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November 23 - 29, 2021

Kepke the Spiderman
God Kicked Off a Burner of a Dream This Week BeCaws of Stove's
A Treatment on the Official Description of the Arms of Rothschild

If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture

If at anytime you want to know a Coat's description as given by an identified person/group, see Hall of Names. It's not a great website because it doesn't allow scrolling back and forth through surnames, nor can one copy and paste the URL for any particular surname. But I'm very happy to be able to have access to it.

I apologize for not changing the link to "Next Update" in the last update (fixed now), which made one unable to load this update. If ever that happens again, go to the Updates Index from the link at the top of all updates pages. The last update had an important 666 message.

Having said that, I went back to the event with Kepke, when we were 14 years of age, when we were at the Graff residence, when he chased me with a spider dangling on a strand of web (with Karen Graff, same age, my friend, watching me cower). I could not see a way to connect that event crisply to poison vaccines. The Strand surname was checked, which has probably the longest description of any heraldic surname i.e. lots of word-play clues to explore, including "hip." (Load Strand link now to have access, on another tab, to other Coats of Arms.)

The Strands have a savage "wrapped in ivy," and so Ivys were loaded, though nothing hit me aside from this in the write-up: "And another notes that 'Ivey is a name that has been represented in EGloshayle...'". And I took notice that the giant Ivy lion, in colors reversed, is red like the giant lion of EGGERtons, first found in Cheshire with Eggs/Edge's, the latter looking by its Coat to be a branch of Ice's/Ecco's (Mecklenburg, same as Hahns), the pointers to ECOhealth, Fauci's partner in vaccines crimes. The problem was, I couldn't be sure that Egg liners named Egloshayle.

Stand-beloved Savage's/Sava's have the Eagle/Hagel/Aigle Coat in colors reversed, and while EGLOshayle thus looks like it was named by the Eagle / Hagel bloodline, yet Savage's were first found in Cheshire with Eggs and Eggertons, and Eggs have a giant eagle, how about that. But nobody here is showing a spider.

About a minute after seeing the Egloshayle term, a spider's silk was my next task, and loading Silks, there was the giant Silk lion in colors reversed from the giant Eggerton lion, and both surnames have downward-pointing pheons, though in different colors, with their lions, and that's all either Coat shows, looking like a match! So, already, it seems that God provided the spider event at the Graffs to verify graphene-OXIDE as a poison in vaccines deliberately placed within them. Although I'm not very keen on seeing Oxford elements as pointing to "oxide," yet it just so happens that Ivy's were first found in Oxfordshire.

Now that we have some compelling evidence of a set-up by God, I should repeat that Kepke-like Keeps use a "WEAVER's shuttle," perfect for a spider weaving a web.

The Strand savage is said to have "his sinister HAND resting upon his hip." It was Miss Peare, Kepke's girlfriend for a couple of years, who was on a platform getting pulled by me by her hips. We saw above how the Hands/Hans/Hanns relate to HaneGRAAFFs/Ganegreve's!!! I was pulling her hips with my hands on her hips, in the dream that was discovered, in the last update, with pointers to Cecil Rhodes, where it was told that Cecils share the six Eagle / Savage lions in the same pattern. Cecils entered that dream with Mr. Morley doing a ROUND circle around the sleeping bag, where Rounds were key, the Arthur-related surname that formed the "round-table" symbol of Arthur's knights, and later the Round Table secret society of Cecil Rhodes. The round table was not for knights for nothing.

[Found during the spell-check at the last hours of this update: the six scallops of Shayle's/Shails and Scale's, in the colors of the Morley/Maul scallops, are in the white color and pattern of the six Cecil lions. Shayle's (beside Cecils), which I'm not familiar with, were looked up as per "EgloSHAYLE." Shayle's/Shails (Somerset, same as Roets) probably have the Russell goat. INCREDIBLY, the Shalls/Schals (not "Shayle/Shails) have a version of the Table Coat (share hurts with Arthurs) so that this spells the Round Table of the Cecil-Rhodes globalists! The Table's were even in Cheshire with Eggs and Eggertons, and German Eggers share the Table / Shall hurts!!! WOW! The inclusion of Morleys/Mauls with Shayle's is huge, but can I remember this set of heraldry? I'll try to become familiar with it.

The Egger Coat is slightly comparable to that of Shayle-like Irish Shays/Shea's. English Shays/Shea's are listed with Shaws/SHEAVES (bunched arrows), and Cecils use a "wheat SHEAF." The Vince's expected in the Shay/Shaw/Sheaves motto were first found in Hertfordshire with the Scale's, and with the Childs who in turn share the Road eagle. Childs were at Wanstead while Wansteads/Weiners have a different-colors version of the Irish Shay/Shea Coat.

As the Shayle/Shail Crest is the Crest of English Bush's, note that SKULL and Bone's can apply with Skulls, in Shayle / Scale colors, for German Bush's were first found in Rhineland with Shalls/Schals. End insert]

So off we go to English Knights (EAGLE), first found in Suffolk with Strands, while Scottish Nights/Naughts/Knights share the lion of Eagle-connectable German Hagels (another eagle). Looking good for a Strand-link to Knights, all connectable to Egg / Eggerton liners, especially as German Eggers/Eggs share the blue roundel of Arthurs and Table's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BEAUTY, but it gets better, because German Eggers/Eggs also have white roundels called "plates"! I pulled Peare's hips on a PLATform. Plus, the last update had the Smarts (Suffolk, same as Strands) with black pheons pointing down (same as Eggertons), adding a cinquefoil in the colors of the Hurt cinquefoils, and the blue Arthur roundels are called, "hurts." Hurts were first found in OXFORDshire.

Smarts have a "rising EAGLE with a BURDock in its BEAK", and while the hips-pulling event goes with the phrase, "it FELT so good," Felts share the flory cross of Birds/BURDs, first found in Cheshire yet again with eagle-using Eggs. I knew nothing about Mr. Graff but his visiting my father regularly holding a beer and smoking a pipe. Pipe's were first found in STAFFORDshire with their Stop/Stubb kin, and Stops/Stubbs have downward-pointing pheons in colors reversed from those of Smarts / Eggertons. It just so happens that the Stop/Stubb Crest shares the gold, spread eagle in the Knight Crest, and the Stop/Stubb eagle has a "laurel branch in its BEAK." Strand beloved Ivys have a "raGULLY STAFF" while Staffs are listed with Staffords, and while Gullys were first found in OXFORDshire with Hurts and Ivys.

It just so happens that while the savage has his left hand RESTing on his hip, and his "the dexter hand RESTing on the club on his shoulder," Arthurs use "rests" while Restons can be linked to proto-Arthur Ardiaei because they lived with Daorsi while Scottish Doors share the Reston leopard faces. Clubs/Clobbes' (CHILD colors and format) were first found in Cheshire with Savage's and Eggs, and then Clubs/CLOBBES' were from "CLOVIS," son of king CHILDeric, explaining why Eggs share the Child eagle, yet it's also the Road eagle, and Roads were in the sleeping-bag dream (with the road I crossed) as a now-obvious pointer to Cecil Rhodes. Bingety-bangity, but it took me years to decipher much of this, and it's now linking to the strand at the spider chase at the Graffs.

Ive's/IVERsons were at St. Ives of Cornwall, where the Egloshayle location of Ivys is located, and as king Arthur was born in Cornwall's Tintagel, it's probably not coincidental that Ive's/Iversons are in the colors and format of Tintons (Cornwall). From Iversons, we can take it to Eure's/Ivers sharing a version of the Mall/Marlybone and Hanen/Hannon Coats, and Malls were a key part of the sleeping-bag dream while my being in a sleeping bag in a tent with Mamie (details last update) pointed to the "royal tents" of Tintons. Perfect.

Kepke chasing me with a spider evokes the Rhodian globalists hounding the masses with the Internet web, spying on them to control them so that they become a part of the futuristic dreams where the goons wield total powers over the made-over-stupids who do their will out of fear of losing their jobs or lives. Rhodes' were once said to be first found in Lincolnshire with Eagle's/Hagels, and as Lincolnshire was once, Lindsey, this picture pointed to the Danaan city of Lindos on the island of Rhodes. This island was off the shore from Attalia, smack beside Plancia Magna at Perga, a Herod, making "Herod" look like it derives from "Rhodes." Pisidian in Attalia named mythical ATALanta, queen of Calydon in AETOLia, and this latter area had an ACHELous river to which Eagle's/Hegels/Aigle's trace. It could appear that secret Rhodians have the same bottomless greed as had the royal Herods. centuries before the royal Herods there was HERODotus of Caria, on the shore from Rhodes.

The people talking about graphene-oxide in vaccines are suggesting that this is a tracking/spy system, just like a giant web where everyone online by wireless waves is connected to the central spider, the monster that comes out to eat victims whenever it's hungry. One solution: turn off our computer's wireless waves, and use the Internet by a wire. The Scottish Nights/Knights we saw above are also Nets, like "InterNET."

Recall that the spider's strand of web pointed to the Strands with a savage "wrapped in IVY." Eagle's were first found in Lincolnshire with IVO Taillebois, and Tailbois' share the Morley/Maul scallops, yet-more Morleys/Mauls share the split-Shield of Tunnels/Tunnocks in the "tunnel" of spider-like Spitzers. The last update showed why Twine's look like a Tunnock variation, and I suppose a spider's web can be considered twine, as in a string. Strings use eagles. Here's how excited I got in the last update: "I've never knowing the Bridlingtons before, and while the Twine's were at Bridlington, Bridlingtons have a near-copy of the Mall and Bee Coats!!! It's proof that it was correct to go to Merchants with the mall in the dream! Incredible. OH, and the Bridlingtons use PLATES on their bend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The PLATforms in the mall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" The mall's platforms were pointing to the 666 commercial system at that time, for the first time ever, and the spider's web is supposed to be pointing to graphene-oxide; is there a relationship between the two?

One could say that globalists are turning the Internet into the new mall. The thwing is, the Thwing location of Twine's is how a Japanese man says, "string."

Mr. Graff would come visit my father, SMOKEing a pipe, while my father was BUILDing his house across the road from the Graffs. As Smoke's/Rauch's can be gleaned with Rockefeller-branch Roach's, and as Smoke's/Rauch's share the bend of Jewish Rothchilds, we might surmise that BILDERburg meetings are in view here, the globalist "build-back-better" goons, we might say. There are two Bilder surnames.

Eggs are no longer said to be first found in Cheshire, as an earlier family of Worcestershire, from HENRY del Egge, has been found by houseofnames. Egge's share a giant eagle (different colors) with Irish Henrys, and I'm pretty sure I had resolved the French Henrys from Henrys of Rodez, one of which was directly related to Miss ROQUEfeuil. The Frumms/Froms share the ROCK trefoil, as well as sharing the swords in saltire of Tax's/DACHs, and Eggs are now said to be first found in Worcestershire with DECK/Dagger-related Squirrels.

Thanks to Henry del Egge, we can now glean that Eggs have a version of the split Shield of Decks/Daggers, for the latter's is in both colors of the split Ice/Ecco Shield, and colors reversed from the split Hips Shield!! In other words, Peare was on decks in the mall that double as platFORMs suspect with FROM(E) liners because Frome's share the Hips martlets, and now the Eggs are working into that picture with Rodez elements that can be part of the dream's road. The upper half of the Frumm/From Shield is red like that of Hips! This is super. The platforms indeed look like God's arrangements for bringing in From(e) / Brome liners, and Bramtons/BROMtons were first found in Norfolk with Hips' and dagger-using Comyns. Did Egg liners form an Egger(ton) variation when merging with the Dexaroi-descended Daggers? Comyns were from Fier county, and Fiers/Fears are a Vere branch while BROMleys ("inFERior") happen to share the Vere / Mall quadrants.

I can add to this, because Morley rode down the road, away from me, when I was half-way aCROSS (CROSSing) the road, and as he was therefore to my BACK, this scene looks like it needs to include the German Backs/Bachs, because they share "Cruce" in their motto with Croce's/Cross' (Mall quadrants in colors reversed). Then, English Backs share the giant eagle of Ice's/Ecco's!

[Insert -- I've been mentioning English Daggers with the mall's decks routinely, but had forgotten until this week that they share the Bardy Coat, which the poison-like Poissons include with their dolphin; otherwise all three Coats are identical. Bardys were first found in Perigord with Fauchys and Faux's/Fage's/Chollens', and the way to link Bardys to Daggers further is by way of the red Dagger bull being that of French Beards while Scottish Beards are Bards too. Bards/Beards even have a Faucet-like "fecit" motto term.

I've just taken the time to read the dagger write-up, and with the Daggers being first found in PenRITH, the Penriths/PenRise's/PenRICE's were loaded to not only find the vertically-split Tunnock/Tunnel Shield, but the latter's two hexagrams are in the Penrith Crest. This is unbelievable because the rith-like Ritters/Rutters can be expected in the "celeriter" motto term of Penriths, and Peare worked for Reitmans! Ritters came to topic later in this insert, today as I write, where I realized they have the Keppoch garbs in colors reversed, and I show at that time how Mr. Kepke links by his plumbing job (i.e. the Plumers/Plumbs) to the Reitman hexagrams, meaning that he links thereby to the Tunnock/Tunnel hexagrams. Just think of it, how it proves God to be in his spider event. Look at how intelligent this set of heraldry is, as if heraldry had eyes to see events in my life centuries ago, but involving many friends too. I wonder what they might think if they ever find these writings.

PENriths were first found in Glamorganshire with Louis and Lewis', and LOUISE Phillips, who was on a mall stage with Peare, worked at PENNingtons when we met each other. French Louis'/LOYs can be in the "loyaulte" motto term of Daggers. The Ritter/Rutter lion is colors reversed from the Rith/Wreath lion, and Ritters/Rutters share "amore" with Penningtons and Phillips'. Penrith is in a Leath area of Cumberland, and the "Trustie" motto term of Leaths can be of the "Keep Tryst" of Hebrons (Northumberland, beside Cumberland). End insert]

AHH. I didn't check the description of the Croce/Cross Crest in the last update when on the formy-cross topic that included Croce branches. I checked the description of English Walters to what it's Crest was, but hall of Names gave no description. A few minutes later, the Croce's/Cross' were loaded to find the Walter Crest exactly, and the Croce's/Cross' describe it as "A stork holding a cross formy in its beak." The "formy" was first found (last update) with Hanens/Hannons who happen to share the Croce/Cross quadrants. The Walter name was beloved of early Alans of Dol who married Eschyna de Molle, yet she also married Robert Croc(e). The Dols share the fesse of German Walters. Chase's were first found in Hampshire with Josephs having a Walter-like "WLAD" motto term, and the first-know Alan of Dol was a son of FLADD.

The Hanens/Hannons can be gleaned with the Massey-Saluzzo relationship, and Alans of Dol did marry Miss Saluzzo. Another thing missed until now is that while Malls were Croce/Cross kin, the stork in the latter's crest is in the STORE/Stury Coat (SIX sections), and Malls have stores. It's yet another subtle pointer to the coming 666 commercial system. Saluzzo is near the STURa river. The Sale's/Sales' to be gleaned in the Hanen/Hannon Coat speak of store sales, and it's sales who are expected from "Saluzzo." The Sales fleur-de-lys are in the Chief of Plains/PLATers, another pointer to the mall platforms, we might say. Meschin-branch MUSSELs/Muscels use plates while Alice's use the "MUZZLED" bear while the Dol Alans married ALICE of Saluzzo.

Oh wow, German Sells (Westphalia, same as Alan liners) even use the illegal-colored HEXagrams (SIX points) of German Walters! While Dol Alans were at Shropshire's OsWESTRY, Westrys/Westrays likewise use metals in contact (= illegal now). The hips-pulling event was also a WAIST-pulling event, and Wests can be linked to Waistells!!! WOW! Dol is in VILAINe, suspect with the Astikas of VILNius who married Traby who appear to use 666 in the three strings of their horns. Vilains share the Chief-Shield colors of Tanners while the Stura river drains into the Tanaro. The Dol Stewarts became Italians. Sturs have three of the Alan fesses. Vilnius is in Lithuania, and German Sells are said to have moved from Westphalia to Lithuania. Buyer's remorse here. Revelation 13 tells not to receive the 666 under any circumstances, or God will pit your soul in everlasting death, yet the goons are going to push this on everyone, what UTTER STUPIDS.

By the way, the silver-on-gold Westry chevron is shared by Reagans, a possible branch of Raines' from Rennes, near Dol, and Ronald Reagan is the celebrated one who allowed the vaccine companies to have immunity from legal suits in case of vaccine injuries. Reagan was the father of mandatory vaccines, we could say. Reagan chose George Herbert Walker Scherf as his vice-president. Don't be fooled by Fox News and the rest of the Reagan-loving dozo's. Reagans share the dolphins of Tippers, and Tippers are connectable to the Pendragon motto and to the Kennedy dolphin and helmet of Irish Kennedys (TIPPERary).

The Traby horns are in the colors of the Wait/Weight horns, and Walter-like Waiters/Weiters (Thuringia, same as Bee-loving Talls, kin round-about of Bee-loving, Club-connecting Beastons) may be using the Egg Shield.

There's more in this wash, for Tax's/Dachs are suspect from DACHau, which place uses a SLING shot in its Arms while Slings share the vulture in the colors of the RAPP vulture. I've never known the latter before, but found it as per the Strand savage "WRAPPed in Ivy." I know of only three heraldic vultures (can't remember who has the third). Vulture-like Walters (German) happen to share the fesse of German Ivo's, making it seem correct for a wrapped=Rapp equation. German Walters were first found in Silesia with Brocuffs in turn sharing the sphinx with Hips'. English Walters have a bend in the colors of the bendwise Rapp vulture ("wings raised"). German Walters share the lion of Chance's who in turn share the patonce cross of Chase's, and Kepke was chasing me with a spider dangling from a strand of web. The interesting thing is that the lion of Chance's (wings in Crest), colors reversed from the Chase lion, is in the colors of the Graff/Graffen lion while Graffs/Graffens were first found in Switzerland with the Ticino canton, and with its Tease's/Tess'/TECKs whose saltire is in the colors of the saltire-by-swords of Tax's/Dachs and Frumms/Froms.

The Chance's use the red griffin in the Arms of Pomerania, I take it, because the house of Griffin was in Pomerania, and then the Griffin-like Gripps/GRAPE's (HEE-HEEE, I can see where I'm going with this) share the bend of English Walters while "Grip" is a motto term of the Leslie's who in turn share the green griffin head of Chase's!!! I think that's a winning piece of work already, but let's finish it off. The green griffin head is also that of patonce-like Patents/Pattens who share the full motto of PULLINGs, and I was PULLING the hips of Miss Peare on the platFORM. If that's not enough, a GRAPE vine is used by German PLATE's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The PLATform at our service, apparently pointing the Herod Agrippa's. I was GRIPPING her hips, and my Masci line does go back to Julius Bassianus, nephew of Julius Agrippa, living about a century after the royal Herods.

After writing all the above, I knocked off for the day and went to news, and finding a video (it's in the news section later) on smallpox, the claim is that certain organizations, including John HOPKINs, have been planning a "dark winter" of smallpox infections. The Hips are listed with Hopkin-like Hipkins, and the Pistols in the Hopkin pistols have a version of a Parker Coat (Pollock colors), but in the colors of Parks. The Park stag heads are also the Pistol stag heads. Is the sleeping-bag dream now pointing to a smallpox plot to be foisted on the world?

Pistols (English Alan colors) have stag heads in the colors of the French Alan martlets, and the latter Alans once showed ducks in the colors of their present red martlets. Hips'/Hipkins have red martlets too, making it possible for Hipkins to have been Hopkins, and even from Hoppers in the Fauchy grasshopper. The video tells that a smallpox story broke recently by a Mr. Diggs, and Diggs are listed with English Ducks, in the same red-on-gold color of Pistols and Alans. This looks like another pointer to James LeDuc, calculated friend of the Wuhan lab.

Diggs/Ducks share three gold stars in Chief with French Alans, and three stars in Chief are also with Duck-Douglas' while Dole variations seem related to DOUGal-branch Dowels. Pistol-loving Hopkins were at SWALcliff, and while Swale's share the Dol fesse, Swallows (Arundel kin) were Alan kin while Sallows (= Saluzzo liners) were first found in Shropshire with Pistols and Dol Alans.

The mall parking lot may apply here. Parks can be gleaned with Alan-of-Dol ancestry by the sharing between Parks and Stewart of the same checkered fesse. Shropshire is where the father of the Pollocks was too, he being a vassal of the Dol Alans. Pollocks, who are also POKES, were first found in Renfrewshire with Smalls, which spells, smallPOKES. English Smalls look like kin of both Hips' and Ice's/Ecco's, the latter first found in Mecklenburg with Dols.

Diggs/Ducks were first found in Somerset with Tarrs, beside the Duck-linkable Tuckers who in turn are the ones (last update) with the black "POIX" drops. Unless otherwise noted, all black heraldic drops are "poix," meaning "TAR." You may have heard me discuss my POKE-in goal off of Steve TARR's slap shot. I'll need to think about that before further comment. It was a miracle, game-winning goal that I take to be a good thing from God that I've yet to see transpire. It was deciphered well as pertaining to election-fraud, and so how possibly can it be about smallPOX?

Here's something new. Heraldic drops are "GOUTte/Gutte," and a gut is a belly while Peare's belly-press was pointed to by the hips-pull on the decks. Smalls look like Deck/DAGGER kin. Scottish Smalls use a lion "pierced with a dagger". GOUTs with a GOUGH variation are the new thing here too, because I didn't know that "Goutte was the proper variation of "gutte" until now. "Gough" is like the "COUCHant" unicorn of German Smalls! It really does seem that this set of heraldry points with the gutte-poix of Tuckers.

It can now be understood that Gouts/GOUGH's are in the red drops of Gophers/GOFers so that all heraldic drops will track back to Gouts/Gogh's. Yes, for Goffs/GOUGH's share the boar of Googe's with a couch(ant)-like GOUCH variation, and this boar is used also by MARONE's/Mulrooneys while the Arms of MORANO shares the Moor head of Gouts/Gough's. Morano is at the Calabria border, and Calabria is where Italian Marone's were first found. Gouts/Gough's were first found in Burgundy, where Mars/More's/Mere's were once said to be first found who are not only in the colors and format of Marone's and Plate's, but share the PLATE scallops. The mall decks are PLATforms too!!! Magic. The lion of the Smalls (same place as Pollocks/POKES") is pierced with a dagger, and the Pollock/Pokes boar is pierced by an arrow, or sometimes with a dart. Darts were first found in Devon with poix-drop Tuckers. Gouts/Gough's share the three stars of Glass', and Pollocks/Pokes' were at GLASgow. That's GlasGOW, because Gouts/Gough's are also Gou's/Gouwe's, believe it or not. Gows/McGoo's have a Chief in Pollock/Pokes colors, in which there is yet another boar. Gows/McGoo's even share the triple cinquefoils of Loches'/Deloges', first found in Burgundy with Gouts/Gough's, all new and very welcome. Gows/McGoo's share the thistle with Paisleys at Renfrewshire with Smalls.

My problem now is that while Mike Lindell (election-fraud fighter) was deciphered as being part of the poke-in goal, Lindells use a "log" while Loge's were first found in Burgundy with Loches'/Deloges', yet that's the surname above that seems to figure or fit into to the smallpox box. ??? It troubles me further that while I fell on my knees to poke in the winning goal, Miss Hicks got a knee symbol at the Get'n GO that pointed to Gows/McGoo's.

Just to verify that the Tucker poix drops can link to Tuckers, the Ducks/Duckers almost sharing the Tucker bars were first found in Westphalia with the Neils/Nails/Nagle's in turn having the saltire of Gout-connectable Gophers/Gofers in colors reversed. Gophers/Gofers were first found in Oxfordshire, where Vere's ruled for centuries who have the Nihill variation of Irish Neils/O'Nails in their motto. Vere's (share Croce/Cross quadrants) use a blue boar that should be the white-on-blue Goff/Gough / Googe/Gouch boar in colors reversed. Nails/O'Nails (share PRESS Chief) were first found in Tyrone with Saraca-like Sharks. The Arms of Saraca share the Neil/O'Nail fish, and SARACena is on the Sybaris river with Gaut-connectable Morano above. Peoples of Sybaris founded nearby Laus, and Laus(a) was/is the alternative name for Ragusa (Croatia), home of Saraca's (see Wikipedia's Saraka article). Ragusa is near the Naro/Neretva river to which I trace the Blacks who share the Gout / Glass stars. It may even be that the Speers in the Cruce/Cross motto were from "Sybaris."

Where was I before the hockey-goal tangent? The video tells that a simulated smallpox attack on Americans was conducted by John Hopkins under the name, "Dark Winter," and then shows Biden, at his presidential debate with Trump (late 2020), warning Americans that a "dark winter" was about to take place. Was the smallpox attack planned for 2020, and was it foiled? Nordic Winters use a POLar bear, and German Winders essentially have the Jewish Pollock Coat, and possibly the Jewish Glass Coat in Crest because Pollocks were at Glasgow. English Winders, in Pollock colors, share the motto of Pullings/Pullys, the latter from Vespasia Polla of Reed-line Rieti, the ancestry of Pollocks too. Miss Peare on the platform was getting her hips pulled. Scottish Reeds share red stag heads with Pistols, Parks, and Irish Dole's. English Reeds have a pox-like "Pax" motto term. Are these heraldic links all coincidences, or what? Why would God give me a good-feel pull of Peare toward me to represent wicked things? It makes no sense...unless He deadens / spoils the smallpox attack.

At 50 seconds of the video, an article relating to a 2007 vaccine licence has a sub-headline: "The FDA licensed Sanofi PASTEUR Biologics Co.'s ACAM 2000 Smallpox vaccine," and Pistols are also PESTORs. Pastors/Pasteurs almost have the Bos/Bush/Bosch Coat (could be the Stewart lion), both using billets in the colors of the billet border of Irish Dole's. Busca is beside Saluzzo.

The video then talks about a company, Merch, involved in COVID and HIV operations. Merchs are listed with German Marks; their spears are for Rieti-line Speers, first found in Renfrewshire with Smalls and Pokes. The video then says that six vials of smallpox vaccines uncovered from some location is found at a Merch facility in North WALES, Pennsylvania. Dols use a WHALE. Merchs/Marks are the ones with a version of the Dutch Tromp Coat, and linkable to Tarves' sharing the six Clinton and Hillary fitchees. The video than shows a smallpox treatment licensed to Chimerix, and Kimmers/Kammers have nearly the Deck Coat, similar to the Hips/Hipkin Coat. The mythical Chimera dragon was code for Kamiros on RHODES (rose symbol); it had a goat head, and Russells use the goat.

This recalls that Miss Peare on the mall decks pointed to the MARK of the beast, suspect (by me, anyway) with vaccine store PASSes in the future. The Pass/Pascal surname can be a branch of Speer-related Pasi's/Pascels (CROSSed spears), the namers of Paisley in Renfrewshire. And "spero" is a motto term of Cruce's/CROSSes. Coincidences? Speer-branch Spree's have "Simple" in their motto, like the "Simplex of Perkins/Parkings, and I PASSed the road when I CROSSed the Roet-like road into the PARKING lot, to get to the decks, and Roets (share book with Reeds) are Rieti liners too. Tertulla, mother of Vespasia Polla's husband in Rieti, is expected from the family of Tertullus of PERGa, husband of PLANCia Magna, the line to Perkins/Parkings. Plancia's father was Galatian, as was Julia Polla of a family that officiated the great-mother goddess, similar to Plancia being the priestess of ArTEMIS. the line, I think, to the Thames/Tiens, kin of Peare's and in the motto of Deck-related Squirrels/SQUARE's. The decks were SQUARE, by the way. If you say, but John, now you're pointing to something totally different with the same dream's props, but I'd say that God can walk and chew gum at the same time.

Speers use crossed spears too, but call them "tilting." In the Speer Crest is a tilting spear held by "An arm in armor emBOWEd," obvious code for the Book-connectable Bows/Bough's who share the motto of Roets who in turn share the Spear boar heads. These are colors reversed from the boar heads of Rollo's who in turn use a "passe" motto term while Passe's/Pascals share the lion of Perkins/Parkings. So, yes, it seems that God intended both my CROSSing and PASSing the Roet-pointable road.

Rollo's were first found near the Spey river of the Speyer variation of Spears, and while Moray is on one side of the Spey, Speer-beloved Armors share the Moray stars. The Bellys at Moray share the Rollo chevron. We could even say that David Morley was rolling down the road on his motor bike. Roads/Roders have an eagle "disPLAYed" while Players have another "arm in armor" holding a sword with SANG = blood DROPs = GOUTTE, a term like "gut = belly." Peare's belly pointed to the Goods/Guts who happen to share the garbs if Singers/SANGers, a branch of German Sangs/Singers/Sangers we may assume!!! Surprise. Banffshire is on the opposite side of the Spey river, and the Trope-like Troops were first found in Banffshire while Trope's are listed with Drops. Gouts/Gough's are the ones with the Glass stars, and Glass' were at Glasgow, home of the Pollocks (same place as Speers/Speyers) who built Rothes castle on the Moray side of the Spey river.

I've found a page describing the Arms of Rothschild, which for the Crest says: "The shield is surmounted by a baronial crown, wound round with small pearls and decorated with five large pearls..." Peare's are listed with Pearls. Why SMALL pearls? It's not "small" without reason. Smalls were first found in the same place as the Pollocks who built Rothes castle, and the same crest has "buffalo horns" while it's POHLs who show a buffalo. "Rothschild" can mean "red shield," not necessarily derived in that phrase," and there is a small, red shield in the middle of the German Small/Schmall Coat.

Bellys, who share the Stage/Stagg chevron, were first found in MORay, and share the MORley-connectable Moor head with Gouts/Gough's. Perfect. The Belly roses are also the Paisley roses while I passed the road to go be with Peare on the stage as a pointer to the belly-press. The Paisley Chief's three stars are in the colors and format of the three Moray stars in the Chief of Moray's Douglas' (Flemish clan), and the latter's SALAmander in flames is suspect partly with Sales', the theme of the mall as a pointer to 666. The "salamander in flames" is shared by sell-like Selkirks (share heart with Douglas'). Selkirks even have a Chief-and-Shield looking related to the one of Plains/PLATers (share sales fleur!) for yet another pointer of the PLATforms to buying and selling. The Selkirk Chief is even colors reversed from the same of Palins who are in turn obviously in the Plain variation of Platers.

The Selkirk motto is suspect in-part with Airys who happen to look like kin of Italian Belli's while having a "TIENdrai" motto term for linkage to Peare-related Tiens and Squirrels. Selkirks are also SILKrige's so as to possibly be of the spider's silk strand. If "SilkRIGE" is evidence of a Sell-line merger with Ridge's, the latter happen to share the engrailed cross of RUDES'/Rudge's, both having the cross of RHODES in colors reversed. Ridge's were first found in Devon with Sillys/Cele's/Sullys. The engrailed Rhodes cross has besants on it in the colors of the saltire-with-besants of MANDERS, how salamander-perfect. Rudes'/Rudge's are good for linkage to my crossing the ROAD because they share "Cruce" with Croce's/Cross'! We got here by stumbling on the selling theme to Selkirks, and Silks have the Rhodes lion in colors reversed.

Ridge's are even in Rick/Rickes, Rish/Rush, Risco/Rosco, Rugg/Rugges, and Rigg/Rigges colors while same-colored Morleys/MAULs have a "RIGore" motto term. We might say that the road at the mall parking lot was on a ridge because it steeped downward at the shoulder on its opposite side. As I said, the hill was a bank off the road (looks like a pointer to Rhodian international bankers), and Banks were first found in Craven while Ricks/Rickes' have the Craven Coat in colors reversed.

The Roads/Roders/Roads are the ones with the CHILD eagle, and then while Pasi's/Pascels are also Pace's, one can glean that the English Pace's (Cheshire, same as Farndons and Clubs/Clobbes') have a version of the Farndon Coat, important because the Clubs/Clobbes', from Clovis, son of CHILDeric, were first found at Farndon. Childeric was found with gold bees in his tomb, explaining the bees of the Bessins/Beastons, from Basina, Childeric's wife, and then the BUY's/Boys/Bie's ("two CROSSED oak BRANCHes") happen to show nothing but bees in their Shield. As bee-using Talls were first found in Thuringia with Basina's father, it spells "TailBOIS/TailBOYs," who share the Morley scallops, and MORleys are also Mauls, how about that.

[Insert -- After arriving to MICROchip skinchips shortly below, I found the Micro-like McRows listed with Riths/Wreaths and sharing the Schim/Schien Chief. I then checked scanner-like Skinners to find a red hand in Crest. Scheins/Shine's share the Sales fleur-de-lys. Skinners (Lincolnshire), with a "SANGuis" motto term, married the BolingBROKE's (Lincolnshire) who in turn had married Ivo Taillebois. BROOKs share the Singer/Sanger garbs! I kid you not that the microchip discussion leads by an ambush upon me to Nimo's/NewMARCH's, first found in Stirlingshire with Chip-connectable Chappes'/Cheaps and GUIScards. "SanGUIS." Bolingbrooks use a CHAPeau. Guis'/Guido's (Bologna, home of the BOII) share the McRow/Wreath and Brock lion.

Skinners ("vulNERA") almost share the "vulnere" motto term of Brocks (Essex, same as Brooks), and while B;lacks trace well to the Naro river, Blacks share the Schim/Schien and McRow/Wreath Chief too. Blacks look like kin of Gouts/Gough's, the goutte = drop line to gutte-de-SANG. Brook-branch Brocuffs share the sphinx with Hips'/Hipkins. End insert]

Buy-beloved Branch's, sharing the three stars of Gouts/Gough's (share Moor head with Bellys), were first found in Westmorland with the Morlands almost having the English Morley Coat, and then the Levins/Livings, likewise first found in Westmorland, have a version of the Selkirk / Plain/Plater Coat. Branch's look like kin of Blacks, the latter first found in Lincolnshire with Tailbois', and with early Rhodes', the latter probably being kin of Manders in "salaMANder." Selkirks use a "MAN's heart," we get it, and German Mans happen to share the quadrants of Mall-connectable Croce/CROSS quadrants. German Man's even have a savage with CLUB, and Clubs/Clobbes with Childs/CHILLs.

The Black Chief is also the Chief of Schims/Schiens (share "fortuna" with Rollo's), and while the latter were a branch of SKIN/SCANs (both first found in Aberdeenshire with Sellers!!!), that sure looks like buying and selling with a skin code in the hand, especially when connecting to SELkirks. Cups/Cope's (Aberdeenshire, same as Sellers) in the Seller cups happen to be in HAND colors and format!!! Hands were first found in Cheshire with Clubs'/Clobbes' (Seller colors and format) and the Wolfs/Welfs/Lupus' who in turn share the Skin/Scan wolf heads, and Hugh Lupus, first earl in Cheshire, who used a wolf head for his symbol, was of Branch-like AVRANCHes. It's the Buys who have the OAK branch.

The Oaks (share Alan "oak leaves") happen to use a "SALUS patria" motto phrase partly for the Saluzzo liners married by FitzAlans, and so "salus" looks like code for Sales', which keeps us on the buy-and-sell theme. Then, Patria's/Peartree's are the ones with the Trump/Tromp stag head while Dutch Tromps look like kin of Mercks/Marks (spears). Amazingly, but maybe not, the Mercks/Marks share the two-headed eagle of Jeepma's with a chip-like Chep variation. Is this justification to expect a microCHIP in the skin? Not quite, for what are we to say, that God doesn't know how to spell "chip"? However, maybe there's a reason for the spelling "error," for there is a Chip/Chipman surname (showing only three escutcheons) like the Chapmans/CHEPmans, the latter first found in Cambridgeshire with Merck-like Merchs/March's. Big hmmmmmmmmmmmm.

So why didn't God just tack a Chipman variation to the Chapman databank of variations? Or, why might He want us to go to Chips/Chipmans as well as Chepmans. Chipmans happen to have the Corrin Coat in different colors, and Corrins are the ones expected in the motto of Cecils who share their black escutcheons.

I repeatedly tell that Chapmans/Chepmans share the crescent of Irish Foys, and while the latter use an EEL, Merch's/March's (share red crescent with Chapmans/Chepmans) were at ELY. An eel is used also by Ships, and the Chapman/Chepman write-up suggests that "Alicia SHEPshank" is a Chepman liner. There's even a Shepshank surname (share Belly roses!) with a sheep-version of the Paisley Coat, and the Ship-like Sheeps share a bend-with-PELLETs (Plate-related, I assume) with French Foys/Foix's, the latter first found in Auvergne with "bello"-using Bouillons!!! INCREDIBLE FIND, for Ships use "bellows"!!! We are at the belly-press pointer here, and Bellys were at Moray while the Moray stars are used by Foys/Foix's. Why should the belly-press point to skinchips? Peare was KEPke's girl at the time.

I don't ever recall seeing the Shepshanks in the Chepman write-up. But I did, for I have found one instance of the name in my files (4th update of November, 2018): "The Chepman write-up suggests that old Schapmans and Shepshanks apply. Jewish Schappers/Shapiro's, and Sheeps / Shepherds / Shiptons may then apply. English Shepherds even use the hand holding the black KEPPOCH-of-MacDonald fitchee. Excellent...'The name Kippax is of Anglo-Saxon origin and is first attested as CHIPesch in the Domesday Book of 1086, and as 'Kippeys' in charters from the 1090s to the 1270s, and Kypask and Kypax from the 13th century onwards.'"" Is Mr. Kepke the spiderman pointing to a microCHIP. After all, his girlfriend was in the mall now pointing to buying and selling. The SELkirks even use three stars in Chief in the colors of the two stars in Chief of Reitmans, and Miss Peare worked for Reitman's/Reitters clothing in a big, indoor shopping mall when LAWRENCE Kepke and I met her.

Shopping-Cart Dream Has Graphene Spider Attached

I never mention the Reitter variation of Reitmans, and Ritters/Rutters (Drop/Trope Chief?) happen to have the Keppoch garbs in colors reversed. The waist-pull event with Miss Peare pointed to Waistells because they have a white horse while I rode Peare's white horse to a BANK in a field (Kepke was there riding it too). Reuters have a horse too, and the Reitter horse is in the colors of the sinister horse of Jewish Rothchilds (not "Rothschild), BANKERs. German Reitters share a courant white horse with Waistells. Bankers and microchips for purchasing go together, and the Reitter horse is said to be "on GREEN GROUND", indicating Ceraunii liners connectable to the Rhodes surname. The Greens/Grene's/Greems themselves may have been Ceraunii liners. Bankers/BENCHers/BUNCHers, with three chevrons that can secretly spell, 666, were first found in Oxfordshire with Peare's. Bench's are in Rhodes / Ground/Grundy / Bird colors and format, and the other English Birds almost share the Bunch chevron-with-fleur exactly!!! There's a chevron over the 6 key upon your keyboard.

Suddenly, this picture goes well to my dream that started with my RIDING a SHOPPING cart down a paved ROAD to an intersecting driveway or road that had my JEEP parked on it!!!! Can we believe it? Is my RED Jeep a pointer to the skin code? Ridings are listed with READings, recalling the "Be Ready" motto of Lawrence's, and the belly-press was at my apartment at Toronto's Lawrence avenue!!! The Lawrence's were at Yealand-REDmaine, and Redmaine's were discovered only in the last update as Reitman-like READmans!!! I think we can now surmise that this picture points scanners that READ skin numbers / microchips. Did God provide a red Jeep to say, microchip reader?

[In the insert above with PenRITHs and Ritters/Rutters, "Rither" was loaded to find them listed with Riders. I was a rider on the shopping cart. Rithers/Riders share the crescents of Readers. End insert]

There is a Reader surname (Norfolk, same as Drops/Trope's) almost having the fesse-with-crescents of Hazels (squirrel), and as the latter were once said to be first found in Cheshire with Weavers (garbs), that's why the two are in the same colors and format. Keeps use a "Weaver's shuttle," and so do ShuttleWORThs while Worths (Devon, same as Hazels) share the black, double-headed eagle with Jeepma's/Cheps! That looks like Intelligent Design at work, with ancient heraldry, to tell a story here. The Worth eagle is that of Maxwells who in turn share the lodged stag under holly with Hazel-branch Haslips/ISLIPs in the "hazel SLIPs" of Hazels (the oak leaves of Oak's/Oke's are called "slips" too).

After riding the shopping cart down the road, as one rides a skateboard from the side (my one foot was on the bottom frame of the cart), I was at the Jeep looking at its door HANDLE, complaining to the previous owner that it was missing a part. That now looks like I could not get into the door! I instinctively knew the door handle to be missing a "barrel" shaped part, and so the trick now is to find how the Barrel surname can apply to a mark-of-the-beast door pass. Door-like Doria's have a one-headed version of the Jeepma/Chep Coat. Shops can be gleaned with the CARRICK dancette because Carricks share the black dog of Shere's/Shore's expected in the Sherland/Shoreland variations of Shops, and wonder-of-wonders, my Jeep is a Grand CHEROKee while SHEPshanks were first found in Ayrshire with Carricks and Barrel-branch Barrs.

As per GRAND Cherokee, French Grands (likely Ceraunii liners) share the Coat of the Cree's (Burgundy, same as Grands) who in turn have variations like the micro-like McRows/Wreaths (Inverness-shire, same as Scottish Grands and Gout-branch Gows/McGoo's). Ah, I assume the LOCK in the door handle wasn't working, for Burgundy is where Loches'/Locks were first found who share the Gow/McGoo cinquefoils. But I don't see any connections there to Barrels (Herefordshire, same as Doors).

I've just googled "barrel microchips" to discover that a syringe has a "barrel of the syringe." The barrel is not the needle, but the plastic housing for the injected material. Ahhh, I may have something: English Pettys use a white elephant head with red ear, and Barrels have a white dog head with red ear, and then Irish Pettys have a "magnetic NEEDLE pointing at a gold star"!!! Of a comPASS, that is. But why are Pettys a part of this? I don't know yet, but the gold Petty star is the hexagram of Karens/Kerns too, and Karen Graff is the pointer to MAGNETIC graphene-oxide! The entire science behind graphene-oxide hinges on its high magnetic qualities...that can do havoc in the body's cells. The Karens use their symbols bendwise to match the bendwise Petty needle-and-star.

I have only-just remembered that "GO" is the short-form for "graphene-oxide," and that Gows/McGoo's may be a pointer to it. We just saw McGoo's connecting to my Jeep.

The other suspicious thing is the "beeHIVE" in the Crest of needle-using Pettys. HIV vaccines from needles were how Gates and Fauci reportedly killed / maimed many people. David Morley pointed to AIDs/Ade's. As the second-last scene in the Obama dream pointed to Francis Collins of the NIH, let's repeat that while the last scene in that dream was in the rear yard of Obama's billiard hall, Yards share the Coat of English Pettys.

While on the Shop-connectable Scherfs / Schere's in the last update, having come to Twine's sharing green parrots with Pettys, the Shaws were part of the mix who seem to be in the Schawland variation of Shops. Here's what was said:

The Cecil "wheat SHEAF" goes great with the fact that the Cecil-beloved Shield surname shares the motto of Shaws/Sheaves while Scottish Shaws descend from Stick-like "Sithech." As German Schere's use the snake enTWINED AROUND a stick (pointer to Rounds / Arundels), while Austrian Schere's are Scherfs too, let's add that parrot-using Pettys were first found in Warwickshire with Sheriffs while the Petty quadrants are colors reversed from the same of Sherrys (tends to make a Petty-Sheriff link), and judging by the Shere's sharing the Scherf/Schere fitchee, the black Sherry dancette must be the Carrick dancette because Shere's share the black dog with Carricks. Very soon below, written yesterday, I tell that Sheriffs share the motto of Rounds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I get excited. The door-handle dream with shopping CART had a ROAD for the cart, and it must be another pointer to the Rhodian Round Table. German Roets share the sleeping moon (my phrase) with Karens/Kerns in the same colors. Scottish Roets share the tree with Roots, the latter first found in Kent with the Petty-like Petits who might have the Silk Coat in colors reversed because French Petits share the Graff/Graffen lion, essentially (though I can't see a direct way to link the two). Or put it this way: English Petits share the giant Eggerton lion while Eggertons and Silks both add downward-pointing pheons. Therefore, its a link of the spider silk to Petty-like Petits, first found in Kent with Petts/Perts (Bully kin) who happen to have mascles (hollow lozenges) in the colors of the Anchor/ANNACKER lozenges!

The way to provide evidence of an Annacker link to Annandale is via the similarity between the Anchor/Annacker and Johnson Chiefs. These Scottish Johnsons (share Dryer Coat and Crest) were found in Dumfries with Annandale and Bullys (and Dryers). The Bully mascles are in the colors of the similar Anchor/Annacker lozenges, and the latter's Crest has a BULL. Johnson $$$ Johnson vaccines come to mind. As Johnson & Johnson is also called, Janssen, it's interesting that German Janssens share the Coat of Anchor-like Achors/Achards/La Chards, a Coat that is colors reversed with Sleeps, and while Sleeping Beauty was Mrs. Kilpatrick, Scottish Johnsons (same place as Kilpatricks) have a red-Chief version of a Kilpatrick Coat.

Scottish Roets were first found in Somerset with the Webbers and Carts, the latter said to be a branch of Carys (share Lower roses) from Castle Cary of the Leavells. It just so happens that Irish Carys/Keerys -- with almost the Karen/Kern/KEERN Coat! -- look like a branch of Kerrys who in turn have a "...beehive with bees FLYing." We just saw beehive Pettys looking like they have the Karen/Kern star, and now beehive Kerrys look like a Karen branch! ZOWZERS.


Plus, the Twine's we just saw with the Petty parrots are the ones with a Tunnoch-like variation in their write-up, and Tunnocks list Tunnels who are in the "tunnel" of spider-like Spitzers!!! So, while the door-handle pointed to barrels, by some stroke of luck it was found to have similarity with Pettys, and the Pettys sent the entire Graff house crashing down upon us in an instant. Spitzers have "...three green hills, a tunnel in the CENTER one," and while German Centers are listed with Sanders, Irish Sanders share the white elephant head in Crest with Pettys; this being the elephant head that has similarity with the dog head of Barrels.

The beauty here is that Centers/Sanders share the red bull head, called a "boeuf," with the Anchors in the anchor held by the Graff/Graffen lion. Beefs/Boeufs were first found in Perigord with Fauchys and Faux's/Fage's/CHOLLENS', though I wouldn't be writing this if not for the tunnel in the CENTER hill, and Tunnels came from spider-like Spitzers. This set of heraldry apparently points graphene-oxide at TONY Fauci and Francis Collins, partners in crime, especially if Tunnocks had been Tony liners. The Silk write-up traces to a Collin-like family, saying nothing about the Silk surname and similar variations listed: "The surname Silk was first found in Clare (Irish: An Clár) located on the west coast of Ireland in the province of Munster, where they held a family seat as Lords and Chiefs in Clann COILEIN in western Clare in the territory of the MacNamaras known as the MacNamara Fionn, and from whom they were descended."

Dutch Sanders share the illegal gold-on-silver hexagram with German Sells and German Walters. I have no relevant comment.

I think I've missed the following. As was said, Kepke quit selling shoes and went into plumbing shortly afterward, and while English Plumbers/Plummers share the Shoe star, German Plumers/Plumbs have a good reflection of the Tunnock/Tunnel Coat, tending to verify that the spider is a pointer to Spitzers and therefore that God wants Tunnocks/Tunnels to topic, who get us to Twine's who can describe a spider's web as twine-string, and Twine's share the Petty parrots while Pettys point to Karen Graff. EXCELLENT. It's probably not coincidental that English Centers have the Peare and Parson leopard faces, for the Plumer/Plumb hexagrams are those also of Reitmans.

If Kerrys love the Flys (Hampshire, beside Webbers) with their "bees flying," then by what coincidence do Flys share the Webber fleur-de-lys while it's Weaver-connectable Kepke who was chasing me with a spider in full view of Karen Graff? Karen's father, Simon, smoked a pipe, and Pipe's have the Webber-bend-with fleur in colors reversed. The previous owner of my Jeep is Joseph DeSIMONE. The Cary/Keery lion is that of Chance's/Chauncers, kin of the Hampshire Chase's.

Handle's and Handells share the Moray Coat, colors reversed from the INNIS Coat, and so let's add that Chips/Chipmans use INEScutcheons instead of the more-common eSCUTcheons. Scute's share the gold escutcheon with Chips/Chipmans. Was I scooting down the road with the shopping cart? Scoots/Scougals were first found in East Lothian with the Seatons/Sittens sharing the crescents of Mark- / Merchant-like Merch's/March's...which, by the way (just realized), are the crescents also of Nimo's/NewMARCH's/NewMarsh's, first found in Stirlingshire with Chappes/CHEAPS', CAN WE BELIEVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!? The Merch's/March's are using the Chapman/Chepman crescent after all. Nimo's/Newmarch's love the Shows who have a Schaw variation like the Schawland of Shops! Zinger, like, no microchip in the hand, no pass into the shops.

So, as I was riding down the ROAD, note that Ridings/Readings share the Bush boar, for Shop variations take us fast to Scherfs/Schere's/Schare's/Schire's, suspect with Squirrels/Square's/Squire's, the latter first found in Worcestershire with Chips/Chipmans. Secondly, Cecil Rhodes seems to be in view where Chips/Chipmans almost have the Corrin Coat. Corrins are Ceraunii liners along with Crauns/Crane's, and there happens to be a crane in the Crest of the Scute's sharing the gold-on-red escutcheons of Chips/Chipman. Can we imagine the Bushite nazis and Rhodian socialists behind the skinchips? Scute's/SCUTTs were first found in Lancashire with Keep-connectable SHUTTleworths, and Keeps may have been Chep liners.

The micro-like McRows/Wreaths share the Chief of Skin/Scan-branch Schims Schiens. Skinners almost have the Coat of Corrin-connectable Corys / Corrys (Corrins were first found in Waterford with Corrys/Currys).

Cabbage Salad

On Tuesday night, I was eating a cabbage salad while checking the RittenHOUSE surname, and only because Ritters and similar surnames had come up in this update. With nothing to say about the giant white-on-white castle of Rittenhouse's, French House's came to mind because I recall their "cabbage leaves," yet I didn't yet realize I was eating cabbage salad at the time. French House's came to mind because cabbage's were a topic of the last update with the cabbages of Planque's/Plants, when the latter were linked to the malls platforms, and as they were rough-wood platforms, the planks that make the floors of the platforms came to mind. For that interesting section seeking a Plate-Plant linkage, see the first instance of "cabbage," and read a few paragraphs afterward.

After the House's came to mind, Hausens were loaded because of the Rittenhausen variation, and when seeing the "scythes" of Hausens, I instantly remembered that Scythes'/SIDE's share the Chief of GHENTs expected in "PlantaGENET." I crossed the road to get to the platforms, and Roads/Roders have their eagle "displayed on its SIDE."

Plantagenets were platFORM important because Geoffrey Plantagenet had a sprig-of-broom symbol, which is the heraldic symbol used for the Brome's/Brooms who can be a branch of form-like Frome's/Froome's. The latter share the Hips martlets, and I pulled Peare's hips on the platform.

I even mentioned English Planks/Planque's (last update), but failed to realize that they share the lion in the Arms of Ghent (Belgium). I mentioned that the Plank/Planque lion is in the colors of the Cabbage lion, but failed to see that the Cabbage Chief is almost the Chief of Palin-related Plains/Platers, a key part of the Planque section. I didn't load Genets in the last update, and they happen to have a Chief-Shield color combo in colors reversed from the same of Plains/PLATers.

None of the variations listed with Cabbage's are Cabbage-like, and the derivation of that surname is a hard nut to crack with certainty, as far as my efforts go, but the linkage of Cabbage's to Plant elements checks out, and so it seems that Cabbage's are correctly listed with Cobbolds/Cubolds/Carboulds/Cubbels. Cabbage's, as I'll call them for short, use holly while Hollys are essentially in PLUNKett colors and format. As Plunketts were in Vilaine, it probably explains why Vilains show no symbols, ditto for the Genets who have their Coat in colors reversed. The Vilaine Chief-Shield colors are those of Ghents, of Plains/Platers, and of Palins (Plank/Planque lion in colors reversed). Planks/Planque's were first found in Wiltshire with Hoppers who in turn share the Plunkett tower due to a blood link between OPgalli and Plancia Magna. Mathie's/Manns with a Magna-like Maghan variation have gyronny in half the colors of the Hopper gyronny.

The Hopper tower is half white-on-white, the colors of the Rittenhouse castle, and I trace the family of Plancia Magna to the emperors of Ritten-like Rieti. German Planks are also Blanks, and German Bianco's ("eagle DISPLAYED") have a white castle on "green GROUND" while Grounds/Grundys were Rhodes kin.

Grounds/Grundys come up as Gundrys while MowBRAY-related Gundreys are in the Ground/Grundy write-up. Gunders/GUNTers, with GAUNTlet gloves to go with "PlantaGENET" and with the Arms-of-Ghent lion with English Planque's/Planks, are expected in the Garden motto term, "JunGUNTER," and while Mamie got a thigh symbol at her garden to go with her tease symbol the night before -- in the sleeping bag, as we slept on the GROUND -- it's remarkable that Ground/Grundys have a version of the cross-with-items of Annas-branch Ainsleys while Tease's/Tye's, sharing the Annas star, were first found in Nottinghamshire with Ainsleys and early Annas'. Ainsley Earhardt works for Fox, and Thigh's/Thy's use a giant fox. Tease's/Tess'/Tecks have a fat saltire in the colors of the Bath cross while Baths have the Rhodes Coat in colors reversed, and moreover the Baths share the MowBRAY lion while Brays were first found in Northamptonshire with Cabbage's, quite a mouthful. Cabbage's have an "ANGUStis" motto term while Gardens and Jardins (share Tease/Tye and Angus star) were first found in Angus, and "angusTIS" thus looks like code also for Tiss'/TEECE's (Hampshire, near Northampton shire). Ghents were first found in Hampshire. Angus' share the Ground/Grundy lion. Jardins share the Annan saltire.

What could we suppose God is trying to say in the paragraph above? To what is He building if the product is not yet finished? This is the first time I've had to tell that Mamie and I slept on the ground, and it works. She had a breast symbol, which goes to Bray-like Bra. The event with Mamie points to Rhodian globalists thereby, which can explain why Gardens share "cruce" with Croce's/Cross' i.e. the latter pointed to my crossing the ROAD in the sleeping-bag dream. It's perfect, and I've never been in this territory before with Mamie.

As she sat on my lap an hour or two before we were in the bag, it's notable that Laps were first found in Wiltshire with Cabbage-related Planque's/Planks. I was eating cabbage salad just as this section got underway. I've run out of all salad vegetables but cabbage, so I put diced cabbage alone in the bowl, and spiced it all up (Balsamic, lemon juice, garlic and onion powder, and more), very tasty and crunchy. It looks like emphasis on cabbage. Why?

Ahh, while French Jarrets share the giant Garden boar head, English Jarrets (Shropshire, same as Sleeps and Bagleys) share the giant Planque/Plank lion! French Jarrets were first found at Dol with/near the first-known PLUNKetts! Mamie just linked by her sleeping-bag and garden events to the Cabbage-Planque relationship. The Arms of Ghent/Gaunt has the Jarret lion with a virgin, and Virgins (Kent, same as Gaunts) share the Rhodes lion, and Catherine Roet married John of Gaunt.

English Blanks were first found in Northamptonshire with the Cabbage's who have a "ReBUS" motto term while the same Blanks share the Bus Coat exactly. It begs why "REBus" is used, and Rebs are listed with Repps (said to be Rugg kin), first found in Norfolk with Bus' and Rigg-related Ruggs. Riggs are suspect in the Morley/MAUL motto. Italian Bianco's/Blancs almost have the triple bends of Platers/Playters. Lorraine's BUS stop plays here because Lorraine got a feet symbol near her bus stop, and the Feet / Pavia martlets are with Grounds/Grundys (Jardin colors), for Pavia is on the Ticino/Tessin river of the Tease's and Tiss'/Teece's.

One night, Lorraine entertained her friends, so I went to a party with the old gang even though I had become a Christian. I probably didn't get drunk when with them. The party was at Mamie's place, and at one point she grabbed my hands and started to dance in her LIVING room. I remember nothing after that but leaving early to drop in on Lorraine, my girlfriend at the time, at about 10 pm. Lorraine came home with a married man while I was waiting for her at her balcony with the man's wife, and when I saw the grass streak on the butt of her bright-white pants, I pointed to it, and she booted me off her property. I didn't see Mamie again until the night she sat on my lap uninvited.

Let me repeat: "As Plunketts were in Vilaine, it probably explains why Vilains show no symbols, ditto for the Genets who have their Coat in colors reversed. The Vilaine Chief-Shield colors are those of Ghents, of Plains/Platers, and of Palins (Plank/Planque lion in colors reversed)." The Palins and Plains/Platers are in Living colors and format. Mamie danced with me in her LIVING room. Dannys/Dance's were first found in Wiltshire with Laps. The dragon of Dannys/Dance's is from Dragons/Drainers, kin of Mamie-pointable Mans, and also from proto-Pendragons, the PENEStae, and then Penes'/Pennys were first found in Northamptonshire with Cabbage's who in turn have two-thirds the Plain/Plater Chief. If in the past I pointed that dance to either of the two Dance surnames,

I missed the significance of the dancing event because Dannys/Dance's do not come up when loading "Dance." Dannys became a common topic only in past months, and it just so happens that they were at Living-like Lavington, tending to prove that God set up the dance with her. I've never been to the Lavingtons before so far as I can recall, and they have a boar-head version of the Jardin Coat!!! WOW. And Lavingtons were first found in Wiltshire with Laps!!! My first event with her was the dance, and the next event was her sitting on my lap acting as though there was no place else to sit while the gang was around the campfire. As I said, I remember almost nothing of her sitting on my lap; the only thing I remember is her sitting and me putting my left hand on her waist / hip to make her feel welcome!!! It goes with the sleeping-bag dream for that reason too, and that's why the next thing I remember, after the lap event, is Mamie and I spreading out the sleeping bag in the tent, and our getting in. I went to give her a nice-warm hug, but she shrugged me off, maybe she (about 20 years old) was a VIRGIN!!! That goes with Plantagenet and the Planks.

Levingtons/Livingstons/Levinsons can apply whose "puis" motto term reminds that French Poussins share the Coat of BathGATE's, first found in West Lothian with Levingtons/Livingstons/Levinsons. There is a Poussin- / poison-like Poisson surname that can be a pointer to poison vaccines from Bill Gates. Yet-more, Poissons share the Coat of Bardys, first found in Perigord with Fauchys and Faux's/Fage's/ just looks so Arranged to point to poison vaccines. As per BATHgate's, Baths even share the cross of BAT-using Randolphs, yet the latter also use horseshoes as a pointer to COVID vaccines.

AHHH, I get it, "puis" of the Livingstons is code for the Pois/Poix location of English Powers, for Irish Powers share the Chief-Shield of Livings!!! Compare Livings with Palins. The "pois" drops of Tuckers (Devon same as Powers) forcefully come back to topic!!! The dance in her living room now seems to be pointing also to smallpox. Laps and Lavingtons were first found in Wiltshire with bat-using Bugs, and she came into the living room from the kitchen while Kitchens/Ketchins (Lancashire, same as Livers) share water bougets with Bugs. Don't ketch the smallpox bug.

Lavingtons have the Chief-saltire combination of Annan(dale)s, and Annandale was in Dumfries with the first-known McGee's who share the Lavington boar heads. And Annandale was the home also of the Rooms/Rome's. We danced in her LIVING ROOM!!! You've never heard me say that because I never have. My files indicate that I've only mentioned Lavington of the Dannys/Dance's once before (2020), in a pointer to election fraud, which Peare's hips pointed to very well. As I said many times: when Mamie shrugged me off with a quiver of her arm as I went in for a hug, she turned over and faced the other way, and so I draped my arm over her waist and went to sleep like that, in the very position that I was in during the belly-press with Peare.

I had been on the Denver surname because Dominion Voting has/had an American office in Denver along with Perkins Coie and PLATTE River Networks. The latter two were in the sleeping-bag dream on my approach to the platforms. Here's what I said 2nd update November, 2020): "OH wow, after writing that, I read the Denver write-up: 'The surname Denver was first found in Norfolk where 'this name, taken from the town of Anvers, was born by Roland D'Anvers...of D'Anvers of Dantsey...' DANNYs/[Dance's]/Dauntseys were therefore loaded to find: 'West Lavington in Wiltshire 'was for many generations the property of the Dauntsey family...'. Through marriage the property passed to the Danvers family.' Now I know why Dominic de Filippis' brother is Danny!!!...Denvers share the green martlet with Grime's who in turn have martlets colors reversed from the same of GORMLEYs/Grimes'. Dominic and Danny operated (Dominic probably still does) a farm across the street from Gormley!!!"

It thus appears that my dance with Mamie is a pointer to Dominion Voting in Denver, for Danny came to topic because he was the brother of DOMINic De FILIPPis, my friend who looks like a pointer to Dominion vote FLIPPing. Louise Phillips was on one of the stages in the sleeping-bag dream, and Phillips are also FILIPS! As I worked an entire summer on the De Filippis farm, I often slept in the bedroom with both Dominic and Danny! It's like when I slept with Miss Phillips and Miss Peare in the same bed for the belly-press. It may seem wrong to point the mall stages to both election fraud and vaccine goons / skincode themes, and I get that. But maybe the people who own the voting machines will make the 666 scanners too.

Jim McGee was the goalie I scored on in the goal after the poke-in goal, and the poke-in game heavily pointed to election fraud from Dominion's ties to China. Yet I showed how the "pois" drops (of Tuckers) are TAR DROPS looking like pointers to poison vaccines along with Ducker liners. The Drops are also TROPE's, and the goal on McGee was in the finals game, where our team won the TROPHy. Tarr passed it to me, and I then scored the first goal of the finals on McGee, back-to-back goals by me with Tarr assisting on both. I don't remember a thing in that finals match but that goal. Of all colors to use for drops, the Drop/Trope Shield is filled with black ones = poix-tar drops!!! Incredible. I've never been on this poix turf before, and it's working. The Drop/Trope Chief even shares the Angus lion while Angus' share the stars of Annas' and Jardins (Angus, same as Gardens).

The previous poke-in goal was one in which Steve Tarr's slapshot came to rest on the goal line, and all I had to do was POKE it over the line. It evokes "smallpokes," so to speak, for "poix" brought smallPOX to mind from the LeDUC circle of vaccine goons. Annas-branch Ainsleys use a schimiTAR that can point also to Schims/Schiens, a branch of Skins/Scans, 666 pointers. The Ainsley motto loves the My's who share the McGee boar head. I poked the puck over the Lindell-pointing line while sliding in on my SHIN pads, and Skin-like Shins are listed with China-like Chine's/Chings (Somerset, same as Tarrs and Ducks). The whole team came out to pile on me because the winning goal was with seconds to go in the semi-final match, and French Pile's/PILOTs (share the giant lion of Plain/PLATer-related Palins!) look like a branch of Pilotte's/PILLOWs while Mike Lindell owns MyPillow. Tarr's slap SHOT may even be a pointer to Shots/Shoots sharing the three Skin/Scan swords (in a different position), which are in the colors of the McGee swords too.

And, by the way, the Living / Palin / Plater Chief-Shield combos are shared by Irish Powers (Devon), and then the write-up of English Powers has them from Pois = Poix of Picardy. Amazingly, while drops are called, goutte, the Gouts/Gough's have the three stars of Power-like Poors (Devon)!!! The Poor crest even shares a black tower with Domino's.

Lavington-like Livings (look like Plain/Plater kin) were first found in Westmorland with Morley-branch Morlands. The latter's Coat looks linkable to Irish McGee's while Scottish McGee's have the Lavington boar heads. The Morland fleur-de-lys are in the Plain/Plater Chief, and so it should be added that the same fleur are used by buy-and-sell Sales', and by vaccine-like Vychans/Vaughns. Morleys and Morlands Livings share the martlets of Sadducee-like Saddocks, and Lavingtons / Livings/Levins look like Levite liners from chief priest, ANANus/Annas, the one in whose home Jesus was when on trial for capital punishment because he claimed to be the Messiah. The Grime's above have the Pavia / Feet Coat three times. Morleys/MOORleys were at Wennington while Winningtons look like that have the Saddock Coat. Wennings share the MOORe / Morgan lion.

I went on to say: "My high school friends, the GARDners, moved to Gormley less than a mile from [the De Filippis] farm, and they lived across from the scrap yard where Danny once worked. It's just that Gards share the green martlet with Denvers too." Mamie had a GARDEN symbol the day after the sleeping-bag event, and while gardens are Jardens too, Jardins almost have the Lavington Coat. The Lavington Crest has a "COVERED cup" while the Lavington Chief has "boars heads COUPed," suggesting the Coopers/Coppers and Coverts/Cofferts, both first found in Sussex with Saddocks, and then Cops are also Cope's while Cove's, in Covert colors, are COVID-like Covits too. Coffer-like Coffee's/Coffers use "cups." Cups/Cope's are in Hand/Hans/Hann colors and format, and while Hanna's were at Wigton, Wiggons almost have the Annan Coat and thus almost the Lavington Coat, and moreover Johnson $ Johnson COVID vaccines can be in this because the Wiggon Crest is that of Scottish Johnsons too, the latter first found in Dumfries with Annandale and Lavington-connectable McGee's.

As I've said, I described the hips-pull on the platforms, and the belly-press, with "it FELT so good", not realizing that it was God-breathed for inclusion of Felts and Goods/Guts. Feltmans happen to share the Morley / Morland leopard heads, in gold like the Covert and Peare leopard heads.

Houseofnames, in the Annas write-up, has recently suspiciously obliterated all mention of Nottinghamshire, where it once claimed to be where Annas'/ARNISS' were first found. It now reads: "The surname Annas was first found in the Hundredorum Rolls of 1273 where the name was found as a forename and surname: Robert filius Harneis, Lincolnshire..." There's even a question on whether Arniss' are wrongly listed with Annas'. The page says nothing on Annas-like variations even though it lists several Annas-like variations, including the Ennis' who have their own page. Then mark the 1273 date in the quote above, for the Ainsley write-up has: "The surname Ainsley was first found in Nottinghamshire at ANNESley, a parish, in the union of Basford, N. division of the wapentake of Broxtow." Annes' are listed in the Annas/Arniss page.

It just so happens that a white boar head, the color of the Lavington / McGee boar head is in the Ennis Crest. It was Mamie's dance that brought Levi-like Lavingtons to topic, and so let's add that while Jewish Levi's have the lion of Plank-related Cabbage's in colors reversed, Mamie let me emBRACE her in a LAKE the day after we slept in the bag, explaining why Brace's/BRAS' share the Lake bend (nearly in the same format), and the Brace's/Bras' are almost in the colors and format of PLUNKetts. Mamie had large breasts, explaining why she pointed to Mamesfelde of Mansfields (Nottinghamshire, same as Annas liners), and the Bras' look like Bra liners. Bras-like Bres' are listed with Brests/Brix's.

She points to Men's/Mame's (in the Pepin motto) who share the Chief-Shield colors of salad-like Slade's ("auDAX") who in turn have the three Pepin / PIPE horse heads in colors reversed. The Arms of Landen share the Palin lion i.e. could be the Plank/Planque / Cabbage lion. Cabbage salad. Helen shared a breast symbol with Mamie, and Helen got her's on the stair LANDING that pointed to Pepin of Landen because Helens share the Slade Coat (minus the Slade Chief). The Slade Crest is the Crest of Pepin-beloved Este's, and of Bute's/Butts too. The "FiDUS" motto term of Slade's must be for Duse's/Doesens/Deusters because they almost have the six Landen/LANDER pale bars (Dusters are expected as favored Rothschild kin). As I've said, the PIPES to the LAUNDRy machines (directly under the three steps to my kitchen) were under the landing because the laundry machines were backed up on the wall that supports the bottom of the three steps and the landing. Dryers were Johnson kin, for what it's worth, and Drays use ducks while I took Helen out for a duck dinner. Duse-like Duce's were a Duck branch.

I always link Pipe's to Stops/Stubbs, and the latter's bend-with-buckles is in colors reversed with Stirlings/STURlings while WASHERs, I have just learned thanks to the washing machine, are listed with Guiscards/Wisharts, first found in Stirlingshire! A DRYer machine has a drum, and Drummonds have a DRYmen location in Stirlingshire! That's new. Washers/Guiscards share a brown and spread eagle with the Drummond Crest, and Drummonds (share "Gang" with Stirlings/Sturlings) share the triple fesses of STURs! Amazing.

I've said it before, that when Helen first came up for tea to kick-off our romantic relationship, she immediately went to the front living-room window to ask about the curtain rod or something of that nature. I didn't have curtains; I had blinds, and so I have no idea why she was asking about that, maybe because she was worried about Dave seeing her in my living room, for she broke off with Dave to be with me from that night onward. The point is, Drape's are also DRAYpers/DREYpers, and their "PEPERcit" motto term looks related to Pepins/Pepys / Pipe's. Tea's/Tease's/Tye's are expected from the Tessin river, location of Papia, and so I think God arranged that tea-and-drape event to show that Helens are indeed with the Pepin/Pepy / Pipe horse heads, and that the line of Pepin of Landen was from Papia/Pavia.

I don't often mention, but have at least a couple of times, that I remember having BREAKfast with Mamie before going to the lake. This plays well to prove the above, because Brechs/BREAKers are in the "flax breakers" of Brays/Brae's, believe it or not. It can be underlined that while Brechs/Breakers, in Arthur colors and format, were first found in Shropshire with Sleeps, the latter are from the SELEPitanoi Illyrians in the southern realm of proto-Arthur Ardiaei Illyrians. Shropshire is also where Garden-branch Jarrets were first found sharing the Plank/Planque lion, and Plunketts were first found at/near Dol, where French Jarrets were first found who share the Garden Coat.

Then, I don't remember anything of that day after embracing in the lake, but seeing Mamie's thighs at her garden later that afternoon / evening, the best thighs a man ever did see (the best way I can be accurate, they were BEE-U-TEE-FUL). As Thigh's share the giant Jewish Fox fox, we then ask why God would might to be pointing to Fox's, or perhaps to Foys/Foix's in the Hayden motto along with the BEAUTY bull. Then, while Ainsley Earhardt is the mother of Hayden with Mr. Proctor, Proctors use nails while Neils/O'Nails share a red lion and red hand with Germo-Jewish Fox's. One Foy/Foix surname was first found in Ile-de-France with the Vires'/Verona's suspect in the "VIREScit" motto term of Brocks, and Broxtow is where Ainsleys were first found while Brocks were a branch of PROCs/Brocuffs sharing the sphinx with Hips'.

[Watch how this discussion leads to Italian Crose's/Crocetti's/CROCIATO's, because they came to topic before seeing the Garden motto again, "CRUCIATa CRUCE jungunter." Croce's/Cross' use "Cruce." Why would God want to link Mamie's garden-thigh event to Croc liners? One Croc surname shares the "maunch" (different design) with Mansfields of Mamesfelde, and with Mansells.]

So, thems bee-u-TEE-ful thighs are pointing with her tease-in-the-bag event to Ainsley Earhardt, and perhaps Miss Earhardt is simply a symbol for Fox news as a whole, to portray it as a tease, fakery. Miss Earhardt makes a good tease symbol, we could say, because she always looking sexy; Fox news wouldn't have it any other way with their female anchors. Note that while the thigh symbol was at her garden, Gardens share the black boar with Bush's, and Fox news is a Bushite tool. As she was at the front garden against the house, not a vegetable garden, I'll bet there was at least one bush in the garden. It's making sense now.

Ainsleys were first found in Nottinghamshire with Tease's/TYE's/TEE's sharing the Annas star. The Neils/O'Nails even share the Press Chief while my draping my hand over Mamie's waist (at the tease-in-the-bag event) looks like a pointer to the belly press with my hand and PALM when my arm was draped over Peare's waist. "Palma" is a Feltman motto term, and "it FELT so good." The Ports in the "PorTANTi" motto term of Feltmans (Palmer fesses colors reversed) share three estoiles (different colors) in Chief with Neils/O'Nails and Press'/Prests. Mamie's tent can be in the same motto term because Ports were first found beside the first-known Tints (Cornwall, same as Pettigrew location).

Annas-line Ennis' share the saltire of Neils/Nails/Nagle's, and the Nihill variation of Neils/O'Nails is expected in the "nihil" motto term of Pettigrews, looked up just now because: "The surname Ennis was first found in Cornwall where the manors of Pettigrew and NamPITTY'...". It reminds that while I trace Pollocks and Pools to Pietas-Julia at Pola/Pula (Istria), it just so happens that Pools (Dorset, same Ports and Beautys) share the CREW/Creuse/Creux Coat while Pettigrews are also PettiCREWs. As the daughter (Isobel) of ESCHYNa de Molle married Robert Pollock while Eschyna married Robert Croc(e) (he's in the Croc write-up), the Crews' (share Italian Crose/Croce/Crocetti Coat) look like Croc / Croce liners.

See Crockets, with a "TAK TENT" motto, in the last update for more on that. It just so happens that Crockets, whom I rarely mention, share the red crescent of Crocs (share Hips martlets) and Pettigrews (Lanarkshire, same as Crockets, beside Pollocks and ESKINs of Renfrewshire). Peter Pollock, Robert's brother, comes to mind with PETTicrews. Petts/Perts share the stork with Croce's/Cross' and PITTs. Ennis' of Pettigrew and NamPITTy. The Tak-like Tax's/Dachs (recalls the "AuDAX" of Slade's) play here first found they are suspect from Dachau the Arms of which has a sling shot while Slings use a Walter-like vulture. Secondly, as I've said a hundred times, I met Mamie over a year after we split up, while I was driving TAXi, and that ended up with one more date between us. "The surname Croc was first found in Shropshire. Robert Croc was a retainer of WALTER, the first High Steward [became the Stewarts] of Scotland, and probably accompanied his lord north from Shropshire. Robert held lands in Renfrewshire and Ayrshire during the late 12th century." It explains why Pitts share the checkered Stewart/Steward fesse.

While I was on the Bres'/Brests/Brix's, I checked Brees' to find a giant wolf in Flynn-wolf colors, listed with English Brese's/Breeze's. There is also a Dutch Brees' surname that brought the Karen crescent to mind, but I saw no way to connect Karens to Brees-like names. Then, I recalled that Flynns were first found in Antrim while Antrims are said to be on an Ant river in Norfolk, where Brees'/Brese's were first found. This was very intriguing because Antrims share the bend of Lake's and Brace's/BRAS', and Mamie had large breasts to go with Bres'/Brests. I met her breasts for the first time when she was in her BATHing suit as we emBRACEd in the lake, and Bathers have wolf heads in the colors of the Brees/Brese and Flynn wolf.

Off to the "FLYING" bee" of Kerrys, coming to mind with Flynns/FLINGs. Karens had come to topic with Kerrys and Carys/Keerys (lion in Karen-lion colors) while English Carys were first found in Somerset with Bow-related Roets while German Roets share the sleeping crescent of Karens (share the Brees crescent). The Roets happen to share the motto of Bows/Bough's, both using "veRUM," and Rums/Rooms/Rome's were at Annandale. There happens to be a bow in the Dutch Brees Coat along with the crescent in Karen-crescent colors. There's nothing else in the Dutch Brees Coat. That's purdy amazing. Note "AntRIMs" on the Ant river, for Rims are listed with Rums/Rooms too. The latter's "sed" motto term is shared by SEDans/Siddens, first found in Durham with Bows/Bough's.

The spider-chase event was at Karen Graff's, and the spider strand brought the Strands to topic who have a savage with one hand "resting on his hips." I had draped one hand over Mamie's hip in the sleeping-bag-tease event. Hips' were first found in Norfolk with the Ant river and the English Brees'/Brese's, and, I almost forget to say, the Ant river came to mind initially with the "honorANTES" motto term of Mansells who share the Coat of Mansfields of breasty Mamesfelde, both Coats in the colors of "royal tent" Tintons. Thus, as Mamie is all over this Brees section, by what other coincidence did I dance with her in her living ROOM while Dannys/Dance's were shown connectable to Denvers (share green martlet with GARDs) who in turn have a "LOYalte" motto term while Loys/Louis' have the Brick lozenges, colors reversed from the Bres/Brest/Brix lozenges, and moreover Brests/Brix's are from Brixia between lake GARDa and Placentia. If "loyALTE" is also for Alte's, they show nothing but a pale bar in the colors of nothing-but a bend of Antrims (Norfolk, same as Denvers), the ones sharing the Brace/Bras bend. Is this all a pointer to Denver crime by the Clinton crime ring?

I've traced the Flynn Chief to the Treby Chief because the Flynn wolf is colors reversed from the wolf in an Arms of PLACentia, at the Trebia river with the ANANES Gauls, perfect because they trace well to Annan(dale)s with the "PLACit" motto term of Rooms/Rome's. Mamie-pointed Gardens/Jardins are a branch of Jardins almost having the Annan(dale) Coat. The Bather wolf heads are linkable to the same-colored Flynn wolf because they are the Scarf wolf heads too, and Trabys/Sadowski's use a Q-shaped "scarf." General Flynn has indicated that he's part of the Q-ANON (or QAnon) crowd, and Anons are listed with Anann(dale)'s. The latter have a "SpeRABO" motto term, and Mansells use "honoRABO." The Q-shaped scarf is suspect with Quade's/WADE's because they share three wolf heads (different colors) with Scarfs, and Mamie and I were embracing in the lake, not while diving or swimming; we were only in for a WADE. The Wade-like Weights/Waits share the black, gold-stripped horn with the Arms of Traby.

Although my hand was not pressing Mamie's belly, it was at her belly with my arm draped around her waist. I don't remember anything else, or what positions I was sleeping in the rest of the night. I don't remember waking with her, or getting out of the tent. We were at the picnic table in the cool morning having breakfast, and she was not looking very happy but was glad to walk to the lake. The point is, while the Prest variation of Press' is like "Brest," my hand at Mamie's belly can apply where Bellys share the roses of DANSets, the latter first found in Ile-de-France with the Caiaphas-suspect Chappes' sharing the Moor head with Bellys. The Hands are also HANNs, and chief-priest Caiaphas was the son-in-law of chief-priest ANNas. The Chief-Shield colors of Annas-branch Ennis' are those too of BELLs and CAPES', seeth thou any suspicious? Capes' were first found in London with both the Plantagenets and Plants/Plantagenets; the latter share the red rose of Bellys, and moreover Plants/Plantagenets have a label with their rose while Labels/LaBELLs thus look like a Belly branch. We were dancing in her Levi ROOM, so to speak, pointing to the Levite killers of Jesus, and Rooms were first found in Dumfries with Bells.

The English Jeune's are said to be from Gennes / Geenes, possibly of "PlantaGENET," for Geoffrey Plantagenet was a Fulk of Anjou while Gennes' were first found in Anjou. French Jeune's, first found in Auvergne with "Bello"-line Bouillons to which the belly-press and hips-pull both pointed, happen to have the Chief-Shield combo of Bells / Capes' / Ennis'. English Jeune's, in the motto of English Youngs/Yonge's sharing the Belly Plant rose, share the martlets of Sadducee-like Saddocks. Ask me how I might feel at times to be a pointer to these families in a dance? I don't take it personally. Scottish Youngs/Yonge's share the triple piles of Levi-line Leavells, and German Youngs/JUNGs suspect in the Garden motto are June's too who share the black fleur of English Jeune's. For a long time, June's were said to be first found in Cambridgeshire with Jeune's / CHAPmans/Chepmans (can be traced to Chappes'/Cheaps") and Caepionis-line Capone's.

Perhaps "drape" is not the only word to use when hanging an arm around someone's waist while sleeping, but it's the word I've always used, though I don't recall ever checking for a Drape surname on account of it. Drape's/DRAYpers may have been a Dray-Pero merger because Bellys, who share the chevron of English Drays, have a "Per" motto term. Drays/DrayPERs share the red chevron with Pierro's/Pero's (Pavia, co-founded by Laevi Gauls), and Pierro's/Pero's share the red Belly / Young rose (both colors), explaining why the belly-press was on Miss Peare. That tends to prove the linkage between the belly-press and the arm-drape in the tent. The Pero's/Perino's even have one of the fours pale bars of Dance's/Danse's (Piedmont, same as Pero's/Perino's), is that not wild? It tends to prove that God set up the dance in the Laevi room, so to speak.

I wrote the following before investigating Drape's/Draypers: "The English Jeune's are said to be from Gennes / Geenes, possibly of "PlantaGENET," for Geoffrey Plantagenet was a Fulk of Anjou while Gennes'/Jennes' were first found in Anjou." Gennes'/Jennes' share the Drap/Draper fesse, what a hoot. The Bellows/Bello's love the Vita's who share the ANNulets of Drape's/Draypers, another proof that God intended my hand at the belly of Mamie, suspect now as a Genet-connectable virgin. I can glean that the Pierro/Pero / Gennes / Drape fesse is that of Buttons/Bidens (CHAPeau) and Butts/Bute's/Boets, and while the latter's fish is in the colors of the Geddes fish heads, Gettes' were first found in Anjou too. Plus, fish heads on red are shared between Geddes' and German Barrys, and Mamie was in the hatch with Barry who, as I've said many times, drove a blue VOLKswagen. Fulke's are also Volks (Norfolk, same as Drape-connectable Drays).

Another point is the first thing I remember on the day Mamie was in the bag with me. I had just arrived to the camp site, and asking where Barry was, someone opened the HATCH to the covered box of a pick-up truck, and there she was inside the box with Barry. As I've said, it was dark, but as she was promptly slipping a top on over head, it appeared to me that she was bare BREASTed, though it's possible she was in a bathing suit. In any case, the point is that Hatch's have two-thirds the Plantagenet Coat.

New Dream: The Crow, Abaddon

I had a dream this Wednesday morning as I write here, and the latter part of the section above. I was watching a crow land on my STOVE BURNER(s). When one was really hot, I was kicking this crow off the burner (to save it) with my foot, but it refused to fly off, intent on coming back to stand on the burner, and that's when I awoke kicking a Mason jar in the bed. This time of year, I put two jars of hot water in bed with me because I don't heat the bedroom, and I leave the window open a crack too. I like fresh air. Garden-branch Jarrets are also Jarre's.

Burns (share black hunting horn with Bernice's) happen to share the chevron of Stove's/Stevensons (Northumberland, beside Burns and Bernice's), and the two surnames have fleur-de-lys in colors reversed from one another to boot. Looking very good for being on the right track. Burns have the motto, "Ever READy," and Reads/Reeds were first found in Northumberland with Stove's/Stevensons. But what do Crows have to do with this? Is it because Crews/Creuse's came to topic this morning? Stove's/Stevensons and Burns both look like kin of Crabs, and I happen to trace heraldic crows and ravens to mount Gareb (Jerusalem), a place like "Crab."

Ahh, I think I get it, for Stove's/Stevensons share the Crocket chevron, and the Crocket Chief is colors reversed from the same of Stove's/Stevensons, and then Crews/Creuse's/Creux's were realized above as Croc liners! But if God gave this dream, why? Only to prove that I'm on the right track with Crew liners? What for? There is a Cruise surname too with the three PettiCREW stars in colors reversed. But as per why I was kicking the crow and jar, I can't figure. The Kicks have no symbolism to apply to any of the above, so far as I can gather. But wait: Kicks are in Banker colors and format, and Bankers look like a 666 entity with their triple chevrons.

I ended above for the day and went to town to buy another two weeks worth of foods to dehydrate. It's now late Wednesday eve, and I recalled that a huge crow has been around this house for the past week, I mean huge. It was on the balcony a couple of days ago, and so I checked the Balcon surname, but had nothing to say, until I read the write-up: "The Pictish clans of ancient Scotland were the ancestors of the first people to use the name Balcon. It comes from in Balcomie, in the parish of CRAIL, in the county of Fifeshire." Crails are listed with Crabs, and I did mention Crabs earlier today in this section!

I then re-read this entire section above, and came to "Mason jar," and realized on-the-spot that Balcons share the full Mason/Massin motto!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ZOWIE! Crows never land on my balcony. I have not had crows around this house for years, but one apparently is nested nearby now. God sent this crow here, absolutely. What could He be up to now? I've checked the Foots because I was kicking with my foot, but I have nothing to say about Foots. I do recall that Balcons came to topic with my last night with Lorraine, when I was on her balcony, an hour or so after the living-room dance with Mamie. AHHH, I almost missed it. Lorraine and I broke up because she came home with a STAIN of the BUTT of her pants, and while Stains share the Stove/Stevenson Crest, the Balcons look like kin of Butt-connectable Italian Botters!

Repeat: the crow was intend on STANDing on the stove burners. Stains are also Stands, and the English Botters have "...a red eagle STANDING on a silver perch." The way I'm learning God's work is to expect Crow liners here to be related to Stains/Stands. Ahh, Lorraine's grass stain pointed to the "TUFTS of grass" of Bosco's, and Tufts share the crosslets of the Dermots (share Crowley boar) in the Crowley write-up. That's amazing. Note how a variation from "CROWLey" may have named Crails.

Stains have long been said to be first found in Yorkshire, but recently that was changed to Middlesex. The last update did a small section of the Essex's (Middlesex), connecting them to ASS-like Ash's/Esse's, and the grass stain was on her ASS. Essex's, with the Este eagle, are in Crab colors and format. Stevens (not Stevensons) even have a solid chevron in the colors of the Crab chevron.

Plus, I always remember that the rare-colored quadrants of Burners are used by Espaines', and they have this: "The parish of Willingale- Spain 'derives the adjunct to its name from the family of HERVEY de Spain, to whom it belonged at the time of the Norman survey.'" Harveys/Herveys, Garveys and Garbs were a Gareb-related topic of the last update! It was part of the heraldic pointers to Abaddon's scorpion symbol in Revelation's 5th Trumpet. Reminder: Burns look like they have both Crab symbols.

IN FACT, candidates (last update) for pointing to the namers of mythical ABADDON include Botters/Budins/Bodys/Buddys!!! If you know my STANley-Buddy story at the 9-11 memorial (2002), we can assume it to be a pointer of God's finger to the Bush family. Stains are also STANs. Her stain pointed to Bush's!!! The crow on the balcony took us to Italian Botters and to Lorraine's grass stain, incredible. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWIE: Butters (not "Botter") were first found in Fife with the Crail location of Balcons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOOD ONE O LORD, Keep'em coming.

PLUS, I have a third surname sharing green-and-gold quadrants that sticks in my head, the Jebbs, and they happen to have a Gareb-like Gebbe variation. Garbs/Garbers/Garps (using the "garb") have a version of the French Harvey Coat. Just for the record in case it's relevant to the dream: English Harveys have "Herveus le Gos, in Lincolnshire," and then the rare split-Shield colors of Goz's/Gos' are in the colors of the Garb chevron while Goz's/Gos share stars with both French Harveys and Crabs, yet-more the Goz/Gos stars and chevron are in Crab/Crail colors and format.

Garveys have been resolved with the double chevrons of Perche's specifically, and while English Botters/Budins have an eagle on a "perch," Italian Botters almost have the Balcon Coat. Just realized: Harveys have a black boar head in Crest, the symbol of Jarrets/Jarre's!!! We are on the right track here. It is, it is, about Gareb liners from Jerusalem. It must have to do with adding to the 5th-Trumpet picture. I'm intrigued, let's go. I'm fired up. I'm reminded that Gardens/Jardens, sharing the Jarret/Jarre Coat, have Italian Crose's/Cruciato's in their motto, and Crows/CROWS' (Suffolk, same as Jebbs/Gebbe's) may have developed from "Crose," or vise-versa. Looks good. I was dancing with Garden-pointing Mamie just before arriving to the balcony. Mamie pointed to the Gardens a few weeks after the balcony event.

Hervey de Bourges was a topic in the last update, and I even mentioned John de Burgo on account of him. John de Burgo was the father of Herluin of CONTEeville, and the latter's daughter, Emma, married Richard GOZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SWEET. French Conte's, kin of the Languedoc Falcons/Falconte's in the Steven and Jebb/Gebbe Coats, were first found in Languedoc with French Bourges'/Burgs, and, ahh, the Foots (Cheshire, same as Herluin's grandson, earl Meschin) share a flag of the type used by VILLE's/Font-de-Ville's (Languedoc) suspect in "ConteVILLE."

And by the way, the Gos'/Goz (and German Burg) stars are in the colors of Stove/Stevenson stars while it's the latter with the Crab Coat in colors reversed underneath their stars. The GOOSE's/Googe's have a boar colors reversed from the CROWley boar. Can Crowleys apply to the crow? I need evidence for it, but don't see it.

As Bush's share the black boar while Lorraine pointed to Bush's in multiple ways, is God also pointing to Jeb Bush? Will he run again in 2024, and win? The Stains/Stands to which Lorraine pointed, which she may have gotten behind a bush, are also STANTs. While Arthurs have an "obSTANTia" motto term, I see it partly for the HAWK-using Hobs (Berwickshire, same as Arthurs), and then Jebbs/Gebbs have a "hawk's lure." Just exploring.

AHHH, Lorraine's pant stain must be the correct way to go with the crow on my balcony because Hawks use "pilgrim's STAVES," and Stave's are listed with Stove's/Stevensons!!! ZIKERS LOOKIE THERE. The Lums/Lambs (same place as Stove's/Stevensons) in the Stove/Stevenson motto share the BUS cinquefoil, and Lorraine pointed to Bush-like Bus'. Pilgrims use staves too, and were first found in Norfolk with Crows. The Lorraine eagles are in the colors of the eagle heads of Lums/Lumbs (share Lum/Lamb fesse). Both Lum Coats are in Crow colors and near-format, and Lums/Lumbs use a crow-like crozier.

Good morning Thursday. I went to bed last night praising God for this crow story, and then realized some new things while there. For one, the lamb above can point to the False Prophet's lamb symbol, and I think Jeb Bush is the most-lambish politicians. My FOOT kicked the jar for a pointer to a black boar, and Fothes'/Fette's, sharing the Foot/Food chevron, were first found beside the ProFETTs/PROPHETs. The latter use a leg, and all I saw in the dream, when kicking at the crow, was my entire leg, nothing higher than the leg. I was seeing the scene from my own eyes, not as an on-looker where I'd see my whole body. Is Jeb Bush going to somehow be the False Prophet?

Oh yes, last night in bed also brought Mamie sitting on my lap back to topic, and this line of thought revealed her as a super pointer to Abaddon, the main ingredient in the crow story I now thing. Before I forget, the Crail location of asteroid-pointing Crabs is in Fife, and while Fifys are listed with FIVE's, I thought that Balcon-of-Crail can point to the 5th Trumpet in that way too.

I was holding one of my jars of warm-to-hot water (not usually bearable against bare skin at first), they feel so good beside my chest in the cool-to-cold sheets as I first get into the sack. I've talked about them before, and so I remembered that one of them is a Mason jar (2/3-liter) which had CLASSICo spaghetti sauce. Thanks to the classic car in the Sleeping Beauty dream, it was found that Glass' come up as "Glassic," and it just so happens that Glass' share a mermaid in Crest with Masons/Massins. Plus, Glass' were first found in BUTE, perfect for Butter / Botter liners. Masons/Massins are the ones with the full Balcon motto, and masons are expected as cousins of the Maezaei, beside the crow-line Ceraunii. The crow was on my balcony, likely perched on the railing at some point. I heard it on the balcony from my bedroom in the morning as I got up, about Monday. It made a racket up there. It may have been on the chair.

After that realization, I remembered the Laps have a mermaid too, and moreover I remembered that MAMie pointed to MUMmolin, first because Babons share the black boar head with Gardens and Jarre's while Babon was a son of Mummolin (Frank ruler as Mayor of the Palace). Through another son, Babon-like BADON was Mummolin's grandson! See? It looks like a pointer to ABADDON. The BABcocks/BADcocks can be shown to be named after both BABon and BADon because they share the red rooster of Cocks (in "BabCOCK") who in-turn share the Shield of Bags and GRIMaldi's while Babon's son was GRIMo!!!! INCREDIBLE, for the Babcock / Cock rooster is colors reversed from the Crow rooster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's what came to mind while holding my jar last night, with the second jar, as always, at my feet.

Suddenly, the Bags seem to be involved in this, and they may have been from Begga, daughter of Pepin of Landen, the family that fulfilled the Mayor of the Palace shortly after Mummolin's life. Pepins share a camel head in Crest with Crows. Mamie was a crow, I'll tell you how.

But first, I've just looked up the Crotch surname because, sometimes I use the jar at my feet for my crotch area when it feels cold, or between my legs above the knees. The Crotch's are listed with Croce-branch Crutch's/Crooch's!!! That's a potential Crows branch!!! I kicked the jar that was at my feet at the very second I woke up kicking the crow on the stove burner!!! THIS IS A TRUE STORY. And you are not going to believe it when I tell you: the Crotch surname (Somerset, same as Cocks) shares a single pale bar in the same colors with Babcocks/Badcocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You can't believe it. It is easier for you to believe that people landed on the moon than to believe this story.

[Insert -- I didn't load Croce's/Cross' again while writing here, but did a couple of hours later to see that they share "dum spiro" with the Mason / Balcon motto!!!! Eschyna de Molle married Mr. Croce but also Mr. Alan, and Alans are from Aulon at the crow-like Ceraunii mountains!!! Crows' were Ceraunii liners, I get it. End insert]

The Crotch / Babcock pale bar is colors reversed from the lone pale bar of ESKINs/Erskins (Renfrewshire, same Robert Croce), and ESCHYNa de Molle married Robert Croc(e)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now you can't believe it even more. Bute's / Bude's / Bode's could be descended from BODEgisel, another son of MumMOLIN, and he looks like a Molle liner!!! There is evidence that the Moline's were related to Mummolin's name, and a giant moline cross is with Bourges'/Burgs, from Hervey de Bourges, but then John de Burgo ruled Comines, and Comine's/Comyns (Norfolk, same as Wheats and Crows) use "GARBs of wheat", right down the Harvey-Garb line.

[Insert -- I've only just gotten to Crookstons two days after writing here, because Robert Croce built Crookston castle in Renfrewshire. Crookstons ("inescutcheon") share the escutcheons of Coronis-like Corrins!!! Zikers, what are the chances? The Crookstons share the bend of Jewish Pollocks / Rothschilds / Rothchilds. A crow just cawed as I finished that sentence. I don't hear crows here but once or twice a day these days, it could be the same one. Crookstons share with Speers (share Roet boar heads) an "arm in armor emBOWed," perfect for linkage to Rothschilds / Roets, recalling that Cecils share the black Corrin escutcheons! Bingo, and below it dawns on me that the Keck variation of Kicks might be a CECil line. In fact, I've just found Cecks listed with Kicks too. Roets share the Bow/Bough motto, and Bows/Bough's share the five, bunched arrows in the Arms of Rothschild.

Crookstons/Crooks named Crook in Shevington, and Shevingtons share the mermaid in Crest with Masons/Massins and Glass'/Glassicks, the latter having named Glasgow, at least near Crookston castle. I kicked the Classico Mason jar, and Jarrets / Jarre's are Alan / Pollock linkable. The "ad" motto term of Shevingtons should be for the Ade's/Aids (in the Levi motto), for it just so happens that Crookstons/Crooks are in Ade/Aid colors and format. Shevingtons share the three bull heads, almost, of Leavell-related Walerans (Devon, same as Cecils). The Beautys/BOWds (beside Roets) have three bulls in the colors and format of the three Shevington / Waleran bull heads, but as Shevington of the Crookstons/Crooks is in Lancashire with the first-known Ratcliffs and Tipps'/Tippins, one can glean that the latter two share the Shevington bull heads (same design, same color).

It just so happens that Shevingtons were first found in Westmorland with Livings/Levins and Morley-branch Morlands while David Morley in the sleeping-bag dream pointed (last update) to Cecil Rhodes, and moreover pointed years ago to Ade's/Aids partly via Davids, and partly via the leopard-lys design of Morleys / Morlands shared in the Ade/Aid Crest. Thus the gold fleur held by the Crookston/Crook arm should be the Morland fleur, and, to boot, the Mauley branch (Yorkshire, same as Morleys/Mauls) of Morlands is said to have married "Ratcliffes", and thus John Ratcliffe might just be in the mall platforms / stages. Did Ratcliffe help to stage the packet captures of Mike Lindell? The latter has become suspicious, on multiple counts, as a carry-you-down-a-rabbit-path-to-nowhere fraud, but I'm not ready to make that accusation.

The Corrin and Cecil escutcheons are called, "shields," and it just so happens that while Shields (Berwickshire, same as SHEVington-beloved Ade's/Aids) share the motto of Shaws/SHEAVES'. Italian Sheaves' were first found in L'Aquila, and the Pense/Pincons in the Eskin/Erskin motto share the Aquila eagle while Cecils share the six lions of Eagle's/Aigle's. Cecils have a garb they call a "wheat SHEAF" for obvious reason, and so while Cecils are found to be Corren kin, Crookstons/Crooks were Corrin kin. Amazingly, while L'Aquila is the capital of Abruzzo, and while Abruzzo's list Abreu's, I once employed a Miss Abreu who had married Mr. Babcock who died of CANCER (perhaps pointed to by Crabs).

Shields, possibly of RothSCHILD-suspect Schilds, are in Crab colors and format, in case it applies. I've just recalled the Krebbs surname with a Crow-like Krew variation, and using a CRAYfish. Crays are linkable to Grands/Grants while the latter could be a branch of crane-line Grounds/Crannys and/or Rhodes-related Grounds/Grundys.

Apollo married the Croc / Corrin liners, and while he was leader of the mythical Muses = Mysian-branch Amazons, the latter are said to have been of Moesia, location of PINCum, and the Pense's/PINCons are in the motto of Eschyna-like Eskins/Erskins. Pincum is in the land of Picensii, and my mother was Masci on one side, born/raised in Picenze, seven miles from L'Aquila. Her Grimaldi side was related to Cocks.

It's interesting that while stoves are for cooking, Cooks and their Coke branch look like "Crook" while just outside of this insert we are on Cock liners. Croc-branch Crockets may have named the Cockets/Cockers when Croc liners married Cock liners. End insert]

The Babcock roosters make a red-on-white pale bar, the colors of the Tull/Tulia pale bar that itself has BUTTERflies. We saw how Butters look like a pointer, in the last, to Abaddon. Tullia of Clermont-Ferrand was the ancestor of Mummolin. The Flys (Joseph kin) were first found in Hampshire with Botters/Budins/Buddys and Buttons/Bidens. Nothing escapes the zinger today.

Okay, so we now go back to Mamie on my lap, noting first that while Laps share the mermaid with Glass'/Glassicks of Bute, the Bute/Butt estoiles are shared by Ports, first found beside the Laps (Wiltshire). The Chief of Ports (Hampshire, same as Josephs and Flys) is a version of the Joseph Chief, the latter using the Comines/Comyn garbs. We then take it to the sleeping BAG an hour or two after she first got on my lap, which was essentially where I put the jar at the crotch area. The bag was in a tent, and royal-tent Tintons are from the Atintanes at or smack beside Apollonia and the Ceraunii mountains!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Abaddon is the Hebrew for Revelation's "Apolluon," which looks like "Apollonia," and myth had Apollo in marriage to the Coronis crow!!! That line was the namer of the Ceraunii mountains (Epirus) to which Mamie is now pointing. She's a crow; she even had black hair!

This is what was realized in bed last night while holding a Garden-connectable jar on my breast, and the day after the tent event, she got her garden-and-thigh symbols. The jar at first is often too hot for my bare arm to the side of the chest, at which time I put I lay and hold the jar on my shirt-covered chest = breast = Mamie's symbol. The shirt makes the heat bearable. IN FACT, just realized as I write, I wear a TEE-shirt to bed, and Mamie in the sleeping bag pointed to Tease's/Tye's/TEE's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Before that came up, I was going to say: Jarrets/Jarre's were first found in Dol with Alans, and the latter are from Aulon, smack between the Ceraunii mountains and Apollonia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You can't believe my jars are telling this story. Aulon is also "AVLONa, the line to mythical Avalon = BUTE!!!

Mamie pointed to the MAUNCH-using Mansfields, and Manche was the location of ancient Alauna and CROCiatonum, tending to explain why De-Molle married both Mr. Croc and Mr. Alan. Crociatonum was also, CRONCiaconnum, apparently named after the Cronkite bloodline because it uses a CRANE in Mole / Rock/Roque colors, and while Mole's were first found in ROXburghshire, named by Roxolani-line Alans, the Cronkite crane has a ROCK in its foot. Why in its foot? The Posts (probably Pool kin) in the Mole motto share the lion of Eskin-like Askins/Haskins, and as Asks/Askeys ("Fac et") are in Conn / Coney colors and format, it could explain "CronciaCONNum." Askins/Haskins could very well have the three lions of Kick-like Chicks because Shake's/SHICKs have "molehills."

As Crows are now expected with Croc liners, and as Irish Crocs/Croke's even use a "maunch," note how the Munch / Munich surnames can become the Monks, i.e. in Crow colors and format. Monks have lion heads in the colors of the lower lion of Askins/Haskins, and the upper Askin/Haskin lions are in the Coat of Monk-like Monaco's while Munch's/Munichs have a Shield of checks in the colors of the similar lozengy Shield of Grimaldi's (rule as "princes" of Monaco) and Bags.

I should add here that while MONKeypox is a smallpox version, Monks were first found in Devon with Poix-using Tuckers while Tucks/Ticks look like a branch of maunch-using Tickhills. Hmm, I kid you not, the massive crow on the balcony, a couple of days earlier, was on the GROUND making noises I've never heard a crow make, just behind my yard's clearing in the woods, while I was digging out and chain-sawing tree STUMPs to ground level or lower. The Stumps/Stomps essentially have the Tick/Tuck Coat. The latter surname loves the Millets who share the cinquefoil of Duncans, Donkeys and Tankerville's (Lincolnshire, same as Askins/Haskins) while Duncans share the Askin/Haskin and Chamberlain chevron while donkeys are used by both Asks/Askins and Tankerville-related Chamberlains. Here's a little of what the crow sounded like, but making different sounds too, satisfied sounds, as if it was relishing a meal. But it was on the GROUND, you see, and Grounds use the crane for Ceraunii liners, the mythical Greek crow.

I kid you not, that it was only after telling the crow story above that I decided to take a look at the Corbans/Corbetts (almost the French Corbin Coat), who happen to share the elephant with Grounds/Crannys (crane too). The Corban/Corbett motto has, "corvos," the Greek for "crow," yet the Corbin/Corbett bird is called a raven, and even the motto is translated, "God FEEDS the ravens." My crow on the ground sounded like it was enjoying a feast, happy sounds, and for all I know, it may have been a raven (crow species). "Feeds" in the motto look like "feet." I was kicking / pushing at the crow in the dream with my feet! There is no Feeds/Feeds surname coming up so that it looks like code for Feets/Fate's. The elephant can be suspect with Oliphants who happen to have the Coat, in colors reversed, of Checks/Chicks, like the Kick/Keck surname! That works, but why would God want to point to Corbans/Corbetts?

[I didn't remember until loading the Arms of Rothschild below that it shows elephant TRUNKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God must have caused me to cut out the tree stumps/TRUNKs just when the crow/raven would be heard in the woods, or He must have sent the crow timed with my cutting out the trunks!!! Ravens are larger than crows, and this was a big crow which I saw around the house for about a week during that time. I did over a dozen trunks that week, but haven't done so in years, and won't do any more due to the cold and the saturation of the dirt this time of year. Look at the timing, in other words.

The elephant trunks in the Arms of Rothschild are called "buffalo horns," yet they show as heraldic elephant trunks, with wide openings at the ends. This suggests that Rothschilds were related to both an elephant-like line, the Trunks, and likely the buffalo-using Pohls, who thus look like a branch of Pollocks of Rothes castle. Trunks were first found in Franconia, which I think includes Frankfurt, home of the first Rothschild. Turin-like Trunks share the bull with Turin, and the helmets in the Arms of Rothschild are called "TOURNament-style." The Arms read: "...the helmets on the right and left are TURNed towards one another..."

Earlier, I told that there are "SMALL PEARLs" in the crown(s) on a helmet(s) in this Arms. English Turners were first found in Oxfordshire with Peare's/Pearls. German Turners show "elephant trunks, each decorated with three ostrich PLUMES," and you can see three plumes on one of the turned helmets in the Rothschild Arms, and to the opposite side there is the other turned helmet itself having elephant trunks but called "buffalo horns." Reminder: German PLUME's/Plumers/Plumbs, pointed to by Miss Peare's man (Kepke), share the Roten and Reitman hexagrams, and Miss Peare worked for Reitmans.

The pearls are in a crown, often code for Ceraunii ancestry.

Oliphants have the MANE of their uniCORN head emphasized, probably for Isle-of-Man liners, and the Arms of the Isle of Man use the raven. MENS'/Mame's share "God" with the Corban/Corbett motto. The Voirs in the Oliphant motto have St. MARK's lion, and Marici were co-founders of Pavia while Feets/Fate's share a Pavia Coat! God always seems to give me dreams and events that somehow tie back to Pavia's Laevi. Jesus spoke about the "corban" of the priests. Cheneys use a "FATo" motto term.

I trace Oliphants to the Elaphiti islands beside the island of Melita, which can explain why Mallets share the scallops of Rinds, the latter first found in Perthshire with Oliphants. Perthshire is near Rothes' while German Rothes'/Rothchilds share the Corban/Corbett Coat while English Rothes' were, for many years, said to be first found in Shropshire, where Corbans/Corbetts were first found, along with the Alans who had been at Dol, near the Rance river of Rance's/Rynds, a Rind branch. Rance's/Rynds share the triple chevrons of Ask-like Ash's/Aschs (German). It appears that the Rothschilds are in view with my crow stories of this week. Note how Kecks can be of the CECils (Devon, same as Ash's/Aschs) with a "COR UNum" motto phrase. The crow at my stump-cutting event was in my forest, and English Forrests/Forsters show a mill RIND but call it a "fer de moline" likely because a moline cross is used by Scottish Mills/Mylles'...who in turn share "Industria" in their motto with the Arms of Rothschild.

By the way, I checked my jars, and both are Classico brand (the lids say so). One jar no longer has its label, and the other with its label has "Bolognese" as the flavor type. I'm not familiar with the BULLEN/Bologne surname (Northumberland, same as Stove's/Stevensons), but it happens to be in Burn colors and format and shares the Stove/Stevenson chevron. I was kicking the Classico jar when kicking the crow on the stove burner. That works, and Eustace II of Boulogne comes to mind. German BOLLENs share "compasses" with Rothschild-related Nations/Nathans. Perhaps God arranged for my sleeping in a cold bedroom for these pointers. It's easy to find my jar story in earlier updates because I wouldn't use "Classico" for any other story. The earliest it's found is in the 3rd update of November, 2017:

My bedroom is kept at around 40 degrees, because I leave the window open all day and night. Before bed, I heat water to a near boil and fill two glass jars of what was once Classico tomato sauce, the ones with metal lids that seal (they haven't yet leaked after about a 100 uses; get these for tribulation purposes). I put these bottles under my sheets a few minutes before bed, and it's just so amazingly comforting as compared to no heat at all in bed. One bottle goes down by my feet, which are usually cold because I don't burn wood after midday these days (once it gets past room temperature), and the other is like a Teddy bear that I hold to my chest, you just never felt anything so good.

And speaking of tribulation foods, I kicked the crow with my one foot while Foots list Foods. Is this to say that we had best start preparing our dried foods, because Abaddon comes shortly after the Apophis asteroid of 2029? The first ting I did this morning is to open the doors to let in fresh air because I have two gas burners going all day and night, on the stove, to dehydrate foods. This morning, as I opened the front door, there were the wild turkeys I see only a couple of times a year on average. Should I check the Turk surnames? Ah, yes, beautiful, for Scottish Turks/Torks are the ones with a "{flaming mount" while the 2nd Trumpet has something "as a mountain" (like a mountain) coming in blazing flames to land upon the sea. It's got to be an asteroid. Turks/Torks even share the BURN and Stove chevron!!! Zowie, what are the chances?

It was after writing on Turks/Torks that something came to mind which was over-looked at Grimo. He was a nephew of Abaddon-like Badon, and as was said, Bags share the GRIMaldi Shield, But I neglected to add that bags were first found in Norfolk with PilGRIM's, who use "pilgrim's staves," and Stave's are listed with Stove's! It's a zinger-ringer. The Pilgrim Crest, by the way, has another "cutlass," which was seen in the last update with...let me go fetch it...the Grounds/Crannys using a CRANE = Ceraunii symbol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You can't believe it. You can't believe my crow story. My mother's a Grimaldi by maiden name, and she's a Masci on her mother's side, i.e. from the Maezaei beside the Ceraunii Illyrians, who likely named the Croatians. Elliots are the only other surname I know of with a cutlass. Lass'/Lace's share purple with the pilgrim's stave's of Hawks.

Mamie and I slept on the GROUND when she was in the tent pointing to Atintanes at the Ceraunii mountains. The "proXIMi" motto term of Grounds/Crannys looks like code for Kims, first found in Bute = Avalon from Avlona at the Ceraunii mountains! Zinger after zinger.

There must have been an Abaddon entity at Apollonia. I wonder what it was in the real world. It should prove to be a Badon-like name.

When seeing the Turk/Tork hunting horns, I checked Fosters/Forrests to see if they have the same horns, to find that they share the black horn with Burns, the latter first found with BERNICE's (black hunting horn) beside the English Fosters/Forrests of Northumberland, where Stove's/Stave's were first found. English Forrests/Forsters/Fosters were first found in Northumberland too. The STOVE BURNER. The crow at stump-cutting event was in my forest two or three days before the crow dream. The sleeping bag in my dream was in a FOREST on a bank (hill) off the road, and Banks were at Craven, a Croatian line. The Shiptons of Craven share the purple lion with Lass'/Lace's. Mamie and I slept in a sleeping bag in a forest, and Scottish Fosters/Forrests (said to be BERNICians) use a "THY" motto term! Another Zinger. You can't believe that the makers of heraldry knew my dreams and events hundreds of years ago.

The full Foster/Forrest moot, " Hunter BLOW thy horn," connects with Moline's because the latter share the Blow goat heads. "Thy" is shared by SinCLAIRs" (Midlothian, same as Mens'/MAME's/Meme's) who in turn share "God" with the Mens'/Mame's/Meme's. Tullia's CLERmont-Ferrand, Mummolin's ancestry, was named partly by Clare liners, and Sinclairs were from Claro's while Italian Claro's have their Charo variation in the motto of English Josephs, first found in Hampshire with Flys (almost the French Joseph martlet) expected in the Tullia butterfies. I need another crate of horseshoes.

The day after we were in the tent, Mamie and I went for a WADE in the lake, and Quade's/Wade's are in Weight/Wait colors while the latter share the Foster/Forrest hunting horns. Weights/Waits are in Tinton colors and format.

Kicks share the crescents of Readers, for example, and Reads were first found in Northumberland with Burns. I was kicking at the burner. Lawrence's love the Readys, and while Mr. Kepke is Lawrence, "Keck" is like "Kepke." As I've said about 10 times, I KISSed Kepke's lady, Miss Walsh, on the CHEEK in my FireBIRD, and while Cheeks are listed with CHECKs/Chicks, one CASHes checks with a banker. Bankers/BENCHers/BUNCHers are in Kick/Keck colors and format, and Kiss'/Cush' share the Cass/CASH Coat!!! Birds almost have the BUNCH Coat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bench's are in Rhodes colors and format!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ZOWIE, and the other English Birds have a "Cruce" motto term. As per the FIREbird, Fire's connect with Rasmussens/Assmanns of Assmannshausen at RUDESheim.

But, also, I've just realized that I was PUSHing with my feet. I was not kicking in the common sense of the word, as when the foot goes backward and then forward on a swing. I was kicking in a straight line bending the knees, and thus my foot was pushing at the crow. And I can't say whether I was kicking the jar versus pushing it. I awoke at least pushing the jar along, it was a foot away from where it normally sits, and I was afraid I was about to kick it to the floor. The point is, with all the emphasis on the Bush family in this section, I forgot that Burn-connectable Crabs share the fleur-de-lys of German Bush's/PUSH's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Incredible, what are the chances? The Burners have the rare-colored JEBB/Gebbe quadrants in colors reversed.

It's possible that this is a coincidence, not Intended as a pointer to Jeb Bush, but it sure looks like it. Perhaps the two-horned False Prophet will be a Jeb-George partnership. For those who don't know, former Florida governor, Jeb Bush, is brother to president George Bush, and Jeb lost the presidential bid against Trump in 2016. I was striking the crow on the burner with my feet, and Strike's were looks up as per the "Strike" motto term of Hawks, and this works, not only because Strike's share the giant Bos/Bush/Bosch lion while German Boschs have the Bush/Push Coat essentially, but because Hawks have "staves" while Stave's are listed with Stove's! Zikers, a tidy-little package. German Boschs show three feathers in colors reversed from the three in this Arms of Rothschild. In a quadrant of the Arms there is the same Coat as have Strike's, and the Arms describes it like so: " upright natural Lion with open jaws, red outstretched tongue." It tends to inform me that Naturals are a Nathan branch.

Good morning Saturday. I heard the Branson surname in the Epstein news, finding it with the Masons/Massin motto in full, and checking BRAMsons to see if they are listed at all, AMAZING, for Bramsons use a plate-version of the Bug Coat while Nahor-suspect Neuri were on the Bug river (Ukraine) while Nahor was Biblical ABRAM's brother!

German Bugs (BAT) were suspect as a pointer to the CORONA virus flu bug for their bat, and because German Bugs show crow-species ravens, though they call them "black birds." I'm wondering how the crows in the kick-crow dream can point to Corona virus. French Corbins/Corbets share the Bug Coat exactly, and they too are called "black birds." English / Scottish Corbans/Corbetts, however, use "ravens," tending to show that Blacks and Birds were related to Corbett liners. The Branson motto is, Dum spiro spero," and as Spire's/Speers/SPEYers were probably of the Spey river, location of Rothes castle, that's why German Rothes/Rothchilds (not "Rothschild") use a giant raven. Corbetts/Corbans were first found in Shropshire with early English Rothes' and the Aulon-line Alans.

The Rothschild buffalo horns and feathers are together called a "COVERing" for the helmets, and Covers are also COVITs. Perhaps God arranged that COVID-like surname for a pointer to Rothschilds as perpetrators of the COVID scheme. The Pearls/Peare's in the helmets go to Feet-connectable Pierro's/Pero's (Pavia). The Peare-related ABOTTs can go to the ABADDon entity expected with Pollock-like Apollonia, and Rothschilds descended from Pollocks so as to have earlier ancestry feasibly in Apollonia. The father of the Pollocks (Fulbert), a vassal of the Alans from Aulon near Apollonia, had a son, Peter, builder of Rothes castle. The bottomless pit is an apt description of Rothschild greed, and so "locusts" are coming to eat the Rothschilds clean to the bone.

We saw the TOURNament helmets in the Arms of Rothschild TURNed toward the center, and so let's add that TOURAINE is where French Corbins/Corbets (don't load "Corban") were first found. The Spire's/Speers were related to Italian PASi's/Pascels/Pace's, and "PAScit" is a Corban/Corbett motto term. Passe's/Pascals were first found in Essex with Speer-loving Bramsons. English Pace's (Cheshire, same as Foots/FOODs) share purple with Cooks, and the latter even have a horseshoe that goes together with the bat of Bugs as a pointer to horseshoe bats said to be responsible for the corona virus! The Bugs are in Bramson colors and format! This set of heraldry is working with the crow dream.

It just so happens that while I trace GYRONNy to "Gernons," the latter (first found in Cheshire with Foots) have a "cyFOETH" motto term looking like code for the Foots/FOODs. I was trying the shoo away the crow, that wanted to remain on the stove burner, with my foots, so to speak, and stove burners are where one cooks FOOD! It's the Dum-spiro-spero BRANsons with the gyronny, and BRAMtons have the Gernon and BRUNswick Coats in colors reversed. Rothschilds/Roddensteins (share arrows with Arms of Rothschild) were first found in Brunswick, and the lion in the Arms of Rothschild is in Bramton-lion colors.

Then, RODDENs/Rodhams (Northumberland, same as Stove's/Stevensons) have a bend not only in the colors of the Rothschild/RODDENstein bend-by-arrow, but while there's a Rodden river in Shropshire where Corbans/Corbetts were first found who were clearly related to Rothes', the Rodden/Rodham bend is in the colors of the same of the other English Stevensons (Northumberland too). Thus, the crow on the stove burner seems also a pointer to Rothschild-related Rodhams.

I didn't realize until now that Bransons and Bramsons share the same gold, "sejant" lion with a "black collar" upon which there are "plates," and Blacks were first found in Lincolnshire with Meschin-branch, plate-using Mussels/Muscels. Ranulph de Gernon was the son of Ranulph le Meschin, both earls of Cheshire, where Foots were first found. When kicking the crow, all I could see was my legs and feet, and Foot-linkable ProFETTs/Prophets use a giant leg. Is this a pointer to the False Prophet?

Wow, look at this. German Plate's were first found in BRANdenburg while English Brandens were first found in Lincolnshire with Mussels/Muscels, and with the Blacks sharing the Glass/GLASSICK stars. German Brandens share two giant wings in the colors of the same of Jewish Glass' while the Classico jars can be corroborated for this dream by the Glassic variation of Scottish Glass', the namers of Glasgow at Pasi-line Paisley, home of Pollocks who built Rothes castle. The Jarrets/JARRE's were first found in Dol to assure that their branch was the English Jarrets, first found in Shropshire with the Sleeps who in turn have the double fesses of English Brandons in colors reversed. I was sleeping when kicking the crow / jar. And while Leslie's married Pollocks so as to inherit the Rothes castle, Leslie's are in Kick/Keck colors and format.

Brandenburg is where VOITs were first found who look like Schild kin. A VOIDed cross is used by English Smalls. If it were not voided in black, the Small Coat is a good reflection of a Peterson Coat. Who do we suppose Petersons are from? It recalls my touch-bra event at the house of my friend, JERRY Peterson. Although no Jerry surname comes up at houseofnames, there is a Jerry surname, and it looks like a Jarret/Jarre branch. English Jarrets share the Peterson and Gerry Crest lion. The Small / Peterson Coats are versions of the Packet/Paget Coat, and the Packet/Paget motto happens to have "PER IL" while Perle's are listed with Peare's/Pearls, first found in Oxfordshire with Packets/Pagets (share PASSE/Pascal lion). This goes back to the Paisley line at Renfrew (home of Scottish Smalls), for while English Packs share the Paisley anchor, French Packs/Paggs' were first found in Languedoc with Bourges'/Borgia's and the Conte's expected in the "contrario" motto of Packets/Pagets. Spanish Borgia's share the red-on-gold bull of Packs/Paggs', though Borgia's call it an "OX" to likely indicate that it's the red ox in the Arms of Oxford.

This part of the discussion just reminded that Spanish Burgos' share the Round annulet. Rounds were in Morley's circling around the sleeping bag, a pointer to Cecil Rhodes. He circled with his motorBIKE, and so it's interesting that Biks/Bickers are in Berneys colors and format.

I have only just remembered that Burns speak on a Bernys location in Renfrewshire with Pollocks and the Croc family. As I was kicking the Croc-related crow on the stove burner, I need to add here that the Paisley Chief is a rose version of the Stove/Stevenson Chief while Stove's/Stevensons have the Moray stars while Peter Pollock was at Moray's Rothes'. The Paisley chevron is colors reversed from the one of Stove's and Burns, huge because CROOKston castle is in Renfrewshire too. But there's more, for the Crookstons/Crooks not only share the Jewish Pollock bend, but that of the other English Stevensons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are smack-on here to Rothschild ancestry with my kicking at the crow.

The Scottish Pollock write-up conveniently leaves out Rothes, but does mention its Spey river: "...Pollok (Gaelic: Pollag), a large district on the south-western side of the city of Glasgow, home to Crookston Castle...Peter also possessed lands in Moray...Circa 1230, Murial de Polloc, a daughter of Peter, gifted her land of Inuerorkel and all its pertinents for the benefit of the hospital erected beside the bridge of Spey..." AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, emailer Pollock told me that Muriel above, or her daughter, married Mr. Watson, and the English Watsons (Burn chevron?) share the Kick/Kech crescents!!! This makes a lot of sense as per why I was kicking the crow; I'm happy with this particular Kick-crescent link to Watsons, especially as Kicks/Kecks are in Leslie colors and format while Leslie's married the line of Muriel Pollock.

In fact, Leslie's, for all I know, may have married a child of Mr. Watson. Lookie, just found: "Norman, the fifth possessor of the land of Lesslyn, was the first to use the family surname as he styled it in most public documents as 'Sir Norman de Lesslyn' and 'dominus de Lesley'. He married the daughter and heiress of Watson of Rothes. He died about 1320." There we go, about a century after Murial Pollock. I was kicking the crow as a pointer to the Pollock > Watson > Leslie line to Rothschilds. Emailer Pollock would complain to me often as to how the Pollock-married Leslie's were bottomless pits (my phrase) marrying only to mass fortunes of rich families (her sentiments).

One genealogy gives Elizabeth Leslie, wife of "Watson of Rothes," as Elizabeth Leith, perhaps suggesting that Leto-like Leiths and similar others were Leslie's or proto-Leslie's. Leto's/Lette's use a crane. It's possible that mythical Leto/Laton was from Lotan, brother of Esau's daughter-in-law, and to this we can add that I saw, a few hours ago, Eschyna de Molle as of "Loudon," a location in Ayrshire near Shechemite-liner Cunninghams. Loudons are listed with lot-related Lothians (pine TREE). We could expect mythical Leto liners at Apollonia, and Eschyna married the Alans from the Apollonia area. Emailer Pollock told me that Isabel, daughter of Eschyna de Molle, married Robert Pollock, brother of Peter of Rothes. I trace the Moray motto, "DEUM TIME," to TIMna of EDOM, Lotan's sister and Esau's daughter-in-law. Houseofnames has removed the Moray Coat using "Deum Time." Timna married elephant-like Eliphas, and Oliphants (Perthshire, same as Loudons/Lothians) were kin of Moray's Arbuthnotts.

Poor impoverished, silly and soul-sick, anti-Biblical historians, missing the boat and teaching lies all over while thinking themselves wise. One of them will teach that "Loudon" means a "fire hill," but someone else will challenge this with his "skills" in ancient languages, and someone else would think himself wiser still, all pushing rubbish. They trace "Pollock" to "a pool." But stupids, you don't even know which of the Pollock variations came first, and they don't all look like "pool." What if Pollocks came from a Polla surname of Italians? Italians don't use "pool" for a body of water, STUPID SIMPLETON LIARS. Why not show character and just admit you don't know what the derivation is rather than playing the experts with dictionary wars.

Scottish Watsons ("trunk of an oak TREE") are suspect with the "stump of a TREE" of Roddens/Rodhams in turn sharing the Stevenson / Pollock / Crookston/Crook / DOBERMAN bend, and it's also the bend-by-sword of German Berneys. Dobermans share the Watson griffin head. I heard the crow while cutting out tree stumps with my saw! Hamiltons (Renfrewshire) have a SAW in a TREE, and a motto, "THROUGH," suspect with the Pollock boar "SHOT THROUGH" with an arrow. Tree's are also TREWs, first found in Wiltshire with SHOTs/Shoots! Hamiltons share the cinquefoils of Lums/Lambs suspect in the Stove motto.

There's nobody online teaching that motto terms of surnames are code for ancestors, yet anti-educational, tyrannical google hides almost all my work in this regard. But it's God's work, and so expect God to punish / punch google as it deserves for this. Already, google has stepped into the trap of openly censoring hundreds of thousands of writers / video producers, and this cannot go unscathed, as google bosses hope it will. Google has turned itself into a fascism-supporting search engine, and the punishment for such a thing is eternal destruction. I win google, you lose. I'll maybe come visit you while you lie in Hell to put a spear through your heart, just from little-ole me, to remind you of what you did to my hard work. Who knows but that Jesus might hand me a sledge hammer for your head while I'm at it, snake. It is coming, the crusher, and you'll be the crushed one, in the dark, where no one will see you, no one will hear your voice, no one will even think to find you. You're going to be censored, canceled. Selah, you earned it. You'll be in a hot bed with all the fascists you supported, and they will despise you there. No party for you, no rich-class welcome, not even a rich-man's meal. NOTHING BUT PAIN, SHAME, REGRET AND HOPELESSNESS. The big will be the smallest. Don't you know the words of Jesus, snake?

Irish Berneys/Byrne's come up when entering BROMick ("aude," like the "Audacter" of Pollocks), and they not only share the fesse of the Shropshire Crocs, but share a brown Crest (essentially the Brown/Brun Crest) with Pollocks while Brunswicks have the Bramton/BROMpton Coat in colors reversed. Are we back to the Brome's/Brooms suspect with Frome's/Froome's at the mall platFORMs = STAGES? ACTORs work on stages, and so see it as "AudACTER." Berneys/Byrne's/Bromicks even have Coats like the Lums/Lumbs (CROZier!) and Lums/Lambs (look like Rosco kin) expected in the Stove motto: "CoeLUL non soLUM."

AHH, I get it. "COElum" of the Stove's was arranged by God because Coe's/Cowes' are also CAWE's!!! A crow caws!!! MacKays/CAWs have bears I suspect from Bernicians! God arranged this centuries ago to go with this little kick dream He just provided YOU.

The other Irish Byrne's (Holly/Collin kin), in Berney/Byrne/Bromick colors, happen to be in Crow colors and format, and so the crow at the stove burner looks to apply to Byrne's. The Bryne Crest even shares the Mason / Glassick mermaid!!! Bromicks/Berneys/Bryne's show human legs, and all I saw while kicking the crow was my legs!!! WOW. Berneys/Bryne's/Bromicks (arrow bendwise in Pollock-bend colors), sharing the Elgin/Elkin fesse, were first found in Elginshire, part of Moray i.e. home of Peter Pollock the proto-Rothschild. The Tigers in the Elgin/Elkin Coat were first found in Suffolk with Rosco-branch Rush's/Rish's and Ceraunii-line Crauns.

Is this a pointer to Patrick Byrne, suspect this week as a deep-state spy and fraud? If you like to have your head messed with, see Mr. Bryne's phone call with Lin Wood, a video out this week, where Bryne comes out looking like a spy on the affairs of Lin Wood and Sidney Powell. The whole election-fraud bid by these people is made to appear, by Byrne, as a sham, but in the end, he may be telling the truth...though Lin Wood and Byrne together may have staged the phone call in that both could be frauds...both cooking up some croc to shame Trump supporters in the end. Lins/Line's/Linds even share the Stove/Stevenson fleur-de-lys, and Byrne- / Burn-connectable Watsons share the oak with Woods (and Watts / Vatts).

Lin Wood was even the lawyer for Kyle Rittenhouse (it looks like a set-up one way or another), and Kyle is a location near Crookston elements. Kyle is in Ayrshire with the Skits/Skeets/Skeochs suspect in the "vireSCIT" motto term of LINs/Line's/Linds (Scoot/Scougal border in colors reversed), and with the first-known Lins/Line's/Linds (Croc / Crocket crescent in colors reversed) who look like Speer / Pasi/Pascel = Paisley kin. Lins/Line's/Linds love the Sempers sharing the Bramton/Bromton Coat, and the latter look like kin of Berneys/Bryne's/BROMicks. The Hollys/Collins, sharing a "wheat sheaf" with the Cecil Crest, tell that O'Bryne's were their neighbors, explaining why Hollys/Collins have the Byrne Coat-plus (BARNstaple trefoils?) The Holly/Collin mermaid is "combing HER HAIR" while Hers/Here's share blue wings with Bauers. Scottish Hairs were first found in Ayrshire too. Hers/Here's have "scythes" that can be for the Scythe variation of Skits/Skeets/Skeochs (Ayrshire). Scythes are sickles, and Sickle's might just have been a branch of Cecils/Seycils (Devon, same as Stevenson-connectable Barnstaple's).

The mermaid is combing her hair while Combings/Comine's/Comyns use the "dexter paw" holding a dagger while Daggers were first found in Comber-connectable Cumberland while German Daggers are also Decks/Deckers. The Courage's/Courays in the Combing/Comine motto may have been Crow liners. Hollys may have been from the HOLstein namers of mythical Holle, and Schleswig-Holstein is where Decker- / Tiger-like TEGGERs/Teegers were first found. As EGGERs (Hegger/Hagar colors) share the Tegger/Teeger plate. the PLATforms = DECKs come back to mind. Eggs could have half the Deck/Dagger Shield, suggesting that Ice's/Ecco's (Rostock, beside Schleswig-Holstein and Schwerin) and Eggs were Dexaroi liners. The vertically-split Hagger Shield is in the colors of the horizontally-split Schwerin Shield. Hager-like Agarus was the old name of the Siret river, suggesting the possibility that Dexaroi were from the Agarus, especially as Sire's/Sirets use a mirror often in the hand of the heraldic mermaid.

Rittens/RISHtons could be a branch of Rush's/Rish's or Rosco's Risco's both of which share the Berney/Byrne/Bromick fesse. I get the distinct feeling that God is pointing with the crow-burner dream to the Byrne-Wood phone call which reads like a spy novel.

English Watsons have: "A griffin's head with a gold CROWN aROUND its neck," a typical Ceraunii-line symbol but suggesting Alans of Arundel i.e. from Aulon at the Ceraunii mountains. Recall the Rhodian ROUND Table, which writers ascribed to both Cecil Rhodes and Rothschild bankers. The elaborate Arms-of-Rothschild Crest is described partly like so: "The shield is surmounted by a baronial crown, wound ROUND with small pearls..." Rounds use a Hesse-like "Esse" motto term, and the first Rothschild may have gotten his fortunes with a prince of Hesse-Cassel, or so we can read online where google hasn't quite buried all of the anti-Rothschild writers. Why do Rounds have a "sleeping lion" if not for Sleeps (same place as Alans)? Aren't Rounds a branch of Alan-related Rundels/Roundels / Arundels? Arun of the Arundels is in Sussex with COURTs/COVERts while Ash's/ESSE's are said to have included D'Esse Court, a man's name (not a location). Courts/Coverts seem to love the Grands in their motto, and while the "Grip Fast" motto of Leslie's is like the "Stand fast" of Scottish Grands (crowns, could be for Ceraunii liners), French Grands share the Coat of Black-connectable Nerets, the latter from Dol along with the Shropshire Alans. The Fasts share the quadrants in the Arms of Rothschild.

Ahh, Small-like Smells, sharing "Industria" with the Arms-of-Rothschild motto, look like Leslie kin. Smells were even first found in Cumberland with Burns!

I had loaded the Arms-of-Rothschild page above initially to find what the white, clam-like thing is in the RED ESCUTCHEON. English Smalls have a "couchant" uniCORN in the colors of the couchant, sleeping lion of Rounds. A red escutcheon is shared by German Smalls while Scottish Smalls were first found in Renfrewshire with Pollocks, explaining the "small pearls" in the Rothschild CROWN. You see, Rothschilds are from the CERAUNii mountains, and likely from Apollonia. The Abotts and Peare's/Pearls are clearly related to Teins/THAMES' (Oxfordshire, same as Thames river), and this spells ArTEMIS (probably from THEMIScyra in the ancient land of Amazons), Apollo's Amazonian twin sister. The bottomless pit seems to be for Rothschilds, their reward from God for their deeds. It is coming. Go to jail if we must, for a short time, but do not give in to the globalists, do not be Lot's wife. You have God's word that the end-times will come and go quickly.

Oxfordshire is where BEAR-using COUCH's were first found, suspect in the COUCHant Small unicorn. The Couch bear is upright and BROWN for Brunswick liners, the colors of the upright bear of German Beers. English Beers have the same bear in black, and share "black birds" (displayed as a raven) with French Corbins/Corbetts and the Allisons that were pointed to by Allison Bauer.

Oxfordshire is where English Goldens were first found who are in Irish Arthur colors and format. German Goldens have a giant uniCORN expected with the white-on-red unicorn of Rasmussens/ASSmans (evokes Ash's/Esse's), the latter first found in Hesse and having named Assmannshausen at RUDESheim. Rothschilds added a "GOLDEN star" which "floats upon the buffalo horns...and oh, buffalo horns were used by Zahringers of Baden (beside Switzerland), the founders of Burn-like Berne!!! Good one, it almost got away from me. Burns were first found in Cumberland with their Bernice branch, and Berwicks / BARwicks of Bernicia's Berwickshire share the bear with Berne's. The five Rothschild arrows aren't held with a "BARE arm" for nothing. Burns love the swan-using Readys in their motto, and while Swans are Sions too, Sion is in Switzerland with Berne.

The black eagle on the central helmet (in the Crest of the Rothschild Arms) could be the Peterson eagle because Petersons have a version of the English Small Coat while Petersons share the Rothes lion head and the Peter swan. Peter Pollock of Rothes, right? There is a white unicorn as a supporter of the Arms, according to the description at the page above.

The white item in the red Rothschild escutcheon is a "right-facing shield." It is placed as a BENDwise shield in the colors of the Rothschild/Roddenstein / Rodden/Rodham / Rothchild BEND. David Morley of the sleeping-bag dream pointed to Rhodes / Rodhams, and English Smalls were first found in Morleston of Morley. Did God arrange this heraldry to connect a smallpox hoax to Rothschilian bankers? Was the smallpox plot turned into the COVID plot. Is COVID a pilot project for a future smallpox plot? It was the Tuckers who first pointed to smallPOX, and while they look like a Duck/Docker branch, English Dockers and Duckers were first found in Cumberland with Burns.

Ducks/Duckers were of BAR-le-Duc. The bare arm must be for bear-like Bare's/Barrs, and then German Barrs/BAERs/Berre's share the hunting horn with Burns and Bernice's. Barrs Baers/Berre's have a Shield partly green, the colors of the Bauer / Bower / Bourley Shield, and the first Rothschild, Mayer Bauer, lived on Jew street in a house called, "Green Shield." The Rothschild bankers look like heraldry nuts, playing with pictures / icons of their bloodline ancestors like little children who don't have better things to do with their money, besides using it to hog the world's wealth. I've only just realized that Barrs/Baers/Berre's have a split Shield in the colors of the Burner quadrants.

As the crow was intend on standing / perching on the stove burner, one can gather that Ceraunii liners are being Revealed as fundamental kin of Burn liners (suspect from Berenice AGRIPpa). My kicking the crow now looks like a way to get to the "Grip" motto term of Leslie's (Kick colors and format). Leslie's were first found in Aberdeenshire with ProFETTs/Prophets (giant leg). That works great. Foot-branch Fothes'/Fette's were first found in neighboring Kincardine with Peare-like Peartree's/Patria's who share the Trump stag head.

The stove burner was hot, perhaps a pointer to Hotts, first found in D'Oust. Dusts/D'Ousts can be of the DUSTERs suspect in the "InDUSTRia" motto term in the Arms of Rothschilds. Dusters look like kin of Jewish Rothchilds, and Dusters use "an arm in armor" to go with the bare arm. Ah, it just so happens that Armors ("squire's helmet"), with more arms in armor, have a chevron-with-items in the colors and format of the same of Burns! Dusters share the BARNstaple bend-with-trefoils, in the colors and format of the Stove-branch Stevensons!!! That's why the burner was HOT! God pointed in this dream to Rothchilian souls damned to hell FOREVER as reward for their greed and innumerable sins. They are suspect at the charge of Christian persecution, the call to murder people who refuse to worship the beast. They may provide the world with the tyrannical False Prophet. That's what this dream looks like, a pointer to the False Prophet too.

The Rothschild-beloved Smalls come with "small pearls," and Peare's/Pearls were kin of Tiens in the "Tiens" motto term of SQUIRE's in the Armor helmet. The small pearls are upon a crown upon a helmet. Squire's share the red squirrel with Decks/DAGGERs who in turn have the split Shield of Scottish Smalls who in turn have a lion pierced with a "DAGGER." The Pollock boar is pierced with an arrow, suspect as the Rothschild arrow, but instead of "pierced," the Pollocks use "shot through." Shots/Shoots are the ones first found in Wiltshire with Calls/Calles' and almost using their three TRUMPets. The Shots/Shoots use swords in the colors of the Small sword (dagger). Shots/Shoots have three swords fessewise while SKINs/SCANs (Aberdeenshire, same as Prophets) have the same three swords palewise. It looks like a pointer to the False Prophet's skin-scanning system.

Will Trump become a Rothschild stooge as the next president? Will Trump push a smallpox vaccine along with Fox news that sets the stage for the mark of the beast? Can people really be that dangerously stupid to their own souls? The richest in money become the most-wretched of soul. Anyone who celebrates Fox news from this point on is a partner with wickedness of the lukewarm-spit kind. Fox is not connected to the Head. It is a cloud without rain, a falling star. It protects George Soros, the Jew who helped Hitler kill Jews.

The Shot/Shoot swords are called "BAR ways" instead of fessewise, and Scottish Smalls, with a "non" motto term, share a "branch of palm" with NONs/Nevins, the latter first found in Ayrshire with BARE's/Bars. Small-like Samuels (red squirrels "sejant" to go with the squire's helmet) were first found in CORNwall, beside the WAYs/Weigh's (Devon, same as BEERs). Couch's, whom we met in the Small unicorn, share double-red pale bars with Ways/Weigh's. One could say the a bare arm is found at vaccination sites. Palms share the fleur-de-lys of Decks/Daggers (red squirrel). The Peare's in the "small pearls" were on the mall decks in the sleeping-bag dream, and Sleeps share double-white fesses with Ways/Weigh's who look like they may have been a Wake / Walk/Wach branch. Wake's have their double fesses in the colors of the double "palets" of Couch's.

The way in which I was taking tree stumps out might apply. I would dig all around the stumps in an effort to cut with the chainsaw below ground level. I hacked the small roots with a short hatchet to dislocate them from the stump. English Beers share the Hatchet fish, and Hatch's share the Brunswick Coat to go with the BROWN squirrel in the Samuel Crest. It is amazing that hatchets are used by Zahringer-like Zerrs/Zehrers, for Zahringers own buffalo horns and founded Berne. The "man in profile" in the Zerr/Zehrer Crest is "CARRYing an axe on his SHOULDER", and heraldic shoulders can be code for the Schultz's/SCHILDS and/or Schultz's/Scholz's (share BARE/Bar stars) sharing the blue armored arm with Armors. That's already amazing for being right-on topic. Schultz's/Scholz's, first found in Switzerland with Berne, have quadrants colors reversed from the Cheile-branch Keele's/Kills, and Cheile's are in the motto of Camerons who in turn share the five, bunched arrows in the bare arm of Rothschilds.

VOITs, by their Coat, look like Schild kin (may have named RothSCHILDs in marriage with Rothes elements), and a "cross VOIDed" is used by English Smalls (same place as proto-Rothschild Pollocks) who in turn have the Keele/Kill crescent in colors reversed. The white Small cross is voided by a fat-black cross that is itself in the colors of the fat CHAIN/CHEYNE cross, and after hacking the small roots with the hatchet, I'd take the CHAINsaw to the rest. Without the voided cross, the Smalls (unicorn in Crest) have the Slow Coat, and so we see another unicorn in the Slow Crest. By what coincidence were Slows first found in Buckinghamshire with Cheneys??

Cheneys (not Chains) use a "fato" motto term, and FEETs/FATE's share gold martlets with Cheneys. My FEET were PUSHing the crow on the burner, and Push's/Bush's go with Dick Cheney, the Rothchilian tools who razed the Middle East criminally, for which God will hand these demons their just deserts. I now remember, and I'm not kidding. I heard the crow in my woods when doing the stump right beside the BUSH-tree. It's about six feet tall consisting of over ten small "trunks" of an inch thick, which makes it a bush more than a tree. The stump I was working on was about four feet away from this bush. It looks all Designed for pointing to guilty parties that God is warning us about, because they're dangerous lunatics.

Repeat: "The Peare's in the "small pearls" were on the mall decks in the sleeping-bag dream, and Sleeps share double-white fesses with Ways/Weigh's who look like they may have been a Wake / Walk/Wach branch. Wake's have their double fesses in the colors of the double "palets" of Couch's." Sleeping Beauty was lying down when hovering, and while the "couchant unicorn" of Smalls is called such for lying down, the Knots/Cnuts (Derbyshire, same as Smalls) in the "wake knot" of Wake's happen to share the Kick crescents, and Knots/Cnuts add a white unicorn head in Crest that must be the white Small unicorn. In other words, Sleeping Beauty is linking to this, for I was told to wake her.

Where's Mount Gareb?

When kicking at the crow, it wasn't flying off and returning, but hovering above the burner, going slightly straight up and down as I kicked, coming down to get back onto the burner. It strikes me here that Ways/Weigh's were first found in Devon with HYKES'/Hacks while Miss Hicks is Sleeping Beauty. The Hatchets (share Way/Weigh fish) we saw at also HACKets. It tends to inform us that Hovers/Hoffers were related to raven / crow liners, but I think the key take-away now is that Knots/Cnuts are also Canute's who share the chevron of Cheney-like Chanuts/Chenu's. Plus, as Sleeping Beauty started to rise when I woke her, as a pointer to Risings/RISONs (Norfolk), the Armors with a version of the Burn chevron-with-items are said to have included: "...John Armourer was Mayor of Rising, Norfolk in 1343." It looks like the hovering crow links to Miss Hicks, and as such I see the Hyksos bumping into Gareb liners out of Jerusalem, near Hebron, home of Abraham, husband of Keturah, the line to Kotor beside Rhizon.

I figured mount Gareb to be the hill on which the Knesset sits, or the hill beside it. I can't remember where I took the 1.65 miles from, in the Bible, which I figured was the distance between Gareb and the Corner Gate of the Jerusalem wall. I had read from someone who put Gareb to the north of the wall. I think he had it to the north of the north-west corner, but I went west from that corner. has: "Corner Gate : A gate of Jerusalem in the NORTHWEST corner of the city not far from the Ephraim Gate (2 Kings 14:13; 2 Chronicles 25:23 )." "The Corner Gate, properly northwest from the [Ephraim gate]." The gate of Ephraim is expected to be on the north wall without doubt.

So, if correct that Jeremiah's Corner Gate is the north-west corner of the city, we need to go in some direction from the Corner Gate to mount Gareb, for that's what Jeremiah 31:39 says. Let me give you what Jay P. Green's interlinear text has: "And the measuring line will yet go out before it [Corner Gate] to the hill Gareb". There's no "straight to" mount Gareb there. There is "yet" in Green's translation, and in this context, "yet" means going further from what verse 38 says, which talks about rebuilding the city between the Tower of Hananeel to the Corner Gate. Is Gareb a straight line from Hananeel through the Corner Gate to Gareb? Possibly, but not necessarily. "Yet" can mean "further, but not necessarily ruler-straight."

The city walls in king David's time were essentially the same as in Jesus' day, with the northwest corner in the same place...meaning that the northwest corner -- the proposed Corner Gate -- was in the same place, and therefore see it on this map due west from the tower of Haneneel:

The Corner Gate is not on the map above because it's the walls of Jerusalem at the present time, but the northwest corner is where it's always been. Find the Jerusalem walls at the google map below, and make it large enough to see the Knesset (Israeli parliament) due west of the northwest corner. You can measure the distance according to the scale the map below offers, but it may be off, and so, if you like, use Google earth here (wait for it to load). I measured 1.5 miles as the bird flies between the northwest corner of the city to the Knesset building. It would be more like about 1.65 miles if measured with men on the ground due to hill contours. If you use the scale at the map below, you won't get close to that distance, and so you'll need to decide which scale you'll trust.,+Jerusalem/@31.7701225,35.2179259,13.98z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x150329c8dc262c8b:0x9ab61a59c838a400!8m2!3d31.7767923!4d35.2310338

I zoomed the Google Earth view to display a scale of 500 meters per 3.3 centimeters. I measured the distance from the center of the Knesset building to the edge of the corner of the city at the white dotted line. It measured 16 centimeters. I therefore divided 16 by 3.3 = 4.85, and then multiplied that by 500 meters to arrive to 2,224 meters = 1.5 miles. The problem is, you may be reading this in vain because I forgot how I arrived at 1.65 miles as the distance between the city's northwest corner to mount Gareb.

I had lots of time on my hands, as in weeks and weeks trying to figure out where Ezekiel's temple river (chapter 47) flowed starting on a mountain three miles north of the northwest corner of the Jerusalem wall. I had a Google-earth system showing the elevation of the land so that one could figure where water would flow naturally after it gets down the hill. The first section of Ezekiel's river was only ankle deep, explained where it was going down the hill. The river then crossed the highway and followed it northward on it's east side a ways, where it could be knee deep after 2000 cubits, and I found that it could be waist deep after 3,000 cubits too after it turned at the next road eastward. Finally, it seemed to me that this water flow could not fulfill Ezekiel's too-deep-to walk-across part after 4,000 cubit. The problem is, it's not possible to know for sure unless one visits that part of Israel to see in-person. Know anyone in Israel?

I'm fairly sure the hill is the one with Kern Orr Center. I had identified that hill as the Ezekiel's temple mount. I think it's where Herod quarried his blocks for "his" temple. I was trying to plot Ezekiel's 25,000 x 20,000 cubit city, and found a way to get Gareb 1.65 miles from the corner. But actually, I'm not even sure that's how I did it. Sorry.

The idea coming to mind, years ago, was that the Rothschild family chose mount Gareb for Israeli parliament because Rothschilds knew themselves to be descended from Gareb, but when I plotted all of that material, it was in 2006/7, a decade roughly before I became proficient in Rothschild ancestry. And you saw evidence in this update, if you consider it evidence, that Rothschilds are crow liners. Gareb is also "GAREV," and the Ceraunii of Croatia are suspect in naming Croatians, who are also KRVati. Turn the 'u' to a 'v to get "Ceravnii."


Every once in a while, I'm repeating that while I share bitchute news videos because bitchute is the only platform I know of that gives the latest videos at the top of the page, yet bitchute is loaded with 95-percent spiritual garbage, and probably plenty of trolls to boot with fake news to confuse and mess with our heads. Keep your soul protected as you scroll down bitchute pages. I often feel depressed after doing so.

Word going around now is from Peter Daszak, Ecohealth chief, from way back in 2016:

"Until an infectious disease crisis is very real, present, and at an emergency threshold, it is often largely ignored. To sustain the funding base beyond the crisis, we need to increase public understanding of the need for MCMs such as a pan-influenza or pan-coronavirus vaccine. A key driver is the media, and the economics follow the hype. We need to use that hype to our advantage to get to the real issues. Investors will respond if they see profit at the end of process."

That's a criminal conspiracy to defraud the public, to take their money via taxes from willing government accomplices, and to introduce into bodies as many vaccinal shots as possible for profit. Yet, there's no telling what other secret operations are taking place to perpetuate the need for further / variant vaccines, via chosen vaccine ingredients to make people dependent or sick, to perpetuate other medicines, "medicines" or medical procedures / operations for further profit by various types of players that mutually participate to more-efficiently facilitate maximum success of the schemes. When many players are playing, the ones we expect to blow the whistle are too happy making money to blow a whistle. These people will be greatly ashamed, it's just a matter of time.

Here's the video on smallpox that was discussed heraldically earlier in this update:

Here's a video showing political people in the Obama era involved in a concerted effort to begin a smallpox pandemic, faked or otherwise, to procure $$$ from vaccines, and to Fabianize the world. Notice that the largest initial outbreak was slated in the Frankfurt area, ground-zero Rothschilian turf. The globo-politicians are reading/speaking a script enforced upon them by the governors and conductors of the hoax, absolutely you MUST NOT TRUST these people as they act like they care for the world, they are ever up to things to grow their own organs, with the peoples' money, until the people can no longer topple them:

Question: what happened to that smallpox emergency? Were the globo-politicians planning to air that cinema? I would say, yes, to pretend that it was a real event. That's what it looks like to me. Here's on another pandemic movie by the goons, as they rehearse for the real thing:

Here's the best video I've seen to explain what Fauci and his partners-in-crime were talking about on camera, in the planning to unleash the COVID hoax, because I didn't understand what they were saying until the newsman explained it, and showed the key clips consecutively (the panel was talking partly in code):

Here's the Israeli's admitting with deep concern, and even what looks like an alarm going out to the public, that the county has a vaccine-killer problem (duh, it took them this long to see?). One can verify that the English words are accurately displayed by certain words such as "Bennet, Sheba, Kreiss, COVID, etc:

It sounds like a rash of severe illnesses SUDDENLY hit, perhaps the goons having decided to increase the distribution of poisonous or more-poisonous vials as their next logical step. The world over, the most-vaccinated areas see the worst illnesses, and still trudeau is aiming to get children vaccinated as young as five by having all canadian media fire with all barrels open at the pubic to desensitize it, make the vials appear safe. Where are those who test the vials? Why do we not hear from the equipped experts who are expected to be checking the contents of the vials at random?

Here's a guy reading the results or tentative results of graphene's effects on kidney cells and nerves, from studies prior to the COVID "pandemic." He's apparently of the belief that all vaccines have graphene, but I'm not of that opinion. He tries to keep his derogatory language to a minimum, but he's sincerely angry, revealing a good heart:

I thought this native-Australian's emotional tirade should be shared. It is very Twilight-Zone bad in Australia right now, cowards for leaders, hiding behind their military and police dogs, otherwise the people would club them to death at this point, and dance afterward. A bubble could burst soon in Australia:

This Australian is claiming genocide of Australian natives, making it look as though the government is picking on the minority group (like a fat-head bully on a small-fry) first of all, as a trial operation:

Will this cry be heard in the West:

Here's a one-minute horror show:

It's only a few dozen people that have been taken away by the Australian military, but this must be just a start, an operation to evolve as the goons think best, and the country is headed toward the warmest months now. Success depends on how the majority of the military reacts to this iron-fisted, overweening over-reach. How can we help? This should help:

Here's a video which informed me, between the lines, that there was never an ozone crisis, but that it was invented by globalist goons who are now pushing climate change instead. What I mean is, the speaker in the video says that, thanks to global efforts, the ozone layer has been saved, and that it's now healing, and is expected to be fully recovered in about 50 years. But I say that we stopped hearing the ozone fear stories because the globalists shifted to global warming instead. The ozone layer, that is, is NOT healing, because it was never sick. It was a scam from the globo-media machine. If certain manmade products were causing the ozone depletion, why was the ozone hole above Antarctica, where nobody lives? Duh, because people couldn't easily prove the hoax that way, like they could if the hole were above an equatorial region. So they staged teams of scientists to go to Antarctica to "prove" that there was a hole there, and that's what they told the trusting world. Now, in 2021, we know these goon are compulsive schemers and liars. Ocean levels are NOT rising i.e. proof that global warming hasn't been taking place. LIARS:

Fox news HYPOCRITES, crying the blues over a child run over by a car, warning nothing about vaccine deaths in the thousands now expected to hit children. If you think that Tucker Carlson could be the savior of the conservative movement, see in just under one minute what a falsifying useless tool he really is:

I'm not showing the video below as per the Bohemian-Grove part, but for the part that comes afterward, where Hannity will not treat the guest with any respect or credibility when he says that 9-11 was an inside job by planned demolition teams, exactly what many firefighters and others have claimed due to the bombs they heard on several floors. Hannity doesn't want to hear that evidence, and pretends it doesn't exist, and wants his viewers to be deceived, for Hannity knows full well that 9-11 was an inside job. So, the question: what motives do Tucker and Hannity have for denying 9-11? Is it merely the Fox boss who's forbidden any serious talk on the subject? Or is there more? Should the two lie on 9-11 just to keep their jobs? Is there a name for people like that? Hannity is a journalist; he's seen all the evidence amply online, he saw no plane at the Pentagon; he saw Building 7 go down in demolition style. (The psychological analysis of Hannity's motives and scheming from the video speaker is questionable in my mind, as is his claim that Hannity is a sorcerer.)

What Hannity said to that man he said to me. SUPER, Hannity has exposed himself, and I'm doing my part here by sharing the terrible way he treated that man who has the obvious truth to share. Don't you think it is incumbent upon all Fox anchors to expose the boss if he's covering for that MASSIVE 9-11 crime. Are not the anchors paid accomplices to the crime if they cover for the boss covering for the criminals? Of course they are. Hannity is not a journalist, he's a money maker, and a lover of lavish.

Why doesn't Fox cover this rash-of-stillbirth story, since it must be happening all over the world, depending on where this particular still-birth batch of vaccine has been provided. This is an atrocity, but Fox news covers the Biden idiot's every step instead, and when it's not the Biden fool, it's some other political fool's game:

He's not of the opinion that there's no evidence for an inside 9-11 job, as he claims. He knows there's evidence, but he's decided, like Hannity, like Bongino, like Trump, like hundreds of other media personalities on the conservative side, to feign the status-quo position on 9-11, to stay out of trouble, and thus he put himself on the path to becoming a small and powerless man, which is why Fox news can never save the country. Fox people never go where it's important to go to unveil the highest level of the Illuminati pyramid, and that's why Newt Gingrich was shut up by Fox hosts when he mentioned George Soros in a bad light. Right on the air, Gingrich was told to shut his mouth (not in those words). Be enlightened: Fox is a tease-job.

Gateway Pundit headline: "There Are Now 365 Studies that Prove the Efficacy of Ivermectin and HCQ in Treating COVID-19 — Will Anyone Confront Fauci and The Medical Elites on Their Deception?". Why is Trump not echoing this headline? Why does he see all the headlines that concern himself, like those on election fraud, but he doesn't see this one? I'll tell you why, because he's guilty of murder for not allowing the people to use those life-saving drugs. It's MURDER. If ever he says nice things, it's for selfish motives. He's become a con-artist politician pretending not to be.

Here's a short video on how to handle communist globo-pots:

Here's a near-two-hour Christian video I watched:

The biggest evidence for God is, everything you see. We need only understand why He's invisible, a thing the movie did not address. He's chosen to be invisible to witness what people would choose in a universe having no God. He wants to see the real heart of every person, for the cause of Judgment for those who refuse to believe to their dying day, because they are unfit to be positive additions to His Kingdom. If it's His Kingdom, He has the right to refuse entry. He saves people who show WILLINGNESS to go life His ways. It's that simple. If there is unwillingness, neither will they believe while here on earth. If they choose a life without God, they are unfit for His Kingdom, it's as simple as that. He's chosen to be invisible to see what we will choose. I'm happy with my decision to appreciate Jesus. Our best evidence of God's existence is the inner witness when we soften a heart toward Him because WE WANT HIM. And if we ask Him to be inside of us, there is no greater compliment one can pay God. It softens His heart, and He drops grace (NO-JUDGMENT) upon us. Get it? Good, now go get it.

Here's a store-pass nightmare starting up in Australia, probably more than a trial balloon, more like a public conditioner for doing food stores soon. You can tell that there is a global conspiracy, with Western governments in favor of what Australia is doing, because the governments are not screaming against what Australia is doing. PREPARE YOUR STORED FOODS, or prepare to get vaccinated, that's what the choices look like to me.

There's no evidence that this global hoax is subsiding. The masters are still working the dark of night to push it in various ways. They conspire together, absolutely. We don't need to catch them in the act to know it. They are discussing plans together, their best way forward. Ironically, their worst obstacle is the killings and maimings from the vaccines. They are killing in broad daylight, word gets around, media or no media. However, a parent that kills a child by vaccinating him/her is pressured to deny that the vaccine did it, or the parent looks like the killer. The demons in government know this. The silver lining is that people broadly are coming to recognize the demonism in government, promising a backlash right when we Christians may need a kill-switch to the vaccine tyranny. It's the very first Bowl that sees sores breaking out on those who have the 666.

I see the 1st Bowl early, the third of all 21 plagues not including the seven Thunders. Doesn't the outbreak in this Bowl make it seem as though there's something of a sore-causing agent attached to the 666 or the application method thereof? Will it be a microchip after all, and will they inject something in the hand along with the chip that causes skin ailments? Or is it only a generality that people with the mark have ugly skin outbreaks due to something other than the mark, but joined to it? For example, if the 666 is directly mandated for vaccination passes into stores, then the skin sores could be from the vaccines, not the 666. In either case, people value their looks, and will collectively become very unhappy with the cause of these sores, and so they promise to make the demons in power reel back, to ease their advance in persecuting those who refuse the mark.

The demons in power are expected to be readers of Revelation because they will see their very own skin-code system in chapter 13. This is what condemns those who go along with it: while the demons see God warning against it, it's exactly the reason they issue it, because they despise God that much for intervening in and spoiling their global reach, their love of playing God. And they may try to devise ways to explain away the plagues of Revelation, using something like climate change, for example. And this is likely the reason that God did not disclose the Seven Thunders, so that the demons, the literal demons as well as their human servants, can't plan to explain them away in some natural way. The only reason I can think of for God keeping the Thunders a secret is to keep the demons from planning strategies to overcome their disasters. The Thunders will be surprises to all, promising to derail their programs and make them more hateful of God than ever. God is going to drive them nuts, one plague after the other, as He did to the Exodus pharaoh. The haters of God will burn in their souls so badly that when the Two Witnesses are murdered, the people conduct celebrations as part of their swan song. Instead of softening their hearts, they will eat and be merry, for tomorrow they die rejecting their God.

INSANIACS, they live amongst us today, and we will see their murderous hearts as they stand up for the "global good" of their lying leaders. We are seeing the lying leaders acting right now. The world is a literal stage operation, with the leaders creating untrue images of their hearts for public dissemination, and secretly discussing and modifying their plans as they see best for moving forward to their end-goal: atheistic communism cloaked in democracy. Everyone in my generation has been part of a long-range control program from the globalists, but the end-goal has taken much longer than they had planned in the beginning. They didn't take into consideration the foot of God to trip them up, nor did they consider the evil amongst their like-minded ones that's sure to slow them down with in-fighting. On top of these things, these people are PLAIN STUPID, or they wouldn't be anti-Christs to begin with. They are accidents waiting to happen, and their accidents will be global in scope because they act globally. From one room, they want to dictate our world condition. The evil power we once saw in movies, with the good guys always winning, is now the reality.

It's only November, exactly the time that we expect globalists to introduce a threatening / complicated virus-variant, and here it is, coming from the vaccine-goon co-capital of the world, Israel. The speaker calls it "omega," but I think he means "omicron":

The plot here, at first sight, is to introduce a variant in which the vaccines do not work. What do you suppose an end-goal could be with such a strategy? My guess: to blame the vaccine-caused illnesses on Omega, to cover for the vaccine companies and the vaccine goons the world over. They can now say that vaccinated people are coming down with Omega, and you, little ones, can't disprove it. So, little ones, it's you versus the big, lie-loving media. And you're going to lose. I will also guess that if they push this new and "dangerous" variant, they want lockdowns too. It's the perfect timing, in winter, to justify more lockdowns. What are they gunning for? To put little guys out of business, so that there will more profits for the big companies who vote globalist. They want a monopoly one all things we need for survival. The British government (the global pig with influence over Israel) came out with the same message simultaneously (rush-rush, no time to lose): a new variant that vaccines may not be able to hinder:

It's theater, the man is reading from a script. He doesn't believe a word he's saying. But our fellow communist-pig citizens are lapping it up, and they need to be straightened out. They are dunce's, we have the wisdom, we could set them straight, if only they'd be open to hearing. But they are not listening. The globalists are depending on them.

Here's the Botswanian government telling (sorry computerized speaker in video) that the variants were from double-vaccinated people. But, then again, how does anyone know this is a variant? Just because some Western medical people said so? Where's the evidence that this variant exists? Should we just believe the reports? It's obvious that the same COVID-scheme actors in high places are simultaneously coming out with the same message, just like liberal media do, like toy soldiers of a higher power.

I agree with most of this man's view of the global scheme, do listen:

The speaker above tends to contradict himself where he says that the schemers didn't intend for the vaccines to fail as badly as they have, yet claims that vaccines are partly a population-control program. I suggest the schemers knew all along the vaccines would not work to heal people, and that the vaccines are intended to make people more susceptible to illness from viruses of all kinds, which viral infections can then be lumped into whatever COVID strain they need at the time. He would be better to say that the vaccines are not working for the goons due to the many voices exposing them. The goons thought more people could be hoodwinked than are being hoodwinked.

However, he has the right outlook, and I'm hoping his legal challenges give us more time to prepare our foods, etc. It's looking good at the present time to stop mandatory vaccinations for this winter, and that will probably kill mandatory for the summer months too. But these goons will try their best immediately, and if they fail this winter, they'll be back with new plans eventually, we should assume. Don't let an eye of the storm fool you. Assume that they will continue this plot, because it's their satanic nervana. Always-always denounce them in the strongest-possible verbiage, not because we stretch the truth about them, but because we don't know a tenth of the evil they do. If you catch a thief, you know he's evil in other ways. You know it's not his first theft (generally speaking).

For anyone following the Epstein story on international blackmailing, now that Ghislaine's trial has started, you might find this piece of news to be like a piece to the puzzle:

The video has some great news recently from Austria, where a court decided that the PCR tests for COVID are bogus. This is the crumbling of the COVID house of cards. This is the jugular to go for. Without the tests, they cannot claim a pandemic. No pandemic means you can take your employer to court if they fire you, and you can sue for a lot of money if they ruin a long-standing career that you're well-trained for. You can sue the government officials too, which is probably why governments are not mandating vaccines. You can also sue the government for your job loss because the government misled your employer to believe that there's a pandemic. Let class-action law suits begin, because the government is stealing the peoples money in big fines for not wearing masks, not obeying lockdown laws-on-the-spot, for being "unlawfully" in public places, etc., and the people need to take all of that money back, and to spit into the faces of police officers too.

The video also hints that the globalists are planning to take pensions away from seniors to kill them off sooner. It could happen, because...we don't know a tenth of what monsters they really are, nor do we know how suicidally stupid they can be when being way-late in propping up their global government. We are about to find out, and we are seeing glimpses of their gnarly leg hairs even now. Don't spare the verbiage. Keep it coming against them, so that when their blow-back comes against us, it might be weaker at the time due to their suffering bad publicity and/or political losses. The speaker in the video is not a Christian, and he expects to see a light at the end of the COVID tunnel. I'm not looking at things that way. I could be wrong, but I'm going forward anticipating the last seven years during the virus plots, where things go from dim to dark before the Light Appears.

Gateway Pundit on Sunday: "UPDATE: South African Doctor Who Discovered 'Omicron' Variant Says There’s Nothing to Worry About – Only Mild Symptoms (VIDEO)". Could someone please tell us how variants are "discovered"? Perhaps she agreed to be part of a new-variant scheme, but then changed her mind when Western leaders started to cancel tourism and other flights to her country. Another Gateway headline Sunday: "Here We Go… Two Omicron-Infected Individuals Arrive in Australia – Both Victims are FULLY VACCINATED." Fauci says COVID is not going away probably because he knows vaccinated people have become vulnerable to viruses. His job is to deflect from the fact that vaccinated people are the sick ones because it looks bad on him ESPECIALLY.

Here's the doctor above, said by Gateway to be the discoverer of omicron, telling a different story, that she sent out her blood samples / swabs, at some point after November 18, and someone else discovered it, for she says "this past week, it came out that this is the new variant going around." So, who is the real entity that started this variant story? Why doesn't she say here? Maybe she does in the longer version of her message, but if she doesn't, mark her down as a possible part of the conspiracy...because the source of the claim of a new variant is the crux of this story:

She says the similarities of this "variant" is a tired feel, a sore throat, no cough. And so where are the global goons getting their information that this is a thing to watch?

How can they say it's by far the most-transferable variant when only 10 or fewer people have it in any given area???? HUM? They lie, they scare-lie. Did they follow those people around to measure how far they got from others who transferred it to them? NOBODY transferred the variant to them. It's an illusion of a ghost rattling his chains.

The video below claims that there are no communication satellites, perhaps a video by a flat-earther. But you might like to see the section on undersea cables. While watching this, I was struck by the possibility that God may be aiming the Apophis asteroid at these cables to cancel some communications. The force of the asteroid might be able to send sufficient energy through the water to snap cables without physical contact by the rock. This would give the fat-cats a big repair / damage-control project to engage immediately, and may thus ease their persecution against us, especially as the fat-cats will know that Revelation speaks of this asteroid. They've heard. People have heard. But instead of taking the warning, they will refuse to hand their powers to Jesus. They will war against Him instead. The asteroid is God's declaration of war.

I don't know how anyone can be a flat-earther. They do Christians a disservice because they look stupid, playing right into the hands of anti-Christ evolutionists. If there is a flat earth, then show us the edge of the planet? Where's the edges, STUPIDS?

According to Hugo, Sweden has begun a vaccine passport via a small device in the hand:

I'm hoping that the goons do not distribute poison vaccines for children, but my hopes are dashed already. Look at these parents who killed their own little son trying to make the vaccine company look guilty:

They appeared to be gunning for the advancement of their conspiracy using delta, with mu on the sideburner in case needed, but not even mu could save them, so they are trying omicron, but this looks like another flop-in-the-making that, with three-strikes-you're-out, how dare they try a fourth swing at it? They're only option (for advancing) is a real killer virus, but that puts their friends and family at risk too, unless they've prepared a working vaccine for them. The probably skipped the nu because it sounds like "new variant," laughable, they realized, and even "mu" sounds like a joke. These people are only as powerful as the police departments obey them, and if they try using military force, their democratic rule, they fear, will end shortly afterward. Even Democrats are starting to turn on them. This is why they need election-cheat machinery to keep their hold on global power, it's obvious, and the Arizona senate betrayed the American people on the first official audit. That situation is in limbo, like a dead man.

Headline: "COVID Variant Mu Made a Splash, Disappeared Without a Peep". There was a reason for the mu failure, but nobody's saying. Perhaps it was painfully obvious that all mu patients had been vaccinated, and thus mu was swept under the rug. They started to say that mu could elude vaccines, ditto for omicron. But suddenly, all omicron patients seem to be vaccinated too. Curve ball, strike three, you're outta there. If people don't take COVID variants seriously enough, in sufficient numbers, it can explain why smallpox has come to media topic is recent days. In the meantime, their agenda is to vaccinate children this winter, and we don't know all their goals for this, but they should become apPARENT from what parents report. Although social media is slow, word gets around eventually. A million views in social media spreads by word-of-mouth afterward, which is why the goons want to trap people at home, and especially not let them gather in restaurants, where there's nothing to do but talk against the tyranny while you eat. We can see their game.

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