GRASS." Ya see? Whalers/Wheelers share the Lorraine lion, and Bush-pointing Lorraine got the grass stain. The Bush's were the oil family that used 9-11 to invade the Middle East.

After the 9-11 memorial came to a close, I dropped in at the Get'n Go (it was a corner store too), and as I approached the front DOOR, I saw Miss Hicks through the GLASS in the door, and her KNEEs were in focus. There was some special emphasis on her knees at that split-second, though I didn't realize the reason until I left that store. In the 1979 dream, I woke her by GRAZing her knee with my hand. I was leaning over to kiss her awake like in Sleeping Beauty, but my hand TOUCHed her knee first, and she awoke at that time, and flew into my arms. This half convinced me that Miss Hicks (age 45 at the time) would become my wife as a widow (her husband was over 75 at the time). I was wrong, and now think it's a pointer to Bride's for reasons explained in the last update: 1) Scottish Bride's are in Church colors and format, and the Church is the Bride of Christ; 2) Lorraine lived on Church street and I told her I was going to marry her while we were at Lorne and Yonge, as she walked past me coming from Church street one block away. Moreover, Weddings (Yorkshire, different-colors version of Hicks Coat) share the Weedin fesse, but Weedins have two of them, in colors reversed from two of Sleeps. Miss Hicks was SLEEPIng Beauty as my hand GRAZed her knee, and GRAZio's were pointed to by Lorraine's grass stain.

My hand TOUCHed her knee, and Touch's/Tuffs (Cheshire, same as Tufts/Tuffs) were a branch of TUFTs/Tuffs' in the "tufts of GRASS" of Bosco's, and Tufts/Tuffs' (almost the Coat of Julian-branch Gollys/Gullys) share the red phoenix in Crest with Knees, it all appears arranged by God. The Bosco-connectable Bussys/Bushe's use a "SEA dragon" in Crest, and Sea's have triple fesses in the colors of the triple chevrons of Grace's/GRASSE's (Provence, same as DRAGuignan). Did God arrange Bussys with a sea creature to indicate now that Apophis is aimed at the Bush circle of global pirates? English Grass' (not "Grasse") share the lion of FRAME's, in colors reversed from the Bos/Bush/Bosch lion, and FRAMland is where Bussys/Bushe's (share triple bends of HUMBLe's) were first found.

The mythical RISING phoenix may be in the rising of Miss Hicks and I into the sky the second I touched her knee in order to indicate that Hyksos founded Phoenicians (Poeni to Greeks), for myth had Phoenicians founded in the Nile delta, where Hyksos had ruled. Apophis/Apepi was there, and Pepins/Pepys are in Stop/Stubbs colors and format while Stubbs were from Stobi, a city of the Poeni-like Paeonians. The PENEStae lived beside the PAEONians on the DRIN river, and while organ-PIPE Letts can be a branch of Leto's/Lette's, that latter use a crane "DRINking." Joe OulLETTE invited me to downtown Toronto, when I purely bumped into Lorraine, so closely we were eye-to-eye three or four feet apart at the BUS station.

Oullette's use bars "gemel," and while Pepins and Pipe's have the CAMEL, Gemels (Ayrshire, near Lanarkshire) have a swan to go with the swan of Swans/Sions (Lanarkshire) while Lorraine-connectable Lanarks/Lurnacks not only share the Bus cinquefoil, but the Gemel heart in colors reversed (the latter point is new). Gamels (not "Gemel") share the Lett stars. Lanarkshire is where heart-line Hardys (share black boars with BUSh's) were first found. Gemels are in the colors and format of Tanks/Tancreds (Yorkshire, same as Bush's), a branch of Tankerville's who share the Bus / Lanark cinquefoil, and so we see Bush liners with things-Lorraine bringing us to tankers again with OIL-like OULlette's.

The reason that GLASgow is important is that I saw Hicks' knees through the glass DOOR of the Get'n GO that points to GOWers. GlasGOW. Mr. GLAS was the prime minister of EcuaDOR when Julian Assange was being taken care of in the Ecuadorian embassy in London, but when the next Ecuadorian administration came to power, it betrayed Assange and gave him up to British / London police. We have yet to see what his fate will be. Miss Hicks SANG two songs on stage at the 9-11 memorial that can be a pointer to "AsSANGe."

I've not looked up Londons until now to check whether this contributes to the pointer to Assange. English Londons have a "...fesse surROUNDed by three black towers," and Towers share the tower of Comets while REINES', connectable to giant-ship RENfrews, use a "comet." Renfrew is the location of Glasgow. There we have a quick London link to Get'n GO that can point to the Apophis asteroid too, and so let's add that mythical Apophis/Apepi was part of the set or Seth cult of dark gods. SETH Rich gave Julian Assange the DNC trove that may have cost Hillary Clinton the 2016 election. This is all new as is this: Rich's are in the colors and format of DAVERs, and while the latter have hexagrams in the colors of the hexagram of Reines' that acts as the comet, Door-suspect Daorsi were also called, DAVERsi!

We now go to the "surROUNDed" code in the London write-up, because Rounds happen to have a "sleeping lion" while Miss Hicks was sleeping when I touched her knee as the pointer to the glass door at Get'n go!!! Amazing. Rounds were first found in Essex with Mountains, and their "Esse" motto term can link us to the "AS astra" motto phrase of flaming-mountain MacKenzie's. I don't know what brand gasoline the Get'n Go pumped, but maybe ESSo. In any case, the Round motto in full is shared by THURstons, and because English Thors (Devon, same as ESSE's/Ash's) use the Howell towers in colors reversed, we seem to be on the shipwrecked theme of Gilligan's Island here. I've told the story that Miss Hicks, in 2005, pointed to Lovey Howell, wife of Thurston Howell on Gilligan's Island, and that was the first inkling that God wanted to use props on Gilligan's Island. Plus, while she and her Kilpatrick husband were with Spuds MacKenzie, the "sure" motto term of Kilpatricks can be for the same surname as "SURrounded."

Sure's were at Mickleover, and while I can link Mickle's by a longish route to Closeburn of Kilpatricks, the Micks are interesting for almost have the Coat of Sleeps (Shropshire, same as Dol Alans). Micks and Chauncers share the blue wing with Here's/Heyers, the latter first found in Derbyshire with Mickleover of the Sure's. Mickle's look like Michaels, the latter first found in SURRey, where Dol-line Dolphins/Dolfins were once said to be first found. Micks can be gleaned with the Crab and Dole fleur-de-lys, partly because their Crest is a reflection of the Chauncer Crest for a neat pointer to Cancer the crab here. The Make's/Macks suspect in the "I make sure" motto of Kilpatricks have a sinister bend to suggest that they use the Macey stars on the Masci / Massena bend, and Maceys share the Bright and Bride (and Make/Mack) stars while Bridge's love Crabs. Bridge's were first found in Somerset with the Tarrs who have ten pale bars in the colors of the eight of Make's/Macks.

I'm going to pose a theory in case it comes true. When I woke sleeping beauty, it pertains to something good in the future from the sleeper, Julian Assange. He's been doing a lot of sleeping ever since he was locked up in the embassy. Rich's tell of there branches in BRIDGEwater of Somerset, where Bridge's were first found, and, sure enough, Bridgewaters (Somerset) share the Masci fleur (half in the colors of the Crab fleur) probably because Bride's and Brights can be gleaned as Macey kin.

The next Assange-interesting thing is that while Miss Hicks was a singer that recorded in studios, I view her singing as a pointer to "AsSANGe." There was her CASSETTE tape of her songs that I handed her at the memorial, and Cassets/CASSers/Caze's not only share triple-white fesses with Micks, but have the Ring scallops in colors reversed while Rounds call their annulets, "rings." The Rounds are part of the "surrounded" term used for the London description, and Assange was trapped in the London embassy for years (he'd be arrested if he left). Cass-like Chase's look like kin of Chance's/CHAUNCErs. The Casset/Casser write-up suggests that John of Caux was also "Chauce." The most-amazing thing now is that while Stanley was at the memorial, the Chance's/Changers in the Stanley motto share the triple fesses of Casinos/CASETTi's!!!! WOW! her cassette tape is a pointer to Cancer the crab and therefore to Apophis!

Like I said, I was going to kiss SLEEPing Beauty awake, and Kiss'/Cush's share the CASS/Cash Coat. Is that not amazing? Her Hicks line must be from the Apophis-line Hyksos.

Casino's/Casetti's have three of the Casano/Cassandra fesses, and while Pattersons/Cassane's were a Kilpatrick branch to keep things on her music cassette, English Cassane's/Cassandra's were first found in Hampshire with Rich's for a pointer to Seth Rich in conjunction with Julian Assange. Casano's/Cassandra's were even first found in Modena with Moreno-like Marano's, Morinis' and Morano's, which now needs a repeat of the day of my mugging. After leaving Victoria, where I had picked up a newspaper to check want-ads for vacant properties, I went to look at the first property up highway 83 from UVALDE, and this suddenly brings to mind the oil spill from the ship, the EXXON (ESSO!!!) VALDES!!!

I'm not making it up, I've told this story several times with "Uvalde" as part of it. But my point in repeating it had NOT to do with Uvalde / Valdez; I just stumbled on it while re-telling the story! I was going to say that, about half way between Uvalde and Leakey, I saw a political sign with the surname, Moreno, and as that was the surname of the Ecuadorian president who persecuted Assange, it was one reason that the glass door at the Leakey road seemed to apply to Assange.

Note too how the cassette tape can point to "ASSange" where the triple chevrons of Cassane's/Cassandra's (same place as wyvern-using Rich's) are in colors reversed by German ASH's/Aschs while English ESSE's/Ash's/Aschs look like a pointer to Esso = Exxon. Esse's/Ash's use a cockatrice that is almost the red wyvern dragon of Drake's, first found in Hampshire with Cassane's/Cassandra's and Rich's. The day before passing through Uvalde for my first time, and seeing the Moreno sign, I had the OMEN while "OMNibus" is a motto term of Esse's/Ash's.

Hours after the omen, I was MUGGed (pointer to Seth Rich's mugging likely by vengeful Democrats?), and Muggs share a cockatrice (different color) with Esse's/Ash's. I was mugged on Galveston, on the Gulf of Mexico not very far from the worst oil spill ever, from the BP sea platform in the gulf of Mexico. Later on the day of the mugging, I bought the newspaper with a coffee, and Coffee's use MUG-like "cups," and "cups" are used also by SETHs/Shaws. The latter are said to be from a "SITHECH" entity, like the Stick surname that shares the garbs of SANGers/Singers!!! How about that, and Sangers/Singers were first found in Devon with Esse's/Ash's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The three "wheat SHEAVES" of Sticks look like the Comyn/Coming Coat, and the latter are actually in the Seth/Shaw write-up probably because both surnames have a dagger in Crest, the Kilpatrick symbol too. In this one paragraph alone, we have Julian ASH-SANGER, and while the omen (gave me a bad feeling) took place when looking up at a tiny cloud covering the sun, let me repeat: the Scottish Jeffreys ("phoeBUS" to go with "omniBUS") who have a cloud over a sun have the triple pale bars of German JULIANs in colors reversed, I KID YOU NOT. I don't recall ever seeing a pointer of my mugging and omen to Seth Rich and Julian Assange. What could this mean?

TO BOOT, the Stick wheat sheaves are code for the Shaws/Sheaves', first found in Berkshire with the English Londons who were looked up as per Assange in a London prison.

As I've explained, my trip from Galveston to the newspaper purchase went past a Bay-City address for Mr. Maness, husband of Miss Covert, and Coverts are Coffer-like Cofferts too while Coffee's are Coffers. I've told how I discovered his address at BAY City, when Miss Covert ceased to email me, not even to return emails, and so, worried, I tried to find her phone number / address, and the directories named Mr. Maness as one of her relatives with an address in Markham of Bay City. Months later, she finally emailed back to say she was in remote Alaska without ability to get online, and Alaska happens to be where the Valdez spill took place. I drove through Uvalde hours after driving through Bay City. Plus, Esse's/Ash's are said to derive from a man, D'Esse COURT, and Courts/Coverts were first found in Sussex with Coverts/Cofferts. The Pee's/Peacocks in the Maness Crest look like kin of Coverts/Cofferts.

In 1999, when I returned to my Texas property for the first time, I met Miss Sim(p)son on the first day of my arrival. I was in the parking lot of a MOTEL, and when she drove out of a restaurant across the street, I walked onto the road in front of her truck, had her stop, and asked if she'd like to have COFFEE with me. We went out the next morning for coffee at that same restaurant. Her ex-husband was a controller, if I recall correctly, of ship pilots for BP in the Gulf of Mexico! Incredible, for it's now obvious as to why God set that up, for pointing to oil spills, though there must be more to this, as in the oil spills from Apophis.

Although the Wear/Were write-up tells that this surname was not related to Vere's, that's incorrect, for Ware's (Devon, same as Wears/Were's) share a gold Crest with Scottish Vere's/Weirs. I stand corrected, the Ware Crest is not a boar head (the Vere/Weir symbol), but a DRAGON head. "Nicholas de Vere von DRAKENberg" suggests that Ware's were a Vere branch. Drake's were first found in Hampshire with the Chase's who share the Ware lion, and Chase's share the patonce cross of Chance's/CHAUNCERs so that we are back to Cancer the crab, especially as Stanleys love the Chauncer-like Change's/Changers, first found in Hampshire too. We've just dragged Dragon / Drake liners into Apophis. PLUS, WOW, Ware's are said to have a border, and it's colors reversed from the MacKenzie border!!! GREAT, especially as Wear/Were's are said to have been on the AXE river while the "as astra" of MacKenzie's is expected for ASS'/Assi's using an axe head. Drake's use the "battle-axe," and the Axe river flows into Devon, where Esse's/Ash's and Sangers/Singers were first found. While Dragons are DRAINers too, Drains list Drowns while the terrible way to die, drowning, is expected for the asteroid plaque.

Recalling Mr. Maness' Markham address, it may be pertinent that Markhams nearly have the Coat of Wear- / Waring- like Guerins who in turn share the hexagrams of German Sangs/Singers/Sangers. The latter share the upright, black bear with English Beers (Devon, same as Sangs/Singers) who even share the gold garb of Sang's/Singers as used by Rooks. And wow, while STANDard Oil was founded by Rook-like Rockefellers, the German Sangs/Singers/Sangers use a "A black bird STANDing on a garb"!!! Rooks use "a rook (raven)" standing on a "garb," though "standing" is not included.

In this picture, the Beers are likely God's pointer to Bud Light beer of Spuds MacKenzie. English Berrys (Devon, same as Beers) share the Coat of Camera's/Camerons (share Arms of Rothschild in Crest), the surname pointed to by the 9-11 memorial when I set up Miss Hick's video camera in front of a local BARBer (she had cut my hair twice), and Spuds MacKenzie showed up to celebrate a BARBecue contest where Miss Hicks was the "trophy girl." English Barbers share the fleur-de-lys of Dutch Beers, in colors reversed from the same of Hicks' and Berbers/BarBERRYs (not "Barber") who in turn share the double fesses of Barbers. While the Camera/Cameron Coat is colors reversed from the Stur Coat for a pointer to MacKenzie-beloved ASTRA's/Sturs, the Stur Coat is not a bad reflection of the Barber and Berber/Barberry Coats, probably because MacKenzie's were from queen Kenza or the North-African Berbers.

It's Assange-interesting that Beer-like Berbers/Barberrys were first found in London, for the towers of Londons are suspect from the Tuareg Berbers to the namers of Turin, and Turin is in Piedmont with the first-known Domino's who share the London towers. A minute after setting up the video camera, I was sitting beside Miss Hicks, in the spot that Stanley wanted, and later took.

Berbers share the double fesses of Scottish Lease's while English Lease's have a cloud over a sun i.e. another possible pointer to my omen now pointing to the Seth-Rich dump to WikiLeaks. Leaks/Leakeys share the Berber/Barberry fleur-de-lys too, as do Mugg-branch Madge's! Wow!

Stanleys Flag

What I'm about to add includes some new heraldic material, and its amazing. Some of the new material is where Sonnys/STANeys share the Ware (and Rind) scallops! Zinger, and Ware's call their scallops "shells," like the "sea shells" of Flags/Flecks! Stanley was holding the flag. I've told only a couple of times that, when Miss Hicks left the memorial, I was helping the crew pack the WIRES for the sound system. After I was done, I went home but first dropped into the Get'n Go for the knee event. Wire's are listed with Vere's/Weirs above, and it's interesting that they share the DURHAM fesse-with stars. The Wear river is at Durham to explain this heraldry, but is this a pointer to John Durham's grand JURY? It's a special court, and Courts/Coverts have a motto term. "GRANDescunt." Courts/Coverts are in Curtis/COURTis colors, and the latter share gold crowns with the Grands who in turn have a "STAND" motto term and a "burning rock"!

Plus, while Curtis' have "...OVER his shoulder a PLOWshare", they also have the dancette of Plows (Shropshire, same as Dol Alans) while Plows share the Dole / CRAB fleur-de-lys. The Overs/Offers are in Sonny/Staney colors and format, essentially, and when I took my seat beside Miss Hicks, where Stanley would later sit, she said to me that I could take the seat next to her, but that if her daughter arrived, "you can scoot OVER." Stanleys were in Cheshire with Overs/offers. Miss Hicks once did a CURTsy toward me, and Curtsys (Surrey, where DOLfins were once said to be first found) share the Dol fesse. Who does curtsies anymore, especially to nobodies like me? Apparently, God gave her a momentary mental lapse to make her do it.

We saw how the Tufts/Tuffs were part of the knee graze, and so by what coincidence do Tufts/Tuffs' share the Wear/Were crosslets? Recall the pomeGRANATE of GRAZio's (and Crispins of Lorraine), for Grands, now pointing to the burning Apophis asteroid, are also GRANTs. And, wow, French Grands happen to show nothing but three bends in the colors of nothing-but two bends of OILeys, the latter first found in Oxfordshire with English Crispins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's more confirmation that Apophis is aimed at oil tankers / oil tycoons.

French Grands were first found in Burgundy with Loge's who share the triple cinquefoils of GOWs/McGoo's -- Inverness-shire, same as Scottish Grands!!! -- whom had been pointed to by "Get'n GO"!!! We came to these Grands above by following things that connected with the Get'n Go. The Grand motto is, "Stand FAST," and Fasts are in the motto also of FLAG-using McLeods, and STANley was HOLDing the flag on the night of the Get'n Go event. McLeods use "HOLD fast," and Holds/Holts have a Coat version of the Stanley-connectable Stows/Stouts. The Leslie's with a "Grip FAST" motto have a bend-with-buckles (recalls bend-with-buckles of Stirlings) in the colors of the bend-with-scallops of Sonnys/Staneys and the bend-with-stag-heads of Stanleys. My head is spinning.

The triple Loge / Gow cinquefoils are in the colors of the triple roses of Primo's (Burgundy, same as Loge's), and then while we say the bent human leg of Leakeys and Hose's/Ouse's (pointed to by House of Praise on Leakey / Ranch road), the Prime's have a giant leg bent at the knee. When I returned to Texas in 1999, Miss Hicks was no longer going to the House of Praise because the church was opposed to her prophesying during church, and while I claim that this was a false-prophet activity by her, the Prophets/Profetts have another giant leg bent at the knee.

Recall the "jure" motto term that looks like code for Gore's/Jore's i.e. pointable via Gowers/Gore's to the Get'n Go. "Jure" is the motto term of Wheelers, recalling Mr. Wheeler, a private investigator for the parents of the murdered Seth Rich. The latter is the one who leaked Clinton-related emails to Julian Assange, and this can explain why Tufts/Tuffs have a reflection of the English Julian Coat. Mr. Wheeler was one of the good guys trying to solve the murder, and to the Get'n Go event is now pointing to Julian's interactions with Seth Rich. On a Hannity program, Assange basically admitted that Seth Rich leaked the DNC materials to him.

The Gore's/Core's (share the Rench/Wrench crosslets) were, for a decade or more, said to be first found in Essex with the "TouJOURs" Yonge's, and both surnames have a passant wolf (different color) in Crest. Scottish Yonge's were first found in ROXburghshire -- a Rockefeller line -- with Wire's/Vere's/Weirs, and I was packing wires and sound equipment a few minutes before arriving to the Get'n Go in CAMP WOOD. Camps, sharing the demi-red lion in the Crest of Scottish Yonge's, are in the colors and format of Capone's, the latter first found in Cambridgeshire with the Jeune's in the English Yonge motto. Woods were first found in Leicestershire with bent-leg Hose's/Ouse's.

Over a year ago, the Leakeys/Leaks and the knee event itself at Get'n Go had pointed to WikiLEAKs, and this may be due partly to WikiLeaks leaking military videos showing the American military having a great time murdering Iraqi civilians.

I've rarely mentioned packing up the wires at the memorial, but I do recall telling readers that, while I was doing so, Miss Hicks came over to about three of us packing the equipment, asking if anyone had seen her cassette tape which had the music for her songs. It was me who found it first and handed it to her. I think it's meaningful, first of all, that Cassets/Cassers/Caze's have the look of the Flag/Fleck and Fleet Coats, for she had been sitting with Stanley and the flag about an hour or less earlier. Moreover, her aunt married Mr. Casey to which I claim God pointed at her gate, and the 1979 dream had the Cass-branch Kiss'/Cush's at its knee-wake event, the very scene that must be linked to the night of the memorial.

Then, there happens to be a Music surname to go with her music cassette, and it's listed with MUSys/Mucys, an apt surname to be in the "FuiMUS" motto term of WIRE-connectable Wears/Were's. I handed her the cassette while packing up wires. Wire's/Vere's were from Ver(e) in Manche with Masseys/Maceys, beside the Bessin, and while "canta" means "sing," Cants are in Bessin colors and format. There's no Fume surname for "Fuimus," but there is a Few surname so that the motto can be code for Fews and a Mus-like line. "Fuimus" is the full motto also of Bruce's. The giant Music/Musy/Mucy eagle is in the colors of the Bush eagle, appropriate for a 9-11 memorial where president Bush is guilty of crimes.

Ahh, the giant eagle of Musics/Musys have. It's the only symbol shown, and as it's the STANDard/Stonerd / Stoner eagle, zikers, that must be why Cassets look like a pointer to Stanley's flag! Stone's share a gold, spread eagle with Musics / Cassets / Standards, yet Stones have a Coat reflecting the Gate Coat while I claim that God set Mr. Casey up at Miss Hicks' gate one day.

So, as Cassets/Cassers/Caze's look like they point definitely to Standard Oil, by what cosmic coincidence do they have three fesses colors reversed from the same of Umbers/HUMBLE's! INCREDIBLE.

The Cants are in Bessin colors and format, and in the colors and near-format of Mails of WIRral!!! The wires! The Mails (Cheshire, same as Bessins) are listed with Meoles' while Mule's/Mule's can be expected in the mule head of Capote's/CAPONE's while Capone's/Capua's (share Mail lion head) were first found in Naples with the Candida's/Candi's having the giant Music/Musy/Mucy eagle in colors reversed. Coincidence, or God-arranged? Ahh, the Standards use both the Candida/Candi and Music/Musy eagle, and it just so happens that English Candys were first found in Suffolk with Standards! So, the cassette music tape is pointing to Standard, Humble and Bush oil.

Myth had mythical, female singers called the Sirens, but also mythical Muses, all females, and likely named after music, though they were Mysians to boot. It's probably a good bet that Sirens named, or vice-versa, Sirenuse near Naples. I trace mythical Oeneus, in the same area as Sirens once lived, to ancient pagan Levites under the Biblical Jonathan of Alis-like Laish, and to this we can add that the black lion head of Capone's/Capua's (Naples) can be the lion of Jewish Levi's, both wearing gold crowns.

"In Greek mythology, the sirens were dangerous creatures, who lured nearby sailors with their enchanting music and singing voices to shipwreck on the rocky coast of their island." Isn't shipwrecks the Apophis-asteroid theme? Isn't that what the pointers to oil tankers is all about? Wasn't Apophis/Apepi a HYKSos king to explain why God would use Miss Hicks music cassette? The Sirens, probably myth-writers' play on pirates, were in the land of the Taphian pirates at modern Astakos, the line, I feel confident, to the Astikas' of Vilnius, whom I trace to Sticks who in turn share the garbs of English Singers. The latter share "Vincit" in their motto with the Alis/Alice's who in turn look like they are in the "Aliis" motto term of Cants. Perhaps God arranged Allisons with "black birds" due to mythical Sirens being birds below the waist. It must have been play on their singing like birds.

Alis'/Alice's use a fir tree, and Firs/Furs likely gave birth to heraldic furs, which include almost-exclusively the ermine and vair furs. Vairs are listed with English Vere's, a branch of Fire-like Wire's/Weirs/Vere's, the latter said to have been in KENSington of Middlesex, apparently explaining why Fiers/Fears were first found in Middlesex whose Coat is like the CANDal/Cundel Coat, in case it applies to Cants and Candys. The Alis/Alice Coat shares a sword across a fur tree with Alpins, and I've read that king Kenneth, son of king Alpin, may have been mythical, and if so he looks named after Kenneths/MacKenzie's, a line that could have named Kensington. Kensingtons/Kenningtons have a blue-Shield version of the Apps/Epps (Middlesex). One Kenny surname shares the Alis/Alice motto, bonus, and the other Kennys have a "LUCEat" motto term to go with the "Luceo" of MacKenzie's/Kenneths. I was putting away the wires.

Taphians lived as mythical Daphne around the ELIS area, and, besides, the Taphian pirates were at the Achelous river in Calydon, where mythical Oeneus was king who likely named king OenoMAUS (Amazon of Mysia, right?) of the Elis area...the Oeneus-line Muses we can discern. It just so happens that Simsons use the motto, "ALIS NUTRior," suspect with the ENOTRians, otherwise called, OENotrians. So, it seems that the Cant motto is playing on Cant descent from Oenotrians (real peoples).

Details of the 9-11 memorial are in the 4th update of August, 2017, where I added this:

Just so you know, on the day that she spent hours on the phone with me, she coaxed me to attend church that night. She sat in front of me when she arrived, and handed me her MUSIC TAPE which I had asked for, and, a minute later, Stanley came in behind me, though I didn't see him until he took a seat smack in front of me, and beside Charlotte. She looked completely surprised at his coming (he didn't attend much), and he looked upset...So, when he dropped himself beside her, he was shoulder-to-shoulder with her, in the way that a married couple sit so closely, like he owned her. That's when I knew...but she didn't want me to know, and she didn't want him to sit so close, but the event was such that he did it because she saw him with me [should be "he saw her with me"]. After church, she came to sit beside me, but I immediately got up, and left the table. She was shocked, and showed it. The park [the memorial] event was about three days later, and I had even seen him earlier sitting beside her with no air between them.

That's why I asked her, at the memorial, "Is that your buddy?" The point of showing the quote is: there was an earlier cassette tape, three days earlier, and God apparently caused Stanley to be there to prove that the cassette event at the memorial is a pointer to STANDard Oil! I get it. In my second update of November, 2018, I once again talk about the first cassette: "The point is, with her cassette in my shirt pocket, Mrs. Kilpatrick came to sit at my TABLE for the first time ever, but I promptly STOOD up and left the table, offending her..." After she handed it to me in the pews, I put it into my shirt pocket, and Pockets with Porchers/Portis' link to Bus's, and apt surname for Bush involvement in 9-11. Until now, I've neglected to add that the Casset/ Casser / Standard eagle is shared by English Bush's, you see, and Bussys/Bushe's have the triple Casset/Casser fesses in colors reversed!!! Just look at all of that from a couple of events I almost never mentioned.

"Stood" was capitalized in the 2018 update, but it can work here. Repeat from above: "to prove that the Get'n Go is a pointer to Gowers, they were at STITTenham while Stitts (Yorkshire, same as Gowers and Stittenham) are listed with Stotts/STUTE's." Stoods are listed with them too, and Stouts/Stows can bring us to Stanleys neat and fast.

Where was my head when mentioning Bussys/Bushe's in the last update? It appears that God has left a way to link Bussys/Bushe's to Standard Oil, and perhaps He also provided a way to show that Bussys were a Bus branch by way of the MELTON-Mowbray location of the first-known Bussys. Meltons were first found in Norfolk with Bus', and Melt-like Millets share the giant Bus cinquefoil. There's not necessarily a miracle involved to show these surname connections, but what does look like an Arrangement is where Miltons have a giant-eagle version of the multi-eagle Stone Coat, for Stone's look like they share the Standard / Stoner eagle on someone else's Shield (suspect now with the Milton Shield). Thus, Lorraine's pant stain (from behind a BUSH?) as well as her bus stop is now pointing to Standard Oil.

As French Millets share the giant eight-pointed star of German Teegers, it's notable that the vertically-split Shield of Miltons and Stone's is that also of Cage's while Irish Teague's/Teegers list a Caige/CADge surname. Bussys/Bushe's were at TICKhill (Yorkshire, same as CADDs/Caide's, Tickhills, and Ticks/Tucks) while Teague's/Teegers have a Coat like that of Ticks/Tucks/TOUQUE's who in turn have a Millet-like "Militia" motto term. Tickhills were kin of Tonys and HASTings, and Tonys were from Les Andelys at the Touques-river theater. The Teague/Caige chevron has the same edging pattern as Ripleys/RIPPERs (Yorkshire, same as Tickhills and Ticks/Touques') who in turn share the ASTy / Lorraine lion, and Asti is near the RIPARia river. Italian Bosco's have a "tree STUMP" while Stumps have a Coat like that of Ticks/Touque's.

There's a lot to cram in here, so you need a good memory and slow-going patience to follow it. Back to the Bussys/Bushe's of FRAMland who have a "sea dragon" while Dragons Drainers have the helmets of Mynetts (Kent, same as Sea's, and where Ticks/Touque's were once said to be first found) in colors reversed. One easily gleans that the Dragon/Drainer helmet is that of PENdragons/Pendrays, and so the Pennants were probably a Pendragon/Pendray branch. Then, there's the PENDRay-like PenderGRASS' surname that Lorraine pointed to, now tending to prove that she points to Tuft-loving Pennants and therefore to the Tuft-loving Bosco's. Excellent, this hard evidence has been a long time coming, because a grass stain alone doesn't make a hard connection to "tufts of grass." Pendergrass' use an ANTELope while Tonys (Leicestershire, same as Framland) were from Les ANDELys.

The Frame's have the Frane lion in colors reversed, and Frane's share the Bos/Bush/Bosch lion. It's conspicuous here that Mrs. Teague, the lady whom I bought my Texas property from, was born with a Frane-like Friend surname. Frame's have a Coat looking related to the one of Pennant-loving Cadds/Caide's who in turn look related to Teague's/Caige's because the latter share the crosslet of Cowes'/Coo' who in turn share the same "pennants" as Cadds/Caide's. Plus, the latter's Crest is the same crosslet, though in green.

The Cadd/Caide "pennants" are said to be "meeting in base," and one Base surname shares the BRUNswick / GERNON Coat while Bruno's are said to have has a branch in Asti (near Busca), beside BRA, and Meltons were at Leicestershire, where Tonys (Toeni's were). We just saw Bussys/Bushe's first found in Melton-Mowbray (in Framland). BRAYs/Brae's were first found in Northumberland with Ladys/Laudymans who are in turn in Frame colors and format. Perfect for proving that Mowbray was a Bray entity, especially as Mowbrays almost have the Frame lion. In colors reversed, the cross of Grenons (not "Gernon") is the green one in the Cadd/Caide Crest. The Clent Hills are near the first-known Pennants while Clents/Clints (Yorkshire, same as Cadds/Caide's) share the garbs of Cadds/Caide's. Clintons and Hillarys (Worcestershire, same as Clent Hills) share the six fitchees of Tarves' while Tarves-like Trevors (Herefordshire, beside Worcestershire) share the Pennant Coat.

Ahh, back to the Bussys/Bushe's of FRAMland with a sea dragon, for while Sea's share the triple-wavy fesses of German Drummonds (founded by Maurice Drummond); I suggest that Frame's have the lion of Maurice's, the latter first found in Herefordshire with the Trevors. This same lion is used by English Grass' who in turn share the cinquefoils of Bosco-loving Nimo's. The Millet-like Miltons were from Camville's who share the three lions of English Grasse's (not "Grass").

This is where I discovered that pant-like Pennants use an antelope "TUFTed gold"," an exceptional find because Lorraine's pant stain pointed to the "TUFTs of grass" of Bush-branch Bosco's, and this set of heraldry above is pointing to Clintons (suspect with the Shield of Saluzzo('s), beside Busca). Let me repeat that Clents/Clints share the Blythe garbs while Bill Clinton's biological father was Mr. Blythe. NOW LOOK AT THIS AMAZING THING, for while Nimo's (share red crescents with Blythe's), suspect in the "aNIMO" motto term of Pennants, have a "boast" motto term, Boasts are listed with Scottish Bois' who are said to have been Bosco's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What are the chances? Nobody who created heraldry in the human field knew that Lorraine would have a pennant-like pant stain, and Pennants with Bosco's (not the Bois') share "tuft" in their descriptions. Stains/Stands married YARborough's/YEARbys, and Years were first found in Stirlingshire (where Lorraine's bus STOP pointed) with Nimo's. The Shows in the Nimo motto share the crescents of French Bois'/Boscs.

Home's/Hume's love the True variation of Tree's in their motto, and French Bois'/Boscs use a "tree." BLYTHE's were first found in Berwickshire with the Home's/Hume's who in turn share the giant BOSton lion, and this lion is colors reversed from the giant one of Tuft-branch Touch's/Tuffs. The latter two surnames were first found in Cheshire with BILLET-branch Bellows/Ballots who both share the BUS cinquefoil. Proof that Bostons were a Bosco branch is where the Boston write-up has: "The Poston variant originated in Essex where John de la POSTERne..." Pastors almost have the Dutch Bos/Bush/Bosch Coat, both using Blythe-like billets. Isn't that all interesting? Doesn't it nail Lorraine as a pointer both to Pepins and Bush liners galore?

Recalling that German Teegers have the giant star of French Millets while English Millets have the Bus Coat, it can be added that French Millets were barons of Challes while Challes' are listed with Chalice's in the Crest of Bellow-like Belows. Bellows/Ballots were at CALOUville.

There are not many white trees in my heraldic work, but one is with French Bois'/Boscs, and another, the only other one I can think of, is with Verne's. The reason I remember the Verne tree is that I lived at the home of Verne Archibald...some six properties away from Lorraine's Church-street apartment. Church's are in the colors and format of English Bush's/Buschs. Ya see? She probably got her grass stain behind a bush on a Church-street property. As per ArchiBALDS, Balds can be gleaned as a branch of Scottish Bauds, the latter first found in Stirlingshire with Bois-loving Nimo's. Balds and Bauds were from the Bautica/Baltea river to CHIVASso...the line to Chives', first found in Clinton- / Hillary-connectable Tarves. Wow, we saw how Tarves-like Trevors share Coat of pant-like Pennants, and I met Verne Archibald when building his back deck with TREVOR!!! AMAZING. Plus, TRAVERs (not "Trevor") are in the motto of Forez's while Verne's were first found in Forez!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! INCREDIBLE, there was no seeing this on the approach, it just popped up out of nowhere.

Just so you know I'm not making it up, here's from the 5th update in March, 2017: "This reminds me that Rick [Legge} and I went into business with Trevor. The partnership was more a joke, and we built a deck together at the home of Archibald. That was the only job we did together..." Archibalds even share the DOUGlas Chief while DOUGals share the Scottish Baud quadrants while Dogs/Doags share the Bus cinquefoil. Douglas' were first found in Moray, and the Billiards/BILLETs share the triple Moray stars.

Back to the Boston-branch POSTERns, for two Post/Poster Coats use a giant lion in the colors of the English Grasse and Dougal lion. French Grace's/Grasse's (must enter "Grace") were first found near Grasse, and they have three of the Billiard/Billet chevrons. The latter Coat is almost the one of French Lamberts except that Lamberts have two chevrons, meaning two of the three of Grace's/Grasse's, and the Arms of Grasse has LAMBs, same as English Lamberts.

Let's go back to the Miltons sharing the Standard / Stoner eagle on the split Shield of Miltons, because I can get this to the Crabs and therefore to Apophis, the thing pointing to Rockefeller / Standard / Bush Oil. The Miltons are said to descend from CAMville's, and Crabs, sharing the fleur-de-lys of German Bush's/Buschs and Boschs, were first found in CAMbridgeshire with the Cage's who share the split Shield of Miltons and Cage's (all three surnames apply only gold symbolism on the Shield). On one half of their Shield, the Cage's share the saltire of French Mountains, and the Cancer-like Chance's/Chauncers happen to share a "patonce" cross (different colors) with Milton-like Meltons. The asteroid will MELT in the atmospheric heat, breaking up into STONES and ROCKs.

The BP oil spill off the coast of Louisiana is called the Deepwell HORIZon spill. The heraldry here is very compelling even though the closest I can get to "Horizon" is the Hores variation of Hore's. The write-up suggests that Hores' were a branch of Aure's, Aire's or Ore's. The first consideration is that Aurs/Aures' are from Aures in North Africa, home of queen Kenza, the line to MacKenzie's, explaining why the latter have a "ure" motto term while Ure's have a version of the Aur/Aures Shield and Crest. Just like that, a Horizon-like surname gets us to the MacKenzie's who point to oil spills from toppled tanker ships from the Apophis asteroid.

Then, I loaded the Deep surname, which I'm not familiar with, from "DEEPwater Horizon." And with the Deep Coat, there is only one symbol an ORLE border suspect with the Orrels/Orells who share red roundels with Ore's/Orrs/Ores' ("OMNia"), how about that. But there's more, because this is the very update that another surname came up showing only one symbol, an orle border. So I searched for that surname, and it turned out to be the Wrecks! I looked that surname up as per "shipwreck." The Wrecks and Deeps both share an orle border (different color) on a blue Shield; they look related without doubt, for I've not seen any other Coat like theirs. The sea is called, "the deep."

Lookie: the Ass's/Assi's suspect in the MacKenzie motto have "BLUE BALANCES." Blue's may have been Blois liners, and the city of BLOIS was involved with nearby Orleans while Orleans' (must have the 's' to come up) share red roundels with Ore's and Orrels. The BP oil spill, essentially straight out to sea from New ORLEANs, has been dubbed, the "Macondo BLOWout"! Plus, English Blois' were first found in Suffolk with Hores'/Hore's. The latter have a giant eagle in the colors of the giant stag head of HORtons, and then Horts, if they apply to Hortons (they may not), were first found in Oxfordshire with Ships who in turn love the Bellows, a possible Balance branch.

Hores'/Hore's have an eagle head "with gold bars gemelle aROUND its neck." Rounds are the ones with the SLEEPING lion, and while I was told to wake Sleeping Beauty, Wake's are definitely showing as Orr/Ores kin. The Bone's in the Orr/Ores motto were first found in Sussex with the Ore location in the Hores/Hore write-up. The Orrs/Ores' look related to the Cadds/Caide's (pennants) mentioned earlier in this update. Ahh, Meters sharing the double-Wake fesses share the Walk/Wach fleur-de-lys.

The Horizon rig is located at the so-called MaCONDO Prospect, and so recall how Miss Covert and Mr. Maness worked into my Galveston trip, for Courts/Coverts use a "GrandesCUNT" motto term that could be for Cuntys/CONDYs. I probably wouldn't have mentioned this if that were all there is, but the Condy Chief is in the colors of the Simpson Chief while Miss Simson, a pointer to Coffert-like Coffee's/Coffers, was married to Mr. Deeter (Houston area, near Bay City), a manager of ships for BP out in the Gulf of Mexico. I've told several times that my first teenage job was pumping gas for Tony Campania at his BP station. I was wondering how Campania's might work into the BP rig, therefore, and here I am with a means where French Bays share the crescents of Labels/La Bells while Campanio's use bells. I moved from MARKHAM, Ontario, to Gormley, two months before my 14th birthday, and pumped gas there in Gormley for Tony starting at 14. But why should Mr. Maness of Markham / Bay City point to the BP rig under discussion? I'm stumped.

BUT WAIT, After writing that, I realized: GORMley! The Blue are also GORMs, and we just saw the Maconda BLOWout and the Blois-Orleans relationship that can point to the blow-out because it's near New Orleans. It appears that my first job (not including the newspaper route) is pointing to the BP spill. Deeters/Teeters use "a bunch of grapes, proper," and Bunch's share the fleur-de-lys of Bless'/Bliss'/BLOIS'. The three Gormley martlets are even those of Coverts/Cofferts in colors reversed.

It was in Gormley when God set me up with Darlene the ice-cream girl, and Darlene's share the fitchees of Orrs/Ores' while their Darlington branch shares a gold leopard face in Crest with Coverts/Cofferts (Sussex, same as the Ore location in the Hores'/Hore write-up). The Darlene woman wears a "robe," and Robe's/Robbs share the Robin chevron while the Propers in the Deeter description are also Robins/Roberts. PLUS, the full Mason/Massin/MACON motto is a part of the Darlington motto, which apparently points to MACONda / Horizon oil rig because Orrs/ORES' were taken from the Horizon-like Hores'/Hore's. The triple piles of Orrs/Ores' are colors reversed from the same of Guiscards, the latter first found in Stirlingshire with Robe's/Robbs.

Ahh, the Covert martlets are in the colors and format of the Parsons leopard faces, and the latter's are gold, same as the one in the Covert/Coffert Crest. Plus, Darlingtons share three gold leopard faces in their Shield with Parsons, and Mrs. Parsons was my patent agent for a new product I tried to introduce into the fencing market (I gave it up), which included my attending (about 1990) an international fencing trade show in New Orleans! The product was called, Pillar-Post, and Posts are in the motto of omen-using Jeffreys. The omen took place as I crossed the Louisiana border into Texas.

It's interesting that Riggs share a white dog with Deeters, though not on the same background color. The dog-using Riggs are in the colors and near-format of Ricks (both share the Covert/Coffert fesse), and this was written before loading the Wilds with "victRIX" motto term that looks like part-code for the Victors/Victoria's in the Coffee/Coffer motto! Ricks/Recks are also Rix's, and Mr. Deeter married Miss Simson who had coffee with me on our first date, which I mentioned because it was connecting with the newspaper and coffee in Victoria, Texas, because the Coffee/Coffer Crest points to Motels while I walked off my motel parking lot to ask Miss Simson for coffee. However, I neglected to add that News'/NUCES' use "parchment" in Crest while there is a Parchment/Parcher/Parkman surname to go with the motel parking lot. One Parker surname even share the giant HORton stag head (i.e. in the colors of the giant Hores'/Hore eagle).

The Coffee/Coffer crest shares a naked rider on a dolphin with the Arms of Taranto, and Motels were first found in Taranto. Then, Spills/Spellmans have a naked "wild MAN" while Miss Simson is MANdy by first name. Manners/Maness' were likely Man liners. Mandys were first found in Derbyshire with the other Parkers (share green Shield with Simsons), with Cnuts/NOTs potentially in the NUTriOR" motto term of Simspons, and with the Froggits who use "A parrot FEEDing on a bunch of cherries" to go with the "bunch of grapes" of Deeters/Teeters! No Feed/Feedin/Feeding surnames comes up, and so "feeding" could be for the Feets/Fate's who are three times in the Grime Coat having the martlets of GORMleys/GRIMES' in colors reversed, meaning that Feets/Fate's share the Covert/Coffert martlets.

Ahh, having said that, by what coincidence do Simsons use "NUTRior" while Nutters/Nutts/Knutts share the Pilate/PILOT pheons?!?!? Mr. Teeter was (and may still be) working with the pilots of ships!

I now remember that Miss Covert told me that Mr. Maness would fly BP employees out to sea. This had slipped my mind. I have found it in the 1st update of October, 2017: "There is the coincidence that her husband, Mr. Deeter, worked for BP down in Houston, while Mr. Maness lived near Houston and, according to Mrs. Covert (who went by Mrs. Maness too), Mr. Maness flew BP employees (with his helicopter) out to oil rigs in the gulf of Mexico. This appears to be informing us that Mandys were Maness liners..." I now recall that Manets/MANNEZ's/Manai's, who are in the "Manet" motto term of the Arms of L'Aquila with Motel-linkable, "ImMOTA," have the Hores/Hore Coat in colors reversed! Mota's were first found in Calabria with Motels.

Here's from the 4th update of February, 2018: "And Mr. Deeter worked for BP on the Texas coast (he was involved in piloting oil tankers) while Mr. Maness flew BP employees to off-shore oil rigs with his helicopter. These things are according to Miss Covert and Mandy (don't know one another). Likely, the two BP employees didn't know one another, but God is wanting for me to connect them for heraldic reasons, it seems, at the least."

Plus, L'Aquila is where Sheaves'/Shaves' were first found while English Sheaves'/Shaws were first found in Berkshire with the Wilds in the wild MAN of Spills. Then, Wilds have a not-bad reflection of the English Roger Coat while Welsh Rogers/Rosers (wheat SHEAVES but called "garbs") are in Simpson colors and format. French Rovers (roses) were first found in Savoy with Manets/MANNEZ's (in the L'Aquila motto), what are the chances if by coincidence? Scottish Shaws/Seths share the dagger with the Comyns/COMINGs in their write-up, and Mandys happen to use a wolf head "with fire COMING from its mouth." What are the chances if by coincidence?

As I said, when Mandy visited me in Canada, we went to a ski resort at BLUE Mountain in Collingwood, and Collingwoods almost have the English Roger Coat. The difference is that Collingwoods use only the heads of stags, which is what Wilds use in the same black color. Knee's use stag heads in both colors of the Collingwood stag heads, and French Rogers share the Knee bend. So, the BLUE MOUNTAIN looks like a great pointer to the BLOW-out in the BP underwater pipe, and Apophis is coming "as a mountain" to shake the sea floor, we may assume. So, it looks like there will not only be spilled ships, but blow-outs at the sea floor underneath oil rigs. The OILeys (Oxfordshire, same as Ships) show nothing but two bends, and Mandy-like Mants show nothing but three bends in colors reversed.

Taranto like Tarents almost have the Coat of DISS'/Dice's in colors reversed. Diss/Dice's (Norfolk, same as Spills) were at Disce while 12 "discs" are used by Spills, perhaps code for dozen-like Dosens who have three pale bars in the colors of the three fesses of Orleans'. The Diss'/Dice's happen to share red roundels with ORRs/Ores', Orells and Orleans'. The Arms of Taranto shares a naked man with the Spill Crest, and there is a "A naked woman HER HAIR DISheveled" in the Elis Crest while "Alis nutriOR" is the Simpson motto. Plus, Deeps/DEPings, looked up as per "Deepwater HORIZon spill," use the "orle" border suspect with Orells, first found in Lancashire with Riggs. Plus, Disce, now Diss, is a location at DEPwald, what are the chances if by coincidence?

Alis' (almost the Keith/Mascal motto) use a "red MUZZLE" while Mussels/Muscels named Musselburg between the Keiths/Mascals and the Manner-branch Mens', and Mussels/Muscels share the Spill discs but call them "plates." German Plate's/Platers share grapes with Deeters. English Plate's share the scallops of French Blois'. English Blois' were first found in Suffolk with Plains/PLATERs, and the other English Platers/Playters were first found in Norfolk with Diss, and in Suffolk too.

OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I CANNOT BELIEVE THIS. I was thinking of adding that the PLAINs listed with Platers are due to a Plater merger with PALINs because both surnames have Chiefs in the same colors and format. I was thinking of adding it because Sarah Palin is a governor in Alaska, location of the Valdez spell. I decided not to add that, but just as I made that decision, it occurred to me that I haven't yet checked for a Valdez surname, and when it loaded, WOW, three sinister bends only in the colors of the three bends-only of Platers/Playters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! INCREDIBLE. The only difference in the Coats is that the three bends rise in opposite directions, and moreover the Platers add wavy bends, but the point has been made that God arranged this heraldry, apparently.

We can now ask why the international MARINE flag representing the number, 6 (obtained from Wikipedia's article on, Six), is identical to the Valdez Coat? Did God arrange this to connect the 666 to the Apophis asteroid that strikes the sea? The Moratin-like Murtons (triple bends not sinister) are excellent here for essentially having the Valdez Coat in colors reversed. "Valdez" came to mind when I was discussing my drive from UVALDE to Leakey, when I saw Mr. Moreno on a political sign (i.e. vote for me), and Moreno's show a Moratin variation.

Plus, TERENTia Murena goes with the Tarents mentioned above. Terentia married Cilnius MAECENAS, and mythical Mucius, the symbol for the Roman surname, MUCIANUS, lost his right hand, wherefore it left him only his sinister hand, tending to explain why sinister bends are used by Mucianus-like RasMUSSENs, Massena's, Masci's, and the Macks/Make's who almost have the ten Tarr/Tarrs pale bars to go with mythical Taras in the Arms of Taranto. When Mucius lost his right hand, the assumption is that the myth writer had understood that his family or surname had a right-hand symbol in the past. But as the myth writer caused him to lose it in a feat, we can assume that the same family started to use the left hand too for a symbol. We can therefore entertain that the Masci / Massey / Macey bloodline will produce the False Prophet = the 666 trafficker.

My take is that God, when He sees the world becoming so crass as to deny Christians and others purchasing abilities will send industries into a tailspin with Apophis. I've suggested that the 666 will not be a simple or actual 666, but something like it so that the powers can claim it's not the Revelation prophecy coming to fulfillment. The Bitcoin logo seems to have three 6's, one of them being the two thin lines on every UPC's left half. The UPC is all about buying and selling, and it does have a 666, and has always had it. But they put it there in a way that they can deny it's a 666.

The Murtons, suspect from TERENTia Murena, are said to have had a home in Great TORRINGton, a location that came up in the last update like so: "...while coffee has caffeine, the Caffins are listed with death-portraying COFFins." It's Coffins/Caffins who were at Great Torrington, and it's the Coffee/Coffer Crest that I point to Taranto. The Motels who were in Taranto were a Mota branch while Motts/MORTE's share the crescent of DEATHs, and so that's why COFFINs/Caffins were introduced. Note how the Morte variation is applicable to Murtons / Mortons / Moratins/MURENA's. There is even a question on whether CILnius Maecenas is to the Kill / Killin surname because Childs/CHILLs have the Tarent Coat in colors reversed. Keele's/Kills have the Mott/Morte and Death crescent in colors reversed.

As Cofferts (share gold leopard face with Coppers/Coppers) were first found in Sussex with Coffer-like Coopers/Coppers (share York saltire) it seems revealing that Cup-branch Copps are said to have been in Great Torrington with Coffins/Caffins. It tends to explain why Coffee's/Coffers use cups. The Larrys/Laurie's/Lowrys have a giant cup and a motto suspect with the Pullys (Yorkshire) who in turn have the Culp variation of Cups/Cope's in their motto.

By the way, it's been a long time since I've loaded Yorks ("CUPias"). They were first found in Wiltshire, beside York-like George's. I read that Maurice Drummond, son of George, was also "Marot de Yorvik," which was also, Jorvic, now York. Did George name York? Yorks share the besant on blue with English George's above. Belgian George's/JORGE's/YERKes' (sinister bends) share the scallops of Jacks (Yorkshire), and perhaps have the bend of Bissets/Bussets, first found in ROSS-shire, which I trace to the Varangian RUS wife of king Andrew of Hungary, father of George above. English George's were first found in Dorset with RUSSells, and as I think they named Roslin, note that Henry Sinclair, who was given Roslin as his domain, was the CUP-bearer, they say, of queen Margaret, wife of Malcolm III, and the latter's sister married Maurice Drummond above. The Malcolms/Columns and Callams happen to share the York saltire. They say that Maurice Drummond piloted the ship that brought Margaret and Henry to Scotland from Hungary. There's an historical document telling that George was in Scotland in 1055, two years before Malcolm III became king.

They say that Yorvik was founded by vikings, and Varangians were vikings. Ross' are said to derive from an Andrew. Bisset-like Bassets share the Coat of Scottish Drummonds. The Bisset motto, shared by Maxwells who had a Maxwell-Ros branch, could be partly for Rosco's/Risco's sharing the Rush/Rish fesse. The latter were first found in Suffolk with the Lodge's/Loge's (Rush/Rish colors) in the "lodged" Maxwell stag, and Lodge's/Loge's share the Ross lion while French Loge's almost share the York / Malcolm saltire in both colors, and do share the Cooper/Copper saltire in both colors. Maxwells share holly with Scottish Jacks.

The English flag is called, "St. George," and the Scottish flag, "Andrew's cross." The three English lions are in the next section with my bulldog, but note here that the England surname, with almost the three lions of England, is almost the Coat of Scottish Mars (Yorkshire), suspect with "MARot / Maurice" because earls of Mar were at KilDRUMMy. French Mars were once said to be first found in Burgundy, where French Loge's were first found. The Loches'/DeLOGES' married Fulks, descendants of Plantagenets, and the latter do use the triple lions in pale of England. The three lions of England are used by Lawns/Lane's/LONE's while Plantagenets were first found in LONdon.

The Reason For the BRITISH Bulldog

The following insert was originally in the section above, but as it got to be so long, and as it ended on the British bulldog of this section, I'll paste the insert at the start of this section, and then carry on with it:

[Insert the day after writing above -- The same-colored border as Ware's is with Mile's, first found in Hampshire with Change's/Changers, and having a moline in the colors of the Chase / Ware lion while Moline's were first found in Devon with Ware's and Wears/Were's. Scottish Millers have another moline and add a hand pointing with two fingers in Crest, symbol also in the Touch/Tuff Crest while Tufts/Tuffs' share the Wear/Were crosslets. Scottish Millers were first found in Dumfries with Kilpatricks, who appeared with Spuds MacKenzie, the beer mascot while Beers were first found in Devon too. The description of the Miller Crest: "A RIGHT hand with FIRST and SECOND fingers pointing upWARD." Wards happen to share the checks of Ware-like Warrens and Wearings/Warings, the latter likewise first found in Devon and using a red dragon, the color of the Drake dragon. Suddenly, a pointer to Apophis can be cropping up because Wearings/Warings share the checkered bend of Pope's/Popps/Pape's.

Thanks to the first finger pointing, I've just discovered the Firsts/FIRSlands/FURSlane's/VERSlands (Devon again). Firsts (share the Hainaut and Arms-of-Flanders lion) have "PATEE-fitchees" that could be part-code for the line that named the Patchie variation of Kilpatricks. As Flemings lived in Flanders (probably touched upon Hainaut), it can explain the "crescents flammant" of Patents/Patients/Putins (Dumfries, same as Kilpatricks/PATCHIE's) in both colors of the Patch crescents. As Seatons were Flemings, the green Kilpatrick dragon is suspect as the Seaton dragon. Seaton is a location at the mouth of the Axe, and Wears/Were's are said to have been at the Axe river.

It seems very important here that while I had a pink-FLAMINGO business (lawn decor, for BIRTHdays usually), I bought a fiberGLASS BRITISH bulldog to be used as part of the flamingo business that, I feel absolutely sure, goes with Spuds MacKenzie. It was just last night that I learned why (for the first time) the 1979 dream with a bulldog had a BRITISH bulldog, and I decided to do its own section on it today, as I write this insert. That section (not yet started) is below, and I don't yet know where it will take me. Irish Flemings share the checkered Flamingo Shield.

The Seconds/Segurs expected in the Miller fingers are in the Levi motto with Chretiens who in turn have lion heads in the colors of the Ware / Chase / Louvain/LOUVIER lions, and while La Louviere is beside Mons, the latter was the capital of Hainaut (Belgium, same as Louvain) while the counts / county of Hainaut is the only entity I know of having the chevrons of Levi's. French Louvier's share the Flamingo / Fleming checks.

Thanks to the Firsts/FIRSlane's in the Miller fingers, I've just realized that the black wolf in the French Louvier Chief is the one of Mons-like Mandys/MONdays, for the latter have their wolf "ERASed" "with FIRE coming from its mouth." The Firsts have variations like the Fire's/Firs/Furs who in turn share the giant unicorn of ERAS'/Rasmussens suspect in "erased." RasMussens are part of mythical Mucius, who had a right-hand symbol! We just saw the "right hand" with first and second fingers pointing! Zikers, the noble / royal families who kept heraldry were keeping track of these things. I explained Mucius last night, which you'll see below, and his Mucianus bloodline smacks of Mrs. Kilpatrick's music tape, for Musics are also Musys/Mucys. This 666-suspect topic is shortly below, including the "FuiMUS" motto of Wears/Were's, which is the motto of Bruce's too who have another blue lion.

I trace Bruce's (anciently "Brusi") to "Abruzzo/Abrussi, and while FELICE was the patron saint (just a code for a surname) of Abruzzo's Picenze, the FELIX's/FELLicks' have a MILL rind with a square at the center (usually comes with a mascle at the center), same as the mill rind upon which the red dragon of Wearings/Warings stands. Red-dragon Drake's were first found in Hampshire with the Mile's/MILLs above who share the Ware border. These Mile's/Mills share "Industria" with the Arms of Rothschild. [Masci-related Stockports use "inFELICI".]

As the Irish Flemings with the Flamingo / Louvier checks have a Shield of blue vair, the Quint symbol, I suggest that the Louvier / Mandy/Monday wolf is that of Yonge's too, first found in Essex, where Quints were once said to be first found. Quints have a black lion paw to go with the black "dexter paw" of Kilpatricks. Scottish Yonge's share the triple piles of Levi-line Leavells/Levels.

The dragon-using Kilpatricks share the Levi lion, I figure, emphasizing its "dexter paw" upon the head of the dragon. 666 symbolism? The "right hand" of Firsts should be for the Rights/Wrights who share the leopard faces of Scottish DOORs, and there was a door involved with Mrs. Kilpatrick at the Get'n Go along with her knees while Knee's share the phoenix with Tufts/Tuffs who in turn share the Wear/Were crosslets. Does it seem that the False Prophet will be a line from Nichols de Vere von Drakenberg? English Vere's share the quadrants of Mucius-line Masseys, and while mythical Mucius lost his right hand, I expect the Mucianus family to have developed a left-hand (or sinister) symbol to explain the sinister bend of Masci's. My Masci mother is from Picenze, and while FELICE was its patron saint, Flags/FLECKs share the scallops of Masci-line Meschins. Although the Wearing/Waring description doesn't tell that the dragon is STANDing on the mill RIND, we can glean it because Stands/Stains/Stans share the double fesses of Flags/Flecks. The Rinds (share STANey scallops) were a branch of Rands/Rynds/RANCE's who point to the Ranch road, location of the Get'n Go, and yet Rands were from Ranulph le Meschin (Cheshire, same as Staneys).

Vere's lived in Manche with Masseys/Maceys, and Nicholas de Vere even emphasized a Ver(e) location in Manche. Off the Manche Coast is the island of Jersey, where point-like POINdexters were first found who share the Mile/Mill star, and moreover use the First-like fist of Fists/Fausts. Note "PoinDEXTER," for it's Firsts/VERSlane's with many "lane" endings who use the "right hand" pointing, and one Lane/LAWN Coat (shares Poindexter star too) is split horizontally in colors reversed from the same of Poindexters. Points/Pointers use a hand with first and second finger pointing, and I actually pointed accusatively (probably one finger only) at Lorraine's grass stain the second I saw it, which she got on a LAWN. Lane's/Lawns under discussion were first found in Staffordshire with Stops/Stubbs, believe it or not.

I didn't intend that the paragraph above should touch on the section to be written today, on the British bulldog, but the "lions of England" of Lane's/Lawns works into it, as you'll see. Note how I asked Lorraine out for our first date at her bus STOP on by BRIT-like BIRTHday while my last minute with her was my pointing at her lawn stain. It's linking to my old lawn-decor business, which was about 80-percent for birthday celebrations, and Berts/BIRTHs essentially have the Stains Crest. The Stains call it "A RIGHT HAND emerging from a cloud holding a green wreath," and while the wreath is used also by BRITish's/Brodicks, Berts/Births call it "An arm emerging from a cloud holding a garland of laurel". Lorraine's use laurel too.

Berts/Births were first found in Devon again, with Ware's and their branches, and share the Patch / Patent/Putin crescent. British's/Brodicks have lion heads in the colors of the Ware lions, for example, but more-relevant is where the CHRETiens/CRESTiens have the British/Brodick lion heads while Wreaths/Craith's/CREIGHTs/Crea's have variations like the Crete's/Crests/Crays. These lion heads are blue, and a giant blue lion is with CREIGHTons/Cretons who amazingly have a "grace" motto term while Grace's are listed with three Grass)e) surnames!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Incredible outcome. Lorraine's grass stain and my first date with her are linking to my British bulldog. Creightons/Cretons have "A green dragon breathing fire," and the green Seaton dragon is "spouting fire" from its mouth.

As Chretiens/Crestiens were Levi kin while Levi's were counts of HAINAUT, it's notable that HANNITYs (Haney branch) have three leopard faces in the colors of the three lion heads of Chretiens/Crestiens. Mandys/Mondays, now suspect as kin of a family at Mons of Hainaut, share the black wolf (fire in mouth) in Crest with Yonge's ("share "Toujours" with Hannitys), and then Mandy-like Mants/Ments share the Shield of Crete's/Crests, and as Chretiens/Crestiens are in the Levi motto, the Leavells who share the Yonge piles look like a Levi-of-Hainaut branch. German Youngs/Jungs/June's have a white stag, and color of the stag heads of Scottish Haneys/Hanna's (probably a Hane/Hann branch) in colors reversed. New-to-me Hane's/HaneGRAAFs/GaneGREVE's/HaneCOPs (pointable to Stephen Hahn and Fauci's GAIN-of-function) share the Giant rooster of Hahns, the latter being in the write-up of Bibo's whom I think were from "Vibia," mother of Lupus Laevillus, the line to the Leavells and to the Yonge wolf. Lorraine's bus stop was at Yonge street. HaneCOPs tend to reveal that English Hands/Hanns are in Copp / Cope colors and format due to a blood relationship.

The Creights/Cretons were first found in Midlothian with Mens'/Mame's and Sinclairs of Roslin, and I met MAMie an hour before Lorraine's grass stain. Lorraine was a RUSSELLite, and Russells are suspect in naming Roslin. The Creighton/Creton motto, "GOD SEND grace," touches upon the "God" in both the Mens/Mame and Sinclair mottoes, and so "send" looks like code for the Shend variation of Chains because they share the Sinclair cross.

It seems important here that Bus-like Bussets are listed with Bissets while Stops/Stubbs, STANfords and Lawns were first found in Staffordshire with Bassets. My bulldog was used for a lawn displays, 95-percent for birthdays (it had a sign around it's neck, "Happy Birthday, You Ole Dog"). Note how "ole" is like "oil." Busssets/Bissets were first found in ROSS-shire with MacKenzie's, and Bussets/Bissets share the BALCON bend (has ROSEs) while I pointed to her pant stain on her BALCONy. Russells have the Ross lion in colors reversed, and Ross-shire was near the Rose's. The "spouting" term of Seatons can be God's pointer to SPUDs MacKenzie, a bulldog (though not a British bulldog), not only because the Seaton dragon is likely the Kilpatrick dragon, but because I bought my British bulldog (15 years after it appeared in the 1979 dream) in Hamilton while Hamilton Kilpatrick posed with Spuds MacKenzie. Hamiltons share the Bus cinquefoil. End insert]

Good morning Saturday. This section was born from the following quote that tended to explain a reason as to why there was a BRITISH bulldog in the 1979 dream instead of another breed of bulldog, and the quote even tends to reveal why it was a BULLdog, in a pointer to Bullys, but what I don't know is why it points to the things in the quote. Perhaps it'll make more sense once I'm done with this section.

One theory is that God provided the British bulldog in the dream knowing I'd be buying a fiberglass British bulldog 15 years later that would point, 22 years after that in 2016, to Spuds MacKenzie, and finally to the Apophis asteroid in 2021. That's making sense. Here's the quote, found while I was looking up the Kilbride location, for Bride's go with Cancer the crab and therefore with pointers to Apophis. Kilbride is in Arran, where blow-out pointing Blue's/Gorms were first found:

KILBRIDE, a parish, in the island of Arran, county of BUTE, 20 miles (S. W. by W.) from Saltcoats; containing, with the villages of BRODICK and CORRIE, 2786 inhabitants, of whom 271 are in the village, or Kirktown, of Kilbride, called also Lamlash from its situation on the bay of that name. This parish, which derives its name from the dedication of its ancient church to St. Bridget or St. Bride, was the scene of some interesting events.... In 1306, Robert Bruce, who, during his reverses of fortune, had remained for some time in concealment in Ireland, landed on the Isle of Arran, with a small fleet, and, being joined by Sir James DOUGLAS and others of his adherents, assaulted and reduced the Castle of BRODICK, which was then held by Sir John HASTINGs, for Edward I. of England. Upon this occasion, Bruce, in recompense of their important services, conferred upon his friends many of the lands of Arran, which, however, long since passed from their descendants, and are now the property of the Duke of HAMILTON.

...The only inland lake belonging to the [Kilbride] parish is Loch URIE...

As soon as I saw "Hamilton," zowie, the bullDOG was pointable to DOUGlas', and to Hamilton Kilpatrick, and to my fiberGLASS bulldog purchased in Hamilton. The MacKenzie's even have a "ure" motto term to go with Urie's/Ure's (Ayrshire, overlooks Arran) to go with Loch Urie at Kilbride!!! Note the KIRKtown of the quote, for Kirks share the thistle with Dogs/Doags.

Note the DuGLASS variation of Douglas', for Glass' were first found in Bute with Kilbride and Brodick, while Glasgow is in Renfrewshire with another Hamilton location, and where Hamiltons were first found who share the DOG/Doag cinquefoil. On top of all this and more, British's are listed with Brodicks, what a phenomenal find this quote is. Brodicks share wreaths with Stains/Stands, and BRITish-like BIRTHs use the Stain/Stand wreath as a "garland of laurel." This recalls my bulldog sign, "Happy BIRTHday, You OLE Dog." Just realized: Ole-like Oileys are also DOLEYs, like variations of DOUGal-branch Dowels/Doule's!!! I get it! This is why God set up the bulldog to point to this Kilbride article with Brodick, Hamiltons and Douglas', to point again to oil rigs and tankers!!! British's are listed with Brodicks!!! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? It's seems to be verifying that Spuds MacKenzie posing with Hamilton Kilpatrick is a pointer to the Apophis asteroid. Castle Douglas is even near the Kilpatrick castle at Closeburn. (As the title of the article suggests, this Kilbride article may have been written in 1846.)

[Insert -- Happys in "Happy Birthday" are listed with Apps'/ABBS'/Epps, who nearly have the Coat of a ABBE's, and so how in tarnation can it be a coincidence that Kilbride and Brodick (owned by lord of Hamilton) are on Arran with the first-known McCabe's/MacABBE's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I.N.C.R.E.D.I.B.L.E. My lawn decor business, and its bulldog, are pointing to Apophis. McCabe's/MacAbbe's share the "salmon" of Hamilton-like Hams. The latter look like a branch of Hammers and Dutch Hamils. Dolfin-branch Dols share the fesse of Irish Hamils, the latter first found in Tyrone with Sharks! Goodie. Plus, the two Hamil fesses are white and ermined, as are the two of Sleeps, and the latter were first found in Shropshire with Dol Alans, meaning that Mrs. Kilpatrick was made Sleeping Beauty as a pointer to Hamils, for Hamils and Sleeps show nothing on their Shields but their double fesses.

The double Wimberley fesses are half in the colors of the Hamil fesses, and the Wimberley Chief shares the Stanley / MacKenzie stag head. Jimmy Wimberley of MONTell was an Apophis-pointing topic two updates ago, and Mountain-connectable Montells share the giant Roy / Dowell/Doule lion, but it's the Dougal and James lion too. Jimmy was probably born, James, and there is even a Montel (one 'l') surname that I've missed until now that shares the Chief of French Alans, perfect where Dowells/Doule's were Dols. The Montel Chief is that also of French Julians, the latter first found in Languedoc with Mountains.

Ahh, the so-called "Mars" (planet) in the Wimble Crest is the lone red annulet of Vito's, first found in Treviso with Montels! What are the chances that while Wimberley lived in Montell, Wimble's proved to be a Wimberley branch?

Jimmy Wimberley married to Abby, I kid you not. Abbys are listed with Happys, a branch of Abbe's, what are the chances? Montell is in UVALDE county while the Valdez had the oil spill while "Happy Birthday, you OLE dog" is suspect as a pointer to OIL spills. OILeys even have double bends in the colors of the six bends on the Gail/Gale unicorn head. "Abby" is short for "AbiGAIL." Jimmy and Abby lived across from the ranch of Lloyd Reinecker, and Reineckers/Reines use a comet.

Insert -- Abby's brother was Rick (he visited me a few times, and I was in his mother's home), the point being that Ricks share the BIRTH/Bert fitchees, WHAT ARE THE CHANCES!!!? HAPPY BIRTHday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I_C_R_E_D_I_B_L_E.

Ricks have their six fitchees in the colors of the crosslets of Gale-related Tints (Somerset, same as Ricks and Brits/Brets). Gale's (once said to be first found in Cornwall with Tintagel) and Tints (share blue unicorn) formed "TintaGEL," place of king Arthur's BIRTH!!! Can we believe it. Irish Arthur's share the blue roundel with Buds/Bude's of Bude, Cornwall, and that spells: Spuds MacKenzie, bulldog mascot of BUD Light beer! ZIKERS, this can be fun. RICKs share the fesse of Cornwall's Rosco's/RISco's and Rush'/RISH's (Suffolk, same as Gale-connectable Knights/Nights). Hurts are used by Table's, explaining Arthur's round-table symbol, and Rounds are the ones with a "sleeping" lion to go with the identical "couchant" (lying down) lion of Tints. Tintons (Devon, between Tints and Tintagel) use "royal tents" that could connect with Roys. Royals (Cheshire, beside Shropshire) were at a Bagley-line Baggylegh location while Bagleys (Shropshire, same as Sleeps, and as Moses'/Moys sharing the Royal crosslet) can be of the sleeping bag, and to French Louis' (Lorraine) suspect in the makings of mythical GorLOIS of Cornwall, the father of sorts of king Arthur. The sleeping bag pointed Clinton crimes, but therefore to the Rodden river in Shropshire while Roddens/Rodhams have a bend colors reversed from the same of Royals.

As soon as I wrote "Arthur, a song sang the chorus, "AUTHOR of my hope, maker of the STARS." The song is, "Write Your STORY" (Francesca Battistelli), and I think this is significant because I declined to say, in the paragraph above, that Royals share the Aster bend. I don't yet have the evidence to make a hard Royal-Aster link, wherefore I declined to write it. But note that STORYs/STURys can be a branch of Asters/Sturs/ESTERs while the Stour river has a source in Wiltshire, where STARS were first found.

The songline miracle below took place while I was writing below this insert about an hour before the songline miracle under discussion. The one below is as per, "STORmy seas," and Stormys are also STURmys having an Easter-like Estormy variation. They were at "COWSfield-Esturmy in Wiltshire." Cowes is a location off the coast of Hampshire, where Sturs were first found. It seems that God wants us to focus on the asteroid, which can mean he wants us to start preparing a wilderness retreat. Hampshire (where Dragon-line Drake's were first found) was the home of ATREbates who named Atrecht (now Arras) in Artois, and UTRecht happens to be a variation of Authors (Arthur / Other/Otter colors). "GorLOIS" was created as per Lois', first found in Artois. UTHER was the first name given to PenDRAGON, father of king Arthur with Gorlois' wife. Authors/Utrechts were first found in Suffolk with an Eye location, and Stars have an eye. "AUTHOR of my HOPE, MAKER of the STARS." The line of Eye can be in the first word of the Kilpatrick motto, "I MAKE sure." Kilbride's share the Arden cinquefoil while Ardons are listed with Artois'.

Happy-like Happers are also HOPpers, first found in Wiltshire with Stars, NO GUFF. Makers/Macks/Make's, in a Kilpatrick motto, were first found in Berwickshire with Arthurs. Plus, the Maker/Mack/Make bend-with-martlet is in the colors of the bend-with-martlets of Hardings, the latter first found in Bristol near the Wiltshire border. These martlets are in the colors of the Mountain martlets. Kilpatrick castle is/was at CLOSEburn, and Close's, who look like Macey / Bright kin, share the stars of Makers/Macks/Make's, Bride's, and the Dumfries Walks/Wachs. End insert]

ENCORE. Gails/Gale's (in the Nagle NIGHTinGALE) share the NEIL/Nail/Nagle saltire while Sharks were first found in Tyrone with Neils/O'Nails (share SARACa fish) and Hamils. Kilpatrick castle is at the Night-connectable Nith river. I bought the bulldog in Hamilton just a couple of months before meeting Jimmy, and met him in December days or weeks before first seeing Mrs. Kilpatrick for the first time (they were at the same church on the Leakey / Ranch road). Ahh, Gails/Gale's use a "semina" motto term suspect with Sea-branch Seamans/Semans! It never ends, and "stormy seas" just sang over my speakers as I finished writing "Semans."

LOOKIE: the song is "You Raise Me Up," and includes "stand on mountains" in the chorus along with "WALK on stormy seas'!!! Amazing. Walks/Wachs were first found in Dumfries with Kilpatrick castle! And the Sea fish is that of Kidneys/Gedneys to go with the shark in the kidney-shaped pool. The two Kidney/Gedney fish make a saltire in the colors of the Gail/Gale / Neil/Nail saltire!!!!!!!!! AbiGAIL Wimberley did this for us! Jimmy was a tree cutter (sold cedar posts) with a saw, and Hamiltons have a saw in a tree.

Douglas', who share a heart with BULLys (Dumfries, same as Kilpatricks and the Corrie's of the Kilbride quote), are said to descend from Hardys, who share the black boar with BUS-like Bush's, and were first found in Lorraine-connectable Lanarkshire with Hasting-like Astys (share Lorraine lion), and we saw the castle of Brodick go to a Hastings family. Lorraine pointed to oil spills with her Bush-connectable grass stain on a LAWN.

For a while I was telling that Lawns uses "English lions" because English's share the giant lion of Roys in the Lawn motto, and it just so happens that Roys, with the BRUCE Coat in colors reversed, were first found in Lanarkshire too. However, as it turns out, Lawns have "lions of England," though Englands can be an English branch. The England surname has three lions in pale half in the colors of the three in pale of lawns, and it's those lions which are called, "lions of England," because the Arms of England has all three in pale.

We saw king ROBERT Bruce (his son married the Dol Alans) at Brodick, and while both Lawn surnames share the Robert and PROPER/Robert/ROBIN lion, the Roy Crest is "A lymphad [ship] PROPER, on the SEA." Propers/Roberts were first found in Cheshire with Bride-branch Brights and Ship-loving Bellows/Billows i.e. still on topic for Apophis. While Bridge's use "GARDEray" versus the "Garde" of Lawns and Carricks, Bridgets (GlaMORGANshire, connectable to Morgan le Fay of Avalon = Bute) were first found in Wales with the Welsh Roberts who share their lion, though this doesn't tell why Bridgets are listed with Prickards (could be a mistake by whoever listed them). Darlene's (Devon, same as fitchee-using Births/Berts), who share the fitchees of BRITs/Brets (Somerset with the Stour river), have a woman in a robe while Robe's/Robbs share the chevron of ROBINs. I'm singing "O Holy Night" with MARTINA McBRIDE as I write here, and McBride's are listed with KilBride's! Holys/Hollys (beside Knights/Nights) use a "DOG and a DOLphin" while Nights are suspect with the Nith river very near Castle Douglas.)

Martina's were first found in Brescia (beside lake Garda in the Lawn motto) with Italian Lane's while both Lawns are Lane's too. Martina's (a "disc" between two goats) happen to share the upright goat of French Bauds! Look at the timing: I was singing with Martina (she does a great job on this youtube song) while on the Robe's/Robbs, first found in STIRlingshire with Dougal-related Scottish Bauds, and with the Nimo's who share the McBride/Kilbride cinquefoil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was going to say: Scottish Bauds with their Bald branch share the RENfrew ship. McBride's/Kilbride's were first found on ARRAN. French Bauds are in Dougal colors and format, and the Brits/Brets were at Saunford Bret while Sandfords/Sanfords (Shropshire, same as FitzAlans of Dol and ARUN(del)) have half the Baud / Dougal quadrants, and the Sandford/Sanford quadrants are colors reversed from the same as Jewish ARENs/Aarons.

While Roys in Lanarkshire were near Renfrewshire, Renfrews have a giant "SAILing ship PROPER", and Sails/Sales' were first found in Cheshire with Propers/Roberts/Robins. While Pool-branch Pollocks were first found in Renfrewshire, and while POLESdons were first found in Cheshire, the Roys share the Pool lion while the bulldog of the dream fell and/or jumped into a kidney-shaped swimming pool with a shark, and while Geds and Kidneys/GEDneys can be gleaned with the fish in the Arms of Saraca (the Shark line), the Kidney/Gedney fish is the blue one in the Coat of Sea's who are in the "sea" under the Roy LYMPhad ship. The Kidney/Gedney fish form a saltire colors reversed from the LIMP saltire, and while Limps share the motto of Irish Caseys, Scottish Caseys were first found in Lanarkshire with Roys.

Rory MacDonald of Bute must have used the Bruce lion because it was the lion of Bute too wile Rorys, who look like "Roy," show the Bruce lion, which is colors reversed from the Roy lion. It just so happens that Rorys were first found in Tyrone with Sharks, and with the Hagens (a BOOT!!!) who share the Kidney/Gedney / Sea fish! Like I've said a million times, after I dove into the pool to save the bulldog from the shark, the scene changed, and I was in a blue body of water = a SEA! Roys use a ship on the sea, but also the Pool lion. As Apophis expects oil-tanker spills, let's add that the Dog/Doag cinquefoil is that of Tankerville's too. Tankerville's were first found in Lincolnshire with Kirktons, and the latter share the chevron of Tanks/Tancreds (Yorkshire with Carrick-branch Craggs) which is the Arms of Carrick.

OH wow, this recalls ROY TANNER whom I've mentioned several times, who became friends with Jim McGee and GREG FISHer when I was hanging around with the two. While Fishers look linkable to BUTE's/Boets who in turn have a fish in GEDDES-fish-head colors, Gregs can be gleaned as Carrick kin. Gregs (Carrick colors) were once said to be first found in Yorkshire with Carrick-branch Craggs and Boot-like Booths/Boths, and Hall of Names still has them first in Yorkshire. Carricks birthed the royal Bruce's. Tanners share the Chief-Shield colors of Vilains, and Dol is in Vilaine. Roy Tanner is the one who said to me, "You don't RATE" (he didn't like me, feelings mutual) while standing with about four others (McGee and Fisher likely included), and Rate's/Rats were first found in Nairnshire with the Geddes' who share the Ged pikes! This is placing the Roy Tanner / Tankerville's into the kidney-shaped pool because Tankerville's named TANERdevilla, can we believe it? It's verifying that Roys use the Pool lion!

It's therefore staggering as to how many pertinent heraldic links there are from the Kilbride quote above to the 1979 dream with the British bulldog, and Roys even share the DOUGal lion, which is the lion of Dowells/DOULE's (Dol-whale colors), tending to explain why French Roys were first found in British-like Brittany with Dol. Dowells/Doule's were first found in Inverness-shire with the Gows/McGoo's suspect in "GlasGOW," and the Dowell-branch DOUGALs are like the DOUGLas surname with a DuGLASS variation.

The Limps share the crozier with Kirks (share thistle with Dogs/Doags) and Bracebridge's, and so I want to add here that a medallion found on the hood of my jeep in Bracebridge pointed to the Medal variation of Dougals. The other point is the KIRKtown location, in Kilbride, for I told of the event where Lorraine had a bride symbol when I told her I was going to marry her at the corner of Lorne street, as she walked from CHURCH street, where she lived. Church's were first found in Somerset with Bride-branch Bridge's with the crabs, and I asker her for our first date on my BRITish-like BIRTHday, at her BUS stop, in June during Cancer the crab. Kirks and Church's look like branch's, and Church's are in Bride and BUSH colors and format while Bus' share the Dougal / Hamilton and Lanark/LURNack cinquefoil while Lorne's are in the write-up of Lanarks/Lurnacks who moreover use a heart likely code for the Hardys sharing the black boar with Bush's and Booths/Boths (both first found in Yorkshire). I've read that BOTHwells, first found in Lanarkshire too, were from "BUTE," location of Kilbride.

I've told of the time when I last saw, and waved at, KIM THOMSON (we had been together shortly before) in a phone BOOTH while I was in my car STOPped at the traffic lights at Lorne and Yonge, location of Lorraine's BUS stop. Booths and BUSH's share the black boar, and Bothwells are said to have been from "Bute," where Kims were first found who share white cinquefoils with Bus'. Thomsons (Saluzzo liner), first found in Ayrshire (looks out to Bute and Arran) have a Coat making them look like kin of Douglass'/DuGLASS' (Moray stars) while Glass' (Moray mermaid) were first found in Bute too. Kim Thomson seems to be part of the pointers.

Kirktown is said to have been LAMlash too, and Limps are also Lammie's/Lambys while Scottish Lambs/Lams, first found in Northumberland with Lorraine's, share the Bus / Lanark/Lurnack / Dog/Dougal cinquefoil too! Zikers, that is huge because Lorraine lived on Kirk-like Church street. French Bride's were first found in Savoy with BRIGantium, and while the latter is also, BRIANcon," Brians have a "lahm" motto term, tending to assure that Bride's named Kilbride at Lamlash.

"LamLASH," even if not named after the Lash variation of Leach's, is an apt pointer of God to the GLASS door at the Get'n Go (at the LEAKEY rd) -- where Gows/McGoo's point with "GlasGOW" -- because the Lash/Leach Chief is in the colors of the Leak/Leakey Chief, and moreover the Lash/Leach Coat is in the colors and format of the Lady/LAUDYman Coat while the Lords/LAUDs are in the Glasgow motto while the triple cinquefoils of Lords/Lauds are those of Bute's Kims in colors reversed. Kims share the Coat of McKINNeys and Frasers while the Wreaths in the MacKenzie/KENNeth wreaths are said to have been in the lands of Fraser. LASH's/Leach's share the crown with DougLAS' and Bullys, and the latter's is "a heart in flames" to go with the mountain in flames of MacKenzie's. Douglas' are known Flemings, and it just so happens that French Mountains have bulls in the colors of the Bull/Bule bull heads, how about that!

Kennys were gleaned above as a potential MacKenzie branch, and so by what coincidence (who arranged it?) do the Wreaths in the British/Brodick wreaths share the courant stag of Rays while Wreaths show Ray and Rae variations? That's new right here, and so why does there seem to be a British-MacKenzie link, as we may now expect from the 1979 dream? The Ray Coat is in the colors and format of Freys and Frays/FRYs (Gow/McGoo colors), and we just saw the Frasers/FRAYssers in Inverness-shire with Wreaths/Rays/Rae's (and Gows/McGoo's). Plus, this can explain why a "FRYing pan" is used by German Pole's, for Pools are Pole's too!!! The British bulldog fell into the pool! Ahhh, the man holding the frying pan is said to be wearing a "hat," and Hats use "wreaths," tending to prove that the kidney-shaped pool is for German Pole's too. The same man has an "OSTrich feather" in his hat, and while Osts were beside Rich's to spell "ostRICH," the Osts/Hosts share the bull head of Bull's/Bule's (Somerset, same as Osts)!!! THE BULLdog! PLUS ZOWIE, the MacKenzie-beloved Mountains have bulls in the colors of the Ost/Host / Bull/Bule bull heads!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Kennys were key to this excellent find.

Ainsley Earhardt is a second fulfillment of Sleeping Beauty, and she worked at KENS TV before joining Fox news, and married Mr. McKinney at about that time. She's got the paragraph above with Kennys all over, for Pole-beloved Hats (Dorset, same as Beautys and Pools/Pole's!) share the quadrants of one Hayden Coat ("talbot" DOG), and Ainsley's only child is Hayden. The other Haydens share the black Beauty bull, and share "foy" in their motto with the Rich's suspect in the Pole ostrich!!! The two FOIX surnames are listed with Foys, looking like God's arrangements. New thanks to Kennys above leading to the OSTrich: Ainsley now works as a HOST for Fox and Friends, and Friends were first found in Somerset with Osts/HOSTs! It's also where Birth-connectable and Rich-like Ricks, and British-like Brits/Brets, were first found; the latter share the giant lion of Friend-like Frane's/FRAYns/Freyne's. Remarkable outcome.

Plus, I had claimed that "EARhardt" was linkable to a cotton swab in the EAR of Steve Mellanson, and so I'm asking here why Mellansons share the Kenny crescents. Just days after the Sleeping-Beauty dream, God showed me with a NOTE has asked me to write Mr. Mellanson, that Mellansons are to be linked to NOTE's/Cnuts (share Mellanson crescents), and they were first found in Derbyshire with Ear-like Eyers/Ayers/Airs, very linkable to Earhardts/Airharts (share Kenny fleur-de-lys). It's incredible that the Scottish Ayers use a "LIGHTer than air" motto, for Spuds MacKenzie, who was with the other Sleeping Beauty, is the mascot for Bud LIGHT beer. Lights/Lite's use "ostrich feathers"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What are the chances? And Hicks share the Ainsley fleur-de-lys.

The Mellansons use an "upRIGHT bundle of rods," and Rockefeller-related Rods share the Shark / Albini / Barnstaple trefoil. Albins/AUBINs (white bull head) were at Barnstaple, in Devon, beside white-bull-head Osts/Hosts, and Aubin is a location near Rod-line Rodez. A few minutes before mentioning Mellanson's ear above, I checked for Right-like surnames as per "upright," and learned that Riths are listed with Wreaths. That goes together well with the Kennys sharing the Mellanson crescents because it has potential to flip us fast to the British/Brodick wreath, and Mr. Mellanson always had a BEER in his hand for a potential pointer to Spuds MacKenzie. Kennys can be gleaned as kin of Browns/Bruns while Bruno's share the bend of English Mountains. The cotton SWAB in Mellanson's ear could be a pointer to Klaus Schwab, who's in social-media news these days as the head of the globalist "reset."

German Albini's (Bavaria, same as Earhardts/Airharts and blue-wing HERzogs), whom I've almost never mentioned, share two blue wings in Crest with Here's/Heyers (Derbyshire, same as Eyers/Airs who point to Spuds MacKenzie) and German Here's/Herrs, and the latter share the MacKenzie border, what are the chances if not Arranged? The problem is, I don't have a good handle on why Miss Earhardt should be part of these things with Miss Hicks, for the only thing I've been able to resolve is Earhardt's pointer to poison vaccines, for she was promoting vaccines on Fox and Friends even for children.

Back to the Pole frying pan, especially as these Pole's are Pohls too while the other Pohls ("plume" feathers to go with the Pole/Pohl ostrich feather) have a black bull head...though called a "BUFFalo's head"!!! Buffys/Bougheys/Boffie's/Bogheys were first found in Staffordshire with Frydays! AMAZING. Apophis is arriving on Friday to strike dread into BOOFima cultists. Buffys were at COLton while Cole'S/Colds have a black bull in both colors of the Pohl Buffalo head. Coltons even share the saltire of Scythe-like Schutz's. The BOUGHey/BOGHey variations recall the giant bull ("steer") of German Bachs/Backs, but also the Books/Boggs in the Roet and Reed "book." The Beautys happen to have the black bull, and are listed with BOWds/BOWoods while Roets were kin of Bows/BOUGH's. AMAZINGLY, those blue wings we saw in relation to Earhardt-connectable surnames are used also by German Bauers/Bowers!

As the first Rothschild was Mayer Bauer while Bows/Bough's and Scottish Bowers share the five, bunched arrows in the Arms of Rothschild, it seems that God is pointing the Earhardt fulfillment of Sleeping Beauty to Rothschilds. But why? Did Rothschilds found Fox news (pro-war, close eyes to false-flag operations) in some secret way? Are those ostrich feathers in the Arms of Rothschild?

The English Angels in the Buffy Crest share the ROOT (and Bagley) cinquefoils!!! That was needed to prove that Buffys are Roet-book connectable [I didn't realize until the 2nd update in November, two updates from this one, that Buffys/Bougheys share a Roet / Bow/Bough motto term].. English Angels share "super" in their motto with Ratterys while HOODs were at Rattery (Devon, same as Supers and Darlene's). Sleeping Beauty was on a sand beach at the hood, and Sands, once said to be first found in Lancashire with Angels and Charlie's/Chorleys, share the fitchee of book-using Darlene's! There you go, heraldry symbols clicking while involving Sleeping Beauty, exposing Intelligent Design behind the dreams.

Within a month of the Sleeping Beauty dream, I had a morning vision of a woman that looked like Farrah Fawcett, with a mental / head ailment. The vision was fulfilled that night by Sharon Quinn, and as proof that God arranged that thing, her manfriend at the time was Charlie. So I pointed him to Charlie's ANGELs, starring Farrah Fawcett (died of cancer). I claimed that God was pointing to Toni Fauci with the Fawcetts/FAUCets, and showed that while horseshoe bats are involved in Fauci's COVID scheme, Farrahs use horseshoes. I didn't have access to Coat descriptions at the time, and could only tell readers that English Angels once showed a baton (not the cane-like item now showing) while Batons/BASTONs share the Bat bats while Bats share the Super saltire. Now that I have access, I can report that the baton of Angels has been changed to a "bastion"! Beauty.

Charlie was a loan officer at a bank, and Banks, who were in the sleeping-bag dream with Roads / Roets, were at WinSTANley and BankNewton. This could be a pointer to Morgan Stanley bankers. Newtons (Cheshire, same as Malls/Marlbone's) use "SHIN bones" to go with the MarlyBONE variation of MalBANC-mentioning Malls, who were likewise in the sleeping-bag dream.

Friday-like Friths/Frauds share the "scythe" (different design) with Here's/Herrs! The latter is connectable to Earhardts. Frydays share the crescents of Seatons/Sittens, the latter being a branch of Scythes'/Side's! As per Fox and Friends, it's a little interesting that Frith-like Friends were first found in Somerset with Payen-branch Paine's/Payne's, for Pans are listed with Payens/Pagans. In fact, Friths/FRAUDs use "A sun SHINing OVER the top of a GROVE of trees" while Shins/Chine's/Chings were first found in Somerset with Frith-like Friends and Grove's. Shins/Chine's/Chings pointed to FRAUDlent vote flipping by Dominion Voting. Overs/Offers are in SONNY/Staney colors and format.

Scythe's (no final 's') are listed with Skits/Skeets/Skeochs, connectable to Skate's/Sheets, Scheds and Sheds, a possible pointer to vaccine "shedding," for Miss Earhardt pointed to poison vaccines. Earhardt-connectable Ayers and Hairs were first found in Ayrshire with Scythe's/Skits/Skeets, and with the Sheds using a "HERmit," an apt symbol of COVID measures. Hermits (share border of Here's/Herrs and MacKenzie's) share the helmets of Helms and of the Panters who share "spur rowells with Pans/Payens.

This is a good place to add that the Glasgow motto is, "Lord, LET Glasgow flourish," while Lets with a Lady-like Late motto term have organ PIPEs while the Lash/Leach and Lady Coats reflect that of Apophis-like Poppins/Pophams. "FlouRISH" can be part-code for the Rish variation of Rish's, a branch of Rosco's/Risco's who in turn have the Lanark/Lurnack / Dog/Doag cinquefoil in colors reversed. Ladys/Laudymans even share the annulets of English Walkers (Yorkshire, same as Bush's, beside Riggs) who in turn share the chevron-with-annulets of Riggs. Pointer to oil rigs?

Riggs are suspect in the "rigore" motto term of Scottish Morleys/Mauls (Yorkshire) who in turn share a version of the Tankerville Coat while Tankerville's were first found in Lincolnshire with the Tailbois' who share the Morley/Maul scallops. So, yes, the Riggs look like a pointer to oil tankers. English Morleys show as a Morland branch, and WestMORLAND is where Levins were first found who share the Chief-Shield colors of Tanners (MOORheads to go with "MORland") while Tankerville's named TANERdevilla. Excellent outcome. Davids were kin of Aids/Ade's in the Levi motto along with the Chretiens/Crestiens who in turn share the British/Brodick lion heads.

DAVID Morley, who appeared in my SLEEPING-bag dream and pointed to Aids/Ade's (compare with Morley lion face and the Cheshire Davids), lived at HARDing and Church street, the same Church street as Lorraine, and I met Morley in the same year as I dated Lorraine. Hardings, in Hardy colors, were at Bristol (in Somerset with first-known Church's), and Bristols have a fesse-with-items like the one of Bush's who are in turn in Church colors and format while Hardys share the black boar with Bush's. Interestingly, Lorraine lived at Church on one side of Major MacKenzie drive, and Morley on the other side of Major MacKenzie. New: the "dormieniBUS" motto term of Bristols is translated, "the sleeping."

The Kims share one McKinney Coat while the other McKinneys, suspect as MacKenzie's/Kenneths, look like kin of the McCabe's, first found in Arran with Kilbride and Brodick. Kim Thomson points to Thomsons, said to have been associated with Carricks/Corricks (did they name Corrie at Kilbride?), the direct ancestors to king Robert Bruce that we saw in the quote above hiding out at Arran's Brodick. Carricks Ayrshire, same as Kenneth-like Kennedys) were Kennedy kin. Lamlash was also Kirktown, and Kirktons are in Kennedy colors and format, both sharing the Arms of Carrick (i.e. their chevron). Corrie's are CAWreys too while Caws are listed with Adams (Annandale, Dumfries), suspect from Adam Kilconquhar, first husband of Marjory Carrick, wife secondly to Mr. Bruce of Annandale. Irish Corrie's/Currys share the GosPATRICK / Windsor saltire. Windsors share the crosslets of Gore's/Core's who were in mythical "GORlois," and Corrick-like Corks are Core's too.

They say that Marjory's son with Adam was Thomas, first earl of Moray, and so as the Leslie's were earls of Rothes at the Moray, it can explain the sharing of a green griffin between Leslie's, Corrie's/Cawrie's and English Patents/Pattens. Rothes (related to the nearby Rose's) is at the SPEY river while Roet-related Speers/SPEYers look like they can be a branch of Sparrows (share roses with German Rose-like Rows/Rau's/Rauers) in the "sparrowhawk" of Pattons (Shropshire, same as the ancestry of Pollocks from whom Leslie's acquired Rothes). Rows and Roe's were first found in Norfolk with SparROWs. Rows/Rau's/RAUER's share a white and sinister bend with Jewish Rothchilds and Smoke's/RAUCH's, and both Rows/Rau's/Rauers and Rothchilds have three red roses on it, in both colors of the Sparrow roses. Rothschilds (with a 's') are listed with RODDENsteins, a branch of Roddens/Rodhams who named the Rodden river in Shropshire i.e. where the first-known Pattons were first found.

As I don't trust what historians say in surname derivations, I don't know why some surnames such as Kilpatrick and Kilbride are fronted with "Kil," perhaps suggesting descent from the same entity. Kills/Keele's share the crescent of Patents/Patients/Putins, first found in Dumfries with Kilpatricks.

Apophis Line With Nahorites

This would be a good place to tell that I have a second book online that is so vast on my investigations into Greek-myth codes and the start of my heraldic adventures that I don't want you to venture there only to scratch your head silly on by boot-camp theories. would rather you focus on Apophis and what it means because I'm taking this seriously. In the first chapter of that book, I say this:

...On the day that I had gone through the motions of a victory dance in my kitchen, delighted because I felt that finally I was nearing the end of this arduous research project (that made my spirit sick at times), and because I felt that I had not wasted my time after all, I went to my [vegetable] garden to pull weeds for the purpose of thinking over the importance of Buz, son of Nahor. After being in the garden just a few minutes, I sensed in my spirit that I should stop pulling weeds and continue the writing project instead, but I didn't go in immediately...

Just five minutes later, a bumble bee [bzzz] came close, and I waved my hand to get it away, but it came a second time, and I waved my hand a second time, but it came third time more determined, at which point I let it know I meant murderous business if it didn't get lost. As it flew away I watched it, and as I watched one of the largest bees I had ever seen, the bee became super-focused in my mind, at which moment I realized that this little event was sent by God to assure me to include Buz, son of Nahor, in my research.

As it turned out, I haven't stopped working full-time on this project. I've got that chapter dated 2006, but can't remember whether the bee event was in 2006 or the year previous. I grew a garden only twice, the first year fantastically in 2002, and the second year (probably 2005) a blow-out due to my adding too much cow manure. My last year in Texas was 2006. In the good year, I took some vegetables to church because they'd go to waste otherwise. When getting down to the last watermelon, I was going to give it to Miss Hicks, but as I walked into the church, the visiting PASTOR walked by who spoke that morning, and I thought he should get it due to seniority, so I gave it him. There was just one thing left in the van, a cantaloupe, and so I went to give it to Miss Hicks as her car was driving out the parking lot. It was summer, shortly before the 9-11 memorial.

The first reason that this story is being told is that pastors have a near-copy of the Bos/BUSH/Bosch Coat while Gardens share the black boar with Bush's/Buschs, the latter first found in Yorkshire with Hicks. The father of Miss Hicks was a Pentecostal pastor. As "Bush" looks like "Buz," while the bee came to me while I was in the GARDEN, that looks arranged to indicate that Bush's were from Buz. Somewhere from an old hard drive I have the Bush/Busch Coat with a red fesse, and therefore it shares the Hicks fleur-de-lys upon that red fesse. BUStards are in Bush colors and format when Bush's have the red fesse. BusTARDs were first found in Devon with pastor-like BasTARDs/BOStards and Tards/Darts. Bastards/Bostards share the Batter/Beeter Coat (in Beet colors), and so the Batons/Bastons probably apply to Bus / Bush liners.

Miss Hicks married Hamilton, and as Nahor's third-listed son was KEMUEL while his second-listed son was Buz, I figure that Hamel/Hamil-liners were a soft version (H instead of K) from a tribe named by Kemuel, for Hamiltons and Bus' share the same ermined cinquefoil. The Kilpatricks lived in BAYtown, and Bays with a Buz-like Bays variation were first found in Colchester, previously CAMULodunum/ The nasty god, Camulos, is therefore suspect as a tribe from Kemuel. Colchesters share the Neil/O'Nail estoiles, and the Arms of Colchester has nails, and this is where Irish Melons (basket) come in, because they were first found in Tyrone with Neils/O'Nails. This can spell, WATERmelon, because Waters were first found in Essex with Colchester.

The second reason for this story is the CANTaloupe, first because Miss Hicks is/was a singer, and "cant" is a root word for "sing/song." One Cant surname is in the colors and format of BEE-using Bessins, an area at BAYeux, suspect with Bays liners. French MELONs/Mellans have "A gold bull's head looking FORWARD," and "Forward" is the entire motto of Balfours who have a "red BATON, TIP silver" while Tipps'/Tippins have a bull head too. Balfours were first found in FIFE with same-colored Cants, and I can trace Fife's with Five's/Fifys and Vivians to LVIV on the Bug river of the Nahorite-suspect Neuri. Vivians were first found in Cornwall, where we trace Cornish choughs.

Another "red baton" is used by Coughs while the "Cornish chough" of Hoods was linked by God via Allison Bauer to the "black bird" of Allisons. One Bird Coat has the Bush fleur when the Bush fesse is red, and Cants share the Bush eagle when the Bush fesse is black. The "Aliis" motto term of Cants suggests Alis/Alice's, but especially the Scottish Allisons said to derived in "MacAlister of LOUPE." CantaLOUPE, folks, lookie at that. Loupe's essentially have the Junk Coat while "JUNGuntur" is a Garden motto term, lookie there too. Read as "JunGUNTUR" too, because Gunters use the gauntlet while Gaunt (at the Lys river) is also Ghent while Ghents share the Cant eagle. Ghents were first found in Hampshire with the LISS'/Lise's suspect in "aLIIS," and French Lise's are Lys' too, excellent. The Cants are now easily deciphered as Gaunt liners. German Gunters happen to share the annulets of Candle's/CANTwalls.

Scottish Allisons use "talbot" dogs, code for TaileBOIS' from the Bessin. Bessins are from queen Basina of Thuringia, where Tail-like and bee-using Talls were first found. As Basina's husband, CHILDeric, had a tomb with many gold bees, one wonders whether Buzites from Nahor had gotten a bee symbol from before Childeric of the 5th century. Miss Hicks moved from my area of Texas to a home formerly owned by Mr. Childs, begging whether Apophis/Apepi-line Hyksos were meshed with Buzites, for Pepins/Pepy use a CAMEL. Gamals/Gamble's even share the Hicks fleur-de-lys.

The Cant motto term has proven good in bringing us to Allisons of Loupe. They use a "Truth" motto term while I trace Truths/Trots to the Trotus river up by the Bacau area of Romania, where I trace Bacons who share the Hamilton / Bus cinquefoils. Nahor-suspect Neuri were on a Bug river not far from the Trotus. The Allison motto is, "Truth preVAILs" while Vails/Velis' are in the motto of Griffins who in turn share the giant griffin of German Camels/Kamels.

The Fane's/Vans, suspect from Lake Van, home of the Neuri-like Nairi, share a "Ne velis" motto phrase with Griffins.

Allison Bauer (why Jewish Bauer?) of Knob Hill Farms left me for Mike DeNardo, and Denardo's/Nordi's, who share the North lion, are listed with NARbonne's while North's (dragon head) were first found in Sussex with the Bone's while Hicks have a "bon" motto term. Norths can be of the Neuri-like Norrys because the latter use a wolf head while Herodotus said that Neuri became wolves once annually. French Melons/Mellans have "A gold bull's head looking FORWARD," and "forward" is a motto term of Seatons who in turn share "hazard" with the Sutys who in turn have a "Nothing" motto term that brings up Nothings/NORTHens (share green dragon with Seatons).

The Boii of BONonia are suspect in the Baiocasses of the Bessin, and in the TailleBOIS' of the Bessin, and while the Boii named Bohemia, that's where Camels/Kamels were first found. Boys share the bee with Bessins. When I gave Miss Hicks the cantaloupe, she dropped it into her LAP, for she was in the pasSENGER seat of her family car, a possible pointer to Sengers/Singers/Sangers/Sangs. The Laps/Labbs' are suspect from their mermaid from the Labe river through Bohemia. The Bohun variation of English Bone's suggests Bohemians.

I've don't know whether I've ever done heraldry links before on the watermelon-cantaloupe story, though I've told the story before. I decided to do it last night when realizing, without checking surnames, that Gardens share the Bush boar. I knew that Gardens share a Bush symbol only because of Mamie at her garden, the day after she sat on my LAP as the start of our relationship. She had a thigh symbol at her garden, and Thigh's/Thys have a giant fox in the colors of the fox in the British/Brodick Coat. Surely, if God wants to use the British bulldog so much, the British/Brodick Coat must itself be meaningful in various ways. But I've never had much to say about it. Until the Kilbride article hit me in the face this week, the meaning of the British part of the bulldog, and the British surname, had eluded me. But, now, the giant Thigh/Thy fox is that also of Jewish Fox's while Irish Fox's/SHINnocks (the thigh bone is connected to the SHIN bone!) have a similar Coat but with a giant lion being also the lion of the Wreaths/Crests/Crete's in the British/Brodick Coat. That is cool, and I owe it all to Mamie's thigh-at-garden event.

NEW: German, Brodick-like Bruders/Broders have a quadrant sharing the Irish Shin Coat, and another quadrant of the Bruders/Broders has a giant but sinister-facing lion that is also the giant Fox/Shinnoch lion (not facing sinister). AND it just so happens that Scottish Broders/Brothers share the griffin heads of English GARDners (!) and the split Shield of German Gardners in colors reversed!! Mamie. The three BRODER/Brother griffin heads can be the ones of Bridge's (Somerset, same as BOARDERs and BRITs) in different colors, for Bridge's are expected as a branch of Kilbride's. Thus, Mamie is pointing to the British bloodline even in connection with the lawn symbol of Lorraine.

While Lorraine lived on Church, Church's share the black greyhound in Crest with Broders/Brothers. The night before Mamie's garden event, we were sleeping in her sleeping bag, and while Darts have one of the two ermined fesses of Sleeps, the Broder/Brother GREYhound has "dart in its paw." The Broder/Brother greyHOUND explains why Hounds share white-ermined lozenges with Broders/Brothers, keeping in mind that Greys can be gleaned as kin of Huns/Hungate's and Huns/Hundts. Roets (Somerset again) descended from the Croy or Grow variation of Greys. Sleeps were first found in Shropshire with the Talbots who in turn have the Coat of GREYs (Northumberland, same as Lorraine's) in colors reversed. Both Talbot Coats are linkable to both Scott Coats, and while Scotts / Talbots share the Scoot BORDER, Scoots have the black greyhound too, as do Schutz's. Talbots are expected with Taillebois' at the Orne-river theater, suspect in the "ORNant" motto term of Scoots. It's the Orion line to Arran, location of Brodick and Kilbride.

Ahh, just realized that while Sengers/Sangers/Sangs share the quadrants of SANfords/SANDfords, the Sans' are also Sanguez's. That works, and "Sans Tache" (translated, "Without STAIN") is the motto of Urie's/Ure's suspect in the MacKenzie motto, and at Kilbride's Lock Urie in the domain of the duke of Hamilton. While Tache's share the red scallop with Tanks/Tancreds, the Tacks are said to have been a branch of tanks/Tancreds / TANKERville's (share Hamilton cinquefoil), right down the Apophis alley with MacKenzie's. Miss Hicks appeared on a SANDy beach, and then became Sleeping Beauty. I first saw her from a distance at the hood of a car, and we saw how Hoods played to the cantaloupe. As I've said a million times, when I saw her beautiful face in a CLOSE-up, I decided to walk to her car, but was instantly transported to the pasSENGER door!!! I get it. I've never been able to decipher the passenger door before, until now. It goes with her songs at the 9-11 memorial, shortly after she got the cantaloupe. The sand on the beach can thus play with Sandfords, first found in Shropshire with Sleeps. Sleeping Beauty fell asleep as I stood at the passenger door looking into the car at her.

When Allison Bauer left me, she was in the back seat of Mike Denardo's car, and when I walked over, the passenger door was still open. I spoke to her from that door, but she wouldn't come out. I was sitting on the hood of my car when first spotting her in his car, and Kepke, with a Ukrainian father, was sitting on the hood with me. He spotted her first. Ukraine is the location of the Bug river of the Neuri. Balfours, with a "Forward" motto to go with the Melon/Mellan description, were first found in Lviv-connectable Fife.

The PASSenger door might be God's code for the Pass'/Pascals because the Apophis asteroid is returning days after the Passover / Pascal feast of the Jews. Pass'/Pascals were first found in Essex with Camulodunum and the waters that go with watermelons. Some watermelons are peanut-shaped, and they say the Apophis asteroid is peanut-shaped.

I almost missed it! Pass'/Pascals are said to have been at a Much location, and Much's are listed with MUSCHATs, first found in Essex with Pass'/Pascals and the WATERs who go with watermelons!!! Waters share the coat of Much's/Muschats, you see, and as I've said at least a half-dozen times, I was at Steve Mellanson's apartment when my girlfriend, Diane MUSCHATov, told me, on the phone, that her parents -- Ukrainians -- didn't want her seeing me anymore. I feel that Sleeping Beauty was on Jeffrey Epstein's island due to Waters sharing the Eppstein Coat, and due to my being in ocean waters as the Sleeping Beauty part of the dream started. This is the dream that was almost-exactly 50 years from when Apophis is expected on sinners.

Miss Muschatov decided to move out of her home for me after that phone call at Mellansons, but it was a short-lived protest; I had no money to keep her. The point is, we dropped in to the Quinns on the first night she moved out, when Dennis Quinn was renting a basement apartment from his sister, Sharon. Sharon was the one pointed to in my morning vision days after the Sleeping Beauty dream. "Morn" sang over my speakers just as I was proof-reading the sentence above at "morning," and I think I know why: the songs is, O Holy Night, again, my Martina McBRIDE! Bride's are part of the pointer to Cancer the crab, and McBride's are listed with the Kilbride's i.e. as per the Kilbride location of Arran that was a heavy-duty pointer to the BRITISH bulldog in the Sleeping Beauty dream.

I think I get this: The last time Martina came up earlier today, it was a super miracle pointing to the Nimo's/NewMARCH's who share the cinquefoils of McBride's/Kilbride's, but I can now add that English GRASS, kin of English MARKs, used the same cinquefoils. Therefore, the reason Martina's "morn" came up in the sentence above with Sharon, I now think, is because Sharrons share the Coat of PenderGRASS. In place of the eight Grass cinquefoils around the border, the border of English Marks (Essex again, possibly the Diane lion) use the Hicks fleur-de-lys. Martina's share the goat of French Bauds, first found in Auvergne with Tullia of Lyon, and with Bouillons. Tullia is the line of Tolle's/Tollesburys, and English Marks are said to have been in Tollesbury under Eustace of Boulogne, whom I gather is the father of Godfrey de Bouillon.

Sharon was also the name of my first ladyfriend a few months after the dream (Diane Muschatov was a few months later). I've mentioned her many times, nothing about her mention here is new. I met Sharon at a summer BEACH party; she was there because her brother had become part of our gang, but not through his friendship with me. By some cosmic coincidence, the two lived about six houses from me at the time, both houses on Demaine crescent (Richmond Hill). Demaine's share the giant Gamal/Gamble fleur-de-lys, and it's the Mark / Hicks fleur too. Both Coats are in McBride/Kilbride colors and format to boot, how about that. I can't remember Sharon's surname but it was either Pascal, Pasco or Pascel. Pasi's/Pascels were first found in Boulogne-connectable Bologna, and both places were called otherwise, BONonia.

The "bon" motto term of Hicks can go to the Bons/Bono's, first found in Melon-connectable Milan, and MELLANsons (Aberdeenshire, same as Norrys) are very connectable by their "rods" to French Melons/Mellans. Mellansons are in the colors and format of Italian Maurels/Maurino's, first found in Milan.

The British/Brodick surname (wreaths) is highly suspect with the Chretien/Crestien lion heads, but even when going to Wreaths/Creights and Crete's/Crests, I have nothing to say in relationship to any bulldog theme under discussion. Why not?

Repeat: "I knew that Gardens share a Bush symbol only because of Mamie at her garden, the day after she sat on my LAP as the start of our relationship. She had a thigh symbol at her garden, and Thigh's/Thys have a giant fox in the colors of the fox in the British/Brodick Coat." An hour or two after she plopped herself on my lap, we slept in the same tent, where she teased me to go with her thigh symbol the next day. The tent is a pointer to royal-tent TINTons, from the Atintanes people group at BULLis. Is this what the bulldog points to? The Tints were first found beside Bullis'/Bulliards (Wiltshire), who share the stars of Garden-branch Jardins (Angus, same as Gardens/Jardens) and of the Tease- / Thigh-like Tease's/Thys'. Looking very good. But it doesn't touch on the British/Brodick Coat.

German Bullis'/Bullings are good too, for their "ploughshare," for Plows/Plough's share the Crab fleur-de-lys while Crabs are linkable to Kilbride, location of Brodick. Mamie and I slept in the same SLEEPINg bag in the tent, and Sleeps were first found in Shropshire with Plows/Plough's, Bagleys, the Dol Alans, and the Jarrets. The latter are easily linkable to the French JARRETs (Dol) who share the Coat of Gardens/JARDens. There's also a Jaret/Garret Coat with a fesse colors reversed from the Dol fesse. Wikipedia's article on Lviv has removed the Arms' motto, "Semper FIDELis," which is the motto also of Jerets/Garrets (share lion of Neuri-suspect Norths / DeNardo's/Nordi's), and of the HERON-using Scottish Smiths. Fiddle's/Fidelows (Surrey, same as early DOLfins) have wolf heads, an apt symbol of the Neuri on the Bug river of the Lviv area. Doly of Poland is near the Bug.

Here's a possible breakthrough from the "horse" in the British/Brodick Coat, for while there is a Urie lake in Kilbride, Urie's/Ure's come up as Horse-like Horreys'. Horse's/Horsleys were first found in Northumberland with Hurons/Herons, the latter being the Orne/Horn line, same as the Orion/Iron/KENiron (at Airaines) line to Arran, location of Kilbride! To top this off, "Ure" is a MacKenzie motto term. There we have a good way to link the British Crest to Spuds MacKenzie the bulldog, but its not a British bulldog.

But here's a little more. As MacKenzie's are from queen Kenza (from Horse-like Aures), wife of king Idris of Fez in Morocco, the BLUE Fez/Fes fox could be the red one in the British/Brodick Coat because Blue's/Gorms were first found in Arran with Brodick. We inevitably go to Hores'/Hore's now, first found in Suffolk with horse-using Rush's/Rish's who are in turn in Ross colors while MacKenzie's were first found in Ross-shire. In Nordic, "hross" means "horse." Rush-branch Rosco's have the three Hamilton cinquefoils in colors reversed, and Hamiltons ruled the Brodick area. I bought the British bulldog in Hamilton. Hamiltons use a saw in a tree while Saws/Shaws were first found in Perthshire with the Dogs/Doags sharing the Hamilton cinquefoils. Good enough to show Intelligent Design? Looks like.

Houseofnames has obliterated all mention of the first-known Sawers/Sawyers in Norfolk, where Hamilton-related Bus were first found. But Sawers/Sawyers are good where they share the checks of Bils', and the Bullis location above was also Byllis. is that cool or what. It appears that the bulldog is for the Bullis bloodline. Sawers/Sawyers share the brown DOG (which they call a "talbot GUARDant") with Lothians, the latter first found in Perthshire with Saws/Shaws and Dogs/Doags! What are the chances if Sawers/Sawyers were not Saw/Shaw branch connectable to Hamiltons? Lookie: the "Cherches" motto term of Sawers/Sawyers could be for such things as the Kerktons/Kirktons expected at Kilbride's Kirktown/Lamlash. Lams share the Dog/Doag and Hamilton cinquefoils too, and while they share the Rush / Rosco fesse too, they were first found in Northumberland with Horse's.

Lorraine Sitting on the Grass

Here's a way to assure that Lorraine got her grass stain on Church street beside a BUSH, even though nobody saw her there with the married man. Wiltshire is where the Shots/SCHUTE's were first found, beside the Tarrs/Terres' (Somerset, same as Church's) who in turn show only ten pale bars in the colors of the nothing-showing but eight pale bars of Makers/Macks/Make's. The latter were of Maxwells/MAKESwells (share Kilpatrick saltire) using a "holly BUSH." Then, the Church Crest is the odd-looking "greyhound" head in the Crest of Schute-like Schutz's, both adding a gold collar and three links to a chain. Schutz's were first found in Rhineland with German Bush's, who share the fleur-de-lys of Crabs in the crabs of Bridge's (Somerset, same as Church's). Church's are in Bush colors and format, and the Church Shield and Crest is also a good reflection of the Bride Shield and Crest.

The Schute- / Schutz-like Scotts (ROXburghshire, same as Maxwells) share a Coat of the Terres-like Scottish Terras' who in turn have a bend-with-items much like the same of Makers/Macks/Make's. German Terras' use Rox-like rooks. The greyHOUND-connectable Huns/Hundts have a giant and upright greyhound in the colors of the same of Italian Fortuna's, and "Fortune" is a motto term of Shots/Schute's while Schutz's are the ones with greyhound. Greys were first found in Northumberland with Lorraine's.

One night, Lorraine and I walked down Church street, then turned onto another street where she promptly sat at the front of someone's grass. I thought it was odd to just sit in the open a few feet from someone's house, and didn't sit with her, so she got up and we continued the walk. I don't think she liked that. I think she wanted to get romantic, but it was in the open. I've just checked the map to see what street she sat on. The first street we arrive to from her place is Centre street, and so it's interesting that German Centers/Sanders were first found in Rhineland with Church-connectable Schutz's and Bush's. Plus, the first known German Sanders is said to have been in ESSlington while Esse's/Ash's have double chevrons in colors reversed from the same of Centers/Sanders (share red Crest with Esse's/Ash's). Below their chevrons, Centers/Sanders have a white bull head, the color of the bull head of Bulls/Bule's, first found in Somerset with Church's.

It just so happens that Brits/Brets, first found in Somerset with Church's, were at Saunford Bret while Sanfords are listed with Sander-like SANDfords while Sands and Sandys share the Brit/Bret fitchees! Zikers, all thinks to she sitting at Centre street. And Births/Brets, which applied at her bus stop, were first found in neighboring Devon. In fact, it was my birthDAY when asking her out there, and English Days -- wow first found in Somerset -- have a Coat linkable to Bride's / Brights and the English Lawns (Staffordshire, same as Stops/Stubbs) while Irish lawns share the Lorraine bend. She was sitting on the LAWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BEHOLD. Lawns use "lions of England," and they happen to be the three lions in pale of Bride-connectable Irish Brians ("uachTAR"), yet the latter's lions are half in the colors of the three lions in pale of Englands! It tends to prove that Days were Lawn kin, and that God arranged my British bulldog for lawn displays for birthDAYs as a connector to things-Lorraine. I had even been wondering whether Lorraine was the Sleeping Beauty of the bulldog dream, for both ladies were gorgeous blonds. But I knew right away I could not marry a Jehovah's Witness. Why do we think that French Brians share the Great / Nagle/Nail saltire?

There's more to serve as evidence that God wanted to point to Sanders with her SITTING on the grass, for Seatons/SITTENs had a Seaton location in Devon, where one of the TRISTan surnames (share Stop/Stubb pheon) was first found who were a branch of Trysts in the motto of Hebrons/Hepburns, the latter first found in Northumberland with Lorraine's. The motto is, "KEEP tryst," and Keeps share the Lorraine bend. Sitten is the alternative name of Sion, and Sions/Swans were first found in Lanarkshire with Astys sharing the Lorraine lion. As I said, Lanarks/LURNacks share the Bus cinquefoil and have the Lorne's in their write-up while Lorraine's bus stop was at Yonge and Lorne. It just so happens that Esse's'/Ash's (Devon, same as Tristans), whom we arrived to thanks to her sitting on Centre street, use a cockaTRICE as well as an "omniBUS" motto term.

Recall that I met Mamie an hour before Lorraine's pant stain. Repeat from above: "the giant Thigh/Thy fox is that also of Jewish Fox's while Irish Fox's/SHINnocks (the thigh bone is connected to the SHIN bone!) have a similar Coat but with a giant lion being also the lion of the Wreaths/Crests/Crete's in the British/Brodick Coat. That is cool, and I owe it all to Mamie's thigh-at-garden event." English Shins/Chine's were first found in Somerset again. Shins are like the Sine variation of Sions/Swans, and the Fox/Shinnock motto has "SIONnach," no kidding at all. Mamie was on her lawn / grass when she was at her front garden. I figure she was putting the hose to it, but can't remember the hose. her mother was away from the weekend, and so Mamie was directed to water the garden. Hose's use human legs i.e. with thighs and shins.

Having said that, let me repeat that Mens/MAME's were first found in Midlothian with the Roslin location of Sinclairs/SAINTs while both surnames share "God" yet Sinclairs/Saints use "THY." The reason for repeating this is that Sainters are also Centers! I dated Miss Peare as little as a month before meeting Lorraine, and Sainters/Centers share the Peare / Parson leopard faces.

English Lawns have "A ROAN horse salient holding an IMPERIal crown." Roans (Madge/MACKet colors) share the crescents of Somerset's Coffers/Coffare's, the latter linkable by God's pointers to Muggs/Mudge's (Surrey, same as Madge's/Mackets) with a giant cockatrice. The IMPERI peoples conducted BOOFima's human sacrifices, and I trace Boofima to the Roets (Somerset) and to the Beefs/Boeufs (PERIgord), which may explain why the Crest of Centers/Sanders is in French, where the bull is called a "un boeuf". By what coincidence are Beefs/Boeufs listing a TOUReBULLE variation? Beefs/Boeufs are in the colors of French Brians who in turn have a "Sans deTOUR" motto, perfect because French Brians share the NAGLE/Nail saltire while Imperia is also ONEGLia! ZINGER. Roets share the book with Darlene's (Devon again) who in turn share the fitchees of Sands / Sandys / Brits/Brets.

If I then ask why Lorraine's are pointing to Boofima, I tend to suspect that Boofima was in the Lorraine bloodline, but as she was a Russellite, note that Russells use a goat, for Boofima, I had read, sacrificed goats too, making it suspect with the Templar, goat-head god, BAPHomet. Buffys/Bougheys/Boffie's use laurel, the Lorraine symbol too. The Boghey variation looks like it's of the Books/Boggs in the Roet and Reed "book," and the BOUGHey variation has got to be for the Bows/Boughs sharing the Roet motto.

The type of crown used by Lawns is shared by Douglas' (share Moray/Murray stars), first found in Moray with Terras', and then the Irish Murrays/Morays have a motto, "Imperio." Scottish Turnbulls (Roxburghshire, same as Terras-related Scotts) even have what must be the Center/Sander bull head and chevron combo, and the Turnbull Coat is even a colors-reversed version of a Tristan Coat. Turnbulls were likely Turin liners.

Plus, Imperia/Oneglia is near Grasse while she sat on the grass at Centre street! ONEGLia is the line to Nagle's, and it just so happens that while Greats are suspect with Grass's / Grasse's / Grace's, Greats share the saltire of German Nagle's/Nails/Neils, first found in Westphalia with the Pansys/PANTzers to which Lorraine's pant / grass stain pointed. Irish Neils/O'Nails were first found in Tyrone with the Hagens who have the Sandford / Aren/Aaron quadrants in colors reversed, and the sharing of the flag between Hagens and McLeods/Clouds tends to explain the clouds of Arens/Aarons. Plus, surprise, McLeods share the white bull head with Centers/Sanders and Turnbulls! I can't remember doing an heraldic investigation on Lorraine sitting at Centre street, but if I did, it didn't get repeated or expounded upon. This is phenomenal.

If that's not enough, she took the bus daily to the Finch subway station, and the Finch/Vince motto in full is shared with Irish Sanders!!! If English Turnbulls had a white Shield, they would be in Finch/Vince colors and format with their WINGed bulls. The billets of Wings/Winks (share HAGel pile) might just indicate that Billets (Devon), who share the Bus cinquefoil, are from "Byllis/BULLis." Wings/Winks were first found in Perthshire with HAGars, and with the Justine's (married son of GRATian in Vinkovci) who share a gold border with Greats, and the Justine border is in both colors of the MacKenzie border while the "AS astra" of the latter is a pointer to Lorraine's ASS stain while the Hagen boot can connect to her butt stain.

My British bulldog was set up on people's LAWNs / GRASS for BIRTHDAYs, and while we saw Days looking like Lawn / BRIDE kin, perhaps the wreaths of British's/Brodicks, who named Brodick in KilBRIDE, were placed there by God because Wreaths/Crests/Crete's (Grey lion?) are also GRATian-like Grate's. There is a question on whether the gold stag head in the British/Brodick chevron is that of MacKenzie's, and while that can be expected by God's arrangements alone to go with my British bulldog's link to Spuds MacKenzie, the MacKenzie border being that also of Justine's argues for a Wreath descent from Gratian through Justine of Picenum.

It was German Centers/Sanders which took us to Esse's/Ash's, and this latter surname had pointed to Esso when Lorraine's grass stain pointed to STANDard oil! It was pointing to Humble and Bush oil too. It points to Humble where GRAZio's were first found in UMBRia while Umbers list Humble's. But there's more to this pointer because Lorraine got a babe symbol when Mike OULlette blurted, "what a babe," when he first saw her, and Babe's (Dorset, same as Beaks) share the Beak leopard face and almost the triple fesses of Beaks. The latter happen to have the triple fesses of Umbers/Humble's while another Humble surname has an owl in Crest to go with "OULlette." The Letts/late's expected with "OulLETTe's use "organ pipes," and Lorraine's bus STOP pointed to Pipe's and Pepins, the potential pointer to the Apophis asteroid. In fact, "organ" is suspect for a family in the ORKNeys, which includes Shetland, where Ash-like Ass'/Assi's were first found who play to the ass stain of Lorraine! The Biggars (Flemings along with Hardy-based Douglas's) in the motto of the Arms of Shetland were first found in Lanarkshire with black-boar Hardys who in turn have a fat cross in the colors of the fat Great saltire.

One can even link Ass's/Assi's to Justine of Picenum, who married Valentinian of VINKovci, the line to Finch's/Vince's having a "sibi" motto term suspect with Sibals because Vinkovci is also called, Cibalae. Valentinian's father, GRATian, could be the line to Grass' / Grazio's because Greats/GREEPs look like kin of the Crepin variation of Grazio-connectable Crispins (Lorraine). Did Crepins name Crabs?

The curiosity is that while Chretiens/Crestiens are in the Levi motto, I didn't see much connection to Levi's while finding British/Brodick kin even though the British/Brodick lion heads are shared by Chretiens/Crestiens, and even though the British/Brodick-beloved Wreaths are listed with Crete's/Crests. But now that the latter are also known as Lorraine-connectable Grate's, the Chaplets, first found in Lorraine, are very interesting, not only because a chaplet is a wreath, but because Chaplets share the giant Joseph swan (now showing as a martlet), suspect from Joseph Caiaphas, a high priest of Israel expected to be of the Levite bloodline. English Josephs share the double-gold chevrons of CHAPlains, you see, and moreover look related to the Chief of Caplans (Hampshire, same as Josephs) who share gold griffin heads with Broders/Brothers. Under the double-gold chevrons, Josephs have a solid green chevron, the color of the British/Brodick chevron upon which the chaplet-like wreaths are found.

I didn't realize until the paragraph above was written, upon loading Sailers because I know they use a "GREATest" motto term, that the Caplan griffin heads are in both colors of the same of Sailers. The latter are a Seal, branch, and Seals are in the Sea write-up so that this pert of the discussion can be a part of Apophis-theme considerations. Sailers use a "A black wolf's head couped GORGED with a collar GEMEL...". As Sea's share the three, wavy fesses of German Drummonds, it probably explains why Sailers have a chevron-with-items in the colors and format of the same of English George's, thus explaining the "gorged" term of Sailers (Yorkshire, same as "Marot de Yorvik"). The Masts/Masters, in the "mast with a sail"m of Tenants, were once said to be first found in Kent with Sea's, but are now said to be first found in Yorkshire with Sailers. "The surname Master was first found in Yorkshire where 'Robert "de Mosters" was a tenant of Earl Alan's in Yorkshire 1086, and also held Truswell in Nottinghamshire, part of the great Richmond Fee'" Alan le Roux was given Richmond in Yorkshire, and Richmonds use "bars-GEMEL" that I see as part-code for the line of Bar-le-Duc in Lorraine (Bars are expected to own heraldic bars / barry).

The Mast/Master write-up continues: "According to Thoroton, Truswell or Tireswell was held by seven generations of Robert's [de Mosters] descendants. Lisiardus de MONASTERIO, and Gundra his sister..." The implication is that Masters/Mosters evolved into MonASTERio's, and as MacKenzie's use "aster," it's notable that MacKenzie's and Masts/Masters (same colors) share the embattled feature while Battle's have a gold griffin, the color of the Mast/Master griffin heads. It suddenly explains why the British/Brodick lion heads are in the colors of the Mason/Massin lion! It figures that the bulldog was in my dream because it's a symbol of a part of my Masci bloodline.

Masts/Masters were once said to be first found in Kent with Masons/Massins, and as the latter were first found in Kent's THANET, that looks like it's from the ZANATa region of Numidians that was the domain not only of the king-Massena Numidians, but of the Aures region of queen Kenza, the line to MacKenzie's. Asters were first found in Manche, home of Masseys/Maceys before arriving to Cheshire. Alan Huns were in the Numidian theater in the 5th century, if I recall correctly, about the time of Attila's rampage across Europe with Alan Huns. Alans had an Alauna location in Manche, and lived in Spain's La Mancha before jumping the Mediterranean to Numidia. Is Apophis going to hit the Mediterranean between Carthage and Rome?

The Mast/Master UNIcorn (or uniCORN) is likely part-code for the Maezaei at the UNA river, and part-code for the neighboring CERAUNii on the URBANus. Una-like One's are listed with the Innis' (Moray stars in colors reversed), first found in Moray. Crauns/Crane's share the patee cross on red with Massena's (share the URBAN hexagrams). The Ceraunii were near VINKovci, explaining the wings, I reckon, of Massena-branch Masci's. Crauns/Crane's were first found in Suffolk, where BULLis/Bulliards were once said to be first found. The fessewise Craun/CRANE annulets are colors reversed from the same of BULLs/Bule's, and as the Sharks use a CRANE, this looks like the British BULLdog in the kidney-shaped pool that promises the Apophis asteroid, for Shark-like Saracens were at the Messina part of Sicily (has a Patti location). Messina is the location of the mythical Scylla monster, a dog / wolf, code for the Sicil namers of Sicily.

The Ceraunii may have been from mythical Cronus, who ate his own children (he wanted to eat the infant Zeus, if I recall correctly, on CRETE), a thing that human-sacrifice goons probably did. Numidians were beside Carthage, the child-sacrifice capital of the world, and it's known that Carthage was founded by TYRians, recalling "...TIRESwell was held by seven generations of Robert's [de Mosters] descendants...". It suddenly dawns on me that surnames such as Brit / British's/Brodicks could have been from whatever mythical BRITomartis of CRETE represented in the real world, for British's/Brodicks have wreaths while Wreaths list Crete's. Zeus was credited by myth writers as founding the Tyre-descended Minoans of Crete. He had a CORNucopia horn symbol there, and "Cronus" may have gotten the horn / corn symbol first.

As Boofima was in Africa somewhere, note that Masts/Masters share a Roet motto term, for Roets had connected to a Boofima-line family(s). Masons/Massins share the Moray mermaid, and Irish Murrays/Morays use an "Imperio" motto suspect from the Imperi priests of Boofima. Roets even have a chief in the colors and format of Caplans who in turn share the Mast/Master griffin heads. The Apophis asteroid is coming to shake the human-sacrifice cults, there will be endless pain for them, and no peace of soul, for resolute monsters.

The French Brians sharing the Great/Greep and ROXburgh saltire get interesting starting from Alain le ROUX in their write-up, for I've realized that while the Brian saltire shares the SparROW roses, Sparrows were first found in Norfolk with ROWs / ROE's and Spare's. The latter share the red stag head of Malcolms/Columns who in turn share the Brian / GREEP saltire, and this is going to lead to Gophers/Gofers, first found in Oxfordshire with Crispins/CREPins. Alain le Roux was also called "the Red," and Red-branch Reeds (Roet kin) share the Spare stag head too. Why was he really called "the red," from Rieti elements with Reeds and Roets? Looks like, because Pollocks derive from Vespasia Polla of Rieti, and I see Alans at mont Velino up the Salto river from Rieti, yet there is a Velino tributary (near Rieti) of the Nera (Umbria, same as Grazio's) to explain count "Alain le Noir" in the Brian write-up with count Alain le Roux.

The Salto is itself a tributary of the Velino, and I think "Velino" is from Avalon-like Avlona, also called Alan-like Aulon, near Bullis/Byllis, and as king Arthur (born in TINTagel) was made dead in Avalon with some of his witchy relatives there, that's why ATINTanes are at the Bullis / Avlona theater.

Rows/Roe's share the lamb (different colors) with the Arms of Grasse, and the other Rows have the trefoil, symbol of ROCKefellers. The "AUDax" motto term of ROXburghs (horse head Roux colors) link to the "AUDacter" of the Pollock motto, both code for Aude, the French province where Roquefeuil is situated. Aude's were first found in Savoy with BRIANcon/Brigantium, and the father of Pollocks, Fulbert, was a vassal of the Dol Alans, according to Wikipedia's Clan Pollock article. Alain le Roux was an Alan of Brittany, and he got charge over Richmond in Yorkshire while Lorraine's bus stop, etc. is in Richmond Hill (Ontario). Lorraine's were first found in Northumberland (near Roxburghshire) with the Horse's and Hebrons both sharing the Roxburgh horse head.

The Row-like Roux's/Rou's share drops (different colors) with Gophers/Gofers, and the latter's saltire, in Roux/Rou colors, happens to be colors reversed from the same of French Brians who descend from Alan le Roux. Gophers/Gofers (same place as Grazio-related Crispins/Crepins) are in Goff/Gough and Googe/GOUCH colors, and Tints use a COUCHant lion to go with the sleeping lion of round-table Rounds. Again, Alans are from Avlona/Aulon, which named mythical, Tintagel-related Avalon. Googe's/Gouch's were first found in Roxburghshire with Pollock stock.

The blood drops of Gophers/Gofers (French Brian saltire in colors reversed) are called "guttees de SANG," tending to identify the "Sans" motto term of French Brians with the Sans'/Sanguez's. Gophers/Gofers were first found in Oxfordshire with Peare's, and Peerless'/Napiers use "Sans tache," the motto of Ure's/Urie's who are in turn suspect in the MacKenzie motto.


Terry McAuliffe is in the news this week as the tyrant of the week, and so I'd like to add this short heraldic section to this news section. Repeat from above: "It was Joe's brother, Mike Oullette, whom God used to give Lorraine a feet and babe symbol." The Owl-suspect Oullette's can be connected to the owl of Spanish Olive's, but then Scottish Olive's share three collared greyhound heads with Church's for a potential pointer to Lorraine of Church street. Scottish Olivers share the crowned heart of HARDy-line Douglas', the latter first found at Moray and sharing the Moray stars while Olive-like Auliffe's/McAuliffe's (Cork, same as Terrys!) have the Moray Coat in colors reversed and add mermaids, the Moray symbol too. The gold Auliffe boar head must be the same of Scottish Vere's/Weirs because they share the Moray stars. David, with a Moray-like Morley surname, lived at Church and HARDing.

The thing coming to mind now with CHARLOTTE Hicks (= Sleeping Beauty) is that the Charlottesville false-flag operation, of a car crashing into liberal protesters, was done when the Clintonite, Terry McAuliffe, was the governor of Virginia (location of Charlottesville). Charlotte's/Charles', with almost the French Terry Coat, share the martlets of Feets, you see, Lorraine-the-babe's symbol from Mr. Oullette. German Babe's share the mermaid with McAuliffe's.

Pools/POLE's are said to have been in Cheshire with Polesdons, the latter having a black-Shield version of the Moray Coat. If the Pool/Pole lion can be linked to the same of false-like Falls'/Fallis' (= Rockefeller liners), that spells "false flags" by Rockefeller goons where Stanley was holding a flag on a pole. As I said, the bulldog (suspect with Trump) FELL, or went for a FALL, into the pool, and the thing taking Trump out of power was an insider false-flag operation on January 6, not to mention vote FLIPPING at the election a few weeks before.

Note that while Phillips are also FILIPs, we find a Philippa below, sister of Catherine ROET, for David Morley, in the sleeping-bag dream, came from a ROAD, and went back down the same road, after CIRCLing the sleeping bag, and Circle's are listed with CIRCHners/Kerkners, and have a church symbol while Church's (Somerset, same as Roets) use GREYhounds while Catherine Roet descended from either the Croy or Groy (I forget which) variation of Greys. Lorraine's share the ROAD/Roder eagle, and Lorraine lived on Church street. Roads/Roders were first found in Rhineland with the Bush's and Schutz's who were both linked earlier in this update to Church's.

We saw Stanleys loving Change's/Changers and linkable to Chance's/CHAUNCERs, and so note the Chauncer-like surname in the Pool/Pole write-up: "William de la Pole, Duke of Suffolk, who obtained the manor by marriage with Alice, daughter and heiress of Thomas Chaucer, son of GEOFFREY Chaucer..." Suffolk is where Standards were first found who are being pointed to by Stanley liners. The Chaucer write-up's footnotes: "Geoffrey Chaucer [in above quote] by his wife Philippa, daughter of Sir Payne Roet and sister of Catherine [Roet] Swnyford... Roets were Rothschild kin, and there is reason from split Shield of Morleys/Mauls, and the Malbancs in the write-up of Cheshire's Malls/Marlybone's, that Chaucers have the Malbank and Rodden/Rodham bend.

The stage at the very end of the sleeping-bag dream became suspect as staged operations by friends of Clintonites and Perkins Coie. Perkins Coie was hired this week by Terry McAuliffe, who hosted the false-flag operation in 2017 in which a fake white-supremacist crashed his car into a crowd of paid protestor-actors. Charlotte Hicks stood in front of a car when I first saw her in the Sleeping Beauty dream, a potential pointer to the Charlottesville "crash." There was no crash, just actors standing in front of the car that went slowly into them, and the video was then sped up, with sound effects, to appear like a crash.

Morley came from a road, on a MOTOR BIKE, fronting on a shopping MALL, explaining why Morleys/Mauls and Malls/Marlybone's (of MOTTRam) were mentionable above. He then road off the road, down a steep BANK, the reason to mention the MalBANCs in the Mall/Marlybone write-up. Down the bank, a potential pointer also to Rothschilian international bankers, he circled the sleeping bag I had picked up, while still on his BIKE, a pointer to Biks/Bikers who, minus their stag heads, virtually have the Chaucer Coat. Morley pointed by his road to Roets married by Mr. Chaucer. If the Bik/Biker bend were blue instead of red, Biks/Bikers would have the Stanley Coat. If the Bik/Biker Coat had its bend removed, it would be in the colors and format of Rench's/Wrench's, first found in Cambridgeshire with Stanleys. Morley lived on Harding, and Hardings are in Stanley colors and format, believe it or not. So, why are Stanleys working into the sleeping-bag dream?

In the mall write-up, we read that Miss Malbanc married Mr. Stockport, and it just so happens that Stockports have the BAGley Coat in colors reversed! I think this is a new find. I don't recall checking Stockports. While I explained why the end of the dream had Louise PHILLIPs on one stage inside the mall (she was an old girlfriend who went into choreography = stage work), I've never known until now that Philippa was Catherine Roet's sister, or I would have linked Louise to Philippa long ago. It's perfect because Louise-like Louis, first found in Lorraine, nearly have the Bagley Coat. I've just remembered: Bagleys share the Coat of Roet-like Roots!

As I've said many times, Louise worked for Pennington's clothing when I was with her, and Penningtons (share Bagley lozenges) not only share blue lozenges with French Louise's, but have an "amore patriae" motto phrase that is virtually the Phillips/Filips motto phrase. I now discover the Stockports with the Pennington lozenges in colors reversed have a "patriae" motto term too! If that's not enough, the Stockport Crest is a green dragon, symbol of Louis-branch Lewis!!! ZOWIE.

The Stockports are not a surname I mention often. Here's from their write-up: "The surname Stockport was first found in Cheshire where Sir Robert of Stockport was a Norman noble, son of Robert Fitz-Waltheof, Lord of Etchells...'The manor {at Etchells} was anciently in the Stockports, from whom it passed by female heirs to the Aldernes and STANLEYs." BELIEVE IT OR NOT. I'll have my eggs Sonny-side up.

OH WOW THERE"S MORE, for as I checked my files just now for mention of Stockports, I read that they are STOPforts too. This came a minute after loading Etchells, and the latter share besants-on-black with Stubbings while STOPs/Stubbs pertain to Lorraine the babe. If we remove the besants from the Stubbing Coat, the Mall/Marlybone Coat remains!!! So, David Morley, living down Church street from Lorraine, pointed us to the Malls/Marlybone's. On top of this, Robert Stockport above is said to have been a tenant of a baron of Dunham Massey, explaining why Malls/Marlybone's have the Massey quadrants in colors reversed.

As Marleys, MARLborough's, Cardine's and Nickle's were first found in Cheshire with Malls/MARLybone's, it doesn't look coincidental that Marlborough's share the Stop/Stubbs, Cardine, and Nickle pheon.

Plus, the Etchells are listed with Hitchells while Hitch's show Hick-like variations. I told the story that I HITCH-HIKEd home from lake Rosseau two days before asking Lorraine out at her bus stop. I don't remember what happened to my car, and I was on my pedal BIKE when I asked her out. A freak accident happened while working at Rosseau, or I wouldn't have been home on time to ask her out on my birthday. Hike's are listed with Hykes'/Hacks (share Meschin scallops). Is this a pointer to Hyksos? Yes, for Lorraine pointed from day-one to Pepins/Pepys.

For what it could be worth, Etchels as "Echeles" were in a quote earlier in this update with the Royals: "An early East Cheshire roll has the following entry: 'Sir Nicholas de Eton ... concedes to Sir William de BAGGYLEGH, knt. ... one hamlet... in the vill of Echeles, which is called Ruyhul...'" Savage's/Sava's, first found in Cheshire too, have the Coat of Echele-like Eagle's/Hegels in colors reversed, but this confuses whether Etchels were Eagle's/Hegels versus Hitch's. Etchels are also EDGEls while Cheshire's Eggs are also Edge's. Then, Egg-branch Ice's/Ecco's are also Icke's while Hicks come up as "Icke" too. Hitchensons/Higginsons and also Hickensons. Ainsleys and Hicks share fleur-de-lys, and Hitchcocks/HEDGEcocks (Eggerton lion?) have a blue-cross version of the Ainsley cross-with-fleur. The Etons (Cheshire) in the Royal write-up above have a Coat like that of Hike's/Hykes'/Hacks. Etons/Eatons share the quadrants of Keele's/Kills (Lincolnshire, same as Cheile's and Eagle's/Hegels) while the latter's Cheile branch share the Royal bend. "Keele/Kill" was suspect with eagle-using "L'AQUILa."

I mention Stockports from the last update in 2019 through to the first three in January of 2020, but not once did it occur to me, in those four updates, that Stockports have to do with Morley, the sleeping-bag dream, Louise Phillips, and Philippa Roet. Not until the 3rd update in June, 2020, did I realize that Stockports have the Bagley Coat in colors reversed, when saying: "...the neck of the ram head in the Bagley Crest has the three Stockport lozenges." But this had not to do with the sleeping-bag dream, and I lifted Stockports at that time from the write-up of Marble's (Cheshire, same as Malls): "The first record of ownership of the estates was when Randle [le Meschin], Earl of Chester granted the manorial rights to Robert of Stockport. This is most likely the earliest scion of the Marple family name."

Meschins went on to name Blundville's, and Blonds/Blunds have a FOOT on a sun that looks like the Babe sun, explaining why God gave Lorraine a foot / feet symbol at the instant she got her babe symbol. I trace Foots/Foods to Ranulph de Gernon, son of Ranulph le Meschin.

Here's a heart-breaking story. National media in canada won't show this, and so I'll do my small part to share another pastor arrested, by TOTAL POLICE GOONs, for nothing:

Shouldn't this video spread pastor-to-pastor, and why don't churches have social-media channels for purposes such as this, to share messages in this end-time war? How can something like this happen without an immediate nation-wide outcry from the churches?

The policy of separation between state and church is on our side because the church is part of the state while the state is not part of th church. The church is made of people, citizens, members of the country, who have EVERY RIGHT to get politically involved. By the government has no right o get involved in the affairs of the church. That's what separation of church and state was meant to forbid. But the anti-Christs have turned this on its head, suggesting that pastors are not permitted be get political in church services. BUNK. Pastors are citizens of the state too. They have a right to discuss state policies, laws, and agendas with their people. If pastors do not discuss these things with their sheep, they are horrible shepherds. How can a shepherd not address what the national wolf is doing to destroy Christianity itself?

Throughout the Bible, God is concerned about the condition of society, and that means that it's perfectly acceptable for Christians to become political, providing we don't partake in the politics of others that God would frown on. It's perfectly fine to engage the political / democratic process for protecting the values of God, OF COURSE. And so the churches need to form their own inter-political organizations. WHERE HAVE THEY BEEN? Non-existent in canada. SHAME. Look, it's Rebel News that carries news of pastoral arrests because the churches haven't got a media blow-horn of their own. GREAT SHAME. SHOUT FROM THE ROOFTOPS, but pastors have failed to come together to secure a collective blow horn. Attacks on Biblical values continues without response from churches, THIS IS SO SICKENING, APPALLING. Don't the churches have the character to set aside their few theological differences to stand together against the ideological war that anti-Christs have foisted upon us?

Below is a story about the sudden illnesses of people where a headline makes sure to claim that it's not COVID-related (exactly what the goons would want us to believe). But many anti-vaxxers have been saying, and predicting, that the vaccine goons had planned to make people sick in ways that hide the fact that the illnesses are directly caused by vaccines. Stew Peters continues to interview people who've inspected vaccines, and they always tell of finding something different things within them, to be expected in a scheme intended to cause illnesses by secret methods. If people all came down with the same illness, the culprits could be caught, but if the vaccines cause 100 different illnesses, it would be much harder to pin it on vaccines:

Another consideration is: if the vaccines made people sick only if the people got the shot, then that in itself proves that the vaccines are the culprits. One way to protect against this threat is to get everyone vaccinated fast, before people started to fall sick in high numbers. If everyone's vaccinated, one couldn't blame half the people getting sick on the vaccines, because the other half didn't get sick yet they too were vaccinated. Another way to protect oneself from this scheme is to make vaccinated people spread their illness-causing thingies to others by way of breath. In that way, some non-vaccinated people would get the same illnesses that vaccinated people come down with.

The CDC announced mid-year in 2021 that it would change the COVID-testing method by late this year, and so suggest that this is to increase the number of negative tests to give appearances that higher-than-usual numbers of people who fall sick with mysterious / unexplained illness are not sick with COVID. Those who maim and kill with vaccines would want the blame to be pointed away from the COVID virus.

If the number of unexplained / unexpected hospitalizations increases steadily into 2022, I'd say right off the bat that it's vaccine related. The cat is out of the bag because many are expecting this scenario.

There have been reports that the vaccines destroy immune systems, and that alone can account for various viruses and bacteria striking people sick in DIFFERENT ways. But the vaccines can be deliberately laden with bacteria or viruses to speed up illnesses in some. This is a vast money-maker for hospitals and other medical organizations, and so many of them may play along with the vaccine traffickers, as they have been from the start. This is a conspiracy to commit medical malpractice.

Some or most of the illnesses in the video above are those already seen in deaths caused by vaccines within the first month of vaccinations. The demonism is that the Fauci-et-al goons are happily nodding at the firing of nurses and doctors even while illnesses increase. It's clearly a murder / maiming campaign. The hospitals can then legally import medical workers from other countries, and thus this manufactures Democrat voters because foreigners can be cherry-picked from nations that are more likely to vote Democrat. Foreigners are easily duped into voting Democrat because the Democrat/liberal machine has long been practicing this scheme.

Here's a BIG BRAVO from the RCMP (Mounted / Federal Police), what the churches collectively should have written and advertised (would have made me proud):

Forced vaccinations are actually a blessing because the goons are whacking themselves across their own faces with them. Beauty. But this whacking takes place only when such organizations as police, doctors, judges and churches stand up against forced vaccinations with a blow horn and flashing lights. But if those four entities all support forced vaccinations, that's a horrible police state. I would like to see the churches as the FIRST to stand up and lead the way.

Alas, ZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzz................. How can we wake this sleeping giant? The 2nd Trumpet should do it.

News flash: the science doesn't support Democrats making kids. No spelling mistake.

Here's a video with a medical man showing he's not too street-smart. I'm showing you this video because the Stew Peters show has featured about six different and independent inspections of various vials of vaccine, each one finding different things in the vaccines (a head scratcher). In the video below, the speaker (Dr. Richard Fleming) says that things like the graphene-oxide claims (from a Stew peters show originally) is bunk, but how can he know? NOT TOO BRIGHT. The mobsters who provide vials to the FDA (drug governors), for example, are not going to provide vials with killer germs in them. All companies / institutions who inspect vials obtained from the vaccine companies directly are going to get the safest vials of all (doh), a no-brainer. In other words, there could be many different brews of vaccine liquids, and so unless this speaker (cardiologist) below has investigated the vials that were featured on Stew Peters, the speaker can't debunk them even on the basis that his own vials found something else. My position is that at least two of the what's-in-the-vaccine claims on Stew Peters looked to my common senses like falsifications, tricks to fool the public, but that's as far as I can go in debunking those particular claims.

Between 10 and 15 minutes, Dr. Fleming tells that blood cells contacted by a drop of Pfizer vaccine lose their red color, meaning they lose their ability to administer oxygen to the body. The vaccine either removes (casts away) the oxygen from the blood cells, or causes a chemical reaction that turns the oxygen into some compound. Might graphene-oxide (highly-negative material) cast the oxygen away, or cause the chemical reaction? My understanding is that oxygen has a positive charge, and thus it should be attracted to graphene-oxide, though the high negative charge of the graphene can cause materials in the blood to form altered compounds.

For example, a strong negative charge can send one type of atom away from a compound material so that the remaining parts of that compound attract some other atom(s) in the vicinity (thereby becomes a new material), and at times this one chemical reaction can cause more than one new compound because the original atoms cast away by the negative charge may be captured by a second compound so that it too changes into a new material. You don't want this happening in the body by a highly-negative charge introduced into the body.

In a healthy person, a single needle-shot of this Pfizer vaccine is not expected to do much damage because it can affect only so much blood, but this is perhaps the reason that the goons are bucking for annual shots, to weaken the body progressively by gradually decreasing the blood's oxygen levels. Many different things can go wrong with the body with a depletion of oxygen to the body parts, and this then masks that someone's death or illness was caused by the vaccine. If one person has a weak liver, for example, depletion of blood oxygen can finish off the liver, but if another person has a weak brain, depleted blood oxygen can cause a brain to become more damaged. Neither case looks like a vaccine-related death or illness because the expectation is that the vaccine should affect all people in the same basic way(s).

The big question is: does the body remove the vaccine slowly from the body, or does it build up perpetually shot after shot? Did the goons find a way to make the vaccine last a long time in the body even while denying it?

The video tells that the Pfizer vaccine, over mere minutes, causes blood clumping i.e. the cause of blood clots. Clumping suggests that compounds are attracting one another and bonding. Therefore, the vaccine is altering the electromagnetic charges of the blood's materials, and the best explanation for this, I instinctively think, is that the blood materials are forming new materials by chemical reactions. If oxygen is sent into a material to contribute to its atomic make-up, that material could become positively charged, and if there is more positively charged material in the blood, each speck of graphene oxide would attract those materials to itself, thus causing clumps.

The speck of graphene would then be in the core of the clumped material, and could therefore be invisible. As the core is negative, this would be like an anti-atom, i.e. the opposite of a positive core in an atom that attracts negatively-charged particles around itself. The people who claim to have found graphene-oxide in Pfizer didn't find it while the vaccine was immersed in blood; I think they took an electron-microscopic picture of the vaccine fluid alone. I don't think Dr. Fleming showed us a picture under an electron microscope, but, in any case, when he claims that Pfizer has no graphene-oxide, DOH, what a dummy. Get some wits, doc, because your five vials are your vials; you haven't studied all the millions of vials out there.

When he says that Pfizer vaccine has "junk / garbage," he apparently conveys that he hasn't the laboratory means to discover what materials the junk is made of. Until he discovers that, he shouldn't make claims as to what it does or does not have. If he can't inspect that junk under an electron microscope, or inspect the materials with spectroscopy, he shouldn't pose as the final authority on this topic. Someone claimed that pieces of material in the vaccine were metallic, or stainless steel i.e. long-lasting in the body and attracted by magnetism. I'm waiting for confirmation of that claim. Graphene-oxide would attract microscopic pieces of steel (not smooth) so as to form a clump of steel with the graphene invisible at the core. This can do slow, scratch-damage erosion in blood vessels, etc.

Fleming's video has an important contribution to smacking the Fauci side down. Fauci has lately been taking a good beating at the ropes. Stew Peters' Wednesday show has a section (starts about 43rd minute) with Jane Ruby about Dr. Fleming's results.

Here's a new Stew Peters show with a doctor claiming that he tested his patients for influenza, yet found none to have it while he tested for COVID and found COVID infections. He gives his theory on why there has been no flus during the COVID period, which is a theory laced in conspiracy (I don't rule it out):

Gateway Pundit Wednesday: "Florida Now Has the LOWEST Rate of New Covid Cases Per Capita in The Nation – State Has Remained Open With No Mandates, No Masks, and Almost No Restrictions". After people get a small whiff, they're protected, bye-bye virus danger. Israel continues to admit things such as 90-percent of new infections are from fully vaccinated, but the news people are doing damage control, trying to make it look like unvaccinated vs vaccinated are tied in the ability to acquire infection. Dishonesty here is a crime because vaccines are destroying occupations and marriages, etc., right this moment.

Another Gateway Pundit headline: "Ireland Has Massive New COVID Outbreak Despite 91% Vaccination Rate". You don't need to read the story to know that vaccines are giving people viral infections, plain as day. Another Gateway headline: "'Justice Delayed Is Justice Denied, {and In This Case It’s a Probable Death Sentence}” – Dissenting Wisconsin Supreme Court Judges After Majority Refuses Man Ivermectin". It's a declaration of war on the people for the government to act in cahoots with top judges to deny a person a drug the person wants to take in hopes of saving life, and then to ruin people for not taking the drug they don't want to take for fear of dying painfully or worse.

Here's the sort of idiots the Hofts are at Gateway Pundit; you'll see this sort or repetition often:

Pennsylvania’s Election Process Was Confirmed as Not Being Accurate, Complete, or In Compliance with Laws by the State’s Auditor General in December 2019.

Pennsylvania’s voting process was corrupted before the 2020 Election. There was ample information that Pennsylvania’s election process lacked accuracy, completeness, and compliance with the law. Pennsylvania’s Auditor General told us this in December 2019. Pennsylvania was set up for major fraud in the 2020 Election. The Pennsylvania Auditor General warned us. In late 2019 the state’s Auditor General released a report that provided evidence that the state’s election process was not accurate, complete, or in compliance with election laws.

In December 2019 the Auditor General for the state of Pennsylvania released a report with terrible results related to the state’s election process. The Department of the Auditor General (DAG) was unable to confirm the state’s election process as being accurate, complete, or in compliance with election laws.


This article is by Joe Hoft, part owner of Gateway. Is he a mental case or something? The article reads just as it above. Is he trying to chase readers away?

Here's Stew Peters dumping this week on Trump's hypocrisy when choosing his own enemies, and many of the enemies of his own voter base:

Trump is not the savior of his voters, but a lure and their trap. The signs are everywhere. He doesn't even know how to do a job interview when he's the employer. He even picks lawyers who betray him. He's a bouncing ball in the shape of an ego, nobody knows where it will land next, but we did see his fall as a rotund Humpty Dumpty, when everyone saw what goo he was made of. He's been trying to put his shell back together again, his facade, but he's cracked up, no good, pick someone else instead. Anyone can beat Biden in 2024, if election fraud is severely cramped. Pick someone will ALL the right positions. Trump is not the only anti-globalist man.

Gateway Pundit late in the week: "What do you call a city where 99.7 percent of adults over the age of 18 (as registered in the last census) are fully vaccinated but now fighting one of the highest Covid-19 infection rate in their nation? You call it Waterford, Ireland. WATERFORD City’s south electoral area has a 14-day incidence rate of 1,486 cases per 100,000 of the population, three times the national average which stands at 493 infections per 100,000 people." The Arms of County WATERFORD share the Trump stag head.

From India good news to which Western globalists stop their ears:

The Ivermectin kit given to children above sounds like Dr. Zelenko's Ivermectin kit. The globalists are guilty of murder for ignoring and resisting these kits, for they can do no harm to any person. Trudeau deserves a life sentence in prison for what he's now trying to do, and if he repents not, and if nobody in canada has the guts to throw him in jail, God will soon give him a life sentence of perpetual pain. SOON.


I asked google if I can freeze tea bags, and, as usual, google fronted a STUPID who could very well be scaring people not to store anything: "Packaged tea bags and loose-leaf tea lasts for 6 – 12 months in the pantry and 1 – 2 years in the freezer." Only two years in a frozen environment??? So long as we keep humidity from getting to the tea bags, I don't see why they can't last a lot longer than two. I'm putting them into a sealed plastic bag, with the air sucked out with my mouth, and then the bag goes into a sealed glass jar. What could go wrong?

Unground coffee beans are given a best-before date of about 18 months from time of purchase, and so they could be not-bad (in taste) even after three years if kept cool.

This video might give you the impetus to dry all sorts of foods, which I'm doing daily these days:

Here's a scary video for the ladies...made for men too with a big decision to make:

The growing reports about deliberately-poisoned foods in food supplies may be the reason that God will call us out of the world, and into the wilderness, just before the poison foods are circulated. If this poisoning takes place, it will be people being poisoned by the system they trusted and hailed, which gave them the skin code to worship. Their troubles are only beginning who receive the mark of the beast; God forbids it with a one-way ticket to eternal damnation for those who receive it. If Apophis is the 2nd Trumpet, the anti-Christ and False Prophet must be men somewhere, probably in power somewhere. But I still have no idea who the anti-Christ could be.

By the way, if you took my tip on storing Harvest Crunch and Cheerios, just a note for tribulation survival, when we are going to be in homes with more people than normal. Those cereals give a lot of gas, so don't eat at night or you'll stink up the bed area. Cereal for breakfast and beans for lunch, and hope that by bedtime you're good. This is serious.


Here's all four Gospels wrapped into one story.

For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God.
Also, you might like this related video:

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