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July 27 - August 2, 2021

Graffen Oxide
The Spiders

If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture

Here's David Icke where he, one may assume, has verified best he can (google forbidding) that the Spanish study, finding what looks just like graphene oxide, is authentic. None of the leftist rebuttals against the study prove that the Spanish study (University of Almeria) is an erroneous or fake claim. The most the leftists say is that the authorities of the researchers neither supports nor discredits the finding. But this seemingly indifferent position looks like the authorities have some fear for supporting it even though they know the study has merit on the reliable word of the researchers. The good news is, the authorities making a comment means the study is not a hoax i.e. the study was done.

Leftist tricks are fooling anyone but the happily deceived. For one, we find a sub-tittle: "Now some are claiming that the Pfizer-BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine contains over 99% graphene oxide." The fact is, the study claims that only one vial of the vaccine, thus far, has been put under the microscope. The researchers are not claiming that all vials have graphene, nor that they are all 99-proof, and moreover they have promised further tests so that all leftist communist-pig stooges (give them nor respect, ever), if they were anything to speak of, would wait before opening their dangerous traps. Suppose it's true after all that high amounts of graphene are in the vaccines, what will the leftist control freaks say? Nothing. They have devolved to the point that they do not apologize when they see with their own eyes the evidence of their errors.

I have not seen one article or video claiming that a leftist study has been conducted to prove that graphene is NOT in the vaccine, and if situation this holds out much longer, we can assume it to be evidence that the vaccines do have it. How long does it take to put the vaccine under an electron microscope? Why haven't others done the same to check out this claim? How HIGHLY UNLIKELY is it for any researcher in a university to put out a false claim deliberately, telling the world at this hot time that Pfizer is loaded with a poison??? It's unthinkable, unless, maybe, the whole thing is a scam from leftist deceivers to make anti-vaxxers run with a conspiracy story, only to shoot them down as conspiracy nuts in the end. In that case, it's not the reporters of the story who are nuts simply for believing the report, but the mouth-foaming dogs who played the trick.

To show how infected with mental devolution leftist "fact checkers" are, their best tactic of rebuttal is that Pfizer's list of ingredients doesn't mention graphene, case settled. Talk about AIR HEADS. The whole issue is whether Pfizer put graphene in the vaccine without wanting the public to know. That's the alleged crime. If its true, we fully expect the criminals to call up the university to use their powers of threats to force the bosses to distance themselves from the study. The most the bosses have thus said is that the vial used for the test is of an unknown source i.e. no proof that it was an authentic Pfizer vial never opened before. There is supposed to be an insinuation in that statement for leftists to capitalize upon: the study may all be a trick. Sure-sure, but what if they are wrong? No problem, they don't get ashamed. All humanity has been self-drained from their bodies. They are now demonic robots who speak up seeking to drive the pro-vaccine cart. From the beginning, they were willing to see us starve unless we receive their potion. That's where this is going, to diabolical surrealism.

BUT SURELY, no researcher with his name at stake is going to conduct a trick knowing that no other Pfizer vials have the graphene. THAT'S CRAZY, suicidal. Anyone will be able to prove the researchers to be fakes, and there could be jail time for conducting such a trick. THEREFORE, hear-ye lunatic fact checkers: the one scenario we can rule out is that the researchers did not conduct a trick. There is no way any scientific test would use a vial of vaccine if it has already been open. We assume that the vaccines come with proof-of-seal lids.

What I have just said is the way to go about fact-checking, and these arguments argue for the authenticity of the study...unless the researchers don't exist (nobody's reputation is at stake), and the entire report is pure fabrication to do harm to anti-vaxxers.

If you respect my heraldic methods, which do look nuts, I admit, if God did not set up events in my life as I claim He did, then let me add some things here. I start with the Graff family that lived across the street from my place in Gormley. I gave reasons as to why their surname could be a pointer of God to GRAPHENe, and Graffs/Graffens share the Gates lion as a potential pointer to Bill Gates. It's a small step, and perhaps the Graff/Graffen anchor can help make the pointer to Gates stronger by discovering whose anchor it was before it came to the Graffs/Graffens my marriage. I can tell you up-front that I trace the Anchor/Annacker surname to the Anaki Amorites of proto-Israel, and that mount Gareb was beside Amorite Jerusalem. Could a tribe named after "Gareb" have become Graff-like? Yes. (Load Graff link now to have access, on another tab, to other Coats of Arms.)

Could Amorites have become the Martins and their Martel branch from the MERovingians? YES, and I do trace Merovingians to Amorites. Charles Martel was a Merovingian on his Pepin side, and as French Charles' use the MARTLet, we glean that heraldic martlets are code for the line of Charles MARTEL. Gormleys/Grimes' use martlets in colors reversed from those of Grime's/Grimms, and the German Grimms share the lion of German Martels, except that the Martels use a demi (half) lion, as do Graffs/Graffens in the same, gold color. The Grime/Grimm martlets are in both colors of the ones of French Charles'. The lion of German Martins is in both colors of the Grimm lion. The Graffs lived in Gormley, and the father of the family, as I've said, smoked a pipe while Pipe's share the Pepin Coat. Pepins ruled the Merovingian kingdom.

"Martel" means "hammer," and German Hammers have a giant lion in both colors of the same of Graffs/Graffens. English Hammers were first found in Sussex with same-colored Hams who in-turn share the fish of Pfizer-like Fissers/Vissers. Vise's were likewise first found in Sussex. Did God set that heraldry up to point to graphene oxide in Pfizer vaccines? Looks like.

I had argued that Katrina Hanson's ICE-cream -- in Gormley -- pointed to ECOhealth, Tony Fauci's partner in crime, where the Ice surname is also "Ecco." It's also got an Icke variation, and the video above is from David Icke, by the way. I not only showed how English Hansons connect with French Faux's/Fage's sharing the Chief of cream-like Cremers, but how HANSons can be a branch of Hahns, and then Stephen Hahn happens to be the head-cheese for the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). One cannot foist a COVID / vaccine hoax on the planet without the FDA's wink / complicity. It's easy for gangsters in government to install a fellow gangster at the top spot of FDA, easy as pie, they do it all the time everywhere. That's how conspiracies operate.

To prove that I'm not being a nut, and that God has arranged the heraldry, I showed why the red rooster of Cremers links to the red rooster to Bibo's (giant rooster) who in turn have a write-up telling that they were kin of Hahns (giant rooster), the latter first found in Mecklenburg with Ice's/Ecco's/Icke's and Trumps. The Hanns (not "Hahn") likewise have a red rooster.

The last update introduced Thomas Renz, who's suing the American government for COVID / vaccine schemes. That topic was on the Rench surnames because Renz's are listed with German Rench's. I've just found that bike-like Biks/Bickers are in the colors and format of English Rench's. The reason for looking up the Biks is for an event that's burned into my memory: the first time I saw good-looking Karen Graff was she riding past our house on her bike. She was my age; we became friends, we almost hit if off, and then she moved away that same year. A couple of years later, in my last year in Gormley, I met Katrina Hanson for the ice-cream event.

A new thing: as her name is KAREN Graff, note similarity with the CRAINers/CREANors to which Cremers are said to be related, for Crane's / Crauns (share crown with Corons and Corona's) are from the Corona-line Ceraunii Illyrians. The Crauns/Crane's have a gold stag head, the color of the Hicks/ICKE and Bik/Bickers stag head. My regular topic, Miss Hicks, married Mr. Kilpatrick, and the latter surname shares the Cremer / Faux/Fage Chief. These arguments cannot all be mere coincidences. It's suggesting that vaccines are poisonous in some ways. Do not take them.

Miss Hicks came to topic from my Sleeping Beauty dream in the spring of 1979, and perhaps Fauci knows why that year was important to him, for it was about that time that he had his rise toward the top spot at the NIAID, where he remains to this day. He's had about 40 years to manipulate top policies and spots at all sorts of medical establishments.

Miss Hicks, as Sleeping Beauty, had a DOOR symbol and a sleep symbol, and Cremers have a "DORmit" motto term translated, "sleeps." I've been repeating recently that English Doors have a bee-version of the Gates Coat while Irish Doors share the Gates (and Graff/Graffen) lion. A gate is a door. It's important that the Sforza lion is the Door / Gate lion too, for the Sforza lion holds a "quince" while Sear de Quincy built the Faucet castle called, FAUXside. Days after the Sleeping Beaty dream, I had a morning vision that looked like a sick Farrah FAUCET (she died of cancer), yet, as it turned out that night, this woman it was a pointer to blond Sharon Quinn, who lived in Gormley too when I was there. "Quinn" is almost "Quince," I totally get this. The Gormley surname is also Crem-like Grimes', and Gorms/Blue's use more roosters.

I say that Quince's/Quincys were a Quint branch, and the QUINT Crest is a near copy of the WINDow Crest while Windows have lion paws in the colors of the Gates lions. Isn't Bill Gates the founder of Microsoft WINDOWS? Houseofnames has recently found an earlier Quint liner than previous in: "Richard de Quintine was Abbot of Furness in Cumberland." Saer de Quincy was ruler in WINchester, and Winchesters have the gold fitchee of Quints and Windows behind their blue, Crest lion.

It is amazing that while Gorms/Blue's were first found in Arran with McCabe's, the latter share the fish of Pfizer-like Fissers/Vissers. It's the Pfizer vaccine that was found with graphene oxide, and Sforza's share the Graff/Graffen lion. While Sforza's can be a branch of Forts, English Forts not only share the bee with Doors, and not only had quadrants in the colors of the vertically-split Door and Gates Shields, but the Grimm quadrants are also the Fort quadrants. That seem linkable to the fact that Gates' share the Sforza lion. The Fort castle looks like the Cassel castle because Grimms share the Hesse sun while Hesse-Cassel was a principality in which the first Rothschild had business dealings or more. Forts use a ROCK.

We're not done, for Sforza's became related to Visconti's of LOMBARDy and thus they took on the Visconti snake, which was green at the time (now blue). German Hansons not only show a green snake, and not only show the same lion as Sforza's, but the same Hansons have the lozengy Shield of Scottish LOMBARDs. Not only is it proof that German Hansons were related to the Visconti-Sforza line, but it can bounce us to the lozengy Shield of GRIMaldi's, the latter using the lozengy in red-and-white, the colors of the checkered Shield of Fiscs, making the latter suspect with the FIESCHi of Genova, whom Wikipedia says were politically partnered with Grimaldi's of Genova. The Genova's happen to share the lions of German Grimms, and, by the way, the Gormleys/Grimes' have the Grime/Grimm martlets in colors reversed.

Miss Hanson was in Gormley selling ice-CREAM, but God arranged for me to ask her on a date as she handed me an ice-cream. I had never met her before, and she agreed. We went on our first date in the car of the parents of Sharon Quinn, can we believe it? Her brother was my friend, and he loaned me the car when his parents were away at the cottage. We were both 16. This is all fitting together like a graphene-covered cotton swab up your nose to the brain center.

Now that the Lombard lozengy in the Hanson Coat bounced us understandably to Grimaldi's and Fiscs, we note that the latter's checkered Shield is shared by Raymundo's, first found in CREMona, in LOMBARDY. We might say this is not surprising because it only exposes a Grimaldi-and-Fisc trace to their kin in Lombardy, but it still links to Gormleys/Grimes', apparently, just because the ice-cream girl was in Gormley. What are the chances of the whole basket coming together in heraldry in this way?

Plus, as I've said, Raymundo was a fellow stock-boy with me at Knob Hill Farms at age 17, about a year after my ice-cream purchase from Hanson. No sooner did I get that job that I lined up for an ice-cream CONE when seeing darling Darlene Ray working the Knob-Hill-Farms SNACK bar (there's no better name for it). So I asked her on a date while she handed me the ice-cream, and she agreed. The German CONE's are listed with German Cohens with a blue-check Coat version of the Cohen-like Hohens, and the latter happen to share the full Raymundo / Fisc Shield, how about that.

The last update found Darlene/Derling liners as the namers of Derlingau, a place ruled by DIETRICH, father of Oda of Haldensleben, and here it can be added that Aude's/Ode's are suspect in the Fort motto. The last update was investigating whether Dietrich was a pointer to the FORT-Detrick lab! This military lab was accused by China as starting the corona-virus outbreak.

It can now be mentioned that Sharon's husband, while she lived in Gormley, was a POLICE officer, and while Polis' were first found in Genova, Pollicks are in Quinn colors and have an "AUDacter" motto term. The Aude's/Ode's (linkable to Ottone Visconti of Milan) have a blue-Shield Coat version of the Pollets in the Pool motto, and while the Sleeping Beauty dream opened with a nasty shark in a kidney-shaped swimming pool, Valiants use a shark. I dated Miss Hanson in the red Valiant of Sharon's parents. The Kidneys/GEDneys (fish) are a Gates-like Geddes branch, and the Ged PIKE fish are in the colors of the fish in the Arms of SARACa. It's just amazing that while Geddes' use pikes too, English Pike's share the Ice/Ecco/Icke trefoil. I had an EGG while writing this section here on Tuesday morning, and Eggs can be gleaned as an Ice/Ecco branch.

The snack-like Snake's/Snooks look like a branch of, and are linkable to, Seneca's, an apparent pointer of Darlene's snack bar to AstraZENECA vaccines, especially as Fiscs use an " ad ASTRA" motto phrase. The heraldic connections were obviously arranged by God to fit the events I'm speaking of.

"ADversis is a motto term of Tulls/Tolle's/TULLYs (almost-surely Alan of Dol liners) who share the pyramid with Fiscs, and Tully castle (at/near Aucterless) is in Wikipedia's article on an AUCTERless location, a location I've not known until this week that seemingly matches the "AudACTER" in the motto of Dol-connected Pollocks. The Wikipedia writer derives "AucterLESS" is some baseless idea he or someone took from his imagination, probably without knowing that Less-like Leslie's were first found in Aberdeenshire with Aucterless. I first saw "Aucterless" in the write-up of Schims/Schiens/Chands ("DUCE"), first found in Aberdeenshire with their Skin/Skene branch, and while Eschyna de Molle's daughter married the second Pollock, Molle's share the Schim/Schien boar head. Less'/Lesks use another giant boar head. FootLESS martlets look like part-code for Less liners and part-code for Foots/Foods and their Fothes'/Fette's / Prophet/ProFETT (Aberdeenshire, beside Fothes'/Fette's) branches, all linkable to Feets/Fate's suspect in the motto of footless-martlet Cheneys.

One can fathom of blood link of Snake's and Seneca's together to the Spinks, the latter first found in Northamptonshire with Quince's/Quincys (share mascles of different colors with Spinks and Seneca's). It just so happens that one Quinn Coat has snakes.

The Lombardy capital, Milan, is where Visconti's ruled, and where Bons/Bono's were first found. When Darlene decided to leave me a couple of months later (she didn't give me a reason), I started to date a Knob-Hill CASHIER, Allison Bauer. Bauers were first found in Bavaria with CASIER's/Cassers/Gassers and Knobs (look related to Rothschilds/Roddensteins), and the Gasier's/Cassers have a vertically-split Shield in colors reversed from the same of Gates' and Bons/Bono's. All three surnames add only the lion symbol to their split Shields, likely code for the Pierleoni of Rome, where Sforza's were first found. Allison Bauer left me for Mike Denardo, who always drove Raymundo to work with him. I am sure that Raymundo was in the front seat of Mike's car when I spotted Allison getting into the back seat, and that's where our relationship ended, when I went over to her, but she wouldn't come out. That doesn't look coincidental to me, and Mayer Bauer changed his name to Mayer Rothschild, from Pollocks of Rothes castle.

By the way, while loading Pollicks/Pollocks above, and seeing their "streNUE" motto term, I tried for a Nue surname and got a Coat that's in Heidler colors and format (they both have the bend of Jewish Pollocks even). The Hiedlers (not "Heidler") are listed with Hitlers, and Adolf Hitler's mother was Miss POLZl. Adolf's nephew, William Hitler, changed his surname to distance himself from Adolf, and changed it to, Stuart-Houston. While Pollocks were intimate with proto-Stuart Alans, Houstons were first found in Renfrewshire with Pollocks, and the Arms of Renfrewshire even uses the Stewart / Stuart Coat...which happens to share the Cone/Cohen checks. One Stuart motto has "NOBlis." The Ringleheim home of Oda of Haldensleben (married a Pole) can be to such surnames and Rainhams/RANGhams and thus to the namers of Renfrew.

HERE'S ASTOUNDING NEW REALIZATIONS from the police officer, begging why Sharon Quinn is the one who got us to Pollicks/Pollocks. In the last update, there was a question of whether Sleep liners named HaldenSLEBen. Fulbert, father of Pollocks, was a vassal to the Dol Alans who moved to Shropshire, of SALOP, where Sleeps/Slepe's/Slippers were first found. God told me to WAKE SLEEPING Beauty, and as soon as she awoke, she started RISING into the sky as a pointer to Rhizon, in or beside the SELEPitanoi Illyrians. Note only are Wake's related to Orrs/Ore's (Renfrewshire, same as Pollocks), but the OHRE river is where Haldensleben is located!!! Not only that, but Risings share the cross, in colors reversed, that is the Arms of Pola/Pula, where I trace Pollocks who in turn have a fat saltire in the colors of the fat cross of Risings!!! WHO-wee, that's looks suspicious.

I was floored to find that the Orr/Ore fitchee is also that of Darlene's/Derlings, for Dietrich of Haldensleben also ruled in Derlingau. It tends to make Darlene the ice-cream girl a pointer to Fort Detrick lab. It's in Frederick of MARYland, and I've told the story several times of my Hat-trick night in hockey with Mary Nigro there. I had told that Marys share the Hatrick/Ettrick and Edrich lion, and afterward came to realize that they are Detrick-like. A week or two later, i took Miss Hanson to a game but only scored one goal, and I chided her saying, "Ha, I scored three goals when Mary was there, but only one when you were there." Not a nice thing to say, but perhaps God brought that out of me because the hat-trick night was related to Miss Hanson, and indeed this helps to substantiate that both nights point to the vaccine scheme i.e. the hat-trick night points to Fort Detrick.

THIS GETS NEW AND AMAZING. Mary Nigro lived in BUTTONville at the time, and Bidens are listed with Buttons. She suggested I apply for a job at Knob Hill Farms, you see, as she was a cashier there, and so Mary was instrumental in taking me to Darlene. The new thing is where Nigro's use gold ears of wheat in both colors of the Ferrari lion, and Ferrari's with Nigro's were first found in Ferrara with the Italian FORTS who use the horse that's the logo of the Ferrari! That must be an additional pointer to FORT Detrick. Ferrari's share the giant Sforza lion. AMAZINGLY, Capelli's (Ferrara) share the so-called "chapeau" -- a HAT! -- of Buttons/Bidens!!! The HAT-trick!!! Actually, why am I celebrating here, since Biden has just implied, from the invisibles who force his agendas, that the unvaccinated will be punished.

Gold ears of wheat are used by Brocato's (Genova). Brocks share the Stewart motto. Stewarts were from DOL, a place I can trace well to TULLia of Clermont-Ferrand, and Italian Ferrands share the Tull/Tolle and CONE/Cohen Shield, linkable to the Shield of Genova-liner Fiscs (share pyramid with Tulls/Tolle's). I'd like to add here that while McCabe's share the Fisser/Visser fish, Andrew McCabe of the FBI was central to FBI abuse of the FISA court, called FISC. Ferrands were first found in FLORence with the Bruno's, who named Brunswick, wherefore let me repeat from the last update:

Barrs were in Brunswick and while Oda's father ruled the DERLINgau region, Brunswick is within it. Rothschild/Roddensteins were first found in Brunswick, and while they share the KNOB arrow, Derlings bring up the Darlene's. I've mentioned my teen girlfriend, Darlene, a million times. We both worked at KNOB HILL FARM!!!

As I remember it, Sharon Quinn punched Barry on the FACE, but perhaps her hand was open by the time the hand reached Barry's face so that it was technically a SLAP. The Sleeps are also SLAPE's, and first found in SALOP. Face's/Fessys can be resolved as Fieschi, you see, and Sharon lived in Gormley while Gormleys were Grimes' while Grimms share the lion of Genova's while Fieschi were powerful in Genova. Scottish Lipps share brown lions with Collins', and Francis Collins has been Fauci's boss at the NIH, though I haven't yet been able to make a hard Lipp-Collins link. As I've said several times, Barry was sitting on the FLOOR when Sharon whacked him, and thus he looks like a pointer to Barrs of Brunswick i.e. from FLORence's Bruno's = a branch of Browns sharing the Stewart motto, the Flora / Flore fleur-de-lys, and the Hatrick/Ettrick / Mary lion.

I had just become a Christian. Some days after the Sleeping-Beauty dream, I awoke and had this flash-vision of a good-looking woman with some mental problem. I recall thinking that she looked like Farrah Fawcett. I then heard an "audible" voice telling me to write on paper that I would have a disagreement with Steve Mellanson that night. He had a party at his place that night, and I was sitting beside Sharon at the dining-room table, when I felt the Spirit around me, and so I told the gang about Jesus. It was the first time they all heard this from me, but Sharon was angry with this decision. And when Barry piped up to say that my choice for Jesus was okay, she got up and ended up punching or slapping him in the face (totally out of character for this otherwise fun-loving woman). And he had blood dripping from his lip.

Partys, obvious Stewart kin, were first found in Salop. It happened at a party.

She ran down to the other end of the hall, but fell outside the DOOR of her brother's apartment, and started to scream as though she had lost her mind. Some of us ran down, and when they put her on the couch, I walked back to Mellanson's place, and just as I got to the DOOR, outside the door, Mellanson was angry with me, asking why I had left his party earlier in the night with Barry and a few others. So, I took the NOTE out of my POCKET, which God asked me to write, and handed it to him. Note's (share Mellanson crescents) are listed with Cnuts who share the drop-filled Darlene/Derling Shield. As the last update said, Cnut was the son of Swietoslawa, daughter of Mieszko I, and the latter married Oda of Haldensleben. What could those two doors be a pointer to?

Scottish Berrys ("NIHil") not only use triple fesses very-much like heraldic "barry," but they are in colors reversed from the triple fesses of Gormley-related Grimes'. German Barrys/Berrys share fish heads on red with Geddes'. Neils/NIHills were Shark kin, which begins to reveal the NIH as part of the shark in the Sleeping Beauty dream. The kidney-shaped pool is not only connectable to Geddes' by Kidneys/Gedneys, but the latter's two, giant fish-in-saltire are in the colors of the giant Nail/Neil saltire. How can that be a mere coincidence? Nobody in heraldry knew about my shark dream, but God. The triple fesses above (both surnames happen to be in the colors of the Punch barry (there's a fist in Crest), and Barry was punched in the face, we could say, even if it ended up as a slap. I remember her fist coming down.

Since the last time this story was told, I've come across the Pfizer like PFISTers/Pisters who come up as "Fizer"!!! There you go, that's what her fist must have been pointing to, for Fish's essentially have the Coat of vaccine-like Vychan/VAUGHNs, and FAUGHNs/FAUGHeys have three of the one Faucet/Fawcett bend-with-checks! Those heraldic things must have been arranged by God to go with that morning vision, but also with the punch to the Faughey-like FACE. These surnames even look connectable to Face-related Fieschi. Face's/Fessys were first found in Northamptonshire with the Quincy's who built the Fauxside castle of Faucets.

The great and expected thing is: I told the Sharon-Quinn story long before COVID brought out Pfizer vaccines i.e. I'm not fabricating her fist event now just to go well with Pfisters/Fizers (first mentioned in the 1st update of this past March). I wouldn't deceive like that, though the readers couldn't know for sure what I'm like in that regard. Faughns/Faughey and Faucets could be using the Fisk checks. I had shown that Fauns share the eagle of Face-beloved Segni's/Segurana's (Genova, same as Fieschi), but why is it also the eagle of Barry-like Barrs?

As I said, I remember that Charlie was at the punch-Barry event. He was Sharon's manfriend at the time, and he tended to verify that the morning vision was to be a pointer to Farrah Faucet because she starred on Charlie's Angels while English Angels have a white, winged horse in Crest, the Quinn symbol too. What are the chances of those three things all coming together like that? But there is a fourth remark to be made, for I recall, and have mentioned a few times, that the cane-like item of English Angels was not cane-like at one time, and was called a "baton." English Batons happen to use bats, a symbol of the coronavirus. To show that the Angel baton is for English Batons/Baston, they were first found in Cornwall, beside the first-known Supers in the Angel motto, and Suppers happen to share the engrailed saltire of Bats who share the black bat with Batons/Bastons.

If houseofnames changed the baton to an alternative cane symbol used by Angels, isn't it amazing that Kane's/Cains share the Fisser/Visser fish? That can't be a coincidence, but rather God arranged this heraldry so that the morning vision could jibe with it, to send us a message.

Keons/McCains were Neil/Nihill kin, and then the enGRAILed black saltires above can be expected as code for Grails/Neills/Neals/Barra's, said to be from Barry-like Barra. That's now a run of five peculiarities, but there's a sixth where English Neals have a Faucet-like "FACTis" motto term. The Coat of Spanish Cane's/Cano's is almost that of English Berrys who in turn have a "NIHIL" motto term. It just so happens that Spanish Cane's/Cano's share the Coat of poison-like Poussins (Oxfordshire, same as English Francis') while Poissons are also Poussons. The latter share the triple garbs of Bardys, first found in Perigord with Fauchys and Faux's/Fage's/Chalnes'. The Chalnes variation is like "Collins," the surname of FRANCIS Collins, head of NIH. What a NIHillincidence. French Collins have the Poussin and Cane/Cano Coat in colors reversed. God has the NIH's number. He sees all.

It just became clear that Grails/Neals/Barra's are Barry liners, especially as German Barrys/Berrys share fish heads on red with Geddes'. Miss Quinn punched Barry in the face while Face's/Fessys share the BATH and Randolph cross while the Moray Randolphs have both the black BAT and horseshoe! I get it. Grails/Neals/Barra's can be gleaned as Moray kin from their "mori" motto term, their Moor lion, and their sharing fetterlocks with a Moray Coat no longer shown by houseofnames. "Mori" is a motto term also of English Paine's/Payne's (Somerset, same as Baths) sharing the Bath lion.

The Keon/McCain and Neil/NIHILL fish is shared by Geds having a "DuRAT" motto term while Rats/Raids (enGRAILed black cross, share white anchor with Majors and Hoods) were first found in Nairnshire with Geddes' ("majora"), and then Ratterys have another "Super" motto term. Hoods (Devon, same as Supers and Berrys), first found at Rattery of Devon, have another white anchor. Geds and Geddes' use pikes while Picks/Pix's share the Rattery fitchees.

But there's more, because Farrah Faucet died of cancer while her common-law hubby, Ryan O'NEAL, got cancer too. Judy Mikovits claims that Fauci-enhanced virus fixes (vaccines) caused cancers, and perhaps this set of heraldry verifies it, for Cancer the crab can play into it where Gareb-like Crabs are also Grail-like Crails.

Bush and Cheney

[Big insert -- The Get'n Go event that seems to be pointing to vaccine programs of Bill Gates took place on the night of the 9-11 memorial in 2002, and so I'm asking: what could be the connection of the Bush-Cheney team to the abuse of vaccines?

The portCULLIS gate is owned by both gate-using Yates and PORTers. The English Collins, with the Cheney-bend-with-martlets in colors reversed, show a CAULLIS variation. That looks arranged by God to make a Bill-Gates connection to Francis Collins. English Porters and Biden-connectable Ports were first found in Hampshire with Bidens/Buttons, and with Cheney- and Bush-connectable Flys, and then French Porters were first found in BERRY. Another coincidence? Why is Farrah Faucet's punch to Barrys face going to Porters? Why were Scottish Porters first found in Ayrshire with Barrs?

Let's go back to Sharon's man, Charlie, for Charlie's use bottles while Bottle's are also Bootle's/Butills. Charlie was a loan officer at a bank at the time, and banks share the Bush fleur-de-lys. It recalls the banking crime set off by George Bush as he handed the reigns of power to Obama. Ports share the Bute/Butt estoiles while German Bute's/Butts/Boets (share Biden/Button fesses) have a fish in Geddes'-fish colors. German Barrs have HUNTING horns, and Hunts/Hunters (pointer to Hunter Biden?) are vertically-split in the colors of the horizontally-split Yates' Shield. Sally Yates was Obama's last attorney general, and Bill Barr was the attorney general for the first Bush president. Bill Barr is a government mobster's guard, as have been all the attorney generals of late, by design of the mobsters.

The triple fesses of Gormley-related GRIME's are in the PORTis/Porcher Crest, and the latter's Shield has a giant cinquefoil in colors reversed from the same of Pockets who in turn have a Porcher-like Poucher variation. I gave to Mellanson God's NOTE from my pocket as per the morning vision, and it was shortly afterward that he asked my to be his assistant coach for a hockey club (I accepted). I've mentioned before that Hockeys/HOCKleys share the Mellanson crescents while the two surnames have fesses colors reversed from one another, but one can now add that the Cullis'/COLESons share the Hockey/Hockley fesse and even have a "Hoc" motto term. It looks like another pointer to Francis Collins.

A Kyle-Society webpage says that Kyle's were related to king Cole of Colchester, and while Scottish Porters were first found in Kyle (Ayrshire), the Arms of Colchester uses NAILs because Neils/O'Nails/NIHills share the estoiles of Colchesters. Francis Collins is chief at NIH. COLE's were first found in Cornwall with Nigh's who in turn share the Peace/Paise/PEASE Crest while Cullis'/COLESons use "PEAS cods." Can you believe it? It appears that the Nigh variation of Noyers applies as a pointer to NIH. The Hanger-branch Angers (Angel kin) share the lozenges of Irish Nagle's while Neils/Nails are also Nagle's.

English Porters/PAWTERs (Potter colors) are in the colors of Potters (Hampshire, same as Porters/Pawters) expected from Poitiers of Poitou, and Poitou (not far from Porters of Berry) happens to be where French Batons/Bastons were first found who happen to share the Cullis/COLESon Chief. And it's the Angel-beloved Batons who point to the horseshoe-bat virus from which Fauci and company produced the COVID scheme. Angels were probably Angers/Anjou liners, and while Danish Cnuts/NOTE's share the Mellanson / Hockey/Hockley crescents too, Danish Cnuts use "POT HANGERs" while hangers/Angers (share escarbuncle with Angers) were first found in Hampshire too. Is that not too coincidental to deny that God arranged my events with Mellanson?

Sharon Quinn's manfriend pointed to Charlie's Angels, and Angels use the baton. Cole's were first found in Cornwall with English Batons/Bastons. Potter are expected from Poitiers of Poitou, and Poitou (not far from Porters of Berry) happens to be where French Batons/Bastons were first found who happen to share the Cullis/Coleson Chief. Is that not miraculous, that Charlie provided this set of heraldry? It's the Batons who point to the horseshoe-bat virus from which Fauci and Collins facilitated, or perhaps produced, the COVID scheme.

I almost missed it. Guess who else uses horseshoe's? FARRAH's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now we know why God put Farrah Faucet into that vision!

Repeat: "The triple fesses of Gormley-related GRIME's are in the PORTis/Porcher Crest..." The Portis/Porcher Shield has the barry of eight of CRISPINs, and so see a quote with "GRIMaldus" in the last update, for he's said to have married CRISPINa. Not only are Grimaldi's like "Grime's, but Portis'/Porchers were first found in Norfolk with PilGRIMs. Scottish Bush-like Bussets/Bissets share the bend of French Crispins. As I've said a million times, Lorraine got her babe symbol at the moment she got her feet symbol, and then the Coat of Feets/Fate's -- suspect in the "Fato" motto term of Cheneys -- is three times in the Grime Coat. If that's not enough, the triple fesses of Busset-like Bassets are in the colors of the triple Grime fesses!

Some of that is new right here, especially as I didn't know until now that Bissets were also Bussets. "Busset" came to mind when reading that the Buci's (Bussy/Bushe write-up) married Bassets. The latter happen to share a "Pro rege" phrase with the Portis/PORCH motto, which can explain why I've read that Bassets used the PORCupine.

This becomes incredible here, for while Lorraine had a bus STOP symbol, Stops/Stubbs were first found in Staffordshire with Bassets who in turn had a Drayton of Basset location. Draytons -- almost the Gates Coat -- had a Drayton-in-Hales, explaining why HALES' and Draytons share the same vertically-split Shield, but then Dick Cheney was CEO for HALiburton while Haliburtons/HALYburtons (share black boar with Bush's and almost have a Cheney motto term) were reckoned in the last update as Hallys liners, like "Hales".

WOW, Draytons share the gold talon with the Bundle's in the "bundle of rods" of Mellansons, and the Bundle talons (could be of eagles') are in the colors of half the Grave/Grief eagle, and the other half is the giant eagle of Lutons (Bedfordshire) while Luton is in Bedfordshire with the first-known Bundle's. I think Graff-like Grave's/Greafs (like the Grav variation of Graffs/Graffens) are pertinent in this discussion because it was Simon Graff (Karen's father) who is suspect as a pointer to graphene oxide, and he always came over smoking a pipe and holding a beer while Pipe's were first found in Staffordshire too. Mellanson was always having a beer virtually no matter what time of day or night one dropped in! English Beers are said to have been at Beer-Ferris, and one Ferris/Fergus Coat not only shares the Mellanson fesse, but the Graff/Graffen lion, good one!!! I'm convinced that God is verifying the graphene-oxide story. Simon's daughter is Karen, and Karens share the Mellanson crescent!!! The Karen stars are even in the colors of the Ferris/Fergus star.

Ahh, the Ferris/Fergus write-up says the family were "hereditary physicians to the powerful O'Malleys", making Malleys look like Mellansons. The giant Malley boar is the Bard Coat in colors reversed, and Bardys were first found in Perigord with Fauchys, and with Faux's/Fage's/CHALNES', linkable to Collins!!! This comes to us due to the beers that Mellanson had in common with Mr. Graff. This is where we can take note again that Bardys share the three garbs of Poissons/Poussons while French Poussins, with the BathGATE Coat exactly, share the sun of Needle's. BATHgate's are a double whammy for obvious bat-related reason. I can add that while Pipe's use a camel, Camulodunum became Colchester, the line suspect to Collins.

To help verify that Malleys were of Bards / Bardys, the Malley Crest has the Ships (Oxfordshire, same as English Poissins) who in turn use "bellows" while Bellows (FOX) share the Coat of English Billets while French Billets/Billiards were first found in Maine with French Poussins. God's note was in my pocket, and Pockets share the Bellow / Billet cinquefoil. I took the note from my pocket at Mellanson's door, and two Doors surnames combined look linkable to Gates' and Graffs/Graffens, especially as Doors, Gates and Graffs share the Ferris/Fergus lion. In fact, it's the lion of Ferris-like Ferrari's too, as well as the Sforza lion, and the latter loves the line of Saer de Quincy, builder of the FAUXside castle. Additionally, the Crest of English Beers looks like the Crest of Rooks, and the latter were first found in Oxfordshire with the Poussins who almost have the Coat of English Berrys; the latter were first found in Devon with Beers! There you have it. Miss Quinn even punched Barry at Mellanson's place.

AHHH, there is a reason for bringing us to Haliburtons, said to be first found in Dirleton of Haddington in East Lothian. We read that Dirleton "belonged, together with the lands of Fenton, in the early part of the twelfth century, to the family of VAUX or De ValliBUS." There you have the Vaux's, a branch of Faux's and Faucets!!! I thought I was going off-topic by going to Lorraine, but it brought us right back to topic.

Plus, Dirleton-like Derlingau was ruled by Dietrich of HALDENsleben, while, as was said in the last update, Haldans were once said to be first found in East Lothian! Haldans are now said to be first found in Renfrewshire with the Orrs/Ore' doubt from the Ohre river at Haldensleben. It's near the mouth of the Babe-like Beber river. Darlene was an ICE-cream girl pointable to ECOhealth, and "EcoHEALTH" brought up the Helts/Helds who share the Coat of Staffordshire's Hicksons. Fauci gave government funds to Ecohealth for to pass on to the Wuhan lab for gain-of-function research i.e. the COVID scheme's inception.

Darlene's/Derlings share the dropped Shield of Cnuts/NOTE's, and it just so happens that Darlene's surname is Ray or Wray (I lean toward Ray) while French Rays share the escarbuncle with the Hangers/Angers in the "pot hangers" of Danish Cnuts. It tends to verify that Mellanson's note in my pocket relates to vaccine poisons along with Farrah Faucet in that morning's vision. Or, to put it another way, it tends to verify that Darlene ice-cream symbol points to Ecohealth. The other Angers (a third escarbuncle) have lozenges colors reversed from the Angel lozenges, and the morning vision pointed to Charlie's Angels.

Mellansons use a "bundle of rods" while Rods share a blank, gold Chief with Mellans, the latter first found in Ile-de-France with the French Collins who have the Poussin / CANE/Cano Coat in colors reversed. Angels now show what can only be a cane. Rods share the trefoil of Sharks (Tyrone, same as Neil's/O'Nails/Nihills, and, by the way, Sharks have cranes, the Ceraunii line expected to Corons / Corona's (share crowns with Bottle's). Charlie's use bottles while Bottle's/BOOTells/BUTHills look connectable to Booths/Boths (Yorkshire, same as Bush's) sharing the black boar with Bush's. Charlie was a bank man while Banks share the Bush fleur-de-lys. Buths are listed with Baths. Bothwells share the Coat of Lynch's while the portcullis gate is owned by Yates' while Sally Yates took over the job of Loretta Lynch as Obama's attorney general. Sallys/Sale's are linkable to both Bush's and Cheneys.

I think it can be added that the punch to Barry's face can relate to the Bush-Barr team where Punch's are also POYNTz's while Ponds/Ponts (and Ponders) share the black boar with Bush's. When Bush's use a red fesse, their fesse-with-items looks like that of Punch-like Bunch's. As Ponders are in the Chapman motto, this is a good place to introduce a new line of investigation as per "skinchip," for Chips and Chipmans had been loaded yesterday for a look-see, and I now see a link to the "bundles of rods" of Mellansons, for Chips are in Bundle colors and format, and first found in Worcestershire with Rod-branch Rocks. The Rod cinquefoil is shared by Sharks, first found in Tyrone with Neils/Nihills who in turn share the Chipman estoiles. The Tyrone's share the Dexter Coat, and the mark of the beast, which I think they hope to make a skinchip, will be applied on the dexter hand.

Sharon QUINN punched Barry with her right hand, and SKINs/Skene's share the vertical sword (same colors) with one of the Irish Quinns. The other Irish Quinns, I had forgotten, share a gold, blank Chief with Mellans and Rods. Mellansons and Milans/Millens (both first found in Aberdeenshire with Skins/Skene's) are from Milan, and the Visconti's of Milan (shared their snake with Sforza's) have a snake in the colors of the Shell/Schell snake, which I wouldn't have mentioned except that the Shell snake design is that also of the Quinns who were probably of Sforza-beloved Quince's. The Quints share the PALM Chief, and Palms share the Shell/Schell fleur-de-lys. The Visconti snake is called a "BIScione," and is used in the Arms of Bissone in the way roughly of the Biss Crest, and Biss' happen to share the scallops of Flag-related PALMers (Norfolk, same as Flags). That looks heavy-duty, especially as Bissone is in Switzerland with the first-known Graffs/Graffens and the Sens'/Senns that can be branches of Snake-like Seneca's/SENESchals and Sans'/Sanchez's. The latter share the eagle of Snake's and Spinks (Northamptonshire, same as Quince's)

To boot, the Skins/Skene's have a colors-reversed reflection of the Coat of Schell-like Skulls, and if the latter are using the Monk lion heads, it thus connects with purple-throne Grimaldi's of Monaco's. Skull-like Skills/GILLs (Yorkshire, same as Schole's/Scayle's and Palms) happen to use a green version of the Grimaldi Shield (as well as a black boar), and the Skill/Gill Shield is in the colors of GILLigans who happen to share the other Quinn Coat. The Skill/Gill, Schole/Scayle and Grimaldi Shields are all done in lozengy, as is the Shield of Lombardy-like Lombards. Milan is the Lombardy capital. The potential thing of additional interest is that the same Lombards have a spread eagle in the colors of the two-headed one of Jeepma's/CHEPs, and so compare "Jeepma" to "CHIPMAn / CHEPMAn."

News came out of Israel this week on its idea to skinchip SCHOOL kids so that a signal goes off if they kids get too close to one another, an INSANE proposition to counter the spread of COVID. Folks, this tends to reveal that Jews are at the head of the skinchip and brainwashing-the-new-generation thrusts. Rothschilds founded Israel. Woe to end-time Israel. Schole's/Scayle's are also Schools.

Norfolk is where English Bus' were first found who share the giant and ermined cinquefoil of Portis/Porchers (Norfolk), and while Lorraine the babe had a bus symbol, it just so happens that the cross of French Crispins (Lorraine) is almost the one of German Bus'/Beuss'. I'm sure that God has a purpose for German Bus', whom I almost never mention, because I never load Bus' anymore (for years running) because I know what the English Bus' use without looking. I had forgotten about German Bus'. The latter share the black wing in Crest with German Fulks while English Fulke's/Folks were first found in Norfolk too. There's not much here yet, but the Fulks hold out hope for a neat-and-tidy Bus pointer to Fauci in some as-yet undiscovered way.

Bosco's use "tufts of grass," and Fauchys have the grasshopper while French Crispins share the pomegranate with Grass-like Grazio's, and the bend of English Grasse's. Both Grassi Coats look like kin of German Drummonds (Perthshire, near Bosco's) while Scottish Drummonds share the Basset Coat. Thanks to finding Grassi's last week, it can now be added that Italian Grassi's have a blue-fesse version of the Bussy/Bushe Coat (this is a big deal for proving Lorraine's pointer to president Bush).

Italian Bosco's/Busca's/BosCAINs were first found in Piedmont with a Busca location, beside Saluzzo, and while I say that Sales' are from Saluzzo, part of the reason is that Salemans share the spread Bush eagles. The BosCAINs looks Cheney-interesting because Cheneys/CHAINie's are in Saleman colors and format, yet the beauty here is that John McCAIN was a Bushite RINO, and moreover the wavy Haliburton fesse looks linkable to the wavy fesse of Cains/KANE's while if we load "Kane", the fish of Pfizer-like Fissers/Vissers come up, and so we can add that fat coincidence that Haliburtons share the mascle of Seneca's? There we have two COVID vaccines to topic, but then the Keons/McCAIN (use Owen lion) can be gleaned (by their Coat) as kin of Irish Neils with an NIH-like Nihill variation, and the latter are the ones first found in Tyrone with Saraca-like Sharks while even sharing the fish in the Arms of Saraca. Geds use three fish in these colors, in the positioning of the three fish of the other Irish Cains! We just put John McCain into the kidney-shaped pool, especially as Kidneys/Gedneys have the Neil/Nail saltire.

Neils/Nails were first found in Westphalia with the Pansys/PANTzers to which Lorraine's PANTs grass stain pointed. Keons/McCains were even first found in Sligo with the Higgins (Hickenson branch) who in turn have a three-tower version of the Hill Coat, suggesting the "NiHILL" is evidence of a Neil-Hill merger. The black tower in the Higgins Crest is the tower also of Dominion-like Domino's, first found in Piedmont.

In what ways did Fauci coordinate mobsterous things when either Mr. Bush was the president? We may find out soon. Dick Cheney was in the administration of both Bush's, and Bushites right now are carving out their own gangster organization, plotting to use vote-machine fraud to defeat both Trump and various Democrats.

I think it's very suspicious that Keon-like Keens/O'Kane's/O'Cains (share Neil/Nihill fish in base) use three Liz-like "lizards" as a left-rising bend in the colors of the left-rising bend of Jewish Rothchilds and Smoke's/RAUCH's. First of all, the Roach's have the Kane fish as three fesses (in the colors of the three fessewise TRUMPets of calls). It look important, as a pointer of God, that the white Keen horse faces the Shield's left side (rare direction for heraldry), as does the white horse of Jewish Rothchilds. The Lizards look like a pointer to the traitorous LIZ Cheney who's now seeking to cover Democrat election crimes and more. It wouldn't be a great theory except that Lizarts/Sarde's were first found in Provence with French Grassi's/Grace's, and there is a Grasse location near the eastern Provence border. The Haliburton bend-with-mascles are in the colors of the Leslie bend-with-buckles, and Lizarts/Shards share the pale bars of Liz-like Liss'/Lize's (and Lists), and these pale bars are three-and-three in white and blue, the colors of the three fesses of Italian Grassi's.

It wasn't until immediately after ending the paragraph above that I saw the so-called "calvary" symbol of Keens, shared in different colors by Crystals, and the Smoke's/Rauch's and Roach's were brought to topic by God when I spent one night in Crystal City! It's the Keen lizards that brought up the Smoke's/Rauch's and Roach's above! Zowzers, that must be God speaking loudly. Bill Kristol comes to mind. Plus, the Crystal calvary is in colors reversed from the same of Moses', and the first Rothschild descended from Bauers who used Moses in their name, possibly from a Moses surname in their ancestry.

It wasn't until ending the last paragraph that I re-saw the "FeLIS" motto term of Keens! The same motto has "miTIS," and while Tiss' were first found in Hampshire with Liss'/Lise's, the Tiss chevron is that of Shirts/SHARDs who in turn use a "HosTIS" motto term. The Lizarts in the Keen Coat are SARDE's too! It tends to assure that Lizarts were Shirt/Sarde liners. What could it mean that Hampshire's Flys of Flagi share the Cheney/Chainie martlets and the Bush fleur-de-lys? We can see the importance if Liz-like Liss'/Lise's being first found in Hampshire. Why do Stains (Yorkshire, same as Bush's and Palms) share the double fesses of Palmers and FLAGs/Flacks while the latter two were both first found in Norfolk with Bus' and Hawk-related Pilgrims? Flys probably have a "hawk's lure" in Crest, and as that lure is held by a GAUNTlet, by what coincidence do Ghents (Hampshire) share the Bush spread eagles? This has Lorraine's pant stain all over it, again pointing to the evil duo, the war-hawks, and the first Bush had hired Bill Barr as his attorney general while her pant stain pointed to Barrs of Bar-le-Duc.

[I had noted above, while on Martels and Graffs, that Spanish Martels share the eight-pointed Duc/LeDuc star. Can that become a pointer to James LeDuc of the Galveston National lab, in cahoots with Pfizer's graphene oxide experiments?]

The Haliburton write-up says that Haliburton titles went to GOWrie's, and it just so happens that they are listed with Gorys. The Get'n Go pointed to Gore's/Core's because they share the crosslets of Rench's while Get'n Go is on Ranch road, and also because Gore's/Core's share the white wolf in Crest with GOWers/Gore's. We now find Gowrie's/Gore's in the Haliburton write-up, and the Get'n Go event of my writings took place on the first anniversary of 9-11, when our church put on a memorial for 9-11. Didn't Bush and Cheney cover for that massive crime? YES.

The Spider at the Graffs

I'll now tell again that Kepke, at age 14, chased me with a spider dangling from a web in his hand, at Karen Graff's place and with her watching me cower, because he knew I had a case of spider-fear. The Webbers (Somerset, beside Flys) share the Fly fleur-de-lys, yet Webbers put theirs on a bend so that it's in the colors and format of the Cheney bend-with-martlets. I wouldn't be writing this paragraph had not he Webber bend-with-fleur been colors reversed from the same of Pipe's, for Karen's father smoked a pipe.

After writing that, German Webbers/Weavers were loaded, and wow, their "segne" motto term is a surname listed with Segurana's of Genova, and while the spider-event was in Gormley, it's the Gormley-branch Grime's/Grimms who have the fesse-with-martlets of Feets/Fate's expected in the Cheney motto. Plus, German Grimms share the Genova lion, and Genova's share white wings with the Webber/Weaver Crest (it's the Wies and Wise/Weis Crest too).

On top of this, the Grimm quadrants are in the colors of the split Genova Shield, all in Masci colors (white wing), and Masci's were first found in Piedmont with Pero's/Perino's (share Wise/Weis hexagrams) to which Kepke's fiancee would point a few years later. THE THING IS, one of the Grimm lions faces the Shield's left side, as do the same-colored unicorns of spider-like Spitzers, and the "uns" motto term of German Webbers/Weavers looks like code, along with "UNIcorn," for the Una (Oeneus) river of the Maezaei, for German Webbers have the three stars of Maceys (Masci branch) while Maezaei lived beside the Corona-like Ceraunii that I see in "uniCORN." That's amazing, especially as Corons/Corona's were first found in Cheshire with Maceys and English Weavers. The Ceraunii were on the Urbanus river, explaining why Masci-branch Massena's and Urbans share the same hexagrams, which are the Pero/Perino and Wise/Weis hexagrams.

So, as the spider event was at the Graff while we were just brought to Coron liners, it's a good argument that the spider-on-web event points to the COVID scare-scheme for the purpose of secretly pushing vaccinations with graphene oxide. I haven't found any reason to suggest that "oxide" should be pointed to by Oxfords, but I'll first add that Kepke dated and almost married Miss Peare, and Peare's were first found in Oxfordshire. Plus, the Arms of Oxford uses a beaver while Bebers/Beavers (Berkshire, beside Oxfordshire) happen to have a fesse in the colors of the same of Webber-branch English Weavers! The latter use an "Esto" motto term while the Segne's/Segurana's in the motto of Webbers/Weavers share the Este eagle. The Spitzers use "hills" (and a tunnel) while the Hill motto can have the Vance variation of Vaux's (East Lothian, same as early Haldans). I suppose that Webbers/Weavers can be of the Beber river near Haldensleben.

If Tunnels/Tunno's can be proven to be a Tony/Tone branch, then let me go to Tony Campania, my boss at age 14 when I pumped gas at his service station. This job was in Gormley about the time that the Graffs moved away. Campanio's share bells with the GATE-using Porters, and half the Scottish Gas Shield has the Fisc Shield. Is this somehow a pointer to Bill Gates, and the graphene oxide of Fisc-like Pfizer? The "AD astra" motto phrase of Fiscs looks like part-code for some aspect of the Atha's/Attys who share the Fisc Shield, and then the "Duci" motto term of Atha's/Attys can be a pointer to James LeDuc of the Galveston National lab that set up parts of the Wuhan lab and/or parts of its agenda. The media is not putting light on what part LeDuc played in the Wuhan lab. The double-gold lions of Scottish Gas' are those of Brunswicks too, in colors reversed from the two of Duce's, and the Barrs of Brunswick became the namers of Bar-le-DUC. JUST REALIZED: Fiscs were first found in Suffolk with Towns/TUNE's, and the latter's chevron can be the same colored one of Atha's/Attys!!! TONY Campania! The Fiscs look indirectly connectable to Tunnels/Tunno's. "Ad astra" thus looks like a pointer to AstraZeneca. Coincidences all?

The Arms of Oxford ("est") shares the grey elephant with CRANE-using Grounds/Crannys. The latter use an "Amor" motto term while Amore's were first found in Oxfordshire with Damorys/Amori's, and the latter two have six fessewise bars in colors reversed from the same of Rubys while JANE Ruby of Stew Peters broke the graphene-oxide story. Hmm, maybe Oxfords do point to this substance, especially as Jane's (Worcestershire) are also Jeans (WOOOOWWW) while both French Jeans and Spanish Jeans/Jans share the Graff/Graffen lion!!! In the Sleeping Beauty dream, I was in jeans but without my shirt, and Shirts/Shards are suspect from Sardinia, where Italian Amori's/Damori's were first found! Miss Hicks was Sleeping Beauty, and while Hicks use a buck's head, Bucknell, not far from Sleap, is where Damory's/Amori's were first found who share wavy bars (different colors) with Webbers.

Compare the Coats of Damorys/Amori's with Amorite-suspect Marlins/Merlane's Amorites ruled in Mari on the Euphrates river, but lived also at mount Moriah in Jerusalem. King Og's Rephaites lived in Jerusalem. Compare "Reph" to a G-less "Gareb," asking where "Arab" came from.

AHHHHHHHH WOOOWIE! I now recall that Avisons (share Weaver garbs) once showed a black anchor. From my 1st update in November, 2018: "And the Avis' are listed with the Avezzano-line Avisons. The latter share the black anchor..." I've been keeping eyes open for a black anchor to go with the black one of Graffs/Graffens!!! The Avisons were a branch of Avezzano's, first found in Sardinia!!!! Can we believe it? It's suggesting that Amori's were a Ruby branch for the purpose of God in pointing to Jane Ruby's graphene story. The "maLIS" motto term of Amore's (CROWN) must be for Liss' (Hampshire, same as Flys and Shirt-beloved Tiss') who share the six pale bars of LIZards/SARDE's and gold-GATE Babels/Babwells. The latter were first found in Middlesex with the Fiers/Fears (share blue bend with Damorys/Amori's) and Apps'/Epps from Fier county (Albania) on the APSus river, and the Comyns/Comings, who share the Avison Coat exactly, were from Kuman in Fier county. While Vere's (share Amori/Damori star) ruled Oxford for centuries, the Fiers/Fears were a Vere branch. Scottish Lise's share the double chevrons of Bucknells.

Here's a good reason for the Oxford beaver: Scottish Vere's/Weirs ("NIHil"), sharing the Weaver and Beber/Beaver fesse, share the stars of Amore-like Morays, and Irish Weirs almost have the GRIMaldi Shield. Ware's share the gold boar with Weirs/Vere's, and Were's/Wears (Devon, same as Ware's) are said to have become Giffords who in turn use a "Malo MORI" motto phrase to go with the "MALis" of Amore's. Vere's have the Mall / Soars/SORS quadrants in colors reversed.

[Insert -- On Saturday of this week, Stew Peters interviewed Ehden BIBER, who disseminated a leaked contract between Pfizer and the Brazilian government. Biber was canceled by social media for doing this. I can link Bibers to Vere liners in another way, and will show it later to see if there any pointers to Pfizer.]

Lookie: while Malls have the Malbancs in their write-up, Malbanks share the ermined bend of RODDENs/Rodhams, and both surnames were first found in Northumberland with the Tunnels/Tunno's in the "tunnel" of spider-like Spitzers! That exclamation mark is due to the Tunnels/Tunno's sharing the ROTEN hexagram! We suddenly have a pointer to Rothschilds and Hillary Rodham Clinton; she may have been in cahoots with ELIOT Spitzer (New York governor and attorney general) when she was a U.S. senator representing New York (same period as he). Clintons were first found in Oxfordshire, that's right, and share the Hillary Shield. And I've told it several times that we lived directly across the street from the ELLIOTs (not sure how to spell their name), with the Graffs two properties over from them (I've just checked the satellite map to confirm). Kepke's first name is Lawrence, and Laurence is Spitzer's middle name. Kepke chased me with the spider! That's very impressive. But what's Eliot Spitzer got to do with vaccines or graphene?

More: Malls have been a Mall-Bank merger, and Banks share the Webber fleur-de-lys! It's starting to suggest that Oxford elements should apply to the pointer to graphene oxide from the spider-on-web event at the Graff residence. Malls have the quadrants of Spanish Jeans/Jans. Andrew Cuomo succeeded Spitzer (Jewish) as New York's attorney general, and Cuomo's now the COVID-killer governor of New York. Might the two men be controlled by certain globo-satanic Jews? Sure could be. Cuomo's mother is Miss Raffa, and Raffa's/Rafele's use the comet-like hexagrams of Pero's/Perino's and Karens. Miss Peare lived in UNIONville when I knew her in my late teens, and Karen Graff lived on Union road! Unions use "MILL rinds" while Rinds ("fragRANTior") were a branch of RANDs/Rants/Ryndss!!! UNBELIEVABLE, for Ralph / Ruff liners may have been from Moray's RANDolphs, the horseshoe-bat ones. A mill rind is used by Miles' who have the Chief-Shield colors of Raffle's!

I see Comets as a branch of Comyns/Comings who in turn have variations like Cuomo's (share arrow with Scottish Adams). ADAM Kilconquhar, son of Miss Comyn(s), is to the Adam surname, first found in Dumfries with Rafele-like Raffle's (purple griffin head). Purple-lion Skiptons were in Craven, and while Banks were first found in Craven (!!!), Cravens were from Croatians smack beside Lesce, the line to griffin-head Leslie's, earls of Rothes in Moray, where Thomas Randolph, son of Adam Kilconquhar (they say), was earl. I don't know how to prove that the Fisc Shield is in the Raffa/Rafele Coat, but if it's the Fiscs who are there, it would make vaccine sense. Ahhh, just realized: the Raffa/Rafele checks are the Arms of Croatia!

Raffle's (CROWNs for Corona liners) share the double-headed SPIKE eagle, and graphene oxide is, as I understand it, for facilitating the lodging / invasion of SPIKE proteins (the mRNA) to body cells.

Ralphs use ravens (crow species) while Ravens may have developed from Craven-like "McRaven." I think, Coronis, the mythical Greek crow, was the line to Croatians and to Ceraunii. Compare crown-using Crauns/Crane's to "CRAVen" and "Gareb." I trace Croatians (KRVati) to mount GAREB, less than two miles west of Jerusalem, and to the REPHAites at the Rephaite valley on the west side of Jerusalem. My extensive hunt for the identification of mount Gareb found it either as the hill upon which the Knesset (Israeli parliament) is located, or the hill beside it. Did the Rothschilds choose that hill? Why do Rothes'/Rothchilds use a giant raven? Rothschild bankers, folks, in our faces. I see Banks (Craven) as a branch of Benjamins (Norfolk), from Benjamites at the Rimna river (Romania), which I trace to Rimini, near the Fano location of Fiens/Phone's who in turn share "Ne vile" with Griffins.

Ah, the key in the mouth of the green Chase griffin head is the key (same design, different color) in the mouth (or beak) of the white griffin head of Keys, first found in Yorkshire with Banks of Craven. It's evidence that Kepke chased me in order to point to the Chase bank.

I had found it possible that the giant king Og of the Rephaites was to the naming of OXfords. OGdens (Yorkshire, same as Cravens) share the red lion with SLOVENia-like Slowens. Rothschilds descended from the Leslie earls of Rothes, and Lesce is in Slovenia, beside Croatia. That works. As Leslie's share the bend of KNEES'/Nee's, has God used the Knee's because they point to the KNESSet? As Graffs/Graffens/Gravs are now suggesting Rephaites, what about that "Ne" motto tern of Graffen-like Griffins? By what coincidence do Ogdens share "non" with the Kness'/Ness' in Non/Nevin colors? The Jackets/Jaycocks, perhaps in the "jacto" motto term of Ogdens, have the Non/Nevin / Kness/Ness crescents in colors reversed.

I trace Griffins to "Agrippa," and the Herods were kings in Jerusalem. Herod Archelaus was banished from Israel to Vienne-Isere, and Vienne's share the Grave/Greaf eagle! The latter's eagle is partly in Herod/Harald colors. Vienne is near Lyon while Lyons were first found in Perthshire with Knees-like Kness'/Ness'. Ness'/Nice's are also Knesset-like Nests, and while Lesce is in CARNiola, Carns have a giant pelican on NEST in the colors of the giant Vienne eagle. The Vienne-like Fiens/Phone's share "Ne vile" with Griffins, and the Fiens/Finis' share the Graff/Graffen lion. Note how the griffin-loving Leslie's use "GRIP" while Gripps/Grape's are listed with Gareb-like Grabbens and Craven-like Cravers.

Vienna is a city in Austria, and Austria is not only where Gripps/Grape's/Grabbens were first found, but also the Garbs who look like kin of both Fiens', the Webbers/Weavers, and the Comyns/COMMINGs, and then Herod Antipas (Archelaus' brother) was banished from Israel (by Caesar) to COMMINGes, which at the time was Lugdunum, the name also of ancient Lyon. Garbs can be gleaned as kin of Weis's/Wise's (share Raffa / Karen hexagrams) and Wies' (share Webber/Weaver Crest) while Adam WEIShaupt founded the Bavarian Illuminati. A good reason to trace "Karen" to CERAUNii's Croatians is the use of Karens of nearly the Urban bend-with-hexagrams, for Ceraunii were on the Urbanus river. Urbans, with nearly the Leslie Coat, were first found in Austria too. Spanish Urbans (share Webber/Weaver Coat) have a reflection of the HARVey and Garb Coats.

Why do English Webbers share the bank fleur-de-lys? Did God chase me with that spider on a web to point to international pig-bankers who never have enough money until they rule the universe of God with no resistance? MAD DOGS will destroy the world seeking to tyrant-ize it. Karens share the sleeping crescent with Rothschild-line German Roets, and Ogdens share the tree with Scottish Roets.

As Knees'/Nee's share the Coat of NEEDhams, why do Needle's share the Hesse Coat. How did the first Rothschild become a banker-buddy of a prince of Hesse-Cassel? Why do Cassels look like a Casey branch if Caseys were not Leslie-connectable Case / Chase liners? Why do Scottish Caseys use the CROW head? Why do Cassels use an "AVISE" motto term while Avis/Avisons share the Comyn/Comming Coat? Why do Knees'/Nee's and Needhams share the stag head of VISE's? Garbs share the garb with Comyns and Avisons.

Raffa's/Rafele's share the hexagram of Ruby-like Rube's, and the latter can be from something like the Rove's/Rolphs (Norfolk, same a Rowe's / Roe's) who in turn happen to share ravens with Peters and English Ralphs/Raffs. Jane Ruby on Stew Peters broke the graphene story. Peters were from Peter Pollock at the theater of the Rose's, and Rose's (Nairnshire, same as Scottish Ralphs) share water bougets with Ralphs. As German Rothes use the raven too, the white lion head in the Scottish Ralph Crest should be the lion head of English Rothes'. While Peter Pollock of Rothes lived in RENfrew too, and can be connected to Rennes-line Rains/Raines', Reine's/Reines' suspect in the Rien motto term of Peters happen to use a "comet." Plus, Raffa's/Raphele's were first found in Lucca, right beside Pisa, and the Pisa Coat is in colors reversed in one half the Reine/Reines' Coat!

That's pretty-good stuff, but why would the Stew-Peters / Jane-Ruby story point to Cuomo and/or his wife? Cuomo is definitely a leading killer. Who's he obeying orders from? The blue lion head in the Peter Crest can be the Pisa lion. I can get to the Bug bat from here (not forgetting that Randolphs have the horseshoes and bat) because English Bugs (think flu bug) share the Carrick fesse while Marjory Carrick married Adam Kilconquhar, son of Miss Comyn(s). Some say that Marjory and Adam birthed Thomas RANDOLPH of Amorite-suspect Moray, and Ralphs can be of "Randolph." She later married Mr. Bruce, and the Bruce lion is also the Pisa lion. Water bougets are owned by Bouchier's who share the black dog with Carricks and Craggs. German Bugs use ravens in the colors of the Peter raven and in the colors of the Ralph bougets.

Here's from the 5th update in April, 2021: "This recalls the story I've told a few times, about my throwing a party for my fellow young employees of Knob Hill Farms. Late at night, a few of us went out to the POOL of my neighbor, the Elliots." Ahhh, Scottish Elliots not only use a baton for a pointer to Bats and the bat virus, but their Crest is the curved sword of Grounds/Crannys. And English Elliots have an elephant, symbol of Grounds/Cranny and Oxford!!! How did that happen. If the curved sword is a SCIMitar, note that Schims/Schiens/Chands share the boar head of Mole's, the latter first found in Roxburghshire with the Liddesdale location of the first-known Elliots. Irish SANDers share the black elephant head with Elliots, and it just so happens that Lawrence's/Laurence's (from near the Sands of Lancashire) look related to Sands (Lancashire).

The Oxford elephant comes with a Cheney-like chain, and Cheneys were first found in Buckinghamshire, beside Oxfordshire and Berkshire. The swan in the Arms of Buckinghamshire has a chain, and while Swans are listed with Sine's, Stew Peters had a former Pfizer employee on this week claiming that graphene oxide is secretly in vaccines as part of a patent using "Sino" in its name, as indication that it's from China. The poison-like Poussins were first found in Oxfordshire while French Poussins share the Grimm sun. We saw Grime's/Grimms linkable to the Cheney motto.

The Cheney- / China-like Shins/Chine's/Chings share three red fesses with Poussin-related Pasleys (Berkshire, same as Bebers/Beavers). Shins/Chine's/Chings share the Coat of Kemmis'/Kenys' that I can link to Kims and McKinneys (CROWNS, can be for Corona liners) suspect in the "proXIMi" motto term of Grounds/Crannys. Kemmis'/Kenys' were first found in Gloucestershire with LETTs/Late's while Lito's/Lette's/Alitto's share the Ground/Cranny crane. "PROXimi" can even be a pointer to Proctors because Ainsley Earhardt, a pointer to poison vaccines, married both Mr. McKinney and Mr. Proctor. If Grounds/Crannys use a scimitar, that's the Ainsley symbol too.

More new just found: Lorraine was a busser, taking the bus to work, and Bussers, listed with Bussys, share the Lorraine eagles! That can come in handy. (I've loaded Bussys many times, but the Bussers/Bussys either didn't come up in the past when loading "Bussy," or I failed to see their French branch when the English-Bussy page was loaded.) The Bussys/Bushe's share the FINCHem Coat (almost), both having three of the Bush fesses, and Lorraine took the bus all the way to the FINCH subway station. Is that cool or what? Makers of their own heraldry didn't know anything about Lorraine, but God did when the particular heraldry was chosen, most of it formed 700-1,000 years ago (Rothschilds should be shaking in their boots). Bush's are in Vince/FINCH colors and format. In the beginning more than a decade ago, the Bush fesses was red with the same spread eagles now upon it's black fesse.

Why did God point to Bush liners in multiple ways with Lorraine who otherwise pointed hard to Phoenix / Maricopa election fraud? Bussys/Bushe's have a dog in Crest while Dogs/Doags share the Bus cinquefoil. Bushers were first found in Dorset with Babe's, and with their Beak kin who in turn share the triple Finchem / Busser/Bussy fesses. Lorraine's the one with the grass stain, and we just saw Grassi's with a different-color Bussy/Bushe Coat. Bosco's with the tufts of grass are in Cheney colors and format, and these Bosco's have three pillars in the colors of the three chevrons of French Grassi's/Grasse's.

The Bussys/Bushe's have spread eagles on their red fesse, only they're the Lorraine eagles too. Thus, Lorraine's grass stain points to president Bush. Stains were first found in Yorkshire with Bush's, and German Bush's share the Coat of STEPPs/Steptows while the calvary symbol above doesn't have steps for nothing. The StepTOWs must have been a Stepp / Stephenson merger with the Tow variation of Touch's/Tuffs, the latter first found in Cheshire with the TUFTs/Tuffs' in the "tufts of grass" of Scottish Bosco's. Isn't this a whack of fun?

In the last update, Stevensons were shown linked to Provence's when mentioning Lizart-like IsSARDs/Essarts, for Lizarts/Sarde's were first found in Provence. We can add here that while the latter share the leopard face of the other Stevensons/Stephensons, both Stevenson surnames were first found in Northumberland, stomping grounds of SIWARD of Northumberland, the line to Swords/SWARDs/SWARTs i.e. like "Issard/Essart" (don't assume that "Siward" was the original term of this bloodline). George Soros was born George SCHWARTZ, in case God is pointing to him. The Keen leopard isn't missing its tail for nothing, and this leopard is in the design of the SEWARD leopard. Tails/Tailors have a Crest leopard of their own, and the lion tails of Corks/CORE's are in the colors of the Tail/Tailer lions while the Sewards share the fesse of Gore's/CORE's. Haliburton titles went to Gowrie's/Gorys.

Sewards share the double chevrons of Sweets/SWEITs, suspect with two Lambert surnames, the French branch having two of the three Grassi/Grasse chevrons. SWIEToslawa was daughter to Mieszko I while Mieszko II Lambert followed him as duke of Poland. Swietoslawa was also SIGURD the Haughty, and "Sigurd" is version of "Siward."

Kepke CHASEd me in front of Karen with the spider dangling from a strand of web. She was laughing. I was a coward with spider phobia. Chase's share the Leslie griffin head while Case's share buckles on a different-colored bend with Leslie's. Irish Leslie's share the gold lion with Graffs/Graffens, and the Griffins in the Chase Crest can apply. The Chess' use a giant lion in both colors of the same of Graffs/Graffens!!! That can't be coincidental.

Ahh, while Avisons once used the black anchor, the color of the Graff/Graffen anchor, note that while Comyns/Commings (Norfolk, same as Chess') share the Avison Coat, the Comyn/Coming Crest has the same gold lion. As Marjory Carrick married the son of Miss Comyn(s), it's notable that Craigie's (Ayrshire, same as Carricks) share the three Patton crescents. Chase's use "PATONce" crosses, you see, looking like code for Pattons, who happen to share the Karen crescent too, and while Case's use a "DIStantia" motto term, zikers, the Diss'/Dice's have spread eagles in the colors of the Grave/Greaf eagle! We have what looks like a graphene-oxide story. The Chase / Leslie griffin head is green, as is the one in the Patent/Patten Crest.

AHH WOW, I trace Leslie's to SLOVenia's Lesce, in the district of Karen-like CARNiola, and the SLOW Crest has a gold unicorn, the color of the Spitzer unicorn!!! Carns have a pelican in both colors of the Spitzer unicorn, and were first found in GlaMORGAN (anciently MORGANnwg), and so see how this discussion goes to Morgan Stanley. I trace the UNIcorn to Corona-like Ceraunii on the Sava river, and to the Una river with a mouth on the Sava river, not far down the Sava from Lesce.

I can lead this back to spider-like Spitzers. Case's look like they love the Stants/Stans in their "diSTANTia," and it's important here that Stants/Stans use a cloud while McLeods/Clouds love the Flags/Flacks with the double fesses of Stants/Stans. The Leslie bend-with-buckles are in the three colors of the STANley bend-with-stag heads. As the McLeod/Cloud motto shares "fast" with the Leslie motto, we seem justified to bounce from Chase's to Case's. Kepke was chasing a coward of the Meschin bloodline, and while Cowards happen to use a version of the Palmer Coat, and it just so happens that Palmers (Norfolk, same as Chess', Flags/Flecks, Fasts, and Diss'/Dice's) have a version of the Flag/Flack Coat (share Meschin scallops). The split Shield of Spanish Palmers is colors reversed from the same of Spitzer-beloved Tunnels/Tunno's. What could this mean?

On the night of the 9-11 memorial, Stanley pointed to Morgan Stanley bankers in one of the Trade towers. Might the Chase's be a pointer to JPMorgan Chase bank (New York, same as Eliot Spitzer)? The worldwide WEB, depicted as a spider, comes to mind too. Stanley, that knight, holding the American FLAG, jibed with the Knee's/Nee's expected in the "Ne" motto term of Griffins. What's 9-11 got to do with poisonous vaccines. "John D. Rockefeller, Jr. and the Rockefeller family were the largest shareholders of Chase National Bank."

Repeat from above:

More: Malls have been a Mall-Bank merger, and Banks share the Webber fleur-de-lys!...Andrew Cuomo succeeded Spitzer (Jewish) as New York's attorney general, and Cuomo's now the COVID-killer governor of New York. Might the two men be controlled by certain globo-satanic Jews? Sure could be. Cuomo's mother is Miss Raffa, and Raffa's/Rafele's use the comet-like hexagrams of Pero's/Perino's and Karens. Miss Peare lived in UNIONville when I knew her in my late teens, and Karen Graff lived on Union road! Unions use "MILL rinds" while Rinds ("fragRANTior") were a branch of RANDs/Rants/Ryndss!!! UNBELIEVABLE, for Ralph / Ruff liners may have been from Moray's RANDolphs, the horseshoe-bat ones. A mill rind is used by Miles' who have the Chief-Shield colors of Raffle's!

I see Comets as a branch of Comyns/Comings who in turn have variations like Cuomo's (share arrow with Scottish Adams). ADAM Kilconquhar, son of Miss Comyn(s), is to the Adam surname, first found in Dumfries with Rafele-like Raffle's (purple griffin head). Purple-lion Skiptons were in Craven, and while Banks were first found in Craven (!!!), Cravens were from Croatians smack beside Lesce, the line to griffin-head Leslie's, earls of Rothes in Moray, where Thomas Randolph, son of Adam Kilconquhar (they say), was earl. I don't know how to prove that the Fisc Shield is in the Raffa/Rafele Coat, but if it's the Fiscs who are there, it would make vaccine sense.

The Miles' above recalls Norman MILES at the Mark II school I attended with Karen Graff for two months only, in UNIONville!!! I have told a taxi story with Norman Miles, as per seeing him as a police officer a decade after I last saw him at the school. He had befriended me at that school. Police-like Pollicks/Pollocks gave Rothes to Leslie's. Miles-branch Mills were first found in Hampshire with Chase's and the Flys sharing the Bank fleur-de-lys, and so God may in fact be pointing to the Morgan-Chase bank, especially as Flys were at FLAGi. Stanley was holding the American FLAG in memory of 9-11, but that event was a massive crime out of New York from satanic insiders. Morgan Stanley bank had several floors in one Trade tower directly under two maintenance floors i.e. where the plotters probably stationed themselves when they planted the explosives.

The "GRIP fast" motto is of Leslie's sharing the Chase griffin head. The House of Griffin was in Pomerania, where Krebbs'/Crebs' were first found, as well as Detrick-like Deeters (dog) who happen to use grapes to go with the Grape variation of GRIPPs/Grabbens/CRAVers (Austria, near Lesce). Lawrence was chasing me with a spider at the Graff residence. Is this pointing to the Fort Detrick lab as the origin of graphene oxide for vaccines and other drugs? As I said, I was close to Mrs. DEETER after she was divorced from her non-Christian husband, and she was born Miss Sim(p)son, which seems relevant because one Simpson Coat shares the Chief-Shield colors combo of Raffle's and Miles'. The English Mill Crests shares the lion of Slovenia-like Slowens (and Ogdens), and Slows were first found in Buckinghamshire with Simsons, and with the Cheneys who share the martlets of Flys (same place as Mills) who in turn have the Bank fleur-de-lys! Banks were at a Newton location in Croatia-line Craven, and Cravens/GRAVens (griffin) look related to the Grav variation of Graffs/Graffens. ZIKERS! Croatia is beside Slovenia, and while the Carni named Slovenia's Carniola, Carnys share the red lion with Ogdens.

The line of king Og was suspect to mythical Ogyges of ACTE, and Actons are in the Craven/Graven motto.

Cowards were first found in Furness, near the first-known Lawrence's, by the way, and Furness' happen to use a giant dog of the Labrador species. As I've said, Kepke owned a black Lab, Blackie, when I knew him in my teens, and so it seems that we are justified in going to Cowards i.e. God made me afraid of spiders to get us here. But why? Blackie's/Blackys (Nero chevron) and English Blake's both share a green dragon head to go well with the green griffin head of Leslie's and Chase's. I don't see any break-throughs here, however. Furness is where Quints/Quintons were first found who share blue-vair fur with Blackie's, and the latter not only have chevrons colors reversed from the Quint/Quinton chevron, but both surnames share the gold fitchee!!! I have never seen the Quints first found in Cumberland until this week, and as Windows (gold fitchee) almost have the Quint Crest, it recalls when I slammed a window and broke glass in front of Kepke, because of Kepke's lie. I'll need to go over that event again, sometime, with Quints in mind.

Ahh, Quints were previously said to be first found in Essex and Dorset, and Essex is where BROKE's/Brocks were first found who share the red lion of Slams!!! I slammed the window and BROKE the glass!!! PLUS, KirkCUDbrightshire is where Slams were first found along with Cudd-branch Cuthberts, and the latter two use a dart in Crest while the red lion in the Broke/Brock Crest is said to be holding a dart!!! INCREDIBLE. Why did God point Kepke's dog to the window-slam event, and to Quints? I've always suspected that Kepke liners were related to Joseph CAIAPHas, and I trace Quints to Quintus CAEPio.

There's a black Lab in the SPINK Crest while Brock-branch Brocuffs use a SPHINX, and Spinks (share mascles of different colors with Quince's and Winchesters) were first found in NorthAMPTONshire with Quince's, and with the Lauds/Laudymans linkable to the GLASgow motto's Lords/Lauds. Amptons share the cinquefoils of Lords/Lauds, and while Kepke left Peare for Kim Walsh, the Ampton / Lord/Laud cinquefoil is colors reversed from the same of Kims, the latter first found in Buteshire with Glass'. Kepke took Peare away from me by his lie for which I slammed the window in front of both of them, on Lawrence avenue (Toronto). Lawrence's were first found near black-dog Furness. We were both selling shoes and BOOTs at the time, and Bute-like Boots (boots) were first found in Berkshire with Window-connectable Windsors.

Repeat: "I say that Quince's/Quincys were a Quint branch, and the QUINT Crest is a near copy of the WINDow Crest while Windows have lion paws in the colors of the Gates lions. Isn't Bill Gates the founder of Microsoft WINDOWS? Houseofnames has recently found an earlier Quint liner than previous in: "Richard de Quintine was Abbot of Furness in Cumberland." Saer de Quincy was ruler in WINchester, and Winchesters have the gold fitchee of Quints and Windows behind their blue, Crest lion." Winchesters were first found in Hampshire with blue-lion Chase's who in turn share a green Crest with Blackie's!!

I don't know why the window slam should point to Microsoft Windows, however.

Cowards and Palmers both use the black, courant greyhound to go with the black Furness dog, and as Carricks and Craggs (Yorkshire, same as Cravens/Gravens, Palms, Blackie's, Cracks/Cricks) use the black dog too, it seems that the double fesses of Cowards are in both colors of the Carrick fesse for a related reason. The Cracks/Cricks share the single pale bar of Blackie-branch Blake's. What are Blake liners in this? Lawrence's/Laurence's were first found in Lonsdale, on the Lune river, and Lune's/Lyons were first found in Perthshire with Dogs/Doags/Docks. It looks like Intelligent design, and while Lawrence's (at YEALAND-REDmaine) love the swan-using READys in their motto, Swans/Sions/Sine's were first found in Lanarkshire with Irish Caseys (share cloud with Case-beloved Stants/Stan) whose Coat in turn is the Yealand Coat in red. Lanarks share the cinquefoil of Dogs/Doags/Docks.

For the last two weeks especially, I've been on an all-assault on huge wolf spiders all getting fat around the remaining four frog ponds (there were seven ponds to begin with). Ponds were first found in Hampshire with spider-linkable Chase's. As I pull weeds, I wack them with my hand-held weed spade. At one time, I'd leave them alone, but they are infesting the place during this wet year. The interesting thing is, I claimed that George Soros was being pointed to with my pulling of wood-sorrel weeds a couple of years ago, and the Soars/Sors' (Dorset, beside Chase's) happen to share the Chase lion. Webbers were first found in Somerset (beside Dorset) with Roets, and the Catherine wheel owned by Roets is used by German Wolfs, who share the blue wolf with Wolfleys (Cheshire, same as Wolfs/Welfs/Lupus'). WOLF spiders, fat and fast. Hugh Lupus was le-Meschin's uncle, explaining to some degree why Meschins have a version of the Wolver Coat (wolf heads).

There was a literal barn directly across the street from the spider-chase event, and Barns, with fesses that look connectable to the bars of Webbers (Somerset, same as Bath / Baths), share the Chief of Trebys, which I connect to the Chief of Flynns who in turn have a wolf colors reversed from the same of Wolfleys. Hugh Lupus used the wolf head in the colors of the Scarf wolf head, and there is a scarf in the Traby/Sadowski Coat. We could be back to scarf-loving Deborah Birx, Fauci's accomplice in crime to kick-off the lockdowns last year. As BATHers share the Scarf wolf heads, note that the Chase crosses are in the colors of the Bath cross, for that's the line to horseshoe-bat Randolphs.

Baths were first found in Somerset with Battins/BADENs, and Zahringers of Baden founded Berne (Switzerland) while Berne's (Switzerland) come up as "Barn." I don't know whether Hugh Lupus was himself a Varangian-RUS liner even though he was styled, "D'AVRANChes," a term like "Varangi," but I have a way to prove that the Veringer kin of Zahringers were from Varangians of Kiev i.e. in the Dnieper area of Roxolani = proto-Rus. I trace "Varangi" to the Barn-like Varni at ROStock, land of the DANE Rus likely descended from the Don river when it was named the Tanais. Varns share the Gripp/Grape/Grabben/Craver bend, and Varni lived at least near Pomerania's House of Griffin. A giant griffin is used by Battle's (beside ROXburghshire) expected in the embattled pattern of Barns.

One of the four frog ponds is filled 3/4s up with large ROCKs, and all four are rife with bulRUSHes. Rush's use a wolf head to go with the wolf spiders. My BULL frogs come to mind with the BULrushes, recalling the bulrush's of Perts/Petts, first found in Kent with Gore's/Core's who share the white wolf with Rush's. Kent has the Axton location of Actons (Craven fesse in colors reversed) in the Craven motto, and Actons (Cheshire and Shropshire) share the Rush and Rosco fesse. Alan-related RUNdels were first found in Kent, and Runnings/Ronnys share the Acton fesse too. Rosco's share the cinquefoil of Benjamin-possible Benne's/Bennys. Alans are suspect in naming Lance's (share Gore fesse, colors reversed from Alan / Rundel fesse), and Griffins love Velis'/VAILs while "VaiLANCE" is an Acton motto term. Actons could have been from the line of Og's Rephaites / Garebites.

I'm getting the impression that God set up my pond situation. As there were seven initially with only four now, the four horsemen of revelation come to mind, for Rush's and Benne's/Bennys use the horse. To Nordics, "hross" means "horse," and the Roxolani of the Buzau lived at least beside the Benjamites.

Bulls (Somerset again) have three, fessewise annulets in colors reversed from the same of CRAUNs/Crane's, and the latter's are blue, as are the three on the fesse of Rush's (Suffolk, same as Crauns/Crane's). The proto-Alans of Shropshire come from Aulon/Avlona at the CERAUNII mountains. The Biblical Rosh, expected with Roxolani, come to mind, and Frogs were even first found in Shropshire with Meshech-line Meschins and a line of Alan Huns from the Don-river area.

English Towns are also Tune's/Tone's (Suffolk, same as Rush's and CRAUNs) while Tunnels are also Tunna's. Towns/Tune's look like kin of Tintons (Cornwall, same as Rush-branch Rosco's), expected from the ATINTanes at the Karen-like CERAUNii mountains. While Karens are also Kerns, Irish Kerns/Kerins happen to share the leopard face of Tony-connectable Antonys. Tonys/Tone's come up as "Tonna's. Tunnelincidence?

[I don't know how I missed it until my discussion below on Zurich and Valais, but I've known that the Arms of Valais are a near match (though with 13 stars) of the Tunnel/Tunno Coat, and Graffs happen to have been first found in Switzerland with Valais. This tends to affirm that the spider is a pointer to tunnel-using Spitzers.]

Tintons are in the colors and format of Mansfields (pointed to my Mamie's tent) who in turn share a maunch (different colors) with TONys and TickHILLs. Spitzers use "hills" with a "tunnel." Rush's are in the bulrushes of Perts/Petts (share Bully mascles), first found in Kent with Ticks, Tonbridge/Tunbridge, and with the Royals in the "royal tents" of Tintons. The Nocks/Nochs (CROWNs), suspect in the TunNOCK/TunNOCH variations of Tunnels/Tunna's, share the red leopard face with English Antonys. Nocks/Nocks (BUCKinghamshire) share the BUG fesse, and Bugs were once said to be first found in Nottinghamshire with Mansfields.

Doesn't Fort KNOX come to mind with bankers, billionaire tunnelers to hide their gold, and the Nocks/Nocks? Rothschilds descend from Pollocks of Rothes, and Knox's/Knocks have a rising bird of some type while Risings have a fat cross to go with the fat saltire of Pollocks, first found in Renfrewshire with Knox's/Knocks...and the Orrs/Ore's suspect in the "proficiOR" motto term of Knox's/Knocks. The LenNOX's/LenNOCKs were first found in Stirlingshire with the Ore-related Guiscards, and moreover the Peerless' (Perthshire, beside Stirlingshire) with a reflection of the Lennox Coat are listed with NAPIERs while the Ialomita river of Roxolani was once the Naparis. Knox's/Knocks look like they have the engrailed "orle" border of Rutlands, but then Rock-loving Rutherfords (Roxburghshire) use an orle border too while Orrels share the red roundel with Orrs/Ore's.

Note "PROficior," for Peerless' can be traced well to Pero's / Pierro's (TESSin river) by way of the "SANS TACHE" motto of Peerless'/Napiers, for the latter have the saltire of Tease's/TESS'/TECKs (Switzerland, same as Senns') in colors reversed. Mamie got her TEASE symbol in her tent because Tease's/Tyes' were first found in Nottinghamshire with Mamesfelde of the Mansfields. There's another rising bird in the Patton Crest while Pattons share the Senns and Karen crescent. Pattons had come up with the patonce cross of Chase's, all interesting where Pierro's/Pero's are also Petri's, and where Patria's are listed with PEARtree's (near Perthshire).

Ahh, PeerLESS' (near first-known Leslie's) share a hand holding a crescent (different color) with LESS'/Lesks! Leslie's, suspect from Lesce, were first found beside the first-known Patria's/Peartree's of Kincardineshire. It's then interesting that while Lesce is in the Carniola region, Carns have a giant pelican in the colors of the giant, rising bird of Knox's/Knocks. CARNagie's (Angus, near Kincardine and Perthshire) use a blue eagle, the color of the eagle head in the Crest of DEPOTs (Berry, same as PORTs) suspect in the "aDEPTe" motto term of Pattons. The same rising bird of Knox's/Knocks is with Shouldhams/Shoultz's )"ORate"), only on a blue Shield and thus colors reversed from the Carnagie eagle. English Botters (Hampshire, same as POTTers, PORTers, Ports and Chase's) have an eagle standing on a PERCH while Pero's and Pierro's/Pero's both come up as Perichs. The Knox/Knock bird (looks like a falcon) is standing on a stick or something like it. Dutch Schultz's are listed with the Schilds that could have named, RothSCHILDs.

The frogs of Revelation 16 come to mind, the ones who commit global suicide with the anti-Christ (expected as Gog) when the latter's kingdom has been darkened as a result of God's 5th Bowl. I know as a fact (what no one else knows unless they read it from me or realized it on their own) that the 5th Bowl comes immediately after, and to complete, the 5th Trumpet. The latter has symbolic locusts, and I have myriads of grasshoppers and crickets all over the grass just off the frog ponds. It's what the spiders get big and fat on. Even before the crickets came out later in the year than grasshoppers, wolf spiders were big and fat. There's virtually no other bugs living in that grass (to speak of, anyway) but hoppers, crickets and wolf spiders...and lots of garter snakes.

Wolvers have a wavy fesse in the colors of the wavy, fessewise bars of Webbers. That explains why German Webbers/Weavers share the triple stars of Maceys. It explains why Kepke was chasing a Masci liner with a spider on web. It explains why Weavers were first found in Cheshire with Hugh Lupus and Ranulph le Meschin (he's in the write-up of English Randolphs). And I had forgotten until now that Weavers use the Arms-of-Cheshire GARBS, that's right, the Garebites to the Graff bloodline, is that not cool or what? The Garebites must have gone through the Kepke-pointing part of Ukraine, trust the "science." Keppocks use garbs, and while Keppochs were a branch of MacDONalds while the Don river is in the Ukraine. To the south of the Don is a Kepoi location in the Taman peninsula.

I wrote the above as a potential pointer to Rothschilds BEFORE looking up the Crickets. I'm not familiar with Crickets. They happen to have the Raffle Chief-Shield in colors reversed, and the Cricket cross is like the same-colored (gold-on-green) fitchee cross of Raffle's. I had some reason to trace Og the Rephaite to OXford, and here I find that Crickets were first found in Oxfordshire, and the Cricket Crest even has the red lion once shown in the Oxford Chief! The Ogden Crest has a red lion. Cracks/CRICKs use a gold fitchee. Crickets (share Check/Chick crescents) were first found in Oxfordshire with Check/Chick-related Luffs/Love's.

As Oxfordshire is beside the Buckingham location of the first-known Simsons, it's notable that while Miss Simson looked like a pointer to Fort Detrick, the Cricket Coat is a red-crescent version of the white-crescent Simpson Coat if we use the Raffle Shield for the Simpsons. She married Deeters with the Gareb-line grapes. Detricks share the black water bouget with Ralphs/Rolfe's, and while Rollo was also, Rolfe, Rollo's were first found in Perthshire with Knesset-like Kness'. The Norfolk Ralphs/Rolfe's share ravens with Rothes'/Rothchilds, and while Rothschilds/Roddensteins/ROTsteins share the arrow of KNOBs, Nob was a location about 2.5 miles north of Jerusalem.

I worked at KNOB HILL Farms, and while Farmers share the Luff/Love lions heads, Hills are in the hills with tunnel of Spitzers, how about that. I got KEPKe a job at Knob Hill Farms, and Keppocks (GARBS!!! I now see why Kepke was used) are in Farm colors and format. ROTens share the hexagram of Spitzer-beloved Tunnels/Tunno's. Nobs (Cricket Shield?) share the white patonce cross with Chase's (Sors lion?). Kepke chased me with the spider at the home of Gareb-connectable Graffs, and mount Gareb was probably the aim of those who built the Knesset. Kepke's father was/is Ukrainian, and Kiev is at the Dnieper river, a home of the Roxolani who lived also at the Yellow-like Ialomita river. Yellows, looking connectable to Gripps/Grape's/Grabbens/Cravers, were first found in Oxfordshire too.

I saw Roxolani stamped across the Buzau and Rimna rivers (beside the Ialomita), and while Benjamites of Rimmon were at the Rimna, the Banks are suspect as a Benjamin branch. Banks were in Craven with MESCHin-Skiptons, and MASKs/Maschi's, from Croatia's Maezaei, were first found in RIMINi. Benjamins almost have the Coat of Walsh's/WALCH's, and while Kepke was engaged with Miss Walsh, or while Kepke's brother was married to Walsh's sister, the Rimna river is at WALLACHia. Walsh's/Walchs were first found in ROXburghshire, named by Roxolani. The rock in the Arms of Croatia's Rijeka is code for Roxolani. Rocks (Worcestershire, same as Hills) are in the colors of the Arms of Roquefeuil, the proto-Rockefellers who founded the Chase bank.

Chase's have a lion colors reversed from the Mask/Maschi lion, and Kepke chased a Masci liner...while I think the event points to graphene oxide in vaccines, which go together with masks. COVITs were first found in Suffolk with Corona-branch Crauns/Crane's.

The Cricket Coat is a version of the Cromby and Crumb/Cromby Coats, and the Crombys have a cross in both colors of the Nob cross. Crums/Croms (cat for Chattan / Chatan liners) are in the colors and format of Crooms/Crone's (perfect for Ceraunii Croats), but also in the colors and format of CHAStons (share Child Coat), in case they were Chase liners (sure looks like it). Chastins/Chatans happen to share a bend-with-ROSEs in the colors of the same of Jays (Herefordshire, same as Croms/Crums) and Jewish Rothchilds. Poitvins (Poitou, same as Chastins/Chatans) use a jay on a rock / mountain in the colors of the rocks of Rocks/Roque's (Languedoc, same as Roquefeuil). So, I now see why Kiev-suspect Kepke was used for dangling the spider, as Keppocks look like a Garebite line.

Benjamites of Israel lived immediately north of Jerusalem, and their border with Judah was near or even at NOB (I haven't checked, close enough). Nobs were first found in Norfolk with Benjamins. The 600 Benjamites of Rimmon had married 400 wives of Jabesh, and while the latter location was in the area of the Jordan-river Rephaites, I trace "Jabesh" to the Japodes of Croatia, smack beside Rijeka and Lesce.

When opening this section with Kepke DANGLING the spider web, it wasn't for any Dangle-like surname, but the Dingle's are interesting for their once naming the ROSS-shire capital (I see Ross' and Rose's from Roxolani). Dingle's use a FLEECE, perhaps code for Felix's, first found in Sussex with the Keeps in the motto of Hebrons/Hepburns (Crom / Croom / Chaston colors and format). The Rephaite valley at Jerusalem faced Hebron. Felix's are said to have had connection with a monastery in Ely, and Elys are the ones with a version of the Craven Coat. The potent cross of Felix's, and their mill rind, can connect to the neighboring Chase's (patonce) and Mills.

I was a coward as he chased me, and while Cowards have a version of the Palmer Coat, Palms (Yorkshire, same as Crooms/Crone's and GOWARDs) almost have the Croom/Crone Coat. The "Ut" motto term of Palms is suspect with Uts/Utz, first son of Nahor, whose wolf-loving Neuri tribe lived in the Bug river of Ukraine. Cowards have two of the Bug fesses, and German Bugs use ravens, how about that. Nahor was brother to Abraham of Hebron, and while Buz was Nahor's second son, it appears that his tribe named the Buzau of the Roxolani. Karen's mother is/was NORA Graff i.e. if God named her, then he may be indicating a Nahorite alliance with peoples from Gareb. Norrys use a wolf head.

Gowards are listed with wolf-using Gowers/Gore's sharing the white wolf of Gore's/Core's whom I've traced to the Gorski area of Croatia. Gains have a version of both the Gore/Core and Craven / Rick Coats, and Ricks are from Croatia's Rijeka/Rika. German Gains' (Oldenburg, same as Japodes-linkable Jeepma's/Jappa's/Jabachs) share the fleur-de-lys of Buz-like Bush's / Boschs and Garb-like Crabs. Irish Gains'/Gainors have a version of the Belgian Fleck Coat to go with the "FLECtes" motto term of Gowards/Gowers/Gore's and the "Flecti" of Moonans/Monans; both the latter two use a "non" motto term to return us to Knesset-like Kness liners. Moons (Devon, same as Darts/Dards) and Moonans can be traced well to king Monunius of the Dardanians, and then the Italian, Fleck-connectable Palms share the Dart/Dard fesse.

This is a good place to deal with the Graff/Graffen anchor, for Anchors are ANNACKers too while Abraham was acquainted with Anak of Hebron, the founder of the Anaki giants.

Has anyone ever chased you with a spider on a web? I no longer have a phobia of spiders. I get on my knees when pulling weeds around the frog ponds, and though I shiver at the thought of one of those fat things going up my pant leg at any moment (what will I do squash it there???), I have been lucky so far. One day, a fat spider fell off my head of neck at the front door, and I swiped it dead on the spot. I hate fat spiders. Does my pulling weeds and killing spiders mean anything prophetically? Spitzers love the Tunnels who look like kin of Rotens and MalBANK-related Roddens/Rodhams. It looks like Rothschild bankers to me. End Big insert.]

Continued From Way Above, Sorry

Mellanson's dining-room table was the kitchen table because there was no room for a table in the tiny kitchen. I kid you not, I've told the story several times, that, at another party at Mellansons, I kissed a girl in that tiny kitchen who eventually became the girlfriend of Mike BOUCHER, and the latter man shared a connected, double driveway with his neighbor, Barry above. THE THING IS, the Bouchier's (share Vaux and Party checks) was water bougets, symbol of Detricks, and the Detrick bougets are in the colors of the KITCHEN water bougets!!! INCREDIBLE, for Dietrich of Derlingau was father of Oda of Haldensleben.

ALSO, I distinctly remember being at Mellanson's dining-room table calling Diane Muschatov in an event that threatened our relationship (that's why I remember where I was), and Diane's/Deans/Deins were first found in Sussex with DINE's/Diens/Dives'. Muscats and Muschats (Essex, same as Waters and Bouchier's) were almost-certainly Mieszko liners. The water bouget was part-symbol for BOUCHER liners, and Buckets/Buchards/BOCKETs (Lincolnshire, same as Pockets/Poucher's...and Grasse's) even have three piles connectable to the three Orr/Ore piles. POCKETs/Pouchers (like the Poke variation of Pollocks) recalls that I had Mellanson's note in my pocket. Mellansons are from Milan, where OTTONE VISconti's ruled who can be connected to Guiscards/WIShart; the latter have the three Orr/Ore piles in colors reversed, and Ottone's/Otto's thus look connectable to ODA.

Muschatov has parents still with Ukrainian accent, she pointed by way of her first name to Hunter Biden's boss, Michael Zlochevsky (see "Muschatov" in last update for explanation). The latter's Burisma company has Igor KoloMOISKy on its board, and he is said to own a shark tank. I find it interesting that while God apparently linked Kidneys/Gedneys to the shark entity that gobbled up Trump, Buckets/Buchards/Bockets and Pockets/Poucher's were both first found in Lincolnshire with Kidneys/Gedneys. That's not enough of a bond to make it exciting, but maybe I'll see something/

Here's something new: the Sleeping Beauty dream linked to the Get'n Go's door, and as Doors are linkable to gates', it was one reason for pointing "Get'N" to Bill Gates. The "Go" part was pointed to Gows/McGoo's, first found in Inverness-shire (beside Geddes') with Gibbs'. The latter were looked up because they may have formed from the Gibney variation of Kidneys/GEDneys. That works amazingly well to add insurance to the Get'n Go's pointer to Gows/McGoo's.

Ahh wow, the Coat of English Gibbs/Gibbons (almost "GIBNey") looked like a version of the Faucet/Fawcett Coat, but I couldn't see a way to prove it. It's important because that's the line that pointed to Fauci a week or two after the Sleeping Beauty dream. But out of the blue just now, "Fasset" came to mind, because it's like "Fawcett," and loading the Fassets which I don't recall loading before, the Faucets/Fawcetts came up, but even before they loaded, I saw "Fast" in "Fasset," and the Gibbs bend-with-scallops happen to be in the colors of the Fast bend-with-crosslets! That's a good way to link Fauci to the shark in the kidney-shaped pool.

Plus, the Gibbs and Fast bend-with-items are in the colors of the Farrah bend-with-horseshoe's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's undeniable, God was using Farrah Fawcett to point to the horseshoe-bat scam that's becoming extremely dangerous, and possibly leading to the 666 system. BEWARE the fools who promote / accept vaccines with eyes closed to the dire reports of various illnesses. This is not the time to take risks, and it's those hypocrites patting themselves on the back for being safety-concerned who are harming the world with vaccines.

Plus, while Pools were Pollock kin, it just so happen that a near descendant (granddaughter, I think) of the Pollock who built Rothes castle married the Leslie's; later, all Pollock titles went to those Leslie's, including the earldom of Rothes, and Leslie's use a "fast" motto term! That's why the Fast quadrants are in this Arms of Rothschild, for Rothschild descended from Rothes in some way, and apparently also from the Leslie marriage to a Fast / Falstaff branch or to another surname that adopted and carried the Fast quadrants to Rothschilds.

THE INCREDIBLE THING NOW IS that while my morning vision looked like Farrah Fawcett, the woman in that vision was Sharon Quinn, and she's the one who punched barry with her fist while Fists are also FAUSTs!!!! That's why I saw her fist in the air as it came down toward Barry. Can you believe it? It's the Fasset = Fawcett line!!! That's what God was getting at, for one, with Sharon Quinn. And German Barrys can have the GEDDES fish!!! t was a Gedney-shaped pool, so to speak! Fist-like Pfisters and like fish-using Fissers/Vissers but also like "Pfizer" The Gibney variation of Kidneys/Gedneys took use here, and the other Gibbs' were first found in the same place as GET'n-Go Gows/McGoo's who happen to have a Chief in Pollock colors that includes a boar head that is almost the Burley/Bourly boar head, and the latter share a green Shield with Bauers, Bowers (share five, bunched arrows with Arms of Rothschild), and Pollocks.

While I trace Leslie's to Lesce in the Austria theater, Bauers were first found partly in Austria. The Gibbens'/Gibbons share a red boar with Lesce-like Lesks/Lusks, and the latter's is colors reversed from the boar of BARDs who in turn share the green Leslie griffin. The Bardys happen to have been first found in Perigord with Fauchys and Faux's/Fage's, howabout that. The shark in the pool must also be the Pollock-Leslie line to Rothschilds. The mother of Mayer Bauer was Miss LECHnich, and the last update showed how Leche's can be a Leak(ey) branch. The Get'n Go is in Camp Wood, Texas, on the road to Leakey.

I almost missed it in the Lesk/Lusk write-up, and I did miss it when they were mentioned in the last update: "The Lesk family lived in Berkshire. Their name, however, is a reference to their place of residence prior to the Norman Conquest of England in 1066, Loches, Normandy." The Loches'/DeLoges' share the cinquefoils of Gows/McGoo's! The French Loge's (Burgundy, same as Loches'/DeLOGES' not only share the blue saltire with the saltire-by-fish of Kidneys/Gedneys/Gibneys, but the full Loge Coat is that of Gettes'/Jette's (!!! ha-ha), first found in Anjou with Miss Loches, wife of Fulk I, count of Anjou. McGoo's were first found beside the first-known Geddes', and McGoo's might even have been boar-head McGee's (Geths), in which case McGoo's look like Geddes / Gettes liners. This is the first time ever, after years of considering the GET'n Go as a pointer to Gows/McGoo,s that the latter looked to be like a Geddes branch. The possibility was always there, but this paragraph tends to prove it.

The thing is, the shark in the pool can even include Mr. Poulos, founder of Dominion Voting, because Pool-like Poulos' not only use a LOG, but were first found in Burgundy to Loge's! So, can we now see what God is doing with that dream's first half, the half with the shark. He's making it possible to discern / decipher the shark as a multitude of globo-gangsters who will war against Jesus and His people, and turn the world to lawlessness gangster-style, demon-style. We are seeing it play out. The goons have decided to strike lawlessly, thinking they can hold their house together by forcing their will. NOPE, sorry, STUPIDS, you will be betrayed by your own trusted leaders. Your house will fall, and you will commit global suicide, then take your beds in Hell with the fate you deserve.

To prove that the red Gibbens boar is that of Lesks/Lusks, the Bard boar is in the colors of the boar heads of Scottish Turins (Aberdeenshire, same as Leslie's and Tarves'), and while Chives from Chivasso, very near Turin, were first found in TARVES, the Vito's were first found in TARVISium (not very far from Lesce). That even tends to prove that Tarves was named by Tarvisium elements. The Gibbens Coat may even be using a version of the Army saltire because "arma" is a Gow/McGoo motto term.

As Loches-like Lochs/Locks/LockLAIRs were first found in Peebles-shire with Bauer-branch Bowers, it could be that the Loches line with Fulks evolved into Miss Lechnich, mother of Mayer Bauer. I neglected to mention that another boar head is used by Tarves-like Travers/Tarvis', and the latter's Coat is even a near-copy of the French LAIR/Lier Coat (Dol, same as father of Pollocks). Both Coats use the Meschin scallops, and as Ranulph le Meschin married Lucy TailleBOIS (Lincolnshire, same as English Lairs/Layers), that's why more white scallops are used by Tailbois', only this time in both colors of the Gibbs/Gibbon scallops. The latter's scallops are on the bend that I gleaned above as a version of the Fast-bend-with crosslets, and the latter's white crosslets can be the same-style, white ones of English Lairs/Layers.

The shark proved to be a symbol of Ukraine's politico-gangsters too, and here we can mention that while Alans of Dol moved to Shropshire, that's where English Hunters were first found who share the split Shield of Lairs/Layers. It just so happens that the black-on-white Lair/Layer crosslet is shared by COWES'/COO's, who may have been a branch of Gows/McGOO's because the latter come up as "GOWES" too, and it just so happens that a drunken sailor's Sunday sail from Poole (where Pools were first found) brings one to the Isle of Wight, location of Cowes. Cowes'/Coo's (pointer to the Bidenite COUP on Trump?) use "pennants," and, wonder-of-wonders, the Pennants share the Coat of Traver-like Trevors! They both have a not-bad Coat reflection of Simsons, and while half the Simson lion is the one of Fassets/Fawcetts and Gibbs/Gibbons, the latter's write-up has the a Gibbon location in Buckinghamshire, where Simsons were first found.

Plus, the Scottish Gibbs have three battle-axes, as do Halperts in different colors, and I think I recall that a halpert/halbert axe is used by Simson-like Simms/Simms', first found in East Lothian with Fassets/Faucets/Fawcetts. Halpers have a brown wolf in Crest to go with the brown wolf head in the Crest of Reesors'/Reasons, and the latter's Shield shares the vaired patee cross of English Ferrands whose symbolism in turn makes them look like kin of Scottish Gibbs. Reesors'/Reasons were first found in Lincolnshire with Pockets/Pouchers, wherefore the latter's cinquefoil can be of the Dogs/Doags, first found in Perthshire with the Halperts who are in their colors and format. It could explain the dog in the Crest of Welsh Reesors/Rice's, especially as the latter share ravens with Simms.

Ehden Biber

Late this week, Ehden Biber, a specialist in contracts, shared why he thinks a Pfizer contract with the Brazilian ministry of health is the most one-sided contract he's ever seen. It allows Pfizer a blank cheque in vaccine sales, and forbids the government buyer to cancel vaccine purchases no matter if the vaccines produce adverse / dangerous effects, or for any reason, apparently. As Bebers and Bibers/Beavers became by topic only in the last update, I thought I'd check to see if Ehden-like Edens and Bibers could somehow point to Pfizer.

Bibers are listed with German Bebers/Beibels/Beavers using nothing but a split Shield diagonally. It's identical, though colors reversed, to the split Shield (no symbols) that's the Arms of Zurich (Swiss capital). Edens seem applicable to this picture, not only because they look like kin of Seatons who named Sitten in Switzerland, but because Edens ("sit") use a "pruDENTia" motto term for Dents of SEDbergh (Yorkshire). As Sitten is also Sion while SEDans/Siddens ("sed") were once said to be first found in Yorkshire, Sedans must have been a Seaton branch.

Edens are said to have been at Yorkshire's Stainton, and Staintons with Stains were first found in Yorkshire. Edens are also said to have been in Durham. Sedans are now said to be first found in Durham, and while Durhams share the Weir/Vere fesse-with-stars, in the colors of the Beaver fesse, it's starting to speak for itself that Edens are loosely connectable to Biber/Beaver liners. EHDEN Biber. It's when heraldic connections are made from things not pertaining to heraldry that I can imagine the design of God behind it.

Durham is at the Wear river, and Wears/Were's were first found in Devon with Wearings/Warings, Ware's and Surreys. Ware's share the gold boar with Weirs/Vere's, and Wearings share the Warren checks. Warrens, of Surrey, were first found in Sussex with Hams, Hammers and VISE's, and Hams happen to share the fish of Pfizer-like Fissers/Vissers! You might say that this is not exactly a hard link of Edens to Fissers/Vissers, but I think it gets better where German Hammers, with an "ad" motto term to go with Ada of Warenne of Surrey, share a diagonally-split Shield (different color) with Bibers/Beavers. Surreys are also Zurich-like Surrichs!

Plus, while the Sussex Hammers use two dolphins, and while Dolphins/Dolphins were once said to be first found in SURREY, the Durham Crest has two dolphins. It just so happens that Surrey/Surrichs, and share the lozenges of Irish Weirs. Plus, Edens (garbs, by the way) share black scallops on a gold chevron with James' of Surrey, and the other James' have a giant dolphin. All of these things together appear arranged by God for a pointer to Ehden Biber. We might even add that while Chase's were part of the pointer to graphene as per the spider chase at Karen Graff's place, the Chase lion is shared by Ware's, and the German Hammers have a lion half in the colors of the Graff/Graffen lion.

Drogo/Drago de BeWERE is in the write-up of Blade's and Burtons, and while Burts/Births/Births were first found in Devon with Were's, the "VITae" motto term of Burtons looks like code for the Vito's who share the lone annulet of Staintons. Edens were at Stainton, and we are looking for Eden connections to Biber/Beaver liners. "Bewere" looks like "Beaver." Very cool. Wearings/Warings share the red Drago-like dragon with Drake's, and if you would like to know why Nicholas de Vere von Drakenberg emphasized Milo de Vere, son of the mythical Melusine dragon woman and mermaid, see "Miles Sire de Guerin" in the Wearing/Waring write-up. Mills/MILE's and Chase's were first found in Hampshire with Fly-loving Drake's, adding to the evidence that Chase's are close to the Ware lion. Flys share the Webber fleur-de-lys.

The Wearing/Waring lion stands on a mill rind, symbol of Miles' and Mills, yet the Wearing/Waring mill rind has a rare square center, though shared by Felix's, which can explain why Italian Felix's/Felice share the Weir/Vere stars. I trace the Drake motto to L'Aquila, seven miles from Picenze (my mother village of birth), and the special vatican saint of Picenze happens to have been, Felice (probably masonic code for a surname; many vatican saints are fictitious probably because they stand as code for bloodlines).

The square centers of the mill rinds above can be code for Square's/Squirrels (Worcestershire, same as wolf-head LOWS), whose "Tiens ferme" motto is partly for Oxfordshire's Tiens/Thames, and partly, I think, for Azzo of Fermo, founder of Este expected in the "Esto" motto term of Beaver- and Weir-connectable Weavers. The house of Este branched into the Welfs, and Welfs/Wolfs (Cheshire, same as Weavers) share wolf heads (different colors) with the Fiddle's/FideLOWs expected in the "Est FIDELis" motto of Weavers. Lows look like Varn kin. BARNstaple is in Devon too, with Surreys, and while there was a barn at the spider-chase event, English Barns were first found in Surrey. Barnstaple's have a bend-with-trefoils in the colors of the bend-with-squirrels of Valentins, and emperor Valentinian I married Justine of Picenze-like Picenum (borders at Fermo theater).

I'd like to add that while Tiens/Thames' were kin of Peare's, the latter almost have the Coat of French and Scottish Gallens. This is being said because the Arms of St. Gallen (Switzerland, and next to Bavaria) has a fasces, symbol of the Azzo-like Assi's whom I link to Justine's. For what it could be worth vaccine-wise, the two Gallen Coats are almost that of Peare-like PARsons while Parrs share the Coat of German Gallans (tends to identify Parrs as a Peare branch). Persons/PEARsons almost have the Coat of Poisson-like French Poussins, and English Poussins were first found in Oxfordshire with Peare's. Thus, Poussins might have been a pure Peare branch.

Poissons/Poussons (dolphin, traceable to Surrey) have three garbs in the colors of the three leopard faces of Peare's / Parsons / Gallens / Tennis', and in the colors of the three Eden garbs, what are the chances? The chevron-with-stars of Peare's and Tiens'/Thames' are even in the colors and format of the chevron-with-scallops of Edens. What is this, all of a sudden, so unexpectedly? Is Ehden Biber pointing to Beaver-loving Oxford? Looks like. It's where elite Vere's were earls. The leopard faces of Tennis' is probably in the Crest of Aids/Ade's (makes the latter very linkable to the "ad" of Fiscs), and the Aids are in the Levi motto while Pierro's/Pero's were first found in Pavia, founded by Laevi Gauls. Levi's also love the Seconds in their motto, and Seconds/SEGURs (Limousin) share the Genova/Geneva lion. Even the ChreTIENs are in the Levi motto.

AIDs/Ade's were first found in Berwickshire with Ehden-like AITons who in turn have an "occiDENT" motto term to go with the 'pruDENTia" of Edens. Aitons likely have a version of the Bath Coat which in turn shares the Face/Fessys Coat. Atha's/Attys share the Fisc Shield. See anything suspicious?

Those leopard FACEs above are related to Fieschi and Este-connectable Segni's/SEGURana's of Genova. Yet the giant Este eagle suspect in the Segni/Segurana Chief is also the Aquila eagle, and we just saw L'Aquila. It's probably important that "Victor" is the motto of one James surname while Victor variations are linkable to Feschs and Fiscs ("AD astra"), and therefore to the Grimaldi-related Fieschi, all starting to look like Fisser / Pfizer liners. See anything suspicious? Grimaldi's share the lozengy Shield Irish Weirs, though the latter have it bendwise, same as the Arms of Beaver-like Bavaria (in blue for the latter's Arms).

AHHHH, all this time, throughout this update, I've neglected to load PFISters/Fizers (Bavaria, same as Bibers/Beavers) again to see that they not only have the Tunnels/Tunno (and Reitman / Roten) hexagrams, but a lone annulet in colors reversed from the same of Staintons! Edens were at Stainton! Pfisters/Fizers are even in Stainton format. Is Ehden Biber connecting with the Spitzer spider?

GRIMOALD, duke of Bavaria comes to mind, as does Grimo, son of BABon. Babenbergs were founded by POPPo I of Bamberg, in Bavaria, all looking linkable to Bibers/Beavers, and Pope's/Pape's happen to share the Wearing/Waring and Warren checks too. Pope's/Pape's were first found in Perthshire with blue-boar Rollo's, and while English Vere's use the blue boar too, Rollo was father to Crispina, wife of Grimaldus. Rollo's wife was Poppa of Valois, while the Valois surname is also "Valais," and it just so happens to Sitten/Sion is in Valais canton. Babens/Babons/BAVens, sharing the black boar in Crest with Rollo's, were first found in Suffolk with Edens.

As the spider chase was at Karen's place, and as it seemed to include the Cowards, it's interesting that the Coward and Valois/Valais Crests share the black and courant greyhound. It's also shared by Palmers (share double Stain fesses) while Palms were first found in Yorkshire with Stains and the Edens of Stainton.

The Karen crescent is shared by Sion-like Senns/Senns', first found in Aargau, beside Zurich. That may not be a big deal, or any deal at all, for having Karens in the picture, but Senns' can be of the SENESchal variation of Seneca's, and Fiscs use an "ad ASTRA" motto phrase that's a great pointer to AstraZENECa (Spanish researchers are reportedly testing AstraZeneca for graphene oxide). Note that Ade's/Aids were first found in Berwickshire with queen BEBBA of the Bamburgh castle of Bebbanburgs, an obvious branch of German Babenbergs of Bavaria. In fact, while Bibers/Beavers are also Babel-like Beibel/Bybels, German Babe's/Babels share the two-tailed mermaid with the Walsers, named from Wallis canton, which happens to be another name of the Valais canton at Senn-like Sion.

Thanks to having Wikipedia's article open on the Arms of Swiss cantons, this is where a realization occurred that caused the following insert above: "I don't know how I missed it until my discussion below on Zurich and Valais, but I've known that the Arms of Valais are a near match (though with 13 stars) of the Tunnel/Tunno Coat, and Graffs happen to have been first found in Switzerland with Valais. This tends to affirm that the spider is a pointer to tunnel-using Spitzers."

The Arms of Valais and the Tunnel Shields are split vertically half in the colors of the same of Spitzer-like Spade's/Spaeths/Spats/Speetens (shovels), and this is great, because, even though I don't know what the official name of my weed tool is, it's a short, one-hand-held SPADE!!! It's what I've been wacking wolf spiders with!!! Spade's came up as per 215 SPADina road in Toronto's CHINAtown, the Canadian headquarters, and original headquarters, of Dominion Voting. That company is a spider on the Internet web cheating worldwide in a vast criminal enterprise. Are it's people related to the so-called China virus? Yes, could be. (I've just found that some call the tool a garden trowel (this is my model), but this is not the right word for what is a true spade on a short handle.)

The spider-chase event was across the street from a true barn (not a garage), and the Swiss Barns/Berne's share the bear of the Swiss surname that's split horizontally in the colors of the split Spade Shield. The Swiss' share the split Shield of Schwerins, the namers of Schwerin in the Barn-like VARNi part of Mecklenburg, suspect with VERINgers of Baden who shared the antler (different color) with Baden's Zahringers, the latter having founded Berne of Switzerland.

The bear was a symbol of the Bernicia of queen Bebba whose Bebbanburg line founded, I assume, Poppo Babenberg of GRAPfeld. The bear is also of Bayers and thus of some Bavarians. Two Beer surnames use the upright Bayer bear, and one of the two was first found in Devon with Surreys. The Arms of Bavaria was used by Wittelsbachs, and they were connected to Ravensberg while English Beers use the raven on a garb; there's a Ravensburg just across the German border from Zurich. (The Arms of Ravensberg shares the Epstein Coat.)

The Arms of Bavaria were used earlier by BOGans (probably us Robin Hood) who are in the colors of both Bug surnames, and while English Bugs were once said to be first found in Nottinghamshire with mythical Robin Hood, the German branch has the Verone/VARENNE Coat with ravens. Ada of Warenne was also "of Varenne," and Verona is where Bellini's were first found who use the bear leg (Brunswick colors), as does the Square/Squirrel Crest. As the latter love Azzo of Ferme, note the brown bears above, for Este-liner Barrs were in BRUNswick, and that's near the Beber river. Barrs of Brunswick loved the Ducks of Westphalia, where Ravensberg is located. The Bebba Bernicians lived at Brunswick-like Bryneich.

I think I now know why the Bellino bear lag is colors reversed from the bear "gamb" of Powys', for Powys is near Denbighshire, where Bachs were first found who almost use the vaired chevron of English Wittle's/WittelsBACHs. The latter look like kin of Saffers and Silver(stein)s (share Brunswick lion). Saffers (Devon again) love the Vito's/Vita's, as do Bello(w)'s/Ballots, and Bellini's were first found in Verona with Belli's/Bello's/Bellone's/Bellato's. Devon happens to be where Billets were first found who share the Bellow/Ballot Coat. "Bellows" are used by Oxfordshire's Ships/Shiptons.

I've been watching to see if the Brazile lion comes up, and the Brunswick / Silverstein lions are as close as one can get (I don't know of any other lion with four feet on the ground other than the Brazile lion. It means something. It's reserved, exclusive). I wonder why the Saffer unicorn heads are in the colors of the Spitzer unicorns. "Suffer" is a motto term of Haldans, from Haldensleben at the mouth of the Beber river. Is Ehden Biber pointing to the Spitzer spider? Is his Pfizer-Brazile revelation about to wack Pfizer the way I've been wacking spiders? Reminder: Pfisters/Fizers share the hexagrams of Spitzer-related Tunnels, and of Rodden-like Rotens, and Roddens list Rodhams while Hillary Rodham Clinton and/or her husband may have been acquainted with Eliot Spitzer.

There are ways to show that Poppo-like surnames were Pepin branches, and Pepins share the Coat of Pipe's, comparable to the Webber Coat, and Simon Graff always smoked a pipe. Smoke's/Rauch's have a rare left-rising bend, and the bend-by-symbols of Karens rises left too. How might Simons apply to poison vaccines? I dunno yet. Were Graffs from Grapfeld elements? Note that the Krebbs/Crebs crayfish or lobster is a bend in the colors of the bend formed by the red antler of Casimir's, for Casimir of Poland married Maria of the Kiev VARANGians while Veringers used a red antler. Why does the Casimir antler rise left? Left-rising / facing objects are owned my Masci / Massena / Rasmussen liners, and Casimir was a Mieszko. German Rasmussens share the bend-with-fleur of Pepins / Pipe's.

If Hells named the Hellaby location (in Stainton) of Edens, what about Hells/Helles' sharing the CRAB Coat exactly? As Crabs were first found in Cambridgeshire with Ely, Hells/Helles' may have been Ely elements. Helys/Hallys were first found in Sligo with the Higgins who in turn have a three-tower version of the one-tower Hills/Hillys. Elys have a version of the CRAVen Coat. As Spitzers have a tunnel with their HILLs, it warrants a mention of Tenants, first found in West Lothian with Tunno-like Towns and Ely-like Elias'/Helias'/Elyas'. Those Towns share the chevron of English Towns/Tone's/Tune's, the latter first found in Suffolk with Edens. Hellen my tenant is coming to mind who pointed to Pepin of Landen.

Townsends, in Crab colors and format, were at Rainham, and while Rainhams are RANGhams, Crabs were first found in Cambridgeshire with Rench's. Tenants share the boar heads of Ranks/Rankins. The latter use both the LANCE, and the hatchet of Zerrs/ZEHRers, suspect with Zahringers, and Griffins love Velis'/VAILs while "VaiLANCE" is a motto term of Craven-beloved Actons. The "ForTITER" motto term of Ranks/Rankins can be for the Teeter variation of Deeters/Deiters (grapes) of GRAPow.

Recalling how Graffs/Gravs looked like Gripps/Grape/GRABBen/Craver cousins, let's repeat that Poppo I was a count of GRAPfeld. A GRAPE vine is used by German Plate's/Blate's (swan to go with Sions/Sine's), and Drago de BEWERE is in the write-up of Blade's/Blate's who in turn had a BURSEblade branch. Burse's (Somerset, same as Webbers) have the six Webber bars without waves! That snuck up on me. And the same six bars are with the Blonds, first found in Suffolk with Edens. Beware's ate split horizontally in Biber/Beaver split colors!!! EHDEN Biber!!! Beware's have what look like triDENTS, recalling the "pruDENTia" motto term of Edens!!! The pointers can't get better than that. Can this entire exercise reveal that God is behind the leak of Pfizer's contract with Brazil? Is the same contract used for all countries?

As Bibers (Bavaria) are also Beibers/Bybels, we can go from Babe's/Babels to the "gold GATE" of English Babels/Babwells. It looks like a ready-made pointer to Bill Gates vaccine programs. I wonder what vaccines he's joined to? Babcocks share the red rooster with Bibo's/BIBLE's. Babcocks have one pale bar in the colors of the one fesse of Spitzer-beloved Hills (Worcestershire, same as Babcocks). Zurich is on the frontier with the Baden part of Germany, location of Vere-like Veringers. In the Baden area is the Neckar river, and German Neckers happen to share the single pale bar of Babcocks. STUTTgart is on the Neckar, and Stouts/Stows (pointer to STEW Peters?) share the triple fesses of Oxfords. The Arms of Oxford has a beaver.

English Webbers (Somerset, same as Battins/BADEN) use "LILIae," and Lilys were first found in Worcestershire with the Babcocks/BADcocks (looks like they were BADen liners for sure). Oxfordshire is where Lille's were first found who have a "SEDulo" motto term to go with the Sedbergh location of Dents in the Eden motto. Lille's/Lisle's have an "honESTE" motto term to go with the "Esto" of English Weavers (share the Weir/Vere and Beaver fesse). Lille's/Lisle's were first found at the Shirburn location of WARINE de L'Isle, and as this location was home to the earl of Macclesfield, note that Macclesfields and Baths (Somerset, same as Battins/Badens) share the Switzerland cross.

BabCOCKs happen to share the red rooster with the Cocks who in turn share the Grimaldi / Weir / BAG Shield. It recalls Mamie plopping herself uninvited onto my LAP the night we slept together in her SLEEPing BAG (in a tent). The next day at her garden, she pointed to Babon, father of Grimo, by way of the Garden/Jarden connection to the Baben/Babon Crest. Garden related Jarrets were first found in Shropshire with SLEEPs. The Laps/LABBS' share the mermaid with Babe's/Babels, and a "gold gate" is also in the Arms of Podebrady, a Bohemian location on the Labbs-like Labe river.

It was MICHAEL Oullette that God used for a babe symbol in a lead-up to putting me together with maim-like Mamie on lap night, and it just so happens that German Michaels, first found in Bohemia, have a good reflection of the Weir/Vere Coat while throwing in the Ware and Chase lion, and then Scottish Michaels, with a wavy fesse in the colors of the wavy fessewise bars of Webbers, were first found in Zurich-connectable Surrey while the Warenne's came out of Surrey. The English Michaels (Surrey) have scallops in colors reversed from the same of James' (Surrey), and the black James' scallops are on a gold chevron, as with the black Eden scallops. The Douglas' who love the James' share the stars of Weirs/Vere's, and the latter's "NIHil" motto term, a potential pointer to the NIH, must be for the NiHILLs/Neils, kin of SHARKs, and it just so happens that Surreys/Surrichs (share Weir lozengy) come up as "Sark" (could be coincidental i.e. Sarks may not have been a Shark branch).

Neils/Nihills and Sharks were first found in Tyrone while the Tyrone's/Tyrells have the Braswell Coat in colors reversed. Wikipedia tells that Donna BRAZILE descended from Braswells, and Ehden Biber, if he's not Brazilian, just came out with a story on a Brazilian contract! What are the chances that the Girtle's, suspect in the Braswell girdle, share the Webber/Weaver Coat exactly!? Is the spider chase now pointing to the evil Donna Brazile?

BEHOLD! The "HONESte" motto term of Lille's/Lisle's (expected in the Webber motto) can be for Hone's/Hones', first found in Hampshire with Chase's. Kepke chased me with the SPIDER on WEB two properties from the Eliots (directly across the street from my place), and Irish Eliots share the double-wavy fesses of Hone's/Hones'. Eliot Spitzer!

Scottish Eliots (baton = COVID pointer) share the full motto of Ranks/Rankins, though I can't see any relevant application for this sentence. Ahh, the Ricketts/Recketts seem to be in that motto's "recte" term because they share the two swords to a point with McGee's who in turn share the RANK/Rankin boar heads, and Geth-liner McGee's were connectable with McGoo's to the GET'n GO on RANCH road. That's new, but why would God want Ranks/Rankins in with the Get'n Go?

As I've said a million times, I scored a goal on Jim McGee from a pass from Steve TARR in the championship match we won (pee-wee hockey), and Ricketts/Recketts use a scimiTAR. Hmm, okay, but what could that goal mean? Something victorious, I hope. The "Quid" motto term of Ricketts/Reckitts tends to assure that the swords to a point are related to the daggers to a point of Maxwell-branch Mackays (kin of Quids/Quade's), and I trace Maxwells with Ricks to Rijeka/Rika/Reka. That works. The Hatchets/Hacketts in the Rank/Ranking Coat use a "mea" motto term, and Mea's/Meigh's share the Rank/Rankin boar heads too, as do Judds/JUGGs that I trace to Jugon, near the Meu river to which I trace Mea's/Meigh's. The RANCE river is nearby, and so is Raines-line Rennes. Rainhams are also RANGhams. What does my pee-wee hockey championship have to do with the Get'n Go? I'm stumped, and too tired to try and figure it out.

Albino's (share Barnstaple trefoils) look like they have a version of the Hatchet/Hackett Coat, and Albins/AUBINs (Devon again) of Barnstaple share the fitchee of Mea's/Meigh's (share raven with Peters / Rothes'), and Staple's (Rothes lion head in red) share the Peter motto which includes, "rien." Rennes is near Mott, and the Mort variation of Motts is in the Barnstaple motto. Peter Pollock's family married Leslie's (version of Staple Coat) who in turn share the green griffin head with Barnstaple's. French Henrys were at Mott, and the family of Henry Rodez were at Rodez, near Aubin. Staple's probably have the Masci bend-with-fleur, and as the "Sans" of the Staple motto can be for Sans/Sanchez's sharing the Snake eagle, that can be why Staple's (Kent, same as Snake's) can be sharing the red fleur-de-lys of Snake's (version of Macey Shield) for a Staple pointer to AstraZeneca. Dominion Voting was bought off my Staple Street Capital in New York.

To connect Snake's to Barnstaple's (version of the Stevenson bend-with-items), there's a STENEsnock variation in the Snake/SNOCK write-up, and Steensons are listed with Stevensons/Steinsons, first found in Northumberland with Roddens/Rodhams, and with the Tunnels/Tunno's sharing the Roten hexagram. As Roets were kin of Karens/Kerns, it may not be a coincidence that Irish Kerns/Kerins (share leopard faces of different colors with Staple's, Stevensons and Steins) have a white-chevron-with-items in the colors and format of the same of Snake's/Snocks. The Kern/Karin leopard faces are even those of Antonys while Tonys/Tone's can be a branch on Tunnels/Tunno's, and while Spitzers use the tunnel, Spitzers were first found in Styria with Austrian Antonys (share rose of Dutch Stene's/Steins).

It appears that Spitzers were Tony kin, and while the latter were at Les ANDELYs, Perkins are from Perga, beside ANTALYa. English Tonys (Toeni's) were in Leicestershire, where Perkins were first found who share the Snake/Snock / Staple fleur-de-lys. Perkins apparently have the Lums/Lambs in their motto, as do Stevensons. Lums/Lambs have the Palms in their motto, perfect because the Palm fleur are colors reversed from the same of Perkins, and Palmers were kin of Flags/Flecks, kin in turn of Fulke's/Folks while Plancia Magna of Perga, and her husband, Tertullus, are to the Tertullus > Fulk-of-Anjou line. While Walkers use a "magna" motto term, Walks/Wachs share the Perkin fleur-de-lys. Walks/Wach's can be gleaned with the Comyn garb because Comyns love Courage's who in-turn share the Walk / Perkin fleur-de-lys.

Vaccine News

A funny thing happened this week in Alberta. After jailing three pastors for having church well after flu season this year, Alberta has announced that the pandemic is over, and that COVID will be classified as a flu. I WONDER, as this decision comes about the time we expect the pastors to be going through the court systems, did one or more judges have a private talk with the Alberta premier, and after verifying what the pastors told the court, that there is no pandemic, the judges heard the premier admit that there is no pandemic. Therefore, my theory is, the judge told the premier to knock-off the scare tactics, and announce publicly that there's no pandemic, or he'll punish him.

I say the premier needs to be jailed for complicity with a fake pandemic. I'm noting that this comes just as the graphene-oxide news is getting around, slowly. Most social-media outlets on the right are not touching the story, however.

Headline last January: "Still no influenza cases detected in Alberta's 'unique' season". Not one case of the flu, the article says, which is trash. They were counting all flus as COVID, and even then it's not a pandemic, not even close. How can the people allow their government "representatives" to rule them like this? Are there no good men in Alberta? Are they all mush? Can't they organize massive war camps all over the province to show backbone? How sickening this is as it drags on into another winter. They allow the contemptible to rule them with an iron fist as if they are helpless to do anything about it using force. Use force, because that's the only thing that will suppress the government goons. If it's what it takes, better some broken windows than more lockdowns and the theft of your tax dollars for rectifying their own-made crisis. Next comes the plots for their global-warming "crisis" to walk on your backs all over again, seeing how mushy you have been with the first trick.

I'm ashamed of bewitched canadians. If you don't want to break windows, then at least make some great noise when cramming the streets outside the political buildings. If you can't get away to do that, then at least contribute to a fund that takes the governments to court to prove that this is a sham "pandemic." What is the problem? Where are all the rich people who want to protect the business community from the parasites sucking it dry and turning the people into communist pigs who gladly accept tyranny and snitch on their neighbors? The governments lie to the peoples, telling them that flus just vanished into thin air as COVID came a long. WAKE UP! Every flu and flu-like illness, no matter how minor, is put into the books as a COVID case, and they used fake tests that even the CDC now admits were erroneous. They laugh. There's a reason for this deception, and whatever their reason, it's ruining your world. Where's the fight-back? Where's the righteous intolerance? Where's the protective-father spirit? Where are the warriors? All with fat bellies??? SHAME.

This week: "According to, millions have French citizens have taken to the streets all across France in protest of vaccine passports and mandatory vaccinations." Should we move to France? How do we get there without a vaccine? They'll start peaceably, then will start burning police cars if the government doesn't submit to them. The people aren't the tyrants, but the defenders on the offense. canadians don't know how to go on the offense. They are stacked with fat-heads. FAT FAT FAT all over. I don't care if you're an offended canadian, because if you're offended at this, you're part of the laid-back, do-anything-you-want-to-me problem. If this offends you, you probably take pride in never complaining about over-reach, even when it's about betrayal to globalist powers. Detestable and obstinate. There's nothing you can say to save fat-head canadians, they refuse to understand. They will love the anti-Christ. It will be their thrill of the century.

Things are not going well in France for the global pigs who've waited a long time to mandate vaccines. But don't worry, fat-footed canadians will come to their rescue. FAT FAT FAT all over. Eat, drink and be fat-headed. canadians are fat-so whats. So what if globalists want to steal our money? So what if they want to control our money bags, our children, our media education? So what? Nothing wrong with an anti-Christian country. Fat-heads rule. They will call to anti-Christs to make things more anti-Christ than they are now. They consider themselves enlightened. Boldly they go to global annihilation, to where no man has ever gone before.

If you have trouble keeping track of what's real, what's not, in social media, then sometimes it pays to watch Tucker Carlson because, even though he can be a dink of his bosses at times, too many times, he's got to be meticulous with his facts such as he needs to be below, where he exposes Biden's CDC's act of war against America:

It seems that vaccinated people are spreading something, and we should like to know exactly what it is. Maybe Tucker will tell one day soon, if his bosses don't gag him on these topics. Perhaps the new mask mandates are in nervy hopes of hiding what the vaccines are spreading, because the cat seems to be slipping out of the bag. Tucker doesn't accuse the vaccine goons of doing deliberate harm...but he's teasing t between his lines. Tucker's last minute on this section had a man on who told the audience that he vaccinated his child, and we may therefore ask whether the Fox bosses asked him to put that plug into his comments. Tucker may thus have been forced to play the dink of his bosses, to urinate in the faces of all the viewers against his will.

Who is the man below, and what does he mean by admitting that some British people received a placebo instead of a vaccine:

It sounds as though they are giving water to some people, but why? Or, maybe "placebo" is their code-word for a poisonous vaccine. Or, to minimize their crimes in case they get caught with poisonous vaccines, they mat be putting out a false story that most people didn't get the vaccine, only the placebos. But that in itself is a crime, to fool people into thinking they are being vaccinated when they are not, and to charge tax-payers the full amount of a vaccine. And, of course, if most shots were placebos (cheap and fast to make), then it's an admission by the sops -- the greedy bastards without Father in Heaven -- that COVID is a farce, nothing to be afraid of.

This is the best video I've seen of Fauci making an idiot of himself, as if his medical experience has nothing to do with what he proscribes to society:

If Americans do not rise up against mask mandates now, poor canada. The trudeau stooge and his provincial counterparts eased up on masks when they saw the United States doing so, because they are stooges of the global call. Now that Biden got the global call to mandate vaccines for government employees (that's millions of Americans), expect the canadian stooges to clamp down too. Australia has unleashed its military to enforce lockdowns, and Biden wants lockdowns soon. It's an act of war, crippling the country to bring the anti-globalists to their knees, if possible.

I thought that mandatory might not arrive until January, but here we are, in late July only, less than a month after Biden promised no-mask-needed for the vaccinated. When a government is this evil, people must consider some major damage outside the White House and Capital Building. The FBI probably foreknew of these mandatory laws as part of their program, knowing that people might march at the White House, and so they probably started their program of jailing pro-Trumpers without a court hearing, letting them languish in prisons to scare anti-vaxxers, to make them less likely to protest mandatory vaccines with more than peaceful protests. But this is an act of war against the Republicans, and they need to show backbone to suppress it, not the other way around.

Better bricks and bats through the Capital Building's windows than more lockdowns. How do you see it? Which of the two costs more? How will a quiet protest suppress the Bidenite parasites? These duplistic shamefuls would allow Democrats to riot violently, telling the police to lay off, but would jail the other side without court hearings. How can the other side let that stand? How can they go "forward" by going backward like that? The Bidenites laugh. If you don't want to show backbone, then be walked on by the most despicable people who violate your children to make them their political instruments. Here's the French having a little fun; even the police seems to be enjoying it, but, drats, I think they forgot to bring bricks (maybe next time):

Remember, the French president started this war, threatening to get many citizens fired who live from pay cheque to pay cheque. I'm surprised they have no bricks. In canada, last I heard, one can't collect unemployment benefits if one quits a job, and I'm sure the government will forbid benefits if one gets fired for refusing a vaccine...that a person thinks has a high risk of being laced with poison. That in my mind is an act of war. Wars have been fought for less. Don't be surprised if this gets more violent if the French president doesn't back off. The government then has the choice of calling for martial law, which may be the plan from the start. Then what? Then perhaps a literal war, terrorism. We are about to see how far the globo-goons will go, if the French president does their will. Here's a nurse telling of her hospital going to full capacity for vaccine victims (tell me this is not cause for war):

In the 2nd-11th minutes in the video above, a CDC letter / spokeslady / others admit that testing cannot reveal which variant a person might have, but this is NOT what the news outlets are telling the people. How can we be told that delta is pervasive if the tests cannot determine the variant type? Easy: it's just political propaganda for an evil agenda. It's an act of war. Save the video above in case you need to go to court to avoid the vaccine. This news should be on Fox immediately, except that Fox faces have become full dinks, or half dinks. If Tucker doesn't do this news, BIG DINK is Tucker. The revelation that testing doesn't work is the best line of defence against this scam.

I regret that the video takes a dive into a sickening, terrorist mud gutter after the 11th minute, sorry. Ignore all of that, don't listen to the "music." It looks like incitation to get Christian militia cocked up. Stick to bricks, at windows, at worst, if the governments won't back off, then go from there. If you want to be sorry, start shooting bullets. Last resort, if warranted, and maybe it will be. You may find this video helpful for exposing the COVID fraud further, but this doesn't mean you can relax, because the powers are nuts, intent in making you miserable (Mike Adams has had some crazy positions of his own, once pushing QAnon-storm junk, for example, but he seems to really know his PCR-testing knowledge from personal experiences):

We may need to decide whether to fight or surrender, regardless of which country you live in. What should we as Christians do if long-term violence breaks out against martial law? If the government is killing and maiming people with vaccines, is it righteous to protect them by killing government fighters against the people? That's a good question. It's one thing to turn the other cheek when smacked in the face; it's quite another to do nothing and watch a population filled with government-mandated deaths and bodily malfunctions. Truth: satanists hate people, and satanists have wormed into power structures.

I think we need to keep watch on whether governments are laying traps for the people, inciting them to violence that they might use martial law to vaccinate every last person regardless of age. If it all translates into the 666 in a few years time, then leave weapons down and prepare / grow your own foods, assuming that martial law will be avoided at those times.

It may have occurred to you that the delta variant was caused, by design, by some vaccines. Theory: they knew how to alter a virus (just a wee-tad is enough to make it legit) with a certain chemical, and they injected it into people with some vaccines for the purpose of perpetuating more vaccines, and the best facilitation for perpetuating them is to return to the scare-scenario with everyone wearing masks = psychological operation on the masses.

British Columbia is starting an eerie thing now, personal communication between the vaccinators and the unvaccinated:

Have you stored your extra food yet? You may not have enough time if you don't start now, if vaccine mandates come this year.

Here's Bongino's show (Thursday) on the hypocritical move by the CDC to mandate masks nation-wide:

The doctor below is a government propagandist for the most part, refusing to call out the scam for what it is, and dishing out the narrative. In this video, he talks about the leaked data from the CDC. Note that this doctor says at the outset that 93-percent of the United States has the delta variant, which is merely the government narrative to go to a new phase of the scheme. It's trash. The government wants people to believe that the vaccines worked in eradicating to original COVID form, but that it must now tackle the delta. TRASH. This next step was predictable from last year, and it's passing off the delta as MORE CONTAGIOUS -- YIKES -- GET OUT THE MASKS AGAIN -- FREAK-OUT.

The truth is, the COVID scheme was such a failure they needed a new game. So the goons are up at bat again, and we need only to take their bats and clobber them over their fat heads. Thus far, this looks easy, thanks to this leak, unless the fat-heads on the streets prevail over the normal people. It looks easy because delta is not -- yet anyways -- a dangerous scheme. Too many people are admitting that's its a mild virus, and so therein is the battle.

The doctor below makes money on his regular youtube offerings, and for that, it's best if he makes COVID look scary, relevant, worth keeping track of. It plays really well to his gain that delta is been passed off by the CDC as "Likely more severe" than the previous COVID variant, and this farce of a doctor doesn't correct that claim, but advances it. SHAME FAT PIG-HEADED WONDER. This doctor is passing on the propaganda that vaccines protect 90-percent of people from "severe diseases," when the truth is, 90-percent of people, delta or otherwise, don't get severe even without the vaccines. FAT-HEADED IDIOT-BOX is passing down carefully-worded trash from the tricksters in "high" places, so deplorable, how does he live with himself? I don't recommend this video unless you want a yawn and confusion all at once as the CDC does internal damage-control for its losing battle; I've already made my point above that this CDC data, intended only for CDC insiders and politicians, is a carefully-crafted farce for the continued push for vaccinations (I didn't watch past the 13th minute):

The battle now is to prove that delta is, as many others claim, like the common cold. And we should celebrate that it's more contagious so that herd immunity will be achieved faster. Once it's proven that delta is a nothing-burger, CDC will look criminal for disseminating the data above claiming that delta is more deadly / severe than the nothing-burger parent-virus of the past year. Everything is on the line here for the media and politicians alike who ruined society over a nothing-burger. We should fight this battle just for the great fun of watching them hang their heads in shame. But they don't know how to blush.

How can the liberal states push a severe delta scenario when a few southern states counter with the fact that there's no severe delta scenario in their hospitals? Ditto for good-guy politician everywhere. The only way to lose this battle is where the good-guy politicians become compromised = bad-guy politicians by the forces of some liberal exploitation. I'm a little baffled as to why, in 15 minutes of DeSantis this week, he doesn't even mention the delta drive. Isn't he going to start shooting it down?

Sometimes, RT helps the good guys, now helping to expose facebook's fact-checker in bed with vaccine profiteers. It's called fascism:

I'm surprised that Bongino is thumbing his nose at Fox bosses in his anti-mask show, good for Dan:

I think a few countries have willingly become trial balloons to see how far fellow countries can go with mandatory insanity.

Other News

I haven't been able to decipher whether Bennett is the good guy or bad versus his rift with Karen Fann. Apparently, Bennett thinks there's something wrong with the count of ballots in the past couple of weeks, Fann is looking like a weakling, in my opinion, or even a farce. She's only getting round to sending a new subpoena to the election cheats this week, with a one-week deadline. Why didn't she do this two months ago?

..Wednesday morning, Bennett sounded off on an “audit” process that he said was flawed, and on Fann, who had effectively prevented him from doing the job he was supposed to do.

“I won’t pretend to be part of a process or pretend to be the liaison when I’m not,” Bennett told KFYI’s James T. Harris. “Right now, I’m the liaison in name only.”

Last week, Bennett was blocked from entering the building where the self-styled audit was taking place after he shared data with outside critics of a ballot count that is said to have wrapped up.

On Tuesday, Fann said in a written statement that Bennett would be part of the draft and final reports, even though she barred him from attending the final days of the so-called audit’s work. She reiterated that in a Wednesday morning email to the Arizona Mirror.

“After the auditors have submitted their draft report, it is the Senate’s intention to include Ken in this process as the authorized Senate liaison since the audit’s inception,” Fann wrote. She said a physical recount of ballots is now complete and now the Senate is planning to send those ballots back to Maricopa County.

...Bennett has openly talked in recent days about “serious issues” with how Cyber Ninjas, the firm leading the Senate’s election review, has conducted its work. He has specifically criticized the way volunteers entered in tally sheets from vote counts, something that was also flagged by observers sent by Secretary of State Katie Hobbs.

The Arizona Mirror is probably making this rift sound worse than it is, and Katie Hobbs is a whore-house mobster, so take this report with a grain of salt. I had questions as to the final fast recount of ballots this month that's supposed to have the purpose of verifying what the audit team tallied. If the two tallies don't match, the entire audit can be thrown into question, and I'm wondering whether Fann has that secret purpose (to sabotage the audit), because I think she's compromised. I would rather be wrong than right, by far, but she gives me little confidence. She worries me. She doesn't seem stable at all. She doesn't show the right heart for this audit. She seems like lip-speak.

Why did Fann lock Bennett out from the fast count? It sounds as though she wants only to give him the tally, and his only job is to announce the tally. But this is suspicious. Hopefully, Bennett's the bad guy, but, either way, this looks like a problem. How will the Fann senate prove that their machine count is valid? She sent the ballots back to the cheats immediately after the machine count (this week, I think). Why? What nut is this woman? What if this issue goes to court? Wouldn't it be best if the good guys possess the ballots at that time??? Fann is a lightweight, maybe an accident waiting to happen.

I think Mike Lindell's offer of $5M dollars, to anyone who can prove his packet-captures fraudulent, is brilliant. If it's so easily proven as fraud, there would be a long line of contestants to prove it wrong. But no one will be able to prove it a fraud, because there's no way that his packet-captures can be obtained but by a heavy-duty spy machine. The only possibility of fraud is if this is a government-planted trick on Trump voters. Lindell said that he would reveal the source of the packet captures, and this will be where the media battle starts. The media is expected to simply slander the people who acquired the data.

Whatever the Arizona routers have recorded as to in-coming Internet traffic, Lindell possessed it all on his packet-captures. He hasn't made it public yet because, I assume, he doesn't want to step on the toes of the Arizona auditors, or steel their glory for when they discover it. But if Fann fails to secure the routers -- and she seems intent on failing while making it look like she's really trying -- then Lindell may decide to expose the Arizona-router facts.

I dislike Lindell's even more now because it's now demanding my email and mobile phone in order to engage the website. SPIT! Horrible. Self-interested. Suspicious. Lindell needs to stop selling his My-Pillow products as part of his election-fraud fight. He looks like a crafty gypsy, or a prosperity-gospelite. I can't watch his symposium unless I give his company my personal information??? When did Lindell turn into a goon? Does he own frankspeech or doesn't he? Who are the goons who demand personal information in return to talk? I thought it was the spy-facilitating organizations that demand personal information in order to partake at a dialogue website. I thought Lindell was different. If he really wanted the symposium to be watched by as many as possible, he wouldn't deny it to those who have a policy not to give out their personal information. Apparently, he'd rather have your phone number than to have you watch his symposium. SUSPICIOUS. I think frankspeech managers got $$$ on the brain.


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