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November 16 - 22, 2021

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The 5th Trumpet in Heraldic Pointers Galore, All Jerusalem-Interesting
Don't Miss the 666 Interpretation of the Mall in the Sleeping-Bag Dream

If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture

If at anytime you want to know a Coat's description as given by an identified person/group, see Hall of Names. It's not a great website because it doesn't allow scrolling back and forth through surnames, nor can one copy and paste the URL for any particular surname. But I'm very happy to be able to have access to it.

I've been claiming for some years that God caused me to press Miss Peare's belly during sleep one night, at my age 18, with zero sex, when she wasn't my girlfriend anymore, but Kepke's. Forget repeating how that situation arose, let's get to the point, what I call the "belly press." It's going to point to the 5th Trumpet of Revelation. Here's what I added to the last update at the last minute on Monday, earlier today as I write here (Load Letters link now to have access, on another tab, to other Coats of Arms.):

Helenus was "lover of Apollo," suggesting the Apollonia location smack beside Aulon/Avlona. I'm asking myself lately about possible, God-directly heraldry on Apollo appearing in the 5th Trumpet of Revelation. Helen [depicts Alan Huns from Aulon above] pointed to Letters and Letts/Late's, and Leto was Apollo's mother while Leto's are also Lette's. Leto's even use a crane for lines from the namers of the Ceraunii mountains beside Apollonia. Apollo mated with Coronis, making Apollo look very much like code for the namers and settlers in Apollonia (in FIER county). Helenus and Cassandra were twins, looking like myth-writer play on Apollo and ArTEMIS being twins. I see the latter named from the Amazonian area of THEMIScyra, and the THAMES'/Tiens (named Thames river through Oxford) share the Lett/Late stars. A chocoLATE treat on Helen's door knob, at her stair landing, pointed to Lets/Late's, but there were also two pointers, from her and involving the same stairs, to Letters, the latter being in Leto/Lette and Tint colors. I didn't realize the following until minutes AFTER all of the paragraph above this sentence was written: the ABOTTs, first found in Oxfordshire with Thames'/Tiens, share the Lett/Late stars too, and Apollo in the 5th Trumpet is called, ABADDon. How about that. Oxfordshire was ruled for centuries by FIER-branch Vere's, HOW ABOTT THAT!!! There's an additional Button surname listed with Boddons/Bottons.

It just so happens that Thames/Tiens (Oxfordshire, same as PEARE's/Pears) use pears, explaining why Peare's share the chevron-with-stars of Abotts. And so while ancient Apollo was also, ABELLO," that must be the reason for the BELLY-press. Now keep your eyes on "Press," and on the Prise's, because I added the following, likewise earlier today, to the last update, as per my dream of last week with Helen, where for a split-second I was pressing my breasts against hers:

It's as though God does set-up scenes like this to get points across, but not merely for our entertainment. I was pressing my breasts into hers, and Preux's/Prousts may therefore have been a Press/Prest / Brest branch. Price's/Prise's happen to share the Claws/Clayson / Lipp Coat, and as it's essentially the Montfort Coat, let's add that Montfort (on the Mee-line Meu river) is in Vilaine with Dol, for Vilains have the Chief-Shield colors of Press'/Prests in colors reversed. Price-like Pricks/Pritchards share the hug-like Hugh Coat and Crest which includes the Helen Crest!!!!!!! The Levins/LIVINGs, with the Chief/Shield colors of Vilains, were first found in Westmorland with Liptons, and we were hugging and kissing on her big lips in the LIVING room.

The Price's/Prise's have a "gloria" motto term, I'll first quote: "..Donatus MacGlory 'held a bishop's court before the O'Neill and the Savage.'" Savage's are suspect from SAVIGliano, smack beside BRA, where Helen's breast symbol may go. Then, the Neil Chief has the three estoiles that comprise the Chief of Prise-like Press'/Prests, and that tends to explain my breast-press with Helen (in last week's dream).

I figure that, as the Apophis asteroid has become suspect as the asteroid of the 2nd Trumpet, I had best lead off this week's update with an investigation launched off of Price's/Prise's. They are not new to me because they were used with the Star TREK EnterPRISE, and so you might find it amazing that it was about the Terek river in ALANia (right down the HELEN alley), but we can add here that the "flaming STAR" of Peare-line Pero's looks like the "comet" of Reines'. The Star surname was first found at the Stour river that named the Sturs, and Asters are Sturs too, lookie at that.

Why else might God emphasize Star Trek? Could it be due to a bulldog in a shark pool? Neils (Price/Prise lion in colors reversed) share the fish in the Arms of SARACA, and were first found in TYRE-like Tyrone with SHARKs in turn using a CRANE for a trace to the Ceraunii mountains at Aulon! The ATTERS, suspect with the "AETERna" motto term of Price's/Prise's, are also TYRE's, how bout that.

I've now got to repeat that while Miss Peare was dating Mr. Kepke, my friend at the time, I came across a sphinx with female face in Wikipedia's article on Phanagoria, in the land of the Alan Huns. It reminded me of Miss Peare's face as she might look in her 30s/40s. A few clicks later found a Kepke-like Kepoi location, and so I figured that Kepke's were of the namers of that place (it's in Caucasia). Then, a few years ago, I had the sleeping-bag dream that ended, surprisingly, with my pulling Miss Peare from her hips. The Hips'/Hipkins happen to use a sphinx. My recollection is that this dream came before finding the sphinx in Phanagoria.

Plus, the last update concentrated much on my brown CACHE pants that I wore to duck / bison dinner with HELEN, and "cache" just came to mind as I wrong "CAUCasia" above!!! Is that not wild? Those pants must have been God's representation for Alan Caucasians.

Ahh, having just loaded Wikipedia's Terek-river article, I've just seen it as the Terk too, recalling that the Tenant surname originally became my heraldic topic as per Helen being my tenant (in real life). The Vela's in the Tenant motto use TORCHes, you see, and Torks come up when entering "Turk" at house of names. Turns use a flaming rock! See? It's another pointer of things-Helen to the Revelation asteroid.

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, the Turks/Torks not only have a "vel" motto term to go with Vela's, but they use "vel BELLO"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who wudda thought? I'm greatly entertained here, I just can't help it. I've mentioned the "bello" motto term of Turks/Torks a few times over the years, even recently, but I had forgotten that they use it when writing the paragraph above. It wasn't until writing several paragraphs below that I decided to load Turks/Torks to see what more might be gleaned. Aren't you glad I did? Turks/Torks even share the Belly chevron.

I claim that the Comet surname is in Comyn colors and format due to their being branches, and it just so happens I keep and share super evidence for a trace of Comyns to "Kuman" in Fier county! That's the same county as sat Apollonia!!! WOW! I wasn't expecting this when starting this section; I fell onto it by being on the Pero's having the Reines comet design. Comyns use a DAGGER for the Dexaroi who are on maps further up on the Apsus river than Fier county. The Dexaroi are on maps at or around AntiPATRia, explaining why KilPATRicks use a dagger too. AND ZOWZERS FOLKS, let me now repeat from above: "Helenus and CASSANDRa were twins, looking like myth-writer play on Apollo and ArTEMIS being twins." Antipatria may have been in Macedonia at one time, because king Antipater of Macedonia had a son, king CASSANDER!!!! This works because Patria-like PATTERsons are also CASSANE's, meaning that Antipater named Antipatria.

But there's more because Peare-like Peartree's are also PATRIA's!!!! Can you believe this? Miss Peare's belly press is a pointer, we can now trust, to Abello = Apollo, the namer / symbol of Apollonia very near Kuman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is AMAZING. I conclude that the belly-press is for identifying Peare's from Apollo liners at Pavia, and the Tiens'/Thames and Letts/Late's help to verify it. Pierro's/Pero's of Pavia share the red Button/Biden/Botton / Bute/Butt/Boet fesse, and the latter are suspect with the Geddes fish while the Gediz river (anciently the Hermus from mount Hermon's Hermes elements) is in Lydia while Leto = Latona is suspect from the Lydian > Latin line. Even the ancients traced Lydians to Etruscans, beside Lazio of the Latins.

Last week's dream with Helen started with her saying to me, "chase me." There was a lot to that phrase if you care to check it all out. Here's a small clip that relates to what's not under discussion:

French Brians were first found in Brittany with Helens, and the Brians are said to be from ruling Alans. See? It's perfect for setting Helen up as a pointer to Apophis via the Bride's of Savoy (same as Brigantium) and Crab-loving Bridge's. Crabs were first found in Cambridgeshire with Cass'/Cash's. CHASE ME, she said.

Mythical HELENus of Troy was the twin brother of Cassandra, and there is a Cassandra/Casano surname having one of the three Casino/Casa/Case fesses while the latter share, essentially, the Coat of Change's/Changers, the latter first found in Hampshire with English Cassandra's/Cassane's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! STUNNING. It's perfect where Chase's [Hampshire too] are a Chance/Chauncer branch. And Cass/Cash-beloved Fountains...were at Harford while Harfords/Hertfords share the stag heads of Poppins/Pophams, first found in Hampshire!!!!! It's got Apophis all over it.

The Change's/CHAUNCERs are important for sharing the patonce cross of similar Chase's; the Apophis asteroid is going to become visible to the eye (April 13, 2029) when it's in the constellation of Chaucer-like Cancer, the crab. It's therefore interesting that Aster-connectable Stars (Wiltshire, beside Somerset) use an eye, as do Abaddon-like Badens/Battons. The latter were first found in Somerset with Baths of Bath, beside Wiltshire and Hampshire, and the latter is where Buttons/Bottons/Bidens (said to have been at Bath) were first found who look like a branch of Boddons/Buttons.

From the moment of writing "Terek" above, I have been wanting to go to Tricks/Tracks/Triggs and Drigs. I didn't realize until adding the "bello" paragraph above just now that both Tricks and Drigs share the Asty lion. The last update told why Helen's breast symbol goes to a Bra location beside Asti, and while God used BROWN pants for her, Bruno's are said to have had a branch in Asti. So, in other words, the asteroid-pointing Asters can be from Asti / Asty elements, but with TRICKs in the picture, it's spelling Star TREK EnterPRISE. This recalls the Star Trek movie where Dr. Spock killed God. I kid you not, I am not lying: I watched that movie in a movie house with Jim HASTings!!!!!

So, I take it, God has his own torpedo to come kill the futuristic globalists who seek to turn His earth into a Star-Trek-II freak show. Trump LOVES Star Trek, and named his vaccine program after the Enterprise's warp-speed. The False Prophet makes fire come from the sky (= military fire), and Trump created "Space Force" with a logo like that of the Star-Trek logo. There's something to contemplate upon. Hold on to your long ears, because the Space surname is listed with Speccots while Spocks are listed with Specks!!! You can't believe it. Space's/Speccots (PORCI bend in colors reversed) were first found in Devon with the Pine's in the Spock/Speck porcupine. Spocks/Specks named a Speke location in Devon. As Speccots use FRETs, I guess that Spocks/Specks share the FERTE eagle.

Speccots share the bend of Lorraine's, I figure, because both place three white items upon it, and then the Lorraine Coat happens to add the lions of Trek-like Tricks/Tracks/Triggs and Drigs! What are the chances? The Speccot fesse is that also of Roach-infested TRAGers/TROJENs and Kepke-like Keeps.

Just after putting those exclamatons on Asti-like "Hastings," Hasters came to mind, and wouldn't you know it, they use a parrot while Parrots share the pears of Peare-related ABOTTS! Pointer to Abaddon??? Plus, I was going to say that Trick-branch Drigs use "darts," code for Dardanian liners, and Dardania was an ancient Mysian location near ABYDos, both on the HELLESpont sea, the obvious namer of Helen of Troy. Years ago, I suggested that Abydos could be the Abaddon entity. Dardania was made the foundation of Troy, and we not only saw Helenus of Troy above, but there was Helen of Troy, lover of Paris (prince of troy), interesting where Parez is a region in France, location also of Troyes and Paris. Mythical Daphne was given a laurel symbol, used also by Lorraine and Glorys in the Price/Prise motto.

Daphne was an ancient location east of Tyre, infamous for human sacrifices, and bringing them as child sacrifices to CARTHage in north Africa. Helen had a CARD symbol in the last update that went with her VALENTINE's flowers because Cards/CERTs share the lion head of Cupids, and Cupid was the Roman form of, Eros, son of Ares, the child-sex cult of Greeks. Cards/Certs use a LETTER in Crest. Eros' mother was promiscuous Aphrodite, the Hebrew line to Hebrews in Epirus, where promiscuous Helen traces, right beside Apollonia. Aphrodite Hebrews in Epirus named Abruzzo, beside Molise that is itself from the Molossians of Epirus, apparently, and then the Abreu variation of the Abruzzo surname smacks of the Abri Illyrians that itself smacks of "Abram." Apollo mated with Coronis to produce North-African Berbers / Amazons, and she was daughter to PHLEGyas, what looks like a line from PELEG, son of Eber, founder of Hebrews in Abram's ancestry. Coronis' brother IXion, because he had a chariot-wheel symbol, looks like code for Hyksos, perhaps in relation to "Aeson."

I explained, in the last update, why Helenus' father, Priam, was from "Abram" and Keturah, but here we can add that while Nahor was Abram's brother, I see his line to mythical Nereus, husband of Doris, the parents of the so-called NEREIDs that I see with the Daorsi upon the NERETva river. One myth writer made Hellen (male) the founder of all Greeks, and gave him a son, Dorus (male). That looks like the Alans were major in Greek make-up along with the Dorians who got mixed up with Nahor-branch Hebrews. Priam's wife, HECuba, and Priam's son, HECtor, and Medea's goddess, HECate, may have been named from the Heka Khasewet, the Hyksos suspect from the Armenian god, Hayk. Alans were probably proto-English speakers, and so where Keket / Hecate of Egypt was a FROG goddess, the PHRYGians (proto-Trojans in the mythical Trojan war) may have been in view.

The line of Abraham is suspect to the Bramtons, who share the Coat of Sempers in the Price/Prize motto, and then the Spocks/Specks named Bramton Speke in Devon. "Richard Le Espec acquired the manors of Wenworthy and Brampton Speke in the county of Devon, which he held from Robert Fitzroy of Oakhampton." The Oaks of Okehampton, in Devon at DARTmoor, may have descended from JOKTan, Peleg's brother i.e. another son of Eber. The EBRO river in Spain has a mouth in southern OCCITania. The Spocks/Specks have the eight bars of TUCKERs/TOKERs (Devon), linkable to the fesses of Ducks/Duckers, and Batia, mother of Trojans, was a daughter of TEUCER. Batia married Dardanus, the line to Darts/Dards (Devon) expected at Dartmoor.

The BRAMton Coat is also the Coat of DUCE's (Staffordshire, same as Lett-beloved Pipe's). Tuckers/Tokers have an emBATTLEd chevron, and a BATTLE-axe. This battle-AXE is given a "blue head," and Heads/Heeds have a unicorn version of the Este Coat itself sharing the Pepin/Pepy / Pipe horse heads, in colors reversed from the Helen horse heads. It makes heraldic axes, and/or the Axe river in Devon, suspect with Hyksos of the Apophis kind. The Axe begins in neighboring Somerset, where Webbers (and DUCKs) were first found who have the bend-with-fleur of Pepins and Pipe's in colors reversed. Devons use "SHELdrake" ducks while Oaks/Oke's (Devon) are in Shelley colors and format.

Medea's husband, IASON, son of AESon, was probably of the AEX-fronted terms that I had found (and lost) for the mythical relations of HephAEStus of Lemnos, for Iason (Jason) stopped in at Lemnos to mate with its male-despising Amazons. In other words, Jason's Argo ship is expected to be packed with HYKsos / Hayk liners. Hyksos are suspect with the Hayasa-AZZI (or "Assi" = Asians) of Armenia, and while I think the "AS astra" motto term of MacKenzie's (pointer to Apophis asteroid) is for the Ass/Assi surname, they happen to use a fasces i.e. with an AXE head. Apophis/Apepi was a Hyksos king.

Lookie at the Parrot write-up: "Sir Stephen Perrott married HELEN, the daughter of Marchion AP RICE, Prince of South Wales at the beginning of the 12th century." Helens share the Parrot lion! Lookie at the Price/Prise write-up: "The Welsh name Price is a patronymic surname created from the Welsh personal name Rhys, which also took the forms Rice and Rees. The surname Price was originally ap-Rhys, AP-RICE, or ap-Rees:" It seems to mean that it was correct to bring Price's/Prise's to topic, especially as Haster use swans while Swans/Sions were first found in Lanarkshire with Trick-connectable Astys.

And so we now have the Hasters to add to the growing list of potential pointers to Apophis, especially as MacKenzie's use "aster" and a flaming "mountain" while Mountains and Cancer-like Chaucers were first found in Essex with Hasters! BEAUTY, folks, this would not have come to light at this time had not Jim Hastings brought Hasters to mind. Essex is where Colchester is located while Irish Neils share the Colchester estoiles while Glorys/Neils are in the Price/Prise motto.

Astys share the Lorraine lion, and Lorraine the babe pointed to Pepin of Landen along with Helen. Before it gets away on me: Tricks were first found in Cambridgeshire with Crabs, though I can't see any symbolism between the two to make the blood link. But wait. A half hour after writing that, I got round to loading Grails/Neils (rock) due to the Crail variation of Crabs, and Grails/Neils not only have the Trick lion in colors reversed, but share "vel" with Turks/Torks! Dat's purdy good after having nothing to go by.

To possibly show the Trick-Haster relationship further, and to help identify the Trick lion as that of Astys, the Tricks share the sun with Hesse's/Hessers/HESSELs while Hasters are also Hesters. Hesse's/Hessers/Hessels share the Shield and Crest of Fetters expected in the "fetterlocks" of Grails/Neils. As Hazels are Hessels too, it's notable that Hazels share the crescent of German Turks/TUERCKs, possibly from Tuareg Berbers.

The "trahi" motto term of Atha's/Attys (Cambridgeshire) may be for some form of the Track variation of Tricks, but in any case Atha's share the Shield of Fiscs while the latter's full motto, but one letter, is in the MacKenzie motto. There's a question as to whether the Atha term in the Bath write-up has to do with Atha's/Attys. Baths -- first found in Somerset with Ducks expected in the "Duci" motto term of Price's/Prise's, and with PIERCE's/Piers -- share the PRICE/Prise lion. The Bellys expected in "bello" motto term of Terek- / Track-like Turks/Torks share the eight-pointed DUC/LeDuc star. The Glorys/Lowrys in the Price/Prise motto love the Sempers/St. Peers/St. Pierre's in their motto, and the latter share the DUCE Coat with the lions of Ducks (Somerset again).

It just came to mind that one of the Troy surnames use griffins "comBATANT" to go with the Batant variation of Abaddon-like Badens/Battons. BLOW MY MIND, these Irish Troys show a trahi-like Trahy variation! I did not yet load Troys to see this when writing on "trahi" above. Look at the timing. I'm seeing the Star Troy EnterPRISE here.

Badens/Battons even come up as Abaddon-like Baddons. If Irish Troys were actually descended from elements in ancient Troy, the Abydos location near Troy looks like it fits Badens/Battons/Baddons. We need a way to link the latter to Apollo elements to be sure. Badens/Battons use "BATTLE-axes" while Battle's (Berwickshire, same as Letters and Lauders) look like Letter / Lauder kin while Lauders (same Coat as Letters) share the motto and stump of Larrys/Laurie's who in turn share the giant cup of Glorys/Lowrys in the Price/Prise motto. Letters use a giant griffin in the colors of the giant crane of Leto's/Lette's, and Apollo = Abaddon was a son of Leto! There we go, as if God provided heraldic ways for us to trace Abaddon to surnames. We may even appeal to the "AETERna" motto term of Price's/Prise's to bring up the Atter variation of Troy-like Tyre's. While Tree's/True's are in the motto of Home's/Hume's (Berwickshire), Lauders call their Crest a "tree stump BUDDINg." Buddings are listed with Buttons/Bidens (probably from Boeotians). Trojan-like Trogens/Trojens/Tragers (Roach kin) use an emBATTLEd bend.

Mythical Dardanus was made to marry mythical BATia (Lydian background), perhaps code for what are still today the Bats of Caucasia. I see Hyksos from Caucasia's Armenia in and around Ardahan that itself touches on Bat territory. The Bats of old may even have named Abaddon, and so with a Dardania-Bat marriage, it could look like nothing more than a political partnership of Mysians in Dardania and neighboring Abydos i.e. some myth writer chose this as the bloodline bedrock of Trojans. Helen on the couch pointed to the couchant lion of Tints, first found in Somerset with the Baths that use a lion in the same colors, and with Abaddon-like Badens/Battons.

All-in-all, we have a great start here. What I would like to see, should God really wish to nail this set of heraldry up with the 5th Trumpet, is an heraldic locust to go with the locusts that come up from Abaddon's abyss. This abyss is formed by a star FALLING from the sky, and that could be another asteroid. Falls/Fallis' were kin of Fellers/FellTRAGERs, and we just saw the Tragers above with Trojens. As I've said many times, Rocco's share an embattled bend (different colors) with Tragers/Trojens, indicating that Fellers/Felltragers were the makings of ROCKefellers, and as rock-using Roach's have a Trager-like term in their write-up, it seems that Rockefellers were a Roach-Trager marriage.

The question is, if God wrote some Revelation symbolism to be deciphered through me with heraldic tools, might He also have put surnames / families imbedded in the symbolism? That is, as an example, are Rockefellers in the star FALLING? Is this star intended to destroy Rockefeller enterprises? Why do Stars and Badens/Baddons share the human eye? In fact, Badens/Baddons call theirs a "human eye," and Hume-like Humans/Yeomans use "CRONels," what looks like another line from the Ceraunii mountains near Apollonia. German Troys have a giant uniCORN. Apollo mated with CORONis the crow, the latter suspect with the city of Chora on the island of Patmos, where Revelation was written.

The Feller Coat is roughly with Verona's/Vires', and Italian Abello-like Bello's happen to be first found in Verona. I say that six pale bars, shared by Italian Bello's, belong to the line of Pepin of Landen. English Bello(w)'s/BILLOWS, in the "bellows" of the Ships (Oxfordshire, same as ABOTTs) and therefore looking like a pointer to the Apophis asteroid, share "Vita" with Price's/Prise's. I can get Bellows and Belows to Chalice's/Challes' and Calls/Calles', and the latter's three trumpets are in the colors and format of the three Roach fish. The 5th Trumpet is the first of three "woes" i.e. the last three Trumpets.

I don't know of one heraldic locust, but Fauchys use a grassHOPPER, and Hoppers were first found in Wiltshire, where Joels were said to be first found. The prophet Joel has locust armies in the last days. Hmm. Joels are now said to be first found in Devon, where LETHbridge's/LETTERidge's (bridge!) were first found. Wiltshire is where the three-trumpet Calls/Calles' were first found. The Mortaine link of Joels; the Morton link of Bellows; the Billet-branch of Bellows being in Devon with the first-known Joels; the Flowers in the Joel "GILLYflowers" who share the white cinquefoil with Bellows and Bullets; and finally with Mortons first found in Wiltshire too, makes a Joel link to Apollo-suspect Bello liners. The Joel-beloved Gillys even share the horizontally-split-Shield colors of German Belli's (beacon), and Beacon-related Bacons have the Bellow / Billet cinquefoils in both colors.

Gillys ("mountain cat") even have a dagger for a trace to the Dexaroi in/near Fier county. Bacons/Beacons have a "firma" motto term, like the "TIENS ferme" of Squirrels who in turn share the red squirrel with Decks/Daggers, and the Tiens' are listed with ABOTT-connectable THAMES' (Oxfordshire, same as Fier-branch Vere's). The Bacon/Beacon write-up: "Shortly after the Conquest, some of the [Bacon] family was also found at LETHERingsett, in Norfolk." Dagger-using Comyns, from Kuman in Fier, were first found in Norfolk, and while Apollonia is in Fier too, Lethers are listed with Letters (another rock, and a "flowered" border), who are in the colors and format of Leto's/Lette's (CRANE) i.e. it's got Apollo and ARTEMIs all over it with a splash of Abaddon.

Lauders, by the way, are said to have an "IMPERIal crown." The "turrets" (tower-ettes) of Lethbridge's/Letteridge's may indicate that the "tuarus" motto term of Letters is code for a line of Tuareg Berbers (north Africa). The IMPERI peoples officiating over the Boofima human-sacrifice cult were from some place in Africa; the article I had read, many years ago, didn't tell or know where in Africa it was operating. Alan Huns were in north Africa off of the Spanish mainland in roughly the 5th/6th century (I forget the timing). Helen pointed to Letters, and to Apophis, and the Lethbridge bridge is probably indication that Letter liners merged with Crab-beloved Bridge's (Somerset, beside Lethbridge's). The Leto-Apollo line was in Cyrene, part of what is now Libya. One myth had Apollo ripping the skin off of the mythical goat, Marsyas, and Boofima sacrificed goats, probably the reason for the goat-head god, Baphomet. Apollo's mother was Latona, indicating proto-Latin speakers in Apollo's real-world representation, and "skin" in Italian / Latin is "pela," and then PELops ("ops" is a suffix), the king of Lydia who moved to Pisa, was given a cannibal symbol expected for those who did human sacrifices. It seems that, due to Apollo ripping the skin off the goat, he was in the mind of the writer who invented "Pelops," though the latter was code for a real region called, Peloponnese (included Atlantean Pisa). In other words, Apollo represented a peoples in the Peloponesse, and as he married Coronis, note CORINth of the Peloponnese, where Medea above lived who is highly suspect from Medan, son of Abraham and Keturah (this would not be an Israelite line, for Israel goes through Abraham > Isaac).

Pelops ruled at Eneti/Heneti, and the Heneti people group, suspect in my books as including Grecian Aphrodite (as opposed to her Euphrates / Habur roots) as she transitioned into Venus, were merged with PAPHlagonians (beside Phrygians), feasibly from a people group originally named after APOPHis/Apepi. Why is the anti-Christ given a frog symbol in Revelation 16?

Where was my head? Did I mention that the Letter / Lauder griffin is in the colors of the BRIDGE griffin heads? I don't think I did. Why should Leto > Apollo liners have been at BRIGANTium? It just so happens that Marsyas were a Phrygian goat, and Phrygians were otherwise called, Briges'/Brigians!!! WOW! Leto was also LATONa, and I decipher that myth code with Lydians, who had a capital on the Hermus river of Hermes, father of the Pan goat! Pan's mother was PeneLOPE, and Leto with Apollo and Artemis had a LOPO = wolf symbol. Lydians removed to Pisa, land of the LADON river, and Hermes was made born (by a writer) in neighboring Arcadia. One myth writer had Apollo try to rape Daphne in the Ladon river, meaning that there was a relationship between the two at that region. Daphne was part of the Apollo Oracle.

The last update showed hint that Mee's/Meigh's were from Maia, daughter of Atlas, and mother of Hermes. "Chase ME" can then point to that situation. At Abruzzo's mount MAIella, there was a Maja goddess, and while Atlas named queen Atalanta, she was married to Maiella-like MELEager. The two killed Artemis' Calydonian boar, and Mee's/Meigh's use boar heads. Maia's mother (= Atlas' wife) was Pleione, which suddenly looks like play on "Apollyon," the spelling of "Apollo" in Revelation 9.

One webpage on Maja says: "Even today, anyone who observes the Gran Sasso [mount Maiella], from the east to the west, can recognize the face of the giant [Hermes], known since ancient times as 'The sleeping giant.' The giant, observed from a slightly different angle, turns into a graceful and prosperous girl lying on her back, called today 'Sleeping Beauty.' That's where the nymph Maja and [her] son [Hermes] 'melt' into an extraordinary union." That's all new to me. Did God have this bedrock in mind with Sleeping Beauty of my 1979 dream, who was lying down horizontally? Were Hyksos Hebrews at that area? Was the line of Annas > Ainsleys at that area? Were Amazon-line Masci's at that place?

I finished for the day on heraldry and went to news. When I saw a breast-cancer headline, Helen with the breast symbol hit me who had pointed to Apophis via Chauncer-branch Chase's. As it was me who pressed my breast into hers, and as I'm a Masci on one side, by what coincidence are Cancer-like Chauncers showing the Maschi lion? Plus, Crab-loving Bridge's were a branch of Brights (Cheshire, same as Masci liners and Maceys/Mace's) and Bride's (Savoy, same as Masseys/Masse's), and both Brights and Bride's share the Macey/Mace stars due definitely to a blood relationship in the distant past. But what other evidence is there in the chase-me dream that Helen's breast symbol points also to breast cancer? How can we seek any surname or symbol for the cancer disease? I'll chew on that question and report back if anything dawns.

By the way. Maceys/Mackays use another dagger for a potential link to Fier's Apollonia. In fact, Mackays are from king Maccus, grandson of Sitric CAECH, the one I trace to Cake's, and Cake's, first found in Cambridgeshire with Crabs (almost in Mackay / Macey colors and format) came up in the last update as per my BROWN cache pants....though I didn't add that Browns share the Masci fleur-de-lys, and have a gold-fleur version of the Crab Coat (both in the same format). I had forgotten until loading Crabs just now that their Crest is another dagger. If the Crab Shield were black, it would exactly be the Coat of the other Browns, and that latter ones have the Coat exactly of vaccine-like Vychans/Vaughns, first found in Shropshire with Masci-line Meschins and Macey-related, Abello-line Bellamys, a branch of Bells. Waddaya think, is it working? Is this warning us that vaccines are destined to produce breast cancers?

Trump not only gave the world vaccines that can produce the mark of the beast, but he gave the country a new military branch, Space FORCE," that may be the tool of the False Prophet who pushes the mark of the beast. We saw how Space's/Speccots point to inhuman DOCTOR Spock (no emotions, machine-like), killer of God, but the FORCE surname gets interesting for being first found in DORdogne, which area includes the Perigord, location of the first-known Fauchy and Faux's/Fage's/Chollens', right down the vaccine alley. Dordogne looks like it was named after the Doria's, who married Arduinici in Oneglia = IMPERia. Perfect. Plus, the Force leopards are in half the colors of the DOOR leopard FACES, and in the colors of the Door lion (probably the SFORZa lion). The Face's/Fessy's are from the Fieschi of Genova, where Doria's were first found. The Fieschi-branch Fiscs use an "astra" motto term to indicate God's hot rocks spraying at warp speed upon the kingdom of the beast.

The Shaft of the Bottomless Abyss

Okay, so I wanted to finish that exercise and get back to the locusts of the Abaddon-like abyss ("abyssou" in Greek) of the 5th Trumpet, and so I got out the Greek-interlinear Bible and found that while the locusts come from a shaft, the Greek word used is "maise." Hmm, there is a Maise surname, but what I'm looking for is connection to a heraldic grasshopper, and I found one, sort of, just as soon as I loaded the Shaft surname. The Shaft write-up: "The Shaftos were traditional landowners of the [Shafthowe] area with the Aynsleys, and the Vaughans." Ainsley Earhardt has been a pointer to vaccines, and there we see her name with vaccine-pointing Vychans/Vaughns. The Ainsley-branch Annas' happen to have a version of the grasshopper-using Thatcher/Thacker Coat, and so the one theory is that the 5th Trumpet is a plaque on the worshipers of the bloodline from chief-priest, Annas, who sentenced Jesus to death. Or, Apophis is landing due to a mark of the beast in relation to forced vaccinations.

Shafts share the salamander in flames with Douglas', and the latter share the Moray stars while being first found in Moray with Abello-like Bellys.

The Annas bloodline can be of the Hains/Ains who happen to come up as "Aime" while "aimee" is a motto term of Maise's. The latter use a "Garde ta bien" motto phrase, suggesting kin of Carricks who use "Garde bien." Lake Garda is at Brest-line Brescia/Brixia, and Maise's use an "eagle charged on the BREAST..." Carricks were from Charax PROCulus, son of Lupus Laevillus of Cetis (near Syria), and his ancestry is suspect to high-priest, Annas, for multiple reasons including Annas' father being from Syria. Perhaps God had the Ainsleys in the Shaft write-up due to her husband, Mr. PROCtor, for while Annas was responsible for three nails in Jesus, Proctors show only three nails. Were Proctors from "Proculus."

Now look at the ShaftHOWE location of Shafts, for Howe's are in Carrick colors and format. Plus, Shafts are a,so ShaftTOWs while Ainsleys were at BroxTOW while Brox's come up as Procks! It all looks arranged, and can suddenly explain why Ainsley Earhardt was a fulfillment of Sleeping Beauty at a car, for the Shafts use a blue-star version of the Car coat! I went up in a rapture with Sleeping Beauty, and the 5th Trumpet is at the verge of the rapture. Plus, recall mythical Maia as the Sleeping-Beauty rock, mount Maiella, for Maise's look like Maia liners. Cars can be from Carians, and Leto with Artemis was big in Ephesus which, if not in Caria, was near its border. Plancia Magna (a Herod liner) was the high priestess of Artemis in PERGa (if not located in Caria, then near its border), and Perkens share the Shaft / Car chevron. Perkens (Lancashire, same as Cars) even add three stars on their chevron, as do Car and Shafts in different colors. I've just learned here that Perkens were Car kin, a thing that hasn't stuck if it was noted before. Why was Mrs. Kilpatrick as Sleeping Beauty at a parked car? Were Hyksos at Perga? Why do Kilpatricks share the Perkin/Parking lion?

Aha! Annas' father was Seth, and Seths are listed with Shaws having a "mean" motto term while Means/Meighans have a version of the Car Coat!!! Incredible, and Means/MEIGHans are in the colors or Mee's/Mea's/MEIGH's/My's in the Ainsley motto! Mathys/Manns/Maghans look like they love the Vaughn-connectable Faucets in their motto, and Irish MAGHANs/Manns look related to Plantagenets, the latter being the line of Plancia MAGNa, the line now suspect to Sleeping Beauty's parked car. French Planque's/Plants use "cabbages" while Cabbage's have the Perkin/Parking lion in colors reversed. Cabbage's use "ANGUStis" in their motto, and Angus', sharing the Annas stars, share the Maghan/Mann lion. I had no shirt on as I approached the car, and Shirts can be gleaned as kin of Tiss'/Teece's (first found near Cabbage's) in "AngusTIS."

These Mann liners can be expected with the Shaft salaMANDER from the MAEONian namers of the MAEANDER river (near Ephesus of Artemia) through Lydia. The Angus' may even have a version of the Bellow/Bello Coat, and if so, it tends to reveal Bellows from Abello, Artemis' brother (= a fellow tribe). This can go to the belly-PRESS where Bellows are in the "bellows" of Ships, first found in Oxfordshire with Peare's, and moreover the Press/Prest Chief is akin to the Bellow Chief. It can explain the French Bacons sharing the Bellow cinquefoils where German Bello's/Belli's use a beacon while Beacons are listed with English Bacons. The Plancia-connectable Cabbage's share the lion of English Bakers while Dutch Bakers share the Belly chevron, and while the Dutch bakers are also Beckers while English Beckers can be gleaned as a Beach/Beck branch, not only was Sleeping Beauty's car parked on a beach, but Beach's/Bechs were first found in Hertfordshire with Press'/Prests. Plus, English Becks share the Perken stars. German Beckers share the stars of Belly-branch Baileys.

[Insert -- Later in this update, I find reason to see the platFORMs as a pointer to Frome's / Frumms/Fromms, for Frome's share the Hips martlets. I'm reminded of the so-called "sprig of broom" that historians claim for the hat of Geoffrey Plantagenet. I say that Geoffrey never wore such a sprig in his hat, but that someone invented it as per the sprigs of broom in the BROME/Broom Coat. As "Brome/Broom" can modify to "Frome/Froome," it's possible that the PLATform can be of the Plants/Plantagenets where "Plate" is like "Plant." In this case, we take things via that French PLANQUE's/Plants back to PLANCia Magna, daughter of the Plancius family. In fact, while the PLAIN/PLATEr Chief is in the colors of the PALIN Chief, and while "Palin" is itself like "Plant," it just so happens that English Planks/Planque's have the Palin Coat in colors reversed while Palins (Dorset, same as Frome's!!!) share the stars of Plancia-connectable Perkens (!), first found in Lancashire with the related Cars, and Plate's, and with the Seats who share the double pale bars of Spriggs! Bango. Therefore, the mall parking lot can apply to the mall platforms in pointing things to the Herodian line of Plancia Magna. Wunderbar, I am so impressed by this.

As I've said several times, the platforms were rough-wood structures now suspect with planks of wood, especially as Woods were first found in Leicestershire with Perkins/Parkins! The Laurels in the laurel of the Frome/Froome Crest share the Coat exactly of English Planks!!! These exclamatized extras go beyond my expectations when starting this insert. Plus, Planque's/Plants were at WILDENberg while Wildens/Wiltons have a form of the Perkin Coat! German Wilds/Wilders share the tree and the savage with Woods! "MAENia" is a motto term of English Wilders. The latter's owl may show that Owls/Howells were related to Sprigg (Suffolk, same as Owls/Howls). Spanish OLive's have an OWL, and an "olive branch" is in the Sprigg Crest.

As I've argued, the black lion paw in the Quint Chief is the Palin lion, and while Quints were once said to be first found in Essex and Dorset, while Wildens (Quint chevron in colors reversed) were first found in Essex, Wildens speak on a Wilton location in Cumberland, where Quints (Quince-branch) are now said to be first found. Quince's, in the "quince" held by the Sforza lion that's also the lion of French Planks, were first found in Northamptonshire with Planque-beloved Cabbage's who in turn have a lion in the colors of English Planks/Planque's.

[See more on Plant-Cabbage relationship in next update.]

MORE! The Frome's were discovered late in this update when coming to a formy / formee cross of Cross-connectable Crux's about the same time I make this realization: "...the mall platforms while Malls/Marlybone's have the CROCE/Cross quadrants in colors reversed. In the sleeping-bag dream, I fully CROSSed the road! That's a new realization. I crossed as MORLey rode away, and so MARLYbone's look like a Mall-Morley merger. Cruce's are in the Croce/Cross motto." The formy-like Forneys (Languedoc, same as Planks) share the Brome/Broom Coat if we ignore the sprigs of broom in the chevron! Miss Hicks = SLEEPING Beauty moved to Forney, and so she may connect to the sleeping bag in the woods, especially as Beautys were first found in Dorset with English Planks/Planque's. Amazing.

I haven't proven that Plate's were a Plank branch, but this insert has all been revealing anyway. Plate's (Lancashire, same as Cars) are in Pilate colors, and Pilate's/Pilotte's/Pilots were first found in Burgundy, where Mars were once said to be first found who share the Plate scallops. Peare's share the leopard face of English Pile's/Pills, and while it was Miss Peare on the platform, French Pile's/Pilots have the giant Palin lion i.e. suspect with the Plank Coat. Who knows but that Pontius Pilate (may have been named from something in the Pontus) may have been related to Plancia Magna.

Plate's (Irish Carr/Kerr colors and format) suddenly look like they could have a blue-Shield version of the Car chevron. Later in this update, the term, "CHOReography," which comes from the mall's platforms, is shown to point to Currys/Corrys, and Cars happen to be Currs too, so amazing suddenly with a Plate-Car link. The Carry variation of Carrs/Kerrs suggests Castle Cary of Leavells, explaining the "rose leaves" of Spriggs and the "five green leaves" of Tease's/Tess'/Tecks, and moreover Carrs/Kerrs share the Tack estoiles. We just went tic-tac-toe to the Laevi of the Ticino river, suspect with Lupus Laevillus who married Glaphyra's line. Scottish Leavells have the Pile/Pill Coat in different colors.

The Plate substitute the Car stars with the leopard faces of Antons (Lincolnshire, same as Pilotte's), suspect from Mark Antony, who, I think, was related to something from Glaphyra Archelaus (Cappadocia, beside the Pontus), Plancia's gr-great-grandmother. I trace "Glaphyra" to "Claver" for good reasons, and "Clavo" happens to be a Carr/Kerr motto term. Glaphyra married the Alexandrian Herod-Maccabees, and Alexanders share the Brome/Broom / Forney chevron. The Pontus was home to king Pharnaces and queen Nysa, whose daughter, Nysa, was queen of Cappadocia, and "Pharnaces" is to Lancashire's FurNESS'/Furnace's and Parrs, and while Furness' look like "Forney," Parrs have double fesses in the colors of the double pale bars of Spriggs. End insert]

Shaws are said to descend from a Sithech entity while Sticks (Somerset, same as Maise's) share the Coat of Brox-like Brooks! The latter were first found in Essex with Brox-branch Brocks and English Youngs (wolf for Lupus liners) while Scottish Youngs share the three piles of Scottish Leavells i.e. from "Lupus Laevillus"!!! Rulers of Leavell married Beaumonts, and Beaumonts (Dorset, same as Beautys) share the Mean/Meigh lion.

Next, we go to the bottomless "shaft of the abyss." Why is it said to be bottomless. There cannot be a literal bottomless abyss. The Bottom/Botham/Bodham shares the pellets of Abaddon-like Boddons/Buttons, and we might even add that, as this is the line from Salome Boethus of the Sadducees (Annas was a Sadducee), Salome's were first found in Rhineland with Maise-like Mays'. Salome married a Herod suspect to EarHARDts/AirHARTs. English Mays'/Mai's (Sussex, same as Boddons/Buttons!, and beside Buttons/Bidens) have a not-bad colors-reversed version of the Butt/Bute/BOET Coat (share Button/Biden fesse). That is incredible.

Plus. Sticks and Brooks, not to mention Comyns sharing the Seth/Shaw dagger, use GARBs, suspect from mount Gareb at Jerusalem. Although google has ruined its search system on behalf of selling out to industry, you might still be able to find historians telling that "Gareb" is like a word for "scorpion," and yet I can see the Crab surname from that place. King Narmer of the Egyptians was honored at Abydos of Egypt, and: "Narmer's name and that of his possible predecessor Scorpion have also been found on pottery vessels..." Isn't that very conspicuous with the scorpions from Abaddon's abyss? Yeah, as if God was taking from that thing to show that Abaddon = Apollo was of Trojan/Mysian Abydos.

Back to ShaftHOWE, for Howe's/Howes' (wolf heads) have the Hose's in their write-up, which reminds of the Hoo variation of Whoo's; the latter were looked up because the 5th Trumpet is the first of three WOES. Whoo's/Hoo's share a black fesse with Howe's/Howes'. I once read that the Hazelton HOUSE of Siward of Northumberland was also called, Hazelton HOWE, and so by what coincidence are Hazeltons using the Star chevron in colors reversed? The bottomless pit is opened by a "star" falling from the sky. The Greek word (in Rev. 9:2) for "shaft" is "phrear," which could be a pointer to the Pharisee-like Phreeze variation of Frey / Free liners. The Freys, sharing the Free/Phreeze Coat, were first found in Wiltshire with same-colored Stars. Coincidence? Phrear-like Frayers/Freiers happen to share the bend of Gareb-like and Agrippa-suspect Gripps/Grape's/GRABBers.

So, what am I saying, that God framed Revelation terms for "my" heraldry work. That's a scary claim, and I'm scared to make it. But just look at how the above fell out. It's making sense. I'm just taking jabs, and the terms are consistent in the theme they point to. The Shaft salaMANDER can be partly for Rhodes-related Manders, and Rhodes' have the BATH Coat in colors reversed. Baths were first found in Somerset with Abaddon-like Badens/Baddons who share the eye with Stars. Rhodes' were first found in Yorkshire with Booths/BOTHs, and with the Lacys who share the BOTTOM/BOTHam/Bodham Coat.

MORE. I had loaded STINGers minutes ago, finding it listed with German STEINs, but I had nothing to say. Then I remembered that STANfords use the white and passant goat too, but the Stanford Coat happens to be in Free/Phreeze and Frey colors and format. The Scorpio constellation is beside the Sagittarius goat. I trace the Satyr goats to Edom's Seir, and the Book of Enough claims that Edom was depicted by a black boar, the color of the Both/Booth and Bush boars, which makes Bush's / Bushers suspect from Edom's BOZRah, home of Timna of Seir (assumed), Esau's daughter-in-law.

With Apollo being in the 5th Trumpet with the stinger scorpions, note that mythical Scorpio was linked by writers with Apollo's twin sister: "Scorpio is also associated with the Greek deity Artemis, who is said to have created the constellation Scorpius." Another article: "Scorpio, in Greek Mythology, comes from the story of Orion...He and Artemis were hunting partners. This made her brother, Apollo, jealous. He went to Mother Earth [wife of "Orion"-like Uranus] and asked her to create a giant scorpion, which then stung and killed Orion."

By the way, Jeremiah 31:39 says that a line goes to mount Gareb, then turns toward Goah/Goath. Some claim to know where Gareb is, others do not. One writer says: "If Gareb is the Northeast hill [of Jerusalem], then probably Goah is to be identified with the Northwest hill..." Note the goat-like look of "Goath," then ask why the Goat surname shares the Coat of Gareb-like Gripps/Grabbers. They both use the Rocco Coat except that Rocco's add the emBATTLEed feature, and Battle's use a giant griffin while I see Griffins from "Agrippa." Did Herods have a love for Goath in particular?

Peare's belly-press pointed to Goods/Guths/Guts, and they share the Brook / Stick Coat we saw earlier from the Sithech ancestry of Seths/Shaws. Heraldic garbs are at times called "SHEAVES of wheat," and English Shaws are also Sheaves'. Good/Guths call them "garbs." Sticks call them "sheaves."

The Rocket-like variations of Rocco's suggest the Rocket/Roquette surname (giant rook) because it was first found in Languedoc with Roque's/Rocks and Roquefeuil....

[Insert -- Rockets are also ratchet-like Rauchets, and that's the surname of Jennifer Rauchet, former executive producer of Fox and Friends, now in charge of Fox Nation, and perhaps still the executive producer of Watters World. I didn't know of Jennifer until a couple of days after writing here on Rockets. Jennifer is the current wife of tattoo-loving Pete Hegseth (his third wife and he's only 31) of Fox and Friends. It reminds me of when I was diving for ratchets in lake Rosseau (was I diving into the Watters?), but I can't remember whether that pointed to Fox and Friends. Ah yes, it did, because Dive's share the dancette of Haydens, apparently a pointer to Ainsley Earhardt (mother of Hayden) of Fox and Friends. So, an executive producer of multiple news-and-commentary shows on Fox is a Rockefeller liner. Does this mean anything?

Plus, this insert comes while writing further below on Cecils for a new and compelling way, via the sleeping-bag dream, to point to the Cecil-Rhodes Round Table, and Jennifers, sharing a fat and red cross with Ainsleys, are essentially in Rhodes colors and format! ZINGER. Plus, the Rhodes Coat is a colors-reversed version of the Bath Coat, and Baths share the cross of the other Haydens. Rhodes' even share the Russell / ROSSO lion!!! Lake ROSSEAU! The diving for ratchets (workers dropped them while building over the water) is looking like a pointer of God to indicate that Fox news is run by the satanic elements of Rhodian fat-cats, who are only teasing conservatives, using them to make money on a news product not served by other big media. Jennifers share the Deacon and Decan Coat.

I'm not saying that anyone of Fox and Friends is satanic, nor that Jennifer Rauchet is a Rhodian globalist in any way, for I have no idea what these people do off-camera. I am suggesting the possibility that God has been pointing Fox Corp to the fat-cat globalists from the top of the organization, Rupert Murdoch, that is. End insert]

...French and Flemish Templars / crusaders were in Jerusalem from the year 1100, and they owned heraldry. They probably didn't know with certainty where Gareb was. The Rocket/Roquette write-up has inklings of Hugh of Rodez in marriage to Miss Roquefeuil, where the write-up has: "The first member of the Roquette Family to be mentioned before 1090 was Hugues de Roquette, son-in-law of the Viscount of ALBI and of Nimes." Albi-like Albins are Aubins too while Aubin is near Rodez, and as Languedoc is where Hugs/Hughes' (Rocket/Roquet colors) were first found, it appears that Hugs were of the Roquefeuil-related Hugh's of Rodez.

INCREDIBLE. While writing the above, including on the Good/Guths, I was listening to the video below. At the 21st minute, the screen shares an article reading: "The HARBIN Veterinary Research Institute was directly connected the Military veterinary Research Institute, a major center for bio-warfare studies, whose personnel have also infiltrated the virus programs of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston" (I've corrected several spelling mistakes in that quote). The latter works with James LeDUC, head of the Galveston National Lab, and so it freaked me out to load Harbins to find the eight fessewise BARS of Duckers, in the colors of the five fesses of DUCKs/Duckers!!!! Incredible. Heraldic bars include the bars who named Bar-le-DUC from Ducks/Duckers.

OH WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was only earlier today, Tuesday, that I noted the description of Tuckers, where their drops (on an enBATTLEd chevron) are called, "GUTTE-de-POIX," and not only does that look like part-code for Good/Guth liners, but the video above starts with a suspicious smallPOX (i.e. like "poix") program by Bill Gates, as if perhaps he wants to spread a new form of smallpox to subdue populations now that COVID is failing. Did God set this video up with me at this moment? It was today too, upon loading the Devons, that I noted their DUCKs (!!!) and split-Shield are in the colors and format of the Portcullis GATES of Yates'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Incredible. I had never known the Devon-Yates similarity until today.

[On the 17th, the day after writing here, John Solomon had this: "The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Wednesday confirmed that a rare case of monkeypox has been found in a human in Maryland. According to the CDC press release, a person contracted the virus while traveling to Nigeria, and brought it back to the U.S...The deadly virus is related to the much more severe disease Smallpox..." It could appear that the globalists are going to start something new and maybe deadly.]

It definitely appears as though God is pointing a GUILTY finger at Bill Gates and James LeDuc. I was just talking about the belly-press while watching the video, and while the belly-press took us immediately to Goods/Guths/Guts, is it now ASTOUNDING that Bellys share the eight-pointed LeDuc star!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLUS, the portcullis gate is only part-owned by Yates', for it's used by Porters for obvious reason, and Porters even use BELLs!

The Smalls were first found in Renfrewshire with POKES'/Pollocks. SmallPOKES. What do you make of that? POCKets/Pouchers have the giant PORTis/Porcher cinquefoil in colors reversed, and Porters have portCULLIS GATES while Cullis' use PEAScods (cods of peas) while French for "peas" is Poix-like "pois." What do we make of this? Portis/Porchers share eight fessewise bars (different color) with "poix"-using Tuckers (and Harbins), and while those poix are black drops, Drops/Trope's, having a Shield filled with black drops, were first found in Norfolk with Portis'/Porchers. Plus, I had read that Peacocks, who come up as "Peas," were a sept of Pollocks. That all looks Arranged to verify that there is a plot afoot from Bill Gates and company to scare us, or kill us, with a smallpox virus.

It reminds me of the story I've told several times, of finding a dead squirrel in the POCKET of my black shorts after they were run through the laundry machine. I had called that squirrel, satan, because, after I caught it in a rat trap in my attic, it got away from me twice, and when I went to open my van door to let it out into a place at a good distance from my home, it ran up the HEATER DUCT (pointer to Tucker-branch Ducks/Duckers?) instead of going out the door. It wouldn't come out. My shorts must have been in the vehicle at the time, and so it must have gotten into the pocket to keep warm, where it died of thirst. Is that Bill Gates' fate? I hope so. Heaters were first found in Devon with Tuckers.

From the 4th update in October, 2017: "I told this to readers, that, as I walked by the post, I could smell something bad (it didn't smell while dry, or I would have noticed). Figuring that it was the shorts, that's how I found the dead squirrel curled up like a ball in the pocket."

The Short surname (Dorset, beside Hampshire) happens to share the PORT cinquefoils, what do you think of that? Ports were first found in Dorset, but also in Hampshire with portcullis-gate Porters and POSTs. Amazing. I had hung the shorts to dry on a POST (I've told of it before), when I smelled something rotten. I then found a furry ball in the front pocket. Ahh, I've just come to the PEACOCK (!!!) of Paws/Pauers/PAUS'/PAUKERs (like the Poucher variation of Pockets)!! I loaded "Paus" as per the "Paust variation of English Posts!!!

As I said, I HUNG the shorts on a NAIL in a post, and Hangers were first found in Hampshire too, and even share the Short griffin. Neils/O'Nails share three estoiles (different colors) in Chief with Ports. Much of this material on the dead squirrel is brand new here. Why was the squirrel hung out to dry? Let Bill Gates hang? I didn't put the shorts in a drier, but the Dryers/Driers are interesting for having the Scottish Johnson Coat, a possible pointer to Johnson & Johnson vaccines. Scottish Johnsons were first found in Dumfries with the Bells in the Porter Coat, and Dry's share the Belly chevron.

Now that Peacocks have made it to topic, we can add that the Heater bull head is on blue, as is the bull head of Hosts (share wings in Crest of different color with Shorts) who can be expected in the "HOSTis" motto term of Short-like Shirts/Shards, for the latter have a peacock in Crest. The Shirts share the Paw/Pauer/Paur and TISS chevron, and Tiss' (Hampshire again) are expected in "HosTIS." So, God caused the squirrel to go up the heater duct because He wanted it dead in a pocket on a post. Hosts were first found in Somerset, beside Dorset and Hampshire.

Ahh, French Paus' are listed with Pots while Potters, in Porters colors, were first found in Hampshire too. French Porters (Berry, same as Paus'/Pots) are in Paus/Pot colors, can you believe this? satan was either the 8th or 11th squirrel I trapped, with one rat trap, in 16 total. The year before these 16, I caught my first three squirrels (in the attic) using a home-made CAGE with a trip string. Cage's share the vertically-split Shield with Gates'.

Ah, I've just checked all three Lander surnames as per putting the squirrel through the LAUNDRy machine. Jewish Landers share the double bends of Danish PAUERs/Bauers! They are double-white bends, a near copy of the Dutch SCHILD Coat, and the latter may have formed the RothSCHILDs because Mayer Bauer changed his surname to, Rothschild.

My house was under construction when the shorts were hung on a nail on an unclad living-room post. The nail was likely a spike, therefore, an apparent pointer to "spike proteins," the killer vaccine ingredients. It's just incredible that while Harbins and Tuckers started this heraldic section, Spike's/Specks/Spocks share the eight fessewise bars of Tuckers and Harbins! ZOWIE FOLKS. The Spike/Speck/Spock PORCupine can go with the PORCH variation of eight-bar Portis/Porchers (Pocket/Poucher kin/branch). ZOWIE FOLKS. God is pointing to something, may the wicked take warning, woe unto them.

I smelled something rotten as I walked by the post, and Smells are like the Smalls, who went well with the Pokes variation of Pollocks to spell, smallpox. I almost missed it: Smalls use a "RATione" motto term while this squirrel was caught in a RAT trap. It's interesting that Trapps/Trappers use a bustard while Bustards can be gleaned with English Bush's/Buschs, and then Paws/Pauers/Paus' are also PauerBUSCHs. Irish Powers were first found in Devon and look like kin of Palins/PAWleys (Dorset, same as Shorts). The Power-like Poors (Devon, same as Powers) look like they use a version of the Cullis Coat (recalls portCULLIS gate with peascods).

Ahh, I get it, I smelled something ROTTEN, and Smells can be gleaned from Leslie's, who were proto-Rothschilds!!! Leslie's were earls of Rothes when they married Pollocks, the original earls of Rothes. Smells share the lion of Irish Leslie's, have a bend in colors reversed from the Leslie bend, and share the buckle (different colors) with Leslie's! Rothes is on the Spey river while Speers/SPEYers were first found in Renfrewshire with Smalls, and moreover there is a broken spear in the Heater Crest. As I've said many times, I took five or six squirrels to a BROOK, which had survived the rat traps (the others died in the traps). Brooks are a branch of BROKE's/Brocks. This one squirrel up the heater duct is the only one which I failed to let loose at the brook.

While Rothes' come up as "Rothchild" (no 's'), Rothschilds are listed with ROTHENsteins/RUTHENsteins/RODDENsteins, and they can be gleaned as ROTTENs/Rodhams/RODDENs. Gene Roddenbury created Star Trek, and Dr. Spock.

I have just remembered that English Powers are said to be from Pois of Picardy, and having looked into it years ago, I found that place to be "Poix" too! The Poix drops of Tuckers is what started this entire set of heraldry off that got us to the squirrel, and then the squirrel's post took us round to Pauers, then to Powers, and back to Poix!

Tuckers use GUTTE-de-Poix, and while English Goods/Gutts were first found in Devon with Tuckers, German Goods/Guts share the Brook Coat. I set a few squirrels free at a brook. The belly-PRESS with Miss Peare pointed to Goods/GUTs for more reason than a belly being a gut, namely because I spoke, "it felt so GOOD" (there's more to that phrase than meets the eye), the point here being that Press'/Prests share three estoiles in Chief with Ports and Neils/O'Nails. Bellys are the ones with the eight-pointed LeDUC star.

Plus, German Smalls share the GETTES/Jette saltire, which is blue, the color of the Neil/Nail/Nagle saltire. It could look like Bill Gates hanging on the nail? Neils'/O'Nails were first found in Tyrone, and while Tyrone's are listed with Tyrells, take a gawk at Wikipedia's Poix article: "The Tyrrel, or Tirel, family were Lords of Poix from the twelfth to the fifteenth century." Tyrone's/Tyrells share the Dexter/DECKster Coat, and DECKs/Daggers share the red Squirrel squirrel!!! HOW ABOUT THAT! As I've said, there are no black squirrels where I live (never saw one), only red squirrels. What you just saw in an incredible "coincidence." It begs whether the French Picardys are using the Gates lion.

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, the Neils/O'Nails have "...two red lions supPORTing a red DEXTER hand..." It proves that the Neil Chief is the Port Chief. You can run, but you can't hide, goombas. God saw you coming centuries ago. Everything's going to be okay, for us, in the end. I put the squirrel through the LAUNdry machine before hanging it on the nail, and Launs/Lane's share the "salmon" with Neils/O'Nails.

Squirrels/Square's/Squire's are expected as a pointer to the SCHERfs/Schere's/Scare's/Schire's and therefore to the Scherff-Bush presidents i.e. this looks like an pointer to the Bush CIA stacked with Nazi goomba's. The other Schere's even use a "stick" while Sticks share the Brook Coat while I took the survivors of the 16 squirrels to a brook. The heraldry is working so that the dead squirrel points to the same as the others: the Intelligence deep state, now especially to Bush tyranny started with the "Patriot Act."

The belly-press was about 45 years ago, and I'm finding this amazing because she was a salmon-like salesman for Reitmans at the time while Jewish Reitmans share the ROTEN hexagram!!! I smelled something rotten! I even recall finding the Rotens in relation to Trappenburg of the Trapps/Trappers. The latter's bustard shows linkage to Bush's, and while German Bush's were first found in Rhineland with SALOME's, Salemans/Salians, in Salmon-salmon colors, share the spread eagle of English Bush's. Do I detect that some of the trapped squirrels were Bushites? How many of them appear on Fox regularly?

Ahh, George Bush Sr. ruled the CIA, with a head office in Langley, and the laundromat with Lorraine the babe pointed to Landens/LANDERs sharing the Langley pale bars!!! ZOWIE! The squirrel through the laundry machine suddenly points to the CIA, perfect because the 16 squirrels pointed to the 16 Intelligence agencies under the DNI, the latter being the 17th. As I said, I caught 16, but the 17th (the last one that year) which got away was a representation of John RATcliffe, the DNI (Director of National Intelligence) under Trump's final year. The RAT trap helped to identify the 17th as John Ratcliffe, but there was more to it. Ratcliffe lives in HEATH (was mayor there), and the squirrel in my pocket went up the HEATer. Will Ratcliffe kill a key squirrel?

The three squirrels caught the year before had a nest in the kitchen wall along the vent PIPE to the KITCHEN SINK. Kitchens/Ketchins share "water bougets" with Scottish Rose's (Nairnshire, same as Gettes-like Geddes'!) having the Bosco's in their write-up. Did the Bush crime ring set up Epstein, who then collaborated with Gates? Epstein's madam was GhisLAINE Maxwell, and Maxwells not only have a "holly BUSH," but Maxwells had a Maxwell-Ros branch using the water bouget. Maxwells share the RISHton motto ("ReviRESCO"), and Rose-like Rush's are also Rish's, a branch of ROSco's/Risco's.

They three squirrels got into a small hole in the attic floor where the vent pipe went though it between the sink and roof. Sinks are in Sales' colors and format, sharing the Saleman/Salian bend. The latter likely has the Bush eagle because Busca is beside SALUZZo. The Pipe's happen to have the fleur-de-lys of Bush's that's beside the Bush eagles. Apparently, the first three squirrels caught in a CAGE were Bush rats. I took all three to a BUS STOP (I've told this before!) in front of a lumber yard, and let them loose there, giving them the opportunity to bed down in the lumber barn. I kid you not, Lorraine's bus stop taught me that Pipe's (Staffordshire, same as Stops/Stubbs) were kin of Stops/Stubbs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I first met Lorraine at her bus stop, asked her for a date there, and suggested she meet me at the LAUNDRomat that evening, and that's what she did, UNBELIEVABLE. It's linking to the squirrel through the LAUNdry machine, and Lawns/LAINE's (pointer to GhisLAINE Maxwell, apparently) were first found in Staffordshire too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Perhaps that dead squirrel is Epstein himself, which helped to kill Gates' plans, whatever they were.

As I've said, the last time I saw Miss Hanson, a pointer to Tony Fauci and his partners at Ecohealth, I was at the shoulder of the road at the entryway to Ratcliff Lumber (Gormley, Ontario).

Here's from the 2nd update in August, 2019, so you know I'm not making up the bus-stop story, but just look at what I had written even though I doubt Bill Gates was a topic of mine at the time:

I let the three squirrels off in front of the lumber store. I've told this before, I'm not making it up. The Lumbers share the Potter Shield while Porters (Hampshire, same as Potters) are PAWTERs too and in Potter colors! Zinger, we are still on Yate's while coming round to their Porter kin by another route. I pulled over to the bus stop in front of the lumber store, and the Bus' happen to share the giant PORTis/Porch cinquefoil, wow. They are white cinquefoils, same as Potters and Lumbers. Is this a pointer to Rob Porter? One of the 16 died in the pocket of my shorts, and Pockets have a giant cinquefoil in colors reversed, wow. Porters were first found in Hampshire with Posts. I hung the shorts to dry on a post before discovering I had put the dead squirrel through my laundry machine.

Yates' are the ones sharing the portcullis gate with Porters! I actually ordered a beam from that lumber store, for my living room, the very beam that the post supports on which I hung the shorts. However, after the store delivered the beam twice, both times with problems, I canceled it, and built my own. Here's a photo; the post nearest the viewer is the one.

The belly-press happened in my apartment on Lawrence avenue (Toronto), and Lawrence's have a ragully cross in colors reversed to the one in this Arms of Colchester (top-right). This cross has three NAILs in it, explaining why the Colchester surname shares the Neil/O'Nail estoiles, and they happen to be in the colors of the Press/Prest estoiles (both in their Chiefs), is that not amazing. I would never have dreamed that the belly-press should link to the squirrel on my POST. But why? Is it because God wants to tell us, "Be ready"? That's the Lawrence motto.

We just saw why the Neil Chief is the Post Chief where the Neil lions supPORT a red hand. My HAND was pressing on her belly (very lovingly/gentle, I might add, not pushy/brutish). Bush-like Bus' share the cinquefoils of French Bacons while Beacons/Bacons are in the Belli beacon.

Reads were probably Reitman kin, and so this entry of Lawrence's is working...especially as Reitman-like Readmans (this is new!) is listed with Redmayne's while Lawrence's were at Yealand-Redmayne!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Incredible. Readmans are new to me, I kid you not. Miss Peare was dating LAWRENCE Kepke during the belly-press!!! God led me to Lawrence avenue. It happened this way. Kepke and I both left Knob Hill Farms at roughly the same time, and after he got a new job selling shoes, I landed a job selling shoes in the same mall one day, just by walking into a shoe store and asking if they need help. It was the first place I inquired at, and was hired on the spot, no paperwork, an obvious move of God, I now know, to get me to move to the big city, and I landed at Lawrence avenue near the mall we were working in.

Readmans/Redmaine's share the "cushions" of the Dryers/Driers seen above as per my putting the shorts out to dry after they went through the launDRY machine. The Drys share the Belly chevron!!! LAUNs/MacLane's have a blue version of the Clan-Keppoch fitchee, and Lane's/Lawns share the Keep bend. The Keppoch MacDonalds descended from Carricks, who share "Garde" with English Lane's/Lawns, and, unbelievably, Lawrence's were at LONSdale. It looks like it has Intelligent Design for Kepke at the Allison-hood event, for the Allisons/Allisters have the MacDonalds of Loupe in their write-up, and Loupe's, in Roque/Rock colors and said to be from ROCHelle, look linkable to the rock in the Laun/Lane Coat, the Crest of which shares the white tower with Loupe's (and Londons in case the LONDsdale variation of Lonsdale's were a London branch.

By the way, the Lonsdale annulet is half in the colors of the Lady annulet while "Lady Fortune" in the Klassen Coat can apply because Lonsdale's have the Fortune gyronny in colors reversed. Ladys are also LAUDYmans while Lords/LAUDs are in the GLASgow motto. Scottish Picards (Moray, same as Bellys) share the GYRONNy in the Arms of Gironde at the GARONNE river near Rochell of Loupe's. This has potential to link to Picardys Poix because we just saw the Powers (trefoils) of Poix with Connell-branch MacDonalds. And the heraldic cushion is linkable to Kiss'/CUSH's and therefore to Cass'/Cash's having a "PAIR of scales" while Pear-like Pairs are listed with Paws/PAUERs/PAUS'/PAUKERs, the ones heavily part of the hanging shorts. Miss Peare's belly press belongs with the shorts, I now realize, because Peare's were the kin of Tiens in the "Tiens ferme" motto of Squirrels!!!

I'm writing parts of this section after writing much below, which includes Emorys, a clear branch of Amore's, the latter first found in Oxfordshire with Peare's and Tiens. The Emorys come to topic with the Harbin company in the smallpox video above. Emorys share the brown horse in Crest with Irish Fullers (and with Lane's/Lawns), and the triple fesses of Emorys are shared by Fullers. The reason for telling this here is that Scottish Fullers have a "FERMiORa" motto term to go with "Teins FERME" of Squirrels, and Orrs/Ore's, first found in Renfrew with Smalls and Pokes', share red roundels in Crest with Emorys!!! It's a pointer to smallpox, apparently, which brought the hanging squirrel to topic in the first place. This all new material, a brand-new link of Fullers to Peare kin, thanks to Emorys, and so how do we explain that Fullers share the beacon with German BELLI's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HUGE, and there are hidden meanings and pointers in this that haven't dawned on me yet, I can be sure, but, for sure, Scottish Bellys/Belli's ("Per") are a pointer to James LeDuc of Galveston, probably involved with Emory-Harbin. German Belli's, incredibly, share the horizontally-split Shield of the Lane's/Lawns in turn having the demi-brown horse in Crest of the Emory Crest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No doubt, the belly-press is a pointer to James LeDuc's bio-warfare work. If they don't get a smallpox plot off the ground, credit God for stopping it.

Bill Gates has likely talked to so many fellow goons on population control, he considers himself a "hero" or "rockstar" in population control, totally oblivious to the wickedness of murdering people. That is, he's NUTS, gone lunatic. He was partner in some way(s) with Jeffrey Epstein, and Epsteins share the Coat of Muschats who, along with Muscats, can be gleaned as kin of Love's/Luffs, the latter sharing the triple fesses of Amore's and Emorys...which are in the colors of the triple Epstein / Muschat chevrons.

Plus, the Orrs/Ore's were an obvious branch of Wake's while I woke up during the belly press. I was pressing her belly while sleeping, then removed my hand from her when becoming conscious awake. There were cushions at the belly-press because we were sleeping at the time. Miss Peare was on my left, and Miss Phillips on my right; they needed to stay the night, and decided to sleep in my bed. Peare and I were no longer together at the time in order to make the belly-press event possibly, otherwise Phillips would not have been there. Nothing more happened. I went back to sleep. I've been claiming that Fullers are from FULbert, father of the first Pollock, the Pokes', and he lived in Shropshire with Alans, where Sleeps were first found who happen to have two fesses colors reversed from the three of Fullers / Emorys.

Picardy's Poix may be related to Cavetts, first found in Picardy and having four fesses in the colors of the five fesses of Tucker-connectable Ducks/Duckers. Tuckers use "poix" drops. This is a good way to prove that Haydens are using a form of the Duck/Ducker fesses where Haydens and Cheevers share "foy." The Chevere variation of Cavetts, that is, suggests that they were a branch of Cheevers, first found in Devon with Tuckers. As Ainsleys love the Countrys whose pile looks connectable to Carlsons, perhaps God is pointing to Tucker Carlson, who's expected to go counter any smallpox conspiracy, though Fox news is near-last in conservatism for emphasizing such conspiracies. Will Miss Earhardt pick up the torch against it?

Both English and Scottish Porters use belly-like bells. Belly-branch Baileys were first found in Northumberland with Keep-loving Hebrons, and Baileys have a brown boar head to go with the brown boar of POKES/Pollocks. Are we back to smallpokes now being trumpeted by Bill Gates? Porters are the ones with the gate.

The Cushion-like Cussons have a one-headed version of the double-headed SPIKE/Speck/Spock eagle (goes with the spike nail I probably used for hanging construction things), and the Cusson Coat is also the FERTE Coat while Space's/SPECCots have FRETs. The Cusson eagle is the MacDonald eagle too, and Keeps share the MacDonald galley while Keppochs were from a MacDonald, a potential pointer to DONALD Trump the father of vaccines. Beware this traitor; he'll betray the people for a single stroke of friendship from a popular deep-state mobster.

Oh wow, I've just found that MacDonald-branch Connells have a version of the English Power Coat, the one with Poix in Picardy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Keppoch MacDonalds are from ALISTAIR CARRAGH MacDonald, whose name is in honor of Marjory Carrick because he was a son of a daughter of king Bruce II, himself descended from Marjory...also called, MARGaret. The Carricks share the dog with Scottish Allisons/ALLISTERs; the Coats are nearly colors-reversed versions of one another. Carricks were first found in Ayrshire with the MARGYs/Mackeys, and the latter have a "HANGING" raven!!! The Mackays ("Manu"), and therefore likely the Margys/Mackeys, are from king Maccus of Man, probably explaining the Scottish Allisons/Allisters being in are in Man colors and near-format. The motto of Keppoch MacDonalds uses "Air" likely for the Air-branch Ayers of Ayrshire, where Scottish Porters Allison/Allister colors) were first found, incidentally.

English Allisons are said to derive possibly from Hervey de BOURGES / Bellamy liners, but also from an undisclosed "Ivo," probably Ivo Taillebois, for the Carrick "talbots" (dogs) are for the Taillebois line, and moreover English Allisons (peacock) share the red-on-white border with English Talbots (Shropshire, same as Bellamys). Mr. Kepke had a black Lab (a mut, however, not pure Lab) when he was selling shoes, and the Carrick talbot is showing as a black lab. Kepke called his dog, Blacky, and English Allisons (share Keppoch fesse) have "blackbirds," and Birds (Felt Coat) share a giant and red moline cross with Bourges.' So, I think I've made a good case for arguing that Kepke was part of the Allison-hood event due to Allisons being of the Keppoch MacDonalds. And so it's probably Intended by God that while the Hoods/Hoots share the bird design of Allisons, in the same color, Hoods/Hoots call theirs a "Cornish chough." Why do you think that is?

"Be READy" must be for Readmans/Redmaine's. Be-like Bays were first found in Colchester who share the crosslets of Pauls, feasibly a branch of the Pauley/Pawley variation of Palins. That keeps us on-topic with the squirrel-on-post. It recalls PAUL Smith on crutches in a dream in which Kepke appeared too. Crutch's/Crooch's have the Smith fitchee (almost) in colors reversed, and the Crutch fitchee, very rare, is used by Palin-related Plains/Platters. That's amazing in itself, and there has got to be a good reason(s).

Bee's (expected in "Be Ready") can be gleaned as kin of Malls who in turn have the Malbancs in their write-up while Malbanks (Northumberland, same as Rottens/Rodhams and Reeds/Riets) share the ermined bend of Rottens/Rodhams. That's doesn't look coincidental, linking to Reitman's. Kepke's first name links in heraldry to where his ladyfriend worked, but Lawrence's also got us to the ragully Arms-of-Colchester cross, and so it may be notable that Colchesters share the CLOT chevron because Peare worked at Reitman's CLOTHing, and blood clots are the main "staple" of the killer vaccines. Clots have a red hexagram linkable to the white-on-red Roten / Reitman hexagrams, and share a red chevron surrounded by black symbols with the Codds/Codds' suspect in the Cullis "peasCODs." Plus, Quints were once said to be first found in Essex with Colchester, and they too share the Colchester chevron, yet-more the Quint Crest has the black lion PAW of Palins/PAWleys because Quints were once said to be first found in Essex and Dorset (same as Palins). The links are rife but I have not much idea what God could be getting at with it all. Why does it seems that Palins are big in this set?

My best guess is where Bill Clinton's father was Mr. Blythe while Blythe's and Clints/Clents share the garb of Reeds/Riets, first found in the same place as Rodhams whom he married. What is this saying, that the Clintons are behind the vaccination trafficking? The Clent Hills are in Worcestershire, where Hillarys (and Hills) were first found who share the six, black fitchees of Clintons (Oxfordshire, same as Peare's). We just saw black fitchees with Plains/Platters and Crutch's/Crooch's, and the black fitchee of the Keppoch MacDonalds is likely black because the Arms of Carrick used it in exactly the way we see it on the Kennedy Coat. The vaccines are making people lame, aren't they?

The Plains/Platers were part of the dream where Obama owned a billiard hall, and Billiards/BILLETs look like Blythe branch so that the forthcoming scene with Obama on a ramp is in view too, which pointed to Francis Collins with Obama.

Check out this short smallpox-news video just in case there's something to the suspicions:

The smallpox vials were found at SIGA Technologies, and that name is a lot like the Sich surname that I see the sickly stag pointing to, which followed Kepke, and after which Paul Smith came on crutches. Amazingly, while it's the Tuckers who have the "poix" drops, Siga-like Seighs are listed with the Sea's that I always link with Seamans (seahorse) to Tuckers (seahorse). Does this mean we've got a neo-smallpox scandal coming our way, from the globalists, to be blamed on an Arab-nobody who devised it on his computer screen? I sure hope not.

Sea's share the triple-wavy fesses of German Drummonds, first found in HAMBURG. German Smalls share Gates-like Gettes saltire), with what I gather is the Aller escutcheon and the Nail/Nagle saltire, have this: "The earliest known bearer of the name was ECGEHO dictus Smale, who was a resident of HAMBURG in the year 1270." Is that term a pointer to Ecohealth's involvement in a SMALLpox plot? It could be, because Hamburg is near the first-known Ice's/Ecco's, and the latter have an "Ecgho" term in their write-up. Allers and Nails/Nagle's were first found in Westphalia with LeDuc- and Tucker-connectable Ducks/Duckers. Reminder: Scottish Smalls were first found in Renfrewshire with POKES/Pollocks who in turn have the saltire of German Smalls in half its colors (Pollock use a green-on-gold saltire too). For what it could be worth, English Smalls ("couchant" unicorn) were first found in Smalley of the Morley part of Derbyshire.

Abaddon's Abyss in Unholy Jerusalem?

Back now to the video further above with the Harbin connection to LeDuc's Galveston lab. I had found, years ago, evidence that a HARBiye location in Syria can be traced to "Gareb", and I was on mount Gareb just when this video with HARBin was playing! Was Seth, father of Annas, from Harbiye? Harbiye had been Antioch too, as well as Daphne. It was near mount AQRA, like mount Acra in Jerusalem. Aqra was also mount Cassius, as well as Daphne-like Saphon, where their was a Baal, and Baal was also at Jerusalem. As there was another Daphne location right beside Laish, I had reasoned that mythical ACRisius, father of DANae, mother of some Danaan of Argos, was from "Acra" / Aqra," for Laish was renamed, DAN, by some 600 Hyksos (book of Judges), in my opinion, who disguised themselves as Danites (i.e. Israelites) after being booted out of northern Egypt...or maybe the Hyksos joined a few Danites to attack and conquer Laish. Hyksos lived at and around Tanis at Belus-like PELUSium, explaining why mythical Belas/BELUS (could have been named by a Baal cult) was invented to be the father of mythical Danaus, symbol of the Danaan of Argos. The number, 600, is expected with "hex" and "HYKSos." If Hervey de Bourges is from Bourges, France, that place was anciently, Avaricum, like the Avaris capital of the Hyksos, near Tanis. I had put it this way in the 2nd update of April, 2016:

Syria was right beside the ADANa part of Cilicia, and it was in that area that a mount Cassius existed, which came to be called, "Aqra," like "Acrisius" (Danae's father). Cassius was the sacred mountain of Baal, and thus Cassiopeia becomes suspect with Baal. To put it another way, mount Acra at Jerusalem traces with that city's Baal cult to Cassius, and likely to Cassiopeia...

That's because Perseus, son of Danae above, married the daughter of CassIOPEIA in IOPPA (Joppa, in Israel); the latter thus looks like a Cass entity in Joppa, perfect with "Cassius." Jason of the ARGO ship landed at the island of Hephaestus, son of HERA, and I was able to trace her name to HIERosolyma, the Greek for "JERusalem," because she was an aspect of "ARES" from the Aras river near JERevan, the latter being much like "Gareb." Jerevan was at or near ZEDEK- / SADDUCee-like Soducena, and Jerusalem was previously, Zedek, before it was Salem (ruled by MelchiZEDEK). In other words, I think that Salem was inhabited by the namers of Jerevan to get its Jerusalem version, and thus mount Gareb looks important to that picture. A G-less "Gareb" looks like it could have named both the REPHaite valley in Jerusalem, and the Arabs, those who would steal Israel's eternal Inheritance from Abraham.

It appears that Melchizedek was provided by God in Jerusalem as part of His long-range plan to make Jesus' eternal capital at a New Jerusalem. The Baal and/or Moloch cult in Jerusalem, which God despised, translates in Greece to Zeus, Hera's husband, and Zeus' brother, Poseidon, was made part of the Danaus line in Phoenicia. Zeus was given (by myth writers) a mountain, Solyma-like Olympus, near Iolchos, home of Jason of the Argo ship. There is no Zeus; he's imaginary, the fake eternal Creator.

I'm just amazed that, while discussing Gareb, I was watching a video with Harbin, which then reminded of multiple articles I had read in which some historians see "Gareb" as meaning "scorpion." I DO NOT agree, but will agree that "Gareb" is like a word for "scorpion." The Harveys have a Coat like that of Garbs, and I can offer some evidence that Harveys and Garveys named the Arve river into lake Geneva. I've just found that the Aramaic word for scorpion is, "eQARBa." In Arabic it's "aQRAB." The Hebrew is "aqrab / acrav."

We now have cause to contemplate whether scorpion stings in the 5th Trumpet relate to some end-time entity from mount Gareb. As I've said, when I tackled the finding mount Gareb, I found it (I don't remember how, but it involved some Biblical distance) either as the hill upon which the Israeli Knesset (parliament) sits, or the hill beside it. I identified it as one of those two hills (using a google satellite map) before knowing that the Knesset was there. It's making sense. The Knesset, a Rothschild bastion we may assume, is about 1.65 miles west of the north-west corner of the Jerusalem wall. KNESSet-like Knees' (phoenix in Crest) share the stag head of Vise's while "sauVIS" is an Emory motto term. The Kness' (not "Knees') are in Crab colors and format! AND OH WOW, JUST REMEMBERED, the Needhams, sharing the Knee Coat and adding another phoenix in Crest, were first found in Derbyshire with Harbins!!!

I shouldn't be excited, for this tends to confirm the fears of most that globo-quackpots are seeking to harm people brutally with pharmaceutical witchcraft. I'm just amazed at how this unfolded. Harbins and Tuckers share the four bars of Spocks/Specks whose Space/Speccot branch were first found in Devon with Tuckers and Brampton Speke. Bramtons share the DUCE/DOOCY Coat. OOOOHHHHH WOW, Dr. Spock on Star Trek was played by Leonard Nemoy, and Nemoys are listed with Nimo's expected in the "Animo" motto term of Kness'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is the star of the 5th Trumpet landing on/near the Knesset???

The article in the video has "Emory-Harbin project," and Emorys can be gleaned as a branch of Amore's and Damorys/Amori's, the latter two sharing a dog head in Crest (different colors) with the Bramton Crest. I didn't mention earlier that Press-like Price's/Prise's, if correct that they were originally Rice's, can trace to Rhizon, smack beside Kotor, the line of Abram and Keturah that I think goes to Bramtons. The Emory's (Oxfordshire, same as Amore's, Damory, and Loves/Luff) and in Love/Luff colors and format. The Emorys look related to Mule's, WAKE's and Fullers. It recalls God saying as per Sleeping Beauty, "What are you waiting for, it's you she LOVES, go WAKE her." I woke her when touching her KNEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Harbins have a Coat like that of Haydens, a possible pointer to Miss Earhardt (works with Steve DOOCY) as Sleeping Beauty. Plus, Daphne named TAPHians, and Taffs love the Mee's/My's along with the Ainsley motto. Kness', by the way, have a not-bad reflection of the Bride Coat, and French Harveys (Bride Coat exactly!) share the triple Bride / Bright stars while English Harveys (black boar head) share the Mountain martlets for a good pointer to the Apophis asteroid in the crab constellation, not forgetting that Crab-like "Aqrab" looks like "Gareb." Garbs almost use the Harvey / Bright Coat.

Recalling Aqra, the alternative name of mount CASSius, by what coincidence do Garbs and Cass'/Cash's share "pair" in their descriptions? Houseofnames lists pairs with Paws/Pauers, but that looks incorrect. If Pairs were Peare's/Pears, note the BELLY-press, for the Baal cult at Cassius likely became, Bell, chief god of witchcraft. The reason that I traced Harveys and Garveys to the Arve river is for its Bonneville location (about 25 miles from Annas-like Annecy), for BONNEtable is near Belleme that's itself at the Perche hills while Perche's share the double chevrons of Garveys. And Bellamys share the English Harvey (and Bell) fesse. Someone told me that Bellamys had married someone at Ferte-Mace, and while Maceys/Mace's have the Bride Coat essentially, Bride's were first found in Savoy with the Arve river. Bonne's were first found in Oxfordshire with Amore's.

While Scottish Allisons were first found in Lanarkshire with Cass-like Caseys, English Allisons (share Hayden dog) have: "One source claims that name was in fact, Norman having derived from "Bernard de Alencon who held several lordships from Hervey de Bourges, Suffolk, belonged to the family of the Counts of Alencon, descended from Ivo or Belesme, c. 940." There we have Bellamys and the Hervey variation of Harveys in one family. English Allisons share the peacock with PAIRs/Paws/PAUERs (!!), and black birds with Ainsley-beloved Mee's/My's who in turn share the cross of the dog-using Haydens. This is wild because God offered sufficient proof that He was pointing to my teen girlfriend, Allison BAUER (i.e. like "Pauer")! Danish Bauers are also Pauers, and the first Rothschild was Mr. Bauer.

God pointed to Allison Bauer (Jewish), a CASHIER (!!!) at KNOB Hill Farms, while I was sitting on my hood, and Sleeping Beauty had a hood too. I see Isaiah 10 as referring to the end-time anti-Christ's path toward Jerusalem, where he waves his fist at Jerusalem once he gets to Knob-like Nob, a couple of miles north of walled Jerusalem. If God is pointing the Bauer-Rothschild line to mount Cassius = Aqra with Allison the cashier, then mount Gareb might actually be where the Knesset sits. Note that Case's/Casino's share three nebully fesses (different colors) with Emorys, for Amore's, who have nebully, fessewise bars in the colors of the Emory fesses, have a white dog head in Crest to go with the white dog in the HAYDen Crest while HEIDs look like Rothes/Rothchild and Knob kin.

Perche's can be suspect in the "perch" upon which the eagle of Botters/BUDINs stands, and the latter were first found in Hampshire with Boddon-branch Buttons/Bidens, and with the Change's/Changer's who essentially share the Casino/Case Coat. Plus, the Change-connectable Chase's and Chance's/Chaucers both share the white patonce cross with Nobs. What could this be about?

Heids must be sharing the Holly bend because Hollys share the Allison / Hall/HOLE dog too, and so it's Abaddon-interesting that cashier-like Cassers/Caze's/Casses' (French) share the scallops of abyss-like Biss', for an abyss is a HOLE. We are asking here whether the Abaddon pit will be aimed at Gareb / Knesset. I can be sure that God wants to point to Cassers/Caze's with the Allison-hood event because Hoods are Hoots too while Hootens were first found in Cheshire with Bessins and with the Hottens (Biss colors) sharing the triple fesses of Cassers/Caze's/CASSES', and yet more: Cheshire was ruled by Meschins (share Biss and Casser/Caze/Casses scallops), from the Biss-like Bessin, home of BaioCASSES.

Biss' were first found in Surrey, where Dolphins were once said to be first found who are in the Holly dolphin. Hollys even share red roundels with Emorys. Halls/Hole's were first found in Lincolnshire with early Emorys, and mount Acra in Jerusalem is, if not in contact with mount Moriah, a stone's throw away, which place looks named by Amorites i.e. like "Amore / Emory." Bellys were first found at MORay, and Bellamys share the Seaton/Sitten crescents while Sitten (not far from the Arve river) is also Sion while mount Zion is, if I recall correctly, beside mount Moriah. The Bellamy crescents are colors reversed from the Others/Otters in the "respecting each OTHER" description of the Biss Crest.

(It's clear in this batch of heraldic connections that Luff liners became Love's when merging with Emory liners, or vice-versa, Emorys became Amore's when merging with Love's.)

For this discussion, let me say that google is a deliberate piece of trash for anyone who wants good maps on the seven hills of Jerusalem. It's not by chance, but deliberate; anti-educational on all things not globalist and secularist. I can't find one map for you that looks reliable. I don't want to lead you to a goofball that tries to compare the seven hills of Jerusalem to the seven hills of Rome. Duh.

I've told the Allison-hood event a million times, and it involved her leaving me for Mike Denardo, a fellow stockboy with me at Knob Hill Farms (grocers). As Denardo's/NORDI's share the North (and CHAUNCER) lion, it's first of all interesting that it was very recent when realizing that Norths share the triple fleur of CRABs! A scorpion is an aQRAB to the Jews!!! Plus, North's (Kness colors), with the lion of Case-like Chase's in colors reversed, share an "Animo" motto term with Knesset-like Kness'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You can't believe it, it's too difficult. God has trapped you by surprise in disbelief.

Allison Bauer, CASHier, all of this time without anyone knowing it, was pointing to what looks like the scorpion stinging at or around the Knesset (it's in New Jerusalem). Nobel-like Noels (French) might just be using a form of the Kness Coat. Spanish Casino's/Casa's are in Nob colors, and use "lacs d'armor" while Amore's come up as Armers. Ahh, SURPRISE: "Cassis" is an Armor motto term! Cotes-d'Armor (Brittany) was once Cotes-du-NORD.

Bonne's were first found in Oxfordshire with Amore's, and Bone's (almost the Bonne Coat) were first found in Sussex with Norths. Northens/Nothings in the Suty motto are connectable via the Suty motto to Seatons/Sittens, and while the latter share the crescents of the Perche Bellamys, Sitten is Sion while Zion was beside/near mount Moriah. Knob-connectable Nobels (East Lothian, same as Seatons/Sittens), with the North and Chase lion in colors reversed, have the Emory roundels in colors reversed so that, yes Knobs/Knobels and Nobels could have been from Nob. The mount of Olives is near Nob, and Scottish Olivers share the double Perche / Garvey chevrons.

This page says that Hervey de Bourges begot children with Peche surnames, and while Peks/Pecks have one of the Garvey chevrons, the two surnames share patee crosses in colors reversed from one another. It begs whether where Peks/Pecks named Perche. Peche's/Peach's have the look of the Gain/Engain Coat. Noels were at GAINSborough.

German Cassers were first found in Bavaria with Bauers and Knobs, and then Bauers, Bowers and Bourlys share the green Shield with NOBs while "Green Shield" was the name of the home of Mayer Bauer, the first Rothschild. He shakes his fist at NOB, promising an invasion, and it'll be successful, as even the Isaiah text implies earlier in chapter 10.

I'm wondering why this Emory-Harbin video came along while on the locusts of the 5th trumpet? The symbolism: a star falls and opens a huge hole in the planet, and out of its smoke come locusts (or grasshoppers) that afflict enemies of Christ (for five months) with the sensation either of the actual scorpion sting, or the illness that comes with it. The stings can cause fevers, and Fevers happen to share the Trump stag head, as do PEARtree's. It was Fauci and Trump that gave the world vaccines, and perhaps complications from vaccinations in combination with the contents of the falling star will cause the pains.

The locusts are not literal, but might they be a pointer to the Fauchy grasshopper? Why did God use grasshoppers for this when verse four says they must not harm any plant? That's what grasshoppers do in a plague, eat plants, but in this case, they cause severe suffering without leading to death. I suggest that the falling star is not an asteroid, but a bomb with biological agents. But if it's one bomb alone, then this is not a global plague, but local to one area, probably near/in Israel. If it's an asteroid, then I'm stumped on how the smoke can cause long-lasting, bodily pain. The 5th Trumpet, in my lonely opinion, is the start of the end of the anti-Christ's 42-month rule, for I see the end in the 5th Bowl (darkness on the anti-Christ's throne) immediately after the 5th Trumpet. So, yes, if he's in Israel, or if his armies are subjugating Israel at the time of the 5th Trumpet, I suggest biological bomb in/near Israel, quite possibly from the "kings of the east" mentioned later in Revelation, who probably arrive near to Israel in the 6th Trumpet. The 5th Trumpet could very well be a virus-bomb from China. Can there be a missile-packed virus-bomb? Can viruses survive the explosion?

I kid you not, the French Grace's/Grasse's have the Coat of GAINSborough's/Gainbrows (Lincolnshire, same as English Grasse's), a clear pointer to GAIN-of-function bio-weaponry due to the Fauchy grasshopper. A Crusader knight, Robert NOEL of ELLENhall, was Lord of Gainsborough. Ellenhall-like HELEN pointed to BRA, which I always connect to Coneys, and the latter's Coat is a black-Shield version of the Christmas Coat (coney rabbits). Noel...Christmas. Nobels (ELLEN/Alan fesse) are said to have been vassals of the Vaux family, and the English Vaux's/Vallibus' share the FUNK Coat. Gain-of-FUNCtion. The Gainsborough's mention a Gaini tribe of the Anglo-Saxons.

Helen was on the couch in last week's dream, a pointer to the couchant lion of Tints that's surrounded by the six crosslets of Peche's/Peach's; the latter have a white-version of the Gain/Engain Coat. The Peche's were from Hervey de Bourges, who died in Clopton (Suffolk), which may indicate that the Claptons/Cloptons have the Pek/Peck / Garvey patee. Tints were from Atintanes near or at Apollonia in Fier, and the Fier/Fear moline is colors reversed from the moline of Bourges' (Languedoc, same as CONTE's and VILLE's) . Fiers'/Fears were a branch of Fare's/Fairs, first found in Cumberland with English Vaux's/Vallibus'. John de Burgos was ruler of Comine(s) and CONTEVILLE, and Comine's/Comyns use both garbs and the dagger. Peks/Pecks are the ones connectable to Shafts via Cars (Hebron colors and format), and Peche's/Peach's look like kin of Gareb-suspect CRAVens. A Jewish scorpion is an aCRAV.

THEN, AMAZINGLY, Skiptons of Craven share the purple lion with Irish Lacys/LACE's while English Lacys/Lace's share the six pellets of BOTTOMs/Bodhams, and pellets are also used by Abaddon-like Baddons/Buttons, and where do we find laces? On SHOES! If Shafts were a Shoe branch, as I think they may have been, wow, this little paragraph points to the bottomless shaft.

Bottoms/Bodhams look very related to Boths/Booths, the latter first found in Yorkshire with Craven. Bottoms/Bodhams were at Yorkshire's Wakefield while Wake's have a Coat like that of Mole-like Mule's. Shake's love Mole's and Hills, and the Shake mole hills might apply to Knob Hill Farms. Hills share the tower of nearby Hoppers in "grasshopper." The Hill write-up suggests that Hills were from Hulls (Yorkshire), and therefore a branch of Halls sharing the Allison and Holly dog. Then, the Plunketts, in Holly colors and near-format, share the Hill tower. Plunketts are from Plancia Magna near lake TATTa. HALLs/HOLE's (I'm seeing the abyss again) were first found in Lincolnshire with Grasse's and Thatcher-like Thatch's/TATTershalls/TatesHALLs. It all speaks for itself in making a grasshopper link to Knob Hill Farms. But why? Did God provide events there (for me) as pointers to the locusts of Abaddon? I'll chew on it.

Cravens were from Rijeka of Croatia, near the Carni peoples, and this looks good for the sharing of the same pheon between Carnys/KEARNeys and scorpion-like Schorps/Sharps, for Irish Carrs/KERRANe's ("Fida") are in CRAb (like "Car") colors and format. Were Cars from "Gareb" variations in ancient history? Why do Irish Kerns/Keirens ("Fidens") have the chevron of Shake's (Lancashire, same as Cars) in colors reversed? It just hit me that Gareb liners were to the mythical Graeae hags, sisters of Gorgons, for Jerevan (not far from Kars, Turkey) is near Gorgon-like Georgia. Kars is on the Kars tributary of the Aras. Perseus at JOPPa went out to kill the Gorgon Medusa, and JOPlins share the lion of GREYs (Northumberland, same as Joplins, Shafts and Hebrons), which is colors reversed from the same of Carnys/Kearneys. Joplins share blue stars with Shafts, and the latter almost have the Car Coat. Joplins have a not-bad reflection of the Thatcher/Thacker Coat, and the latter have grasshoppers. Joplins have the Shoe star, and I always have the sense that Kepke is to link to Jeepma's/Jappa's/Cheps.

Irish Carrs were first found in Connaught while Connaughts are also NORTons while Norths share the Crab fleur while Carrs are in Crab colors and format. Kepke spotted Alison Bauer getting into the CAR of Mike Denardo, and she wouldn't come out when I went to her (she was my girlfriend at the time, but, no, she wasn't). Denardo's are a North branch, and Norths were first found in Sussex with Keeps and Abaddon-like Baddons/Buttons (Boeotians). It happened in the parking lot of KNOB Hill Farms. Scottish Allisons were from KEPPOCH-branch MacDonalds, and Keeps share the MacDonald galley. You see, God set that event up, and we haven't gotten to the bottomless-pit of it yet. We were sitting on my MUSTANg at the time, and Mustans (Yorkshire, same as Keppochs) are in Keppoch colors and near-format. Mustans look related to Tancreds/Tanks (Boeotians) while Carrs share the estoiles of Tancred-branch Tacks! That's new. And zikers, Tacks have a "NOBILitas" motto term! Tacks use garbs but call them "wheat sheaves" probably because they are in the colors of the Wheat garbs. Tacks even have a Gareb-like "cherub."

The amazing thing now is that Helen pointed to Browns/Bruns, and while Bruno's share the Scope Coat, mount Scopus is between walled Jerusalem and Nob! Can you believe it? According to my trace of Jerusalem to Jerevan, it's interesting that Alan Huns were in the Jerevan area. Ellens/Alans likely named Ellenhall of the NOBel-like Noels! Bra is beside Asti, and Bruno's tell of their branch in Asti. Plus, Bruno's were first found Florence with Taddei's who in turn have the triple chevrons in the Gainsborough Crest! Incredible. My father, who had a Taddei as a grandparent, went into real-estate with Bruno, and they bought side-by-side homes on Senator Reesors drive. Reesors share the vaired-patee crosses of Florence-line Ferrands, and the latter uses two of them in their Chief in the colors of the two crosses in the Taddei Chief.

Helen became my ladyfriend a week or two before Christmas, and I've told several times about her previous boyfriend, David, knocking on her door when she wasn't home, and leaving a chocolate treat on her door KNOB, I KID YOU NOT. I've just checked my files to get the earliest mention of the door knob, and look at what I had written in the 3rd update of December (about a week before Christmas), 2019: "I remind you of the chocoLATE treat on Helen's door knob, for when we read it as CHOColate, SHOKin comes to mind. Just a thought. The Shocks/Shake's have the coney-rabbit design of Conns and Conys..." It turns out to be a "hare," not a coney. Christmans use the swan of SIONs/Swans (Lanarkshire, same as Caseys), and Zion became known as "city of David." Is this why David left the chocolate on the door nob? King David, who conquered Zion from the Jebusites, chose priests from NOB, I kid you not. The 3rd update in January, 2020, has: "The chocolate was left by Dave..." As Goliath's sword was kept at Nob, was Goliath's fate, at the hands of David the Branch, a precursor to the anti-Christ's death by Christ? ZADOKite priests at Nob may have been the namers of Soducena.

As I said, Ray Luff used the side door, Helen's "front" door, to come visit me, and we just saw Love's/Luffs as Emory kin while Emory-Harbin is about gain-of-function programs. The 2019 update above was going from Chocks/CHICKs in "chocolate" to the Shick variation of Shocks/Shake's, but this is a great place to repeat that Luffs/Love's and Checks/Chicks share the same fitchee because they were both in Oxfordshire. About a week before Christmas, Helen left a Christmas card in my mailbox, saying, "I LOVE you." Can you believe it? As Amore's are now pointing to, if not descended from, Amorites at mount Moriah, by what coincidence was knob-like Nob two or three miles from mount Moriah? Were the proto-Shake Shechemites in that area? Shechem is now Nob-like Nablus.

My bet is that Ray Luff is important where Rays have a stag-version of the Free/PHREEZE Coat, for Love's may have been Levites, as were Pharisees, we may assume. The Ray stag is shared by Kenite-like Kennys, and Shechemites were with Kenites. As Moses married Kenites, some of them may have gone on as part-Levite priests, perhaps becoming the Zadokites of Nob. The Rays were first found beside the Shafts, and it was the Greek word for "shaft" in the Abaddon vision that looks like "Freyer" while Freyers share the Gripp/GRABBer bend. Shafts, by the way, share the chevron of Hebrons, and both were first found in Northumberland! The Shafts were in the area of Aynsleys, and Ainsley Earhardt married Mr. McKINNey while McKinneys share the Coat of Freyer-like Frasers/Fresers while Free's/Phreeze's are also Freeze's/Frese's. As Frasers (Peebles-shire, same as scorpion-like Schorps/Sharps) use a "prest" motto term expected for PRESS'/Prests, perhaps they relate somehow to whatever Peare's belly-press points to. I can't think of anything now.

I've just seen that Shechem was also SICHem, reminding of the sickly stag that followed up my driveway with Mr. Kepke. As I've said a million times, he sold shoes when I did, and here we can point out that Shoe's share the Shaft star while Shafts look like Hebron kin. Keeps are in the Hebron motto, you see, and Hebron was off the west side of Jerusalem, same as the Knesset. Shake's are Shocks too, and Shoe's come up as Shooks! Incredible. German Trips use shoes, and English Trips share the Gain/Engain crosslets. OHHH WWWOOOOWWWWIE. Although I cannot remember with certainty the name of the shoe store that Kepke sold shoes at (Scarborough Town Center in Toronto), I have guessed in the past that it was called, Acer!!!! Mount ACRA!!!! Shoe's/Shooks use a "Knight issuing at the knees," and Kness' are a pointer to the Knesset! If correct what they say, that Acra was at Jerusalem's south-west, it was probably Rephaite territory, and as such I would trace it to the heraldic raven, used by Ralphs / Ruffs/Roofs, for example, but also by Rothes'/Rothchilds.

Wikipedia routinely pollutes and secularizes Bible-related topics. For example, on mount Acra: "Acra is the shortened-form of the Greek loan word akropoli,..." The Wikipedia experts are those who say, "I'm an expert; I don't believe in fantasies like Jesus." If Acre, on the Israeli coast, were on a mountain or height, the experts would state as a FACT that it was named after "akropoli." SIMPLETON STUPIDS!

Acer shoes can point to Acre, near Joppa while Jeepma's/Jappa's are also Keep-like Cheps. Jeepma's were first found in Oldenburg with Gains' in turn sharing the Crab fleur-de-lys. Is there a scorpion in a shaft in this somehow? Shafts share the Shoe/Shook star too. In my dream, Kepke led the sickly stag followed by Paul Smith on crutches, and Paul owned a Jeep! Hebe was the sister of HEPHaestus, and while HEBrons are also HEPburns, I showed how Smiths are a pointer to Hephaestus. He had married Aphrodite, symbol of Hebrews in the Amorite domain on the Euphrates, old home also of Abraham who moved to Hebron where other Amorites were probably already living.

Watch: Shoe's/Shooks love the Knees' who share the red phoenix in Crest with Tufts/Tuffs' while the latter were a branch of Touch's/Tuffs/TOWs, and Shafts are ShafTOWs/ShafTOE's too! Toes go into shoes. So, maybe the bottomless shaft and/or its SMOKE will be at the Knesset. Smoke's/Rauch's, sharing the sinister bend of Jewish Rothchilds, were resolved as Rockefeller-branch Roach's. Take this as a warning, fat-cats, before your time for being fat-cats is up. Don't try to salvage your world as if you wish to rule the universe. Humble yourselves before Jesus, swear allegiance to him, be sorry for your endless sins. Give four times to the poor what you stole from them in high prices. But if you try to save your money in these final days, the darkness and shame or everlasting death will be to you. You'll need to eat it, because it will be all that's before you. No light.

Amazingly, Acre's are in Acorn colors while Acorns share the Knees stag head for another potential pointer to the Knesset hill. In fact, the Kness-beloved Nons/Nevins (share Kness crescent) happen to use a PALM branch, and as I've said many times, Kepke left shoes to go into PLUMBing, and Plumbers/Plummers (palm branch) not only share the Shoe star, but German Plume's/Plumbs/Plumers (Bavaria, same as Bauers, Knobs and Rothes'/Rothchilds) share the Reitman hexagram. He met Miss Peare in Reitman's clothing...probably less than a year after he and I were sitting on my hood watching Alison Bauer at KNOB Hill FARMs go to Mr. Denardo. Kepke was working there too. Farm-like Pharme's/Ferme's/FAIRholms were a branch of Fier-branch Fare's/Fairs, the latter first found in Cumberland with DEXARoi-line Acre's and Daggers/Dacre's.

I'm starting to think that the namers of Kepoi near the Tanais river of proto-Danaan were in the Jerusalem area. As Keeps are in the Hebron motto, note that English Plume's use a red dog in Crest to match the red dog head in the Crest of Abraham-like Bramtons! Zikers.

The "AUDacter" motto term of Plumbers/Plummers gives away, I think, that Plumbers/Plummers are in Bride colors and format due to a blood link, for Aude's were first found in Savoy with French Bride's. So, this can go to Crabs and mount Gareb. Note the Acer-look of "AudACTER," for there was a mythical Actor who was, if I recall correctly, related to mythical Ajax, god of the Kennati at Cetis. I trace the Biblical Og (a giant) to the mythical Ogyges monster of ACTE, and Og (could be the proto-Gog) was a Rephaite while there is a Rephaite valley on Jerusalem's south-west side. A Lydian king, Gyges/Gugu, appeared about 700 BC, and Apollo is suspect with a Lydian mother. "Audacter" is also the motto of Apollo-like Pollocks! The scorpion-like Schorp/Sharp Crest shares the black eagle head in the Crest of English Bride's. Why should a Sharp term point to the scorpion, if indeed they do? Schorps/Sharps (Peebles-shire, same as Bowers sharing the Arms of Rothschild) share the Pilate pheon while HERVEY (Gareb-liner suspect) de Bourges was born at St. Etienne smack-near mont Pilat.

Acre's were clearly are a branch of Daggers/Dacre's, first found in Cumberland with Rays and Sichem-like Sichs/Sykes'. The Browns in my brown pants can point with the Bruno-Scope relationship to mount Scopus, near Nob, and Browns/Bruns were first found in Cumberland too. One of the Brown/Brun Coats is the one of Vychans/Vaughns, and Shafts were in the areas of the Vaughns. As I've said many times, Paul Smith lived in Vaughn county! By the way, Frayers/Freyers have gold-on-gold lion heads that can be of the brown-on-gold lions of Maise's. The latter came up with the Greek word, "maise = sting." Apollo is made the ruler of the bottomless abyss, and was of Apollonia in Fier county, down the river from the Dagger-line Dexaroi.

Sichem-like Sichs/Sykes share the "fountains" of CASS'/Cash's / Kiss'/Cush's, and we saw a few Cass-like terms applying to the Knesset topic. The triple fesses of Fountains are colors reversed from the triple chevrons in the Gainsborough Crest, and the Noels of ELLENhall were rulers at Gainsborough. Helen brought us my brown CACHE pants to topic, and the write-up of English Cassers/Caze's suggest a relationship with CAUX's. I'm seeing Alan-Hun CAUCasians in Jerusalem. Alans of Caucasia lived amongst the Hebrew-like Iberi. Chase's share the Nobel lion and the Nob patonce in half it colors. Nobels were first found in East Lothian with the Scoots/SCOUGals having variations like Shoe's/Schughs/Shooks. Doesn't "Shake" and "Shook" have the look of the STAR breaking open of the bottomless pit? Where Stars have the Shake chevron in colors reversed, yes, and the mole hills of Shake's might look a lot like the bottomless PIT with a circular crater mound around the rim. It won't be pretty. Pits look like kin of Nitts/Naughts, and I think the latter were related to Knights in the Shoe/Shook Coat.

Note how the Schugh variation could turn to "Scough" so as to be pronounced, "Schoff, for while a Scoff surname can thus result, perhaps SHAFtows devolved from Shoe's, for they share the same star. If this is correct, then I'm assuming that Kepke and I sold shoes for a pointer(s) to the 5th Trumpet. Schoffs are listed with Shafers/Shaefers/Schafers. Ahh, yes, for the latter use "A lamb from the arms [the Shield] issuing from the torse"! Shoe's use a "knight issuing from the knees"! "ISSuing" is suspect with the island of Issa, also called, Vis, and Vise's with Acorns share the Knee stag head.

Another amazing thing is that Mr. ZLOCHevsy of Burisma gas in Ukraine has/had a SHOE boutique on the Dnieper river somewhere, which river is from Kiev, where I trace "Keep" / "Kepke," for Kepke's father is Ukrainian. I had looked up the SLOCKs/Slacks (Yorkshire, same as Keppochs) to find the Shoe star in half its colors, but I can now say that the Slock/Slack stars are in both colors of the Shaft stars (the two Coats are similar). I wonder why Slocks/Slacks have "A BRIDGE of three arches" for round-about connection to Crabs. The Bridge surnames is supposed to go with the Apophis asteroid, and moreover it makes a lot of sense that Hyksos, when retreating from war in Egypt, would have landed in the Jerusalem area, under the shade of its Amorites.

Nob was in the land of Benjamites, and 600 wayward Benjamites of RIMMON married women of JEBUSite-suspect Jabesh, the latter being to the east of Shechem. I trace "Rimmon" to "Rimini," where Maschi's were first found who have the Nobel lion in colors reversed. German Gains'/GAUNTZ's share the fleur-de-lys of Gareb-like Crabs, and while Macey-related Bridge's have crabs, Maceys share the GAUNTlet with Fane's/Vans from Fano, to the near-south of Rimini. I trace Fane's/Vans to Caucasia's Lake Van, and I trace Swans/Sions to nearby lake SeVAN, location of JereVAN (at Soducena), the place suspect in naming Gareb.

If you were seriously half-entertaining a Nob trace to Nobels and similar surnames, let's now go to the Knowles' (elephant in Crest goes to Esau liners), for they are like the Knowell variation of Noels. Knowells (Yorkshire, beside Hebrons) happen to share the Hebron chevron-with-roses, apparently. Plus, I've just realized that Noels (Staffordshire, same s Pipe's) were Pipe / Pepin kin because the "cuique" motto term of Noels is like the "quisque" of Pepins. Plus, Noels were at Ranton while the "Trust" motto term of Rantons can be for the Trysts in the Hebron motto. Trysts were a Tristan branch, and Tristans happen to share the pheons of Cue's,

The Pepin motto, aside from their "Mens" and "est" terms, have evaded a solution. The motto is: "Mens cujusque is est quisque." Only this time, I looked at the English translation, which may explain why the two long terms in the Latin version seen undecipherable. That is, maybe the English version came first so that the Latin version is only a partial connector to Pepin ancestry/ The translation is: "AS the mind of each, so is the man." Look at that sweet "AS" term, same as Apophis-pointing MacKenzie's. I've never noticed it in the Pepin translation before. And while MacKenzie's use "as astra," the Asters may be related to the Este's in the Pepin motto.

I've insisted that the "as" of MacKenzie's is for the Ass'/Assi's, potentially from the Hyksos-suspect Hayasa-Azzi. But as Pepins use "is" in both their Latin and English versions, by what coincidence are Ise's listed with Ass'/Assi's? Ise's were suspect with God's ice-cream pointer to poison vaccines, and eventually, I discovered that the Icke variation of Ice's/Ecco's is listed with Hicks' too, the Hyksos-like surname. Is that not amazing, especially as Miss Hicks was with Spuds MacKenzie as the trophy girl?

The Pepins even have an Ecco-like "each" term in their English translation. So, it seems that it was correct to trace Pepins/Pepys to Hyksos king Apepi. Each's are listed with Egg- / Egger(ton)-like Augers.

To continue the Pipe / Pepin link to Noels, we note the latter's English translation sharing "man" with Pepins. The Noels have: "To EVERY man his OWN." Everys/Averys have egg on their faces: "One branch of the family was found in Egginton, Derbyshire from ancient times." Eggings/Eggers/Egge's (new to me now) have a different-colors version of the Egg/Egger Coat, and Eggings/Eggers happen to use the roundels of German Rhodes' while English Rhodes'/Roads' (Yorkshire, same as Hicks') have them in colors reversed, which happen to be the Every/Avery roundels.

The Rhodes-related Grundys are also Grounds while Grounds/Crannys share the white elephant with Knowles, a big deal suddenly for equating Knowles with Noels/Knowells. The "cutLASS" in the Ground/Cranny Crest can be partly for Lass'/Lacys who in turn have an "AUGENtur" motto term. English Lace's/Lacys (Yorkshire, same as Rhodes') have a fret-KNOT, and Knots/Note's/Cnuts were first found in Derbyshire, location of EGGINton of Everys/Averys. English Lace's/Lacys are said to have had a station at Wirral, in Cheshire with the first-known Eggs and Eggertons. (Mike Denardo, who took Allison Bauer from me, drove a Cutlass, and so Lass' were maybe an ALLASon/Allison branch.)

Everys/Averys, who look like Vere's and therefore connectable to same-colored EURE's/Ivers/Evers, are super for being in Hicks colors and format while Hicks use a Eure-like "heure" motto term. Zowie, one couldn't ask for more to keep proving a Hyksos background to Pepins, especially as the Every/Avery Crest is almost the Crest of Prets/Prettys, first found in Staffordshire with Pipe's and HICKsons. The Prets are in the "TOUT pret" motto of Morays, and while Hicks have another "Tout" motto term, as do Oliphants suspect in the Knowles elephant, Prets/Prettys were first found in Northumberland with the Hebrons having a version of the Knowles Coat.

The "own" motto term in the Noel translation, if not for Owens, could be for the One variation of Innis', first found in Moray. Owens share the lion of Khyan-like Keons/Owens, kin of Keens (and Nelly-like Neils), and Khyan was a Hyksos king just before Apophis.

Don't lose sight of it being the Noels who use "every." The Hicks translate their motto, "ALL IN good TIME," suspect with the Allins/ELLENs/Alans, and Ellenhall is where Noels were first found! It's huge. The Allins/Ellens/Alans and Rundels have a fesse colors reversed from the same of Hicks and Everys/Averys, and the latter add roundels as code for Rundels and FitzAlans of Arundel. The Every/Avery roundels are shared by Noel-like Nobels who in turn share the Alan fesse!! Much of this heraldry is new, especially with Knowles and Everys/Averys in the picture, and so let me repeat; I first saw Miss Hicks on Christmas day, and now I know why: her birth surname is connectable to Noels, is that not wild? Why did God expend the effort to set that up? As Noels are suspect from Nob, is God trying to say that the anti-Christ at Nob will be a Hyksos liner? "Hex" means 6. Hyksos-line witches may have been using 666 for a long time secretly.

I was told to wake Miss Hicks as Sleeping Beauty, and Wake's ("wake KNOT") share red roundels with Noel-like Nellys, in colors reversed from the Every/Averys roundels. Nellys share the fesse of Everys/Averys who had a branch in Derbyshire, where Knots were first found.

The "cuJUSque" motto term of Pepins looks like clever play on the "Jus" motto term of Noels. I don't know what surname it could be for. The Minds/Munds (Shropshire) in the translated Pepin motto have lion heads in the colors of the lion in the Arms of Landen. The rooster of Landens is gold in colors reversed, and the gold rooster head of Heaths/Heths, in the "heath-cock" of Minds/Munds, is in the design of the Landen rooster head. Thus, Pepins have Pepin of Landen in their translated motto work. I should look at translations more often (big headache it can be). Both rooster heads are ERASed at the neck line, and Eras'/Rasmussens (Heth-like Hesse) have the Pepin / Pipe bend-with-fleur. Eras'/Rasmussens (MOWbray colors and format) share a giant and white unicorn with the LemIEUX's/Moule's (in Mole/MOW colors), suspect in the "mieux" motto term of Heaths/Heths.

Munds/Munts share the peacock with Mens'-branch Manners/Maness', and so the Minds connect to the Mens' in the Latin version of the Pepin Coat. Manners/Maness' were first found in Northumberland with Lorraine's (share Asty lion) and MowBRAYs of Montbray, and Lorraine's laundromat-event pointed to Landens/Landers and LANGleys while Bray-like BRA is at LANGhe and ASTI. At age 9, I touched a bra on a laundry line, at least this job can be fun at times. Mowbrays share the Monfort lion while Monforte is beside Bra too. MUNDzuk was the father of Attila the Hun and his brother, BLEDa, and then "dripping BLOOD" is on the "SAVAGE" in the Mund/Munt Crest, and Bra is beside SAVIGliano (where Pelosi's were first found). Blood's/Bluds ("buck's head ERASed") use "...three bucks lodged...," and Lodge's/Loge's (Eras/Rasmussen colors and format) share the Mowbray lion too.

The Christmas surname uses a version of the Coney Coat that connects to Bra. The way this works is where, at age 9, I reached out to touch a bra on a laundry line because it was owned by an attractive blond tenant that was newly living in the basement of my friend, Jerry PETERSON. I was on a laundry deck with a cage with a white rabbit under my feet, under the deck. Coneys and Christmas' use white rabbits. Peter PETERSON, one of the biggest leaders of the modern-day Council on Foreign Relations, married Mrs. COONEY. The bra belonged to a blond TENANT, and the Tenant surname came to topic with Helen, my blond tenant almost 40 years later, who had a breast symbol herself, as discussed in my last update, that pointed to Pepin of Landen, as did Lorraine the blond.

I can now add to last week's dream where I was chasing Helen in circles AROUND the living room, until we ended up on the couch as a pointer to the couchant lion of Tenant-linkable Tints. This gets a little longish, but I've got to add whatever seems pertinent because it's a new thing. In the last update, I told that David Morley did a circle around my sleeping bag, and this seemed connectable to the circling around with Helen. Let me say right up front that there was another sleeping bag, Mamie's, in which I slept, in a TENT, and while "royal tents" are used by Tint-like Tintons, the latter are in English-Town colors and format while Scottish Towns were first found in West Lothian with Tenants. You've just gotta be impressed with the Mame's being listed with Pepin- / Poppin-beloved Mens'.

And by the way, you're going to like this, another new thing. I need to repeat that, the day after big-breasted Mamie (almost cantaloupes) and I slept in the sleeping bag -- in her tent, where she TEASED me (no hug, no kiss, no nothing) -- we were at her garden when she got her THIGH symbol. It worked because Tease's/TYE's were first found in Nottinghamshire with MAMESfelde of the MANSfields, likely a Mens/Mame branch. "MAMESfelde" is said to be named after "breasts," but this is inaccurate. Still, I see God in this to prove that I'm on the right track with His pointers through her.

The Mansfields use sleeves too (as do Converts/CONYers), in Tinton and Town/Tone colors and format. The new thing involves mythical Pendragon committing adultery with a woman in TINTagel (Cornwall, same as Pendragons) to birth mythical King Arthur. The new thing is: the Pendragons (Tinton chevron in colors reversed) translate their motto, "Know THYself." Thigh's are listed with Thy's! I'm impressed. I've already shown that Sinclairs of Roslin, in Midlothian with the first-known Mens/Mame's, share "God" with Mens/Mame's, and "thy" is a Sinclair motto term. See? God gave her both a tease and thigh symbol. Right near to Roslin was Musselburgh of the Meschin-branch Mussels/Muscels, who share plates (white roundels) with Musters/Mustards. Meschins are in the colors and format of Conys, and Mussels/Muscels are nearly in the same format. Tenants have a "mast" in their Crest, and Masts are listed with Muster-like Masters/Mosters/Misters. Brests/BRIX's have the Brick lozenges in colors reversed, and earl Meschin was the son of Mr. BRIQUESsart. This paragraph was written minutes after the one below; here's why Converts/Conyers are in the brackets above:)

I just watched, on the evening of the November 18, less than an hour ago as I write here, a bitchute video featuring a 1964/5 red Mustang convertible, which is either exactly, or near to the year, of the red Mustang convertible that Steve showed up with, at my place, after Helen left me for him. I looked up the convertible-like Converts, but had nothing to say aside from that surname sharing a giant sleeve with Tone-like Tonys, though the sleeves are not in the same colors. But I now have something to say, and it's wild. Tonys are known to share the sleeve of Asti-like Hastings, and Asti is beside Bra. But even more, miracle of miracles, the Converts are listed with Cony-like CONYers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here's the video (dated 19th) in case you don't believe me:

Here's from my 2nd update in May, 2016, just so you know I'm not making it up: "Next, after I moved up from the basement to the main level, a blonde came knocking at door as per the ad to rent the place, and she rented it. We met in winter. She had an issue with my Christianity. When she met Steve and left me, he drove over, I kid you not, with a 1960s Mustang convertible (about a 1965), all painted nice, a collector's item." The brackets were included in 2016. So, it does appear that the convertible was to prove that Conys were related to a family in Bra, and Mustans look like Massey liners of some sort; I'm going to guess the Mosca's whose leopard I feel is in the MowBRAY Crest. English Towns were first found in Suffolk, where Muscats/Mousquette's were once said to be first found.

Cecil Roads All Around the Sleeping Bag

Okay, back to the circling around, because I'll show you why David Morley was doing a circle as God's pointer to Rounds, a thing I didn't know until now. It started with the Schere's ("ears of wheat") having "a snake enTWINEd AROUND a stick". Ear-like Eyers were first found in Derbyshire with Morleys. Twine's (Yorkshire, same as Morleys/Mauls) are said to have been Town-like "Tuennc" before 1086, which looks like the Tunnock variation of Tunnels who in turn share the vertically-split Shield colors of Scottish Morleys/MAULs. In my sleeping bag dream, David Morley circled the sleeping bag on a hill, and this is why I brought up Mamie in the sleeping bag.

The dream's bag was on a hill, I've said so a million times, and it's now important where Spitzers use "hills" with a "tunnel." Why Spitzers? Tunnels/Tunnocks share the ROTEN (and Reitman) hexagram, and Morley came off of a ROAD, then drove back down the road, which pointed heavily to Hillary RODham Clinton, for more reason that Hillarys being first found in Worcestershire with Hills. It's where Squirrels were first found too who have variations like those of Scherfs/Schere's, and we just saw the other Schere's above with an "around" term suspect with Rounds, who use the couchant lion of Tints as a "SLEEPING lion." Therefore, this is why Morley circled round the sleeping bag, to point to Rounds, a thing I don't think I've known before, or if I did, I forgot it and did not stress it.

I see king Arthur's ROUND table as code for Rounds (Pendragon colors and format) and Table's, two Arthur-related surnames. Table's share the blue roundel with Irish Arthurs, and the sleeping lion goes to Tintagel elements (via Tints) because king Arthur was born in Tintagel. Tints use a couchant lion, and English Smalls, first found in Morley, use a couchant unicorn, exactly linkable to Cecils both as UNIcorn, and as uniCORN. I think what God's doing with this is pointing to the RHODES Round Table. Bill Clinton was a Rhodes Scholar, of the Rhodian Round Table, you see. Hillarys share the six fitchees of Clintons, in the format of, and colors reversed from, the six Cecil lions. That's making sense, great sense. The road Morley was on is code both for Roten-like Roddens/Rodhams, and for Cecil Rhodes', not a new idea, but the introduction here of Rounds tends to prove it.

[Insert -- Look at what I missed yesterday while writing here. The Cecil motto (includes "una") looks like it loves Corona / Ceraunii liners on the Una river, especially as the Cecil Shield shares "black shields" (escutcheons) with Corrins who in turn use: "A parrot's head beTWEEN two wings." Twins are also Tweens. Plus, wow, as Parrots are expected with Pierro's/Pero's/Petri's, first found on the Ticino/Tessin river, where Tease's/Tess'/Tecks trace with certainty, and where Tease's/Tye's therefore trace, by what coincidence were Corrins first found in Waterford with the Currys/Corrys sharing the Tease/Tess/Teck saltire? WOW, even Mr. Rhodes' first name stays on topic. "BEtween" goes well here because Bee's were Mall/Marlybone kin, and, after Morley rode away, I walked into a MALL where I found Miss Peare! She pointed in that dream to Vestalis of Susa, near the Viu river that might be in the "via" motto term of Cecils.

The Cecils (beside tent-using Tintons) are NECESSARY here to explain Miss Peare at the end of the sleeping-bag dream. Mamie was on my LAP an hour or two before we got into a sleeping bag, and I think I know what this means: mythical Coronis, whose elements are suspect in the Cecil motto, "Cor unum via UNA," was a LAPith!!! The Ceraunii, marked on maps beside the Una, named the Ceraunii mountains at the land of ATINtanes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We slept in a sleeping bag in a TENT!!! I'll show below how Cecils trace to Calydon, home of mythical Oeneus, for the Una river was the Oeneus. Mamie got a garden symbol the next day, after we got to her place from the CAMP site, and Gardners share the Camp and CORy griffin heads, in case Corys apply to the "Cor" motto term of Cecils. Corys were first found in Cork while Corks/Core's (CORNwall, same as Tintons) use lion tails in the colors of the Cecil lions. Cecils share the black shields of Coronis-like CORRins.

Miss Peare was my tenant once when LOUISE, her friend, moved in with me, and no sooner did these ladies move out that I started to date Miss Whelan; Whelans/Failins share the LOUIS lozenges, and moreover Whelans/Failins have the Brick Coat so as to be of the Brest/Brix bloodline to which Mamie pointed with her large breasts, for she got her thigh symbol at her GARDen while Brests/Brix's are from Brescia/Brixia, beside lake GARDa. As I've said many times, Val TROMPia is beside lake Garda and Brescia, and Trumps/Tromps share the stag head in this Arms of County WATERFORD. Did God put me with Whelan in order to point to Trump too in conjunction with a pointer to Cecil Rhodes? Mamie sat on my Leggs, and Leggs (Dumfries, same as Corsons/Carsons) almost have the giant Trumps stag head (faces sideways), and, besides, Wikipedia changed the stag head in its County-Waterford article so that it became the Legg stag head (faces the viewer).

It's necessary for me to repeat that Louise, Phillips by surname, was working at Penningtons clothing as a SALESMAN, when we met, while Peare was a salesman at Rhodes-connectable Reitmans clothing, and Penningtons not only share blue lozenges with French Louis', but they have an "amore patria" motto phrase to go with the "amor patriae" of Phillips. And Patria's are no doubt Pierro's/Pero's too, but listed with PEERtree's who share the Trump stag head too. What is going on here? Note that Salemans/Salians can be expected with Salome's who in turn share the stars of PICKENs/Pike's.

Peertree's were first found in KinCARDINE, and Cardine's, first found in Cheshire with Nickels/Nichols, share the Nickel/Nichol pheon which itself is to topic soon after this insert with the picNIC table in the Mamie-on-lap event. Then note "PICNic," for PICENze, my mother's place of birth and upbringing, is seven miles from L'Aquila, and the latter is where Italian Sheaves' were first found who are in the Cecil "wheat sheaf." English Sheaves'/Shaws are like "Sava," and the Una river in the Cecil motto is a Sava tributary. If that's not enough, the six Cecil lions are in the format of, and colors reversed from, the six of Sava's/Savage's (Cheshire again) who in turn have a "PRO TE" motto phrase suspect with Tease/Tye liners from Pavia, where Pierro's/PERO's/Petri's were first found. "Te" can be code for Teys/Tays, first found in Yorkshire with Twin-related Tie's.

Almost missed it, VERY IMPORTANT: the six Cecil lions are in the colors and format of Round-like Arundels!!! It proves that the dream is pointing to Rounds as a pointer to Cecil Rhodes! Plus, Rundels/Roundels were first found in Kent with Whelan-like Valence's. Whelans/FAILins must have been FELL kin because Fells share the Whelan/Failin lozenges, yet Fells have the Duc/LeDuc / Belly star in colors reversed, and moreover Miss Whelan lived on HENRY Corson Place while Corry-like CORsons/Carsons share the Brest/Brix lozenges, and then I see Henrys from Henrys of RODEZ!!!

As the Cecil bars look like the Duck/Ducker Coat, here's what I just put into the last update, in the insert of this quote:

Lookie at the write-up of Irish Browns: "The surname Brown was first found in County Galway. The first Browne to settle in Ireland was descended from the Counts of Marche in Pictou, in Normandy. Hugh le Brun married Isabel, the widow of King John, and their son, William de VALENCE was created Earl of Pembroke." Hee-hee, I think I had missed this in the past. German Ducks, first found in Westphalia with Valence-like Velins and Velens, have the five fesses of Valence's in colors reversed!!! My brown pants speak!

[Insert. It explains why Duce's have the BRUNswick Coat in colors reversed. I've just found that Valence's mention Hugh le Brun of Poitou. I've missed Hugh le Brun, all these years, from the Valence write-up. He thus proves that Brunswick was named after his line. The wings in the Valence Crest suggest VALENTinian of VINKovci, and that goes together with Helen and Steve at Valentine's Day, probably no more than three weeks after our duck dinner [with my brown pants]. End insert]

Valentinian married Justine of PICENum. The Cecil / Ducker bars can be also in the 12 bars of the Beauty-related Haydens, and this was of SLEEPING Beauty. I'm having a hard time, though, trying to see how Sleeping Beauty connects with the sleeping lion of Rounds so as to be a pointer to Rhodians. As per the Pettys below, let's add that Petits were first found in Kent with Valence's and Rundels, and that Italian Sheaves' were first found seven miles from PICENze. The Pavia Coat is probably the fesse-with-martlets in the Peppard Coat; in the Crest are the three feathers in this Arms of Rothschild in colors reversed. The Arrows/Arras' (Staffordshire, same as Pipe's) in those Arms have the Pepin fleur in colors reversed. Pepperds could be using the double fesses of Mens-branch Manners/Maness'.

The Cecil "wheat SHEAF" goes great with the fact that the Cecil-beloved Shield surname shares the motto of Shaws/Sheaves while Scottish Shaws descend from Stick-like "Sithech." As German Schere's use the snake enTWINED AROUND a stick (pointer to Rounds / Arundels), while Austrian Schere's are Scherfs too, let's add that parrot-using Pettys were first found in Warwickshire with Sheriffs while the Petty quadrants are colors reversed from the same of Sherrys (tends to make a Petty-Sheriff link), and judging by the Shere's sharing the Scherf/Schere fitchee, the black Sherry dancette must be the Carrick dancette because Shere's share the black dog with Carricks. Very soon below, written yesterday, I tell that Sheriffs share the motto of Rounds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is that not astounding? Morley circling the sleeping bag is a pointer to the Scherff-Bush's as well as to the Rhodes-globalist pigs who force their down-sizing, mow-down, impoverishing and satanic pollution upon us. The Petty quadrants are connectable to the same in the Shield of this Arms of Rothschild.

It's now important to repeat that I trace Eagle's/Hegels/Aigle's to the ACHELous river near Astikas-like Astakos, for as Traby-related ASTIKas' are to the Sticks ("gold SHEAVES"), it's completely amazing that Eagle's/HEGELs share the six Cecil lions in the same pattern while HAGELs share the red pile of Valentinian-liner Winks/Winks (Perthshire, same as Justine's)!! You just saw a Cecil link to Stick elements, as expected from earlier considerations. Perthshire is where Lothians were first found suspect with the Arms of Traby hunting horn, the 666 horn by the looks of the strings. While mythical Sirens were at the Achelous, Justine of Picenum is in the Coat and motto of Sire's/SIRONs, first found in Burgundy with Save's ("SERpents"), and the Eagle/Hegel Coat is the Sava/Savage Coat in colors reversed. Scherf/Schere's are also Sire-like Schire's. Burgundy is also where Primo's were first found who share the mirror with Sire's/Sirons and the three roses of Dutch Valence's in colors reversed.

Wikipedia's Siren article: "Although a Sophocles fragment makes PHORCys their father, when sirens are named, they are usually as daughters of the river god Sterope, daughter of King PORTHaon of Calydon." Sterope may have been named after "aster = stars," interesting where Stars were first found beside/near Portishead. The PORCH/PORTis surname looks applicable to that Siren picture, and so let me repeat that GRATian, Valentinian's father, is to the Great/GREEP surname (shares Justine border) while Great-like Grazio's (PERUSia) share the pomegranate with French Crispins/CREPins (Parez), and then it just so happens that English Crispins/Crepins share the eight bars of Porch's/Portis'.

Sheriffs share the Shea/Shee fleur-de-lys, perhaps indicating that Scherfs / Schere's were ultimately Shaw liners prefixed with "er." SEWERS/SHUTErs share the Peartree fitchees and the Rhodes Crest while Rhodes' share the lion of Sava-river Sauers, a Shaw line with "er" prefix. The Rhodes Crest is probably the Sarah/Sayer/Seyer leopard, and Says share the Mall quadrants, and as I entered a mall after crossing the ROAD, by what coincidence are Cecils also SEYcils/SAYcils? Rhodes' share the Russell lion while Russells use a "sara" motto term. Swiss Sewers look like a SCHWARTz branch. Shows are listed with Schauers/SCHAWs/Schors, and Showers are listed with Siwards suspect from Swords/SWARTs in the SHUTE Coat. Shute's look very related to the Call/Calles trumpets. Showers/Siwards were first found in Essex with Sarahs'/Sayers and Cecil-like Chicks. The Checks/Chicks essentially have the Show/Schauer/Schaw Coat in colors reversed.

As per Rhodes SCHOLership, from a school, that is, the Schools/SCAYLE's were first found in Yorkshire with Rhodes'. Sire's use "SCALES." Schools/Scayle's were at Barwick while Barwicks share the Sara/Sayer motto.

The Una river at the Sava was home to Maezaei Illyrians, which can explain why Shea's/Shee's share the Masci fleur-de-lys. Shea's/Shee's may have named Seaman-branch Sea's, and this was the topic of Apophis, the asteroid crushing the sea cargo of globalist fat-cats. The Sea's and Seamans are linkable to Tuckers, first found in Devon with the Cecils having ten of the eight Tucker bars, and thus Cecils were likely Duck/Ducker kin (five fesses in the same colors, looks like 11 bars).

Ahh, almost missed this: Cecil-beloved English Shields/Shiels (Crab colors and format) may have been a branch of Shalls sharing the Table Coat, for Rhodes' share the lion of Irish Shields/Shiels. It's more evidence that God is pointing the sleeping-lion Rounds to the Round-Table think = plot tank. Shells were first found in Westphalia with the Velens/Valence's (Alan martlets, once showed ducks, as did French Alans) who trace well to Aulon/Avlona at the Ceraunii mountains. Westphalia is where Ducks/Duckers were first found who look like they are in the Cecil bars, but moreover the Nails/Neils were first found in Westphalia while Neils/O'Nails share the lion and red hand of Irish Shields/Shiels. Shallows were a Swallow branch, and Cecils were obvious kin of swallow-using Arundels. End insert]

Twine's share the Table fesse, and I now think I know why God had Mamie plop herself on my lap while I was sitting at a PICnic TABLE. The only thing I did in the dream, with the sleeping bag, was to PICK it up, at the start of the dream. I never saw it again. I was in a BUSH (woods), and Mamie sat on my lap in a bush at a campsite. The Scherffs were the president Bush's. Woods share the PICK/Pix fitchees as double assurance that the bush / woods was in the dream for a reason(s). Mamie was not my girlfriend when she sat on my lap. I had seen her only once before. An hour or two after she sat on me, we were in her sleeping bag. No hug, no kiss, no nothing. Teaser. But God caused it to happen because He wanted to point to Tease's/TYE's. And it just so happens that while Twine's are suspect in "enTWINEd AROUND" of the Schere's, Twins/Twains (Hampshire, same as Tiss'/Teece's) are in the colors and format of English TIE's (Yorkshire, same as Twine's and Bush's), and almost in the format of same-colored Bush's. See any pattern here? Thigh's are likewise Tie's.

While Morley was circling the sleeping bag on his motor bike, I was walking up the hill and onto the road. he then rode behind me as I crossed, and rode back down the road again, like he owned the road. Morleys/Mauls were first found in Yorkshire with Rhodes'. As soon as he rode away, I walked across the street into a MALL parking lot. I assure you, I did not know of Morleys/MAULs when this dream took place, but God arranged Morleys to be Mauls too in order to prove that He's this dream's author. As I said, Malls/Marlybone's have the MALbancs while Malbanks can be gleaned as Rodden/Rodham kin, assuring even more what the road represented. And the reason I was in the mall parking lot is because Hillarys legal firm-in-crime was, and may still be, PERKINS Coie. Parkings are listed with Perkins.

Coie-like Coys share the pheon of Nickels/Nichols (Cheshire, same as Malls/Marlybone's), and to assure I'm on the right track, they have a Coie-like "cui" motto term. I must therefore assume that Mamie sat on my lap at the picNIC table as a pointer to Nickels/Nichols. But why? What do they have to do with the Rhodian Round Table? Why are Nichol liners between Perkins Coie and the Rhodian globalists? I don't know, but I've been stumped only temporarily before, though "temporarily" at times means years. I'm running out of years.

The Nickel/Nichol write-up: "The surname Nickle was first found in Cheshire, where Nicholas D'Albini, who was of the junior line of the Dukes of D'Albini in Normandy, settled in 1054..." The Albins are also Aubins, and as I always say, Aubin is near RODez, that's right, another proof that the Rhodes bloodline is to be in view. Albins/Aubins were first found in Devon with the Ash's/ESSE's, kin of Rounds (one of the two Ash/Esse chevrons). The Round motto, "ESSE quam videri," is shared by Scherf-like Sheriffs. Were' back to the nasty, beastly Bush's. Sheriffs have a Coat like that of Masters/Mosters, the latter first found in Yorkshire with Scherf-like Scarfs and Bush's. Trabys/Sadowski's use a SCARF, and Traby of Poland married the ASTIKas', explaining the STICK of Schere's, and justifying the use of Schere's above with their "entwined around" phrase.

[NEW: ESSex's have the Italian Este eagle, and as English Este's were first found in Essex, I suggest that Essex's were not named after Essex originally, but were an Este line out of Essex. As the house of Este was founded by Azzo, I suggest that Assi's were a branch of Ash's/Esse's, especially as the latter were first found in Devon with the Pense's/Pincons sharing the Essex eagle. Ash's Esse's share the motto of Rounds, the latter first found in Essex too. The Este's belong with Miss Peare on the deck because Deck-related and Scherf-connectable Squirrels have "Tiens FERME" while Azzo of Fermo founded Este.

PENSE's/PINCons, first found beside the line of PAYNE Roet, have the Road/Roder/ROED and Lorraine eagle, recalling the grass stain on Lorraine's PANTS at her ASS or BUTT. Bute's/Butts were Este kin. Lorraine's share the ASty lion. While Panter-connectable Payne's were Payne/Pagan liners, Pagans/PINGs were first found in Yorkshire with Pincon-like PINCs/Pinks. Her pant stain pointed to Pendergrass' who share the SHARron Coat, and Share's/Shire's/Shere's could easily have been a branch of Squirrels/Square's/Squire's. Ahhhhh I get it: a mall is where one shops, and Shops are Shorelands/Sheelands/Shirlands too!!!

Shortly after this insert, in what was written yesterday as I write here, the buying and selling in the mall kicks off a quest to see whether the mall in the dream is a pointer to buying and selling only with the mark of the beast. But I failed, until now, to see that Shops can apply to the Squirrel-Deck relationship.

It's important to repeat here that German Share's/Schors use a column in the colors of the similar "pillars" of Bush-line Bosco's, and that the tops of the pillars have "tufts of GRASS" while Lorraine pointed to Bush's in other ways besides this. Then, the Shows/SCHAWS/Schors have a variation like the Schawland of Shops/Shorelands. So, I think we need to see two-faced Bushites and other RINO's in the mall with Peare, and behind the push to a 666 tracking system, the attempt to make the world's masses into fenced cattle. As I said, Louise, expected on the first mall stage, went into choreoGRAPHy (her word), and Graffs/Graffens pointed to graphene-oxide in some vaccines, having the reported purpose of tracing people via their very own vaccine ID, or something of that intrusive nature. Tufts/Tuffs' use a PHOENix, and Phoenix's/Fenwicks are a branch of PHONE's/Fane's/Vans. The graphene-oxide tracking system needs smart PHONES on people, and, zikers, Smarts show PHEONs and are in Bush colors and near-format!

The "BURDOCK in its beak" of the Smart Crest can go to the Babe-Beak relationship to which Lorraine pointed. At the moment she pointed to Babe's, she pointed to Feets/Fate's suspect in the Cheney motto. Her feet symbol was a pointer to Pavia's, from Papia/Pavia, where Papa's can be traces who share the split-Shield colors of Hips! I was pulling Peare's hips on the stage. The reason I'm revisiting this set of heraldry is that Smart-beloved Burdocks nearly share the PEPPard Coat, both having the Feet/Fate / Pavia fesse-with-martlets in colors reversed. Lorraine pointed to Bus', Stops/Stubbs, and Pepin of Landen at her bus-stop event, and while Peppards share the lone cinquefoil of Bush-like Bus', Stops/Stubbs have the Smart pheons in colors reversed.

I did not intend to be on Peppards or Smarts when starting this insert. This insert comes in the midst of talk on the PARKING LOT, and as Louth's come up below as per Lots and Lothians, you may want to remember that Peppards were first found in Louth, and ask why Peppard liners should be in the mall parking lot. I can tell you now: because Peppers (not Peppards) were first found in Leicestershire with Perkins/Parkings, and Peppers even have the Perken (not "Perkin") chevron-with-items in the same colors and format! ZOWIE, incredible. Perkens (Feather colors and format) share feathers with the Peppard Crest, and that Crest has Rothchilds all over it.

The Pepper lion is also the one of English Marks (potential pointer to mark of the beast), first found in Essex with Essex kin. The Mark-like Merchants come up below as per the buy-and-sell theme of the shopping mall I was in, and one Merchant Coat has griffins in the colors of the Cory / Corry/Cawrie griffin heads. I've checked Corys as per "CHOReography," but Currys/Corrys play much better because I was with Miss Whelan when I booted Louise out of my apartment, and Whelans were first found in Waterford with Corrys/Currys and Cecil-connectable Corrins. I could say more on this, but I'm going long on this insert already. The "audaux" motto term of Currys/Corrys is like the "AudACTER" of Pollocks/Pokes', and actors with choreographers work on stages. The entire vaccine program is staged, all pre-planned and acted out as if the players were working naturally, moment-by-moment, spontaneously. The mark-of-the-beast system will be FORCED on the world i.e. staged with deception at the face.

The last scene on the stage was a tease. I was pulling Peare toward me, and it felt so good, but the dream ended abruptly. So, yes, I think it was intended as a tease because Tease's/Tess', with a Deck-like Teck variation, share the Curry/Corry saltire. It;s starting to appear the "CHOReography" is Intending Corrys. The Curry/Corry saltire is done by swords in the Tax/DAX/Dach Coat, and the "auDAUX" of Currys/Corrys must therefore be partly for them, and partly for sword-using Aude's, from Aude of France, location of proto-Rockefeller RoqueFEUIL. That explains why Currys/Corrys have the treFOIL, but better yet by far, it explains why Fells share the Louis lozenges and throw in the LeDuc star in colors reversed. Louise on the stage is pointing to Rockefellers and company, conniving stooges feeding on their greed, pretending to be humanitarians for the global good. They front humanitarian facades for their plots.

Ahh, the Road/Roder/Roed eagle is "DisPLAYed on its side," and Players ("gutte de sang") were first found in Middlesex with Essex's! Essex's are in Plate colors and format, and the Playter variation of Platers could play with Players into the mall platforms. Is Mike Pence in this Pense picture? After all, Pence's/Penns use PLATES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How interesting. Is Pence related to 666 traffickers? Is Pence in the platform? Isn't he an actor? Yes, he acted pro-Trump for four years minus 14 days (until January 6). The "rectum" motto term of Pence's/Penns could even be play on the Ass/Assi / Este line. As Michael's use a pen, did God arrange some heraldry to point to Michael Pence? Pagans/Pings/Pongs had pointed to Comet Ping Pong pizza, ground zero for high-level pedophilia, and many say that Pence (owns a white rabbit) is a pedophile.

Pagans/Pings and Pinks were related to Panico's, first found in Bologna, home of the Boii, near Este. The Boys, in Este / Essex colors, were first found in Berwickshire with the HUME's/Home's, and with Battle's in the embattled Essex chevron, and the Battle's even share a gold griffin with the Essex Crest. James AleFANTIS owns Ping Pong pizza, and Fantis', using boy-like "HUMan HEADs," can be gleaned as Panico / Ping/Pong kin. Heads/Heeds essentially have the Coat of English Este's. Belgian Hede's happen to be in Essex colors and near-format. The Hayasa-AZZI could very well have been amongst the Hatti. End insert]

I was WALKING though the parking lot, and Perkins/Parkins are from Plancia Magna while English Walkers have a "magna" motto term. President George Herbert Walker Scherff-Bush was a Walker on one side, and German Walkers have a version of the Scherf/Schere Coat. The Towns came into view with the Twine's, and Scottish Towns were first found in West Lothian with Elias' while Hillary's lawyer at Perkins Coie was Marc Elias. The Elis branch of Elias' were first found in Yorkshire. It may seem that God arranged for Elias' to have a Coie-like "quo" motto term. As Elias' use the Rat cross, recall my RAT TRAP pointing to Bush-Nazi Intelligence, for TRABY married the RADZiwill-Astikas'. God knew I'd be looking up the Lots as per the parking lot, and Lots, I had discovered, share the brown talbot dog with LOThians while the latter have a gold-striped, black hunting horn, as does this Arms of Traby (from Wikipedia's Traby article). Astikas' were in Lithuania, and the Lithuanian God was Perkin-like Perkunas.

The only thing I did with the sleeping bag was to PICK it up, and Picks/Pix's share the fitchees of RATTerys. The latter were first found in Perthshire with Lothians. After picking it up, I headed for the parking lot. Lothians have "...a talbot proper TIEd" to a "pine tree," and we saw how Tie's are in the colors and format of Twine-like Twins/Twains.

It took me years to blow this dream wide-open like this, all because I failed to emphasize the Rounds with Morleys circling of the bag; the Round Crest explain why a SLEEPING bag was in the dream. But why a bag? What contribution did God arrange for Bags, or their branch, toward this globalist picture?

Thanks to this new ROUND way of seeing David's circling, we can now understand last week's dream in which I was circling around the couches. Rounds are in Pendragon colors and format, and while mythical Pendragon birthed Arthur in TINTagel, Tints have the COUCHant lion. Perfect. Helen asked me to chase her, and so I chased her around the couches, and while I thought that this was a pointer, due to the Chase relationship to Chauncers, it can also be a pointer to Chase bank, for the sleeping-bag dream had the Malls/Marlybone's who in turn have the Malbanks as a pointer to RODhams. Banks have the Arrow/Arras fleur-de-lys, in colors reversed to the Pepin fleur, and Arras is the ARTois capital. LOIS' were first found in Artois, and Pendragon mated with the wife of GorLOIS to produce Arthur. Lois' use a giant ostRICH, suspect with Rich's (Hampshire, beside Osts/Hosts) and Osts/Hosts, and the latter were first found in Somerset with Tints Ricks; the latter have six fitchee crosslets in the colors of the six crosslets of Tints. It just so happens that banks were first found in Craven while Cravens have the Rick Coat in colors reversed!

It just so happens that Morgan le Fay was Arthur's half sister, daughter of Gorlois, and there is now a JP Morgan Chase bank!!! Can we believe it? "JPMorgan Chase Bank, an American national bank headquartered in Manhattan...The bank was known as Chase Manhattan Bank until it merged with J.P. Morgan & Co. in 2000." I claim that JP Morgan's offices in a World Trade tower was in collusion with the 9-11 crimes the following year.

I recently found pointers of the Apophis asteroid (arriving in Chauncer-like Cancer the crab in 2029) being aimed at oil tankers, including Humble oil, and so I should probably add, as per "ManHATTAN," that Hattons were first found in Cheshire with Brights and Hottens, the latter having the triple Humble/Humber fesses in colors reversed. Brights share the stars of French Bride's in turn in Hattan colors and format, and they point to crab-using Bridge's (Somerset, same as Ricks). English Bride's even share the fesse of Huttons, in the colors of the Humble/Humber fesses. Stanleys are the ones with the Change's/Changers in their motto, linkable to Chase's / Chance's/Chaucers and therefore Stanleys (same place as Crabs) are a pointer to the asteroid, now a pointer to the asteroid aimed at international bankers and their fat-cat partners in rip-off crimes of all sorts.

Helens have the horse heads, almost of the horse heads of Pepin-Este's and the Hatton-like Heads/Heeds. I missed the Hede's/Heedens/Heids in the last update when mentioning Heads/Heeds; Hede's/Heedens/Heids, in Crab colors and near-format were first found in Bridge-like Bruges. BRIGhams were at DICKERing, and McBride's/Kilbride's share the Briggs cinquefoil. Dickens, with the sleeping-lion design of Rounds, not only have a version of the Bruges cross-with-leopard-face, but the Dicken cross was once showing for Eatons! Dickens and Eatons ("OMNia") both have gold lions in Crest, and the Eaton lion is upright like the gold lion in the Crest of German Ash's/Aschs. It just so happens that Rounds can be gleaned as kin of English Ash's/Asch's/Esse's ("OMNIbus"). The following paragraphs tell why Eatons can apply to Bruges'. My bet is that Heatons have the Keith stag head in someone else's color.

Bruges' use a "leopard face," and Face's/Fessys share the Mee/My cross, in the colors of the Chase / Chauncer cross. Helen said, "Chase ME," and the Mea/My cross is also that of Heeden- / Hattan-like Haydens, and colors reversed from the same of HADDINgtons. The Keiths (East Lothian, same as FORTUNE's) of Haddington have the Chief of Dicken-like Dixons/Dicksons ("FORTUNA") in colors reversed. This tends to explain why Deacons and Decans share the Haddington cross. Dickers/Deckers share the Codd/Code Coat, and Cudds are a branch of Cuthberts of KirkCUDbrightshire, where Dixons/Dicksons were first found. I always link the Keith Chief to the Code-like Coats/Cotes', and the latter happen to have the six pale bars of Prays while Helen, in the chase-me dream, started to PRAY when she was ON THE COUCH.

Haddington is near Musselburgh, the line of Mussels/Muscels who share "plates" with Penns/Pence's, the latter first found in Buckinghamshire with Bruges'. The latter's cross is in the colors of the cross of Eden-like Eatons, and of the Sinclairs of Roslin, near Musselburgh. Roslin is six miles from EDINburgh, and HEEDENs above look like they apply to Edins/Edens in turn having a red-Shield version of the Hattan Coat. Sinclairs were kin of Mens'/Mame's (Midlothian, same as Roslin), and so we just about spelled MANhattan here, especially as Mans were kin of Pendragons. Hattans share the three garbs of Comyns, first found in Norfolk with Haydens.

Heaths/Heathers/Heaters have the String-Shield format in colors reversed while Strings (Nottinghamshire, same as Ainsleys) were at Eaton. It tends to connect John Ratcliffe of Heath to Heaths because Strings share the gold spread eagles of Ratcliff-related Tipps/Tippins. I finds this remarkable. Strings (share Leslie griffin head) are interesting for nearly sharing the Standard Coat with the Stoner eagles while Stanleys with a "SANS" motto term are also Stonelys (Leslie colors and format) while Stone's (share Sans eagle) have another gold, spread eagle but in both colors of the same of String-like Strongs ("TENTanda"). The white dog in the Stone Crest is also in the Hayden Crest. Clickety-click all over. The Stone's have the split Shield of Cage's (and Gates'), first found in Cambridgeshire with Stanleys/Stonelys in turn sharing the gold stag with the Cage Crest. And Teague's/CAIGE's share the solid, black chevron with Heaths/Heaters.

[Insert -- The "dread" term in the translated Teague/Caige motto can be code for Dryden-branch Draytons having the split Stone / Cage Shield in colors reversed, and suspect with the Gates lion. The Teague's/Caige's are shortly below in the paragraph that introduces Draytons and Drydens at the tipping point of an important 666 direction inside the mall. I've not been sure what the "Dread" motto term of Leightons/Leytons is for, but this now opens a good theory for DRYDens. I didn't know that Drydens share the Drayton lion until this update; Drydens are new to me. Market Drayton is in Shropshire with the first-known Leightons/Leytons who share the Mall//Marlybone quadrants, how about that. "Six = hex" while Hicks' were at Low Leighton. Draytons share the gold eagle talon / leg with the HOOTers and Hoovers in the hood-scene and hover-scene of Sleeping Beauty = Miss Hicks.

Low Leighton is in Essex, where Quints (share red chevron with Dickers) were said to be first found who can be of the Quintana's having three dice with 6's = 666. Dicker-like Dice's/Diss/Dicers are in Hicks colors and near-format, and the Dice/Diss eagle happens to be the Stone / Strong eagle, gold like the String eagle, and Strings can be in the three 6-like strings in this Arms of Traby. End insert]

Ainsleys use "my," and so why might Ainsley Earhardt be working into this chase-me set of heraldry off of the Chase / Manhattan bank? The Hayden cross is counterCHANGEd so that it's also the Haddington cross, and the Hayden quadrants with that cross are those also of Hats, the latter first found in Dorset with the Beautys who share the bull of the other English Haydens. While Land/Landon-connectable Heaths/Heathers share the Heeter variation with Hede's/Heids, Heathfields have a white-garb version of the Comyn Coat (Heater/Hayter colors and format), and Patricks of La Lande were first found in Norfolk too. Ainsley substituted as Sleeping Beauty with Mrs. Kilpatrick, and Patricks share the Kilpatrick saltire, Leyland is where Huttons were, and Leylands (share Hutton fesse) are also Lelands i.e. looking like "La Lande." "Sleeping BEAUTY" can connect with the sleeping-bag pointer to Rhodians where the Bowd variation of Beautys was a branch of Roet-related Bows/Bough's (but I can't be sure they were related).

The Kilpatricks pointed to John Ratcliffe of Heath, and the black Beauty / Hayden bull can be the black Ratcliff bull head. John Ratcliffe is a contributor on Fox news (maybe he even appears on Fox and Friends), and he recently revealed on Fox that he gave thousands of classified pages / documents to John Durham. Waiting in anticipation. Ratcliffs were kin of Tipps/Tippins suspect in the Pendragon / Shaw motto, and this gets interesting where Rounds and Pendragons share the Forney chevron, for the Kilpatricks moved to Forney, roughly 10 miles from the home of John Ratcliffe. The Kilpatrick home was owned by Childs before they moved in, and the Child eagle is shared by Roads. Rounds pointed us to Rhodes'. What can this mean? I guessed that the Forney chevron was that of Roet- / Beaufort-connectable Balfours, and the Balfours use an otter while Otters/OTHERs are zero-doubt the reason that mythical Pendragon got his "Uther" first name. Amazingly, UK prime-minister Arthur Balfour, they say, was a satanist in cahoots with the Cecil-Rhodes / Rothschild globalism! I get it!!! Miss Hicks as Sleeping Beauty does point to Rhodians in this way.

Cecils are said to use the barry (bars) of the counts of Gand (what's that?), and also said to have the lion of their house in Flanders. The Cecil lion is also the one in the Arms of Ghent/Gaunt (oh that what), which comes with a VIRGIN for the Virgins of Kent, where Gaunts were first found who have barry in half the colors of the Cecil barry. Ghents share the Chief of Ratcliff-related Tipps'/Tippins (Lancashire, same as Ratcliffs). John of Gaunt married Catherine Roet, perfect for the line of Cecil Rhodes.

John Ratcliffe seems like a bona fide good guy, no guile in him at all, a straight-shooter. I was standing at the entry way to Ratcliff Lumber the last I saw Miss Hanson at her ICE-cream store, and Ice's share "Icke" with Hicks while Cremers share a Kilpatrick Crest. Per-chance, the Ice trefoils are those (in colors reversed) of Brighams, for the latter were first found in Yorkshire with Hicks. Brighams (gold crescent in Crest) were at Dickering while Dickers share the gold Otter/Other crescent. In the dream, Sleeping Beauty appeared from the FENDER of the car, and came to stand at the hood, location of the RADIATOR. Fenders (Huntingdonshire, same as Otters/Others) use an otter, and Hoods/Hoots were at RATTERY.

Rattery is a location in Devon with the first known Cecils, Chudleigh's of TEIGNbridge, and the Pike's sharing the Ice/Ecco and Brigham trefoils. EXeter of Devon might just have been named by Ecco liners, for Chudleigh's share the Eggerton (and Virgin) lion while Ice's/Ecco's look like a branch of Eggs/Edge's (Cheshire, same as Eggertons). The trefoil-using TEIGNs are listed with Trails/TRAYle's/TRAYlors (look like Feller kin), and Ratterys are also RatTRAYs, indicating that they were of the Rats/Raids, first found in Nairnshire with the Rose's who share the black "water bouget" with Yards of Chudleigh. Yards are in Exter/Hexeter and MORTON colors and format. Cecils have the six savage lions in colors reversed, and there is a savage in the Chudleigh Crest. Obama hired Rhodes Scholars for his administration, and Yards came off of the Obama dream's last scene, where Obama was in his rear yard with a problematic worker. Cecils are also SEYcils/SAYcils, linkable to Says/Seys of Mortone-Saye, home of Cliffs who made "RatCLIFF."

Heatons (near Dentdale) have the Savile's in their write-up while Savile's, Heatons and Dents are in the same colors and format. Saville's (Stain/Stan colors) were at STAINland, which can explain why the Heatons share stag heads (different colors) with STANLeys. As I insisted that Stanleys share the bend of Knee's (County Down, same as Prays), it's now notable that the stag head of Phoenix-loving Knee's is colors reversed from the same of Heatons. Stanleys are in the colors and format of Leslie's who in turn share "fast" with the "Be fast" motto of Heatons (owls).

The PULLING of Peare's HIPS pointed with Owl-line Oullette's to Jovan HUTTON PULITzer's partaking in the famous (now becoming infamous) Maricopa election-fraud audit, partly because Pullings list "Pulit," and partly because Hips' almost have the Phoenix Coat while Phoenix is in Maricopa county. As Peare was on a stage at the time, I suggested that the audit might be a staged operation to appease / trick voters, and that's how it's looking at this time as Karen Fann has hung-up (destroyed) the audit in what looks like a sham investigation by the Arizona attorney general. Something good may still come of this audit, though no-thanks! to ^$"(*^@ Karen Fann.

Standard oil (founded by Rockefellers) was pointed to by Stanley liners, and God used Stanley at the 9-11 memorial I was at. He sat down in the seat occupied by me a few minutes earlier. Morley was circling the bag while riding a motor bike, and Biks/Bickers have a red-fesse version of the Stanley Coat, perhaps a pointer to Stanley Morgan Chase as well as to the surname from which the Bik/Bicker fesse derives (it's the Aster bend too, but I see no way to link the two). I think it's a big deal that the Biks/Bickers could be Stanley kin now that we have been led to Morgan Stanley Chase specifically by my circling the couches, especially as Morley came riding down a BANK (steepish hill) off the road while Malls are the ones with Malbanks. That's why the sleeping bag was on a hill. I remember climbing the hill, and Climers are listed with Clements in the Morley/Maul motto. Banks were even first found in Yorkshire with Morleys/Mauls. It's the Cecil-Rhodes globalist PIGS in our faces; God is centering them out...for destruction. I circled the couches in the LIVING room, and Livings were first found in Westmorland with the Morlands (Maule kin) having a version of the English Morley Coat. God obviously intended a link between the sleeping-bag and chase-me dreams, which makes me ecstatic.

The sleeping-bag dream ended by my entering a mall and seeing wooden platforms/stages upon which there were two women. I did not see the faces of these women, but the next scene had me on an adjacent platform when suddenly Miss Peare appeared, and the only thing taking place was my pulling her by her waist / hips, and "it felt so good," as I described it, the same feeling I had in real life when waking and pressing her belly. As I was sleeping between her and LOUISE that night, I figured that the two women on the platforms were she and Louise...who happens to have a Lois-like name. I met them both when I was working in the same mall as they worked in; we were all salesmen, and Salesmans share the Sales bend, surnames from Saluzzo, and it just so happens that Alice of Saluzzo, who married FitzALAN (Helen line) of Round-like Arundel (!!!), was the daughter of LUIS of Ceva. Sales' even have the Pendragon fleur in colors reversed. So, the sleeping-bag dream's ending is likewise linking to Rounds.

Rounds are key to deciphering that dream, but I had been interpreting Morley's circling with the Circle surname. It worked well where Circle's/CHIRCHners use a church while Church's (Somerset, same as Bridge's) are in Bride colors and format. Pendragon-branch Pennys/Penes' share the black greyhound with Church's.

Louise, who told me she was going into choreography (never saw her again after that), was key in interpreting the platforms as stages. She was working for PENNingtons, which looks to be right-down the PENdragon alley. Pendragons can be gleaned as Dragon/Drainer kin, and the latter are in the colors and format of dragon-using Mans...which looks like it's spelling, MANhattan. Mamie in the sleeping bag pointed to Tintons (Manfield colors and format) and MANfields, and Mame's/Men's. Manfields use "MAUNCH" sleeves, and the people on the Isle of Man are the MANX.

Penns/Pence's have a "RECtum" motto term that can be for the Rex variation of Ricks, but also for the WREXham location of Tints. "RecTUM" can be a pointer to tummy-like Tume's who had worked into Peare's BELLY pointer to Goods/GUTs (a gut is a tummy). Stage's/Staggs share the Belly chevron, and while Bouillons use a "bello Christi" motto phrase, Felts ("it FELT so good") have the Bouillon Coat in colors reversed while Godfrey de Bouillon was the son of Eustace II, and Eustace's with Stacys can be gleaned as a Stage/Stagg branch. The Christs suspect in the Bouillon motto look linkable to Hips', and moreover Miss Peare is CHRISTine while Christine's were once said to be first found on the Isle of Man.

Circling around the couches was a pointer to Rounds and therefore to Cecil Rhodes, and it just so happens that couchant Tints were first found in Somerset with Rhodes-like Roets who own the Catherine wheel, for "Roet" is like "roto(r)," something that goes round. Rounds may have been Rhodes liners in the first place, from Rhodes near the Maeander river of Manner-like Manders (almost the Rhodes Coat).

Back to the chase-ME pointer to Cecil Rhodes, for Cecils were traced to mythical Oeneus of the Achelous river, earlier in this update, and I see "Oeneus" from the pagan Levite, Jonathan, in the Book of Judges. Jonathan became the priest of the Danites at Laish, in Phoenicia's Hermon region, and so keep the phoenix of Knees' in mind here because Cadusii Armenians were at Hermon, depicted by the Phoenician king, CadMUS, who was code for both Cadusii and Armenia's Mus. The Cadusii can be gleaned with "Hattusa," the capital f the HATTi that I trace to Chatti at Hesse-CASSEL, and to Keith Catti at HADDington. Recall all of those Hadding-like surnames not far above. The Cecils are said to have been "Cassel," you see.

I could go on-and-on (please don't) with this mythical picture, but let's get fast to the Taffs, suspect from the Daphne-like Taphians of the Achelous river. It's where I trace Eagle's/Hegels/Aigle's sharing the six Cecil lions. Taffs can be gleaned in their motto as using the Mee/my and Face/Fessy cross, and it's colors reversed from the Haddington cross. It's the Hayden cross. And the reason for going to Taffs is that they were first found in Lot-like Louth. After Morley circled the sleeping bag, I walked across the ROAD into a parking LOT, and Lot's share the brown talbot with Lothians while Keiths lived in Lothian. Louth-like Lothians were first found in Perthshire with Keith-branch Kettle's. Louths/Louds look like Lothian/Loudon branch, and so things in this paragraph should be contemplated for the mall parking lot.

Lothians share the green-on-white border with Ches'/Cheshams while Chee's are also Kettle-like Chettle's, first found in CHEShire with HALES and Kerricks. We read: "Loudoun near Cunningham in Ayrshire." Ayrshire is where Kennedys were first found who share the Cassel motto and most of its Coat. Why should Cecils now link to the Kennati priests of Cetis in Cilicia, home of CHARAX Proculus, the line to Kennedy-related Carricks/KERRICKs (Ayrshire) . Mythical Cilix, Cadmus' brother, was code for Cilicia. Up the Anatolian landscape from Cilicia were the Hatti upon the Halys. Hallys link to Schims and Mole's while Shake's in the Cunningham "shakefork" have mole hills. The Schim-line Shechemites were with Kennati-like Kenites, expected to have formed a relationship with the Levite family of Moses, which included Jonathan of Laish.

The sleeping bag was on a hill or BANK, and Hills (share the tower of Hollys and Glaphyra-like Clavers) have the Hall-branch Hulls (both share the Holly dog) in their write-up. Halls call their dog a "talbot," same as Lots, Lothians and Charax-like Carricks. Hale's/Hales' happen to use arrows for connection to Arrows/Arras' who in turn share the fleur-de-lys of Banks. The latter were in Newton, and Newtons (Cheshire) have an "eastern PRINCE" in their write-up while Hales' have a "PRINCipibus" motto term. I expect the line of the Apophis Hyksos in the Halys region, and so it's notable that "eastern" could be code for Easters/ASTERs. God's not restricted to a single thing in what he can point to when creating scenes. The Halys river was not far from Plancia Magna, of Perga-line Perkins/PARKINGs, I kid you not, going perfectly with the parking lot. Perga is on the mainland coast from Rhodes, let's not be blind.

Lot-like Louths/Louds use a giant wolf that can be for Lupus Laevillus, king of Cetis, father of Charax Proculus. Laevillus married the line of Opgalli. Plancia's ancestry in Glaphyra of Cappadocia (east side of the Halys river) produced Quadratilla, queen of Cetis. Quadratilla's son was Charax Proculus (or maybe it was Proculus Charax, I've seen both versions; google and Wikipedia started to hide / bury this character after I mentioned him repeatedly). Quadratilla's Bassus surname goes to Bassianus' namers of the Bessin, location of Caen, and the Caen fretty is in the arm of the Hales Crest. Cetis was also, Citis, and this is in the "liCITIS" motto term of Caens.

Hales' look like kin of Catti-like Gates' and CAGE's, and then Teague's/Teegers/CAIGE's were from Tigranes VI and Opgalli in the ancestry of Plancia Magna. Market Drayton is in a Hales region, explaining why Draytons share the split Shield of Hales', and as it's colors reversed from the split Shield of Drayton-like Drydens, it appears that Drydens share the Gates lion, for Gates' have the split Shields above in colors reversed. The Dryden lion holds a "sphere," and Speers share the boar head of Rhodes-like Roets (from Rieti, same as Speer line), making it appear as though imperial Rieti elements merged with Rhodes elements. I can trace Plancia's line to Tertulla of Rieti. The Speer-branch Spree's love the Simple's (Renfrewshire, same as Speers) in their motto, like the "Simplex" motto term of Perkins/Parkings.

Drys use herons for Orne-river liners along the Caen region, and Orne's were from whatever mythical Orion was named after, in BOEOTia, this going nicely with the Bute's/Butts sharing the Dryden estoiles. German Bute's/Butts/Boets have a fish in the colors of the fish heads of Gates-like Geddes'.

Hales' share the patee of Ward-related Claptons, and Wards use a "Comme" motto term, probably related to the "Cum" of Hales'. Clapton is at GORDANO, and both Speers and Roets (Somerset, same as Gordano) share the Gord/Gordan boar head, and, besides, PORTIShead is at Clapton too, and the Port Chief shares the estoiles in the Dryden Chief. Ports were first found in Hampshire with the Drake's who trace themselves to a duck likely because ducks are used by Dry-like Drays. The latter look like a Dragon/Drainer branch, and Dragons/Drainers, the Rhodes-related Pendragon line, was related to Mynetts from king Amyntes, ancestor of Quadratilla Bassus.

Assuming that Cecils started out as Cassels, let's now go to German Cassels sharing the triple chevrons of Clare's, the latter having married the family of earl Meschin, husband of Lucy Bolingbroke in Lincolnshire, where English Cassels were first found as well as the Eagle's/Hagels sharing the six Cecil lions. Looking good. Bolingbroke's (Lincolnshire) look like they have a fesse-version of the Macey/Mace Coat, making sense, yet-more the Bolingbroke Crest has the chapeau of Capelli's, from Ferrara, and so the three Bolingbroke lions, shared by Gates', look like the Ferrari lion, especially as bull-using CLARo's/Charo's were first found in Ferrara too. Bolingbroke's are BULLINGbrooks too. Lucy has previously married Mr. Taillebois, and Tailboys share the Morley/Maul scallops.

I Think I See Trump Inside the Mall Door

Thanks to this discussion, I've got something new, because, in the sleeping bag dream, I could have gone instantly from the mall parking lot to the inside of the mall. Instead, I walked through big doors with grandiose trimmings as one could expect at a mall, and then saw the platform as soon as I walked in, not in stores, but in the Hale-like hall! That's got to be why English Doors (share bees with Bessins) share the split Shield of Hale's/Hales' (Cheshire, same as Bessins) under discussion! How-bout that. It would have been nicer if the Stage's'/Staggs didn't have their chevron in colors reversed from the Hales chevron. Halls were first found in Lincolnshire with the wife of Bessin-liner Ranulph le Meschin.

But we can make up for that oversight on the Great One's part. The Door-beloved Bee's almost have the Mall/Marlybone Coat, and Bee's throw in the Coat of Sales', first found in Cheshire with Hales' and Bessins, is that not wild? I've missed this all these years? Sale's and Malls share the Bessin / Biston bend, and sales are made in a mall. Yup, they BUY things, and Buys are listed with bee-using Boys! Tailbois' are also TailBOYs. But why did God make that mistake with having the Stage/Stagg chevron backward in colors for Hales'? Meschin's wife was Mrs. Taillebois, explaining the TALbot dog of Halls, and Talls (Thuringia, same as queen BASINa) have more bees. Basina was wife to CHILDeric, and Childs share the eagle of Roads/Roders/Roeds, the latter first found in Rhineland with Saleman-like Salome's. I walked across the road into the mall. Roads/Roders have their eagle "DISplayed on its SIDE," and while Diss/Dice's have a gold-eagle version of the Terent Coat, Childs have the Tarent Coat in colors reversed. Side's share the Saleman eagles!!! ZOWZERS. Side-branch Sutys have "The HULL of a ship."

It's been years since starting to decipher this dream, and all of this, with my entry into the mall, was missed. Is it about not being able to buy and sell? Sellers are in Child colors and format. When walking into the mall, I never would have guessed that the PLATforms were stages for actors. I called then platforms or decks in the beginning. Platte's share white scallops with Meschins, Tailbois' and Morleys/Mauls, but there's something missing. Stage's/Staggs share blue stag heads with Hanna's while Hands/Hanns (Cheshire, same as Sales') are in the colors of the Cups/Cope's, the latter first found in Aberdeenshire with cup-using Sellers. But God is wrong in this too, because the Hanna stags heads are not in both colors of the Stage/Stagg stag heads.

[A day or two after writing here, during the spellcheck that corrected the Price/Prise surname, I realized that pricing has to do with buying and selling, and as Price's/Prise's are rarely mentioned by me, though they were big above and suspect with the belly-PRESS, by what coincidence did the hips-pull scene in the mall point to the belly-press!? I like this, it works.]

Lucy of Bolinbroke was a MERCian, and Messeys/MESSIER's share the flag of Mercia while English Messier's were first found in Lincolnshire with Bolinbroke. I'm telling this because I've just checked MERCHants as per buying and selling in a mall. Merchants share the Chief of Galli's, and both surnames were first found in Dauphine with PAYens!!! We pay merchants. Beneath the "rods" of Merchants are "HANDS entwined." Now if that was a right hand, we could start considering the MARK of the BEAST better because Marks look like they are of the MARCHent variation of Merchants, and they also have a MarCHAMP variation while Champs/Camps have griffin heads in the colors of the full griffin of English Merchants. And zowsers, it's the full griffin also of Marble's (Cheshire, same as Malls) who share Robert of Stockport with the Mall write-up!!! It now seems that my entry into the mall is about a door pass leading to the mark of the beast. Scottish Doors happen to share the RIGHT/Wright leopard faces, and German Dorrs happen to show right hands.

The Merchant-beloved Twine's (Yorkshire, same as Morleys/Mauls) are the ones with a Tunnock-like term, "Tuennc," in their ancestry, and Tunnocks/Tunnels share the split Shield of Morleys/MAULs! ZIKERS, how can this happen unless a Great One arranged for it?

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. I've never knowing the Bridlingtons before, and while the Twine's were at Bridlington, Bridlingtons have a near-copy of the Mall and Bee Coats!!! It's proof that it was correct to go to Merchants with the mall in the dream! Incredible. OH, and the Bridlingtons use PLATES on their bend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The PLATforms in the mall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DELIGHTFUL OUTCOME. But wait, this is about our future suffering. Then again, it's about our final suffering before the Magnificent One makes us celebrate like no one's ever celebrated before.

The funny thing is, Bridlingtons (Massey quadrants) are listed with Burlestons/Burlysons, with no Bridle-like variations shown. One way to explain it is that Burlys were first found in Somerset with Bride-branch Bridge's. Bride's were first found in Savoy with French Masseys/masse's, and Bridlingtons share the plates of Meschin-branch Mussels/Muscels, first found in Lincolnshire with Meschin's wife et-al. Plus, the international number for six, as used for marine traffic, has a sinister version of the Plater Coat, and Plains/Platers share the Bee fleur-de-lys.

Plus, the Bridlington bend with plates is a black bend with roundels, as is the Coat of market-like Marktons, and the Coat is in the colors and format of Salemans. But then why was there no inkling in the dream concerning these things that seem to be pointing hard to buying and selling? The Buy/Boy bees (the entire Coat) are in the colors and format of Plate-like French Pilate's/Pilotte's (Burgundy, same as Messeys/Messier's), and English Pilotte's were first found in Lincolnshire too.

After writing above, I went o stir the squash hydrating at the stove, and was thinking about jesting God above with making mistakes. I kid you not, that at the very second that thought was taking place, Francesca Battistelli was singing "make no mistake" from her song, "he knows My Name." And then I walked to the bathroom and realized that the blue Stage/Stagg stag heads may not be in both colors of the blue stag heads of Hanna's because it's necessary to have the Hanna stag heads in both colors of the Trump stag head, though in colors reversed. The Hand/Hans Crest is "A stag" to go with Stage's/Staggs, and the Hands/Hans Shield has "three RIGHt hands." Why does it point out the right hand? English Rights/Wrights share the leopard faces of Scottish Doors, and I've only just realized that Scottish Rights/Wrights share the checkered fesse of French Marks! Coincidence?

Is God trying to signal that Trump will push the 666 system going forward? I can see this without a problem. German Trumps/Tromps use a "...stag's head in PROfile", a possible pointer to Peare liners. The File's suspect in "profile" are in Saleman and Markton colors and format. Dutch Tromps almost share the giant eagle of German Marks, and the latter's split-Shield colors are those also of Dutch Tromps! Wow.

One thing I find not right is where the entry into the mall is pointing suddenly to the mark, yet Miss Peare on the stage seemed to be a good pointer to election fraud in Phoenix. I don't see why God would confuse us like this. German Dorrs not only use right hands colors reversed from the right hands of Hands/Hans', but "SMALL squares" to go with the Square's/Squirrels who love the Peare-related Tiens. This is a huge deal because the stages were decks, and Decks/Daggers share the red squirrel with Square's/Squirrels! We needed the Dorrs in the picture to make the stages work for a subtle pointer to 666. But this pointer is not strong enough for my liking.

If the Smalls are in the "small square's, and it they predict a future smallpox scam in the in order to force people to receive the mark, that works. Smalls were first found in Renfrewshire with the Speers in the spear of German Marks.

Square's/Squirrels have variations like the Schere's/Schire's/Scare's, and this is where my PULLING Peare toward me on the deck can play, for Pullings/Pullys have a "palleSCIRE CULPa" motto phrase that includes the Culp variation of Cups/Cope's who are in turn in Hand/Hans colors and format. Cups/Cope's were first found in Aberdeenshire with SKINs/Skene's. A giant cup is used by Glorys, first found in red-hand Ulster, and the Glorys/Lowrys are a branch of Larrys/Laurie's/Lowrys (share Glory/Lowry cup) who happen to use a motto, "RePULLulat," signalling the Cup-loving Pullings. Glorys are expected in the "gloRIAM" motto term of red-hand German Dorrs, and the term can be part-code for Cremer-beloved Rams. Cremers, with yet another "square," share the Coat, almost, of Faux's/Fage's/Chollens', first found in Perigord with the Fauchys now suspect in the "FACIas" motto term of English Rams! I don't think I had seen that before. The "vis" motto term of Rams (Trump/Tromp colors) can indicate Vise's who share the stag head of Acorns (Sussex, same as Vise's) in the acorns of Dutch Tromps. If "RepulluLAT" is also for Late's, they're the ones sharing the Peare and Tiens stars.

I feel compelled now to go to Irish Kilpatricks because they share the Cremer and Faux/Fage/Chollens Chief, but also because Scottish Kilpatricks, first found in Dumfries with Larrys/Laurie's/Lowrys and Trump-connectable Leggs, have a "make" motto term that recalls what the song sang, "MAKE no mistake." Scottish Kilpatricks have a cushion-version of the Irish Kilpatrick Chief, and cushion-using RedMAINE's/READmans can link to Larrys/Laurie's because they tell of a Lawrence/Laurence branch. Lawrence Kepke almost married Miss Peare. And the DeMaine's were first found in Maine with the Josephs and Pellicans in the Pulling/Pully Coat. Plus, the READman variation connects to the "Be Ready" motto of Lawrence's, and it that's not enough, English Reads/Reeds use a "copia" motto term for Cups/Cope's (Aberdeenshire, same as Scottish Reads/Reeds). Kepke's always been suspect as a pointer to Trump due to having hair like Trump, and for his personality too.

Okay, but if God made no mistake with the colors of the Stage/Stagg and Hanna stag heads, and if the Hanna heads point to the Trump stag heads in PROfile, what's the meaning of my feeling so good when pulling Peare toward me? If it's God's dream, why a sensual nicety in a scene that's supposed to point to the mark of the beast, if indeed it does? Peare's body never got close to me because the dream ended as soon as I started to pull. This batch of heraldry goes to Pools, the shark in the pool with Trump, the shark's teeth around Trump's belly, etc., the details of which I don't want to repeat. But what I will repeat is that the good feel of the pull scene was exactly the feeling in my belly-press upon the same lady.

I can also repeat that while I was pulling her hips, Hips' are split horizontally in colors reversed from the same as Decks/Daggers, the old reason that the platforms are to be viewed as decks. This update gave a new reason of the "small squares" of Dorrs, going perfect with the mall door I entered to see the decks.

As it's Lawrence's who point to Reads, I'm seeing that Scottish Reeds are in Keppock colors and near-format while English Reads were first found in Northumberland with Keep-loving Hebrons who in turn have the chevron of Scottish Reads in colors reversed. In colors reversed, the garbs of English Reads are red, the color of the Keppoch garbs. The Labore's in the motto of Scottish Reads are fantastic here because they have "A hand charged with an eye." The eye is in the hand, which imagery is like a mark-of-the-beast tracking system! The goons may never quite succeed in putting a tracking system in the hand, but they sure will try to succeed. Labor goes well with buying and selling. I don't know what surname heraldic "charGED" is for, unless it's a double code for Chars and Geds. The latter share the fish of Turbots in the Lawrence Crest.

OH WOW! I didn't know about the eye-like "aye" motto term of Readys until the paragraph above and below was written. Readys are in the Lawrence motto!!! Kilpatricks may be using "I make sure" because it's intended as "Eye make sure." AHHHH WOWWWIE! The "RedDIE aye RedDIE" motto term of Readys must be for Die's/Dee's (Aberdeenshire, same as Reads) because they have a "HIC labor" motto while it's the Labors that have the eye in the hand!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THEREFORE, Lawrence Kepke was in my life to point to the 666, apparently, and Miss Peare is apparently doing so too. She worked for REITmans when she met Kepke and I. Die's/Dee's share the lion of English Marks who in turn share the Hick fleur-de-lys. The "SURrounded" term in the Die/Dee description can be partly for Rounds, and partly the Sure's ("PERImus") in the Kilpatrick motto. Sure's were first found in Derbyshire with English Morleys, and it was David Morley who went ROUND the sleeping bag in the same dream as had the mall's decks.

Eye is a location in Suffolk with the Plains/PLATErs and Platters/Playters, surnames that go well with PLATforms. Eye is beside Diss, and while Diss'/Dice's look connectable to Dickers/DECKers, the latter's chevron looks like it could be related to the chevron of Scottish Reads. It just so happens that Diss is in Norfolk, same as Hips' and DAGGER-using Comyns, looking perfect because Decks are also Daggers. English daggers even share the red bull of Pulling-related Sabine's, first found in Norfolk. Pullys/Pullings are from Vespasia Polla, wife of Flavius Sabinus of Read-line Rieti.

I've now got to add the Prophets/PROfetts, first found in Aberdeenshire again, beside PEARtree's/Patria's sharing the Trump stag head, use a giant leg while Leggs essentially have the Trump Coat. Peartree's/Patria's were first found in Kincardineshire with Fothes'/FETTE's (cornuCOPia for Cups/Cope's) that go with "ProFETT." Fothes'/Fette's (CORNucopia), with the chevron of Acorn-like Corns in colors reversed, have a white stag head shown in profile, and so it could be the Trump stag head, for Dutch Tromps use acorns. Another consideration is the Cornall variation of Corns (share Cornish chevron), like the Cornells of Cornwalls, and then one Cornwall Coat has "Cornish choughs" (ravens) to go with the "Cornish ravens" of the Dickers/Deckers that go with the decks in the mall. Plus, Daggers were first found in Cumberland with Corns/Cornalls. This is one heavy-duty paragraph.

Ahh, Cornish's share the Coat, almost, of Lowers (Cornwall), discovered now only because I had checked Lowers as per giant-cup Lowrys (Lower colors), and because I loaded Cornish's to spot the similarity.

Is God, at this time, wanting to reveal to readers that Trump will be the False Prophet? Can he be the False Prophet even though his four-year term is expected to end in January of 2029, months before Apophis arrives? I would say the answer is, yes, he could be the False Prophet even though his term ends a year or two before the last days. If he is the False Prophet, whom in the Middle East will he support for the invasion of Israel? That question is the reason I find it hard for Trump to be the False Prophet.

As Peare on the deck / stage pointed to her belly-press event, let's repeat my jesting: "But why did God make that mistake with having the Stage/Stagg chevron backward in colors for Hales'?" The stages were in the mall HALL, and Peare on my stage pointed to Bellys, and Bellys share the Stage/Stagg and Beil/Baile chevron, yet the hall-like Hale's have a chevron in colors reversed. Why? I still don't know, but Baileys (definitely a Belly branch) were a branch of Baliols, and the latter not only share the Corn/Cornall and Cornish chevron, but are in Cornish colors and format! Plus, Cornish's share white roses with Bellys. I know what these links mean.

MARKet Drayton is in the Hales part of Shropshire. The Market write-up: "...'John D'Argenson, living in 1449, had two sons, one of whom fought at the battle of PAVIA, in 1524..." Markets, with whom Mackesys and Margesons are listed, happen to have the Levi lion in colors reversed. Due to Margys/Mackeys being found in Ayrshire with Carricks and Lite-loving Ayers, I trace Margesons/Mackesys ("LoyaLITE") to Margaret Carrick, but might "Margaret" have been a name created in honor of Marici / Mark liners? Margys/Mackeys share the hanging raven with Murdochs (Ayrshire). It strikes me here that "MargARET" may have been named partly after Arretium, also called Arezzo, like "Arras" the Artois capital, for the Arrows/Arras' are in the Margy/Mackey arrows. Amazingly, while Lois' were first found in Artois, the Loys expected in "Loyalite" are listed with French LOUIS', first found in Lorraine!!! That's new, and Louise was on one of the stages in the mall!!! WOW! Luis of Ceva was from interior Liguria, where we can expect the Lighs/Leghs/LIE's in the "lie" motto term of Margesons/Mackesys.

Peare's were Pierro/Pero/Petri liners from Pavia, where the Laevi Gauls lived with the Mark-line Marici. The two peoples founded Pavia, and we just saw Markets at a war in Pavia. The Marktons/Markingtons, from Arrow-like Harrowgate, are in Saleman colors and format, and Sales' are from Saluzzo, where the daughter of Luis of Ceva married the FitzAlans. A daughter of that marriage married Percys (Yorkshire, same as Marktington of Harrowgate), and the fessewise string of Percy lozenges are colors reversed from the same of Penningtons! Louise worked at Penningtons!!!! As I said, I bumped into her (a year or two after she quit there), when she said she was going into "choreography" = stage work. One can glean that Launays and Brests/Brix's are related to the three surnames above with lozenges, and Launays/Lawnys even have a leopard-version of the Lou/Loo Chief. By the way, I met Lorraine at LORNE and Yonge, and DeLORNEYs are listed with Launays too.

There is still the mystery on why the sleeping BAG was used as a pointer to Rhodians. One clue may be in the Bagleys (same place as Sleeps) sharing the Coat of WOODs-related ROOT coat, perfect for Rhodian liners, and Roots with Bagleys (in Bag-Chief colors) essentially have the French Louis Coat. The sleeping bag was in the woods. I'm repeating all this here because Bagleys share the Pennington lozenges, yet the mystery is not yet solved. Why the bag? If the purpose is to connect with Louise at Penningtons, why? It can't be just for heraldry's sake. What would you make of the fact that French Louis' share the lozenges of Fells while Fells have the LeDuc star in colors reversed? Isn't the vaccine scam an operation staged by Rockefeller goons? Okay, but what's a sleeping bag, of all things God could have chosen to use in pointing to these terrible globalists, got to do with it?

French Louis' share fessewise blue lozenges with Penningtons, and the latter have the Patria's/Peartree's in their motto. It all looks arranged to fit the sleeping-bag dream, especially as Sleeps were first found in Shropshire with FitzAlans. The latter came to roost in Sussex, where Markets/Margesons were first found (who come up when loading "Mackesy"). Sussex is also where Hebron-beloved Keeps were first found while Hebrons are in the colors and format of the Lite's expected in the Market/Margeson motto.

Percys were from Perci in St. Lo, begging whether that was of the Loys expected in the Market/Margeson motto. Louis-like Lows/Lowes' are Loys too (!), and may even have the Markton bend. The Low/Loy Crest is the gold griffin of English Merchants! These are new finds with exclamation marks, and the Merchant bend is colors reversed from the Markton bend. Merchants and Marktons are new to me. Lewis' have a "bloody HAND."

This reminds of the story I've told several times, that while sharing an apartment with Louise and Miss Peare, I meticulously (did a perfect drawing with grid) painted the album cover of "Tea for the TILLERman," by CAT Stevens, on a full kitchen wall. It was Kepke's album. Tea's are listed with Ticino-line Tease's/Tye's, and Tillers were first found in Glamorganshire with Lewis' and Welsh Louis'. Tillers and Tails/Tailors are from the Tilurius river, also called the CETINa, and Cetins are listed with Cattans who share the cat with the Pennington Crest.

One can now glean that the Laevi are in the "La Vie" motto phrase of the other Cornwalls; the entire motto is, "La Vie Durante," and Lavie's are in the colors and format of the ship of French Durante's the latter first found in Dauphine with Marici-like Merchants! Bingo. Who could ask for more, for while Pavia's share the FEET/Fate Coat, it's the Fothes'/FETTE's (same place as Peartree's/Patria's) who gave us the CORNucopia in order to move us to Corns/Cornalls. And French Durants even have a "PATRIAE FACilum" motto phrase that can be partly for the Face's/Fessy in the leopard faces of Peare's. The translated Durante motto includes "market," right down the 666 alley in the discussion above. Durante's use a "sailing SHIP," and Ships (Oxfordshire, same as Peare's) use "bellows" for what looks like a Belly branch.

As little as a month after I last went out with Peare, it was Lorraine the babe who had the beautiful feet on the PAVEment of YONGE street, which feet proved to be her symbol from God because they taught that Yonge-related Leavells (ROXburghshire) were from Pavia. And it just so happens that Lavie's/Lavoys/LaVOIX's, a surname I'm not familiar with, which I may have never loaded, were first found in Lorraine! Lavoy-like Lafoys/Foys/Foix's (Auvergne, same as "bello"-using Bouillons!!!) have eight of the nine Bailey stars, in the colors of the Moray stars, and Bellys were first found in Moray. As was said a million times, Godfrey de Bouillon was kin of Stage's/Staggs! INCREDIBLE OUTCOME. Bouillons use "Bello CHRISTi," and Christs are in the colors and format of Hips'. I pulled her hips on the stage.

AHH, more news: the Lavie/Lavoy Coat is the Coat of Irish Henrys in colors reversed, and then French Henrys, sharing the Stage/Stagg and Belly chevron, share red martlets with Hips! This is from Henry of Rodez, I feel sure.

Evidence has just been found: the "charGED" term in the Weigh/Way description is partly for Geds. Weigh's (Devon, same as Cornwalls) were just found as per the "We" motto term of Cornwalls. Weigh's/ways have "wavy bars, each charged with three wavy palets," though the Coat shows only two palets (pale bars). The other quadrants of Weigh's/Ways (Devon, same as Pike's) show "lucies," which are fish commonly linked to pike fish, and Geds use pikes in the colors of the Weigh/Way lucies. It suggests that "charged" is part-code for Chars/Charts/Chards. The bat-using Batons in the Weigh/Way baton were first found in Cornwall with the other Cornwalls. An "arm in MAIL" holds the Weigh/Way baton, and the Mails were at Wirral while "warily" is a motto term of the Cornwalls having a "We" motto term, perfect for showing that the latter term is indeed for Weigh's.

I can now decipher the Cornish chough of the same Cornwalls said to be HATCHing in the face of a ROCK. I recalled a surname above, but forgot which one, showing batons but calling them "rods," and Rods were kin of Rocks. I recalled the rods being in saltire in the colors of the Zerr hatchets in saltire, and so the Hatchets/Hackets were just loaded now to find three fish vertical in the colors of the three fish vertical of Weigh's/Ways!!! Good one, John, I'll pat myself on the back for this one. The Hatchet/Hacket Chief even has the Rock trefoil (probably the Rod trefoil too). The surname with the rods in saltire, likely for Rodez liners, turned out to be the Marici-like Merchants!

Beggs were loaded earlier as per the "We beg" motto phrase of Cornwalls, but I had nothing to say, noting only that they were first found in Inverness-shire with Gows/McGoo's. But I'm writing this now because the latter share a green Chief with Rocks and the lion of the other Cornwalls. Beggs (probably love Arnold of Metz in their 'A') are traceable to Begga, daughter of Pepin of Landen and Itta of Metz. It seems to mean that Pepin's line was in the Cornwalls, and then the wavy features of Weigh's/Way can be code for Weaver-branch Webbers (wavy bars) having the Pepin bend-with-fleur in colors reversed.

Lorraine pointed to Pepin of Landen, and as I've said, I met her at the corner of Lorne and Yonge, where Lorne turned into Arnold avenue on the other side of Yonge (in Richmond Hill, Ontario). The DeLORNEY variation of Launays/LAWNys seem applicable because Lorraine and I broke up as per her grass stain from someone's lawn while out walking with a married man. Indeed, Launays are also Lune's while Lune's are listed with Lyons who in turn share the green lion with Lorraine's.

I've got to tell you, I am experiencing some gravity now, feeling fairly inclined to think that we are in the last few years, at the verge of the mandatory 666. I'm starting to feel some heavy responsibility upon my shoulders. Am I a herald? Looks like. Am I a watchman? Looks like.

I'd like to repeat here: the last time I saw Rick Young, he took me to his girlfriend's place, where I met her sister, Karen Whelan, and dated her. She lived on 6 Henry Corson Place while Rick lived at 29 Henry Corson, and Kepke was next door at 31. The three addresses add up to 66, but the main point is, number 6 at the Whelans, for Whelans were first found in Waterford while Waterfords share the "fountains" of six-like Sichs of Sykes-DYKE, and Diss'/DICE's are also Deise's while there is a Deise area at Waterford. This Arms of County Waterford even has a motto with "Deise" within it, along with the Trump stag head, and the latter is in the colors of the stag of German YOUNGs. Rick Young. The Arms above has waves of the sea looking like the waves in the "fountains." They look related to the wavy fesses of Trump-like Drummonds, first found in Hamburg, near the first-known Trumps.

Dyke-like Dixons/Dicksons share "fortuna" in their motto with Schims/Schiens, and the beauty is that they both use the same three, Moray stars. One Coat of Dutch Dyke's shares the red Deck/Dagger squirrel, and so Dyke / Dice liners can be viewed as part of the mall decks, for we are seeking 666 pointers in those decks / stages / platforms. The three dice of QUINTana's each show a 6 for a potential 666 code, and Quints were once said to be first found in Essex, near Diss. The other Dutch Dyke's share the Deck/Dagger fleur-de-lys, and Scottish Dyke's were first found in Cumberland with Daggers and Quints. The Kilpatrick dagger shares blood drops with Spoons below.

The Young and Kepke residences back up onto the back yards of homes on John DEXTER (street), and the 666 goes on the dexter hand. I was friends with Mike and Phillip Witherspoon on John Dexter. I had found no Witherspoon Coat in the past, though I've now found one that looks related to the Rhodes Coat. Could we guess that Rhodian globalists are behind the UPC and the coming 666? Witherspoons were first found in Renfrewshire with Smalls and Pokes, the pointers to smallpox in case they use a smallpox scandal to force the mark of the beast as a store-entry pass. The Witherspoon Crest is "A RIGHT HAND holding a wreath," much like the Crest of Stands/Stains (Yorkshire, same as Rhodes'). Can we believe it? Stands/Stains: "A RIGHT HAND emerging from a cloud holding a green wreath." McLeods/Clouds of LEWIS love the Flags who in turn share the double fesses of Stands/Stains, and Flags were kin of PALMers (Norfolk, same as Flags) while Palms were first found in Yorkshire with Stands/Stains. A palm of a hand, that is, seems to be what God is pointing to in this set of heraldry. Waving a hand over a SCANNer is best done with the number in the palm, not the back of the hand.

I didn't start this Henry-Corson discussion knowing there was a Witherspoon Coat now showing. I was planning on taking you to the Spoons because they share the boar head of Schims/Schiens, a branch of SKINs/SCANs/Skene's, and because Schims/Schiens share the boar head of Mole's in the Shake mole hills. The Shake's/Shicks are like the Sich surname, you see, and Kepke came walking up my driveway with a SICKly-looking stag suspect with the Trump stag. Is this a pointer to Sich-like six on Trump's forehead? Is he that sick for absolute power? I have told that I played CROQuet on the Witherspoon lawn, and can now add that Eschyna de Mole married Mr. Croc(e)!!! Her daughter married the Pollocks = POKES!!! It looks like God set that game up for this pointer! "ESCHYNa" is suspect with Skin-like Eskins/Erskins (Renfrewshire, same as Pollocks and Witherspoons), believe this or not. Shick-like Checks/Chicks share the Crocket crescent.

Here's from my 4th update in April, 2017: "Again, I had one friend on Dexter street, one street over from Corson. I recall going over to play croquet with Michael and Phillip Witherspoon, and here I now find that Crockets use one chevron in the colors of the two Dexter chevrons. The Cricket motto, "TAK tent," looks linkable to TINTagel elements..." Ha-ha, the Spoon boar head is also the boar of Gog-like Googe's with a couchant-like Gouch variation, and it's Tints having the couchant lion suspect with the sleeping lion of the Rhodian Rounds! The "tent" motto term of Crockets goes perfect with the sleeping bag in Mamie's tent, and so in case you've forgotten, "royal tents" are used by Tintons, first found in Cornwall with Tintagel, where Round-related Pendragon mated with GorLOIS' wife. UNBELIEVABLY, I wrote that before finding that Crocket Crest is a "A black SLEEPING dog"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kepke had a black dog at that very time in which I was playing croquet at the Witherspoons (I was 12/13 years old).

Mamie pointed to Mamesfelde of the maunch-using Manfields (Tinton colors and format), and Irish CROCs use a "maunch" too while English Crocs (Shropshire, same as Alans married by Eschyna de Mole) share the Crocket crescent and the Hips martlets. Are we back to the mall decks? Apparently, yes, for Croce's have the Mall quadrants in colors reversed!

I couldn't have known in 2017 that Crockets (Lanarkshire, beside the Witherspoons at GLASgow!) share the red crescent with Witherspoons. Plus, while I view the Black stars as the Glass star, the Blacks have a different-color version of the Crocket Coat, explaining the BLACK dog. Blacks use the same red crescent even, and Kepke's black dog was Blacky! It slept in the back yard right beside John Dexter. As I've said, the Witherspoon house backed up on Sherwood forest, and Sherwoods (probably a Scherf/Schere branch) have a version of the Black Coat. The Square's/Squirrels share the DECK squirrel, and the Scherf-like Sheriffs were first found in Warwickshire with the Spoons sharing the Mole boar head.

Plus, the black Crocket dog is discovered as code for Douglas,' for they have the Crocket Chief in colors reversed, and Crockets were first found in Lanarkshire with the Hardy ancestry of Douglas'. The Crocket chevron then becomes suspect with the Belly chevron, for Bellys were first found in Moray with Douglas'. Plus, while Morays share the three stars of Mole's, the Black Chief is also the Schim/Schien Chief, and the latter points to the SKIN number. The ESKINs/Erskins share the single pale bar of Blake's! The pertinent links just keep coming. The Pense's in the Eskin/Erskin motto may have been a branch of Penns/Pence's, and the latter's plates can go with the mall platforms while Malls/Marlybone's have the CROCE/Cross quadrants in colors reversed. In the sleeping-bag dream, I fully CROSSed the road! That's a new realization. I crossed as MORLey rode away, and so MARLYbone's look like a Mall-Morley merger. Cruce's are in the Croce/Cross motto.

Googe's/Gouch's (Roxburghshire, same as Mole's) are a branch of Goffs/Gough's, in the colors of Gophers/Gofers who in turn share red "blood drops" of Spoons, though Gophers/Gofers call them, "gutte de sang." Goffs/Gough's were first found near the first known Lewis' with the "bloody hand" i.e. showing red blood drops.

After writing this far, I introduced Currys/Corrys as per "choreography" in an insert above, and talked about Irish Currys/Corrys only. Scottish Corrys/CAWrie's were first found in Dumfries with Adams/CAWs (probably from Adam, husband of the Ayrshire Carricks), and the latter were at Annandale with Currys/Corrys. Annandale is near Wigton, where Hanna's were first found who share the blue stag head with Stage's/Staggs, and so, yes, it does appear that "choreography" is a pointer to Corrys. Scottish Currys/Corrys even share a red rooster with Kiss'/CUSH's and CUSHion-using Bibo's; the latter are said to be related to Hanna-like Hahns, and it just so happens that German Hanns use another red rooster in Crest, as do vaccine-pointing Cremers who love the Kiss-branch Custs! This is incredible, for Stephen Hahn was Trump's national drug lord (FDA), and Hahns, in Trump colors and format, were first found in Mecklenburg with Trumps. Trump and Fauci were on a stage nightly pushing the vaccine plot, and "choreoGRAPHy therefore looks like a pointer to graphene-oxide.

Graffs/Graffens share the Gates lion, and Scottish Currys/Corrys were at Kyle (Ayrshire with Carricks/CORRicks), where gate-using Scottish Porters were first found. "The surname Curry was first found in Midlothian, where 'PHILIP de Curry granted the lands of Dalhengun and Bargower in Kyle to the Abbey of Melrose, 1179.'" Louise PHILLIPS went into choreography, or at least said she was. Annandale's have the Curry/Corry saltire in colors reversed. The Graff/Graffen anchor can fit into this Annandale picture because Anchors are also Annackers (share red Chief with Annandale's), suspect with "Annas," Israeli chief priest that was also Annan-like Ananus. The Annas Coat is essentially the Wiggon Coat, and Hanna's were at Wigton.

Can we now see why the Hanna stag head is not in both colors of the Stage/Stagg stag head? It appears to be for the need of the Hanna stag to be in both colors, though reversed, of the Trump stag head, for Trumps look like Hahn kin, and we can understand why God would want to connect Hahns with Trumps. But wait, why couldn't the Stage's/Staggs have had both colors of the Hanna stag? As Stage's/Staggs were first found in Devon with Bellow-branch Billets, I'd say God wanted the Stage/Stagg chevron to be in both colors of the Belly chevron so that Miss Peare on the stage could point to her belly-press, and from that, one can note that Press'/Prests share red estoiles (though not in both colors) with Corys and Corrys/Cawrie's. When the Stage/Stagg chevron is made in Belly-chevron colors, the Stage/Stagg Shield needs to be gold, and thus the stag heads become blue-on-gold instead of the blue-on-white of the Hanna stag heads.

Through use of Billets and Bellows, one can get a hint that the Currys/Corrys, first found in Midlothian, were related there to the men's who share the Chief-Shield colors of Billets and Bellows. But, more than that. French Billets/Billiards, share the Moray Coat while Bellys were first found in Moray. I can then take you to the billiard table in the Obama dream that pointed with the PAPER PLANE to Plains/PLATErs, and the Peppards mentioned above are also PAPPARds (first found in Lot-like Louth!), I now see, who share the Billet and bellow cinquefoil!

What do we find but that the Plater-like Platte's expected in the stage = platform are in Billet/Billiard colors and format. English Billiards are HILLARds too while Hillary Clinton was operating a private server at PLATTE River Network in Denver, the city where Perkins Coie had an office, the same Perkins Coie, Hillary's legal firm, that the mall parking lot pointed to, which I entered after I crossed the RODham-like road, after I walked up the hill in the WOODs that points to Hills, first found in Worcestershire with Clinton-related Hillarys and Deck-related Squirrels. One can even take Billets/Billiards, because they were first found in Maine with Pellicans, to the pelican-using and ROET-related Bills (almost the Steele billet in Chief). The latter use WOOD bills, and the Woods, who share a tree with roots with Roots, were first found in Leicestershire with Pappards and Perkins/Parkings (Peppers were Perken kin). This paragraph alone deciphers much of the sleeping-bag dream compellingly, for BILL Clinton, whose blood father was Mr. Billet-like Blythe, is a Rhodian Scholar.

And so why are the Clintons in the same dream that, at the end, seems to point to Trump's vaccine program? The Bills even have the Patria's in their motto who share the Trump stag head, and moreover Patria's share the Sewer/Suter fitchees while my paper plane was sewered into the corner pocket while aiming for a RED ball. The Reds/Reeds, wonder of wonders, share the Clint/Clent and Blythe garbs! The Clent Hills are in Worcestershire with the first-known Clinton-related Hillarys! It's working great.

It wasn't many weeks ago when finding a telling surname that seems to have been engineered by God to warn against graphene-oxide in vaccines. The German Hane's, that is, sharing the Hahn Coat but showing different variations such as HaneGRAAFF/GaneGREVE's/HaneQUIN/HaneCOP, all four with their own story to tell. Hanegraaffs and GaneGREVE's are an obvious pointer to Graffs/Graffens/GRAVs, but as "GANEgreve, it seems God is pointing the GAIN-of-function bio-weaponry through viruses. HaneCOPs only verify that Cups/Cope's are in Hand/Hans/Hann colors and format due to a marital Hahn-line merger with Cope / Copp liners. Karen Graff, living almost across the street from me at age 13, lived less than quarter mile from Dennis Quinn.

I talked about my morning vision, a month or less after the sleeping-beauty dream, that turned out to be of Sharon QUINN. She pointed to Faucets of FAUXside, and to Tony Fauci, and so the HaneQUIN variations seems to be God's pointer too. Or, to put it another way, God set me up with Dennis Quinn as a friend to get Sharon Quinn pointing to poison vaccines. Dennis loaned me his parents' car for my first date with Katrina HANSon, the ice-cream girl that pointed to Ice's/Ecco's and Cremers, the latter sharing the Chief and Shield of Faux's/Fage's/Chollens', first found in Perigord with Fauchys. Is that not amazing? But what could be the chances that English Hansons share the mascle of English Faux's on top of the above? That's right, it's true.

I regret that this important message is at the end of this update, because it needs to be seen by all Christians. On top of the above, German Gains'/Gauntz's were first found in Oldenburg, where Hane's/Hanegraaffs/Ganegreve's/Hanequins were first found, I kid you not. If either surname's write-up no longer says "Oldenburg" when you get to it, be assured, I've made no mistake at this time.

Hane's/Hanegraaffs are also Hanens, and then the Irish Hanens/Hannons have a near-copy of the Mall/Marlybone and Bee Coats, what an incredible addition, coming after the mall scenes were articulated much more in this update then ever. The stages had pointed to Hanna's suspect with Trumps who are in turn in Hane/Hanegraaff/etc. colors and format. Trump, "father of vaccines," in his own words, sounds like the devil.

Another amazing thing is that Paul Smith owned a red Jeep when he lived in Vaughn county. Paul Smith is the man in the sickly-stag dream walking in crutches, and Crutch-branch Crux's actually share the "formy" crosses of Hanens/Hannons. This is amazing not only because English Smiths have nearly the Crutch cross, and not only because English Smiths are in the colors and format of vaccine-like Vychans/VAUGHNs, and not only because Faughns are a Faucet branch, but because JEEPma's were first found in Oldenburg too, with Hane's/Hanegraaffs/Ganegreve's and Gains!!! INCREDIBLE. Crux's and Crutch's share the lone Blake bend, and Crocket-related Blacks love the Crux's in their motto.

I almost missed it, but caught it after writing two paragraphs below. Scottish Smith's have an anvil, and there is an Anvil surname listed with....................................................................................................................HANville's/HANDvils!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anvile's/Hanvils use black patees in colors reversed from the Hanen/Hannon and Crux patees. Can you believe it? Now you know I was right in pegging the bearded man in the dream as Paul Smith.

If I knew what surname the heraldic formy/formee is code for, it might help to decipher "platFORM." All heraldic crosses can trace back to Croce / Croc liners, and so let's add that Crutch's ("formee-fitchee") are also Crooch's and very linkable to ESCHYNa de Mole's marriage to Robert Croc(e). Eskins/Erskins share the Crux / Crutch / Blake pale bar, and the "potent" cross of Croce's is actually formed from the upper end of a crutch. I don't think there is a specific formee-type cross. I suggest that "formee" is just thrown in by certain surnames when a Formy-like surname applies to their ancestry.

AHH, I tinker I have it. The Frome's. The share the Hips martlets, and I pulled Peare on the platFORM by her hips. Plus, Frome's were first found in Dorset with the Newmans/Numans expected in the "numine" motto term of English Smiths, and Newmans/Numans (near Pattys) share the Patty lion while a patee cross is often called a formee. The Crux's and Hanens/Hannons use their patees as formee. Frome's have a "greyhound COUCHant." There is a Couch surname, but I rarely have anything to say about it.


John Solomon is solidly opposed to vaccines plots. He writes: "Meanwhile, the U.K. government's own figures suggest some COVID vaccines reduce the protection from previous infection." That's the intention, to make people more susceptible to acquiring visible virus infection, visible with symptoms, that is. The plot works only if people continue to see a doctor for a flu-like illness. The plotters then get to run the COVID numbers up, whether people have COVID or a flu or a cough or a fever, to maintain the fear factor.

Same article: "In a vaccine surveillance report last month, the Health Security Agency said recent data showed 'post-infection antibodies,' distinct from those created by vaccination, 'appear to be lower in individuals who acquire infection following 2 doses of vaccination.'" Ahh, it even tells that natural immunity creates a different sort / type of defence than the vaccines create for you. Therefore, don't get a vaccine, but get the COVID virus at your local store with tall ceilings, where you are sure not to get sick enough to even know you have the virus. It is safer to be in a store with tall ceilings than outdoors, because there is zero chance of catching the virus outdoors, but a slim chance of catching a light dose in a store. YOU WANT A LIGHT DOSE to protect you from an accidental large dose when in close quarters with an infected person.

The beast way to fight a virus is to package air from the lungs of an infected person, then dilute the air to a safe level, and let others breathe it as their vaccine. making sense? YES, absolutely, so long as the viruses can be kept "alive" in the packaging.

Also from Solomon this week: "The FDA is asking a federal judge to give the federal agency until the year 2076 to fully release its documents tied to the approval of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine." GUILTY! It's trying to hide details from the public.

This accusation against Mark Meadows by Stew Peterson is original, waddaya think of Humpty Dumpty, run by Jeffrey Epstein's brother, in the 10th minute?

Hmm, Mark Meadows, part of the Epstein empire??? Let's not forget, Trump chose Meadows to run his White House. Hmmmm. Meadows, whom I once thought to be a good guy, because he speaks like one, turned out to be a dark character, an infiltrator, a mole. I saw it once in his attitude, and never trusted him again. Meadow's position on the Advisory Board of Humpty Dumpty Institute, a globalist think=plot tank, along with rabid anti-Trumpers, explains to be how he's a mole in the Republican party. He's no doubt a spy, a leaker, and was so when he was in the White House. He worked to weaken Trump, and Trump got what he deserved because he didn't know how to hire good guys for his own presidential affairs. Or, Trump's a fraud himself and made the "right" choices i.e. to gift the Epstein deep state, including the choosing of Bill Barr. Like I said, Tweety Bird, when Ghislaine Maxwell was arrested, said nothing -- NOTHING -- at Twitter concerning it, which told me that Trump was part of the Epstein empire. YES. It may explain why Epstein was arrested under Trump, in efforts to get Trump's participation in his crime ring, and Barr came to the rescue too by covering for the Epstein-jailhouse scandal.

As Humpty Dumpty is being framed by Stew Peters as a partner of sorts with a Taihe Institute in China, we might gather that Jeffrey Epstein had Chinese plots too.

Here's one of the riot-est anti-vaccine demonstrations I've seen, begging whether these types of rallies need to come to North America. Governments don't heed quiet protests, folks, they just don't. Don't wreck private property, but throw bricks through trudeau's office window, you get the point. Either that, or watch trudeau kill thousands if not tens of thousands of people who've trusted him with the "safety" of the vaccines. He's a slime from hell, one of many, sucking your blood. That's all he is, a blood-sucker who defecates your dollars on the globalist table, where he gets stroked, "good little slime, you're a good little slime. Do it some." Unruly protests may backfire, we will need to see; it depends on whether they recruit others, or lose others. These protests sure get the word out, though, person-to-person. The globalists started this war, and so I applaud the fight-back, no matter how unruly, because globalists are murdering civilians, and are conspiring to punish the protestors severely rather than cease to kill, steal and destroy. I have no sympathy for them.

Although this is old COVID-manipulation news, it's worth reflecting upon or sharing with those who didn't hear of it:

Here's a video you should watch so that you're up-to-speed on the development of false-flag science. The woman says that Obama legalized false-flag operations, but I've never heard that. When you get to the woman stripping, don't worry, just keep watching.

A motive for faking the Rittenhouse event would be to divide the political sides further, and to justify riots in order to spark street wars between conservatives and communists. As it hasn't been working to date, maybe the Rittenhouse case was the CIA's latest attempt to spark something. Was there really a drone that caught the attack on Rittenhouse in video? False-flags always have multiple cameras capturing the scene, but of course, for public viewing. However, Rittenhouse would need to be dangerously foolish, if he were a crisis actor, to agree to participate in his own trial staged by his bosses who would promise to provide evidence from the prosecution that surely gets him off the hook. What if his bosses change their minds and leave him to his jail fate?

Yes, it did seem strange that all the evidence appeared in court to assure his not-guilty finish. When Rittenhouse was falling in court, he quickly came to composure, unexpectedly, and thereafter looked like he was acting the rest out, that's how I saw it. Instead of jubilation on his face, he was squinting his eyes, or something like that, which didn't seem right. But it's hard to know how people will react, person-to-person.

Assuming Rittenhouse is for real, the case is another wake-up call to Christians, indicating that we are in a state of lawlessness where the anti-Christ enemy will jail us for a very long time on no guilt whatsoever, just for defending ourselves. The globalists wish to make us fear defending ourselves, but even Jesus, at the last supper, allowed his apostles to become armed with a couple of swords (not for offense, but defense), because an armed mob at midnight was coming to arrest Him, though he had done nothing wrong. So, the lawless ones provided false witnesses against Him. That's how it will go for many Christians in the future, and even now. I wish it were not so. I wish there was another way. Jesus wished there was another way too, than the need to die for the people. But after it's all done, wow, the glory, the relief, the gladness, the eternal life, and horrible vengeance upon our enemies.

The problem with watching Tucker or any other Fox personality is that they shovel liberal media down our throats for half their shows. Otherwise, they would have no shows. For every minute that they shovel liberal media, they shorten their one-hour slot by a minute i.e. slack off. Instead of having 20 minutes on Rittenhouse, with 10 minutes of liberal nutbars spewing crap down our throats, why not use that 10 minutes for another story; and spare us the trash? But then that requires more work, yet Tucker's only taking home about $10-15,000 per day. No sense breaking out into a sweat for that chump-change. After subtracting the time for commercials and liberal-news slots, Tucker's doing about 30 minutes on the hour, plus research and rehearsal each day. He may not even write all of his material. He may be reading his newscast on a screen. I could do that, and so could you, after some practice on small-local news. He's getting paid millions annually because Fox is a robber, and can afford to pay that kind of money. Otherwise, Tucker would still do the same job (or better) for $15,000 monthly.

Here's another feasible mark-of-the-beast product along with a video of the globalist future that you must despise as much as I do. Globalist power structures must be destroyed -- medical, media, political -- before the goons insert their mono-robots into us through the food supply without our permission, a gross violation that they aim to carry out without question. Short of defeating them, the next option is for God to force us into the wilderness without a cell phone, where we have our own foods, so that they cannot do what they wish to our bodies. The way God will do this is via the 666. It's called; time to scram, time to go be free of the world.:

Here's a video from a Christian that's good for thought; he even claims to have found a 666 from a patented device; I didn't check his math, but you go right ahead if you have a few hours. If it checks out, maybe the goons are toying with us, and they arranged it that way:

HEARKEN. One way to avoid the nano-trash they will put into our foods, eventually, is to save foods now, before they play havoc with them. Get your foods to last a decade or more, as many types as you can. I say to myself: I hope I never need this food I'm storing, just as one says, I'll pay insurance on the house, but hope to never need the insurance company to bail me out. It seems to me to be the right time to have food insurance; I won't regret it if you take my advice, and we never need the food at all for the rest of our lives. I just think it's the right thing to do at this point, when globalists are pouncing on us, trying not to let it show. Whether it's the right time for you to purchase a country property or not, that's you decision to make. To each there is a right time and a right property, I suppose.

The Democrat government wants lots of new, printed money to start pay law enforcement people to persecute us:

Polly tells us how to defeat globalism as it wants to go forward, and this "plan" WILL WORK, and is easy to do:

Ditch your smartphone, pass it on. Use your brain more to live rather than to waste your brain on a tiny smartphone screen. Why pay to go nuts? "Dr. Fauci: Americans May Need Booster Shots Every 6 Months". He's paving the way where we knew he would pave the way before his rake was in his hands to rake us over the coals. It's all scripted. He's not ceasing even though he sees the killings and the maimings because he wants it that way. It's obvious. The longer he paves, the guiltier he is for pretending not to see.


Here's all four Gospels wrapped into one story.

For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God.
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