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September 7 - 13, 2021

New Stories from Kepke's Frisbee and the My Sewer Pipe

If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture

Maria Zack is back with a Lindell-type blow-the-world-over promise that seems like hype. She's aiming her message at Christians, same as Lindell. Thus far, with Lindell not coming out to offer absolute proof that his packet captures are authentic, he's done the election-fraud fight more harm than anyone else. He promised the world and delivered an empty tank of explosive zero. Zach is a supporter of Lindell. She's the one who got the news out that a Leonardo company in Italy bombarded election night with flipped votes from Trump to Biden. She not only maintains that claim, but now says that her side has purchased some records that will become explosive this week or next.

A way for the deep state to protect it's election fraud is to have its own people get out in front to fight election fraud, to thus make everyone think that they need to do nothing because they have the condemning proof in the bag, and then just let time go by with a big, empty implosive nothing in the end. For example, the frauds are wanting to do an audit in California to keep the good guys from doing it. I'm wondering whether Lindell and Zack are of the same. Is Zack part of a script to come forth in league with Lindell? Or are these two for real?

I have some heraldry with the Zack/Zackary surname. All it shows is a red-white checkered Shield with a Chief having a demi-lion in the colors of the Papp lion. I can offer reasons as to why this relates to my white cat, Sassy, a topic of the last update by which the Papp surname appeared. If you google cats sucking their tails, you will find what Sassy did, as an adult cat. The Papps are the only surname I know of with a lion having the tip of its tail at its mouth. They have a lion on black, as do Tails/Tailers, and the latter share the lions of Tillers. The TILURius river (Croatia) is also the CETINa, and Cetins/Cattans, using white cats with pellets on them to go with the pellets on the white Tiller lions, share the Saracen head with Sassys. See any Intelligent design here? It's unmistakable. And I'll show you more to convince any reader that God is behind this. (Load Zach link now to have access, on another tab, to other Coats of Arms.)

First, the suck-like Suchs/Souch's/Zouche's are like the Saucer/Sauchy variations of Sassys. Suchs/Souch's/Zouche's were first found in Lancashire with the Banisters and their kitten-like Kitchen kin, and I received Sassy as a kitten from a lady whose banister I was stripping and refinishing. A kitchen is where one cooks, and Steve Papp was the COOK in the kitchen of Mr. Fix's restaurant. Fiscs/Fisks, like the Fix/Fick surname, share the checkered Shield of Zachs, and the latter are like "Such" and "Sauchy." As I said (not in the last update), I was building Mr. Fix's dance floor, in the basement under his restaurant, and that's how I got to know Papp. I was up in the kitchen one day, and seeing him dump sugar into a red SAUCE. I told him of my surprise that sugar should go with such sauces. Why do I remember this? It's Sauchy-obvious. My cat sucked its tail, and Papps have a tail at the mouth.

I was building a DANCE floor at the time, and I trace Italian Dance's, first found in Piedmont with Papps, to royal Cottians at Sassy-like Susa. Dance's are also Donnas', like king Donnus of the Cottians. The Cottians made it to the last update with Reinecker's white cat, which is what brought Sassy to topic. The Cottians are suspect with the Cotys'/Cottons/Cotta's/CAUTES', and "Cautes" happens to be a motto term of Cetins/Cattans! Heraldry doesn't sing like this all on its own. I mentioned Papp and his sauce in the 4th update of December, 2020:

Note how Banisters (said to be from "BAINster") can be the Bean/BAIN/Beanes bloodline, for chili uses beans. And Beans/Bains/Beanes', part of Clan Chattan, use a cat you see, no coincidence. It just so happens that Cattans (not "Chattan") share Saracen heads with Sassys/Saucers. Impressed yet?

That convinced me that Papp was making a chili sauce when he put sugar into it. At some point, I even realized that the "foVEAN" motto term of Cetins/Cattans was for the Vean variation of Beans/Bains, is that not amazing, since the Cetins/Cattans didn't know Steve Papp's chili? The Seagars/Sugars made it to the last update's Sassy section. For example: "Green-snake Seagars/Sugars, a branch of Segni's/Segurana's, don't use WINGs for nothing, and Seagars/SUGARs are connectable to the snake-worshipping Marsi (Velino / Picenze theater) via mythical Mari and mythical Sugaar (snake god) of the Basques. The interesting thing here is that Missouri City is at the Sugar Land area..." Mr. Reinecker worked 27 years at Missouri City in the Sugar Land area, and because his cat was killed likely by coyotes, the Cotys-like Coyt surname came to topic.

Here's from the same December update, just to show I'm not making up this story to fit the Zach surname: "I'll start with my CAT Sassy, which sucked its tail regularly as an adult to pacify herself. The Sassys are also SAUCErs, and so that's why I told of the time when I was in the restaurant KITCHEN of Joseph Fix, where the cook was Steve PAPP. I was surprised to see him put sugar into the red sauce he was cooking up, and in the past I've identified that sauce as chili." It's just amazing that Chile's, though listed with Chiswells/Chissels, share the stars of Fiscs. The "sic" motto term of Fiscs can be for the Such-like Sichs/Sykes' who use an "ASSIduus" motto term while Assi's have a "fasces" suspect with the Fieschi.

Now watch how Papp's sugar takes us to Fisc liners, begging whether "SUGAR" is a SAUCER branch. First, he is Czechoslovakian, and heraldic checks, used by Fiscs, can be of Czechs. The Fisc checks are in the Arms of Croatia, and the Tilurius river is in Croatia. The Seagars/Sugars use a giant moline cross in colors reversed from the same of Fessy-beloved Segni's/Segurana's, the latter first found in Genova with Maria's, and with Fisc-like Fieschi (see Wikipedia for the latter). So, it seems as though God set up the sugar-into-sauce event, and Zachs/ZACKARys use the same checks plus the same lion as Papps. I think that's amazing, and you would too if Sassy was your cat. You saw mythical Mari, a witch cult no doubt in tandem with Sugaar, for the Marsi did have a snake goddess, Angitia. MARIA Zack. Is she a witch with a deep-state script to subdue / confuse / shame activist Christians, or is she the real-deal?

German Seagars share a spread eagle in the colors of the same of the Orms of Ormskirk, where Suchs/Souch's were first found. Amazingly, the Zouch's are in the Maine write-up, having received a title of the Maine's (Devon, same as Sassys/Sauchys), and the "proJECi" motto term of Maine's can be for the Jeck variation of Scottish Jacks, whom came up in the last update because Reinecker and I were jacking up his floor's joists!!! I considered the joists as planks because Plunketts look linkable to Hollys in the holly of Jacks/Jecks! The joist-like Joyce's/Joys came to topic too, and it can now be added that they share a white-ermined fesse with the Darts/Dards (Devon) in the dart of the Maine Crest. The Darts/Dards share the white-ermined canton square of Suchs/Zouch's!!! Amazing.

Italian Maria's can be gleaned as a branch of Marina's that made it to Reinecker's cat, for as it was MAULed but not eaten (there was no blood on it), the Morleys/Mauls came to topic who love the Clements in their motto who in turn use the nebuly bends of Marina's...and Italian Maria's. Reineckers FLOOR joists came to topic in tandem with his white cat, and Spanish Maria's have five fleur-de-lys in the colors of the five of Spanish FLORa's. I can even return to Joyce's/Joys through the motto of COOKseys, but first let me repeat from the last update that JOY Manufacturing owned the company that Reinecker worked for at the Sugar Land area. This is coming together like jigsaw Pisa's. English Jacks (Yorkshire, same as Dance's/Danse's) share the Dance/Danse fesse.

I kid you not, I've told of it before while going to Cookseys, that Sassy would chase her cat food when anyone would slide it along the FLOOR. She'd fake like she was trapping it like prey under her paw, but she'd blast it in another direction along the floor (usually at 90 degrees) so that she could chase it again, and then she would run fast and pounce on it again, only to redirect it again in a different direction...the kids loved to watch this. The point is that these nuggets of cat food were considered biscuits or COOKies. Why is the floor theme important? Flore's and Flora's are suspect from Florence/Firenze, the namer of Clermont-FERRAND, suspect with Friends. If you load "Clermonts," you get the Maria-connectable Clements. The Clermonts/Clements can be gleaned as kin of French Clairs, first found in Limousin with Reinecker-beloved Comets. Limousin was named by Lemovices from Lemnos, location of Myrina (major city). Lemons/Lemans look like Le-Mans liners, and Le Mans is of Maine.

English Ferrands, by the way, share two motto terms of Arundel-branch Rundels/Roundels (share Alan fesse).

As Lemovices were beside Santones, the latter must have been from Sintians of Lemnos, and this can explain while Sands and Sandys/Sundays have Coats reflecting the Lemon/Leman Coat. Plus, the Dolphins in the Lemon/Leman Coat were once said to be first found in Surrey, where Sands are now said to be first found.

Before going to Cookseys, let's do Cocks, for they have a Shield looking linkable with the Fisc Shield for the reason that Grimaldi's were in political partnership with the Fieschi of Genova. Cocks share the Grimaldi Shield, yet it's also the Bag Shield while Morleys/Mauls came up in the first place -- long before I thought to look them up in the last update as per the cat's mauling -- when David Morley circled a sleeping bag in my sleeping-bag dream that ended with a scene on a stage, suspect with a staging operation of some kind. Well it just so happens that the Bag cinquefoils are colors reversed from both the same of Cookseys and French Buckets, the latter connectable to the "water BOUGETs" (containers) of Banisters and Kitchens.

Cookseys are remarkable in several ways, one being that they share the Such/Souch besants. The also share the black wolf with Louths/LOWDE's who made it to the last update because they look like a branch of wolf-using LOYDs, the latter being Reinecker's first name. My property in Texas is near Reinecker's, and I bought mine from Mrs. Teague, and she lived on the Cooksey ranch!!! Those exclamation marks are for more than meets the eye. Mrs. Teague was born Miss Friend, and the coyotes had brought up the Coyts sharing the Friend Coat! It all pointed to Ainsley Earhardt of Fox and Friends for a reason I've yet to realize. When the infamous atheist, Madalyn O'HAIR, was found buried, cut into pieces by her murder(s), it was on this very Cooksey ranch, and I heard from a local that it was upon DON Friend's portion, Mrs. Teague's brother. Hairs are connectable to EARhardts/AIRharts (green snakes), though I can imagine no connection between the two women.

As per DON Friend, the Dons share the arrow of German Tillers, how about that. German Tillers have the annulet of Vita's in colors reversed, and "vita" is a motto term of both Joyce's/Joys and Bellows/BALLOTs (Cheshire, same as Dons). Maria Zacks' importance is in her fight against fraudulent election BALLOTS, and Dominion-Voting's vote flipping by cyber hacks. The "dona" motto term of Dons can be for the Donna variation of Italian Dance's/Donnas'.

I got Sassy in return for re-finishing a banister, and while Banisters share the water bougets of Kitten-like Kitchens (Keaton/Kitten colors), the solid chevron of Kitchens is in the colors of the same of Teague's.

Albeit not in the same colors, Cookseys share a wolf head in Crest with Teague's. The "conSPICi" motto term of Cookseys looks like code for the Spick variation of Spike's/Specks, and the latter share the giant, double-headed eagle of Joyce's/Joys. The Cooksey bend-with cinquefoils are in the colors of the Sassy bend-with-besants, and a black wolf is shared with Cookseys by the Saracen surname in the Saracen heads of Sassys and Cetins/Cattans. The Cato's/Chattans may it to the cat topic in the past update, and Porcius Cato could be in the Spick/Spike/Speck PORCupine. Note the deep, wrinkle-like "scars" in the face of Porcius Cato, for Mrs. Teague's face had a worse case of it. She was a nice but Texas-tough lady, a post-tribulationist Christian.

As was said, I was feeding hay to Reinecker's long-horned steer, and tending his cat, while he was away for the weekend, and when he returned home Monday, the cat was dead on the lawn. If there is meaning in this death, I don't know what it is. Is God going to ruin someone or something? The Steer surname has a "cede" motto term while Cedes'/Seats have besants on blue bars to go with the besants on a bend of Sassys. I missed this in the last update, and it's a good addition because Steers share the Tail/Tailer and Tiller lions! I've just bumped into this not intending it at the outset of this paragraph. I meant to go to the Sassy write-up because it can suggest that they were Cedes kin: "The surname Sassay was first found in Devon and Hereford where 'Osbernus de Salceid' and 'Radulphus de Salceit,'..." It could be a mistake on houseofnames part, or from whomever they get their surnames lists, but it seems more like the Sassy bloodline merged with a Cedes line, for Cedes'/Seats were first found in Lancashire with Suchs/Souch's.

The Cedes/Seat use a "demi COCK" in Crest. Seat-like Seatons (have a Seaton location in Devon) share the crescents of English Tillers. As the latter show a Tellier variation, the Tellers/Tallers (Austria, same as Zacks) were just loaded to find the same lion as Papps and Zacks! Sassy sucking her tail just pointed to Maria Zach. As I've said, I worked (age 14/15) an entire summer for a farmer, a TILLER of the land, whose name was VITO De FILIPPis, because his son, DOMINic, was my friend. It looks like a pointer to vote FLIPPing by DOMINion Voting.

The Sitten variation of Seatons named Sitten, also called, Sion, and as Sions/Swans share the swan with Chochs and their Chalk(er) branch, the latter first found in Kent with Chaucers, compare with the Saucer variation of Sassys/Sauchys, or compare "SALCeid" with "Chalk." I don't see any special pointers in all of this, though, that can contribute to things-Reinecker. The double pale bars of Cedes'/Seats are in the Arms of Vilaine, and Vilaine is where Plank-branch Plunketts were first found, but Vilaine is also the location of Rennes while Reineckers are listed with Reines'.

My guesses thus far: 1) the cat killed by coyotes is a pointer of God to the ruin or exposure of PERKINs COIE, via the coyote-like Coyts, because Planks / Plunketts are from Plancia Magna, a relative my marriage (to Tertullus of Perga) to a Mr. Simplex. That is, as "Simplex" is a motto term of Perga-like Perkins, I see Perkins as a line from Plancia. The triple Perkin fleur-de-lys are shared by Courage's in the motto of Commons/Comyns, and while the latter are in the colors and format of Comets, Reines'/Reineckers use a so-called "comet." Perkins Coie is leading the charge against election-fraud exposers, and while Mr. Coomer is the CEO of Dominion voting, Comets are listed with Combs/Combes'. As said many times, Coomers/Combers use a "DOMINabitur" motto term to go with Dominion voting, and Domino's share the tower (different colors) with Comets/Combes'.

Guess number 2): Perkins Coie is the coyote, and Reineckers white cat is Sassy the pointer to Maria Zack i.e. she going to be attacked / mauled / killed by Perkins Coie. Take heed, Maria, just in case. Recall Papp's chili in the sauce, for it rhymes with "kill."

OH WOW!!! I missed this Coomer connection in the last update. I've just loaded Coomers/Combers to see again that they not only share "astra" with Fiscs, and with the MacKenzie's (flaming rock) who pointed to the Revelation ASTERoid (2nd Trumpet), but the Coomer/Comber dancetty-fesse is that of Sundays/Sandys! The latter surname made it to topic (last update) because I remember that Reinecker's car was killed overnight Sunday, for it was still alive Sunday when I was at his place. Sundays/Sandys have nearly the Sand Coat, and Sands were once said to be first found in Lancashire with Suchs/Souch's/Zouch's.

Repeat: "The "sic" motto term of Fiscs can be for the Such-like Sichs/Sykes' who use an "ASSIduus" motto term while Assi's have a "fasces" suspect with the Fieschi." MacKenzie's use "Sic itur AS astra" instead of the "sic itur ad astra" of Fiscs, and Sichs/Sykes' (CUMBERland) share "Sapiens" with Coomers/Combers! Maybe God is aiming the Apophis asteroid at Dominion Voting headquarters.

Repeat: "Amazingly, the Zouch's are in the Maine write-up, having received a title of the Maine's (Devon, same as Sassys/Sauchys), and the "proJECi" motto term of Maine's can be for the Jeck variation of Scottish Jacks, whom came up in the last update because Reinecker and I were jacking up his floor's joists!!!" That's repeated because a hand holding a dart is shared between Maine's, CuthBERTs and Cudds, and Cuthberts share the Sunday/Sandy / Sand fesse. The Sundays/Sandys were a topic as per my BIRTHday cake, for people from my church brought it over on the same Sunday that Reinecker's cat died. Births are also Berts, first found in Devon with the Zouch's in the Maine write-up. Any good mystery-crackers out there?

Cuthberts were first found in KirkCUDbrightshire with the Nite's/McNaughts/Nights, whom I looked up as per the "poeNITEt" motto term of Sundays/Sandys. The latter are the ones with a "ProBUM" motto term suspect with the BAUMgarders sharing the lone Cake fleur-de-lys, as if God arranged the heraldry to prove that Sundays/Sandys do apply to the birthday cake. It just so happens that Nite's/McNaughts share the demi-gold lion in the Zack Crest.

Another addition to this jigsaw puzzle is where Reineckers are likely from the line naming Renier of MontFERRAT (Piedmont, same as Papps and Papa's). Fers/Ferrats almost have the Coat of French Vairs/Fers' who in turn share the Zach Shield. Scottish Vere's, a branch of Vairs/Vere's, are also Weirs while Irish Weirs share the Grimaldi Shield, similar to the Vair/Fers Shield. We're back to Fisk liners, suggesting a Fieschi- and/or Grimaldi-line merger with some ruler in or out of Montferrat.

I am pretty sure that I named my cat due to her feistiness. I am pretty sure that I did NOT name her after Sassy the white cat in Homeward Bound, for I'm pretty sure I got Sassy before Homeward Bound came out, and, besides, I didn't see Homeward Bound until it came out in video, which would have been years after it first appeared. Bounds are listed with English Bone's/BOHUMs, who have a Coat reflecting that of Cato's/Chattans, and moreover Bohums were probably Bohemians i.e. from Czechoslovakia. Chaucer-like Checkers share the checkered Shield of Fers/ Ferrats and Niths/Naughts while Nite's/McNaughts/Nights have the demi lion of Zacks/ZACKERys, which lion is in the colors of the Papp lion. Steve Papp is a Check. Recall the Baumgardners from a "Probum" motto term of Sundays/Sandys, for Bums are listed with Bomms. And then there's the CACHER variation of cat-using Catch's (Norfolk, same as Cetins/Cattans). Jewish Katz's/Katch's use another white cat.

I've just realized that the Wickhamford location of Sundays/Sandys (Surrey, same as Wicks) can point to the Cake bloodline. WOW! THIS IS AMAZING. The Sundays came to topic due to the birthday cake. The Wickham motto, "Manners maKETH the man," can be gleaned for king Maccus, whose family ruled the Isle of MAN, yet the Keth variation of the Keith Catti are in there too, amazing because the cat died on Sunday overnight! What are the chances? The "MAKEth" motto term ((see also "make" of Kilpatricks sharing Maxwell saltire) is partly for Maxwells/MACCUSwells and Maxtons, you see, from Maccus of Man, grandson of Sitric CAECH, whom I've been tracing to Cake's for years!!! I trace Maxwells to Croatia's Rijeka.

[I didn't get it until the day after writing here that the Ketch's, like the Ketchin variation of Kitchens, are also KEACHs, and first found in Cambridgeshire with Cake's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! INCREDIBLE. This makes a hard-as-rock connection between Sassy and the birthday cake on the same day that Reinecker's cat died!!! But why?]

Sandy-branch Sands were first found in Surrey with maketh-like MACHETs, yet they were once said to be first found in Lancashire, where Ratcliffs were first found who share the Wickham bull head. German Sanders have bull heads too, and the double Wickham chevrons in colors reversed.

The amazing thing here is that the Machets were discovered in the first place as Madge's after looking up Muggs/MUDGE's (Surrey, same as Madge's/Machets) as per my getting mugged in Galveston overnight (1994). The next morning, I passed through Bay City, where there was an address for a Mr. Maness that I think was part of God's plan for that day's heraldic pointers, and Maness' are listed with the Manners suspect in the Wickham motto term, "Manners." Mr. Maness was at least seeking to do Haiti-quake relief with his helicopter, and the last update had a slew of Hatti material i.e. like "Haiti," including the Haddington location of Keiths (said to be from a Catti tribe). The Hatti were on the HALYS river, and so note "HELIcopter." John Ratcliffe lives in Keath-like Heath, and Heaths come up as Heeters/Heaters. One Hayden surname shares the black bull with Ratcliffs, and the other Haydens share the Hatt/Hades quadrants. cat-using Keeters/Keats (no doubt Tail/Tailer kin), in Keaton/Kitten and Kitchen colors, were first found in Norfolk with Haydons, Cetins/Cattans, and Catch's/Cachers. If Mr. Ratcliffe ever does / says anything amazing that looks like a finger of God, I might be coming back to this. Haiti was about CHILD abductions, and Steve Papp's chili can be a pointer to Childs/Chills.

Ahh, German Sanders are also Senters/Centers, and Canters/Ganters almost have the Such/Zouch Coat. German Sanders look like Wickham kin, and Sundays/Sands were first found at Wickhamford. This, as Reinecker's white cat connects to my white cat sucking her tail, this paragraph is yet another reason to think that God wants Sundays/Sandys in the picture. As the Wickham motto is for Isle-of-Man liners, let's add that Wickhamford is in EVESham while Eves' share the triple-leg symbol in the Arms of Isle of Man. Eves are in the colors and format of the Scottish Man surname. The Ievers variation (of Eves') looks like "Yvery," home of the Leavells sharing the six bars of Canters/Ganters.

Banester-like Banes/BAYne's share the crescent of French Bays while English Bays share the double fesses of Maness'/Manners. Teague's share the solid chevron of Banester-related Kitchens. Steve PAPP was a cook in a kitchen, and PAPHlagonians (from king Apophis?) were at least beside the Halys river of the Hatti, where the Galatians lived who produced Julia TYCHE. Paphlagonians were at least beside Pessinus, home of Cybele. The Teague Coat can be gleaned as a version of the TICK/Took/Tuck Coat, and I see OPgalli the Galatian in the Teague motto term, "OPtem," because their Teeger variation is like her husband, king TIGRanes (or Armenia). Lake Van is in Armenia, and the Beans/Bains are also Vains and Vans. Repeat: "Note how Banisters (said to be from "BAINster") can be the Bean/BAIN/Beanes bloodline, for [Papp's] chili uses beans." Beans/Bains, part of Clan Chattan, were first found in Aberdeenshire with Cato's/Chattans, and thus linkable to Mr. Reinecker, whose surname loves the Comets.

Mythical Manes (i.e. like the Maness / Man surname), father of Cotys at times, or of Attis of the Hatti at other times, is suspect with Armenia's Mannai. Renier of Montferrat was the son of Judy Babenberg, and the Babenbergs share the Coat of French Banes, first found in Languedoc with COTYs'/Cotta's, how about that. The latter share a Shield of white fretty with Cybele-like Cable's. Mythical Cybele was the wife of Attis, and Brogitarus, great-grandfather of Julia Tyche (real people), was the high priest of Cybele. Cable's use the motto, "ImPAVIde," part-code for Pavia/PAPia, and while it's a motto term also of PERRINs, a "FLAMING-star" version of the Reinecker comet is used by Pero's/Perino's (Piedmont, same as Papps and Papa's) while Pierro's/Pero's were at Pavia. The English Banes'/Bayne's, sharing the dagger with Comet-branch Commons/Comyns, have a wolf head in the colors of the FLEMING wolf. The French Banes' share the EPPstein Coat, and while Apps'/Epps (Middlesex, same as Fiers) were from the APSus river through Fier county (Albania), the DEXARoi on that river are in the heraldic dagger. Galatians are known to descend from Gauls, and Laevi Gauls conquered Pavia when it was called, TICinum, which thus becomes suspect in naming Julia Tyche (she may have married Mr. Tyche).

Steve Papp worked as a cook for Joseph Fix, and Fix's have fleur-de-lys in colors reversed from the same of Pepins who in turn love the manner-branch Mens', as do the Poppins/Pophams, first found in Hampshire with Tiss'/Teece's. The Tease's/Thys' are also Tighs. The Teague's/Teegers share the crosslets of Julian-branch Gollys/Gullys, which is the giant cross of English Julians, though the latter have it in saltire formation, in the colors of the Kilpatrick saltire perhaps because Julians were so-called "Patricians," perhaps not named after "father," but after king AntiPATER, whom I think named AntiPATRia on the Apsus. Julius Caesar made a pact with royal Cottians, and his mother was Aurelia COTTA, explaining why Cotys/Cottons/Cotta's were first found in Languedoc with French Julians. The latter even share the saltire of Tease's/Tess'/Tecks, Ticino liners.

This is where Kitchen-like Catch's came to mind due to their cat, but immediately, instead of loading Catch's, Ketch's/KEACHs were loaded to see them first found in Cambridgeshire with Cake's (!) and English Julians ("A salaMANDER in flames").

I once had access to a website telling the descriptions of Coats, and a guy at houseofnames was kind enough this week to tell me that the company with descriptions was "farmed-out" to Hall of Names. If at any time you want to see the descriptions, which are studded with codes for surnames, just enter the surname at the white search box at link above. The Ketch's/Keach's use a "GREEN LEAF" while Tease's/Tess' use: "...five GREEN LEAVES pointing down. One in the CENTER of the saltire and four aROUND." I have found that there are reasons for at least most words in the descriptions, and so note that Centers are listed with Sanders. Irish Sanders (ROUNDELs) share the chevron of ROUNDs ("A SLEEPing lion"), as well as elephant heads with Leave-like Levens, the latter first found in Shropshire with Sleeps and the ROUNDel- / Arundel-related Alans. Hall of names tells that the Round annulets are called "rings," and Rings/Ringsteads (one of the two Sanders chevrons) are in the format of, and colors reversed from, Rounds. Rundels/Roundels, first found in Kent with GREENs, are said to use "OLIVE branches" (shows GREEN leaves) while Olive-like Leafs/Leave's/Leve's were first found in Norfolk with Rings/Ringsteads and the Fasts in the "GRIP fast" motto of Leslie's. Rundels/Roundels have a "red GRIP" for their sword.

There you have super proof that Coats of Arms, and even their descriptions, were put together as code for ancestors. The government has record of all official descriptions because people needed to apply to the government / king to receive a Coat of Arms (it was all carefully controlled). If any website tell you that symbols are chosen from personal fancy, they are lying to you. I can prove again and again that symbols are always (or almost so) code for ancestral lines. Irish sanders were first found at Wicklow, reminding the Sundays/Sandys were first found at Wickhamford. Wickhams have the double chevrons of German Sanders in colors reversed.

German Sanders share the Claro/Charo bull while Santones were near Clermont-Ferrand. The motto of English Ferrands looks related to the Rundel/Roundel motto. French Clairs were first found in Limousin. Sanders are Centers too, as are Sainters, and SinCLAIRs are also Saints. Sainters/Centers share the triple leopard faces of Parsons who in turn have the Rundel/Roundel fesse in colors reversed. It's not me who's the liar, but those who hide the realities in heraldic codes.

Parsons share the Peare leopard faces while Parsons were first found in Norfolk with Leafs/Leave's/Leve's and Risings, and Pero's were at Pavia, home of Laevi Gauls. Leafs/Leave's/Leve's use a "A dove RISING with a dexter CLAW on a tree leaf." The Sleeps we saw above are expected from SELEPitanoi at Rising-like Rhizon, near the Claws-like CLAUSula river. Claws'/Clays/Klees' use a "Per" motto term. As said many times, Frank Klees became my financial partner in my fence-post invention in which Mrs. Parsons got me a patent. And here we can add that English Franks almost have the Rising Coat.

We gave Sassy away when we set out for Texas to purchase property in 1994. We got a puppy when moving into the new property, and the kids named her, Katy/Katie. Catincidence? When we returned home, we got a new kitten for the kids, but very soon it got sick and died. We thought it had eaten some poison in a neighbor's garden who planted it there to keep cats out of it. It just suddenly went from vibrant to sick to dead in days. We brought it to the vet, and they stuck needle's into the veins to feed it some drug, but the blood vessels were all caved in, no blood pressure. It died there. I'm telling this story because Sassys/Sauchys/Saucers look like they may have been a branch of Chaucers / Chalkers/Caulks who essentially share the poison-like Poussin/Pussy Coat (white cat in crest), and the latter's is colors reversed from the Coat of English Pasleys, first found in Berkshire with the Chochs who share the Chalker/Caulk Coat exactly.

In the last update, Reinecker's cat pointed to Rennes-le-CHATeau, but I neglected to mention the mystery-riddle of Rennes-le-Chateau that has "blue apples" and "poussin." It was from that riddle that I discovered both Poussin surnames, followed later with Poissons. The mystery character of Rennes-le-Chateau was Mr. Saunier, and Saunier's/SAULNier's, a branch of Fauchy-connectable Faux's/Fage's/CHAULNes', were first found in Perigord with the Bardys who almost have the Poisson/Poussin Coat. Is Reinecker's cat pointing to killers by poisonous vaccines?

PASleys are in Luce colors while Luce's (Norfolk, same as cat-using Cetins/Cattans and Catch's/Ketchers) were at PASSY. Lucca's use a giant cat, and as Italian Botters were first found at Lucca, I figure that the Botter bend is that of Cato's/Chattans and Chatans. Lucca is at the northern end of the realm of the Butteri cowboys, who had cow herds! Reinecker as a cowboy too, and, wow, as Reineckers use a comet, we can now re-visit the "LUCeo" motto term of flaming-rock MacKenzie's whose giant stag head is in the colors of the giant cat of Lucca's and the giant steer of Bachs/Backs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That must be part of why his cat died while I was feeding his STEERs!!! The "astra" motto term of the other MacKenzie's can be for Asters/Sturs, a branch of Sturs/STYRE's, excellent addition to this set of heraldry. Asters/Sturs were in TOURlaville, possibly close to the Comet tower. In fact, Renier of Montferrat was at Turin, where both Tour and bull-using surnames may trace. Note "TourLAVILLE," for French Tours were first found in Languedoc with LaVille's.

Bucking(ham)s were first found in Oxfordshire with Poussins/Pussys while Sassys/Saucers have two besants on the same bend as Bucking(ham)s who in turn apply three besants upon their bend. Bucking(ham)s add a giant red lion (LaVille symbol too), symbol of German Buchs/Bucks, and it's German Bachs/Backs who use the steer.

MacKenzie's were from queen Kenza, wife of Idris whose son and grandson ruled in Fez of Morocco for a short time, when the family was banished (9th century, I think) just in time to form the Fez/Fes/Fay surname, first found in AUVERGNE. The Auvergne's share the Tour and Chatan tower. Houseofnames has removed the claim in the Fez/Fez/Fay write-up that the surname was noted in the 10th century. Kenza was from AUVERgne-like AWRaba, which is also called, Aures, and the Ure's in the MacKenzie/Kenneth motto have a form of the Aur/Aures Coat, which share the red lion with LaVille's. The latter are Font-de-Ville's while Kenza- / Kenneth-like Kennedys (AYRshire, same as Ure's) love the Lafins/La Fonts in their motto.

I've just found Tabers coming up as "Awar," and they are in the colors and format of Scottish Shaws who have the Commons/Comyns in their write-up. Aures is home to Shawia Numidians. Commons/Comyns ("garbs of wheat") share the Coat of Avis'/Avisons ("wheat sheaves") in the Kennedy motto, "Avise la fin." English Shaws/Sheaves' were first found in Berkshire with Pasleys who in turn almost have the Poussin Coat, and Awars/Tabers use a "POSSINt" motto term. Poissons/Poussins might apply here.

Kepke: from Caddy to Cad

On Wednesday knight of this week, the golfer, Brooks Koepka, made a youtube video, whom I have never heard of. It tends to reveal that Mr. Kepke is a Koep liner. As said many times, Kepke and I, at age 12, started to collect golf balls from the streams of three golf courses, and to sell them back to golfer, who ate the good ones up. After two summers of doing this, we became caddies by his initiative. Looking up the Caddy surname, it has a "sheaves-of-wheat" version of the Keith Chief, and Keppochs (Yorkshire, same as Caddys) use them as "red garbs," which is what the Caddy sheaves would be in colors reversed. Caddys use "pennants meeting in BASE," and while there are two base surnames, the Bass' named Bass Isle in Haddington county, where Keiths were first found.

As Caddys are also Cade's, I entered "Cade" to find Cade's/Caddys (Yorkshire again) with three black "pennants," which recalled the COWes' have three pennants too, and that could be about Reinecker's CATTLE. Cowes' happen to share the GULLy/GOLLy / Julian crosslet for a trace to Cotys/Cotta's/Cottons. Mythical Cotys was made the father of the Hatti. On top of that, while there was no Golf surname, I did find a Golfin surname listed with Dutch and German GULLs/GOlls! When I played my first year of organized hockey, at age 12, Kepke was a Golly-like goalie, and his brother became a regular goalie in the games we played in our early 20s when renting arenas. Is God trying to link the Kepke bloodline to royal Cottians / Julians? English Gulls have the six pale bars of German Julians. Spanish Gulls/Guels were first found in CATALonia, and Cattle's/Cattels use "fret" to go with the fretty of Cotys/Cotta's/Cottons.

I now know why the Archdeacons come up as "Cotys," for the triple chevrons of Archdeacons are in the colors of the triple pennants of Cade's/Caddys. Although the latter show a red rooster, Hall of Names calls it a "cockaTRICE" (Cocks and Babcocks use a red rooster). It just so happens that KEEP TRYST" is the motto of Hebrons/Hepburns, and Trice's are listed with Trysts. That's pretty amazing, because our becoming caddies didn't know heraldic connections. Trysts/Trice's and Tristans were first found in Cornwall with the Rush-branch ROSco's who in turn share the fesse-with-cinquefoils of Cattle-like and Keith-related Kettle's who in turn share the brown stag head in Crest with Keiths and Cornwall's Tristans. That's pretty amazing, especially as Rus-line ROXolani were on the Buzau river (I saw them stamped there), home of the Cotys-like Cotesii! Yet Wikipedia puts the Roxolani also on the Dnieper river out of the Kiev region, and as Kepke's father is Ukrainian, I figure that God arranged the Kepke's in my life to indicate the namers of Kiev. The Varangian RUS lived at Kiev before founding Moscow.

Behold. The BUDINi were south of Kiev and therefore likely on the Dnieper, and then English Budins are also Botters while Italian Botters are expected as kin of Chattans (as explained above). The Joels/Jewells, like the Guel variation of Spanish Gulls, use "GILLYflowers," and Gillys (Lothian, same as Keiths) use a "mountain cat" because they were part of Clan Chattan! So, the golf caddies got us to Gulls/Golfins, and Gulls/Guels got us to Caddy-connectable Clan Chattan. The amazing thing is, the horizontally-split Shield of Gillys is shared by one of the two KOEP Coats! This discussion was brought on by Brooks KOEPka. The Clan Chattan motto, "Touch not the cat BOT a glove," is used by Gillys. Hall of names has the Caddys/Cade's first found in Cumberland with the Daggers in the "dagger" of Gillys. Gillys share the GALLey ship with Keeps, though Gillys call it a LYMPphad, possible code for the Limp variation of Lambie's whose saltire is colors reversed from the same of ROXburghs. Caddys/Cade's use sheaves while Chives'/Shives'/Shewas' use "cat-a-mountains."

Kepke and I worked together at KNOB Hill Farms GROCErs, and then even the Groce's/Greggs have the horizontally-split Koep Shield. It's a little interesting that the NOB cross, in colors reversed, is green, the color of the Caddy/Cade cross. Our foreman at Knob Hill was Giles, though some of us pronounced it, "Gill" or "Geele," like the Gillys we just saw with the same split Shield. Giles' are also Jiles' while Gells/Gills/Jells almost have the Coat of Varangi-like Varns, and the latter share the scallops of Brooks. Brooks Koepka! I get it.

Kepke and I sat on my hood in the parking lot of Knob Hill Farms, and that connected to the medallion found on my Jeeps' hood at a Bracebridge grocery store while pointed with Medals/Dougals to Budin-like Bauds, first found in Stirlingshire with Keep-like Chappes'/Cheaps. Bracebridge's share the crozier with the Limps suspect in the Gill lymphad, how about that! It recalls the dream I had a few years ago, now resolved as per poison vaccines, with Kepke walking up my driveway followed by a sickly / SKINny stag, followed in turn by Paul Smith limping on crutches! SKINs/Skene's share the wolf head of Wolfs/Welfs/Lupus, from Hugh Lupus D'AVRANCHes, that place being like "Varangi." The Welfs were also golf-like Guelphs! Brooks Koepka the golfer! Spanish Gulls are GUELph-like Guels too.

The letter use "EARs of wheat" which I see as part-code for Eyers/Ayers, a branch to Ayrshire's Ayers, connectable to Ayrshire's hairs who are in turn a branch of Harcourts sharing the Coat of Spanish Gulls/GUELs. The latter two have double fesses in the colors of the similar bars of English Leavells, from GOUEL de Percival de Leavell! Scottish Leavells (ROXburghshire) have three piles in the colors of the similar pennants of Cade's/Caddys.

The Giles'/Jiles' are pretty amazing too for their "PENSEz" motto term, and their use of cups, for Cups/Cope's almost have the Copp Coat while Koeps are also Kopps. "Pense" is a motto term of Eskins/Erskins who share the single pale bar of Blake's while the latter have a Blake/CADDELL branch sharing a giant fret (different color) with Cattle's/Cattells. As I said, Kepke own a black dog in this teens, and when we were collecting golf balls, named, Blacky. The Blake's / Eskins/Erskins share a black pale bar with the Tails/Tailers who were in turn central with Sassy my cat. We replaced her with a black Lab, KATY. Blacky was a black Lab too, though it had something else too, like a sheep dog. Sassy connected to Reinecker, and RENfrewshire is where Eskins/Erskins were first found. Pense's share the Aquila eagle, and L'Aquila is where Chives-like Sheaves/Chiava's were first found. Pense's use gyronny, suspect with Gernons who in turn share the Coat of Base's in the "base" term of the Caddy/Cade description: "...pennants MEETing in BASE." The Meets/MEATS/Meads share the pelican with Giles'/Jiles, and Reinecker's cattle / cows were for meat sales while COWEs' use three pennants too (they meet at base too).

The Aquila Coat is that also of Este's, and the house of Este produced to golf-like Guelphs. The latter were in Brunswick, and Brunswicks share the Gernon / Base Coat. Base's can be from Basina, wife of CHILDeric, and the Pense's have both the Este and the CHILD eagle. The Pense-like PENEStae were on the river of the Chives-like Cavii, and near Bassania. Pense's were at PINCon while Pincs/Pinks -- Yorkshire, same as Pings/Pongs and Caddys / Cade's -- connect with Kepke's BASEment. Caddys and Cade's use PENNants while Pennys (share black greyhound with Bass') come up as "Penes."

The interesting thing here is that Eskins can be gleaned with ESCYHNa de Molle, for her daughter married Pollocks (Renfrewshire). The Molle's come up as "Moo," which was found when checking whether God is pointing to the mu variant of COVID, the next scam coming at us in efforts to get the people vaccinated. Moo liners can be pointed to be Reinecker's cattle, and it just so happens that the full Giles/Jiles motto is, "Pensez a MOI." "ESKIN" is like the Skin variation of Skene's, a branch of Schims/Schiens who in turn share the Molle boar head. Was the skinny stag in the dream pointing to what the goons have planned with mu? Fauci is already warning about mu.

Repeat: "I had a few years ago, now resolved as per poison vaccines, with Kepke walking up my driveway followed by a sickly / skinny stag, followed in turn by Paul Smith limping on crutches!" The Crutch's/CROOCH's (almost the Smith fitchee) can be gleaned as a CROCE branch, and Eschyna de Molle married Robert Croc(e)! Can we believe it? It's as tough the dream had eyes to see heraldic connections. That dream was very close to the one where golf balls were popping up everywhere out of white ground, suspect with sand, and so let's repeat that sands almost have the Sunday/Sandy Coat, the surname pointed to by the murder of Reinecker's white cat. I still don't know whether that murder is to be seen with God, or with the coyotes, as the murderer. Who or what might the cat represent?

Croce's were first found in Lincolnshire with Blacks (and Bracebridge's), and the Croce cross is in the colors of the Giles/Jiles cross while the Fido's/Fothes' in the Croce motto use the cornuCOPia. Cowes is a location on the Isle of Wight, and checking the Wight surnames, English Wights/White's share the vaired chevron of Nero's/NERETs, first found in Lucca with Chattan-related Botters! MOREOVER, I recall that Blackys ( as per Kepke's dog) share the blue-vaired chevron with Nero's/NERETti's, which is a pointer to the Naro/Neretva river, near the TILURius/CETINa river. "Nero / Naro" means "black," and we saw the TAILER-related Blake's.

Kepke and I, as teens, played lots of ping-pong in his BASEment, and the latter term, as baseMENT, is how Ments/Mants were discovered almost having the bendy of Pagans/Pings/Pongs, but that was before I knew the Nerets who happen to share the Ment/Mant Coat! The Pagan/Ping/Pong Coat is in colors reversed with the Hanks/Anke's in the "hanks (bundles) of cotton" of English Cottons.

The Moo's/Molle's have a "fuNERA" motto term while Brooks-branch Brocks use "vulNERE." Nere's are listed with Nerets, said to be from Dol with the Alans who became the Stewarts i.e. who share the full Brock motto. Kepke appeared with the SKINny stag, and while Skin-branch Schims/Schiens share the Moo/Molle boar head, ESCHYNa de Molle married Mr. Alan, father of the Stewarts. Ah, English Stewarts were first found in Devon with Rope's, and while both have the same lion, the Moor heads of Koeps/Kopps use "rope" around their heads. There has to be a reason that Kepke and the skinny stag were walking up the driveway, and Drive's/Drove's happen to share the KILL/Keele quadrants.

Ah, Dol is in Vilaine along with the mu-like Meu river! I think this is starting to get vaccine-interesting. The Motts with a Mort (= death) variation had a Motte location on the Meu, and the Mott/Mort crescent is colors reversed from the one of Kills/Keele's, and in the colors of the Death/Darth crescent. Beware the vaccines. You don't need one. Disrespect Fauci today. Throw him into prison for the remainder of his life.

The Koep/Kopp Moor heads belong to Morano's, from Morano (Murunum) on the Sybaris river with SARACENa. Marone's share the Schim/Schien and Moo/Molle boar head. Without going into it, I traced the fleur-de-lys, especially in the color used for it by Koeps/Kopps, to SARACa's of Ragusa, also called, Laus(a), like the Laus region near the sources of the Sybaris. Laus'/Lauers, like the Laurence variation of Lawrence's, share grapes with the other Koeps/Kopps, and while Kepke was born, Lawrence, Laus'/Lauers use the SICKle too while I always called the skinny stag, sickly-looking. Lawrence's are often called, "Larry," and Larrys/Laurie's/Lowrys use a giant CUP. It's as though details surrounding Kepke had eyes to see. This is amazing because it's known that Sybaris was populated by peoples of Boura in Greece, near the Ladon river, which tends to explain why Burleys/BOURleys and Ladons/Ladds were both first found in the same place. Mr. BOURLa is the CEO of Pfizer vaccines. It looks like Moo's/Mole's can indeed point to mu.

I've got to repeat here that SCHIMs/Schiens and the heraldic scimitar are from Schimatari in Greece's Boeotia, where I trace Biblical SHECHEMites (from Shechem of Israel). There's more reason for this trace than the "molehills" of Shake's. Boeotians are suspect in naming Butua/Budva, beside the Kotor home of the Saraca's of Ragusa. Kotor was named from the mythical line of king Kodros, in Athens, beside Boeotia, or "BOIOTia." The Boii conquered Modena, where Marano's, Morano's and Morinis' were first found i.e. from Morano on the Sybaris, home of Saraca liner at Saracena. Why might we think that Annas-branch Ainsleys have a scimitar, and are the Rope's on the Koep Moor heads of the Ropers/Rupers and Ruperts for a pointer to Rupert Murdoch, Fox's vaccine trafficker?

Plus, amazingly, Ropers/Rupers have a "Francis" motto term while English Francis' share the Tarent/Terent Coat, from Terentia MURENA!

Butua is near KOPlik, itself on the Clausula river mentioned above. Kepke owned a pet rat when we'd play ping pong in his basement, and the rat may have been God's pointer to the GOPLo mouse tower, for KOPLik and Kopple's can be traced there very well. Kopple's (share giant rooster of German Hanns) look like kin of Hahn-branch German Hanns, kin of Hahn-related Bibo's. Hahn's use a giant rooster in the colors of the giant stag head of Trumps (Mecklenburg, same as Hahns), a pointer to Trump's COVID governor, Stephen Hahn, his chief at the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). I wonder what plots the FDA has for people who want to be self-sufficient in foods.

Lucca's use a "a gold cat SEJANt", possibly code for Sagans/Segans sharing the salamander in flames with English Julians. "Sejant" means "seated," and Steers probably love the Cedes'/Seats in their motto. As Cedes/Seats have two of the Roxburgh pale bars, the Roxolani upon the Buzau river of the COTESii come to mind as the base of "Cedes." Kepke's girl, who I dated first, was Miss Peare, and while I see Pero's with Laevi Gauls, the line to Leavells, I had best add that the Jewish Levi Coat is shared by Cates' while the triple-black chevrons of French Levi's are shared (different background colors) by Cotys/Archdeacons. PEARtree's were first found in Kincardineshire with Fido's.

I now recall Kepke's album cover, Tea for the TILLERman, by CAT Stevens, which I painted onto a full KITCHEN wall when Miss Peare was my tenant (as she dated Kepke). It recalls Sassy and the banister I was refinishing, and the fact that Banisters were Kitchen kin. Miss Peare held a fondness for me while she dated Kepke, but I never let on that it hurt me to see it. I wasn't willing to take her back, or fight for her, after she slept with him. Kepke turned out to be a cad, but I was not using Peare, though Kepke convinced her that I was. CAD!

Here's more to ponder why. Katys/Kate's share the hexagram of Hagars while Abraham's concubine was Hagar, and while Abraham re-married KETurah. She's the line to Kotor, beside Budini-like Budva. Kotor was home to SARACa's, and when we gave Sassy away in order to get into the United States, we bought a black Lab, Katy, once we had purchased the Texas property. Sassys use SARACen heads, you see, as does the Cetin/Cattan Crest. Abraham's line is expected to BRAMtons, who have a Base Coat in colors reversed. Hagars were first found in Perthshire with the Celts/Colts sharing the Rope pheon, and Celts/Colts look like a branch of Cotesii-like Coutes'/Cootes due to almost having the same Coat. Kepke left Miss Peare for Miss Walsh, and Kepke's brother, the goalie pointing to Julian liners expected from Cotys'/ Cotta's, married Miss Walsh's sister, and Walsh's/Walchs are traceable to Wallachia, home of Cotesii! That's amazing. Abraham lived in Hebron, and Hebrons/Hepburns use a "Keep" motto term.

More to scratch-head about: One of the Koep/Kopp Coats is the one of German Plate's while English Plate's share the Catch/Catcher scallops. The Drake's (Hampshire, beside Tile's/Tilleys), sharing the giant wyvern dragon (different color) of Tile's/Tilleys, use a "fly-catcher" phrase in the translation of their motto. Drake's were first found in Hampshire with Flys, Buttons/Bidens and Botters/Budins while the BUTTERfly is a symbol of Tulls/Tullia's upon a single pale bar that's also the MOY/Moses pale bar...recalling the "Pensez a MOI" motto of Giles'/Jiles'. The Moy/Moses/MOESen dove gives way that they are from Koepka-like Cuppae (City of Doves) in Moesia. Kepke and I were siting on the hood of my MUSTANg at Knob Hill Farms, and Mostyn-like Mustans are in the write-up of Moi's/Moses' (Shropshire, same as Vychans/Vaughns) as lords of vaccine-like Vychans, a good additional reason to see Moys as a pointer to the mu variant.

Recalling the Caddy / Cade / Cotys /COWes pennants, here I find that Mostyns (Flintshire, same as Pennants) share the Pennant Coat. Reinecker's dead cat seems to be pointing to Moy liners, and the "AuXILium" motto term of Mostyns could be partly for Kills/Keele's. Hmm, as both Koep/Kopp surnames list "Koppes," might they have named Cowes? Is Kepke a pointer altogether to the mu variant? As I said, I first saw him (we were probably 12 by then) while he was walking across the Fisher/Fischer lawn, and Pfizers were probably a Fisher line. Fish's share the Vychan/Vaughn Coat, essentially. As I said, Kepke was punched, with the FIST of Vince Pierce, and wow, Pierce's are the ones sharing the very-rare WAVY chevron of Fish's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PFISTers/Pesters come up as "Fizer"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I now understand why he was punched, and it was on the DRIVEway of the Young residence. Drive's/Drove's share the Kill/Keele quadrants! Zikers. Fissers/Vissers use fish.

[Insert -- The Kill/Keele quadrants are shared by Calleys ("HONESte") who come up as CAWie's, and Drive's/Drove's were first found in Hampshire with HONES'. Caws are listed with Adams, kin of Annandale's who share the Hayden quadrants, half in the quadrant colors of Cawie's/Calleys (Norfolk, same as Haydens) . One Hayden Coat shares the Adam cross, and the other Haydens share the white lion in Crest with the Cawie/Calley Crest. This is all new. Where might it lead with further considerations?

Hayden is Ainsley's daughter, and it just so happens that Ainsley-branch Annas', linkable to Annandale's, share the stars of Cawie's/Calleys, of Wiggins (almost the Annas Coat), and of the Tease's/Tyes' (Nottinghamshire, same as Ainsleys and Annas') who are in turn like the Tiss'/Teece's (Hampshire, same as Drive's/Drove's). Kepke walked up my driveway with what I see as a COVID train of criminals, especially Trump whom I see in the sickly stag, for Kepke had hair like Trump's. Trumpets are used by Calls, and "CALLide" is a Cawie/Calley motto term. Coincidence? Rouen is at the vaccine-like Vexin, and so here's from the Cawie/Calley write-up: "The name was originally from 'de Cailli,' from Cailli, an arrondissement of Rouen."

Ainsleys love the My's/Mea's in their motto, and I trace the latter with good evidence to the mu-like Meu river. "Caw" is the sound of crows and ravens, and My's/Mea's share the raven with Murdocks, the latter being obvious kin of Margys/MACKEYs, and then Caws are listed also with Mackays. The Cawie's are pointing to Trump, Murdoch, and Ainsley Earhardt. When Trump, the cad, said that he calls Fox and Friends every morning, it wasn't for Brian Kilmeade or Steve Doocy. He wanted to crap-shoot his chances on sleeping with Earhardt. Did she go for it? The Trump stag head is in the Arms of County Waterford, and while Waterford is where Corrys/Currys were first found, Scottish Corrys/CAWreys (Dumfries, same as Adams and Annandale) have griffin heads in the colors of the Marble griffin.

For those who know of my miracle marble shot, note that the other two Cauley surnames, besides the Cawie's/Calleys/Cauleys, come up as "Alley," for marbles are also alleys. My miracle marble shot (a year before meeting Kepke) was against Tony. The shot was on grass on HULLmar drive, and Fauchys use a grasshopper. Hoppers (Wiltshire, same as Calls) share the Plunkett tower, and Plunketts were kin of Hollys who share the Hull / Hall dog, white like the dog in the Hayden Crest. The marble game was called, potsies, where we dig a little HOLE in the grass to get our marbles into it first, but in the meantime we can try to hit the opponent's marble to win it. We might even say that the object of the game is to PLUNK the marble into the pot hole. Halls/Hole's/Aule's, like the Auley variation of Alleys/Cauleys, were first found in Lincolnshire with Kills/Keele's sharing the Cawie/Calley/Cauley quadrants. It's all working to suggest some great victory, as per the miracle-marble shot after a prayer, against the Fauci machine pushed by the illicit-drug pusher, Fox news.

I had FLICKed the marble with my thumb some six-to-eight feet away from Tony's marble on the grass, and bang-on smacked it daylights out of it. Flicks/FLAGs are a Fulke branch, and while McLeods of Skye use flags, the marble shot was directly across the street from Skye Court. I've seen a black bull head with the McLeod flags, and Haydens were first found in Norfolk with Flicks/Flags and the Fasts (quadrants) in the McLeod motto. Haydens and Cawie's/Calleys share the white lion with Flake's (probably the Fulk wing), and the latter have them as lion heads in the colors of the Hall/Hole dog heads. The Hall/Hole Coat is shared by Haughtys/AUTys (Yorkshire, same as Hulls), and while Auto's/Otto's share the black bull with Haydens, Otto's/Ottone's (Perusia, same as Grass-like Grazio's) share a tall and curved, white and solid chevron with Flake's.

Jeff Flake, the RINO, could very well be a Fox-news agent along with Paul Ryan (like "Rain"). It just so happens that the Hayden and Cawie/Calley Crests share the lion in the Rain/Raines Crest, and while the lions in the Rain/Raines Coat (Hull colors and format) are in both colors of the Flake lion heads, "aut" is a Rain/Raines motto term. Rennes is at the mu-like Meu river! Fox news started to become anti-Trumper ever since it hired Paul Ryan for its executive offices.

The alley pot was on the LAWN between the sidewalk and the CURB of Hullmar, and Curbys share the Coffer/Coffare and Irish Heffer crescents. English Heffers (Somerset, same as Coffers/Coffare's) happen to share the triple lions in pale of Lawns! That's new. I think that Coffers/Coffeys look linkable both to Cows/Cough's/Cuffeys and Cawie's. I told of the night when I was on the way home from a CHEECH and Chong show, and almost crashed into the CURB with the car facing the home of Colin Cowie (or "Cowley"). I wasn't a Christian yet, and so it was maximum my 21st year. I told that story because, a little earlier, Miss Walsh slammed my car door on Kepke, and left him sitting outside on the curb. So I reached over and kissed her on the CHEEK, because she was beautiful even when she wasn't mad like that. Cheech's are also Cheeks/Chicks, and then Chicks/Chichs share the English lions in the so-called "English lions" of Lawns. That's how I remember the Lawns describing their Coat, but Hall of Names claims "three lions of England." The Englands have there own triple lions in pale, but I think the English's apply because they share the lion of Roys in the Lawn motto. Irish Lawns share the Keep bend.

OH WOW, incredible. The Lawn Crest: "A ROAN horse salient holding an IMPERIal crown." Imperia is near Grasse. The Irish Roans happen to share the Curby / Coffer crescents too!!! I haven't had access to that description since before going to Curbys. Ahh, and the Roans, looking like a branch of French Marks, share the checks of CHICHesters (and Vaux's)!!! There's got to be something-Pavia about Kim's cheek (I already know that Kiss'/Cush's can be connected to Laevi at Pavia). Chichesters owned EGGESford, and Egges'/Eggs look like a branch of Ice's/Ecco's. AH WOW, Chichesters almost have the Hayden motto. Chichesters ("heron rising") look like kin of Flemings expected in the "flaming star" of Pero's. Roans ("Per") may have been a branch of Rouens, and Rouen is in the vaccine-like Vexin.

The thing now, that confuses me, is that the two curb events are linking to the curbside POT in the marble game. The other two curbs (Kepke's and Colin's) had no lawn applicable. Potters, in the colors and format of French Ferrands, were first found in Hampshire with CHECKers who in turn share the Italian Ferrand Coat. Hampshire is where Hones' were first found who share the double-wavy fesses of the Formans/Fermans in the Hayden and Chichester mottoes. One of these wavy fesses is used by the Fix's suspect in the "TransFIXus" motto term of Irish Walsh's. The wavy fesse of Potters and Hones' (same place as Flys) can be the wavy Dol fesse because Checkers share the Shield of Dol-connectable Tulls/Tolle's. French Tulls/Tullia's use the butterFLY, and Flys share the Fix fleur-de-lys and the Forman/Ferman martlets.

There's an argument to be made now, because Formans/Fermans (Yorkshire, same as Caddys/Cade's) were once said to be first found in Midlothian with Scottish Farme's/Ferme's, their obvious branch, that the Forman/Ferman Chief is a version of the Caddy/Cade Chief for connection of the Keith Catti of neighboring Haddington. Having done that, we note how Major-loving Geddes' are like Caddes variation of Caddys/Cade's (Anchor colors and format), for Majors, Formans/Fermans and Farme's/Ferme's all love the Anchors, the latter being a branch of Angers (different-colors version of the Anchor Coat). The Geddes'-like Gettes' (probably a Kidney/Gedney branch) were first found in Anjou = Angers. Angers (share Hyden/Hyde lozenges) share the escarbuncle with Hangers/Angers (Hampshire) in the "POT hangers" of Danish Cnuts. I'm going to guess that Sleeping Beauty was at the hood because the Hyde variation of Hayden-like Hydens could have been of the Hude variation of Hoods. It's more evidence that Miss Earhardt is Sleeping Beauty, but also that God wants to stress Hayden liners.

The Hanks/Anke's in the Coat of English Cottons can apply to Angers liners. These Cottons have a "falcon proper" in Crest while French Falcons (like "Fulk") were first found in Languedoc with Cotys/Cotta's/Cottons. Also interesting is Kepke's pet rat, for Rats/Raids, who love the Anchors in their Crest, were first found in Nairnshire with Geddes'. The Gettes' share the saltire of English Koep-like Coppers/Coopers, the latter first found in Sussex with Keeps.

It's important that Potters share the Flower cinquefoil because "...a silver flower, stalked and leaved green..." is used by Italian Tonys/Anthonys while the miracle-marble shot was against Tony. Just weeks after this marble shot, I heard that this same Tony got a jewel as a birthday gift for Andrea, and Jewells/Joels/Juels use "gillyflowers" in the colors of the Tony flower.

As I kissed Miss Walsh on her cheek at La Paloma, where I had first kissed Miss Peare (before she was Kepke's girl), it looks relevant that Chickens/Chickerins share the chevron of Shake's/SHICKs who in turn use "molehills," part-code we may assume for MOO's/Mole's. The Stars expected in the "flaming stars" of Pero's have the Chickin / Shake/Shick chevron in colors reversed. Chucks are listed with Suchs/Zouch's (Lancaster, same as Shake's/Shicks), and look like they could have a besant-version of the Chichester Coat.

For a long time I've been wanting to know whether Spanish Paloma's, with two of the Pero pale bars, use a pot or cauldron, and it turns out to be a cauldron, perhaps indicating a Pott / Potter merger with a cauldron-like surname. The double Paloma pale bars are in the colors of the double fesses of English Potts (Hampshire, same as Potters). Cauldron-like Caulds/Colds/Cole's have a bull in the colors of the bull head of Mies'/Mieske's who were once said to be first found in East Prussia, where German Potts (giant pot) were first found. A giant stag head in the same colors is the symbol of cauldron-like Caulders/Cadders/Caddells, suspect with the giant stag head of Celts/Cults/Colts and Coutes'. Cattle's (moooo) are also Cattells (meow), kin of Blake's/Caddells.

There's a question now on whether we are being pointed to the Paloma cauldron as a pointer to Francis Collins. I can now correct my previous claim that Irish Collins use a swan. It turns out to be "A pelican vulning herself wings elevated." English Collins' share the martlet of French Josephs, first found in Maine with Pellicans. For the record, the martlets of English Collins are called, "black birds," like the "blackbirds" of English Allisons. Scottish ALLisons (Keppoch-MacDonald kin) are in Potter colors and format but with the Holly / Hall/Hole / Hull dog. Allison Bauer was my girlfriend immediately before kissing Peare at La Paloma. On my last day with her, Kepke and I were sitting on my hood watching her get into the car of her next boyfriend. Hoods use the same bird design as Allisons, but call it a "Cornish chough," and thus it looks like it's returning us to COWS/Coughs.

I've confused myself on whether Colin's surname was Cowie or Cowley (he was a high-school friend). Either way, it looks like a pointer to Francis Collins and the mu scheme. Cowie's/Coveys (Kincardineshire, beside Turins) look like Chivasso liners because the Cowie/Covey boar heads are those of Turins. Kincardineshire is where Peartree's/Patria's were first found, and while Pierro's/Petri's/Pero's were at Pavia, Cowie's/Coveys have a boar-version of the English Pavia Coat, which happens to share the COVErt/Coffert martlet. Covey-like Cove's list COVID-like Covits. Colin Cowie/Cowley had purplish lips, indication of cardiovascular problems.

Colins only girlfriend that I knew of was Heather, and Heathers/Heaths/Heets ("EsPERE MIEUX") share the Peare / Lett/Late stars while Letters share the brown tree stump with Cowie's/Coveys. It's hard to say whether the "MIEux" motto term is partly for My's/Me's in the Ainsley motto, buy Heathers/Heets look like potential Haydens/Heydens. The latter share the black bull with Mies'/Mieske's. LeMIEUX's list LeMUE's/Moule's, and they are in Moo/Mole colors! LeMieux's were first found in Picardy with same-colored Cavetts expected from the Cevetta river of Covie-like Ceva, and the four fesses of Cavetts are reflective of the Hayden bars. Wow, Cavetts are also Chevers while English Chevers/Cheevers share "foy" with Haydens. Chevers/Cheevers share the goat (different colors) with Moline's (Devon, same as Chevers/Cheevers) who in turn share the black moline with Chives' (once said to be first found in Devon). Haydens look like they connected with Chivasso / Ceva elements.

The giant LeMieux uniCORN might be wearing the CORON / Corona crown, and the unicorn is on a blue Shield, same as the Demonte unicorn. Demonte's were first found in Piedmont with Turin, Chivasso, Pavia's, Masci's, and the Stura-Demonte river, near Ceva. French Demonte's (Maschi lion) share the Voir Coat while Voirs have St. MARK's lion, code probably for the Marici of Pavia. End insert]

The Paeonians on the south side of Moesia probably named the Penestae, and while pheons are a PAIONian symbol, that's what we find in the border of Koep-beloved Rope's. Kepke's ping-pong table was a pointer to Pagans/Pings/Pongs, while French Pagans are also PAIONs. Pagans/Pings/Pongs must have been kin of Pincs/Pinks, from Pincum (Moesia) near Cuppae.

Kepke and I worked at Knob Hill when Darlene, my girlfriend there, was the ice-cream sales lady pointing to vaccines by her ice-cream symbol. Darlene's have a woman in Crest said to have Rope-like "robes," and Robe's/Robbs share the chevron of English and Scottish Robins so that, indeed, one can point by this to Roberts / Ruperts. BUT WOW, I didn't consciously know when setting out to write this paragraph that English Robins share a "post funera" motto phrase with the MOO's/Mole's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't think that's a coincidence. Look at the timing, and how Moys were obtained from Knob Hill Farms too. Robins even share the thistle (different color) with Fauchs. The Darlene woman is said to be a "female FIGURE," suspect with Vychan-like Vickers (share the red fitchee with Darlene's). "Vychan" is like "viking," and Varangian Rus of Kiev were vikings. Keeps share the "galley" with Vickers. The "Keep tryst" motto of Hebrons/Hepburns is partly for the Tristan bloodline, and Tristans share the Vise/Vice stag head while Vickers are also Vicers (share tree stump of Rodhams, first found in Northumberland with Hebrons/Hepburns).

Robe-like Rube's look like Earhardt kin, especially as German Herrs use scythes. The "scythe" of Rube's can be for the Scythes variation of Side's, a branch of Sutys who in-turn share the lion of Faucets of FauxSIDE castle (East Lothian, same as Side- / Suty-branch Seatons/Sittens). It's a pointer to poison vaccines.

I believe that God showed me Kepke origins at Kepoi in Caucasia's TAMAN peninsula. I've only now looked up Cows --listed with COUGHs/Cuffeys -- to finds a "tamen" motto term. Coughs/Cuffeys use "An armed man embowed holding a red baton." Batons/Bastons are linkable to Bats as a pointer to bat viruses, and bat-using Bugs are expected from the Bug river, home of the Neuri suspect from the tribe that named Nahor, Abraham's brother. Nahor's second son, Buz, may have named the Buzau river of the Cotesii and Roxolani. The latter were Ros-Alans, and Alans lived smack around Kepoi. Kepke is a blue-eyed blond. Ah, the Cough/Cuffey bend is "COTISed"!!! Coughs/Cuffeys share the fleur-de-lys of Vychans/Vaughns. Muuuuuu.

Coughs/Cuffeys use "iDEM", and Vickers use "TanDEM" while Deems are listed with Mere's essentially sharing the Vicker ship. Ahh, while Vickers call their ship a galley, Deems/Mere's and DeMere's call it a "SAILing ship." Sails/Sale's (Cheshire, same as Ship-beloved Bellows) almost have the Cow/Cough/Cuffey Coat. (Although DeMere's don't show one, the Hall-of-Names description says they have a "mermaid" in Crest.)

I first saw Kepke walking across the Fisher/Fischer lawn toward me while I was at my NEWSpaper-route station. As said, I delivered the Toronto Telegram while my school mate, KEN Savage, delivered the Toronto star. He'd pick up his papers dropped off at the same place as I. Is that a pointer to Ainsley Earhardt at KENS news? Does the Koep/Kopp rope really point to Rupert Murdoch? Ken's brother is ROBERT, I've just realized. I was in their home, but I can't remember what we were doing. Kepke's brother was Robert too. I kid you not, that one of the guys in Fischer's gang was Gary Roper. Garys -- listed with Irish HARE's -- happen to have a fox's head with a green snake in mouth, the color of the EARhardt/AIRhart snakes. The "are" motto term of Garys/Hare's must be for the Are variation of Ayers (Ayrshire, same as Hairs/Hare's), an English branch of Eyers/Ayers/Airs.

I find that incredible unless God arranged it all. It appears that Kepke walking toward me (we eyed each other) across the Fisher/Fischer LAWN, or GRASS, is a pointer to Rupert Murdoch. Fauchys use a GRASShopper, and Lawns share the Robert and Proper/Robin/Robert lion.

An interesting thing is that Ken and I had our paper station at the corner of Wooten Way and Captain Armstrong. Kepke would later become engaged with KIM Walsh on Wooten Way, and Kims share the Coat of McKinneys, the surname that Miss Earhardt married. Wootens share a black Moor head with the Koeps/Kopps, and the latter's head has the rope. Scottish Walsh's share the Wooten saltire. This interesting thing just got amazing because the Ropers Crest has the gold bird in the Crest of Scottish Walsh's! Walsh's were from Wallachia, which included the Rimna river of Benjamins (almost the Walsh Coat), and Rimmons/Crimmons are the colors and format of Scottish Francis'. The Rupert-like Ropers/Rupers are the ones with the "Francis" motto term.

Plus, amazingly, Ropers/Rupers have a "Francis" motto term while English Francis' share the Tarent/Terent Coat, from Terentia MURENA! Kepke is the one who said, "be nonCHALANT" in regards to my girlfriend, Karen Whelan, at about the very time that he left Peare for Kim Walsh. Miss Whelan lived at 6 Henry Corson Place, and Kepke at 31 of that same street, and the Youngs (where he got punched) were at 29, for a total of 66. Chalants share the same bend as English Collins' for an apparent pointer to Francis Collins, Tony FAUCi's boss. The FAUX's/Fage's/CHOLLENS', with variations like those of Chalants, share the Coat almost of ice-cream-line Cremers, and Ice's/ECCO's must therefore be a pointer to ECOhealth, the company by which Fauci funded gain-or-function for Wuhan's virus modifiers. Does the '66' in this case indicate that vaccinations will produce the mark of the beast? I dislike being out on a limb like this?

Karen Whelan lived at the corner of Henry Corson and Senator Reesors while Reesors share the vaired patee cross of English Ferrands. I stand corrected: the Ferrands use a "patonce" cross. Is this another pointer to FOX and Friends, and their assistance to Fauci's vaccination programs on Murdoch's behalf? Tarents were at a RUSHton location while Rush's, feasibly from Varangian Rus and/or the ROXolani at or near the Rimna river. Walsh's were first found in ROXburghshire.

Back to Gary Roper of Greg Fisher's gang, for Garys/Hare's share the LIZARD with Harrigans/Organs, and the latter share the trefoil of Ice's/Ecco's (ROStock). Rostock elements may have named the Roosts/Rusts who share the Walsh and Wooten saltire. In any case, while Ken Savage lived on Captain Armstrong with the Fishers/Fischers, Irish Walsh's use "TransFIXus" while "inVICTa" is used by Eyers/Ayers, and "InVICTus" by Armstrongs who in turn share the LIZART Coat exactly. It's almost the Coat of Babels/Babwells (share the LISS/Lise Coat), first found in Middlesex with the Fears/Fiers in the Gary/Harry Coat. German Babels/Babe's share the double-tailed mermaid with Walsh-line Walsers, and while Harrigans/Organs use holly, a one-tailed mermaid is used by the Hollys having Collins-like variations and sharing the Harrigan trefoils. Hollys/Collins/Cullins, in the colors and format of Keep-loving Hebrons/Hepburns, even share the Keppoch garb. Hollys/Collins/Cullins (Norfolk, same as Haydens) share the white dog with Haydens, and Hayden is the name of the daughter of Mr. McKinney and Miss Earhardt.

[I didn't know while writing here that an "eagle" is used by Scottish Walsh's, perhaps relevant because Eagle's/Aigle's have the Savage/Sava Coat in colors reversed. The Walsh eagle is on a tree stump, but as it turns out, their stump is called a branch, and Branch's are suspect with Hugh D'Avranches of Cheshire, where Savage's/Sava's ("Pro") were first found along with the Birds/Burds in the "bird" of Kidneys/Gedneys that is itself on the same stump-like "branch." This is explained more below.]

A tree stump is shared by Scottish Walsh's, Francis', and by Larrys/Laurie's (Kepke is Larry / Lawrence). The "REPullulat" motto of Larrys/Laurie's can be for Repps/Reeps sharing the Cotys/Archdeacon Coat. The triple chevrons of Archdeacons are in the colors of the triple pennants of Cade's/Caddys, and then the Caddys/Cade's share the garb of Harrigans/Organs while Letts/LATE's -- suspect in "RepulluLAT" because Letter-branch Lauders have that motto too -- use "ORGAN" pipes". The Lauder Crest is "A stump budding," and Buddings are listed with Bidens/Buttons.

There's a question here on whether Corsons/Carsons (share scimitar with Ainsleys) were a soft-g version of "HARRIGan/Organ" (first found in CORK) or their Corrigan branch, or of the Corks/Core's. Karen Whelan lived on Henry Corson when I was dating her at the same time that Rick Young (my age) of 29 Henry Corson was dating her sister. Whelans, with the Corson/Carson lozenges in colors reversed, were first found in Waterford with Corrys/Currys (share trefoils on red with Harrigans/Organs) and Corrans. Corsons/Carsons were first found in Dumfries with Scottish Corrys/Cawreys and Larrys/Laurie's (giant cup to go with Koeps/Kopps). Corrys/Currys use "AUDaux" to indicate Rock-of-Roquefeuil > Rockefeller liners in the trefoils we've been seeing, yet Rocks were Rod kin from Henrys of Rodez, and Whelan lived on HENRY Corson Place.

Kepke and Caiaphas

Recalling that Kepke and I would play frisbee lots, I've just looked up Frisbee's/Frisbys to find the only other surname I know of with the triple Levi chevrons (almost the triple chevrons of Cotys/Archdeacons). They are on a COTISed pale bar, and Pale's/Palys use a camel head suspect with Camulodunum, now Essex, where the Sempers/St. Pierre's were first found who are in the Frisby motto. It looks very important here that Sempers share the BRAMton Coat, for the cotised pale bar may be code for part of the Keturah > Kotor bloodline. I've just looked up Cotters again, this time noticing that there is a tip of a tail at the mouth of its lion, like the Papp lion, and this is super because Papps / Papa's likely named Papia = Pavia, where Pierre-like Pierro's/Pero's were first found? And that was home to Levi-like Laevi Gauls. SUPER. And Cates'/Catesbys share the Jewish Levi Coat.

Frisbys can be suspect with the Frise's/Freys (Essex too) having a Pharisee-like Phreeze variation and a Fraser-like Freeze variation. In fact, Frasers/Frisers -- kin of Keith Catti -- come up as Frise's too, and they love the Prest variation of Pharisee-like Press'. Miss Peare, a couple of weeks or less before she became Kepke's girl, got a belly-PRESS symbol. Prests/Press' share the estoile with Colchesters. The Price's/Prise's and Pricks (both first found in Wales) could apply to the Perichs listed with Pero's. It's making Peare liners look like they were from Pharisees.

Frasers were at PEEBLES-shire, and Peeble's/Peoples' (Pierre-connectable parrot) are suspect with the People variation of camel-head Pepins/Pepys. Papps and Papa's were first found in Piedmont with the other Pero's having a "flaming-star" version of the Reines/Reinecker "comet," in which case it could seem here that Kepke's frisbee. Kepke dated Miss Peare before he was out of his teens, and Peare's (probably in the pears of Parrots) were first found in Oxfordshire with Kotor-like Cotters and Butua-like Abotts (Butua is beside Kotor). The latter use lizards, and Lizarts/Sarde's share the triple pale bars of English Liss'/Lise's suspect in the "Semper fideLIS" motto of Frisbys. French Lise's/Lys' were first found in Ile-de-France with Levi's and Caiaphas-like Chappes'. Scottish Chappes' are Keep-like Cheaps. The Parrot pears are shared by Abotts. The so-called "evetts" of Cotters could be related to the Abbett variation of Abotts; the latter's "patria" motto term is listed with Peartree's, but clearly linkable to Pierro / Peare liners.

Abott-like Botts are listed with English Botters/Budins (Hampshire, same as Buttons/Bidens) and German Bute's/Butts/BOETs (share Button/Biden fesse), the latter suspect with the Sadducee house of BOEThus. A clear Jesus-killer picture is developing with Kepke's frisbee. Bute's/Butts/Boets have a version of the Pierro/Pero/PERICH Coat, and Botters/Budins have "a red eagle standing on a silver PERCH." Get the picture? Pero's/Perino's likewise have a Perich variation.

A "BIRD perched on an oak branch" is in the Crest of Kidneys/Gedneys (Lincolnshire, same as Eagle's while Birds/Burds have an "eagle's head." Meanwhile, Scottish Walsh's, with nearly the same Crest showing as Kidneys/Gedneys, have "An eagle perching on the branch of an oak tree." However, as both Coats show the "branch" as a stump, let's repeat: "The Lauder Crest is "A stump budding," and Buddings are listed with Bidens/Buttons." It appears that the stump is showing for Walsh's and Kidneys because it's supposed to be as per it being in their ancestry, but in calling it a branch, it's probably code for Branch's in their more-immediate ancestry. In the Sleeping Beauty dream, the bulldog fell into the kidney-shaped pool, suspect with the Walsh-like Falls/Fallis' because they share the Pool lion. Poole of the Pools is near the Hampshire border.

In the dream, the shark caught the bulldog with teeth were wrapped around its belly (dog's head in the shark's mouth). Tooths, sharing the Lauder griffin, were first found in London with the Capes'/Capets possibly in the "Capta" motto term of Kidney-branch Geddes'. I wonder why Lauders / Letters are being dragged into the pool situation, if indeed they are. Tate's, with a teeth-like Teet variation, were first found in Berwickshire with Lauders and Letters. Does this answer the wondering? Tooths share the feathers of Feathers. Ahh, I now remember that while the share is the Saraca family, the Arms of Saraca (share Ged fish) share the fesse of Bernicia-like Bernice's, and Bernicia became Berwickshire. Bernice's even share "Perseverantia" with Tooths. Bernice's are expected from Berenice Herod AGRIPPa, the line to GRIFFins, in my opinion. The House of Griffin was in Pomerania, where TEETers were first found who use grapes for Grape's/GRIPPs.

The Herods would make for a nasty shark appropriately. And while Earhardts can be from a Eyer-line merger with Herod liners, Haydens (Norfolk, same as Tute's/Tuits) share the Tute/Tuit quadrants, though in colors reversed. Even the Pellets on the Hayden "talbot" dog can be shown to be a Pilate branch, though they are called "black spots." Ahh, new to me now: the other Haydens use "A silver lion SEIZing on a black bull," and while Hoods love the Zeals/Seals found in the Sea write-up, Sea's are not only "SEES', but they share the Kidney/Gedney fish! Plus, the same Haydens have fessewise barry in the colors of the same of Sea-branch Seamans, yet the Sea/Seez fesses are similar too. The Hayden Shield is described as "...three pairs of blue bars..." yet they show as 12 bars in white and blue (six of each), the colors of the 12 bends of LOUS'/Lou's suspect in the "ZeaLOUS" motto term of Hoods. It appears that God's respecting Haydens as a pointer to Ainsley Earhardt as Sleeping Beauty. The Lous'/Lou Chief even shares the center of the Forman/FERMAN Chief while "FERME EN foy" is the motto of the same Haydens. eve share the

"Seizing" might be code for the Season variation of Says, but then the Says may be a Sea/Sees branch. Seasons/Says have a black bull head to go with the black Hayden bull being seized. The Season/Say quadrants are even in half the colors of the Hayden quadrants. In transitioning from the shark half of the dream to where I saw Sleeping Beauty, I went from DIVING into the pool to save the bulldog, and not seeing the outcome I suddenly found myself standing in a body of blue = SEA water. Is that not cool or what? I walked out of the water onto the beach, and saw a blond woman in a bathing suit in the distance, walking in front of the hood of the only car on the beach. I then saw her close-up, and she was easily as beautiful as Ainsley Earhardt, maybe even better. Then again, they are pretty much a match.

The Season/Say write-up has lords of Saye and Seal-like Sele. Sele's/Sills, albeit not in the same colors, share a fret with Hoods. There can be no doubt about it, Hayden kin are central in this 1979 dream. But I capitalized "diving" in the paragraph above because black-bull Haydens share the Dive dancette. I did say that the sea I was in was code for Waters because they share the Epstein Coat, and this indicated that I was in the sea off the beach of Jeffrey Epstein's island. I can now add that the water / Eppstein Coat is shared by SILLys/Sullys/Cele's!!! It appears that the sea was code for both Waters and Sea liners. Sillys/Sullys/Cele's were even first found in Devon with Hoods, and the lion in the Silly/Sully/Cele Crest is white, as is the one on the Hayden Crest seizing the black bull, the colors of the Beauty bull. Sleeps were first found in Shropshire with Seasons/Says, but thus far I cannot find a connection between the two surnames.

I can even add that Seals share black wolf heads with the Cliffs who were first found in Shropshire's Mortone-SAY. I might be able to see, now, that she was in her bathing suit on a beach to indicate a bather, for Bathers share the white wolf head with Seals. Bathers were first found in Denbighshire with the Bachs/Baghs while Beach's are also Bechs. I can link Cliffs via their Styche kin to Scarfs sharing the Bather Coat.

The most-vivid recollection I have of playing frisbee with Kepke was on a road having a MANHOLE to a sewer pipe that I was in several times. My friends and I would enter the sewer off the road through a bent/broken steel bar that allowed us to squeeze past the bars. We'd crawl-walk above the shallow water in the pipes to the manhole under the street, then climb up the ladder in the manhole. I distinctly recall that Kepke was on one steep rise of the road, and I on the opposite steep rise, with the lowest part of the road between us. The manhole, a rain collector, would have been at the lowest point of the road, we may safely assume. We were whipping the frisbee directly over the manhole, weren't we? I don't remember whether he was in the sewer; not likely because we were maybe 17 at the time, maybe too old for exploring sewer pipes.

The Manhole: the Mans ("Per") are in Hole colors and near-format, and first found in Aberdeenshire, near the first-known Sewers. The Stable's suspect in the Man motto term, "stabilis," look like the Annandale's with the Annas stars. Isn't that expect-able with the frisbee suspect with Pharisee liners? However, "stabilis" can be code for the Stabbs/Stops/Stubbs (same place as PIPE's!) and Bills' together; Bills' (Somerset, same as Stable's) use "patria." The Bils' (not "Bills") share the checks of Sewer-like Sawyers/Sawers.

Sewers are listed with Suits, and bathing suits have pointed to this surname, which shares the fitchee crosses of Peartree's/Patria's who in turn share the Trump and Jump stag heads. The bulldog fell into the pool, but also jumped into it, I gather, in order to indicate that it represents Trump's demise by the shark.

Isn't it amazing that the Sewer variation can be explained where Sewers/Suits share a rusty-tinted leopard in Crest with Sarah's with a Sewer-like SAYer variation? Berwick-branch Barwicks share the Sarah/Sayer motto, and we saw the shark linking to Bernicia elements above. Seals share the Bernice fesse, and while Bernice's are suspect from Berenice Agrippa, Sarah's/Sayers share the Gripp/Grape bend. One Koep/KOPP Coat has a "grapevine," and, by the way, it almost evaded me: Keeps were first found in Sussex with COPPers/Coopers (Hole-related holly in Crest), and with COVERts while manholes have manhole COVERs. Does that look like a correct pointer? Covers are listed with Cove's/COVITs, and when I was emailing with Miss Covert, she was married to Mr. MANess. I always mention his address in Markham, Texas, as part of what I claim to be God's pointers to Haiti's child abductions, and here we are discussing the sewer pipe in Markham, Ontario!!! What gives here? I wonder-wonder. German Mans are also Manners, and Maness' are listed with English Manners. I just said to self, out loud, "I don't know what to SAY," and this was while looking at the German Mans who have the Say quadrants in colors reversed. This comes in the paragraph with Sayers. Are we to go back to the Hayden lion SEIZing on a bull since it's a white lion in Crest, the color of the lion in the Man/Manner Crest?

Ainsley Earhardt as Sleeping Beauty is suspect on Jeffrey Epstein's island, and that place may have been related to Clinton's child abduction machinery through Haiti (the two places are not very far apart). Sleeping Beauty was with a CLASSIC 1950's model car, which I now think (see "Glassick" last update) is code for Glassicks/Glass', first found on Bute with the Fraser-related Kims. The McKinneys share the same triple cinquefoils, and Mr. McKinney was Hayden's father. The question is: if God is in this dream for making pointers to Fox and Friends, or Fox news in general, why use Hayden, merely the daughter, to do it? Why are Haydens in the dream's props?

The Hoods/Hude's can be of Hydens/Hyde's, suspect from Hyde, the Lydian capital, and Attis, myth code for the Hatti, was Lydia's father. Hyde was also SARDis, and I had no shirt on while seeing her at the hood of an Attis-like auto. Shirts are also SHARDs. Autys come up as "Haughty," and Haughts share the bull head (different colors) with Auto's/Otto's. This seems to be verifying WILDLY that Miss Earhardt is Sleeping Beauty. Is she a symbol of the Great Mother goddess, wife of Attis and mother of Lydia? Mothers/Mathers use a "CELEriter" motto term, and so let's repeat, keeping the Zeals/Seals (Devon) in the Hood motto in mind: "Sillys/Sullys/CELE's [share Epstein Coat] were even first found in Devon with Hoods, and the lion in the Silly/Sully/Cele Crest is white, as is the one on the Hayden Crest seizing the black bull, the colors of the Beauty bull." Attis and Cybele were of the Phrygians, as was Marsyas the mythical goat, and Kopff's/Kopfers have a goat-version of the Sully-like Sullivan Coat. These goats are in the colors of the Man goat, and mythical Manes was made the father of Attis. I recently showed why Sullivans were related to English Bush's/Buschs and Bush'/ Bos'/Boschs, and then the giant fleur of German Bush's/Buschs and Boschs is shared by Koeps/Kopps while I say that the Great Mother is the Revelation harlot holding a CUP.

The harlot of Revelation 17 seems to be a mirror of the mythical bull taking Europa away on its back and raping her. She was CadMUS' sister, and Mus of Lake Van is near the Moschi mountains, as is Rize. If we trace the Ardahan area of that same Moschi theater to the Ardiaei at Rhizon, we are at the rising scene where Sleeping Beauty and I were embraced, and so the reason for that embrace seems to be as per my Masci bloodline being from the Moschi mountains. It's suggesting that Attis and/or Cybele were from Moschi elements. While the auto can be a symbol of Attis, a sun god, equivalent to the Zeus bull, we can view it as a car for a trace of Cars to Caria, beside Lydia. The Cybele-like Cabelees worshipped Zeus, the chief adulterer and symbol of adultery. "Ardua" is a Man motto term, and German Mans/Manners share the Massey quadrants. Mannai in Armenia is suspect here. It just so happens that Mothers/Mathers share the double fesses of Maness'/Manners! It appears that God arranged the Mothers to connect with lines from Cybele, the Great Mother.

Lydians named Latins, who were part of the make-up of Romans, explaining why the harlot is said to be sitting on the seven hills of Rome. Mythical Tyrrhenus of the Lydians was code for the Etruscans on the north side of Rome, beside the Latins to their south.

The "celeRITER" motto term of Mothers/Mathers can be partly for English Ritters/Rutters nearly having the "Militia" motto term of Ticks/Tucks, suspect from the Galatian, Julia Tyche. Galatia was smack at the Hatti / Cybele theater. Miletus in Caria may apply here, for its off the Maeander river of the Manes-liner Maeonians! Lydia was on the north side of the Maeander. TICKhills use the "sleeve" of Tony's in colors reversed, and the latter were first found in Leicestershire with Frisbys. I've just learned that there's a Tuckle/Tuckwell/Tugwell surname (sharing the Common/Comyn and Avison Coat), in the colors and format of the neighboring Cutters. The Commons/Comyns are from Kuman on the Apsus river, and there was even a KODRum location (see lower-left of this map) on that river.

The Amorites of Marsyas-like Mari could be in the "Melitae AMOR" motto of Ritters/Rutters. I see Amorites in mythical Merops of Kos, an island off the Caria coast whose Pan-suspect son, Pandareus, was made a king of Amazonian Ephesus, the latter suspect in naming mythical "Hephaestus" at Myrina. Galatians are suspect from the Laevi and Marici Gauls, who had lived amongst Ligurians suspect in part from lake Sevan's Gogi tribes, which included the Moschi-based Meshech = Amazons. Amorites lived at Jerusalem too, probably naming mount Moriah there, and while mount GAREB was less than two miles from Jerusalem, the Ritters/Rutters use "GARB." The Ritter/Rutter lion is that also of Scottish Mars, the latter first found in Yorkshire with the Caddys/Cade almost having the Ritter/Rutter garbs. The latter garbs are colors reversed from the Keppoch "garbs."

Frasers/Frise's were in the lands of Keith, and as the latter were from the Chatti of Hesse-Cassel, note that Cotters call their lizards, "evetts," for Vetts are listed with Feather-like Fetters sharing the Hesse Coat. It raises the question as to whether Heaths/Heths/Heets were Hesse liners. Tooths use FEATHERs, and Tooths were kin of Letters while Letts/Late's share the stars of Heaths/Heths/Heets, Peare's, and Fothes/FETTE's (cornuCOPia), the latter first found in Kincardineshire with Peartree's/Patria's i.e. Pavia liners. Both Peartree's/Patria's and Fothes/Fette's have a white stag head in profile. Feets/Fate's share a Pavia Coat, both sharing the Bute/Butt/Boet fesse, and the Feet/Fate Coat is three times in the Grime/Grimm Coat that in turn has the Gormley/Grimes martlets in colors reversed. Kepke and I threw the frisbee in Gormley; I have a vivid recollection of us doing so, but other than there and at the sewer-pipe road, I can't remember any other place even though I know we threw lots of frisbee together. It seems that God put together the sewer-pipe road with frisbee event to link to Peartree's as extra evidence that Kepke liners apply to Pharisees.

Frisbys have three chevrons, and the chevron on your keyboard is above the 6.

Fothes'/Fetts and Foots/Foods have one of the triple Levi and Frisby chevrons. Frisbys are Pharisee suspects, right? In connection with Laevi Gauls from Pavia, right? From ancient Levites who wandered from Israel, I believe.

If correct that Frisbys are from Friesland, as the write-up suggests, then I'm willing to entertain that Friesland was named after a line of Pharisees. It seems certain that Varangians named Wieringen at the Holland-Friesland border, and Kepke is pointing to Varangians of Kiev. We read: "Also in Leicestershire Frisby on the Wreake were estates held by Earl Hugh and may have had some connection to the family." I assume that's Hugh Lupus D'AVRANCHes of a VARANGi-like term. Rurik was one of the first-known Varangians, founder of Kiev (home roughly of Bute-like Budini) , and Rory's ruled Bute, where Fraser-related Kims were first found as well as Glass' in the hourglass of Houstons/HUGHStowns. Hugh's personal wolf head was that of Bathers (Denbighshire, beside Hugh's Cheshire headquarters). Hugh's wolf head is clue that he belonged to golf-like Guelphs, for even the wolf-head Welfs/Wolfs/Lupus' were first found in Cheshire.

This recalls my story, told several times, of the last time I saw Miss Peare, when she showed me a picture of herself running on a beach in a bathing suit. The Fiddle's expected in the Frisby motto use wolf heads too. Fiddle's named Fidelow, perhaps related to the Fido/Fittes variations of Fothes/Fette's, Again, the latter, sharing the Peare stars, were first found in KinCARDINEshire with PEARtree's, and the Fothes/Fette chevron is also the Frisby chevron. A wolf head is used by CARDINE's, first found in Cheshire. Kincardineshire is beside the Cups/COPE's and ProFETTs of Aberdeenshire, and Fothes'/Fette's use a cornuCOPia. Profetts have a giant leg that ought to be code for lines at Leicester's Legro river, which can explain why Frisbys were first found in Leicestershire. The Perkins, first found in Leicestershire, share the lion of Jewish Levi's.

WOW! Recall how the MANhole took us (from Mans') to Stabbs/Stops/Stubbs, for the Stumps/Stomps look like they are in the motto phrase, "HoneSTUM Praeferre," of the Racks who almost have the Stump Coat. I checked the map to see what street the manhole was on, which is TUClor lane, but no Tuclor surname came up, However, TUCKs/Ticks almost have the Stump and Rack/Rake Coat, and the latter were looked up as per the Wrack variation of Wreaks. Frisbys were on the Wreak river!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Incredible. Plus, Stump-like Stamps, in Man colors and format, share three, white and courant horses with Frise's/Phreeze's! Wreaks share the "orle" with Rutherfords and Rutlands, and the last time that Ticks were to topic, it was for almost having a Ritter/RUTTer motto term in a discussion involving Frisia-like Phrygians. Something reeks Roten around here, especially as a stump "with leaves" is used by Rodhams/Roddens.

If God named TucLOR lane in preparation for these pointers, it's evidenced by the Lore's/De Lors (Picardy) having Lawrence-like variations, and being in Larry/Laurie/Lowry colors.

Plus, I told a million times about my first kiss with Miss Peare. She with Kepke and I were in the La Paloma bar in a basement, and when Kepke disappeared for a minute, I asked CHRISTINE Peare if she's like to step outside, so we RUSHed up the STAIRS to go kiss before Kepke saw us get away (he had invited her to this bar). I've always used "rushed." The Rush's likewise share three, white and courant horses with Frise's/Phreeze's! Plus, I viewed the stairs as "scala" because Scalia's have a ladder acting as a pale bar in colors reversed from the Paloma and Pero pale bars, and there was more to it. I can now add that while the MANhole had a ladder that we climbed from the sewer pipe, Christine's (white unicorn = horse), with Koep-connectable cups, were once said to be first found on the Isle of Man! Kepke rushed up the stairs after us, and came against us like the blithering North Wind.

There was more to it because Kepke and I were both selling shoes when this event took place, and shoes are the symbol of German Trips while English Trips use "SCALing ladders." It tends to convince me that the stairs we rushed up are a pointer to Scalia's. I'd guess that less than two years later, Kepke went into Paloma-like plumbing sales (lots of pipes there), and while English Plumers/Plumbers share the Shoe star, German Plumers share the hexagram of Jewish Reitmans. Miss Peare was working for Reitman's clothing when I first kissed her. Justice Scalia was murdered on the ranch of John B. Poindexter, and Poindexters not only share the lone Shoe star, but are split horizontally in colors reversed from the same of Koeps/Kopps. Is the ladder in the sewer now pointing to Scalia's murder for some reason? It was only after asking the question that I realized: Poindexters share the Fist/Faust fist, and PFISTers/Fizers/Pesters happen to share the Plumer / Reitman star! Zikers, will you look at that in combination with the rest.

I don't think I've ever known Koppers before, but they have a good reflection of the German Plumer Coat.

The "uTILi" motto term of Racks/Rake's can be for Tile's/Tills/Tillers sharing the Pfister/Fizer annulet. I almost missed it, but Racks/Rake's were first found in Lincolnshire with Hole's/Halls. "Utile" is used by SHUTTLEwords/SHETTLEworths who in turn share the weaver's shuttle with Keeps. Kepkincidence? SETTLE's (Lancashire, same as Shuttlewords/SHETTLEworths) share the lozenges of Stars, the latter first found in Wiltshire with SHUTE's. Now we know that Keeps were related to Shot/Shute liners, so why not also Sewers/Shuters since Kepke was above the sewer pipe!?!? EXCELLENT. Shots/Shute's were kin of trumpet-using Calls, and Trump, pretending to drain the Democrat swamp, was instead wading in a RINO's sewer hole.

Technically, the sewer pipe was a rain DRAIN (though there may have been some local sewage in it). Shuttlewords/Shettleworths were first found in Bury of Salford, same as Ratcliffs. As Salford titles passed to DRAKElows, Salfords (probably a Saluzzo-Busca mix) may be in Man / Dragon/DRAINer format, and in colors reversed too, for being related to Dragons/Drainers (Kent, same as scaling-ladder Trips, and Hamonds). Drake's were kin of English Tile's/Tillys, and both share the wyvern dragon with German Dragons. Racks/Rake's look like kin of Hamonds. As Keeps look related to some degree to Shuttlewords while Salfords are in Bush-Busch colors and format, the Koeps/Kopps may be sharing the giant fleur of German Bush's/Buschs closely.

In order to get to the sewer-pipe road from home, I had to walk down SQUIRE Baker's Lane., and the Squire motto loves the Tiens, kin of Peare's who both share the stars of organ-PIPE Letts/Late's. Can you do that with the particulars of your frisbee event? Would you believe it if I said that the Poindexter Crest is an "ESQUIRE's helmet"? Scalia's first name, Antonin, can be a pointer to Tonys, first found in Leicestershire with Frisbys. English Antons/Tonys have a white goat head to go with the white goat of Kopff's/Kopfers and Mans, and the latter's dragon is because Mans are in the colors and format of helmet-using Dragons/Drainers. Both surnames are in the colors and format of Paloma-connectable Potters, and while the latter share the Flower cinquefoil, a "flower" is used by Italian Tonys (stars in colors reversed from the Poindexter star).

There's even an argument to be made that while I was in the sewer PIPE where we played FRISbee, Frasers/Frise's were first found in Peebles while the Peoples variation of Peeble's is like the People variation of Pepins/Pepy who in turn share the Pipe Coat. Peeble's have the parrot while Parrots use pears. Peare's are also Pears, and the Parrot pears are used by Bott-like Abotts who in turn use a "patria" motto term for Peartree's/Patria's.

Frasers/Frise's (share the Keith and Kettle stag head) were in the lands of Keith, suspect with the Coats/COTES' pale bars, and "cotised"-like Cotis' are listed with the Curtis' sharing the Coron / Corona crowns. There are only two things I remember when Kepke came to visit to my place in Gormley: our playing frisbee on my front lawn / grass, and his chasing me with a spider dangling on a strand of WEB in front of Karen Graff, the pointer to graphene in CORONA virus vaccines. Why does the Jump cross look WEAVED? However, this cross is called "parted and fretty." The Jump Crest shares the brown stag with Keiths, Kettle's and Fraser's/Frise's.

Kepke's golf theme came to topic in this update with the professional golfer, Brooks Koepka (pronounced "Kepke"), and so I should add that while we collected golf balls in three, near-adjacent golf courses along Markham's 9th Concession, I remember only the name of the important course, CEDAR Brae. I've just loaded a map to see that the 9th Concession is now #69, and that the golf course adjacent to Cedar Brae is Remington Parkview, which caused a load of Remingtons/RIMMINgtons to see them with the 12 Hayden bars in colors reversed! I'll bet they were from Rimini's namers, or even the Rimna river in Wallachia.

Maschi's, first found in Rimini, share the Kettle lion, and Kettle's, first found in Perthshire with the Dogs/Dogs in the "dog" of Frisbys, have the Dog/Doag cinquefoil in colors reversed. This is awesome because Roxolani RUS were on the BUZau river, near the Rimna, and Dogs/Doags share the cinquefoil of BUS' (Norfolk, same as Haddington-connectable Haydens) . The Kettle's share the fesse-with cinquefoils of ROSco's/Risco's, and the latter share the fesse of Rush's/Rish's who in turn share three, white courant horses with Freys/Frys and FRISE's/Freys'/PHREEZE's!!! Incredible, for it seems that our collecting golf balls at those golf courses is connecting with the frisbee. This paragraph tends to expose that Frasers/Frise's were a Phreeze branch. Freys/Frys were first found in Wiltshire with same-colored Stars expected in the "flaming stars" of Pero's/Perino's. Kepke was engaged to be married to KIM Walsh, from the namers of Wallachia, and Kims share the Fraser/Frise cinquefoil along with the McKinneys who named Hayden, AINSley's daughter. It's serving as evidence that Phreeze's were from the Pharisees, the Israeli gangsters in cahoots with chief-priests, Annas and Caiaphas.

Again, the Sadducee-like Saddocks/Sedgewicks were first found in Sussex with the Mascals who have the Saddock/Sedgewick escutcheon in colors reversed, and Keiths come up as Mascals/Masculs. What more is there to ponder? Oh yes, the pond at Cedar Brae golf club; the KEPke's and I were fetching balls out of that too, and Ponders, a branch of Ponds, are in the motto of Chapmens/CHEPman's (Cambridgeshire, same as Ponders). Chapmans/Chepmens seem to be in the Crest of News'/Nuces' (Cambridgeshire), for they latter use "chaplets" along with sharing a PERchevron with Chapmans/Chepmans. The Chep-like Ships/Shiptons (Oxfordshire) share the EEL with Irish Foys, and the latter share the crescent of Chapmans/Chepmens, likely, because the Ely is in Cambridgeshire.

Ahh, Foys are in the Hayden motto, and with Haydens connecting to Ainsley Earhardt, we can add that Ailes-like Ely is near Kent, the latter where Ailes' were first found. Ailes' have three pale bars reflective of the pale bars of Irish Foys, and ROGER Ailes probably hired Ainsley Earhardt when she came to Fox. The sewer pipe I was in is at the Rouge Valley Park while Rouge's are listed with French Rogers.

[Insert -- I knew that Welsh Rogers/Rosers were in Frise/Phreeze colors, but deciding not to mention it, I also neglected to load them until the day after writing here because I remembered that they might share the courant horse of Frise's/Phreeze's, and though it's not in the same colors, Rogers/ROSers do have such a horse in Crest! Zowie. Rogers/Rouge's even share red roses with German Rosers/Rose's (Fauch colors and format), and Kepke is suspect as a pointer to Varangian RUS. The Roser/Rose roses are those also of Capote's (Forez, same as Fauchs) with a Caiaphas-like Chapus variation, and "capote" means "coat." The Forez surname (Savoy, same as English Rogers) loves the Travers/Travis' while Caiaphas-like Chives' were first found in Tarves. Chives' share the cat with Cetins/Cattans who in turn share the Tarves fitchee and love the Cautes variation of Cotys'/Cotta's, suspect with the royal Cottians near/at Chivasso.

I think that we can make the jump from "Rouge" to the Reds / Reeds, even if the two surnames were not related, because the "PAX COPia" motto of Reds/Reeds can be a pointer to the KiPAX variation of Keppochs, but we can see a pointer also to Koeps/Kopps. Reds/Reeds were first found in Northumberland with Keep-loving Hebrons/Hepburns. The Red/Reed garbs are shared by Caddys/Cade's. End insert]

Cedars happen to be listed with Cottars (Oxfordshire, same as Butua-like Abotts/Abbuts). Cedar BRAE can also be a pointer to the "flax BREAKer" of Brays/Brae's, for Breakers/Brecks may have been a Brook/Brooker branch. The latter share scallops on black with flax-like Flacks/Flags, and while the latter were a Fulke branch, Fulks ruled Anjou, location of Broc in the write-up of Brooks/Brookers. The latter happen to share the beaver with the Arms of Oxford, and Cotters/Cedars were first found in Oxfordshire. The "PERseveRANDo" motto of Brooks/Brookers looks like code for Peare's (Oxfordshire). Rands/Rants (Norfolk, same as Flags/Flacks) share a giant red lion with Brocks (Essex, same as Brooks/Brookers). Brooks Koepka and Cedar Brae golf course at our service. The Rand/Rant lion is in both colors of the Beaver lion, and Beavers were first found in Berkshire, beside Oxfordshire.

Beavers share the Weaver fesse while Keeps have a "weaver's shuttle." Kepke chased me with a spider dangling from its web. Weavers share the fesse of Bernice's with a "Perseverantia" motto term (almost the Brooks/Brooker motto term). Perno's, like the Perino variation of Pero's, share the black and upright horse with Bernice's. The Berne's (Switzerland) share the bear of Swiss' expected in the "suis" motto term of Frasers/Frise's and McKinneys. Berne was founded by Zahringens, kin of Varangian-like Veringers. Varns share the GRIPP/Grape bend. Berenice Agrippa, right?

Webbers have the Pepin/Pepy bend-with-fleur in colors reversed. While Coats'/Cotes' share the Coat of Irish Prays, "PRAElucent" happens to be a Webber motto term. That motto term can also be for Lucents/LUCA's (share white bend with Botters) in connection to Botters of Lucca. Lucca's use a cat. Luce's share pike fish with Geddes', and the Geddes pike heads are in the colors of the Bute/Butt/Boet fish. The Lucents/Luca's happen to share the Hagar / Kate hexagram. Kates' (not "Kate") are listed with the Geddes-like Gates'.

A possible set of heraldry to prove that God is pointing to Bill Gates with the Gates' (Graff lion?) is where Windows have lion paws in the colors of the Gates lion. Bill Gates is at least credited with the founding of Microsoft Windows. The blue lion paw holding a gold fitchee in the Window Crest suggests WINdow connection to the gold fitchee behind the blue lion of WINchesters, and while Sear de Quincy was ruler in Winchester, we note the gold fitchee in the (black) lion paw of Quints. Saer de Quincy was to builder of FAUXside castle of Faucets, a pointer to Tony Fauci and company, perfect, for Bill Gates is the vaccine goon of the world. Plus, the Sforza lion that holds a quince is in the colors of the Gates lion. The same lion is used by German WINklers.

In fact, Windows are also WinHOUSE's while the cross of English House's is that of English Winklers/WINDle's in colors reversed, and the English Winklers share the Windell Coat. As German Winklers have a gold border for the VINKovci line of Valentinian and Justine of PICENum, Winklers look like a Wind-line merger with PICENum liners, and Scottish PIKE's/Pickens then suggest that Gates/Kates' were in fact a Geddes / Ged / Kidney/Gedney branch. Kidneys/Gedneys probably mimic the Gettes saltire linkable to Fauci-like Fulks, and it's in the colors of the similar cross of Winchesters (share Justine sword). Gettes' were from Angers, and while Angers were an Anchor branch, the Majors in the Geddes motto share the white anchor with Graffs/Graffens/Gravs while Greafs/Grave's are split in Fulke / Fleck / CAPET colors while "CAPTa majora" is the full Geddes motto.

It was Jane Ruby who broke the graphene-oxide story from Spain, and Rubys almost have the Coat of German Grave's. Stay out of the grave, fight against vaccinations. We saw Rube's, a possible branch of Darlene-beloved Robe's, share the scythe with German Herrs, all connectable to Earhardts i.e. multiple pointers to vaccines in that set of heraldry. German Herrs use WINGs and the gold border of the Vinkovci / Winkler line. It could all appear that the bloodlines from the killers of Jesus are pushing death and gloom by their vaccination schemes. Pike's/Pickens share the pierced stars of Salome's, suspect from Salome Boethus of the Sadducees. The Salome Coat is even shared by Scottish Vaux's, first found in East Lothian with Fauxside castle and the Scythes/Side/Sudy line.

The Winchester fitchees are shared by Patria's/Peartree's and Sewers/SUTERs/Suits, both first found near the first-known Scythes'/Side's/Sudys (Fife), a SUTy branch. Rube's use a "star of David," though most hexagrams are not called such. But Jewish Harts, with a Coat like that of Earhardts and Rube's, use another "star of David," possible code partly for Stars (Suters?), first found in Wiltshire with SHUTE's. SUTHERlands share the Salome / Vaux stars, and Southerns can be linked to Davids via the latter's Aid/Ade kin, who are in the "Aide" motto term of Frisby-related Levi's.


I lost touch with the canvassing project of Liz Harris after Biden's DoJ threatened to arrest them for going door-to-door. Liz and her army continued, apparently, and have come out with a whopping report. She claims they knocked on every Maricopa-county door of those on the registered-voter lists, of any party. Her team found that 34-percent of all registered voters whom the country officials claimed not vote did in fact vote, according to their own testimonies. That is a huge chunk of disappeared votes (almost 200,000), and one can gather that all of them were for Trump, for the county could not afford to disappear Biden votes. Unfortunately, Liz says that her army did not ask the voters who they voted for, BUT I think there is cause here to return to the doors of the 34-percent to ask whom they voted for, because whoever caused the ballots to disappear needs a five-year prison sentence. This is no small violation of the peoples' "possessions." Here's Liz on Steven Bannon:

It's becoming obvious that Obama was an illegitimate president, voted in by systematic fraud that's been utilized for as long as decades. The Democrats are the fringe party, but they have all the moles, the spies, the cheats, the trolls, the dastardly, the power-lusting sinners. Don't you think that the RINO's, Democratish moles in the opposing party, are given cheating systems too, that they too might get the election edge on their opponents? If only the Republican party had only RINOs to contend with, but there's also hippo's, big-fats money bags, like Trump, who always open their mouths wide thinking they're showing off their beauty not realizing how ugly they are. They always want to be at the front, loving to fill the room. Hippos love going for swims in mud swamps, just like Trump. Hippos reproduce hippos.

Someone challenged the mask laws in Winnipeg, and got the cops to come out to ticket them heftily to show Winnipeg's iron first, even though the crowd was gathering outdoors, even though it's months after the end of flu season, and just as it's becoming apparent everywhere that the latest flu-like symptoms are mainly from vaccinated suckers. There's something of a demonic thing taking place, and this is going to become harder as winter approaches, they already have their plans laid out for it. The only good news: I'm so happy that all the mask goons and pretend safety-freaks who allowed the government to get us here will need to wear masks for yet another winter season, something the suckers didn't think would happen. Get ready for the by-annual boosters, SUCKERS.

This is a good video to the 50th minute (I didn't see more of it):

We see the great and consistent results of some 200 studies on Ivermectin (similar to the results of hydroxychloroquine). The video says that Israel, the vax-capital of the world, is now the second-highest nation in positive COVID tests. The video tells that about 100 per 100,000 Israeli's are now testing positive, which is all we need to know to know that COVID is a sham pandemic, because that's 1 per 1,000 Israelis. Then, if 1 per 1,000 positive tests results in death, it means that only one death per million Israeli's i.e. no pandemic, no need to vaccinate. The question is, why have Israeli's been vaccinated? We may even ask whether Israel, acting as the global guinea pig, used non-poisonous vaccines to fool the rest of the world into thinking that vaccines are safe.

At the 31st minute, you can hear from Australia that it's building COVID concentration camps, no kidding at all. Australia is another guinea pig, begging it's people to start a violent reaction against the government. What happened to the war declared by the truckers? Did they back off already? Australia and France are showing the rest of the world where the globalists want to take this thing, and the people are actively resisting as a result. Thanks you, people of Australia and France, your sacrifices thus far may not go to waste.

After promising no mandated vaccinations last December, Biden has ordered sizable mandates this week. Did you buy extra things yet? If a store refuses to serve you a need of life without a vaccine, sue the store immediately. If your roof is leaking, and the store won't bring you a package of shingles to the front door unless you have a vaccine pass, sue the store because it's responsible. You shouldn't have to make a choice between vaccination and fixing your roof. If it's been acceptable for the past 1.5 years to enter stores without vaccinations, stores have no justification to keep people out now just to punish you for rejecting vaccines. That's what this is, the communist pigs wanting to punish us, to deny us our dire needs even.

To put it as succinctly but yet as complete as possible: my read on the daily news tells me that the powers want the masses gloomy, disheartened, confused, and divided. You'll need to ask them what their game is. To cure this, stop watching the news. Their reach to drive you insane is exclusively via the media, but if you let the blue skies into your soul, breath outdoor air, let God's green earth surround you, your mind will remain HEALTHY. See, I am a doctor after all. STOP WATCHING THE NEWS. The irony is, it's my job to watch the news, but that's why I despise it as I seek and a choose news for you. Fun news is good for us if they want us gloomy, and so here's a little eyebrow-popping cartoon for ya:

I'm still preserving food almost daily, and luvin it, getting fast at it. Aside from the increased food prices. I'm still pan-frying my own bread, a loaf-worth (three cakes in total) every three days. It takes less than 10 minutes a side for two cakes of bread, and they turn out an inch thick, man chew. No dainty bread for me, please, I have good jaws. The third cake is my pizza every three days. To save the bread-making machine so that it lasts longer, I let it mix the dough for only half the time than it's programmed to do. The dough's fine after half the time; I just unplug the machine, and let the dough rise a little for few hours. If you have a machine, that's the thing to do to lengthen it's life, because baking the bread fully in the machine will conk out the heating element. It uses only a tiny amount of heat before mixing, to warm the dough in preparation for letting it rise, and if we save half the mixing process, it gives the motor twice the life span, important if we find ourselves unable to enter stores suddenly. I want to get a new bread-making machine. It's worth it to save all the kneading by hand. I'll let you know how long this one lasts.

I'm urging all Christians to store a year's worth of foods that last 10 years in sealed containers. Once you've stored a year's worth, per person, you can decide whether to do an additional six months. It's a slow process for me, drying considerably less than one quart daily. None of this is going to waste. I'll eat if it the tribulation doesn't arrive. It's not a net-burden on the food industry, because the extra I buy now will alleviate the food producers later, when I'm eating the extra I buy now. I'm drying about a half-dozen foods that go together in a soup: eggs, potatoes, sweet potatoes, onions, carrots, squash, and I'm going to try garlic too because it can be turned into a powder. These foods are on the low-cost side, though in my area the grocery stores are GREEDY even with vegetables. I save my egg shells and make NATURAL, powdered calcium-plus.

Carrots are a dollar a pound here, Dried out, they are in the ballpark of ten times less weight, or $10 per pound. Ouch. There's only one thing to do: GROW MY OWN GARDEN. I can't wait to start. I know the secret, because I was growing one when I first moved in. Even though the soil in this pine-ridden area makes the soil highly acidic, I was able to grow great tomatoes, broccoli, onions, and cucumbers. You don't need to till the entire garden. Just shovel out a hole per plant. Put the soil in a wheelbarrow, mix it up some clean sand (it's cheap if you pick up your own at the gravel site). The sand is the secret. It allows the roots to grow fast, and in the north, you need fast roots. Add fertilizer to the soil-sand mix while putting it into each hole that you dig out. Wood ashes (makes soil more alkaline, not always what you want) seems like a great idea because it has metals / minerals.

I put out potatoes last year to test the soil. The grasshoppers ate the leaves. Three potato shoots came out this year from the ones planted last year. They grow less than a foot tall, and even thought the grasshoppers left the leaves alone this year (it's been very wet), the plants refused to grow larger. They stayed the same size all year, and a couple of them withered to boot. That's because I can't find my bucket of fertilizer. YOU MUST HAVE FERTILIZER IN A TRIBULATION SITUATION, just in case you need it. Some good soils can do without, but fertilizer gets as much as three times the food, faster. "...fertilizer does not go bad if it is properly stored." Get it while it's still available. You can use your own urine if you need to, mixed with about eight parts water, maybe ten (won't stink much, and won't kill roots). Just want to pass that on to you; pass it on. We gotta do what we've gotta do with what we have. If using urine means eating versus not eating the garden produce, you know where the pee bucket is...if you provide one.

The world has changed fast in just a few years, with the godless peoples coming out and "striking" because they feel that they can now have the power structures. They've been conspiring for decades to get to this point. They're pouncing now.

Wood ash does have fertilizer value, the amount varying somewhat with the species of wood being used. Generally, wood ash contains less than 10 percent potash, 1 percent phosphate and trace amounts of micro-nutrients such as iron, manganese, boron, copper and zinc. Trace amounts of heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, nickel and chromium also may be present. Wood ash does not contain nitrogen.

The largest component of wood ash (about 25 percent) is calcium carbonate, a common liming material that increases soil alkalinity. Wood ash has a very fine particle size, so it reacts rapidly and completely in the soil. Although small amounts of nutrients are applied with wood ash, the main effect is that of a liming agent.

So far, that quote only mentions about 40 percent of the ash contents. What's the rest??? What kind of an article is that? It's from Wikipedia's Wood-ash article. What's Wikipedia hiding? What's the rest of the ash, eh? I'm reading that ashes lose their nutrients in rain, meaning good-stuff, for the nutrients go instantly into the soil when wet. "According to a study from a group of environmental scientists at the University of Kuopio in Finland, human urine and wood ash make a reasonably potent tomato fertilizer, boosting plant growth and fruit yield dramatically over untreated plants and nearly keeping pace with conventional fertilizer." Maybe they're exaggerating to make us use urine instead of store-bought fertilizer. Next, they'll want us to eat insects.

There's so much to learn; "Potatoes are subject to disease in neutral to alkaline soils. Wood ash is beneficial as a dust on cut seed potatoes to prevent rot when planted. Tender plants, such as basil, are subject to damage by cutworms; wood ashes in the planting soil deters this garden pest, as well as slugs." Diatomaceous Earth is a must for tribulation gardens.

All the fertilizer you add to the soil will disperse away from the plant, and much or most of it will be wasted. But if you plant in plastic containers, the fertilizer will be trapped. Just dump the soil from all containers before re-planting the following year, and mix it all up before re-loading the plastic containers. I've been saving one-gallon plastic jugs, the perfect size for many plants, from the purchase of distilled water, a dollar per gallon. I'm lucky, I have the room to store as many as a 500.

I'll be experimenting between burying the plastic containers to their rims, versus leaving them sit on the ground, versus semi-buried. On the one hand, the summer sun might overheat the roots if the containers are on the ground, but maybe not, and heat at the root soil is what I think makes plants grow better. Much of the reason for plant growth from fertilizer may not be from roots soaking up the nutrients, but from the heat generated from nitrogen (like what urine's made out of). I think heat forces nutrients into the roots and up the plant. You can have great nutrients in the soil, but if soil's cold, the plant won't grow. Plants might not SOAK (suck) up nutrients at all; the nutrients may need to be pushed in and up by the soil heat. Urine can be free hot stuff, and it's clean. Keep the dead roots in the containers and mix them into next year's soil.

I've also been buying four-gallon containers of distilled water, but rather than slicing off the top or bottom to make one container for one plant, what about slicing it vertically in half to make two tubs? Chances are, plastic containers will better protect plants from things that ruin roots, like nematodes. I have nematodes, and am expecting to dry out the soil in a heated box (plexiglas top) to kill them. That's why I'm saving plastic containers.

The problem with plastic is that too much rain will threaten roots with drowning because water at the roots is trapped too. But if the containers are above ground, sun on the sides of the container will dry the soil faster. Generally, leaves from neighboring plants will provide some shade, and the summer sun is usually straight overhead at the height of day so that the situation is the same whether the containers are buried or not. The containers get hit with sun from the side when the sun is lower, and that might be just what the plant likes. So, I'll be experimenting, but maybe not next year.

I think the powers want to keep people from buying seedlings in spring during the COVID "crisis," year after year for several to come. I think we need got to ruin that plan. I think they want to keep seeds out of stores too. They are diabolical. In the meantime, dry your own foods, and buy dried goods too, before they put limits on the amounts you can buy. What they want to do is to force us all to buy by debit to monitor our expenditures to keep us from over-shopping on foods. It's a no-brainer, they will attempt this, to put limits on how much we are permitted to buy depending on the number of people in our households. The micro-managing demons are here. If they fail at that, they will attempt food shortages to make it harder for people to store. They have no shame. A sociopath knows no shame. A rapist doesn't care how the victim feels. A rapist, a locust, a buzzard, a nazi, and a Western leader in 2021 are one and the same.

On September 7th's Stew Peters, Dr. Robert Young, who claims to have found graphene oxide in four vaccines, as well as stainless steel, said that Brigham Young is his great-great-(great)-grandfather. As the doctor calls himself a Christian, he may be a Mormon, which might explain why he didn't give the Spanish study open credit for finding graphene when I saw his two-hour-plus show last week. I see Mormons as worldly fakes, not Spirit-led, candidates for foolish virgins. His Wikipedia article confirms he's a Mormon. I don't like Mormons who call themselves Christians without revealing their Mormonism. SPIT! He's a brainwashed ninny, a spiritual goofball. Hopefully, his science is correct in his graphene claims. Now I'm starting to wonder.

MUST WATCH on the military drug (Remdesivir) killing COVID / flu patients:

Fauci could be in trouble. Remdesivir was part of the scheme, because it was approved just in time to treat COVID "victims." It's a population-control, mass-murder scheme aimed at the baby-boomer generation, because they don't want old people alive to take tax dollars, they prefer to have the money to build their rule-the-universe government. The vaccines might just have the purpose of making many people sick enough to enter a hospital, where they can be killed with poisons. He says that Remdesivir causes Kidney failure, but also failure of other organs such as the heart, and so the CDC report telling that 94-percent of COVID deaths were from people with other illnesses along with COVID could in reality mean people who got the other illnesses WHILE in-hospital treatment under Remdesivir. Doctors wanted to state the causes of death as things other than COVID, but the powers outmuscled them, forcing them to claim COVID as the cause of death. They must have had this planned years ago, for it's an elaborate kill-job. I happen to believe this report, it makes total sense.

The kidney-shaped pool with nasty shark comes to mind, and because I believe that Trump fell into this pool to get swallowed by the shark, that now looks like Trump wallowing in the COVID crime. The speaker in the video seems to imply, at the beginning, that these findings are working their way into court, but should there not be emergency court cases? Yes. In the meantime, the powers will reduce the number of poisonous Remdesivir doses. Remdesivir alone may not be poisonous, but with some additional substance, it can be made such, in which case one can say that Remdesivir is not the killer. I don't understand why it takes so long to discover these things and make them public. Was that video for entertainment value only? Are we supposed to just slap ourselves on the back, praising ourselves for being right about the scheme? What's being done to expose it internationally? Are there not enough people in the world who can disseminate this news, if true? Of course there are.

Fox and Friends is like a beautiful face with a big-fat, black-purple wart right in the middle of it. If Fox and Friends doesn't know why I make this comparison, then it's condition is worse than that. Here's a man who does not grow a terrible wart on his face, who does not bewitch his audience:

Here's the type of guest Fox and Friends needs to get for September 11:

Mr. Night's wartless face:

Brian Kilmeade deceived his audience this week by telling that Flight 93 crashed into Shanksville. He's got a wart for his entire head. He's an ugly man. I don't care about his platitudinal showmanship, for when it comes to rubber hitting the road, he's a cowardly, dastardly man protecting the worse demons in his country, which country he claims to care about. Here's what we expect Kilmeade to say, but instead, he's been shameful:

Trump is a farce, a liar to his voters. He can't even admit that there was no plane at Shanksville or the Pentagon. Does a metal bullet disintegrate upon contact with a steel wall? No, yet it travels much faster than an airplane. So how does anyone in their right mind accept the poor claim that the plane at the Pentagon evaporated into thin air from impact-disintegration? Trump is a fiend. Don't take him seriously. Trump is a louse. When he had the opportunity to expose the 9-11 criminals, he covered for them instead. The country is irreparably owned by gangsters placed in charge of the military establishment.

Here's a judge telling off the police as most of us normal people would:

Here's a good video if you need it in court to fight mandatory vaccines:

I watched the above to the 6th minute, and it is beautifully sound, normal in thought, a rarity these days in liberal media...until the 6th minute, when she essentially implies that vaccines are good, better than nothing, worth taking. If you want perfection, don't go to a compromised liberal of a political centrist.

If you have anti-virus antibodies, take it to court against mandatory vaccines, because your natural "vaccine" is more than 10 times better than Pfizer trash. Praise God, who knows how to do things right with the body. Do not trust fiendish, globalist goofballs. No better word for Fauci is there than "goofball." He's a shame to the Italian people.

Don't be deceived by those who fight the mandates using freedom arguments, a lost cause. The other side will say you have the right to reject the vaccine, but that they have a right to charge you with trespassing if you enter a store or business without a vaccine in your body. The fight, therefore, is not about your right or freedom to reject the poisons, but whether or not the vaccines are needed in the first place. That's how to win this battle. They argue that the virus is dangerous enough to mandate vaccines, and so our argument should be: NO IT'S NOT. People die in car accidents, and if driving is still legal in order to assure that people can get to work, then how do they justify robbing people of jobs based on an unnecessary vaccines where few people get seriously ill from the virus to begin with? They have falsified the death numbers; get proof of that to the courts, and fight this battle in that way. They falsified the positive tests too; amounting to their giving us a silver bullet for winning the vaccine war.

If vaccination passports lead to the mark of the beast, Christians who are not standing up to mandatory vaccinations now will be guilty of bring the evil system on. I don't want to be a part of that. I am appalled and depressed: walking into Home Depot this week, there was only one man in all that store not wearing a mask. I then went to Canadian Tire, and, again, there was only one man in that entire place who was not wearing a mask. Just one. Are canadians such cowards that they can't walk in maskless just to see what happens? The worst that can happen is that some communist pig walks up to you to demand you put on your mask. You can then deal with it at that time as you feel fit. I feel very sorry for the workers, but the communist pigs do not feel sorry for them.

Gateway Pundit headline this week: "According to VAERS Website: The US Is Averaging 70 Deaths per Day Due to COVID Vaccine Since July 24th Or 3,296 COVID Total Vaccine Deaths". That not a pandemic, but if these deaths are all due to the vaccine, then it is a mass-murder spree.

OAN reported on a study claiming that vaccinated people are more than 25 times more likely to develop flu symptoms than unvaccinated. Keep this video for court purposes in case needed:

There are good points to take away for court purposes against vaccination in any of these videos (most of this list was shown a few weeks ago):


Here's all four Gospels wrapped into one story.

For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God.
Also, you might like this related video:

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