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July 13 - 19, 2021

Tucker Carlson Makes It to the Heraldic Train
Ainsley Earhardt Was on Jay Street of Toronto in the 1960s
Even Cyber Ninjas Make it to God's Heraldic Crystal Ball

If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture

I was very impressed with the heraldry in the following insert that came so late in the last update I was doing the spell check at the time. Load News/Nuces link now to have access, on another tab, to other Coats of Arms.

[Insert during the spellcheck -- I wrote the following two sentences in some other spot in this update, but moved it here to the News'/Nuces for the reason you'll see. Note the second sentence, written before Chepmans came to mind. "The vaccine is called "the jab," and Jabbe's are listed with Jeepma's/Cheps. Something to PONDER." Chepmans ("pondere"), first found in Cambridgeshire with Ponders and News'/Nuces', are in the News/Nuces Crest. And wow, while Jeepma's/Cheps were first found in Oldenburg, Oldens/Aldens share the Chepman crescent. This paragraph looks like God's arrangements are involved. My Jeep is now possibly pointing to vaccines, and this recalls the red Jeep (mine's red too) that I've mentioned a million times, owned by Paul Smith, the one who lived in Vaughn county!!! It tends to convince me that Vychans/Vaughns, in Shropshire with Needle's, are God's pointer to needle-jabbing vaccines.

Mr. Smith appeared in my recent dream (a few years ago) on crutches, and following a sick stag. The last time I spoke with Smith, he said he was making doors, and then there was a dream with a broken DOOR handle on my Jeep. Now that the Jeep points to vaccines, this is going to help me decipher the broken door handle, give me time.

The Chaplets in the News/Nuces Coat were first found in Lorraine, and the last time I saw Lorraine, she walked right by Paul Smith and I having coffee (we never ate without ordering coffee too). The newspaper in Victoria came with a coffee less than 12 hours after the mugging. Coffee's/Coffers share the fesse of McCabe's/McAbee's, and the latter have the same fish as Pfizer-like Fissers/Vissers. "Victoria" is a Coffee/Coffer motto term, and Victoria variations suggest a branch of Fisk-connectable Feschs, and then Fisks share the Shield of Danish Jansens while Johnson & Johnson vaccines are called, Janssen.

[I'll stop the quote midway here, and quote below]

One day, early in my Sleeping-Beauty discussions, I left my writings off talking about Miss Hicks at the hood of her car, and went to town to do some shopping. When returning to the Jeep with a cart of groceries, I saw that someone left a Russian medallion on the Jeep's hood. And so I checked the MEDAL surname, finding it with Dougals. The latter's motto must have the Scottish Bauds because the two surnames share the same quadrants even with hood-like Hodleys. It was told that these quadrants are colors reversed from those of Fasts, and that Fists/FAUSTs have their FIST in the Coat of Poindexters who in turn share the split-Shield of GROCE's/Greggs in order to start proving that God wanted to include the latter with the GROCEries in the medallion event. I didn't realize until now that this can point to Pfizer vaccines as per PFISTers/Pesters! Plus, the Nemo's in the Poindexter motto were first found in Stirlingshire with Scottish Bauds. With these things in mind while Medals/Dougals share the Otone/Olton lion, I'll now finish the insert above:

News'/Nuces' use chaplets, and Chepmans are also Chapmans. English Janssens, sharing the quadrants of Olden-like Otone's/Oltons, share the gold patonce cross with Samsons, and the "letho" motto term of Samsons is expected as code for LETs/Late's (Gloucestershire, same as Samsons). Again, the Otone's/Oltens, which can go with the Oldenburg location of Jeepma's/Cheps/Jabbe's, look like kin of Odins and Bono's/Bons, and it just so happens that Hicks', with a chaplet, use a "bon" motto term. Miss Hicks was Sleeping Beauty at the HOOD of an auto, and while Auto's/Otto's share the black bull with Beautys, Ottone's, kin of French Chappes', are likewise Otto's. Odins and their Oddie / Oddey branches can be gleaned by their variations as HOOD/Hoot branches. While Ottone Visconti ruled in Milan, French Chappes' were first found in Ile-de-France with Milan-like Mellans who in turn share a blank, gold Chief with English Janssens while German Janssens have the Sleep Coat in colors reversed. This goes with the medallion found on the hood of my Jeep, which is expounded upon in the next update.

ChapLETs have black swans (symbolism?). A giant black swan, in Jeepma/Chep/Jabbe colors and format, was once shown with French Josephs. Joseph CAIAPhas (killer of Jesus) comes to mind. The Olden/Alden crown is split vertically in the colors of the vertically-split CAPlan Shield, and English Caplans were first found in Hampshire with Ponder-branch Ponts/PONDs and English Josephs. The "mago" motto term of English Josephs can be for a Magor location at Monmouthshire, near CHEPstow. Majors/Magors were first found in the Channel Islands with POINDexters. Cheaps' are listed with Scottish Chappes' (Stirlingshire, same as Robe's/Robbs). End insert]

Don't you think all of those things are amazing in the way the Chep variation of Jeepma's/Jabbe's works into things? The end-time sons of the killer of Jesus are killing people with vaccine stabs, and the Stops/Stubbs/Stabbs even have a bend-with-buckles in colors reversed from the same of Stirlings who in turn share the Moor head with French Chappes' (share the tall, solid chevron with Ottone's/Otto's). Chappes'/Cheaps were first found in Stirlingshire with Samson- and VISconti-connectable Guiscards/WISharts who in turn have the three piles of Orrs/Ore's in colors reversed, and the Orr/Ore motto loves the Bono's/Bons of Milan.

Queen NYSA of the Ponder- / Pont-like Pontus is to the Nissan and Ness/Nice/Nessan surnames, and the latter share the Coat of English Janssens. She was married to PHARNaces, explaining why Nissans share the double fesses of Parrs (Lancashire, same as FurNESS') who in turns share the black border with FURNess'. The latter share the black dog with Craig-related Carricks and Craggs, and grocery-like Groce's are also Greggs/Graggs. I was driving a Nissan when I was mugged in COVID-pointing Galveston, and I sold it to Paul Smith after he totally wrecked his Jeep. Isn't that amazing? But there's more.

The Nysa-like Niss' share the fleur-de-lys of June-branch Jeune's probably because it's the line of Junia CAEPIONis, granddaughter of QUINTus Caepio the Younger. The Niss' share the chevron of Quints, you see, and while vaccines are causing blood clots, the Clots (Lorraine) are in the colors and format of Niss'! I find this incredible, especially as June's were once said to be first found in Cambridgeshire with Jeune's, Caepionis-like Capone's, Chapmans/Chepmans, Ponders, and chaplet-related News'/Nuces'.

Clots share the scallops of James' who in turn share the demi-lion in Crest with Jeans/Jane's/Jans', a potential Jansen branch. June's are now said to be first found in Staffordshire along with the Pipe's sharing the Jeune fleur-de-lys. Staffs/Staffords share the Clot / Quint chevron. My Nissan, fresh out of Galveston and into Crystal City, pointed to Pipe's, a branch of Pepins who in turn share "Mens" with Crystals. The latter share the thistle with Fauchs, and the Thistle's share the pheons of English Johnsons. Stops/Stubbs/STABBs (Staffordshire too) are in Pipe colors and format. Lorraine my date pointed to Stops/Stubbs, and Clots were first found in Lorraine. She and we split up because she was on a LAWN with another man, and Lawns/Lone's were first found in Staffordshire too. God set me up with Mens-pointing and maim-like Mamie on that very night. I don't remember the surnames of either lady. Lawns/Lone's love the English's who in turn have a "leoNIS" motto term.

Again, I was SLEEPING in Galveston when a mugger came along, woke me up, and led me to think he had a gun. I got away only by a literal miracle, and decided in the morning to buy a newspaper to check out Texas properties. That's how the News'/Nuces' became an important topic. I was sleeping in the back of the Nissan (pick-up) when the mugger came along, and Sleeps have the Ness/Nice/Nessan and Janssen Coats in colors reversed. Miss Hicks, who lived on the Nuces-like Nueces river at the time, was sleeping as Sleeping Beauty, and she is Mrs. Kilpatrick while Kilpatricks have a version of the Scottish Johnson Coat while Johnsons & Johnson makes Janssen vaccines. Danish Johnsons/Jansens have a red/white HEXagram, and while Clots add a red hexagram, white-on-red ones are used by Pfisters/Pestors.

To prove that Groce's/Greggs apply to the grocery-store event with medallion-on-Jeep, Lawns/Lone's have the split Groce/Gregg/Gragg Shield. Lawns/Lone's share "Garde" with Craig- / Cragg-branch Carricks. Plus, the "English lions" of Lawns/Lone's ("roy") are in the Lou/LOUS Chief while Loo's/LOONs share the English and Roy lions. This is incredible because Hoods/Hoots have a motto, "ZeaLOUS," and the medallion was on the Jeep's hood, and because Medals/Dougals and their Dowel branch have the English and Roy lions too. Although the horizontally-split Lawn/Lone Shield is colors reversed from the same of Poindexters, both share the same star.

The same lion under discussion is used by Francesca's/Francisci's who in turn have the split Shield of Lane's/Lone's and Groce's/Gregg in colors reversed. I can actually make sense of Francesca's/FRANCISci's, who are new to the medallion-event topic as of now. While they share the giant English lion, the English Chief, which is also the Chief of Dougal-like Douglas', has the stars of German Bauds while it's the Scottish Bauds who share the Medal/Dougal quadrants. Plus, the main point is, German Bauds have an eagle in colors reversed from the FRANCIS eagle, how about that. It's the Este eagle too while "est" is a motto term of English's. In the Crest of German Bauds, a white lion head, the color of the lion under discussion.

As the medallion pointed to Scottish Bauds, we can add that they share the red fitchee with the ice-cream girl, Darlene RAY. The ice-cream pointed to Fauchys, Faux's, and Cremona. German Cremers use a ram, as do French Bauds, it looks so suspicious. It just so happens that RAYmund's and Baud-like BATTI's/Botto's were first found in Cremona, and God has used Francesca BATTIstelli for songline miracles, I wonder why. Darlene and I worked at KNOB Hill Farms, and "NOBILis" is a motto term of English's while Nobils/Nobels were first found in East Lothian with Faux-branch Vaux's and Faucets, how about that, new right here thanks to English's. Knobs are even listed with Knobels!

Darlene's use a "female FIGURE" in a "robe," and Robe's/Robbs were first found in Stirlingshire with Bauds!!! It's starting to make the medallion-event jibe with vaccinations, but then why did the medallion have "SAINT-PETERSBURG RUSSIA" stamped upon it??? I'm stumped. Figure-like VICHers share the red fitchee with Darlene's, and that looks like her pointer to VYCHans/Vaughns.

Ah wait. The Crest of Vickers has a tree stump with one shoot (I don't know what the shoot's called officially), as does the Crest of English Francis', and the latter were first found in Derbyshire with Cnuts/Knots who were in turn kin of Darlene's (and Darlingtons). Danish Cnuts use "pot hangers" while Hangers/Angers share the escarbuncle with Rays. She is Darlene Ray (or possibly "Wray"). Darlingtons were first found in Durham, where Hoppers were once said to be first found, and while Fauchys use a grassHOPPER, Hope's (Cnut/Knot colors and format) were once said to be first found in Derbyshire.

German Bauds (share Moray stars) even have a "bello" motto term while Bellys and Douglas' were first found in Moray. "Bello" is used by Bouillons, first found in Auvergne with French Bauds, that explains things.

But we're not done because German Bauds have the vertically-split Shield (in Otone/Olton colors) of Otone-connectable Bono's/Bons who in turn have a semblance of the Francesca/Francisci Coat. But there's more because the solid chevron of German Bauds is half in colors reversed from the same of Chapmans/Chepmans, and half in the colors of the solid chevron of French Chappes' (Ottone kin). We are all over the Chep variation of Jeepma's here, aren't we?

Paul's Jeep and mine are red, and Red's/Reads share "Pax" with German Bauds. The latter have a Pageon-like "PAX IN" motto phrase while half the solid chevron of German Bauds is used by Packins (Tyrone, same as NIHills), and while Packins are listed with Fagans/FEIGHANs, Vaughn-like Faughns share the checkered fesse of FAUCets/Fawcetts. Tony Fauci's boss is the NIH. Paul lived in Vaughn county, and Faughns come up as Fauchy-like Faughys. Baud-beloved Bellys share the Pigeon chevron, and Pageons are listed with Page's. Reds/Reeds use "Pax COPia," while Cups/Cope's (Aberdeenshire, same as Scottish Reads and Mellansons) are in the cups of Packins/Feighans, and these cups are in the colors of the BUTler cups, begging whether Butlers were Baud liners. German Bauds share both the eagle and star of Faughn-like Fauns/Phones', but what might it mean that Scottish Francis' have this eagle in colors reversed? Is this a pointer to Francis Collins, chief at NIH?

The thing is, the dream with the my Jeep's door-handle missing a barrel-shaped part pointed to Handle's / Handells who share the Moray Coat, which is not only in the colors and format of Fauns/Phones', but they all share the same star. Immediately after the door-handle scene, the dream pointed to Bill BARR, I claimed, and depicted him as a trash can that allowed riots to take place without prosecutions. He might even have been involved (in promising to make no prosecutions of the guilty parties) in the false-flag riot at the Capital building now known to be conducted by his FBI. It just so happens that Scottish Barrs share the Faun/Phones eagle! There's a problem here, which I'll deal with below.

I don't know whether I've realized it before, but while God used Sharon Quinn, as little as a few weeks after the Sleeping-Beauty dream, to point to Farrah Fawcett, Fawcett-branch Faughns/Faugheys were first found in Longford with Quinns. The name of Faughns "comes from the Irish Gaelic name O Fachtnain. The name indicates the son of Fachtna, an ancient forename much in favor with the O'KELLYs of Ui Maine, with whom it was modernized as FESTus". It just so happens that while Kelly-like Keele's are Kills too, Killins share the Coat of Plunketts (share Hopper tower) with a "FESTina" motto term. I now see why the Plocks, said to be related to "Plunket," have a bend like that of Faughns/Faucheys and Faucets/Fawcetts. Pollocks share a Frank saltire, and English Francis' were first found in Oxfordshire with Plocks.

Possibly, Killins might be from the Quilliams variation of the Williams sharing the Hopper gyronny. Down by the Foix province in France, there's a Quillan location. Quillans/Quillians/Killins (look like Annas kin) were first found in Antrim with Flynns, and both share white wolves. Antrims happen to share the Killin / Plunkett bend! This entire paragraph is a new discovery, and it's linking to the Fauchy grassHOPPER, suggesting that Foix's were possibly at the root of Fauchy. Israel's Herod Antipas lived at the Foix area, at Comminges to be exact.

FRANCIS COLLINS, Tony Fauci's boss. Plocks share the martlets of English Collins' (early in Oxford!), and Irish Collins' share brown lions with Lipps. Sharon Quinn, as part of her pointer to Faucets/Fawcetts, punched Barry in the mouth, and I saw blood at his LIP! It was at Mellanson's place, and Mellans were first found in Ile-de-France with French Collins. This gets poisonous where the latter Collins share triple fesses of Luffs/Love's (Oxfordshire, same as Plocks) and English Pasleys while Pollocks were at Paisley. These fesses are in colors reverses with Poussins/Pussys (Oxfordshire), and there is a poison-like Poisson surname.

The good news is, Dolphins/Dolfins (NIH-like "NIHil") in the Poisson dolphin are now said to have been first found in Cumberland with the Daggers/Dackers who in turn share most of the Poisson Coat! That's huge because Cumberland is where Ramps/Romps (and Browns) were first found. LOOKIE: the triple Dagger/Dacker / Poisson scallops are used by Bardys, first found in Perigord with Fauchys and Faux's/Fage's/CHALNES"!!! That's got to be a Collins branch, for English Collins' share the bend of CHALONS'/Chalants! God's pointing to these wicked two men. This is not going to end well for them. The fools are just a few years before facing their Maker at their own deaths.

The first songline miracle for a Francesca Battistelli song ("Write Your Story") was as per the PAGE on Obama's billiard table. I didn't know until now that French Page's and LePage's (Ile-de-France) look like Francesca kin. Two scenes after I took a sewer shot on Obama's table, Obama was on a skateboard going up a ramp, and Ramps/Romps share double-brown lions with Irish Collins'.

My coffee and newspaper a couple of hours out of Galveston pointed with the dolphin-and-rider in the Coffee/Coffer Crest to the same symbol in the Arms of Taranto, and it just so happens that English Francis' (Oxfordshire, same as Poisson-like Poissons) share the Coat of Tarants!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I get it. Francesca Battistelli was pointing to Francis Collins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really like that, praise God. However, this is a depressing topic, because these men know that vaccines are killing and maiming people, yet they won't stop pushing vaccines. Pity those two souls along with the rest of the fiends.

This week, I found the Jabbe-like Jobs/Jobbe's, and they happen to share the Poisson scallops.

I'm wondering why the eight-pointed star of Stelli's is only half in the colors of the same of LeDucs/Ducs. It would have been topping had they both been in the same colors, for James LeDuc runs the Wuhan-related Galveston National lab. The Baud-beloved Bellys/Belli's share the LeDuc/Duc star as well as the roses of Scottish Pasleys/Paisleys (another thistle), and Poussins can be gleaned as kin of English Pasleys (compare with Italian Belli's). Ah, I almost missed this: German Belli's have the horizontally-split Shield of Francesca's/FRANCISci's (and Poindexters) in colors reversed. The Fullers, sharing a beacon with German Belli's, have the triple fesses of COLLINs, and colors reversed from the three of Poussins. The poison-vaccine pusher, Francis Collins, great-great shame, what a horror. Note that the three TRUMPets of Chalon-like Calls/Calles' are fessewise in the colors of the three fesses of Poussins, for Trump is a vaccine pusher too.

John B. Poindexter is suspect in a plot that probably poisoned judge Antonin Scalia on the night he was murdered at Poindexter's ranch. The lone Poindexter star is that of Shoe's, and while German Trips show shoes, English Trips use a "SCALing ladder," which I assume is the Scalia ladder. Killing-like Kellings/Keelings have more scaling ladders.

As the English Collins' share the bend of Chalons'/CHALANTs, let's repeat that when I stood up to speak with Karen Whelan one last time, he said, "be nonCHALANT. I think I now understand what God was pointing to at the time, for Whelans/FAILins share the lozenges of Fells who in turn have the eight-pointed LeDuc/Duc stars in colors reversed.

After writing above, it was time to get the news on Garland Favorito's press conference. When he said the criminal charges against the election cheats cannot be trusted if laid by state prosecutors, he said the only way is to set up a grand jury...which prompted my check for a Jury surname. I was floored to find that Jurys/Dureys almost have the Coat of French Bays. English Bays share the double fesses of Maness', and this has to do with Mr. Maness, whom I found listed in BAY City, a place I drove through after leaving Galveston. It is midway to Victoria. As I've said many times while sharing this, Mr. Maness was the husband of Miss Covert (emailer with me concerning my early updates back around 2010), and Coverts/Cofferts are like the Coffer variation of Coffee's. The coffee in Victoria. This is being repeated because COURTs/Coverts (Sussex, same as Coverts/Cofferts) have a "GRANDescunt" motto term, and GRAND JURYs go with COURTS. Did God arrange Miss Covert in my life while she was with Mr. Maness to point to a grand-jury investigation? For what? COVID / vaccine crimes? Looks like. COVID-like Covits/Cove's are in Covert/Coffert colors.

The only thing that God got wrong was to make the three Grand crowns not in both colors of the Coron/Corona and Corona crowns. I wonder why He made that "mistake"? Curtis'/COURTis', in Court/Covert colors, do use the Corona crown in both colors. Is that not amazing? The Curtis'/Courtis' have a "PLOWshare" (over the shoulder of a farmer), and Pillow-like Plows have a version of the Curtis/Courtis Coat. Is this a pointer to a grand jury thanks to the packet-captures of My-Pillow Lindell? That would be just dandy, and fun too. Grands were first found in Inverness with Gows/McGoo's, in case there was an heraldic link between them.

Israelite History Lesson

Let me show how POINDexters can be Pond/Pont and Ponder branch. I'll first repeat that Ponder-loving Chepmans can be linked to Chep variation of Jeepma's, and to Chappes'/Cheaps suspect with Cappadocians living at the upper Pontus. The Nemo's in the Poindexter motto were first found in Stirlingshire with Chappes'/Cheaps. As Nemo's are listed with NEWmarsh's/NewMarch's (Marici of Pavia?), perhaps such surnames as Chaplet-loving News' (Chepman kin) are from "Nysa." The News/Nuces PERchevron (solid chevron) is in the colors of the Niss chevron.

Queen Nysa of the Pontus had a daughter, queen Nysa of Cappadocia, and the latter is said by Wikipedia to descend from king Cassander of Macedon whose father was Antipater...whom I assume named Antipater/Antipatria (beside Macedon), where Dexter-like Dexaroi lived. PoinDEXTERs. I've shown how Daggers/Dackers are from the Dexaroi. QUINTus CAEPIO is suspect from Cappadocians, and Quints share the News / Niss chevron.

We are going to come across the Rimini-like Rims of Annandale, and so let's tell up-front that Nemo's/Newmarsh's share the Annandale saltire as used by Bruce's. Rimna liners will be a fundamental part of Jeepma's, and so lets add that the Shows in the Nemo/Newmarsh motto almost have the Coat of Oldens/Aldens while Jeepma's were first found in Oldenburg. The Boasts/Bois' in the Nemo/Newmarsh motto are a branch of Bush's, and the Rimini-like Rimna river is beside the BUZau. Rims are also Rums, and Rumillys were first found in Cambridgeshire with News'/Nuces' and Ponders (share black boar with Bush's).

The Chief-Shield colors of Rumillys are those of Barrels too, and Rumillys happen to share the Handell and Faun/Phone star. The rim in the door-handle dream thus includes Rumillys. The News/Nuces chevron is in the colors of the Niss chevron, and I trace Jeepma's to the Japodes, namers of mythical Jupiter, husband of Juno, tending to explain why the Niss fleur-de-lys are shared by June-branch Jeune's. Quintus Caepio was ancestor to Junia Caepionis (three sisters by the same name). Jeune's were first found in Cambridgeshire with News'/Nuces, and with the Rumillys who seem to be sharing the black piles of Jeune-loving Yonge's/Youngs. The latter were first found in ROXburghshire, same as Rimna-connectable Walsh's/Walch's. The ROXolani lived at the Buzau-river theater, and there is a ROCK in the Rumilly Crest.

While Rims/Rums are Rome's too, Italian Romans were first found in Naples with Capone's/Capua's while English Capone's were first found in Cambridgeshire with Caepionis-line Jeune's. Rumillys were Skiptons, and the latter share the purple lion with Irish Laces'/Lacys suspect in the "lacessit" motto term of Poindexters, and the English Laces'/Lacys (purple fret-KNOT) were first found in Yorkshire with Rumilly-Skiptons.

BEHOLD. The Italian Romans (split Poindexter Shield in colors reversed) have a reflection of the Francesca/FRANCISci Coat (share split Poindexter Shield), and while one Francis Coat has the Faun/Phones / Barr / Bashford eagle in colors reversed, the other Francis' are in the colors and format of Rimmons/Crimmons. The Ramps/ROMps (Cumberland, same as Bruno-branch Browns) share double-brown lions with Irish Collins'. Francis Collins is the head cheese of NIH, and the NIGH's/Nye's (version of Bashford Coat) have the Rimmon/Crimmon crosslets in colors reversed! I had been wondering whether Nigh's are God's pointer to NIH.

Repeat from above:

My coffee and newspaper a couple of hours out of Galveston pointed with the dolphin-and-rider in the Coffee/Coffer Crest to the same symbol in the Arms of Taranto, and it just so happens that English Francis' (Oxfordshire, same as Poisson-like Poissons) share the Coat of Tarants!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I get it. Francesca Battistelli was pointing to Francis Collins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really like that, praise God.

That was repeated because I thought to check France's to see that the French branch are also French's. I then loaded "French", and there popped up a green dolphin in Crest, the color of the dolphin in the Coffee/Coffer Crest. It seems to be making yet another pointer to Francis Collins as per my mugging event (Coffee's/Coffers use coffee MUGs but call them cups). It just so happens that French's (Devon, beside Somerset) share the motto of Paine's/Payne's, first found in Somerset with Coffers/Coffare's (Frank and Coffee/Coffer colors).

English France's (share France/French lion) share the Coat of Frame's the lion of which is colors reversed from the one of Frenes'/Frane's, and then Friends were first found in Devon with French's. Seaton is in Devon while Seaton-branch Sedans/Siddens share the black-on-gold border with Frenes'/Frane's. The coffee was purchased with a newspaper to seek properties, and I ended up buying from Miss Friend. Coincidence? She was Mrs' Teague, and while Teague's are also Teegers, German Teegers share the giant eight-pointed star of Battistelli-related Stelli's. Tigers were first found in Suffolk with France-branch Frame's. Neighboring Essex is where Marks were first found who share the Frame / France lion, and then German Marks share the double-headed Jeepma eagle. English Ferrands (share France / Frame Chief-Shield colors) use an axe for the Axe river to Seaton.

As Bash's (Hertfordshire, beside News/Nuce's) can be connected both to News/Nuces' and Nuse's/Newes' (Hertfordshire), note that Bashfords share the eagles of Fauns/Phones' and Barrs. I'd therefore like to go back to this: "The thing is, the dream with the my Jeep's door-handle missing a barrel-shaped part pointed to Handle's / Handells who share the Moray Coat, which is not only in the colors and format of Fauns/Phones', but they all share the same star. Immediately after the door-handle scene, the dream pointed to Bill BARR, I claimed, and depicted him as a trash can that allowed riots to take place without prosecutions. He might even have been involved (in promising to make no prosecutions of the guilty parties) in the false-flag riot at the Capital building now known to be conducted by his FBI. It just so happens that Scottish Barrs share the Faun/Phones eagle! " That's new to that dream, but the problem is, what does Bill Barr and his Department of Justice have to do with vaccines?

Let me show how the door-handle dream can get us to Rimini, beside Fano, the line to Fane's/Phone's. The dream's container scene pointed to Tresure's/TRASHers and Tracys/Trasse's, and the latter has a bird KILLING another; I'm pretty sure it's a falcon on a DUCK, bringing James LeDuc to mind. Tresure's/Trashers were once said to be first found in Somerset with Ducks (falcon in Crest), beside Darlene's of Devon, where Fauns/Phones' and Fenns/Venns were first found. It (, and while both surnames share the same fitchee, Darlene's were initially to topic with Darlene Ray (pointed to vaccines) or "Wray" while Bill Barr's FBI Chief is Mr. Wray. So, yes, the entire COVID scam (highly criminal) probably had the wink of the DoJ before it was rolled out. There is a good chance that the official leader of the DoJ knows himself NOT to be its highest ruler.

In the scene immediately after the door-handle scene, I was holding a cylindrical container. I dropped it rim-down onto a round MOUND of sand, and the rim caught flames. The Flemings share the double-TRESSURE border with TRESURE's/Trashers and Seatons, and there is a Seaton location in Devon while Seatons share the green dragon with Tresure's/Trashers. Tracys/Trasse's are said to be from near Caen, and Caens (Dorset, beside Somerset) are also Cans. I trace Caens to the Ceno tributary of the Taro river, and Tresure's/Trashers were once said to be first found in Somerset with Tarrs/Tarres'/Tara's. The trash can. The Ananes Gauls lived at the Taro, and they named Annandale, which you can find in the write-up of RIMs/Rome's (Dumfries, same as Annandale), explaining why the container landed on its rim, and caught flames all around the rim.

I know what this means: the RIMna river was home to Benjamites from RIMMON who married 400 women from JABESH-Gilead, and this explains why my Jeep was part of the dream, for Jeepma's are also Jabbe's/Jabachs/Jappe's. The Rimna is at WALLACHia, explaining why Benjamins almost have the Walsh/WALCH Coat. Jeepma's (look like the Roman-empire eagle) share a double-headed eagle (different colors) with Spike's/Specks while Spice's are suspect in the Walsh/Welsh motto. Spike's/Specks share the eight BARs of Duck-connectable Tuckers. Spice's (Devon, same as SPECCots/Space's) share the tower of Patients/Patents/Padyns (Dumfries, same as Rims/Rome's). I claim that the Jabeshites named Jupiter from the Japodes, chief god of ROME. Rims/Rome's share the Flander fesse.

There is a MOUND under the Duck falcon, and the Duck lion heads are in the colors of the Mound/MONS (and Duce/Ducey) lion while Mons is in Flanders, land of Flemings. Ducks named BAR-le-Duc. To now connect that trash-can scene to Fauci-like surnames, Ducks share the stars of Vaux's, the latter first found in East Lothian with Seatons and Faucets; the latter share the giant Hainaut and Arms-of-Flanders lion. English Vaux's share the Flamingo/Flaming Coat, with the checks even of Irish Flemings, all tending to verify that the container was a trash can as per Trashers. I showed how the container was also a drum barrel in connection with Drummonds, the point here being that the dream said the missing door-handle part was BARRel-shaped.

Bar-le-Duc was named by German Ducks with fesses that make them look like a branch of Tuckers (Devon, same as Seaton, Trebys and Treble's). Ananes Gauls, says Wikipedia, lived between the Taro and the Trebia. This area is at PLACEntia, and the Duck / Duce lion is used by PLACE's too. Tuckers have wavy, fessewise bars in the colors of the wavy fesses of German Drummonds. The axe in the Tucker and Place Crest is for the Axe river with Seaton at its mouth. Tuckers are said to have been largely in Barnstaple, a mile from FLEMINGton and about five from Bratton Fleming. The last update mentioned the Tracys/Trasse's of Barnstaple! So, there we have more evidence that Ducks through Bar-le-Duc were in Somerset, where the Axe river of Devon begins. Why would God give a dream with this picture these surnames at the core?

Coffers/Coffare's, first found in Somerset, are in CUDA/Cudd and Coffee/Coffer colors, and while I'm sure that the Arms of Bar-le-DUC (LORRAINE) uses BARRaCUDA, this paragraph suggests that this fish species is part code for Cuda's/Cudds (Cuthbert branch), first found in Northumberland with Lorraine's (Cuda/Cudd colors)! That's brand new today. The Cubbie variation of Cuda's/Cudd might even have modified / evolved-over-time into "Cuffey / Coffey."

By the way, the Cuda/Cudd and Cuthbert Crests (dart) is essentially the Crest of Maine's (Cardine pheon in colors reversed), whose "PROjeki" motto can be of the PEARtree's, first found in KinCARDINE with Cuda's/Cudds. "Per" is a motto term of Belly's who in turn share the eight-pointed LeDuc/Duc star, and Belly-connectable Baileys were first found in Northumberland with Cuda's/Cudds. I wrote the above forgetting that Bellys have a Cuda-like "acuta" motto term, making for a good possibility that Bellys (compare with Bails) use the LeDuc/Duc star closely. Cutts/Cute's are essentially in Cuff / Cuffey colors and format, and Peare's were kin of Tiens'/TAME's suspect in the "tamen" motto term of Cuffeys (Crest is similar to Cuda/Cudd / Cuthbert Crests).

I saw an article telling of Barrs of Brunswick that I can no longer find. They used the same curved fish in their Arms as in the Arms of Bar-le-Duc, and to help prove that connection, the Duce/Ducey Coat is colors reversed from the Brunswick Coat. The Duce/Ducey lions are in the colors of the lion heads of English Ducks, first found in Somerset with Coffers/Coffare's and Heffers while Irish Heffers share the Coffer/Coffare crescents. English Heffers have a three-lion version of the Brunswick Coat. Brunswick was paired politically with LUNEburg, and while Lune's/Lyons (Perthshire, same as Duck-like Dogs/Doags/Dicks (share BUS cinquefoil), Lawns/LONE's, with the split-Shield colors of Fie's/CUFFEYs in colors reversed, have the three Heffer lions exactly. As the Lawns/Lone's call them "English lions," it reveals that the same lions in the Arms of England are secretly for the English surname. Lune's/Lyons share a green lion with Lorraine's.

The LAWNs/Lone's were first found in Staffordshire with STOPs/Stubbs, and I met Lorraine at a BUS STOP at the corner of Lorraine-like Lorne and Yonge streets. I split up with Lorraine when she came home (to her place) with a grass stain on her pants i.e. that she got on a LAWN. I've not emphasized this link before this month, and it's a necessary link because the Roys in the Lawn/Lone Crest were first found in Lanarkshire while Lanarks/LURNacks (share Bus / Dog/Dock cinquefoil) mention the Lorne's. I think that's a neat-little package that God intended. I met Mamie on the night Lorraine got the grass stain, and Mamie was give a breast symbol as per "Mamie" and Mamesfelde of Mansfields, and it just so happens that while Lawns/Lone's are also Lane's, Italian Lane's were first found in BREScia/Brixia while Launays/LAWNys/De Lune's (leopard in Brunswick-lion colors) named Launay near Brest. Brests are listed with Brix's. Brescia/Brixia is at lake Garda, explaining the "Garde" motto term of Lawns/Lane's/Lone's.

Repeat for the millionth time: the grass stain on her PANTs was God's pointer to Pansys/Pantzers because they were first found in Westphalia with Ducks/Duckers/DOCKers while the Arms of Bar-le-Duc in Lorraine use a pansy.

Election Fraud Updates

I would like to give you an example of how daft and juvenile the Gateway Pundit is in the way it lays out many articles. It drives me crazy. There's nothing missing in this snippet:

President Trump mentioned yesterday at the CPAC event in Texas that the US Attorney in Pennsylvania sent the President a letter recently where he claimed former AG Bill Barr told him not to investigate the crimes and corruption that occurred in the 2020 Election in that state. Tonight the President released the letter.

Yesterday President Trump told the CPAC crowd in Texas that recently a former US Attorney in Pennsylvania sent the President a letter stating that he was told by AG Barr not to investigate election crimes in Pennsylvania.

BREAKING: AG Barr Forbid Investigations Into 2020 Election Crimes Per US Attorney from Pennsylvania

President Trump shared yesterday at CPAC in Texas that his former Attorney General Bill Barr forbid investigations into the 2020 Election even though numerous crimes committed in order to steal the election for Joe Biden. According to Bill Lawrence Online: Barr Forbid Fraud Investigations Says President — President Trump, at yesterday’s talk at Conservative Political Action.

President Trump tonight released the letter he received from the former US Attorney for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, William McSwain. In the letter McSwain shared the following:

TRENDING: Biden Regime to Monitor Private Communications, Calls on SMS Carriers to "Dispel Misinformation About Vaccines That is Sent Over Social Media and Text Messages"

DO YOU THINK THE IMBECILE COULD GET TO THE STORY ALREADY?! Did you see how they stuck an ad to another of their articles right in the middle of the repeats???

So why did Trump listen to Barr's "advice" not to investigate? Why didn't Trump demand from Barr to investigate? It's not self-interested to investigate corruption on behalf of his voters. Trump had four years to discover election fraud, but gave up, saying it was too hard to prove. Sure, if you don't do a re-count. But why didn't he just do a re-count in any county highly suspect of fraud, and from there he could leap frog to other counties and send shivers down the spines of the cheat leadership so that they wouldn't risk fraud for the 2020 election. In other word, it was Trump's fault. Not Barr's fault, but Trump's.

People should be immediately arrested for the things in the following report from Georgia's Garland Favorito

See Tucker's fraud video for Fulton county, Georgia, the same situation that Garland Favorito has been addressing this week. Tucker even shows the in-house video of the late-night, deliberate duplication of Biden-leaning ballot-batches that all big media, including Fox, have not shown until Wednesday night this week (Murdoch must be feeling sick because this story cannot be ignored any longer even if he chastises Tucker):

We could be coming close to a civil war. I'm watching to see whether the deep-state is behind the push for a civil war, because I half-expect it to produce massive false-flag events pretending that pro-Trump Christians are starting a civil that the deep state can call martial law and, for one thing, stop the election-fraud exposure, but also to arrest those who seek to expose it with "lies." Biden this week even talked about the U.S. civil war while rebuking the election-fraud warriors. He's blaming a potential civil war on pro-Trumpers. Did you buy extra food yet? Not just food.

Below is a made-for-the-public staged meeting between the audit team and Karen Fann. The latter, along with her senatorial partner, is pretending not to know what the audit team has discovered thus far. She asked the leader of Cyber Ninjas to give her a list of things still needed to complete the audit for which she must send the cheats subpoenas. But this is theater. It's the lesser of two evils if this is a staged production (as PR), but the worst of two evils is if she didn't tell the Cyber Ninjas from BEFORE they started the audit to let her know RIGHT AWAY what the cheats refuse to give up so that she can speed up the subpoenas or arrests. By pretending she's known nothing of what the audit team needed, she leaving the subpoenas till July or even August (stall-stall-stall)...exactly the strategy if she's harbored the pathetic plot NOT to get anyone arrested. IS THIS THE TIME TO SPEND WEEKS OR MORE TO GET WHAT ELSE THE AUDIT TEAM NEEDS, WHILE ITS FINAL REPORT IS BEING WRITTEN???

Not once has anyone on the audit team, when teasing the public with a tidbit on fraud, told how many of the problematic ballots were Biden votes. Why not? Who doesn't want the people to know that Biden lost the election? For example, we learned today that there were 74,000 more mail-in ballots counted in the election than there were ballots sent out. The implication is that there were at least 74,000 fake ballots all with Biden votes, but we were not told how many of the 74,000 were for Biden. Why not? Why keep the voters in suspense? Who's idea is this teasy attitude? If 43,000 or more of the 75,000 were Biden votes, then that alone erases Biden's election win when all 74,000 are discarded. This would be much better if the ballots were indeed fake, proven to be printed on paper that was not official election paper.

This video begins to expose so much fraud that one can easily predict, not tens of thousands, but hundreds of thousand of fraudulent votes Arizona-wide.

On July 18, on OAN, Ms. Fann said that her senate has no authority to recall the election, and, besides, she's not interested. What a fraud this woman is. She's says (about the 10th minute) she's only interested in making new election laws for future elections to prevent what happened in the last election. She says that "IF" the senate finds fraud, it will turn the information to the attorney general of the state. Just listen to her words, because she's preparing the public for finding mere "irregularities" rather than fraud:

How can she act as though she still has not found fraud at this late time? What a sham this witch is, a total sham who's taken the voters for a ride until now. Now she's being crystal clear about her immorality. The moral thing to do is to work hard to get the true winner the win for the state. Whether there was fraud or not, the true winner should get the official win, and yet there was a lot of fraud. So, Fann is out to lunch, a supporter of the crimes, too afraid to want to change things, explaining why she still has not secured the routers. FOOL. UTTER FOOL. The revelation of the biggest crimes are at her fingertips, but she's not taking. Many parties outside of the state hacked into the voting machines to alter them, and she doesn't want to see that Internet traffic. DISGUSTING PRESIDENT, get rid of her. She's trying to run out the clock.

An election audit does not normally need to go to court to overturn an election. When a recount is done, the winner in the recount gets to have the office right away by the power of the audit alone. If the handlers of the election wrongfully certified this past election for Biden, then the certification is bogus, and the proper authority to decertify it, with the Ninja evidence on the table, is all that's needed. I don't know what that proper authority is, but it's looking like a court if true that the senate doesn't have the authority on its own. Fann is saying that the recount results might go to the attorney general first (criminal matters only), and to the state congress...which can take years and produce no results in the end. This coming week should have news programs talking about the route to decertification.

I have the feeling that her fellow senator, Mr. Borelli, is working to keep her tougher and more moral than she would otherwise be. It should always be about the right thing to do.

Here's evidence that Jovan Pulitzer is pushing his machinery selfishly in a video talking about Michigan audits sort of like a snowball building downhill speed:

The 21st minute of the Stew Peters video above starts the latest cutting-edge lab / microscope reports on problematic vaccinations affecting blood cells. If it seems to you that government puppets want people sick, I agree. What can we do? They are intent on being diabolical, and all most of us can do is sit idly by and watch people get sick, very sick, and dead. It's already clear to me that God is going to allow this to take place to some point. I'm not saying that God is for it. I don't want to put words in His mouth.

One public card that Democrats play is to repeat that many Republicans won't support election-fraud discovery, and this is where Fox news (national) has done a great disservice to the movement by totally ignoring election fraud. Thus, when that type of Republican starts to admit that there is election fraud for fear of appearing criminal, starting with the Republican cheats themselves, that Democrat card should start to fold. Will Bill Barr ignore the news out of Arizona, Georgia and Michigan thus far? Maybe now, but how could he be so stupid a month from now? We'll see how stupid this man is, and how he played Trump's voters as one of them when all along he was a goon of the dark lagoon.

By the 19th, this came out: "In the Oct. 22 email, Kelly Dixon, the assistant director for the Election Department’s recruitment and training division [said]...'Starting tomorrow, 10/23, and through 11/2, we are asking that Clerks hand voters BALLPOINT PENS rather than markers. We NEED to use Markers on Election Day, but for now and through 11/2, hand voters a Ballpoint Pen,' Dixon wrote." It's incomprehensible as to why there should be a NEED to use markers to fill in a ballot, unless there was a conspiracy among the cheats to have the markers bleed through the ballots to render them for adjudication, an opportunity for cheating.

Flynn QAnon?

Some Christian patriot who loves QAnon (pronounced Q-Anon) to this day suggested that he was Michael Flynn, and the idea seemed like a very good theory to me even though his video presentation was garbage in trying to prove it. I'm not going the share the video because it's laced with poison. QAnon was wrong in his basic assessment of the Trump administration, and Q followers still exist who continue to make that basic mistake, which is to think that Trump's DoJ and military have full control over the deep state, and were poised to quash it at a moment's notice. There have been Christians with the illusion that the military is ruled by conservative thinkers, and patriots.

The first thing coming to mind when the video owner suggested that Q was Mike Flynn is that Flynns are very linkable to the Q-shaped scarf of Trabys/Sadowski's. Almost immediately after that, I thought back at the heraldry for the event one day when Mrs. Kilpatrick came to me in church to pray together on the only day I wore a treble-clef tie that was given to me for a birthday gift. I have mentioned before that Annan(dale)s, first found in Dumfries with Kilpatricks, come up as "Anon." Q-Anon. As Bruce's were at Annandale (Dumfries) while they share a blue lion with the Arms of BREScia, and because Brescia is near Placentia that is itself at the Traby-like Trebia river, I claim that Ananes Gauls on the Trebia named Annan(dale).

Then, as the Arms of Placentia shown once by its Wikipedia article showed a blue-on-white wolf, colors reversed from the Flynn wolf, I figured that the three besants in the Wolf Chief are the three in the Chief of Trebys. And that how Flynns trace to Trebia-river elements at Placentia. It just so happens that Trebys were first found in Devon with Treble's. Was, therefore, the prayer event with Mrs. Kilpatrick a pointer to QAnon / Mike Flynn, and, if so, why?

As I've said, the treble-clef designs on my tie were a pointer to the Cleff variation of Cliffs who share the three wolf heads of Quade's/Quoids/Wade's. As Scarfs use wolf heads too, I reasoned that the Q-shaped Traby/Sadowski scarf is code for Quade's/Quoids. Mrs. Kilpatrick too my hands for prayer, and English Prayers share white wolf heads with Scarfs, and the Pray wolf heads are colors reversed from the Cleff/Cliff wolf heads. Cliffs are said to have married Styche's while Stick-like Astikas' married Traby of Poland (see Wikipedia's Traby article for that). The horns in the Arms of Traby are black and gold-striped, same as the hunting horns of Weights/Waits (Quade/Quoid/WADE colors) who can be a branch of the Wade variation of Quade's/Quoids.

It just so happens that "Quod" is a motto term of FLEETwoods, which is why I've been including the Quoid variation of Quade's. As I said, after she prayed for me in church that Sunday morning, I walked out of church to find a FLAT tire on my vehicle. Flatts are also FLETTS, and they're in Weight/wait colors and format. It floored me to re-load Fleetwoods at this time to see a white wolf in its Crest, the colors of the Flynn wolf.

I wore a tie that morning for the first and only time to that church (attended 100 times), and while Tie's mention Walter Dye of Wakefield, the Wakefields happen to have a vertically-split Shield in colors reversed from the same of Fleetwoods. That maintains the pointer of the prayer / flat-tire event to Quade's/Quoids/Wade's.

I wore a blazer that morning, and Blazer's (Yorkshire, same as Wakefield and Hicks), who look like kin of Kilpatricks, share in their Chief in the garb in the WAKEfield Chief. And the Blazer Chief even has the Fleetwood martlets. Blaze's share the Black saltire, and Blacks were first found in Lincolnshire with Fleets, Prays and Wake's. It all looks Arranged by God to click-click.

Keep in mind that Mrs. Kilpatrick played Sleeping Beauty in a dream where God said to me, "What are you WAITing for...go WAKE her." Does that wake scene have to do with a military revolt against the deep state, the theme predicted by Q-Anon and desired by Mike Flynn? We hope so...which is not to say that QAnon was correct in his prediction even if the revolt takes place. A revolt decided upon eventually is not a sting operation as QAnon predicted, but we'll take it.

I was going to KISS Sleeping Beauty awake, but woke her due to my hand BRUSHing against her KNEE. Knee's were first found in County Down with Irish Prayers who in turn share the Coates Coat while John Ratcliffe replaced Dan Coates as chief of all Intelligence agencies in the U.S. Ratcliffe may have been responsible for Lindell's packet-captures. Brush's (use gold-Shielded version of Annan/Anon Coat), first found in Suffolk with Weights/Waits, are a Bruce branch i.e. at Annandale.

As I said, my blazer has a tiny-checkered pattern in black-green, and the only surname I know of with black-and-green checks are the LinkLETTERS, first found in ORKNey with Flatts/Fletts. The Letter-like Lets/Late's use ORGAN pipes that I think are for Orkney liners.

Weights/Waits also use "foCIS," a possible code for Kiss'/Cush's because the latter share the Weight/Wait and Rice/Rhys chevron. The Cush variation of Kiss' links to the cushions of Kilpatricks and Bibo's, and I think Bibo's were from Vibia, mother-in-law of QUADratilla, the line to Quade's/Wade's, for while the latter use wolf heads, she married king LUPUS Laevillus. I think he was named by the Laevi Gauls, founders of Pavia, where Pierro's/PERO's were first found expected in the "Pro" motto term of Wade-connectable Weights/Waits. It's making sense. The cushion-like Cussons share the giant eagle of Eye-like Ewe's/Cuish's. It's the MacDonald eagle, and the TIRE's happen to use it too.

Vibia may be to Webbers and their Weaver branch; Weavers share the Beaver fesse, and Bibers are a Beaver branch, apparently. Beavers were first found in Berkshire with Boots, and with the Modes' suspect in the "ModESTE" motto term of Hagar(d)s, and Weavers use "ESTO Fidelis." Hagens use a boot. Biblical Hagar's line can be traced to Butua and neighboring Kotor, but this is another story, the point being that her Ishmaelite line with Abraham might be to Vibia and Laevillus. Something to investigate.

As I've said, when Mrs. Kilpatrick let go of my hands at the end of her prayer, she went back to the center ISLE and did a curtsy toward me (I felt like a prince for a second). Here's from the Tie write-up: "'The Norfolk family of Dye may find an explanation of its name in the existence during the reign of Charles I. of Mr. D'Eye of EYE in Suffolk.'" The Tie's/Dye's are in the colors and format of Isle's/EYles'/Eels', and thus look like Eye liners. Norfolk is where Flatt/Flett-branch Floats were first found, and English Days were first found in Somerset with Isle's/Eyles'. There's a Ile surname listing Isle's too, and they have the Forney Coat in colors reversed while Miss Hicks moved to Forney.

The Dye-like Dee's use a "Hic" motto term, and while Mrs. Kilpatrick was born, Miss Hicks, the Hicks' were first found in Yorkshire with the Dye's of Wakefield. I can glean that Isle's/Eyles' (lion paw) are linkable to Palins (Dorset, same as Quints) who are in turn linkable to the Quint lion paw, but then Quints were first found in Essex too with Leavell-connectable Yonge's/Youngs (black wolf) who love June-branch Jeune's sharing the black fleur-de-lys in the Isle/Eyles' Chief. Jeune's were first found in Cambridgeshire with the Capone's sharing the red Yonge/Young lion. Hicks of LOW Leighton were in Essex too.

Essex is where Maple's were first found with a not-bad version of the Fleetwood Coat. Mapps'/Mabsons, said to be from "Mabel," were first found in Lancashire with Fleetwoods. Maple's are said to have been at the Isle of Ely (Cambridgeshire), and Elys/Ealys have a not-bad reflection of the Isle/Eyles' Coat! Plus, as per my suspicions that EEL-using Shiptons were Skiptons, the latter were at Craven while Elys/Ealys have fleur-de-lys version of the Craven Coat. Lacys, kin of Skiptons, use a "fret-knot," and the Traby/Sadowski scarf has a knot in it.

As Lows use wolf heads half in the colors of the Pray wolf heads, I've noted the SadLOWski variation of Trabys/Sadowski's. The pagan wolf symbol was rife in Lithuania, where Astikas' lived who married Traby. The Low wolf heads are in the colors of the Stick / Stich garbs. Cleffs/Cliffs, with the Pray wolf heads in colors reversed, married the Styche's of Cheshire, where Dee's were first found, though Dee's had a branch at the Dee river of Aberdeenshire. The Fothes'/Fette's, a branch of Foots, were first found in Aberdeenshire, and the Foot Coat looks linkable to Flatts/Fletts and Floats/Flote's. The FLAGs/Flecks (Norfolk, same as Floats/Flote's, Tie-branch Dye's, and Fasts) have roughly the Coat of Fleets and PALMers, and Miss Hicks HELD my palms when she prayed for me while Helds/Helts share the Coat of Hicksons (Staffordshire, same as June's/Jungs sharing the Isle/Eyles fleur-de-lys). She was holding my hands, and Holds are in the "Hold fast" motto of McLeods of SKYE who use flags. Foots (could be a flag in Crest) were first found in Cheshire with Dee's, Cleffs/Cliffs, Stichs, and with the Wolfs/Welfs/Lupus' having more wolf heads.

The first earl in Cheshire, Hugh Lupus, used a wolf head in the white-on-blue colors of the Scarf wolf heads, and these are the colors of the Flynn wolf and Bather wolf heads. Again, "Bathers were first found in Denbighshire, which is beside Cheshire and Flintshire while Flints are also Flynn-like Flans". It's the Trabys/Sadlowski's who have a Q-shaped SCARF. Is Mrs. Kilpatrick pointing to QAnon = Mike Flynn???

The Traby/Sadlowski scarf has a knot while Wake's (Lincolnshire, same as Prays) use a "wake-knot," and the Cnuts/Knots (Derbyshire, beside Cheshire) named Nottinghamshire, where Annas' were first found who almost have the WIGen Coat. When Miss Hicks was holding my hands, she was so close I could smell her hair. It was beautiful, but as it smelled old-dusty, with no sign of her morning shampoo at all, it must have been a WIG. That explains why it was always the same length (very long).

The FRET-knot of Lacys is interesting where Ferte's share the giant eagle of Kilpatrick connectable Cussons and Ewe's/Cuish's. I'm not familiar with Ferts (not "Ferte") except that they are listed with Farrs, first found in Yorkshire with Hicks and sharing their fleur-de-lys. Ferts/Farrs have a Coat more like that of AINSleys (Nottinghamshire, same as ANNAS) than Hicks do, and Ainsley Earhardt was the second fulfillment of Sleeping Beauty. The Tickhills, first found in Yorkshire but having titles in Nottinghamshire, have a maunch that should be the one in the Fert/Farr Crest. The maunch is a woman's sleeve, and has the look of a scarf, actually, possibly because Scarfs were first found in Yorkshire with Tickhills.

Fare-like FARingdons share "bon" with Hicks. From the last update: "Conjecturally the Shiptons are descended from Alfsi of Faringdon..." Shiptons happen to use the eel, looking like code for the Eels' variation of Isle's/Eyles'. She did a curtsy from the CENTER isle, and while Centers/Sainters look like a Saints branch while "Saint" brings up the Sinclairs, who ruled Orkney, where Flatts/Fletts were first found, what could it mean that Tire's share the Ewe/Cuish / Cusson eagle? I had to JACK the van up to put the spare tire on, and English Jacks, first found in Yorkshire with the Keppochs, share garbs with them of connectable colors. The Keppoch-branch MacDonalds used a black fitchee, which is in the Tire Coat. The MacDonald-related Alexanders, first found on KinTYRE, are in Flatt/Flett colors and format.

Was all of that a waste of your time? As general Flynn would like nothing more than a COURT to undo the Democrat vice on power, it's notable that while the CURTsy was done in the center isle, Centers/Sainters share the gold leopard face with Coverts/Cofferts, first found in Sussex with Courts/Coverts. The Center/Sainter Coat is even much like that of Coverts/Cofferts. The Tie's/Dye's, with a version of the Isle/EYles Coat probably due to mutual connection with Eye (near the Norfolk border), had a branch in Norfolk, where Parsons were first found who share the triple leopard faces of Centers/Sainters. The latter's Coat is in the colors and format of Gore's/Core's ("Deo") who in turn share the white wolf with Flynns. Gowers/Gore's have the white wolf in the same design as the Flynn wolf, and while Flynns were first found in County Antrim, Antrims were first found in Norfolk.

I'm going to make the case again that Mrs. Kilpatrick points to general Flynn. She had a wake symbol that might even now include mike Flynn's work against the deep state. Wakefields have three items in their Chief in the colors of the three besants in the Flynn Chief, and Wakefields share the garbs of Fleetwoods who in turn share the martlets in the Blazer Chief which itself includes the Wakefield / Blazer garb. I wore a blazer with my tie, and Blazer look like Kilpatrick kin. Kilpatricks were first found in Dumfries with WACHs/Walks, and Wakefields had an old WACHefeld location. Mrs. Kilpatrick had a wake symbol, and Wachs/Walks share the Blazer / Wakefield garb.

Wachs/walks were WaucHOPE's in early times, and Hope's share the Flynn besants. I wonder whether Flynn is working with Hope Charlotte Hicks. Hope's were Cnut/KNOT kin, and we saw the Traby / Wake knots. Mrs. Kilpatrick was born, Charlotte Hicks. Hope's (once said to be first found in Derbyshire with Cnuts/Knots) were first found in Shropshire with COURTis-related Plows, a possible pointer to My-Pillow Lindell, and I think the Wachs/Walks, sharing the CURTsy fesse, could be Courtis / Plow kin judging by the look of their Coats.

[Later, while on Kelly Townsend of Arizona's senate, I find Townsends in Rainham. RAINhams share the Flynn Chief, and while RENNES-le-Chateau is beside Kelly-like Quillan, Quillans/Killins share the white wolf with Flynns, both first found in Antrim! Rain / Rennes lines must have named Rennes-le-Chateau, or vice versa. As Quillan is near the Foix border while Haydens have a "foy" motto term that can be for Foix's/Foys, and because Ainsley Earhardt has a daughter, Hayden, it should be added that while Quillans/Killins are in Annas colors and format, Ainsleys were an Annas branch. Ainsley will to kill thousands of children by pushing vaccinations on children, and she supposedly loves children. The news is everywhere where it's not being censored: vaccines kill.]

When I touched Sleeping Beauty's knee, we were RISING together as a pointer to Rhizon, the line likely to Rice's/Rhys (in Weight-Wait colors and format) who can be in the arise-like "aris" motto term of Weights/Waits. In the dream, "What are you WAITing for," led directly to the rising scene. As soon as my hand TOUCHed her knee, while leaning over to kiss her awake, she was rising into the sky, and Touch-branch Tufts/Tuffs' share the Knee phoenix while the mythical phoenix has a rising theme from the ASHES (I think this means that Hyksos were at Phoenicia). The Ashes', said to descend from Mr. Esse COURT, have two of the Weight/Wait chevrons, and Asses'/Assi's use a weight scale, as do Kiss-branch Cass'/Cash's. Asses'/Assi's were first found in Shetland, beside the first known Flatts/Fleets (Weight/Wait colors and format) of Orkney. We could even say that she and I were FLYINg into the sky in order to include MICHAEL FYLNN into the rising scene.

German Michaels share the fesse of Hazels (Devon, same as Ashes') while the full Weight/Wait motto is used by Hazelwoods and Hazeltons. The Pero's/Perino's suspect in that motto have a "flaming STAR" while Stars, with the Hazelton / Hazelwood chevron in colors reversed, use an EYE. The Star chevron is shared by Flints/Flands and Floods/Floyds who in tun share white wolf heads with Bathers while Battins/Badens (Somerset, same as Baths) use another eye. Bathers were first found in Denbighshire, which is beside Cheshire and Flintshire while Flints are also Flynn-like Flans. Cheshire is where Hazels were once said to be first found, with Hugh Lupus who shared the Bather wolf head. Stars were first found near Bath (Somerset).

My treble-clef tie was a BIRTHday gift, and Births/Berts (Devon, same as Trebys and Treble's) share the black hunting horn with the Arms of Traby. The Tie's/Dye's might even be a Day/Dey/Deie branch. BirthDAY. I now recall that someone at the birthday party had some big-big-round colorful glasses, about four inches round, and someone had me put them on. In the Joe's-van dream I've been relating in recent weeks, there was a man on his LAWN, sitting in a lawn chair, wearing big-round glasses as part of a pointer to Arizona election fraud. One Lawn Coat happens to be like the Day/Dey/Deie Coat.

I called the man with glasses, "Mr. Big-EYES" (back in March). Here's from the Day/Dey/Deie write-up: " some cases the name came from the word eye (d'eye)...Over in Normandy pre-Conquest times, we found 'St. John de Day, near St. LO, in the COTENTIN.'" That looks like the wolf-head Lows. Big-eyes on his chair was the owner of the CONTAINER I was using at Joe's van, and "Cotentin" brings up the Constance/CONTANs surname!!! WOW, what a surprise. It must be party-time. Cotentins/Constance's/Contans share the Day/Dey/Deie stars, and they even come up as "Coutances," the name of a location in the Cotentin. They also come up as "Constantine" while English Constantine's were first found in Devon.

In the Joe's-van dream, Joe's wife in real life, Diane, was in it, though she did nothing in that dream. Diane's are listed with Deans/Dene's/Deins, and they share the Dee/Die lion. That can again point to Days/Deys and Eye liners. The Dee/Die lion is in the colors of the Lawn/Lone lions. I think I now understand why Diane Oullette was in the dream, for Oullette's are said to have been in Falaise, and "Falaise lies on the river Ante, a tributary of the river Dives..." The Diens/Dine's/DIVES' were first found in Sussex with Diane's/Deans/Deins. Ant is the location of ANTRIMs/Antinghams (Norfolk, near Eye), and Flynns were first found in County Antrim. How about that, we suddenly find that Joe's-van dream might point to general Flynn.

Oh wow. The Lows mention the Foune's / Fawne's, and the Fawns, sharing the black hunting horn with Births/Berts, have: "'The Le Foune or Fawne family held lands here in the reign of Henry III., and their heiress intermarried with the Lowes..." That is incredible. It appears that God somehow provided those big-round glasses for me to wear at my party. I put them on only for a couple of seconds when someone handed them to me, I think for a photo. The Fauns/PHONES' are a branch of Fane's/Phone's/VANS, first found in Monmouthshire with Howells!!! Bingo. It works, for the big-round glasses of Mr. Big Eyes (like an owl) was a pointer to Owls/Howls and Howells partly as God's proof that he is the author of the dream due to the OULlette's.

Plus, Elys/Ealys named Ely, the capital of a Fens region on the Isle of Ely. And Fens'/Venns were first found in Devon with same-colored Fauns/Phones'! How do like them apples? An eel is in the Crest of Irish Foys while they share the crescent of Chepmans/Chapmans, first found in Cambridgeshire with the Isle of Ely. That's right, the eel is just code for a surname, but the heraldry masters don't want people to know that heraldry is packed with codes for related surnames. They would say something like: heraldic eels derive from someone's eel pond, saying it as secret code for Ponders (Cambridgeshire) in the Chepman/Chapman motto. Heraldry masters are liars covering for the elite who respected their silly heraldry.

Ahh, the Ricks (Somerset, same as Isle's/Eelys') have the Craven Coat in colors reversed, and the Rick fitchees are those of Births/Berts too. Lorraine-connectable Rich's/Richess' (beside Somerset) recalls that I first dated Lorraine on my 24th birthday. (Ricks look like a Rush/Rish / Rosco/Risco branch.)

Joe Oullette wore big-round SUNglasses at the beach. Suns/Sinclairs share the cross of Contans-connectable Conans (Scottish) while Irish Conans have a good Coat reflection of the Isle's/Eyles' (in the colors and format of Tie's/Dye's) and Elys/Ealys. Sullivans had a branch said to derive in "suil = eye," and they were first found in Tipperary with Irish Conans. As Sullivans share the green snake and sword with Irish Days, the Sullivan lion can be the Dee/Die lion in colors reversed.

I've got to add that people were being SILLY to give me those big-round glasses at my BIRTHday party, and so I was silly too when putting them on. Sullivan-like Sullys are listed with Sillys who have triple chevrons in the colors of the one chevron of Births/Bert (Devon, same as Sullys/Sillys). In colors reversed, the Birth/BERT fitchee is red, the color of the BRET fitchee, and the latter's is in both colors of the Darlene's (Devon, same as Births/Berts). Darlene's use a woman said to be wearing a robe, and while Robe's/Robbs share the Robin chevron, Sullivans are said to use a robin. It tends to identify Sullys/Sillys as Sullivans. Brets, first found in Somerset with Days/Deys/Deie's and Isle's/Eyles', even share the Sullivan lion, tending to assure that Sullivans use the Day snake-with-sword combination. Ile's/Isle's have a red fitchee.

The Eye-like Days/Deys took us to Lows while Lows took us to Phones', a branch of Phoenix's/Fenwicks, and Births/Berts were even first found in Devon with Fauns/Phones' and Fenns/Venns. The Partys share the checks of English Vaux's while Scottish Vaux's are also Fanns, the surname of the president of Arizona' senate i.e. the government leader of the Phoenix audit effort.

There were two women on a stage in my sleeping-bag dream, and one was resolved as LOUISE Phillips as a pointer to vote FLIPs as per the Fillips variation. She pointed with Penningtons to French Louis' who happen to share a Loy variation with Lows/Lowes'. The big-round glasses they had me put on had the theme of a movie star.

Ahh, the MOWbrays named Monbrai in St. Lo, and Lows happen to share gold wolf heads with Skene's/Skins/SCANs, a branch of Schims/Schiens/Schams/Shands (both first found in Aberdeenshire with Scottish Dee's). Schims/Schiens share the MOW/Mole boar head. The Scan variation can be a pointer to Jovan's ballot-scanning machine.

Will Kelly Have an Eelated Cyber Ninjas Song?

I'm back at 6 pm, after knocking off above at 10 am. There was a story on Kelly Townsend today, an Arizona senator who's on the audit fanclub. I therefore loaded Townsends, and upon finding that Mr. Townsend settled Rainham, I also loaded Rainhams to find them sharing the Flynn Chief. HMM. Can general Flynn apply to Arizona? Sleeping Beauty was RISING (like "ARIZONa") into the sky, and it can be said that she was FLYINg into the sky too. However, I've not heard as yet what Flynn's Arizona input may have been, or might yet be. He may be doing something low-key.

I showed why Flynns trace to the Trebia river, suggesting that they share the Treby Chief, and Trebys happen to share the Rain/Raines lion. Plus, Trabys had married Astikas-RADZivills of VILNius, which place connects with VILAINE, the part of Brittany where Raines-line Rennes is found. The Rainhams use a "SuperRATa" motto term, and RATTerys (Perthshire, near first-known Rainhams) use "Super" while Supers and Super-like Spurrs were first found in Devon with Trebys and Births/Berts. Vilnius is in LITHuania, and a spur is used by Little-branch Liddle's, who share the Litt fleur-de-lys. The Births/Berts, sharing black horns with the Arms of Traby, share the Liddle fitchee. Scottish

[INSERT BEHOLD! Towns were first found in LinLITHgow (West Lothian) with Elias'/Elyas', and Ile's/Isle's share the Town chevron. What might the center isle have to do with Towns or Elias? I KNOW NOW. She did the curtsy in the isle turned toward the pew bench, and Pews share the Perkins Coat. Marc Elias of Perkins Coie was Hillary Clinton's lawyer!!! I assume that Mr. Elias is much in charge of counter the election-fraud work now spreading nationwide. Litts share the Pew and Perkin fleur-de-lys, and the Liddle fitchee, in colors reversed, can be the Ile/Isle / Birth/Bert fitchee. She did the curtsy toward my BIRTHday-present tie. Maybe it's almost time for a song. The Liddel variation is like "Lindell." This insert comes during the spellcheck, and Pews were discovered later in this update.]

I don't think I've noticed before that Rench's/Wrench's share the crosslets of Rain-branch Wrens. Rennes is near the Rance river while Rands are also Rance's while BertRANDs may have been a Bert-Rand merger. The Get'n Go is on Ranch rd. while the GET'N Go pointed to Gettens/Gittins that share the Rain/Raines lion too. The Get'n Go involved a GLASS door.

(For the record, rulers of Montferrat used a blank red Chief on a blank white Shield, and their Vasto branch in Saluzzo used the Saluzzo Coat, a blank blue Chief with a blank white Shield. We can therefore glean that Rench's/Wrench's and English Rainers (version of Clinton Coat) were from Renier/Rainer of Montferrat. English Rainers look like Barrel kin.)

The "terrae" motto term of Rains/Raines' can be of the Taro river near the Trebia, and so let's add that Rains/Raines are in the colors and format of Alexanders of KinTYRE who in turn share the crescent of Motts/Morte's who named Mott / Motte near Rennes. If I recall correctly, KinTyre is beside Arran, and the latter was likely named by elements to/from Airaines (Picardy).

As per the big-round glasses (like the Top 10 photo here) I wore at my birthday party, the Glass surname uses a merMAID while Maids/Mauds share the triple BARs-gemel of Oullette's. Ah, while Flynns can be linked to Flints/Flans, here's from the Maid/Maud write-up: "[The namers of Maude]...settled in the Lordships and manors of Montalt and Hawarden in the county of FLINT." Hawarden-like Howards happen to share the Birth/Bert fitchees!!! What a coincidence, especially as the fitchees are on red, as with the fitchee in the Maid/Maud Crest.

Interesting here is that Norma's/Normans use an "alto" motto term while Maids/Mauds are said to be from Monte Alto in Italy. The tie was a birthday gift from Norma, and there are two Norman surnames that come up as "Norma," the ones above having billets while Billets were first found in Devon with Births/Berts. Billets can be well-connected to Bills (Somerset, same as Days/Deys/Deie's) and to Billiards/Billets, the latter first found in Maine with the Pellicans sharing the Howell tower. Oh wow, just checked Billet-like Bilders/Builders (Northumberland, near Blyths) to find the Birth/Bert Coat minus the fitchees! If that's not enough, Billins'/Billings were just checked to find the Birth/Bert fitchees!!! It appears that God gave me the tie through Norma either for making these connections, or, if that's not correct, made these connections to prove that the tie was His idea.

BEHOLD: while I wore the tie just once, when Mrs. Kilpatrick was so close that she tipped me off concerning the WIG she wore, it just so happens that Billins'/Billings were first found in Lancashire's Wigan! Wigans almost have the Annas Coat, and while Annas' were first found in Nottinghamshire with Mea's/Meighs, the latter have a reflection of the Billins/Billing Coat. Billins'/Billings are said to have married Heytons, and Heytons (probably a Haught/Haughton branch) share the bull head of RatCLIFFs (Lancashire, same as Wigan). There's a black bull in the Crest of Heyton-like Haydens, and while Ainsley Earhardt has only one child, Hayden, it's just incredible that while AINSleys were an Annas branch, the Ainsley motto has "my" while My's are listed with Mea's/Meigh's. What could this mean? Nottinghamshire is also where Tie-like Tye's/Tee's (= the Tease's/Tyes') were first found who share the Annas / Wigton star.

The other English Haydens share the Billins/Billing / My/Mea/Meigh cross. While I can trace EARhardts to Eyre's, the Haydens have a judge Heydon of Eyre. Mys/Mea's/Meigh's share the boar head of Juggs/Jude's while Judge's are also Juge's. While one of the Haydens (Norfolk, same as Tuits/Tuitums) have the quadrants of Tuits/TUITUM's in colors reversed, "Totum" is a motto term of Irish Judge's/Juge's. The latter almost have the Travers Coat, and "TOUT travers" happens to be the motto of FORE's/Forez's. Ainsleys have a motto phrase, "FOR MY" twice. What's going on here? What's this mean? Fore's/Forez's share "Tout" with Hicks, and while she moved to FORney, Forneys have the Ile/Isle Coat in colors reversed. It's necessary to find a whack of heraldic connections between Hicks and Earhardt if I'm correct in their both being Sleeping Beauty. Hicks share the Ainsley fleur-de-lys.

It just so happens that Townsends have a blue-Shield version of the Irish Judge/Juge Coat, and if anyone in Arizona wants to take the cheats to court, it's Kelly Townsend.

I accidentally loaded "Toit" instead of "Tuit," and came upon a Totty Coat using only a blue chevron, ditto with Bather-like Batters. It's Flint-important because Bathers and Scarfs have wolf heads in Flint-wolf colors, and Bathers were first found in Flintshire with the Hawarden location of Maids/Mauds. The Italian SENIORs happen to have the Batter Coat in both colors, and Seniors were checked upon finding the SNORing location of Townsends. English Seniors/Senors/Saynors/Singards (Norfolk, same as Great Snoring) happen to have a "TUTissimus iBIS" motto phrase while Biss' share the Judge/Juge scallops. It probably should be read also as "tuTISSima" because Tiss', first found in Hampshire with Toits/Tottys, likewise use only a chevron. The Toys/Teys (Tie branch?), first found in Yorkshire with Tie's/Dye's share the Toit/Totty chevron. Hampshire is where Ports were first found who share the Toit/Totty chevron (Ports look like Rainer kin = Montferrat > Saluzzo liners).

Theory: Great Snoring refers to Sleeping Beauty sleeping, and because her rising is a pointer to Arizona while Townsends were at Great Snoring, perhaps Kelly Townsend will be responsible for a victory. Townsends share the scallops of Fenns/Venns, Phoenix-connectable. Partys, first found in Shropshire with Sleeps, share the checks of FANN/Vance-branch Vaux's. BERTrams use a motto, "J'aVANCE." As Scottish Towns were first found in Linlithgowshire with Tenants, they look like branches (= surname variations), the point being that Tenants share the My/Mea/Meigh and Judd/Jugg boar head. Is Kelly Townsend taking the cheats to court? English Towns are in the colors and format of Tenant-like Tintons.

The Ainsley motto term, "always," might even be an Oullette branch, for Always'/Alwys (English Town colors) share the lion of Oullette's and of the Aulnays/Alnays/OULnays that are in the Oullette write-up as Aulnays. English Towns were first found in Suffolk with Owls/Howls. Why would Ainsley Earhardt touch upon Arizona election fraud? Surely, Fox has been asleep on this matter. Will she wake Fox up? Kellys even share the lion of Always-like Alleys. Always'/Always have a not-bad reflection of the Isle/Eels' Coat. As was said recently, God sent me the message, "you shall have a song," from Kelly's place, and here we are on the treble-clef tie. Every song on a songsheet starts with a clef, does it not? If it's not a treble clef, it's a base clef, and Oullette's were at Basset while German Base's/BASSEN share the black hunting HORN with Births/Berts and the Arms of Traby! Horns/Orne's named the Orne river through the BESSIN.

Ah, lookie: Songs/Singers (Devon, same as Treble's, Trebys and Births/Berts) share the three garbs of Sticks and Styche's, and while Cleffs/Cliffs married Styche's (!!!), Sticks are from the Astikas' that married Traby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you believe it? Songs/Singers use a Lithuania-suspect "fideLITas" motto term. Lithuania had pagan wolf cults, and Fiddle's/FideLOWs use wolf heads, as do Lows. Litts share the fleur-de-lys of Masseys (Cheshire, same as Cliffs of Styche's).

Ah more: "you SHALL have a song," and Shalls are also Schalls while clefs go with music scales.

I almost forgot: Owls'/Howls were first found in Suffolk with Eye, and owls have big-round eyes. Note that Dee-like Deeds/Dade's (Diss/Dice colors and format) were first found in Norfolk with Diss. "Eyes" is a variation of Earhardt-connectable Eyers/Eyre's.

Ainsley (she's on Fox and Friends) named her daughter, Hayden, and the Ainsley-beloved Always' might even be a branch of Elys/Ealys/Ealays, pretty incredible where Irish Foys use an eel while "foy" is a motto term of Haydens. Both French Foys come up as "Foix," what are the chances? The birthday party that got us the treble-clef tie was in Kingston, and while Kingstons share the King lion, a motto phrase of Ainsleys is, "for my KING always." Kings were first found in Devon with Births/Berts, and while alleys are also marbles, the Kings might even be related to the Marble Coat. My miracle-marble shot (age 11) was on HULLmar drive, and Kingstons named Kingston upon Hull.

[Insert the day after writing here -- As I said, I was with Kelly only because she was a friend of Carl-like Carol Moore, and Carols, sharing lions comBATTANT with Kellys, use their lions in the colors of the King / Kingston lion, and Carols are said to have been lords of Ely!!! I didn't know this when writing above. Ely/Ealy liners are suspect with Eye, and Battants/Battins/Badens use the eye! German Elleys/Eloys/LOYs are in the colors of the Lows/Loys we saw above.

Carols were first found in Tipperary with Sullivans (robin), whom we saw above linked to Days. BirthDAY. Repeat: "...the Day/Dey/Deie write-up: " some cases the name came from the word eye (d'eye)...Over in Normandy pre-Conquest times, we found 'St. John de Day, near St. LO, in the COTENTIN.'"" That's how Lows/Loys came to topic in the first place. The Carol motto term, "fide," suggests the line of Fiddle's/FideLOWs. The latter's Crest shares a hand holding a green wreath / chaplet / garland (I don't know which of the three options it is) with Births/Berts.

The "abu" motto term of Sullivans can be of the "aboo" of Irish Fox's because the latter share the red lion with Sullivans, and then the other two Fox surnames use the red animal (could be a fox) in the Coat of Dutch TIE's/Thigh's. In fact, "foisteNACH" is a Sullivan motto term while "SionNACH" is a motto term of Irish Fox's. Is this a pointer of my tie to Ainsley Earhardt of Fox news? End insert]

Just minutes after writing the above (not the insert), BERTrands were loaded to find a black wing in the design of the one in the Robel Coat, and the only reason I know of Robels is that Robello was the surname of the mother of the woman at whose place my birthday party took place in Kingston. It looks like Intelligent Design i.e. God set up my birthday party with treble-clef tie. Ah, the vertically-split Robel Shield is in the colors of the same of Hunts/Hunters, and Berts use hunting horns.

Plus, while Hayden's middle name is, Dubose, the Dubose's/Dubois' were first found in Auvergne with French Foys/Foix's while the other French Foys/Foix's share the split Shield of Robels!!! I got a treble-clef TIE from the party at the home of Miss Robello's daughter, and Dutch Tie's/Thigh's might even be using the Fox-surname fox. [I didn't yet know here that the Hayden motto would link to Robels, which bomb you will soon see.]

We just saw the Logan bag pipes, and BAGleys, with possibly the Louis/LOY Coat, use a ram's head while ram-using Bauds/Baux's were likewise first found in Auvergne. The BOX's (lion in Baud/BAUX colors) were pointed to by the square CONTAINer in the Joe's-van dream, and the chief of Constance's/CONTANs (share tree with DuBose's) looks like a version of the DuBose Chief. Suddenly, Ainsley Earhardt's husband and daughter is pointing to Arizona election fraud.

Hayden's father is Will Proctor. Proctors share the three nails in the HEART of Logans (Ayrshire), and DOUG Logan heads up Cyber Ninjas, the firm that's heading up the Arizona audit. DOUGlas' have three stars in their Chief in the colors of the two in the Dubose Chief, and Hayden Proctor's middle name is, Dubose. Will Doug Logan appear on Fox and Friends soon to share his long-awaited report? Scottish Logans use a man playing BAG PIPES, and then the Chief of organ-pipe Lets/Late's is a different-colors version of the Dubose Coat.

Proctors use "fidele" while Fiddle's/FideLOWs share wolf heads (different colors) with Lows/LOYs. I think it's amazing that one Hayden Coat ("foy" can be for eel-using Foys) have fessewise bars that are almost the five fesses of German Ducks while Logans list a Duck variation. German Ducks were first found in Westphalia with Nails, and with Alan-related Velins (ducks) and Velens, and the latter once showed ducks in the colors of the red martlets they now show (they are the Alan martlets), for French Alans had them as ducks too. The point is, there is a red FOOTless martlet in the Proctor Crest, and Proctor-loving Nails are with Logans/Ducks. Alans were kin of Gore's/JORE's suspect in the "TouJOURs" motto term of Proctors, and the Gore's/Core's, with the Alan fesse in colors reversed, share the crosslets of Rench's/Wrench's (Cambridgeshire, same as Proctors). As Bash's share the Velen martlets too, some relevant Duck blood may have been at Basford, for while the Westphalia Ducks named Bar-le-Duc, Scottish Barrs share the Basford eagle. Someone needs to punish Bill Barr badly, such a sickening, lawless, corrupt beast.

German Rench's share the giant Gamble fleur-de-lys, and while it's the Ainsley fleur too, Procter and Gamble comes to mind. As Gamble's have a version of the English LEASE Coat, the fact that the Gamble fleur is also of Leaks/Leakeys suggests that Leaks were a Lease branch. The Leach's share the Leak(ey) Shield, apparently, and share the crowns of Grands suspect in the Court/Covert motto. They are also the crowns of Irish Charles' while French Charles'/Charlotte's have the Velen / Alan martlets in colors reversed. Proctors use "fidele" and Irish Charles' use "FIDELis," like the "fide" of Carols, but then read it also as "fideLIS" because Scottish Lease's are also Lise's.

OH WOW! The Haydens with the "foy" motto term share the Dives dancette while the white-on-black wing of Diens/DIVES' is colors reversed from the Robel wing! It tends to confirm that the Robel Shield is the Foy/Foix Shield. Dives' were first found in Cambridgeshire with Proctors and Elys/Ealys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That looks Arranged. The Dien/Dives wing is upside-down, as is the chevron of Elleys/Eloys/LOYs, and this chevron is in the colors of the FOOT chevron while Will Proctor was a footBALL player. Proctors use "fidele," and Fido's/Fothes'/Fette's share the Foot chevron!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Balls were first found in Cheshire with Foots and Bello's/BALLOTs, and the latter are in the so-called "bellows" of eel-using Shiptons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy-happy.

Lorraine my lady friend as of my 24th birthday got a beautiful-feet / foot symbol, and while Beautys share the black bull in the Hayden Crest, Foote's are said to have built HAREwood House, and then Earhardt-connectable Harewoods/Herewards (share laurel with Lorraine's) have the bend-with-eagles of Lorraine's are Gorsuch's. The latter were first found in Lancashire with Gorsuch's (and Such's). Neil Gorsuch on the U.S. Supreme Court may be at point, for he's shown evidence of being opposed to election fraud. Note that Logans (Ayrshire, same as Hairs/Hare's and Eyre-branch Ayers) can be of the Lindell log. Hairs/Hare's can be gleaned from their English branch to be a branch of HarCOURts, uh-oh. Is Ainsley finally going to break through against the election cheats, and nail them with an uh-oh moment?

Ahh, the other Haydens had a judge of Eyre's, and while these Haydens have pellets on their dog, Pellets share the Coat of PILLOWs/Pilotte's. MY Pillow is Lindell's company, and Ainsleys use "my" twice while the Hayden cross is the My/mea/Meigh cross too!!! There's no reason for these heraldic links -- using Ainsley, her daughter's name, and her husband's name -- unless Someone arranges them. If Will Proctor was born, William, note that the white dog in Crest is shared between Williams (same lion as Kings in the Ainsley motto phrase, "MY king") who in turn use GYRONNy that I think is code for Gernons ("cyFOETH") whom I always link to Foots! Plus, Oullette variations suggest a William kinship because Oulette's were at Falais while William the Conqueror has Miss Falaise as his mother. She also married Mr. Conteville, and that surname can be linked to Constance's/CONTANs. Joe asked me to get him a container in the Joe's-van dream.

OulLETTE's pointed to Letters thanks to the Bumps, for Joe took the container and filled it with snow from his van's rear bumper. Letters and their Ali/Aliotta (Oullette's?) kin look connectable to the Leto/Alitto Coat, and justice Samuel Alito of the U.S. Supreme Court is likewise opposed to election fraud. Oullette's were cousins of Howells, first found in Monmouthshire with early Williams.

OH WOW, Joe filled the container with snow from his BACK bumper, and while German Backs/Bachs (more blue wings, same as Here's and Hartzogs/Herzogs) use a "steer," Steers use a "me" motto term to go with the "mea" of Backs/Bachs...for a pointer to Haydens and "my king always" of Ainsleys. Plus, Welsh Bachs/Baghs were first found in Denbighshire with Bathers while Baths have the Heydon / Mee/Mea/Meigh cross too! Welsh Bachs/Baghs (in the Logan BAG pipes?) share the stars of Ainsley-related Annas' (Nottinghamshire, same as Ainsleys and Mee's/My's/Meigh's). As soon as Joe filled the box with snow, I FLIPPED it over and dumped out the snow.

Had not this dream pointed to election fraud, I probably wouldn't have used "flipped it over" to describe the scene, but now I see why flipping it is necessary, the Intended thing. But what's the snow represent? Trump votes? Why should snow depict Trump votes? It's therefore interesting that the snow anteLOPE heads face in the direction of the same-colored stag heads of Trumps. I read a document telling that Vis-de-lou, otherwise known as Fidelow, was also "Vis-de-LOOP." Fidelows use wolf heads, making "Loop" look like a Lupus branch. AND BEHOLD: the Lou's/Lous', suspect in the Hood/Hoot motto, have 12 bends in the colors of the 12 bars of Haydens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! These are the same Haydens ("foy") with the Beauty bull, and Sleeping Beauty was at the hood (and bumper?) of a car. Bumps (Gloucestershire, same as LETs/Late's) share the giant Letter / Ali/Aliotto griffin. Again, Let's/Late's use organ pipes, and Logans use bag pipes while Doug Logan is in charge of the Arizona audit. This recalls the medallion on my hood that pointed to Medals/DOUGals. DOUG Logan?

OHHHH WOW, as I said, the medallion was found on my Jeep at the FOOD Basics grocery store in BRACEbridge, and Sleeping Beauty and I did emBRACE. Bracebridge's even use a "wills" motto term. WILL Proctor was a FOOTball player, and Foods are listed with Foots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's purdy cool. Dougal-related Bauds (Hood/Hoot crescent in colors reversed) use the ship while Ships/Shiptons share the eel with Foys/Foix's. HOOTens were at SHIPbrook. She works for Fox NEWS, and News'/Nuces' were first found in Cambridgeshire with Proctors.

I think Tucker Carlson is the first Fox personality to go against election fraud, and he only took a crack at it this week. Note how the Swedish Carlson Coat can be related to the Coat of Countrys in the "For my country" motto phrase of Ainsleys. Or, as the Beach pile is the Country pile while Sleeping Beauty was on a beach when ARISing, note that English Carlsons (Suffolk, same as Charles'/Carles') are in the colors and format of Hazeltons having an "aris" motto term. The original sleeping beauty is CHARLotte Hicks while the Charleston variation of Carlsons could possibly make Tucker Carlson part of the her arising event i.e. I think God is shifting emphasis from Hicks (not a public figure) to Earhardt for some public-reaching reason. Tucker may start a trend on Fox in reporting Arizona fraud. How can Fox personalities continue to resist after the official report comes out? Does Murdoch have a suicide wish?

French Charles'/Charlotte's/Carle's are in Diss colors and format, and Diss is near the Suffolk border (where Carlsons were first found). Irish Charles' share the GRANT/Grand crowns while Scottish Carls share the pomeGRANATe with Grazio's. I grazed Sleeping Beauty's knee, and she immediately woke up and started to rise. Let's keep COURTs/Coverts in mind who love the Grands in their motto, because election fraud is going to court after court to discover all that's been covert, and some are talking GRAND juries.

Ah wow, German Carlsons share the Bert/Berta griffin while Births are also Berts. Berts/Berta's share the gold border with Grazio-like Greats/GREEPs, and Crispins/CREPins have the pomegranate too. Greats are from Gratian the Elder, father-in-law of Justine, explaining why Justine's (scales of justice) share the gold border with Greats/Greeps and Berts/Berta's. BERTrands even share the Grazio bend!!! Berts/Berta's were first found in Ferrara with Claro's/Charo's while Crispins were immediate Clare's. I first dated Lorraine on my birthday, and she pointed to German Ducks/Duckers whose five fesses are in the colors of the fessewise BARs of Tuckers/Tookers, first found in Devon with Births/Berts!!! I think God is moving Tucker Carlson to get into election fraud.

Oh wow, the Scottish Sheds are in the colors and format of Townsends, which includes a chevron-with-fitchees in colors reversed from the same of Births/Berts. And the Shed griffin heads are in the colors of the Bert/Berta griffin. In the Shed Chief, a scallop colors reversed from the Townsend scallops. What could this mean? Will Tucker Carlson interview Kelly Townsend? Will it be a big deal toward rectifying the election?

Scottish Sheds have a hermit in Crest, and HERmits are in the colors and format of German Herrs/Here's (share blue wings with Hartzogs/Herzogs), the latter likely an Earhardt branch. Herrs/Here's share the gold-on-blue border Berts/Bert's and Justine's, what an amazing find. The scales of justice of Justine's look like a version of the double Herr/Here scythes while the Justine sword is in the colors of the Bert/Berta griffin. This is new material, and the great thing is, Herrs/Here's use scythes while Scythe's are listed with Skits/Skeets/Skeochs, first found in Ayrshire with Sheds. German BERTrams (Prussia, same as Herrs/Here's) have a vertically-split Shield in colors reversed from the same of English Scheds/Sheds (share red potent cross with Scythe's/Skits/Skeochs and Sheets/Skate's). Also, the red potent cross is used by Brocuffs/PROCKs who in turn have the Chief-Shield colors of Scottish Sheds, and Ainsley Earhardt married Mr. PROCtor.

Plus, BertRAMs may have been a Bert-Ram merger, and so it's interesting that Rams are in Townsend / Shed colors and format. Obama was on a Ram-like ramp with a SKATEboard, and Borders/BOARDers share the white sword with Justine's. Obama's mother was Mrs. Dunham, and Dunhams use the Shield, minus the fesses, of Scottish Herrs/Hairs, first found in Ayrshire with Scythe's/Skits/Skeets/Skeochs who in turn share the Skate/Sheet Coat. What could this mean in context with the above? In the top half, Boards share the Chaddock / Chadwick Coats, and Chads (Norfolk, same as Dunhams and Skate's/Sheets) share the red potent cross with Skate's/Sheets, Scythe's/Skits, Scheds/Sheds and Procks.

The cool thing is where God said to me, in the Sleeping Beauty dream, "What are your WAITing for, go wake HER up." The Waits are listed with Weights while the Dexters use a weight scale that they call simply, "weights," and the English Here's/Heyers use two "dexter" wings. The German Herrs/Here's have blue wings too, and they are the kin of weight-scale Justine's. Depending on how I frame the heraldry, or which set of surnames I use, Sleeping Beauty can point to more than one thing, both vaccines and election fraud. The question is always whether I'm making pointers up that God never intended. I look for clues of Intelligent Design, and I think we have that here. My birthday tie is pointing to Sleeping Beauty as played by Miss Earhardt, and yet that tie also included the prayer / CURTsy event with Miss Hicks. Ainsleys were first found as Basford while Bas(h)fords use eagles in the colors of the Curtsy eagle heads. Bash's were News/Nuces kin. Fox and Friends news.

BERTrands share the black wing of Robels, with the latter first found in Prussia with Herrs/Here's and Bertrams. The birthday party was at the home of a woman whose mother was born, Miss Robello. The latter married Mr. Abreu (Portuguese), and Portuguese Abreu's use wings too, in the colors of one Masci wing. My Masci-line mother was born in PICENze, and Justine of Picenum is the root of Herr-connectable Justine's. As Italian Abreu's/Abruzzo's have a different-colors version of the Kelly Coat, the birthday party / gift may indeed be pointing to Kelly Townsend. Hicks use an "heure" motto term while I trace the EBURovices namers of Eure, location of Evreux, to "Abreu/Abruzzo."

Tucker married Lisa McNear, and Nears/Nairs (Perthshire, same as gold-on-blue-border Justine's) are interesting for sharing the Sidney pheon. Tucker, near the election, almost mocked Sidney Powell's "Kraken," without even inquiring from her about the evidence. It was dismal on his part, but perhaps he can redeem that low point with a public apology to her when she's proven correct in all her election-cheat assessments. Miss Powell was general Flynn's lawyer. Nears/Nairs use another merMAID.

Back to Maids/Mauds of Hawarden. The Hawarden write-up takes us to Dee's/Die's: "The surname Hawarden was first found in Flintshire, Wales at Hawarden, a small village near the border of Cheshire and Wales. Legend has it that in the Church a statue of the Virgin Mary fell in 946, killing the wife of the Governor of the Castle. The statue was put on trial and condemned to death by drowning. The statue floated up the River Dee and washed up at Chester." How about that, it's the Dee's/Die's, potential Tie/Dye branch.

As Sleeping Beauty was hovering before she and I emBRACEd for the rising scene, it's interesting that Hover-like Howards have a red-Shield version of the Lake Coat which is a not-bad reflection of the Brace/Bras Coat. I probably wouldn't have written this paragraph had not Lake's been first found in Oxfordshire with eel-using Ships/Shiptons while "Eels" is a variation of Isle's. The Shipton-like Skiptons were in Craven while Cravens have a version of the Ely/Ealy Coat. Hawardens share the black-on-white fesse with Tie's/Dye's and Isle's/Eels'. The Drops/Trope's in the Hawarden Shield were first found in Norfolk with Howards, Risings, and the Antrims sharing the Lake / Brace/Bras bend.

The Day/Dey/Deie write-up, in deriving the surname, uses "maid" as a possible code known to certain family historians for the Maid surname (Cheshire, same as English Dee's/Die's), which has a version of the Howell Coat and is thus linkable to the Oullette Coat. Owls/Howls were first found in Suffolk, location of Eye.

I think you will like this. I don't always tell you the implications of surprising / unexpected yet logical heraldic links because they are self-evident, but I'll spell this one out. I've only just noticed that Isle's/Eyles' were first found in Somerset with CHARTs/Chards, apparently important because Hicks did a curtsy in the isle while Curtsys are also CHARTseys. Curtsys/Chartseys, first found in Surrey with the patriarch of WARENNE's, have eagle heads in the colors of the eagles of Basfords while Ainsleys were first found at Basford. The Basfords put their white eagles on a bend, as are the white eagles of Gorsuch's and Harewoods. The latter put their bend-with-eagles on the WARREN Coat so as to be linkable round-about to COURT-like Curtsy/Chartseys. Warrens were first found in Sussex with COURTs/Coverts, and Sleeping Beauty is pointing to NEIL Gorsuch, especially as "Nil" is a motto term of Charts/Chards.

The Warren Shield is shared by the AzinCOURTs/Agincourts/D'Aincourts in the Billin/Billam motto. It recalls the Billins'/Billings of Hayden-like Heyton and Annas-connectable Wigan. The Billins/Billams share the three bows of Roet-related Bows/Bough's, and then while the Bills' (Somerset, same as Roets and Charts/Chards) share the Roet Chief-Shield, German Bils' share the checks of Spanish BAEZ's/Pelaiz's who can be of the Baesh variation of Bash's suspect in naming Basford, where D'AINcourt-like Ainsleys were first found. D'Aincourts are in the write-up of Jumps who share a weave pattern with Jewish Harts/Hardts who in turn have a Coat like that of Earhardts. Why are we back to Earhardt again?

Baez's/Pelaiz's can be from Piacenza/Placentia at the Trebia, which is where the tie event pointed that included the curtsy that brought us to Charts/Chards. While I trace Flynns to Placentia, Flynns share the Chief of Rainhams. Townsends of Rainham share the Plate Coat, and look like a Pilate-Mar merger in their ancestry. "Plates" are used by Azincourts/D'Aincourts, and Plate's were first found in Lancashire with the Gorsuch's having a red-bend version of the Bash/Baesh bend-with-eagles. The Gorsuch eagles are the Child eagles too, and Childs were first found in Hertfordshire with Bash's/Baesh's and Nuse's/Newes.

It might be worth a mention that HEREfords use the same eagles as Childs in the colors and format of the three scythes of Sickle's, for Herrs/Here's use scythes too. I trace Childs to king Childeric, father of Clovis, and the Clovis surname uses nails. The nail-using Logans were first found in Ayrshire with Hairs/Herrs. That's working.

The Chart/Chard chevron is shared by Toits (Hayden-quadrant linkable) and Toys/TEYs while Hicks love the Touts/Tute's and/or TOTTENs, for Hicks use, "TOUT EN." Not only are the Totten dancettes half in the colors of the Hayden dancette, but the "AD astra" motto phrase of Tottens is code for Ada of Warenne. She married Henry of Huntingdon, which can explain the hunting horns of Charts/Chards. She did the curtsy at the end of the pew bench, and Pews (full Fisk motto) happen to share "ad astra." The cheats are depending on Perkins Coie lawyers to thwart Kelly Townsend's team, and Pews share the Perkin/Parking Coat! This is pretty amazing.

Pews were first found in Montgomeryshire with Kerrys, and Charts/Chards were first found in Somerset with Cary-branch Carts...of Leavells of Castle CARY. Pews and Perkins share the lion of Jewish Levi's. The Pew Crest is a white dolphin, same as the dolphin of Dolphins/Dolfins (once said to be first found in Surrey, same as Curtsys/Chartseys and Ada of Warenne) who happen to be in Dol colors while Dols share the Curtsy fesse. Dolphins/Dolfins use a "nihil" motto term while Irish Neils are also Nihills. Pews share a white dolphin in Crest with Caesars (SURREY), and the James' (Surrey) not only have another dolphin, but connect with the Douglas motto term, "Jamais". The Arie's/Erie's/AIRys (Earhardt/Airhart kin?) suspect in the Douglas motto were first found in Cumberland with Dolphins/Dolfins. I think that Ainsley needs to become the dolphin that harpoons the deep-state shark in its belly.

Ainsley has provided some solid links to Nail liners, and I think the main projection of this discussion is her Proctor husband because the Proctor nails are in both colors of the Logan nails. She a Heart liner, and the Logan nails pierce a heart, feasibly the DOUGlas heart. Doug Logan of Cyber Ninjas was probably born, Douglas. The Douglas' were even descended from HARDys, and the Hardy cross is a fat one like the same-colored saltire of Nails/Neils/Nagle's. Douglas' were first found in Moray while Irish Murrays use a motto, "Imperio," and it just so happens that Nagle's look like they named Oneglia, otherwise called, Imperia. Hayden's middle name is Dubose, and the Dubose Chief has two of the three stars in the Douglas Chief. She's pointing to Doug Logan like a thunderbolt, in gale-force winds, to the temples of the cheats.

The Gale's are now said to be first found in Yorkshire with Odins and Oddie's/HODDys; the latter must be sharing the Hood/Hoot saltire, and they are the Nail/Neil/Nagle saltire in colors reversed. That's perfect for Sleeping Beauty at the hood. The scene is including Nails/Neils/Nagle's partly to confirm that Ainsley is indeed Sleeping Beauty to be woken up. Who's going to wake her up? Gale's share the saltire of Nails/Neils/Nagle's.

But why would the family of Ainsley Earhardt need to be in a Neil Gorsuch picture? She's not part of the court systems? Yet she married nail-using Proctors while German Nails (Chart/Chard colors) are Neils/Nagle's too, and Irish Nagle's are in Charts/Chard colors. Is the curtsy pointing to some nice thing from Neil Gorsuch of the supreme court when he helps to over-throw Perkins Coie's appeal? Isn't it more likely that election fraud will go to the supreme court due to an appeal from a lower-court decision by the gangsters?

Charts/Chards use partridges, and the PARTridge's were first found in Kent with the Paths/PERTs/Petts whom were in the snow-cleared path to Mr. Big Eyes with the big-round glasses. The particulars of his Joe's-van dream pointed to PHOENix, and the "fama" motto term of Gale's, in the Nagle nightinGALE, indicates Fame's/Phone's/Vans, a branch of Fenns/Venns sharing the Townsend scallops.

The Gale's (share blue unicorn with Tints) were once said to be first found in Cornwall with their TintaGEL location, and Tintons look like Town / Tenant branches and thus linkable to Townsends of Rainham. Rainhams were at TAYside while Tays are listed with Toys/Teys.

Tuckers can be gleaned as Sea and Seaman/SEMAN kin, the latter first found in Suffolk with Carlsons. The "semina" motto term of Nagle-beloved Gale's can apply here to a Carlson-Earhardt duo if ever Earhardt starts to let out election-fraud updates to spread the word far-and-wide as the cheats try to keep the lid on things.

I've been looking out for evidence for Supers and their Spurr branch being pointers to "SUPReme court." The Rainhams use a "SUPERata" motto term, and share gold-on-silver garbs with Spurrs. Rainhams came up from the Townsend write-up, and we should keep eyes out for a law suit against the cheats from Kelly Townsend's influence.

The Tucker-connectable Seamans share the crescent of Hoods/Hoots (Devon, same as Tuckers). Seamans were a branch of Seal/Zeal-connectable Sea's, and the Hood/Hoot motto is, "ZEALous." I see the Lous' in there too, now connecting to Beauty-connectable Haydens, what a hoot. Huttons (middle name of Jovan Pulitzer) were first found in Lancashire with Ratcliffs who share the black bull with Haydens / Beautys. RatCLIFFs were at Salford while Salfords (share black wolves with Cleffs/Cliffs) have a fesse-with-items in the colors of the same of Huttons.

REMINDER: Hayden-like Heytons/HUYTONs (chevron in Hutton-fesse colors) share the Ratcliff bull head. The Heyton/Huyton Shield shares the white bull head with Hottens/Haughtons (Finchem Coat in colors reversed), and the Hutton fesse is that also of Tie's/Dye's while by tie points to Cleffs/Cliffs in "Ratcliff." I wore this tie when Miss Hicks (moved to about ten miles from John Ratcliffe) did the curtsy in the ISLE, and Isle's/Eyles', in the colors and format of Tie's/Dye's, happen to share the fleur-de-lys of Heights/Hite's (Derbyshire, same as Sola's in the Hague/Hate/HAIT motto) while Heytons/Huytons (Sussex, same as Curtsy-like Courts/Coverts) are also Heightons (Height/Hite colors). As McLeods/Clouds ("HOLD fast") share the white bull head too, while they were first found on SKYE and Lewis, we could say that, when Sleeping Beauty and I were HOLDing as we rose into the sky, we were rising into the HEIGHTs.

Welsh Bachs/Baghs have the seated, black dog of English Thomas', whom were just checked (prior to the paragraph above) as per Clarence Thomas, yet another anti-fraud justice on the U.S. Supreme Coat. The English Thomas' Eeley/Eloy/Loy colors) have a version of the ELLis Coat, and Jenna Ellis, Trump's lawyer in opposition to election fraud, might still be active toward that end. She and Giuliani have a ton of affidavits for court purposes when the time comes. I think Mike Lindell appears delusional to maintain that the Supreme Court will agree to hear his case in August. He's going to give his enemies fodder for portraying him crazed if the top court rejects his application.

Late week: "Arizona State Senator Kelly Townsend sent a reminder to the county through Twitter, which seems the only way to contact them. Townsend recently called on the Board of Supervisors to get off Twitter and work with the Senate or resign after Wednesday’s audit findings were revealed." In my opinion, Doug Logan should sue the cheats for brazen slander in trashing his audit internationally. Unless corruptocrats get sued for slander, the slander will get worse when needed.

I've Got a Jeep Job to Do

On the evening after writing here, I thought to check for a Job surname, like the Jabbe/Jabbes variations of Jeepma's. Jobs come up as Jobbe's/Jobbes'/JOPsons too, and they were first found in Cumberland with the Daggers sharing their scallops, beside the JOPlins. The reason I'm starting this section is that the five Job scallops are in the colors and positioning of the five Ainsley fleur.

I trace Daggers with good reasons to the Dexaroi (or Dassaretae) on the Apsus river, which is one major river south of the Genusus. The latter had the location of ARNISSa, and the Ainsley-branch Annas' are also Arniss'. This tends to make a round-about (indirect) Job/Jopson link to Ainsley elements by way of the sharing of scallops between Daggers and Jobs. The original Sleeping Beauty, Mrs. Kilpatrick, plays right into it not only because Kilpatricks use a dagger, but because Patricks are from Antipatria, which is where the Dexaroi are stamped upon maps. We therefore seem to have a reason for God using Ainsley as a second fulfillment of Sleeping Beauty, and, by the way, as she pointed to Rhizon, right beside Butua, the Beauty surname might play to Butua liners.

This paragraph was not the original point in starting this section. This only came to mind after seeing what I had read, "WILL Proctor was a FOOTball player," for Players were first found in Middlesex with Fiers and Apps' while Fier county is on the Apsus river down-river from Antipatria. Again, Kuman in Fier county must be the line to Comyns/Comings because they use a dagger.

The original point of this section is the paragraph above it with my embrace of Sleeping Beauty as a pointer to Bracebridge's with a "wills" motto that tends to point to Miss Earhardt. That is, Ainsley-connectable Jobs/Jobbe's/Jobbes being so much like "Jabbe's/Jabbes'" of JEEPma's, while the Job Coat reflects the Ainsley fleur, plays to the medallion on my Jeep's hood in Bracebridge. It's a perfect connection. What I didn't know until after writing the last sentence, is that the English Wills share the blue, demi-griffin of English Jeffersons/JEPHSONs, like the Jobson variation of Jobs!!!!! Is that not incredible? Okay, but what might this mean, and is this where God wants me to take things?

Welsh Jeffersons/Jepsons use the griffin in the colors of the Grey lion because both Coats have the same border. Greys, with the TALbot Coat in Colors reversed, were first found in Northumberland with the Joplins who share their lion. It seems that Jeepma's are all a part of these similar surnames, and so note that while Daggers were first found in Cumberland with Dockers, German Ducks come up as Dockers/DOCHers too while Docks are Doug-like Doags too while the MEDALlion-on-Jeep pointed to Medals/DOUGals! We are back to Doug Logan, for Logans show a Duck variation!!! Is that not incredible? Will PROCTOR even points to Logans/Ducks because of the Proctor nails in the Logan/Duck heart. SO, the medallion-on-Jeep is connecting to Doug Logan. Phoenix's/Fenwicks were first found in Northumberland too, and they share the red footless martlet with the Proctor Crest.

[I neglected to re-load Phoenix's here, or I would have spotted that they share "Toujours fidele" with Proctors! It confirms that Will Proctor is used by God for an heraldic pointer to Doug Logan. Another thing I missed is the "ne" motto term of Will-beloved Griffins, for Nee's/Knee's use the phoenix. Another thing missed is the Hips' almost sharing the Phoenix Coat (same martlets) and throwing in a sphinx, symbol also of Brocuffs/PROCKs. It appears that Proctors were a Brock / Brook branch.]

Scottish Wills even use a motto, "As God wills," which is almost the Bracebridge motto, "Be as God wills." Will Proctor is apparently a part of the medallion story in order to get Ainsley Earhardt to it, for when the event took place, I was trying to decipher the hood in the Sleeping Beauty dream.

As Will-beloved Griffins use a "velis" motto term, it explains while Scottish Wills come up as "Velis." As English Velis'/Vails were first found in Northumberland with Joplins and Jobs/Jopsons, it tends to identify the one headed eagle of Velis/Vails as the same-colored, two-headed Jeepma/Jabbe eagle. That is very tidy. It explains why German Belows (share the Phoenix Crest, almost), who share the Jeepma Coat minus its hexagram, were first found in Pomerania with the House of Griffin. The Arms of Pomerania has a red griffin, the color of the Will/Velis griffin. The Belows, in this picture, can be gleaned with the line of Godfrey de Bouillon, great-grandson of Gothelo, for Goths/Gothels share the Jeepma hexagram. Bouillons use a "bello" motto term. Dubose's/Dubois' were first found in Auvergne with Foys/Foix's and Bouillons, and these Foys/Foix's share the Moray stars while Bellys were first found in Moray.

As Velis'/Veils use a Dominion-like "domine" motto term, might God have named WILL Proctor to get even the Velis' to connect with Doug Logan? He's in charge of inspecting the Dominion voting machines. As Velis/Vails share the black crosslet of English Julians, the Velis/Vail eagle can be the Giuliani eagle too. The Velis/Vail fitchee is shared by Love's/luffs, first found in Oxfordshire with the Gullys/Gollys sharing the Julian cross in both colors. The Gullys/Gollys love the Sine's/Swans/Sions, and there is a swan head in the Velis/Vail Crest along with the fitchees-in-saltire.

German Julians look like kin of Scottish Jeffreys, and these Julians were first found in Saxony with Bose's having a giant rose in the colors of the giant Jeepma / Below eagle. With Ainsley connecting to my Jeep, the LeBose's/LeBOIS' come to mind. In fact, DuBose's/DuBois' were first found in Auvergne with Godfreys while Welsh Jeffreys suggest that they derive in "Godfrey." The "God" motto term of Bracebridge's and Wills can be for Godfrey liners. In fact, the Jeep got the medallion in Bracebridge, and the "Be as" motto phase of Will-related Bracebridge's can be for the Bee/Beas surname. The bee-using Boys/Bye's can apply. French Bois'/Boscs/DuBois' share the tree with DuBose's/DuBois'. The True variation of Tree's is in the motto of Home's/Hume's, first found in Berwickshire with Boys/Bye's.

English Godfreys have a near-copy of the Mead Coat, and this can point to BRIAN KilMEADE, a host on Fox and Friends with Ainsley Earhardt. The Meads even share "Toujours" with Proctors. WILL Proctor! The "pret" motto term of Meads then bounces us to Brian Doocy, the third host on the same show, because Prets (Staffordshire) share the Duck stars and the Duce/Doocy/Ducey lion in colors reversed. The Pret lion is even the Brian lion, and Brians use three of them in pale, ditto for Lawns/Lone's, the latter first found in Staffordshire with Prets (and Jeffersons). "Duce" is a motto term of SCHIMs/Schiens while Ainsleys use a SCIMitar, and the giant boar head of Schims/Schiens is shared my Mole's who in turn share the Nee/Knee phoenix. It's a pat way for the Ainsley Crest alone to point to Phoenix election fraud. "TOUT pret" is the Moray motto, and the Moray star may be in the Be/Bez/Bec Coat.

Ah, the Be's/Bez's/Becs have a Best variation, and then English Bests share the cinquefoil of Boasts/Bois', and while the English Bests are in Godfrey colors, both surnames share "libertas."

The "te" motto term of Velis'/Vails can be for Teys whose Chief is in the colors of the stars in the DuBose/DuBois Chief. Teys were first found in Yorkshire with English Belows (share "Tout" with Hicks), Hicks, and Touts/Toots. The Teys have this historical quote shown: "'This was a baronial name. The family of TEUTONicus, or Tyes..." Not only are Annas-related Tyes' listed with Tease's i.e. Nottinghamshire with Annas and AINSleys, but Hicks use Teutonicus-like "Tout en." The Tautons/Tarletons, who share the motto of cloud-over-sun, Jefferson-connectable Jeffreys, are in Hicks colors and almost in their format. There's a Towton term in Tey write-up, and Miss Hicks is the one with whom God created my tie event.

Tarleton is in Ormskirk, where Suchs/Zouch's were first found who have a red-Shield version of the English Will Coat. Here's what I say later in this update: "The full Ackery/Sacheverel motto is, 'En bon foy,' and Hicks use 'en bon' as a phrase. Remember here that GorSUCH's were first found in Lancashire with Such's/Zouch's."

[Insert -- The "te" of Velis'/Veils is shared by Quarters, and Sean Hannity was in the nightly habit of throwing a FOOTball like a quarterback. Will Proctor was a quarterback (for the Clemson Tigers). The Quarters have a Carrot-like Cruiter variation while Carrick-branch Carrots/Carews (Cornwall, same as Wills) share the Quarter lion, apparently, because Carrots/Carews share "bien" with Carricks. The latter were first found in Ayrshire with Quarters/Cruiters. The "J'espere" motto term of Carrots/Carews might just be partly for Jays. Carricks are to the Murdoch-related Margys/Mackeys.

It can therefore appear that God either arranged Quarters to jibe with Proctor's quarterback job, or got him a quarterback job to make this insert work. This insert comes a minute after finding the French Carots sharing the HANGEN/Hankin fretty (see below), and Hangens were looked up because Margys/Mackeys use a raven HANGING on an arrow. It appears that God is using Proctor's quarterback job to make a Hannity-Murdoch and/or Ainsley-Murdoch link in the heraldic "crystal ball (I use that phrase lightly).

If I recall correctly, Roger Ailes, whom I think was the Fox CEO, hired Miss Earhardt for Fox news (years before she married Proctor). The Ailes' happen to show nothing but three pale bars in the colors of the three nails acting as pale bars of Proctors. Did God arrange that too? End insert]

When checking Ainsley Earhardt out at google, I read that she was spotted over at Sean Hannity's place (after her divorce to Proctor), which MIGHT be why Hannity was divorced not long ago. English Hannitys even share "Toujours" with Proctors! Is God snitching on her? English Hannitys share the blue leopard face with the blue-griffin Jeffersons, and Irish Hannitys/HEGNeys might be using a dagger, for it's a short sword, similar to the Crest of Irish HAGENs. Ahh, new: German Hegens/HAGERs have the split Shield of Irish Hannitys/Hegneys, and Scottish Hagar(s) share the lone Jeepma hexagram!

And while we're on Fox personalities, let's add that MurDOCHs can be of the Docks/Doags/DOGs (may explain why an heraldic talbot is a dog), first found in Perthshire with Hagar(d)s. The latter's "MODESte" motto term looks like part-code for the Modes/Modens, first found in Berkshire with the Boots who share the boot with Irish Hagens.

ZOWIE! Rupert Murdoch loves vaccinations, and has been accused of having personal, financial interests in vaccines for children...explaining why Ainsley refuses to go against vaccinations for children (evil witch), and here we can add that the shark in the Sleeping Beauty dream appeared in a KIDNEY-shaped pool because Kidneys/GEDneys are linkable to the fish in the Neil Coat, and to the same-colored fish in Arms of Shark-like Saraca's (I show these Arms below). Later in this update, I share a video telling that the COVID scheme includes deliberate murder by KIDNEY disease.

THE POINT HERE IS, the Kidneys/Gedneys use fish-in-saltire in the blue-on-white colors of the one fish of Hagens, first found in Tyrone with Neils and Sharks!!! Plus, the Kidney/Gedney saltire is in the colors of the NAIL/Neil/Nagle saltire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There you have it. Nails/Neils/Nagle's were first found in Westphalia with Ducks/DOCKers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It can't get any clearer than this as to what God was pointing to with the killer shark. Fauci's boss is the NIH, and Irish Neils are NIHills too. I get it. The shark is the vaccine beast. Fauchs even share the thistle with the Dock/Dog Crest!

The shark in the pool even swallowed a DOG that fell / jumped into the pool...though the dog in this picture points to MurDOCH, not to Doug Logan. In the dream, I TOUCHed the knee of Sleeping Beauty because Touch's/Tuffs are a branch of Tufts/Tuffs' (both out of Cheshire) who in turn share the red Knee phoenix. But then the Touch's are also Tough's while Murdochs are MurTOUGH's too. Murdochs share the Crest of Barrs (Ayrshire, same as Murdochs), and Barrs (Este kin) can be traced to Bar (Adriatic coast at lake Scodra) of the Sleep-line Selepitanoi. I touched her knee to wake her from sleep. Hagar(d)s (Este colors and format) use a "ModESTE" motto term. The Crest of English Este's once showed the same horse head that's in the Crest of Boot-like Bute's/Butts. Hagens use the boot.

A big nail is a spike, and while Spike's/Specks share the double-headed eagle (different colors) with Jeepma's, the spike proteins of vaccines come to mind because that's the part that kills cells. Spike's/Specks have a porcupine, which shares needles in common with vaccinations. Needle's were first found in Shropshire with Sleeps. The eight BARs of Spike's/Specks are shared by Tuckers, very linkable to the fesses of Ducks/Duckers/Dockers. God heraldic "crystal ball" can't get much clearer than this.

Behold. The Murdocks share the raven "HANGING on an arrow" of Margys/Mackeys (Ayrshire), and I've never thought to load Hangens/Hankins (Somerset, same as Ducks) before, but they not only use ducks, they share the gold phoenix with red flames of Phoenix's/Fenwicks for a super pointer to Doug Logan! The Logans are Ducks too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Incredible, but why are Murdochs a part of this? I read that Rupert Murdoch is the one who forced Fox news to call Arizona for Biden too-early on election night, and Doug Logan is now in charge of Arizona election fraud. Oh-no, don't tell me he's secretly on Murdoch's and Barr's side? Oh-no, is he just theater? Oh-no, that would be terrible.

Hangens/Hankins are clearly Duck kin, and the latter have lion-head colors of the Duce/DOOCY/DUCEY lion. While Steve Doocy sits beside Ainsley on Fox and Friends, Doug Ducey is the cheatin' Arizona governor now trying to make amends with his voters now that he's been caught with crimes. Duce's/Doocys were first found in Staffordshire with Jeffersons. I should add that while Hangens/HANkins share fretty-on-red with French Cotta's/Cottons, English Cottons use "HANKs of cotton." Were Hangens from "Hagen"? Hagar was Abraham's concubine, and he married a second wife after Sarah, KETURah, the line to Kotor. Did Kotor lines name the Cottian Alps? Are Hanks from Hagar liners who named Angers of Anjou? It may warrant an investigation. Abram/Abraham-like Bramtoms/BROMtons share the Duce/Doocy Coat. Geoffrey Plantagenet of Anjou got a "sprig of broom" for a symbol, and BROOMs use "sprigs of broom."

I've just realized that the Margys/Mackeys (same place as Barrs) have a lion-version of the dog-using BARRel Coat!!! The Barrels were part of my Jeep's door-handle!!! It's all coming together here with Fox personalities mixed with Murdoch's vaccine and election corruption.

English Dockers/Dochers love the Sempers in their motto who in turn share the Duce/Doocy/Ducey Coat. Ah, wow, Sempers are in the CLIFFord motto while Friend-like Ferrands are said to have possessed the Skipton castle on behalf of Cliffords. The Cleffs are with Cliffs. I remember walking by the pastor's wife in the center isle on the day I wore the treble-clef tie and blazer. I had just entered the church and was going to a pew spot. She had or gave a facial expression of being impressed at the way I was dressed, not being accustomed to seeing me that way, and I remember looking down at my clothes as she walked past, and seeing the DOCKER leather shoes. Why do I remember it? For this paragraph, I assume.

It really appears that God is using Ferrands and Firenza to point to Fox and Friends. Italian Ferrands (first found in Florence = Firenza) share a Shield filled with checks, in half their colors, with Cliffords. So, Miss Hicks at the tie event is pointing to Ainsley Earhardt. So far as I can tell on the map, the ARNo river flows from Florence, and the Arens/Aarons share the quadrants of Ruperts. Rupert Murdoch!

They were BROWN leather, and Browns, first found in Cumberland with Dockers/Dockers, are Bruno branch while Brunswicks have the Duce/Doocy/Ducey / Semper Coat in colors reversed. It's got Bars of Bar-le-Duc all over this, and the pastor was/is Mr. Johnson, a potential pointer here to Johnson & Johnson COVID vaccines. The DockWRAY variation of Dockers/Dockers can indicate a barr-Wray partnership in supporting political gangsters, and Pastors share the Coat, almost, of Dutch Bush's/Bos'/Boschs.

PLUS, there's a bridge in the Docker/Docher Crest while Bridge's ("gardeRAY"!), first found in Somerset with Ducks, have griffin heads in the colors of the LEATHER/Letter griffin!!! The Docker leather shoes! Leathers/Letters use the double-TRESSURE border for the Tresure's/TRASHERs (Somerset, same as Ducks), the ones depicted Bill Barr as a trash can. I might even add that while Joplins were first found beside Dockers/Dochers and Jobs/Jopsons, Joplins have stars in Shoe-star colors. Shoe's love the Knee's while Knee's share the phoenix with Hangens/Hankins. The "Je" motto term of Bridge's might be for the nearby Jefferson-related Jays.

English Cottons (Pilate colors) are in the colors and format of Pilate-like Plate's, and of Townsends of Rainham, the latter connectable to Renier/Rainier of Montferrat, near the royal Cottians of Susa upon the Riparia river. As the Viu valley is a watershed into the Riparia, the "Vi" motto term of Hangens/Hankins can apply to royal Cottians, thus explaining the Hank-Cotton relationship. In fact. REINES' share the hexagram of Hankers (look related to Clintons), and the latter's is on the red-Chief-white-Shield of Montferrats. The Hangen/Hankin fretty is shared by French Carots/Carons, for what it could be worth. .

English Jeffersons share the saltire of Messeys/Messier's, first found in Burgundy with Pilate's and Lindell-related Loge's (Messey/Messier saltire in colors reversed). Jeffersons/Jephsons are linkable to Joplins who share the Loge/Lodge lion. Welsh Jeffersons/Jepsons use pellets while Pellets share the Coat of Pilotte's/PILLOWs, first found in Lincolnshire with English Messier's. In this picture, Jeepma liners point to election-fraud.

I have a double-story developing with Ainsley as Sleeping Beauty, one pointing to vaccines, and the other to Phoenix election fraud. The two are related to China, and China-pointing Shins/Chine's/Chings (Somerset again) and their Kemmis/Kenys branch are linkable to Kims/M'Shimmie's and McKinneys. Ainsley's first husband was Mr. McKinney. Margys/Mackeys have a motto, "labore," like the "Hic labor" of Dee's/Die's, and the latter share the gold-on-red border of Scottish Hains (Dumfries). The latter share the lozenges of PATHs/Perts in the Joe's-van dream, and Ains/Hains and Hains can be of AINSleys. It's begging whether Ainsley and other Fox people will betray Murdoch and spill forth election-fraud news as it spills out from Logan's report due in weeks. Or, will Ainsley cover Logan's report more like the liberal media in sheer, criminal denial of fraud?

NEW AND HUGE. The snow-cleared path led to the square container = box, suspect with ballot boxes in Phoenix, and while Hangens use the Phoenix phoenix, Hangers (near the first-known Box's) share the demi-griffin in Crest with Box's!!! I think with God, there are layers of discoveries, at the proper time, over old layers. The same demi-griffin is in the Duke/Dook Crest so that it looks like a pointer to MurDOCHs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Square's (Worcestershire, beside Owl-line Monmouthshire) use "Tiens" while the "tienDRAI" motto term of Airys/Erie's/Airys (suspect in the Douglas motto) can be partly for duck-using Drays. Hangers share the escarbuncle with French Rays while Dockers/Dochers are also DocRAYs/DockWRAYs.

Ahh, the Ains'/Hains share the triple crescents of Oldens/Aldens while Jeepma's were first found in OLDENburg! It's thus apparently linking two Fox personalities (she and Hannity) to my Jeep, but lets add that Jobs/Jobbe's/Jopsons (beside Northumberland) share the scallops of Ingrahams (Northumberland, same as Joplins) too, for Laura Ingraham's show follows Hannity's show. And by the way, while Selepitanoi were at lake SCODra, Scotts share the black griffin with English Wills.

The Talbots are mentioned above because they are suspect from the TAULANTii Illyrians who lived across both the Apsus and Genusus rivers, and beside the Sleep-line Selepitanoi. It just so happens that talon-using TALANTs/Talons were first found in Cornwall with the English Wills' sharing the Jefferson/Jephson griffin, and then talons are used by Hixons/HICKsons, first found in Staffordshire with Jeffersons/Jephsons! Hee-hee, we're back to a Sleeping Beauty. And the Hixon/Hickson talons are in the colors of the Jeepma eagle!

The Jeep is a Grand CHEROKee model, and as Carricks (Ayrshire, same as MARGys/Mackeys) were from MARGaret Carrick, the Margys look like a Carrick-Mackay marriage. Mackays use another dagger, as do Comyns, and Miss Comyn(s) was the mother of Adam Kilconquhar, Margaret Carrick's first husband. That explains things. Spell it as "CheroKEE" for the MacKEYs or Mackays/Kee's It just so happens that one of the Irish Mackay Coats is that of Quade's, from Quadratilla Bassus, mother of CHARAX Proculus. Maybe God arranged my Jeep for me.

I want to add here that the door-handle dream had me complaining to the previous owner (of the Jeep) as per the barrel-shaped part missing from it. He is Mr. Desimone, and my aunt, Miss Desimone, called me up about two years ago to tell me about some great development at her nursing home. That call was just before the COVID crisis that saw the murder of nursing-home residents. In the dream, the barrel pointed to trash-can Bill Barr, and so this is the importance for the Margy/Mackey connection to the Barrel Coat. It just so happens that Desimone's/Simons share the giant Fox lion while Jewish Simons use the fox. What are the chances that the Jeep dream points to Fox news where Ainsley herself is linking to the Jeep in multiple ways?

Barrels first found in Herefordshire with Jays and their early Jefferson/Jephsons kin, and so there we may have a Jeepma-line connection to Barrels via Jephsons.

Talants/Talons share the gold talon with Draytons (Shropshire, same as Sleeps), and Market-Drayton is at the Shropshire-Staffordshire border. Draytons look like they were kin of Bons/Bono's in the Hicks motto. And French Drays use five ducks in the pattern of the Ainsley / Job items.

In the door-handle dream, the Jeep's door handle was missing a barrel-shaped part, and so I had noted that Barrels and Doors were both first found in HEREfordshire, where both Jefferson/Jephson surnames were once said to be first found, along with the Jays sharing the blue griffin in Crest with Jeffersons. End insert]

Jay Street

When I was running across my lawn on Jay street at seven years of age, I heard a voice like the voice of a human that stopped me dead in my tracks. As I've said many times, He said, "WILL you live FOR ME?" Three of those terms are linkable to Ainsley Earhardt in multiple ways. One Lawn Coat has the Ainsley fleur in colors reversed, and Lawns were first found in Staffordshire with Jay-related Jeffersons/JEPsons while Joplins share the stars of the other Lawns. The demi-blue Jefferson griffin is shared by Wills!!!!!!!!!!!! Incredible.

The latter Lawns use "le roy," translated, "the king," and Ainsleys use "for MY king" partly for the Mee's/My's in "will you live for ME". English LeRoys share the Jay bend, yet the only Jay connection to the lawn motto in this paragraph is my being on the lawn when He spoke to me. I was on the grass, and while Bosco's, in the write-up of Jay-related Rose's, use "tufts of grass" on their "pillars," Bois' are said to be Bosco's while DuBOSE's, the middle name of Ainsley's daughter, are also DuBois'.


English Godfreys have a near-copy of the Mead Coat, and this can point to Brian KilMEADE, a host on Fox and Friends with Ainsley Earhardt. The Meads even share "Toujours" with Proctors. WILL Proctor! The "pret" motto term of Meads then bounces us to Brian Doocy, the third host on the same show, because Prets (Staffordshire) share the Duck stars and the Duce/Doocy/Ducey lion in colors reversed. The Pret lion is even the Brian lion, and Brians use three of them in pale, ditto for Lawns/Lone's, the latter first found in Staffordshire with Prets (and Jeffersons). "Duce" is a motto term of SCHIMs/Schiens while Ainsleys use a SCIMitar, and the giant boar head of Schims/Schiens is shared my Mole's who in turn share the Nee/Knee phoenix. It's a pat way for the Ainsley Crest alone to point to Phoenix election fraud.

Can you imagine the gravity if it's correct to say that God, with that audible and profound question posed to wee-wee me, was pointing to Fox and Friends more than five decades later? There's a jay in the Coat of Poitvins who happen to share the Chief of English Ducks. If it quacks like a must be a quack. But maybe not. Lawns share the lion of Rupert-like Roberts and Propers/Robins/Roberts.

As God's question included "Will," let's repeat again from above, starting with Will-related Velis', because Lawns share "Garde" with Carricks:

The "te" of Velis'/Veils is shared by Quarters, and Sean Hannity was in the nightly habit of throwing a FOOTball like a quarterback. Will Proctor was a quarterback (for the Clemson Tigers). The Quarters have a Carrot-like Cruiter variation while Carrick-branch Carrots/Carews (Cornwall, same as Wills) share the Quarter lion, apparently, because Carrots/Carews share "bien" with Carricks. The latter were first found in Ayrshire with Quarters/Cruiters. The "J'espere" motto term of Carrots/Carews might just be partly for Jays. Carricks are to the Murdoch-related Margys/Mackeys.

There might be Jays in the Carrot motto. I'm pretty sure I can now go to my touch-bra event that took place before the age of ten, at Jerry's place on Maple Leaf drive. Maple's were at the Isle of Ely, and we saw why Miss Earhardt should be of Ely elements. Maple's were at the WITCHford area of Ely, and I've called her a witch at least twice when I speak on her pushing vaccines for children. I called her a witch in this update too for that reason. It bothers me a lot. There is a Witch/Watch/Wadge surname, first found in Cornwall with Wassa's/Wace's.

I was standing over a rabbit cage, on a laundry-line platform, when I reached out to touch a bra hanging on the laundry line because it belonged to an attractive young tenant in Jerry's basement. That event pointed hard to Bra, a location beside SAVIGliano, and it just so happens that "te" is in the SAVAGE motto twice!!!

I recall feeding the white rabbit(s) in the cage, but I've tried to think back so many times I get confused now on whether it was carrots or lettuce. My bet is that God provided a carrot. French Sauvage's use a big-fat heart that can indicate Earhardt liners. Carricks go back to Charax Proculus, son of Lupus Laevillus, and that was the theater of Heart-like Herods, in my opinion, before they came to rule Israel. My best friend, along with Jerry, was Frank across the street, and English Franks share the saltire of Scottish Hearts/Harts.

The Sauvage heart could be the red, nail-pierced one of Logans because the latter were first found in Ayrshire with Carricks and "Te"-using Quarters. I think we're talking the Carts of Castle Cary of the Leavells here with "Quarter." Leavells are from Lupus Laevillus. Irish Hearts/Harts/Arts/Carts share the Lawn lion and may have the wolf-line Fiddle's/Fidelows in their motto, as do nail-using Proctors. Laevi were likely related to Pero's, and "A te PRO te" is the full Savage motto.

Don't ask me what a bra on a laundry line has to do with Miss Earhardt, because she doesn't use a laundry line. Her butler probably uses a machine because CONTEville-descended Machine's/Meschins were obvious kin of Conys having white cony rabbits. Bra is in CUNeo with Masci's (share Earhardt and COUNTry fleur-de-lys) while Maschi's use pine CONES. I've never yet seen an heraldic bra, however, though Braswells use a girdle in Crest. Close enough? Girdle's go on waists, and Waistells are suspect with Vestalis of the royal Cottians in Piedmont, where Cuneo is located. Brays use a "flax breakers," and Breakers are suspect from Brigantium (Briancon) in the Cottian Alps.

The Cony rabbit holds a pansy, the symbol of Bar-le-Duc. You now might have the choice of pointing the bra to Steve Doocy, governor Ducey, or James LeDuc. Or, if we point it to MowBRAY of MontBrai, they not only share the Joplin lion, but were first found in Northumberland with Joplins (share Lawn stars). The Mowbrays even share the Mosca leopard.

Ahh, I think I have it. While no Live surname comes up, the Alive/Ayliff/Iliff motto uses "Live that you may live forever" in its translation. I recognize that motto, "Vive at vivas," as the motto of Carrick-line Craigs! What are the chances? Viv-like VIBia was Lupus Laevillus mother, and she was of the Vibius surname. Craigie's ("vivo," translated, "live" as a verb), first found in Ayrshire with Carricks and Quarters, have a vertically-split Shield in colors reversed from the Goz's, and Richard Goz married Emma of Conteville, birthing Hugh LUPUS, you see, and his sister, mother of Ranulph le Meschin.

Therefore, my Masci mother on Jay street must have been descended from Lupus Laevillus, husband of Quadratilla BASSUS, a surname that I've seen as "Bassianus," like the Bessin, home of le-Meschin's father. His father in turn was Ranulph de BRIQUESsart, and as Bricks share the Massey fleur-de-lys, we take this to BRESTs/Brix's, not only because they have the Brick lozenges in colors reversed, but because breasts go into bras. They were named for each other. The Fore's/Forez's love the Meschin-connectable Travers/Traves', and the Tarves' were related to Maple's while the bra event was on Maple Leaf drive.

The Alive/Ayliff lion is the one with red collar of Garden-connectable Jarrets, most excellent not only because Garden liners are in the Carrick and Lawn mottoes, but because French Jarrets (share Garden/Jarden Coat) are also Jarre's while there's no Jerry surname coming up as per Jerry Peterson, my friend at who's place the touch-bra event took place. I reasons that God wanted to point to Irish Jarrys/HARE's because they share the Touch/Tuff lion, but we can now see the Earhardt line with the Hare variation, and it just so happens that Jarrys/Hare's (share green snake with Earhardts) have a FOX head in Crest!!!!!!!!!!!! Bingo. Jarrets/Jarre's even show a Jarry variation. So, Jarry Peterson was a pointer to Fox and Friends under the conditions of this set of heraldry, or perhaps only to Ainsley, for the owner of the bra was a blond.

This recalls that Madalyn Murray O'HAIR, after her murder, was found on the ranch of Don FRIEND, the brother of the woman from which I purchased my Texas property. She married a Teague, and while Teague's are Teegers too, Will Proctor was a quarterback for the Tigers. Are PROCtors from CHARAX PROCulus? It could sure look like it. Wills were related to griffins, whom I suspect from the Herod AGRIPPa's. Julius Bassianus (father of Mrs. Maesa) was the nephew of Julius Agrippa, suggesting that Bassianus' mother was the Agrippa.

The Alive/Aliff Coat shares the patee crosses of Diens/DIVES. Repeat: "Dives' were first found in Cambridgeshire with Proctors and Elys/Ealys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That looks Arranged." The Liffs, by the way, and listed with Leafs/Leve's...the line from Laevillus, right?

As it turns out, God asking me whether I will live for Him was heraldic code for the line of Vibia > Laevillus. That's what it looks like. And it has to do with AINSley EarHARDT, which recalls my prediction that somehow, I would find Israel's chief priest, Annas (killer of Jesus), directly related to the ancestry of Lupus Laevillus (1st-2nd century AD). Annas' father was in Syria, near Cetis.

There is a Cetis surname with a giant flower in the colors of the lily of Gardes'/Jardins, the latter being connectable to the Carrick / Lawn motto. Cetis-like Keiths are also Mascals, and English Mascals, kin of Sadducee-like Saddocks (Annas was a Sadducee), share the Peak fleur-de-lys while Peaks share the Alive/Aliff and Dives patees. Then, Diens/Dives' were first found in Sussex with Mascals and Saddocks.

I don't like being used for that picture. I was just a CHILD, and Childs were first found in Herod-like Hertfordshire. Childeric descended from the Este-area Veneti, and "honESTE" is a Craigie motto term.

Goz's are also Goes', and Dutch Goes' look like they have their giant Quarter / Conte / LAFIN lion. The Kennati priests of Cetis (where Laevillus was king) are to the Kennedys (Ayrshire, same as Craigie's, etc.), and "AVISE LA FIN" is a motto term of Irish Kennedys while AVIS/Avisons share the Coat of Comyns/Comine's. Miss Comyn(s) was the mother-in-law of Margaret (or Marjory) Carrick, and Herluin de Conteville, father of Emma above, was a ruler of Comines. The Kennati were priests of mythical AJAX, and Jacks share the scallops of Jobs/Jobbe's/Jobbes'/Jobsons (could be Ainsley kin), looking like a branch of Jeepma's/Jabbe's/Jabbes'/Jappa's.

The Roys are in both the Burgh/Berk and Lawn/LANE mottoes. The Leavell-related Youngs/Youngs are expected in the Burgh/Berk motto, and German Youngs/Jungs probably have the Trump stag because Val Trompia is at lake Garda, which recalls the Trump stag head in the Arms of County Waterford while Waterfords share the Gardes/Jardin lily. Ahh, breast-line Brescia, where Italian Lane's were first found, is beside Val Trompia, and bras are for breasts. The Bruce's out of Brescia married Margaret Carrick, what are the chances?

Herluin was the son of John De Burgo of Conteville, and we can spot the Conte / Lafin lion in the Burgh/Berk Coat that also has the same cross as Ainsleys. Burgs/Berks share "foy" with Haydens.

I've told many times what my response to God was (I assume it was God, but maybe it was a demon, how can I know for sure?). I was taken-up by this statement, "Will you live for me," because He did not introduce Himself, and as a small child, I had no idea what it meant, though I felt at the time that this was God speaking. There was no glory with the voice. It sounded strange to my ears, and so I said, "no, I WANT to HAVE FUN (instead)." I remember those words, those exact words. Have's/Haafs use ducks. I came across a Havile location in the Townsend write-up, and thereby found the HAVell variation of Howells/Hovells, first found in Monmouthshire with fun-like Fane's/Phone's/Vans! What are the chances that Fenns/Venns share the Townsend scallops?! These surnames point to Arizona fraud, where Kelly Townsend is in the election-fraud fanclub! Stinger.

I've never written before on heraldic connections to the will-you-live-for-me event. I'm wondering why fun-like Fauns/PHONES' share the DuBose/DuBois star while Wants/Wantons look like they have a chevron-version of the Bush fesse-with-eagles. Bosco's and Bois' are Bush liners. Isn't it true that Bushite Republicans are in league with Democrats to oust Trump by election fraud?

We can re-write my response as, "Eye want to have fun," for Eyes'/Eyers/Ayers/Airs, linkable to Earhardts/Airharts, are in Want/Wanton/WanTOWN colors and format. Towns share the Want/Wanton/Wantown chevron. Jays and Jeffersons were in HEREfordshire. As the Towns looked linkable to Tintons, first found in Cornwall, let's repeat: "Maple's were at the WITCHford area of Ely, and I've called her a witch at least twice when I speak on her pushing vaccines for children. I called her a witch in this update too for that reason. It bothers me a lot. There is a Witch/Watch/Wadge surname, first found in Cornwall with Wassa's/Wace's." The two Towns Coats combined are essentially in Witch/Watch/Wage colors and format.

The home I lived on, at Jay street (Toronto), was closest to the corner of Maple LEAF drive, and Leafs are also live-like Leve's. No Live surname comes up.

google is a rotten piece of trash to hide almost all of my pertinent files when anyone makes request for them. For example, when asking for " tribwatch "will you live for me" ", Google brings up a whopping two files, only one of which has the phrase, even though my own computer's File Explorer says it's in seven of my online webpages (the earliest is in the 2nd update of September, 2009). In the webpage (5th update of June, 2012) that google brings up in the search above, it reads: "As a child, I lived on Jay street about 400 yards from a Keele street. It was on the lawn at Jay street that I heard a voice, when no one was around, 'Will you live for me?' I said no. God seemed strange to me at that time, at seven years of age. I said, "No, I want to have fun." God seemed like he would rob me of my enjoyment." I'm not making this story up (I would never make up a story).

Maybe Ainsley will pop in on me one day and hit me with her broom. Brooms ("sprigs of broom") are related to Geoffrey Plantagenet, from Anjou, location of Broc. You can put that in your hat.

Will Proctor was a quarterBACK, and Bachs/BAGH share the black dog with Carricks while we saw Quarters as a Carrick branch. Proctor-connectable Logans (Ayrshire, same as Carricks and Quarters) use BAG pipes. The reason witches got a flying-broom symbol is that housewives abandoned sweeping floors at home to fly off (vroom-vroom) to Fox news in high heels and toes that can kill from both front and behind.

Cyber Ninjas Do a Very Thurii Job

I'd like to go back to the Douglas' who were pointing well to Doug Logan of Cyber Ninjas. Douglas' use a salaMANDER, and Manders use a "Laus" motto term while Laus in Italy was founded by people in Cyber-like Sybaris. The Laus/Lauer surname uses a scythes while Laus was near SCIDrus/SKIDros. Scythe's are listed with Skits. "[Scidrus] is mentioned only by HERODotus (vi. 21), from whom we learn that it was, as well as Laus, a colony of Sybaris..." Herodotus (pre-dated king Herods) actually moved to Sybaris when it was renamed to THURii, and Swedish Thors use the Herod-like heart. English Thors/Tours were first found in Devon with Manders, with Suty-related Seaton, with Pike's, and with a Rattery location. Ratterys share the Pix/Pick fitchees while Laus is beside Pyxus. The latter is also called, BUXENtum, and Buchanans share the lion of Sutys/Sideys, a branch of Side's/Scythes'. Sybaris is in LUCANia, and Lucans/Lovekins look like Edin kin who in turn have a motto linkable to Seatons/Sittins and Sedans/Siddens. Pat Buchanan still makes Fox appearances, and I'm pretty sure he's a pro-Trumper.

Trump said last fall that he wants to call Fox and Friends weekly, and we all know why. What him closely, MELANia. Milans/Millans are said to be kin of Buchanans (they share the same lion).

Lucans/Lovekins were first found in Shropshire with Sleeps, and the Lucan/Lovekin chevron is in Sleep colors. SELEPitanoi were at lake SCODRa, like "Scidrus." Coincidences? Lucans/LOVEkins even use RISING birds while Sleeping Beauty's sleep-and-rising scenes pointed to Selepitanoi at Rhizon. Sleeping Beauty was at the hood, and Hoods were at Devon's Rattery! Bingo. And God said to me, "'s you she LOVES, go wake her." I'm now wondering whether that was to be confirmation that Lucans/Lovekins are to be applied to the scene. looks like.

You'll like this, get out the popcorn. Italian Mota's and Motels were first found in Calabria, and the Sybaris river divides Calabria from Lucania. The Portuguese Mota's have five fleur-de-lys in the pattern, though not in the same colors, of the Ninjas-like Nino's/NINYOS'! The Ainsleys have five fleur-de-lys in gold, the color of the Mota fleur!!! The Mota fleur are in both colors of the fleur-de-lys of Gows/McGOO's ("arma" jibes with the arm of Motels). "'s you she Lovekins, GO wake HER." Hers are listed with Herrs/Here's, which use scythes' and thus trace to Scidrus at the Sybaris theater, is that not incredible? The Laus'/Lauers have a scythe, and the grapes of wrath, we hope.

[Insert later in the day -- Seymors/Seamours, with the Nino/Ninyos fleur-de-lys (not the same pattern), share "Foy" with Haydens, and UNBELIEVABLY, the Seymor/Seamour Crest has a red phoenix!!! For some reason I don't understand, google showed me the Seymor and Ackery Coats, along with the Zouche Coat, when I searched google for "zouch houseofnames." I do the Such's/Zouch's and Ackerys/Saucheverels below. SeyMORs are probably Morinis (share Seymor/Seamaur fleur) kin. TERENTia Murena (1st century BC, time of the first royal Herods) works into this.

The Seymor/Seamaur Coat looks related to the News'/Nuces Coat, important because the newspaper and coffee in Victoria pointed to the Taranto branch of Motels. Tarants/Tarans have red eagles that, with flames at the tail, become red phoenix. Lake VAN (Armenia) had a Tarun area to which I trace Tarants/Tarans. Plus, the News'/Nuces look like Chapman kin while Chapmans share the crescent of Irish Foys (it works with the "Foy" in the Seymor/Seamaur motto). It just so happens that News'/NUCES' are suspect from queen Nysa of the Pontus, smack beside Armenia, and a Herod-line king of Armenia was Tigranes VI, whom I trace to Teague's. My NUECES river-front property was purchased from Mrs. Teague = Miss Friend. German Teegers share the eight-pointed star of Maurel/Maurs/Maurino's, and French Maurels (SeyMAUR and Morinis fleur in colors reversed), first found in Brittany with Vannes, use a "NEScit" motto term likely for the Nysa line to Ness'/Nice's/Nessans sharing the Vannes Coat.

Ahh, Nissans were first found in Hamburg with the Drummonds sharing the SEA Coat (minus the fish). SEAmaurs! The Crest of French Maurels has a demi-unicorn to go with the demi-seahorse of Sea-branch Seamans/SEMANs (Suffolk, same as Tigranes-like Tigers). Gale's "SEMINa" have another unicorn.

Recalling Mr. Big-Eyes on his LAWN chair upon his lawn, it's remarkable that the Seymors/Seamaurs share the three Lawn/Lone lions. Plus, Mr. Big-Eyes is in the Joe's-van dream that included Monmouths and the Fane's/PHONE's/VANs, first found in Monmouth. It just so happens that Seymors/Seamaurs were first found in Monmouthshire. It seems miraculous that this surname just popped up in google today with a phoenix. End insert]

There's more for a pointer to Doug Logan in combination with Ainsley, because Buchanans share the red, covered crown with Douglas', and the Buchanans add the leaves-with-berries in the Hull Crest, and Hulls were first found at Kingston upon Hull, recalling that Kingstons share the lion of Kings in the Ainsley motto. It just so happens that the giant King lion is the Buchanan lion in colors reversed. Buchanans (first found in Lennox) share the red, covered crown of Lennox's/Levenax's too, and the latter have a Coat similar to that of Laus-loving Manders expected in the Douglas salamander.

Amazingly, one Sleeping Beauty was in an ISLE with a curtsy (has anyone ever curtsied to you?), and Lennox's/Levenax's have an Isle-like "I'll" motto term while I'lls are listed with Alleys, perhaps a branch of Always'/Allewys in the "for my king always" motto phrase of Ainsleys. Always'/Allewys, with a semblance of the Isle/Eyles Coat, share the lion of Melans/Mailens (Essex, beside Always'/Allewys), and Buchanans share the Milan/Millen lion. I think I get it that Miss Hicks was a preliminary fulfillment of the dream for all manner of heraldic training me in time for the world-at-large Sleeping Beauty who can do some of God's will. Yet, until now, Ainsley has been a disappointment, a Fox puppet, a good-for-nothing salvation from the corruptocrats, just like Trump the good-for-nothing.

It just so happens that Lennox is in Stirlingshire, where ship-using Bauds were first found who were pointed to by the Medals/DOUGALs as per the medallion on my hood. I've just confirmed that "DOUGLas Logan" is the full name of Cyber Ninjas' CEO. An additional thing is that while Irish Melans have a "BASKet," the medallion was found at Food BASICs. I still don't know why it was a Russian medallion, however. Perhaps Mike Lindell will discover packet-captures from Saint Petersburg.

The Baskins have an "Armis" motto term while Armys/Armine's/Ermine's share the Lennox/Levenax / Peerless/Napier / Mander saltire. The Napier-like Knapps happen to share the Scythes/Side lion, in the colors of the Buchanan lion, for another trace to Scidrus / Buxentum / Laus. We can call her, Napping Beauty. The Knapp Chief has helmets, and the helmet is the symbol of Hermits (share Helm helmet) whom we saw as a branch of scythe-using Herrs/Here's. Is that not amazing, that even Knapps should track to Buxentum elements? English Helms are in Sale colors and format to go with the Douglas and SALkirk SALAmander. The Selkirks (share Douglas motto and heart) even share the Chief of Palins (BUCHAN lion, we reckon) whom I trace to PALINurus beside Buxentum.

John Ratcliffe makes appearances on Fox, and perhaps even on Fox and Friends. Ackers/Acasters, with one of the double Ratcliff bends, were first found in Lancashire with Ratcliffs and Suchs/Zouche's. Ratcliffs were at Bury, and the inhabitants of Sybaris are known to be from Boura of Greece. The Acker-like "Ackery" brings up the Secherals/Secheverals, who are said to have married Miss Zouche. Then, absolutely amazing and new to me, the write-up goes on to say that Ratcliffe-on-Soar was in the possession of Sacheverels. The Soars/Sors' were first found in Dorset with Beautys who in turn share the black bull with Ratcliffe's! And "foy", the motto of the Haydens who share the full Beauty bull, is in the Ackery/Sacheverel motto too!!!! INCREDIBLE. It's another verification that Miss Earhardt is Sleeping Beauty. The Sacheverels of HOPwell (of the Hope's) married the daughter of William Zouche of BULwich, suggesting that the bulls under discussion may have been of Bulwich.

The full Ackery/Sacheverel motto is, "En bon foy," and Hicks use "en bon" as a phrase. Remember here that GorSUCH's were first found in Lancashire with Such's/Zouch's.

There's a Ninja turtle in the Chaucer Crest, and so here's the Ackery/Sacheverel write-up: "...'the family held a fief in Derby from the barony of Chaurces [spelling mistake?]." I discovered Suchs/Zouch's in the first place because Sassy, my cat, SUCKed her tail regularly as an adult. Sassys are listed with Caucers/Saucers. It appears that SAUCHeverels apply. As I've said a dozen times, Sassy (the name I gave her) was given to me as a new kitten by a lady whose banister I was stripping and refinishing. The BANESters, and their kitten-like Kitchen kin, share the same water bouget, and both were first found in Lancashire with Suchs/Zouch's. And English Banes share the Sassy/Saucer crescent. And it just so happens that Ackerys/Saucheverels use water bougets! So, you see, God set Sassy up with me to point even to this new picture in which Sleeping Beauty is involved.

It's interesting that Flynns use a wolf on blue while sharing the Sassy/Saucer besants, for English Banes' have a wolf head on blue. The Banes motto probably has the Vele's who share the moline of Vallans who in turn use it in the colors also of French Sarasins. And Valiants use a Saraca- / Saracen-like shark. Sassys use Saracen heads. These Banes' are said to have been related to a Flodden entity, and Floods/Floyds have wolf heads too. I had a dream where I was on snow SLUSH between two fingers of a river that were about to FLOOD. In the very next scene, I was at a city intersection with a foot of water on the streets that were themselves covered in a layer of ice. Might that be a pointer to ICE and illegal aliens filling the streets thanks to ICE under Biden? The slush pointed without doubt to Sallow liners...who happen to be in the Sacheverel write-up. The Waters in "water bouget" happen to share the Coat of French Banes'.

That creates another mystery for me/us, to figure out why Sassy particulars link to things in the flood dream, which is largely a pointer to Swallow-related FitzAlans of Arundel. That is, Arundels use Sallow-like Swallows, and Sallows were first found in Shropshire with FitzAlans. Dols were first found in Mecklenburg with Ice's/Icke's and Trumps. This reminds me of Trump, as a bulldog, being SWALLOWED by a shark at the start of the Sleeping Beauty dream. That works. I assumed that the end of the dream, the rising into the sky, delivers trump from the shark. So, the flood on the icy streets may be the deep-state flood. But I walked up a steepish hill (about 45 degrees) on a street with ease, even though my feel were on ice under waters knee-deep. The dream ended with me stooping to a tool box at the top of the hill. I wonder what the tool box was for?

It's worth repeating here, to prove that God arranged Sassy, that cat-using CETINs/Cattans share the Saracen head with Sassys/Caucers, and while the CETINa river is the TILURius, Tillers share the TAIL/Tailor lion. Sassy sucked her tail.

Sassys/Saucers share the Hope besants, and so let's continue with the SaucheVEREL quote: "In the thirteenth century, Patricius de Saucheverel held one knight's fee at Sallow and Hopwell, Notts and Derby." Hope's (Cnuts/Knot/Notts colors and format), once said to be first found in Derbyshire, are now said to be first found in neighboring Shropshire with Sallows. Hope's are even in the colors and format of VERELs/Verona's, though the latter add the fish in this Arms of Saraca.

Just wondering; as Hope Charlotte Hicks worked at Fox, did she get acquainted with Miss Earhardt?

I kid you not. I knocked off this writing for the day, and went to the news. The first video loaded was a Stew Peters video featuring a doctor telling of the murder of old people in hospitals by deliberately giving flu victims failed kidneys. As I've said, the Sleeping Beauty dream started with a nasty shark in a KIDNEY-shaped swimming pool. To prove that God arranged the kidney shape to point to Kidneys/GEDneys, the latter use fish colors reversed from the pike fish of Geds, and the latter's are in the colors of the Arms-of-Saraca fish. And Trump is still responsible for the vaccine deaths, as well as some deaths registered as COVID because he did not enforce the known medical cures when the deep-state killers were opposing those cures. I don't know what in tarnation is wrong with Stew Peters for having this show while displaying a photo of Trump all along:

If the doctor (Bryan Ardis) is correct in the video above, the military drug, Remdesivir, is the drug that killed flu patients while the doctors pretended, or were fooled into believing, that COVID killed people. Trump gave the okay for remdesivir, and was even proud of the military-delivered vaccines. Trump wanted vaccines to save his own presidency's agendas, which would be fine if vaccines were not so nefarious. To this day, he has said nothing. He talks to Fox and Friends regularly, I assume, and shares his "love" of vaccines, I assume, so that when he gets back into power, the world will be past the COVID era.

If we're going to defeat the COVID sharks, we need people in high places to check the pro-COVID goons. We need media, but Fox is out-to-lunch, lights-out, knocked out on the boxing-ring floor without a punch. Fox just laid down on the floor, and closed its eyes.

I've just checked the Ardis surname (Buckinghamshire, beside Oxfordshire), and it looks related to the Lake Coat (Oxfordshire). I then loaded Ardis-like Gardes' to find them listed with French Jardins. I show you below how Gardes'/Jardins point to Trumps. The Ardis-Lake similarity recalls that I was wading in a lake with Mamie on the day she got her thigh symbol at her garden, which pointed to Gardins/Jardens, first found in Angus with Scottish Jardins. The latter share the Tease/Tye stars while Thigh's are also Tie's/Thy's. The night before, she got a tease symbol when she and I were SLEEPING in the same sleeping bag, in a tent. It pointed to Tintons ("royal tents"). I'm repeating this because Gardes'/Jardins are in Townsend colors, and while the Townsends share the three lilies of Waterfords, the latter are in Townsend colors and format. I'll therefore repeat from above:

Theory: Great Snoring refers to Sleeping Beauty sleeping, and because her rising is a pointer to Arizona while Townsends were at Great Snoring, perhaps Kelly Townsend will be responsible for a victory...As Scottish Towns were first found in Linlithgowshire with Tenants, they look like branches (= surname variations)...English Towns are in the colors and format of Tenant-like Tintons.

Again, Gardes'/Jardins (lilies) share nearly the Waterford Coat ("water lilies"), and the Arms of County Waterford has a giant stag head that I've seen both facing the viewer and facing the viewer's left. The latter is the giant Trump stag head, and the first one is the giant LEGG stag head. An hour or two before Mamie (about 20 years old) and I slept in the tent, she sat on my LEGs around the campfire with the gang (she was not my girlfriend at the time, but she was the next day). Trumps are also Tromps, and Val Trompia is on the west side of lake GARDa. Leggs were first found in Dumfries with Annandale, and the latter is not only in the write-up of Scottish Jardins, but the latter share the Annandale Coat with the Tease/Tyes / Annas / Angus stars thrown in. The Jungs/Youngs in the Garden/Jarden motto have a full-blown stag in Trump/Tromp stag-head colors. It seems that God is pointing to Trump with my first day with Mamie as my ladyfriend. Why? Election fraud in Arizona? That's where Kelly Townsend is a senator.

Just to reinforce the above, the giant Garden/Jarden boar head is shared by French Jarrets/Jarrys (Brittany, same as Gardes'/Jardins), and while the Jarrets/Jarrys were first found in Dol with Alans, the latter's English branch were first found in Shropshire with English Jarrets. The latter likely have the Rothes' and RAINs/Raines lion because Rennes is near Dol while Alans and proto-Pollocks of Dol moved to RENfrewshire and Rothes. The Townsends (Waterford colors and format) were at Rainham. The Rains/Rainhams even have a "leges" motto term.

Town-connectable Tenants share the Jugg/JUDD boar head, that being connectable to Jugon, not far west of Rennes and the Rance river. JUDicael of Rennes is in the Rain/Raines motto. Tenants use the red-Chief-white-Shield combo of Montferrat's rulers, and Rains / Rainhams are probably from Renier/Rainier of Montferrat. The "Plena" motto term of Tenants can be for the Plene variation of Plants/Plantagenets, and then French Plante's/PLANQUE's are connectable to PLUNKetts, first found in Vilaine with Rennes.

Back to Townsends/TownSHENDs, because Shends are listed with Chains. The Russian medallion on the Jeep had only four links to its neck chain, yet part of the chain was still there. Was there a reason for it? As the medallion was found at Food BASICs GROCEry store, suspect partly with Basic-like with Baskins, I've just noted that Baskins share the vaired fesse of Bask(in)-like Bachs/BAGHs. The latter share the black dog with GROCE-branch Carricks and Craggs. Repeat: "...she and I were SLEEPING in the same sleeping BAG, in a tent. It pointed to Tintons ("royal tents")." The Towns were looking like Tinton kin, and as Scottish Towns were first found in Linlithgowshire with Tinton-like Tenants and BALDers, by what coincidence do Balders share the Shend/Chain Coat???!!! That's a new thing, and it works to the point that it doesn't seem coincidental. The medallion pointed via Medal/Dougals to their kin, the Bald-related Bauds!!! Zikers, is the medallion pointing to Kelly Townsend, or is this just coincidental? Kellys even share the Medal/Dougal lion. But what's Saint Petersburg, Russia, got to do with these things? Did election-fraud hackers hack from there? Do the Democrats / Bushites have Russian friends?

Plus, if Baskins got to be a Bach/Bagh branch, then maybe Bacons too, and it just so happens that French Bacons/BacQUARTs (Quarter-branch Carricks have a black dog too) share the cinquefoil of Doug(al)-like Dogs while we saw the Bach/Bagh dog. It's a SEATed dog, and while Seatons share the crescents of Bellamys (share Bell fesse), English Bacons (Belli-connectable) have a Coat like that of the Scot-English Bells. English Bells use "firma" and Balders use "ferme." Balds and Bauds use a ship while Ships/Shiptons love the Bello's/BALLOTs, and the Constance's in the Balder motto can be of the French branch with container-like Contans variation. The SQUARE container in the Joe's-van dream pointed to Arizona election fraud i.e. where Kelly Townsend officiates, and Square's/Squirrels happen to share "ferme" with Balders ("Constance et ferme"). Is that not bang-on or what?

"Ferme en" is a motto phrase of Haydens, and Fermans/Formans have double fesses in the colors of the fessewise bars of Haydens. The Ferman/Forman Chief even shares the lawn lion, and my lawn experience at seven years of age pointed to Ainsley Earhardt. Firmens (share gold anchor with Fermans/Formans), with a "Firmus" motto term, share the lion heads of Farmers and Murdochs. The anchor in this paragraph is that of Fare's/Fairs, Fairholms/FARME's ("firme"), and Hope's/Hoods.

As I can glean that Bald liners are from king Baldwin I of Jerusalem, brother of Godfrey de Bouillon, we can even add that while Godfreys share the Mead Coat, almost, Meads are possibly in the "MEDIOcria ferme" motto of English Bacons. "Medio" is a motto term of Seniors, first found in Norfolk with the Great SNORing location of Townsends. Medleys, once said to have been first found in Sussex with Meads, are now said to be first found in Somerset, where Meads were said to be first found after Sussex. Arthurs who married Hicks in Clapton had also married Meads. The Meads share the martlets of Pullens/PULITs, the ones who pointed to Jovan PULITzer, but as these are also the Joseph martlet, note that Josephs were first found in Maine with the Pellicans in the Arthur, Mead and Godfrey Coats.

I have the sense that Brian KilMEADE would love to cover election-fraud news because he's been restrained by the boss. The Firmens (Yorkshire, same as Fermans/Formans and Methleys), part of the bloodline in the Hayden motto, have the chevron-with-martlets of Meads in colors reversed.

Medleys use a tiger while Tigers were first found in Suffolk with Bacons and Rush's. Haydens were at BACONsthrope. Rush's use an "Un dieu" phrase while Medleys use an "In Deo" phrase. Note how Medleys and Methleys look like kin of Monmouths and Owl-line Oullette's, for as Owls/Howells were first found in Suffolk too, Howells share the Pellican tower. "EYE want to have FUN" pointed to Fane's/Phone's of Monmouthshire, location of CHEPstow, perhaps named by the Chep variation of Jeepma's.

WILL Proctor, who can be in, "will you live for Me," played for the Clemson Tigers, and CLEMsons (Cornwall, same as Wills) share the Tey/Tay/TEIGH chevron while TEAGues are also Teegers. Teys/Teigh's and Clemsons share the Toit/Totty chevron, and the latter's looks linkable to the chevron of Tiss/TEECE's (Hampshire, same as Toits/Tottys). If that's not coincidental, what could it mean? Rainhams, first found in TAYside and sharing three besants in Chief with CLEMs/Clements and Clairs/CLERE's, share gold garbs with Clemsons, and Rain- / Wren-like Arens/Aarons share the Rupert quadrants. Leafs/Leve's, sharing a dove-with-leaves in Crest with Rainhams, have the Clemson / Tey/Teigh chevron in colors reversed, and the Leaf/Leve leaf design is in the Coat of Tess'/Tease's/TECKs. Will you Leve for Me.

The Rainham Crest is identical to the Stoll Crest, and Stolls (Somerset, near first-known Jays) use a Jay-like "Je" motto term.

Ahh, assuming that Will Proctor was named, William, at birth, by what coincidence were Williams first found in Breconshire with Clems/Clements!?!? Kapow.

Rainhams (compare with Angers) have variations like "RANGabe." Emperor Michael I Rangabe married Prokopia, and Prokopps are listed with Brocuffs/Procks. This surname is linkable to Proctors. Rainhams are in the colors of the Arms of Rangabe, a giant flory cross in white-on-blue. It could be the Flore cross, and Flora's may be sharing the five Ainsley fleur-de-lys because she doesn't want to sweep floors with her vroom-vroom. Flore's and Flora's share the fleur-de-lys of Brocuff-branch Brocks, and Broc is in Angers/Anjou. Getting the imperial picture? RANGers/Ringers/RAINgers were first found in Essex with Brocks and Brooks, and while Townsends were at Rainham, Scottish Towns are in colors reversed from the Rings/Ringsteads. Florys are in Rainham/Rangham / Arms-of-Rangabe colors. I suggest that Renier of Montferrat was related to the Byzantine Rangabe's. Melissena Rangabe and Inger birthed EuDOKia, and Doke's/Dooks (looked like the makings of MurDOCHs), are in Rangabe colors too. Wrangle's were first found in Westphalia with Ducks/Dockers.

Melissena Rangabe is suspect with mythical Melusine, which I see as the heraldic merMAID, and Maids almost have the Coat of Monmouths while Williams were first found partly in Monmouthshire. While Williams share the Hopper gyronny, Hope's/Hopers use a RAINbow. That explains it. MURdochs may have been Moray liners, for while Morays/Murrays use the mermaid too, DOUGlas' (Moray stars) were first found in Moray. The Moray Coat is nearly the Duc/LeDuc Coat. The English Duck Chief shares the Sutherland (and Pret) stars, and Sutherlands tell that they use the Moray stars (in someone else's colors). The Duck Chief is in the colors and format of the Clem/Clement Chief.

Mrs. Teague was born, Miss Friend, and while Clems/Clements come up as "Clermonts" (must have the 's'), Clermont-FERRAND (Auvergne, same as Baud / Bald liners) looks linkable to Friends. English Ferrands were first found in Yorkshire. Teys/Teighs, with perhaps the DuBose/DuBois Chief, were first found in Yorkshire with Bush's. God knew, when I was seven, that I would buy a property from Miss Friend, and that medal-like MADALyn O'Hair would be buried in pieces on her brother's ranch (Cooksey ranch). At least, I heard from a local that she was found on his part of the Cooksey ranch, beside Miss Friend's part.

The Cookseys (almost the Teague/Teeger wolf head) share the three cinquefoils of Gangs/Geggs, in the colors of the cinquefoils of French Buckets. English Buckets happen to share the Coat of Brecons, and Clems/Clements were first found in BRECONshire. Doesn't that seem arranged to you by God so that He can prove yet again that He's pointing at things with heraldic connections? The cinquefoils above are colors reversed from the same of Bags, and Logans use bag pipes. The snow-CLEARed path that proved to point to Clare-branch Clears pointed to Doug Logan's audit. Clears share the leaves of Lindells. Mr. Big Eyes and his container were at the end of the snow-cleared path. EYE want to HAVE fun. Have's/Haafs use ducks, and Logans are also Ducks. So, let's have some fun, shall we?

Vaccine Updates

Here's a Chinese fellow in a youtube video dated August 30, 2019, BEFORE COVID. He' telling people that graphene sheets can store electricity i.e. its a capacitor. He wants to use graphene to replace conventional batteries, but my point here is that it attracts electrons (no other way to store electricity), and then we saw that bodies were magnetized after COVID shots, suggesting everyone with magnetic bodies were given graphene oxide without knowing about, without being informed. That's a huge class-action suit in the making, by the looks of it.

In the video below, some differences between graphene and graphene oxide is mentioned. The bottom line, whether scientists understand the atomic nature of graphene oxide or not (they probably do not but think they do) is that the oxide is charged. That means, instead of stealing electrons, as graphene does, the oxide is negatively charged, stacked with electrons. Apparently, the oxide can repel electrons in body cells, which could harms cells, of course, or alter their functions to the detriment of body parts. Who's idea was it to inject this material in mass vaccinations, thinking they wouldn't get caught, hoping not to get caught? We've got to assume that vaccine companies KNOW EXACTLY who ordered them to put the graphene in their marketed product. But who's going to lay charges? It's a lawless administration at this time.

As soon as graphene oxide in vaccines hit the social media, youtube's canada section -- four videos every time a Canadian loads youtube -- suddenly ceased to carry vaccine news and propaganda. Until then, it was a stead stream of vaccine propaganda. Just saying. Is canada feeling guilty about something?

In the video below, dated June 26, 2021, the talk is about the "delivery" system that gets the mRNA to attach to the cells. I don't know whether they know (maybe they're not willing to say yet) that this delivery agent is the graphene oxide, at least in some bottles of vaccine. That's my understanding, anyway, that graphene oxide can be used to deliver. They call the delivery system a "lipid." At 7 minutes, one man says "charged lipids." The men say that the lipid should not be in the ovaries. Why do you think it's ending up LOTS in ovaries??? Does it smack of population control?

There have been more vaccine deaths than COVID deaths, per month, in at least the last couple of months. The official COVID-death numbers are erroneous, keep in mind, and the vaccine-death numbers are under-stated. So, murderers are busy murdering and maiming permanently, whereas people who get over COVID are not generally maimed or made ill permanently. People in general aren't horrified, but go with the official numbers to justify the "few" vaccine fatalities.

Here's France making noise at the dictate of official mandatory vaccines:

Do you see how easy it is to put the government into its place with sufficient numbers of loud and insistent protestors? MAKE SOME NOISE or the governments will never stop their dictatorial attitudes. They are ramping up tyranny now.

Here's a sane treatment on COVID that should be on TV everywhere:

Gateway Pundit on the 17th:

...The experimental jab [in Britain] has been getting worse results as time progresses. Just a few months ago, only 25% of people who had received the shot caught the wu-flu afterwards, and that number has now risen to 47% according to the study. Not surprisingly, COVID cases are rising quickest among young people who are the least likely to get vaccinated due to their 99.5%+ recovery rate.

The implication is that young people are more apt to get a flu after vaccination. However, the tests are unreliable, and people without flus test positive. Even so, when flu season hits, this farcical situation will mushroom the number of positive tests, and the goons will say that the solution is more vaccinations, thus giving them a pat excuse for forcing them. My advice is that you go meet non-vaccinated people, have a nice time, if there's nothing we can do to stamp out this infestation of weeds. When they mandate vaccines, take to the streets with all your friends without relenting until the vaccinations are called off. What else can we do?

Other News

The pastor, Tim Stephens, is out of jail, but he still faces more jail time and fines if he gets an anti-Christ judge. This makes me feel horrible, very angry at the way the government has become, and there's nothing I can do that I know of. If you would like to hear his experience, start at about 3 minutes:

Tucker Carlson is fast become a "conspiracy theorist," yay:

Tucker shows the ICE under Biden is doing what ICE under Trump would not have done, and what they are doing under Biden is criminal literally. This is exactly the same as saying: good cops today can become the Gestapo tomorrow if their boss is Hitler, Obama or Biden. When Bongino starts to talk like that, I'll take him more seriously. For the foreseeable future, he's decided to be a half-way news man for the sake of his Fox job. This is such a bad time to be a half-way news organization, when liberal media are unabashed, lockstep propaganda machines. What's the use in telling the conservative viewer day-in and day-out that Biden is a diabolical buffoon when this was apparent to everybody before the election? Why won't Fox mention the election-fraud push from conservatives, a very worthy cause to save the nation from gangsters? Well, Tucker is taking a leap in that direction this week. Surprise. But what will Murdoch do to him for this leap? Cut him off from doing it a second time?

Think about it. Biden's masters have directed ICE to break the law. Brazen lawlessness. Gangsters. They are bringing in illegal Democrat voters because the Democrat party is now entering DESPERATE to win the next election. If the deep state does not seize the nation now in martial law, Democrats may not be back in power for a long, long time. But if they try martial law, it could backfire even worse than it is now. Biden and his masters are destroying the deep-state far worse than Trump ever did, and Biden's only getting started. Here's the true colors of Trump's pick for military boss:

As you can see, Trump installed a bona fide deep-state operator as his own military leader. How can anyone want Trump back into the White House? It would be better if he gets in next year but not after 2024.

Biden has apparently revealed lately that his Intelligence agencies are watching personal communications, a scare tactic to keep people from organizing against his administration. I'm not saying that the spies aren't watching; they have been for decades, but when they tell the public that they're watching, it's a scare tactic to keep people from saying things to one another than weakens deep-state puppets and rulers. In other words, speak the truth, speak your mind, and let the chips fall where they may. I have nothing to be ashamed of if I'm speaking what I believe is true. The deep state is the Intelligence bastion, military Intelligence included. The good news is, they are only human, and very stupid humans at that. They only thing they are skilled in is controlling power structures, but they are a stinking, rotten offense to the people not yet bought off by their money bags. They have printed lots of money lately -- trillions -- for their war. Who can make war against a beast? Jesus of Pain. He has the last say on what they get away with.

Gateway Pundit is reporting that Lin Wood's whistle-blower is a fake. If correct, why did he lie about himself, and who, really, is he working for? Why didn't Mike Pence sue him for his accusation that Pence is a pedophile?

Trump had four years to fix the FBI, but wasn't concerned in the least. NOT IN THE LEAST. So, now, under the Democrat deep state, the FBI foes on conducting false-flag operations, which are highly criminal. The FBI has no fear. The power structures have assured nothing to fear because there's no one to prosecute these crimes. Here's a story on the FBI infiltrating a Bible-study group hoping to cause it to use order that Bidenites can lump average Christians into extreme-right / extreme-white terrorist groups. What else is the FBI doing criminally where it hasn't been caught? Lots. It's not a police force, but a propaganda facilitator and American KGB.


Here's all four Gospels wrapped into one story.

For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God.
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