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December 7 - 13, 2021

Klaus Schwab the GloboTool, Continued
The HolyRod of King Davos I
Jared Kushner Makes it to Heraldic Pointers

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If at anytime you want to know a Coat's description as given by an unidentified person/group, see Hall of Names.

Just want to say that I wrongly called Klaus Schwab by the name of Charles, in the last update, for a day before correcting it. Mr. Schwab was part of my discussion of the COTTon SWAB of Steve Mellanson, and so at the time of correcting the name, this was added: "The Klaus surname is also the Klausen, and the Clausula river is very near Kotor so that, perhaps, Klaus Schwab can be pointed to by Mellanson's cotton swab. In fact, Klaus'/Klausens share the thick, black border with MontaCUTE's, first found beside the first-known Kotor-like Cutters." The idea there is that Cottons were Kotor liners. Immediately after that there was this: "Coddans/Cottons, in Billiard colors and format, remind that Cudds and Cuthberts share the dart with Brocks who in turn share the Chief-Shield colors of Cutters, perfect for tracing to Kotor..." Brocks share the red lion with Klaus'/Klausens. (Load Klaus link now to have access, on another tab, to other Coats of Arms.)

Bar is a municipality to the west of the Clausula, and the fish in the Arms of Bar-le-Duc (Lorraine, same as French Clots) are suspect as barriCUDa. It can explain why the Cudd pheon is in the colors of the Lorraine / Drig lions, for Lorraine's were first found in Northumberland with Cudds, and beside dart-using Drigs of Cumberland.

It then gets very interesting where Mellanson put the swab into his ear because he wanted to show Joe and I that there was blood. Bloods/Bluds and Bleds were in the last update with vaccine-related blood clots, and I even brought both Clot surnames to topic, the German Clots being in Schwab/Swab colors and format.

Schwabs/Swabs (Bavaria, same as DACHau) use a border while Borders share the swords-in-saltire of Tax's/DACHs, and then English Ducks were first found in Somerset with Borders/BOARDers, and beside the Duke's/Dooks of Devon, where also Duck/Ducker/Docker/Duker-connectable Tuckers were first sound. When Obama was on a skateBOARD upon a RAMP, in my Obama dream of February, 2017, he was pointing to Francis Collins, chief of the NIH, Tony Fauci's boss, because Ramps share the double-brown, comBATTANT lions of Ramps/Romps. The latter were first found in Cumberland with English Dukers/Dockers, and Battants/Battins were first found in Somerset with Boarders/Boarders.

English Dukers/Dockers love the Sempers in their motto who in term share the Duce/Doocy Coat. The "GOBONated" bend of Docks/Doxeys (Staffordshire, same as Duce's/Doocys) is similar to the "compony" bend of FAUCets and Faughns (got Tony Fauci all over this), and it just so happens that Fauchs share the thistle (different color) with Scottish Docks/Dogs/Doags. The latter share the eight bars of Porch's who in turn share the Dock/Dog/Doag cinquefoil. Staffordshire is where Bassets were first found who share the triple-wavy fesses in the PORCH Crest. I had read that Bassets use a PORCupine.

There seems to be a pointer in all this JAMES LeDUC, chief of the Galveston National Laboratory, a level-four bioweapons lab in cahoots with the Wuhan lab, because James' share the giant Dock/Doxey lion that is the lion of the Crest of Thistle's. The Fauch thistles are described "with red flowers", and it just so happens that a "flower" is used by Italian Tonys!!! TONY Fauci! That's new, never before realized (so far as I recall) because I hadn't loaded the Hall of Names description for Fauchs in a long time to read that flowers are included. The Fauch Shield is in the colors of the English Duck Shield, with Ducks using lion heads in the colors of the Duce/Doocy lions. The Flowers were first found in Devon with Duke's/Dooks and Tuckers, and as Flowers share the Potter cinquefoil, it's notable that Hangers, pointing to Rupert Murdoch in the last update, share the Duke/Dook-Crest griffin, and were first found in Hampshire with Potters.

Klaus Schwab wants to use the vaccine mandates against us for a new world order in which he gets corporations under his umbrella to deny us products unless we are vaccinated. We can glean that this is what he's up to, and it just so happens that the Clausula-like Clausel surname is listed with Clot-like Clauds. The latter share the acorns both of Dutch Tromps and Brittany's Maurels. The latter use a "NeSCIT" motto term, like the "VireSCIT" of Brocks, and Obama's SKATEboard can be of this because Skate's/Sheets share the Skit/Skeets Coat, all linkable to Sheds, a possible pointer to virus shedding because that would be the natural plot of the vaccine traffickers: to get their vaccine-induced viruses passing on to others via lung exhalation, to perpetuate the need for vaccines.

Maurels/Morels (Brittany, same as proto-Stewarts) share the giant fleur-de-lys of Brocks (share Stewart motto). It just so happens that Italian Maurels/Maurino's were first found in MILAN, where MELLANsons trace!!! It can't be a further coincidence that while Kotor is beside Butua, English Bute's/Butts have four estoiles in the colors and format of the four Maurel/Maurino stars. Ahh, Maurels/Morels even share the demi-white unicorn in Crest with Schwabs/Swabs!!!

It appears that Mellanson's swab is pointing to Klaus Schwab, now suspect in foisting the mark of the beast upon us with his Schwabite corporations. Schwab was/is a Bilderberg member. He's nuts. I don't want to dictate how he lives his life because I'm not crazy, but he wants to dictate how all people should live and fulfill his future vision. CRAZY MAN OF DARKNESS, he hasn't the light enough within his soul to let others participate in how the world should be in diversity. He's not alone, for he's no-doubt adopted his vision from Bilderbergers who've long been meeting to design OUR marketplace as best suits them. They don't gather and work for our benefits, let's put it that way, though they do use a facade that claims they do.

Klassens/Class' use a "banner" while English Banners use a motto, "NIL SINE NUMINE." The Newmans/Numans were first found in Dorset with Cutters, and if "Nil" is code for Neils/O'Nails (share giant red lion with Klaus'/Klausens), they were first found in Tyrone with Sharks while SARACa's were at Kotor!!! That's working as though heraldry has eyes to see Klaus Schwab.

Plus, a black border on gold Shield is shared between Sedans/Siddens and Klaus/Klausens while the "sine" motto term of Banners is like the "sino" of Sedans/Siddens, and moreover it needs to be repeated that Sine's are listed with Sions while Sion in Switzerland is also called, "Sitten," named by the Sidden variation of Sedans, or by the Sitten variation of Seatons (Klaus/Klausen colors). I can even tell you how Maurels are from Banner liners from the Maurino variation of Italian Maurels.

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, Seatons/Sittens were first found in East Lothian with Fortune's while "Lady Fortune" holds the banner in the Klassen/Class Coat!!! ZINGER! Plus, the Seaton/Sitten dragon is said to be "spouting FIRE", and it just so happens that the giant Fire unicorn is that also of the Schwabs/Swabs. As Seatons/Sittens have a double-tressure border, one can glean that the green Seaton/Sitten dragon is the green one of Tresure's/Trashers, the latter first found in Somerset with MontaCute's (share black border with Klaus' and Sedans/Siddens). Scottish Banners, in Clot / Schwab colors and format, were first found in Aberdeenshire with Mellansons.

I've been on some of this turf before, but never with Klaus Schwab in view. GLASgow is beside Lanarkshire, where Sions/Sine's and double-tressure Flemings were first found, and the Lords in the Glasgow motto are also Lauds while the Klassen-beloved Ladys are also LAUDymans. To top it off, Brock-branch Brocuffs and Cutters share the Chief-Shield colors of Glass-like Glaze's/Glasier's and Valais'/Valois'. Wallis canton is also, Valais, and Valais elements could account for the Vallibus variation of Fauci-pointing Scottish VAUX's (East Lothian, same as Seatons/Sittens, Klassen-beloved Fortune's, and FAUCets sharing the Millen/Milan/MELLENT lion). English Vaux's/Vallibus' share the Arms of Mellent, and Beaumonts (Dorset) of Mellent married Wallis-like Waleran. The sphinx of Brocuffs can be for Spinks, first found in Northamptonshire with Ladys/Laudymans. Let's not forget the shark of Valiants, who share the Chief-Shield colors of French Mellans.

"VIREScit" (of Brocks) can be part-code for virus-pointing Vires'/Verona's (Ile-de-France, same as Mellans) who I think have the Arms-of-Saraca fish on the Bothwells/BOTEwell Shield, and I've read that Bothwells (Lanarkshire) were from Bute elements, and thus traceable to Butua. So, yes, Mellanson connections can take us to the Clausula theater for a pointer to Klaus Schwab.

Ahh, Sion is beside Ayer, and the heraldic ear is suspect with Eyers/Ayers!!! Mr. Schwab has Swiss roots, and Sion is in Switzerland. Sion and Ayer are in Wallis canton, which named the Walsers who in turn share the Glass mermaid. Wallis'/Wallace's, first found in AYRshire (location of Ayr), are in Schwab colors and format. Swabia is beside Switzerland. He was born in Swabia's Ravensburg. Thus the question is: why might God be pointing with Mellanson's ear to the Wallis area of Switzerland? Does it have to do with Swiss bankers in connection to Schwabites / Bilderbergs?

The last update's treatment on Mellanson's apartment stressed the importance of Rothschild-beloved Bare's/Barre's/Berre's, and they share the Wallis/Wallace Coat probably because Wallis'/Wallace's were first found in Ayrshire with Bare's/Barrs. They are both suspect with the lion of Montforts who named Montfort of Brittany. Montforts owned the "gonFANON" banner, which is how I discovered that Banners named the Panaro river near FANANo (Italy). Ayrshire is also where SKITs/Skeets'/Skeochs were first found suspect in the "VireSCIT" motto term of Brocks.

[I DID NOT think of the CLAWS'/Clasons/Claysons in the last update, and they share the Bare/Barre/Berre / etc. Coat!!! This was found an hour after this update was uploaded upon reading the Carnagy description. Carnagys are in the colors of German Klees' while English Claws are also Klees'.]

Mellanson had put the cotton swab into his ear because it was BLEEDing, and this led to the inclusion, into the discussion, of a Bled location (upper Sava river), which happens to be in the area of the CARNI people group. By what coincidence do Lords/Lauds share the CARNY and GLAZE pheons? The Chief-Shield colors of Carnys (share Brock lion both colors) are reversed from the same of Brocks / Brocuffs / Cutters / Glaze's / Valais'. Plus, this recalls the actor, Art Carney, on the Jackie GLEASON show, for Gleasons share the Glass stars! Kotor is right beside Butua, and Bute is where Glass' and Kims were first found while the Kim cinquefoils are colors reversed from the same of Lords/Lauds. Carnys might just be with the red Klaus/Klausen lion, therefore, and the Tine's in the Carny motto are also BOTEville's. The Tine/Boteville lion is in both colors of the Klaus/Klausen lion!

I wasn't sure whether to mention my dream of this week (roughly Sunday/Monday). It was a long dream, and involved two cars, though I cannot remember the details on the first car aside from something to do with brake lines. I don't remember anything with any clarity to speak of except standing with Miss Hicks talking, when suddenly there was a clear scene concerning the BLEEDING of the BRAKES. I woke up at that second, which is why I remember it. I don't remember what Miss Hicks and I were talking about; I have no recollection of her aside from standing there. I could therefore conclude that God wants to identify Hyksos liners with Brake's/Brechs and Bleds, perhaps Bleda, brother of Attila the Hun.

As it turns out, Brake's/Brechs (Shropshire, same as Alans/Allins and LEIGHTons) are in Hicks colors and near-format. The Hicks fesse is colors reversed from the same of Alans/ALLINs, and the Hicks motto is translated with an "ALL IN" phrase. Attila conquered some Alan Huns, some of which joined his razing of Europe. The whole Hicks motto is, "All in GOOD time," and German Goods/Guts share the Coat of Brake-like Brooks. The latter were first found in Essex with Brocks, and with the Low LEIGHTON location of a Hicks branch (so says the Hicks write-up). The LEIGHTons/LEYtons were first found beside the LEIGH's/LEYs/LEGHs, who in turn share the giant red Klaus/Klausen lion, recalling that Clot-like Clauds/Clausels look linkable to Brocks (share the red lion of English Stewarts). Hicksons use LEGs to go with Leghs.

The bleeding of the brakes can thus be a pointer to blood clots. French Clots (Alan colors), sharing black scallops with Hykes'/Hacks, have a chevron colors reversed from the Brake/Brech chevron. The latter use HUNting horns that can go with Huns, and Hunts/Hunters were first found in Shropshire with Brake's/Brechs. German Clots use a "trunk," and Trunks were first found in Franconia with Schwabs/Swabs (Trunk colors and format).

It appears that Klaus Schwab has been marked by God, but not with the Seal of God. He's just a trouble-maker face wanting to unsettle the people, making a big show of himself to garner "popularity." He's an idiot figurehead, pay no attention; we need only heed the prophecies, which all speak to us on keeping Jesus close to our hearts. Klaus is an empty suit without the Spirit of God. Guaranteed, he's a nutjob badly in need of a correct understanding of life, and a humbling before the Creator. Online: "Klaus Martin Schwab is a far-left atheist who is the founder and the executive chairman of the globalist World Economic Forum."

He wants to "shape" the future. NUTJOB. He thinks he really can do it along with the CEO's of big corps, the worst-possible people to shape the future. He wants, for one, to ignore the people, and run with big corps, to foist big corps against the people. The devil. We have been seeing this with the threat of vaccine mandates, with the call on big corps to deny us. The Schwabites will put all others out of business who don't heed their call, but take heart, there are many Christian and anti-global owners of many companies who should sell us food and other needs in spite of the Schwabites. The world (and Fox news) loves globalists so much they need to force it down our throats. They are way-late on installing their global government because most don't want it. To speed things up, they have got to act openly fiendish, resulting in their fall with destruction in their wake.

Another way to track Mr. Schwab to the Saraca's of Kotor is where Klassen-loving Banners named the Panaro river, location of Marano. The Marano's (share Bare/Barre/Berre / Wallis/Wallace / Montfort lion), Morinis', and Morano's were all first found in Modena with the Panaro river, and Morano is a location on the Sybaris river with SARACena. See any sharks here? The Maurino variation of Italian Maurels probably applies to the three similar names above because Maurels/Maurino's have one of the double Morinis fesses, which is also the fesse in the Arms of Fanano (Modena) that itself has a banner.

Having said that, is it not amazing that while the Chief-Shield colors of Morinis' are shared by French Mellans, the Rockefeller-connectable Mellansons have four crescents in the colors and format of the four items of Maurels/Maurino's and Bute's/Butts? It's as though God has been determined to point STEVEN Mellanson to Klaus liners. Stevens share the solid chevron of French Chappes', Ottone's/Otto's, the Arms of County Waterford, and German Bauds (Scottish Bauds same place as Scottish Chappes'/Cheaps). French Chappes' were first found in Ile-de-France with Mellans, and Ottone Visconti ruled Milan. Glasgow is in Renfrewshire with the first-known Scottish Lombards, and Milan is the Lombardy capital. The motto of German Bauds (Buchan lion heads?) looks like it's for Packins, listed with Faughn-like Fagans/Fieghans, first found in Tyrone with Sharks.

The people of Sybaris founded nearby LAUS at the PALINurus area, beside BUXENtum, and it just so happens that Saracena-like Saraca's of Kotor moved to Ragusa (thus says Wikipedia's Saraka article), which has/had the alternative name, LAUS. The Palinurus-like Palins (Dorset, same as Cutters and Beautys) share the black lion of BUXENtum-like Buchans (Aberdeenshire, same as Mellansons and Millens/Milans), but another black lion is with Buchanans (double-tressure border), and the latter, sharing the Millen/Milan lion in both colors, are said, in the Millen/Milan write-up, to be likely kin of Millens/Milans. And the cotton swab was in the ear of Steven MELLANson! Beauty. One could fathom here that Mr. Schwab is part of the shark in my 1979 Sleeping-Beauty dream.

If correct that Palins are from "Palinurus," and if Palins named the Phelon variation of Whelans/Failins, then it seems that Fellers / Fallis'/Falls' were Palinurus liners. There's a SCIDrus location at the Palinurus theater, perhaps in the "scit" term buried in the Brock / Maurel motto. "Scidrus" looks like "Scodra," and the Clausula river above drains into lake Scodra, itself near Bar and Butua, and so let's add that Bothwells/Botewells (near the first-known Bare's/Barrs and Skits/Skeets') have a near-copy of the Feller Coat. It's then possible that Falaise-like Valais' named Valais, the alternative name of Wallis canton. The Valais Shield (ignoring the Chief) is in Feller colors and format.

Fellers are in the colors and format of a quadrant of German Albini's while Rock-related Rods (share gold, blank Chief with Mellans) are in the "bundle of rods" of Mellansons. Rods were first found in Devon with Albini-like Albins/AUBINs (Barnstaple), and Aubin is near Rodez, home of Hugh of Rodez who married Miss ROQUEfeuil. There's your Rockefeller link to Mellansons. Italian Albini's share the Rod / Barnstaple trefoil.

Mellanson's ear points to EYERs/Ayers, first found in Derbyshire with the Here's/HEARs/HEYERs who in turn share blue wings with Bauers and Albini's, both first found in Bavaria with blue-wing HERzogs who in turn have the bend-with-stars of German Bare's/Barre's/Berre's (Austria, same as Bare-like Bauers) in colors reversed. Scottish Bare's/Barrs were first found in Ayrshire with the Craig-descended Carricks and Craigie's, and Groce's/Greggs/Graggs have the split Shield of Herzogs. It appears that Bauers and Bavarians named Bar in the land of the Selepitanoi, or were from Bar to begin with. As Bauers named Rothschilds, it appears that the cotton swab in Mellanson's ear is pointing to the international bankers in cahoots with Schwabite, hell-bent lunatics. Beware. They have money enough to hurt us badly as they go down in flames. Now is the time to discredit them because they would prefer to trick us into supporting their vision. Remain in the shade of the Vine.

GROCE's/Greggs came to topic with a Russian MEDALlion found on my HOOD at the GROCery store, a possible pointer to vaccine passes evolving into the mark of the beast. MEDALs/Dougals share the quadrants of German Albini's, and while DOUGLas' were Moray kin, Morays share the stars of Douglas' and German Albini's. Medals/Dougals were kin of Scottish Bauds, first found in Stirlingshire with Chappes'/CHEAPs while JEEPma's are Cheps too while the medallion was on the HOOD of my Jeep. The Medal / Baud quadrants, in colors reversed from the quadrants in the Arms of Rothschild, are shared by HODleys and Oddie's/Odo's, and Hoods/Hoots even share the white anchor in Crest with German Albini's. Roquefeuil is in Aude province, and Aude's/Ode's/Oddie's look like they apply.

The German Albini's have an "EVERgreen tree" to go with the pine tree of Bothwells/Botewells. The latter have a boy "pulling" down a pine tree, and Pullings/Pullys, who named Pully in Switzerland, share the pelican with Hodleys and Oddie's. Miss Peare pointed to Pullings/Pullys, and the Patria's/PearTREE's (share Trump stag heads) in the Hodley and Oddie motto beg whether Trump is being pointed to with the hood in the Sleeping Beauty dream, for she appeared at the hood of an auto while Auto's are also Oddo's (share black bull with Beautys). Hicks have a "heure" motto term suspect with Eure's/EVERs who in turn have the LEIGHton and Mall quadrants in colors reversed, recalling that Malls point to the 666 system of purchasing. While Hicks were at Low LEIGHton, there's also the Everley/EveryLEIGH's (Yorkshire, same as Hicks) using green griffins that can trace with the same of Leslie's to Lesce, beside Bled, and this week's dream had Miss Hicks with the bleeding of the brake lines on a car. English Ever's have Hover-like variations. The other Sleeping Beauty is Ainsley EARhardt, and someone high in Fox news loves George Soros.

The mall and it's pulling scene was in the sleeping-bag dream with DAVID Morley. He pointed hard to Rhodian globalists, but now his first name is suspect with Switzerland's Davos location, where Schwabites meet each year to dig their bottomless pit evermore deeper. Davids share a Davis Coat, and French Dave's/Davits/Davis', first found in Savoy (shares the Swiss cross), share the Waterford lilies on what could be a Feller Shield.

The Greens expected in the evergreen tree were first found in Kent with the Greenwich's who in turn share the Coat of Odins with a Hood-like Hoddy variation. Odins/Hoddys share the Bare/Barre'/Berre lion, and while the latter's Coat is a version of the Rasmussen Coat while Rasmussens share the giant, white and upright Schwab/Swab unicorn, there's an upright white horse in the Odin/Hoddy Crest.

Pully is so near to LAUSanne that it looks like peoples from Laus of Palinurus led to the Pully and Pellican surnames. Lausanne is in VAUD province while DeVAUDs/DeVAUX's use a giant pelican ("and her YOUNG"), as do German Wells/Wellers ("feeding her YOUNG") in Wallace/Wallis / Schwab/Swab colors and format. English Wells have a "double queued" lion (two tails, same as Montfort lion) in the colors of the Millen/Milan/Mellent and BUCHANan lions, reminding that BUXENtum is at Palinurus too.

Klaus Schwab had at least his schooling in Switzerland's Zurich, and so it's a little interesting that Surreys/SURRIChs are also Shark-like Sarks. Note that Scottish Bauds share the crescents of Saracens.

I didn't know until writing to this point that the Arms of Davos shares the Medal / Hodley / Oddie / Baud quadrants. I don't see any further comment, but I've been blind to surprises before.

The village of Davos is first mentioned in 1213 as Tavaus. From about 1280 the barons of Vaz allowed German-speaking WALSER colonists to settle...causing Davos to become the largest Walser settlement area in eastern Switzerland. Natives still speak a dialect that is atypical for Graubunden, showing similarities with German idioms of western parts of Switzerland, especially the Upper VALAIS.

Mellanson's cotton SWAB in his EAR looks like it does point to Ayer in Valais of the Walsers. The "Tavaus" version of "Davos" got me checking for a Tave/Taves surname, and it's listed with Touch's/Tuffs, first found in Cheshire with Davids (and Hands/Hanns), beside the first-known Audleys. The Taves'/Touch's (part of the Sleeping Beauty's hovering scene after her hood scene) were at AUDley, and Aude's/Ode's/Oddeys were first found in Savoy with Dave's/Davis, how about that, near Switzerland. I never would have guessed that Touch's/Tuffs (two fingers pointing from a red HAND) and Tufts/Tuffs' were a David / Davis branch, and this line apparently named Davos.

As per the AUDley location of Taves'/Tuffs, repeat: "...the Arms of Davos shares the Medal / Hodley / Oddie / Baud quadrants." SURPRISE. The Swiss-national cross is shared by Savoys and Face's/VASE's, and we just saw "barons of VAZ" at the Davos area! Beauty. The Savoy / Face/Vase cross is in saltire form with the Tease's/Tess'/Tecks, the latter from the Ticino canton / Ticino/Tessin river of Switzerland. The Face/Vase-connectable Feschs/Vechters/Wachters/FACtors (Switzerland) have a white saltire too.

Is the Russian medallion on my hood now pointing for a seemingly-inexplicable reason to Davos / Mr. Schwab? Is he in cahoots with Russians? With the Gogi anti-Christ?

This week from Pundit: "This new [Nova Scotia] provision was announced as part of the province’s 'winter action plan,' which allows any business, including grocery stores, the right of denying entry to any unvaccinated food shopper. The new provision raises questions from the health experts regarding the need to impose such a plan as the province’s daily cases remain low." It looks like it has the marks of Schwabite teeth. There's no need with such low infection rates that are in actuality lower than measured because most tests give false positives. Therefore, this is just a tyrannical move to spur other provinces to do likewise. Let's see what the people in Nova Scotia do, whether they have backbone or not. Are there any leaders in that place? Will some stores open doors with a smile to the unvaccinated? Will the government then step in and make a law that stores can't do it? Will the stores go to court?

In the past, I thought that Mellanson's ear was a pointer to Ainsley Earhardt, and if it did occur to me then that Ayer in Switzerland applies, I didn't have any idea at the time that Davos was filled with Walser people from the Ayer theater. Earhardts are also AIRharts while Airs are listed with Ayers, and thus the blue wings of German Here's/Herrs plays well with Ayer liners because they were a branch of HERmits in the Crest of Ayrshire's Sheds/Sheddens, a possible pointer to virus shedding. The Scythe's in the Here/Herr "scythes" are listed with Ayrshire's Skits/Skeets'/Skeochs, who, incidentally, share the black border with Klaus' and Sedans/Siddens!!! The latter are Sion liners, and Ayer is smack-near Sion. Sheds/Sheddens have the Chief-Shield color combo of Kotor-like Cutters, Brocks, Glaze's and Valais'/Valois'.

The swan in the Arms of Boulogne tends to verify that Godfrey de Bouillon, son of Eustace II of Boulogne, was a leader in the Priory of Sion. To this we can add that the Shield of Scythe's/Skits/Skeochs (suspect in the Brock / Maurel motto) is in colors reversed with Guido's, first found in Bologna with Maurel-connectable Morinis', and thus the Guido lion looks like the Marano / Montfort / Brock lion because proto-Bohemian Boii were in Bologna while the double-tailed Montfort lion is the Arms of Bohemia. Bouillons (Boii suspects) share "bello" with the motto of Osberts/OsBURNs (Brun cross?), and the Deering write-up tells that Deerings were descended from Osberts and Morinis'. Davos is near a Merano location to its east. The full Osbert/Osburn motto is with German Bauds, and then French Bauds were first found in Auvergne with Bouillons. It's a wonder as to how many Bohemian Grove members are also Schwabites, or whether there remains a secret Priory of Sion.

The god of Bohemian Grove is Moloch the owl, symbol of human sacrifice, and it was Owl-line Joe Oullette who stood and prayed with me when Mellanson challenged us to heal the blood in his ear. In the next section, while on the Lille location near Boulogne, I realize: "'Lilith' may even had some play in the spelling of Owl-line Oullette's, which recalls that God chose Mike Oullette to give Lorraine a BABE symbol. Lilith was an abductor of babes." It just so happens that Babe's (Dorset, same as George's) and Babels/Babwells are from Podebrady in Bohemia, suspect from the wife (Agatha, I think) of George, son of king Andrew I of Hungary, brother in turn of king Bela suspect in the "bello" motto term of Bouillons. German Babe's/Babels and Walsers even use a two-tailed mermaid to go with the two-tailed Bohemian lion. Another mermaid is with Hugo's, first found in Switzerland's BASel. George was the father of Maurice Drummond, the first Scottish Drummond, and the Scottish Drummond Coat is that of bassets while Oullette's were first found in Basset!!!

I've just seen again that Babe's are no longer said to be first found in Dorset as of some time this year, and there is a total obliteration of Dorset from the write-up, I wonder why. Babe's share the Ny/Nie Coat, and the Grove's (Somerset, beside Dorset), with two "Ny" motto terms, are a pointer to the Bohemian Grove because the Babe / Beak bars are in the Arms of Podebrady. Babe's are now said to be first found in Suffolk with their Blond kin.

Ahh, Owls/Howells were first found in Suffolk with Davos-like Daves'/Davers who look like kid of Clots. French Dave's/Davits/Davis and French Davis'/Davier's use the harp while king ARPad was the father of Hungarians. I suggest that these surnames are from king David I of Scotland because Agatha of Podebrady above is suspect by me from Agatha, mother of queen Margaret, mother of David I. I figured that Agatha of Podebrady was George's wife from the "gold GATE" in both the Arms of Podebrady and the Babel/Babwell Crest. The Harps/harpers share the gold boar with bards who in turn share the green griffin head of the Hungarian Leslie's, whom I trace to Lesce, beside Bled (!), suspect with Bleda the Hun, who probably operated out of HUNgary with Attila!

As Daves'/Davers are in Brake/Brech colors and format, and as the Daves/Daver HEXagram is colors reversed from the same of Clots, and as the Daves/Daver chevron is colors reversed from the same of Clots, let's repeat from above: "The bleeding of the brakes can thus be a pointer to blood clots. French Clots (Alan colors), sharing black scallops with Hykes'/Hacks, have a chevron colors reversed from the Brake/Brech chevron. The latter use HUNting horns that can go with Huns, and Hunts/Hunters were first found in Shropshire with Brake's/Brechs." That's the Bled bloodline, we reckon, that was tied to the Leslie Hungarians who came to Scotland with Maurice Drummond. And the Bled Coat is colors reversed from that of Clare's, the latter first found in Suffolk with Daves'/Davers, and sharing their chevron. Joe and Mike Oullette had a brother, Dave, and he was with Karen Graff, the pointer to graphene poisoning in vaccines.

[Insert -- With Trump's suspect as a Drummond variation, consider the website below telling that Clan Leslie was founded, the first Leslie earl of Rothes, in Wigtown (Galloway), where Hanna's were first found who show "deer's heads" yet they are the Trump stag head in colors reversed:

The Hanna Crest is "fitchee ISSuing out of a black crescent," using a term I've long suspected as code for the island of Issa, which is also called, Vis, and then the Vise's/Vice's no guff, share the stag head of Tromp-beloved Acorns (Sussex, same as Vise's/Vice's and Downs). The Trump stag head is in the colors of the Down stag, and the Knee's, first found in County Down, share the Acorn / Vise/Vice stag head. Issa was taken for a while by the Ardiaei, tending to explain the "ardua" motto term of Hanna's. Later in this update:

We now go to the "buck's heads" of Vise's/Vice's and Tristans, both using them in the same colors. The Vise'/Vice buck head has the black cross between its antlers also between the antlers of the Eustace stag, and count Eustace II ruled in ARTOIS. The same-style cross, in brown, is between the stag's antlers in the Arms of County Waterford, where we saw that it was the cross of St. Hubertis.

While I was led to the Vise's/Vice's by the "issuing" of Hanna's who have the Arms-of-Waterford stag head in colors reversed, that stag head shares a cross between the antlers with Vise's/Vice's, and with the Stage's/Staggs sharing blue stag heads with Hanna's. The Stacy and Eustace branch use a "Cur" motto term that can thus be for Currys/Corrys, first found in Waterford. Irish Currys/Corrys (probably the Sinclair rooster) have a gold rooster with "an ear of wheat in its mouth," which goes with the eagle in the Waterford Arms having ]"three ears of wheat in his mouth." Wheat-like Whats/Whadcocks (Essex, same as Waters/Waterville's to go with the Waterville variation of Waterfords) have gold "cocks." I suggest that the gold Stacy stag head is the one of Wheats. The "round tower" in the Waterford Arms is an Arthur entity, which named Artois, and this family line is in the Hanna motto too.

The Leslie Hungarians came to Scotland with Henry Sinclair, and he was granted Midlothian, where Scottish Currys/Corrys were first found. Henry Sinclair was the cup bearer of King David I's mother. I didn't know that Leslie's were early in Wigton until this week. Were Hanna's named after Huns? The Hanna deer heads each have a "bell" around their neck, suggesting the AnnaBELLs/Hunnable's/Hannibals (share the Stage/Stacy Crest). As Ada is a topic immediately below, note the "ad" motto term of Hanna's. End insert]

More. Blood/Bluds use the LODGed stag, and while Hungarians had a stag in their ancestry suspect with the line of Eustace's / Stacys / Staggs/Stage's, Lodge's/Loge's (share Montfort, etc. lion) were first found in Suffolk with Daves'/Davers and Owls/Howells, and the latter's scallops are in the colors and format of the Owl/Howl owls! Plus, the Cheshire Davids use a lion-version of the Aid/ADE Coat, and that's from ADA of HUNTINGdon, daughter-in-law of king David I above. Ada married Henry of Huntingdon, suspect from a Henry of Rodez because David I build HolyROD House for his mother, and Mellansons are the ones with "a bundle of rods."

English Cottons ("UTRaque") were first found in Huntingdonshire with UTHER-suspect, and Cotter-like Others/Otters from Lombardy, where Mellansons are from. French Lombards share the Clot chevron, good evidence that Mellanson's cotton swab is a pointer to Schwabs murderous responsibility in forming blood clots. Italian Lombards share the Chief of French Julians, first found in Languedoc with French Cottons/Cotta's, perfect folks. God arranged this, and God has in mind to defeat the Schwabites; that's why no blood came out of Mellanson's ear after we prayed about the problem. Irish Prays almost have the Coat of German Stevens. Steven Mellanson, husband of Susan, and Susans are suspect from Susa, the COTTian capital. The giant Susan lily can go to Oullette-like "Lilith," and it was Oullette and I who payed about the ear.

AIDs/Ade's were first found in Berwickshire with AITons, and the latter have a rose-version of the RHODES Coat while Eitons (Shropshire) have a blue-Shield version of the David Coat. Ahh, I failed to load Edens until now even though I know they share black scallops with French Clots. They were loaded because they look like "Eaton" and "Eiton," and it just so happens that while Eatons have a version of the Hykes/Hack Coat (more black scallops), Edens are in Daves/Daver colors and format! Edens share the garbs of Bardys while Bards look like they are from BARTHolomew, founder of Leslie's.

If I'm correct in tracing "Daver" to the Daversi version of "Daorsi," then king David appears named after Daorsi liners. There's no David in Margaret's ancestry nor in his father's ancestry, and so it's been a mystery as to why Margaret would choose "David." As Agatha, Margaret's mother, is now suspect with the "gold GATE," it's quite amazing that the Gate Coat is a version of the English DOOR Coat, for Doors are suspect from Daorsi. Irish Doors share the Gate lion. Plus, Doors were first found in Herefordshire with the Jays in the blue jays of Daves'/Davers! Daorsi lived on the Neretva/Naro river (see left-center of map) with Ardiaei and Pleraei, and Players were first found in Middlesex with Babels/Babwells having a "gold gate" in Crest.

Above the gold gate in the Arms of PodeBRADY are the three fesses of Beaks, first found in DORset with their Babe kin, and Babe's share the finger(s) pointing to the sun with Bradys. AHA! Babe's have two fingers pointing, as do Tave's/TAVES"!!!!!!!!!!! Daves'/Davers are in Arthur colors and format to go with the Ardiaei, and Arthurs were first found in Berwickshire with Aids/Ade's and Aitons. The David / Davis lion looks like the Levi lion because Aids are in the motto of French Levi's (Ile-de-France, same as Rod-related Mellans). Middlesex is where Fiers and Apps'/Epps were first found, both from the Apsus river upon which you can see (lower-left of map), "BOIus," thus making them look like the proto-Bohemian Boii.

Grove's share the TailBOIS scallops, and I feel compelled to say here that there appears to be, in this heraldry, a Bohemian-Grove connection to Schwabites in Davos. It could be that all so-called RINO's are influenced / inspired by the Republican gangsters of the mainly-Republican Bohemian Grove. Note that Bush's are a BOIS branch.

This is a new thing for me, that Margaret's mother was from Daorsi. I was standing at the DOOR of the car when Sleeping Beauty pointed to the Selepitanoi at Bar, in the southern realm of the Daorsi, and English Doors were first found in Herefordshire with BARRels of BARWELL. Sleeping Beauty is Miss Hicks, and Hicks (married Arthurs in Clapton) are in the colors and near-format of Daves'/Davers. I have almost never loaded "Barwell" before, but instead of bringing up Barrels, it gets a surname having the two SLEEP fesses in colors reversed, and Sleeps are from the Selepitanoi of Bar! I've just checked my files, and Barwells had been loaded as per the door handle of my Jeep, but I didn't think to link them to my standing at the door of Sleeping Beauty's car. Beautys were first found in DORset!

Kotor was in the land of Daorsi, and Cutters were first found in Dorset. The Cutter dragons trace with Dragons/DRAINers to the Drin river near the Clausula.

AHH, I can't believe this. Barwells use a "LADY holding a garland,"" and "Lady Fortune" is of the Klassens/Class' while Sleeping Beauty was with a CLASSic car, a 1950's model all refurbished nice. Glassicks are listed with Glass', and I've shown how Klassens / Glass' can trace to the Clausula river at lake Scodra, smack at the Selepitanoi theater! I've been talking about Sleeping Beauty since 2016, and not until now have I found the Barwell application to her! The Barwell fesses are called, "red bars." The Jeep's door handle had a "barrel-shaped" part, said the dream, missing. I've even remarked that Sleeping Beauty seemed like a "lady." Barwells use "BLACK birds" too while Blacks share the Glass stars.

The Barwell lady is dressed in blue, like the woman in the Parr Crest. Barwells look like Parr kin, and Parrs with FurNESS' happen to be, along with Nissans, and with Ness'/Nessans sharing the double Barwick bars, from queen Nysa and PHARNACes her husband, parents of queen Nysa of Cappadocia, the latter known to be descended from king Cassander of Macedon, the line I can connect to Antipatria on the Apsus river, the link to Kilpatricks whom Miss Hicks married. When I first knew the Kilpatricks in 2002, they drove a RUSTy Jeep, because, I now think, Rusts/Roosts share the Kilpatrick saltire. RUSTicus of Lyon married ARTEMia, and Aitons (BERWICKshire) come up as "Artem," and then Barwells are also BARWICKs.

Ahh, to go with my dream this week where Miss Hicks was involved with the need to bleed the brakes, Niss' are in Clot colors and format! Surely, the timing of this dream with the blood in Mellanson's ear makes the dream pointable to blood clots by way of poison vaccines, especially as AINSLEY EARhardt is the other fulfillment of Sleeping Beauty. Ahh, Ainsleys were a branch of Niss-like Annas'/ANISS' sharing a blank, gold Chief with Mellans and Rods (two Mellanson kin), and STEVEN Mellanson gave us the ear bleed suspect as a pointer to Clots in Niss colors and format!!! The Barwell "lady" holds a garland, and Garlands (share "chaplet" with Hicks!) share the triple pale bars of German STEVENS!!! Aids/Ade's (BERWICKshire) have a version of a Stevenson Coat. Are we not impressed? God has been watching for centuries, building up His response yet to be seen. Wait for it.

STEVEN Mellanson gave us the cotton swab, and English Cottons use a "fortuna" motto term to go with "Lady Fortune." The Fortuna/Fortune dog looks related to Huns/HunGATE's and Hundts. Is Bleda the Hun pointing to Bill Gates? Andrews' Hungarians married the Gates line of Podebrady, in my opinion. Lookie: Hundts (giant greyHOUND) share the Coat of Hungers (Hesse, same as Rasmussen), in Schwab colors and format, and Schwabs share the giant Rasmussen unicorn. This makes Schwabs suspect as kin of Fortuna's, a big deal under the circumstances of Mellanson's cotton swab pointing to Lady relations.

Clots are like the CLAUD/CLAUSELs i.e. looking like Clausula elements! BEAUTY. Barwicks (not the Barwells/Barwicks) are in the colors and format of the three items of Niss' and Clots! Barwells were a major key I've missed for five years.

After I awoke Sleeping Beauty at her CAR, we were HOLDing each other while rising into the Sky, and Holds are in the motto of McLeods/Clouds of Skye. The Barwell lady is "holding" a garland. Holds (Lancashire, same as Holdings/Holdens, Cars, Parrs and Furness') have another set of double "bars" to go with Barwells, and Holders (Gloucestershire, same as English Stevens), having one of the double Hold bars, are in the colors of English Stevens who in turn share the solid chevron in the colors for it of Ottone's/OTTO's. Sleeping Beauty's car was resolved as an auto for the Auto's/OTTO's, you see, and there was another car with the bleeding-brake dream. Ottone Visconti ruled MILAN. The Hold squirrel holds a "hazel branch," and Hazels share the Mellanson crescents.

Soon after the cotton swab in his ear, Mellanson asked me to be his assistant coach in hockey (I accepted), and Hockeys (Essex, same as a Hicks branch) not only share the Mellanson crescents, but have the fesse-with-crescents of Hazels. The latter use "hazel SLIPs" as code for their Haslip/Islip branch, and the latter share the brown, lodged stag with Bloods/Bluds. HasLIPs (Oxfordshire, same as Tiens in the Squirrel motto) recalls that German Lipps share the Lodge/Loge / Bare/Barre/Berre Coat. I trace Hazels to a modern Has location at the north end of the Drin river, where it's closest to the Clausula that flows into lake SCODra, and the English SCOTTs share the demi-black griffin with Hockeys who in turn share the crescents of Scottish Scotts. Nearby Kotor could have named the Cottars, first found in Oxfordshire too.

Cottars use lizards but call them "evetts." I think the Lizarts/Sarde's can apply to those lizards because the French Lombards, sharing the Clot chevron, were first found in Provence with Lizarts/Sarde's. Guerins with a Garlin-like Garin variation, suspect from Guerin of Provence, share the Klaus/Klausen lion. Garlands/Garlins love the Chaplets, the latter first found in Lorraine with French Clots and BAR-le-Duc. I showed how Mellansons link to Albins / Albini's, and Has is in Albania. The Bojana river in Albania, also called the BARbana, flows out of lake Scodra toward the Drin and the Selepitanoi theater to the south of Bar. "Bojana" looks like a Boii entity, and while Boii were in BONonia, French Bone's were first found in Provence too.

Ahh, TROPoje is to the near-west of the Clausula, on or off a river toward Has, and Troops were first found in Banffshire with the Bojana-like Boyne's (and Baskins) who in turn share the Hamilton Coat and Crest. Hamiltons share the ermined cinquefoil of Bus', the latter first found in Norfolk with Drops/TROPE's. Beauty. Miss Hicks married Hamilton Kilpatrick! It looks Arranged. Drops/Trope's, first found in Norfolk with BAGs, appear to be in the Army Chief because Baskins (look like Bach/BAGH kin), who share the vaired Hooker fesse, use an "Armis" motto term. I'm not familiar with Boyne's at all, and do not ever recall mentioning the Bojana river. Ahh, my files have the Bojana in the 4th update of February, 2016, and in the one after that, otherwise it was not mentioned elsewhere. It was my first year doing Sleeping Beauty heraldry, where there is this:

A few days after writing here, I was seeking the name of the river whereupon the Cavii are marked, and inadvertently discovered the Buna/Bojana river that is an "outflow of Lake Shkoder/Skadar" (Scodra) at its southern tip. It suggests that Bone's/Boone's trace to that river, as well as to the naming of Bononia [= Bologna, home of Boii]. This is a huge find.

I didn't find the Bone-like Boyne's in that update, but Hicks happen to have a "bon" motto term!!! Zikers, after almost six years, there's all this too from Sleeping Beauty. Italian Bon's/Bono's have a version of the Gate Coat while the Gate lions are shared by English Bone's/BOHUNs, and Boii named Bohemians, and Gate's are suspect from an Agatha of Bohemia, mother of Drummonds, and she has been suspect, from this update only, with the Daorsi of the Scodra theater.

This dark map has a Kotor-like KODRium location on the Apsus, the river that the map above shows "Boius" upon the same river. The Dolphins were once said to be first found in Surrey, and Surreys are Sarks too while Sharks were first found in Tyrone with the Neils/NIHILLs suspect in the "nihil" motto term of Dolphins. The latter share the dolphin (different colors) with French Bone's, and the Dolphin dolphin is in the colors of the Arms-of-Saraca fish. Dolphins are now said to be first found in Cumberland with Daggers, both from the Dexaroi roughly where Kodrium is stamped. We just saw Hamilton Kilpatrick work into things of the Selepitanoi theater, where his wife pointed years ago, but Kilpatricks use a dagger because they are from Antipatria, not far down the Apsus from Kodrium. Saraca's were at Kotor, and the Sleeping Beauty dream opened with a shark. There are layers upon layers of pointers in the same props of the same dream, and Bill Gates is now suspect with parts of Sleeping Beauty.

The shark was in a Kidney-shaped swimming pool, and Kidneys/GEDneys have the Neil/Nail saltire, I reckon, formed by two fish colors reversed from the same of GEDs (Dolphin colors and format) and the one in the Arms of Saraca. Geds share pike fish with Gates-like Geddes'. God has a response prepared for Bill Gates' murder spree. Only God gets to play God with human lives and world population. Small brains do not serve anyone but small self. Bill Gates would kill God's people, but God will kill people like Bill Gates. He'll have no complaints at that time, not even a response.

We saw why Klaus Schwab figures into the shark, but I've just found the Schwab unicorn with English Enders, suspect with the "endure" term in the translated motto of Geds. Geds are half in the colors, and in the format of, English Enders/Ingers (Cornwall, beside Ged-beloved Pike's). Cornwall is where Bude is located while Welsh Bude's/Buds (Cornwall) share arrows on blue with Enders/Ingers. This looks like the line of Anders I of Hungary, for BUDapest in Hungary was the capital of Attila. It could very well be that Butua elements around Kotor named Buda, a twin city with Pest.

Ahh, PESTers/PISTOLs are in the "pistols" of Hopkins, the latter first found in Oxfordshire with Cottars! Pesters/Pistols are very interesting for sharing the Clot chevron (view as Clausula elements), and for being in the format of, and colors reversed from, HUNting-horn Brake's/Brechs (Shropshire, same as Pesters/Pistols and Hopkin-like Hope's)...recalling the bleeding of the brakes, a potential pointer to Bleda, Attila's brother. It just so happens that while Enders/Ingers are also Inders, "Inter" is a Hopkin motto term. The grassHOPPer of Fauchy's comes to mind. Hope's use a "broken GLOBE", suspect with Goplo elements from Koplik on the Clausula river, no guff. The Goplani namers of Goplo were also globe-like Glopeani. CARPenters, suspect from the Carpathian mountains around Hungary, use a globe too as well as a "belli" motto term suspect for king Beli, brother of Anders I.

The Arms of County Waterford

After the last update was done, I thought to look up the Arms of County Waterford, after finding a piece of COVID news in Waterford, and there was found a site that described the Arms. What I thought was a lighthouse turns out to be a "tower," though it's on waves of what looks like a sea. I'll tell why these waves look secretly like the wavy Drummond and Sea fesses. It's important here that the stag head in the Arms is that of Trumps/Tromps/Tramps too, a surname like those of Drummonds/Drommonds/Tremonds.

The Arms' description includes: "The stag's head with the cross of Saint HUBERTis taken from rest of the great Hiberno-Norman family of POWER." I don't remember knowing this before. It recalls my girlfriend (my age 20), Karen WHELAN on Henry CORSON Place in Markham, Ontario. Huberts/Hubbards are said to be descend from Herbert of Corson-like Curzon, and Whelans were first found in Waterford. I'm therefore asking why God may have set me up with Miss Whelan in order to point to Donald Trump. As I've said, I met Miss Whelan because Rick YOUNG was dating her sister, and German Youngs happen to have a stag ("buck") in the colors of the Trump / Arms-of-Waterford stag.

The Powers above, owning the Hubertis stag, are amazing here for HENRY Corson Place. English Powers do use a stag "charged on the neck with a green trefoil." Barnstaple's (Devon, same as Powers) have this green trefoil, and so do Italian Albini's while English Albins/AUBINs were first found in Barnstaple. Aubin is a location near Rodez, and I trace French Henrys, said to have been at MOTT, to a Henry of Rodez, and one Hugh IV of Rodez, who married Miss Roquefeuil, was son of Henry I of Rodez, and father of Henry II. The Rodez-line Rods, likewise first found in Devon, and likewise sharing the Barnstaple trefoils, green like the ROCK trefoil, are excellent here, yet I haven't gotten to the punch line yet. Albins/Aubins (bull head) are said to have been at St. TAURin, which may explain the "round TOWER" in the Arms of Waterford. The Rock trefoils are shared in both colors by ZEHRer-beloved Hatchets, and ZAHRingers founded Berne of Switzerland.

The Barnstaple's have a motto, "ReGARDez MORT," and while Morts are listed with Motts (!), Trumps/Tromps are expected from Val Trompia at lake GARDa!!! It tends to prove that County Waterford does have the Trump/Tromp stag head. RoqueFEUILs are suspect with the FAILin variation of Whelans. Morts/Motts share the Hubert crescent, and the Trump stag head at Waterford belonged to Hubertis. As German Barns/Berne's share the bear with Beers (Devon, same as Barnstaple's), it seems that Barnstaple's were from Berne of Switzerland, and in marriage to Peter-related Staple's (share Peter motto). Henry IV of Rodez had a son, Peter, and Peters are from Peter Pollock of Rothes, tending to explain why Barnstaple's share the green griffin head of Leslie's = earls of Rothes after Pollock possession of Rothes.

The English Rothes' happen to have: "...HUBERT Walter, who gave [William] lands near Wrotham, Kent." It explains why English Rothes' are in the colors and format of Huberts. With the Hubertis stag being that of Trumps too, it reminds that Trumps were first found in Mecklenburg with same-colored Dols while the Dol Alans of Shropshire were very familiar with Pollocks of Rothes. Hubert Walter was probably an Alan, for Alans loved the Walter name, and German Walters happen to share the Dol fesse, and look like kin of German Michaels (Bohemia) while English and Scottish Michaels were first found in Surrey.

It's interesting that Henry IV had a daughter, Dalfina, for Dolphins/DOLfins, expected from Dol near Henrys of Mott (this place is near Renfrew-line Rennes and Montfort), were once said to be first found in Surrey with English Barns/Bernys. It tends to prove to me that the Surrich variation of Surreys is of "Zurich," smack near Berne. The Burns have a BERNYS location of Renfrew (where Dol-associated Pollocks were first found) in their write-up. This explains the "EVERgreen tree" of German Albini's, for the Burn motto has "Ever" while Evers are listed with Eure's while St. Taurin of Albins/Aubins is in Eure. It can then be suggested that Eure-line Abreu's/Abruzzo's (tower) share the Rodez lion.

I aim to re-tell the nonCHALANT story, concerning Miss Whelan, as I get to it, but suffice here to say that Chalants share the Barne/Berne bend (virtually identical Coats). Whelans/FAILins have the FELL and Brick lozenges, which are the Brix'/Brest lozenges in colors reversed. Can we grasp what globo-lunatics God is pointing to with her?

Amazingly, the Barnes location in Surrey is in BRIXton, and the Eburovices of Eure were from Abruzzo, yet I read that they were also in BRIXia/Brescia!!! It throttles me because the Brix/Brest lozenges are shared by Corsons/Carsons. Henry CORSON PLACE! My mother was born and raised in Abruzzo's Picenze (village), and the city of Piacenza is also PLACentia, suspect with the Place surname!!! Incredible. God had use move to within a spit-in-the-wind from Henry Corson Place. Place's are thus suspect with the Abreu/Abruzzo / Rodez lion, but as Placentia is at the TREBia, river, it explains why English Barns/Bernys' share the Chief of Trebys (Devon, same as Albins / Rods / Powers / Barnstaple's)!!! Zinger, much of this is all new.

So, it seems that God arranged the two names in "Henry Corson Place" to be a part of the Rodez line to Waterford. At my age 11, my parents moved to Senator Reesors drive, and we moved away at age 13. At age 20, I dated Miss Whelan, who lived at the corner of Senator Reesors and Henry Corson. Reesors/Reasons (Rice branch) may have been Rhizon liners. As I've said several times, Andrea FABIAN (classmate) was at my 11th birthday party not many days before we moved to Reesors, and so it looks related to the Rodez-Rockefeller discussion that English Fabians share the fleur-de-lys of Staple's, and of Irish Lane's/Lawns while "GARDE" is a motto term of English Lane's/Lawns while Italian Lane's/Lano's were first found in Brescia beside lake Garda! As I've said, Italian Fabians share the Grimaldi Shield, and my mother's maiden name is, Grimaldi!!! God was pointing to the communist-pig Fabians now seeking to perform a coup on anti-globalists worldwide.

The Place's can be gleaned as Placentia liners where Rome's/Rooms/Rums of ANNANdale use a "placit" motto term while ANANES Gauls lived at the Trebia river at Placentia. This is a great piece for use here because the Annan(dale)s share the Chief-saltire combination with Staple-like Stable's/Staplers, and the latter even throw in the Annas stars! Annas-branch Ainsleys have a cross-with-five-gold-items in the colors of the saltire-with-five-gold-items of Stable's/Staplers. Ananes Gauls were between the Taro and Trebia rivers, and Tarrs were first found in Somerset with Stable's/Staplers.

The only difference between the Stable/Stapler and Jardin Coats is that Stable's/Staplers add gold acorns, the color of the Dutch Tromp acorns, and Jardins were first found in Angus with GARDens/Jardens! You can't argue with the facts. The Tromp acorns are in both colors with Maurels/Morels, the latter first found in Brittany with the Jarrets sharing the giant boar head of Gardens/Jardens.

There's got to be more reason for God's signification that my mother's home village was populated by people who named Placentia. In that village there must have been the ancestry of the fiends who will war against God to the end as of right now. The line of chief-priest, Annas/Ananus, that is, the line we can expect to the haters of Jesus who would sentence Him to death all over again. Annas' father was in Syria, near Lupus Laevillus of Cetis, and for other reasons I've suspected that Laevillus was named by the Laevi Gauls who provided the Levite bloodline to Sadducees and/or Pharisees. Annas' father (Seth) is suspect with the Sadducees. Laevillus-line Leavells share the triple piles of Scottish Youngs/Yonge's, and I've only just noticed that Scottish Youngs/Yonge's nearly have the Treby (and Barn) Chief! Zowzers. Rick Young was responsible for my dating Miss Whelan, and German Youngs probably have the Trump-of-Waterford stag, therefore. Prays/Prators are suspect in the Young/Yonge motto because Prays/Prators share white wolf heads with Traby-beloved Scarfs. Prays/Prators even share a black pegasus with Burn-branch Bernice's/Burness'.

Picenze is seven miles from the capital, L'Aquila, and Aquila's have a giant eagle in the colors of the eagle in the Arms of County Waterford. The latter's eagle has "ears of wheat" in it's mouth to go with heraldic "SHEAVES of wheat," and the Italian Sheaves surname was first found in L'Aquila. Is it not amazing, therefore, that the Waterford eagle is said to have been the symbol of Whelan-line Faolain? The description says that the eagle has ears of wheat in "HIS MOUTH," and while "mouth" is like "Mott," the Hiss' are listed with Hesse's/Hessels while Hazels/Hessels (Devon, same as Barnstaple with "MORT") look like they might have the Bernice/Burness/BurnHOUSE's fesse-with-item, and French House's have "cabbage leaves" in the colors of the leaf design of Hazels/Hessels. Cabbage's are used by PLANQUE's/Plants, from the Herod, PLANCia Magna, the line to Plunketts near/with Henrys of Mott, and the Henrys of RODez look like "HEROD."

Or, to put it another way, the Watsons, earls of Rothes, who were Pollocks on one side, married Leslie's, and while Barnstaple's have the Leslie Crest in their Crest, Watsons have a chevron-with-crescents in the colors of the fesse-with-crescents of Hazels/Hessels. Bernice's/Burness' are suspect from Berenice AGRIPPa (a Herod pig), and "Grip" is a Leslie motto term, can we believe it? Herods/Haralds share the fesse of Wheats ("ears of wheat" in Crest), in Pollock colors.

This discussion goes to the dream investigated a couple of weeks ago, where I was KICKing a crow on the STOVE BURNer, for Stove's are listed with Stevensons while the other Stevensons have a near-copy of the Barnstaple Coat, and then Kicks/Kecks share the Watson / Hazel crescents. Kicks/Kecks were first found in the Baden area of the Zahringer founders of Berne. Burners (Herod/herald colors) were even first found in Surrey with the Barnes location of English Barns. French Barneys (share DOL fesse) not only share the key (different colors) with Italian Sheaves', but the fish of Zehrer-beloved Hatchets/Hackets. It happens to be the fish also in the Arms of Saraca, and the latter's is on the same fesse used by Bernice's/Burness"! Zikers, and to top it off, the Surreys/SURRICHs, like "Zurich" near Berne, are also Shark-like Sarks! French Barneys were first found in dolphin-using Dauphine, and while Dolphins/DOLfins (Barney / Dol colors throughout) have dolphins in the colors of the Saraca fish, they were once said to be first found in Surrey! Trumps, in the same colors, were first found in Mecklenburg with Dols.

As Hugh of Rodez named a daughter, Dalfina, his part of the Rodez family may have been from Agrippa-suspect Barneys of Dauphine. Sarah's/Sayers (share leopard with Rhodes') share the Barwick motto and the bend of GRIPPs/Grape's/Grabbens (Austria, same as Sauers) while Barwicks were BERNICians. Sarah-like Sauers -- sharing the giant lion of "sara"-using RUSSELLs -- were named after the Sau=Sava river while English Shaws are Sheaves' too. Rodez was a fundamental part of ROUSSILLon. Irish and Scottish Shaws, said to be from a wolf-entity SITHech entity suspect with Lupus Laevillus, come up as "Seth," the name of Annas' father. The Sheaves' through L'Aquila thus look connectable to Rodez's, and to Herod Agrippa's and the Annas-Caiaphas lines.

Irish Shaws/Seths have Roquefeuil-line trefoils and probably the black eagle in the Arms of L'Aquila. Irish Shaws/Seths even have a trefoil-version of the chevron-with-QUATRefoils of ear-like Eyers/Ayers, and QUADRatilla was wife to Lupus Laevillus. Scottish Ayers were first found in Ayrshire with candleSTICK Kyle's, suspect with "SITHECH." The ASTICKas' of Vilnius married Traby of Poland, the line likely naming the Trebia river i.e. at PIACENza. And while Justine of PICENum (near Picenze) is to the Justine's and Barnstaple-beloved Wings/Winks, both were first found in Perthshire with Shaws/Seths. The Barnstaple Coat is a near-copy of the Valentin Coat, and Justine of Picenum was wife to emperor Valentinian I of VINKovci. The Hinds in the hind's head of Irish Shaws/Seths share the Barney fesse and the Corson/Carson / BRIX/Brest lozenges. It was the Barns of Surrey who were at BRIXton. Corsons/Carsons even share the AINSley scimiTAR while the Taro river was home to Annas-connectable Ananes Gauls at Piacenza. Tarrs are suspect with the bars in the Arms of Aragon and Roussillon.

Hugh of Rodez married the daughter of Raymond Roquefeuil, and French Raymonds have a version of the French Constance Coat (Languedoc, same as Raymonds and Roquefeuil), the only difference being that Constance's have a "green pine tree" to go with the "evergreen tree" of German Albini's. English Constance's/Custance's have an "...eagle DISplayed charged on the BREAST with a star," and the eagle is colors reversed from the Deise/DISS/Dice eagles. Deise is at Waterford, and then Languedoc is where Ville's/FONT-de-Ville's were first found while Waterfords/WaterVILLE's use water "FOUNTains" while Fountains can be gleaned as kin of Hugs/HUGHES' (Languedoc), suggesting the line of Hugh Rodez, husband of Raymond's daughter. Waters/Waterville's were first found in Essex with English Raymonds.

English Raymonds share the fleur-de-lys of Gellone's, and Gellone was/is near Roquefeuil. Gellone is in Herault, and Heraults are listed with Herods/Haralds, in the colors of the Arms of Roquefeuil. Herod Antipas of Israel was banished to COMMINGES, and Comings/Comine's/Comyns were first found in Norfolk with Diss. Comminges is across the Garonne river from Toulouse, the latter being where William of Gellone was count. By what cosmic coincidence do the Courage's in the Comings/Comine's/Comyns motto have the Gellone Coat on a white Shield? No coincidence. Getting a-gripp the picture? Gellone's were first found in Yorkshire with the Gells (in Hopton too) who share the Gripp/Grape/Grabben bend. Heraldry work inadvertently as a tracking system for the sons of the killers of Jesus who came to rule Europe due to their insatiable greed and lust for power.

Spanish Ramone's share a "gold gate" with the Arms of Podebrady, and throw in "plants." Julian-related Hugs/Hughes' share the Gate lion, which might indicate that Agatha of Podebrady was a Roquefeuil / Rodez liners. The Hugo's share the mermaid with Podebrady-line Babels/Babe's. It happens to be English Babels/Babwells who have another "gold gate," and Babels/Babwells have pale bars in the colors of the one of Roquefeuil-line Roxburghs. Queen Margaret, daughter of Agatha, had Henry Sinclair as her cup-bearer, and she gave him ROSLin, suspect from "Rosellon" = Roussillon in Languedoc.

Agatha of Podebrady is suspect (by me lonely) as Margaret's mother, and grandmother of king David I, and while Agatha of Podebrady was looking to be from the line of Daves'/Davers, they are in the colors and format of the neighboring Deise's/Diss'/Dice's (Norfolk). Fountains (Norfolk, same as Diss) share triple fesses (different colors) with Drummonds and some of their relations. Ramone's (Castile, same as Murena's) share the Scute tower, in colors reversed from the Murena tower, and the Deers in the Scute Coat ("crane with rose in its MOUTH") could have named the Deerings said to descend from Morinis'. Terentia Murena should be to the Terents/TARents having a red-eagle version of the Deise/Diss/Dice Coat.

Might Scute's be from lake Scodra? Scute-like Shoots/Schute's have a "FORTUNE de GUERE" motto, and while we saw Fortune elements at the Clausula of lake Scodra, GUERin de Provence is thought to be the son of William of Gellone. Scottish Fortune's use GYRONNY, suspect with the GARONNE river and its Gironde location. Gyronny is even in the Arms of Gironde. Shoots/Schute's (Wiltshire, same as Calles') were kin of TRUMPet-using CALLES, making the latter, suddenly, look like a branch of Klassens/CLASS', the ones with "Lady Fortune."

Shoots/Schute's use their swords "bar ways," and Bar is off of lake Scodra, home of the SELEPitanoi who named the Sleeps, and, zowie, the Sleeps (Barwell Coat in colors reversed, remember) use two fessewise bars in the colors of the three, fessewise Shoot swords, and in the colors of the three, fessewise Calles trumpets! That's a new addition to Sleeping Beauty, a pointer to Trump and Bill Barr, apparently, the ones who put the United States in prison to deep-state ghouls. When the Hicks' married Arthurs of Clapton, right beside the trumpet-line Calles', they both shared "clarions," thought by some to be trumpets. Aha, Scottish Calles'/MacAlls even share the Glass Kyle stars!!!

Ahh, the Calles' behooves a check for the Galles', and the German Galles'/Gallus' are the ones who named Gallus Anonymous, the writer of Goplo-tower mythology. I trace "Goplo" to "KOPLik" on the CLAUSula river partly because Kopple's share the Galles/Gallus rooster! But zowie, lookie there, we have just connected the Trumps, if they are in the Calles trumpets, to the Goplo mouse tower of the Mieszko Piasts. French Galles' are listed with Galli's sharing the Hug/Hughes Chief.

As I've said, Miss Whelan lived at 6 Henry Corson, Rick Young at 29 Henry Corson, and Mr. Kepke at 31 Henry Corson, for a total of 66. Miss Whelan is pointing to Trump liners in Waterford, and I've said that Kepke points to Trump for multiple reasons, one being that I had a dream a few years ago in which Kepke walked up my driveway, followed by a SICKly stag, and Sichs/Sykes were at Sykes-DIKE while Dice's/Diss are also Deise's. The Arms of Waterford not only use a "Deise" motto term, but there is a Deise location at Waterford that is wrapped up in the Arms. Why was God connecting Kepke with Waterford. Kepke was with me in the last act I had with Miss Whelan. Is the 66 an indication again that Trump will become the False Prophet? I feel shaky in making such a claim based on this "evidence." I explained to Jesus last night that Trump doesn't fit the part where he's pro-Israel, and besides he's not prophet material, is he?

Trump's son-in-law, JARED Kushner, owned a building, and may still own it, at 666 Fifth Street. Jareds are listed with GERARDs/Jarretts, and this goes to Mamie at her GARDEN, where she got a THIGH symbol the day after she sat on my lap = legs. Tending to show that God intended it as a pointer to Leggs and to Laps, we slept in a large tent an hour or two after she sat on me (there were others in the tent), and Leggs use a "TENTamine" motto term. A thigh is a part of the leg, and Leggs almost have the Trump Coat.

Gardens/Jardins share the French Jarret boar head, and so suddenly Mamie is a pointer to Trump's son-in-law, especially as English Jarrets share the Drummond Crest and have a giant white lion too, the color of the giant Jared/Jarrett lion. German Gerards/GerHARDs were even first found in Bohemia. Irish Jaretts may therefore have the George fesse, and as George "Drummond" of Hungary likely married Podebrady (some say so, and heraldry affirms it), that place happens to be on the Elbe = LABE river while Laps/LABBS' share the mermaid with Podebrady-line Babels/Babe's! You see, God arranged Mamie on my lap as a pointer to Trump, and He then did the garden event as a pointer to Jared Kushner...apparently. Babels/Babwells even share the six pale bars of English Lise's possibly in the "fideLIS" motto term of Jaretts/Garetts (not "Jarret").

Gerards/Gerhards are also GEARhearts, and Gears share the double fesses of HARcourts and Hare's/Hairs while Irish Hare's are also JARRys. Therefore, by following Jareds to Gerards, we come to Jarrys.

No Kushner surnames comes up, but cushion-connectable Kiss'/Cush's (share red rooster with BABcocks) share the fountains of Waterfords. There is a Cushen/Cousin/Cosin surname (no comment at this time). Gears share a leopard face in a canton (different colors) with Podebrady-line Babe's. Gerards/Gerhards use a "flower," and the Flowers, first found in Devon with Trebys, might just have the Treby / Jarret lion in their Crest. If correct, it makes a Jared-Kushner pointer to a Traby-like surname. Last week, I kicked a jar in my bed when waking at the instant that I was kicking a crow / raven in my dream, and the English Jarrets, the ones sharing the giant Treby lion, were first found in Shropshire, where English Rothes' were once said to be first found who have lion heads in the colors of the Jarret lion; both surnames put a gold crown on the lion's head, as do Jareds/Gerards. German Rothes'/Rothchilds have a giant raven.

I was kicking with both legs, in a pumping fashion rather than a swing action of one leg, and the "Gaudet" motto term of Leggs gets a Gaudet surname with a bend-with-hunting-horns in the colors of the bend-with-similar-crescents of Kicks/Kecks. Why should the Trump family be a part of that kicking? I've told the story of Rick Legge (my age 22) and I building the deck of Verne Archibald, and English Archibalds have a bend-with-crescents half in the colors of the same of Kicks/Kecks. What could this be about? I was dating ROXanne at the time, and ARCHibalds (share crescent of French Archers) were first found in ROXburghshire while the Roxburgh pale bar-with-item is in the colors of the Archibald bend-with-items. Note RoxANNE, for Anne's have a Hanna-like Hanne variation!!! She therefore looks like a pointer to the Trump / Arms-of-Waterford stag.

French Archers were first found in Provence with Lizarts/Sarde's who in turn share the LISE/LISS pale bars, in the colors of the one pale bar of Roxburghs who in turn share "fideLIS" with Jaretts/Garetts! The latter's green trefoil is therefore suspect with the one of Rods and Rocks. Roxburghs use "AUDax" to declare their descent from Roquefeuil in Aude. The Decks/Daggers may have been a branch of the Taks'/Dax's/Dachs suspect in "auDAX," and this behooves us to consider Hitler's Bavarian headquarters for his concentration camps at DACHau, for Trump's warp-speed program is leading to concentration camps for the unvaccinated. As was said, Schwabs (Bavaria, same as Dachau) use a border while Borders share the swords-in=saltire of Tax's/Dachs.

Ahh, I get it. God intended to click us over to French Archers with Legge and Archibald because the Archibald and Archer crescents are shared by Corsons/Carsons, first found in Dumfries with same-colored Legge's. Corsons/Carsons are the ones with the Fell / Whelan/Failin lozenges in colors reversed! God is intent on pointing to Rockefellers, the would-be masters of the drug companies depicted by mythical Asclepios, son of CORONis. We get it. The satanists are making their dictatorial moves to harm us, but God is signalling that He's been seeing this from centuries ago. This is our victory coming to pass as God lures the wise-in-their-own-eyes fools to their ruin.

Ahh, Carsons/Corsons share the fesse of Bells (Dumfries, same as Corsons/Carsons), and the Hanna stag heads, in colors reversed from the Legge stag head, have bells around their necks! I now understand those Hanna bells.

I was at the home of Mr. Legge in Oak RIDGES, and perhaps the Rhodes-linkable Ridge's and Rudes'/Rudge's' (share same cross) apply here. Rick was the guitar player for the Bible studies, and I've been recently explaining how Bibo's/Bible's (said to be Hahn kin) and their Kiss/Cush kin point to Stephen Hahn, Trump's drug lord in the COVID scheme. Hahns (Trump colors and format), first found in Mecklenburg with Trumps, were a branch of Hanns (share red rooster with Bibo's/Bible's and Kiss'/Cush's), like "Hanna, folks. Listen up. We just crossed the Kiss'/Cush's shortly above with "KUSHner." Guitars even have a Gerhard-like Guihard variation! Surprise, for it goes with Jareds.

Why were Guitar-like Gitters/Gitterburgs/Gattenburgs first found in Mecklenburg with Trumps? To prove that Guitars are indeed a pointer to Kushner? The "label" in the Gitter/Gitterburg Chief is likely for Labels/La Bells, and while Hanna's use bells, Labels/La Bells share the Archibald / Corson/Carson crescent! Zinger. The Gitters/Gitterburgs share the three pale bars of Knights, whom I trace to the Nith river of Dumfries! Bingo. The House of Griffin, in the Guitar/Guihard Coat, was in the Mecklenburg theater, especially in Pomerania.

Somewhere along this discussion, it should be repeated that MELANia Trump can be pointed to by cotton-swab Mellanson. Mellansons share the Kick/Keck crescents, and I was kicking at a crow on the STOVE burner while Stove's are listed with STEVENsons. Steven Mellanson.

Rudes'/Rudge's are suspect with Rudesheim, at ASSMANNShausen, and RasMUSSENs/ASSMANNs, looking like a branch of Masons/Massins, were first found in Hesse with Epsteins. The latter were at Hesse-Nassau, and while Nassau's use billets, the "compony" on the border of the Guitar Coat is exactly like the border of Irish Dole's which I saw described (no longer is) as a BILLET border! "Compony" is used by Fauci-pointing Faughns and Faucets, and Campanio's share the bell with the Hanna stag while my first job (age 14) was for Tony Campania directly across the street from the ice-cream girl, Katrina HANSon. Her surname pointed hard-as-rock to Hahn-related Cremers, Faux's, and Faux's/Fage's/Chollens', and my ice-cream event with her pointed to Sharks and Saraca-branch Sarasins.

The giant Guitar/Guihard griffin is colors reversed from the giant Nassau lion, and the Nassau lion is in the colors of the Jarret/Gerrett lion! I think that's a zinger for linking Trump to Jeffrey Epstein, and this comes during the week when Trump was mentioned several times in Maxwell's court case. This case is a sham, with it's main goal, obviously, to ruin Trump's re-election chances. Do not vote for Trump because he's become toxic in my work. Try to get the Florida governor elected instead. The MurDOCH ravens HANGing on an arrow pointed to Hangers while pointing to Epstein's hanging, and Hangers look connectable to the giant Guitar/Guihard griffin.

English Archers have arrows "points DOWN," and Downs have a stag in Trump / Legg stag colors. That partially explains Mr. Archibald. His first name, Verne, as a surname, looks related to Kids (share Archibald Crest), first found in Dundee with Whelan-connectable Fells (LeDuc stars in colors reversed). The Kids, in this context, suggest pedophilia. The Downs/Douns (probably a Dunham/Downham branch) could have named DUNdee, but note also the "DONec" and "DONum" motto term of Kids and Dundee's respectively. Did God arrange the Bois' to look related to Kids and Verne's together? English Kidds (compare with German Boschs) share the goat with the Bush Crest, and Bois' were a Bush branch.

Ahh, Dundee's have a giant lily in the colors and format of Trumps / Hahns, and it's in the colors of the lilies in the Waterford/Waterville Coat! French Archibalds add a "BUNCH of grapes," recalling from the last update that Bankers/BUNCHers are in Kick/Keck colors and format, and suspect with 666 in their three chevrons. But as God set me up to meet Mr. Archibald with RICK Legge, it's all pointing especially to Trump. The Ricks even have the Craven Coat in colors reversed while Banks were first found in Craven!

The Calles trumpets were not linked to Glass liners until this update, and it now works fantastic for this question as per why my kicking involves the Trump family. I was kicking (one leg only) the GLASS Mason jar in my bed, filled with WATER, as I awoke kicking at the crow in the dream. As I said, Masons/Massins share the mermaid with the Glass/GLASSICK Crest, and the Mason jar once had CLASSICo brand tomato sauce!!! Can we believe this??? I don't heat my bedroom, and so I put two Mason jars into it to warn it up. We just saw a potential Jarre/Jarret pointer to the husband of Donald Trump's daughter, whom many say is a liberal. I know the daughter is a spiritually-crippled liberal. The water in the jar can be a pointer to Waters/Waterville's (share Epstein Coat!), and therefore to the Waterville's that come up as "Waterford," this is amazing suddenly.

The tomato SAUCE recalls Sassys/Saucers with "SARACen" heads, the Shark line. OH WOW, not only is the Sassy/Saucer bend-with besants in the colors of the Kick/Keck bend-with-crescents, and not only is the Kick/Keck Coat a near-copy of the English Archibald Coat, but Scottish Archibalds use only one crescent on their bend (at the center of the bend), the color of the lone crescent at the center of the Sassy/Saucer bend!!! Scottish Balds were branch of Scottish Bauds who in turn share the Saracen/Sarasin crescent. French bauds look related to English Kidds.

[Insert -- Before reading the next paragraph, let's add that a lizard is used by Irish Hare's/JARRys, a potential pointer to Jared Kushner because French Jarrys are listed with Jarre's/Jarrets. Hare's/Jarrys also use a FOX, the THIGH symbol, and as this fox has a green "snake in the mouth" while Earhardts/AIRharts, with two green snakes, are connectable to Hare / Here liners, it's a pointer to Ainsley Earhardt of Fox and Friends without question. Yes, because she was Sleeping Beauty whose leg and knee I TOUCHed, and Touch's/Tuffs/TAVES', linkable to Knee's by way of Tufts/Tuffs' sharing the Knee Crest, not only share the Hare/Jarry lion, but share a red Crest with Hare's/Jarrys. Knee's share the Coat of Needhams, the latter first found in Derbyshire with Eyers/Ayers and Here's/Heyers. Magnificent work, O Lord. Ayer in Switzerland is not far from Davos, and the touch-knee event with Sleeping Beauty can now, for the first time, touch upon Davosite globoparasites.

Hare's/Jarrys share the green trefoil with Jaretts/Garetts. We are on blue-wing liners with Here's and Herzogs/HERTzogs, and blue wings are used also by Hahns. Fox news and Stephen Hahn probably go together like watered-down crap and a bowel. Gregg Jarrett works Fox shows at times, and while he seems to be a sincere anti-deep-state speaker, I classify him as a traitor if he denies the 9-11 truth. If Fox speakers had revealed the 9-11 truth starting about 15 years ago, people today would have been far-more prepared to acknowledge government corruption, and to deal with it. Now, thanks to Fox traitors, the COVID scheme has teeth because too many people still have the mistaken impression that government / police / military is largely / mainly good. That's because Fox loved the Bushites, and still do, explaining why Fox won't cover election fraud. What's needed is a Bush-whacker media the size of Fox. End insert]

The Sleeping Beauty dream was on Epstein's island, in which context Sleeping Beauty acts as one of Epstein's hookers. I saw myself approaching her without my shirt, and as Shirts are Shards too, we go back to the Lizarts/Sarde's, first found in Provence with Archers. The latter came to topic with Mr. Legge and Mr. Archibald, and I woke Sleeping Beauty by touching her leg. She was fulfilled by Mrs. Kilpatrick, and Kilpatricks were first found in Dumfries with Legge's. One Kilpatrick Chief is the Cremer / Faux/Fage/Chollens Chief, and the other Kilpatrick Chief uses Kushner-like "cushions." I had checked the Lago's as per Trump's Mar-a-Lago estate because Scottish Mars were at KilDRUMMY, and Trumps are suspect as Drummonds. Legg-like Lago's were first found in SARDinia, you see, so that my being shirtless on Epstein's island is a pointer to Trump.

The Sleeping Beauty scene started with me in a body of blue WATER that indicates an ocean beach, making it possible to be on Epstein's ocean island (in the Virgin islands), and as his island is Little Saint James, it's notable that English Jeans look like a James branch, for I saw myself with only jeans on when shirtless. Waters/Waterville's connectable to the Trump stag head, share the Epstein Coat, and while Epsteins were first found in Hesse-Nassau, French Jeans share the Nassau lion and add a bell while Bells were first found in Dumfries with Legge's and Kilpatricks. We are on it, especially as the Bell-loving Hanna's of Wigton were beside Dumfries. As per Little Saint James, one Kilpatrick Coat shares the Little saltire, and Little's are said to have had a branch about 20 miles east of Dumfries' Annandale location.

Ah, French Jeans were first found in Languedoc with Fountain-related Hugs/Hughes' and Font-de-Ville's, and the lion of Hugs/Hughes' and Fountains is shared by French and Spanish Jeans. Perfect for linking the Waterford fountains to Epstein's island.

NEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Spanish Jeans share the "compony" border (same colors) of Guitars/Guihards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was with my jeans only, when I touched her leg as a pointer to Legge's, and Rick Legge played the guitar!!!!! I met Rick Legge at my age 22, a year or less after the Sleeping Beauty dream. I don't remember how we met.

Sardinia is where Italian Amori's (and Lago's) were first found, and then Amore's and Damorys/Amori's look like Drummond kin. Italian Amori's, sharing the stars of Garden-branch Jardins for a touching upon the Val-Trompia line, happen to share a red label in Chief with Gitters, and it was Rick Legge who took us to Guitars/Guihards. It's verifying that God arranged "Mar-a-Lago" to be connectable to Legge's and Scottish Mars together, and Mar-a-Lago is in Florida with one of Epstein's favorite mansion. It's likely how Trump became involved with Epstein.

Be amazed, for Italian Amori's not only share the Kilpatrick Chief, but the Annas and WIGGON star, and Wiggons have a near-copy of the ANNAS Coat. Trump-pointing Hanna's were in Wiggon-like Wigton. It seems that Sleeping Beauty is more about Trump than Epstein. AINSley EarHARDT was the other fulfillment of Sleeping Beauty, and Trump called Fox and Friends daily because he wanted to get into Ainsley's dress...there's no other reason to call that often. And maybe Earhardt gave herself to him. Wiggons share the Crest of Scottish Johnsons (Dumfries) who have a version of the Kilpatrick Coat, including the Kushner-like cushions. It is amazing, is it not, how heraldry can know modern news events so well?

French Jeans use "COUNTER-compony," and the Countrys in the Ainsley motto use counter-changed colors too. The Countrys are amazing in themselves because they share the Beach pile while I saw myself with only jeans on while walking across the sandy beach at the shore toward Sleeping Beauty. The Fore's suspect in the Ainsley motto have the TRAVERs in their motto, and, as I've said, Rick Legge, TREVOR and I built Mr. Archibald's deck together. I touched Sleeping Beautys knee, and I showed how Knee's are linkable to Dutch Trumps and Downs/Douns with possibly the Trump stag.

So, the Shirts/Shards pointed to Lago's and Amori's of Sardinia, and Amori's pointed to Kilpatricks and Wiggons who in turn get us to Hanna's. But there's more as a pointer to MAR-a-Lago, for Marsi lived at Avezzano while Avezzano's were first found in Sardinia.

AHHH, Palms were just loaded as per Epstein's Florida mansion at Palm Beach, and here's what was found: "The surname Palm was first found in Yorkshire where 'there appears no reason to doubt the antiquity of this family, said to be descended from Manfred Palmes, who lived in the reign of Stephen, [1135-1154] and seated at Naburn, co York, since the year 1226 by a match with the heiress of WATTERVILLE'"!!!! Is that not wild? Waterville's share the Epstein Coat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

] Manfred Palmes of that quote can be traced to Manfred names of the Mosca's of Chiaramonte, related to Palma di Montechiaro, both in Sicily i.e. beside Sardinia. Manfred Mosca's sister married Manfred Chiaramonte, and the palms happen to share the Massey/Macey fleur-de-lys. "In the 13th century the marriage of Manfredi Chiaramonte to Isabella Mosca, united the two Sicilian counties of Modica and Ragusa." This was Sicilian Ragusa, land of Saracens to which the Saraca's of Croatian Ragusa obviously trace. Spanish Jeans share the Massey/Macey quadrants, incredible because I had only my jeans on upon the beach that now points to Epstein at Palm BEACH, and Palm Beach is also the location of Mar-a-Lago. Spanish Jeans are the ones sharing the compony border of Guitars who came to topic with Lago-like Legge's.

Aha! The Palm Chief is also the QUINT Chief while Trump's casino(s) were suspect with the three, 666 dice of Quintana's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I get it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dice's are listed with Deise's, and Deise is at Waterford! Quints were once said to be first found in Essex, where Waters/Waterville's and Mosca-like Muschats (share Epstein Coat too) were first found! Spanish Quintana's were first found in CASTILE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Lago castle speaks.

Trump has been nabbed. He may have been getting his hookers (for casino purposes) from Epstein's operations. All those boo-hoo women who gave Epstein what he wanted are guilty of giving Epstein what he wanted. They were old enough to stay away, but if they went back for more, then they were willing under-aged hookers. Hookers share the blue vair with the Palm and Quint Chiefs! The Hooker Crest shares the "deer" (different color) with Hanna's. Deerings have the Hanna Coat in different colors.

Lago's show a tower but call it a castle, and one can imagine that German Castle's were a branch of German Cassels, the latter likely naming Hesse-Cassel and thus making Lago's look like a pointer to Epsteins of Hesse-Nassau. The Casino-like Cash's/CASTs share the Waterford / Kiss/Cush fountains. Is that not an amazing and neat little package, that we should follow the Lago castle to Waterfords/Waterville's while Waters/Waterville's have the Epstein Coat? One half of the German Cassel Coat even share triple-red fesses with Epsteins so as to be a near-copy of the Epstein Coat. God seems to be telling us that Trump and Epstein were united in some speakable / meaningful / sinister way at Mar-a-Lago.

Dutch Castle's (share Corbin / Corbett Coats) use "crows" to go with my crow kicks. Mythical Coronis was a crow, and as her son was the medicine man, Coronis was clearly a witchcraft entity. WOW LOOKIE: English Castle's use a bee on a "pennon," and while Pennants share the Trevor Coat, Travers are also Travis' while Treviso is where Italians Corona's were first found! I didn't know that when mentioning Coronis above! Then, Pennons (Suffolk, same as Ceraunii- / Corona-line Crauns/Crane's) even have the Trump stag head on a red Shield, we could say, for Trevor and Legge built Archibald's deck.

Repeat: "The Hooker Crest shares the "deer" (different color) with Hanna's. Deerings have the Hanna Coat in different colors." The Deering and Pennon Coats are a near-match, and Pennons were first found in Suffolk with the Clare's in the Coat of German Cassels who in turn looked like they had the triple Epstein chevrons. The Lago castle speaks again from the secret places of God's heraldic spy system.

Cowes' use the three GUISCARD/Wishart piles as "pennants, and while Guiscards are suspect was VISconti's, they had a rooster-using branch in Sardinia. We saw VISE's/Vice's and Acorns in connection with Knee's and Dutch Tromps, and the latter even have the split Shield of TARVES' while Treviso is also TARVISium, can we believe this??? The Lago castle took us here, nothing more needs be said to prove God's arrangement. The Jarre's/Jarrets, I've just learned, have a "wild boar," and English Wilds share black stag heads with Knee's, Vise's/Vice's and Acorns. Compare Guiscards/Wisharts to the Guihard variation of Guitars, for the latter share the compony border of Jeans while I was without a shirt on the beach, when in my jeans, as a pointer to Sardinian liners.

I am so impressed at the number of new pointers from this dream, with timing to go perfectly with Ghislaine Maxwell's court case, and Kilpatricks were even Maxwell kin.

The "Veritas" motto term of Wilds got me wondering whether God would point to James O'Keefe, owner and founder of Project Veritas, the neo-WikiLeaks. The full motto is, "Veritas VICTRix," and Victoria's/Victors are in the Coffee/Coffer motto while Coffers/Coffare's share the Heffer crescent, and then Keefe's/KEFFERs are in Coffer/Coffare / Coffee/Coffer colors. That's a neat little package, especially as the Keefe/Keffer lion is colors reversed from the same of Tricks/Triggs expected in the "VicTRIX" motto term that got us the Victoria's. Plus, the following was not known nor planned when starting this paragraph, and came only to mind while writing the last sentence: Maine's share the dart with trick-branch Drigs, and the Maine motto is, "PROJECi," an OBVIOUS pointer to PROJECT Veritas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maine's were first found in Devon with Darts/Dards and MONKs while a "monkey" is in the Crest of Desmonds while "'In ancient times the O'Keeffes were Marshals and chief military leaders of Desmond.'" Darts/Dards have one of the two ermined fesses of Sleeps. It now has me wondering whether the Heffer-like HOVERing scene of Sleeping Beauty, when I woke her up from sleep, has to do with some big revelation(s) / victory from Project Veritas, as produced by God through some whistle-blower(s). I had the Sleeping Beauty dream on DeMAINE crescents in Richmond Hill, and the giant Demaine fleur-de-lys is that also of the Hicks' and Ainsleys. Demaine's were first found in Maine with the Josephs sharing the Chaplet swan, and Hicks-beloved Chaplets were first found in Lorraine while the Trick/Trigg and Drig lions are also the Lorraine lion.

Now watch this as extra verification that the Wild motto (includes "VicTRIX") points to Project Veritas with the Maine's. The Lorraine's share the eagles of Childs (could be a pointer to Epstein pedophilia) who are in turn in the colors and format of Tryst-loving Hebrons (Northumberland, same as Lorraine's). Trysts/TRICE's were first found in Cornwall with one TRISTan surname, while the other Trice-like Tristans were first found in Devon with Maine's, and the Tristans of Cornwall share the black stag ("{buck") head with Wilds.

Coke's and Cocks (almost the Beach Shield) are suspect in the heraldic cockaTRICE. Childs were first found in HERTFORDshire with Beach's, and the latter were at COKEnach, Lilley and Langley, the latter being a potential pointer to the CIA headquarters at Langley, for Jeffrey Epstein is suspect by many as working sex-related blackmail with the CIA's blessings and cooperation. I was on Epstein's beach with no shirt and with jeans.

Hertfords are interesting for sharing the Deering and BIK/Bicker stag heads. Biks/Bickers, first found in Berkshire with Wilds, had come to mind when finding Kishinev on the Bic river, also called the Bac. Jared Kushner brought me to Kishinev. Beach's/Bechs can apply here because they share a vaired Shield (different color) with Bicker-like Beckers, and the latter share the vair of Hookers / Quints and Palms, three surnames pointing to Trump's casino hookers. I've long wanted to know what Dutch Bickers use, whether nails or not, and they turn out to be "spikes." Spike's/Spicks/Specks and their Speccot branch were in Devon too. Dutch Beckers are listed with Bakers, recalling the last scene in the Obama dream, a man with BACK emphasized whom looked to me like a whistle-blower.

[Insert during spell-check -- As per the "proJECi" motto term immediately below this insert, Jacks and Jecks/Jake's/Jackmans were loaded to find the same spread eagle as English Backs. What could this infer concerning Kushner? At this time, Backers were loaded to find them with nearly the Coat of Kushner-like Kos'/KOSINski's (Polish surname from beside Ukraine). The Backer Coat is essentially the Hector/Ector Coat, the latter first found in Angus with Jared-connectable Gardens/Jardens and Jardins, how about that. What could this infer? Trumps were of lake Garda, and Mamie at her garden got a thigh symbol while thighs are parts of Trump-connectable legs. Hiedlers/HITLERs, who share the sun with Hectors/Ectors, have two of the triple-Backer and triple Hector/Ector bends.

The "Garde"-using Carricks are even in JECKyl/Jeckell colors and format! Jeckyls/Jeckells (share black griffin with English Gards and English Scotts) use "hinds" while Hinds were first found in Essex with Jecks/Jake's/Jackmans. Carricks have "talbots" while TailBOIS' share the scallops of Grove's who in turn share the scallop of English Jacks. The latter's Joke/Yoke branch has a cockaTRICE, and was first found in Kent with English Gards and English Scotts. Trice's/Trysts are a branch of Tristans, the latter first found in Devon with the Maine's using "Projeci." End insert]

As Scottish Walsh's use an "AuSPICE" motto term while Spike's/Spicks can apply because Spice's/Spicers were first found in Devon too, I'm going to repeat here that Bacau is near the mouth of the Moldova river while Kishinev is the Moldova capital. The Moldova river, if not in WALLACHia, is near it, and that's where Irish Walsh's/Walch's were from who look like kin of the Maine's with the Project-like "Projeci" motto term. Is this suggesting that Project Veritas will air the news of the whistle-blower at the end of the Obama dream? I have told many times of KISSING Miss Walsh at Palm-like La Paloma while Kepke was sitting on a CURB outside of my Firebird. Kepke's father is Ukrainian, and Kepke's pointer to Kiev (Ukraine capital) gets us near KISSING-like Kishinev. Kepke has been suspect as a pointer to Trump! Plus, CURBys/Kirkbys share the Heffer / Coffer/Coffare crescents, you see, and the latter two worked into Keefe/Keffer heraldry. One can spot that Keefe's could have been Kiev liners. German Keevers are also Keefers.

Then, Italian Paloma's share the dove of English Page's (they were in the Obama dream too), who share Coat versions of the Walsh's/Walchs and Maine's (Devon, same as Page's). This must be why I kissed Miss Walsh on the cheek while she was Kepke's lady (we were all about 20/21). Plus, Walsh's/Walchs, Maine's, and Page's all have black pheons, in colors reversed from the same of TRIStans (Devon again), and "KEEP Tryst" is the Hebron motto, believe it or not. Why might Cheeks/Chicks apply? Or, did I kiss her on the face rather than on the cheek? I've not considered that question before.

Ahh, I read that TRYPILLia is south of Kiev, and a "TRIPLE mount" is under the Keever/Keefer "pine tree." English Pine's were first found in Devon, what else, and French Pine's have (NO GUFF) the Kim cinquefoils!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As I've said a million times, she is KIM Walsh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't think I've been down this heraldic road before with Keevers. I've oft-mentioned the Keever variation of Eure's suspect in the Hicks motto, and have even mentioned, "Sandys (version of Sand Coat) have a KEVERne entity in their write-up," to go with Miss Hicks on Epstein's sandy beach, but I don't remember German Keevers. If Kishinev applies to my kiss for Walsh, then while the Walsh's may have Spice's in their motto, note that the Spike's/Spicks above, in the BICKer Coat, have a porcuPINE!!! I see it now. Kishinev is on the BIC river! Zinger folks. This kiss has been long in coming to this resolution. We are under the electron microscope here, and all sorts of nasty things are entering the eye.

Ha! As Dutch Bickers have endings like the one on "BicKERRE," Kerre's were loaded to find Keevers/Eure's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh what fun. Turn up the lights. Bickers share the Sandy / Sand fesse, and the beach sand can be connected to Bickers via Beckers.

I knew a pure-blond KEVIN, from the HOLLAND Landing, where Roxanne lived too, who married Sandy. Blundville's with Blondville's (share Quint / Palm Chief!!!) were part of the discussion off of the 2009 quote above. Kepke is blond, and Herodotus said that Budini were blonds, who lived south of Kiev. TRIPs/TREFFs are suspect in TREFoils, used by Blundville's, and while Kepke sold shoes shortly before being with Kim Walsh, Trips/Treffs use shoes but once showed boots while Kims were first found in Bute. The last time I saw a Mr. Bicker was on a beach at Wasaga beach, I kid you not. He took my kids out on his seadoo. Mr. Bicker (Mike, I think it was) attended my church with Kevin and Sandy!

This recalls that Miss Hicks' sandals, on the night she got her knee symbol at the 9-11 memorial (2002), pointed to Scottish Sandals because they share the Knee bend and a gold spread eagle in Crest with Knee-branch Needhams. Sands speak on a Sandale location, and Miss Hicks had a Knee pointer on Epstein's beach. Sands were once said to be first found in Lancashire with Bicker-beloved Spike's.

Keevers/Eure's were from Abreu/Abruzzo elements who in turn have a version of the Keeven/Gaine Coat which itself shares the lion of Hollands and Kevens/Ewens/KEWENs (share Maxwell motto), and the latter's garb is shared by CUE's/KEWS while I shot a page on Obama's billiard table with a pool CUE. ROXolani Rus lived on the Dnieper river at Kiev before Varangian Rus arrived there, and Ros-related Maxwells (and Scottish Walsh's) were first found in ROXburgh while the Maxwell motto can be partly for ROSCo's/Risco's (Cornwall) and Rush's/Rish's. Making sense. The treFOIL is also code for RoqueFEUIL liners from the Roxolani. Maxwells descended from king Maccus, likely of the Rus vikings.

Maxwells share the Walsh saltire, and while Maxwells were at Maxton, I'll add that Maxtons look a lot like they are of the Amptons Coat (Kim cinquefoils in colors reversed), and Face's/Fessys, in case I kissed her on the face, were first found in NorthAMPTONshire.

The last time I can find German Keevers is in 2009: "The Keiffer Coat is a version of the Fichten Coat, and while both surnames were first found in Bavaria, the Fichten surname is from Fichtenberg..." This is wilder than wild because, while James O'Keefe is pointed to by the "Veritas VICTRix" motto, the Victors are also Fichters, and Fichtens even come up as Fichters. You can't believe it. But try. Walsh's use a "TransFIXus" motto term. Face's/Fessys are from the Fieschi! Feschs are Fechters too, and Fix's are also Fecks/Vecks! I did, I did, kiss her on the face.

Back to Karen Whalen

The Lago stars are shared by Karens while Karen Whelan is pointing to the Trump stag head in the Arms of Waterford County. She lived on Henry Corson while Corsons/Carsons were first found in Dumfries with Lago-like Leggs. It's got Trump all over it.

Here's a map showing John DEXTER PLACE backing up to Henry Corson Place. Dexters look like Parr kin, and Parrs have two of the Parry fesse while the same Parrys have a colors-reversed version of the Hind Coat. Coincidences? Dexters (two chevrons in the colors of the two Parr fesses) have "weights" in their Crest, and Weights/Waits share the hunting horn in the Arms of Traby that itself looks like it has 666 in the strings of the horns. Weights/Waits share the chevron of Irish Shaws/Seths. I am reminded of my trace of the Trebia to the Trypillians near Kiev, and also near KISHINov, the Moldova capital, the possible derivation of "Kushner." Kishinev is on a Bac river, and while the Moldova river 25-30 miles from Bacau, Bacons are also Beacons while a beacon is in the Crest of cushion-using Redmaine's. Has there been a 666-loving cult in the Ukraine?

The map shows Senator REESORS drive at both ends of Henry Corson Place, and both ends of John Dexter Place. Weights/Waits (share HAZELwodd motto) may have the Rise's/Rye's in their "aris" motto term because the Weights/Waits are in Rice / REESORs/Rhys colors and format. PURDY AMAZING FOLKS. It's purdy amazing that Rise's/Rie's, in the "ears of rye" of Sadducee-like Saddocks, share the bend of Barnstaple's. English Reesors, first found in Lincolnshire, where Rhodes' were once said to be first found, share the giant Rodez lion. PURDY STAGGERING ARRANGEMENTS in my life, though I'd prefer it if I were descended from one or two of the 12 Apostles instead. German Rice's/Rise's were first found in Bohemia.

Parrs are from king Pharnaces of the Pontus, father of queen Nysa of Cappadocia, herself descended from king Antipater of Macedon, which I think explains Antipater, father of the first king Herod, whose sons in turn married Glaphyra Archelaus of Cappadocia. Note "BereNICE" Agrippa, for Nice's are listed with Ness' (share BARwell Coat) suspect in the Pharnaces line to FurNESS' (share black border with Parrs).

Like I said, I was a friend of MICHAEL Witherspoon on John Dexter Place. Witherspoons share the Ainsley cross, and Spoons share the boar head of SCHIMs/Schiens who are probably in the SCIMitar of Ainsleys. The Withers use a hare for linkage to EarHARDTs/Airharts. Airs are listed with Ayers, first found in Ayrshire with Hare's/Hairs. To their boar, Spoons add red "blood drops," symbol of Gophers/Gofers (Spoon colors) while Goff/Gough's and Googe's/Gooch's have the Spoon / Schim/Schien boar. I now see that German Michaels share the Bernice/BurNESS fesse because English and Scottish Michaels were first found in Surrey with Barns/Bernys! Moving along, we are one day closer to Armageddon, OUR REWARD for persevering. We are about to discover why Armageddon is our reward, for the Fabians have long wanted to punish us for merely speaking up for Jesus.

Spoons were first found in Warwickshire with Spine's/Spinners having a Coat like that of Water-like Withers who in turn have one of the Water/Waterville and Eppstein chevrons. Virginia GIUFFRE was hired by Jeffrey Epstein, and she claims that she was forced by him to sleep with prince Andrew (the British king-to-be's brother), Alan Dershowitz (Fox news contributor to this day), and others. Giuffre's are in Gopher/Gofer colors, and share the giant unicorn of Haeks, in the white color of the giant Schwab unicorn. Anything to this? Giuffre variations such as "LOFFredo" suggest kinship with Luffs/Love's (Oxfordshire, same as Gophers/Gofers), and they have three fesses in the colors of the triple chevrons of Waters/Waterville's, Epsteins and Muschats because they (Luffs/Love's) had been related to Muscats (not "Muschat"). Jeffrey Epstein and his fellow workers were spy moles, and Mole's share the Gopher/Goff / Goff/Gough / Googe/Gooch / Spoon boar.

German Michaels, first found in Bohemia with the Podebrady line of George of Hungary, have a Coat not a bad reflection of the English George Coat. I insist that the mother (George's wife) of the first Drummond was a woman of PodeBRADY, which tends to explain the "Brath" motto term in the Arms of Waterford. Both Drummond surnames share triple fesses (different colors) with the Fountains, and the Waterford surname share "fountains" with Sichs/Sykes'. These fountains have wavy bars / fesses in colors reversed from the same of German Drummonds (Hampshire, near the first known Trumps). Braths/Bradds/Breads are now said to be first found in Cheshire with Huberts, though previously they were said to be first found in Lothian, perhaps explaining why the Waterford dog is brown like the one of Lothians, the latter first found in Perthshire with Scottish Drummonds. That works.

Cake's/CakeBREADs share the fleur-de-lys of English Jungs/June's while the German Youngs are likewise Jungs/June's, how about that! Hall of Names still has the first-known June's/Jungs in Cambridgeshire, where Cake's/Cakebreads were first found. It appears that the stag of St. Hubert is the Young stag too, explaining why Rick Young was dating Miss Whelan. Yes indeed, for here's from the page above having the description of the Arms: "The Deisi is typified by the eagle's head with three ears of wheat in his mouth, being the ancient crest of a FAOLAIN, principal family of the Deise." I can glean that "Faolan" refers to Whalens/Phalons. The latter have St. Foilan in their write-up, but also this: "Many variations of the name Whelan have evolved since the time of its initial creation. In Gaelic it appeared as O FAOILAIN, which is derived from the word faol, which means wolf." No, it's not derived from "wolf," because wherever houseofnames got its derivations, half or more are reckless trash = factualized guesswork (houseofnames may have purchased all of it's heraldic data, though it adds to it at times; this data could be over a century old, perhaps several centuries).

It's important that June's/Jungs are now said to be first found in Staffordshire with the bassets sharing the Scottish Drummond Coat. Furthermore, Oullette's were at a basset location in FALAISE, and it just so happens, wow, that FALLIS/Falls', who were pointed to by Trump in my 1979 dream (where the bulldog fell into the pool), were first found in Midlothian, where Braths/Bradds/Breads were once said to be first found, and it just so happens, wow, that the Fallis/Fall lion is in the colors of the giant Brath/Bradd/Bread lion head! So, I am on the right track in deciphering this set of heraldry.

Fallis'/Falls even have a version of the Feller/FellTRAGER Coat while Whelans are also FAILins. German Tragers almost have the Rocco Coat to indicate that Fellers became Rockefellers, and, to boot, Tragers essentially have the Coat of Kepke-like Keeps. The rock-using Roach's can be gleaned, in their write-up, with the Trager line. English Tragers show ravens but call them "Cornish CHOUGHs," and Coughs happen to be in Hubert colors and format.

We now take the Arms of Waterford to the Arthurian witch cult. First: "The ROUND tower symbolises Saint Declan and recalls the celebrated monastic foundation at ARDmore." That's from the ROUND table, a symbol given by the myth writers to king Arthur because he was related to both the Round and Table surnames (this was a topic of last month's updates). Rounds were Pendragon kin, and UTHER Pendragon was made father of king Arthur in Cornwall, where Tragers were first found along with the Trysts (and Tristans) in the "KEEP tryst" motto of Hebrons/Hepburns.

The Arthurian witch cult even had a mythical Tristan. Catholic saints are often invented to give entities / places a vatican "ownership," but the names of invented saints are often, as I have found, code for families / surnames. Arthurian myth writers did exactly that when inventing characters and symbols. Huberts share a bend-with-crescents (different colors) with Uther-like Others/Otters, and Balfours (version of the Round Coat) use the otter while they say that prime-minister ARTHUR Balfour was a satanist of the Round Table secret society. The Rounds use an "Esse" motto term while Esse's/Ash's (two of the Balfour / Round fesses) are said to be from "D'Esse Court," looking linkable to Deise at Waterford.

Repeat: "The stag's head with the cross of Saint Hubertis taken from rest of the great Hiberno-Norman family of Power." The Powers almost have the Coat of Faolain-like Palins. Palins are like the Phalen of Whelans. Huberts share the crescents of Deaths/Deths/Darths and Morte's/Motts who were in-code with the Arthurian myth, "Le morte d'Arthur." we find the Deaths/Deths in Wikipedia's Declan of Ardmore article: "Declan's mother DETHiden or Dethidin, as she is called in the Latin Life (§ 3), is not given any pedigree in the sources. Declan's birthplace is said to be DRUMroe, near Cappoquin (western County Waterford)."

Deaths/Deths/DITHs may have been from EDITH of POLESworth (Warwickshire), wife-to-be of Sitric CAECH, the one to whom I trace Cake's/CakeBREADs suspect in the motto of the Arms of Waterford. Waterford is near Dublin, and Sitric Caech was from Dublin elements (included the family of baron Massy), though he ventured into Northumberland with Saxons as his buddies. His grandson, king Maccus, was in Cheshire with Saxons as his buddies, and Huberts were first found there. Maccus was of Ferte-Mace Maceys, which can explain why the Whelans share the Massey/Macey fleur-de-lys. Ranulph de BRIQUESsart was father of Ranulph le Meschin, earl of Cheshire, and the Whelan Coat and Crest is also the BRICK Coat and Crest. POLESdons, first found in Cheshire, share the Palin stars. Bricks were first found in Munster, and saint Declan "was regarded as a patron saint of the Deisi of East Munster."

Warwickshire is where Sheriffs were first found who look, via the Scherfs/Schere's/Schare's/Schire's, like a branch of Deck/Dagger-related Squire's/Square's/Squirrels.

For reasons, I see the Palin lion as the black lion paw of Quints, and Quintana's, who married baron Massy of Monaco's Grimaldi's, use DICE for linkage to Sykes-Dyke. Scottish Dyke's and English Daggers were first found in Cumberland with Quints. Is this pointing to Trump's casino(s)? Irish Arthurs and Table's use hurts while Hurts (stag and ARROW in Crest) have the Dyke cinquefoils in colors reversed.

The gold and passant griffin of Deaths/Deths looks like the same one of Holders because Hubert-related Curzons (Hubbard colors and format) have a "holde" motto term. The same griffin is in the Crest of Towers while we saw the "round tower" of Declan beside the Trump stag head. Curzons have a "let" motto term too while Lets/Late's were first found in Gloucestershire with Holders. I think it's worth mentioning here that Deaths/Deths were first found in Kent with the Trips using a "SCALing ladder," for while Scalia's use the ladder too, supreme-court justice Antonin Scalia was murdered on the ranch of John B. Poindexter, where some 30 of the latter's fellow members of the International order of Saint HUBERTUS were hunting at the time of the DEATH.

As TRIPle-fesse Drummonds were first found in Hamburg with German TRIPs/Treffs, let's add that the triple fesses above the "gold gate" in the Arms of PodeBrady are the triple fesses of Hubert-like Humbers/Umbers/Humble's. UMBRia has a border very near AREZZo, ancient Arretium, where I trace Arthur liners, and Arras is the modern Artois capital. Arretium was home to the Cilnius family that named Cilnius Maecenas, husband of TERENTia Murena, suggesting that the red Murena tower is in the Crest of the Arrows/ARRAS'. The latter were first found in Staffordshire with the Stops/Stubbs sharing the Tristan pheons, with the Bassets we saw earlier having the Drummond Coat, but also the location of TamWORTH, part of the history of Edith of PolesWORTH. Worths were first found in Devon with Powers, Poors, Tristans and TRENTs. TERENTs/Tarents have a red-eagle version of the DEISE/Diss/DICE Coat, and Dutch Dyke's share the red squirrel with DECKs/Daggers, the possible namers of saint DEClan, for English Daggers were first found in Cumberland with Sichs/Sykes of Sykes-Dyke.

Lille and its nearby LYS river is in Artois, and Waterfords add "water lilies" to their fountains while a fleur-de-lys is a lily. There is an Italian Lys river, a tributary of the Bautica/Baltea, and Artois-related Arduinici were on the Bautica. I trace Eustace II's ancestry to the namers of the Baltea. The Lys of Artois flows to Ghent, where Sich-like Sickle's (in Lily/Lillie colors and format) were first found. Lille's ("SedDULO et honESTE") have a "swallow in flight" in Crest, and Round-connectable Arundels (from the Dol Alans) use swallows too. Swale's ("esto") share the fesse of Dutch Gaunts/Ghents and Trump-connectable Dols, and Swale's share "esto" with the Weavers in the "weaver's shuttle" of Keeps...and I think the ShuttleWORTHs are to be mentioned here because they too have a weaver's shuttle. Swallows / Sallows are from Alice of Saluzzo, daughter of Luis of Keep-connectable Ceva, and Lois', in mythical "GorLOIS," were first found in Artois. Keeps are suspect with Ceva-like Kiev (Ukraine) because Mr. Kepke is Ukrainian on his father's side.

The Bautica is where/near the first-known Massey- / Messina-branch Masci's, and Masseys/Maceys share the Lys/Lise fleur-de-lys while Lissus was a city of the Ceva-like Cavii at the SELEPitanoi theater. The same fleur-de-lys is in the Arms of Lille. The Lille write-up: "The surname Lille was first found in Oxfordshire at Shirburn, a parish, in the union of Thame...Shirburn Castle, the seat of the Earl of Macclesfield..." Shirburn may have been named by Squire's (Worcestershire, same as Lilys). Macclesfield was also called, "MAKESlesfield," looking like it was named after king Maccus. The Lille fitchee looks like that of Luffs/Love's (Oxfordshire, same as Lille's), and while the Towers look like Luff kin by their variations, Luffs/Love's were kin of Muscats while Muschats (Essex, same as Este's) share the Coat of the Waterville's/Waters (Essex) in the "water lilies" of the Waterfords/Waterville's.

We now go to the "buck's heads" of Vise's/Vice's and Tristans, both using them in the same colors. The Vise'/Vice buck head has the black cross between its antlers also between the antlers of the Eustace stag, and count Eustace II ruled in ARTOIS. The same-style cross, in brown, is between the stag's antlers in the Arms of County Waterford, where we saw that it was the cross of St. Hubertus. I say that Guiscards/WISharts ("MERCy") were VISconti liners, and thus they could have been Vise/Vice liners, pertinent here because Edith of Polesworth (MERCian) may have named Polworths sharing the three piles of Guiscards/Wisharts (share Drummond Crest). Bucks probably show the Conte antlers. VisCONTi's can be of the Conteville's who ruled Comines (Artois), and Comets, in Comyn/Comine colors and format, share the tower of Towers in the "round tower" of Declan. Comyns/Comine's (dagger), first found in Norfolk with Deise-line Diss, are from Kuman in Fier county itself upon the Apsus river.

In the 1979 dream, the bulldog in the POOL, suspect as trump, as SWALLOWed by a shark with nasty TEETH, and POLworths, linkable to Pools, were first found in Berwickshire with Tate's/TEETs. Teeters/Deeters were first found in Pomerania with Trumps.

"DECLan" caused a check of Dagle's, who are listed with what look like an Eagle/Aigle branch, though it's possible that Dagle's were not Aigle's but rather Daggers whom I trace to Dexaroi peoples at AntiPATRia, where dagger-using Kilpatricks (CUSHions) were from. The English Daggers happen to share the three scallops of Bardys (PodeBRADY / CakeBread liner?), and the latter were first found in Perigord with Faux's/Fage's/CHOLLENS'/CHALNES' who in turn share the Dagle and Irish Kilpatrick Chief. As I've said several times, Mr. Kepke said to me, "be nonCHALANT" at my last seeing and speaking to Miss Whelan. Chalants/CHALONS' (Burgundy, same as cushion-like Cussons) have the Keep Coat in colors reversed. Likewise sharing the Chief of Dagle's and Kilpatricks are the Cremers (Munster) whose motto term, "CUSTodit," suggests kinship with Custance's ("APPEtitus"), Cussons and Custs because the latter's Kiss/CUSH branch shares the red rooster with Cremers. Custs and Kiss'/Cush's share "fountains" with Waterfords and Sichs/Sykes'. We are on surnames, in this paragraph, that point heavily to crimes against humanity by Tony Fauci, Francis Collins, Stephen Hahn, and now Donald Trump too. Custance's and Cussons have giant eagles colors reversed from the Deise/Diss/Dice eagles, and so the latter look like Dexaroi elements from king Cassander.

I have not heard one peeping statement from Trump on the disclosure, in Maxwell's court case, that he was on Jeffrey Epstein's plane more than once en route to Epstein's island. It must be true, or he would have denied it. It must be bad, or he would have said it was innocent. He doesn't want to incriminate himself by lying about it because there are people who could possibly expose his lies, and so he was probably advised to say nothing. yet he wants your vote, Christian. God is watching. At one time I said that Christians could vote for trump to keep Democrats out of power, but now I think Christians had best lose all ties to this tricky-dicky. He's hired Devin Nunes to his news team because he knows he won't get his voter base fully back without political shows like that.

With Trumps tracing well to the Hubertus stag in the Arms of County Waterford, let's add that the Waterfords are listed with Waterville's while Waters/Waterville's share the Eppstein Coat. The Epps'/Apps/Apps' (suspect in the Custance motto) are from the Apsus river, location of the Dexaroi and Antipatria. The Kilpatricks from that place share the Maxwell saltire, and moreover the Maxwells/MAKESwell / Maxtons are descended from the family of king Maccus, explaining the "make" motto term of Kilpatricks. Patricks (share the Kilpatrick saltire too) were first found in Norfolk with the Diss location named by Deise's/Diss'/Dice's. Pollocks were a Maxwell sept, and POlworths were first found near Maxton of Maxwells, and Worths share the double-headed Maxwell eagle. Again, Sitric Caech, grandfather of proto-Maxwell Maccus, married (or was engaged to marry) Edith of PolesWORTH.

Let's ask once again whether God provided the Dice variation as a pointer to Trump's Casino(s), for there is a CASino surname sharing the fesse of Cassandra's/CASANO's, and this line is from king Cassander of Macedon (beside ANTIPATRia), son of king ANTIPATER, the line to Pattersons/CASSANE's who share drops with the Kilpatrick branch. Amazingly, totally amazing, English Cassane's/Cassandra's share the triple Eppstein chevrons too! The Custs and Kiss'/Cush's / Waterfords share the same fountains as Cassandra-like Cass'/Cash's, and Casino's love cash (stolen or earned), as does Trump. The fountains have three wavy fesses in blue, the color of the three Casino fesses.

Recall the 66 that the three addresses on Henry Corson Place added up to, with Miss Whelan living at number, 6. Above your 6 on the keyboard is a chevron so that the triple chevrons above may have been related to 666-lovers, explaining how the chevron ended up above the 6. But, now, there is a 666, apparently, in the three dice of QUINTana's, for all three show the six die. For years, QUINTs were said to be first found in Essex and Dorset (same as Whelan-connectable Palins), and Essex happens to be where Waterville's/Waters were first found.

Ahh, Italian Quintana's were first found in Messina = eastern SICILy, and they are in the colors and format of SICKLe's! It's suggesting that Sichs/Sykes' were Sicilians.

Repeat; "Warwickshire is where Sheriffs were first found who look, via the Scherfs/Schere's/Schare's/Schire's, like a branch of Deck/Dagger-related Squire's/Square's/Squirrels." The Sheriff motto is shared by Rounds, and while it includes "Esse," the Esse's/Ash's are also Aschs while German Ash's/Aschs have the Eppstein Coat in colors reversed.

By the way, as one TRIStan surname was first found in Devon with Darts/Dards, Dardanian liners who look related to the Darth variation of Deaths, it can reveal that TRYGGs/TRICKs and Drigs (darts) were a Tryst/TRICE / Tristan branch (proto-Arthur Ardiaei Illyrians married Dardanians). As Keeps are in the "Keep tryst" motto of Hebrons (Northumberland, same as Lorraine's, beside Drigs of Cumberland), it's then notable that Keeps share the Lorraine bend while Lorraine's share the Trigg/Trick / Drig lion. Keeps were first found in Sussex with Arun and its Arundels, a branch of Rundle's/Roundels (Kent, same as Deaths/Darths), and Rounds have a "sleeping lion" while Sleeps have two ermined fesses in the colors of the one of Darts/Dards.

Deaths/Darth's were first found in Kent with the Trips that can be of the "TREPidum" motto term of Trysts/Trice's. TREBys and Treble's were first found in Devon with Tristans. Trips share the crosslets of Gore's (Kent, same as Trips) who are in mythical "GORlois" of Cornwall (where Trysts/Trice's and Tristans were first found), whose wife was mother to king Arthur and Morgan le Fay of Avalon (where king Arthur's death took place as code for Arthur elements in Avalon). Morgans have the Trigg/Trick / Drig lion in colors reversed. King Arthur was killed by MORDred, an apparent code for Morts/Motts sharing the Death/Darth / Hubert crescents. As Reds/Reeds were first found in Northumberland with Tryst-loving Hebrons, "MordRED" looks like part-code for Reds/Reeds. Gore's were once said to be first found in Essex with Quints, MORTs/Motts, Rounds, and Youngs/Yonge's.

Disclosing Arthurian myth codes as codes for surnames is more valuable than the vanity in trying to figure out whether the myths were of true things, for they were not true at all, except in some cases where the writer might parallel / reflect a true event / situation in his own story.

Eustace's use a "cruciFIX," by the way. It recalls the "TRANSfixus" motto term of the Walsh's who also use "MORTuus." The latter looks like code also for the Tous/Tosino's, for the latter use a shirt while Shirts share red roundels with the Arms of Boulogne. Eustace II was count of Boulogne (near Lille and Arras). The Arms of Boulogne throws in a swan, the symbol of the Walsh and Lily Crest, and the TRANS'/Trents can be of the Murena's whose tower in turn is suspect in the Crest of Arrows/Arras', tending to explain why the Walsh swan is pierced by an arrow.

WOW, I have things to say now. The fleur-de-lys is said to have derived in king Clovis, an early MEROVingian, whom is descended from mythical MEROPs of Kos. The Kos god of Edom is said to be an owl cult, and I have reason to believe that mythical Merops of ancient Ethiopia was code for the real city of MEROWE/Meroe, suspect with Amorites in Hebron / Jerusalem. The Hebrew witch cult, Lilith, then becomes suspect in the naming of Lille, and Lilith was given an old own symbol in her capacity as abductor of children by night, and Ghislaine Maxwell is a child abductor. The Maxwells are of the namers of Macclesfield, who were seated at Shirburn, where Lille's were first found! Zikers, this looks like a pointer of God to Trump, whom I think loves Ghislaine Maxwell, or is terrified of what she knows about his dealings with her and/or Epstein, in case she tells the courts or the public.

"Lilith" may even had some play in the spelling of Owl-line Oullette's, which recalls that God chose Mike Oullette to give Lorraine a BABE symbol. Lilith was an abductor of babes. The Oullette Shield is similar to the Babe Shield. The last time I saw Lorraine, she was carrying a child less than a year old, and so I take it God was giving her a child symbol. I was sitting with Paul Smith at the time, and God has pointed him to Hephaestus the metal smith, whose name is suspect by me from "Ephesus," where mythical Pandareus, son of Merops of Kos, was king. That works amazingly. Pandareus was made the father of queen Aedon of Thebes (Boiotia, Greece) probably because Thebes was a major cult center for Hephaestus' Kabeiri. Lilys are in CHILD colors, and Clovis was the son of CHILDeric, the first Merovingian king if we ignore king Merovee as mythical code.

Merowe in Africa (now in Sudan) was also called, Bedewe, and I think this named both Padova and the Batavi Franks, for the Batavi were at the mouth of the Rhine with the Salians Franks who were themselves married to Merovingian Franks. Merovingians trace themselves to Veneti of Italy, and that's where we find Padova. Este is in Padova, and we saw the "honESTE" motto term of Lille's. I think the Veneti named mythical Venus, the Roman Aphrodite, and the latter was the Hebrew (not Israelite) wife of Hephaestus.

In Wikipedia's article on Lilith: "The word lilit (or lilith) only appears once in the Hebrew Bible, in a prophecy regarding the fate of Edom..." I trace Edomites to Morays.

In the video below, someone has complied many Christian-media voices who seem to be either too dumb to figure it out, or are deceptive due to selfish reasons, when they claim that the vaccine is definitely not the mark of the beast. Of course the vaccine is not the mark of the beast, but surely, these voices can figure out all on their own that vaccine passes, as store-entry tickets, can become the mark of the beast. In that case, the question is: are they willing to tell of it, or do they want to hide it? Why would they want to hide it? Because, when people start spending money on storing food, etc. it puts a big dent into their donations to the voices you will hear here:

Nobody can yet say that vaccine door passes will NOT become the mark. It's impossible to know, and thus anyone who states that it cannot be is a foolish, reckless, irresponsible, loveless falsifier on this extremely-important topic. If they love their flock, they would talk about the possibility that, soon, vaccines passes may be a number(s) in the hand. Some of the speakers in the video above may go on to say that vaccines could become part of the mark, but perhaps the video producer doesn't always show those parts if true.

The video below tells us a couple of things: 1) Israel is on a faster-track than others toward a vaccine-based, mark-of-the-beast-like purchasing system, and; 2) Israeli leaders / profiteers don't want COVID to ever go away:


I've been mentioning Waterford in Ireland routinely because County Waterford has the same stag head as Trumps. The video below, in the first minute, says that although Waterford has a 99.7-percent vaccination rate, it has the highest COVID cases in the country:

Headline: "In Gibraltar, 100% of adults are fully vaccinated against Covid-19 and yet new cases are exploding". In the article: "The Gibraltar government recently announced the cancellation of “official Christmas parties, official receptions, and similar gatherings” and advised the public to avoid social events and parties for the next four weeks." That's what you get for a heavily-vaccinated society that's isolated from the outside world.

Gibraltar's fools must feel like fools, still walking around OUTDOORS with masks. Have you ever seen such fools? Yes, all around me where I live. It's a global pandemic of lunatics who've lost their human intellect. Do not become like them. Stay away. Don't get infected.

Stay away from the vaccinated; do not go into a car or other small space with them. No joke. They are manufacturing viruses within their bodies, and you don't know exactly what they are making. You don't want to know, and you don't want it in you. It can fool with your DNA. Stay pure. It is to be half-expected that the goons have developed something that affects people long-term, long after the vaccination, to protect the vaccinators from being blamed.

Here's from a study that effectively concludes: COVID vaccines are expensive water. I don't know how many dozens of dollars per vaccine shot the vaccine traffickers are making, but if vaccinated people can catch and transmit viruses as well as unvaccinated, it means vaccines aren't doing anything. Or, they're essentially water:

More good news from the courts this week, and we may have Biden to thank in that judges might now be too ashamed to support him due to his being an absolute joke. If Trump were the president at this time asking for mandatory vaccinations, the courts in these states may have upheld it:

A federal judge on Tuesday blocked Joe Biden’s vaccine requirement for federal contractors nationwide. Judge Stan Baker in the US Court for the Southern District of Georgia, a Trump appointee, issued a preliminary injunction against Biden’s vaccine mandate. The lawsuit, brought by South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson and South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster along with other Republican attorneys general, argued Biden’s vaccine mandate violated the 10th Amendment (Gateway Pundit).

gateway pundit is a pathetic news outlet that often has a juicy headline, but the article is nothing much but advertising for its own webpages (= $$$) and self-praise. It makes me abruptly sick each time I get an article like that.

It's time to attack the anti-Christs. They are the political problems. They are the destruction and corruption of humanity. Christian pride is the way to go. God will build back better and succeed. God is health, God is life, God is wisdom. All things necessary for a good life, God provides...or withholds when He's unhappy. Do you think God gets unhappy? Do you think anti-Christs are poisonous to his "soul"? Do you think they spoil his "days"? He seeks news people who are proud to be His sons, who proclaim the way to a God-provised life, because He "dreams" of being The Provider for a humanity respecting Him. He can only dream, because humanity is unfit to receive from Him.

The best way to watch the video below, filled with anxiety-music from beginning to end, is to put God into the picture. The video goes well here because the last update had international bankers come to topic heraldically. As you watch what the globalists have in mind by transferring the assets of others further into the bottomless pit of gold that is Wall Street, have the calm to know that, thanks to Christians in the world, God is bringing a bottomless pit of His own to give these bankers great pain, immeasurable pain. By going for our jugulars, these bankers are first of all placing their one foot into God's trap, and secondly subjecting their entire bodies to Unrelenting Blows By the Fist of God.

Sometimes I wonder whether fearful videos like the one above are helpful, for they make the globalist ninnies look bigger / stronger than they are. All patriots / anti-globalists need to recognize that, if not for the people of Jesus, God would not act to protect them from the beast. We Christians are the Destruction of the International Bankers. We are not to be sidelined; we are the coming kings and rulers of the post-banker era. Prepare to teach and rule the masses.

The vaccine-war progress has been going our way so well lately that Alex Jones has decided to turn on Trump. Alex Jones and Stew Peters both have this in common: they make their viewers feel like killing the vaccine goons and the police officers who support them.

Listen for just a minute to the current pope expose the condemnation hanging over his head:

So, the pope teaches that salvation is to gather in masses in catholic churches to receive redemption and communion with Jesus only via the priests. The pope understands NOTHING about the most-fundamental (foundational) Christian doctrine of the Holy Spirit dwelling within.

I'm sorry if the video owners and the people who comment on the videos I present are satanic. I tend to peruse the video news only on bitchute, filled with sickos, sinners and heretics. At least for them there's hope, Mr. Pope, but for you, imposter at such a late age, living lavishly, I wouldn't bet a dime on you. I suggest the pope wants to turn catholics against born-again believers to the point of contributing with anti-Christ persecution against us. He said that we are "dangerous," the very sentiments of the atheistic humanists and anti-Christs. Their game is on. They lose already. They place themselves under Persecution.

It is actually good for the pope to come out to speak this way, because it makes it harder (less admirable) for evangelical leaders to maintain ties with catholics. The pope is creating a hard divide, and that's actually what we want. We now get to see which non-catholic leaders retain cordial dealings with catholics even though they are required to get out of the catholic church due to what the pope has said. Anyone remaining in that church now is a traitor to Jesus. It's as simple as that. The vatican leadership has decided to no longer wear the Christian mask. The bare vatican face shows no regard for what God desires, to be one with sons through Jesus. How can people be one with God if not by their own reaching out to acquire God's Spirit? How can the pope say that this is not a "relationship" with God? Only because he's not in the Kingdom of God himself. He has no desire, no will, to be there. He loves his palace, and the honor he receives as the big cheese of age-old catholicism = superstitious heresy.

Below is a story about the canadian government denying that a government letter is authentic which starts the wheels in motion for the canadian government to arrest unvaccinated people. You heard right. There's three options to choose from: 1) it's a faked letter from a non-government entity to portray the trudeau government in a bad light; 2) it's an authentic letter sent by a radical faction in the government but opposed by another government faction because it's highly damaging to the Liberal party; 3) the Press-For-Truth video producer's theory:

There is no doubt about it at all, that the pro-vaxxer governments wish to punish us who speak badly against them for maiming and killing, but they have hesitated in most places because it's a bad political move / policy. They would love to jail us until we give in and get the vaccine. It would give them a rush, a power rush. Some governments have not been able to resist, and I think trudeau is such a fool badly wanting to do it, but then there is also the potential law suits against such governments because there is no pandemic, and because there is science enough to show that the vaccines are more dangerous than the flu, and in greater numbers per capita to boot. So, for the time being, due to the terrible track record of the vaccines, we are safe from mandatory vaccines....unless the fool acts without his brain, and I see trudeau to be such a maybe we are not safe this winter after all. Not many days ago, he made a fool of himself luring four-year old children (on camera for all to see) to come have fun at the doctor's needle room for a vaccination, so much fun. I rest my case. At least he's given us a good laugh. Unbelievably, he actually has supporters, even in the police and spy departments. I can't stop laughing.

Can you believe that hospitals everywhere prefer COVID patients to die for $$$$:

Now killing kids needlessly, thanks much to Fox news and Trump keeping their mouths shut instead of screaming:

If Trump becomes the next president, it tends to assure that the COVID crimes will NOT be prosecuted. Is that what we want to see? Will the masks still be with us at that time? The video below, exposing British leaders as mask hypocrites, is far more profound that one may at first treat it, with a laugh. It exposes how diabolical these leaders are, foisting on the people an oppressive state of affairs that they know to be unnecessary, where they know there is no virus danger. Take this strongly to heart the next time you wear a mask needlessly because the government forces your fellow citizens to mask you:

Here's why John Solomon is foolish with "just the news." Hey John, dope, if all you do is report the news without comment, then you just feed your readers / viewers the trash that comes from fake news. Hey, is that too big of a brainstorm for you to handle, John? Some months ago, an Israeli study came out to say that natural immunity is at least 13 times better than the vaccines, and then other studies elsewhere said that natural immunity is long-lasting. So, what do we assume to be the result of such news, hum, John? Well, John, if you were a news man for real, you'd understand that the liars would immediately get to work on a new study to counter the first, because they are goons, and you, John, published the goons this week by feeding your readers this new Israeli study:

...Those with natural immunity, according to the study, had a 10.5 per 100,000 infection rate four to six months following recovery, compared to a 69.2 per 100,000 case rate among the vaccinated.

Among the vaccinated, 0.9% of all cases were severe, compared to 0.5% among the recovered.

Protection against the virus drops over time in both groups, but is more pronounced among the vaccinated.

Okay, so this study greatly reduces to huge advantages of natural immunity from the first study, and we expect the goons to whittle things down some more soon with other studies. And, John, you didn't bother to comment that some of the unvaccinated cases in that study may have had some other virus because the test methods for COVID are flawed. Hey John, get smart, do some commenting so your readers have the FULL story.

Solomon is so put-off or even afraid of being labeled a conspiracy theorist that he feeds mainstream news to his people. He has this idea that if it originates in mainstream media, it's more-often reliable. What a dope he's become. He trades truth for "respectability." Hey John, if I were concerned with "respectability," or if I thought you'd be reading this, I wouldn't have called you a dope. I can use street language, you stick to professional language in a generation where the "experts" are all demons and half-demons. After doing so well against the FBI scandals, John has become afraid of attacking the corrupt. His news site is bland. Put in some salt, John, some salt, tell your readers what's shaky with the article above. What are the political stripes of those who did the study? It's a journalist's job to find out. You are no journalist if all you do is retrieve articles of others and make your own page with them, adding nothing more.

Although I find the music in the video below hard to take, a listen to the first 15 minutes is important:

It tells that batch numbers ending in "21A" or "20A" are the highly-toxic ones. Stew Paters does a show this week with Jane Ruby reporting on a Moderna batch ending with "20A":

If doctors and hospitals do not get the immediate call from the FDA / CDC to put a freeze on the bad lot numbers, that's how we'll know further that there's deliberate murder and maiming from the upper levels of those who are paid to protect the people. More than anyone else, doctors are to protect the people, and so what we are seeing is nothing short of people influenced by demons, like a dam bursting all at once, with a vast portion of society having entered madness, with worse to come, we may assume.

Here is how you know murder is in the works from doctors, simply because this simple cure is not plastered over the headlines of medical journals or the social-media accounts of doctors everywhere:

They don't care about saving lives, a true mark of love gone cold in the end times. They don't care about human life because they have a God-void in their hearts. I lose love for humanity when it goes evil like this, it's just my natural reaction. Cold hearts manufacture cold hearts. Or, when I can't find you one good post-trib video at bitchute, my heart toward fellow Christians goes colder. Where are the loving believers who want to build end-time strategies in tandem? It's probably best not to air the details of those strategies, but maybe we should at least be seeing videos that speak on the need to endure the coming skin number. Maybe it just goes without saying; maybe there's armies of believers getting the same sense that preparation ought to begin now, just in case.

I've started to save seeds for others if they last years in cold conditions. One seed is one plant, and one plant can produce several fruits in some cases. If just one percent of us store 100 squash seeds, the entire church can have one squash plant each. One squash can have in the ballpark of 100 seeds, and they take a half-inch of depth or less in a small jar. Imagine how much food you can store for others if you took the time to dry seeds properly, and store them properly? Make sure the seeds are viable, for the plants you take them from, before storing them, if they are store-bought produce. This work could be in vain, or it might not be, it's the risk I'm willing to take. I'm retired, I have the time. If all retired believers could do a little of this, we could feed millions easily; we provide the seeds, they grow the foods. It can't get any simpler. Spread this message when you can.

Pro-Trumpers and other political patriots may feel that storing food is a defeatism strategy. They prefer to win the battle against the deep state so that the need to store foods won't be necessary, because they aim to make American great again, abounding in materialism, lots of freedom, lots of food, etc. But Revelation 12 and 13 tells of war against us requiring a retreat from materialism. God sees fit that we should make our clothes white in time for the Groom's arrival, and breaking free from the dirt of materialism seems like a fundamental part of the process.

We have got not to SURF the Internet. Use it, but don't surf it. Surfing entails pleasurable engrossment, and the world has become addicted to it in that way, I cannot understand how. If using the Internet with ads shut off, as I do, is unethical, so is bombarding me with endless ads, many of them offensive to our God. That's why I go ad-free. Besides, ads cost us money; they are not free. We are way over-advertised. A generation ago, men still had the ethics not to paint advertisements on the boards of hockey arenas and baseball fields. But such ethics went out the window decades ago. WE'RE HERE TO MAKE MONEY, SCREW YOUR ETHICs is the new way. We're "evolving" alright. The world is nothing but a beckoning to make you spend your money on something. The greatest pollution by far is from advertising signs, and not just the physical materials. This fanged greed is not how God ordained life on this beautiful ball. The 28 plagues of Revelation will crush the markets pang after pang, with weeping in the end.

I LOVE THIS MAN in the video below. I can be turned on to love for fellow humanity by men like this. I wish all pastors would be like this man (minus the language) at this time, full of courage, integrity, honor, concern for life, and for exposing the evil BRAVO!:

He should clean up his language, but otherwise he's the mule, the worker, the get'er-done guy, the coach for the needed movement. If Christians were doing the same, it would be so much better. I normally click away from a video that uses such language needlessly, but in this case, the language came from passion to do right because his enemies are a cursed lot deserving curse words. We Christians are called to do better than that with discipline. I can be like that guy without the language, but I have no connections, no money, it's not a thing for me. But there are thousands of people who can join teams in every city who can bring such law suits, and that's what's needed to fill the courts with the necessary information based on facts and true science, or judges have nothing to go on but media data. Court cases educate the judges, and make it harder for them to ignore facts even if at first they choose to ignore them. Information is power to check evil, which is why there's a gag on our information. If Christians have no backbone to speak the needed information, I'm ashamed. If they capitulate to the safety-freak-show, I'm ashamed. A safety freak is one who goes way overboard on safety, and does harm in other ways to procure a safer situation, who denies or is willfully blind to the cost of procuring a safer situation.

There have been a slew of flat-earth videos at bitchute over the past month or so, and I'm going to guess that this is faked from the liberal, anti-Christ enemy to make bitchute look more nuts than it already is. Political trolls play games like this.

Here is the sort of police officers that trudge would like to foist on the people:

Ontario authorities have announced 2,000 "rooms" for "quarantining" COVID patients. These rooms are in buildings that some call "concentration camps." One can see that, eventually, the unvaccinated will be put there to "urge" them to get the vaccine. However, for the short term, this year or next, it could be that the vaccinated end up there, very sorry too, because they're the ones getting viral illnesses more than the unvaccinated.

I'll let you ponder what this Christian says about a potential anti-Christ figure. I don't know this Christian video owner at all:

Prince Charles (video above) says that while his recruitment / fundraising campaign to install a global government (between the lines) is greatly hampered by nations deep in debt, his solution is to martial military against private sectors. Who's this "private" entity he's referring to? Has the deep state of the global order decided to "popularize" the eradication of certain private people? It makes absolute sense in tandem with the vaccination programs. Yes, it's making sense. But GOD HAS THE LAST SAY YOU WICKED MULE, CHARLES, on how your plans will work out.

Charles could be referring, by "him," to the False Prophet rather than the anti-Christ, or to someone else altogether not in prophecy. It is interesting that the some of the audience, or perhaps all, understand who "him" is without Charles giving indication, or evening mentioning him at all, in previous words. "Him" could be the dope at the top of the globo-goon pyramid, just a man filled like an explosive balloon with hate but with a brain merely five inches wide, just a tool of nothingness. No worries, people of Jesus, no worries, but do prepare to be self-sufficient with at least your most basic needs that will not go to waste if this is not the correct timing for prophetic fulfillment. The less you have to worry about, the better you can make decisions as the climactic time arrives.

Courts are being educated: "Pennsylvania Supreme Court strikes down statewide school mask mandate" (John Solomon). The supreme court ignored Democrat wishes maybe because even Democrat voters have had enough of the masks.

This is a must-watch (start about two minutes) to show that vaccines are killing people. The video focuses on airline pilots dying in high numbers starting exactly when the vaccines rolled out:


Here's all four Gospels wrapped into one story.

For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God.
Also, you might like this related video:

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