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August 10 - 16, 2021

The Symposium Promise was a Wipe-Out, But Enter Joe Oltman
Miss Simson Points to Graphene in Vaccines

If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture

I need to repeat from the last update. I'm going to do the quote in two parts, with comments between the two:
Kilpatricks were first found in Dumfries with McGee's, and Miss Hicks (Mrs. Kilpatrick) pointed to McGee's, I believe, at the Get'n Go in what was otherwise a pointer to 9-11 crimes that led to the subjugation of the United States to the globogoon spies (e.g. "Patriot Act" by George Bush). The Get'n Go pointed to Gows/McGoo's, first found in Inverness-shire (near trophy-like Troops of Banffshire) with the Grands who share the flaming rock of MacKenzie's. Isn't Apophis going to become a flaming rock IF it streaks through the air? Spuds is a bulldog, and Bullys (Dumfries) use a flaming heart.

Ah, while Stanley sat beside Miss Hicks at the 9-11 memorial in 2002, there's a WINstanley location (of the Banks), and MacKenzie's are Whinnie's too. It's just that MacKenzie's share the Stanley stag head, and I had been wondering which other surnames the MacKenzie stag head might have derived. Banks were also at Bank Newton while Newtons (Cheshire, same as MalBANC-related Malls) use an "EASTERn prince" that can go with the Easter variation of the Asters in the MacKenzie motto! Winstanleys even have a Prince-like "Prenez" motto term that could be for Prince's, or for the Preens'/Prins (Pero/PERINO / Perno / Perin / Perrin branch?) having one of the double Winstanley fesses (in Perin colors). Malls have a near-copy of the Eure/URE Coat, and MacKenzie's use an "uro" motto term.

The Get'n Go (Camp Wood, Texas) is where Miss Hicks got her knee symbol, and this was corroborated when Stanley sat beside her, when watching the 9-11 memorial with her, about an hour before she was at the Get'n Go. You see Stanleys and WinSTANLEYs in the quote above. If you read the last update, you know that Miss Hicks was directly involved with Spuds MacKenzie, which brought MacKenzie's to topic in an important way. As the Get'n Go is on the Leakey road, I had told that Leakeys and Knee's share the same, engrailed bend, but to prove further that God was in the event, Stanleys use a bend in the same two (blue-on-gold) colors. The point is the "PreNEZ" motto term of Winstanleys, for Knees come up as NEES'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HUGE FOLKS HUGE. (Load Winstanley link now to have access, on another tab, to other Coats of Arms.)

Compare two Rogers Coats to the Knee's and Collingwoods, noting the "Nos" motto term of the latter. Nos'/Nes'/Ness' have the double Sleep fesses in colors reversed, but the only evidence I have to show that Nos'/Nes'/Ness' were related to Sleeps (or Knee's/Nees') is in the Sleeping Beauty dream, where I woke Miss Hicks from sleep when touching her knee. The quote above continues now to show links all over the place, for your consideration:

Newtons use "shin bones," and I can make a good case for Shins/Chinns/Chings being a branch of Kims and McKinneys [i.e. like MacKenzie variations]. Shins/Chinns/Chings share the Coat of Kemmis'/Kenys', the latter first found in Gloucestershire with Holders, and Holdens [not Holders] share the "allerion" (beakless eagle) with Preen- / Prince-like Perins. The Holder's Hold branch happens to have double fesses in colors reversed from the same of Winstanleys. Holds were first found in Lancashire with Winstanleys and Holdens, and the great thing is, the Changers (Hampshire, same as Easter/Aster-branch Sturs/STOWers) in the Stanley motto have three of the Winstanley fesses, in colors reversed from the three of STOWs/Stouts, and the latter were not only first found in Cambridgeshire with Stanleys, they have three of the two Hold fesses while Holds and Stows/Stouts both have the same fitchee in Chief. If that's not enough, the Cam river flows at Cambridge, and Cams were first found in Gloucestershire with Kemmis'/Kenys. All of that has potential to partake in whatever God intended with Spuds MacKenzie.

There is a good chance that the Shins/Chine's/Chings, a pointer to China and Mike Lindell, will come back to topic as I cover Lindell's symposium.

[Later in this update, the Hales' come to topic with Joe Oltman and Sleeping Beauty, who have a "PRINCipibus" motto term while being first found in Cheshire with Prince-loving Newtons. Prince's share the engrailed cross of Cumbers/Comberfords, and while Eric Coomer is/was the Dominion CEO, Coomers are listed with Combers ("DOMINabitur").]

As Winstanleys are also WINSTONlys, it's not only interesting that Winstons were first found in Gloucestershire with Holders and Kemmis'/Kenys, but the Winston Coat is, I think, the closest thing I've seen to the Gates Coat. The GET'n Go can be partly for a Gates branch, and the Cage's (Cambridgeshire, same as Stanleys) come to mind who share the vertically-split Shield of Gates' and Winstons. Plus, another Coat like that of Gates' and WinSTONs happens to be like the Stone Coat, suggesting the WinSTONleys and Stanleys/Stoneleys were Stone liners. Stoners even share the gold, spread eagle in Crest with Knee-branch Needhams (the latter add flames at the tail).

Hicks' had married Arthurs of Clapton, and Arthurs are suspect with the Stanley-connectable Stants/Stans in their "obSTANTia" motto term. Clapton is almost at the Gloucestershire border, and one Clapton Coat has the patee cross in the Winstanley/WinSTANTly Chief.

The amazing thing now is that Needhams were first found in Derbyshire's Morleston, named by Morleys (Derbyshire), and David Morley is in the last update because he appeared in the sleeping-bag dream as a BIKER pointing to Biks/Bikers who nearly have the Stanley Coat. Immediately after I left off the quote above, I had said: "Stanleys are said to descend from Audleys, who share the fret of Berkshire's, and while Berkshire is where Berk-like Biks/Bikers were first found, Stanleys (share blue bend with Berkshire) have a blue-bend version of the Bik/Biker Coat. Berkers/Barkers (share green griffin head with Leslie's) were first found in Cambridgeshire with Stanleys (almost the Leslie Coat)."

Another surname having that green griffin head is the Fenns/Venns, expected as a branch of Phoenix's/FENwicks (phoenix in Crest, with flames at the tail of the eagle), and the latter share the full Crest of Needhams while Knee's use a phoenix in red! Can we believe this "lucky strike"? Fenns/Venns are in the motto of Powells (green griffin). Mike Lindell is going to reinforce the audit done in Phoenix (Maricopa), the final results due within a month. As soon as I touched the knee of Sleeping Beauty, we were RISING together into the sky, and while a phoenix-rising is a common theme, "rising" is like "Arizona," the capital of which is Phoenix. From this angle, she's pointing to the Arizona audit. You just saw the AUDleys above as Stanley ancestors, and audit-like Audets are listed with Aude's.

Mike Lindell Talked Too Much at the Symposium

I think Lindell is making a mistake when he promises the real election results as per his packet-capture evidence. He' can't possibly capture all cheated votes using packet captures. His method catches only the cheated votes from hacking, but there are many others cheated votes -- from adjudication, multiple-entries of untold ballots (= more than one vote per ballot) into machines, and illegal ballots -- all of which were entered into the machines. I think he's claiming that Biden got something like 68 million votes. I doubt that very much. I suggest he didn't even get 50.

I think Mike Lindell has done a lot of work, making up for the do-nothing of so many others. I can't wait to discover who gave Lindell the packet captures (PCAPs). The top of the satanic pyramid is watching this closely, and giving orders to its media outlets on how to defame the symposium. Lindell has invited all the satanic media, and some will be there.

I don't trust Lindell to do all the right things. He's mixing Jesus with the U.S. flag, and thinks that the dishonest of the land will turn from their lying ways once they see his show. One cannot plan to trust God into making Him do what you want done. God instills trust in Him within us when He wants us to accomplish something He decides for us. But if we try to manufacture the trust, it's not from God. To put it another way, God initiates a work, and then we are to do it trusting, and he gives us the stuff of trust to do it. That's when faith works. But you cannot develop and use your own faith muscle to enact a work of God...unless He happens to agree with the work you've decided to do. There's always a chance.

Can anyone imagine the apostle Paul mixing Jesus with the flag of Cilicia? People who think that God is in love with the United States are spiritually twisted. God is in love with Christians who honor righteousness, and He turns historical events, when needed, for their sake. God cares nothing for the fortunes of Washington, and if in any crowd there are only anti-Christians, He just looks away, walks away. For how long, do you think, has Washington and its federal arms been a bastion of satan? Is this the time to put the cross of Jesus on the American flag? Mike, give your head a shake. You must not join Christians to non-Christians for forming a political machine. If the masses are too strong for us at any time, so be it, let God protect us. But to unite God's people in political battle with anyone who will fight the liberals is only going to dilute the quality of Christians. Let God use non-Christians to fight the satanists on behalf of protecting us, but we must not do it on our strengths, our planning. Try to fit in with what God is doing, not make God fit in with what we have decided to do.

Mike has worked very hard, and has been determined to the point of putting more pressure on his body than is good for him. He knows what he has, and knows it's big; I agree. I'm excited about the release of this information in a televised symposium. However, I don't like the looks of Lindell capitalizing on the symposium to make money, for he's even demanding email addresses and phone numbers in order to watch the symposium, and so far as I can tell, there's been no word as to who else will be airing it. If he really wanted the message to get out far and wide, he'd allow others to air it live too, and advertise it. I understand that what he's doing is expensive, but selling peoples' personal information just takes away all my excitement for the event. Why else can't people operate at frankspeach without giving up their contact information...which amounts to people identifying who they are? All national spy systems (international included) will then have access to a list of people with current phone numbers and addresses simply by purchasing the list, or hacking into the system that has it recorded.

On the other hand, the pro-Lindell Howse network says: "Mike Lindell canceled $50 MILLION ad campaign w/ Fox News for refusing to an ad." That's over a year, I believe, and not all of it is profit. He'll soon find others to fill the hole.

I've listened to Lindell on the Bannon show many times over the last month or two, but only once did I hear him say that one could watch the symposium live at Lindell TV, without giving up personal data, in case they had trouble getting into frankspeach when entering personal data. Why was Mike hiding this until the last minute? Why was he stressing frankspeach only all along? I don't like this. It's got a bad look to it.

The live feed doesn't self-record. If you stop watching and come back later, you'll lose that part of the feed, and so it seems that Lindell's people want to own the feed, perhaps to sell clips to various media.

The symposium opened with a woman doing a prayer, showing from the get-go that this is a Christian-political effort, calling on God to repair the damage done by anti-Christs. I would love to see it, but, isn't it apparent yet that God is allowing our enemies to have the power so that Jesus can have the glory of affecting vengeance in one day? The doctrine of "Kingdom Now" is wrong. Don't fall for it. Prepare for persecution.

Fox has refused to air Lindells commercials for the symposium, and so I assume that none of the Fox personalities will cover it, which is so surreal, so mind-boggling, so utterly depraved of Fox. What do we think is Fox's motive? Why did ABC, NBC, and ABC air Lindell's commercials, but not Fox? CNN has eight people at the first day of the symposium, Fox has nobody. We should like to know what Fox's problem is. Hannity owes his viewers an apology and a correction, because he told them that Fox bosses have nothing to do with deciding what he talks about.

If Fox thinks Lindell has fake news, then that's news too. If it thinks Lindell has fake news, then it should warn its viewers, but to not cover the story at all is a wake-up call for all Fox viewers: Fox is something besides a news organization. A worthy news organization is one that does the digging to discover corruption or bad motives in politics, but here's Fox supporting election fraud. Perhaps Fox is satanic at true heart, only pretending to cater good values and to Christians in order to thrive as a business. It's not thriving anymore. Lindell's symposium is helping to expose Fox further, good one. I really appreciate Lindell's emphasis on the need to destroy the main media.

A Fox news show gagged Newt Gingrich with passion, when he brought George Soros up, as if Soros had some power over Fox. I wonder. Anyone who continues to work for Fox news at this point is a traitor to righteousness. This is how God will judge the peoples, on whether they support the gangsters in leadership positions who make decisions for all facets of anti-Christian life. One doesn't need do to be as guilty as the gangsters to be lumped in with them, in the view of God. You can confirm what I'm saying in the New Testament, from the words of Jesus Himself. You are who you support, and even those you mindlessly tolerate. Anyone who works for the fortunes of Fox news at this time, doing its will, is a traitor to righteousness of Jesus. I'm not the judge, but that's my assessment. Fox news has now exposed itself in multiples ways of being all-round wicked in sheep's clothing.

Mike is contagious in a way for the things he promises, but if I listen to him too long, I get a headache. He's like grandpa (or me) with the kids, always repeating himself forgetting that he told that story the day before. I'd like to see him score very big for his efforts, and it's not everyday that Christians will openly speak about their faith. However, being a billionaire Christian has got to be like treading a slippery slope.

Gateway Pundit Tuesday: "A whistleblower is slated to reveal irrefutable evidence proving the 2020 presidential stolen at 7 pm cst at Mike Lindell’s Cyber Symposium. Lindell anticipates the evidence revealing the severity of the election fraud that transpired in November will shock the public to the extent Democrat and Republican voters will unify to fight back against a Chinese-arbitrated communist takeover of the United States...The Dominion whistleblower known as Code Monkey Z will take the stage at at the Cyber Symposium in South Dakota at 7 pm." But instead of that, some people from Colorado came on, and were on for almost two hours with not a whole lot to say to make up for the Monkey no-show. I listened until Mike gave me a headache by his rah-rah talking too much too loud. It turned out to be a rally for political activism against the deep-state beast, aimed at Christian grass-roots, trying to sign them up at I didn't hear Mike mention Code Monkey at all. I felt lured, reeled in. I made sure I was at the computer on time, but got a nothing burger.

Bannon says that after the first day, the thing that Lindell promised, the PCAPs, still has come to the stage. A day wasted? In my opinion, yes, totally wasted, and my excitement is GONE. Why repeat the things already known after promising an amazing, world-changing symposium? Was everyone strung along just to hear what's been stressed already in months past? Why did he tell the world that he reserved 800 hotel rooms, and then, when the event arrived, there was only about 100 people in the audience? Why be a let-down like that? Why mischaracterize the event only to nail your own soul to the failure? Who chose the black table clothes, the black drapes, and the black stage dresses? Is this some kind of a satanic ritual or something? If not, then why the black??? It seems that Lindell is talking so much because he or the team has decided not to do packet-capture reporting.

Wednesday morning, we found that CodeMonkey will be on this day. Gateway claimed a week or two earlier that he's disseminated only a small percentage of what a Dominion whistle-blower gave him. It sounds like a dynamite catch, but this week, gateway has a headline: "HUGE UPDATE: CodeMonkeyZ Files Released at Lindell Cyber Symposium — Not Likely Criminal Issue As Reported Earlier — Findings a GAME CHANGER." Did Lindell's team cave by not releasing the worst, criminally-liable information?

In the middle of the afternoon, Lindell TV was streaming again after some problems. I got to watch over an hour of a pro-computer panel that reinvigorated my excitement, who were talking about the CodeMonkey story. I didn't know much of what they were taking about due to having missed most of CodeMonkey, but they sure sounded like they had the cat by the tail. The best I could make out of what they were saying is: a certain person took a photo of a computer source code in a voting machine, and then Dominion went in to change the source code to hide the fraud, and/or to wipe out incriminating data, without knowing that the certain person had taken the image before the change. That's evidence that the source code was changed (= illegality), and it can also reveal the purpose of the changes. I may be able to explain this better in a few days.

On Wednesday night, I learned that one of the two women from Colorado, Tina Peters, is the woman who captured some data from a Dominion machine / system that the symposium panel was talking about. None of this is clear in my mind because I didn't see Watson on the screen but at the tail end of his appearance. I don't know what the full story is, therefore, as he tells it. Plus, the story seems suspect in being over-blown, until we get the story in solid form, because at least one of the symposium's leaders (David Clements) has said that this evidence is better than the packet captures (PCAPs), which of course it is not. Why is he trying to play-down packet captures? What could be greater than packet captures? It seems possible that this new story was staged during the symposium to justify not doing the packet captures. Lindell promised that they would be central to this symposium, but he did not, so far as I know, even apologize for not having them. What happened? Was the symposium threatened to the point that a decision was made not to show the packet captures? I am sorely disappointed because Lindell said he would reveal the source of the PCAPs. This now throws a monkey wrench into the PCAP evidence. Will they now be swept under the rug never to be heard from again?

There's two ways to define "bomb," and one of them is to give high expectations of a bombshell, but not deliver. Lindell bombed out big-time, and the question will be: why?

Someone at bitchute taped and shared the CodeMonkey section:

Okay, while that all looked sketchy as far as the presentation goes, we learn that the experts have not yet studied the difference between the before versus after images. The question is, is this miraculous, that this story should come out at the symposium even before the experts have time to notify the viewers of important differences? They said that they would look at the difference "today." If this story had not appeared on the second day of the symposium, the symposium would be like strike two on day two, with nothing much added that wasn't already shared by Lindell's previous videos. I've heard of zero packet-capture revelations for day two.

Dr. Shiva, at about the 50th minute of Bannon's Bannon's episode 1,167, says he took the time to figure out the percentage of votes Trump had, according to the tally after the vote flips were corrected as per the packet captures. He then compared that percentage of votes with the percentage reported by the media for every state in which there were voting machines (and of course the media reports were identical to the tallies of the voting machines). For example, in a state where Trump got 60.0 percent on election night according to the machine tally, the packet-capture correction gave him 64.2 percent. How do I know this? Because, as Shiva claims, every state have suffered vote flips all took 4.2 percent of the vote away from Trump. That's what Shiva claims. Nobody has ever revealed this before, and it amounts to additional evidence of computerized = hacking fraud. Somebody had to send all voting machines a message to take 4.2 percent of all Trump votes, and give them to Biden instead. That amounts to an 8.4-percent benefit for Biden, for not only did the system take 4.2 from Trump, but it gave it to Biden.

Lindell claimed to possess voting machines, or at least to have access from various counties. Wouldn't it be great to bring a machine to the stage, to take it apart on stage to remove the modem and then to show it? What's Dominion going to do, sue for taking the machine apart? While I'm not saying that the symposium has produced no good fruit, it is far less than I expected. carried the symposium live, I learned on day 3, and one can also get full/partial days taped there.

Months ago, Gateway Pundit claimed that the packet captures were faked or unreliable, I can't remember exactly how it phrased it. The same media has just come out to make the same claim again, immediately after the symposium???? In the article below, it lists reasons as to why SOME of the entries in the packet captures are not looking correct, and yet the article won't tell roughly what percentage of it is looking correct. Even if Montgomery or someone else in the deep state insert (by a program for the purpose) fraudulent data into the captures, in case the wrong people got hold of it, does this mean the entirety was fabricated? Who would fabricate such a thing? Imagine how much work it would be to fabricate such a thing. Why would the cheats fabricate what looks like evidence of worldwide fraud? Lindell tells another story, that he had experts verify line upon line that the packet captures showed correct data. Why would Joe Hoft put this article out at this timing?

There's no evidence in the article, just claims. We would expect Lindell to come out to fight what this article claims. Why is Gateway doing a story on this without first asking Lindell's team for its thoughts / rebuttals? That's just not the right thing for Gateway to do. There's no evidence I've seen to prove that Montgomery is the one who gave this data to Lindell. What if Gateway is wrong on that? Why hasn't anyone proved Lindell wrong even with $5M to profit by doing so? This is no small story. Even if Fox thinks that Lindell's team was swindled, it's still a huge story. If Lindell knew the data to be false but claimed it otherwise to swindle people into watching the symposium on frankspeach, that too is a big story. Bannon didn't do a story on this on Friday, but chose to do such things as Afghanistan??? Maybe he's looking into things before doing a show. WHAT'S GOING ON WITH THE PCAPs?

is God pointing to Joe Oltman?

Here's the story from a Bannon show, as he interviews Joe Oltman, a computer expert who is at court-war against Dominion's CEO, Mr. Coomer:–-the-receipts-are-being-shown-w-david-clements-joe-oltmann-david-zere/

Those of you who know about my Joe's-van dream would know that it featured Mr. Owl Eyes (big-round glasses on) because my old friend, Joe OULlette (wore big-round sunglasses), was also in it whose surname is connectable to Owls/Howls and Howells. Even if correct (as I claim) that this dream pointed to Jovan's Pulitzer's role in the Arizona audit, note that Joe Oullette has the same first name as Joe Oltman while Oltman-like Oldhams/Oltens use owls. Joe Oltman is a Christian warrior of the type that I've been looking for. He wants to rectify election fraud.

Those of you who know the Joe's-van dream know that Joe asked me to get him a container, and when I got Mr. owl Eyes' container, Joe shovelled snow into it taken from off of his rear BUMPer. I therefore entered the Bumps to the discussion because they share the giant griffin of Letters while OulLETTE's look linkable to Letters as well as to Leto's/Lette's/ALITTO's, a possible pointer to Sam Alito, part of the good-guy bunch on the U.S. supreme court. I can now add that while OLtmans are listed with Aultmans, Olts/Aulds share the Bump griffin too!!! I think that's huge. What are the chances for all of those things -- Mr. Owl Eyes, Joe Oullette, the bumper, Oltmans, Olts and Oldans/Oldhams -- to come together in this way?

BUT THERE IS MORE, for while the container pointed to the Contan variation of Constance's, "constantia" is an Olt/Auld motto term! I'm convinced; Joe's-van dream is pointing to Joe Oltman. Perhaps he will make sense of the snow in the square container. Joe shoveled snow into it, and shovels are used by Spade's while Dominion Voting was founded at 215 SPADina Rd. in Toronto's Chinatown. It now has a head office in Denver (Colorado), and Oltman is now in a Colorado court facing a frame job (false arrest) with an activist judge presiding who's acting in collusion with Dominion. Perkins Coie has an office in Denver.

Unbelievably, while Oltmans are ALTmans too, "loyALTE" is a motto term of Denvers. As Oltmans are Allmans too, it brought Ullmans to mind. German Ullmans (almost the Sleep Coat in case it applies) show two fesses only in colors reversed from the two of Prestons while Prestons have a cinquefoil in a "canton" that is also the cinquefoil of English Prestons, and to top it off, Cantons/Gantons share the double fesses of English Ullmans/Ollmans. Preston is a location of Huttons, and "Hutton" is Jovan Pulitzer's middle name. The other English Ullmans/Ollmans share the giant lion of Aulnays/Oullnays (= Oullette branch) who are in turn in the write-up of Oullette's (same lion)!!! Amazing, for the Denver surname brought us this paragraph, as if God is definitely pointing, through the dream, to Joe Oltman's sacrifices on behalf of truth and the war against the anti-Christ.

Oltens were at Preston-like Prestwich, and Prestwicks/Pressicks use a "Domine" motto term!!!! Believe it or not, Coomers use "DOMINabitur," while Eric Coomer was/is the Dominion CEO. Voters/Gothier's share a black, spread eagle with Oltmans. Aldhams, first found in Essex and neighboring Suffolk, have dogs in the colors of the owls of Owls/Howls (Suffolk) and the Voter/Gothier martlets, but more importantly the Aldham Crest is the black dog head in the Holten/HOULton Crest. There's a black dog in the Crest of Spinks who in turn share the mascles of Glue's/Clue's/Clough's (probably Bather kin) who in turn have the Holton/Houlton dog heads in colors reversed. Spinks even share "fidelis" with Holtons/Houltons.

The Voter/Gothier martlets are shared by Pullings/PULITs, a pointer, I think, to Jovan PULITzer. It was Christine Peare who appeared at the end of the sleeping-bag dream (= pointer to Perkins Coie now seeking to cover for election fraud), where I was PULLING her HIPS in connection with a belly-PRESS event I had with her in my teens. Press' are also PRESTs for fitting into this paragraph, and the Hips'/Hipkins have a near-copy of the Phoenix/Fenwick Coat for a pointer to the Phoenix audit.

[During the spell-check, I had spelled "Fenwick" wrong, and the spell-checker suggested "Feeney." So I looked up Feeneys/Finnys to find them sharing martlets on red with Phoenix's/Fenwicks, but Feeneys are not only in Peare colors and format, but share the Peare chevron-with-stars! Feeneys/Finnys have the Coat of Peare-related Tiens/Thames', and while Tiens are in the Square/Squirrel motto, Square's/Squirrels, probably a pointer to the square container, share the red squirrel with the German Daggers/Decks having a version of the Hips / Phoenix/Fenwick Coat. Fine's/Fiens/Finis' (Phone/Fien/Fane/Van colors and format) share the brown wolf with Teague's (Galway, same as Feeneys/Finnys), and Feins/Finns can be gleaned with Finch's and Finchems.]

Pullings/Pulits use a pelican while the Pellicans share the tower of Owl-like Howells, the latter first found in Oullette-related Monmouthshire tower. The Phoenix-branch Phone's/Fane's/VANs were first found in Monmouthshire too, explaining why Joe Oullette had a VAN in the dream from which he shovelled the snow (he did not drive a van in real life). The Oullette's share the bars gemel of Monmouths and their MAID kin, and the Prestwicks/Pressicks have a merMAID. Pellicans were first found in Maine with the Josephs sharing the Pullen/Pulit / Voter/GOTHier martlets. English Josephs come up as "Joe." CHRISTine's belly press pointed to the GOTHelo > Bouillon line because, for one thing, Bouillons use a "bello CHRISTi" motto phrase. Christ's have a reflection of the Phoenix/Fenwick / Hips Coat.

Audit-like Aude's/Audets were first found in Savoy while the Savoy cross is colors reversed from the same of Audams, the latter being like the Aldam variation of Auldhams. The interesting thing here, and new as of right now, is that the Audams are also ADENs, and they not only have a near-copy of the Ainsley Coat, but Ainsley Earhardt, part of my heraldic discussions, has a daughter, HAYDEN. One of the English Haydens come up as "Aden," and they share the black bull of Beautys, first found in Dorset with Aldhams/Adens, WHAT ARE THE CHANCES? The other English Haydens happen to share the Savoy cross.

The French Masseys, first found in Savoy, not only share the Olden/Auden/Aldan crescents, and not only share a gold lion with Audams/Adens, but the Massey Chief is colors reversed from the same of English DIANE's/Deans/Dene's while the latter's giant lion is in both colors of the Audam/Aden lion. Compare "Dene" to "Aden." The Joe's-van dream included Joe Oullette's wife, DIANE, though she did nothing in the dream but appear at the front of the van.

However, I don't recall Ainsley Earhardt having to do with election fraud, and her Fox and Friends show doesn't even report on it, so far as I've seen. Maybe that will change. Maybe Ainsley will wake up and demand to talk about it at the threat of losing her job. That would be greatness. Get fired by Fox for telling the truth on a most-important matter, then tell the whole world about it on show after show. Get a new job with a news org that is muzzled and strapped down by the pig-headed boss intent of falsifying the election. I'm ashamed of all Fox faces receiving money from this dirty, disgusting Fox. They are all embarrassing, a turn-off. Millions of people are expressing the same, but for the big dollar and wide audience, they are becoming pigs with the boss.

Back to Dorset, where Oltman-connectable Aldhams/Adens and Beautys were first found, for the second fulfillment of Sleeping Beauty is Miss Earhardt. The Sleeping Beauty dream started with a shark in a pool, and Poole is a location in Dorset, where Pools were first found who love the Pollets in their motto. The great thing is, Pollets not only have the Aude/Audet Coat on a black Shield, but Pollets almost have the "loyALTE" motto term of Denvers. Pollets use "loyAULTE"! Plus, the Pollet Crest is a gold, spread eagle, same as the Phoenix/Fenwick Crest. Note the "ExALTavit" motto term of Holds/Holts/Halts (Lancashire, same as Huttons), first found in Salford / Bury with Ratcliffe's. I still wonder whether John Ratcliffe had a role in giving up the packet captures to Lindell.

From here I want to go to the Kidneys/Gedneys because the shark was in a kidney-shaped swimming pool, and because the saltire-by-fish of Kidneys/GEDneys is in the colors of the Nail/Neil saltire while Irish Neils/O'Nails (share GED fish) were first found in Tyrone with their Shark kin. It's mentionable here that Miss Earhardt married Mr. Proctor while Proctors use nails, and moreover the Press'/Prests share the Neil/O'Nail Chief, which has the estoiles of Colchesters while the Arms of COLchester has a cross with nails. Colchester is in Essex, where Aldhams were first found, and the cross in the Arms of Colchester was used in the colors of the Savoy / Hayden cross. COLE's have a giant black bull to perhaps go with the black Hayden bull. Aldhams were first found also in Suffolk, where Always were first found who are in the Ainsley motto. The Always happen to share the Oullette and Aulnay lion! This seems to be linking Ainsley Earhardt to the Joe-s-van dream, but why? Why does she seem to be in the pool with the shark that swallowed Trump?

As I said, Trump as a bulldog fell or jumped into the pool, and the next thing I saw was the dog's head in the shark's mouth, with a ring of teeth circling the dog's BELLY. Joe took the snow off of his rear BUMPer, and Bumps share the Tooth griffin. If Joe represents Joe Olten, what could this scene mean? Tooths have the Palmans/Pelhams in their motto.

Bellys were first found in Moray, and Armours share the Moray stars as well as a version of the Belly chevron-with-items, yet they are also the Bailey stars, and Baileys with their Baliol branch were first found in Northumberland with Phoenix's/Fenwicks. Baliols not only have swords in the colors of the same of Pool-beloved Pollets, but the Baliols are in the colors and format of the Oldham/Olten owls-with-chevron. Armours are important here because they share the armored arm with BRACE's, and Sleeping Beauty and I emBRACEd while rising into the sky. It's important because the scene gave evidence of pointing to the Arizona-like Rising/Rison surname (Norfolk), yet I've not noticed until now that Armors have: "John Armourer was Mayor of Rising, Norfolk in 1343."

What in tarnation could it possibly mean that I'm embracing Ainsley Earhardt and rising with her, as a pointer to Arizona fraud? That does not make sense because she's a chicken-heart supporter of the communist pigs and demonic Bushites. I can add that EarHARDT's look like a branch of Jewish Harts/Hardts, and that while Logans have a big heart pierced with black NAILs, Mr. Logan is in boss of the Cyber Ninjas, the firm in charge of doing the Arizona audit. Plus, prior to writing here, I had checked the Color/COHLers surname as per "COLORado," and they have a big heart pierced with two black arrows in saltire. On top of this, Rothschild-connectable Nations/Nathans, first found in Nottinghamshire with Ainsleys, have a heart pierced by one arrow. On top of this, the Belly Crest shares the Moor heads of Colorado-like Colords (!!!), first found in Essex and Suffolk with same-colored Aldhams and COLchester!

MORE: Cyber-like Sibers (Czechoslovakia) have a bull head in COLE-bull colors pierced with an sword. MORE: the saltire of Scottish Harts/Hearts is in the colors of the similar Rising/Rison cross, and it's the saltire of Pollocks of proto-Rothschild Rothes. The Siber Crest, sharing the armored arm of Mieske's/Mesechs and Armors, tends to reveal that the Siber bull head is the same-colored one of Mieske's/Mesechs, the line of Mieszko I from mythical Piast KOLODziej (myth is codeword of the darkness), explaining why Cole's/COLDs have a bull in these colors. German Sibers have a giant green leaf in the design of the green leaf of Lindells. Coincidence?

Pollocks of Rothes were in Moray, and so note the Polish-looking variations of this Moray/Morawski/Morawitzky/Morawitz/Morawiec surname sharing the Scottish Moray stars.

The original Sleeping Beauty is Miss Hicks. One thing I've never done is to stress that Hicks look like a branch of Hague's/Haits, first found in Yorkshire with Hicks and Oddie's, and the latter share the Hague/Hait saltire. Sleeping Beauty first appeared at the hood of an AUTO, and Oddie's are also Hoddys, and so we see Intelligent Design in the dream, Created by God to point to heraldic connections so as to make for us a story to decipher, but also to offer proof that He is the author of the dream. The Auto's/Otto's have a giant and black bull head, you see, and Ottone's/Otto's are in Hague/Hait / Oddie/Hoddy / Aude/Audet/Ode colors. Ottone Visconti ruled in Milan, where the Bons/Bono's were first found who are in the Hick motto.

To offer proof of God's authorship further, the Sola's in the Hague/Hait motto almost have the Hykes/Hake Coat with so-called hake fish. Hake-like Hage's are listed with Hague's/Haits, and the latter even have a saltire colors reversed from the saltire-by-fish of Kidneys and the regular saltire of Nails/Neils while Sharks were kin of Neils/O'Nails. The wonder is why I didn't start to include the Hague's/Haits years ago as a fundamental part of the Sleeping Beauty dream. Is it a pointer to the Hague Court in the Netherlands?

I like to point out that Odins/Hoddys/Oddeys, sharing the lion of Otone's/Oltons/OWLtons, were first found in Yorkshire with Oddie's and Hicks. But one can now ask whether Oltons are a pointer to Joe Oltman. Odins/Hoddys/Oddeys have quadrants in half the colors of the same of HODleys, and the Hood/Hoot fret is a saltire in the colors of the Oddie saltire. This is all good evidence that Miss Hicks is Sleeping Beauty. Hodleys even use a pelican while Pellicans, first found in Maine with Joe-connectable Josephs, share the Howell tower.

Thanks to the West Hoathley location of Hodleys, Oatleys/Ottleys (not familiar with them) just came to mind to find the same lion heads of Oullette's! Oatleys/Ottleys (black border) were even first found in Suffolk with Owls/Howls. What a great place to stumble on Oatleys, in a section on Joe Oltman.

Oltmans come up as "Allman," and their write-up has: "The surname Allman was first found in Allemagne." When we return to English Ullmans/Ollmans, not only do they have a giant lion in the colors of the Oullette / Oatley lion heads, but they were first found in WORCestershire while the same lion heads are used by Works/Wergs in a near-copy of the Oullette Coat. As German Ullmans are one of the two surnames I know of sharing the double-Sleep fesses, I wonder whether Oltman is in the scene where I wake Sleeping Beauty.

As soon as she wakes, we were HOLDing each other in an emBRACE, and Odins/Hoddys with their Oddie/Hoddy are thought to descend from Odo, ancestor of a family having ruled AuMALE and HOLDERness. Mails happen to share the Oullette / Oatley lion heads too. Holders/Olders look related to COURTis' so as to make a possible pointer of Hague's/Hage's to the Hague Court of globalists. Holders/Olders were first found in Gloucestershire with the Letts/Late's suspect in making "OulLETTE." Odins/Hoddys share the crozier with BRACEbridge's, you see, and Bracebridge was the location of the Russian medallion left by someone on the HOOD of my Jeep. New: Jeepma's/Cheps were first found in OLDENburg, and Oldens have the triple crescents of Hoddels/Hodells/Wodehulls in colors reversed, and the latter shares the red, spread eagle with Hotts/Hottins/Hotelins. Hoddels/Wodehulls even have their eagle in Crest that's in the Knee Crest, relevant because I woke her upon touching her knee, a pointer to Touch-branch Tufts/Tuffs' sharing the Knee Crest fully. The MEDALlion pointed to Medals/Dougals sharing the Hodley quadrants.

Courtis' have "shoulder" in their description, as do Parrs who share the black border with Oatleys/Ottleys. Parrs are Furness' are from Pharnaces of the Pontus, suspect in naming Pontius Pilate. The Courtis (Pillow colors) farmer holds an PLOW over his shoulder, and Plows, with a version of the Courtis Coat, were first found in Shropshire with Sleeps. Is this somehow a pointer to My-Pillow Lindell's symposium that wakes up some fighters to carry on the election-fraud fight? Pillows/Pilotte's are probably a branch of Pillars/Pilots who not only share the giant Ullman/Ollman lion, but Pillow-branch Pellets were first found in Sussex with Courts/Coverts (Courtis colors). It's the German Ullmans who have the double-Sleep fesses.

Pilate's/Pilotte's were first found in Burgundy with Poulos', and while Mr. Poulous founded Dominion Voting, Poulos' share the log with Lindells. Loge's/Lodge's, sharing the Odin lion, were first found in Suffolk with Oatleys/Ottleys and Owls/Howls. Is this telling a story? The Courtis farmer wears a hat, perhaps of the Hait/Hate variations of Hague's. Hats could have the Tute/Tuit quadrants because Tute's/Touts were first found in Yorkshire with the Tout-loving Hicks, the Hague's/Haits, and the Cantons/Gantons in the canton square of Tute's/Touts. Cantons/Gantons share the double Sleep / Ullman fesses. Interestingly, I've told the story of honking / TOOTing my horn at Mr. Casey when Miss Hicks was coming to her gate to let him in. Irish Caseys happen to share the red eagle head with Hats, and I think there is a canton on the Hat eagle; I've not stumbled upon that before because I rarely mention Hats or Hague's/Haits. I think the tooting event is making a hard / fundamental link between Tute's/Touts/TOOTs and Cantons/Gantons.

The other Sleeping Beauty (Miss Earhardt) has a daughter, Hayden, and while Haydens/HAIDens are expected to share the Beauty bull, Beautys were first found in Dorset with Hats. Coincidence? For what it's worth, a giant and brown tree stump (with oak leaves and acorns) is used by German Haidens/HaydenREICKs (Prussia, same as Hatters/HetteRICKs), and so I had best mention the brown tree stump of Kidneys/Gedneys, for this can put Fox and Friends into the shark pool. Of course, you know that Fox and Friends has bosses who are not the Fox-and-Friends faces.

The interesting question now is whether the coming to Hettericks is supposed to bounce us over to my hat-trick game that I think was a pointer to election fraud. I had noted that Marys share the Hatrick/Ettrick lion, for Mary Nigro (my friend at that time) was watching that game; otherwise I don't remember anyone else watching. It's just that Marys were first found in Norfolk with Haydens/Haidens while Nigro's use "EARS of wheat" to go with EARhardts. I was 16, nearing 17, at the hat-trick game, and Mary would soon after suggest I apply for a job at her place of work, KNOB Hill Farms, where she was a CASHIER. I started work there at 17. Knobs, first found in Bavaria with Earhardts and cashier-like Cassier's (share red lion with Marys), and Knobs share the arrow with Heids/Haids (Bavaria), how about that.

Knobs have arrows in saltire in the colors of the hatchets in saltire of Zerrs/Zehrers, and Hatchets/Hackets look linkable to Hague's/Haits / Hykes'/Hake's, and even share the fish of Kidney-branch Geds. As was said, Hague's/Haits love the fish-using Sola's in their motto, who were first found in Derbyshire with the ear-like Eyers/AIRs/Heyers and Here's/Heyers (Haiden/Haydenreick tree stump?), all linkable to German Here's/Herrs, Herzogs/HARTzogs and thus probably to Earhardts/Airharts too. WHY WHY WHY? What's my job at Knob Hill, or my hat trick, got to do with Fox news or Earhardt in particular?

As I said, there was a hood event with Allison Bauer, another cashier at Knob Hill, and Bauers share blue wings with Here's/Heyers, Here's/Herrs, and Herzogs/Hartzogs. Allisons have the bird design of Hoods/Hoots. What's going on? The hood event was in the PARKING lot of Knob Hill Farms, and Allison- / Velis-like Ellisons/Ellersons (griffins) might have been a branch of Elias' ("quo") for a pointer to Marc Elias of PERKINs Coie. Earhardts use snakes while Snake's/Snooks share the fleur-de-lys of Perkins/Parkings. Is Fox in financial bed with George Soros and the Perkins-Coie push to cover election-fraud crimes? The Soros-like Soars/Sors' (Dorset, same as Hats) named the Soar river in Leicestershire, where Perkins/Parkings were first found.

Scottish Allisons even share the white dog with Haydens, and the "truth preVAIL's motto of these Allisons can be part-code for the Velis'/Vails (in the griffin motto) having a "Domine" motto term for a pointer to Dominion Voting. "NE vile" is a motto term shared between Griffins and Phone's/Fane's/Vans while Phoenix's/Fenwicks were first found in Northumberland with Velis'/Vails. Scottish Vellis'/Vallance's have five fesses that are almost the eleven bars of the dog-using Haydens. As German Ducks/DOCHers were first found in Westphalia with Holden-related ELLERs/Allers (i.e. like Ellerson variation of Ellisons), and with duck-using Velins and Velens, it explains why the Vellis'/Valance's have the Duck fesses. Duce's (essentially share the Coat of Sempers in the English Docher motto) are also Doocys, and Steve Doocy of Fox and Friends is an idiot box for his bosses when it comes to vaccine relief, and probably a Fox stooge in many other matters too, and we just learned that George Soros is going into the vaccine-pushing business, though he's probably been behind it all along. The Fox boss (Rupert MurDOCH) is not-secretly in the vaccine-pushing business.

It looks like Allison Bauer was a pointer to Ainsley Earhardt, perhaps because Fox news is controlled by Rothschilds. But there's got to be more to it than that.

One is now justified to address the Docks/Dox's (Staffordshire, same as Sempers) showing a Dorksey variation, like the Dorseys/Dorcy/Darseys who in turn share a black bull in Crest with Haydens, and moreover Dorseys/Dorcys/Darsys share the cinquefoils of McKinneys while Ainsley Earhardt married Mr. McKinney and birthed his daughter, Hayden. It really looks like a pointer here to Rupert Murdoch, but perhaps even to Jack Dorsey, the shameless deep-state puppet working hard to tyrannize the world at the call of any corrupt politician demanding that political enemies be silenced on the world's media stage.

What I don't understand is why I was holding Sleeping Beauty after she awoke, if Earhardt is a symbol of the shark at Fox news. Should we be expecting her to betray her bosses and come clean?

We should go to Haltons and their Drayton kin, both looking like kin of Gates' and Oltons/Otone's. The Drayton Crest has a gold talon, the color of the Hoover and Hooter talon, and Hoovers, Hooters and Hicksons (talons) all go with SLEEPing Beauty excellently at her car. Hicksons were first found in Staffordshire, which has a border near Market Drayton, and the latter was first found in Shropshire near Sleap of the Sleeps. The Oltman write-up: "The surname Oltman was first found in Allemagne, now known as Fleury-sur-Orne, near CAEN..." Market Drayton is at Hales, and the Hales', sharing the split Shield of Haltons / Draytons, have the Caen fretty upon an arm in their Crest. To top it off, the Bons/Bono's suspect in the Hick motto have a near-copy of the Halton Coat. For new readers, Sleeping Beauty was first seen at the Hooter-like hood, and was later Hoover-like hovering inside the car when she fell asleep.

Hales' and HALtons look like branches, and Hales' with Hattons were even first found in Cheshire with auto-connectable Oltons/Otone's having a quadrant-version of the Halton / Drayton Coats. This update opened with the shin-bone Newtons who love the Prince's in their motto, and then Hales', first found in Cheshire with Newtons, have a "PRINCipibus" motto term.

Now would be a good time to return to my shin-bone slide that scored the winning goal in my first year of organized hockey, at age 12. The goal was off of a slap shot from Steve Tarr, when the puck came to rest on the goal LINE, and seeing it there with the goalie sprawled on the ice way out of the goal crease, my knees gave way so that I slid by the net to TIP it into the net. It was a TIP-IN, and Tipps'/Tippins, first found in Lancashire with Ratcliffs, share the Ratcliff bull head so that it looked like a pointer to John Ratcliffe giving the packet captures to Mike Lindell, for while Line's are listed with Linds, Swedish Linds are also Lindells. I tipped it in while on the goal line while sliding on my shin pads, and Shins/Chine's/Chings look like a pointer to China, the country that did the hacking that got caught in the packet captures now in Lindell's possession.

I don't know whether I've ever thought to check the Crease's/Cressys as per the goal crease, but if I did, it was not from years ago, but only recently. Crease's/Cressys share the Voter/Gothier and Giuliani eagle (all three have gold talons!), which is a black eagle that can fit the black Hickson talons. On it's bottom half, the giant Giuliani eagle is in both colors of the giant Oltman eagle, and Rudy Giuliani is a part of the election-fraud fight along with Joe Oltman. We saw why Joe Oullette should point to Joe Oltman, and here we can add that the Crease's/Cressys and their French branch share the Oullette / Aulnay lion! Yes, for Aulnays were first found in Burgundy with French Cressys and Cressents. The goal was scored in the Markham arena, and Markhams have a write-up suggesting that they were Cressy kin.

Markhams and Forts both share a red lion as well as an "Audax" motto term. Forts share the quadrants of Oltons/Otone's, what are the chances? The latter almost have the Bon/Bono Coat, and Newtons have shin BONES.

It was the most-important goal for our team of the season, scored probably in the final minute of the semi-finals while the game was tied. We then went on to win the trophy. Was God pointing to an election-fraud win? I have no idea. It's all theoretical until something happens that I can sink my teeth into. I was hoping the packet-capture presentation by Lindell this week would help, but he decided to subdue the packet-capture evidence. Where to now?

A consideration is that while Sleeps are also Slippers, Islips/Haslips were a branch of Hazels (call their leaves, "hazel SLIPs") who in turn share the same leaves as Lindells. Hazelwoods were once said to be first found in Shropshire with Sleeps/Slippers. While Lindell is closely associated with Brannon HOWSE in various ways, I see French House's/Howse's (share Huls leaf) using the leaf design of Hazels due to their being branches, and Hazels have the Lindell leaf in both colors. The point is that English House's/Howse's have a cross that seems evident in the Coat of Pillow-like Plows'/Plowmans. Hazeltons (arise-like motto term), sharing the Hazelwood Coat, were first found in Sussex with Pillow-branch Pellets, what are the chances?

As I've said a million times, the bench cleared, and the whole team PILEd up on me after that last-minute goal. French Pile's/Pillars/Pilots share the giant lion of Crease's/Cressys, first found in Burgundy with French Pilate's/Pilotte's/Pilots. That doesn't look coincidental, and so we need to ask what Steve Tarr's SLAP SHOT will represent that knocked down the goalie (poor 12-year-old, not great on skates) flat to the ice, way out of the crease. Sleeps/Slippers were first found in slap-like Salop, and Sleeps/Slippers have two fesses in the colors of the three fessewise swords of Shots/Shoots, who look linkable to the three fessewise TRUMPets of Calls/Calles' (Wiltshire, same as Shots/Shoots).

By the way, I've just found Pilars (one 'l') and Pulers listed with Pullens/Pulits who in turn have the Culps/CUPs/Cope's in their motto, tending to explain why Pellets share the cup-using Coat of Pillows/Pillers/Pilotte's. I received a Canadian patent for a product I called, Pillar-Post, and while English Posts (Hampshire, beside Poole) can be gleaned as kin of Poole's in the Pullen/Pulit write-up, the Patents happen to share the full motto of Pullens/Pulits. What could this mean? The Pillar-Post was intended as a no-dig wooden fence post, and the Fens/Venns happen to share the green griffin head of Patents. But I didn't know any of this way back in the 1980s, when the patent was applied for.

Posts were first found in Hampshire with the Flys who not only have the Pullen/Pulit martlets in colors reversed, but black roundels called, "pellets." Pellets share the Pillow/Piller/Pilotte Coat. My patent agent was Mrs. Parsons, and while Parsons share the Peare leopard heads, Miss Peare is Christine while Christine's share the cup-using Pillow/Pilotte Coat too. I'm beside myself on the meanings, from God, of these things, if anything. A few years ago, God gave me a dream where I was PULLING Miss Peare toward me on a wooden stage in the very last scene of the dream. Pullens/Pulits are also Pullings, and come up as Pilers. This is so head-shaking freaky, especially as English Pile's/Pills share the Peare / Parson leopard face.

Peare's are listed with Pearls/Perle's, and "PER IL" is a motto phrase of Packets/Pagetts, what one could expect from God if pointing to packet captures. In fact, as you see the PaGETT variation, so the Gettys/Geddes' use a "CAPTa" motto term that looks like "capture." The Gettes' (Anjou, home of Miss Loches) even share the Coat of French Loge's while Lindells share the log with Poulos', the latter first found in Burgundy with Pillow-branch Pilate's and Loge's!!! How can this, too, be a coincidence?

New: the stage doubled as a PLATform as a pointer to Platte River Networks in Denver. Mr. Olton is in court in Denver, where Mr. Poulos has his American headquarters. I've just thought to check for a Pilot-like Plot surname, and it's listed with Plate's/Platte's, which recalls the Platters, a branch of Palin-related Plains/Platers, and then Palins (compare with Polesdons/Pulesdons) share the giant lion of Pillars/Pile's/Pilots!!! This means that even the stage / platform is connecting to the name of Pillar-Post. I'm beside myself.

The first Pillar-Post I installed was in the backyard to hang up a BIRD HOUSE, and we saw House's/Howse's with nearly the Coat of Pillow-like Plows'/Plowmans (must enter "Plows" to get the Coat to come up). Birds are the ones sharing the Felt cross while the waist-pulling / hips-pulling and belly-pressing events went together with "IT felt so good," which is where I think Voters/GOTHiers fit in as a likely branch of Goods/Guts/Guths. The "it" term can be for computer IT specialists who crack election fraud. Birds (share Hips / Phoenix/Fenwick martlets) were at BROXton, and Brox's/Brocuffs, sharing the sphinx with Hips', are a branch of Brocks and Brooks while Goods/Guts share the Brook Coat. Stage's share the Belly chevron, and Belly-branch Baileys were first found in Northumberland with Phoenix's/Fenwicks and Pile's/Pills while Bill Bailey has an election-fraud law suit in Michigan, with lawyer Matt DePerno (surname = probably a branch of Peare's / Pero's/Perino's), still going through the courts, last I heard.

We heard about a so-called POISON PILL at the symPOSIum. This was a computer virus, supposedly, that threatened the computers there if the PCAP data was released. The POSEys/Poussins are like the Poissin variation of poison-like Poissons, and we just saw the English Pile's/PILLs, in Pillow/Piller/Pilotte colors. Any theories??? Did Lindell's team invent the poison pill to justify the reneging on the PCAP plans / promises? "Lindell kicked off the last day of his South Dakota conference by talking about a 'poison pill' attack being planned on the cyber symposium." ???

As Felts can be of Fells/Fellers while the latter can be gleaned as a branch of Falls/Fallis' while the latter share the Post / Pool lion, "it felt so good" can perhaps be understood as, "it felt Sioux good," because the SYMposium was at Sioux Falls. Syms/Simms were first found beside the Falls/Fallis'. Jewish Felds share the log with Lindells, and Scottish Falds/Fauls'/Folds ("PRAESTo" might be for PRESS'/Prests pointed to by belly-press event), share the green leaf (same design) of Lindells. English Falds/Fauls' are in the colors of Pellet-like Pelts (ACORNS), and Pillow-branch Pellets were first found in Sussex with Acorns, and with Feltz- / Fells-like Felix's/Fellicks. Can it appear that the belly-press and hips-pulling events point to election-fraud fighters? Acorns share the stag head of Knee's and Needhams who both share the phoenix with Phoenix's/Fenwicks.

The stage was in a mall that pointed without doubt to Morleys/Mauls (Yorkshire, same as Pullens/Pulits). As I said, this pointer was due to DAVID Morley appearing in the dream, but that was before I knew of DAVID Clements, who was one of the leading voices at the symposium this week. The Morleys/Mauls use a "Clementia" motto term. I think I now get that. Morleys/Mauls were owners of Hatton (Yorkshire), and yet there's also a Hutton location in Yorkshire, which recalls Jovan Hutton PULITzer.

Here's Joe Oltman at the symposium explaining a few things:

Nick Moseder Isn't a Christian

It's a good bet that non-Christian, pro-Trumpers would want to shoot down Lindell's packet capture evidence at this time. Nick Moseder featured Bill Bailey and Gail Golec live on Odysee, Saturday night, telling his theory on why Lindell never came through with PCAPs, and Bailey's opinions come without evidence to say that it was all a deep-state fake or psy-op. He then gives the "evidence" of the Gateway Pundit story telling that Montgomery is a fake, but Gateway didn't give evidence for that position. Besides, Montgomery was working with spies, who are all deceivers by nature of their world-conquest jobs, and it frankly doesn't matter how corrupt Montgomery might be, the packet captures may yet be from real data.

The Gateway Pundit did not prove, but only accused, that Montgomery is corrupt, and furthermore his evil side in the past doesn't necessarily mean he isn't good enough to betray his spies by giving over the PCAPs. Still more, I don't think Lindell has revealed where he got the PCAPs i.e. it may not have been from Montgomery.

Bill Bailey claims that Mary Fanning, who was a fundamental part of Lindell's CPA thrust, was in a photo with Mitt Romney, only she's been blacked out, but until I see the photo and its context, I can't say one way or the other on shooting her down as the enemy. The idea here is to portray Fanning as a deep-state operative trying to foist a faked story on the pro-Trump team.

Bailey says that DePerno asked Lindell for a copy of the PCAP data, to check out it's authenticity, but that Lindell refused the request, thus making Lindell look like he fell prey to a deep-state fake by not getting the right people to verify the data.

Put it this way, that if the data was faked, it wasn't faked but with a tremendous amount of work to gain the IP numbers of thousands of thousands of computers worldwide, and, additionally, by falsely accusing the owners of thousands upon thousands of computers of committing conspiratorial fraud in a federal U.S. election. That story is harder for me to believe than if the PCAP data is real. The data even had the total number of votes in the election, bit-by-bit per PCAP entry (about one line per entry), and so someone would need to tabulate all of those votes over thousands x thousands of PCAP entries. Who in their right minds would do all of that just to make some pro-Trumpers look gullible, when the flip side of the coin has anti-Trump perpetrators -- which everyone can figure to be the Intelligence deep state -- looking evil for compiling such a fake list that has criminal-level accusations against computers in other lands??? Or, if the deep state is in favor of the hacking by China, why would the deep state accuse Chinese companies / persons of most of the PCAP hacks?

Someone might say that the deep state itself did all of the hacking while fabricating PCAPs to make China look like the guilty party. That is possible, yes, but why not just say nothing rather than releasing a fake PCAP list? When the list is proven to be false, doesn't the light come back to shine on Intelligence with the question: why did you fake this? That question is a good argument for believing that the PCAP data is true. It's possible that the PCAP data is interwoven with a few false entries that are marked/identified as false in some way so that the Intelligence people know the true ones from the false ones. The false entries are woven in so that Intelligence can shoot the entire data-set down as fake in case some traitor releases it to the public.

The thing that's suspect with the data in Lindell's possession is the way in which it knows exactly how many votes were flipped along with which computer flipped them. But then, on the other hand, this sophistication could be expected after many years of tracking election fraud by machine flipping. The machinery used to detect election-night hacking is built with a program to detect and report the number of flips that each hack orders up. That can't be hard to do because the hacker needs to give a number of flips in his flip command, and also the name to which votes are flipped.

As I said, I was able to decipher that Louise Phillips was on a stage with Miss Peare in the mall in the second-last scene of the sleeping-bag dream, and the last scene was Peare coming over to my stage for the hips-pulling scene. Phillips are also FILIPs, like "flip." There were two reasons for my viewing the wooden platforms as stages, one being that Louise told me, in the last time I saw her (some 40 years before the dream), that she was going into "choreography" = stage work. She was working at Pennington's clothing when I knew her, and Penningtons not only share blue lozenges with French Louis', but the Pennington motto, "amore patria," is almost the "amor patriae" of Phillips/Filips. Welsh Loius', with the giant Phillips/Filip lion in colors reversed, use "patriae" too. Head-scratcher, is it not?

Not only this, but I would not have known Louise at all had she not been the friend of Miss Peare (they both sold clothes in the same mall at the time), and then PEARtree's are listed with the Patria's that you see in both mottoes. Amore's were first found in Oxfordshire with Peare's. Doesn't this look like Intelligent Design? Peartree's/Patria's even share the Trump stag head.

Why the stages? What in the PCAP flipping was staged, if anything? Nick Moseder (Saturday night) decided that there "are no packet captures." He then asks where the numbers came from, but nobody has an answer to speak of. It underscores the importance of getting possession of the Arizona routers, and all other routers, to compare with Lindell's PCAPs. It also underscores Lindell's responsibility of giving up the Arizona PCAPs in his possession to Arizona's good guys so that the Arizona senate can test and work with what he has. Lindell promised that the symposium would have scores of cyber experts looking at this data, and then we heard nothing of the sort during the symposium, which has people asking whether Lindell is himself the head fake? Until we hear from him, it's best not to conjecture. If I'm convinced that God is pointing to Lindell, WHY?

I'd like to add that the Sewers/Suters/SOUTERs/SOWTers share the Patria/Peartree fitchees, and that Southerns/SOWTHERns have a for of the Aid Coat while the sleeping-bag dream pointed with David Morley to Aids/Ade's. We might even add that while the Clements in the Morley/MAUL motto were first found near the first-known Louis' and Lewis' of Glamorganshire, Lewis' share the green dragon with the Morley/Maul Crest. Clements were first found in Breconshire with the Powells (they have Fenn/Venn liners in their motto) who share the green griffin with Souths and Fenns/Venns. The Powell lion is both the Phillips/Filip and Louis lion. Sidney Powell comes to mind. Powells are said to descend from Philip son of Howell, and Howells were first found in Monmouthshire with Phone's/Fane's/Vans, they being of the Joe's-van dream with snow on bumper.

Powell-like Scottish Vowells have the motto and Crest, and almost the Coat, of Folds/Fauls/FAWLs' mentioned earlier as having the same green leaf as Lindells. English Vowells/Fowls/Fowells were first found in Devon with Hazels having the Lindell leaf in both colors.

Southerns/Sowtherns were first found in Suffolk with Owls/Howls, and to this we can add that the Southern/Sowthern eagle is that also of Oltons/Allmans. Then, German Ullmans share the Coat of Souths, which is essentially the Sleep Coat in colors reversed. The Penningtons show only lozenges in the colors of the BAGley lozenges, and so I still grapple with the reason for the sleeping bag in that dream. What does it mean as per vote-flipping?

Recalling the Pillar-Post patent, let's add that Souths share the green griffin head with Patents as well as fence-like Fens'/Fenns/Venns, and the latter share the blue fesse with SOWTons/Sowdens (Devon, same as Fenns/Venns)...and WOW, JUST REALIZED WHILE WRITING: Sowtons with a Snowdon-like Sowden variation share the chevron-with-stars of Snowdens while both Coats add three scallops (of a different color) surrounding their fesse. I was going to say that the Phillips/Filips Coat is essentially the Oullette / Aulnay / Crease/Cressy Coat, and so it seemingly takes us back to the snow that Oullette shovelled into the square container in a dream now pointing to Joe Olton! Is this a pointer to EDWARD Snowden, and, if so, why? Did he help to arrange the give-over of packet captures?

I've already told that English Edwards share the Snowden stars, but it can now be added that Welsh Snowdens (Denbighshire, near Snowdonia) share the giant Phillips/Filips lion!!! I kid you not, as I've said a few times, as soon as Joe filled the container with snow from his bumper, I dumped the snow out on the ground (and returned the container to Mr. Owl Eyes' home. He was sitting on a chair on his lawn at that time along the snow-cleared path I took). Dumping the container of snow involved FLIPPING it over! This is why the box, as I otherwise called it, could depict boxes of ballots.

Box's (Wiltshire, same as Edwards) have what English Balls call a "fireball," and Balls were first found in Cheshire with Bello(w)s/BALLOTs. Flipped ballots. By what coincidence does the English Edward Coat look a lot like the Box Coat? Ahh, French Balls have three giant ermines in the colors of the similar "PIKE heads" of Picots/Pigots, and Pike's/Picks share the stars of SOUTHERlands! Did I PICK up the sleeping bag to point to Picots/Pigots/PICKets? They bring to mind the Packets/Pagetts, and it's especially great if the latter were a branch of Page's who have the Coy pheons in colors reversed.

[Insert -- While on the Gormleys later in this update, Gormans were checked to find Irish Gormans with a version of the Box Coat along with a "bello" motto term. Gorman-like Germans have the Italian Bello/Belli Coat in colors reversed! As Germans have a wavy-bar version of the Carpenter Coat, it recalls my car in a PARKING lot on four stands, all tires off, in a dream where I bought carpenter glue for applying to the wheel bearings. CarPENTERs share the motto of Bellys, which includes "belli," and Penders/Pinters have lion heads in the colors of the Glue dog head, and in the colors of the Box / Gorman lion. Glue's use "maCULA" while Cula's share the giant Constance eagle while the box was a container pointing to the Contan variation of French Constance's (share Snowden stars), and the Contan/Constance pine tree is connectable to the Pinner variation of Penders/Pinters. PINEapples are in the Crest of Prince's/Prinse's and in the Coat of Pine's.

There happens to be an owl in the Prime/Prim Crest while the same Gormans use "Primi." How about that. It recalls the Preens/Prins (which is why I added Prince's/Prinse's above), who were first found in Worcestershire with Ullmans. The same Gormans also use "ultima" for a possible Ultman variation of Oltmans/Allmans/Altmans / Ullmans. Ahh, snow was put into the box, and Snowdens almost have the Preen/Prin Coat! Preens were taking from the WinSTANley motto, and while the car was on stands, Stands/Stains are also Stans (it recalls the grass stain on Lorraine's pants that pointed to PENDERgrass' and Panters). German Ullmans have two fesses in colors reversed from the three of English Gormans, and neither surname adds anything else to their Shields. English Gormans have three fesses colors reversed from the "fesses' of Calls/Calles' and Shoots/Shute's, both first found in Wiltshire with Box's. End insert]

While Bellows/Ballots share the Coat of English Billets (Devon, same as Page's Sowtons/Sowdens), French Billets happen to be listed with Billiards so that we can shift this entire picture to Obama's billiard table (= my 2017 dream) in which I SEWERed a shot as a pointer to Obama himself, but also to Perkins Coie. The cue BALL was at first a PAGE on the table, but I had to make it into a paper plane before shooting it. Suddenly, the Pagett variation of Packets (another black lion!) comes to the fore so that the plane shot looks connectable to packet captures. French Page's are also Pagets! What could it mean that I sewered the PCAPs?

Ahh, the plane had pointed to Plains/Platters and Platters/Platers of SOTTERley, you see, and Platters of Sotterley have wavy bends in the colors of the wavy fesse of Sowtens/Sowdens. The stages in the sleeping-bag dream were PLATforms too, you see. Plate's/Platte's come up as Pilotte-like Plots, and while Pillows are listed with Pilotte's (Lincolnshire, same as Souths/Sowths), they happen to have the Sowton/Sowden scallops in colors reversed!!! Incredible.

Plains can be gleaned with Palins sharing the giant black lion that's all over this discussion. Pattersons/Cassane's use such a lion too, and they are said to be from Sodhans, which is how I first discovered Sowtons/Sowdens, by their coming up as "Sodan." Sowtons/Sowdens have scallops colors reversed from the same of Pattersons/Cassane's, meaning that the latter share the Plate/Platte/Plot scallops. Sodhans lived in Ui Maine, and Maine's (Devon, same as Sowtons/Sowdens, Page's and Billets) happen to share the Page pheons, and Billiards/Billets were first found in Maine.

It dawns on me here that, because Pattersons were a Kilpatrick branch, "PATTERson" was created when the Kilpatricks married PLATTERs, for Packets/Pagetts even share the Kilpatrick lion (that comes with a green dragon). Kilpatricks even use cushions to go with My-Pillow Lindell.

Early Fenns were in Lincolnshire, where Souths/Sowths were first found, and from here we can go to the fesses-by-swords of Shots/Shoots/SHUTE's (Wiltshire, same as Edwards) because they are like the Suter variation of Sewers/Sowters (Devon, same as English PIKE's), and because the Sewer/Sowter-like Swords have swords in the colors of the Shot/Shoot/Shute swords. The three Shot/Shoot swords are in the colors of the double fesses of Sleeps (Shropshire with Bagleys). The only thing that took place with the sleeping bag was my PICKing it up in the woods. I don't recall dropping it anywhere, nor carrying it with me, after picking it up. It seems that the reason for this scene is to point to Scottish Pike's/Picks who share the SUTHERland stars, thus squaring with a Sleep-South merger that I'm seeing. Picks/Pix's share fitchees on blue with Sewers/Suters/Sowters, you see. I think I can now decipher the reason for the Sleep-South link, for the "CAPTa" motto term of PIKE-using Gettys/Geddes!!! Bingo, tending to prove that God is using that motto term for a pointer to packet CAPTures. The sleeping bag is a pointer to packet captures, apparently, whether fake or real, we will need to see.

Picots/Pigots/Pickets share the white wolf head with BATHers, the latter first found in Denbighshire with Welsh Snowdens), recalling BathGATE's, a potential branch of Gettys/Geddes' / Gettes'. Flintshire, beside Denbighshire, is where Pictons/PICKtons were first found. Although in different colors, Pictons/Picktons share a giant lion on a Shield of drops with Sowden-connectable Pattersons/Cassane's. The latter were very-likely Kilpatricks (drops), and Mrs. Kilpatrick was SLEEPing Beauty. My Pillar-Post invention is excellent for picket fencing, by the way, but picket fencing had gone out of style. The evil generation opted for heavy privacy fencing instead. Fence-like Fens'/Venns are the ones looking related to Sowtons/Sowdens.

We can now go to Picton-like Pictalls/Picthaws because they come up as Picture's, looked up months ago as per Miss Peare showing me a picture of herself running on a BEACH in her BATHing SUIT. It was in the last 24-hour period in which I last saw her. Sleeping Beauty was on a beach too, in her bathing suit, and Suits are listed with Sewers/Suters/Sowters, what are the chances? There is a definite sleep theme to decipher for what looks like a pointer to Lindell-related election fraud. Miss Peare was responsible for the phrase, 'it felt so good," and while this pointed to German Goods/Guts, English Goods almost have a colors-reversed form of the Picture/Pictall Coat. Plus, by some coincidence or not, Picture's/Pictalls put crossed spears on their chevron in the colors of the same of Scottish Lins/Line's/LINDs. Lindells are listed with Swedish Linds. There is a Chinese Lin surname that happens to come up, what are the chances?

I'm asking now whether the Russian medallion is a pointer to Edward Snowden in exile in Russia.

I'm also wondering whether "SOUTh Dakota, location of Lindell's symposium, is being pointed to by the Souths, Southerns, Sutherlands, and Suters. There is a Dakota-like Dacket surname sharing the crescents of Hazels who use "hazel SLIPS" for possible connection to the Slipper variation of Sleeps. That seems to work pretty good because hazels have the Lindell leaf. But what is it about Lindell that a sleep / slip theme should be applied to his work? I'm stumped. Note that the Hazel crescents is used as a sleeping moon by the Carian-line Karens and Roets (probably from Rhodes at Caria), for myth had an eternal sleeper, Endymion, who was loved by Selene, the Carian moon goddess (she was made the close relative of Helios, god of Rhodes). I picked up the sleeping bag, and Pike's/Picks share the pierced stars of Selene-like Salome's/Solomons.

Dackets, looking linkable to Clintons, were first found in Worcestershire with the Clent Hills, with Hills and Hillarys (share Clinton fitchees), and then the sleeping bag was picked up in the woods upon a steepish HILL going down from a RODham-like road. The Rodden variation of Rodhams named the Rodden river in Shropshire, i.e. where the Sleeps were first found. Making sense? Rodhams are in Southern colors and format. Clintons share the stars of Sowtons/Sowdens (Devon, same as Hazels and Blythe-like Billets) and Snowdens, while Snows were first found in Rodham-connectable Rutland. Clints/Clents share the garbs of Blythe's (Berwickshire, same as Aids/Ade's in Rodham / Southern colors and format), and Bill Clinton was the natural son of Mr. Blythe. Making sense? On the other side of the road from the hill was a parking lot, the pointer to Perkins Coie. Perkins/Parkings were first found in Leicestershire, location of Rutland.

As Actons (Cheshire, same as Pike-loving Picots/Pigots) have one of the double Sleep fesses, see their write-up: "'Engelard de Acton, of Acton-PIGOT and Acton-Burnell, was admitted on the Roll of Guild Merchants of Shrewsbury in 1209." Shrewsbury is in Shropshire, where Sleeps were first found. The Actons share the one fesse of Darts, first found in Devon with Pike's.

As a potential pointer to Wendy Rogers of Arizona, who's chin-deep in the election-fraud fight, the "Nos nosTRAQUE" motto phrase of English Rogers can be brought to topic, for Tracks/tricks have a version of the Drig Coat while the latter has DARTs. The Nos'/Ness' share the double South/Sowth fesses (Coat identical), and the one fesse of Darts is ermined, as are both Sleep fesses. While English Rogers have stags in the colors of the Knee / Needham stag, the French Rogers have the same bend as Knee's / Needhams for another pointer to the Phoenix Crest. Phoenix is in Arizona.

To help prove that Rogers were Knee kin round-about, the line of Roger of Home, in Shropshire (in the write-up of English Rogers), is said to have become a Roger surname, and Home's have the giant lion of Touch's/Tuffs (Cheshire, beside Shropshire) in colors reversed while the Tufts/Tuffs' (Cheshire) share the phoenix in Crest with Knee's, Needhams and Phoenix's. So, it looks like a pointer to Wendy Rogers and yet connectable to Sleeps by way of Home. Touch's/Tuffs share the green lion with Drigs and Tracks/Tricks. I touched the knee of Sleeping Beauty, and she woke from sleep, upon which she and I were RISINg to ARIZONa, I assume, so to speak.

The Pollocks are/were said to use a dart, instead of an arrow, at their Wikipedia Clan Pollock article, and the Pollock saltire is in the colors of the similar Rising cross. Pollocks were at Rothes castle on the SPEY river, explaining why Speers/SPEYers, whom I assume are in the spears of Tracks/Tricks (Pollock colors), were first found in Renfrewshire with Speers/Speyers. Touch's were lords of AUDley, and while Stanleys descend from Audleys, Stanleys share the Knee bend. Pollocks use an "AUDacter" motto term, audit-like Aude's/Audets were first found in Savoy with the Rogers sharing the Knee bend but throwing in roses likely for the Rose clan at/beside Rothes.

Aude's are also Odo's, as are same-colored Oddie's, and while the latter were at Gisburn, Gisburns share a garb on green with Welsh Rogers/Rosers. GISburns can be suspect with Ottone VISconti's line to GUIScards/Wisharts, and then English Rogers share the VISE/Vice stag head. That works, and Guiscards were kin of Orrs/Ore's (Renfrewshire, same as Pollocks) who were in turn kin of Wake's. I was told to wake Sleeping Beauty when I touched her knee. The Gisburn garb is also that of Wheats, and a garb is at times called a wheat sheaf. It just so happens that Wheats (in Rising/Rison / Pollock colors) were first found in Norfolk with Risings/Risons.

Note that while actors go with stages, the Pollocks use "audACTER." Or as Souths/Sowths can be a pointer to SOUTH DAKOTa, note "auDACTer." The tip-in goal above was also a poke of the puck into the net with the blade of my stick, and while Blade's almost have the Pollock/POKE saltire, Puchs and Puks are in the Pollock/Poke write-up. Can this mean that this winning goal is a pointer to Arizona's election-fraud fight due to a Rising-Pollock link? Maybe I'm pushing it on that link, but let's add that while Bowers ("Ad") share the five, bunched arrows in the Arms of Rothschild, Bowers share the green Shield with proto-Rothschild Bauers, Bourlys (Somerset, same as Blade-connectable Burse's), and Pollocks while I remember that I had brand-new Johnny Bower brand skates at the winning goal.

As Pollocks have hunting horns, the Aude's suspect in their motto may have named Ada of Warenne, for she married Henry Huntingdon. Ada's father was a ruler in Surrey, and so note from the Pollock write-up: "In England, Pook was a popular variant and in this case, the family was probably from Puckney Gill in the parish of Charlwood, County Surrey, so called from the Old English word 'puca' (goblin) and 'eg' (island)...." Ignore the cheap, off-the-wall surname derivations from houseofnames, especially if it uses "literally" in the definition. Why not rather see "Puch" as a variation of a Pollock variation??? German Pucks can be gleaned with the Ottone/Otto Coat, in Aude/Odo colors.

Back to Wendy Rogers. The interesting thing about Wendys/Wends is that they share the giant griffin of Bumps and Letters (Berwickshire, same as Home's and Ada-suspect Aids/Ade's), and Joe OulLETTE took snow from his BUMPer in a pointer to Arizona. Bumps were first found in Gloucestershire with Letts/Late's while Lette's/Leto's list Alito-like Alitto's while Ali's/Aliotto's share the giant Wendy/Wend / Letter / Bump griffin. It just looks like a pointer to the good-guy judge on the U.S. supreme court, Samuel Alito. We're hoping that he comes through against the wicked judges now closing eyes to terrible corruption, it's just so unspeakably shameful and deplorable, dangerous and traitorous.

So, the snow on the bumper looks like a pointer to Wendy Rogers. She's zealously calling for legal rectifications.

Election-Fraud Updates

The biggest development this week, so far, anyway, is the vote by the Texas senate to conduct a forensic audit. The vote was well-padded, 18-11, suggesting that the Republicans won't be forced to get a cheat-siding audit team to lead the effort. Looking very good for catching election-fraud crime. Note that while the Belly press event was with Miss Peare, Peare's are kin of Abbotts, for this audit is now being supported by Mr. Abbott, the Texas governor (probably because he has little choice but to support it, otherwise, Bannon says, he's "establishment" material).

The snake tried another after-midnight trick this week:

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) blocked an attempt by Senate Democrats to push through a federal election overhaul bill early Wednesday morning.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) brought the For The People Act, a bill critics say amounts to a federal takeover of elections, to the floor around 3:30 a.m. after the Senate had concluded 15 hours of amendment votes on a $3.5 trillion budget resolution. In the dead of night, Schumer sought to pass the federal overhaul of elections by unanimous consent, according to the Houston Chronicle.

Only one objection by a senator was required to stop the process. In a roughly 15-minute back-and-forth, Cruz tanked Schumer’s attempt to force the election bill through the Senate. Cruz blasted the bill in remarks on the Senate floor:

It's a Gateway Pundit article, and the writer (Jim Hoft) wasn't good enough to tell the reader whether Cruz was the only Republican in the Senate, at the time, who could thwart the vote. It wouldn't be such a dramatic article if there were others, and the title then amounts to click-bait. In the middle of his article, Hoft puts a paragraph-sized link to another Gateway article, because he's an idiot along with his brother. He's too stupid to put the link outside the article because he's stupefied by $$$ on the brain, and doesn't mind advertising it. Get some class, man, because you look like a tabloid, and the topics you cover can't afford to.

Everytime Jim Hoft has an article, he puts this at the bottom: "Jim Hoft is the founder and editor of The Gateway Pundit, one of the top conservative news outlets in America. Jim was awarded the Reed Irvine Accuracy in Media Award in 2013 and is the proud recipient of the Breitbart Award for Excellence in Online Journalism from the Americans for Prosperity Foundation in May 2016." Brag much? Yes, in every article. But Jim, you didn't win the prize again in 2014, or 2015, or 2016...Loser-loser Jim, why advertise it? Show some class and get rid of that boast-job, Jim. Be a nobody today, because your job is not to promote yourself.

Mick Moseder claims he heard from an insider that the Arizona audit report will come out this month in spite of the Senate's hang-up on forcing the acquisition of routers and other data withheld by the cheats. The attorney general is slow-walking the process to make the cheats comply, giving them a full ten days to respond on whether they will give up the data. The cheats have had months, and so what justifies another ten days? Why give them even an hour to think about it when the data must be handed over, by law, months ago? This is starting to look like nicey-nicey treatment of the cheats. After the ten days, the cheats get another 30 days, by law, before any action against them can begin.

The Democrats are trying to make up in lost votes by bringing in illegal-alien voters. So, if there are two million voters removed from the voter rolls because they don't exist as people, then the leftists will steal billions in tax dollars, as Biden just did, to hand out to two million Mexicans to assure their Democrat vote. Try to imagine how much money it costs the workers per one illegal vote. And the judges are supporting this racket??? That's proof that the world has gone literally nuts, unable to succumb to the truth, but the Jesus haters are rather being riveted to their eternal coffins in spiritual insanity. It is very sad, and I don't know what to do for them. I couldn't do anything for my daft father, who simply could not understand, as if he was debilitated mentally by the demons that had hold of his thoughts.

Other News

I would not put it past the American shadow government if it planned to help the Taliban take Afghanistan this week, as a false-flag event, to fill the news in time for the Arizona election-fraud report. I suggest that the CIA and military corruptocrats had this planned long ago, starting after Trump removed military from Afghanistan, because the bad guys needed a reason to send them back in, because they skim millions / billions of dollars into their pockets from military money leaving the country. So, they needed to get a Taliban victory to get those dollars flying overseas again, and they probably planned this helpmate in time to fill the news now. American and canadian news on Afghanistan will be hyped in attempts to make this the lead story into the next couple of weeks.

Although Ontario's premiere has announced that Ontario won't mandate vaccines for schools, it's still only the middle of summer. This is the same clown-act buffoon who mandated lockdowns AFTER the winter season, in May, apparently dancing to the tune of those who leverage him. I assume he took such a political hit with those lockdowns that he's not prepared to persecute school children now. But give him a chance, this guy's nazi material. By winter, we could see him mandating vaccines for at least some things, starting with adults.

trudeau's government is putting together its vaccine-passport policies even while canada's state media is blaming the unvaccinated for the spread of nothing-burger delta that's being framed as scaaary justification for passports. This is more evidence that the powers need to be severely punished for mass-deception. It can be used against them when the time comes. They are setting their own trap.

Here's a big gang in Montreal, a very big gang, what we need to see everywhere:

Denmark has announced no more COVID laws as of October, which is what we need to see more of.

This video below (starting at 13 minutes) tells that Bill Gates' foundation is helping a George-Soros company to purchase a virus-testing company, Mologic, meaning that even more lots-of-money is now at the charge of pushing the vaccines. Have you started to prepare your foods yet?

If you watched the video above, you heard that the Bill and MELINda Gates Foundation is partnering with Soros to buy Mologic, a company that does the cotton-swab tests, which recalls my story of a cotton swab in the ear of Steve MELLANson. Mellansons were first found in Aberdeenshire with Millens/Milans who in turn have a Melinda-like Mellind variation. The Bono's, first found in MILAN, have a Coat linkable to that of Welsh Motleys, and the latter were first found in Shropshire with the Motley-like Middle's who happen to be in the "axe in the middle" description of the Mellanson Coat. Middle's are thus suspect with the giant Millen/Milan/Mellind lion, and Bono's happen to have a reflection of the Gates Coat.

The Mellanson description is recorded as: "a bundle of rods with an axe in the middle." Rods and Rocks were from the marriage of Hugh Rodez to Miss Roquefeuil, right down Rockefeller alley. Rods share a blank, gold Chief with Mellans (share besants with Rainhams/Ranghams). I trace the line of Hugh's son, Henry of Rodez, to French Henrys, first found at Motley-like Mott near RENNES, tending to explain why English Motleys were at RAINham. English Rothes' (share Rennes lion) were once said to be first found in Shropshire too, but are now said to be first found in Kent, location of Rainham. Rothes' share the bend of Houghs suspect in the MiddleHOUGH variation of Middle's.

Although Mologic's swabs go into the nose, the event with Mellanson had his cotton swab in his ear. As I trace heraldic ears to Eyers/Ayers, it's notable that they were first found in Derbyshire with the Note's/Cnuts (share Mellanson crescents) to which Mellanson pointed with a NOTE that God told me to write to Mellanson shortly before the swab-in-ear event. The Note/Cnut Crest has a white unicorn head, and Swabs/Schwabs have a giant, white unicorn, though I don't have a way, yet anyway, to link Cnuts to Swabs. Danish Cnuts share the Rod trefoil.

I don't think those brazen fat cats (don't know how to blush) would have purchased Mologic if they didn't have inside information telling that virus testing will become even bigger, and they can help to make sure it does. They disguise themselves, as do their media puppets on their behalf, as charitable humanitarians, yet we can clearly see that they are in this for other reasons.

I got to tell off another mask goon today when she told me the government still wants me to wear masks indoors. She got nasty after I piped up to respect my choice of not wearing a mask, and I helped her to get cured, because if nobody speaks up in their faces, they will slip deeper into lalaland. Give a mask goon their jolt today, show that we better people are THE BOSS because we are correct. Start thinking for yourself, I told her, i.e. not parroting government propaganda. She's a stooge who, in the middle of August, wants the public to think that there's flu danger lurking nearby...wayyyyy out here in the open stick country. Do they have any brains at all? Of course they do, but they like exerting government-backed power over people who view them as cowards. It's their backlash against those who were looking at them, when this "pandemic" first began, as cowards, dopes, and hide-behind-the-mask goons. The government orders you to wear a mask, she told me. Ya see? She's a government-supporting control-freaking socialist pig who would violate my rationalized choice even though she's got brains enough to realize by now there's no danger. She wants to see me and others submit to this creepy, impish movement into next year too, that's her bottom line. If she's speaking out at me in August, she definitely wants to see me masked through all the winter too. Ouch. I'm hoping that God has embarrassing retribution, soon, for these wicked types. They are the ones who will love to see us squirm in the 666 system.

What I am not understanding is why doctors everywhere have not come out to confirm graphene oxide in multiple vaccines. Below is an article put out this week with the latest on graphene oxide.

I think I have just found another pointer to graphene oxide by a story I've told a few times. This story came to mind when looking at the SYMs/Simms' to see whether God was pointing to them via "symposium." The Sym/Simms axe is, if I recall correctly, the heraldic halpert/halbert axe, code for axe-using Halperts/HALBERTs, who have a not-bad reflection of the Sym/Simms Coat. This recalled an old friend, ALBERT Oosteyn. I rented half of his basement once, and shortly after moving out, he asked me to move back in to keep his apartment for him while he went to work at the Whistler ski resort in British Columbia. Many years later, Miss "SIM(P)Son flew up from Texas to see me, and I took her skiing. Neither of us had ever been skiing before, and we went to Blue Mountain at COLLINGwood. The first thing of note is that Collings are listed with English Collins', a pointer to Francis Collins, Tony Fauci's boss. It wouldn't be a pointer to Collins if not for what else there is to say.

Miss Simson flew up to see me on back-to-back years, and on one of those visits, I can't remember which one, Albert died from his MS disease. He wasn't yet 45, and he had suffered with it since his early 20s. Miss Simson and I went to his funeral, and as they were short a pallbearer, they asked me to be one. No problem. I set Albert onto his GRAVE. I'm wondering whether he had taken poison vaccines in order to get MS.

Okay, so we have my first-ever and last time on skis with Miss Simson coming along, and Albert had taken a winter-long job at a ski resort. One could start to see Intelligent Design working into this, because Syms/Simms were first found in East Lothian with Fortune's, as well as Fauci-connectable Faucets/Fawcetts and Vaux's. It explains the "Fortuna" motto term of Syms/Simms, and it just so happens that while Miss Simson had married Mr. Deeter, Deeters share a white and upright dog with Fortuna's. Plus, Deeters were first found in Pomerania with the house of Griffin, explaining why Deeters use grapes for Griffin-like Grape's/Gripps/CRAVers. Now, compare "Grape/Craver" with Grave," for Grave's are also Griefs/Greafs, like the graphene-pointing Graffs/Graffens/GRAVs. I helped to drop Albert into his GRAVE, and while I did so as a PALLbearer, Palls/Pole's share the giant lion of Graffs/Graffens/Gravs!!! Is that not amazing?

If you've been reading the past few weeks, you'll know that the Graff family had SIMON Graff, and Syms/Simms suggest that they had been Simons! Amazing. The Graffs lived with me in GORMley, and Gorms are listed with Blue's while we went skiing at Blue Mountain. Gormleys/Grime's were kin of Grime's/Grimms, and poison vaccines can be described as grime making one grim. Blue is the color of illness. I feel blue = bad, sick.

The Pall and Graff/Graffen/Grav lion is also the Sforza lion, and while the Sforza lion holds a so-called "quince," Saer de Quincy is in the Faucet/Fawcett write-up as building the Fauxside castle. Oh wow, Saer-like Sayers/Sarah's use "BEAR and forBEAR" for a motto, and share the Grape/Gripp/Craver bend! A pallbearer can point to BEARings/Barings who happen to share the Shield of English Vaux's!!!! WOOOWIE, what a coinkidinker. Saer de Quincy is even in the Sayer/Sarah write-up. Ahh, I get it, that while the Sforza's have their lion holding a quince (flower), Graffs/Graffens/Gravs have their lion holding an anchor while Anchors/Annackers have lozenges in the colors of the similar mascles of Quince's/Quincys. It's as if God arranged the Graffs to be using the Sforza lion so as to pin graphene oxide to Fauci's arse.

Anchors have a Coat version of the Lady's/Laudymans who in turn were first found in Northamptonshire with Quince's/Quincys. Note how Anchor-branch Hangers/Angers almost have the giant Albert griffin. English Angers (almost the Anchor Coat) were first found in Essex with Quince-branch Quints, though Quints are said to be first found in Dorset too (beside Hangers/Angers), where Dangers/D'Angerfields (giant Bus cinquefoil) were first found.

[Insert -- After writing several paragraphs below, I got round to loading Alberta's/Alberto's, and they happen to have a central mascle in the colors of the seven Quince/Quincy mascles! The people who created this heraldry didn't know Albert Oosteyn.

By the way, it was recent when Quints were given a new first-found location in Cumberland, where Danger-like Daggers/Dackers and Acre's/Ackers were first found, begging whether Dexaroi Illyrians (near or amongst the Cavii) named Angers and Anjou. Quints are from the line of Quintus Caepio through to Junia Caepionis, explaining, now, why June's share the Acre/Acker fleur-de-lys. June's were once said to be first found in Cambridgeshire (beside Essex) with Caepionis-like Capone's and Jeune's, but that's also where Elys were first found (with the Isle of Ely) who have a red version of the Acre/Acker Coat, but then compare Elys also with Cravens/GRAVens. End insert]

If you'd like to verify my story, see the following in the 1st update of May, 2019: "Albert happened to pass away while Miss Simpson was visiting. I was asked to be one of the pallbearers...The sledge hammer of Alberts is likely part-code for Sledge's/SLEIGHs/Sleys, who go well with the Whistler SKI theme. The Sledge's/Sleighs (Halbert colors and format) have three OWLs in the colors of the three HOWELL towers..."

Plus, Deeter" is like "Detrick," and Fauci with Collins oversee (in some respects, anyway) the Fort Detrick lab in Maryland which China accused of starting the COVID scheme. But there's more, as if God made sure to point to Collins with Miss Simson, for Collingwoods have a stag-head version of one Roger Coat while Welsh Rogers/Rosers have a garb-version of a Simson Coat. The other Simson Coat, I almost forgot, shares the giant Faucet/Fawcett lion. The garbs of Simsons are at times "wheat sheaves," and the English Sheaves/Shaws (Berkshire, beside Simsons), in Collingwood colors and format, use "Vincit" while the Collingwood motto is shared by Vince's/Finch's. It's not easy to get heraldry go click-click like this using a prop(s) in some random event in your life. A person of skis is a skier, and "conSCIRE" is a Collingwood motto term. We went skiing in Collingwood.

The Bearings recalls a dream I've mentioned a few times, where I had a car up (my own, I assume) on four stands in a parking lot of what seemed to be a gas station. All wheels were off the car, and when I went into the store of this place to buy wheel grease for the bearings, I bought carpenter glue instead. Yup, carpenter glue for wheel-bearing grease. What could that mean? It just so happens that Glue's/Clue's/Clough's have a dog head in both colors of the Deeter dog. Glue's/Clue's/Clough's happen to share the mascles of Spinks, first found in Northamptonshire with Quince's/Quincys (mascles).

Glue's/Clue's/Clough's were first found in Denbighshire with the Bathers who have wolf heads in the colors of the Glue/Clue/Clough dog head. The Bather wolf head is shared by Scarfs, and Fauci appeared on TV, night after night, with the scarf lady, Ms. Birx. Although the dog head of Glue's/Clue's/Clough's isn't showing as a GREYhound, I read that the surname does use a greyhound head, and here I think we can understand the grease, for Greas'/Graysons/Greysons look like a Grey branch. I've resolved that greyHOUNDs are part-code for Huns/HunGATE's and Huns/Hundts, one of which has white dogs, and the other a giant upright greyhound in the colors and format of the giant Fortune dog, and the giant Grey/Gray lion.

But why carpenter glue? Well, Carpenter have the Belli's in their motto, and the Carpenter Coat is almost the Italian Belli Coat, but then the Carpenter motto is shared by Scottish Belly's who happen to have the eight-pointed star of Ducs/LeDucs, a pointer to James LeDuc, master of the Galveston National lab that's been in cahoots with the Wuhan lab! How could the heraldry possibly get us here if the car-on-stands dream wasn't designed by God? It jibes with the heraldry from Miss Simson, and that too pointed to the COVID scheme. In fact, her husband (Mr. Deeter) had owned a WINE Cup ranch, which goes well with the grapes of Deeters, first off. But then the Wine's/Winns happen to share the eagle of Grave's/Griefs/Greafs! How about that smack-down. Plus, Sear de Quincy ruled WINchester.

[A couple of days after this insert was out, I was back to the "QUAEREre" motto term of Roets, which can be part-code for Quare's with a car-like Carre variation; my car was on stands with all wheels off while Catherine Roet owned the Catherine wheel symbol. I looked up Erie's was per "QuaerERE," and there were the triple pale bars of Belli's i.e. in colors reversed from the six of Carpenters].

It's probably important that Dutch Grave's/Grevens share the Bath and Randolph crosses, the Randolphs (Moray, same as Bellys) being the ones with horseshoes and the bat for a pointer to horseshoe bats. Miss Simson had taken me to see one of the world's largest bat-cave spectacles (in Texas). That underscores the use of Glue's who took us to Bathers. It just so happens that Baths were first found in Somerset with the Whistlers who probably share the Bath lion, and Albert (Dutch) had gone to Whistler mountain. As per anti-Fauci Dr. HeckenLIVELY, Livelys/Hivelys share a string of lozenges bendwise, on a red Shield, with Whistlers.

As my birthday is at the end of June, I must have asked Lorraine for a date at her bus stop while still living at Alberts for the last time, for it makes sense that I moved out at the end of June. This recalls that Albert's girlfriend, Laura, left him about that time due to his becoming too sick / weak to work. "Lauro" is a motto term of Lorraine's, and the Lorraine Coat is not a far cry from the Whistler Coat. As I've said a million times, Lorraine pointed to the Pepins and Pipe's, and as I've said over the past few weeks, Simon Graff would come over to talk with my father always bringing a smoker's PIPE and a BEER. The Beers use a BEAR, and you saw the pallBEARer and the BEARings/Barings. You saw my helping to put Albert into his Graff-linkable grave. But it just so happens that there is laurel in the Lorraine Crest while Laurels share the giant Graff/Graffen/Grave lion.

The only difference is that the Graff/Graffen/Grav lion is a half-lion, as is the one in the Rumble Crest. Rumble's have a "laus" motto term while Laus' (more grapes) are listed with Lauers/Laure's, what's the chances? As I've said many times, I moved out of Albert's to a place at the corner of Rumble and Libby. I dated Lorraine while I was living at Rumble and Libby. If Libbys use a baton, that leads to the Bats. Manders use a "laus" motto term while Miss Simson is Mandy. The Rumble's look like God's arrangements because they share the Bus cinquefoil while I asked Lorraine on that first date at her bus stop. Stops/Stubbs were first found in STAFFordshire with their Pipe kin, and Staffs/Staffords share the Rumble chevron with Quince-branch Quints. His surname, Oosteyn, is like the Ostien variation of Austins who in turn can be gleaned as Quint kin. It was just before writing this paragraph that Alberta's were found who share the Quince/Quincy mascle.

Let me spell this out, for while English Austins/Ostiens share the black lion paw, and the chevron, of Quints, Scottish Austins (almost the same Coat as English Austins) have a "corona" motto term!!!! I didn't know that until writing the paragraph above in full!!! Plus, the "actio" motto term of English Austins is like the "actione" of Cravens/GRAVens! Astounding "coincidence. Cravens/Gravens were in an insert above with Quints. Libbys share the Burnell Coat while Actons lived at Acton-Burnell. The amazing thing here is that while Rumble's are RUMbolds, the Rumillys were of the Skiptons of Craven. Actons (Craven/Graven fesse in colors reversed) have an "avance" motto term while Vance's are listed with Scottish Vaux's, first found in East Lothian with the Syms/Simms that started this section. Vance's/Vaux's come up as Fanns too, recalling Fannius Caepio, the would-be Roman emperor.

Quints use vair fur while Chappes' were first found in Ile-de-France with Verona's/Vairs. French Vairs/Fers' almost have the Coat of English Vaux's.

I'm getting the impression that God unveiled the graphene oxide in multiple vaccines in order to make wicked governments shy, now, instead of boldly tyrannical. But we need more medical people coming out to say that they too found graphene oxide.

The most-grievous thing facing the world now is vaccine mandates at the demands of occupational bosses. This promises to cause the loss of all sorts of jobs, many not replaceable. Christians with jobs that took a lot of work to secure will not get a similar jobs without vaccines. This is an immediate horror. I don't know what to say. I see the hard-headed forces pushing this thing, and there is no cure for these types. Demon-think has paved a way of life for many. They disguise themselves as good guys when in fact they can despise good people and wish their demise even to the point of their jailing / starvation. We are there. We have arrived. The effects of evil culture in one generation alone has manifested what looks like the anti-Christ scenario. If you try to fight this when it becomes a tidal wave, you'll get drowned by it. Know when to run. Where will you run? Store your needs now. The most you can lose is the time and money spent for it, but in return, you can have far less fear from securing some security.

The way this is going is that all vaccinated people will tend to take the side of the police, and thus the numbers of protesters, or potential protesters, will diminish to a large degree. You can see that the plan was to get as many vaccinated as possible to make them into non-protesting, communist-pig snitches and traitors on others who don't want the vaccine. Governments are not going to all of this trouble for nothing, and it's certainly not for safety. Australia has become the pilot project for martial law; see this pig-monster this week in Australia:

If food threats do not come this winter where you live, plan on it anytime in 2022. The signs are there sufficient to indicate that they are going to continue this monster for the foreseeable future. They will back down when caught, but will come back again with plots. Right now, there needs to be court battles against the no-evidence of a pandemic, and it is IMPERATIVE that COVID testing be exposed as fraud, because if they diagnose anyone with COVID, they can also better force them to vaccinate even though they pose no danger. Once that's done, it's one less person left to fight against the vaccines. Before getting a vaccine, take the government to court, acting as your own lawyer so that it costs you next to nothing. Save all the videos necessary to prove that testing has been a fraud, and that the numbers of COVID deaths has been reported fraudulently, etc. I'll have a list of videos at the end of this update, in case you'd like to copy them.

I've just dried 1100 grams of lean-ground beef until it weighed only 260 grams. The weight difference is great enough to suggest that it wasn't very lean at all. Deceivers everywhere, even selling regular as lean, I get it all the time, which is why it's best to use extra-lean for drying. But wait, even my extra-lean turned into a watery soup in the pan. I usually view extra-lean as I do the highest-prices gasoline, as costing more per mile of driving, and so I usually buy lean instead because I have a low income. It takes a lot a paper towels getting the fat out of lean, however. I tried extra-lean this week, and it there was no greasy film at all on the sheet. Definitely, extra-lean is the way to go with drying meat if the extra money is not a factor, but lean is okay for as long as the meat is frozen, I assume, and them good also for some months out of the fridge.

Don't dry meat without removing its fat in case you need to store it out of a freezer. I elevate the meat over the stove burner seven or eight inches on a rock sheet. It's not hot enough to burn paper, and so after it's been left to dry a while, paper towels are placed under the meat. I do it again with lean meat because it glistens with fat (the extra-lean doesn't glisten), and when I'm done, I let the meat sit on more paper towels for at least a couple of hours. I figure leaving the meat out all night will only allow the air's humidity into the meat.

I put the lids on tight while storing the jars in the fridge until there's a batch big enough to go into the oven, lids off, at 215 degrees F. If you don't get a good seal in the fridge, and the foods are in there a week or more, they could be picking up a lot of humidity, beware. The oven temperature above is needed for getting a good seal with the lids, which I put into the oven for the last 15 minutes of the one-hour treatment for the food in open jars. It's a bacterial-killing final process before putting on the lids. Then, into the freezer the jars go so that, if ever I can't have electricity, the meat hasn't aged much at all. The freezer keeps it from aging and going rancid due to what fat still remains. I'm pretty sure this is going to work. There's lots of videos on this topic, but google hides many/most homesteader videos, and instead fronts the modernite / liberalite way of doing things for short-term storage.

I start by making ground-beef patties on the rock sheet. Just press the meat with a spatula until it's a maximum of a quarter-inch thick. Then, though not a necessary step, I put the patties into the oven at 170 degrees max, for 45-60 minutes, to kill bacteria that could proliferate during the drying process, though this cooks the meat a little, a good trade-off. I don't know (I've never read anyone who told me) why cooking meat is not desirable when drying it, whether it has to do with taste or quality. After the patties are left an hour in the oven, bonus, a lot of water and fat is shed, which can be drained into the sink.

You can take the sheet out of the oven with bare hands at 170 degrees. This is a great way to FEEL what 170 degrees feels like so that you can dry the meat at a proper temperature. What you do after taking the sheet out of the oven is to suspend it (or a thinner cookie sheet) over a stove burner (I use lumber on either side of the burner). Put your finger on the bottom of the sheet after its hot, to feel its temperature. The way to know how much more it's over or below 200 degrees is to oven heat the sheet to 200, and feel it with a finger and record the temperature in your brain. My sheet feels like about 200 on the top side, but the bottom of the meat doesn't feel more than 170 so that the middle of the meat is about 150. To make sure the food dries faster without cooking, take the time to cut the patties into pieces of less than an inch square. I "slice" it by pressing down the knife edge of the spatula. Using a dehydrating machine is easier, and gives you much-better temperature control.

The 260 grams of dried meat took up only half of the one-quart mason jar. When fresh, it was on a store-bought tray 15 x 8 inches. You save a lot of freezer space by drying.

BUT, if you want to spare yourself all of this work, just buy canned meat. The only problem is that, while I like corned-beef sandwiches, having all corned beef in storage doesn't allow me to have meat in soups. That is, ground beef in soups makes them taste great, but I'm not confident that corned beef in soup will be helpful. Maybe I should try it. The beef in a can of Hereford corned beef weighs 340 grams, and is now selling for $4.50, about the price of lean ground beef in my area (price-fixing business thieves everywhere). After freezing a can, it shows no sign of bulging at all, suggesting low water content i.e. it may be cheaper than lean ground beef.

By the time I'm done drying the last batch of beef in about a week, there will be 11 quarts of ground beef in the freezer, as well as seven of a spaghetti-sauce jars (about 2/3 quart). Each quart was once able to make 10-12 quarter-pound burgers (that's the weight before cooking). If I say that I want four such burgers per week, I have enough stored now to last about 40 weeks. If I need to feed my kids and their wives and kids, because they aren't storing anything, that's reduced to something like four or five weeks. You can see my anxiety here. If I store a lot more for their sakes, and if we never need it, I'll have way too much for me alone, and I'll be eating old food for years in a row.

I have six quarts of scrambled-egg pieces and three of the 2/3 quarts. Each quart holds about 25 large eggs. If I want an egg daily, that enough for only 2/3rds of a year.

I have 26 quarts of dried potato, or about a pint per week for a full year. A quart of dried potatoes is about 20 potatoes. By comparison, I have a small amount each of dried carrots, squash, sweet potato and onions, all useful for making soups taste great. I have many bags of store-bought dried garden produce taking no work at all to store. I have lots of pasta too, and a years supply of rice. Would you like to be in my shoes? You can be.

I happen to like the cheaper honey-oat Cheerios and Rice Crispies, a great way to get foods that are not wheat for a change (I eat a lot of bread). If I had 50 large boxes of cereal stored, that would do me only a year. I kicked potato chips when replacing them with honey-roasted peanuts, but as I think too much of the latter are not healthy, I also eat dry Harvest Crunch for nightly snacks. Both the peanuts and Harvest Crunch are reasonable in price (cheaper than some breads) for long-term storage. I go through a jar of peanuts now in two weeks so that the aim is 25 jars in storage. THIS IS NOT HOARDING because I will eat it. I either buy it up-front, or slowly over a year, WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE? Buying up-front like this is bad for others only if we waste the food. Everyone should have lots of food in storage purchased slowly over a year or two. It will never deplete the store shelves at any time because not everyone will do it...until a food crisis hits.

Here's a list of video's I've recorded that can be useful for fighting forced vaccinations in a court; you can also sue your company if it tries to force you. Go to court without a lawyer and just tell your story in your own words as per whatever you choose from these videos, and tell the judge that there's sufficient evidence for you to be AFRAID of COVID vaccines. Part of your argument should be that the government allows a mandatory status of vaccinations, making you even more leery because you don't know of any healthy person who was sicker than what a typical flu or cold might cause. That is, even if you were to catch a virus, you are no more dangerous to healthy people than, at most, what a typical flu might cause them. The pig-government will argue that your are a danger to citizens, and so you need to sink that argument, as well as to tell the judge that vaccinations don't necessarily help. Taking the vaccine is a higher risk to citizens than not, and you are the citizen which risks something terrible by receiving a vaccine:


Here's all four Gospels wrapped into one story.

For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God.
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