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August 17 - 23, 2021

The Wriggling Spyder was Wright-On the Fly
Dennis Montgomery in the Rising Scene
The Russian Medallion Becomes Suspect with the 666 System

If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture

We learn that "Spyder" is the nickname of Joshua Merritt on Lindell's packet-capture team; see Bannon's episode 1177 at about 26:20. Lindell says Josh was scheduled to speak on the second morning of the symposium, but that he kicked him (Josh) out of the symposium, which doesn't answer why the symposium failed to fulfill the packet-capture promises (for the symposium) that Lindell made for months prior to the symposium. Lindell also says that he refused, during the symposium, to give his packet-capture data to CNN, for fear that someone would alter the data and then put it out as fake news. But if he hasn't made the data public, how can anyone win the $5M he offered for proving that it's fake? Are all contestants given only a small fraction of all the data? I don't understand.

Lindell's leaving a lot of big holes that need filling, leaving us leaping to conclusions. My guess is that Josh was poised to ruin the packet-capture data on orders from a military faction (on the Red Team) opposed to Lindell's programs. Yet Lindell says he didn't know that Josh was scheduled to speak, and so who did Lindell have scheduled to speak on PCAPs (packet captures), who did not speak after all? ???

Lindell says (on the Bannon program) that Dennis Montgomery is only one of four sources of the PCAPs. But who are the others? He didn't say, thus breaking another promise.

Here's MSNBC on Spyder's betrayal, but first let me say that he earlier betrayed Sidney Powell, and so he may be a deep-state infiltrator, or mole: "Josh Merritt, also known as "Spider" or "Spyder" and who was hired by Lindell for his "red team," told the Washington Times on Wednesday at the symposium that, effectively, Lindell has sold his adherents a bill of goods. Lindell claimed that intercepted network data obtained by other hackers, also known as "packet captures," could be unencrypted to reveal evidence of vote-switching by the Chinese-backed hackers. But Merritt has now said that's just not true." Oh, so when Spyder has evidence used by Sidney Powell, he's just a hack, but when he has a claim that goes against Lindell, he's now the big guy to hearken to. Look at Merritt's timing for speaking out, revealing that he was a mole into Lindell's affairs all along.

To be a good mole, you approach your victim with an offer he can't refuse.

I have advice for Lindell: get rid of Dershowitz. Pick a Godly man instead. There's a good chance that Dershowitz was working secretly in cahoots with Dominion to implore Lindell not to show the PCAPs in light of the green light that Dominion got for its law suit, against Lindell, shortly before the symposium. By chosen Dershowitz as his lawyer against Dominion, Lindell's just like Trump in choosing his own enemies to represent him who become moles into his personal business. To be a good mole, you approach your victim with an offer he can't refuse. I'll bet Dershowitz approached Lindell, not the other way around.

In the last two updates of July, I had a spider to topic with Webbers, though the theme was graphene oxide, not election fraud. As Spyder is Joshua Merritt, it's more than interesting that Merritts/Marots, first found in Somerset with Webbers, have three fesses in the colors of the three-and-three (six total) fessewise bars of Webbers. It immediately makes worthy more investigation. Webbers have the bend-with-fleur of Pipe's in colors reversed, and Pipe's were first found in Staffordshire with Josh's/Jose's/Goss'. Josh Merritt. But if God arranged this heraldry to point to Spyder, why him? (Load Merritt link now to have access, on another tab, to other Coats of Arms.)

As the Merritt/Marot Crest shared the black Carrick / Cragg dog while the latter were a branch of Carrots/Carews (share "bien" with Carricks), it explains why the three lions of Carrots/Carews, in the colors of the Carrick dog, are fessewise to reflect the three Merritt/Marot fesses. So, we are justified to look at Carrots/Carews too in first going to Merritts/Marots, and it just so happens that the latter were first found in Somerset with Castle Cary of the Leavells. This gets amazing because the CARD-like Carts are said to have been Carys of Castle Cary, which recalls the dream I had in which I put a piece of CARDboard between a spider and a fly as the latter was being attacked by the spider. I had noted that Flys (Hampshire, beside the Webbers of Somerset) have the Webber fleur-de-lys. Note that Webbers have six wavy bars while Leavells had six nebuly bars.

I had given theories on what that dream could mean, but was never happy with any of them. Maybe now I know why as perhaps it was about Josh Merritt. It's pretty amazing that the saltire-by-stars of Josh's/Jose's is in the colors of the Cart saltire, and moreover Carters, with lions in the colors of a Cary lion, were first found in Hampshire with Flys and Josh/Jose-like Joe's/Josephs. Flys even have martlets colors reversed from the one of French Josephs. It appears that the heraldry was arranged by God to point to Josh Merritt as a bad guy, or at least as the Spyder attacking the fly, an attack that I opposed.

Carts were first found in Wiltshire, beside both Hampshire and Somerset, and the latter is where BOARDers were first found who can explain the cardBOARD. But why would God use cardboard if he wanted to point to Carts instead of Cards? Why didn't he use a Cart-like carrot so that He could make a strong link of Carrots/Carews to Merritts/Marots?

Before going on, I'd like to show how this picture can link to Kepke chasing me with a spider hanging from a strand at the Graff residence. The Carrots/Carews have a motto suggesting Jaspers because both were first found in Cornwall. Jaspers share the black anchor with Graffs/Graffens, and while the latter are expected as a pointer to graphene oxide in poisonous vaccines (only a few vaccines are expected to have it, at first), it just so happens that Carters were first found in Winchester, which was ruled by Saer de Quincy, builder of the FAUXside castle of Faucets/Fawcetts, and the latter have been a major topic for the last several weeks and months in pointing to Tony Fauci.

[Insert -- I've been using the Grape's/Gripps/Gravs and Grave's/Griefs/Greafs as potential Graff kin, and so let's add that GRIEFswald is where grape-using Tabers (German) were first found. Grape's are used by Detrick-like Deeters while Fort Detrick has a military lab where, I assume gain-of-function viruses are/were developed. By what coincidence do English Tabers (Essex, same as English Faux's!!!) use a "POSSINT" motto term like the poison-like Poisson/POISSONET surname!!! That's an apt one together with Grave's, and it's new right here. The "Soles" motto term of English Tabers gets the Solana's, but it can bring us to Sole's/SOLNEYs because they are like the SAULNier variation of Sauniers, first found in Perigord with their Faux/Fage/CHALNES branch, and with the Fauchys too. It all looks arranged by God. Gore's/Core's, sharing the Gain crosslets, and once said to be first found in Essex with Tabers, love the Sole's/Solneys in their motto. Fauci's GAIN-of-function.

Parry-related Hinds were first found in Essex with Tabers while Parrys were kin of Parrs who in turn share a woman in blue with German Tabers! The Taber woman in blue is in the Crest of Montgomerys who in turn share the Faux/Fage/Chalnes fleur-de-lys! That's a great addition to this topic, for Josh Merritt is attacking the packet-captures reportedly deriving in the spy system of Dennis Montgomery.

Instead of grapes, the Montgomery woman carries an anchor, and though it's not in the color of the Graff/Graffen anchor, English Tabers have lion heads in the colors of the Graff/Graffen lion. What's Fauci and company got to do with Spyder and Montgomery? The Taber / Graff lions are in the colors of the same of Fiens/Finis' who in turn have a "FoRTem" motto term as proof that theirs is the Sforza lion, and it just so happens that Tabers add what look like leopard, the Force symbol. Sforza's use a lion holding a quince while Sear de Quincy built FAUXside castle of Faucets.

This set of heraldry is pointing big-time to Fauci and poisonous vaccinations. Irish Carys are also Keerys while have a lion in these lion colors, and Kerrys, first found in Montgomeryshire, use a hive as a potential pointer of God to HIV and its vaccine programs. Fien-connectable Feins/Finns share the triple fesses of Finchems and Beaks, and while the latter were first found in Dorset with Poole (and Babe's), Poulos' were first found in Burgundy with Feins/Finns. Mr. Poulos founded Dominion Voting. The triple Fein / Beak fesses are over the "gold GATE" in the Arms of Podebrady, and while Beaks were Babe kin, a "gold gate" is used by BABwells.

INCREDIBLE. Later in this update, while on DENNIS Montgomery, I found that English Denisons/DENNIStowns share a hand pointing to sun with Babe's and Bradys!!! INCREDIBLE, for Finchems point to the election-fraud fight of Mark Finchem, who could be the next attorney general of Arizona at the start of 2023. PEARtree's have a bird pointing to the sun, and Perins use a BEAKless eagle while, ironically, Matt DePERNO thinks (at this time, anyway) that Montgomery's packet-captures are fake. Perno's share the horse of Italian Forts, and Sforza's share the lion of "FORTem"-using Fiens/Finis'. "ForTEM" can be part-code for Teems/Tiems (a "blade"), whom I later point to Lindells "red team," one member of which is Spyder. I should charge money for this suspense-filled spy story. You'll see why Blade's can link to Merritts shortly below. This is a good insert.

As I point out later, Teems have escutcheons in the colors of the Board escutcheon, but what I miss at that time is that the two Shields are split horizontally in colors reversed from one another. While a skateboard is a blade too, Teems have a "blade" that I've seen called a "plow" by another surname I can't recall, and Plows look like Pillows. Coincidence? It appears that the cardboard is a pointer to "Red Team," for Reds/Reeds (Northumberland) have a "Pax copia" motto almost like "packet-capture." Plus, while Parrs use a woman with "head and shoulders," the Curtis'/Courts (almost the Plow Coat), have a plowshare "over the shoulder" of a farmer.

AWWWWE WOW. The plowSHARE. Carrick-connectable Share's are in the colors of Score's, Carricks, Carrots/Carews and Merritts, and the Score's, first found in Cornwall with Carrots/Carews, can therefore be a pointer to Hammer and SCOREcard, because Share's share the black Merritt / Carrick dog! Another black dog is used by Craggs (Over bend?) who are in turn in the colors and format of Knee's and Needhams, the latter first found in Derbyshire with Share's. Later in this update, where I tell that Packets/Pagetts were first found in MickleOVER (beside Overs), but at that time I forget the other surname I've crossed in the past who were first found in Mickleover. But here I find it as the Shore's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW! Mickle's are in Carrick colors, and German Schore's (Ham / Hammer-like Hamburg) can be a Shore branch, you see, for a pointer to "Scorecard."

Needhams, by the way, were first found in Mickle-like St. Michael, itself in Morleston and LITchurch, and while Little's and Liddle's (share spur with Mickle's) named Liddesdale, that's where Mickle's were first found. Share's were first found in Surrey with Mickle-like Michaels, an apparent pointer to Michael Lindell because he's the My-Pillow guy while the plowshare is partly of Plows. There must have been a Plow-line marriage to Share liners that produced the plowshare symbol. German Michaels were first found in Bohemia with the matriarch of Drummonds, and German Drummonds were first found in Hamburg with Schore's.

Later in this update, a spectacular proof of God for His spider-fly dream crops up with Rights/Wrights who happen to share the double-blue fesses of Parrs who in turn have a woman in blue. It would be amazing if the blue is code for Blue's/Gorms, first found in Arran with the McCabe's sharing the Ham salmon, for Hams (Sussex, same as Hammers) are in Hammer colors, and "Hammer and scoreCARD" is the name of Montgomery's invention by which he and the CIA / NSA captures Internet traffic!!! The CARDboard between the spider and fly can relate to this because Boards ("PerFORATus") were first found in Sussex too! That Board motto term is apparently for Andreas PARforutus of Boords Hill (in the Board write-up), and Parrs have a woman in blue.

AHHH WOW, ANDREAS Parforatus recalls my event with ANDREA, when I bought her a Boord-like gameBOARD for her birthday. I've told many times that she lived on SHOREham drive (Toronto)!!! The Italian Andrea's almost use the Merit/Meric Coat!!! PERFECT. And the same Andrea's share the lion of Meric-like Maurice's and Morris', from Maurice Drummond! How do you like dat? As I said, I gave her a hug (on Shoreham) directly across the street from by friend, Frank, and German Franks were first found in Bohemia. One German Frank Coat shares a red saltire with French Andrea's and Andersons, and WOW, these Andersons use a "sure" motto term!!! Sure's are listed with Shore's! The hug was at the corner of Shoreham and HULLmar, and Hulls share the dog of the Hollys who are in turn in the holly of Sure's/Shore's!!! Bingo-bango. The KilDRUMMy castle belonged to Mars. HullMAR!

AHHH WOW, German Franks share the column with Schore's/Schorrs!!! They are both called "columns." At my grade-five schoolroom party, I danced with Nancy instead of Andrea, and so while Pelosi's/Pilati's use columns too, is this a pointer to Nancy Pelosi? Malcolms/Columns relate because Maurice Drummond married the sister of king Malcolm III, and Malcolm's wife was Margaret, daughter of Agatha. I suspect that this Agatha was the mother of Maurice Drummond, for there was an Agatha of Podebrady. Agatha-like Gate's, in the "gold gate" of the Arms of Bohemia, share the lion of Petits in the Malcolm/Column motto. Petits were first found in Burgundy with Pilate's, where Mars/More's/Merre's were once said to be first found. I've read that Maurice Drummond was the pilot of the ship that brought Margaret to Scotland. Pilate's are also Pilots.

Here's a map of the Hullmar area. It's near Finch avenue, and right beside NorFINCH, suggesting a pointer to Mark Finchem. Dr. Frank was a leader of the symposium. AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWE, I have told the story before, that, one day, I was at Frank's place, when he had the song playing, "Hippy-Hippy Shakes." So I did a little dance to it. The Hips' almost have the Phoenix Coat!!! INCREDIBLE. Gods was pointing to election-fraud way back then at my age 11. I had my miracle-marble shot on Hullmar, and so I wonder what that could point to. I hit Tony's marble in a miracle shot. Why are Irish Hollys listed with Collins-like surnames? I have the Hippy-Hippy event in a half-dozen updates, the earliest in the 2nd update of February, 2017:

I have never forgotten the street that she lived on, don't ask me how this little miracle can be. But, every once in a while in my life, I remember her street, SHOREham Drive, maybe because a friend (forget his name, maybe Frank) lived at a corner of Shoreham. The only thing I recall about him, and vividly, was going over to listen to the song, "Hippy-Hippy SHAKEs," and I even recall doing the hippy-shake DANCE at the time, inside of his house. Amazing. The point is, one Andrea/Andre surname (Provence) shares the red saltire with Andersons, and while the latter uses a "sure" motto term, Sure's are listed with SHORE's...

Boords Hill is in a Holmes location while the fessewise Holm bars are in the colors of the double-blue fesses (color of double Parr fesses) of Manners/Maness' (Northumberland, same as Phoenix's/Fenwicks) whom I think have the Parrs in their "parvenir" motto term. Parrys have one of the Parr fesses, and one fesse in those colors is used by Fenns/VENNs (pointer to Phoenix election fraud) suspect in "parVENir." More good stuff right there, it's all falling before our eyes. Parrys are suspect with Hebrons (Northumberland) in their motto. End insert]

As the Sforza lion holds a quince, it becomes apparent that the Carters use the same lion as Sforza's due to a close relationship. The Sforza-like Force's have three leopards in pale in the colors of the Sforza lion, and the Carrots/Carews have three lions in pale. It just so happens that Forces were first found in Dordogne, the region holding Perigord, the latter being where Faux's/Fage's/Chalnes'/CHOLLINS' were first found, you see, as if God wants badly to center ANTHONY Fauci out for his crimes. Tony's boss is Francis COLLINs, you see, and it just so happens that while English Collins' -- sharing the bend of Austrian Anthonys -- have the Joseph martlets = the Fly martlets in colors reversed, Irish Collins' share lions combattant (different colors) with Carters.

The absolutely amazing thing now is the Obama dream I had in which he was on a skateBOARD going up a RAMP, for Ramps happen the show nothing but two brown lions combattant, same as Irish Collins!!!! This must be the reason for the cardBOARD, in order to link the spider-fly dream to Obama on a skateboard! The Crest of Irish Collins shares a white swan with the Crest of the Somerset Carys! As Irish Carys share the Maschi lion while Maschi's were first found in RIMINi, we can add that Rimmons/Crimmons are in the colors and format of English Francis'.

I've always said that Diss/Dice's have a gold-version of the Tarrent Coat, but can now add that the Tarrent Coat is shared by a Francis Coat. The Diss/Dice write-up tells that the Diss location was "'Formerly, Disce or Dice,'", for I recall that the blue roundel in the Webber Crest is called a "disc." It makes sense because while Eye is beside Diss, there's an eye in the Crest of comBATTANT-like Battants/Battins, first found in Somerset with Webbers. Is that not amazing that even the combattant lions of ramps and Collins should come back around to the Webber Crest, thus clinching the vaccine creeps with the spider theme, even though Josh Merritt is part of election fraud.

The Battant/Battin eye is in the palm of a hand while Carts use palm trees. Battants/Batins were first found in Somerset with the Randolph-related Baths, and Randolphs are the ones with horseshoes and a Bath-like bat.

Next, I want to say that the other Francis Coat is in the colors and format of Rimmons/Crimmons whose crosslets in turn are colors reversed from the same of NIH-like Nigh's/Noye's/NIE's. Francis Collins is the chief of NIH. The Nie's/Nye's/Neys (and Babe's) have six fessewise bars in half the colors of the same of Webbers. How can this be another coincidence? The Nigh/Noye/Nie write up traces to the Pendrays who took Noye upon "marriage to Bonython of CARClew," and it just so happens that Nigh's/Noye's/Nie's were first found in Cornwall with CARRICK-branch Carrots having a Carclew-like Carlew variation. Arthurian-myth codes reveal that Pendrays/Pendragons were very likely close to vaccine-like Vychans/Vaughns and Phone's/Fane's/Vans.

This is a good place to add that while I saw Maurice Drummond as "Marot de Yorvik," the Francis-like German Franks, first found in Bohemia with Maurice's mother in PodeBRADY (my strong theory is that she was of Podebrady), share the red saltire with Carts. Bohemians of this Drummond line go to Babe's and Beaks (Dorset), where the Stour river flows, and Scottish Drummonds (had a Drymen location in STIRlingshire) have the triple Stur fesses, to be assumed. The Babe's (compare with BRADYs) almost have the six bars of Merritts/MAROTs, you see.

As I said, the spider-fly dream had the spider's web where the wall meets the ceiling, and I think I now have good reason to enter the Ceiley surname, for it's in the colors and format of French Mars/More's/Merre's (Normandy) with a Marot-like Marres variation. Or put it this way, that French Merits (Normandy) are also Merre's/Merais'. The Drummonds probably named Kildrummy castle of the earls of mar, you see, and while "Marot de Yorvik" means "of York," Scottish Mars were first found in Yorkshire. Ceileys are also Seeleys while Sea's, sharing the wavy fesses of German Drummonds, are said to have been Seals too.

The Mar/More/Merre Coat is used by PLOTs/Plate's/BLATTs, though the latter throw in the same leopard face as used by English Anthonys. The Plot/Plate/Blatt Crest is the white swan in the Cary Crest, but it's also in the Crest of German Plate's/Blate's/BLATTE's, and then while Blade's/BLATE's (share saltire of Scottish Franks) are said to have had a BURSEblade branch, Burse's, believe it or not, were first found in Somerset with Webbers and sharing their six bars! The white pheons of Blade's/Blate's are shared by Plot-like Pilotte's/Pilots, first found in Burgundy, where Mars/More's/Merre's were said to be first found for a decade or more until recently lumped in with Merits/Merre's.

I realize I had gone off the Lindell-Merritt topic, but we have just come back to it via the Blade's and Franks. I know for a fact that Teems use a "blade," and Josh Merritt was of Lindell's "Red Team." Again, the "Pax copia" motto of Reds/Reeds looks a like "packet capture." While Blade's and English Franks share the same saltire, Scottish Franks (a branch of English Franks without doubt) share the Pollock/POKE saltire. See the Poke's in the last update for the explanation of my tip-in goal that was also a poke-in with the BLADE of my stick. It's now extremely important that the Crest of Lindell-like Lindseys has the swan design in the Plate/Blate and Plot/Plate/Blatt Crests, for while Lindell owns My Pillow, Pillows are listed with Plot-like Pilotte's, first found in Lincolnshire with old Lindsey (became Lincoln).

Dr. Frank was one of the symposium's hosts / speakers / leaders.

The first Lindsey recorded in the Lindsey write-up was Mr. LINDES. I poked the puck into the net after it came to rest on the goal LINE, and Scottish Line's are also Lindes'/Linds. Swedish Linds are the Lindells/Lindes', and the latter's leaves are in the colors of the cinquefoils of Dutch Linds/Lindens, and these three cinquefoils are green, as are the three of Loches'/DeLOGE's (Burgundy again), explain the LOG of Lindells/Lindes. As I said in times past, I slid into the BOARDs after poking the puck in (last-minute winning goal), and when I got up, the team had cleared the bench to come PILE on top of me. Pillows/Pilotte's are also Pillers, and French Pile's are listed with Pillars/Pilots.

English Pile's were first found in Northumberland with STAVE's/Stevensons, which recalls the PILgrim's staves of Hawks. The Pilgrims themselves use staves, as do Santiago's/YAGUE's. The latter can be gleaned as a Jagger/Yagger branch because English Jaggers share the patee cross of Primo's who in turn share the Santiago/Yague quadrants. The other Stevenson Coat are reflective of the Southers/Sowthern Coat, and Sowtons/Sowdens share the Santiago/Yague scallops. Primo's have a mirror and three roses in the colors and format of the three Loches'/DeLoges cinquefoils, all in the colors of the leopard faces of Stevensons (Northumberland, same as Pile's using a leopard face). The mirror is code for Mire's/Mireux's, first found in Anjou with Miss Loches, wife of Fulk I of Anjou. And Face's/Fessys, linkable to Grimaldi's suspect in "PilGRIM," share the MY/Mea/Meigh cross as a potential pointer to My Pillow.

Loches'/DeLoge's and Loge's (share Coat of Anjou's Gettes') were first found in Burgundy with the Quarre's/Care's sharing the Carrot/Carew lion, and Quarre's/Care's have a version of the Italian Fulk Coat. Primo's share the lion of German Biens who in turn could be in the "bien" motto term of Carrots and Carricks. I might not have mentioned the last sentence but for the same Biens showing what looks like a WALL. Biens, at their wall, have the same lion as Marot-like German Marts/Martins, and it's in colors reversed with Beins/Beans.

[Insert -- I didn't get around to loading Montgomerys until way below when mentioning them, and they use a motto, "Gardez bien," almost the "Garde bien" of Carricks!!! This looks like God's proof of pointing to Josh Merritt and Dennis Montgomery! ZIKERS.]

I trace Mys/Mea's/Meigh's to the Meu river near JUGon, for Juggs/Judds share the My/Mea/Meigh boar head. Doesn't this suggest that Jugon and Juggs were named by Jagger / Santiago liners? The winning tip-in goal got us to the final match, and the only thing I remember of that game, as I've said a million times, is Steve Tarr in the corner of the BOARDs passing the puck to me alone in front of the net, and my scoring the first goal of the game on my friend, Jim McGee. McGee's share the My/Mea/Meigh boar head too.

Tarr was the one who took the slap shot when the puck came to rest on the goal line in the previous game. The two were back-to-back goals with Tarr assisting on both. I recall knowing that Tarr got four goals in the final match, but I don't have any memory-vision in my head for any of them. I'm not sure why the scimiTAR of Pilgrims/Pelgrams should apply to Tarr, but as we won the trophy, it's notable that Drops/Trope's were first found in Norfolk with Pilgrims. It had become apparent that the Carter lion was the Sforza lion, and as Sforza's had been Visconti kin, from Ottone Visconti, note that Ottone's/Otto's almost have the German Puck Coat, and moreover another scimitar is used by Irish Walls having the Sforza lion plus two "Aut" motto terms suggesting the Auto's/Otto's (share black bull with Beautys). This must have everything to do with the dream having the fly at the corner of the wall and Hood-connectable ceiling, for Otto liners include Oddie's/Hoddys, and Hoods/Hoots were with the auto in the Sleeping-Bag dream. bags share the GRIMaldi Shield, what a giant pilGRIMincidence. What does this mean? Does our hockey championship relate to Sleeping Beauty? I've just found Hoddys/Huddys, Cornwall (beside Hoods/Hoots).

Pilgrims are also PeGRAMs while Grahams/Grams happen to share the scallops of Joke's/Yoke's who in turn have a black-fesse version of the English Jacks (Yorkshire, same as Jaggers) while Scottish Jacks (Renfrewshire, same as Poke's) come up as Jaggs. It appears we have found Jack branches in Yague / Jagger liners. Grahams were granted DalKEITH while the neighboring Keiths come up as Mascals/Masculs while Mascula is in Numidia. Mascals were first found in Sussex with Boards, and Cards are also Certs while the Numidian capital was Cirta, and so Jaggers look to be from the Numidian king, Jugurtha. One can see the link between Boards and Saddocks/Sedgewicks (Sussex), and the latter's escutcheon is in colors reversed from the same of Mascals/Masculs.

AHH, Yarborough's/YEARbys (Santiago/Yague colors) share the split Shield of Dutch Jaggers (share hunting horn of German Jaggers/Yaggers), suggesting that Years were a form of the Yeager variation of Jaggers/Yaggers.

OH WOW, German Grams have a heart-version of the Jagger/Yagger Coat!!! Unbelievable. It proves that Santiago'/Yague's were Jagger liners. The split Shield of Grams is colors reversed from the same of Yarborough's and Dutch Jaggers.

AHHH, just realized, the Yague-like Hague's/Haits (Jagger/Yagger colors), first found in Yorkshire with English Jaggers, must have been a Hegen branch because Irish Hagens have quadrants colors reversed from the Santiago/Yague quadrants. Plus, Years were first found in Stirlingshire, beside the first-known Hagars whose giant hexagram is in the colors of the giant horn of Jaggers. Hagars are also Hagarts, like "Jugurtha/Yugurten," a Numidian king. Hagars were first found in Perthshire with the Hays who in turn use a "JUGum" motto term. Hays share escutcheons (different colors) with German Hags/Hagers/Haggemans (look like Bauer kin), and the latter's wings are likely code for Wings/Winks (Perthshire), who share the pile of Hagels (Somerset). The Hag/Hager/Haggeman escutcheons, in Hagar(t) colors, are in the colors of the Board escutcheon. The Hags/Hagers/Haggemans are horizontally split in colors reversed from the same of Groce's/GREGGs/Graggs (more Carrick suspects).

ESCUTcheons are part-code for escutcheon-using Scute's, first found in Lancashire with the escutcheon-using Holdens and escutcheon-using Chaddocks, and the Holden escutcheons are colors reversed from those of Chaddocks, Chadwicks, and Hays. Chaddocks and Chadwicks, a branch of Saddocks/Sedgewicks, show as linkable to Boards. Holdens use allerions -- BEAKless eagles -- and Beaks (Dorset, same as Babe's) share three, black fesses with Merritts/Marots (beside Dorset). Chadwicks were at Lancashire's Rochdale, but are said to have been first found in Staffordshire with Josh's/Jose's/Goss'. I think this helps to explain why the cardBOARD was used for a pointer to Josh Merritt. The Arms of Rochdale has eight martlets as a border, as do Boards, Chaddocks, Chadwicks and Saddocks. Chads were related, and they share the potent cross with SKATE's/Sheets (Norfolk, same as Chads). The SKATEboard that Obama was on. Chads and English Sheds/Scheds share the patee cross of Massena's, the latter suspect from the Numidian king, Massena. Scottish Sheds share the Santiago/Yague scallop.

It's not much to go on, but as Ceileys/Seeleys share the Hague/Hait and Stevenson/Stave stars, Ceileys can be suggested as a branch of Zeals/Seals suspect in the motto of the Hoods/Hoots having a saltire in the colors of the Hague/Hait saltire. I'm trying to get to the reason that the spider-and-fly were where the wall meets the CEILing. Hagens share the blue fish with Sea's who in turn are given a Seal location. Hagens were first found in Tyrone with Sharks while the shark was in a Kidney-shaped pool while Kidneys/Gedneys have blue fish forming a saltire in the colors reversed from the Hague/Hait saltire. The shark was in the pool in the Sleeping Beauty dream, and she appeared first at the hood of an automobile.

In order for the spider at the ceiling to be a representation of the people behind Josh Merritt, the fly needs to represent someone on Lindell's team, or Lindell himself, unless the dream is about some other, future event where Merritt is involved in attacking an entity. The fly can be in the dream as heraldic evidence that God is the author of the dream, for the fly was caught in the web while Webbers share the fleur-de-lys of the neighboring Flys. Flys were at Flagi, and there is a flag in the Jasper Crest while Jasper are suspect in the motto of the Carrots/Carews who have three lions in the stead of the three Merritt/Marot fesses. The heraldry here allows me to take it the Morleys/Mauls who share the Jasper scallops, but before going there, let's add that Jaspers share a black anchor with Tulls/Tolle's, the latter being the line of Tulls/Tulia's who use the butterFLY. I think I'm making the case for inclusion of Jaspers.

Jaspers were first found in CornWALL with both Carrots/Carews and ceiling-connectable Zeals/Seals, and I've already shown that the white wolf head in the Zeal/Seal Crest is shared by English WALL as proof that Seals are being pointed to by the ceiling. The web was in the Cornwall-like CORNer i.e. where WALL meets ceiling. I resolved that Hoods/Hoots ("ZEALous") used a "Cornish chough" for linkage to Cornwall, and I have it recorded that a Cornwall Crest has "a Cornish chough hatching in the face of a rock proper." To top this off, the Zeal/Seal fesse is shared by Hazels and Webber-branch Weavers, and while Hazels (Devon, same as Hoods/Hoots) were once said to be first found in Cheshire with Weavers, the ceiling is now pointing to Mike Lindell, possibly, because Hazels share the Lindell leaves (i.e. they are in the same design and colors, but I don't know what Lindells call their leaves). Hazels use "hazel slips.".

Ahhh, if you thought that Carters applied to Carrots, and if you agreed that Carrots applied to Merritts, isn't it impressive that the other English Carters are in Hazelwood and Hazelton colors and format!!!? We needed that big-time in order to help prove that Lindells are involved directly with a Merritts-Carrot relationship. Craigie's (Ayrshire, same as Carricks) share both the Hazel and the Hood/Hoot crescent. Craigie's (same place as Este-related Barrs) use "HonESTE," and Weavers "esto." Recalling how Josh's/Jose's/Goss' seemed applicable to Josh Merritt while Merritts were linking to Carrick-branch Carrots, by what coincidence do Gose's/Gos'/Goz's almost have the Craigie Coat?

So, let's assume that Josh Merritt = SPYder is a mole-spy in the pro-Trump / Lindell camp, for Mole's share the boar head of scimitar-like Schims/Schiens, and moreover the Carter chevron is in the colors of the same of Shake's who in turn have mole hills. Mole's share the boar head also of Googe's/GOOSE's (ROXburghshire, same as Mole's), first found near the first-known Letters who use a goose on a ROCK. The Josh's are also Goss'!!! How's that looking for ya? There needs to be some good reason that I stuck CARDboard between the spider and fly just as the spider was going for its meal, and Clue: Cards use a "letter" in Crest.

Perhaps the fly doesn't depict Lindell or anyone, but may rather be play on the phrase, "fly on a wall," i.e. a spy. It's a phrase to denote a living spy bug in a room to listen in to a conversation, and it just so happens that the Bugs (Dorset, beside Merritts) not only share the fesse of Carricks, and Merritts (share Carrick dog) use three such fesses! Carrots/Carews were a Carrick branch! Bugs share the bat with the Moray Randolphs likely because the first earl of Moray, Thomas Randolph, was son of Marjory Carrick. The Mole's share the three Moray stars, and they are also the three of Ceileys/Seeleys. Fly's (beside Bugs) have a chevron in Bug-fesse colors, and while Flys were at Flagi, Flags/Flacks have two of the triple chevrons of Umbers/Humbers suspect in the "umbra" motto term of Letters.

Again, there has to be a reason for the CARDboard, and the Letters in the Card Crest seem to be the direction that we are to go in, for Letters share a white griffin with the Umber/Humber Crest, and the latter surname happens to share three black fesses with Merritts. In the Umber/Humber Chief are pellets while Pellets share the Coat of PILLOWs/Pilotte's (Lincolnshire, same as LINDseys and the Humber river). Again, the PLOTs/Plate's (share Lindsey swan design) share the Mar/MORE/Merre Coat while Merits/Merre's were probably a Merritt/Marot branch. English Merits/Morritts even share a white griffin head in Crest with Umbers/Humbers. It's all connecting, though I can't make out what to predict by it in real life.

Let's go back to the cardBOARD, recalling that Sforza's were kin of Fort-like Force's. English Forts share the castle of French MARTs/Martins, and Merritts are also MAROTs. It's also the giant castle of FLAG-using McLeods/Clouds, and Flys were at Flagi. That's impressive heraldry. It's now apparently Sforza- / Carter-relevant that "PerFORATus" is the motto of Boards whose split colors are those of the English Fort quadrants, and the "AUDax" motto term of English Forts can be connected to Ottone Visconti. Read that as "auDAX," for Tax's/Dax's essentially have the Coat of BOARDers (Somerset, same as Merritts/Marots and Dax's/Ducks). Forts use a rock while ROQUEfeuil is in Aude province. "Audax" is share by ROXburghs.

CARDboard. Cards use a letter while Letters share the rock in Crest with Forts. That works. The Card letter has a stamp, and Stamps are like the Stumps in the tree stump of Letter-branch LAUDers. That works even better, and so why might God point to a Letter-Card relationship for the Purpose of the spider-fly dream? Lords/Lauds share the Pilate/Pilotte/Pilot pheons. Is the cardboard thus pointing indirectly to My-Pillow Lindell? The spider and fly were above my bed, and the dream ended with the spider wiggling horribly in my armpit (it didn't like my cardboard block).

I think I have the answer. The Lauder motto and stump is shared by Laurie's/Lowrys using a giant cup, and cups are used by Pillows/Pilotte's. The Culp variation of Cups/Cope's is in the motto of Pullys/Pullens/Pulits (Fly martlets in colors reversed), and the Laurie/Lowry / Lauder motto is, "RePULLuLAT," suspect partly with Letts/Late's and Ladys/LAUDymans. The latter share the annuLETs of Riggs suspect in the "rigore" motto term of Morleys/Mauls, and the latter share the scallops of Jaspers suspect in the Carrot/Carew motto. The reason that it's logical to be on Morleys/Mauls is that their split Shield is shared by the: 1) Bumps (Gloucestershire, same as Letts/Late's) who share the giant Letter / Lauder griffin; 2) Tunnels in the "tunnel" of spider-like Spitzers, and: 3) Chads and Sheds linkable to Boards. Plus, while David Clements was a speaker / leader at the symposium, "Clementia" is a Morley/Maul motto term.

The Arms of Carrick was solely a red chevron in the same colors as the Rigg chevron, and while Carricks are said to descend from Craigs, the latter of the share "Vivo" with Riggs and Craigie's. Craigs have a Coat like that of Hills in the "hills" of Spitzers, and we saw Josh Merritt the Spyder linked fast to Carrick-branch Carrots. The latter two love the Biens, and German Biens (Craigie chevron?) use bees while Bee's have a Coat like that of Malls/Marlybone's.

I can now offer an excellent explanation as to why the dream ended with the spider wiggling in my RIGHT armPIT. The deciphering of this scene would be impossible without Josh Merritt. First, the Pits share the checkered fesse of Rights/Wrights, and the latter have a motto, "MERITez"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You heard right!!!

[Insert -- A day or two after writing here, Wright-like "wriggle" came to mind, and a wriggle is defined at times as a wiggle. Thus, I think Spyder was wriggling in my armpit. There's a Riggle/Wrigley surname that doesn't give me anything to say at present, unless God is pointing to Wrigley's gum as per the German Gum/GOMERs, a potential MontGOMERy branch. That could work. Plus, God showed me that Gumms are to go together with Tooths and Bumps, both of which share the split Shield of Morleys/Mauls (Yorkshire, same as Wrigley), and while Morleys/mauls share the Josh/Jose/Goss scallops, Riggle's/Wrigleys were first found in Staffordshire with Josh's/Jose's/Goss'.

Here's why I'm including Morleys. First, "wriggle" is also a definition for what Mamie did to me in her sleeping bag. Wriggle definition: "a wriggling movement. 'she gave an impatient little wriggle'". Mamie jiggled an arm, maybe two, to indicate she didn't want me coming in for a warm hug. Was I in the sleeping bag with Spyder? David Morley circled the sleeping bag, and Morleys/Mauls share the split-Shield of Tunnels who are in the tunnels of the spider-like Spitzer surname. Plus, the Spitzer tunnel is in a "hill," while Morley circled the bag on a hill, Wriggs are listed with English Riggs!!! That can explain the "RIGore" motto term of Morleys/Mauls. Wriggs/Riggs share the chevron-with-annulets of Walkers, and the latter were first found in Yorkshire with a Wrigley location.

In an insert written above less than an hour before this insert, I was at Mickleover with a super pointer to Spyder, and Mickleover is said (in the Needham write-up) to be the Morleston area of Derbyshire, named by Morleys (Derbyshire). The Derbys share a red antelope in Crest with WheelWRIGHTs! The latter use the Roet "Catherine wheel," and Morley rode down the hill from a ROAD. Later, I say: "Packets were granted Findern along with Mickleover, and Finderns/Fintons can be gleaned, in combo with the Mickle motto, to be a Fein / Vince/Finch / Finchem / Fenton branch."

What are the chances that English Packs share the Montgomery anchor? Yes, for the anchor of Packs, suspect in the "Pax" motto term of Scottish REDs/Reeds, is the anchor (both colors) of Pasi-line Paisleys/Pasleys, and the latter were first found in Renfrewshire with Montgomerys. Plus, Pasi's list Pascels while Pascals/Pass' share the Packet lion and the eagle of Scottish Reeds! It's as though heraldry had eyes to see the packet-capture future. End insert]

Pits (Dorset, same as Babe's) were first found at BLANDford, and I have reason from God to link Blonds to Babe's. Blandford is in DORset, and Irish Doors share the leopard face of the other Rights/Wrights. Last night while in bed, I had a funny snap vision of Adolf Hitler coming into a door. That was all there was. Just the door is all I saw aside from him. There should be more to this if God gave the vision. I do see the globalist world becoming nazified. I talk about doors often.

It appears that God arranged Pit heraldry to go with the spider in my right armpit. Why did he give this dream so long ago, making me guess at what it could mean when it's impossible without Spyder? Here's from my 2nd update in September, 2018:

What's in an arm pit? Here's from the 2nd update of last February:
I just want to report a dream I had as I slept this Tuesday morning. A fly got caught, in my bedroom, on a strand of a spiders web, and as it tried to walk along the strand away from a fat spider chasing it along, I slipped a piece of cardboard between the two to save the fly. I was on my bed. Immediately, as I was laying down on my back, I felt something wiggling in my armpit. It must have been the fat, menacing spider. I tried to get up, but could not. It was awful. I tried to get up, but was paralyzed. Then, as it got unbearable, I realized I was sleeping/dreaming. That is, I became semi-conscious. Save the fly from the spider, get attacked by the spider. Is the spider the FBI? It strikes me here that "spider" is like "spy." Is the web a symbol of the FBI's world wide web spider?

I quoted that because the reader might think I invented the wiggling in my armpit. Luckily, I mentioned the right arm in the February update: "I kid you not, that I had a twitch in my right ARM that was DEFINITELY code for Stanley Armour Dunham, and that twitch started in my upper back, on the right side, then went down into my right arm, and the spider in the dream last night was under my right armpit, I kid you not. " Rights/Wrights share the leopard faces of Restons, and the latter were in Norfolk's Downham. Downhams/DUNHAMs (Norfolk) named Obama's mother's birth surname, from her father, Stanley Armour Dunham.

The Pitt-Wright link, and the Wright motto, has convinced me that God gave that dream as a pointer to Josh Merritt. Blandford is in Coombs Ditch, and Coombs/Combs/Cooms (share Bien lion!) are incredible for having the Carrot/Carew Coat ("bien"!) in someone else's colors. That makes the Carrick-connectable Riggs look like a Wright branch. Plus, Spyder turned on Lindell to protect Dominion Voting, and Dominion's CEO is/was Eric Coomer while Coomers are also Combers. On who's side do you think God's on, Dominion's or Lindell's? Then why did Lindell hire that Epstein-supporting fink, Alan Dershowitz , instead of hiring a Godly lawyer??? This is a real head scratcher, especially when I ask myself whether Lindell is just one big fake job. I've given him the benefit of the doubt, that he means election-fraud business, not using it to make money as his priority.

Recall how Lindells use a log, for English Loge's/Lodge's are in the so-called "lodged stag" of hazel-branch Islips/Haslips. Hazels use "hazel SLIPs" that are showing as the same leaves as Lindells, though we can guess right that Lindells use linden leaves. Still, we can ask whether God arranged the use of the same leaves in as far as they show identical. The point is that the giant Loge/Lodge lion is inside a single-tressure border, while the Card-loving Letters have a giant griffin, in the colors of the Loge/Lodge lion, inside of a double-tressure border. Therefore, when we compare "Lodge" with some Letter variations such a "Lauder," they appear to be branch's. Loge's/Lodge's were first found in Suffolk with Lords/LAUDs (share AMPTON cinquefoils). Ladys/LAUDymans were first found in NorthAMPTONshire with the cabbage's in the "cabbage leaves" of House's/Howse's which are in the design of the Hazel leaves. Lindell's platform at frankspeech is probably using the system of Brannon Howse.

Ahh, Amptons were first found in Staffordshire with Josh's/Jose's/Goss', and the Ampton chevron-with-besants is almost the Rigg chevron-with-annulets, the latter sharing the Lady/Laudyman annulets. Is God suggesting that the election was rigged? Looks like.

Ahh, the English Walkers sharing the chevron-with-annulets of Riggs are not only in Ampton colors and format, but use a "Magna" motto term while Maghans share the Coat of Coombs/Combs/Cooms!!! What are the chances? English Walkers share the motto term, "Honesta," with Craigie's ("Honeste"), and the Walkers have the red chevron that's the Arms of Carrick.

The wiggling of the spider. Wigels are listed with Witchells/Wichells, in Watch/Witch/Wich colors, but I see no application toward Merritt or any of the things mentioned above. Watch's/Witch's/Wichs use "wedges," and Wedge's/Waggs (Somerset, same as Merritts) were Finch/Vince kin, linkable to Finchems, and perhaps Mark Finchem (Arizona legislator) is looking after the Spyder's demise, for Finchems share three, black fesses with Merritts.

Sleeping-Beauty Predictive Theory

Here's Mike Lindell talking frantically on Monday (or maybe earlier) about Spyder, and apparently blaming to no-show of PCAPs on the "poison pill":

When Nick starts talking, he unwisely gives a thumbs-up to Spyder, simultaneously treating Lindell as the danger. But Nick has no evidence that Spyder's telling the truth. Even before this video, Nick said he thinks the PCAPs are fake, and his best evidence presented was the Gateway Pundit article. Nick's only guessing, and to-boot he's causing divisions prematurely in the election-fraud battle. I think the best we can say about Lindell at this time, for those who think he's not being straight, is that he seems not to be acting straight. But this may be due to his realization that the symposium was a bust on the PCAP end, and so his frantic / annoying speak could be more apology than trying to hide something.

Nick is jumping the gun, He's claiming that Lindell is lying, that he knows the PCAPs are faked. That thought has entered everyone's mind after the symposium, but, on second thought, doesn't Mike realize how bad for his reputation, for his business, his employees, it would all be if he pushes a fraudulent PCAP database only to have it go bust in the end, and he then looks criminal, or, at best, foolish? Sure he realizes it. Nick takes issue for Lindell not revealing the other three people who supplied the PCAPs, but there could be good reasons for hiding those names at this time, especially if it's true that he was threatened physically. If he wasn't, then I would know that Mike's being fraudulent for some reason. But right now, we don't have enough information to know what's real.

It's interesting that Nick sometimes shows his comb (I've seen it twice), used for combing his beard. Coomers are COMBers too, and at this time, Nick is doing Dominion a favor by shooting down the PCAPs. The good thing is, Lindell's now under the gun to deliver the proof for the PCAPs, but also to reveal his sources.

Nick argues that China would hide its Internet tracks when hacking election machines, but then the U.S. spies would have ways, wouldn't they, to override track-wiping softwares? The PCAPs are supposedly from a U.S spy network.

Why would God give a dream of SPYDER attacking, and me saving, a fly, unless Spyder is the enemy? I sure hope that the Pitt-Wright evidence isn't coincidental. Note again that Irish Doors have the Right/Wright leopard faces, for in the Sleeping Beauty dream, I saw her from a distance, and then, in a following scene, i was immediately at the DOOR of the car looking into it, where she was hovering over the seats. Hoovers share a white leopard face with the Right/Wright Crest. As I've said many times, I was at the passenger door, which is the right-side door. I believe I was on Jeffrey Epstein's island, and it was Alan Dershowitz who became Epstein's lawyer when he was charged with sex with a minor. No DERshowitz surname comes up, but note that while Italian Dere's come up as "Res/Deres," WheelWRIGHTs use a "Res" motto term. Plus, the Wheelwright Crest has a wheel on a white eSCUTcheon while escutcheon-using Scute's use "deer" while Deers are Dere's/Deres' who share a six-sectioned Shield (different color) with Wheelwrights.

Back to SCOREcard, because Shows, looked up as per "DerSHOWitz," are listed with Schors. I don't fully trust Lindell for being frank and honest due to his hiring of Dershowitz. This is a splotch and perhaps a sign of his being a fake. I'm open.

As Obama descended from Jonathan Singletary-Dunham, it's important to add right here that the Wheelwright antelope is in the design of the same of Singletarys (Lancashire, same as Cars/Carrs). Singletarys (share plates with Mussels/Muscels). The latter use the antelope in black, and it's the one of Muscats while MUSchats share the Epstein Coat. MusCHATs were resolved as the Catti tribe to Keiths/Mascals (lived at the MUSSELburg area), and so note how Irish Prays almost have the pale bars in the Keith Chief. Scottish Catti were from the Chatti of Hesse-Cassel, and Epsteins were first found in Hesse-Nassau. German Cassels share the Mart/Martin castle.

Repeat: "Rights/Wrights share the leopard faces of Restons, and the latter were in Norfolk's Downham. Downhams/DUNHAMs (Norfolk) named Obama's mother's birth surname, from her father, Stanley Armour Dunham." Downhams/Dunhams share the spear (same colors) of the Irish Doors, the ones with the Right/Wright / Reston leopard faces, how about that. Between the two Downham/Dunham spears is a martin (mammal), and two Martins surnames come up as Marot-like Marts. It appears that Obama was the right door of Sleeping Beauty's car.

Sleeping Beauty was played by Miss Hicks while Hicks are said online to have married Arthurs of Clapton while Arthurs use so-called "rests." I and Sleeping Beauty were on a beach, as was her auto, and Beach's share the Clapp/Clapper Coat while James Clapper was Obama's director of National Intelligence (boss of all American spy agencies), a position that Trump gave to John Ratcliffe in time for the election. Ratcliffe could have made possible the PCAPs given to Lindell. As soon as I touched her knee, she and I were HOLDing one another and rising as a pointer to Arizona fraud, and I don't think it's a coincidence that Holds/HOLTs were first found in Bury of Salford with Ratcliffs (which is in Lancashire, where Scute's were first found). Helds/Helts share the Coat of HICKsons (the latter first found in Staffordshire with Josh's/Jose's/Goss'.

We saw how Merritts looked like Carrot/Carew and Cary kin, but here I've just realized that Josh's/Jose's/Goss' share the stars of Cars/Carrs (share sun with Quarre's/Quarrys) whose Curr variation is suspect in the "Cura" motto term of Dunham-like Denhams/Dennams (share Car/Curr chevron)!!! I was in jeans on the Epstein beach, and jeans are also DENIMs. It appears that Josh Merritt is in the right door of the car/auto with Obama. "Cura" is used by Motleys too who have a Coat like that of auto-like Otone's/Oltons, connectable to Aude's/Ode's.

The Knee's were first found in County Down with Irish Prays who share a quadrant of the Coats Coat, and Can Coats was the director of National Intelligence between Clapper and Ratcliffe. The Downhams/Dunhams/Dounhams can be gleaned as a branch of Downs/Douns who named County Down. It just so happens that Downs/Douns were first found in Sussex with the Vise's/Vice's who share the Knee stag head, and who look like they can be from Ottone VISconti, the one suspect in the AUTO of the dream for reasons. As the TOUCH-KNEE event pointed with the Knee / Tuft phoenix to Phoenix fraud, I'm thinking that the election-machine routers, when finally secured by the good guys in Phoenix, will show a match with the PCAPs in Lindell's possession. One way or the other, routers will show whether the PCAPs are for real.

To help prove that God provided the auto, "aut" is a motto term of the Needhams sharing the Knee Coat. Plus, while Beauty HOVERed OVER the auto's seats, Knees and Needhams are in the colors and format of Craggs whose chevron-with-leaves in turn are in the colors of the chevron-with-fret of Overs, and Hoods/Hoots use a fret too. Hovers share the Right/Wright Crest.

I've just added the following to the last update's section on my dream with carpenter glue for my wheel bearings: "[A couple of days after this insert was out, I was back to the "QUAEREre" motto term of Roets, which can be part-code for Quare's with a car-like Carre variation; my car was on stands with all wheels off while Catherine Roet owned the Catherine wheel symbol. I looked up Erie's was per "QuaerERE," and there were the triple pale bars of Belli's i.e. in colors reversed from the six of Carpenters]." The reason I was back to Quare's is that they share the Chief of English Prays/PRETers, and so I'll add here that Prets share the star of Erie's. Hicks use "Tout," and Morays use "Tout PRET" while Douglas' of Moray are suspect with Airy liners in their motto. Bellys were first found in Moray! Armours (possibly the belly chevron) share the Moray stars, and Prets use the Moray stars as those of Sutherlands.

AMAZING HERE! The Erie's are also Airys while Airs/Eyers/Ayers were first found in Derbyshire while Derbys have a red antelope head, the color of the WheelWRIGHT antelope. Then, the Derby motto uses "placueRIT" while Rits are listed with the Rights/Wrights having the "MERITez" motto term!!! Prets were first found in Staffordshire with Josh's/Jose's/Goss' (and Hicksons). Singletarys were at Fylde, and Fields can be gleaned with the Derby Coat. The "plaCEURIT" motto term can also be for Coeurs/Courts who happen to share the besants of Hope's (once said to be first found in Derbyshire), and of the Carots/Carows (not "Carrot/Carew").

[On Friday morning, I was back to Denisons/Dennistowns, when Dennys came to mind whom I'm not at all familiar with. Dennys use an "eRIT" motto term!! The Denny Crest has "EARS of wheat" suspect in part with Eyers/Ayers!!!]

The Scottish Ayers (share the Air/Eyer/Ayer Coat), with an "air" motto term, were first found in AYRshire with Carricks, Craigie's and Hairs/Hare's; the latter have the Downham/Dunham Coat but add two fesses in the colors of the two of Holds/Holts!!! It seems to verify that Obama is at the hovering scene, and we might add here that Irish Doors share the Carter lion, suspect as the lion of Irish Carys/Keerys. Welsh Kerrys were even first found in Montgomeryshire! Dennis Montgomery was one of the four sources for Lindell's PCAPs. I don't care how corrupt Montgomery is, it doesn't automatically make the PCAPs fake.

AHH, the Montgomery Crest share a woman dressed in blue with the Parrs who in turn share the double fesses of Rights/Wrights!!! It's placing Montgomery at the door of the car. AHHH SOME MORE, for while Ainsley Earhardt was the second fulfillment of Sleeping Beauty, she was hovering in the AIR while Earhardts, who share the Montgomery fleur-de-lys (!!!), are AIRharts too! Ainsleys love the Countrys who in turn share the Beach pile. This has got to be a prime reason as for why God chose Ainsley to act as Sleeping Beauty, as a pointer to Mr. Montgomery!

OH WOW. Irish Carys/Keerys share a spear with brown handle and gold tip -- the same design and colors -- with Downhams/Dunhams and Irish Doors!!! Is this putting John Kerry (Obama's foreign minister) at the right door of the car? Irish Doors were first found in Galway with crocodile-using Dene's, suggesting that those Dene's have the Sleep Coat in colors reversed. Dunnys/DOWNeys/Dawneys share the Irish Brian Coat, and while I've been insisting that Brians were Grass kin, Grasse is near MONACo, the line to Monks who share part of the Brian /Dunny/Downey lion, and then the latter surname was at MONIKIE (Angus).

The ELDOWNEY variation of the Irish Dunny/Downey branch suggests that the surname formed the Eldons/Aldhams who happen to share the Merritt / Carrick dog, very apparently, explaining why Merritt-connectable Carrots/Carews share three lions in pale (different colors) with Dunnys/Downeys. The latter's lions are half in the colors of the three in pale of Lawns, and while the latter share "Garde" with Carricks, the latter share "bien" with Carrots/Carews. So, maybe this set of heraldry is begging why a Downham/Dunham-connectable surname is applying to Spyder Merritt. Why do French Biens share the battle-axe of English Dennis? Is God suggesting a mere connection between Merritt and Montgomery, or a partnership in crime?

Ahh, lookie at the Reston write-up: "... GOMER de Riston, Norfolk. There is also a Ryston, in Norfolk in the union of Downham, hundred of CLACKclose." Clacks were first found in Herefordshire with English Doors while Scottish Doors share the three Reston leopard faces, and Norfolk is where Ryston-like Risings/Risons were first found! I now assume that Sleeping Beauty and I were rising while HOLDing as proof that Obama was at the door scene. We were emBRACEd, and Bracebridge's (Lincolnshire, same as Restons) use a "Be" motto term while English Doors and Welsh Kerrys use bees! Irish Dunns share the spread eagle of Correts/Corroys (Court/Covert / Curtis/Courtis colors), first found in Bracebridge-related Champagne. Clacks use a white, spread eagle on a Shield with gold border, ditto for Scottish Dunns/Dune's, first found in Angus with Obama-pointing Sewers/SUITs/Suters. French Dennis' were first found in Champagne too.

Correts/Corroys (Comyn colors and format) have a Courage-like Correge variation, and then Courage's (in the Comyn motto) share the fleur-de-lys of Snake's/Snooks who in turn share the Corret/Corroy eagle. If CorROYs indicate marriage to the Roys in the Lawn motto, then as Lawns were Carrick kin, Correts may have bee Carrots (share "bien" with Montgomerys) at one time. It just so happens that Irish Lawns share red fleur-de-lys with Courage's. Thus, it seems as though we are back to Dennis Montgomery being on the lawn at Mr. Owl Eyes' place, for Lawns almost have the Montgomery motto term, and Montgomerys almost have the full Carrick motto...and Correts/Corroys are in Montgomery colors and format.

The Courage fleur-de-lys is in colors reversed with Polish Packs while the Montgomery anchor is shared by English Packs and Pasi-like Paisleys/Pasleys (Renfrewshire, same as Montgomerys and Polish-suspect Pollocks). Is the Montgomery anchor thus a pointer to PACKet captures? Looks like. While pasi's are also Pascels, Passe's/Pascals have a Coat looking linkable to that of Packets! That looks very good, and the Montgomery anchor is in the women's right hand while Rights/Wrights can be of the Polish-suspect Wheelwrights. Packets were early in Derbyshire, but first found in Oxfordshire with Pasley-branch Pussys/Poussins.

It gets astonishing, as per MIKE Lindell, that Packets were at MICKLEover while Micks/MIKES'/Mikula's have three fesses that are those of Pasleys and Poussins. The latter are even similar to poison-like Poissons/Poissins, and Mike claimed that his packet captures were threatened by a "poison pill" just last week.

Another amazing thing is that while Packets were granted Findern along with Mickleover, Finderns/Fintons (can be gleaned, in combo with the Mickle motto, to be a Fein / Vince/Finch / Finchem / Fenton branch) almost have the unusual fitchee of Plains/Platers. The latter were pointed to by the PAGE on Obama's billiard table that I turned into a paper plane, and Packets are also PAGETTS while French Page's are also Pagets!

In the Obama dream, in the scene immediately after I sewered the paper plane into a corner pocket, he was dancing in his business suit, and then skateboarding with his same suit in the next scene, wherefore it's interesting, not only that Downhams/Dunhams (Norfolk, same as Skate's) use a dancette, but that Denims show nothing but a dancette. While Stanley Armour Dunham married Miss PAYNE, Italian Dance's/Danse's/Donna's (Dunham colors) look like kin of French Page's/Pagets/Lepage's, first found in Dauphine with PAYENs. The Coat of Page's/Pagets/Lepage's comes up if you enter "Lepage," in a surname first found in Ile-de-France with Dansets having their three colors. Doesn't that look like God provided evidence that the dance scene, in combination with the page acting as the cue ball, point to Obama? Dansets have one of the four fesses of Page's / Lepage's (share Pool lion), and Dance's/Danse's have four pale bars in the same colors.

Pero's/Perino's have one pale bar in the same colors as well as the hexagrams of Payens. Miss Peare loved to dance. Obama was on a STAGE when dancing in the pool-hall dream. Pierro's/Pero's (Pavia) share the fesse of English Dance's/Danse's, and while Laevi Gauls co-founded Pavia, Levi's were first found in Ile-de-France with Caiaphas-like Chappes'. The Payne motto may have the Dare's in "foedari," and German Dare's/Derrs not only share the Cue garbs, but have a version of the German Dern/Darne Coat. Payne's use a BROKEn spear to go with the Dunham spears, and the Broke/Brock Chief-Shield colors are those of Dare's/Dare's and Brocuffs too. Brocuffs share the sphinx with Hips'!!! Bellys share the Stage chevron, and Miss Peare's belly-press event was related to her hips-pulling event upon a STAGE in a mall , and "MALo MORi" is a Payne motto phrase. Cue's were first found in Norfolk with the Comyns sharing their garbs, but as I think Comyns were a branch of Comets, note that Reines' have a "comet" that looks just like the "flaming star" of Pero's/Perino's.

The Comyn motto ("Courage") is linkable to a Corret/Corroy variation, and Correts/Corrays share a Dunn, Snake and SANS eagle while Snake's point via Seneca's/SENESchals to AstraZENECA vaccines. The chevron-with-LeDuc star of Bellys (Moray) is in the colors of the Armour chevron-with-MORAY-stars, and Dunham-related Randolphs (the horseshoe-bat pointer) were first found in Moray. Bellys share the Stage chevron, and the Danset roses. Armours share the Billiard/Hillard stars to make further sense of why God gave a dream in which Obama owned a billiard hall. Randolphs use a bat for the Baths (Somerset, same as Payne's) which have lions in the colors of the Payne lions. Why is Obama linking to Miss Peare in these ways?

The Stanley motto is "SANS changer," and Changers (Hampshire, same as Chase's and Cassane's/Cassandra's) share the Coat essentially of Casino's/Case's (Casano/Cassino/Cassandra branch) now expected in the "Cassis" motto term of Armours! That's new, and Cassane's/Cassandra's share the triple Epstein chevrons. Lookie: while Lists share the Coat of Hampshire's Lise's/Liss', I LISTed my Texas property for sale with Mr. CASEy hours before I TOOTed my horn at him at the GATE of Miss Hicks, and while Touts/Toots/TUTs are in the "Tout" motto term of Hicks, "TUTissima" is another Armour motto term. Was the tooting event a pointer to an Obamaite league with Bill Gates' (well-acquainted with Jeffrey Epstein) vaccination programs? Did Trump temporarily get into the way of an Obama-Gates plot to tyrannize the country? I half expected Obama to try it.

The final scene in the Obama dream was Obama being unhappy with an employee (seemed to me to be a snitch on him) who was looking back over his shoulder toward Obama. I had pointed out a couple of rare lions looking back over the shoulder, and one of them belongs to Scottish Lise's/LEASH's, which I add here in case the Merritts technically use a leash on their dog. French Lise's/Lys' were first found in Ile-de-France with the Levi's who in turn almost have the Merritt Coat. French Levi's share the Packet lion. Josh Merritt is involved in shooting down Lindell's PACKET captures. Wow, Packets have a cross in the colors of the Merit/Morrett cross, and another lion looking back over the shoulder is with Morells. The latter use "Bono" while Bono's were first found in Milan with Maurels.

I had resolved that the employee under discussion, who was in the back YARD of the billiard hall, was the gardener, and then Carricks, clearly linkable to Merritts, have a "Garde" motto term. This heraldry works because the Arms of Carrick use only a red chevron in the colors of the Yard chevron, but the Arms of Carrick are at times shown with the chevron surrounded by three black fitchees (see it with CASSel-related Kennedys), and the three water bougets surrounding the Yard chevron happen to be black too. Bugs (bat) essentially share the Carrick fesse, and Bugs apply water bougets to their fesse. Yards use a "Facta" motto term suspect with Faucets.

Josh Merritt as Spyder was in my RIGHT ARMpit, and while Pits share the checkered fesse of Rights/Wrights ("MERITez"), the latter are in the colors of arm-using Armours. For a decade or more until recently, Armours were said to be first found in Berwickshire, which is where Rights/Wrights were first found. The incredible thing now is that I must have been correct to point out that Obama's employee was looking over the shoulder, for the English Rights/Wrights (Berwickshire too) share the double Parr fesses while the woman in blue in the Parr Crest is a woman with head with shoulders.

I've got the Parr Crest from the 4th update in April, 2012: "A woman's head and shoulders, dressed in blue, wearing a wreath of red and silver roses." In case it applies: "The Elm description, 'A woman's head and shoulders,'."

Dunns use a gold border, and it's not a border for nothing. It's likely code for Borders/BOARDers. The gold border belongs to the line of Justine of Picenum, who married an emperor from VINKovci, explaining why gold-border Justine's were first found in Perthshire with the Wings/Wings in the Coat of the other Irish Dene's (Galway). And WOW, I think I get this: Vink-like Pincs/Pinks have a gold-fitchee version of the Board Coat! I think there's more to find out of this, but I can't put my finger on it just yet.

Scottish Dene's share the moline of MacARTHURs (Arthurs use "rests") and Seagars, in colors reversed from the moline of Sibals, the latter suspect from Cibalae, another name for Vinkovci. The Scottish Dene's ("arte" and "marte") add an erect sword to their moline, in the colors of the erect sword of Mochs/MOCHERs/Muchets (same sword design as Dunbars), and DUNbars are said to have put out a Gospatrick family of MOCHRum. The Sibal moline is shared by Segni's/SEGURana's (Genova, same as Fieschi) in the FACE/Fessy motto, and we have seen the leopard FACES (it's what they are technically called in heraldry). Segurs share the lion of English Diane's/Deans/Dene's (share motto of crocodile Dene's), first found in Sussex with the Downs/Douns.

Scottish Mochs/Mochrys (SCIMitar), with one of the double fesses of Dene's, share the stars of Cars/Currs suspect in the DENham motto. The Moch/Mochry stars are three in Chief, and it's the Chief also of SCHIMs/Schiens (Aberdeenshire, same as Scottish Dene's and Scans/Skene's/Skins), a branch of Scans/Skene's/Skins (beside Obama-pointing Sewers/Suits/Suters) who have three erect swords. As Downs/Douns have a stag in Trump stag head colors, it's notable that the Scan/Skene/Skin swords are in the colors of the three of Call-connectable Shots/Shoots/Schute's, kin, apparently, of TRUMPet-using Calls, both first found in Wiltshire with Dannys/DANSE's (Dansets are Danse's too).

French Denisons/DENNIS' share the fesse of English Dance's/Danse's, the latter first found in Yorkshire with English Denisons/DENNIStowns (share finger pointing to sun with Babe's). I see nothing in this heraldry for a pointer to Dennis MontGOMERy, but I now recall Gomer of Riston!!! Is Dennis Montgomery the snitch on Obamaites, and is Montgomery in the rising scene due to the Ristons looking like the Rison variation of Risings? I always view the rising scene as a victory for God's side.

Spyder was wriggling in my armpit, and Riggle's/Wrigleys, if they use rising birds, would work well here. The bird position in the Riggle/Wriggle Coat is often called "rising." If God is pointing to Wrigley's gum with the wriggling of the spider, then note again the GOMER variation of German Gumms. We saw Gomer de Riston. If Riggle's/Wrigleys use rising birds, it's notable that they are black, for Hicksons, first found in Staffordshire with Riggle's/Wrigleys, use bird legs in black. Miss Hicks is the rising Sleeping Beauty.

Dennis'/Denisons were first found in Champagne, and I've shown why Bracebridge's are kin of Scottish Champagne's besides their using the same Shield. The rising scene's embrace is pointable to Bracebridge's. Let's repeat: "Ahh, lookie at the Reston write-up: "... Gomer de Riston, Norfolk. There is also a Ryston, in Norfolk in the union of Downham, hundred of CLACKclose." Clacks were first found in Herefordshire with English Doors while Scottish Doors share the three Reston leopard faces, and Norfolk is where Ryston-like Risings/Risons were first found!" Herefordshire is where Brace's/Bras' were first found! The Sleeping Beauty scenes are starting to make great sense with the Lindell PCAPs in view.

PLUS, I almost missed it: Scottish Denisons/Dennistouns were first found in Renfrewshire with Montgomerys (!!!) and with the Pollocks/Poke's who almost have the Rising/Rison cross. Isn't that amazing if Dennis Montgomery turns out to be a snitch on Obamaites, as if God provided Gomer of Riston in Norfolk for this particular pointer.

Albeit in a different color, Scottish Denisons/Dennistouns show only a bend, same as Jewish Pollocks, and at some point, I've got to tell that Lucents/Lucens/Luca's, suspect in the "praeLUCENT" motto term of Webbers, might have the Jewish-Pollock Coat. Luciano-branch Lucys (pike fish), first found in Norfolk with Risings, were Lords of Dice, and the "disc" in the Webber Crest can be found in the Dice/Diss write-up. Inside the Webber disc is the Montgomery fleur-de-lys, I kid you not. Webbers look like kin of neighboring Merritts/Marots, and Spyder goes with Webbers, right? Pasi's/Pascels and Pasleys/Paisleys (Renfrewshire, same as Montgomerys) are linkable to Packs (share Montgomery and Paisley/Pasley anchor), and therefore to Packets, and Lucys were at Passy! How about that, we have a story from the Webber Crest and motto not told until now. Geddes' use pikes and a "capture" like motto term! It's looking like Dennis Montgomery's packet-capture machine is pointed to be God via heraldic arrangements.

I almost missed it. I wanted to know who else I had seen with the split Shield of Lucents/Lucens/Luca's, and almost didn't bother looking for it until recalling that it would be easy because I had compared the surname to Forts. It turns out that the split-Lucent/Lucen/Luca Shield is that of Boards!!! The latter were first found in Sussex with the Packs, and Boards came to topic with the cardboard between the spider and the fly. Perfect. Card-like Carters (Winchester) are expected with the Sforza lion in particular, which picture points in particular to Saer de Quincy of Winchester. I've just found a giant dog with Carders that, in colors reversed, would be black, the color of the same-type dog in the Merritt/Marot Crest.

Plus, the upper half of the Lucent/Lucen/Luca Shield is just a bend, the very symbol of Smoke's/Rauch's who go with Roach's (share rock with Forts) who in turn use three fish in the colors of the three Luciano and Lucy/Luce fish. Luciano's were first found in Rome with Fort-connectable Sforza's.

English Denisons/Dennistowns are said to have been at Speeton, and Speetens come up as "Spade," suspect with 215 SPADina Rd., in Toronto's Chinatown, the first head office of Dominion Voting! That's pretty amazing. [For the record, a few days after writing here, I saw a terrible spider (white markings), a very rare species on my property, with a giant web between the stems of bulrushes of my frog pond, and I whacked it with my weed spade (the type held by one hand). I was going for the kill, and there was liquid on the back of the spade, after the whack, so, yes, it probably did the job.]

Correns, sharing the black eSCUTcheon with Scottish Denisons/Dennistouns, were first found in Waterford with the Corrys/Currys who share the saltire of Dunbar-related GOSpatricks. Ask whether Gospatricks were named by the Goss variation of Josh's/Jose's. The Trump/Tromp stag head is used in the Arms of County Waterford, and while a stag in the colors of the Trump/Tromp stag head is used by German Youngs, English Youngs were first found in Essex with Waters/Waterville's while Waterfords are listed with Waterville's too. As Waters/Waterville's (Essex, same as Muschats) share the Muschat and Eppstein Coat, I'm guessing that Trump's hiding his sins with Jeffrey Epstein's bunch.

Repeat: "AHH, the Montgomery Crest share a woman dressed in blue with the Parrs who in turn share the double fesses of Rights/Wrights!!!" Whelans (Waterford) share the lozenges of the Parrys having one of the double Parr fesses. Whelans share the Brick Coat while Brix's/Brests, from Brescia, beside lake GARDa and Val TROMPia, have the lozenges in colors reversed. The Brix/Brest lozenges are those of Hinds (Essex) who in turn have the Parry Coat in colors reversed.

Hinds are in NON/Nevin colors and format, and Nons/Nevins share the CORSON/Carson crescent. "Be NONchalant," Kepke said when he and Miss Whelan lived on Henry Corson Place (Markham, Ontario). Henrys were first found in Tyrone with the Sharks, and while Sharks were of the Saracens, the Montgomery woman in blue carries the head of a Saracen. As I said, DENNIS Quinn loaned me his parents' Valiant car for my first date with Miss Hanson, and Valiants are the only surname I know of with a shark. Vallans share the Saracen moline. The "quieSCIT" motto term of Vallans (probably share the Skit/Skeet/Skeoch cross by a different version) should be for the Skate-branch Skits/Skeets/Skeochs. Ahh, as I've said many times, it was a RED Valiant, and as TEEMs share the white escutcheon with Skits/Skeets/Skeochs (it's the Chaddock / Chadwick escutcheon), that spells RED TEAM! Doesn't it?

Kepke CHASEd me in Gormley with a spider dangling on a web. Chase's (Hampshire, same as flys) have crosses in the colors of the Vallan / Saracen / Skit/Skeet crosses. Case's, who share gold buckles on a bend with Leslie's who in turn share a green griffin head with Chase's, share black bendlets with English Denisons/Dennistowns. Is Dennis Montgomery for or against Spyder? The Quinns had moved to Gormley from BRACEBRIDGE, I kid you not!

On the last occasion of seeing my ladyfriend, Karen Whelan, Mr. Kepke said to me. "BE nonCHALANT," as I got up to go speak with her. Chalants/Chalons' are from Chalons-en-Champagne, and Champagne-related Bracebridge's use "Be." He and she both lived on Henry CORSon Place at the time, and Corsons have the Brix/Brest lozenges. Compare the latter with the Brace/Bras surname. Kepke owned a black Lab at the time, and a black lab is the only symbol showing for Parr-related Furness'. Dennis Montgomery seems to be in this Kepke-Whelan picture for a reason, but I don't know why. I do recall Karen Whelan liking a BEE Gees song / album.

Karens/Kerns (trace well to sleeping-theme Carians) are probably Carr/Curr cousins, and Corsons are listed with Carsons (Dumfries, same as Gospatrick-branch Kilpatricks), who have another scimitar and use a "Ne" motto term for linkage to the touch-knee event when Mrs. Kilpatrick was sleeping and hovering. It again seems to pit Montgomery at the sleeping / hovering / rising scene. As Haydens connect to Sleeping Beauty by way of Ainsley Earhardt, and as the Sleeping Beauty dream started with a nasty shark, note that one Hayden Coat looks like a version of the Vallan Coat.

The "Heb" motto term of Parrys may be for the Hebrons/Hepburns who use a Kepke-like "Keep" motto term. Keeps share the bend of Lorraine's (Northumberland, same as Hebrons/Hepburns), and Hebrons/Hepburns are in Car/Curr colors and format. Kepke was born, Lawrence, and Lawrence's/Laurence's were first found in Lancashire with Cars/Currs and Parrs. Cars/Currs share the stars of the Trysts in the "Keep tryst" motto of Hebrons/Hepburns." Tristans (Cornwall, same as Trysts) share the Knee / Vise/Vice / COLLINGwood stag head, and Collings/Collins share the bend of Chalants/Chalons, in colors reversed from the Keep / Lorraine bend. Chalons-en-Champagne is at the Lorraine frontier, but Kepke didn't know this heraldry ever, and so how does his "Be nonchalant" sentence work into this heraldic picture?

I Slept With Spyder

Repeat: "On Friday morning [day after writing above], I was back to Denisons/Dennistowns, when Dennys came to mind whom I'm not at all familiar with. Dennys use an "eRIT" motto term!! The Denny Crest has "EARS of wheat" suspect in part with Eyers/Ayers!!!" Dennys were first found in Stirlingshire with Chappes'/Cheaps who in turn have a wheat sheaf in Crest, and "ears of rye" in the Shield. The Rye surname (Denny colors) is also RISE!!! Shortly below, written before this insert, Dennis Montgomery connects to the rising theme. Rye's/Rise's were for a long time said to be first found in Sussex, but are now said to be first found in Norfolk with Risings/Risons!

Sussex is where Downs/Douns were first found whom I assume named County Down, where Knee's were first found. Sleeping Beauty started to rise when I GRAZEd her knee, and while I think graze-like Grass' were Brian kin, we saw the three Brian lions with Dunnys/Downys. That's new, and it works. Graze's are listed with the Grace's/Grasse's, first found beside Grasse.

Danish Rye's share the quadrants of Fasts/Fastoffs and Falstaffs, which are in colors reversed from the quadrants of Scottish Bauds (Stirlingshire, same as Dennys) and MEDALs/Dougals. The latter two surnames were part of the Russian medallion at the Bracebridge (!!!) GROCEry store that had pointed to Carrick- and Lawn-liner Groce's/Creggs/Graggs. Not only does this tend to confirm that the embrace at the rising theme should involve the Bracebridge medallion. Lawns use "Garde" while Gardens/Jardens and Jardins were first found in Angus with Dunnys/Downeys who in turn share the triple Lawn lions. Is Dennis Montgomery on the lawn with Mr. Owl Eyes and his square container that points to election fraud?

This looks important for linking back to the Carrot/Carew relationship with Merritts. It therefore is very conspicuous that the fleur-de-lys upon in the Danish Rye Coat is shared by Montgomerys who in turn are in the colors and format of the triple hexagrams of Danish Rye's. The latter almost have the Jewish Pollock Coat while Scottish Pollocks almost have the Rising/Rison Coat. Plus, Pollocks and Montgomerys were both first found in Renfrewshire while Renfrews share the ship of Baud-branch Balds who in turn share the Angus Chief. Balds were first found in Peebles with the Bowers sharing the five arrows in the Arms of Rothschild.

As the Medals/Dougals have the quadrants of Danish Rye's in colors reversed, it's notable that the Medal/Dougal lion is that also of Pools and Roys (LANarkshire, beside Renfrewshire and Peebles), the Roys being in the Lawn/LANE motto. The Lane's use "English lions" while English's share the Roy / Medal/DOUGAL lion and the DOUGLas Chief. Douglas' were first found in Moray with Rothes. Is the medallion pointing to Rothschilds?

It's just incredible here that while Dennis Montgomery appeared, prior to this insert, to be in Sleeping Beautys embrace-and-rising scene, the Dennys get us to the Bracebridge event. Dennis Quinn (a nice guy with devil's horns), my teenage friend, came to Gormley from Bracebridge (probably just a village in those day). The Russian medallion was stamped with "Saint Petersburg Russia". Scottish Petersons (Rothes lion head) share the swan with Rothes-related Peters, from Peter Pollock, builder of Rothes castle.

I'm going to guess that God provided a medallion with "SAINT PetersBURG" because German Burgs share the bend of two Peter surnames i.e. God wanted to stress the Peter bloodline. These bends are those of Bruno's too while Rothschilds/Roddensteins were first found in Brunswick, and the latter are in the format of German Burgs. The medallion had four links of its neck CHAIN still on, and Chains share the cross of Sinclairs/SAINTs. The latter lived at Russia-like ROSLin, suspect with Russells, a Russo/Rossi branch that can be in the Roter/Rothchild roses. The Rose clan lived beside Rothes at Moray. German Roters/Rothschilds share the raven with the English Peters sharing the German Burg bend, and the latter even has the Moray stars. Why would God want to point to Peters if not to Rothschild globalism?

WOW, the Dallions/Dillons, looked up as per "meDALLION," not only share the Russell / Russo lion, but have a "Dum SPIRO SPERo" motto. Dallions/Dillons share the Speer crescents, for a trace to the Speyer river. The Dallion/Dillen lion is the Delaney/DeLANE lion too while they throw in eight-pointed stars, the Rothschild/Roddenstein symbol too!!! This must be part of the reason for using a meDALLION! Zikers. DeLane's (not "Delaney") even share a single, white pale bar with German NECKers. The medallion was left on the hood of my Jeep while Jeepma's have a Chep variation to go with the Rye-loving Chappes'/Cheaps, the latter first found in Stirlingshire, same as Medal-related Bauds who have the crescent of Hoods/Hoots (Devon, same as Peters) in colors reversed. Dallions/Dillens were at DRUMrany, and KilDRUMMy was the seat of Mars who in turn have the Dallion/Dillen lion in colors reversed.

The Russell and Russo/Rosso lion is not only colored reversed from the same of Ross' (beside the Rose clan), but of the Baths, kin of Moray's Randolphs. We then want to know whether God arranged English Randolphs to use the Downham/Dunham Coat for Obama linkage to the global beast. When one becomes the president of the United States, he's got to decide whether to be loyal or not to the global beast's political octopus. Obama and Hillary were loyal, weren't they? While Pattersons were first found in Ross-shire, Peter-like Paters/Paternosters share the Patrick / Kilpatrick saltire.

I actually deleted the last sentence because it didn't seem to add anything to the pointers, but as i stared at the pater/Paternoster Coat, I recalled that it had the look of the Basch Coat!!! The medallion was left on the hood in the parking lot of the Food BASICs grocery store!!! Now I know why. I previously couldn't find one reason to include Baschs, but now we have one that links smack to the theater of Peter Pollock. Baskins are interesting for sharing the vaired fesse of Basch-like Bachs (stars in Bacon colors) who in turn share a black dog in Crest with Merritts. German Bachs/Backs share the blue wings of Bauers/Bowers, and English Backs share the spread eagle of Petersons and Baschs. Is this working for you?

Ahhh, German Bachin/Bechens happen to share the double fesses of the particular Rights/Wrights with the "MERITez" motto!!! Zikers, the medallion is pointing to Spyder. The Parrs having the same double fesses were kin of Furness' who share the black seated dog of Bachs/BAGHs! Mamie in the sleeping BAG is suspect with the Spyder's wriggling. The Baskin and Bach vair is shared by Beckers, a branch of Beach's/Bechs. One Rigg Coat uses dogs.

Wrigg-like Rights/Wrights and Pits ("Per") both have the same checkered fesse, with checks in the colors of the similar vair on the Baskin fesse, and Baskins happen to use an "Armis" motto term to go with the wriggling spider in my right ARMpit. Isn't Food Basics pointing to Spyder here? The medallion was on the right (passenger) side of the Jeep. Does Biden eat Baskin-Robins ice cream? Armys/Ermine's, with almost the Drop/TROPE Chief, were first found in Lincolnshire with Bracebridge's ("brace" means "arm"), and Troops were first found in Banffshire (beside Moray) with Baskins.

Baschs use a red rose and the spread eagles of Petersons, the latter first found beside Food-branch Fothes/FETTE's who in turn share "Industria" with the Arms of Rothschild!!! It can't get any better than this. But wait. The Prophets/ProFETTs were first found in Aberdeenshire with Petersons, while Fothes'/FETTE's (share Peare stars) were first found in Kincardineshire with Pero- and Pater-like Patria's/Peartree's, and thus Pero's / Peare's look like they name PROfetts.

As Patria's/Peartree's use the Trump stag head, might Trump the deceiver become the False Prophet? False-like Falls/Fallis', first found in Midlothian with Sinclairs of Roslin, share the Medal/Dougal / Roy lion. Peare's are listed with Pearls/PERLe's while the Packets/Pagetts, who look related to Petersons, use a "PER IL" motto phrase. To boot, English Page's were first found in Devon with Peters while French Page's/Pagets are connectable via Pagans to the Pero/Perino Coat.

Swedish Petersons have three hexagrams in the colors of the three of Danish Rye's, and thus we have a strong Pollock link to Risings/Risons, especially as the Pollock saltire is from the cross in the Arms of Pola/Pula (Istria), itself the Rising/Rison cross in colors reversed. ISTRia looks like it's from ancient Ishtar, and she had an eight-pointed star for a symbol, which is used by Rothschilds/Roddensteins who, along with Roddens/Rodhams, share the Rye/Rise bend. In my opinion, Ishtar is the Babylonian vein of the Revelation harlot.

The first Pollock built Rothes castle, and while the Arms of Rothschild share the quadrants of Danish Rye's, the German Bauers/Bowers, who named Rothschilds, have a Danish branch using two bends in the colors of the Pollock / Rye/Rise bend, yet this is also the bend of Jewish Roters/Rothchilds (not "Rothschild") who happen to share the Danish Rye hexagram. Making sense? Danish Bauers once showed a gold leopard (instead of the lion now showing), the color of the Launay/LAWNy leopard. Roys were first found in Lanarkshire with the Sine's/Sions in the Peterson motto, and while Packets'/Pagetts look like Peterson kin, Roys share the lion of French Page's/Pagets!

Roy-like Reuters/Royters share an upright horse (different colors) with Jewish Roters/Rothchilds. Just go ahead and compare the Reuters/Roters to German Hammers (share lion of Swedish Petersons), because this looks like a pointer to Montgomery's Hammer and Scorecard, very necessary for the shadow government to control world politics, especially if they can monitor election-hacking packet-captures. German Hammers not only share "Per" with Reuters/Royters while Pero's/Perino's share the hexagrams of Swedish Petersons and Danish Rye's, but German Hammers share "ad" with Scottish Bowers while Ade's/Aids share the ermined bend of Rye's/Rise's! The latter were said, for over a decade, to be first found in Sussex with English Hammers!!! As Reuters/Royters have a giant horse in the colors of the giant Fleming wolf, it can explain the "flaming star" of Pero's/Perino's, especially as Pierro's/Pero's share the Roter/Rothchild roses.

Peter Peterson, recent chief of the Council on Foreign Relations, was in the touch-bra event that can link via Bra to Brace's/Bras' / Bracebridge's. German Hammers use a "Per labores" phrase with almost a motto term of Dee's (Aberdeenshire, same as Scottish Petersons) expected in the "Deo" motto term of Scottish Petersons. The latter are in the colors of white CONY rabbits, and I was standing on a laundry deck above a cage holding a white rabbit(s) when reaching out (age nine) to touch a bra hanging on a laundry line. It was at the home of Jerry PETERSON, and Peter Peterson (of CFR) married Mrs. COONEY. Bra is in Cuneo.

The LAUNdry LINE can be for Line's, the Scottish branch using crossed spears, linkable via Speers/Speyers (Renfrewshire, same as Pollocks) to the Spey river, location of Rothes. The Dennys have a saltire in the colors of the saltire-by-spears of Line's, and the "mesSIS" motto term of Dennys is perhaps related to the "CasSIS" of arm-using Armours. Brace's/Bras' use armored arms, as do Dusters who look like Roter/Rothchild kin. Denny-like Dunnys/Downeys are the ones with the three lions in pale of laundry-like Lawns. The Denny saltire is also that of DUNbar-related GOSpatricks while Patricks were at La Lande while laundry-like Landers/Landens are also Lands, and Josh's/Jose's/GOSSe's were first found in Staffordshire with Lawns. Does this put Josh Merritt on the lawn with Mr. Owl Eyes? Owls/Howls were first found in Suffolk with the Crauns/Crane's sharing the Denny patees, and I think a crane is used by Danish Rye's. Lest you forgot, Rits, expected in the "erit" motto term of Dennys, are listed with the Rights/Wrights who use a "MERITez" motto term.

English Line's share the roses of Roters/Rothchilds who in turn put them on a bend so as to be the bend-with-roses of Jays, the latter first found in Herefordshire with the English English's sharing the lion of Royter-suspect Roys. The three lions of Roy-loving Lawns/Lone's are called "English lions," and here we can add the "NOBILis" and "LEONIS" motto term of Scottish English's, for Rothschilds/Roddensteins share the arrow of Knobs/KNOBELLs while Irish Lawns come up as "LONES." Scottish English's, sharing the Armour stars, were first found in Berwickshire (with Ade's/Aids), where Armours were once said to be first found.

I lived on Jay street during the touch-bra event, and Brace's/Bras' were first found in Herefordshire with Jays. God pointed to Brace's/Bras' (share Lake bend) when Mamie and I embraced in the lake on the morning after we slept in the sleeping bag, which night I'm viewing, at least tentatively, as a pointer to Spyder. As I said, just hours before we were in the bag, I thought I saw Mamie bare-breasted i.e. without her bra on. Between that event and our being in the bag (in a tent), she sat on my lap, and Laps were first found in Dorset with Pits. As Brace's/Bras' use arms, doesn't this paragraph point to Spyder in my armpit? Laps share the mermaid with Irish Hollys, and while English Hollys are in Brace/Bras colors and format, the Holly Crest has an armored arm, the Brace/Bras symbol. Holly-branch Halls/Hole's were first found in Lincolnshire with Bracebridge's. Why are Irish Hollys listed with Collins-like surnames?

Dennis Quinn, when he lived in Gormley with me, owned a black van of the type used in Joe's-van dream that did point to election fraud. I'm pretty sure I've said that the van in the dream was black. If we then picture Joe's van as including Dennis Montgomery, what could it mean for that dream? Repeat: "English Denisons/Dennistowns are said to have been at Speeton, and Speetens come up as "Spade," suspect with 215 SPADina Rd., in Toronto's Chinatown, the first head office of Dominion Voting." As I said, Joe shoveled the snow from the van's rear bumper into a box, and Speetens/Spade's look like they use shovels, not a spade proper! There is a Shovel surname that can apply.

There is a Speet/Spate surname sharing the pheons of Stops/Stubbs, and as the latter use and "arma" motto term, it seems that this definitely relates to the spider in my armpit. Pits share a black Shield with Stops/Stubbs, and Stubbings, UNBELIEVABLY, share the Pitt besants!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That snuck up on me. I slept with the Spyder in Mamie's sleeping bag, and the sleeping bag in the dream was on a hill while Hills have a reflection of the Speet/Spate Coat. After picking the bag up, I walked up the hill, then into a parking lot that had pointed to Hillary's associations with Perkins COIE. Coys, who happen to share the Speet/Spate pheons, were first found in Cambridgeshire with the Cam river suspect in the "QuiesCAM" motto of Stubbings.

Scottish Petersons (Aberdeenshire, same as ProFETTs), sharing the Stubbing lion head, look like kin of Packets/Pagetts who in turn share the Perkin lion for a potential pointer to Perkins Coie's fight against the packet capture. I PICKed up the bag, and pikes are used by Geddes' who in turn have a capture-like "Capta" motto term. The Gettes' share the Loge Coat while Poulos' (Burgundy, same as Loge's) use a log. Mamie and I went wading in the lake (no diving in) on the night after the sleeping-bag sleep, and Wade's have the saltire of Messeys/MESSIER's (Burgundy), in colors reversed from the Gettes / Loge saltire, and then English Messier's were first found in Lincolnshire with BRACEbridge's and BLACKs. As I said, she had worn a BLACK bathing suit. Mamie must have been a black widow spider, for Widows (Wiggin Shield?) share the green cinquefoils of Loches'/DeLOGES'(Burgundy). It's suggesting a Dominion association with Spyder, especially as Domino's have the Hill tower in colors reversed.

The HICKenson-branch Higgins have a cross between the Hill and Speet/Spate Coat, and the "PRO PATRIA" motto of Higgins plays into the Peterson-Fothes discussion a little earlier. Coys share the pheon of Cardine's ("Fide"), and the Fothes'/FETTE's/FIDo's, first found in KinCARDINE with PATRIA's/PEARtree's), are like the Feit variation of Veits. Lorraine, who took us to the Stops/Stubbs, had gotten a FOOT / FEET symbol, you see. The Veits were looked up as per the "Vi et" motto phase of Speets/Spate's (blue jay). I can see Spyder in cahoots with Perkins Coie people.

Cardine's are in the colors and format of Lake's, and God pointed to Lake's and Brace's/Bras' together with Mamie in one event. Bra is in Piedmont, and Piedmont is where Domino's were first found. Lake's were first found in Oxfordshire with the same-colored Packets/Pagetts and the Peare's/Perle's expected in the Packet/Pagett motto. Packets/Pagetts share the Levi lion, perfect for Pero liners.

The Joe's-van dream had Mr. Owl Eyes sitting on his lawn upon a lawn chair, and English Lawns (Staffordshire, same as Josh's/Jose's and Chadwicks) use "Garde," like the "Gardez" of Montgomerys! I get it!!!

With the wiggling spider in my right armpit while the Rights/Wrights proved to link directly to that scene, we can now go back to the Rit variation of Rights/Wrights suspect in the Derby motto term, "PLACueRIT." I'm repeating this because the Place Coat is reflective of the Speeten/Spade Coat but with the Lawn lion.

Vaccine News

AUSTRALIA IS MAKING A JACKASS OUT OF ITSELF. It won't be forgotten for a long time. SPREAD THE NEWS. People who force-vaccinate anyone deserve to die, to be gone from society. People who force-vaccinate children deserve to die painfully. They didn't force vaccines for flus even though they did kill some children, and here they are force-vaccinating with vaccines that do kill even though COVID does not kill the youth. THESE KILLERS DESERVE TO DIE PAINFULLY, and that includes the judges who rubber stamp the government whores. WOE UNTO ANYONE WHO DOES WRONG TO A CHILD, it would be better had that person never been born than to face God's retribution on behalf of children.

Go to 5:00 minutes of this video and see if the child tragedy in Australia doesn't bring you to tears:

You can tell that the police want to make people angry enough to punch them in the face so that they can manhandle, or even shoot, in return. That's what this is. Police brutality, and Australia is making a JACKASS out of itself. The people will not forget this. Have fun while it lasts, donkey-eared beasts of unnecessary burdens.

The CDC stopped doing COVID testing about the very time that vaccinated people were starting to test positive. Why do you think the CDC didn't want to test at that point?

When you hear the false teachers tell you that vaccinated people can get infected, stop, think. What's really going on? For sure, the tests are giving false-positive results, and so rather than blame the testing method in those testing positive who've already been vaccinated, the false teachers claim that booster shots are needed because even vaccinated people can get easily infected. To keep people interested in vaccinations, the false teachers say that vaccines are better than no vaccines for the illness level of those infected, but as they are false teachers all over the place, how can we trust them on that claim? Do the vaccines really help against the virus? I have no idea because nobody can be trusted from the top down.

Israel has reportedly vaccinated 80 percent of the population. Of the Israelis testing positive in this period to a recent date, 86-percent of them -- almost all of them -- have been vaccinated. So why get vaccinated? Why get tested? Israel has murdered many people needlessly with vaccines, and to make this picture more criminal, it is being reported that vaccinated people have less antibodies to fight the virus than when people get the virus naturally. That is, the natural "vaccine" is better by far than the needle vaccine. Why would anyone get the needle, therefore?

Now the CDC is saying that people who've had the infection can get it again? How do they know that? Well, by testing them and finding that they test positive after they had tested positive previously. Doh, but stupids, what if your testing method doesn't give reliable results? Doh. So when you hear the experts tell you that people can get re-infected, have the sense to know that they are false teachers willingly, for a criminal cause. The experts know what's going on, and demonic spirits have control of most people today so that false reports from leaders will be swallowed whole. We Christians need to understand this: demonic attitudes are on the up-and-up swing. If they believe the lie, they will teach the lie, one person to the next, all standing shoulder-to-shoulder in pushing the lie. From now on, regard educators as lying until proven innocent. One of their lies: Christians are dangerous sociopaths. They have been working on this lie a long time, but keeping it more to themselves, yet the time is about here for them to execute it openly.

You may have gotten the COVID virus without knowing it, and, then, what a shame that, even though you have natural immunity, the test method tells you that you are infected. You then become a statistic for the powers to use to lockdown society or enforce vaccine admission cards. That's their game, to do false testing deliberately in order to justify enforced vaccinations. Nobody knows what they have in store for people. Not all vaccines were given graphene, not all vaccines are the same from vial to vial. For as long as they push vaccinations, they will slip and let out the facts sooner or later, we trust. But damage is being done daily, day after day of push-push, it's not going away. Ontario is now mandating vaccines for some. It's not going away because the false teachers are becoming cruel in the name of taking the moral high road. It can't be a coincidence that all powers seem to be on the same track. There must be a supreme Mr. Dark pushing this thing.

Here's Jane Ruby on what looks like blood clots forming in tested blood after magnetic vaccinations:

Might we ask why it has taken so long for medical experts (or half-experts) to put vaccinated blood under a microscope for the purpose of publicizing the findings??? I'm not buying the excuse that the findings in the video above are not being taken to court for fear of getting a daft judge. If this finding is true and as bad as they think it could be, they should be breaking doors down to get the word out. Every once in a while, the dark side puts out the disinformation we might like to see and hear only to prove in the end that we were their fools. Can't Jane Ruby contact a dozen doctors personally, asking them to look at some blood under their microscopes? There's nothing to be afraid of for reporting the truth about perplexing / unheard-of blood conditions in vaccinated bodies.

Stew's Wednesday show has a middle segment where literal psychopaths in family court and elsewhere are trying to make a boy believe that he's a girl just because the mother decided that he, from the infancy stage, should transform into a girl. This world has become far more insane than I expected for this date. I don't think you should expect normalcy anytime soon, or a correction of societal culture. I think this looks like the spiral to Hell. I think we should treat this decade as such, starting now. I'm not saying this as a prophet, because I'm not a prophet, and I don't think we need a prophet, because all the signs seem to be glaring. The signs are telling me to prepare food, to prepare my own electrical system, my own water supply (with back-up such as an extra water pump, extra pipes, extra stove, etc.). Having those three things on my own property will allow me to survive without being a burden on others.

The FDA is poised to officially approve Pfizer vaccines next week, but not other vaccines, suggesting that some powerful groups favor a Pfizer monopoly in going forward. But perhaps this is a hasty assessment on my part. What I do know as a fact is that the FDA is approving Pfizer, not because it's been tested and found safe, but because this measure is needed to keep the people from taking forced vaccinations to court based on their not being officially approved. This is FDA recklessness, and all the wise people see it blatantly. Pile upon pile of crap from the medical establishment is bound to bury it in crap. I like that. I just wish they would go faster with their dishing out the crap piles. The Australian jackass is apparently coming to liberal cities USA this fall.

The Babe Warns Against Vaccinations

It occurred to me here that Lorraine the babe is a pointer to the False Prophet. As I remember it, Lorraine was coming around from the driver side of a car parked at the curb. She was meeting me there. Mike Oullette was walking from the sidewalk onto the road directly toward her, and I was walking in the opposite direction, from the road to the sidewalk, past Mike, at which time, as he saw Lorraine for the first time, he blurted, "what a babe" (i don't know if she could hear him). I turned around and saw her bare-footed, and she had beautiful feet.

I was telling this story one day when mentioning that both she and Lawrence Kepke had "SUN-bright" blond hair, and this prompted me to look up Blonds (Foot colors), and while the latter's six bars are half in the colors of the same of Babe's, both have a sun in Crest. But the thing is, there's a so-called "foot" on the Blond sun. Therefore, I recognized that God set up the event to give Lorraine a babe and foot / feet symbol. This was verified in at least one way that won't be repeated here unless it applies to the topic.

Oullette's were revealed as a branch of Owls/Howls, and I now see that the latter were first found in Suffolk with same-colored Blonds (almost the Merritt Coat, by the way). The point is, Oullette's are said to have been from a Basset location in Falaise, and then the false-like Falls/Fallis' may have been Falaise liners. Then, Foots share the chevron of Fothes'/FETTE's, the latter first found in Kincardine, beside the ProFETTs/Prophets. Hence FALSE PROPHET.

If the Anjou Fulks can be a pointer to Tony Fauci, note that Fulk I married Miss Loches while Loches' were first found in Burgundy with Loches'/DeLOGES', with mirror-using Primo's, and with mirror-using Sire's. Mirror-like Mire's/Mireux's were first found in Anjou with Loge-related Gettes'. Sire's look like they relate to the "sera" motto term of Fulke's because the latter have a Shield in the colors of Sierra bends. Then, amazingly, Primo-like Prime's not only share a giant leg (different color) with Prophets/Profetts, but use an owl while Sire's share the Howell tower. Can you decipher this? It looks like a message from God. Anjou is also Angers, and while Angers were Anchor kin, Sire's use the anchor.

I always link Sire's to Ass', and Lorraine had a grass stain on her ass. I'm not suggesting that God swears, but he does know English.

Cardine's share the pheons of Stops/Stubbs, and I first asked Lorraine for a date at her bus STOP. Stops/Stubbs were first found in Staffordshire with the Bassets, and while Oullette's were at Ouilly-le-Basset in Falaise, Bassets share the Coat of Scottish Drummonds while the mother of the first Drummond (I think she was gate-like Agatha, mother of queen Margaret) was from Podebrady. George's were first found in Dorset with Babe's because she married George of Hungary. Hungarians trace their ancestry to a mythical stag, and Hung-like Jungs/Youngs use a stag in the colors of the Trump stag head. German Drummonds, in Trump colors, were first found near the first-known, Drum-like Trumps. Waddaya think about that? Was Lorraine pointing to Trump somehow?

Next, I'll repeat that Bradds were once said to be first found in Midlothian, and that works because Bradds have a giant lion head in the colors of the Falls/Fallis lion. Babe's share a hand pointing to the sun with Bradd-like Bradys because BABwells/Babels share the "gold GATE" with the Arms of PodeBRADY. Don't you just get the feeling that God is pointing to Bill Gates vaccines with that thing? Bradys are also Gradys while Tony Fauci married Christine Grady.

Bradds are also Breads while Cake's/CakeBREADs, first found in Cambridgeshire with the Jeune's in the YONGE/Young motto, have the fleur-de-lys of June's (once said to be first found in Cambridgeshire) in colors reversed. Jungs/Youngs are also June's. I first spoke with Lorraine in June. The Jeune-loving Yonge's/Youngs share a Clair Coat, and you will see the Clair / Clare bloodline all over Lorraine. As I've said many times, Lorraine got her babe and foot symbol on YONGE street (Richmond Hill). Scottish Yonge's/Youngs happen to share the demi-red lion of Bradds/Breads, what are the chances unless God set up the event?

I even asked her for the first date on Yonge street of RICHmond Hill. RICH's/Richess' are said to be from Lorraine, and they must be from Richeza of Lorraine, wife of Mieszko LAMBERT II, a Piast, explaining why the Piast eagle is used by Lorraine's. English Lamberts use the lamb. What could that lamb be about, do you think? Lamberts were first found in Surrey with Michaels, and the babe symbol came from Michael Oullette of Richmond Hill.

[Insert -- Casimir, son of Mieszko II Lambert, married MARIA of the Varangian RUS, and this should explain the presence of the Mosca leopard in the Crest of Rossi's/Rosseys. The latter were first found in Norfolk with Marys/Marrys. "I'm going to MARRY you," I said to Lorraine prior to our first date. Mosca's were first found in Piast-like Pisa. From the Rossi/Rossey write-up: "The surname Rossi was first found in Norfolk, where they were Lords of the Manor of Waterden and West Rudham where LAMBERT de Rossei was an under tenant to Earl Warren." Lambert definitely looks like he's from Casimir and Maria.

Scottish Drummonds have triple fesses in the colors of the same of Sturs, and Rossi's/Rosseys have a Coat almost that of Store's/Sturys (storks). The six-sectioned Shield of Rossi's/Rosseys is shared by Dere's/Deers, and I can now understand this, for Italian Dere's come up as "Res" likely because Spanish Dero's are listed with Ros'/Rosa's. So, Dere's/Deers were once Rossi liners. English Dare's even share the Mary/Marry lion.

The black, double-headed eagle of Dero's/Rosa's is shared by German Belows (Pomerania, same as part of the Mieszko family), and English Belows have water pouring out a "chalice" probably in reflection of the water pouring out of a similar container held by a black, two-headed eagle in the Arms of Rijeka/Reka/Rika. That place looks named after Richeza, Casimir's mother. I know how to trace Ricks via Cravens to Rijeka, and so let's repeat that Rich's/Richess' are said to have been from Lorraine. The Japodes were on the Colapis river near Rijeka, and it's to Japodes that I trace Jeepma'/Jappa's who share the double-headed Below and Dero/Rosa eagle. Rossals share the Bell / Bellamy fesse.

The Bellows/Ballots (Cheshire, same as Mosca-like Masci liners) share the Bus cinquefoil, making me think that blond, blue-eyed Lorraine was a Varangian-Rus liner from Keep-like Kiev (Ukraine), for Lorraine's share the Keep bend. Blond, blue-eyed Lawrence Kepke is part-Ukrainian. Herodotus said that Budini, near Kiev, were blonds. I'll bet Lorraine's BUTT stain is for the Budini line to Buttons/Bottons/Bidens / Botters/Budins in the bottony crosses of Rich's/Richess'. Stops/Stubbs share pheons (different colors) with Rositers/Rossays (brown, double-headed bird, maybe an eagle).

The Babe-like Baba's/Babys with variations such as Babko/BABENko/BOBko show that "Kepke" is rooted in "Kep." Kepke's brother was Bob, a hockey goalie. Babys could have been from Babon, son of Berthe, for she's the one to which my date with Lorraine, on my BIRTHday, pointed. Babys have a Shield of checks in the colors of the checks of Irish Flemings, and the motto of Scottish Flemings have the Deeds listed with DATE's.

The Let's in the "Let the deed shaw" motto of Scottish Flemings use "organ pipes," and Pipe's were kin of the Stops/Stubbs to which my first date pointed! POPPO I was the founder of BABENbergs, and the Manely motto can be gleaned with the motto of Pepin-liner POPhams/Poppins. So, Babys with the Babenko variation look like Berthe>Babon liners to the naming of queen Bebba of Bebbanburgs, and later to Babenbergs. Babons (Keep / Lorraine colors) are listed with the same surname using more boar heads. I'll shaw below why Flemings can be from the Boofima human-sacrifice cult, which may have sacrificed babies along with the Carthage child-sacrifices. Russells use a goat. End insert]

Next, we repeat that Lorraine turned out to be a Jehovah's Witness (I was hoping she'd leave that cult), a cult founded by the false prophet, Charles Russell. Russells were first found in Dorset with Babe's, and the Babe sun can be code for the Sun variation of SinCLAIRs, who lived at Russell-like ROSLin, which is in Midlothian, where Falls/Fallis' were first found. Is that not a neat-little package pointing to the False Prophet? He was Charles TAZE Russell, and Tase's, with the Foot crescent, can be linked to Blundville's via the Tase gyronny.

He was CHARLES Taze Russell, and French Charles'/Charlotte's share the Feet/fate martlets, and English Charles' (Suffolk, same as Clare's) share the Lorraine eagle. Let's try to understand what God's message is to us via this babe. Irish Charles' have a stave, and Stave's are listed with Stevensons/STEINsons, a obvious branch of Steins (Norfolk, same as stave-using Pilgrims), and then the Stave/Stevenson Crest is the Stain Crest. Capeesh? The Stain Crest has a hand from a cloud, symbol also of Foot-branch Fothes'/Fette's. How could God have made His authorship of Lorraine-in-my-life any clearer? You'll see. This discussion = Warning is stacked with proofs.

Fothes'/Fette's share the Peare stars, and Peare's share the leopard faces of Parsons (Norfolk, same as Steins) and Steins. Feets/Fate's share the Pavia Coat while Peare-line Pierro's/Pero's were first found in Pavia, a place co-founded by MARK-like Marici. Pavia is why God gave Lorraine her foot symbol while her feet were on the PAVEment of Yonge street, for Yonge's/Youngs share the three piles of Scottish Leavells while Laevi Gauls co-founded Pavia with Marici. Can't we see the MARK of the beast here?

Lorraine's stain thus enters Stave's/Stevensons (Northumberland, same as Lums/Lambs and Lorraine's), who have the Lums buried in their motto who happen to use a lamb as well as the cinquefoils of Bus', the latter first found in Norfolk with Steins and DATE's/Dade's. I got my first DATE with her at her bus stop. English Lums/Limbs (share Lum/Lamb fesse) share a fessewise crozier with Bracebridge's, and Bracebridge is where God provided the FOOD Basics event with a RUSSian medallion. Foods are listed with Foots. There's something more here on a Lorraine-Bracebridge connection, give me time to flush it out.

For one thing, Lums/Limbs have eagle heads in the colors of the Lorraine eagles. Bracebridge's share "God" with Sinclairs/Suns, and English Goods have the Ross lions, in colors reversed from the Russell / Russo/Rosso lion. Both Lum surnames share the fesses of RUSH's (Suffolk, same as Clare's) as well as the Rosco's who in turn have the Bus / Lamb cinquefoil in colors reversed. He wants to convince you that he engineered the bus-stop event.

Recently, I told the story of my working right on lake ROSSEAU (building a steel building on the shore), and to the best of my ability to remember, and checking the calendar for the year in which I met her, I believe I first asked her on a date days from getting home from Rosseau. I was 23 at the time, and then in my 50's, I bought a Doral boat and moved to the Bracebridge area. I took the boat seven of ten times to lake Rosseau, and one Rosseau Coat has the giant Doral lion in colors reversed, with both wearing red crowns, so wild. The other French Rosseau's share the Neret Coat (almost the bendy of Pagans/Pings), and the Door-like Daorsi were on the NERETva river. Irish Doors share the giant Doral lion. I bought a Doral boat (I lost a lot of devaluation money with that brand-new boat, GOD OWES ME).

[AWWE-INCREDIBLE Insert -- A few hours after writing the above, I added the brackets to it with "steel building." I then remembered that German Steels share the Bert/Bertha griffin while English Berts are also the Births! The latter are the ones that my first date with Lorraine pointed to, for it was on my 24th BIRTHday (June)! That's how I can narrow down the difference between that date and the time I got home from Rosseau. I remember getting home to my apartment on Levendale, and I didn't move out of there until the end of June. It was so hot working at Rosseau (mid-Ontario, cool weather) that it could not have been in May, or even the first half of June. It was like July weather. I moved to Rumble avenue, and remember Lorraine visiting me there. Rumble's share the Bus / Lum cinquefoil.

The Bert/Birth Crest is the Stain Crest! I don't think I could have missed that in the past, but if I did, there we go, proof that God is the author of this story. German Steels were first found in Prussia with the BASCHs who in turn share the Bert/Birth chevron...which is extra evidence that Lorraine's beautiful feet are to point to Food BASICs in Bracebridge.

If Brets were a Bert branch, note first that Brets are like Babe-related Bradys. I met the Brady family shortly after being with Lorraine, and one of the Bradys was Bret-like Brent. The Brents were first found in Somerset with Brets, beside the Berts/Births. His brother is Marc, and it just so happens that the wyvern dragon of Brents is colors reversed from the same of the neighboring Drake's who in turn use a 666-like tail for their dragon. Are Brent and MARC Brady (both Christians when I knew them) a symbol of the mark of the beast for some Drummond-line reason? Drake's (Hampshire, same as Flys) translate their "muscas" motto term as "fly," and butterflies are used by Tulls/Tullia's on a pale bar in the colors of the two pale bars of German Steels. BattiSTELLI's (share billets with English Steels) share the pyramid with Tulls/Tolle's.

It looks like God set me up with the steel, billet-like building because English Billets were first found in Devon with Berts/Births. The children of Berthe and Mummolin were descendants of Tullia of Lyon, and Lyons (Perthshire, same as Brady-line Drummonds) share a green lion with Lorraine's.

The father of the brothers was LAURIE Brady, and he married MARY of Florida (I think his obituary is still online). German Brents use bundles of sticks, though I don't recall what they call them. The Ass' use a bundle of sticks in their "fasces," and the grass stain was on Lorraine's ass. Plus, Lorraine's use a "Lauro" motto term, so I think this convinces me that Brents and Brets were PodeBrady liners.

Plus, a few days before going to work (was there one week only) at Rosseau's steel building, I had said to Lorraine, "I'm going to MARRY you." One half the German Bret Coat is the one half the Dutch Tromp Coat, and Trumps/Tromps are suspect from the Hungarian Drummonds i.e. the ones I claim married Miss Podebrady. I'm not lying here, I've said it before: the Brady family toured the Unites States and Canada playing music in churches, and Brent was the DRUMMer. Mary-related Mars were at KilDRUMMy, and Laurie Brady married Mary.

We were building a steel BUILDING, and while Bilds/Bildts were first found in Hamburg with Drummonds, I'm shocked to find that Bilders/Builders share the Bert/Birth Coat. Incredible. Now I think I know why God engineered my asking her out on my birthday, not because God wants to point to Drummonds, but, maybe, because He wants to point to Trump. Do I have that right? Bilders/Builders were first found in Northumberland with Lums/Lambs and Lorraine's. AWWWWE I GET IT: the Date's share the Coat of Clints/Clents with the garbs of Bilt-like Blythe's while Bill Clinton's biological father was Mr. Blythe! But why might God point to Clintons with that bus-stop date, and/or with the building of the steel Rosseau building? English Steels use BILLETs, and German Steels were the ones with the Bert/Birta griffin. English Billets (Devon, same as Berts/Births) share the Bus cinquefoil!!! Can you believe it? If so, what does it mean?

When I knew the Bradys, they lived in KETTLEby (Ontario), and Kettle's, with perhaps the fesse-with-cinquefoils of Rosco's, were first found in Perthshire with Scottish Drummonds. In their "maLUM" motto term, Kettle's may be honoring the Lums/Lambs / Lumbs/Limbs, both of which look related to Rosco's. Lums/Lambs share the Bus cinquefoil, and the Rosco and Kettle cinquefoils are in colors reversed so that Laurie Brady's former home can connect with Lorraine the BABE = the pointer to Drummond-of-Podebrady liners. That makes sense.

Ahh, Kettlebys were first found in Leicestershire with the Hose's who share their red lion head in Crest, and Hose's/HUSE's use more human legs. The double fesses of Kettleby are those also of Ass-like Ash's. Kettle's were a branch of Keith Catti, from the Chatti of Hesse-Cassel, and Hesse's are HUSS' too.

Dutch Tromps use acorns on the other half of their Shield, and Acorns share double-white wings in Crest with Blundville's...a major topic below due to Blonds/Blunds. Acorns also have the Chief-Shield colors of Chesters, and Blundville's (Foot connectable) ruled in Chester. The Blunville's/Blondville's share six, black fitchees with the Tarves' (Aberdeenshire, same as Fothes'/Fette's and Prophets/ProFETTs), and the Tarves Shield is split vertically in colors reversed from the same of Dutch Tromps. Tarves-like Travis'/Travers share the Russell and Meschin scallops. Blundville's were Meschins.

Or put it this way, that Marys/Marrys, with the Russell / Rosso/Russo lion, have the three Ross lions in colors reversed, which are in turn in the colors of the Mar lions. Ross' descended from an Andrew whom I claim was king Andrew I of Hungary, father of George, husband of Miss Podebrady, and father of MAURice Drummond. Maurice's with Morris' (Hereford, same as Tarves-like Trevors) have the lion of English Brets in colors reversed.

Morris' share the scaling ladder with English Trips (share Hamburg crosslets) while German Trips (once showed boat-like boots) were first found in Hamburg with Drummonds. The Morays have a "pret" motto term while German Brets share the Pret stars. Now you know why God spoke through me, "I'm going to MARRY you." The Im/Imm surname share's the lion of English Brets. "I'M going to marry you." Purdy good stuff, Lord. Except, we didn't get married, just a little miscalculation on that one, but I'll forgive You. Ims/Imms share the Butt/Boet/Bote fesse.

[I didn't check for a Going surname until the spell-check, and Goings/Gows/McGoo's share the Mary/Marry lion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm GOING to marry you"!!! The "deCORi" motto term of Goings/Gows/McGoo's links them to the Get'n GO because it points to Gore's/CORE's and Gowers/Gore's. We now have my first words to Lorraine the babe linking for a mystery reason to Sleeping Beauty at the Get'n Go. I thought I was going to marry Sleeping Beauty ever since the moment I awoke from her dream. I must be goofy Mr. Magoo.]

Laurie Bradys first wife (died of throat cancer, horrible) was Jan, and so it's interesting that Jans/Jeans share the Gardner scallop. English Gards (Gardner griffins in colors reversed) were first found in Kent with English Trips, and then German Gardners look like kin of Laurie's. Laurie Brady. Laurie's were first found in Dumfries with the Leggs who almost have the Trump/Tromp Coat.

I've just located Laurie's obituary, noting again that he's from GAINESville. English Gaines' happen to share the Trip and Hamburg crosslets, and Irish Gaines'/Gainors have a different-colors version of the FALLS/Fallis Coat. Are we back to the False Prophet here? Looks like, but maybe this is coincidental. In any case, I suggest we start planning our food supplies as though Trump is the False Prophet in the last leg of his life, which fulfillment must be very soon. BUT, this is a tough call: don't act recklessly / foolishly / expensively in case it's premature. Don't let me be responsible for you're doing things you'll regret. On the other hand, what if Trump is the False Prophet? This is a tough call.

English Gaines' share the crosslets of Wrench's/Rench's, and, as I said recently (4th update in July), it was my job, while building the steel building, to climb down and dive into the water whenever the crew dropped their wrenches from the beams. End insert]

Pants on Fire

As per the Doral boat on Rosseau, no Boat surname comes up, and so I assume that God wants to point to the Bote variation of Butts/Boets, for she had the stain on her BUTT. Butts/Boets (version of Pierro/Pero Coat) share the Button/BOTTON/Biden fesse, and the latter were first found in Hampshire with Botters/Budins and the Rich's/Richess' (BOTTONY crosses) of Lorraine. I've just found a Boate surname listed with English Bude's having a lion head in colors reversed from the Lorraine lion. Welsh Bude's look like a branch of English Bute's/BUTTs. Yup.

As I said, the Quinns were from Bracebridge before they moved to Gormley, and Gormleys/Grimes' were a branch of PilGRIM-connectable Grimms/Grime's. The latter share the Feet/Fate Coat three times, with the Charles/Charlotte martlets. If that doesn't taser you enough, I showed how God pointed SHARON Quinn (Dennis' sister) to poison vaccines, and Sharrons happen to share the PenderGRASS Coat, so amazing. Can you see why PENDERgrass' should point to Lorraine's pant stain? The Panters. The Penders have lion heads in the colors of the Bradd/Bread lion head and the Falls/Fallis lion.

I'm interested in seeing whether any event with Lorraine can indicate a vaccine-related 666 system. I don't remember many events with her, and I think I have mentioned everyone that I can remember, not more than 12 events. Plus, I don't have many things that can potentially be God's symbol for a 6 or 666. A surname using three six-sided hexagram stars could work, and one such surname is the Payens/Pagans, who call their stars, "spur rowells." This Arms of Traby seems to be using three strings each in the shape of a '6', and it just so happens the Rowells, with a Russell-like Rosswell variation, share the besants of Trebys, the latter first found in Devon with Spurrs. Ross' have the Russell lion in colors reversed. All coincidences?

[The Berts/Births were first found in Devon with Trebys and Treble's, and share black hunting horns with the Arms of Traby. Val Trompia is at lake GARDA, and so not that the Peak patee below is shared by English Gardners, and then German Gardners look like kin of Laurie's.]

One night, two or three weeks, four at most, after meeting her for the first time, I got to Lorraine's place just as she was out for a walk with a married man. His wife was at her place, and so she and I waited for her to return. When she did return, I saw a long grass streak on the back of her butt/thigh (bright-white pants, can't miss it), and I POINTED to it accusitively (which ended our relationship). Her PANTs became a God-given symbol by various proofs, and Panthers/Panters use "spur rowells" too, though not in the form of Payens/Pagan hexagrams. French Lamberts look like they had married Payens/Pagans.

Babe's use a hand pointing to the sun with two fingers, and Points/Pointers (Blond colors) use two fingers pointing too, as well as fitchee crosses in the colors of the similar patee crosses of Beak-like Peaks (Suffolk, same as Blonds and Owls). Beaks (Dorset, same as Babe's) can be proven to be Babe kin. German Lamberts use BEAKless ducks, and Lorraine's pant stain had pointed to Pansys/PANTZers, first found in Westphalia with Ducks, a definite pointer of God because Bar-le-DUC in Lorraine uses the pansy. Westphalia is where ALLERs were first found who share the escutcheon of Holdens, and the latter use so-called ALLERions, which are BEAKless eagles.

So, we are on the Beaks here, whose Coat is above the gold gate in the Arms of Podebrady. Beaks share the Coat of Finchems, and as I've said a million times, I bumped into Lorraine by freak chance, at the FINCH bus station (outside of Richmond hill), a couple of weeks or less after her pant-stain event. I was going to downtown Toronto at the time with Joe Oullette, brother of what-a-babe Michael, what are the chances???

Mieszko I had a son, Boleslaw, named after Boleslaw of Bohemia. This was shortly before the first Drummond from Podebrady. German Bole's have variations beginning with "Boe," and Boii of PANonia had come to roost in Bologna, where Payne- and Pansy-like Pane's/PANICo's were first found. Lorraine was PANICKed when I pointed to her pant stain in front of her friend, the wife. Note that "pane" is the Latin word meaning "bread," for Bradds/Breads can be shown to be from Bohemia's PodeBrady, right down the Babe line. Cool; I don't recall noticing that before. Pane's/Panico's happen to have a pant-like Panetta variation.

Pinc-like Panico's were a branch of Scottish Pagans/Pings (Yorkshire, same as Pincs). Pane's/Panico's and Pagans/Pings share the same label in Chief, and the Pane/Panico Chief shares the fleur-de-lys of English Pagans. The latter share the gold border of Justine's (Perthshire, same as Wings/Winks), from Justice of Picenum who married Pink- / Wink-like Vinkovci. Payens/Pagans, due to their Paion variation, are suspect from the Paioni/Paeoni peoples, and Lorraine's BUS STOP pointed with pheon-using Stops/Stubbs (Staffordshire, same as June's) to Stobi, a Paioni city. It also pointed to AstiBUS, another Paioni city, because Astys share the Lorraine lion. I pointed to her pants, and Paion-like Points are also Ponets.

Do you see how easy God can control even our bodily movements, without our knowing it, to accomplish His will? He made me point to her pants. Points use a pants-like "Pense" motto term, and Pense's are listed with PINCons while Pinks were first found in Yorkshire with Pagans/Paganels/Pings. Pense's/Pincons, sharing the Lorraine and Bar eagles, look like Francis kin, and French's share the motto of English Payne's. One Francis Coat is the Tarrant/Terent Coat. French's share the green dolphin with the Coffee's/COFFER, and the latter's dolphin is ridden by a naked man, just like in the Arms of Taranto. English Pagans speak of a Hooton-Pagnel location in Yorkshire, and Hootons look like kin of Coffers/Coffare's and Caffers/Cafferys.

Both Coffer surnames look related to the Carse/Cars Coat and Crest because the latter has a "terrent" motto term. I can glean that the Carse/Cars Coat is that of Scottish Franks (i.e. like "Francis") because the latter' "NOBis" motto term should be for the Nobs having a cross in the colors of the Frank / Carse/Cars saltire. The five fleur of Scottish Franks look like a color-switched version of the five of Portuguese Mota's because Italian Mota's were a Motel branch while Motels were in Taranto. Taranto is in APULia, and while I trace the Pollock saltire to Pula/Pola across the sea from Apulia, Pollocks share the saltire of English Franks ("nobis"). If the fleur of Scottish Franks were on the saltire of English Franks, they would be colors reversed from the five Mota fleur. Italian Mota's share the roses of Paisleys (Renfrewshire, same as Pollocks). The father of the Pollocks is expected to have been in Shropshire, where Motel-like MOTLeys were first found.

The allusion to a double-tailed lion in the Crest of Scottish Franks must track to the double-tailed lion of Boii-founded Bohemia because both German Franks were first found in Bohemia. Boii were in Bologna, where Paisley-branch Pasi's/Pascels were first found. Boii conquered Modena too, where Murena-like surnames were first found: the Marano's, Morinis and Morano's. Morinis share the fleur-de-lys on Spanish Nino's (five in the formation of the Frank / Mota five), and the Nons in the motto of English and Scottish Franks come up as "Nin." That's a new connection, tending to explain why Morinis have two of the Non/Nin/Nevin fesses. .

Tarrants/Terents are from Terentia Murena, and Murena's will come to topic with the last time that I saw Lorraine, when she was carrying an infant child...probably because Childs share the Lorraine and Francis eagle. Hootons share the stars of Irish Moore's, and the latter have the Lorraine lion in colors reversed. The Moore lion is that also of Gaines'/Gainers in case this is a pointer to Fauci's gain-of-function work, for the split Gaines/Gainor Shield is in colors reversed from the same of Fulke's/Folks while the latter almost have the Russell motto.

I think I can now decipher why Obama was on a skateBOARD going up a ramp in his billiard hall. BOARDs have a version of the Pinc/Pink Coat, you see, and so I see justification for connecting that Obama scene to Pane's / Pagans as touches upon Lorraine events, for Obama's grandmother was Miss Payne. I've already told that Ramps share double-brown lions with Irish Collins, but we now have a Francis link to the Lorraine Coat, as well as what looks like God's pointer to child / babe vaccinations. The brown lions of Ramps look like code for Browns, first found in Cumberland with Ramps, and share the triple fleur-de-lys of English Pagans, yet the other Browns share the Coat of vaccine-like Vychans/Vaughns, an apparent pointer here to Francis Collins, Fauci's boss. The second-last time I saw Lorraine was at her Finch bus-subway STATION, and while Stations/State's share the Pinc/Pink lozenges, Finch's were first found in Hertfordshire with Childs. Doesn't that look conspicuous?

Browns can be gleaned as kin of Bruno's, and the latter are said to have had a branch in ASTI. Asti is right beside Bra, and the touch-bra event on the laundry line was related to my first date with Lorraine because we agreed to meet that evening at my laundromat. I asked her for the date at her bus stop, a pointer to Astibus! Can we believe it? We are pointing to vaccines big time with the same Lorraine who's pointing to the False Prophet. The last time I saw Lorraine (with child), she walked past Paul Smith and I sitting at a table on Yonge street in VAUGHN county! I totally get it. English Smiths are in Vychan/Vaughn colors and format.

Brunswicks, named by Bruno's, share the Gernon Coat, and we will inevitable get to Gernons with Lorraine's foot symbol.

German Bole's/Boels use comPASS's, and while Pass' are listed with lamb-using Pascals, Pasi's/Pascels (share Packets/PAGETT lion) were first found in Bologna. So, it seems that the heraldic lamb is code for Mieszko II Lambert, and Meschins (from the Bessin expected with Boii) look like Mieszko's in their ancestry, for Mieske's are also Mesechs.

It seemed to be that Lorraine and the husband had been seeing each other previously, and that they somehow arranged a walk alone without the wife, upon which they were on some freshly-cut grass for a short reunion in kisses or more. This had me wondering whether she was a symbol, at that point, of the Revelation adulteress that rides the back of Mr. 666. She's called BABYLon, you see, and German Babe's are also Babels. The grass stain was on the rear of her thigh, and while Thigh's are listed with Thy's, Sinclairs/Suns use a "thy" motto term. Plus, Sinclairs/Suns are said to have been from St-Clair-L'Eveque, and Leveque's use another lamb, symbol of the False Prophet who enforces the 666 (see Revelation 13). The Works/Wergs in the Sinclair/Sun motto almost have the Oullette Coat, and it was Michael Oullette who gave her the babe symbol. We are now at a compelling stage for this theory that God used Lorraine to point to the satanic trio.

In Revelation 13, the second beast, that most-everyone calls the False Prophet, has two HORNs like those of a lamb, and Horns are listed with Orne's. The Orne river flows right through the Bessin.

The use two gold bulls on a purple Shield, and English Pace's use besants on a purple Shield. Italian Pace's/Pasi's/Pascels look like a branch of lamb-line Pascals/Passe's, and it just so happens that Rollo's use a "passe" motto term while king Rollo made a treaty with France called after the Sinclairs. Rollo's capital was at Rouen, in the vaccine-like Vexin. Thus, Lorraine's babe symbol got us to Sinclairs/Suns, and this connects to the Vexin, short-and-sweet. French Pascals share the armored arm-with-erect-sword in the Crest of Beast/Bessin-branch Bistone's.

What are the wildest chances that the Rouen Coat is a red-mascle version of the Seneca Coat for a pointer to AstraZENECA vaccines? The Smiths use a heron while Herons have a version of the Horn/Orne Coat. I'll tell you shortly why Paul Smith points to a vaccine-like surname.

The heraldic lamb comes with a Banner, and German Banners, suspect as Bohemians, have the giant Cake/Cakebread fleur-de-lys, yet the Banner fleur is also in the colors of the June fleur. Podebrady is in Bohemia. It was earlier in June, a couple of weeks roughly before I asked Lorraine on our first date, that I saw her walking toward me at the corner of Lorraine-like Lorne and Yonge streets. As she walked by, I said, "I'm going to MARRY you." She was so beautiful that I spoke those words to indicate how impressed I was. As it turned out, I was able to show that Marys/Marrys, who share the Russell / Russo/Rosso lion, were of the Drummonds. Beautys, who share the black bull with Mieske's/Mesechs, were first found in Dorset with Babe's and Russells. The Mary/Marry Crest shares the demi-white lion in the Coat of German Bole's/Boels/Bollens and Blond-like Irish Bollens/BOLLANDs, isn't that a hoot! Now we know why she was given the foot symbol, as per the foot-on-sun of Blonds.

Blonds are also Blunds, and Blundville's / Blondville's were descended directly from Ranulph de Meschin-Gernon, who was earl in Cheshire, where Foots (and Beasts/Bessins) were first found. It just so happens that Gernons use a "cyFOETH" motto term to explain the foot-on-sun of Blonds/Blunds. Gernons were in Montfichet, and Montfichets/Muschats show nothing but triple chevrons. Blundville's are said to have been at Beaston.

This is a good place to add that while German Bole's/Boels/Bollens were first found in Mecklenburg with Trumps/Tromps, Dutch Tromps are split vertically in the colors of the horizontally-split Bole/Boel/Bollen Coat. And Dutch Tromps use a giant, spread eagle in the colors of the two-headed eagle of JEEPma's. As Bole's/Boels/Bollens share the split Shield of GROCE's/Greggs, who were pointed to by the medallion on my JEEP at a GROCEry store, it seems that the medallion points for some reason to Trump. The grocery store is FOOD basics, and Foods are listed with Foots. So, thanks to Lorraine pointers to the False Prophet, we have now come to Trump, self-proclaimed fool and father of the vaccines.

Although I have a hard time trying to reconcile my expectations of the False Prophet, as a false-Christian man, with Trump, as he doesn't satisfy them, Prophets/Profetts have a giant Legg while Leggs almost have the Trump/Tromp Coat.

WOW-OW. Noticing that Blundville's share the chevron of BASCHS (as per Food BASICs), I looked up the Scheffels (listed with Shaefers/Schaffers) because Baschs are listed with BeSCHEFFELs/BeSCHAFFERs, and there popped up a lamb in the colors of the Leveque / Pascal / Arms of Grasse lamb!!! And, hold on to your groceries, because here's from the Blundville write-up: " The Blundville family lived in Norfolk...Their name, however, derives from their previous locality of residence, Blundeville, near Pont L'EVEQUE, Normandy." Is that not amazing that Basic-like Baschs should lead to the Leveque lamb? I'm impressed, though this heraldry warns us of a vaccine-related 666 purchasing system. That's what it looks like. We have Lorraine's sun-bright blond hair to thank for this.

By what coincidence does PONT L'Eveque look like it's being pointed to by God by my POINTing to Lorraine's pants? The Pont-branch Ponders are in the motto of Chepmans, and Jeepma's are also Cheps. Ponders and Chepmans were first found in Cambridgeshire, where Clubs/Clobbes' were once said to be first found. Childs were from king Childeric, father of Clobbes-like Clovis. The Clubs/Clobbes' (Cheshire, same as Blundville's and Pace's) were at Farndon, and Farndons have a Coat version of Pace's; the latter are the ones sharing a purple Shield with the Arms of Pont-l'Eveque. Don't you think that's worth shouting from the rooftops? Blow the trumpets, warn against the next Trump presidency.

A club is in the Crest of Flag-related Fleets who in turn share the Meschin scallops.

Scheffels/Shaefers were first found in Hesse, and the Hesse Coat is that of Needle's, the latter first found in Shropshire with Vychans/Vaughns. Faughns are a FAUCet branch. See anything suspicious? Hesse's and Needle's share a giant SUN. Where've we seen one of those before? From the Babe's and Food-loving Blonds/Blunds. Babe's were Beak kin, and Beaks share the triple fesses of Finchems, in the colors of the one fesse of Finch's and Shapiro's (another lamb or sheep), and Finch's were first found in Hertfordshire with Childs and Scheffel-like Shovels (Child and Club/Clobbes colors and format). Bravo, oh Lord, thank you for the warnings.

Blundville ancestry if the Meschin-Gernons were earls in Chester, and Farndon is beside Chester. Chesters use a "VINCit" motto term, and Vince's are listed with Finch's. That's why Chesters have the Finch/Vince griffin in colors reversed. ALIS/Alice's (share "VINCit" with Chesters) was the sister of earl Ranulph de Meschin-Gernon, which can explain the "ALL IS" motto phrase of Clovis'/Clovells. The latter use a nail-version of the Rowell/Rosswell Coat, and Panters use "spur rowells." The Rowell/Rosewell Crest shares the trefoil of Blundville's (probably have the Masci wings in Crest). Rowells/Rosswells share the besants of Rolls (Foot colors), and Tase's (share Foot crescent) were first found in Perthshire with Rollo's. Charles TAZE Russell. Tase's use Gernon-like gyronny, hint-hint.

Meschins also birthed Alice of SKIPTON, and while Skiptons use a purple lion, they look like "Shiptons." The latter are also Sheep-like Ships. Scottish Shepherds share the Masci / Pagan fleur-de-lys.

Vaccines are producing blood CLOTs, and Dutch Tromps share the acorns of Clauds/CLOTS/CLAUSels (Payen/Pagan colors and format). Close's (suspect with the Macey Shield) are also CLOVSe's. Lorraine was on a WALK when she got her stain, and Walks/Wachs were first found in Dumfries with CLOSEburn. Kilpatricks of Closeburn share the Shepherd / Masci / Cremer fleur-e-lys, and while Kilpatricks share the Cremer / Faux/Fage/CHOLLENS Chief, the other Cremers share the ram with Scottish Shepherds. Why do we think Childs share the Piast eagle? It's how we trace Mieszko Piasts to Childeric. The two, Close-like Klees Coats look linkable together to Foots and Blundville's together. Foots (flag in Crest) look like Flatt/Flett kin, but then see how Fleets were kin of Flags/Flecks (share Meschin scallops).

Kilpatricks have a "dexter paw" (= right hand) on the head of a dragon, and the paw is from the same lion as Levi's have while Laevi Gauls were partners with Mark-like Marici. Is this 666 symbolism as per International Jewish bankers?

Faux's/Fage's/Chollens' (share dove with Pansys/Pantzers) were first found in PERIgord, and I trace that disgusting thing to the Imperi peoples who officiated human sacrifices in a Boofima goat cult (probably became goat-headed Baphomet). I'm sure the Imperi named, or were named by, Imperia, a location that's also ONEGLia, the line to NAILs/Nagle's (Westphalia, same as Pansys/Pantzers and Ducks that moved as a union to Lorraine). That's right, Clovis'/Clovells use nails, and so child vaccinations may have the secret purpose of sacrificing children to Baphomet, for the proto-Masci Numidians lived around Carthage, where the most-rampant child sacrificed took place. SHAWia were Numidians, and there's a goat head in the Crest of "Shaw"-using Flemings, the same Flemings with the Deeds/DATE's in their motto.

As Arduinici married Doria's of Oneglia, the "ardua" motto term of Malcolms/Columns and Callams must apply, for they share the Nagle/Nail saltire. Malcolm's wife had Henry Sinclair of Russell-like Roslin as her cup-bearer, which I assume was a BUTler. Charles Russell was a jackass, and so was Lorraine for going to his church. Her butt stain looks appropriate on her.

Lorraine the Russellite carried the infant child. Imperia is near Grasse. Roslin-like Russells (share Meschin scallops) use a white goat, as do Stain-branch German Steins. "God" (code for a surname) is in the motto of both the Roslin Sinclairs/Suns (they build a satanic Rosslyn chapel with money they stole), and the Clovis'/Clovells. The latter use double chevrons in the colors of the double fesses of STAINs. Lorraine's grass stain, and I, a Masci liner, pointed to it. Sinclairs/Suns (Clovis/Clovell colors) use an enGRAILed cross, and Grails are listed with a Neil/O'Nail branch. Stains have double engrailed fesses, in the colors of the two of Flags/Flacks in turn expected in the flag of the Foot/Food Crest. This flag is held by a red griffin, same almost as the red griffin-with-flag of Brocoffs/PROCks, and then PROCtors use more nails.

Numidians included the Shawia, and the Sheaves'/Shaws/Shea's (share "Vincit" with Foot-related Alis'/Alice), first found in Berkshire with Clovis'/Clovells, have one of the two Clovis/Clovell chevrons, and share the full Chester motto. Irish Shaws share the Foot chevron, and Irish Shee's/Shea's have a version of the Hanson and Fugger Coats. Miss Hanson was an ice-cream girl that pointed both to Faux's/Fage's and, by a Valiant car, to the Neil-related Sharks. Irish Shee's/Shea's share the fleur-de-lys of English Pagans and Masci's too, and Scottish Shaws (cups, links to the cornuCOPia of Foot-branch Fothes'/Fette's) share the hand-with-dagger in the English Pagan Crest. The latter share the border of Justine's (Perthshire, same as Shaws).

Clauds are also Clausels, and the Clausula river is the location of KOPLik, near DOBER. Mieszko I, descended from Piast-of-GOPLo elements, married DOBRawa. Mieszko II looks like the line to French Lamberts who almost have the Payen/Pagan Coat. Bloods/Bluds use a "lodged" stag, and Lodge's/Loge's (Suffolk again, same as Clare's) could have the Bohemian lion. Bleds have the triple Clare chevrons, and Bled is near the Boii of Pane-like Pannonia. French Loge's were of Anjou elements, and Fauci-like Fulks of Anjou may have named Fulk Paganel in the write-up of English Pagans.

There is a chevron above the 6 key on your keyboard, and so God may have arranged three chevrons to be a pointer to Mr. 666. The Graze's/Grace's/Grasse's show only three chevrons, and English Grasse's share the Falls/Fallis lion. Lorraine had a grass stain. Recall the lamb of Lorraine-connectable English Lamberts, because French Lamberts have two of the three Graze/Grace/Grasse chevrons. The Lamberts came to topic directly from Richeza of Lorraine. French Lamberts, first found in Dauphine with the Payens whose Coat they nearly share, share the stars of French Foys suspect in the "Garde la foy" motto of Rich's/Richess'.

The fact that we are able to mention the Payens/Pagans here, first found in Dauphine with Page's/Pagets and Lamberts, gets us to the billiard hall of Obama, whose grandmother was a Payne. French Lamberts almost have the Billiard Coats, you see. English Paige's/Page's were first found in Devon with Billets and Maine's while French Billiards, first found in Maine, are also Billets. To support the idea of a vaccine-related 666 system, Fauchys use a GRASShopper, and I can see God arranging Richmond HILL here because Hills, first found in Worcestershire with Hillarys, share the Hopper tower. English Billiards are also Hillards. All of this has come to topic because the Lorraine events were in Richmond Hill. If you load "Paige," you find them in the colors and format of English Lamberts, first found in Surrey, where Dolphins (French Lambert colors) were once said to be first found. The Arms of Dauphine uses the dolphin.

If we enter "Grass" instead of "Grasse," another English Grass surname comes up that has a version of the English MARK Coat. That looks like a pointer to mark of the beast. The Beasts/Bessins use bees, and the Bracebridge's (Lincolnshire, same as Grasse's) use a "Be as" motto phrase that can be for the Bee surname having a Beast-like Beas variation. Bracebridge is the location of the Russian-medallion event, at FOOD Basics grocery store. Nothing concerns me/us more than a grocery store when it comes to the 666. Perhaps God is going to reveal why the medallion event points to a vaccine pass for buying foods.

The medallion was left on my red Jeep (at about age 60), and Paul Smith owned a red Jeep on the last occasion that I saw Lorraine, a couple of years after I had dated her. She walked past Paul and I as we sat in a BURGER joint in VAUGHN county. He lived in Vaughn, and went to church there, which is how I met him when I attended his church too. Vaughns have a vaccine-like Vychan variation. I witnessed that Dutch BURGERs once shared the Coat of English Clare's, nothing but triple chevrons, and Sinclairs had previously been Claro's. See any Intelligent Design is this? English Clare's were first found in Suffolk with Blonds/Blunds, and Clare's of Tunbridge married Alice de Meschin-Gernon, sister of Ranulph de Meschin-Gernon above. See any Intelligent Design where God caused Lorraine to walk past Paul and I in a BURGER joint? English Smiths are in Vaughn/Vychan colors and format.

Alice married Mr. FitzGilbert of Clare, and French Gilberts share a black, double-headed eagle with JEEPma's. That's making sense. French Gilberts were first found in Provence with triple-chevron Graze's/Grace's/GRASSe's. There is a Grasse location near the Provence border, and the Arms of Grasse shares the Leveque lamb, what are the chances? The Babe and Blond sun pointed to Sinclairs of L'Eveque. Lorraine the babe got a grass stain that pointer with Panthers/Panter to PENDERgrass', and the latter happen to share the motto of the Alice's/Alis' whose "muzzled bear" suggests Masculine-like Mussels/Muscels, Mascals, and Keiths/Mascals. Masculine's are listed with Meschins.

The Arms of Traby shown above have five, white feathers in Crest, as do Irish Clare's. Strongbow Clare ruled from Pembroke, where Pendergrass' were first found. The Clare's of that time period became the Crispins, and French Crispins, first found in Lorraine (!!!!!) happen to share the pomegranate with Italian GRAZio's. Grassincidence? You see, God was setting events up in my life, plotting to make me very lonely so that I could get acquainted with heraldry day and night, because He had arranged much heraldry, centuries ago, to go with the events he set up in my life. Day and night it took, for more than a dozen years, to get to this point. Even my children think I'm nuts, though they won't say it.

German Burgers share the Murena/Moreno tower, and this takes things over to Morinis' and Maurels/Maurino's because the latter have a version of the Butt Coat. Lorraine had the grass stain where her butt met her thigh. Repeat: "The heraldic lamb comes with a Banner, and German Banners, suspect as Bohemians, have the giant Cake/Cakebread fleur-de-lys, yet the Banner fleur is also in the colors of the June fleur." I resolved that the Banners named the Panaro river in Modena, a city once conquered by the proto-Bohemian Boii who are suspect with the Baiocasses of the Bessin, the latter being home to the Meschins and the Beasts/Bessins (bees).

Marano is on the Panaro, and Modena is also where Morinis' and Morano's were first found. The Marano's use the Montfort lion, though Montforts use two tails, and that's the lion in the Arms of Bohemia. I had read that Montforts owned the gonFANON banner, which makes sense because Fanano is in Modena too. The Arms of Fanano use what I assume is a banner. The Hungary-like Hungars, first found in Czechoslovakia (includes Bohemia), probably uses the Arms-of-Bohemia lion. George of Hungary (son of king Andrew I) married Miss Podebrady of Bohemia. There is a Monforte location at the Bra / Asti theater.

Okay, so Ranulph de Gernon is the line to/from Foots/Foods, and this theme is suspect with the robbing of our abilities to buy food with vaccine cards at first, and then numbers in or on the skin. You can spy a problem here because, skin number of not, we still can't buy without the vaccine card. The 666 goes on the hand, and Hands/Hanns were first found in Cheshire with Foots/Foods. Hands are in the colors and format of Cups/COPE's, first found in Aberdeenshire, beside Foot-branch Fothes'/Fette's having a cornuCOPia. Understood: Foods look related to Hands/Hanns. German Hanns were a branch of Hahns, and while Mr. Hahn of the FDA (FOOD and Drug Administration) ran a part of Trump's vaccine-ushering programs, Hahns not only have a giant rooster in the colors of the giant Trump stag head, but both were first found in Mecklenburg.

No one can BUY or make SALES without the MARK of the BEAST. Buys use bees, and Bee's share the Sales Coat. "Be" is a Bracebridge motto term, and God decided to do a medallion-thing at Food Basics in Bracebridge. Bees are used by Beasts, first found in Cheshire with Sales' and sharing their bend. German Marks are split vertically in the colors of the same of Dutch Tromps, and both use the same eagle, roughly, on the same half, though one can make out that the Mark eagle would have two heads if the entire eagle were showing. It just so happens that while the Mark eagle is in both colors of the two-headed Jeepma eagle, the medallion was left on my Jeep. This is new material on the Marks as it links to the grocery store.

The Marks and Tromps are even split in the colors of the horizontally-split GROCE/Gregg/Gragg Coat, and while the medallion was found when returning to the Jeep with a SHOPping CART of GROCEries, Shops have a dancette in the colors of the dancette of Groce-branch Carricks. Carricks love the bee-using Biens. Carts were Cary liners suspect with the Carrick-branch Carrots/Carews.

The red-covered crown of German Marks is used by DOUGLas', and Medals are listed with DOUGALs. But there's many such crowns in many surnames, it doesn't in itself prove a close Mark-Douglas relationship, yet the medallion-on-Jeep begins to suggest one. The Mark eagle holds a spear, and Speers/Speyers look like they named the Speyer river of Moray, where Douglas' were first found. Banffshire, where Basic-like Baskins were first found, is on the other side of the Spey river from Moray. Coincidence, or do German Marks connect closely with Douglas' / Medals/Dougals. Inverness-shire is beside Moray too, and that's where Dougal-branch Dowells were first found. They both share the Falls/Fallis lion while Prophets/Profetts were first found in Kincardineshire with the Peartree's having the Trump stag head. Is that just a coincidence? We could ask the Donalds what they think about this, and they were first found in Galloway with Medals/Dougals. The Terras' in the Donald motto were first found in Moray.

The Mark eagle holds a double-tipped spear, as does the eagle of SHAKEspears. Shake's use "mole hills." LockHART (share the Douglas heart) were obvious kin of the Hardy > Douglas line, but they substitute the Moray stars of Douglas' for the Mole / Schim boar head. This explains why Spanish Pando's, in the "pando" motto term of Lockharts, have a sword with loaf of bread at the point, akin to the same-colored swords, with wolf heads at the points, of Schim-branch SKINs/SCANs/Skene's (both of Aberdeenshire, same as Food-connectable Prophets/Profetts). The mark, which will likely be scanned by a scanning machine, goes on the skin. Have I missed anything? Oh yes, the white Schim boar is also that of Gog-like Googe's.

I'd like to repeat that while Medals/Dougals pointed to Hood connectable Bauds, the latter were first found in Stirlingshire with Chappes/Cheaps while Jeepma's are also Cheps, and then Chepmans/Chapmans share the Speer/Speyer crescent. The Speer/Speyer boar heads are half in the colors of the Lockhart / Mole / Googe boars.

On the day that the medallion was found on my hood, I left my writing off while speaking on Sleeping Beauty at the hood of her car. The Hoods/Hoots use a fret that is a saltire, and it's in the colors of the Gover/Gopher/Gofer saltire, which itself has drops likely as code for Drops/Trope's. Troops were first found in Banffshire with Baskins, and so I'm beginning to see Baskins as important to whatever God means by the medallion at Food Basics, and the theory now is that he's pointing to the mark of the beast keeping us from buying foods. As HODeys/Oddeys share the quadrants of Medals/Dougals and Bauds, doesn't it seem Hood-relevant that Oddie's/Hoddys share the Gover/Gopher/Gofer saltire too?

Isn't it eye-popping that the Hodley/Oddey Crest shares the dove-with-branch in the Schim/Schien Crest, or that the Patria's/Peartree's (Trump stag head) are in the "patria" motto term of Hodleys/Oddeys? Doesn't it seem certain that Trump is in the hood of the Jeep?

AMAZINGLY, I've just stumbled on the "VeriTAS" motto term of Hodleys/Oddeys, which must be God's pointer to Tase's because they share both the Hood and the Baud crescents. Charles TAZE Russell pointed to lake Rosseau, and as I've said many times, my boss took a job with Frank, the contractor for Rosseau's steel building, and one of Frank's two workers was Mike Oddie! English Odins/Oddeys/Hoddys/Odo's, first found in Yorkshire with Oddie's/Hoddys/Odo's, happen to share the Crozier with Bracebridge's, what are the chances? Franks share the Pollock saltire.

Punch Time

Mike Oddie had punched me in the face at age 12. I've been spelling his name as "Oddie," but it could have been "Oddey." I was walking along with Jim McGee along MARKham road in Markham when Oddie came out of nowhere and belted me with his fist in the face, accusing me of doing something I had no idea what he was talking about. He said something like, "You did it, didn't you?"

One McGee Coat with more white boar heads has two swords to a point in the colors of the Skin/Scan/Skene swords. The other McGee's have leopard FACE's to go with the punch to the face, and while Face's/Fessys share the cross of Mee's/Meigh's, the latter share the McGee boar heads in both colors, and were first found in Nottinghamshire with Markhams.

Markhams were at MAPLEbeck (Nottinghamshire) while Maple's, with the Speer/Speyer boar heads, have a vertically-split Shield in colors reversed from the one of German Marks, and the Markham lion is colors reversed from the one of English Marks, first found in Essex with Maple's. It's making sense heraldically, but why should it be pointing to the mark of the beast? It can be added that English Marks share the fleur-de-lys of Ainsleys, first found in Nottinghamshire. Ainsleys have the My variation of Mee's/Meigh's in their motto.

Markhams even use an "AUDax" motto term while more white swords are with Oddie-colored Aude's/Ode's. Pollocks use "AUDACter." I wonder what the punch to my face means aside from pointing to Fessys? While Face's/Fessys use a "vinces" motto term, Frank's other worker (with Oddie) was Vince Pierce, who had punched Kepke in the face, with me watching, on the driveway of Rick Young. Youngs were first found in Essex too, and Scottish Youngs were first found in Roxburghshire while Roxburghs, with the Oddie saltire in colors reversed, share "audax" with Markhams. It explains why the Roxburghs share a white horse with Odins/Oddeys/Hoddys/Odo's. Rockefeller-line Roquefeuil is in the Aude province of France, in Rosseau-like ROUSSILLon, and in Languedoc, where French Marks were first found.

As Oddie's/Hoddys share the Hague saltire, it's notable that the Oddie/Hoddy Crest has a goat, symbol (in different colors) of Dutch Haags/Hacks. The Hykes/Hacks were kin of Chives', and Maple's can be gleaned as kin of both Chives' and Tarves'. Chives', once said to be first found in Devon with Hykes'/Hacks and Moline's, share the black moline cross with Moline's, and the latter have goat heads too, probably from the goat- and human-sacrificing Boofima cult that was officiated by the Imperi people that I see in Imperia, which was called ONEGLia. NAGLE's/Nails happen to have a saltire colors reversed from the same of Oddie's/Hoddys and Hague's/Haits. Irish Murrays/Morays, sharing the Hague/Hait stars, use a motto, "Imperio."

Hague's/HAITs had pointed to Clinton-supported child abductions in HAITi. Reminder: the steel building pointed to the Clintons, I think I now get why Oddie was on that job site. Lookie at this, for a certain Miss Covert had worked into the Haiti child-abduction theme, and Covert-like Govers/Gophers share the Hague/Hait saltire. Then, Governors/Gouvernaire's have a version of the Hague/Hait Coat. The three Coats are in the colors of the Gover-like Giuffre Coat, and Miss Giuffre was one of Jeffrey Epstein's high-profile teen hookers. What could it mean, as per the international COURT in The Hague, that Coverts were first found in Sussex with COURTs/Coverts?

The pointer to Covert was when I drove through BAY City's Markham location (Texas), for Miss Covert's husband. Mr. Maness, had an address in Markham. French Bays share the Hague/Hait and Governor crescents, and English Bays share the double fesses of Maness'. I was in Victoria soon after driving past Markham, and while Giuffre is snitching on prince Andrew (she claims Epstein forced her to turn a trick with Andrew), Andrews (Trick colors) use a Victoria-like "VicTRIX" motto term that could be a pointer to a hooker's tricks. It's INCREDIBLE that Hague's/Haits (share rock with MacKenzie's) use "inVICTa."

Apophis-like Popes' were first found in CAITHness (Catti tribe) with Andrews!!! Scottish Andersons are said to have been of Clan Chattan, and Swedish Andersons share the Hague/Hait crescent. (As per the Yarborough-related Stands in the motto of Scottish Andersons, Danish and German Andersons must have the Yarborough Shield.)

I'm not suggesting that Covert and Maness were involved in Haiti's child abductions, but they are an apt pointer to them, for they were in Haiti seeking to help at the time of the earthquake, when some fake-Christian missionaries were abducting children in the chaos, and Bill Clinton came to their rescue to keep them from being charged with the crimes. It just seems that God is using Hague's/Haits to point to that terrible crime.

I myself was mugged in Galveston in the wee hours of the night on the very morning I drove through Markham and Victoria. An abduction is similar to a mugging. I had driven past BAYtown, where Miss Hicks was living, and where she had the Spuds-MacKenzie event, about eight hours before the mugging. Jesus said that it would be better to have a stone tied around one's neck and tossed into the sea, than to sin against the children. Spuds MacKenzie points to asteroid (a huge stone) in Revelation's 2nd trumpet, which lands in the sea, which could be Apophis. Might God be sending that rock due to the world's indifference to child-trafficking?

Hague's/Haits, with the Roque/Rock rock in Crest, were likely a Hicks branch. Although there's multiple ways to interpret Sleeping Beauty, depending of which set of heraldry is used, one way is, I think, as a hooker on Epstein's island. She first appeared at the hood, and Hoods/Hoots have a fret that is a saltire in the colors of the Hague/Hait saltire.

I didn't plan on crossing Markham, Texas, so soon after dealing with my being punched by Oddie in Markham, Ontario, and so do we think that the mark of the beast is from the child abductors (probably satanists) in high places? The Oddie/Hoddy goat head is split vertically in the colors of the vertically-split Shield of German Marks, and colors reversed from the same of Maple's. The German Mark Coat is suspect with Dutch Tromps, and Trump was working into the hood / medallion of the Jeep. It should also be said that the English Marks share the fleur-de-lys of both Ainsleys and Hicks, and thus we are now on Sleeping Beauty at the hood of a car on Jeffrey Epstein's island. Bill Clinton loved Jeffrey Epstein, child abductor. When Epstein's madam, Ghislaine Maxwell, was arrested, then-president Trump said NOTHING, tweeted NOTHING, showing his associations / sympathies / support with she and/or the people behind her.

We can now go to the "heure" motto term of Hicks because Eure's almost have the Bee Coat. Repeat: "No one can BUY or make SALES without the MARK of the BEAST. Buys use bees, and Bee's share the Sales Coat. "Be" is a Bracebridge motto term, and God decided to do a medallion-thing at Food Basics in Bracebridge. Bees are used by Beasts, first found in Cheshire with Sales' and sharing their bend." In real life, Miss Hicks has been, and may still be, a charismatic false prophet (she prophesied as if God were speaking directly though her mouth). In the dream, I touched her leg to wake her, and Leggs almost have the Trump stag head. Prophets/Profetts have a giant leg, and Hicksons show only bird legs. She was hovering when I touched her leg, and Hoovers have another bird leg.

The Hykes/Hacks probably use the black Moline cross in a different form, and so here's from the Moline write-up: "William of Moulins, Sire de Falaise..." Is that the false-like Falls/Fallis bloodline?

The medallion had Saint Petersburg stamped on it, and Peters are from Peter Pollock of Moray, though he was named after a Pollok location in Renfrewshire, where Mark-beloved Speers/Speyers were first found. As was recently discovered, "PetersBURG" looks like God's pointer to German Burgs sharing the bend of two Peter surnames, and throwing in the Moray stars beside the bend.

The Moray stars are also in the Hague/Hait Coat that itself shares the Gover/Gopher saltire. I am convinced that, all these years, I failed to understand that Hague's are a Hicks branch, possibly from Hykes'/Hake's or Hykes'/Hacks. The Sola's in the Hague motto share fish, and the same chevron, with Hykes'/Hacks. The Hague is the location of the international court of the United Nations. Does that give us a nice, warm-fuzzy feeling knowing what we do about the United Nations, the entity wanting to replace Jesus as ruler of the world? The Dutch call it "Den Haag," and Haggs/Hagers happen to have a horizontally-split Shield in colors reversed from the same of Groce's/Greggs. Hagars (near the Spey river) even share the Jeepma hexagram. Is God also pointing to The Hague with the medallion? Is God Pointing to The Hague with Miss Hicks at the hood of the car?

Let's now go to the first-known Hake of Norfolk, Turkil Hako, because flaming-rock Turks/Torks were first found in Dumfries with Kilpatricks, flaming-heart Bullys, and the Bells who configure to the "bello" motto term of Turks/Torks. The latter share a blue chevron with Bellys of Moray, and "bello"-using Bouillons were first found in Auvergne with French Croziers (almost the cross of German Turks), and with the Bauds who share a ram (different color) with the Turk/Tork Crest. The Scottish Bauds are part of the medallion theme, and here we can go to the crozier of Bracebridge's, i.e. the theme suspected as a 666 pointer. Have I had it all wrong? Will the anti-Christ be a Turk?

The "vel" motto term of Turks/Torks must be for Vela's, for they have flaming "TORCHes at the corners." Vele's (Devon, same as Moline's and Hykes'/Hacks) and Vallans share the red moline with French Burgs (Languedoc, same as Marks). Can "PetersBURG" point to French Burgs too?

Miss Hicks was involved with Spuds MacKenzie, a pointer to the Apophis ASTERoid that I half-think will hit the earth in 2029. Apophis was a HYKSos king. MacKenzie's share the flaming rock (apt symbol of an asteroid turned meteorite) with Turks/Torks, and the "uro" motto term of MacKenzie's can be for the Ure variation of the Eure's who worked above into the 666 quote with the Bracebridge "Be." The other MacKenzie's share "as" with Bracebridge's, what are the chances? MacKenzie's use "as ASTRA" as a pointer to the asteroid. MacKenzie's use a "Luceo" motto term, and the Jeepma / Hagar hexagram (hex = 6) is shared by Lucents/Lucens/Luca's. Luce's/Lucys were first found in Norfolk with Turkil Hako, and while Luce's/Lucys were at Passy while Pasi's are also "Pace's, "Pace" is a Turk/Tork motto term. This is all new thanks to Turkil Hako of the Hykes'/Hake's who share fish with Luce's/Lucys. Are end-time Hyksos witches going to produce the 666 in honor of their ancient 6 symbolism?

When mentioning Oddie's punch initially, it occurred to me that it was (at the corner of Markham road and highway 7) directly across the intersection from where the hockey arena was (not anymore) when I scored on the same Jim McGee (the goalie) who was with me when I was punched. Both events were at my age 12. I've never tried until now to see if there's some heraldic connections between the two events. As I said, we won the championship in the game that I scored on McGee, and Champions happen to be in the colors and format of the three leopard FACES of McGee's!!! I was punched in the FACE. We have another story.

As was said, the only thing I recall about that game was Steve Tarr in the corner boards handling the puck around the defenceman, then looking toward the net to see me alone, and so he slipped me a pass for the goal on McGee. There's so little here to use for heraldry, but as I said, I sailed the puck (it had Hait-like HEIGHT) over his knee PAD as he kicked it out (not high enough) to block the shot. Minus the border, the Padds happen to be in the colors and format of the other English Champions. Why would God want to point to Champion liners? The latter Champions have the same eagle as Vienne's, and while Vienne-Isere is beside Lyon, Mummolin of CHAMPAGNE was descended from Rusticus of Lyon.

Tarr scored four goals that game, but not one remains in my memory. How can Tarrs be important to topics now at hand? While Punch's have eight bars, they are in the colors of the ten bars of Tarrs, and while Tarrs were first found in Somerset, Punch's are said to have been in Old Cleeve of Somerset. Cleeve's are listed with Cliffs/Cleffs, who married the Traby-related Stiche's (Astikas'). Trebys and Treble's were first found in Devon, beside Somerset, and it just so happens that the TARo river flows into the Trebia! So Tarrs must have been from an important family on the Taro, and that was home to the Ananes Gauls who named Annandale (Dumfries, same as Scottish McGee's)...perhaps explaining why Annandale's share the saltire of Belgian Champions.

I think I get this. High-priest Annas held the kangaroo court that sentenced Jesus to death. Will the court in The Hague sentence Christians to death? Who's appointing its judges? Do they wear women's underwear? McGee's share the boar heads of Judds/Juge's, and Judge's are Juge's too. One Judge/Juge Coat shares leopard faces (different colors) with Irish McGee's. Was I punched in the face, falsely accused by Oddie, as a symbol of the coming Christian persecutions? If so, why did I score on McGee, and why did we beat his team? As Brains share three, white leopard faces with Irish McGee's, see the Brain-like surname in the write-up of Irish Judge's/Juge's: "As an Irish surname, Judge was the translation of the Irish Gaelic Mac an Bhreitheamhnaigh. This same name was also anglicized and became MacEvrehoona, MacVrehonne, MacBREHON, and others." These Judge's/Juge's have three scallops in the colors and format of the McGee leopard faces.

Ahh, the Brain leopard faces are in the colors of the same in this Arms of Macclesfield Earls, and then the Macclesfield Coat is essentially the FACE Coat.

Ahh, bingo time. The Brains use the motto, "EnGHIEN," and Gheens are listed with Scottish McGee's! The three Brain leopards are in pale, and in the colors of the three lions in pale of Irish Brians ("uachTAR"). We can now add that French Brians, first found in Brittany with the Governs who almost have the Hague/Hait Coat, have a saltire in colors reversed from the Hague/Hait and Gover/Gopher/GOFer saltire. Plus, McGee's/Gheens share the white boar with Googe's/Gouch's and GOFFs/Gough's. So, it does appear that Jim McGee points to The Hague court, and/or maybe to Haiti abductions. There was another crushing quake in Haiti last week.

Lockharts, with the Googe / Goff/Gough boars, share the heart with the Cords/MacCOURTs (hearts) in their "Corda" motto term. LochHARTs (heart) can be gleaned as Douglas kin, and while Douglas' are said to derive from Hardys (black boars) to explain their heart, the Hardy cross is colors reversed from the near-same of Governors. Does that Harden the McGee pointer to the UN court. To election-fraud court? I guess we'll see some day.

Markhams were first found in Nottinghamshire with Mys'/Mee's/Meigh's (share Face cross) who share the Jugg/Judd and McGee/Gheen boar heads. The Meigh-like German Mays happen to share the tower of Tours suspect in the "deTOUR" motto term of French Brians.

Ahh, while the McGee write-up mentions a GETHE variation, the Geddes'/Gettys, with a Cabot-like "capta" motto term, share fish with Cabots whose Crest in turn is the gold scallop in the Crest of Irish Judge's/Juge's. This recalls the Geddys/Gideons, for they are in the colors of the other Judge's/Juge's.

Hmm, the Gheen-like Queens share the black wolf heads of Cleeve's/Cliffs, Quade's/Wade's and Irish Mackays while Scottish Mackays have two daggers to a point in the style used for the two McGee/Gheen swords. The latter's is in the Ricket Coat, and the "Quid" motto term of Rickets is a surname listed with Quade's/Wade's. Tarr assisted in my score on McGee, and Rickets use a scimiTAR. Kepke got punched in the face on the driveway of RICK Young, and English Youngs, I kid you not, have the three RICKet roses!!! That's new because I'm not familiar with the Rickets sharing the McGee swords-to-a-point in chevron-shape fashion. I've known it before, but it's not a similarity I've retained in my memory. Maybe now it will stick. I trace Youngs and their June kin to the Una (Oeneus) river near Rick-like Rijeka.

The Queens or Quade's are expected in the Q-shaped scarf of Trabys/Sadowski's, and Scarfs have wolf heads in the colors of the wolf of Danish Andersons who in turn share the split-Shield of Juge-like Jaggers. This recalls my finding a sick and abandoned fawn on the road to Leakey while driving with Miss Anderson (I took the fawn home, but it died), the same road that has the GET-n GO that I pointed to Gettens/Gittens and Gover-like Gows/McGoo's (boar head).

I was punched by Oddie while McGee was with me, and Oddie, more than a decade later, pops up on my Rosseau job site. Some 30 years after that, I bought a Doral boat and took it to lake Rosseau 20 times or more, and while Rosseau's can be linked to Dorals, the latter share the Irish Door lion while Scottish Doors have three white boar heads, same as Brains, McGee's, and Juggs/Jude's. One of the main symbols at the Get'n Go was the glass DOOR. AWWE WOW, only after writing to this point did I re-load Gowers/Gore's ("FranGAS"), because they were pointed to by Get'n GO (GAS station), and they happen to have the eight bars of Punch's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What does all of this mean? My brain is only five inches wide. What could a triangle with the Get'n Go, Rosseau and Markham mean? Maybe God just likes to point to multiple things, unrelated, with the same events so as to pack more pointers with fewer events.

We saw why the Champions should prove to be McGee kin, and it just so happens that BeauCHAMPs have a version of the Gore/Core Coat (share white wolf with Gowers/Gore's). I trace the Gower/Gore moline to MumMOLIN of Chalons-en-CHAMPAGNE, and there you see that Champion-like surname. Beauchamps are also BEACHams, and Beach's happen to share a vaired Shield (different colors) with Scottish Champagne's. The latter share the vaired Shield (same colors) of Bracebridge's! "Mum" is buried twice in the motto of crozier-using Kirks (share McGee sword), and the latter may apply to Church street, where Lorraine lived when I dated her, for our date on my birthday pointed to Mummolin's wife. The Arms of Chalons-en-Champagne is one of the Crozier Coats, and Bracebridge's use a crozier too. One Kirk motto term, "PRIMum," can be for the giant-leg Prims/Prime's, in case Leggs (Dumfries) were related to McGee's (Dumfries). The McGee triangle just turned into a square, now including the medallion event too. Gore's/Core's happen to share "Sola" with Hague's/Haits.

As I said, being least in seniority, they gave me the job of fetching their wrenches when they dropped them into the water. Luckily, they dropped many, and I loved going down for the cool dive. The Wrench's/Rench's share the Gore/Core / Beauchamp/Beacham crosslets! Rench's (Cambridgeshire, same as Dive's) have pointed to Ranch road, location of the GET'n GO i.e. the Gore's/Core's sharing the Rench crosslets assures that Gowers/Gore's do get pointed to by the Get'n Go event...with Miss Hicks on the first anniversary of the 9-11 crimes. It will be the 20th anniversary in three weeks.

Now Lookie. Why do I remember that Tarr had FOUR goals in our championship win? I think I now know, for the Travers (another white boar head) in the FORE/Forez motto nearly have a Judge/Juge Coat, the one with scallops in the colors and format of the McGee leopard faces. Fore's/Forez's were first found in Savoy with the Isere river flowing down to the Vienne and Lyon area, and the Vienne eagle could be in one Champion Coat. Savoys share the FACE Coat too. Mummolin descended from his great-grandfather, Rusticus of LYON, and so note the Bracebridge medalLION.

Mummolin married the daughter of MaurilLION, BERTHE. He traces well to Italian Maurels who share the eight-pointed star of Steel-branch Stelli's. I got home from the Rosseau job site days before my BIRTHday, in time to ask Lorraine on our first date on my birthday at her BUS stop, and Lorraine's share a green lion with Lyons. It was a STEEL-beam building, and German Steels share the Bert/Berta griffin. How impressive is that? Lyons share the Lannoy/Lanney lion, and Scottish Lanneys/Lennys, first found in Perthshire with Lyons, are in Travers / Judge colors and format. Lanneys/Lennys (muzzled bears for Musselburg) throw in the cinquefoils of Kettle's (Perthshire again) and Rosseau-connectable Rosco's. When those cinquefoils are in colors reversed with the cinquefoils of Dougal-like Dogs/Doags (Perthshire again), they are the Bus cinquefoils too!!! That's cool.

I don't know what the building became because my boss quit after the first week, but as it was built on the water, we can be sure it had a boat DOCK. Dogs/Doags are Docks too. It's likely it became the lake's boat gas station / store / boat-repair place I've passed many times, and yes, it has a dock, because I've docked there a few times.

Italian Lions/Leo's (from the Pierleoni of Rome) have a passant lion in the colors of the MEDAL/Dougal lion, and Rome is where Rita's were first found who share the Medal/Dougal and Dowel lion. Ahh, Ritters (log) have a horizontally-split Shield in the colors of the same of Italian Tonys/Antonacci's, and my boss at the Rosseau site was Steve Antonacci! So, it seems we are on the correct track to go to Lions/Leo's and/or Rita's (from a family in Rieti, home of the Revelation dragon line, emperor Vespasian).

If Gas' are in the Gower/Gore' motto, then note how German Gas' appear to have a giant goose, for Goose's are listed with Gover-connectable Googe's, and "Gower" is like "Gover." French Gas' share the Chief of French Alans who lived in-part in Dol. Governors, first found in Dol with Nerets, are also GouverNAIRE's, and the Neretva river was also the Naro. Nerets share a Rosseau Coat. Governors thus look like a Govern or Gower merger with Neretva-river liners, which included Door-like Daorsi. My Doral boat on Rosseau; Dorals share a Door lion, and the other Rosseau Coat looks connectable to Dorals.

Ahh, Dol is also where the Liers/Lairs/Daire's were first found who share the Irish Judge/Juge Coat! Dutch Liers share the giant lion of Cressys, the latter first found in Burgundy with the Cressents/CRAITs who in turn share the Rosseau and Neret Coat! Unbelievable links cascading like unexpected shooting stars, but what in the real world is this about? Crait-like Crate's/Creights were first found in Inverness-shire with Gows/McGoo's! Just when you're hoping to make sense of things, we find we need a two-foot-wide brain.

It's pretty incredible that Markhams have an old quote: "'...a lofty embattled tower, and contains several ancient monuments to the Markham, CRESSY, and other families." I was punched in Markham by the guy who pops up at Rosseau, and Rosseau's share the Coat of Cressy-branch Cressents. English Cressys/Crease's (share lion of French Cressys) were at BEESTon Regis, and MARKhams are being treated as pointers to the mark of the beast.

Repeat: "The Meigh-like German Mays happen to share the tower of Tours suspect in the "deTOUR" motto term of French Brians." It's the tower also of DeNARDo's/NARbonne's, suspect from "Neret/Naro." Tours use towers because they were a Tower branch, and Towers happen to have the tower of Comets for a potential pointer to Apophis. French Tours were first found in Languedoc with Narbonne, French Marks, and ROUSSillon.

BY THE WAY, going a little off-topic here; The Cressy lion is the Aulnay and Oullette lion, and Joe Oullette (in a dream) asked me to get him a container, so I got him a square one that pointer to election fraud. I've just realized that a square container is a crate, and we just saw Crate's working out of Cressy liners. The Crate Chief is that also of Schims/Schiens (another white boar, that of Gofer-like Goffs/Gough's), a branch of SCANs/Skene's, and election-fraud requires scanning machines. Joe Oullette appeared in Joe's-van dream, as I call it, as a pointer to JOVAN Pulitzer, and he does have scanning machines to catch fraud. This dream pointed to Howells, who have the Coat of English Tours/Thors in colors reversed. Cressy-like Crass'/Graze's are listed with the English Grasse's sharing the Falls/Fallis lion while Oullette's were at Falaise.

Merovingians were of the Marsi of Maruvium, up the Salto river from Rieti, and the first Merovingian king. CHILDeric, is to the Childs in the Lorraine Coat. Childs were first found in Hertfordshire with the Titus' and Finch's/Vince's, and emperor Titus of Rieti was the son of Vespasian, demolishers together of Jerusalem. VINCE Pierce, who punched Kepke in the face, was one of the guys dropping his wrench. "Vincit" is a motto term of Alis' (very connectable to Kettle's by way of Keiths) who share the muzzled bear with Lanneys/Lennys, Lyon liners.

Lorraine's were first found in Northumberland with Rieti-line Reeds/Riets. I've just noted that the latter share the DATE garbs, suggesting that Lorraine's were fundamental to Rieti liners. Mummolin was a Merovingian living near the time of Childeric, and because I know that a noble of Avesnes married a noble of Champagne, that's why the Avezzano's have a version of the bend of French Champagne's. Avezzano is up the Salto river in Maruvium!!! The championship game must be pointing to this Avezzano-Champagne merger. It's all crazy because God can do so many things with one simple event, depending on how He frames it. I go out on a limb often, and find fruit.

Merovingians descended from Salian Franks, and Salto-line Sales'/Salletts have a version of the Salian/Saleman Coat. Salian Franks lived at the mouth of the Rhine (got to be near The Hague) with BATavi Franks, suggesting that BATTistelli's apply. Battistelli's share the pyramid with Tulls/Tolle's, from Tullia, wife of Decimus Rusticus of Lyon (may have predated Childeric). Tulls/Tullia's share the bend of German Steels. The STEEL BUILDing. English Steels (Cheshire, same as Sales'/Salletts) share billets with Battistelli's (Corsica, beside first-known Avezzano's of Sardinia).

Why would God provide a championship for us only to point to bad peoples up the Salto river? What else did the Champion / Champagne / Beauchamp line point to? Anything of the last days? Vespasian and his two sons were the 4th, 5th and 6th heads of the Revelation beast, mentioned in chapter 17 with Babylon the harlot, and Lorraine the babe connected to Babels. Mummolin had a son, Babon. The 7th head comes for a sort time, and that was Nerva. Then there's a gap where the beast will not be, until he comes again as the 8th king, a revival of the seven. And there will be another Jerusalem invasion.

I didn't go to work on Saturday. My boss did. He came home early Saturday freaking, saying that Frank almost killed him. I've told this several times in the past. Frank asked my boss to raise a steel beam with the bucket of a backHOE, and when the machine was unable to get it high enough, Franks put some bags on pink insulation into the bucket (he had nothing else on hand) until they were coming above the rim of the bucket, and he then asked my boss to raise the beam again with it suspended on the cushion-like bags. The beam was therefore unstable in its balance, and came sliding down the boom toward his body in the seat. But one end of the beam hit a scaffold, to break the slide on one side of him, and my boss got away without injury, though it was that close.

I'm re-telling this part of the story because Beams share the lion of Hoe's, but the bags in the bucket tell their own story. Beams are said to have been Bellamys, and first found near Abbeville. The Baileys and Baliols, first found in Northumberland with Lorraine's, were near Abbeville too, in PICardy. The English PIKE's share the trefoils of Beams, and so lets add here that, on my first date with Lorraine, we kissed at a PICnic table. Nickle's share the Stop/Stubb pheon, and the date was set at her bus STOP. When we split up at the pant stain event, it pointed to German Ducks, but here we can go to Bailey-branch Bellys who share the eight-pointed star of Ducs/LeDucs for a pointer to the global-vaccine scheme.

The bags of insulation in the bucket are amazing because Bags have the French Bucket cinquefoils in colors reversed. Bags (Norfolk, same as pilGRIMs) share the lozengy Shield of GRIMaldi's, and Mummolin's son, Babe-like Babon, gave birth to GRIMo. The Bags therefore got suspect with Begga, daughter of Pepin of Landen, whom Lorraine pointed to. It's likely that Mummolin was related to Pepin, and while Stops/Stubbs can be gleaned as kin of Pepin-branch Pipe's, Pepin married Itta of Metz in Lorraine. She was related to Arnold of Metz, and Lorraine's bus stop was at the corner of Yonge and Arnold. I'm not kidding, see map of Richmond Hill, Ontario, to verify.

The same corner is Yonge and Lorne because Lorne is the other side of Arnold. If one takes Lorne one block in from Yonge, that's where the picnic table was, in a small park area. Lorne's are in the Lanark/LURNack write-up, and this surname shares the Bus cinquefoils. English Arnolds share the pheons of ROSSITers/Rossays, looking like a line from RUSTicus, for example the Roosts/Rusts. There was a reason that I saw Rusticus as the ancestor of the Varangian Rus. Varangians must have named Wieringen. Irish Weirs almost have the Bag / Grimaldi Shield.

My boss left without me because I needed the money. But the next day, Frank blasted me: "I know what you're thinking, that God caused the accident yesterday because we worked on the Sabbath." And he hurled obscenities at me, like the devil incarnate (it was my practice not to work on the seventh day). So I had to HITCH-HIKE home Sunday. What could it mean that Hitch's/Hiches' look like Hykes'/Hacks/Hike's? It's very interesting that Hitch's/Hiches' share the estoiles of Coomers while Coomers share the dancetty fesse of of Sundays/Sandys, in colors reversed from the same of Dive's. Coomers are the pointer to Eric Coomer of Dominion Voting. Hickenson-branch Higgins share a black tower with the Domino's expected in the Coomer motto! I get it. Lake Rosseau is pointing, partially anyway, to election fraud.

The "POENItet" motto term of Sundays/Sandys suggests the Paeoni people to which Lorraine pointed, but it's feasible code for the Phoenix's/Fenwicks (Northumberland, same as Lorraine's) that pointed to election fraud in Arizona.

On the night of her grass stain, I was waiting for her to return upon her balcony, and Balcons are also BalCOMBs, like the Comber variation of Coomers ("DOMINabitur"). Irish Comeys/Combs have the Lorraine lions in colors reversed. I was only days from the first date with Lorraine on the Sunday that I hitch-hiked home. The first time I hitched-hiked was with McGee.

Comeys/Combs have lions in the colors of the lion head of boat-like Boate's/Bude's, and of Morgans, and the mythical witch, Morgan le Fay of Avalon, was on Bute because mythical Avalon is the island of Bute. It's beside Arran, where McCabe's were first found, and Andrew McCabe was the highest FBI chief under Obama save James Comey. McCabe's/McAbbe's were named by the namers of Abbeville, which we saw as being near a location of the Beams.

While I was on her balcony, Lorraine came home with a grass stain on her BUTT. It seems that the boat garage we were building is linking to Lorraine in multiple ways. The English Bute's/Butts have a version of the Maurel/MAURINO Coat, and the latter is from Maurilion, father of Berthe, can we believe it? The first date was on my birthday. Berthe and Mummolin birthed BODEgisel too, suspect with Bude's and Bute's/Butts. Isn't that amazing? German Bode's share the fesse of MORINIS'. Why would God arrange my life's events to educate us on these things? I'm stumped, and when I ask Him, I get no answer. I have no idea at all what He's doing with these writings, besides theories on guesswork.

German Bode's look like kin of Baskets, and a basket is in the Crest of Irish Melons/Mellans while Mellansons were from Milan, which is where Maurels/Maurino's were first found. I don't see why Baskets should work into Food BASICs in Bracebridge. BUT wait. French Melons/Mellans can be linked by way of Rods to Mellansons, and the latter use: "a bundle of rods with an axe in the MIDDLE." Middle's are like MEDALs/Dougals from the medalLION in Bracebridge!!!

Middle's were first found in Shropshire with Motleys who in turn use a "Dat" motto term to point to our first date. We KISSed on that date at Lorne ave., and while Lorne's are in the Lanark write-up, the Scottish Flemings, with a "deed" motto term, were first found in Lanarkshire. Deeds are listed with Date's! NEW STUFF. Lanarkshire is also where Scottish Caseys were first found while Kiss'/Cush's share the "fountains" of Cass'/Cash's. Cassano's were first found in Modena with Morinis'.


I say that Bidenites want Afghanis in the United States to turn them into Democrat votes. I say that some Afghan news is being hyped to change the national debate, and other Afghan news if left unreported to minimize Biden's embarrassment. NOTHING can be trusted from main-media jugglers. I say that the CIA planned to make the American military futile for resisting the Taliban take-over. I say the CIA allowed the Taliban take-over to get Biden to bring more military into Afghanistan, and that's exactly what Biden did. I say the CIA wants perpetual war (stalemate) overseas for perpetual flow of military and nation-building dollars for the billionaires to take advantage of, because they are trying to become trillionaires so as to become non-resistible world powers. Journalists cannot speak like this because they and their bosses covet news tips from the CIA and other government institutions, and so the news people prefer to keep on good terms with them. That's why even Fox is useless (all mouth, no bite) for fighting corruptocrats. Globalists are obviously seeking to destroy the country, and resistors are not fighting back as they should because there's nothing enough to fight with.

I don't believe that people clung to the outer parts of an airplane until it took off into the air. That's hype and perhaps even staged news. People falling from the outside of plane has got to be fake CNN news. But as soon as Biden started to take a lickin, the hype was turned down. The situation is very, very the United States. Start planning some food security, and buy other things you will need so far as you can afford it.

The CIA is throwing Biden under the bus for the failure while expecting him to send military projects extra-fast money to stem the tide that's drowning him. I can fathom Obama arranging to ship dangerous Afghans into the United States masked as refugees. I can also fathom the tide against Israel that brings on the anti-Christ now that the United States looks too weak to do anything due to a leftist military demon gripping the brass. I don't want to jump the gun, but, the question is, does Obama have sway over Biden? Is Biden begging Obama for advice on how to move forward in the Middle East. Is Obama the defacto commander-in-chief (military leader) again, or even half the president?

A CNN reporter on the ground in the Taliban's face suggests to me that the CIA, or some other facet of the shadow government, has cut a deal with the Taliban to leave certain Americans alone. It's even possible that the shadow government caused the Afghan leaders to flee rather than fight the Taliban. That makes most sense to me. Afghan leaders giving up the country without a fight makes no sense. The shadow government may have told the Afghan leader that American troops are not available, and so he and his leading families had best just scram. The U.S. military then helped the government flee, in order to give the nation to the Taliban for reasons, and is Obama behind this??? Yes, that makes sense too. Biden was told to not give this move heed, it's all under control, but he's taken a licking for it. That's how I expect the truth to be, more or less.

Afghanistan is Benghazi II a thousand times bigger. We may ask why trudeau spoke to Hillary Clinton about the Afghan situation. She's the perfect pay-no-heed mental-case, and that's why trudeau wants to hear from her, because he's from the same cloth. She lets the Council on Foreign Relations rule foreign policy, and that's why Biden (or whoever he is) is always out to lunch. He's not handling anything; he just telling the public what the shadow leaders want him to tell the public. The administration is a juggling act by clowns who are sure to drop the balls. The economy is fragile, get your food and other needs this week or next, there's no time to waste. Food shortages and/or high prices are fairly possible as soon as September/October.

Gateway Pundit: "Stephanopoulos cited The Wall Street Journalís report claiming top generals told Biden to keep 2,500 troops on the ground while they evacuated Americans and Afghan allies. Biden didnít listen to his military advisors and Bagram Air Base was closed in early July." Okay, so Biden's shadow told him not to leave military to safeguard the Afghan government, more proof that the shadow wanted a flipping of the Afghan government to the Taliban. That's what makes sense to me.

Mark Dice with a few points to tinker on American corruption in Afghanistan:

Here's a psychotic, demon-influenced teacher inciting her students to rebel against, and disrespect, their parents. It's the first golden rule of globalists: take children from parents, educate them by satanic principles:

Just before trudeau calls for an election, he forks over $60M to certain media. Achem, sorry, he took a whopping $60 million for himself. We all know it's to make the media happier to give him the supreme treatment for re-election. This is a disgusting act of thievery, and he deserves jail time for this. He's taking money not his own and not using it for the people. He's using it for himself. That's theft. It is more than disgusting for a national leader to give the media money AT ANY TIME; it's sheer conflict of interest. But to give it to the media just before he calls an election to get himself re-elected, this is a SNAKE. How do people tolerate it? How daft are canadians? Gone bonkers.

Here's evidence that God took Trump out of the White House, replacing him with Mr. Chaos, in order to save lives from vaccinations. With Mr. Chaos, one never knows how the dust will settle until it settles, but with Trump, we know that millions of millions upon millions of Trump lovers would be egging us all on to receive vaccinations. As I've said, Trump is a murderer who deserves death, for when he refused to push COVID cures, it was because he wanted to be Mr. Vaccine. I think Mr. Dustbag Chaos is better for the country, therefore, than Mr. Scumbag Vaccine:

As you can see, Trump is exactly the person I despise as per his position on vaccinations. Pro-Trumpers are the reason that the vaccine fight hasn't yet toppled pro-vaccine goons. Our only hope is in what Jesus prays to the father for this situation. If people must die and get sick, may they all be God's enemies. Make no mistake about it, that in preparation for the final years, God will kill or maim or sideline some of our worst potential enemies. He's not going to let them have their way as harshly as they want it. Vaccine programs are having the boomerang effect of forming more home-schooled children, and the evil ones are by far the first in line to be vaccinated. Woe is me if I have desire to see people die, unless they are killers and maimers unnecessarily. It's not me that's the problem. I see and think clearly. FACT: Trump killed and hurt many by allowing his medical establishments keep COVID cures from patients.

The video producer above is a good laugh, I like the way he does it. He keeps repeating himself for a half hour because he was doing a live show, with viewers checking in at different times. I agree with him on UNABASHED BOASTFUL TRUMP THE SICKIE EGO (my phrase, his sentiments). Trump really is sick, and his grooves are all cut out, there's no changing his character in his 70s; who he's become is who he'll be before God, a proud rich man far too fat to get through the eye of a needle, and begging for a big fall. Follow Trump at the peril of your own grooves, because what we become today is what we'll be tomorrow. Trump's influence on Christians is to make Christians fall from Christ. Do not give him the honor he covets. Do not ape Christians who praise him. Know that foolish virgins will fall short of Christ.

Don't you think that Trump could become the 666 Man, the False Prophet, if the 666 is a vaccine skincode? I see the real possibility. BUT, I don't see him as a lamb-like character. He does speak like a dragon, but how does he fulfill the two horns like a lamb? How would he support the anti-Christ invasion of Israel? Right now, that makes no sense to me, unless, maybe, Israel is taken over by a leftist. There are countless other men who could become the 666 Vaccine Man, but not many who could become the national president. Trump can, and it looks very good for him for 2024.

Food Prep

I tested corned beef this week. I wanted to know how much water and fat a can of Hereford corned beef had in comparison with lean, ground beef. After scraping the fat from the outer edges of the corned beef, the 340-gram can weighed 325 grams apart from the can. I used 6 sheets of 6-inch wide paper towels to soak up the fat while it dried over about six hours. When the meat was dry, it weighed 135 grams. The math is 135 / 325 = 41.5 percent of the original material left. That is, roughly 60 percent of the meat was evaporated / removed as water and fat. This is a better performance as compared to dried lean ground beef, which, if I recall correctly, is reduced to about 25-30-percent of it's original weight. So, while I'm paying about $6 per pound of canned corned beef, a pound of raw, lean, ground beef is, at it's cheapest in these parts, about $4.50 (usually more).

But as the corned beef has more stuff per pound, the two meats work out to be the same price pound-per-pound of dried meat. That's why I'm going to stock up on corned beef immediately, because it's already cooked, needs no drying at all if one just leaves it in a can, and, after the expiry date, one can still dry it if one wants to make it last a few more years. I don't like corned beef as much as ground beef, but even lean ground beef has plenty of fat that won't allow it to last, when dried, a very long time unless its frozen. My bet is that the canned beef will last five years in the can. While supermarkets around here don't sell canned ground beef, I'm sure that one can find it somewhere.

It appears that Keystone is selling a 1.75-pound can of cooked ground beef ("No water added") for about $6.50. As far as my area is concerned, that's a great price, so long as the meat wasn't pumped-up with water before the canning. The best-before date is 5 years into the future. Here's a video of this product showing water coming out of the can, suggesting saturated meat:

Someone in the comments says: "Good day Ana. Did you know Keystone also has the ground beef in 28 oz [1.75-pound] cans for $6.28. That twice as much product for only a $1.29 more..." Cooked canned beef is easier, but it takes three to four times as much shelf space. Here's where you can buy the larger cans, a dozen for $94 (that's now $7.80 per can), but they don't ship outside the U.S. Note that the smaller cans are out of stock, and it's only August:

Did you prepare your extra food yet? You either pay now for your foods in the coming year, or you pay later, what's the difference? Same cost, though you can often save when buying bulk. If you have the extra money, buy it now and forgo absolute-quality in return for security. Here's Alaska Prepper comparing Keystone to home-made canned beef (you might like to start at 12 minutes to get the final scoop):

Drying meat may mean that the nutrients will not diminish over the years, I'm just guessing hoping.


Here's all four Gospels wrapped into one story.

For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God.
Also, you might like this related video:

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