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August 3 - 9, 2021

Spuds MacKenzie Was, I Think, Set Up By God To Declare the Asteroid's Fall
Is 5G in Heraldry With Graphene Oxide?
It Turns Out Mamie Was Cold

If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture

Absolute Proof that Obama' Billiard Table is a Perkins Coie Crime Ring Evidence from God's Prophetic Heraldry that Graphene-Oxide Poisoning Goes with 5G Phones The spider on a web at Karen Graff's place was a topic in the last update that seemed to point to Eliot Laurence Spencer (like "spider"), former New York Governor and attorney general. During most of the years in which Spitzer held those two positions under the Bush presidency, Hillary Clinton was a New York senator, being thereby groomed by CNN as a future president. Spitzer was caught in a prostitution scandal, something Bill could really dig.

As I said, I watched Karen Graff ride her bike. It was the first time I saw her, and she was riding slow past our new property in Gormley. We became fond of each other, and so you'd see me at her place now and again. When Kepke came to visit me there, he chased me with a spider dangling on a web, with Karen watching me cower. His first name, Lawrence, is like the middle name of Eliot Spitzer.

When I first mentioned (last update) Karen on her bike, David Morley came to mind because he appeared in the Sleeping Beauty dream on his motor bike. I didn't want to check for a connection between the two bikes because I didn't want to get off topic, back to that dream, but the connection may be warranted because his appearance in the dream was a pointer to Hillary Clinton in multiple ways, as well as to her legal firm, the nasty, criminal-supporting enterprise, Perkins Coie. David Morley's first name was important in the dream for connecting to Aids/Ade's (Rodden/Rodham colors and format), because they have a good reflection of a David Coat. I've told it before, I'm not making it up, that after Karen moved away from my street about a year after we met, I didn't see her again until Joe Oullette took me over to his brother's place, Dave. I assume he was born, David. As Joe opened the door, there was Karen sitting on a couch inside. I never saw her again after that. (Load Aid link now to have access, on another tab, to other Coats of Arms.)

Was God using she at Dave's place to connect to David in the Sleeping Beauty dream? "Morley" was important for proving that God gave the dream, for as he was riding his bike away from me, I was crossing a Rodham-like road into the PARKING lot of a MALL (Perkins are also Parkings), and Scottish Morleys are also MAULs. English malls have the Malbancs while Malbanks (Northumberland, same as Rodhams) share the ermined Rodham bend. It just so happens that Morleys/Mauls have a vertically-split Shield in the colors of the same of the Tunnels/Tunno's...i.e. in the "tunnel" of the Spitzer Coat!

And, as I've said a million times, the dream started with my picking up a sleeping bag on a HILL (Hills were first found in Worcestershire with Clinton-related Hillarys). In the very next scene, Morley comes riding his motor bike off the road, down the hill, then circled the wooded area where the sleeping bag had been picked up, then rode back up the hill and back down the road from where he had come. The Spitzers use "hills" with a tunnel!!! AMAZING. We have a mystery to solve. What's God trying to say.

It's more amazing because the Tunnels/Tunno's share the hexagram of Reitmans and ROTENs, while Rodhams, first found in Northumberland with Tunnels/Tunno's, are listed with RODDENs. The sleeping-bag dream ended with my being on a platform with Miss Peare, and I met her (about six years after I first saw Karen) when I was a shoe salesman, when she was a saleslady for REITMAN's clothing. The father of the first Rodham-related Rothschild sold cloth, and at least some of his descendants continued to do so. I PICKed up the sleeping bag, and never saw it again, in the WOODs, and Woods, who share the Pick/Pix fitchees, share the tree with Roots of Roet-like Roots, and Roets (share tree with Woods and Roots) were a Rothschild branch. Any idea what God may have been pointing to here??? German Roets were kin of Karens, can we believe it? Once again, Karen Graff is linking to the sleeping-bag dream.

Let me repeat that the Roots share the BAGley Coat, more proof that God set up this dream's props. Bagleys were first found in Shropshire with Sleeps, Rudes', and the RODDEN river. Bagleys are said to have named Bagley-WOOD in Berkshire, and Berkshire is where Biks/Bikers, PICKers/Packers and Boots were first found. As far as I can remember, I've still got to find an explanation as to why the motor bike should point to Biks/Bikers, and perhaps Karen on her bike can help out.

Ahh, new: the Biks/Bicker's and Baggers/Badgers have bendwise items in the colors of the Lively/HIVely bend, and the latter surname has pointed to writings, by Kent HeckenLIVELY, on the HIV / AIDS crimes by Fauci and company!!! That's why the dream was able to point Davids to the Aids/Ade's thanks to the English Morleys!!! This puts a whole new spin on his circling the sleeping bag. David Morley lived almost at the corner of Harding and CHURCH street when I knew him, and Circle's use a church.

Shoes are used by German Trips, who once showed boots, as do Boots, and while Windsors were first found in Berkshire with their castle, English Trips (Kent, same as Roots and Gore's) share the Windsor and Gore crosslets. Gore's were put into mythical GORlois of Cornwall, and his wife gave birth to mythical king Arthurs in TINTagel (Cornwall, same as Bude). I've got to say, I can see evidence that English Trips were of Bik/Biker blood.

Note "GorLOIS," like "Louise," for French Louis' almost have the Bagley / Root Coat, and the Bagley / Root lozenges are in the colors of the PENNington lozenges. King Arthur's father was made the PENdragons of Cornwall. When Kepke and I met Miss Peare, her friend became our friend, and Louise was working at Pennington's clothing at the time. Welsh Lewis' (Glamorganshire, same as Welsh Louis') use a dragon. Pendragon's first name was given as Uther, obvious code for the Other variation of proto-Windsor Otters. The latter were first found in Huntingdonshire, where the husband of Ade-line Ada of Warenne lived, but then otter-using Fenders (Huntingdonshire) can be in the "defend" motto term of Woods. The Ade's/Aids share the jessant leopard face of English Morleys and Morlands (more evidence that David Morley pointed to Davids and Ade's/Aids).

[Insert -- There is a question in the Aids/Ade's as to whether God is pointing to some criminal thing in the way Fauci handled, or even manipulated, the AIDS / HIV agenda. My mother told me that, as an infant, I drank turpentine i.e. a poison, and was taken to the hospital. Turpens are in Aid/Ade and Rodham/Rodden colors and format. Instead of the leopard heads of Aids, Turpens use lion heads, making the Turpens look like kin of Davids (Cheshire, beside Shropshire). Tine's, as per "turpenTINE," were first found in Shropshire with the Rodden river. She said she had left a BOTTLE of turpentine on the stairs, and Tine's list a BOTEville variation. Bote's are listed with Bute's/Butts/Boets. Bottle's are with ButHILLs, with three crowns showing only, as with Corons/Corona's (Cheshire), and the Bottle/Buthill crowns are in the colors of Hills, the latter first found in Worcestershire with Hillarys. See anything suspicious?

The Tyne river is near Lauder, and Lauders share the brown tree stump with Rodhams/Roddens. The Tyne river and-or the Tine's/Tyne's/Boteville's are expected in the "obTINEbit" motto term of Tooths because they nearly share the giant Lauder griffin. Tooth's throw in the feathers of Perkin-like Perkens. Feathers (Sussex, same as Stumps) may have been a branch of Fetters who in turn use the sun in the colors of the suns of poison-like Poussins (French branch).

The bottle of turpentine was left on a step, and Stepps/Steptow's were probably of Stephensons, who in turn share the same bend as Turpens/ Aids/ Rodhams, and even use leopard faces (of different colors) on their bend, as do Aids on the same bend. It strikes me here that Stemps (listed with Stamps) may have named Stumps/Stomps from the Stepps originally. Cards use a letter with stamp while Letters share the Coat of stump-using Lauders. End insert]

I was selling shoes on the top floor of the indoor mall, and Kepke was selling shoes on the lower floor of the same mall simultaneously, when we met Christine Peare and Louise Phillips, and so it should be added that, when the door was opened at Dave Oullette's (I never went in), I noticed Karen's SHOES tossed off her feet and lying on their sides at the front door. She was sitting on the one-person COUCH. That's all I saw there; Joe left promptly, and so did I. It was near to that time when I slept with Mamie in her sleeping bag in a tent that pointed to tent-using TINTons (Cornwall, same as Tintagel), and Tints happen to use a COUCHant lion. The Tintons are in the colors and format of English Towns/Tone's/Tune's, linkable to the Tunno variation of Tunnels. Scottish Towns have white crosslets in the style of the white Tint crosslets. Why? What could this paragraph mean? Scottish Towns were first found in Linlithgowshire with Elias', and Hillary's lawyer at Perkins Coie was/is Marc Elias.

Arthurian myth (almost always used code for surnames) had a Tristan character of Cornwall, and while one Tristan surname was first found in Cornwall, they share the stag head (white, same as Windsor stag head) of English Parkers, first found in Somerset with Tints. Morley rode his bike away as I entered a PARKing lot, and the other English Parkers were first found in Derbyshire with English Morleys. Scottish Morleys/Mauls (Yorkshire, near the first-known Tunnels/Tunno's) are the ones sharing the split Tunnels/Tunno Shield. As Parkings/Perkins are an apt pointer to Perkins COIE due to the sleeping-bag dream's pointers to Hillary Rodham Clinton, by what coincidence did Mamie's sleeping bag bring us to Cornwall's Tintagel elements while the other Tristans (Devon, between Somerset and Cornwall) share the pheons of COYs??? The latter were first found in Cambridgeshire with the Wrench's/Rench's who share the Trip / Gore / Windsor crosslets, and the Wrench's/Rench's put them bendwise so as to reflect the Bik/Biker Coat. The biker rode away as I was entering the parking lot.

The Tristan / Coy pheons are also those of STOPs/Stubbs, and so this takes us to my meeting Lorraine at her bus stop less than two month before the sleeping-bag event with Mamie, and even closer to the day of seeing Karen at Dave's place. I was with Lorraine for about three weeks only, and it was Dave's brother, Michael Oullette, who blurted "what a babe" when he first saw Lorraine at the moment she got her feet symbol. The Feet/Fate Coat is three times in the Coat of Grime's/Grimms, and while the latter's martlets are colors revered from the same of Gormleys/GRIMES', Karen on her bike happened in Gormley. We saw why David on his bike connected to Spitzer-beloved Tunnels/Tunno's, but I've not realized until now that German Grimms have a reflection of the Spitzer Coat...more evidence that the spider in Gormley points to Spitzers.

Lorraine's were first found in Northumberland with Tunnels / Rodhams, and while Lorraine got her feet symbol when they were bare on the paved road, Lorraine's share the Road/Roder eagle. It just so happens that, in the only short period when I was without a vehicle, I RODE my pedal BIKE up to her bus stop to ask for a date.

I would not have been able to identify the bike rider in the dream as David Morley unless he had come visit me on his bike (the last time I saw him), for I had not seen him with a bike before then. He visited me while I lived on Marlin court, and Marlins/Marklands have three fesses with martlets upon them, as do Grime's/Grimms in different colors. I now think I understand: the triple fesses of Marlins/Marklands are shared with English Poussins (Oxfordshire) while French Poussins, sharing the sun of German Grimms, use the Coat of BathGATE's/BATgate's/BAGgats, the latter first found in West Lothian with Elias' and Tunnel-connectable Towns, thus looking like a pointer to Bill Gates vaccines as well as to Perkins Coie, for the Graffs/Graffens (share Gates/Gatt lion) are being treated with Karen Graff as a pointer to graphene oxide, a POISON, found in Pfizer vaccines. Poissons are also Poussin-like Poussons!!! That works.

[Insert -- The BAGgat variation is not anything I've treated before, but as I picked up the sleeping bag, I think I have what God may be getting at, for Pickers/PACKERs (Berkshire, same as Biks/BIKERs/BICKERs) look applicable as per the BIKER circling the bag. I therefore re-loaded Baggers to see again that they are in Bik/Biker colors and format, and they share the eagle of Graff-like Griefs/Greafs. Is the biker now a pointer to graphene oxide? I also re-loaded Pigeons because Pickers/Packers have the lozengy cross of stool-like Stolls/Stowells that went with my stool pigeon, and Stolls/Stowells look linkable to Baths and Bath-related Paine's for a potential connection to Bathgate's/Baggats. Is Morley on the bike a symbol of a stool pigeon against the Fauci and Clinton crime rings?

This time around, I found the Pichons/Pichots (Dol, Brittany) as per a variation in the Pigeon write-up, who look like a branch of Picots/Pigots because they were first found in Cheshire with Balls while French Balls, with almost the "pike heads" of Picots/Pigots, were first found in Brittany. English Pike's share the Ice trefoils, and Ice's pointed to COVID crimes from Ecohealth. In this picture, my picking up the sleeping bag goes to vaccine poisons thanks to Biker/Bicker connectives. Picots/Pigots were early in Cambridgeshire, where Stowell-like Stows/Stouts were first found.

They're not called pike HEADS for nothing, and Heads have a unicorn version of the Pepin / Este horse heads, and moreover while the fireball is partt-code for Fire's, they have a white unicorn, the color of the Head unicorn heads. While Alans lived in Dol with Pichons/Pichots, Alan-suspect Helens (Brittany) have the Pepin / Este horse heads in colors reversed, and there may be justification here to go from Helens to tent- / Tunnel-connectable Tenants, the latter first found in West Lothian with Bathgate and Baggats. Dutch Bickers share the Alan fesse. I'm doing this during the spellcheck, and haven't the time to go deeper, but the fireball in this picture with Pepin liners goes well with the Apophis asteroid, a major topic below. End insert]

Plus, Gates' could be a Geddes branch, I've just noticed that the English Pike's share the split Tunnel/Tunno and Morley/Maul Shields! I PICKed up the bag where Morley circled it, and Scottish Pike's are also Picks. English Pike's share the trefoils of Ice's/Ecco's, and the latter pointed to Fauci's partner in Wuhan crimes, ECOhealth, as well as to Fauchys and Faux's via CREMers. I'd now like to remind that my two ice-cream events (that brought the ice-cream to topic) were my lining up to buy ice-cream with the express purpose of asking two young ladies (the ice-cream servers) on a DATE (both said yes, miraculous, to validate these events). Date's/Dade's share the three garbs of Poissons, but also of Bardys, the latter first found in Perigord with Fauchys and Faux's/Fage's/CHALNES' (share Cremer Chief and gold Shield)!!! I've not included Date's/Dade's in that set of heraldry before, so long as I can recall. "Chalnes" is like the surname of Francis Collins, Fauci's boss at NIH (National Institute of Health).

This now gives reason to view the ice-creams as poison. I've even heard that children in Toronto were being lured with ice-cream rewards for receiving the vaccine in an event that their parents were unable to stop. CRIMINAL FIENDS. If they are forcing these vaccines, there's a sinister reason(s) behind it.

Bathgate's/Batgate's suggest connection to Baths and their bat-using Randolph kin. The RUDES', first found in Shropshire with the Sleeps, vaccine-like Vychans/Vaughns, and the Rodden river, share the Bath / Randolph cross because the Baths have a colors reversed version of the Rhodes/ROADS Coat. Rhodes'/Roads were first found in Yorkshire with English Randolphs. Rods/Rodes' can be traced to Rodez, near Aubin, tending to explain why Albins/Aubins were first found in Devon (beside Baths) with Rods/Rodes'. Vaughn-like Faughns share the checkered bend of FAUCets/Fawcetts (East Lothian, same as Faux-branch Vaux's).

I don't know whether I happened to notice it or not, but as Sharon Quinn of Gormley was posing as Farrah Fawcett (see last update), it just so happens that Quinns were first found in Longford with Faughns. I now see another reason that God used the Quinns for this, for Sear de QUINcy built the Fauxside castle of Faucets. The last update showed why Quincys can be identified as Quints, but here we have evidence that Quinns were a branch too. The Quinns loaned me their Valiant to take the first ice-cream girl on a date, and while Valiants use a shark, my 1979 shark dream took place about a week before Sharon Quinn appeared in my morning vision as Farrah Faucet. The shark was in a kidney-shaped swimming pool, and Kidneys/Gedneys use fish in colors reversed from the Geds PIKE fish. The ice-cream is pointing to the nasty shark, the demons of the deep state.

I now go back to picking up the sleeping bag in the woods, and the Pick/Pix relationship to Woods or some related family using the Wood Coat, and the Woods relationship with Roots, a branch of Roets. I loaded Bills (share Roet Chief-Shield colors), who use "Wood bills," to see if I could see evidence of a connection to Gates' for a pointer to Bill gates. I saw none to speak of, though it was noted that Bills have a pelican head in Crest, as do Biggars that come up as "Biker." David the Biker circled the sleeping bag, and Circle's/Kerchers were first found in Silesia with the Karens who share the sleeping moon of German Roets. Circle's/Kerchers a church, and Church's were first found in Somerset with Bills and Roets. While the wood bills are acting as saws, Sawers/Sawyers, sharing the checks of German Bils', happen to use a "CHERCHes" motto term.

The amazing thing is, the Sawer/Sawyer Crest has a brown dog, symbol of Lothians and Lots, and the biker went down the road beside the mall parking LOT! I thereby glean that Bills and Sawyer are to play a part with the sleeping-bag dream even though there's nothing in the dream to point directly to Bills of Sawyers.

The other amazing thing is that Sawyers share the BOARD martlets, and I've told the story several times before that, at age 11, Bill's father drove Bill and I to a store when I wanted to buy Andrea her 11th-birthday gift. I bought two, a game BOARD the name of which I don't recall, and a book of TARZan. The Tarrs' were first found in Somerset with book-using Roets (same place as BOARDers), kin a Bills, you see. And the Boarders happen to use giant two swords in saltire in the colors of the sword in saltire with a crozier of Kercher-like Kirks/Kirkers (Church's/Kerchers are also Kirchers).

Steve Tarr, by the way, assisted in two of my goals (age 12), the first of which was necessary to send us to the final, championship match (we won), and both goals involved the rink's boards.

I can now glean that, perhaps, we're meant to go from Boarders to Tenants for obvious reason, and Tenants use a "mast" while Masts/Masters (Kent, same as Roots) share a Roet motto term. Tenants were first found in West Lothian with Towns and ELIAS', recalling that Lothians and Lots are in the dream's mall PARKING lot while Parkings are listed with Perkins. Marc Elias was Hillary Clinton's lawyer for her private-email scandal, and that's why I think the dream ended with Peare and I on a wooden-framed PLATform (inside the mall), for her private server was at PLATTE River Networks. It's in Denver along with one office of Perkins Coie as well as the head office of Dominion Voting. Recalling that Eliot Spitzer (could easily have been in cahoots with one or more Clintons) was pointed to by the spider chase in Gormley, by what coincidence do Gormley-related Grime's/Grimms share the green martlet with Denvers? GRIMaldi's happen to share the Italian Fabian Shield, and Andrea's surname is, Fabian. The Grimaldi / Fabian Shield is also that of Bags!!! W

Why did we get to Bags only via Andrea's birthday gifts? I can now repeat that I felt a little inferior for getting her a mere book and board game when I heard from someone that TONY bought her a jewel (we were only 11 years old, what was he thinking?). I've told that story several times before. I think I have established that Spitzer-beloved Tunnels/Tunno's were a Tony / Antony branch, and to this I'll repeat that Italian Tonys use a "flower," as do Jewells/Joels of a species I don't know for sure (it's evidence that God arranged for Tony to get her a jewel). What are the chances that Austrian Antonys (Styria, same as Spitzers) show nothing but a rose-on-bend in the colors of the Bill rose-on-Chief, and that the Antony rose-on-bend (Batons/Bastons have red roses in Chief too) in is in the colors of the baton-on-bend of Eliots? Isn't that a pointer to Eliot Spitzer? But why? He's not even in the news anymore.

As we can see that little Tony (our age at the time), who was a friend of mine, is being meshed with Bill's father driving me to pick up the board-game gifts, note that Jewell-like Jews/Chews (Somerset, same as Bills, Boarders/Borders and Roets, beside first-known Jewells) use the Catherine wheel of Catherine Roet, as well as the griffin heads of Masts/Masters, and while it's the Tenants who have a "sail" on a "mast," the Tenants are being considered here as a pointer to BOARDers. The Sails/Sale's are listed with Sallys, and Obama appointed Sally Jewell for his Interior Chief (up until 2017). Who's she? I don't know, but I just googled "jewell," and she came up. Sails/Sale's are from Saluzzo's, as are Clintons (share Saluzzo Chief-Shield colors). Sally Jewell looks like a man with lipstick, and they have lots of evidence online (that Obama or Obamaites have never refuted) that Obama's "wife" was a man.

We could say that the biker in the dream rode down the street instead of the road because the Street Crest happens to share the red Catherine Wheel with the Jew/Chew Crest.

It should be added that Bills use a "patria" motto term while having a pale bar in Chief that's also the Pero/Perino pale bar, i.e. a Peare branch expected with the Patria's/PEARtree's. It's pretty amazing that Patria's/Peartree's were first found in KinCARDINEshire while Cardine's share the pheons of Coys for another potential pointer to Perkins Coy. It might not be a good pointer had it not involved Peare liners, for Miss Peare was used on the mall platform in the pointer to Hillary Clinton.

Pero's/Perino's share the hexagrams of Karens, and Graffs share the Gates lion, but that's not a good-enough pointer of Karen Graff, in my opinion, to Bill Gates via use of Bills. As the items in the Chiefs of Bills and Roets are in the colors of the pierced stars in the Clinton Chief, it appears that the Bill-surname connection to the sleeping bag dream is to be a pointer to Bill Clinton. The Clinton stars are in the colors of the Pero/Perino stars, and Clintons were first found in Oxfordshire with Peare's. Pero's/Perino's use "flaming stars" while Flemings were first found in Lanarkshire with the Biggars/Bikers (known to be Flemings) sharing the pelican head in Crest with Bills.

Ahh, I think I get this, for the Clinton stars are Pierced while Pierce's/Piers have unicorn heads in the gold color of the Spitzer unicorn! As was said, the Spitzer Coat looks like a version of the German Grimm Coat!!! I know of only three wavy chevrons, one by the Pierce's/Piers, and it's in the colors of the same of English Fish's who in turn have the Coat exactly (minus the wavy) of vaccine-like Vychans/Vaughns. This looks like a pointer of God to Pfizer vaccines, the ones with the graphene oxide, because Fish's can be a Fisser/Visser branch.

German Fish's/Fischers/Fischers have a "wahREIT" motto term while Reitmans and Rotens share the hexagram of Tunnels/Tunno' and Pfisters/Fizers. Miss Peare worked at Reitmans (Jewish, same as Rotens), and she was on the mall PLATform with me as the dream (decades later) ended. The Kidney/Gedney Crest shares a brown tree stump with Roddens/Rodhams, and the reason that Kidneys/Gedneys (Lincolnshire, same as English Fish's) can be a part of this is that they share the blue fish with the Crest of Fish's/Fischers/Fischers. Kepke left Peare for Miss Walsh, and, for whatever it could be worth, Scottish Walsh's share a predator bird perched in a brown tree stump with Kidneys/Gedneys. (For what it could be worth, Pfisters/Fizers share the Tile/Tiller annulet.)

As Cardine's are also COWARDins, it recalls that the Cowards were working into Kepke's dangling the spider on a web, and chasing me with it. I was a coward because I had a mild case of arachnophobia. As Cowards share the CARrick fesse while Kepke's BLACK dog (a part-lab), Blackie (or Blacky), was fabulous in the last update, it looks like a good clue that while Carricks and Craggs use a black Lab, Cowards have a black greyhound while Cardins/Cowardins have a black wolf head. Thus, Cardine's may have been a Carrick-Dine merger, or a Carrick-Warden merger, or a Carrick-Coward merger.

The CARDins may be very important to God because I had a dream with a fly stuck on a web, and when the spider was attacking it along a strand of web, I stuck a piece of CARDboard between them. The dream ended there, and this dream, mainly not deciphered to my satisfaction in the past, now looks like a pointer to Boards / Boarders too as per cardBOARD. Reminder: Cardins share the Coy pheons. ??? Any idea how to make sense of this? Cardins/Cowardens wouldn't have been a topic had not Peartree's (share Trump stag head) been first found in Kincardine.

I've told several times that I first saw Kepke walking across a lawn of what may have been a vacant lot that was the extension of the lawn of my friend, Greg(g) Fisher. Note the surname, a potential pointer with the Kepke spider-event to Pfizer's graphene oxide. Greggs (Carrick colors) not only use two chevrons in the colors of the two fesses of Cowards (cinqueFOILs), but Gregg throw in treFOILs, the symbol of Palmers who in turn share the courant greyhound of Cowards, and two black fesses with Cowards. Isn't that another pointer to graphene oxide? Why might God have wanted a coward theme in with vaccine poisons? Is it correct to link Perkins Coie to the vaccine agenda?

As was said, Kepke, almost as soon as he was out of shoe sales, went into plumbing with his brother, and while Palmer-like Plumbers/Plumers share the Shoe star, they are the third surname I know of with a wavy chevron (along with Fish's). German Plumers/Plumbs/Flaums even share the Reitman / Roten / Tunnel hexagram! I had forgotten this. If God set up Miss Peare at Reitmans, where Kepke, was it partly to point to Tunnels / Spitzers?

Ahh, English Fishers/Fischers, I've just realized, may have the demi-gold lion of Graffs/Graffens because they are in both the colors of the Gates lion, yet the other Gates lion is in both colors of the Fisher/Fischer lion.

Earlier in this update, we came to Tristans sharing the Coy pheons. It doesn't appear coincidental that the Trists (Cornwall, same as Tristans) are in the "Keep Tryst" motto of Hebrons/Hepburns (Northumberland, same as Tunnels and Rodhams). It appears that KEPke's spider event is pointing to this picture that includes Clintons and Perkins Coie. Keeps were first found in Sussex with Rodham-beloved Stumps/Stomps, and with the Hams sharing the Fisser/Visser fish. Sussex is also where Diens/DINE's were first found who may have named CarDINE's. Stumps/Stomps are in the format of, and colors reversed from, the Tristan Coat.

I regret that I've lost the surname that I' had seen today with a "certi" motto term. I can't find it in my files because asking the File Explorer to find that term finds every file with such words as "certify." The Certs are listed with Cards who use a letter in Crest with Stump-like stamp, and the demi-lion of Certs/Cards (Cornwall again) could be close to the same of Graffs/Graffens when the latter's is in colors reversed. Cara's/Caretti's share the PALM tree with Carts, and Palmers look like kin round-about with Cowards. From here, one can make some interesting observations that seem to go back to the spider chase, as expected of Cowards.

The Stamps, that is, have the Potter Shield's colors and format while Potters share the Coward cinquefoils. Potters (Hampshire, same as Pawters/Porters) are in PAWTER/Porter colors and Porters use a GATE. While Fauci's partner in crime is Francis Collins, English Collins' are also CAULLIS' while Pawters/Porters use a portCULLIS gate. Didn't the Stamps just bring us to the vaccine theme that the spider-on-web points to? But there's more, for the Stamps are on the Cert/Card letter, and letters share the giant griffin of Bumps, and the latter were first found in Gloucestershire with Letter-like Letts/Late's, GREAFs, and Yates! The latter also have a portcullis gate because they were a Gates branch!

It just so happens that while Bumps are essentially in Tunnel/Tunno colors and format, Potters have a gold seahorse in Crest to go with the gold unicorn of tunnel-using Spitzers!

There's more because Tunnels/Tunno's are suspect with Tonys, and Italian Tonys happen to use a "flower" while Flowers share the Potter / Coward cinquefoil. It can't get any better than that to show that God arranged this heraldry. Or maybe it can, because Stamps have a black-Shield version of Rush/Rish Coat while the latter share the fesse of Rosco's/Risco's (which has more cinquefoils), and so this looks like a pointer to TONY Rezco, Obama's mobster buddy who was sentenced to 10-12 years (2011) in jail for corruption. Obama purchased a new lot side-by-side with Rezco's in some trickery I don't recall the details of.

In an Obama dream of early 2017, the dream ended with some trouble for Obama immediately after two scenes where he was very happy, the second of which was his going up and down a RAMP on a skateBOARD. It was noted that Irish Collins share double-brown lions with Ramps/Rumps.

The skateboard recalls from above the mention of Boarders who clicked me over to Tenants who in turn have a sail with mast. It just so happens that Sails are listed with Sallys who pointed at the time to Sally Jewell, and it was pointed out that the neighboring Jews/Chews (Somerset, same as Boarders) share the griffin of Masts/Masters. But writing here upon crossing the Yates, we can go to Sally Yates, Obama's last attorney general that Trump fired. Her last day on the job was January 30, 2017, and the Obama dream first appears in my first update in February as taking place "last night" on or about February 4 (same year). Obama's first attorney general was Eric Holder, and Holders -- first found in Gloucestershire with Yates, Letts/Late's and Bumps -- use griffins in both colors of the Mast/Master / Jew/Chew griffin!!! Holders are even in Mast/Master colors and format, and Holders use a dancette (as do Dunhams) while Obama was dancing in the scene immediately before his skateboard scene.

It was important that Jews/Chews use the Catherine wheel of Catherine Roet because Masts/Masters share a "quaerere" motto term with Masters. The latter use "tueri" too, almost the "tuarus" of Letters. The Tenants first came to topic with Helen my tenant who had a chocoLATE treat left on her door knob when her former manfriend came knocking but finding her not at home. The CHOColate treat can point to Chochs sharing the Coat of Chalks (Kent, same as Masts/Masters), and they both use triple fesses in the colors of the same of poison-suspect Poussins. (Chocks and Chalks share the white swan in Crest with Irish Collins'.) Poussins were suspect with the BumPUSS variation of Bumps because Poussins are also Pussys. To this we add that French Poussins share the Coat of BathGATE's, first found in West Lothian with Mast-loving Tenants and Helen-like Helias'/Elias'! We can see some possible Intelligent Design in these things as pointers to poison vaccines.

To help justify the link of Helen the TENANT to BOARDers, Chalks were at BROAD-Chalk.

The Bumps were fantastic for proving that God gave me a fistula BUMP on my GUM, for before knowing of Bumps, I was wondering whether God wanted me to link Tooths to Gumms for some reason. I didn't have much faith in that idea, but I kept eyes open. Then I learned that Bumps not only share the giant Tooth griffin, but have a BumPUSS variation while the very purpose of a fistula bump is to let some PUS out from the tooth infection. Might FISTula be a pointer to Pfisters/Fizers sharing the Tunnel/Tunno hexagram?

Even before knowing of Bumps, I was linking the Tooth griffin to the Letter griffin, you see, and so I now need to repeat that I wrote Helen my tenant a letter almost as soon as she moved in, in hopes of reeling her in. Before long she put a Christmas CARD into my mailbox saying, "I LOVE you." It's the Certs/Cards that have the letter in Crest with stamp, and Love's/Luffs, I kid you not, have the triple fesses of Poussins (Oxfordshire, same as love's/Luffs) in colors reversed!!! Helens have horse heads colors reversed from the Stamp horses. That all looks like God's arrangement, especially as Ray Luff (my friend) would knock on my side door (when she lived there) when calling on me, which was Helen's "front" door, the door where the chocolate was left (by David).

There's more, because Love's/Luffs were kin of Checks/Chicks, and Chocolate-like Chocks are Chicks too! There you go, Intelligent Design is becoming apparent. If the Christmas card is an additional pointer to Christmas', they share the Collins martlets while Collins have the gold demi-griffin of BOX's (Wiltshire, beside BOOK-using Roets) who in turn share the Mast/Master / Jew/Chew griffin in both colors.

I can even glean here why Tenants needed to be pointed to, to bring us back to the Spitzer tunnel. The Tenant-beloved Masts/Masters have a unicorn head partly in gold to go with the gold Spitzer unicorn. Masts/Masters were first found in Kent with TUNbridge, you see, and Tunbridge's/TONbridge's even share a black crescent with TENants, the latter first found in West Lothian with TOWNs while English Towns are also Tone's/Tune's. It's all obvious as to why Tenants love the Masts: Tenants were a Tunbridge branch, and that's got the Tunnels/Tunno's all over it. As Cowards were part of the spider event pointing to Spitzers, it's notable that the Coward fesses are in the colors of the Tunbridge fesse. It recalls the COWARDin variation of CARDine's. Helen gave me a card.

Plus, we saw the gold seahorse of Potters that can go with the Spitzer unicorn, and the seahorse is used by SEAmans (share black crescent with Tunbridge's) who in turn nearly have the wavy fesses of Sea's, the latter first found in Kent with Tunbridge. Seamans were first found in Suffolk, where Love's/Luffs were once said to be first found, and where Rush's/Rish's (horses) were first found who in turn almost have the Stamp Coat. Stumps/Stomps (griffin heads) have the Coat of Ticks/TUCKs (Kent, same as Griffin-loving Masts/Masters) in colors reversed, and Tuckers have both the wavy Seaman bars and the Seaman seahorse. There's so much going on here that one needs a genius to figure out why it's going on. I'm not that genius. But Stumps/Stomps are in the brown stump of Letter-branch Lauders, and of Tunnel-connectable Rodhams. Put that together with Helias'/Elias', and we have the pointer again to Perkins Coie corruption. Coys share the CARDine pheons, and Helen gave me a card.


There's a hand HOLDING a Seneca-connectable snake in the Coy Crest, and Snake's share the Perkin/Parking fleur-de-lys. Coincidence? Wow, the Snakes are even in the colors and format of Hellars/Helliers, potential Hellen liners, and Hellers/Helliers happen to have a gold-star version of the Billiard/Hilliard Coat i.e. with the same stars as Clintons! HOLDINGs/Holdens, using beakless eagles called, ALLERions, share the red escutcheon with Hellier-like Alliers/Allers! I get it, tending to prove that the Coys do describe their Crest as holding a snake. While tenants look like a Town branch, Townhams are in Billiard/Hilliard colors and format.

French Billiards/Billets (almost the Billiard/Hilliard Coat) were first found in Maine with Pellicans who in turn share the tower of Owl/Howl-like Howells, and the owl-using OLTens/OLDans were first found in Lancashire's Salford with Holds/Holts. The hand that holds the Coy snake is coming from a cloud, and McLeods/Clouds use a "HOLD fast" motto. While "OULette's" proved to be Owl liners, they looked like an Owl-Lett merger. Yet "Oullette" is also like the first part of "OLTen."

McLeods/Clouds use flags, and Flags/Flecks (share Samson scallops) are in Coy colors, which might not be a big deal except that Samsons, first found in Gloucestershire with Holders and with the Letts/LATE's expected in the Samson motto, were obvious kin of Flags. Samsons (share Meschin scallops) share the patonce cross (different colors) with Chase's (Hampshire, same as Flys of Flagi) who in turn have the lion of Germo-Jewish Hellers in colors reversed. Helen had the chocoLATE treat, and Letts/Late's use organ PIPES. Hellars/Helliers have the Macey Shield but add drops, suggesting that German and Jewish Hellers have the Maschi lion. Maschi's were at Rimini, and Rimmons/Crimmons are said to have been "hereditary PIPERS to the McLeods of Dunvegan."

Coys (Cambridgeshire, same as Stows/Stouts) are said to be from: "Quy a chapelry in the parish of Stow," and while Stows have three of the double Hold/Holt chevrons, both use the same fitchee in Chief. I trace Stouts to Stuttgart on the Neckar river, and that's where I trace the "Nec" motto term of Rodhams. While Coys share the pheon of English Nichols/Nickle's ("cui" motto term), Neckar-like Nickers, listed with Nicholsons/Nichersons (share "ad astra" with Fiscs), have the double Hold/Holt chevrons in colors reversed, making them the double chevrons of Dons (Cheshire, same as Nichols/Nickle's and Maceys). The Nicker/Nicholson Crest looks linkable to the Dutch Neckar Coat.

I now think it's a really big deal that while Nickers/Nicholsons share "ad astra" with Fiscs, the pointer with Snake-like Seneca's to ASTRAzeneca vaccines, Fisc-like PFISters/Fizers share the annulet of Tile's/Tillers while the latter share the arrow if DONs. As I've said, a good friend of mine, DON Frey, was a teacher at SENECA College (Toronto), and he's probably still online with that college. German Freys have a lion in both color of the Lutt/Lute lion, and Fasts share the quadrants of Lutts/Lute's while McLeods come up as "Lutt." McLeods/Clouds in the Coy Crest with a SNAKE have the motto, "Hold FAST," is that not a hooter? The Don bend-with-arrows is in the colors and format of the FAST bend-with-crosslets, and FISTs are listed with FAUSTs. Coy elements are pointing to AstraZeneca as well as to Pfizer.

Ahh, German Freys almost have the Coat of German Hammers who in turn share "ad" with Fiscs, and English Hammers were kin of Hams who in turn share the Fisser/Visser fish! It looks like God set me up with Don Frey for this pointer to poison vaccines. English Freys are in DONer/Donahue colors (!!!), and the latter have an armored arm holding a sword with a green snake entwined around the sword! Coys use a green snake too, and while the German Hammers share the Graff/Graffen lion, Karen Graff lived on Doner street (that's the reason for the three exclamatons). One of the Irish DONells share the Hammer dolphin (!), and share with Coys and Stamps a hand from a cloud holding an item! Just look at all that. Recalling that the similar Coy Crest is linkable to the Cert/Card Crest with stamp, it's interesting that English Freys (Ham and Hammer colors) share three, white courant horses with Stamps who are in turn in Coy colors and almost in their format too. Rodhams love Stumps, as do Letters, and Certs/Cards have a letter in Crest with a stamp.

My mugging in Galveston proved to point to the COVID crimes. I have assumed that God chose the Nissan pick-up for me to be mugged in because the Nissans have the double Don fesses in colors reversed, and the "OMNia" motto term of Dons is like the OMEN I had a few hours before entering Galveston (my first and only time) to sleep the night there. Plus, as I've said, the original owner of the pick-up was DONER Nissan, in Newmarket, Ontario, less than a half-mile from the home, at the time, of Don Frey.

Before I owned this truck, I had tiled parts of Doner Nissan's floor (I've told this before), and their stairs. One thing I can now say is that, as of this update, Tile's/Tillers are the ones sharing the annulet of Pfizer-like Pfisters/Fizers!!! I really like that, especially as Dons share the Tile/Tiller arrow. Here's from the 5th update of September, 2017: "Aha! The Nissan was purchased from Mr. Doner, a Don possibility. I was staring at the Doner Coat (eagle RISING) for quite a while before realizing that its wolves [or foxes?] were in the colors of the PHREEZE/Frey horses! I tiled the floor at Mr. Doner's store, and Tile's/Tillers..."

Note how the giant Doner foxes (or are they wolves?) are facing each other, as are the two, giant dolphins of English Hammers, the ones who linked above to Fizer-like Fissers/Vissers. As I said, when I parked the Nissan (a covered truck) on a quiet Galveston street to sleep in its rear compartment, I happened to have a pair of VISE-grips with me, and so I locked the latch from the inside by clamping those pliers to it. Vise's were first found in Sussex with Hams and Hammers! I like that. It's working.

By the way, as I trace Susans (Berkshire, same as Kents) to Susa, the capital of king DONNUS, it can explain why Susans are in Doner colors, and why the "dona" motto term of Dons can be for the Donna variation of Italian, Donnus-like Donnas' (Piedmont, same as Susa). The owner of the Nissan dealer was, at the time of tiling the floors, KENT Doner. Amazingly, Kent-like Kennedys, from the Kennati priests, were first found in Tipperary with the Hoe's who can explain the DonaHOE variation of Doners. Scottish Kennedys are the ones with a Vise-like "Avise" motto term.

While the two ice-cream cones pointed to poison vaccines, one can add that one Cramer Coat is a giant ram head while triple-white ram heads are shared between Rams and DONfords. Rams have a "VIS" motto term. I had sold the Nissan to Paul Smith of Vaughn, and Vaughns, in Rain/Raines colors and format, and sharing the FISH Coat, have a vaccine-like Vychan variation. This recalls how the cream-like Cremona is where RAYmundo's, who share the Shield of "astra"-using FISCs, were first found while one ice cream came from Miss Ray/Wray. But note Ram-like RAYMundo, which caused me to check whether Rains/Raines would come up as Raims, and they do.

Townsends, in Rain/Raines format, and in Ram colors and format, were at RAINham. The Faces variation of Fieschi-line Fessys can be in the "facias" motto term of Rams, especially as Faces'/Fessys were first found in Northamptonshire with the Tibbs/Tibbets expected in the "tibi" motto term of Rams. Rams are in colors reversed from, and in the format of, Tippets/Tippers (almost have a RAYburn motto term). While Irish Kennedys were first found in TIPPERary, Scottish Kennedys (share dolphin with Tippets/Tippers) have an "AVISE") motto term, tending to explain why Avise's/Avisons share the white anchor with the Tippet/Tipper Crest. Avise's/Avisons share the Comyn Coat (both share triple-gold garbs with Rainhams/Ranghams), and the latter named Kuman in Fier county (Albania), which tends to explain the "fieri" motto term of Rams.

Tippets/Tippers (Cornwall, same as Town-connectable Tintons and Nigh's) share the crosslets of NIH-like Nigh's who in turn share the Rainham/Rangham Crest. The ICE-cream pointed to ECOhealth, funded by the NIH. While one ice-cream was from Darlene Ray, it's interesting that while Darlene's have a female with a "robe", the Tippet/Tipper motto has "robore" while "robur" is used by Rayborns. I might not have mentioned this but that the Tibbs'/TheoBALDs/Dipple's have the Darlene fitchees in colors reversed. Balds have the Chief-Shield colors of Rainhams, and the ship of RENfrews, and moreover Balds were a branch of Bauds, the latter first found in Stirlingshire with Robe's/Robbs (share Robin chevron). French Bauds use a ram in Ram ram-head colors.

Bauds and Balds played to the medallion on my HOOD at a grocery store, and Darlene was working with me at Knob Hill Farms grocers. Hoods (Devon, same as Darlene's), sharing the white anchor with the Crest of Tippets/Tippers (Cornwall), use a "Cornish CHOUGH," and moreover the Tippet/Tipper anchor is held by an arm wearing a sleeve-and-CUFF, same roughly as English Cuffs/ Irish Cuffs/Cough's have a blue sleeve too (not the cuff), and this time it's holding a BATon. Batons/Bastons (Cornwall) share the black bat with Bats, and while Hoods were at Rattery, the latter love the Supers (Devon) while Rainhams/Ranghams have a "SUPRata" motto term. There's another blue sleeve with cuff, holding what could be the Ball/Bald "fireball," in the Crest of Spice's that I took off of the Fisher/Fischer motto term, "Respice."

Darlene's share the red fitchee with the Vickers/Vicers (Visser-like) suspect with the "female FIGURE" that wears the robe in the Darlene Crest. Tibbs/Theobalds/Dipple's have a cloud, and the Rimmons/Crimmons, pipers for the McLeods/Clouds, are in Tippet/Tipper colors and format. It's a little interesting that while Rodhams share the brown tree stump with the Vicker/Vicer Crest, Hillarys have the Tibbs'/Theobald Coat in different colors. I'm going to guess that Tibbs'/THEObalds/TUbalds were named from Tews or Tea's/Tease's because the latter were at Enys (Cornwall) while Enys' were first found in Cornwall with Tippets/Tippers.

I've said it before: Helen left me for Steven when she was invited by a friend to a billiard hall where he was part of the guests, and the dream with Obama above had him owning a billiard hall. I knew Obama had a partner in owning it, and while the dream didn't tell me who the other owner was, I later gleaned it to be Loretta Lynch, Obama's attorney general between the times that Eric Holder and Sally Yates held those posts. The Holders share the Hold fesse, how about that, and while Holds are in the McLeod/Cloud motto, the latter are expected in the cloud of the Cert/Card Crest that has a hand holding the letter with stamp. I wrote Helen a letter, and now I know why. This picture is connecting with the Coy Crest.

The Stevens were even first found in Gloucestershire with Holders, Yates, chocolate LETTs/Late's, and Poussin-suspect Bumpuss', while Stevensons can be gleaned as Rodham kin. Making sense? Yes, especially as loading "Billiard" and "HILLAR" gets the same page (the Hilliards), a very-apparent pointer of Steven in the billiard hall to HILLARy Rodham Clinton. Stevensons share the Billiard/Hillar stars. If Steven represents the Clintons, what does Helen represent who left me for Steven (she hated my Christianity)?

In the Obama dream, I took a shot (with my pool CUE) on one of the billiard tables, and missing the red ball, the "CUE ball" went straight into the corner pocket for a sewer. I did not know at the time that Sewers list Suters, like the Soetoro surname of Obama when his mother was married to Mr. Soetoro. Although the cue ball was not a ball, it could appear that it points to Perkins COIE. The Cue's/Kews share the garb of Comyns/Commings (Norfolk, same as Cue's/Kews), and Comyns/Commings love the Courage's in their motto who in turn share the triple fleur-de-lys of Perkins/Parkings. Purdy-good stuff. So, the mystery is, why did the cue ball first appear as a flat page on the table that I could not shoot until I turned it into a paper plane??? Why should that picture connect with Perkins Coie? Well, it just so happens that English Page's are in the colors and format of Perkens (not "Perkin"). But why did I make it into a plane?

I could have been shooting at a colored ball, but I was aiming for the red ball sitting next to the corner POCKET. The Red/Reeds, first found in Northumberland with Roddens/Rodhams, share gold garbs with Comyns and Cue's/Kews, only the Reds/Reeds use them in both colors of the CLINT/Clent and Blythe garbs!!! Bill Clinton's biological father was Mr. Blythe, and the Clent Hills are in Worcestershire, where Hillarys were first found who share the six Clinton fitchees! God is saying that Obama was a part of the Clinton crime ring, and it's interesting that Rezco-like Rosco's/Risco's share the cinquefoil with Pockets. The Rosco-branch Rush's/Rish's almost have the Stamp Coat. Scottish Reeds share the book with Roten-like Roets.

The plane suggested the Palin-like Plains listed with Platters, a pointer to PLATTE River Networks, Hillary's private server. The Palins not only have a version of the Plain/Platter Chief, but have the giant lion of BALLs/Balders. The red ball I was aiming at with the paper plane. The "FulCRUM" motto term of Balls/Balders suggests the Croms, first found near the Clent Hills, and sharing the quatrefoil (different colors) with Airs. I think the plane needs to be regarded as an AIRplane because Scottish Airs/Ayers have a "Lighter" motto term while Lights/Lite's (feathers, in Feather colors) can be gleaned as kin of Feathers and Perkens (feathers in Feather-feather colors).

The airplane and the POOL cue look perfect for pointing to Perkins Coie, especially as Poole is a location in Dorset, where Palins were first found. While Cowes is a location off the Poole coast while Cowes' are also Coo's! Bang-on, folks. Cowes is on the Isle of Wight, and Scottish White's/Wights almost share the Air quatrefoil. BANG-ON into the gutter! I rifled that airplane into the sewer. White's/Wights even have a Chief in the colors and format of the Palin and Plain/Platter Chiefs. Wyatts even share the dancetty-fesse of Dove's who are in turn in the Page Coat. Dove's were even first found in Berwickshire with White's/Wights (and Blythe's). Wyatts even have, upon their dancetty-fesse, the Plain/Platter fleur-de-lys!!! In the Wyatt Crest, the same lion as Palins and Balls/Balders. This dream's pool-shot scene has never been deciphered as well as it has been here.

Reds/Reeds are said to have had a branch at Weston Hall (Suffolk, same as Plains/Platters and Platters), and while Westons share the White/Wight eagle, Wests have a dancetty-fesse in colors reversed from the same of Dove's and Wyatts. I was AIMing at the red ball, and Aims have wavy pale bars in the colors of the wavy bends of English Platters; the latter are said to have been in Soetoro-like SOTTERley (Suffolk, same as Weston Hall).

God is showing through heraldry that He's the author of the Obama dream. Watch out criminal clowns; your juggling acts will come to an embarrassing end after years of proclaiming yourselves to be angels. The Sotterley location is as mean as a well-aimed bullet because I sewered the airplane like a rifle shot, and Scottish Sutters are also Sewers while George Soros was born, George SCHWARtz. What are the chances that Schwartz's share a giant rose on black with Swiss Sewers? What else could it mean that, Obama, in the two scenes immediately after my sewer, appeared in a SUIT, while Sewers/Sutters are also Suits? Obama in the sewer.

English Airs/Eyers were first found in Derbyshire while Derbys share the red ANTELope head in Crest with Feathers. I trace Perkins to "Perga," beside ANTALya, not far from Derbe. Plancia Magna (Herod liner) of Perga is the line to Plunketts, who share the Hill, Claver and Hopper tower; Hope's/Hopers were once said to be first found in Derbyshire. I see Clavers from "GLAPHYra" Archelaus, Plancia's ancestor who had married two Herods. Plancia's line went to Faux-like Fulks, and Hills (same place as Hillarys) love the Vance variation of Vaux's.

The cue ball started off as a FLAT page on the table because God wanted to click us over from Page's to Perkens. As I was aiming for the red ball, note the "copia" motto term of Reds/Reeds, for Cuppae, "city of doves," near the PEK river, is where I trace dove-using PAGE's. I can now see that the flat page doubled as a PIECE of paper because Papers are Pepperwells too while Peppers (Leicestershire, same as Perkins/Parkins) have a Coat reflecting the Page and Perken Coats! PEACE's/Paise's use doves too. The pheons of Page's are even colors reversed from the same of Coys. (For what it could be wroth in this picture, Peppers share the demi-lions of English Fishers/Fischers.)

As Flatts share the Air chevron, it could be that Platters were a Flatt branch. It recalls my FLAT tire i.e. all AIR gone, in an event highly suspect from God. In wasn't flat when I went into church, but was flat, in the PARKING lot, when I left church. During church, it was the treble-clef event with Miss Hicks, and Hicks are said to be from Hikke de SAUTEby while Saute's are listed with German Sutters. The treble clefs were on my tie that day, and Tie's (Yorkshire, same as Hicks) are interesting for having the Palin Chief in colors reversed while the Palin Chief is in the colors and format of Plains/Platters. The latter's Playter branch were at Sotterley. Playter-like Players have a "CLARior" variation while Clare's were first found in Suffolk with Sotterley while Hicks' of Clapton had used "clarions." Why is treble-clef day linking to the Obama dream's pool-shot scene?

The Touts/Tute's (Yorkshire) in the Hicks motto can be in the Player motto too, and here it's important that the Aims sharing the Tout/Tute crescent have wavy bars (in their crescents) in the colors of the wavy bends of Platter/Playters of Sotterley. We then read in the Aim write-up: "The surname Aim was first found in the Domesday Book of 1086 where Hagene and Hagana were listed in Herefordshire and Norfolk respectively...Hagena JUGEment was listed in the Pipe Rolls for Suffolk in 1130." Platters/Players were first found in Suffolk and Norfolk, thus tending to affirm that Aims were Platter kin round-about, and I did AIM the paper PLANE at a red ball! Zikers, that works well, and JUGE's happen to share the scallops of Flatt/Flett-linkable FLAGs/Flecks (Norfolk, same as Tute's/Toots/Tuits) who in turn have a version of the Fleet Coat! Irish HAGENs use a FLAG (!) and a HAND, and Miss Hicks came to HOLD my hands (in prayer) at the treble-clef event while Hold-loving McLeods/Clouds use flags!

Flags/Flecks were a branch of Fulke's/Folks, from Plancia Magna of Perkin-line Perga. Her husband was TERTULLus of Perga, and TURTLE's are listed with TOOThills! Plunketts share the HILL tower! I TOOTed my horn at Miss Hicks at her ranch GATE on what I think was the last time I saw her.

Back to the Rodham-connectable Tunnels/Tunno's and Tonys. By what coincidence do Rodhams love Tick-related Stumps while TickHILLS (Tunnel/Tunno colors), with the Tony/Tone maunch in colors reversed, can be a Tick merger with Hills who were in turn first found in Worcestershire with Hillarys who in turn use the six Clinton fitchees in the same pattern? Tonys/Tone's were first found in Leicestershire with Perkins/Parkings. Should we consider a Perkins Coie relationship with Eliot Spitzer?

I'm reminded here that my second-paid job was pumping GAS with TONY Campania of Gormley about the time that Karen Graff moved away. Two Gas surnames probably use the goose, and while Letters have the goose-on-a rock of Rodham-connectable Rutherfords, the Letter-branch Lauders share the brown stump with Rodhams. Rutherfords (share "nec" with Rodhams) share the "orle" BORDER with Rutlands (Surrey, same as Billiards/Hillars), and Rutland is at Leicester with the first-known Perkins/Parkings. Borders list Boarders. Rutherfords share "fato" with Cheneys, and the latter make it possible to identify the motto term as code for gold-martlet Feets/Fate's...who are three times in the Coat of Gormley-related Grime's/Grimms. German Grimms are the ones with a reflection of the Spitzer Coat.

My first-paying Job was the newspaper ROUTE. Wow, this is a first using "route" heraldically with that job. Broads share the SAVAGE with Root/ROUT-branch Woods (share tree with Roets), and Savage's have six lions in the pattern and colors of the six Hillary and Clinton fitchees. Hillary ROUTEham Clinton!!! As I've said a few times, my competitor in newspapers was my classmate, Ken SAVAGE! He delivered the Toronto Star, and I delivered the inferior Toronto Telegram. We saw each other often because both companies dropped their papers off for us at the same corner, on Wooten Way directly across the street from the Fisher/Fischer residence. German Fishers/Fischers use "warREIT," and Reitmans share the Roten / Tunnel hexagram!

I first saw Kepke as he walked across the Fisher/Fischer yard toward me while I was organizing my papers at that corner. We were 12 years old at the time, a year after I gave the BOARD game and Tarzan book to Andrea. Later he would essentially become engaged with Miss Peare of Reitmans, and then he would leave her to become engaged with Miss Walsh of Wooten Way. Wootens may have been a WOODen branch.

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, just as I was lamenting that the paragraph above was going nowhere, I saw the Woodham-Ferris location of Woodens, and loading Irish Ferris'/Fergus', there was the Ferrari lion shared by graphene-pointing Graffs/Graffens, important because FARRAH Fawcett pointed to poison vaccines, and Farrah's share horseshoe's on a red bend with English Ferris' for an apt pointer to the horseshoe-bat virus. Wootens share the saltire of bat-using Bats (Rutland)!!! I get it!

And what floored me is that the first black anchor I've seen since noting the black one of Graffs/Graffens is that of English Ferris'!!! This can explain much of why God used Kepke for the spider-chase-the-coward event. English Ferris' were first found in Staffordshire with the Pipe's and Stops/Stubbs (Stump branch?), perfect for Simon Graff's pipe, and then Stops/Stubbs share the Coy / COWARDin pheons. English Ferris' list the Ferrers' who received Tutbury from Hugh Lupus, earl in Cheshire, where Savage's were first found.

My paper route speaks. And Route's are listed with Reuters (probably a Rothchild branch), who have a horse-version of the German Hammer Coat while Hammer-related Hams share the Fisser/Visser fish. The paper route was across the street from Greg Fisher/Fischer (don't know the spelling), and while Jim McGee and I would often be at Greg's place, McGee's share the Tenant boar head.

English Ferris' share the blue moline of Segni's/Segurana's and Sibals (Fife, near Tarves), and the Sibal Crest shares a red moline with the newly-found COYers/Caye's listed with Cails. I therefore loaded Cale's/Cails/CaHILLs to see their "Domino" motto term. Perkins COY is defending Dominion Voting because both parties are major gangsters. By what coincidence do Coyers/Caye's/Cails have the split Tarves Shield in colors reversed while Tarves' have the six, black Hillary and Clinton fitchees in the same formation? Plus, Cale's/Cails share the white anchor with rope of Kyle's, the latter first found in Ayrshire with the Boyds whose motto in turn is the "confido" motto term of Cale's/Cails. While English Pawters/Porters (portCULLIS gate) use "fide," their Scottish branch (almost the same Coat) were first found in Kyle (Ayrshire). Scottish Pawters/Porters (Coy colors and near-format) are said to have had a branch in Linlithgowshire, where Elias' were first found.


Reportedly, unless he's a fake (not from Dominion Voting) trying to make fools of pro-Trumpers, a high-level Dominion employee, afraid to be prosecuted as the crimes become progressively revealed, turned whistle-blower, and has talked to Gateway Pundit:

If the above is a true whistle-blower, it is very huge, perhaps the biggest bombshell of the last decade. One of my happiest moments will be when Fox faces have become laughing stocks for keeping their jobs instead of quitting to stand against Fox's gag on election fraud. There can be no bigger issue, no bigger crime, at this time, than the massive fraud we are hearing about. Shame on all Fox fakes. Have a nice time rolling in your dough, FAKES. This is a GREAT THING, for Fox was deceiving Christians, and now Christians should be able to wizen-up, know Fox for what it is, a money-grubbing organization using Republicans to make its money, teasing Republicans but never having any teeth for investigating liberals to put them in jail. When it comes to seeking hard evidence for Democrat crimes, Fox is away on lunch. It prefers to make fun of Biden's old age. It prefers to make fun of Pelosi. It prefers to make fun of Kamala...not exactly hard-cutting news.

The video above exposes specifically that counties do have the administrative password, what the Arizona cheats claim not to possess. It dawns on me here that this whistle-blower may not be exactly that, but rather was asked by Dominion (or someone at Dominion) to release the data posing as a whistle-blower...because the Arizona senate (the good guys) is sending the attorney general against Dominion -- at this very time -- for not handing over the passwords. In other words, the Arizona cheats (Maricopa county) transferred their guilt to Dominion when saying they have no passwords to control the voting machines before and on election night, and thus they say that Dominion alone has the administrative password, making it appear as though Dominion criminally altered the machine counts all alone, apart from the county cheats.

Obviously, Dominion wouldn't want to be blamed fully / alone, wherefore it's releasing data to show that Maricopa was given the passwords. If this is a correct position, we shouldn't expect more data leaks from this whistle-blower, unless they too serve to protect Dominion. The material at the article above tends to show that Dominion doesn't know the password because the counties create their own password, not at all meaning necessarily that the counties can't share the password with Dominion. I think we can expect that they do share the password. I think Dominion got huge in the business because word spread that their system is a cheating system. Big $$$.

The article of this week below says that a giant media INVITED governments to ask it to silence certain talk. It's of course a way for the deep state to silence stories it doesn't like, and this is what conspiracy theorists have been crying out for decades, that the globalists control the mainline media. The media allow them to call to demand a certain silence or outspokenness on stories. It's been a partnership, each scratching the others' backs, amounting to a broken democracy made broken by design of the cheats, the dishonest, and all other deplorables who feel comfortable in such a camp.

Early this week: "Arizona State Senator Sonny Borrelli has requested an investigation into the County’s noncompliance with the Senate’s election audit. Arizona Attorney General Brnovich is now required by law to look into this clear violation of the law and enforce the subpoenas" (Gateway Pundit). The senate can also vote to jail the cheats unless they comply with the subpoenas, but Karen Fann knows that the last time it voted on such a thing (a few months ago), a Republican hold-out caused the vote to fail. Was that by secret wink-wink of the entire senate? If left to Fann, this would drag out and then fail, but Sonny Borrelli stood in the gap this week, demanding the attorney general do something. Anybody think that we are about to see an anti-climactic finish to this drawn-out audit? Here's the Borrelli story:

As you can see, even Borrelli's move is a sham because the attorney general is not going to prosecute his brotherhood cheats for their election-fraud crimes, but, at most, and only maybe at this point, for something similar to a contempt-of-court charge. But there is the hope that Democrats will fall from many power structures in the coming year on top of the destructive blows that their propaganda machines have taken, and will continue to take. Removing the advantage of election fraud from Democrats will be their most painful punishment, especially after the Biden term squelches any spirit that the Democrat voters still have left. Borrelli needs to show contempt against the attorney general if he merely moves to charge the cheats with subpoena contempt.

If there's no pressure on the AG, what's going to make him do what's needed to send the dire message across the entire country? Voters and leaders of all other states want to see the de-certification snowball rolling, and they need to see the ball rolling out of Arizona now, because the time is already late. Arizona has taken an enormous length of time to do the audit, and Fann is wasting more time even now because she CHOSE to FAIL to get the passwords and the routers two months ago. If she fails on de-certification, it will be a terrible let-down country wide. Other nations are watching this. Who cares about the loud-mouthed Democrats spewing fire from their mean faces if de-certification is attempted? If they use terror tactics to keep Biden in, the whole world will see it. They will implode their empire further if they use criminal tyranny. Go on the attack on the battlefield of de-certification, and force the enemy to use criminal tyranny. But if Fann leads to defeat even before de-certification can be voted on, watch the duplistic enemy, the masters of straight-faced intrigue, gain illegitimate respect.

Ms. Fann may be pushed to seek a de-certification of the election. If she attempts this, and her constituents want her to, there is a possibility that the hold-out Republican(s) may vote to crush the cheats for fear of losing their political job(s) in the 2022 elections. The harder the evidence from the Cyber Ninjas, the harder the good guys can play hardball.

Kelly Townsend of Arizona has tweeted that the auditor general has accepted her request to investigate Mark Zuckerberg's multi-million-dollar assistance package toward the Democrat party's fight to beat Trump. The funds were distributed unlawfully so as to benefit Biden.

The Stew Peters clip (not by Stew Peter's channel) below, with a title, "MASSIVE VICTORY IN CANADIAN COURT PROVES COVID-19 IS ALL A HOAX", would not load for me on the first three tries (after refreshing the page twice), which I expect if canada is able to censure videos to protect itself from media messaging. If canada is not responsible, then perhaps bitchute does censor certain messages such as this. There was no problem loading bitchute videos previous to trying this one:

So I tried another bitchute channel offering the Stew Peters segment, with title, but it too would not load after five or six attempts. It loaded for others because both channels have comments showing. I tried to load a third, "FREEDOM FIGHTER COURT VICTORY! ENDS MASKING, SHOTS, QUARANTINE IN ALBERTA!", but it would not load. But a Stew Peters show (tried at the same time period) of a couple of days earlier loaded right away. canada could very well have a last-rights deal to censor videos, or maybe it censors them without permission from anyone, not even the people or the peoples representatives. That's a crime, isn't it?

Some mask goons are now protesting the Alberta decision to ease restrictions, an amazing show of, not cowardice, but the control-freak obsession. They have loved forcing the country to become unhappy, especially loving the bashing of churches. They are happy when the happy are made unhappy. This is darkness seeking to rule the nation. Alberta is now saying, in a 180-turn, that vaccines have eased all dangers, but this change in attitude seems inexplicable because it was jailing pastors only a month ago. Alberta must have received some threat from some judicial office.

"CALGARY — Premier Jason Kenney says he respects the advice of Alberta's top doctor to lift all COVID-19 public health orders, as local leaders and health-care experts from across the country continue to condemn the province's plans. In defence of Alberta's move to end isolation requirements, contact tracing and asymptomatic testing, Kenney said Tuesday the decision was based on science and data." This is from a mask-goon media not worth mentioning the name of. Alberta's premier is a hypocrite and a criminal. He forced the state to lockdown and mask-up knowing the science was against it. He was listing to the wrong people. What changed his mind? Did God get involved because a few pastors went willingly to jail???

I've found the Stew Peters video that actually loads for me:

It sounds as though the Alberta government is under the gun to produce the scientific evidence to justify its previous criminal lockdowns, etc, and is now running scared because there are other court cases fighting Alberta with claims that the science does not justify a pandemic. Why hasn't Rebel News been in court with this argument? Why haven't the many churches gone to court with that argument??? What's wrong with everyone? The COVID tests do not test for COVID alone, it's obvious, and even the CDC is now running scared because it's announced an end of the testing. It's been a farce, and this world should severely punish trudeau, Biden, and all other Western horror-stories who would go far longer with their tyranny if they could get away with it. They started a war, make no mistake about it.

For more on this story, google "patrick king" with "alberta court case." A reddit post argues, perhaps too simpleton: "Alberta lifts all covid restrictions because they can't produce an isolated sample of SARS-CoV-2 to prove covid exists to back their mandates." That's probably the gist, but we need to give this time for the enemy to make a come-back. But the come-back can be assaulted using the same argument repeatedly; the government never had evidence that COVID was a pandemic. It's one thing for the goons to direct the corrupt media to tell viewers that the experts have the COVID evidence; it's quite another matter to try to deceive the courts with the same claims. Not all judges are prepared to go along corruptly, especially now that the cat's arse is slipping out of the bag that has every resemblance to trudeau's callous face.

The more the canadian media say nothing about this court case, the more they expose their horror at the sight of the cat's arse. The government must be terrified because all those tickets that it loved to dish out are now translating into DEMANDS in court from very angry people to show proof of the pandemic, and the only way the government can show the proof is via the COVID tests. But, governments are terrified to bring that evidence to court because it looks like a skinny, boney, flee-bitten cat's arse to a judge. The tests were manipulated so that many false-positives could be secured to push the hoax. That's criminal.

The video below is a good one if you want more details from Pat King, where he gives credit to other court cases too:

Mr. King reiterates: the judge quashed the subpoena which demanded government evidence i.e. it was a corrupt judge protecting the government from more than an embarrassment. However, couldn't this explain the about-face that Alberta is now doing, having been exposed as a rats arse? THE BETTER PEOPLE BY FAR WANT THE EVIDENCE FOR JUSTIFYING THE MANDATES, but also for the cold-blooded jailing of pastors one-two-three in succession. What's trudeau got to say about all of this? We would like to know. I think I know what he's saying: "Put the cat's arse back into the bag, it looks just like me." Ya know what I think? The cat's arse IS Trudeau. He gave license to the provinces to act with iron fists without the science in his own bag.

There is no doubt that Mr. King had a court victory. The fact that he didn't beat his fine is irrelevant. He got a judge to protect a corrupt government, and he also got the judge to admit that the government is corrupt. That's a HUGE VICTORY while the enemy was advancing with the steel of imperial Rome. When the judge admitted that the Alberta government had not isolated the virus, the judge knew that the government was bankrupt, which is exactly why the judge didn't enforce the subpoena. But how did the subpoena materialize in the first place? The judge directed Mr. King to send it to the government, but that was when the judge figured the government had evidence. When the judge learned that the government had betrayed the people (because it had no evidence), the judge covered for the government rather than working to expose it.

On the heels of the Alberta back-off, the Ontario premier announced no mandatory vaccines for schools. Something must have happened in canada to expose the crime. Possibly, very large companies have been threatening to leave the lockdown-happy provinces, contributing to the sudden about-face. All the anti-Christ freaks are crying the blues because they never want people to be happy. There is something very suspicious in Alberta's ending the COVID-test program. It looks like a judge rebuked the authorities in private for conducting unreliable testing, and then "recommended" to the medical establishment to cease testing. Wunderbar if true. From what I'm hearing, Alberta is not saying the testing and masks will return in November/December, which tends to PROVE that there never was a dire safety concern. It was all hyped, a hoax. Look at how a medical chief is talking a lot more like a normal person (ta-tum, what a relief it is) while the propagandist, CBC airhead tries to make her look dangerous for saying such things as, if you're sick, stay home, nothing more needed (just like things used to be):

However, the woman in the video above did not give her position on mandating vaccines, and did not mention other drugs / pills that resist viral intrusions. Why not? She has been one of the goons until now, perhaps, though I wouldn't know because I can't stomach canadian news in order to follow, especially from the atheistic-communist, tell-only-half-the-truth-but only if needed CBC.

In the U.S., Thomas Renz is about to discover the evidence of the empty-handed joker by force of the courts:

I think Renz and others are wrong to argue against lockdowns using the rights to freedoms. If a virus were truly bad enough, and a vaccine safe enough, I would be for mandatory vaccines too. But the fact is, COVID has been a scam. That's where the court arguments should lie. Forget freedoms, and argue that the people who brought the news media the death-toll numbers and the positive-case numbers were deliberate deceivers. In order to crush the infestation of globogoons, it's important for sufficient numbers of high courts to agree, in official statements, that COVID has been a DELIBERATE crime foisted on humanity for exploitive purposes.

Gateway Pundit: "New York City to Mandate Proof of Vaccination to Enter Indoor Businesses". Isn't a grocery store a business? How slippery of this GOON, too cowardly to say the people can't buy food without a vaccination, and so he just says "businesses." That's where he wants to go, to deny food, a necessity of life, to those who fear vaccine poisoning. That's not a human, it's a criminal nazi. The new nazis are here who will love to make people suffer. They persecute both Democrat and otherwise.

Gateway Pundit Thursday: "12 out of 13 countries on Johns Hopkins list of the most vaccinated are currently listed by the CDC as ‘high’ or ‘very high’ COVID-19 travel risk." They can't keep their act together. There's no way to hide from doctors that the vaccinated are promoting viruses worse than without vaccinations at all. Will compromised doctors speak out now? How sick in personality are they if they still don't speak out?

It's not likely true that scientific experiments haven't been done thoroughly on vaccine effects to humans. I'm very sure they've tested the vaccines to assure that they would do what the schemers wanted them to do, but, the problem is, they haven't told the public what they hope the vaccines will do, likely because it's a criminal end. They are not pushing vaccines this hard for nothing, and one obvious goal is to secure the first vaccine roll-outs with perpetuity capabilities. Make the vaccines create more viruses in-body, is, it seems thus far, the criminal scheme, while promising to cure viruses.

Here's Mark Dice exposing the callous, air-headed, communist-pig, control-freak, born-losers who would love to jail people like you / me; doesn't it signal to us that they will want the anti-Christ to persecute us too, in the name of something:

Checking for 5G in Heraldry

I would like to say that I find it possible for the tyrants of the COVID pyramid to be planning full-scale magneto-vaccines that will allow them to kill political / ideological enemies with 5G radiation from their own cell phones. It's possible that the tyrants have a way to target any cell phone for a killing or various kinds of debilitating / permanent illnesses. With graphene oxide, this may no longer be in the realm of science-fiction. God may call us to abandon cell phones, via the 666's allowance, just before their 5G killing machine goes into effect.

After writing the above, I wondered whether God would show some evidence of 5G killings using heraldry. I started to look at the Graff family for any evidence for links to such things as the Phone surname. I then went to my browser that I was using this morning to do heraldic discussions, and the last surname loaded, which was still loaded just now, is the Fisher/Fischer Coat. I had said, earlier today, that Fisher's/Fischers share the demi-lion of Peppers. So I scrolled back to look at the Pepper Coat, but there was no clue I could see. but when I went back to Fischers/Fischers, there in the motto was "FINEm"!!! The Phone's come up as "Fien"!!! Coincidence?

I then loaded sick-like Sickle's (a few minutes ago), because Peppers use sickles, and Sickle's were first found in Ghent/GAUNT, amazing because Fiens/Phone's use nothing but GAUNTlets.

PLUS, just realized: the Fiens/Finis', in the colors and format of Fiens/Phone's, share the Graff/Graffen lion!!! It's not the demi-lion of Graffs/Graffens, but the Graff lion is a gold demi-lion, same as the Pepper and Fisher/Fischer lion. Fiens/Finis' use a full lion, and it's the Gates lion, yet gates' have the same lion on red, making it the gold-on-red lions of Fishers/Fischers and Peppers. There's another gold and demi-lion in the Crest of German Fishers/Fischers. I say that Peppers are from the Hyksos king, Apepi, and I've been maintaining for years that proto-Masseys/Maceys were the household bloodline of the Hyksos. Simon Graff smoked a PIPE, and Pipe's share the Pepin Coat!!! That tends to expose that God chose the Peppers to be a part of this picture. I was raised until age five in the home of Pepin Taff, and I'm partly a Massey-branch Masci.

[I missed it while writing here: Peppers are in the colors and format of Una-like Unions, and the Graff residence fronts on Union street! Keep eyes peeled for the "UNfinished pyramid." Unions are also Onions, like the Oeneus version of the Una river, home proto-Massey Maezaei. Amazing.]

Plus, when I wrote above the following sentence, it had not yet occurred to me to check heraldry: "I would like to say that I find it possible for the tyrants of the COVID PYRAMID to be planning full-scale magneto-vaccines that will allow them to kill political / ideological enemies with 5G radiation from their own cell phones." I have been telling for years that the official description of the Great Seal of the United States (a Masonic piece of trash) has a pyramid called, "unFINIShed pyramid," looking like code for the Finis variation of Fiens. "UNfinished" may also be code for Una-river liners, for while Fiens/Phone's share the gauntlets with Maceys/Mace's, they were from the Maezaei on the Una river.

The Fien/Finis and Graff/Graffen lions are in the colors of the Neme/Neem/name lion heads, which tends to reveal that the Fisher/Fischer motto term, "fiNEM," is part-code for Neme's. The other lion heads of the latter are in the colors of the full lion of Masons/Massins, first found in Kent with Fiens/Finis'. It doesn't look like a coincidence that Needs are listed with yet another Neme/Neems/Name's (Lincolnshire, same as the Neme's/Neems/name's above), for while Knee's/NEE's share the NEEDham Coat, "Ne" is a motto term of Fiens/Phone's. Plus, the Needs/Neme's/Neems/Name's share the green griffin head with Fenns/Venns.

[I missed it while writing here that the Neme/Neem/Name lion heads are shared by Papers/PEPPERwells!]

And lookie, Graffen-like Griffins share "Ne vile" phrase with Fiens/PHONE's. Is that more evidence that 5G phones go together with graphene oxide? Some are beginning to get that message out.

Note the Fiens/Phone's use a "Ne VILE fano" motto, for while Vile's use the calf, I argue that the golden calf made by Aaron, Moses' brother, was the symbol of a Hyksos king. It can explain why Fiens/Phone's chose to use a bull head. I had read that the Hyksos king, APACHnas was another name for Khyan, which explained the gold calf (Fien colors) once showing in the BACH/Back Coat (now changed to a "steer" = an adult bull). It explains why "ne" is a motto term of Steers.

I maintain that Egyptologists are evolutionist screwballs who can't even get their history straight. They lie like modern evolutionists and anti-Christian educators of many kinds. I say with reasons that they are about a century out of whack at 1500 BC, by which I mean to say that the Exodus pharaoh was a Hyksos king, probably Khyan. Note that Khyan-like Keens and Keons/McCains share the fish in base of the German Fishers/Fischers, and that Kane's share the Fisser/Visser fish. Vise's/Vice's share the Knee and Needham stag head.

I have Khyan's rule placed immediately before Apepi's rule. I read that Apepi was not Khyan's son, and this seemed to be due to God killing Khyan's first-born son in the 10th plague. So, I assume, Apophis was Khyan's next-of-kin, a cousin or uncle, maybe a brother. Known fact: the Exodus pharaoh's household named Moses. I use that as evidence so identify Hyksos (called Asians) from MUS of Lake Van (in Asia Minor), where I trace the Van variation of Fiens/Phone's.

Long before knowing that Fiens had a Phone variation, and long before knowing their Phoenix/Fenwich branch, I traced the Biaini of Lake Van to the mythical Pan at Biaini-like Banias (Phoenicia), also known as Phoenix-like Panias. That tends to indicate that Hyksos were the Phoenicians after the southern Egyptians kicked Apepi out of northern Egypt. Have you been enlightened, daft Egyptologists? Panias was right beside a Daphne location (Dafna today), the line to Taphian pirates, and I (God's instrument for things such as you are now reading) was raised in the home of Pepin TAFF. I get it.

God chose for me Lorraine to point to Pepin of Landen simultaneous with a pointer to the Phoenicia-like Paeonians at Stobi and Astibus. To Greeks, Phoenicians were "Poeni." Lorraine's were first found in Northamptonshire with Phoenix's/Fenwicks and the Velis'/Veils in the Griffin motto. Pepins and Pipe's use the camel head, and German Camels use the Griffin Coat. Camulodunum became Colchester, and Colchesters share the estoiles of Irish Neils, kin of Khyan-suspect Keons/McCains and Keens. The Arms of Colchester use nails for the Nails/Neils/NAGLE's (share Gale saltire) while Irish Nagle's (nightinGALE) were kin of Gale's who in turn use: 1) the Neme/Neem/name lion heads in the colors of the Fien/Finis / Graff/Graffen lion; 2) a "fama" motto term to go with the fame variation of Fiens/Phone's.

I haven't tried loading Towers until now, as per a cell-phone tower, and they have a giant tower in the gold-on-blue colors of the giant Graff/Graffen lion, and moreover there's a gold-blue griffin in the Tower Crest. The Tower griffin is split vertically in colors reversed from the vertically-split Maple Shield, and while maple's had a Mapul location on the isle of Ely, Towers are said to have had a branch on Ely, suggesting that the gold tower in the Maple Crest is the gold Tower tower. Maple's can be gleaned with Chives' and Tarves', and then the Vito's, first found in TARVISium, share the annulet of Sowerbys. I know that because Sowerbys were just loaded as per the Sowerby location (Lincolnshire) of the same Towers. The Sowerby Coat, minus the chevron-with-annulets, looks linkable to the Coat of the Bach-beloved Steers (share "ne" with griffins). As Reines' use a comet while Comets share the Tower tower, it appears that the Sowerby Coat is a Coat version of the Rain/Raines' (Essex, same as Maple's). However, as no Cell surname comes up, we might suggest that God is not pointing to cell towers with Towers. Maple-like Marble's/Marple's share the giant Griffin / Camel griffin.

AHH, wait, I now recall that God may be sending the Apophis asteroid (2029) to strike the earth as fulfillment of the 2nd Trumpet of Revelation. Apophis was the alternative name of king Apepi! Maybe he is pointing to Towers after all. If this space rock does strike the planet, then I assume that the last seven years begins in 2022, or soon after, about 2024 at the latest.

It appears that the 3rd Trumpet spoils the water supply of our enemies who'll forbid us to buy our foods, perfect justice, but that's nothing like what God has coming still. You may have wondered why God would show himself so harshly against the Exodus pharaoh? I think it's due to being a precursor of the end-time plagues. That is, the Hyksos bloodline will rule the planet with the anti-Christ, and once again we will see a stubborn IDIOT who resists God to the very end. satan's idiot box is coming. It seems they are paving the way for him even now. It's looking possible like never before. There was never a means to create a 666 purchasing system as there is now. Hex = 6.

The pharaoh-like Pharo's/Farrah's/Farrows have a version of the Ferris Coat, and the latter share the black anchor with Graffs/Graffens. Fare's'/Fairs, Formans/Fermans, Firmens and Fairholms use the anchor too, and Fairbanks happen to have the motto, "FINEm respice," like the "Respice finem" motto of Fishers/Fischers that kicked off this investigation on a potential graphene partnership with 5G phone service.

Pharo's are listed with Farrah's, Farrah Fawcett, in my morning vision (probably less than a month after my conversion to Jesus) had pointed to poison vaccines and Tony Fauci. This vision was about a week after the Sleeping Beauty dream that featured Hyksos like Miss Hicks. Fairholme's share the Crest of Reines-connectable Rainhams/Ranghams, and Reines' are the ones with a comet. The dream was, at my estimation (to the best of my recollection) some 40 years ago, in March/April of 1979, and so the vision may have been close to April 13, 1979, which is 50 years before April 13, 2029, the day the Apophis asteroid is scheduled to arrive.

I now have some Interesting material starting from Simon Graff, the one that came over often, to visit my father, with his PIPE and beer. I was looking at the two Mountain surnames because the space rock of the 2nd Trumpet is "something like a huge mountain." I didn't see much to say aside from the bulls of French mountains and the English Mountains being first found in Essex with CAMULodunum, suspect with the Pipe and Pepin camels. I then loaded Mounts because the Mons' are listed with them while French Simons/SimMONDs (Lorraine) have a "mon" motto term. The Scottish Mons'/Mounts/MOUNDs have the giant, red lion of English Mounts, but the latter's is in both colors of the giant lion of Italian Simons. The Crest of English Mounts must have a red fox on its green MOUND because Jewish Simons have a red fox on a green mound, and the Mons'/Mounts have a lion on a green mound.

The Mons'/Mounts and Mounts were first found in Peebles-shire, which I see as a Papia liner. Peeble's/Peoples' can be a branch of the People variation of Pepins, and thus we are on Apepi/Apophis liners. Isn't that amazing, as if Revelation used "mountain" to go with the Mountain bloodline. The Sleeping Beauty dream is, I believe, on JEFFREY Epstein's island, and that's why I went to Jeffreys in the first place, because, while there is no cell surname coming up to go with cell towers, Cele's/Sillys share the Epstein Coat. There is then a Celle/Celles surname (Forez) sharing a gold saltire with French Mountains, and this recalled that Sea's are said to have been at a Cele-like Seal location. The huge mountain of Revelation crashes into the SEA, how about that? If we ignore the Lett/Late Chief, it becomes the Celle/Celles Coat exactly, and Lets/Late's use "organ PIPES," how about that!

[Insert Saturday -- I missed this. First, let me re-tell that I was waist deep in ocean waters as the Sleeping Beauty section of the dream started. It's what tipped me off that I was on the beach of Epstein's island (Atlantic ocean), for Epsteins share the Water Coat. but it's also the Babenberg Coat, and German Pape's are also Papenburgs! Perfect pointer to the Apophis asteroid, for Epsteins were first found in Hesse-Nassau, home of the Chatti Germanic who named Caithness, where Scottish Pape's/Pope's were first found!!! EXCELLENT. The whale of Calle's/Calles' is blowing WATER from its nose, and Nassau's are also Naso's (the Italian for "nose").

The whale's nose is a blow hole, and Blows (Hickson colors) were first found in Staffordshire with Pipe's (and Hicksons)! Hole's have the Pape/Papenburg dog heads in colors reversed! Dogs/Doags/Docks were first found in Perthshire, where Pape's/Pope's were once said to be first found, and where Scottish Drummonds were first found. The Calle/Cale whale may be in the "sea,", and ZIKERS, the Sea's share the triple-wavy fesses of German Drummonds, first found in Hamburg with Pape's/Papenburgs!!! God can't get more obvious and plane than this. But I will feel like a fool if Apophis doesn't hit the earth. The Calls/Calles' (not the Calle's/Cale's) use TRUMPets, and while Drummond-like Trumps were first found near Hamburg, they were first found in Mecklenburg with same-colored, whale-using Dols who in turn have one wavy fesse in the colors of the three of German Drummonds. God's war drums are a-pounding. It is coming. The Dol whale is swimming in the wavy fesse, even as the Calle'/Cale whale is swimming on wavy water.

Later, while on the Whale-like Walerans, I conjecture on how the Revelation meteor will destroy ships, concluding in a no-brainer a massive tidal WAVE. Making sense? Pape's/Papenburgs can perhaps be identified as the line of Poppo I of Babenberg by the Langdons with a Landen-like Landon variation. The Bernicians use a bear, and they had the Bebbanburgs, tending to explain why Langdons/Landons have a near-copy of the Berwick and Barwick Coats, and thus tending to clinch German Babenbergs with Bebba's Bebbanburgs. Heraldry convinces me that Crispina, daughter of Rollo and POPPA, married Grimaldus, which may explain why Langdons/Landons owned property at GRIMscott. Scottish Barrys almost have the Coat of English Crispins, which I think clinches Crispins from Crispina. It's possible that Normans from Rollo's line married other Grimaldi's. The Pape's/Papenburgs are in the colors and near-format of Langdens/Landons. I would interpret "GrimsCOTT" as a Grimaldi-Cott merger because Cotts (LANGUEdoc) almost have the Grimaldi Shield. The hexagram of Dutch Langs might be close to the same of Monaco's, but it's used also by Hagars (Perthshire, same as Rollo's).

The amazing thing here is that, before this insert was written, I introduced the Langfords and Longfords, obvious kin of Landens/Landers and Langleys, as a good reason that God used Miss Quinn for the punch to Barry, for Quinns were first found in Longford. Langfords and Longfords have pale bars in the colors of the fessewise bars of Barrys, Berrys and Punch's (almost the Crispin Coat). The white bend of Landens/Landers, Langfords and Longfords can thus be the one of French Crispins (Lorraine), recalling that Lorraine the BABE pointed to Pepin of Landen in multiple ways, where he was somehow related to queen BEBBa.

One can easily glean that the heraldic barry we're seeing is from Barrs of Bryneich-like Brunswick as they named Bar-le-Duc of Lorraine. Lorraine's were first found in Northumberland (beside Bernicia = Bryneich = Berwickshire) with Barwicks and English Langs, and the latter's letters ("ABCDEF") can be gleaned as code for the Letters / Lauders (Berwickshire). When Helen gave me the Christmas card, she slipped it into the milkbox-type MAILbox positioned over the three steps up from her landing where she pointed to Pepin of Landen. It just so happens that Mails are almost in POPley colors and format. Cards have a letter in Crest, and Helens have the Pepin horse heads in colors reversed. The Helen horse heads (in Berwick colors and format, and in Pape/Papenburg colors) are of the black horse of Pepin-loving Este's, and Bars of Brunswick descended from Este's. I trace Langs to Langhe, at the Bra theater, and identify Langhe with the Aleng variation of Alans, or the Lance's/Launce's (Alan fesse in colors reversed) who may have named Launcell, the location of the Grimscott manor of Landons/Langdons. That works.

LAUNcell might have been a Lawn/Lane / Launay/Lawny liner to go with Helen's pointer to Brests. Launcell-like Langells are listed with Langleys. Lawns/Lane's have three of the double Brunswick lions. One can see why Bra at Langhe should work into this, and some of you may know of my touch-bra event on a Lander-like laundry line. German Langs were first found in LUNEburg, which was paired politically with Brunswick. Launs are listed with MacLANE's with a "mine" motto term, and Mine's (Bedfordshire, same as Langfords) share six pale bars (different colors) with Landens/Landers, Langleys, Langfords and Longfords. German Langs have arrows probably due to Arrows/Arras' having the Pepin fleur in colors reversed, and because Arras is near Landen.

As Helen on the landing can now jibe with Langhe / Lang liners, we can even go back to her chocoLATE on the door knob of the landing door, for Letter-like Letts/LATE's were first found in Gloucestershire with Holders who in turn share the griffin of German Langs. The "ORGAN pipes" of Letts/Late's are suspect from something in ORKNey, and that's where LinkLETTERs were first found who have a version of the Stewart Coat, which in turn shares the pelican (with red drops from its mouth) on a nest with the other German Langs.

This in the 4th update of March, 2015: "..."'A red shield displaying a pelican FEEDing her YOUNG in a nest, natural.' That's the description of the German Well (no 's') Coat, identical to the DeVaud/DeVAUX Coat, and then the Vaux's/Vallibus are (or were) said online to be a branch of Wells'." No Feed/Feedin/Feedon surnames come up, and so the description may be code for Feets/Fate's, for Lorraine the babe got her feet symbol on the Pavia-pointing pavement of YONGE street, and Yonge's are listed with Youngs...who share the three piles of Scottish Leavells, from Waleran de Leavell, husband of Miss Beaumont of Meulan, and then English Vaux's/Vallibus' have the Arms of Meulan, which use the checks of Pavia-like Paver, and it just so happens that Pavia is also "Papia," implying from the line of Pepin of Landen to whom Lorraine pointed. God was showing, with her feet, that Leavells (English branch uses barry for connection to Lorraine's Bar-le-Duc) are from the Laevi founders of Pavia. The point in starting this paragraph is that the Feet/Fate Coat is three times in the Coat of Grime's/Grimms' expected at Grimscott of Launcell, home of LANGdons/Landons.

Grimscott is in Cornwall, where Tintons ("royal tents") were first found who are in Langdon/Landon colors and format. This takes us back to the sleeping BAG of Mamie, in a tent, not only because Bags share the Grimaldi Shield, but because she -- with large breasts -- pointed to MAMESfelde of MANfields, and thus to Pepin-beloved Mens'/Mame's whom I've just found as "Mames'. The reason I'm here is because I had found this in an old update: "Again, Caldwells use the Yonge piles, Scottish Pattersons use 'A pelican feeding her YOUNG'." CaldWELLs/Coldwells (wavy bars) may have been of the Colds, while I've known that COLDs/Cole's were first found in Cornwall i.e. with Grimscott, and so when loading Colds/Cole's, I found that they had a Cole location in Somerset's MALMESbury. That's how I found the Mames variation of Mens', but I also found the new Malmes' who happen to be listed with Mens-connectable MalMAINs/MallMAYNE's, very possibly from Malahule, Rollo's uncle, and Meschin ancestors.

Amazingly, PELLICAN's were first found in Maine, a good reason to see ColdWELLs with Pelican-using Wells, especially as Scottish Vaux's/Vallibus' were first found in east Lothian with the FAUCets expected in the "Fac et" motto phrase of Caldwells/Coldwells! The full Caldwell/Coldwell motto is shared by Mens-connectable Mathie's/MANNs; the latter have the gyronny of East Lothian's Fortune's in half their colors while French Fortune's share "pellets" with Scottish Manns.

If the other Scottish Caldwells/Coldwells use barriCUDA heads, let's add that the fish in the Arms of Bar-le-Duc can be BARRicuda because Cold-like Cuda's/Cudds were first found in Northumberland with Lorraine's (Cuda/Cudd colors). It just so happens that Cuda's/Cudd, Cuthberts and Maine's (Devon, the Cold/Cole theater) all use a hand holding a dart. Darts were first found in Devon with Monaco-line Monks (Grimaldi's rule in Monaco).

On the morning upon sleeping in Mamie's sleeping bag, she and I went for a wade in a lake, and we emBRACED there (for the first time) because God wanted to show that Brace's/Bras' share the bend of Lake's. One can see a slight hint of Bra here to go with her large breasts, and so let me add that Malmesbury is a new topic right here while Malmes'/MalMains use nothing but a bendwise string of lozenges in the colors of the Lake / Brace/Bras bend. I think that's amazing. It's the Colds/Cole's who were at Malmesbury, and this can explain why she was COLD as ice in the sleeping bag. As I said, I went in for a hug as soon as we got in (just the expected thing to do), but she shivered an arm toward me to signal, "get away." It was weird, but I now see that God made it happen that way to indicate Colds, and of course He didn't want sex. I don't remember a thing I might have said as she sat on my lap, but if I indicated my new-found Christianity, it could explain her coldness. In the two months I spent seeing her, I didn't go for intercourse due to my Christianity, and as she didn't show interest in Jesus, I lost interest.

Shiver-like Chives' (once said to be first found in Devon with Moline's) share the Moline moline, I gather, and Moline's, with goat heads to go with the Shiver goats, are suspect from "MumMOLIN," the one that Mamie pointed to the day after shiver-night in the tent, when she was on her lawn. It's more evidence that God caused her to make a shiver motion with her arm. I've never realized this until now.

Earlier in the day of the sleeping-bag night, Mamie was caught alone in the back of a pick-up truck with Barry (same guy who got punched), when someone opened the HATCH to le me see in. As I've said, it looked to me like Mamie was bare-breasted at the time, but God may have given me that false impression as a pointer to Bra. In any case, Hatch's happen to share the Coat of Brunswicks, indicating Barrs of Brunswick due to Barry inclusion in that event. The next day, she got her thigh symbol on her LAWN, and Lawns/Lane's have the Hatch / Brunswick lions plus one.

It's important that the Hatch/Hacch Crest has the Rothes lion head, for while Pollocks built Rothes castle, they were first found in RENfrewshire with Pollocks. The Caldwells/Coldwells with the fish heads have three lozenges in the colors and positioning of the same of RENo's, but then as they look like barriCUDA heads, note that while Cuda's are a CUThbert branch, MontaCUTE's have lozenges in the same colors, the colors even of the GRIMaldi lozenges. Note GrimsCOTT of Cornwall.

More new material now, because Hatch's/HAACH's are also Hacch's while I'm seeing a pointer to Kent HECKENlively, a co-author of a book, with Judy Mikovits, on Fauci's criminality as concerns HIV vaccines. This topic goes excellently with the Faucets expected in the Caldwell/Coldwell motto. As soon as the Manns were loaded just now, it was noted that their goats were in the colors of the Hecken/HAACK goat heads, and I remember by heart that Livelys (as per "HeckenLIVELY"), listed with HIV-like Hivelys, use nothing but a bendwise string of lozenges, same as do the Malmes' in different colors (it's Cold liners who were at Malmesbury). I kid you not, that after writing to the last sentence, I checked for a Shiver surname ("est") because I had said that cold-cold Mamie shivered an arm toward me, and Shivers (listed with Cheevers, Devon) use three, white goats in the format of the three white goat heads of Heckens/Haacks! Neither Coat has anything else. That's why God had a man prepared to open the HATCH of a pick-up the second I asked the gang where Barry was. I had just arrived to the CAMP site.

Between the hatch event and the sleeping-bag event, there was Mamie sitting on my lap uninvited, otherwise we would not likely have been in the bag together. She had not been my ladyfriend before then, but when she sat on my lap, she was saying, "I'd like to be yours." I accepted. The point is, laps were first found in Wiltshire with the Mortons who have goat heads in the colors of the Shiver/Cheever Goats!!! That's new and incredible, tending to assure that the sleeping-bag event had the shiver / cold theme that I've previously interpreted as a tease event for the Tease's/Tyes' (not incorrect), first found in Nottinghamshire with Mamesfelde of Mansfields (Tinton colors and format).

Tease's/Tyes' have a version of the Leven/LOWEN Coat, recalling my dance with Mamie in her LIVING room a few weeks earlier when I first met her. Livings/Levins share the Chief-Shield of Tanners, and "the tanner's" daughter became the wife of HarLOWEN (or Herluin) de Conteville, father of Robert, earl of Morton (or Mortain) and Cornwall. This Robert married Maud Montgomery, daughter of the earl of Shropshire, and Levens/Lowens were first found in Shropshire, where also BAGleys and Sleeps were first found, believe it or not. It explains why Montgomerys are in Comyn / Comet colors and format but with the Masci fleur-de-lys. Motts/MORT share the BERKen/Bergen crescent, and John de Burgo is to the Berks/Burghs (in Berken/Burgoigne colors).

Bagleys even share nearly the Coat of LOYs/Louis' in the "loy" motto term of Irish Burghs/Berks (!!), a new discovery. Burghs/Berks were the line of John de Burgo of Comyn, father of Harlowen de Conteville. This has got to be the Comet bloodline. Conteville's were ancestors of Meschins of Cheshire, explaining why Comyns share the garbs that are the Arms of Cheshire. The comet is coming to give the anti-Christ something to shriek about, followed by another plague, by another plague, just like the maddening scenario of the Exodus pharaoh. Let My people go.

I'll share an article on John de Burgo later, where we find he was named after TonsBURGH. It that of the Tunnels/Tunno's? Meschins descended from Malahule of More, the ancestor also of Toeni's / Tonys/Tune's (Leicester). The article shows De Burgh in marriage with a women in Meulan, home also of the Beaumonts of Leicester. Tonys/Tune's share the maunch (different color) with Mansfields and Mansells (Glamorganshire, same as Welsh Louis'). My events with Mamie are all over this picture.

The Burgh/Berk motto includes "roy," and "royal tents" are used by Tintons. While I've always been disappointed when mentioning those tents -- as I re-load Royals over and over again, that is, with nothing to say about them -- perhaps the key is where Royals share almost the Coat of asteroid-like Asters, the latter first found in maunch-like Manche, home of Masseys, and suspect with the naming of the Mansfield-like Manx people on the Isle of MAN, where Mame's/Mames' were probably from.

John de Burgo's grandson, and brother to the earl of Morton above, was earl of Kent, and Kent is where Royals were first found. Kent is also where Meschin-married Clare's of TUNbridge were. The Malahule line to Tonys, right? It makes Tunbridge look related to the Tonsburgh location of John de Burgo, especially as Caens were first found in Dorset with Beaumonts. Caen is in the Bessin, origin of the Malahule-to-Meschin line. But why should this picture point to the Apophis asteroid, unless it's because of the Meschin / Massey-related Hyksos?

As I said, I learned of the proto-Massey household of the Hyksos when realizing that a Hyksos king was the Exodus pharaoh, and while his daughter named Moses, it's suddenly pretty amazing that Mens-loving Crystals share the same red cross as Royals, yet the Crystal cross, atop some steps, is colors reversed from the same cross, atop some steps, of Moses'/Moys, the latter first found in Shropshire with the wife of the earl of Morton above, grandson of de-Burgh. The spaceburg is coming to sink the Titanic.

The Bell-related Bellamys were first found in Shropshire too, with Meschins even, and the Labels/La Bells are in the "label" of the Aster Coat. The Crystals (POPLar tree, possibly for Popleys / Popoli's) were likely a branch of Christine's because the latter were once said to be first found on the Isle of Man.

[Update Oct. 2021 -- For a while now, I've been saying that Crystals use a poplar tree for connection to surnames like "Popham." It turns out, thanks to Hall of Names, to be a fir tree, but this is even better for linking to Pepins and Pipe's because the two can be gleaned using part of the Rasmussen Coat while Rasmussens and Firs/Fire's share the same giant unicorn. Pepins and Pophams share "Mens" with the Crystal motto. Crystals share the "calvary" symbol with Moses'/Moys. I claim that Biblical Moses was named by the daughter of a Hyksos-Egyptian king, Khyan, whom I've seen on the throne immediately before king APEPI/Apophis. Those who know their history will "know" that the Exodus was well after the Hyksos ruled Egypt, but I say the evolutionist Egyptologists have got too many Egyptian kings in their historical schemes in hopes of stretching history back before the Flood, and so they thereby put their dating a little out of whack, too far back in the range of 1500 BC. I say the Hyksos ruled during the Exodus. As it's the Shake's who use a poplar tree while CUNNinghams (Ayrshire, same as KENNedys) use a "SHAKEfork," might Cunn- / Kenn-like surnames have developed after "Khyan"? Lately, Kennedy-like Kenneths/MacKenzie's have been pointing to the Apophis asteroid. End update]

I now recall what I've said before, that my first kiss from a teen girl, which I did not want (she stole it), was from Christine Masters, in a tent! The Masters have a version of the Christine Coat and Crest! There we have evidence that the royal tents are indeed linkable to asteroid-like Asters. I met Christine Masters when going to Mark II school (grade 8) only two months, in Unionville, where Christine Peare lived. UNion liners can be suspect with the UNicorn of Christine's and Masters, and Tintons were first found in CORNwall, the latter named by the Ceraunii Illyrians near the Una river of the Maezaei. Masters come up as "Mast," and a mast is used by tent-like Tenants (Mens Shield?), first found in West Lothian with Towns while English Towns/Tune's (share "Tone" with Tony's) are in Tinton colors and format. God must be aiming Apophis at someone's royal tent. It will sink ships, and Tenants use a mast and sail (without the ship). Tauntons/TanTONE's share the raven with the Arms of Man.

Mamie and I became a couple at a camp site. Camps happen to have griffin heads in the colors of the Camel griffin, and these are the colors of CAMPbells/Cammells. Camulodunum became COLchester, and so it now appears that God used the camp-site event to show that Colds/Cole's were Colchester elements. Caldwells/Coldwells share the three piles of Scottish Youngs, and Pattersons, with another camel, use the pelican feeding her YOUNG. English Youngs were first found in Essex with Colchester, tending to clinch the heraldic camel with Camulodunum, and yet Essex is also where Waters were first found who share the triple chevrons of English Cassane's. Waters (with Epsteins) were introduced at the top of this insert in configuration with the asteroid theme. Note how the Chief of Irish Pattersons/Cassane's (from Ui MAINE) can be the one of Russells who in turn have a white goat. Russells were first found in Dorset with the Beautys who share the black bull with Colds/Cole's.

As Pattersons/Cassane's share red drops with KilPATRicks, and with some pelicans feeding their young, and as Pattersons descend from Antipatria along with Kilpatricks, and as Mr. Kilpatrick posed with Spuds MacKenzie, I'm going to suspect that the Patterson camel head links to that of Apophis-line Pepins and Pipe's, for MacKenzie's point hard to the Apophis asteroid once you begin reading after this insert. The impression I'm getting is that God is sending Apophis aimed at those who procure the vaccine scheme.

MacKenzie's were first found in Russell-related Ross-shire with Scottish Pattersons. We simply need to view these Pattersons as a Patrick branch, and so let's add that while Lands are listed with Pepin-liner Landens/Landers, La Lande is where Patricks (share Kilpatrick saltire) lived. It explains why Pepins and Pattersons share the camel head. This is incredible for helping to prove that God was pointing to the Apophis asteroid in a 1987 event that you'll get to below.

As MacKenzie's use an asteroid-like "astra" motto term (sorry to spoil the surprise of later), I've just got to add the following from the Pepin write-up: "Both claim descent from Pepin I (also Peppin, Pipin, or Pippin) of Landen (c. 580-640), also called Pepin the Elder or the Old, was the Mayor of the Palace of AUSTRasia from 623 to 629." Wasn't that God's arrangement to point to the Apophis ASTERoid? The Hyksos were Asians, and so note, "AustrASIA." End insert]

I find it non-sensical to see a cell tower related to the 2nd Trumpet of Revelation...unless the asteroid wipes out satellites. No satellites, no cell phone transmissions. But how many satellites could one asteroid knock-out? Maybe it depends on God's aim. Maybe He'll be going for the biggest, most-expensive, most-critical....maybe even the military satellites they'll be using to spy out Christians in wilderness regions.

Here's something potentially impressive. As I said, on the evening of the morning vision with Farrah Fawcett / Sharon Quinn, Steve Mellanson had a party. That type of party was always on a weekend night, especially as the a few of the guys went out to a bar. I went with them, and so I know they went to Bradford, which gets amazing because Bradfords share the black wolf head with Seals, while the white wolf head in the Seal Crest has red drops, looking like blood, dripping from its mouth!!! That is one major break-through, and it's new right here.

The Seal wolf head is used by Picots/Pigots, who were in an insert early in this update connectable to French Balls while English Balls (Cheshire, same as Picots/Pigots) use a fireball, an apt pointer to Apophis. It just so happens that the Heads expected in the Picot/Pigot "pike heads" have unicorn-version of the Pepin / Pipe horse heads.

As I've been saying in recent weeks, Sharon Quinn, that night, at the party, after we returned from Bradford, punched Barry in the face, and I saw blood from his lip! Why would God point that night to Seals? Is it because Sea's have a Seal location? Here's from the 2nd update of last month: "As I've said many times, Sharon Quinn, when acting by God's will as a symbol of Farrah Fawcett, as a pointer to Fauci, punched BARRY on the lip (drew blood) at Mellanson's place."

Going back to Mr. Graff's pipe and beer, note here that English Beers were first found in Devon with Berrys (share Barry with Scottish Barrys) and Seals.

The paragraph above was started because Apophis is coming on Friday, April 13th, and I wanted to check what day of the week it was on the 13th of April, 1979. It was Friday too! Therefore, the morning vision and party at Mellanson's may have been on the 13th of April. PLUS, wow, the Mellansons share the Hazel crescents while Hazels (Devon, same as Seals) have the Seal fesse (colors reversed from the Mellanson fesse)!!! Scottish Barrys have a wolf head in Crest too, probably the red one of Fiddle's in the Barry motto.

Scottish Barrys have the Ruby Coat in colors reversed, a potential to JANE Ruby, who helped to break the graphene-oxide story as per Pfizer vaccines. JANE's/Jeans share the demi-lion of James', the latter first found in Surrey with Fiddle's. It's the demi-lion of Certs/Cards, first found in Cornwall with proto-Seals. The Certs/Cards have a letter in Crest while Letters can be a branch of Letts/Late's, the latter being the ones who could have the Celle/Celles Coat. The other two Jean surname have the same lion as Graffs/Graffens, though not their demi-lion. Letter-branch Lauders have a STUMP while the Cert/Card letter has a STAMP, and while Stumps have the Coat of Ticks/TUCKs (Kent, same as Sea's), note that Sea's and their Seaman branch (share seahorse with Tuckers) are likely sharing the wavy bars of TUCKers (Devon, same as Seals and Hazels).

Seamans/Semans are like "Simon," and though they may not have been a Simon branch, Seamans/Semans may have been a Sea-Simon merger that eventually developed into "Seamen." Seals were first found in Devon with English Simons.

We have thus come back to the spider-on-WEB at the Graff residence, for Hazels were once said to be first found in Cheshire with Webber-branch Weavers who in turn share their fesse, and Webbers too have wavy bars, and even the Pepin / Pipe fleur-de-lys in colors reversed. Letts/Late's use pipes. That all works fantastic, as if to link the cell-phone towers to graphene oxide via the Graff residence. Simon Graff took us to Simons, and French Simons use a "mon" motto term while Fiens/PHONE's were first found in MONmouthshire. Monmouths share the lion of Italian Simons and Faux-like Fox's while Simms' were first found in east Lothian with Faucets/FAWCETTs and faux-branch Vaux's. Faucets/Fawcett share the bend-with-checks of Faughns, and Fauns were first found in Devon with Fenns/Venns, Seals and Hazels while Fiens/Phone's are Fane's too.

AWE-WOW, the Simms' are in the colors and format of Apepi-like Peppers, recalling that Peppers were key to starting this graphene-phone investigation. It led to the Comet towers by way of the same-colored Tower tower, and here we find that the Simms have hexagrams in the colors of the Reines hexagram that itself is the comet! This must explain why God used SIMON Graff. It can identify the lion of French Simons as that of Rains/Raines' (Essex, same as Mountains!), who are the ones with a "mon" motto term that lead to Mons/MOUNTs! That's working like hot coals raining from the sky. Note that one SIMSon Coat shares the Faucet/Fawcett and Millen/Milan lion, for the latter were first found in Aberdeenshire with Mellansons (and Sellers).

Simms' have a feathered pen while Pens/Pence's were first found in Buckinghamshire with Simsons. Scottish Michaels (Surrey, same as Fiddle's) have a feathered pen too, and German Michaels share the Seal / Weaver fesse while Weavers share "fidelis" with Fiddle-loving Barrys. Weavers love the Este's in their motto who in turn share the eagle of Pense's/Pincons (Devon, same as Seals, Weaver-related Hazels, and Tuckers) and Barry-like Barrs. The latter became merged with German Ducks/Duckers who look linkable to Sea-related Tuckers. Miss Hicks appeared in the Sleeping Beauty dream first at the hood of the car, and Hoods/Hoots (Devon again) have a motto, "ZEALous," while Seals are also Zeals.

In her next scene, Sleeping Beauty fell asleep, and was then raptured into the sky, seemingly a pointer to the 10 virgins who fell asleep waiting for Jesus. Only five were WISE enough to prepare, and while English Wise's were first found in Devon with Seals/Zeals, German Wise's/Weis' share the gold hexagrams of Pero's/Perino's which in turn happen to have tails just like the gold hexagram ("comet") of Reines'. Miss Hicks is online with a Rena middle name; can this point to the Apophis asteroid?

When a piece of space rock enters the air, it's called a SHOOTing STAR. Shoots (Wiltshire, same as Stars and Calls/Calles') have a Coat looking related to the three TRUMPets of Calls/Calles', and the latter surname is like the Celle/Celles surname. As Rains/Raines' use a "leges" motto term while Legge's almost have the Trump Coat, is God pointing to Trump with the Apophis shooting star? Scottish Barrys have a "legi" motto term and a Coat much like that of Shoots and Calls/Calles', but see also the Coat of English Berrys (Devon).

Irish Calle's/Cale's (share Kyle anchor-with-rope) have a whale on the SEA, and though I don't know whether the official description uses "sea," it sure looks like it can apply because the Crest shares a white anchor with the Crest of ZEALous Hoods/Hoots. Scottish Calle's/Calls share the phone-like pheon of Celts, and while one makes a CALL with a PHONE to a CELL tower, Celle's/Celles' have Celt-like variations. German Calle's almost use the Coat of Boyds (Ayrshire, same as Kyle) who in turn share "Confido" with Irish Calle's/Cale's. I was at Mellanson's party on the eve of the morning vision, and Partys share the German Calle Coat.

Seal-like Sailers even have a "Who" motto term that can point to the dastardly WHO (WORLD Health Organization) pushing the COVID hoax and vaccines. Sailers (Yorkshire, same as Scarfs sharing the Seal-Crest wolf head) look theme-created from the Seaman branch. Sailers share black wolf heads with Seals, and love the Mosts in their motto, first found in Flintshire, beside the first-known Bathers sharing the Scarf wolf head in both colors. Sailers share the Mast/Master/Moster griffin heads on a fesse looking linkable to the Hazel fesse, and while Masts/Masters/Mosters were once said to be first found in Kent with Sea's, they are now said to be first found, as MOSTers, in Yorkshire with Sailers. Sails/Sale's were first found in Cheshire with early Hazels. Doesn't the Revelation meteor destroy the ships of sailors? Not all of them. Sailers are also Sailors.

If I didn't know any better, I'd say God is pointing to the Apophis asteroid. But how silly will I look, or how dangerous is it for me to convince Christians, if it turns out not to be true? But if he is pointing to it, what for, if it doesn't strike the planet?

As little as a minute after I saw Farrah Fawcett in the morning vision, I heard the voice of God say, "write down that you'll be having an argument/disagreement with Steve [Mellanson] tonight." So I wrote it down on paper. Some 40 years later, I called it a "note" because Note's/Cnuts share the Mellanson crescents. I put the note in my pocket, and presented it to Steven when he complained to me about my leaving his party with Barry and others, but it seems that God wanted us to go to Bradford, for Bradfords share the black wolf head of Seals and Sailers. Perhaps God said that there will be a fight at Mellansons, for Sharon, a beautiful blond like Farrah Fawcett, punched Barry after he supported my new choice to accept Jesus (Sharon disliked the choice). The reason I'm repeating the things in this paragraph is because Note's/Cnuts, in Mast/Master/Moster colors and near-format, share the latter's white unicorn head.

AHHHH, I have got another trick provided by God. The punch to Barry's LIP provided drips / drops of BLOOD like the blood drops in the Seal Crest. The Hazels sharing the Seal fesse were a branch of HasLIPs/IsLIPs who in turn share the LODGEd stag with Bloods!!! What I think this means is that God really wants to assure we include Seal liners in the picture. You just won't believe it, but the giant lion of Lodge's/Loge's is also that of German LIPPs! It's colors reversed from the lion of Italian Simons. Lipps were first found in Westphalia with Ducks/Duckers.

I as a new Christian went out to the bar in Bradford, which was a strip joint at one time. I didn't drink or smoke any grass while there, precisely because I wanted to be a devoted Christian. The interesting thing here is that Bradfords, while sharing the Seal wolf head, also share black hunting horns with Burns, their Bernice branch, and German BARs. Bernice's share the Seal fesse. Sailers are connectable to Masts/Masters (Yorkshire, same as Bradfords), once said to be first found in Kent with Virgins and Gaunts, and as the Arms of Gaunt uses a virgin with the same lion as French Simons, we may assume that Virgins share the lion of Italian Simons. I'm wondering if this is God's call to get His SEAL on our foreheads, and to be wise virgins, because the Burns use a motto, "EVER READY." Jesus said, be ever ready, on the watch, lest you go back to the bars and fall away when the second Coming takes place. A hunting horn is a trumpet. Get the Seal, have zeal for Jesus.

I just realized that I'm writing this section on Friday night, and that next Friday is the 13th, just like Friday the 13th of 2029. Hmmm.

It's Fiens/Phone's/Fane's who use GAUNTlets, and their Fenn/Venn branch (Devon, same as Seals) share the scallops of French Mars (once said to be first found in Burgundy with French Loge's). Scottish Mars (lions in the colors of the Lodge/Loge / Lipp lion) were earls of KilDRUMMy, and German Drummonds share the triple, wavy Sea fesses. Something like a mountain was thrown into the sea, and French Mountains have the saltire of French Loge's in colors reversed. English Lipps have a brown Crest looking linkable to the Crest of Scottish Mars (at Tickhill), and Drummonds have another brown Crest.

Another Saturday Songline Miracle

It's Saturday morning, get ready, I'm fresh and raring to finish this. Just found more red drops, this time on a white lion head to go with the red drops from the lips of the white Seal wolf head. Penders were arrived to because I've known that Pendergrass' share the Coat and motto of Sharrons (this could be the Celle/Celles Coat). It was SHARON Quinn who punched Barry on the lip, and while I've never had reason to see her first name as having any meaning in this regard, suddenly that's changing. The event happened after Barry and I returned with about three others from BRADford, and Bradds share the lion head of Penders! Zinger, folks, another good piece of evidence that Sea-line Seals/Zeals seem at least part of what God wanted to point to with the morning vision (it was a snap-vision, just a blonde women, good looking, but sick to her head for an undisclosed reason; she reminded me of Farrah Fawcett).

I have it recorded that Penders were once first found in Cheshire, where Bradds (previously in Midlothian) are now said to be first found, how about that. It seems that Farrah Fawcett was neded to apply the Farrah-related Ferris' sharing a black anchor with Graffs/Graffens. Sharon lived in Gormley with the Graffs when I knew her. Watch this: the punch-lip event happened at Mellanson's party, and Partys share the checks of English Vaux's/VALLibus', first found in Cumberland with the Bernice's and Burns mentioned above who share the black hunting horn with Bradfords. Vaux's/Vallibus' share the Arms of Mellanson-like Meulan/Mellent, and Mellents are even listed with Millens/Milans (Aberdeenshire, same as Mellansons). Waleran de Leavell married Miss Beaumont of Meulan/Mellent, and Walerans, linkable to "VALLIbus', have this: "The family was first found at Bradfield..." It's not quite "Bradford," but close enough. Vallibus-like Whalleys / Whale's/Whele's can apply to Walerans (Devon, same as Seals), and the latter can be expected in the whale upon the sea of Calle's/Cale's while German Calle's share the Party Coat exactly.

The thing about Bradfields (probably Warenne kin) is that they were first found beside the first-known English Mountains, and while French Mountains have bulls in the colors of the Bull/Bule bull heads, Bradfields share the Bull/Bule annulets. Is that another pointer to the mountain FALLing into the sea? The Falls/Fallis' were first found in Midlothian, where Bradds were said to be first found, and the Bradd lion head is in the colors of the Falls/Fallis lion. PLUS, the Bradfield checks are shared with Pape's/POPE's, an apt surname from "Apophis." Also, the POPhams (share "Mens" with Pepins) share the Chief-Shield colors of Mens', first found in Midlothian too but having had a branch at Perthshire, where the first-known Pape's/Pope's were once said to be first found!

Warrens, sharing the Bradfield checks, were first found in Sussex with the Waldrons who share the Waleran Coat exactly, thus tending to prove that Bradfields do use the Warren checks. Waldron-like Walds/Waddys/Waitho's look like variations from the Wade variation of Quade's, who are in Waleran / Waldron colors and format. It just so happens that the Wald/Waddy/Waitho Crest is shared by Fairholme's, first found in Midlothian with early Bradds. See also Waitho-like Waits/Weights sharing the black hunting horn with Bradfords and Lothians. Waits/weights share the motto of HAZELtons while Hazels were kin of Weavers who in turn share "Fidelis" with Fairholme's. The Vos' in the Waleran motto could be using a red fox to go with red-fox Fos' (Somerset, beside Walerans), or it could be a red wolf to go with the red wolf heads of Fiddle's/Fidelows (and Barrys) suspect in the Weaver / Fairholme / Barry motto.

I can now go back to the morning vision, at which time I heard an "audible" voice, in a rather long sentence, telling me to write down a note for Steve(n). Write on what? On paper. Papers (Gloucestershire, same as Stevens) are also PEPPERwells/PapWALLs/PepperWALs!!! I get it, first because Wells share the giant Millen/Milan/Mellent / FAUCet/Fawcett lion, and secondly because the Well Crest has an upright lion in the black of the upright WALeran tiger while Tigers were first found in Suffolk with Bradfields! It looks like a bingo from God. But a bigger surprise comes where English Walls share the wolf head in the Crest of Seals (minus the red drops), first found in Devon with WALerans!

Wallys/Whalleys (whale heads in Waleran colors and format) share the mascle of English FAUX' could God prove any better that our going to BRADford is to point to Walerans of Bradfield? The purpose seems to be to point to the Sea-branch Seals, definitely, and to the whale upon the sea of Calle's/Cale's. I'm not sure whether the purpose is to have us then go to the Call/Calles TRUMPets, but I'm open. If correct, why would God want to point to Trump with an Apophis-comet theme? It's interesting that the 1st Trumpet is a curse on the land while Lands are listed with Landens for a possible pointer to Pepin of Landen. The 1st Trumpet BURNs up the greenery on the land.

English Walls even have a Coat reflection of the Sailer-connectable Masts/Masters/Mosters, which recalls the "sail" and "mast" of Tenants, a sea theme. Tenants first came to topic with Helen, and Helens have the three Pepin / Pipe horse heads in colors reversed. Helen my tenant had a breast event on my stair LANDing for a pointer to Pepin of Landen. She was going down to her basement when she lifted her top over her bare breasts, covering her face with the top, to let me see her bare breasts. Would God make her do that? Only if it's extremely important.

Helens were first found at "Hillion, near Saint-BRIEUX," and while I trace the blue Bruce lion to the blue one in the Arms of BREScia/BRIXia, the Brix's are listed with Brests, and Brest is a location near Hillion and St. Brieuc. In fact. Brest is about ten miles from LANDERneau, and Landers are listed with Landens. I've told all this a few times before, but I don't think it's been re-told with the Apophis asteroid in mind. Just to be clear, Italian Lane's were first found in Brescia while Launay is a location near Brest. They are both in FINIStere, recalling the Fiens/Finis' and the unFINIShed pyramid in the GREAT SEAL of the United States. "GREATest" is a motto term of Seal-related Sailors (Yorkshire, same as Bruce's). Isn't that amazing? Is God aiming Apophis to Washington's masonic babboons? In the end times, they'll get a bad case of spiritual rabies, and go mad heinously.

Brix's/Brests share the lozenge of German Camels (connectable to Campbells/Cammells and Camps), and Pepins / Pipe's use the camel! Good one, I get it more now than before. English Camels (camels) were first found in Somerset with Pepin-connectable Webbers, and this is a good place to add that German Webbers/Weavers have a Coat somewhat like the Coat of Lane's/Lawns, the latter first found in Staffordshire with Pipe's and Blows. Might the Calle's/Cale's use a BLOW HOLE officially? Brescia is beside Val TROMPia and lake GARDa, and Trumps/Tromps can be expected in the trumpets of Calls/Calles' (Wiltshire, beside Somerset). Lane's/Lawns use "Garde," and English Gards were first found in Kent with wavy-fesse Sea's. The latter share the three wavy fesses of German Drummonds (Hamburg, same as German Pape's/Papenburgs), who descended from Miss Bohemia with the first-known Camels! That works.

As Sharon punched Barry, it's interesting that proto-Washington Wassa's (have a Washington-related canton) share the bars-gemel (twin bars) of Irish Barrys. Sharon was dating Charlie at the time, who was at the party, and he was a loan officer while Loans are listed with two Lane/Lawn surnames. Punch's use barry too, in the colors of the Berry fesses. Launays/Lawnys (same leopard as Irish Farmers) look connectable to Formans/Fermans (share Loan/lane/Lawn lions), once said to be first found in Midlothian with Bradds and Fairholme's (Firman and Farmer branch), and while the giant anchor of Fairholme's is that of Fairs/Fare's in colors reversed, the Forman/Ferman anchor is in the colors of the Fair/Fare anchor. It just so happens that German Hope's/HOODs/HOOPERs/HooperBUSCH's (Seals/Zeals are expected in the Hood/Hoots motto) share the Fairholme Coat while English Hope's/Hopers (Note/Cnut colors and format) were once said to be first found in Derbyshire with NOTE's/Cnuts. Bush's/Buschs were first found in Yorkshire with Wassa- / Washington-related Cantons/Gantons, and Hoppers/Happers (share "fidelis" with Fairholme's) were once said to be first found in Durham, where Washingtons are now said to be first found.

Now is the time to show why God used Sharon QUINN for the punch, for Quinns were first found in Longford while Longfords and Langfords (Derbyshire, same as Note's/Cnuts) can be gleaned as a branch of Landens/Landers by way of the latter sharing the six pale bars of Langleys. Thus, this punch picture is from Pepin of Landen, but recall also the bear heads of Langdons/Landons (likely from Poppo I), for Barry pointed to Berrys, first found in Devon (beside Langdons/Landons in Cornwall) with bear-using Beers. It was resolved that Langleys were from Langhe of the Bra theater, though I do not remember whether Helen had her bra on at the bare-breast event on the stair LANDING. I can't rule it out. This all helps to show that the punch-event was about the Apophis asteroid, but it can be added that Langley, near Washington, is headquarters for the global-beast CIA. Langley is in Virginia, and Virgins/Virginia's (Kent, same as Sea's) share the red lion head of Fairholme-branch Farmers and Firmans.

As Helen's breast event connects to Brix's/Brests, note that they have the Brick, Whelan/FAILin and Fells lozenges in colors reversed. As Fellers have a version of the Falls/Fallis Coat, one could speculate that the Apophis asteroid has been ordered to fall on the Rockefeller empire's material goods. Kaa-pow, all that work and conniving and thievery gone to waste, and the left-overs gone to the meek of Christ's Body. While Calle's/Cale's have the whale with blow-hole spray, Italian Cale's virtually have the Coat of Falins/Fallons, first found in Galway with the Lynch's who almost have the Feller Coat.

Ahhh, Falins/Fallons come up as FalLOONs, and Loons/Loone's have the Celle's/Celles Coat in colors reversed! That surname was one of the closest I could get to "CELL phone" towers, and while Trump is for both vaccines and 5G cellular transmissions, Calls/Calles' use trumpets. Can it appear that Trump, when he comes back to power, will open the door to massive 5G? The Mens' had a branch of GlenLYON of the Lyons/LUNE's. Lawns/Lane's are also LOANs. Stag-using Lonnys/Loneys/Lunnie's (Tyrone) have a motto, "Patriae inFELICI FIDELIS," and Patria's/Peartree's (beside Glennys who share the Mens' Chief-Shield) share the Trump/Tromp stag head, a good reason for tracing Trumps/Tromps to Val Trompia, beside the first-known Lane's/Lano's.

Houseofnames is possibly trying to thwart my trace of Annandale to the Ananes Gauls near/at Brescia. The website once had the Scottish Bruce's first found in Annandale (Scotland,) but now has them first found in Yorkshire with English Bruce's. But, stupids, Annandale is in Scotland, so why change it from Annandale to England's Yorkshire??? To hide what I say about Annandale's, I assume. The Bruce's lived in Annandale before ascending the Scottish throne, and the Scottish Bruce's use a gold-Shielded version of the Annandale Coat. The latter may even be using the Chief of Pepin-beloved Mens', but, in any case, the Bruce Coat, ignoring the Chief, is the Coat of Celle's/Celles' in colors reversed, and Seals were first found in Devon with Cele's/Sillys who in turn share the WATER Coat in case the Calle/Cale whale is upon "water."

[Insert -- Annandale is in Dumfries with the first-found McGee's who share the Tenant boar heads, and so let me emphasize that Tenants came to topic with Brescia-pointing Helen, a promiscuous anti-Christian woman when she lived at my place (I was hoping to have her convert). I was asking self what surnames might by in "5G," and the McGEE's came to mind. The Five's/Fifys (Aberdeenshire, near Fife) share the Fife lion and the Vey/VIVian chevron. The Chief-Shield colors of Fife's and Veys/Vivians are shared by Annandale's, and while Veys/Vivians share the purple lion with Skiptons of Craven, Cravens were kin of Ricks while Ricketts share the two swords to a point of McGee's. My goal against Jim McGee, in the championship match, was from a pass from Steve Tarr, and Tarrs/Tara's must therefore be from the Taro river! Wikipedia says that Ananes Gauls lived between the Taro and Trebia rivers!!!

So, this update has the Five's included in a 5-GEE scenario. The Letts/Late's, first found in Gloucestershire with STEVENs, have a different-colors version of the Fife Chief, and both surnames have the same Chief-Shield colors, yet the Letts/Late's have the Annandale Chief-and-saltire in colors reversed! Helens chocoLATE on the landing's door knob. [I didn't load Gee-like Geys/Gays until this insert was finished, and they share the Five chevron.]

Just as I ended the paragraph above, a song ("Sweet By and By") was singing "beautiful SHORE," and I was thinking at that very second that the Fife's share a red lion in both Shield and Crest with Virgins. The Sleeping Beauty dream had me on the SHORE of an island that I see as Epstein's island i.e. in the VIRGIN islands! Coincidence? No, because I then realized that the Virgins have a red lion head in Crest, symbol of Muscats, while Muschats (Essex, same as Waters) share the Water and Epstein Coat! Zinger.

I've just loaded By's as per the song above, and they are listed with Boys/Bie's, with bees in the colors of the Italian Boso/Busi bull (holds a card), relevant because Italian Boys use a bull and even the same stars as Five's. I think that God gave this songline miracle, for Italian Boys have variations like "Boet/Boetti/Bovet," like the Bowds/Boweds with which bull-using Beautys are listed. I'm impressed, especially as another variation of Italian Boys is "Bove" while French Bove's (Lorraine) have a chevron in the colors of the two of Sweets! SWEET BY and BY at our service! This is the Biden/Button / Bute/Butt/Boet bloodline. The Boso/Busi bull is in the colors of the Mountain bulls. English Mountains, Essex with Muschats. This is a very happy story in spite of the comet in the sea, which will be for us, not against us. Trust THE PLAN, but not Q's plan.

The Bows/BOUGH's share the bow with Bude's, and have the motto of Book-loving Roets. Books/BOGGs were first found in Berwickshire with By's/Bie's! Incredible. If you know the story of how the bulldog in the pool with the shark (Sleeping Beauty dream) pointed to the husband (HW Kilpatrick) of Miss Hicks posing with Spuds MacKenzie (1987 in the Baytown Sun), let me repeat that Spuds is the bulldog MASCOT (like "Muscat") of BUD Light beer, for Buds are listed with Bude' looking like a Beauty branch. God is clever. Muscats list Muscots. In this way, Miss Muschatov seems to be a semi-fulfillment of Sleeping Beauty. Here's a not-good but good-enough photo of Mr. Kilpatrick and Spuds:

Kilpatricks were first found in Dumfries with McGee's, and Miss Hicks (Mrs. Kilpatrick) pointed to McGee's, I believe, at the Get'n Go in what was otherwise a pointer to 9-11 crimes that led to the subjugation of the United States to the globogoon spies (e.g. "Patriot Act" by George Bush). The Get'n Go pointed to Gows/McGoo's, first found in Inverness-shire (near trophy-like Troops of Banffshire) with the Grands who share the flaming rock of MacKenzie's. Isn't Apophis going to become a flaming rock IF it streaks through the air? Spuds is a bulldog, and Bullys (Dumfries) use a flaming heart.

Ah, while Stanley sat beside Miss Hicks at the 9-11 memorial in 2002, there's a WINstanley location (of the Banks), and MacKenzie's are Whinnie's too. It's just that MacKenzie's share the Stanley stag head, and I had been wondering which other surnames the MacKenzie stag head might have derived. Banks were also at Bank Newton while Newtons (Cheshire, same as MalBANC-related Malls) use an "EASTERn prince" that can go with the Easter variation of the Asters in the MacKenzie motto! Winstanleys even have a Prince-like "Prenez" motto term that could be for Prince's, or for the Preens'/Prins (Pero/PERINO / Perno / Perin / Perrin branch?) having one of the double Winstanley fesses (in Perin colors). Malls have a near-copy of the Eure/URE Coat, and MacKenzie's use an "uro" motto term.

Newtons use "shin bones," and I can make a good case for Shins/Chinns/Chings being a branch of Kims and McKinneys. Shins/Chinns/Chings share the Coat of Kemmis'/Kenys', the latter first found in Gloucestershire with Holders, and Holdens share the "allerion" (beakless eagle) with Preen- / Prince-like Perins. The Holder's Hold branch happens to have double fesses in colors reversed from the same of Winstanleys. Holds were first found in Lancashire with Winstanleys and Holdens, and the great thing is, the Changers (Hampshire, same as Easter/Aster-branch Sturs/STOWers) in the Stanley motto have three of the Winstanley fesses, in colors reversed from the three of STOWs/Stouts, and the latter were not only first found in Cambridgeshire with Stanleys, they have three of the two Hold fesses while Holds and Stows/Stouts both have the same fitchee in Chief. If that's not enough, the Cam river flows at Cambridge, and Cams were first found in Gloucestershire with Kemmis'/Kenys. All of that has potential to partake in whatever God intended with Spuds MacKenzie.

Stanleys are said to descend from Audleys, who share the fret of Berkshire's, and while Berkshire is where Berk-like Biks/Bikers were first found, Stanleys (share blue bend with Berkshire) have a blue-bend version of the Bik/Biker Coat. Berkers/Barkers (share green griffin head with Leslie's) were first found in Cambridgeshire with Stanleys (almost the Leslie Coat).

I didn't realize that one of the photos (top-right) in the page above has a trophy (at least it looks like one), and so as Miss Hicks was the "trophy girl" in that cook-out contest, she must be the woman holding the trophy. I can't make out the face to verify that it's her. God gave the Sleeping Beauty dream with these photos prepared for you (how can I deny you them?). They are still online 34 years after the event.

I link Sweets to Sewards, the latter first found in Essex, and looking connectable to, Muschats. SWIEToslawa was the daughter of MIESZKo I of Poland, beside the Ukraine, and this family married the Kiev Varangians when Casimir of Poland married Maria. Casimir was the son of Mieszko II and Richeza of Lorraine, suggesting that this line was to By-connectable Bove's (Lorraine). SWEET BY and By. Diane MUSCHATov pointed to a Kiev theater's crocodile-shoe store. This should explain why mascot-like Muscats/Muscots have two of the Biden/Button / Bute/Butt/Boet chevrons. Not only does this line look like that of Beautys/Bows/Boweds, but Sleeping Beauty came to be with the mascot for BUD beer. Isn't that a hoot? Beers were first found in Devon with Hoods/Hoots, and she was first seen at a hood.

In the dream, Beauty and I emBRACEd, a pointer to Bracebridge's who have a "Be AS" motto phrase that can be for the Bee's/Beas', like the Bie variation of Bys/Boys. Or, "Be as" can be for two distinct surnames. For example, MacKenzie's have a "SIC itur AS astra" motto to go with the "sic itur ad astra" phrase of Fiscs. The ASS/Assi surname uses a Fisc-like fasces, and while I always link Ass'/Assi's to Justine's, the latter share a gold-on-blue border with MacKenzie's. Ass'/Assi's share the weight scale with the Cass'/Cash's who in turn share fountains with the Sichs/Sykes' ("ASSIduus") expected in "Sic." Cass'/Cash's share the Coat of Kilpatrick-linkable Kiss'/Cush's, and she was Sleeping Beauty because I decided to kiss her awake. The fountains in the three Coats above have the triple-wavy fesses of Sea's in colors reversed. Apophincidence? "AssiDUUS" can be code also for the Duse variation of Dossens/Duesters who almost have the Landen/Lander / Langley pale bars.

Apophis is an ASTERoid, a rock. "As ASTRA" is the MacKenzie motto phrase, and the other Scottish MacKenzie's have a flaming rock. Is this not absolutely impressive? Miss Hicks was used with Spuds MacKenzie because she points to the Apophis asteroid, it has to be, for how can these things be coincidental? If they are not coincidental, then it seems that this asteroid is going to hit. German Lange's share the Holder griffin, as well as three arrows of different colors with the three of Buds who in turn share the dancetty-fesse of Holders. Buds are being looked at because Spuds is the mascot for Bud beer. I'm asking where Lands/Landens/Landers are suggesting that the asteroid is landing. Landins/Landons (share bears with Beers) were first found in Cornwall with Buds. What think ye of this theory?

If heraldic ermine SPOTs are code for a Spud(s)-like surname, note that nothing but giant ermine spots are used by French Balls while English Balls have a fireball. Spottons are listed with Spauldings/Spoltons, first found in Lincolnshire with Ermine's/Armys (giant ermine spot). That works. The Ermine/Army (and Annandale) saltire is in the colors of the shovels-by-saltire of Spuds-like Spade's.

There's a rare seven-pointed star in the Bud Crest; I don't know of another surname with a seven-pointed star, though I have it recorded in early files that it was an estoile to match the same-colored one of English Bute's/Butts. Perhaps the seven points are code for Septons, first found in Lancashire with Saxons/Sextons/Septons, Bottle's/BUThills, and the Holds having two of the Holder fesses. Holds were at ASHworth, linkable to Ash's, and to the Ass'/Assi's suspect in the MacKenzie motto. While English Ash's are said to be from D'Esse Court (a person), the COURTis'/Curtis' share the dancetty fesse of Buds and Holders. What make ye of that? How can any of this solidify the MacKenzie pointer to Apophis?

The giant eagle of Septons is colors reversed from the same of Grieve's/Grave's/Griefs, and the latter were first found in Gloucestershire with Holders. If the esTOILE is part-code for the Esse variation of Ash's, and part-code for the Toile variation of Tools, let's add that the Tool Chief is the Tolle/Tull Chief too. The important part here is that Fiscs use "ad astra" while sharing the pyramid with Tolle's/Tulls and BattiSTELLI's. Batti's (share eight-pointed stars of different colors with Stelli's) are also Butt-like Botto's. Plus, the PRYamid can be part-code for flaming-star Pero's/Perino's. We have a lot of stars by starting with Buds and following it to this point. Can't the pyramid have become a symbol created by Hyksos liners, since they ruled Egypt? So did the Meshwesh as per the 21st dynasty.

The estoile was made into a jellyfish-like item, though it is, at its face-value, to be interpreted as "starlet" of star-like," which is why I've assumed it to be part-code for Este / Aster liners. JELLs/Jills/Gells (Yorkshire, same as Gale's, Gills and Jollys) use stars, you see, and they share the bend of both Grief-connectable Gripps/Grape's/Grabbens and Varns. The latter were first found in Ayrshire with Jellys (gold garb bundled by two snakes). Wagrian-suspect WAGers were first found in Yorkshire too. Wagrians lived on the Warnow river of the VARNi. Jellys share the chevron of WAGE's/Watch's, first found in Cornwall with Buds and Wassa's/WACE's, and while the latter were proto-Washingtons, the latter have the Coat of Cantons/Gantons (Yorkshire again) in colors reversed. Wager-like Walkers were first found in Yorkshire, and Walks ("Industria") are also Wachs (share gold garb with Jellys and Wakefields). Wake's share double-red fesses with Washingtons.

It should be recorded that English Jollys have one of the double Canton fesses, and that the Jolley fesse is ermined, as are the two of Sleeps in the same colors. At the moment, I don't see how Jollys should connect to Sleeping Beauty.

If the MacKenzie rock is called a FLAMING rock or rock in flames, it can connect to the so-called "flaming star" of Pero's/Perino's, and the latter has a tail just like the so-called "comet" of Reines'. The Flemings have a rare red shade that's used by the Saxon/Septon "chaplets." Stars use the gold estoile, but, frankly, what I'd really like to see is a bulldog, no beating around the bush.

Mythical HephAEStus (metal maker) was related to Aix terms meaning "iron," and he was the god of Lemnos, location of Myrina, the namer of mythical Myrina, an Amazon goddess at the Atlas mountains (Africa) who depicted African Amazons / Meshwesh to which the Massena / Kenza Numidians belonged. I have solid reasons for tracing queen "Kenza" to "MacKENZie." The Lemnites of Lemnos named the Lemovices namers of Limousin, where Comets were first found. Doesn't it appear that HephAEStus portrayed the Assi people group to the "as astra" motto phrase of MacKenzie's? The Comet towers may be named after "turris," from the Tuareg Amazons of Africa. That was my theory many years ago. MacKenzie's use "iTUR," suspect with ITUReans, because, if I recall correctly, king IDRis, husband of Kenza, was Iturean. English Shaws use "patITUR."

Kenza lived in Aures, and the Aures/Aur Coat is a version of the Ure Coat. MacKenzie's use "uro," and Hicks use "heure." Eure's are also Ure's. The other fulfillment of Sleeping Beauty is Ainsley Earhardt, and she worked for KENS TV (San Antonio). She married Mr. McKINNEY. It may be relevant that while Sleeping Beauty has a wake theme, Wake's (ORR kin) share the double fesses of meteOR-like Meters.

Fiscs share the pyramid with Tolle's/Tulls, first found in Staffordshire with Hicksons, and the Tolle/Tull anchors are in the colors of the Hickson talons. They are black anchors to match the black ones of vaccine-pointing Graffs/Graffens and Ferris'. The latter were first found in Staffordshire too! I can hardly believe this. What are the chances that the Tolle/Tull Chief is that also of trophy-like Trope's/Drops in the red drops of the Kilpatrick Crest??? Kilpatricks use Cush-like cushions.

Recall the phrase, "beautiful shore," in the song, Sweet By and By, for the Sure's in the Kilpatrick motto are listed with Shore's!!! Boy oh boy, that snuck up on me. The motto is, "I MAKE sure," partly for Maxwells/Makeswells, a pointer to Guislaine Maxwell, right? Sure's/Shore's share holly with the "holly bush" in the Maxwell Crest. Hollys were a branch of Hole's/Halls possibly in the blow hole we saw. God's about to do a little spraying from his nose too, when the meteorite comes like snot upon the International bankers, when that comet sneaks up on them, after the wisemen assure them that it won't hit the planet. Is this how it will go? I guess we'll find out soon. Can Fauci live / reign that long? Who might replace him? Make no mistake about it, the Creator is appalled at this generation. If only it was just mere snot, they would survive it. But the snots of the elite class will be destroyed with pain / fear levels they never imagined.

Sure's/Shore's were first found at Mickleover (Derbyshire), and Mickle's happen to share the spur (Kilpatrick connectable) with the Little-branch Liddle's who named Liddesdale, where Mickle's were first found. I have Sleeping-Beauty reasons to seeing the Lofwick/Lovick saltire as that of Little's and Kilpatricks, for Lofwicks/Lovicks even share bulls in the colors of the Beauty bulls. Mickle's are in Hickson colors and format. Hicksons were from Hyksos, weren't they? Mickle's share the black hunting horn with the Patch's while the Irish Kilpatricks/Sheera's (share Masci fleur), sharing the Little saltire, once showed a Patchie variation (I wonder why houseofnames removed it even though entering "Patchie" gets the Kilpatrick/Sheera Coat to come up). Kilpatricks were at Closeburn, and Close's (another spur) have the Macey Coat plus some, including another black hunting horn.

Mickle-like Micks/Mikulas' share the triple fesses of poison-like Poussins and of Moise's/Moissons. Moise-like Moys/Moses'/Moesens (from Moesians) have a single pale bar in the colors of the same of Tulls/Tullia's. I see the Hyksos as becoming the Moesians > Masci's. Yup, I must be from the Hyksos. But blood counts for nothing. I take Moses' side over Apophis, that's what counts. Tulls/Tullia's use BUTTerflies on their pale bar, and Flys were first found in Hampshire with Buttons/Bidens. See anything worthy of hitting with a blazing rock?

German Tolle's (compare with Dole's), first found in Mecklenburg with whale-liner Dols and Schwerins (compare with Popoli's), share the checks of Pepoli's (compare with Bracebridge's). Are we back to Apophis/Apepi? Sure looks like it. Did the vaccine fiends poison people? God is mean in a beautiful way, because he's conspiring secretly to poison their waters, as they deserve, because He loves us whom they persecute. TRUST THE PLAN. Be a wise virgin, prepare for what you see coming. Bracebridge's: "Be as God wills."

Repeat: "Mickle-like Micks/Mikulas' share the triple fesses of poison-like Poussins and of Moise's/Moissons." Dr. Judy MIKovits writes and talks about poison vaccines, and while Lofwick was the home of Towers (share Comet tower), the Towers were also at Sowerby while Sowerbys/SourBUTTs share the annulet of Vito's who in turn have a giant annulet in the colors of the giant crescent of VITS/Witts. Judy MikoVITS!!! Excellent, especially as Love's/Luffs were kin of Cheeks/Chicks who in turn show nothing but three of the Vits/Witt crescent. As Vito's were first found in TARVISium, by what coincidence do Judy-like Irish Jude's/Judge's almost have the TRAVIS Coat??? That is some piece of work.

I have told the story before about my near-crash at the intersection of MAJOR MACKENZIE drive and Woodbine avenue, on the way home (pre-Christian days) from watching CHEECH and Chong live. The Cheech variation of Cheeks/Chicks was the topic of that event, and it included the Curbys/Kirbys (partly because I almost crashed into the curb) who have a good reflection of the English Jude Coat. Curbys use the anchor, and Majors were Anchor kin. Majors even have a reflection of the Kirk Coat, and Curbys named Kirkby. I almost drove into the curb while making a left turn during which the car was pointing directly at the large property of Colin Cowley, one of my high-school friends whose place I visited many times. Colins and Cowleys are both listed with English Collins', and Frances Collins is Tony Fauci's boss. Judy Mikovits rails against Fauci! I think I get it.

The Sowerbys/Sourbutts have a fair reflection of the Woodbine Coat, which isn't good enough to mention however, yet I'm including it because the Curby Crest is linkable to FairHOLME's while the Woodbine's look like kin of Holme's who in turn share the lion head of Cheek-related Love's/Luffs. That is purdy-good stuff, and the Woodbine lion, red like the Holme lion head, can be the giant red lion of Sours/Sauers. While this near-crash story seems to touch upon Judy Mikovits, especially due to the "vide" motto term of Holme's (suspect with the Vido variation of Vito's), I started this paragraph wondering whether the near-crash on Major MacKenzie is a pointer to the Apophis comet along with MacKenzie's. Kirkby is in Furness, and the Furness' are also Furnace's. Won't the asteroid make the sea floor a furnace? The car which I was driving was a FIREbird.

Here's from the 2nd update in May, 2018: "In the last update, I started to talk about the night I did a perfect, circular turn from a set of traffic lights, but, three-quarters into the turn, I saw myself headed straight for the meridian...The corner was at Woodbine Avenue and Major MacKenzie drive. One thing I didn't mention is that while Kenzie's/Kenneths [the MacKenzie's] are from queen Kenza of Aures [Numidia], that's where Shawia lived suspect with Sava's/Savage's..." The Sours/Sauers are said to be of the Sau = Sava river! The Towers of Sowerby share the Comet tower, keep this in mind. The Aurs/Aures' once showed a full and giant red lion in the Shield, same as Sauers/Sours, but now show a red lion head only, same as they have long shown in their Crest, which is the red lion head in the Holme Crest. Aurs/Aures' were first found in Bavaria with Bauers, yet Bauers are said to have been first found also in Austria, where Sauers/Sours were first found (at the upper Sava river). The Shawia Numidians must have named the Sava river roughly when the Numidians from king Massena named the Maezaei upon the Sava.

This goes to the Chives'/Shewas', but I now want to go back to the Shivers/Cheevers, as per the shivers motion of Mamie in the SLEEPing BAG, for Sleeps are from the Selepitanoi Illyrians, to the adjacent north of the Cavii Illyrians whom I can link excellently to Chives'/Shewas'. Scottish Shaws, in Comyn / Comet colors, mention the Comyns, and the latter share the dagger with the Scottish Shaws. The latter have a "mean" motto term while both Mean surnames look like branches of Mens'/Meme's/Mames'. Comyns were from Kuman of Fier county, the line to Fairholme's and similar others (perhaps even the Fire's), not too far south of the Cavii. Bags were first found in Norfolk with Comyns and Wheats/WEEts while Weeds have the double Sleep fesses in colors reversed. Bagleys (Shropshire, same as Sleeps) named Bagley-Woods, and Woods, perhaps the namers of Woodbine's, use a savage for Sava's/Savage's. If WoodBINE's were a Wood-Bine merger, how about the Bine's/Binds/Vynds sharing the double fesses of Weeds?

The intersection at which I almost crashed is 1.25 miles north of Buttonville, home of MARY Nigro. Nigro's use "ears of wheat," which suddenly makes Wheats/Weets, in Curby / Coffer / Jude colors, suspect with Vits'/Witts!!! Why should Judy Mikovits be in this? Chives'/Shewas' were first found in Tarves, and Vito's/Vido's first found in Tarvisium, and Travers/Travis almost have the Coat of Irish Jude's/Judge's. Why should virus-expert Judy Mikovits be here? Marys share the red lion with Woodbine's and Sours/Sauers.

The Tower surname of Sowerby was also at Ely; the incredible thing is that Vits/Witts share the crescent of eel-using Foys (Irish), which must be the crescent of Chapmans (Ely colors) because they were first found in Cambridgeshire with the Isle of Ely. The "bellows" of eel-using Ships can be entertained with the expected billowing waves from Apophis. The Picots/Pigots, able to point to the fireball of Balls, use a "foys" motto term.

Mary got me a job at Knob Hills FARMs at the southern end of Buttonville, and while Buttonville was named after John Button, Vito's/Vido's are Bittini's too while Buttons/BIDENs share the chapeau (hat) with the Holme Crest. The Holme chapeau is on the red lion head of Fairholme-connectable FARMers, and then the farm of Vito De Filippis, which I worked on at age 15, is just two miles to the north of the near-cash site, on the northern side of VICTORIA Square, and Curbys ("Firm," like the "ferme" of Square's) happen to share the crescents of Coffers/CofFARE's, in the colors of Coffee's/Coffers who in turn use a "victoria" motto term. Why are all of these links happening here? Mary Nigro was at my HAT-trick hockey game in Unionville (age 16), 2.5 miles east of the crash site, and Unionville is where Christine Masters was the first girl to kiss me, on the CHEEK. Masts/Masters have worked all-around into Apophis-asteroid themes. But why would God, if in fact He did, choose the near-crash to be on Cheech-and-Chong night? Could it be because Chongs are listed with a Chinese surname?

I was driving a FIREbird, and Fire's were first found in Austria with Sauers/Sours and proto-Rothchild Bauers. The asteROID caused me to look up Roiders because Reuters share the upright horse (different colors) with Jewish Rothchilds who in turn have a bend colors reversed from Asters. It makes sense to me that the asteroid will crash on earth to spoil the fat-cat bankers. The upright Rothchild horse is in the colors of the upright Fire unicorn, both giant and looking very connectable. As it turned out just now, Jewish Rothchilds came up as "ROITer." The asterROIT is coming. The Fire unicorn is also that of RASmussens who in turn have the Pepin / Pipe bend-with-fleur, and Ras' are listed with the Rose's seen upon the Rothchild/Roiter bend.

The Firebird behooves a look at Birds, at Great BOUGHton, and Rothschild-liner Roets share the Bow/BOUGH motto. The Assmann variation of Rasmussens (no doubt Massena-line Numidians) named ASSmannshausen at RUDESheim, and Rudes' (share "Cruce" with Birds) look meanly suspicious. Rasmussens: "The name was first seated in Frankfort from about the 14th century..." If that's Frankfurt, then Rasmussens were there four centuries before Mayer Bauer-Rothchild of Frankfurt, and while the latter engaged with a prince of Hesse-Cassel, Rasmussens were first found in Hesse.

Okie-dokie, so we just saw RasMUSSENs, likely from Numidians, same as MacKENZEie's with as "AS" motto term, and then we saw ASSmanns, likely a branch of Asmans (Massey fleur-de-lys), feasibly from the ancient Asi/Assi = Asians, where Hyksos derived. It recalls the "ASSIduus" motto term of Sichs suspect in the "Sic" motto term of MacKenzie's, and if "AssiDUUS" can be code for the Duse variation of Dossens/DUESTERS, I can now add that Dusters are suspect as Rothchild ("not "Rothschild") kin, and suspect also in the "inDUSTria" motto term of an Arms of Rothschild. Duse's/Duesters almost have the Landen/Lander / Langley pale bars.

Asmans look like Lorraine kin, but instead of using the Mieszko eagles, as Lorraine's do, Asmans place the Massey fleur-de-lys on the bend, all in the same three colors. Then, instead of the lion that I think is the Lyon lion in the Lorraine Coat, the Asmans have black dog heads, same as Pape's/Papenburgs. I recall that Scottish Pape's/Pope's were first found in Perthshire, which is where Lyons were first found. I believe God showed that Mamie represents surnames and individuals (e.g. Mummolin, Babon, Grimo) descended from Pepin-of-Merovingian lines through Rusticus of Lyon, ancestor of Mummolin (held the same office as Pepin of Landen). Pape's/Pope's are now said to be first found in CAITHness, named after the Chatti of Hesse-Cassel, where Mr. Banker de Rothchild was engaged, and roughly where Rasmussens were first found.

This explains why I first met Mamie on my last night with Lorraine. They were both pointing to Pepin of Landen, and I now have reason to believe that God "wasted" so much of my time on heraldic linkage -- that almost nobody can follow, or cares to follow -- because He planned all along to signal the LANDING of Apophis on earth during the last seven years, likely in the last half of those years. It's giving us clue to the near pin-pointed timing of Jesus return...but what if I'm wrong about Apophis? I dislike this uncertainty.

Comets are all rock, no ice at all. Evolutionist goofs claimed in decades past that comets are ice balls because their physics can't explain comet tails otherwise. But I can explain the tails from pure rocks because gravity repels electrons from rocks as they approach a gravity source. Everything approaching a gravity source loses electrons, and they flow away from the gravity source. That's a fact I personally discovered. IT'S A FACT, mark my words. No snow/ice has ever been seen on a comet, sorry, the whole idea is goofy-ridiculous, an idea of apemen not yet come of age. They remain in the dark ages while claiming to be enlightened. Comets orbit the sun differently than asteroids; asteroids have more-circular orbits, and as such they do not approach solar gravity as deeply to produce brilliant tails. The faster an object falls to a gravity source, the more rapid the loss of electrons from ALL it's atoms. FACT.

If I call Apophis a comet, it's only as per the Reines comet, and the Comet surname / bloodlines, as they might apply. Miss Hicks has a Rena middle name according to some phone directories, and so I can see God claiming to us that she's from the Apophis Hyksos. I see Comets as the Conte's/Comitissa's and the Maschi-loving Cone branch. John de BURGo de Comyns and CONTEville (reportedly married in Meulan) is the line to Irish Burghs/Berks, who have the cross of German Jude's for another potential pointer to Judy Mikovitz, and while Vits'/Witts seems like a Vito branch, Vito's share a giant annulet (different colors) with Spanish Burgos'. It had been noted that Vits'/Witts use the crescent of Foys, and Irish Burghs/Bergs even have a "foy" motto term. Meulan is where Leavells married who share the piles of Yonge's/Youngs expected in the three "ung" motto terms of Burghs/Berks. Ignore those who say John de Burgo is fictitious, for heraldry bears him out (some historians don't approve of certain genealogies if they obliterate their own).

From the webpage above: "John, Earl of Comyn, and Baron of Tonsburgh, in Normandy, being general of the king's forces and governor of his chief towns, there obtained the surname "De Burgh," and took his motto, "Ung roy, ung foy, ung loy," from that of Caen, a chief town in his jurisdiction. He had issue. The eldest son, Harlowen de Burgh, m. Arlotta, mother of William the Conqueror..." As the mother of the Conqueror was daughter of Fulbert "the tanner," it explains why Vits'/Witts share the Chief-Shield colors of Tanners (probably share the William dog). German Tanners share the pine CONE with Maschi's while Harlowen de Burgh de Conteville above was the grandfather of le Meschin's mother. Masci's were first found in Piedmont with the TANARo river. Capeesh? Massey liners were from Hyksos. The comet is coming, it really does seem to be true. I'm out on a ledge here, but it really does seem to be true.

While Kilpatricks share the Masci fleur-de-lys, the Kilpatrick dagger (the thing with red DROPs) is the one of Comyns, the latter in Comet colors and format. Dig? Kilpatricks love the Sure's/Shore's who share the motto of Caens, and we saw Caen in the quote above as pertaining to the motto of John de Burgo. Trophy-like Trope's/Drops were first found in Norfolk with Comyns. The husband of Miss Hicks was Hamilton Kilpatrick, and Hamiltons were first found in RENfrewshire. I purchased a giant fiberglass bulldog from Hamilton, Ontario, in 1994, the year I first saw Miss Hicks.

The Comyn Coat is almost that of Pepper-like Peverels, the latter said to have been PIPERells. Pipers have a unicorn head in the white of the Pepin / Pipe horse heads. Pipers look like kin of Nagle's, Gale's (Yorkshire, same as Sailers), and Sailers, and the Nagle NIGHTingale can be for spur-using Knights expected with the Nitt/Naught namers of the Nith river, location of Kilpatrick castle (at Closeburn). The "SEMINa" motto term of Gale's (unicorn head) must be for the Sea-branch Seamans/Semans or the Semine variation of English Simons.

Little Saint James in the Virgin Islands. Virgins use "nunQUAM," and "quam" (for the Cam river, I assume) is used by Cambridge's while Muscats were first found in Cambridgeshire (beside Essex's Muschats). Helen and I were seeing each other when I bumped into Diane MUSCHATov, after not seeing her for 20 years, in a grocery store. She came to greet me when she saw me. I remember asking her to come visit, but then I had to tell her that I was with another woman (Helen) at the time. That's how I remember the timing of meeting her. Diane was my blond date for a couple of months in the first winter after the Sleeping Beauty dream, and I was wondering whether she was blond Sleeping Beauty herself.

It just so happens that Cams (Gloucestershire, same as Pipe-loving Letts/Late's) share six pale bars (different colors) with Landens/Landers / Langleys / Longfords / Langfords, all connectable to Pepin of Landen! Zikers. I get it, for the Cam river of Cambridge must have been named after Camulos, the wicked god that named CAMULodunum in Essex. The Pipe and Pepin camel heads, you see? "The River Cam...flows north and east into the Great Ouse to the south of Ely at POPE's Corner." Elys, probably in the eel of Skipton-like Ships/Shiptons, have a version of the Craven / Rick Coat. The Elys may have been a branch of Elias'/Elyas', first found in West Lothian with Tenants.

Just realized that Muschatov's first name, Diane, is listed with Deins/Deans sharing the Pepper lion, and both surnames use the same demi-lion in Crest! If the Calle/Cale whale is SPRAYing water, note that Sprays/Spree's share the Diane/Dein/Dean, Speer/Speyer and CROC crescent. Speers/Speyers were first found in Renfrewshire with the Simple's in the Spray/Speer motto, and then Perkins/Parkings use "Simplex." The Irish Dene's (CROCodile) sharing the Diane/Dein/Dean motto share the double fesses of Muscats. It looks Arranged, perhaps to the point where God chose Muschatov's first name.

The Dene crocoDILE must be part-code for Dile's because they share the giant Diane/Dean/Dein lion. Crocs have a version of the Covert/Coffert Coat, and the latter were first found in Sussex with Diane's/Deans/Deins. It seems that God is asking me to identify the Covert / Croc fesse with the two of Sleeps (Shropshire, same as Crocs) because they are colors reversed from the two of Irish Dene's and Muscats. But why? Well, Sleeping Beauty was on Epstein's island, and Muschats have the Epstein Coat.

Plus, the Dile's were first found in Warwickshire while Warwicks share the triple lions of JAMES', and the latter were first found in Surrey with the Fiddle's expected in the "fideli" motto term of Dene's and Diane's/Deans/Deins. Epstein's island is/was, Little Saint James. Some of this paragraph has new material leading us to here, and the next new thing: Little's share the lone Croc crescent! Zikers, and the Little Crest is the Covert/Coffert Crest too. Little's are said to have been closely associated with James-related Douglas'. Diane Muschatov was a pointer to Biden-Ukrainian corruption (at Burisma), but she's now also pointing hard to Sleeping Beauty's prostitute interpretation i.e. an Epstein prostitute. As Little's are said to have had a branch not many miles east of Annandale, the Little's may be using the Kilpatrick saltire, which makes Sleeping-Beauty sense.

It recalls my recent story of a woman I thought was a prostitute (maybe just a stripper) at the Warwick hotel, in an event that took place as little as a month before the Sleeping Beauty dream (about a week after my Conversion). The triple Warwick / James lions are those also of Chicks (Essex, same as Muschats and Waters!) while Checks/Chicks (kin of Muscat-related Love's/Luffs!) share the Little / Croc / Diane crescent again! The lion under discussion is used by Falls/Fallis' and Pools (Dorset, same as Beautys), whom I claim were involved with the bulldog (= Trump) that went for a FALL into the POOL with shark as the Sleeping Beauty dream began. A shark tank is owned by Igor KoloMOISKy of Ukraine, who was/is on the board of Burisma, a company owned by Michael Zlochevsky who in turn owns/owned a crocodile-leather shoe boutique in Ukraine. Diane's parents still had their Ukrainian accent.

The connecting to Falls/Fallis' in the logistics above allows us to enter the Sinclairs/SAINTs, because they lived in Midlothian, where Falls'/Fallis' were first found. That completes Little SAINT James. Let the war begin, and do take sides with Jesus, because the rest are very sick people, who will become incurably sick in their souls, in their minds, in their bones, a horrible end to them. It is coming, don't forget.

Ahh, I must now add that Miss Covert, when she was emailing me years ago, lived in POST FALLS, a few miles from Aryan Nations (neo-nazis, or maybe just white supremacists) in Hayden Lake. She married Mr. Dein, you see, and Diane's/Deans/Deins were first found in Sussex with Coverts/Coverts. The Posts (Hampshire, beside Poole of Dorset) happen to share the Pool Coat! POST FALLS seems to be pointing to the Falls/Fallis and Pools, therefore, suggesting a nazi backdrop for the shark in the pool. I trace Warwicks to the namers of Warsaw, Poland, and I saw Mr. Dein and his son listed with an address in Warsaw, Indiana, while the WARS white supremacists were in Indiana.

Plus, when I met Diane, her friend was Kim, partly a native INDIAN i.e. like "Indiana." It just so happens that Kims share the McKinney Coat, and while Ainsley Earhardt married Mr. McKinney, she has a daughter (with another man), Hayden. Why should this picture be a pointer, if indeed it is, to Hayden Lake's supremacists? Is Fox news going to go Bushite-tyrantinian? Looks like it's on its way. Miss Covert told me of her dream (about 2010), where the United States was in a crisis state due to tyrants, and Americans were trying to pour across the Niagara bridge into canada to save themselves. Why, really, did Trump build the wall on the southern border? To keep Americans jailed-in during a coming, artificial crisis? Why do Italian Diana's share three crowns in the same colors with Corons/Corona's? End insert]

If the Calle/Cale whale is not on "water" officially, it is blowing water from its blow hole. I don't know if it's officially called a blow hole, but I do know that Hole's/Halls and Hulls have the three dog heads of German Pape's in colors reversed. Hulls were at Yorkshire's Kingston Upon Hull, and Kingstons share the giant lion (almost) of Papps. The Well lion is colors reversed from the Papp lion, and as Papps were first found in Piedmont with Monforte, it can explain why Montforts and Wells both put double tails on their one lion. Papps have a unique thing going on with their lion's tail. Monforte is beside Bra, but I don't know whether Helen was wearing a bra at the bare-breast event on the landing. Helens have Pepin-connectable horse heads in the colors of the three dog heads of German Pape's.

Waters were first found in Essex with CAMULodunum, and while Pepins and Pipe's use the camel, the Letts/LATE's (organ PIPES), share the Celle/Celles Coat beneath their Chief. As I said, David (her previous man) left a chocoLATE treat on her door knob, on the door that opens up to the landing where her breast event had taken place as little as days earlier. So, it does seem that the God put that chocolate there to point to the Pipe bloodline from king Apophis/Apepi. If the chocolate is a pointer also to Chochs, they and their Chalk branch show only three wavy fesses in white looking linkable to the Call/Calles trumpets and the Shoot swords. The thing is, triple-wavy fesses in white are used also by Sea's, the latter first found in Kent with Chalks!!! Chocks and Chalks share the swan with Papa's.

The 2nd Trumpet has the blazing mountain into the sea to destroy a third of ships. Where? How can one falling rock destroy a third of ships worldwide? A giant WAVE going out in all directions in the Atlantic or Pacific? Aren't we seeing wavy bars here, like waves of the sea? The heraldic wave is suspect (by me) with Seal-connectable Weavers, for Webbers (Pepin bend-with-fleur in colors reversed) use wavy bars. A so-called "wave" is in the Chief of Waleran-like Valerys/Valliers.

The Wallys/Whalleys and Whale's/Whele's share the black canton, and Cantons/Gantons (possibly from Gaunt, near Landen) happen to have the Washington Coat in colors reversed. The Canton Chief shares the stars of Italian Amori's/Damori's, and English Amore's and Damorys/Amori's have bars looking linkable both to the double fesses of Cantons/Gantons / Washingtons, but to the wavy fesses of Chochs / Chalks. Washingtons were once said to be first found in Lancashire, where Wallys/Whalleys were first found. If Biss' are in the Waleran motto, compare Biss' to German Walls.

Camulodunum became Colchester, and so see the write-up of English Este's (share Pepin / Pipe horse heads): "The surname Est was first found in Essex where they held a family seat from very early times in the town of Colchester." The By-like Bays, sharing the double fesses of Maness'/Manners, first found in Colchester too, and Maness'/Manners were a branch of Pepin- and Popham-beloved Mens'. French Bays are in the colors and format of the By/Boy/Bie bees, and while Bessens use bees too, they are in the colors and format of Poppys/Popleys. The latter are in Mail colors and near-format, recalling Helen's card into my mailbox. The Spuds-MacKenzie photo is in BAYtown, and that conversation pointed to Buds/Bude's (Bute/Butt colors) and Beautys/Bowds, and so let me add that the Crest of English Este's once showed the black horsehead still showing now in the English Bute/Butt Crest. Helens use black horse heads. Bude is a location in Cornwall, and Cole's were first found in Cornwall who share the black bull with Beautys/Bowds.

The English Bute's/Budds are linkable to Falls'/Fallis' because, for one, they are said to have been in Falaise. Fellers almost have the BOTHwell Coat, and while I've read that Bothwells were from Bute, both surnames share the Bute/Butt chevron. The Revelation rock will fall, and Fellers can be identified with Rockefellers. French Rocks/Roque's were first found in Languedoc, same as Roquefeuil and Mountains, and then the Arms of Roquefeuil are in the colors of English Rocks.

If the Poussins and their Posey variation are in the Bute/Butt motto, why might that be? Poussins were first found in Oxfordshire with Ships/Shiptons, and the cosmic rock is going to destroy a third of ships. Isn't it amazing, therefore, that while the space rock will form BILLOWS of water toward land masses, where most boats are parked, that Ships/Shiptons use "bellows" for the Bellows that come up as "Billow." I think I get it. Just as the off-yer-rocker-fellas are persecuting the people of Jesus, God will give the fat cats a few destructive things to deal with, to fix, to preoccupy them.

The Callouville location of Bellows/Billows was linkable to Chalice's/Challes' (see chalice of Belows) and Calls/Calles', and so why not the Calle's/Cale's with the whale billowing out its nasal spray? The Billets, sharing the Bellow/Billow Coat, were first found in Devon with Seals.

I would suggest to you that there will be a lots of foods for 666 survivors to have, washing up on shores in the way of dead marine creatures, even whales. Yum yum. If you're starving, week-old salted whale meat, mmmm-mm, delicious. Bring lots of buckets, the whole gang, have a swim while you're at it, maybe pick up some floating hull debris to fix your leaky roof. God is good. Has anyone ever thought that this hunk of space debris could provide gigantic amounts of food? Sure, it will rot eventually, but not at first. Like when you peel off the rot from the outer part of a vegetable, the inner is still good. Ditto with fish. Put the good parts on the fire, have a feast. In April, the garden produce is not usually ready as food. A little help from the sky, much appreciated.

Will the fat cats take away our foods with the 666? Then God is justified in destroying their food-cargo ships, spilling foods for people to salvage before they rot. If the companies don't come collect it, it's finders-keepers. Won't this event become a world food shortage? Looks like. They punch us in the face, God punches them in the face. Who wins? The 2nd Trumpet is followed by the 2nd Bowl, and then by the 3rd Seal of food rationing. Makes sense from food shortages. Question: what packaged foods float? A can of herring almost floats. Beans don't float. Rice won't float either. Foods sealed in plastics with a bit of air could float.

What kind of cargo will be floating all around? Will it become finders-keepers? Will there be ships full of lumber destroyed, spilling all the lumber? It can't get any better than this, gifts from Heaven. God knows what we will need. Let Him be the end-time Robin Hood. The sheriff's going to be mad, though, and may want to arrest those who pillage cargo from the shores. Take at your own risk. But the marine food will be a free-for-all. Many marine creatures will be killed instantly by the energy wave of the rock-water collision. Maybe it'll knock off the fish scales for us. The 2nd Trumpet could be in the first year of the mandatory 666 period.

Would God Use a 2,000-Year Period Exactly?

When I read someone claiming that Tiberius had a joint rule with Augustus for two years between 12 and 14 AD, I interpreted the 15th year of Tiberius as 27 AD. The New Testament says that Jesus' ministry started in Tiberius' 15th year, but 29 AD DOES NOT WORK. I looked at the 46 years since the temple was started, a statement that was made by a mocker of Jesus in His first year of ministry, and that 46-year period, as best as I can recall, landed in either 26 or 27 AD. I chose 27, and tacked two years more because, contrary to the belief of some, Jesus had a ministry little more than two years long (I verified this). So, due to those positions, I had the "death" of Jesus in 29 AD, and as he died on Passover, in or near April, that's "exactly" 2,000 years from April 13, 2029, the arrival of Apophis.

However, when I settled on 29 instead of 28 AD, I didn't know what day of the week Passover was in either of those years. Later, I found this webpage claiming that Passover lands on Wednesday in both 28 and 31 AD. Knowing that Jesus died on a Wednesday (the vatican is out to lunch with a "Good Friday"), I tentatively changed my Crucifixion date (eternal thanks to Jesus) to 28. However, there may not be agreement on what days of the week Passover fell 2,000 years ago. I can imagine our enemies putting out disinformation to hide the reality of a Passover on Wednesday of 29, for that's 2,000 years from Apophis, and our enemies wouldn't want us to have that kind of math. Biblical Jubilees are 50 years long, and so adding 50 years 40 times gets one from April 29 to April 2029.

Apophis circles the sun every 323.6 days. With this number, we do 323.6 / 365.24 = .88599 of one year. If we then do 2,000 x .886 to find how many orbits the rock makes in 2,000 years, the answer, we would expect, will be in decimal points. But it turns out to be exactly 1,772.0 orbits. Hmmm. Is that meaningful in any way?

We are being told that Apophis will pass less than 20,000 miles from earth. But even if this is a correct assertion based on accurate trajectory studies, what if God slows or speeds the earth's orbital speed in the next few years so that a collision takes place? How easy would it be for God to make that happen? The distance of 20,000 miles is less than 2.5 earth diameters away.

Note God's mercy, because the Revelation mountain is crashed into the ocean, not on the land. The water will take some of the impact like a cushion, and when it hits the sea floor, there will be no atmospheric dust, unless volcanic eruptions result on nearby continental regions. A strike against the dry crust could make much-more damage. The rock into the sea is God's call to the planet: WARNING, repent, or else. But He knows that the damned will go to their deaths with stiff necks. I don't understand that mentality. When I told my drinking buddies about Jesus, hoping they would realize the logic of teaming up with the Creator, they viewed it as some twisted thing. I just don't get it. To keep this big-beautiful planet, we need to be team players with its Creator. How dare the wee-wee minds make war against Him, snubbing Him with their full souls. Who do they think they are?

The vaccine agenda goes full-steam ahead this week, in spite of many assaults against COVID itself as an authentic pandemic. Big companies are moving quickly to mandatory vaccinations for all employees at the threat of being fired otherwise, and children are still being targeted. On Stew Peters, Jane Ruby reported that out of 76,000 children in their teens, almost 700 suffered seriously (some of them killed). That about 1 per 115 vaccinations, a huge number amounting to sheer murder by the authorities. My point is, the powers may be pushing this thing hard because they are aiming at vaccine passports into grocery stores. Don't kid yourself, they would love it.

I continue to dry foods here at my place, little by little. Get dry foods, not canned, because it's cheaper and takes less space. By making my own bread about every 2.5 days, I no longer need to buy any bread, and so my freezer has much more room for permanent dried meat in sealed jars. Get a freezer (or fridge) dedicated to preserving dried meats over a long haul, for years, even if it costs up to $30 annually to run it (a small one won't cost that much). The freezer can be left on the lowest temperature setting to save costs and to make the motor last longer too. If the jars have the air removed, even better, but if the foods are dry and frozen, I don't see why one couldn't get a decade out of them even if air is left in the jars. It's your call, I'm no expert at this, having zero experience toward a track record. I think it's correct that frozen foods in a sealed container, with little moisture, cannot suffer freezer burn or anything destructive otherwise. Just do this, everyone, just in case, because it's not going to cost you a million dollars.


Here's all four Gospels wrapped into one story.

For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God.
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