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December 1 - 6, 2021

International Bunchers and Hanging Rothschilds
Mellanson's Cotton Schwab

If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture

If at anytime you want to know a Coat's description as given by an identified person/group, see Hall of Names. It's not a great website because it doesn't allow scrolling back and forth through surnames, nor can one copy and paste the URL for any particular surname. But I'm very happy to be able to have access to it.

A new thing occurred to me in the last update concerning the Bird link to International bankers. These bankers became decipherable in my dream with mall platforms. The best way to start this discussion is from a quote in the last update. Read slow with Rothschilds bankers in mind, because the surnames are Rothschild-connectable / branches (load Reitter link now to have access, on another tab, to other Coats of Arms.):

I never mention the Reitter variation of Reitmans, and Ritters/Rutters (Drop/Trope Chief?) happen to have the Keppoch garbs in colors reversed. The waist-pull event with Miss Peare pointed to Waistells because they have a white horse while I rode Peare's white horse to a BANK in a field (Kepke was there riding it too). Reuters have a horse too, and the Reitter horse is in the colors of the sinister horse of Jewish Rothchilds (not "Rothschild), BANKERs. German Reitters share a courant white horse with Waistells. Bankers and microchips for purchasing go together, and the Reitter horse is said to be "on GREEN GROUND", indicating Ceraunii liners connectable to the Rhodes surname. The Greens/Grene's/Greems themselves may have been Ceraunii liners. Bankers/BENCHers/BUNCHers, with three chevrons that can secretly spell, 666, were first found in Oxfordshire with Peare's. Bench's are in Rhodes / Ground/Grundy / Bird colors and format, and the other English Birds almost share the Bunch chevron-with-fleur exactly!!! There's a chevron over the 6 key upon your keyboard.

It escaped me in the last update that Bunch's are in Keppoch colors and format. I rode her horse (in real life) until getting to a drop-off in the lay of the field, correctly described as a bank, which I've long described as such. It occurred to me that the sleeping bag dream, the one with the mall platforms, had a bank too, though at first I called it a "hill." I walked up this hill after picking up the sleeping bag, then crossed a ROAD at the top of the hill, and so it was a BANK off of a ROAD, easy to decipher now, along with the ride of Peare's horse, as the Rhodian / Rothchilian globalists and their international banker friends. The last update talked about the pearls in the Arms of Rothschilds because Peare's are listed with Pearls/Perle's.

I talked many times about seeing Miss Peare one more time a couple of years after Kepke left her. I took in my FireBIRD, but I was not able to fully understand hoe the Fire's and/or Birds could apply. Now, however, we note that Fire's have a giant and upright unicorn in the colors of the upright Rothchild horse, and the Rasmussens/ASSMANNs have the same unicorn to boot while Assmannshausen is at RUDESheim/Ruedesheim, while Rudes'/Rudge's and Ridge's can be gleaned as Rhodes branches. Rudes'/Rudge's were even first found in Shropshire, where English Rothes' were once said to be first found along with the Rodden river related to Rothschilds/RODDENsteins/RothenMAIERs. The latter variation no doubt explains the naming of MAYER Bauer, the first Rothschild, a banker, with money-ties to a price of Hesse-Cassal, and it just so happens that Rasmussens were first found in Hesse.

The giant CASTLE of RITTENhouse's (Austria, same as Fire's and Bauers) could be of the Cassel castle, and so note that while Cassels (Bavaria, same as Bauers and Rothchilds/Rothes') share the triple-red chevrons of Clare's, triple-red chevrons (knowingly a 666?) are used by Epsteins, first found in Hesse-Nassau. The quote at the top of this page went in the last update with the discovery that the mall platforms were a pointer to the 666 purchasing system, that's why I was in the mall. While Bankers (Oxfordshire, same as Peare's) are Benchers too, Bench's have another white castle. The triple Clare / Cassel chevrons are in colors reversed from the same of Mathie's/Matthews, and the latter share blue wings with Bauers/Bowers.

As per "FireBIRD," I don't recall it striking me before that one English Bird Coat is a version of the Rhodes / GROUND/Grundy / Bench Coat. I picked the sleeping bag up when it was just lying on the GROUND on the bank. I didn't see the bag again. I don't remember it being in my hands when walking up the hill. What could a sleeping bag in a money bank mean?

I missed this in the last update when kicking at the crow intent on staying on the STOVE burner: Bench's (Yorkshire, same as Rhodes') share "meum" with Rhodes', and Bench's use a "casteLUM" motto term while Stove's/Stevensons (Rothchild-connectable) have two "lum" terms buried in their motto because Lumbs/lambs were first found in Northumberland with both Stevenson surnames, but also with the Rodhams/Roddens who share the MalBANK Coat!!!!! Malbancs are in the MALL write-up! Here's what more was missed in the last update: the Dutch CASTELs, expected in the same "CASTELum" motto term, use "crows"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dutch Castels share the Corbin/Corbet / Corban/Corbett / Bug / Vires/Verone/VARENNE Coat, and David Morley (in the sleeping-bag dream) pointed to Ade's/Aids (in Rodham/Rooden colors and format) suspect from Ada of Varenne. Both Bugs and Corbins/Corbets use "black BIRDs," you see, and while French Henrys share red martlets with Birds, Ada of Varenne married Henry, son of king DAVID I. Scottish Bowers (share green Shield with German Bauers/Bowers) use an "Ad" motto term, and have the Arms-of-Rothschild arrows.

The last update had my dream with my kicking a crow, the Rothschild bloodline, and as it turned out, Kicks/Kecks are in Banker/Bencher/BUNCHer colors and format. As was said, Bunch's almost have the fesse-with-items of the other English Birds, and both Bird surnames were first found in Cheshire. Miss Peare called me out of the blue one day, and so I picked her up with my FIREbird, and we spent the night in her apartment, though I refused to sleep with her, and so I slept on her COUCH. The Arms of Rothschild use "SMALL pearls," and so while English Smalls have a white "COUCHant unicorn," it must be the Rothchild / Fire unicorn. English Smalls, so incredibly, are said to have been first found in Morley (Derbyshire), and it was David Morley (my old friend) who circled ROUND the area where I had picked up the sleeping bag. Rounds use a "sleeping lion."

Derbyshire is where Froggits and Cherry's (in Bunch colors and near-format) were first found while Froggits use "A parrot feeding on a BUNCH of cherries." Cherry like Cheers, listed with Chartseys/Curtseys, share the Mall quadrants, and that's new.

This dream ended with my pulling Peare's waist, but it has proven true that I was also pulling her hips, and Hips', first found in Norfolk with some Birds, share the Bird martlets! The WAISTells use the garbs in the Arms of Cheshire, and both Bird surnames were first found in Cheshire. The white Fire unicorn is split in the colors of the Chief of Waistells upon which is the white Waistell horse is "in full GALLOP," in both colors of the Fire unicorn. DAVID Morley went round the sleeping bag, and the Cheshire Davids have a near-copy of the Gallop Coat.

Furthermore, I described the waist-pull event with "it FELT so good," which proved to be Inspired by God for more reason that Felts sharing the Bird moline.

As I've mentioned a few times, and even dissected heraldically, Miss Peare, a few hours before sleeping on her couch, put a picture (photo) of herself, for me to see, on the coffee TABLE; she was running toward the camera on a beach in her BATHing suit. Camera's/Camerons share the five, bunched arrows that are in the Arms of Rothschilds along with the small PEARLs in a crown(s). The Arms are described like so: "...wound ROUND with small pearls and decorated with five large pearls..." The Table surname (shares blue ROUNDels with Arthurs) goes together with Rounds (Pendragon kin) to explain the round-table symbol of king Arthur, son of UTHER Pendragon. "Uther" was code for Others/Otters, first found in Huntingdonshire with Ada of Varenne.

NEW UNBELIEVABLE: Others/Otters almost have the Kick/Keck Coat while the latter's chevron is in the Utter/OtterBURN Chief!!! It's another reason that I was trying to kick the crow off the stove BURNer! It's pointing to the Pendragon-Round relationship of ancient witchcraft likely connected to the witchcraft of the household of Nicholas De Vere and the Alan-Stewart bloodline. WACKOS for which Armageddon has been shaped.

Utters/Otterburns have "otter's heads" upon a Shield of black DROPS (called "Pois" generally), which is the Shield also of Drops/Trope's. The latter might be in the dream if I had dropped the sleeping bag after picking it up. Note that Picks/Pix's / Picks/Pike's may have been the makings of Picture's/Pictalls, for as I went to SLEEP at Peare's place, that picture on the table may apply to picking up and dropping the sleeping bag, for the Drop/Trope lion is in the colors of the BATH lion. She was in her bathing suit in this picture!

King Arthur was made born in Tintagel (Cornwall, same as Pendragons), and Tintons are in Utter/Otterburn colors and format. A stove burner is ROUND. Another otter's head is with Balfours/Balfords (in Rounds colors and near-format too), and prime-minister ARTHUR Balfour was part of the satanism of the Rhodian Round Table, so they say. Last week's dream was from God, wasn't it?

Balfours/Balfords look like a branch of English Beauforts (Norfolk, same as Bags of GAYwood), and French Beauforts/BOWforts (Savoy, same as GAYs) share the lion of Baths, the latter first found in Somerset with the Roet-Beauforts! It explains the "BATon" of Balfours/Balfords. Gays (from king Gaia/Galla) share the Galli rooster while Galli's share the Bauer/Bower / Alan / Julian Chief. Roets share the motto of BOWS/Bough's while the latter share five, bunched arrows with Scottish BOWers, Camera's/Camerons, and the Arms of Rothschild. It looks like we just crossed the sleeping bag with Bags of Gaywood while coming to Rothchilian Balfours/Balfords. The picking up of the Sleeping Bag thus points to the British Fabians who founded Russian Communism in 1917, for Italian Fabians share the lozengy Shield of Bags!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There was a flu pandemic in 1918.

The last update came to this: "The Holly/Collin mermaid is "combing HER HAIR" while Hers/Here's share blue wings with Bauers...The Courage's/Courays in the Combing/Comine motto may have been Crow liners." Combings/Comine's were first found in Norfolk with Bags, and I now find that the Courage/Couray Coat is essentially that of English Fabians! BEAUTY, God is warning us, and telling us to lift up our heads, because the snakes apparently have decided to make their last-ditch effort to defeat Jesus Christ before He arrives. They are too foolish to take the warning. Tell them they are being fools, but they would rather kill us for doing so.

This is the dragon seeking to terrorize the world at this time, but there is no one more frightening than God when He acts. Fear not those who kill only the body only to sentence themselves to eternal Hell. We are going to see and understand why Hell is deserved by humans too.

Centuries after king Arthur was invented as a fictional character, the Rhodian globalists were at their own Round Table, as it was called, and the Baths have most of the Rhodes Coat in colors reversed, the parts that are in Bird colors and format. The Picture's/Pictalls happen to share the Rhodes lions!!! Can we believe it? I must have dropped the bag because Morley came riding his motorbike round the area after I picked it up, and it just makes sense that he went round the bag. Drops/Trope's were first found in Norfolk with Bags; the latter were at GAYwood while Gaywoods share the tower of Spanish Castels, in colors reversed from the same of English Thors/Tours, recalling that the Rothschild pearls are on the crowns upon "TOURnament" helmets. Swedish Thors have "elephant trunks," as does the Arms of Rothschild that calls them "buffalo horns." (For a long time, I thought German Thors have elephant trunks too, but they turn out to be "ram's horns.")

The Rothschild helmet has small pearls and "LARGE pearls," and there is a Large/Largs surname sharing the Biggar and Dallas/Dulles Coats; all three surnames share the Banker/Buncher/Bencher bend. There's a Largs location in nearby Ayrshire. The Large Crest has a savage, and Savage's have the six Cecil lions in colors reversed. The Large savage holds a bunch of arrows, and is "pointing to a crown." It strikes me here that the Rothschild arrows may be bunched to secretly indicate the Buncher-like Bunch's, and if so, it indicates that Bankers/Bunchers were Rothschild kin.

Balfours share the baton with Weigh's/Ways', the latter first found in Devon with Cecils, and beside the Wassa's/Wace's/WAYS'. The latter were first found in Cornwall with bat-using Batons/Bastons, and thus this all links to the neighboring, Rhodes-related Baths, the latter first found in Somerset with the WHISTLE's/WISSELS with lions in Bath-lion colors. Wassa's/Wace's/Ways' use an "arm in mail" holding the baton, and Mails were first found in Cheshire, where I think the WAISTell/WESSEL garbs trace. I don't think I've ever mentioned before that while Waistells were at WASdale, Wassa's/Wace's/Ways' share the Reitman / Roten hexagram, important because Miss Peare worked at Reitmans while she is the one who's waist was pulled.

Plus, it was pulled on a stage, which was resolved with Stage's/Staggs, a branch of Eustace's and Stacys, and yet-more the Eustace's share the black cross between antlers used also by Vise's/Vice's between their antlers. To top this off, Wass-like Wax's, with a vaccine-like Waxing variation, have the same cross! If the Wax/Waxing cross were red, the Coat would be a rough version of the Rhodes Coat, and the Cecils use a "wheat sheaf" to go with the "wheat sheaves" of Waistells/Wessels. Combings/Comine's use them in the same colors, and Comines is a location near Boulogne, home of Eustace II. Vass' are listed with English Faux's for yet another indication of poison vaccines, and English Poussins (Oxfordshire) have the Coat of FULLers in colors reversed to go with the "FULL gallop" of Waistells. The Wix's/Weeks can be connected to this picture, including the Axe river through Devon that's beloved of Battins/Badens. French Poussins are the ones sharing the BATHgate Coat.

Ahh, Wax's/Waxings are also Waxmans, and Wakemans (Devon) share doves (different color) with Waistells. And Wakemens almost share the horizontally-split Shield of the Tristans (Cornwall) using the Vise/Vise stag head. Thus, Waistells could even have been a Wake branch. The Tristans of Devon share red roundels with the Arms of Boulogne, and Tristans were a branch of Keep-loving Trysts while Peare was dated by Mr. Kepke when she was at Reitmans.

I almost forget to say in all of this that the "COUCHant lion" of Tints (Somerset, same as Whistle's/Wissels) share the Whistle/Wissel lion!!! It goes perfect with her bathing suit of that same night. Plus, the morning after I slept on her couch, I took her to the church of the Kendrys (I've said this many times before), and Kendrys happen to use a "Cupid" to go with the "CUBIT arm" of Waistells/Wessels. Both the Cupid and the cubit arm are HOLDING items while Holds/Holts look like kin of Stouts/Stows who in turn may have been from the viking Stout family that used a RAVEN banner. Holdings/Holdens (Lancashire, same as Holds/Holts) use the "ALLERion," as do Perins (like the Perino variation of Pero's), and Allers (share the escutcheon of Holdings/Holdens) were first wound in Westphalia with German Wissels/Wislers. Stouts/Stows share the triple fesses of Oxfords.

Wix's/Weeks were at Woking, and I AWOKE kicking the glass Mason jar while kicking the crow / raven on the stove burner of my dream. Jewish Glass's have giant wings in the colors of the same of German Wissels/Wislers. The Mason jars were filled with Classico sauce, and Glassicks/Glass' share the mermaid with Masons/Massins. As I've said many times, I was on the COUCH of Albert Oosteyn, while he was working at WHISTLER ski resort, and the Wisler variation of German Wissels is like the Whistler of Whistle's/Wissels who apparently use the COUCHant Tint lion. Mamie had pointed by her sleeping bag in a tent to tent-using Tintons (Cornwall, same as Tristans and Wass'/Wace's). Mamie pointed to Gardens sharing the giant boar head of Jarrets/JARRE's.

[Insert -- I missed this: the Wix/Week Crest has a description almost that of Decans/Deakins who in turn have the basic parts of the Rhodes Coat. Wix's/Weeks: "A dexter arm emBOWed HOLDING a battle-axe ALL red.". Alls/Ault show nothing in their Shield but a wavy pale bar in the colors of the wavy bars of Weighs/Ways', and moreover the ALL/Ault Coat is one of German WALLs in colors reversed. It begs whether ULLmans were an All / Allman branch.

AHHH WOW, here's the Decan/Deakin Crest: "A dexter arm emBOWed HOLDING a silver battle-axe with a blue ribbon on the WRIST". Rists are listed with Risings/Risons!!! I was told to wake Sleeping Beauty, and then we were RISING into the sky while HOLDING one another! Beautys are also BOWds. End insert]

Also first found in Cornwall with Wass'/Wace's were the Witch's/Watch's/Wage's/WICHs, and they are in the motto of the Others/Otters who might just be using the Kick/Keck bend-with-crescents, for Kicks/Kecks share the crescent of Utters/OtterBURNs (Tinton and Watch/Wich colors and format). While Wix's are Weeks, there is a Week/Wich surname (Somerset) too.

It's interesting that the Kick/Keck chevron is colors reversed from the one of DEMYs/DuMais' (and Perins and Bellys) while a "DEMI cupid" is used by Kendrys. As I was in the church of the Kendrys, it's notable that a church (in Kirk/Kurk colors) is used by Circle's/KIRKners/KERCHers, a potential namer of Kicks/Kecks. Perins were first found in Lorraine with Louis' while Louise and Peare were on a stage in the sleeping-bag dream. I met Lorraine, as little as a month after being with Peare in the Kendry church, when Lorraine lived on Church street. David Morley lived at the time about two houses from the same Church street, and he CIRCLED the sleeping bag more than 30 years later in my dream.

I know of only one surname, the Ullmans, sharing the Sleep Coat, though I've just found Kuchs/Kuchers doing so too, interesting where I awoke while kicking. The Cantons/Gantons look like they use the double-Sleep fesses, yet the Cantons/Gantons call them "barry" rather than fesses. As Cantons/Gantons have the WASHington Coat in colors reversed, they are in the "square," usually called a "canton," of Wass'/Wace's/Ways'. The Wass'/Wace's (compare with Barrys) use "double red horizontal bars" that are the Sleep fesses in colors reversed, and so this looks like the sleep-wake them of Sleeping Beauty. Sleeps even call their fesses "bars." They are white, as are the two "wavy bars" of Weigh's/Ways' (share baton with Balfours). The two red pale bars in the wavy bars of Weighs/Ways' should be the two red pale bars of Couch's (Oxfordshire) who in turn share the Beer bear.

Here's something. While Peare's stage is a deck too, Belgian George's share the German Deck/Dagger Coat (essentially the POISSON Coat too) while Waistells were first found in Cumberland with English Daggers. The Wass/Gace "square" is probably code for Squirrels/Square's sharing the red squirrel with Decks/Daggers. English George's (Dorset, same as Beautys) share the blue dove with Waistells while the Kucks/Kuchers, sharing virtually the Sleep Coat, are also GUGGENheims/Guckenbergs (Bavaria and Franconia). Guggens/Googans/Guckins/Wiggins (possibly a branch of Couch-like Googe's/Gouch's) were Neil (and Eggerton) kin, for they use the Neil/O'Nail lion-and-hand combo while being first found in Tyrone with them. This is super because Miss Peare's waist-pull is to be linked to her belly-press, and the Press'/Prests, sharing the Neil/O'Nail Chief, happen to be in the "presto" motto term of Guggens/Googans/Guckins/Wiggins!

Peare's were a branch of Pero's and Peartree's/Patria's, and so note the full motto of Guggens/Googans/Guckins/Wiggins: "Semper patriae servire presto," for Sempers/St. Pere's share the Bramton Coat while the red dog head in the Bramton Crest is in the Crest of Eggens/Egi's/Agens (Swabia), whom I looked up because the Coat of Guggens/Googans/Guckins/Wiggins looks like that of Eggertons while German Eggers are Eggens too. This looks like the ICE-cream line pointed to by Katrina HANSon, for Hanna's were first found in Wiggin-like Wigton, and they share the blue stag head of Stage's/Staggs. The Hands expected in the hands of Guggens/Googans/Guckins/WIGGINs are also Hans'/Hanns. The Hanna stag heads are colors reversed from the same of Peartree's/Patria's and Trumps, a big pointer to the Trump-Fauci vaccination programs unleashed in 2020.

Bramtons were first found in Norfolk with Risings/RISONs, making BRAMtons suspect from the line of Abraham and KETURah to Kotor, beside RHIZON. SLEEPing Beauty makes this line go likely to the SELEPitanoi of the Rhizon area. BRAMsons were first found in Essex with Bramton-related Sempers/St. Pere's. The Shark-line Saraca's were in Kotor, and this picture works beautifully here. I asked KATRina Hanson for our first date while she handed me an ice-cream cone, and dated her in a Valiant car while Valiants have a shark while Sharks were first found in Tyrone with Neils/O'Nails and Guggens/Googans/Guckins/Wiggins. The Sleeping-Beauty dream opened with a shark that swallowed Trump, and this dream transitioned to a beach scene on what I claim is Jeffrey Epstein's island. Trump is right-now in a heap of trouble with his being on Epstein's Lolita Express. Sleeping Beauty was both Miss Hicks and Ainsley Earhardt, and while Hicks share the Icke variation of Ice's/Ecco's, Ainsleys and Annas' almost have the Wiggin Coat.

The other ice-cream girl (asked her on our first date while she handed me an ice-cream) was Darlene Ray/WRAY (not sure of the spelling), and while Wrays have the Chief-Shield colors of Valiants, Darlene-branch Darlingtons share the full motto of Bramson-like Bransons. There seems to be a connection, in this picture, to my kicking at the crow on the stove burner, for I awoke while kicking my MASON jar at that split-second, and Masons share the Bramson motto while Darlingtons thrown in an extra "Cruce" motto term suspect now with Crow liners. Bramtons, Risons and Drops/trope's were all first found in Norfolk, and Darlingtons with Darlene's use gold drops on their Shield. I might even add that while Darlene's have a "female figure" in a "robes," Robe's/Robbs and Robins (could be of ROBERTs) share the Kick/Kech chevron.

The "Cruce dum spero" motto phrase of Croce's/Cross' has three terms of the Darlington motto, and it just so happens that Eschyna de Molle married ROBERT Croce while Molle's were kin of Googe's/Gouch's i.e. looking like a branch of the Guggens/Googans/Guckins.

I decided not to go to the Masons/Massins in the Darlene discussion above, until remembering that the Mason jars had spaghetti SAUCE. The Sassys/SAUCErs use "SARACen heads," and Saraca's were Saracens!!! There is even a Saracen/Sarasin/Sarsen surname while French Sarasins share the moline of Valiant-like Vallans. Compare "Sarasin/Sarsen" to "SARS."

New: the Croce's/Cross' (share Mall quadrants) add "fido" to their motto while Fido's are listed with Fothes'/Fette's, connectable to the Profetts/Prophets, and as the latter might be God's pointer to the FALSE Prophet, let's add that Italian Crose's/Croce's share the FALLS/Fallis lion. The bulldog, which I interpret as Trump, went for a FALL into the pool with shark, but it also JUMPed in because Jumps share the stag head of Trumps and Peartree's/Patria's (Kincardine, same as Fido's/Fothes'/Fette's), almost the stag head of Leggs while Prophets/Profetts use a giant leg. Goggins/Coogans use "fidei." Is this the line of Gog?

The black chevron of Fido's/Fothes'/Fette's has one white symbol at the chevron's point, ditto with the black Balfour chevron. The BRITISH bulldog walked past my LEG (right next to it) before falling / jumping into the pool. It was just walking along and basically WALKed into the pool so that it could be a fall or jump. I explained recently why the British surname applies, but now we can even point that dog to the British Round-Table Fabians. I now realize why it walked into the pool, for Walks/Wachs (Dumfries, same as Leggs) share "Industria" with Fido's/Fothes'/Fette's, and with the Arms of Rothschild. I actually wrote "Fabians" above before realizing that English Fabians share the fleur-de-lys of Walks/Wachs!!! The latter are very connectable to Perkins/Parkings and Walkers. Will Trump join the Fabians? Why is the Trump stag head with Fabian-like Fevers/Febvres'?

Pool beloved Pollets have a "loyAULTE" motto term, I almost forgot, like the "loyalite" of Mackesys/Margesons. The Pollets have three swords "points in pile," almost in pale, and these swords are in the colors of the AULTe pale bar. The Loys suspect in "loyaulte" are listed with the Louis' (Lorraine), and they share the blue lozenges of Fells in both colors, and of the Roots in one color. I PICKed up the sleeping bag, that's all I did with it, on the bank in the WOODs off the Rhode, so to speak. And Fevers/Febvres' happen to share the three fitchees of Picks/Pix's, the latter's tree with roots making them related to Roet-branch Roots and WOODs. Roots have the BAGley lozenges, and Bags have the Shield of Italian Fabians! The sleeping bag is pointing hard to the British Fabians.

If FebVRES' were named partly from the Bres variation of Brests/Brix's, note that the latter have the triple Fell lozenges in colors reversed. It's the lunatic off-yer-Rockerfellers, gulp-gulp monsters who won't let up until God needs to destroy them in a Grand Show of things, to make an historical, never-to-be-forgotten example of what happens to mortal enemies of God. The Brest/Brix Coat is linkable to the Dol Coat (because Brest is in Brittany with Dol), and both surnames are in the colors of Trumps (Mecklenburg, same as Dols). I don't have an opinion as to why the Trump stag head is re-occurring in this set of heraldry. Whelans/FAILins were first found in Waterford with the Trump and Legg stag head in the Arms of County Waterford, and with Cecil-beloved Correns.

The Abstract in the patent application reads:

A method is provided for acquiring and transmitting biometric data (e.g., vital signs) of a user, where the data is analyzed to determine whether the user is suffering from a viral infection, such as COVID-19. The method includes using a pulse oximeter to acquire at least pulse and blood oxygen saturation percentage, which is transmitted wirelessly to a smartphone. To ensure that the data is accurate, an accelerometer within the smartphone is used to measure movement of the smartphone and/or the user. Once accurate data is acquired, it is uploaded to the cloud (or host), where the data is used (alone or together with other vital signs) to determine whether the user is suffering from (or likely to suffer from) a viral infection, such as COVID-19. Depending on the specific requirements, the data, changes thereto, and/or the determination can be used to alert medical staff and take corresponding actions.

It sounds just like a global tracking plot. Fools get the device in/on their body, and it transmits to the Internet, or to the house of cards that are the vaccine goons. The device can be build to perform other secret spy operations. There can be no end to such things in the name of global-village safety / advancement. On the page above, one can see some smoke-and-mirrors play in an attempted alteration of the 2015 filing date to 2020 so as to make it appear that Rothschild was not anticipating the COVID scheme in advance. Rothschilds were banking on president Clinton for January 2017. The "Priority date" is 2015, meaning that it was the patent's first year of filing. It was re-filed on May 17 of 2020, months AFTER the COVID scheme hit the news.

Reuters news was named by a Rothschild branch. Reuters adamantly seeks to hide the patent's criminal nature: "The false claim that a testing method for COVID-19 was patented by Richard Rothschild in 2015 and 2017 has been shared online. The patent for a system that analyses biometric data to determine whether the user is suffering from COVID-19 was not applied for until May 17, 2020." It goes on to imply that the 2015 filing was for some OTHER device that was added to in 2020, but that's not what the patent says. The Abstract, which is the description of the inventive idea, clearly states that it was an on-body / in-body device for testing viruses, and whether "COVID-19" was part of the initial filing document is immaterial to me because, either way, one naturally makes a Rothschild connection to the vaccine programs in that this device gets sold during vaccination programs = $$$$. The onus is on Reuters and Rothschild to show that "COVID" was not a part of the 2015 filing. Plus, the onus is on Rothschild to show how his 2015 filing and subsequent 2017 addition read that differ from the read on the patent document having the 2020 date:

Bottom line: Rothschild's invention looks like a potential mark-of-the-beast system in which any store-door / store-cashier devise can read whether you have been vaccinated or not. Although the Rothschild device was patented to seek whether or not the person has a virus, it can be tweaked to check for vaccine ingredients / affects in the blood. Since when did Rothschild become a high-tech inventor? Or did he buy the invention from someone else? Who is this Rothschild?

Was/Is Epstein a Schwabite Tool?

There is now no doubt about it: God has been pointing to Rothschilds, Rockefellers and Rhodians for the reason that He has planned, from long ago, to make a FANTASTIC END of them that will bring dread to the planet. This is THE SHOW DOWN. Calling all fools, calling all fools, gather and come to the bird feast that God has prepared, buzzards feasting on men of war, unenLightened men who failed to resist the global machinery, who did what the rulers asked of them, who worshiped the 666 man. Be careful who you support, or God might allow spirits to make you like them so as to receive the "reward" they deserve. It's not just the end-time rebellion of Korah that goes into the pit.

Jeffrey Epstein was reported to have hung himself. Whether true or not, or whether true that someone else hung him, or whether true that the hanging was feigned by someone tying the bed sheets to the bed bunk in his cell, I can use the hanging theme of heraldry to point to it. I know of only three surnames that use a derivative of "hang" in their description. Both the Murdochs and Margys/Mackeys use "RAVENs hanging from an arrow," and so we need to ask why it's ravens? Did God arrange this to show that Epstein and Fox owner, Rupert Murdoch have been Rothchilian servants?

While Jeffrey Epstein was hired as a young teacher for a teenage school (named Dalton) when the principal of the school was the father of Bill Barr, it just so happens that Murdochs (Ayrshire, same as Margys/Mackeys and Barrs) share the lion head of Scottish Barrs. Did God set that up? Bill Barr had been the attorney general for George Herbert Walker Scherff-Bush, the head of the CIA, and they say that Epstein is a CIA operative of the worst kind. Bill Barr was then hired to be the attorney general again, by Trump, and it was Bill Barr who did the investigation into Epstein's suspicious death, and who covered for the crime.

Trump was involved with Epstein in some way, it now seems obvious. It's Thursday morning as I write here, and Maxwell's court case revealed on Tuesday that Trump was on Epstein's plane, yet Trump has not denied it yet, nor have I heard that he's made a statement to say he was just going for a joy ride, nothing to do with Epstein's criminal enterprise.

Note that the current unelected president is a pedophile, for i can think of little else that turns God's stomach than that. Jesus said that it would be better to be tied to a millstone and tossed to the bottom of the sea than to harm a child, a picture that brings the Revelation asteroid (God's plague) to mind.

The Mackey surname comes up by entering "Margy" (shows no Margy-like variations), but will not come up if we enter "Mackey." Instead, the Mackay/Caw surname comes up with a "Manu" motto term, code for the Isle of Man, which has a raven in its Arms, indication that raven-hanging Margys/Mackeys were a Mackay branch from king MACCUS, whose family ruled Man. By what cosmic coincidence was Ghislaine Maxwell Epstein's manager in crime while Maxwells and their Maxton branch were also MACCUSwells? But the importance of MARGys/Mackeys goes further due to the "LOYALite" motto term of MARGesons which show no Mack-like variations yet come up when we enter "MACKESey." Epstein's plane is the LOLITA Express, and LOYOLa's show a Lolita variation. Moreover, Loyola's/Lolita's use wolves in the colors of the wolf heads of Irish Mackays/Caws (enter "Mackay" to bring it up).

One can then see more of what look like God's heraldic pointers where English Laine's/Lawns in "Ghislaine" share "Garde" with the Carrick motto while Margys and Margesons are suspect with Margaret Carrick of Ayrshire, where Margys/Mackeys and Murdochs were first found. While both Laine/Lawn surnames share the Robert / Proper/Robin/Robert lion, Ruperts share red roses on a stem with Scherfs/Schere's.

The Carricks are said to descend from Craigs, and German Greggs/Graggs share the horizontally-split Shield of English Laine's. There is a suggestion here that Trump is being pointed to because Val TROMPia is right beside lake GARDa expected in the Laine / Carrick motto. While German Trumps are Tromps too, Dutch Tromps are vertically split in the colors of the horizontally-split Laine and Gregg/Gragg Shields. It doesn't look coincidental, especially as the giant Hanger griffin is split in half in these same colors. Plus, English Laine's use "lions of England" while the lion head in the Crest of Englands looks like the Murdoch / Barr lion head in colors reversed.

Trumps were first found in MECKlenburg with Dols, and while Dol Alans became Stewarts after marrying the line of Marjory Carrick, Murdochs share the checkered Stewart fesse. The raven-banner Vikings could easily have been in Mecklenburg, and we should assume that those vikings, named "Stout," gave the Isle of Man its raven. I trace the Stouts to STUTTgart (read also as "StuttGART") on the NECKar river. The Arms of Stuttgart has the horse of Italian Forts (and Perno's) suspect in the "Manu forti" motto of Mackays/Caws. English Forts share the bee with Maxtons. French Forts show ravens but call them "birds," same as the Meck-like Meigh's/Mee's in the Mackesy/Margeson motto. The Margys/Mackey / Murdoch ravens are hanging by the neck, same as the Epstein jailhouse scene. "Nec" is a motto term of HONORs/Honens, and it's HANGers who have an "HONORabit" motto term. I've read that king Cnut, a viking, invaded England at Hampshire, and that's where both Hangers and HONE's (and Ghents) were first found. The Hone fesse is wavy and colors reversed from the same of Dols (and Dutch Ghents/Gaunts). Plus, Danish Cnuts use "pot hangers."

English Cnuts are also Knots, and one needed to tie Epstein's bed sheet into a knot to make a noose for his neck. NUSE's/Newes' happen to have to pale bars in the colors of the one of German Neckers. I had a dream not many days ago where I was kicking a crow / raven at the stove burner, and Kicks/Kecks happen to share the Cnut/Knot crescents. The Alls/AULTs have the German Necker Coat in colors reversed, and Daltons are listed with AULTons while Epstein attended Barr's Dalton high school.

Hangers have the motto, "Artes honoRABIT" while Rabbits were first found in Suffolk with Artes'/Artois'/Ardons and Omans!!! Omans, suspect in the "Omine" motto term of Murdochs, are in Rabbit colors and near format. The Rabbits use black-on-white rabbits, but pedophilia has the symbol of white rabbits, though this recalls the white "coney [rabbit] HOLDING a PANSY" of Conys (white-on-black rabbits), for the pansy is used in the Arms of BAR-le-DUC, which was named after both the German Ducks/DOCKers (Westphalia, same as Pansys/Panters and HOLDING-related Allers) and Barrs! MurDOCHs could just have been Docker liners.

The Murdoch ravens are hanging by arrows, and Rothschild-beloved Arrows are listed with Arras' while Arras is the Artois capital. We just saw Artois liners in the Hanger motto. Arras was previously, Atrecht, named after the Atrebates that lived both there and in Hampshire, tending to reveal that Hangers (Anger branch) had merged with ATRebates. ATTERs/Tyre's use an "ardua" motto term, which may indicate that KinTYRE was named by Atrebates. Kintyre is beside Arran, where BLUE's/Gorms were first found suspect in the blue dress of the Homin woman, yet we can add that mythical Gorm is a Danish king in the ancestry of king Cnut.

Homins (looked up as per "Omine") are Ukrainians, and Varangian-Rus vikings were in Ukraine. Maria of the Kiev Varangians married the son of Mieszko II and Richeza of Lorraine, and Bar-le-Duc is in Lorraine. The blond Homin woman has her BARE FEET emphasized (part-code for Barrs), recalling the beautiful feet of Lorraine the babe. I'll explain that again below, but it's important to repeat here that Lorraine's grass stain on her PANTs, which pointed to Pansys/PANTers, was from a LAWN, and we are entertaining a pointer to GhisLAINE Maxwell from Laine's/Lawns. Irish Laine's/Lawns share the Lorraine bend, but Lorraine's use the Piast eagle on their bend, which is also the Child eagle, and Childs suggest Epstein's pedophilia industry.

It was Casimir of Poland who married Maria of Kiev, and Casimirs share the red antler with the Varangian-like Veringers of Baden, and that's the location of the Neckar river, explaining why there's a crown on a red antler in the Dutch Neck/Necker Coat. German Neckers share the Coat of Walls, first found in Baden, in colors reversed.

When I saw the "Omine" motto term of Murdochs, while being on the Hone's, I checked for an Homin surname and got one. "Omine" is like "omen," recalling my omen as I was driving into Galveston. That drive pointed both to vaccine poisons via James LeDuc, chief of the Galveston National Lab, and to child abductions in Haiti during the earthquake relief program of Bill Clinton and George Bush. Maxwells use a "holly BUSH," and Scherfs share the stemmed roses of Ruperts while Rupert Murdoch's Fox organization loves Bushite war hawks. As I've said, the omen approaching Galveston was a tiny cloud, not wider than the sun, completely covering the sun, same as in the Crest of Scottish JEFFREYs. An off-to-ill feeling (very temporary but specific) was experienced by me as I saw that cloud-sun combination.

The cloud and sun in the perfectly-blue sky can get important where McLeods/CLOUDs of SKYE share flags with Danish Cnuts, the ones with hangers pointable to Murdochs. The Suns are listed with SAINTs/Sinclairs while Jeffrey Epstein's island is LITTLE SAINT JAMES. The Little's have the Maxwell saltire in colors reversed, and the Maxwell saltire can be the Sun/Saint/Sinclair cross because they are in the same colors. The Maxwell saltire may be play on the skull-and-bones flag of viking pirates. The James' are like the Jamme/Jamin variation of French Benjamins who share the passant bear with Homins suspect in the Murdoch motto. English Benjamins share the black saltire with Maxwells. The omen-like Omans look like Man liners perfect for linkage to the hanging raven.

Note how BENJamins could have produced Bengs/Bings/Bongs and Bongino's, and therefore Bunkers / Bunch's / Banks / Bankers/Benchers/Bunchers. "BENIGno NUMINE" is the motto of Mee's in the Mackesy/Margeson motto, and I showed how JJ Tolkien's fictional "NUMENor" island was code for Arran. Newmans/Numans were first found in DORSet, and "wings enDORSed" is a phrase used for the Bunker Crest description while wings are in the Crest of German DORS'/Dorrs. Wings/Winks were first found in PERTHshire with Bunch's who in turn have the lozenges of PERTs/Petts (share Bunch stork) in colors reversed. The Rush's/Rish'[s in the bulrushes of Perts/Petts were first found in Suffolk with Plains/Platers and Bunkers.

It's interesting that while English Daltons share the Rush/Rish and Rosco/Risco fesse, Irish Daltons share the Bunker lion while Maxwells use a "RiveRESCo" motto. The Kilpatricks who love Maxwells were on the Nith river of Nitts/Naughts, suspect with Nights / Knights, and German Neckers happen to have Night- / Naught-like variations. Could Bunkers / Bankers/Bunchers somehow be a pointer to Epstein's jailhouse bunk to show that he was paid by international Rothschild bankers? Repeat: "German Neckers share the Coat of Walls, first found in Baden, in colors reversed." Is that a pointer to WALL Street banks?

[INSERT!! On the eve of writing this section, I was wondering whether the ROAD in the sleeping-bag dream was decipherable as Wall Street, for I know without checking that Streets use Catherine wheels owned by Catherine ROET. I walked off that road into a mall that is now resolving itself as a pointer to the 666 system which banks would love. After having that thought, I loaded the Wall surnames again to see if there's anything to be gleaned along these lines, and as it turned out, Irish Walls/Wales' have a near-copy of the Bunker Coat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can we believe it? I missed the Irish Walls when on the Wall surnames at this section. Irish Walls/Wales' have a "Caesar" motto term, and Caesars come up shortly below.

The Crest of Irish Walls/Wale's has a "bloody SCIMitar" while Bloods/Bluds share the brown, "lodged" stag with the Maxwell Crest, and Lodge's were first found in Suffolk with Bunkers. I trace Maxwells to Rijeka, near a Blud-like Bled location, smack beside Lesce, where I trace Leslie's -- Aberdeenshire, same as SCHIMs/Schiens and SCANs/SKINs --, and while Leslie's use "BUCKles," Bloods/Bluds use "BUCKs," and it just so happens that Bankers/Bunchers/Benchers are in Leslie colors and format, WOW! Leslie's were proto-Rothschilds, and so the fact that this paragraph started with Walls suggests a pointer to Wall Street banks and the SKINcode on store SCANners. Buchans, in the area of the first-known Leslie's, come up shortly after this insert.

A few hours after this insert was finished in the paragraph above, I checked Gillains because "Ghislaine" is pronounced, "Gillain," and found a green griffin, the color of the Leslie griffin, in the Crest of English Gillians/Gwilliams (different-colors version of SEWERrd Coat). The latter have two chevrons in the colors of the three Banker/Buncher/Bencher chevrons. End insert]

Sheets/Skate's, who were in the Obama dream with the paper plane, were first found in Norfolk with Benjamins, and with the Plain-branch Platers. Why should a paper plane apply to the Lolita Express? Why do Papers use "carNATIONs" while Nations/Nathans (share arrow with Bowers, Rothschilds and Daltons) can be gleaned as a Natt branch while the Natt/Nathan escutcheon looks linkable to Nitt/Naught Coat? Nathan Rothschild, the second Rothschild, was a big-time British banker. Hmm, the paper plane acted as the CUE ball on the billiard table, and MontaGUE's could apply because they share the Natt/Nathan Shield while adding the same lozenges that are in the Bunch Coat!!! That's new right here. Cue's (Norfolk, beside Bunkers) may have the Bunker lion in Crest. It appears that Rothschilians and Rhodians got Epstein free from jail, or else had him killed.

Cue's share the "wheat sheaf" with Cecils who in turn have six lions in the pattern of the six "wheat sheaves" of Cue's. Combings/Comine's/Comyns (Norfolk, same as Cue's) share the Cue sheaves, and the Courage's in the Combing/Comine/Comyn sheaves thus look like Cecil-beloved Correns. The Cue Crest is a colors-reversed version of the lion-with-sheaf in this Arms of Macclesfield, and the Macclesfields share the cross of Meigh's/Mee's, the latter first found in Nottinghamshire with Nations/Nathans. The same cross is colors reversed with the English Adams/Caws (Annandale, same as the Nith river), the line of Adam Kilconquhar (husband of Margaret Carrick), who's mother was Miss Comyn(s). Comyns were earls of Buchan, and Buchan is near Tarves (nears Scottish Shaws) while Tarves' look related to the six Cue sheaves.

Don't we think it's related that Buchans and omen-using Jeffreys share the sun while both were first found in Aberdeenshire? Plus, while the six Jeffrey pale bars are those of German Julians in colors reversed, the latter were first found in Saxony with the German Adams who likewise have the sun. What could be the significance in this as a pointer(s) of God? If it could be proven that omen-like Homins share the bear of French Benjamins/JAMME's/Jamins, note that James' (dolphin), first found in Surrey with Caesars (dolphin), have a motto, "J'aime a jamais." The Suns/SAINTs go together with James' for a good pointer to Little Saint James.

Homins (suspect in the Murdoch motto) happen to have a "woman dressed in blue with BLOND HAIR, arms and FEET BARE, sitting on a black BEAR passant." The Bare's are listed Scottish Barrs, first found in Ayrshire with Scottish Hairs and Scottish Ayers; the latter use "LIGHTer than air" for a motto, and Lights are also Lite's expected in the "loyaLITE" motto term of Mackesys/Margesons!" It works because Margaret Carrick was in Ayrshire.

German Bare's/Barre's/Berre's have a version of the German Rasmussen Coat, and while the letter were first found in Hesse with Epsteins, Hesse's and Feet-like Fetters/Fetts, with identical Coats, share the sun of German Adams, the latter first found in Saxony with Fix's/Ficks. The Saxon surname is suspect with the Sequani people group, and Seconds/SEGURs are suspect in the "Omine secundo" motto of Murdochs, and Italian SEGURana's happen to share the Bare/Barr eagle! Fix's/Ficks are mentioned because Fetters/Fetts and Hesse's are in the colors and format of Vicks/Ficks/FEDDERcke's, the latter first found in Bavaria with Fetters/Fetts and Rothes'/Rothchilds who share the Murdoch raven.

English Vicks/Vecks show nothing but a single pale bar -- almost the Necker Coat -- that's in the colors of the pale-bar-by-"trunk" of Clots (Hesse) who are in turn in the colors and format of Rasmussens (Hesse) who in turn share the giant unicorn of Schwabs, the latter first found in Franconia with Trunks!!! Is this a blood-clot pointer to Klaus Schwab, the one who wants a COVID-related tyranny??? He sounds like he wants population controls by vaccine murders, the thing that Bill Gates wants who's been a good friend (and probably more) with Jeffrey Epstein. French Blonds happen to have "castle GATES."

Trunks happen to share the Vick/Fick/Feddercke hexagram. French Clots were first found in Lorraine with BAR-le-Duke for a pointer to James LeDuc, and Lorraine the pure-blond babe had gotten a feet / foot symbol that went with the "foot" on the sun of Blonds (almost the Babe Coat). Blonds (in the Homin blond with bare feet), with "barry" in their Shield, share the sun in Crest with Babe's (more "barry"), and Lorraine got her babe symbol at the moment she got her feet symbol.

The two Clot surnames playing into this set of heraldry can be a pointer to blood clots from VACCINEs not only due to Vick-like VYCHANs/Vaughns, but because Fothes'/Fette's (share Bare/Barre/Berre stars), ProFETTs, and sun-using Buchans were of the Aberdeen area of the first-known Leslie's, earls of Rothes, whom I trace to Lesce right beside Blud-like Bled. Bloods/Bluds share the lodged stag with Maxwells, and Lodge's/Loge's (Suffolk, same as English Clare's) share the giant lion of Bare's/Barre's/Berre's and French CLERs/Clairs (Limousin, same as Murdoch-beloved Seconds). There's even a German Cler/Claar surname first found in Austria with Bare's/Barre's/Berre's. Clarens/FEETERs/LAURINs (share laurel branch with Lorraine's) have two of the triple Clare chevrons. Was the Epstein circle of fiends a part of the plandemic?

Bleds have the triple chevrons of English Clare's in colors reversed, and the three of Clare's are red like the three of Eppsteins, and moreover CLERmont-Ferrand can be to the Ferrands/FERONTs suspect in the Blond description: "An armed foot in FRONT of the sun...", for Claro-line Sinclairs are also Suns. The latter lived in Roslin and in Clare of Pont d'EVEQUE (Vicks/Vecks can apply), and while Roslins are suspect with Russells, Lorraine the babe turned out to be a Russellite (Jehovah's Witness), from the cult leader, Charles Taze Russell, Zionist friend / partner of Lord Rothschild and Arthur Balfour.

Buchans (SUN) share the lion heads of Works/Wergs in the Sinclair/Sun motto. These lion heads are black, and the BUCHANans (another laurel branch) have their own black lion as well as a "CLARior" motto term. The "seCUTus" motto term of Buchans can be for the MontaCUTE variation of Montague's. Cute's/Cutts use PLATES, and I sewered the paper-plane "cue ball" into the corner pocket while Cute's/Cutts were first found in Lincolnshire with Pockets and Coddon-beloved Hanks. While Irish Adams/Caws show a Coddan variation, Coddans/Cottons ("hanks of cotton") can be a branch of Cute/Cutt-like Cotta's/Cottons (Languedoc, same as French Julians and Laurels/Laurins/Lorels), from Aurelia Cotta, mother of Julius Caesar.

[Insert -- The paragraph above was not written with Steve Mellanson in mind, and so let's start with the fact that Millens/Milans (Aberdeenshire, same as Buchans and MELLANsons) are said to possibly have the Buchanan lion. As I've said many times, Mr. Mellanson challenged Joe Oullette and I to heal the blood in his ear shortly after the two of us became Christians. So, after Joe and I laid hands on him and prayed, Mellanson stuck a COTTON SWAB into his ear, chiding that when he pulled it out there would be blood. But there was no blood this time. I have been wondering whether / how the swab points to Klaus Schwab, the demon in human form who wants the COVID-related "great reset," but, in any case, note that Buchanans came to topic smack at Cottons!

English Millens/MOLINS', suspect from MumMOLIN, descended from rulers in CLERmont-Ferrand (Auvergne, same as Millans), were first found in Suffolk with Bled-connectable Clare's, and BLEDa, brother of Atilla the Hun (ruled in Hungary, origin of Leslie's), was a son of MUNDzuc while MUNDeric was the father of Mummolin. Atilla and Bleda (had ALAN Huns onside in warfare) were from the house of DULo, suspect with "Dol," and the latter can be traced to "Tullia" of Clermont-Ferrand.

It was Joe's brother, Mike, who contributed in giving Lorraine her babe symbol, and it was a third Oullette brother, Dave, who was dating (may have married her) Karen Graff, whom at 13/14 lived across the street from me. Graffs/Graffens are standing as pointers to GRAPHENE-Oxide. It was only weeks before the cotton-swab event when God performed a miraculous event at Mellanson's apartment in a stark pointer to Tony Fauci. Another way to look at the Mellanson-ear event is with a Q-tip, for the Cue's may point us back to my pool-cue shot with the paper plane. YES, for the Cue's are the ones who brought us to Comyns, earls of Buchan!!! It works, for Buchans were first found in Aberdeenshire with Mellansons and the Leslie's from the area of Blood-like Bled, and I saw at least one drop of blood from Barry's lip. The first event at Mellanson's, which included Barry's lip bleed, pointed to Fauci by first pointing to Faucets/Fawcetts (share Millen/Milan/MELLENT and Buchanan lion), and "Fac et" is a motto term of Scottish Mathie's/Maghans/Manns while Scottish Mathie's/Matthews share the Bled Coat! Faucets/Fawcetts were first found in East Lothian with Vaux's while the Shield of English Vaux's is the Arms of Mellent (Meulan).

Bleds are also Blays, and French Bleys almost have the sinister bend-with-three-roses of Jewish Rothchilds, which works where Rothschilds descended from the earl-of-Rothes Leslie's. Rothes is at Moray, and while "Moray" and it's alternative, "Moreve," is in the TREMBLE/TremBLAY write-up, Tremble's/Tremblays -- whom I looked up because some vaccine poisons cause people to tremble -- have their three "gillyFLOWERs" in Moray / Jewell colors and format. English Blays/Bligh's, with crescents in the colors and format of the Tremblay gillyflowers, share the Hanger griffin while "pot hangers" are used by Danish Cnuts while Flowers (Devon, same as gillyflower-using Jewells) share the cinquefoil of Potters (Hampshire, same as Hangers). God pointed Mr. Mellanson to Note's/Cnuts with three crescents in half the colors of the three Blay/Bligh crescents. Mellansons have "rods" highly suspect with Rothes-like Rodez liners.

The Faucets/Fawcetts were pointed to at Mellanson's in an event that included BARRY, who now looks like a pointer to Bare's/Barre's/Berre's because they have a version of the Rasmussen Coat. The pure-blonde woman, Sharon QUINN, who pointed to Faucets/Fawcett, and who punched Barry in the LIP that night, was dating Charlie at the time, who pointed to Farrah Fawcett of Charlie's Angels, was a bank-loan officer, and Banks have the fleur-de-lys of Rasmussens in colors reversed while Rasmussens have the giant Schwab unicorn while Fothes'/Fette's/FIDDES', suspect in the "fides" motto term of English Mellans/Molins', share "Industria" with the Arms of Rothschild. French Charles' share the FEET/Fate martlets. Lorraine's feet / foot symbol was, as I've said a dozen times, due to her beautiful BARE feet on the PAVEment (ROAD) of Yonge street. PAVia's (named by Pepin elements) share the Feet/Fate Coat. English Mellans are even in Bunch colors and format while Bankers are Benchers too.

The pointer of Charlie to Charlie's Angels works because Angels (Lancashire, same as Charlie's/Chorleys) share the white "pegasus" with Quinns. The Angels (uniCORN) put their winged horse into a "DUCal CORONet" (crown), looking like a pointer to James LeDuc's part in the corona virus. The Angel Shield has a "bastion"-type baton for a pointer to bats used in manipulating corona viruses (English Batons/Bastons use bats). Another reason for a pointer of God to Charlie's Angels is where the three, blue Angel lozenges are fessewise like those of Jewish Fells who in turn have the eight-pointed Duc/LeDuc stars in colors reversed.

[Charlie's are no longer listed with Chorleys as of recently.] The Charlie/CHORley write-up: "The chief lordships of Chorley were subsequently held by the noble families of Ferrers and Lacy." Ferrers' happen to share the horseshoe with Farrah's, perfect in pointing with Farrah Fawcett to the horseshoe bats said to be used for obtaining corona virus variants for infecting people in the very lab which James LeDuc worked, in Wuhan. The six Ferrers horseshoes are in the pattern of the six, same-colored lions of CORREN-loving Cecils, and Correns with Corrys/Currys were first found in Waterford with the Whelans/FAILins sharing the Fell lozenges in both colors. <{P> It appears that God set the banker, Charlie, up with Sharon Quinn for this pointer to Corona-like surnames, and moreover Loans are listed with Laine's/Lawns for an additional possible pointer to Ghislaine Maxwell. There is even some similarity between the Coats of English Laine's/Lawns and Charlie's/Chorleys. The Chief of the English Corys, who share the Maxwell saltire in their Shield, is the Bag Chief in colors reversed, and Bagleys share the Root / Angel lozenges in both colors, which are colors reversed from the LAUNay/Lawny lozenges. Launays/Lawnys were kin of Brests/Brix's having the Whelan / Fell / Brick lozenges in colors reversed. Miss Whelan (my girlfriend at my age 20) lived on Henry CORSON Place, and while Henrys trace to Henry of RODEZ, Corsons/Carsons (Fell / Whelan lozenges in colors reversed) were first found in Dumfries with the Maxwell-related Kilpatricks who in turn have a near-copy of the English Cory Coat. Kilpatricks were obvious kin of Johnsons for a potential pointer to Johnson $ Johnson vaccines.

Angels share the baton with Balfours and Weigh's/Ways', and while the latter are connectable to Wass'/Wace's (Cornwall, same as Witch's/Watch's/Wage's and Tintons), the Peggs' use "wedges", as do the Witch's/Watch's/Wage's in Peggs colors and format. Peggs were looked up as per the Angel PEGASus. Witch's/Watch's/Wage's and Tintons are in the same colors and format.

I've talked before about Barry getting PUNCHed in the LIP, but I don't think I had the Bare's/Barre's/Berre's at topic with that discussion, for they don't come up as "Barry." German Lipps (Westphalia, same as Ducks/Dockers who could have named Murdocks) share the giant Bare/Barre'/Berre lion! That explains things. I've said before that Punch's almost have the Coat of English Berrys, and the latter share the Coat of Camerons who in turn share five bunched arrows with the Arms of because the Rothschild arrows are held by a "BARE arm"!!! It once again appears that the event(s) at Mellanson's wasn't fully decipherable without German Bare's.

The same description has: " arm BEARING five arrows", which may suggest that Rothschilds own(ed) Baring bank. Ahh, Barings/BEARings were first found in Devon with Beers, Berrys, and MULE's!!! Barings/Bearings share the Arms of MEULan!!! Devon is also where Walerans were first found, from Waleran de Leavell, husband of Miss Beaumont of Meulan! This is the Mellanson bloodline!!!

As was said, Steve Mellanson always had a BEER in his hand, and the Homin blond with "feet bare" is SITTING on a bear, the Beer symbol! Zikers, this is all new thanks to the Homin woman and the Murdoch motto. Simon Graff always had a beer and pipe in his hand, and Pipe's with Pepins have the Rasmussen bend-with-fleur that goes with the same-colored bend-with-stars of Bare's/Barre's/Berre's! Graphene-oxide. Rothschild-beloved Arrows use the fleur in colors reversed, and Arrows look like Bank kin. Faucets/Fawcetts were first found in East Lothian with Seatons/SITTENs (share red crescents with English Mellans/Molins') to go with the sitting woman. Seaton is a location in Devon with the first-known Berrys ("SINE") and Beers. Seatons/Sittens (namer of Sitten = Sion of the Sine's) were a branch of Sedans/Siddens "SINO"), who named Sedbergh, where Dents were first found who have another "Industria" motto term.

Note the partial description of the Arms: "...the two blue fields comes out of EACH EDGE of the shield a bare arm, the hands of which hold five white-FEATHERed arrows..." Feathers (kin of Ayer-beloved Lights/Lite's) can be of the Fetters / Feeters shortly above, and Each's/Augers and Eggs/Edge's both look like Egger / Ice/Ecco liners, yet another pointer to poison vaccines. The Valens' in the Feather motto have the five fesses of Ducks/Dockers in colors reversed, and the Valens/Velens/Volens' (not "Valens"), likewise in the Feather motto, were first found in Westphalia with Ducks/Dockers and duck-using Velins. Valens/Velens/Volens', share red martlets with Valens' and Alans, in colors reversed from the Feet/Fate / Charles/CHARLOTTE martlets!

English Charles' even look like Egg / Ice kin, and while Ice's/Ecco's and Hicks share an Icke variation, blond Charlotte Hicks is the LEVEL-hovering Sleeping Beauty. Beautys (Dorset, same as Beaumonts) have nearly the Coat of LEVEL-related Walerans. Lorraine's beautiful feet on the PAVEment of Yonge street pointed to Level-branch Leavells sharing the Yonge piles, indicating that Level ancestry is in the Laevi of PAVia. Pavers share the checks in the Arms of Meulan. Levels have a red-bar version of the Babe-related Blond Coat. Waleran de Leavell was a son of Gouel de Perceval in the Level write-up.

"GOUEL" was suspect in my dream where I bought carpenter GLUE for greasing the BEARINGs in my car's wheels. Wheelers (share Lorraine lions) come up as Waleran-like Whalers. Ratcliffs, sharing the black bull head with Walerans, were at Whalley. Mellanson's Q-TIP swab can now point to Tipps/Tippins ("ARROW heads"), Ratcliff kin.

I was walking toward the curb of Yonge street when Mike Oullette saw Lorraine for the first time nearby, and he said quietishly in my hearing, "what a babe." I TURNed around and saw her beautiful bare feet on the road. She and I had been together only a week or two by that time. Oullette's were at Rockefeller-connectable Falaise, more precisely at Basset, and the Coat of Bassets (Staffordshire, same as Rothschild-beloved Arrows) is linkable to the Level, Berry and Drummond Coats while Drummonds descended from Podebrady, where Babe's (Brady line) and Beaks trace. You can find Beak-like Bec in the Level write-up.

Behold. The last time I spoke on the events at Mellanson's place, I didn't have access to a website showing Coat descriptions, and did not know, therefore, that LIPtons use the "Tau of St. ANTHONY" between two scallops in the colors of the same of Bardys, first found in Perigord with Fauchys and Faux's/Fage's!!! Miss Quinn, acting as Farrah Fawcett, punched Barry on the lip!!! That event pointed to poison vaccines already shortly above. It now looks like a pointer to Anthony Fauci and his boss, Francis Collins, for while Irish Collens share the brown lion with Scottish Lipps, Faux's/Fage's are also Chollens'!!! Plus, the "Tau" is the Greek letter, 'T', which the Lipton Coat shows between the scallops, and COVID variants have already reached the Greek letter, omicron, with tau coming soon to a hoax near you.

Liptons share the scallop of English Tass' while the Scottish Tass' are also Taus'/Taws', explaining the Lipton "Tau."

The Lipp lions (showing as lions) are called mountain cats because Chives' use them who share the Lipp motto in full. Chives' and Lipps were both first found in Aberdeenshire with Chives', and the Revelation asteroid (2nd Trumpet) is said to be "like a mountain."

Liptons (Westmorland) were first found in Cumberland with Daggers sharing the Lipton / Bardy scallops, and Cumberland happens to be where Ramps/Romps (and Browns/Bruns) were first found who share the double lions combattant of Irish Collins. One Brown/Brun Coat is that of vaccine-like Vychans/VAUGHNs, and Faucets/Fawcetts share the "compony" bend of FAUGHNs. FAGINs (and Hagens) were first found in Tyrone with Sharks, and Saracens first found in Cumberland.

For new readers, repeat: I woke up, in April of 1979, less than a month after the sleeping beauty dream, with a vision of a blond woman having a head / mind injury (I saw no blood, just that she was sick to the head). I told readers that she looked like Farrah Fawcett, who later died of cancer, important because the Apophis asteroid is going to be visible to the naked eye, in the constellation of cancer, in April of 2029, exactly 50 years from April of 1979. Soon after I awoke with this vision, I heard a voice clearly asking me to write down concerning a disagreement / argument with Steve Mellanson (or maybe it meant one generally at his place) that very night. And that's when Miss Quinn, an attractive blond, punched Barry (because he was sticking up for me, for taking Jesus seriously; Miss Quinn was opposed to it).

After she punched Barry, she ran down the hall of the apartment building to her brother's place, but fell outside the front door screaming like one losing her mind. I ran down, got on one knee, and prayed to Jesus, at which second she stopped screaming. Prays/Pretors have wolf heads colors reversed from the Lipp wolf heads, and Prays/Pretors were first found in Lincolnshire with Pockets, and with Lipton-beloved Anthonys (essentially in Pocket colors and format)! A few minutes later, I walked back to Steve's place, and when he met me at the door, he complained about my leaving his party earlier in the night, and so I took the NOTE out of my POCKET, and handed it to him, but he didn't believe me when I said I wrote it in the morning at God's direction.

Decades later, I found that Note's are listed with Cnuts/Knots, and sharing the Mellanson crescents. The Note/Cnut Crest has a white unicorn, the colors of the Schwab and ERAS/Rasmussen unicorn, and the Lipp wolf heads are said to be ERASed as likely code for Eras', for German Lipps look like Eras/Rasmussen kin. The latter now show a red wing in Crest, the color of the wings of German Wissels (Westphalia, same as Ducks/Dockers), and then English Wissels/Whistle's (Somerset, same as Ducks) have lions in the colors of the Lipp / Bare/Barre/Berre lion. I always link the Wissel/Whistle lion to the "COUCHant" lion of Tints (Somerset).

Serving to show that God arranged the heraldry for this event, Prays/Pretors share a "Pegasus" (different color) with one Irish Quinn Coat while the other Irish Quinns share a white wolf head with Prays. Irish Prays were first found in County Down with Knee's. I remember getting DOWN on one KNEE to PRAY. My prayer involved just the outspoken word, "Jesus" (my heart had the rest of the message to bring Miss Quinn back to sanity). I told them to put her on the couch, and give her some water. Couch's share the brown bear with Beers, and Water's/Waterville's share the triple Eppstein chevrons, in case the latter applies to the event. I believe the sleeping-beauty dream is on Epstein's island. Waterville's/Waterfords use white "water lilies" to go with the while Lipton lilies, but as Liptons love Anthonys, note that Italian Anthony's have a white flower on water in the colors of the "Gillyflowers" (show as lilies) of Tremble's/TremBLEYs/TremBLEE's, potential kin of Bleds/Bleys/Blee's.

I think I've just found a Trump branch in TREMBleys, for they are in Trump colors while the Trump stag head is in the Arms of County Waterford. Joels/Jewels, who share gillyflowers with Trembleys, were once said to be first found in Wiltshire with trumpet-using Calls/Calles' (in Lily colors). Almost no Trump-supporting social media platform is calling Trump out for the recent news of his being on the Lolita Express more than once en route to Little Saint James. On top of Trump the fraud, we now see that his supporters are hypocrites. Abandon all hope in the USA. God's going to show that absolute / unrestricted freedom is satan's tool to advance all manner of sin / selfishness. God is calling us to good communalism, not free-market capitalism without restraints, which Trumps loves. I'm for good capitalism and good communalism, where the leaders are good, where the laws and regulations are on a fair playing field, but where life is not a game of Monopoly.

Tremble-like Trumble's/TRUMPle's are listed with Turin-suspect Turnbulls, who are in turn in Carrick colors and format, which jibes with the Trumble/Turnbull write-up tracing to king Bruce I, a Carrick. It's super because Carricks use a "Garde" motto term while Trumps are also Tromps while Val Trompia is at lake Garda, beside Bruce-line Brescia/Brixia. Chives', from Chivasso at Turin's outskirts, were first found in Tarves while the split Tarves Shield is the one of Dutch Tromps too. Turins (Aberdeenshire, same as Leslie's) share the boar of Bards who in turn share the green Leslie griffin head while Leslie's were from Lesce, beside Bled, and Bleds are Blays too. TremBLAY, thus suspect as a Trump-Bled line, excellent where Trumps are suspect as Drummonds, who were Hungarians like the Leslie's, both having arrived to Scotland in the same ship.

Before leaving the Mellanson section, I'll add that God pointed Mr. Mellanson to Note's/Cnuts, first found in Derbyshire with ear-like Eyers/Ayers, on the night He pointed to Faucets/Fawcetts with the blond woman, Miss Quinn. That seems to explain why God chose the cotton swab in Mellanson's ear, though it could have been used elsewhere. The Eyers/Ayers share the human leg with Profetts/Prophets, and I think the False Prophet and his 666 could certainly be of the Klaus Schwab group of goons. He heads up the World Economic Forum.

The Klaus surname is also the Klausel, and the Clausula river is very near Kotor so that, perhaps, Klaus Schwab can be pointed to by Mellanson's cotton swab. In fact, Klaus'/Klausels share the thick, black border with MontaCUTE's, first found beside the first-known Kotor-like Cutters. See the start of the next update for how the Klaus surname works excellently into Mellanson's cotton swab. End insert]

Coddans/Cottons, in Billiard colors and format, remind that Cudds and Cuthberts share the dart with Brocks who in turn share the Chief-Shield colors of Cutters, perfect for tracing to Kotor, beside Rising-like Rhizon [recalls from before the insert that Adams share Rising/Rison cross]. Kotor is where I trace BRAMtons, and then Brims/Breams, with fish in the colors of the valiant SHARK (= Saraca's of Kotor), are in the "caps with red BRIMs" of German Bonnets. This cap is called a "chapeau" by the Bidens/Buttons who in turn share the fesse of German BONNETs and Butts/Bute's/Boets (have a Coat like that Maurels, first found in Milan with Bono'/BONETo's). The latter share a fish on a fesse (different colors) with this Arms of Saraca.

Coddans/Cottons, in Mackay format and nearly with all the colors too, even use "HANKs of cotton" to go with the hanging ravens of Margys/Mackeys. Another dart is in the Crest of Maine's who in turn share the pheons of Page's (Devon, same as Maine's), and it just so happens that while the cue ball started out as a flat page on the billiard table (which I turned into a paper plane), Maine is where Billiards/Billets were first found. As was said, I was aiming for the RED ball, but missed it and sewered, and Reds/Reeds share the garbs of Clints/Clents, and of Billet-like Blythe's, while Mr. Blythe gave birth to Bill Clinton (the latter's mother re-married Mr. Clinton).

The red ball was sitting next to the pocket, but it was not a straight-in-shot. The red ball needed to be "CUT," as they say in billiards, into the pocket. Pockets were kin of Bus', who were in turn kin of Hamiltons (and DOCKs/Dogs), two surnames from Buz and Kemuel, sons of Nahor, brother of Bramton-line Abraham, husband of SARAH (was she named from proto-Saraca's?) before marrying Keturah.

The giant heart of Irish Adams/Caws could be for Scottish Hearts/Harts (compare with Cudd stars) because they have a saltire in the colors of the similar Rising/Rison / Adam/Caw cross. Saraca's lived in the land of Hart-like Ardiaei.

It may or may not apply that while I sewered the Lolita Express (theory) into the corner pocket, Pockets have the Bus Coat in colors reversed while Bus' may be in the "PhoeBUS" motto term of Jeffreys.

The Crux's (caw-caw) in the motto of German Adams, and the Cruce's (caw-caw, did we hear a crow?) in the motto of Irish Adams/Caws, are not only linkable to Crow liners, but to Carricks and Cracks/Cricks. The amazing thing here is that Adams become more pronounced as a pointer to Epstein where Crux's and Cracks share the single pale bar of German Walls who in turn have the Coat of German Neckers in colors reversed. Yet-more, while Crux's show a patee crosses on their Shield, they have a BLACK "formee fitchee" in Crest, while a BLACK "patee fitchee" is used by PLAINs/Platers!! I think that's huge, but I don't recall Adams ever being part of my billiard shot on Obama's table. The Blacks (Lincolnshire, same as Pockets) use another "crux" motto term. The orange lion of "crux"-using Blacks can link to Orange-Nassau, and while Epsteins were first found in Hesse-Nassau, Hesse's share the sun of German Adams.

German Adams share the full motto of English and Scottish Adamsons, and the latter share blue fitchees with Maxtons while Maxwells were at Maxton! Bingo. Again, GhisLAINE Maxwell can be pointed to by Carrick-related Laine's/Lawns, and Maxwells are a branch of Margys/Mackeys who point with Mackesys/Margesons to the Lolita Express. Scottish Adamsons were first found in Angus with the Sewers/SUTers (what are the chances?) while the Adamsons (Shark format) are traced in their write-up to Adam, grandson of Philipi of "SUHTberewick." Berwicks and Barwicks have essentially the same Coat, but Barwicks (SARAcen/Sarasin colors and format) share the motto of Sarah's/Sayers who share the leopard in Crest with Sarah/Sayer-like SEWERs/Suters. That's making sense. Barwicks were first found in Northumberland with Bar-connectable Lorraine's.

Saraca's of Ragusa were near the crane-depicted Ceraunii in turn upon the Sava river of the Sayer-like Sauers. It explains why Sharks use cranes, the line to the Cornovii namers of Cornwall, and the English Tate's (share German Adam roses) expected in the "expecTATa" motto term of Sharks show ravens / crows but call then "Cornish choughs." The crow at the stove burner applies here because Burns are said to be Bernicians i.e. of Berwick, and Scottish Tate's/Teets were first found in Berwickshire. The Teet variation has been suggested as a pointer to the nasty TEETH that the shark had in the Sleeping Beauty dream.

I woke up kicking the Classico sauce jar, and Glassicks are listed with Glass' while Jarrets/JARRe's share the giant boar head of Gardens/Jardens, first found in Angus with Adamsons and Jardins (Adamson star in colors reversed). Jardins share the Chief-Shield of Scottish Tate's/Teets and Annandale's while English and Scottish Adams were first found in Annandale. Laine's/Lawns and Carricks both use "Garde," but Carricks add "bien" while German Biens share the bee with Maxtons. Lake Garda is near the Ananes Gauls who named Annandale. The lone Adamson star is colors reversed from the Angus / Annas / Jardin / Bullis star, and Bullis is a location near the Ceraunii mountains.

It's probably due to the Annan-Annas relationship that the Adam cross with FIVE stars is in the colors and format of the Ainsley cross. The Adam cross is in the colors of the Annan(dale) saltire, you see, and Margaret Carrick even got her second husband from Bruce's of Annandale. The Ainsley cross has five fleur-de-lys in the colors of the Bunch fleur. As Ainsley Earhardt is Sleeping Beauty, she was therefore RISING into the sky, and the Scot-English Adams/Caws, likewise first found in Annandale, share the Rising/Rison Coat.

The thing here is that Adams probably have the SUTHERland stars on their cross because Mackays/Mackeys/CAWs were first found in Sutherland while Margys/Mackeys (share arrow with Scottish Adams) were related to Adam's wife. I sewered the paper plane ("cue ball") into the corner pocket, and Sewers are listed with SUTERs.

The giant Bruce lion is shared by Docks/Dox's who in turn have the Faucet/Fawcett / Faughn compony in half its colors. As MurDOCKs were first found in Ayrshire with Mrs. Margaret Bruce, this heraldry could reveal that Murdocks were a Mur- / Muir- / Muriel-line merger with Docks, for Muirs/Moors were first found in Ayrshire with Mrs. Margaret Bruce (= Miss Carrick). The Dock/Dox compony is called, "GOBONated," probably to be read as "goBONATed" too because Bonnets/Bonnie's were first found in Bedfordshire with Gobons. Bonato's are listed with Italian Bono's with a not-bad reflection of the Gates Coat.

Miss Carrick first married Adam KilCONQUHAR, and CONACHERs (Perthshire, same as Docks/Dogs) are also DONACHIE's while Duncan-branch Donkeys share the cinquefoils of Scottish Docks/Dogs. Looking right. Conachers/Donachie's probably have the DOUGlas heart. The same cinquefoil is used by Porch's/Portis' who in turn share the eight bars of Gobons, and the Gobon-loving Docks/Dox's were first found in Staffordshire with the Bassets in turn sharing the three, wavy fesses in the Porch/Portis Crest, yet they are also the three, wavy fesses of Scottish Drummonds (Perthshire, same as Docks/Dogs). Looking Right.

I doubt very much that Achings/Aikens/ATkins were derived from "Adam," as their write-up says, but perhaps someone knew of an Aachen/Aken link to Adams, for Aachens/Aken were first found in Westphalia with Bar-le-Duc liners while Achings/Aikens/Atkins (Lanarkshire, near first-known Barrs and Carricks) mention an Atkin de Barr. As Achings/Aikens use "vigilantia," while Wake's use "Vigila" (= "awake"), and as Wix's/Weeks are in Aching/Aiken colors and format, the latter look like a Wake line, especially as they are said to have been in Glasgow, near/where the Wake-beloved Orrs/Ore's were first found. Walks/Wachs were first found in Dumfries with Adams/Caws. Wakefields even share the garbs of COMBINGs/Comyns while Adam's mother was Miss Comyn(s)! Plus, the Glass namers of Glasgow have a mermaid "with mirror and comb COMBING her hair"!!! We had seen this mermaid "combing her hair" with Burn-like Byrne's, and while the latter are in Crow colors and format, Crows were first found in Norfolk with English Adamsons. Caw-caw. Hairs were first found in Ayrshire with Barrs.

Ahh, English Hairs are said to have been in Stow-BARdolph of Norfolk, and the Bardolphs share the estoiles of bags (Norfolk)!!! That's new! Bags were at GAYwood, and BarDOLPHs/BarDOLs at Norfolk's WormeGAY (or "Wirmegay")! DOLPHins/DOLfins (Dol colors) were once said to be first found in Surrey with dolphin-using James' and Caesars, and Surrey is where English Hairs were first found!!! This recalls little Andrea FABIAN (came to my 11th birthday party) on SHOREham drive, for Shore's (share holly with Maxwells) were first found in Derbyshire with Eyers/Ayers while Scottish Ayers were first found in Ayrshire too. Maxwells use a "holly BUSH," and Bill Barr is a Bushite fiend who protected Ghislaine Maxwell's boss. Her father was a spy man in Fabian-studded Britain! Bags share the Shield of Italian Fabians, and so is the sleeping bag on the bank of the road pointing to Bill Barr and/or the Fabian socialists at Wall Street!

The sleeping bag was on a bank in the woods (or bush) off a road while Roet-branch and Wood-related Roots are in Bardolph/Bardol colors and format. Roots share the Bagley lozenges. So, the Hairs of Bardolph were necessary to help unravel the meaning of the sleeping bag, and the Sleeps even share double fesses on red with these English Hairs (two of the three Stur/STOWer fesses). Scottish have the Coat of Dunhams, first found in Norfolk with STOW-Bardolph...recalling Mamie in the back of a pick-up with Barry on the day I slept in her sleeping bag!!! Barry, thanks to the Hatch's sharing the Brunswick Coat, was a pointer both to Bill Barr, yet Barry Soetoro = president Obama-Dunham was also suspect in that event.

I almost missed it: there is a Bar location on the Adriatic seacoast off of lake Scodra, and that is exactly where Sleep-line SELEPitanoi lived!!! Sure enough, Sleeps and Hairs call their fesses, "bars." The Adriatic was home to Ardiaei, and the ATRebates were in Artois. Mamie's sleeping bag was at a camp site, and we might assume that the sleeping bag on the bank was in a camp site too because Banks (faint version of the Rhodes Coat) share the white eagle head of Dutch Camps.

Back to omen-like Homins (bear in Barwick-bear colors) suspect from the Murdoch motto. Repeat: "Homins happen to have a "woman dressed in blue with BLOND HAIR, arms and FEET BARE, sitting on a black BEAR passant." The Bare's are listed Scottish Barrs, first found in Ayrshire with Scottish Hairs and Scottish Ayers; the latter use "LIGHTer than air" for a motto, and Lights are also Lite's expected in the "loyaLITE" motto term of Mackesys/Margesons!" It works because Margaret Carrick was in Ayrshire. There is a good pointer here to Ainsley Earhardt of Fox, a blonde, because her surname is connectable to Hairs / Herrs / Eyers while Ainsleys use "my" twice while Margesons/Mackesys use "Loyalite ME lie" while Mee's are listed with My's. Plus, this Mackesy Coat shares the green snake with Earhardts. Why would God point to Miss Earhardt, an employee of Rupert Murdoch?

Mee's/My's show ravens but call them "black birds," recalling the Bird link to Bunch's while Bankers/Benchers are also BUNCHers, begging whether this is a pointer to the BUNK bed to which the sheet was tied in Epstein's hanging. Bench's are in KEPPoch colors and format, and the Keppoch MacDonalds share the black fitchee with hand of Atters/Tyre's. Mee's/My's use the anchor in Crest held by a gold lion, and Bunkers have a gold lion too. The Anchors have a version of an Anger Coat while those Angers share the "escarbuncle" with Hangers who are themselves shown as Angers too. Is that amazing or what, for the "me" motto term is from Mackeys/Margesons who point to Epstein's Lolita Express, yet-more the Mackesys/Margesons were a branch of raven-hanging Margys/Mackeys.

Bunkers use a white eagle "STANDing on a green LAUREL branch," and Stands are listed with Stains as per Lorraine's pant stain, Lorraine's use white eagles and "a BRANCH of laurel", Branch's are suspect from "AVRANCHes," a Varangi like term. Lorraine's descended from Maria of KIEV, tending to explain why KEEPs share the Lorraine bend, and why Lorraine's were first found on Northumberland with Keep-loving Hebrons/HEPburns (Burn kin?)...and Daltons (share Alda fesse). Bunkers were first found in Suffolk with Rus-like Rush's, but also with PLAINs/Platers, a surname that was pointed to by a paper PLANE on Obama's billiard table. Was it the Lolita Express? I'll tinker about that.

Psy-Ops, Trickery, and Hard-Fisted Goons

I'm providing this video by Jovan Pulitzer after watching only into the third minute because his topic is STAGED operations by governments, and Miss Peare on the stage, when I was PULLING her toward me, pointed to PULITzer partly because Pullings are Pulits too. The other evidence for this pointer is that Pulitzer was involved in the audit in Phoenix, and the Hips Coat is nearly the Phoenix/Fenwick Coat while I was pulling her hips. As it turned out, the Phoenix audit was staged by the Arizona senate in that the latter had the audit's impact all planned out NOT to make arrests, NOT to deny Biden the election win, but misleading the Arizonans to think they were working to that end just because it was the right thing to do. Nope, the senate betrayed the people. Here's Jovan on his understanding of psychological warfare (it's late, I may not watch much more):

The globalists would have us believe that they are more powerful than they are. They would have us believe that just because they own the channels of education, information and the military that we have no chance against them. But wait. I say they are afraid to use the military because it could backfire on them in the same way that police departments were not all on-board their COVID scheme. When things go haywire mid-field mid-war, anything can happen QUICK. Prophecy tells us that things will go badly haywire for them. That's the way to approach this final period. Do not listen to pre-tribulationists, because they have one main task, to get you to feel hopeless in preparing to endure the period on your own property. I frankly can't see how such Judas-Christians can be saved, but I'll leave judgment-and-mercy in His hands.

We cannot be on the Narrow Path if we're holding an American flag. The Narrow Path is for those marching toward the Israel of God, and the USA ain't it. If you're out trying to save the USA, you're going to lose in more ways than one. We fight against the spiritual implants from enemies of Jesus, and they happen to be the enemies of patriot Americans, but we should not join the fight to save any nation because God is intent on punishing all nations. There are many godless patriots who oppose globalism, but they want a country with free sin and devoid of religious mindsets. They want to be free to chase money and flesh, and they will be very happy to be friends with Christians if Christians help them fight globalism on the political field. But our war against globalism should be on the stick-up-for-Jesus / make-Jesus-proud-of-us level. We hold Jesus up as The Prize. Our enemies sideline us in their world, but God wants us to position ourselves as the lamp at the center of their field. Always-always portray Jesus in the good Light that He is. That's what it means to shine the Light. The Chief goodness of Jesus is that He willingly laid down His life before his enemies who brutalized him and defamed Him. Then they sought to cancel his apostles. That's why he earned the right to return to wreak vengeance upon their sons. Pulitzer doesn't shine the Light in his video so far as I've watched it. Fox news never does.

By the way, if God is pointing to Pulitzer with the mall stage, I don't know why. I'm not his fan, but he does have a following that is accomplishing an exposure of deep-state wickedness. That movement all-around seems to be in slow-motion painfully. Somebody needs to crack the whip, but no one is strong enough against the deep state unless God is behind him/her. If we are in the final few years now, view it as God's period, where He sets traps for the devil and his sons, frustrating their plans, making them act in vain, humbling their arrogance, until they go crazy in utter regrets. That's the end-time Program. They guiltify themselves for justifying Armageddon, and judges all over the world will be tossed into the eternal prison.

Evil is being canceled as we speak by giving it free reign, and afterward the government of Jesus will not allow them absolute freedom of speech or expression. Bongino is in grave error to promote that "libertarianism." Jesus will DICTATE the will of God, but a Dictator who is based on the peoples' welfare is what the world needs. Therefore, God will expose this world's dictators as destructive for the people, and selfish in thievery of the peoples' labors. It's this that Jesus sets us free from. We do get freedom from it, but we don't get freedom to fall right back into the pit of the devil all over again, and that's what absolute freedoms for all do. Absolute freedoms, as Jovan says, allows the enemy to propagandize wickedly, to perform psychological operations, freely, to twist and trick minds into compliance with their wicked government. The root cause, absolute freedoms, must be wiped out.

We don't have the right to pile money perpetually into our own coffers just as we don't have the right to use up all the water of a town's water supply. The billionaires / communists will force us to ration so that we share our needs equally, and yet they are the ones who rob us of as much money as possible.

I have not seen Jovan concentrating his videos on the exposure of fraudulent ballots in the Arizona election. They should be all over social media, unless Jovan has submitted himself to the watered-down conclusions of the Arizona senate...for the sake of his future plans that benefit him? After the gamut of Arizona hoopla in doing the audit, all they ignited was a firecracker. A little burnt and repugnant smoke in the nostrils is all we got. Karen Fann appears shameful without shame, on the most-important issue facing the country which she has the power to remedy. She has the power to snowball audits all over the country, but she has instead contributed to slowing the ball. If Jovan is not speaking out against her, then it appears he's trying to remain on her ship (or stage) as his best option for a reason. He's an inventor, an innovationist, and may (or may not) have money-making methods on the brain from self-ingrained habit. Innovationists do that to themselves, dream of making fast money by capitalizing on a broad human need.

Christians should be the front-line fighters against anti-Christ disinformation / propaganda and psy-ops (all involve lies or half-truths) if only because we are to be chief truthers to correct the lies and slander. Propaganda involves a lot of slander. But our chief aim is to protect the character of Jesus, not to advance American freedoms / prosperity / capitalism. If a nation seeks first the popularity of Jesus, all the material and health needs will be blessed upon them, but we should not mistaken wealth as the blessing of God necessarily, and especially not the fantastic wealth of billionaires and money-grubbing Christian teachers. Abandon your palace, Mr. Pope, hypocrite. Take off that "holy" dress and that fancy crown, CLOWN ACT. There's something seriously scaly with catholics who respect this Vatican act.

Jesus is popular because he overcame human habit / nature that goes contrary to right-ness. He became the Trainer on how we are to think to overcome the devil that we might become productive lights of God. The harder we fall to the devil, the less productive we tend to be. That's why the devil would have us fall, and that's why there's the porn bait in public places, to make Christians weak. We may be forgiven, but we don't want to enter the Kingdom as foxy Christians, weakened with sin traps biting into our legs. Purity doesn't mean bland or spiceless, but that we don't walk around with sin traps locked to and jangling from our legs.

Just because Jesus is largely canceled by media doesn't mean He's not popular; the media will want you to think that Jesus is no longer popular. Many will abandon Him when media and governments make it "toxic" to remain a Christian. That's called purifying the Church of plants in shallow and rocky soils.

This short video should scare you into preparing your foods starting TODAY:

The thing that spreads the post-trib message better than I could have dreamed of is, not post-tribbers in social media, but the globalist goons in mainline media. They are leaking their plans to foist a non-cash system upon us at any moment. You will see grocery stores forbidding entry without vaccination passes shortly. When that begins to happen at a steady rate broadly, it will be very hard to store foods because too many will be buying too much to leave anything for you. HURRY and buy now, Christians, there is nothing to lose but a little food quality. Forget T-bone steaks, and buy cheap-and-plenty. Food producers can handle a few extra tick-ups of food production, as long as there's not a vast and sudden rush to buy. There are many farms not farming at full capacity, and if we buy more this year at slow rates, farmers will get the message to produce more in the following year.

Jesus's Words and Nature can fix a dangerous screwball (no longer) like this guy:

It speaks for itself. The inner witness of the Spirit of God is what keeps me going. He won't betray me; the only question is whether I'll betray Him. But I have no plans on doing so, and the harder the future looks to me, the more I want to cling to Jesus. I hope it's looking good for you too. We need the "power" of the Spirit, a power that is so soft, so quiet, we get fooled into thinking it's not always there. I prefer the power of God more like the cracking of a whip against our enemies. Lord, could I borrow your lightning bolts and throw them at whomever I please? Nope, sorry, but you can wait and suffer patiently until Jesus appears with lightning bolts.


This will blow your mind concerning general Flynn if you've respected him (watch until the 4th minute at least):

There are some Flynn-respecting Christians who think nothing of what you just saw. Beware, Christians, the Trump movement is not Christian. Flynn prayed almost exactly a prayer from a Christian-Science cultist, Elizabeth Clare Prophet (married Mr. Prophet), who died more than a decade ago. I don't know whether it was her prayer originally, but how did Flynn come to pray it? The CIA had been involved with Christian-Scientology, was it not? The Flynn surname uses a wolf, and Elizabeth Clare Wulf was her birth name. I've been wondering whether Sidney Powell is of his Christian ilk, or whether the two didn't know one another until she took up Flynn's legal case.

The Flynn wolf in colors reversed is blue, the color of the wolves of German Wulfs/Wolfens who moreover share the Catherine-Roet wheel on gold with German Muellers. The Wulf/Wolfen wolves are those of German Flemings in colors reversed, and while Flemings lived in Flanders, and while Flanders are also Flinders', Flints, in the colors of the Dutch Wulf wolf, are also Flynn-like Flans while Bathers, first found beside Flintshire, have the Flynn wolf as heads.

Scarfs (share the bather Coat), in the Q-shaped "scarf" of Trabys/Sadowski's, use wolf heads in Flynn-wolf colors. General Flynn pretended to be a Q-Anon follower to get Christians of that sort to respect him. Why? At one point, I was asking whether Flynn's job was to get Christians to rise up with guns so that the anti-Christs in Obama's deep state could label them domestic terrorists. In January of 2020, Flynn and Mike Lindell were asking Trump to use the military to undue the stolen election (this was the QAnon movement to the core), and while I could be in favor with that move as long as Trump had the military brass on his side, Flynn may have had a sinister motive: to pounce militarily on Trump's base in the throes of the false flag of January 6. We then learned that Trump had installed his own mortal enemy to be in charge of the military, yet I still wonder whether it was not his enemy, really, but rather his partner in crime. All is not what it seems to be from Trump's mouth.

I don't know where Elizabeth got her Clare middle name. I recently explained that the Flynn wolf is from the blue-on-white one used for some Arms of Placentia, on the TREBia river, which I think explains why Flynns and Trebys share three besants in Chief. But so do French Clairs. Irish Clairs share five, white feathers in Crest with this Arms of Traby. Did God arrange these links, and, if so, why? Why do Prophets/Profetts have a giant leg while Leggs almost have the Trump stag head? Placentia is not far from Val Trompia.

Don't miss this video below. Why would it take as long as now for anyone in the right field to see and report on this vaccine peculiarity, seen in brief the first 30 seconds, and then elaborated upon afterward:

Okay, so according to the video above, someone needs to investigate what exactly is in vaccines with batch numbers ending in "21A" or "20A". Keep the video above for court purposes if you need it to combat mandatory vaccinations, or for taking your local politician to court after you've shared that video with them yet they refuse to listen.

The speaker has calculated that there's only 1 in 200 chances of you getting a poison vaccination if you happen to get one from the batches with poisons (not all vials in the poison batches are poisonous). However, his 1 per 200 ratio is only for adverse events REPORTED, meaning that your chances could be more like 1 per 20, if you get shot from one of the poison-potential batches.

Unless this video is a scam, terrible reactions from vaccines can be solved next week because this video is out this week, and all that needs to be done is to cease using vaccines ending with 21A and 20A. If this ceasing does not happen, then it would appear that the vaccine distributors, and makers, can be sued for the crime of mass murder and attempted murder. This is good news amid the horrible news. Plus, other people will now have a way to discover which batches are poisonous if they're continued to be rolled out. It's possible that a distributor purchased both batches at once, and then added the poisons. However, the speaker in the video says that both batches were from both Moderna and Pfizer, and a little also from Johnson & Johnson, suggesting that the poisons were in the vials when they left the manufacturing barn(s) wherever those companies make / order / purchase their vaccines. It's possible that one location can manufacture vaccines for more than one company, applying on their behalf the various company labels upon the vials.

It seems blockheaded / troubling to me that this video producer would add background music to this message. I want to stop watching because his voice in combination with the music sends me up the new-age wall. This guy could be a mental case trying to brainwash us. Why are his charts so hard to see if they are so important?

"Lesson 2" starts in the 14th minute, where the speaker attempts to reveal "who did it." To this point in the video, we don't know whether the poisons were in the vials from the vaccine companies versus someone else poisoning them en route to vaccination houses. That's it! I stopped watching at 19 minutes, I can't take that music anymore. I'll wait for someone else to repeat his news without the music.

Here's a Rothschild patent (inventor = Richard A. Rothschild), for a COVID-testing method, applied for in 2015:

The video below is the best montage I've seen on sports players collapsing on-the-spot due to a sudden attack without warning:

If you saw that, ask: how many hours of their lives do sports players spend on the field? In other words, how many more times the players collapsing / dying ON the field collapse / die OFF the field? Then, multiple that situation into every other field of life, and you have an illuminated idea on how SATANIC Fox and Friends (gets lots of views from mothers), and prime-timers, for not covering this story EVERY DAY until the world gets it. And now the world is going to tolerate vaccines for children because Fox failed to warn the world to this point, leaving it to tiny social-media accounts to carry the weight. SATANIC FOX.

Here's the good news of Jesus in the video below, but note how this woman picks out several New-Testament scriptures that call us to difficulty before achieving salvation. Some Christians will scoff, saying that this is "legalism." Some will say that, no matter what you do after you've said the sinner's prayer, you cannot lose your salvation. But then where's the difficulty in that? Jesus said that the "narrow Way" is difficult. Why don't you sit back and wonder, why is it difficult?

What if someone who's repented decides he/she doesn't want the difficulties anymore? So, how is it good news if it's difficult? Difficulties make us stronger while we EARN our complete salvation through them. Throw off the difficulties, and God will throw us off. We get saved, but we must maintain our salvation, and that's like earning it, is it not? We cannot earn it all on our own, but we must work at it, make decisions that others will not make to remain loyal to Jesus. Isn't remaining loyal to Him EARNING our salvation? Why is that a difficulty to comprehend, or a heresy to some, to say "earn"?

The New Testament calls us to make the right decisions so that we may "stand" when Jesus appears, meaning not fall down ashamed of ourselves even before Jesus opens His mouth. We fall down ashamed because we know we did terribly wrong in His eyes. Now is the time to repent and change, not when He appears. So, by repenting sufficiently, we EARN the right to receive God's grace. I don't see any problem in wording it like that. We cannot earn salvation without the grace/forgiveness, but we can be good enough not to be spit out of His mouth, and if we are not spit out, we are saved by grace. Does anything mean more to us than this?

Here's the Spanish discoverer, Pablo Campra, of graphene-oxide appearing on Stew Peters. He says that graphene in "vaccines" emit Intent-friendly waves, and he seems serious:

If you find a story about some guy "revealing" that graphene hydroxide (not oxide) acts like razor blades in the body, he's possibly putting out disinformation deliberately for a government cause, because he seems to have feigned his own arrest shortly after he aired his views. In the video below, it looks like a scare-tactic arrest. He was on camera as the police were banging down his door. The police then appear on the camera looking scaaaary as a screaming Hitler on one of his worst out-of-control days. That doesn't look natural or justified. He miles off of graphene that communicates with the Internet. Maybe the razor blades are disinformation to detract from the Campra claims. He has claimed that Campra's graphene-oxide is instead a hydroxide; is he being honest or making it up? I don't know. Campra appeared on the Peters show about the same time but said nothing about sharp graphene knives or cutters. Here's his claims:

Here's Rockefeller medicine, the goons:

Here's Britain up-scaling its war against its people, where all the fools will come to regret that they have been fools:

Think about it. Britain calling for "boosters" every three months. THINK. If the vaccines truly introduce the COVID virus, then the body should detect it as an invader and create a long-lasting counter-measure. But the only reason boosters went from annual to six months is because the body isn't making antibodies because even the vaccinated get infected. Instead of admitting this, Britain is trying to buy time with a smokescreen solution: you need a booster every three months. When people still get infections with boosters every three months, fools they will feel like, as they deserve, and who knows but they might finally start to listen to conspiracy "nuts" who claim that vaccines create in infections while lowering antibody production. The British goons probably saw need (for their secret purposes) to increase the number of infections by calling for more regular shots. I say they're trying to bring on a pandemic with vaccinations because their original pandemic slipped away on them in failure. It is in the throes of failing right now, and the goons need to get it back again, this winter. They just can't stand the thought of another summer of maskless football / baseball fans all enjoying fresh air and fun and games. They'll be happy only when we are miserable, and so the easy way to make them miserable is to smile and be happy all over the place without masks on.

Even Pfizer's CEO is distancing himself, publicly speaking, on three-month booster periods, though we know that secretly, he wants boosters monthly. Boosters every three months looks very bad on the vaccines, OBVIOUSLY, so keep pushing for more boosters, stupids. There is going to come a critical point as these snakes continue to push forward. You should probably read this horror from the Schawbites, no comments needed from me because they make themselves crystal clear in identifying themselves as the globalist satanists that conspiracy "nuts" have long been talking about:

Here's a precursor to the mark of the beast in India:

The guy in the video above talks about food-raising operations, not possible for most people. So, dehydrate foods now, make them last 10 years in sealed jars, IT'S SUCH AN EASY SOLUTION...unless you wait too long and there's no jars for sale because everyone else is getting them at the same time. GET YOUR one-quart JARS NOW, 100, or 200, at only about a dollar per jar. It's your biggest need, and some large buckets too. A little food saved at a time over the next three years, and then you can the work on / save for your alternative electrical power. Don't worry about the alternative energy system now, because without food, it won't do you any good. Get your food and water secured first if you can't afford to do all at once.

Gateway Pundit headline: "Pfizer Says it can Tweak Current COVID Vaccine in 100 Days if Necessary in Response to Omicron Variant". This could be another motive for introducing variations fraudulently, to alter vaccines so that EVERYONE needs the altered version even if they've had the "old" ones. There's no end to variations, what a bonanza for the vaccine long as fools are amongst us.

Another Gateway headline: "Biden’s Surgeon General Says Triple Vaxxed People Should Wear Masks This Christmas (VIDEO)". Indeed, because they need to protect the unvaxxed and healthy from the viruses in their own bodies from three vaccines consecutivley. I say one mask per shot should be the punishment for them. Everyone demand that triple vaxxed people wear three masks, and they will get the message that they, not us, are the danger.

Gateway Pundit headline: "CDC Funded Study Shows No Significant Difference in COVID-19 Transmission Between Vaccinated and Unvaccinated". We could maybe put that in these words: vaccine efficacy went from the promise of 96-percent to the 0-percent reality. But Pfizer's working on a twicky tweak to fool the fools. If Fox news did it's job 20 years ago, in exposing 9-11, the people would by far have been more prepared to see the worldly powers as corruption incarnate, not being fooled at this time by the vaccine traffickers. Yet Fox is piling sin upon gross sin by not exposing, as much as it should, the vaccine poisons. Fox will see the video above, but will it investigate, follow-up, or comment upon it? Gateway Pundit headline: "Wow! FOX News Sidelines Lara Logan After Dr. Fauci Complains About Her Nazi Doctor Comparison [to him]." Fox doesn't want to portray Fauci as a murderer, but will criticize him on minor matters to keep the audience content.

There is great jubilation heard this week in America as one judge has booted Biden's vaccine mandates for medical workers to the ground in all of Obama's 57 states. This follows Ontario announcing that it's too chicken to mandate vaccines for its health-care workers. Barring an appeal from the Bidenites / Obamaites, health-care workers who've been fired from jobs may now sue their former employers for an unconstitutional firing.

Here's the corrupt groundwork for Ghislaine Maxwell's court case:

The pilot of Epstein's plane stated in court that Trump was on the plane. I didn't hear how many times. Trump said ZERO about Ghislaine's arrest because he has a soft spot for her. I wonder why. Wouldn't James Comey's daughter, a key part of the prosecution team "against" Maxwell, want to expose Trump about now, as vengeance for Trump's firing Comey? Is this why she was arrested in the first place, to ruin Trump? It appears that Trump now needs to come clean, publicly, or his enemies will bring the truth out to make him look like a liar, if he tries lying. The pilot probably revealed Trump's appearance on the plane to others long before the trial. Could the pilot be lying? If so, then Trump would waste no time denying he was on the plane. Time's a-passing, haven't heard a word yet, and it's 9:30 pm on Tuesday, the day this news came out.

Here's a money-making idea: "Greece forces vaccine on people over 60 - $114 (100 euros) monthly penalty for refusing" (Bitchute title). Just deduct money from their pensions, and voila, the government saves pension taxes, which can then go to the global government instead, because that's what allowed the scheme's opportunity in the first place. But wait. People are going to take such strategies to court, and this will expose rotten judges globally. Criminal exposure ruins the man. How many judges will be willing to support mandatory vaccines now that sports players are falling sick on the field for all to see. Sure, the killers can hide the deaths and maimings of people in their normal courses of their near-invisible lives, but when they fall paralyzed in front of huge stadiums, word gets around. The vaccine scheme could be a hot potato soon in a court near you.

Put this video at half speed, and be amazed with a material you've never seen do this before:

The material's atoms attract and bond into a liquid, but a magnet makes multiple bodies repel one another in the sideways direction even while being attracted to the magnet. The atoms of graphene-oxide are clearly being re-arranged in a way similar to magnetic metals. But this is a liquid, magnetic material. If true that they are putting this into human bodies, and especially without permission, it is a dastardly crime.

No sooner did Lin Wood leak his phone call with Mr. Byrne that Biden's Justice department has taken Sidney Powell to court as per her fundraising program for a political cause. Byrne essentially accused Powell of taking funds from the American people, and using it on herself rather than on the peoples' business. Powell refused to show Byrne the details on the $millions she had raised, and Bryne portrayed that as something she was hiding from him. But Bryne may have had no right to know the details, and Powell may have become suspicious when he pushed to see them. Byrne (not a Christian) may have been a spy into her affairs. Byrne accused her of using the money on her own legal cases, yet they are also the legal cases against election fraud, and she raised the money partly and openly to fight election fraud. At one point, Lin Wood was befriending Sidney Powell when he was in the throws of handing two key senate seats to Democrats.

If you don't have time to listen to this nurse tell why she things COVID exists, go straight to the 8th minute where she talks about "D-dimer" blood clotting that does not take place with flus, but does with COVID. Echem, the problem is, I don't remember blood clotting being a COVID symptom until people started to get vaccinated. This nurse does NOT tell whether her D-dimer patients had been vaccinated or not. Blood clots are highly characteristic of a significant percentage of vaccinated people testing positive with COVID. Besides, there are other ways to infest people with whatever is in the vaccines that causes clotting, and we really need to think about the goons poisoning our foods to perpetuate viral symptoms.

She says that the clotting is from sharp virus spikes or extensions, but we've also heard of sharp pieces of steel in vaccines. Corn Flakes (attracted by a magnet) and other cereals have raw iron instead of an iron compound such as what is given for iron tabs. Raw irons sounds insane to me; I would seriously crush up a sample of all your cereals, and take a magnet to them to assure they don't have pure iron.

The nurse above verifies that people are very sick again, with hospitals having many "COVID" patients, but she's wasn't clear enough to say that these patients are the vaccinated until after 30 minutes.

Here's a video showing iron filings in tabs of vitamins (kit looks like we all need to test our foods before ingesting. I tested three cereals (ground down) of mine this week, and they were okay:

What do you suppose the stomach does with bits of iron on a "large" scale that cannot be ingested into the blood stream? What might the iron do (or is it nickel?) in the food tract until it comes out? Is it iron or steel? Is it sharp or blunt-edged? Why haven't the experts who supposedly care for our health reported on this? We find millions of food-related articles at google's search results, all seemingly concerned for our health, and yet I've never seen these magnetic bitties in foods reported but on social-media videos. So what's going on?

Sure as sure can be, canada announced an omicron "victim" within its borders by mid-week. The news has plastered this variant on the minds of canadian fools already, and there's a lot of canadian fools. This is what we've got to live with, news-junkie zombies who don't have any spirituality, so they worship the news as their god. News = truth to them.

I agree with Polly: get rid of your smart phones because this is leading to the mark of the beast:

If you care to see a microchip being inserted into the skin at the top of the right hand:

Austrians are going on strike to fight mandates; if it works there, it might work elsewhere. But people taking time off work risk losing jobs:

In the United States not many days ago, a super victory for the good guys:

Judge Doughty pointed out all of the illogical and irrational contradictions in the mandate. “If boosters are needed six months after being “fully vaccinated,” then how good are the COVID-19 vaccines, and why is it necessary to mandate them?” says Judge Doughty in his ruling.

The complainant provided evidence based on Dr. Peter A. McCullough’s declaration, “The COVID-19 vaccines do not prevent transmission of the disease among the vaccinated or mixed vaccinated/unvaccinated populations – mandatory COVID-19 vaccines for hospitals do not increase safety for employees or hospital patients. McCullough declared that additional treatment with other drugs and supplements has resulted in an 85% reduction in hospitalizations and death of high-risk individuals presenting with COVID-19.”

This judge allowed natural immunity to be an alternative method of fighting viruses, but the more the bad guys try to claim that vaccines are as good as natural immunity, the more they bury themselves in evil motives built on dumb-ass (stubborn-headed) falsifications. So, keep on exposing thyselves, STUPIDS, and bury yourselves so that we don't need to be inconvenienced in doing it for you. Even if Bidenites appeal and win, at least we're not hearing a straight-flush of pro-vaccine judges. Also this week, judge Gregory Tatenhove, decided against Biden's vaccine mandates in three central states, thanks to the attorney general of Kentucky.

Mike Lindell is still fighting to eradicate voting machines and to overturn the 2020 election:

I have a major problem with Lindell and his packet-captures. The only thing he needs to do to prove his packet-captures authentic or not is to compare them for any one state where the state is pro-Trump throughout at the leadership levels, and for which reason that state shares its own router data in its own election machines. That router data should match, or not match, Lindell's packet-capture data, for the data in both cases concerns the very same thing: where the hacking into the machines originated and culminated. Why hasn't Lindell used this method to prove the packet-captures authentic?

I'd like to correct the error made by everyone. For example, when someone says that the margin of error between Trump and Biden is 11,000 votes, that's not the right way to put it because it implies that Trump needs 11,000 illegal ballots turned to him just to tie Biden. The reality is that if 6,000 illegal ballots with a Biden vote were turned to Trump, the latter wins the election by 1,000...because 6,000 is subtracted from Biden while 6,000 is added to Trump. A no-brainer.

Gateway Pundit Friday: "Of the New Cases of the Omicron Variant Identified in the US on Thursday – All the Individuals Were Vaxed When the Vaccination Status is Known". It's the vaccines that are likely producing what they call "omiCRON." That appears as part of the plan from long ago. Perpetuate the need for vaccines by causing vaccines to produce viral infections. It's not genius that nobody is smart enough to cook-up; it's wickedness that everyone else is smart enough not to cook-up.

Also from Pundit: "White House Releases Physician’s Report, Says Biden Has a 'Frog' in His Throat". Are they toying with Christians here?

Stew Peters had a segment this week on the German whistle-blower supposedly being murdered due to warning people about graphene hydroxide's razor-sharp qualities, but this could have been a staged event, even if the true wife came out on social media to claim that her husband had been attacked and killed. Staged events like that have the motive of silencing people on graphene-oxide. I don't think Peters should have had that segment without first investigating the alleged "wife."

On the other hand, it's all-too possible that, on the cusp of losing their COVID war, the goons may have decided to assassinate some of their enemies. Germany is fanatical for forced vaccinations, now going the way of painful defeat and world-renown shame ALL OVER AGAIN. Hitlerites will smile friendly on camera, and then betray like the devil. The new German government (so new it's not officially ruling yet) changed it's tune after winning the election, calling for mandates. BETRAYAL of the voters. They took the votes of those who don't want vaccines, and stabbed them.

Israel has a Hitlerite government; look at what a big deal they are making over omicron, as if they want to lead the charge over this staged / farcical operation to give it an air of dead-seriousness:

Here's a Hitlerite in 10 seconds from canada's top insane asylum in Ottawa:

That's what French and Torontonian canadians get for electing a male feminist to the top chair, a wacko. Next he'll roll out the lollipops to get kindergarten kids into the doctor's office. Kindergarten kids just can't wait to get to the doctor's needle room, this wacko thinks. Hey feminist moms and feminist don't-wanna-be-moms, you elected a wacko to lead this country. You therefore need to take part-responsibility for what this insane man is going to be responsible for.

I'm wondering whether canadian church leaders will abandon their congregants to mandatory vaccinations by saying nothing to counter it. I don't hear any screams from pastors on child vaccinations. I think we seriously need to consider the ceasing of funding churches if they are of this rag. Do home churches instead. Save your money for your future needs, and ask why I see almost so few videos on preparing for the mark of the beast, and roughly zero videos from church leaders on that topic? Are these leaders going to remain pre-trib to the very end? Can they be that dangerous to us? YES, they can. It's time to start centering pre-tribbers out. They will not tolerate talk on preparing to endure the 666, even if they can now see a potential fulfillment in vaccine door passes. These believers are going to be very sorry they took this foolish approach.

Here's Zelenko on Infowars concerning the court-forced leak of CDC documents. Zelenko says that the now-claim from the goons is that omicron causes heart illnesses / heart attacks, which is purely a faked claim to blame the heart problems on the virus when in fact it's from vaccines. So, it's true: omicron is a quick-set band-aid on their crimes spinning out of control, and instead of fearing prosecution, the goons in Germany and Austria, and Biden too, are going full-speed ahead with more vaccinations based on omicron fears. Fauci is also advocating that thing. They can't get more reckless; expect a train wreck.

If anyone going's to start a civil war, Alex Jones seems like the one with a big trigger. Keep it down to bricks through the windows of politicians, or the globalists will use their gun-powder without restraint, and they have more of it, and the ability to cut off your bullets purchases. If only Christian pastors would be as brave and open as Dr. Zelenko is in the last half of the video above. If only Zelenko had Jesus too, for he has a good grasp of the Creator.

Here's Austria Friday night, with another chancellor biting the dust (due perhaps to COVID hypocrisy):

Test your level of power of imagination: "Italian Man Gets Busted Using Fake Arm to Try and Circumvent COVID Vaccine".

On Saturday, we heard that makers of Remdesivir are recalling its product due to "glass shards" found in the product. Is this credible? Are there really razor blades in vaccines? I think it's time for me to lay out a conspiracy theory. What if nearly everyone gets their vaccines shots? The worldly powers then get what they want, and political life goes back to normal even if there's many injured people. But if the deep-state can cause ardent rebellion against the vaccines, it can exaggerate a "dangerous" situation to clamp down militarily. In other words, the theory is that vaccine resistance is part of the goof-squad plan. They foment resistance too, in hopes of having recourse to bring down the led hammer. If Christians can be broadly lumped in with vaccine resistance, the hammer can be brought down on them. If this is a correct theory, then some of the leading vaccine-resisting movements ought to be from actors feigning true anti-vaccine positions. Should we start to look for these actors? Shouldn't they be amongst the most-passionate resistance?

A way to foment vaccine resistance is to exaggerate the numbers of dead / maimed people. Is that too, happening? Something to think about. However, the flip side is that the goons do want everyone vaccinated, and so they won't want the numbers exaggerated. But Alex Jones took the deaths reported by the CDC, lately, and made a mountain out of what the pro-vaccine media can advertise as a mole hill, and so the numbers reported can be played by both sides as either huge or insignificantly tolerable. I keep hearing from anti-vaxxers, without evidence, that the real numbers of deaths are 100 times greater than reported by the CDC.

One can then theorize further that child vaccinations are being advertised as abhorrent in hopes of facilitating false-flag events where actors poisoning as anti-vaxxers commit a murder spree. Or, in hopes of getting real anti-vaxxers to commit murders at their front doors. Stew Peters has said that he'll shoot anyone who comes to force-vaccinate his child(ren) at his home. I've heard similar sentiments from others, and there may be no one "better" at raising such sentiments than Stew Peters. I'm not saying one way or the other on whether Stew is an actor himself, but he does seem to be leading stories that others are not verifying aside from a few who may be in his camp. For example, what happened to all of those pilots who fall sick / dead while flying planes that Stew emphasized for a few weeks only? Shouldn't such things continue to make headlines? I haven't heard a peep since Stew last talked about it. What happened to magnetic bodies? Why have people stopped showing their own magnetic bodies? How many truthers are actually liars? Sorry, I realize how this clouds the mind. I sometimes think that posers exploit Stew Peters because he liberally takes on all sorts of stories others are hesitant to touch.

Below is a reasonable description of the omicron variant: it doesn't exist but on some globogoon's computer screen. It's not easy to find discussions on this topic: how do they "prove" the existence of variants? One man called the FDA to ask whether they can check whether he has the delta variant, and this caller recorded the call wherein the FDA's telephone representative told him there's no way to discover the delta variant. The criminals in government just go forward, anyway, as if it's a fact. Although Dr. Kaufman says there's no proof of a COVID virus, it doesn't mean that something's not going around, though it's probably somethingS in the plural:

If someone tries to force vaccinate you, ask them for proof that any of the variants, or COVID itself, exists, and if they cannot give you the published proof because it doesn't exist, you can hand them a law suit to get them off your back, because they are first of all harassing you, and second of all risking your health. Once you had them the court papers (you can fill it out without a lawyer, or just get a lawyer to sign off on it once you've filled it out), they will probably back off. You only need be brief in your court paper. You only need say that your employer, or your local government or store, is harassing / oppressing you, making life unnecessarily difficult, and threatening your health against your will in a non-pandemic situation not requiring the risk of vaccine poisoning. That's all you need to say to begin with because you can say the rest before a judge, if it ever gets there. And maybe you should allow it to get there because the defendant cannot provide proof that COVID exists, nor can the judge, and, besides, you can easily prove that the positive tests are bogus, not proving anything except that the government is a deceptive facade criminally.

Having put the above on your suit's application, nobody will want to go to court against you unless they have backroom recourse to choosing a pro-goon judge (some governments have that ability) for the case in advance of the trial. You shouldn't need a lawyer for normal judges, nor is it wise to pay a lawyer if the judge is a pro-vaccine stooge. You would be better to appeal a case from a pro-vaccine judge without wasting money on a lawyer. Once you get a proper judge, then you can bring in your lawyer if you choose.

If your defendant claims as proof of the existence of a COVID variation a mere statement / opinion from a medical person or scientist, that's not proof. The only proof you will accept for court purposes is the proper experiments conducted by qualified people. I don't think they exist. The judge will scratch his/her head when he finds that there is no experimental proof that a COVID virus exists. If it takes you two or three weeks of full-time study on that topic, in preparation for what you will say to a judge, it beats caving to the vaccine. The video above can be helpful to say the least.

Here's a video showing iron filings in tabs of Supradyn vitamins; it looks like we all need to test our foods before ingesting. I tested three cereals (ground down) of mine this week, and they were okay:

What do you suppose the stomach does with bits of iron on a "large" scale that cannot be ingested into the blood stream? What might the iron do (or is it nickel?) in the food tract until it comes out? Is it iron or steel? Is it sharp or blunt-edged? Why haven't the experts who supposedly care for our health reported on this? We find millions of food-related articles at google's search results, all seemingly concerned for our health, and yet I've never seen these magnetic bitties in foods reported but on social-media videos. So what's going on? google now admits:

The iron you see in your cereal is elemental iron- actual metallic iron filings or shavings similar to the little flakes you might see come off of a steel wool pad when you squeeze or rub it, just much smaller. That's right, you're eating metal in the morning!

Why have I never heard of this before? Why is google making it sound normal? Why didn't our teachers tell us about this all our childhood-years long? What kind of "joke" is this? How possibly can the stomach process visible iron filings? "Why is there iron metal in cereal? Many breakfast cereals are fortified with food-grade iron particles (metallic iron) as a mineral supplement. Metallic iron is digested in the stomach and eventually absorbed in the small intestine." I find that hard to believe. I don't think that stomach acids can break down macroscopic iron. If metal bits are getting through to the blood vessels, then they would damage the blood stream, would they not? Is that their hope? Natural iron in foods is microscopic; we can't see it; we can't pick it up with magnets. Are they wanting to kill us slowly that we might not live as long? Probably. Do they have the right from God to play God? Cheerios has iron bits:

The kid in the video doesn't ask whether this is normal or right. He just trusts his masters, which is how a lot of kids become dopey evolutionists, anti-Christ monsters, blatant sinners, and even government mobsters, when they grow up. What other, non-magnetic metals are they dumping in cheap cereals? Are they targeting the poor for bodily damage? Or are they targeting food preppers who tend to buy cheap? I'm waiting for someone to measure the diameter of the pieces, and show how sharp their edges are in microscopic photos.

Food passage through our entire tract about once daily. I don't see how stomach acids can reduce macroscopic iron that quickly to small enough sizes for passage into the blood stream, but if it can, how possibly can the blood utilize "huge" chunks of iron for cellular benefits? Cells need atom-size iron pieces, do they not? How can blood break macroscopic iron down to atomic size? I can't see it. Can the blood-cleansing organs remove those metal pieces into the urine, and what happens to kidneys when they get jammed with / scraped by metal pieces?

I don't think one can get iron poisoning by taking in macroscopic iron because iron poisoning requires too many atomic-sized particles, or so I reckon.

Why does the iron look black? Is it iron at all that we are seeing? Iron is silver, not black. It's at times black when you buy structural steal because it's been oiled / greased, but iron is silver, or red when rusted, never black. I'm getting very suspicious? Are they feeding us graphene-oxide in the name of iron? People can be deceived with something like this: "How do you take iron powder? Iron is best absorbed when taken on an empty stomach..." It could make it seem normal / safe to add pure iron into foods, but I'm reading that "iron powder" is "ferrous sulfate" (non-magnetic), not pure iron. It's what they put into iron tabs, not pure iron, but an iron compound. Making an iron compound requires a chemical reaction at the micro-level, but pure macro-iron in the intestines / bloodstream seems sinister to me.

What happens if the inner lining of a hose is contaminated with a substance sticking to the hose, if the water is made to flow through the hose? The substance can dislodge too quickly, and unable to fully wash out the hose end, it jams the hose instead. So, if iron filings in the bloodstream erodes the arterial walls too quickly, of decades of material build-up on the artery walls, "clots" can form in tight arterial spaces (the small arteries most susceptible). These would not be blood clots proper, but clogging from the materials that had been plastered to the walls. Could graphene-oxide bitties (highly magnetic) in the blood cause fast "clotting" in this way, by attracting to themselves the pure iron in the blood stream, thereby making large scrapers from the accumulation of attracted iron bits? Slow scraping of the arterial walls would be good, but too-fast scraping can kill. Is graphene-oxide from vaccines working in tandem with pure iron from cereals to kill people? Here's a video that describes something similar to what I've just postulated:

The speaker in the video says that AstraZeneca admitted that its vaccine "acts as a magnet," attracting "platelets" that cause an attack on the body. What kind of attack? Shouldn't we expect AstraZeneca to be teasing with the reality to hide the core reality?


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