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September 21 - 27, 2021

Fauci Off His Rocker, Old Coot on a Rampage

If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture

Here's what could become a graphene-based mark of the beast:

It seems that someone developed this graphene-based COVID passport before COVID became a pandemic, for it's (called "Grapheal TestNPass") already at the marketing stage. The gadget "detects bio-molecules at a molecular level", due to its super electrical conductivity. But what exactly does it detect in the body? They say it detects the COVID virus, but how possibly can it do that when it's admitted right now by many groups that the testing for COVID has been a sham? All of a sudden, this miracle TestNPass shows up?

The detection gadget comes with a second unit (a "FREE smartphone app") to act as a passport, and this may be used to tell the owner of the company what the specific person has in his/her veins from vaccines, for vaccines are not injecting identical products. The ad says that the detection gadget "detects bio-chemical signals from the virus", yet a virus doesn't send out signals...unless the virus was produced by graphene-studded vaccines. I think I now understand what they are doing. They are manufacturing inside of "vaccinated" people communicating viruses', viruses that send out electromagnetic signals to a receiver. The gadget is a receiver, and can tell the owner of the company what sort of wave is coming per individual. This stinks, folks. The global all-seeing-eye is a lunatic. These people are mad dogs and should be put out of their misery.

When one passes the test, it's called a "health pass." No health pass, no entry. That's where this is going. My guess is that the vaccines produce viruses progressively. The person has too few at first to register as a positive test, but eventually a test will be positive as the numbers of viruses accumulate high enough, and persons will then not be permitted a pass unless they get a booster shot of vaccine = $$$$ for the lunatics. That's my off-the-wall guess as to what they're doing. They don't want to tell people that the vaccines are giving them the viruses, explaining why they are admitting, at this time, that vaccines are not full protection, making people believe they are catching the virus from someone else.

The ad tells that the smartphone app communicates wirelessly with cell phones, and so this unit can be rigged to send all test results to a central computer(s), where the global lunatic has employees to exploit the results for all sorts of opportunities for making more money schemes. The lust for money in this scheme can produce the mark of the beast if the detection chip now in the gadget is placed into the skin, but that would be years away yet. We have time for boostering up our food supply.

The app ""anonymously identifies users on-site." The app takes a photo of the users face as part of the test, and the speaker makes the promise that this data is "not shared over the Internet." That's the anonymous part. BUT WAIT. It could be a trick. The data could be beamed to a satellite owned by the lunatics. They won't put it online so as to keep their promise, but they will have your data, your face with other matching personal data, and you will be the sucker of this scheme. They will automatically track your movements into any place you need entry. If I were a city person at this time, I would be looking to hunker down on a self-sufficient piece of country land. I don't want to decide for you, but I've told you what my choice would be. I did it years ago. Not everyone can do this, but some can, and some will decide it's time.

The ad ends with the faked desire that the company wants the world to return to normality (it's faking an angelic face for the lunatic owner(s)). If the world does return to normal, this product will go bankrupt.

Look at this faked news story this past week where the purpose is to advertise to the liberal world that vaccinated people can yet be infected. Why would the liberal news people want to undermine their own drive to vaccinate EVERYONE by revealing such a failure? I can think of only one answer: they are conditioning liberals to take perpetual boosters. Without the stupids that liberals are, this vaccine scheme is dead in the water. The globo-lunatics need the naive, ignorant, easy-to-fool, sinful liberals for ALL of their schemes. Unless you want to hear derogatory language thanks to the goon who owns this bitchute channel, shut it off at 1 minute, 10 seconds.

Fauci is a Swear Word

The last update stressed the marriage of Margaret of Foix-Candale to Ludovico II del Vasto of Saluzzo, a thing I've not stressed before or even been familiar with. This is part of the line to Rothschilds and comes at the end of the 15th century, after heraldry became established. I was checking the heraldry of the Foix surnames to see whether it could indicate the marriage above, and it does, starting first found the sinister bend of the Foix's/Foys who were first found in Auvergne. They share a sinister-rising bend, a Masci-line symbol, in white with Jewish Rothchilds (not "Rothschild"), and Masci's have become suspect in rulers of Saluzzo. (Load Rothchild link now to have access, on another tab, to other Coats of Arms.)

This Arms of Rothschild shares the quadrants of Fasts, and as "fast" is a McLEOD/Lutt motto term while the Lutts/Lute's have the same quadrants, it seems that LUDovici of Fast-like del Vasto's was named as per the McLeod bloodline. McLeods lived on LEWIS, and the line of Ludovico descends from LUIS of Ceva. Wikipedia's page for Ludovico's grandfather, Frederick II of Saluzzo, shows a raven, as does the page for Frederick's father, and that's the symbol of German Rothes/Rothchilds.

The McLeod motto is "Hold fast," and as one can see the similarity between the Hold and STOUT/Stow Coat, it seems that these Saluzzo liners were from the STOUT vikings who had a raven banner. As I trace the Stout vikings to STUTTgart on the Neckar river, it's notable that German Neckers almost have the ALL/AULT Coat, for the Jewish Rothchild Coat is described as having a "six-pointed star, overALL," which isn't thrown in there for nothing. Holds use an "ExALTavit" motto term. The Overs/OFFers expected in "overall" use a Fred-like fret, and while the Over/Offer Coat is similar to the Thistle Coat, thistles are all that Fauch's show. Plus, the demi lion of graphene-like Graffs/Graffens (ANCHOR) is, in colors reversed possibly, in the Thistle Crest. Thistle's were first found in the Channel Islands with the Anchor-loving Majors, and with the Poindexters in turn sharing the Fist/FAUST fist (Vasto / Fast suspects), and PFISTers are also Pfizer-like Fizers. Coincidences? The latter's annulet is colors reversed from the same of VITo's possibly in "ExaltaVIT." The "Ex" in that term could be for Eggs / Ice's/Ecco's, or even the Exters/Hexeters in "PoindEXTER." From the last update:

At the end of the ramp dream, the COUPLE who were in a car that supposedly suffered damage said to me, "You OWE me five thousand dollars." I've just loaded the OFFens because I said to him, "f--- off," and Offens are also OWEns!!! They even share the giant Palin lion!!! Incredible. Offens/Owens were first found in Wales with Ow's/Goffs/Gough's. Offens/Owens share the Keon/OWEN lion, and KEONs could be in the "fauCHION" of the Dollar Crest! The Dollar Crest shows nothing at houseofnames, but Hall of Names reports that it has: "An arm embowed HOLDing a FAUCHion with a gold pommel and HILT." A fauchion is a sword. The Dollars also have an escutCHEON...
The Sword surname has three swords with "pommel and HILT gold," matching part of the Dollar description. I don't tell people to fuck off in real life, but the dream used that phrase for a pointer to Tony Fauci, didn't it?

[Insert October 1: In the next update, I was working on the new home that Miss Hicks moved into, and found, for the first time, that she's got an address listed in FulSHEAR, Texas (Houston). No Fulshear surname comes up, but Fulshers are listed with Fulchers/FUCHERs/Fuge's. Repeat from the last update: "And at the end of the dream, I yelled, "F--- off." This caused me to load Fuggers because I remember their write-up: "The name is derived from the Middle High German word 'fucker,' meaning 'sheep SHEARS.'"" FulSHEAR!!! Shears (scissors) even worked into my getting a haircut in the barber dream introduced in the last update.

I'm so amazed here because the Fulcher/Fucher Crest has a gold demi lion (called a "half lion") holding an anchor, the Graff/Graffen symbol!!! Fulshear, Texas, was named after Churchill Fulshear, father of GRAVES Fulshear, and Graffs/Graffens are also Gravs! Why is Miss Hicks connecting to the Graffs? She married Mr. Kilpatrick, and Irish Kilpatricks are also SHEERa's. It appears that God is in these pointers to poisonous vaccines.

I can add that Meullers use a "pair of snips" while Snipe's (Oxfordshire, same as Clintons) use a portcullis-GATE version of the Clinton Coat. The Mueller "probe" (sham, was used to delete incriminating evidence) was covering for Stefan Halper, and Halpers/HALFpennys were a branch of Helps/Halps/Halfs suspect in the "half lion" of Fulchers/Fuchers. Can we glean here a Fauci link to the Mueller FBI et-al? End insert]

Wow, I missed this in the last update: Hilts/Hyatts/Hytte's, with a "FAC ET" motto phrase (!), essentially share the Owen Coat, yet there is a brown lion in the Hilt Crest, the color of the Ramp and Collins lion. How-bout that. The Dollars have brought us right to the vaccine-trafficking criminals.

Hales-like Hallys (brown lion) share the OW/Goff/Gough boar!!! HalesOWEN (Lutley is there) is where Lutts/Lute's/Lutleys were first found who share the Fast quadrants so as to connect with the Lutt variation of McLeods. Halesowen is in Dudley, and Dudleys (Worcestershire) share one of the Lutt/Lute/Lutley lions (the other lion is the Nassau lion too, and so Dudleys could be from Dudo, founder of Nassau). "Lutley remained in Worcestershire, when the manor of Halesowen was transferred to Shropshire." There's an Owen region nearby in Shropshire, and this latter Owen is where Market Drayton is located while the Crest of Draytons (share split Owen Shield) shares the gold eagle leg with HOOVERs and Hooters. The sleeping Beauty dream tends to reveal that Hooters were a branch of Hoods/Hoots (another FRET), and then Holds / Oltons/Otone's / Odins (compare with Draytons Coat) may have been a Hood branch round-about. The conspicuous thing in this paragraph is that the Gates Coat is much like the Drayton / OLTon Coat while the couple on the ramp was OLD. The Olds are in SLOW colors and format, and SALUZzo is the line to Shropshire's SALLOWs, for while FitzAlans of Arundel (from Alans of Shropshire) married Alice of Saluzzo, Arundels use SWALLOWs. The FitzAlans derived from Dollar-like Dol.

It's probably relevant that Overs/Offers, minus their fret, have the Bruno Coat in colors reversed, for Ramps were Brown/Brun kin. One Brown Coat is even that of vaccine-like Faucet-connectable Vychans/Vaughns (first found in Shropshire). Oltons/Otone's and Olton were in Cheshire (beside Shropshire) with Hottens and the Meschins earls who ruled also in Cumberland, where Ramps and Browns/Bruns were first found, but also where there is another Olton location. Everything compounding here suggests that Lutts/Lute's share the lion of Sforza's because Sforza's merged with the line of OTTONE Visconti, but also due to the "quince" held by the Sforza lion, code for the line of Saer de Quincy, builder of FAUXside castle of the fauchion-like Faucets.

As one Welsh Thomas Coat uses the Saluzzo Chief-Shield colors, it can be established that both Welsh Thomas surnames were from the line of Frederick of Saluzzo, son of Thomas II of Saluzzo, himself descended from Thomas I of Saluzzo. The other Welsh Thomas' use ravens, and look related to Rice's. The last update told of a dream late last week where a barber was taking a break in what looked like a pointer to Brakers/BRECONriggs, and the Riggs happen to share the annulets of Candale-like Candle's/Kentwells while this Saluzzo line married Foix-Candale. Both Welsh Thomas surnames were first found in BRECONshire with the Clements expected in the "Clementia tecte RIGore" motto of Morleys/Mauls. Isn't that amazing for proving that Brakers/Breconrigs were Rigg kin? English Morleys even share the fleur-de-lys of Saluzzo-like Sales'.

One Rigg Coat has "A red TALBOT passant with a gold EAR holding a birdbolt in its mouth." Talbots were a branch of Tailboys' sharing the Morley/Maul scallops. The Haydens who share a white talbot dog with Riggs also share the enGRAILed cross of Ridge's while Brakers are also BrachenRIDGE's and other such variations. As Brakers/Breconrigs share the pile of Countrys in the "country" motto term of Ainsleys, it appears that my complaining to the barber about her taking a break (while leaving me along in the barber's chair) is a pointer to Ainsley EARhardt. It appears that God arranged the ear of the Rigg talbot to be emphasized as a pointer to Miss Earhardt, mother of Hayden, employee of FOX news.

Brakers/Breconrigs share "industria" with the Arms of Rothschild, and with the Dents in the colors and format of Saluzzo-like Sales' (Cheshire, same as Tattons). The Hilts/Hytte's we met above use an "inDENTed" Chief. Dents even share "Concordia" with the Arms of Rothschild. Plus, Dents share the lozenges of Hounds while Huns/HunGATE's share the Rigg talbots (both colors), albeit the Hun/Hungate talbots are seated. The seated talbot in the Hun/Hungate Crest is likely related to the same-colored seated greyHOUND in the Tattons Crest, for German Huns/Hundts and German Hungars use a GREYhound in the colors of the Hun/Hungate talbot dogs. Greys/Grays/Croys, with the talbot Coat in colors reversed, share the lion Greys/Grays/Croys and Czech Hungars. Tattons share the crescent of Touts/Tute's (Yorkshire, same as Huns/Hungate's and Morleys/Mauls) while Tute's/Tuits (Norfolk, same as Haydens) can be gleaned with the Hayden / Tatton quadrants.

Did we see the enGRAIL Hayden / Ridge crosses? It's the cross also of Rudes'/Rudge's (Shropshire, same as talbots). Here's from the last update as per the house of Foix-GRAILly: "I've discovered why the barber was a woman, for of the few surnames using a woman, one is the Elis surname having the colors and format of Graillys! The barber was cutting hair, and Elis' use "A naked woman HER HAIR disheveled". AHA! Foix-Grailly was a house related to Foix-CANDALE, and the Candale portion was also called, "Kendal," and I've just found Kiddals (Yorkshire, same as Elis') sharing the Kendal Coat thanks to the Elis' telling of their Ellis branch at Kiddal." The reason for repeating this is that one English Thomas Coat shares the cross-with-crescents of Elis'. Thus, the dream was a pointer to the Saluzzo rulers under discussion.

The white talbot dog in the Crest of English Thomas' has "black spots," the same phrase used to describe the white and spotted Hayden talbot. The other Haydens use a "foy" motto term, and so here's the write-up of French Foix's/Foys: "The Foy or Foix family became one of the most distinguished families of France and eventually rose to the Dukes de Foix de Candale." The incredible thing here is that Haydens became a topic only as per Hayden, daughter of Ainsley Earhardt, whose previous husband (not Hayden's father) was Mr. McKinney, and the McKinney cinquefoils are in the Chief of Welsh Thomas'.

The "black SPOTS" may have been arranged by God to connect with SPUDS MacKenzie, dog mascot for Bud Light beer. The Lights/Lite's are expected in the "Lighter than AIR" motto of Ayers, who can be connected to EARhardts/AIRharts, Hers and Hairs. We just saw "...HER HAIR disheveled" in the Elis Crest. Scottish Hairs, sharing the double fesses of Holds for good connection to Ludovico, were first found in AYRshire with Ayers. Ludovico has a hump in his nose in his Wikipedia article, as does Ainsley Earhardt I believe, as does my Masci parent. I'll add that Ainsley-branch Annas' share the Barber saltire, for Annas' became suspect as kin of king HANNibal of Berber realms. Hanna-Barbera was a cartoon-making company.

The dog spots on the Tail-connectable talbot dogs are not black for nothing, and should be for the Blacks who share the stars of CANDLEstick Kyle's. The Black-like Blake's (Tail/Tailer kin) have a branch that are also Candale-like Caddells, and they share a giant FRET (different color) of Cattle's/Cattels who were in turn first found in Norfolk with black-spot Haydens. The center of the Cattle/Cattel fret happens to be the giant mascle of English Faux's!!! Lookie there, we're back to the Faux's who point to Tony Fauci and Francis Collins, and moreover this set of heraldry involves Ainsley Earhardt, the pointer herself to FOX news' push of poison vaccines.

As a potential pointer to Bill Gates, Porters share the portcullis GATE with Yate's who in turn have a horizontally-split Shield in the colors of the vertically-split Shield of the other Foix's/Foys. We saw Kyle's with candlesticks, and then Scottish Porters were first found in Kyle. Kyle's were at CUMNoch, and Commons/Comyns were first found in Norfolk with Haydens. Kyle's were first found in Ayrshire with Kennedys who are like the Kenneth variation of MacKenzie's, and I see Commons/Comyns as a branch of Comets while MacKenzie's point to the Revelation asteroid. Kennedys use an "Avise" motto term while Avis'/Avisons, sharing the Common/Comyn Coat, share the white anchor with Kyle's. Perfect, and Commons/Comyns with Avisons share three gold garbs with the Sticks in the Kyle candlesticks. Moreover, the Hairs of Ayrshire share the double fesses of Holds and English Potts, and while Holds were first found in Bury with RatCLIFFs, Cliffs married Stick-branch Styche's. ,

English Potts were first found in Hampshire with Ports, Porters/Pawters and Potters, and this gets bang-on where Poitvins/Potvans (share Roque/Rock rock) have a jay while the Jays share the bend-with-roses of Jewish Rothschilds and Chatans. Chatans and CATO's/Chattans were kin of Botters who in turn share the bend of Foix's/Foys (Auvergne), and Chatans (share Auvergne tower) were first found in Poitou with Poitvins/Potvans. Porcius Cato had land in Sabina, location of Avison-branch Avezzano.

So, you just saw that while Rothschilds looked descended from rulers of Saluzzo, they look especially descended from the Saluzzo marriage with Foix-Candale, a house that belonged to John of Gaunt, husband of Rothschild-related Catherine Roet. Roets share the Bow/Bough motto, and Bows/Bough's share five bunched arrows with the Arms of Rothschild. The first Rothschilds was Mayer Bauer, and Bauers/Bowers share the green Shield Bury-like Burleys/Bourleys, and with the Scottish Bowers who again have five, bunched arrows.

Another surname with five bunched arrows is the Camerons/CAMERA's, and this recalls the story I've told several times, that on the night my church put on a first-anniversary memorial for 9-11, I set up the video CAMERA of Miss Hicks at the front, and found myself doing it right in front of a female barber (Mexican) who had cut my hair twice the year before! Isn't that amazing. The Cheile's in the Cameron/Camera motto were first found in Lincolnshire with Keele's/Kills.

The Poitvin/Potvan jay is said to be "perched" on a rock, and the eagle of Bud-like Botters/Bodins (Hampshire, same as Potts, Ports, Porters and Potters) is said to be standing on a "perch." Porters use bells while Bellamys (share Bell fesse) were at PERCHE, and they share the Pott / Hold / Stout fesse. Bell / Bailey liners may possibly be from Bullis, in Epirus. Wikipedia's article on the Seleucid kings said that they descended from Epirus elements, or at least were in association with the Thesprotians of Epirus. One Seleucid king was ALEXANDER BALas, and Bullis is near Aulon/Avlona, the line to the Dol Alans who moved to Shropshire, where their Bellamy kin were first found. Avlona elements are suspect at the Velino river through Rieti, home of the Biblical dragon (see "Vespasian" last update), yet the SALTo river goes through Rieti too which traces to Saluzzo-like Sales'/SALLETTs, and so I've been wondering whether Seleucids, the forerunners to the anti-Christ according to Daniel 8 and 11, named Saluzzo.

King BALiol had a brother, Alexander, and while Alexanders share the split Shield of one Foix/Foy Coat, the other Foix's/Foys have eight of the nine stars of Baliol-branch Baileys. It's also the split Shield of Hunts/Hunters, first found in Shropshire with Bellamys.

The Salto passes by mont Velino at Avezzano, and Avezzano's were first found in SARDinia with Seleucid-founded Sulcis (at Sant'ANTIOCo), and then Shirts/SHARDs (Cheshire, same as Sales'/Salletts, beside Shropshire) share red roundels with Bullis'/Buliards. King Seleucus had a son and heir, ANTIOCHus. This can all explain why I was led to Ludovico of Saluzzo a few days ago. Bellamys were first found in Shropshire with the Talbots who were given those "black spots," and Blacks (share Kyle/KILE star) were first found in Lincolnshire with Talbot-branch Tailbois'...and KILLs/Keele's. I smell chili sauce. Ahh, SPOTTens/Spoltons/Spauldins (favored by the talbot-related Meschins) were first found in Lincolnshire too! The Spotten write-up: "At the Norman Conquest, the [Crowland] manor [at Spalding] was presented to Ivo TALBOIS, Earl of Angiers, and nephew of the Conqueror...Originally, [Spaldings] were tenants of the Norman Baron Randolph Me[s]chin, Earl of Chester and later held Spaulding Abbey." There we have excellent proof that heraldic spots are code for Spottens! I finally nailed those hard-to-decipher spots. Spottens/Spauldings (sinister-facing buckles) share the Leslie buckles, and Leslie's were earls of Rothes, proto-Rothschilds.

Tails/Tailers share the lions of Tillers who in turn put pellets = black spots on their white lion. As the TILURius river is also the CETINa, it explains why CETINs/Cattans use a white "SPOTTED cat-a-mount."

The Pape-like Papps have a lion tail at the mouth of the lion, which has some meaning likely in relation to Tail liners. From the last update: "As I said, the dream this morning ended as my TENANT turned on her water, causing the WATER PUMP to turn on, waking me. Pumps happen to be listed with Apophis-like Pope's/Pape's..." Tenants were barber-important, and now that we have a firm barber-link to the line of Thomas of Saluzzo, let's add that while the Saluzzo-Foix-Grailly family were related to Elis', the latter share, not only a Thomas Coat, but that of Elias', first found in West Lothian with Tenants.

The Czech Hungars were in a paragraph above with Talbots and their kin, and Steve Papp, which brought Papps to topic in the first place, was a COOK that pointed with his chili sauce to Sassys/Saucers, kin of Cetins/Cattans, perfect for linking to Tail liners. The last update told a little on the COOK-out contest where Miss Hicks (in her 30s at the time) was the "trophy girl" when Spuds MacKenzie was brought in to celebrate the victory. It was a BARBecue contest, you see, as if God is connecting the female barber with Miss Hicks too. As flaming-mountain MacKenzie's are the pointer to the Revelation asteroid ("as a great mountain"), we should sit up straight here because the Apophis asteroid is coming very near to earth in 2029, and may strike the planet.

Just look at this. Steve Papp was the cook for Joseph Fix, and the Fix-like Fiscs/Fisks share the stars of chili-like Chile's (listed with Chiswells). Fisks/Fisks have a motto phrase, "sic itur ad astra," and MacKenzie's use "Sic itur as ASTRA," where we can glean "ASTERoid." The Chile-like Cheile's are in the motto of Camerons/Camera's, and I set Miss Hicks' camera up in front of the female barber. It was an event about the 9-11 crimes thought to be conducted by maybe Rothschilds.

The 2nd trumpet sounded, and "as a great mountain with burning fire was THROWN into the sea." The last update seemed to resolve that my sitting in the barber's chair was a sitting on the purple THRONE of Grimaldi's. How might that scene relate to the asteroid THROWN into the SEA? I told that Trone's share red fleur-de-lys with Barbers...though not with the same background color. In the last update, throne-like Tyrone was mentioned, where Sharks and their Neil/O'Nail kin were first found, but also the Hagans who share the SEA fish. Surprise. Can that work?

The shark in the 1979, Sleeping-Beauty dream (exactly, to within days, 50 years before Apophis is scheduled) was in a kidney-shaped pool, and the Hagan fish, in Kidney/Gedney-fish colors, is colors reversed from the Neil/O'Nail fish. The Neil/O'Nail Chief is in the colors and format of the Trone Chief, suggesting that Trone's were a Tyrone branch. Plus, the Kidney/Gedney fish form a saltire in the colors of the Neil/Nail/Nagle saltire. Sleeping Beauty, Ainsley Earhardt, married Mr. Proctor while Proctors show nothing but Nails.

This is working because Tyrone's (listed with Tyrells) were first found in Essex with English Mountains, and with Colchester while the Arms of Colchester use "nails" in its cross. Neils/O'Nails share the Colchester estoiles. Tyrone's/Tyrells share the double chevrons of Hucks, once said to be first found in Yorkshire with Hicks, but now said to be first found in Lincolnshire.

Ahh, the Sichs ("ASSiduus") suspect in the "Sic" motto term of MacKenzie's ("AS") share the "fountain" of Casts/Cash's, and my Interlinear translation has the burning mountain "cast" into the sea. Can that work? Did God chose words in Revelation to be expounded upon by my heraldic knowledge? It's pure amazement that the Sea's have three wavy fesses colors reversed from the same that constitute the Cast/Cash fountains. German Arens share "scales" with Casts/Cash's.

English Bays (Colchester) share the red border with Casts/Cash's, can we believe it? BAYtown is where Miss Hicks won the cook-out contest for which Spuds MacKenzie appeared!!! She is Mrs. Kilpatrick, and Kilpatricks use Cast-connectable CUSHions. I find this fascinating because Cash / Cush liners look like part of the Kilpatrick cushions, and Mr. Kilpatrick is in a Baytown Sun photo with Spuds MacKenzie.

English Bays share the double fesses of Holds (share squirrel with Daggers/Decks), and "Hold-fast" McLeods/Clouds, probably in the clouds of Jewish Arens/Aarons who in turn share the Hagan quadrants, share the flag with Hagans. The latter have a dagger while the Tyrone Coat is also that of Dexters/Decksters, and the latter happen to be first found in Leicestershire with Kiss'/CUSH's. When God told me to wake Sleeping Beauty, I was going to kiss her awake, and Kiss'/Cush's share the Cast/Cash / Sich Coat. The Sichs are suspect in the MacKenzie motto, is that not cook-off amazing?

As soon as she awoke, we were HOLDing each other fast as we rose into the SKY, and "Hold-fast" McLeods/Clouds were first found on Lewis and SKYE. Does this play to the rapture that's part of the victory celebrations of Jesus along with the asteroid? The asteroid is for us, to bless us, to preoccupy the evil powers so that their persecution against us is alleviated to a fair degree. We had best get ourselves comfortable in wilderness regions before that asteroid arrives, for there's going to be a shortage in global cargo at that time.

When we were holding each other, thanks to my waking her, we were emBRACEd as a pointer to Bracebridge's (Lincolnshire, same as Wake's), and I've been wondering whether they were related to the Brachenridge/Breconrig variations of Brakers, for the latter share the Beach/Bech pile while Beach's/Bechs have a red version of the Bracebridge Shield. Brakers came to topic while I was on my purple throne waiting for the barber to come off her break, and the throne concept led into the set of heraldry now under discussion. I told in the last update that Beach's/Bechs are connectable to Grimaldi's for more than similarity of Coats, where Grimaldus of Monaco (where the purple throne suits) married Crispina, likely of the Crispins of BEC Abbey. Is the asteroid going to land at a bay near Monaco?

Back to the video camera that I set up for Mrs. Kilpatrick, for once I was done, I went back to her and asked if anyone was sitting next to her. She allowed me to sit there, but said, when my daughter arrives, "you can SCOOT over." I've repeated this story many times, but the point here is that Scoots/Scougals share the red border with Casts/Cash's and Bays.

To take a seat beside her, I needed to cross in front of her, and looked down so as not to step on her feet. I noted she had sandals on, which is why I checked Sandals to find: "...John de Sandall or de Sandele, appears as CAMERArius SCOCie,..." I had just set up her camera a minute earlier. The Scoots are listed with Scocie-like Scougals. The Shoe's/SCHUCHs have a "knight issuing at the knees", and Scottish Sandals (Saluzzo Shield?) share the Knee bend and the gold eagle of Knee-branch Needhams. Schochs/Shocks have a border colors reversed from the Scoot/Scougal (and Scott) border. Anyone feeling seismic shock waves?

It's really amazing that English Berrys, first found in Devon with Beers, beside the first-known Buds, share the Cameron/Camera Coat which itself has a "Nihil" motto term suspect with the Nihill variation of Neils'/O'Nails.

When I went to kiss Sleeping Beauty aWAKE, I touched her knee while leaning over, and English Sandals are said to be from "Sandal Magna, near WAKEfield." Wake's ("ora") share the red roundel in Chief with Orrs/Ore's, and "meliORA" is a motto term of Scottish Sandals. The fleur-de-lys in the Sandal Chief is the one also in the Trone Chief, and while Trone's are suspect with a version of the Neil Chief, Nellys share the Wake roundels too.

English Sandals tell that the royal Baliol family, a branch of Baileys and Bellys, lived at the Wakefield holdings of Sandals. The Scoot-branch Scotts are said to descend from the Balliol family, and so, yes, I was supposed to notice her sandals when taking my you-can-scoot-over seat. Wakefields happen to share the garbs of Commons/Comyns, the latter in Comet colors and format. The asteroid's going to wake up the church, isn't it? [Days after writing here, meteor-like Meters were loaded again, this time spotting that they share the double fesses of Wake's. Walks/Wachs share both the Meter fleur-de-lys and the Wakefield garb. Amazing, especially as it's the fleur-de-lys of Perkins whom I see from Plancia MAGNA, and we just saw Sandal Magna near Wakefield. Plus, Walk-like Walkers use a "magna" motto term. I'll revisit this later in the update.]

Later in the day after writing above, I was pecking away a little more on this discussion when, upon re-loading Kidneys/Gedneys, I found Crowland of Lincolnshire, home of Spaldings, in their write-up. "'The church {of Gedney} is a beautiful structure, supposed to have been built by the abbots of Crowland...'" Spaldings are the ones coming up as "SPOTTen," and SPUDs MacKenzie is a bulldog while a bulldog fell / jumped into a kidney-shaped swimming pool with a shark that relates to the Kidney/Gedney bloodline. Therefore, the bulldog in the 1979 dream does seem to relate to Spuds MacKenzie. But why?

The Kidney/Gedney "bird" is said to be "perched," and while Bellamys were at Perche, the shark's teeth were ringed around the bulldog's BELLy once the shark had the dog head-first into its mouth. Bellys share the Braker/Breconrig and Jump roses, and Jumps have the Trump stag head. I've long thought that the bulldog represented Trump's woes from the deep state, but what's with the bulldog's connection to asteroid-pointing MacKenzie's? Belly-like Bullys have a flaming heart to go with the flaming rock of MacKenzie's, and Bullys with Bells were first found in Dumfries with the Leggs who almost have the Trump stag head, and almost have the MacKenzie stag head. The bulldog walked from behind me, past my left leg, and then fell or jumped into the pool.

I don't often mention it, but I have a few times: the shark in the pool was a nasty but cartoon character. It wasn't a picture of a real shark, but first appeared as if standing on its tail the way a cartoon maker would draw it, showing its nasty teeth / with nasty look on its face. I think I now know the meaning: Hanna-Barbera cartoon makers, for the Hanna stag head is in colors reversed from the Trump stag head, is that not a hoot? And wow, to boot the Hanna's share a black crescent in their Crest with Sea-related Seamans while Sea's, the pointer to the Revelation asteroid, share the Kidney/Gedney fish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I GET IT! Taa-daaa. Italian Barbera's use fish. The Seamans, like the Sea's, almost have the triple fesses inside the Cast/Cash fountains, and these fountains are shared by Waterfords/Waterville's while the Trump stag head is in this Arms of County Waterford.

The Seamans have a gold crescent in their Shield, possibly the Hood/Hoot crescent because the Zeals/Seals expected in the "Zealous" motto are in the Sea write-up. Seamans can be gleaned as kin of Tuckers, especially as Sea's were first found in Kent with Tucks/Ticks.

No Crowland surname comes up. I can now go to the Tooths as per the shark's teeth because they share are in Light/Lite colors and format (as are Perkens and Crows) while both share white feathers with PERKens who in turn look like "Perch." Light's/Lite's can play here as per Bud LIGHT beer. Lights/Lite's share the swan with the Palmans in the Tooth motto. The Light/Lite swans are said to be rising. Again, Bud-like Bodins have an eagle standing on a perch.

Tooths were first found in London with Berbers/Barberrys, and Berbers of Africa got suspect with Shark-like Saracens of Sicily. If Palmans were Paloma's note that Spanish Paloma's have "a gold cauldron and a bird," while cauldrons are also with Spanish Barbera's. Italian Barbera's were first found in Sicily. I don't see the bird in the Coat, but the description tells they use it, and then one Bird/Burd Coat shares the Berber/Barberry fleur-de-lys. A "Barbery Bird" character is in the Berber/Barberry write-up. Berbers/Barberrys (share double fesses of Barbers) not only have the Barber fleur in colors reversed, but double-red fesses, the Perch symbol!

Ahhh, a barber's scissors are shears, and Shears share the fitchee of Broxtons while Birds/Burds were at Broxton! Brox's/Brocuffs share the Chief-Shield colors of Cutters.

The thing I missed while checking Throne's/Thorns (Somerset, beside Buttins/Bidens) last week is that they share the fesse of Buttons/Bidens (they were at Bath of Somerset). The amazing thing is, the Biden Crest has the chapeau owned by Capelli's, and "capelli" means "hair"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The barber dream is pointing to the Bidens if indeed I was on the Grimaldi throne, and the absolute-stunning thing now is that Hunter Biden was put onto the board of Burisma, a Ukrainian company owned by Mr. Zlochevsky who has a home in Monaco!!!!! The royal Grimaldi's own Monaco! Zikers, is there an anti-Christ festering in-hiding in Monaco right now? Capelli-like Caplans were first found in Hampshire with Buttons/Bidens. Zlochevsky is from Ukraine, old home of BUDINi, and Buttons/Bidens are also Budins. GRIMaldi's may be from the CRIMea of Ukraine.

When I saw (last update) a Barber write-up mention St. Barbe sur GAILLON, it was found that A Barber Coat shares the three fleur-de-lys of Gaillons/Gellone's, and eventually, the barber dream started to connect to Saluzzo's rulers of the Candale bloodline, and so I'll add here that Candle's/Kentwells share the annulets of Gelons (not "Gellone"), for they just came to mind because Herodotus said that GELONus was a location in the land of Budini.

I didn't check the Dutch Beer surname until now to see that it shares the Barber fleur-de-lys, making Dutch Beers look like a line of Berbers. Again, Berbers/Barberys/Berberrys share double-red fesses with Perche's, and Perche's use them in both colors of the double fesses of Maine's, the latter first found in Devon with Beers and Berrys. The Botters/Bodins have a perched eagle. Is Bud beer now linking to the barber? BUDva is beside Kotor while a barber is a hair CUTTER! That works. The Berber/Barberry fleur are those of Hicks too, and Hyksos are expected with Berbers of Numidia. And German Berrys even have three fish heads in the colors of the three Barbera fish. Hicksons have eagle's legs forming a saltire in the colors of the Dutch Beer saltire.

There's a modern Bar location to the west side of lake Scoot-like Scodra, and while Miss Hicks is the scoot-over lady at the time that God pointed to Camerons/Camera's, let's repeat that English Berrys share the latter's Coat.

I don't like it when one dream's props overlaps with another's dream's props plus a couple of events too, as it makes a wash-out of what it could all mean. My brain's not big enough to contain it all. When everything's all over the map, it gets chaotic.

The Barber's in the Bag

The Cutter dragon is no doubt for a peoples on the Drin river, for Dragons/DRAINers suggest the Penestae peoples of that river who formed Pendragons (share Dragon/Drainer helmet). The Drin was also the river of the Cavii, the latter stamped on maps around the mouth of the river and therefore near the Sleep-line Selepitanoi. I've never been very happy with Bag heraldry as concerns the sleeping bag that God has pointed to on multiple occasions. On one occasion, I was in Mamie's sleeping bag hours after she was in the back of a PICK-UP truck, in the forest of a camp site, with BARRY. Bar at Scodra is smack where Selepitanoi are stamped on maps. In the sleeping-bag dream, the only thing done with the sleeping bag is my PICKing it UP in a forest / WOODs, and so this jibed with Bagley Woods of the Bagleys/Bagle's (in Bag-Chief colors), first found in Shropshire with Sleeps and RUDES'/Rudge's. Bagleys/Bagle's (share Root/Rout Coat) can be linked to Woods (share Root/Rout tree, with roots) via Roots/Routs, and then the Mandys (Derbyshire, beside Shropshire), with a Chief in the colors and format of the Bag Chief, share the Rudes and Ridge cross.

Perhaps Bagle's named Bulgers/Bolgers because they have a trefoil-version of the Bag Chief (cinquefoils). BULgers use a bull head, and I've yet to find whose bull heads the two Barber surnames use. Why might Bulgers/Bolgers share "Haec" with Scoots/Scougals? Boggers/Bogys are also Bolgs.

I'm bring this up again because I've just found the Bag cinquefoils with BARdolphs. This is new, and I know no other surnames using these blue-on-gold cinquefoils. The Bardolph Crest shares a gold dragon head with the Cutter Crest. I found Bardolphs in the write-up of English Hairs, and so I'm expecting Bardolphs to be Barber / Berber liners. As DOLPHins/DOLfins (Dol colors) were once said to be first found in Surrey with English Hairs (and Shears), it seems certain that BarDOLPHs/BarDOLs were Dol-of-Dolphin kin. This gets asteroid-important where Dol's (Mecklenburg, same as same-colored Trumps) share the wavy fesse of Sea's. The latter share the fish of Kidneys/Gedneys, the latter first found in Lincolnshire with Bardolphs.

To assure that Bardolphs were close to the Bags, we have the Hairs having a branch in Norfolk, where Bags were first found along with GAYwoods. Bags were first found in Gaywood, recalling how the Barbers were close to king-Gala (Numidia) liners. Gala was also, GAIa, and French Galli's share the giant and gold rooster with French Gays/CASTongays. The Bardolph write-up even has: "'William Bardulf, who served as sheriff of Norfolk and Suffolk...DOUN Bardolf the grandson of the sheriff, acquired...the Barony of WirmeGAY in Norfolk, and thenceforth Wirmegay became the designation of the family.'" English Gays (BAKer/Becker chevron?), in Bardolph colors, were first found in Surrey with Hairs of Bardolph. So, the hair-cutter barber pointed to this family, we can say, and while Alans of Dol were part of it, French Galli's share the French Alan Chief. Alan Huns had lived in Numidia, or beside it, I forget exactly where, soon after the 4th/5th century AD.

Along with the sleeping bag, there was Sleeping Beauty who pointed to Rhizon with our emBRACE while rising, when I WOKE her. BRACEbridge's were first found in Lincolnshire with Wake's and Bardolphs. The double fesses of Wake's, in the colors of the double chevrons of Barbers and Berbers/Barberys, are colors reversed from the double fesses of English, Bardolph-related Hairs. Is that not amazing, suddenly? Rhizon is beside Bud-like Budva and Cutter-like Kotor, and Cotters were first found in Oxfordshire with the HARcourts who share the double fesses of English Hairs/Hare's. Coots/Cootes' can be gleaned by their motto as a branch of Keith Catti and Coats'/Cotes' (Vince/Finch colors and near-format), and the Vince's/Finch's expected in the Coot/Cootes / Keith motto use a "Nil" motto term feasibly for the Shark-related Neils. Shark-like Saraca's were at Kotor (according to Wikipedia's Saraka article).

Rhizon-like Risings/Risons were first found in Norfolk too, with DOUNhams/Dunhams/Downhams who almost have the Coat of Scottish Hairs (version of the English Hair Coat), and so did you note DOUN Bardolph, son of Norfolk's sheriff? Downs/Douns (stag in Trump stag-head colors) named County Down, where Knee's were first found who are in the wake scene with Sleeping Beauty. I woke her when I touched her knee, on her leg, and Leggs almost have the Trump stag head. Downs/Douns were first found in Sussex with the Acorns and Vise's/Vice's, both of which share the Knee stag head, and Dutch Tromps use acorns. There seems to be no mistake here: why is the wake scene pointing, not only to Obama's Dunham surname, but to Trump to which the same dream's bulldog pointed that was swallowed by the shark? Swallows share swallows with Arundels (Sussex again), and Arundel was ruled by FitzAlans from Dol. Dols look like Trump kin, and while Dols share the wavy fesse of Sea's, the latter were first found in Kent with Rundels/Roundels (share Alan fesse).

Here's the write-up of Harcourt-branch Hairs: "The surname Hair was first found in Surrey, where Walter le Hare...Later some of the family branched to Stow-Bardolph in Norfolk where 'the lands are the property of Sir Thomas Hare, Bart., whose seat, Stow Hall..." Sturs/STOWers (three of the Alan fesses), with the Camerons/Camera and Berry Coats in colors reversed, have an Aster/Ester/Ister/Stur branch, and the Arms of Pula/Pola on ISTRia has the Rising/Rison Coat in colors reversed. My guess is that some Pollock-related family from Rhizon was on Istria. Pollock were servants, at first, of the Dol Alans.

Camerons look like a branch of Cambers/COMBers/Coomers because they have an Aster-like "ASTRis" motto term while having a fesse in Alan-fesse colors. AHHHHHHHHHHH, the Comets are also COMBe's, how about that, for barbers use combs!!! We have the asteroid-line Combers and the Comets/Combs. English Combs were first found in Devon with English Stewarts, Berrys and Beers. "AstRIS" looks like part code for a Rise / Rice / Rison line. English Rise's/Rye's, once said to be first found in Sussex, are now said to be first found in Norfolk with Risings/Risons, and Rise's/Rye's (in the "ears of rye" of Saddocks) happen to have the bend of Jewish Pollocks, which is the Aster/Ester/Ister/Stur bend in colors reversed. Scottish Pollocks almost have the Rising/Rison Coat.

Irish Maghans/Manns share the Coat of English Combs, Comet-important because the Maghans/Manns share "Sic" with MacKenzie's. The Sichs/Sykes' were in Sykes Dyke of CUMBERland!!!!!!!!!! There's good proof that the motto term is indeed for Sichs/Sykes'. Mathie's/Maghans/Manns use "Fac et." Both Maghan Coats use nothing but three lions in pale, as does the Plantagenet Coat in different colors, and so as Plantagenets were originally Fulks, who were from Tertullus and his wife, PLANCia MAGNA, that's why French Plants are also PLANQUE's. It's thereby obvious that "Maghan" was from Miss "Magna." Revelation 8 uses "AS a MEGA mountain" to describe the asteroid! MacKenzie's use an "AS astra" phrase! Lookie at all that.

There is a Tertullus-like Turtle surname listed with Tuttle's/Toothills (share FALCon chevron and Falcon crescent), and then there happens to be a turtle in the Sich/Sykes Crest though the Hall-of-Names description has: "A demi triton adorned with flags." "Demi" means that only half is showing, but as the turtle is fully showing, it's not likely the triton, but an alternative Crest used by Sichs/Sykes'. "Demi" can be code for Demys/DeMay's/LeMAISE's (look like a Maisey branch) sharing the Turtle/Tuttle/Toothill chevron. German Mays/Mais' have the Narbonne / Auvergne / Tour tower that I would trace to Tuareg Berbers.

Mays/Mais' don't tell whether the tower is on mountains or rocks, but this can be a pointer to the asteroid too along with the burning mountain of MacKenzie's (looks like a rock). The Poitvins/PotVANs ("jay perched on a silver rock") of Poitiers show the May/Mais rocks (same colors) while the Demy/DuMay/LeMaise write-up has: "A branch was formed in Anjou at Poitiers." Jays are said to be from a Gai location suggesting a line from king Gaia/Gala to Masseys. Merseys/Maiseys even have the Potter Coat (share seahorse with Seamans) in colors reversed to go with POTvans. German Pots even share the wings of German Fulks.

The "aDORNed" triton can be for Dorns (mythical Doris, perhaps code for Dorians, was a sea woman), listed with Dawns/Dauns who share the roses of Brakers/Breconrigs ("VirTUTE"), which I add here because English Breakers, possibly in the "FLAX breaker" of Brays (Northampton, same as Planque-beloved Cabbage's), use an ANTELope that I trace to "ANTALya," right beside Perga, home of Tertullus and Plancia Magna. Antalya, in the land of PISIDians, was also ATTALia, the makings of ATLas, first mythical son of POSEIDon, man of the sea, and king of mythical Atlantis. Triton was invented as a son of Poseidon, and was named after some entity. Wikipedia enlightens with: "There is also Triton, the god of Lake Tritonis of Ancient Libya encountered by the Argonauts." Libya was home to the Meshwesh Amazons, and the Argo ship mated with Amazons in Myrina of Lemnos, the line to African Amazons at the Atlas mountains of the Numidia theater. Any questions, class? The barber's BREAK is pointing to this paragraph, and Berbers lived at the Atlas mountains.

Italian Marina's can be gleaned with the nebuly bars of Clements, the latter first found in BRECONshire (i.e. named Breconrigs, right?). Spanish Marina's have three wavy fesses in the heraldic fountain of triton-using Sichs/Sykes'. Marine's/Marins were first found in Hampshire with Potts and Potters, and Marines'/Maryners (not "Marine") were first found in Kent with Sea's who have the Spanish Marina Coat in colors reversed. Descendants of Lemnos named Lemovices at the Poitiers theater. Lemovices named Limousin, where Clairs were first found who share the Chief of Clermonts/Clements (Breconshire). Spanish Barbera's (compare with Golds in the "MARIgolds" of Master-like MAIStre's) share the Murena tower. The Sich/Sykes' write-up tells that the surname developed into Henry Maister and Mark Masterman Sykes.

God wins. He will win, stick with Him through thick and thin. Punch the devil in the face by sticking with God through thick and thin. Be good, and punch the devil in the face in that way, watch him flee. Brakers/Breconrigs were first found in Lanarkshire with Swans/Sions ("FALCONer's gloves" and "DEMI talbot," that's right) who in turn share the swan of Toot-like Totts expected in the Hamon motto. I'll show later why the Hamon chevron can be close to the Sich/Sykes chevron, and I'll also show why Hamon de Masci was close to the Seatons/Sittens who named Sitten/Sion. Hamons love Rimini liners in their motto, which included the Maschi's, and while Rimini is near Fano, Fane's/VANs use gauntlets, what the Swans/Sions once showed instead of the falconer's gloves. Hamons use "attires of a stag," and Staggs/Stage's share the Demy/DuMay/LeMaise / Falcon / Turtle/Tuttle/Toothill chevron. Rimmons were first found in Skye with Flag-loving McLeods/Lutts.

The turtle's shell is emphasized in the Sich/Sykes Crest, and Shells share the Massey fleur-de-lys. That works with the Sykes-Massy marriage, especially as Shields/Shiels share the Sheaves/Shaw and Chester motto. Sichs/Sykes' love the Fountains, and Italian Fontana's share the Chief of Italian Fulks. There's a flag held by the Ville/FONT de Ville lion, and the latter surname was first found in Languedoc with Turtle-related Falcons and the Hugs (Galli Chief?) who are an obvious branch of Fountains.

So the triton, which sure looks like the mythical seaman invented by Greeks (he had a seashell), holds flags. Flags/Flacks were first found in Norfolk with Toothill-like TUTe's/Tuits, Dyke-linkable Diss, Fulke's and Sykes-loving Fountains. Sledmere of the Sykes' is in Yorkshire with Tute's/Toots. Sleds were at PAINSwick, and French Pains have one of the triple Fountain fesses. The Sich/Sykes fountains have the three fesses of Seaman-branch Sea's. That works to explain the Triton, to some extent, anyway, though there can be a Trit-like surname too which applies to Sykes ancestry.

Lookie: "The Sykes family settled in Sykes Dyke near Carlisle in Cumberland" (Wikipedia), and it just so happens that the Carlisle flory cross is showing for Spanish Fontana's ("baskets"). Carlisle's have a ""right hand holding a pen," and Painwicks are also Penwicks (Pendragon colors). The Carlyle / Fontana flory is red, as is the flory cross of the Birds/Burds, and while we just saw a Barbery Bird, Spanish Fontana's (Barber / Berber/Barbery colors) share the Barber scallop.

The video camera of Miss Hicks (set up in front of a female hair cutter) is now pointing via Cameron-like Cambers/Combers to the Revelation asteroid, even as Miss Hicks as the "TROPHy girl" did because Spuds MacKenzie was there. The TROPE's/Drops, first found in Norfolk too, have a lion in colors reversed from the same of English Combs. TROPoje (not far from Rhizon) was in the land of DARDanians, the line to Darts/Dards (Devon, same as Combs) who in turn have one of the two ermined fesses of Sleeps, and while Miss Hicks as Sleeping Beauty pointed to Selepitanoi at Rhizon, the Rise's/Rye's happen to have an ermined bend in the same colors. We were emBRACEd while rising, and Bracebridge's share the crozier with German Rise's.

WOOOOWWWIE! Had I not been on Barber lines, I probably wouldn't have realized that the perchevron (solid chevron) of German Rise's is in the colors of the near-same of Spanish Barbera's. The latter's hourglass shape can be construed as an perchevron coupled with a single pile, and the pile is in the colors of the lone Braker/Breconrig pile!!! That's the surname that, to the best of my ability to find, suits the BREAK that the barber was on. It's also the single pile of Beachs'/Bechs (branch of Beckers), and Sleeping Beauty was on a beach. Bags share the Grimaldi Shield, and my sitting on the purple throne of Grimaldi's (my mother's maiden name) was suspect while she was on her break.

Bagleys were at HORDley of Shropshire, at least near the Dol Alans, and Hords were first found in Lincolnshire with Bardolphs/BarDOLs. Hords share the raven with German Rothes' while English Rothes' were once said to be first found in Shropshire. AHHHHHHHHHHHH, Horts/Hardys, first found in Lanarkshire with Bards/BEARDs, are probably in the motto of Rise-connectable Rice's, and as barbers trim beards, it caused me to look up Trims to find the six pale bars of Scottish English Liss'/Lise's while Scottish Liss'/Leash's share the double chevrons of Barbers and Berbers/Barberys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can we believe it? God definitely set that up, for how can it be a sheer coincidence? Lesks/Lush's, with the Bard/Beard boar in colors reversed, were first found in Berkshire with the Bagley Wood and Hormer locations of Bagleys.

Bagleys were at HORMER, perhaps named by the Orms. English Orms have a dolphin to go with BarDOLPHs/Bardols, and Scottish Orms/Orrins (Arundels?), with a black version of the Bag Shield, are listed with ORAMs while a RAM is in the Bag Chief. Then, pay attention, for while Bags share the Cock Shield, Cocks share the red rooster with Hormer like Homers/Holmers, the latter first found in Lincolnshire with Bardolphs/BARDols while another dolphin is used by POISSONs who in turn throw in the BARDy Coat. When I was showing the barber how I cut my own hair, using her scissors suspect as shears, it seemed to point to the "sheep shearer" derivation of Fuggers, which was strongly linkable to Faux's/Fage's/Chollens', first found in Perigord with Bardys, and pointable to Tony Fauci's POISON vaccines. Bards/Beards use a "fecit" motto term (as do Bulgers/Bolgers) suspect with FAUCets of Fauxside, and moreover Bards share the green griffin head with the Patents in turn sharing the Orm/Orrin/Aram Shield.

The two Cock surnames look like Galli / GAY kin, and Bags were at Gaywood. Gaywoods share the Thor/Tour towers for a trace to Tuareg Berbers. Throne-like Torns/Turins have boar heads in the colors of the Bard/Beard boar. English Orms were first found in Lancashire with the Riggs, in HORN colors and having a reflection of the Shield and Crest of Hormer-like Horners, and the latter were first found in Somerset with Bow-related ROETs and Cocks. Riggs have one of the double-ermined fesses of Sleeps (same place as Bagleys with a branch of Hormer), and the so-called "water spaniels" of Riggs may have been COCKer spaniels at one time. We saw Bagleys sharing the Coat of Woods-related ROOTs/Routs, and Bows are probably in the crossbow of Homers/Holmers. Riggs were suspect in the "rigore" motto of Morleys/Mauls, and David Morley (old friend) circled around the sleeping bag in the woods.

David Morley was used because Davids were kin of Aids/Ade's, and "ADversum" is a HORNer motto term. Hunts/Hunters, Bagleys, Sleeps and English Breakers were first found in Shropshire, beside Davids and English Morleys (share Aid/Ade leopard-fleur combo), and English Breakers use HUNTING HORNs while Aids/Ade's are suspect from Ada of Warenne, wife of Henry HUNTINGdon, a descendant of king David I. Morleys/Mauls love Clements, first found in BRECONshire, recalling that Breaker-like Brakers are also BRECONRIGGS. Thus, you can see a hard link of the sleeping bag to the barber's break, when she left me sitting on the Grimaldi throne, for Bags share the Grimaldi Shield.

The Breaker/Brech hunting horns are used by Wearings (share Warren checks), the latter said to descend from a Mr. Guerin, and then Guerin of Provence is thought to have been the son of William of Gellone, of the Barber line. The HOFF/Hover/Hoffer leopard face is said to be "WEARING" a crown. Wearings were first found in Devon with Wears and Ware's (two Vere branches). The Durance river is on the Provence border, and it flows down from BRIGantium, where I trace Breakers/Brechs.

The "water spaniels" of Riggs may have been cocker spaniels until Riggs married Waters, for the other Riggs have one chevron in Water-chevron colors. Cockers/Cockets share the fleur-de-lys of English Morleys. "Spaniel" could be code for the Lespagnol variation of Spans/Spains/Espains/ESPINays (Somerset, same as Throne's/Thorns and Cocks), which recalls the "spinis" motto term of THRONE's/Thorns. As Cocks share the Grimaldi Shield, there we have a good argument for seeing me sitting on the throne of Grimaldi's, if only something in this paragraph can be pointed to by the barber. The Spine write-up conjectures: "The name is probably another form of Thorne, anciently Latinized 'De Spineto.'"

The other Riggs with chevron share the annulets of Ladys/Laudymans, first found in Northamptonshire with SPINks and Face's/VASE's. Then, "uVAS" is a Throne/Thorn motto term while Grimaldi's of Genova were partnered in politics with Fessy-line Fieschi. Fiscs (almost the Grimaldi Shield) were first found in Surrey with Hairs and Shears. Surreys come up as Shark-like Sarks (could be coincidental), and the Surrey/Sark "paly of eight" could be construed as the Grimaldi / Cock / Bag lozenges. Spine's share the crescent of Seamans who in turn have: "'In the Domesday [1086] of Surrey there is a Seman...'"

INCREDIBLE. I wrote the above before loading the description of German Spans/SPENGels/Spangs, said to use a "vase"!!! Spine's come up as Spink-like SPINGs. Although WIRRALs have the Span/Spengel vase design, they call them cups. Drummonds, sharing the three, wavy fesses of Seaman-branch Sea's, have a motto, GANG WARILy. Bags and PilGRIMs were first found in Norfolk with Gangs/Gingers/Geggs whose cinquefoils are colors reversed from the same of Bags. Gegg-like Googe's/Gouch's share the boar of Spoons, first found in Warwickshire with Spine's.

The Water-like Wachters are listed with Fieschi-like Feschs/Fechts who in turn have swords in the colors of the Gins/Gwynn swords, and Ginsburgs may once have called their "buckets" vases. If so, Gins liners may have been Genova liners. French Buckets share the Gang/Ginger/Gegg cinquefoils. Seamans are said to have been first found, as a surname I assume, in Suffolk, where Knights were first found who share the Coat of GINrich's/GINGERrich's. As Knights are expected with the Nith river, location of Kilpatrick castle, and as Irish Kilpatricks are also Sheera's, the female barber must have been Mrs. Kilpatrick. In the last dream I reported before the barber dream, back in early 2020, Miss Hicks was a nurse poking on my TOOTH with a dental instrument.

As early as 1086, there was a Baguley location in Cheshire where Masseys had titles, and Bagleys come up as "Baguley," which may explain why I PICKed up the sleeping BAG, for my Massey-branch Masci line is from PICenze. Wikipedia's article on Baguley has a clown for a writer, a liar who doesn't flinch when saying, "Baguley is derived from the Old English words Bagca, badger, and Leah, clearing or meadow." No evidence, this clown is as bad as the writers at houseofnames, or whoever houseofnames borrows for off-the-wall derivations. Baggers/Badgers (Yorkshire, same as Sledmere) use a badger, but they were not named after badgers. The Bagger/Badger eagle is shared by Diss'/DICE's, suspect with Sykes DYKE (Cumberland) of the Sichs/Sykes' (branch at Sledmere).

Baguley of Cheshire in WythenSHAW is now of Lancashire. The Tattons are said to have married Massys of Wythenshaw, and these Tattons are in the write-up of Sichs/Sikes', and so the latter's chevron may be the Hamon chevron, because "In 1086 the tenants in chief [of Baguley] were Gilbert (the hunter) and Hamo de Masci. In the 13th century, the Massey Family (Baron HAMON deMascy) was the main landlord in Northenden, Through marriage, the Masseys land in Baguley passed to the Baguley Family, who built Baguley Hall in the 14th century." Recall how Bags were first found at GAYwood while Gays were from Gaia, king Massena's father, and as Numidians includes Shawia, that's probably why we see "WithenSHAW." Kenza of Aures in the land of Shawia is to MacKenzie's who have a "SIC," motto term, seeth thou clearly? No badgers, no liars here.

Northenden of the Masseys is on the Mersey river while Merseys are also Maiseys. The latter share a dragon head of a different color with Northens/Nothings in the Suty motto, and while Sutys share "hazard" with Seatons/Sittens, the latter have the green Northen/Nothing dragon, and describing it as "A dragon SPOUTING fire." It recalls the Spotten variation of Spoltons/Spauldings whom were granted titles from Cheshire's Meschins! The Mersey/Maisey dragon head is partly gold, and I think I can make the case that it's the gold dragon head in the Crest of Bardolphs (Lincolnshire, same as Spottens/Spauldins and le-Meschin's wife) because they share the Bag cinquefoils while this Massey section was launched on Baguley.

Plus, Baguleys/Bagleys named Bagley Wood in Berkshire, where Sheaves/Shaws (probably the Hamon chevron) were first found who share three lozenges (different colors) with Baguleys/Bagleys.

With the spouting dragon of Seatons/Sittens, Shaw-connectable SPUDs MacKenzie and the Kilpatricks are back in play here. Kilpatricks not only share another green dragon, but the Masci fleur-de-lys, and Kilpatricks substitute those fleur with CUSHions linkable to the Kiss'/Cush's sharing the Sich/Sykes / Cast/Cash fountains.

We are on the pointer to the Revelation asteroid here, and the comet-using Reines' have a reflection of the SCHICK Coat, with likely the Chick/Chich lion, and it's even better where the latter were first found in Essex with Rains/Raines' (not "Reines") who share with them three white lions. Schicks are also Sickle-like Schickels, and they have a Coat like that of German Hammers in case the latter were from Hamon de Masci. Reminder: Sichs/Sykes' share the fountains of CASTs/Cash's, and these fountains have the triple-wavy fesses of Sea's in colors reversed, while the Revelation asteroid is CAST into the SEA. It's going to make the rich fat cats sick, to see their ships and cargo mauled by gigantic waves.

Aha! Both the Reines and Schick lions are split in half in different colors, ditto with the giant lion of Itters so that the "Sic ITUR" motto phrase of MacKenzie's must be for Itters! Atters/Etters are listed with Tyre's while Hamons use "ATTIRES of a stag."

Ahh, the Shakells/Sheckletons were first found in Lancashire with Shake's/Shakeleys who named Shakerley in Manchester, where Wythenshaw and Northenden are located. Northenden is in Bucklow, explaining the "lozenge buckles" of Shakells/Sheckletons. Buckle-branch Buckleys/Bulkleys were first found in Cheshire, and SPOTTENs/Spauldings use buckles. Ahh, Buckleys/BULKleys must be using the bull head of BULGers/Bolgers because they look like branches, and it just so happens that Bulgers/Bolgers have a trefoil-version of the Bag Chief! Wow. "Buckley" is like the Bagle variation of Baguleys/Bagleys. I wonder how this relates to Sleeps.

There is some potential evidence here that Apophis is the Revelation asteroid, for a POPlar tree is used by Shakells/Sheckletons, the symbol also of Mens-loving Crystals, and Mens' are in the Pepin/Pepi and Poppin/Popham mottoes. King Apophis of the Hyksos was also Apepi. Then, Sleds, suspect with the Sledmere location of Sichs/Sykes', have the Chief-Shield colors of Mens' and Poppins/Pophams, and even throw in three horse heads in colors reversed from the same of Pepins/Pepi's. "Richard Sykes (1678-1726)...married Mary Kirkby, co-heiress to the Sledmere estates of Mark Kirkby...Christopher Sykes (1749-1801)...made a fortunate marriage with Elizabeth, the daughter of William Tatton of Wythenshawe, Cheshire..." There's your Sykes-Massey marriage (see Tatton write-up), and I trace Masseys all the way back to the Hyksos household that I say named the Biblical Moses.

[Update Oct. 2021 -- For a while now, as was said above, I've been wrongly saying that Crystals use a poplar tree for connection to surnames like "Popham." It turns out, thanks to Hall of Names, to be a fir tree, but this is even better for linking to Pepins and Pipe's because the two can be gleaned using part of the Rasmussen Coat while Rasmussens and Firs/Fire's share the same giant unicorn. Crystals share the "calvary" symbol with Moses'/Moys. I claim that Biblical Moses was named by the daughter of a Hyksos-Egyptian king, Khyan, whom I've seen on the throne immediately before king APEPI/Apophis. Those who know their history will "know" that the Exodus was well after the Hyksos ruled Egypt, but I say the evolutionist Egyptologists have got too many Egyptian kings in their historical schemes in hopes of stretching history back before the Flood, and so they thereby put their dating a little out of whack, too far back in the range of 1500 BC. I say the Hyksos ruled during the Exodus. As it's the Shake's who use a poplar tree while CUNNinghams (Ayrshire, same as KENNedys) use a "SHAKEfork," might Cunn- / Kenn-like surnames have developed after "Khyan"? Lately, Kennedy-like Kenneths/MacKenzie's have been pointing to the Apophis asteroid. End update]

Crystals share the so-called calvary symbol (code for a surname) with the Moses/Moesen surname. The article goes on to mention Henry Maister and Mark Masterman Sykes, suggesting that the Massys of Tatton may have named the Masters. The first girl who KISSed me (she stole it, I didn't kiss her back) was CHRISTine Masters (i.e. like "Crystal") at 13 years of age. Kiss' share the Sich/Sykes fountains. It happened in Unionville, and Unions can be from the Una river of the Maezaei. Christine's use cups, and the Una is beside the KUPa (also called the Colapis). I was at the top of the parliament building in Ottawa with Christine, when our school took us there, I wonder if and how that could fit into the asteroid.

Hiltons use "Moses' head in proFILE," and while Moses' love the CALVarys, FILE's/Veals use gold "CALVES." That's right, tricky-dicky heraldic codes is all this is. Fun and games. The German Backs/Bachs once showed a gold calf that, due to figuring that they were from the Hyksos king, APACHnas, I trace to the golden calf in the wilderness made by Moses' brother.

I'd like to go back to where this was:

Wakefields happen to share the garbs of Commons/Comyns, the latter in Comet colors and format. The asteroid's going to wake up the church, isn't it? [Days after writing here, meteor-like Meters were loaded again, this time spotting that they share the double fesses of Wake's. Walks/Wachs share both the Meter fleur-de-lys and the Wakefield garb. Amazing, especially as it's also the fleur-de-lys of Perkins whom I see from Plancia MAGNA, and we just saw Sandal Magna near Wakefield. Plus, Walk-like Walkers use a "magna" motto term. I'll revisit this later in the update.

Revelation 8 uses "mega" (great) to describe the asteroid. Is God aiming the asteroid against the bloodline of Plancia Magna. I can show evidence toward that because the asteroid hits world trade, a theme of Revelation 18 where the "BABYLON THE GREAT THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS...." is hit hard, where she's distinguished with world trade. Revelation uses "BABYLON THE MAGAAH." The use of "MOTHER" tends to expose that she's the mythical "great mother" goddess of the Greeks, an extension of Ishtar. great-mother goddess of Babylon. It just so happens that Plancia's father was Galatian while Cybele, the great mother of the Greeks, was officiated by her chief priest, Brogitarus, a Galatian king to boot.

Plancia's mother was the chief priestess of the ARTEMis temple in Perkin-like Perga. Now look, for while the seven heads of the beast that the harlot rides includes the family of Vespasian, Brogitarus' grandson, king ARTEMidoros, had a daughter, Julia Tyche, and I've seen her daughter in turn as Julia POLLA. Vespasian was the son of Vespasia POLLA, you see, and to top it off, Plancia Magna married Tertullus of Perga while Vespasian's father was the son of Tertulla. It seems that this batch of families was the root of the Revelation-17 characters.

Back to the Meters sharing the Perkin fleur-de-lys. The Meter page (Dutch surname) shows no other variations, and so I loaded similar surnames such as the Mitre's and Mathers/MOTHERs/Madors. The latter's stars are colors reversed from those of MADARiaga's, and the latter's stars are in the colors of the EU stars possibly because Mr. Madariaga helped to prop up the EU beast. This beast is suspect as the heart of end-time Mystery Babylon, for she sits on the seven hill of Rome, and, according to the last verse of Revelation 17, she is Rome itself, which the verse calls the "great (MEGAle) city." Vespasian's family lived in RIETi, and Mathers/MOTHERs use a "celeRITer" motto term that could be partly for Rieti liners. Vespasian's son was TITus, and the "ForTITus" motto term of Mathers/Mothers could apply to Titus' bloodline.

Tertulla (Vespasian's grandmother) is suspect as the line to mythical Tertullus, great-grandfather of Fulk I of Anjou, husband of Miss Loches, and while Loches'/DeLOGES' were first found in Burgundy with Loge's, the Ritters suspect in "celeRITER" use a "log." That works. The Titus surname has a Moor head wearing a wreath, a term like the Reate variation of "Rieti." The Fulks can be traced to the FLAVIUS surname of Vespasian's family via the Fulke relationship to Flags/Flecks, for here's the Fly write-up: "The surname Fly is derived from 'Flageum,' a French village named for FLAVIUS, the owner of an estate in the region. This village eventually became known as 'Flagi' (pronounced 'flah-hee')." Flys share martlets inside of pellets with English and Irish Pratts, and "pratus" is a motto term in the Arms of Rieti. Irish Pratts were first found in Norfolk with Flags/Flecks and Fulke's.

If you thought that Mathers/Mothers/Madors connected well to the EU and the mega-mother harlot, it's interesting that they were first found in Kincardineshire with the Peertree's who in turn share the stag head of Trumps. President Trump, who is the president at this time, is the MAGA president, and he's all into trade and money matters, as are his supporters. However, he's not been a fan of the EU. Maybe that will change. My bet is that Trump will link himself with deep-state thingies again in his second term.

The line of Rieti goes through Roets to the Speer/SPEYer boar head to the Spey river, location of Rothes, where the Polla-line Pollocks built a castle, who were proto-Rothschilds. It means that Bauer-line Rothschilds, the epitome of world trade, descend from the Imperial Flavians. The Arms of Rothschild shares "Industria" with the Wake-like Walks/Wachs (very connectable to Plancia Magna) who in turn share the Madariaga / EU / Bauer stars. The Pollock saltire, which Wikipedia displayed in green on gold, is in the colors of the similar cross in the Arms of Pola, a city in Ishtar-like Istria. There we have what looks like the great-mother line in the naming of Vespasia Polla.

Pola was Pietas Julia under emperor Augustus. The quadrants on the Arms of Rothschilds are those also of Pietas-like Pettys, and while Rothes'/Rothchilds share the raven with a Peter surname, Rothschilds/Roddensteins (share arrow with Pollocks) have an eight-pointed star, ancient symbol of Ishtar. Petro was the first name of Tertulla, Vespasian's grandmother. Was Flavius Petro descended from Istria? "[Pola] was destroyed by Augustus, but was rebuilt by him and named Pietas Julia..." What was the "Pietas" for? The Fasts in the McLeods/Lutts motto share the Petty quadrants, and McLeods/Lutts love the Flags while we saw Flys naming Flagi for Flavius.

Repeat: "The Sykes family settled in Sykes Dyke near Carlisle in Cumberland" (Wikipedia), and it just so happens that the Carlisle flory cross is showing for Spanish Fontana's. McLeods/Lutts were on Sykes-like Skye, and the Rieti-line Reeds (NorthUMBERland, beside Cumberland) not only have a reflection of the Petro Coat, but the Petro flory is in colors reversed from the same of Carlisle's / Fontana's. Ville's/FONT-de-Ville's use a "purple flag." Sykes' named Sykes Dyke, and Scottish Dyke's (Cumberland) share the triple cinquefoils of Sedans, who likely named Sedbergh, where Dents were first found who share two motto term in the Arms of Rothschild, including "industria." "The original bearer of the [Dyke] name lived in DUTTon, Lancashire."

The Dutton quadrants are colors reversed from the same of Tute's/Tuits, who in turn have this: "Originally of Le Thuit, Eure in the Canton of Les Andelys, before the Norman Conquest..." Les Andelys, suspect from ANTALya, is where Tonys/TONE's derived, which looks like it can explain "DutTONE." "Odard Dutton, nephew of Hugh Lupus [le-Meschin's uncle] was granted the lands of the Barony of Dutton in 1066. He was directly descended from William, Earl of Eu" and as Talbots (Shropshire, same as Meschins) were likewise at Eu, note the Hayden "talbot with black SPOTs," for these Haydens share the Dutton quadrants while SPOTTens/Spauldings were connected to the Meschins, and the latter descended with Tonys/Tone's from Malahule of More, Rollo's uncle, while Rollo's daughter reportedly married Grimaldi's.

Haydens work excellently into this discussion because they were resolved from the Hatti on the Halys river, location, almost, of lake TATTa, the latter having Perta on its shores while Perts/PETTs were first found in Kent with Petty-like Petits. Pettys use PERT-like parrots. Rollo's were first found in PERTHshire. "Tout" and "passe" are Rollo motto terms. One wonders whether Rollo's ancestry wasn't Italian on one side, from a Grimaldi-related Masci line. Meschin earls had a family member who married Clare's of TONbridge, and Clare's named the Crispins while it was CRISPIna, daughter of Rollo, who is said to have married Grimaldus. Why do Rieti-line Flags/Flacks share the Meschin scallops?

Rollo married Poppa of Valois, and the Valois Coat has some similarity with the Turtle/Tuttle/Toothill Coat (share black Crest with Rollo's), the latter sharing the Rollo chevron. The Clare-Crispins were at Bec Abbey of TOOTing Bec. As Tute's/Touts (Yorkshire, same as Rolls) can be linked to Tattons, we can entertain Tate's/Teets for this line and therefore also the Deeters/Teeters. Tate's/Teets were first found in Berwickshire with Aytons/Artems, feasibly from the Artemis cult overseen by Plancia's mother (and perhaps Plancia herself), and Ayton-like Eytons (Shropshire, same as talbots) essentially use the Toothill/Toutehill/TotteHULL Coat (Cornish chough in Crest).

I've got to repeat here that Turtle-like Tertullus of Perga, Plancia's husband, was related to a Mr. Simplex while "Simplex is in the motto of Perga-like-Perkins (share PASSE/Pascal / Levi lion). Perkens/Parkinsons share the TOOTH feathers. The boar heads of Rollo's "passe") are colors reversed from the same of Pasi-related Speers (Renfrewshire, same as SIMPLE's and Polla-line Pollocks) who in turn look related to Tattons and Spree's, the latter having a "Simple" motto term. You dig? VesPASia Polla, suspect from Julia Polla of the Galatians from whom Plancia's father (Plancius) was from. There was a Gaius Julius PLANCIUS Varus Cornutus whose father had a Tertullus surname, and Plancia married Tertullus. This information is in a Wikipedia article telling that "Julia Tertulla married Lucius Julius Marinus Caecilius SIMPLEX..."

Back to the "ForTITER" motto term of Mathers/Mothers for potential connection to Mitre's. It's feasible here that Teeters/Deeters were Rieti liners, for "flower"-using Ditters/Detters/Dettlers share the Walk/Wach fesse while the latter's two stars in Chief are those of Italian Tonys who in turn put a "flower" on their body of unnamed water, in the colors of the "lake" of Mitre's who almost share the Tony / Walk/Wach Chief, tending to explain why Walks/Wachs have a "DITat" motto term. The Mitre Chief is in the colors and format of the Toy/Tey Chief while Tittys (share Toy chevron) are listed with Totta's having a Toy-like Toty variation.

Deeters were first found in Mecklenburg with same-colored Trumps (stag head), and while same-colored Ditters use a hand presumably for the Hands/HANNs' (stag), Hanna's have the Trump stag head in colors reversed. Hanna's use a "Per" motto term, and Peartree's/Patria's have the Trump stag head. The Hanna's (beside Bells) call their stag heads "deers' heads EACH with a BELL around its neck," and I think Each's/Etches' and Eggs/Edge's are from the Adige river to the east side of lake Garda, with Val Trompia on the opposite side. Trumps are also Tromps. Hanna's are also Haneys while Handys share the Annandale saltire with the Annas stars upon it, and Annandale is in Dumfries with the first-known Bells. Hanna's/Haneys were first found in WIGton, and Wiggins share the Annas Coat, almost. The Wiggin Crest is shared by Scottish Johnsons, first found in Dumfries.

I'd like to quote from the last update where I've just added a short insert:

Just then a couple come running down the ramp to find me [in last week's dream], and they say, "you owe me five thousand dollars." For car repairs, that is. I argued with the man, telling him that he'll never win in court because he didn't slow down when he saw me on the ramp backward. And at the end of the dream, I yelled, "F--- off."

This caused me to load Fuggers because I remember their write-up: "The name is derived from the Middle High German word 'fucker,' meaning 'sheep shears.'"...this surname is excellent because Danish HANSONs have the same Coat exactly as Fuggers. This has to do with my teen girlfriend, Katrina HANSON, who was the ice-cream girl that pointed doubly to Tony Fauci, and even to Stephen HAHN, Trump's FDA chief i.e. in charge of what medicines would be permitted for COVID relief / cures, and also in charge of whether vaccines would be permitted early...

[Insert September 25 -- "Egg" in French is off-like "oeuf." Is that not amazing?]

The dream ended with a derogatory phrase, which is why I didn't want to believe that it was a dream from God, yet the dream connected to heraldry probably better than any other dream that's proved to do so, as proof that God gave it, and now on top of a Fucker pointer to Fauci, we have what looks like an off pointer to the Ice/Ecco / Egg/Edge bloodline suspect as a pointer to Fauci's partner in crime, ECOhealth.

Ainsley Earhardt, fulfilling Sleeping Beauty, pointed to poison vaccines by way of pointing to her boss, Rupert Murdoch, and while Murdochs have ravens "hanging by an arrow," German Offens/Hoffners have an arrow ""hanging from two chains and a silver ANNulet." Offens/Hoffners, suspect in the "often" motto term of Ainsleys, are also HOVERners, which now tends to explain why Sleeping Beauty was hovering when I woke her.

The thing of "beauty" here is that Rothschilds/Roddensteins share a white arrow bendwise with Offens/Hoffners, first found in Brunswick with Rothschilds/Roddensteins. Brunswick is the Bruno line to Browns/Bruns (share Fugger / Cremer / Faux/Fage / Earhardt fleur-de-lys), first found in Cumberland with Ramps (I was on the ramp when telling the driver, "fuck off") who in turn use the double BROWN lions of Collins, and the Faux's/Fage's in the brackets above are also Chollens'. Francis Collins is Fauci's boss. Scottish Browns share the Coat of vaccine-like Vychans/Vaughns, likely a branch of Faucet-branch Faughns. Offens/Hoffners/HOVERners could have been of the Overs/Offers having the Bruno bend in colors reversed.

Irish Browns share "Fortiter" with Mathers/Mothers. The same Browns share the double-headed eagle of German Belows, and then CHALICE-loving Belows (Yorkshire, same as Toots/Touts and Hicks), sharing "Tout" with Hicks, share the fretty of Tuit-branch Thwaits (Norfolk, same as Tute's/TUITs). As CALLES' use trumpets, doesn't this paragraph bring president Tweety Bird to mind? He wants to be known as the father of the vaccines, what a stupid man. If the good guys are hanging their hats on Trump, what stupid people. Prepare for a spoiling and spoilage, America, not a making of a great country again. The heartless buzzards are gathering overhead. By what coincidence is the Brown / Below eagle in the colors of the Hickson and HELT/Held eagle legs while Helts were introduced in the first place from "EcoHEALTH"?

The globo-monster is on the loose in USA, and it wants to gobble up its enemies now. It's been attacking, and the people have yet to consider how to win this war before they are in the monster's mouth. Trump is essentially the monster's aid, like one who shovels his own supporters into the monster's mouth. Will he repent, or is this a false hope? The monster is trying to buy time, and we had best use this narrow time wisely, in either attacking or retreating. The monster will spew a river from its mouth when we retreat from his skin-number.

It's ugly because Rothschilds/Roddensteins can be gleaned with the bend of Rodhams/Roddens (Northumberland, beside Ramps), and I was driving backward on the ramp for a reason, likely because the Obama dream ended with a man whose back was emphasized, when Obama was upset with him in a scene immediately after Obama was on a skateboard going up and down a skateboard RAMP. But why should the Clintons be involved in the vaccine scheme? Or is this a pointer to Rothschilds generally? Haven't they been at the charge of a global government since the first world war? Hasn't God restrained that effort until now?

The Rodham/Rodden bend is that also of OFFENdens/OVENdens (Rodhams/Rodden colors and format), and the latter are super because they named Ovington in RISbridge while the ermined bend of Rodhams/Roddens is shared by Rise's!!! Sleeping Beauty was rising after hovering, and Sleeps (Rise colors, including the ermine) were first found in Shropshire with a Rodden river! Rise's were first found in Norfolk with Risings/Risons.

I think I've deciphered another part of last week's dream that was missed last week. Here's what was said: "The COUPLE's vehicle was on two TIRES (passenger side) while going around a corner on the ramp, and Tire's (share the fitchee used by Keppoch-branch MacDonalds) happen to have the Copple/Couples eagles in colors reversed. This is the way I like my dreams, easy to resolve with heraldry." The scene was wrong physics-wise because the car was making a curve to the right so that the passenger-side tires should have come off the road, but instead, the driver's side tires were off the road. What does this mean, that God doesn't know his physics? Maybe we need to send God to grade-8 science class.

The giant Ice/Ecco eagle is in the colors of the BACK eagle, explaining why I was driving backward: God really wants to point to the Ice / Egg bloodline. The point in repeating all of this is that the giant BALANCE/BALLance eagle is in colors reversed from the two above, and in the colors of the giant eagle of Eggs/Edge's (Cheshire, same as BALLs and OFFers). I'm not lying, I'm telling the truth, that the car was on a 45-degree angle with two wheels OFF the ROAD (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), in what can be considered a perfect balance on one side. It was very brief, a second long, the vehicle at the tipping point, yet the car did not tip; it came to a balance for a second, then fell back with all fours on the road, narrowly missing the car next to it. It's just more evidence that God wants to point to the Ice / Egg bloodline. Tipps'/Tippins have a Chief in the colors and format of the Side Chief.

WOW EXPLOSIVE! Those exclamation marks above were inserted after the paragraph was ended, after failing to realize why the road is significant. It's because the Road surname has a sideways / tilted eagle in the colors of the Egg/EDGE eagle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Incredible. And Backs were first found in Somerset with Roets! ZIKERS, I missed all this last week. Roets owned the "Catherine WHEEL." Roads describe: "a silver eagle displayed on its side." FauxSIDE castle was likely named after Side's (for reasons explained elsewhere). The Egge/Edge eagle is half in the colors of the Road eagle, and half in the colors of the Balance eagle! INCREDIBLE. We have a miracle-dream here warning not to receive the vaccines.

The car was almost on its side = a potentially fatal situation for drivers who pass out while driving. Yet the couple was not hurt; the two were walking fine, and the only thing the husband said was that I owed him money for car repairs. That doesn't look related in particular to vaccine-caused accidents. It looks more like a pointer to court cases.

The EDGE variation of the Eggs is excellent here because the ADIGE river flows at Garda while German GARDners have a good reflection of the Egg/Edge Coat. This was part of the reason that the man in the Obama dream, the one with his back to Obama, and to me, was resolved as the gardener. That's probably why the scene shifted from my being inside Obama's billiard hall, to its BACKyard, because that's where we could expect a gardener. It was in the backYARD because Yards use a Faucet-like "facta" motto term, and moreover let's bring the Pettys back who are in the Arms of Rothschild along with the Fasts, for Pettys share the Yardley Coat, and the tipping car was driving so FAST he was to blame for his accident.

I was driving backward, and the tipping car was seen out my front windshield with it driving toward me fast, making me concerned with driving carefully backward. I looked backward to do so. The vehicle was LEANing, and Leans share two symbols (different colors) with Tire's. As was said, the dream started with my driving into the wrong LANE (in-coming traffic) so that I had to BACK-up into the intersection, and Leans are also MacLane's. Are they being pointed to because Irish Lane's/Lawns share the Barber fleur-de-lys? English Lane's share the triple lions in pale of Plantagenets, first found in London with Berbers/Barberys. The other Barbers share the garbs of Keppochs, and one of the two symbols shared by Leans and Tire's is the MacDonald / Donnel fitchee, used in black by Tire's, the color used for the same symbol by the Keppoch-branch MacDonalds. One of the Irish Donnels (shares the "galley" with Keeps) shares the salmon with Leans/MacLane's, and the latter's Coat all-around is like the other Irish Donnel Coat. Compare the latter with this Arms of MacDonald of Keppoch (shares black fitchee with Leans/MacLane's).

Keeps have a bend in the colors of the bend of Irish Lane's/Lawns. What could all of this be for from my driving into the wrong lane, followed by chaos in the intersection, followed by driving backward on the ramp, followed by animosity toward me by the couple who got into an accident. It looks like Trump's tumultuous presidency that ended up giving the world the Fauci Fraud. It looks like a pointer to DONALD Trump, since Trumps / Tromps named Val Trompia at lake Garda while English Lane's/Lawns use a "Garde" motto term? Dutch Tromps are split vertically in the horizontally-split colors of English Lane's/Lawns. The dream last week is thus pointing to the Trump rat who gave the country vaccines instead of known cures for viruses.

"Garde" is shared by Carricks while Keppoch MacDonnels descend from ALISTER CARRAGH MacDonald. Alisters/Alexanders were first found in KinTYRE!!! The vehicle leaning on its two tires looks like a pointer to Trump; it's not a wonder it was leaning in the wrong direction. Madness. The Allisons/Allisters, said to be from Keppoch-line MacDonalds, were first found in Lane-like Lanarkshire, and Lanarks/Lurnacks were kin of Lorne's = Lorraine's sharing the Keep bend.

As said a million times, Mr. KEPke (old friend), whose hair was like that of Trump's, was sitting on my hood spotting ALLISON Bauer getting into the car of Mike Denardo, and Denardo's share the tower of Loupe's while Allisons/Allisters were at Loupe. Recall Barbery Bird, for "blackbirds" are used by English Allisons while Narbonne's are listed with Denardo's while Narbonne is smack at the area of the Gellone monastery of William de Gellone. English Barbers on the GAILLON river share the triple fleur-de-lys of Galley-like Gellone's! I get, for this section delving into Keppochs had started with this: "Are [leans/MacLane's] being pointed to because Irish Lane's/Lawns share the Barber fleur-de-lys? English Lane's share the triple lions in pale of Plantagenets, first found in London with Berbers/Barberys [share double chevrons of English barbers]. The other Barbers share the garbs of Keppochs..." Those other Barbers were first found in Warwickshire with Balance's!

Ahh, the Allisons/Alisters are in the colors and format of Balance-like Balans'!!! Can you believe it? The latter share the white estoile with Motts/Morts who in turn share the Alister/Alexander crescent, and one Scott Coat says that Alexander was the brother of king BALiol. Baliols, first found in Northumberland with Scottish Barbers and Keep-loving Hebrons, are in Balance / Balans colors. Baliols share three up-pointing swords around a chevron, albeit in different colors, with Mustans while Kepke was sitting on my hood watching Allison get into Denardo's car (she was leaving me for him at that time). Why did she have a Bauer surname. She was Jewish.

One of the Donnel surnames use the "calvary" symbol, and so do Moses'/Moys who are said to have been attached to vaccine-like Vychan, lord of Mustan-like Mostyn. The "Ex" motto term of Calvarys is looking like code for Eggs/Edge's or Ice's/Ecco's because Allison Bauer goes together with Darlene Ray the ICE-cream girl. I'll get to Darlene shortly below.

Ice's/Ecco's were first found in Rostock, and so see the Road write-up: "The family moved north from early on, and chronicles first mention the Pomeranian knight Roderus of Rostock in 1282, Henrich Roder of Rostock in 1299, Nicolaus Roeder of GREIFswald in 1385..." I kid you not, that not more than 30 minutes ago, I was looking at the demi lion in the Crest of AUGers/EAGERs/ETCHes', and telling God that I can't see any way to link it to the same demi lion of GRAFFs/Graffens, the pointer to graphene oxide in poison vaccines! That is still-more incredible. It seems that God is verifying the presence of graphene in vaccines by the tires off the road.

Rostock is in Mecklenburg, and Trumps/Tromps were first found in Mecklenburg along with Hahns. The latter were a branch of Hanns (share rooster of Couples-like Kopple's), and while the Hanns share the red rooster with Balans', the latter may have a black-Shield version of the RUSH/Rish Coat because both surnames were first found in Suffolk with the Owls/Howls in the Calvary Coat. The Rush/Rish Coat shares the fesse of ROSco's/Risco's, which thus looks like the line naming ROStock. The MacDonald fitchee always comes with a hand while Hands (Cheshire, same as Eggs/Edge's and EGGERtons) are also Hanns. Rosco's/Risco's mention "GILBERT Roscoe, of EXton." There is an Exton/ECKSt surname (Cornwall, same as Rosco's/Risco's). It's all making sense. The ramp dream is making sense as a pointer to poison vaccines in many ways.

Mustans are said to descend from a Gilbert character, which can explain why Gilberts (I say they were Carrick ancestors) share the Mustan chevron. Mostyns happen to have an Aug-like "AUXilium" motto term along with "Domino" while Domino's share the black tower with Extons/Eckst's, thus making Gilbert, ancestor of Mustans, look related to Mostyns too. The latter have the FAUCet lion in colors reversed while Vychan, namer of Faucet-connectable Vaughns, was lord of Mostyn. Or, the Mathie's/Manns/Maghans, sharing the Mostyn lion, have a "Fac et" motto phrase. We are back on pointers to Fauci's and Trump's crimes against humanity. English Mathie's/Matthews have three of the Berber/Barbery chevrons, and share the Barber scallop. Welsh Matts/Matthews share the Faucet lion.

The tipping car now allows me to go back to my hockey game at age 12 where I was wearing Johnny-BOWER brand SKATES. Bowers (Peebles-shire, same Peeble's who share Petty parrot) share the five, bunched arrows (three bunches called "three sheaves of arrows") in the Arms of Rothschilds. Bowers use bows too while Bows (five bunched arrows "points DOWNward") were Roet kin. Obama (Down(ham) liner) was on a SKATEboard, to be viewed as a skateBOARD too, because, after I poked / TIPPed in the puck, I went sliding into the BOARDs with my BACK. I'm not making this up, I've told of it many times.

Then, upon getting back up on my skates, the whole team PILED UP on me (because it was the last-minute winning goal of the semi-championship game). Although I didn't see the accident on the ramp, the couple came walking down the ramp without their vehicle, and said I owed them money for car repairs. The acciDENT can thereby be assumed, and Dents share two motto term with the Arms of Rothschild. I wrote this paragraph and the one above it after thinking that the dream implied a PILE-UP of cars on the ramp. It's making for connections to the hockey goal, yet that was about election fraud, not vaccines, though both involve China.

I've told of the following several times too, that while Rothschilds descended from Mayer Bauer, my second teen girlfriend at Knob Hill Farms grocers was Allison Bauer, and the first was Darlene Ray/Wray, the second ICE-Cream girl less than a year after Katrina Hanson was the first ice-cream girl. Darlene was in a car accident while I was with dating her. Bowers share a green Shield with Bauers, and the first Rothschild (Mayer Bauer) called his home, "Green Shield."

Rays have a green Shield, in both colors of the boar heads of Burley/Bourlys (Somerset, same as Roets), and yet another green Shield is with boar-using Burys/Buris'/Berrys (spear, for Speers sharing the Roet boar heads). English Burys/Buris' were first found in Devon with Berrys and Beers, between Roets of Somerset and the Buds/Bude's having three arrows "tied" in the middle with a "ribbon." Ribons are listed with RAYborns ("roebuck drinking out of a BROOK"), that's right. Broc is in Anjou / Angers, where Hangers / Angers trace who both share the escarbuncle with French Rays. Raymundo's were first found in Crema -- on the SERIO river -- where Darlene Ray's ice-CREAM points. Her CAR accident can be a pointer to the "serio" motto term of Cars (Lancashire, same as Tipps/Tippins, Tipps-related RatCLIFFs, and Wrays). Cliffs married the Stick-branch Styche's.

The tip-in goal above had pointed hard to Mike Lindell's packet captures, and to John Ratcliffe too as the one suspect in getting him the packet captures, but his symposium has greatly disappointed on that score. And so I now don't know what to think. Give it more time, I suppose.

By the way, I've been saying that Lindells share the log with Poulos', but I learned yesterday that Poulos' use "sticks." However, I think the Poulos' called them logs to begin with because Loge's and Loches'/DeLoge's (Burgundy, same as Poulos') were of Miss Loches, wife of Fulk I of Anjou, where the Brooks, who share the Stick Coat, tell of their Broc location. I tipped / POKEd the puck in with my STICK!!! Excellent. Poke/Pollocks (share "strenue" with ribbon-using Dempsters) y were proto-Rothschilds. Is God suggesting that Lindell is a fraud, a worker secretly for the Rothschild empire? Or will Lindell come through? The puck had come to rest on the goal LINE when I poked it in, and Line's are Linds too, as are Lindells. Mr. Poulos founded Dominion Voting.

Dempsters and Pollocks share motto terms while Pollocks use "Audacter" verses to "audax" in the motto of Forts suspect in the "ForTIER" motto term of Demspters. The Tier's are listed with Tires, and the vehicle on the ramp was balanced on two tires. Tiers share the MacDonald ship of Mare's in the "mare" motto term of Tire-related MacDonalds, and Mare's come up as "Deem/Deems" while Dempsters are also DEEMsters (share Dempsey sword). MacDonalds use "Per mare per terras," and the puck came to rest on the goal line as per a slap shot from Steve Tarr (puck hit goalie and slowed down toward the net). Tarrs/Terre's (MacDonald colors) come up as "Terres."

When I saw the puck coming to rest on the goal line with nobody between me and the puck, my knees gave out in the excitement, and so I slid in to poke the puck in, and went CRASHing into the boards. Isn't that of the car crash on the ramp? Tarrs were first found in Somerset with the Roets to which the balanced vehicle pointed that later crashed, but Somerset is where Backs and Shins were first found while Shins share blue vair with BACHs/Baghs. As I've said a million times, I went sliding in on my SHIN pads, which justifies entered the Shins into the picture, but I can now add what I couldn't before: although Shins show three fesses on a blue-vair background, Hall of Names tells that they use six bars (fessewise), three of blue vair, and three red ones. It just so happens that Bachs/Baghs have a vaired fesse in a red Shield, and both Bachs/Baghs and Irish Shins share black dogs in Crest. German Backs/Bachs, who use a "STEER," even share blue wings with Bauers, and Sturs/STYRE's, of the Stur river of Somerset, share triple-red fesses with Bachs/Baghs. That's why I crashed into the boards with my back, and why I was driving backward when the guy crashed his vehicle.

The packet captures in Lindell's possession have hacks into election computer systems initiated mainly from China, and that's why I figured that Shins were important in that tip-in goal, for they show China-like Chine/Ching variations. The Hacks (Devon) have quadrants colors reversed from the same of Drive's/Drove's (Hampshire, same as Sturs/Styre's), and the latter are suspect in my driving backward. That works good.

However, the ramp scene has pointed very hard for many reasons to vaccine poisons, not election fraud. But then let's quote this from the last update:

LOOKIE MORE: I told the COUPLE they would not win in court because they were driving FAST instead of SLOWING down. Slowens share the Giuliani eagle. "HOLD FAST" is a McLeod/CLOUD motto, and I urinated on the ramp [at Baytown, Texas, pointer to poison vaccines] an hour or two after seeing a cloud-related omen (topic below). Fasts, first found in Norfolk with Diss'/DICE's, have the Cobble/CUPELdik/CopolDYKE (!) crosslets in colors reversed, and then the Diss/Dice eagles are shared by Copple's/Couples'. Ha-ha, too much. This has got to be my favorite dream ever. No other dream panned out with heraldry so fast, so well, and so extensively as this one. They were an OLD couple, by the way, in their 60's roughly. [[[It took me an hour to get round to loading Olds, to find them in SLOW colors and format!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!]]]

But now, as if to point to PACKET captures, fraudulent or otherwise, I see that Slows and Olds are in the colors and format of Packets/Pagets (Oxfordshire, same as Purys with almost the Coat of omen-like Omans, but see also Fugger-like Foggs). Packets/Pagets (Oxfordshire, beside Slows) even share the Balance / Egg/Edge eagle (Back eagle in colors reversed). Omans have the Old martlets in colors reversed. The omen pertained to my getting mugged in Galveston, and Lindell likes to tell of the time(s) he was mugged. My mugging pointed to James LeDuc, chief of the Galveston National Lab that had authority in China's Wuhan lab for some time, and may still have it. China is where the packet-capture data points as the criminal element usurping Trump's presidency.

I didn't catch, in the last update, that hurts (blue roundels) are shared between Olds and German Eggs/Eggers/Egens.

The day of my mugging (about 1 am), God caused me to buy a newspaper and coffee as a pointer to News'/Nuces' and Coffee's/Coffers (cups for Cups/COPE's, a branch of COPPs), but we can now add that Copple's/Couples' have a reflection of the News/Nuces' Coat, suggesting that the couple who crashed the car on a ramp link to my omen- / Galveston-related event. A lot of this was expounded upon in the last update.

The "CONTRario" motto term of Packets looks like code for Counters/Conte's, first found in Durham with the Sedans who happen to have a "sino" motto term that is a China term. "Sino" means "something Chinese." Sedans share the Coat of Dyke's while it's the DICE's/Diss' who share the Copple/Couples eagles. Counter's/Conte's call their antlers "bucks' horns barways," probably because they are in the colors of the Buck "bucks antlers," and it just so happens that Slows were first found in BUCKinghamshire (near the first-known Packets/Pagets).

Here's a new thing I didn't realize while quoting this: "I told the COUPLE they would not win in court because they were driving FAST instead of SLOWING down. Slowens share the Giuliani eagle." Slowing DOWN. Not only do Slowens tell that Sloane's "emigrated to eastern Ulster, in Armagh and DOWN," but Eggertons (Cheshire, same as Eggs/Edge's) share the giant Slowan lion while the Eggerton Crest is "Three gold arrows, points DOWNward, headed and feathered gold, TIED." Eggertons use "ARMis" that might go with the Armagh location of Slowans. The Giuliani eagle is black, same as the Ice/Ecco eagle. (Buds say their down-pointing arrows are "tied" too.


As one could expect, the long-waited report on Arizona voter fraud reported only about 60,000 fraudulent votes, like when Karen Fann throws the dogs a few biscuits to stay momentarily contented. There have got to be many more fraudulent votes than that, because it that's all there is, Trump won Arizona, against a hapless Biden, by only a few tens of thousands of votes. HOGWASH. And I know where some of the other faked votes they are, for as I look at the list of fraudulent votes (load video to see list), there's no category for flipped votes.

On top of the above, there were reported over 17,000 duplicate ballots, and by that I don't mean duplicates from adjudicated ballots, but ballots where there were, usually, almost 17,000 people who had two votes each. That requires criminal fraud, and so the discovery process needs to be on whether everyone of those people submitted two ballots each, and, if so, how they managed it, or whether the cheat house duplicated the ballots using an in-house worker(s) tasked to do so. It's easy to figure which of the two options is the truth because the duplicates should show similarities of pen strokes, etc., if the same worker(s) did them all. If the people duplicated them, then each pair should look fairly identical in pen action.

The best way to nip election-fraud crime is to send violators to prison for at least six months. That will instantly reduce election fraud by 98-percent. But even if corrupt judges keep half of the violators out of jail, it's still going to slow election fraud enormously, because cheats will know they have a 50-50 chance of being jailed if caught. This is not cruelty to the cheats; it's kindness to honest voters, honest people. But the way Fann is going about this, she's a laughing stock if she is trying her darndest to keep the cheats from prosecution. She's trying to reduce election fraud by systematic changes to election process, but without the fear factor for the cheats. IDIOT. LAUGHING STOCK.

The senate did reveal, however, that Trump won: "Based on the Audit the Results of the 2020 Election in Arizona Should Never Have Been Certified". But what's the tally thus far, without the flipped Dominion votes? What's with the suspense? My guess is that the 70,000-plus fraudulent votes found thus far were not sufficient to get Biden the win Arizona-wide so that Dominion had to stem the tide with additional fraudulent votes (after midnight on election night). Dominion-and-buddies wouldn't have risked a mutual hacking-cheat project if unnecessary i.e. the more-than-70,000 votes faked by other methods was insufficient for a Biden win.

Here's Nick Moseder with some inside info that claims: Karen's Fann's senate attorney twisted the arm of the Cyber Ninjas to alter their conclusions because it came down too hard on Biden:

The video tells that the senate attorney twisted the arm of Ninjas' boss so that he'd delete the part in the report where he caters to criminal action against the cheats. I assume that the attorney was working at Fann's direction. [MarK Logan, thje Ninjas boss, denied on September 28 that he wrote that part of the report, but he could be lying at the direction of those who demended he remove that statement.] Arizona's attorney general has signaled that he wants to "fight," which sounds like he's ready for taking the cheats to criminal court.

Trump himself could have called for an audit paying for it himself. What kind of an act is he? He'll be happy if the criminals go to jail, but only if someone other than himself does the arresting. When he was the active president, he wanted no arrests, HYPOCRITE. What kind of a sheriff is afraid to make arrests? Trump is no sheriff, no man at all. He left the nation to the lizards, and behaved like a lizard himself. It's not he who won the election, but the voters. The voters hired him as a matter of actual fact, and because he didn't fire Wray, the latter jailed many Trump supporters merely for their presence on January 6, and they are still in jail to this day when it's Trump who deserves to be punished for not firing Wray the moment he unveiled that he's a criminal part of the deep state. A president who allows a criminal to lead the FBI needs to meet his end at a firing squad; the two of them together. Wray's FBI conducted January 6 as a false-flag event against Trump, how good does that look on that swamp rat, Trump?

I pity Christians who continue to support that rat. Your power from God cannot exist so long as you show God that you're a clown by denying the realities before your nose. God cannot take pleasure in a compromised Christian. Everyone on the Bannon show is a clown, pushing rat-Trump as if they are blind to his rat tail.

January 6 is one of the best things for the good guys because the FBI got caught, and that means the military and CIA were involved in it. The people can now open their eyes to the realities they didn't want to see a decade ago. Yes, America is a satanic bastion, get past it. Stop chasing the American dream, fools, and fight the bastion. Elect good people, not rats. Trump exposed himself as a rat, what more do you want from God? He did His part if He exposed the rat, now you do your part and have nothing to do with him. The clown news / commentary shows are trying to convince Christians that Trump is worthy of their support, therein lies the trap. Stay out of it.

The battle now is to own the election systems. To own them, the good guys need to elect state governors, state secretaries of state, and state legislators. That's where the battle lies. Democrats haven't got the votes to win elections, and so the battle lies in correcting election fraud, because this is all Democrats have for winning the White House. Trump, the rat, did NOTHING to correct election fraud. Four years of NOTHING but bragging on how great he is and was and ever will be, it's so miserably pathetic. The man is like the devil in worship of self. A man like Trump or Giuliani or Bannon or Bongino or Hannity has no power from God if he's compromised on 9-11. I cannot fathom God finding it in His heart to use such men if they cover for that horrendous crime. If a man considers that crime as nothing, to be ignored to this day, that man is in danger of Hell. People go to Hell when God's heart rages against them.

In other words, don't elect men who are afraid to admit that 9-11 was an inside job, for such men are comfortable in their lies to their voters. You injure yourselves by voting for such shallow zeroes. You injure yourself to watch Hannity night after night, for he has no power from God. He has only what his human wits provide, but even less, he's got to cater to his corrupt boss if he wants to remain famous on Fox. It's time ten years ago for all good men to come out and rail against 9-11 criminals; imagine how better North American would be today if that was done ten years ago, if there had been a rally-call to all people to confess that the American government is corrupt to the point of staging 9-11. But as things now sit, the lizards are still deeply in charge because almost nobody of significant political force went against them these past ten years. If anyone tries, the clown shows make them look like nuts by continuing to perpetuate the 9-11 lie.

If you want God's attention to the point that you get His power in your voice, you've got to be straight with your audience. God takes stock of my words, and if He's displeased enough, He won't be in them. To get God's attention, speak the things He wants to hear. If you say that a plane hit the Pentagon, you make yourself into God's enemy. If you're not God-smart enough to realize that, you have a serious problem. If you're not concerned about God hearing you lie to the people about 9-11, you have no God-conscience. You really don't care what God thinks about you. You are happy with your own wits, your own success, here on earth, and so you may as well tell God to go to hell. But if you know that God rages against murders, and takes score, and plots vengeance and justice, and if you confess with your mouth that murders have taken place, at whatever cost you might suffer from the clown acts, then you get a good score card before God. That's how it works. You need to plant seeds toward getting a good score in His book before you start to see an orchard forming for your fruits. But if you can't even admit that 9-11 was a criminal hoax, your orchard is scorched by your own soul. You're trying to be a successful news-caster in the ship of clowns.

A clown is defined as not a real character. You are an entertainer, and you entertain for money. You tell the audience that you love them, and you make them feel loved, and you tell them what they want to hear. You target a certain audience, as the Fox boss did because there was no one feeding conservatives national news at the time, and Fox made big money feeding conservatives what they wanted to hear, and Christians joined the viewership hoping the hope of hopes that Fox would save the country from the liberal cesspool, and in the end, Fox only wanted the money, not a drastic change in society at expense of the profits. Who's the bigger clown, Murdoch, or the Christian who trusted Fox? Will we do it all over again with another up-and-coming conservative media? Will we do it with the Trump rat too?

Rush Limbaugh started a conservative media that went national, filling Christians with hope, yet he died a money-immersed clown, never having admitted that 9-11 was the crime of the century. He was worried that his ratings would drop. He didn't want the scorn from the Bush camp. He wasn't man enough, and so he became a circus act. His pride was in the success of stature, and so stature was the priority. What good is it to love people and then cross God on the moral issues that count? We then get good things from God for loving people, and eternal condemnation for crossing Him. Humanists are just like that, loving one another but slapping God in the face repeatedly, daily.

What does God want to see on earth? Do that, speak that. Jesus was sent to die not to forgive us only, but to make us sons of God, sons that know what God wants on earth. We are forgiven for a reason, that we might become like God. It starts with honesty. It's not hard to be honest, unless honesty costs us the success we strive for. People will lie to others not to save their career, but just to make an extra sale, an extra dollar. It's a pitiful planet. Tomorrow morning, the world will be buzzing with lies all over again, from merchants to newscasters to money-makers of all kinds. God is the Tolerator, I don't know how He does it.

"Hey Jack, come on over here, I want to show you this big hole in the wall. A plane landed here."

"But where's the plane, John. Are you some king of a nut?"

Steve Bannon who wants to save the country: "Hey Mary and Jack, and thousands of others, a plane landed at that big hole in the wall."

What do you think is wrong with Bannon? How small is he making himself?

There's some important messages in this show from Tucker:

It is imperative for the deep state to control, not only the military brass, but the soldiers too, for if the latter are not all loyal, it's dangerous for the shadow government to use the military for unusual, harmful homeland operations where their bosses look like fascists. So, yes, by the tool of mandatory vaccinations, they might plan to make anti-Biden soldiers quit their military jobs until the majority are pro-Democrat. The same applies to hospital staff until the majority are evil, or at least willing to support globalist corruption for fear of losing jobs. The problem for the goons is that anti-vaxers will galvanize into a national force that could, eventually, spark a civil war, with bullets, with ex-generals and ex-soldiers leading the way...perhaps the best thing that could happen in the West to wreck the deep taste with some finality.

As no flu numbers were registered throughout 2020 and 2021, they lumped all flus, hacking coughs, colds, pneumonia's, and a host of other ailments that don't even look like a virus, in with COVID so that, in reality, deaths by COVID were far fewer than 1 per 1,000. But lookie here: "A shocking new study that was conducted by researchers at Canada's University of Ottawa Heart Institute found that one out of every thousand(1/1000) mRNA Covid-19 vaccinations causes heart inflammation(myopericarditis) to develop rapidly in otherwise healthy individuals. The study looked at over 32,000 individuals who had received either the Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna vaccines and monitored them for heart-related conditions between June 1, 2021, and July 31, 2021."

"Researchers found that the symptoms show up extremely quickly after vaccination, usually after the patient's second dose. On average, people who were affected developed the condition after just 1.5 days." Feel like risking your heart for nothing in return?

If this news from Ottawa is surprising, it could actually originate from goons who are seeking to downplay the number of heart problems, or to provide evidence that the heart ailments are mild and pose to danger. The article doesn't tell what severity was found in the 32 test patients with developed heart threats. Another article from the good squad: "Of 32 patients, 30 were admitted to the hospital for clinical observation. Two were monitored as outpatients. The average duration of hospital stay was 4 days. The majority of patients were treated empirically with aspirin and colchicine, and none of them required steroids or other types of immunosuppressants. In all patients, symptoms subsided soon after the standard treatment. No adverse cardiac events and arrhythmias were observed during the hospital stay." There you go, it's nothing, just a little scare, nobody's actually dying of heart failure. That's what this study tells the public. Is it a rigged study?

Question: why is a drug that supposedly creates virus-killers causing heart inflammation??? Doesn't anyone have an answer yet? Of course they do, they're just not saying for fear of repercussions. COWARDS / TRAITORS TO HUMANITY. Why are doctors not allowed to report their patients when they have such problems? Are all the severe cases swept under the rug? Yes, that's the news coming out now from whistle-blowers.

Mike Lindell was spotted tying towels and sheets together to climb down the edge of the flat earth. When he got down to a cave on the cliff face, he found Karen Fann in there already. "What are all those marshmallows at the bottom of the cliffs," she asked him.

"Not marshmallows. I dumped 600 trucks of My Pillows from people demanding their money back, after the symposium."

"But why'd you dump them off the flat earth? To hide them?"

"Just in case I fell off the cliff climbing down with the made-in-China sheets."

"Your My-Pillow sheets are made in China?

"Don't tell anyone."

"There's nobody here to tell, and I'm not going back up to the world after what I did."

"You ashamed? I know the feeling. I was so embarrassed calling the dump-truck company, to put 30 pounds of pillows on a truck made for 20 tons."

"Why are you here?"

"I came looking for you. Someone spotted you headed out this way. I was hoping you didn't get the Maricopa routers."

"I stabbed my constituents in the back, denied them the routers. They chased me out of town. I don't have the routers."

"Good, because if you did, I wouldn't be able to go back to earth either."

That's it, folks, that's how it all played out, no way to check the Arizona routers to compare with Lindell's packet captures to see if the latter were authentic or not, like when the whole thing has been staged, getting everyone's hopes up, but denying them at the last minute. Even Wendy Rogers, who came in as a warrior for the voters, is applauding Fann's betrayal of the voters, though calling it a victory for the voters. Fann's deal with the country cheats is trash for the voters, a gift to the cheats to keep them from severe prosecution.

Lindell has had more than enough time by now, since the symposium, to make some statements to those he begged money from while promising them the packet-capture evidence. He promised them that the evidence was full-proof, and then delivered NOTHING at the symposium. Therefore, until he comes forth with an explanation, he's looks like a fraud, and here's why. He has hundreds of Trump-friendly counties that would gladly compare his packet-capture Internet traffic with election-night routers, and he even said so. Therefore, why has he not come out to say that his packet captures are identical, or not identical, to routers in such-and-such counties??? This comparison should have been done before the symposium. His entire team, and those who supported him closely, are therefore looking bad along with him. Has he no shame? If he had any good sense at all, he wouldn't be such a Trump lover. Trump is not the only anti-globalist presidential candidate. Are there no better men than he? Of course there are, but then why aren't Republicans fronting the better men???

Lindell's material, and that of the Arizona routers, was badly needed to cause Dominion to cancel its law suits against Sidney Powell and others. It's a strain on the minds of those falsely accused by Dominion to have such massive law suits hanging over their heads. Lindell could have remedied those situations. Instead, I prefer to believe that his claim of being attacked outside the elevators, during the symposium, was his false-flag event to excuse himself from coming out with the evidence promised. Something doesn't seem right with Lindell.

Here's some Nick Moseder:

Here's some news from Israel that cut all four legs from the chairs under the vaccine experts (90-percent or better of people testing positive are vaccinated):

The news above may be a trick. The experts might now say that, because the vaccinated are still becoming threatened, the only solution is to vaccinate everyone to keep the numbers lower of vaccinated people catching the infection. In other words, rather than pooh-pooh the vaccines for not working, they can blame the unvaccinated for making the vaccinated sick. Wonders never cease. But wait. If vaccinated people are getting sick in higher numbers (and perhaps greater severity too) than unvaccinated, then the vaccines must open the gateway to infections wider (a no-brainer), and this is precisely that the anti-vaxers are saying: vaccines ruin the body's immune system. It's designed to do so in order to perpetuate infections. The vaccine schemers are MAD LUNATICS.

They need to be ruined, and nobody will care how they are destabilized / destroyed. They have been exposed, and even better, whole governments pretending to be angels until last year have exposed their dark sides. BONUS. Don't let them off the hook, MESMEREIZE THEM, Christians leading the way because we are sons of the Living and Mighty God who does not tolerate corruption and evil. But the churches have been long napping, allowing the evil to rise to this point, what confidence have we that they will arise now when it's dreadfully dangerous to do so. It's too late for the churches to win this war without Jesus' returning to DESTROY. Make some offensive (forward) stabs if you think it best, but prepare to retreat when you see it's wise to retreat. Fauci is snubbing his nose at the FDA decision to abandon the "boosters," and is leading a war for this fall. We are here. We can win this fall's battle and into the winter, if the churches contribute. Repeat after me: the vaccines are a farce, the vaccines are a cloak for performing evil plots.

This could be a good development on the vaccine cutting-edge (don't give out your email address because hacks can get it and put you on an anti-vax list):

Australia is a nightmare, where the government is threatening to cut off food without vaccinations by causing people to lose jobs. What if they don't dish out unemployment benefits? The insaniacs have gone globmania nuts. I wish that every Christian had land enough to grow their own food, supply their own water and heat. Short of being able to grow food, one can start now to but dry goods, and to dry fresh foods. This week I weighed 1,410 grams of fresh, peeled butternut squash, and once dehydrated, the batch weighed only 110 grams. The means that fresh squash is has about the same (lots) water content as carrots. However:
"Half a cup of raw carrots contains 459 mcg of vitamin A and 51% of the [daily value]."

"A one-cup (205-gram) serving of cooked butternut squash provides more than 450% of the [recommended daily intake] for vitamin A and over 50% of the RDI for vitamin C."

I'm drying these vegetables for making natural vitamin A, and so squash (pound-per-pound) gets 4.5 times as much (according to numbers above), though at a higher price than carrots. Or, so long as vitamin-A pills work, that's probably cheaper. It's harvest time now, and so prices could be cheap for squash for stocking up. Squash lasts a long time fresh, so stock up now, dry it, and seal it in jars. Toss it in soups after some years if you think it might go bad. Two dried butternut squash takes up only 2/3 of a liter.

Here's sweet potato per 100 grams: about 75 percent of the daily recommendation for vitamin A, and, to boot, about 7,600 mcg of beta-carotene. That's about as much beta-carotene as 100 grams of carrot, making sweet potato much better for a vitamin C-carotene combo than carrots.

Not all squash is the same: "One half-cup serving of cooked acorn squash contains 9% of your recommended daily dose of vitamin A -- and then there's the vitamin A that your body synthesizes from acorn squash's alpha- and beta-carotene." I'm always asking whether we can trust anything on Google's nutritional topics. "Which type of squash is healthiest? Acorn squash wins the match. It offers more folate, calcium, magnesium (nearly one-third of a day's worth in one cup) and potassium than butternut, hubbard and spaghetti squash." You won't need acorn squash for potassium because you'll be drying lots of potatoes, the cheapest garden food growing. You won't need acorn squash for magnesium if you store nuts, beans, whole grains, wheat (such as cereals) and oats, and even potatoes are a good source. You won't need squash for folate if you store kidney beans and chickpeas.

Every two or three days, I get a handful of kidney beans mixed with chickpeas, and soak them in a glass for two days with dried wheat and lentils. I might throw in some dried split peas too. I then boil them with rice or pasta so that I get myself off of eating bread for a change. This is the way I intend to go through my store-bought dried foods. In other words, go gangbusters on such foods; you don't need foods like these frozen or canned because a couple of days soaking softens them up quite a bit. I prefer the kidney beans and chickpeas a little on the "crunchy" side, anyway. The dried foods will last much longer, and take up less space, than canned.

One may heat-treat beans, etc., to kill bacteria, for peace-of-mind storage in the range of 10-15 years, by leaving them in an hour in open glass jars, at 210 F, in an oven. Heat the lids for 15 minutes at the end of the hour, and screw the lids on as soon as the jars are out of the oven. The lids will pop sealed after a couple of hours of cooling. Store wisely.

I got a great deal this week on celery, two large bags of broke-up (damaged) celery, perfect because I've got to broke it up even more for dehydrating. One bag, after all scrappy parts were cut off and thrown out, weighed in at 2,660 grams = 5.9 pounds, for just $2.50. But wow, after drying it all, it weighed only 80 grams. Why do we bother eating celery at all, nothing but water? That's 97-percent water at those numbers.

The problem with the vegetarians being allowed to run our lives in the liberal media is that they will praise vegetables as if they were the nectar of the gods that turn us before long into supreme bodies, and when we are all duped into thinking that veggies are super-good for us, the food handlers will raise the prices because we value them more. In the meantime, governments will raise meat prices until we have little choice left for good-deal foods. I like good-deal foods. I hate to think that a bunch of celery at $4 gets me a hand full of dry solid because that's actually more costly than cashews. That bag of broken-up celery, where I live, would have cost maybe $10 if it was normal, and so ten bucks for 80 grams of dry goods is an enormously-high price. Think about it. That's $120 per kilogram. Do ya think maybe we should stop buying celery and just grow it ourselves? I guarantee you, 25 bunches of celery eaten in one day will not make you a supreme being, but will only make you urinate 25 times. Each batch of celery has a bladder's worth of water. The only good news is that you won't have a bowel movement for that day, not enough material.

Another evil comes when food producers and/or retailers start to price farm produce, not by how much work there is to grow it, but by its nutritional value. This is exactly what one can expect from globalist micro-managing, communist pigs. They want to micro-manage what we eat, and turn up prices on us, in the form of hidden taxes, when they don't want us to eat certain beef. Are carrots cheap? They were. But when they impoverish a population, as liberals do with enormous taxation, more people naturally buy cheaper foods, but then the food sellers have an epiphany: they're buying more carrots this week than asparagus, time to raise the price of carrots. PIECES OF HELL TRASH, nickling-and-diming the poor-old widow to death.

Store foods, and give your soul some peace. Store a full year per person. Then go for two years. Then three. Peace-meal.

Gateway Pundit:

A group in Wisconsin that goes by the name of Wisconsin HOT (Honest Open and Transparent) released a telegram where they ask Wisconsin election officials why over 23,000 individuals in Wisconsin's voter roles have the same phone number?

...Why are there over 8,550 registered voters in your County registered in the year 1918?

This can't be the way it is for one county only; expect it nation-wide. The bigger question is why Republicans didn't bother to discover these things a decade or more ago. Why didn't Trump pay a group to do such audits in choice counties while he was president? Because, he's a fraud when he says he's for the people. Look at how much pain and suffering he's caused his voters. Election-fraud clean-up is already a miserable toil, and it's only just begun. The people need to figure ways to punish the FBI for protecting election fraud.

Here's Stew Peters with the feisty Sidney Powell on his show of September 24, starting at the 31st minute, but see also Jane Ruby for an important what's-in-vaccines update at the 18th minute:

Jane tells that, according to a German/Austrian group, there's hundreds of SHARP metal pieces, per drop of vaccine. These things can, if they do not corrode in the body's water, last a lifetime in the body. But if they don't move around in the body, I see not much damage. For example, if injected into the arm flesh, and they remain in that spot, I don't see a threat. But if they get into the blood stream (how?), then I see continual damage, in tiny but sure steps, all bodies being affected differently depending on what tissues the fragments cut up the most, so that vaccinated people end up dying of many different things to keep doctors from realizing that the killer is the vaccine. Why put fragments of steel into a vaccine if they are to be lodged only in the arm's flesh?

If you didn't watch the video, Miss Powell says that she's counter-suing Dominion Voting. FEISTY.

As Tucker Carlson is going against Fox's will not to talk about George Soros, he more than deserves to be heard in this segment (applause):


Here's all four Gospels wrapped into one story.

For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God.
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