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September 14 - 20, 2021

The Amazing Barber Dream

If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture

I came across a youtube video of 2019 entitled, "How will Christians buy when the Beast takes over the government?" I was so excited to find a title I can identify with. But the pastor is a long-winded speaker who moreover never gets around to answering the question. I came away thinking that this is either a very-stupid brother, or a snake in the pulpit. He never once mentioned starvation, or how we might avoid starvation. He never once talks about how we might survive the wilderness. He never once says that God provided Revelation 13 to give us a hint that we should prepare our foods and other needs ahead of time. This IDIOT brother never once mentioned storing food. I am HEAVILY DISAPPOINTED WITH THIS MAN. Question: why did he not tell his people to prepare foods? What kind of an uncaring, treacherous, irresponsible brother is this? I'm not going to share the video with you lest I be responsible for wasting 38 minutes of your time. But if you want to go fetch it, be my guest and waste your time.

It's painfully obvious by now that pastors don't want their congregations to store foods for the final years. One possible reason is that they don't want the church offerings to go downward when people spend their savings on preparation too. Can we think of another possible reason? I can't. The thing that good shepherds should be teaching is that the day is coming when the Church needs to store foods, but we need to get the timing right lest we waste our money and time. I never hear that message anywhere, even from post-trib preachers / teachers.

Here's Fauci the LITERAL MURDERER looking like a medical novice, but note too that CNN's disinformation-doctor, who's interviewing Fauci, is falsifying (downgrading, eroding, throwing acid on) the Israeli findings when he says that MAYBE, only maybe, natural immunity is better than vaccine-based immunity:

No doubt, the Fauci side is secretly discussing whether another "study" can be publicized that makes vaccines look as good as natural immunity.

Good morning Tuesday. I remembered a vivid dream as I awoke, and the heraldry is clicking all over the place. Plus, if this dream is from God, he allowed a swear word in the dream from my mouth. This is the only hesitation I have in telling this story as possibly a message from Him. You decide. It's been over a year since having the last dream that I remember. I don't usually remember dreams, but virtually all dreams I do remember clearly come at the moment I awake, when they are vivid on my mind, allowing me to think about them. And they all turn out to have clicking heraldry attached.

I found myself driving BACKward in my vehicle on a RAMP. So the first thing coming to mind was the Obama dream about 4.5 years ago. The second-last scene was Obama on his skateboard going up and down a RAMP, very happy, suggesting that Trump was going to let him "skate" from criminal repercussions. It's exactly what Trump did because he allowed the deep state to make major decisions, because Trump was not really the president, but a fraud. In the last scene, he was disappointed with an employee, who I saw from his BACK. The dream ended with his looking over his shoulder at Obama, and I saw his back, which stuck out. I was driving BACKward on a highway RAMP this morning.

Instead of slowing down as the drivers behind me were expected to do when they saw me driving backward on this ramp, they kept their speed to the point where one car was on two wheels going around a curve, and this car almost flipped but ended up falling on all four tires. I was worried that others cars may have crashed into it. I didn't see the rest of the outcome, because I looked backward to see where I was going, to stay on the ramp, and when I came to the end of the ramp, I was out of my vehicle. Just then a couple come running down the ramp to find me, and they say, "you owe me five thousand dollars." For car repairs, that is. I argued with the man, telling him that he'll never win in court because he didn't slow down when he saw me on the ramp backward. And at the end of the dream, I yelled, "F--- off."

This caused me to load Fuggers because I remember their write-up: "The name is derived from the Middle High German word 'fucker,' meaning 'sheep shears.'" Houseofnames is out to lunch making this pitiful stab at the surname's derivation. It often claims things like this without evidence presented. But for my purposes, this surname is excellent because Danish HANSONs have the same Coat exactly as Fuggers. This has to do with my teen girlfriend, Katrina HANSON, who was the ice-cream girl that pointed doubly to Tony Fauci, and even to Stephen HAHN, Trump's FDA chief i.e. in charge of what medicines would be permitted for COVID relief / cures, and also in charge of whether vaccines would be permitted early. Hahn did everything the Fauci group wanted of him, and Trump did not fight any of it. How can we explain that Trump chose a pro-China traitor, in general Milley, for his military commander? How can we explain so many of his deep-state choices? Are we going to excuse him by saying that he's just a screwball?

(Load Fugger link now to have access, on another tab, to other Coats of Arms.)

[Insert September 25 -- "Egg" in French is off-like "oeuf." Is that not amazing? Don't miss the continuation of this dream, late-ish in the next update, for important things I missed in this update.]

It was fairly recent when I found that Irish Collins' share brown and combattant lions with Ramps/Rumps. As Francis Collins of the NIH is Tony Fauci's boss, I began to interpret Obama on his ramp as having to do with COVID crimes. And this morning's dream with a BACKward theme on a ramp leads to Fuggers. Hanson's ice-CREAM was partly a pointer to Cremers nearly sharing the Coat of Fugger-like Faux's/Fage's, yet the latter are listed with Collins'-like Chollens', can you believe this?

OHHHHH WOOOOWIE! Now that I have access, since about a week ago, to Hall of Names, I can look up the descriptions of Coats. The Faux's/Fage's/Chollens' use a "pigeon," not a dove!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This morning's dream led to a stool pigeon before making this pigeon find! I'll explain this below, but for now, I need to repeat that German Hansons share the lozengy of Scottish Lombards while CREMer-like Cremona is in Lombardy. This is only part of the evidence that God arranged my buying an ice-cream from Miss Hanson. Milan is the Lombardy capital, the original Visconti rulers of Milan used a green snake, the colors of the snake of German Hansons. Visconti titles went to Sforza's, which can explain why the Sforza lion is in the Coat of German Hansons. Once we're convinced that God is pointing to German Hansons, we take things to the "quince" held by the Sforza lion, because Saer de Quincy is in the write-up of Faux-connectable Faucets, first found in East Lothian with Faux-branch Vaux's.

We can now see why it's important that English Hansons share the mascle of English Faux's while it's the French Faux's/Fage's/Chollens' who almost have the Cremer Coat. It's heraldic outcomes like this, which can take years to arrive to, that convince me of God being behind the dreams. And so I'm entertaining that the ice-cream is a pointer to Ice's/ECCO's because Toni Fauci funded Wuhan's gain-of-function research with money from ECOhealth. Plus, Ice's/Ecco's were first found in Mecklenburg with Hahns and Trumps, both being in the same colors and format. The Ice/Ecco eagle is also that of BACKs/Bache's! I get it. It's why I was driving backWARD. As said several times, Miss Hanson lived on WARDen avenue. She gave me the ice-cream at Sam's Restaurant, and Sams, sharing the giant lion of Faucets of FAUXside castle, were first found in Essex with English Faux's.

I should repeat here that while I claim God's use of Sharon Quinn (like "Quincy") to point to Faucets/Fawcetts, her brother, my friend, loaned me his family car to date Miss Hanson on our first date. That first date was secured as Miss Hanson handed me the ice-cream. I asked her for a date at that very time. The Quinn family car was a Valiant, and as Valiants use the only heraldic shark I know of, this event must be related to a shark that appeared at the start of my 1979 Sleeping Beauty dream, which took place a week or two before I was given a morning vision that pointed to Sharon Quinn while she herself pointed to the Fawcett variation of Faucets. The same vision came with a miraculous event involving Steve MELANson, a surname that can be traced to Milan, home of Visconti's. Melansons are in the colors and format of Italian Maurels, first found in Milan, and so it's interesting that while French Maurels/Morels share the Fugger / Hanson fleur-de-lys, Morells/Morels not only use a "Bono" motto term while Bono's were first found in Milan, but have a lion looking backward over its shoulder, like Obama's employee at the end of the Obama dream whom I took to be a whistle-blower against Obama.

The dream did not say that he was a whistle-blower. But as Obama was disappointed with him, I take him to be a whistle-blower because God's not going to be pointing to some minor spat having nothing to do with nothing. I resolved that Obama's employee, who appeared in the back yard of Obama's billiard hall, was the GARDner, but I didn't know until this past week that an heraldic animal looking backward is called "reGUARDant." That's cool. Val Trompia is at lake GARDa, and Maurels/Morels share the acorns of Dutch Tromps while German Trumps come up as Tromps too. I suppose the big question is: why would Morell liners be pointed to by Obama's employee? Did Mike Morell of the CIA snitch on Obama, or will he soon?

Morello's share a gold, blank Chief with French MELLANs, and possibly the Morinis Chief-Shield, for good indication that Morello's were a branch of MILAN's Maurels/Maurino's. The latter share the three, eight-pointed star in Chief with "thousand"-like Tous'/Tosini's. Now that I have access to descriptions, I'd like to record the base of the Tous/Tosini Coat: "...a man's head and bust natural with a green wreath of laurel around his head wearing a red shirt with gold buttons." It looks stacked with codes. However, I don't see any reason to see Tous'/Tosini's in "five thousand dollars."

To show that we could be on the right track with Maurels/Morels, they share the fleur-de-lys of Browns, the latter first found in Cumberland with brown-lion Ramps/Rumps. The other Browns share the Coat of vaccine-like Vychans/Vaughns, and Faughns happen to share the checkered bend of Faucets. You see, it's got Fauci all over it, yet the dream was in Obama's billiard hall. Why a billiard hall? As I said, the employee was in the BACK YARD (why not the front yard?), and Yards happen to use a Faucet-like "Facta" motto term. I'm not making this material up; you can see the dream, as originally told, in the first (or maybe second) update in February, 2017. Were Yards related to "Garda".

There is a horseshoe in the mouth of the ostrich in the Yard Crest, and this looks like a pointer to horseshoe bats. We might ask why Bugs have a bat, for Bugs share "water bougets," in colors reversed, with Yards. Is this a pointer to a viral "bug." Yards were at CHUDleigh of Devon, and while Darts/Dards were first found in Devon, a dart that looks like stabbing someone in the back is in the Crest of both CUDDs and Cuthberts. Cudds were first found in Northumberland with Morells/Morels (lion looking over its back).

[Insert -- I haven't yet told about the first part of the dream, but it seems to click wildly right here. The dream started with me at an intersection. As the light turned green, I drove straight ahead but into the on-coming LANE, the wrong lane, and so I had to BACK up into the intersection, but there were cars coming at me in chaos, at which time I found myself entering the correct lane, which was the ramp that I was driving backward on. Looking up the Lane's/Lawns only now, after writing the paragraphs above, one Lane/Lawn surname has a "Garde" motto term, I kid thee not, and the other Lane's/Lawns share the Morells/Morel bend! How can that be coincidental?

Sam's Restaurant (Gormley) is still online, though I'm reading it went out of business in about April of 2021 when the owner of the plaza (it was once Sam's restaurant alone) evicted the man owning the restaurant business. I recall a Nick working as a cook who was of age to be Sam's son (Sam died long ago), and a Nick Kladis is said to be the owner of that plaza. "Kladis" is Greek, and I know that Sam was Greek. The point is, Cooks (Essex, same as Sams, Faux's and Vaux-related Raimes') use both the ostrich and the horseshoe, same as Yards. That's why I'm sticking this insert here. It seems that God uses some items in dreams or events to connect with other dreams and/or events.

The Coke's (Derbyshire, same as Scottish Francis') who share the Cook ostrich have spread eagles in two colors schemes, both of them in colors reversed from the two colors schemes of the spread eagles of two Francis surnames. Can this be a pointer to Francis Collins?

The last update re-mentioned Steve Papp, the cook in the restaurant of Joe Fix. Fisc-like Fix's/Ficks share the Ice/Ecco and Back/Bache eagle too. End insert]

Time now to set into motion the heraldry that points to the Scottish Randolphs who have both a bat and a horseshoe. Randolphs are in Obama's ancestry not far back from his mother, and, besides, long before her birth as Miss Dunham, the English Randolphs came to share the Dunham Coat. The back-like Welsh Bachs were first found in Denbighshire with Bathers, and Baths are in the Randolph bat because they share the Randolph cross. Plus, Baths -- Somerset, same as English BACKs/Bache's, Payne's, Whistle's and Stolls -- share the lion of Payne's and Whistle's. As Obama's grandmother was Miss Payne, we can gather in this set of heraldry that the employee in the backyard is to be taken as a whistle-blower against Obama. I included the Stolls above, who happen to use the Whistle lozenges in the form of the Bath cross, because the first-ever pigeon that I saw upon my property walked over the septic tank, whish is a stool tank so that this was a stool pigeon. This is why I'm so amazed to find that Faux's/Fage's/Chollens' use a rare pigeon.

The reason that Bathers may apply to this discussion is as follows. In this morning's dream, the couple said to me, "YOU OWE ME five-thousand dollars." No Owe surname comes up, but Ow's are listed with Goffs/Gough's who share the Googe/Gouch Coat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was so amazed by this because, as I've said many times, Mr. Gouch inspected my septic system, tank included, and Tanks/Tancreds look like kin of Hawthorns who in turn have a tree design that's the YEW tree of Eastons. "YEW owe ME five-thousand dollars." The Mee's share the Bath / Randolph / Stoll cross! Plus, I always link the Mee's to Judds/Juggs who in turn look like a branch of Judge's/Juge's, and I was threatening the couple with court, telling them that no judge would let him win the case because he was driving his car fast upon the ramp instead of slowing down. (I was wrong in the past to say that Tancreds use a yew tree; it's an olive tree).

The Ows/Goffs/Gough's were first found in Wales with Denbighshire, and they are in the colors and format of Bathers, Denbighshire. I think this justifies the entry of Bathers, not just because Bach's were first found in Denbighshire, but because Bathers share the Scarf Coat while Fauci and Trump appeared on a TV stage, night after night, with the scarf lady, Deborah Birx. Bathers are also justified in entering the discussion due to their "VIVas" motto term, which, when read as "ViVAS," looks like part code for the Vase's/Face's/Fessys sharing the Bath / Randolph / Stoll cross. It just so happens that the VIVians share the chevron of FIVE's/Fifys, you see. "YEW OW MEE FIVE thousand dollars." Why not 6,000 or 4,000? Why not 500? The Vivian and Five chevrons are also those of Pigeons, what a coo.

Next, we find that Five's/Fifys share the chevron-with-stars of BATTIstelli's while Batti's were first found in Cremona, where the ice-cream points. By the way, I've been saying that Fiscs (probably a Fessy branch) share the pyramid with Battistelli's; it turns out that Fiscs use a "TRIangle." The Try variation of Troys probably applies because they share the griffin of Hangers/Angers, and then the other Angers have the Angle lozenges in colors reversed. I've been saying that I recall Angle's using a "baton," because it once looked like one, but as it turns out, Angle's use a "bastion," no problem because Batons are listed with Bastons, and they share the black bat with Bats. So, it appears that Fiscs do share the pyramid with BATTistelli's, yet it evolved into a triangle in honor of two surnames (expected in their ancestry). Fiscs share the Atha Shield while Baths are said to be from "ap-Atha."

The interesting thing here is that Fisc-like Fieschi were in Genova, and than Joe diGenova is married to VICToria Toensing (two lawyers). A Tonsing surname does come up, but note how Townsands are like "thousand." The diGenova's would like nothing more than to sue Obama et-al in criminal court.

Ahh, goodie coming up. One of the Cremer Coats has a giant ram head, and the Rams/Rames' are in Townsand colors and format while Townsands were at Rainham while Rains/Raines' (Essex, same as Rams/Rames') would be in Ram/Rames colors and format if the Rain/Raines Shield were blue. I checked "Raimes" to see if they would be listed with Raine's, but the Raimes'/Rames' are listed with Rheims' with almost the Fisk Shield, and, until now, I forgot to mention that the Fisk Shield is shared by RAYMundo's, first found in Cremona! It proves that Cramer liners were from Cremona because Raymundo-like Rams love Cremers. These checks belong to Vairs/Fers' and thus to Fers/Ferrats for a trace to RENier of MontFerrat. Raimes/Rames' share the Shield of English Vaux's (Cumberland, same as Ramps/Rumps).

The Townsands work well with the statement if it indeed included Ow's/Goffs/Gough's, for the latter share the Marone boar, and MARone's are in French Mar colors and format while French Mars almost have the Townsand Coat. "Marone" means "brown," and there is a brown leopard, the color of the Ramp/Romp lion, in the Crest of Scottish Mars who in turn almost have the BRUNSwick Coat. Ramps/Romps were first found in Cumberland with Browns/BRUNs (brown lion) who share the Marone chevron. Marone-like Marnys/Marners have a lion in Mar-lion colors, and the Marny/Marner lion is that of Marone-like Marano's (likely the lion in the Arms of Bohemia). This is going to work with Obama on the SKATEboard upon a ramp, for Skate's share the Skit/Skeet Coat while Morano is near ancient SCIDrus. Marines' were first found in Kent with Morinis-related Deerings, and Morinis' were first found in Modena with Marano.

[Insert Friday -- I didn't recall the TownSHEND variation until today, and then found that Townsands come up as "TownSHAND." The Schims/Schiens are listed with SHANDS sharing the Ow/Goff/Gough boar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This game is on! Schims/Shands were first found in Aberdeenshire with Five's!!!]

Having said that, Rennes is near Dol and along the MEU river of the Mee's, now suspect as a pointer to Fauci's mu COVID variant. Look again at "Yew Ow MEE five Townsand DOLLars," for there is a Dol-like Dollar surname, first found in Clackmannanshire, beside Five-line Fife, itself beside Forfarshire, where Rainhams were first found. Forfarshire is at Angus, where Sewers/SUTERs were first found that was pointed to my pool shot on Obama's billiard table, for Obama once had a SOETORo surname. Septic / stool systems are sewers. No Stool surname comes up, but German Stolls happen to share the hexagrams of German Suters, how about that. It's linking the Obama dream to my stool tank, just as the Ow's did today from my newest dream that connects to the Ramp and back symbols in the Obama dream.

Ah, Dollars use white "flaunCHES," suspect in the past with the Flan variation of Flints (Ches/Cheshams colors) and with the Ches'/Cheshams because Cheshire is beside Flintshire. The ting is: Ches'/Cheshams share the green border with Dollars. Flintshire is beside Denbighshire, where Bachs/Baghs were first found. I was driving BACKward.

The Stolls may be a pointer here to Jens Stoltenberg, still the NATO Chief, which he was throughout Trump's first term. Stoltenbergs/Stolzenbergs share the Tromp eagle. NATO-like Nations/Nathans share the arrow-pierced heart with Stoltenbergs/Stolzenbergs. Although the latter don't show it, their descriptions says: "On a blue Shield, a red heart pierced by an arrow." A red heart on a blue Shield is shared by Trade's who in turn share the lone fleur-de-lys of German Bush's (Rhineland, same as NATTs/Nathans), and this comes on September 14, three days after the 20th anniversary of the TRADE-Center crimes to which George Bush gave his soul. NATO looks like it was named by the line of Nathan Rothschild, for Rothschilds love arrows. Woe to Rothschilds, the gobblers of the earth's wealth who do not use their gobbled money for good things.

There were two Obama's going up and down the ramp on one skateboard each. It's like when you see double-vision, that's what I saw. At first, I hypothesized that it was code for the Twin surnames, but perhaps it's a pointer to the twin Trade towers. The problem is, Obama doesn't seem like the person to blame for 9-11.

WOW, Nations/Nathans are also Nusens while Nessans/Ness' share the Jens Coat. JENS Stoltenberg! Plus, Jens' are listed with Janssens while a Janssen company owns Johnson & Johnson COVID vaccines. Bingo.

The Stoltenberg heart is shared by Swedish Thors who in turn use elephant trunks. The Trunks were first found in Franconia, which may have named Frankfurt, home of the first Rothschild, father of Nathan. Two Frank surnames use a "NATi" motto term. In colors reversed, the YARDley (and Petty) martlets are green, and the Yardley (and Petty) quadrants are in this Arms of Rothschild. The Pettys sharing the Yardley Coat even use an elephant head in Crest. Another Petty Coat uses the "magnetic needle" of a compass, and compasses are in the Nation/Nathan Coat while Needle's (share Hess Coat) are also Nadlers. German Nade's/Nadlers were first found in Bohemia with both German Frank surnames.

Was Obama's employee, in the backyard, a snitch on Rothschild interests that Obama himself feeds. Are there socialist Rothschilds too? Yards (share horseshoe with Cooks) share the ostrich with both Cooks and Coke's, and the latter's "Prudens" motto term can be partly for Prude's/Pride's who share the Nations/Nathan fesse. Prude's/Pride's use a "mea" motto term, and Mea's/Mee's were first found in Nottinghamshire with Nations/Nathans.

I don't know whether the following will click anyone's buttons. The Trunk quadrants are colors reversed from the same of German Grimms, and then Grime's/Grimms, who share the green martlet with English Gards, were a branch of Gormleys/Grimes', and the ice-cream came from Sam's burger joint in Gormley. One day, I asked Sam if I could have a job cleaning the garbage on the parking lot, but there was so little garbage I was done in about five minutes, maybe stretching it to ten. So I went in to ask for my pay, and he gave me a pack of French fries. French's share the Payne motto as well as the green Coffee/Coffer dolphin (both in Crests) that I trace to the Arms of Taranto. It just so happens that Scottish Francis' (green Crest) share the Tarent Coat. Fries' were probably Frey/Phreeze liners (topic of last update).

The DISS'/Dice's have the Tarent / Francis Coat with gold items, and "eagles DISplayed" is the characterization of the Scottish Francis Coat. "DisPLAYD" can therefore be for a variation of Platers/PLAYTers, first found in Suffolk and Norfolk, location of Diss and Diss'/Dice's. The paper PLANE on Obama's billiard table pointed to Plater-branch Plains/Platers, for I SEWERed the paper plane when I shot it as the cue ball, and while Sewers are Suters too, SOTTERley is where Platers/Playters are said to have been. Can we detect a partnership here between Francis Collins and Obama's socialist / communist agenda? Perhaps it was a PAPER plane because Paper's use carNATIONs. Did God arrange that to snitch of an Obama-Rothschild partnership?

What do you make of the comparison with this International marine flag for '6' with the Plater/Playter Coat when we then see the three dice of Quintana's, all 6's? Diss'/Dice's were first found in Norfolk with early Platers/Playters. The Sykes-DYKE location of six-like Sichs makes it even more interesting, especially as SICKle's are in Quintana colors and format. Mythical SCYLLa, code for the SICIL names of Sickle-like Sicily, was in Messina (Sicily), where Quintana's were first found. A baron Massy of purple-throne Grimaldi's of Monaco married Miss Quintana. Obama's Dunham line named the Dunham-Massey location (Cheshire). Dunhams were first found in Norfolk with Diss, and with the Fountains in the Sichs Coat. PLAINs/Plater can be gleaned as Palin kin, and as Palins were first found in Dorset with Quintana-like Quints, the "black lion's PAW" of Quints must be for the Palin/PAWley lion.

In a dream a couple of years ago, Mr. Kepke led a SICKLy stag up my driveway, followed by PAUL SMITH on CRUTCHes. Palins are PAULeys too, and while the Crutch fitchee is almost the Smith fitchee, ditto with the Plain/PLATE fitchee. The Kepke-like Koeps/Kopps share the German PLATE Coat, and English Plate's essentially have the Coat of French Mars who were in the Townsand paragraph above, where I added: "This is going to work with Obama on the SKATEboard upon a ramp, for Skate's share the Skit/Skeet Coat while Morano is near ancient SCIDrus." That's at PALINurus and BUXENtum, and Palins share the BUCHAN lion, both black, the color of the BUCHANan lion. Mars are in Marone colors and format, which is how Morano came to topic.

Good morning Wednesday. The first thing done this morning was to check for evidence that Fuggers might be from lake Fucino of the Marsi, which is up near the sources of the Salto. The Kopffs/Kopfers came to mind because they use a goat version of the Sullivan Coat, and Sullivans are expected from the Salyes Ligures (DURANce river) in turn from the Salto and TURANo rivers. English Bush's/Buschs have a white goat head to go with the part-white Kopff/Kopfer goat. German Suters/Sauts can be of the Saut variation of Salt's. The "traHUNT" motto term of French Sauts suggests the Hunts/Hunter (Shropshire, same as Saluzzo-related Alans) with a vertically-split Shield in the colors of the same of Kopffs/Kopfers and Sullivans. Hunter Biden got involved in corruption with political elements in Kiev, home of the Varangian RUS who could have named Russells (Dorset, same as Palins) who almost have the Kopff/Kopfer goat. Kopff/Kopfers share a black-on-white goat with Austrian Fuggers/Fuge's.

In coming to Kopffs, I remembered the Kiplings and Kibble's, and so they were loaded to find Kibble's sharing the Palin Chief and the Quint chevron, what a stroke of coincidence. Plus, while viewing Kiplings, I was wondering whether they have the Rush fesse, and Kibble's were first found in Suffolk with Rush's. The Varangian RUS of Kiev seem to be at play here because Kibble's are also KEEBlers. I then loaded Keevers to see their Vere quadrants and their gold Vere/Weir boar. So, yes, VARangians could be in this, but, also, Keevers are listed with Eure's, the line from Abruzzo, and Fucino is in Abruzzo. The Fuge-like Foggs/Foge's and Figgs happen to share the Palin / Kibble/Keebler stars...which are also the Polesdon stars recalling that CASimir of Poland married Maria of Kiev. Marys, first found in Norfolk with Cass-beloved Fountains, have the ROSS Coat in colors reversed, and so Marys share the Russell / Rosso lion.

The following is awesome. At the end of the ramp dream, the COUPLE who were in a car that supposedly suffered damage said to me, "You OWE me five thousand dollars." I've just loaded the OFFens because I said to him, "f--- off," and Offens are also OWEns!!! They even share the giant Palin lion!!! Incredible. Offens/Owens were first found in Wales with Ow's/Goffs/Gough's. Offens/Owens share the Keon/OWEN lion, and Keons could be in the "fauCHION" of the Dollar Crest! The Dollar Crest shows nothing at houseofnames, but Hall of Names reports that it has: "An arm embowed holding a fauchion with a gold pommel and hilt." A fauchion is a sword. The Dollars also have an escutCHEON, part-code for escutcheon-using Scute's, and then swords are used by Calles-related Shoots/Schute's!!! Perfect, for Chalice's/Challes' share the dollar besants!!! (To distinguish an escutcheon, look for the small tail at the bottom of the square, for it indicates a shield = escutcheon.)

Repeat: "Ah, Dollars use white "flaunCHES," suspect in the past with the Flan variation of Flints (Ches/Cheshams colors) and with the Ches'/Cheshams because Cheshire is beside Flintshire. The ting is: Ches'/Cheshams share the green border with Dollars! Flintshire is beside Denbighshire, where Bachs/Baghs were first found. I was driving BACKward." Ches'/Cheshams (fauchion-like falcon in Crest) share a white escutcheon with Keon-branch Keens! POIFECT for pointing to "fucker"-like Fauci, for it verifies that Dollars connect to off-like Offens/Owens. Perhaps it was Tony Fauci and his wife who demanded the money.

It should be added that while Ches'/Cheshams were first found in Buckinghamshire with same-colored Simsons, the latter can be traced to the Palinurus area too, even to Saracena (Sybaris river, same as Morano above), the line to Sharks, first found in Tyrone with Keon- / Keen-related Neils. Palinurus is beside Laus, and Laus' share grapes with Deeters while I've mentioned Mrs. Deeter many times, born Miss Sim(p)son." Laus' use a SCYTHe while Laus is beside SCIDrus. I'm waiting to discover how Mrs. DEETER can relate to Fauci's connections to the military gain-of-function lab at Fort DETRick.

There's no other way to describe it but as "couple," for the husband and wife came walking down the ramp together. WOW, Copple's/Couples' share the hourglass shape of the News'/Nuces' who came to topic with my newspaper-and-coffee purchase in Victoria! As "Kopfer" looks like "Coffer," I checked for a Coffell surname (Suffolk, beside News'/Nuces'), and got a super one (listed with Coefields/Cokefields) with four of the six pale bars of COURTs/Coverts, first found in Sussex with Coverts/COFFERts, Coppers/Coopers, and Keeps! I told the couple that they would never win in COURT!!! An hour or two before arriving in Victoria, I passed the Markham location of Mr. Maness, the husband of Miss Covert!!! What could this mean?

Plus, believe it or not, that while Kepke dated Miss Peare, the Pero's/Perino's use a pale bar in the colors of the Coffell pale bars, and the Pero's are also PERICHs while Coffells have "an eagle PERCHed on a stump, wings endorsed..."!!! Coverts/Cofferts share the gold leopard face with Peare's, and the Covert/Cofferts fesse is also that of Kiplings / Rush's. Miss Covert lived near HAYDen Lake, and she with Mr. Maness were involved in HAITi-quake relief, even raising money for it (I know because I sent her $200).

Plus, when Miss Covert went missing from my email box, when she wouldn't return my emails, she finally said that she was in remote Alaska, without access to a phone tower, and the thing coming to mind here is Sarah Palin of Alaska. Don't ask me why. Had she not gone missing, I wouldn't have tried to contact her by phone or mail, but that's how I found her directory-listing addresses that included close relatives like Mr. Maness. That's how I saw Maness' Texas address (which I thought nothing of at first). Palin (a Christian) did visit Haiti during the quake (2010), and Christian missionaries (disguised as such) were caught criminally abducting children from Haiti. Bill Clinton saved them from criminal prosecution, but the Haitians should not have listened to him. Miss Covert lived in Idaho, and the story was: "Charisa Coulter and nine other Americans were charged Thursday in Port-au-Prince with abducting 33 Haitian children...The Americans, most of them members of a Baptist congregation from Idaho..." Miss Covert said that Mr. Maness (called him "captain") drove a helicopter, but I have no idea whether she and he were part of the abductions, or merely God's pointer to them.

Miss Covert claimed online that she had been a witch, and Witch's/Watch's/Wage's share the Palin stars. They use "wedges", and Wedge's/Waggs happen to share the Fuge-like Fogg/Foge Coat yet the latter throw in the Witch / Palin stars. I told the couple, "Foge off," at the very end of the dream!!! By the way, I don't recall voicing that phrase toward anybody, since I've become a Christian. Isn't it amazing that Foggs/Foge's are in Pury colors and format while Maness'/Manners use a "Pour y" motto phrase?

Foggs and Figgs look related to Wedge's/Waggs/WEGGs (Somerset, beside Ways/Weigh's and BATHs), who may have been a branch of Ways/WEIGH's ("baton" = BAT line) who in turn were part of HighWAYs/HeyWEYE's. Weye's/Weyers/Wiers happen to share the fleur of Jeune's (Cambridgeshire, same as Julians and CAPONE's) while High's happen to share the June fleur, and I've been claiming that one or more of the JUNia CAEPIONis' were birthed by Julius Caesar, who's mother was Miss Cotta, and then the Cotta Coat is shared by Highways/Heyweye's. Weyer/Wier-like Wears/Were's and Ware's were first found in Devon with Ways/Weigh's, and Irish Weirs have a Coat reflecting that of Highways.

I may not have known the Offens if not for the "often" motto term of Ainsleys. As Sleeping Beauty, Ainsley Earhardt was HOVERing OVER the seats of a car, and Overs are also OFFers while Hovers are also Coffer-like Hoffers. HeliCOPTERs hover. Sleeping Beauty was on Jeffrey Epstein's island, and Bill Clinton loved Epstein. When Epstein's madam was arrested, TRUMP TWEETED NOTHING, SAID NOTHING. Why do you think that is? Trump is in photos with Epstein.

Cobble's (not Copple's) have variations like those of Cabbage's, and while French Planque's use cabbages, English Planks/Planque's (Wiltshire, beside Palins) have the giant Palin / Offen/Owen lion in colors reversed while German Planks have the giant Coffell lion. The lion of English Planks is in the colors of the Cabbage lion. French Planque's were at Pas de CALAIS, and trumpet-using Calls/Calles' were first found in Wiltshire with Planks/Planque's.

It's possible that while Mr. Maness was living in Idaho with Miss Covert, he got a temporary home in Markham (near Texas coast) for his attempts at Haiti relief. Markham is at Bay City, and Kepke lived in Markham, Ontario. French Bays share the crescents of Labels/La Bells in the "label" of French Planque's. We could easily claim coincidence here, yet the same crescents are with Haiti-like Hague's/HAITs. And Markhams were first found in Nottinghamshire with Ainsleys, mother of Hait-like Hayden. Mr. Maness was listed in a directory a few miles from Hayden Lake, and even closer to Huetter. Ainsley Earhardt, as Sleeping Beauty, was at the hood before she was hovering, and that pointed to Hooters for more reason than they being like the Hoot variation of Hoods.

The other reason is that Hoovers and Hooters share the same Coat, with a giant eagle's leg, same as HICKsons (though in different colors). The first Sleeping Beauty was Miss Hicks, who lived on NUECES river (when I knew her) to which the News'/Nuces' had pointed. Previous to living on the Nueces, Miss Hicks lived at BAYtown, we may wonder why it's like "Bay City." English Bays have the double Maness/Manner fesses in colors reversed. Coincidence, or is God trying to say something? In the last dream I told readers, a year ago (4th update of September, 2021), Miss Hicks was a nurse picking at my tooth, and Hicks use a "Tout" motto term. While Touts are also Tute's, English Tute's/Tuits (Norfolk, same as Haydens/Heydens and thousand-like Townsands) share the Hayden quadrants. Belgian Haydons, in Dollar-border colors, are in Star colors and format while the "Vive en" motto phrase of Stars looks like code for Vivians, kin of Five's. "You owe me FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARs."

For what it could be worth, Dollars share besants on green with Chalice's whom I can link to trumpet-using Calls/Calles'. English Belows use "An arm POURing WATER from a chalice." Waters share the Eppstein Coat, and "Pour" is a motto term of Maness'/Manners. This suddenly looks meaningful as per this week's dream. In fact, the day before driving past Bay City, I was urinating on a RAMP off of the west-bound interstate highway, turning south toward Galveston, in an event that pointed to the COVID scheme from Wuhan. I had to pee bad, and so took the opportunity of being on a ramp after dark to get out of the car and do it there. I was at BAYtown at the time, and Bays look like Maness/Manner kin. Ramps/Romps share the combattant Collins lions, and Francis Collins no doubt had some form of relationship with James LeDuc of the Galveston National Lab that was itself working with the Wuhan lab. The next day was when God had me buy a newspaper and coffee in Victoria ("Victoria" is a Coffee/Coffer motto term), and the Coffee/Coffer fesse is in the colors of the double Chalice fesses.

Plus, the ramp in the dream (instinctively knew it was a ramp) is suspect with access to a highway, and there is, I've only just learned, a Highway/HAIGHway/HEIGHway/HEYweye's surname (share Cotta Coat), like the Haigh variation of Hague's/HAITs!!! The dream is pointing to Haiti crimes conducted in tandem by Bill Clinton and George Bush under the Obama administration. Highways were first found in Wiltshire with Calls/Calles', and the chalice-using Belows share a fretty Shield (different colors) with Highways. Belows were even first found in Yorkshire with Hicks' who share their "Tout" motto term, and Baytown is where Miss Hicks was living just months (or less) before I drove by that day.

The Highway-connectable Heigh's are listed with the Hays/HEYs sharing the red escutcheon of HOLDens. The latter were first found in Lancashire with Holds/Holts, and the latter share the double fesses of Bays!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Helds/Helts share the HICKson Coat! Holds/Holts were first found in Salford while Salfords use a heron, the line of mythical ORION to Horns/Orne's who share the Heron Coat (herons). Mythical Orion and Uranus had a URINE symbol! I urinated on the ramp!!! Dutch Horns share the Pfister/Fizer/Pester hexagrams. Smiths have a heron with a Fizer-like fish. Irons/Orion's were at Airaines, the line to Arran, home of McCabe's who share the Visser/Fisser fish.

LOOKIE MORE: I told the COUPLE they would not win in court because they were driving FAST instead of SLOWING down. Slowens share the Giuliani eagle. "HOLD FAST" is a McLeod/CLOUD motto, and I urinated on the ramp an hour or two after seeing a cloud-related omen (topic below). Fasts, first found in Norfolk with Diss'/DICE's, have the Cobble/CUPELdik/CopolDYKE (!) crosslets in colors reversed, and then the Diss/Dice eagles are shared by Copple's/Couples'. Ha-ha, too much. This has got to be my favorite dream ever. No other dream panned out with heraldry so fast, so well, and so extensively as this one. They were an OLD couple, by the way, in their 60's roughly. [[[It took me an hour to get round to loading Olds, to find them in SLOW colors and format!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!]]]

More. Cobble's/Copoldyke's are in Tarant colors and format while Diss'/Dice's have the Tarant Coat in gold, and then the naked rider on the Coffee/Coffer dolphin is (in different colors) in the Arms of Taranto. The Copple's/Couple's are the ones with a version of the News/Nuces Coat. The latter have a hand holding what looks like a rolled-up newspaper, and it may have been at one time, but it's now said to be a "parchment." The couple's vehicle was on two TIRES (passenger side) while going around a corner on the ramp, and Tire's (share the fitchee used by Keppoch-branch MacDonalds) happen to have the Copple/Couples eagles in colors reversed. This is the way I like my dreams, easy to resolve with heraldry.

The Tire write-up: "...MURDOCK, The WRIGHT, (c.1150) became the first MacIntyre chief as a reward for helping his uncle, SOMERled..." English Ducks (probably the Duce/DOOCY lions) were first found in SOMERset, and black-bull Haydens almost have the five fesses of German Ducks/Dockers. English Ducks (beside Palins) have a different-colors version of the Palin Coat. Mythical Piast the WheelWRIGHT looks like he goes with tires, and he was at the GOPLo mouse tower, where I trace Kopple's/Copple's for good reasons. The Wheelwrights share the Catherine wheel with COULTERs, and while two of the couples' wheels were off the Roet-like road, the Catherine wheel was owned by Catherine Roet. Plus, we saw: "Charisa COULTER and nine other Americans were charged Thursday in Port-au-Prince with abducting 33 Haitian children...

English Wrights/Rights share the leopard faces of Scottish Doors (share Dunham / Singletary spear), and it's also in the Hover/Hoffer Crest. I was transported to the passenger DOOR of Sleeping Beauty's auto when first seeing her hover. As per Murdock the Wright, it looks like mythology (myth code) because Scottish Wrights/Rights share the checkered fesse of Murdochs. Scottish Doors were first found in Fife, and Fife-branch Five's/Fifys made it to topic because the husband said, "You owe me FIVE thousand dollars." The ramp accident appears to be pointing to Fox news and Haiti together.

Murdochs (Ayrshire, same as Barrs) share the Barr Crest and use "two ravens HANGING BY an arrow". Bay-like By's/Boys (Berwickshire, same as wrights/Rights) use bees in French Bay colors in format, and share bees with English Doors. English Bays were first found in COLchester while Piast the Wheelwright was named "KOLODziej" for the Cole's/Colds/Caulds (share black Mieske bull). English Wrights/Rights share double-blue fesses with Maness'/Manners who in turn brought up the Bays at Bay City, an hour or two from the newspaper purchase.

I've got to repeat here that noose-like Nuse's/Newes, first found in Hertfordshire with the News/Nuces-related BASH's, are sharing the Coat, almost, of German NECKers, while the deep-state, with Bill Barr's help, led us to believe that Jeffrey Epstein was hung by the neck from a noose he made with a prison bed sheet. Bill Barr then chose Mr. Bash of Texas to feign finding evidence against Obama for unmasking names in the plots to ruin Trump. So far as I've seen in the news, Barr did not reveal any of Bash's findings, and Bash was let go from Barr's DoJ soon after he started the quest. Bash's West-Texas district included the Victoria area, and while Basfords and Bashfords too, Ainsleys were first found in Basford. Basfords share the Barr (and Francis) eagle. Coincidences?

The Galveston Omen

I've got to repeat the OMEN too, and not only due to the "Omine" motto term of Murdochs. I had an ominous feeling when seeing a tiny CLOUD COVERing the Texas sun on an otherwise blue SKY. "Hold Fast" McLeods/CLOUDs were on the island of SKYE. Many years later, when engaging heraldry, I found my first cloud-over-sun symbol with Scottish Jeffreys, which I can assume is a pointer to Jeffrey Epstein because I expect his gang to be involved in child abductions, and murders too when the grown children betray. After midnight on the day of the omen, I was mugged, which terrified me at first as I awoke from sleep with the mugger lifting my vehicle up and down from the fender well (I was sleeping in the rear box of the truck). Eight or ten hours after the mugging, I drove through Bay City to Victoria, and as this pointed to Haiti, by what coincidence do Scottish Jeffreys have the Palin / Witch stars in colors reversed, while Welsh Jeffreys share the giant Palin lion?

Reminder: Palins share the stars of Foggs/Foge's, and the latter are in the colors and format of omen-like Omans, is that not a hoot? The Jeffreys have the omen in their Crest. In case John Ratcliffe ever does anything related to this discussion, I'll jot down that while Foggs/Fuge's were in Radcliffe, RatCLIFFs were at Salford, tending to explain why Salfords (share black wolf with Cliffs) are essentially in Fogg/Foge colors and format. SALfords are in Bush/Busch and Cliff colors and format fully, and because Busca is beside SALuzzo, the line from the Salto river near lake Fucino, this is evidence that Foggs and Figgs were Fucino liners. Rats, feasibly from Rieti on the Salto, were first found in Nairnshire with GEDDES' while Foca is near the mouth of the GEDIZ river (ancient Lydia). Ancient peoples of Foca co-founded Ligurians, who ended up at Busca.

Repeat: "Isn't it amazing that Foggs/Foge's are in Pury colors and format while Maness'/Manners use a "Pour y" motto phrase?" The only difference between the Pury and Oman Coats is that Purys add the Fogg / Figg stars. And Purys are also Bureys while Ratcliffs were first found in Bury of Ratcliffe hundred (I assume that was an historical region).

Ah, the couple said, "YOU owe me five thousand dollars," and YOO's/Yells/Yuels are virtually in Ratcliffe / Bush colors and format. Yoo's/YUEL (possibly from GOUEL de Percival de Leavell) share the Styche / Stick garb, and Cliffs are said to have married Styche's. Salfords could have been Saffers, and the latter share the gold unicorn head with Pierce's, the latter first found in Somerset with PERCivals, Leavells and Sticks. I was driving BACKward, and Saffers share the vaired Bach/Bagh fesse. Saffers and Cliffs both love the Glorys/LOWRys, I assume, and Lowers share the roses of Carys (Somerset) while Leavells were at Somerset's Castle Cary.

Witch variations reveal their being a branch of proto-Washington Wassa's/Wace's (Cornwall, same as Witch's), and while Washingtons have the Canton Coat in colors reversed, Welsh Jeffreys and Wassa's/Wace's use canton square's, making the Palin Chief look related to the Canton Chief. I've been saying recently that Cantons are the only surname I know off-hand sharing the double Sleep fesses, but I now find that they using "barry" (bars) instead of fesses, yet then again Washingtons have the same design exactly but call the bars ""two red bars," which technically turns them into fesses because barry always comes in two colors, not one. The Canton barry is technically viewed by heraldry masters as two-and-two red and white bars. Wassa's/Wace's have double-red fesses. I think I've yet to discover the full significance of Sleeps.

Cantons are also Gantons while the Arms of Gaunt share the Plank/Planque lion while Gaunt (or Ghent) is near the first-known French Planque's at Pas de Calais. The Arms of Gaunt uses a virgin too, a possible pointer here to the Virgin Islands, where Epstein's island is located. Planks/Planque's were first found in Wiltshire with trumpet-using and Calais-like Calles'. The Plank/Planque Coat (no canton) is essentially a colors-reversed version of the canton-using Welsh Jeffrey Coat.

Mr. Maness and Miss Covert were listed in POST Falls, Idaho, a thing that I wouldn't have said, but feel compelled to say, because "Post" is a motto term of Scottish Jeffreys, the ones with my omen in their Crest.

Let me show you a real wowzer. The last update talked about Kepke and I collecting golf balls from three golf courses on the Rouge river, the last and best one being Cedar BRAE. Here's the write-up of Welsh Jeffreys: "Geoffrey (d. 1093), was 'Bishop of Coutances, {who} came of a noble Norman family settled at MontBRAI, or, as pronounced in English, MOWbray, in the arrondissement of St. LO; he was brother of Roger of Mowbray,..." First, the Mows/Mole's share "Post" with Jeffreys, and the Mows/Mole's (Roxburghshire, same as Googe's/Gouch's) share the boar of Googe's/Gouch's and the Ow's/Goffs/Gough's suspect in "You OWE me five thousand dollars." Next, the Mows/Mole's share the boar heads of Schims/Schiens, who in turn share the Washington Chief, but more than that, Schims/Schiens were a branch of Skene's/Skins sharing the wolf heads of Lo-like Lows so as to clinch the naming of Mowbray with Mows/Mole's.

We can now connect that entire set of Jeffrey-of-MowBRAI heraldry to our collecting golf balls at CedarBRAE because two Golfin surnames are listed with Germanic Gulls while English Gulls (and German Julians) have the six pale bars of Scottish Jeffreys in colors reversed. Gullys/Gollys, sharing the cross of English Julians, were first found in Oxfordshire with CEDARs/COTTers, and Julius Caesar was the son of Miss Cotta. CEDAR Brae at our service. But why would God want to point to the line of Julius Caesar with our collecting golf balls?

In all the times I've been saying that Kepke's Ukrainian father points Kepke's to Kiev, and in all the time I've been quoting one writer as saying that TRYPILLia was "south of Kiev," I didn't know, until now, that German and Dutch Gulls/Golfins use "TRIPLE mounts."!!!! Kepke and I sold shoe's when we met Miss Peare, and shoes are used by German TRIPs!!! Intelligent Design caused heraldry to align with Kepke and I in various events, no doubt about it. The Mons' listed with Mounts are traceable to Mons, the Hainaut capital, and the counts of Hainaut uses the TRIPLE chevrons of Frisbee's/Frisbys. See Kepke and I playing frisbee in the last update. This may begin to reveal that heraldry coming in three's may at times be code for descent from Trypillians.

As Levi's have the same triple chevrons, the Gulls may have named Gouel de Leavell. Scottish Leavells were first found in Roxburghshire while ROXolani were south of Kiev. Gu- or Gw-words can become W-words, and so note that "WALLs on either side" of a tree are used by Shoe's while German Walls have a pale bar in the colors of the Gull / Julian pale bars. German Galls/Gauls are listed with the Gallus' after whom Anonymous Gallus must have named himself, for he wrote the mythology for the Goplo mouse tower, the line of Kopple's sharing the Gall/Gaul/Gallus rooster. KOPLik is on the CLAUSULa river at lake SCODra, and Shoe's are also Schuchs, like the Scougal variation of SCOTT-branch SCOOTs. Galls/Gauls/Gallus' even have CLAUSula-like Galuska/Galusha variations. Wall on EITHER side can be code for the Etter variation of Tire's/Atters showing the black fitchee of the Keppoch MacDonalds.

Shoe's have a "knight ISSuing from the knees," which can explain why Knights share the eagle in the Crest of Knee-branch Needhams, and while they share the stag head of Vise's/Vice's, the island of Vis is also ISSa. VISconti's of Sardinia shared the rooster with Galls/Gauls/Gallus', and VisCONTI-suspect Conte's share the antler with Casimirs who in turn use the red Veringer antler. Scottish Nights/Naughts share the lion of mouse-using MISL's, which tends to explain mythical SiemoMYSL of the mouse tower. Casimir of the mouse-tower Piasts married Maria of Kiev.

I'd like to go back to Saffers sharing the vaired fesse of Bachs/Baghs. As Saffers are Savarys too while French Savards come up as "Savary," I take it that Salfords were a branch because the come up as "Savard." I had said: "SALfords are in Bush/Busch colors and format fully, and because Busca is beside SALuzzo, the line from the Salto river near lake Fucino, this is evidence that Foggs and Figgs were Fucino liners." Fucino liners are suspect with my derogatory exclamation toward the couple who made me drive BACKward fast on the ramp, and it's not only Saffers who share the Bach/Bagh fesse, but Silvers/SILVERSTEINs too, and the latter are not only in Saffer colors and format, but use the Lane lion. In the dream, it started with me in the wrong lane, and after backing up into the chaotic intersection to correct it, I found myself driving backward on the adjacent ramp too. Ramps usually go to highways.

Good Morning Friday. Last night I saw a video mentioning Charles Schwab of the globalists, and had him on the brain this morning while considering whether to investigate whether the Mandy Crest could point to him. But before going to that investigation, let's tell that while Mandys are Mundys too, Munds/Munts share a "peacocks in their pride PROPER" with the Maness/Manner Crest. Mandys were at MarHEATON, feasible named by a branch of Hague's/Haits, for the latter happen to love Sola's in their motto who were first found in Derbyshire with Mandys and DETRicks. Mandy was Mandy DEETER. Derbyshire was named by Derbe (Anatolia), conquered by AMYNTes, the line to MYNETTs, first found in Kent with Munds/MUNTs.

The Mund/Munt Crest is "a savage's head COUPed dripping BLOOD all PROPER." Savage's/Sava's (Cheshire, same as Propers/Robins/Roberts) are expected from the Sava river, location of Blood-like Bled. The Savage Coat is the eagle Coat in colors reversed, and the Mandy Chief has "eagle's legs." I trace Eagle's to the ACHELous river, home of mythical Oeneus, suspect as the historical OENotrians, the ones who likely got the oen = wine symbol. Mandy Deeter lived at a WINE Cup ranch, and while Oenotrians were ENOTRians too, Simsons/Simpsons use a "NUTRior" motto term. Mandy Deeter was born Miss Sim(p)son.

We learn from the Koep/Kopp Moor head that the band around its head is rope, and Rope's happen to share the pheon of "nutrior"-like Nutters and Celts/Colts. "Celt" is like "Calydon," and mythical Oeneus was king of Calydon. Celts/Colts, first found beside ROBE's/Robbs, have a not-bad reflection of the ROPE Coat, and while Robe's/Robbs share the Robin chevron, we just saw Propers/Robins in the descriptions of Mandys and Munds. Celts/Colts share the stag head of Ches'/Cheshams who in turn share the green-on-white border with Dollars. Let's repeat after mentioning the flaunCHES of Dollars:

"It should be added that while Ches'/Cheshams were first found in Buckinghamshire with same-colored Simsons, the latter can be traced to the Palinurus area too, even to Saracena (Sybaris river, same as Morano above), the line to Sharks, first found in Tyrone with Keon- / Keen-related Neils. Palinurus is beside Laus, and Laus' share grapes with Deeters while I've mentioned Mrs. Deeter many times, born Miss Sim(p)son." Laus' use a SCYTHe while Laus is beside SCIDrus. I'm waiting to discover how Mrs. DEETER can relate to Fauci's connections to the military gain-of-function lab at Fort DETRick."

The Enotrians were at the Scidrus / Saracena / BUXENtum theater, and while Buxentum was also Pyxus, the Calydon-liner Khaldi were at the Pyxites river, or at least near it. The Mynett-like Minds/Munds share the three lion heads of BUCHANs while Buchanans share the giant Simpson lion. I'll soon be back to Steve MELLANson's cotton SWAB, and so let's add that Mellansons were first found in Aberdeenshire with Buchans and the Milans/Millens sharing the Buchanan / Simson lion.

Wow, I've just checked all my files for "first found in Swabia," and the first page checked had the MANDels/Mantels!!! Their Coat looks a little like the English MOUNTain Coat. Checking my files further, KOTTERs/Kathers were first found in Swabia too, and, in their quadrant, they even share the Schwab/Swab Coat! It seems that it was correct to ask whether Fire's in the Mandy Crest were kin of Schwabs/Swabs. Saraca's of Ragusa had earlier been in KOTOR! The Kather variation can now suggest potential Kotor liners with cat symbols such as Katz's/Katch's and Catch's.

I've been recently telling about my cat, Sassy, and the Saracen heads of Sassys. I told that I was given Sassy as a KITTEN from a lady whose banister I was refinishing, only to discover, decades later, that Banisters share the water bougets of KITCHENs/Ketchins while Catch's/Ketchers share the cat with CETINs/Cattans. Saraca's of Ragusa were near the CETINa river that itself has a source in the land of the Ceraunii, the line to Crane's in the Shark Coat. The same water bougets are used by Detricks, what are the chances? Mrs. Deeter KILLed her own cat. She DROVE over it, and Drove's/Drive's share the KILL/Keele quadrants. Kellers/Keele's were first found in Swabia. I was driving BACKward on the ramp, and Bachs/Baghs share a vaired fesse (different color) with Detricks. What meaning could there be in she killing her cat?

Catch's/Ketchers look like kin of French Mars and English Plate's, and Mandys were at MARheaton while German Plate's use more grapes. As per "MarHEATON," though not in the same colors, the Heaton Crest shares a stag head with Heat-like Keiths/Keaths and Kettle's (Perthshire, same as Sutys). Heatons (West Yorkshire, same as Sedbergh) are in the colors and format of Dents, the latter from SEDbergh, named by the Seaton-branch Sedans/Siddens. The two-words Keith motto is reversed from the two-word Alis motto, and Simsons use a motto, "Alis nutrior" (it makes a strong case for seeing Simms as a Simson branch).

I watched Mandy drive over her cat with her tire. After the tire passed by, the cat in terror gave a JUMP-in-pain about a foot or two high, then dropped to its death, not moving again. I saw it. Jumps, first found in West Yorkshire with Heatons, share the brown stag with Keath (and Kettle's) said to be of a Catti tribe. Jumps even share the Trump stag head. Jumps came to topic initially due to the bulldog jumping into the pool with the SHARK. Jumps share a white stag head with Heatons, and Mandys were at Marheaton. Moreover, Mandys share the enGRAILed cross of Haydens (Norfolk, beside EYE) while Grails/Neils/Neals were a branch of Neils/O'Nails, kin of Sharks (Tyrone, same as Neils/O'Nails). Belgian Heydons are in Star colors and format while the Star Crest has a "cat-a-mountain," and while Stars use a "human eye," Humans/Yeomans use "CRONels" while Sharks use a crane while German Crane's are also Crone's.

The Tire's were mentioned above as Etters, taken from a "EITHER SIDE" phrase (of Shoe's), and the Scythes'/Side's/Sudeys, because they can be shown to be a Seaton branch from the "hazard" motto term of their Suty branch, are expected in naming FauxSIDE castle of the FAUCets. Compare "Etter" with such Detrick-like surnames such as Edricks and Hatricks/Ettricks. The latter two share the giant lion of German Bucks, and Simsons were first found in Buckinghamshire. Sassys almost have the Buckingham bend-with-besants.

Faucets share the Simson and Suty lion, in the colors of the Scythes/Side lion, and Simms' were first found in East Lothian with Faucets, Seatons and Keith CATTi. She drove over her CAT, and a Saracena-like Saracen head is by Cetins/Cattans who in turn put roundels on their white cats, as do their Tiller kin on their white lion, as do Haydens on their white dog, the colors of the Deeter dog. And so the roundels on the Mandy wolf head may relate.

While the "NUTRior" motto term of Simsons is suspect with Nutters/Knutts, it just so happens that Cnuts were first found in Derbyshire with Mandys, Detricks, and ear-like Eyers/Ayers, what an incredibly-lucky strike, for I was wondering how possibly the Fire's in the Mandy Crest could be linked to the Schwabs sharing the giant, white-on-red Fire unicorn. And then I found multiple ways for this to be done. I was also wondering how possibly Charles Schwab could be linked to Steve Mellanson, for I've been telling about the time that he put a cotton SWAB into his EAR shortly after my morning vision concerning he and Farrah Fawcett, the pointer to Fauci's gain-of-function work, for while Farrah's use horseshoes, Fawcetts are listed with Faucets. The morning vision had God telling me to write a NOTE concerning Mellanson that night, and Note's, sharing the Mellanson crescents, are listed with Cnuts...who in turn have a white unicorn in Crest!

To really drive this home, Mellansons use a "bundle of rods," and while Bundle's share "eagle's legs" with the Mandy Chief, Rod's, sharing the gold, blank Chief with French Mellans, share the Shark and Danish Cnut trefoil. These trefoils are ROCKefeller symbols, and you can see that line in the rock in the foot of the crane of Shark-related Crane's/Crone's.

I have it recorded, and I also remember apart from it, that the Nutters once showed the blue-bend-with-besants of Buckinghams, which can explain why Simsons were first found in Buckinghamshire. The UNIcorn is suspect with corona-like Ceraunii at the Una-river theater, and as the Una was anciently the Oeneus, let's repeat why I trace Simsons to the Saracena and Laus region, for the OENotrians, suspect with mythical Oeneus, lived there as the ENOTRians, like the "NUTRior" motto term of Simsons. "Laus" is a motto term of Mandy-like Manders, and while Laus' use both the scythe and grapes, Deeters use grapes too while Mr. and Miss Deeter lived at a WINE Cup ranch.

Mandys: "A black wolf's head ERASed bezant with FIRE coming from HIS mouth." Why "his" mouth? Hiss'/Hesse's are perfect for this discussion, not only for Hesse-Cassel, home of Keith-related Chatti, but because Rasmussens/ERAS,' suspect in the "erased" wolf head, were first found at Hesse. I didn't at first see the "erased" term when asking how the Mandy fire can link to Charles Schwab via the Schwab/Swab and Fire unicorn. I then realized that the vertically-split Shield of Mandys are in the colors of the horizontally-split Fire Shield. Mandy share a white, engrailed cross partly on red, partly on black, with Rudes', and the Assmann variation of Rasmussens named Assmannshausen, at RUDESheim.

New View of the 42 Months

I developed the theory in which a candidate year for the Lord's return is one in which there are more than 1260 days between Passover of one year and the Feast of Trumpets 3.5 years later. The year, 2016, had been a candidate for the Lord's return using that logic. Another such 1260+ period ends on the Feast of Trumpets in 2024, but I don't think the Lord can return that early. The next candidate after 2024 starts at Passover, 2032, on March 26, with a Feast of Trumpets 1287 days later on October 4, 2035.

I had developed cause to start the 1260 days of Revelation on Passover due to there being 1,260 days on average roughly (it's changes slightly from year to year) between it and the Feast of Trumpets. The Bible claims that Jesus will return at a trumpet, and so if we back-up 1,260 days from the Feast of Trumpets, it's going to be near Passover in most years, though every nine years roughly the period between the two holidays is closer to 1,290 days because the Jews needed to kick the holidays forward a month, every so-often, to keep them from taking place too soon in the solar year (from decade to decade). What if God timed these two holidays so that they would be about 1,290 days apart on behalf of the end-time calendar? The period of 1,287 days above mirrors the 1290 days in Daniel 12, where it says:

“From the time that the daily sacrifice is abolished and the abomination that causes desolation is set up, there will be 1,290 days. Blessed is the one who waits for and reaches the end of the 1,335 days.

Don't misunderstand that quote (verses 11 and 12). It's not saying that there will be 1290 days between the abolished sacrifices and the abomination, but rather those two events are essentially together, and therefore will together be 1290 days before something the quote does not stipulate, though I think it's referring back to verses 1 and 2 that has the Resurrection. The New Testament tells us that the Resurrection will be at the last trumpet.

The Apophis asteroid is coming very near the earth in April of 2029, two weeks after the start of Passover, and it may be the Revelation asteroid, the 2nd Trumpet. God could cause it to strike the earth. If correct that the final 1290 days begin in March of 2032, the Apophis comet comes a full three years earlier, 6.5 years before the end. My view of the 21 Revelation plagues does not allow this scenario, unless the mark of the beast is in-use from prior to the 2nd Trumpet. I date the 2nd Trumpet (Revelation 8) after the mark of the beast is out. However, the Bible does not say that the mark is out for 1260 days only; it could be out longer. Revelation 12 causes me to assume that the Church must endure a mandatory mark system for 1260 days, yet the system could be non-mandatory prior to the mandatory period.

It's probably pointless to have this discussion, but if the COVID scheme is conquered at this time, in the next year or so, then we may look forward to another such scheme shortly afterward, and the Apophis asteroid, if it lands, will be a sure Sign that we have reached the final years. There's nothing to do but wait and watch, and not give up hope.

From the Apophis asteroid in April 13 (2029), to the Feast of Trumpets in 2035, there will be 2,365 days. Daniel 8 discloses a 2,300-day period for the anti-Christ's assault on Israel. If the 2,300 days begin in 2029, it begins on June 17 of that year, using this scheme. That is, from June 17 to the Feast of Trumpets in 3035, there will be 2,300 days. I can only assume, nothing more, that the 2,300 days end on the same day as the 1,290 days of Daniel 12. Yet if correct to assume that the 7th Revelation Trumpet is on the Feast of Trumpets, then the 42-month reign (assumed to be 1,260 days) of the anti-Christ must end a significant time before the Feast of Trumpets. We cannot have the end of his reign timed after the Resurrection, for his reign pertains to his war against the Church, judging by Revelation 12 and 13. He will be given 42 months to exercise his authority, which may or may not be exactly 1,260 days, yet Revelation 12 implies that he will war against Christians for at least, or even exactly, 1,260 days.

The 1,287 days above allows for a logical scenario, but if there are less than 1,260 days between Passover and the Feast of Trumpets, then, if the anti-Christ's first day is at a Passover, the Resurrection will incorrectly take place before the end of the anti-Christ's 1,260 days, which is why I say that there needs to be more than 1260 days, which we do get -- i.e. we get 1,287 days -- from Passover 2032 to Feast of Trumpets in 2035. However, there is no scripture demanding that the anti-Christ will begin his rule on a Passover; it's just a theory due to the fact that God chose Passover to be roughly 42 months from the Feast of Trumpets three years later. If we scrap that theory altogether, then any year is a candidate for the Return.

I used to think that the 1,260 days will end on the same day as the 1,290 days partly because Purim is a month before Passover. I thought the coincidence of there being that 30-day difference explained the 1,260 versus 1,290. But there's an apparent problem with having the two periods end at the same time because Revelation seemingly indicates (not necessarily) that the end of the anti-Christ's rule, which most assume to be 1,260 days long, is at the 5th trumpet, or by the end of the 5th Trumpet. The Resurrection is clearly at the 7th Trumpet, or upon on its approach. Therefore, there needs to be some significant time between the end of the 5th and the start of the 7th, for the entire 6th Trumpet.

Revelation 11 seems to say that the 1,260 days come to an end 3.5 days before the Resurrection. But this is uncertain. One may read it as a 1,260-day period followed immediately by 3.5 days. Or one may understand a gap of untold time between the two.

Daniel 12 seems to be clear in saying that 1,290 days after the start of the anti-Christ's abomination, there will be the Resurrection. There's nothing I know of to indicate that the start of the 1,260 days begin on the day he sets up the abomination.

Revelation 12 has Christians nourished in wilderness areas for 1,260 days, and scholars have assumed these to be the 1,260 days given to the anti-Christ. First of all, we never read that the anti-Christ is given 1,260 days, but rather is given 42 months. Are they the same? Think again. We all may have made a mistake by equating them.

In many places, Passover season is chilly, too early to start growing crops. The situation is much worse a month or two earlier, which in 2032 would be in February. It wouldn't be ideal for God to arrange the flight of His people in cold weather. April sounds better, but if the 1,260 days begin about a month after Passover, even better. I have been theorizing that the 1,290 days begin on Purim, but I'm open to them beginning on Passover.

In conformity to God not wanting our enemies to know when the Last Day is, I don't see clue in Revelation as to the timing of the first plague in comparison with the timing of the Resurrection. No one I've read shows any argument telling of that timing. I had guessed that the first plague starts after the 1260 days begin partly because it seems logical, and partly because the 1st Bowl is against those who have received the mark. I see the 1st Bowl shortly after the 1st Seal. The only sequence of the 21 plagues making sense is: 1S 1T 1B, 2S 2T, 2B...until the 5th Bowl puts the lights out on the anti-Christ's dominion. The next plague, immediately after the 5th Bowl, is the 6th Seal, which is the darkening of the heavens, which Jesus says is "after the tribulation of those days," suggesting that the tribulation, as He defines it (which I think is the tribulation of natural Israel), ends in the 5th Bowl. The 1,260 days of Revelation 11 do not come to an end at the 5th Bowl, but a significant time past the 5th Bowl.

There's no solid indication that the mark of the beast cannot be in-use before the 1260 days. In 2 Thessalonians 2, we have the "revelation" of the anti-Christ, which seems to be a point in time when Christians finally recognize him, with certainty anyway, but it doesn't tell us when he's revealed, whether at the start of Daniel's 1,290 days, or years before it. Jesus quotes Daniel concerning the abomination of desolation in Jerusalem, but does not warn Christians to flee the Jerusalem region while the anti-Christ is initially threatening Israel with invasion, but rather warns them to flee when they see the abomination successfully in Jerusalem. It tends to suggest that there will be a sudden success in taking Jerusalem, not a long, drawn-out battle, and yet Daniel 8 tells that his fight against Jerusalem is over 2,300 days = almost 6.5 years.

Why won't we be able to identify the anti-Christ from the early days of the 2300 days? Maybe we will, and I think some of us will, yet I'm not sure I can trust pastors to sound the alarm. I'm disillusioned by pastors not sounding the alarm even now. Maybe they have a case before God, but unreliable pre-tribulationist pastors seem like a dire threat to us in this regard of preparing ourselves.

For convenience sake, prophecy scholars have divided the last seven years into two periods of 1,260 days each, and everything else upon the prophetic calendar needs to be built upon that skeleton. It's time to toss that simplistic approach out if we want the grits. It's probably problematic even to view the so-called "tribulation period" as 1,260 days long. It's fine for getting the basics across, but for the grits (details), let's ignore it.

Why would Daniel 11, verses 21-30, reveal to us the approach of the anti-Christ to his abomination in verse 31, if it's not for us to identify him years in advance of the abomination? Why are pre-tribulationists so treacherous as to deny us verses 21-30, claiming that they pertain to ancient events, not end-time? Don't verses 21-30 explain the first 1,010 days of the 2,300 days? I used to think so, and I've claimed so, because I had decided to see the end of the 2,300 days at the end of the 1,290 days (ending on the same day generally), and so I subtracted 1,290 from 2,300 to get 1,010, and thus assumed that there will be 1,010 days of anti-Christ harassments against Israel prior to the abomination.

In seeking the finer grits, it seems better to end the 2,300 days at the 5th Bowl, and not later at the end of the 1,290 days. In that view, there will be MORE than 1,010 days of harassment against Israel. Is there any way to figure the exact number of days?

What do we suppose happens on the first day of the 2,300 to mark them out as a distinct period? As it's such a round number, doesn't it appear that God chose it? Why that number? It's almost exactly 78 months as we see months at 29.5306 days long. It's almost exactly 84 true / sidereal months (27.3217 days) so that one could break it into two halves of 42 months each. That's making some sense, but it now begs the question on whether the 42 months allotted to the anti-Christ are sidereal months (= almost 39 months as we see and measure them). In that picture, the 42 months (1,150 days) cease to be equal to 1,260 days so that we should not confuse them. The anti-Christ is never given 1,260 days, but rather 42 months. A sidereal month is a full lunar orbit as someone in outer space would see it. Our month is erroneous, measured as slightly more than one lunar orbit.

If his 42 months are our 39 months, then we can entertain the 39 months coming to an end in the 5th Bowl. As he's given a crown for 42 months, and as he tramples Jerusalem for 42 months, his crown seems to be as king of Jerusalem until the 5th Bowl. The trampling begins at his abomination, we may assume, but if it lasts for only 39 of our months instead of 42, then it ends 140 days before the Resurrection, allowing much more time than 30 days for the 6th triplet, 6Seal-6Trumpet-6Bowl, to take place prior to the 7th Trumpet. Now there would be 140 days for transpiration of the 6th triplet...which includes the gathering of the "kings of the east" to Armageddon. I arrive to 140 days because 42 sidereal months are half the 2,300 days, or 1,150 days, 140 days short of 1,290-day span from abomination to Resurrection.

To put it another way: the 2,300 days of his assault attempts, and successful assaults, on Jerusalem might end 140 days before the end of the 1,290 days, in which case there will be 1,290 - 140 = 1,150 days of his 2,300 days AFTER the abomination, and therefore 1,150 days BEFORE the abomination. The 2,300 days are split evenly with the abomination smack-dab in their center. There's 42 sidereal months before, and 42 sidereal months after, the abomination at Jerusalem. It's my new theory.

Perhaps the mandatory skin-number system will be abandoned by the world in the 5th Bowl, as the anti-Christ starts to appear world-dangerous, for the end of Daniel 11 exposes him as a globosidal maniac willing to bring the entire world down with him. Shame, communist pigs, you will worship your own mortal enemy for your hatred of Jesus, and for chasing your humanistic fantasies. It's even possible that the stores will be available to us again at or near the end of his 42 months. This new scheme can knock off, from the 1,260 days, as many as six months of inability to use stores.

When Jesus says that the 6th Seal will come to pass AFTER Israel's tribulation, it suggests that the anti-Christ heat upon Israel will be lifted at the 5th Bowl. Revelation 16 doesn't give the reason that his throne is plunged into darkness as per the 5th Bowl, whether due to rejection of him by the masses, or due to a coup or military battle against him. But for Jesus to say that the 6th Seal is after Israel's tribulation seems at odds with the prophetic fact that Armageddon has yet to transpire (after the 6th Seal) on Israeli soil. Isn't that a massive piece of tribulation for Israel? It depends on how one looks at it, because the kings of the east come to fight against the anti-Christ in Israel, and that can be viewed as a piece of salvation for the Israelites from his tyranny.

There's no way for the kings of the EAST to consist of 200 million men to fulfill the 200 million troops in the 6th Trumpet. The only way to reconcile this "impossible" number is thanks to an Old-Testament prophecy telling that Jesus comes from the EAST at Armageddon. Revelation 19 has angels dressed in white following him as he comes down to earth, and we know from other scripture that Jesus comes with angels, and so part of the 200 million have got to be angels. No prophet in his right mind predicts an army of 200 million men if he wants to become famous as a prophet in his lifetime i.e. this is evidence that God wrote Revelation.

I need to tell Jesus that I love Him, which gives me peace and health inside. There is your key for going forward into troubles. When God sees that we depend on Him in our troubles, that's what He wants to see, that's what He rewards. Others fall away instead, make a stark break, cutting themselves off from the Head. Whenever you feel that there's no evidence of God's existence, look all around you at fulfilled prophecy already, and the good prospect of fulfilling it further imminently. If you want to prepare spiritually, tell Jesus you need to love Him for inner-peace sake. Make up your mind that Jesus is not a far-away ruler outside the sphere of your life. He is as close to us as our mouths. We need to wrestle with the temptations to abandon Him, temptations that arise from repeated bombardments of thoughts to the effect that Jesus is not truly with us. But even if Jesus is far away from my trials, I'll keep myself unworldly until He returns. Instead of hating Him, I'll hate the world and those who hate Him. My joy will be instilled during and after I fight for the good guys. Our foods should include the fruits of victory that we will win by resisting the devil's sons. They will portray us as the devil, and they as the angels, but we know the hardy truth on our plates. Eat of the Truth, drink and be merry, for tomorrow we live.

Humans like to believe they are super-intelligent in the universe, but that's only true in comparison to the apes. God likely made us more on the daft side because He knows that evil compounds with higher levels of intelligence. Thank God that humans were made stupid! At the Resurrection, I assume that we'll be far superior in intelligence. The wise men of this babbling world, the fools, most of the lockstep scientists, are going to miss out on that party.

Revelation 11 has both the 42-month trampling on Jerusalem (verse 2) along with a 1260-day period (verse 3) in which the anti-Christ's enemies oppose him. As the 42-month trampling is that of the anti-Christ's, Revelation 11 seems to obliterate the idea that there will be 42 sidereal months = 1,150 days. But not necessarily. Why doesn't the text use "42 months" twice, or "1,260 days" twice, if the 1260 days are identical to the 42 months? Instead, it uses one each of the two. Why doesn't Revelation 13 use 1,260 days as does Revelation 12? Why does Revelation 13 use 42 months instead?

Later in chapter 11, the enemies who oppose the anti-Christ are seen resurrected in a cloud in what looks like the Resurrection that Daniel places after a period of 1,290 days. It says that after his enemies prophecy and bring down plagues for 1,260 days, they will be killed, but that they will be raised to life 3.5 days after they are killed. It doesn't tell whether there is a gap of time between the 1,260 days and the 3.5 days, in which case it seems impossible to know for sure when the 1,260 days come to an end, whether 3.5 days before the end of the 1,290 days, or more than 3.5 days before. They might prophecy for 1,260 days, then take a break from it, and only after their break will they be murdered.

Actually, 42 sidereal months = 1,147.5 days, not 1,150. It means that a pair of 42 sidereal months = 2,995 days, not 2,300. Close, though. Possibly, a lunar month was not what it is today so that, at one time, 42 orbits were exactly 1,150 days.

Daniel 7 and 12 says that the anti-Christ is given "time, times, and half a time," which looks like 3.5 years, for his war against the saints. Yet 42 sidereal months = 39 months = 3.25 years. Is this a problem? It depends what the time, times and half a time refers to. As it appears in Daniel 12 with the 1,290 days, it looks like another way to say, 1,290 days, for that duration is 3.53 years. Daniel 12:7

And I heard the man dressed in linen, who was above the waters of the stream, as he raised his right hand and his left toward heaven, and swore by Him who lives forever that it would be for a time, times, and half a time; and as soon as they finish smashing the power of the holy people, all these events will be completed.

It sounds as though the war against the holy people will be a full 3.5 years in spite of the beast's throne being darkened in the 5th Bowl. My inclination is to view the people of that verse as Israelites, and so while the 1,290 days may pertain in particular to Israelites, the 1,260 days may pertain to Christians outside of Israel. But sorry, that can't fly, because Revelation 12 has the Christian Church nourished for both 1,260 days and for "a time, times and half a time." Why is there that 30-day difference between 1,260 and 1,290?

However, I think the 42 sidereal months can stand because a time, times and a half-time pertains to the 1260 / 1290 days, not necessarily to the 42 months. Even if we count the months as earth-viewed months (29.53 days each), 42 of them is only 1,240 days. Why would God throw in a complication with 42 months? Perhaps to indicate the anti-Christ's power grab up to the 5th Bowl only. From the abomination to the 5th Bowl, 42 months. Then comes some more days of persecution against the Christians, and finally a month more to the Resurrection. I would not have entertained sidereal months had not 42 of them equaled almost half of 2,300.

When I was evil with my evil friends, I was happy to discover Jesus. I liked the idea of a big-beautiful world where people treat one another in kindness, peace and joy. It's all healthy and good, but the people who want to rule now are advertising their will to make us gloomy and terrified, we who wanted that big-beautiful world. It's moronic of them, as if they are unreasoning animals who cannot capture our simple views. They will stick to any excuse to deliver us persecution; that's what we are discovering since 2020. They are being turned against us, and though it's fulfilled prophecy, they haven't the intelligence level enough, nor the desire, to grasp it. The only way for the world to go to a skincode, after we Christians have sounded the alarm against it for decades, is for them to go moronic. Everyone has heard about the mark of the beast from one Christian or another, but it's moronic to view a skin-number system, when it manifests, as only coincidental to Revelation prophecy.

The infestation on earth will be those who support the number while persecuting those who reject it, similar to the bad attitudes of some who show willingness at this time to persecute those who reject vaccines. Those bad apples are the leaders in persecution. They will stir up trouble for us because they've desired it. We want no evil, yet they desire evil upon us, go figure. This is why Jesus commands us to love enemies rather than retaliate, that they might condemn themselves when they persecute us, for just as Jesus sinned not, yet they killed him for political purposes, ditto for us, for they hate our world-vision of Jesus-values.

The bad news is, hardly a pastor is seeding into the minds of his congregation that they should start saving extra foods and other needs to combat the skin-number. Maybe it's not time yet, or maybe they never will sound the signal until the brink of the 1,260 days. If I knew for certain that the 1260 days begin in 2030 or later, I might not be storing extra foods at this time. On the other hand, perhaps the vaccine threats have the silver lining of causing some of us to preserve some extra foods, which gets us trained in doing so. How many people will allow themselves to become fired from jobs rather than vaccinate, and then move into the country to seek a quasi self-sufficient lifestyle? That's not a bad thing if the skin-number is in the next decade or two.

Here's a quiet weapon for you to hunt foods, where the hub of the wheel makes the arrow go straight. It looks good for spearing fish if your arrows float. It doesn't need to be a wheel. Any solid structure, square or round, or homemade with a welding outfit, with a central hub / hole, will do. Stocking up on elastic cable sounds wise.

Rather than going out to hunt, you can shoot your animals with a crossbow-type tool at your own home. For when you have a garden, the deer will come around, and you can trap one at your own home. If it's that or starve, you'll do it. Blame the despicable globalists who'll force you to do it. Raise chickens, and trap a bear when it comes to take a chicken. Bear meat is okay.

Bear meat has been a staple on dinner tables in North America for centuries and was revered for its many uses. As commercially raised meat became more readily available, the prevalence of bear meat on the dinner table waned and the myths surrounding the edibility and the safety of consuming bear grew. Ask a handful of hunters about eating bear meat and you will likely get a number of wildly different responses, anything from “it’s inedible” and “it isn’t safe to eat,” to “it’s the best meat out there.” As a chef and a hunter that loves to eat bear meat, I am passionate about dispelling the myths that surround the consumption of this animal.

Globalist kissers at the top of a google search will, of course, tell you that bear meat will make you sick. If it's your chickens or the bear, the globo-kissers will understand that you've got to put the bear's lights out. Well, actually, no they won't understand, because end-time globo-kissers are going to become demon-infested morons more than they already are. They will love bears more than they love you, guaranteed. They'd rather see the bear live than you. Hard to believe?

I have a moose or two walking through my place annually. How to trap one? How much dried meat will one moose provide? When the globalists cut you off from the supermarkets...that's why you need to think about these things. A sun-heated box with a glass / plexiglass lid is a must for trib survivors. It gets temperatures high enough to kill bacteria to boot. It needs no $$$ energy. Great for drying garden produce, even spinach, kale and other things you thought could not be preserved for free. Make spinach dust. Sprinkle spinach vitamins on your pizzas, have fun, because enjoying life is healthy. Don't let globogoons make you gloomy and miserable. That's what they want, that's what satan wants. I learned in Texas that spinach is the first crop out of the gate in the growing season. Grow lots of spinach and broccoli early in the year. And late in the year. Cold-weather crops will "bolt" when grown in hot weather, not good.

Remember this: an arrow shooter with just a piece of plastic pipe; it can be made more powerful with longer arrows, and the design can be improvised / upgraded for a better aim. If we don't prepare ahead of time, we'll need to use whatever we have on-hand. Get some elastic cable/cord and arrows before it's too late, because you can't hunt with a gun year-round. The tighter the arrow fits in the tube, the better for a straighter, smoother shot. If you don't have clear water near your place, a fish-spearing tool probably isn't needed. Can it be used to catch squirrels?

Ramp Dream

Sunday morning I had a dream, and my tenant used the water just then to wake me up, because the water pump is beneath my bedroom, loud enough to wake me. If it didn't wake me, I probably wouldn't have remembered the dream. I wrote the Revelation material above yesterday, Saturday. After a small peak at the Barber surnames and where they lead, this dream may be a pointer to the Revelation asteroid.

The dream: I was in a BARBER shop, and after the female hair CUTTER sat me in the barber's chair, she went off leaving me alone. So, getting impatient, I called out asking if she was on her BREAK or something. She soon returned to start cutting, when I asked her opinion on how the previous barber did with my hair. I then told her that I cut my own hair i.e. I was the previous barber. And I showed her how I was doing it, by sliding the scissors through the hair (rather than the traditional way of flipping the hair with a comb). The dream ended there.

Loading Barbers, I see evidence of their being from the Berbers of north Africa, which included the Massy-like Numidians of king Massena, which I think explains why I had cut my own hair, indicating that my Masci bloodline is from king Massena. English Barbers have: "Alternatively, the name could have been Norman in origin from: St. Barbe sur GAILLON, a location in Normandy, where was the celebrated abbey of St. Barbara." This looks correct because Gaillon-like Gellone's/Gillians/Jellions (Yorkshire, same as Gells/Jills) share the three fleur-de-lys with English Barbers. Massena's father was king GALa, and so we are on their bloodline with Barbers.

My mother is a Masci in one parent, and a GRIMaldi by her maiden name, and so see the Gellone/Gillian write-up: "One of the first records of the name as a surname was GRIM de Gilling who was listed in the Pipe Rolls for Yorkshire in 1198." The monastery of Gellone was in Languedoc (off the Berber coast), and Languedoc is where tower-using Tours were first found who share a giant tower on blue with Towers. The latter have the tower in the colors of the Comet tower.

Gaillons were first found at Dol with Alans...which is in Brittany, where French Sarasins were first found. I can already see that Barbers (Alan colors) were Saracen kin, and Alan Huns were in North Africa in ancient times after having settled in Spain. French Alans share the Chief of Galli's, and while king Gala of North Africa was also "Gaia," Galli's share the GAY rooster while Gaillons are also GAYarts. Gayers have a VULTURE while the Brittany Alans loved the name, WALTER. English Walters were first found in CROWhurst, and "crow's feet" are used by Belgian Gayers. )

Crowhursts, with a stripe-less tiger on a "tilting spear, look like kin of Jewish Pollocks. English Walters share the bend of ShakeSPEARE's, of Gells/Jills, and of the Sayers who come up as Saracen-like "Sarah." The Biblical Abraham was married to Sarah, and later married Kotor-like Keturah, begging whether the Biblical Sarah was named by a proto-Saracen Hebrew tribe. Speers, first found in Rennes-line Renfrewshire with Scottish Pollocks, were Pace/Pasi kin, and "Pace vel" is an important-to-the-discussion motto phrase of Tuareg-like Turks/Torks.

The boar heads of English Walters are colors reversed from those of Turins. Both Barber surnames use the bull head, suspect with the taurus-like TUAReg Berbers, suspect with the naming of Turin, the area in which Masci's were first found. Masci's have a version of the Massena/Messina Coat, and Sicily's Messina is near GELA, the latter in the land of the Saracens and facing the Berber coast. Barbara's were first found in Sicily.

One can easily envision a Saracen-line merger with that of the Massena Numidians, and as the Saraca's were in KOTOR, it can explain why I was in a barber shop with a hair CUTTER, is that not amazing? Cutters share the Chief-Shield colors of Stewart-related Brocks and Brocuffs, which may explain why I asked whether the barber was on a break.

Tuareg-like Turks/Torks have a "vel" motto term while Vele's have the French Sarasin Coat in colors reversed. It appears that Tuaregs had married a line(s) of Saracens, even the Saraca's of Kotor. The Hairs were first found in AYRshire with Ayers/Airs, and the latter are suspect from Numidia's Aures, home of queen Kenza.

Turks/Torks were first found in Dumfries with bull-like Bullys, and both use flames. The Turks/Torks share the rock in flames of MacKENZie, from queen Kenza, and this flaming rock of MacKenzie's is what had pointed to the Apophis "comet." It's technically an ASTERoid, and the MacKenzie's even use an "astra" motto term. The Comet surname happens to use Tuar(eg)-like towers, you see, as if God set the Comets up with towers to be a pointer to the Apophis asteroid, a rock that will catch flames as it streaks through the atmosphere.

A tower is a taurus-like turris, and Torres'/Ture's have more towers, colors reversed from the MURENA tower. The crest of Turris'/Tarras' ("AMORE") has a stag in MacKenzie stag-head colors...not looking coincidental. The (proto)Tuaregs may have named mythical Taras in the Arms of Taranto. Terentia Murena is thus back to topic. I had been asking myself whose bend Barbara's might be using, and the first candidate is the Turris/Tarras bend. The latter surname was first found in MORay, beside the Rose clan, and roses are used by Barbara's (Sicily). Nearby ROSS-shire is where MacKenzie's were first found. Murrays/Morays ("Imperio") look to be from Imperia, connectable to the Imperi people of the Boofima human-sacrifice cult from Africa somewhere (I know not where). Imperia was ONEGLia, and the Turris/Tarras bend-with-items are in the colors of the NAGLE / GALE fesse-with items; Gale's (in the Nagle nightinGALE) can be from king Gala of the Numidians. Nagle's and Gale's share the fesse of Boofima-like Beefs/Boeufs.

We saw connection of this discussion to the Dol Alans, near Rennes, and Raines'/Reineckers use a "comet." My 1979 dream, featuring a Saraca-line shark in a pool with a British bulldog, had pointed to Spuds MacKenzie, a BULLdog MASCot (for Bud beer company), when he appeared at a cook-out / BARBecue (!) contest in which Miss Hicks was the "trophy girl." I now understand why God provided that event, as per Hicks' having the Barber fleur-de-lys in colors reversed!!! King Apophis was a HYKSos!!! Can we believe it. The key to Spuds MacKenzie was the BARBecue contest, a pointer to the Kenza-line Berbers! Zikers, it means that Hyksos were, as expected, of the Massena Numidians.

The barbeCUE cook-out can be applied to this discussion as per Cue's/Kews sharing the lion of Coffee-like Coffells/COEfields/COKEfields. The latter can point to COOK-out die to Cooks sharing the ostrich with Coke's, and moreover Coffee's nearly have the Arms of Taranto. Coffells/Coefields have two-and-two pale bars in the colors of the two Barbara (and Duly/Doley/Owlie) bends. BARBecue! The Baytown Sun called it a "cook-out."

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! As Coke's share "qui" with English Sheaves'/Shaws while KEYs are used by Italian Sheaves' (L'Aquila), the Coke's must be using the Aquila eagle, and then both Sheaves' come up as "Shave" while barbers traditionally did shaves too!!!! MacKenzie's use an "itur" motto term suspect with "IDRis (himself suspect from ITUReans), and English Sheaves'/Shave's use "patITUR." Idris of Berber Morocco was Kenza's husband, and Kenza was of the Shawia Numidians, very likely, for they lived at Aures with her.

We can say that barbers use shears (scissors), and the split-Fugger Shield is that of Tarves', where Chivasso- like Chives' were first found along with Turins. Chivasso is near Turin, and Italian Sheaves'/Shave's are also Chiava's. The Fugger write-up, though I don't agree with the derivation: "The name is derived from the Middle High German word 'fucker,' meaning 'sheep SHEARs.'" It looks like it's about the Fucino area of the Marsi. The write-up looks like deliberate code (they're laughing at us who take them seriously) because Shears/Sheers share the Tarves fitchees.

The Key-like Cue's/Kews' share the garbs of Commons/Comyns (in the write-up of Scottish Shaws) suspect as a Comet branch. Barbers share red fleur-de-lys with the Courage's in the Common/Comyn motto, yet the three fleur of Courage's are those of Perkins in both colors, an apparent pointer of the barber to Perkins COIE. I've just got to add here that while Smiths share the three fleur of Perkins and Courage's, half in the colors of the Barber fleur, Paul Smith's mother is/was Barbara.

I see Cue's/Kews (Norfolk, same as Commons/Comyns and Haydens) as using a colors reversed version of the lion in this Arms of Macclesfield (Cheshire, same as Sava's), and the Macclesfield cross is that also of the particular Haydens using "black SPOTS" on their talbot dog. As Miss Hicks the trophy girl was Sleeping Beauty along with Ainsley Earhardt, mother of Hayden, I really want to know what heraldic spots are code for, because I don't know, and they look like the thing that God may be pointing to with SPUDS MacKenzie.

As I said, the dream this morning ended as my tenant turned on her water, causing the WATER PUMP to turn on, waking me. Pumps happen to be listed with Apophis-like Pope's/Pape's, and Waters were part of the 1979 dream too, in a pointer to Eppsteins. Waters (Essex, same as Muschats) share the Coat of Eppsteins and mascot-like Muschats. "MusCHAT" was resolved with the Keiths/Mascals/Masculs, partly of Mascula in Numidia, for Keiths were of the CATTi tribe, from Hesse-Cassel's Chatti, and Epstein's were first found in Hesse-Nassau. Keiths were at MUSSELburgh, and Mussels/Muscels not only share the black wolf with Saracens/Sarasins, but share "plates" with the Gaillons/Gayarts (Brittany, same as Sarasins) we saw above with Barbers. The Chatti named CAITHness, where Pumps/Pope's/Pape's were first found! It looks like Intelligent Design all-around.

I can now understand why the 1979 dream has a BRITISH bulldog, for British's (perhaps Brittany liners) use a fox, symbol of Fez's/Fes', suspect from Fez in Morocco, headquarters of king Idris, husband of queen Kenza! Fez's/Fes' were first found in Awraba-like Auvergne (Aures was also called, Awraba), and Auvergne's not only share the Tour tower for a pointer to Tuareg Berbers, but the Auvergne Shield (Masci fleur) is also the POOL Shield!!! The British bulldog jumped into the pool. Ahh, there was one Margaret de la POLE of FOIX-Candale (or "Kendal"), and Foix's were first found in Auvergne too. This same Margaret married Ludovico II of Saluzzo, who may have been related to Alice of Saluzzo, wife of the Dol Alans, suggesting that la Pole's were Pollocks. The household of Saluzzo of that period was probably a Masci / Hyksos one.

In all the times that I've been mentioning mont Velino at the upper Salto, and connecting it to Alan-related surnames, and to mythical Avalon, I have not known, until now, that a Velino river flows through Rieti. The Velino is a tributary of the Naro, and while Ardiaei were on the Naro/Neretva river of Croatia, king ARThur was given his death in Avalon. Nerets were first found in Dol with Alans. As Velens share the Alan MARtlets, the Marsi are suspect in naming Charles MARTEL, for French Charles' use MARTLets too. I now know why Kepke had a pet RAT in his baseMENT, where we played PING-PONG, and Pings/Pongs/Pagans almost have the triple bends of Nerets and MENTs/Mants. "MANET" is a motto term in the Arms of L'Aquila (mont Velino can be see from there) along with "ImMOTA," and the myth, "Le MORTE d"Arthur," where the myth writer placed Arthur's death on Avalon, is code for MOTTs/MORTE's because they share the Death/Darth crescent.

Ludovico descends from the del Vasto's of Saluzzo. "Ludovico was the son of Ludovico I of Saluzzo and Isabella of Montferrat." Renier of Montferrat is suspect to Comet-loving Reines'. Ludovico descended from Manfred of Sicily, whom I believe was related to Mosca's of Sicily. It was the ancestor, Frederick of Saluzzo, who was son of Beatrice, daughter of Manfred of Sicily, and this Frederick, at his Wikipedia article, is shown with a wyvern dragon on a POLE, tending to explain why Pools/Pole's share the Masci fleur-de-lys. A wyvern is used by Drake's who love the Muscas variation of Mosca's in their motto, and Mosca's of Sicily were near the Drago river. Thus, it appears that Drake liners passed through Saluzzo.

As it turns out, this same Frederick was the son of Manfred of Saluzzo, in turn the brother of Alice of Saluzzo, and thus Manfred was a son of LUIS of Ceva, tending to explain why Massey-related Bricks share the LOUIS lozenges, and why Lewis' have a dragon. Bricks are suspect from Ranulph de Briquessart of the Bessin, father of Ranulph le Meschin. Reines'/Reinecker have the Pisa Coat in colors reversed, and Muscas'/Mosca's were first found in Pisa, suspect from Amazons of Grecian Pisa, home of the mythical Amazon king, OenoMAUS.

French Louis' (the ones with lozenges) were first found in Lorraine, which should explain why the Lorraine-bend-with-items is in the colors of the same of Vasto-like Fasts, for LUDovico II is styled, "of del Vasto." Fasts (share Lutt/Lute quadrants), in the motto of LUD-like McLeods/Lutts, were a branch of FALstaffs, and Falls'/Fallis' share the Pool/Pole lion. Suddenly, McLeods/Lutts / Lutts/Lute's are discovered in naming Ludovici. Ladys/LAUDymans share the annulets of CANDLE's/Kentwells, and Ludovici II married Miss Foix-CANDALE. The Pools/Pole's share the giant RITa lion because they both descended from Vespasia Polla, wife of emperor Vespasian of RIETi. The latter's son, emperor Domitian, is the 6th head of Revelation 17, if indeed Revelation was written in 90-95 AD, for Domitian was ruling at the time, and Revelation 17 says that the 6th head was ruling at the time.

I don't think any other emperors fit these seven heads because the seventh is said to rule a short time, and Nerva, immediately after Domitian, ruled only 16 months. The seven are: Gaius "Little Botts", Claudius, Nero, Vespasian, Titus, Domitian and Nerva. There were three uprooted kings between Nero and Vespasian so as to fulfill Daniel's 10 Roman horns minus three.

Revelation's seven heads upon a dragon are suspect as play on the seven-headed mythical dragon, LOTan, and Lutt / Ludovici liners may have included Lothians/Loudons, Lots, Louths/Lude's. It's food for thought. The Lothian/Loudon hunting horn is in the colors of the horns in this Arms of Traby that look like they use three strings to indicate 666. The Lothian/Loudon "talbot" is said to be "tied" to the pine tree, and Teague's/Teegers, from Opgalli the Galatian, are said to have been TAIDh's in Ireland. The "diem" motto term of Teague's/Teegers ("OPtem") gets the DITTmayers, perhaps in the "custoDIT" motto term of Lothians/Loudons. Ditts use a stripe-less TIGER. Opgalli (wife of king TIGRanes VI) was probably from the line of Brogitarus, chief priest of the Great Mother goddess. I feel that God has used PARKING LOTS, and Parkins/Perkins are from Plancia Magna of Perga (Galatian father), the line to Fulke's, first found in Norfolk with the Flags/Flecks in the McLeod/Lutt flags. Is Revelation 17 pointing to the bloodline of Ludovici?

I almost missed this: my TENANT turned on the water to wake me from the barber dream that pointed to Tuareg Berbers and thus to Turks/TORKs. The latter use "vel" while Tenants use "vela" while Vela's use "four TORCHes on blue corners"!!! Can you believe it? Plus, there is a "A MAST with SAIL" in the Tenant Crest while Sails/SALES' (Cheshire, same as Masseys) are suspect with "Saluzzo"!!! UNBELIEVABLE. When I woke up from this dream, I thought it was so mediocre that it couldn't possibly be of God. Surprise. The Masts/Masters even have a "Tuareg-like "tueri" motto term. You can verify any of these descriptions at Hall of Names:

Masts/Masters share "quaerere" with book-using Roets, which can explain why Frederick of Saluzzo is shown in a painting holding a book. Catherine Roet is thus suspect with Catherine of Foix-Candale. Roets share the book with Reeds, all kin cousins of Rita's from Rieti. That explains why John of Foix-Candale was father to Margaret de la POLE! The line of Vespasian was at France's Foix and/or Candale regions. John of Foix-Candale was the son of Gaston I of Foix-Grailly, and the House of Grailly share the Meschin scallops.

Someone's red bull is shown in the Arms of Foix-Grailly, and while Vespasian was the son of Sabinus, the Sabine's, sharing the scallop of Polla-line Pullys/Pullens, have a red bull!!! Plus, the house of Grailly is said to have been " originally based on Lake Geneva", which lake happens to have a Pully location on its north shore. The scallops of the Arms of Grailly are on a cross in the colors of the Rat/Raid cross! Bingo, Rats/Raids were from Rieti! Houseofnames shows the Grailly cross with scallops.

Ah, Grails are listed with Neils/Neals who share "vel" with Turks/Torks, yet the latter use "PACE vel" while I can trace VesPASIa Polla well to Pace's/Pasi's! The latter, kin of Speers, are the line to Paisleys, first found in Renfrewshire with POLLocks and Speers. The Speers share the Roet boar heads because Roets were from Rieti! Bingo-bango, the Revelation dragon is showing its ugly face. Irish Neils/NIHILLs (same place as Sharks) are suspect in the "Nihilo" motto term of Scottish Barbers who in turn share the Pully/Pullen and Sabine scallop.

Grails share the rock in Crest with Roach's who in turn share the Coat of Italian Barbera's (not "Barbara"). It's the Coat also of Luciano's (Rome, same as Rita's), a branch of Luce's/Lucys, and the latter, wow, were at Pasi-like Passy!!! Incredible, what a barber in a dream can tell us. This rock is related to the rock in flames of MacKenzie's...though the latter is called a "mountain in flames". Revelation's 2nd trumpet says that something "like a mountain" was thrown into the sea. An asteroid. It's aimed at Rockefellers and child-sacrificing Numidians. "Luceo" is a MacKenzie motto term!!!

King Massena was married to Sophonisba, wife also of king SYPHAX (Numidian, who was arrested by the Romans when they ganged up with Massena. Syphax was given a prison sentence in Rome (perhaps a house-arrest sentence), and may have been the ancestor of Rita's or Luciano's. When I first saw the image of Syphax on a coin, he looked like Mr. Kepke in his early 20s. Note how "Syphax" is a soft-c version of "KEPKE," for Keppochs share the garb of English Barbers. Recall the expectation that towers are for Tuaregs, for Syphax-like Spice's/Spicers use towers.

Specks/Spike's/Specks have a double-headed eagle, symbol of Rome, over eight bars (four-and-four) that are almost the four fesses of Cavetts, the latter from the Cevetta river at Ceva, home of Luis of Ceva, ancestor of the Saluzzo > Pole-of-Foix line. Louis' were first found in Lorraine, and Scottish Barbers were first found in Northumberland with the Lorraine's whom we saw with a bend-with-items in the colors of the same of Vasto-like Fasts. Another bend-with-items in the same colors is with SPECCots, first found in Devon with Spice's/Spicers, PINE's, and Hoods/Hoots of RATTery (Rieti suspects). Hoods/Hoots share the fret with Speccots. Specks/Spike's/Spicks use a PORCuPINE likely for the line of Porcius Cato, whom had land in Sabina, location of Rieti. Cato-branch Chatans share the Tour and Auvergne tower. RITTers/Rutterys are interesting for having the Barber garb in colors reversed, and the Ritters/Rutterys share the Scottish Mar lion while Rieti is on the Salto river of the Marsi. Rutts/Rouds (bells) are almost in the colors and Format of French Mars.

French Louis' are also Loys, and "LOYaulte" is a motto term of Pollets in the Pool/Pole motto. That works great.

One thing that hasn't yet been dealt with sufficiently is when the female barber was taking a BREAK. I've looked up Brechs/Brecks, but they don't seem to apply. I then found Brakers/Breconrigs (Lanarkshire, beside Paisleys and Polla-line Pollocks) sharing the roses of Paisleys and Bellys (Moray, home of Peter Pollock). The latter were a branch of Baileys (Moray stars) and Baliols, the latter two first found in Northumberland with Barbers. That's working pretty good so far. We saw this dream point quickly to Turks/Torks, and their motto in full is, "Pace vel BELLO." We saw Auvergne's with the Pool Shield and the Tour tower, yet Auvergne is where Bouillons were first found who share "bello" in their motto. Baliols share the swords of Pollets in the Pool/Pole motto. A barber-shop pole comes to mind!

English Balls (Cheshire, same as Masseys and Piccots/Pigots) share the "fireball" with Spice's/Spicers. This recalls the "fire" in the Mandy Crest that linked to Swabia-like Schwabs/Swabs, which place can be traced to "Sabina," then to the Suebi Nordics that likely named Swabia. Mandys use purple lozenges. The sleeved and cuffed arm in the Spice Crest suggests connection with the "Cornish CHOUGH" in the Hood/Hoot Crest, for the Coughs and Cuffs who share the Coat, essentially, of Saluzzo-suspect Sales'/Sails/SALLETTs. Rieti is on the SALTo river, and then see another blue sleeve in the Rutt/Roud Crest. The interesting thing is that Roud-like Rudys have more fretty while the Giuliani eagle (with gold legs) is in the Crest of Cornish's sharing the Spice chevron.

Right now, the Arms of Rieti at Wikipedia show fish on FRETTy in the colors of the Arms-of-Saraca fish, and in the colors of the Hood/Hoot FRET. Hoods/Hoots were at RATTery (Devon), and Ratterys share the PICK/Pix fitchees. Spice's/Spicers and Hoods/Hoots were first found in Devon with the Pike's in the "pikeheads" of Picots/Pigots. The latter use a "foys" motto term while Foys are listed with Foix's (Auvergne) who in turn share the Bailey stars. Foix-Candale married Saluzzo.

The Bellows/Ballots (Cheshire, same as Balls and RITTers/Rutterys), in the "bellows" of Skipton-like Shiptons, use a fox head, looking connectable to the fox of Fez's/Fes' (Auvergne), and moreover Skiptons, who married ALICE de Meschin, share the purple lion with Raines-branch Wrens, with Luce-like Luz's/Lucio's while Luce's use PIKE fish for connection to Picots/PIGGots. Piggs share the Coat (with black boar heads) of Swynfords, from Mr. Swynford, husband of Catherine Roet i.e. a Rieti line. Geddes', part of the shark in the KIDNEY-shaped POOL, with more pike fish, were first found in Nairnshire with the Rieti-suspect Rats/raids sharing the cross of Foix-related Graillys. Nairnshire is also where Rose's were first found whom we saw in the Braker/Breconrig Coat. Porcia's use black boars, and Porci's have a bend in Fez-bend colors.

Catherine Roet had also married John of Gaunt (founder of the Lancastrian ROSE line), whose family was at Candale, tending to explain why Kendals are in Swynford colors and format.

Having said that, Brakers/BRECONrigs were first found partly in Ayrshire with Scottish Pike's/Picks/Pickens, the line suspect from the namers of PICENze, my mother's place of birth and up-bringing. The barber dream is all about her Masci line. Recall how the Pullys/Pullens were at Pully on Grailly-related lake Geneva, for Geneva's/Genova's share the Masci wing while my mother's Grimaldi side were in Genova.

The barber left me sitting on the barber's chair while she went off taking a Braker-like break, making me wonder if the barber's chair is to represent the purple throne of Grimaldi's of Monaco, and thus to be a pointer to the purple color of the harlot's robes who rides the seven-headed beast which includes Vespasian and two of his sons. The 5th head was his son, Titus, destroyer of Jerusalem, and Titus' were first found in Hertfordshire with the Beach's/BECHs (evokes CRISPINs of Bec Abbey) who in turn share the single pile of Brakers/Breconrigs. There's an online quote telling that Grimaldus of Monaco married CRISPINa, daughter of king Rollo, and Rollo's do love (in their motto) the Passy-like Passe's/Pascals, like the Pascel variation of Pace's/Pasi's, and then Cheshire's Pace's use a purple Shield.

Monaco-like Monks (Devon) share the white lion head with purple-lion Wrens, and there's a white lion is in the Crest of Beach's/Bechs who in turn use a Shield of vair fur in the colors of the lozengy Shield of Grimaldi's. Rollo liners such as Rolphs / Ralphs use the raven, which symbol I saw on poles at two Wikipedia articles on the Saluzzo rulers mentioned above. Saluzzo is near Genova and Monaco. Lorraine's Crispins share the pomegranate with GRAZio's. Grasse is near Monaco. The Arms of Grasse shares the lamb of French Pascals, and the "Spes" motto term of Pascals is suspect with the Space variation of Spice-like Speccots (Devon, same as Spice's). Specks/Spike's/Spicks share the red eagle with English Pascals.

Although the heraldic pascal lamb has NOTHING to do with Jesus, it could be a pointer to the abomination at a future Passover.

The Guiscards of Sicily are shown in this painting with a PULLY at their feet, we may wonder why. These Guiscards formed an alliance with the Saracen rulers, Samsam and Timnah, and so this fits very well into the barber dream, which pointed to Saracens. Samsons share the Meschin and Grailly scallops, yet they are also those of Flags/Flacks in the Samson motto, and it just so happens that a "FLAX BREAKER" is used by Brays/Brae's, what a lucky strike, for the Guiscards almost have the three piles of Brecons, and we saw the Breconrig variation of Brakers (Beech/Bech pile). The Crispins of Bec seem to be of Crispina, daughter of Rollo, wife of purple-throne Grimaldi's, and the Sicilian Guiscards (not Italians) are thought to have been related to Rollo.

I can't as much prove that the female barber was on her break as a pointer to Brakers / Breakers, let alone prove that I was sitting on the Grimaldi throne while she was on her break, but it's interesting that Trone's share red fleur-de-lys with Barbers and Gellone's. There is a Throne surname listed with Thorns, but I see nothing to say about them, though Guiscards were birthed from Tancred while Tancreds look like kin of HawTHORNs (suspect with Hauteville's). Ah, I've only just remembered that Tancreds share the Pully/Pullen and Sabine scallops, yet they are also those of Barbers! Maybe I did guess right that I was on the Grimaldi throne, and that her break points to Brakers / Breakers. Why was this barber a woman?

The Tancred et-al scallops are those of Tailbois' too, and LUCY Taillebois of BolingBROKE was a Mercian while "Mercy" is a Guiscard motto term. If KENSingtons/Kennings, with the same fesse as Bolingbroke's, were a branch of MacKenzie's/Kenneths ("LUCeo"), note that Kensingtons/Kennings share white scallops with Tailbois' and have a YEW tree, which could be code for Eu, where Talbots were. The flag of Mercia is the saltire of Messeys/Messier's (Burgundy, same as early Mars/More's sharing the Kensington/Kenning scallops), tending to explain why Mercys are listed with Meyseys.

The Mercy/Meysey Crest may have the dragon heads of CUTTERs, first found in Dorset with Poole and the Pools/Pole's that are central to this discussion, for the 1979 dream had a shark in a pool while the barber = hair CUTTER is pointing to Shark liners. Cutters have the BROKE/Brock Chief-Shield colors, and Broke's may have named Bolingbroke. The 1979 dream was roughly at the start of April, "exactly" 50 years from April 13, 2029, when Apophis is scheduled to arrive to earth. Mercys/Meyseys have the Coat of Potters (Hampshire, beside Dorset), and Dragons, in colors reversed, which can explain the Cutter dragons, especially as Potters were first found in Hampshire with dragon-using Drake's. Cutter-like Kotor is where Shark-line Saraca's lived whom Wikipedia calls, Saraka's.

If BreconRIGs, with many similar variations, were kin of Riggs, it's interesting that one Rigg Coat shares the annulets of Candale-like Candle's/Kentwells. Riggs were suspect in the motto of Morleys/Mauls who in turn share the Barber / Sabine / Pully/Pullen and Tailbois scallops. Townsand-like Tonsings/Tonsens use "candelabras with silver candles," and the "you owe me FIVE THOUSAND dollars" spoken on the RAMP can apply here, not only because Ramps/Romps share the brown lion with Tonsings/Tonsens, but because "vivo" is a Rigg motto term while Vivians were Five/Fify kin. "CandelaBRAS" looks like part-code for Brays/Brae's who use a "flax breaker" connectable to "Breconrig."

I've discovered why the barber was a woman, for of the few surnames using a woman, one is the Elis surname having the colors and format of Graillys! The barber was cutting hair, and Elis' use "A naked woman HER HAIR disheveled". AHA! Foix-Grailly was a house related to Foix-CANDALE, and the Candale portion was also called, "Kendal," and I've just found Kiddals (Yorkshire, same as Elis') sharing the Kendal Coat thanks to the Elis' telling of their Ellis branch at Kiddal.

So, yes, Elis' were kin of Graillys, and then the kin of Grails/Neils/Neals are expected in the "Nihilo" motto term of Barbers. The woman barber pointed to SARACa's, and Sharks were first found in throne-like Tyrone with Neils/NIHILLS!!! IS THAT NOT ASTOUNDING WORK!? If correct that I was sitting on a throne, why why why might it have been the purple throne of Grimaldi's? Is this line going to produce the False Prophet or the anti-Christ?

I've just found something to say about Throne's/Thorns, for Torns are listed with Turins, a line suspect from the Tuaregs / Towers / Tours to which the barber pointed. German Thorns are listed with Thors, and English Thors/Tours have towers. German Thorns have "ram's horns,"

and Rams speak of "Richard de Ariete (Ram)", looking like a Rieti liner of the Raines kind. Rams are in Rutt/Roud colors and format.


Mike Lindell seems to have fallen off the edge of the flat earth. What's he doing these days to prove that the packet captures are authentic? If they are not authentic, isn't it a crime to produce them and pass them off as authentic? Who were the people he used to verify authenticity? What's the hold-up, and why the secrecy? Why no updates after all the hoopla? He spent half his time like a gypsy selling his pillows while pushing the packet captures. Is this the way he wants to go out, looking like a fraud? Someone reported that he was spotted tying towels and sheets together to crawl down the cliff-edge of the flat earth, to hide. Come-out come-out, wherever you are. You owe your fans an explanation. You raised and dashed their hopes and took their money. You owe them proof that you're not a fraud.

Gateway Pundit Saturday: "Maricopa County has agreed to settle with the Arizona Senate and allow them to perform a joint-led audit of the County routers, Splunk logs, and dominion software." The devil could be in the details. I'm reading that a "master" will be the middleman between the cheats and the senate to convey the details of the routers, but then the country needs to trust that this middleman is not a fraud. Who chose him? What sort of political person is he/she? Is Karen Fann doing the cheats some favors with this outcome? "CyberNinjas will still be allowed to command the router access and make sure all questions are answered [by the master] correctly."

We learned this week that the Arizona senate (doing the Maricopa audit) will release its long-awaited report next Friday. What sham is this that the report should be dropped off like a newspaper thrown out onto a driveway in the rain? WHY NOT MONDAY!? Doing it Friday makes it look like the owners of the report want to hide.

Here's a detailed discussion, with Nick Moseder as host, that tells how Karen Fann, the witch of Maricopa, made the deal with the cheats without discussing it with the senate committee. Someone needs to toss a bucket of water at Fann's face:

I'm waiting to hear what Steve Bannon comments on Fann's contract with the cheats, for he's maintained that Fann's a real patriot, and a fighter for the cause. Someone needs to sue Fann and get her contract thrown out due to her being a traitor to the country, to the gangsters. The routers belong to the people, and the people have the right to handle them. Fann denied them that right with her contract, and that contract is therefore illegal. Put your foot on her face, Arizona, show no mercy. The contract was written fully by the lawyers of the cheats, and Fann signed it. The routers show where the machine-flipping cheating came from, the very computers, the very addresses. Fann is willing to expose the "problems" with the election system, to correct them, but she doesn't want the crimes of the county cheats to be publicized. That makes her a traitor, giving comfort and aid to the criminals. Exposure of the criminality is needed to assure de-certification of the election, and so Fann is giving Biden the gift he doesn't deserve because she does not want de-certification. WITCH.

If Fann was threatened, she had the option of stepping down as the senate president, and telling the people the truth on why she's stepping down. Instead, she made the deal on behalf of the gangsters. TERRIBLE.

Someone reported that when Lindell climbed down his rope down the edge of the flat earth, and hunkered down into a cave, he found Fann already there. They make a good couple, both raising hopes high, then dashing them in the end.

The attorney general of Arizona has every right to demand that routers to check for crimes. He can take the county cheats to court, demanding the routers due to suspicion of crimes. It's called a simple discovery process. The problem is, the attorney general is a mobster himself, merely faking an angelic face for political expedience.


Here's all four Gospels wrapped into one story.

For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God.
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