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September 1 - 6, 2021

Mr. Reinecker Steers us to Fox and Friends
Reinecker's Cat of Rennes-le-Chateau Mystery

If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture

One of the most-amazing pieces of the last update was in an insert (Load Beauty link now to have access, on another tab, to other Coats of Arms):
[Insert (skipping parts)...Cybele was wife to Attis, ancient code for the Hatti who connected hard to Ainsley Earhardt, and she featured as Sleeping Beauty while black-bull Beautys have nearly the Vach/Veach Coat (almost the Waleran and BUCKley Coats). I was told to WAKE sleeping beauty!!! Wake's could be a Vach branch! The "DiTAT" motto term of Walks/WACHs (Dumfries, same as Tate-related Annans) could be for the Scottish Tate's (Berwickshire, same as Vachs/Veach's). This is making sense, and I've never known this Vach-related set of heraldry before, so far as I can recall, even though Vachs/Veach's were mentioned with NovaVAX in the last update of July (a month ago). This paragraph seems to be bang-on the wake scene of Sleeping Beauty, which took place on a Veach-like beach.

Plus, the Tate's share the ARMy/Ermine Coat too, while Armours were once said to be first found in Berwickshire i.e. with Tate's. This is amazing because Sleeping Beauty and I were ARM-in-arm, emBRACEd, as soon as she awoke, and Armours share the armored arm with BRACE's/Bras'. Plus, Beach's (Lincolnshire, same as Armys/Ermine's) share a shield of vair fur (different color) with Bracebridge's! BANG-ON. And it points to poison Vachs who almost have the Beauty Coat (the only difference is bull heads versus full bulls).

The Vachs/Veach's are also Vitch's, recalling the Witch variation of Watch's/WAGE's (Cornwall, same as Wassa's/WACE's and Tintons), is that cool or what? Yes, because Watch's/Wage's are in Tinton colors and format, and Tintons will point to tinnitus by vaccinations! Tinnitus is ringing in the EAR(hardt)s. It's BANG ON and it's only taken me FIVE YEARS to get to solving the wake scene.

Witch's/Wage's use "wedges," and Wedge's/Waggs (Witch/Wage colors) use a FISTed gauntlet (armored glove), and Fizers are listed with PFISTers! BINGO. Plus, Fizers/Pfisters share the hexagram of Wassa's/Wace's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The double fesses of Wassa's/Wace's are colors reversed from the two of Sleeps and Washingtons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LIKE I SAID MONTHS AGO, Ainsley Earhardt is God's Sleeping Beauty as a pointer to vaccines. Wassa's, who put the Fizer/Pfister hexagram in a "canton," were proto-Washingtons, and Cantons, who have a GANTon variation to go with the fist-shaped GAUNTlet, have the Washington Coat in colors reversed so that the double Canton/Ganton fesses are the Sleep Coat! BANG-ON. Why do we think that Washingtons are involved in poison vaccines? End insert]

I can add to that from the STRASbourgh location of the first-known Fizers/Pfisters, starting with the Stras'/Strapps who share the Coat of Irish Brians. As Briancon is on the Durance river of the Salyes Ligure's, thought to be a branch of the SALLUVi Ligure's, I'm guessing that Stras'/Strapps (Tipperary) were related to Tipperary's SULLIVans (share "Lamh" with Irish Brians). SALES'/Salletts share the fleur-de-lys of Durance-like Durants. Salyes Ligures are suspect in naming Saluzzo, and as that's beside Busca, it tends to explain why Sullivan's share the black boar with Bush's/Buschs. But Sullivans also share the lion of Dutch Bush's/Bos'/Boschs (share billets of Pastors) and PASTORS!!! That's why I'm repeating from the last update, for Fizers/Pfisters are listed with PESTERs. Is God pointing poison vaccinations to the Bush family? Doesn't Fox news support the disgusting Bushite war hawks? YES.

As Bosco's are in the write-up of Rose's, first found in NAIRNshire, I think one could resolve Nairns with the split-Sullivan Shield because Nairns share a giant chaplet / wreath with the Pims suspect in the "Opima" motto term of Stras'/Strapps. Strapp-like Stirrups share the Coron / Corona crown.

Tipperary is related to Desmond, and Desmonds ("aboo," almost the "abu" of Sullivans) happen to have a "monkey" while the Dunnys, sharing the Stras/Strapp and Brian Coats too (all three have lions split in gold and silver), were at MONIKIE. Okay, so we solved the monkey, but lets add that MONACo is near Grasse while Grass / Grasse liners have lions split in gold and silver. "Aboo" can be code for something from bee-using Boys/Bouie's. I say that DESmonds were a branch of Deas' (BEE), first found in Angus with Monikie. Dunnys/Downys are also Downys, and Downs/Douns were first found in Sussex with the Boards who I think look related to Stras'/Strapps. It just so happens that while the Monk lion heads are used by Hinks, the latter's saltire is with Italian Latins who in turn have stirrups! That exclamation mark is due to the "Hinc" motto term of Spoltons/Spauldings ("salus"), whom were loaded way above at the sight of the "spoila" motto term of Stras'/Strapps. The Hink Chief-saltire combo is that of Latin-like Lets/Late's in colors reversed.

English Latins share the split-Shield colors of the split-Sullivan Shield. I'm not sure I agree with the write-up of English Latins when it traces Lattins to a "la DUNE" surname (of BRADEwell), but that sure looks like the makings on Dunnys/Downys. Dune's/Duns were first found in Angus with Dunnys/Downys. There's no Dune-like surnames in the list shown for English Latins. The Dune's/Duns share gold buckles facing the left side of the Shield with Spoltons/Spauldings, and the latter were suspect in the motto of who share the Dunny and Brian Coats. Brians share "laidir" with the Kilpatricks, and English Latins use both saltires of Kilpatricks. DUNbars (Hink lion?) were GosPATRICK kin. I suggest that Latins were related to Dune liners, but not fundamental Dune liners.

SPOLTons/Spauldings, because they share buckles (different colors) with Guys, can be from Guy, duke of SPOLETo and CAMERINo. English Guys were first found in Gloucestershire with Lets/Late's, and Latins were first found in Tuscany, near the domain of Guy of Spoleto. I think that his Guidi kin were in Florence, and Guido's/Guis' (Monk lion?) look linkable to Guys/Guise's. Guiscards/WISharts (STIRlingshie), I believe, from Ottone VISconti, and Ottone's were first found in Umbria with Spoleto. Guy of Spoleto was the grandson of SICo of Benevento, and "Sic" is in the motto of Irish Maghans twice who share three lions in pale (different colors with Stras'/Strapps / Brians / Dunnys of Monikie. French Guys have three buckles in pale.

While Stirlings are STURlings too, Camerino-like Camerins/Camera's (Angus, same as Monikie) have the Stur Coat in colors reversed. While the Stour flows through Somerset, that's where Pims were first found who have a bull head in the colors of the bull head of Buckle-branch Buckleys. Camerino is at the Picenum border. Pims can be with the Nairn chaplet / wreath, and Nairnshire is where Rats/Raids were first found, possibly from RADELchis, prince of Benevento, and grandfather of Guy of Spoleto's wife. Raddle's/Raddels (Hertfordshire, same as Vince's/Finch's and Veach-like Beach's/Bechs) are in Vince/Finch colors and format. The Pim bull head looks neither directly at the viewer, nor is it in profile, but is of the design used by RATcliffs. The previous owner of my Jeep is from Benevento, I'll need to chew on that. The Vince/Finch motto is shared by Wedge's/Waggs (Vince/Finch colors and format) in the wedges of the Witch/Watch/Wage Coat.

As Scottish Mathie's/Manns/Maghans have a Faucet-like "Fac et" motto phrase, the "Sic" motto term of Irish Maghans/Manns looks like a pointer of God to vaccine sickness. Guys/Guise's look like kin of Quincys who built the Faucet castle.

Ahh, where was my head. This discussion opened with Vachs, Wachs, and Wace's, any of which can be in the "UACHtar" motto term of Irish Brians. Plus, while Wikipedia has the death of Guy of Spoleto at the TARo river, note both "uachTAR" and the scimiTAR of Mathie's/Manns/Maghans! The Wassa's/WACE's took us to Washingtons in helping to prove that Sleeping Beauty was all about the Vachs/Veach's, and here we can add that the Washington Chief is that also of the Schims/Schiens suspect in the Mathie/Maghen and Ainsley SCIMitar. Schims/Schiens love the Duce's/DOOCYs in their motto, you see, and Steve Doocy is Ainsley's partner on Fox and Friends, perhaps even her quasi-boss due to his seniority.

Tarrs were first found in Somerset with Pims suspect in the "Opima SPOILa" motto of Stras'/Strapps who in turn share the Irish Brian Coat!!! I had remarked, but without further discussion or proof, that Stras'/Strapps look like Board kin, and Steve Tarr (see last update) is the one who fed me the pass from the boards for the first goal of our championship game against Jim McGee. In that team's previous goal, I crashed into the boards upon TIPPING Tarr's slap shot across the goal line, which had pointed to Tipps/TIPPINs (Lancashire, same as Ratcliffs) sharing the Ratcliff bull head!!! WOW. Plus. Champions can be Champagne liners, and Mathys/Mate's were first found in Champagne.

In the last update, I went to the Maghen-like Magus surname ("corona"), then to Magetts/Magotts whose Coat makes them look like a McGee/Magee branch. Scottish McGee's/Magee's were first found in Dumfries with Walks/WACHs and Kilpatricks; the latter's Irish branch share "laidir" with Irish Brians, as well as throwing in "a boo," like the "abu" of Irish Brians. It tends to nail "UACHtar" with Walks/Wachs, and then Maghen-like "Magna" is a motto term of English Walkers. My head hurts tying to discern what God might be saying with it all. The first Sleeping Beauty was identified as Mrs. Kilpatrick.

The last update realized that the Proctor-related Nails in the nails penetrating the Logan heart seems to be a pointer to so-called "spike proteins" that COVID vaccines produce. It's got Ainsley all over it because she married Mr. Proctor and Mr. McKinney while Irish McKinneys look like kin of MacAbbe's who in turn have fish in the colors of the FISSER/Visser fish. It's just amazing that Scottish McKinneys use a "prest" motto term while Prests/Press' share the Neil/O'Nail and Colchester estoiles.

I've just seen a set of heraldry to frame Miss Earhardt as Sleeping Beauty again, using the "vinCERE" motto term of MacAbbe's. They share the chevron of Irish McKinneys, and both have white fish. Keep in mind that Mr. McKinney is the father of her only child, Hayden, while Haydens (came up big in the last update with Hatts/Hades') share the black bull with Beautys. The Cere's are listed with the Sere's who share the Car chevrons, the Car stars, and the Annas star. Cars use a "SERo sed SERio" motto, you see, and Sleeping Beauty was with a car that was resolved as a pointer to black bull of AUTO's/Otto's. It just so happens that the MacAbbe motto is: "AUT vincere AUT mori," and while the Hades variation of Hatts was one of the several death themes by vaccines, "mori" in this case is translated, "die."

It's just amazing that the McKinney quadrants are colors reversed from the same of Hayden-like Hagens (Tyrone, same as Neils/O'Nails), for the latter's boot suggests Bute, where McKinney-branch Kims were first found.

I was so amazed at the following that I've got to repeat it: Hagens, first found in Tyrone with white-on-blue fish Neils/O'Nails and Sharks, share the blue-on-white fish with Kidneys/Gedneys. The Sleeping Beauty dream started with a nasty shark in a KIDNEY-shaped swimming pool. The Kidney/Gedney fish form a saltire in the colors of the Neil/Nail/Nagle saltire! IS THAT NOT A WHAMMY? There's no better way to prove that Miss Earhardt is Sleeping Beauty.

Plus, the Neils can be in the "Nil" motto term of the Wedge's/Waggs, the ones using a fist in Crest linkable or pointable to Fizers/PFISTers/Pesters. I missed it above, and maybe there's a reason: Wedge's/Waggs were first found in Somerset with the Pims using a red heart, the colors of the hearts pierced by nails or arrows of Logans, Nations/Nathans and Colchester-linkable Colors/Coelers (Arms of Colchester uses nails). Multiple heart-using surnames may have descended from the stock that named Earhardts.

As the Sleeping-Beauty scene can be interpreted in multiple ways, not necessary wrong in any way, note that Wedge's were at WATCH branch, for Jesus said, keep watch lest you fall away. He said the Church would fall asleep before the rapture, and Sleeping Beauty and I went up in rapture.

For the purposes of pointing to vaccines, Spike's use a porcupine i.e. with needles, and PORCi's share the Ainsley fleur-de-lys. It tends to justify viewing the Proctor nails in the Logan heart as spike proteins ruining a heart. We might even go to Ainsley-branch Annas' sharing the star of Vere's who in turn probably have the Nihill variation of Neils/O'Nails in their motto. I assume that some Christians will be killed by vaccines for another kind of "sleep," and another kind of rapture i.e. resurrection.

I just got lucky. Asking who else has a solid chevron in the colors of the one that comes with the Hagen Boot, the only one coming to mind is that of Packins/Fagans, for I was talking about them a few weeks ago. It turns out that they were first found in Tyrone with Hagens, and both the Hagen chevron and the Packin/Fagan chevron are topped with the same stars in Chief.

As was explained in the last update, the namers of L'Aquila, seven miles from Packin-like Picenze, were from the ACHELous river of ancient Calydon, where I've traced Eagle's and Hagle's. The latter share the single pile of the Wings/Winks (Perthshire, same as Justine's) in the gold wings of the white Packin/Fagan griffin, and Winks with the Vince's/Finch's above are from Vinkovci, home of the husband of Justine of PICENum. The Pike's/Picks/PICKENs share the Packin/Fagan / Hagen stars. The Calydon-like Khaldi were over by the PYXites river in the MOSCHi-mountain theater of Gog. Calydonians were related to the Amazons of Grecian Pisa, and MOSCA's were first found in Italian Pisa.

There's a question here as to whether Fagans were of the Faux's/Fage's (Perigord, same as Fauchys), or even of the Hanson-connectable Fuggers, for Faux's/Fage's share the Hanson / Fugger / Masci / Cremer / Earhardt fleur-de-lys, and English Hansons share the mascle of English Faux's. As the Faux/Fage Coat is almost the Cremer Coat, we're back to Hanson's ice-CREAM symbol, which pointed to Crema at the Serio river. We just saw the "Sero sed serio" motto of Cars because the Vince-like "vinCERE" motto term of McAbbe's took us to Sere's. Crema is near Cremona, and the latter was founded as an army barracks (by general Scipio), along with neighboring PIACENZa, in about 218 BC. as the ice-cream points to vaccines, it should be added that German Hansons share a green snake with Earhardts while it can be resolved that this snake belonged to Visconti's i.e. from OTTONE Visconti, suspect from the Ottone's/OTTO's i.e. having a variation like the Auto's suspect in the "AUT vincere aut" motto phrase of MacAbbe's.

It's pretty amazing that Foggs (Vince/Finch colors and format) almost have the Wedge/Wagg Coat, and the latter is the surname sharing the Vince/Finch motto, and with a fist in Crest. Foggs share the Coat of Figgs/Feeks with a Fisser-like Ficker variation, and Fissers/Vissers are the ones with fish in the colors of the MacAbbe salmon. Italian Salmons happen to share the checkered Shield of Fisc/Fisks. The Vince's/Finch's are in the motto of Face's/Fessys, that being a line of the FIESCHi (Genova), and to boot we can add in the Fix's/Ficks/Fecks who may be with the Ice/Ecco eagle, especially if Ficks were Picks/Pike's sharing the Ice/Ecco trefoils. FACE's/Fessys were first found in Northamptonshire with the Quincy's who built the FAUXside castle of Faucets. The latter were first found in East Lothian with the Faux-branch Vaux's sharing the Pick/Picken stars, but these are also the stars of Salmon-like Salome's/Solomons.

As Fix's/Ficks/Fecks (almost the Vychan/Vaughn and Sales/Sallett fleur) show a Vicka variation, note that VYCHans/Vaughns (no wavy chevron) share the Fish Coat (wavy chevron). Fix's/Ficks/Fecks/Vicka's have the wavy Dol fesse in colors reversed, and while Dols were first found in Mecklenburg with Ice's/Ecco's, Vychans/Vaughns were first found in Shropshire, home of the Dol Alans.

The Salome's/Solomons are suspect from the Sadducee family of Salome Boethus. German Bute's/Butts/BOETs (Geddes fish?) are like German Bauds (share Jewish Salmon stars) with a "PAX IN" motto phrase, and sharing the solid PACKIN/Fagan chevron.

Stew Peters: "BREAKING! The contents of the vials from all four pharmaceutical companies that have developed CoV-19 injections have been examined by Dr. Robert Young, and the findings are HORRIFIC! Not only did Dr. Young confirm graphene oxide in the shots, but also revealed lethal and deadly parasites, stainless steel and other various metals and obscure ingredients." The two-plus-hour story featuring Dr. Young is below (if you want a shorter version of under 12 minutes, see Stew Peters reporting:

If this information from Dr. Young is correct and provable, the tyrants will need to either: 1) back off with vaccines; 2) get more ridiculously tyrannical. The second option may be the better one for ruining them, for 1) will allow them to retreat and come back with other plots. They are risking much, and this could tailspin into their suicide mission called Armageddon. If God won't allow them to rule the universe, then the SICKOS will kill the entire human race, that's their satanic mentality. As Jesus said, that if He does not intervene by his Appearance, nobody would be left alive. It's sounded like a nuclear winter in the planning to me, by the frogs of Revelation 16, but might there be a vaccine-plot to kill everyone throughout the final 1260 days?

It could be that Dr. Young is jumping the gun with his going public with what looks like a concerted effort amongst many researchers seeking to identify the ingredients of the various vaccines. For example, not all researchers may agree on what they're seeing under the electron microscope, but then Dr. Young decides to go public with his theories. What if he's wrong? In the 45th minute, the lady asks Young to start talking about the discoveries after which the video was named: "BREAKING: DR. YOUNG REVEALS GRAPHENE, ALUMINIUM, LNP CAPSIDS, PARASITE IN 4 VACCINES." But he does not get into it yet. Now we know why it's such a long video. It doesn't look like he's itching to go public.

At 1hr-2min, the lady says that Johnson and Johnson vaccines are from MONKEY KIDNEY cells. Might the kidney-shaped pool point to this? We saw Monikie in this update, and the Desmond monkey. Mrs. Kilpatrick is in the dream with kidney-shaped pool, and Kilpatricks have a near-copy of the Scottish JOHNSON Coat. Desmonds use "aboo," and Kilpatricks "a boo." That's interesting, and English Johnsons were first found in Lincolnshire with Kidneys/Gedneys. Note how GEDNey is like the GET'N Go, for I claim that God gave an event at the Get'n GO with the same Mrs. Kilpatrick (born Miss Hicks) about an hour after I spoke with Mr. Johnson, and "GO" happens to be the short form for the graphene oxide that's reportedly been found in some mRNA vaccines.

The Gows/McGoo's, as I call them, are properly Gowans and Gavins. Their write-up has: "The Clan was also located in Nithsfield in the 12th century, ". I assume that Nithsfield is at the Nith river, which happens to be the location of Kilpatrick castle. Annandale is nearby, and while Desmonds share the Annan(dale) saltire, Gowan-like Cowans share both the Chief-and-saltire of Annan(dale)s. If that's not enough, the Cowans (version of Army/Ermine Coat) share the Hicks and Ainsley fleur-de-lys. I sold shoes at Scarborough Town Center on McCOWAN road (Toronto), and while both Sleeping Beauty and Mrs. Kilpatrick at the Get'n Go had a knee event, Shoe's use a "KNIGHT issuing from the knees." Knights/Nights are expected from Nith-river liners. "Get'n"-like Gettens/Gettings share the lion of Nitts/Naughts, first found in Dumfries with the Nith river.

Cowans use a sick-like "Sic" motto term, and yet the surname happens to share "Sic itur" with MacKenzie's and Fiscs. The shark in the dream swallowed a bulldog, and so I figured that my future wife would be related to a bulldog somehow. As it turned out, the dream was not about a future wife, and then, in 2016, I found HW Kilpatrick (Sleeping Beauty's husband) in a Baytown-Sun photo with Spuds MacKenzie, a bulldog mascot. The photo is still online last time I checked.

Stainley Steel

Here's something I missed when finding that MacKenzie's point to the Apophis comet of 2029: Nitts/Naughts use a "COMMITto" motto term. Nitts/Naughts share the Italian FERRAND Coat, and the Schims/Schiens, pointers to Fox and Friends, use a "DUCE COMITE fortuna" phrase while Fortuna's have a dog in Dog/Doak/Dock colors, and Duce's list the Doocys for a pointer to Steve Doocy on Fox and Friends. Reines' use a "comet," and Raines' share the Nitt/Naught lion too. The "OMNia" motto term of Nitts/Naughts is like the "Omine" of Murdochs. One could get the impression that even Kilpatricks, as Sleeping Beauty, point to Fox news, especially as my Texas newspaper pointed to the Nueces river flowing through the Kilpatrick ranch. Plus, MacKenzie's almost have the giant stag head of LEGGs (Dumfries), and "leges" is a Raines motto term! I think that this is a brand-new set of heraldry. MacKenzie's have a flaming rock as a pointer to an asteroid when it becomes a meteorite. And bulldog-like Bullys (Dumfries, same as Leggs and Rums in the Nite/McNaught motto) have a flaming heart that's going to link to Earhardts/Airharts either closely or distantly. The Ear-connectable Eyers/Ayers share the spur with English Knights/Nights while Nite's/McNaughts above are Nights too while Kilpatrick castle at Closeburn on the Nith is expected with spur-using Close's. Miss Earhardt worked in Texas for Kenzie-like KENS news.

Raines' use "terrae" too, and Spuds MacKenzie is a bull terrier. His surname is from the wife of king Idris of MoROCCO, and German Terras' share rooks with English Rocks (in the colors of the Arms of Roquefeuil), Rooks, and Rookbys. It looks like the Revelation asteroid is aimed for the globalist house of Rockefeller. I'm not saying the Rock liners were from "Morocco," but maybe there's a pointer in there to indicate the Idris-of-Morocco link to Roquefeuils. I trace Idris' family to fox-using Fez's.

Raines liners could have named Airaines and therefore Arran, the latter being where MacAbbe's were first found. Arran is beside the McKinney-branch Kims of Bute, but also beside the Alexanders (Raines colors and format) of KinTYRE i.e. like "terrae". Alexander, brother of Baliol, is in the write-up of Scotts as a Scott ancestor, and Sleeping Beauty's sleep symbol was for the Selepitanoi at lake SCODra, where I trace Scotts and Scoots/Scougals, the latter being like some Shoe variations. Baliols are said to be from a few miles from Airaines. Plus, Scottish Scotts (Moray, near MacKenzie's) share the "terrae"--like Terras Coat (gold stage in Crest), which looks like a version of the Stanley Coat (share's brown stag in Crest with Scotts) which in turn shares the MacKenzie stag head. Of interest here is that Stanleys can be of the Stains/Stans, and then while STAINless steel is part iron, the Iron surname is said to have been at Airaines! As I've said a million times, Stanley was part of the Get'n Go event (!) because, for one, he had been sitting beside Mrs. Kilpatrick that night.

I had been sitting beside Mrs. Kilpatrick at first, watching the outdoor 9-11 memorial put on by our church. I had set up her video camera, which did point to Camerons, and then took a seat beside her. Later, I got up to go speak with Mr. JOHNSON, I kid you not, the pastor, but did not sit back down beside Mrs. Kilpatrick. A few minutes later, Stanley took his seat beside her. When she left the event, she stopped in at the Get'n Go on her way home, and I did the same a little later, and was speaking with her at the cashier counter. I praised her on her singing that night.

Dr. Young finally sounds like he's getting to satisfy the title at 1hr-11min, but then he meanders again, not meaning to say it's uninteresting. As soon as he shows a photo of what he claims to be GO, at 1hr-18min, the video stopped if the deep state arranged it. It is very bad news if the enemy can sabotage videos on any platform. I had to re-load the video and reset it at 1hr-18 min (it played on). In short, the GO causes havoc by it's electromagnetic charges; blood cells, which are all made by God to repel one another, start to attract when some are made positive while others remain negative. Blood clotting results as well as the loss of the use of the cells for what God created them to perform.

At 1hr-36, he says that the inter-attracting stainless steel bits were found in the Johnson & Johnson vaccine in particular. His method of identifying the materials is with spectroscopy. He says that the stainless steel bits are forced together by the graphene oxide, by which I assume he means that the magnetic charges cause the steel to attract. However, what happens to the steel when this mix is injected into the body? What possible purpose could stainless steel have in the body? Why is it not disclosed to the public?

We just saw the Irons and the Stain-connectable Stanleys at play with the stainless steel. Mr. Johnson was the pastor I spoke to while he was on the STAGE!!! Stage's/Staggs use the stag, as does both the Stanley Coat and Crest. Scottish Johnsons and Kilpatricks share the same Coat, both using "CUSHIONs," and while Cussons share the giant eagle of Ewes', Scottish Scotts, the ones that look linkable to Stanleys, were at EWESdale. The Ewes' were at UIST, and the Stage's/Staggs can be gleaned by the cross-between-antlers as a branch of EUSTace's, Staceys and Vise's/Vice's. Isn't that wild? Stage's/Staggs share a gold stag head in Crest, the color of the Scott-Crest stag, with Hicks', IS THAT NOT WILD OR WHAT? The Vise's/Vice's share the black stag head of Knee's (share Stanley bend), and Mrs. Kilpatrick got her knee symbol at the Get'n Go that night. IT IS WILD. But why would God frame the heraldry like this for a 9-11 memorial? How does that relate to stainless steel in a J & J vaccine? I see only one answer. A satanic-globalist connection.

9-11 was concealed by George Bush, and while I spoke to the pastor, Pastors almost have the Bush/Bos/Bosch Coat. Trade's share the Bush/Busch and Bosch fleur-de-lys, but Boschs use TWIN fleur, a thing I've not seen in any other surname, perhaps arranged by God to point to the twin Trade towers. English Steels have the Bush/Bos/Bosch and pastor billets in colors reversed. I've already got a plan to go to German Steels because I can see stainless-steel potential there via Lorraine's pant stain. I always point her pant stain to the "tufts of grass" of Bosco's partly because it was a grass stain.

Stage's/Staggs share blue stag heads with Hanna's, first found in Wigton, near Kilpatrick castle. The Hanna stag heads are colors reversed from the Trump stag head, same design, with stag head in profile. The Legg Stag head is in the same colors as the Trump/Tromp stag head, but facing the viewer, as with the MacKenzie stag head in Stanley stag-head colors. Stanley was holding the American flag on a pole when sitting beside Mrs. Kilpatrick, and Stans/Stains share the double fesses of Flags/Flacks. Vise's/Vice's were first found in Sussex with the Acorns in the acorns of Dutch Tromps, and with the Dune- / Dunny-like Downs/Douns who have a full stag in Trump stag-head colors.

Was Trump (a New Yorker) involved in setting up 9-11? Why did he choose Giuliani, the New York mayor at 9-11, to be his closest lawyer during his presidency? Val Trompia is at lake Garda, and "garde" is a motto term of WinStanleys. As I said, Morgan Stanley bankers had several floors in one Trade tower, and the top floor was directly beneath two floors that were reserved for maintenance i.e. where the 9-11 plotters could gather to plot and install the detonations for the STEEL columns within the building.

The Malcolms/COLUMNs, unfortunately, have red stag heads instead of gold or white. However, the Malcolm/Column saltire can be gleaned as the Nail/Neil/NAGLE saltire because ARDUinici of the Bautica river married Doria's in ONEGLia while "ARDUa" is a Malcolm/Column motto term. Irish Nagle's were first found in Pembrokeshire, beside the first-known Morgans (of Carmarthenshire). The Gale's share the Nail/Nagle and Malcolm/Column saltire because Irish Nagle's have a nightinGALE, and then Scottish Nights ("Nil"), who share the gold lion head with Gale's, were first found in KirkCudbrightshire, smack between Wigton and the Night-like Nith river. In fact, I've just learned that Kirkcudbright is a location on a Dee river, and "Hic" is a Dee motto term. Plus,, first found in Westphalia with Nails/Nagle's! That is a bigger zinger than at first meets the eye.

Kirkcudbrightshire apparently covered Castle Douglas, which can explain why the Hardys in Douglas ancestry have a cross in the colors of the Nail/Nagle saltire. Douglas (Moray) share the Moray stars, and it just so happens that Irish Murrays/Morays use "Imperio" as their full motto while Imperia is the modern name of Oneglia! Malcolm III killed MacBeth of Moray, and thus we could expect Malcolm to have ruled from Moray.

Here's part of why Volans/Velens of Westphalia is a big zinger; Lorraine's pant STAIN pointed to Pansys/Pantzers, first found in Westphalia, and the pansy is the symbol of Bar-le-DUC while Volans/Velens once showed ducks, the symbol still showing of Velins (Westphalia). While German Ducks were first found in Westphalia too, Bar-le-DUC (in Lorraine) gets us over to DOUGlas-like Ducs/LeDucs who share the eight-pointed star of Moray's Bellys. "Bello" is a motto term of Bouillons, first found in Auvergne with French Bauds (Bautica-river liner) while Scottish Bauds were kin of Medals/DOUGALs i.e. like "DOUGLas," and so James LeDuc, master at the Galveston National Lab, is thus being pointed to, and he arranged things at the Wuhan lab that no media wants to reveal, GREAT SHAME.

KirkCUDbright looks like it was named by Cudds and CuthBERTs, both using the dart, and while the Brock lion holds a dart. Their Brocuff/PROCK branch could be of the nail-using Proctors. The Cudds (Northumberland, same as Lorraine's) are excellent here for being in Lorraine colors while sharing the stars of Irish Moors/mowers who in turn share the giant Morgan lion! We need a pointer to Morgan Stanley bankers. If this keeps up, people are going to start thinking that God's a genius or something. The Moor/Mower / Morgan lion is colors reversed from the one of Lorraine's!!! Therefore, her pant STAIN is a pointer to Morgan STANley! WOW, we never would have guessed.

Ahhh, the Wedge/Wagg fist-in-gauntlet holds the CuthBERT dart!!! Wedge's/Waggs were Vince/Finch kin, and Vince Pierce was one of the men building the steel building on Rosseau. Pierce's share the rare, WAVY fesse with Fish's who in turn have the Coat of vaccine-like Vychans/Vaughns. The fist above is suspect with Fizers/PFISTers/Pesters, and Pastors nearly have the Bush/Bos/Bosch Coat. The Pierce unicorn heads are gold, and the gale unicorn head is part gold, and in a gold crown (Coron symbol) as code for the Corona-line Ceraunii.

The STEEL BUILDing I was helping to build at lake Rosseau is a topic in the last two updates. The reason I've been highlighting CuthBERTs is as per my claim that God caused an accident at the Rosseau job site that was to get me home in time to ask Lorraine for our first date, at her BUS STOP, on by BIRTHday. This was just days after I got home from Rosseau. As was said, Billet-like Bilders/Builders, first found in Northumberland with Lorraine's, share the Coat of Berts/BIRTHs (Devon, same as Billets and Darts), but we can now add that Cuthbert-related Cudds (dart) were first found in Northumberland too! This is fantastic because Italian Berts/Berta's share the griffin of German Steels, an apparent pointer to the STEEL BUILDING we were building. It looks like a pointer to STAINless steel in that it involves Lorraine centrally, and while our date was confirmed at her Bush-like bus STOP, Stops/Stubbs share the pheon of Nickle's/Nickels (Cheshire, same as English Steels and Billet-branch Bellows/Ballots) while stainless steel is a mix of iron with nickel!!! Can we believe it? It again suggests that her grass stain is a pointer to dirty vaccines.

The Billet-like Blythe's share the garbs of Date's and Clints/Clents, and while Bill Clinton's father was Mr. Blythe, the Clinton Coat looks related to the English Steel Coat. The Clent Hills are in Worcestershire, where Hillarys were first found who share the six Clinton fitchees. Does my date with Lorraine, fresh from the steel building, look like a pointer to the Clinton crime ring? Blythe's even share a red stag head with Columns.

The secretive Bilderberg meetings look like they are being fingered here with Bilders/Builders. English Balls (Cheshire, same as Nickle's, BELLO's/BALLots and Hands) have a "fireball" held by an arm-and-hand, and it's a black roundel. German Nickle's (Austria, same as Fire's) have a black roundel held by an armored arm-and-hand. More black roundels are with French Foys/Foix's, first found in Auvergne with "bello"-using Bouillons, and Auvergne's, instead of using the giant Tower tower, have the Tour tower in case this is a pointer to the Trade towers, for the Tours have a giant tower in the colors of the giant fleur-de-lys of Bush's/Buschs, and the twin-fleur of Boschs (two fleur-de-lys wrapped around one band).

One of the French Foys/FOIX's share the split-Shield of Sullivans and Latins, and Sullivans share the Bush/Bos/Bosch lions, which happen to be in the colors of the lion heads of English Ducks/DIGGs, and in the colors of the Duce/DOOCY lions for a pointer to Steve Doocy, Ainsley's partner on Fox and Friends. Diggs were looked up as per the "DIGnitatus" motto term of English Balls. It's therefore important that the other French Foys/Foix's, first found in Auvergne with fox-using Fez's/FAYs, are in the Hayden motto for a pointer to Ainsley Earhardt. These Foys/Foix's share the Moray / Bailey stars, and Bellys of Moray are the ones sharing the Duc/LeDuc star. Baileys (share boar head of Moray's One's/Innis') and Baliols were both first found in Northumberland with Morgan-connectable Cudds so that we have just spelled, Morgan le Fay, the WITCH of Avalon = Bute, perhaps part-code for the Witch/Watch/Wage surname (wedges).

The Fez's/Fays are suspect from the family of king Idris of Morocco, for his son lived in Fez of Morocco. Moors lived in Morocco, and Irish Moors share the Morgan lion. Idris' wife was Kenza of Aures, the line to asteroid-pointing MacKENZie's, but then "Aures" can be shown to be the making of "Ayers" and therefore "EARhardts/AIRharts." Ainsley worked for KENS TV in San Antonio before being hired by Fox, and then the Schims/Schiens, the pointer to Fox and Friends, have a comet-like "comite" motto term. The MacKenzie's are also Kennedy-like Kenneths, and Kennedys can be traced very well to the Kennati priests of Cetis, whom I think were from the Biblical Kenites, associates or even relatives of SHECHEMites that I trace to SCHIMatari of BOEOTia, and then to the Sadducee house of BOETHus. Ainsleys use a SCIMITAR, and their Annas branch must therefore be from the Sadducee, Annas, killer of Jesus.

I can understand the Revelation asteroid falling on Annas' end-time bloodline, the one that will persecute the people of Jesus, deceiving them, tricking them, making life a frightening and crying shame for them, needlessly. Miss Earhardt, in one heraldic context, seems to represent Christians suffering in tribulation, and then raptured out of harm's way in time for the quaking, burning Armageddon. MoROCCO can be a pointer to Rocco's looking like kin of Tragers expected in the FellTRAGER variation of Fellers, i.e. Rockefellers. MacKenzie's have a flaming ROCK.

This would be a good place to repeat my splendid chore of DIVING into lake Rosseau to retrieve the wrenches that the workers dropped when tightening the bolts of the ROOF-RAFTER beams to the columns. Dive's, sharing the scallops of Caiaphas-like Capes', share the dancette of the Haydens who in turn share the Beauty bull, and as Hayden is Ainsley's daughter, we can see the Caiaphas-Annas pointer here. Plus, the Butts/Bute's/BOETs have a fish on a fesse in colors reversed from the two fish on a fesse of Rafters/Raffertys, a possible branch of Roofs / Ralphs. The Roofs even share the Chief-Shield colors of Capes!!! That's new material.

Rock-branch Rooks share the raven with Roofs/Rove's and Ralphs/Raffs. Scottish Ralphs/Rolphs use a motto, "CRESco CRESCENDo," looking like code for Cressys and their Cressent branch, and Cressents share one Rosseau Coat! This is new too because I've never entertained the roof-rafter beams at Rosseau before.

To no surprise, perhaps, Scottish Ralphs/Rolphs were first found in Nairnshire with the Geddes' having fish heads in colors reversed from the Rafter/Rafferty fish, but the amazing thing is that the Geddes motto includes "CAPTa" while Capes' are also Capets! God must have set the men up to DROP their wrenches as a pointer to his killers. I can't explain how they did about ten times (I don't remember dropping mine once), but Drops, first found in Norfolk with Roofs, share the Roof lion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The heraldry can't get more impossible than that.

The Rafter/Rafferty fish are in both colors of the three fish of Capet-like Cabots, first found in Jersey with the Poindexters who in turn share the Fist fist, and that looks like a pointer to Fisher-like Fizer/PFISTers/Pesters, but also to Fissers/Vissers sharing the SALMON of McKinney-connectable MacABBE's. It just so happens that Abbys share the Capes/Capet scallops!

Roofs list Rowe-like Rove's, a potential pointer to Carl Rove's covering for 9-11 crimes. Carls share the pomegranate with Grass-like Grazio's and Lorraine's Crispins. Rowe's (Norfolk, same as Roofs/Rove's) share the trefoils if both English Pike's and BEAMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Impossible. Geddes' use PIKE fish! Scottish Pike's/Pickens share the stars of salmon-like Salome's, from Salome Boethus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Impossible, unless God set me up on those roof-rafter beams.

Picenze is seven miles from L'Aquila, and the latter's "manet" motto term must be for Manets (Savoy, same as Masseys/Masse's) because they have a black eagle, the colors of the eagle in the Arms of L'Aquila. The giant Manet eagle happens to be the same of Rafters/RafFERTys. The Masci's of Picenze must have been at FERTE-Mace. Someone told me that Bellamys (same place as Meschins) married Massys of Ferte-Mace, and the beams are said to have been Bellamys! The Bellamy Crest has a SCEPTer, perhaps code for Meschin-related SKIPTons, for SHIPTons using "bellows" fans. Fane's/Vans share the gauntlet with Maceys/Mace's. Manets and Mynetts can be from the line of mythical Manto (said to have named Mantova), daughter of Everes, the code for Avaris, the Hyksos capital. Tribes from "Avaris" may have named the Massey-related Vere's.

Dive's were even first found in Cambridgeshire with Wrench's/Rench's and the Stanleys sharing the MacKenzie stag head. Watch out for the flaming rock, 9-11 fiends. God's going to make your homes shake apart, everyone who rejects Jesus in the Final Act, and the foolish virgins will weep who don't take the times seriously. The end times is the time to get ready; Jesus wants to see us taking HIM seriously, or He will pass us by.

[Insert -- THE DAY AFTER WRITING HERE, I loaded Stops/Stubbs, whom I rarely load, to find this: "There are elaborate accounts of this family's descent from Belmeis or Beaumeis from Beaumeis-Sur-DIVE [!!!!!!!!!!!] from Calvados in Normandy through Richard Belmeis, the founder of the family, who was a follower of Roger de Montogomery who was Sheriff of Shropshire..." Bellamys were first found in Shropshire, and so WOW, I left the job in-time to ask Lorraine out at her bus STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!! And this points to a Dive location of the Beams bloodline!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! INCREDIBLE.

Again, our first date included our meeting at a LAUNDRoMAT, and Landens/LANDERs are expected with Pepin of Landen while Stops/Stubbs have a Coat version of the Pepin and Pipe's (Staffordshire, same as Stops/Stubbs). I'm repeating this because "mat" looks like a pointer to Metz (in Lorraine), where Pepin of Landen got his wife, and Beams claim to be from BeauMETZ's! I'm assuming that Bellamys descend from "BEAUmetz" where "beau" and "bella" both mean "beauty." The wrenches fell from the men on the steel beams.

The new material in this insert dawned on me where I'm writing below on AUSTENitic stainless steel, and so I'll add that I was sharing an apartment with Albert OOSTEYN at the time of the wrench-diving / date with Lorraine. Note "OoSTEYN, like "Stain." Is that not wild or what? Plus, another new realizing struck while writing on austenitic steel, where I crossed the Pockins/Pochings, in CLOT and Austin colors and format: I met Lorraine at the laundromat, where one washes clot-like clothes. I then took my washed clothes back to Albert's place, and Lorraine and I started our date from there. We ended up kissing at a PICnic table, and Beams share the Pike trefoils! Plus, the picNIC table can be a pointer to the Nickle's sharing the Stop/Stubb pheon!!! Nickle is in Stainless steel!

AHH, Dutch Nicole's share the green half of the ROWE trefoil, and the other half is in the colors of the Beam / Pike trefoils! Plus, unbelievably, Rowe's share the chevron of German Nickle's! Roofs are also ROVE's, and the beams were part of the roof!!! End insert]

In the video with Dr. Young, at 1hr-43min, he speaks on the man-made capsules (called capsids) which he claims carry the graphene oxide for delivery to the body, yet vaccine companies / manufacturers / overseers have not admitted that they are using graphene oxide. He says that technology can drive/delivery these capsules to chosen parts of the body so that vaccines can maim and kill in various ways to hide the root cause in vaccinations.

I say that, at the sight of this video, the powers are required to cease vaccinations IMMEDIATELY unless they somehow know that this science is erroneous. But how can politicians know whether this is correct or erroneous? If the ploticians listen only to the pro-vaccine scientists, then they will be guilty of not cancelling vaccinations when there were signs of foul play.

He says that the vaccines have measurable copper. Coppers were first found in Sussex with Copper-like Coverts (share gold leopard face with Coppers), and Cove's are also COVITs. He says the MODERna vaccines have graphene oxide too, and perhaps the Mode's/Modens/MODERbys apply here in some way who have saltire-like fretty in the colors of the Copper saltire. The Moters were first found in Auvergne with the Fez'/Fays we saw above, and both surnames share the same bend. The sleeping-bag dream had a MOTORbike rider pointing to the AIDs/Ade's.

He and/or his comrades have found graphene in Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Moderna and J & J, and so the Spanish study is not alone. Dr. Yonge, a Christian, never once gave the Creator praise or a mention (in the video) for the amazing ways in which the body works, but I will.

If a study comes out claiming that the materials found by Young are NOT in vaccines, it too can be true because I half-expect vials of vaccines to be different from batch to batch, some more dangerous than others, all having various purposes for study by the goons. This week, even Reuters is reporting that Japan suspended Moderna vaccines due to the suspected presence of metals.

Note how fast one can get from "stainLESS" to Fauchys. Leslie-like Less' have a boar head in colors reversed from the boar of Bards (share Leslie griffin head), and while Bards have a "fecit" motto term suspect with FAUCets, Bardys were first found in Perigord with Fauchys. Is God snitching on Tony Fauci, telling that he's involved with the stainless steel? I'm reading that most stainless steels are magnetic. I don't think that stainless steel in the body can be corrupted i.e. changed into anything else.

It comforts me to find exceptional heraldic connections that apply to events in my life because I don't want to be a falsifier before God's judgment. I have been concerned from the start to make this "outrageous" claim: God set up event in me-little life to go with heraldic connections to make pointers and tell stories. That is a wild-wild claim not likely to be true, and yet I've become convinced that it's true. The following is another example of exceptional heraldic linkage. I'll start with Frank, the boss of the lake-Rosseau steel-building project. I didn't name him, yet Scottish Franks share the saltire of Bled-like Blade's. Less' above are also Lesks, and Lesce is beside Bled at the upper Sava.

Blade's are in the colors of the Bourly boar heads, and the fact that Less'/Lesks use a boar head suggests that Lesce elements had married Bauer liners (share green Shield with Franks and Blade's) in times before the first Rothschild (18th century), a Bauer by birth, of FRANKfurt. Bauers were first found partly in Austria, which has the upper Sava i.e. near Lesce. English Franks share the Pollock saltire while Lesce-suspect Leslie's married Pollocks of ROTHES castle. So, it seems that Rothschilds descended from Leslie's, earls of Rothes, beside the Rose clan to explain the Roter/Rothchild roses, but also near Ross-shire to explain why Frank built a steel building at lake ROSSeau. So, stainLESS steel in vaccines does go well with that building in connection with Lorraine's pant stain, which can tell the story that Rothschild globalists are at least in support of global vaccination programs.

Rothes is at Moray, and Moray is where Rothers/Ruths/Randolphs were first found, indicating a Rothes-line merger with Scottish Randolphs, the ones using both a bat and horseshoes for a pointer to the Wuhan lab's gain-of-function bio-weaponry.

Bleds have the Clare Coat in colors reversed, and while Bards are Beards too, the Beards/Bearts (Brittany), in Less/Lesk colors, share a giant red-on-gold bull with Claro's/Chiaro's. The triple Clare chevrons are shared by German Cassels, and the first Rothschild was financially meshed with a prince of Hesse-Cassel.

I'll now show how my BIRTHday date with Lorraine applies to this Bled picture. Bleda was Atilla's brother, and Atilla did invade Italy, probably from his army base in Hungary, through the Bled theater. Leslie's were Hungarians, and Atilla formed a pact with Alan Huns. Pollocks of Rothes were servants of the Dol Alans, and Atilla belonged to the house of Dulo. One can hardly miss the Dol-Dulo resemblance. Atilla's father was MUNDzuk, and by birthday date points to Berthe, wife of Mummolin, son of MUNDeric. Mundzuk's brother, Octer, looks like he's in the "AudACTOR" motto term of Pollocks (linkable to BLADE Coat via English and Scottish Franks). Munderic descended from Dulo-like Tullia of Lyon, and the Alan-descended Stewarts share the Tull/Tolle checks, yet they are also the check of Italian Fauchy-like Fulks, recalling that Fauchys were first found in Perigord with Lesk-connectable Bardys.

By what coincidence do Tulls/Tolle's share the pyramid with BattiSTELLi's, a branch of Steels? StainLESS STEEL.

Italian Fulks were first found in FLOREnce with Taddei's, and the latter share the FLORY cross of Bouillons. The latter were first found in Auvergne with CLERmont-Ferrand, home of Tullia of Lyon because she married a ruler there. Taddei's not only share triple-red chevrons with Clare's, but a version of the English Ferrand Coat, and Italian Ferrands, a possible pointer to Fox and FRIENDs, share the checkered Tull/Tolle and Con/Cohen Shield. German Cohens are Kagans too, and kagans were kings of Khazars, associates of proto-Hungarian Magyars and of the Kiev Varangian RUS. I've even read that Khazars were associated / related to Attila's family. Tullia's descendant (Wikipedia makes him her son), RUSticus (predated Varangians by centuries), had a daughter, ARTEMia, wife of FLORENTinus, and another Artemia was Tullia's grandmother.

"RusTICus" thus becomes suspect with Julia TYCHe, daughter of Galatian king, ARTEMidoros, you see, and he was the son in turn of MUNDeric-like AMYNTes. Munderic was the husband of Artemia's daughter, and this is all traceable to Plancia Magna's mother, priestess of ARTEMis, and wife of a Galatian (Mr. Plancius). Plancia married Tertullus, and the ancestry of the Anjou Fulks is said to be in one Tertullus. The Mummolin-like Mums (new to me here) share the checkered fesse of Stewarts! Mummy's/Mowbrays share the leopard of Mosca's (Pisa, near Florence), which fits the discussion, but what possibly could have caused someone to list Mummys with MowBRAYs? Well, Brays use a "FLAX breaker," and Flags/Flacks were first found in Norfolk with Fulke's, suggesting a Mummolin-line link to the Anjou Fulks. Stains share the double fesses of Flags/Flacks, and STANley was holding the flag.

If Amyntes is from mythical-Manto Hyksos, let's go to her sister Daphne in the Ladon river, near Boura, for Burleys/BOURLeys, the pointer now to Mr. Bourla of Pfizer, were first found in Somerset with Ladons/Ladds.

The Mummy/Mowbray lion is in the colors of the Tull/Tolle and Tool lion, and Mows are listed with the Molle's who married (as per Eschyna de Molle) the Dol Alans just as they were evolving into Stewarts. Alan Huns of Caucasia lived at least near Gog, and Googe's share the giant Mow/Molle boar head. MOWers/Moors have the giant Lyon lion in colors reversed.

MUNDs/MUNTZ's (like "MUNDZuk"), first found in Kent with Rusticus-like Rusts/Roosts and Amyntes-line Minute's/Mynetts, share the peacock with Manners/Maness', a branch of Mens'/Mame's/MOMs who share the Chief-Shield colors of English Ferrands. This is good evidence that Mamie of the tent indeed points to Mummolin. The tent symbol, now pointing to tinnitus by vaccinations, pointed to Atintanes at Alan-line Aulon/AVLONa, at the corona-like Ceraunii mountains. Mont AVELINo is near Fulk-like Fucino. I met Mamie on the night of Lorraine's pant stain. Mens/Mame's/Moms were kin of Claro-line Sinclairs.

English Ferrands use a "Justus" motto term, and Justine of Picenum was daughter to Justus of Picenum. While Picenze is near L'Aquila, Rusticus' brother was Aquilinus of Lyon. Lyons were first found in Perthshire with Justus'/Justine's and the related Wings/Winks, and the latter may be in the Geneva/Genova wings because Florentinus was of Geneva. One genealogy page makes FUSCINA of Vienne Aquilinus' wife, and lake FUCINO was in the land of the Marsi near Picenze. It appears that God used Lorraine and Mamie to point to Picenze elements through the line of Rusticus. Reminder, Mynett-like Manets are in the Arms of L'Aquila, and Mr. Bocci Ball of Picenze pointed to Brogitarus, father of Amyntes under discussion. Genova is where

Ferrand-like Friends use the stag, symbol of Hungarian ancestry, which happens to be in Mundzuk. Manners/Maness' were first found in Northumberland with Hebrons/Hepburn (and Lorraine's), who might have descended from Hiberie (of Limoges, not far from Perigord)), Rusticus wife, for the Keeps in the Hebron/Hepburn motto are suspect with Kiev liners, perhaps the namers of Kiev before Varangian Rus arrived. The Budini were at the Kiev theater, and Boyds share the checked fesse of Mums. One could expect proto-Varangian Rus in the Kiev area, from the Hros / Rosh Caucasians. The "CONfido" motto term of Boyds can be for the Con variation of Cohens. Boyds are said to have been earls of Arran.

I've just found more evidence that God caused the Rosseau accident to get me home in time for a date with Lorraine. Tyche-like Ticks are listed with Tooks/Tucks, whose motto looks like code for the Millets who happen to share the giant cinquefoil of Bus'. The date was obtained at her BUS stop, and so this makes me think that RusTICus" was named after the line of Julia Tyche. In fact, The STUMPs almost have the Tick/Took/Tuck Coat, and Stops are listed with STUBBs. Stubbings even have tree stumps in their write-up.

The Millets (Tickhill colors and format) have the first-known Millet, Mr, Millot, of Nottinghamshire, and TICKhill is at the Nottinghamshire-Yorkshire border. "...Roger de Bully who held estates in Nottingham and Yorkshire, and he built a castle at Tickhill, four miles to the northwest of the Honour of Blyth in Nottingham." Didn't the steel BUILDing with Berth-related Bilders/Builders suggest Mr. Blythe?

The Tickhills: "...BRIDlington [like "Birth"], Pockington, and DADsley, all of which are on the outskirts of Tickhill." Dade's happened to be listed with Date's! And Pockins/Pochings remind of the Pockets/Pouchers who happen to have the giant Bus / Millet cinquefoil in colors reversed. Exceptional. Pockins/Pochins have a horseshoe version of the CLOT Coat, and Bleda may have been the line to Bloods/Bluds. Blood Clot. The Pochinko variation sounds Polish and may have derived from the Poke variation of Pollocks. Horseshoes are a major Polish heraldic symbol, used by Randolphs of Moray, a home also of Pollocks.

Tickhills have a Coat colors reversed from the same of English Tonys (Leicestershire, same as Pockins/Pochings), and my boss at the Rosseau jobsite was Steve ANTONACCI (he was hired by Frank), whose surname is listed with Italian Tonys. If he had not quit the job abruptly, I would not have been home to date Lorraine on my birthday. The Flowers in the "flower" of the latter's Coat use another giant, white cinquefoil, now colors reversed from the same of Dovers, and while Dover was once one of the five CINQUEport cities along with Hasting (beside Kent), Hastings are known to share the maunch sleeve of English Tonys. Lorraine's share the lion of Hasting-like Astys, and while BRA (where Lorraine pointed with her laundry symbol) is beside Asti, MowBRAYs were in maunch-like Manche. Her bus stop was at the corner of Lorne and Yonge, and while Lorne's are in the Lanark/Lurnach write-up, Lanarks/Lurnachs share the Bus cinquefoil. Plus, Astys were first found in Lanarkshire. Shouldn't we suspect that the line of Julia Tyche was in Lorraine? I suggest it's to the line of Pepin of Landen, who married Metz in Lorraine.

The maunch was made a sleeve perhaps as code for the Saluvii Ligures, who were in Piedmont, location of Asti. Hasts/Asts have a giant sun in the colors of the giant cinquefoil of Pockets/Pouchers, and Porch's/Porchers have that cinquefoil in colors reversed, making it the cinquefoil of Bus', first found in Norfolk with Porch's/Pochers and Hasts/Asts. Porch's/Porchers happen to share the eight bars of English Crispins while French Crispins, first found in Lorraine, share the pomegranate with Grazio's, and Lorraine had a GRASS stain. Saluvii-suspect Sullivans share the black boar with Porch-like Porcia's.

French Millets/Milez's share the eight-pointed star of Steel-branch Stelli's! It's the giant star also of German Teegers, and the Tick/Took/Tuck Coat can be seen as a version of the Irish Teague/Teeger Coat ("OPtem", a surname from TIGRanes VI, a Herod-Maccabee who married the Galatian, OpGALLi, after whom Gallia, mother of Tullia of Lyon, may have been named. Gallia's were first found in Milan, where Millets may be from. Tigranes and Opgalli had descendants who married Quadratus Bassus, himself Artemidoros, and perhaps even from Julia Tyche too.

Ahh, I was just reading last night that an AUSTENitic form of stainless steel is not magnetic due to having higher amounts of chrome and nickel, and so isn't it suspicious that Austins are in Clot / Pocking/Poching colors and format? This comes bang-on while on the stainless-steel theme. I wouldn't be here if not for the Tickhill write-up.

I'd like to add that I saw a "COMMON PASS" product last night that's a vaccination passport, and so I looked up Commons to find them with the Comyns...first found in Norfolk with Dade's/Date's and sharing their gold garbs. The Pass'/Pascals can be a branch of Pasi's/Pascels, the line to Pasleys and therefore to poison-like Poussins. Dade's/Date's share the garbs of Bardys, first found in Perigord with GRASShopper Fauchys.

The builder of Rothes Castle, Peter Pollock, is to the Peter and Peterson surnames, the latter in Slow colors and format possibly because Lesce is in SLOVenia. Lesce on this ancient map is beside Emona on the upper Sava, near the Carni, and Carneys share the pheons of Glasgow-beloved Lords/Lauds likely because Peter's family was at Pollok, at the Glasgow area. The Leslie's had married Peter's family. I trace Pollocks to Pola, marked on the map to the south of Emona on "Histria."

While you're at the map, note the Japodes on the Colapis river to the south of Emona, for Jeepma's have Japodes like variations. I don't remember stressing the MEDULLum location on the Colapis as per the Russian MEDALLion left by someone on my Jeep. Then, in a dream with my Jeep, I was complaining to the Jeep's previous owner about the door handle, and his surname is a variation of Italian Simons who happen to share the giant Slovenia-like Slowen lion. Plus, it's the giant Sauer (Austria, same as extra-upper Sava) and Russian-like Rossi and Russell lions, and Sauers are said to be from the Sau = Sava/Save river. The Emona location in the Slovenian Sava must therefore be responsible for the "mon" motto term of French Simons, first found in Lorraine. Lorraine the babe had pointer to Russells (DORset). Rosseau's were suspect with the lion of Door-branch Dorals, and I took the previous owner of my Jeep on a boat ride on lake Rosseau in my Doral boat.

WOW, just realized. The previous owner of the Jeep was a STEEL worker most of his life. It was his profession! StainLESS steel was suspect with Less'/LESKs, like "Lesce"!!! INCREDIBLE. The Simons with the Emona-like "mon" term were first found in Lorraine, and STAINless steel had connected with Lorraine's pant stain! She was part of the pointers with my STEEL-building job at lake Rosseau some 25 years before I bought the Doral boat. We lived 2.5 hours from Rosseau, but I ended up taking the boat to Rosseau mostly. Is there something important about this? The last time I saw Lorraine, she walked past me as I was sitting in a restaurant with Paul Smith, and he owned a red Jeep about three decades before I got my red Jeep from Mr. Desimone. In the home of the previous owner of my Jeep, he has multiple pieces of furniture he made himself from some form of stainless steel! I now remember.

As I trace have Place/PLAIS' to Placentia, I'm getting the impression that the black eagle in the Slowen Crest is that of L'Aquila, for Placentia is also Picenze-like Piacenza. Plus, the "PLAISir" motto term of French Simons can be read as "plaiSIR," for I claim that Sire's (Burgundy, same as save's and early French Simons) were kin of Justine of Picenum. She married a man at Cibalae, marked on the map between the Sava and Danube river. While Aquila's share the Este Coat, "C'EST" is another motto term of French Simons. I have no idea, if God is pointing to Medullum with the "Saint Petersburg Russian" medallion, why He's doing so. But maybe something will hit me. I was riding a shopping cart in the dream, just before complaining about the door handle, and I had a shopping cart full of groceries (in real life) when I found the abandoned medallion. Shops have a Sava-connectable SHAWland variation.

I was going to say what I've said before, that while Mr. Desimone was from Benevento, my mother has a book in her home entirely on Picenze, which I started to read enough to find that it's people were from "nobles" of Naples. But it was only after thinking this, before writing it out, that I remembered this: "The surname Aquila was first found in the 11th century at Benevento, a city north of Naples. Riccardo Aquila was master of much territory in this area in 1090." What are the chances, after having written the paragraph above? Mr Desimone actually reminded me of my mother's brother, and to boot, my father's brother married Miss Desimone of Picenze!

Benevento is in CAMPANIA, and both English Champions look related to the trefoils of English Simons, the latter first found in Devon with Picenze-like Pike's (more trefoils). Belgian Champions were near Mons, or perhaps in Mons, for it's in Belgium. This reminds of the championship hockey game thanks to four goals by Steve Tarr. Tarrs' were first found in Somerset with Rijeka-line Ricks. TARSatica is near the start of the Colapis river through Medullum, and this is now staring to make sense where I trace Maxwells to Rijeka, the modern name of Tarsatica. Maxwells (ROXburghshire, named by Roquefeuil liners), the Arms of Rijeka, and Jeepma's all use a double-headed, black eagle, and the one in the Arms of Rijeka stands on a ROCK. Ricks share the Rosco and Rush fesse, and the ROXolani (lived on the Dnieper around Kiev) were Ros-Alans way before Varangian Rus "migrated" to Kiev.

Ahh, Rick-like Rich's/RICHESS' are said to be from Lorraine, likely from RICHEZA of Lorraine, and her son, Casimir, married Maria of Kiev's Varangian Rus! The Ricks even share the fitchee of Berts/Births, the one's that my date with Lorraine pointed to.

Here's something: The black Slowen eagle has gold talons and is therefore the Crest of English Cressys. French Cressys, sharing the English Cressy Coat (almost), were first found in Burgundy with Save's and Cressents, and the latter share the Rosseau Coat! How can that happen?

I'd like to go back to ARTEMidoros, for Artems were first found in Berwickshire with the Arthurs whom I trace to the Arduinici who married DORia's. ArtemiDORos. Ardiaei were on the NERETva river with DAORsi, and Rosseau's share the Neret Coat. There was a DOOR handle in the dream with Jeep. Doria's have a giant eagle in the colors of the Jeepma eagle, and I see the Doria eagle (gold talons again) with Candida's, first found in Campania with Aquila's of Benevento. The interesting thing here is that Cantons/Gantons, the only surname I can recall with the double-Sleep fesses by which I can derive a hint as to what God means with Sleeping Beauty, are also Candida-like Candons. Sleeping Beauty pointed to Rhizon, part of the Ardiaei and Daorsi realm, and I was standing at the DOR of the car when watching her fall asleep. The Abruzzo-suspect Abri lived between the Sleep-line Selepitanoi and the Cavii, and the Sheaves/CHIAVA's were first found in L'Aquila, the Abruzzo capital.

Hatti's Off to Ainsley's Daughter

I showed how Mr. Bocci Ball of Picenze points to Artemidoros' grandfather, the high priest of Cybele, whom I see as the Revelation harlot. It's hard for me to view Sleeping Beauty as that harlot, however. Nothing in the dream has suggested it strongly to date. In centuries before Artemidoros (king of Galatia), Cybele was made both the son and husband of Attis (= Phrygian sun god), code for the Hatti on the Halys river; Galatia is on the Halys river too. The Marsi of Abruzzo, who were of the Phrygia-like Franks, can be traced well to mythical Marsyas of Phrygia, for the Marsi were depicted by mythical Mars, whom the Romans equated with mythical Ares, the latter having been the adulterous partner of Aphrodite whom probably named Aprutium, the ancient Abruzzo capital.

The reason why I've said all this upon going back to ARTEMidoros is that Artems are listed with AYTONs, like "Hayden," and the one of the Sleeping Beautys has a daughter, Hayden. I didn't realize until now that one of the Hayden Coats shares the Artem/Ayton cross, and then HADDINGtons have the same cross too. Plus, I see mythical Hades as code for the Hatti, and Hatts/Hades' share the quadrants of the particular Haydens who share the cross of Artems/Aytons (Berwickshire, near the Keith Catti of Haddingtonshire). Tute/Tuits have those quadrants in colors reversed to help prove that Hatts/Hades' were from the Hatti. It seems that the Galatian line of Artemidoros got married to Hatti liners.

Ainsleys were at Basford, and Basfords, with the Aquila eagle, have a Coat like that of mascle-using HATTerleys/Adderleys, and Keiths come up as "Mascal." Hatterleys/Adderleys were first found in Shropshire with Ayton-like Eytons and Sleeps. Eytons have a bend in colors reversed from the Hatterley/Adderley bend, and the Eyton bend can be gleaned with the David Coat because the latter is a Coat version of the Ade's/AIDs, first found in Berwickshire with Aytons/AITons. Tatta-traceable Tute's are also Toots, and Toothills share the bend-with-lion of Eytons, making the latter look like Hatti liners that had merged with the line of Artemidoros. Turtle-like Tertullus of Perga married the Galatian, Plancia Magna, whose mother officiated in the ARTEMis temple of Perga, and the Turtle surname is listed with Tuttle's/Toothills.

So, it looks like Sleeping Beauty was framed in the dream to point to Artemidoros, son of Amyntes who was in turn in the "one minute" phrase of Mr. Bocci Ball. Amyntes was son of BROGITarus (high stupid of Cybele), and Bocci's/BROCATo's were first found in Genova with Doria's. The family of Artemidoros produced the Basford-connectable Bassus'. The BROCato-like Brocuffs (Silesia, same as Aders/Edders) use a sphinx, and Spinks share the mascles of Hadderleys/Adderleys.

[I didn't realize until the day after writing here that Perts/Petts, like "Perta" at lake Tatta, share a bend-with mascles (different colors) with Hadderleys/Adderleys! Zinger. Tatta is just off the Halys river, and Hadderleys/Adderleys are in Halys/Haley colors. The latter were first found in Sligo with Hyksos-suspect Hickensons/Higginsons and their Higgins branch. I trace Hyksos to the Gog theater (named Gogarene/Gugar at lake Sevan, we may assume), and Halys'/Haleys share the Googe boar head. Is this a pointer to the revelation comet?]

Ahh, what are the chances: Ader-like Haders/Heders/HADINs have a giant version of the so-called "PIKE HEAD" of Picots/Pigots, and Heads/Heeds can be Heder / Hayden liners. Heads/Heeds have a unicorn-version of the English Este Coat, and Italian Este's share the Aquila Coat. Plus, "foys" motto term of Picots/Pigots (Cheshire, same as Dunham Masci) to go with the "foy" of the particular Haydens sharing the Beauty bull. Plus, "TOUT foys prest" is the full Picot/Pigot motto for a trace to the Hatti, and one of the French Foy/Foix Shields is split vertically in the colors of the same of Aders/Edders.

So, it appears that God chose Ainsley Earhardt to be one Sleeping Beauty because both her names, and that of her daughter, trace to my mothers Masci line through Picenze. Her Ainsley line is that from chief-priest Annas. The PYXites river is near Rize, itself near Ardahan, the line to Arduinici of Rhizon, and this is what Sleeping Beauty pointed to. Ardahan and Artvin are at/near the sources of the Aras river, and Arras is the Artois capital. Arras was called, Atrecht by the ATRebates, and ATTERs/Tire's use an "ardua" motto term, and share the Ferte eagle while Vardys/Vertys were barons of La Ferte while Ardiaei were also the Vardaei. Ares, a boy-sex cult of the Greeks, looks like "Aras," and there is a crowned boy in the Vardy/Verty Crest...suspect with boy-king, Pinnes of the Ardiaei. Atters/Tire's look like they have a dagger, the symbol of Comyns from Kuman in Fier county (Albania), and Fiers share the moline of Vardys/Vertys (Cumberland, same as Daggers from the Dexaroi up-river from Fier county). Mrs. Kilpatrick as Sleeping Beauty pointed to Rhizon, and Kilpatricks use the dagger too because they are from Antipatria, home of Dexaroi.

What can the church of Jesus do with this information? I'm stumped. What will the anti-Christs do with this information? I'm stumped. Why did God do all of this, if in fact He did? I'm stumped. If it helps you in your faith, I'm great with that. If I can help to time your tribulation preparation correctly, I'm great with that. If these things tell the story that we are at the brink, I'm very happy to be of such service. But I don't like it if God is stressing a trace of my ancestry to the killers of Jesus. I get no pleasure from that. Yet this has got to be a revelation that end-time anti-Christs are in the spirit of the killers of Jesus all over again.

I've just found Headens/Hedons/Hedins (boys heads?), first found in Nottinghamshire with Annas' and Ainsleys.

The Pyxites is in the Pontus' Trabzon province, running through ancient Mazikes-like Matzouka, now Macka. North-African Amazons were Mazices'/Mazikes', and Mazaca in nearby Cappadocia was the alternative name of Caesarea. The Thermodon runs in that area too, with the city of THEMIScyra, the obvious makings of mythical ARTEMis, the chief Amazon goddess. Look: "Pyxites a small river in the east of Pontus, emptying itself into the Euxine 60 stadia on the north-east of Prytanis." Isn't the latter term's root, "Prut," the makings of Aprutium, the old Abruzzo capital? Looks like, but that city is now Teramo, like "THERMOdon."

Mazices' were of the Berbers (African Caucasians) by another name, which included Tower-like Tuaregs, and the Abruzzo/Abreu surname uses the tower. Moroccans were Moors, and Moray's motto is, "TOUT PRET." Moor heads are used by Morano, and by the Arms of Morano (southern Italy), and the city of Myrina on Lemnos was mythicized as Myrina, the Amazon goddess of Berber Africa. Berbers evolved into blue-eyed quasi-Negroes. Morano's were first found in Modena with Marano's/MAURITano's, suspect from North Africa's Mauritania, overlooking Spain.

The Spanish Murena's/Moritans (black eagles, could indicate L'Aquila) use a giant tower, and Maurice's/Morys' and Morris' share the Abruzzo/Abreu lion. The latter's tower is shared by Howells (Thor/Tour Coat in colors reversed), first found in southern Wales with dark-skinned Silurians. The Howell-like Houls'/Houels (look like a Well branch) are said to have been related to "TOURneur." German Wells have a giant pelican, and the Pellican tower is shared by Howells / Abruzzo's.

The Picts likely became a vast part of North-American "Indians," and I say that Amazons named Mexico, for one. The "Indians" painted their bodies, which some say named the Picts, yet this tattoo theme may have named the people who named the Pyxites river long before they became the Picts. The Pictones Gauls lived beside the Santones and Lemovices, the latter two from Sintians of Lemnos (Amazon island in MYSia). Trabzon is likely the line to Trabys who have Arms with three strings looking like 666. The 666-like tail of the Drake dragon can trace to L'Aquila by the "Aquila" motto term in the Drake motto, which includes "capTAT." The Drake dragon is in the colors of the similar Cockatrice of PRESleys, who share the Abruzzo/Abreu tower and lion. This has a disgusting, rotten-bones, witchcraft-of-death theme all over it. The myth writers were proponents of this human trash.

It's interesting that when I lived in the home of Miss Abreu, I would often go for lake-side drives to Picton. It was then that I started to investigate the Abruzzo entity. The Abreu line named the Evreux location of the Eburovices in Aures-like Eure. The Eburovices were also Ebroicum, and they must name names Eboracum, the old mane of York. The Massey-branch Masters, with a Tuareg-like "tueri" motto term, are now said to have been first found in Yorkshire with Abruzzo-line Bruce's and Tatta-like Tute's/Touts. Master use "parta" for a trace to Tatta, and Perts/Petts were first found in Kent, where Masters were said to be first found for over a decade. The Breuci are on the map above near the confluence of the Sava with the Oeneus (now the UNA) river of the Maezaei, explaining why there's a UNIcorn in a Ceraunii-depicting crown in the Master Coat.

The Hayden-like Hydens/Hide's/Hyde's are in Masters colors and near-format. The "haec" motto term of Hydens/Hide's can be of the chief Armenian god, Hayk and similar variations. I trace HYKsos to Lake Van, location of MUS and TARUN. Hydens/Hide's/Hyde's share the red eagle (it's in the so-called RISING position) with TARANs/Terents, the line likely to Terentia Murena. The "fecit" motto term of Hydens/Hyde's can be for Faucets, first found in East Lothian with Hayden-connectable Haddington. In fact, the "haec" motto term of Hydens/Hyde's is shared by Scoots/Scougals, first found in East Lothian.

The Hatti named Attis, the mythical father of Lydians, and the Lydian capital, Sardis, was also called, Hyde. Perta at lake Tatta must therefore by in the "parta tueri" phrase of Masters. The "noVIS" and "otio" motto term of Hydens/Hyde's can indicate Ottone Visconti, but let's repeat that while Sleeping Beauty was with an AUTO, where she had a KNEE event, the VISE's/Vice's share the Knee stag head while Knee's have a red phoenix to go with the red eagle of Hydens/Hyde's.

While I trace "Van" to mythical Pan, he was the son of Hermes, namer of mount Hermon at Phoenix-like Panias in Phoenicia. Hermes (= Cadusii-Armenian liner) was a symbol of the Hermus river through Sardis = Hyde, you see, and Pan was given a goat symbol, ditto with mythical Marsyas of Phrygia. Heckens/Haacks/Hecks use goat heads. The "heac"-like Haeks are listed with Hacke's/Hecks.

The interesting thing now is that Beauty-like Battys (new to me here), first found in Somerset (beside Beautys) with Battons/BADENs and bat-depicted Baths, have three goats in the colors of the three goat heads of Heckens/Haacks, and Hykes'/Hacks were first found in neighboring Devon, (beside Batons/Bastons). Miss Hicks is Mrs. Kilpatrick, and Kilpatricks share the saltire of Bats. The Bat Caucasians were at the Moschi mountains, and Kilpatricks share the Masci fleur-de-lys. Battys are in the colors and format of Van-like Vaughns and Smiths; the latter have a heron with a fish in its mouth. There's a fish in the mouth of the Batty stork, and fish are shared by Hykes'/Hake's and Hatchets/Hackets. Hatchets is used by Zerrs/ZEHRers, suspect with ZAHRingers of BADEN.

Smiths and Vaughns together point to poisonous vaccines, and if the bendwise items on the red shirt of the man in the Zerr/Zehrer Crest are lozenges, then that's the Lively/Hively symbol (gold-on-red bendwise lozenges) for a pointer to Kent HeckenLIVELY, writer and activist in opposition to poisonous vaccines. Poisonous vaccines were made from horseshoe bats at the Wuhan lab, you see, and so if Sleeping BEAUTY is being used because Beautys were Batty liners, then it would appear that she's asleep due to poisonous vaccines (one way to interpret the scene).

Butua was beside Rhizon and Kotor, and the latter is from mythical KODRos, mythical king of Athens who had a fish symbol. It became the symbol in the Arms of Saraca, for Wikipedia's article of the Saraka's has them stemming from Kotor. Butua is near Dardania, and mythical Dardanus was made the husband of Batia, you see. Butua is now Budva, and Bude's were first found in Cornwall with Bude and with Batons/Bastons who in turn share the black bats of Bats.

Mrs. Kilpatrick was involved with Spuds MacKenzie, bulldog mascot for BUD light beer, and Buds are listed with Bude's. This has the Butts/Bute's/Boets/Bote's all over it, who share the roses of French Batons/Bastons who in turn share the Chief-Shield colors of Kotor-like Cutters (Dorset, same as Beautys) and Brocks, the latter not only sharing the fleur-de-lys of French Batons/Bastons, but having a lion holding a dart for the Dardanian line of Darts/Dards. The latter have one of the ermined Sleep fesses. The Sleeping Beauty dream started with a Saraca-pointing shark in a kidney-shaped swimming pool, and Kidneys/Gedneys have the Ged fish in colors reversed while the Geds use it in the colors of the Arms-of-Saraca fish. The Geddes' pike fish are in the colors of the Butt/Bute/Boet fish, and the latter's is on a fesse, same as the Saraca fish. I'm sure that God framed Sleeping Beauty's rising scene because KODRos had a son, Medon, while KETURah, Abraham's second wife, had a son, Medan...with Abraham (father of many nations) as the father.

Repeat: "It's hard for me to view Sleeping Beauty as that harlot, however. Nothing in the dream has suggested it strongly to date." I have wondered by "harlot" is like "Charlotte," Sleeping Beauty's first name. Charles'/Charlotte's are in Hicks colors and near-format, and while Arthurs married Hicks' in Clapton, Charles'/Charlotte's are in Arthur colors and format. The two families shared "clarions," thought to be trumpets, and the rising scene is a rapture with the Biblical rapture to occur at the "last trumpet." It could be that Sleeping Beauty is to be interpreted as killed by the harlot, for she's in fact portrayed as a killer of Christians. It could be that there's often more than one meaning to a scene. It was explained in the last update why CARLings were Hyksos liners, and why they are connectable to Neils/O'Nails and Sharks / Saraca's, making it appear that God planned for one Sleeping Beauty to be, Charlotte. It's interesting that while clarions look like code for Clare's, Claro's are also Charo's, the possible makings of "Carol > Charles." The MARTLets of Charles'/Charlotte's indicates the Carolingian dynasty founded by Charles MARTEL, which was followed a the Caiaphas-suspect Capetian dynasty (from Hugh Capet). Spanish Capets share the gold crown with Martels, but also with Corons / Corona's. I'm just wondering whether the harlot will kill Christians via the coronavirus scheme that also brings on the False Prophet's 666. Carolingians probably descended from queen Basina, the line to BEASTs/Bessins. Carolingians descended from the Pepinite Merovingians, and Pepins are suspect from the Apophis/Apepi Hyksos.

Merovingians were either from Marsi of Abruzzo, or vice-versa, and they were likely in Picenze, the line to the pikes of Geddes' who have a "CAPTa" motto term looking like it's for Capets. English Charles' share the eagle of Eggs (Cheshire, same as Beasts and pikehead Picots) while Ice's/Ecco's share the Pike trefoils, and moreover I've read that king Charlemagne (Martel's grandson) used a black eagle, the colors of the Ice/Ecco eagle. Ice's/Ecco's have a horizontally-split Shield colors reversed from the same of English Charles'. I pointed the Ecco's to ECOhealth (part of Fauci's funding to Wuhan), and then found the HICKson Coat with health-like Helds. I held Sleeping Beauty while we were rising in rapture. Ice's are also Icke's, yet Hicks' come up as "Icke."

So, yes, her Charlotte name can tell this story, and whatever else you think may be between the lines. The mark of the beast may perhaps be imminent in a non-mandatory way between now and 2025. I've seen her name online as Charlotte RENA Kilpatrick, and Reines' are the ones with a comet for an apt pointer to the Apophis "comet."

Reines' come up as ReiNECKERs, by the way, and Neckers were first found in Bavaria with them. The remarkable thing now is that while Stanleys share the stag head of the MacKenzie's who in turn are able to point to the Apophis comet, Stanleys (Cambridgeshire, same as Stouts/Stows) love the Changers who in turn share the triple fesses of STOUTs/Stows, and I can trace the latter to STUTTgart on the NECKAR river via the Stout vikings who used a raven banner, symbol of Rothes'/Rothchilds (Bavaria). It just so happens that the lion of English Rothes' can be connected solidly to the same of Raines' (Essex, same as Changer-like Chance's)! Chance's share the patonce cross of Chase's, the latter first found in Hampshire with Changers. The red griffin head in the Chance Crest is an eagle head in the red color of the Casey eagles.

The Chase's share a green griffin head with English Patents (Essex, same as Chance's), and Scottish Patents/Patients/PUTINs, a possible Kilpatrick branch, are in BEAST/Bessen colors and format. Is this telling that the anti-Christ will be a ruler under president Putin's watch? The same green griffin head is with Fens'/Venns while Fano is beside the first-known Maschi's (Rimini) who look like they share the Chance Coat. The Chase's came to topic with Kepke chasing me with a spider on a web at the home of graphene-pointing Graffs/Graffens/Gravs. Griffins of Pomerania have the Arms of Pomerania its red griffin. "Rimini" is suspect from the Rimna river of "Benjamites" (descended fro Benjamites of Rimmon), and they can be shown to have named the Benjamins, who share the annulet of the Schole's/Scayle's who in turn share the lozengy Shield of English Patents.

Maschi's substitute the Chance patonce with pine cones, and while Cone's share the antler of the Conte's/COUNTERs/COMITissa's, the latter are in heraldic "counterCHANGE." See? CONTEville's birthed the mother of Ranulph le Meschin. The Reinecker variation of comet-using Reines' brought us to Stanleys and Changers, and this is quite stunning because the Comets are suspect as a branch of Comyns (share Arms-of-Cheshire garbs) who come up as "Common," and it was only this week that I heard about Common Pass, a card that allows one into certain travel businesses as proof of vaccination or proof of a negative test (they can manipulate tests to test falsely high). This could be the first-step-runner-up to the mark of the beast.

The reason that I've just found Reines' listing Reineckers is that I knew a Mr. Reinecker of Montell, Texas. That's why I've just loaded Montells to find that it shares the bottom half of the Reines/Reinecker lion. Montells (Lancashire, same as Holts/Holds) are listed with MontHOLTS/MontHOLDS, and this is reminding me that while I was holding Sleeping Beauty, Reinecker and I drove to San Antonia in 2005, the year that Ainsley Earhardt started a new job in San Antonio. Holds/Holts (Salford, same as Ratcliffe's) almost have the STOUT/Stow Coat, which is huge because ReiNECKERs are suspect at least as a pointer to the Neckar river, location of STUTTgart.

As Montells are also MANholts/MANholds, they look like a branch of Manners/MANESS' because the latter share the double Holt/Hold and Bay fesses. I've already told about Mr. Maness of Texas' Bay City, where I drove though about an hour before buying the NEWSpaper in Victoria that caused me to buy a Texas property on the NUECES river, which flows through Montell, and afterward flows by the home that Miss Hicks was living in at the time. The News' are also NUCES', you see, and they happen to be kin of Bash's (at STANstead) while Bashfords named Basford, where Ainsleys were first found. Ainsley Earhardt got a NEWS job in San Antonio in 2005. What gives? If that's not enough, let's add that I always link the Coat of Nuse's/Newes' (Hertfordshire, same as Bash's) to the German NECKARS!!! Incredible. ReiNECKER. The Nuse's/Newes' pointed in this way to the NOOSE around the NECK of Jeffrey Epstein, and I've claimed that Sleeping Beauty was on Epstein's island. Mr. Maness was suspect as a pointer to child abductions on Hayden / Hyde-like Haiti.

Later in 2005, I put my property up for sale with Mr. Casey, and we saw Caseys above in the same paragraph that introduced Reineckers. Mr. Casey told me he had put up Hicks' ranch for sale when he was over getting the real-estate deal with me. She moved to about 10 miles from John Ratcliffe, and we just saw Holds/Holts first found in Bury of Salford with Ratcliffs.

It should be added that Stouts/Stows, Stanley-related Changers (almost the Stout/Stow and Holt/Hold Coat), and News'/Nuces' were all first found in Cambridgeshire with Cake's/Cakebreads. Reinecker's wife worked in San Antonia a couple of hours away, and so she lived there weekdays without him. One weekend, he asked me to feed his longhorn steer while he spent the weekend in San Antonio, and I remember that a couple from my church came over on Sunday of that weekend with a birthday CAKE. That's why the Cake's/CakeBREADs are mentioned, and then Bradds/Breads have a giant lion head in the colors of the giant Montell lion. I fed the steer HAY in Montell, and Miss Earhardt named her daughter, HAYden. Steer-like Styre's/Sturs list STOWers, and Stouts are listed with Stows. What could this be about?

I remember the reason that we were in San Antonio, to buy his electric fence, for it was a dry year, and his range grass was drying out, so he had to move his herd of steer elsewhere temporarily, installing the electric fence there. No Fence surname comes up, but the Fens'/Venns share the green griffin head with Casey-like Chase's (and Patents) who in turn share the patonce cross of Changer-like Chance's, and I did get a patent for a fence post product called, PILLAR-Post. The Pillars and Pillers are also Pilots and English Pilotte's respectively while French Pilate's/Pilotte's share the Nut/Notting pheons. The Nueces river is named after "nuts," and Basford with Ainsleys were first found in NOTTINGhamshire while Nuts are listed with Nottings.

Oh wow, immediately after writing the above, I heard my first owl around here in years. Howells were first found in MONmouthshire with Fane's/Vans, a likely branch of Fens'/Venns!I like things like this to verify that my heraldic writings are on the right track, and sometimes I feel they are downright Inspired (without my knowledge until a sign turns up). Monmouths may have been related to Montells/Monholds, for Monmouths look like kin of Owl-line Oullette's, from Falaise, and Montells/Monholds share the Falls/Fallis lion. As recently said, the Bradds/Breads were once said to be first found in Midlothian with Falls/Fallis', explaining why they have the same lion.

The owl hooted a couple of times, but has since gone quiet. Sleeping Beauty was first seen at the hood of a car, and Hoods are also HOOTs. She was then HOVERing in the car, as she fell asleep (still hovering), and Hoovers share the Hooter Coat, both using a giant bird leg, the symbol (in different colors) of HICKsons, and the latter share the Coat of Hold-Holt-like Helds/Helts. I suppose the moral of this Reinecker story, though there could be more to it that I can't yet see, is that my first drive through Texas in 1994, the year of the Victoria newspaper and coffee, is a pointer to Miss Hicks as well as Miss Earhardt, the two Sleeping Beautys.

I didn't have anything to say about the Steer surname until asking self who shares the black swan with the Chaplets in the News/Nuces Coat. The Steer Coat is a reflection of the Guest Coat with black swan head in Crest. Swans can be traced to lake "Sevan" because it was also lake LYCHnis, and Licks/Locks use swans, and LIGuria thus appears named after Lychnis. Plus, the Ligurian mythical king Cygnus, was a swan, and his father, STHENelus, looks like code for the tribe that named Sitten, also called Sion, the line expected to Swans/Sions. Steers use a "cede" motto term while Cedes' are listed with Seats while Sittens are also Seatons.

There are two pale bars in the fesse of News-like Novis'/Novi's/Novells, in the colors of the two Cedes/Seat pale bars. "Novis" is a motto term of Hayden-like Hydens/Hyde's.

It's a little interesting that the latter's crescents are colors reversed from the same of KENS'/Kenns, for Miss Earhardt worked for KENS TV in San Antonio the year that Reinecker and I went to San Antonio, and The Reines' use a comet that can be a pointer to the Apophis comet. A steer is used by Bachs/Backs, suspect from Hyksos king Apachnas, and I trace Hyksos to the Sevan theater. Someone said that Apachnas was also named Kenn-like Khyan, and I've read that Apophis/Apepi followed him on the throne. We went to buy electric FENCE, and Swans/Sions once shows gauntlet gloves, the Fane/Van symbol, and I trace Hyksos to Mus of Lake Van. We were driving my vehicle at the time, and it was a SAFARi VAN. English SAFFERs happen to share the vaired chevron of Welsh Bachs!!! The fence was for his steer, and German Bachs use a "steer"!!!

Plus, French Saffers use five birds (not eagles) in the format of the five swans of Chaplets. I once thought they were eagles, but then read the description to see that they were not, but I've forgotten whether they are falcon or hawks. Swans/Sions now show "falconer's gloves." Plus, while English Saffers are also Savarys, so are French Savards (Hyden/Hyde colors and format) while "Savard" brings up the Salfords, recalling that Montell-connectable Holts/Holds were first found in Salford. Reinecker lived in Montell with his steer as near as 50 feet from his home. I know that hawks are used by Habs, and as they are not the bird design of Saffers even though both birds are in the rising position, my bet is that Saffers use falcons.

"Suffer" is the motto of Hayden-like Haddons and HALDans, such a hoot, for Haddons share the scimitar in Crest with Ainsleys. Sleeping Beauty was at the hood, and Hoodens are listed with German Hoods/HOPE's while English Hope's, once said to be first found in Derbyshire with East Haddon of Haddons, share the French Savard/Savary Coat! My Safari van speaks. Cnuts/Knots are in Hope colors and format.

Haldans were once said to be first found in East Lothian with Seatons/Sittens, and neighboring Midlothian is where Pepin-beloved Mens' were first found who share the Chief-Shield of Haddons. The Mens sharing this Chief along with Haydens are in the motto of Crystals, and as I said, the very day that I purchased the newspaper and coffee that pointed to my property purchased seven months later on the Nueces river, I slept the night in Crystal City. My property had a PECAN forest after which the Nueces was named (i.e. after pecan nuts), and this suddenly brings PICENze liners back to mind. Haddons share the scimitar with Ainsleys, and the latter were first found in NOTTINGham while Nottings/Knuts are listed with Nuts. Cnuts/Knots were first found in Derbyshire with multiple Haddon locations!!!

Repeat: "The "fecit" motto term of Hydens/Hyde's can be for Faucets, first found in East Lothian with Hayden-connectable Haddington. In fact, the "haec" motto term of Hydens/Hyde's is shared by Scoots/Scougals, first found in East Lothian." That makes Hydens/Hyde's suspect as a branch of Haydens / Haddons, all potentially from Hyde = Sardis.

The heraldry is that potent, but I didn't name Ainsley's daughter. I'm not forcing this discussion to be what it is. It's falling into place. It's been sleeping all this time. This is new material thanks to Reinecker, and I had no details on Ainsley's life until a year ago or so, when I started to realize that she was the second Sleeping Beauty. The Kens'/Kenns even share gold crescents above and beneath a chevron (but on a red Shield) with blue-Shield Cnuts/Knots, and while I was told to wake Sleeping Beauty, Wake's use a "wake KNOT."

I'm sure that Haldans once showed a gold griffin head to go with the griffin heads of Dobers and Dobermens, but the Haldans now show a gold eagle head. There's a good reason as to why Haldans were kin of Dobers. The gold griffin is shared with Hangers (Hampshire, beside Northampton) in the "pot hangers" of Danish Cnuts, and with Holders (Gloucestershire, same as Samsons who love the Flags). "HOLD" is a motto term of McLeods/Clouds who in turn share flags with the Danish Cnuts, and moreover the McLeod/Cloud bull head is that of Haughts/Haughtons said to be of a Hooten location. Sigrid "the haughty" was the mother of king Cnut, and I've just found a Haughty surname listed with AUTys who could be in Sleeping Beauty's auto. Haughtys/Autys can be gleaned as Hull, Hall and Holly kin, and Montells are also MontHALLs/MonHOLE's. Halls/Hole's share the Haughty/Auty Coat exactly (DOG heads), and can be gleaned as kin of Taillebois', the line to the heraldic talbot DOG.

Haldans are from Auto-like Oda of HALDENsleben, and while "sleben" is like "Sleep," she was the wife of Mieszko I, father of Sigrid the haughty! How about that. Mieszko's other wife was Dober-like DOBRawa. Dobermens share the wavy Pollock bend, I'd now guess that Montells have the Pool / Rita lion. Auto's are also Otto's sharing the black bull with Beautys, though Auto's/Otto's use a bull head, in the black of the Mieske/MESECH bull head. We are on it, and "otio" is a Hyden/Hyde motto term. Ranulph le Meschin married Lucy Taillebois (Lincolnshire, same as Halls/Hole's). Meschins (share Flag scallops) were first found in Shropshire with Talbots and Sleeps. As Sigrid the Haughty was SWIEToslawa by her birth name, note that Sleeps, Cantons/Gantons and Sweets/Sweits have similar Coats.

OH WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWIE! I checked to see whether Haldans would come up as Holdans, but instead the Holdens (Lancashire, same as Salford) came up whom I knew to share the red escutcheon of Hays! Reinecker asked me to throw some hay over the fence for the steer! I then loaded Hays to find a rising bird in Crest that is similar to the Saffer bird (expected with the "Suffer" of Haldans). I then had to check my files for "Hay Crest" to see whether I recorded what type of bird is in use, and found this in the 6th update of December, 2010: "...the Hay Crest is the rising falcon seen in the Safer Coat". Although not in the same design, there's a rising bird of prey in the Crest of Hay-like Hydens/Hyde's. I'm going to guess that Hayds/Heids were kin of GLEASons who in turn share the stars of Glass' while Haldans were first found in GLASgow.

It's now important to prove that we were in my Safari. On the way home from San Antonio, I got the courage to speak to Reinecker about Jesus, but he quickly shot me down, telling me he didn't want anything to do with it. The event is so engrained in my memory that I remember being in the drivers' seat at the time i.e. we were in my Safari. At first, the Reinecker heraldry intrigued me as per a connection to Earhardt, but the Hay and Haddon / Haldon set of heraldry has convinced me that God set up the event to point to Earhardt. Steers are cows / bulls, and black-bull Haydens share the red Chief with Haddons. Ratcliffs of Salford have a black bull head.

Footnote: the December update above adds: "The McLeod list of Septs includes "Aleer/Allear," which when entered brings up the McLure Coat." The Lure's (flag) were a McLeod sept too, and Holdens use "allerions" as code for the Allers who share the red Holder and hay escutcheon. Thus, Allers look like a Lure branch, and French Liers/Leirs happen to share the Flag scallops so that they too look like a Lure branch. None of this tells which of the many variations was the first. The blue Lure sword, the Lure Crest, and the Lure motto suggest that Lure's were kin of Beatys/Bettys. Mr. MacLure was a piper for the chief of Buchanans, and I trace Buchanans to "Buxentum," also called, PYXus, in the foot of Italy.

Haddons were at East Northamptonshire, where Ladys/Laudymans were first found, and I've repeated many times that Sleeping Beauty was a "lady." By that term, I meant someone who happens to look and act like Miss Earhardt and Miss Hicks, though I didn't know either of them in those early years. The point is that Haldans are now said to be first found in Glasgow of Reines-like RENfrewshire, such a hoot, because the Lords in the Glasgow motto are also LAUDs!!! Plus, the Lords not only share the Nuts/Nutter pheons, but the AMPTON cinquefoils...which happen to be colors reversed from the McKinney cinquefoils!!! Mr. McKinney was the father of Hayden, Ainsley's daughter! Glasgow is beside the first-known Swans/Sions/Sine's.

I have studied the face of Miss Earhardt at her Wikipedia article to see if she was in the close-up picture that I saw in the dream. The close-up flashed so fast before me that the best I can do is say that she was extremely beautiful. I cannot explain her facial features, but Miss Earhardt is at least close to "the look," probably closer than Miss Hicks when I met her at age 45 (I think she was wearing a blond wig at the time).

Back to the mythical-swan king of Liguria. Liguria is the location of swan-like Savona, and Savona's are listed with the SABINE's who have a giant scallop in colors reversed from the same of German Gardners; the latter add the split-Shield of Steers. "Liguria" is suspect in code with mythical LYCURgus, king if Sitten-like Sithones. The Seduni tribe lived at Sitten, and Italian call the place, Seduno. Sedans/Siddens have a "sino" motto term for obvious reason, and I trace them to SEDbergh, home of the Dents who are in Sales/Sallett colors and format. I trace the latter to the Salto river flowing across mount SABINA, that's right. I also trace Sales to Saluzzo (interior Liguria), and the Saluzzo Shield is used by Glads who can be in the "gladio" motto term of Welsh Guess'/Guests who share swans with the English Guests above (share black swan with the Chaplets in the News/Nuces Coat and the Hicks Crest).

I'm going out on a limb here with the Kicks/Kechs sharing the Cnut crescents. About a week after the Sleeping Beauty dream, God gave a note event that pointed with the Note variation of Cnuts to Milan, home of Ottone VISconti. The Hydens/Hyde's, suspect with the alternative Hyde name of SARDis, use a "noVIS" motto term, and Visconti's were also in SARDinia. In that I had no shirt on in the dream, I figured that the Shirts/SHARDs applied for some reason, and it was, I think, the scene immediately before seeing myself walking along the beach, without a shirt, that I saw the close-up PICTURE of this woman at the car. I'm pretty sure that I first saw her at the hood in the distance, followed by the close-up with my saying, "She's beautiful," followed with my walking along the beach toward the car. In any case, the PICTure's/PictHALLs (Lancashire), in Shirt/Shard colors and format, look like Pyxites-river liners.

As Ainsley is the woman in the dream, let's repeat: "Cnuts/Knots were first found in Derbyshire with multiple Haddon locations!!!" Haddons share the Ainsley scimitar. Picture's/Picthalls are in Tank/Tancred colors and format, and while the latter were a TANKERville branch, TANAGra is a location at SCHIMATARi. It's in Boiotia, an area settled by mythical CADmus (Phoenicians), code for Cadusii Armenians in conjunction with Mus of Lake Van (Armenia). We simply view the Cadmus Phoenicians in association with the Hermes Cadusii at mount Hermon (Phoenicia), and trace to the Hermus river, location of Sardis, in Lydia, where the Hayden- / Hatt/Hades-connectable Hatti had probably lived (they didn't birth Lydians for nothing-to-do-with-them). As Cadmus' sister was carried off on the back of the Zeus bull and raped by the bull, there's a good chance that her line became Attis' wife, Cybele, likely code for the Cabelees people group who worshiped Zeus. Cabelees were a branch of Pisidians, from the Poseidon Phoenicians.

Rupert Murdoch, Murderer

Rulers of Montferrat used a blank red Chief above a blank white Shield, and Haydens have these Chief-Shield colors. Renier of Montferrat are suspect with such Reines-like surnames as Reno's for two reasons, even three, one being their sharing the lozenges of State's suspect from the Statielli Ligures. Montferrat is beside Liguria. Panico's of the Setta valley were near the Reno river, you see, explaining why Pinc/Pinks (Yorkshire, same as Pagans/Pings/Pongs) share the same lozenges again. Pagans/Pings/Pongs share the red label of Panico's. Thus, Mr. Reinecker along with can be a pointer to Comet Ping-Pong pedophilia and satanism. Sire's are also Sirons, and the mythical Sirens, all women to indicate Amazon > Massey liners of the mythical-Muse kind, were at the Achelous / Calydon area, where mythical Oeneus ruled whose name is in play in mythical OenoMAUS, king of Amazons in nearby Pisa. The Reines/Reinecker Coat has the Pisa Coat in colors reversed, I kid you not. Oenomaus' daughter married a king of Lydia, Pelops, who was given a cannibal symbol by at least one myth writer, and one of the accusations against Comet Ping Pong is that they eat children. Lydia is where I'm tracing Haydens. What's Miss Earhardt or Fox news got to do with Comet Ping Pong?

Renier's sister married Guido Guerra III, and Guido's were first found in Bologna. Guido's look related to German Balds while Balder I, the first king of templar Jerusalem, was the son of Eustace II, count of Boulogne.

I see Sire's/Sirons as kin of Justine's, from Picenum, and the Sire/Siron lozenges are colors reversed from the same of Hydens/Hyde's. Sire's/Sirons use "panels" with their tower, and while Panels are listed with Scottish Pagans/Pings/Pongs, French Pagans/Payens are in Hyden/Hyde colors and format. How interesting is all of that?

As I've said, James AleFANTIS owns Comet Ping Pong, and Fantis' were first found in Bologna with the Setta valley of Panico's, and the two Coats share the same Chief (including the same four-pointed red label), and Fantis' even have what look like boys (for the Boii of Bologna) in their Shield, what seems arranged by God for pointing to the alleged boy-sex at Comet Ping Pong. It appears that we have now discovered why God arranged my buying a home in Texas, to get together with Reinecker on top of Sleeping Beauty. God is cracking-wrathful against pedophiles, guaranteed. The skies with crack apart for this sin.

The reason I'm going to Kicks/Kechs is as per the Kikons/Cicones, who lived at the mouth of the Hebros river not far from the Sithones suspect in mythical STHENelus, father of CYGNus (or "CYCNus), the swan king. He looks like "CICONes." The Sithones were a tribe of Edones (very-likely proto Odin of Scandinavia, location of Sitones), and Liguria-like Lycurgus was a mythical king of Edones. Lycurgas had a son and/or a father, Dryas, whom I see with the Odrysians on the Hebros river, at Arda. Sithonia was on CHALCidice, and Chalks (swan) with Chaucers may have been Kick/Keck liners, for Chocks are also Chicks, and Chochs share the Chalk Coat. That all looks correct.

The Scandinavian Sitones were at least associated with the Suebi and SEMNones, and the Sabines of Italy tribe had a SEMNite branch. The Sabine surname, from the imperials of Rieti, the revelation dragon line, are also Savona's. Sabines are "Safini" to Italians, and the Savone surname was once listed with Saffer-like Saffins/Savins, but houseofnames changed the Savone's to be listed with French Savards/Savarys, though they are now back to being listed with Saffins/Savins. The latter have crescents colors reversed from the same of Kicks/Kechs. Sevens/Severne's/Sefferins were first found in Gloucestershire with swan-using Guests and Guess'/Guests. We are on it: Sion/Sitten looks like a line from the Sithones. The Sevens/Sefferins even share the gold cinquefoil in the Sedan/Sidden Crest! Sitten was named by the Seduni!

The Setta valley (home of Panico's) can be of the Seatons/Sittens, from the Seduni! Bologna's outskirts has a SAVENA river, and there is a Sant'Antonio area (shown on this map) about 10 miles north-east of the Savena's mouth on the Idice river. There are multiple Sant'Antonia locations in Italy, but the one above is just a couple of miles north of a Buda, and BUD Light beer has the Spuds MacKenzie mascot while MacKenzie's pointed to the Apophis "comet." For all we know, the Fantis' lived in this region. So, it can appear that my trip with Reinecker to San Antonio is a pointer to pedophilia, and Sleeping Beauty appears on Jeffrey Epstein's island. Mythical Attis was given a castration symbol perhaps due to his representing a transvestite, for I've read that Dionysus, chief priest of Cybele, was a transvestite (depending on the myth writer). Attis was made both the husband and son of Cybele, indicating incest amongst the Hatti people.

Epsteins share the Babenberg Coat, and Renier of Montferrat was the son of Judy Babenberg!!! Wow. That's maybe the first time I've done that because I had forgotten who his mother was, and Epstein has been a topic only recently. It seems like God has all of his heraldic ducks in a row to ping-ping them off. Panico's/Pane's, Pincs/Pinks, and the Ping/Pong variation of Pagans are expected from the PINCum location at the mouth of the Pek river of the Picensii, and Picensii lived between Pincum and the Paioni peoples suspect with the Paion variation of Pagans/Payens. Savens/Savona's/Saffins were first found in Somerset with Payne's/Pains, but also with the Montague's/Montacute's sharing the Reno / Pinc/Pink lozenges as well as a black border with Sedans/Siddens.

AHH, Savens/Savona's/Saffins share the LABEL/La Bell crescents!!! It proves that they were from the Savena river, and related to Panico's. Spuds is a BULLdog, and Bulls were first found in Somerset with the Savens/Savona's/Saffins (Bull colors) and the Stour river; Somerset is beside the first-known Sturs with a Steer-like Styre variation. Steers have bulls. Bullys (Dumfries, same as Bells!) use a HEART and share the lozenges of Perts/Petts (BULrushes) while Perta is off the Halys river of the Hatti. Look at how all of that is clicking along at the very area in which the Reines-like Reno river flows. Steers love the Cedes'/Seats/SEETs, making them suspect with "Setta." The Setta valley is a watershed into the Reno river. Reinecker's steers at our service.

The Idice flows parallel with the Reno and near to it, and then the Idice curves north-east and passes right through Sant'Antonio. The Idice-like Dice's/Diss' have a gold version of the CHILD Coat, and throw in red roundels, symbol in the Arms of Boulogne (Artois), the Sardis-like Shirts/Shards, and the Bullis'/Buliards (Wiltshire, at the sources of the Stur). As English Dike's share the Sedan Coat, it does appear that Dice's and Dike's were Idice liners. The Idice has a source at Florence/Firenze, ditto with the Reno and Savena, and the Friends (Somerset too, in Child colors and format) can be from "Firenze".

The Reno has a mouth near Ravenna, and MurDOCHs (Ayrshire, same as Docker-connectable Barrs) have a raven hanging on an arrow. Murdochs and Barrs share the red lion head of Firmens and Farmers, the line that's in the Hayden motto along with Foys/FOIX's (Auvergne, same as Bouillons). Bouillons use "Christi," and "Christo" is used by Firmens/FIREmans (Yorkshire), traceable to FIREnza. Seatons/Sittens have FIRE out the mouth of their dragon. Rupert Murdoch founded Fox news (1996). English Dockers were first found in Cumberland with English Dike's. Bill Barr's father was the principal of a Dalton school when a young Jeffrey Epstein was hired there. Daltons/Altons (Robin HOOD) look like line of Alda's, one branch first found in Ayrshire too, and the other in Florence. Scottish Alda's look like kin of Ferrands (Yorkshire, same as Pinc and Pings) and of Taddei's (Florence), and the latter share the Bouillon flory while Godfrey de Bouillon was a son of Eustace II, count in Boulogne. Taddei's, sharing triple-red chevrons with Babenbergs, may have been from lake Tatta at Perta. I have a Taddei great-grandparent, probably from Picenze.

Scottish Daltons (share Panico, Fantis, Flore, Flora, Kilpatrick, and Earhardt fleur) share a green dragon in Crest with Kilpatricks (view as Sleeping Beauty) and Setta-suspect Seatons/Sittens, but also with the Formans/Fermans (Yorkshire, same as Pinc and Pings) in the Hayden motto. Plus, Scottish Daltons/Altons share the Montell / Reines/Reinecker lion. The Apophis comet must be aimed at Epstein's island.

Ahh wow, for a few minutes before writing on the Firmens above, I was remembering the time when I took some of the manure of Reinecker's steers as fertilizer in my garden. Wondering how garden liners can apply, I first loaded manure-like Maners/Manners, finding them first found in Steer-like Styria!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Incredible. Plus, Maners/Manners have the Steer (and Payne/Pain) lion! If that's not enough, the split-Steer Shield is in the colors of the same of German GARDENers, both using white symbols upon that Shield! Can God get anymore obvious? Then, Manners/Maness, the ones pointing to the abduction of Haitian children by "missionaries" at least close to Bill Clinton (good buddy of Jeffrey Epstein), were first found in Northumberland with English Daltons/Altons.

For the record: if there are hawks upon the Sedan cinquefoil, then the "sino" motto term of Sedans can be a pointer to Sinohawk, a company belonging to the Hunter-Biden partnership with China. Why might Sedans point to that? There seems to be some very strong ties of Australian interests with China, for Australia is the most-tyrannical nation thus fare with the COVID scheme. Sedan-like Sydney is a major Australian city, and Sydneys share the porcupine (with needles) with the Spike's/Specks whom I'm pointing to "spike proteins."

LOOKIE: if Hoods/Hoots wanted to honor the Zeals, the Hood/Hoot motto would have been, "Zeal." Instead, it's "ZeaLOUS." Why that? Not many surnames have 12 bars, as Haydens do, but Lous'/Loo's/Lou's have 12 bends in the colors of the 12 Hayden bars. Haydens use a motto phrase, "Ferme en," and the Forman/FERMAN Chief happens to share the lion in the Lous/Lou Chief. I didn't name Ainsley's daughter. How can we explain this Hayden link to the Hoods/Hoots in the Sleeping Beauty dream? Formans/Fermans even have fessewise bars in the colors of the same of Haydens.

ZEALs are shown properly as Seals, yet they show the fesse of HaZELs/Asells, and both surnames were first found in Devon. Hazels/Asells share the MELLANson crescents, and Hoods/HOOTs can be connected to OTTone Visconti of Milan. Hotts share a blue fesse with Hazels/Asells and Zeals/Seals. Sleeping Beauty was HOVERing OVER the seats of the auto, and Overs (Cheshire, where Hazels were once said to be first found), in Hazel / Zeal colors, are in Worm colors and format while the WORM Crest is the green dragon in the FORMan/Ferman Crest.

Overs even share a fret on blue with Hoods/Hoots (share three, gold crescents with Hazels). The center of the Hood/Hoot fret is a mascle in the colors of the Hadderley/Adderley mascles, and this looks roundly like more verification that Ainsley Earhardt is Sleeping Beauty, if Hadderleys were Hayden liners. Both Hood surnames use the anchor, but German Hoods/Hope's/HOOPERbuschs (Bavaria, same as Hoovers) have it colors reversed from the Forman/Ferman anchor (almost the Firmen anchor).

HEIDlers/Heidts share a white anchor with Hoods/Hoots, and we may want to ask why Hitlers are listed with Hiedlers. That is, are nazi elements in the hood of the dream, since George Bush Sr. was a nazified American while we just saw HooperBUSCH's listed with German Hoods? Hiedlers/Hitlers share the sun and bendy of Hectors/Heckie's, and Haughts/Haughtons (Cheshire, same as Hootens) are shown also as Hectors.

Hootens (look like Caffery/Cafferty / Coffer kin) apparently named Haughts/HAUGHtons (pronounced HOFFton), and while Hoods/Hoots use a "Cornish CHOUGH," German Hoffs are listed with HOVERs/Hoffers. She was hovering in the car after starting out at the hood. Houghs/Huffs were first found in Cheshire with Haughts/Haughtons/HOUGHts, and with the Sales' who have a version of the Cough/Cuff Coat, both sharing the Huff bend. English Majors have another white anchor, and they are said to descend from Mauger/MALGer, which looks like the "Malgre" motto term of Haughts/Haughtys, and majors happen to use a Coat like that of Ainsley-branch Annas'!

"MalGRE" looks like clever code for Anchor-loving Greys who share the lion of Anchor-loving Heidlers/Heidts. Majors use a GREYhound. Ahh, French Majors share the Firmen (and Farmer) lion head to get us back to the Hayden motto. Wasn't Fox news invented and rolled out between the two George-Bush presidencies? Was it stacked with nazified owners? Could we say that the second Bush was elected thanks to Fox backing to get him into the running? Is this why Fox news refuses to admit that 9-11 was a gigantic crime? How do we explain that liberal media likewise refused to admit it? Haydens use "Ferme en FOY," and Foys are listed with two Foix surnames. Ferme's/Farme's/Fairholms (Midlothian, where Formans/Fermans were once said to be first found) themselves share the Hood/HooperBUSCH Coat (giant anchor). It looks like God, not her father, named Hayden in order to point to Hitlerites in end-times USA. Watch out everyone, the rapers are about to pounce.

WOW, confirmation that God gave the dream: "Marion Fairholm who appears in OVERtoun of Quodquen, 1621..." That's Overtown!!! We just found the Overs/Offers involved with Hood-related Ferme's in the Hayden motto!!!

Hoods/Hoots and Overs/Offers use the fret. Hadderleys are also ATTERleys, and Atters/Tire's happen to share the eagle of fret-like Ferte's. Ferte-Mace was home to Masseys and Maceys near the Orne river, in case the Hadderley Crest is/was a heron, for Horns/Orne's were a Heron branch. The Orne flows down to Caen, and Caens use "FRETty." Caen is in the Bessin, and Bessins/Beasts (Cheshire again) share the Hough/Huff / Cough/Cuff bend. Might the Coughs in relation to Bessins/BEASTs be a pointer to cough-cough mask / COVID schemers unto the 666 pass-mark?

I've just recalled Aryan Nations headquarters at Hayden Lake (Idaho), a few miles from the Huetter area of Post Falls (see map). Hiedlers/Hitlers are said to descend possibly from Hutters. I remembered it due to lake FERNan, the long lake to the east side of Couer d'Alene. Ferne's share the red lion head with Farmers suspect with Ferme's/Farme's/Fairholms. The only reason I found Hayden Lake is due to a Miss Covert, and Coverts happen to be COFFERts too. Cough-cough. The other half of the Ferne Coat has a lion head in the colors of the Forman/Ferman and Lous/Lou lions ("Lous" are suspect in the Hood/Hoot motto).

Oh wow, there is a Fernan surname listed with Vernons (Hazel/Azell colors and format), and they share the Zeal/Seal fesse! Hoods/Hoots are the ones with a "ZeaLOUS" motto term that probably includes Zeals/Seals (Devon, same as Hoods/Hoots). One Dalton Coat has Robin HOOD (!), and the other Daltons use a "FIDELis" motto term to go with the fiddle of the Fernan/Vernon goddess!!! That's a biggie. Hazels were first found in Cheshire, and the Arms of Cheshire share the garbs of Fernans/ well as those of Commons/Comyns, in case God is pointing to the Common Pass vaccine passport. Oh wow, the Commons/Comyns are suspect as a branch of Comets, and the latter show only towers in the colors of the giant tower of Portuguese Fernans!!! I think we hit a black bull's eye here, or maybe the black bull's ear because Spanish Fernans share the Earhardt fleur-de-lys.

WOW WILD. I can tell you that Spanish Fernans are related to Flore's and Flora's (share most of Spanish Fernan Coat), from Florence = FIRENZa, for this is where Clermont-FERRAND traces. Flore's and Flora's share the Earhardt fleur too, and Flore's even share the cross of the other Haydens. Finally, Spanish Fernans are also FARRANTs, as are all three Ferrand surnames, and that's got to be a pointer to Fox and FRIENDs!!! Lake Fernan near Huetter and Hayden are pointing to Fox and Friends.

We just crossed the Comets, and Reineckers use the comet. Mr. Reinecker pointed in multiple ways to Miss Earhardt, and he ranched steer for meat. Meats are listed with Meads, and Brian KilMEADE is a Fox-and-Friends host on week-days along with Miss Earhardt. Reinecker sold the steer for beef, and Beefs/Boeufs (Perigord, near the first-known Hotts) share the Hott fesse. AND Cows happen to be listed with Coughs! The latter's baton can quickly lead from Batons to Bats, a COVID symbol along with cough-cough, and Perigord is where Faux's/Fage's/Chollens' and Fauchys were first found, how about that one. Fauchys use a grassHOPPER, and Hoods/Hope's are also HOOPERbusch's!!! Sleeping Beauty is suspect as sick or dead while HOVERing. A SICKle (symbol of death) is held by the "goddess" in the Fernan/Vernon Crest.

The car in the dream was something like the re-done car at the 25-second mark of this video:

I can't remember whether I figured out why the car was a refurbished 1950's model. I confused myself trying to remember the colors of the car, or whether it was a convertible. If I can't remember those things, I figure it doesn't matter, there were no meanings in them. As it's a classic car, the Glassick variation of Glass' might apply, and they happen to share the border of Scoots and Scotts for a trace to lake SCODra and its CLAUSula river. Class'/Klassens use "LADY fortune" (but she's not blond), and Sleeping Beauty was a lady. The GLASgows use a "LORD LET Glasgow FLOURish" motto, recalling the Flore's and Flora's. Lords are Lauds while Ladys are Laudymans too, and so I think I have just cracked the classic-car's appearance in the dream, but cracking it open is not yet realizing the whole contents of the nut. What's it mean? Lets are also Lady-like Late's.

Lords/Lauds share the fesse of Beefs. Hmm. And of Hotts. The cinquefoils of Lords/Lauds are colors reversed from the same of Kims and McKinneys, and Kims were first found in Buteshire with Glassicks/Glass'. That's working purdy good. The only meaning I can gather so far is that Mr. McKinney was the father of Miss Earhardt's only child. The McKinney and Fraser Coats are identical, and McKinneys (share Keith stag head) are said to descend from a Fraser bloodline in Anjou, living afterward in the lands of Keith. Keiths were first found in East Lothian with the Fortune's in "Lady Fortune." So, yes, the classic car in the dream is pointing to Miss Earhardt's family. One Hayden Coat shares the Haddington cross, and Keiths were first found in Haddington.

The other Haydens share the Chief of Mens'/Mame's (Midlothian) who in turn share "God" in their motto with the Frasers. The latter share "my" with the Ainsley motto, and Mys/Mea's (Nottinghamshire, same as Ainsleys) share the Hayden cross too. Kims and McKinneys look like branches of Shins and Kemmis/KENYS', and Miss Earhardt worked for KENS NEWS. Shins and Kemmis'/Kenys share the same Coat, with a vaired Shield in the blue color of the same of Becker/Bechers, a branch of Beach's/Bechs (red vair), and the classic car was the only car in the dream, parked on a sandy beach. Beach's/Bechs were first found in Hertfordshire with Nuse's/NEWES, what are the chances? And the Beach/Bech pile is used by Countrys in the "my country" phrase of Ainsleys.

The full Fraser motto, "All my HOPE is in God," and "God" is to be assumed as code for a surname, for example the goddess-like Goddes'/Gode's with either a giant fox or wolf. The goddess is used by Fernans, who were brought to topic from a Fernan lake near Aryan Nations white supremacists.

Oh wow. The Nuse's/Newes have two pale bars in the colors of the one of Alls/Aults, and "All" is a motto term of Frasers. Thus, the Newes' are connecting to McKinney kin. I don't know anything about Mr. McKinney, not even his first name. Why would God want to point to him? Perhaps only as proof that his former wife is indeed Sleeping Beauty? I don't know much about her beyond her job at KENS and Fox, and so I've got to assume that God is pointing to Fox, not because Fox is a good guy. Or, there's something else about her that I'll discover some day that makes sense of all this. For now, the gamut is pointing to white-supremacist conservatives, or Bushite war hawks, who seem to be making a pact with Biden for re-invasion of the Middle East. But if God wanted to point to Fox's Bushites, why not pick someone other than Earhardt. Why her? She doesn't strike me as a war hawk or a killer nazi or a white supremacist. I don't get it.

The otter Sleeping Beauty gave me a GLASS-door symbol on the night she said to me, "you can SCOOT OVER," on September 11, 2002 while our church put on a 9-11 memorial. Doesn't that look like a pointer to Bushite crimes to you? The Scoots entered our discussion above at Lady Fortune of the Glass-like Class'/Klassens. The classic car in the dream is pointing very well to Scottish Glassicks/Glass'. I was standing at the passenger DOOR of the car as she was hovering inside, and I was looking through the glass, I suppose...unless the windows were rolled down.

The glass door was at the Get'n GO corner store (Camp Wood), which pointed to Gows/McGoo's who happen to have the Fraser cinquefoils in colors reversed. Note GlasGOW, for this discussion is able to explain why Glasgow applies to Sleeping Beauty. Gows/McGoo's happen to share the fleur-de-lys of Portuguese Fernans, a pointer to Aryan nations. Frasers have what looks like a strawberry BUSH in Crest, speaking for itself. The cinquefoils in that bush, in colors reversed, would be green, the color of the Glaze cinquefoil, and the Glaze's share the pheons of Glassick-beloved Lords/Lauds for yet another proof that the classic car is pointing to Mr. McKinney. Maybe he owned one. Not only is the Glaze Coat in the colors and format of the Fraser / McKinney Coat, but the green Glaze cinquefoil is on a heart, perhaps arranged there by God to point to Earhardts/Airharts.

The Glaze Chief-Shield colors are those of Brocks, from Broc of Anjou, and we saw that Frasers are from Anjou. Fulk I of Anjou married Miss Loches', and Loches' have green cinquefoils in colors reversed from the same mixed in with the Fraser strawberries. Loches' have a DeLOGES variation while LOGans have a heart pierced with the PROCtor nails. Then, while Ainsley's other husband was Mr. Proctor, Brocks were a branch of Brocuffs/PROCKs. The Lodge's/Loge's (share Heidler/Heidt lion) are in the lodged stag of Maxwells, and that stag is in a so-called "holly BUSH." Heids have a Coat looking related to that of GLEASons (share Glassick/Glass/Glasson stars). Adolf Hitler's nephew changed his named to hide his nazi relationship, and changed it to "Stuart-Houston." Houstons (hourGLASS) were at Glasgow. Making sense here.

Lodge's/Loge's were first found in Suffolk with Glasgow-beloved Lords/Lauds, possible a Lodge/Loge branch. Yes, for Lords/Lauds share cinquefoils (different color) with Loches'/DeLoges'. We now glean that Fulk liners were in the Glassick/Glass bloodline, explaining why the latter's fleur-de-lys is colors reversed from the giant one of Fulke's/Folks. German Fulks share the giant wing (different colors) with Jewish Glass'.

Ahh, Glaze's are also Glazers while German Glazers have the German Hart Coat in colors reversed, explaining the Glaze heart. Glaze's were first found in Yorkshire with Formans/Fermans, and with the Meaths who share the Fraser / McKinney quadrants; Meat-like Meath is where Irish Harts were first found who share the lion of the Formans/Fermans in the Hayden motto. Stunning material here, folks. The Fernan goddess holds a fiddle, and "FIDELiter" is a motto term of Irish Harts. Fiddle's use wolf heads in the colors of the Goddes'/Gode's fox / wolf (now looks like a wolf). German Flemings use a giant wolf too, in the design of the Goddes/Gode wolf, and the latter's has a burgundy color used for the paws, which is the color of the double-tressure border of Scottish Flemings (Lanarkshire, beside Glasgow). Irish Harts use a flaming sword, or sword in flames, I can't remember which. Lodge's/Loge's have a single-tressure border.

The Glass mermaid has a mirror, code for Anjou's (in ANGers) Mire's/Mireux's. I am almost certain that this mermaid, Melusine the snake-tail woman (later given a fish tail), is from the snake goddess, ANGitia, of the Marsi (Abruzzo). They lived around mont Velino, and Nicholas de Vere von DRAKEnberg (a satanic zero, less than zero) said that Melusine was at Velino-like Avalon while her son produced the first count of Anjou. The goddess-using Fermans/Vernons were in Evreux (in Eure), a place that was named by Abruzzo liners. Drake's (probably named Dreux in Eure) likely have the Abruzzo capital in their motto.

The mermaid is used by Walsers, from Wallis canton, location of Sion/Sitten, and then Swans/Sion's (Lanarkshire, same as Flemings) are also Sine's suspect in the code, "MeluSINE." I see "Glass" related to "Wallis," especially as the Arms of Sion share the Glass stars.

Back to the Fernan/Vernon goddess, for when I was told to wake Sleeping Beauty, I ended up doing so by touching her LEG. Leggs have a motto phrase, "GAUDET TentaMINE," and Goddes' are listed with German Gode's while French Gode's are listed with Gaudets who share the Over/Offer bend. Sleeping Beauty was HOVERing OVER the seats when I touched her leg, in a scene suspect with poison vaccines, and "OMINE" is a motto term of Murdochs while Rupert Murdoch is said to have financial interests in vaccinations for children. Imagine if the pedophiles of the political world wish to track their child victims with magnetic vaccinations, so long as they carried cell phones, to assure they don't go to the police, or for a range of other purposes.

Repeat; "Oh wow, there is a Fernan surname listed with Vernons (Hazel/Azell colors and format), and they share the Zeal/Seal fesse! Hoods/Hoots are the ones with a "ZeaLOUS" motto term that probably includes Zeals/Seals (Devon, same as Hoods/Hoots). One Dalton Coat has Robin HOOD (!), and the other Daltons use a "FIDELis" motto term to go with the fiddle of the Fernan/Vernon goddess!!! That's a biggie" Sleeping Beauty was at the hood before hovering. Murdochs share the checkered fesse of Scottish Wrights/Rights, and I was standing at the right-side door of the car when she was hovering. Scottish Doors share the English Wright/Right leopard faces, and the latter's Crest shares the white leopard face with the Crest of Hovers/Hoffers. It appears that Murdock made Sleeping Beauty SICK, for the same goddess holds a sickle while Sickle's were first found in Ghent. The Arms of Ghent uses a "virgin," and Epstein's island (Little Saint JAMES is in the Virgin islands. That works, especially as James', sharing the Dalton/Alton lion, were first found in Surrey with Fiddle's! Zinger. And Virgins ("aut" connects to her auto), first found in Kent with Ghent-line Gaunts, share the red lion head of Murdocks and Barrs!!! Bill Barr as Trump's attorney general was an accomplice in the so-called hanging death (a crime no matter how we look at it) of Jeffrey Epstein. Murdoch has been suspect by me in hiring Alan Dershowitz, for Fox news commentaries, because he was Epstein's lawyer in a teen-sex prosecution. Epstein got away with a slap on the wrist at that time.

Now watch how Murdochs work into my OMEN taking place hours before I was mugged on Galveston, a pointer to poison vaccines by way of the Galveston National Lab. The omen was from God to let me know that something bad was about to happen, and it took place as I saw at a tiny cloud completely covering the sun, just like what you see in the Jeffrey Crest. I can decipher Jeffrey Epstein out of this. I was mugged after midnight, and later that morning I drove through Bay City for the Haiti pointer as per Mr. manure-like Maness, husband of a woman I was emailing with who in turn lived a few miles from Fernan lake and Hayden Lake. An hour or two after bay City, I stopped in Victoria for the newspaper-and-coffee event, and Maness' wife was born, Miss Covert. Coverts/COFFERts are like the Coffer variation of Coffee's ("victoria" motto term). The newspaper pointed to Epstein's hanging by the neck via noose-like Nuse's/Newes' and their almost having the Necker Coat, and this now can point to "ReiNECKER." Murdoch is a NEWSman, and Murdochs use ravens HANGINg on an arrow. Murdochs use an Omen-like OMINE" motto term, and Mine's share the three pale bars of Liss' in the "fideLIS" motto term of Daltons/Altons. The same six pale bars are used by Lizarts/SARDE's, suspect with the Shirts/SHARDS who were in the Sleeping Beauty dream. I touched her Leg to wake her, and Leggs use "tentaMINE." Ainsley, wake up, don't let Murdoch poison you by demanding booster shots. WAKE UP!

Wake's happen to share the double-Babon fesses, and Babons share the Garden boar head. I used Reinecker's manure for my garden, and Renier/Rainier of Montferrat was the son of Judy BABENberg. Babenbergs share the Epstein Coat! I drove to San Antonio with Reinecker in 2005, the year Ainsley started her job at KENS news, shortly before being hired by Murdoch. Italian Antonio's/Tonys use a flower on WATER, and Waters/WATERVILLE's share the Babenberg / Epstein Coat too. Waterfords/Waterville's share the Sich/Sykes "fountains," and the Trump / Legg stag head is in the Arms of County Waterford (it uses both the Legg stag head exactly, or (not and) the Trump head exactly).

The Sich write-up looks like the family was merged with Idice-river liner Dike's (Cumberland): "The surname Sich was first found in Cumberland at Sikes-Dyke." The Savena flows into the Idic, and so the "sapiens" motto term of Sichs/Sykes' looks like code for a version of the Sabine's/Savone's, first found in Norfolk with Diss, and having the giant GARDENer scallop in colors reversed.

I've just remembered taking extra produce from my garden to church, mainly watermelons and cantaLOUPE. The last one to be given away was to Miss Hicks, how about that. I've told this story before. From the 2nd update in May, 2016: "I had slipped Mrs. Candidate [for Sleeping Beauty] a cantaloupe from my garden one day when giving others at church some extra water melons and cantaloupes." Did WATERmelon slip past you? I slipped the cantaloupe to her through the open window of the passenger door while she was in a passenger seat of her Jeep, and she set it on her LAP, which recalls Mamie on my lap on the night of the sleeping-bag / TENT event. I was at the passenger door of Sleeping Beautys car when I touched her leg, and Leggs use "TENTamine."

I didn't know then (in 2016, when Sleeping Beauty was a new heraldic topic) that Sleeps share the double CANTon fesses, and Loupe's (from "cantaLOUPE") share the Coat of Junks. The latter came to topic as per the Gardner brothers, my schoolmates and close friends, who moved into my village of Gormley, directly across the road from the junk yard. The reason I was bringing that story to topic was as per the "JUNGunter" motto term of Gardens, and Gardens in turn came to topic when Mamie was at her garden the day after the sleeping-bag / tent event. Jungs/Youngs/June's have a stag in the colors of the Trump / Legg stag heads. "JunGUNTER" can be for Gunters, who use GAUNTlets and are thus connectable to the Arms-of-Gaunt/Ghent virgin. Cantons are also GANTons. The CANTaloupe at our service.

Cantons have the Washington Coat in colors reversed, and Wake liners are connectable to proto-Washington Wassa's/Wace's (canton). The Gormley junk yard is on Woodbine avenue, and so if Woodbine's were a Wood-Bine merger, it's interesting that the double Sleep / Canton fesses are colors reversed from the same of Bine's and Washingtons. Woodbine's have the eight BARs (called "barry") of Holms in colors reversed. The canton-using Holms share "sed" with Setta-connectable Sedans/Siddens (share Dike Coat to boot), and moreover the red lion head in the Holm Crest (wears the Biden chapeau) is in the Murdoch / Barr / Virgin Crest. So, Woodbine avenue, and the junk yard, produced this fruit by bringing Holms to topic. Murdoch chose to elect Biden this past election, possibly because Trump was not doing the war-hawk thing. Murdoch is thus a criminal, covering for criminals, and he's a vaccine killer too.

Gardens are Jardens too, first found in Angus with the Jardins sharing the Washington Chief. How did that happen? I had a dream with my Jeep's door handle that went to a trash-can scene in which Bill Barr turned out to be the trash can, from the Trashers/Tresure's and Caens/Cans, and the latter happen to share the fretty Shield with the Cave's in the Jardin motto. Mamie established in three ways -- via her thigh symbol at the garden, her tease symbol in the tent, and her large-breast pointer to Mamesfelde of the Nottinghamshire Mansfields -- that Jardins are using the star of Ainsley-branch Annas, first found in Nottinghamshire with Tease's/Thys' who share the Annas / Jardin star. I never included Ainsleys into Mamie's pointers, in the beginning, because Ainsley was only recently clinched as Sleeping Beauty, and until then I didn't know of the Ainsleys. (The first that Ainsleys were mentioned was three times in the 4th update of November, 2018, but not due to Miss Earhardt. Not until the summer of 2020 were Ainsleys mentioned again, and then stressed, due to Miss Earhardt (I didn't know of her by name until then).

I was prepared to give Miss Hicks the last watermelon. I was bringing it into the church with the last cantaloupe, but when I saw the visiting pastor who spoke that morning, I gave him the watermelon. Pastors happen to nearly have the Bush/Bos/Bosch Coat. The first Bush, a CIA leader, suspect in stacking the CIA with nazified deep-staters, made Bill Barr his attorney general. Why would the Trump stupid do the same? Because he's stupid? Absolutely. He thinks he has street-smarts, but if he does, he's not stupid but criminal. Take your pick. Don't let that snake fool you; he was protecting Epstein's madam when she was arrested, and her surname, Maxwell, uses a "holly BUSH."

By the way, as Wassa's share the Pfister/Fizer/PESTER hexagram, might that WATERmelon to the pastor apply to Pesters in this light? The Montferrats produced the del VASTo's of Saluzzo and Busca, and Pastors look like Bosch kin while German Bush's/Buschs share the fleur of German Boschs. The Vasto's are suspect with Pfister-like Fists/FAUSTs, and Wassa's may have been from WAISTells/Wessels of Wasdale.

The Coyotes at Reinecker's Catch the Cat

When Mr. Reinecker (I can't remember his first name) asked me to check into his cat while I was there feeding hay to his steer for a weekend, he told me that the cat had no claws to climb trees, and that coyotes would at times come in from the nearby hills. It had a way to get into the home via a small cat-door. I was going to tell this story with jackals, in case they apply in some way, because Haydens looked like Hydens/Hyde, looking like the makings of doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. I even found that there is a Jeckyl/Jekyl surname, though I had nothing to say about it, and because I could not find an article telling that Texas has jackals, I abandoned surname investigations, not bothering to check for a Coyote surname, though I've just done so, and there is not such a surname coming up.

As the story went, the cat was fine on Sunday when I went over to feed the cows, and if you'll recall, the Hays worked super with HAYdens. Here's how part of it went: "OH WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWIE! I checked to see whether Haldans would come up as Holdans, but instead the Holdens (Lancashire, same as Salford) came up whom I knew to share the red escutcheon of Hays! Reinecker asked me to throw some hay over the fence for the steer! I then loaded Hays to find a rising bird in Crest that is similar to the Saffer bird (expected with the "Suffer" of Haldans). I then had to check my files for "Hay Crest" to see whether I recorded what type of bird is in use, and found this in the 6th update of December, 2010: '...the Hay Crest is the rising falcon seen in the Safer Coat'" But when Reinecker came home Monday, he found his cat dead on the lawn, with wet maul markings on the fur as if wild dogs were having some chewing fun with it. They did not draw blood or eat any of it (I went over to see it).

So, there we have a reason to check out whether God set up that event, but I see nothing with Jekyls but perhaps the Roger / Trudeau stags. I don't see why Jacks should apply either. BUT WOW, after trying for a Coyote, and then a Coyot surname without success, "Coyt" was loaded to find the Coytmore family using the Friend Coat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I kid you not, it was such an enormous surprise, like when you win all the nickels in a casino with one pull of the lever. How possibly can that be a coincidence after Reinecker already pointed to Fox and Friends.

So, my job now is to reinforce the possibility that God set up the event, and to offer a reason. The cat was killed overnight Sunday, and it was on the day that the couple from church came over to give me a birthday cake. It wasn't my birthday on Sunday, but probably the week after or the week before; I don't even know how the church elders knew it was my birthday. I've just loaded Births/Berts, but have nothing to say with them.

[Insert - While writing on the fence above, I remembered that there is a surname that uses a fence and calls it such, but I could not remember which surname. It was after many paragraphs below that I tackled the Cake's, loading them and staring until I remembered the BAUMgardners with delight because I had seen the "ProBUM" motto term of Sundays/Sandys. I knew without checking that BaumGARDNERs share the lone / giant fleur-de-lys of Cake's (that's why God sent them over on Sunday), and to top it off, I used Reinecker's manure for my garden. I know from past experience that Baumgardners do not bring up the same Coat as BaumGARTNERs, and even before the latter loaded, as soon as they came to mind, I recalled that it's they with the fence! That's how it happened. "PRObum" can be expected to be part-code for the Pero's whose "flaming star" is in the design of the Reinecker "comet," no kidding at all.

German Baums use a wall, and German Walls have the German Necker Coat in colors reversed. StuttGART on the Neckar river looks to apply to BaumGARTners, and Stutt-like Stouts were first found in Cambridgeshire with Cake's. Gardners share the gold griffin with Sundays/Sandys. Does this indicate that ReiNECKERs were a Reno-line merger with Neckar elements, since the Reno river is at Bologna, home of the proto-Bohemian Boii expected in Baums / Bohums? Tails/Tailers, sharing the one pale bar of German Walls, were first found in Sussex with BONE's/Bohums, expected from BONonia = Bologna. The Tails/Tailers were a part of this very cat discussion, below, long before this insert was written. Baums eve share the crossed spears of Pasi's/Pascels, first found in Bologna. We are on it, another story from the one-and-only, God. End insert]

[Insert a couple of days after this update was uploaded to the Internet -- Sorry to spoil the surprise in the next update, where the Reinecker discussion continues, but here's what was found Tuesday night:

"I've just realizd that the Wickhamford location of Sundays/Sandys can point to the Cake bloodline. WOW! THIS IS AMAZING. The Sundays came to topic due to the birthday cake. The Wickham motto, "Manners maKETH the man," can be gleaned for king Maccus, whose family ruled the Isle of MAN, yet the Keth variation of the Keith Catti are in there too, amazing because the cat died on Sunday overnight! It's just incredible, what are the chances? The "MAKEth" motto term ((see also "make" of Kilpatricks sharing Maxwell saltire) is partly for Maxwells/MACCUSwells and Maxtons, you see, from Maccus of Man, grandson of Sitric CAECH, whom I've been tracing to Cake's for years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Sandy-branch Sands were first found in Surrey with maketh-like MACHETs," yet they were once said to be first found in Lancashire, where Ratcliffs were first found who share the Wickham bull head." End insert]

The Cat surnames are a good place to start, what else? The was a dead cat, and coyotes, nothing more. But wait. Before going to the Cats, let's talk about the Sundays who were just loaded, listed with Sand-branch Sandys, for I was only-recently comparing the Berts/Births to the neighboring Brets/Brits (Somerset, same as Friends), and they share the Sunday/Sandy fitchees. Sleeping Beauty was on a SANDY beach, and the Sunday/Sandy dancette is colors reversed from the dancette of black-bull Haydens. Hmmmmm. Beach's/Bechs can be a branch of Bechs/Becks who in turn share the giant-on-red white moline of Irish Fairs, and the latter have a version of the Fier Coat except that the latter has a gold-on-red moline. The reason that this is pertinent is because I've already looked the Fiers and Fairs up due to finding the giant Fier moline with Dutch Cats! Is that an acceptable entry into things?

As soon as I saw English Cats, The Keats were loaded to find essentially the same Coat, with three black cats in pale, the only difference being the positioning of the cat paws. I know where I've got to go with this because it was an all-white cat, same as by cat which I've mentioned many times. But first, note that Keats look like the Keath variation of Keiths, for Keiths (HADDington) were kin of McKinneys, and Hayden was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. McKinney, the mother being Ainsley.

I've just realized how to work Berts/Births into this dead-cat event, via Berts/Berta's sharing the giant griffin of German Steels, for Stelli's share the eight-pointed stars of Italian Maurs/Maurels. The Coyts/CoytMORE's and also CoytMAURs, expected to be named after Maurs or More's, in which case we may be able to point the dead cat to Perkins COIE, the devil incarnate now stirring up lawlessness all over the United States. Stelli's share the giant eight-pointed star of German Teegers, and I purchased the Texas property from Mrs. Teague while Teague's are also Teegers. Is this an acceptable entry into things? Yes, because, as I've said a million times, Mrs. Teague was born Miss Friend! Incredible, coyt the coincidence.

Perkins share the fleur-de-lys of the Courage's in the motto of Commons/Comyns, and the latter were from Fier county's Kuman location. We just saw the Cats with the Fier moline, and to prove to new readers that Fiers are from Fier county, it's where the APSus river flows that is to the Apps/EPP surname (EPPsteins come to mind), first found in Middlesex with Fiers. The Dexaroi on this Apsus river are to the dagger in the Common/Comyn and Kilpatrick Crests, and God provided a temporary, alternative Sleeping Beauty in Mrs. Kilpatrick, who was going to the same church that brought me the birthday cake. A dagger is a short sword, and so what are the chances that the Coyts/Coytmaurs use a short sword in Crest??? Is the dead cat representing something that Perkins Coie will destroy? Will it attack Fox and Friends for reasons, since Coyts almost have the Friend Coat? Coys were first found in Cambridgeshire with same-colored Cake's.

Now, folks, what have we said about the Commons/Comyns beside "Common Pass"? The Comets, in Common/Comyn colors and format. Reineckers use a "comet." The coyotes killed Reinecker's cat, and Cotys took of to Perkins Coie who in turn took us to the Comyn Crest. Comets share towers on blue with Chatans, and Cato's/Chattans have castles in Comet-tower colors. Cato's/Chattans (cat) and Chatans were Botter kin, recalling Spuds MacKenzie, mascot for BUD beer, the pointer to the Apophis "comet." Cato's/Chattans are in Lent colors and format, and "lente" is a motto term of Plank-like Plunketts (Vilaine, same as Dol, origin of Dolfins/Dolphins in the Lent Coat).

We might ask if PlunKETTs were named when Plancia's line married the Keth variation of Keith Catti, or the Keith-branch Kettle's, or the cat-using Keats, for Plancia's father was from Galatia over at the Halys river of the Hatti. Plancia was from the Herods, the line likely to EarHARDTs. Ketts/Kite's almost have the Kitt Coat, and the Tulips in the Kitt Coat share the lone hexagram of Jewish Hearts/Harts who in turn have a Coat like that of Earhardts. Plunketts have a Coat like that of Hollys (dolphin), first found in Norfolk with Ketts/Kite's (Hyden/Hyde colors and format). That works not bad, and even better because Norfolk is where Fasts were first found while the Plunkett motto is, "FESTina lente." Hollys share the white dog of Hatti- / Haddington-connectable Haydens (KENT!), and the latter share the lion of English Planks! One can thus suspect Keith liners to be from the royal Galatians of the Brogitarus line, the lovers of Cybele. Usually, mythical Attis was the son of mythical Manes (rather than Cotys), and the Maness-branch Mens' (first found near Haddington) share the Chief-Shield colors of Haydens and Keiths. There was a female mythical Cotys of Thrace, a witch cult. The Keith Chief look like kin of Coats'/Cotes'.

We saw the black cats of Cats and Keats, but I loaded the Croms again because I knew they have a black cat in Crest, and that's when I saw that Croms are in Coty colors and format. My white cat, which SUCKed its tail regularly as an adult, was named, Sassy, and the Sassy/SAUCHy surname (compares well with SUCHs) shares Saracen heads with cat-using Cattans/CETINs, the latter being from the CETINa river, also known as the TILURius, and that's why God got me a cat that sucked her TAIL, though I can now add that He got Sassy for me for linkage to Reinecker's white cat. The Tails/Tailers and TILLERs, you see, share the same lion, and Tails/Tillers use three of them in pale in colors reversed from the three cats in pale of Cats and Keats. Keiths are said to be from a Catti tribe, suspect from the Hatti, and it's therefore so nice to see the "meTUIT" motto term of Cattans/Cetins because Tuits are listed with the Norfolk Tute's sharing the Hayden quadrants in colors reversed!!! The other Tute's share the Tatton crescent while Tattons have the same quadrants as Tute's/Tuits for a trace to lake Tatta on the Halys river of the Hatti! BINGO.

It may be God's doing that Tails/Tailers have a single pale bar in colors reversed to the same of German Neckers, to indicate that ReiNECKERs were a merger of Renier of Montferrat to Neckar-river liners.

I'm pretty sure that Irish MORE's/Moors use three Saracen heads on its sword. CoytMORE's. The More's/Moors share the Morgan lion, and Morgannwg (Glamorgan) is where Tillers were first found. We thus have a concrete link between Sassy and Reinecker's cat.

The "a-bu" motto term of Irish More's/Moors is like the "a boo" phrase of Kilpatricks, and while the Boe variation of Bullocks (bull heads) might apply where they are in Friend / Coyt colors and format, the Bue variation of Italian Boys/Boe's is even better because they have a bull in the colors of the Bach/Back STEER!!! I was feeding Reinecker's steer when the cat got mauled.

UNBELIEVABLY, the Haydens (Norfolk, same as Tute's/Tuits) with the quadrants have a WHITE dog with pellets upon it, to match the white lion with pellets upon it of Tillers, and the white cats with pellets upon them of Cattans/Cetins!!! The Haydens are thus from the Hatti (historians mistakenly called them the Hittites, though it's possible that they descended from the Biblical Hittites). Mythical Cotys was at times made the father of Attis, symbol of the Hatti.

The Cotys surname is listed with Cotta's, and we are on Coty-like Coyts. The COYOTES mauled the CAT!!! Perfect hit on the Hatti. Reminder: Hatts/Hades' share the Hayden quadrants. You see, God set those coyotes up to point to Ainsley's daughter. I wouldn't be able to say that very well had not Reinecker and I been in San Antonio earlier that year.

Behold. Reinecker had cattle, and Cattle's/Cattells share a giant fret (different color) with Irish Blake's/Caddle's/Cadells. The latter share a leopard in Crest with Tails/Tailers while English Blake's not only share the single Tail/tailer pale bar, but have pellets on the dragon head in their Crest! That is just incredible because we are not flipping around pure heraldry here, but we're injecting Reineckers cattle and Sassy's tail into the heraldry, the tail of a Cattell-like cat. A FRET is like "Ferrat," and Reineckers are from Montferrat! Either God arranged for Reinecker to have cattle to fit the Cattle fret, or God arranged the heraldry to fit his cattle. Either way, it apparently required a Cat-line merger with the line of Renier of Montferrat. The Tail/Tailer and Blake bends are in both colors of the pale-bars-by-cats of Cats and Keats (Keaton colors). Coyt-like Cotys/Cotta use FRETTy.

Cotys'/Cotta's can be traced to royal Cottians near CHIVASso, itself near Montferrat. That works. Cotys'/Cotta's happen to come up as "Cautes," which is a motto term of Cattans/Cetins. It could now seem that Coyts/Coytmore's (Cotta colors) were Cotta liners. As Chives' (namers of Chivasso, near Renier of Montferrat) use cat-a-mountains (not mountain cats such as leopards) in the colors of the Tiller / Tailer lions, we note that they (Chives') were first found at TARVES, tending to explain why Tarves' share the Cattan/Cetin fitchee. TARVISium is where Vito's were first found whose annulet is colors reversed from the annulets of German Tillers/Tile's. The latter's annulet, for what it could be worth, is in the colors of the Pfister/Fizer annulet, and Fists/Fausts are suspect from the Vasto branch of Montferrats. I see Vast-like WAISTELLs/Wessels from VESTALis, son of the Cottian king, Cottius.

Who else was first found in Norfolk besides the Cattan-beloved Tute's/Tuits? The cat-using Catch's, and the latter share the scallops of Fens'/Venns, important because no fence surname comes up, yet Reinecker involves both the electric fence he bought in San Antonio, and the hay over the fence I tossed. He took his steer directly across the street from his place where there was good grass, and set the fence up there. The steer got out of the fence once, and luckily only once, so he had to fetch them, and they complied, following him home. The same scallops are used by French MORE's/MAURs/Mars, looking connectable to Cotymore's/Coytmaurs.

The cat was MAULed, so surprising, because we expect coyotes to be hungry, and a cat makes for a snack. They were just players for the moment. The Morleys/MAULs, sharing white scallops with Catch's and Maurs, share the TAILbois scallops in both colors, what are the chances? My white cat sucked its tail like a baby on a pacifier. She'd get upset if I took the tail out of her mouth. The Clements are on the Morley/Maul motto, and if you ask for the Clermonts surname (not "Clermont"), you'll get the Clements sharing the Chief of Clairs, first found in Limousin with Clere's. It looks like the line that partially named Clermont-FERRAND. The FRIENDs and Coyts are in the colors, and near-format, of the Riggs suspect in the "rigore" motto term of Morleys/Mauls, and the white Rigg dog is in the Hayden Crest. It's working again, another pointer to Haydens, but the coyotes didn't know anything about the Rigg surname. Morleys/Mauls may even be sharing the Hay escutcheon, yes, because the Hay Crest is the rising, brown bird in one of the two English Clement Crests. And French Hays essentially have the Coat of Marins/Marina's who are in turn linkable to the Clements in the Morley/Maul motto!

As David Morley was in the sleeping-bag dream, circling the sleeping bag on his motorbike, I should probably be out on a limb expecting the double, ermined fesses of Sleeps to be of the one, ermined fesse of Riggs.

The CLERmonts'/Clements and their other English Clement branch can be gleaned with the nebuly bends of Italian Marins/Marina's/MARINO's, while the Maurs/Maurels we saw are also Maurino's. Limousin was named by the Lemovices, from Lemnos, location of the city of MYRINA, see? The Sintians of Lemnos names the Santones (beside the Lemovices) of Saintes, and SinCLAIRs are also Saints. See yet? Clarus was a location beside EPHESus (Amazon city), and the Amazon island of Lemnos was given mythical HEPHAEStus as its god. Unraveling mythology is purely a word game mixed in with some historical / geographical smarts. Hephaestus was married to proto-Abruzzo, named after the Euphrates river, location of the AMORite city of Mari, the fairly-obvious namers of Abruzzo's Marsi. The Hebrew river, the Habur, is a Euphrates tributary, and as it was called the Khabur too, that's what named the Kabeiri cult that was ruled by Hephaestus. Child's word play, that's all mythology is, with re-occurring common / connecting themes and symbolism thrown in from writer to writer.

The "juGUM" motto term of Hays can suggest that Hays were from Hyde (Sardis) on the Hermus river named by Armenians. German Gumms are also Gomers, and the nation of Gomer was thought by ancient writers to be the Cimmerians, who conquered Armenia.

The dead cat had saliva markings on the fur. One can see that the fur had been wet from saliva (it didn't rain). So, we could view this as dogs chewing or SUCKING. Sassy sucked her tail. The Suchs/Zouch's and Sassys/Sauchys may have been from "Susa," the Cottian capital, explaining why the cat was almost-certainly mauled by coyotes i.e. Coyts were Cottian liners. There's really nothing else that would maul a cat in that area. There's no wolves, no bears, just leopards, but very few. Suchs/Zouch's share the besants of Clermonts/Clements and Clairs so that both white cats connect very much to Clermont-Ferrand to verify that Coyts are in play due to their sharing the Friend Coat (minus the ermines on the Friend chevron).

I remembered his first name, Lloyd. Here's his picture:

How convenient for this section of this update that his obituary says: "His lifelong dream of living in the Hill Country was realized when he and his wife, Paulette, purchased a ranch in Uvalde County where he raised long horned cattle." He died in the fourth week of January, 2020, at the start of COVID hospitalizations, from "a brief illness related to Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis.", which is lack of oxygen in the lungs, similar to what many others were dying of where it was blamed on COVID. Is that not suspicious?

One day, I was over at his place, finding him working under his house to straighten out the FLOOR JOISTS (his floors were sagging). So I got under with the "old man" (about 65 at the time) and helped him out. FLORence is where Friend-like Ferrands were from!!! Amazing. The joist-like Joyce's were first found in Glamorganshire with Tillers, is that not amazing too? The Joyce's share the double-headed eagle of Spike's/Specks, a possible pointer to spike proteins, the culprits in causing the body to attack its own lungs. Joyce's (beside Maurice's'/Mory and Morris') not only use a "Mors" motto term to go with CoytMORE's (share Friend Coat), but a "vita" motto term recalling that Cattans/Cetins were linkable to Vito's/Vita's of Tarvisium, the ones with the Pfister/FIZER and Tiller/Tile annulet in colors reversed, My finding him under the floor (the place had no basement) looks definitely like another candidate for a God-arranged story.

[THANKS TO THE JOYCE's/JOYS, I've just seen that Morris' share scaling ladders in the colors of the Loyd scaling ladders!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Incredible. This was stumbled on during the spell check at the last minute.]

Where was my head while writing this section on Reinecker? I've known for years that Fers/FERRATs, almost "Ferrend/Ferrent," use a Shield of blue checks, same as Italian Ferrands/Ferrents! This tends to prove that Reines'/Reineckers were from Renier of MontFERRAT, and that God set me up with Reinecker for the drive to San Antonio as a pointer to Fox and Friends. The coyotes are helping to prove it.

I was befriending him hoping that he'd become a Christian. I was helping him out at his place every-which way, though he did not deserve it. When it came time for him to help me in my one need, he was no friend. He seemed to be a staunch anti-Christian, but maybe that changed. I was hit with a bill of almost $3,000 while down there, which had to be paid immediately, leaving me with no money at all, not even to buy groceries. It got to the point where all I had left was some rice and the native pecans I had picked from my trees, and he knew this, because I told him. I was going to get some money in within days from my small (very small) business back home in canada, but he went away to San Antonia without offering $20 for buying some bread and meat. That was the weekend when his cat died. Do you think God did that to him? It crossed my mind.

He asks me to feed his cows and watch out for his cat, to change the kitty litter, over the weekend, but he leaves me without food. I think he treated me that way because I had revealed to him that I was a Christian, otherwise he would have been too ashamed not to loan me $20. How does God look on a man like that, do you think, after the help I gave him freely, more than I've told you about? So, I'm starving by Sunday, and this beautiful old couple from the church come up my driveway with a birthday cake. A cake never looked and tasted so good. I hope Loyd became a believer. I imagine that he died horribly after days or weeks of being unable to breathe properly, like drowning.

I've just realized that joists are planks. The Planque's/Plants are from Plancia Magna of Perga, the line to Perkins that we saw above with Perkins COIE, suspect with Coyts. It just so happens that Coys share the down-pointing pheon of Loyds/Lloyds, but also with the Nickels having a "cui" motto term. Might Nickels/Nichols have developed from/to "Necker." Nickels/Nichols use "vide" for possibly to the Vido variation of Vita's in the Joyce motto, and the latter come up as Coyt-like Choice's/Choye's. Loyds share scaling ladders with Trips (Kent, same as Gore's) who in turn share the crosslets of Gore's/CORE's who in turn share the white wolf in Crest with Loyds. Corks/CORE's use only lion tails in the colors of the Tail/Tailer lions, and my white cat pointed to Tails/Tailers, and also to Loyd Reinecker's white cat. White wolf heads are used by English Prays/Pretors while Irish Prays have the Coats/Cotes Coat.

This picture allows us to bounce over to Gows/McGoo's from the Gore-related Gowers/Gore's (white wolf) because Gows/McGoo's share the cinquefoils of Loches'/DeLOGES', the line to the wife of Fulk I of Anjou, the line to the Geoffrey PlantaGENET, son of a Fulk V of Anjou the king of Jerusalem (likely descended from the house of Boulogne). The Planque's/PLANTS are of that line because Fulks were said to descend from one Tertullus, the name also of Plancia's husband. "Loyd" is a lot like the Lodge variation of English LOGE's. As Tony FAUCi is accused of an HIV / AIDS poisoning campaign via vaccines for that illness, it's notable that Kerrys, first found in Montgomeryshire with Loyds, use a HIVE.

I've highlighted "PlantaGENET" because English Planks (Wiltshire, beside Ghents) share the lion in the Arms of Ghent. Perkins share the triple fleur-de-lys of Courage's in the COMMON/Comyn motto, and then anyone who registers for the COMMON Pass must tell whether they received vaccines and when in order to get the pass. It could make for a government kill list. The same fleur-de-lys are with vaccine-pointing Smiths who are in Coy colors and format, and it just so happens that Irish Smiths are listed with Coy-like Gows/Gowans, who look like they share a dagger with Commons/Comyns. Gows/McGoo's were pointed to by the Get'n GO, and Get'n-like Gettens/Gittens share the giant Plank lion. Plus, Loches'/DeLoges' were first found in Burgundy with the Loge's who share the GETTes' Coat, and Gettes' were first found in Anjou with Fulks.

I remember what we were doing with the joists = planks: we were JACKing them up because they were too long to hold the floor load, and they had become warped. So we jacked up their centers to straighten them out some, and we put blocks underneath to keep them from sagging more. The Scottish Jacks, first found in RENfrewshire, linkable to Reines'/Reineckers, show only holly, and Hollys with Hole's share the dog of AUTys while joist-like Joyce's have an "aut" motto term, as do Raines'. Hollys have a version of the PLUNKett Coat. Plunketts were first found in Vilaine with Reines-like RENNES!!!!!!!! Holly is shared by Cabbage's in the cabbages of Planque's/Plants!!!!! The Plunketts are in the write-up of Block-like Plocks!!!!! Pollocks were first found in RENfrewshire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's all working naturally, without forcing it by long-winded linkage. It's proving that God set up the floor-jacking job! Why? What are the meanings behind it all? Cabbage's even share the Cake fleur-de-lys on either side of a lion in the colors of the Plank lion. I'm impressed.

Dutch Ghents/Gaunts even share the wavy fesse of Dols while Dol is in Vilaine too. Vilains share the Chief-Shield of Tanners while the Tanaro river flows through Montferrat (where I trace Reineckers / Raines' / Renfrews) and about five miles from Bra; "TeneBRAS" is a motto term of Smiths/Gows/Gowans, and Brays/Brae's were first found in Northamptonshire with Cabbage's. MowBRAYs share the Montfort lion, and while Montfort is near Rennes, Monforte is beside Bra and Monferrat. Renier of Montferrat was the son of William, and Loyd's middle name, at his obituary above, is, William. Tanners have MOOR heads, and Irish More's/Moors, who were looking connectable to CoytMore's, are also MOWers in case this variation was in honor of Mowbray liners.

After flowing past Bra, the Tanaro flows to Alba, and Italian Alba's share the Papa swan while German Alba's share the fleur-de-lys of Decks/Daggers. The latter share the red squirrel with Square's/Squirrels (Coat comparable to Papa Coat) who in turn love the TIENs' in their motto, and "TENEbras" can apply to that picture, especially as Tiens' were kin of Comet-connectable, Pero-line Peare's. I see Comets from Commons/Comyns (dagger), from Kuman in Fier county of ALBAnia! Alba! The dagger-like Dexaroi were probably in Fier. Fers'/Ferrats / Montferrat / Monforte must have been of Fier's Albanians! Zinger. BRASwells have the Dexters/DECKster Coat in colors reversed. KilPATRicks, from AntiPATRia, home of Dexaroi, have both a dagger and a "dexter paw" for their lion. Patria's are listed with PEARtree's. "Alba" means "tree" in Italian, and so one can gather that some heraldic trees were Albanian liners through Alba. The dexter paw in not on the HEAD of the dragon for nothing, and Heads/Heeds have a unicorn-version of the Pepin/Pepy / Este Coat, and Este was founded by Azzo of Fermo suspect in the "Tiens ferme" motto of Square's/Squirrels.

OH ZOWZERS! The floor-like Flore's share the quadrants of Forts ("AUDax") who in turn share "forTIS" with Cabbage's ("angusTIS forTIS"), and while that alone is amazing, Forts even share the Loyd castle! I had been asking self who else has a white-on-red castle, but I couldn't think of anyone. English Ghents were first found in Hampshire with Tiss'/Teece's. "Forte" is a motto term of Daggers who share the Jack scallops. We were jacking up the floor! Italian Forts have a horse in the colors of the horse in the Arms of Stuttgart on the Neckar river, and it's also to horse of Perino-like PERNo's. Pero's/Perino's are suspect with the Reinecker comet. Perrins use an "imPAVIdum" motto term to suggest Pavia/Papia elements, and Pierro's/Pero's were first found in Pavia while sharing the fesse of Italian Forts and Italian Alba's.

Montferrats put out the Vasto branch at Saluzzo, home of Alice, husband of the Dol Alans, and daughter of Luis of Ceva at the Cevetta river to the Cavetts who in turn share the four bars of Spike's/Specks who in turn share the double-headed eagle of Joyce's. Obama was on the board of a leftist Joyce Foundation.

Ferrats share the checks of Alan-line Stewarts. Alice of Saluzzo married FitzAlans of Sussex, where Tails/Tailers (lions) were first found who share the black pale bar with Fisks/Fisks with nearly the motto phrase ("si itur AD ASTRA") of flaming-rock MacKenzie's who point to the Apophis ASTERoid. Fiscs/Fisks share the checkered Shield of Auty-like Atha's/ and Vairs/Fers', almost the Shield of Fers'/Ferrats and Ferrands/Ferrents, explaining why Fiscs/Fisks share the pyramid with Dol-like Tulls/Toole's (from Tullia of Clermont-FERRAND) who themselves have the checkered Shield of Fers'/Ferrats and Ferrends/Ferrents. Tails/Tailers came up with my cat sucking her tail, and there is only one surname I know of having a lion tail at the mouth, the Papps, first found in Piedmont with Renier of Montferrat. The amazing thing is, Papps/Papadopoli's, came to topic as per Steve Papp, the cook who worked for Mr. FIX's restaurant, and George PapadoPOLOUS was embroiled with the FISA court, called, FISC. The Polous' use LOGs and were first found in Burgundy with Loge's and Loches'/DeLoges', and so let's repeat the Loyds may have been named after Lodge's/Loge's...who share the MontFORT lion.

ReiNECKER and I were FIXing the floor. Does this work with Fix's/Ficks? The latter have the wavy Gaunt/Ghent / Dol fesse in colors reversed. Fort-loving Daggers have a "loyALTE" motto term while Alte's/Aults (Autys?) virtually have the Necker Coat. Neckers and Nuse's/Newes, with almost the same Coats, pointed to the hanging of Jeffrey Epstein, especially as his airplane, the LOLITA, is expected in the "LOYALlite" (i.e. like "loyalte") of MACKesys/MARGesons due to Loyola's being listed with Lolita's, but also due to Margys/Mackeys (Ayrshire, same as Murdocks) sharing a raven "HANGING from an arrow" with Murdocks!

LOYds even share the wolf (different color) with LOYola's/Lolita's, hmm. Loys are listed with Luis-like Louis' (Lorraine), and wonder-of-wonders, Welsh Louis' and Lewis' were both first found in Glamorgan with Tailer-branch Tillers sharing the Cabbage lion. It recalls the connection of Tilurius-river liners, Cattans/Cetins, to Chives', from the Cavii Illyrians (near or amongst the Albani) who likely named Ceva, home of LUIS of Ceva. Tillers and Cattans/Cetins share the same roundels upon their cats / lions, and Rundels/Roundels share the Alan fesse to show that they were FitzAlans of Arundel i.e. who married the daughter )(Alice) of Luis of Ceva. Alice's/Alis' use the fir tree, and Perrins use fir cones. German Tanners have pine cones, and Cone's share the antler of Conte's/COMITissa's, perhaps named after Tiss'/Teece's in the "ForTIS" motto term of the same Forts. Although in different colors, the Fort lion has roundels upon it, and the Fort lion has a black fitchee, the color of the Cattan/Cetin fitchee. The roundels on the Fort lion are besants in the two colors of the Such/Zouch besants. Sassys/Sauchys were kin of Cattans/Cetins.

As Glamorgan is where Joyce's/JOYs were first found, let's quote from Loyd's obituary: "Upon discharge from the Army, he secured a position as an Inspector at WKM in Missouri City, Texas where he worked for 27 years." I've just looked up WKM: "W-K-M Division JOY Manufacturing Company in Missouri City..." I've just learned that WKM manufactured asbestos, which can cause lung disease. Perhaps Loyd died of such a disease. The plant apparently also produced water valves. I can't quickly find anything else about it. Missouri City is in Houston, and Houstons (Stewart kin) were first found in RENfrewshire.

It appears that Tilurius-river liners were along the Tanaro river with Langhe, and Banisters had married Langtons early. were at Lancashire's . Amazingly, Langtons not only share the triple Epstein chevrons, but throw in a "Loyal" motto term, recalling how "Loyalite" points to Epstein's plane, the Lolita ExPRESS." It just so happens that PRESTon is where banisters were first found while Press' are listed with Prests. Prestons were first found in Lincolnshire with Langtons. I brought Banisters to topic because Sassy was given to me as a kitchen-like kitten by a woman whose banister I had stripped and refinished, Banisters share the "WATER bouget" of Kitchens (Lancashire, same as Banisters and Forts), and Waters share the Epstein Coat too!!! Why is Sassy pointing to Epstein? What could it mean, in that light, that Reinecker's white cat was killed by God by coyotes?

Papa's/PapaPIETROs' look like they were from Papia/Pavia, where Pierro's/PIETRO's/PERO's (share Alan fesse) were first found, and this points to the Apophis comet because Pero's/Perino's (Piedmont, same as Renier of Montferrat) almost have the Reinecker comet, and because king Apophis was also Apepi. Pepin-branch Pipe's were first found in Staffordshire with the Stops/Stubbs to which God linked them, and Loyds share the Stop/Stubb pheon. The Stops/Stubbs were as per Lorraine's BUS stop, and "ReBUS" is a Cabbage motto term. The Tiss'/Teece's we saw above from the cabbage motto were from the Ticino/Tessin river that flows through Pavia.

Ahh, I think I'm getting why Reinecker is pointing to Fox and Friends, for Italian Alba's have the Lance fesse, which is the Alan fesse in colors reversed, and Italian Dere's, a potential pointer to ALAN DERshowitz, share the Chief of French Alans and moreover throw in lances. Aside from the swan, the Alba and Lance Coats are identical, and so lance's look like they are from Langhe at the Bra / Alba / Monferrat theater. LANGleys share the Landen/LANDER Coat, and the bra I touched (age 9) was hanging on a LAUNDRy line. PEPIN of LANDEN at our service for a pointer to Apophis. God is aiming the asteroid at the island of Jeffrey Epstein and the homes of all his lawyers. Langley in VIRGINia is headquarters for the CIA, and Epstein's island is in the Virgin Islands, and the Arms of Ghent use a virgin. Ferrats share the checks of Alan-line Stewarts.

The Langtons were pointed to by my banister-refinishing event, which pointed to the death of Reinecker's cat, and the full Langton motto is, "Loyal au mort," with the latter term meaning, "death." As French Henrys were at Motte (smack near Montfort and Rennes!) while Motts are Morts too, what are the chances that Irish Henrys share a green eagle with the Langley Crest!? The Banisters at Langton just pointed to the death of the white cat, for Banisters were directly linkable to my white cat. Is this a pointer of God to his destroying the CIA goons anytime soon? It couldn't be too early. We Christians need them knocked out. They are ruthless sociopathic psychotics. They say that Epstein was a CIA operative.

I trace Henrys to Henrys of RODez, whose family married Miss ROQUEfeuil, explaining why Rocks and Rods share the same trefoil. The trefoil of Rocks who are in the Fort Crest is colors reversed from the trefoil on the green Langton eagle, which works to help prove that it's the eagle of Irish Henrys (Tyrone). French Henrys: "The surname Henry was first found in Brittany where the family stems from Vaurouil and de la MOTTE-Henry, villages in Saint-Gilles, to the west of RENNES, in the former barony of Gael-MontFORT." This area is near the border of Cotes-du-Nord, where Motts/Morts are said to be from. There's a green trefoil in the Crest of Deaths/Darths (share Mott/Mort crescent), the color of the Rock and Rod trefoil. Reineckers are listed with Rennes-like Reines', and Rennes-le-CHATeau is near Roquefeuil, both in the Aude province that's in the "AUDax" motto term of rock-using Forts. Repeat: "Joyce's have an "aut" motto term, as do Raines'."

I've just found a "rien" motto term. For this, we need to go back to the Friday when he left for the weekend knowing I had to spend all my money. I didn't ask him for money, but he just seemed so cheap not to offer just a 20-dollar bill. So I ate rice and pecans all weekend. What's a cheap man called? A miser, and this came to mind as per his long-standing job in miser-like MISSOURi City. I had already loaded Sawyers/Sawers, like the Sours/Sauers that "MisSOURi" could point to, because I knew that Sayers/Sawers share the Bils checks, and the Bils' came to mind with the "honoraBILIS" motto term of Joyce's/Joys. The Missouri-City company he worked for was part of Joy Manufacturing. And so I found the "rien" motto term of Misers, and to really amaze me, Misers use cherries while Cherrys share the Vito/Vita annulet while Joyce's/Joys are the ones with a "vita" motto term. How can that be coincidental? I ate rice, and Rice's share the raven with the RENfrew-connectable Peters who in turn have another "rien" motto term.

There's more as per "HONORabilis," for Honors/Honons essentially have the Coat of Greens, and Greens were first found in Kent with the Time's/Timms expected in the "timeo" motto term of Honors/Honons. It might not be such a big deal, but as Missouri City is in Houston, by what coincidence do Houstons (Renfrewshire) use a "time" motto term? If the "sperno" motto term of Honors/Honors is partly for Perno's who share the horse in the Arms of STUTTgart, it's first of all amazing that Stanleys (Cambridgeshire, same as STOUTs/Stows) have stag heads in the colors of the Honor/Honon stags. The Hone's were first found in Hampshire with the Changers in the Stanley motto, and Changers share the triple fesses of Stouts/Stows. Stuttgart is on the NECKar, where I trace "nec" motto terms, two of which are in the Honor/Honon motto. That's a pretty stunning piece of work, but if it is by God's work, why? Are we to link Perno's to comet-using Perino's?

Likewise first found in Kent were Staple's who share the entire Peter motto with "rien," and while Peters are from Peter Pollock of Renfrew and Rothes, the English Rothes' were first found in Kent too while German Rothes'/Rothchilds use another raven. BarnSTAPLE in Devon was home to Albania-like Albins/Aubins.

As Leslie's became earls of Rothes by inheriting the title from a descendant of Peter Pollock, it's likely that Leslie's are using the Staple bend but substituting buckles upon it, making Staple's suspect as a branch of Stops/Stubbs (from Stobi of the Paionians) because the latter have a bend with buckles. And though the lion in the crown of Staple's is not in the colors of the same of Stubble's/Stubbeys, it all looks related, and the latter share the Tail/Tailer and Blake pale bar. If the Stubble Crest happens to have a leopard head, then it goes with the leopard in the Tailer / Blake Crests, and could be expected with the black leopard faces of Keat-colored Keatons. English Lepards (Sussex, same as Tails/Tailers) are in the colors and format of Paioni-suspect Payens/Pagans/Paions. Paioni were also, Paeoni, explaining the pheons of Stops/Stubbs, but then Loyds have a pheon in those colors.

Although not in the same colors, Loyds (ladders) and Lode's/LODDERs share upright wolves. The latter were first found in Somerset with Staple-like Stable's, and beside Barnstaple. The Lows/Lowes'/Loys have wolf heads in the colors of the Lode/Lodder wolf, and the latter's is colors reversed from the near-same of Louths/LOWDe's, thus apparently identifying Loyds with this family of names. Louths/Lowde's were first found in Lincolnshire with white-wolf Prays/Pretors. As French Loys/Louis' were first found in Lorraine, note that this place was also, LOTHARingia. It wasn't long ago when we crossed the Time's/Timms, who were resolved from Timna of Seir and Edom, Esau's daughter-in-law, and sister of LOTan. What are we to think of when we hear of an ancient, seven-headed dragon of Seir-like Syria, named Lotan? Was God playing off of it in Revelation?

By what coincidence was there a multi-headed Ladon dragon that was made father of mythical Daphne, named after Daphne in Phoenicia? When we identify mythical Daphne in the Ladon river of Greece, put there by a myth writer, we can be struck by the known relationship between Pisa's Amazons at the Ladon river and the Pisidia-traceable Aetolia area (looks like it's from Atallia of Pisidia and earlier from Poseidon of Phoenicia). Aetolia was home to Daphne-like Taphians, said to be pirates, but also home to Seir-like mythical Sirens (all-female, symbol of Amazons) who killed seafarers, i.e. sounds like pirates. So, it appears that Lotan of Seir had a tribe (or seven tribes) that named the Lotan dragon that evolved in Greece to "Ladon."

When we get to the Sire/Siron/Siret surname, it can be linked to the Arms of Vilnius, and Vilnius happens to have been the home of the Astikas', like the modern Astakos location (near the Achelous river) in the old land of the mythical Sirens. We then note that the scales of justice both in the Arms of Vilnius and in the Sire/Siron Coat are in the Coat of Esau-like Ass'/Assi's, who in turn share the sword of Justice's who likewise have the scales of justice. We then note that "justitia" is a motto term in the Arms of Vilnius, in the Sire/Siron motto, and in the Sibal motto while Justine of Picenum married a man from Sibal-like Cibalae. Next, we match the blue Sibald moline with that of Segni's/Segurana's of Genova, home of the Fieschi, and we are struck by the fasces symbol of Sire's/Sirons, and we can't help but tie the "signo vinces"' motto phrase of Face's/Fessys into it the Segni's/Segurana's. Vince's have a Sibal-like "sibi" motto term that was put there for something, and while the Italians call Vince by Vicenzo, Vicenza is where Valentine's were first found while Justine of Picenum married Valentinian of Cibalae, a place that was also called, VINKovci, like "Vince."

We're not done, because Segni's/Segurana's have a lone eagle that's the full Este and Aquila Coat, and Este was founded by Ass-like Azzo of FERMo, and it just so happens that while Squirrels use a "ferme" motto term, Valentins use squirrels. We can get the distinct idea that Esau's line to Assi's is through Azzo of Este. Plus, Picenum-like Picenze is a few miles from L'Aquila, and Picenze-like Piacenza is at the end of the Trebia river while Traby of Poland married Astikas' of Vilnius. The Arms of Piacenza uses a square as likely code for Square's/Squirrels.

From here we take it Vilaine of Brittany, location of Rennes, and then the Pisa Coat is in colors reversed with Reines'/Reineckers. Herods are known Edomites, and the Herods furnished Plancia Magna, the line to Planque's that we saw in Reinecker's floor. Plunketts were first found in Vilaine. Alans of Vilaine were from Aulon, also called Vilaine-like Avlona, the Velin / Velino line that's a lot like "Valentinian." This is a sick subject, why must I cover it? Heraldry always comes back to the enemies of Jesus when God connects heraldry to an event or dream in my life. I'm sick of this. But I suppose it's to say that the end-time enemies of God are going to pounce on His people, so get prepared for it as best you think necessary.

Although coyotes may have gotten Reinecker's cat, what if it was a fox? Since we don't know for sure, maybe we are to entertain both, for Coyts share the Friend Coat, an even better pointer to Fox and Friends with a fox suspect. If this is a correct pointer, we'd like to know why? The number of surprising links that this section led to has, as often happens, has only confused me. Why were the links there?

Back to Rennes-le-Chateau, for it's beside Quillan, and Quillans share the white wolf with Loyds. Quillans were from Antrim, same as white-wolf Flynns, the latter being very traceable to Traby elements. For one, the Flynn wolf is colors reversed from the one that at times appeared in the Arms of Piacenza, at the Trebia. It just so happens that Coyt-like Coys, sharing the Loyd pheon, share a hand holding a green snake with the Flynn Crest.

I used to say that CAT-using Croms (Coyt colors and format) were of Rennes-le-Chateau due to their sharing triple-white quatreFOILs (part-code for RoqueFEUIL) with English Vincents, and because French Vincents were first found in Languedoc with Rennes-le-Chateau. Dan Brown's "Da VINCi CODE" had a subtle but obvious connection to the priest, Mr. Saunier, of Rennes-le-Chateau. The border of French Vincents is colors reversed from the gold border of Justine's and Greats, the line from Gratian the Elder, father of Valentinian of VINKovci, husband in turn of Justine. Valentins were first found in Vincent-like Vicenza. It appears that the Da Vinci Code was itself code for this line.

Quatrefoils are used by Scottish White's, which might explain why we are dealing with two white cats i.e. in order to make the link to the Crom cat. Crombie's were first found in Aberdeenshire (near the Winks/Wings and Justine's) with Chateau-like Cato's/Chattans. This looks like a correct assessment. The Crumb branch has a gold border. Crooms/Crone's, from the Ceraunii Illyrians, are in Crom colors and format. The fleur of Crooms/Crone's is that of German Alba's while the "Fear" motto term of Crumbs must be for Fears/Fiers, from Albania's Fier province. The Maezaei beside the Ceraunii explains why the Crooms/Crone's share the Massey fleur.

The Chateau surname shares a red cross with Haddingtons, home of the Keith Catti, all very traceable to the Cotys-related Hatti. The Keith Chief almost has the six pale bars of the Code-like Coats/Cotes surname, and English Vincents have a muzzled bear, code for Musselburgh, beside Haddington. So, Rennes-le-Chateau looks like it's name evolved from the Catti bloodline. Mussels/Muscels (Lincolnshire, same as Loyd-connectable Louths) apparently share the Louth wolf, and they with their Meschin/Masculine branch are from the Amazons. Apollo and his sister had a wolf symbol from their mother, Latona. Apollo was the leader of the all-female Muses. Follow the tiddlywinks from Mus at Lake Van to Amazon-infested Mysia, then to the Picensii of Mysia-related Moesia. The Parium location in Mysia, home of mythical Muses, became mythical Priam, father of Hyksos-liner, king Hector of Troy. "Parium" is a Raines motto term, and Parium was on the HELLESpont while ELIS was at the Ladon river.

More muzzled bear heads are with Amys/Amie's, looked up as per the "AMIcus" motto term of Chateau-like Cato's/Chattans. "Mr. Amy, Sheriff of the county in 1714, inherited Botreaux Castle from his uncle Sir John COTTON, and was the father of Cotton Amy..." French Cottons are listed with Cattan-beloved Cotys/Cautes'/Cotta's, first found in Languedoc with Rennes-le-Chateau. It's got Reinecker's cat all over it.

We don't know whether the cat was killed by coyotes or a fox, and Foix province is beside Rennes-le-Chateau. Foys/Foix's are in the Hayden motto, and while the other Haydens share PELLETs on an animal with Tillers and Cattans/Cetins, Mussels/Muscels use "PLATEs" that, in colors reversed, are pellets. English Plate's share the Mar Coat.

Green-snake Seagars/Sugars, a branch of Segni's/Segurana's, don't use WINGs for nothing, and Seagars/SUGARs are connectable to the snake-worshipping Marsi (Velino / Picenze theater) via mythical Mari and mythical Sugaar (snake god) of the Basques. The interesting thing here is that Missouri City is at the Sugar Land area, both at the Houston border, so that, suddenly, Reinecker's cat is pointing to Rennes-le-Chateau. WHY? I'll bet it's got to do with end-time Rockefellers, the cockroaches in your food cupboards who steal your last pennies in order to amass more profits. The fat-cats whom God will destroy when they surpass their former greed by leaps and bounds, not caring if we die as they amass their golden tiddlywinks. When God sends the asteroid to sink their cargo ships in an instant, they will commit global suicide, at which time three leaping frogs will arise to commit the suicide.

The Seagar/Sugar Crest is a CADuceus, which, although owned by Hermes, was given to the blind seer, mythical Tiresias, father of mythical Daphne. That looks like a Tyre-Daphne relationship, for the town of Daphne was east of Tyre. The Cadusii Armenians probably named Hattusa of the Hatti, and probably lived on the Hermus river, at Hyde. The Lydians had mythical Pelops, husband of the Pisa Amazons. We get it. Pelops-like Apollo, son of Ladon- / Lotan-like Latona (Leto to the Greeks), loved Daphne as she swam in the Ladon river, indicating that the namers of the Ladon were Lydians of the Hatti / Cadusii kind. Apollo's twin sister was Artemis, an Amazon with a feminist emphasis...this is child's play connecting-the-dots. Anyone who knows how to spell can play this word-game. Find the words that match, and follow the tiddlywinks. Tiresias was the son of EVERES, the so-called "shepherd seer," and so he was code for the "Shepherd Kings," the Hyksos, at their capital, AVARIS. The Hyksos historian, Manthos, is even like "Manto," the mythical sister of Daphne, and thus Everes' granddaughter. Follow the tiddlywinks from the Nile to Tyre and mount Hermon, realm of CADmus the bull cult of Zeus. Follow the BACH/Back steer to Reinecker's steer, for APACHnas was a Hyksos king. I wonder what Rennes liners were named after? I don't know, but Apophis was another Hyksos king, and Reineckers use a comet.

Repeat: "Halys'/Haleys share the Googe boar head. Is this a pointer to the revelation comet?" The Hatti were on the Halys. Is this why Reinecker was pointing to Haydens when this section started out?

Is there something similar between killing a cat and throwing an asteroid into the sea? I was hungry, and Reinecker left me hungry while asking me to tend his cattle and his cat. In the tribulation, the mark of the beast will make the meek of the earth hungry, but then Jesus will appear with a cake. Party time. Cattle was the symbol of Argos, and the Argo ship, after its crew mated with Amazons of Lemnos (Mysia), sailed to Cadusii-like Kutaisi, near Armenia. The Amazons were in Myrina, and Marine's / Marines' share the Chateau Coat. The Hatti were on the Halys river, where I think the metal-making Halybes lived, and the god of Lemnos was probably made a metal smith for that reason. That god's name, HephAEStus, was play on "aes" = metal, and the Argo ship was that of Jason, son of AESon. We can thus ask the tiddlywinks; is that Esau? They will answer: Esau's son, Eliphas, Timna-of-Seir's husband, sure does smack of "Halybes."

Might Reinecker's cattle point to the new "mu" COVID variant? Another sham, because delta wasn't working for the goons. It wasn't potent enough to scare people into vaccinations.


Here's a half-minute video featuring a 1989 book telling that coronaviruses were the "common cold":

So, Fauci and the military took the common cold and made it dangerous with millions of tax-payer dollars without the consent of the public???? And they want to jail anti-vaxxers instead of us jailing them?

Here's what's being touted as the biggest break against election-fraud to date, unless the packet captures are autentic:

Gateway Pundit is reporting late this week that this type of cheating was discovered in both Georgia and Arizona, and other states too yet to be identified. I haven't read where the cameras came from that were trained on the ballot drop-boxes in order to catch the 240 people dropping off fraudulent ballots, but these ballots will be in the pile of ballots that are audited, and so Arizona is expected to reveal those ballots.

Part of a Gateway-Pundit headline late this week: "'MARICOPA COUNTY Alone Has Admitted That They Sent 110,000 Mail-In Or Absentee Ballots To What Turned Out To Be The WRONG Addresses'" Why's no one in jail yet? What kind of a demonic country is this where organized crime is ignored by half or more of the population? It's a country not worth being patriotic for. It's a slime bucket, like all other wayward nations. Most people who consider themselves good or not-bad in times of peace / prosperity will become slimes and law-breakers the moment they are in a difficult position. Sorry Bongino, sorry Trump, but 99-percent of cops are not good. You're delusional. Put faith in the Kingdom of God to come. That will be the GREAT NATION, where America looks like maggots by comparison. Stop calling America a great nation, Christian, you're delusional. canada, britain, australia and the usa are the slimes of the planet now. They became slimes on purpose, to slap God in the face with many harsh blows. Call a spade a spade. Ninety percent are bad, and here's one of the few god ones:

If washington DC is a slime bucket, that's what defines the nation. You cannot imagine another nation that is not the reality and then call it good or great, because it doesn't exist now. Whatever beautiful thing you see as America, it's a figment of your imagination. It's not there now, get a grip. canada is a piece of demonic rot. The churches didn't even bother to spray it with deodorant. It stinks so bad now, I refuse to call myself a canadian. I want to belong to the Israel of God, The Beautiful Woman, not Netanyahu's israel, not Rothschild's isreal, because that's the trash heap of hell that God's going to lay waste. Family members will betray family members, neighbor will betray neighbor, most of those good or not-bad people you love to rub shoulders with, you who love this world, will be exposed as fakes. They are good less than skin deep, a mere act; they know the good enough to act good, but in their depths they are prone to evil.

Soon after canada was jailing pastors for having outdoor services, the Blue Jays were back in their canadian stadium, and while very few wore masks there, the government did not shut it down, not a peep at all. See anything wrong here? I see something wrong. The churches. They did not stand up against the government when other pastors were being jailed. I AM ASHAMED OF THEM.

In Australia, after two days of truckers blocking roads, the province of South Australia offered to exempt the truckers from mandatory vaccinations. That's all it takes when people stand up, because politicians are afraid of bad press. The truckers forced the media to report the story, and the contents of the Trucker's beefs, wherefore the by-products of blocking roads -- anger drivers of all kinds -- MIGHT blame it on the government instead of the truckers. If Christians stood arm-in-arm with the jailed pastors, the politicians would have become afraid of losing votes. It's that simple. So, shameful churches, GO BACK TO SLEEP, you're not leadership material. But I'm not talking to churches which are concerned and willing. But where are they? Why aren't they uniting, sending letters to one another requesting some teaming up?

People of all professions are learning fast that it they stick together and refuse the vaccines, the companies can't fire them all without doing major damage to themselves. If only a few speak out, the boss gets the upper hand. Thank you churches for nothing but becoming irrelevant. Is it really wrong to be vigorous and passionate in standing up for right things in opposition to anti-Christian culture? Will God despise you for doing something for good's sake just because it's something other than talking about the Bible? Do you think that God cares about the condition of a human society? Is our job only to feed the flock the Word but not make a safe society for the flock? Who wants to become a Christian in a soft, spineless environment? More softies.

If the churches had risen up a few months ago, Alberta might not be forcing nurses out of jobs at this time by the sudden call for mandatory vaccinations. SHAME CHURCHES. How can the sons of God live with themselves by being the feeblest amongst the nation? Get up, oil the shields, attack. Save the people from the stone-hearted beasts who are practicing their tyranny to perfect it. Even if you do not succeed, at least make God proud of your attempts, your devotion to goodness. The moronic beasts are willing to wipe even the last crumbs off of your kitchen tables in perfecting their demonic tyranny skills, and I get the impression that there are no Christians in canada at all. Where in tarnation are you all? What are you doing? Cowering and hoping for the best while you see the long, black train picking up speed toward you? Fight your way into the train, pull the brake cord, do something to stop it. Make plans, do something. Be like those pastors willing to be jailed for a few weeks that there voices might be heard.

To everyone's surprise, the U.S. supreme court voted 5-4 to leave a new and revolutionary anti-abortion law in place in Texas. I assume that the five judges include all three of Trump's installments. That's what's surprising. The win may be due to Biden's fall from grace in the eyes of the corrupt cowards, judges Coney-Barrett and Kavanaugh, both of whom refused to allow election fraud to enter the courtroom. GREAT SHAME. Coney-Barrett and Kavanaugh KNOW that they will be responsible for all the evils of the Biden administration. The new law did not go as far as calling abortion murder, and so why not? How can it not be murder? If pro-abortion activists don't mind killing the unborn with atrocity, they won't mind killing people out of the womb with atrocity, especially people who want to protect the unborn.

Here's David Knight explaining the trickery behind the CDC's COVID testing to date:

Soros and Gates have bought a COVID testing company, and you just heard Mr. Knight say that CDC has planned since earlier of this summer to go to a new testing method.

The good by-products of the COVID scheme includes: 1) it's turning the youth, students, against the government, against liberals, which is counter the drive of liberals to secure the votes of the youth; 2) more households are home-schooling, and learning that they can do it, that it's not very hard, and that it's much better than sending them to the public trash system; 3) people are waking up to the bent of Western governments to act in concert in what looks like a vast conspiracy; 4) people are learning that police departments have become instant nazis in a can; 5) people have witnessed that google and the like are spies, shadow-government partners, and would be shadow-government kings. Did I miss anything? Oh yes.

Pfizer is working on a modified vaccine specially for delta, what a surprise. Nope, it was expected. How many letters are there in the alphabet? Not enough to make Pfizer completely happy.

This short video is only a little of what an anti-COVID protest should look like because the cops deserve to be kicked in the teeth for clamping down on people who choose to be mask-free, but the crowd didn't do it. Here, pig, this foot in your mouth will give you a good reason to wear a hide the stitches. I have come to despise the police, shame. I'm for everything good, yet I despise the modern police, the return of the Romans.

Christians who push Trump on Christians are bullets in satan's machine gun.

Lookie at Australia's next step for controlling the nation's speech (we knew long ago that this was coming, but nobody would have believed us):

Someone above comments: "The Aussies should demand in turn, full transparency in ALL government communication." Yup, anyone should be able to hook up to the government database and read everything they are writing at all times, but the government has no right to watch / record what the people are writing, yet Western governments do it illegally. This means that the Western government has decided to be the ass. The leaders just don't realize it because they have the illusion of being kings.

Every once in a while, I want to air that I despise bitchute. It's a horrible platform. But I use it to find the golden nugget in the haystack daily, and, on some days, I only get a rusty steel one at best.

Ontario just announced it's going to "vaccine certificates." Yup, just like a finkenstein. There's almost no COVID in the country, and the premier is going drastic. Okay, let's see what the people do. Waiting...

Contrary to what they tell you to twist your mind, males cannot get pregnant. A man outfitted with the organs to produce a child is not a man. Call it something else, like a jackass. The end-times will be a jackass' heaven. Jackasses rule. Everything they do is jackass-backward. That's it, the full extent of the "glory" of the last days. Hang in there, stay normal.

The people of this world, which probably includes you, mindlessly adopted cell phones, the very instrument the global-goons were depending on to install tyranny. YOU DO NOT NEED TO CARRY A PHONE WITH YOU. The world did just fine without them. There is no need to "progress" fast. To what are we progressing? To jackasses rule. And you who carry a cell phone are the tail pinned blindly to king Jackass. What's wrong with you? Throw away your cell phone. Be free. "Mass blindness" is defined as "cult." Disarm the deep state, everyone throw away your cell phones, don't be blind to the real reasons that globalists pushed cell phones like you could never live without one. Next is 5G, thanks to you. Put the land-line phone back up on your wall. Make phone calls only from home. It's luxurious enough. Get together in person to chat, call each other only to make the plans to meet in person. Cell phones have destabilized the world. You are being programmed from many fronts. Why bother to carry a phone with you when you don't usually answer the call because you're too busy at the time?

Here's some COVID background, including evidence that the first George Bush was planning bio-weapons...for his new world order, I assume. Fort Detrick lab is mentioned around seven minutes as the leading gain-of-function / bio-weapons headquarters funded by China, and with Chinese fingers in the lab, a thing that makes no sense at all unless it's to create a diabolical global "order" (more like a destructive mutation) that includes China. Still in the 7th minute, we find that Australia was an active partner with this China-included "order," explaining why Australia has become diabolical lately:

I suggest that whatever was released from Wuhan, it fizzled out in 2020, and afterward the participating governments feigned the continuation of COVID. However, it seems that the global Magoos (a blind man leads a blind man into a ditch) have been working so long on this scheme that they are not going to let go easily in spite of many failures to date. Their machine has not run smoothly. They have turned half the world against them. The bad news: the glass is half full of Magoos.

The Christian in the video above ends by predicting that God will ruin the COVID schemers, but he's not considering that this could evolve into the mark of the beast, where God allows lawlessness to rule.


Here's all four Gospels wrapped into one story.

For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God.
Also, you might like this related video:

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