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August 24 - 30, 2021

Bachus We Go to the Backhoe
It Looks Correct For God Pointer to Tinnitus by Vaccines
The Hyksos-Picenze Mystery; Why Itty-Bitty Picenze?

If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture

The following was in the news section initially late in this update, but I thought I'd bring it up front to jiggle your thinking / mystery-solving powers:
As often happens, a David Knight video wouldn't play for me from bitchute. Maybe it's bitchute that doesn't like him, or maybe canada can censor his content on canadian computers. I was reading the comments at his video concerning no entry into a French grocery store without vaccination, when one said that "maga" is the 5th degree in the church of satan. I loaded the Wikipedia's Church-of-satan article to check, finding:

Registered Member (no degree)
Active Member (first degree)
Witch/Warlock (second degree)
Priestess/Priest (third degree)
Magistra/Magister (fourth degree)
Maga/Magus (fifth degree)

There was other evidence that Trump is a satanist. I can believe it. I've just loaded the Magus surname (no details on page), to find it using the Coat and motto of Scottish Austins (no details on page), and the motto includes "corona"! I wonder: is Trump a deep-state operative sent out to get capitalists to cling to him so as to pit capitalists versus socialists in the creation of animosities between the peoples, i order that the powers may divide and conquer? It's not the first time someone's asked that of Trump. If this is correct, imagine how many social-media outlets are playing for the same team while acting like they're on opposing teams. (Load Magus link now to have access, on another tab, to other Coats of Arms.)

Trump says that he wants to own the corona virus, as in being its daddy. Spoken just like satan would. He boasts just like satan at his fall. I wonder: are the powers going to replace Biden with Trump anytime soon?

Seeking Maga-like surname, I think I've found a McGee/Magee branch in the Magetts/Magotts. The latter uses three leopard heads (not faces) to go with the three leopard faces of McGee's/Magee's. Scottish McGee's/Magee's have a Mr. MacGethe to go with "MaGETT."

THE AMAZING THING IS: the Magett leopard heads have collars while Collars, with Moor heads in the colors of the Magett leopard heads, are also CALLers while Calls (Wiltshire) use three TRUMPets in the form of the three swords of Shoots (Wiltshire), and they are in the colors of the McGee swords!!! I'm now wondering whether my goal on Jim McGee represents God's victory over Trump's vaccination program. See "McGee" late in the last update for the goal and it's story there.

I'm reminded that Trumps (stag head) could have been the Drummond Hungarians, for Hungarians (mythical stag in their ancestry) descended from MAGyars. I've just realized that the Magus Crest has a white, upright stag, and the white one of German Yonge's/Jungs/JUNE's (potential Hungarian elements) is in both colors of the Trump stag!!!

As I've said, the next hockey game of note (I've mentioned only three games) was four years after the McGee goal, when I got a hat-trick. The Hatricks/Ettricks (Selkirk) were first found in Surrey with the forest of Ettrick (Selkirkshire), and with the first-known Yarrows of Ettrick. I know this because I've just loaded Yarrows/Yarrs (Selkirkshire) due to the Yarrow location of the first-known Magetts (Selkirkshire)! Drummonds have a Drymen Stirlingshire, where Yarr-like Years were first found. Trumps almost use the Legg Coat, and my third goal of the hat-trick was a purposeful deflection off my stick between my legs. What might it mean in regards to Trump?

Later in this update, Tintons and Tints point to tinnitus from vaccines, and so let's add the "TENTamine" motto term of Leggs, for Trump wants to own vaccines.

As I've been saying recently, Marys were from Mary Drummond. The reason I know that Hatricks/Ettricks share the Mary lion is because Mary Nigro was watching my hat-trick goal. What can it mean in regards to Trump? I'm stumped. The Yarrow write-up: "Yarrow, a place 'of considerable antiquity, was originally designated as the parish of St. MARY...'" Coincidence? This lion is in colors reversed from the Ross lion, and I trace Ross' to king Andrew I of Hungary. Czech Hungars share the Ross lion, and the greyhound of German Hungars (share Hun/Hundt greyHOUND) would be red in colors reversed, the color of the Major/MAGOR greyhound. GREYhounds are part-code for Greys sharing the lion of Ross' and Hungars.

Atilla the Hun's brother, Bleda, is suspect to Bled (near Hungary), and Bleds are like the stag-using Bloods/Bluds who are in turn linkable, via a Maxwell trace to Rijeka, to the Bled theater. Blood clots? OHHH WOOWWWIE! After asking that, Clots were loaded to find them in the colors and format of English Austins. Magus' have the similar Scottish Austin Coat! Plus, a LODGED stag in white, the color of the stag in the Crests of Magus' and Youngs/Jungs, is in the Crest of English Austins, and the Blood/Blud stag is lodged too!!! INCREDIBLE, that cannot be coincidental. Someone had to set it up. It's apparently a pointer to Trump and blood clots. The Austin stag is in a crown, code for the Corona-like Ceraunii Illyrians (Urbanus river), near the Hungary border.

Huns/Hundts were first found in SWABia, a potential pointer to COVID swab testing because Swabs/Schwabs have a giant unicorn in the colors of the giant and upright Hun/Hundt greyhound. Why are same-colored English Huns also HunGATE's? Ahhh NEW: The Hun/Hundt Crest is the white, seated greyhound in the Tatton Crest, and the first Hungarian king (Arpad) married Miss TATONy! Zinger. "Hun" goes well with the Una river suspect in "UNIcorn."

The Tintons of the tinnitus discussion will bring in the Tatton-like Tantons, who in turn share the lozenges of PERTs/Petts, and ancient Perta was on the shores of lake TATTa off the Halys river of the Hat-like Hatti. Should the hat trick point to anything here? The Tricks/Tracks can be from the Tracheitis river not far south from lake Tatta. I trace Drummonds to the Thermodon river nearby, home of Kennati priests = proto-Kennedys. It just so happens that while Hatti-like Chatti were at Hesse-Cassel, Scottish Kennedys share a Cassel Coat!!! Tattons of Massy were of KENworthy. Keith Catti (at HADDington!) were kin of Kettle's, first found in Perta-like PERTHshire!

Might "tattoo" be derived from a peoples at lake Tatta? The 666 is described as a tattoo. OH WOW, almost missed it: Tattons share the Hat/Hatt quadrants! I've probably known that in the past, but it's not something that stuck. Trump loves to tweet at twitter, and Tattons have the quadrants of Tute's/Tuits in colors reversed, who were a Thwaite branch. Tweeds look like Tate kin.

I lump Ettrick-like Edrichs/Edricks into this set of heraldry because they too share the Hatrick/Ettrick and Mary lion. Edrichs were even first found in Wiltshire with trumpet-using Calls/Calles'. Wiltshire is also where goal-like Joals/Joels/Jewels ("gillyflowers") were once said to be first found (I wonder why houseofnames obliterated all mention of Wiltshire in the write-up). Joel-like Julians share a salamander-in-flames with Selkirks and their Douglas kin at Yarrow. Gillie flowers are used by Rinds, and mill rinds are used by Unions while the hat-trick was at the Unionville arena (Kennedy road, may be a pointer to Robert Kennedy, anti-vaxxer activist). I was dating ice-cream-girl, Miss Hanson, at the time, a pointer to Fauci et-al.

After writing the above, I scrolled back to the Magus Coat and wrote above: "I've just realized that the Magus Crest has a white, upright stag, and the white one of German Yonge's/Jungs/JUNE's (potential Hungarian elements) is in both colors of the Trump stag!!!" English June's share the fleur-de-lys of Yarrows. Magetts/MaGOTTs were at Yarrow, and Gotts have swords in Magee-sword colors. Gotts use their two swords in saltire, in the colors of the same of Tax's/TAKS', and Taksony was an Hungarian king. The Gotts have a symbol (saltire surrounded by four items) that gives me the sense of Rosicrucians, who aspire world conquest with an "imperator," like those who want to bring Julius Caesar's dictatorial structures back, similar to Hitler's quest.

AH WOWIE! Tax's are also Dachs, whom I routinely claim are from the namers of Dachau, headquarters of the Bavarian concentration camps. The Arms of Dachau uses a sling shot (which is how I know that Slings use a vulture = death theme), and Shots are with the Shoots with three fessewise swords (in the colors of the Tax/Taks'/Dach swords) in the colors of the three fessewise trumpets of Calls! It's all pointing to Trump, and not looking like God thinks he's a good guy either.

The Slings came to topic before I wrote this section, which you'll see below while I was writing on Lorraine the babe, the pointer to Podebrady, home of the mother of the first Drummond, and wife of George = son of Andrew I of Hungary. I say: "[Lorraine's] baby sling is also called a "carrier," and Douglas' share three stars in Chief (in different colors) with Carriers..." We just saw Douglas' of Yarrow. The Carrier Chief (the Sutherland-of-Moray stars) is also that of English Ducks/DAX's, and Tax's show a Dax variation too.

Tax's recalls Norman Miles, whom I met when attending a Unionville school for two months only for grade eight. We greeted each other a few times, but never became spend-time-together friends. One day, a decade later, I fell asleep in my TAXi cab, and a police officer woke me up, who recognized me. It was Norman Miles, and Miles' use a mill rind too, the Union symbol. I was on Keele street at the time, and Keele's (Lincolnshire, same as Miles') are also Kills. Rinds can be shown to be a Rand/Rant/Rance branch, and a Rance river is near Rennes.

This update will show a death theme with three or four different terms, not including "kill" or "sleep," in connection with a tinnitus investigation that begins with Nighs/Noys/Noise's, who have a different-colors version of the Rench/Wrench Coat. The Miles' happen to have an early Milo NOYrenuyt. If the latter term is from a Noy-Reanaut merger, it's interesting that Renaults were first found in Lorraine with Clots. Renauts might even have a version of the Close/Clovse Coat while Clots are also DuClos'. The Reines' happen to share the Clot/DuClos hexagram, and while Rennes is near the Alans of Dol, Renauts (share Alan star) are said to have been "the Marquis de Aleine." We can now add the Magetts/Magots to the death theme.

[I missed this while writing here: As I've said several times, HELEN my TENANT had a LANDING symbol that pointed to Pepin of Landen, and Tenants are linkable to Tintons via Towns! This is central to the tinnitus investigation later. Helens (Pepin horse heads in colors reversed) were first found in Brittany with Helen-like Alans.]

This now gets interesting as per the Apophis asteroid of 2029 (topic of the last update), because the Reines hexagram is called a "comet." King Apophis was also Apepi, and Pepin of Landen is to the Lands/Landens/Landers while another Lander surname comes up as "Landes," and Renauts are said to have held a seat at a Landes location (Champagne). I've been neglecting to mention the latter Landers when mentioning Lorraine's laundry symbol and pointers to Pepin of Landen, and so it had best be added here that Landers/Landes' speaks of: "Almaric de Landres held lands in Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire in the 13th century. He originated in Burgundy, France with the spelling Landres which is also a commune today in Lorraine." Lorraine had the pant stain, and the Stain Crest shares a hand from a cloud with the Landes/Lander Crest.

Bedfords happen to share black lion paws with the English Austins who came up so big above for being in Clot/DuClos colors and format. One can link these lion paws to the black Quint lion paw because Quints share the Austin and Clot chevron. Plus, Luton is in Bedfordshire while Lutons share the Greaf/Grief/GRAVE eagle, and that's the fourth surname with death theme that we'll later encounter. It looks like a variation of the graphene-like Graff/Graffen/Grav surname, and it just so happens that the Graffs, who got me started on the Graffs not many weeks ago, lived on Union street! We just saw Norman Miles of Unionville, and the Graffs included Nora (mother of the home). Her husband is the one who always came over to my home smoking a pipe, and Pipe's share the Pepin Coat with camel head for Camulodunum, in Essex with Quints.

However, Quints were also first found in Dorset with Palins, which is why I gather that the black paw of Quints is from the black Palin lion. Palin-like Pale's happen to share a camel head in Crest with Pepins, and "pale" is yet another death theme. Like the 4th, pale horse of Revelation 6 which has Death as its rider. I locate the 4th Seal shortly after the asteroid of the 2nd Trumpet. I do not do as others do, with all the seven Seals taking place before all the seven Trumpets, which is clearly WRONG (creates major problems). I wonder, will the pale horse be due to lingering affects from vaccines?

Pale's share the Rind bend, and Rind-branch Rants/Rance's share the Pale/Paly lion. Rinds were first found in Perta-like Perthshire, and Perta was the land of the Hatti. Rants/Rance's were at Clavering (Norfolk, same as pilGRIMs), and Claverings (Essex, same as Camulodunum) almost have the Hat/Hatt Coat! Bingo.

Ah, as the 4th rider, Death, has Hades following close behind, by what coincidence was Hades surname (listed with hats) first found in Dorset with Pale-like Palins?! Ainsley Earhardt, a pointer to poison vaccines, has one daughter, Hades-like Hayden, and Haydens have applied to heraldic pointers very well. For example, one Hayden Crest shares the black bull with Beautys (DORSET!!!) to help prove my claim that Ainsley Earhardt is one of women fulfilling the role of SLEEPing Beauty. AND THE OTHER HAYDENS SHARE THE HADES/HAT QUADRANTS!!!!! How about that.

MOST INCREDIBLE. I almost didn't load Pilgrims. They have three staves looking much like the three nails of Proctors, and while Ainsley Earhardt married Mr. Proctor, Pilgrims share the scimitar in Crest with Ainsleys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PilGRIMs are to topic because grim is what we are when we go pale. Nails are in the Cross in the Arms of Colchester, and that location was previously Camulodunum. Neils/O'Nails share the Colchester estoiles. There's no doubt about it, Hades is pointing to Ainsley Earhardt. But why? Note that while Brocuffs are PROCtor-like Procks too, Brocuff-branch Brocks and Brooks were first found in Essex with Colchester, and then the Brooks happen to share the Stick Coat while Styx is the mythical river of Hades. Cole's/Colds share the black bull with the Hayden Crest. Haydens are suspect with the Hiedler/Hitler surname.

I now recall identifying mythical Hades with the Hatti of the Halys river, near lake Tatta. Trabys were kin of Stick-liner Astikas', and TRABzon was not far from the Halys. The Haydens with the Tatton and Hades/Hatt quadrants share the HADDington cross, and Keiths of Haddington were of a Catti tribe. Poseidon, brother of Hades, was code for Pisidians at Antalya and neighboring Perga (may have named the mythical purgatory (= quasi-Hades) of Dante). Perga was home to Plancia MAGna, the line to Perkins who share the Thwaite fleur-de-lys.

I had no idea, when on the HAT trick, that I would be on the Hats/Hades' as per the Revelation horse. I'm not sure whether to connect that plague to that hockey game in Unionville. However, the third hat-trick goal was with the puck redirected (from a slap shot) between my LEGs, and while the Nighs/Noys/NOISE's get me below to tinnitus (ringing in the ears) thanks to "EARhardt," I instantly go to tinnitus-like Tintons who use "royal tents," and so by what coincidence do Leggs have a "TENTamine" motto term? While Earhardts/Airharts are expected as a branch of Eyers/Ayers, note a Hayden write-up: "The surname Hayden was first found in Norfolk, where Sir Thomas de Heydon (circa 1185-1250) was on record as a judge, who was given the office of 'Justice of EYRE'..." It appears that God set Haydens up to mesh with pointers from Ainsley Earhardt.

If the hat-trick goal represents some form of great victory, let's understand that the Revelation plagues are not to be feared by us, because God will preoccupy our dread enemies with them, and moreover they represent the march of Jesus the Great to the Greatest Victory. The hat trick was in Unionville, and Unions use mill rinds while Rinds ("DiaturniTATE") were first found in Perta-like Perthshire.

Trump-connectable Leggs were not only first found in Dumfries with Clot-connectable CLOSEburn, but almost have the giant stag head of Apophis-pointing MacKenzie's (see first update of this month for "as astra"). Closeburn was home to the Kilpatricks who not only fulfill Sleeping Beauty, but have a black "dexter paw" on the head of a dragon to go with the black Palin lion, or black Austin lion paw. Are Austins being used to point to George Bush of Austin, Texas?

Ah, the SLEEPing bag. One of the two sleeping bags in my heraldic writings was in Mamie's tent! The ringing in my ears just got loud enough to hear, and was loud last night as I got into bed, just after writing on tinnitus. It must be indication that I'm on the right track. The reason I came to the sleeping bag is that Bags (Norfolk, same as Haydens and PilGRIMs) share the Shield of GRIMaldi's!!! The Grim Reaper just came to mind, and Reapers/Rape's happen to share a blue bend with Pale's, though this is not in itself a strong link. I can make it stronger.

Multiple pale bars are called, "pallet," and Pallets/Pallys, sharing the black boar head with Swinfords, the latter first found in Leicestershire with English Champagne's. Pallets were first found in Champagne with Landes while Landes'/Landers use eight pallets in Pallet-boar colors. Lands/Landens/Landers use six pale bars, and Pale's are Palys too. Catherine Roet married Mr. Swynford, and Roets (boar heads) share a book with Reapers/Rape's. Book-like Bocci's use EARS of wheat, but so do Nigh-like Nigro's.

Swinfords are in the format of, and almost in the colors of, Books, but the latter throw off the color by adding the red stag head of book-using Reeds, this being the line of emperor Vespasian, the Revelation dragon. His mother, Miss Polla, is the line to Poole, in Dorset with the first-known Palins. La Lande was home to the Patricks (Norfolk) who share the Kilpatrick saltire, and while Patricks were a Patterson branch, Irish Pattersons share the camel head with Pale's/Palys.

Wow-ow-ow, Scottish Pattersons share "Pro rege et" with Pauls (Yorkshire, same as Pale's/Paly), and Palins are also Pauleys! INCREDIBLE, for later you'll see that I mention a severe case of tinnitus for PAUL Smith, the one who pointed to vaccines with Lorraine's sling carrier (carrying her infant child). Slings use the vulture, another death theme, but the point is, the Paul crosslets are half in the colors of the Nigh/Noy/NOISE crosslets, and the latter surname is the one that brought ear ringing to mind in the first place! I had missed this when mentioning Paul below because I didn't load Pauls. Lorraine's share the green lion with Lyons/Lune's, who in turn use "Pro rege et patria."

I've held the theory that ermine spots, used in giant form by Pauls, are a secret symbol of a tattoo needle with ink drops. In myth, the Hatti (real peoples) were represented by Attis, husband of the Great Mother killer in Revelation 17, and together they gave birth to Lydians of the HERMus river, the line feasibly to Ermine's. Mythical Hermes owned the caduceus staff that was code for the CADUSii Armenians, and they likely named HATTUSa, the Hatti capital on the Halys. Ermine's (giant ermine in Crest) share the Chief-Shield of Annans, from the Ananes Gauls at the TREBia river at PIACenza. The Hermus is now the Gediz, and Geddes' use PIKE's. The Amazons from the TRABzon, near the PYXites river, migrated to Mysia, beside Lydia. The Arms of Trebizond (Trabzon) Empire are the three black fesses above the "gold GATE" in the Arms of Drummond-descended Podebrady. The "pike heads" of Picots/Pigots are similar to ermines. Some have said that Picts are named after tattoos. The Arms of Traby looks like it loves 666.

Vaccine Beast

Here's how depressing the canadians are, just letting it happen without a fight, not caring that the poor who can't afford cars are being forced to receive vaccines:

Canada and Australia are hand-in-glove. This is leading to a situation just like we'd expect from the mark of the beast. If they now say that it's justified to force vaccinations for people on buses, how far is that from people in a line of a grocery store? About a year if they think they can pull it off, step by step. I'm trusting God has plans for us. But where's all the churches and their law suits to protect their members? Zzzzz. Vaccines are more dangerous than the virus for working people, that's one of the few arguments needed for a court room. Another argument is that the FDA / CDC have a track record for falsifications, now that they are "approving" Pfizer in what can only be a trick.

Fizers aren't listed with PFISTers for nothing. They don't share the Roten hexagram for nothing. The fist is a Rothschild symbol, by the way, seen between the wings of proto-Rothschild Bauers (Bavaria, same as Fizers/Pfisters). The Arms of Rothschild share the Fast quadrants, and Fists (showing a giant fist) are also Fausts. International bankers and spies would love the skincode system of purchasing, and so the vaccinations may have that very end-goal, to force people to wear a skincode to prove they have the latest boosters.

If we're hoping that this vaccination tragedy will pass once 80-percent of a population is vaccinated, you haven't been paying attention. They are spreading the news that vaccines don't work for long, which is trash, but it's the story needed to perpetuate vaccinations, and thus this plot can be taken to the point where, sorry, no vaccinations, no entry into a grocery store, or a building store, or any store. Revelation talks about ugly soars appearing on people having received the mark.

The last update stressed Lorraine's pant STAIN, and so see this: "Stigma was borrowed from Latin stigmat- , stigma, meaning "mark, brand," and ultimately comes from Greek STIZEIN, meaning "to tattoo." Earliest English use hews close to the word's origin: stigma in English first referred to a scar left by a hot iron—that is, a brand." Is God pointing to "stizein" with her stain?

Tattoos are given with needles, and Needle's/Nadlers/Neilders are Rothschild connectable, to their Nathan kin. Needle's share the Hesse Coat, and Mayer Bauer-Rothschild was doing business in Hesse-Cassel. "...Greek stigma (genitive stigmatos) 'mark of a pointed instrument, puncture, tattoo-mark, brand,'..." Needhams share the Knee Coat with PHOENIX. I say the 666 comes from mythical Phoenix and his relative, Europa. Needle's were first found in Shropshire with Proto-Stewart Alans and Stuarts, and one Stewart write-up has: "The surname Stewart...derives from the Old English word 'STIGweard,'..." The way that term is derived is trash. It's probably code for the Stewart kin of Astikas', the line to Stig-like Sticks and Stichs, for while Astikas' married Traby (see Wikipedia's Traby horn article), they (Astikas') lived in VILNius while proto-Stewart Alans lived in VILLAINE. This Arms of Traby looks like it has three 6's.

The 666 in Revelation is spelled using the Greek letter, STIGma, as the numeral, 6. So, the Author used a letter meaning, tattoo, to indicate the mark of the beast. It may not turn out to be a microchip.

Traby is in Poland, and the father of the Pollocks was a vassal of Villaine's Alans. The Alans moved up to the Pollok area of Renfrewshire. It could appear that Traby Poles named Pollok. Trebys and Treble's were first found in Devon with English Stewarts. Rothschilds descended from Pollocks of Rothes, giving the impression that Rothschild bankers will be the 666 traffickers. Pollocks share the saltire of English Franks who not only use a "nati" motto term that can be for Natts/Nathans, but their "Nobis" motto term is like the "Noblis" of Stuarts. The latter also have "leonis" in their motto, and the last update had: "..the "NOBILis" and "LEONIS" motto term of Scottish English's, for Rothschilds/Roddensteins share the arrow of Knobs/KNOBELLs..." The English's share the lion of Pollock-connectable Pools and Rieti-line Rita's.

Pools and Pollocks were from Vespasia Polla, mother of emperor Vespasian of Rieti, the 4th head in Revelation 17.

They sucked the populace into taking vaccines by promising 95-percent success, and now that it's down to 50-percent or worse, they are mandating it rather than scrapping it, knowing that a 50-percent success rate means more jabs later. Once they have you succumbed, you'll lose the fighting spirit and become their zombie, because the vaccinated are being mentally programmed to not fight it while accepting the over-reaching powers as the standard future. The only alternative seems to be a hot war with terrorism, or exposure of the criminality behind the scheme to the point that the courts must rule against them. Which of the two do you prefer? Where in tarnation are the churches, the representatives on earth of God's righteousness? Where are their law suits to fight this thing? I'm becoming more ashamed of the do-nothing canadian churches now than before. They didn't fight porn, they didn't take abortion to court, they just let the wickedness roll over us until the wicked now have the confidence to see us squirm. If only they would be happy to see us merely squirm. Thank you, churches, for nothing.

If car-less people choose not to take buses and trains to work, they will be fired, and they should then have the right to collect unemployment insurance, but this madman, trudeau, has already considered that outcome. He has happily revealed his heart, mocking anti-vaxers by telling them that they will be left with the choice on whether to take the vaccine, but they cannot take transportation to work, and then, many workplaces will mandate vaccinations on top. That's not a choice at all, and any judge can see through it, but many judges too have become diabolical, just like trudeau, because diabolicals in power pick diabolicals to be in power.

trudeau does not wear his mask around anybody, when he can get away with it. Guaranteed, he does NOT wear his mask at work when he's with his fellow diabolicals. Not righteousness. Not God-fearing servants of the people. This is the fist of sheer satanism, but only the beginning. They want to have fun because they have the political and police powers. My hope is that after they have exposed their hearts, God responds to thwart their mandatory vaccinations, shaming them. But if He does, then the 666 will not be vaccine related.

Keep in mind that the schemers have taken out of circulation most poisonous vaccines at this critical time, until vaccinations are roundly accepted, one after the other, and then they will introduce greater numbers of poisonous vials. That's my logic-based prediction.

In pointing to poison vaccines, I've been using the phrase, "poison-like Poussins," but I have not known the vaccine-like Vacker/Vachers/VACHON surname (possible Bach branch). It has nothing but four fesses in the colors of the nothing-but three fesses of English Poussins. Isn't that amazing? French Poussins show nothing but three suns in the colors of the Needle sun. I forgot to mention above that Needle's were first found in Shropshire with vaccine-like Vychans/Vaughns.

OH WOW, while the Biblical Moses was named by the exodus pharaoh, I've claimed that he was pharaoh Khyan, a Hyksos that one writer claimed to be another name for Apachnas! I'm excited because the Moses surname (Shropshire, same as Vychans), which does not descend from Moses, has this: "The name was also extended to Mostyn, and became attached to Vychan, Lord of Mostyn."!!! The Biblical Moses was named by pharaoh's daughter, and I think the above tends to prove that I'm correct in pegging Khyan as the Exodus pharaoh. I hold a theory that "hex" = 6 derived in "HYKSos."

Lookie at this further "coincidence": the MOSTyns in the Moses write-up can be a branch of the Most variation of MASTs/Masters, and a so-called mast is used by Tenants, first found in West Lothian with the BathGATE'S who share the French Poussin Coat! It looks like a pointer to poison vaccines dished out by Bill Gates (he murdered many with his vaccines, and wants to murder more).

Moses use a so-called "calvary" symbol, but I don't think I've known until now that there's a Calvary surname. This is actually amazing: "CALVary" may have been arranged by a family who knew that Apachnas was the Exodus pharaoh for whom Aaron (Moses' brother) made the golden-CALF idol. I saw with my own eyes that the so-called "steer" of Vachon-branch Bachs was a calf at first, and being gold, that's how I suspected, to begin with, that Apachnas was the Exodus king. Someone may have arranged the calf surname for the same reason from a surname similar to "Calf." And out of that may have come the Calvers and Calvarys. Calfs are listed with Caufs.

Egyptologists got their dates wrong when dating kings around 1500 BC. They use too much time where they can get away with it because evolutionists want to stretch history back before the Flood to disprove the Flood, and so I reckon that the Exodus Pharaoh was Khyan because he had no heir to his throne. The first-born son of the Exodus Pharaoh was killed by God. Apophis replaced Khyan on the throne, and the Hyksos empire was crushed in his reign, probably because God had weakened Egypt terribly with the Ten Plagues.

The army of the Exodus pharaoh was covered by the sea, and the Apophis comet might plunge into the sea, in 2029, as the fulfillment of the 2nd Trumpet of Revelation. Who named it Apophis, and why? Did God arrange that name?

Entering "Vachon" (which won't bring up the Vackers/Vachers/Vachons) gets what must be the "steer" of German Bachs/Bachers (blue Shield) but on a black Shield. "VACHON" helps me to confirm that Bachs were from "APACHNas." The giant Vachon bull is colors reversed from the same of Cole's/Colds, and Colchester was Camulodunum, where the Pepin/Pepy camel head can trace.

I assume Apachnas' family carried on his name as a tribe, and through the centuries it modified until it became the Vachon surname too. Lorraine pointed to Pepins, and English Bachers are listed with Badgers/Baggers/Baghots with a gold-eagle version of the Lorraine bend-with-eagles. Badgers/Baggers/Baghots share the Diss/Dice eagle while Diss is at the Suffolk border while Vachon-like Bacons/Beacons were first found in Suffolk. Diss is in Norfolk with first-known Bags. Fullers (Poussin Coat in colors reversed) with a beacon almost have the Coat of Vackers/Vachers/Vachons (first found in Dol with Alans), more proof that Vachons can be Bach liners. Steer-like Sturs/Styre's have three fesses in the colors of the Alan fesse. Dol is near Rennes, and Reines' use the comet. Dol is near the Rennes-like Rance river while the Rance's have triple chevrons in the colors of the four Vacker/Vachon fesses.

[Insert -- Later, my event with Mamie in the sleeping BAG connects with the Tintons during the tinnitus investigation. Recently, that event pointed to the Cold variation of Cole's, but I did not know of the Bagh-connectable Vachons at the time. Mamie pointed to Mens/Mame's/Mames', who are in the Pepin/Pepy and Poppin/Popham mottoes. There is even a Vach/Veach surname with black bull heads to go with the black bull of Cole's/Colds (probably from KOLODziej of Mieszko's, Lorraine kin), and Vachs/Veach's have a Faucet-like "factis" motto term! Plus, Mens'/Mame's come up as Mams, I've just learned from the "FaMAM" motto term of Vachs/Veach's!

By the way, the mythical scumbug, Dionysus (bull symbol), was also Bacchus. There is a Bachus/Backhouse surname. The latter's saltire is colors reversed from the NAIL/Neil saltire while the Arms of Colchester has nails. The Neils/O'Nails with the Colchester estoiles were kin of Keons and Keens, and Apachnas was said to be the same as Khyan. Thus, the line of Apachnas may have named the Bacchus bull in the Galli / Cybele cult of Dionysus. Cybele was wife to Attis, ancient code for the Hatti who connected hard to Ainsley Earhardt, and she featured as Sleeping Beauty while black-bull Beautys have nearly the Vach/Veach Coat (almost the Waleran and BUCKley Coats). I was told to WAKE sleeping beauty!!! Wake's could be a Vach branch! The "DiTAT" motto term of Walks/WACHs (Dumfries, same as Tate-related Annans) could be for the Scottish Tate's (Berwickshire, same as Vacks/Veach's). This is making sense, and I've never known this Vach-related set of heraldry before, so far as I can recall, even though Vachs/Veach's were mentioned in the last update of July (a month ago). It's seems to be bang-on the wake scene of Sleeping Beauty, which took place on a Veach-like beach.

Plus, the Tate's share the ARMy/Ermine Coat too, while Armours were once said to be first found in Berwickshire i.e. with Tate's. This is amazing because Sleeping Beauty and I were ARM-in-arm, emBRACEd, as soon as she awoke, and Armours share the armored arm with BRACE's/Bras'. Plus, Beach's (Lincolnshire, same as Armys/Ermine's) share a shield of vair fur (different color) with Bracebridge's! BANG-ON. And it points to poison Vachs who almost have the Beauty Coat (the only difference is bull heads versus full bulls).

The Vachs/Veach's are also Vitch's, recalling the Witch variation of Watch's/WAGE's (Cornwall, same as Wassa's/WACE's and Tintons), is that cool or what? Yes, because Watch's/Wage's are in Tinton colors and format, and Tintons will point to tinnitus by vaccinations! Tinnitus is ringing in the EAR(hardt)s. It's BANG ON and it's only taken me FIVE YEARS to get to solving the wake scene.

Witch's/Wage's use "wedges," and Wedge's (Witch/Wage colors) use a FISTed gauntlet (armored glove), and Fizers are listed with PFISTers! BINGO. Plus, Fizers/Pfisters share the hexagram of Wassa's/Wace's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The double fesses of Wassa's/Wace's are colors reversed from the two of Sleeps and Washingtons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LIKE I SAID MONTHS AGO, Ainsley Earhardt is God's Sleeping Beauty as a pointer to vaccines. Wassa's, who put the Fizer/Pfister hexagram in a "canton," were proto-Washingtons, and Cantons, who have a GANTon variation to go with the fist-shaped GAUNTlet, have the Washington Coat in colors reversed so that the double Canton/Ganton fesses are the Sleep Coat! BANG-ON. Why do we think that Washingtons are involved in poison vaccines? End insert]

Ah great: the Steers were first found in Surrey, where Dolphins/DOLfins (Dol colors) were once said to be first found who share dolphins with the Arms of Dauphine, and Dauphine is where Vachons were first found. The Poussin-like Poissons/Poissins, who are even more like "poison," use a dolphin!!! ZIKERS. It's as though there is Intelligent Design behind this set of heraldic connections to verify that poison vaccines are to be understood in Vackers/Vachons and French Vachons. Steers are suspect with Sturs/Styre's, now making sense because the latter almost have the Pasley Coat, itself a colors reversed form of the English Poussin Coat.

Sturs were a branch of Easters/ISTERs, and while mythical Ishtar had an eight-pointed star as her symbol, that's what we see in the Chief of Khyan-like Keons, first found in Sligo with HICKensons/Hickesons and their Hicken/Higgins branch! It reminds me of Kent HECKENlively, who writes and speaks against Tony Fauci for feeding the human race poisonous vaccines. Heckenlivelys look like a Hecken merger with Livelys/HIVelys, and Fauci was involved in distributing HIV vaccinations. There are two heraldic 'coincidences" here: 1) Hickensons and Hickens both share the Hopper tower while Fauchys use a grassHOPPER; 2) Livelys have a string of lozenges that are almost the same of Wissels/Whistlers (Somerset, same as Pains/Payne's), and Wissels/Whistlers share the double lions of PAINs/Payne's who in turn share the full Hickenson motto! Is God warning of pain to those who get hit with poisonous vaccines? They can't all be poisonous, and we'd expect that the poisonous ones would be gaurded from falling into the wrong hands. The pain and Hickenson motto includes "Malo" = sick.

The "PRO patria" motto of Hickens/Higgins has got to be for Pero's/Perino's and Patria's/PEARtree's. Pero's/Perino's were first found in Piedmont with the Dominion-like Domino's who share the black tower with Hickens/Higgens, and moreover the Domino tower is giant and colors reversed from that of Hoppers. It tends to explain why the Hopper write-up has a HopPERE variation of the 13th century. Hoppers look like a Hope-Pero merger. Pero's/Perino's have one ot the four pale bars of Dance's/Donnas' (Piedmont), which can explain what could be secret code in the Hopper write-up where it derives the surname in a dancer. While Dominion Voting's CEO is/was Eric Coomer, Coomers, with a dancette, have a "DOMINabitur" motto term. "Domino" is a motto term of the Mostyns, whom we saw in the Moses write-up.

While Pero's/Perino's share the "comet" of Reines' but call it a "flaming star," the asteroid-like "astris" motto term of Coomers (estoiles) could be indicating that the Apophis asteroid is going to fall on the head office of Dominion Voting. Sturs/Styre's seen above, suspect with the Vachon-line steer, were a branch of astris-like Asters. Sturs have three fesses in the colors of the one dancetty-fesse of Coomers. King Apophis was also Apepi, and I say that a Pepin branch named Papia/Pavia, where Pierro's/Pero's/Petri's were first found. The Papa's/Papapietro's are the most suspect.

Back to the calvary symbol of Moses', for CRYSTals (love the Pepin-beloved Mens' in their motto) use it too while Papa's look like kin of CHRISTs (has nothing to do with Jesus). It looks like Moses', whom I think were named by Moesians, were Apophis liners. I think Moses was named after Mus of Lake Van (Armenia) because I think Hyksos derived from Mus of Lake Van prior to conquering upper Egypt.

Just for the record: Calvarys (first found in Yorkshire's Morley) have an owl-version of the Saddock/Sedgewick Coat. Another calvary symbol (has nothing to do with Jesus) is used by Keon-branch Keens, and the latter share a white escutcheon with Calvarys. In fact, the calvary of Keens is on their white escutcheon, a great reason to trace Keens and Keons to king Khyan. I can glean that Keens were kin of Jewish Roters/Rothchilds. Keens use estoiles in Este-eagle colors, and Este's are loved by their Pepin kin, but why are 95-percent of estoiles SIX-pointed? Almost all the rest are eight-pointed perhaps in honor of Ishtar. Her cult is suspect in the naming of Istria, near Este.

The only significant part of Egypt ruled by Hyksos was the NILE delta, which looks like it can explain why NEILs (more estoiles) have a version of the Keon Coat. The Neil estoiles are shared by Colchester, and while the Arms of Colchester has three nails in its cross (has nothing to do with Jesus), Nagle's/Neils are also Nails (English Neal colors). Colchester was previously CAMULodunum, and Pepins/Pepys use a camel head. One needs to enter "Grail" to get the Scottish Neils/Neals, who share "mori" with Hickensons.

The Niles'/Neilsons are super for their "servitium" motto term, for Servitium was a Sava-river location in the land of the Maezaei Illyrians, connectable to the Massena-line Numidians (African Amazons = Mazyes'). That is, the line of Mus at Lake Van, suspect in naming Moses, goes to the Massena Numidians and the Maezaei. The Massena Numidians are expected from the Meshwesh Amazons in what became Libya, and they did rule Egypt from the Nile river, at Tanis, starting in the so-called 21st dynasty (it wasn't the 21st because immoral, Godless Egyptologists -- very willing to falsify information -- invented dynasties to stretch history back before the Flood).

The ancient Bistones of Libya worshipped an erect sword as their temple for mythical Ares, a child-sex cult lending itself to human-sacrifice cults, and that's why the Bistone surname has an erect sword. But so does the Niles/Neilson Crest. The Niles/Neilson Shield has the erect sword inverted, pointing down, and inversion of symbols was common for Massena / Masci liners, for example, the inverted white wings of Dine's/Dives' and Genova's are in the color of the Masci wing. Cnut was a grandson of Mieszko I, and Chanuts/Chenu's (probably a Country branch) have an inverted chevron. Countrys (share Masci fleur-de-lys) are in the motto of Ainsleys, the latter first found in Nottinghamshire, named by Cnut. Ainsleys share the Hicks fleur-de-lys. Nutters (share white wings with Masci's) share the pheons of Pilate's who were in turn first found in Burgundy with Chanuts. Ainsleys were an Annas branch while the Hands/HANS' are in the Niles/Neilson Coat. Masseys share the quadrants of Vere's who in turn share the Annas star, and Vere's probably love the Nihill variation of Neils in their motto.

Meschins were from the Bessin, and Bessins/Beastons have the Bistone Coat while the erect sword-and-arm of Bistone's is off-set (not erect) in the Bessin/Beaston Crest, same as the Mieske/Mesech Coat. More erect swords are with Mostyn-like Mustans/Musins. French Masseys/Masse' may be using a 'tree WITHout leaves' as part-code for the namers of the Withfords/Whitfords, for while Mostyn is in Whitford, the Tattons (share Massey/Masse crescents) married Miss Massy of WITHENshaw. The ending of the latter looks like it's in honor of Shaws, from the Shawia Numidians. Shawia are suspect in naming the Sava/Save river, home of Maezaei, and Save's were first found in Burgundy with Poulos-connectable Messeys and Poulos'.

Withfords/Whitfords look like kin of Cough's/Cuffs but with patee crosses as code for people from a Patti location in Messina. Massena's/Messina's use patees too, as do Peks expected from the Pek river of Moesia. Withfords/Whitfords "held a family seat on the lands of Whiteford, on the River CART, about three miles north of Paisley." Numidian had a capital at CIRTa. (I'd like to record that Withfords/Whitfords are the only surname I know off-hand sharing the Keppoch garbs.)

Mascula is in Numidia, and Masculs/Mascals are listed with Keiths of the Musselburgh area while Mussels, with a version of the Meschin Coat, are also Muscels. This is all Hyksos bloodline, in my opinion, through Moesians = Mysians. Withenshaw-like Withens/Wittons (Calvary colors) happen to share the white owl with Moses-beloved Calvarys. The latter have an owl-version of the Saddock/Sedgewick Coat, and the latter's escutcheon -- probably the white escutCHEON of KEON-branch Keens who put a calvary symbol into it -- is colors reversed from the escutcheon of Mascals, first found in Sussex with Saddocks/Sedgewicks, Diane's/Deins/Dene's, and Dine's/Dives'. The latter's patee crosses are in the colors of the Samson cross while Samsons share the Meschin scallops. The Massey/Masse Chief is colors reversed from the Chief of Diane's/Deans, yet both surnames share the crescents of Withenshaw-connected and Massy-related Tattons.

The crossing of Diane's/Deans here recalls Joe's-van dream, for Joe's wife, Diane, was in the VAN with him when the dream started. Mus is at Lake VAN, home of Rosh-suspect king Rusa. Joe's surname, "OULlette," was resolved with Owls/Howls, first found in Suffolk with Rusa-like Rush's. Rusa is bringing to mind lake Rosseau of the last update, where one of the special events was my DIVING for wrenches days before my first date with Lorraine, the one I had bumped into, by an act of God, at the Finch bus station when I was there (on a bus) with Diane and Joe Oullette!!! That is amazing, especially as Dives' are listed with Dine's/Diens, first found in Sussex with Diane's/Deans/Deins. It was the second-last time I saw Lorraine, and the last time was in VAUGHN county. Moses liners were lords of Vychan, the namers of Vaughns.

I claim that Moses was named after Mus, and Moses-related Mostyn is in Whitford while Withfords/Whitfords were first found in Renfrewshire with MontGOMERys, who in turn have more Masci fleur while Masci's were from Meshech, brother of Gomer, the tribes of which are both in Ezekiel 38 with Rosh. Rosseau's share the lion of Masons/Massins who in turn love the Speers, kin of Rosh-connectable Roets and first found in Renfrewshire and sharing the Tatton and Diane/Dean crescents. Roets, sharing the tree with Masseys/Masse's, were a branch of Rothschilds, and Rothes is on the Spey river suspect with the Speyer variation of Speers.

Keiths were Catti from the Chatti of the Hesse area, and the "His" motto term Niles'/Neilsons must be for the Hiss variation of Hesse's, the one's sharing the Coat of Needle's/Nadlers, first found in Shropshire with Meschins, Moses', and Viking-like Vychans. Vikings were Rus. Moses' have the Mostyns, lords of Vychan. Needle-like Needs/Neems/Name's have the solid chevron of Niles'/Neilsons in colors reversed. Nadler-like Natts/Nathans share the escutcheon of Mascal-related Saddocks/SedgeWICKs.

I don't know whether the book of Ezekiel was considered part of Scripture in Jesus' days because nobody in the New Testament quotes from it. If Ezekiel 38 is Inspired, then we'd expect the invasion of Israel by an anti-Christ somehow connected to ancient Gog and Meshech in Armenia. Armenia today is named after the ancient Armenian god, Hayk, the apparent namers of Hyksos.

I can't be sure whether the "Ubique" motto term of Withfords is for the Biggs, but the latter share the border-with-fleur of English Marks, both first found in Essex with MUSchats and Peks. Muschats were resolved as a Mus-Catti merger. Peks (share Mostyn chevron) share the patee (different colors) with the Mose's/Moss' who have the Rusa-like Rose's in their motto, and wow, just realized: the Mose/Moss quadrants are in the illegal gold-silver colors of the Niles/Neilson Shield. This tends to affirm that Peks are from Moesia's Pek river, especially as Moses' are Moesens too. Aha: Peaks share the patee of Dives'/Dine's. Plus, what a great place to befall that thing, for Peaks happen to share eight gold fleur-de-lys as a border with English Marks! As was said, when not taking the boat to lake Rosseau, I's take it to lake MUSKoka! Incredible. In fact, several times I would take the boat directly from Rosseau to lake Muskoka (they connect).

Rick and Carolyn

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWIE. As the two lakes connect only at Port Carling, I only just-now checked Carlings to find them sharing the very-complicated Keen Coat and motto!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why would God do this? What's with lake Rosseau that should connect with Hyksos? I think I can see the line of king Rusa. Aha! Carling-like Carls share the pomegranate with French Crispins while English Crispins almost have the Coat of Vackers/Vachons (Apachnas suspects), and French Crispins were first found in Lorraine. There's always a surprising heraldic link when I'm on the right track. Vachons share the giant Bach/Back steer, though in both the colors of the giant lion of Carl-like Carols (erect sword). Carlings are also Carolyns.

As Ricks were in Lorraine, it recalls Carolyn, teen girlfriend of Rick Young, on whose driveway Vince Pierce punched Kepke (I don't remember what age I was) about the time Rick was with Carolyn (when I was 17/18). This was a topic of the last update because Vince was one of the workers with me at lake Rosseau, and his partner had punched me in the face at age 12.

I don't want to tell the following story because I'm not happy with what I did. On the night that I threw a party for the youth at Knob Hill Farms at 17/18, I found myself somehow on Union street in Gormley, in front of the Graffs, with Carolyn. It's the only reason I remember her (though we knew each other before that night). I remember trying to get a kiss out of her, with she half-inviting me, but then she refused...because, I assume, she was Rick's new girl. I falter here to say that this was God's will, but it looks like it is because I trace "Young" and their June / Jeune branches to the Una (Oeneus) river, home of the Maezaei. As I said, I was trying to kiss her on Una-like Union street, and there is a Union/Anion surname. Union street is in Gormley, and Gormleys essentially have the Coat of French Charles' (i.e. like "Carolyn / Carl") in colors reversed. The mouth of the Una is near Servitium, where we can expect proto-Niles'/Neilsons.

I've said it before, I'm not lying, that Rick's father was Cal, short for CALVin, and so I might assume that Calvins (share Meschin scallops) were Calvary branch i.e. from Moses-line Hyksos. Carlings/Carolyns use the calvary symbol, believe it or not. And English Calvins (Face cross in colors reversed) share the full motto of Face's, which includes "vinces"!!! Vince Pierce (or could have been "Pearce") punched Kepke in the FACE!!!! ASTOUNDING. The last time I saw Rick was at my age 20, and so Kepke got punched between my age 18 and 20 while he was with Miss Peare. Do the Graffs/Graffens/Gravs apply to this Hyksos picture? Why was I hoping to KISS Carolyn in front of the Graff home? Ahh, the answer came to me as I wrote "I trace Cravens/GRAVens to," and just as I was about to say "to Croatia, location of the Una river," I remembered that Ricks have a colors reversed version of the Craven/Graven Coat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! INCREDIBLE. Croatians were KRVati, like "CRAVen," which is why I trace Ricks to Croatia's Rijeka/Reka/Rika at the northern end of Istria.

It wasn't far above that a Sturs / Asters/Ister trace was suggested to "Istria," and so note this from the Rick write-up: "Rixon is a village near STURminster Newton in Dorset." Ricks even use a Graff-like griffin. So, God set me up with Carolyn at the Graff street-front when she was with Rick Young, but wouldn't let me kiss her. Rick was probably born, Richard, and the French Richards who happen to shares the giant Graff/Graffen/Grav lion were at "Aboncourt in Lorraine..." Aboncourts use a giant eagle in Lorraine-eagle color, and so the Aboncourts have the Piast eagle.

When I bought the boat, I was driving a SAFARI VAN and towing it with it. SAFFER/Savarys, with a "mois" motto term, share gold UNIcorn heads with Pierce's, and the uniCORN is likely code for Una-river liners merged with the neighboring CERAUNii Illyrians...who I think named Croatians. MOISE's/Moissens (Burgundy), like the Moses'/Moesens, happen to share the Coat of poison-like Poussins. It's amazing because we just crossed the Graffs/GRAFFENs, the pointer to the poisonous graphene oxide found in Pfizer vaccines. It begs where Carolyns are somehow a pointer to vaccines. In fact, the Carling/Carolyns (Keen Coat exactly) share the white Keon fish, and while Keons (Neil kin) come up as McCAINs, Cains/Kane's have more white fish as well as sharing the red Neil estoile. The point is, entering "Kane" gets Khyan-like Kayne's with white-on-green fish, the color of the FISSER/Visser fish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I did not enter the CERAUNii into this paragraph due to their similarity to CORONA virus, but look at how it fits. Is this why God pointed to the Una river with Carolyn's boyfriend, or with my being with her at the Graffs, because Ceraunii lived on the Una too, with my Maezaei bloodline?

Ahh, look at "Ceraun," and turn the 'u' to a 'v', which is what the Romans did, to get "Ceraven." The Graffs are GRAVs too!!! Cravens are Gravens too. It seems that God was pointing the Graffs to the Ceraunii! It makes perfect sense to solidify His warning against poison vaccines.

Incredible. God was pointing to poison vaccines with Carolyn, and this part of this update comes on Tuesday, the day after the FDA reportedly approved Pfizer vaccines (someone at Bannon said that this is not exactly true, show you later). BEWARE, just beware, the vaccines. Go to jail to avoid it, tell your reasons to a judge, telling him you fear receiving the vaccine. Just say that you are scared; the judge has no choice but to let you go home a winner...unless he's a diabolical fiend, and they not only exists, but some have already exposed themselves, refusing to let people out of jail unless they submit to the needle. Let thousands of us go to jail to fight this. We will force many judges to force the mayors and the police to stop arresting people for rejecting the vaccines. That's what I think happened in Alberta, for that province went from brutal mask-goon tyranny to an end-of-pandemic declaration in about two weeks flat.

Back to the Safari van. Repeat: "SAFFER/Savarys, with a "mois" motto term, share gold UNIcorn heads with Pierce's, and the uniCORN is likely code for Una-river liners merged with the neighboring CERAUNii Illyrians...who I think named Croatians." While Vince Pierce PUNCHed Kepke on Young's driveway, Youngs were Una-river liners, and moreover the Punch Coat, I've just realized, with perhaps a version of the Stur Coat, is similar to the Coat of vaccine-like Vackers/Vachons while the latter shows only four fesses in the colors of the three Moise/Moissen fesses, and while the latter don't show anything but their fesses, they can be expected in the "mois" motto term of Saffers/Savarys.

Pierce's punch to Kepke's face goes with Mike Oddie's punch to my face because both men showed up on a job site with me at lake Rosseau, and the Oddie saltire is shared by Bachus'/Backhouse's. OH WOW JUST REALIZED: the main story at lake Rosseau was with a Backhouse-like backhoe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! INCREDIBLE. The backhoe story was in the last update, but I'll continue it shortly below! The Bachus / Oddie saltire is in half the colors of the same of Scottish Franks, and Frank, Pierce's and Oddie's boss, is the one who ordered the backhoe event.

Plus, incredibly, it only-now came to mind that Pierce's share the rare, wavy chevron with Fish's, and the chevrons are not only in the same colors to boot, the Fisser-connectable Fish's share the Coat (minus the wavy) of vaccine-like Vychans/Vaughns!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! INCREDIBLE, and Moise-connectable Mostyns were lords of Vychan! INCREDIBLE, so just stay away from the vaccines if you believe God put this heraldry together to come forth from the try-to-kiss-Carolyn-at-the-Graff-residence event.

Saffer are also Savarys, and SAVARDs/Savarys are interesting where Salfords come up as "Savard," for Mose's/Moss' are said to have been at CHAT MOSS (like "MusCHAT") in Salford (Lancashire). Isn't that more amazing already? INCREDIBLY, Saffers/Savarys share the vaired fesse of Welsh BACHS/Baghs!!!! God must have chosen the Safari for me to point to Apachnas! I was raised in the home of PEPIN Taff (my parents rented his upper floor). My Masci line must be from the Meshech base of Hyksos. My mother is a Masci on one side, and a Grimaldi on the other, and Grimaldi's share the Bag Shield. My mother was born and raised in Picensii-like Picenze (Abruzzo), and the Picensii Illyrians probably named the Pek river or vice-versa. The patron saint of Picenze is Felice, and "Felis" is a motto term of Keens and Carlings/Carolyns, what are the chances?

"FeLIS" was probably chosen because Keens and Carlins/Carolyns use lizards while Lizarts/Sarde's share the six pale bars of Liss (and Lists). They are the six pale bars also of Babwells/Babels. Why SIX? Hyksos code? I had resolved that six pale bars were from Pepin of Landen, as for example Landens, Langfords, Longfords, and Langleys use six pale bars. My first date with Lorraine started by our meeting at my LAUNDRomat, and Landers are listed with Landens. Pepin married Miss METZ, and perhaps "laundroMAT" applies, for German Matts share the Pepin fleur-de-lys.

Ahh, I can decipher Chat Moss of the Mose's/Moss's: Keith-suspect Chats/Ketts (share cat with Carlings and calvary-using Keens) were first found in Norfolk with Chads (share Pek patees!) while same-colored Chaddocks and Chadwicks (both from Lancashire, same as Chat Moss) have a red-Shield version of the Saddock/Sedgewick Coat while the latter have a martlet-version of the Coat of Moses-beloved Calvarys.

Back to Marks, who came to topic with the fleur-border of Pek-like Peaks. Marks are from the Marici, co-founders of Pavia with the Laevi expected in the "tree without leaves" of Masseys/Masse's. The latter come up as Maezaei-like Massai's, and can be connected to Massa-Carrara via the Massars/Massai's. Muscats (not "MusCHAT"), once said to be first found in Suffolk with Owls, Rush's and Clare's, have red lion heads while Begga-suspect Biggs' have a red lion. Clare's are in the Coat of German Cassels, and Chatti named Cassel at Hesse. Scottish Cassels were Kennedy kin while Kennedys love the Avis'/AVISONs, from the namers of Avezzano up the Salto river, the line to Sale's/Sallets who have a fleur-version of the Withford bend-with-patees. Avezzano is in Abruzzo, and Abruzzo is where Massi's/Mattis' were first found who share the checkered Shield in the Arms of Massa-Carrara.

Let me repeat from above after finding the Moses-related Mostyns were at Whitford: "I can't be sure whether the "Ubique" motto term of Withfords is for the Biggs, but the latter share the border-with-fleur of English Marks, both first found in Essex with MUSchats and Peks." Bigg-like Piccots/Pigots use "pike heads," and Pike's can be suspect from the Picensii on the Pek. "Byggar" is a motto term in the Arms of Shetland, and Assi's, who I link to Justine of PICENum, were first found in Shetland. Assi's may have been from the Asians suspect in naming the Hayasa-Azzi. Azzo of Fermo founded the house of Este, and while Este's share the giant eagle of Barrs, the latter were first found in Ayrshire with Pike's/PICKENs and Niles'/Neilsons. The giant Este eagle is also that of Aquila's, and my mothers birthplace, PICENze, is seven miles from L'Aquila (Abruzzo capital).

My near-kiss with Carolyn on Union street is suggesting to me that my mother descends from the Maezaei on the Una, near the Servitium location (probably named Serbs) that's in the Niles/Neilson motto. Meshech of the Meshwesh kind had ruled the Nile delta. I trace Kiss'/Cush's to the mother of Laevillus, king of Cetis in Cilicia whose wife, Miss Bassus, is to the Bessin and Meschins thereof. I saw the Bassus as "Bassianus," and then emperor SEVERus (like "Saffer") married Domna Bassianus, sister to Julia Maesa. The latter was wife to Julius AVITus, the line to Vita's in the Saffer motto. Vita's share the annulet of Saviours/Severs/Savers, suggesting the Sava/Save river and Shawia Numidians, and then there was queen Kenza of Aures in the land of Shawia, whose name is like "Kennati."

Kennedys were from the Kennati priests of Cetis, and Cilicia was the location of KIZZUWATna, like "Heka KHASEWET," an alternative name for Hyksos. Kizzu-like Kiss'/Cush's were a branch of Cassel- / Cassey-like Cass'/Cash's, and while Irish Caseys share the Cassel / Kennedy chevron, Scottish Casseys were first found in Lanarkshire with Biggs-like Biggars. The Beggs, suspect from Begga, daughter of Apophis-liner Pepin of Landen (husband of Itta of Metz), share the red-on-white crescents crossed several times above. The giant 'A' on the Begg Coat is suspect with Arnold of Metz, and I asked Lorraine for our first date at her BUS stop at Yonge and Arnold, an intersection that was also Yonge and Lorne across the street, and Lorne's are in the write-up of Lanarks/LURNachs who share the BUS cinquefoil. Yonge's/Youngs were Una-river liners, and Scottish Yonge's/Youngs happen to share the three piles of Laevillus-line Leavells. If all of this is coming out of a near-kiss with Carolyn, imagine what more might have come forth if she had let me kiss her. But for Rick Young...

The Backhoe Mystery

A couple of weeks before asking Lorraine for the date, I blurted to her, "I'm GOING to marry you," and where this was a topic of last update, I realized that Goings are listed with Gows/McGoo's, first found in Inverness-shire with Beggs! I didn't catch that in the last update. Begger/Begets share the Coat of Pepoli's. I would not have been home in time from Rosseau to ask Lorraine (she pointed to Pepin of Landen in multiple ways) on my birthday, which was necessary to do so on that day, had my boss not been almost killed (see "backhoe" last update for that story), and so I assume God arranged for the backHOE accident for getting me home in time. It can now be added that while one Rosseau Coat is that of Oullette-connectable Cressents, the latter have variations like the Crate's/Crait's ("FortituDINE") who in turn were first found in Inverness-shire too, while sharing the HOE / Marry / Russell / Rosso lion. "I'm GOING to MARRY you."

[Now that the backhoe looks to apply to Bachus'/Bakehouse's, I think it's worth mentioning here my claim that God once pointed (through Miss Hicks) to Jim Bachus, who played Thurston Howell on Gilligan's Island. Howells are expected with the Owls/Howls to which Oullette's link, and this same Jim Bachus was the voice for Mr. Magoo (old cartoon character). We just crossed the McGoo's in the same paragraph with the backhoe and Oullette's.]

The Hoe's are included because my boss was almost killed when his boss, FRANK, put Begg-like bags of pink insulation into the bucket of a backHOE because he had to put whatever he had on hand into the bucket to get a STEEL BEAM higher, for the backhoe on its own would not raise the beam high enough...unless something were added into the bucket to add height to it. Can you imagine what a dork Frank was to do this? So the beam was sitting on several cushiony bags of insulation, but by their being an unstable cushion, the beam slid off the bucket, down the BOOM, and almost sliced my boss in half in the SEAT of the BACKhoe. I almost missed it: Beams were also BeaMETZ's at BeauMETZ!!! The BEAmetz variation can indicate that they were Bee liners, perhaps of the "Be" motto term of Bracebridge's.

The Beams -- sharing the Hoe lion, the red hand of Nile's/Neilsons, and the Begg crescent -- are like the Boem variation of Booms, and the Boems can be gleaned as Bohemians while German Franks were first found in Bohemia. Frank put the bags into the bucket to raise the STEEL beam. That works. English Steels share the checks of Beggers! It now works even better, and German Steels share the Bert/Berta griffin while this backhoe event assured I'd be asking Lorraine for our first date on my BIRTHday. English Berts are Births too.

I've known for years that the Cedes variation of Seats is in the Steer motto term, "cede," and Apachnas-suspect Bachs/BACKs use a steer! The BACKhoe. INCREDIBLE. As I said, I had to HITCH-HIKE home because my boss left on Saturday, but I decided to stay. Hitch's and Hike's are Hiches / Hykes liners i.e. from the Hyksos that named Apachnas, but also Apophis/Apepi, the line to Beggs and Beggers! Plus, as was said in the last update, Bags share the cinquefoils of Buckets. The bags were in the BUCKet. Hitch's/Hiches' were first found in BUCKinghamshire, and Hike's/Hykes'/Hacks share the scallops of Meshech-line Meschins. Hoe's are listed with Keoghs, and may have named Keons (from Owens), kin of Neils (Nile-river suspects) who in turn share both the Hoe/Keogh lion and hand.

The proto-Bohemian Boii may have been from the BIAini of Lake Van, for "ini" is a suffix. Lake Van is in Armenia, the god of which was Hayk. So, God caused me to hitch-hike home as a pointer to these things, and frankly I have no idea why He wants to points to Hyksos, unless his end-time showdown with the nasty globalist fat-cats is a Hyksos bloodbath that God's been aching to unleash for centuries. He was so passionate about the Winepress of Wrath that He couldn't resist a precursor at the Red Sea.

More: in this Rosseau picture, it seems that God is indicating that the ancient Nairi of Lake Van named the Naro river, for it's also the NERETva while Nerets share the Rosseau / Cressent Coat!!! Thus, Rosseau's look like they are from king Rusa of Lake Van. The Cressents are also Craits, as are the Crate's/Craths who have wrath-like Raths in their write-up. Crate's/Craths were first found NAIRnshire, where Rats/Rate's were first found. Making sense? German Raths (like the DORis Coat), whom I'm not familiar with, have the left-leaning bend of Jewish Roters/Rothchilds, kin of Keens. I was saying for years that the Nairi-like Neuri of Ukraine were in cahoots with the Roxolani = ROS-Alans of Ukraine, and tracing them back to king Rusa. Rate's are likely in the "SpeRATE" motto term of Blands/BLINDs. I'll jot down that Mr. Magoo was half-blind while Gows/McGoo's were first found beside Nairnshire.

As was said, I bought a Doral boat, and took it out 75-percent of the time to lake Rosseau, decades after the hitch-hike-from-Rosseau event. The Doral lion, looking like it's the Rosseau lion in colors reversed, is the lion of Irish Doors, suspect from the Daorsi on the Neretva river. It tends to explain why Russells were first found in DORset.

The Alans had lived around Tanais (north of Armenia), the line to Tanis in the Nile delta that became a Hyksos city. It's therefore possible that Hyksos were part Alans, which can explain the translation of the Hicks motto phrase, "Tout en," as Alan-like "All in." The Hicks fesse is colors reversed from the Alan fesse. Alans of Dol were in cahoots with Pollocks, and Jewish Pollocks share the Coat, essentially, of Doris'.

I bought the boat for my teen kids. We got ourselves a giant tube for tubing on lake Rosseau, and Meshech are paired in Ezekiel 38 with TUBal. It was an O'Brien brand tube, and French Brians are said to be from Alans of Brittany.

The Ardiaei of the Neretva are the line to the Arduinici marriage to Doria's, and to Arthurs, and to mythical king Arthur. The latter was given the red-dragon symbol of Wales, and the Welsh are thought to be from Cimmerians, who were anciently thought to be from Gomer, brother of Meshech and Tubal.

Picenum was probably named by the Picensii Moesians on the Pek river (see them on this map), I link Justine of Picenum to the Assi's, and they can be from the Hayasa-Azzi of Armenia.

Back to the Kennati of Cetis, at the TRACHeitis river. If a people there became the Tracks/Tricks and Drigs (Cumbria, beside first-known Lorraine's), then we might ask why they use the Lorraine lions. The Astys use the same giant lion, and were first found in Lanarkshire with Lorne-related Lanarks/Lurnachs. The Kennati were priests of Jack-like Ajax, and while Scottish Jacks were first found beside Lanarkshire, English Jacks/Jacques share the scallops of Poissons/Poissins. The latter share the dolphin with Scottish Kennedys, first found in Ayrshire with the Varns sharing the scallops of Jack-branch Joke's. The latter have an item inside a CROWN, which I've argued is a symbol of the Ceraunii. Corons and Corona's use crowns. Irish Kennedys were first found Tipperary while more dolphins are with Tippers, first found in CORNwall, named by Ceraunii-line Cornovii. Another dolphin is used by the Hollys in the holly of Scottish Jacks.

Wow, I have just stumbled on proof that the NIH, led by FRANCIS Collins, can be pointed to by the NIGH variation of Noye's, for the latter share the crosslets of Tippers (Cornwall, same as Nigh's/Noye's) while Tippers are in the colors and format of Scottish Francis'! Irish Hollys are listed with Collins-like Cullins', and Hollys/Cullins' share the garb of Withfords/Whitfords, first found in Renfrewshire with Scottish Jacks and the Pollocks who were named after Pollok, itself related to Pola in Istria (Croatia). English Jacks/Jacques were first found in Yorkshire with Craven, and with the Keppochs likewise having the Holly/Cullins garb.

The amazing thing here is that while Mostyn is in Whitford (Wales), Mustans have a different-colors version of the French Jacques Coat, and while Jacques' were first found in Picardy, that's where Baliols were from who have the same Coat again, though in different colors. As Mostyns share the Coat of Trevors, first found in Herefordshire with Jays, it's interesting that Jackets are shown properly as JAYcocks.

Francis Collins is Fauci's boss, and both approved funding for the Wuhan lab's GAIN-of-function work. The Gain Coat is almost the Gore Coat, and because the Gore motto is suspect with Servitium, but also due to Gore's once being said to be first found in Essex with Youngs, I trace Gore's to the Gorski area of Croatia. "Servitium" is a motto term of Niles'/Neilsons, first found in Ayrshire with Kennedys and Barrs. GORsuch's (Lancashire, same as Such's) share the Lorraine bend-with-eagles, and while the Gorsuch bend is in both colors of the Aster/Ister bend, the Gorsuch eagle is white, same as the Este / Barr eagle.

I've found more garbs in the colors of the Keppoch garbs with Sheffields, and this time the Sheffield Coat is almost the Keppoch Coat to boot. Let's investigate. Before telling why I looked Sheffields up in the first place let's repeat: "the BEAM slid off the bucket, down the BOOM, and almost sliced my boss in half in the SEAT of the BACKhoe. I almost missed it: Beams were also BeaMETZ's at BeauMETZ!!! The BEAmetz variation can indicate that they were Bee liners, perhaps of the "Be" motto term of Bracebridge's." Here's from the last update: "But one end of the beam hit a SCAFFOLD, to break the slide on one side of him, and my boss got away without injury, though it was that close." I noticed that "scaffold" is like the BeSCHEFFel variation of Baschs', and they are to topic as per the medallion at Bracebridge's Food BASICs. I then looked for a Scheffel / scaffold-like surname and came to Sheffields sharing the Basch/Bescheffel chevron.

[Insert -- WOW, days after writing here, I loaded "Fode," finding it curiously listed with OGILvys. So I loaded Oggle's/Ogle's/Ogils to find a Coat in Keppoch colors and format. Did God arrange the Food-like Fode variation with Ogilvys? Is this evidence that Sheffields are to be lumped in with Baschs/Bescheffels who in turn are to be pointed to by Food Basics? Why?

The Fode/Ogilvy woman in blue holds what looks like the portcullis GATE of Porters, and the "fide" motto term of Porters can be for the Food-branch Fido's/Fothes'/Fette's (same place as PEARtree's). German Tabers use a woman in blue, and English Tabers look like kin of FIENs/Finis' because blue-woman Fode's/Ogilvys have an "A FIN" motto. Fode's/Ogilvys were first found in Angus, and therefore are expected with the Angus lion. Angus is near the first-known Fido's/Fothes', and so as Fode's/Ogilvys lived at Angus' Ogguluin, it seem that a Food-line family in Ogguluin opted to become one of the Ogilvy variations. "OgguLUIN" could indicate a merger with neighboring Lyons/LUNE's who have the Patria's/Peartree's in their motto.

As was said, Kepke was dating Miss Peare (months after he and I left Knob Hill Farms), and Peare's share the stars of Lets/Late's while Leith's/Lethe's have a motto, "TRUSTie to the end. It just so happens that the Fode/Ogilvy motto is translated, "To the end," and while Fido's/Fothes' were first found in the same place as PEARtree's, "Keep TRYST" is a motto (of Hebrons) while Oggils/Ogils are in Keppoch colors and format. Plus, Trysts were first found in Cornwall with Tristans who in turn share the pheons of Cardine's i.e. expected to have named Kincardine. They are half in the colors of the Bland/Blind pheons, and Blands are said to have been at the Kippax location of Keppochs. "The Blands of Kippax, at a very early period, resided at and gave name to Bland's Gill, co. York " Gill was the foreman at Knob Hill Farms when Kepke and I worked there. I always connect Kepke's job at Knob Hill Farms to Food Basics grocers, and the latter pointed to Medals/Dougals, a branch of Dowells, the latter first found in Inverness-shire with Gows/McGoo's. Doesn't this set of heraldry seem Arranged?

It appears that God's arranging things here, apparently to go with Kepke on the hood of my Mustang at Knob Hill Farms grocers, when he pointed (via Allisons) to the Keppoch-branch MacDonalds. As I said, I saw the Arms of Keppoch-branch MacDonalds, with a black fitchee, and Leiths/Lethe's use one. How can we explain heraldry weaving so well together with the main props in the events / people in my life? Mustang-like Mustans, first found in Yorkshire with Keppochs, are in the colors and format of the Sheffields (share Keppoch sheaves). ??? End insert]

It can be noted that Fields use more garbs, and a Coat colors reversed from the Derby Coat while Sheff-like Shelfs were first found in Derbyshire, which may suggest that ShefFIELDs were a Shelf-Field merger. Shelfs share the cross of English House's/Howse's while Hoe's may have been a branch of Hows/Howes'. If the Basch/BeSCHEFFEL eagles were red, the full Coat would in the colors and format of the Sheffields, and colors reversed, plus in the format of, SHOVELs. As the latter were first found in Hertfordshire with the Childs, and as Shovels and Childs are in the colors and format of each other, it's notable that the Child eagles would be colors reversed from the Basch/Bescheffel eagles, if they were red. Therefore, BeSCHEFFELs look like a part-Shovel branch. We might expect a Shofield surname, and there happens to be a SCHOFField in the colors and near-format of Shovels. That's interesting because some might call the bucket of a backhoe, a shovel.

If that's a correct assessment, then note how gold bees were discovered in the tomb of king CHILDeric, the line to Childs, for Bessens, from Basina, his wife, use bees, and while the Baschs/Bescheffels came to topic from Food Basics in Bracebridge, Bracebridge's use "Be." The Baiocasses of the Bessin are said to have been from the Boii, and Boys/Bie's use bees too. The Talls/Thalls, suspect with Lincolnshire's TailleBOIS', were first found in Thuringia with the father of Basina, and they use more bees. Bracebridge's were first found in Lincolnshire, and Mrs. Taillebois of Lincolnshire was Lucy of BOLINGbroke while Bollocks, in Child / Shovel colors and format, almost have the Schoffield Coat. Bolings are super here for using eight martlets around the border, symbol in the Arms of Rochdale, for East Rochdale is where Schoffields were first found. Bollocks share the motto of Vince's/Finch's, first found in Hertfordshire with Childs and Shovels.

I'm assuming that a Sheffel-like surname got a BAScheffel variation in honor of BASina, but perhaps God arranged it so that the surname would create a Basch surname to go with Food Basics.

I'll repeat the quote above because I'd like to hit on the capitalized parts of it: "...the BEAM slid off the bucket, down the BOOM, and almost sliced my boss in half in the SEAT of the BACKhoe. I almost missed it: Beams were also BeaMETZ's at BeauMETZ!!! The BEAmetz variation can indicate that they were Bee liners, perhaps of the "Be" motto term of Bracebridge's." Beaumetz is in PICardy, tending to explain why Beams share the Pike trefoils. The Beametx's are said to have become, or at least become related to, Mr. BELmiz, viscount of Shropshire, where Bellamys were first found who share the Bell fesse, and so it's likely that Bellamy were of Belly stock because Bellys were a branch of Baileys and Baliols, the latter two likewise first found in Picardy.

It was through the brown boar heads of Baileys (Moray stars) and Innis' (Moray Coat in colors reversed) that made the Bailey connection to Bellys (Moray, same as Innis), and while the medallion pointed to Medals/DOUGALs, Douglas' (Moray) share the Moray stars. It seems that God is in this set of heraldry because Innis' share "Be" with Bracebridge's, and moreover the belly event with Miss Peare was when she was the girlfriend of Keppoch-like Kepke. Bee's nearly have the Eure Coat, and you'll momentarily see why Eure's share the gold boar head in Crest with Sheffields.

Pollocks, who built a castle in Moray, use the brown boar, and here it's interesting that while German Bakers use the Jewish Pollock Coat exactly, Dutch Bakers/BAkkers/Beckers, with Apachnas potential together with Begga potential, share the Belly chevron. English Backs share the black Basch/Bescheffel eagle, and the eagle in the Arms of L'Aquila is black. I think I'm about to make the case that an "APACHNas"-like entity or tribe named the Picensii, Picenum, but also Picenze, seven miles from L'Aquila. Note that Packens are listed with Scottish Pagans/Pings (Yorkshire, same as PINCs), traceable via PANICO's/Pane's to PINCum at the mouth of the Pek river of the Picensii.

Justine of Picenum is to Justine's, and she married the son of GRATian (Sava-river area), explaining why Greats/Grete's and Justine's share the gold border, but so do Baschs/Bescheffels. I claim that Dreux-like Drake's (beside Dreux's) have L'Aquila (Abruzzo capital) in their motto partly because Dreux is in Eure with Evreux, from the Abreu's/Abruzzo line. Dreux's, in Drake colors and format, have a bull head with ears of wheat in mouth that go dandy with the Sheaves'/Chiava's, first found in L'Aquila. The Sheffield garbs might even be called "sheaves" (of wheat), as they are often called. Sheave-like SHEFFIELD, you see, can be of the line that named BeSCHEFFELs, for the latter must be using the black eagle of L'Aquila round-about.

The scaffold that saved my boss from the beam looks like it was Arranged to open this discussion? Bellamys were first found in Shropshire with Meschins (share scallops of English Bakers), and my Masci mother was raised in Picenze. It's got the Hyksos all over it from the Mus of Lake Van. Fane's/VANs share the gauntlet with Mace's/Maceys, and I even got an email telling that Bellamys had married Massys of Ferte-Mace.

It's noteworthy that while the sliding-beam event was necessary to end our work at Rosseau in time to ask Lorraine for a DATE on my BIRTHday, Berts/Births have a Coat much like that of Baschs/Bescheffels. Date's use more garbs. Vince Pierce was one of the workers at Rosseau, and Lorraine-relatable Vince's/Finch's were first found in Hertfordshire with Sheffel-like Shovels who in turn are in the format of, and in colors reversed from, Sheffields. Vince had punched Kepke in the face on the driveway of Lorraine-relatable Rick, and Sheffields almost have the Keppoch Coat! Zikers, that must have been the reason for the punch. I think we have just made the case for viewing Sheffields and Shovels as Basch relatives.

Ricks share the Bert/Birth fitchee! date's, I've just realized, are in the colors and format of Rich's/Richess'. The latter were first found in Hampshire with Drake's sharing a wyvern dragon (different color) with Rich's/Richess'. This was the line of Richeza of Lorraine, whose son married Kepke-suspect Kiev. Keeps share the Lorraine bend, and are in the "Keep TRYST" motto of Hebrons (Northumberland, same as Lorraine's and Innis-related Baileys). Innis' use "Be TRAIST." Repeat: "Bee's nearly have the Eure Coat, and you'll momentarily see why Eure's share the gold boar head in Crest with Sheffields." "Heure" is a HICKS motto term, such a hyksosincidence.

Avezzano is roughly 50 miles from L'Aquila, and Avezzano is the line to Avesnes (Helpe river), a noble of which married Champagne, and Scottish Champagne's share the Shield of Bracebridge's. The "Be AS" of Bracebridge's can be for the Azzi-like Assi because the latter were first found in Shetland, part of the Orkney family of Islands while Henry Sinclair of Roslin ruled in Orkney. Sinclairs share "God" in their motto with Bracebridge's. Lorraine pointed to Roslin-like Russells and Babe's, and Babe's use the sun likely for the Sun variation of Sinclairs.

Kennedys love the Avis variation of Avesnes-like Avisons, and while Avesnes is near Comines, that's why Avisons share the Coat of Comyns/Comines' in the Shaw write-up. The Arms of Comines has a key, symbol of Shawia-line Sheaves'/Chiava's (Abruzzo), and "qui" is a motto term of English Sheaves'/Shaws. I had to hitch-hike home from Rosseau, and Hike's are listed with the Hykes'/Hacks (share Meschin, Russell, and Baker scallops) who were related to Chiava-like Chives'/Shewas'. A backhoe is a machine, and Machine's are listed with Meschins who owned the Arms of Cheshire, which uses the Comyns / Avison wheat sheaf. God must be trying to tell me I'm from the Meschins. But who cares? Not me. The Bessin home of Meschins is thought to have been home of the Boom-connectable Boii, and while Hoe's share the blue boar with Vere's, Masseys share the Vere quadrants.

So, now that we are on the Hyksos, we go back to Apophis, because "COMITer" is a Sheffield motto term. Was God pointing to the Apophis "comet" with the boom-slide of the beam to the Sheffield-like scaffold? One Rosseau Coat is much like the one of Apachnas-like Packens/Pagans/Pings who share the bell-line "label" to Panico's/Pane's (share a green tree with Booms/Boems), the latter first found in the Boii city of Bologna, and while Boii named Bohemians, Booms/Boems look like Bohemians of the Bone/Bohum kind, for Bologna was also BONonia. Meschins married Lucy TAILleBOIS (Lincolnshire, same as Bracebridge's). Tails/Tailors were a Tiller branch, both sharing the Raines lion, while German Tillers/Tile's share the annulet of Pistors/Pfisters/FIZERS. French Pagans/Payens share the Pero/Perino hexagram, and the latter's is in the style of the Reines' "comet." The same Reines' have the Pisa Coat in colors reversed, and Mosca's/Muscas', in the Drake motto, were first found in Pisa. Pisa-like Pistors/Pfisters/FIZERS (Bavaria, same as Reines') have a hexagram on red, and the Reines comet is a hexagram on red too.

So, yes, the beam sliding down to boom to the scaffold (my boss said "scaffold") looks like it can point to the Apophis comet along with the motto of scaffold-like Sheffields. The neckline of the Sheffield boar head is called "erased," suspect with the Eras variation of RASmussens (Hesse) who share the bend-with-fleur of Pepins/Pepys. Apepincidence? I don't think so. The Ras' are listed with the Rose's in the rose of Baschs/Bescheffels.

Rasmussens, who have a branch of ASmans (share Massey fleur) to go with the "AS astra" motto phrase of asteroid-pointing MacKenzie's, were Masci liners, and the uniCORN inside the crown of the Rasmussen Crest is probably double-code for the Ceraunii. When a crown is around a neck, as it is for CRAUNs and Pepins, I see it as code for CERAUNii. The Rush's, with horses in the colors of the Rasmussen / Asman unicorn, were first found in Suffolk with Crauns/Crane's, and look like Rusa > Rus > Rose liners, some of whom were from ROXolani, and then the flaming ROCK of MacKenzie's can apply because they were first found in ROSS-shire, beside the Rose/Ras clan. If the MacKenzie rock is officially on "fire," that works because Fire's share the giant Rasmussen unicorn.

Again, I see the Ass'/Assi's from Justine of Picenum and her husband from VINKovci, where the Wings/Winks trace who are in the wing of the Rasmussen Crest, and in the wings on the Massey horse, and this looks very like my mother's Masci line in Picenum-like Picenze. Asmans/ASSmans look related to Lorraine's, and Lorraine had the grass stain on her ASS. The way to trace Hyksos to Lorraine is via Mieszko II Lambert.

Rose's/Ras' have the "water BOUGET" = water containers that suggest the Buckets, i.e. we could be back to the bucket of the backhoe. Rush's and Rosco's share the fesse of Bollocks while Rush's are in the BULrushes of Perts/Petts who in turn share the lozenges of Bullys.

Sheffields are thus extremely important for pointing to the Apophis asteroid, and if we think, after much consideration, that God is behind these heraldic connections, what for, if the comet's not hitting the planet? It's a question I need to wrestle with. So far, I'm very open to seeing the start of the last seven years well before 2029, though the comet is scheduled to return in 2036, yet not close to the earth in 2036. It's projected by NASA to be extremely close for 2029, at less distance than the earth's circumference.

I'm asking why this asteroid pointer should be a part of the Russian medallion. It makes no sense, unless, maybe, the anti-Christ is a Russian. The Medals/Dougals, sharing the MacDonald fitchee, have a MAST in flames (or on fire, I don't know which), suggesting that Masts/Masters were close to the Dougal bloodline. The Mieske/Mesech arm probably holds the MacDonald fitchee in the Medal/Dougal Crest. As Mieszko's were Piasts while the Piast eagle is the Child / Lorraine eagle, note the Basina-like "bas" motto term of Medals/Dougals, perhaps part of the Basch/BAScheffel bloodline. It just so happens that the English Bass' are in Bert/Birth colors and format, and nearly the same as per Baschs/Bescheffels! That adds a new dimension to the medallion. In colors reversed, the Bert/Birth fitchee is red, the colors of the MacDonald fitchee. DONALD Trump?

Lorraine lived on Church street when I dated her, and Church's share the black greyhound with gold collar with English Bass'. When English Bush's use their red fesse, all things identical to their black-fesse-Coat now showing, their Coat is a lot like the English Bass Crest, and even in Church colors and format. Lorraine is suspect in getting her grass stain behind a bush. The Bustards look like Bush kin for sure, and Bussers/Bussys/Bushee's even share the Lorraine / Child eagle on what looks like the red Bush fesse, while Bass' are being entertained as CHILDeric-Basina liners. Lorraine was a busser.

Ah, the backhoe event was necessary to get me home in time to get a date with her for my BIRTHday, and Berts/Births are in Bass colors and format! The Deed variation of Date's is in the motto of Flemings, first found in Lanarkshire, and while Lorne's are in the Lanark/Lurnach write-up, she lived just a couple of properties from the corner of Lorne and Church. Why does she crop up in the Rosseau event time and again, and now also in the Food-Basics event, not for the first time (her foot symbol can be for Foots/FOODs)? Is God saying that the anti-Christ will be a Russian? Both the Church and Bass collars show three links of a chain, and the medallion has four links of its neck chain remaining. Bass' have a greyhound inside of a crown.

The other English Bass', probably connectable to Saddocks, Mascals, Keith/Mascals and Bolings, have wings in a crown. These Bass' were first found in Haddingtonshire with Keiths/Mascals, and the latter's three pale bars are colors reversed from the same of Bashans/BAShams. Italian Bassans have six fessewise bars in the colors of the Bashan/Basham pale bars, and the Bassan bars are colors reversed from the six fessewise bars of Leavells, perfect because Lupus Laevillus married Miss Bassus. English Bassans are listed with Bessens/Besants, with the Massey/Macey quadrants (makes sense).

It gets a little Putin-interesting where German Bass' share black hunting horns with Patch's (almost the Medal/Dougal Crest!!!) while Kilpatricks, first found in Dumfries with flaming-crescent Putins/Patients/Patents, have an Irish branch with a Patchie variation. The medallion was found when returning to my vehicle with a shopping cart of groceries, and Shops list variations like the Kilpatrick-beloved Sure's/Shore's, and the Sheera variation of Kilpatricks/Patchie's. As I said, the medallion was found when leaving off my writings at the hood scene of Mrs. Kilpatrick (Sleeping Beauty), and then this medallion, a few hours later in town, pops up on my hood. Hmmmmmm.

Putins/Patients/Patents are even in Bessin colors and format i.e. a Basina line feasibly of Bass', and Bessins are also Beasts. HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM. However, president Putin does not strike me as anti-Christ material. Perhaps he will appoint the anti-Christ in the Middle East while Biden or Harris is the bumbling president.

The Patch's substitute the red Basch/BeSCHEFFEL fitchee with a black one, and while I've seen the black one as a symbol of the Keppoch-branch MacDonalds, Keppochs almost have the SHEFFIELD Coat. The Basch's may have been, not Bachs, but perhaps Bash's / Bashfords/Bashfields. The latter have the Este eagle which I think is the Child eagle. That works, for a Bash surname is in a Bass write-up. Bash's were kin of News'/Nuces' and Nuse's/Newes', the latter first found in Hertfordshire with Bash's, Childs and SHOVELs. That's working.

Ainsley in Bracebridge

The other sleeping Beauty is Ainsley Earhardt, and Ainsleys were first found in Basford, which we can put together with the "bas" motto term of Medals/Dougals. God seemed to be promising me a wife in Sleeping Beauty, and the same theme was in the I'm-GOING-to-marry-you sentence spoken to Lorraine. Goings/Gows/McGoo's were first found in InverNESS-shire (named partly after Ness river) with Medal-branch Dowells. Weddings, I see, are in the colors and format of Keppochs (Yorkshire, same as Weddings), and while the martlet design in the Wedding Crest is in the Weed/Weedin Crest, the latter's double fesses (shared by NESS') are colors reversed from the same of Sleeps. Does any of this do anything for me as per predicting a real event. Nope, not at all. Is there any significant meaning in this paragraph? I can't see it. But it seems to be shaped-up for something.

Sheffields were a branch of Sheaf-like Sheaves', it did seem, and while Sheffields have wheat sheaves, Wheats/Weets/Whate's (wheat sheaves), in What colors, sure look like Weeds. In the dream, God said, "WHAT are you WAITing for, it's you SHE loves, GO wake her." Shee's are listed with Shea's, and English Shea's are listed with Sheaves'/Shaws (Wait colors and format). If this dream is only an exercise in my ancestry in L'Aquila, I'm sorely disappointed for you. There must be more to it.

I'd like to nail the Weddings and Weeds to Sheffields (almost the Keppoch Coat), and Sheffields to Bash- / Bass-suspect Baschs/Bescheffels and Food Basics. The Bass' suspect in the Medal motto were first found in Leicestershire with Perkins who in turn share the Wedding fleur-de-lys. Leicester's Rutland area is where Sheffields were first found. Rutlands share the "orle" border with the Rutherfords (share Weed Chief) whose martlet was once showing in the design used for it in the Weeding and Weed Coats. Rutherfords were at Maxton, and Maxtons use the Basina-suspect bee expected in thew Bracebridge motto. The armored arm holding the Medal fitchee is in the Brace/Bras Coat too. Rutherfords use a "fato" motto term likely for the Fate variation of Feets. Lorraine had a foot / feet symbol.

Half the Pisa / Reines lion is that of Bruce's (old "Brusi"), whom I trace to "Abrussi," the people of Abruzzo. Panico's/Pane's were in the Setta valley draining into the Reines-like Reno river, and Reno's share the lozenges of Pincs/Pinks (Yorkshire, same as Packens/Pagans/Pings and Bruce's), a possible branch of Punch's, for Pings/Pongs are also Pungs.

The Reines Coat, because it has the pizza-like Pisa Coat in colors reversed, points to Comet Ping Pong pizza, a place said to be infested with boy porn / child trafficking, and this can certainly be a main reason that God is sending the Revelation asteroid to the earth. Packens/Pagans/Pings are also Pongs. As I've said, Comet Ping Pong is owned by James AleFANTIS, and Fantis' (Bologna, same as Panico's/Pane's) not only share the red, four-pointed label of Pings/Pongs, and not only share the full Chief of Panico/s/Pane's, but show boys.

The "sed" motto term of Sheffields is shared by Seaton-branch Sedans/Siddens, and they look like the namers of the Setta valley. The Bach-beloved Steers use a "cede" motto term that should be code for the cedes variation of Seats/SEETs, such an apachnasincidence. The double pale bars of Cedes/Seats/Seets are shared by Condys/Cuntys, in turn like the Conte's/COMITissa's (Durham, same as Sedans/Siddens) and Conte's/COMITes'. Sheffields use a "Comiter sed" phrase. Condys/Cuntys are also Cindys, and they were found initially from Cindy Richardson, the pastor's daughter whose church I was attending. She pointed all on her own to pizzagate pedophilia (named after Comet Ping Pong).

Italian Conte's share the lion of Lafins/La Fins suspect in the "Avise la fin" motto of Scottish Kennedys, and Cundys/Cuntys have Kennedy-like variations such as Conady. You may have read recently how well the "as astra" motto phrase of Kennedy-like Kenneths/MacKenzie's pointed to the Apophis asteroid, for Kenneths/MacKenzie's (traceable to queen-Kenza Numidians) even have a rock in flames.

Kenza lived in Aures, and the Aures'/Aurs and Ure's (suspect in the Kenneth/MacKenzie motto) happen to look like Beam / Hoe kin, not only because they share the red lion with Aures'/Aurs and Ure's, and not only because Sheffield-connectable Eure's are Ure's too, and not only because Hoe's were first found in Tipperary with Kennedys and Lafins/La Fins, but because the beam slide down the boom of the backHOE to the Sheffield-like scaffold, and the BACKhoe is then a pointer to Backs/Bache's sharing the eagle of Baschs/BeSCHEFFELs. Hoe does that work for ya? Hoe's even share the blue boar with English Vere's while Scottish Vere's/Weirs (share Durham fesse-with-stars) share the gold boar with Eure's/Ure's and Sheffields.

To those deep-state villains now enjoying the exposing of themselves as satanic imposters, God will have a response for you, ya hear, Bill Barr? If baring yourselves is what you enjoy, don't worry, God will lay you bare with the rocks falling upon you. The Last Act belongs to Him after you've all condemned yourselves to everlasting destruction.

Pero's/Perino's call their comet-like symbol "flaming stars" while Stars were first found in Wiltshire with Eure-line Dreux's and the Stour river. The Bach/Back steer can apply to Sturs/Styre's. English Backs/Bache's (Somerset, same as the Stour river) share the spread eagle of Baschs/BeSCHEFFELs suspect with the Bracebridge medallion at FOOD Basics. Foods/Foots are linkable to Massey / Meschin liners in Cheshire, beside the Welsh Bachs/Baghs. There is even a question as to whether Baschs had been Bachs, for Baskins share the vaired bend of Bachs/Baghs and Sheffield-connectable Saffers/Savarys. Shaffers/Schefers may have been a branch, and they can be connected via Bask-like Pascals to Pasi's/Pascels (Shaffers/Schafer colors) of Bologna. Baschs may have been descended from a Bach-Sheffield / Bach-Shaffer merger (marriage). Official heraldic symbols are passed along legally only by marriage.

I see Banners as Bohemians, and while Pascals and Shaffers/Schafers share the lamb, it often comes with a banner, symbol of Pasco's. Thus, the Boii of Bologna seem to be in the Pascel / Pascal / Pasco line. Bohemia is beside Moravia, and I think the latter was named by Merovingians pushed out of France by Carolingians (both descended from Pepins/Pepys).

The Sheffields are the ones suspect with the Apophis asteroid in their motto. I can link the gold Sheffield boar head to the gold one of Turins because Chivasso is near Turin while Chives'/Shews' (Aberdeenshire, same as Turin) look like a branch of Sheff-like Sheaves'/Chiava's. Turins are also Thurins, and Basina was from THURINgia. Cool. Chivasso is on the BAUTica/Baltea river, the line to Balds and their Baud branch, and while I've been plastering Sheffields to Baschs/Bescheffels and Food Basics, the medallion at Food Basics pointed to Scottish Bauds by way of their being related to Medals/Dougals. Bauds were first found in Stirlingshire with Chappes'/Cheaps who can be linked to some Sheaves/Chiava variations.

So, with Turins suspect from Basina, it explains why Turins share the Lorraine bend, for Lorraine's love her husband, the line to Childs. The last time I saw Lorraine, she was CARRYing an infant child (in a sling-carrier wrapped around her neck). She had pointed to Leavell liners with her bare feet on Yonge street, and here we can add that while Leavells were at Castle Cary. Carys/Carrys are in the colors and format of Dents suspect in the "AuDENTES" motto term of Turins. The ermined lozenges of Dents are colors reversed from the same of English Sheaves'/Shea's/Shaws, but see also Denets (Sussex, same as Deans/Dene's, Diens/Dives', Dans/Dannes', and Dane's).

I've just loaded Carriers to find them with the lamb-version of the Poitvin Coat, in case this means something. Potters were first found near Castle Cary. Aha, the latter is in Somerset with the first-known English Ducks sharing the Carrier and Poitvin Chief! Lorraine pointed to Bar-le-Duc and its German Ducks/Dockers with her pant STAIN. Lorraine had the look of Ainsley Earhardt, and so I feel compelled to add that while Ainsleys share the fleur-de-lys of Dane's, and while Earhardts share the fleur-de-lys of Shee's/Shea's, English Ducks have lion heads in the colors of the Duce/Doocy lions while Miss Earhardt does Fox and Friends with Steve Doocy. Duke's have a Coat like the Yarborough's that Stains married, and so I think you can agree that God set up her grass stain, but was it to point to Fox and Friends too??? What for? Dogs/Doags/Docks share the Bus cinquefoil, and Duce's/Doocys were first found in Staffordshire with Stops. Is my first date with Lorraine pointing to Rupert Murdoch, owner of Fox news?

The third host on Fox and Friends is Brain KilMEADE. Houseofnames has obliterated any mention as per why it once had Meads first found in Sussex, and later in Somerset, the latter being where Duce's/Doocys and Friends were first found. Friends happen to be in the colors and format of Mead-branch Meadows. Meads have the Prets/Prettys (apt description for Earhardt) in their motto who share the stars of Ducks (Somerset), and this is getting good because Prets/Prettys: 1) were first found in Staffordshire with Duce's/Doocys, and: 2) share the lion of Rupert-like Roberts!

Robertsons were first found in Atholl, which covers parts of Perthshire, explaining why Atholls were first found in Perthshire, yet that's also where Dogs/Doags/Docks were first found who are in Robertson colors. Duncans, who share the Dog/Doag/Dock cinquefoil, have this: "[Duncans] claim descent from Dunchad, the 11th Abbott of Iona who died in 717. He was also the progenitor of the Robertsons." Okay, so we look justified in linking Robertsons to Dogs/Doags/Docks, thus making it look like a pointer to Rupert Murdoch. The thing is, Atholls happen to almost use the Ailes Coat while Roger Ailes was the Fox-news CEO!

Atholls even share the red-covered crown of DOUGlas', who, when read as "DOUGLas," look like a branch of Medals/DOUGALs. Why should the medallion point to Fox and Friends? Because, I left off writing about Sleeping Beauty at the hood of her auto, then went to town, and found a medallion on my hood. If Beautys named Beatys/Bettys, it's interesting that while Sheaves'/Chiava's share blue keys with Beatys/Bettys, the latter's "coelESTE" motto term can reinforce the link because Este's share the Aquila eagle while Sheaves'/Chiava's were first found in L'Aquila. "COELeste" could be partly for a family from the Coeler variation of giant-heart Colors/Kolers.

King Duncan, whose family married Meschins, was killed by McBeth, and his line is to Betty-like Beetons/BEE's, and while "Be" is a Bracebridge motto term, the paragraph above has the Bracebridge medallion. Plus, the Baschs/Bescheffels share a gold border with McBeths. The Beeton/Bee write-up: "Their name comes from the names of Macbeth and Bethune, or Beaton." The "debonnAIRE" motto term of Beetons/Bee's can be partly for the Shaw-related Airs/Ayers, the line I insist named Earhardts/AIRharts, feasibly from the Hardys (share blue cross with English Beets/Betts) said to be at the root of Douglas', what are the chances? Dutch Beets/Bets' share the June Coat, and June's may have named whatever the "conJUNcta" motto term of McBeths' is code for.

It appears that the medallion is pointing hard to Sleeping Beauty as fulfilled by Earhardt. The McBeth Crest even has a green snake, the Earhardt symbol too. McBeths and Beatys/Bettys both share the erect sword with Beaston-branch Bistone's, and while Beautys (Dorset, beside Somerset Roets) are listed with Bowds, suspect with Roet-related Bows/Boughs, German Roets were first found in Thuringia, home of Basina! That's falling into place.

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHH WOWOWOWIE. I now understand why Earhardt is a part of the medallion. For this, we go to the German Bessens (not "Bessin") who share the sword-and-arm of Bessins/Beastons, and in the meantime English Bessens share the Massey/Macey quadrants, to be expected because Massey liners were in the Bessin. The German Bessens add an arm with a CLUB, and both arms are coming out of a crown to indicate the Ceraunii, beside the Maezaei, perfect. The Clubs/Clobbes' were first found in Cheshire with Masseys/Maceys, and they are in Child colors and format because they are from "Clovis," son of Basina!!! Wait for it: Clubs/Clobbes' were first found in Cheshire with the Ceraunii-like Corons/CORONA's, and the latter's crown is in the colors of the Bessen crown.................MEANING that God is pointing to Ainsley Earhardt, DEMANDING that she cease from pushing poisonous vaccines, or she will suffer great loss with God while winning great points with dastardly Murdoch. This is what God must be saying with this pointer. He didn't make this pointer to say that vaccines are good.

The last time I saw Lorraine, with child, she was carrying the child in a sack with straps around her neck. I didn't know it was called a sling until today, and Slings happen to use a "vulture," symbol of death. She was in vaccine-like Vaughn on that day. Faughns are a branch of Fauci-like Faucets (not to mention "Fox"). Steve Doocy, the last time I saw him, was the gambling donkey, pushing vaccines like a man without a soul, and Ainsley needs to overcome his insistence to do so. Corons/Corona's are also Coroners. Italian Corons/Corona's (same crown) were first found in Tarvisium, what I think named Tarves, where Chivasso-line Chives'/Shewas' were first found. Chivasso is on the Bautica! Irish Shaws/Shews/Sheaves' use a hind while Hinds have the Beeton/Bee Coat in white.

Perrys probably use a hind too because Parrys (not "Perry") have the Hind Coat in colors reversed. Perrys share the Bessen / Massey / Eure quadrants, and Eure's were Abruzzo liners while Italian Sheaves'/Chiava's were first found in Abruzzo with Massi's/MATTIS'. It just so happens that Chives'/Shewas' share the moline of MATHIS' because they are from the Cavii of the ancient Mathis river (now the Mat), right beside the Abruzzo-like Abri (see map), and then beside the Abri were the Sleep-line Selepitanoi, near Rising-like Rhizon. To the south side of the Caiaphas-like Cavii is Arnissa on the Genusus river, and Arniss' are listed with Ainsley-branch Annas' (Nottinghamshire, same as Ainsleys). Now we are seeing a good reason that God had Sleeping Beauty, for Caiaphas, killer of Jesus, married the daughter of Annas, killer of Jesus. BASSANia is on this map too, along the Mathis river (not marked).

The baby sling is also called a "carrier," and Douglas' share three stars in Chief (in different colors) with Carriers, Poitvins, and Ducks. Poitvins were first found in Poitou with Basins. Carriers, Poitvins, and Ducks all share the stars of Sutherland in their Chiefs, and the Sutherland write-up tells that their stars are those of Moray (but in different colors). The Moray stars proper are in the colors of the stars in the Chief of Douglas' (first found in Moray). Fox news, and Fox and Friends too, are flirting with child vaccinations.

Back to the Earhardts/Airharts and Hardys, for the latter's cross is similar to the Nail/Neil saltire while Clovis' use nails, as do Proctors whom Ainsley Earhardt married. The Proctor nails are in the giant heart of LOGans, and French Loge's were first found in Burgundy with French LOCKs/DeLOGES'. LockHARTs, sharing a boar head (different color) in Crest with Sheffields, were first found in Lanarkshire with Hardys (= proto-Douglas'), and use a boar-head version of the Douglas Chief. As the colors of these boar heads are in the colors of the three helmets of Panters/PANDers, the "pando" motto term of Lockharts can be for the latter to which Lorraine's pant stain pointed. Scottish Locks (Foot/Foods colors) use an "ASSIduitate" motto term, and the stain was on her ASS! It was also on her Baud-like butt.

Lorraine with the Lockharts are connecting to Food Basics. Baschs/Bescheffels use a gold BORDer, and Sheffields have a gold boar head while Borders were first found in Somerset with boar-head Burleys/BOURLys (Fisser/Visser colors), making Borders look like a branch of boar users. Albert BOURLa is the CEO of Pfizer vaccines, how about that. I was living at the home of ALBERT OoSTEYN when working at Rosseau, and when asking Lorraine on the first date. Stains are also STAYN! It appears that God was pointing to Albert Bourla. Or, the stain is pointing to poison vaccines. Albert Oosteyn was developing MS when I was living at his place, and while I remember him on crutches at one point, I think he also used a CANE before that, and Kane's/Cains share the Fisser/Visser fish! I GET IT!

One day there was a male-porn magazine in his room in full view, making me disgusted with him (that's why I may have moved out at that time). It was the spring of 1980, just after AIDS was first discovered. "AIDS was first recognized in 1981, in 1983 the HIV virus was discovered and identified as the cause of AIDS, and by 2009 AIDS caused nearly 30 million deaths." Fauci was at that very time rising onto the medical field to run the HIV programs.

It doesn't matter whether Albert's Bourla bloodline was part of the Bourly bloodline, it's still a potential pointer of God between vaccines and the Bourly-branch Bauers/Bowers and Scottish Bowers (all share green Shields with proto-Rothschild Pollocks). Bowers have the Arms-of-Rothschild arrows, shared by Roet-related Bows/Boughs, and while boar-head Roets were first found in Somerset with boar-head Bourlys, Bowers were first found in Peebles-shire with Locks. were first found in Peebles-shire, beside Lanarkshire, where Lorne's were, we may assume. The intersection closest to her foot symbol was Lorne and Young, and while she lived at Lorne and Church, Church's share black greyhound heads with Licks/Lucks while the Locks above come up as "Lick" too. While Lorraine had a foot / FEET symbol, the Lockhart lock is a FETTERlock, which is on a Moray Coat that houseofnames no longer shows.

Lockhearts have a heart inside of their fetterlock. As I've said, at the time of our first date, I was living at the home of ALBERT OoSTEYN, which can suggest that her STAIN can point to Albert Bourla. When I POINTed with a finger to her stain, was that God's hint of a needle point? She got a babe symbol at the instant of getting her feet symbol, and Babe's have a hand pointing to the sun, and Fetters share the giant sun of Needle's (same place as Vychans/Vaughns)! This is making sense.

From the last update: "Lorraine was PANICKed when I pointed to her pant stain in front of her friend, the wife. Note that "pane" is the Latin word meaning "bread," for Bradds/Breads can be shown to be from Bohemia's PodeBrady, right down the Babe line. Cool; I don't recall noticing that before. Pane's/Panico's happen to have a pant-like Panetta variation." The implication there is that Bradd-like Bradys were Babe kin because both have a hand pointing, but then so do Bode-like BOYds while Boii lived in Bologna, where Panico/s/Pane's were first found. Bothwells/BODEwells (Lanarkshire) use a "boy pulling down a pine tree." English Boyds were first found in Shropshire with sun-using Needle's, and Bradys and Babe's use fingers pointing to the sun. The "ConFIDO" motto of Boyds is perfect, for Fido's are listed with the Fothes'/FETTE's sharing the chevron of Foots/Foods!!! Wow. "Confido" is a Bachus/Backhouse motto term too.

At about age 16, while waiting for the school BUS after school, Dave Boyd (who called me names that I ignored) was the first lined up to get on the bus. He asked to see my cigarette LIGHTER, then dropped it to the ground in a provocation. I slapped him in the face, and said, "PICK it up." I remember the words. He picked it up and handed it to me, and I walked off with head held high because everyone was watching. I think God slapped Boyd to point to Earhardt/Airhart liners because Scottish Boyds were first found in AYRshire with Ayers/AIRs and Pike's/PICKs while Ayers/Airs use a motto, "LIGHTER than air." Is that cool or what? Yes, because I SLAPPed him, and English Boyds were first found in Shropshire, otherwise called, "SALOP." So, God does slap people too.

Why did it happen while waiting for the BUS? Isn't that the symbol of Lorraine with the foot / feet symbol? On our first date, I remember nothing but two things: she walking into the laundromat, and our kissing at the PICnic table. PICK it up. Pick liners are from the namers of Picenze, right? And while I slapped him on the face, a FASCEs is used by Ass'/Assi's while Face's/Fessys (connectable to Ainsley cross) were of the Fieschi (of Genova), where I trace Fisser-connectable Fiscs sharing the Boyd checks.

I suggested we meet at my laundromat that evening because I had planned laundry that night. It all happened so fast, I saw her at the bus stop, spontaneously rode my bike to her without a thought, on a gamble, asked if she'd like to get together, and when she agreed against the odds, the laundromat came to mind. It was God that did that too, and the laundromat was at the corner of LEVENdale and Yonge (I've told of this address many times). By the way, although this was not the original point: Albert's (i.e. my) place was on Levendale too, and while English Alberts use a savage swinging a "sledge" hammer, Hammers and Hams were first found in Sussex, and are both in the same colors, even the colors of BOURLys!!! The Hams share the Fisser/Visser fish while Albert BOURLa is Pfizer's CEO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UNBELIEVABLE. The original point was: Levens, first found in Shropshire with Boyds, use ELEPHANT heads suspect with Oliphants. The latter's write-up: "Under later rulers, the Oliphant lands were significantly extended as King Malcolm (killed king MacBeth) granted the family Bothwell in Lanarkshire..." Ahh, although the following was not the original point for that quote, it's another by-the-way realization: I had read that Bothwells were from Bute, beside Arran, where McCabe's were first found who share the Fisser/Visser and ham fish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bute's are also Butts, and Lorraine had the butt stain!

The original point was: Bothwells are Boyd-like BODEwells too, and Dutch Bode's almost have the Beeton/Beaton/Bee Coat. Bracebridge's use a "BE AS" motto phrase, and I have the sense that this has to do with Beetons/BEE's and Ass'/Assi's, as per Lorraine's ass stain. It was a long streak from her lower butt into the back of her thigh, and Thigh's/Thy's (may be using a giant FOX) are in the motto of Sinclairs/Suns who in turn share "God" with Bracebridge's. The latter use, "be as God wills," and Scottish Wills, with suns, use, "As God Wills." The Sinclairs of Roslin ruled the Orkneys, location of Shetland, and Assi's were first found in Shetland.

Baits/Beeths (erect sword through a dragon) have a Coat similar to the McBeth Coat, and both use a "fortuna" motto term, like the "fortune" of black-boar Rollo's. The erect sword of Baits/Beeths is through a black boar head while Hardys have black boars with their Beet-suspect cross. We're back to Pando-loving Lockhart liners who apply because Pando's use the same sword design that could be code for Points. These swords with items at the points are likely of the Swords, from Siward of Northumberland, who defeated king McBeth in a battle. Lorraine's, whom I pointed too with my finger, were first found in Northumberland.

The Jewish Finger surname has a hand pointing from flames, and Date-connectable Flemings were first found in Lanarkshire too, along with Biggars in the "byggar" motto term in the Arms of Shetland. Thus, this picture points to the Ass' of Shetland, for I pointed to Lorraine's you-know-what. Flemings use "LET the deed shaw," and Lets/Late's use ORGAN pipes" suspect partly with ORKNey. Sinclairs use the rooster.

The blue Finger hand is in the colors of the blue roosters of Blue's/Gorms, first found in Arran with Fisser-connectable McCabe's/MacABEE's. I'm not Beaton around the bush here. When Lorraine got her grass stain, she may have been behind a bush with her friend's husband. I doubt very much they would have messed around on someone's grass in the open. Bush's share the black boar with BOTHs i.e. like "Bothwell," and with Hardys, and with Baits/Beethe's. No Beaton around the bush here, I'm being straight as a finger pointing to the guilty. Bosco's use "tufts of grass."

We can read my statement to Lorraine as, "I'm going to marry YOO," because Yoo's/Yells were first found in Shetland with Ass'. JJ Tolkien (myth-code writer) used a "Numenor" term as code for the island of Arran, and Newmans/Numans have a motto looking connectable to the MacABEE's of Arran. It just so happens that Yoo's/Yells have a "Numine" motto term. I blurted that sentence to her while she was on her way to her bus stop, which took her to the Finch subway station, and Finger-like Finch's are in Yoo/Yell colors and format. That's looking too good to be a coincidental set of heraldry.

Yoo's/Yells have a wheat sheaf for connection to Sheffields, and an EAR of wheat connectable to Earhardts. The Yoo/Yell wheat sheaf is in the colors of the same of Sticks, and a "stick" encoiled with a green snake (Earhardt symbol) is in the Schere Coat while Schere's/SCHERFs look like Scarf kin while a scarf is used by Trabys/Sadowski's while Sticks were Traby kin. The Taro flows into the Trebia, and a scimiTAR is in the Crest of Annas-branch Ainsley Crest. The Ananes lived between the Taro and Trebia. Annans share the saltire of Yale's while Yoo's/Yells are also Yule's.

It's interesting that while MARY NIGRO, of BUTTONville, seemed to be set up with me for pointers, Yale's share the Button/Biden chapeau while Nigro's show nothing but ears of wheat. The Biden-like chapeau, as a surname, is listed with Caiaphas-like Chapus', Yale's then seem to have been involved with Annas liners: "They claim descent from Ellis, second son of Griffith Ap Einion, Lord of Yale." That looks like the Einions/Unions/Anions. A giant chapeau is with Capelli's, from Ferrara with Nigro's, and "capelli" means "hair" while "ears of wheat" are suspect with hair-linkable Eyers/Ayers. The Basic-like Baskins, who share vair fur (of a different color) with Bracebridge's, have an "Armis" motto term while Armys/Ermine's (Lincolnshire, same as Bracebridge's) have both the Chief and saltire of Annans. Ainsleys have a cross in Annan / Yale saltire-colors.

Babe's and Babwells/Babels are from Bohemians, and while German Franks, sharing the Annan saltire too, were first found in Bohemia, English and Scottish Franks have a "nobis" motto term to go with the fact that I worked at KNOB Hill Farms groceries because Mary Nigro did. I claim that God gave a hood event at Knob Hill Farms, with Kepke and I sitting on my hood, and Baskins can thus relate to the medallion on my hood at Food Basics grocers. Baskin-Robins ice-cream can work into this because Darlene ray of Knob Hill Farms was one of the two ice-cream girls, pointers to poison vaccines and Tony Fauci.

If that's a pointer to Ainsley Earhardt, it's interesting that ESTENs have two lions in the colors of the Duce/DOOCY lions, for I think Fox and Friends is being pointed to as per poison vaccines. Here's why I've got to Estens, from the Capelli write-up: "The Capelli family lived in the city of Ferrara, where the Capelli family occupied many of the first seats in the ESTENSi Court in the 12th century." Estens are also ASSons, and while Lorraine's ass stain pointed to Duce-like Ducks, they have five fesses in the colors of the four of Cavetts/CHEVAu's/Shavo's (PICardy). The latter suggest a branch of Caiaphas-like Chives'/Shewas', Sheffields, and Sheaves'/Chiava's/Chiapponi's, the first found in L'Aquila just seven miles from PICenze. I first kissed Lorraine at a PICnic table, and while a trace Kiss'/Cush's to Laevillus, he's suspect from the bloodline of chief-priest Annan a generation or two earlier. PIKE fish are used by Geddes with a "CAPTa" motto term while English Capets are listed with Caiaphas-like Capes'. Pike's/Picks/Pickens share the pierced stars of Salome's, suspect from Salome BOETHus of the Sadducees, and while Caiaphas and Annas were Sadducees, Lorraine's butt stain can be pointed to by Butts/Bute's/BOETs having a fish in the colors of the Geddes pike heads.

Mr. Bocci Ball and Velino's of Maruvium

So, it seems that the kiss with Lorraine points with the picnic table to Picenze, from which village I probably saw mont Velino when I looked out to the Pennines peaks from atop a hill I climbed many times, at age 11. Duck-using VELINs, you see, were first found in Westphalia with Ducks. Justine of Picenum married VALENtinian, DO YOU SEE? Scottish Valence's/Valens'/Vallants, sharing red martlets with Velens (Westphalia with Velins), have the five Duck fesses in colors reversed. I have claimed for various reasons, including the ear-of-wheat Bocci's/Brocato's, that the line of Caiaphas and/or Annas was in my ancestry in Picenze. It's not a claim I like to make, obviously, but it is what it is. Brocato's are like "Brogitarus," ancestor of the Bassus' who married Laevillus. I'll come back to Brocato's with the Broxton location of Ainsleys.

I always link the line of Justine of Picenum to the Ass'/Assi's, suspect from Azzo of Fermo, founder of Este. Este is in Padova, where Abruzzo's were first found, and Italian Este's share the Aquila eagle. It appears that Este liners were at least seven miles from Picenze. What's this got to do with the Capelli-loved Buttons/Bidens? They share the fesse of Butts/Bute's/Boets. Back to ESTensi Court (near Este) in Ferrara of the Capelli's, for Estens/ASSons share the boar of Bards and Turins (Aberdeenshire, same as Chives') while Chivasso is near Turin. Bardys are excellent here for using wheat SHEAVES, and for being first found in Perigord with GRASShopper-using Fauchys, and with the ice-cream-liner Faux's/Fage's/Chollens', the pointers to poison vaccines. It can explain why the same Estens/Assons share the Duce/Doocy lion, for Steve Doocy is Fox-and-Friend's vaccine jackass (like when a donkey carries the burden for Rupert Murdock).

When my mother spent the summer in Picenze, from where I could see mont Velino, she stayed with her sister and mother, and had me stay in the home of Miss Masci, whose husband was an IRON worker. Although I offered no proof that the Irons/Hirams share the Ainsley cross (in the same colors), here's an interesting story that leads right back to Ainsleys. An iron worker is a Ferrari, and Ferrari's share the Sforza lion while the latter lion hold a quince for the line of Saer de Quincy, builder of FAUXside castle of Faucets, a branch of Faughns. Already, we're back to poison vaccines with Miss Earhardt in the picture.

I used to go to the shop and watch the iron worker work, and we became friends that way, so he took me to the city, which was almost-certainly L'Aquila, as there is no other nearby city. he took me to watch his BOCCI ball game, and that's why I looked up Bocci's to find them listed with BROCato's, who use EARs of wheat for a pointer to "EARhardt. Ainsleys were at BROXton, and Brox's are listed with Brocuffs/PROCKs (SPHINX) while Ainsley Earhardt married Mr. PROCtor. SPINKS were first found in Northumberland with Quince's/Quincys. Brocuffs share the Chief-Shield colors of Brocks, and the latter were first found in Essex with Quince-branch Quints and SHEAVES-of-wheat Brooks. Sheaves/Chiava's were first found in L'Aquila...quite an impressive set of heraldry, but there's more, beyond the fact that the flag in the Bocci/Brocato Crest has a fesse in the colors of the Estens/Eston fesse. ESTENSi is in Ferrara.

I got bored watching bocci ball, so I repeatedly went to the man who took me there, asking if we could leave. It seemed like about a half dozen times, and each time he'd repeat to me, "un momento, un momento" = "in a minute, in a minute." As it turned out, the Minute's/Mynetts are from king Amyntes, son of Brocato-like BROGITarus! Amyntes conquered Derbe, explaining why Brogit-like Froggits were first found in Derbyshire, but so also were the ear-like Eyers/Ayers. "UN momento" can be a pointer to Maezaei on the Una river, for he married Miss Masci.

The Arms of L'Aquila (black eagle) use a Mynett-like "manet" motto term, which suggests that the Amyntes line was a major family in L'Aquila because Manets/Mannai's have a giant black eagle. They may have named Maine's (Devon, same as Darts), who use a dart while the Dart fesse is in the Brocuff flag. That looks correct. Just remembered: Mans/MENTs (dragon) are even in Dragon/Drainer colors! While "ardua" is a Mann/Manet motto term, Ardiaei were on the NERETva river while Nerets share the Coat of English Ments/Mants/Mantabeys. King Arthur, from the Ardiaei, was killed on Velino-like Avalon, and this death by mythical MORDred was a creation of the book, "Le MORTE d'Arthur." The MORTs are listed with MOTTs, sharing the Death/Darth crescent, you see, can be expected in the "mota" motto term of the Arms of L'Aquila! Mott(e) is a location Brittany, home of the French Henrys.

Proctors share the red martlet with Henrys, with the Hips' sharing the sphinx with Brocuffs, and with Velens / Valance's/Valens' for a trace to the namers of Velino. I ALMOST FORGOT: OPENheimers use the sphinx too!!! Minute's/Mynetts use "OPEN helmets! Heimers share the animal (fox or wolf) of the Thighs/Thys to which Mamie pointed to the day after out tent event, and she pointed at her thigh event to Mamesfelde of Mansfields, which I'll bet was a Manet/Mannai branch. In fact, Mamie pointed to Mens/Mame's, who come up as Moms, looked up as per "un MOMento." It was only then that I saw "moMENTo"!!! Is that not cool or what? God can really stack a small thing with multiple pointers. Mummys are listed with Mowbrays of MANCHE, and a "maunch," suspect with the Manx peoples of Isle of Man, is the Mansfield / Mansell symbol. Mamie had a breast symbol to go with moms and mummys. Mowbrays (same place as Masseys/Maceys) probably have the Mosca leopard.

As I said a million times: just hours before Mamie and I were in the tent, I thought I saw her without her BRA on, though God may have set that event up as a figment of my imagination because Bra is beside Monforte while Montforts share the MowBRAY lion. She may have had her bathing suit on, but I initially thought she was bare-breasted. She was with bare-like Barry at the time in the back of a PICK-up truck, an apparent pointer to PICENze, for Aquila's share the giant eagle of Bare's/Barrs, first found in Ayrshire with Picks/PICKENs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW! Astounding work. German Bare's/Barre's/Berre's even share the giant Mowbray lion!!! Bra is in Piedmont with the first-known Masci's! Mr. Bocci Ball of Picenze married Miss Masci! Picks/Pickens share the star of Pelosi's, first found in Savigliano, smack beside Bra!

Montbray/MontBRAI of the Mowbrays is in St. Low while Lows/Lowes' (could be related to the bend of German Bare's/Berre's) have a bend-with-items in the colors and format of the bend-with-items of Sarah's/Sayers who in turn share the motto, "Bear and forbear," of bear-head BARwicks. Lowes' may have been from the same that named, "GorLOIS." Mamie pointed the GARDens on the same day she and I were at the camp site (where she had the bra-less event with Barry), and Gardners with Camps share the gold griffin with Lows/Lowes and graphene-like Griffins. Gards, first found in Kent with Gorlois-line Gore's, have the griffin in colors reversed. Sauers have the giant Mowbray / Bare/Berre lion in colors reversed.

[Insert -- Several paragraphs below, the Grains were loaded as per Igraine, mother of Arthur and Morgan le Fay. Just as I was looking at the Grains wondering why they share the Coat of Graff-like Greafs/Griefs/Grave's, "ground" sang over the speakers, and so I loaded English Grounds/Grundys to find "Gundrey MOIWBRAY." It's a good place for this insert because the Ground/Grundy cross-with-five-items are in the colors and format of the same of Ainsleys, the latter being a pointer to poison vaccines along with Graffs/Graffens/Gravs. The My's in the Ainsley motto are also the Mea's in the Greaf/Grief/Grave motto. I happened to load Grains after writing on the Morgue variation of Morges'/Morgs, who were themselves looked up as per Morgause, sister of Morgan le Fay. I was telling that the Morgue variation of Morges' goes well with the death-and-mort symbols of king Arthur, their half brother. And now we can add the Grave's. Don't take the vaccines, don't take your chances. Morgause married Lot, and Lutons/Loutons share the Grain / Greaf eagle, as do Winns/Wine's (Wales) who may have formed "GUINEvere," king Arthur's wife.

In fact, Guine's/Gunns were first found in the Orkneys, where Lot above was a ruler. The Guine/Gunn Chief is that also of Cantons/GANTons, and as the latter share the double fesses of Sleeps, I think this is suggesting Ainsley Earhardt as Sleeping Beauty because the two Chiefs share the Annas / Vere star while "GuineVERE" looks like part-code for Vere's. Sleeping Beauty pointed with her sleep and rising symbols to the Ardiaei theater. I say that the ORGAN pipes of Lets/Late's (Gloucestershire, same as Griefs/Grave's) are code for "Orkney."

Off-hand, I can't think of another surname sharing the double-sleep fesses, and so God may have intended to make a Sleep-Ganton link for Sleeping Beauty, especially as Gantons have the Washington Coat in colors reversed, for Washington DC is filled with whitewashed demonism. Cantons/Gantons were at Dickering, and Dickers are in MORTon colors and format. Can this insert identify the sleeping of Sleeping Beauty with death and resurrection of Christians? Killed by vaccinations? Dicker-like Dicers/Diss' (Arthur colors and format) happen to share the Grief/Grave eagle. It's not looking good for some of us, but let's not fear. Let's do what we've got to do. End insert]

Mamesfelde is in Nottinghamshire, where My's/Mee's were first found with Ainsleys ("my"), and it just so happens that Mansells, sharing the Mansfield Coat, use a "me" motto term. It just so happens that while Avalon was home to mythical Morgan le Fay, Morgannwg (now Glamorgan) is where Mansells were first found. Mansells use a "HonoRANTes me" phrase, and Rants/Rance's are expected at the Rance river, near the Meu to which I trace Mys'/Mea's.

Heart problems, at times due to blood clots, is a "side affect" of COVID vaccines. I'm not sure because I'm not keeping track of vaccine deaths, but deaths due to vaccine effects on the heart may be the number-one killers, which can explain God's use of "EarHARDT" for Sleeping Beauty. Will the ears become a vaccine topic? Why are Nigh's also Noise's? OH WOW, after asking that as per ringing noise in the ears, Rings were viewed, both Coats, but I had nothing to say in connecting them to Nigh's/Noise's...until asking whose chevron English Rings were using, which is when it was realized that Rings are in Pendragon/PENDRAY colors and format! The Noye variation of Nigh's/Noise's were in Pendray!!! INCREDIBLE. Let's investigate further.

I have a little ringing in the ears that I almost never hear (unless I listen for it), but Paul Smith of Vaughn county complained of having a very bad case at one time. Will vaccines give ear ringing? Vychans/Vaughns share the Pendragon chevron, and have the Pendragon fleur in colors reversed.

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH WOWWWIE! Ear ringing is called, TINNITus, and mythical Pendragon mated with the wife of Gorlois, in TINTagel, I assume, for I read that this birthed king Arthur in Tintagel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is INCREDIBLE. Tintons (Cornwall, same as Tintagel) have a chevron colors reversed from the Pendragon chevron. English Towns are in Tinton colors and format, and Scottish Towns are in the format of, but with a chevron in colors reversed from, Pendragons. Hears are listed with Heyers, first found in Derbyshire with Eyers/Ayers, and sharing blue wings with German Herrs/Here's and Herzog/HARTzogs.

Ah, just realized; Eyers/Ayers are in the format, and half in the colors, of Scottish Towns! One can glean that Irish Shaws, with a version of the Pendragon motto (extremely important for this pointer), were kin of Eyers/ Ayers and Ayers/Airs because "shaw" is a motto term of an Arms of Ayrshire. One can say that ringing in the ear is a perpetual, one-note TONE (very high pitch), and English Towns are also Tone's.

A TINT is a color, and Colors/Kolars have a giant heart pierced with arrows, akin to the Logan heart. Nations/Nathans have a heart pierced probably with the Rothschild / Bower arrow, and then Bauers/Bowers share blue wings with Earhardt-connectable Herrs (and Bachs/Backs). Reminder, Ainsley, a pointer to vaccines, married Mr. Proctor while the three Proctor nails are in the Logan heart. Nails/O'Neils share the estoiles of COLor-like COLchesters, can we believe it? These heraldic links were not made by heraldry alone, but with Ainsley's ex-husband. It's feasible that the Arrow/Arras (Staffordshire, same as Pipe's) surname was of Air/Ayer liners, and as Arras is near Landen of Pepin, that's probably why the Arrows/Arras' have the Pepin/Pepy / Pipe fleur-in-colors reversed. Lorraine pointed to Pepin of Landen, and she's the one with the grass stain on her Arras-like arse. Hee-hee. The grass stain was a LONG, straight streak like an arrow, and Landens/Landers were Langley, Langford and LONGford kin. My bet is that Longs use the lion in the Arms of Gaunt (near Landen). "Gaunt" is what a sick / dead person looks like.

AH, the heart problems from vaccines are due to SPIKE proteins, and Logans can be viewed with spikes into a heart!!! PERFECT symbolism.

Pendragon was given Uther as a first name, code obviously for the Others/Otters, the proto-Windsors, for Windsors share the GORE crosslets (almost the Tint crosslets) to explain mythical GORlois of Tintagel. The point is, Irish Rings have a white-crescent version of the Other/Otter bend-with-crescents. Although this may not be surprising because English Rings are in Pendragon colors and format, it's welcome because it proves the Pendragon-Ring relationship, itself important to prove that God arranged the heraldry to point to the end-time poisoning of the human race with vaccines. Merlins even share the Coron / Corona crown.

Others/Otters share the crescent of Dickers who are in turn in MORTon colors and format!

The next amazing thing is my soft expectation that the cotton swab in the EAR of Steve Mellanson would point to the COVID scandal. Mellansons were from Milan, the Lombardy capital, and Others/Otters are said to have been lords of Lombardy. Ah, a cotton swab is a Q-TIP, and "TIEPsum" is a Pendragon motto term. The full Pendragon motto, "NOSce tiepsum," could be part-code for the Nose's, for swabs rammed up nostrils is a common COVID-test method. Cottons (Huntingdonshire, same as Others/Otters) even have a Coat like that of Naso's. Italian Milans share the tree stump with German Clots and Hears/Heyers, and Scottish Milans/Millens (Aberdeenshire, same as Mellansons) have a misery-like "Miseris" motto term.

Naso's happen to use "MILL stones," and Naso's are said to have lived in Messina, where MILans were first found. Stone's have a version of the Gates Coat while Gates' share the lion of Visconti-related Sforza's. Naso's have one fesse in colors reversed from the four of Cavetts/Chevaux's, and the Cevetta river is at Ceva, home of LUIS of Ceva, whom I've been identifying "GorLOIS" with, for Lois' were first found in Artois, which I trace to Arduinici of Ivrea, on the Bautica river with Chivasso (in Piedmont with Ceva). Cavetts/Chevaux's (Vaux kin?) were first found in Picardy with Arran-like Airaines, and Naso's were first found in Florence, location of the ARNo river. Arno's/Arnolds use a dragon to go with "Nosce"-using Pendragons. Florence is where royal Italians ruled who were related to Rozala of Ivrea. Finally, ARUN named Arundel, and Fitz-Alans of Arundel married Alice, daughter of Luis of Ceva.

It's then incredible, for discovery purposes, that Cavetts/Chevaux's have four of the five fesses of Ducks/Dockers, first found in Westphalia with duck-using and Velino-like Velins. It needs to be stressed here that Mr. Bocci Ball was an IRON worker while Irons/Hirams were at Airaines of Picardy.

I always link the Pendragon Coat to SALES/SALLETTs, suspect with "SALUZZo." The SALTo river passes by mount VELINO, and while king Arthur's death was put at AVALON, the Salto is beside the Turin-like Turano river. Chivasso is near Turin. Basina, from THURINgia, married a Merovingian, suspect with Maruvium in the Velino area. I've always identified the Arthurian cult (satanic) as Merovingians in Britain.

"Le MORTe D'Arthur" is code for Morts and Deaths, sharing the same crescent and being a potential pointer to vaccine deaths from the warlocks of the world. King Arthur's sister in Tintagel was a chief witch of Avalon. The Mort-like Mortons are in the colors, and almost fully in the format, of Tinton-like Tantons/TanTONE's, first found in Somerset with Tints, and with a Tintinhull location. Amazingly, these Mortons share blue wings in Crest with Hears/Heyers, the branch of ear-like Eyers!!! BEWARE the vaccines, do not receive them. Tintons named TintenTONE.

Note the vaccine-loaded "FaMAM exTENDere FACTis" motto of Vachs/Veach's, which apparently includes MAMie of the tent. "TENDis: is used by Scottish Roys while "ROYal tents" are in the Tinton Coat. Mens'/Mame's/MAMs were first found near the Berwickshire location of the first-known Vachs/Veach's.

[Repeat: "Off-hand, I can't think of another surname sharing the double-sleep fesses, and so God may have intended to make a Sleep-Ganton link for Sleeping Beauty...Cantons/Gantons were at Dickering, and Dickers are in MORTon colors and format." Dickers share the three ravens of Tantons who in turn are essentially in Morton colors and format. Dicker-like Dicers/Diss' are in Arthur colors and format.]

Note that Velino-like Bellino's (Verona, same as Belli's) use a bear's paw or leg, for bears are the symbol of Berwickshire, where Arthurs were first found. Leggs were first found in Dumfries with Bells, a branch of Bellamys, and the latter were first found in Shropshire, a home of FitzAlans. Baileys and Baliols, who can be traced to Bellys (share the Duc/LeDuc star), are said to be from "Bailleul-en-Vimeu in PicARDY," about five miles north of ABBEville (and beside ARTois). Bellys were first found in Moray, otherwise called, Moravia, like "Maruvium / Merovee." Couch's use a bear while a "COUCHant" lion is used by Tints. Couch's share red pale bars with Italian Belli's, and yet the two of Couch's are those of German Steels, the latter related to lines from Berthe, wife of Mummolin the Merovingian.

Saluzzo-line Sale's/Sales'/Salletts have a Coat looking linkable to the Saleman/Salian Coat (share Bush/BUSCH eagles), which happens to be in the colors and format of Lows/Lowes and Sarah's/Sayers, perfect for Luis of Ceva, mother of Alice of Saluzzo (beside BUSCA). Alice's even use "muzzled BEARs," symbol of Barwicks. McAbbe's of Arran use salmon while Salemans/Salians are in the colors of the Salmon salmon, you see, and "Arran" is like "Arun," the namers of Arundel, where the FitzAlans lived who married Alice above. Arran is off the coast from Ayrshire, and Ayrshire is where Varns were first found who share the bend-with-items in the colors of the same of Sarah's/Sayers. Sauers are said to be from the Sau/SAVA river, and an Arms of Ayrshire uses a "SHAW" motto term. Sava's/Savage's are suspect in naming SAVIGliano, beside Bra. Mamie seemed bra-less in the PICK-up truck, and Ayrshire is also where Pike's/Picks/Pickens were first found who share the pierced Salome/Solomon stars. See a fishy pattern?

BARwicks were first found in Northumberland with Lorraine's while Bar-le-Duc is in Lorraine. My first date with Lorraine involved the laundromat that went together with the bra on the laundry line. It seems that something "important" was in Bra. Sauer-like Sawyers/Sawers share the checks of Byllis-like Bills'! Baby! Sawyers/Sawers use "Cherches" while Lorraine lived on Church street! Baby!!! A SAW in a tree is the symbol of Hamiltons who in turn share the ermined BUS cinquefoil!!! Her bus stop is a pointer to Busca, isn't it? God's trying to hammer Seleucids to Saluzzo, isn't He?

The Arms of Ayrshire is known to have the Annandale saltire as used by Bruce's of Annandale, and Ananes Gauls were at Picenze-like Piacenza. The Pike's/Picks/Pickens have that saltire in colors reversed. Geddes use pike fish, and their fish is suspect in the Coat of Butts/Bute's/BOETs, while Salome's/Solomons are suspect from Salome Boethus. Her Sadducee line must have been in Picenze, you see, where I expect the line of Caiaphas and Annas. I think this is a major reason to explain why Jesus imprisoned me to this heraldic task. I have no idea why it's important to reveal the bloodlines of His killers into the end-times. I'll leave it up to Him.

JJ Tolkien had a "Numenor" code for the island of Arran (my discovery), and then while the Newman/Numan motto seems to be honoring the MacABBE's with "Ubi" and "ibi," it tends to prove correct where both motto terms are used by Baileys, who named the Bailleul location above about five miles south of Abbeville. Alan-like Hallancourt and Aller-like Allery are almost on the Airaines border, and Allers were first found in Westphalia with Velins and Velens (share Alan martlets).

Baliol liners are suspect from ALEXANDER Balas, king of ancient Saluzzo-like Seleucids whom God makes the forerunners to the end-time anti-Christ. Wikipedia once said that Seleucids derived from Epirus, and Balas-like Bullis/Byllis is smack at the land of ATINTanes. There is a Bullis/Buliard/BolHARD surname, perhaps a branch of Billiards (share Bailey stars), sharing red roundels (code for Rundel liners who married Alice of Saluzzo) with the Arms of Artois' Boulogne, home of Godfrey de BOUILLon. Bullis/Byllis is near AULON/Avlona, origin of the FitzAlans of Arundel. If vaccination entry passes produce the 666 purchasing system related to the anti-Christ, this paragraph fits. Bells were first found in Dumfries with Bullys, and the heart in flames in the Bully Crest is an apt symbol for COVID vaccinations.

King Baliol's brother, ALEXANDER, is in a Scott write-up, and Alexanders (share Death and Morte crescent for linkage to mythical Avalon) were first found in Kintyre, beside Arran and Bute (the latter was Avalon, in my long-standing opinion). This is big because Arran's MacAbbe's use a salmon in the colors of the Fisser/Visser fish, and Pfizer vaccines cause TINNITus. Alexanders are in TINTon colors and are, almost, Books/Bocks (Berwickshire), who may have been a branch of Bocci's/Brocato's. The latter use EARS of wheat, and Eyer-branch Ayers were in Ayrshire, at the coast from Arran and Bute = Avalon! I could see mount Velino (awesome view) from Mr. Bocci Ball's village (in rolling mountains). The HOURglass of Books/Bocks could be part-code for Eure liners = Abruzzo liners.

The Mort/Mott estoile is probably in the Langdale Coat. I'm not familiar with Langdale's but seeing Langdale Pikes in the Pike/Pick/Picken write-up recalled Langhe at Bra, where Langleys trace who share the pale bars of laundry-like Landers/Landens! It's pretty amazing that Langdale's are in Alexander colors and format, suggesting the line of Alexander Balas (formed a political pact with Jonathan Maccabee) through the Alexander-named Maccabees (married Herods) are through Langhe and then over to the first-known Alexanders, beside the Maccabee-like MacABEE's! Isn't that wild? English Langs/Lengs (Northumberland, same as laundry-related Lorraine's) use letters while LinkLETTERs were first found in the Orkneys, where a mythical sister (Morgause) of Arthur and Morgan le Fay had his rule. Ah, as Henry Sinclair of ROSLin ruled Orkney, it seems that MorGAUSE is part-code for Gause's, for they share the RUSSELL scallop and the Russell lion. Pinger. The Goz's birthed the mother of le-Meschin, and Meschins have the Gauze scallop too.

The Morgan-like Morges'/Morgs/Morgue's (Brittany) may be in "MORGause" too, for they have the Alan Chief with the Pike/Pick/Picken saltire beneath it. Morges is a location on the north shore of lake Geneva along with Vevey, and then while Vivians (Cornwall, same as Tintagel, birthplace of Morgan and Morgause) come up as Fay-like Veys, Dutch Veys use a boot probably because Avalon was Bute. I see Langs/Lengs with the Aleng variation of Alans, another reason to trace the Velino's of Abruzzo to the Bra area. Mamie's bra-less event in the PICK-up was followed by her tent event. While Gause's are like the Goose variation of Googe's/GOUCH's (beside Berwickshire), Tints have the COUCHant lion. Langs use letters, and Letters (Berwickshire, same as Arthurs) use a goose.

The Morgue variation of Morges'/Morgs (almost the Coat of French Julians) looks like it contributed to the Death / Morte relationship in "Le Morte d'Arthur." It seems that Morgan le Fay was a Morges liner, especially as Morgans share the Moor/Mower lion while the latter share three gold stars in Chief with Morgs. Boots were first found in Berkshire with the Windsors who in turn share the saltire of French Julians.

The Langdale write-up: "The Lords of Langdale held the manor of Langdale in the hundred of PICKering since before the time of King John." What a pikincidence, after seeing Langdale Pikes. Pickerings (Yorkshire, same as Bruce's and Hallans/Hallams) probably use the Bruce and Hallan/Hallam lion. Hallancourt is between Airaines and the town of the Baliols, and Aulon is near Bullis/Byllis. See anything resembling a warlock tossed alive into the lake of fire?

I didn't know until after the next paragraph that the Balas/Bailiff surname shares the white estoile with Langdale's!!! The Balas'/Bailiffs have estoiles in the colors of the Bailey well as the Carr estoiles for what they could be worth. Balas/Bailiffs were first found in Glamorganshire with Luis-like Louis' (!) and Lowes-like Lewis' (!!), which can help to nail Seleucids with "Saluzzo." As Douglas' (descended from Hardys) share the Bailey stars while being very connectable to Baileys and Bellys, it suddenly appears that Balas'/Bailiffs use a version of the Hardy Cross which in turn shares the black boar with Bush's/Buschs, from Busca, beside Saluzzo. It's got Herods all over it, my bet. Sarah's/Sauers share the cinquefoils of Hurts/Horts (share gold fesse with Herods/Haralds/Hurls), in the colors and format of duck-using Herls/Hurls, first found in Northumberland with same-colored, Duck-connectable, Sarah-related Barwicks. I'm seeing Lorraine's pant stain to the Pansys in the Arms of Bar-le-Duc, for Conys are in the colors and format of Herls/Hurls (Northumberland, same as Lorraine's) while there's another pansy held by the rabbit in the Cony Crest.

Mr. Bocci BALL said, "un momento, un momento" = "ONE minute ONE minute." The One's are listed with Moray's Innis', with the Moray Coat in colors reversed! The English Billiards have the Moray Coat plus, and French Billiards/Billets were first found in MAINE. Balas-like Balls were first found in Cheshire with Bellows/Ballots who share the Coat of English Billets (Devon, same as Maine's).

Avezzano's, who named Avezzano at mont Velino, were first found in Sardinia with a SULCis location that's at Sant'ANTIOCo, making it very apparent that the Seleucid line was there, for the line was named after king Seleucus, father of king ANTIOCHus. So, we now take the Salto river past Avezzano to the Saluzzo-like Sales'/Salletts, first found in Cheshire with Masci liners. This is apparently why God has used me for this task, to reveal the Seleucid line through Picenze / Abruzzo elements. Sardinia is where Italian Amori's were first found, and while Bellys were at Moray, "bellum" is a motto term of Guine's/Gunns, first found in the Orkneys with mythical Lot, husband of Morgause.

Have you prepared to endure the 666 yet? Cast off pre-tribulationist teachers from now on, and disrespect them as you would those who abandon Christians to murderers of the Christian people. I suggest you not give money to a church having pre-tribulationist pastors, but I'm not saying that as God's word to me or to you. I think we should keep the money for preparation instead, and if we prepare for other Christians, God will smile on that. Seems logical.

A book is used by Roets, first found in Somerset with Tintinhull and Tints. It all looks Arranged. Roets (Somerset, same as Tantons) are traceable by their boar heads to Speyers and thus to Moray's Spey river, location of Rothes. Bute is also Rothesay. Bellys were first found in Moray, and Bullys have mascles in the colors of the near-mascles of Tantons. The latter use ravens, the Rothes symbol, and Avalon is also called, Rothesay. The raven is the symbol also of the Isle of MAN, the line pointed to by Mamie in the tent with me, namely to the Manfields (Tinton colors and format). German Roets were first found in Thuringia with a Merovingian queen. Scottish Reeds use both a book and the Book/Bock stag head.

Tantons share the lozenges of Perts/Petts, and the latter were first found in Kent with the Lots (could have the Below eagle). The latter share the brown dog with LOTHians, first found in Pert-like Perthshire.

GOOGLE search: "Tinnitus reports grow amid COVID-19 vaccinations". The article says that about one per 150 vaccinated people, with AstraZeneca and Pfizer, reported tinnitus, but this number is expected (by me) to be falsified on the low side. My tinnitus is perpetual; it never goes away. I'm lucky that it's not loud enough to consciously trouble me, though I'll bet it gives me uneasiness subconsciously because it can be best described as a siren-like sound.

Vaux-branch "Faux" is like "Fox," and the Friends, with almost the triple Anne/HANNE stag heads, have a red-Shield version of the triple stag heads of Bebbingtons, and then ESTENS'/Esthams of Bebington's Eastham location were first found in Cheshire with BEBBINgtons (looks like Bebba of Bebbanburgs). Lorraine, who had that gorgeous-babe look along with Earhardt, pointed to Babe's. Lorraine pointed to Childs in Faux-connectable Vaughn, and Friends are in Child colors and format. Estens/Easthams share ESToiles (different colors) with English Butts/Bute's.

Mount Velino is in the Apennines, and while I see Vaughns as PENdragon kin, Pennine's (share Chief-Shield colors of Capets/CAPES"!) have triple stag heads in the colors of the three of Friends. Pendragons were from the PENEStae Illyrians on the Drin river with Cavii, and PENES'/Pennys share the black greyhound with Cave's/Cavie's, and with Church's (Somerset, same as Friends) while Lorraine lived in Church street. Her pant's ass stain pointed to Westphalia's PANSys/Pantzers, DO YOU SEE? The Penestae (note "PenESTae") were beside the PAEONi to which Lorraine pointed. The Penestae capital was Uscana, the Italian Oscans were probably in Velino (in the Pennines) and other parts of Abruzzo.

Pennine's were first found in Suffolk with the Rush's and Clare's, and while Rush's are in the colors and format of Estens'/Easthams, Clare's have triple chevrons in the colors of the solid chevron of Estens/Assons. The EPPsteins share triple-red chevrons with Clare's, and Claro's/Chiaro's were first found in Ferrara with Estensi. The Penestae were near the APSus river, and then Apps/Abbs/EPPs (beside the Capets/Capes') share the triple Capet/Capes scallops. The Abbys, with nearly the Apps/Abbs/Epps Coat, were first found in Angus with Estons Asstons. The Angus' share the Annas star.

The Annas' are also Arniss', and there was an Arnissa location (on this map's extreme left) to the west of Penestae. The Cavii-like Cave's/Cavie's share the fretty Shield of Caens (share five-white feathers in Crest with Irish Clare's and the Arms of TRABY), and while Caen is in the Bessin, a Bassania location sat between the Cavii and Arnissa. "Caen" can be traced well to the Ceno tributary of the Taro, itself a tributary of the TREBIA, home of the Ananes Gauls at/or near Picenze-like Piacenza. The latter is also PLACEntia, and Place's share the Esten/Asson lion while Plessis' share the Treby lion. ABBEville is in Picardy with the first-known Cavetts/Chevaux's/Shavo's, and McABBE's share the Fisser/Visser fish. McAbbe's were in ARRAN while Abbeville is near AIRAINES, and the latter is where Irons/Hirams (fretty moline) were first found who share the Ainsley cross.

Place's (Norfolk, same as ear-of-wheat Wheats) are also Plais' while Baez's list Pelaiz's while Bash's are also Baesh's while the Basford location of Ainsleys is of Bashford/Basfords. It is JUST INCREDIBLE that Bashfords/Basfords share the Este / Aquila (and Barr) eagle.

The Barrs can apply because Mr. Bocci Ball, as I call him, lived beside the only bar in his village, which had a bocci arena in the back yard. Eyers/Ayers/Airs were an Ayer branch, first found in Ayrshire with Barrs and Hairs (recalls the Capelli's of ESTensi Court), and Hairs have a Coat fairly reflective of the Brocuff Coat. Barrs share the Aquila / Este eagle.

Bill Barr's father was the principle of a Dalton school when Jeffrey Epstein was hired as its teacher. Miss Earhardt has pointed in multiple way to Jeffrey Epstein's wickedness, suspect with people at Fox news. The Daltons (Robin HOOD in Crest) share the Coat that is the Brocuff flag. The former Fox CEO was Roger Ailes, and Proctors show only three nails palewise in the colors of the pale BARs of Ailes', the only thing showing there too. Doesn't "Ailes" look like something one gets with poison vaccines? Epstein's lawyer was Fox contributor, ALAN DERshowitz, and Italian Dere's/Res' share the Chief of French Alans, and use lances while Lance's have the Alan fesse in colors reversed. German Ders' share the Chief-Shield colors of Brocuffs, and the triple wheat sheaves of Avisons (share white anchor with Openheimers), the line that named Avezzano at the foothills of mont Velino! Perfect. Avison-related Comyns (from the Apsus river) were first found in Norfolk with Wheats.

As the Proctor nails pierce the HEART of Logans (Ayrshire again), is this God suggesting that Miss. Earhardt had a close relationship (with Roger Ailes? Did the latter need to give the okie-dokie to her being hired? What were the stipulations? Heart-like Herods/Haralds share the fesse of Wheats, and of the Fore's/Forez' suspect in the Ainsley motto. Forez is where Fauchs were first found who share the thistle (different color) with Robins, and French Robins share the white pheon with Pilate's while Mont Pilat is near the Forez mountains. Pontius Pilate sent Jesus to king Herod. Red martlets are used by Bash's while BASford of BROXton is where Ainsleys were first found, and Bash's happen to share the solid chevron of Estens'/Assons. The Bash martlets are in both colors of those of French Henrys, first found in Brittany with French Robins, and Henrys were first found at the Meu river to which I trace the My's/Mea's in the "For my COUNTRY" motto phrase of Ainsleys. Countrys share the single pile of Beach's, the latter first found in Hertfordshire with Bash's, and Sleeping Beauty appeared on Epstein's beach at the HOOD of a car.

Bill Barr hired attorney Mr. Bash, probably to cover rather than discover, the misdeeds of Obama's unmasking scandal. Bash turned up nothing, so far as we know, and he soon-after quit the job. Mr. Bash's DoJ territory covered San Antonio, where Ainsley Earhardt worked prior to being hired by Fox. So, God gave me an unpleasant experience in L'Aquila to point to Earhardt thingies, I wonder why.

As I've said, I was fond of going into the chicken house beside Mr. Bocci Ball's metal shop. The chicken house was between the shop and the bocci arena, for the shop was at the rear of his home. I was elected to fetch eggs regularly for the family, and this must be for getting us to the Eggs, an apparent branch of Ice's/Ecco's who pointed to ECOhealth Alliance, Fauci's partner in Wuhan crimes. The Ice/Ecco trefoils are shared by Picenze-like Pike's, and the giant Egg eagle is colors reversed from the Manets/Mannai's in the motto of the Arms of L'Aquila. Mr. Bocci Ball married Miss Masci, and Masci-branch Masseys/Maceys were first found in Cheshire with Eggs.

Ice's/Ecco's were first found in Pomerania with hen-like Hahns and Trumps. I took the eggs from hens. Stephen Hahn was chief of the FDA (controlled COVID murders) under Trump's government (they both failed to administer drugs that cured COVID if given in-time). Trumps are also Tromps, probably the namers of Val Trompia at lake GARDa, and German Gardners have a good reflection of the Egg/EDGE Coat. The ADIGE river flows past lake Garda into the land of the Veneti, where Merovingians derived who named CHILDeric. Half the Egg eagle is the Child eagle too. The vertically-split Gardner Shield is in colors reversed with MANDys/MONDays, first found in Derbyshire with Brogitarus liners, and Munds/Munts happen to have been first found in Kent with Minute's/Mynetts.

Cremers pointed to by the ice-cream symbol almost have the Faux/Fage/CHOLLENS Coat, and while Francis Collins of the NIH is Fauci's boss, Francis' share the Aquila / Pense eagle too!!! The Nih-like Nigh's of a Pendragon-related Pendray location have a version of the Bashford Coat that itself has the Aquila eagle. Amazing stuff. The family had raw eggs for breakfast. They showed me how they suck the egg's contents from a hole in its shell, and they fork-mixed raw eggs in a cup to make something like an egg-NOG. No Noge/Nogg surname come up, but if there is one, it's a lot like the Noye's who list Nigh's. (Things were tough in those days, they didn't even have hot water in the house, but they were very happy people).

AHH, I get it: the Nigh/Noye Crest has the dove of Pense-like Pansys/Pantzers!!! The latter were first found in Westphalia with Velino-line Velins and Velens, and the Velen martlets are in both colors of the Bash martlets! Nigh-like Nigro's/Negro's (Ferrara) share ears of wheat (different colors) with Bocci's/Brocato's (Niger/Nigel colors). My mother is a Grimaldi on her father's side, and while Grimaldi's were in cahoots with Fieschi of Genova, Nigro's were first found in Genova. Then, French Moneys (look like a Mountain branch) with a Mynett- / Ment- / Manet-like Monnet variation were first found in Savoy with Masseys/Masse's and Manets/Mannai's. If that's not enough, English Moneys share the Grimaldi-like Shield of Fieschi-like Fiscs. Mounts/Mons can be of Mons, the Hainaut capital, and Masny of Hainaut is where Manys/MAINeys (could be related to Mone's/Moans)are said to be from who almost have the Levi Coat. I've never seen the Levi Coat with another surname, but counts of Hahn-like Hainaut used it.

The Minute's/Mynetts have the Dragon/DRAINer helmets, and while Penestae were on the DRIN, they are the line to PenDRAGONs (Dragon/Drainer colors). The Minute's/Mynetts use "oPEN helmets," probably as code for PENdragons who share the open helmet with Minute's/Mynetts and Dragons/Drainers. The Pendragon motto is suspect with Tippers (Cornwall, same as Pendragons and Nigh's/Noye's), for Kennedys of Tipperary use the helmet too while Scottish Kennedys, who love Avis'/Avisons, use the dolphin too.

If you were fascinated with the Noye-of-Pendragon pointer to Tinnitus, which included the Towns, this is a good place to add that English Towns/Tone's share the Manet eagle. ATINTanes lived in Epirus near Aulon, which was also called, AVLONa, like VELINo in Abruzzo. The Abruzzo capital in ancient times was Aprutium, you see, like "Epirotes," the people of Epirus. Is that not cool or what? Uther Pendragon was father to king Arthur in Tintagel, and Arthur died in AVALON!!! Pendragon committed adultery with Gorlois' wife (Igraine), and Gorlois was made the father of Morgan le Fay, symbol for a witch cult to which Nicholas de Vere traced himself. Vere's share the Massey quadrants and the Bullis/Buliard star, and as Morgan ruled over nine witches in Avalon, that looks like code for the nine mythical MUSES (all females) of Greek myth. The Caucasian Alans could easily have been at Mus of Lake Van. The Maezaei lived beside the Ceraunii, but the Ceraunii mountains are at Epirus beside Aulon/Avlona and the Atintanes.

Nicholas de Vere (von Drakenberg) had mythical Melusine in Avalon, and while she became the mythical mermaid, a mermaid is in the Lap Coat while Mamie sat on my lap between she being in the pick-up with Barry, and she sleeping in the tent with me.

It's the Points who have a "pense" motto term. With Points looking pointed to by Lorraine's Assi-of-Shetland line, the first word in, "I'm going to MARRY you," can be for the Ims/Imms sharing the fesse of Point-like BOIntons/Boytons. They are suspect with the Boii of Bologna because Pansy-like Pasi's/Pascels of Bologna (same as Panico's/PANE's) are connectable to the "passa" motto term of Bointons. Plus, Marys/Marrys were resolved with Mary Drummond, a Babe-related Podebrady liner i.e. in the Boii-land of Bohemia. Bointons/Boytons and Ims have a fesse colors reversed from the one of Lance's expected in the "VigiLANCE" motto of Fingers. Pointincidence? BOYTon-like Boyds, who pointed to Ainsley Earhardt and Lorraine (with my slap to Boyd's face), share the finger pointing with Fingers. I slapped Dave Boyd on his face while Face's love the Vince variation of Finch's (Hertfordshire, same as Bash's).

There's so much to say, it clutters the discussion. Finks share the lozengy of BEATle's/BEETle's and Bedwells. Are we back to Beeton around the bush? Did I point to a stain she got beside / behind a bush? She was very likely walking down Church street, and Church's are in Bush colors and format.

The first Drummond married the sister of Malcolm who in turn killed MacBeth. There was an historical document I shared telling that George of Hungary, father of the first Drummond, was in Scotland in 1055, two years before MacBeth's death. Points share two fingers pointing with Boyds, and while Lorraine's pant stain pointed to PANSYs/Pantzers, "Pense pointer" is the Point motto. Pansys/Pantzers are in Bourly colors and format while Pense's (beside Bourlys) share the Lorraine eagles.

Ahh, I get it: Bait-like Baids are listed with the Bauds (suspect in the Medal/Dougal motto) who share the quadrants of Medals/Dougals and Hood-like Hodleys! We started with Beautys, went to Bettys, then to McBeth liners, and finally found a McBeth branch that gets us to Bauds so as to be at the medallion event! It's hard for me to wrap my head around all that these links could be in a nutshell, but there's no nutshell here. It's complicated.

Bauds are from the Bautica river to Ivrea and Chivasso. Was the latter a corruption from bee-using Beastons? Was McBeth descended from Basina and Childeric? The last time I saw Lorraine, she was in Vaughn county while I was sitting with a man, Mr. Smith, who owned a red Jeep. The medallion was on the hood of my red Jeep 35 years later! Smiths (Crutch/Crooch fitchee in colors reversed) are in Vaughn colors and format, and this same Paul Smith was in a dream of a few years ago on crutches following a sick, skinny-bones stag. The Crutch/Crooch bloodline can be traced to Eschyna de Molle's marriage to Mr. Croc(e), and Molle's share the Lockhart boar head.

I used "SKINNY-bones" above without intending to imply the Skins/Skene's, first found in Aberdeenshire with their Schim/Schien branch that shares the Molle / Lockhart boar head! A SCIMitar is in the Ainsley Crest. Plus, Skins/Skene's use erect swords into gold wolf heads in the manner that MacBeths (share green snake with Earhardts) use the same sword into a gold dragon!!! Incredible, and the same sword with a gold loaf of bread at the tip is with Spanish Pando's while "pando" is a Lockhart motto term! What are the chances? Breads/Bradds can be a branch of Bradys who in turn share a finger pointing to the sun with Babe's. Will it be a guilty finger of God for the killing of babes?

Baits/Beaths (dragon head in Crest) use the same white-on-red sword into a boar head that's likely the Rollo boar. I think I'll go back to Albert Oosteyn, for he was on crutches, sick with MS, when I lived at his place, and the saltire-by-CHAIN of Italian Alberts is in the colors of the Gover/Gopher/Gofer saltire while Molle's (Roxburghshire, same as Googe's/Gouch's) share the boar of Goffs/Gough's. When Albert asked me to move back in while he went to work for the winter at Whistler mountain, it was a pointer to a whistle-blower, for, a few years ago, a stool pigeon was sent to walk over my septic tank that was inspected by Mr. Gouch. I reasoned that it was a stool pigeon because it's a stool tank too, and that's when I found Stolls (kin of Pickers/Peckers/Packers), first found in Somerset with Whistlers/Whistle's, sharing the Whistler/Whistle lozenges. I wonder who this stool pigeon is. I'm still waiting to hammer it down. Albert Bourla?

A gopher is a big mole, and, as I said, about three days after the stool pigeon walked over the tank, a mole burrowing nearby (under the gravel) made a molehill over the tank, the first and last mole hill I ever saw over the tank. Mole's share the Googe/Gouch boar head, you see, as if God wants to point to that surname for a reason.

Gouch's are like the Couch's expected in the "couchant" lion of Tints (Somerset, same as Whistlers / Stolls). I was one of the pallbearers that laid Albert on his GRAVE. Graphene-like Graffs/Graffens are also Gravs. Tinton / Tintagel liners have pointed to tinnitus due to vaccines, but if that were the full extent of vaccinations, it might not be so bad. There is good reason to believe (don't give the satanists any ideas) that the vaccine demons will target Christians for death by vaccinations. They may have a marking on poisonous vaccinations, and they may have many satanic doctors willing to give those to Christians. The deep state has a list of people who've revealed themselves online as Christians, and the deep state wants the latest-possible list of everyone's address and phone numbers.

There is a silver lining in the murder of aged Christians. The estates of the aged go to the children, which can help the children to purchase properties for tribulation survival.

I'd like to end this section by saying that L'Aquila can be named after a branch of peoples from the ECHELous river of Greek Calydon. The Picenze location a few miles from L'Aquila can be from a people named after the Pyxites river, or vice versa, which was in the land of the Calydon-like Khaldi. They say the Khaldi were metal makers, and I stayed in the home of a metal worker, Mr. Bocci Ball. The EAGLE surname and it variations has been traced (by me) to "ACHELous." It's a neat-little thing for Masci's in Picenze because mythical Oeneus was a king of Calydon while Masci-line Maezaei were at the Oeneus (modern Una) river. It's a Sava tributary, which can explain why the six lions of Eagles are in the same position, and colors reversed from, the six lions of Sava's/Savage's, first found in Cheshire with Masseys/Maceys and Maceys/Mace's.

The Mota's in the "mota" motto term in the Arms of L'Aquila have six roses in the positioning of the six lions above.

It can't get much neater than that, but then yes it can, for Herodotus said that Amazons had lived around the Thermodon = Pyxites theater prior to their being in Mus-like Mysia, and the mythical Amazon king, OENomaus, looks like an Oeneus-Mus mix because he was in Grecian Pisa, politically connected to Calydon. Mus is at Lake Van, and Fane's/VANs share the gauntlet with Maceys. Can it get still neater than this? Yes, for mythical Oeneus was given Methoni as a daughter, which is a real place in Messene.


Here's some good news apparently revealing that election drop-off boxes are routinely monitored by cameras that can catch election fraud at the boxes, but then why have we not heard anything yet from those cameras, until this video:

I'm hoping that this is trudeau's fall:

I'll fill you in as more news comes out on the video above. It sounds as though trudeau, in 2019, sent canada-made viruses to the Wuhan lab. That's what I expected, that liberal / anti-Christ Westerners asked Wuhan to make a virus not permitted to be invented and manufactured in Western labs, and in return for this favor, which the West would use to create a pandemic, the West would become friendly toward China. Trudeau has appeared neck-deep in this scam from the start. And I think we can guess correctly that Britain, France, and Australia are chin deep. If you don't make some rebellious noise, people, they will continue forward more smoothly with their scheme.

There are some Australians planning a disruptive rebellion right now, but it's going to be quelled unless the numbers are high enough. Still, if they begin, they might urge others to join, it all depends on how they go about it. There are many murderous people ready to kill police officers and politicians, don't doubt it. That's what I think the authorities want, for a FEW to strike out in violence so that the authorities can clamp down harder with curfews. This is going to be a nightmare unless the NUMBERS of rebels scare the lights out of the politicians.

Reminder: God said that the end times will be like before the Flood, with great violence in the earth. What I prefer is high numbers filling the streets in non-violent rebellion, over and over until the politicians cave. If it takes two months of daily street filling, so be it. Go out and party in the streets. The depressing thing is, the masses have allowed things to get this far without saying ENOUGH. Every city has ready-made street-filling masses. What in tarnation are they doing cowering in their homes. GET OUTSIDE AND FILL THE STREETS, breath fresh air, make some friends, and PARTY.

Are you all insane to cower before police tickets? Rip the tickets up in their faces. It is not legally binding to force a person to wear a mask outdoors. It is RIDICULOUSLY illegal because there is no proof that viruses are spread outdoors. You cannot make such a law on no basis to do so. You tell the judge: where's the proof the government has to show that viruses spread outdoors? The government lawyer will say, DUH...

EVERYBODY QUICK, get arrested and tell the judge that the government has no proof that viruses spread outdoors, and no evidence that there's a pandemic more than the normal flu bug. Where in tarnation are the churches? Get up and oil the shields. Attack. TO THE COURTS. If even half the judges side with sanity, the people will pin the jackasses to the wall. The jackasses are the filthy rich who say they own politicians, and they are at war with the people who argue that they pay, and therefore own, politicians. Yes, the fat cats can pay politicians too, but it's illegal the way that they pay them. They are enemies of democracy, and are tearing up your world as we speak, manipulating things to the detriment of the people, before our eyes, and what do the city masses do? SIT AT HOME LIKE IDIOTS by night, and march to work like the toy soldiers of the tyrannical state by day.

Instead of the government waiting for a few terrorists to strike so that the government can clamp down on all, let the people force the government to get more tyrannical so that the masses finally revolt in huge numbers. The politicians are trying to act as if they are angelic, but once the people force them into to being tyrants unjustifiably, out the window goes their angelic facade. That's what's needed. OUTRAGE IS NEEDED. If they clamp down on an outraged population, they will invite more outrage. Only by looking benign can they succeed in keeping outrage at bay. We just heard trudeau say that he will give the people the choice of vaccination, but not if they want to be around other people. LOUSY HYPOCRITE is mocking the people. He has no proof of a pandemic; even Alberta put a hole into his ship by declaring there is no pandemic.

"Your honor, Alberta was jailing pastors for having outdoor services while the people did not wear masks. When the lawyers asked the government to provide the court with proof of the pandemic, the government could not provide it, and asked the courts for extra time to provide it. The extra time was given to the tune of about a month. Your honor, about that time, when the proof was due, Alberta went from a mask-goon monster to calling off the pandemic altogether. What do you think happened to change Alberta's attitude, your honor?"

Below is a COVID idiot trying to put a good face on his eye-popping claim that more than half the COVID cases now are from double-vaxed stupids. You have got to be naive = STUPID to take a COVID vaccine. Instead, get a natural vaccine, and be done with it. It is illegal to force you to take a vaccine if your body has produced it's own, far-superior "vaccine". If the government won't exclude those who've been infected already, it's because there's some other purpose in these latest vaccinations, not to keep you safe from a flu.

If anyone watches a Toronto Blue Jays game, it tells you that only one of every thirty people want to wear masks outdoors sitting next to people, but the cameraman always makes sure to show masked people to make it appear, if possible, that there are goodie-good-goods still with us. I believe in goodness, but wearing masks outdoors is EVIL. There is something rotten with people who wear masks in public but not at home, even though they hear that the virus spreads with all people masked up at work. They pretend to love people they never met in a grocery store, yet become DANGEROUS, in their own words, to family members in their own homes. ROTTEN PIECES OF HYPOCRISY, the thing that infests the dustballs of trudeau's mind. He's a passing cloud without rain, of no help at all, and is hurting the people he's supposed to be ministering to by ruining their lives in fear of a super-hyped flu. DISGUSTING DUNG DIRTBALL that only gets bigger as it rolls on.

They want people to wear masks outdoors in August to hurt people, to make them unhappy, to make them feel inferior / powerless in order to empower a liberal / anti-Christ power base. There is no other explanation. These goons can be seen wearing masks outdoors when they are standing all alone 50 or more feet from anyone. At one time, they were wearing masks in their cars alone to "advertise" to others to wear masks for the cause. But now, in summer, with more people not wearing masks, they too take off their masks because they don't want to look like cowards, but they want to get the masks back on for the cause as soon as cooler weather arrives. The reason that governments mandate masks outdoors is to do these useful idiots a favor. They fear being viewed as cowards, and that's why they want everyone masked, so that they feel "normal." They're offensive if they feel normal with a mask, complete wipe-outs who must not be given the honor of ruling society.

There's two ways to deal with the "waste" of government money to send retired people their pensions: 1) kill them; 2) cease sending out pension money. What will the aged do with out money? They will become a burden on their children, like in ancient times. They will need to sell their homes and scale down to a poor house so they can eat. The fat cats just don't care. They will do either 1) or 2) or both.

Fauci would have believe that there's only 90 million unvaxed Americans. But he's lying to make it appear that the vaccinated are the majority.

Here's someone on the Bannon show telling that the Pfizer vaccine that's been FDA approved this week hasn't even been manufactured yet, and he's suggesting that the approval report in the leftist media is a trick to make people believe that the Pfizer vaccine distributed at this time is the one that's been approved:

Here's another newscaster telling that he sees no hint of official approval for Pfizer:

Here's more on the Australian tyranny, but the word will get around mouth-to-mouth to make a horrible jackass out of the Australian authorities, "good" (SPIT!) police officers included:

Australia will be remembered as the communist-pig jackass for a long time to come. There will be pay-back to those responsible.

Gateway Pundit reported Tuesday that of 27 positive tests on a cruise ship, all had been vaccinated. Of the 27, 26 were crew members. In Questions: 1) is it the vaccines that don't work> 2) is it the tests that don't works? 3) are vaccines made deliberately to create viruses in people to perpetuate the mandates / lockdowns? How possibly could crew members test positive but hardly none of the vacationers? There must be something behind this? Are they giving "essential workers" harder vaccines = more virus production? Whatever the correct answer(s), the fact is, not one unvaccinated person tested positive, and a cruise ship has lots of people. It means there is no COVID spreading, as we would expect in the middle of summer, except by the vaccines. Information to the contrary should be suspect as disinformation. This would be a good article for court purposes. "Your honor, only vaccinated people test positive, that's why I don't want the vaccine."

Here's a study suggesting that vaccinated people are the reason for higher-than-usual virus infections during summer:

The problem with trying to do a news show on vaccination realities is that one must gather news from sources that may not have the realities presented. Therefore, the video above can easily be a mish-mash of truths and falsifications with the falsifications not intended by the video owner.

This is an interesting video that could reveal a false-flag operation in Afghanistan:

I haven't seen the whole Afghan-plane video to see whether people were still behind the plane as it throttled off for take-off, and you may not have seen it either because, if it was a staged event, they wouldn't have people near the engines. When I heard that people were on the plane falling off, that's all I needed to hear to know that it was a CIA job. Fox news knows it's fake, just an indication of how spiritually sick the country is. Question: why would youtube block the video if there's nothing to it? Watch the start again to see that there is no indication of a draft whatsoever behind the engines (no clothes blowing). The plane won't be on high throttle just to get moving, but it's got to be at a significant throttle. The whole scene looks faked, anyway. People are not going to hug a plane ready for take-off, get real, but that's how the media portrayed it.

I don't trust any news story on Afghanistan. But even if 13 did die this week, why the horror when 1000s of times as many are being killed by vaccines just as brutally? The CIA operation may be to get Biden removed, with Biden's knowledge as per a deal made with him long ago. It explains why leftist media is denouncing Biden. In other words, the shadow government had to create a publicized way to justify the transfer of power from Biden to someone else, and this may be the way they decided to do it. It can explain why the Bidenites refuse to give details as per what's really happening in Afghanistan. Later, the Democrats may re-invade Afghanistan to get grabs on the money-flow to do so, or, as an alternative theory, anti-Israelis under Obama's shadow will use the Taliban's new-found wealth to give mustard to the invasion of Israel.

The CIA / military brass may think it beneficial, for hiding their past crimes, to let Americans die in Afghanistan who know too much. It can explain the slow rate of bringing Americans out. Biden has admitted in multiple ways that the military is in charge of Afghanistan, not him. He looks very comfortable with it no matter how badly the military has conducted the salvation of Americans. I still do not think that Biden is the real Biden, but a face-doctored fake, explaining why he never makes decisions. The real Biden does not look as young as this one does. You can still find photos of the real Biden online if you care to look into it. The right ears don't match.

How can news people like Steve Bannon and Stew Peters believe, to this day, that 9-11 was not an inside job, with all the evidence now available? Are they numbskulls? I've got to think that they know the truth but, like all other journalists (99-percent), they are lying to their viewers. It would go better for them if they were ignorant numbskulls. Where is their courage, their shining? You need only see the first dozen minutes of this video to KNOW FOR FACT that 9-11 was an inside job. If you know that it is, then don't bother your head watching any of this...unless you want a better understanding of how diabolical the CIA, Congress, and the military ALREADY were in 2001.

Look at all those baseball fans having fun and smiling all without masks. No problem, demand their vaccinations, or don't let them in to watch. How's this going to do for re-election chances? It depends on whether there are more smilers-and-thrivers versus mask goons-and-commies amongst the voters. There are many people who want population control, half the reason that abortion became "popular." Shame on the human race and the medical establishment. Asclepios the wizard wants to rule, but God will burn up all the grass so that snakes-in-the-grass will be exposed. Asclepios will be replaced by the Iron Rod across the backs of the wicked.

Drying meat may mean that the nutrients will not diminish over the years, I'm just guessing hoping.


Here's all four Gospels wrapped into one story.

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