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November 9 - 15, 2021

If God is Pointing to Dr. Zelenko, We May Have a Big Win Here
A New Packed Dream This Week With Helen
See "Spiderman" at the End of This Update

If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture

If at anytime you want to know a Coat's description as given by an identified person/group, see Hall of Names. It's not a great website because it doesn't allow scrolling back and forth through surnames, nor can one copy and paste the URL for any particular surname. But I'm very happy to be able to have access to it.


The video below starts off with a gentle Alex Jones, the way he should always be in order not to look and sound crazy. But after he speaks, a clip is shown (3rd minute) from Biden's vice-president admitting twice that "virtually everybody in the hospital right now sick with COVID 19 is vaccinated."" The audience is laughing at her as if it's a joke, but it seems that she's telling the world that, soon, it'll be your time to die. Why would the vice-president admit to such a thing even though it goes counter to Joe Biden's vaccine program? Is the White House mocking the vaccinated for being duped? Or is she suddenly trying to warn everyone not to become vaccinated? She also says: "Virtually every person who has recently died from COVID 19 was vaccinated." I checked her lips to assure that she's speaking those words. This is eerie, but see it for yourself:

Good News for canada: "CEASE AND DESIST ORDER AGAINST CANADIAN VACCINE MANDATES"' I hope the Labour-Board ruling sticks, but it may be liable to the courts.

More "good" news if this story of last week can be expanded:

Look at this school worker who maimed her daughter. I think that this woman, who has her hair done like a man, perhaps her symbol for feminism, would have gone forward to maim / kill many children by calling for vaccines on school children, had her daughter not been made debilitated by vaccines. Or, let me re-phrase: there's a high chance of it:

Here's Sydney Powell claiming that she's found Dominion patents held by, or registered in the name of, a Chinese bank's branch in Canada, amounting to bona fide Dominion-Chinese partnership. clear guilty finger. Patents are open to public view. It sounds as though the Dominion founder, whose original head office (215 Spadina rd.) was in Chinatown, Toronto, has been an agent of the Chinese from the get-go of the 2020 election. It's sounds as though the Biden family arranged this partnership, thanks to what we know about Hunter Biden's connections to China.

Did you see the concentration-camp ramp-up in Australia, as if the government goons expect the scaaaaary delta variant to make havoc with the population next year:

Has it occurred to you how hypocritical it is for governments to punish the unvaxxed while rewarding the vaxxed even though the vaxxed can still spread the virus? Like, uh, er, they will commence the circumstances for the unvaxxed to lose jobs for risking the spread of the virus, but the vaccinated who are an equal risk or worse for spreading the virus get to keep their jobs. Government mental cases unworthy to rule, they plan on pushing this globally next year too...hopefully to their political and social demise. May nobody speak to them again. Cancel them, make them sit at home alone in solitary quarantine, because they are infected with mental illness. trudeau the laughing stock. biden the nutbar.

Trump continues to be a vaccine pusher because he walks around without a head. He's a headless body. He has replaced his head with an ego. There's nothing inside but yoke for the people. He's a beast of burden, a lot like jackass-backward who places the yoke on the people. He gave his voters COVID drudgery. Project Veritas is the latest of Trump's victims because he refused to clean up the DoJ, the FBI, the CIA, and the NSA. Had Trump done so immediately in 2020, Biden would not be the acting president at this time. After promising the country a jump over the moon, he gave them the cow's manure. There are far better men than he for 2024, but the voters have been infected with pro-Trumpism too deeply to turn it around now, I think. But surprise us.

This is a significant story, as told by Mark Dice whose not clowning around in this one, about Biden's current new woe concerning his taking showers, and who knows what more, with his child daughter:

The founder of Project Veritas appeared on Hannity to tell of the crimes committed on him by Biden's DoJ. The beauty of this story is that the Bidenites have brought the story to life in a spotlight whereas Project Veritas had decided not to do a story on it, at least not yet. It's another exposure of the DoJ's gross politicization:

Democrats raid O'Keefe's phones to discover who the leakers are on all sorts of stories going beyond the Biden story. This is Gestapo, and the country has it thanks to ALL Democrat voters who give this party their powers to install Gestapo-ites, parasites covering the entire government body. Shame Mexicans, shame Catholics, shame Black people, shame Jews, shame Chinese, shame Japanese. You are sucking the country dry of life, the country you yourselves live in. The United States is on-track to becoming dim-canada II. The lights are going out. Inner life is to a near-standstill. Nobody smiles in canada in public places, no one has a pleasant face in a bus, or if you watch them walk into stores and such; this has been the case for decades. It's not a wonder they see nothing wrong with wearing masks: they don't know the value of a human, pleasing face, because they are being made demonic, inhuman, with no inner peace, no inner LIFE. The zombieoids abandoned it all for technology, the very technology being used against them by the canadian Gestapo. Not knowing Jesus, they don't know the right way to go. They stumble blind into traps laid by demonic spirits.

It's interesting that James O'Keefe is a newsman because Keefe's/Keefers are in Coffee/Coffer colors, begging whether God may have pointed to O'Keefe with my newspaper-and-coffee purchase in Victoria.

In order for the accusation to be true, that modern powers structures in the West are rife with pedophiles, it can be safely assumed that they get one another into positions of power by design. Just think of how perfect this is for the pleasure of God's wrath when He pours it out on end-time governments. He will not be mocked; these horrible people will be brought through the wringer before they meet their deaths. The laughable, mockable Biden turns out to be the best thing for the entire world at this time because the "conspiracy theorists" could never have exposed the liberal rot as well as Bidenites are themselves doing RIGHT NOW unceasingly. Wow, what a bonanza, keep it up. As they try to frighten the country into compliance, the entire nation having mere eyes and ears to see and hear can realize that it's true after all: they are control-freak snakes conspiring criminally in secret, JUST PLAIN LOSERS who've snaked into powerful positions by pure deceit, and a little help from other snakes having done the same.

No deceiver can ever be a great man. The man who controls nations in a kingdom with a brute military is a great loser. The only reason that the people have not murdered the deceivers in power, with their guns, is because the deceivers in power wield a brutal, demonic military, and brutal police chiefs too. They wiggled them into power for their own protection. I don't think the people will be able to topple this monster until Jesus takes the glory in doing it. Vengeance belongs to Jesus, UNDERSTAND THAT. Don't fall prey to the notion that the people can dethrone these powers, not meaning that it's wrong to try, or to call them out for what they are. I speak this way at this time because I think we are in the final few years.

Unfortunately, Hell is not the correct punishment unless the people murder and destroy, or support murderers and destroyers. All liberals / anti-Christs / conservatives who support the killers and destroyers will be lumped into the same batch. Unfortunately, we will need to witness murders and destruction, terror and brutality. But you knew that if you know your prophecy. Not all Christians can stomach these realities, which may explain why they shy away from prophecy. Post-tribulationism is the acceptance of brutality against the churches, but I've tried to stress the hope. Pre-tribbers do not portray the anti-Christ period as having any hope for us, but I say there is hope, and I say save your foods and hope to endure, because you may escape all persecution.

I keep seeing report after report that the vaccinated are filling emergency rooms. If this is widespread, then nurses and doctors will be the first to witness his murder spree. They will be able to call it for what it is, a government-ordained murder / destruction spree, for even though government rulers are being notified that the vaccinated are the ones in hospitals, the rulers yet push vaccine mandates full-speed ahead. Sooner or later, we hope, doctors will start to call the rulers out for this attitude. A plurality of doctors who tolerated government decrees in hopes that the vaccines would get us past the "pandemic" will have a change of heart when they see rulers ignoring this hospital situation. Don't you think? Am I putting too much faith in the doctors who've yet to realize the true circumstances? Are they just too-far gone in satanic spirit to care? Have the lines been drawn hard-and-fast between the two sides already?

Once people have taken sides with passion, it is near-impossible for the immoral ones to admit their errors. Only good people who wish to progress / evolve into better people admit their errors. Evil hearts don't care to be on the side of truth, though they do want to be on the winning side because they have no principles.

Here's pretty and determined Polly with another take on a story shared in my last update (by Dr. John Campbell) that can topple the vaccine scheme in the minds of many medical practitioners. Unlike Dr. Campbell, a dodo bird, Polly has passion:

Polly's a real Canadian with a capital C. When she showed a Brighton company that she sees as part of the COVID scheme, I checked the Brighton surname because I've been stressing Bride's, Brights and Bridge's over the past couple of months in relation to the Apophis asteroid doing a near-miss, or even a hit, in 2029. The biggest surname in that topic is the McKenzie/Kenneth surname because it has an "AS ASTRA" motto term as well as a flaming "mountain," looking as though God arranged that heraldry because Revelation calls the asteroid of the 2nd Trumpet "AS a mountain blazing." Well, well, amazingly, Brightons are essentially in the colors and format of English Mountains. (Load Brighton link now to have access, on another tab, to other Coats of Arms.)

For those not up to speed on Apophis, I showed an article telling that it's appearing in the constellation of Cancer the CRAB when it becomes visible to the naked eye. As Bridge's are the only surname I know of using heraldic crabs, that's why Bride's and Brights (and McBride's/Kilbride's recently too) were part of the discussion. Brightons share the Pick/Pix fitchees while Brighams share the Pike trefoils. Brighams (in the colors and near-format of crab-using Bridge's) share the fesse of English Bride's and the patee cross of Peks/Pecks (the PICensii were at the Pek river of Moesia), the latter first found in Essex with: 1) English Mountains; 2) Cancer-like Chance's/CHAUNCERs, and: 3) the Rains/Raines' who are essentially with the Driffield/DRYfield Coat in colors reversed, that being possibly pertinent from the Driffield location of the first-known Brighams.

Then, a "comet" is used by Raines-like Reines'. The DRYs are in PIGeon colors and format, and Pigeons are suspect from the PICENsii. Scottish McBride's/Kilbride's were first found at Kilbride of ARRAN, a name I trace for good reasons to "AiRAINES" in PICardy. Read also as "PicARDY," for Ardens share the McBride/Kilbride cinquefoil.

Briggs even have the McBride/Kilbride cinquefoil, but see "Kilbride" two updates ago for a compelling batch of heraldic pointers to Apophis. The Revelation asteroid destroys ships, and so I've shown many pointers to shipping themes over the past few weeks during discussions on Apophis, and here we now have the Briggs I've not mentioned until now, like a ship called a brig.

Brigantium (Savoy, same as Bride's) is on the Durance river near GUILLestre, and GILbers/Gilberts (Provence, along the Durance river), whom I've just looked up because they are like the Gilbride variation of McBride's/Kilbride's, share the black, two-headed eagle in the Arms of Guillestre (it's almost the Jeepma/Chep Coat). This can reveal that "Kil" prefixes in Ireland, for example the KilPATRICKs/Gilpatricks, are from "Guillestre." The Scottish McBride/Kilbride write-up: "According to legend, both the Scottish and the Irish branches are descended from the son of the servant of (St.) Brigit, the virgin Abbess of KILdare who died 525 A.D." Why is she always called a virgin?

I see legendary characters as myth code for surnames. Why was she made an abbess, a female Abbot? Perhaps it's because Peare's were kin of Abbots while Miss Peare was on a STAGE in my sleeping-bag dream, and Stage-branch Staceys happen to share the Kildare/GILdare saltire while Stacy-branch Eustace's were first found in Kildare. Eustace's may be using the Orion/Iron/KENiron cross, and if so, the Airaines location of Orions/Irons (near ABBEville) looks like the namer of Arran, where McCabe's/MacABBE's and McBride's/Kilbride's were first found! Plus, I trace Orions/Iron back to mythical Orion in BOEOTia, the potential namer of ABOTTS.

If that's not enough, the Dare's suspect in "Kildare" use a red lion in both Shield and Crest, as do Virgins! As do Ure's (AYRshire, same as KENNEDYs) highly suspect in the "uro" motto term of MacKenzie's/KENNETHs! Dare's were even first found in Essex with MacKenzie-beloved Mountains! Ure's share the PEERless/Napier motto, and while MacKENZie's are from queen Kenza of Aures, Aurs/Aures' share the red lion in both Shield and Crest too.

St. Brigit, who sounds like legendary (made-up) at Wikipedia's article, is a patron saint of Ireland along with St. Patrick. As the black eagle was the symbol of Rome, I see Guillestre in relation to the Julius name of Julius Caesar, a PATRician. Two Julian surnames can be gleaned as branches of Gullys/Gollys and Gulls. Gullys/Gollys are in Kennedy and Birth/BERT colors and format, and were first found in Oxfordshire with Peare's and Abbots. English GilBERTs, sharing the Gull chevron, are in Pek/Peck colors and format. English Gilberts are suspect with the Arms-of-Carrick chevron, known to be used by Kennedys, and Births/Berts share fitchees (different colors) with Kennedys, which are at times on the Arms of Carrick too. I trace "Carrick" and their Craig ancestors to ACRAGas, a place in Sicily (facing Numidia) said to be founded or ruled by peoples from GELA (likewise on southern Sicily).

I am now wondering why the last scene in the sleeping-bag dream, Miss Peare on a stage, is connecting to surnames that point to Apophis. In real life, I last saw Miss Peare as little as a month before meeting Lorraine at her bus stop on my BIRTHday, and it was resolved that this birthday, in the astrological period of Cancer, was a pointer to Births/Berts now looking like the namers of Gilberts. About two weeks before meeting Lorraine at the bus stop, I had a brush-by with her where I said, "I'm going to marry you" (where she didn't respond, but just kept walking by, and I didn't look at her face to see how she was responding, because I felt silly for speaking that way). But it's a BRIDE theme you see, and Marrys share the Aures / Ure / Virgin lion. Aures is in Numidia, land of MOORS, which can explain why David MORley, whose surname was related to MOORlands, CIRCLed the sleeping bag. The Circle surname shows a church while Lorraine lived on Church street while David Morley lived a house or two from the same Church street while Shaw-like SAWERs/Sawyers use a "CHERCHes" motto term while the Shawia Numidians lived at Aures. I GET IT NOW. The Sleeping-Bag dream looks connectable in ways to Apophis because Major MacKenzie drive is between where David Morley and Lorraine lived.

In fact, a year before I met Lorraine, I too lived on Church street between Major MacKenzie and Morley's place. I have told these stories before. Just before living at two, back-to-back locations on Church, I was going to Bible studies at the Kendrys, on Church street one block south of Major MacKenzie, and Morley, whose church I was attending at the time, was two blocks further south, at Harding and Church. One of the Kendry brothers was Gregg, and Greggs look like kin of Carricks / Craigs i.e. namers of Acragas out to sea from Numidia.

Amazingly, the street between the Kendrys and the Morleys is Palmer ave. (see map if you wish) while PALMa de Montechiaro is right-near Acragas (now Agrigento). The first place I lived at while attending the Kendry Bible studies was a small apartment building at Palmer and Church! Lookie: Carts use the PALM tree while Certs/Cards (cloud) look related to the Cupids/Cubits in the Kendry Crest!!! WOW! The Cupid/Cubits have a cloud, and while McLeods/Clouds use flags, Flags/Flecks (Norfolk, same as Palmers) share the double fesses of Palmers, WOW! Palmers even share the black greyhound with Church's.

While attending Bible studies at the Kendrys with Rick Legge and Trevor, we three took on a job to build a deck for Verne Archibald, and soon after, I moved into Verne's place as a tenant. I don't remember how me met Verne at that time, but he was on Church street one block north of Major MacKenzie, and about six properties from Lorraine's apartment at LORNE and Church. As I've said, Lorne's are in the Lanark/Lurnack write-up while Harding-like Hardys were first found in Lanarkshire with the Alters/Colters in the Fleetwood motto. Greggs even look like kin of Flatts/Fletts and Floats (Norfolk, same as Palmers and Cupids), the latter two (i.e. Flatts and Floats) sharing the Fleetwood trefoil, all colors reversed from the Palmer trefoils. As Fleets (share double Palmer / Stain fesses) can be gleaned as a Flatt/Flett / Float branch, we can then apply Fleetwoods sharing the Mountain martlets! It works for linking MacKenzie's to Kendrys, and may be a beat-around-the-bush pointer to the asteroid. Trevor helped to build the deck, and Travers/Travis' (Meschin kin) share the Flag/Fleck scallops while Fleetwoods look like kin of Tarves' (Aberdeenshire, same as Scottish Craigs) and German Greggs/Groce's. I must be descended from Kenza. Lorraine probably got her grass stain on Church street.

Then, about six months after moving out of Archibald's, I saw Miss Peare for the last time (Saturday and Sunday), and while I dropped in on JEFFREY MOORE with her on Saturday, I kid you not, I took her to church with me on that last day I saw her, and, freak me out: as I've said a few times, I chose to bring her to the church attended by Mrs. Kendry, though I had never been there before. KENDrys must therefore be of Kenza of Aures, and it just so happens that Kendrys were first found in Ayrshire with KENNEDys and MOORmans/Muirs/Moors!

To boot, KENDERs/Kinds (suspect in Kay motto), who use ravens connectable to Coronis-line Moors in Cyrene, were first found in Derbyshire with English Morleys/Moorleys and Brigg-beloved Sprouts. Irish Moors have the Lorraine lion in colors reversed. Scottish JEFFREYs (share cloud with Kendrys) have the six pale bars of German Julians in colors reversed. Briggs have a tree stump "sprouting," and Sprouts are said to have included "Thomas Sprout or SPOTT," a good pointer to SPUDS MacKenzie. Turks/Torks, arrived to by Kender-like Kendrys, love the Pace's in their motto while Pace's/Pasi's share crossed spears with Sprouts and Speers. Kendry-beloved Cupids are also CubBERTs (in case they were married to Births/Berts), and Cobberts/Corberts/Corbetts (share elephant with Cobbs), with a "pascit" motto term that can be related to the Pascel variation of Pace's/Pasi's, share the giant raven with German Rothes/Rothchilds while Rothes castle is on the Spey river suspect with the Speyers variation of Speers. English Rothes were once said to be first found in Shropshire with Cobberts/Corberts and Certs/Cards.

Cobbs, sharing the Glenn / Glenny martlets, are interesting for sharing the Chief-Shield colors of HENDERsons of GLENcoe. The Kendrys are HENDRicks too, you see. The Chief-Shield colors above are also the Chief-Shield colors of Shiffs whose raven is called a "crow" while the "corvos" motto term of raven-using Cobberts/Corbetts (Shropshire, same as Shifnal) means "crow." Shiffs were found from the Shiffnall (or Shifnal) location of English Durants, the latter from some family on the Durance river, which I trace to the Turano and Salto rivers with sources in Abruzzo, where Shiff-like Sheaves'/Chiava's were first found. The Cobbs were first found in Keith-line Caithness, and while Keiths come up as "Mascal/MASCUL," suspect from Mascula of Numidia, English Mascals share the elephant in Crest with Cobbs and Cobberts/Corberts (Shropshire, same as Rodden river).

Some of you may be familiar with the relationship of Arthur Balfour and the Rothschilds / Rhodians (include Rodden/Rodham bloodline), and so I'll record here that the English Rothes' have their lions "facing forwards" while "Forward" is the whole Balfour motto. Balfours were first found in Fife with the Greggs who took us to Flatts/Fletts and Floats, the latter two sharing the Balfour Coat, apparently. Flatts/Fletts were first found in the Orkneys with Ass'/Assi's suspect in the "as astra" motto phrase of MacKenzie's.

The Durants of Shiffnall were at Tong, and, lo-and-behold, Tongs/Tongue's almost have the English Mountains Coat! The Tongs/Tongue's have a "bird rising from a rock," and the MacKenzie "mountain" shows as a rock! Cobbs were first found in Suffolk with same-colored Rush's/RISH's (almost in Cobbs format), connectable to Risings/Risons.

I don't understand the crux of these pointers from that period in my early 20s. What part of it is central? It seems that the line of queen Kenza is central. But does this really point to Apophis as being the Revelation asteroid? It seems complicated, foggy, uncertain. Moormans/Muirs/Moors look like Nagle / Beef/Boeuf kin for a trace to ONEGLia, also called Imperia, expected in the "Imperio" motto of Irish Murrays/MORays. I could go on and on with heraldic connections here, but I'm looking for straight-to-the-point, compelling pointers. For example, the Certs/Cards have a "letter" in Crest, and Linkletters were first found in Orkney with Ass'/Assi's suspect in the "as astra" motto phrase of MacKenzie's. LETTs/Late's use "ORGAN pipes" suspect with "ORKNey elements, and Pipe's share the Coat of Apepi-like Pepins/Pepys. It's got the Apophis asteroid all over it neatly, and we can assume that God is sending it to cripple Rhodian-global trade = the money bags that oppresses the world and persecutes the churches.

The Pepin- / Popham-beloved Mens' were at GLENlyon, and we just saw the Hendersons of GLENcoe, were first found in Caithness with POPE's/POPPs/Pape's, and so if Hendersons were of the Hendrick/Hendry variation of Kendrys, the Kendry family under discussion really looks like a MacKenzie branch here for to point us to Apophis.

Kendrys have "A demi CUPID holding a TORCH," and Turks/TORKs have "a flaming mount", incredible, because MacKenzie's have a flaming mountain. It looks so stark, suddenly, whereas Apophis pointers were not even clear shortly above. The MacKenzie mountain is showing as a rock, same as the flaming mount of Turks/Torks, perhaps indication of Rockefeller liners. In fact, the Henrys of Rhodes-line Rodez married Miss Roquefeuil while Hendersons are said to be of Henrys (it's possible that Kendrys morphed into Henrys).

I should even add that I last saw Miss Peare while driving my FIREbird, which was gone by the time I first saw Lorraine. As I said, I painted the firebird CORVETTE blue, and so compare with "CORBETT." CobBERTs/Corbetts share the elephant with Grounds/Crannys while English Grounds/Grundys can be gleaned as Rhodes kin! Bingo. It looks like God arranged my FireBIRD to act as a symbol of the flaming mountain. Birds/Burds may have been a Birth/Bert branch. One Bird/Burd Coat has the Bouillon flory in colors reversed, and Godfrey de Bouillon was the son of Eustace II, the line to Stage's/Staggs i.e. Miss Peare was on a stage in my dream of a few years ago. Bouillons share "bello" in their motto with Turks/Torks, and so the Kendry Crest torch is working to prove that I took Miss Peare to the Kendry church by God's design. Note Verne ArchiBALD, for king Baldwin of Jerusalem was de-Bouillon's full brother.

Oh wow. I kid you not, the original color of my 1967 Firebird was TURQuoise!!! See it here. Torch-like Torks come up as "TURK"!!! AMAZING, new realization right here.

OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH WWWWWWWWWWWWOOOWWWWWWWWWWIE! The Firebird was a PONTiac, and Spanish Ponts use an "arched BRIDGE." Then, I painted it Corvette BLUE, and Blue's/Gorms were first found in Arran with Kilbride and the McBride's/Kilbride's. It's the Apophis-pointing, Crab-loving Bridge line!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UNBELIEVABLE. The Firebird has never figured prominently in heraldry, but this is now got to be the core of that Car's pointers. Plus, look at the turquoise-like term in the write-up of Spanish Ponts: "The surname Pont was first found in the valley of the TRUCOIS in the province of Biscay in the Basque region." Is that incredible or what?

Plus, English Ponts share the Coat of Ponders/Ponters in the Chapman motto, and the latter two surnames were first found in Cambridgeshire with Crabs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Pontiac Firebird is coming down from the sky in 2029, by the looks of it. I prayed this week for more confirmation that Apophis is the one, and this is just flipping me over. But it's sobering too. Too boot, French Ponts/Ponds have the triple-red Kendry bends in half its colors. I took Miss Peare to Mrs. Kendry's church with my Firebird. I don't remember driving it again after that. I don't remember whether I sold it, or sent it to the scrap yard.

MORE. The bendy of French Ponts/Ponds has the bendy colors of Touraine's/TurRAINE's (Savoy, same as Bride's and BRIGANTium!), and Touraine is where French Corbins were first found while Corvett-like Corbetts come up as Corbins too. Corbins and Corbetts/Corbins both use the black ravens, but, beautifully, Corbins call them "blackBIRD," indicating a Corbett-line merger with Birds/Burds! Rothes' are highly suspect with the Rain/Raines lion.

I dated Miss MUSCHATov in the Firebird, and Muschats share the Coat of Waters, both first found in Essex with Mountains, and the Spanish Ponts happen to have their "ARCHed" bridge "over water." The Arks/Arch's were first found in Berkshire with Modens, and so they are suspect from Modane on the Arc river to which Mr. Archibald may trace, one point being that Modane is about 25 miles only from Brigantium. Miss Peare on the stage (of the dream) pointed to nearby Cottians at Susa, and Susans were first found in Berkshire too, beside Peare's of Oxfordshire, where Abbots were first found now suspect with St Brigit the female abbot.

Another point is that Archibalds were first found in ROXburghshire while Roxburghs were definitely from Roquefeuil.. Then, immediately after dating Muschatov, my next girlfriend was ROXanne (dated her in the Firebird), whom I met at the Kendry Bible studies! If "RoxANNE" is Intended as a pointer to Anne's/Hanne's, it should be due to their sharing the stag head of Poppins/Pophams (share "Mens" with Pepins/Pepys), the latter first found in Hampshire with Ponts/Ponds.

Poppins/Pophams were at Basingstoke, and then the Basings/Basingstoke's (in Corbin colors) have eagles in the colors of the eagle in the Arms of Guillestre, a location beside Brigantium. The latter is now BRIANcon, and Irish Brians almost have a Base Coat. The Arms of Guillestre has a two-headed eagle looking very connectable to the Jeepma's/CHEPs, and the Ponder-loving Chapmens are CHEPmans too, how about that. The Brigit-connectable Crabs were at least near the Chepmans. Brigantium is in Savoy with the first-known Corbeils and Rogers, and Corbetts have Roger, son of Corbet, as their ancestor. The Majors were counts of CorBEIL, and so this may be the reason for Major MacKenzie drive one block from the Kendry residence. Beils the share the Belly chevron and were therefore a Bailey / Baliol branch.

The other French Beils (Burgundy, same as FRANE's) look like they have the Moorman/Muir chevron, for "franGOR" is a Moorman/Muir motto term while Corbeils are Gorbeils too. Gore's/Core's share the white wolf of Gowers/Gore's who in turn have a "FRANgas" motto term. The same white wolf is with Fleck-connectable Fleetwoods while "FLECtes" is another Gower/Gore motto term. English Frane's were first found in Shropshire with Corbetts.

Cupids look related to CERTs/Cards, suspect from the Numidian capital, Cirta, more evidence that Kendrys and Kennedys were a line from Kenza. Her husband was king of Moor-laden Morocco.

Repeat: "Ure's share the PEERless/Napier motto.... The Napier-like Naparis river was home to ROXolani, and I was with ROXanne BENNETT from my last days at Verne Archibald's to about a month before I last say Miss Peare. Bennets / Benedicts are from pope Leo Benedict's naming of the PIERleoni Jews of Rome, whom Godfrey III assisted. The latter's daughter married Eustace II above. "Leo de Benedicto Christiano, or just Benedictus Christianus, was a Jew of Trastevere in the late eleventh century. He converted to Christianity and was baptised by Pope Leo IX, whence he took his Christian name. He related himself to the ancient patrician families of Rome..." (his Wikipedia article).

Briggs were at WAKEfield, and Sleeping Beauty of my 1979 dream turned out to be Mrs. Kilpatrick. I was told to WAKE her up, and Wakefields share a green dragon in Crest with Kilpatricks. The latter were first found in Dumfries with Walks/Wachs sharing the Wakefield garb, and while Wakefield is in West Yorkshire with the Sedbergh location of Dents, the latter with Walks/Wachs share "Industria" in their mottoes. The "Arudua" motto term of Wakefields can be for a line that included the Ardens because they share the Brigg / McBride/Kilbride cinquefoil. In the dream (15 years before meeting Mrs. Kilpatrick), God led me to believe that Mrs. Kilpatrick was going to be my BRIDE.

I've explained over the last several updates how she and her husband relate to Spuds MacKenzie for a pointer to the Revelation asteroid. It's interesting here that while Spuds was the mascot for Bud LIGHt beer, the Lite's/Lights may be in the "fideLITER" motto term of Briggs. Ayers (Ayrshire, same as Kennedys and Carricks) use "LIGHTER than air" for a motto. The vaired Brigg bend is almost the checkered one of Apophis-like Pope's/Popps/Pape's, and German Pape's are in the colors and near-format of Driffields/Dryfields.

Gullys/Gollys were first found in Oxfordshire with the Ships, and while the asteroid will make sea billows, the Bellows/Billows are in the "bellows" of Ships. A "SAILing ship" is use by French Durants, and as English Durants share the Sail/Sales fleur-de-lys, they can be gleaned as kin of the Salyes Ligures on the Durant-like Durance river of Guillestre. Scottish Durants were first/early found in Worcestershire with the Square's/Squire's/Squirrels sharing the red squirrel with the Crest of English Gilberts. Square-like SCHERFs/Schere's/Schare's/Schire's (comparable to Walker Coat) are vertically split in the colors of the same of Walk-like Wilkins ("pruDENTes") who in turn share the green wyvern dragon with the Wakefield Crest. Worcestershire is where Pattys were first found whom can be linked to Kilpatricks via the Nitts/Naughts of the Nith river, location of Kilpatrick castle. To put it another way, Pattys and Nitts/Naughts (and Raines') share the same lion. It's interesting that Dent-like Dante's are listed with Durants.

English Durants/DANTE's share the Dove/Dow dancetty fesse, colors reversed from the same of Wests. The last update explained why Wests were from Vestalis of the royal Cottians whose capital was near Brigantium. I told that Vestalis is to the Waistells, but didn't mention DOVE's/Dows. Waistells use doves and share the garbs of English Josephs. Busca is beside Saluzzo of the Sails/Sales' (DENT colors and format), in Piedmont with the Cottian capital and with Dent-like Dance's/Donnas' (from king Donnus of the Cottians), and Bush's are Buschs too. English Dance's/Danse's (Yorkshire, same as Dents), share the Bush/Busch fesse when the latter used it in red.

I maintain that the president Bush's were born as SCHERFF Nazis, and merely "adopted" by the family of Prescott Sheldon Bush, husband of Miss Walker. Prescott's mother was Miss Sheldon, and Sheldons were first found in Worcestershire with Square's/Squire's/Squirrels and Pattys. Sheldons ("PATI") use "shelDRAKE" ducks, and Drake's have a wyvern dragon too. Drake's were first found in Hampshire with the Josephs having essentially the Wakefield Chief. French Josephs share the Meat/Mead martlet

German Belows (not "Bellow") happen to share the eagle in the Arms of Guillestre. English Belows were first found in Yorkshire with Wakefield and METHleys, and these Belows are said to be from a Bellewstown location in Meath. Meaths were first found in East Yorkshire with Brightons, and Meats/Medes were once said to be first found in Somerset with Bridge's. Meats/Meads (early in Essex with Mountains) share the pelican with Briggs (early in Yorkshire). Of interest now is that houseofnames has a new write-up for Medleys, tracing them to Madeley locations, and so by what coincidence do Madeleys/Matleys (new to me now) share the six martlets of the Essex Mountains. It's a little interesting that the Meath fleur is half in the colors of the same of Bridge-beloved Crabs.

WOOOOWIE, this looks like God's arrangement because the asteroid is coming to destroy brigs, we could say, and brigs are ships with square masts while Madeleys/Matleys use a Coat version of the Masts/Masters (Yorkshire too)!!! French Mountains share the Messey/Messier saltire while Bride's and Brights (Cheshire, same as Ship-beloved Bellows/Billows, Madeleys/Matleys, Maceys/Mace's and Masseys/Maceys) share the Maceys/Mace stars. Masts/Masters were once said to be first found in Kent with Petits and Masons/Massins, and then French Petits (Burgundy, same as Messeys/Messier's) have the Mason/Massin Coat in colors reversed. Masons/Massins were kin of Morays, and Morays share "pret" with Meats/Meads. The Madeleys/Matleys are said to be first found at Matley of MOTTRAMin-Longdendale, and to have been at Mottram, where Malls (Cheshire) were too. For what it's worth, Tenants use a "A mast with a sail."

Ahh, the French Petits, possibly in the "peity" term in the Meat/Mead description, share the Coat of Chagne's, looked up because Guillestre is on "the left bank of the Chagne, a stream, tributary of the Guil..." The Chagne-like Chance's/CHAUNCERs, the pointer to cancer the crab, share the patonce cross of CHAGne-like Chase's, the latter first found in Hampshire with Chagne-like Change's/Changers in turn in the motto of Stanleys who in turn share the MacKenzie stag head, gold, as with the stag head of POPPins/Pophams (Hampshire)! It gives us some Meat- / Guillestre-related surnames to play with in seeking whether God is pointing to Apophis. Ahh, Poppins/Pophams are said to descend from GILBERT de Popham, perfect for the Guillestre line (I didn't know this Gilbert yet when writing the last sentence)!

Poppins/Pophams, with stag heads in the colors of English Steins/STYNs, have a "preSTINa" motto term. Ancient king Apophis was also "Apepi," and Pepins/Pepys share "Mens" in their motto with Pepins/Pepys, a good reason to assume that God arranged Poppins/Pophams to point to the Apophis asteroid.

The Chagne Coat is nearly the one of French Pole's/Saint-POHLs, first found in PICardy, recalling that Brightons share the PICK/Pix fitchees.

News Again, But Then Not

Ladies, beware tennis balls from your wombs:

The Rittenhouse court case has this underlying lesson to learn: Democrats are willing to jail for a long time, even for life, an innocent boy. Why wouldn't they do the same to you, Christian? Be careful. Luckily, Rittenhouse has a decent judge. Luckily, there was video to show what Rittenhouse did. Be careful, for they will frame you for anything at all. January 6 was a framing of Trump supporters for to throw them in jail to send a message to others not to stir up trouble against the mighty, invincible deep state. Therefore, be careful when you stir up trouble, be successful, nip away, expose, nip some more, rebuke, nip-nip-nip away. If it's rats they are, we can be more-numerous rats as they deserve. Attack from all sides simultaneously, make them use up their wits and their resources to keep us in control, for when they lose control, especially when they spend half their time trying to keep their false stories straight, they are dizzy retards for continuing their plans. They don't know how to make fast adjustments because they know they are vulnerable when they have a lot to lose, preferring to take things slow to make sure they don't blunder big. Make them nervous, because they are nervous going into this war about who's loyal to them, and who's not. Betray them, betray them good by resisting them, speaking against them. Do no wrong, and win souls for the anti-global, pro-Jesus side.

They are trying to steal the global government of Jesus, or, if they can't have absolute rule, they will destroy the earth as they fall to their destruction. They will lose control, the Bible says so. They will abuse us with fury as they go down. The joyous laughter will all be ours, hang in there. We must not tolerate those who jail innocent people, or fall silent while we are not in immediate danger. The Gospel is forgiveness and eternal life for all who side with Jesus, a total siding with him, unwavering. No love whatsoever for modern Sodom; we are many.

Don't make the mistake that some make, saying that the survival rate in 99-percent. That's a huge death rate, one per 100. The death rate is more like 99.998-percent for the youngest of people, and for reasons I can't understand, children are not dying of the flu this year or last as they had in other years...or, maybe the CDC was inflating the numbers of flu deaths as part of setting up the COVID/vaccination scheme. Although I dislike Trump's face throughout this video from some sort of duped Christian, Dr. Zelenko has some new facts he's bringing to the table of resistors:

Here's a video telling that the Japanese found stainless-steel fragments in Moderna vaccines, and for this reason the government canceled Moderna lots. So, why didn't we hear other governments finding stainless steel in the same Moderna batches? Stew Peters reported on it, word must have been getting around. Why would Moderna want non-rusting steel in the body? How permanent would it be in the body? Can the body get rid of steel when it's "large" rather than microscopic? Were the fragments sharp-edged, able to cut tissue? Why didn't Japan give the world details? Why wouldn't Western countries be concerned?

The video talks about Pfizer testing in a Texas lab, and so I checked to see what city the tests were done in and came to this:

...Some of those [Pfizer-vaccine] tests were done at the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston, Texas.

Why there?

...Virologist Pei-Yong Shi moved there six years ago from Singapore [pro-China], where he worked for the drug company Novartis. He was drawn to Galveston because it has what's called a BSL-3 facility, for biosafety level 3 a special lab that allows researchers to safely work on dangerous viruses.

I think I'll think that Shi was "drawn" (commissioned) to Galveston because the Galveston National Laboratory (not the same as the Texas-Medical lab above) has been literally partnered with the Wuhan lab in certain areas (that no one's talking about in standard media). Otherwise, it's one fat coincidence that the Galveston lab secured someone from Singapore having nothing to do with Fauci's gain-of-function scheme.

Someone else wrote (November, 2020): "The University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston is a participant in the global Pfizer trial, launched in late July." That's got to be the test that was a story earlier in this update, with Polly, the test mentioned in the video above too, the test that had problem after problem as if nobody cared about doing true tests because the goal was not safety to begin with.

So, the Galveston I focus on in my writings is now discovered to be a "participant" in the Pfizer trial, which sounds like a wink-wink partnership to me because, if Texas Medical were a true participant, on the up-and-up, the trials would not have been so terribly done, breaking all the rules and having signs of was expected by millions even before news came out last week on how unprofessional the testing was (on something so important as a new type of vaccine never before unleashed on the general public). IN FACT, the testing was not testing at all, because true testing takes years, to assure no long-term ill-effects.

None of the regular, big-media (U.S. or UK) news orgs are covering the Pfizer-trial story. The whistle blower is of Ventavia Research Group, with addresses in Fort Worth and Keller, both in Texas. The whistle blower was "a former regional director at the Texas-based research organization Ventavia Research Group, which managed Pfizer vaccine trial sites...While verifying her statements and the information provided, The BMJ [British Medical Journal] received more evidence confirming that the vaccine trials did not meet the standards declared by Pfizer..." It appears that the BMJ did it's own testing to assure that the whistle-blower (Brook Jackson) is honest.

It's truly a wonder how the British Medical Journal can be so far out on a limb with such a story that global powers would not touch, knowing they'd be in trouble to do so. We need more medical journals like this. Proof of corruption at Ventavia: "The [BMJ] article said that Ventavia, who Jackson said was selected to quickly ramp up Pfizer's COVID vaccine trial, fired Jackson the same day she complained to the [Food and Drug Administration] agency." Same day. Iron fist. No talk. Backfire. Exposed.

Here's from the same article by a "fact-checker" type of see-no-evil liberal: "Asked for a response, Ventavia spokeswoman Lauren Foreman discredited The BMJ article, written by investigative journalist Paul THACKER." Never mind what Foreman says, as that's going to be biased, of course, in total denial of the charges. If a fact-checker goes to the party that's been charged with a crime to get the truth, and if that's the final word on the truth, that fact-checker is an imbecile. "Thacker" is highlighted because Thatchers/Thackers share the grasshopper with Fauchys. What's the chances of that? I know of only three surnames with grasshoppers.

Another interesting set of heraldry is where Ventavia has an office in Fort WORTH and Keller while Kellers share eagle heads (different colors) with Thackers/Thicks. Kellers (Swabia) and Jacksons have black eagle heads, and those of Jacksons are in both colors of the giant, double-headed eagle of Worths. While Brook Jackson is the whistle-blower, Brooks were first found in Essex with Thatchers/Thackers. Did God arrange these sets of heraldry to point to this whistle-blowing event? Perhaps the most amazing thing is that there is a RAMPant brown lion in the Worth Crest while Ramps have two such lions, and moreover it's curious that "RAMP up Pfizer's COVID vaccine trial" was part of a quote above. My 2017 Obama dream had Obama on his skateboard upon a RAMP that pointed to Francis Collins of the NIH (Tony Fauci's boss).

Oh wow, Worths were first found in Budleigh (Devon, same as English Diamonds/Dinans), and Budleigh's/Bodillys share the Corona / Coron crown!!! CORONA virus! Bodilly is a location in CORNwall, where a Bude location of the Buds is situated too. Thackers/Thicks use "diamonds" in the colors of the "fusils" (same diamonds) of Diamonds/Dinans.

The Diamonds look like a pointer to Francis Collins because they have Sir Francis Page in their write-up, suggesting that Fusils are using a version of the Payen/Pagan Coat because the latter were first found in Dauphine with Fusils and Page's/LePage's while English Page's were first found in Devon (beside Courcys) with Diamonds/Dinans. Francis', first found in Oxfordshire with a Diamond/Dinan branch, share the three eagles of Courcys (Somerset, same as Paine's/Payne's) who in turn are said to be from Foxcote (Foscot) of Oxfordshire. Courseys/Courcys (not English Courcys) were first found in Ile-de-France with LePage's (share Page/LePage Coat) while French Courcys are in Payen/Pagan colors and format. The "OMNia" motto term of Courseys/Courceys can be a pointer to my OMEN that predicted my mugging in Galveston. CURTSYs have eagle heads in colors reversed from the eagles of the other English Francis'.

Ahh, the Paine's/Payne's share the lion of Whistle's (Somerset, same as Paine's/Payne's), and we are on the topic of the Pfizer whistle blower! Whistle's share the lozenges of Stolls pointed to by my "stool pigeon," and these lozenges are in the colors of the Thacker/Thick lozenges (diamonds)! PERFECT!

Mrs. Kilpatrick actually did a CURTSY toward me while she was in the CENTER ISLE of church on the only day I wore a TIE to her church. The Centers can be expected with the "center" term describing the five Budleigh birds. I resolved that God was pointing to the Isle's/EELS' (because they are in Tie colors and format), and the reason for repeating this is the eel in the Crest of Irish FOYs, for Ainsley Earhardt's daughter is Hayden while the Haydens sharing the Beauty bull have a "foy" motto term. Two Foy surnames come up as "Foix." So, the question is, why is a section here, that seems to be on Francis', involving Sleeping Beauty along with my omen a few hours before reaching Baytown, a home of Mrs. Kilpatrick, seven months before I met her? Isle's/Eels' were first found in Somerset with Courcys (and Bulls and Friends).

Curtsy-like Courcys were at Foxcote, and Foscots/Foxcote's (new to me) are in Basford/Bashford (and Nigh) colors and format. Ainsleys were first found in Basford, and so it looks like a pointer to Ainsley Earhardt of Fox and Friends in her role as Sleeping Beauty, for while Sleeping Beauty pointed to Devon's Walerans (almost the Beauty Coat), they have a "vos" motto term while German Vos' have a fox while Dutch Vos' are also Fos', the makings of "FOScot." The amazing thing here is that my omen soon before arriving to Galveston was at/ear Beaumont, and while Beaumonts were first found in Dorset with Beautys, Waleran de Leavell married Miss Beaumont of Meulan while the Arms of Meulan shares the Texas and Vaux/Vallibus Coat, all connectable to Faucets at Fauxside. It's got Fauci all over it.

I'm reading that the drive from Beaumont to Baytown is 1.5 hours, and so the omen was before reaching Beaumont, for the sun was down when getting to the ramp for the south turn to Galveston, and the sky was still afternoon-bright at the omen. I suggest that the omen took place more like at Lake Charles, which can work where Mrs. Kilpatrick was born, Charlotte Hicks, while French Charles' are listed with Charlotte's, in Hicks colors and near-format. However, if I was at Lake Charles, then I was wrong about being in Texas during the omen, for Lake Charles is in Louisiana. I was on a Mississippi barge when asking someone where a good place to go was for seeing the Gulf of Mexico, and he suggested Galveston. Whether I crossed the Mississippi at Memphis or Greenville, I would have gone through Alexandria either way. From there, the road meets interstate 10 (where the omen took place) between Lake Charles and Jennings (see map if you care to).

Irish Jennings happen to share the Budleigh Chief!!! It's the Chief with the Corona / Coron crowns!!! PERFECT! And we would not have arrived here if not for the Thacker surname of the Pfizer whistle-blower. And wow, the Sheoinin variation of Irish Jennings indicates that they had merged with the Fox's/SHINocks, for they both share the same lion. And the Irish Shins happen to share the Collins bend! English Shins/Chine's/Chings were first found in Somerset with Whistle's, etc. English Jennings share the Gennes/Jennes fesse.

The omen was an ill feeling as I looked up to a small cloud covering the sun, and so that's how I have a recollection of the height of the sun in the sky. I was shooting the beautiful afternoon with a video camera (while driving) when I saw this omen. It was to the front of my vehicle as I drove west, but also a little out the driver's window to the south...I'm guessing a couple of hours before hitting the horizon. It gets dark about an hour after the sun hits the horizon. I got on to interstate 10 about 150 miles from where I hit the ramp for a bladder dump (couldn't hold it in any longer). It was rush hour for most of that way toward Baytown and Houston, and so it probably took over three hours for that 150-mile drive. So, yes, the omen was at Lake Charles roughly, and it just so happens that while Francis' have the Child Coat in colors reversed, Childs share the eagle of English Charles' (look like Egg kin). English Charles' were first found in Suffolk with Cursys/Kersys while Courcys share the three Francis eagles! GOOD ONE! After the Kilpatricks moved from Baytown to the Nueces canyon, they moved into a home previously owned by Mr. Childs.

Walerans were at Bradfield, and while the latter share the annulets of Bulls/Bule's expected in the Waleran / Beauty bulls, Bradfields were first found in Suffolk with the Tigers in the Waleran Crest, and with the CURsys/KERceys. Sleeping Beauty appeared with a car, and Cars are also CURRs/KERRs. As I've said, for one scene only, I saw myself in the dream as a spectator: I was walking to her car with no shirt, just my JEANS!!! Is that to support the inclusion of Jennings to this discussion? Yes, I feel that this is correct as per the fact that the Corons/Corona's/Coroners (share Jennings crowns) were first found in Cheshire with the Shirts, and with the Eggs/Edge's who connect well both to Charles' ("AUGet") and to Ice's/Ecco's/Icke's (another pointer to poison vaccines) while Hicks are likewise Icke's.

Suddenly, the car with Sleeping Beauty finally gets deciphered with Curtsy-like Cursys. She was hovering LEVEL in the car, and Levels are listed with Leavells, the Waleran-Beaumont line. Currs are expected in the motto of Dinham-like Denhams, and we just saw Dinhams with Thacker-beloved Diamonds (Devon again). As I said, when I got to Baytown some hours after the omen, it was dark, and so I took a leak on a highway RAMP while I was facing the Baytown city lights, and Francis Collins has been pointed to by the Ramps in the Obama dream. Beauty. If God is in all of this, it's not because he has something nice for Obama.

OHHH, the Bodleigh write-up: "Some of the first records of the family include: Hamelin de Bodlei". Not only are Budleigh's new to me, but when on Hamiltons and Hamils a few weeks ago, I didn't look up Hamelins, and they share the Beauty Coat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sleeping Beauty turned out to be the wife of Hamilton Kilpatrick!!!! As I've been saying, the same dream's British bulldog pointed to a photo online in the Baytown Sun where Hamilton Kilpatrick is posing with Spuds MacKenzie, a bulldog mascot for BUD light beer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "BUDleigh" almost sounds like "Bud Light." THIS LOOKS LIKE A POINTER TO VENTAVIA'S FORT WORTH LOCATION, especially as some of Hamilton's relatives have/had Forth Worth addresses. As said, I bought this British bulldog in Hamilton, Ontario, a few months before seeing Mrs. Kilpatrick for the first time.

The Beautys are listed with BOWds, possibly showing a relationship to Bows/Boughs, and it just so happens that Buds/Bude's share bows (different colors) with Bows/Bough's. While Sleeping Beauty was fashioned (in the dream) as my future wife, it's partly due to dukes of Hamilton ruling the KilBRIDE area of Arran, which should explain why McBride's/Kilbride's have a giant cinquefoil in half the colors of the Hamilton cinquefoil. Ahh, Ainsleys have "an arm emBOWED" in Crest, more evidence that Ainsley Earhardt was Sleeping Beauty.

I don't like to give addresses of the Kilpatricks, but I think the following is necessary. The Kilpatrick family is on a certain webpage with Stephen Kilpatrick (Hamilton's brother, I think), who has an address in McKinney, Texas. While the second fulfillment of Sleeping Beauty is Ainsley Earhardt, she had a husband, Mr. McKinney, and I think she married him while she was working in Texas (San Antonio). Ainsley has a daughter, Hayden, while Haydens not only share the black bull of Beautys and Hamelins, but the Hayden motto is, "FERME EN foy," looking like code for FOREMANs/Fermans or their Firmen branch. We just saw Lauren Foreman of Ventavia speaking to Jackson's charges! Plus, McKinney is the seat of COLLIN county, what are the chances? Irish Collins share the double-brown combatant lions of Ramps, and while the same lion is in the Worth Crest, Worths share the double-headed eagle of the Kilpatrick-related Maxwells! Incredible.

But there's more, because one McKinney Crest looks like it has the "salmon" of McCabe's/McAbbe's (Arran, same as McBride's/Kilbride's) because both surnames share the same fesse, both in Ham and Hammer colors for a potential connection to Hamilton / Hamil / Hamilin liners. But the amazing part is that the McCabe/McAbbe salmon is in both colors of the "fish" of Pfizer-like Fissers/Vissers while the Fish surname almost has the Coat of vaccine-like Vychans/Vaughns! There we have the great importance of the McKinney location, in Texas, and the Texas surname even shares the Coat of Fauchy-connectable, English VAUX's/Vallibus', first found in Cumberland with Ramps!

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH NO GUFF: Budleigh's (suspect with CORONa crown) use "five BIRDs, one in the center, one in each CORNer," and while Birds/Burds share the Hicks / Ainsley / Diamond fleur-de-lys, Corners/Garners not only share the Crab fleur-de-lys, but have a red griffin head between wings in Crest, same as the Crest of Cancer-like Chance's/CHAUNCERs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are now back to Apophis, what Spuds MacKenzie points to. I showed recently how Stanley-beloved Change's/Changers link to Chance's/Chauncers, and told that I asked Mrs. Kilpatrick whether a certain Stanley was "your BUDDY." Buddys/Bodys are listed with Botters, first found in Hampshire with Change's/Changers, and with the Chase's sharing the Chance/Chauncer patonce.

As said, my British bulldog was set up on peoples' lawns to celebrate their BIRThdays (usually 40th and 50th), and Births/Berts go well with the "FIVE birds" of Budleigh's/Bodillys because they were both first found in Devon...with Beers. The FIVE's/Fifys and Fife's are connectable to Cornwall's VIVians/Veys, and Dutch Veys use a BOOT.

Plus, Hampshire is where Botter-like Potters were first found who share the Jackson cinquefoils!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The horse in the Jackson Crest has "droplets of blood," and the Kilpatrick dagger has "drops of blood." Bloods/Bluds share the lodged stag with the Crest of Maxwells (share the Kilpatrick saltire). Maxwells share holly with Jackson-like Jacks, the latter first found in Renfrewshire with Hamiltons. Potters (suspect from Poitiers at Poitou) are in the colors of Budells/Bottle's (said to descend from Roger of Poitou) who in turn share crowns (different colors) with Budleigh's/Bodillys. Jewish Funks, a pointer to gain-of-FUNCtion in the last update, have a "black bird" in crest to go with the black "birds" of Budleigh's/Bodillys. Birds/Burds have a lone flory cross colors reversed from the lone Chance/Chauncer cross.

The Funk lozenges are in the Chief of Schobbie's/Scobbie's as "diamonds." The same lozenges are used by Budell-like Bedells/Bedwells/Bidewells and Beatle's, isn't that something? The Funk Coat is shared by corona-like Crone's ("fusily"), first found in or near Bute. It was Diamonds who use fusil-type lozenges. The Crest of Scottish Crone's is a "fish issuing" while Fish's essentially have the Coat of vaccine-like Vychans/Vaughns. The new thing now is that the Fauchy-connectable Thackers/Thicks use "A BITTERn settling in the reeds," while Bitters, with the Thacker/Thick fesse in colors reversed, almost have the Wake Coat. Wake's were kin of Orrs/Ore's (CORNucopia) whose motto has another "OMNia," and moreover the Orr/Ore motto looks connectable to the "bon" motto term of Hicks. I now see that Hicks share the Thacker/Thick fesse. AHH, I've got it: the Orr/Ore Chief-Shield colors are those also of Thatchers/Thackers!!! That's the surname sharing the Fauchy grasshopper! That's why I was told to wake Sleeping Beauty, now going to poison vaccines with certainty! Bitters use roundels and the Rundel/Roundel fesse.

I had no shirt on at the wake scene, and Shirts, sharing red roundels with Bitters, Orrs/Ore's and Wake's, are suspect with the Tancred Coat, and Tancreds were a Tack/THACKERy branch! BEAUTY work O LORD. It's not always easy to decipher dream scenes when God wants to do bread crumbs from one surname to another to convince the reader that he's behind the scenes' props.

The Chase's recalls the day I tooted my horn at Mr. Casey at the GATE of the Kilpatrick residence, a few hours after he listed my Texas property for sale, on the day he told me he had listed the Kilpatrick property for sale too, otherwise I would not have known that the Kilpatricks had moved. Had I not known, a lot of heraldic links I've made due to the move would not have been made. Or, put it this way, that had I not been compelled by the 1979 dream to write Mrs. Kilpatrick a letter (2011) after she moved, we would not have seen McKinney, Texas, above, and I would not have known that at least one of the Kilpatrick children had a Forth Worth address. Irish Caseys have three eagle heads in the format of the three Keller eagle heads, and both Caseys and Thackers/Thicks share red eagle heads. Thatchers/Thackers (Essex, same as Chance's/Chaucers and Mountains) have a single moline in the colors of the Chance/Chauncer patonce.

The "Saxon sword" in the Thatcher/Thacker Crest is almost the scimitar in the Ainsley Crest, and while Ainsleys (Nottinghamshire, same as early Annas') were an Annas branch, it's amazing that Annas' have a version of the Thatcher/Thacker Coat. To refresh your memory, the writer of the Pfizer article in British Medical Journal has a Thacker surname. Prior to working at Fox news, Ainsley was with KENS news in Texas, and while McKinneys share the fesse of Coffee's/Coffers, I bought a NEWSpaper and Coffee in Victoria, Texas, the day I was mugged in Galveston. This is why I started to write this heraldry in the first place, upon discovering that Texas Medical has a lab in Galveston too. The News'/Nuces' share the "chaplet" with Hicks' and with Saxons expected in the Saxon sword of Thatchers/Thackers. Mrs. Kilpatrick was born, Miss Hicks, and while Ainsleys were at Basford, Bash's can be gleaned as News' / Newes' kin.

For more than ten years, houseofnames has claimed that Annas' were first found in Nottinghamshire, but recently, since I've been linking Annas' and Ainsleys, Nottingham has been wiped out of the Annas write-up, and Annas are now said to be first found in Lincolnshire with HANNitys. It's online that Ainsley Earhardt was at Sean Hannity's place, and that they were dating. She participated on a Hannity show at times. Hannitys use "Firme" while Haydens use "FERME en FOY" while two FOIX surnames are listed with Foys. It looks like God's intelligent design to point to Fox news, a Mickey-Mouse operation that holds back key realities from the people. The Hayden Shield under the black bull is almost that of German Ducks while James LeDUC runs the Galveston National Lab.

Plus, the other English Haydens have a cross in the colors of the Thatcher/Thacker / Chauncer cross. The last update was loaded with the Gain / Gains surnames in a quest to see if they point to gain-of-FUNCtion, a thing engaged in by people at the Galveston National lab. Jewish FUNKs share the Texas / Vaux Coat. Gains/ENgaine's share the dancette of bull-using Haydens. GAINs/ENgaine's are in AINsley / Hicks colors, and almost in Hicks format too. The Annas' are almost the Ennas surname that happens to be listed with McKinneys, what are the chances? Ainsleys come up as Ensleys/Endsleys/EndLSLEY, interesting where LESLIE's (Stanley colors and format) share the green griffin head with Chase's (Stanley-connectable). The Ennas'/McKinneys are linkable with Kims (Bute) to mythical Morgan le Fay, a witch of Avalon (= Bute, beside McKinney-connectable McCabe's of Arran), and as she was code for Morgans, that's probably why the Ennas/McKinney lion heads are in Morgan-lion colors. The Budleigh's have a "A gold crown eMERGINg from a sun," and Mergens are listed with Morgans. Ennis' (not "Ennas"), are in the Annas write-up, and were first found in Cornwall with Bude.

The Morgan lion can also be with Irish Gains'/Gaynors. The Ains'/Hains/Haynes' essentially have the three Olden crescents while German Gains'/Gauntz's were first found in OLDENburg (same as Jeepma's/Cheps). The super thing is, the Ains/Hain crescents happen to have the six pale bars of Cams/GAME's while Gains/Engains are also EnGAME's, and the Cam river of CamBRIDGE is at least near the first-known, Bridge-beloved Crabs who in turn share the fleur-de-lys of German Gains'/Gauntz's. The Gaunt-connectable Ghents have eagles colors reversed from the Jeepma/CHEP eagle, and Ponder-loving CHEPmans were first found in Cambridgeshire with Crabs and Ponders while Spanish Ponts/Ponds and Italian Ponti's use a bridge. As Ponders and Ponds/Ponts (Hampshire, same as Ghents) share the black boar with English Bush's/Buschs, the fleur-de-lys of Gains'/Gauntz's and Crabs look like the one of German Bush's/Buschs and Boschs. French Gains' were first found in Ile-de-France with Chappes' while Scottish Chappes'/CHEAPS ("ears of wheat") were first found in Stirlingshire with Bude-like Bauds.

Ahh, Hall of Names tells that there is a second Ennis surname with blue estoiles on a Shield half gold, in which case they are the Bute/Butt estoiles in colors reversed.

The Morgan lion is in colors reversed from the same of Triggs and Drigs, and the latter two have RISING suns while Sleeping Beauty ended up rising into the sky as a pointer to BUTua/BUDva and Rhizon. But she did not rise before she fell asleep in what could be a pointer to vaccine illnesses, for, as Judy Mikovits claims, vaccines from decades ago caused AUTism while Sleeping Beauty appeared with an AUTO. The Auto's/Otto's use a black bull too, the Beauty symbol. Drigs use "darts," the Brock-Crest symbol, and Darts/Dards (Devon, same as Budleigh's and ChudLEIGH's) look like line of Sleeps, the latter first found in Shropshire with Leightons, kin of neighboring Leigh's, the possible namer of BudLEIGH's. Ainsleys were at BROXton while Brox's/PROCKs/Brocuffs have the Brock Chief-Shield colors. Ainsley's daughter was with Mr. PROCtor as father. Brocks were first found in Essex with the Low Leighton of Hicks, and with the Brooks who apparently bring us back to Brook Jackson, the Pfizer-trial whistle-blower.

Or put it this way, that while Leightons share the Coat of Says (Shropshire, same as Leightons), Mortone-say (Shropshire) was home to Cliffs who married Stichs (Cheshire, same as Leigh's) who in turn share the Brook Coat.

The Courcys use "OMNia VERITAS," and then the Williams use "verite" while sharing the gyronny of Hoppers expected in the Thatcher/Thacker and Fauchy grasshopper. Charlotte Hicks married Dr. HW Kilpatrick, as he's always called, short for Hamilton WILLIAM. Thatchers/Thackers look like Annas kin, and while Annas of Israel (high priest who condemned Jesus to death) was also ANANus, Cursys/Kerceys share the Annan(dale) saltire. Annandale is in Dumfries with the first-known Scottish Kilpatricks. I trace Annas' Sadducee ancestry to TANAGRa of Boeotia/Boiotia, suspect to the TANKERville's sharing the Hamilton cinquefoils, and then Tankerville-branch Tanks/Tancreds are in Shirt colors and format. The Thackers look like they can apply to a Tanagra line because Tacks/THACKERys are said to have been a Tankerville branch.

Tanagra was home to the mythical father of Orion, the god who had a urine symbol, explaining, I think, why I urinated on the ramp facing Baytown, for Bays/Bayes' can be from the Bayeux's Baiocasses, said to be BOII, feasibly from "Boiotia." Leaks share the Hicks fleur-de-lys.

Orion Raimes with Orange

Amazingly, I am in the process of testing ORANGE juice for by bladder problem, and I've been meaning to report this in my updates in case someone picks it up and shares it. Like most men after middle age, I have the problem of draining only half a bladder. They say it's due to a swollen prostate gland that blocks the urinary track to a degree. But about six weeks ago, full drains were happening over a period of two weeks, making me wonder whether it was something I was eating. Then, one day, within an hour of drinking orange juice, I had a full drain. I then drank two containers of frozen juice over four days, and my bladder was doing full drains for days and days. However, at the time of the realization that orange juice could be the solution, I was daily on 325 mg of Aspirin, 2,000 UI's of vitamin D3, and 1,000 mg of vitamin C tabs. I canceled all three and did the test with orange juice alone to get decent results, but I want to see, starting any day now, whether it's the juice and aspirin, or the juice and D3, that makes by pipes work like brand new. I took the vitamin C tabs alone a couple of weeks ago, but they did nothing...suggesting that the body may not take in vitamin C much from tabs. Or, maybe it's something else in the orange juice that's relaxing whatever's blocking the pipe.

I have not purchased orange juice or oranges in several years until recently. Time after time over the past couple of weeks, I would have a full to near-full drain starting an hour after drinking a cup of orange juice (it can't be prostate cancer to work that fast), and for hours afterward, sometimes into the next day if I have a second cup. The success is a little spotty, and so I'm going to try juice and D3 now. I'll fill you in because there's a lot of people who have this problem. It was great to sleep all night and not need to get up twice to visit the toilet (there were odd nights with four visits).

I'm still testing this, but the reason I'm telling it now, prematurely, is due, not only to the "orange" vs. "Orion" comparison, but because I saw an Orange location on the map above, between Lake Charles and Beaumont!!! Is that not amazing? I pee'd at the ramp about two hours after driving through / past Orange. Did God arrange for this orange-juice test?

I kid you not, that while whatever named mythical Orion (I say the proto-Iranians = Aryans) had later named the Orne river of the Bayeux, and while Orne's are listed with the Horns -- expected in hunting horns because Orion was a mythical hunter -- the rulers of Orange, and even the Orange surname, use the hunting horn. As Orange is near Beaumont, note that Beaumonts share the Nassau lion, for Nassau merged with Orange. Orange is on the Rhone river not far up from the mouth of the Durance on the Rhone. Compare "Rhone" with "Orion." Nassau's cover their Shield with billets while Tacks/Thackarys use the motto term, "NoBILITas." Billets (Devon again) share the Tankerville cinquefoils, and French Billets are listed with Billiards while Obama on his ramp is in my Obama dream.

Did God arrange the word, juice, to point to Jews of the Sadducees?

[Insert -- The morning after writing on the orange juice, I was at the toilet getting a full drain, and remembered that the Drain surname has an orange-like lion! The Drain surname was not on my mind yesterday at all. I was going to use another word at first, "dump," but that wasn't the right word, and so I came up with "drain." Orange is not an official heraldic color, and it's very rare!!! Plus, it's the perfect word because Drainers are listed with Dragons while myth had the Ares dragon killed in Boeotia by mythical Cadmus, a descendant of urine-line Uranus. Cadmus was descended from Poseidon, son of Corona-like Cronus, son in turn of Uranus. Poseidon was named for the Pisidians, the namers of piss-like Pisa!!! Reines' have the Pisa Coat in colors reversed!

I told of the time that a mouse got caught in a mouse trap in my basement, where it dragged the trap until it got stuck between the rock floor and a 2 x 6 floor JOIST. As God showed that Obama can be depicted by a mouse, I thought this mouse had to do with Obama, for he was on the board of a joist-like Joice Foundation (social activists). Compare "juice" to "Joice." CadMUS was named partly from MUS of Lake Van. Joice's/Choice's share the giant, double-headed eagle of Spike's, and vaccines have spike proteins.

The point of re-telling this mouse story is: I have RAIN water from the roof coming through the block wall into a natural pool in the rock floor, over which I built the floor. The mouse trap got trapped at the top rim of this pool, and DROWNed during a rainfall (Uranus' pee), as the pool level rose, which is how I discovered that Drowns are listed with Drains. It's got Orion all over it now because Drowns have the orange lion, but it may have hints of Apophis/Apepi too. For what it's worth, the demi-orange lion in the Drain Crest is in the Crest of Scottish Blacks while English Blacks share the Drain Chief. It's the Washington Chief too, but amazingly, it's the Schim/Schien Chief too! The latter share the Mole boar head while "mole hills" are used by Schim-connectable Shake's expected from SCHIMatari, home of mythical Orion! The "comite" motto term of Schims/Schiens can even connect to the "comet" of piss-pointing Reigns'!

Schim-branch Skene's have swords with "BLADE's pointing up," which is not there for nothing. Urine is stored in a BLADDer. Nobody in heraldry likely had that idea in mind when using "blade," but God could have just for this paragraph. Yes, for I've just loaded Scottish Franks because I know without looking that they have the Blade saltire, and lookie there what popped up in the Frank Crest: an orange lion! You can't believe it because the chances are so slim. I didn't consciously know of any other surnames using an orange lion (besides Blacks and Drains, when starting this paragraph, and I did not start this paragraph because I knew Franks to have an orange lion; it was not found until after writing on the bladder. God wants to prove to you that He's in this heraldic work. Both German Franks were first found in Bohemia, a country named by the Boii, and so it appears that Boii were from Orion elements of BOIOTia.

Ahh, wunderbar. The orange lion of Franks has a "tail forked," recalling the SHAKEfork of Cunninghams. The latter's motto: "Over fork over." Shake's can be shown to be from Shechemite namers of Schimatari! It can explain the hunting horns of Scottish Hunters (share Tatton greyHOUND), first found in Ayrshire with Cunninghams. The International Order of Saint HUBERTus is a hunting group, and Huberts (Cheshire, same as Tattons, beside English Hunters) were at Curzon while Scottish Hunters have a "Cursum" motto term.

It appears that God gave me a not-so-great bladder for this pointer. I often view the Revelation asteroid as God's urine on his fat-cat enemies, the cunning sharks. The Father of Jesus is the true sky God. Let's call Apophis a kidney stone. Yes, for kidney stones are caused by urine, and come through the urine PIPE. Apophis. "If you have a [kidney-stone] blockage, you may only urinate a little bit each time you go." Do I have a kidney stone(s)? No, I've never had the symptoms, whew.

The rain water not only drains through a PIPE from the roof, but out another pipe that drains the rock pool naturally at times by the siphon principle. Pipe's share the Pepin/Pepy Coat. When the siphon action isn't working, I have a sump pump sitting in the pool (usually not more than a foot deep), and so I check the pool level at times to assure the siphon action is working (it usually is). That's what I was doing when finding the drowned mouse. I plugged in the PUMP, and when walking toward the door to leave the basement, I saw the mouse drowned. When telling this story, I checked the Pump surname to find it listed with Popps/Pope's/Pape's, a good pointer to Apophis in this case, let me tell you why.

Ada of Warenne married Mr. HUNTINGdon, and Warrens share the Pump/Popp/Pape checks. The Aid/Ade Coat is a version of the David Coat because Ada's husband had king David as his father, and the fesse-with-mouse of Misls/Meisels/MAYsl's is in the colors and format of the fesse-with-lion of Davids (Cheshire, same as Massey liners). MAIA was the first star-daughter of Atlas. Maisys share the dragon (likely code for Dragons/DRAINers) with the Deweys suspect in the motto of David-branch Davis' (share David Coat), and Deweys (look like Potter kin), sharing the Dragon/Drainer fesse, share the Maisy cinquefoils. Who named Maisy Mouse (cartoon character) and why?

AHHH, amazing: I've just looked up Mickeys for obvious reason, and they share the double-headed Joice eagle in both colors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God must be calling Obama a Mickey Mouse! It definitely appears as though God set the mouse up to drown under the joist as a pointer to the Joice Foundation. The Mickeys share the "salmon" of McCabe's of Orion-line Arran! Mickeys use a "ship of WAR, sails furled," possible code for Warenne liners. Mickie's have "ears of barley" in the first quadrant, and BARLeys (Herefordshire, same as Barrels) share the gold boar in Crest with war-like Weirs/Vere's and Eure's/Ivers. The colors of shape of the ears of barley look connectable to the Keppochs in the Mickie write-up.

Mickie-like Micks have a couple of wings in Crest looking linkable to the two blue wings of Cancer-like Chance's/Chauncers, and Crabs happen to share the Mick fleur-de-lys. Micks look like Michaels of Surrey, for the father of Ada of Warenne was in Surrey.

By the way, Mickie's were first found in Silesia with Handle's and Handells, recalling my dream with the barrel-shaped piece missing from my Jeep's door handle (the dream said, barrel-shaped). That dream started with my RIDING a SHOPPing cart that pointed, with Shop variations and Ridings, to the Scherff-Bush family. Micks, sharing the Bush fleur-de-lys, mention a Mikusch SCHOPPe. Schopps/Scobels share the three fleur-de-lys of the Courage's (Essex, same as Chance's/Chauncers and Mountains) in the motto of dagger-using Comyns, and the Mickie Crest has a dagger too. Schope's/Scope's share the Mountain / BRIGHTon fesse, and while the Schope/Scope Coat is the Over Coat in colors reversed, MickleOVER is a location of the first-known Shore's/Sure's (in the motto of dagger-using Kilpatricks) expected in the Shoreland variation of Shops. While Bosco's are in the Rose write-up, rose leaves are used by Sobbe's/Sobers. This is the best I have ever done interpreting the first two scenes of the door-handle dream, but that's another story. The SCRope variation of Scope's/Schope's can from the line of Schore's / Shows/Schorrs because Shops are listed with Shorelands.

I found Pophams as Poppins initially because I was thinking of jumping off the porch ROOF of PEPIN TAFF, at age four or five, like Mary Poppins holding her umbrella i.e. a RAIN instrument. This same porch is where I pee'd accidentally on the head of the neighbor's kid, Pino, when he came walking around the corner of the porch under me as I stood on the porch railing draining the bladder. That event is how I discovered the urine symbol of Orion. As I said, I can not remember being at Pino's house aside from one occasion when at his garage, when a man showed me his HUNTING rifle. Orion is the mythical hunter, but so was mythical Atalanta, named after ATTALia in Pisidia, the namer of mythical ATLas, first son of Poseidon (as written by Plato). Atlas was given seven stars as his daughters, and Orion had his own star symbol. Uranus was the sky god, we can understand the reasons for these star symbols, and why Uranus-like Orion was one of the constellations.

I trace Hyksos to the Armenian god, Hayk. Wikipedia: "The Armenians identified their legendary patriarch and founder Hayk with Orion." "CADmus" is part-code for Cadusii Armenians, and part-code for Armenians at Mus. The Ardahan area of Armenia named the Ardiaei Illyrians, who had a boy-king, Pinnes, the character to whom Pino pointed.

Pisa was home to Taff-like Daphne, from a Daphne location in Phoenicia, the latter being ruled by Poseidon and Cadmus. Daphne was given the Ladon dragon as her father to show that Phoenicians from Daphne were on Pisa's Ladon river, near Arcadia, the birthplace of mythical Hermes, the Armenian character from Phoenicia's mount Hermon, location of Daphne. Hermes owned the caduceus as code for Cadusii Armenians, and the caduceus was a two-snake version of the rod of Asclepios, son of Cronus-like Coronis. The Phoenicians at mount Hermon named the Hermus river of Lydia, where Pelops was king who married a queen of Pisa, no coincidence. She was the daughter of OENoMAUS, named partly after king OENeus of Calydon, and partly after Mus elements, apparently.

I therefore feel that Armeno-Phoenicians of Daphne named the TAPHians of Attalia-like AETOLia, which area had Calydon, where Atalanta above was queen. This looks like the reason that God set me up urinating on Pino from the porch of Pepin Taff. New: Taffs love the Mea's/Mee's/Meigh's, making the latter look like Maia-line Atlanteans. It's hinting that Apophis Hyksos became Greeks in Aetolia / Calydon. Hermes' son, Pan, represented Phoenicians at Panias, right beside Daphne, as they moved to name the Peneus river of Pisa. "In Greek mythology, Orion was a gigantic, supernaturally strong hunter, born to Euryale, a Gorgon, and Poseidon..." "EURYale" looks like play of EURopa, Cadmus' sister. The Zeus Taurus (code for Tyrians) took Europa to Crete, which explains why the Taurus constellation is beside Orion, for Zeus was made brother to Poseidon.

Imagine how stupid the stupids were whose task it was to find designs in the stars that fit the bloodline / ethnical narratives they worshiped. There is no such thing as the Orion constellation, and it certainly does not look like a hunter, anyway. It's all rubbish. God does not respect this trash. This was satan's domain, to turn God's stars into pagan property. It continues rebelliously to this day with the naming of planets, moons and asteroids. It appears that the Apophis asteroid is aimed at Poseidon's sea domain. The Sea surname shares the wavy fesses of DRUMMonds, and I've traced the latter surname to "THERModon," a river of the Amazons that flows to the land of the KHALDi, which I claim named Calydon. Amazons were given a hunter symbol too, as was the king and queen of Calydon. Amazons on the Thermodon moved to Mus-line Mysia, beside Lydia. Mysians named Moesia, home to Pisa-like Picensii, and Pepin Taff married Miss Masci from Picenze. My father caught a Picensii-like pigeon on the porch roof of Pepin Taff, and handed it to my Masci mother through the window to the kitchen, where she cooked it. Orions/Irons/Hirams were first found in AIRAINES of PICardy. End insert]

Josephus claimed to descend from Curtsy-like Curtus Maccabee, and Avaran Maccabee looks like the line to Haverans sharing the Orne/Horn heron. Miss Hicks did a curtsy toward me, and my mother's Masci line is from Meschins of Bayeux, I therefore assume. Ferte-MACE on/off the upper Orne looks like a Maccabee line, especially as the experts wrongly say that "Maccabee" was named after a hammer while Massey liners seized upon the false idea to form the Maceys/Mace's using a mace = hammer...and naming Ferte-Mace, we can assume. "MaccaBEAUS" looks like it's named after Boii elements.

Oh wow, I didn't read the Cursy write-up until now to find that the surname was first found at Kersey TYE (in Babergh)! She did the curtsy on the only day I wore my TIE to church.

I've just realized that the Hicks motto may have a Car/Curr/Kerr branch. The "heure" motto term, that is, for the Eure's are also Cure's, and they even have an "oblivisCAR" motto term (I've just never realized this before). I just about flipped when scrolling back through the Coats to find who else I had seen sharing the gold boar head in the Eure/Cure Crest, for it turned out to be CURsys/Kerseys! So, yes, God apparently put Miss Hicks in the dream with a car because the Hicks motto has the Curr-branch Cure's/URE's (Leighton quadrants in colors reversed), and "uro" is a MacKenzie motto term to boot, how fantastic.

OH WOW. I had looked up Cure's as per a COVID / vaccine cure. I actually wanted to know whether Sleeping Beauty was pointing to a cure. I had forgotten that Eure's show a Cure variation, and so the point now is, IVERmechtin, for it does cure COVID, and Ivers are listed with Eure's/Cure's!!! FANTASTIC. That's one good reason she was asleep, yet rose up. It seems that they are many ways of viewing the same scenes. Is God going to do a miracle to ruin the COVID scheme? Temporarily? Is that what Brook Jackson will accomplish?

I tackled "IverMECHTIN" in the 3rd update of last month, suggesting that my MUGGing in Galveston points to it because Mugg-branch Madge's are also MACHETs...who happen to share the Hicks fleur-de-lys. It's not clear to me at all why a mugging in Galveston should point either to James LeDuc or his partners in crime, nor to Ivermechtin, but as I first saw Sleeping Beauty at the hood of the car while Hoods/Hoots have a motto, "ZEALous," note that Ivermechtin kits are being sold by Dr. ZELenko, the one who's popularized Ivermechtin in the first place. Zeals are listed with Seals, and I thought it was quite amazing (months ago) that the Lous'/Lou's, suspect in "ZeaLOUS," have 12 bendwise bars in the colors of the 12 fessewise bars of Haydens, and in the colors of the similar Coat of German DUCKS! That's amazing.

These are the Haydens with the Gain/Engain dancette, and these Haydens even have a "Ferme en" motto phrase while Formans/Fermans (version of the Firmen chevron-with-items) have the Lous/Lou Chief while adding the gold Firmen anchors into that Chief. The double-wavy Formen/Ferman fesses are even colors reversed from the three wavy fesses of Sea's i.e. who have the Seals in their write-up. The Forman/Ferman Chief is in the colors and format of English Ducks!!! The latter share the stars of Baberghs while Cursys/Kerseys were first found at Babergh. If that's not enough, the items on the Forman/Ferman and Firmen chevrons are in the colors of the Hood/Hoot Chief while German Hoods/Hope's have a giant anchor in colors reversed from the ones in the Forman/Ferman Chief. Something's going on here, and I do like the word, HOPE. Is Sleeping Beauty promising a victory over gain-of-function killers?

The Sea's/SEE's have Seals in their write-up, and as Sea's share the German Drummond Coat, note the "SEE warily" motto phrase of Corona-connectable Cornwalls, for Scottish Drummonds use "warily" too. Cornwalls (Devon, same as Hoods and Sea-connectable Tuckers, and beside Ducks) happen to share the stars of English Ducks. Just realized: Corn-like Scottish Crone's share the Funk Coat and the blue fish of Sea's/See's! Ahh, English Ducks were first found in Somerset with Sealys! Good one. Drummonds are suspect at Kildrummy of Mars, and French Mars/More's are in the colors and format of Sealys (the Moray Coat plus).

When choosing the title for this section, "Orion RAIMes with Orange," I was playing on "Orion Rhymes with Orange" with the Raim variation of Raines' in mind. But to my surprise, a Raimes surname (Essex, same as Raims/Raines' and Rams) then came up with a Rhymes variation, and it happens to share the Funk Coat. Raimes'/Rhymes' can be gleaned as a branch of Raymundo's. The latter were first found in Cremona, where Cremers point who are said to have been of Craner liners i.e. probably of the Crone's sharing the Raimes/Rhymes Coat. The other Cremers have a ram's head, and Cremers (share Faux/Fage/Chollens Chief and Shield) were part of vaccine-poison pointers, from God's ice-cream symbol suspect as a pointer to Ecohealth corruption.

BRAND NEW: Brittany's Raimes' (share Bright Coat) are also Rainbows likely in some heraldic rainbows. Hope's/Hopers (Bride colors and format) use the rainbow, and Hoppers (Reines-like "regni") are in the grasshopper of Fauchys, first found in Perigord with Faux's/Fage's/Chollens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Miss Hicks was born, Charlotte RENA Hicks, and I suspected her to be a pointer to HOPE Charlotte Hicks (worked recently for Trump and Fox news), and here we are with a good starter reason, for while Ice's/Ecco's are Icke's too, Hicks come up as "Icke." Amazing. The Coats of Ice's and Eggs look connectable to English Charles' while French Charles' are Charlotte's too!

CarPENTERs share the "globe" with Hope's/Hopers, and the Bellys who share the CARpenter motto have the eight-pointed star of Ducs/LeDucs. Penters have "spur rowells," and CLOSE's use the spur. Beware the vaccines. Another rainbow is with German Sage's while English Sage's (share CAR chevron) use "CLOSE caps," relevant because Cremers share a Kilpatrick Chief while Kilpatrick castle is/was at CLOSEburn while Close's have the triple stars of Raimes'/Rainbows. We are back here to the crabby Bright - Bride - Bridge pointers to the asteroid as pointed to by Hamilton Kilpatrick.

I've never trusted Hope Hicks (worked in the White House with Trump). Trump was diagnosed with COVID when she got it, and Bill Christie was suspicious in that affair, as it seemed his White-House enemies were trying to make Trump very ill. I learned only this week that Dr. Zelenko treated Trump at that time. End insert]

Scottish Crone's use a "fish ISSuing," suspect with the island of Issa, also called, VIS. This reminds that, in Galveston, for my first and last night, I locked the HATCH of my truck from the inside with VICE-grips. Vice's are listed with VISE's. The Cornwalls above with the Duck stars use "A Cornish chough HATCHing in the face of a rock proper." As I've said many times, the mugger that night raised his weapon high in his hand, with his other hand on my throat (he had both hands around my neck a second earlier), and thrust it toward my BELLY, but I blocked the thrust by raising my right KNEE. I get this now because Bellys (Moray) share the eight-pointed Duc/LeDuc star!!!! I didn't intend to realize that when starting the last sentence; I was going to say that Knee's (County DOWN) share the stag heads of Vice'/Vise and ACORNs -- both first found in Sussex with stag-using Downs -- and while Dutch Tromps have aCORNs (potential Corona liners), the stag head of German Tromps/Trumps is in the colors of the Down stag.

Trump still wants to be father of the vaccines; he's not yet warning about the killer problems with vaccines. Trump fast-abandoned hydroxychloroquine in favor of vaccines, but Dr. Zelenko made it hydroxychloroquine and zinc his trademark.

I'd like to add that I arrived to Galveston to see the SEA, but unfortunately, I arrived after dark. I wanted to see it in the open daylight. I drove past the shore anyway, and saw large, ominous waves in the headlights attacking the beach. Not a pleasant view. The Sea's use wavy fesses, and while "mar' is the French word for "sea," Scottish Mars almost have the Hatch/Hacch Coat, the latter being in Hicks colors.

When we go to Hatchets/Hackets, we find fish colors reversed from the Sea / Crone fish, and the Rock trefoil. The Bedwells / Beatle's sharing the Crone / Funk lozenges surprisingly have "GYRONNy" (I've not seen four-sectioned gyronny before) as well as a flaming fort on a "rock," suggestive of the flaming mountain of MacKenzie's. My point was that GERNONs share the Hatch/Hacch Coat, yet the sea waves at Galveston may have been God's idea (He led me to Galveston, right?) because MacKenzie's are pointers to the Revelation asteroid that hits the sea to cause massive waves. Hatchets/Hackets were first found in KilKENNY while Kennys are linkable to MacKenzie's. Kennys were first found in Galves(ton)-like Galway, and Galways use a bridge as a pointer to Cancer the crab. Apophis is coming in the Cancer constellation.

The amazing thing now is that while the omen-like "omnia" motto term has figured into this update from Courseys and Courcys, the motto is "Vincit omnia veritas," like the "Vincit veritas" of the Kennys who have a Chief in McKinney colors. The other Kennys share the crescents of HaZELs who appear named after Zeals (or vice-versa) because they share the same fesse and were both first found in Devon (beside Coffers/Coffare's and Heffers). As Maine's were first found in Devon too while they use a motto, "Projeci," Kennys can even be a pointer to Project Veritas. It's amazing that I bought the newspaper and COFFEE later in the day from the mugging, for Coffee's/Coffers (cups in Keefe colors) could be a branch of Keefe's/Keefers (Coffer/Coffare colors) while James O'Keefe founded Project Veritas. To top this off, the Kenny Crest shares "parchment" with the Crest of News'/Nuces' to which the newspaper pointed! This is new and it's working. Project Veritas is a Superman news organization of the real-news / investigated type.

Sea-branch SeaMENS (SUFFOLK, same as Bamberg-like Babergh) look connectable to Mens/Mame's (Midlothian, where Formans/Fermans were once said to be first found) because they share the red Chief with Formans/Fermans, and the latter's Chief has gold symbols, as does the same-colored Chief of POPPins/Pophams, and then while Poppo I was the founder of Babenbergs of Bamberg, Babergh of the Cursys/Kerseys is in SUFFOLK, where Corona-line Crauns/Crane's were first found who look linkable to Hicks. Plus, amazingly, Poppo I was in GRAPfeld/GRABfeld, like the Crabs now pointing to the APOPHis asteroid. As has been said, king Apophis/Apepi of the HYKSos is suspect to the Hicks surname (Baberg colors) due to her linking to MacKenzie's, for one reason amongst others.

This is amazing. Repeat: "Oh wow, I didn't read the Cursy write-up until now to find that the surname was first found at Kersey TYE (in Babergh)! She did the curtsy on the only day I wore my TIE to church." As I've said several times, I wore DOCKERS shoes that day, I remember it, and while German Ducks are also Dockers, English Dockers not only use a bridge to help point to the Bridge-beloved Crabs, and thus to Apophis, but the Sempers (Essex, same as Cancer-like Chauncers) in the motto of English Dockers share the Coat of DUCE's/DOOCYs, which shows lions in the colors of the lion heads of English Ducks. That's why I wore Dockers shoes. The problem I have with hoping in Ainsley Earhardt of Fox and Friends is that she does the show with Mr. Doocy, a pro-vaccine stooge.

To boot, German Ducks are Duckers while Tuckers (Devon, same as Hoods and Zeals/Seals) can be gleaned as Seamen / Sea kin, begging whether Tucker Carlson will spearhead the assault on the vaccine killers. Sleeping Beauty's car was on a beach, and the Beach canton has a pile that might be of the Carlsons. The Beach pile is used by Ainsley-beloved Countrys.

Here's from the same article as a quote or two above: "Foreman said that Ventavia has just under 100 employees and has been conducting clinical trial research since 2013." What? The government allowed a fledgling company without much track record to oversee a global-vaccination program where the vaccine itself had no good track record, and where animals had died when it was tested on them??? There's not much more to say on this story at this time.

Bill Gates, in view of the grand failures of the "vaccines," now says: "It's time to do away with the vaccines." Actually, no, he did not say that. Instead, he said: "We need a new way of doing the vaccines." I wonder what he's got in mind. Is he calling a time-out? Or is he paving the way for some scheme already designed?

Repeat: "Oh wow, I didn't read the Cursy write-up until now to find that the surname was first found at Kersey TYE (in Babergh)! She did the curtsy on the only day I wore my TIE to church." As was said, this tie, a birthday gift, had treble clefs as the design, and this goes excellently with the Zeals, for they not only share black wolf heads with Cleffs/Cliffs, but the latter married the Stiche's, a branch of Sticks from the Astikas' Lithuanians who in turn married a Traby family. Treble's were first found in Devon with Zeals/Seals and Trebys, you see, and the Zeal/Seal Crest is even the white wolf head of Scarfs while a "scarf" is used by Polish Trabys/Sadowski's.

PLUS, while Dr. Vladimir Zelenko (Lithuanian Jew, by any chance?) uses ZINC in his virus treatments, the treble-clef tie went excellently with Miss Hicks, because she's a SINGer, and English Sings/Singers (Devon again) share the Stick garbs! The Sings/Singers even share a white and courant horse with Jacksons (surname of the Pfizer-trial whistle-blower), and so let's repeat from above: "The horse in the Jackson Crest has 'droplets of blood,' and the Kilpatrick DAGGER has 'drops of blood.'" The white Zeal/Seal wolf head has "drops of blood"!!! I see vaccine injuries, blood clots. AHHH WOW, the white and courant horse is also used by Waistells/Wessels (share gold garbs with Sings/Singers) while Whistle's are also Wissels! Jackson is the whistle-blower!!!

Daggers were first found in Cumberland with Dockers above, and with Ramps!!! I pee'd on a ramp facing Baytown, where HW Kilpatrick practiced as a doctor i.e. a DOC. The dagger is in the Crest of Comyns who in turn have the Stick Coat on a blue Shield.

So, what can I say, that God arranged Miss Hicks to be a singer for pointing to Zelenko's popularization of zinc to ward off viruses? But didn't her singing just point also to Brook Jackson? Yes, and Brooks share the Stick and Sing/Singer garbs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When God's involved, there is hope. I suggest that God is backing Brook Jackson to dent vaccine companies a little more than they've already been dented. Recently, Zelenko claimed that some one billion people will be killed by the vaccines, and even more if more people are vaccinated without treatments.

The Arms of Traby is suspect with 666 in the strings of the hunting horns i.e. the symbol of the urine guy, Orion.

I can begin to suggest that God arranged the English LENKs to be first found in Worcestershire with Square's/Squirrels/Squire's because He wants to assure that "ZeLENKo" is to be a pointer to Zeals/Seals, for the latter were first found in Devon with HaZELs who not only share the Zeal/Seal fesse, but have a squirrel in Crest. This is amazing, for while Trabys/Sadowski's use a SCARF, the SCHERfs/Schere's/Schare's/Schire's have variations like those of Squirrels, and the Austrian Schere's use a "STICK," what are the chances??? The only think missing is the kitchen zinc. German Sinks (Bavaria, same as Lenks!) share the "branch" with German Lenks, zinger. The man holding the flowers in the Sink Coat has an "upper half," possibly code for the Have's/Haafs using ducks. German Ducks/Dockers were first found in Westphalia with German SELLENs/Sellers, a surname like doc "ZELENko."

I told the story several times about dismantling (wrecking) my camping TRAILer, when red buttons fell out of the kitchen cupboards into the kitchen sink. As Bidens are listed with Buttons, was that God's pointer to Zelenko wrecking Biden's vaccine plans with simple Zinc pills? I bought the trailer used (to live in for building my present home), and the red buttons were not mine. They were in the original package, a large SHIRT button, and a smaller collar button. The Bled-beloved Tous'/Tosini's have a man wearing a red shirt with buttons. Bleds have the Clare Coat in colors reversed, and Clare's (Suffolk, same as Teeger-like Tigers) are expected from SINClairs. Irish Clairs share five, white ostrich feathers with the Arms of Traby. The Clair feathers are "out of an anTIQUE Irish Crown," and TICKs (version of Teague/TEEGER Coat) with a Duck-like Tuck variation almost have the Stump Coat while Stumps are in Kitchen colors and format. The kitchen sink.

The Irish crown can be expected to the Irish and Coron / Corona surnames, and the Irish's share the fesse of German Lenks. Ahhh, wow, the Irish's were first found in Shropshire with the Dol Alans and the Singe's/Syngs (new to me here), explaining why Irish's share the Dol fesse, and then DOLfins/Dolphins (Dol colors) share white dolphins with English Sinks!!! This is fun. Recall Orange-Nassau, a line from Orion, for while Dutch Nassau's are Naso's, Italian Naso's share the millstone with Singe's/Syngs. (I can glean that English Sinks were Rothes kin.)

The buttons in the trailer is how I found the Trails/Teigns...who were in the last update with the topic of Yards of Chudleigh (Devon again). Unbelievably, Yards (from the Obama dream immediately after his RAMP scene) share the "water bougets" of Kitchens in both colors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is UNBELIEVABLE. Plus, there is a "sea" in the Trail/Teign Crest, and Sea's are the ones mentioning Seals! INCREDIBLE COINSINKDENCE. And the Trail/Teign Coat looks linkable to Lenk-like Lynch's/Linch's.

Dentist-like Dents happen to be in the colors and format of Sinks, and shortly after finding the red buttons fallen into the sink, I had a dream where my corrupt dentist, after a golf game with me, laughed at the red buttons on my shirt while driving home. I don't think I've yet deciphered those red buttons yet, aside from pointing to a Shirt-Tancred relationship, for my dentist's surname is part of the Tancred bloodline. It seems like God's revealing that BOEOTians from TANAGRa (Tancred line) were to the Butts/Bute's/BOETs who share the Button/Biden fesse, but on how the dream points to Joe Biden, I don't think I've yet discovered aside from something to do with his son, HUNTER Biden, for Tanagra was home to the father of the mythical hunter.

Why was I on a golf course with the dentist, and why was I in the BACK SEAT of his car when he laughed? I see the Seats/Cedes' in the motto of Steers, and he was driving i.e. steering the CAR when he laughed. Irish Carrs share the estoiles of Tankerville-branch Tacks/Thackerys, and they are half in the colors of the Butt/Bute estoiles. Any questions, class?

Yes, why did he laugh? The KENNEDy-beloved Lafins were pegged with that scene because I see the SCHIMatari area at Tanagra with Shechemites and KENITEs. Kennedys (Yard colors and format) were first found in Ayrshire with Cunninghams who in turn use a "SHAKEfork," and Shake's/Shakerleys (Lancashire, same as Kitchens) look like Shechemites because Shake's/Shakerleys use mole hills while Mole's share the boar head of SCHIMs/Schiens. But I don't think I've deciphered it all yet, especially the golfing. I've never remembered anything specific on the golf course, but we were on one.

Ahh, wait, I now recall the golf-like Guelphs, otherwise called the Welfs, and the Welf/Wolf/LUPUS surname (CHESHIRE, same as Scarf-connectable Cleffs/Cliffs) happens to share the wolf heads of Skene's/Skins, a branch of Schims/Schiens from Schimatari! That works great with what has been said above already, especially as the wolf head of Hugh Lupus D'Avranches (earl in Cheshire) was the Scarf wolf head. Plus, I see "Avranches" with the Branch surname, and we just saw branches with Lenks and Sellens/Sellers. It just so happens that Scottish Sellers were first found in Aberdeenshire with Skene's/Skins and Schims/Schiens...and Red-branch Reeds (needed for the red buttons). The only thing missing is the kitchen cupboards.

Oh wait. Scottish Sellers use cups while Cups/COPE's were first found in Aberdeenshire too, and Reds/Reeds happen to have a "COPia" motto term. Cool. But Lenks and Sellens are pointers to Dr. Zelenko, are they not? Why is the dentist (or me) on the golf course pointing to him? How does he relate to a dentist? What's a dentist got to do with zinc? I'm stumped.

MORE, incredible: the dolphin-using Scottish Kennedys have a motto, "AVISE la FIN," and Lafins/La Fins were first found in TIPPERary with Irish Kennedys, perfect because it tends to reveal that DolFINs were a Lafin branch. The Dolfins, with the TIPPER dolphins in colors reversed, are loved by Sinks. Why might Lafins share the Courcy and Coursey/Courcy motto, the one with "OMNia"? AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, it was only after asking the question that golf COURSE came to mind with "COURSEy"!!!! It recalls the Car-branch Cursys/Kerseys (new to me this update), explaining why he was laughing at my shirt in the car! BEAUTIFUL WORK O LORD.

The only thing missing is the kitchen faucets. Oh wait...Faucets share the giant Lafin lion.

There is even a Course/Cours/Courcier surname first found in Languedoc with Ville's/FONT-de-Ville's while Lafins are also La Fonts! The latter share the Italian Conte Coat while French Conte's were first found in Languedoc, and they are suspect in merging with Ville's/Font-de-Ville's to form the Conteville's. Hugh Lupus D'Avranches was the son of Emma de Conteville! Hugh-like Hugs (Languedoc) share the triple fesses of Fountains.

The Avis'/AVISONs expected in the Kennedy motto have a blue-Shield version of the Stick Coat, and they were a line from Avezzano's who named Avesnes on the HELPE river while Helps are listed with Halfs, recalling the "upper half" of the man in the Coat of Sellens/Sellers. Avezzano's are super here because they were first found in SARDinia while Shirts are Shards too. He laughed at the red buttons on my shirt. CORSica, beside Sardinia, may be the origin of Courcys. VisCONTI's were on Sardinia, and they look related to Avis'.

Avis' recalls the VICE-grip pliers I used to lock me in the box of my pick-up in Galveston, when I decided to sleep on a quiet street. The vice-grips locked the latch from the inside to keep someone from assaulting me as I slept. The mugger came along shortly after I fell asleep, and started to SHAKE the truck (from the fender well) to wake me up. I got away unscathed thanks to a miracle of God who wouldn't let the truck start for the mugger. He ran off with my keys when it wouldn't start. It started for me on the third turn of the spare key I had placed under the floor mat. It wasn't luck that I put a key there for that trip.

NEW RIGHT HERE (at least I don't remember doing this): Fenders were first found in Huntingdonshire, an apt name for Orion the hunter from Shake-line Schimatari! He was shaking me awake by lifting the vehicle from the fender well! Amazing. Huntingdons use hunting horns, and Fenders even use an otter for the Others/Otters (Huntingdonshire) who are in turn said to be from Lombards. The other Visconti's ruled from the Lombardy capital, can we believe this? The Lord scared me that night while he had fun with me. Orion is suspect in naming Orrs/Ore's who in turn share the triple piles of Guiscards/WIScards in colors reversed, and as I see Guiscards of Sicily (and probably on Sardinia too) as naming Visconti's, it's amazing that Wake's can be gleaned as Orr/Ore kin. The mugger waked me up, folks. He was Black, perhaps a symbol of the "woke" BLMers who are right-now poised to start a civil war in order to give Bidenites the excuse to use force.

Guiscards were first found in Stirlingshire with Chappes', and while Visconti's of Lombardy were led by Ottone Visconti (he was part of the car = AUTO in the Sleeping Beauty dream), Ottone's/OTTO's, possible branch of Auto's/Otto's, have a Coat like that of French Chappes', the latter first found in Ile-de-France with Courseys/Corcys, no guff. As Stirlings/Sturlings can be connected to Sturs/Styre's (like the Steers suspect in the dentist steering his car), it's conspicuous that Courseys/Courcys show nothing but a bend, like the Coat of ASTERs/Sturs.

The mugger ran off by the time I jumped the fence, and the closest surname I can find to "fence" is the Fens'/Venns (Devon, same as Dol-line Stewarts), who share a green griffin head in Crest with Leslie's, the latter having a "GRIP" motto term to go with the vice-grips. Gripps/Grape's/Grabbers may have been of the Crabs. Fens'/Venns (Crab colors), with the Dol fesse in colors reversed, are in the motto of Powells (green griffin) with a Fin-like term, and we just saw the DolFINs.

I tried to run away from him not knowing I had dropped the keys on the truck floor after he lunged at me on the passenger seat. I ran up the driveway, and jumped over the GATE (Bill gates, right?) to knock on a front door. When I saw that his weapon, now in my hand, was not a knife, but a piece of blunt plastic = fake weapon, I ran toward the truck in the yard, hopped the privacy fence at the road, and found the driver door wide open (it wasn't open when I ran up the driveway), with no one there. He must have been watching me from a dark spot. He didn't figure I had a spare key. As the truck wouldn't start on my first two turns of the key, I realized that this was a miracle. He was unable to start it when he turned the key. It had never failed to start like that before, nor again after my third turn of the key.

If Julie Florida is still reading, she may want to know the "Falaise at CoulliBOEUF" location of Courseys/Courcys, for Beefs are also Boeufs (share Fens/Venn fesse). Julie is the one who tipped me off on the existence of the BOOFima cult. Her email account actually started with a "Cors" term, very amazing. Beefs/Boeufs were first found in Perigord with Fauchys (share grasshopper with Thatchers/Thackers) and Faux's/Fage's/CHOLLENS', another pointer to Francis Collins. Again, the Francis' share the three Courcy eagles.

I Took a Bump For Ainsley

Two updates ago, a new idea occurred to me: "When I gave Miss Hicks the cantaloupe, she dropped it into her LAP, for she was in the pasSENGER seat of her family car, a possible pointer to Sengers/Singers/Sangers/Sangs." The new idea there is that a passenger door of a car, which was where I was standing when Sleeping Beauty was sleeping, is God's potential code for Singers. As I've said many times, the mugger lunged at me as soon as I got into the passenger door of my truck. The truck was parked, and he was standing on the CURB outside of this door. Interestingly, while Singers are suspect, in this context, with Zelenko's zinc treatments, I can use the red anchor of CURBys to get us back to anchor-using Hoods ("ZEALous"), for as "Firm" is the Curby motto, it recalls that the red Hood/Hope anchor is that of Formans/Fermans and Firmens. There we go.

Plus, while one English Hayden Coat has "FERME EN" in the motto, the other English Haydens have the Rear quadrants in colors reversed. Rears were looked up just now because my head knocked the rear-view mirror off of the windshield when the mugger lunged at me. he pushed my from behind. The Black man pushed my BACK, and the Rears came up in the last update as per the Obama dream's rear yard, where Obama's employee had his back to me and Obama. Hmm. The Rears happen to share the red fleur-de-lys with Glass', and both mirrors and windshields use glass. The RIORden variation of Rears seems to suggest Rory of Bute, amazing because Glass' were first found on Bute! "InfeRIOR NEC" is a motto term of Creuse's/Crews (at Malbanc) who in turn have the giant Rory lion in colors reversed. After pushing me into the mirror, he clasped my NECK. It seems that God set up the rear-view-mirror event for this pointer, and yet, surely, it's got to have more value than merely connection in bloodlines, because my head got hurt for this pointer.

[Insert -- Found something. In the last update, I again talked about Obama's employee in the rear yard, in connection to my seeing Obama on a ramp in double-vision, like there were two Obama's. It was suspect with the Twins/Twains/Tweens. The scene with the employee was immediately after the double-vision scene, but I failed until now to bring in the Works, for an employee is a worker. Works have a Coat much like that of Twins and Tie's/DYE's, and then while "THY work" is a motto phase of Sinclairs, Dutch Thy's are likewise Tie's. Therefore, it seems that God intended for us to use the Twin surname for the double-vision scene. Will vaccines give double vision?

Tine's/Tyne's and Bos'/Bush's/Boschs have the giant Dee/DIE lion in colors reversed. Dee's/Die" have a "Hic LABOR" motto, and God provided Miss Hicks with my treble-clef-tie event. LABOR DAY belongs to workers, how-bout that. Labors were first found in Yorkshire with Hicks (one of the Labor fesses), and there may be an eye in the Labor Crest because Tie's/Dye's (in WAKEfield) were thought to be from, or at least to include, Mr. D'Eye.

Later in this section, as per the words spoken to me when the mugger's hands were around my neck, I show how the Botville's, listed with Twin-like Tine's/Tyne's, were a branch of Bosville's, and it just so happens that Bosville's share the Twin / Tie / Bush fesse. Tie's were first found in Yorkshire with Bush's and Bosville's...and Hicks. The English Tyne river is near the first-known Ramps, and the Scottish Tyne is near the Roslin location of Sinclairs.

As the mugger lunging at me later brings Lungs/Langs (letters) to topic, whom I connect to LinkLETTERs, note that the Tine's appear to be in the motto of Tooths who in turn share the giant Letter / Lauder and BUMP griffin. Lauder is a location between the two Tyne rivers, and you will soon see the Bumps come up as per the mugger's lunging at me. The Bumps below were there before this insert was conceived, which is amazing. Letters and Lauders were first found in Berwickshire with the Battle's who have the giant Letter / Lauder griffin in gold (all on red Shields), and the Twins have an emBATTLEd fesse. The "RepulluLAT" motto of lauders is suspect in part with ORGAN-pipe LETTs/Late's, and ORKNey is where Linkletters were first found, where Henry Sinclair ruled.

What especially in this insert, with these many additional clues on Twin kin, was God trying to get across with the double-vision scene of Obama upon a skateboard upon a ramp? As Lungs/Langs use letters, can we figure in a pointer to James LeDUC as per the Linkletter ducks? The mugger LUNGed at my BACK, and I was looking at the worker's back in the rear yard of Obama's billiard hall. Can we go from Lungs/Langs and LINKletters to Lynch's, since Obama's partner in owning the billiard hall is suspect with Loretta Lynch? I suggest that because Loretts were once said to be first found in Suffolk with an Eye location, this goes to the eye of Labors and Battle-like Battins/Batants (Somerset, same as Ducks). Twins were first found in Hampshire with the Drake's in the "sheldrake" ducks of Linkletters. Lynch's were first found in Galveston-like Galway. End insert]

Yup, Rorys show a MacCREARy variation that easily comes from MacREARy. The most-important thing I can gather from the head-into-mirror event is a pointer to Sleeping Beauty, this time Ainsley Earhardt, for Earhardts even share a green snake with the Curby Crest. And by the way, Curbys share the Coffer and Heffer crescents. She was hovering over the seats, and Hovers are HOFFERs too.

Here's how else Miss Earhardt figures into the mugging. The pointer of Glass' to Bute recalls that the Kims, first found on Bute, share the McKinney Coat while Miss Earhardt was also Mrs. McKinney. Then, Rorys/Crearys were first found in Tyrone with BOOT-using Hagens and Neils/O'NAILs, and then nails are used by Proctors while Miss Earhardt was also Mrs. Proctor. Mr Proctor and she were the parents of Hayden, her only child. The three Proctor nails are in the Logan HEART, and Hearts/Harts apparently named Earhardts/Airharts.

The Rory/Creary lion is probably the one of Galloways/Gallows. Ireland's Galway, like "Galveston," was named by Galloway elements, or vice-versa, I forget which. Then, it just so happens that GALVES'/Gallego's share the Rear lion! That's got to be why God needed my head into the rear-view mirror, though maybe he could have chosen another way to emphasize that mirror. Galloway is the location of the first-known Hanna's who have the Trump stag head in colors reversed, and the Trump stag is in the Coat of Patria's/Peartree's who happen to be in the "patria" motto term of Rears!!! BEAUTY. Hanna's were first found in WIGton, and Wigens/Wiggons share the Annas Coat, almost, that being a branch of Ainsleys, can we believe it? This is all-new material because Miss Earhardt has been a topic of mine for only about a year.

The Wigen/Wiggon Crest has the Crest of Scottish Johnsons (kin of Kilpatricks), perhaps a pointer to Johnson & Johnson vaccines in this context. Indeed, the Chief-Shield colors of Scottish Johnsons, and their saltire, are shared by Scottish Blacks who in turn share the Glass stars. The mugger on COVID-pointing Galveston was Black. We saw above that English Blacks (Lincolnshire, same as English Johnsons) share the Schim/Schien Chief, and then the latter's "duce" motto term can point to Steve Doocy, Ainsley's co-host, but also to James LeDuc of Galveston, for Duce's/Doocys have the Duck lions. Ainsleys use a SCIMitar. The three wolf heads in the Chief of Schim-branch Skene's are in the colors of the three stars in the Duck Chief. The "merces" motto term of Skene's can be for the Merces'/Mercier's sharing the CURBys crescents (the mugger was on the curb), but they look like a branch of Mercers/Mercier's who not only share "crux" with Blacks, but have a "corona" motto term!

I hit the mirror with the crown of my head, and heraldic crowns are often code for the Ceraunii Illyrians. Heads/Heeds even use uniCORN heads, part-code for Ceraunii liners! Heads/Heeds share the white unicorn head with the SHAKEfork Cunninghams!!! Can we believe it? And wow, as I've said (I'm stumbling onto this as I write), crowns around necks are code for CERAUNii, for example the crown around the neck of the "HIND" of CRAUNs/Crane's. The mugger had his hands around my neck!!! New and incredible: the Hands even have Mr. HIND in their write-up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dutch Neckers have a crown on an antler. I took a frightening event for these pointers. Hands/Hans use a "stag" while Staggs/Stage's share blue stag heads with Hanna's of Wigton. It's deja view.

The Crauns/Crane's not only have the Mercer/Mercier fesse in colors reversed, but the two Coats have patee crosses in colors reversed from one another, proving that the "corona" motto term of Mercers is for Ceraunii liners. Hands are also Hans, and German Hanns' were a Hahn branch while Stephen Hahn was Trump's drug lord. Reminder: Crone's share the Funk Coat.

[Insert -- A few hours after writing here, I got round to loading Wheats (Merces'/Mercier colors) as per the "ears of wheat" of Negro's. The Wheat Crest has "ears of wheat" in the mouth of a gold stag head. It caused me to recall the gold stag heads of Parkers, for my truck was parked when the Negro attacked. The Parkers with the gold stag heads are in Wheat colors to boot, and have a neck-like "nec" motto term while Dutch Necks/Neckers share the red stag head with Parks! The Parker stags heads are called "buck's heads," the name for the gold stag head of Hicks. Crauns/Crane's have a gold hind head. The other English Parkers -- with a "merces" motto term!!! -- have a giant buck's head in the colors of German Neckers, and the red antler in the Crest of this latter Parker surname matches the red stag head of Dutch Necks/Neckers. Very impressive.

Tim Horton's is a massive coffee chain, and while Coffee's/Coffers are in Coffer/Coffare colors, the latter share the Curby / Merces/Mercier crescents. Hortons share the giant stag head of "merces'-using Parkings. It underscores that God set the mugger up on the curb at the parked truck. But why? What besides these heraldic links could it mean? Is God only interested in showing surname links? There's got to be more to it. I was driving a Nissan pick-up, and Nissans ("deer head," same as Dutch Necks/Neckers) share the double fesses of park-like Parrs. Nissans and Parrs are from king Pharnaces of the Pontus, husband of Nysa. End insert]

My head BROKE the mirror off the glass, and Broke/Brocks (share Galves / Rear lion!!!) were a branch of Brocuffs/PROCKs, the possible makings of Proctors. Broke's/Brocks share the fleur-de-lys of Earhardts and Kennys. The Rears were gain-of-function big in the last update because their lion is said to be "AGAINSt" a tree, which looks like code for Gains / Gains', and the Gains/Engains are the ones sharing the dancette of Haydens. Is that not cool or what? How many layers can we get from this onion of God? The Galves'/Gallego's share the split Shield of Bumps, and I must have gotten a bump on my head for sure. Just imagine how many more links to Miss Earhardt we might have earned if my head drew blood.

Where was my head, doh. I forgot to mention that the heraldic mirror belongs to the heraldic mermaid, and that the Glass Crest has one such mermaid. The mirror belongs to Melusine, the mythical woman with snake tail who later got a fish tail. Nicholas de Vere, the satanic nutbar who tried to mix dragon blood with Jesus, said that Melusine was on Avalon = Bute when her son, Milo de Vere, became count of Angers. The Anger surname, related to the Nagle's/NAILs, can be gleaned as an Anchor/ANNACKer branch, and this surname may be related to Annas'. Nagle's/Nails share the blue saltire with Gettes', the latter first found in Anjou (Angers) with mirror-like Mire's/Mireux's. The latter have a myrtle BUSH, and Mirtle's/Martels (Essex, same as BROKE's/Brocks) are said to have been at Whaddon while Whaddons share the Broke/Brock lion! Another good one.

[I didn't realize while writing "myrtle bush" that this can go with the Push surname, because it gets the German Bush's. While writing this section yesterday, I was even asking self whether Push's could apply because the mugger pushed me into the mirror. Is that not amazing? But why Bush's in this context? I had a dream this morning stacked with heraldic pointers, especially to Apophis. It'll be the topic of the next section. End insert]

AHHHHH, I get it. We are going where God wanted us to go, where no man has gone before, though not at warp speed, more like the speed of a duck on its flappy feet. The Whaddons reminded that Sleeping Beauty, in another context, represented the Bride of Jesus, for she and I were raptured together when I woke her, and this relates to the Wedding of the Lamb. The Whaddons reminded me of a similar term in the Wedding/Waddleton write-up, and it's their Waddington location (Yorkshire, same as Waddings/Waddens). It's just that Weddings share the Glass and Rear fleur-de-lys!!! My head into the rear-view mirror is pointing to Sleeping Beauty's wedding scene, wow! Perhaps that mugger was a symbol of Christian persecution until Jesus returns.

The Wedding-branch Weedons named Weedon Beck, and Sleeping Beauty was on a beach while Beach's are also Bechs. Plus, English Becks share the giant moline of Thatchers/Thackers who are in turn in Annas colors and format (though throwing in grasshoppers) for yet another apparent pointer to Ainsleys. The latter love the Countrys in their motto who happen to share the single pile of Beach's/Bechs. Doesn't this look like Intelligent Design? What's it for? What's it mean?

The wedding scene included God saying to me, "WHAT ARE you WAITing FOR (it's you she loves), go wake HER." What's/Whadcocks and Waits may have been a Wheat/Whete branch linkable to the Weeton variation of Weedons, for Are's are listed with EARhardt/AIRhart-connectable Ayers while "FOR" is in the Ainsley motto twice, and then HERs/Herrs share blue wings with Here's/Heyers, the latter first found in Derbyshire with AIRs/EYERs/Ayers suspect in the heraldic "EAR of wheat." It looks like God really wanted to show that Ainsley is Sleeping Beauty. The Are's/Ayers and Airs/Eyers have a chevron-with-items in the colors and format of the same of Formens/Fermans and Firmans, the ones suspect in the Hayden motto. The Negro banged my head into the mirror, and Negro's/Nigro's use "ears of wheat."

God said that it's me she loves, and Love's/Luffs were kin of Muscats (trust me) who in turn share the double Weedon fesses, colors reversed from the two of Sleeps. Diane MUSCHATov, a gorgeous, foxy blond whom I thought was going to be my wife as per the blond, Sleeping Beauty, lived on WELDrick (street). I dated her about seven months after the Sleeping-Beauty dream, but it was not to be. Muscats were first found in Cambridgeshire with the Ainsley-connectable Wigens/Wiggons.

The Whielden location in the Weedon write-up has just found the WELDons (Northamptonshire, same as Weedons and GLASgow-connectable Ladys), which is why I mentioned Muschatov on WELDrick. Although Hall of Names has no comment on the Weldon Crest, it looks like a FOX head. Proof is where "FACTum" is a Weldon motto term, likely for FAUCets of FAUXside. Indeed, Fauxside castle was built by Saer de Quincy while Quincys were first found in Northamptonshire too. Bingo, it shows that Wedding-branch Weedons and Weldons point to FOX news, another pointer to Ainsley.

The Quincys remind that God pointed to Faucets with Sharon QUINN a couple of weeks after the Sleeping Beauty dream. As I said, about the last I saw of Miss Muschatov, we slept at the home of Sharon Quinn. We broke up after she took a BUS to her music event, interesting where Weldons have the giant Bus cinquefoil in colors reversed.

Ainsley was probably hired by Fox CEO, Roger AILES, and so note the Weedon write-up: "Today Weedon is a village and also a civil parish within AYLESbury Vale district to the north of Aylesbury and south of HARDwick in Buckinghamshire." Whaddon of Mireux's is in Buckinghamshire. Hardwicks happen to share the Kim / McKinney cinquefoils, what are the chances? It's astonishing that the Hardwick saltire (probably related to the Hardy cross) is shared by Nagle's/Neils/NAILs while Proctors use three vertical nails I the colors of the three vertical bars of Ailes/Ayles!!! Just lookie there. Both her husbands were arrived to by EarHARDT-connectable Hardwicks, all from the Wedding-branch Weedons.

ZIKERS. I was mugged by a Negro, and Spanish Negro's share the Ailes/Ayles Coat! What can this mean? It seems to be making the mugger- / mirror-event link to Sleeping Beauty as Ainsley Earhardt, but why? Is Fox news going to persecute Christians in the run-up to the rapture? Or is this about Fox's support for poison vaccines? Or both?

WELDers share the hexagram from Jewish Harts who in turn have a Coat similar to the Earhardt Coat. Welders have a "man dressed in blue," while German Mire's have a "woman in blue," and it was the myrtle-bush MIRE's/Mireux's who got us to Whaddon of the Mirtle's/Martels, then to Waddings and Weddings. "Whad are you Wadding for, it's you she loves..." The Waits/Weights look like Rice kin on two counts, and Rice's use a "hardi" motto term. But this is all troubling because, for all the pointers to Miss Earhardt, I can't see the reason for all the clutter and appendages involved. It's getting complicated.

So, okay, Ainsley was pointed to by the rear-view mirror, which pointed to Glass' (same place as Kims), who are very connectable to Glasgows. The latter's "Lord" motto term is for Lords/Lauds (Nagle / Gales fesse?) having the Kim / McKinney cinquefoils in colors reversed. This is why I said that the Ladys/LAUDymans (NorthAMPTONshire) were linkable to Glasgows. Lords/Lauds have the AMPTON cinquefoils. Lords/Lauds were first found in Suffolk, where Muscats and Love's/Luffs were both said to be first found (not anymore). Glass-like Gales' (share Nagle/Nail / Hardwick saltire) are in the nightinGALE of Irish Nagle's.

Gales' have the Drummond-connectable Seamans in their motto, and moreover while Drummonds are from George's, the latter are in Gales colors and format. The Fane's/Fame's/Vans are in the Gales motto too, and the fence-like Fens/Venns have a chevron-with-items in the colors of the same of Lords/Lauds. This not only recalls my walking on Muschatov's fence, but my hopping the fence at the Galveston mugging.

Oh wow, more. The two Earhardt snakes are "interTWINED," and "enCIRCLing" a fleur-de-lys. Twine's share the Wedding fesse, and while Weedons have two of the same fesse, they are colors reversed from the two of Sleeps while David Morley CIRCLED around a sleeping bag. Morley pointed to Morleys/Mauls, first found in Yorkshire with Twine's and Weddings (and Waddings), and while I'm sure I got a bump on my head when it hit the mirror, Bumps (and Galves') share the split Shield of Morleys/Mauls. As I said, Morley lived on HARDing, and Hardings are in Hardwick and Hardy colors. Weddings were at Hardwick. However, while Morley came to topic with the "encircling" term of Earhardts, I don't see how Earhardts, or Ainsley in any way, are in the sleeping bag that Morley circled. I saw the bag, picked it up, and then never saw it again. It appears that it's linking to Sleeping Beauty, yet something seems to be hiding from me here.

I also slept in the sleeping bag of Mamie, and as it was in a tent, it pointed to Tintons with "royal tents." The Tintons were gleaned as kin or branch of Towns, and Scottish Towns share the chevron-with-crosslets of Whaddons. Mireux's got us to Whaddons.

Twine's share the POPPINjay with CURZons/Coursons, and Poppins/Pophams were first found in Hampshire with Twine-like Tweens/Twains/Twins. Curzons were possibly a branch of Cars/Currs / Cursys/Kerseys / Courseys ("OMNia"). In any case, the Curzon motto, "Let Curzon HOLD WHAT Curzon HELD," recalls that Helds/Helts share the Hickson Coat, and so now we've flipped to Sleeping Beauty as Miss Hicks = Hyksos line expected with Poppins/Pophams. Then again, Cursons/Corsons/Carsons share the scimitar with Ainsleys (share Hicks fleur-de-lys). Sleeping Beauty and I were HOLDing each other while in rapture. Why should Curzons / Carsons apply to that scene? She was in a car when she literally POPPED into my arms. I've been using that term for years, from long before any discussion on Apophis. Ahh, I get it now: Apophis is coming back in Cancer the crab, and BRIDE-branch Bridge's love Crabs. The wedding scene with Sleeping Beauty can also point to Apophis thanks to Bride's! The asteroid is our cue to lift heads (wake up) for redemption (freedom from satanic grasp) drawing near.

KAREN Whelan (my girlfriend two years or less before Sleeping Beauty dream) lived on Henry CORSON Place, and Karens/Kerns have a SLEEPINg moon. Mr. Kepke lived on Henry Corson Place too, and Keppochs (Yorkshire, same as Weddings) are in Wedding colors and format. It seems to be assuring that Curzons are a part of God's pointers, and thus the POPPINjay as a pointer to Apophis. Keeps are in the "Keep Tryst" motto while Trysts/TRICE's are suspect in the cockaTRICE, used by Muggs. Cocks share the Bag Shield. But what does a sleeping bag have to do with the topic at hand? How can the intertwined Earhardt snakes point to anything redemptive? Twine's have the poppinjay too, the promise of Apophis (not named by God, but by His enemies) to cripple our enemies as they persecute. I think that this is the first time I've seen the Earhardt description with "intertwined." Kepke's birthday was one or two days before mine, both in Cancer.

Ahh, the Earhardt snakes can be code for the Snake's/Snooks who happen to share the Wedding fleur-de-lys. The same fleur are used by Courcy-like Courage's in Courcy colors and near-format. The same fleur is with Wake-like Walks/Wachs (stars very connectable to Bride stars) who in turn share the garb of Courage-loving Comyns.

As I've said several times, the mugger had both hands around my neck, pressing, and yelled twice, "give'em (the keys) OVER, give'em over." The "Over fork over" motto of Cunninghams comes to mind, for Cunninghams (share Head/Heed unicorn head) worked into the muggers push of my crown into the mirror. It's a little interesting that I was on and OVER the passenger seat, for Sleeping Beauty was hovering over the seats.

There is no Give surname coming up, but Givers are listed with Eure's/Cure's having an Over-like Iver variation, pointer to IVERmechtin, and the Muggs/MUDGE's were first found in Surrey with Madge's/MACHETs (share Hicks fleur-de-lys), the best I can do (and not bad) for "IverMECHTin." This is right down Zelenko's alley, especially as Miss Hicks was/is a SINGer. While ZELenko was pointed to by Hood-beloved Zeals/Seals, the latter look like Hazel kin while Hazels were once said to be first found in Cheshire with same-colored Overs. Hazels (ISLIP branch) use "hazel SLIPs" while Slippers are listed with Sleeps. Sleeps are from the Selepitanoi Illyrians, beside the Abri, and the latter look like the line to Abreu's, the namers of Evreux in Eure.

Hazeltons ("hazel leaves" but shown as oak leaves) and Hazelwoods share the Shake chevron while Cunninghams (Ayrshire, same as Forkers) have a "SHAKEfork." Hazelwoods were once said to be first found in Shropshire with oak-leaf Alans and Slippers/Sleeps, suggesting that Sleeps were a Selepitanoi line merged with Seal / Sea / Hazel liners. When she was asleep, God told me, "WHAT are you WAITing for...wake her up." Whats/Whadcocks have the Hazelwood and Hazelton chevron in colors reversed, and Waits/Weights (Rice/Rhys colors and format) share the Hazelton motto which includes arise-like "aris." When she and I were rising upon waking her, it was a pointer to Rhizon, near to where Selepitanoi are on maps. German Rice's were first found in Bohemia, named possibly from Boiotians suspect also at Butua, beside Rhizon. The Cunningham shakefork is from Boiotians at Schimatari.

Ahh, the Zeal/Seal Crest has a wolf head with blood drops, and Bloods/Bluds share the lodged stag with Islips/Haslips! BEAUTY. The Bloods/Bluds call theirs "bucks," the named used for the Hicks (and Parker) stag head. Islips/Haslips add a "holly tree" to go with the "holly BUSH" of Maxwells (share lodged stag too), and we saw the "myrtle bush" of mirror-line Mireux's!!! The mugger PUSHed me into the mirror, and Push's are listed with German Bush's!!! EXCELLENT WORK O LORD. He then clasped both HANDs on my neck, and hands share red hands with Forkers. The latter are said to be from "FEARchar," and Fears/Fiers were from Fier County at the Apsus river, the river that had a Boius region (lower-left of map) feasibly of the Boiotians to which the shakeFORK traces. On this dark map, the Apsus river has a KODRum location, like "Kotor" at Rhizon and Butua. Boiotia is beside Athens, the latter having a mythical king KODRos who descended from the Biblical KETURah.

He said, "Give THEM over." The Thems/Tine's were first found in Shropshire with Slippers/Sleeps. The problem is, how does a MUGGing by a Black man, albeit in COVID-pointing Galveston, point to an Ivermechtin CURE for viruses? It's not making sense. If ZeLENKo is pointed to by Lenks, it's notable that German Lenks have a "green branch" while Branch's have a Coat like the one of English Blacks. Ahh, just found something. Scottish Blacks were shown connectable to Scottish Johnsons for a pointer to Johnsons & Johnson vaccines. English Blacks were first found in Lincolnshire with English Johnsons, and the latter share the pheons of Thistle's while Fauch use thistles! Thistle's are in Over colors and near-format! Give'em OVER.

But the keys had popped out of my hand when he lunged at me. I usually use "lunged," not for any surname reason, but the Lungs/Langs coming to mind now seem applicable because Ivermechtin is used to ward off an attack of the body on one's lungs. Lungs/Langs share white cinquefoils with English Lenks, how about that!

I was on the pasSENGer seat when he LUNGed at me, and Sengers/Singers can point to Zelenko's zinc treatments, which I assume he gives along with Ivermechtin. My speakers just sang "zeal" in the song, "Rock of Ages." The song then sang "song," and Songs are listed with English Sings/Singers who in turn have a horse fessewise in the colors of the fesse-with-CINQUEfoils of English Lenks, is that not wild? I identify Lungs/Langs as Alans/Alengs, who were in Shropshire, where Singe's were first found.

Lungs/Langs use oak "sprigs," and Spriggs ("olive BRANCHES," connectable to Lenk branch) share double-blue pale bars with Seats. He lunged at me on the PASSenger seat, and Pase's/Pasi's were kin of Speers, in case SPRiggs were a Speer branch. Pase's/Pasi's were a branch of thistle-using Paisleys/Pasleys (Renfrewshire, same as Speers). Spriggs use "rose leaves," and Seats use roses. The Sing/Singer horse is shared by Freys/Frys, first found in Wiltshire with Hoppers expected in the Fauchy grasshopper. German Freys look like kin of German Hammers while "hammers" are used by Mirror-connectable Mirtle's/Martels. French Martels (hammer) share the Coron / Corona crown.

Repeat: "He said, "Give THEM over." The Thems/Tine's were first found in Shropshire with Slippers/Sleeps." Thems/Tine's, who share the Bos/Bush/Bosco lion, are also BOTVILLE's while BOSVILLE's (Yorkshire, same as Bush's and Keys) look like a Bush branch. The "VRAYE foi" motto of Bosville's can be for the Freys/Frys sharing the Sing/Singer horse, and besides the Foi's'/Foix's were a branch of Foix's/Foys who in turn share the split Shield of Hunters (Shropshire) Speer-like Spruce's/Sprows'. The latter use "birds," and I see one Bird/Burd Coat as the Bush fesse when it was used in red. I didn't know until this week that Ainsley-beloved Mee's/My's have "blackbirds," important where Birds/Burds share the Ainsley fleur. What might Blacks (share Hunter / Kilpatrick / Blazer saltire) have to do with the Ainsley-Bird relationship?

Chase Me

This Saturday morning, I had a dream, and woke up at it's end so as to reflect upon it, and to remember it. I found it hard to be a dream from God, but as I lay there connecting the heraldry, it was stacked with connections. Let me show you how.

The first thing I remember was Helen, a basement tenant of mine a couple of decades ago, saying, "chase me." So, seeing it as a call to get romantically playful, I chased her around the living room, around the couch. After a few circles, we embraced and fell back onto the couch, and after pressing myself into her breasts, we started to kiss. She then started to pray sweetly / beautifully with my head right next to her's, and she was saying "Jesus" at least twice. End of dream. Like I said, I find it hard to believe that God would give such a dream, but on second thought, I think I know why He did this.

The first thing I noticed, when waking, was that Tints use a COUCHant lion, while I think it was resolved some weeks ago that Tintons are in Town colors and format because they were branches with Tinton-like Tenants. I then remembered that, the day before this dream, I wrote: "The Tintons were gleaned as kin or branch of Towns, and Scottish Towns share the chevron-with-crosslets of Whaddons. Mireux's got us to Whaddons." Scottish Towns were first found in West Lothian with Tenants, and the Tenants became a topic in the first place (a couple of years ago or more) due to Helen. It therefore appears as though the dream is Designed for heraldic links.

While still laying in bed, I realized why we were kissing, because Chase-like Cass'/Cash's share the Coat of Kiss'/Cush's. It seems like a no-brainer dream for pointing to Cancer the crab i.e. the Apophis asteroid via the Chace's sharing the patonce cross of Chance's/Chauncers. They both use it in white-on-red, the color of the Mee/My/Meigh cross. CHASE ME, she had said.

I then realized why we embraced before falling on the couch, for Hugs are easily deciphered as kin of Fountains, and Kiss'/Cush's and Cass'/Cash's use "fountains." That's the full extent of what I realized while still in bed. What I didn't know upon waking is that Hugh's share a black lion in Crest with Helens. I couldn't figure out why she was praying when we were kissing. She started to frown on me when I told her about my post-tribulation book online, and besides, she afterward refused to even consider becoming a Christian. She left for Steve, but not before we had duck dinner at a buffalo-meat restaurant when I wore BROWN pants. Everything below is in addition to what was realized when waking.

As I've said a few times, Helen was promiscuous. She got a BREAST symbol on the stair LANDING between my kitchen and her basement apartment. I wouldn't be doing heraldry for years after she POPPed out her bare breasts that day on the landing, being playful with me, her manfriend at the time, but when getting into heraldry, I found that Helens were first found at the area of St. Brieux, near BREST. And then this dream this morning had me pressing my breast onto hers. The landing had pointed to Pepin of Landen, and there you have the Apophis/Apepi line along with her popping out her breasts. What word would you use if a woman lifts her top over her face and lets the breasts hang out in the open for a second? I call it popping them out. Does God do arrange things like that for this work of exposing the Revelation asteroid? Chase's were first found in Hampshire with POPPins/Pophams.

What I don't understand is why this dream came on the 13th, two days after Memorial / Remembrance Day, the day of POPPies. Why didn't it happen on the 11th if the point is to point to Apophis?

Let me repeat: "Scottish Towns share the chevron-with-crosslets of Whaddons. Mireux's got us to Whaddons." The mugger pushed by head into the mirror, and that's why that quote was written in the first place. As I said, it POPPED the mirror off of the windshield. Now, go ahead and load Helens to see that they have three horse heads in colors reversed from the horse heads of Pepins/Pepys, and the latter's are in the colors of the similar unicorn heads of Heads/Heeds. My head popped the rear-view mirror off the windshield. Is that not amazing? It's incredible. It's wild. The dream played to the quote above made the day before the dream. It played to the mirror when the mugger LUNGed at me, the pointer to Alan-line Lungs/LANGs, and then Landens can be gleaned as a branch of LANGleys, Langfords and Longfords. Helens were first found in Brittany with Alans from Aulon/Avlona, in the territory of the ATINTanes, the line to Tints (COUCHant lion) and Tintons, is that not more wild? I don't have control over my dreams to make such links with them.

I can even see why Helen prayed after we fell DOWN onto the couch, for Irish Prays, first found in County DOWN, share the six pale bars of Langfords (and Longfords essentially), thus tending to prove that the dream is a pointer to Pepin of Landin. Landons (not "Landin") are also LANGtons.

Pepins love the Este's (Essex, same as Chance's/Chauncers) who not only have the Helen Coat in colors reversed, but share a black Crest with them. How important might it be to God to warn the Church that Apophis is the revelation asteroid? A little bit? I'm now sure He's trying to do so...unless some evil spirit guides me and wants to trick you. You have a choice to make.

Repeat: "...Hugs are easily deciphered as kin of Fountains, and Kiss'/Cush's and Cass'/Cash's use "fountains." These fountains have the Sea Coat in colors reversed. The Hugh's sharing the Helen Crest (Kilpatrick lion?) have a "LYDEIRnon" motto term, like the "laidir" of Irish Brians (and Kilpatricks) whom are from Briancon = Brigantium, the line to Crab-loving Bridge's. Amazing, is it not? I was going to kiss Mrs. Kilpatrick aWAKE before we hugged, and Irish Brians use "UACHtar" too.

My hugging Helen at the end of the couch has pointed to this. We fell over the arm rest. She fell on her back, and me on top, in case that means anything. The ARMrest certainly looks like it's for the "embraced" term I used instead of "hugged." We embraced at the armrest, and Brace's use arms. She lifted her BRA off on the landing, and Brace's are Bras' too. French Brians were first found in Brittany with Helens, and the Brians are said to be from ruling Alans. See? It's perfect for setting Helen up as a pointer to Apophis via the Bride's of Savoy (same as Brigantium) and Crab-loving Bridge's. Crabs were first found in Cambridgeshire with Cass'/Cash's. CHASE ME, she said.

Mythical HELENus of Troy was the twin brother of Cassandra, and there is a Cassandra/Casano surname having one of the three Casino/Casa/Case fesses while the latter share, essentially, the Coat of Change's/Changers, the latter first found in Hampshire with English Cassandra's/Cassane's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! STUNNING. It's perfect where Chase's are a Chance/Chauncer branch. And Cass/Cash-beloved Fountains have three fesses too (not in the same colors). Fountains were at Harford while Harfords/Hartfords share the stag heads of Poppins/Pophams, first found in Hampshire!!!!! It's got Apophis all over it.

Repeat: "She left me for Steve, but not before we had duck dinner at a buffalo-meat restaurant when I wore BROWN pants." I've talked about this before because Brunswick was home to Barrs of Bar-le-DUC, and German Ducks were first found in Westphalia with duck-using VELINs and the Alan-related VELENs, the line from Aulon/AVLONa mentioned above. But then Brown-line Brunswicks have nearly the Coat of Irish Brians. The three lions in pale of Irish Brians are shared by Lawns/Lane's (BROWN horse) while Italian Lane's were first found in BRIXia/BREScia while LAUNay is near Brest, and while Brests are also Brix's. Brescia is beside lake Garda, explaining the "Garde" motto term of Alan-like Lawns/Lane's.

Helen was the reason for my bringing Tenants to topic, and the "Plena" motto term of Tenants is suspect with the Plene variation of Plants/PlanteGENETs who own the triple lions in pale of Lawns/Lane's.

Recall the kidney-stone analogy made with the Revelation asteroid, that the asteroid will be God's urination on the sea traversed by fat-cats. French Brians share the saltire of Nagle's/Nails (Westphalia, same as Ducks and Pansys/PANTers) in the colors of the saltire-by-fish of Kidneys/Gedneys, in the color of the Sea fish, and in colors reversed from the white-on-blue fish in the Arms of Bar-le-Duc (in Lorraine), which Arms uses pansies to prove that the Barrs of Brunswick had merged with German Ducks (five of the three sea fesses). The Pansys/PANTers were pointed to by the PANT stain of Lorraine the babe, and so why can't my brown pants point to those pansies? I wore them to a duck dinner, folks.

This restaurant in Markham Township had specialized in buffalo meat, and the heraldic buffalo head of Pohls led be to Buffys/Bougheys two updates ago, and so I find this amazing too, for Buffys/Bougheys share a Roet and Bow/Bough motto term while these surnames were from the BOOFima (human-sacrifice) cult passing through ONEGLia of the Nagle's we just crossed. Ahhh, Arthur-related Arduinici married Doria's in Oneglia, and Arthurs use "rests," explaining our falling over the couch's armREST!!! Buffys not only share the laurel branch with Lorraine's, and Lorraine's not only have an "arm in armor" to go with the armrest, but Buffys/Bougheys have "An ANGEL PRAYING between two laurel branches." Helen was praying in the dream this morning, and Irish Nagle's are said to be related to Mr. "D'ANGULo." Incredible stuff.

Oneglia is now Imperia, suspect from the Imperi priests of Boofima, and "Imperio" is the motto of Murrays/Morays who in turn share the Armor stars. Arm in armor.

OH WOW, I don't recall knowing that the Lorraine eagles are called, "allerions," which are beakless eagles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Incredible, for I've been pointing out that Lorraine, my girlfriend in my 20s, had a babe symbol while Babe's (Dorset, same as Beaks) can be gleaned and proven to be kin of Beaks. Plus, Allers were first found in Westphalia with Pansys/Panters, where Lorraine's pant stain pointed. Lorraine's even use "And arm in armor HOLDING a branch of laurel," and Holdens/Holdings not only have allerions too, but the red escutcheon of Allers! POIFECT. I wonder if Tony Fauci eats cooked children? I wonder if he worships Baphomet. For the Imperi are suspect with PERIgord, where Boofima-like Beefs/Boeufs (share Nagle fesse) were first found along with GRASShopper Fauchys. Lorraine's pant stain was a GRASS stain. We can even say that when Aller-like Helen and I were emBRACEd at the armrest, we were HOLDING one another. Brace's/Bras' use "An arm in armor HOLDING a sword." It's not coincidental.

Ahh, lookie: we FELL into the couch over the armrest, and Fells have the eight-pointed Duc/LeDuc star in colors reversed. Yet the Fells also have the three, fessewise BREST lozenges in colors reversed!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHA, that's why, for a split second only, I was pressing my breast into her breasts. We can even say that we DROPPed to the couch because the COUCHant lion of Tints is in the colors of the Drop/Trope lion while the Drop/Trope Chief is the Pray Chief too. She prayed after we fell to the couch.

It's a clear pointer to COVID madness by Rockefellers. The couch was needed to point to Atintanes of AVLONa (Epirus), and this to prove that DUCK-using Velins are from that place along with HELENs/Hellens from the Aulon spelling of the place, and so this goes to Hellenus of Epirus, yet it's stacked with a pointer to Mr. LeDuc's input into COVID (short for corona virus disease) madness because Avlona is at the CERAUNii mountains!!! There's your corona virus, especially as Vires' have a form of the Rockefeller Coat. The only thing God forgot to put in the dream was a rock on the couch. Tints even show a uniCORN. Helens characters of myth must have been Alan Huns. Mythical Hellen had Dorus for a brother, the line to Daorsi at Rhizon.

The Henrys, who share the Velen/FELin/FALin (the Alan fesse by martlets) and Alan martlets, are said to be from the Meu river of the Mee's, and I trace them to Rhodes-line Mr. Rodez, husband of Miss Roquefeuil, and then Aubin is near Rodez while Mee's share the Albin/Aubin fitchee. The Meu is in Velin-like Vilaine province while Vilains share the Chief-Shield colors of Livings. The couch was in the living room. Rhodes have the Mee cross in colors reversed. Grounds/Crannys use a crane for tracking to Ceraunii elements, while English Grounds/Grundys (Henry / Velen martlets in colors reversed) have a version of the Rhodes Coat and Crest. Grounds/Crannys share the elephant (different colors) with Levin-like Levens (Shropshire, same as Alans), and while Laevi were at Pavia, the Grounds/Grundys share the Pavia martlets. The latter Coat is a reflection of the Velen Coat. Everything is Falin into place.

The Duc/LeDuc Coat is essentially the one of Murrays/Morays having an "Imperio" motto. I think that God's trying to tell us that the vaccine goons are of a human-sacrificing horror show. The Lorraine eagles are those of Childs too. The last time I saw Lorraine, she was carrying an infant child at her breasts. Suddenly, Lorraine's pointer to Ducks and Bar-le-Duc is looking like an extended pointer to James LeDuc of Galveston. I wore brown pants to duck-and-buffalo dinner with Helen (one of us had buffalo, probably me), and Irish Browns were first found in Galveston-like Galway.

Lookie at the write-up of Irish Browns: "The surname Brown was first found in County Galway. The first Browne to settle in Ireland was descended from the Counts of Marche in Pictou, in Normandy. Hugh le Brun married Isabel, the widow of King John, and their son, William de VALENCE was created Earl of Pembroke." Hee-hee, I think I had missed this in the past. German Ducks, first found in Westphalia with Valence-like Velins and Velens, have the five fesses of Valence's in colors reversed!!! My brown pants speak!

[Insert, a few days after writing here. It explains why Duce's have the BRUNswick Coat in colors reversed. I've just found that Valence's mention Hugh le Brun of Poitou. I've missed Hugh le Brun, all these years, from the Valence write-up. He thus proves that Brunswick was named after his line. The wings in the Valence Crest suggest VALENTinian of VINKovci, and that goes together with Helen and Steve at Valentine's Day (mentioned below), probably no more than three weeks after our duck dinner. End insert]

The earliest I have "Irish Browns" in all my files was January of this year, because, I think, they are a new addition to the databanks of houseofnames. After January, they were mentioned first in the 2nd update of may, but with no mention of Helen in that update, and here's what was said:

It gets more stunning because the Francis surname, as per "Francis Collins," shares the Tarant Coat, which is the Child/Chill Coat in colors reversed, and Childs/Chills share the Lorraine/Lorren eagle! As I've said a million times, the last time I saw Lorraine, she was carrying an infant CHILD as she walked past a table (in a burger joint) where Paul Smith and I were sitting. Paul owned a red Jeep at the time, and Jeepma's/Cheps happen to share the Coat of Irish Browns!!! Clickety-click-click-click.

Does Francis Collins eat babies? Why are they trying to kill and maim children at this time with unnecessary vaccinations? Irish Browns are then mentioned again at the end of September, weeks ago: "By what coincidence is the Brown / Below eagle in the colors of the Hickson and HELT/Held eagle legs while Helts were introduced in the first place from "EcoHEALTH"?" Lorraine the babe is extremely important here because she pointed to Pepin of Landen without doubt in multiple ways, and as she lived on Church street, it can explain why I was chasing Helen in circles when she said, "chase me." The Circle surname uses only a church for it's symbol. As I've said, Church's are in Bush colors and format, and there's a reason for that, but more importantly here, Church's are in Bride colors and format while both Church's and Crab-loving Bridge's were first found in Somerset. It's got the makings of a pointer to Apophis.

McBride's/Kilbride's have the French Long Coat in colors reversed, and the Longs can be gleaned with the cinquefoil of Sedans/Siddens because the latter were first found in Durham with the Landen-branch Langleys (McCabe colors). As the Arms of Ghent (near Landen) have a "virgin" with their lion, might Langley of Virginia, CIA headquarters, be in this? The lion in the Arms of Ghent, which is the lion of English Longs too, is colors reversed from the one in the Arms of Landen. The giant McBride/Kilbride and Long cinquefoil is no doubt related to the Hamilton cinquefoils, because Hamiltons ruled the Kilbride area, and the Hamilton cinquefoils are those of Bus', which is amazing because Lorraine at her bus stop pointed to Pepin of Landen. At her bus stop, I suggested we meet at my LAUNDRomat that night, which is what she did, and one of the Lander surnames is listed with Landens. Scottish Landers share a "paly" with Langleys, Langfords, etc., and Pale's/Palys share the camel head with Pepins/Pepys.

For the record, Hall of Names gives the Langley Crest a "plume of ostrich feathers three silver two vert."

Repeat from above: "What I don't understand is why this dream came on the 13th, two days after Memorial / Remembrance Day, the day of POPPies. Why didn't it happen on the 11th if the point is to point to Apophis?" On the other hand, Apophis comes on April 13, 89 months exactly from this dream. Is that meaningful? I don't see how, unless all first-five Revelation Trumpets are five months long. Eighty-nine months is seven years, five months, and the 5th Trumpet happens to mention a span of five months. If we assume that the 1st Trumpet starts seven years from now, and ends five months later on April 13, that would put the Apophis asteroid on the first day of the 2nd Trumpet, which is the Trumpet of the Revelation asteroid. But I'm going to chalk this paragraph up as a coincidence because I would hate for this to be wrong if I proclaimed it as fact. It's something to keep in mind.

If I'm correct, then the first five Trumpets will span from November 13, 2028, until after 25 months later, in the second week of December, 2030. There's got to be more time added into that span for the Seals and Bowls, which is why I say AFTER 25 months. However, it's possible that every plague triplet will last five months. For example, the 1st Seal, 1st Trumpet, and 1st Bowl might be five months long. I cannot fathom the 6th and 7th Trumpets as five months in duration, knowing what prophecy says about the post-trib period. I see the post-trib period beginning with the 6th Seal, 6th Trumpet, 6th Bowl, and ending with the 7th Seal (rapture), 7th Trumpet, 7th Bowl.

I see the anti-Christ's 42 months of rule ending in the 5th Bowl, and it's the 5th Trumpet that's got five months of tormenting people with the mark, which may mean that they will regret taking the mark because it will itself be directly related to the pains they feel. If that's correct, the False Prophet and anti-Christ will become less popular during the five months of that plague. Their 666 rave will come to an end.

The Poppy surname is listed with Popleys, who are in the colors and format of Bessins/BEASTons and Bistons. The Mails (Cheshire, same as Bessins/Beastons), are in the same colors and near-format, and so here's a new thing thanks to the chase-me dream: the Mail lions heads are in the colors of the lion in the Arms of Landen (home of Pepin of Landen to which Helen and Lorraine pointed). I've come to this paragraph because, as I've said a few times, Helen put a Christmas card into my mailbox, which is above the three steps down to her stair LANDING. It looks like Intelligent Design, with Poppys leading to Mails and possibly connecting to the Arms of Landen.

In the Christmas card, she wrote, "I love you," unexpected because we had been a couple for only a week by then. At that time, as I've said, Ray LUFF would visit me, but instead of coming to the front door, he'd knock on the side door out to the driveway, and that was Helen's door, smack at the landing. One enters the door upon the landing. And Love's are listed with Luffs. The first thing I note here is that Luffs/Love's have three fesses in the colors of the Flander, Fleming and Brabant fesse, and Landen is in Brabant on the southern edge of the so-called Fleming Region, otherwise called, Flanders. I have no proof (yet) that the Mail lion heads are the Landen lion, and no evidence that the red Luff/Love fesses are the red Flaming / Flander / Brabant fesse. But it's interesting going forward.

The CHRISTmas card works well into poppies where Papa's have a version of the Christ Coat. I see Papa's from Papia, otherwise known as Pavia on the Ticino/Tessin river of the Tease's/Tess'/Tecks, a branch of Tease's/Tyes'/TEA's (another red fesse, this time colors reversed from the Christmas fesse). Now that's amazing, because, as I've said, Helen became my ladyfriend starting with an invitation for TEA in my place. I was hoping she was the blond in the 1979 dream, whom I thought was going to be my future wife. It's very possible that the tea, or the Christmas card, was on December 13. Eighty-nine months after November 13 is December 13.

Pavia was co-founded by Laevi Gauls, and the Levi chevrons were used by the counts of Belgium's Hainaut. Hainaut's share the black Arms-of-Flanders lion, in both colors of the Levi chevrons, and the Arms of Landen have a black lion in both colors of the Jewish Levi lion, suspect with the gold-crowned lion head of CAPONE's/Capua's. The Capote's/CAPONE's have a mule head that can go with the Meoles location of Mails because the ails share the Capone/Capua lion head.

Papa's share the swan (different background color) with CHRISTmans, first found in Hampshire with Tiss'/TEECE's and Chase's, perfect, for when she said, "chase me" on November 13, it was a playful tease! I get it. Ahh, the Mee's, with a fat cross in the colors of the fat saltire of Tease's/Tess'/Tecks, were first found in Nottinghamshire with Tease's/Tea's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW! I love evidence like this to show I'm not being crazy with you. The Chase lion is in the colors of the Louvain/LOVain lion, and Louvain is in Belgium with Flanders, is that not wild??? "I Lovain you." We thus have evidence already that the Luff/Love fesses are those of Flanders, Brabants, and Flemings.

Louvains (share Mason/Massin Coat) were first found in Kent with BRAbants and Town-connectable TonBRIDGE's/TonBRIGGs having a TunBRICK variation that can play to Helen's breasts where BRICKs have the Brest/BRIX lozenges in colors reversed. How-bout that. Meschins (descended from BRIQUESsart) married Clare's of Tunbridge, and the Meschin Coat is like the SPITTAL Coat, itself in the format of, and colors reversed from, the Tonbridge/Tunbrick Coat, and Brown-connectable Bruns were at Shropshire, where Meschins were first found who have a similar Coat. Cards (Shropshire), who play with Helen to Christmas' who in turn can be gleaned with Meschin-related Coneys, share the blue lion with both Louvains and Masons/Massins. It's interesting that while Irish Clairs share five, white feathers in Crest with Scope's, the latter have the Bruno Coat. Then, while Bruno's were at Asti, Hastings is near the Kent border. As Helens are expected with Alans of Shropshire, it may apply to the kisses in the dream that Kiss'/Cush's were first found in Leicestershire with the Town-connectable Tonys who in turn share the sleeve of Asti-like Hastings. There's a Bra at Asti, believe it or not.

Plus, Louvaine's come up as "Louvier," and La Louviere is a location beside Levi-connectable Mons (Belgium), which may explain why the white lion in the Arms of Landen has two tails, as does the white MONfort/MONTfort lion. Montfort is on the Mee-line Meu river! Mons' are listed with MOUNTs, and there is a Monforte location beside Bra (Piedmont), making "Brabant" look connectable to Bra, and to when Helen raised her bra on the stair landing! We could say she was teasing, for the Tease/Tye/Tea fesse-with-stars are in the colors of the Brabant fesse-with-roses. Ahh, the Flander Coat is a near copy of the English Tie Coat while Tye's/Thigh's (not Tease's/Tye's/Tea's) are likewise Tie's; Ticino liners were all over Belgium. The Flander stars can be for the Stars because they in turn share the chevron of Flints while Flanders are Flinders too.

Aha. While Tease's are also Tecks, Decks/Daggers not only have the split Papa / Christ Shield in colors reversed, but share the red squirrel with Squirrels, the latter first found in WORCestershire with Mail-connectable Bistons. Then, WORKs share the Mail lion head! The Works are in the "THY work" motto phrase of Sinclairs, and Tease's/Tea's are also Tye's! Worcesters (almost the Ghent-like Gain/Engain Coat) share the Christmas fesse, in colors reversed from the Tease/Tea fesse. It's important here that Christmas' ("coney" rabbits) have the Coney Coat on a red Shield while I see Coneys in relation to Bra of Cuneo. Bra is beside Asti, and Bruno's tell of having a branch in Asti. Why is Helen owning the Bruno / Brown/Brun bloodline. English Bruns were at Spittalsfield, and Spittals have a Coat like Coneys and their Mussel/Muscel kin.

Plus, Coneys have a coney rabbit holding a pansy, and the Pansys/PANTers were part of my brown pants with Helen on duck-dinner night. I should add that while Helen has thin lips, she had very-noticeably fat lips in the dream, as though God wants to get us to a Lipp surname. After our first kiss in real life, I said to her, "mm, you have thin lips," which she didn't like hearing. There are two Lipp surnames to contemplate while Thins are with Tine's/Tyne's. One Lipp surname uses BROWN lions, and the other Lipps (Westphalia, same as HOLDING-beloved Allers) have the giant Montfort lion but with one tail. I explained earlier in this update how Tyne's are linkable to Letters (Lipp colors and format), and there is a "hand HOLDING a letter" in the Crest of Cards (Shropshire, same as Tyne's) which goes with Helen's Christmas card in my mailbox. There's a stamp on the Card letter, and Stamps have three horses in the colors of the horse heads of Helen-related Pepins and Este's, the latter first found in Essex with Mount-connectable Mountains, the Chase-connectable Change's/Chauncers, and with the Works who figure into the MAILbox. The links never end.

I've told already that Helen left me for STEVE before VALENTine's Day, for he brought her flowers for the occasion. Valence- / Velin-like Valents/Valentins have a squirrel-version of a STEVENson Coat. Valentine's Day is the day of Cupid, and Cupids were a topic in this update before the chase-me dream took place. I had shown that Cards share the giant Cupid lion head, and both Crests have clouds. This blue lion head is in both colors of the lion in the Arms of Brescia/Brixia, the line that goes to her breasts. The Arms of Brescia has a passant, blue lion, as do Chase's. Helen was the reason for my bringing Tenants to topic, and the Vela's in the Tenant motto use torches, and so here's a reminder on the Kendry Crest: "Kendrys have 'A demi CUPID holding a TORCH,' and Turks/TORKs have 'a flaming mount', incredible, because MacKenzie's have a flaming mountain".

Shame on me, I had forgotten until now that Mee's share the Tenant boar heads! Wonders never cease. Chase's have the Chance lion in colors reversed, and the Chance lion is alone in the Chief, and is the Chief of Maschi's, first found in Rimini, near the first-known Valents/Valentins, and near Fano that's in the motto of Fane's/VANs (share GAUNTlets with Maceys/Mace's) while two of the Masci / Chance lions are in the Coat of Voirs/Voyers, the latter first found in Vannes of Brittany, which is beside the Meu river of the Mee's. CHASE ME.

The following may per-chance be justified with Helen's chase-me scene: Voyer-like Foyers are listed with Foix's/Foys in the motto of Haydens (Norfolk, same as Chase-like Case's), and the other Haydens share the Mee cross. The Formans/Fermans suspect in the Hayden motto with Foys almost have the Chance / Maschi Chief, and two other Foy surnames share black roundels with the Crest of the other Haydens. Voyers use St. Mark's lion, and English Marks (Essex, same as Chance's), with a lion in the colors of the Forman/Ferman lion, share the fleur-de-lys of Ainsleys who in turn have the Mee's in their motto as My's. Cassers/Kassers/Gassers have the split-Shield of German Marks in colors reversed. Case's (Norfolk, same as Fasts in the Leslie motto) share buckles on a bend (different colors) with Leslie's who in turn share the green griffin head of Chase's, and moreover the Leslie motto term, "Grip," looks connectable in this picture to Gripel, where Voirs/Voyers were first found. I'm as dizzy here as when I was chasing Helen, but at least I caught her...though the meaning of this paragraph, whether to include Miss Earhardt in the chase, eludes me. If a chase is a hunt, it's notable that Hunts share the split Shield of Foys/Foix's/Foyers, what are the chances???

Hmm, how does one catch a foxy Earhardt? That's easy: with an ear and a heart, and lots of money. The Catch's (Norfolk, same as Case's and Cass-beloved Fountains) are also Case-like Cachers.

Helen of the dream had huge lips when I was kissing her, so large they must have been that way for a reason. LIPtons, with a Chief in the colors and near-format of Poppins/Pophams (Hampshire, same as Ghents), have a Shield in the colors and format of Landons/Langtons, is that not amazing? Plus, I caught Helen with an invitation for tea, and it might just have been Lipton's tea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW. I didn't have that in mind when starting this paragraph. Liptons even use a tea-like "Tau of St. Anthony." The Taw/Tase surname could be in code, but unfortunately Taws don't use big lips, nor can I see a way to connect any of the three Anthony surnames to the kiss scene. But wait, for Tonys are like the Tone variation of Towns who in turn may be of the Tenants and TINTons and therefore of the COUCHant-lion Tints. We were kissing on the couch, and Kiss'/Cush's were first found in Leicestershire with Tonys. That works. Ahh, and the Taws/Tase's happen to share the TONbridge crescents!!! It worked. The big lips are for Liptons, and Taws thus become suspect with Tease's/Tea's. One can even fathom that TunBRICKs are for the breast scene that was part of the kiss scene.

[The day after writing here, while writing the insert shortly below, I checked the Biggs (Essex, same as Marks) due to her big lips, and they not only share the Anthony leopard FACE (Face's share the Mee cross), but the fleur-border of English Marks!]

PLUS, after we kissed, she started to pray, and English Prays/PRATers were first found in Lincolnshire with English Anthonys. What would be the chances, if not Arranged, that Prude's/PRATs share the Tonbridge/Tunbrick fesse? AND WOW, Prude's/Prats were first found in Auvergne with Foys/Foix's/FOYERS while Voirs/VOYERs share the lion of Norths, used also by Denardo's/Nordi's who in turn have the Auvergne tower? BUT AMAZINGLY, the fox-using Fes'/Fez's (Auvergne) nearly have the Coat of Austrian Anthonys, what are the chances? Anthonys entered the discussion only due to her big lips and our tea fest i.e. the pointer to the Tau-of-Anthony Liptons. It's incredible because, while heraldry begets heraldic links without any surprises, events and dreams in my life should not jibe with heraldry, yet they routinely do.

Prude's/Prats use "mea," and Mee's are also Mea's, and so it appears that God said, "chase me," for to lead to Helen's prayer for connection to Prater / Prat liners. But why? Prets/Prettys share the Duck stars, but this may not be the reason. Might it be for the Peare / Pero- / Pavia-connectable Parrots (pears), since Tease's/Tea's are from the Tessin river at Pavia? That looks good. Is the "flaming star" of Pero's a pointer to Apophis? Makes sense. Pavia was also Papia, the line to Papa's, for one. And the Pophams/Poppins (same place as Tiss'/Teece's) have a Chief in the colors of the Lipton Chief which itself has that Tau of Saint Anthony between scallops used also by Tache's, who are in turn in the PEERless motto. The Peerless saltire is colors reversed from the Tease/Tess/Teck saltire. Looking really good. Helens must have been at Pavia, for Helens have the Pepin/Pepy horse heads in colors reversed. It was God who got her up for tea, you see.

[Insert -- During the spell-check, I was stopped at this line: "...Morays share "pret" with Meats/Meads. The Madeleys/Matleys are said to be first found at Matley of MOTTRAMin-Longdendale," and this is where I spotted "LONGENdale," capable of being part of Helen on the stair landing because Landens share the Langley Coat, both sharing six pale bars (different colors) with Langfords. It therefore floored me to find that Irish Longens/Langans were first found in County Down with Prays sharing the Langford Coat!!! Plus, Helen and I DROPped DOWN to the couch, and Drops/Trope's share the Langen/Langan lion!

Longs have a Pray-like Preux" motto term, and Preux's/Prousts were lords of Cleuz in Brittany. There is a Cleuz-Bihan location about six miles from LANDERneau, and about eight miles from Brest, and while Helen was on the landing getting a breast symbol, Helens were first found near Preux-like St. Brieux. Is that not wild? Bihans were first found in Dol. Prays have never been a part of Helen heraldry until now, and I think we can now see why they have been added, as per Preux's. Helen prayed just after we kissed on the lips, and Cleuz-like Claws', sharing a Lipp Coat, were at LONG Clawson. Claws' are also Claysons while Clays happen to share six pale bars with Landens, Langleys, etc., and in the colors of the eight pale bars of English Landers (looks like the Alan fesse upon the pale bars). Incredible verification that the chase-me dream's breast scene (at the kissing scene) links to Helen's breast symbol on the landing.

It's as though God does set-up scenes like this to get points across, but not merely for our entertainment. I was pressing my breasts into hers, and Preux's/Prousts may therefore have been a Press/Prest / Brest branch. Price's/Prise's happen to share the Claws/Clayson / Lipp Coat, and as it's essentially the Montfort Coat, let's add that Montfort (on the Mee-line Meu river) is in Vilaine with Dol, for Vilains have the Chief-Shield colors of Press'/Prests in colors reversed. Price-like Pricks/Pritchards share the hug-like Hugh Coat and Crest which includes the Helen Crest!!!!!!! The Levins/LIVINGs, with the Chief/Shield colors of Vilains, were first found in Westmorland with Liptons, and we were hugging and kissing on her big lips in the LIVING room! The "ASTERna" motto term of Price's/Prise's can thus point to Apophis. We couldn't have been here apart from the breast-press. "Chase me" is about Apophis in Cancer, isn't it? [Sorry, it's "aeterna," not "asterna".]

After writing this insert, the short insert above was added on the Lipton-Anthony-MARK link, and so note how the MARK of the beast has to do with pricing, sort of, where pricing has to do with purchased products. The mark of the beast may need the prick of a needle. RICHmond was taken by Alans of Brittany, and while Needle's were first found in Shropshire with Alans of Brittany, Richmonds look like LABOR kin. Buying and selling has to do with labor. It's possible that Pricks/Prickards were of Rickards/Richards and Ricks/Rex's (Somerset, same as Tints). It works with Helen and the couch because the Rick/Rex Coat is connectable to the Wrexham location of couchant-lion Tints (almost the Rick crosslets).

Ricks have a Rixon location in STURminster (at Stour river), and Sturs are an Aster branch. The Stura river at Cuneo is near Aster-like Asti. Asti is beside Bra to go with Helen's breasts, but SAVIGliano is beside Bra too, and the Helen Crest shares the SAVAGE lion. Asti-like Hastings were Tony kin, and Liptons love Anthonys. The Rick/Rex Coat looks like the Rosco/RISCo Coat; the latter shares the Bihan cinquefoil to go with Cleuz-Bihan near Brest and Landerneau. End insert]

For the record, Norths share the triple-Crab fleur. The Meu river flows partially in Cotes-du-NORD, where there's a Jugon location while JUGGs/Judds share the Mee and Tenant boar heads. Breasts are milk jugs.

Do Lipps share the Montfort lion? I had read that Montforts share the GONfannon banner, and proved it with heraldry, and GONE's/GUENETS apply to that banner along with FANE's/Vans having GAUNTlet gloves, for Gaunts (Kent, same as Louvaine's and Brabants) share the Gone/Guenet bend. Gaunts almost have the Coat of Change's/Changers (Hampshire, same as Ghents and Chase's!!!), expected as a branch of Apophis-pointing Chance's/Chauncers (share Chase patonce)! It's working like steak sauce on buffalo meat.

The Dutch Gaunts/Ghents share the wavy Dol fesse, and as Helens are expected with Alans of Dol, by what coincidence does the Brest Coat form a fesse in the colors of the Dol / Gaunt fesse. Brest is in Brittany with the first known Helens, and Dol is near the Meu river of Mee's.

Gone's/Gows/McGoo's are interesting where wolf-using Gowers are also Gore's while wolf-using Gore's almost have the Coat of Ghent-like Gains/Engains while the wolf is a Gaunt symbol too, not to mention the English Prays.

I now go to the Bistons with a gold-bee version of the Bessin/Beaston Coat. The BISHOPston variation of Bistons caught my eye, and then Bishops use a "Pro" motto term suspect with Pero's/Perino's and Piero's/Pero's (PAVIA!), and Pero's/Perino's happen to use a "FLAMING star" to go with the Flemish Region. Pierro's/Pero's share the Tease/Tea fesse and the Papa / Christ / Brabant roses. Plus, the Bishop bend with bendlets are those also of Gone's/GUENETs, first found in Belgium with Landen and with GHENT.

As Bishops seem to be coming off of Bessin liners, and as Biss' share the Meschin scallops while Meschins ruled the Bessin, note that the shop-like ending on Bishops/Bisshops/BiSCHOPE's can show signs of merger with Shops and/or Scope's/Schope's, especially as the latter share the Bruno Coat exactly while Browns/Bruns share the Masci fleur-de-lys. The two snakes of Biss' are in the Arms of Bissone, a location in the Ticino canton. Biss' share two green snakes with Earhardts, and the latter's are "encircling" the same fleur-de-lys. Helen and I circled ROUND the couches, and the couchant lion of Tints is in the Round Crest as a "sleeping lion" while Miss Earhardt is Sleeping Beauty! Why is this week's dream going there? Ainsley's daughter is Hayden, and while Ainsleys have two "my" motto terms, and while one Hayden Coat shares the MEE/MY cross, Helen said, "chase ME," to get me to circle round the couches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is Ainsley Earhardt a second fulfillment of Helen in this dream?

Plus, the other Haydens share a dancette in Chief (different colors) with SHOPs, and the latter's Chief-Shield colors are those of Ainsley-branch Annas' (Tease/TEA kin!), once said to be first found in Nottinghamshire with Ainsleys and Mee's/My's. Helen was teasing me with, "chase me." The Bishops, incredibly enough, have a red-bend version of the blue-bend version Nottings once showed. Helen is naughty.

An amazing thing happened in the paragraph above with "Bissone," for I had spelled it "Bisone" at first, but checked with google to make sure what the correct spelling is. When asking google for "bisone Wikipedia," Wikipedia's article on BISON came up. BUFFALO MEAT AT YOUR SERVICE!!! I wore brown pants to the buffalo-meat restaurant, which pointed to German Ducks who almost have the Shield of Haydens under their dancette! Wow, amazing. I must have been chasing Miss Earhardt too. The Arms of Bissone use the blue biscione snakes of Visconti's, but I know for a fact that the Visconti snake was once green, the color of the Biss / Earhardt snakes. The Visconti snake wet by marriage to Sforza's who in turn share the giant lion of EACH's/Augers in the Biss-Crest description: "A green mountain with two snakes respecting EACH other." Ahh, Mountains share the Bruno / Scope/Schope bend, and the latter could be on Bishop prefixes.

AND, just realized, the Others/Otters in the Biss description have a bend-with-items in the colors of the bend-with-items of Bishops. Others/OTTers were from Lombardy, where OTTone Visconti ruled, and as Others/Otters were proto-Windsors, let's add that Windsors share the Tease/Tess/Teck saltire! We are still on the chase-me tease here. One theory I had from an assortment of things, including the fox of Tease-connectable Thy's/Tie's, is that Fox news is one big and perpetual tease, one big phony presentation done purely for money bags, no practical support or concern for the conservative viewers being swallowed by a corrupt and malicious shadow government.

I'd like to go back to our falling over the armREST of the couch, for the Arthur "rests" can be gleaned as code for Restons/Ristons who share the three leopard faces of Scottish Doors. The proto-Arthur Ardiaei were on the NERETva river with Door-like Daorsi, and Arduinici of Oneglia married DORia's. NERETs were first found in Brittany with Helens, and while Helens were from the Atintanes (where the couch pointed) theater at Aulon/AVLONa, the latter was the line to AVALON, where king Arthur had family. But Avlona was also the line to DUCK-related Velins / Velens / Valence's, and Helen's duck dinner involved my BROWN pants. So, keep in mind that Bars and Bar-le-DUC had been in BRUNswick, for Bramtons named Brompton (Shropshire), where "Ristson" (spelling error?) is said to be. Nerets were first found in Dol, which I think explains why Restons/Ristons share the Dol fesse. English Bruns almost have the Rising/Rison Coat.

The Ardiaei and Daorsi were also at Rhizon, explaining why Restons have a Ryston location (Downham) in Norfolk, where Risings/Risons were first found. Plus, if the Restons/Ristons had a red Shield, they'd be in the colors and format of Rush's/Rish's and Rosco's/Risco's, thus indicating that the latter two were Rhizon elements. Helen and I did not rise from the couch, but this belongs to Ainsley Earhardt. Rhizon is beside Kotor, the line from the Biblical Abram and his second wife, Keturah, and so this exercise tends to prove that BRAMtons were named after Abram. Maybe there was an ancient Bram-like tribe, such as I think mythical Priam (father of Helenus, a faggot) and his city of Parium was named after. Priam was the father of Paris, and it just so happens that this Paris abducted HELEN of Troy. See, Helen falling over the armrest can point to this.

Helenus was "lover of Apollo," suggesting the Apollonia location smack beside Aulon/Avlona. I'm asking myself lately about possible, God-directly heraldry on Apollo appearing in the 5th Trumpet of Revelation. Helen pointed to Letters and Letts/Late's, and Leto was Apollo's mother while Leto's are also Lette's. Leto's even use a crane for lines from the namers of the Ceraunii mountains beside Apollonia. Apollo mated with Coronis, making Apollo look very much like code for the namers and settlers in Apollonia (in Fier county). Helenus and Cassandra were twins, looking like myth-writer play on Apollo and ArTEMIS being twins. I see the latter named from the Amazonian area of THEMIScyra, and the THAMES'/Tiens (named Thames river through Oxford) share the Lett/Late stars. A chocoLATE treat on Helen's door knob, at her stair landing, pointed to Lets/Late's, but there were also two pointers, from her and involving the same stairs, to Letters, the latter being in Leto/Lette and Tint colors. I didn't realize the following until minutes AFTER all of the paragraph above this sentence was written: the ABOTTs, first found in Oxfordshire with Thames'/Tiens, share the Lett/Late stars too, and Apollo in the 5th Trumpet is called, ABADDon. How about that. Oxfordshire was ruled for centuries by Fier-branch Vere's, HOW ABOTT THAT!!! There's an additional Button surname listed with Boddons/Bottons.

I can't believe that it didn't dawn on me until now that while my brown pants were cache pants, that's a Chase-like term! Zikers. God has known this heraldry all along that related to duck-dinner night, but He didn't chose to reveal this dream until now. There must be a good reason, and I think it's my present emphasis on Apophis. Again, it's coming in Cancer the crab, and Crabs were first found in Cambridgeshire with Chase- / Cache-like Cass'/Cash's, and with -- wait for it -- .....................................cache-like Cake's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When I afford that many exclamatons, I'm usually laughing / smiling away because I find things like this entertaining as they unfold by surprise. I didn't have Cake's in mind until the last second, until after writing "Cass'/Cashs." Have your cache pants contibuted to revelations like this?

Cake's share the fleur-de-lys of Vychans/Vaughns who in turn share a Brown Coat. My BROWN CACHE's.

Helen was my baseMENT tenant, and ping-pong in Kepke's basement had pointed to Pings/Pongs/Pagans and therefore to Ments/Mants sharing the Neret Coat, in colors reversed from the Ping/Pong/Pagan Coat. I can now use this to add that BASEment is God's arrangement as pointer to the Base's sharing the Brunswick Coat. And it just so happens that the three Ment/Mant and Neret bends are in the colors of the one Bruno bend.

I've told of the time that Helen saw Paul SMITH, remarking to me, "he's ugly." Paul must have been having a bad hair day, or maybe Paul (devoted Christian) looked at her badly because he spotted that she was promiscuous, I dunno, but I am sure "ugly" was a word put in her mouth by God because mythical Hephaestus of the Troy area had an ugly symbol, and moreover he was the metal SMITH. Hephaestus moreover was lame, and God provided a dream in which Kepke appeared on my driveway, near my red Jeep, leading a sick stag followed by Paul Smith in crutches i.e. very appropriate for lame Hephaestus. The ugly symbol was given by writers to Gorgons, as you may well know from the Gorgon Medusa, whose face could kill if only you saw it.

But there's more, because Hephaestus was the god of Lemnos, where the Argo ship stopped to mate with its Amazons, and then the ship went to Colchis near Kepke-like Kepoi. Jason of the Argo ship married the princess of Colchis, Medea, a witch, whom I'm sure was named after a tribe from Medan, son of Abraham and Keturah. We just saw Helen pointing to this line, and connecting to Paris and Helen of Troy. But we can had that there was a Hellenus of Epirus, and the Atintanes to which Helen's couch pointed were in Epirus. Epirus was named after Aphrodite, official wife of Hephaestus. The myth writers had a bonanza making this ugly man the husband of the sex goddess, but she escaped to be with Ares, code for the Aras river near ARDAhan.

Medea worshiped the witch, HECATe, and then king HECTor (myth-code) of Troy was the son of Priam and brother of Paris, what a coinkidink. Priam's wife was made, HECabe.

Jason took Medea his wife to Corinth, but they divorced there, whereafter she flew her chariot of dragons to ATINtanes-like Athens, where king KODRos ruled, father of Medan-like Medon, and thus this looks like the line of Keturah and Medan, the line also of Priam-like Abraham. Abraham lived in Hebron with Amorites from the EUPHRATES river that named APHRODite. The Hebrons/HEPburns have a KEEP motto term, and HEBE was HEPHaestus' sister with Ares-line Hera as the mother. The Hebrews at the Euphrates lived on the (K)Habur river that named the Kabeiri cult of Hephaestus, which cult was in Thebes of Boiotia, beside Athens. They named mythical Athena after Athens, and Hephaestus mated with Athena.

Another son of Kodros, whose name I cannot recall, was made the founder of Hephaestus-like Ephesus, and Amazonian city in Mysia. Troy and Parium (and Lemnos) were in Mysia too, as was Dardania. The Trojans were made the sons of mythical Dardanus, code for Dardania (real place), and Dardanians (real people) had a frontier at Rhizon and Boiotia-like Butua. It appears that the line of Abraham formed some Trojan sector, and many other nations too.

So, let me go back to a quote above where we read that "Paul [Smith] owned a red Jeep at the time, and Jeepma's/Cheps happen to share the Coat of Irish Browns." Well, when Chep-like Kepke appeared in my dream with Paul Smith, they were walking past my garage, where i park my red Jeep now, more than three decades after Paul lost his red Jeep. In fact, he was up at my place, when Helen saw him, to buy my Nissan pick-up, because he had fatally crashed his Jeep.

I'm pretty sure that Jeepma/Chep variation have been resolved with Japodes, the namers of mythical Jupiter, the chief god of the Romans who descended from Trojans. The Japodes lived next to the BREUCI, and Helens were from the area of BRIEUC. Just look at that. I trace Bruce's to Abruzzo, and the latter's ancient capital, Aprutium, looks like "Aphrodite." The current Abruzzo capital, L'Aquila, has a black eagle, the colors of the Jeepma/Chep / Brown eagle. Expect the Kabeiri of Hephaestus (depicted by Paul Smith), from the Habur river of Babylon, in Abruzzo, for the Marsi of Abruzzo look like they are from the Mari capital of the Babylonian Amorites. The Marsi were Merovingians, and the first Merovingian king, Childeric, married Basina, the line to the Bessins / Bistons whose erect sword was a "sacred" (putrid) symbol of Ares (child-sex cult) to the Bistones people group of Cyrene.

News Again

I think everyone should understand this. The "vaccines," if true that they create viruses in the body to activate the defense system against them, will cause people to breath viruses into their masks instead of setting them free into the air. The latter is obviously the best method to counter an illness, for when a person is infected with a virus, a race begins. The body tries to eradicate more viruses per unit time than the viruses can replicate in the body. But if a person expels viruses into a mask, some of them get trapped in the humidity filling the mask regularly by humid breath. The viruses and the humidity can then be breathed in again so that an advantage to virus replication is provided in the race. This can explain at least part if the reason that the most vaccinated areas are experiencing the most illnesses.

If you've been vaccinated, TAKE OFF THE MASK, especially if you work several hours daily with them. Wash, disinfect, or change your masks regularly if your boss gives you no choice, but explain to him what I've just said. Start taking large doses of vitamin D3 several days before you get vaccinated because these "vaccines' can produce too many viruses and catch your defence system by an unhappy surprise.

The CDC condemned itself (story below) after someone requested official data from it on the topic of how much or little people are naturally immune from COVID, of carriers of COVID, after they have been infected. The CDC (Disease Control) wrote back to say that it doesn't keep a record of such things HAHAHAHA, LAUGHING STOCK. The wooden-headed Pinocchio runs the CDC. It is the very job of the overseers of disease control to KNOW and DISSEMINATE the danger or non-danger for people after they have been infected. GUILTY. The CDC is playing vaccine roulette with the people, sponsoring the mobster casino, trafficking in vaccines. It's that simple. The signs are everywhere, continually piling up before us.

The speaker in the video above correctly states that the CDC can't have proof that the unvaccinated are spreading COVID if the CDC hasn't kept investigative records on the spread-potential from the unvaccinated. This will play into the hands of ANYONE who sues the CDC for misrepresenting the dangers of COVID on behalf of the absolute need of multiple / long-term / perpetual vaccinations.

The video shows a few clips of people having muscular / nerve spasms, MOST HORRIBLE. Do these spasms ever let up? I don't know. It's horrible. I suggest that the people at the CDC, and Fauci, and the rest, should be murdered at the first opportunity. ANYONE SEEING THE HORRIBLE EFFECTS OF THIS VACCINE, and pushing them in spite of, should be shot, trudeau included. trudeau has a national media at his disposal, and he's not using it to expose the dangers of vaccines. GUILTY! He's not using it to share the words of the scientists and professionals who warn against the vaccines. GUILTY!

DEATH TO THE TRAFFICKERS to save the victims, it's that simple. These words represent the sentiments of many who can't speak them on their shows for fear of corrupt prosecutors and judges. The villains can't hide behind their safety facade because there is no pandemic, no need or justification for mass vaccinations. DEATH TO ANYONE who pushes vials of these vaccines where many of them are obviously laced with poisons DELIBERATELY. It is legal to kill someone in a first-degree act of murdering someone else. Any judge worth his salt will agree. I'm passing judgment because the mass-murder guilt is obvious; the VAERS numbers alone prove it, and soon we will get proof that the VAERS numbers are underplayed deliberately to facilitate the murders and ease the consciences of the governmental vaccine traffickers.

The 3rd minute of Stew Peters below shows the chief of Ecohealth telling people that there's money to be made in the COVID scheme if "investors" play their cards right. That's criminal. In the 4th minute, we see that Trump, as president, signed off on the speedy (light-speed) implementation of untested, "self-assembling (in the body, I assume) nanoparticle vaccine" technology:

It's starting to appear as though a fundamental part of the global-warming scheme is to prop up an excuse to decrease fossil fuel in markets, with the aim of weakening the masses, frightening them into compliance, the excuse being that fossil fuels have led us to the brink of destroying the planet's air and soil. But the air is not poisonous, and the soil continues to produce crops always. There is no danger at all. Ocean levels are not rising; they deceived the masses with claims of melting polar regions. These imposters are the danger, treacherous to their neighbors. They deserve to be snuffed out, and the way that God will kill them is with finality, no option for parole, no getting out of jail, ever. God has provided that warning, and I share it here. Death is eternal if one does not rise to life with Jesus. No one can rise to life with Jesus if the are treacherous to neighbors.

Love your neighbor, do no wrong to your neighbor, and fill the need of your neighbor if you have means. How easy is that? But the globalist pigs, who have plenty of money, prefer to steal more from their neighbors, to make life more difficult for them, rather than to fill their needs. Joe Biden is a reflection of the globalists I'm referring to. He is their face, and he reads their words whenever he speaks to the people on camera. Obama was the same. These are the damned. And there are some Christians who actually voted for Biden. FOOLISH VIRGINS. TROLLS AMONGST US. Jesus warned of traitors in the churches.

How nice can life be when you must be good to a neighbor when that neighbor is good to you? PERFECT. It's not a task to be good to one that's good to you. Here, neighbor, need a tool, no problem. Need a friend, no problem. That's the sort of peace that anti-Christ globalists wish to rob the people of, to pit neighbor against neighbor that they might not become a cumulative voice against them. The offenders are offending, the dividers are dividing, and the defenders of Truth will be portrayed as the attackers, the instigators, the epicenter of all division and strife, the ground-zero of societal cancer. Prepare your heart for it. It has begun.

There will be signs in the churches of those who have their hedge with the worldly. They will fear Christian persecution, and therefore go the way of our enemies. They will praise the vaccines, for example, and defend the mask-goon society. They will go with feminism in the churches, or be pro-abortion, or they will agree that Whites are a racist problem needing correction. Like Hannity, they will embrace Sodomites as normal. They are the lip-servers to Jesus, not recognizing His ways if it means becoming impoverished or less famous in the here-and-now.

Hannity has far too much money; it's his cuddly death blanket. He can eat in the finest restaurants EVERY DAY EVERY YEAR, being served by a housekeeper too, and this is the way he wants to go instead of giving that money to people feeding on corn flakes and No-Name canned "goods." Don't you see something wrong with that? Who is the fool that sees nothing wrong with that? Who in their right mind would want to squeeze with Hannity into the trap that is the eye of a needle? The eye of a needle is not the gateway to Eternal Life. He who plays with the needle will get stung by the needle. But for those Christians who give their money until they themselves are on the poorer side of life, there will be no sting of death (generally speaking).

I've heard that Hannity is generous with his money, but not a wonder, because he doesn't earn it. No one can earn the sum of money he's granted. He takes the gift from a mobster, the owner of Fox news. This owner makes far too much money, and the proof is in the millions of dollars he can pay Hannity annually. Therefore, Hannity is a witness of his gladly taking money from a mobster. That's how God looks at it. Hannity gladly takes money from a thief who would listen to his leftist advertisers before listening to Jesus. We need to see things in the way that the Creator sees them. It's all explained in the Bible.

Judging by the amount of work Hannity does daily, he's worth no more than $400 daily. Actually, that may be pushing it because he can only get about a million viewers out of 225 million adults. That's called a poor performance. It only looks good because other newscast hosts have worse performance. If Hannity has twice as many viewers than leftist liars, that's called less than mediocre. If people would rather watch silly shows than real-life news reports, it means that Hannity is overpaid for lack of popularity of news shows. As Hannity spends most of his time covering merely Biden and AOC these days, I'd say $400 daily is two or three times what he deserves. On second thought, I'd say he owes his viewers money for their pains of watching him do Biden and Harris. Or, if you want to go backward in intelligence, watch Hannity do Biden and his press secretary. Hannity won't do the gravely-important things -- election fraud and poison vaccinations, the coming murders of children, or what's technically happening to those falling ill to vaccines -- because he's a puppet of his mobster boss. He could do election fraud if he quits Fox, but, apparently, he wants to stay for the money, what else? Sean Vannity is cheap after all, a pee-wee, a very small man.

Here's a good 9-11 video:

Near the end of the video, Trump says that his own structural engineers worked on the Trade towers. He says that "they" had more than planes to blow out the steel columns of the towers, probably bombs, he says, but he doesn't tell who he means by "they." Certainly, Arab terrorists were not able to place bombs in the buildings. Yes, they bombed out the walls to make it look like the wings of planes made them, and there were no planes that hit, but it was done by Americans / Westerners / Jews under the watch and protection of Bush. It's clear as day, but Hannity, a defacto enemy of the country, denies this reality to his viewership, a piece of trash. Trump is a piece of trash too, for he reverted to the lie as president. This is what American is made of, duplicity, hypocrisy, connivance, all drowning in too-much money for human good.

Thank God I'm a "poor" man. Thank God I am free from the strings of this world. True freedom is freedom from America, never forget it. It may be high time to cut loose from Americanism, time to stop following the Bongino vision. Bongino calls himself a Christian, but he NEVER talks about Jesus returning to set up a Kingdom of God's freedom, even though Bongino loves freedom. He doesn't have time to talk to his audience about prophetic matters because it's not in his heart. What kind of a foolish Christian lives in this evil world without prophetic fulfillment on his mind? The conditions of this world, which Bongino knows very well, speaks loudly to me about the return of Jesus, but why doesn't it speak that way to Bongino?

Who are all of the patriot protectors of America with lip service to Jesus who are not looking to His kingdom? Can they begin to reflect on what really matters while forsaking America? YES, of course. Forget the country, and fight for what's good and right in every way. The country will get better with such a fight, but just leave America out of it, and substitute Jesus in your heart for it.

Don't say, "we've got to save this country by the freedoms afforded to us by God," but rather, say, "we've got to argue for the Creator's will in this country." It's not the country that's primary or sacred, it's God. The country is sin, and needs the ways of God; salvaging the country then comes from God's hand against His enemies. Who is the fool who wants to save the country by loyalty to Thomas Jefferson and George Washington when it's Jesus who lives forever with power to accomplish anything on earth? Loyalty to America is loyalty to sin. Loyalty to God nets a salvaged nation if sufficient numbers of sinners become loyal to Jesus. Seek first loyalty to God, and your lives will be maintained, salvaged from the onslaught of killers, thieves and destroyers. This has been God's message from the days of Moses: God first, then be God-blessed; God last, then be God-destroyed. For God cannot tolerate fools. The first rule: acknowledge God. The second rule: do His will. Then reap your abundance in His timing.

It's not the American flag, stupid, that's sacred. You can't ask Jesus to come save the flag planted upon your altar to Thomas Jefferson. You can't be that thick. When you raise the flag of Jesus, don't have the American flag raised next to it. Christians are failing their fellow countrymen by mixing their national flag with Jesus. He's not going to get involved with such a movement. It's Jesus alone that needs to be on your war flag, no other flags can compare, and any other flag tarnishes his Holiness. A JESUS-ALONE flag will get God's attention. The people of Jesus are the most-important people on this earth. Walk and talk like it's a fact. We will be the authorities because we know God's will. The devil wars against us because he knows God is setting us up as the authorities. Does this inspire you? Then talk with authority to the wicked of this world. The Lord rebuke you, trudeau. The lord destroy your agenda, biden.

Cowards and fools will not rule and become honorable too, which is why the pagans honored wicked rulers, and even invented them in myths. Zeus was an adulterer. Any would-be ruler / leader incapable of honoring Jesus is a mental weakling, seeking strength and power in brutal ways with evil tools. As a result, they destroy rather than build. Julius Caesar was much-more a destroyer than a builder of kingdom as historians call him. His skill was in destroying, killing, and stealing, and getting murdered in his mid-40s. Good one, stupid. The world be rid of you, Hallelujah. And now we have an end-time Roman dictator set to appear, just as stupid, only to get himself thrown alive into a lake of hot-hot-hot fire. Man, that's gotta hurt. Oh well, this brute will earn it all by the wicked tools that define his skills.

The one who reads how Jesus reacted to certain situations will discover that he is the REAL MAN. If you want to know Jesus, you read how he played out the situations before him. His heart was heavy in despair for the Jews who wouldn't even begin to listen to Him, not even begin to try to understand Him. When he told his apostles that he had food to eat they know nothing about, he was talking about the satisfaction of seeing the woman at the well say, "I believe you." That's what Jesus seeks, people like me who will try to understand His heart, His message, because we are agreeable to it. We sympathize and then become synergistic to His goals. We see the very Program. Being agreeable is to have ears to ear. He's not just a flag at a political-battle line to rally Christians to political movements, for He has His own "political movement" on behalf of everyone with rich soil. He's not political stubble for blind and cowardly "patriots" who can't even discern the evil in their own military, who won't confess that 9-11 was a military operation of satanic elements. Patriots like this are your worst-flag possible, more like the flag of the False Prophet. They are the blind leading the blind into a ditch, are they not?

To just believe in Jesus, and go rah-rah for Jesus, is not enough to please God. It's a start, but if we think we have a chance at eternal life by going, rah-rah Jesus I'm for ya, without getting to know The Man, can we understand why Jesus would spit us out like gravel in His mouth? It's not exactly satisfying to chew on stones. Their no juice, no pliability to God's program. What was his heart like the night before he knew he was going to be brutalized? What was His heart and thoughts on the day they pushed him to his capital punishment with their boots on His neck? Do you care at all? Are you happy He did it for you without caring about how He was suffering in His soul? Then you're not exactly a brother. If we've not cared about how God felt as He watched Jesus succumb willingly to the Sacrifice, we're not exactly a son. What were the straps around God's heart in this Sacrifice Program to keep it from exploding? Do you think it was easy for the Father to watch? What makes God desire to cut off from life all of those who don't care about what Jesus did? Can we see why it satisfies the Creator when we reflect on what Jesus did willingly on the hill he died on? It was the center of the universe, and forever will be the core of future existence.

It's interesting that a chief instigator against Christians is depicted in Revelation 13 with two horns like a lamb. There are two possibilities for this choice of language, either describing a soft-spoken personality having nothing to do with Jesus, or a lip-service Christian whose feet are planted in the stubble of worldly politics. I don't think anyone has found this character in the Old Testament, nor in the New outside of Revelation. It's a new concept totally that a right-hand man to the anti-Christ will keep citizens from making purchases. He'll even set up an altar of sorts to this man covered in blasphemy? How can we explain a lip-service Christian honoring a man with verbal abuse toward God as his very skin? When people look at this man, all they see is hatred toward God, and so this is why God condemns anyone who will take sides with him. Can we see signs right now of leading Christians taking sides with the vaccine programs. YES. And we have yet to hear from many church leaders what positions they are leaning toward in this matter.

If Christians begin to say that vaccine passports cannot be the anti-Christ system because there's nothing inherently evil about receiving vaccines, that's prematurity combined with shallow thinking. But it can also be a sign that Christian are willing to allow themselves to receive a vaccine passport in hopes that it's not the mark of the beast. However, the way I see prophecy, God will make sure that the mark is tied tight and openly to a Jesus-hating individual whose dressed with all of the giddy anti-Christs the world over. When he kills the Two Witnesses, right at the end of God's plagues, the people hanging off of that man will remain happily giddy for his cause, that's what Revelation says. They won't fear this fearsome beast because they will have gotten on his right side.

The question therefore is whether the beastly powers are, right now, preparing a Christian advocate, like Trump for example, who's task is to push Christians into receiving the mark by hook or by crook, whatever it takes, smooth / soothing language included? We are already seeing threats from the powers against those who refuse the vaccine, and churches may be evolving, as we speak, a wrong reaction to this fear program by getting on the "right" side with it. It would be easy for a False Prophet to get them further over to that side if indeed he's a false Christian i.e. flies a Jesus flag. The False Prophet may be one who had never been a Christian but suddenly poses as one, or he may be a long-time Christian who becomes an Iscariot. Or, I could be wrong in pegging him as a Christian in any way due to his lamb-like horns. But even if I am wrong, he's portrayed as a lamb-like character though not necessarily as one with lamb-like soft-spoken words, but rather he "speaks as a dragon."

There's multiple ways to interpret "speaking like a dragon," but it's important for when it happens. God's given us the goods to be able to identify him in this way; we'll know what He means when he appears. There can be no mistake in identifying him because he's the mouthpiece and advocate of the mouthy beast covered in hate for God. There are an enormous number of Christian prophecy writers who would have you think that the anti-Christ is coming as a peacemaking lamb-like character, what a tragedy this could be for the end-times. How far will they push this doctrine when other Christians are pointing to the correct man? Will those prophecy writers insist that it's the wrong man? Not if the 666 is a visible 666.

No Christian can be fooled into receiving the mark if it's a literal 666. How will they couch this number upon the hand? Will they couch it deceptively, or will they decide to just use a literal 666? If they decide to do it literally, then I don't think the False Prophet will be a Christian, for there would be no need for a false-Christian leader to dupe Christians into receiving a mark they can plainly see as 666.

Fauci's admission this week that vaccines have been a failure comes with a directive to take booster shots...we knew he'd go this criminal way. He admits now that people of all age groups are dying, instead of mainly the aged, but instead of blaming the vaccines for this new trend, he's calling for more vaccinations, exactly what we can expect from this mobster. Let's wait and see whether the numbers of anti-vaxxers now increase do to the fear of boosters, and to the news that all age groups are dying whom have become vaccinated.

Here's the chosen attitude (at this stage, anyway) of liberal-media puppets (and those who dangle them) to give false causes for illnesses from vaccines:

Here's a not-bad production of Jane Ruby going over her graphene-oxide evidence with Dr. Hotze, with new micro-pictures I've not seem before ; start this at 2 minutes:

Dr. Hotze offers no proof for what he claims to be graphene-oxide in the blood of vaccinated people, and he just goes forward without doubt that it is. Does he know what he's talking about. Beats me. But in the 17th minute -- VERY IMPORTANT -- the speaker calls the graphene-oxide formations spiderman "webs," which is perfect for what I shared a few months ago: Kepke chased me with a spider dangling on a web at the home of Karen Graff. During that very discussion, I claimed that Graffs/GRAFFENs/Gravs were a pointer to killer GRAPHENE-oxide in vaccines. Now I feel convinced that God was indeed pointing to graphene. Might there be a reason for His use of Kepke for the spider CHASE? I'm sure I know the reason.

Don't Chase's point to Apophis? Did God get confused? What's He doing having a spider chase now pointing to vaccines? Doesn't He know the difference between vaccines and asteroids? How could the two be related? It's interesting that Chase-related Chance's have their lion in both colors of the Graff/Graffen lion, but so do hundreds of other surnames. Helen said, "CHASE ME," and Mee's have a cross in Chance / Chase-cross colors. The Mee's are in the Taff motto (as Mea's) along with the Face's/Fessys who share the Mee cross. The Taffs share "spes mea" with Grave's/Greafs, and Graffs/Graffens are also Gravs. Lookie at this new thing I think I had missed: Mee's/My's/Mea's have a gold lion in Crest holding an anchor, and that's the only symbol of Graffs/Graffens. The only difference is the colors of the anchor between the two surnames.

The reason that God chose Kepke for the spider chase is that the web involved takes us to Webbers, a Weaver branch while Keeps use a "weaver's shuttle." It looks like God's way to prove that he arranged the spider chase. Spider-like SPITzer's use a "tunnel" while Tunnels are also Town- / Tony- / Tunbridge-like Tunno's. As was said, SPITTals look like Tunbridge kin.

Food Prep

I told readers I'd get back on my flour-consumption volume by making a bread-machine loaf of bread (almost 900 grams when baked) every three days. I started a 22-pound bag of white flour on August 14, and finished it November 11. As I started another bag November 14, let's say that this bag lasted two months, twice as long as I thought it might. I have something like six more bags under my bed (the floor is very cool there, perfect spot).

However, I started an 11-pound bag of brown flour on August 8, and it was only about 5/6th done by November 14, meaning, that if we have equal numbers of white and brown bags, we should use a higher proportion of brown that I've been using these past two months. I did 3 cups of white per 1 cup brown for each machine load. Most bread-making machines, I think, do 900-gram loaves.

In short, if we have equal numbers of white and brown flour (with the brown being half the weight per bag), we could use more like 2.5 cups white per 1.5 brown (per loaf) so that we go through both types in about equal time. The manual calls for 2 cups of white per 1.75 of brown for whole-wheat loaf, but we can modify, we're allowed. If you don't have equal amounts of both types of flour, adjust the ration accordingly, we can do this, I just now it. I almost buy zero store-bought bread now, but I'm retired and have the time to monkey around in the kitchen. And a kitchen monkey I have become. The more brown flour I use, the drier the bread becomes sooner, but if you eat it on the first day, it's super. The nice thing about making your own bread is you get super bread the first few hours after making it.

I dehydrate food daily. I have no idea why liberal housewives complained about "barefoot and pregnant at the stove." Kitchen work is not drudgery. Most people don't enjoy much else daily more than food, or at least they can. So, cooking can't be anything but bringing people good times. If liberal women want to give that a bad name, shame. There's a name for light-less ingrates like that. canadians have become dim largely due to this sort of woman. Instead of God-given brightness, we have a nanny-state catering to communist-pig safety freaks adding to the cost of living to the point of frustration. Whatever happened to mom yelling, "come and get it." Oh goodie. Do women know how to be sunshine anymore? Ladies, stay away from liberal-media female swine unless you want to learn the ways of demons.


Here's all four Gospels wrapped into one story.

For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God.
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