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November 2 - 8, 2021

The Dancetty Fesse of Gain-of-Function
Terry McAuliffe in the Back-Yard Scene
Glenn Youngkin in the Miracle-Marble Shot

If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture

If at anytime you want to know a Coat's description as given by an identified person/group, see Hall of Names. It's not a great website because it doesn't allow scrolling back and forth through surnames, nor can one copy and paste the URL for any particular surname. But I'm very happy to be able to have access to it.

The following quote was birthed from the Frayne-like "FRYing pan" of German Pole's/Pohls, explaining why Fridays/FRYdays are mentioned. The topic shifts to the COVID theme from the Friths. As I now see the second-last scene in the Obama dream as a pointer to Obama's role with Francis Collins (Tony Fauci's boss until he resigned in disgrace recently), that's why I'm quoting this from the last update, with emphasis here on SHEDding of the virus from vaccinated people, for the second-last scene of the Obama dream had him on a SKATEboard (Load Pole link now to have access, on another tab, to other Coats of Arms):

Friday-like Friths/Frauds share the "scythe" (different design) with Here's/Herrs! The latter is connectable to Earhardts. Frydays share the crescents of Seatons/Sittens, the latter being a branch of Scythes'/Side's! As per Fox and Friends, it's a little interesting that Frith-like Friends were first found in Somerset with Payen-branch Paine's/Payne's, for Pans are listed with Payens/Pagans. In fact, Friths/FRAUDs use "A sun SHINing OVER the top of a GROVE of trees" while Shins/Chine's/Chings were first found in Somerset with Frith-like Friends and Grove's. Shins/Chine's/Chings pointed to FRAUDulent vote flipping by Dominion Voting. Overs/Offers are in SONNY/Staney colors and format.

Scythe's (no final 's') are listed with Skits/Skeets/Skeochs, connectable to Skate's/Sheets, Scheds and Sheds, a possible pointer to vaccine "shedding," for Miss Earhardt pointed to poison vaccines. Earhardt-connectable Ayers and Hairs were first found in Ayrshire with Scythe's/Skits/Skeets, and with the Sheds using a "HERmit," an apt symbol of COVID measures. Hermits (share border of Here's/Herrs and MacKenzie's) share the helmets of Helms and of the Panters who share "spur rowells with Pans/Payens.

There's two Shed surnames I haven't tackled for to check whether God may have arranged pointers to poison vaccines. But I want to start on the scene with Obama on a skateboard, in his suit. Why was he in his suit, and why were there two identical Obama's on the skateboard, as when one sees double vision? As I've said, his skateboard was on a RAMP, and Ramps share double-brown lions combattant with Irish Collins. There is the further curiosity where English Collins almost have the Irish SHIN Coat, and where COLLENS-like Chalants/Chalons do have the Shin Coat exactly while "Chalon" is like the Chalnes/CHOLENs surname that lists Fauci-like "Faux/Fage," and it's even first found in Perigord with Fauchy's, what are the chances if this wasn't arranged by God? The Seatons of the quote above, the branch of Scythes'/Side's (and Sutys), were first found in East Lothian with FAUCets of FAUXside and Vaux's/Vallibus' while English Vaux's/Vallibus' were first found in Cumberland with Ramps. It sees as though God is nailing Obama to the vaccine crimes accomplished officially by Collins and Fauci.

Plus, I discovered the Boeuf-like Buffys/Bougheys in the last update form the BUFFalo head (it's otherwise a BULL head probably of Bullocks) of Pohls/Pohlands, and it was the Pole's/Pohls who have the frying pan. Incredible outcome, because the Beefs/Boeufs/TourneBULLe's were first found in Perigord too.

As I've said many times, the dream ended in a scene after the skateboard scene. I instinctively knew we were in the back YARD of Obama's billiard / POOL hall, for the last scene, and there we find the Pools/Pole's to go with frying-pan Pole's! Pools/Pole's share the giant lion of LePage's and French PAGE's, the latter first found in Dauphine with Payens/PAGans/PANS! Wow. As I've said, God showed me with a song from Francesca Battistelli, that the Obama dream had a PAGE on his pool table!!! Can we believe it? I was about to take a shot on the table, but the cue ball was just a flat piece of paper lying on the table. So, checking to see whether God intended it to be for the Papers versus Page's, I loaded Page's, and while looking at English Page's for less than ten seconds, her song ("Write Your Story") sang the line, "I'm an empty page."

Near the start of this dream, I saw all the tables covered in a single, black sheet...because Sheets are listed with Skate's (share potent cross with Scheds/Sheds), and God apparently wants to emphasize the Skate / Sched/SHED bloodline, I now realize. Scottish Sheds share the Chief-Shield color combination of Cutters (Dorset, same as Pools/Pole's), and of the branches, Brocks and Brocuffs, relevant because the latter share the red potent cross with Scheds/Sheds and Skate's/Sheets. Brocuffs were first found in Silesia with Sitlers having a Skate- / Sched-like SCHITner variation, and as Seatons are SITTens too, I think the Sitler lion is that of Faucets.

The Brocks share a dart with Cudds and CUTHberts, and this is excellent, for while the last scene was in Obama's back YARD, Yards were at CHUDleigh! It must explain why Chudleigh's share the red and upright Brock lion, and it's this lion of Brocks that holds a dart! This is new material. I've said before that the "FACTa" motto term of Yards must be for Faucets. This dream can be found in my first update of January, 2017, long before anyone knew of COVID. I'm not making the particulars of this dream up in some sort of attempt to deceive, that's crazy. Yards were first found in Devon with Darts/Dards.

I had found another dart (last update) with Board-like Broders/Brothers! This can explain the skateBOARD! German Bruders/Broders happen to share the bend of Collins' and Chalants/Chalons, and moreover have the red and upright red lion too. The same Bruders/Broders share the checks of English VAUX's/Vallibus', first found in Cumberland with the Ramps and their Brown kin. I neglected to mention above: Ramps have brown lions, as do Browns, and one Brown Coat is exactly that of vaccine-like Vychans/Vaughns while FAUCets (East Lothian, same as Scottish Vaux's/Vallibus') share the checked bend of Vaughn-like Faughns! You see, Obama's skate ramp does point to poison vaccines, a program that could very well be leading to the mark of the beast. Is God trying to tell that Obama has a central role in the mark of the beast?

It now appears that God is using Broders/Brothers, who share the griffin head of English GARDners (Oxfordshire, same as Broders/Brothers) to indicate that Yards were Gard liners. These griffin heads are colors reversed from the griffins of English Gards, and moreover the vertically-split Shield of German Gardners is colors reversed from the same of Broders/Brothers. The latter's split colors are in the Chief of Gard-like Garlands...a potential pointer to MERRICK Garland, Biden's attorney general. Both Gar surnames happen to look like kin of Maurice's, Marks and Morris', and then Merricks (version of Marx/Mark Coat?) are said to be a Maurice branch. The Merrick sea horse can connect to the same of Sea-branch Seamans, and Sea's share the three wavy fesses of German Drummonds (fathered by Maurice Drummond), which are colors reversed from the one wavy fesse of Merricks. Drummonds may have descended from, or named, Val Trompia at lake Garda. Morris' share the scaling ladder of English Trips (Kent, same as Sea's) while German Trips were first found in Hamburg with German Drummonds.

Yards were at Chudleigh, and Chudleigh's even share the "savage" with Broads, and so, YES, it does seem that the skateboard was used to prove that we were in the back yard to emphasize the Fauci-pointable "facta" motto term. Chudleigh's were at Malpas with the Marble's who in turn have the Gard griffin in colors reversed.

Savage's were first found in Cheshire with CHUDLeigh-like Chee's/CHEADLE's (DANCEtte). The Chudleigh location was "CEDDELEgam" in 1150, indicating that "ChudLEIGH" was a Cheatle merger with Leys/Leigh's/LEGHs (Cheshire) who have a giant red lion, the colors of the Chudleigh lions.

Another consideration is that Shots/CHUTE's (share swords of neighboring BOARDers/Borders) are also Skate-connectable Schute's, and the latter were kin of Calls/Calles' having three trumpets in the colors and format of the three Shot/Chute swords. As the giant Trump/Tromp stag head is in the colors of the near-same of Leigh-like LEGGS, this Yard-Chudleigh relationship under discussion is pointing Obama's dream to president Trump (calls himself "father of the vaccines"), for Val TROMPia is at lake GARDa!!! Can we believe this? The Broders/Brothers are a key to this new relation because they are the ones, along with the skateBOARD, to show that the back YARD is a Gard liner. WOW GENIUS. The Obama dream was about 15 days or less after Trump took Office.

The Broders/Brothers are almost-never mentioned in my work, but they came to topic in the last update with the British's/BRODicks, which relates to the British bulldog that FELL and JUMPed into the swimming POOL!!! Obama's pool hall is linking to the pool in my 1979 dream, for Jumps share the Trump stag head, and Falls/Fallis' (FELLer branch) share the Pool/Pole lion. The bulldog walked past my LEG, and went for a fall, or fell, into the pool, because Fells have the eight-pointed Duc/LeDuc stars in colors reversed, while Collins and/or Fauci funded James LeDuc, the chief of the Galveston National Lab that worked with the Wuhan lab probably in gain-of-function = bio-warfare.

As was said many times, the scene that was between my shot on the pool table and Obama on the skateboard, had Obama on a STAGE dancing (may relate to the Cheadle dancette) by kicking a LEG toward me to the horizontal position, then turning and walking (dancing) the other way to kick the leg up in the opposite direction. It looks like another pointer to trump via the Leggs. God could have put a trumpet in Obama's hand while dancing to point to Trump, and so why point to him via Leggs? I'm not sure yet, but it's notable that Chudleigh's have the Ross Coat in colors reversed while MacKenzie's (point to the British bulldog), with nearly the Legg Coat, were first found in Ross-shire. Plus, I've just realized, the Leggs are needed to assure that Chudleigh's are a part of the dream's pointers because Cheadle's are their branch who show nothing but a dancetty fesse, ditto (though in different colors) with the Mine's expected in the "tentaMINE" motto term of Leggs. It's perfect because Obama was DANCing when kicking out the leg. This part is new.

Obama was on a stage, but it's too bad that the Stag/Stagg stag heads are blue but not in colors reversed from the blue ones of Hane's/Hanna's, or we could take this to Hane's/HaneGRAAFFs and Hahns, for Stephen Hahn was Trump's FDA director (= U.S. drug lord, decides which drags can be trafficked, including COVID vaccines not approved by the FDA). The Graffs/GRAFFENs are suspect as a pointer to GRAPHENE oxide that's been reported in some vaccine vials. The Hane/Hanna stag heads are colors reversed from the Trump / Legg stag heads, but did God make a mistake with Stage's/Staggs? How can we link Obama dancing on a stage, or the Stage/Stagg stag heads, to the one of Trump's if their colors are off? There's a thousand surnames with stag heads. How do we find proof that Stage's/Staggs are related to Trumps of Hane's? I'll come back to Hane's/HanegraafFs, new to me last update, to show how it's pointed to by a morning vision that's likewise in the last update.

The following is magnificent in light of the Fellers above. As I've said, I instinctively knew that Obama owned the pool hall with a partner, but was not told who the partner was, but as the tables were arranged in an L-shape when I saw them from an overhead view covered in a black sheet (covert symbolism?), the partner became suspect as Loretta Lynch (Obama's attorney general = queen of federal prosecutions and a political mobster's best friend). Here's where the Chudleigh's tend to prove that she's the partner: "The surname Chudley was first found in Devon at Chudleigh, a market-town and parish, in the union of Newton-ABBOTT, hundred of Exminster, TEIGNbridge." Before going to Teigns for the magnificent, let's tell that Abbotts (PEARs) were first found in Oxfordshire with their related PEARE's and Teign-like Teins/Thames' (share Peare chevron-with-stars).

Miss Peare appeared in my sleeping-bag dream's final scene upon a stage. I was PULLING her hips and waist toward me. Pulls are listed with Pools/Pole's. When we click over to the Pollets in the Pull/Pool/Pole what do we find but a Mr. Paulet whom at least one person says was "of Leigh in Devonshire." ChudLEIGH's were first found in Devon, and so this waist-pull scene has helped to conform that Chudleigh's share the Ley/Leigh/LEGH lion! It's looking like a pointer to Trump via Legg kin. WAISTells were a branch of Wests (Devon, same as Yards and ChudLEIGH's) who in turn show nothing but a dancetty fesse, as is the case for Chudleigh-suspect Cheadle's, and with the Mine's suspect in the Legg motto. Can we believe it? You can't clickety-click like this between props of dreams and heraldic symbols so easy-as-pie and tidy as we've just seen, unless God arranges it.

I didn't load Teigns again until the paragraph above was fully written to see that "DiscriMINE" is a Teign motto term!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Incredible. It means that the waist-pull is to point to a Chudleigh relationship with Wests and to Peare-related Teins/Thames'.

Mr. Paulet above of the Pull/Pool bloodline reminds that Pauls were first found in Yorkshire with Pullys/PULLINGs; the latter's Chief, in the colors and format of the Gard Chief, shares the martlets of English Collins'. The waist-pull with Peare has us right back to Francis Collins of the NIH. It was a hips-pull too, as was resolved previously, and Hips'/Hipkins share the sphinx with Skate-connectable Brocuffs.

Okay, now for that magnificent I was promising. The Teigns are listed with Trails because "Geoffrey de Traillgi...was originally from Trelly...Geoffrey also held Teign, in Devon." That must be at least related to the Teignbridge of Chudleigh's. The Trails/Teigns can be gleaned as Feller kin, and Lynch's almost have the Feller Coat (Lyng colors and format). Lorrets were once said to be first found in Suffolk with Lynch-like Lings. That's it, tidy, fast, no need to leap-frog around; we arrive to Lynch's from the Chudleigh location of Yards, tending to prove that Loretta Lynch was Obama's partner in the pool hall. But why her?

Obama's attorney general before Lynch was Eric Holder, and we may assume that Lynch was more than briefed on Holder's agenda on behalf of Obama's international scheme to cripple and re-arrange the country. Holders have a griffin in the colors of the Danny/DANCE griffin, and the West griffin head is in the same two colors while Wests have a dancetty fesse.

I had checked the Rears because the back yard is also a rear yard, and convinced now that the Obama dream points hard to Chudleigh's for a pointer to Trump, it's first of all notable that Rears share the Chudleigh lion. This latter's lion is said to be "aGAINSt" a tree. The term's not there for nothing. Rears are new to me altogether, never considered as per the rear yard of the pool hall. Are they pointing to GAIN-of-function? It's just amazing that the "pro" and "patria" motto terms of Rears are for the Pero and Patria/PEERtree bloodline while that latter surname share the Trump stag head. The Jumps have the same stag head but add the roses of Dansets, suspect in dancettes, and English Gains/Gayns/Engaine's have yet another dancetty fesse! It can explain why dancettes have been in this discussion.

Pero's have one of the pale bars of Italian Dance's/Donnas' whose Coat may be of the LePage / Page Coat. Dance's/Donnas' were related to the Waistells to which Miss Peare's waist pointed when she was on a stage. Obama was on a stage dancing. Miss Peare loved to dance (I've said it many times). English Dance's/Danse's share the red lion head (color of the Rear / Chudleigh lions) with Irish Gains'/Gaynors (Longford, same as Quinns suspect in a Hane/HanegraafF variation). There are two Gains surnames to ponder here, as well as two Gain surnames, and a Keveney/Gainy surname, in case we can find a way to point any one of them to "gain-of-function." Aside from the Shield colors of Irish Gaines'/Gaynors, the latter have the Falls/Fallis Coat, an appropriate pointer to Rockefeller interests in COVID / vaccine money, and "the great reset."

The Keveneys of Gainys may be of the Kevens (share Keveney/Gainy lion) who are in turn horizontally split in the colors of the same of "Garde"-using Lawns, and a rear yard is also the rear lawn while Yards are suspect from Gards! As it seems that God may be leading us here, I had best tell that Keveneys/Gainys share the Kelly Coat, and that they share the "Enfield" griffin with Hiedlers/Hitlers. PLUS, Lynch's were first found in Galveston-like Galway with Keveneys/Gainys. AHA! The top half of the BOARD Coat is almost the Enfield Coat!!! It's perfect because while Chads can be gleaned as a branch of Skate-branch Scheds/SHEDs, Chaddocks and Chadwicks both have the top half of the Board Coat while Obama was on the SKATEBOARD; I've said that whole sentence before, but now some Gainy liners are being thrust into that scene for the first time, and Chads are like "CHUDleigh" to boot. Gain-of-function is thus suspect with the skateboard-on-ramp scene, and ramps share the lions battant of Collins!!! PERFECTO. Give God some applause. He's been watching the Obama twit (who thinks he's God's gift to men)...since 1,000 years ago.

Plus, the Shed- / Sheet-like Seets/Seeds/Cedes' have double pale bars colors reversed from the pale-bars-by-fleur of German Gains'/Geins/GAUNTZ's!!! Those exclamation marks are for the Topps I loaded minutes ago who have GAUNTlets. I wasn't gong to mention Topps due to nothing to say about gauntlets, until now. Topps were looked up because I saw the black SHEET on the pool tables from a TOP-view, like I was on the ceiling. I was hoping to find proof in Topps that Lynch was Obama's partner, for the tables (around 20 of them) were seen in an L-shape from this top-view. I can't wait to find why the sheet was black.

The Sheet-like Seets/Cedes' (Lancashire, same as Chaddocks) are suspect in the "cede" motto term of Steers who are in turn in the "steer" of BACKs/Baghs, and while we were in the BACK yard, there was a man there, Obama's employee, whose BACK was toward both I and Obama. The latter was upset / angry with this employee, though the dream gave no reason. Who was that man? I theorized that he was the GARDENER, but that was before the Board-like BRODERs/Brothers (share Gardner griffin heads) came into this dream's particulars, so far as I can recall. It can't be a coincidence that the vertically-split Steer Shield is also that of German Gardners, and colors reversed from the same of Broders/Brothers. Plus, one half the Steer Shield is the Chudleigh Coat in colors reversed. That is cool stuff.

Chudleigh's were at Newton-Abbott, and Abbotts (Peare kin) share the Parrot/PERRot pears while PeerTREE's are listed with Patria's, while Pierro's/Pero's are also PETri's, and as one PETTy Coat uses parrots, it's got to be an brow raiser to see that English Pettys share the YARDley Coat. What do we think is up with this? Another pointed to Trump? Pettys were first found in Warwickshire, where TREE's were one said to be first found. Tree's are now said to have been first found in Wiltshire with trumpet-using Calls/Calles' and Shots/CHUTE's/SCHUTE's (may have named Leigh-suspect Chudleigh's).

Gain-of-FUNCTION. The Funk/FUNCKEN lion is "GUARDant." Can that work? Only if this split-color lion is linkable to another surname that reinforces a pointer to gain-of-function, but I can't think of another lion split gold and black. The first-known Funke is said to have been in RUDESheim, and Rudes' (Rhodes cross in colors reversed) have quadrants in the colors of the split GARDner Shield.

I'VE GOT IT! Jewish Funks have a "A Shield DIVided lozengy..." There's no reason to add "DIVided" unless it's code for an ancestor(s), and Dives' happen to share the dancetty fesse (same colors) of Gains!!!! Lookie there, for although the Funks were mentioned several weeks ago, perhaps it was before I had the Hall-of-Names descriptions to help me see what you just saw. Dives' were first found in Cambridgeshire with the Crabs who in turn share the fleur-de-lys of Gains'/Geins/Gauntz's.

AHHHH, the "guarDANT" term in the Funk description must be for English Dante's/Durants because they have another dancetty fesse! It's in colors reversed from the West dancetty fesse. Dante-like Dance liners are from king Donnus of the Cottians (Piedmont, same as Dance's/Donnas') , who ruled at Susa directly over the Cottians from Brigantium, where Crab-related Bridge's were from!!! It suggests that Crabs were indeed Gains/Geins/Gauntz kin. Brigantium is on the DURANCE river of the SALYES Ligures explaining why Dante's/DURANTs share the fleur-de-lys of SALES.' The latter were first found in Cheshire with dancetty-fesse Chee's/Cheadle's and a DIVa location to go with the Dives river of Normandy. As "CEDELE" was an early location of Chudleigh's, note that they were also at TeignBRIDGE (Devon, beside first-known Bridge's).

Susa is on the Riparia river having the VIU valley draining into it. The WESTs (Dante/Durance dancetty fesse in colors reversed) use a "vie" motto term expected for a family in the Viu valley because Waistell-like VESTalis was Donnus' grandson. "Vie" can be code also for the Vio variation of Vides-like Vido's/Vito's, and so note the "diVIDEd" term of Funks.

AHA! It wasn't many months ago when I stressed my DIVING into lake Rosseau while building a boat house and/or store on the water. Everytime one of the crew dropped their WRENCH's into the water, I got to climb down and dive in after it. The Rench's/Wrench's were not only first found in Cambridgeshire with Dives', but the Rench's/Wrench's show nothing but crosslets, and they are the Gain/Engain crosslets too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GAIN of FUNKtion!

Amazingly, while the dive-for-wrenches was at lake Rosseau, Rosseau's share the Chudleigh (and Rear) lion while Chudleigh's are said to have been at Haldon House while Haldans use a motto, "Suffer," possibly for the Saffers/Savarys who not only use a "VITA" motto term, but look like a branch of Savers/Severs who share the Vio/Vido/Vita annulet. (Rear's have a lion "aGAINSt" a tree.)

From the Haldon griffin head, I am sure that Haldans and Haddens (both have "Suffer") were from Oda of Haldensleben, wife of duke Mieszko I of POLand. Haydens/Hadens (not Haddens) have a black bull, and the Mieske's/Mesechs have the black POLE/Pohl buffalo head but call it a bull. When seeing the split-lion of Funks/Funkens, I was asking self who had a split Shield in the same colors, and nobody pertinent came to mind, but perhaps the split Mieske Shield applies.

I almost missed it: Haydens/Hadens have a "bar dancette" in their Chief (share red Chief with Haddens) that's in the colors of the Dives and Gain/Engain dancette! What could this mean? Ah, I know now why we've fallen on the Hayden/Haden dancette right after mention of the same of Gains: as I've said before, the 12 bars of Haydens/Hadens are in the colors of the five fesses of German Ducks for a pointer to James LeDUC. The white spaces between the Duck fesses makes the Shield appear to have 11 bars in the colors of the 12 of Haydens. Then, while Hayden is the daughter of Ainsley Earhardt, she works Fox and Friends with Mike Doocy (a pro-vaccine goon) while Doocys/Duce's share the lion of English Ducks.

Haydens/Hadens have a lion "SEIZING" a black bull, and a black bull head is in the SEASON/Say Crest while the quadrants of Seasons/Says (Shropshire, beside Cheshire) are also those of LEIGHtons/Leytons (Cheshire, same as Leighs/Leys and Cheddle's), apparently getting us back the ChudLEIGH's. LOOKIE NEW: an early Mr. Saye was at Sawbridgeworth while Sawbridge's/SOURbridge's look like a branch of Sauers/Sours, and while the latter are said to have been at the Sau = Sava river, they share the lion of Chudleigh's who in turn have a savage while Savage's are also Sava's!!! ZINGER, heraldry's big mouth just proved that Chudleigh's were a Chud-line merger with Leigh liners. Chew the chud on that for a while, for Jews/Chews were first found in Somerset (same as Bridge's), beside Shots/CHUTE's/CHEWts, and almost have the Shed/Shedden griffin heads. This paragraph started with Haydens/Hadens having a "bar dancette" while SawBRIDGE's have a "barulet dancette." Might that be part-code for Roulets/Rolle's?

Just as I was wondering whether the Rolle variation of Roulets (look like a Vilain-related Royal branch) is a pointer to the Obama's skateBOARD wheels, I recalled that the bottom half of the Board Coat shares the SAWER/Sawyer martlets! An early Mr. SAYhare/Sawyere was in Somerset with other Sawyers of that period, where we just saw Chews. Sawers/Sawyers may love the Church's (Somerset) in their motto, and as Jews/Chews share the Catherine wheel of Roets (Somerset), note that while Roets were kin of Bills' (Somerset), the Sawers/Sawyers share the checks of Bils'. The Bills' have a billet between their pelicans heads, and zowie folks, hang on to your cue sticks because French Billets are listed with BILLIARDS!!! Obama's billiard hall, at your service. Billets/Billiards were first found in Maine with Pellicans.

Ahh, Hamiltons use a SAW in a tree, and Hamiltons happen to share the cinquefoils of English Billets. But what's the point of pointing the skateboard to Sava liners? It proves that Chudleigh's were to be a part of God's intentions with that scene, and we first crossed Chudleigh because the Yards were there. The first scene after the skateboard scene, Obama was in the back yard of the billiard hall.

BY THE WAY, see "horseshoe" in the last update for a brutal sample of my pointers to horseshoe bats used in gain-of-function research, for the Yard crest is an ostrich "holding a horseshoe." Obama descends from Randolphs between Jonathan Singletary-Dunham and his mother, and Scottish Randolphs have both a bat and horseshoes. Yards share the "water bouget" with bat-using Bugs, all good reasons for God's use of the back yard in fingering Obama with gain-of-function.

The Bills have a "patria" motto term, and so I had best mention again that Patria's/Peertree's not only share the Trump stag head, but the Sewer/SUIT/SUTER fitchees. As I've said many times, Sewers/Suits/Suters, who look like they could be from the Shute variation of Shots/Chute's/Schute's (kin of TRUMPet-using Calls), have a Coat reflecting the Board Coat, probably because I SEWERed my shot on Obama's billiard table. I missed the red ball, and sent the "cue ball" straight into a corner pocket. Pockets/Pouchers have the Billet cinquefoil in colors reversed, but Sewers/SUITs/SUTERs are more important than that, for Obama was happily dancing in his SUIT in the next scene, kicking up his leg as a potential pointer to Trump...because this fool took the vaccines to the people (Fauci was dancing too, we may bet). Barack Obama was once, Barry SOETORo, like "Suter," you see. It was the very next scene, after his kick-out dance, where he was happy on a skateboard, i.e. working with Francis Collins, we may assume. Maybe it means that they were rolling out the VACCINEs, for Ramps and Collins were kin of Browns (share brown lion with Ramps and Collins) who in turn share the VYCHAN Coat. English Collins even share the martlet of French Josephs, first found in Maine with Billets/Billiards, the latter being in the colors and format of Irish Browns.

Irish Browns, I now see, share the giant, double-headed eagle of German Belows, perfect, for English Billets share the Bellow Coat. Bellows were at CALOUville, and Chalice's/Challes' are in the Crest of English Belows while trumpets are in the Call/Calles Coat.

Chudleigh's never stop working to make vaccine-pertinent pointers, thanks to Obama's rear yard. I can now add that Jewish Funks share the lozengy of Beatle-branch Bedwells (ROCK), first found in BEDFORDshire with the ROCKefeller-line Teigns/Trails suspect in naming Teignbridge of Chudleigh's. But there's more because the Chudleigh Crest has a "savage" while Bedfords (Bedfordshire) share the black lion paw with Savage's. In the least, it's suggesting that Teigns named Teignbridge. French Sauvage's were first found in Champagne with the Gobels (probably the Macey Shield with Masci wing) suspect from the Goplo ancestry of Mieszko I.

I almost missed it. The Jewish Funk Coat is shared by Scottish Crone's, and although I knew this from before adding Beatle's and Bedwells above, and although I had nothing to say about Crone's, and although I passed on mentioning them at all, they are from the Corona-like Ceraunii!!!! ZIKERS, it's a pointer to the corona virus, tending to assure that God is using Funks to point to gain-of-function! English Crone's share the Massey fleur-de-lys, and Maezaei Illyrians lived because the Ceraunii Illyrians. GREAT STUFF! The Gains'/Gauntz's may even link closely to the gauntlet of Maceys/Mace's. Gains'/Gauntz's share the fleur-de-lys of Bride- / Bright-connectable Crabs, and Bride's with Brights have a version of the Macey/Mace / Gobel Coat.

While Dobermans (could have the Bridge griffin head) and their Dober/Tober branch can be traced to Mieszko's wife, DOBRawa, English Dobers/Dabers (Yorkshire, same as Wheelwrights), with Rockefeller-line trefoils, happen to share the one half of the Irish Gains/Gaynor Coat. It's making me wonder whether I saw DOUBLE-vision Obama on a skateboard as a pointer to this Mieszko picture, for Dobermans are DOBELmans too. Obama is descended from Jonathan Singletary-Dunham, and Singletarys (hare Muscat antelope) have the antelope design (different color) in the Wheelwright Crest while mythical Piast the Wheelwright was a ruler of Goplo. Dunham Massey in Cheshire was ruled by Hamon de Massey or Masci, and Hamons almost have the "Discrimine" motto term of .

Yes, I think the double-Obama is solved with Dobermans/Dobelmans as well as with Dobels/Dobbs partly because the latter have a Coat version of Alexanders of KinTYRE while Hamons have a falcon "BeTWEEN the atTIRES of a stag" in Crest. The attires are ANTLers, like the ANTELope. Dobels/Dobbs' have "a chevron beTWEEN three uniCORN heads," Seest thou any mystery to solve? The UNIcorn is code for the Una river of the Maezaei and the Ceraunii next door, and the bigger point here is that the double-Obama scene was suspect with the TWEENs/Twins!!! Good one. Plus, who could ask for more: the crane is a symbol of the Ceraunii, and a crane is used by Grounds/Crannys who share "Proximi" in their motto with Dobels/Dobbs. There's got to be more than double-Obama than this pointer to his Mieszko-line ancestry, though the pointer to the Corona virus is excellent because the skateboard scene already pointed to that thing.

I trace "DOBRawa" to a Dober location a couple of miles from Goplo-like KOPLik, at lake SCODra, the line, I insist, to Scotts and similar surnames such as Skate's/Sheets.

I almost forgot: "virus"-like Vires'/Verona's share the Lynch Coat, which is almost the Feller Coat, and I had read that Miss Dunham, Obama's mother, worked for a Rockefeller company. Has Loretta Lynch been plugging the COVID scheme, behind the scenes, with Obama, for Rockefeller-drug interests? COVITs/Cove's are on COVERT colors, and while Loretta Lynch was suspect at my seeing the tables COVERED in a BLACK sheet, as the tables lay in an L-shape, it's interesting that Loretts (show no Coat) were once said to be first found in Suffolk, where Covits/Cove's were first found. Skate's/Sheets were early in Suffolk, where Crauns/CRANE's were first found.

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I GET IT. Although I don't agree with the Lux write-ups derivation in "lynx," God has apparently pointed to it from the "lux" motto term of Scottish Blacks!!!! Lynch's use a lynx!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And the Lux Coat is a giant bull head in the colors of the same of Mieske's/Mesechs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We were just on the Mieszko topic as this revelation unraveled! This paragraph is one of my better moments; it's huge to have the black sheet point to Lynch, because the reader would never have believed me otherwise that Lynch was Obama's partner in the billiard hall. In the meantime, the Lynch Coat points to Rockefellers. Lynch's were first found in Galway with the Irish Browns, linkable in turn to Ramps and the head of the NIH. Fauci ran a department of the NIH.

The closest surname I could find to "NIH" is the Nigg-like Nigh's/Nie's. COVITs/Cove's named Cove in the parish of NIGG, said to be in Aberdeenshire, yet someone else puts it at neighboring KinCARDINE, the latter being where Patria's/Peartree's were first found. Nigh's/Nie's have crosslets in the colors of the Peartree fitchee crosslets! Zikers, that's a Trump-and-Sewer link to the NIH. The other Sewers almost have the SCHWARtz Coat, and George Soros was born George Schwartz.

Terry McAuliffe

Kincardine suggests Cardine's (Cheshire, same Nickle's/Nichols and Nigers) who share the NICKle/Nichol pheon, and so Nigg may have been a Nichol or Niger liner. Nigers use a "green oak tree" that might relate to Peartree's. Nigg is near Tree-like Torry, and Torrys ("Turris" motto term) were first found in Kincardineshire. Tree's share the black, courant greyhound with lynx-using Pennys!!! Torrys happen to have a "border vair" while Vairs happen to be listed with virus-like Vires'/Verone's, and we got here from the Nigg location of COVID-like COVITs/Cove's. AHHHH: the Vires'/Vairs share Coat of lynx-using Lynch's who were in turn first found in Galway with Keveneys/GAINys (!!!!) who in turn share a passant griffin in Crest with Torrys who in turn share "Turris" with Keveneys/Gainys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tree's were first found in Wiltshire with the Hoppers expected in the Fauchy grasshopper.

So, the BLACK sheet has been solved with formidable and multiple pointers to Loretta Lynch, who just got fingered with gain-of-function. She was Obama' attorney general in the gear-up to election season, and as Hillary Clinton was supposed to win the election, Lynch may have been schooled in the COVID scheme that was to be implemented under Hillary's watch. Making sense? I don't off-hand know why Lynch was replaced by Sally Yates while Obama was still president, but note that Yate's have the gate to show they were related to Bill Gates the vaccine freak and mass-murderer.

Another pointing finger: the passant Torry griffin is half gold, the color of the passant Holder griffin, and Eric Holder was Obama's attorney general immediately before Lynch! A gold RAMPant griffin is in the Crest of English Collins! Torrys are proving to be a key.

The gold Torry tower must be the one of Patients/Patents/Putins, for the latter was first found in Dumfries with Carruthers. From the Torry write-up: "...Torrie of that Ilk was seated in Dumfriesshire till their forfeiture in the reign of James III, who regranted to Thomas CARRUTHERs..." The knight in the Tree Crest can be for Dumfries' Nith river. There's a question on whether Patients/Patents/Putins were of Kilpatricks; I think they were, and so it's amazing that CARRuthers almost have the Hicks Coat while Sleeping Beauty appeared at a CAR. As Patients/Patents use crescents in flames, the Torry vair looks like that same of Irish Flemings.

Carruthers can be identified with Cars because the latter use "SERo sed SERio," and Carruthers have a "SERAphim" in Crest. I can link the two Sleeping Beauties here starting with Ainsley's daughter and the fact that Carruthers, Hicks and Ainsleys share the same fleur-de-lys, but also with the Low LEIGHTON location of the Hicks'. Repeat: "Haydens/Hadens have a lion "SEIZING" a black bull, and a black bull head is in the SEASON/Say Crest while the quadrants of Seasons/Says (Shropshire, beside Cheshire) are also those of LEIGHtons/Leytons (Cheshire, same as Leighs/Leys and Cheddle's), apparently getting us back the ChudLEIGH's. LOOKIE NEW: an early Mr. Saye was at Sawbridgeworth while Sawbridge's/SOURbridge's look like a branch of Sauers/Sours, and while the latter are said to have been at the Sau = Sava river, they share the lion of Chudleigh's who in turn have a savage while Savage's are also Sava's!!!" Miss Hicks married HAMILTON Kilpatrick, and Hamiltons use a saw in a TREE!!! INCREDIBLE.

It seems that God arranged Miss Hicks at the car to point to the Carruthers I never knew until finding them in the Torry write-up. It seems that this pointer proves the Tree's to be related to Kilpatricks of the Nith river, and thus it acts as yet more proof that God gave the dream, for the human creators of heraldry didn't know Miss Hicks would Marry Hamilton. Tree's use a "a knight in armor branDISHing a sword," and Diss'/Dice's are essentially in Carruthers colors and format.

With CarrUTHERs, we haven't swayed from the vaccine topic that the Car motto contributed to, for that motto has "serio" while the ice-CREAM pointer to poison vaccines pointed to the Crema location on the Serio river. For a long time, I told that CREMers share a Kilpatrick Chief, as well as the whole Chief and gold Shield of FAUX's/Fage's/CHOLLENS as a pointer to the Fauci-Collins relationship, but I haven't known for long that Ice's share an Icke variation with Hicks. Is that not amazing? I showed how the Cremer motto can be linked to Kiss-branch Custs, and how Kiss'/CUSH's can be linked to Ice's/Icke's by way of HAHN-related Bibo's (share cushion with Kilpatricks).

I've suggested that the Ecco variation of Ice's/Icke's is a pointer to ECOhealth because it gave the Wuhan lab the money allotted to it by TONY Fauci, and it just so happens that while HELTs/Helds are reflective of "EcoHEALTH," they share the HICKson Coat. Here's the end of the Torry quote above: "...regranted to Thomas Carruthers the lands and church of TONY." Can that be regarded as a pointer to TONY Fauci?

Having repeated that in the shortest-possible way for readers who are familiar with it all, let's go to "CarrUTHERs," for while Crema is in Lombardy, the OTHERs/Otters are said to have been lords in Lombardy. Others/Otters are said to be proto-Windsors, and to make this short: mythical UTHER Pendragon stole the wife of Gore-line mythical GORlois, an idea born in the fact that Gore's (Carruthers colors) share the Windsor crosslets, yet they are also the crosslets of GAINs/Engains who almost have the Gore Coat!!! That's not pure accident.

Gore's, once said to be first found in Essex with Low Leighton, are now said to be first found in Kent with Terrys, and the Trips who share their crosslets. German Trips use shoes, and Shoe's use a tree while sharing a knight with Tree's. OH WOW, as soon as the lest sentence was done, I got around to checking Brands as per the 'brandishing sword" of Tree's, but having nothing to say, the Brans were loaded to find the Brains with the motto, "ENGHIEN,"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's got to be for Gains/Engains!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lookie at "brandiSHED."

The PEERtree's were first found in Kincardine with Digg and Torry, and while Pierro's/PERO's were on the Ticino/TESSin river, that's where I trace Tiss/Teece's who can be in the "tuTISSima" motto term of Torrys. COVITs/Cove's were at Digg, and Coverts almost have the French TERRY Coat. Of interest here is that while Gore's are Core's too, Corks/Core's can be of the Irish Terrys and McAuliffe's, both first found in Cork. Gore's/Corks were once said to be first found in Essex with Youngs, and Glenn Youngkin just defeated Terry McAuliffe last night as I write here. Terry is an "important" deep-state stooge.

Miss Hicks, because her first name is Charlotte, became suspect in the false-flag operation in Charlottesville, Virginia. Terry McAuliffe was governor of Virginia at the time, and English Terrys were first found in Kent with Virginia's! This false-flag crash had a car ram people with the front of the car, and Charlotte Hicks was first seen standing at the front of the car. As I said, after seeing her at the hood from a distance, I was instantly at the passenger DOOR, where I found her HOVERing over the Shed-connectable seats, and while Brans/Brains and Hovers/Hoffers share the white leopard face in Crest (Coverts use it in gold), Scottish Doors have white leopard faces too. Charlotte's/Charles' share the martlets of Coverts, in half the colors of the Terry martlets. From this perspective, should I pursue this set of heraldry to find whether my waking Sleeping Beauty is a pointer to God's temporary / partial salvation from deep-state fangs starting with McAuliffe's loss?

The write-up of English Terrys: "The surname Terry was first found in Kent where Thierry, son of Deorman of LONDON..." These Deormans were of the Scottish Doors/Doormans/Durwards (Fife), for the latter are said to have been kin of Lundins of Fife. One or the other, or both, Londons and Durwards, were related to Sibal(d)s, first found in Fife and having a red moline to which the red Terry cross may connect; Fife is near Tower-like Torry in Kincardine, explaining the TOWER of English Londons. In fact, Irish Terrys (Cork, same as Doors/Doormans/Durwards) share the lion of Scottish Londons (Fife).

AND WOW, Sibals(d) are from "Cibalae," home of GRATian the Elder, the line to Greats who in turn share the gold border with English Lundins (not "London") who in turn have a giant horseshoe!!! Horseshoe bats! Yes, for French Bats/LaBats share the black tower with English Londons (!), and the Lats/LaBats have the Torry tower in colors reversed!!! Torrys were first found in Kincardine and Fife. It strikes me here that this crossing of Londons can be a pointer to McAuliffe's ties to the CIA, with headquarters in Langley, Virginia, while Langleys share the six pale bars of London-like Landens.

The Durwards/Dyrwards (said to be Lundin kin) are said to have been at the Dee river, tending to explain the "Deus" and "Deo" motto terms respectively of Rears and Torrys. The latter put wings on their griffin while Wings/Vinks are from Vinkovci = Cibalae.

We should view his loss as buying time to prepare self-sufficiency. GO, there's not much to lose in storing foods and a few other key needs that we'll use one day anyway. Start with things we'll need anyway.

In the dream, the deep state was a shark with nasty teeth that took down pug-faced Trump while he was playing chicken in the deep-state pool. I took a dive into that pool to save him from the shark, and Dives' share the dancetty fesse of Gains/Engains. The Sharks were first found in TYRone, a Terry / Torry-like term, but it dawns on me here that God may have arranged "TyrONE" as a pointer to One's/Innis who happen to share the triple McAuliffe stars. As these three stars are those of Morays in colors reversed, note that TERRas'/TURRIS' were first found in Moray while "Turris" is a Torry motto term. As I said, the shark's teeth were ringed round Trump's belly with his head down the shark's throat (it was possible to save him), and Bellys, first found in Moray, share the eight-pointed Duc/LeDuc star, and the Jump roses, while Jumps share the Trump stag head.

Ahh, Rears share the Virginia and AULey lion. While the Arms of Gaunt (Belgium) uses a "virgin," and while English Terrys were first found in Kent with Virginia's, and while Terry McAuliffe was until days ago the Virginia governor, this picture must be pointed to by the Gauntz variation of Gains'!!! The Rear lion is "aGAINSt" a TREE! It's suggesting that McAuliffe was close to gain-of-function criminals. The Virginia's essentially have the Shield and Crest of Irish Cauleys. The Crests of English Terrys and Rears share the red fleur-de-lys, and the one of Terrys is held by a brown lion, the colors of the Ramp / Collins lions. Obama on the ramp was the scene immediately before the REAR-yard scene.

Ahh, good one: Irish Terrys share a small gold shield (not the Coat's Shield itself) with Scute's who in turn share a gold tower with Torrys. Scute's are like the Schute variation of Shots/CHUTE's (kin of trumpet-using Calls). The Irish Terry Coat is a reflection of the Guerin Coat, and "guerre" is a Shot/Chute motto term, excellent. I've always said, that after Mr. Kepke took Miss Peare from me, they danced and danced, always dancing when we went out to bars, and I showed how Italian and English Dances relate to Pero's/Perino's and Kepke-like Keppochs. Therefore, with all of the dancettes we came across above, all central to the investigation, by what further coincidence do Tree-like Terrys appear to be a branch Terrance's/Terrys/Torleys who almost have the Keppoch Coat, and do have the fesse of English Dance's (Yorkshire, same as Keppochs) while Pero-connectable PearTREE's (same place as Torry) are now linkable to Terry-like Torrys? I starting to ask why this paragraph should point to Terry McAuliffe before landing on the interesting thing below, for as I write here, I had looked up the Kins earlier as per "YoungKIN." As I've said many times, Rick Young lived beside Kepke.

Kepke's first name, Lawrence, takes us to the TURbot tail in the Lawrence Crest, and Terrance's are also Turleys. Turbots show only three fish in the colors of the KEEN / KEON fish, linkable to the shark in the kidney-shaped pool. It strikes me here that Turbots and Kays were both first found in Yorkshire with Kepke's while Kays have a "KEPE" motto term as well as a "KYNN" motto term that is exactly of the KINs/Kinns (Kay colors and near-format). The Torrence/Terry/Torly fesse is that also of Chee's/Cheadle's/Cheatle's, and if I was correct to peg the latter as Keith Catti, they trace to Hesse-Cassel, home of Chatti Germanics, while Hesse's may have been Esse's/Ash's who share the double chevrons of Kins/Kinns.

I'm struggling to make sense of this. Is, or is not, God pointing to the Youngkin win over McAuliffe, and if so, why? Does it have to do with gain-of-function to which the dancettes were pointing? It's amazing that while Cheadle's had looked like a ChudLEIGH branch, Chalants/Chalons have: "...Harduin de Chalons married the heiress of Leigh in Devonshire, where Chudleigh's were first found; I found this link as per a story on the last time I saw Rick Young, when he took me to his girlfriend's place, which got me dating her sister, Karen Whelan (why are Whelans, sharing the Fell lozenges, also FAILins?). As I've said many times, Young must have told Kepke that Whelan was going out on a date with another guy after she had been with me for a couple of months, and Young told where they were meeting, so Kepke and I got to the restaurant first. When we saw the two walking in, I got up from the table to take her by gleeful surprise (this was God's idea, apparently), and Kepke said, "Be nonCHALANT." As fate would have it, Chalants/Chalons not only have the bend of Keeps in colors reversed, but share the bend of English Collins' for a pointer to Francis Collins and gain-of-function. Collins was pointed to with Obama on the ramp, the scene before the back- yard scene i.e. with the Yards of Chudleigh!!! Chalons married Leigh's who named Chudleigh.

You just saw that Rick YOUNG, suspect as a pointer to Youngkin, was a part of the lead-up to "nonchalant," and Kins are in the Kay motto with Keep-like "Kepe." It looks like a Set-up. Kays share "two black bendlets" with Innis-like Ince's and Inch's, and while Innis' share the three McAuliffe stars, Ince's were at Chester, once called, DIVA, while Dives' share the dancetty fesse of Gains/Engains. As Chalant-like Clements have two bends in the colors of the bendlets above, note that Clements were first found in Powys with Welsh Chalants/Chalons.

Well, well, Whelans are also Failins, and share the Fell lozenges while Fells have the eight-pointed Duc/LeDuc stars in colors reversed. James LeDuc helped to set up the WUHAN lab, and while I had tinkered with the idea that "Wuhan" may be pointed to by the "OHNE" motto term of Handells who have the Moray Coat exactly, which made me check for a ONE surname that came up listed with the Innis' who happen to share the three McAuliffe stars in the same format. They are in the same format as the three stars of Handells / Morays, and in colors reversed. Is God snitching on McAuliffe?

The One/Innis motto, "Be TRAIST," is amazing, like "be nonchalant," but also like the "Be ready" motto of Lawrence's, and Trysts are in the "KEEP Tryst" motto of Hebrons/HEPburns (I've said this before). The latter were first found in Northumberland with Baileys sharing the Crest (brown boar head) of One's/Innis', and the latter were first found in Moray with the Bailey-branch Bellys who share the Duc/LeDuc star!!! Can we believe it? McAuliffe's share the mermaid (different color) with Morays. It really looks like Kepke is pointing to McAuliffe's role in poison-vaccine programs.

I don't remember adding the following quote from Chalants/Chalons to this be-nonchalant story: "John I of Chalon (1259-1316), seigneur d'Arlay, founder of the Chalon-Arlay branch of the house of IVREA." YVERY was home to the Pierce-connectable Leavells, and Scottish Youngs happen to share the triple piles of Scottish Leavells. IVERYs, with the PEER/Peir bend in colors reversed, were first found in Oxfordshire with Peare's, and Kepke was still dating Miss Peare when I was with Whelan. German Peers share the Chalant/Chalons bend, neither Coat showing any symbols. Leavells were from PERCival de Leavell, and Percivals were first found in Somerset with Pierce's/Piers and English Leavells. Scottish Leavells share the fesse of Terrance's/Terrys/Torleys.

Torley-like TORcys/TORVILle was home to Humphrey de Vielles, father of the Beaumonts who married Whelan-like Waleran, son of Gouel de Percival of Leavell. Torcys have a black-Shield version of the Chalant/Chalons Coat! And Walerans have a "non" motto term to go with "NONchalant," as well as a "Sic" motto term suspect with Sichs/Sykes' who share "fountains" with Waterfords while Whelans were first found in Waterford. ZIKERS, what a catch. Torcys are said to have been in a Real valley while Royals/Rialle's share the crosslet of English Terrys (Kent, same as early Royals). German Turks have the same crosslet but in different colors. English Terrys share the brown lion with ramps and Irish Collins! Why is heraldry apparently pointing to Terry McAuliffe coming round to gain-of-function pointers?

Those Beaumonts who married Leavells ruled Meulan at the time, and the Arms of Meulan is the Coat of English VAUX's/Vallibus i.e. the Fauchy / Faux line. Fauchys use a GRASShopper, and so it's interesting that crash-like Crass' are listed with English Grasse's. In any case, the Vaux/Vallibus Coat is nearly shared by Jewish Funks/FUNKENs, the possible pointer to gain-of-FUNCTION. Coincidence? How did we get here? By going to Karen Whelan whose surname points to Rockefellers, Trump and James LeDuc, and whose last event with me points to Francis Collins. She lived on Henry Corson Place with Kepke and Young, and Corsons (have the Whelan lozenges in colors reversed) are listed with CARsons, a possible Car/Curr branch, important where Whelans were first found in the same place as Currys/CORRys, a possible branch of the Core variation of Gore's who in turn almost have the Gain/Engain Coat.

I will repeat here that Miss Whelan liked the BEE GEEs. While Scottish McGEE's were first found in Dumfries with Corsons/Carsons (and Torcy-like Turks/Torks), Irish McGee's share white leopard faces with the Brains who in turn have an "ENGHIEN" motto that looks like code for Gains/Engains/Giens! How about that. Here's from the 4th update of August, 2020: "The only music group I recall Miss Whelan liking was the BEE Gees. "BE nonchalant." The Gees' happen to use a goose while Goose's/Gooch's were first found in Roxburghshire with bee-using Maxtons and Mole's (share Goose/Gooch boar head)...and Youngs." Gees' are listed with Gas' suspect in the "franGAS" motto term of Gowers/Gore's who in turn share a white wolf with Gain-connectable Gore's! LOOKIE THERE. Irish Gains' have a Coat looking like that of Feller-branch Falls'/Fallis', still within grasp of the Failin variation of Whelans.

The Bran variation of Brains came to topic earlier in this update with a "branDISHed sword" of Tree's, and while the Shoe's love the Tree's, the Trips loving the Shoe's were first found in Hamburg with Gees'/Gas' while Hamburgs share the crosslets of English Trips / Gore's / Gains'/Engains!!! LOOKIE THERE. And dish-like Diss'/Dice's share the Coat of English Francis' who in turn use a "beTWEEN" term to describe their Coat, which may be intended also as "BEtween." The Tweens/Twins may be in the twin-vision of Obama on his skateBOARD, and so let's repeat that both the Chalant/Chalons (share Collins bend) and the Vaux/Vallibus Coats are in the quadrants of Bruders/BRODers while Vaux's/VALLibus' (from "Vielles"?) were first found in Cumberland with Ramps. The Bee Gees from Miss Whelan just got us here if it's acceptable to link the McGee leopard faces to those of Brains.

Lookie at "brandiSHED." Sheds/Scheds share the potent cross of Skate's/Sheets. The Tree's, who almost never produce fruit for my work, are bigtime here. English Treys/Treis' were first found in Cornwall with Trysts and Tristans, and it just so happens that Scottish Treys are listed with Trails/TEIGHns with a "DIScrimine" motto term! That's the Teign bloodline at Teign of the Chudleigh's (Devon, same as Tristans). "Discrimina" is used by the Hamons (Kent, same as Terrys and Virginia's) who also have "atTIRES of a stag," and Tires' not only have the Diss/Dice eagle in colors reversed, but Irish Terrys are also Tyrrys/Tirrys. Plus, Tires' have the hand holding a black fitchee that was the Arms of the Keppoch-branch MacDonalds, and it's the Terrance's/Terrys/Torleys who almost have the Keppoch Coat.

This recalls my story told once or twice about TERRY MacAdorey (school mate) bringing his boxing gloves over (first and last time he was ever at my place) at about 17 years of age. As I remember him complaining about my left punch, I may have hit him in the face. His sister had committed suicide by hanging herself, and Terry, I heard, did the same. As I said, the GARDNER brothers and I were going over to Terry's place, where they were allowed to smoke weed in the home of his parents (back in the 1970s). As both Gardner surnames can be gleaned as Broder kin, is Terry McAuliffe in Obama's skateboard scene? When Obama was disappointed with his employee in the rear yard of the pool hall, was that McAuliffe due to his getting beat-up by Youngkin? The Backs/Bachs have a steer while Steers look like kin of German Gardners. And Box's share gold griffin heads with Broders/Brothers!

As I've said many times, the Gardener BROTHERS (!!!) had moved to Gormley, where Terry and I lived too, and they were pumping GAS a few properties down from their place. Gees' are listed with Gas'. Broders are also Brothers!!! I did not have "Gardener BROTHERs" on my conscience when asking, "As both Gardner surnames can be gleaned as Broder kin, is Terry McAuliffe in Obama's skateboard scene?" Broders/Brothers share the black greyhound with Terry-like Tree's, and Trees use them in COURANT fashion while Correns/Corrents/Currents were first found in Waterford with Corrys/Currys and Whelans. Karen Whelan, who lived on Henry CORSON place, loved the Bee GEES!!!

This discussion would be even better if Gormleys had the Terry martlets in both colors, though they have them only in red together, with different background colors. And the Gormleys happen to be the ones with the CHARLOTTE martlets in colors reversed. The Gardners (about 17 years of age, maybe 18) had moved directly across from Gormleys junk YARD while Junks (could be a Jung/YOUNG branch) share the Loupe Coat while Loupe is in the write-up of Keppoch-related Allisons. Kepke was sitting on my HOOD when he spotted Allison Bauer leaving me for another guy (God liked to make ladies leave me, to prepare other ladies, I assume, because they all seem to have heraldic stories to tell).

I've just looked up Doreys (no "MacAdorey" comes up), interesting because it has three lion heads in the colors of the three leopard faces of Scottish Doors. Irish Doors share the giant Doral lion, and I discovered not many months ago that both the Doral and Rosseau giant lions wear red crowns while being in colors reversed from one another. It was discovered because I bought a Doral boat once, and put it out mainly on lake Rosseau, where I have been DIVING for wrenches three decades earlier. Dives' share the dancetty fesse of Gains/Engains who in turn share the Wrench/Rench crosslets. As MacAdorey brought over his boxing gloves, it's interesting that the Box/Boxer Coat looks related to the Dorey Coat while Doreys were first found in Wiltshire, beside DORset, where Russells were first found.

As I said, my boss almost got killed one Saturday during our first week at lake Rosseau, and he quit the job that day, but I didn't go home until the next day, two days before dating Lorraine for the first time. I therefore said that it's interesting how there is a white goat head in the Doral Crest, the color of the Russell goat, for while Lorraine was/is a Russellite, Russells and Rosso's (and German Broders) share the same lion while Dorals look related to Rosseau's. The three Ross lions are colors reversed from Russell / Ross lion, and the Ross lions are white, as are the three lion heads of Doreys. Doreys were first found in Brittany with the Nerets who share the Coat of French Rosseau's, how about that.

The Rosseau's (Burgundy) share the Cretien/CRESTien lion while Crete/Crests (Burgundy) share the Coat of the other French Rosseau's (Burgundy). The related CRATE's/Creights, who happen to share the Russell / Rosso lion, seem amazing here because a crate is a box. I don't know what we were building at Rosseau because I left before the steel-beam frame was finished, but it could have been the STORE / boat-mechanic shop / gas station that is now on Rosseau, for Store's have a version of the Scottish Rossi/Rossey Coat. WOW, I don't recall the Rossi's/Rosseys, but as they were at INCH-Brayock, it tends to involve what was written shortly above, that Ince- / Inch-like "Innis' share the three McAuliffe stars, Ince's were at Chester, once called, DIVA, while Dives' share the dancetty fesse of Gains/Engains"!!! WOW! Is my diving for wrenches, along with Terry MacAdorey, pointing to Terry McAuliffe?

Inch-BRAYock is in Craig (Fife), and Craigs (near Fife) share the crescents of GLOVES (near Fife). MacAdorey brought over his boxing GLOVES. Craigs have a "A RIDER" with a BROKEN spear," and a "flak BREAKer" is used by Brays; BROKE's/Brocks share the dart in Crest with Broders/Brothers. English Riders/Rythers (look like a Rita branch) share the crescents of Craig-branch Craigie's (share gold Crest with Box's/Boxers), and the Craigie crescents are in the colors and format of the griffin heads of Book-like Box's/Boxers. The Rider/Ryther / Craigie crescent is even that of DORsets (Wiltshire, same as Box's/Bowers, beside Roets). Rita-branch Roets (share book with Reeds) share the Speer boar heads. The rider of Craigs (Aberdeenshire, same as BOOK-using Reeds) is a knight like the one in the Tree Crest. That's some remarkable clickety-click. German Riders/RITTers were first found in Austria with Dorrs and RITTENhouse's. Rita's were first found in Rome with PIERleoni Jews who are to the Leo's, and the latter's lion, in the colors of the Rita lion (it's the Grasse lion, for example), is the passant lion of Box's/Boxers. The Rita lion is almost the one of SFORZA's (Rome, same as Rita's) and Dorals, and while the Sforza lion hold a quince, Quince's were first found in Northamptonshire with Brays.

It seems that German Doors have the Hayden quadrants in colors reversed because the other Haydens share the dancetty fesse of Dives' while I was diving in Doral-related lake Rosseau.

Although most variations of German Broders end in "dern(e)," there's one ending in "dere" while Dere's/Dears share the six-section Shield of Rossi's/Rosseys while the latter share the lion of German Broders. The Gardner BROTHERs pointed to McAuliffe too. As I've said, the last time I saw one of the Gardner brothers (Rod) was when retrieving my Coat from him in Sharon, Ontario, and Sharrons share the PENDERgrass Coat while Penders have three lion heads in the colors of the same of Doreys, what are the chances? The gold Pender lion head wears a crown and could therefore be the Doral lion. I find this amazing. The Pender lion heads are in the colors of the English Grasse lions, apparently explaining "PenderGRASS." (Christine Peare and Louise Phillips were with me when I dropped in on Rod in Sharon.)

Plus, Lorraine is the one with the grass stain on her BUTT, and the Doreys share "a gold fish" fessewise with BUTTs/Bute's having a boat-like Boet/Bote variations!!!!!!! Her butt stain and my Doral boat on Rosseau are connecting with Terry MacAdorey's boxing gloves in what looks like a pointer to Terry McAuliffe. We saw the latter character pointed to by Broders/Brothers, and here it's interesting that while BRITish's are listed with Brodicks, I wouldn't be able to remember how many days between my leaving Rosseau and meeting Lorraine there were had I not met her on my BIRTHday. It's amazing that British's/Brodicks share the Cretien/Crestien lion heads, now realized as the Rosseau lion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What are the chances? The wreaths of British's/Brodicks are for the Wreath's, listed with the Crete's/Crests above.


Plus, the Butt/Bute/Boet fish was suspect as the Saraca fish in someone else's colors, and while Doreys use it in gold with Butts/Bute's/Boets, Butua (beside Saraca's of Kotor) was in the land of Door-like Daorsi, yet the latter were on the NERETva river too, and we just saw Nerets (Brittany, same as Rosseau-connectable Doreys) sharing a Rosseau Coat. Kotor-like Cutters were first found in DORset.

The reason Pierce's were introduced above is because I'd knew I'd be going to the paragraph below after Rick Young came to topic with Youngkin. I had not yet remembered my punching Terry MacAdorey when the paragraph below came to mind, and yet Terry did point to Terry McAuliffe in ways. I didn't know the MacAdorey-like Doreys were going to be part of my discussions when the things in the paragraph below came to mind, yet Doreys landed us at lake Rosseau.

As I've said many times, I watched Vince PIERCE punch Kepke in the face on Rick Young's driveway, and four or five years later, my boss took a sub-contracting role with a certain Frank. We were to construct a building on the water at lake Rosseau, and Frank showed up with two workers, Vince Pierce (freak chance) and Mike ODDEY. The latter had punched me in the face at age 12, and so this story looks like a set-up by God. In fact, WOW, recalling that Sleeping Beauty at the HOOD of a car can point to the Charlottesville car crash that was faked under McAuliffe's governorship, by what coincidence are Oddeys listed with HODleys (share MEDAL/Dougal quadrants) whom I can reveal as a Hood branch as per someone leaving a MEDALlion on the hood of my Jeep? Jeepma's are also Keep-like Cheps, and Oddeys/Hodleys were first found in Sussex with KEEPS!!!! I get it now. It really does appear to be pointing to McAuliffe.

Oddeys/Hodleys even have a "patria" motto term to go with Terry-connectable Patria's/Peartree's. The latter share the Trump and County-Waterford stag head, and Whelans were first found in Waterford with Currys/Corrys (Stacy saltire in colors reversed) who can be in the "CUR me PERSEqueris" motto of Stacys, the latter being a branch of STAGE's/Staggs, the ones pointed to by Miss Peare on a stage with me, suspect with staged = false-flag productions such as the Charlottesville car crash. Cars are also CURRs!!! PERSE's happen to be listed with Pierce's/Piers. EuSTACE's, Stacys and Stage's/Staggs are from Eustace II of Boulogne (father of de-Bouillon), the line of Hodley- / Medal-related Bauds and Balds, and the latter two are from the Bautica/Baltea river, location of Ivrea, the location we just saw as belonging to Collins-pointing Chalants/Chalons! French Bauds were first found in Auvergne with Bouillons and the Jeune's in the Young motto.

Pierce's/Piers share the rare, wavy chevron of Fish's while the Lawrence fish may indicate a Lawrence marriage to the Fish family. The Fish have the Coat, essentially, of vaccine-like Vychans/Vaughns, which I don't think is a coincidence because this job at lake Rosseau is where I was appointed to DIVE into the water to retrieve wrenches, and Dives' happen to share the dancetty fesse of Gains/Engains (share Rench/Wrench and Gore crosslets), who look like kin of Gore's who were in turn said to be first found in Essex with Gore-connectable Youngs.

As I said, I first saw Kepke at age 11/12 walking on a vacant property on Wooten WAY directly beside the FISHers. I think this can justify the going to Fish's above in order to get to the Vychans. In fact, the WAYs have three "lucy" fish in the colors of the three of Lawrence-beloved Turbots while Lucy's have three vertical fish, as do Ways, which Lucys call "pikes," and English Pike's were first found in Devon with Ways. I have never shared this set of heraldry before as per Wooten WAY, but let's add that while Kepke left Miss Peare for KIM Walsh, she lived on Wooten Way while Wootens, sharing the saltire of Scottish Walsh's (Roxburghshire, same as Youngs and Leavells) were first found in Kent with Gore's and Trips (share Gore / Wrench / Gain crosslets). Batons/Bastons are in the "baton" of the Way Crest, and while bats share the black Baton/Baston bat, Bats share the Wooten saltire. I'm wondering whether Kay-beloved Kins/Kinns were a Kim/M'KIN branch.

Kepke was selling shoes when he said, "be nonchalant," and Shoe's, who share the knight with Tree's, have a tree. By what coincidence have Tree's been linkable to Terrys while Shoe's share the McAuliffe star?

What are the chances that French Bats/LaBats have the tower of Torrys in colors reversed? The Cough's with another baton can point to the cough from a CORONa virus because the heraldic "CORNish chough" is partly of the Cornovii namers of Cornwall, a line from the corona-like Ceraunii. Mythical Coronis was a crow, explaining why ravens (crow breed) are often used for Cornish choughs. Coronis was the mother of Asclepius, the god of medicine whose snake-around-rod symbol is the logo for some medical establishments to this day. Repeat: The Jewish FUNK Coat is shared by corona-like Crone's, making Funks suspect as a pointer to gain-of-FUNCtion.

WOW, just realized: the blue vair in the border of Torrys is used by English Beckers, a branch of Beach's/Bechs, and while Sleeping Beauty was first seen on a beach at her hood, Hoods use a black Cornish chough. Beckers and Beach's/Bechs are like the Bach variations of BACKs who share the same vair fur!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The employee in Obama's BACK yard had his BACK to me and to Obama!!!! Mystery apparently solved.

[Insert -- Pigeons are found below with Stanhouse's who in turn have the look of the McAuliffe Coat. The McAuliffe Crest has a gold boar head, the color of the boar in the Weir/Vere Crest. While Terry McAuliffe is, in this update, looking like he's meshed with the man in the last scene of the Obama dream, whose BACK seemed to be pointing to the Baker bloodline, note that Dutch Bakers/Beckers are in Pigeon colors and format, for the man with back is suspect as a stool pigeon on Obama].

Repeat from above where the Bats/Labats had been shown to be potential Torry kin: "It strikes me here that this crossing of Londons can be a pointer to McAuliffe's ties to the CIA, with headquarters in Langley, Virginia, for Langleys share the six pale bars of London-like Landens." While James Clapper was the chief of U.S. Intelligence overseeing the CIA through most of the Obama years, Clappers have a version of the Beach/Bech Shield.

And so it seems that God arranged the yard scene to point to Torrys for a reason(s), and one reason could be the Torry link to Bats/Labats, a perfect pointer to gain-of-function work from horseshoe bats. There was one recorded scene at the Charlottesville crash where the protestors were shown with baseball BATS at the moment the crash took place (with actors pretending to get hit). Plus, Torrys were first found in Kincardineshire with the PearTREE's who share the fitchees of neighboring Sewers, the latter being part of the Obama dream as a potential pointer to George Soros (Schwartz). He's the undermining rat suspect by many as being behind societal unrest / division / riots / false-flags, a scum-of-scums who has no shame for his wickedness, but is rather proud of his "accomplishments."

Gains point harder to gain-of-function and horseSHOE bats where German Trips love SHOE's while English Shoe's (Kent, same as Terrys and Virginia's) share the Gain crosslets. It looks like a set-up from God.

When on the Cheatle's and Chudleigh's, I had looked up Cheeters ("perfesse dancette") to find CHATers with the Kim/M'Kin / Fraser cinquefoils, and so let's remind that Yards were at Chudleigh, and that Obama's REAR yard (about corona viruses) got us to Yards while Rears have the lion "aGAINSt" their TREE while Gains share the Gore / Trip crosslets. The "Fortune" motto term helps to give away that Cheeters/Chaters were from the Catti-tribe Keith's (East Lothian, same as Fortune's), kin of Frasers and branch of Cheatle-like Kettle's. French Terrys are in Rush/Rish colors and format while Rush-branch Rosco's/Risco's share the Kettle cinquefoils.

The Keith Chief looks related to the Coats/Cotes' while Dan Coats replaced James Clapper at National Intelligence. Keith Catti are from the Chatti of Hesse, and Clappers share the Hesse sun. It's not a coincidence that Dan Coats was chosen by Trump while being opposed to Trump, for Trump rolled that way with every important law-fighting post because Trump is a fraud. He empowered the deep state rather than weakening it.

Miracle Marble Shot

If we're convinced that God is using Gains/Engains to point to gain-of-function, here's a way to get from shedding-like Sheds/Sheddens to the Gain/Engain fesse. The Hermits in the Shed/Shedden Crest use "CLOSed helmets," and as Mynetts used "open" helmets, we assume that OpenHEIMERs had been an Open-HELMER merger. Openheimers sharing the dancetty fesse of Gains/Engains. CLOSEburn is on the Knight-like Nith, and while Close's share the SPUR with Knights, the Hermits share the helmet of German Helms/Helmers who in turn call it a "knight's helmet." "SPUR rowells" are used by Panters who in turn have helmets in the colors of the Hermit and Helm/Helmer helmets. Openheimers with the dancetty fesse share the sphinx with Brocuffs who in turn share the red potent cross of SCHEDs/SHEDS, and while Hermits share the gold-on-blue border of Herrs/Here's for obvious reason, the latter use "scythes" while Scythe's/Skits/Skeochs (Ayrshire, same as Sheds/Sheddens) likewise share the red potent cross with Scheds/Sheds.

The Gain / OpenHEIMER dancetty fesse is in the Hayden Chief and while Heimers show nothing but foxes, "foy" is in the Hayden motto while two Foy surnames come up as "Foix." The Hayden write-up traces to "the office of 'Justice of Eyre,'" and while Eyers/Ayers were a branch of Here's/Heyers sharing blue wings with scythe-using Herrs/Here's above, the Scottish Ayers were first found in Ayrshire with Sheds/Sheddens and Hairs. Why does it seem that Ainsley EARhardt of Fox news is a part of this proposed pointer to shed viruses likely responsible for the virus variants? What's the difference between regular virus transmission and "shedding" the vaccine products? I have no idea, it all looks the same to me.

As there's no Open surname coming up, what do we suppose the open helmets are code for? I suggest the Pens who named helmet-using Pendragons/PenDRAYs because Dragons/DRAYnors (Kent, same as Mynetts) show open helmets in colors reversed from the same of Mynetts.

The Helmers remind of my miracle marble shot on Helmer-like Hullmar drive (Toronto) at about age 11. I lived on Hullmar, and a classmate, Andrea FABIAN, was invited to my 11th birthday PARTY. Is she a pointer to the communist Fabian societies now suspect in seeking to seize global power through the COVID scheme? I've told many times that I gave Andrea a game BOARD for her 11th birthday, and we saw how Board-like Broders pointed to Terry McAuliffe. German Bruders/Broders not only share the PARTY checks, but the Irish Auley/Cauley lion. If (Mc)Auliffe's/(Mc)CAULiffe's were a branch of Auleys/Cauleys, note that we kids called our marbles, "alleys," like "Auley." And so I'm asking whether the miracle marble shot was a pointer to McAuliffe's demise. Italian Fabians almost have the Coat of Jewish Funks, the pointer to "function."

She came to my birthday party. Partys happen to share a checkered fesse (one different color) with Scottish Auleys/Cauleys, and the latter have BUCKLES facing sinister, as faces the Bruder/Broder lion. This is a good reason to point her game board to Broders. The Auley/Cauley and Bruder/Broder lion is also that of Eggertons (share Brad/Bread/Breed Crest lion), and Ecohealth-connectable Eggertons were at Buckle-related Bucklow, of the Buckleys (Cheshire, same as Bucklow and Breads/Brads). Marble's (look related to BRADshaws) quite remarkably, first found in Cheshire with Eggertons, have a giant griffin in the colors of the Broder/Brother griffin heads! It therefore appears that God set up my buying Miss Fabian a game board, and that the miracle marble shot is related to her pointers.

As I said, my marble shot was against the marble of Tony (my classmate), and it was this Tony who gave Andrea Fabian a jewel for her 11th birthday. It kind of freaked me out to hear this from someone because, by what coincidence did we both give her a gift without telling one another? How many 11-year old boys do you know of who would gave a girl in their grade-five class a birthday gift? How did Tony know it was her birthday? He was probably at my 11th birthday party with Andrea, and so did Andrea have a party, inviting Tony but not me? What's the significance of Tonys? English Tonys: "The Tony family lived in Toesny, 'in the commune of Gaillon, arrondissement of LOUVIERs, Normandy. Six of this name are on the Dives Roll; Raoul, Robert, JUHEL, Ibert, Berenger, and Guillaume ; but Juhel is inserted by mistake, for he was named De TOTENeis, or Totness, from his Devonshire barony....'" I don't remember ever seeing that Jewel-like Juhel name in the Tony write-up. French Louvier's share the Party checks, and I think I get this now because the Louvier Coat is also that of VAUX's/Vallibus' for a pointer to TONY FAUCi! This is brand new right here.

My search feature finds "Juhel" in an online quote way back in a 2009 update: "King William the Conqueror gave the barony of Barnstaple to Joel de Totnes. William de Braose, his great grandson, had a daughter married to Robert Fitzpernell, Earl of Leicester [where Tonys were], to whom he gave part of the barony." Isn't it amazing that while Italian Fabians share the Grimaldi Coat (almost the Fisc Coat), Grimaldi's were partners with Fisc-line Fieschi while "ad astra" is shared between Fiscs and Totens, the latter looked up as per Juhel de TOTENeis above? No "Juhel" term comes up in any of my heraldic files / updates that's from the Tony write-up, meaning that God must have set Tony up to give Andrea a jewel. The same 2009 file has this quote: "Guermond de Picquigny, the Patriarch of Jerusalem, mentioned in your posting had a sister who married Juhel (or JOEL) de Totnes, of Devonshire in England. Through his daughter and heiress, Juhel is ancestor of the well known baronial Braose (or Brewes) family of England." Joels are listed with Jewels, first found in Devon.

As I've said several times, the "flower" of Italian Tony's happens to be in the colors of the "GILLYflowers of Jewels/Joels. Plus, while we were playing the alley game called, "POTsies," the Rinds use "A flower POT containing GILLIE FLOWERS," what are the chances? Potters share the Flower cinquefoil, what are the chances. Nobody in the human world who arranged this heraldry knew I'd be playing potsies with the Tony who gave a jewel gift. Gillys/Gillie's even share the fitchee of Births/Berts.

The "AD astra" of Fiscs can be gleaned from a comparison of the Fisc and Atha Coats to be code for ADA of Varenne, especially as Vairs/Fers' share the Fisc / Atha Shield while Varenne-like Verona's are also Vairs. It's perhaps a pointer to the fixed (dishonest) VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) numbers let out to the public, but, in any case, Ada of Varenne married Mr. Huntingdon while Huntingdonshire is where Gains/Engains were first found. From here, we go to James LeDUC from the "Duci" motto term of Atha's.

The Jewel/Joel write-up has "Juel de StanHUSE," and while Huse's/Hose's were first found in Leicestershire with English Tonys, Stanhouse's (McAuliffe/Cauliffe stars in colors reversed) are in the colors and near-format of McAuliffe's/Cauliffe's! Jewels/Joels were once said to be first found in Wiltshire, beside George's of Dorset, and while Stanhouse's were first found in Stirlingshire with the Drummond location of DRYmen, Stanhouse's ("tiger" on fesse) are essentially in George colors and format while George's were the heraldic root of Drummonds. Scottish Drummonds were first found in Perthshire (beside Drymen) with the Lothians who in turn share the brown dog with the Stanhouse Crest. It's rare to find pigeons, but Stanhouse's have "pigeons rising."

Drymen-like Drys/Drays, who look like they named Pendragons/PenDRAYs, are in Pigeon colors and format. UTHER Pendragon was a myth code for the Other-line to Windsors, and Windsor castle is in Berkshire, where HOUSE's were first found. This paragraph to this point is amazing because, when I reported on my stool pigeon, as I called it, three more pigeons appeared a few days later "whirling" upward (RISING), one chasing the other in a train, whirling around the maple tree beside my stool (septic) tank. I kid you not, I always used "whirl," and I maintained that term, and so how amazing is it that whirl-like "warily" is a Drummond motto term? The two pigeon events have yet to be deciphered fully or fulfilled. Were the Drys/Drays a DURham branch? John Durham?

DYRward-like Dire's/Dyer's (Oxfordshire), who give me the impression of being kin of the Vere's who ruled Oxford for centuries, have the Chief-Shield colors of English Ducks while the Haydens, with almost the German Duck Coat, love the Firmen bloodline in their motto while the Firmen chevron-with-items are in the colors and format of the same of Durwards/Dyrwards. Durhams share the fesse-with-stars of the Weirs/Vere's who in turn speak on their Oxford Vere's.

BEHOLD. A title(s) of the Marble's went to BRADshaws, suspect with PodeBRADY of Bohemia, and we had a BIRTHday CAKE at my party while Cake's are also CakeBREADs. Breads/Bradds have a giant lion head in the colors of the Alley lion. Looking good? Bradys share a finger pointing to the sun with English Babe's. Amazingly, GAME's/Cams, suspect with the Cam river of Cambridgeshire, where Cake's/Cakebreads were first found, share the six pale bars of English Babels/Babwells ("share "gold GATE" with Arms of Podebrady), tending to explain why God had me get her a game board. Then, the mermaid-using Babe's/Babels and Laps/Labbs' were of Podebrady liners while the three mermaids forming a blue fesse are used by Alley-like Auliffe's/Cauliffe's. I maintain that George, son of king ANDERs I of Hungary, married a woman from Podebrady, and George is to the English George's (Dorset, same as Babe's), who are essentially in Auliffe/Cauliffe colors and format. ANDRea Fabian. The saltire of French Andrea's is colors reversed from the same of Scottish Andrews, but see also the Anderson saltire.

What Mr. Gates could the gold gate of Babels point to?

George of Hungary above was father to Drummonds, and so note that Scottish Drummonds were first found in Perthshire with GLENlyon, the Glove's in the Gilly/Gillie motto, the gillie-flower Rinds, the Shaws suspect in "BradSHAW," and the Sutys/Suddys, a branch of Side's/Sudys/SCYTHES' who in turn share the Ghent Chief while the Arms of Ghent has a virgin for the Virgins/VIRGINIA's (Kent, same as Gaunts and Gain-related Gore's). I can glean that Bradshaws (Salford, same as Ratcliffs) were related to Ratcliffs, but the relevant point here is that Bradshaws share the GLENN / Glenny martlets while GLENN YOUNGkin just defeated Terry McAuliffe in Virginia in what looks like a miracle strike. We just saw the Youngs above due to my June birthday party, and I suggested earlier, before conceiving of this section and paragraph, that YoungKIN can be pointed to by the Kin-loving Kays ("goldfinch"). I can now report that Kays share the double bendlets of Bradshaws (and Ratcliffs)!!! That, is amazing. The Marble's were apparently related to Bradshaws, and prior to Glenn Youngkin entering this section's discussion, the alleys and other props of God seemed to be including pointers to McAuliffe.

Plus, the "Kynd kynn" motto phrase of Kays is suspect also with the Kinds/Kenders ("Cornish chough") using a "column" while Malcolms/COLUMNs are likely from king Malcolm III, whose sister married Maurice Drummond, son of George of Hungary above. Bradshaws have a red stag (called a "hart" to go with the red heart in the Glenn Crest) while red stag heads are with Malcolms/Columns. There are three black-on-white fesses above the "gold gate" in the Arms of Podebrady, and while the other Kays have a goldFINCH, the Finchems share those triple fesses. The Beaks (Dorset, same as George's), kin of Babe's, have the same three fesses but wavy, like the triple, wavy fesses of both Drummond surnames. Trumps are suspect as a Drummond branch, and the Trump stag head is almost that of Leggs suspect in the "BEAKed and legged" footless martlet of Glenn-branch Glennys ("pennon" in Chief).

Ahh, recall the Stanhouse's from Juel of STANhuse, for the Stanhouse Crest shares the white martlet with the Bonnie's, the latter in STANley colors and format, while "Bonnie" is said to be written upon the "pennon" of Glenns. Glenlyon is near the first-known Stanhouse's of Stirlingshire. Glenlyon is in Perthshire with the first-known Lothians (and Lyons) who share the brown "talbot" dog with Stanhouse's, and the Stanhouse martlet above is in this dog's mouth.

Lorraine's pant stain is in this where PANTers share the Stanhouse / McAuliffe fesse, but let's add that the latter three surnames share the fesse of Beef's/Boeufs, first found in PERIgord with GRASShopper-using Fauchys...for what looks like a Stain / McAuliffe connection to Tony Faucy. "PERImus" is a motto term of Shore's while Andrea lived on Shoreham drive. Roets were of the ImPERI peoples of the BOOFima cult, and my birthday gifts (included a book) to Andrea involve Roets. Roet-related Bows/BOUGH's look like kin of Roet-beloved Books/BOGHs while the Bough variation of Bows can be pronounced, "boff." Boffs/Buffs share the red heart with the Glenny Crest. Buffys/Boffys/Bougheys were first found in Staffordshire with STANfords (probably the Stein goat) and Stamfords (compare with PenderGRASS').

Amazingly, the Pennon Chief-Shield colors are those also of Cobbs, and both Shields have symbols in the same colors while the Cobbs share the Glenn / Glenny martlets (though called "BLACK BIRDS" by Cobbs). Cobbs were loaded because the Glenns are said to have had a chief, Colban, while Colbans are listed with COBhams. STANfords are a branch of STAMfords while "STEMmata" is a Cobbs motto term (there's a Stam/Stemme surname). So, if we think there's reason to see that God provided a Glenn- / Glenny-surname pointer to Glenn Youngkin, this paragraph has the potential to link to Stanhuse of the Jewel bloodline as well as going to the Bradshaws who owned Marple Hall of Marble's. Was my miracle-marble shot a pointer to Glenn Youngkin? Will he do some miraculous work while governor of Virginia?

Breads/Bradds were once said to be first found in Midlothian with the Mens' (share Glenny Chief-Shield colors) who are in turn said to have been at GlenLYON (of the Lyons). The Sinclairs (share "God" with Mens') of Roslin were at Midlothian too, and they share the cross of Helmer-like Elmers/Aylmers who in turn have a "HALLelujah" motto suggesting Elmer-like HULLmar drive, location of the alley game and my BIRTHday party. The "Cornish blackBIRDs" of Elmers/AYLmers can apply to Birth liners, and "black birds" are used also by English ALLisons while Scottish Allisons share the dog of Halls (Lincolnshire, same as Tailbois' sharing scallops of Hullmar-like Ulmar/Woolmore, Hulls and Hollys. "HullMAR" looks like it's related to the EllMORE variation of ElMERs/Aylmers, for French Mars/More's/Mere's have the Coat of ALMARS/Allnotts and ULMARs/WoolMORE's in different colors. Andrea lived on Shoreham drive, and Shore's use holly.

As I said, Bill's father drove Bill and I to the store to pick up Andrea's gifts, which included a BOOK on TARZan as well as a game board, and while Roets (same place as TARRS' and Bills) love Books/Boghs, Bills were kin of Roets. Moreover, the Bill Crest has a "stork's head" while Shore's have "A stork holding a STONE" Crest. Bill lived on Hullmar too. Bills use "WOOD bills," and while Woods share the TREE with roots with Roet-like Roots, Woods were first found in Leicestershire with Tonys. Bills, by their billet between pelicans in Chief, betray their relationship to Billets/BILLIARDS, first found in Maine with Pellicans.

Why are Irish Hollys listed with many Collins-like surnames while using another mermaid? Is it connecting McAuliffe to Francis Collins? Under Obama, the CIA chief (head office in Virginia) was John Brennan, and one Brennan/Brannan Coat is a blue-lion version of the Eggerton Coat. If Brennans/Brannans were a branch of whatever the "BRANdishing" term of Terry-like Tree's is for, note that Tree's share bendlets (different color) without a bend with Kays and Bradshaws.

Almars/Allnotts (new to me here) happen to have the Flag/FLICK scallops in colors reversed, and I've told several times that the miracle marble shot was directly across from Skye court while flags are used by McLeods/Clouds of SKYE while I FLICKed the marble off of my index finger with the thumb. Flags/Flicks share the double fesses of STANs/Stains, and we just saw StanHOUSE's (RISING pigeons) pointing to McAuliffe. English Fabians show two flags leaning in opposite directions, same as the two McLeod/CLOUD flags. Andrea Fabian. English HOUSE's (almost the RISING Coat) have a cloud in Crest, as do Stans/Stains. Was the miracle alley shot a pointer to God's strike against the Fabian societies? Before shooting, I gave a literal prayer to God that He might cause me to hit Tony's marble six, maybe eight feet away. It hit dead-on, a tiny little thing. We were playing potsies, and Potters were first found in Hampshire with Elmers/Aylmers and Ulmars/WOOLmore's (ULLman colors). Tony lived on Hullmar too.

As Helmers were seen linkable to Shed-beloved Helmets, by what further coincidence were birthday-like Births/Berts likely a branch of Italian Berta/Berta's who in turn have a giant griffin in the colors of the Shed/Shedden griffin heads? It explains why Sheds/Sheddens share the Birth/Bert fitchee. Hobbs share the "gold shield" (in the Coat's Shield) with SCUTE's (share blue Crest with Hobbs). Sched-connectable Side's/Sudys/SCYTHES' share the tiger with Hobbs and Habs/Hobs' both suspect in the "OBServABo" motto term of Sheds/Sheddens.


This Gateway Pundit headline is horrible: "Dystopia Down Under: Thousands of Australians With Unpaid Fines for Breaking Covid Rules Have Bank Accounts Raided and Property Siezed As Tyrannical Government Chases Millions in Fees". So this is how they plan to build the global government, by theft. The Australian government is a master at making political enemies. We haven't seen a government like this before. It's like one of a kind. It stands out.

If ever you find yourself in court on a vaccine dispute, tell the judge this proof that the government does not care about the safety of people (safety is the basis for forced vaccinations): if the government really wanted safety from a virus, it would not vaccinate people whom have already had the virus because the vaccine can produce a variant in the body that can then be spread to others. People whom have had the virus are protected, and cannot therefore spread the virus. That's it, nice and tidy. Plainly, if vaccines produce variants, vaccines need to be taken off the medical market.

A circuit court on behalf of a Texas law suit gave a ruling this week against Biden's nation-wide vaccine-mandate push. Looking good.

60 Minutes is delighted to introduce a microchip under the skin, from the military, to detect COVID in the body, which can fast-track a COVID-related mark of the beast. For example, this chop, which is rather large, can be built to send a signal to a small chip in the hand which tells a store scanner whether or not a person may enter the store based on what the larger chip has reported:

Here's an invisible graphene-oxide tattoo, look-out:

Now we can understand what "progressive" means in the political sense, going forward to the anti-God future of witchy techno-magic. Who needs it? Don't respect it. Stay normal; save your kids from it as best you can, because peers will suck them into "the future." Stay in, and enjoy, God's "garden of Eden."

Here's David Rockefeller, several years ago, lamenting too many people on earth, planting the seed for the need of depopulation methods. Rockefeller, playing God, is saying that too many babies are surviving at birth, bad-bad-bad for mother nature. Rockefeller, however, does not offer his own life for suicide to help depopulate the over-populated world; he would rather you be murdered in some way of his choosing:

Rockefeller is lamenting eight billion people projected to be on earth by 2020, and perhaps that number was deliberately inflated to make depopulation goons seem like they have merit. That is, when they told us that world population was six billion, that number could have been inflated in view of the future, Rockefeller plan to acquire sympathy for population controls. But even if there are eight billion on earth, and with 57 million square miles of total land, that's only 140 people per square mile. If only half the world's land mass is hospitable for human living, then the figure doubles to 280 people per square mile, or half a person per acre, not very crowded at all considering that most of the world lives in cities (1,000s per square mile) where half or most don't mind living there at all. There is no over-population crisis, in other words. The truth is, fat-cats hate the poor, hate seeing them everywhere they go. They first of all turned them Godless, and now don't want to take responsibility for their gross ways.

This guy below took apart a cell-phone battery, shows it, and claims under the video that it's made of graphene oxide (may or may not be true):

Recently, I showed a photo of the real Biden versus the fake one now acting as president. Both photos were exactly from the same angle showing a profile of his face, with marked differences in the ears and nose. Here is another profile photo of the real Biden in 2010. Compare with this set of photos of the imposter (some of them are the real Biden).

The imposters ear is much longer, and has no lobe for his right ear, while Biden's lobe is normal. That is, the imposter's lobe attaches to his face; Biden's does not. The photo at the top here shows the right lobe best for the imposter, and there's no hump on the top of his nose. Biden has a hump on his nose. We don't expect Biden to get a nose job at his age. Here's another photo (top of page) of the lobe-less ear. The imposter's ear reaches below the tip-of-nose line while Biden's does not. The imposter's left ear does have a lobe whenever it's showing well, unless the one with the left lobe is not the imposter.

It's possible that the real Biden has been given a lobe like the fake in order that the real Biden comes out at times to speak with the public. This imposter photo (top right) looks like a second imposter because he has the lobe on the right ear, and because he doesn't look like Biden. Compare his ear shape to the stick-out / Mickey-Mouse ear shape (big flappy at the bottom of the ear) of this guy who might be the real Biden (top right). Who's this guy at the top-right? Not Biden.

From Wayne Root this week: " was reported 77.7% of Covid deaths in Illinois last week were vaccinated." That's right, because the vaccine was dished out to kill and maim deliberately. The vaccine gives people the virus, and perpetuates the "need" for mandatory vaccinations annually. Below, Stew Peters says that the CDC let out information, which I find hard to believe, that all deaths from vaccinations come from only 5-percent of all vaccine batches. It sounds as though someone at CDC spilled the beans, because I can't believe Biden's CDC master did so:

It's just as was expected, that they poisoned only a few vaccine vials to keep from getting caught, a population-control tactic that may long predate COVID vaccines. I get the gist. Why do you think that Stew Peters needs to show people getting vaccinated when he does sections on vaccines? I don't exactly enjoy watching it. Does he think we enjoy it, or does he think it makes his show look more appealing, more professional, to gain more viewership??? WEIRD. Here's Jane Ruby following up on the story above with the possibility that poison vaccines were sent to Republican states, which sounds all-too logical:

Here's the Godless / satanic future with graphene apparently paving the way:

Just so you're up to speed, here's a new palm-reader method of purchasing:

On Monday night (see November 1 show), Stew had Mike Lindell. By the sounds of Lindell, he is still using his packet-captures for court purposes, and for revealing fraud to attorney generals of various states:

Here's an example of a possible enemy trying to make a fool of Stew Peterson. It seems there could be a few people out to ruin him with elaborate, false claims. However, sometimes it looks like the magnets are sticking without tricks:

Did you know that Dick Cheney was the director of the Council on Foreign Relations? I didn't. But he himself admits it at a CFR meeting at the end of this two-minute video. He laughs at his own jocular quip when telling the listeners he kept his directorship a secret from his voter base. Hah-hah, slap my knee, that's so funny...clown act. You deceived your voters, and you laugh. You led them to believe you were an American, but instead you were an off-yer-Rockerfella globomaniac:

I'm offering this video for the section with John Ratcliffe at the 21st minute. Note how he talks about John Durham, as if Ratcliffe is sure Durham has many more indictments? I wonder why there's no push-back from the Biden DOJ, as yet, that has spilled out publicly:

Prince Charles of England recently called for military intervention (sounded international) of private industries to force them to adopt climate-change models, and he's begging trillions of dollars to do it (from tax dollars, what else?), meaning that climate change is just a ruse to collect trillions of dollars to prop up a global government. trudeau is way below these jackasses right about where they empty their bowels, but he's there waving their flag anyway, with crap from his mouth. he's a dirty clown getting high on the hot air that the fodder-bloated donkeys pass. he wants to be a tyrant, mark my words, he wants to be a tyrant, the canadian Obama...though Obama never made it as a tyrant while president because he chickened out. They are gutless cowards that do their wicked work in secret lest the people see what they're up to. They know the people oppose them, and they hate the people for it. That's why Charles wants the military to make us behave. They have declared war. That's why Virginia this week, and other eye-popping Democrat losses on the same night, is so important for slowing the globo-whores down. They need their stooges in power positions for their clocks to work on-time. They wanted their global government smoothly by 2000, and 22 years later, it's finally going forward but hitting bumps.

On some live chat for the Virginia election after 12:30 am, there were several people telling that CNN and other main liberal media had called the election for the Republican, Glenn Youngkin, a BIG DEAL, but others were calling Fox a traitor for not yet calling it. I agree. The liberal politicians may finally tell the globalists to slow things down now. They won't tell the globalists to shove it, but they will slow things down, I predict, because this election night spells political doom if more-of-the-same remains the policy. The liberal media will go bankrupt if they continue to plug for globlist tyranny, because only 20 percent of the people believe their lies. The polls may say 30 or 35, but the polls are exagerrated, for everything liberals do is dishonest in their own favor.

Glenn Youngkin (who?) is a Christian of some sort. My bet is that Republicans crowded round the election houses to assure no late-night deliveries of fake ballots. I saw Youngkin ahead by ten points, something like 55-45, but before long the New York Times reported something like 52-48, uh oh, here we go, I thought, last-minute cheating. Virginia is a big deal, in the capital theater, swarming with liberal goons. Perhaps Youngkin is not a fraud; perhaps he will get election fraud uncovered very soon in the state he now controls...MAYBE. Perhaps he'll reveal McAuliffe's corruption...MAYBE, I'm hoping. He's promising school choice, but so did Trump, and he never delivered, not even one drop of sweat. Trump worked hard alright, for himself. That's the only way he knows to work, for self.

Never forget: police departments become evil with the evil governor, and good with the good governor. When you choose your trib retreat, choose a state where the governor is likely not to be a liberal / anti-Christ / globalist puppet, but beware fake good guys akin to RINOs. Beware False-Prophet Christianity. It's growing as we speak. The true Christian has heart set on the Kingdom; the false Christian has heart on earthly kingdom. False Christians may keep areas of the country from going to brute anti-Christs, but they also bring people to Hell with them. Our perspective is: do the rights things on God's earth, and let that be the Kingdom of God on earth, nothing else is needed...except to resist (defence), and warn (offense) about, the devil's kingdom on earth.

The pursuit of worldly happiness is the dividing line between true and false Christians. Our perspective is: we are in a war, and we live like those involved in a war. We can sow, cultivate or reap for the causes of God, and we do not value or adopt the ways of those who do not know God. We are conscious of, and grapple with, what God's sentiments are in any given situation, and we find the heart of God from the Bible. When a true Christian doesn't do something right, he doesn't wait for someone to reprimand him, but reprimands himself. "Lord, I did wrong, I now see, and will not do it again."

There has got to be a special act of God in true Christians, for I had met many people claiming to be born again as though they experienced God, as I did. The charismatics have spoiled that phrase with their prosperity and apostolic movements, but there must have been something going on IN Christians for them to say, "I was born again." If nothing happens to people, they don't say, "I was born again." It's the God-given seed that gives people a God-conscience and impetus to become a worshiper of Jesus. It's more than "I believe in Jesus." The good news is not just eternal salvation, but the quality of that life. Christians on earth tend toward peace on earth, and gladness of heart for together making society safe, trustworthy, and reliable in a sound brotherhood spirit. But globalists are moving in to ruin this, to confuse, bewilder, tarnish, corrupt, steel, kill and destroy. This is the meaning of Jesus: the opposite of these monsters, the Destroyer of these monsters. The decision of the monsters to do their worst is in very fact the lure of God straight toward the trap of God for their condemnation.

When the Bible prohibits "judging," it means not to condemn others so as to put a wall between Christians and ourselves, for that's spiritual murder. There is a difference between condemning and diagnosing. It's the job of a pastor to be a shepherd, to diagnose the flock, to inspect it for dangers in faults, and to speak correction to the faults. If pastors take the position that it's their job only to preach the word but not correct their flocks, and if they embrace liberals in their flock who spread faults in the name of do-not-judge, that looks to me like dereliction of duty.

The good news this Wednesday morning is that Virginia was taken away from an Obamaite parasite, yet it's only good news if Christians grow better now to heal the state's spiritual condition. When Republicans rule, I think that American Christians tend toward the pursuit of American happiness, not the happiness from God that comes from standing up for Him. When the conditions are right for Christians to diagnose and fix, it seems they go into a sleep instead. canadian churches have had a long time to stand up together to call out the faults of liberalism with an angry roar, yet we never heard a peep. This Wednesday morning is not merely an opportunity for politically-active Americans to congratulate one another and party, like when a baseball team wins the World Series, but to use Virginia as a launching pad to discover liberal corruption everywhere, to roar at it, and to condemn it. Yes, we can condemn evil, and we can even put people out of partnership -- set up a block wall -- if they do evil and refuse to repent of it. The liberals are the refuse-to-repent set, and many are seasoned apostates from Christianity.

The Virginia win is huge, inspiring, because it punched Obama in the face. But a punch in the face of his movement isn't enough. His goonery can get back up and start swinging away too. A spear through the skull is needed, a pinning of the tyrant's head to the wall so that destruction from the political organ is deactivated. They destroy from the political organs they have infiltrated. It forces their enemies to infiltrate the organs in kind, to spy on the bad actors within the organs, to report the corruption within the organs, yet it took decades for the worms to infiltrate them to the point of controlling sufficient of them to act now in open lawlessness without fear, with tongues wagging at us. The hard question is whether Christians should take up the task to infiltrate political organs on a long-scale project of 20 years or more, meshing in the meantime with non-Christian Republicans. Is this what God would choose for them to do? Or are we at the threshold of The Conqueror, in which case the right thing to do is to hunker down and just let the demons give it their best shot as they approach the Trap of God?

By Wednesday morning, Youngkin's leads was only about 1.5 percent, and McAuliffe had not yet conceded. Is his team trying to figure a legal way to topple Youngkin? We can easily see corruption at play when Democrats do a last-minute rally to dwindle a 10-percent lead to almost within the margin of calling an audit. The greater the numbers of Republican votes, the greater the likelihood that the Democrats will expose parts of their fraud machinery. This is their losing strategy to the point that they might just do a police state to keep from losing power. Obama had considered it, but chickened out. There's no doubt he won a second term by the advantage of the cheat machine, but thanks also to the Bushites choosing Romney to combat him.

Here's a video owner claiming that WikiLeaks released studio-made video of a "moon landing":

Before you get to the second minute, you will hear from a nurse, on a news show, that the large majority of suffering people in her Australian hospital have been vaccinated, and she blames at least some of the suffering on "adverse effects" of the vaccines...a story being repeated in other countries too, which may (or may not) explain why steely (hard-headed) Ontario and Quebec announced this week: NO vaccine mandates for medical people. The video then shows police brutality, growing harder, not letting up, perfect if the goons want to commit political suicide and lay out their stony hearts on the table for all to see. This is a sobering / frightening video (I didn't watch past the 23rd minute):

Violated Australians aren't going to have a choice soon but to fight with clubs or be reduced to the underside of a police boot. Guns aren't needed; baseball bats in the hands of a million will be enough, forcing the government to shoot at them with guns, at which time it will be all over. The people will then win. Don't you think? If the people cower when the police state is enacted, they will lose, but if they show up in the millions with sticks, there's a chance. When the police meet them with water sprayers and clubs, in an act of war, the people can use their sticks to protect themselves from the police assault, for if the government wants lawlessness, then the people can be lawless too. That's my judgment. Some people will need to be sacrificed, but such is war. This is where things are going in countries that do not let up. It's wise not to fight back yet, but if the governments do not let up, the time will arrive for THE CHOICE. The people rule governments in representative governments, but this underscores why the majority of people need to oppose the government to make the rebellion lawful / justified. Mask goons and vaccine pushers have been the traitors, essentially, perhaps in ignorance to some degree, but some of them have been turning lately against the mandates, a good sign.

If Ontario and Quebec have called a time-out on their mandates, it's only to huddle and do damage control until they figure the best way to come back on the assault. Some of the key police forces are turning against them, and so this is not the time for the goons to go fast-forward. If the tide is turning, use the time-out to get self-sufficient, and consider buying a gun to secure food and protect your homestead from invaders. We have entered lawlessness, and there are Godless souls everywhere who are not expected to become nice people when the going gets rougher. There's some evidence that the whores are preparing food shortages to make the potential resistance succumb. Here's the Chicago police scoring a win:

John Solomon Thursday: "Special Counsel John Durham on Thursday unsealed a federal grand jury indictment charging the primary source for the now-discredited Steele dossier with repeatedly lying to the FBI and for giving a false impression for the Steele dossier. On the surface, this looks like Durham is protecting the FBI, and blaming them for errors made due to politicized (dis)information from the "primary source," Igor Danchenko. However, perhaps Durham is trying to frighten Danchenko into snitching on his partners in crime, FIB operatives and Christopher Steele. Highly likely: Danchenko will more than snitch on his FBI partners, in the court process, likely blaming them for his ordeal and his involvement in FBI crimes against Trump and some of his supporters. Much new information should come to light in this process.

Here's the Danchenko story in video done well by Jesse Waters:

Here's the short story on a New Jersey race that Democrats stole this week:

If you know anyone who needs a job due to refusing the vax, the Red Balloon is helping people like that to land new jobs by calling anti-vax company owners to enlist:

Gateway Pundit headline at end of workweek: "Hospital ERs Across The Nation Are Completely Overwhelmed With Non-Covid Patients 'Sicker Than They Have Ever Seen' Nurses Forced to Give Treatments in Hallways Because No Beds are Available" It again suggests that vaccines are causing non-COVID illnesses, as predicted a year ago or more by the "conspiracy nuts." Words cannot describe this crime, and the people are not dealing with it properly. It's an act of war, people being maimed and murdered as secretly as possible. And life just goes one with a shrug, no one's organizing against it. The timing proves that vaccines are responsible. It's in our faces.

Here's a doctor who likes to act honest about COVID affairs, though he's been prone to taking the government / line and trusting those who oversee COVID affairs. This doctor (not likely to admit easily he's been naive) is tackling an article, by request of his better viewers, exposing monkey business at the Pfizer vaccine trials that caused the FDA to allow vaccine distribution on emergency basis only, back in 2020. It's an enlightening video, but the doctor, at the end, doesn't seem to get it -- or better yet finds it hard to admit it -- that deep rot (not just sloppy trial procedures) is all over Pfizer's face:

s the Here's the canadian future from the crime minister himself, and all canadians said: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, okay, whatever you say, zzzz, I don't want to look like a complainer:

From now on, parents who vaccinate their kids are first-degree responsible for what happens to them. Everyone has heard about the high risks by now. These parents who see their kids die blame the vaccine companies, but who's fault is it really, from this day forward? canadians arm-in-arm with the crime minister are going to contribute to a vast number of killings and worse. Some survivors will wish they had died instead. This situation is thanks to daft canadians after decades of happily-accepted brainwashing, now too STUPID to see though they have eyes, TOO STUPID to think wisely though they have brains. For all I know, God's judgment is coming to them for resisting Jesus all these decades. The ones they trust in government will kill even their children, this coming after their children were brainwashed worse than the parents had been, and the parents themselves militantly contribute to the anti-Christian values instilled in their children. If the churches are more like these canadians than they are like Jesus, woe is to them too. The great falling away as told by Paul (2 Thessalonians 2) may yet be future, and if so, we haven't seen anything yet.

Democrats see the opportunity to force anti-Democrat anti-vaxxers to quit their jobs so that the jobs can be filled by pro-Democrat pro-vaxxers. The jobs abandoned by the latter (to take their new jobs) will leave openings for the anti-vaxxers, and though the latter jobs are expected to be of a lower "class," hey, if there's food on the table in the final years of this history, after all necessary bills are paid, while anti-Christs find near-total political power, be happy. Put your hope in the Coming.

You can imagine what the globalists are saying in their meetings as they see us warning one another to prepare. How many items would the globalists need to sabotage to make an entire solar-electricity system inoperable? Just the inverter's electronic boards, for example. They can arrange falsified excuses for the failure of these parts to reach the stores. And that goes for many things that people would need to live self-sufficiently. If you see a little breathing room in the near future, if a sigh of relief that horror is not yet, then don't be lax, get your house in order to live as much apart from the regular world as possible. Save all your plastic bags, containers of all sorts, seeds of all sorts in a cold box (make sure the seeds sprout if taken from fresh foods, for some seeds have been genetically altered to not reproduce fruit). Save as much as the space in your home will allow, because it pleases God if we save for others too. If we do not save for others too, when we are able in such little things as bags and containers, and seeds, then you may as well be asking God to abandon you when the trouble arrives. DO YOU GET IT? Think for the whole flock, not just yourself.

Old people, tell your married Christian children that you do not want to starve later when they come begging for your prepped food because they shrugged you off when you suggested they start stocking up. Tell them that they could cause their own children to go hungry if they don't stock up. Yes, that involves a guilt-trip, but, whatever it takes, get system-trusting people to stock up. Your worst enemies at this time, old Christians, are your pre-tribulations sons and daughters. They won't stock up for the 666 if they are staunch pre-tribbers, and then they'll come to you for food and a roof when the time comes for the mark. What will you decide to do? Share your food and starve with them, or turn them away? This is horrible.

The third option is to ask your children for the money to buy their foods, and you who are retired, with time on your hands like they have no time, will prepare the food for them for long-term storage. That's the best option by far. Be blessed, do it. We who are older and mortgage free can help our working kids so that they will not be a burden on others later.

Another idea. If you're in the ballpark of 60 years old, and you have a mother or father still alive, ask one or both for your inheritance early, and make a deal that all or most of it will go to your own children to shore up their financial affairs. If some of your children are not Christians, then maybe they shouldn't get any of your inheritance at this time. The Church needs all the money it can get for what's coming. Meet in homes, and discuss self-sufficient living, but don't gab about it to the wrong people, and children can often be the wrong people because they will inadvertently talk to the wrong people.

The fewer who know that you have a stock of food, the better, DO NOT TAKE CHANCES. Hide your foods in sealed pipes / containers in the ground. PVC pipe seems perfect, with a sealed cap at each end. For example, you can put the dehydrated foods in air-evacuated jars, and the jars into the pipes. The thinner the pipe wall, the easier a bear will be able to crack into it, if it has any way to know there's food in it. Not likely if the pipe is sealed.

Problem: how long does PVC pipe glue last in a container never opened, or one that's been opened? Google's top offering is telling me three years for unopened containers. The alternative to gluing caps at the ends of pipes is to use threaded caps, thereby by-passing the glue-gone-bad possibility. So long as the food containers are well-sealed, water getting past the threads shouldn't do any harm. In fact, the water in the pipes will allow less temperature swings. If the idea of ground water in the pipe rubs you the wrong way, there are ways to shore up a threaded cap from the outside to get some insurance that it won't leak water.

I have a beer bottle on my shelf unearthed in my front yard that has the type of bottle shape produced back in the 1060s and 70s. The cap is still on the bottle. It's rusty, and more than half the label is still in good shape, still showing the original color, suggesting the labels were made of aluminum foil. The point is, all the beer is still in the bottle; only the gas has escaped from it. The liquid in the bottle is clear, without hint of soil, meaning I don't think the beer escaped so as to be refilled with ground water. If correct that a beer cap can maintain a liquid seal for about 50 years, your sealed jars immersed in water should do much better. If the beer bottle was upright in the ground so that the beer could not leak, then, if the cap did not maintain a tight seal, ground water would have filled the bottle to the cap. Yet the liquid level in the bottle is 1.5" below the cap, to be expected if the gases all got out. Brand new, with gas in the beer, the level was probably more like an inch below the cap.

You can test a sealed mason jar immersed in a bucket of water for a year or more to see how it manages. If it's not a problem, then I suppose you won't need to worry about glued / threaded pipe end. Let's assume you decide you want no water in your pipes, and if you decide to glue the pipe caps, then, three years later, you want to open the pipes to remove the food. You can re-stock pipes with food and re-seal them easy, so long as you have one PVC coupling per pipe, and more glue. You need one coupling per pipe per each re-stocking of the pipe.

You're not going to want to dig up the entire lengths of pipes when the time comes to re-stock them. One guy showed his buried pipes in a video on a mountain side. The pipes were on an incline, that is, and so if you have that situation, the jars will just slide out the lower end of the pipe when you remove the cap. No need to dig the pipes up to access the food, just dig at the ends of the pipes. If you don't have a mountain side, you need to arrange a way to go into the pipe to fish out the jars all the way to the other end of a pipe. Use your genius to create such a tool, I'm sure you'll think of something. Just test it first to make sure it works everytime. Or, open both ends, and just push a pole into one end. If all the pipes are stacked nearly in contact with one another so that all pipe ends are at the same location, it'll be easier to access them when the time comes to dig for the the pipe ends.

If you don't want passers-by to know where your pipes are, a forest is good place because the tree leaves / pine needles will hide the dug-up dirt that you rake out nice and flat. And of course, trees keep the sun off the ground in the hot season. If you don't have a forest, and all you have is a grassy field, you can "hide" the dig by putting the pipes under your garden. The whole garden is dug up so that the dig for the pipes will not look any different than the rest of the dug-out garden. Plant above the pipes some of the best shade-providing crops to keep the ground cooler. As a garden is usually in the open sun, the pipes should be about 30 inches deep to keep them cool, or deeper if there's risk they could get filled with water, which, when frozen, will crack the food containers. Of course, pour the concrete after all pipes into the room have been installed in order to get a tight seal around all pipes. Don't get a cement truck to bring the concrete, or the driver will wonder what you're doing, and probably ask about it.

You could provide a permanent, watertight "room" in the ground, about three-feet (or four) cubed, made of poured concrete (and sealed on the outside to keep water out of the concrete). All the ends of your food pipes would be in this room for access at any time without the need to dig for them. You could have pipes going into all four walls of this room. The top of the room would be open at ground level, and you would then build a 3' x 3' garden-tool shed over it with a floor that flips up for access to the room. If you do it right, nobody peeping into the shed will know there's a floor that's a door to the pipe room. But if this idea gets around on the Internet, bad apples and goons may find out about it too, and they might therefore check the floors of your tool shed.

You've got to find a way to hide the lid of the pipe room. You can do it, genius, if you let your mind work. You can cover it with a layer of soil instead of the tool shed. No bad apple will find it in your garden now. If you say that can't work because water will get in, you're not using your mind hard enough to solve that wee "problem." Provide a water-tight lid that bolts into the walls of the concrete room. Sink long bolts (stainless steel sounds good) into the concrete while it's still wet. Get a 3' x 3' sheet of steel (about 3/16" thick should do) for the lid. What kind of sealing material will you use between the concrete and the steel? If you use four strips of rubber, one per each of four sides of the lid, some water's going to get in where rubber meets rubber. A little water in the room (only in wet times) may or may not be a problem. Silicone made for both concrete and steel applied to the rubber joints should greatly reduce water passage. And you could even provide a peep-pipe down to the room's floor through which you can look in or stick a hose to a pump, to pump out any water that found it's way in. You shouldn't need to go into this room but once annually at most.

If you get this room to work, you can have around 50 3" / 4" pipes coming into the room, a dozen per wall, for example. That can hold a lot of dehydrated foods. Make the walls of the room thick so that frost won't bust them. Lace the walls with reinforced steels rods (their cheap, go to town with them) before filling the forms with concrete. Use good-grade concrete; don't trust ready-mix in bags at Home Depot. Buy Portland cement alone, and add your own sand and gravel to it in a strong mix. This is your food security, don't be dollar-cheap on it. Throw some of that white "milk" into the concrete mix to make it twice or more as strong.

Problem: with a room only three of four feet square, how can one stick a long pole into the pipes to retrieve food jars? A telescoping pole? What a pain. But this problem just birthed another method to retrieve the jars. Tie a wire or rope around the neck of one jar per pipe, and let this jar go first into the pipe, lid first. Push all other jars in until the pipe is full, and when you want the jars out, pull the wire. Up to 15 or even 20 jars should slide with little friction in a PVC pipe. You won't need a pole to load the pipes, just push the jars in by hand because dried food is very light; you should be able to push 20 jars. At seven inches long per one-liter jar, that's 12 feet of pipe for 20 jars. You won't need to cap the end of the pipe that's in the water-proof room. This is a new idea tonight, written in two hours or less; just think of what you can do if you spent more time in designing it.

There are websites that give seeds a whopping two years of shelf life, I'm being sarcastic. Others tell that is seeds are stored in cool (50-60 F degrees), dark and dry places, they can last five years easily, perhaps even ten. I cannot get the fact on whether freezing seeds is good or bad because some day not to freeze seeds, though most seem to tell that it's fine. I'm going to test doing some seeds (humidity-tight containers) in my freezer this year and will let you know in the spring whether there's germination. I'm going to leave some seeds outdoors over winter too, to see how that does. All seeds freeze in winter where it's cold enough to freeze, but a freezer can be colder than nature, and continual freezing in a freezer, over years of time, is far different than seeds going through one winter. First test seeds from store-bought foods to make sure Monsanto hasn't destroyed them genetically.

Start drying seeds now, in other words, and by "dry," I don't mean just the outer sides, but the insides. I'm reading that over-drying can kill some seeds, and so you need to read up on drying seeds. I'm not at all skilled at this. Sun drying is a common method, otherwise they say that leaving seeds in open, unlit places in the home for about 8-14 days is good, depending on size of seeds. You can never save too many seeds if they last 5-10 years because we need to be mindful of other Christians who save none at all, and who store no food at all. Don't let God catch you storing only for self, for there's an unknown price to pay for that attitude.


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