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July 20 - 26, 2021

The Haldensleben Missing Link to Sleeping Beauty
Michael's Wrench, Rosseau's Wrenches...and Why President Putin???
My Cocaine Event at the Warwick Hotel Cooks Up a Horseshoe Bat
666 Points to Vaccination Scheme From a Fauci-Grasshopper Event This Week
Sleeping Beauty was a Vaccine Pointer by Way of Hamelins

If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture

Those of you who are familiar with my heraldic pointers may have rejected things when I point the same set of props to different / unrelated things. For example, you may not have liked my suggestion earlier this month that the last word in "Get'n Go" might point to GO, or graphene oxide found in Pfizer and AstraZeneca vaccines. I don't recall what I said in regards to pointing the Get'n Go to COVID themes, but previously I claimed that the Get'n Go points to things concerning Julian Assange / WikiLeaks.

Here's what I've just found as a caption for a July-19 video that won't load for me:

Attorney Thomas Renz is the lead Attorney in several major cases brought in Ohio, New Mexico, Maine, and Nationally against the CDC and DHHS regarding the COVID-19 lockdowns, mask mandates, business closures, false PCR data, fraudulent death numbers…

Note the surname and the COVID theme. The German RENCH surname is listed with Rentz,' and as there is no Ranch surname coming up, I've resolved months / years ago that God wants us to use the Rench/Rentz surname. I didn't know why, but perhaps Thomas Rents is the reason. Get'n Go is on Ranch road in Camp Wood, Texas, and as the road goes to Leakey, locals call it the Leakey road. The Rench/Rentz surname and the Leakey surnames both use a lone fleur-de-lys in the same colors, and so that's one reason to assume that God is pointing to it. (Load Rench link now to have access, on another tab, to other Coats of Arms.)

Secondly, the Get'n Go event that I claim was set up by God involved Miss Hicks, and the Hicks share the same fleur-de-lys (three of them). God needs to prove somehow that He set it up, and He used heraldry. Thirdly, English Rench's share the crosslets of Gore's while Gore's share the white wolf with GOWers/Gore's while Gows ar Go-like McGoo's too. There you have three ways to prove that God set the event up.

To then show proof that Sleeping Beauty applies to the Get'n Go, which I've applied to it years ago, we have the HADDENham location of English Rench's, and while Ainsley Earhardt has a daughter, Hayden, Haddens share the hand holding a scimitar in Crest with Ainsleys, and Ainsleys share the fleur-de-lys of German Rench's too. Thus, both she and Miss Hicks qualify yet again to act as Sleeping Beauty. The Beautys share the Hayden bull.

The Get'n Go had a GLASS-door event with Miss Hicks, and Haddens share a motto, "Suffer," with Haldans (share Kilpatrick saltire), first found in GLASgow, to be read also as GlasGOW. Miss Hicks married Hamilton Kilpatrick, and Hamilton is a city beside Glasgow. The gold griffin head of Haldans is able to trace via Dobermans and Dobers to Oda of HaldenSLEBen (wife of Mieszko I), and though I don't know what "sleben" might mean or refer too, it looks like "Sleep." I trace Mieszko's other wife, DOBRawa, to Dober at the Clausula river, and that was the theater of Sleep-line Selepitanoi. Dober is beside KOPLik, the line to the GOPLo origins of Mieszko's.

[Insert -- I didn't intend to go off on a Mieszko tangent here, but it's looking deeply Sleeping-Beauty relevant. I saw several times that Haldans were once said to be first found in East Lothian, location of HADDINGton, but I didn't yet know of the Haddens or Rench's at the time. Haddingtons share the cross of the other English Haydens. The Mens' of Midlothian share the Hadden Chief-Shield colors (Haydens likewise have a red Chief), and the "I zal" motto phrase of Mens' looks like code for Islips/Haslips, a branch of Hazels who in turn share the Beber/Beaver fesse while Haldensleben is near the mouth of the Beber river. All variations of German Beavers look like branches of Babe's/Babels, and then English Babe's were first found in Dorset with Beautys. This set of heraldry is pointing especially to Miss Earhardt the Sleeping Beauty. WHY? Haldensleben is on the Ohre river, and Orrs/Ore's were first found in Renfrewshire with Pollocks. That's new. The Beber/Beaver fesse may be that one also of Hotts because the latter have the Piast eagle in colors reversed.

I've just found a way to link Haldensleben to Shropshire, where Sleeps were first found. Bear with me, this will take space. The Saltire's/Salters of Shropshire (likely kin of Sales'/Salletts in neighboring Cheshire) share hurt roundels with SHALLs (Rhineland with Bush's) and Table's, the latter two almost having the same Coats while having one fesse colors reversed from the two of Sleeps. Table's had a Tabley branch in Cheshire, and I've seen the full Mens motto in another surname but with "I shall" rather than "I zal." Hazels were once said to be first found in Cheshire. Tableys were in Kettle-like Cheatle (Cheshire), and Kettle's are a major topic in this update and actually linked suggestively to "Gates." Cheatle's, suspect with the Kettle-branch Keith Catti from Germany's Chatti, possess the Shall and Table fesses, we may assume. Keiths were at HADDINGton! It's in East Lothian, where Haldans were once said to be first found! Haddingtons share the Hayden cross.

Having said that, hurts are used by Hobsons/HOPsons too, wherefore keep an eye out for HOPringle's, because they are Oda liners. I have a good reason for linking Hobsons/Hopsons to Table's.

Then there are the Tableys of Knutsford in Haldan-like Halton! Knutsfords share the lozengy of Schole's/SCAYLE's which Shalls are also Schalls. Plus, Oda's father was a ruler in Derlingau, and Derlings/Darlings share the dropped Shield of Cnuts/Knuts (Derbyshire, beside Cheshire and Shropshire)!!! Excellent, for king Cnut was the son of Sigurd "the HAUGHty," daughter of Mieszko I (she may have been Oda's granddaughter), and Haughts/Haughtons (Cheshire) come up as Hottens! This is a real hoot.

It turns out that the Haltons have a gold-lion version of the Bon/Bono Coat, and the Hicks, one of the Sleeping Beautys, have a "bon" motto term, like the "bona" of Orrs/Ore's now suspect from the Ohre river at Haldensleben! The cornuCOPia of Orrs/Ore's may even be from CUPionich, the alternative spelling of "Koplik" at Dober. The Coat of Haltons (CORNwall) is a giant-lion version of the Gates Coat, though I'm not sure whether this particular set of heraldry should point to Bill Gates.

The Halton Coat is also almost the Drayton Coat, and this is where it hits the Sleeping-Beauty target, for Market-Drayton is in Shropshire, near Sleap, but also near the Staffordshire border. HICKsons, first found in Staffordshire, use talons that in colors reversed would be gold, the color of the talons of Draytons, HOOTers and Hover-like Hoovers, and so we must repeat for new readers that Sleeping Beauty, after she was at the Hoot-connectable hood of the Oda-connectable AUTO, was HOVERing inside of it. Bons/Bono's were first found in Milan with Auto/Otto-connectable Ottone Visconti. Is that not the realest hoot you ever did see? My only regret: no surname with the Sleep Coat has cropped up. But, as Sigrid the Haughty is known more as SWIEToslawa, it's interesting that Sleeps have two fesses in the colors of the two chevrons of Sweets/Sweits (look like Lambert kin i.e. from Mieszko II Lambert). Ahh, as Sewards have the double chevrons of Sweets too, note that Sewers/Suits/Suters come up as "Suett." The Hicks may have been of Sauters/Suters.

With the Haltons and Hottens in this picture, we can even see that the Haydens relate, and thus it again appears as though God is making Ainsley Earhardt a second fulfillment of Sleeping Beauty. Near the end of this update, I found the Hotten-branch Heightens by following the Heighdon variation of Haydens. I was transported to the DOOR of the auto when seeing her hover, and Haltons have the look of the English Door Coat while sharing the giant lion of Irish Doors. Why is Sleeping Beauty pointing to Oda of Haldensleben? Is it for the Mieszko's she married, or for the line of Oda's father?

Mieszko I was also named, Dago / Dagome, and it just so happens that Daggs/Dage's share the Hazel crescents. Mieszko was a Piast, and the spread Piast eagle, in colors reversed, is red, the color of the spread eagle in the Dagg/Dage Crest. Looking good. As Hood/Hoot-like Oda (or Ota) may have been of the Auto/Otto or Ottone/Otto line which was resolved with the auto in the Sleeping Beauty dream, note that the Dage/Dage crescents are shared by Milan-line Mellansons, for Milan is where Ottone Visconti ruled. Visconti's were a branch of Guiscards/Wisharts (Stirlingshire, same as Bauds having the Hood crescent in colors reversed), and Orrs/Ore's have the Guiscard Coat in colors reversed! I think I've just discovered that Orrs/Ore's were from the Ohre river.

Pollocks love the Aude's/Odo's in their motto, and Sleeping Beauty was at the HOOD of the auto while Hoods/Hoots are linkable to Otone's/Oltons (compare with Bono's of Milan), and variations of Odins, Oddie's, and Oddeys. The medallion on my hood pointed firstly to Medals/DOUGals and Bauds above, and significantly later I found them both sharing the quadrants of HODleys. Were Dougals and Douglas' (Moray, same as Peter Pollock) from "Dago." It suddenly looks like it. Daggs/Dage's, I kid you not, share three gold crescents in Chief with the Hood/Hoot Chief!

Of Oda's father: "Probably a member of the Saxon House of Billung..." German Billings (Saxony, same as Oda) display only a giant sword, but it's in the colors of the Aude's/Odo's who show nothing but three swords. Auto-like Aude's are thus clinched with Oda of Haldensleben. English Billings (could be the Hayden cross) were at Wigan while Ainsley-branch Annas' have a one-star version of three-star Wigans. Ahh wow, the English Billings (they were in the last update) are said to have married the HEYTON family!

There's a BACONthorpe location beside Heydon (Norfolk, same as Bus'), and French Bacons share the Dog/Doag/Dock / Bus cinquefoil. English Bacons use "firma" as compared to the "Ferme" of Haydens. Barrs have two stars colors reverse from the same of English Bacons, and while Barrs share the white Este eagle, it's half in the colors of the white Piast eagle. Bar-le-Duc is in Lorraine, and Lorraine's share the Piast eagle (see Wikipedia) in both colors because Richeza of Lorraine married Mieszko II. As it's the Child eagle too, one can make the argument that Mayer Bauer changed his name to "RothsCHILD" because he was a Child liner.

Lorraine's were first found in Northumberland with the BARwicks, and their Berwick branch have black bear heads too, but in both colors of the same of Steads suspect with Rings/RingSTEADs. Thus, while Oda's mother was from Ringleheim, Rings/Ringsteads look like a branch of Ringle's/Hopringle's (Roxburghshire, beside BERWICKshire). The Sarah's' share the Barwick motto, and are in Varn colors and format while Varns (Ayrshire, same as Barrs) share the Ringle/Hopringle scallops. The Graham kin of Varns were first found in Midlothian with HOPringle-connectable Farme's/Pharme's/Ferme's. If Hoppers apply with Hops/Hope's, then so can the Fauchy grasshopper. Recalling the Knutsford location that Haldensleben's line linked to, or that she may have been Cnut's grandmother, lets add that Hope's/Hopers were once said to be first found in Derbyshire with Cnuts/Knuts/NOTE's while the latter are in Hope/Hoper colors and format.

I highlighted the Note's. Just days after I had the Sleeping Beauty dream, I heard a voice telling me to write a NOTE on paper, for the purposes of Steve MELLANson (my friend at whose party I attended that night), and for pointing very hard to Fauci by way of Faucets/Fawcetts, and it just so happens that the latter were first found in East Lothian, where Haldensleben elements were. We saw Mellansons above with the Dagg/Dage crescents! I now understand why God told me to write the note, saying I would have a disagreement with Mellanson that night. I put the note in my pocket and handed it to Mellanson. One reason is assure that Mellansons do use the Dagg/Dage crescents for a blood-related reason.

The GRAHAM and Varn scallops are also of the Joke's/Yoke's, an obvious branch of Jacks who in turn have the fesse-with-scallops of InGRAHAMs. These scallops are also those of English DAGGers, how about that. This part of the discussion looks like a pointer to LAURA Ingraham (she cool toward or opposed to COVID schemes) because Ingrahams (share "esto" with Hazel-related Weavers) were first found in Northumberland with the Lorraine's who have a "lauro" motto term. Or, if it's a coincidence that she was named, Laura, we can at least get from this that Varns and Grahams relate to Oda liners.

Rangabe Breakthroughs

INGRham-like INGER the VARANgian married Melissena RANGabe (in the century before Oda), and produced a daughter, EUDokia. The latter name is a female version of the male, "Eudes," which is often substituted, "Odo." Was Oda's mother (in Ringleheim) descended from Eudokia? Was Ringleheim related to "Rangabe"? Why do Rainhams/RANGhams share the Hope/Hoper besants while Ringle's are also HOPringle's?

The Varn and Sarah bends are in the colors of the GRAPE/Gripp/Grabben bend while grapes are used by Detrick-like Deeters (quadrants in Arms-of-Rangabe colors). Oda's father was Dietrich. Rothes castle became owned by Leslie's with a "GRIP fast" motto while the Arms of Rothschild share the Fast quadrants.

The Bellys of Moray share the Duc/LeDuc star, and the Haydens have many fessewise bars looking much like the five fesses of German Ducks. I think the Ducks were from Dago, how about that. I'll keep eyes out for more proof. German Decks/DAGGers share the red squirrels with Squirrels/Square's (share "Ferme" with Haydens) , the latter first found in Worcestershire with Daggs/Dage's. So far as I can recall, I've not known Daggs/Dage's before (maybe a passing mention), and they turn out to be the missing link between Daggers and Squirrels. It could be that God caused the daughter of Miss Earhardt to be named Hayden because He knew that name, as a surname, was from Oda of HaldenSLEBen. Why would God give a Sleeping Beauty for Oda's line?????????????????????????

The Tiens in the Squirrel/Square motto were first found in Oxfordshire, and the Arms of Oxford has a green BEAVER. No guff. Barrs of Bar-le-DUC share the Este eagle, and the "ferme" motto term of Squirrels/Square's has been tentatively resolved (is that an oxymoron?) with Fermo, home of Azzo, founder of Este. Barrs were in Brunswick and while Oda's father ruled the DERLINgau region, Brunswick is within it. Rothschild/Roddensteins were first found in Brunswick, and while they share the KNOB arrow, Derlings bring up the Darlene's. I've mentioned my teen girlfriend, Darlene, a million times. We both worked at KNOB HILL FARM!!! Hills were first found in Worcestershire with Daggs/Dage's and "Ferme"-using Squirrels, and Farmers share the red Barr lion head!!! Farme's/Pharme's are also Ferme's!!! My eyes are starting to open. God waited until now to unveil the meaning of Darlene, and of my job at Knob Hill Farms. It's pointing to Oda's father.

AHH, now we know why Darlene's/Derlings share the fitchees in the Orr/Ore Chief!!!! Heraldry speaks. And Orrs/Ore's are in the motto of Wake's who share the Orr-Chief roundel!!! I was told to wake Sleeping Beauty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BEAUTIFUL. Darlene was an ICE-cream girl pointing to Tony Fauci's ECOhealth, and later in this update I cross the Dirleton location of Faucet- / Fauchy-connectable Vaux's/Vallibus'. Oda probably lived in Derlingau as a youth. AHHH, Direltons were first found in East Lothian with Vaux's/Vallibus', no surprise, but it's where Haldans were once said to be first found! And to help prove that Ainsley Earhardt is Sleeping Beauty, Dirletons (share RING/Ringstead chevron) have a black-Shield Coat version of the Countrys in the Ainsley motto. It appears that God named Hayden, Ainsley's daughter.

My first girlfriend at Knob Hill Farms was Allison Bauer, and Rothschilds were directly from Bauers. The Sleeping Beauty pointer to Oda must be a pointer to important Rothschild relations. I've even just read that Oda's father was a supporter of king OTTO I (later a Roman emperor). Auto's/Otto's use a black bull head, and Beautys use the black bull.

Oda's father was DIETRICH of Haldensleben. Her mother was Frederuna of Ringelheim, and Ringle's share the engrailed saltire of Haldans. It would be perfect if Ringle's were not listed with Pringle's, but then the HOPringle variation may have formed Pringle's where Ringle's were the original. INCREDIBLY, Hops are listed with Hope's/HOODs sharing the Farme/Pharme/Ferme Coat! ZINGER. More evidence that God placed Darlene and I at Knob Hill Farms as part of His Sleeping Beauty message.

The Fare's, first found in Cumberland with DAGGers, have the Farme/Pharm/Ferme Coat in colors reversed. I think the Mieszko = Dago has thus been clinched with Daggers. The Dexaroi (as Dassaretae) did have a branch east of lake Scodra, and Dober with Koplik are east of lake SCODra. SCOTTs use a Catherine wheel, which is both Mieszko- and Rothschild-relevant.

Oda's grandson was Dietrich too, perhaps the line that named Fort Detrick, where there is a military lab that's part of the gain-of-function monsters...possibly in some cahoots with with James LeDuc (the latter is only suspect, but suspect he is). Ahh, Detricks (water bougets) are listed with DEATHicks, and Deaths share the gold griffin head in Crest with Haldans! Ainsley Earhardt has been my target because she's pushing vaccinations for children, before an audience made largely of mothers, but I am waiting for her to WAKE UP. Already.

Ahh, the water BOUGet can be to the Boug variation of Books, and Darlene's/Derlings use a book with their woman in Crest. Plus, Mieszko's were of WheelWRIGHTs, and the latter use the Catherine wheel of Catherine Roet. The Bows with Boug-like Bough variation not only share the Roet motto, but share five bunched arrows with the Arms of Rothschild (i.e. Roets were Rothschild liners). I've just never investigated Oda before, thinking she was just an obscure person, and suddenly she's central to Sleeping Beauty. I was standing at the DOOR of the auto watching her levitate inside the car, and Scottish Doors happen to share the WRIGHT leopard heads. She fell asleep while levitating / hovering, and Hovers/Hoffers have another white leopard face.

Ahh, while Ambers are listed with Lamberts, suspect from Mieszko II Lambert, here's the Detrick write-up: "Dethick Manor is a 16th century manor house at Dethick, Amber Valley, Derbyshire." Judy Mikovits (is that Polish?) worked under a monstrous Tony Fauci at the Fort Detrick lab.

The last heraldic segment in this update does the Novavax now coming to the fore in the news, which is derived from moths, and the Moth surname works into things very well with Mota liners that could very well be of the Motts/MORTE's who share the Death crescent. Death, perfect vaccine theme. They will ramp up the death rates if the people go to sleep with indifference. I think this is incredible, and the timing of this insert's new and super additions to the interpretation of the Sleeping Beauty dream suddenly makes the Novavax highly suspect toward the lead up to the mark of the beast. We should err on the safe side, assuming that vaccine passports and occupational, mandated vaccines will lead to inability for customers to enter stores.

Detrick-like Deeters with GRAPH-like grapes (that bring up Grape's/Gripps) were first found in Pomerania with the House of Griffin. End Insert]

In the first and second updates of this month, the Graffs, who lived across the street from me, were featured as per GRAPHENe oxide. I didn't realize until now that Graffs are also GRAFFENs. They have a lion in Gates lion colors. Griffs are also Graves'.

I viewed the first part of "Get'n Go as a pointer to Bill GATES' vaccination programs, but I don't recall whether that was proven. What I can say is that GETES'/Jette's share the Coat of French Loges' while the Gows/McGoo's share the cinquefoils of Loches'/DeLOGES', the latter first found in Burgundy with Loges'. Therefore, if that looks like a set-up by God, we need to ask why Gettes'/Jette's are being pointed to. They were first found in Anjou with mirror-like Mire's/Mireux's, and I can show why the mirror of the heraldic mermaid is code of Mire's/Mireux's. The point here is that the Primo's, likewise first found in Burgundy, and having three roses in the colors of the three Loches/DeLoges cinquefoils, show a mirror.

On top of this, the Sire's/Sirets, likewise first found in Burgundy, use a snake "looking at itself in the mirror." There was a mythical Melusine, with a snake tail, and Nicholas de Vere von Drakenberg (a nutcase into satanism) said that her son was the first count of Anjou (he wasn't). Nicholas must have know that, whatever she represented, her line was from something in Anjou. She was later given a fish tail, and therefore I see her as the mythical mermaid. In heraldry, she's almost always got a mirror, which gives it away that she's secretly Melusine.

Having said that, I can add that a mirror uses glass, and the Get'n Go event, when it pointed to Julian Assange, involved the glass door of that corner store. It pointed to Mr. Glas, vice-president of EcuaDOR when Julian was granted asylum in an Ecquadorian embassy. There was more to it, especially the LEAK/Leakey surname as a pointer to Assange's WikiLeaks organization. Before you balk at my saying that the glass door of Get'n Go should point merely to the glass of a mirror, let me finish: the Glass surname uses a mermaid with mirror. Impressed yet?

She's with two tails in the Coat of WALSer, whom were named after Glass-like WALLIS canton in Switzerland, location of Sion. It just so happens that the Sion surname, first found at Lanarkshire, a spit into the wind from GLASgow (read also as GlasGOW), comes up as "Sine," tending to explain why the mythical character was named, "MeluSINE." In the same way as old-English had a "Guilliam" for "William," "Wallis" could have become, "Glass."

The first-known counts of Anjou were the Fauci-like Fulks. The Loches' to which the Gow/McGoo cinquefoils are linkable married Fulk I, count of Anjou. Thanks to the boar in the Gow/McGoo Chief, and it's being in the colors of Pollocks (boar), we can take the Get'n Go to Pollocks, who were first found at the GlasGOW theater. See how much fun this is? Pollocks were named after a Pollok location in Renfrewshire, and that's where Paisleys were first found because there's a Paisley location at the Glasgow area too. Paisleys share the thistle with Fauchs, you see, exactly what we could expect if the Get'n Go points to things COVID / vaccines. The two surnames use their thistle in their respective Crests, and there is even another thistle in the Gow/McGoo Crest, HOW ABOUT THAT. Who ever knew that God arranged heraldry for end-time messaging to His people?

Plus, INGelger was the father of Fulk I, and INGer was the husband of Melissena Rangabe. As she's suspect in-code with the merMAID, by what coincidence were Ings at Maid MOREton? Mers are also More's! That's new. Ing's, who come up as Angers-like Hangs, even have leopard faces in Gow/McGoo boar-head colors. Later, I discover that "MELUSine" is code for the Meluish kin of Hose's, the latter first found in Leicestershire with Ings.

What's God trying to say, that vaccines are good for us? Of course not. He's pointing to Fauci because he's a snake.

Long before I knew Nicholas de Vere's writings on Melusine, I identified mythical Avalon as the island of Bute. I had my ways. I've never changed my mind. I then read that Nicholas had Melusine on Avalon even though she birthed Milo de Ver, first count of Anjou (fictitious character, I think). Glass' were first found in Buteshire. So, maybe he too knew that Avalon was Bute, and maybe he knew that Melusine is in the Glass Crest.

I've never known until now that MELUSine is partly for the Mellas'/MELLUISH's, for they share the swans of Sions/Swans/Sine's! The write-up: "Conjecturally the family name is descended from Hugh of RENNES, holder of the village of Melhuish from Baldwin, Sheriff of Devon..." Rennes probably named RENfrewshire, for proto-Pollocks were at/near Rennes.

In the last update, I had a good section on the imperial RANGabe's, linking them solidly to Rainhams/RANGhams, Rangers/Ringers, and Rennes liners. I didn't add the Renfrews (Arms-of-Rangabe colors) to that discussion, however. What do you see? I see a Rench-like bloodline. It could appear that God is pointing Ranch road to Rangabe liners. Indeed, Wrens, said to be from the Raines', share the crosslets of English Rench's! "The surname Wren was...originally descended from Ralph de Raines...They were originally from Rennes..."

Well-well, Melusine appeared in this update having nothing to do (in my mind, but maybe God had different ideas) with the Rangabe discussion, but just take a look-see at what was said in the last update:

Melissena Rangabe is suspect with mythical Melusine, which I see as the heraldic merMAID, and Maids almost have the Coat of Monmouths while Williams were first found partly in Monmouthshire. While Williams share the Hopper gyronny, Hope's/Hopers use a RAINbow. That explains it.

Thunderin lightnin. See anything suspicious, any of you who've been reading bits and pieces the last few months? The Hoppers are in that quote, and Fauchys use a grassHOPPER. I think it's time to take the Fauci grasshopper, and put it under a magnifying glass under the hot sun. If smoke and mirrors is what he likes, let's smoke him to a crisp under the glass.

Part of the Rangabe-Rainham discussion in the last update included Townsends of Rainham. Townsends almost use the MER/Mare/MORE Coat (once said to be first found in Burgundy), and so can we glean the MERmaid in that surname? Yes, we can, for there is a mermaid in the MORay Crest too.

Vere's share the Massey Shield, and Masons/Massins share the mermaid too. More than that, the Mason/Massin Coat is also that of Dutch Mers/Meers. Masseys have the Glass fleur-de-lys in colors reversed, and Jewish Glass' therefore probably use the white Masci wing (rather than the gold one).

In Melusine mythology apart from Nicholas de Vere, she's partnered with LUSignan, a location not far from Anjou. It just so happens that Raines-branch Wrens share the purple lion with Spanish LUZ's/LUCio's. The Glass motto is "LUCtor."

The Wren chevron-with-ravens (probably of the Rothes' and Peters) is in the colors and format of the Town chevron-with-crosslets. Towns were first found in LinlithGOW with Tenants, and tenants pay RENT!!! Amazing. Rench's/Renz's are also Rentz's. That's amazing. Linlithgow is to the near-east of Glasgow and Lanarkshire.

I've just loaded the Arms of Linlithgowshire, and one of the supporters looks like a Great Dane (dog), which just taught me that English Dane's share the Rench/Renz / Leakey fleur-de-lys.

As English Rench's are also Wrench's, I want to repeat some things from a few years ago, when a certain Michael came up to see me, and rather than come in, he took me to his job site because he only had a short job to do, and we visited on the way. He had to replace a check valve in a sprinkler system. This Michael, I insisted, was God's pointer to Byzantine emperor, Michael I Rangabe, (Melissena's grandfather). Almost nothing that you've read in this section to this point was known by me at that time. The point is, the only tool he used to remove and replace the check valve was, you guessed it, a wrench.

While or after replacing the valve, Michael had to get the water pressure correct, and he asked me to keep an eye on the pressure GAUGE. There is a Gauge surname with an hourGLASS design, as I call it, and the Hicks use an "hour" like "heure" term that they translate as "time" (though it means, "hour"). The Houstons use an hourglass and an "In time" motto. Like I've said many times, houseofnames once showed a second Moray Coat besides the one now showing with the Melusine mermaid, and that second one had a motto, "Deum Time." Time's/Timms were first found in Kent with mermaid-using Masons/Massins, and the latter use Deum-like "Dum." The full motto is, "Dum Spiro SPERO," code for the Spire's/Speers/SPEYers (RENfrewshire, same as Pollocks and Houstons) who not only share the Glass star, but who named the Spey river in Moray. Pollocks were on the Spey when Peter Pollock built Rothes castle. On either side of the Spire/Speer star are crescents in the colors of the Check crescents. The CHECK valve!!!

Speer-like Spree's share both the Spire/Speer and Tout crescent, and Touts are in this due to being in the motto of Fore's/Forez's (Pollock colors). Fauchs, sharing the thistle with Paisleys, were first found in Forez. The Simple's in the Spree motto were first found in Renfrewshire with Paisleys and Pollocks. Plus, I ventured to trace mythical Melusine's LUSIGnan elements to Lusatia (LUZICa), and can now add that I've been tracing Spree's to Lusatia's Spree river. It just so happens that Spree's have another hourglass Shield, and while they were first found in Cornwall with Wassa's, the latter have a Gace variation which one can spot in the Gauge write-up.

The Spree hourglass shape is colors reversed from the same of Guido's, the latter first found in Bologna with Fulk-connectable Fontana's. The Springs are said to have been Fonte's too!!!

Likewise first found in Kent, and sharing the Mason/Massin lion, are Lovens/Louvains while SPRINKs/Springs were at Lavenham. Lavens/Levens were first found in Shropshire with Alans of Dol. Michael was working for a SPRINKler company on that check-valve day. Repeat: "The first-known counts of Anjou were the Fauci-like Fulks. The Loches' to which the Gow/McGoo cinquefoils are linkable married Fulk I, count of Anjou. Thanks to the boar in the Gow/McGoo Chief, and it's being in the colors of Pollocks (boar), we can take the Get'n Go to Pollocks, who were first found at the GlasGOW theater." As the Speer boar heads are gold, same as the Gow/McGoo boar head, and as the latter's are in Pollock colors, it can explain how GlasGOW was named after a Glass marriage with a Gow line. It explains why Fulke's/Volks use a spear.

Likewise first found in Kent are the Comforts/Comerfords, related to variations of Camelfords. Both use the peacock, and Peacocks were a Pollock sept. The Ingers (share arrow with Pollocks) are listed with Henders who have: "...abbreviated the name to Hender, were living near Camelsford a few years since." A woman who emailed me many years ago, who tipped me off on Peter Pollock building Rothes castle, had a Pollock for a mother, a Comfort for another direct relative (can't remember which), and married Mr. Speer. She later married Mr. Strauss, and Strauss' have a leaf-version of the GLEASon Coat while Gleasons share the Glass / Speer star. Doesn't it appear as though God sent her to my email box?

Ings/Hangs use leopard FACEs while Fauci-like Face's/Fessys share the cross of Camelfords, who are Campbellfords too while Campbells and Camps were both said to be first found in Yorkshire (not anymore). The Get'n Go is in Camp Wood, and perhaps I'll find how Woods (Leicestershire) can apply to this discussion. The point is, Campbells use GYRONNY, suspect with the Garonne river and thus with the new Goners/Grono's (share McGee boar heads) that linked above to "Get'n Go" by both the McGee's (they were Heth-like Geths) and Gows/McGoo's/Gone's. On top of this, the Face/Fessy cross is shared by My's/Mee's/Mea's (from the Meu river near Rennes) who can be discovered related to Face's/Fessys when studying the Taffs. (Heths, perhaps from MacHeths, are also Heaths).

Emailer Pollock (she'd be about 90 today, I think she's passed away) was extremely sick with porphyria. Her writings may still be online. For example: "Mariel Strauss, New Mexico…I have PV and Porphyria..." It's called the purple disease (she gets purple tow), and Wrens use a purple lion. "PV is a blood disorder in which the body makes too many red blood cells." Could engineered vaccines do that? Did Mariel get sick (or sicker) on vaccinations? "Porphyria" was a name used by imperial Byzantines; the Rangabe's were Byzantines! "PorphyroGENNETos...(...literally 'born in the purple') was an honorific title in the Byzantine Empire..." Is that not amazing since we are on the Pollock bloodline in this Michael's-wrench discussion? Wrench's/Rench's share the Wren crosslets! Bingo. The Get'n Go is pointing harshly to diabolical vaccines. I wonder why Mrs. Kilpatrick was used for the Get'n Go event. I think I know the answer, but I'll give it later.

The vertically-split Fulke/Volk Shield is colors reversed from the same of Belgian Flecks (Louvain is in Belgium) while Fulke's/Volks were first found in Norfolk with English Flags/Flecks and FOUNTAINs. We can see why Belgian Flecks were related to both Pollock surnames. Louvain is in Belgium. It's also called, Leuven, and so it gets interesting where Italian Leuvens/LIVELYs have chevrons in Sprink/Spring-chevron colors. Leuvens/Livelys were first found near the first-known FONTana's, and the latter look like they have a fountain-using version of the Italian Fulk Coat. The Springs are said to have been related to Fonte's! Zinger, folks, just chew on that. Fountains were first found in Norfolk with Fulke's/Volks.

Belgium is where Gone's/Guenets (share bend of Gaunts of Kent) were first found while Gows/McGoo's happen to come up when loading "Gone." Gaunt/Ghent is in Belgium, and the Arms of Gaunt/Ghent use the same lion as Rains/Raines', Wrens and Rothes'. John of Gaunt married Catherine Roet, and Roets share the Speer boar heads. If you want to risk looking gaunt and sickly, take the vaccines. If you want to risk being a goner, take the vaccines.

Goners/Grono's (Flanders-like Flintshire) share the boar heads of Juggs/Judds who are in turn linkable to Judicael of Rennes in the Rain/Raines motto. The same boar head is used by Town-related Tenants, and Towns look like they are related to the chevron of Wrens. As the latter share the Rench/Wrench crosslets, it all looks like a pointer to Get'n GO on Ranch road, for McGoo's are also Gone's. John of Gaunt was at a Candale location (of Foix-Candale) near the mouth of the GARONNE river, tending to explain the GRONO surname. It looks possible here to identify Gone's/McGoo's as Gaunt liners. Note that Goners share the McGee boar head too, for McGee's were Geth too as if pointable to by the GET'n Go. Gettens/Gittins even share the Raines' / Wren lion in the Arms of Gaunt/Ghent.

Miss Hicks was found with a Rena middle name online, and while she moved to Kaufman county, Kaufmans share the hexagram of Reines'. The other Kaufmans have a giant anchor in white, the color of the Hood/Hoot anchor, and Hoods/Hoots use a "Cornish CHOUGH," like "KAUFman." Kaufs share the Paisley roses, and Paisley is at RENfrewshire, how about that. This paragraph has new material right here.

Mr. HeckenLIVELY happens to have co-authored a book with Judy Mikovits attacking Fulk-like Fauci as a criminal fraud and killer by vaccines. Coincidence? Or did God set up this heraldry? We could not have gotten here without Michael working for a sprinkler system, or if he didn't take me to his workplace that one day.

Fontana's were first found in Bologna with the Pasi'/Pace's sharing crossed spears (different colors) with Spire's/Speers, and that's the line to Paisleys/Pasleys.

The Checks are also Chicks, and there is a Chick/Chich surname (Rangabe colors) first found in Essex with Brocks/BROKE's and Brooks. The Wrench- and Renfrew-branch Wrens probably have the Rain/Raines lion holding their BROKEn spear. However, the Wren lion has a red collar, and this was discovered in the last update on same-colored lions: "The Alive/Ayliff lion is the one with red collar of Garden-connectable Jarrets..." Jarrets were first found in Shropshire with the Dol Alans, and Fulbert "the Saxon", father of the Pollocks, was a vassal for the Dol Alans. The English Rothes, sharing the same lion, were once said to be first found in Shropshire, but are now said to be first found in Kent...with Masons/Masons and Lovens/Louvains. Fulbert's son, Peter Pollock, built Rothes castle. Fulbert is suspect to Fullers sharing the triple fesses of Love's/Luffs (Oxfordshire, same as Plocks) i.e. the one's sharing the fitchee of Checks/Chicks (said to have been early in Oxfordshire).

The incredible thing now involves Eschyna de MOLLE, who married a Dol Alan while her daughter, Isabel, married Robert Pollock, Peter's brother. When we go to the write-up of Ingers/Henders, we find that the Hender manor of Borlase Burgess eventually went to MOLESworths, and Mole's/Molle's were not only first found in Roxburghshire with Googe's/Gouch's and Worth-related Maxwells (= mother stock of Pollocks and perhaps Polworths too), but Molle's and Googe's/Gouch's share the same boar head (Rangabe colors)!!! Michael (pointer to Rangabe's) asked me to watch the Googe-like pressure gauge!!!

The Molle and Googe boar head is shared by MARone's in MER/Mar/MORE colors and format. That's the Melusine line. The Hallys (come up as "Eely") have the same white boar heads (half in the colors of the Roet / Speer boar heads), and use three of them in pale, as do the Goners/Grono's seen above in the Get'n Go paragraph.

I almost missed it: SprINGs look like a Speer-Ing marriage!!! If this is correct, it appears that God named Michael and/or got him into sprinklers partly to point out that he does indeed point to Michael Rangabe, for Rangabe's granddaughter married Inger...probably from the Kiev VARANgians. Note that VARNs share the ShakeSPEARE bend and that the double-tipped Shakespeare spear is in the Fulk Crest. Plus, the Goats/Gothams, who can be in the Hecken goats (as per Mr. HECKENlively), share the Shakespeare spear too. Finally, believe it or not, Shake's use "mole hills"!!!!! This is some of the best-clicking set of heraldry I've ever done.

I've shown why Seneca's/Seneschals point to the AstraZENECA vaccine, which has been found with graphene oxide too. Seneca-like Snake's share the eagle of SANS'/Sanchez's who likewise look like a Seneca/SENESchal branch. The same eagle is with SPINKs while Brocuffs/Procks use a SPHINX. The first point is, the "sans" motto term of Gauge's! I didn't know that term could point to vaccines when I told this check-valve story more than two years ago. The second point is that, after we left the job, on the way to driving me back home, Michael told me that his company gets fed work by a Peerless company, and so I checked the Peerless'/Napiers when getting home. They not only share the red saltire with Gauge's, but they too use "Sans"!!! Can we believe it? God must have been pointing to poison vaccines through Michael. Note Judy MIKOvits.

Ahh, MICKs/Mikes'/MIKULa's were first found in Silesia with Brocuffs/PROKOPPS, and have the triple fesses of Fullers in colors reversed. This gets absolutely mind-boggling because Fullers are suspect from Fulbert of Pollock, especially as Pollok is beside or in Paisley while English Pasleys share the Fuller Coat. Keeping in mind that the Pasley Coat is almost the Mick/Mikula Coat while Judy MIKovits claims that Fauci's viral products are sheer poisons, we go to the poison-like Poussins (Oxfordshire, same as triple-fesse Love's/Luffs) because they happen to share the triple fesses of Micks/Mikula's. And there is a Poisson surname. I find that heraldry so "coincidental" as to find it Arranged. Scottish Paisleys/Pasleys share the thistle with Fauchs. Compare Poussin with the three TRUMPets of Calls.

The Peerless/Napier fleur is colors reversed from the Glass and Courage fleur, and "Courage" is a Gauge motto term. Courage's were first found in Essex with Brocks and Brooks, who named Broc in Anjou. Brocks share the motto of Stewarts, who were with the proto-Pollocks back in Dol, near Rennes, when the two moved to Renfrewshire. It just so happens that the Chief-Shield color combo of Brocks is shared by BROCuffs/PROKOPPs, and Michael I Rangabe married PROKOPia.

Will PROCtor was a topic in the last update, where I showed what seemed like certain pointers of God to him / his family. I resolved that Proctors were of the Prock variation of Brocuffs, but why not also the Prokopp? I showed how the Wills (his first name) were of the Velis'/Vails, and mentioned the fitchees in the Velis/Vail Crest but neglected to mention that the LOVE's/Luffs share the same fitchee, important because his former wife was Sleeping Beauty in my 1979 dream along with Miss Hicks (double fulfillment). God had the Love's in that dream. The point here is that I had linked the Love/Luff fitchee to the same one in the Check Crest, yet there's a bigger point: Scottish Wills/Velis' share the red griffin in Crest with Brocuffs/Procks! I think I missed that in the last update.

I now have an even bigger point: Brocuffs/Procks have an "oRIENTe" motto term, like the Rentz variation of Rench's/Renz's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is huge because Michael with the wrench proved to be a pointer to Michael Rangabe, and I showed in this update why Rangabe's were of the Rench's/Wrench's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just INCREDIBLE. God sent Michael to my place, and made him take me to work with him, so that I might watch the gauge as he worked on the check valve with his wrench!

Repeat from above: "In the first and second updates of this month, the Graffs, who lived across the street from me, were featured as per GRAPHENe oxide. I didn't realize until now that Graffs are also GRAFFENs. They have a lion in Gates lion colors." Griffins use a "velis" motto term.

Brocks use a dart in the paw of their Crest lion, and Brocuffs have the fesse of the Dart surname, first found in Devon with Melles/Melluish's. The latter almost-surely created mythical "MELUSine." I'm going to guess that the Melles/Melhuish Crest is the Leicester swan head because the surname named a MelHUISH location while Huish/Huish's (Somerset, same as Mels) could be a branch of Hose's/Huse's, first found in Leicestershire.

Making a Case for Bill Gates

Repeat: "I wonder why Mrs. Kilpatrick was used for the Get'n Go event. I think I know the answer, but I'll give it later." She was born, Miss Hicks. The Kilpatricks love Maxwells, and Pollocks were a Maxwell sept. Hicks have a motto, "TOUt en BON heure," and Bons/Bono's have a good reflection of the gates Coat, which recalls my TOOTing my horn as I drove by her ranch GATE (can't see the house from the road) as she was coming out to greet Mr. Casey (he had been at my place that morning). I drove by her gate every time I went shopping, but this was the only time I saw people at her gate. Scottish Caseys were first found in Lanarkshire, and Hamilton is in South Lanarkshire! Miss Hicks married Dr. Hamilton Kilpatrick, and Mr. Casey was good friends with him.

Touts are also Toots, you see, and I wish that emailer Pollock was here to confirm that she was in contact with Robin, who likewise had porphyria. I emailed some with Robin, and she said she was of the Hamilton and Tuttle bloodlines. This is incredible, for Tuttle's are listed with TOOThills/Tottehulls/TOUTehills. Michael under discussion lived in TOTTENham when he took me to work that day!!! INCREDIBLE. The other Toothills, sharing the raven with Wrens, Rothes' and Peters, even share the bend-with-bendlets of English Bone's (share Gates lion!!!) while Hicks use "bon". Mr. Kilpatrick had Parkinson's disease, another gene-based disease that can be accelerated with genetically-engineered vaccines. The Pullens/Pullys, sharing the martlets of Pollock-like Plocks, have nearly the same bend-with-bendlets.

It's crystal clear as to why God set up all of these events in correlation with heraldry: don't take the vaccines pushed by Bill Gates? Plus, the global vaccination project looks like it's leading to the mark of the beast. This heraldry is not given by God just for our entertainment. IT'S IMPORTANT. I've been dehydrating 13 eggs (scrambled and cut to bits) while writing here this Tuesday morning, because I fear mandatory vaccinations later this year. I'll do another 13 later in the day (if I remember correctly, 26 large eggs fills a quart Mason jar perfectly). Inexpensive but great food to have for a crisis. I dry foods raised over my stove elements upon a rock / cookie sheet, no machine required.

Pollock-branch Plocks may love the Dee's in their "Deo" motto term, and Dee's use a "Hic" motto term. Plocks are linkable to Plunketts (at/near Rennes) and Planque's/Plants = PlantaGENET Fulks. The Belgian Gone's are GUENETs too, and Belgian Flecks look like Pollock kin.

Mr. Casey was a REAL estate agent, and Real almost have the Coron/Coron / Corona crown. Is almost enough to make him a pointer to the coronavirus? Gorons/Gorings are in the colors and format of English Caseys. Gorons/Gorings were part of the ARUNdel earldom, and Arens/Aarons share the cloud in Crest with English Caseys. (As Julius Caesar's mother was Miss Cotta, it's interesting that Gorons/Gorings share the VIO/Vito annulet while the Viu valley is near the Cottian capital, Susa, itself perhaps in the "caSUS" motto term of Caesar-like Caseys.

Corona-like Crone's/Crons/Croons (Yorkshire, same as Hicks) almost have the Hicks Coat, the latter much like the Craun/Crane Coat. This is new: Crone's/Croons were at BUCKrose while Hicks use a buck head. Corons/Corona's were first found in Cheshire with the Masseys/Maceys who in turn share the Crone/Croom fleur-de-lys. Meschins were from CONTEville's while Conte's and Maschi-loving Cone's share the Buck antler. So, the Hicks buck was related to Masci liners. Maschi's were at RIMINi, while Rimmons/Crimmons were related to McLeods/CLOUDs who in turn love the Flags/Flecks that share the Meschin scallops. McLeods/Clouds share the white bull head with the Fane's/Phone's/Vans who in turn share the Macey gloves, and are expected from Fano, near Rimini.

I've just checked for an Emms surname because Meschins descended from Emma of Conteville, and Emms/Amis' have annulets colors reversed from the giant one of Spanish Burgos', perfect because Emma descended from John de Burgo. The "Fama" motto term of Emms/Amis' must be for the Fame variation of Fane's/Phone's/Vans. I had suggested that Amis' were from Hamo(n) de Masci/Massey, and Hamons share the Conte / Cone / Buck antler, even throwing in a motto term having Rimini / Rimmons within it. The Emms/Amis QUATRefoil should be from Quadratilla Bassus. The Emms'/Amis probably use a version of the Bessin Coat because they were related. The Ims'/Imms' could be a branch.

Why did I toot my horn at Hicks' gate while Mr. Casey was there wanting in? For one thing, for God to verify that this discussion is accurate, for English Case's share gold buckles on a bend with Leslie's. When Leslie's married the family of Muriel Pollock, Leslie's became earls of Rothes'. Case's even have a reflection of the Gone/Guenet Coat. Scottish Caseys, sharing the Bone bend, have crow's heads, and Crows use a camel to go with Camelsford of the Henders (may have descended from Inger and Melissena). Pipe-branch Pepins use a camel head in Crest too, which recalls Simon Graff's pipe in the graphene-oxide investigation. Kilpatrick-branch Pattersons/CASSane's (!) use a camel head in Crest too. It's clicking.

Muriels (PALE bar) even share the peacock (usually regarded as a blue Indian peacock) with Camelfords, and Pale's/Palys (Yorkshire, same as Pullens/Pullys and Pauls/Palle's) use a camel head. Scottish Pattersons (share pelican with Pullens/Pullys) share three motto term with Pauls/Paule's. The latter are in the Pullen/Pully motto, used full by the Patents/Pattens who in turn share the green Leslie griffin head. IT'S CLICKING. Scottish Patents/PATIENTs, because they were first found in Dumfries with Kilpatrick castle, look like Patrick / Patterson liners. Did Dr. Kilpatrick vaccinate his patients and maim many?

Crows have roosters that, in colors reversed, would be red, and Cass-branch Kiss'/Cush's, linkable to the Kilpatrick cushions, have a red rooster. But I'll bet God has even more behind the use of Mr. Casey (forget his first name) at that Gate. Recall how Michael's SPRINKler company connected with Fonte's and Fontana's, for Cass'/Cash's and Kiss'/Cush's use "fountains."

I'd like to go back to the Tenant-related Towns with a chevron-with-crosslets in the colors of the chevron-with-ravens of Wrens, for while the latter have the Rench/Wrench crosslets, the German Rench's are rent-like Rentz's. Tenants pay rent. The point here is that the so-called Leakey road, Ranch road, goes to Leakey, pronounced "Lakey." The Lake fitchee crosslets are in the colors of the Town crosslets, and the Lake Coat looks linkable to that of Plock-connectable Plunketts (Vilaine, same as Rennes). They both share the GLEASon and Strauss chevron, and Mariel Strauss is the one with Miss Pollock as her mother. Mrs. Kilpatrick was at the Get'n Go event on ranch road, and in her husband's (HW Kilpatrick III) obituary, has says he's been a pilot. The Pilots/Pilate's share the GLAZE/Glasier pheons.

With God, there can be more to heraldic links (or the surnames used for links) than merely verification that He set up an event. The Lords/Lauds in the GLASgow motto share the same pheons. Did God arrange to make Mr. Kilpatrick a pilot, or did God only arrange the Pilot surname to link to Glass liners to verify that the glass door at Get'n Go is important? While we can read it as GlasGOW, the Glaze/Glasier heart has a green cinquefoil upon it, the color of the Gow/McGoo cinquefoil. Cool. The Let's in the Glasgow motto use organ PIPES, and the check valve was on a pipe.

Hmm, the check valve was broken upon possibly a COPPER pipe (it could have been galvanized steel), and while Brokens share the Copper saltire, the Brokens have an hourglass shape behind their saltire, as do Gauge's in different colors. Michael pointed to Michael Rangabe, husband of Prokopia, and Broke-branch Brocuffs are also Prokopps!!! But if it wasn't a copper pipe, this new set of heraldry gets half broken. Is it still valid without the Coppers involved? I suppose. I don't know whether the check valve was broken, actually, but it's assumed because it was being replaced. I had to stoop (may have been on a knee) to see the gauge, and Stoops/Stops/Stubbs were kin of Pipe's. Hamiltons and Bacons share the Bus cinquefoil, and Stops go with Bus'.

Mr. Magoo was played by Jim Backus, and Backus have another hourGLASS Shield. The Backus motto is similar to the Plock motto, though the Backus motto includes the Boyds, linkable to hourglass-using Houstons (Renfrewshire, same as Hamiltons and Pollocks) who share the Plock martlets. This now explains why Mrs. Kilpatrick's attitude reminded me one day of Lovey Howell on Gilligan's Island, for her husband on that show was played by the same Jim Backus.

Boyds and Backus' use "ConFIDO," and Fido's/Fothes'/Fette's were first found in Aberdeenshire with ProFETTs/Prophets. Mrs. Kilpatrick considered herself a prophet, but I regarded her as a false prophet, now looking like a pointer to the 666 of the False Prophet...perhaps this set of heraldry is an indication that the 666 will be related to vaccinations. No vaccine, no buy things. The Profetts/Prophets share a giant human leg with Prime's, and mirror-using Primo's were the ones linkable to the Gows/McGoo cinquefoils, now linkable to the Glaze/Glasier cinquefoil. It just so happens that Prime-like "PRAEMium" is a motto term of Lakeys. The glass door of the Get'n Go is on the LEAKEY road.

There's more to ponder because I purchased a Texas property from Miss Teague while Teague's share the wolf head of Lakeys. She invited me to her church on ranch road, and it happened to be Christmas day, when Mrs. Kilpatrick was there. It was the first time I saw her. I began to suspect that she was Sleeping Beauty less about two years later, and it proved to be true. Her husband is in an online Baytown-Sun photo with Spuds MacKenzie, a bulldog mascot, and I purchased a fiberglass bulldog from Hamilton, Ontario. His name is Hamilton. The MacKenzie's have the stag head of LEGGs (Dumfries, same as Kilpatricks) in half its colors, and as the Legg stag head is almost the trump stage head while Prophets/Profetts use a giant leg, is Trump going to be the vaccine-pushing False Prophet? I'm not at all convinced, but I may as well pose that question again.

The Hose's/HUSE's use more human legs, and Backus' are also BacHUSE's. The Huish's share the lion in the English Baker Chief while the Baker Shield shares the Kilpatrick saltire. That looks like proof that God did intend Mrs. Kilpatrick to point to Prophets/Profetts. Backus' are also BAKEhouse's, and if we read them as BackHOUSE's, it recalls that French House's have the leaf design of Strauss, which happen to be colors reversed from one another. The Baker Chief shares the lion in the Cabbage Chief, and Fulk-liner Planque's/Plants use cabbages. The French House's call their leaves, "cabbage leaves." No guff, I've got it recorded in several updates, and I've never forgotten it.

Although I believed from 1979 that Sleeping Beauty would become my wife, I forgot about the dream throughout the 11-plus years of my marriage. On the 11th year, in 1996, I was closing my CLOSEt door when a bolt-of-realization seemed to blast from above through the ceiling: the British bulldog in the Sleeping Beauty dream, it's got to be the fiberglass British bulldog parked in the garage. It was purchased in Hamilton in 1994, as little as two months before heading out to Texas to purchase land. I didn't know that Mr. Kilpatrick had posed (in the late 1980s) with Spuds MacKenzie until 2016. I was looking for his obituary when I bumped into the photo. Kilpatrick castle is at closet-like CLOSEburn. Close's share the Macey Shield plus some. Dogs/Doags share the Hamilton cinquefoil.

Yet there was a closet DOOR involved. Why? Doors are almost in Gates colors and format, but is that good enough to make the connection firm enough to point to Bill Gates? Nope. Unless we go to the GLASS DOOR of the Get'n Go!!! I get it. Irish Doors (Galway, same as Teague's) share the Gates lion.

The MacKenzys use a "Luceo" motto term, recalling the Lucio variation of purple-lion Lus' that came to topic with the purple lion of Rench-branch Wrens. Hamiltons were first found in RENfrewshire.

The photo of the bulldog at the photo above happens to have Sandra as the birthday girl. I've never loaded Sandra's before, but the Italian Branch uses a giant lamb (Trump colors) with two heads, evocative of the two horns of the False Prophet's lamb symbol. The bulldog in the dream was deciphered in ways to represent Trump. That's interesting, and Belgian Sandra's show only dogs, black like the one of Furness', the latter first found at Furness of Lancaster nears The Sands area. That's interesting. Sleeping Beauty was on a SANDY beach.

The Sandra lamb is in the colors of the one-headed one of Pascals, and as Pasi's/Pace's are Pascels, we can take this to a paragraph above with Pasleys and Poussins, where I ask you to compare poison-like Poussins to the three TRUMPets of Calls. English Pace's have a purple Shield and look related to purple-Shielded Farndons. The Clubs/Clobbes' of Farndon are suspect from king Clovis, and Close's are also CLOVSe's. What's in a closet?

I'm not sure whether the sandy beach has anything to do with a Sand or Sanders line, for it may be a pointer only to Beach's, who are important in at least three ways. What I've just discovered (that I don't remember finding before) is that Wickhams share the bull head with German Sanders, though not in the same color. The Wickham bull head is the black one of Ratcliffs, however, and I do think John Ratcliffe is in the Sleeping Beauty dream. I reckon that Wickhams can apply to the Sandy beach because "The surname Sandy was first found in Worcestershire at Wickhamford..."

Ahh, there are two white chevrons on the Wickham bull head, and they happen to be in the colors of the two chevrons of bull-head Sanders! Okay, it tend to means that Sandys (almost the Sand Coat) were a branch of German Sanders. Sands use an emBATTLEd fesse, suggesting that the Sandy griffin is at least linkable by blood to the Battle griffin. It then get's a little interesting where Little's were a Liddle branch that named Roxburghshire, where Battle's were first found. If Sands / Sanders were from the Santone's that named Saintes, then the Sands, because they were first found in Surrey with James', can point subtly to Little Saint James, the island of Jeffrey Epstein. I've been claiming for about a year that Sleeping Beauty is on that island, but I've not had this evidence before (unless I've forgotten it). The Liddle's even use a Saint-like "sanitas" motto term.

The Liddle fitchee, in colors reversed, is red, the color of the Sand / Sandy fitchee, yet the latters' are in both colors of the Darlene/Derling fitchee, and as Darlene was an ice-cream girl, that points to Fauci's vaccine programs. The ice-cream pointed to Cremers who share the Chiefs of Irish Kilpatricks and Fauchy-branch Faux's/Fage's/Chalnes'. Amazingly, while Little are said to have had a branch to the near-east of Dumfries Annandale, that was Kilpatrick country, and Little's even share the saltire of Irish Kilpatricks.

But there's more, for the Scottish Kilpatricks use a motto, "I MAKE SURE," and Wickhams use, "Manners MAKEth the man." Manners/Maness' were first found in Northumberland with Little's, and a certain Mr. Maness I've talked about pointed to child abductions from Haiti, a thing that Epstein may have been into to some degree. The Sure's can be SURRey liners because Shere's/Sheers, like the Sheera variation of Irish Kilpatricks, were first found in Surrey with Sands and James'! That looks like a bingo to me, especially as Ice's and Hicks both come up as "Icke." There's a black dog in the Shere/Sheer Crest perhaps traceable to Furness near the Sands.

Ah wow, Little's have a "PARvo" motto term, and Manners/Maness' (share double-blue fesses with Parrs) use "PARvenir," and Parrs, first found in Lancashire with Furness', share the black border with Furness' because they descended from the same source! It tends to confirm that Liddle's were Sand-line kin, important for identifying the location of the island in the dream. The Sleeping Beauty section of the dream started with me about waist deep in blue water - an ocean -- and Waters share the Epstein Coat. The next scene had me on the sandy beach. I then saw myself only with jeans on, and Jeans/Jane's share the James Crest. Waters were first found in Essex with the Chicks who share the three James lions. Epstein's island is online to see; it has a sandy beach.

So, the sandy beach does seem to point to sand liners, and from this we can go back to the two-headed lamb of Sanders-like Sandra's. The incredible thing here is that Sandra's came from the bulldog photo. The dog has a sign hanging from its neck, reading "Happy BIRTHday Sandra." Births/Berts share the Liddle fitchee.

The Happys are listed with the Apps that can be traced to the Apsus river, location of Fier county and its Kuman location to the Comyns/Comins. The latter happen to share the three garbs of SANDbacks! Comyns/Comings and Gauge's share "Courage" in their mottoes, and the pressure gauge went with the wrench! The English Steels were at Sandbach, and the German Steele's, I kid you not, share the Bert/Bertha griffin while English Berts are also BIRTHS!!! Zikers, what could this mean? Miss Hicks, on the Get'n Go evening, got a SANDal symbol without doubt, and while English Steels were at Giddy of Sandback, Giddys/GEDDys/Gideons can apply to things applying to "GET'n Go. Gettens/Gittens/GIDDings were first found in Cheshire with Steels, Giddy, and Sandbacks. The glass door at Get'n Go pointed to vice-president Glas, and the Getten/Gittin write-up has a general Gethin fighting at " Battle of Bryn Glas". This is the first time that I've noticed that "coincidence."

Giddys/Geddys had a John Gedy, abbot of ArBROATH, and this could be the line from Broats/Bradds, now said to be first found in Cheshire (previously in Midlothian). Plus, Broads/Brode's (Steel / Giddy lion?) share the lozenges of Happys/Apps. , and the Savage's in the Broad/Brode Crest were first found in Cheshire too.

The Sandy dancette is colors reversed from the Hayden and Gain dancettes. Gains are an apt pointer to gain-of-function. French Gains were first found in Ile-de-France with the Foys/Foix's in the Hayden motto. English Foys share the Coat of English Lacys while Irish Lacys share the purple lion with Wrens. Watch the video below, a Fox and Friends offering from Brian Kilmeade, where he shows a little of RAND PAUL attacking Fauci again this week on his gain-of-function crime.

But first, get a load of the heraldry here. Gains share the Wrench/Rench crosslets, and they're gold and of the style used also in gold by Pauls. Rand PAUL. Coincidence? Gains are also GAGne's, and Gauge's are also Gage's. Michael with the WRENCH asked me to watch the pressure GAUGE, and so emphasize: Wrench's share the Gain crosslets. Gains/Gagne's almost have the Gore/Core Coat while GOWers, who list Gore's, may have been a Gow/McGoo merger with Gore's. Rands have a Rance variation that is almost "Ranch." RAND Paul. Coincidence? Gows/McGoo's point to Get'n Go on Ranch road. Coincidence? The Rance river in Brittany is near Rennes. Coincidence? If these things are not coincidental, then, I suppose, God is pointing to Rand Paul. He's the one who essentially broke the story that put the blame for the virus on Fauci's shoulders (i.e. God may have done it through Paul, explaining the heraldry here). Paul's problem is that he won't rail against vaccines, though he probably wood if a big media started to cry good reasons for railing against it.

Michael asked me to WATCH the GAUGE. Watch's/WITCH's are listed with WAGE's, and first found in Cornwall with Wassa's/WACE's/GACE's. Gauge-incidence? I called Ainsley Earhardt a witch, a few months ago, for not coming clean with vaccines. Wassa that the right thing to say? If the purpose is to convey disgust, yes. How would you describe a Christian pushing killer-vaccines as though they were candy? Will she investigate Thomas Renz and report back on his whistle-blower claims? Not if she can get away not doing so. It wouldn't please her wage-giver, and she loves her job more than she cares about the deaths of many. Here's the video:

Watch's/Wage's (Wedge/Wagg colors) use "wedges" while Wedge's/Waggs (Somerset, same as Friends and early Meads) have a Coat almost that of Fox-like Foggs/Foge's. The Fogg/Foge Coat is that of Figgs/Ficke's/Feeks, first found in Cambridgeshire with Proctors. Watch's/Wage's have a "Nil" motto term while Neils/Nails should be in the nails of Proctors. Hayden Proctor is Ainsley Earhardt's daughter. Wrens have a chevron-with-items in the colors of the same of Watch's/Wage's.

By the way, KERRI LAKE quit her Fox job in order not to be complicit with COVID schemes, and the Kerry hourglass shape is the one behind the Gauge saltire. It's just that the wrench-and-gauge event pointed to LEAKY road, pronounced "Lakey." Hmmm. I think she's running for Arizona governor now, and it amazing, suddenly, that Gopher-like Governors use a fat cross in the colors of the similar Gopher/GOFer saltire. The Goffs/Gough's share the boars of Gauge-like Googe's/Gouch's!!! The Gopher/Gofer saltire is Did God give Kerri Lake the fortitude to sacrifice her job for righteousness sake? Good one, Kerri. Leave the trash behind. Fox in Arizona is TRASH.

I wasn't going to mention that the Gopher/Gofer saltire is colors reversed from the Nail/Neil saltire even though the nail-using Proctors link to Miss Earhardt. But then I saw the "AuDACES" motto term of Googe's/Gouch's, and the Daces'/Darcys/Dorseys share the McKinney cinquefoils, and Earhardt's other husband was Mr. McKinney. Is she going to quit her job at Fox, or get herself fired, as did Kerri Lake? I kid you not, the Daces/Darcys share the Hayden / Beauty bull. PROCtors are from Prokopia of Rangabe, and the Arms of Rangabe have a flory cross in the colors of the Gopher/Gofer saltire, suggesting that Nails/Neils may have been Rangabe's.

The Daces/Darcys are also D'Arcys, and Arks/Arch's were first found in Berkshire with Boots while Bute is where Kims were first found who share the McKinney / Daces/Darcy cinquefoils. This now warrants a mention of the chapeau upon which the Daces/Darcy bull stands, for Bidens/Buttons, sharing the BUTE/Butt/Boet fesses, have that chapeau too. The Arks/Arch's wan be traces to the Arc river in Savoy, and Aude's, which can be in the "AUDaces" motto term of Googe's/Gouch's, were first found in Savoy.

If the Daces/Darcy crosslets were fitchees, they would be the SEWER/Suter fitchees, and the stool pigeon that I claim was sent by God was walking over my stool (septic) tank, or my SEWER. Stool-like Stolls/Stowell (dove/pigeon in Crest), sharing the lozenges of Whistle's/WISSELs (Somerset, same as Stolls/Stowells, and a stool pigeon is a whistle-blower. WAISTELLs/Wessels are from Vestalis of the Cottians, and the Arc river begins near SUSa, the Cottian capital. Susans were first found in Berkshire with Arks/Arch's and Modens/Modeys (from Modane on the Arc); the latter share a Shield of fretty (different colors) with Cotta's/Cottons. The pigeon flew off across the street to the property of a Sewer-like surname.

It's important here that Tints (Somerset, same as Stolls/Stowells) have a Gouch-like "COUCHant" lion. Tintons share white crosslet (same style) with Tinton-connectable Towns, Gardens and Daces'/Darcys. The Tintons were pointed to by Mamie, and she is the one who emBRACEd with me in the LAKE on the day she pointed to Gardens/Jardens. She had her bathing SUIT on for both events that day, which was the day after we slept together in a TENT. Tintons use tents. Suits are listed with Sewers, first found in Angus with Gardens/Jardens and Jardins. The BATHing suit points well to Baths (Somerset, same as Stolls/Stowells, Tints and Whistle's/Wissels) because they share the Whistle/Wissel and Paine/Payne lion. If I remember correctly, Obama's mother was Miss Payne, and the dream with Obama pointed exactly to, and without doubt, to Sewers/Suters/Suits.

[As of the insert at the top of this update, Sewers/Suits/SUETTs are looking like Mieszko > SWEIToslawa liners, and as they were from Mythical Wheelwright, let's repeat that Obama descended from Jonathan Singletary-Dunham, for the Singletary antelope is in the design of the Wheelwright antelope.]

It was the first-ever pigeon I had seem at my property when it walked across the stool tank (i had been there about a decade by then). A few days later, about the time that three pigeons whirled upwards around the maple tree next to the septic system, a mole hill appeared over the septic tank, the first and last mole hill I had ever seen over the tank. The Mole's (Roxburghshire, same as Googe's/Gouch's) have a boar head in the colors of the Googe/Gouch boar head, and while the latter list Gooch's, my septic system was inspected by Mr. Gooch. So, it appears that God is promising a stool pigeon. But who could it be?

I used the world, "whirled," originally for the three pigeons, and have stuck to it. The Wirrals (Cheshire) could be in the "GANG warily" motto of Drummonds, suspect at Kildrummy castle (Angus, same as Sewers/Suits) of the Mars. The Mar-related Marone's share the Googe'/Gouch boar too, and Gangs are listed with Googe-like Geggs. I even looked up the Shitts at the time to see if God uses that word, and they happen to be listed with the Suit-like Shute's, WHAT ARE THE CHANCES? Sewers/Suits are also SHUTers. Plus, the Shitts/Shute's share the swords of the surname across the street from me, where the stool pigeon flew off.

I would love to solve that mystery, and one good theory was with Mr. Heckenlively, for Livelys share the string of lozenges of Whistle's/Wissels, and Heckens share three goat heads (different colors) with Blowers. Whistle-Blower. The Blowers were first found in Staffordshire with same-colored Hixons/Hicksons (Heath colors), and Hicks are said to be from Mr. SAUTby while German Sauters are also Suters. Plus, to complicate matters, Miss Hicks moved to Forney, near the Heath area of John Ratcliffe (an appropriate stool pigeon if he wants to be), and Blore Heath is what Blowers named.

Here's a 37-second clip of Hannity acting the idiot, looking like he's kissing his boss, telling us he loves vaccines:

He says COVID is very serious to justify the vaccine salvation. No it's not serious. It's a farce. In the same way they are now pushing delta as grave reason to get vaccinated, even though delta is a weak virus, so the original COVID was a farce. The people who died, many of them, were murdered. Others died of the flu and were recoded as COVID deaths. Nobody knows the true numbers but the deceivers. Hannity is acting the idiot. He's deceiving. He's being a full-blown fool. If God is going to stop the vax goons, how do you think it will take place? The goons are licking their chops in anticipation of the fall, when they get more powerful for evolving their scheme, to punish the disobedient.

It's all about vaccinations, and when they go to these great lengths to vaccinate, you don't want to be a stupid Hannity. Instead, you know there must be some ulterior purpose to vaccinations. This is the very reason that most people haven't accepted vaccination thus far, due to the pressures they see from the powers. In canada, one goon says it's time to end the carrot-on-a-stick (bribery) approach to vaccinate. It's now time for the "stick" he said, the punishing rod. The IRON FIST we knew was coming, if we are even a little astute. HANNITY playing the DANGEROUS MINDLESS PATHETIC FOX-BOSS IDIOT-BOX. He did the video above after he heard the graphene oxide news. Can it be possible that the Spanish scientists are feeding the world a deliberate deception? If not, why isn't Hannity investigating and reporting on it?

On the one hand, the news coming out now, that masses of vaccinated people are getting positive-tested, plays to the push for more vaccinations to beef-up the drug in the body. On the other hand, people don't want to risk a new drug with bad press that has a high chance of not working.

I have a new and alternative way to read the rising of Sleeping Beauty, for she started to rise when I touched her knee, and that's on her leg. Heraldic legs are often, as they are with Hose's/Huse's (Leicestershire), code for the Legro river at Leicester. The Legro's share the lion of Soars because the Legro was also the Soar, and so we can say that she was soaring into the sky as a pointer to George Soros. For, while Soars are also Soros-like Sors', they were first found in DORset with George's and Beautys. As Beautys connected to Ainsley Earhardt's daughter, Hayden, in the last update, I am recalling the day when Newt Gingrich mentioned George Soros on a program, and he was shut right up by a woman as though he made a horrible transgression by bringing him up in a negative light. Might Soros "own" Rupert Murdoch? Might they be involved in similar matters? Murdoch is involved with children.

I showed how Murdochs link to Epstein's plane, the Lolita Express. Murdocks share the Margy/Mackey Coat, and Mackesys bring up the MARGesons who have a "Loyalite" motto term that looks like code for Loyola's/LOLITA's. Margesons (Sussex) share the lion of Huse-like Huish's, as well as the lion of Bakers and Cabbage's (House kin) mentioned above.

Vaccine News

CDC caught removing 6,000 vaccine deaths, likely from goon pressure. How possibly could the CDC think it could get away with this? It's not worried, because lies are everywhere and nobody in goonland cares whether we know about them because they will plow forward with their agenda over our dead bodies if need be.

On the third load attempt, the bitchute video with Mr. Renz started. I would begin this video at the start of the 6th minute, if you're interested in his law suits. He then goes on to say much of what I've heard from several other sources until I stopped watching:

Renz is being persecuted / defamed / gagged by the regular media goons. I don't know anything about him, but am ASSUMING that God is pointing to him with Ranch road. If correct, then I would expect some fruit from Renz's efforts. Any law suit automatically gets "discovery" of the opposing side's documents / records. That alone is worth the price of starting a suit. Renz is a lawyer, so he doesn't need to hire one. He can start suits all his lonesome, if he chooses.

Youtube had a Fox-and-Friends offering this morning (Monday) that I decided not to share with you because there's nothing of note to share. I got ticked when Steve Doocy said that 99-percent of vaccinated people are safe from catching the virus. He came across like a bimbo from Mars. The video below shows papers telling that about half the people who test positive for COVID now had previously been vaccinated. Yet the vaccine companies lured people, from the start, by promising about 95-percent efficacy (95-percent of people won't catch the virus).

Vaccine failures have reached a Washington-congress' mouthpiece: "Sen. Ron Johnson: Data from Israel Shows 84% of New COVID Cases are with Vaccinated Individuals (VIDEO)" (Gateway Pudit). FAILURE? More than a failure, it looks like the vaccine invites a virus's success in the body. They promised that vaccines would end the pandemic, and now it's only beginning, just how they like it. EMERGENCY-EMERGENCY TAKE MORE VACCINES....OR ELSE.

The powers are SCREWING with our heads. Gateway Pundit on July 19 (Monday): "JUST IN: 60% of People Being Admitted to Hospital with Covid-19 in England Have Been Fully Vaccinated (VIDEO) *Updated*" Need more be said? Yet they will turn the screws their way one way or the other, and always into our heads. They can now say that people need more shots to become more protected. I say, SCREW YOU! But they'll say, "Oh ya, then let's go to mandatory, we'll show you who's boss." That's what this is, the anti-Christs loving their power grab; they think and act as though they are the automatic rulers of the world. They schemed for it over decades, they secured it, but they don't deserve, and it will be taken from them on a Cruel Day. Everything they do now unjustly, lawlessly, hurtfully, brutally, and divisively will pay them dividends on Happy Day. The same day will be Cruel Day and Happy Day.

The headline above suggests what the "conspiracy theorists" had predicted, that needle-vaccinated people are less protected than those who depend on natural "vaccination." In other words, the vaccine will feed viral infections so that the screwballs can justify more vaccinations. That's what this is, the knuckleball of the knuckleheads coming at us. What are we going to do? Get out on the streets and MAKE NOISE. If we don't, the think-their-somethings will hammer us for the next couple of years at least. Somebody near me organize, and I'll be there.

It was some Spanish investigators who discovered graphene oxide in Pfizer vaccines, and the great mystery is how such a story as this can keep from going mainstream. People, this world is nuts, beware. Evil is upon us all. Below is a video from a Spanish source telling that "hyperthermia" is the science of installing magnetic micro-particles into body cells. I wonder why they call it, thermia = heat. The purpose is to send electromagnetic waves from the micro-particles into the cells to kill them. It sounds great for killing cancer cells, for example. But vaccines out now are not to kill cancer. Nobody has said that cells need to be killed with these vaccines. So, what are they doing with GO? Nobody's discussing it openly in the medical field, but I'm noticing that canadian propaganda (about four different media) has still ceased to push vaccines ever since the GO story broke. It appears the goons are going forward cautiously because they anticipate that this story will not be good for vaccine pushers.

The video ends by telling that electromagnetic waves from cell towers, for example (which are at the amplitude of waves from your electricity smart meter, if you have one), can excite graphene in a body. Therefore, people exhibiting magnetic properties may be close to cell towers. What happens when 5G is in effect everywhere? Will people suddenly go ill, with no one able to prove in a court of law that the vaccine material is responsible? BUT, they will be able to prove it if a good percentage of people do not get vaccinated, which can reveal why the goons want everyone vaccinated. If only vaccinated people fall ill with the same illnesses, and they are near a 5G tower, that's called proof. Trump was pushing 5G and vaccines while 93 percent of Republicans praised him. Are those people sure they want Trump back?

However, Stew Peterson, who's been leading the dissemination of the graphene story, had Dr. Peter McCullough on this week, and never once did Stew ask him about graphene even though the interview was all about poisonous vaccines? Either Stew doesn't truly believe the graphene story from Spain, or McCullough asked Stew to keep graphene out of the interview. If the latter is true, why would the doctor not want to address it? What's going on?

Vaccine passports are the stepping-stones to a mark-of-the-beast situation. We are there right now. Mandatory passports are being pushed by the anti-Christ powers. We need to prepare, just in case this is it within a few years. Learn to make your own storage foods. Start storing now so that, in five years, no one can accuse you of hoarding. Buying a little extra at a time is not hoarding to the detriment of others. However, buy lots now in case you want to get past this winter without a vaccine. I recommend it. My tenants said that the liberal government of canada would NEVER mandate vaccines. What planet do liberals live on? They actually trust liberals, you see. These will be our enemies when the time comes. They are preparing to become our enemies, as in bwa-ha-ha, we have them cornered now.

I've never heard of Thomas Renz before, but suddenly he's even on Stew Peters:

I sure hope that Peters and Renz are not some deep-state fakes. They do exist, and they push wild conspiracy theories in order to make unreliable fools of truth-seeking media activists. There's nothing to be ashamed of if we're fooled by deceivers; it's the deceivers who have something to be ashamed of. The only folly of the deceived is trusting others. However, the deceivers probably aren't wasting their time only to deceive and get a good laugh. They would be trying to do damage, and not always to make people look like fools. They could also try to move mentalities in a certain directions, toward fear, depression, demoralization. For me, the more I see things to fear, the more I get moralized, the more I look to God for guidance. WE WILL WIN IN A LANDSLIDE.

The wrench event was pointing to Mr. Renz, in my opinion, at least tentatively. The fit seems perfect. He's suing the American government, claiming he has proof of 45,000 vaccine deaths in the first three days of vaccinations. That's called a government murder program. WE WILL WIN IN A LANDSLIDE, after weeping and suffering, and being horrified by the lawlessness as in the days before the Flood.

On Wednesday afternoon, after pulling weeds on a beautiful day, I came in to eat. I scrambled some EGGs to dehydrate, put the kettle on for coffee, and while waiting for the coffee, poured some water into a bucket. While pouring, I felt something as though it was trying to bite my NECK, and swatting it, a grasshopper fell to the floor. I picked it up by its wings and threw it outside. I highlighted "eggs" because Eggs can be gleaned by their Coat as a branch of Ice's/Ecco's who pointed to ECOhealth, the group funded by Fauci which in turn funded Wuhan's gain-of-function. Fauchys use a grasshopper, you see.

I kid you not, I was drying 13 eggs since 10 am this morning, and coming in after 3 pm, it was time to scramble another batch (intending to cook them after coffee), and that's what I did while waiting to the kettle to boil. When done scrambling, I had to pour some water into a bucket = the grasshopper event. As it turns out, German Neckers were first found in Bavaria with Hope's/Hoods/HOOPERbusch's. Are we justified in going to Hope's/Hooperbusch's with the grasshopper event? Well, they show Hood/Hooden variations, and Hoods/Hoots (share anchor of different colors with Hope's/Hooperbusch's) share the crescent of Ice's/Ecco's. Plus, Hoot-like Hooters share a bird talon (or leg) with HELTs/Helds who were initially looked up as per "EcoHEALTH."

[As Hope's were linkable to HOPringle's while Ringleheim was home to Oda of Haldensleben, isn't it conspicuous how "Haldan" looks like "Held." As Oda is now in the Sleeping Beauty dream, let's repeat that Helts/Helds share the HICKson Coat. Amazing.]

I kid you not, that after pulling weeds for a couple of hours, the last thing done before coming in was to pull unwanted GRASS. The grasshopper must have been on my body from within the last hour roughly that I was pulling grass. Note HooperBUSCHs, for Bosco's use "tufts of grass."

The grasshopper fell to the floor, where I PICKed it up. Fauci-like Fulks/Fulco's were first found in FLORence. Pike's share the trefoil of Ice's/Ecco's, and Picks/Pix's share the fitchees of Ratterys while Hoods/Hoots were first found in Rattery. Ratterys use a "Super" motto term, and Rainhams use "supeRAT," looking like code for both Supers and Rattery liners. Rats/Raids (Nairnshire, same as Bosco-related Rose's) share a white anchor in Crest with Hoods/Hoots, and Rainhams/Ranghams were mentioned because they share the Chief of Flying-like Flynns. It was a flying grasshopper. I picked it up by its wings, and Wings/Winks (Perthshire, same as Rats/Raids) have billets in colors reversed from the same of Supers, the latter first found in Devon with Billets, Rattery, and Hoods/Hoots. English Hope's/Hopers use the RAINbow as part-code for Rothschild-related Bows.

This heraldry works so well you might think I made the grasshopper story up from scratch. Questions: is God pointing the George Bush, or general Flynn, with this story that apparently points to Fauci's COVID crimes? Why Flynn?

There's more I almost missed. I though I had best load Coughs as per the "Cornish chough" of Hoods/Hoots, because I couldn't remember what the Cough Crest uses. It happens to be a baton, and Batons share the black bat with Bats (share Super saltire), first found in Rutland. Rutlands (at Michael-line Mitcham) come up as RATlands. The gain-of-function crime involved a bat virus turned into a human-attacking virus.

The grasshopper was on my neck, and Necks with Nuse's/Newes' had pointed to Jeffrey Epstein. The Mitcham location may suggest that Mitchell/Michael liners were related to Muschats, who come up as "Mitch," and indeed Michaels can be gleaned as Meschin kin. The original point was that Mitch's/Muschats share the Epstein Coat. As I said, the grasshopper was making itself known while I was pouring Water, and Waters (Essex, same as Mitch's/Muschats) share the Mitch/Muschat / Epstein Coat! Why would God be pointing to Jeffrey Epstein along with Fauci / Bush / Flynn? As Bill Gates is now known to have been budsy-budsy with Epstein, what were they conniving about? Was Fauci involved with Epstein science?

MusCHATs look like the Keith Catti because Keiths (at/near Musselburgh) come up as "Mascal/Muscal." The amazing thing here is that I scrambled some eggs, then put water into the KETTLE, and Kettle's can be gleaned (by their brown stag head) as a Keith branch!!! I had no idea I'd be to the Keiths until minutes ago. Kettle's even use a "vince" motto term while Vince-like Wings/Winks were first found in Perthshire with Kettle's! Vince's/Finch's were first found in Hertfordshire with Nuse's/Newes'/NUCE's (two of the Neck pale bars). This recalls my newspaper and COFFEE in Victoria the day I was mugged in Galveston!!! That event pointed to gain-of-function as per the Galveston National Lab that worked in, and perhaps had authority in, the Wuhan lab. God is spilling the beans today! Nuse's/Newes even us a MASCLE.

OH WOW. Here's what happened. The grasshopper was smacked to the floor with my hand because I thought it might be a spider. I picked it up by the wings but dropped it, and I kicked it (with socks on) toward the door because I thought it was going to jump / fly off. But it did not fly or jump away. I picked it up again by the wings and dropped it out on the front step, where it spread its wings an FLEW away. I did check for a Flew surname, but nothing came up, However, I think God is pointing to the COVID FLU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It could suggest that Flynns should not be a part of the grasshopper's wings.

PLUS, the Kettle's have a lion in gates-lion colors, and the "Bono" motto term of Kettle's must be for Bons/Bono's who almost have the gates Coat. Kettle's were first found near the Nairnshire location of the first-known, Rose-related, Gates-like Geddes' (beside the Gows/McGoo's). Isn't this the Get'n Go line that points to Bill Gates? As I said, I was pouring water into a BUCKET, and Rose's use "water BOUGETs," suggesting that the Water surname was related to a bouget-like surname. As water bougets are said to be water containers, they must be code for Buckets/Buchards, for Bouchier's/Bowsers (Essex, same as Waters) use water bougets too, as do BAT-using Bugs! Bouchiere's/Boucher's (with 'e' on the end) share a black saltire with Bats.

I do routinely pour water from my 5-gallon bucket into a smaller one for my tenant's drinking water. I call it "town water" (as opposed to me shallow-well water), and Towns were first found in West Lothian with Tenants. TOWNsends were at Rainham. I've exhausted the event's props as might be related to heraldry, for now, anyway. It's after 5 pm; the new batch of eggs (16 this time) are on the stove drying out, and I'm going back out to pull more weeds.

I'm back. The TownSHEND variation may have been a Town-Shend merger, and Shends are listed with Chains having Cheney-like variations. As Townshends are to topic thanks to my tenant and her town water, let me add that while I pick up the water in Bracebridge, that's where the Russian medallion was left on my hood with a small part of the CHAIN remaining. It means that it was a NECK-hung medallion!!! The grasshpopper was on my NECK! What could this mean?

As I was coming to sit down just now with my tea, I walked past the water bottle from which I was pouring into the bucket. This 15-liter water bottle has the label, "MUSKoka Springs," and while Bracebridge is in Muskoka, Musks are listed with MUSCATs/Monfitchetts, kin of Mitch's/Muschats above, the Water-related ones! It's another bingo. As Muscats/Montfitchets have the antelope design of Wheelwrights, and because I was with Sleeping Beauty now pointing to Piast the Wheelwright of the Mieszko's, I'll assume the double Muscat/Montfitchet fesses are the two of Sleeps in colors reversed, where Sleeps named HaldenSLEBen.

This may be a good place to go to Irish Gows'/Gowans, and McGoo's are Gows' too, and the Gos' are listed with Goz's while Le Meschin's father-in-law was Richard Goz. Gows'/Gowans have a "TeneBRAS" motto term to suggest Brace's/Bras', but also Bra in Piedmont with the first-known Masci's. Bra is beside the first-known Pelosi's/PILATi's (pillar-like columns), and the Gows/Gowan motto includes, "exPELLIT." The Pellits/Pellets share the Pilotte/Pillow/PILLER Coat. Pillars share the Palin/PAULley lion. PAUL Smith can work into this because Irish Smiths bring up the Gows'/Gowans, and because Pauls/Palle's are in the Pully/Pullen motto. Pools love the Aude/Odo-connectable Pollets. The "hostes" motto term of Gows'/Gowans can be for the Hosts who have a white bull head, the color of the Pelosi/Pilati bull. Paul Smith of Vaughn township pointed to vaccine injuries.

OHHHHH WOOOOWIE. How many links are there on the chain in the Musk/Muscat Crest??? There are FOUR links!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UNBELIEVABLE. I almost missed this. I did not see it right away, though I have mentioned it before in relation to the medallion (can't remember why). However, I did not know from my memory banks that this four-link chain is used by this particular surname. The Musks/Muscats (Ely kin) came to topic only because I had a bottle from Muskoka Springs. After using the distilled water, I used the bottle to get town water at the town tap. AHHHH, wow, a tap is a FAUCET!!!! A pointer to FAUCI!!!!!!

I have told many-many times that my ladyfriend at my age 22 was Diane MUSCHATov. I've told at least a half dozen times that, though I had not seen her since I was about 23/24, I bumped into her at a GROCERY store at age 42. I think God created that event to prove that the Muskoka-Springs water is to point to the medallion, or at least to the medallion's chain. Here's the medallion; count four links, plus a fifth ring to which the chain was attached.

This is creating an intriguing mystery.

I walked past the Muskoka-Springs bottle while carrying a tea. Are Tea's/Tease's/Tyes to be involved? This is the update with the Sprinks/SPRINGs as per the wrench-and-gauge event by the sprinkler company. It involved the CHECK valve, and Checks/Chicks were, I am sure, kin of Luffs, who were once said to be first found in Suffolk with Musks/Muscats (they share symbols).

Ahh, although I cannot recall the spelling of an Ely-like surname in Germany, I mentioned it recently and know that it has an inverted chevron, as do Chain-like Chanuts. Then, Scottish Elias', sharing the black, fat cross with Chains, were first found in West Lothian with Tenants and Towns. Thus, it tends to affirm again that God wants to point to Cheney-like Chains. Why? The grassHOPPER pointed to HooperBUSCHs and perhaps also to the tufts of grass of Bosco's. Scottish Bois' are said to have been a Bosco branch, and they are in Cheney colors and format. English BOIS' were at Halburton, and while Dick Cheney was a CEO of Haliburton, Haliburtons share the black bore with English Bush'/Buschs. Who arranged Haliburtons to use a "majores" motto term while Cheneys use "major"? Haliburtons (share Seneca mascles) were first found in Haddington with Kettle-branch Keiths.

Haddington is what was once BERNICia, where queen Bebba had a Bamburgh castle. Her people were called, Bebbanburgs, and then the German Babenbergs, who came out of Bamberg, Bavaria, are linkable to the Mitch's/Muschats because they share the Babenberg Coat. Babens/Babons (Suffolk, where Musks/Muscats were once said to be first found) share the black boar in Crest with Haliburtons. As Googe's/Gouch's were first found in Roxburghshire, part of Bernicia, HALiburtons look like a Hally/Haley marriage with Burt(on) liners, for Googe's/Gouch's share the boar of Hallys/Haleys/Eelys (head only). The latter look related to the Roxburgh pale bar. Burts share the Shield-with-symbols of Births/Berts (EXCELLENT), and the latter happen to share black hunting horns with BERNICE's and their Burn branch, both first found near Bamburgh. The WATER bouget of Bernice's reminds that Waters share the Musk/Muschat / Eppstein Coat.

The above tends to prove that Birth-like Berthe was indeed the wife of MumMOLIN, father of BABON!!! Births/Berts were first found in Devon with MOLINE's. And Burts were first found in Norfolk with PilGRIMs while Grimo was Babon's son! EXCELLENT, though this probably doesn't have to do with the grasshopper-on-neck event. Ahhh, as Mamie pointed to Babons at her garden event, by what coincidence did she and I sleep in the same sleeping BAG the night before??? Bags (Norfolk!) share the GRIMaldi Shield. Good one, tending to prove that I was correct in saying that Mamie pointed to Mummolin. As Haliburtons share the black boar head in Crest with Babons, it seems that Haliburtons were Berthe liners in marriage to boar-head Hallys/Haleys.

While Haliburtons were at Dirleton, Dirletons have a different-colors version of the Country Coat. Mamie in the sleeping bag pointed to Tease's/Tyes', first found in Nottinghamshire with the Annas' who share their star, and Annas-branch Ainsleys have a "country" motto term. Dirleton-like Darlene's/Derlings (from Oda of Hayden-related Haldensleben) were first found in Devon with Births/Berts.

I kid you not, that when I came in to make coffee, I came to the computer room to get the empty cup, and seeing the bowl there, I took it into the kitchen too. Bowles'/Bolles' (Lincolnshire, same as Bole's/Boals) almost use the English Bush Coat, with yet another black boar head in Crest to match the Babon and Haliburton Crests, and then Bole's/Boals, with a full black boar in Crest, have boar heads within their cups (or bowls) in the colors of the Googe/Gouch boar heads. What are the chances? Plus, Kitchens (Lancashire, same as Bolings) use more water bougets.

Ah, the Bole/Boal boar heads are in the colors of the Bull/Bule/BOOLE bull heads, and the latter share the annulets of German Elis'/Elias'/Elizers, with the latter sharing the fesse of Belgian Bole's/Boleyns, almost the fesse of BolingBROKE's (Lincolnshire). Lucy of Bolingbroke (Lincolnshire) married Mr. TailBOIS. Bulls/Bule's/Boole's were first found beside Dorset, location of Poole, interesting where Pollock-like Bullocks have bull heads while Bole's/Boals share a boar-with arrow (different color) with Pollocks. Why do Cheneys use a "bull's scalp" while Chains share the fat-black cross of Scottish Elias'. It's news even this week that Dick Cheney's daughter (Liz) is attacking the Arizona audit as if the life of her family depends on it. Why is she siding with Democrats? Dick-like Scottish Dyke's have the cinquefoils of Boasts/Bois' (Cheney colors and format) in colors reversed, and the woman of Elias-branch Elis' has "DISheveled hair" that could partly be for Diss'/DICE's.

The Bullock motto can have the Schire variation of Scherfs. The latter use roses, Bosco / Geddes kin, and Gates-like Geddes' have a "majora" motto term to go with the near same of Cheneys and Haliburtons. Poole is beside the first-known Giddys/Geddys/Gideons, themselves beside the Bone's sharing the Gates lion. The Poole's share the lion of Bons/Bono's who in turn have the vertically-split Gates Shield in colors reversed, and while Schire's/Scherfs are also Schere's, Austrian Schere's not only share the ears of wheat of Belgian Bole's, but use a "stick" while the Sticks (Somerset, same as Bulls/Bule's/Boole's) share the Coat of Brooks, first found in Essex with the Brocks/Broke's who could be in "BolingBROKE's."

Ahh, wunderbar: the Bono's and Vince's are in the Kettle Coat, and the Vince/Finch motto in full is that of Bullocks. I put the kettle on the stove, then took the bowl into the kitchen with the coffee cup a minute or two before the Fauci-pointing grasshopper was felt on my neck. Kettle's have three items in the colors and format of the three Gates lions (subtle pointer to Bill Gates, or is that stretching things?), ditto for the Seneca-connectable Snake's/Snooks that can be in the green snake that's coiled around the stick of Schere's. The Kettle and Snake/Snook Coats are very similar all around, with Snake's/Snooks sharing the Gates (and Graff/Graffen) lion, and the Poole-like Pullens/Pullys even have a "palleSCERE" motto term while have bend-with-bendlets almost those of English Bone's.

Oh wow, the stag head of Kettle's has what look like a chain tied to its NECK collar, and correct me if mistaken, but there are four links to this chain that are smaller than the one ring on the collar. If that's correct, that's exactly what the Russian medallion has. ZIKERS, whether the link at the collar is larger or not, the fact is that the Kettle's share to ROSco/Risco bend-with cinquefoils, and the medallion has "RUSSia" upon it! Zikers, what could this mean? Were Kettle's / Keiths a Gates branch? Geddes' were first found beside Ross-shire, and Ross' have the Russi/Rossi lion in colors reversed! What's going on here? Has the Russian medallion just gotten a breakthrough?

I find this intriguing, especially as Rosco's use horns in Crest. I remember that they are called horns, but why did houseofnames make them different from most-other horns? Cheneys use a "bull's scalp" with horns, in case they apply. The only gate event I can recall is where I honked / TOOTed my HORN at Mr. Casey and Miss Hicks when they were at her ranch gate. Hicks use a "Tout en bon" phrase while Bons/Bono's almost have the Gates Coat. Touts are also Toots. So, the Rosco/Risco horns can go with the gate event, which recalls that I left off my writings on Miss Hicks at the hood of her car (dream) when I went to town and found the medallion on the hood of my Jeep. I'd like the medallion-related heraldry to be tighter than this, but it's a start.

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWIE. The bowl (had cereal) had a spoon in it when I brought it to the kitchen, and I know without looking that Spoons have a giant boar head in the colors of the Bole/Boal / Googe/Gouch / Mole boar heads!!! I have chocolate (cocoa) in two coffees daily, and so while I KICKed the grasshopper toward the door, it's interesting that Chocks/CHICKs share the Warwick Coat, for Spoons and Spine's were first found in Warwickshire. Spine's share the Tase / Hood crescents, in colors reversed from the same of the Bauds to whom the medallion pointed. I always bring a teaSPOON to my desk in a chocolate coffee because the cocoa settles to the bottom, and can use a stir. (In case it can apply, the Late's in "chocoLATE" were first found in Gloucestershire, which touches upon Warwickshire.)

Mamie did not point to Bush or Cheney, but rather hard to Trump. Yet she did point through the Lap mermaid to Babe liners suspect with Babons / Babenbergs. As Babys share the Shield of English Vaux's/Vallibus (Cumberland, same as Bernice's and Burns) while Scottish Vaux's/Vallibus' (pointers to Fauci) were first found in East Lothian, see the Haliburton write-up: "The ancient manors of Golyn and Dirleton, which latter gives to the parish its present name, belonged, together with the lands of Fenton, in the early part of the twelfth century, to the family of Vaux or De Vallibus, and in 1340, passed, by marriage with the daughter and heiress of William De Vallibus, to Sir John Halyburton..." Halys are listed with Hallys/Haleys/EELys. Eely-like Elias' (West Lothian) almost have the Bush goat head.

Do you think that the Fauci plot for vaccinations is to cancel out babes = new births for population controls? Lorraine the babe, my ladyfriend immediately before Mamie, did point to Bush liners, and even to the tufts of grass of Bosco's. As I said, the last time I saw her, she was carrying an infant child. Lorraine's (Northumberland, same as queen Bebba's Bamburg) share the Child eagle. I am getting the impression that God is pointing to infants. German Babe's/Babels use the mermaid, and so here's an Ellis Coat with a red mermaid, for while she's usually nude in heraldry, ditto for the "woman" with "disheveled hair" in the Crest of English Elis' as shown by houseofnames.

One can now make the case that Burtons were Burts / Bert/Births from Berthe, for Haly-like Halls and Halls share the dog head with Burtons, though in different colors. Burtons look like kin of German Elis'/Elias'/Elizers (Oldenburg). Haliburtons were at Golyn, and Golyns share the lion of Dutch Bush's/Bos'/Boschs while German Bush's/Buschs share the fleur-de-lys of Boschs. The Golyn lion is also the one of English Leys, and German Leys/Eloys/ELEYs (Elias / Elis colors) are the ones mentioned above, the ones I could not remember who share the inverted chevron (different colors) with Cheney-like Chanuts. Leys/Eleys were first found in Bavaria with Bamberg.

Mummolin was likely a Pepin liner, and Babenbergs of Germany were founded by Poppo I. Lorraine the babe pointed hard to Pepin of Landen. She got a foot / feet symbol at the moment she got her babe symbol, and I now see that the Foot/Food chevron is that also of Leys/ELOYs/Eleys (Elias / Elis colors) while Loys/Louis' were first found in Lorraine! Zinger. Leys/Eloys/Eleys come up as "Loy" too. French Loys/Louis' almost have the Coat of BAGleys (Shropshire, same as Burtons), and Begga was the daughter of Pepin of Landen.

The Loy/Louis lozenges are in the colors of the Brick lozenges, and colors reversed from the BREST/Brix lozenges. Mamie had large BREASTs by the will of God for pointing to Trump. As I said, when I arrived to the camp site before Mamie was my girlfriend, I asked where Barry was, and someone opened the hatch of a pick-up, exposing Barry and Mamie alone inside. I saw Mamie promptly slipping a buttonless shirt on, slipping it over her head, as though she were feeling caught, and I thought she was bare breasted, though I couldn't be sure because I looked away rather than to focus in. I think God gave me the impression that she was bare-breasted (she may have had a bathing suit on) in order to point to the bare-breasted mermaid, for that very night she sat on my lap, and Laps use a bare-breasted mermaid.

The next day, she got her GARDen symbol that pointed to Babons, but it also pointed to lake GARDa, beside Brescia/BRIXia, and Brests are also Brix's. Both Brescia and Garda are beside Val Trompia, and when she sat on my lap, she sat on my legs, suggesting that God wants us to see the Legg stag head as the Trump/Trump stag head. The English Leys we just saw above are also LEGHs, and the Foots (Cheshire, same as Leys/Leghs) share the chevron of Fothes'/FETTE's (and Leys/Eloys/Loys), first found in Aberdeenshire with Prophets/ProFETTS. What say yee about that set of heraldry?

Back to the PilGRIMs, traceable to Grimo and Grimaldi's thanks to Mamie's sleeping bag. Pilgrims use staves, and while Stave's are listed with Stevensons, the other Stevensons share leopard FACEs with their Stein branch. Grimaldi's were in league with Fieschi of Genova, and Face's/Fessy love the Segni's/Segurana's of Genova. The following is new. The Stave's/Stevensons share the DOUGLas Chief, and Medals/DOUGALs share the lion of Monaco's. The prince of Monaco is Mr. Grimaldi. Segni-like Sagans/Segans share the salamander-in-flames with Douglas' (tends to nail Douglas' with Monaco's). Monaco's use flames. Both Stevenson were first found in Northumberland with Bebba's Bamburgh, and with Lorraine's, and while Lorraine the babe had a bus symbol, Bus' -- Norfolk, same as Bags, BURTs, and Pilgrims -- share the DOG/DOAG cinquefoil. I met Lorraine on my BIRTHday at her BUS stop, and Burts share the Birth/Bert Coat! It's incredible because Berthe was Babon's mother and Grimo's grandmother.

Praise God, though I have no idea why He wanted to do these history lessons, preparing the heraldry centuries ago, and only getting round now to exposing things like what you've just read. My mother is a Grimaldi by maiden name. So what? Why bother readers with this material? The Lums (Northumberland) in the Stave/Stevenson motto share the Bus / Dog cinquefoil, and use a lamb in Crest. Didn't the Prophets/Profetts point to the False Prophet with a lamb symbol? Didn't Lorraine get a feet symbol? Why do Grimaldi's have a purple throne?

Monaco-like Monks were first found in Devon with Births/Berts. Monks use a COCKatrice, and Cocks share the Grimaldi Shield. Monks were at POTHERidge, and Potters share the cinquefoil of Flowers (Devon, same as Monks) who in turn share the white lion head with Monks. The giant Flower cinquefoil is almost the giant one of Bus'. The red star on the Flower lion head is in the colors of the giant Gris/GRIIM star, colors reversed from the Bus cinquefoil. French Gris' have the gold Monaco lion, as well as two stars in Chief in the colors of the three in the Stave/Stevenson Chief, and Monaco's have six-pointed stars in these colors. The other Monaco lion is that of false-like Falls'/Fallis'. It turned out that Lorraine was a Jehovah's Witness, of a false-Christian cult.

This week probably marks 40 years since Lorraine got her grass stain. GRIShams/Greshams (Norfolk, same as PilGRIMs) use a grasshopper. Is Fauci descended from the Fieschi > Face line? Monaco is near Grasse.

Cocaine Hicks

I have told the story before of a roommate who gave me a little bit of his COCaine (first and last time I tried that) when we went to the Warwick hotel in Toronto. It was a seedy place, and I've told about the beautiful blond I approached that seemed to be a hooker standing by the stairs. I've said recently that she looked like Miss Hicks. We spoke twice, but would God actually cause me to drop some coke for the Choch-Warwick / Chock-Warwick discussion now at hand, that seems to be pointing to Bill Gates? Does he traffic cocaine too?

[Insert -- One Friday, two days after starting this section, I was lamenting that I didn't like the title. That's when I checked for a Cocaine surname, and, surprised that one came up, I was shocked to see its "En bon" motto phase, a phrase used also by Hicks!!! THEN, I looked down the page to find that Cocaine's were first found in WARWICKshire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Incredible.

I can see why the reader might think I'm just fabricating the Warwick-hotel story, but to prove otherwise, the story is in the 2nd update of July, 2019, and again in the 3rd of August, 2019 like so: "I did quite a few varieties of drugs in my pre-Christian years, but coke only once, and very light. It happened to be mere weeks before the Hicks dream. My roommate in my new place invited me to the Warwick hotel, and shared a bit of his coke with me. I remember nothing that night but two vivid scenes...." In the July update: "Years later, after 2002, after Miss Hicks and I attended the same church, I began to wonder whether that woman at the Warwick was Miss Hicks..." SO, whether it was her or not, God is apparently pointing to the Hicks surname with my first and last time of dropping cocaine. Why would God want to point to red-rooster Cocaine's. It must be for the Kiss-Bibo-Kilpatrick relationship.

French Coche's/Cochets/Cochers have a giant, red rooster. End insert]

That hotel event was as little as a month before the Sleeping Beauty dream [one reason I call her Sleeping Beauty is that I was going to wake her with a kiss.] I remember because the dream was a week or so after my conversion to Jesus, and the conversion was as little as a month after being at the Warwick hotel. I didn't meet Miss Hicks until 15 years later, and she openly tells her story, in her testimony, that she was a stripper in her teens. As she is exactly the same age as me, she was 21 when I was at the Warwick hotel...which I assume had strippers at the time. Was she a traveling stripper? I dunno.

In the dream, her standing by the hood, and then HOVERing in the car, PROVED that the woman was Miss Hicks (proof is in Hoods/Hoots, Hooters, Hoovers and Hicksons), but I now find that the Hotts come up as Hottels. The Warwick Hottel. Hotts/Hottels were first found in Southern France nit fare from Beefs/Boeufs of Perigord, which place I link to Imperia / ONEGlia, explaining why Beefs/Boeufs (Nail/Nagle colors) share the Nagle fesse. This is amazing, because I'm not familiar with the Hottel variation. Imperia is near Grasse, and Fauchys, first found in Imperia with Faux's/Fage's and the latter's Saulnier kin, use the grasshopper, thus tracing Fauchys and similar surnames to some relationship with Imperia / Nagle elements. Do Warwicks use the Monaco lion?

Ahh, the blond was standing by the stairs when I first approached her, and Stairs, first found in Kent with Choch-branch Chalks, have the Late stars in colors reversed. OH WOW, the Coke's (reflection of Bono Coat) almost have the Gates Coat!!!!!! Whether or not she was Miss Hicks, even if God wanted me to think so, it's fitting. In her testimony, she tells that she was on drugs too. Coke's use a "patiens" motto term likely for Patiens'/Patients/PUTINs (possible Kilpatrick kin). Does the Russian medallion touch upon president Putin?

The Chochs (not "Chock") can be gleaned as a Chalk and Chaucer branch, and the triple-wavy fesses of Chochs can be linked to Drummonds, the matriarch of which, I claim, was Gate-like Agatha of PodeBRADY (I think this Agatha was the mother of queen Margaret of Scotland, whose husband married the first Drummond's sister i.e. daughter of Agatha). The Arms of Podebrady uses a "gold gate," the very description I've seen for the Crest of Babels/Babwells (Babe's share a symbol of BRADYs). Why should the chocolate in my coffees point to Bill Gates and his poisonous vaccines? Let me explain this.

The triple fesses of Chochs happen to in colors reversed from the same of poison-like Poussins, and the latter use a cat while Keiths and Kettle's were from the Catti tribe! Zinger, I make coffee in a kettle, and Kettle's (Perthshire, same as Drummonds) have a lion in Gates-lion colors. Mr. Casey was a REAL-estate agent, and Spanish Reals share the giant castle of Cassels while the Catti tribe was from the Chatti Germanics of Hesse-Cassel! Caseys must have been from Cassel!!! In fact, I've been telling for years that English Caseys share the chevron of Scottish Cassels (Kennedy kin).

Caseys and Cassels are in Shirts/SHARD colors and format, and Coke's were first found in SHARDlow (Derbyshire, beside Shirts/Shards). Kennedys use an "Avise" motto term while Avis'/Avisons were a branch of Avezzano's, the latter first found in SARDinia with Italian the Amori's while English Damorys/Amori's (Oxfordshire, same as Poussins) almost have the triple-wavy fesses of Chochs!!! The three of Chochs are in the colors of the three (non-wavy) of Poussins. The Coke's (and Cooks) must have been Choch branch. It's the Poisson/Pousson line, and Poissons/Poussons share the dolphin (different color) with the Crest of Scottish Cassels. Italian Amori's essentially share the Kilpatrick Chief.

The Warwick hotel was a high-end hotel on Jarvis. Jarvis', who share scallops (different colors) with Poissons/Poussons, are in Scottish Cassel colors and format. Lookie here, for my Warwick event was in early 1979: "The Warwick Hotel was located at the corner of Jarvis and Dundas Streets in Toronto. It was around the corner and down the street from where I lived, at Sherbourne and Dundas, between 1977 and 1981. As of the late 1970s, the place had seen many better days. I had forgotten that it had closed in 1980, while I was still living in the area...Upstairs was what amounted to the neigbourhood bar. Downstairs was what amounted to the neighbourhood strip lounge. Generally tired exotic dancers, performing to live music. Was not uncommon in the late 1970s to find live music accompaniment in a strip club...The downstairs lounge, where the prostitutes sat at tables along the back wall." (online quote).

I can glean a Warwick-hotel theme with Little Saint James (Epstein may have turned some of his hookers into strippers), for Warwicks have a James Coat while the same James' share the black scallop with Jarvis' while the other James' share a gold dolphin with the Cassel Crest.

I was sitting downstairs because God, I assume, put the beautiful blond at the bottom of the stairs; otherwise I would not now have any way to know whether I was up- or downstairs. "Stairs, first found in Kent with Choch-branch Chalks, have the Late stars in colors reversed." I was upstairs on my way out of a bathroom when I bumped into her later that evening, and we spoke briefly, but the way I remember her then was just like Miss Hicks, same tallness, same type of personality. It makes me scratch my head. I am in no way saying that strip clubs and drugs are "okay" with God. I repented soon after. There were no strippers "dancing" where I was sitting that night; maybe we were too early, and this blond was one of them.

AH, minutes after writing the bathroom event, I loaded Dundas' because the hotel was at Jarvis and Dundas. One Dundas surname was first found in West Lothian, where BAThgate's were firs found!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's BathGATE, you see, and I've already told that the Bathgate Coat shares the French Poussin Coat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They both use nothing but suns in the colors of the Hesse sun. Kettle-line Chatti were at Hesse-Cassel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! can you believe it? The chocolate / cocoa in my coffee, related to the grasshopper event, led me along a path of crumbs dropped by God to this paragraph! And it's got to be pointing to Bill Gates' poisonous vaccines. The Bills were first found in Somerset with Baths!

Jarvis', first found beside Maine's of Devon, are in Maine colors and format while French Poussins/Poseys/Fors' were first found in Maine. I've told many times that I was converted to Jesus at DeMAINE crescent (Richmond Hill), which is where I was living when the Warwick event took place. DeMaine's, first found in Maine, share the Hicks fleur-de-lys, but even more, the DeMaine's have the Coat of German Rench's/Renz's/Rentz's, a surname now pointing to Thomas Renz, warrior against COVID / vaccine crimes. I was a tenant at Demaine crescent, and Tenants were first found in West Lothian too.

The Get'n Go is on Ranch road, and it's name was thought (my me) to point to the Geth variation of McGee's. One McGee Coat shares the Tenant boar head, and the other McGee's share the three leopard faces of English Fors', looked up because Poussins/Poseys list a Fors surname. Fauchs were first found in Forez while Forez's/Fore's share "Tout" with Hicks while I tooted the horn at she and Casey at her ranch GATE. He had her ranch listed for sale at that time, and she (Mrs. Kilpatrick) moved to FORney.

BEHOLD-BEHOLD-BEHOLD: Force's were first found in Dordogne with the Perigord location of the first-known Faux's/Fage's/Chalnes'. Force's have leopards in Sforza-lion colors, and English Fors are listed with Forzers/FOSSE's, explaining their fox in Crest. The Fauxside castle of Faucets (East Lothian, same as Vaux's and Kettle-branch Keiths) comes to mind, and in fact it was built by Saer de QUINCy while FORZer-like Sforza's use a lion -- same as the Gate / Graff/Graffen lion - holding a "quince"!!! French Faux's/Fage's/Chalnes' share the Kilpatrick Chief. It's got the Fauci-Gates duo all over it.

Cooks (share ostrich in Crest with Coke's) use purple, as do Pace's (Cheshire, same as Shirts/Shards), and then the Pasi's/Pace's (Bologna, same as Panico's/Panetta's sharing the Amori / Kilpatrick Chief) are the line to Paisleys/Pasleys and the English Pasleys having the Poussin Coat in colors reversed. The grasshopper was on my neck while the Kettle was heating up. Fauchys use the grasshopper, and Fauch's share the thistle with Paisleys/Pasleys while English Pasleys not only share the Choch Coat, essentially, but were first found in Berkshire with Chochs! The Coffee's share the dolphin (different color) with poison-like Poissons, French Bone's (Bologna is also BONonia), and the James sharing the triple Warwick / Chock/Chick lions! I was without a shirt on Little Saint James in the Sleeping Beauty dream that was given weeks after the Warwick-hotel event. Hooker-like Hooks, if they had a red Shield, would have the Hicks Coat. Coincidence?

I now go back to lake ROSSEAU, where I usually took my DORAL boat. Dorals happen to share the giant Door lion, and English Doors happen to have a version of the Gates Coat. It was the Kettle's (lion in gates-lion colors) which share the ROSco fesse-with-cinquefoils. Why might one of the two French Rosseau's (share James Crest) have a lion sharing red claws and crown with Dorals while the lions are colors reversed from one another. If God arranged for me to buy a Doral boat for this link, why is it necessary? Both Rosseau's were first found in Burgundy with French Saults, and the latter shares the Doral lion with red claws while the Rosseau's with the same lion (colors reversed) show variations such as RousSAULT. I assume that Rosseau's were Rous / Ross liners, therefore.

The last time I did lake Rosseau, I told that my boss and I were building a boat house (or maybe it was a boat garage and/or even a store) on this lake, and when anyone in the crew dropped their WRENCH into the water from off of the steel beams, I, being the least in seniority, got the job of climbing down and diving into the lake to retrieve the wrenches. Don't wrenches point to the Get'n Go? English Saults were at Melton-Mowbray in Framland with the first-known Bussys, and as I said, the job at the boat house was terminated by my boss very near the time I met Lorraine at her BUS stop. English Saults use a quatrefoil-version of the Sales/SALLETT Coat, the latter suspect from Saluzzo, beside Busca. That works, and the Sault Coat is similar to that of Bosco-branch Boasts/Bois'. (Saults look related to Emmys/Amis'.)

Mamie and I were wading in a lake later that summer, and Wade's are listed with Quade's, from QUADRatilla Bassus, where I trace the Sault QUATRefoils. That's new. Saults share a "Quo fata" phrase with Sidneys, by the way, and Cheneys use "Fato" for the Feets/Fate's to which Lorraine pointed. I remember it being extremely hot when diving in for the wrench's so that it could not have been in early June. It doesn't get that hot in central Ontario in the first half of June, not until July usually. I met Lorraine in late June. I remember that I hitch-hiked home on Sunday (because my boss had left on Saturday), and my bet is that I met Lorraine at her bus stop on one of her work days between that Sunday and the following Friday. It was that close. WHY? Didn't the chain of the RUSSIAN medallion point to Cheney?

The Burgundy Saults are also Sauts, and Hicks were first found with Hikke de Sauteby. Didn't Miss Hicks' hood scene relate to the Russian medallion, and might not Rosseau's/RousSAULTs relate to it too? Didn't Hicks have a wrench link on Ranch road, while I had a wrench event at Rosseau? Why is she linking to lake Rosseau? I've just realized that while Saults share the Gates lion, Saults and Roussaults were first found in Burgundy with the Loge's who share the Coat of Gettes/Jette's. GET'n Go was her ranch-road event. English Lodge's/Loge's share the Ross lion! If the German Saut/Suter Coat had a red Shield, it would look a lot like the Hicks Coat.

I kid you not, I came into the house, after MOWing the lawn, and made me a coffee with cocoa. I then started the paragraph above which included LODGE's/Loge's. I make a cocoa coffee with instant coffee, always HAZELnut flavored for a change from the ground beans. Hazels (squirrel "cracking a NUT") use "hazel SLIPs" because they are a branch of Islips/Haslips, and the latter use a so-called "LODGEd stag." Plus, incredibly, the MOWbrays share the giant Lodge/Loge lion! How do things like this happen? Plus, the Maxwell Crest is almost identical to the Islip Crest except that Maxwells use a "holly bush" versus a "holly tree," and so here's the Arms of Maxwell-ROS that shares the water bouget with Rose's! Can you believe it? God conspired with me to make my hazelnut coffee a Russian topic today. What's He saying?

Ahh, BEAUTIFUL. The Lodge's/Loge's were first found in Suffolk with RUSH's/Rish's (Ross colors) sharing the Rosco/Risco fesse (!), and thus the Lodge/Loge lion does in fact look like the Ross lion. Rosco's/Risco's came to topic with Kettle's, and the latter came to topic with coffee. Plus, I kid you not, while the kettle was heating, I had a bowl of cereal partly with Harvest Crunch and partly with RICE CRISPies, and Rosco's may be Risco's, or Rish's may be Rish's, because they were related to Rice's. In any case, I was mowing the GRASS before coming in, and Grazio's share the pomegranate with CRISPins, CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS? SNAP CRACKLE POP. I don't know how the new surnames/heraldry in this paragraph relates to vaccines, however.

It's Thursday now, the day after the grasshopper-on-neck event. Back-to-back thrills. If I don't get a special event like this next week, I'll have withdrawal symptoms. This is such a rush. I'm going to win the gold medallion for the longest-ever heraldic marathon, because nobody else in all the world is doing it. I can't lose...unless I drop dead before I get to the finish line. God made me alone in this project because no one else would want to do this. To prevent me from going off on heraldic tangents and taking three times as long to get to His points, he ruined half my memory.

Reminder: Cocoa-like Coke's have a Putin branch in their motto, and the ostRICH of Coke's can trace to Rika/Reka/Rijeka, where I trace the Maxwell eagle. As I was cutting the LAWN while Lawn's are Laine's too, is this some kind of connection between GhisLAINE Maxwell and president Putin? Ghislaine was Epstein's hooker manager, and Bill Gates was budsy with Epstein.

[Insert Friday morning: Recall my TOOTing the horn at Hicks' gate, for I've just found a list of slang terms for cocaine: "SNOW. Sneeze. Sniff. Speedball. TOOT. White Rock." That's interesting, and it recalls PATTY RICE, whose teen boyfriend was DANNY SNOW. Pattys/Paties'/Paddys/Padyes' are in Patiens/Padyn/PUTIN/Puttin colors while Dutch Puttens almost have the Hershey Coat. I'm using Hersheys-brand cocoa!!! Neither Puttens nor Hersheys use symbols, just a blank Chief and Shield, both with red Shields. Patty Rice and I lived in Gormley at the time; Gormleys are also Grimes', and Grimaldi's of Monaco will become a theoretical-anti-Christ topic below, though I hold out that the anti-Christ will be a Russian, asking whether the Russian medallion is a pointer to the anti-Christ somehow, maybe even to his name.

As Rollo's use a "tout" motto term while Touts are also Toots, I should repeat (hold on to your chair) that there was/is an online quote: "According to [Mr. Grimaldi], Crispinus, Baron of BEC, was the son of Crispina, daughter of Rollo, by Grimaldus, Prince of Monaco." It's the Crispins, for my RICE Crispies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can we believe it? Toot is also called, snow, and French Becs/Bez's (share Monaco lion) almost have the Danny/Dance Coat! Snows share the Monaco fesse. Cocaine is also called, "white rock," and Rooks (Oxfordshire, same as Crispins), sharing the GRIMM/Grime sun, have another black raven. German Becs share the black raven with Rice's! German Rothes' and TOOThills have a raven while English Rothes' can have the Patty lion. Pattys look connectable to NITT/Naughts, first found in Dumfries with Patents/Putins and the NITH river of KilPATricks.

Monaco's even share the white hexagram with Vlads for an apparent pointer of Vladimir Putin. "Wlad" is a motto term of English Josephs who share the gold garb in Crest with Rooks.

Grimms/Grime's share the lion of Genova's, and Grimaldi's were mainly in Monaco and Genova. Genova's share the white wing with Diens/Dives' while the latter were first found in Sussex with Dans' (like the Danse variation of Dannys) who in turn share the Rock trefoil. This is amazing, suddenly, because Dans' share the checks of Fieschi-lie Fiscs. I didn't know till now that Dans', Diens and Deins were Grimaldi kin. Sussex is also where Deins/Deans/Diane's were first found who share the Genova lion again. AHHH, Scottish Deans (patee cross) have the moline of Segni's/Segurana's (Genova, same as Fieschi), and while these Deans use an "arte" motto term, the giant Dean moline is in colors reversed from the same of MacARTHurs while Arthur-line Arduinici married DORia's (first found in Genova) in Oneglia, between Genova and Monaco.

Irish Clere's ("VirTUTE"), who share "non" with Nagle's, are in Nagle colors and format and almost have the Segni/Segurana eagle. The MacArthur crown thus seems to be in the Crest of Irish Clere's. The Clere write-up: "They were directly descended from Gilbert Crispin..." It's the Rice Crispies, for Ardiaei, who named the Arduinici of Oneglia, were at Rhizon. The Clere fesse is that of Beefs/Boeufs, first found in Perigord with grasshopper Fauchys. The Irish Clere's/Clare's were from Strongbow Clare of Wales, where Rice's were first found, but also the stomping grounds of the fabulous king Arthur. I'll show later how Clere's link to Fulks. Wales probably has the red dragon as per Pendragon, fabulous (in the dreams of satanic writers) father of king Arthur. The Arthurs use CLARions.

Lookie at the write-up some more: "Some say the family was originally from Clere, in Vexin..." Is that a pointer to vaccines? Looks like. Rollo, father of CRISPINa, ruled in the Vexin. It just so happens that Irish Clere's share the eagles of Sans/Sanchez's and Snake's/Snooks, and while Rollo ruled at Rouen, we note that the Rouen surname has the nine mascles of Snake- and Sans/Sanches-like SENECA's/Senechals, an obvious pointer to AstraZENECA vaccines! That snuck up on me. I had no idea we would be here when starting on the Clere's. It's all perfect with the grasshopper event followed by the Rice-Crispies event. Rollo's wife was Poppa, and old Rice Crispies commercials had, "Snap, Crackle, POP," as a selling feature.

AHH, Segni's/Segurana's (in the Face/Fessy motto) share the Coke eagles!!! Grimaldi's share the Cock Shield. Coke's are the ones looking like Door kin. Doria's are suspect with the Jeepma eagle as per my Jeep's door-handle scene (in a dream I had a few years ago) that came immediately after a shopping-cart scene. The Handle's/Handells share the Moray/Murray Coat, and then the "Imperio" motto term of Irish Murrays (share Moray/Murray Coat) must be for Imperia, the modern name of Oneglia! Rollo ruled More, and I think that line named Moray. Morays and Murrays share "Tout" with Rollo's!!! Toot-toot did I honk at the gate of Hicks, and Hicks use "Tout" too. The door handle was missing a barrel-shaped part, the dream said, and Barrels look linkable to the Segni/Segurana Coat even without the latter sharing the eagle of Barrs.

Tuttle's/Toothills look linkable to both Rollo's and Valois, and as Rollo married Poppa of Valois, she's suspect as mother of Crispina, wife of Mr. Grimaldus. Popps use ELEPHANT trunks while Oliphants (Perthshire, same as Rollo's) have another "tout" motto term. Popps share the annulets of German Elias', first found in Oldenburg with Jeepma's. Door-branch Dorals (share Gates lion) almost have the Crest of Scottish Elias'. There's a lot going on here; if only my brain was as big as God's, I could tell you exactly what it all means. Scottish Elias' share the cross of Rats/Raids (Perthshire). Popps were first found in Westphalia with the Vlads who in turn share the Coat of Hagars (Perthshire), both sharing the Monaco hexagram. Heraldry seems to confirm what nobody seems to believe, that Grimaldi's married Rollo's daughter. Hagars (Este colors and format) use "Modeste", and Este's share the Coke / Segni/Segurana eagle.

By the way, Este is near lake Garda while Hagar(d)s have: "One source notes the 'family are supposed to be derived from the Ogards of co. Hertfordshire.'" That's where English Nabors were first found thus expected in the "coNABOR" motto term of Hagars. If Hagars did descend from Ogards, Ogards my have been a mere variation of Hagars when they married Gard liners. I trace CHILDeric to the Este area, and Childs (Hertfordshire) are colors reversed and in the format of the German Nabors (red hexagrams). The Hertfordshire Nabors have the Neret Coat in colors reversed, and Segni-connectable Arthurs were from Ardiaei on the NERETva river along with Doria-like Daorsi. Nerets were first found in Brittany with the GARDen-connectable Jardins and Jarrets. Gardens/Jardens and Scottish Jardins were first found in Angus, near Hagar(d)s of Perthshire. English Jarrets/Jarre's share the Crest of Drummonds (Perthshire). French Grassi's/Grasse's have three chevrons in the colors of the three fesses of German Drummonds, and the latter's are colors reversed from the three fesses of Italian Grassi's.

Danny Snow and I both worked the gas bar of Tony, and Toeni's of Leicestershire were from Les ANDELys, where I trace ANTELopes, and while Snows use antelopes, they were first found in Rutland, which I assume is the Rutland at Leicestershire. With Elias' to topic here, it's interesting that Perkins were first found in Leicestershire. Marc Elias.

The closest I ever got to Patty Rice was when we were sitting (talking) at the SCHOOL DOORs waiting for the bus (always came late). We were sitting on the concrete with backs against the door (I've told this before), and the Schools/Schole's happen to share the Shield of Patents/Pattens, is that not incredible? The Patty Crest can thus be the Baker/BACKer lion! Zikers, that snuck up on me. Patiens'/Putins come up as Patents too, but there's more because English Doors have a good reflection of the Gates Coat, as do Patiens-loving Coke's. Patty Rice was in love with Danny Snow, and coke is also "snow." There's more because "Patiens" is the full motto of Dove's, and I DOVE into lake Rosseau (pointer to Russia?) to retrieve wrenches, and Wrench's/Rench's were first found in Cambridgeshire with the Dives' who in turn share a DANCEtty-fesse (different colors) with Dove's. The Diens/Dives' use PATEE crosses!

Rice and I were backs against the school doors. Irish Doors share the giant Rosseau / Doral lion! The Rosseau's share the Doral Coat in colors reversed, and I had a Doral boat that I put into lake Rosseau some 20 times. The Cambridge Dives' share the scallops of Scale's, and Schools/Schole's are also Scayle's! Bingo-bango all over the place, and so is the Russian medallion and lake Rosseau pointing to Putin, and if so, why?

Is Danny SNOW a pointer to cocaine? Dannys are listed Dance's, and while the woman at the Warwick may have been a "dancer," Dannys/Dance's (near the first-known Warwicks) share the Warwick / James / Medal/Dougal lion. James' can point to Epstein's island. She was standing by the stairs = scala. OHHHHHH WOOOOWIE. Just remembered: the Medals/Dougals (share Dowel) are a branch of Dowels while Dove's are also Dows, and Dowells were first found in Inverness-shire with Gows/McGoo's for a pointer once again to GET'n Go on Rench-like Ranch road with a glass-DOOR event.

I'm getting the impression that the medallion was arranged with a Medal variation of Dougals in order to point with Dowells to my diving for the wrenches in Russia-like Rosseau. Dowells seem key because they were at BADENoch while Baden of Germany is where Groce's/Greggs were first found. Badens/Battins, sharing the axe of Baden's Danes', were first found in Somerset (Beside Monks) with Baths, and the latter can thus be using the MONK lions because Dowels share a Monaco lion. Danes-like Dennis' have the three axes of HAWKeswells in colors reversed, and Hawks are obvious PilGRIM kin. The Grimaldi's use a monk with dagger in his cloak (this is not shown by house-of-names). The Grimaldi write-up may even be pointing to the three frogs of satan in Revelation 16: "A statue of Grimaldi as a monk with a sword under his FROCK stands at his memorial in Monaco today." Was "frock" used as code for Frocks/Frogs?

I met Patty Rice months after knowing Cathy Froggit, and as BROGITarus' son, Amyntes, conquered Derbe in Frog-like Phrygia, while FROGGITs were first found in Derbyshire, I see that Froggits were from Brogitarus. Then, BROCATO's were first found in Genova with a Grimaldi branch. The EARS of wheat of Brocato's are on a red Shield, the color of the Shield of Ear-like Hersheys, and Eyers/Ayers were first found in Derbyshire too. The problem is, Arks/Arch's have a red Shield too.

I DON'T KNOW HOW I MISSED THIS YESTERDAY while introducing Hersheys. I'm even fairly familiar with the green-haired man's head in the Cocker/Cocket Crest. It's identical with the Hershey Crest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hersheys COCoa. That convinces more me that God is in this. The only difference in Crests is that the Hershey hair has a little red item in it. Cockers/Cockets (Norfolk, same as Heads/Heeds), which call their Crest a "man's head," probably share the Sales fleur because Saluzzo is near Genova. Cockerels use leopard FACEs i.e. from Genova. The Face-beloved Segni's/Segurana's (Genova) share the eagle of Italian Este's while Heads/Heeds have a unicorn-version of the English Este Coat. Heed like Heaths use the rooster (not red) too.

The same man's head in the Gand/Gantes'/Gons Crest is a "man's bust," and Scottish Busts happen to be with the Bosco-line Boasts/Bois', from Busca, beside Saluzzo. The Gand/Gantes/Gons Coat is a black-Shield version of the Cocker/Cockett Coat, and while the Tanaro river is near Saluzzo, Tanners essentially share the Gand/Gantes/Gons Coat, but throw in Moor heads, and, after this update you will see that Irish Moors came up as MOWERs yesterday, and, I kid you not, the Cocker/Cocket and Gand/Gantes/Gons head is, to the best of my ability to make out, in the Mower/Moor Crest, tending to verify that Cockers/Cocketts and Gands/Gantes'/Gons' do share Coats. I had hazelnut coffee with the Hersheys cocoa, and while I always say that French House's share the Hazel leaves, it just so happens that English House's have a giant cross in the colors of the giant one of Belgian Gands.

I think I'm ready to drop Hersheys as Eyer liners and see them as an Ark/Arch branch from the Ark river of Savoy. Perhaps I'm being hasty, but as French House's and Welsh Cockings/Cogins are in the colors and format of Arks/Arch's while English House's were first found in Berkshire with Arks/Arch's, it looks right.

Rice's use "hardi", and Hardys are said to be the ancestors of DOUGLas'. The Dougal-like Dogs/Doags share the Bus cinquefoil while Patty and I were waiting for the school bus to arrive. Schools share the lozengy Patent/Patten Shield, and Grimaldi's share the lozengy Shield of Bags (Norfolk, same as Cockers/Cocketts) and Coke-like Cocks, and while Patty and I had BACKs against the school doors, Welsh Bachs are also Baghs. I went out of my way to purchase "natural" cocoa because it has all of its flavonols. I therefore looked up Naturals (share Bec raven) to find them sharing black ravens with Rice's (Wales, same as Bachs/Baghs). Hersheys look like kin of Patty-like Puttens.

Let me show how this connects to the medallion, for the Hersheys share the SHOP Shield, though the Shops throw in just a dancette into their Chief, in the colors of the Carrick dancette, and after this insert, I find the Garrick/Garrock variations of Carricks to be linkable to the Warrick/Warrock variations of Warwicks. I found the medallion on my hood with a SHOPping cart of GROCEries, and Groce's/Greggs/Craggs have Carrick-connectable variations. So, the medallion event is linking to Hersheys cocoa, and Hersheys look like kin of Putin-like Puttens. Plus, the Groce Coat is split horizontally in the colors of the same of Lawns/LAINE's (share "Garde" with Carricks), in case this is a pointer to Ghislaine. End insert]

A Fauci-Batting Continuation from Before the Insert

As there was cocoa with the hazelnut coffee, we can go to Chochs too, who almost have the bars of AMORE-branch Damorys/Amori's, and then MOWERs are listed with Irish More's/Moors. I was mowing the GRASS with the mower, and while GRAZio's share the pomegranate with French Crispins, English Crispins were first found in Oxfordshire with the Damory's/Amori's and Amore's who all-three use red-and-white fessewise bars. RICE CRISPies at your service. Coke's have a Coat reflection of the Bono's in the Hick and Kettle motto. Cooks (share ostrich with Coke's) were first found in Essex with Chocks (not "Choch")...and with grasshopper-using Thatchers/Thackers.

I've just checked Hersheys because the cocoa is Hersheys brand, and I'm pretty sure that the three heads along the Mower/More/Moor sword are the same head in the Hershey Crest. I suggest that HERSheys are an Annas branch, and so if you don't know, see Annas-branch Ainsleys in the last update as per Ainsley EARhardt, for her surname was of Hers/Herr liners. The Mower/More/Moor sword is likely for Swords, they from Siward of Northumberland who was at Heslingtons. The latter surname is listed with HAZELtons, and they have a bearded man too, as do Mowers/More's/Moors upon their sword. Hersheys have "ERISey House," which can perhaps explain the "aris" motto term of Hazeltons. If this is all correct, WOW, I had cocoa with HAZELnut-flavored coffee!

Thatchers/Thackers have a version of the Annas Coat, closer to the Annas Coat that the Hershey Coat. It just so happens that Ainsleys share the scimitar in Crest with the Thatcher/Thacker Crest. Instead of the gold Chief used by Annas and AINSleys (both first found in Nottinghamshire with Hersheys), Hersheys use a white Chief so that their Chief-Shield colors are those of CAPES'. Annas' daughter married CAIAPHAS. Annas was likely related to the Sadducee family of Salome BOETHus, which I trace to "Boeotia," location of scimitar-like SCHIMATARi, and the latter location was at TANAGRa, which I trace to TANKERville's, a branch of Tacks and Tanks/Tancreds. The THACKer variation of Thatchers applies quite obviously. My bet is that God put that grasshopper on my neck while conspiring to bring us to this paragraph. He always finds a way to go to the line of Annas / Caiaphas and Lupus Laevillus.

The Geddes-beloved Majors have a Coat reflecting that of Thatchers/Thackers, and while Thicks (bulRUSHes) are also Thackers, Detricks are DeTHICKs properly while the Fort Detrick lab probably does gain-of-function voodoo with Fauci funding. I'm not sure if Dethicks were of the Thicks, however, but the Thacker variation of Thicks is a super pointer to the Fauci grasshopper's link to Fort Detrick. The grim-reaper globo-locust rapers are coming to strip us of our foods. Prepare for the battle they bring to us, not vice-versa. Stirrups/Stirps have a CRANE (= CERAUNII line) and a CROWN in colors of the CORONA crown.

Gris'/GRIIMs have the giant Annas star in colors reversed, and GRIShams use the grasshopper. Remember that while Fauchys use a grasshopper, Fauci's are suspect from the Grimaldi-associated Fieschi whose Face branch looks to apply. Face's/Fessys were first found in Northamptonshire with the Quincys that built FAUXside castle.

Let's assume that the beautiful, classy woman (stripper? hooker? neither?) at the Warwick hotel represented Sleeping Beauty, for the event was near the Sleeping Beauty dream. I'm going to view her as Miss Hicks because she was a stripper at about that time. However, while she was standing by the stairs, the stair-like Stirrips, which is a surname like "strip," were first found in Nottinghamshire. Stirrups use what look like EARs of corn, and thus it seems that this picture can point to the second fulfillment of Sleeping Beauty, Miss EARhardt. While Monaco is near Grasse, the Arms of Grasse (near Le Mas) use a lamb in the colors of the lambs of Le-Mas like Lamas'/LaMASSE's, and then Masse's/Masseys use a "TREE without LEAVES." Hookers share the two Levi lions. Lamas'/Lamasse's were first found in Norfolk with some-colored Leaves/ Leafs'/Leve's, and the Lamas'/Lamasse's lambs are in the colors and format of Warwicks (share Monaco lion) while Tree's were first found in Warwickshire. The lamb can be the symbol of the False Prophet, and Miss Hicks played that role, as explained by her false prophesying. Grimaldi's use a purple throne. Doesn't a hooker ride the back of the anti-Christ?

The Warwick lion is also the lion of false-like Falls/Fallis', first found in Midlothian, beside Fauxside castle and the Vaux's/Vallibus'. The English Vaux's/Vallibus' were first found in Cumberland with Warwicks. Note how Scottish Lambs (share white lamb with Lamas/Lamasse's), first found beside Cumberland, look like Rosco/Risco kin. If the anti-Christ will be a Russian, does the Russian medallion point to him? Is Fauci a Grimaldi liner? Is he bringing the world the mark of the beast as a vaccine passport into stores? Could be.

Recall DIANE MUSCHATov (Pointed to Mr. Zlochevsky), whom I bumped into at a grocery store about 20 years after I last saw her. The Russian medallion was at a grocery store, and her surname is like "Moscow." She was Ukrainian, however. Putin took the GRIM-like CRIMea of the Ukraine. The owner of Burisma energy, Michael Zlochevsky, a Ukrainian meshed criminally with the Biden family, has a home and/or ties in Monaco. Will the anti-Christ come from Crimea? Fauchy-connectable Faux's/Fage's/Chalnes' share the CREMer Chief, and the anti-Christ could very well be related to a 666-vaccine scheme. Diane/Deans are a branch of Scottish Deans who share the moline of Genova's Segni's/Segurana's, excellent for connecting to Grimaldi's. Croms/Crums (in Lambert colors and format) almost have the Lamb cinquefoils. Croms/Crums were once said to be first found in Berkshire with BOOTs, but are now first found in Surrey with the James' who share the Warwick Coat, both sharing the Monaco lion. The Boots are important here as per a potential, arranged pointer of God, because Buttons/Bidens share the fesse of German BUTE's/Butts, and the latter's Boet variation might point to my Doral boat in lake Rosseau.

In fact, the other lake I took the boat to was the neighboring/attached lake MUSKoka i.e. like "MUSCHatov" (Rosseau is a nicer lake for cottage / boat-house designs). So, once again, the Russian medallion seems to be linking to lake Rosseau for a pointer to Russia / Russians. Musks/MUSCATs (share Singletary antelope) are the ones with four links to a chain, same as the Russian medallion! INCREDIBLE set of heraldry here. I've suddenly realized just now that the Musk/Muschat Coat is a version of the Bute/Butt/Boet Coat.

Repeat: The grasshopper was swatted off my neck while pouting water out of "...a bottle from Muskoka Springs. After using the distilled water, I used the bottle to get town water at the town tap. AHHHH, wow, a tap is a FAUCET!!!! A pointer to FAUCI!!!!!!" Yes, because Fauchys have the grasshopper.

Repeat: "Monaco's even share the white hexagram with Vlads for an apparent pointer of Vladimir Putin. "Wlad" is a motto term of English Josephs who share the gold garb in Crest with Rooks." Lake Joseph is one of three large lakes all in a system, the other two being Rosseau and MUSKoka. Putin rules in MOSCow. Plus, Flys, first found in Hampshire with Josephs and Drakes, are in the Drake motto subtly where they use a "muscas" motto term for the Mosca's/Muscas', yet they translate that term as "fly." Flys have martlets colors reversed from the same of French Josephs.

The grasshopper never hopped once, by spread it's wings to fly away while on the outside STEP. The Stepps/StepTOWS share the Coat of German Bush's/Buschs while Tow-connectable "tufts of grass" (on PILLars) are used by Bosco's while English Bush's/Buschs, share the eagles of Ghents (Hampshire, same as Flys and Hawks) who named Gaunt (at the Lys river), and a gauntlet (glove) is in the Fly Crest holding a lure, usually a HAWK's lure in heraldry. The Fly fleur-de-LYS is even between two Ghent eagles upon the Busch/Busch fesse. The Hobbes'/HOPPs have the Bush / Ghent fleur in colors reversed. The Fly fleur is even on the rising Hawk hawk, and Risings were first found in Norfolk with Pilgrims (and DROPs/Trope's). Rising hawks are used by Habs/Hobs, and Hoppers (Wiltshire, beside Hampshire) are also Happers. The white griffin head of Hobsons/Hopsons, and another reason, tells me that they are from the Mieszko's, and thus they look like HOPringle/Ringle kin i.e. of Oda's Ringleheim home.

I've seen Lure's (share FLAG with McLeods/Clouds) on a list of McLeod/Cloud septs, and Flys were at a FLAGi location. Hawks have PURPLE "PILgrim's STAVES," and Stave's/STEPHensons (share Lure chevron), with a CLOUD in Crest, have the Stepp/StepTOW fleur-de-lys in colors reversed. I swatted, then kicked Fauci with my toe along the tile floor, and dropped him on the step outside the door. Steptows are also StepTOE's.

Axe-using English Tile's (Dorset with Bushers, beside axe-using Drake's of Hampshire) share a giant wyvern dragon (different color) with Drake's, and HAWKeswells show only axes. Is this a pointer to Gog, the revelation dragon = the anti-Christ? Will the Bush family and Putin support him? Didn't the Russian medallion point to Cheney? Yet Putin opposed the Bush military when Obama came to power. Are Obamaites forming a partnership with Putin right now? It looks like Fauci-loving Biden is. Dutch Bush's/Bos'/Boschs share the giant lion of Strike's in the Hawk motto, and German Boschs share the fleur-de-lys of Stepps/Steptows. Like yourself, I wonder whether things like this are coincidences.

Ahh, one can say that I batted the grasshopper off my neck because Fauci paid for turning bat viruses into human-attacking virus! That works. And as I started to feel a sharp prick (symbol of vaccine needle?), I did bat the grasshopper fast and hard. Perhaps it was digging it's claw into me. Bats have a brown wolf in Crest to match the brown wolf head of Teague's/TEEGERs. The Diems/DITTmayers in the "diem" motto term of Teague's/Teegers ("OPtem") must be for tiger-using Ditts/Dyots (four links to its neck-collar chain), and there is a tiger in the Hobs/Habs Crest. It just so happens that Ditts come up as "Dites," which was found as per the "SubDITUS" motto term of Hoppers/Happers.

Plus, while the solid chevron of Teague's/Teegers is colors reversed from the same of Ticks/Tooks/Tucks, the latter's is the solid chevron of Lichfelds/Litchfields (share Babe leopard face) while Ditts/Dyots were first found at Lichfield (I think it was also called, Litchfield). Lorraine the babe was given a SUBway symbol at the Finch subways-BUS station, and Babe's have fesseways bars in the colors of the Hob/Hab fesse while we just saw to "SUBditus" motto term of HOPPERs/ which the subway is now pointing for the first time with a logical set of heraldry. Lorraine had been given a GRASS STAIN for heraldic purposes. Who uses the grasshopper again? I trace the Stant variation of Stains to the "ObSTANTia" motto term of Arthurs, the latter first found in Berwickshire with Hobs/Habs (and queen Bebba), which is why I see "OBstantia" as part-code for Hobs. The latter's fesse is the fesse also of Vince's/FINCH's (that's right...) who in turn share the black griffin with Ticks/Tooks/Tucks (...that's tight).

Her grass stain on her pants pointed to Pansys/Pantzers, possibly a branch of Panters/Panthers (share "spur rowells" with Pagans/Payens), and therefore it pointed most-definitely to PENDERgrass' with a "VINCIt" motto term. See any suspicious arrangements there? Pendergrass' were first found in Pembrokeshire, head office of Strongbow Clare whose line pointed at AstraZENECA vaccines via their Clere location in the Vexin. Pendergrass' use "VeriTAS" too while Lorraine was a Jehovah's Witness, founded by Charles TAZE Russell. Tase's (Perthshire, same as Rollo's) share the gyronny of Rouen-like Rowans, and Rouens (from the Vexin) have a red-Shield version of the Seneca Coat. I now suggest that Lorraine was ROLLING in the grass with a married man to get her grass stain as a potential symbol of the Revelation-17 adulteress.

She invited friends for dinner, left the wife at her place and went for a near-midnight WALK with her husband. Walks (Dumfries) share the fleur-de-lys of Seneca-like Snake's/Snooks. I arrived to her place before she got home from the walk, and saw the grass stain on the butt area of her bright-white pants (couldn't miss it).

Ticks/Tooks/Tucks love the Millets who share the giant cinquefoil of BUS', first found in Norfolk with grasshopper-using Grishams/Greshams and Drops/Trope's. I dropped the grasshopper after batting it. Bats are in the colors and format of Roosts/Rusts (Kent, same as Ticks/Tooks/Tucks) who in turn share the red wyvern dragon in Crest with Drake's. The Maybee's/Mabbe's who share the white, stripe-less tiger with Ditts/Dyots (suspect in the Hopper motto) have a gold wyvern in their Crest. Ditts/Dyots were at Lichfield, and Lichfields share the solid Tick/Took/Tuck chevron.

Wow, I actually loaded German Litch's/Liske's as per the Litchfield variation of Lichfields, and seeing what look like buckets, I didn't have anything to say...until I remembered that I was pouring water from the water bottle into a 2.5-gallon bucket when batting the grasshopper!!! ZIKERS. God has Fauci's number. The Litch/Liske lion (in the colors of the Ditt/Dyot tiger) wears a gold CROWN, often a symbol of the Ceraunii Illyrians. They lived beside the Maezaei Illyrians, which explains why the Massey quadrants are used by Litch's/Liske's. These Illyrians lived on the Sava river, which has a Liske-like Lesce location. English Litch's/Leichs use three gold crowns, not in both colors of the Coron/Corona crowns, but as Corons/Corona's were first found in Cheshire with Masseys, they must have been Ceraunii liners. Fauci the blood-sucking dog tick has given the world the CORONA VIRus, and Masseys lived in Manche next to the VIRE river.

Corons/Corona's are said to have had a seat at Adlington, in Lancashire with the first known Mapps'/MABsons. It just so happens that Maybee's/MABBE's share the white tiger of Ditts/Dyots (of Litchfield) suspect in the Hopper motto. Bats share the saltire of SUPERs, perhaps a branch of whatever the "SUBditus" motto term of Hoppers refers to. bats were first found in Rutland with the Snows who share antelope heads with Adlingtons, and I trace ANTELopes to Les ANDELys, home of Tonys, who were the Toeni's of Leicester. Rutland is just outside Leicester. God has TONY Fauci's number. After the globalist tick has sucked the blood dry from the world, God will pierce it and make for one bloody, explosive day. We should never view God as "okay" with the world today. He suffers.

Toeni's (from the TOUQUES river) are in the write-up of Staffs/Staffords (probably have the Leicester swan head) as the builders of the Stafford castle and taking "Stafford" as their surname. The Staff/Stafford Coat is that also of Rosts, and Roosts/Rusts were first found in Kent (beside their Hastings kin) with Ticks/Tooks/TOUQUE's. Buckles are used by ROSLins, and RUSSELLs share the Rossi lion. When looking at the family of RUSTicus of Lyon, father of Artemia, I saw that this family could have been the namers of the Varangian Rus. Lyons share the giant green lion with Hastings-like Astys.

Astys share the lion of Lorraine's in both colors. Lorraine's grass stain pointed most-definitely to PENDERgrass', first found in Pembrokeshire, head office of Strongbow Clare. Decimus Rusticus ruled at CLERmont-Ferrand. Italian Ferrands share the checks of French Marks while the German Marks have a vertically-split Shield in colors reversed from the same of Tarves'. Is this a pointer to MARK of the beast, since Clere's pointed to hard to Fauci's vaccine programs? Was her stain a symbol of the mark?

Rusticus (married a woman from Lyon) was named by his ancestor, Decimus Rusticus of Treby-like TREVES and Lyon, and the Treves' are listed with Travers/Travis' (Buckley colors and format) who happen to share the motto of Buckle-branch Buckleys. Lyon is near the Forez mountains, and Forez's/Fore's love the Treves'/Travers (tiger in Treby-lion colors) in their motto. The Treves/Travers chevron can be related to the same colored one of Teeger-branch Ticks/Tooks/Touque's. The Teague's/Teeger crosslets are in the colors of the fitchee crosslets of Roosts/Rusts, and the latters are black, same as the fitchees of Travis-like Tarves'. Travers/Travis were related to Meschins (Cheshire, same as Buckleys) who in turn descended from the sister of Hugh D'AVRANCHes, a term looking like "VARANGi." Hugh and the Meschins ruled at DIVA = Chester, and Diens/DIVES (Sussex, same as Hastings) share the Masci wing, I think. I dove into lake Rosseau to get wrenches (otherwise they'd get rusty's, and Dives' were first found in Cambridgeshire with Wrench's/Rench's.

As Treves is known otherwise as tree-like Triers, it's interesting that while Trebys are TREEbys too, Tree's/True's (Warwickshire) are in the motto of Hume's/Home's with the Lyon Coat in colors reversed. This trace to Tree's/True's the Triers is new. The Tree/True motto has a KNIGHT with feathered helmet, as does one Lannoy Coat while the other Lannoys share the Lyon lion. Another knight with plumed helmet is with Malone's, who have the giant Asty lion in colors reversed; interesting here is that Dr. Malone is the founder of mRNA (he's not liking the vaccine programs). English Knights (Suffolk, same as Travers-beloved Tigers, Rush's and Clare's/CLERE's) share the triple pale bars of Tullia-like Tewells/Tuells (they come up as Tou's in case "toujours" is part code for them). I've read that Tullia of Lyon was Decimus' Rusticus' husband. German Teegers share the eight-pointed star of Tous', first found in Florence (relevant). As the Malone stars are in the colors of the Arms of Lombardy, they look like Milan liners (beside the Trebia river).

Irish Clere's (pointed hard to AstraZeneca vaccines) share five white feathers in Crest with the Arms of Traby, and with the Caens suspect from the Ceno river near the Trebia. SNAKE-using Biss', sharing the Travers/Travis / Meschin scallops, might be in the "verBIS" motto term of Irish Clere's (share Snake/Snook eagle). The Biss' use only scallops in pale in the colors of the Necker pale bar (the latter use nothing else so as to have the look of the Biss Coat). "Nec" is a motto term twice of Travers/Travis'. A crown similar to the one in the Clere Crest is on an antler of the Dutch Neck/Necker stag. As the grasshopper was on my neck (God could have put it anywhere else), isn't it amazing how Irish Clere's pointed so hard to vaccines? I think we had best gear up for a vaccine-related 666 starting prompto. I hold out, however, that the anti-Christ must first invade Egypt (as per Daniel 11:21-31) before the 666 system can be made mandatory.

As Decimus ruled in CLERmont-Ferrand (like the "Firenze" version of "Florence"), note that Italian Ferrands share the checkered Shield of Italian Fulks/Fulco's. The Fauci grasshopper fell to the FLOOR! A little later, another Rusticus of Lyon had a daughter (Artemia) who married Florence-like Florentinus. I think the grasshopper is pointing to this Clere-related line. Dutch Fleurs even share the Ferrand / Fulk/Fulco checks. English Florys are Fleurs too. Likewise first found in Florence were Taddei's (Clare chevrons?) sharing the FLORY cross of Bouillons, the latter first found in Auvergne with Clermont-Ferrand. The Taddei Chief is even a version of the English Ferrand Chief.

AHH BEAUTIFUL. Trier-like Driers (horseshoe) were first found in Annandale, from the Ananes Gauls at the Trebia river! EXCELLENT, tending to trace Treves to the namers of the Trebia. Driers share the Coat of Scottish Johnsons (Dumfries) who in turn have a red-Chief version of the Kilpatricks with a castle on the Knight-connectable Nith river. Nitts/Naughts (Dumfries, same as Annandale) share the Treby/Treeby lion, and so ask why the right paw of a lion is on the head of a dragon in the Kilpatrick Crest. Is it 666 symbolism since there seems to be a 666 in the Arms of Traby? Ahh, wow, Kilpatrick castle was at CLOSEburn while Close's not only share a green Crest with Kilpatricks (and with the Walks of Dumfries), but Close's have a green lion, the colors of the Lyon lion. I've never before had this sure trace of Traby elements to Kilpatricks (share Super saltire and connectable to it).

Back to the "SUBditus" of Hoppers. Super-like Subers have a giant leaf, and Sobers/SUBBE's have "rose leaves" while Rose's use "water bougets," code for Bucket liners, I assume. I was pouring water into the bucket when God decided it was the right second to have Fauci batted off of my neck. Hoppers use "SUBditus." That's purdy good stuff. Rose's even share the Lesk boar head, while we just saw Lesce on the Sava, which I trace to Leslie's having bucket-like buckles. Sobeks have a PURPLE bucket-like Buckle. Lesks were first found in Berkshire with the Arks/Arch's who are in turn use the arches of a GATEway in the colors and format of the Sober/Subbe rose leaves (but also of the Hazel leaves). That looks like a pointer to the other dog tick, Bill Gates, for Rose's were first found in Nairnshire with Geddes'! That woiks.

[Insert -- Bill Gates has a skinchip patent with number, 2020/060606. That looks deliberate / arranged to me. Later in this update, I'll come back to the Arks/Arch's while discussing a new-to-me Novavax.]

Lesce is beside Bled while Bleds have the Coat of Clare's (Suffolk, same as Tigers and Buckle's) in colors reversed. French Clairs (roses) were first found in Limousin with French Rose's and the Seconds/Segurs in the Levi motto. Seconds/Segurs share the lions of Genova's/Geneva's, and Segni's/Segurana's were first found in Genova.

Aha! Mops and buckets go together, and the Mopps' of Moberley were at Buckle-like Bucklow, in Cheshire with the Buckleys who are in turn in the colors and format of Buckles (and Adlingtons). It just so happens that Mopps'/Moberleys share the fitchee of Ricks while the latter can be traced hard to Reka/Rijeka, the Arms of which has the double-headed eagle of Ros-related Maxwells pouring water from a bucket-like container. This looks like a pointer to Ghislaine Maxwell, for Maxwells ("reVIRESco"), first found in Yorkshire with the Bush's in their Crest, share holly with English Buckets. It may have been the nazified, Bush CIA that gave powers to Jeffrey Epstein.

I know an emailer who married the Sobek bloodline, she lives/lived in Switzerland with lake Geneva, and the Sobek Coat shares a red Shield with BROCato's of Genova, which could explain the purple buckle (of Sobeks) with the purple Grimaldi throne. Sobeks had a Traby-connectable Sandomiersz branch "who belonged to the clan BROCHwicz". The Sobek buckle looks like the Q-shape "scarf" of Trabys/Sandowski's, and this scarf is a symbol of the Nalecz clan to which another Sobek branch is said to belong. Fauci and Trump appeared on a stage nightly with SCARF-loving Deborah Birx. I don't think she ever appeared without a scarf. Was it deliberate due to satanists knowing that the Traby scarf is a symbol of the 666? Is there a 666 deliberately in the Arms of Traby's strings?

Traby is in Poland, and could have been part of the mythical mouse tower to Mieszko's. The Grimaldi's of very-recent times linked to baron Massy (I think it was when prince Grimaldi married Grace Kelly). Brock-branch Brocuffs were first found in Silesia, which overlaps with Poland. I've predicted that the False Prophet or anti-Christ will be a mouse liner, and Musks/Muscats are also MOUSquette's. I believe that God linked the mouse to Obama, descended from Singletarys. Moisky-like Mieszko's were from a mythical mouse tower, namely from Piast the Wheelwright, and the Wheelwright antelope is connectable to the Mousquette / Singletary antelope. Mosca's/Muscas' were first found in Piast-like Pisa.

Recall the "muscas" motto term of Drake's, translated as "fly," for the tail of the Drake dragon looks like code for 666. Note the "flying" term in the Kerry description. John Kerry (still involved in building the global government) claimed to have a Purple Heart, and was Obama's foreign secretary in the four years leading up to Fauci's 2017 "prediction" that a massive virus (just planned media hype from first to last) would hit the world under Trump's four years. The HIV crimes exploited by Tony Fauci are perhaps pointed to by the HIVE in the Kerry Crest. Here's from an old update: "...the Kerry-Crest description: 'A black beehive with gold bees FLYING.' It just so happens that FLINGs/Flynns use a white-on-blue wolf, the Scarf symbol, and that, in colors reversed, is the blue-on-white wolf in the Arms of Placentia i.e. on the Trebia river!" The same update has the Flynn Crest recorded as "A RIGHT HAND holding a serpent.' The 666 goes on the right hand. The Rights/WRIGHTs look linkable to Wheelwrights, for I think the Flynn Chief is the Treby Chief.

Kerrys were first found in central Wales at least roughly where CLERMONTs/Clements (almost share the Flynn / Treby Chief) were first found, and near Denbighshire, where Flynn kin can be found. I'm wondering whether the flying grasshopper this week is God's warning of famine, for locusts are a symbol for that. The 666 makes famine possible, a thing Bill Gates would love to see, because he has a demonic attitude toward lots of people crowding HIS earth. There are rich fat cats who think the planet belongs to "blessed ones" such as they.

Rights/Wrights (look like Stevenson/STAVE kin) share the leopard faces of Scottish Doors while English Doors use bees on what otherwise looks like the Gates Coat if the Irish-Door lion is used instead. Doria's were first found in Genova with Segni's/Segurana's sharing a similar Coat to the Right/Wright Coat. PilGRIMs use STAVES (staffs), and Seagars use a caduceus STAFF. Are we back to the purple throne? The Right/Write Chief is in the colors of the Douglas Chief while Douglas' share the salamander-in-flames with Sagans/SEGANs. Monaco's share the Medal/Dougal lion, and while Grimaldus married the daughter of Rollo of More, Douglas' (Moray stars) were first found in Moray. Murrays use "Imperio," and Doria's married Arduinici in Imperia, near Monaco, explaining why MacArthurs (share Seagar moline) have the Segni/Segurana moline in colors reversed.

With Fauci's looking like a branch of Segni-loving Face's, note that the latter share the cross of Baths and Scottish Randolphs (Moray), for the latter use horseshoes and a bat. That sentence deserves a paragraph all it's own. But purple-quadrant Cooks use a horseshoe too, which is a very-common Polish symbol. Cooks were first found in Essex with Brocks and Brooks, recalling the BROCHwicz line of purple-buckle Sobeks. Brocks share the Stick Coat, and they are from Astikas' who married Traby. Seagars have both Masci wings in Crest, and tell that they may have named Segre in Anjou, and a Broc location of Anjou is found in the Brook write-up. I keep getting the impression that the 666 will involve purchasing prohibitions for the unvaccinated.

Brooks have a "PerseveRANDo" motto term while Rands share the triple chevrons of Wheelwright-connectable Singletarys. Jonathan Dunham (Obama ancestry) changed his surname to Singletary, and Dunhams named the Dunham-Masci location. There's a chevron above the 6 on your keyboard so that triple chevrons might have been devised / reserved for lines that connect back to an original family using some 666 symbolism.

Skiptons use purple while Skippers share the Flynn besants suspect as the Treby besants. Savards/Savarys, expected in "PerSEVERando," use the same besants-on-blue. English Saffers/SAVARys probably apply, whose motto reveals them to be from Julius Avitus, husband of Julia Bassianus Maesa, sister-in-law of emperor SEVERus. Just as I was looking at the Saffer/Savary Coat, wondering whether their vaired fesse is close to the same of Bachs/Baghs, a song sang "beckon." It turned out that Beckens/Beckers/Bachels (share Hick / Rench fleur) have giant annulets, linkable to the giant annulet of the Vita's in the Saffer/Savary motto. Beckers are a Beach/Bech branch. Bachs/Baghs were first found in Denbighshire (beside Flynn-connectable Flintshire) with the BATHers who happen to share the Scarf Coat!!! AMAZING. It looks like the horseshoe-bat line of Bath-related Randolphs!

Actually, what am I so excited about if this is warning us of the vaccine-related 666? There's an underlying sickness in me for the things that I'm writing here, but, thank God, He seems to be warning us, and if so, He'll also protect us to a degree.

Miss Hicks (can be a symbol of a false prophet) took my hands in prayer (in church) when I wore the TREBle-CLEF tie that pointed to the Traby scarf exactly/about the time the tire was going flat. Cleffs/Cliffs are said to have married the Stick-branch Styche's. Was that a event with her a pointer of my Masci line to the Mieszko mouse tower? Looks like now. Flatts/Fletts (linkable to Fleets and Flags/Flacks) look like the "Flyth" variation in the Fly write-up while on a Flagi location. Fly's were first found in Hampshire with Bidens/BUTTons, and BUTTERflies are used by Tulls/Tullia's, and Tullia of Lyon was wife, or the mother of the wife, of Decimus RUSTicus. Roosts/Rusts are in Bat colors and format, both using a black saltire to go with the same-colored Butter/Bitar and Aflack crosses.

The flat tire was on my Saffer-like Safari VAN (it wasn't flat when I parked it and walked into church). I found a 666 in a Phoenix-like term, And Fane's/PHONE's/VANs, and branch of Phoenix's with a Venice-like Fenick variation, may be pointed to by the Safari van. Mythical Phoenix produced mythical Europa, who rode on the back of the Zeus bull when she was raped, which I think is the reason God has the Global Slut riding the back of the anti-Christ in Revelation 17, just before the anti-Christ rapes, burns and murders her. That looks like Russia bombing Europe to me.

Let me re-explain how Diane Muschatov points to Mr. Zlochevsky. The latter has/had a shoe and boot boutique on the Dnieper river of Ukraine, and the article says that they are made of crocodile leather. It just so happens that the Diane's/Deans share the full motto of Irish Dene's/Deans who use the only heraldic crocodile I know of. Scottish Deans share the Segni/Segurana moline. Therefore, I think, the Russian medallion has something to do with Zlochevsky and his partner in crime, Igor KoloMOISKy. The Dean motto includes, "NIHil," and Nail-branch Neils are also Nihills.

Let me go over it again briefly. The medallion took me to Medals/Dougals who share the DOWell lion (and Warwick lion too, etc.), and Dows/DOVE's and Dives' share dancetty fesses while I dove or dived into lake Rosseau. The Dows/Dove's have a motto, "Patiens," and the Patiens surname is also "Putin." It's a neat-little package, and Diane's/Deans were even first found in Sussex with Diens/DIVES', is that not amazing? The other surname with "patiens" is the Coke's, a branch of Cooks with a horseSHOE. Shoe's are used by German Trips, though they once showed boots, and I've been tracing "Trip" to Trypillians (Ukraine!) for a lot longer than I've known of Zlochevsky. It's mind boggling that one article I read told that Trypillia was south of Kiev, for that's the location of the Dnieper river i.e. where Zlochevsky has/had his shoe store. The Coke's / Cooks / Cocks / Chochs could very well be from "Gog," and so let's remind that Cooks share purple with the Grimaldi throne.

Amazingly, the Michael with the wrench event has a wife whose sister married Vladimir of the Ukraine. Pointer to Vladimir PUTIN's partners in Ukraine? The fact that lake Rosseau had a wrench event too seems to clinch a Rosseau pointer to Russians. This is intriguing.

[Insert -- for a fuller explanation of this insert, see an insert further below. The Boots were first found in Berkshire with Arks/Arch's and Modens, from the Arc river to which Tarquinii-like elements trace in the insert below, and in fact I traced them to Tarun of Lake Van, where Rusa ruled who was probably the proto-Russians. Tarquinii' brought Tarans/Terents to topic, who were at Rushton and Rawston. Loading the latter two, I saw that Rawstons share the gold tower with Patients, but this was realized only because I loaded the "Patience" motto term of Rushtons (Suty / Side kin) to see the Patiens'/Putins pop up. Putin is a Russian ruler. Coincidence? End Insert]

The cocaine at the Warwick seems to have the significance of pointing to Grimaldi kin. Chocks/Chicks share the Warwick Coat, and Kicks are in Cooksey colors and format. Cookseys share the CHAMBERlain motto, and Chambre is on the ARC river while Kicks/Kechs can be using a version of the ARCHiBALD Coat. The Medals/Dougals pointed to BALD-brand and boat-like Bauds. If, therefore, Hersheys/Herci's were Ark-river liners too, we have my Hersheys cocoa to topic again. Hersheys chocolate goes with Coke / Chock/Chick liners. The amazing thing is, the Coco's (Venice) share the wings of the other Irish Dene's/Deans! What a coincidence, but what does my Warwick event (represents mobsterish business) have to do with Zlochevsky? I purchased a Texas property from Mrs. Teague, and she lived on a Cooksey ranch while Teague's/TEEGERs were first found in Galway with both Irish Dene/Dean surnames. Chamberlains are in Arthur/ARCHibure colors and format.

Dene-like DENts use a tiger to go with Teegers, and the "inDUSTRia" motto term of Dents is suspect with DUSTers while Dusts are D'Ousts too. D'Oust is where Hotts/HOTTELs were first found who came up as per the Warwick hotel. The "diem" motto term of Teague can be connected via Diems/DITTmayers to the STRIPE-less tiger of Ditts/Dyots (four links to a chain), perhaps part-code for a Strip-like surname to go with Warwick's strippers. Stirrups/Stirpe's were first found in Nottinghamshire with Hersheys/Herci's. The "conSPICi" motto term of Ark-connectable Chamberlains (and Cookseys) can be for the Spike variation of Specks, and the latter happen to have a Coat looking linkable to Hotts/Hottels. The first time I mentioned the latter in this update, I said that they share the Beef/Boeuf fesse, and here one can add that Chamberlains share the three scallops of Bardys, first found in Perigord with Beefs/Boeufs. The same scallops are used by Daggers, first found in Cumberland with Warwicks.

Wow, while Hersheys chocolate goes with Coke liners, and "bon" is a Cocaine motto term while Maybee's/Mabbe's, who share the stripe-less, white tiger with Ditts/Dyots, have a tiger-version of the Bon/Bono Coat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Miss Hicks was a stripper, and Hicks share "en bon" with Cocaine's. In fact, while cocaine is also "toot," Hicks use a "Tout en bon" phrase. It strikes me here that CocAINE's/CocAYNE's were from a Cock-Ains / Cock-Ainsley merger because Ainsleys and their Annas branch were first found in Nottinghamshire with Hersheys who in turn almost have the Annas Shield. Ditts/Dyots (Dee's/Die's) were first found in Staffordshire with Hicksons, and "Hic" is a Dee/Die motto term. Dyot-like Dye's are listed with Tie's sharing the Cooksey stars.

Reapers/Rape's/Rafe's ("book" in Crest?) have a version of the Cooksey Coat, but with perhaps the ARCHibald bend-with-crescent. I first met Verne Archibald (became my landlord) when building his DECK, and as Verne's have a version of the Kid Coat ("ORbem") while Kids essentially share the Archibald Crest, I can view that event as a God-inspired one. I can now say that while Decks/DAGGers should be from Mieszko I = Dago, Decks/Daggers (Massey fleur) were first found in Prussia with Mieske's/Mesechs, and moreover Mieszko's were of the Pollocks of Moray's Rothes while Kids and Verne's share the Moray stars. Verne's were first found in Forez, and Forez's/Fore's love the Travers while RICK Legge and TREVOR assisted in building the deck. Ricks with Rich's/Richess' are probably from "Richeza," wife of Mieszko II.

AHH WOW, the AYNES'/Ennis' have the Hershey Chief-Shield colors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's not a surprise, really, but what a surprise it is. Hersheys CocAYNE! The beautiful woman at the Warwick was an Ainsley-Earhardt look-alike. The only difference between the Aynes and Hershey Coats is that Aynes put a blue saltire in their Chief, and that looks like the Nail/Nagle and Gale saltire because Gale's were once said to be first found in Cornwall with Aynes'. Gale's, I am very sure, named TintaGEL (Cornwall), where a myth writer had king Arthur's birth. He was code for the Arthurs, from ONEGLia's Arduinici. Nagle's and Gale's share the Hott/Hottel fesse, and Nagle's use a nightinGALE. Ainsley EARhardt married nail-using Proctors, and Proctor-like Brocato's use "EARs of wheat." Stirrips/Stirpe's use what look like ears of corn (can be code for Cornwall liners), and so perhaps Sleeping Beauty represents Epstein-formulated, high-class strippers. (For the record, "valore" is an Aynes motto term, and the Aynes Crest has a boar head with an arrow through it.)

The Warwick hotel was on Dundas, and Dundas' (West Lothian) may have the Essays in their "Essayez" motto term. Essays are listed with such surnames as "IsSARDs/EsSARTs, and then Lizarts/Sarde's (look linkable to both Grassi Coats) were first found in Provence, which has a border near Grasse. The French Grassi'/Grasse's (Provence) are in Warwick and Arms-of-Grasse colors. I've claimed that the Stevensons/STAVE's (in the "staves" of PilGRIMs) are related to the Provence surname, and here we have more evidence because Issards/Essarts share the green leopard FACE with the other English Stevensons/STEPhensons (both first found in Northumberland with Lambs). Provence's share the stars and chevron of French Lamberts, and the latter use two chevrons, in the colors of the three of French Grassi's/Grasse's (Provence). French Lamberts look like kin of Billiards/Billets (Maine).

To help prove that God is using Falls/Fallis' for a pointer to the FALSE Prophet, the Italian Falls/Fallis' were out of Venice with Italian Grassi's i.e. linkable to the lamb of Grasse. Grassi's are said to have been out of Venice but first found in Lambert-like LOMBARDy. Italian Lombards are said to be out of Venice too.

Stevens/STEPhens were first found in Gloucestershire with Essays/Issards/Essarts. The latter look like Hesse-Sarde liners because West Lothian with where Bathgate's were first found sharing the Hesse sun. It's also the sun of Poussins/Fors;, first found in Maine with DeMaine's. I lived on Demaine when at the Warwick, and dated Sharon Pasco / Pascal / Pascel (I forget the spelling) the following summer who likewise lived on Demaine at the time. French Pascals use the Lamas'/Lamasse and Arms-of-Grasse lamb! Maine's (beside Jarvis') are in Jarvis colors and format. English Esse's (Devon, same as Maine's and English Billets) are listed with Ash's/Aschs while German Ash's/Aschs would have the Grassi/Grasse Coat if it had a blue Shield. Essays/Issards/Essarts share the dolphin with Scottish Cassels and James', and Hesse is paired with Cassel. Scottish Cassels are in Jarvis colors and format, and while the hotel was at Jarvis and Dundas, Jarvis' (share black scallops with James') come up as "GerVASE" while Face's/Fessys come up as "Vase."

The interesting thing here is that while Scottish Cassels share much of the Kennedy Coat and full motto, Irish Kennedys have another dolphin while Scottish Kennedys were first found in Ayrshire with their cousins, the Carricks/GARRICKs/GARROCKs. Warwicks are also WARRICKs/WARROCKs. Hmmm. Carricks are from Lupus Laevillus. GARlands share the Coat of German Stevens, and there was one powerful GUERin of Provence. Stevensons/Stave's use a "garland."

While Scottish Weirs (share Stevenson/Stave stars) share the WARE boar, Irish Weirs share the Grimaldi Shield, almost. Carricks/Garricks love the axe-using Biens, and while Warwicks/Warricks use the axe too, the Bien axe is in the colors of the HAWKeswells axe while Hawks happen to use PURPLE "pilgrim's stave's." At least some heraldic purple (not an official color, can be reserved) looks like it's of the purple Grimaldi throne. Hawkeswells were first found in Suffolk with Fieschi-like Fisks/Fiscs. The latter have a Shield similar to the Grimaldi and COCK Shields, and so let's remind that my roommate took me down to the Warwick and gave me a little COKE. By what coincidence do Coke's and purple-quadrant Cooks share the ostrich in Crest with Carricks/GARRICKs/GARROCKs, WOW!

AHHHHHHH, CRACK Cocaine!!!! The Warwick link to Carricks looks like a pointer to crack cocaine. Note the Hershey write-up: "Another source notes that PILLERton Hercy in WARWICKshire was named from Hugh de Hercy, to whom it was granted by King John." Cocaine's were first found in Warwickshire too. Pillers are listed with PILLOWs/Pilotte's, and the former crack-cocaine addict, Mike Lindell, owns My Pillow. But why would my chocolate coffee point to him aside from what more it's pointed to? As CocAYNE's look like a Coke-line merger with Aynes', is Lindell going to breakthrough on Fox news on Ainsley Earhardt's show? Won't she get fired if she tries that?

Hersheys look like Annas kin, the Shops/Shorelands/Sherlands/Shirlands, linkable to Schere's/Scherfs, have the Annas Chief-Shield colors but with a dancette in Chief in Carrick-dancette colors. Shops entered the medallion event because the medallion was found when returning to my Jeep with a shopping cart of GROCEries. Groce's/Greggs/Graggs look like a branch of Carrick-colored Greggs or Carrick-branch Craigs. Cracks/Cricks were first found in Yorkshire with the Craggs sharing the Carrick dog.

"Crack cocaine, commonly known simply as crack, and also known as ROCK, is a free base form of cocaine that can be SMOKEd." On the same day as the newspaper and coffee in Victoria, Texas, I slept in CRYSTAL city, where I say God pointed to ROCK-using Roachs's and SMOKE's/Rauch's. The Smoke's came to topic due to black smoke out my tailPIPE at that time, and "Crack cocaine is commonly smoked in a pipe..." Therefore, did God arrange my stay in Crystal city to point to crystal meth? The drug trade, that is. Miss Hicks indicated to me that she attended church in Crystal City.

REMINDER: the beautiful blond was standing beside the stairs = steps, and Stepps/STEPtows are the reason I highlighted "STEPhens" above. Stepps/Steptows use the German Bush Coat, and it's a giant fleur-de-lys linkable to the ones of Stephensons and Provence's. Bush-like Bosco's use "TUFTs of GRASS," and Tufts/Tuffs' (Cheshire, same as Touch's/Tuffs) are a branch of Touch's/Tuffs/TOWS!!! StepTOWs!!! The Stepps/Steptows just brought us to Grasse liners, right? Touch's/Tuffs share the green lion with Lorraine's, and Lorraine the babe was a beautiful blond too who pointed to Bush branches in various ways, including her grass STAIN. English STEINS (Norfolk, same as Pilgrims) are a Stevenson branch! No guff. The Bosco "pillars" could be related to PILgrims, not only because Pillars are also Pile's, and not only because English Pills/Pile's (Northumberland, same as Grasse-connectable Lambs/LUMs in the Stevenson/Stave/STEINson motto) share the Stein leopard face, but Pillers/Pilotte's are expected as a branch of Pilate's/Pilotte's in Warwick colors and format.

Note that English Lums/Limbs/Lombs (share lamb-Lum fesse) are in RUSH/Rish colors and format, for Lorraine the babe pointed to the cult of Charles Russell, and Russells share the goat of German Steins, white like the Bush goat head. I believe that the presidential Bush's were nazified Americans who came to run the country from a deep-state / shadow-government position. This world is in trouble by scare-mongering tyrants who care not for humans, and who have decided to deceive the masses in order to have them be at peace with their tyrannical rule. False hope on a plate for all the stupids who throw truth to the ground, and attack the people who stick to truth as though they were telling lies. TROUBLE is coming, and is already here.


I'm starting to wonder whether Stew Peters and Jane Ruby have been duped by a fake report from Spanish scientists claiming to find graphene oxide in Pfizer vaccines. Why are other anti-Fauci people, such as Steve Bannon, not talking about graphene? How can Bannon not make at least a comment on how he feels about it? This is problematic, what's going on? If Bannon thinks this is a farce, doesn't he owe his listeners / viewers his explanation, and his reporting back on it? YES. Bannon says he's not an anti-vaxxer, but he's catering to anti-COVID vaxxers regularly.

Jane Ruby was on the Peters show this week telling above Novavax, where she says that viruses are removed from moths for formulation of a human-delivered vaccine. NO THANKS. So, I looked up the Moth surname follows by Nova's, and that alone became a story because Nova's (Spanish) are in the colors and format of Portuguese Mota's. Moths use a giant tower in the colors of Italian Mota's and Motels. Usually, heraldic towers she a gateway but without a gate, yet the Moths show a GATE, no guff. The Arks/Arch's show arched gateways (no gates), which are used in towers too, and the Arks/Arch's have three gateways in colors reversed from the three towers-with-gateways of English Tours/Thors. French Tours have the giant Moth tower without gate. MODane is on the Arc river, and so Mota's, Motels and Moths look like branches of the namers of Modane. Again, Modens/Modeys were first found in Berkshire with Arks/Arch's. Motels (Calabria, same as Mota's) share a white-winged horse with Nova-like Navys/Neve's (knight with plumed helmet).

Italian Mota's share the roses of Scottish Paisleys/Pasleys, and English Pasleys were first found in Berkshire with Arks/Arch's. Pollocks at Paisley built Rothes castle in Moray, and the Mota roses are shared also by Bellys of Moray. Bellys are fantastic here because they share the eight-pointed Duc/LeDuc stars, thus pointing to James LeDuc of the Galveston National Laboratory. We've yet to hear what his role at Wuhan was. On the day I was mugged in Galveston, God provided a coffee for me in Victoria, Texas. That coffee was responsible for my finding that Coffee's/Coffer's use a "victoria" motto term, and that the Coffee/Coffer Crest shares the Arms of Taranto, where Motels are said to have had a branch.

Bellys share the Moor heads of Morano's, first found in Moden-like Modena with Marano's. The Italian Marone's are excellent here for being first found in Calabria with Mota's and Motels. More than that, Morano is a location at the Calabria border, on the Sybaris river. It speaks for itself in linking Mota's and Motels to the namers of Modena. The Morinis' were first found in Modena too, yet they are in the write-up of Deerings. The Deering write-up: "The surname Deering was first found in Kent where the family claim descendancy from "Norman de Morinis, whose ancestor, Vitalis FitzOSBERT, lived in the reign of Henry II. Norman de Morinis married the daughter of Deringus..." The Osberts/Osborns share a "bello" (!) motto term with Bouillons, the latter first found in Auvergne, and while the back-drop to the Auvergne Coat is in the Poole Coat, the giant Auvergne tower is that of Tours and Moths.

Clearly, the "bello" motto term is for Bellys because they have the Morano Moor heads, and so Moray's namers might have been from Morano in the first place. I had found a way to trace Szekelys peoples from the Sicel namers of Sicily to the Mures river of Romania. Bouillons use "bello CHRISTi," and my best is that Christs named Crystal.

Motts come up as "Morte" = death, and they share the crescent of Deaths/Darths. The latter were first found in Kent with Deerings and English Neve's while Scottish Neve's look like they may have been kin of Elis' / Elias' who share the Mott / Death crescent. It's interesting that Motts are said to have been in Brittany's Mott location while Brittany is where Duc's/LeDucs were first found. The latter's eight-pointed star is white, the color of the eight-pointed estoile in the Mott Crest. It just so happens that Moths were first found in Lorraine with Duck-liner Bar-le-Duc.

The mugger frightened me so much, I checked into a motel at about 2 am. Otherwise, I was willing to sleep in the back of the truck very two nights. After the Victoria coffee, checked into a motel in Crystal City, and Crystals share the thistle with Fauchs. Paisleys have another thistle, and while I've said this already, it's got to be repeated because we just saw how the Novavax took us to Paisleys. Look at how quickly and neatly Novavax heraldry took us to where we are now. "Nova" means "new," and God arranged for a NEWSpaper in Victoria too. I drove into a store to get a newspaper, picked up a coffee too, and zoomed out of Victoria as fast as I came in. Paisleys share the anchor of Pas-like Packs, first found in Sussex with COFFERts.

God must have provided cockROACHes in the Crystal-City motel, because they went together with the smoke out the tailpipe earlier that day and into the next. The mugger would have driven off with this truck, and with my wallet, and my shirt, had it started for him. It wouldn't start, and he fled. It started for me on the third turn of my spare key. So, God gave the truck a minor problem that disappeared the next day because he was looking out for me. The point in repeating this here is that Roach's share the fish of English Neve's. This fish is the only thing in the Shield, and it's bendwise i.e. it acts as a bend. It's in the colors of the Smoke/RAUCH bend, and the latter is the only thing that appears in its Coat too. However, the Smoke/Rauch bend rises to the left side of the Shield, same as the bend of Jewish Rothchilds (not "Rothschild").

It turns out that the German NOVAX's share the Smoke/Rauch / Rothchild bend while Rothchilds share the hexagram of the Czech and Ukrainian Novax's. Rothschilds/Roddensteins and Rothes' were first found in Bayern, and Bayers (with Beers) share the upright and giant brown bear with Czech and Ukrainian Novaks. Are Rothschilds behind Novavax?

Jewish Rothchild love the Rose's (beside Rothes castle), as do Paisleys. Rothschild descended from Rothes castle, and seem linkable to Rockefellers in some way along the line of their history. Roach's use a rock. Smoke's/Rauch's were first found in Bavaria with Rothes' (share Rook raven) and proto-Rothschild Bauers. The latter were first found partly in Austria with Crystal-like Christs (more roses).

So, this picture I've drawn for you is all connectable to the Novavax. I've not heard about this vaccine until this week, and with the mRNA vaccines taking a bashing, Novavax is a horse coming up fast from behind. The fat-cat investors are looking at it (to make easy money, what else do they do?). I don't want a chemical in me that comes from moths I've never met just to make fat cats money they don't deserve to gobble up. There's no money they can gobble that isn't our money. We pay for needs, and they pocket the money. They want vaccines to become a need, not a luxury.

Pollocks can be traced to Poole by way of Rita's, the latter first found in Rome with Faucet-connectable Sforza's (almost the Rita Coat), and with LUCiano's who share the Roach Coat. This fish is in the colors of the Luce/Lucy pike fish. Luciano's throw in a gold Chief so that they look like kin of Wigans, first found in Cambridgeshire with newsPAPER-using News'/Nuces'. Papers use carNATIONs, and Nations/Nathans can be gleaned with Nathan Rothschild, the first Rothschild after Mayer Bauer, Nathan's father, changed his surname to, Rothschild. Nations/Nathans were first found in Nottinghamshire with the Annas' who essentially share the Wigan Coat.

CARnations can be part-code for Irish Carrs who have a white, six-pointed estoile in Crest to almost match the estoile in the Mott Crest. The ESToiles in the Carr Shield (Italian Este colors) are in both colors of the Duc/LeDuc star! That woiks, and it woiks even better than Fauci's New-Yoke accent where Papers look like kin of Bellys in-turn sharing the Duc/LeDuc star. "Est" is a motto term of Roach's and Pipe-branch Pepins, and so while the black tailPIPE smoke was in Crystal City with the roaches heard all night behind the wallPAPER, by what coincidence do Pepins, Poppins/Pophams and Crystals share "Mens" in their mottoes? Pepins share the horse heads of English Este's, first found in Essex with Faux's/Fauks'.

Repeat: "It just so happens that Moths were first found in Lorraine with Duck-liner Bar-le-Duc." Jane Rubys said that Novavax is made using moths. The Brunswick Barrs/Baars with branch at Bar-le-Duc were Este kin, and Scottish Barrs even show the Este eagle to prove it. Rothschilds/Roddensteins (eight-pointed stars) were first found in Brunswick.

I've just found Vachs, checked as per "NovaVAX," in case God made arrangements. Vachs (listed with Veitch's/Veach's/Vitch's) happen to have a "FACTis" motto term looking like it's for Fauci-like Faucets. The latter's castle was built by Saer de Quincy (in the Sforza "quince"), and Quince's/Quincy's look very linkable to Seneca's via the Rouens. Rouen was Rollo's capital at the VEXIN, and while Paisleys/Pasleys were from Pasi's/Pascels, the Passe's/Pascals ate in the Rollo motto. As Rollo's More is expected with the namers of Moray, it should explain why Bellys of Moray share the Rollo chevron. Bellys share the Mota / Paisley roses.

Rollo's look linkable to the Bellys and Irish Marone's. This duo was mentioned above in the Morinis section. Morinis of the Deerings were related to Osborns (Kent, same as Deerings), and the Osborns have a "PAX in bello" motto while Packs share the Paisley anchor while Paisleys share the Belly roses. The Deerings have stag heads in the colors of the same of Poppins/POPhams, and while the latter share "Mens" with CRYSTals, the latter have a POPlar tree. Bouillons use "bello CHRISTi." Crystal City brought the Smoke's/Rauch's and Roach's to topic, both of whom look linkable to Neve's, first found in Kent with Deerings. It's woiking like a Fauci accent again. Vachs show nothing but three black bulls heads, ditto for Walerans (share tiger with Osborns) and Waldrons, the latter first found in Sussex with Packs / Cofferts.

[Update Oct. 2021 -- For a while now, I've been saying that Crystals use a poplar tree for connection to surnames like "Popham." It turns out, thanks to Hall of Names, to be a fir tree, but this is even better for linking to Pepins and Pipe's because the two can be gleaned using part of the Rasmussen Coat while Rasmussens and Firs/Fire's share the same giant unicorn. Pepins and Pophams share "Mens" in their motto with Crystals. End update]

"Pax in" looks like it can be for the Packins listed with Fage-like variations. French Fage's are listed with Faux's, and English Faux's/Fauks, said to be a branch of Vaux's/VALLIbus," have a mascle colors reversed from the same of Whalleys (in Waleran colors and format). The Vos' (Mecklenburg, same as Ice's/Ecco's) in the Waleran motto probably use a fox. To help prove that the Vack motto has the Faucets (East Lothian, same as Vaux's/Vallibus'), they have a, "EXTENdimus FACTis" phrase, and that can be partly for Ectons/Actons using an "avance" motto term while Vance's are listed with Vaux's/Vallibus'. This is how we play this game.

I've just been reminded of "extenDERE" motto terms that thus look like part-code for Deering liners, for Deers are Dere's too. The first such-term I've found in my files is with Neels/Neals, and it's elongated to "extendere factis"! The first term in that motto, "VailLANCE," will link to the lance of Italian Dere's, and then Deerings were from Morano-branch Morinis'. Morano is on the Sybaris river with Saracena, the line to Sharks, first found in Tyrone with Neils/NIHills. Neels/Neals were first found in Wiltshire with the Calls/Calles' who in turn use three TRUMPets in the colors and format of the Roach fish. Trump is part of the vaccination programs. He's too deep in it to speak against it now. But surprise me. Like most politicians, he'll go the way of the main political winds. Neils/Nails/Nagle's get us to Irish Nagle who use "Non" that gets the Non variation of Neve-like Nevins, and they come up as Noms to, expected in the "NOMen" motto term of Neels/Neals. The Neild variation of the latter may have named Knee's and their Needham branch, as well as Kness' (Neel/Neal and Non/Nevin colors) with another "non" motto term.

Fauci is a cut-throat shark, doesn't he even know it? Yessir. The Sleeping Beauty dream held out some form of God's victory over the shark in a kidney-shaped pool, and Kidneys/GEDneys use two fish in colors reversed from the Ged pikes, in a saltire in the colors of the Neil/Nail/Nagle saltire. The victory started when I touched her knee, and if that's also a touching of her leg as a pointer to Leggs, then one may theorize that Trump will save the world from the Fauci shark when he comes back to power to eradicate mandatory vaccines. Or, her leg can be for the leg-using Prophets/Profetts, and pointing to the False Prophet. I don't know for a fact that the rising of Sleeping Beauty was a victory theme; it's just what it looks like to me in contrast with the bulldog (= Trump) in the shark's throat in that pool. The dog walked past my leg at knee height (because it was a short-stout British bulldog), and JUMPed into the pool so that it ended up half into the mouth of the shark, with a rink of shark teeth circling its BELLY.

Jumps, sharing the Belly roses, share the Trump stag head, almost the Legg stag head. Bellys were related to LeDucs. The Bullys in the Jump write-up even owned the place (Wombwell) where Jumps were, and Bullys were first found in Dumfries with Leggs and Belly-like Bells. If you like tackling and cracking mysteries, there's one for ya.

As I've said and shown, I could not tell whether the dog fell or jumped into the pool, and so I've chosen both because Fells have the eight-pointed LeDuc stars in colors reversed, and Fellers have a version of the false-like Falls/Fallis Coat. I've told this fall-jump into the pool from many years ago, before LeDuc was known by me, before the COVID scheme, before Trump was my topic (I used to ignore him in his "you're-fired" days).

Ah, I've found some evidence that Jumps were a branch of Gumps listed with Gumms/Gomers. Biblical Gomer was thought to have turned into Cimmerians who named such things as the Cimbri peoples of Denmark, and Trumps were first found on the steps of southern Denmark. The Gumps/Gumms/Gomers share the solid chevron of Packins/Fagans, first found in Tyrone with Sharks! I like that. It's woiking. And it just so happens that Packins/Fagans use a motto term, "PATRIAeque," while Patria's/Peartree's share the Trump stag head!!!! Stupendous. The Jumps with Trump stag head took us to another Trump stag head via the Morinis-related Osborns, and Morano is at the Cimbri-like Sybaris river with Shark-line Saracena! The dream's props have layers-upon-layers of meanings / learnings.

Sarasins (the surname) were first found in Brittany, which was filled with Welsh, whom were a Cymbri tribe themselves. A David Faux writes: "Markale (1976) wrote that the Cimbri, were associated with the Helvetii, and more especially with the indisputably Celtic Tiguri". In the Bible, Gomer birthed TOGARmites, who could possibly have become the Tiger-like Tiguri." We saw a tiger with the Osborns who use "Pax in," from which I brought Packins/Fagans to topic. The Cimbri were also related to TEUTONes, and the "Tout en" motto phrase of Hicks is interesting there. In fact, they use a "Tout en BON" phrase, and while Boii were at Bononia, BOIORix was a Cimbri king. Fauk writes: "Also, all the known Cimbri chiefs had Celtic names including, Boiorix (King of the Celtic Boii tribe of Italy and Bohemia)..."

When I said, "Pollocks can be traced to Poole by way of Rita's," I meant from Vespasia Polla of Rieti, where Reeds trace who use "PAX COPia," partly for the Cups/Cope's (Aberdeenshire, same as Scottish Reeds). It looks like they love the Paisley-related Packs too, and as Paisley-line Pasi's were first found in Bologna with Panico's/Pane's, cup-using Packins and their Fagan variation look like branches of the Pagan variation of Paine-related Payens. The Panico/Pane Chief is reflective of the Pack Chief, rending to disclose Paisleys / Pasleys as softened Pagan liners. Pero's share the hexagram of Pagans/Payens, and the latter's is PIERced.

The PANT stain of Lorraine may even be a pointer to Obama's crime-cover-upper, LEON PANETTa, because Panetta's are listed with Panico's/Pane's, and I trace the Peter names of Vespasia's household to the Peter-line PierLEONi Jews at Rome, where Rita's were first found who use "PIECES of wood." Peace's/PAISE's, you see, share the doves (same colors) of Pansys/PANTzers! Plus, just remembered that the savage of Woods traces to SAVIGliano (where Pelosi's were first found), in CUNeo, where I trace Conys who have a rabbit holding a pansy, the symbol of Bar-le-Duc in Lorraine!! The Pansys/Pantzers were first found in Westphalia with the Ducks who created Bar-le-DUC, and so her pant stain thus looks like a pointer to James LeDuc! Peace's/Paise's may even be using the fesse of Coffee's/Coffers (cups) fesse so as to link back to my coffee the day I drove out of Galveston! That is the best-ever interpretation of her pant stain.

The Stains were even married to Yarborough's have wreath-like items in the colors of the same of DUKE's/Dooks! How can that happen just because Lorraine gets a pant stain? God must have arranged it, a pointer of her stain to LeDuc of Galveston. As the Stain Crest shares a hand from a cloud holding a wreath-like object with Stevensons/Stave's/STEINsons/STEANsons, it appears that Stains were Stein liners, and German Steins even share the Russell goat while Lorraine pointed to Charles Russell. English Steins have a different-colors version of the other Stevenson Coat, but with the Peare/Pearl LEOpard faces (Pierleoni were named after a Peter and a Leo).

The Yarborough Shield is a reflection of the Neel/Neal Coat, and while the latter were first found in Wiltshire (beside Roets, Church's and Pierce's/PIERs all of Somerset) with Book-like Box's, the latter share a demi-gold griffin in Crest with Duke's/Dooks...recalling her Bush-like bus symbol because Bus' share the Dog/Doag/Dock cinquefoil while the Westphalia Ducks are also Dockers. The Box's even share the Neel/Neal lion!!! Reeds and Roets use the book. The Neels/Neals must have the three greyhound heads of Church's (though in Yarborough colors) because Lorraine lived on Church street, and probably got her stain while on a walk there. If she and he went up Lorne avenue (the only other immediate option from her place), they would be fast into the lights of Yonge street, not the place to get down and dirty on someone's lawn...probably behind some bushes because Church's are in Bush colors and format while Bosco's use "tufts of grass." The Bush family descended from Walk-like Walkers as well as from Barbara PIERCE.

Church's have a black dog head in Crest while Neels/Neals have a black wolf head in Crest, another reason to assume that they share greyhound heads due to a marital merger. And Tufts share the Knee phoenix while NEEDham-related Knee's may have been from Neels/Neals/NEILDs. The NEEDs/Name's/Neems share griffin heads with Neel/Neal-related Box's, and the griffin head in the Need/Name/Neems Crest is the green one of Fenns/Venns (Devon, same as Duke's/Dooks), whom I see as a branch of Phoenix's/FENwicks. The Neels/Neals use a Neem-like "NOMen" motto term looking like code undoubtedly for Noms/Nons/Nevins (share Fenn/Venn fesse) who just came up as "Nam" and "Nem" too!

A square container or box did point to Phoenix election fraud along with Lorraine's Finch bus station and her babe symbol.

PLUS, while Knee's and Needhams share the stag head of Vise's/Vice's (Sussex, same as COFFERts), "ViVIS" is a Non/Nevin motto term. It recalls (which I've told many times) my VICE-grips plyers (a wrench?) that I had handy when sleeping in Galveston in the back of the pick-up truck (got mugged anyway). I locked the hatch from the inside by clamping the vice-GRIPs to the lock mechanism. The Leslie's use a "Grip" motto term, and share the green griffin head of Needs/Name's//Neems, CAN WE BELIEVE IT?! Nons/Noms/Nams/Nems/Nevins (Barr colors), who share the crescent of Kness', were first found in Ayrshire with Este-related Barrs, and the Stain-related Yarborough's not only share "Non" with Kness' but use a "Non est" phrase! Yarborough's were first found in Lincolnshire with Needs/Name's/Neems. Needhams (the Phoenix/Fenwick Crest exactly) use "NUNc AUT NUNquam," and the "modo" motto term of Nuns may be bringing us back to Mota / Moth liners who look connectable to Nova's. Sleeping Beauty was given a KNEE symbol at her AUTo. Lorraine's were first found in Northumberland with Phoenix's/Fenwicks.

My head my head she's a spinning. Why should Lorraine point to election fraud and to the COVID scheme too? Both were from American gangsters in government in a fix with China.

The bra hanging on a laundry line that brought the Cony rabbit (with pansy) was pointed to by Lorraine because we met at my laundromat for our first date (just went for a summer stroll / walk that night). With Pansy's looking very connectable to Peace's/Paise's, I'm inquiring as to whether the latter use the Coffee/Coffer fesse, because the bra event (at the Peterson home) pointed to Peter Peterson, chief of the Council On Foreign Affairs, having a CFR short-form. I was asking whether COFFERs and COFFERts/COVERTS were a pointer to them because its a covert shadow-government group of nobody-knows-their-names...because the media never touch them because they are in the same ship of fools. They are the invisibles who devise ways to steal American tax dollars for sending them out of the country.

The Peace's/Paise's are in McCabe colors and format, and the fish of McCabe's (Auto-like "Aut") are shared by Pfizer-like Vissers/Fissers. What say ye now? Recall my VICE-grips in Galveston, for Vice's are Vise's too, and first found in Sussex with Cofferts, and with the Hams who share the McCabe salmon i.e. the Ham fish is in the colors of the Fisser/Visser fish too. Can you believe it? What does ham have to do with vaccines? I don't know yet. But I do know that hams were first found in Sussex with same-colored hammers who use dolphins that, in colors reversed, is the green Coffee/Coffer dolphin, and Coffee's/Coffers share the McCabe fesse. Plus, McCabe share a green Crest with Coffee's/Coffers. Does this stimulate your thinking? Should we stop buying ham?

"Ad" is a motto term of Fisser-like Fiscs, but also of German Hammers/HAMERLs. English Hammers are in Dutch Hamel'/HAMELIN colors, and while I say that "ad" is a code for Ada of Warenne, Warrens (Sussex, same as Hammers) are said to have had: "HAMELIN de Warenne, Earl of Warenne or SURREY (d. 1202), was an illegitimate son of Geoffrey 'Plantagenet,' Count of Anjou (d. 1151)". As Plantagenet was a Fulk, while Fulks descended from Loches'/DeLOGES', I'd suggest that the Warren canton square has the lion of Ledge's/Lodge's/Loge's (Suffolk, same as Fiscs and early Warrens).

Fisks and Feschs/Fechters (share eight-pointed Mott estoile, recalling the Motel link to Coffee's/Coffers) look like branches of Victoria's/Fechters. Can we believe that Fiscs use "ad ASTRA" for an obvious pointer to AstraZeneca vaccines? Fisks share the Atha/Atty Shield, and the latter have a "DUCI" motto term. I was MUGGed on James LeDUC's island on the early morning before the coffee in Victoria, and while Victoria's/Fechters share the Duck stars, Muggs/Mudge's, along with Madge's (share Hicks fleur), were first found in Surrey with the father of Ada of Warenne. Dolphins were once said to be first found in Surrey, and thus that's where the Coffee/Coffer Crest traces, to Surrey. Surrey is also where Kilpatrick-related Sheers were first found while Schere's/Scherfs look related to WALKers.

There's more, because my coffee and newspaper in Victoria was Intended by God to bring me to live within ten minutes from Miss Hicks, who was married to HAMILTON Kilpatrick i.e. almost "Hamelin." It's pretty amazing that French Hamelins almost have the Coat of Walks/Wachs, first found in Dumfries with Kilpatricks, and a possible branch of Wake's. Why did God tell me to wake Sleeping Beauty? I think I now know: English Hamelins share the Beauty Coat, IDENTICAL!!! Can I remember this? Why is this coming out now? Is it because it's in the midst of vaccine-pointing heraldry? Yes, that's what it looks like. There is a definite pointer to James LeDuc here, not likely because he's uninvolved with Wuhan's schemes.

There's no doubt about it, God either arranged my events to jibe with vaccine-pointing heraldry, or fixed the heraldry to jibe with my events, or probably a bit of both.

The Pease variations of Peace's/Paise's (Coffee/Coffer fesse) is like the Peas' who bring up the Pollock-related Peacocks, and the latter are in the colors and format of Cofferts/Coverts. What are the chances? Miss Covert and her husband (peacock-using Maness surname) were injected into my trip between Galveston and Victoria, but I won't get back into that here. It had to do with Haiti's child abductions via the Hait variation of Hague's using the Roque rock and an "inVICTa" motto term. The interesting thing here is that Haydens/HEIGHDons look linkable to Hait/Hague variations while the latter's saltire is the Nail saltire in colors reversed while Hayden's surname, Proctor, uses nails (Ainsley Earhardt was Ainsley Proctor until recently). Why should the Earhardt role of Sleeping Beauty point to Clinton-protected child abductions in Haiti? My best answer: Jeffrey Epstein's connections to Bill Clinton. Nails were first found in Westphalia with the Ducks who look connectable to the Hayden/Heighdon BARs, suggesting that Haydens were connected to Bar-le-Duc in some way.

Miss Covert lived as few as five miles from Hayden Lake in Idaho. What are the chances? It's doubling-down on Earhardt's pointer to Haiti. Heightons (Sussex, same as Cofferts/Coverts), probably a Hotten/Haughton branch, share the black bull in Crest with Haydens/Heighdons, only the Heightons have the Ratcliffe bull head.

The Peace/Paise Crest is the RAINham Crest, and Rainhams were from Rainier of Montferrat, smack at the Bra-of-Cuneo theater with the first-known Pelosi's. PAISley is in RENfrewshire. Lorraine's share the lion of the neighboring Astys (Lanarkshire, very near to Renfrewshire), and Asti province is smack beside Bra. Making sense? Her connection above to PHOENix's recalls that her bus STOP was to the Stops/Stubbs (PHEONs), and thus to Stobi and AstiBUS locations of the ancient PAEONi. Lorraine's pants can thus point also to the Cony liners out of Cuneo. Conys share a version of the Meschin Coat while my mother's Masci mother was first found in Piedmont with Cuneo. I guess that's one reason that God chose Lorraine for me at that time. Her bus stop points to Busca of Cuneo, we can assume further, for Bosco's are the tuft-of-grass liners, and the grass is on pillars while Pillers are also Pilotte's (share cups with Coffee's/Coffers) while Pelosi's (pillar-like columns) are also Pilati's. Making sense? Pillers/Pilotte's were first found in Sussex with Cofferts/Coverts (in Cove/COVIT colors).

Although the Shield colors are different between the two, both Cove's/Covits and Bone's (Sussex, same as Coverts) have a white bend flanked by gold bendlets. The Skulls share the Cove/Covit bend in both colors. See anything suspicious? Skulls share the bend of Jays (Herefordshire, same as Skulls), and Jays put roses on the bend so that it's also the bend-with-roses of Jewish Rothchilds. See anything that looks like a satanic cabal?

Do you think the CFR is behind global population control using COVID? Why do the Grands in the motto of Courts/Coverts (same place as Cofferts/Coverts) use Coron(a)-line crowns? Why do Cove's/Covits share the bend of Rockefeller-line Smoke's/Rauch's, Jewish Rothchilds, Rothschilds/RODDENsteins, and Rodens/Rodhams? Why is the Stand variations of Stains in the Grand motto, "Stand FAST." "Grip FAST" is the Leslie motto, and Leslie's were earls of Rothes castle, the proto-Rothschild line. This Arms of Rothschild shares the Fast/Fastoff / FALstaff quadrants. It's Petty good stuff for pointing to the beggars of the world. Don't worry, when their fortunes go to the meek of the earth, these fat cats will be begging God for the crumbs of the meek, but God won't give them any as they are contained in the outer darkness. How many years have they had to repent, yet there will be no repentance, for they are mad with power-lust. The world belongs to them, they think. Fat heads.

They was they the white rabbit at the Peterson home points to Peter Peterson of CFR is by way of his wife, Mrs. Cooney. Conys use white cony rabbits. God may have chosen Peter Peterson of CFR because it allows a pointer also the Peter Pollock, whose line is in the Peters surnames, one of which shares a swan in Crest with Petersons. Two Peter surnames have one fesse in the colors of the three of French Grands, and while Scottish Grands (Inverness-shire, same as Gows/McGoo's) have a motto linkable to Leslie's Rothes, they use a flaming ROCK. I'll bet the official description uses "fire" because Fire's essentially share the horse of Jewish Rothchilds. The latter even share the Pero/Perino hexagram while Pero's/Perino's call it a "flaming star." Pierro's/Pero's share the roses on the Rothchild bend. Somewhere along the way, Rothes > Rothschilds descended from, or became, Masci's and/or Massena's and/or RasMUSSENs, I guarantee it. Ras' are listed with Scottish Rose's. It's the Rosh-Meshech entities of Ezekiel 38.

[When I lived on Jay street, one of my best friends on that street was Frank Tarquini, no doubt from the Tarquinii / Tarchuna people group who look traceable to Tarun of Lake Van, and the latter was ruled by king Rusa who fits the description of Rosh because it's in the ballpark of Gogarene, and near the Moschi mountains. Meshech were Mushki too. The Gomer-suspect Cimmerians made Rusa their vassal, and the Alans were at least nearby. Cimmerians of Lake Van ventured into Lydia, where mythical Tarchon was placed. Lydians were beside Phrygians, and one theory as to why the Frankish people are called, "frogs," is their ancestry in PHRYGians. Frank Tarquini. Lydians had SARDis as their capital, and Tarans/Terents (at RUSHton) are in Shirt/SHARD colors and format.

As Tarans/Terents were also at Rawston while Rawsons have the Murena tower in colors reversed, this line must have been from Terentia Murena. The Coffee/Coffer Crest is the Arms of Taranto in different colors, and I showed earlier why Motels of Taranto should be of the namers of Modane on the Arc river. The Novavax from moths played into this, and Moths share a giant tower (different colors) with Murena's and Rawstons.

I came to Litts shortly below, and so note: Lydian-like Liddle's (Litt branch) use a spur while Spurrs were first found in Devon with Supers, and then there was one mythical king Lucius Tarquinius SUPERbus. Was that last surname so historically important that a tribe carried in forward until it became the Super / Spurr surname? Why do Supers share the saltire of Tarch-like Darks/D'Arques? Did this line name the Arc river? Yes, I think so, because Tankerville's married "the daughter of William, the Viscount d'Arques," and then while Chambre is on the Arc, Chamberlains have: "The surname Chamberlain was first found in Oxfordshire where they claim descent from John, Count de Tankerville, of Tankerville Castle in Normandy..."

Also, as Kilpatrick castle is at Closeburn on the Nith while Close's and Knights/Nights use the spur, it's pretty amazing that while Patricks were from Antipatria, home of DEXARoii, Chamberlains and Daggers almost have the same Coat. Kilpatricks and Patricks share the Super and Dark/D'Arques SALTIRE. It makes Dexaroi look like they were from Lydians. Little's had a branch to the near-east of Annandale. Litts are split vertically in the horizontally-split colors of Decks/Daggers.

Saltire's/Salters (Shropshire, beside Sales'/Salletts and Billet-branch Bellows) were from the Salto river running across Sabina with the Turano river, and Salto-river liners named the Salyes Ligures on the Turano-like Durance which has a source very close to the source of the Arc. Saltire's/Salters share billets (different colors) with Supers (Devon, same as Billets), and red roundels with Shirts/SHARDs. The Hermus river that passed through SARDis became the Geddes-like Gediz, and Geddes' were ROSE kin (a Rusa-line trace to king Gugu of Lydia is all-too-possible). Mythical Hermes, from mount Hermon, location of Daphne (a real place), named the Hermus, and he had a caduceus symbol latter possessed by mythical Tiresias, which was code for the Cadusii Armenians. Lake Van is in Armenia. TIREsias was the father of mythical Daphne of the Lydia-related Ladon river, a branch of the Latins beside the Tarquinii-related Etruscans = TYRRhenians. End Insert]

A new thing crops up here to better-point the Get'n Go to Bill Gates. The Gows/McGoo's were pointed to by the Get'n Go, which is on the road to LEAKey, and the Leak(ey) Coat (share engrailed Knee bend) is not only a version of Litch/LECHE/LEICH Coat (I've not been much familiar with this one), it uses three gold crowns in its Chief in both colors of the three of Grands! Bingo! The MacARTHURs use three gold crowns in both colors of the Coron and Corona crown, and while Arthurs are from the Ardiaei at the Neretva river, Nerets share the Coat of French Grands exactly! Bingo again.

The Door- / Doria-like Daorsi are upon a map upon the Neretva too, and the door of the Get'n Go was stressed along with the knees of Miss Hicks. Hicks married Arthurs of Clapton. The English Doors are the ones with a good reflection of the Gates Coat. This is all new coming at us just because I bumped into the Inverness location of the Grands. MacArthurs are linkable to Deans, first found in Sussex with Grand-loving Courts/Coverts. Cove's/Covits (from a Cove location held by Alans of Brittany, where Nerets were first found) happen to be first found in Sussex while the flag of Sussex has a gold crown in the colors of the Corona crown. Coincidence, or pointer of God for a major warning to all? On top of the crown, the Sussex flag puts a saltire-by-arrows in the colors of the saltire of Messeys (Burgundy, same as Grands sharing Neret Coat), and Maezaei lived beside the Ceraunii, both near the sources of the Neretva.

Any further questions, class? What's that? Why was there a GLASS door at the Get'n Go? Well, a generation after the first-known Mr. Leche, there was a Mr. Leche in GLASgow. That's GlasGOW, what are the chances? And the Lets in the Glasgow motto can now explain the Leitch/Leetch variations of Litch's/Lecke's/Leichs, is that not a hoot? The Leaks must have married Lets'/Late's. Any further talk on the Get'n Go needs to keep these things in mind, and to what else God may be pointing with this additional information. Regardless of what He's pointing to, if they're bad guys, they are in deep and serious trouble in the shape of horror from God. He will not be mocked.

There is a Letch/LECHmere/Lachmere surname, in Let/Late and Litch/Leche colors, who share pelicans with Pullys/Pullens, and Poulos' (saltire-by logs in the colors of the Messey saltire) were first found in Burgundy too. Wow, LETCH-like Ledge's/Lodge's/LOGE's (Sussex, same as Cove's/Covits and the saltire-by-arrows that linked well to Messeys) can apply too, especially as French Loge's (Burgundy) have the Messey Coat in colors reversed, and zowzers, class, the Fulk-related Loches'/DeLOGES' are the ones sharing the Gow/McGoo cinquefoils!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You weren't ready for that, were you? ANY FURTHER QUESTIONS? Ya, how do the Glass' apply to this? The Let- / Litch-like Litts share the Glass fleur-de-lys, and we saw a Litch-liner, Henry Leche, of Glasgow.

What will happen to people at google who hide this and other materials from God? Will God hold them guilty of mass murder? THEY ALREADY ARE MASS MURDERERS, but they want now to accuse anti-vaccine activists as mass murderers, that's how demons work.

So, for Get'n Go operations in heraldry, I/we need to remember the Litch/Leche branch of Leaks and their connection to Grands and the corona virus. Unless I stress these links in the near future, I probably won't remember them all. The Litch's/Leche's were first found in Oxfordshire with Crispins while French Crispins (Lorraine, same as Moths) use the pomeGRANATe while Grands are also Grants. As MacArthur's share the giant moline of Seagars, the green Seagar snakes can be the same as Litch's/Leche's, and so this snake, it's a good bet, gets us to Seneca's for a pointer to AstraZeneca. Ah, German Seagars, sharing the Fast / Arms-of-Rothschild quadrants, happen to use what looks like a spread, double-headed eagle in the colors of the spread Snake eagle, and Seagars were once said to be first found in Norfolk, where Fasts and Fulke's/Folks were first found. German Seagars share black wings with German Fulks, and English Fulke's/Folks have a giant fleur-de-lys half in the colors of the same of Litts.

I now see that the glass door at Get'n Go was NOT decipherable via Litch liners until the COVID scheme was put out.

Now that we see some evidence for linking Neve's to my Crystal City event, let's repeat that, earlier in the day, I bought a newspaper that caused me (decades later) to find the News/Nuces surname, like the Nuse/Nuce/NEWES surname that looks like the Neeves' variation of Neve's. Therefore, if you think that Neve liners, and all of the surrounding bits of the discussion, connect well to Nova's, it seems that my trip out of Galveston points to the Novavax. Why should this one be dangerous? They've thought of something, don't worry. I mean, worry. Nuse's/Newes' (almost the Necker Coat) pointed to Epstein's neck noose (by which he was allowed to escape the law), and the grasshopper this week was put onto my neck. Why my neck? It could have been my arm, my belly, my knee, the counter, the pan, the fork, the dish, but it was on my neck.

Aha! Moths were first found in Lorraine with the Sommets that use "necklaces." The necklaces are in Pero colors and look like they are made of pearls for the Peare's/Pearls. Lace's/Lacys may have been a branch of Luce's/Lucys who have fish in Neve/Neeves-fish colors, and moreover we have a Pasi- / Passe-like term involved: "...Lucy, near Rouen. Luce is in Orne in the bailiwick of le Passeis, near Domfront, Normandy." Rollo was at Rouen, and Rollo's use "passe." Lucy might therefore have been in the vaccine-like Vexin! Close enough even if just outside it. Lucys share pike fish with Gates-like Geddes' and Geds. Pike's share the trefoils of Ice's/Ecco's who in turn point to Fauci's ECOhealth partner in Wuhan crimes. The shark is looking much like the vaccination empire of Fauci and Gates, in this particular set of heraldry...which recalls that this section started out with gateways while Moths actually had a gate at their gateway.

So, I'm anticipating a push for mandatory Novavax shots, because the world is filled with end-time goons whom in one generation went from valuing human life and its necessary ethics to despising them both.

Food Storage

If the freezer goes in a globalist attack on a wide region's electrical system, for whatever diabolical reasons they devise in their evil hearts, your freezer stacked with months of meat will go bad if it's not winter out. But if you fill your freezer with dehydrated meat in sealed jars, they can survive out of the freezer for years. I'm not an expert at this, and don't know whether the freezer would harm dried meat in any way, but I cannot see why it would. The colder, the better the seal at the lid, wouldn't that be correct? If fresh meat can be frozen without much alteration to the texture, why not dried? You can pack about four times as much dehydrated meat into any space as compared to the same meat fresh. So, dry meats, because they taste great after tossing them into stews, soups or pasta sauces.

Plus, I'm still eating the dried chicken straight out of the fridge after several months, and it needs no cooking at all. It's gummy jerky, has no spices at all, not even salt, yet tastes better than fresh chicken because it's concentrate chicken. It's in a zip-lock bag, and always has air in it, no problem at all after several months. I have several pieces left, and aim to eat one every few weeks until it no longer smells or tastes good. I'll report back. I should try this test with chicken out of the freezer. I don't like eating the ground-beef chunks dry as jerky; there's a reason they call them rocks. I wish there was a way to get inexpensive chicken. Some southern states have very-low prices, but my northern area is communist-thievery.


Before going on with news, I have an amazing heraldic section. It has to do with a video I'll share below featuring Jovan Pulitzer. While watching, I loaded Tase's because they have a Jovan-like "Juvante" motto term. I wanted to study this surname's Coat to see if there is any way to track it to Joe's-van dream (van of Joe Oullette), and the first thing realized is that Oullette's share a black lion with the Tase Crest. Simultaneous with this realization, I remembered that Joe's brother (Mike) is the one who said softly, as I walked past him, "what a babe," when he saw Lorraine (for the first time) some distance behind me. I turned around, and noticed that she was bare-footed, and her feet were beautiful. They just impressed me because God wanted me to remember the sight, for both the Feet/Fate and Foot surnames.

The reason that Mike Oullette came to mind is that while I always link Foots to GERNONs, the latter are expected with the heraldic GYRONNy pattern, and it just so happens that Tase's use gyronny in Foot colors. The Tase's (Perthshire, near the first-known, Foot-branch Fothes'/FETTE's) came to topic because Lorraine was a Jehovah's Witness, founded by Charles TAZE Russell, and Russells were first found in Dorset with Babe's and Beautys.

I then noticed that while there was an OWL theme in Joe's-van dream, for OULlette's, Owls/Howells are in Tase-gyronny colors. I didn't yet realize that Owls/Howls were first found in Sussex with Tass'/TACHE's, and it just so happens that while Peerless'/Napiers use a "tache" motto term, they share the saltire of the Vante's expected in the "JuVANTE" motto term of Tase's. The latter were first found in Perthshire with Peerless'/Napiers. That's incredible stuff seeing that we used the owl theme of the dream. Tase's are expected with TEASE's/Tess'/Tecks at the Ticino river, where Peer-like Pierro's/PERO's were first found, that explains it. And Lorraine's feet on the PAVEment of Yonge street pointed to Pavia, where Pierro's/Pero's were first found. Yonge's share the LEAVell piles, and Pavia was founded by LAEVi Gauls.

If we read the Tase motto term as "juvanTE," it could be partly for Tee's/TEASE's/Tyes'.

By the way, her beautiful feet were in Richmond Hill, and while Richmonds have the bars-gemel of Labors, Dee's, expected in the "Deo" motto term of Tase's, love Labors in their motto.

Okay, so while making a decent connection of Tase's ("JUVANte") to Joe's-van dream and Joe's brother, I was watching Jovan explain the TARGETs on ballets (it could be that what he's explaining was discovered on his scanning machine). I then tried to remember what the Target surname used, and remembered its owl!!! I kid you not. Targets (listed with Taggarts) were first found in Ross-shire, and Ross' have the Russell / Rosso lion in colors reversed.

I think I made a big mistake. I've been telling readers that Jovan is from Arizona and even Phoenix. A couple of months ago or more, I went looking for where he was from, and read a piece that sounded to me like he was from Phoenix. That's what I reported. I must have misread it because he says in the video that he's from Texas. His Wikipedia article (written by an in-denial stooge of the left) has him in Dallas, and says: "Pulitzer claims to have invented a system for detecting fraudulent ballots, which is being used by right-wing conspirators and Big Lie proponent Doug Logan in the partisan Republican 'audit' of ballots in Arizona..." Imagine what a child the writer needs to be to write like that in what's so supposed to be an encyclopedia. Hey bozo, you know nothing on whether his system works or doesn't work; you're only a liberal-media mocking bird. THE POINT IS, Jovan's system was used in the Phoenix audit, as predicted by Joe's-van dream.

There's got to be more to the Target/Taggart Coat than meets my eye at this time. But wait, the "RaTIONE" motto term of Targets/Taggerts suggests the Toeni's from the Touques-river area, and Touque's/Ticks/Tooks (suspect with the Ticino/Tessin river along with Tase's and Tease's). Then the Touque/Tick/Took Coat looks like a version of the Teague/TEEGER Coat, and Targets/Taggarts are also TEGERts. The Millets expected in the Touque/Tick motto have essentially the Bus Coat, and Lorraine's bus symbol pointed to Arizona's Mark Finchem.

French Millets happen to use the giant German Teeger star.

Here's a video you'd like to show a judge if ever the goons try to force you to get vaccinated. Tell the judge that medical people are being threatened with punishment for helping people to get better faster or even to survive. The goons want the worst-possible scare exactly for legal purposes, to use the scare as a real one to urge judges to take their side:

Judge Amero previously looked like a good-guy judge by allowing the inspection of ballots, though he placed restrictions on the inspections. Why? Who does he think he is to limit how much voters can look at ballots? Now we have this: "Judge Brian Amero of Henry County’s Superior Court rejected the case filed by plaintiff Michael Daugherty, a Fulton County resident, who claimed the Senate runoff contests, both won by Democrats, were plagued by misconduct and sought a new election with paper ballots." Who does Amero think he is to keep ballots from voters? It is LEGAL for voters to see ballots. IT IS NECESSARY, especially when the election environment is fraught with fraud. Lawlessness and dictatorial judges who support dictatorial governments go foot in mouth. They expose themselves even to primary schoolers. They're not fooling anyone. The case will be appealed by Daugherty.

Some Michigan counties are considering trial balloons in the way of wiping out election records before audits can be see whether the courts will let them get away with it. If so, then the cheats will do it country-wide. It's going to start somewhere, and this is LAWLESSNESS from the elected officials = thinks-they-are-kings. Maybe they're thinking it's better to be charged with burning election records than to be discovered as treasonous cheats. What excuses will they use for blatant criminality? Suppose Trump hires a good-guy DoJ and FBI chief in 2024? Will they arrest those cheats? Very possibly. Trump now has the impetus to punish the cheats. Maybe that will cause him to get good-guy lawmen NEXT TIME.


Here's all four Gospels wrapped into one story.

For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God.
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