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July 6 - 12, 2021

Why Does Peter Navarro's Wife Have Him with a Box?
Mike Lindell's Anti-Pest Controls Against Cockroaches
Jane Ruby is in the Sleeping-Beauty Dream

If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture

By the way, my sub-titles are not usually very descriptive of my writings. I usually think them up in less than 30 seconds just to indicate some of the subject matter. I sometimes use the subtitles to find certain topics. They are not intended as click-bate or deception only to disappoint the reader. For example, the Navarro section has nothing to do about his wife other than her name; I don't mean to disappoint by using her name in the sub-title.

Election-Fraud Choo-Choo

Everybody put your hands on someone's hips and do the choo-choo dance. Matt DePerno has made a triangle between Michigan, Arizona and Georgia, catching hackers who did the same hacking in all three states. plus, he says this week that he's raising money for the Arizona audit. say what? Yup, he said it twice, like he's trying to convey a big message. The Arizona audit is almost done, but he's saying he's raising money for it???? That doesn't make sense UNLESS there's going to be audits in other Arizona counties. Having said that, I have some very interesting heraldry starting with the Tucson variation of Ticks/Tooks.

Tucson is another Arizona city that is surely in the sights of those who want to audit more counties in Arizona. To set this new heraldry up, I've got to repeat that, about two weeks after I split up with Lorraine, I saw her at the FINCH BUS (and subway) station while I was with Joe Oullette;. I walked right past her when I stepped off the bus, as she was about to board it in the same door. It was such a freak meeting. But it pointed to Mark Finchem of the Arizona legislature, who's keeping tabs on the audit, and who knows what more.

There's more to this picture that I won't repeat unless I need to, but suffice it to say for now that, not long ago, I had a dream with the same Joe Oullette (haven't seen him in 40 years) where he pointed to Jovan Pulitzer of Arizona, and last week I learned from Jovan's own mouth that his scanning machines were indeed used for the Phoenix/Maricopa audit. The Phoenix surname almost has the Hips Coat.

I must add that I met Lorraine at her BUS stop 40 years ago last week. I dated her for two or three weeks only, and so the bumping into her at the bus-subway station (I almost never went down there at that time in my life) would have been the first half of August, which is the timing for this year when the official results report is expected for the Maricopa-county audit.

Okay, so we start with the Tucson surname noting both it's "MILITia" motto term and it's black griffin head. What surname do we suppose that motto term is code for? Well it just so happens that the English Millets have a big-fat cinquefoil in the colors of the same of the Bus surname. But even so, I wouldn't be telling this heraldry had it not been for the Millet-like Milts sharing the three fesses of Finchems! Boom! Plus, Tucsons share the black-on-white griffin with Finch's/Vince's (have one of the triple Finchem fesses, what in tarnation are the chances of that??? (Load Tucson link now to have access, on another tab, to other Coats of Arms.)

But there a little more because Finch's/Vince's were first found in Hertfordshire with the CHALLES'/Chalice's while French Millets are said to have been barons of Challes. French Millets were first found in Burgundy with the Feins/Fins who share the triple FINchem / Milt fesses. Is that not impressive all by itself since the other Millets essentially have the Bus Coat? But then the Fein-like Fiens/PHONE's/Vans have been resolved as a branch of PHOENix's/Fenwicks. It was my reckoning that God pointed to JOVAN Pulitzer with "Joe's VAN," for Joe Oullette had a van in that dream (but not in real life), and that seems to be one extra clue that Fiens/Phone's/VANS are to point the dream to Phoenix. Still more, the Griffin surname shares "NE vile" in it's motto with Fiens/Phone's/Vans, which is already meaningful here because Tucsons use griffin heads throughout, but then Ne-like Knee's/Nee's happen to share a phoenix in Crest with Phoenix's/Fenwicks. It seems as though I should be predicting a future audit in Tucson. I've already shown how the Knee's point to "ARIZONa" with Risings/Risons.

More: while Challes-like Calls/Calles' show only TRUMPets, and while Millets were barons of Challes, Milts were first found in Mecklenburg with Trumps/Tromps. I'll repeat here that while Knee's share the stag head of Acorns, Dutch Tromps use acorns. Then, Acorns were first found in Sussex with Downs who in turn have a stag in the colors of the Trump/Tromp stag head, and finally Knee's were first found in County Down. I'll even repeat here that while Matt DePerno's surname looks like a branch of the Perino variation of Pero's, the Patria's/PEARtree's, sharing the Trump stag head, are in the motto of Baileys (very connectable to Bellys). This goes to Miss Peare's belly-press event, and it points hard, therefore, to Bill Bailey, who hired Matt DePerno as his lawyer for election fraud in Michigan.

It just so happens that the Millets were barons of Challes while Challes' are listed with Chalice's while a "chalice" is in the Crest of English Belows/Bella's. I don't know how to interpret the entry of Trumps into this set of heraldry, whether Trump is a good or bad guy, but, of course, the election fraud under discussion concerns him chiefly. This additional set of heraldry starting with Tucsons, coupled with DePerno's message this week on Steven Bannon's show, tends to suggest that the election-fraud choo-choo train is still rumbling down the tracks. It's Challes- and Bellow-relevant here that Fiens/Finnis' were earls of Boulogne in Pas-de-CALAIS. Challes'/Chalice's named Eschailles in Pas de Calais. The Finis' are suspect in the so-called "unFINIShed pyramid" in the Great Seal of the United States.

French Millets are also Milez's while Miles' share the mill rind with Unions/Onions while Irish Gards are said to be Uniaks too. Val Trompia is at lake Garda, and Irish Gards share the brown wolf with Fiens/Finnis' (Kent, same as English Gards). English Gards have the Griffin griffin in colors reversed, and the House of Griffin is in the Arms of Pomerania while Trumps/Tromps were first found in Mecklenburg and Pomerania. Griffins use the motto, "Ne vile velis," and Fiens/Phone's/Vans use "Ne vile fano." Trump is the one who promoted the vaccines i.e. laden with GRAPHene! That works, suggesting that God is herein pointing to a sinister Trump, not a heroic Trump. Beware Trump, for I believe he was depicted as a sickly-looking, skinny stag in one of my other dreams that came with heraldic proof for God's handiwork. Paul Smith on crutches followed the sickly stag, and while he lived in Vaughn county, "vaccine" is like the Vychan variation of Vaughns.

[Insert -- Why are the trumpets in the Call/Calles Coat in the colors and format of the Roach Coat? My trip out of vaccine-pointing Galveston ended up with cockroaches, which I'll touch on later in this update where, shockingly, the Galveston-to-cockroach-event links hard to Simon Graff smoking his pipe. Hearken. Beware Trump and the Christians who support him. If per chance the vaccines lead to liver damage, know beforehand that Livers have a rooster standing on a trumpet. Know now that the Pfizer-like Fissers almost have the Roach Coat. Get the picture? The vaccine providers are Rockefeller cockroaches on a deep-dark global mission.]

German Belows may have the Tromp eagle because German Belows were first found in Pomerania (the house of Griffin is in the griffin in the Arms of Pomerania), the area where Trumps/Tromps were first found. The Crest of German Belows is even the gold, spread eagle in the Phoenix/Fenwick Crest, and English Bellows happen to be BALLOTs too, and they have three of the Bus / Millet cinquefoils. A giant and gold, spread eagle is used by MILTons. It's all such a neat-little package...apparently pointing to Bill Bailey. I think he's slated to audit over 150,000 mail-in ballots this week or next, which should be like shovelling nuclear coal into the choo-choo engine.

To show that Tucsons have the Millets in their motto, Tucsons are listed with Ticks, and now said to have been first found in Yorkshire with TICKhills. The latter have the Tony sleeve (often called a maunch) in colors reversed, and the Tonys (Leicestershire) must be the Toeni's of Leicestershire who have their sleeve in the Arms of Leicestershire. These same Arms use the giant and ermined Bus cinquefoil, you see, the Milton cinquefoil too, though Miltons don't add ermine spots. The Tucsons/Ticks are also Touque's, and the Toeni's were from Les Andelys over by the Touques river. Italian Tonys use a "flower" while Flowers likewise have a giant and white cinquefoil (with ermine spots on the Shield).

Ahh, new: the Crest in the Arms of Leicestershire has: "...a Fox courant over Stubble proper," and while I met Lorraine at her bus STOP, Stops are listed with Stubbs while Stubble's are listed with Stubbeys. I trace that surname to the ancient city of Stobi of a Phoenix-like Paeonians because Stops/Stubbs use pheons. So, God arranged my meeting Lorraine at her bus stop to link also to the Stubble surname, and my task is to figure out why. Tucsons/Ticks almost have the Coat of Stubble-like Stumps/Stomps, hmmm. Stops/Stubbs come up as Stupps too, and Stumps almost have the Tick/Took Coat. They both have white griffin heads to go with the white griffin of Letters/Lawders and Lauders, the latter sharing the tree stump of Laurie's/LOWRys (Lower colors). English Lawers/Laurence's were shown to apply, by their Warton location, to Lorraine at the subway, because I was going to visit an friend from Wiarton (then living in Toronto) when bumping into Lorraine at the station. Wartons share the bull head of Ratcliffs (Lancashire, same as Lawers/Lawrence's), and the Warton Shield has a giant maunch, symbol in the Arms of Leicestershire too. The TICKhills share a giant and white maunch with Wartons. There seems to be something in all of this.

Lorraine pointed to Laevi Gauls, and while Leavells/Lovells were at Castle Cary, Carys share the roses of English Lowers/Louers...who in turn have a Coat somewhat like the Tick/Took / Stump Coat. Lowers/Louers were first found in Cornwall with CARRick-branch Carrots/Carews. Louis' (Lorraine) come up as Leweys too while Lou's/Lous' may have the lion of German Lowers. The Pullen-like Pulls/Pools may be in the Lauder / Laurie/Lowry motto, and the latter share laurel with Lorraine's. Lauers/Lawers/Lau's use a sickle or scythe.

OOOOHHHHH WOOOWIE! Just realized: as I've said before, Paeonians also had the city of AstiBUS, which I traced to Asti in Piedmont, and the Tony Maunch is also that of Asti-like Hastings! I get it; the Astibus Paeonians must have named Hastings. The maunch in the Arms of Leicestershire is said to belong to Hastings too. I don't necessarily trace the Bus surname to "AstiBUS," but I do think that God arranged that spelling to go with the bus stop that he had planned for Lorraine and I. I tend to think that Paeonians named the Penestae peoples beside Paeonia, and as that's the line to Pendragons, note that mythical pendragon was father to mythical king Arthur, for the Arms of Leicestershire has the motto, "FOR'ARD FOR'ARD" (looks linkable to the Seaton and Balfour mottoes).

AHHH: the Stubble's/Stubbeys (Norfolk, same as Bus'!!!) are also SUBBie's, explaining why God arranged for me to bump into Lorraine at her bus/SUBway station!!! Fascinating. It was the Finch station in Toronto. She daily took the bus there to work from Richmond Hill (where I met her). I've been at this heraldry concerning Lorraine for years, but not until now has this part of the mystery unfolded itself. I usually load the Arms of Leicester, which are not identical to the Arms of Leicestershire. The Stubble's are in the Leicestershire Crest, underneath the fox, and frankly the stubble looks like grass, which was a symbol God gave Lorraine on my last night with her. I met Mamie on the night (because God set it up), and she pointed to Mamesfelde of the Mansfields, in Nottinghamshire, where the Tickhills were, and it just so happens that Mansfields share the maunch (different colors) with Tickhills! AMAZING.

The Tickhill write-up: "...however there is a possibility that there is some association with the Norman noble Roger de Bully who held estates in Nottingham and Yorkshire, and he built a castle at Tickhill, four miles to the northwest of the Honour of Blyth in Nottingham." The Bullys, first found in Dumfries with the Bells and LEGGs, may have been Bailey / Belly liners. Leggs almost have the giant Trump/Tromp stag head, and Bullys share a heart in Crest with the Acorns in the Tromp Coat. Tromps may have the eagle of Bully-like Belows/Bella's, you see, and so while Tucsons/Ticks took us to Tickhills, the latter just took us to what looks like a pointer to Bill Bailey. In fact, Bills (ROET kin) use "wood bills" while Woods (ROOT kin) were first found in Leicestershire, where flows the Legg-like Legro river. What do we make of this? I don't want to see Trump in the White House again, yet he deserves to be. He's likely the lesser of two evils as compared to Biden's mysterious cabinet.

Roger de Bully is even in the write-up of Jumps who in turn share the Trump stag head and the Belly roses. Bellys were first found in Moray with One's/Innis', and while Morays share the Bailey stars, One's/Innis' share the brown boar head of Baileys. Douglas' (share Moray / Bailey stars), first found in Moray, share a crowned heart with Acorns. Morays share the mermaid with Laps, and Mamie became my girlfriend when she sat on my lap uninvited by me, which is to say she sat on my LEG(s) and on my Acorn-related knee(s).

Ahh new: the Airie's/Erie's suspect in the "arriere" motto term of Douglas' share the six pale bars of Italian Belli's, and Bellys have a "PER acuta belli" motto to go with the belly-press between Miss Peare and I. Peare's can be gleaned as kin of Tiens expected now in the "tiendrai" motto term of Airie's/Erie's! Lots of new material to chew over now. Douglas' share the Bailey stars and the Bully heart. Douglas' descended from Hardys, first found in Lanarkshire, near the AYRshire location of Ayers/AIRE's.

New but perhaps irrelevant to the discussion: there's an Aire river in Leeds (Craven) while the Chief in the Arms of Leeds is shared by Selkirks who in turn have a black-Chief version of Douglas' because both share the salamander. Castle Douglas is off the Nith river at CLOSEburn, and Close's share spurs with Dingle's/Dingwall and Nith-like Knights/Nights; the latter almost have the pale bars of Airys/Erie's and Belli's! The reason Dingle's/Dingwalls (gold-on-blue border, belongs to Valentinian line) were mentioned is that they share the gold fleece in the Arms of Leeds. Dingwall was the capital of Ross-shire, near Moray. Fleece-like Felice's share the Moray / Bailey stars, and for what it could be worth, Spanish Felice's share the castle of Spanish Galves'. It's possible that Leeds was named by the line that named OulLETTE's.

The Arms-of-Leeds motto, "PRO rege et lege," can be code for Leggs (how about that, back to topic), first found in Dumfries with Closeburn and the Bullys. Steve Bannon often has Peter Navarro on to talk about election fraud, and Spanish Felice's were first found in Navarre. Saint Felice is the patron saint (probably for a bloodline reason) of PICENze, the village of my mother's birth seven miles from L'Aquila. Valentinian I married Justine of PICENum, and Justine's share a gold-on-blue border with the Dingle's/Dingwalls sharing the fleece with Leeds!!! WOW, and the Leeds surname shares the black eagle with the Arms of L'Aquila! Wow. L'Aquila is the Abruzzo capital, and the Abruzzo's/Abreu's share two symbol of Presleys/Priestlys (Peare's belly-press pointed to Press'/Prests!) who in turn share the cockatrice (different color) in Crest with Leeds. Felice-like Felix's use a mill rind while Rinds were first found in Perthshire with Justine's.

Valentinian I was born in CIBALae while Sibals(d)s have a "Justitia" motto term for Justine's line. The Sibals share the blue moline with Mile's/Mills'/Meiles' while Miles' (Valentin colors), like the Milez variation of French Millets, use the mill rind too. Mile's/Mills/Meiles have a border colors reversed from the Justine border. Cibalae is also VINKovci, explaining why Wings/Winks were first found in Perthshire with Justine's, and then the "sibi" motto term of Vince's/Finch's (shares Finchem fesse) looks related to Sibals. Did we just get to Mark Finchem by following the squareness of the container?

Why is there a square or box at the center of the Sibal moline? Contan-branch Constance's use "AppeTITUS," and Sibals use "JusTITia." Emperor Titus lived in Rieti, where Reeds/REATs trace who are in the "paREAT" motto term of the same Constance's. Valentinian I was the Roman emperor shortly after Constantine I, and the two can be connected.

We are back to Joe's-van topic because Valentins use the squirrel while SQUARE's/Squirrels use "Tiens FERME," like the "TIENdrai of Airys/Erie's! Bingo, and there was a square container to decipher. Fermo, home of Azzo, founder of Este, was to the near south of Picenum, and the Este eagle is shared by Aquila's and Barrs (AYRshire, same as Aire's). Azzo-like Assi's are connectable to Justine's. Ahh, "tienDRAI" must be for Drys/Drays too because they share the Belly chevron. It's the chevron also of Picenum-like Pigeons. Square's/Squirrels use a bear leg, the symbol also of the Bellino's, first found in Verona with Italian Belli's! Zinger. We are all over Peare's belly, and then the Arms of Leeds has a "Pro" motto term while Pierro's/Pero's share the red fesse with Leeds. The latter use it in both colors of the Bute/Boet fesse, and the latter's Coat is a reflection of the Pierro/Pero Coat! God can do amazing work with such little symbolism.

The Leeds / Bute/Boet chevron is also that of Pavia-related Feets/Fate's. Assi's are Ass' too, and Bute's/Boets are Butts too, and Lorraine, who pointed to Pavia with her feet, got a grass stain on her butt when pointing to Barrs.

As Peter Navarro married Miss LeBon, I checked LeBons/Bone's (French) to note that their Chief has a crescent between two stars, as do (in different colors) the Chiefs of Constance's/CONTANs and LETTs/Late's Chiefs ("organ PIPES"). Dutch Lebons even have a reflection of the Shovel/Shouler Coat, and Joe shovelled snow into the CONTAINer! That's working good for a pointer to Peter Navarro, especially as Peters can be of the Pierro's/Pero's/Petri's of Pavia, co-founded by the Laevi Gauls who were also at Novara.

[On Thursday evening, I loaded Shiptons while watching a piece of Assange news, and read from their write-up: "Conjecturally the Shiptons are descended from Alfsi of Faringdon..." Faringdons not only have a "Le bon" motto term, but they share the symbol in the Box Crest!!! Incredible, but there's more, for this symbol is called a "fireball" (or "fire ball") by the English Ball/BALDER surname, first found in Cheshire with Bellows/BALLOTs. The latter are in the "bellows" of the Shipton Coat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Incredible. Scottish Balders use a "Constance" motto term!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wish it could be proven that the Ball/Balder lion is the Oullette / Aulnay lion, but thus far I don't see how. Balls/Balders use a Felice- / Fulk-like Fulcrum motto term, and it could be that God set up two Peter surnames to share the bend of Italian Navarro's (Felice / Felix colors). Repeat: "Spanish Felice's were first found in Navarre." German Peters share the black Fulk wing. Italian Navarro's were first found in Boulogne-like Bologna with the Guido's in turn having hourglass-Shield design in colors reversed from the same of German Balds (BADEN). Hold on to your lawn chair: both Boulogne and Bologna are called, BONonia!!! I'm just wondering whether Navarro was the man with big-round glasses sitting on a lawn chair when I returned the square container.

English Badens/Battins were first found in Somerset with Baud-like Baths while Scottish Balders are, curiously, also BATHERstains. Bathers and Flynns share wolves on blue with Spanish Navarre's/Navarro's (Felix / Felice colors again). Boulogne was the home of king BALDwin I, brother of Godfrey de Bouillon, and Bouillon's (Auvergne, same as Bald-connectable Bauds) use a "bello" motto term while the Ballots above are also Bello's. Is that not impressive heraldry for pointing to Peter Navarro? Plus, the Bauds above are also Box-like Baux's. The latter use a ram while Ram's love Fiers/Fears in their motto while Box's are expected with a FIREball as per Fire's. This is ALL impressive stuff.

Maybe I'm way off here in this paragraph, but let's do it, anyway. Joe shovelled snow into the box, and "FulCRUM DIGnitatis" is a Ball/balder motto phrase. Shovels dig. Checking Diggs/Ducks, they almost have the Chief of French Lebons/Bone's, and moreover Crums are in the colors and format of Shovels and Dutch Lebons/Bone's; the latter have a not-bad reflection of the Shovel Coat. Digs/Dicks (not "Digg") not only share the ship with Balds, but both surnames have the same Chief (top of the Shield). Then, the Shiptons are also Ships, and it was Shipton ancestry in Faringdon that brought to topic the Faringdons and their "Le bon" motto phrase.

Dickers/Deckers/Deekers/Ditchers have a good reflection of the Faringdon Coat! BIG ONE.

AHHH, Dickensons, almost in Snow colors and format, share the Box lion!!!! Can you dig it? We could not have arrived here without Peter Navarro. PLUS, watch how we almost get the container-like Constance's/Contans (different-colored version of the LeBon/Bone Chief) by following Scottish Balders after finding that Box's share the fireball of Balls/Balders: Digs/Dicks were first found six miles from Sinclairs/Suns of Roslin (Midlothian), and Scottish Balders (West Lothian), the once with a "Constance" motto term, share the Sinclair cross, and while the latter have the Conte's / Comites' in their motto, Contan-like Conans share the Sinclair/Sun cross. Dutch Lebons/Bone's use a SUN, as do BATHgate's (West Lothian, same as Balders/BATHERstains). Cool.

Dickensons and Snow's share the Dol fesse, I gather, because Dols are in the colors of Dolphin/Dolfins expected in the dolphin of French Lebons/Bone's. Dolphins/Dolfins were first found in Surrey with James', and while one James Coat has a dolphin, the other James Coat has upright versions of the passant Dickenson lions, and both surnames have the same Crest to boot. The James' with the Dickenson features may be adding the fesse-with-scallops of Edins because: 1) EDINburgh is where Digs/Dicks were first found, and; 2) Dickens/Diggens show a cross once shown for Edin-like Eatons (Cheshire, same as Balls/Balders and Bellows/Ballots). Dickens/Diggens and Eatons both have gold lions in Crest.

Ahh, the Eaton Coat is related to the HACK/Hykes Coat (share black scallops with Edins), and the Arms of Edinburgh has a Dominion-like motto term, which together spells: election-machine hacking! Hicks use a "bon" motto term.

Dominion's head office in Toronto is on SPADina Road, and Spade's use square-bladed shovels. CAN YOU DIG THIS? On one of the Spade shovels, the handle is a mascle in the colors of the PATH/Pert/Pett mascles. That box up the snow-cleared path must have Trump ballots within, but hidden at someone's home to hide the fact that Dominion gave the votes to Biden. The man in the lawn chair with big-round glasses (depicted an owl) must be one of the guilty parties, not Navarro.

Later in this update it is said: "'DOMINabitur' is a motto term of Coomers/COMBers (DANCEtte), and while Eric Coomer was/is a chief of Dominion voting..." Read as "dominaBITUR," for Bitars/Butters are expected in the butterfly upon the bend of Italian Navarro's. Bitars/Butters share the cross of Scottish Balders. End insert]

English Bone's (Bohemians, as were Bannon-like Banners) were even first found in Sussex with Felix's, and the Coat of English Bone's is like the Skull Coat (Shovel/Shouler / Schuller/Scholer / SCHOLfield colors) while Skulls are connectable to Shovels. For understanding the shovel, it's important that Schuller/Scholers share the Shovel/Shouler fleur-de-lys but also look connectable to Phoenix's/Fenwicks / Hips' / Christs and Pavia-connectable Papa's. The Bannon Coat looks linkable to multiple of these surnames, and as the Bannons are in Shirt/SHARD colors and format, in colors reversed and in the format of Dutch Lebons/Bone's, by what coincidence were French Lebons/Bone's first found in Provence with Lizarts/SARDE's. Lizards are used by Organs and Corrigans, and we just saw organ-pipe Letts (like "Leeds") having a similar Chief to that of French Lebons/Bone's.

Bannons/Bannings come up later with SHOULDhams/Shoultz's, who have a gold RISING bird, same as Knox's/Knocks, and while the latter were first found in Renfrewshire with Pollocks, the Pollock boar has an arrow in the shoulder. It gives clue that other heraldic shoulders can be code for Shouldham / Schultz liners. Schultz's share the stars of POLESdons/Pullesdons. Shouldhams/Shoultz's have a white griffin in Crest, the colors of the Pole/Pool griffin head. The Pollets in the Pole/Pool motto have a black-Shield version of the Aude Coat, and while Pollocks use an "AUDacter" motto term, Aude's and also audit-like Audets? Why didn't God just give them an Audit variation to make this point crisper? The Pollets Crest shares a gold, spread eagle with Phoenix's/Fenwicks.

As was said, the square container was at the end of a snow-cleared PATH, and the Path variation of Perts/Petts had fit well into things, yet it can now be said that Paths/Perts/Petts (BULrushes in Crest) share the Bully lozenges. Although Bill Bailey is not of Arizona, his lawyer (DePerno) announced this week that the same type of hacking technique is common between Arizona, Michigan and Georgia.

Belly- / Bailey-connectable Bouillons were first found in Auvergne with the Pare's/Parats/PARETs (Peare / Parson / Parrot colors), possibly in the "ApPETITus" and "PAREAT" motto terms of English Constance's. Petti's/Pettys and Petits can both apply, from that motto, to Flavius Petro of Rieti, emperor Titus' grandfather. The Parrots, in a Petty Coat, use pears. Petits were first found in Kent with PATHs/PETTs/Perts, and French Constance's are the container suspects. Parrots share the green parrot with Pavia-suspect Peeble's/Peoples'. Here's the capping thing: Parrots were first found in Pembrokeshire, ruled by STRONGbow CLARE, and the snow-CLEARED path can link to Clare-branch Clears (share Lindell leaves). Strongs (Somerset, same as Bow-related and Box-connectable Roets) use the giant Constance eagle in colors reversed.

Belows share the Strong and Score Crest (and essentially the Phoenix Crest too) in case this points to "Scorecard."

How might a snow-cleared path to a box reflect Lindell's packet-capture work? It's thought to be from the Hammer and Scorecard spy system. Neat and tidy, walk right up and grab the evidence? Why do Packets ("PER IL suo CONTRario"), suspect with the PERLE/Peare's and in Conte/Counter colors, use the cross of Claro-liner Sinclairs in colors reversed? Clears (share Lindell leaves) were first found in Galway with Tucson/Tick-branch Teague's/Teegers. German Teegers are linkable to Tucson-related Millets. Joe's van was parked on the Roet-like road when he filled the box with snow. Roets are from Rieti because they share a Box-like book with Reeds. RIETs/RATs are suspect in the "RATioni" motto term of the same English Constance's, and the packet captures are expected due to John RATcliffe's blessings. Making sense? We saw Ratcliffs above linking to maunch-using Wartons, and "raTIONI" looks like part-code to Toeni's if Leicester. Lindell is going to expose the packet captures (like never before) about the same time as the Arizona-audit report comes out. Rats/Raids were first found in Nairnshire with the Geddes who have a capture-like "Capta" motto term.

By the way, the "maJORA" motto term of Geddes' must be for Majors and Jore's/Gore's together because they share the red greyhound. Jore-like Yore's almost have the Coat of English Constantine's, and Constance's/Contans are Constantine's too! There's your box again by following "Capte." How cool is that? This Jore-picture looks connectable to Get'n GO via GOWers/GORE's, and it just so happens that Gows/McGoo's (beside Nairnshire) share the cinquefoils of Loches'/DeLoges' while Lindells use a log!! How cool is that? Packet-captures go-go-go. Go get'em, Mike. Do the Hippy-Hippy Choo-Choo. Gows/McGoo's use "JUNCta," and June's share the fleur-de-lys of Yore's! Looking even better now. JUNGs/June's/Youngs (Junk colors) have a stag in the colors of the Trump stag head.

Gows/McGoo's share the Chief-Shield color combo of Miles', and the latter mention Milo le Messer while English Messers/Messier's (Lincolnshire, same as Miles') can be a branch of French Messeys/Messier's, first found in Burgundy with Piller-branch Pilote's/Pilotte's and Loge's (Messey/Messier saltire in colors reversed).

Titus' (expected in the Constance motto) were first found in Hertfordshire with the Childs (share ROAD eagle) who can be linked to the Reed eagle, red like the Constance eagle. King Childeric was a Merovingian, and Maruvium of the Merovingian-line Marsi, up the Salto river from Rieti, is suspect in naming the Marici co-founders of Pavia. Maruvium is in Abruzzo, which named the Abreu-line Eburovices of Evreux in EURE, and the Hyksos-line Hicks use an "heure" motto term. Apophis/Apepi the Hyksos king.

As Pero's/Perino's have the comet of Reines', it would be remiss if I didn't add that English Constance's have a hexagram in both colors of the Reines comet. The Apophis comet is named after the Apepi bloodline, and Pepins/People's are suspect in naming Pavia/Papia. Note what look like wolveRINEs of Pare's/Parats, for Rine's are listed with Reines-like Reno's. Rains/Raines' share the Packet lions, and Reeds use "Pax." Hiss Hicks apparently has a Rena middle name. See a pattern?

Get a load of this. I don't usually tell that Peare's (Oxfordshire, same as Packets) are listed with Perle's/Pearls. I almost never tell that Peare's were first found in Oseney. Oseneys are HOSEneys too, and then Hose's (at/near the Legro river) share human legs with the Arms of Man, and the Scottish Mans ("Per") happen to share the embattled fesse of Oseneys/Hoseneys. Miss Peare is Christine, and Christine's were once said, for a decade or more, to be first found on the Isle of Man. The latter's three legs are joined / FUSed at the HIPS!!! Ditto for the Arms of Fussen. The hips-pulling event with Peare pointed With Hips' to Phoenix's/Fenwicks!!! ZIKERS. I just saw three legs joined at the hip in a Crest, but have forgotten the surname.

The man fesse-with-roundels are colors reversed from the same of Penns/Pence's, the surname that named Pennsylvania. Doug MASTRiano is leading the Pennsylvania audit work, and Masters share an embattled fesse (different colors) with Mans. A funny thing happened when I looked at the Master Coat to see if it can be connected to Snows, for Snows share a white fesse with Mans. Just as I was looking at the Master Coat, "far beneath the bitter SNOWS," sang over my speakers (in the song, "The Rose"). Masters (until very recently) were said to be first found in Kent...with Mynetts/Minute's and with the latter's Dragon/Drainer kin. It just so happens that Dragons/Drainers (almost an embattled fesse) are in the colors and format of dragon-using Mans! (I just sang "road" from the song, "Lean on me," while remembering that Masters share a Roet motto term). Dragons/DRAINers are from the DRIN river, home of the Penestae peoples who named PENdragons. You see, we just linked Masters to Penns/Pence's. Did God arrange that for pointing to Mastriano? Looks like. What are the chances that Masters share the white unicorn head with Christine's? And ahh, not until getting to this point in the paragraph did I remember that Masters share the Box griffin heads!!! Roets use a BOOK. The box had snow shovelled into it. Masters even use a "parta" motto term while Paths are also Perts.

The Perno-like Perins, first found in Lorraine, share a blue chevron with Bellys, but see the last update's beakless "allerion" to see while Perins link to Lorraine the babe, and to Babe-related Beaks sharing the triple Finchem fesses (i.e. looks like another DePerno pointer to Arizona, for Mark Finchem is of Arizona).

New: the write-up of MILTons in Combe Abbey, Warwickshire: "However, there is strong evidence that the [Milton] family descended from the Norman family of De Camville who held a baronial estate in the area as the arms of that family and the name Milton both have the double-headed eagle. The Camville or Campvilles..." It just so happens that Camville's share the Warwick Coat with Finchems were first found in Warwickshire. I showed how Finchems are linkable to Babe's and Beaks, and then the Babels/Babwells happen to share the six pale bars of Cams! Miltons are important because this section's heraldry started with the Millets expected in the Tucson/Tick motto, and it's Milts who share the triple Finchem fesses! Zikers. Babels/Babwells even us a "gold gate" while the Gate Coat is a reflection of the Milton Coat. The heraldry makes sense in this paragraph, but there's no reason especially that Finchems should be a part of it, but then Mark Finchem is of Arizona with the city of Tucson.

Almost missed this: Bus-like Bussys share the triple fesses of Finchems / Feins/Fins, and the Bussy write-up has "The surname Bussy was first found in Leicestershire at Wyfordby, a parish, in the union of MELTON-Mowbray, hundred of FRAMland. "This place, at the Conquest, was granted to Roger de Bussy, Baron of TICKHILL, in the county of York." Bush's were first found in Yorkshire. FRAME's and Frene's/Frains share a lion in colors reversed from the Bush/Bosch/Bos lion. Milton-like Meltons were first found in Norfolk with Bus'.

Ahh, I get it. Camville's were also Campville's, and Camps/Champs were first found in Warwickshire with Combe Abbey of Miltons, and then while Millets are expected in the Tucson/Tick motto, Camps/Champs were previously said to have been first found in Yorkshire, where Tucsons/Ticks are now said to have been first found who have a reflection of the Shield and Crest of Camps/Champs. In short, Tucsons/Ticks and Tickhills were Camp and Cam(ville) kin round-about. Can Mamie sitting on my lap when the gang was around the campfire apply to a Tucson audit, if it ever happens? We shall see. Her tease symbol, on the same night as she sat on my lap, made it possible to acquire her pointer to Tickhill-connectable Mamesfelde, and it just so happens that Germo-Swiss Tease's/Tess' come up as Tick-like "Teck." English Tease's/Tyes' were first found in Nottinghamshire with Mamesfelde. Isn't that a hoot? Suddenly, even Mamie is pointing to TUCson, and Tucsons/Ticks even list Tucks/Tooks.

The Tucson/Tick motto is, "Militia MEA multiPLEX." Mea's/Meigh's were first found in Nottinghamshire with Tickhill elements. The motto could be part-code for some variation of the Pleix/Plessis surname (looks related to RENfrew-connectable Petersons) said to have had the earldom of Warwick. Coincidence? Pleix's/Plessis' share the Rain/Raines lion, and while that surname is traceable to Rennes, it's near the Meu river to which I trace Mea's/Meigh's. The latter share the boar heads of McGee's, and the latter were first found in Dumfries with the Leggs/Legges' expected in the "leges" motto term of Rains/Raines'. Mamie, voluptuous, attractive, sat on my legs uninvited, then let me sleep in the sleeping bag for the night, but would not give me hug while in there. TEASE.

We slept in a tent (actually, I don't think it was hers) with other people, and Leggs/Legges' have a "TENTamine" motto term, just as though God arranged the event and/or the heraldry to conform to one another. The Mine's that can be in "tentaMINE" have a dancette within which are the six pale bars of Babels/Babwells and Cams. German Babels/Babe's share the mermaid with Laps, though the Babels/Babe's give her two tails, very likely for the two-tailed Montfort lion in the Arms of Leicestershire (at the Legro river), for it's the two-tailed lion also in the Arms of Bohemia while Babe's and Babels/Babwells are from Podebrady of Bohemia. Montfort is right beside Rennes. See a pattern?

For example, Babels/Babwells share a "gold gate" with the Arms of Podebrady, and Laps are also "Labbs" while Podebrady is on the Labe river. The triple Milt / Finchem / Fein/Fin fesses are above the gold gate in the Arms of Podebrady, and Bradys even share a hand pointing to the sun with English Babe's. The latter were first found in Dorset with Soars/Sors', and the Legro is also the Soar river.

No matter that I think of pointing God-arranged events to current events, He's always got other matters in mind: the pointing to certain, enemy bloodlines through the Ticino river, always in connection with the Laevi there. A few weeks before she sat on my lap, my non-Christian friends invited me to a party, which happened to be at Mamie's home. Lorraine with the babe symbol had dinner guests that night, and so I went to the party. Mamie and I did a slow dance; we had never met before, I don't think we had even talked before that dance, we just grabbed each other spontaneously as she walked past me, it was her doing as much as mine, a totally "strange" event. There was no dance floor, and she just grabbed my hands and let me slow dance with her in front of everyone in the LIVING room. Livings/Levins, expected from the Laevi Gauls, share the martlets of Sadducee-like Saddocks/Sedgewicks.

Immediately after the dance, I left the party because I wanted to go be with Lorraine, but something happened just as I arrived that ended that relationship, nothing at all to do with Mamie. It appears that God was moving me away from Lorraine to Mamie in order to create more pointers. As I've said many times, the grass-stain event that ended the relationship pointed to Ducks/Duckers/Dockers who share the same fesses, I must assume, as TUCKers. We just saw Mamie pointing to Tucson/Tick/Tuck elements.

Now, if we think that God caused the spontaneous dance with Mamie, here's probably one reason for it: the Dannys/Danse's were first found in Wiltshire with Laps and Bullis'. The latter have a star within a red roundel in the colors of the cinquefoil within a red roundel in the Arms of Leicestershire, and beside the Shield of those Arms is a black BULL. The Bullis star is also the Tease/Tyes star, and while Mamie got a thigh symbol the say after her tease symbol in the tent, Thigh's/Thy's use what could be the Fox fox while there is a fox in the Crest of the Leicestershire Arms. The Jewish Simons with another fox are traceable to Simon de Montfort of Leicester. This Montfort family married the Leavell-related Beaumonts (Dorset again), rulers of Leicester and Meulan, and the Arms of Meulan is the Baby/Babka Coat. Bullis/Byllis was a location of the ATINTanes of Epirus, and TINTons use "royal TENTs." See anything suspicious? Billets were a branch of Bello's/BALLOTs, and Bouillons love the Bello's in their motto.

Is Mamie teasing me in the tent pointing to ballot fraud? As I said, she turned to face away from me as I went in for a warm hug, and I had to settle with an arm around her waist and/or HIP while we went to sleep (she was okay with that) with she facing away. The red roundel of Bullis' is expected in the Arms of Bullis-like Boulogne, and that city is where Eustace II was count who birthed the first king of Jerusalem, as well as Godfrey de Bouillon. And "bello Christi" is a Bouillon motto phrase while Christs have a reflection of the Phoenix / HIPS Coats. It appears that my arm around her hips is pointing to Arizona fraud. Phoenix's (Northumberland, same as Baileys/Ballys and Baliols) share the martlets of Saddock-branch Chadwicks and ChadDOCKs while Docks/Doags share the Bus cinquefoil in the Arms of Leicestershire. DOUGlas' share the Bailey stars and the Bully heart.

Recall the Mine dancette, for Dansets, who share a Danse variation with Dannys above, not only share the Belly rose, but were first found in Ile-de-France with Foix's/Foys and Levi's. We danced in her LIVING room. The other French Foix's/Foys, first found in Auvergne with Bouillons and fox-using Fes'/Fez's, share eight of the nine Bailey stars. Dannys/Dance's were first found in Wiltshire with Bullis' and Laps. I expect the Laevi line, to which Christine Peare, Lorraine and Mamie pointed, to become the end-time Illuminati, or call it what you will, the Jewish globo-whores might be better, the servants of satan in the anti-Christ's pitiful stand against the work of Jesus.

So, why did God use me for those ladies as they point to our end-time enemies? Years before I started in heraldry, I put the post-tribulation book online. Coincidence? It was about a decade after I started heraldic explorations that it struck me that my mother's Masci line is central to heraldry, and so I have the sense that it's about Meshech, the chief of Gog. In Revelation, satan's last hurrah, after the Millennium, is through the use of Gog.

My mother's maiden name is Grimaldi, and while Grimaldi's of Monaco use a purple throne, the Grimaldi Shield is that also of Gog-like Cocks (share red roosted with BABcocks). Babys/Babka's (share checks of Pavia-like Pavers) have variations suggesting Poppo I BABENberg of Bavaria, perhaps the blood root of the Bavarian Illuminati. Grimoald of Bavaria comes to mind, who lived near the time of Grimo, son of Babon (probably descended from Merovingian Pepins). And there was also Grimoald the Elder, son of Pepin of Landen (Merovingian ruler). The first Merovingian king was CHILDeric, and Lorraine's share the Child eagle. Lorraine the babe, as per particulars on our first day together, pointed hard to Pepin of Landen.

There was also Grimoald, king of Lombards, and English Lombards happen to share a lozengy Shield (different colors) with Grimaldi's. English Lombards were first found in RENfrewshire with Orrs/Ore's and Hamiltons; the latter share the ermined Bus cinquefoil, and Orrs/Ore's (red roundel) were kin of Guiscards/WISharts, likely named after Visconti's of Lombardy. As I trace Cremers to Lombardy elements, it's notable that French Lombards have a Coat reflecting that of Cremers. German Cremers share a ram with the Arms of Leicestershire, and while the ram stands opposite the black bull of the same Arms, and while Otto's/Auto's use a black bull head, Otto was the rival of Grimoald of the Lombards. It now appears that OTTONE Visconti was named after the line of this Otto (mayor of the palace of Austrasia, same as Grimoald).

Wikipedia: "On the death of Pepin of Landen in 639 or 640, Otto challenged the succession of Grimoald to the mayorship. Otto was eventually murdered by LEUThard II, Duke of Alemannia, at the request of Grimoald." A black bull head was used by McLEODs/Lutts, making them look descended from Leuthard. McLeods/Lutts share the castle of French Martins, the latter first found in Gascony with Martels. Charles Martel was a Pepin liner too. Irish Martins share the Martel crescent, and use a "domino" motto term in case this picture can point to Dominion voting fraud.

"DOMINabitur" is a motto term of Coomers/COMBers (DANCEtte), and while Eric Coomer was/is a chief of Dominion voting, we saw the Combe Abbey (Warwickshire) of Miltons. Coomers/Combers share the fesse of English Dance's/Danse's. I danced with Mamie only on our first meeting, and she pointed to Arizona fraud shortly above. Dance's/Danse's share the lion heads of Irish FARMERs who in turn share a gold leopard in Crest with Coomers/Combers. Miltons were related to Camville's who in turn share the Warwick Coat, both sharing the lion of Dannys/Danse's...recalling Danny De FILIPPIs (my old friend who brought Dannys/Danse's to topic), for Dominion voting was into vote FLIPPing. Danny was the son of a FARMER. Italian Dance's/Donnas' were first found in Piedmont with Domino's, and Dannys brother, my old friend too, is DOMINic (he's online with his grocery store). English Dominic's share the eight-pointed star of Milton-like Millets, and the latter use it in giant form, as do German Teegers while Irish Teague's/Teegers/CAIGE's were first found in Galway with Irish Martins ("domino") who in turn share the ESToile (different color) with Coomers/Combers. Is that not cool, or what, just as if God arranged my teen friends and/or the heraldry to conform to one another. CAGE's even have a form of the Milton Coat. Millets came to topic with Tucsons/Ticks (Yorkshire, same as Dance's/Danse's), making this paragraph a good pointer to Dominion fraud in Tucson, Arizona. Dance's/Danse's show the black horse head once in the ESTE Crest. Bingo-bango everywhere, let's do the hippy-hippy choooo-choooo, for Chews/Jews even share the Danset/Danse griffin. I can glean that Dansets/Danse's (share Belly rose) use the BELL / Bellamy fesse.

Although the following is a different topic, I'd like to show it from the last update in case you missed the two inserts. The first insert was added immediately after writing the paragraph above:

AHHH WOW, I almost missed it. Not only was the tailPIPE blowing out black SMOKE when driving away from Galveston [to the cockROACHes], but Simon Graff [of Gormley] was SMOKING a PIPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's funny. He always smoked his pipe when coming over with his beer. For whatever it's worth, he had married Nora.

[Insert Tuesday night -- A day after this update was uploaded, I came across German Hammers/Hemmers with essentially the same lion as Graffs, and an "hoNORES" motto term. Raven-using Norres' (i.e. like "Nora") have a "Faithfully" motto term, and Faithfuls/Faiths could have been a branch of Fate's/Feets sharing the fesse-with-martlets of Gormley-related Grime's. That's interesting, but what could it mean if God is pointing the Graffs to Hammers? Ahh, wow, I kid you not, the insert below came first, and it just so happens that English hammers (Ham colors) were first found in Sussex with Hams who in turn share the FISSER/Visser fish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Incredible. AHHH MORE: Gormley-like Gorms/Blue's were first found on Arran with McCabe's who share the Ham / Fisser/Visser fish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God provided me a COFFEE between Galveston and the cockroaches [of CRYSTAL City], and Coffee's/Coffers share the McCabe fesse! The Coffee/Coffer Crest even has a green dolphin to go with the white-on-green dolphins of English Hammers (Sussex, same as COFFERts). The Fissers/Visser Coat even looks like a green-Shielded Roach Coat. End insert]

[Insert late Monday -- "Graphene is just the first of a new class of two dimensional materials, derived from layered bulk CRYSTALs."!!! Can this point Simon Graff to graphene in vaccines? How? Doesn't it now seem that my stop in Crystal City, which was as far as I went on that trip (I returned home the day I checked out from that place), is pointing to bad / poisonous / nefarious vaccines? Vaccine-like Vychans/Vaughns share the Fish Coat while Fishers are like "Pfizer." German Fishers use "WahREIT" while Reitmans and Rotens share the hexagram of Fizer's/Pfisters/PISTERs. It just so happens that Pistols/PISTORs were first found in Shropshire with Vychans/Vaughns!!! That's new. And while Hopkins use "pistols," John Hopkins is a chief part of the COVID conspiracy!!! End insert]

Is that not wild? Vychans/Vaughns are in Gomery colors and format, yet Gomerys have to do with election fraud, not vaccines...though the Hammer-and-Scorecard packet captures, as Lindell will expose further, show China as the main criminal, and China is where the Wuhan lab is that was under the authority, to some degree, of the Galveston National Lab! That all goes very well with cockroaches working in the darkness.

It doesn't look coincidental that the Score saltire is shared by Lochs/Lochs since Lindells use a log while Loches' are also DeLoges'.


A bitter experience in my life was the time, work and money spent seeking to market my fence-post invention that I called, Pillar-Post. I haven't wanted to give away what the product looks like in case one of my sons wants to try it. There may not be enough time anyway. It depresses me to see that this product seems to relate to heraldry. I'll show you how starting with the Orrs/Ore's who share the PILES of Guiscards/Wisharts in colors reversed. The post involved a pile pounded or planted into the ground, and French Pile's, who use piles of the own, are listed with Pillars, no great surprise. But this post links to my OMEN though Galveston, and Orrs/Ore's use an omen-like motto term.

But there's more, for as I've said, my patent agent was Ms. Parsons, and Pile's share the Parson Peare leopard face. Plus, as I've said, I took the product to an International fencing show in New Orleans, and the Orleans surname shares the red roundel with Orrs/Ore's. Why would God allow me to waste so much on a product that has only heraldic value in this way? Does this involve MY Pillow founder, Mike Lindell, since Pillows are listed with Pillers? And what are the chances that "my" is a motto term in the Guiscard/WIShart motto. My short-term financial partner with this post was Mr. Klees, and the Klees'/Clays have pale bars in their chevron in the colors of the Baltimore/Calvert pale bars. The Baltimore ORIOLS, you see, for Oriols/Orells share red roundels with Orrs/Ore's and Orleans'. What's going on? Klees'/Clays even use "ORbem." I'm scratching my head. My's/Mea's share the bore heads of McGee's suspect in the "masGHII" motto term of Baltimore's/Calverts.

Sidney Powell may be in this where Sidneys use "fata," like the "Fatti" of BaltiMORE's/Calverts. In any case, Feets/FATE's are also FateMORE's, and Calvert-like Calvers use a MOOR head, as do Bouillons, the latter first found in Auvergne with Bald-connectable Bauds/Baux's (Box branch?). Boch's/Bocks/Bauch's have a giant and upright goat in the colors of the giant and upright ram of Bauds/Baux's. It looks connectable to the same-colored lion of Box's! That snuck up on me. The Bless' expected in the "Noblesse" motto term of Bochs/Bocks are listed with Blois' ("felicitas"), and Blois was heavily political with nearby Orleans! You see? Roets use a book, and the Bows/BOUGH's who share the Roet motto almost have the four, bunched arrows in the Bless/Blois Crest.

The Bless/Blois Coat is almost that of Porci's while Sidneys use a PORCupine. English Blois' were first found in Suffolk with English LOGE's/Lodge's, and with the Clare's (triple chevrons) who in turn have the Bles/Bled Coat in colors reversed. The Lise's/Lease's, who come up as "LIGE," have two of the three Clare chevrons, and the Boch/Bock motto happens to be, "NoBLESSE obLIGE." Can this mean that Sidney Powell will be part of that neat and tidy snow-CLEARed path? It's amazing that the French Loge's have a saltire in the colors of the saltire-by-swords of German Klees'. I like that. "Klees" may very-possibly be named after the MacLise variation of Lise's/Lease's/Lige's. For example, MacLeans and also Cleans. In fact, compare the Coats of Klees'/Cleese's/Clays and MacLees'.

Reminder: Lindells share the Clear/Clark leaves. German Klees' share the Rock trefoil (leaf), in the colors of the Clear/Clark leaves. Rocks were first found in Worcestershire, and Bless'/Blois' were first found in Leicestershire and Worcestershire. Rocks look connectable to Gows/McGoo's, and the latter share the three cinquefoils (leaves) of Loches'/DeLoges'.

AHHH, the Gow/McGoo Coat is much like the Drig and TRICK Coat, and so let me tell you about my hat TRICK as told several times last year. Paths/Perts were first found in Kent with Sidneys, and the Powells who love the Fenns/Venns share the green griffin with Fenns/Venns, and with the Leslie's whom I trace to "Lesce," right beside Bled on the Sava/Save river. Bles'/Bleds were first found in Burgundy with Save's, Mars/MORE's (namers of Baltimore's?), and Lindell-connectable Loge's. The Powell motto pointed to my hockey hat trick, and I'm waiting for Sidney Powell to fulfill whatever that hat trick means. The third goal in the hat trick was my own deflection of the puck between my LEGs (goalie never saw it until it was in the net), and while Leggs almost have the Trump stag head, the Legro river is in Leicestershire, where Bless'/Blois' were first found.

My BACK was to the goalie, BLINDing him to the slap shot from the blue line. A little re-direction of the puck through my legs fooled him. Mr. McGoo (old cartoon) was played by a blind (or half-blind) Jim BACKus, a new idea right here because I've never before realized the similarity between the Trick and McGoo Coats. I didn't know until writing the last line that Backus' were first found in Cumberland with Drigs (almost the Trick Coat)!!! I LIKE THAT. I only STEERED the puck, as the slap shot hit the stick's blade for a split-second, and Backs/Backs use a "steer." I LOVE THAT.

Oh wait: Backus', with a "CONfido" motto term, were "first found in Cumberland and Durham," and Durham is where Sidney-like Sedans/Siddens (and container-connectable Conte's, a branch of CONE's) were first found! Zikers, I've never been more confident that the hat trick pertains to Sidney Powell. "ConFIDO" can be for the Fido variation of Fothes'/FETTE's, and the "Fato" motto term of Sidneys can be for Feets/Fate's! Double Zinger. Oh wait: Fido's/Fothes'/Fette's share "Industria" with Dents of SEDburgh, and as SEDans/Siddens ("sed") were once said to be first found in Yorkshire, location of Sedbergh. It speaks for itself, but let's add the "CONcordia" motto term of Dents.

Ahhhh, Fido's/Fothes'/FETTE's were first found in Aberdeenshire with Prophets/ProFETTS, and the latter use a giant leg. I steered the puck between my legs. This wouldn't be such a giant paragraph had not Sidneys a motto term indicating Feets/Fate's. This section started with the Pillar-Post and the Orrs/Ore's, and the latter share a cornucopia with Prophets/Profetts. I didn't intend to veer into heraldry concerning Ms. Powell. Powells share the green griffin with Leslie's (Aberdeenshire), and the Edrichs/Edricks in the Powell motto share the HATRICK/Ettrick lion, which was the first reason (months ago) for pointing the hat trick to Sidney Powell.

Leg-connectable Leicesters/Lesters share the swan with Lochs/Lochs. Repeat: "It doesn't look coincidental that the Score saltire is shared by Lochs/Lochs since Lindells use a log while Loches' are also DeLoges'." I SCOREd three goals that game. Score's happen to share the gold cinquefoil with Sidney-like Sedans/Siddens "dono"). The cinquefoils in the Shield of Sedans/Siddens are colors reversed from the same of Score's. The "sino" motto term of Sedans/Siddens indicate China. The None's/NOONs (Sava-like "SAUViter") in the Sedan/Sidden motto have a saltire colors reversed from the same of Score's ("NON"), tending to assure the Score-Sedan link. But if God wanted this to be about Sidney Powell, why use Sedans/Siddens (Seaton / Side / Suty branch) instead of Sidneys themselves?

Repeat while on the shovel-dig theme: "Dickers/Deckers/Deekers/Ditchers have a good reflection of the Faringdon Coat! BIG ONE." The second goal of my hat trick game, as I've said several times, was with a DEKE, and it just so happens that Ditch's/Dyke's (Cumberland, same as Daggers, Dockers, and Faringdon-like Fare's) share the Sedan/Sidden cinquefoil! I think that's new, never-before included with hat-trick heraldry. It's tending to convince me that Sedans/Siddens are a pointer to Sidney Powell. I have told before that Deke's/Decans and Deacons share the Hatrick/Ettrick and Edrick lion. Deacons use an Ettrick-like "utroque" motto term.

Wow, just as I was eyeing the "temps" motto term of Bles'/Bleds while ending above, "in the nick of TIME" sang over my speakers (song "Devotion" by Newsboys), and "temps" is translated "times." I then remembered that Wayne's, who share gauntlets with Fiens/Phone's/Fane's/Vans (i.e. linkable to Fenns/Venns and Phoenix's/Fenwicks), use "tempus" (translated as "time"). Wayne's use am "OMNibus" motto term.

[I'm writing this insert immediately after writing the great Peter-Navarro insert above, where Faringdons came to topic. Fien-like "viendra" is in the motto, along with "temp," of Faringdons (Oxfordshire, same as Shiptons). The latter had come up as per Faringdon, the ancestry of "bellows"-using Shiptons, and the bellows happen to be manual FANS. Viens/Vienne's (Burgundy) might, therefore, just have the Phoenix/Fenwick eagle. Repeat from above: "Belows [not "Bellows"] share the Strong and Score Crest (and essentially the Phoenix Crest too) in case this points to 'Scorecard.'" Those Crests are gold, spread eagles, the Vien/Vienne symbol, and the Strong Coat is the Vien/Vienne Coat!!! Italian Navarro's share what I call a strongarm with ArmSTRONGs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just incredible, especially as both arms are red.

The Navarro bend has a butterfly, and Butters have another strongarm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Repeat from the Navarro insert: "Later in this update it is said: "'DOMINabitur' is a motto term of Coomers/COMBers (DANCEtte), and while Eric Coomer was/is a chief of Dominion voting..." Read as "dominaBITUR," for Bitars/Butters are expected in the butterfly upon the bend of Italian Navarro's. Bitars/Butters share the cross of Scottish Balders."

Watch. Armstrongs were first found in CUMBERland (Coomers/Combers were probably of Cumber's namers), where Faringdon-like Fare's/Fairs were first found (who can be shown to be a branch of Fiers/Fears). The Armstrong write-up suggests an Armstrong relationship with Fairborns in this way: "It is said that a Fairbairn, armour bearer to the King of Scotland, lifted the King back onto his horse with one arm, after the King had been unseated in battle. The King then granted him lands in Liddesdale and bestowed on him the name of Armstrong." The Fairborns share a chevrons-with-besants with Faringdons! As Armstrongs share the red strongarm with Navarro's, by what coincidence did Peter Navarro marry Leslie LeBon while "Le bon" is a Faringdon motto term?

As the Faringdon Coat is nearly that of MacLees', let me repeat from above as per my partner (Mr. Klees) in Pillar-Post, for this latter topic links to My-Pillow Lindell: "'Klees' may very-possibly be named after the MacLise variation of Lise's/Lease's/Lige's. For example, MacLeans and also Cleans. In fact, compare the Coats of Klees'/Cleese's/Clays and MacLees'."

While two Peter surnames share the Navarro bend, the English Peters expected with the Path/Pett/Pert mascles were first found in Lincolnshire with Klees'/Clays and Pillers/Pillows. These Peters have: "Peter of Blois ( fl. 1190) was Archdeacon of BATH," and although there's no verification that this Peter named a Peter surname, the one under discussion shares the swan with Petersons while the latter have a black-Shield version of the Bath Coat while we saw Balders/BATHERstains. The latter's cross is even colors reversed from the same-type cross of Petersons (Aberdeenshire, same as Leslie's). Peter Navarro and Leslie LeBon. Leslie's were earls of Rothes after Leslie's married the family of Peter Pollock, builder of Rothes castle.

Fare's/Fairs are also Pierre-like Phares', expected from the island of Pharia, near Vis, for "vis fieri" is a motto phrase of Rams. The latter have rams in the colors of the Baud/BAUX ram (almost the Boch/Bock Coat), and Baux's are suspect with Box's. The Navarro insert earlier told that, while Scottish Bauds were a Bald branch, German Balds look related to Guido's (Bologna/Bononia, same as Navarro's). End insert]

Back to the Baltimore Oriols. If Baltimore's were Balt liners, they're listed with Bolts. German Balds look like kin of Guido's who come up as "Guis," looking good as per the Guiscard relationship with Orrs/Ore's. It just so happens that my omen is in the Crest of Scottish Jeffreys ("Post"), once said to be first found in Peebles-shire, same as Scottish Balds (and Locks/Lochs). Scottish Jeffreys even have the six Baltimore pale bars in half their colors. Welsh Jeffreys probably have the Powell lion round-about. All-in-all, the Baltimore Oriols seem to apply to the Pillar-Post, an idea that's new right here, and so I expect something / someone in Baltimore to apply too.

The Guiscard/Wishart motto: "MERCy IS MY deSIRE." I can spot code for Issa in that motto, for that island is also, Vis, like "Wishart / VisCONTi." Is this a pointer to Wisconsin election fraud since Conte's share the Cone antlers? Mercys are also Messey-like Meyseys, and Messeys/Messier's (Klees saltire in colors reversed) were first found in Burgundy with Mars/More's. Klees'/Clays were first found in Lincolnshire with English Messier's. Making sense. If Mercys/Meyseys were from the Marici partners of Laevi, it explains all the leaves we're seeing. Lincolnshire was home to the Mercian, Lucy of Bolingbroke, le-Meschin's wife.

AMAZING: what are the chances that Orr- / Orleans-branch Orrels share the Ives Coat while Lucy Bolingbroke married IVO while Ives' were first found in Lincolnshire with Klees'/Clays??? Mr. Klees was so impressed with the Pillar-Post that he formed a corporation (at his expense) for marketing it...but he and his partner got greedy, and so I ended the partnership. Hmm, I've just loaded Greeds/Greats to find a blue saltire, the color of the saltire-by-swords of German Klees'. A white-on-blue sword is used by Greed/Great-related Justine's, and the latter were first found in Perthshire with Sidney-connectable Sutys/Sideys, and with the Colts/Cults sharing a blue pheon with Sidneys.

I know for a fact that the Colt/Cult pheon is the one of Pilate's/Pilotte's (Burgundy, same as Loge's) while Pillows are listed with English Pilotte's/PILLERs (Lincolnshire, same as Klees'/Clays and Lucy Bolingbroke). The Loge's even share a blue saltire with Greeds/Greats (from Gratian the Elder, father-in-law of Justine of Picenum). Perhaps the Sidney pheon is in both colors of the Klees swords for a related reason, since Klees'/Clays look like kin of "Fatti"-using Baltimore's. The latter, in Sedan/Siddens colors, and first found in Yorkshire with SEDbergh, may be using banners in their Crest (as opposed to flags), and English Banners (COUNTERchanged colors is for Conte's/Counters) have a "sine" motto term to go with the "sino" of Sedans/Siddens, and with the Sion/Sitten location of Seatons/Sittens. It would be very good here if per-chance the English Banners share the Box lion closely, and then the Conte's/Counters can be of the square container = box!

Scottish Banners ("Pro patria") were first found in Aberdeenshire with ProFETTs. Ahhh, the Banner-beloved Patria's/Peartree's were first found in KinCARDINEshire with Fido's/Fothes'/Fette's!!! I like that (tends to prove that Profetts were a Pero-Feet merger). Cardine's share the pheons of COYs (Cambridgeshire, same as Tricks) who might in turn be in the Sidney motto. Lindell's war is much against the workings nationally of Perkins COIE, and I do believe that Sidney Powell is raising money to combat that same roach-infested organization. If the snake in the Coy Crest is for Snake's/Snooks (Kent, same as Sidneys), the latter (i.e. the Snake's/Snooks) happen to share the fleur-de-lys of Perkins.

The "Eduuardus Snoch" in the Snake/Snook write-up makes Snake's/Snooks look like kin of Edwards, the latter first found in Wiltshire with Box's (Snake/Snook / Edward colors and near-format), and while snow was shoveled into the box, Snowdens share the Edward stars. Edward Snowden? Was he acquainted with Hammer and Scorecard? The Snake/Snook Crest is that of Drummonds, and the latter were first found in Perthshire with Sidney kin and the Sidney-like Sutys/Sideys (share wavys bars with Drummonds). Wow, "white as snow" just sang over my speakers. The Snowden Coat happens to be a version of the Irish Clare/Clair/O'CLEAR Coat, and the box was up the snow-cleared path. SNOWDens/Snawdens may have named the Sneeds/Sneyds (share Snake/Snook eagle) because the latter share a sickle with Frauds/Friths, indicating that the box filled with snow could depict boxes of fraudulent ballots. The Prime's (share giant leg with Profetts) or Primo's (connectable to Loches'/DeLoges') can be in the Sneed/Sneyd motto.

By the way, if the Clare/O'Clear Crest are ostrich feathers, then it seems that the three Clare/O'Clear eagles are those of English Ghents (Hampshire, same as RICH's) because the white ostRICH feather in the Arms of Leicestershire is said to be the symbol of John of Gaunt when he was earl of Leicester. Rich's love the Foys in their motto who share the giant lion of Spanish Clare's/Clarets. Near the Hampshire border is Poole, where Pools were from who share the same lion. Poole is in Dorset, because Somerset, the latter being where Roets were first found who married John of Gaunt. The lion under discussion is in the colors of the Box lion, and Box's were first found beside Somerset too. The Box griffin heads are shared by Caplans (Hampshire), who happen to be in Roet colors and format. Somerset is where OSTs/Hosts were first found, suspect in "OSTrich." Rich's use bottony crosses for Buttons/Bottons/Bidens (Hampshire) who in turn share the chapeau of Caplan-like Capelli's.

Cons'/Conns are expected from Cuneo, near Pavia, co-founded by Mercy-like Marici, and Peare's with Parsons were of the Pierro's/Pero's, first found in Pavia. The flag of Mercia is used by Messeys/Messier's (Loge saltire in colors reversed), first found in Burgundy with the Lindell-beloved Loge's and Loches'/DeLoge's, but also the Primo's. Loches'/DeLoges' look linkable to the roses of Primo's, and the latter share the mirror with Sire's expected in the Guiscard motto. The Cone's can be gleaned as kin of Biss' from Bissone in the Ticino canton, where the Ticino river begins that flows through Pavia.

The Laevi Gauls who co-founded Pavia with Marici were at Novara, and Novara is the location of Massino-VISconti. On top of this, Burgundy is where Pilote's/Pilotte's were first found while English Pilotte's (Lincolnshire, same as English Messier's) are the Pillers/Pillows. Add to this that while Biss' share the Meschin scallops while Meschins have a form of the Cons/Conn / Cony Coat, and it makes sense that I, a Masci liner, invented the Pillar-Post (1987). It can't be a further coincidence that while Miss Peare is Christine, Christine's/Christians share the Pilotte/Piller/Pillow Coat while we saw the Peare leopard FACE with Pile's. Face's/Fessys share the My/Mea/Meigh cross. Michaels can be gleaned as Meschin kin. Hey Mike, you owe me. I lost all that money and time, and Pillar-Post was all for pointing to you.

Pile's were first found in Northumberland with Baileys while Matt DePerno, Bailey's lawyer, looks like he's of the Perino variation of Pero's. The latter share the hexagrams of Wis-like Wise's/Weis', not looking coincidental. Guiscards come up as Wiseharts.

The Pillar-Post is a FENCE product, and Fens'/Venns are probably a Phoenix/Fenwick branch. Phoenix's/Fenwicks look linkable to Papa's and Christs, and Pavia is also, Papia. The Hips' having a version of the Papa Coat share the sphinx with the Brocuffs, first found in Silesia with Weis-branch Wies'. Weis/Wise's were first found in Bavaria with Poppo I of Grapfeld, and the Bavarian Illuminati was founded by Adam WEIShaupt on May 1, 1776. Thomas Jefferson approved of Weishaupt. I suggest that all Christians cease to look to the DEAD founding fathers for America's salvation, cease to look to American freedoms, and stay fast on the LIVING Jesus and the freedom He offers, not freedom to do as one pleases, but the freedom that comes from service to the Father through Jesus. Serving the founding fathers and their constitution may help fight socialists, but it's not service to Jesus. The founding fathers gave lip service to God, the worst-possible kind of service to God. Stop deceiving Americans, pro-Trumpers.

The PapaLEO and Papaleone variations of Papa's (Piedmont, same as Dance's/Donnas') looks like evidence that Pavia elements married the Pierleoni Jews. The LEOpard faces of Peare's / Parsons probably applies to Pierleoni (named after Leo). The Papapietro variation tends to explain why Papa's share the Pierro/Pero/Petri roses, but note also that the latter share the Dance/Danse fesse while Italian Dance's/Donnas' share the pale bar of Pero's/Perino's (Piedmont). Plus, the PapaDONNo and PapaCODA variations gives appearances that Pavia elements married the Cottian line of king Donnus.

But there is also a PapaDOMINico variation listed with Papa's while Piedmont is where Domino's were first found. Note the Arizona-like term in the Pierro/Pero write-up, a thing I didn't realize until now: "The surname Petri was first found in the city of Pavia, where records are found in 1040 with Manfredi and Arizzone Pietra, feudal Lords of the territories of Pietra, Bissone, and Costa." The Costs (bell) were first found in Languedoc with the Cotta's. I don't know what all it can mean that DONNA Brazile, said to be from BRASwells, was, and may still be, of New Orleans, where I attended a trade show for Pillar-Post. Bra is Piedmont beside the first-known Pelosi's/PILATI's, which works with Pilotte/Pillow/Piller liners, you see. And Piedmont's Dance's/Donnas' are also Donna's. Heraldry in relation of Donna Brazile pointed to my Galveston OMEN (took place not far from new Orleans), and then the Orleans-branch Orrs/Ore's, and the Dons ("dona"), use omen-like motto terms.

The omen took place at my seeing a small cloud over the sun, similar to the Coats of English Lease's and Scottish Jeffreys, and while "Lease" is Donna Brazile's middle name, Scottish Jeffreys use a "post" motto term. It's quite the mystery. Welsh Jeffreys even share the Pillar/Pile Coat so that the Pillar-Post is linking to Galveston themes. It makes my head hurt. English Lease's share the Chief-Shield colors of the Scot-English Bells, and were first found in Northumberland with Belly-connectable Baileys. As much as this all amazes me, my head hurts like Daniel's head hurt to receive mysteries he could not solve.

For what it could be worth, Scottish Robins (thistles) use 'post," and were first found in Peebles-shire, where Jeffreys above were once said to be first found.

Mike Lindell has committed to a "symposium" in South Dakota on August 10-12, where he exposes the election's packet captures to computer experts. He's inviting experts of various kinds as well as politicians and media people. I think he's going to reveal who's behind the packet captures. Repeat: "I must add that I met Lorraine at her BUS stop 40 years ago last week. I dated her for two or three weeks only, and so the bumping into her at the bus-subway station would have been the first half of August..." I can't remember when in August Mamie met me at the camp site, but it was after the bus-station event.

They say that the packet captures were secured by "Hammer and Scorecard," a spy system developed by Dennis MontGOMERY. The Gomerys share the Fien/Phone/Van gloves in different colors? Is that meaningful? The same "gauntlet" gloves are used by Gaunt-like Gunters in the colors used by Gomerys, and the Gomerys are in Glove colors and format. Gunters are in the Garden/Jarden motto, and it just so happens that "GARDez bien" is the motto of Montgomerys (it's almost the Carrick motto).

This now gets very interesting where English Lawns, connectable to Carrick-like Groce's/Greggs/Graggs, use "garde." In Joe's-van dream, which is of the Van variation of Fiens/Phone's, there was a homeowner sitting on a chair on his LAWN when I returned the square container to his lawn. I had taken the container from that property in the first place because Joe asked me to get a container. When I took it to Joe, he shovelled snow from the van's BUMPer into the container. I showed readers recently (see "Bumps" 1st and 2nd updates of June) why the Bumps/Bumpus' can apply to that bumper.

BUT NOW, WOW: God showed me (a couple of years ago or less) that Bumps/Bumpus' (share Tooth griffin) go together with Gumms and Tooths, and German Gumms happen to be Gomery-like Gomers too!!! What are the chances??? It seems that Joe's-van dream can point also to Dennis Montgomery, and ZOWIE, I kid you not, Joe's van, in the dream, was black, the color of a van that DENNIS Quinn once owned. Joe and I hung around and partied with Quinn. However, Quinn was no angel, and so I have a little trouble believing that God would use him to point to Dennis Montgomery.

OH WOW MORE: the reason that Bumps/Bumpus' can be pointed to by Joe OulLETTE's bumper is that they share the giant griffin of LETTERs. I'm repeating this now because I've just loaded cards as per "Scorecard," and I know for a fact that the Card Crest has, not a card, but a letter!!! It has a stamp even, and while Stamps are in the colors of, and almost in the format of, Gomerys, Stumps/Stomps almost have the Tucson/Tick Coat! Prior to loading cards just now, the Score's were loaded to see a gold, spread eagle in Crest, symbol in the Phoenix and MILTon Crest. Tucsons/Ticks love the Millets. It all looks arranged by God, though I can't see a way to work in the Hammers or same-colored Hams at this time, but perhaps God arranged something yet to be determined.

I've just added the last two sentences of the following quote to the last update:

It's interesting that while Miss Hicks was used at the Get'n Go, ICEland is central in this story for getting Assange (of WikiLEAKs) out of jail. Hicks are also ICKE's. Earlier on the night of the Get'n Go event (on the LEAKey rd.), Miss Hicks SANG two songs on the stage on behalf of the 9-11 memorial, and "sang" is like "Assange." I was sitting directly beside her when she went up to sing her first song. When she came back, I told her that the song had even me going (excited), and she then PUSHed me on the shoulder, jest-chiding, "even you?" The Push's are listed with German Bush's. Shoulder-like Shouldhams/Shoultz's have a bird RISING, her theme as Sleeping Beauty. Shouldham is said to have belonged to Reynald FitzIvo, and Ivo's share the black boar with English Bush's.

The Shouldham/Scoultz write-up tells that Shouldham belonged also to the Norman noble, Ranulph, whom I gather is Ranulph le Meschin because he married the former wife of IVO Taillebois. Reynald may have been Ivo's son. The point is, Wikipedia's Banningham article has: "The main tenant [of Banningham in the Domesday Book] is Roger holding his land from Reynald FitzIvo." Banningham is in Norfolk, with Shouldham, and with the Flags/Flecks who share the Meschin Scallops. Bannings/BANNONs have a gold-scallop version of the Flag/Fleck Coat, and Steve Bannon regularly hosts Mike Lindell. The rising bird in the Shouldham/Shoultz Coat can thus point to FRAUD in Rising-like Arizona, for Frauds/FRITHs (probably the Arms-of-Cheshire garbs) look like Ferte elements, and Ferte's have a red, spread eagle, as do Knee's.

In the Sleeping-Beauty dream, Hicks and I were rising into the SKY the split-second I TOUCHed her knee, and Touch's/Tuffs (Cheshire, same as Tufts/Tuffs', Ranulph le Meschin, and Dunham-Masci) are a branch of TUFTs/Tuffs' in the "tufts of grass" of Bush-branch Bosco's. Isn't that amazing, tending to link the rising scene in the dream to the shoulder-push event on the 9-11 night that Miss Hicks, in real life, got her knee symbol? BEHOLD: Tufts/Tuffs' and Knee's both use a red PHOENIX (i.e. Phoenix is in Arizona), and the Bosco tufts of grass are on top of so-called "pillars"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Incredible. I've always linked the Bosco pillars, long before we heard of Scorecard, to the same-colored "columns" of Score-like Schorrs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Double-incredible.

The rising scene in the dream (1979) had pointed to McLeods/CLOUDs of SKYE, who use flags. Frauds/Friths have clouds. As my Masci mother can trace back to Meschins, I think I can see why God may have created the shoulder-push event, for Busca is in Piedmont, and Masci's were first found in Piedmont. Both Bush/Busch surnames share fleur-de-lys (different colors) with Masseys and Masci's. Flags/Flecks almost have the Coat of Palmers (Norfolk, same as Shouldham and Banningham), and Palms share the fleur-de-lys of Masci-branch Masseys/Maceys. The rising symbol points to Rhizon of the Ardiaei, who were also called, VARDiae, and the Vardys/Virtys look like they were barons of Fraud-like La Ferte (Normandy) while Ferte-Mace (Normandy) was named by Masseys/Maceys. I trace Rhizon to "Rize" near ARDahan, smack beside the Masci-like Moschi mountains of the Meschin-like Meshech (or "Mushki"). The latter are in Ezekiel 38 with GOMER, and MontGOMERys share the Masci fleur-de-lys (half in the colors of the Bush/Busch fleur-de-lys)!!! Purdy amazing, because we just got to Dennis Montgomery, founder of Hammer and Scorecard, twice by following the shoulder-push event.

The Crest of Montgomerys use a woman in blue, as do the Parrs who add that her "shoulders" are included. Montgomerys use a "bien" motto term while French Biens share red-on-white axes with Dennis' and Gomerys. How about that? The makers of this heraldry did not know Dennis Quinn, and Quinns even have a horse in the colors of the Sanger/Song/Singer horse. What might Assange / WikiLeaks know about Hammer and Scorecard, or about Dennis Montgomery's ties to the CIA / NSA? Hmm. The other Quinn Coat shares both the Shovel/Shouler crescent and the snake design of Shall-like Shells, and Gomerys are also GomerSHALLS, how about that. Shiels/Shields share "vincit" with Assange-like Sangers/Songs/Singers! OH WOW, the Shells can be gleaned with the Shovel/Shouler Coat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shoulers can be Shouldham elements! Joe was shovelling snow! What is all of this? Why is Assange linking to election-fraud? He's got to know something about that.

Shells are even in Rush colors and format while the courant Rush horse is white, same as the courant Sanger/Song/Singer horse. The Smoke's/Rauch's/RUCH's were pointed to when I stayed in Crystal City, and immediately before going to that place, I was on Hwy 83 headed toward Leakey when I saw a sign with "Moreno" as the candidate. Assange's legal / jail troubles started with Ecuadorian president, Moreno. It's interesting that while the drive above toward Leakey took place later on the day of my Galveston mugging, Galves' have a castle in the colors of the Murena/Moreno tower. James LeDUC heads up the Galveston National Lab, and Ducks were first found in Westphalia with Shells. Shovels/Shoulers were first found in Hertfordshire with Vince's/Finch's expected in the "vincit" motto term of Sangers/Songs/Singers and Sheils/Shields. I had an OMEN earlier on the day of the mugging (1 am), and Irish Shields use an "Omne" motto term. The omen came with my sighting a small cloud (about the diameter of the sun) completely over the sun, and a cloud with sun is in the Crest of Frauds/Friths who in turn share the gold garb with Roach-like Rooks (share raven with Rothes') and Nuse's/Newes'.

I think this Shell / Shield discussion points to RothSCHILDS, for Smoke's/Rauch's share the bend of Jewish RothCHILDs (not "Rothschild"), and Childs/Chills were first found in Hertfordshire with Shovels/Shoulers (Child colors and format). Childs were at Wanstead, and Wansteads/Weiners share the Shovel/Shouler fleur-de-lys, good for the needed Child-Shovel connection. As Childs are Chills too, can this have anything to do with shovelling cold snow? Dutch Schilds/SCHULTZ's even have nothing but two bends in the colors of the almost-nothing-but two pale bars of Nuse's/Newes' (Hertfordshire, same as Shovels/Shoulers and Shall-connectable Scale's) while the News'/Nuces' were pointed to early on the morning of the mugging due to a newspaper I bought to check out the want-ads for vacant properties. The first property I went to see was up Hwy 83 i.e. where the Moreno sign was located. That's all amazing suddenly. Have peace like a river, for God the Hammer on the head of the snake knows the score before it's scored.

German Hammers/Hemmers may even be using the Massin lion, shared by McLeod-branch Lutts/Lute's, and the Massin lion is blue, as is the lion of CLOUD-using Cards/CERTs. Carts use the PALM tree. King Massena was Numidian, and CIRTE was the Numidian capital at and around the Atlas mountains of the African Amazons (also called Meshwesh/Mazyes). Massena's/Messina's have a version of the Masci Coat, and Messina is a province in sickle-like Sicily while Frauds/Friths (more clouds) use a sickle. McLeods/Clouds/Lutts use a "fast" motto term, explaining why Fasts/Fastoffs and Falstaffs (Norfolk, same as Shouldham and Flags/Flecks) share the Lutt/Lute quadrants, and I trace Fasts to del VASTo's, who ruled at Busca and Saluzzo! Zinger.

McLeods/Clouds/Lutts use a "Hold" motto term, and while Miss Hicks and I were holding one another while rising, Helds/Helts share the Hixons/Hickson Coat. She and I were emBRACEd while rising, and Bracebridge's share the vair fur of Vardys/Virtys, tending to indicate that her Hyksos line was of the Ardiaei and Ardahan. Vardys/Virt even share the boy with mascle-using Masculine's (Meschins are Masculine's too). It looks like God, when giving dreams, can chew Gumm and talk at the same time. I even trace mythical Ares to the Aras river flowing from the Moschi-mountain / Ardahan region, and Ares had a TOOTH symbol to go with Gumms/Gomers (in myth, the Ares dragon had teeth that formed the "Sparti" at Boeotia). Teeth and gums go together

Bra is in Piedmont too, beside the first-known Pelosi's/PILATI's (look like Piller/Pillow/Pilotte branch), and Brays/Brae's use a FLAX BREAKER to go with Flags/Flecks, and Breakers/Brechs (Arthur colors and format) share the gold hunting horn with Gumms/Gomers. Julian Arthur married Mr. Hicks. Brace's are also BRAS', and Donna Brazile's BRASwell branch have the Dexter Coat in colors reversed. Dexters-like daggers were from the Dexaroi people on the APSus river to Fier county, and Vardys/Virtys (Cumberland, same as Daggers and Fier-like Fairs) share the moline of Fiers/Fears, the latter first found in Middlesex with APPS'. The Arms of Middlesex use the same sort of swords (Saxon swords, I think) as English Gumms.

King Arthur was given a Round-Table symbol for surname purposes, and Table's, sharing "hurts" (blue roundels) with Irish Arthurs, share the Coat of Shalls/Schalls while Gomerys are listed with Gomersalls/GomerSHALLs. Rounds use a "SLEEPing lion," and Selepitanoi of the Rhizon / Ardiaei theater named the Sleeps, first found in Shropshire with the Vychans/Vaughns (and Breakers/Brecks) who have the colors and format of Gomerys.

English Gumms were first found in Cambridgeshire with the Chapmans/Chepmans (broken MACE in Crest, I think) whose solid chevron looks connectable to the one in colors reversed of German Gumms/Gomers. The "sub" motto term of Chapmans looks connectable to the BUS-SUBWay station, for the Ponders (Cambridgeshire) in the Chapman motto share the black boar with Bus-like Bush's/Busch's. While it was the Finch subway station, linkable to Mark Finchem (ARIZONa), the Finchems have three of the double fesses of Bannings/Bannons (London, same as Middlesex), and while Beaks have three of the same fesses, Beaks share a white ostrich in Crest with Bannings/Bannons while Steve Bannon often has Mark Finchem on his show (these days). I think God is pointing to the election-fraud work of Steve Bannon with Banningham...a location in Norfolk, where Bus' and Arizona-like Risings/Risons were first found! That's cool.

Plus, Finch's were first found in Hertfordshire with Nuse's/Newes and Bush-like Bash's while I can spot the solid Chapman chevron with News'/Nuces' (Cambridgeshire, same as Chapmans). Unbelievably, News'/Nuces' use the CHAPlet while Chaplets were first found in Lorraine! It was Lorraine the babe that I BUMPed into at the Finch station. Babe's (Dorset, same as Bushers and Beaks) almost have the Finchem / Beak Coat, and Babels/Babwells were first found in Middlesex too. Finch's/Vince's can be in the "vincit" motto term of Assange-like Sangers/Songs/Singers. Bushers share the lion of Austrian Weiners who in turn have the Bush eagle in colors reversed, and while the last time I saw Lorraine was with a Child, Childs/Chills (in the Lorraine Coat) were at Wanstead while Wansteads are listed with German Weiners. Bus-connectable Bussys share the triple fesses of Finchems / Feins/Fins, and it's possible that Weiners were of Feiners/Fiens (Fien/Phone/Van colors and format).

With Oullette's looking like Let / Lette liners, let's add that Wansteads share the fleur of Litts feasibly in the "MiLITia" motto term of Tucsons/Ticks/Tooks. The vertically-split Shield of Bumps is colors reversed from the same of Litts (share fleur-de-lys of Little-branch Liddle's).

As I said, I had to go up a couple of STEP to get to the snow-cleared path that led to the CONTAINer, and here's it's interesting that Stepps/Steptoe's share the German Bush/Busch/Busher fleur-de-lys while English Bush's/Buschs share the fleur-de-lys of CONTAN-connectable Constantine's. Is there a Bushite element to the square container? Snows have a fesse in the colors of the fesse of Dutch Ghents/Gaunts while English Ghents share the Bush/Busch eagles.

I've just asked myself again: why did Joe Oullette SHOVEL snow into the square container that has something to do with Arizona election fraud? I didn't yet know that Shovels were first found in Hertfordshire too, along with the Childs (Shovel colors and format) that have their eagles in the Lorraine Coat. Repeat from above: "Flags/Flecks almost have the Coat of Palmers (Norfolk, same as Shouldham and Banningham), and Palms share the fleur-de-lys of Masci-branch Masseys/Maceys." Shouldhams/Shoultz's (RISING bird, maybe a falcon) can be of the Shouler variation of Shovels who almost have the Palm Coat! That is very cool. The shoulder-push event at the 9-11 memorial may be working into Joe's shovel, if we can make sense of it if it comes to light that Arizona's cheating Republicans are Bushites who may have been involved in the 9-11 crime.

On the weekend, word was out that the senate will recount the ballots in Maricopa just to get the total tally (this will go fast, no checking the information on the ballots). This could indicate a rift between the senate and the audit team, or it could be just a double-check to reinforce the tally by the audit team. This could even be designed to sabotage the entire audit by giving conflicting results. Who in the senate pushed for this recount, and what organization will the senate choose to do the recount? I suppose we'll find out, but if it's not made public, uh-oh. They are using machines for this count, but machines can be programmed to cheat. Who owns the machines, who controls them as middlemen, and who's delivering them to Maricopa? All important questions. Shouldn't a few machine-counted stacks be hand counted, at random, to assure the machines are not making mistakes? Or, every stack of 600 ballots should weigh the same. If they allow any of the honest people at the count, testing the machines will be suggested, but what if this is a conspiracy by the wrong side of the senate to ruin the original audit?

I just want to complain that it's cheap-class and boneheaded for a news organization to stick a link to another of its articles, which amounts to an ad, in your face while reading an article. Net World Daily once did it (I haven't been to their site for a looooong time), and the Gateway Punk does it too. Can't it put links to their other articles OUTSIDE the article? Time to grow up, Gateway Punk.

Julian Assange May Yet Have a Song

When she pushed my SHOULDer, she simultaneously said, "EVEN you?" The Evens/Evance's/Ivans were first found in Herefordshire with the Brace's who in turn share the armored arm with German SCHULTz's/Scholz's, and the latter even share the Hykes/Hack quadrants while the latter share the scallops of Meschins. Shouldham belonged to the Meschins! I was emBRACEd with Miss Hicks. She pushed me (fun smile on her face fresh from singing a song) because I said, "you even had me GOIN'," and GOWANs ("arma") were pointed to by the Get'n Go, where she got her knee symbol a couple of hours after she pushed me. This Goin' > Gowan idea is new here, and it just so happens that the Gow/Gowan fleur-de-lys are colors reversed from the same of Ivo's (share black boar with Push-branch Bush's), and it's FitzIvo who was at Shouldham. I kid you not, the Bosco-connectable Schorrs use IVY around their column. Eure's/Ivers are expected in the Hicks motto.

New: Sangens/Zangens share a bird leg on a gold Shield with Hixons/Hicksons. Can this point Hicks' songs to Assange? His last tweet before being cut off from the Internet by Ecuadorian president, Moreno, was a famous chess match, and the Chess Coat is essentially the Giant Even/Evance/Ivan lion.

Evens/Evance's/Ivans are said to have been in the Monmouthshire area, and Monmouthshire is where Fiens/Phone's/VANs were first found. Then, luckily, there is a gold lion with red claws in the Crest of VANCE's/Vans'/Fanns/Vaux's/ValliBUS', the Even/EVANCE symbol too. The latter's lion is in both colors of the Hammer/Hemmer lion, but at this time I can't see a connection.

As a "you" term in the Sleeping-Beauty dream pointed (a couple of updates ago) to Ewe's/Cuish's (share the cushion-like Cusson Coat), note how "Ewe" may have been an Even branch. Cushings/Cousins were first found in Norfolk with Shouldham, and the latter came to topic with FitzIVO while Ivo's look like "Ewe" too. Ewe's/Cuish's share the giant Ferte eagle, and Maceys/Mace's out of Ferte-Mace share gauntlets (gloves) with Fiens/Phone's/Vans. The Ewe/Cuish Coat is shared by English Constance's while French Constance's list container-like Contans. Joe shoveled snow into the square container, and Shovels/Shoulers look like they may have been Shouldham/Shoultz kin. Constance's/Contans share the crescent of Falcons/FalCONTE's (Languedoc, same as Constance's/Contans and Conte's) who may be in the rising bird of Shouldhams/Shoultz's. Miss Hicks married Hamilton Kilpatrick, and while Kilpatricks use cushions, Bus-linkable Hamiltons were first found in Renfrewshire with Shouldhams/Shoultz's.

As was said, I walked along a snow-cleared PATH to get the container, and Paths/Perts/Petts use bulRUSHes. I can now add that the Rush/Rish Coat is in the colors and format of Shouler-like SCHOLfields/Schofields. The plot thickens, therefore, as per why Joe shoveled snow into the container. I haven't yet cracked that mystery. I promptly dumped the snow out, and returned the container to the house across the street. What could that all mean? There is no Dump surname coming up. Constance's/Contans look like kin of French Julians, and English Julians with their Gully/Golly branch share the crosslet of Schole's, more evidence that the container is to point to Constance's. Might Julian Assange play to this? How so, if Joe's-van dream was about election fraud, not about ASSANGe? Yes, but the 9-11 event with the shoulder-push, after she SANG, did point to Assange even did the knee event at the Get'n Go, yet Knee's use a phoenix. And Assange's father is Mr. Shipton while Shiptons (Oxfordshire, same as Julian-branch Gullys/Gollys) use "bellows" (FANs) while Bellows are listed with BALLOTs. What's going on?

As I've said, i got up from my seat beside Miss Hicks, but did not return to the seat. Shortly afterward. STANley took the seat I was in beside her, and he was holding the American flag on a pole, which he took to the stage for the final act of the event. STANleys (Cambridgeshire, same as Ranch-like Rench's) share the Knee / Leak(ey) bend, and Stans/Stains/Stands (share double Banning/Bannon / Flag/Fleck fesses) look like they may have named "ConSTANce" or one of its variations. Stans/Stands (Yorkshire, same as Palms) married Yarborough's ("palma") while Palmers share the double Stan/Stand fesses. Yarborough's may use chaplets, which is the Hick symbol too. The Yarborough Shield is split in the colors of the split antelope in the Snow Crest, but this does nothing to help solve the reason for the snow in the container. Lorraine's grass stain first brought Yarborough's to topic partly because Chaplets were first found in Lorraine. The chaplet is used also by News/NUCES' (Cambridgeshire, same as Stanleys and RENCH's/Wrench's), and the Get'n Go is (in Camp Wood) at the corner of NUECES and RANCH roads.

As said many times, it was the third time I saw Stanley sit beside Miss Hicks over a span of weeks, and so after he went to the stage, I went to Miss Hicks to ask her, 'is that your 'buddy'?" As it turns out, Buddys are listed with English Botters having an eagle "STANDing on a perch," tending to expose that God breathed that sentence through me to verify that we are to include Stans/Stands with Stanley. Moreover, unbelievably, the Buddy/Botter eagle is in both colors of the Constance / Cusson / Ewe/Cuist eagle!

BUDDY Hacket is coming to mind, who played in Abbott and Costello. Costs were first found in Languedoc with Constance's/Contans, and Abbotts can be Buddy/Botter liners. It just so happens that the show featured BUD Abbott!!! Hykes' are also Hacks, and Hackets can apply, you see. I would view this paragraph simply as verification that God inspired, "is that your buddy". She may have been committed adultery, or contemplating it, and God may have wanted to nip it in the bud. After I saw her with Stanley a fourth time (at a football game), the issue ended up in a conversation between she, me and our pastor.

Oh wow, more confirmation. Your-like Yore's share six, black fleur-de-lys, in the same pattern, with English ConSTANTine's, and Constance's/CONTANs also come up as Constantine's, tending to make, "is that YOUR buddy," look like it's to connect with the square container in Joe's-van dream. Stains/Stands are also STANTs/Stans'. The Square's/Squirrels even have a "Tiens" motto term while Tiens are connectable to Abbotts (pears in Peare colors) because they both share the same chevron with Peare's, and all three surnames were first found in Oxfordshire with Julian-branch Gullys/Gollys while Constance's/Contans almost have the Chief of French Julians. English Julians were first found in Cambridgeshire with Jeune's, where June's were once said to be first found, and June's with Jeune's share the fleur of Yore's and Constantine's respectively. Yore's were first found in Selkirkshire, and Selkirks share the salamander in Crest with English Julians.

Jeune's have "Etienne de Gennes, a Norman of Anjou," and the Gennes' (Anjou) may be in the ZanGENES/ZanGENNe/ZanGEEN variations of the newly-found SANGens/Zangens. Amazing. Miss Hicks' daughter is Geneva (she sings too), and the Geneva's/Genova's share wings with Sangens/Zangens. There are more wings in the Crest of bird-leg Hoovers (Bavaria, same as Sangs/Singers), and Miss' Hick's hovering as Sleeping Beauty did definitely point to Hoovers and the related Hooters. When Sleeping Beauty was hovering, I had only my JEANs on. If Sangens/Zangens are using crossed scythes, that's the symbol of German Herrs/Here's (Prussia, same as Sangens/Zangens) who share the blue wing in Crest with the Hoover Crest.

Is this all a pointer to Julian Assange? Looks like, yes, because I was directly responsible for Miss Hicks singing her second song, and as that required my getting up to make the request to the pastor (to have her do another song), it allowed Stanley to take my seat, otherwise "is that your buddy" would not have been spoken. I'm therefore assuming that her songs point to "Assange." Stanley pointed to Stans/Stains/Stands, kin of YARborough's (compare's with Snow Crest), and Yore's are listed with YARRo's! Absolutely amazing. Selkirks (Douglas kin) even share the stars of shoulder-like Schultz's/Scholz's while Schole's share the Julian / Gully/Golly cross! Doesn't that go also to the SHOVELing of snow into the container?

Selkirks can be sharing the single heart of Sauvage's because Savage's ("pro") are in the colors and format of Yore's/Yarro's. Yarborough's are also YEARbys, and Years were first found in Stirlingshire with Buddy/Body-like Bauds (and June-connectable Chappes'/Cheaps via Capone's and Chapmans), kin round-about of Hoods/Hoots and Hodleys.

Abbots use a "patria" motto term while Patria's are listed with PEARtree's. Plus, Abbott-like Buddys/Bodys/Botters use an "eagle standing on a PERCH" while Pero's/Perino's and Pierro's/Pero's/Petri's are also PERICHs. Is that not a hoot?

The Abbott motto is, "DEO patria amiCIS," and "HIC labor" is a motto of Dee's. The Abbott motto can be for the Kiss'/Cush's because Cussons and Ewe's/Cuish's share the eagle of Constance's/CUSTers while Custs/Cuss'/COOSTs share the Kiss/Cush Coat. This goes together with my plan to kiss Sleeping Beauty awake. Moreover, as Hicks come up as "Icke," a variation of Ice's too, it brings us to the ice-cream liner Cremers/Cramers who share a Kilpatrick Chief (in the colors and format of the Kilpatrick cushions) and use a "CUSTodet" motto term. So, "is that your buddy" was intended to get us to Abbotts and other connectors to the Hick bloodline. Remember, Buddys/Botters (branch of Buttons/BIDENs) have an eagle in the colors of the Constance/Custer eagle.

The "RATioni paREAT" motto phrase of Constance's/Custers can be for Reats/Reeds, for while their Scottish branch shares a "book" with Roets, Box's were first found in Wiltshire, beside the first-known Roets. The square container was a box. Thus, that's yet more verification that the container is to point to Constance's/Contans. Scottish Reats are listed with RATs/Raids, first found in Nairnshire with the Geddes' whose pike heads are in the colors of the fish of Bute's/Butts/Boets, a branch of Buttons/Bidens. Pike's/Picks look like Reat/Reed kin, and English Pike's share the Ice/Ecco/Icke trefoil. Was the square container with snow meant to indicate an ice box? If so, what for? I'm stumped.

I had shown that a shovel is used by Spade's, and the latter had been looked up as per 215 Spadina road in Toronto's Chinatown, the address of Dominion Voting's original head office. I therefore started to wonder whether the container was a symbol of a box of ballots. I might argue that, when I dumped the snow out of the container, it refers to Trump votes discarded by Dominion vote flips, for I did flip the container upside-down to dump the snow. But why would God use snow to indicate ballots? I'm stumped. Note the "patriae" motto term of Filips/Phillips, for Patria's/Peartree's share the Trump stag.

Ah, new clue: Yarborough's have a vertically-split Shield in the colors of the vertically-split Snow antelope, and the Yarborough Coat is a version of the DUKE/Dook Coat while Doug DUCey (possible Bushite) is the cheating, corrupt governor of Arizona. The "DUCit" motto term of Filips/Phillips seems to apply to that picture, you see, which is able to link to the Snow anteLOPE already, but it can be added that LOOPs are horizontally split in the colors reversed from the horizontally-split Shield of Duke's/Dooks!!! How can that happen unless it's Arranged by Someone who knows the future? AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, and the demi-griffin in the Duke/Dook Crest is also in the Box Crest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It tends to nail the Snow antelope as being related to Duke-related Yarborough's/Yearbys!

While this does link the square container to Arizona election fraud, is this the only reason for the snow, to make heraldic links and proofs? There's got to be more to it. Is Doug Ducey hiding boxes of Trump ballots in his freezer? Naw. Is there a Mr. Snow involved in his circle of corruption? Why might Freeze's/Phreeze's share the courant horse of SANGers/Songs/Singers?

As I said, I knew of Danny Snow, and Dannys/Danse's, sharing the Box griffin, were first found in Wiltshire with Box's. Danny Snow had worked for my boss, Tony Campania (auto mechanic) in Gormley, and Gormley was the location of Danny De FILIPPIS. I worked on the latter's farm at age 15, and I pumped gas for TONY at 14. The Snow ANTELope is suspect with Les ANDELys, home of Tonys. Campanio's (Snow / Duke colors) use bells. Directly across the intersection from Tony's service station was, and still is, Sam's Restaurant, where God provided the ice-cream symbol.

I now recall the miracle while at Kellys home. Her father was a SONG writer, and something urged me to open my Bible, and say to God, to the effect, "I'm going to point wherever my finger lands to see if I'm going to sing" (I wasn't able to sing). And my finger landed in Isaiah, smack-on where it says, "you shall HAVE a song." Have's/Haafs use DUCKs! The Duke's (Duck colors) are said to be from Duc's, and as it was at Kelly's place, note how the Kelly Coat is much like the Danny/Dance Coat. Suddenly, the event at Kelly's is linkable to Miss Hicks' singing of two songs. I met Kelly as Carol's friend, and carols share combattant lions with Kellys. The line of Charles Martel, which included Charlotte's, is the CAROLingian dynasty. I'm now wondering whether "you SHALL have a song" relates to Shalls/Schalls, for her shoulder push included Schole's/SCAYLE's. The Gomerys/GomerSHALLs come back to mind. I recall that the Bible was on Kelly's coffee TABLE when I picked it up, and Table's share the Shall/Schall Coat.

Ah, to help prove that Kelly's event links to Miss Hicks' songs, the Kelly-like Keele's have the Hykes/Hack quadrants in colors reversed. If that's all there was to it, I wouldn't have said it, but the 9-11 memorial started with my setting up Miss Hicks' video camera, and when I returned to her, there was nobody sitting beside her, and she let me sit there, though I had to pass by her feet to get there, and her pastel-green toenails stuck out, which is why I remember that she was wearing sandals. Scottish Sandals share the Knee / Leak(ey) / Stanley bend (Stanley took my seat later that evening), and the write-up of English Sandals (GREEN cross) really caught my eye where it reads: "Further to the north in Scotland, John de Sandall or de Sandele, appears as CAMERArius SCOCie, c. 1361 and was listed as an Englishman." That PROVES without a doubt that God arranged for me to set up her CAMERA, and the point is: the Keele-like Cheile's (share leg with Leak(ey)s), first found in Lincolnshire with Leak(ey)s and Keele's, are in the Camera/Cameron motto!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is a new addition to this mystery, and it can be added that English Sandals were first found in Yorkshire with Hicks. I too had sandals on that evening.

But there's more, for Shoe's/SCHUGs/Shooks are like "camerarius SCOCie in the Sandal write-up, and while Shoe's/Schugs/Shooks use a "knight issuing from the KNEES," Miss Hicks got her knee symbol that very night at the Leakey road. The Knights/Nights are likely from the Nith river, location of Kilpatrick castle, and Miss Hicks is Mrs. Kilpatrick. But there's more, for her TOEnails caused me to look up Tows, listed with the Touch's/Tuffs (I touched her knee in the Sleeping-Beauty dream), a branch of the Tufts/Tuffs' sharing the Knee phoenix, is that not some impressive work by God? Who else could arrange it all?

But there's more, for when I came back to her from setting up the camera, I asked if there was anyone sitting beside her in the empty spot, and she said that it's reserved for her daughter, but, if she comes, "you can SCOOT over," her very words. In other words, yes you can sit there but just move over if Geneva arrives. She never did, and as I didn't see her at the event, I'd say she had it reserved for Stanley. The point is, Scoots are listed with SKUGals, like the Schug variation of Shoe's...a fantastic piece of work, O Lord, who obviously breathed, "you can scoot over," through Miss Hicks.

The endings on Sangens/Zangens happen to include "geen," and Geens/Geers/Geeds were first found in Hamburg with the SHOE-using Trips. Shoe's/Schughs love the Knee's while German Hamburgs share the Knee bend (English Hamburgs share the Trip crosslets). The Kelly Coat is shared by Gaineys/Keaveneys while Gains/Gainys share the Trip crosslets too. Kelly's father was a song WRITER, and Write's share the double fesses of Nissans (Hamburg). The same Write's share the Door leopard face's, and Miss Hicks' knee event was seen through the GLASS DOOR of the GET'n Go that pointed to Mr. Glas, vice-president of EcuaDOR. Geens are also get-like Geete's, and then the other Write's look like kin of Houstons round-about, who use an hourGLASS. Miss Hicks was from Baytown on the perimeter of Houston, and while English Bays have double fesses too, French Bays share the Coat of German Geens/Geers/Geete's. Lots to chew over there.

So, does "you shall have a song" point to Julian Assange? Sangers/Songs/Singers were first found in Devon with the Hykes'/Hacks almost having the Keele quadrants, and with the Constantine's. We saw Julians linking hard to Constantine elements. Assange could have been out of jail if the British courts rejected the appeal from the United States, but the appeal has already been accepted, not meaning that the appeal will succeed in extradition. Why is the Bidenite DoJ appealing? Because, whether it goes ahead has nothing to do with which party is in the White House, but rather with the deep-state punishing those who snitch on deep-state corruption. It means that the Biden DoJ, like Trump's, is a useful idiot to the real power bags of the country.

Repeat from above where Sangens were pointing to a Hicks-Assange combination: "If Sangens/Zangens are using crossed scythes, that's the symbol of German Herrs/Here's (Prussia, same as Sangens/Zangens) who share the blue wing in Crest with the Hoover Crest." The Scythe/SKIT/Skeet surname happens to be listed with Schug-like Skeochs, and "Scythes" is listed with Side's, a branch of Sutys/Sideys and SEATons/Sittens (I took a SEAT beSIDE Hicks) whom I link to Sitlers/SCHITners/SCHITTLE's (like Scytl voting systems), and the latter are said to derive from Silesia, where Helds/Helts were first found who share the Hixon/Hickson bird legs. It all look Arranged.

As the Scythes/Skeets/Skits/Skeochs share the Skate Coat, I can repeat now from the Obama dream, immediately after I was shooting pool in his billiard hall: Obama was at dancing, followed by his being on a skateboard in the next scene. A few years later, a news show on Assange showed him dancing, and the very next scene was his being on a skateboard in his Ecuadorian embassy (London). I showed how the Shipton surname of Assange's father loves the Bellows/Ballots, but the latter happen to share the Coat of Billets (Devon, same as Sangers/Songs/Singers) while French Billets are listed with Billiards. What could all of this mean?

My shot on Obama's billiard table had a paper plane for the cue ball, and Assange's second-last tweet before Moreno cut him off from the Internet was, "Paper Planes." The Plains/Platters were kin of Palins who share the stars of Julian-connectable Schultz's/Scholz's. The cue ball started out as a flat piece of paper on the table (but I turned it into a paper plane so that it could be shot), and Paper's happen to share the lion head in the Chess Crest.

In 1994, on the day of my Galveston mugging, I drove toward Leakey (pronounced Lakey) on Hwy 83 (the official Leakey road) in the Frio canyon, and remember seeing a political SIGN with a Mr./Mrs. Moreno on it, and i also remember that I didn't like the are for property purchases (I was there to see a tract for sale), which is why I turned around and went to another tract at Crystal City, which itself had pointed to Fauci crimes, and so it's notable that the bat caves I said I went to were in the Frio canyon "...the Frio Bat Flight Tour and witness this awesome site as 10 to 12 million Mexican free-tailed bats ascend into the evening sky before sunset at Frio Cave near Concan. This is the second largest bat population in the world open to the public!"

The points here are: 1) my taking a SEAT beSIDE Miss Hicks is not pointing to Assange, and sign-like Sine's/Sions named Sion, which is also Sitten, like the Sitten variation of SEATons; 2) Frio like Fry's share the SANGer/Singer horse, can we believe it? That's why the glass door on the other Leakey road can point to prime-minister Glas of Ecuador, who's outspokenly shot down Moreno's abuse of Assange. Seaton is a location in Devon, and Devon is where Sangers/Singers (share Stick garbs) were first found.

Seaton is at the mouth of the Axe river that begins in Somerset, where BADENs/Battins and Sticks were first found, and Badens/Battin share the eye with Stars. Frio-like Fri's are listed with Fredericks, and first found in Baden, beside the first-known Sangs/Singers (Bavaria, same as Weis'/Wise's) who probably share the Weis hexagrams, but they are also the Pero/Perino hexagrams, perhaps important here because the latter call them "flaming stars" while Stars, in Fry colors, were first found in Wiltshire with Frys (share Freeze/Phreeze Coat). English Wise's were likewise first found in Devon.

If the "FideliTAS VINCit" motto of Sangers/Singers is partly for Tase's, they have a Jovan-like "Juvante" motto term that can also be regarded as "juVANTE", for PEERless'/Napiers (Perthshire, same as Ticino-suspect Tase's and Seaton-branch Sutys/Sideys) share the VANTE/Fendon saltire. The Napier-like Napps share the lion of Seaton-branch Side's, and while a nap is a sleep, Sleeps have the double Vante/FENDen fesses in colors reversed. The thing is, Sleeping Beauty had her sleep symbol pointing to Arizona-pointing Risings/Risons after she was seen at the FENDer of her car, when she walked to the front of the HOOD, and Gomerys not only share an axe with Dennis' as code for an Axe river of Somerset (there are two), but the Gomery axe comes with a gold crescent, the color of the Tase crescent who in-turn have it in both colors of the Hood/Hoot crescent. Hoods/Hoots were not only first found in Devon with the Axe river to Seaton, but use a Frederick-like fret in Fri/Frederick colors. The latter share the lion of Dannys/Danse's, first found in Wiltshire with Frys. Hoods/Hoots share the anchor (different colors) with Montgomerys.

Dennis MontGOMERY Hammers/Hemmers have an "hoNORES" motto term while Norres' have a "Faithfully" motto term. "Faithful" is a motto term of FANNs/Vance's/Vaux's, and Ms. Fanning is part of the exposure of Hammer and Scorecard. Faithfuls/Faiths share a black saltire with Score's.

Vaccine Madness

Australia seems to be the pilot project for the world in how far the public can be pushed with COVID and vaccine abuse, and canada is a close second. Biden's administration is trying to figure out how best to use an iron fist by going door-to-door to vaccinate people, to first check out the situation, then to decide how touch that method can be to force-vaccinate. We will not win this battle this year if we escape forced vaccinations this year. That is their goal some day, and it can very well become the Biblical mark of the beast. Yes it can, even without a skinchip. All that's needed is some sort of mark on the hand to verify that one has been vaccinated, otherwise we're not permitted into stores. This is the best outlook at this time for fulfillment of the mark. How possibly it can incorporate a 666 is beyond me. One assumes that they can't just blatantly use "666", but rather must use something that looks like it. We will need to wait and see how brazen the wicked fools are. That's the good news: they are they fools, we are the wise who resist them.

I googled the following two phases (both were googled in quotation marks): "instrument of authorization" "administer a poison". However, google pretended that it didn't know of this PDF document that has the two phrases. The title of the document is:



(No. 1) 2021"

If this is a faked document (dated February 18, 2021 and signed by Andrew Robertson, chief health officer), why wouldn't there be the usual liberal / deep-state fact-checkers saying so? If it's not a fake document, how could Australian military unleash a known poison? Is this COVID scheme a mere psychological operation to instill fear? Or are they really doing population control in the worst ways? Or both? Why aren't the people revolting? Are the goons wanting the people to start revolting; is this why this document was leaked? Do they want the masses to know that there's a vaccine-killing machine in order to spur a revolt? Should the people risk revolting at the risk of martial law? What will God's input contribute against the goons? The document starts like this:

I, Dr Andrew Robertson, Chief Health Officer (WA), acting pursuant to sections 197 and 198 of the Public Health Act 2016 (WA) [the Act] that gives power, for the purposes of emergency management during a public health state of emergency, to authorise a person to supply or administer a poison, hereby authorise the person(s) occupying the class of position in Column 1 of the attached Schedule to perform the statutory functions in Column 2 of the attached Schedule, subject to the conditions, limitations or restrictions (if any) set out in Column 3 of the attached Schedule.

It gives the medical establishment a legal loop-hole, the size of a sewer man hole, to inject a poison without fear, to be covered by "law" with a piece of hard steel as thick as a sewer man-hole cover. This looks like Hitler.

Stew Peters is on a cutting-edge program to expose the vaccines, and, hopefully, the material we see in his video below will stop the vaccine programs in their tracks once and for all:

Okay, so Jane Ruby says (video above) that scientists found 99.99-percent graphene oxide in a vial of Pfizer vaccine, the rest being mRNA (not including the liquid, which may be water). She says that the graphene has no purpose in the vaccine other than to poison people...yet I've read a report that graphene is useful to facilitate the bonding of spike proteins (formed by the mRNA) to body cells (in animal tests). This report may be a falsification to "justify" the use of graphene in human vaccinations in case anyone discovers it in vaccines. Okay, they have discovered it, and it's in the vaccines plentifully, though not all vials / doses may have any, or as much, as 99.99-percent.

This is a story to watch, but, also, any media that fails to cover this story for months, only to start covering it afterward, will pierce itself further. I'm very surprised that big media continue to push the criminality on all fronts even while their viewership ratings sink dangerously low. I wonder whether money is coming in to media owners from billionaires to make up for money lost in poor viewership. Could be.

Jane Ruby makes it sound criminal to insert graphene oxide in a human body. If this is true, then people with wealth need to sue governments NOW, TODAY, in emergency court cases having top priority. Trump has enough money, if he cares. There's no way Trump will fail to hear this news, if he hasn't heard of it already. He's in contact with so many people, it's hard to see how someone has not yet told him. Ruby says that GO gets into the membrane of any body cell, and that it's been discovered in AstraZeneca vaccines too. Stew Peters is not letting this story go, as Ruby continues to claim that GO should not be in a human body, while some goons are downplaying this material, it figures. She also said that GO attracts proteins in the bloodstream to itself, which sounds like clumping to me.

Ruby says (July 9) she's verified that GO has never knowingly been used in people, and so what can we make of her claim that the Spanish scientists found over 99-percent GO in the vaccines? That's criminal. Of course, mad scientists somewhere have injected GO into humans in tests, otherwise they wouldn't have it in the vaccines, and they may not have told their test patients that they injected it. What's it going to take for this story to stop the vaccinations? How can it be that vaccinations are being accelerated?

I can make heraldic pointers to STEW PETERS and JANE RUBY, though by using the Rube's who share the hexagram of Swedish Petersons. The Rube hexagram is surrounded by the blade of a sick-like sickle. Then, English Peters, first found in Devon with STEWarts, have a blue lion head in Crest to go with the blue lion in the Crest of Jeans/JANE's (share scallops of different colors with the same Peters). The same English Peters also have a gold lion head in Crest, and a gold-on-blue lions are used by French Jeans/Geans. The same English Peters have a "Sans" motto term while Sans'/Sanches' share the eagle of Sanches-like Snake's/Snooks, and it just so happens that Snake-like Seneca's are also Sans-like SENESchals (share gold mascles with the other English Peters). We have now arrived to AstraZENECA vaccines, and Asters/Sturs happen to be a branch of Sturs with a Stew-like Stower variation. Asters/Sturs use a "label" while Labels are listed with La Bells, and then the French Jeans have a bell. Labels/La Bells share the red greyhound with the Majors in the motto of the other English Peters.

The best I can do with Rubys at this time is to suggest kinship with Amore's, but that doesn't seem to lend anything-vaccine to the inquiry. What may apply is where I was wearing only jeans when with Sleeping Beauty, who looked sick at first until she fell asleep. The Sleep Coat is not a bad reflection of the Ruby Coat, and Sleeps were first found in Shropshire with the Alan-STEWarts, the vaccine-like Vychans/Vaughns who share the Coat of Pfizer-like Fish, and with the Hunts/Hunters who share the vertically-split Shield of Robels, they being like the Ruble/Rubel variations of Rube's.

It's been a while since telling that Sleeping Beauty had a second fulfillment with Ainsley Earhardt (of Fox and Friends), and it was as per the snakes of Earhardts that I made the Snake-to-Seneca link in the first place. It's amazing that the Earhardt Coat, with one snake instead of two, is almost the Ruby Coat. On top of that, AINSleys (share Hicks fleur) were first found in Nottinghamshire with ANNAS', and the latter's star is used by Italian Amore's/Amori's (another label). The Countrys in the Ainsley motto look related to the canton square of Beach's, and I first saw myself with only my jeans on as I walked across the beach toward Sleeping Beauty.

NEW I THINK: I don't recall addressing the canton square of Beach's before to bring up the Cantons/Gantons sharing the double-Sleep fesses and the Amore/Amori stars!!!! How did I miss this for so long? But look at the timing, just as Rubys are to topic with six fessewise bars in colors reversed from the same of English Amore's. PLUS WOW, the Amore's/Amori's were first found on SARDinia, and as I did not have a shirt on when seeing myself with only the jeans, I assume that Shirts/SHARDs are to be pointed to! In the dream, God said, "What are you waiting for, it's you she LOVES, GO wake her up." Amore = love. Amore's/Amori's share the Masci fleur. Is "go" God's pointer to GO = graphene oxide? Is the dream suggesting that many Christians will die of these vaccines? After all, when I woke her, we both rose into the sky rapture style. The Loves'/Luffs almost have the Ruby Coat!!!

Miss Earhardt's role as Sleeping Beauty, if I recall correctly, was exclusively concerned with poison vaccines. She was not at all sounding the alarm on vaccines, a pathetic performance from her (I haven't watched one of her shows in over a month). However, the day after writing the above on the 8th, Fox and Friend's happened to have youtube offering for the 8th, a short video, where vaccines are the topic, and I see that Earhardt's male partners, at least, are showing her up. She's not yet calling them dangerous; she's still suggesting they are fine for children; and her last statement amounts to her PUSHING the viewer to go find a vaccine at a grocery store near you, or from any tattooed pusher on the streets (shame)....yet I get the sense that the show, from the guys anyway, is showing significant sympathy for the position of vaccine hesitancy:

The irresponsible / foolhardy Earhardts of the news world will be hearing of graphene oxide if they haven't already. The video below shows the translated reports from the scientists who discovered GO in Pfizer's concoction. In the 4th minute, some of the toxic features of this substance, in bodies, are featured, and at 4:42, a document is shown telling that a high dose of GO "can block pulmonary blood vessels". Doesn't that spell "blood clots"?

Then, toward the 5-minute mark, we read that GO can attack lungs if given intravenously, begging whether the aged and sick, who needed oxygen machines, were murdered with intravenous injections of GO while in hospitals. All that was needed was some excuse to do intravenous injections for patients who became critical.

The question is: how were the results in those reports obtained if they're referring to human blood vessels and human lungs? Who were the human test patients for receiving GO?

I think this video is compelling, verifying our fears. I think Earhardt owes her viewers a grand apology with fast repentance, and a hard slap to the face of the Fox boss for not demanding from his employees a warning about the dangers of the mRNA "vaccines." With Infowars people spreading the GO message, it's easy for people to ignore it, yet thus far, the story looks authentic, backed by documentation.

Jane Ruby is herself a doctor. The heraldry above seemed to inform me/us that God is using Ruby specifically to combat the Earhardts of the news world. In short: God is possibly revealing the GO in vaccines through Jane Ruby. The Cantons/Gantons (share double Sleep fesses) were first found in Yorkshire's Dickering, and while Dickers are also Deckers/Deekers, they could be in the "decori" motto term of Go-like Gows/McGoo's (share thistle with Fauchs).

I had only my JEANs on when Sleeping Beauty fell asleep, and while English Jeans are also Jane's, the June's can be in the "JUNcta" motto term of Gows/McGoo's. Plus, GO is apparently to facilitate the workings of mRNA, and this is said to affect the genetics = GENES of a body. Then, while June's almost have the Jeune fleur-de-lys, the Jeune's are said to have included the GENNES'. Gene's/Ganays (not "Gennes") use an "ungue" motto term while Yonge's/Youngs have the Jeune's in their motto. Gene's/Ganays were first found in Burgundy with Gants/Gons'/Gonde's and Loches'/DeLoges' (share Gow/McGoo cinquefoils), have a giant and spread eagle in colors reversed from spread eagles of Ganton-like Ghents. Cantons/Gantons were at Ganton of Dickering. Then, Gaunts/Gants share the bend of Belgian GONE's/Guenets, and Scottish Gone's happen to bring up Gows/McGoo's.

I've just loaded Robins because Rubys (reflection of the Canton/Ganton Coat) are also Rubens, and the sight of the French Robins reminded me of the Rube sickle because Sickle's -- first found in Ghent/Gaunt!!! -- are in Robin colors and format.

Behold. To help prove that Dickers/Deckers are related to Clots (reflection of the Dicker/Decker Coat), Clots share black scallops with Edins while Eatons once showed the cross of Dickens. To show that God may have arranged these things as a pointer to blood clots, Bloods/Bluds have a lodged stag, and Lodge's are listed with Loge's, first found in Suffolk with Edins. It's the Cantons/Gantons who were at Dickering, and they share the Sleep Shield so that it's now feasible that Sleeping Beauty was sleeping as in being dead or sick from vaccine poisoning. As I trace Eatons for two reason to mount ETNa in Sicily, note that Sicily was named by the Sickle-like Sicels.

Good morning Saturday. Just as I finished re-reading the paragraph above, preparing to go to Darlene the ice-cream girl, a song ("Free to Be Me" by Francesca Battistelli) over my speakers sang, "got a couple rips in my JEANs." How many songs do you know of with "jeans" as part of the lyrics? AND WOW, as per "couple," the Copple's share the eagles of Dicken-like Dice's/Diss', and there is a Sikes-DYKE location in the SICH/Sike motto!!! Can we believe it? Vaccines will make people SICK! But there's more, because God pointed to the News/Nuces' fresh out of my mugging in Galveston, an event that pointed to Americans partnered with the Wuhan lab. The Copple's share the hourglass shape in the News/Nuces Shield.

Plus, just as I loaded Sichs and eyed their "saPIENS" motto term, the next song ("flawless" by Mercy-Me) over my speakers was singing "pain." It was singing "pain" at the very instant I was looking at the "pien" part of that motto term. "Me" is a word in both song titles, and Me's/my's/Meigh's (Nottinghamshire, same as Ainsleys) can be expected in the two "my" motto term of Ainsleys. French Pains have one of the triple Fountain fesses, and "fountains" are used by Sichs/Sike's. To be sick is a MALady, from "mal" = sick, and "Malo mori" is a motto term of English Pains, where "mori" is translated as "die." There you go, people, more evidence that God is warning / calling news people like Ainsley Earhardt to expose the vaccines as poisons.

Ainsley the Conundrum

Recall how Sans'/Sanches' link to Seneca's/Seneschals, for Ainsley worked in SAN Antonio for a news company. Sans/Sans'/Sanchez's (Snake/Snook eagle) have a Sanguez variation while "sangue" is the Latin word for "blood." Earhardts use snakes. Antonio's use a "flower," and Flowers (Devon, same as Sings/SANGers) use a giant CINQUEfoil that might just apply to possible Sanguez liners such as Sinks or Sings/Sangers. German Sinks have a man holding a stem with some type of flowers.

"San Antonio" works well in pointing to AstraZeneca's blood clots, and Clots even share the chevron of cinque-like Quints while Sings/Sangers have horses in Quinn-horse colors. The other Quinns use the SNAKE! That's working. The horse-using Quinns share a blank, gold Chief with Mellans, and Miss Quinn got her vaccine pointer at Steve Mellanson's place. Quince's were first found in Northamptonshire with the Spinks sharing the Sans/Sanguez eagle, and Spinks even share mascles on blue with Seneca's/Seneschals. God showed us that Miss Quinn pointed to vaccines, perhaps even vaccines that cause people to lose their minds.

I've said many times that Ainsleys were at Bashford while Bash's have a version of the News/Nuces Coat too. The chorus in Flawless includes, "No matter the matter the pain," and Hurts happen to have the three cinquefoils of Dike's in colors reversed. How can that happen by chance from a songline this morning? The Dike's were even first found in Cumberland with Sichs/Sike's, explaining the Sikes-Dyke location of the latter. The TORToise in the Sich/Sike Crest can go with the torteaux (red roundels) of Dice's/Diss'. Sickness, hurt and pain, this world is fast going insensitively / uncaringly wicked.

The brown Hart stag is shot with an arrow, as is the brown Pollock boar, and Scottish Herts/Harts share the Pollock saltire, and might have been related closely to Gows/McGoo's. Arrows/Arras (ARTois) share the Matter/Matt fleur-de-lys, and Ardiaei were near the Mathis (now the Mat) with the Sleep-like Selepitanoi living between them.

While Herts are also Harts (Bavaria) linkable to EarHardts/Airharts (Bavaria), HERTFORDs (share stag with Herts/Harts) are in the colors and format of ARThurs and Dice's/Diss'. Bash's were first found in HERTFORDshire with Nuse's/Newes, and as I routinely link the latter's Coat to that of German Neckers (NIE/Ney colors), note that Dice's/Diss' include "Thomas Dysse, vicar of NECton/NIECTers". The Countrys (share Earhardt fleur) in the Ainsley motto have the single pile of Beach's (HERTFORDshire, what are the chances?) while I was on a beach with only my JEANs on, approaching Sleeping Beauty. The Beach pile is in a so-called canton, and Sleeps have a Coat like that of Cantons/Gantons.

(Copple's tend to inform me that Dice's/Diss' are using the white / Child = Piast eagle in gold, and in fact the Dice/Diss Coat is a gold-eagle version of the Child-related Tarents/TARANTs while the newspaper and coffee fresh out of Galveston did point to TARANTo's Arms (Apulia, may have named Poland). Copple-like Kopple's are from Poland's Goplo, origin of the Polish Piasts. Scottish Herts/Harts share the Pollock saltire.)

The second reason that I was going to go to Darlene, the second ice-cream girl, is that the ice-cream pointed to Fauchys and Fox-like Faux's/Fage's/Chalnes' via the Cremers/Cramers. The latter even share the Kilpatrick Chief (share Earhardt fleur) while the first Sleeping Beauty was Mrs. Kilpatrick. Fauchs were first found in Forez while Fore's/Forez" can be in the two "For" motto terms of Ainsleys. The latter were first found in Nottinghamshire, named by the line of king Cnut, and Cnuts share the drop-filled Shield of Darlene's.

The first reason I was going this morning to Darlene's is that the "female figure" in their Crest is said to be wearing a robe while Robe's/Robbs share the chevron of Robins while Rubys are also Rubens. That works, and as the French Robins are in the colors and format of Sickle's, let's repeat that the sickle surrounding the hexagram of Rube's looks much like an Earhardt snake surrounding the Earhardt fleur...BECAUSE WOW, I almost missed it, the Jewish Harts/Hardts have a hexagram with a very-similar Coat!!! That's great.

Lookie: EARhardts/AIRhardts are linkable to ARE-branch EYERs/Ayers/Airs (Derbyshire, same as Cnuts) and Herrs/Heyers (Derbyshire), and the latter share blue wings with sickle-using German Herrs!!! You heard it here first. AND PREPARE YOURSELF, because I've now got to repeat what God said to me in the dream after Sleeping Beauty fell asleep: ""What ARE you waiting for, it's you she loves GO wake HER up"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Loading "Her" brings up only the sickle-using Herrs!!! As they share the sickle (different colors) with Rube's, it appears that God included GO (graphene oxide) in that directive!!! Incredible. It's Jane Ruby who's focused on that material. And Wake's use a wake-KNOT while Knots are listed with Cnuts!!! Whew, that is heavy-duty.

Scottish Herrs are listed with Hairs, first found in AYRshire with Scottish Are's/Ayers/Airs. It's got Ainsleys all over it doesn't it, in conjunction with Earhardts. English Hairs have a different-color version of the Herr/Hair Coat and use the double fesses of HARcourts. Their double fesse are in colors reversed from the same of Wake's. "GO WAKE HER up." I had no shirt on when only in jeans, and Shirts/Shards (share torteaux with Dice's/Diss') of HARborough share a peacock in Crest with Harcourts (Oxfordshire, same as Dike-connectable Herts/Hurts). Ahhh, Jeans/Jane's share the Crest of James', the latter first found in Surrey with English Hairs. Jeans/Jane's show an J'ANES variation perhaps as the arrangement of God to point to Annas'/Anas, first found in Nottinghamshire with AINSleys. I get it, I totally get it. That dream's beach scene has taken years to decipher in a marathon not yet at the finish line.

I've just noticed again that houseofnames has recently obliterated "Nottinghamshire" from the Annas/Anes write-up. But I told millions of times that they were first found in Nottinghamshire, because the write-up said so for a decade or more. I have been VERY familiar with Annas'. They share the stars of WIGens, and wigs are made of HAIR while the English Hairs share the Chief-Shield color combo of Annas' and Wigens. Annas-like Hanna's were first found in WIGton, and Wigtons are also Wigentons. The Wigen spur-wing combo is shared in Crest with Kilpatrick-related Johnsons, perhaps a pointer to Johnson & Johnson COVID vaccines.

Shirts/SHARDs are suspect from Sardinia, where Amore's/Amori's were first found who have the same star. Harcourts and Herts/Hurts were first found in Oxfordshire with Amore's and love's. "'s YOU SHE loves, go wake her." The so-called "batlady" of Wuhan has a She-like Shi surname. The "you" term is now being deciphered with Ewe's/CUISH's because they share the giant eagle of cushion-like Cussons, and then the Scottish Johnsons above share the Kilpatrick cushions. It's what one sleeps on. I was going to kiss Sleeping Beauty awake, and Kiss'/CUSH's share the red rooster with the cushion-using Bibo's. So, I am not mad after all for claiming that God gave this 1979 dream as a pointer to certain things all coming together here.

"FREE To Be Me" can be a pointer now to the Free's/FREEZE's, for ice-cream goes in a freezer, and the second ice-cream girl was Darlene Ray while Rays are in Free/Freeze colors and format. I had a dream with RAY Luff (old friend), who had a tongue made out of a green snake, moving in a wag-wave motion as he opened his mouth. I got up from the table to leave his place, but walked into the door of a walk-in freezer instead, by mistake. This small room doubled as the coat CLOSEt. The Earhardt snakes are green, suggesting that God might be calling Miss Earhardt a liar, a snake tongue.

Free To Be Me is the song that had the "got a couple rips in my JEANs," but that chorus also has, "got a couple of dents in my FENDER," and, in the dream, Sleeping Beauty was walking round the fender of a car in the scene immediately after I saw myself in jeans. I'm not lying. I saw myself in jeans (from the view of a spectator); I then saw her in the distance at her car, and was then given a CLOSE-up view of her face (sheer beauty, like only God can frame it). Kilpatricks were at CLOSEburn, and Close's share the spur with the Johnsons (Dumfries, same as Kilpatricks) having a different-colored version of the Kilpatrick Coat. They both share the Bat saltire.

I'm wondering if the Jeans/Jane's can somehow be a pointer to Janssen vaccines, and yes they can through the Johnson-Kilpatrick relationship, especially as Sleeps have the German Janssen Coat in colors reversed. That's new here, and looks good.

If Danish Jansens use a fawn, it can link to Vychans/Vaughns. Vannes'/Ness happen to share the German Janssen Coat, and Fauns/Phones', expected as a branch of Fiens/Phone's/VANs, were first found in Devon with same-colored Fenns/Venns. Trouble is, I don't know if Jansens use a fawn. Pense's/Pinsons/Pincons (Devon), in Jansen-Shield colors, share the Faun/Phones eagle, making Pense's look like a Phones branch. Pense's/Pinsons share gyronny (different color) with FORTune's (East Lothian, same as Faucets and Fanns/Vaux's), and the Janssen quadrants are also those of English Forts. Fortone's (not "Fortune") share the Fort castle as well as the wavy bars of Sutys/Sideys (Perthshire, same as Fortune-loving Rollo's), and Sutys/Sideys share "hazard" with Seatons/Sittens (East Lothian).

The Janssen quadrants are also those of OTONE's/Oltons while the latter share the lion of Bono's/Bons, first found in MILAN with OTTONE Visconti, and then Milans/Millens and MELLANsons were first found in the same place while Mellans share a blank, gold Chief with the same Janssens.

English Johnsons share the pheons of Fauch-beloved Thistle's. See anything suspicious? The Thistle Crest shares the demi-lion with Jane's/Jeans and James', yup, no guff at all. Bats have a brown wolf, the color of the Teague/Teeger wolf head. German Teegers have a giant eight-pointed star half in the colors of the eight-pointed Duc/LeDuc star. JAMES LeDuc is the head cheese at the Galveston National Laboratory. The Teeger star is in the colors of the eight-pointed star of STELLI's, and then BATTI's (more eight-pointed stars) were first found in Cremer-like Cremona (with RAYmundo's); it's stunning because Free To Be Me is sung by Francesca Battistelli. God is BEAUTIFUL. He makes my life hard, but in the end, PURE BEAUTY TO MY SOUL.

I worked at Knob Hill Farms as a stockboy with Raymundo. It was at that place that I lined up to but an ice-cream cone from Darlene Ray. I was plotting to ask her on a date at that time because Miss Hanson, about a year earlier, agreed to a date while she was handing me an ice-cream cone. Darlene agreed too. So, guys, if you want the girl, make sure there's some ice-cream involved. I think it makes girls not think straight, and they agree to date you. Chocolate flavor with nuts on top makes them go crazy. They get crack-schizo with bananas splits. Raymundo's share the Shield of Pfizer-connectable Fiscs/Fisks.

As I've said, I purchased the newspaper fresh out of Galveston to check out Texas properties in the want-ads, and ended buying a property (late 1994, 15 years after the dream) from Adana Teague. The property was direct riverfront on the NUECES river, and News' (show a newspaper in Crest) are also NUCES'. It was ten miles from the home of Mrs. Kilpatrick, who likewise had a property on the Nueces. Mrs. Teague was born, Miss Friend, a pointer, apparently, to Ainsley Earhardt of Fox and Friends.

[Insert during the spellcheck -- I wrote the following two sentences in some other spot in this update, but moved it here to the News'/Nuces for the reason you'll see. Note the second sentence, written before Chepmans came to mind. "The vaccine is called "the jab," and Jabbe's are listed with Jeepma's/Cheps. Something to PONDER." Chepmans ("pondere"), first found in Cambridgeshire with Ponders and News'/Nuces', are in the News/Nuces Crest. And wow, while Jeepma's/Cheps were first found in Oldenburg, Oldens/Aldens share the Chepman crescent. This paragraph looks like God's arrangements are involved. My Jeep is now possibly pointing to vaccines, and this recalls the red Jeep (mine's red too) that I've mentioned a million times, owned by Paul Smith, the one who lived in Vaughn county!!! It tends to convince me that Vychans/Vaughns, in Shropshire with Needle's, are God's pointer to needle-jabbing vaccines.

Mr. Smith appeared in my recent dream (a few years ago) on crutches, and following a sick stag. The last time I spoke with Smith, he said he was making doors, and then there was a dream with a broken DOOR handle on my Jeep. Now that the Jeep points to vaccines, this is going to help me decipher the broken door handle, give me time.

The Chaplets in the News/Nuces Coat were first found in Lorraine, and the last time I saw Lorraine, she walked right by Paul Smith and I having coffee (we never ate without ordering coffee too). The newspaper in Victoria came with a coffee less than 12 hours after the mugging. Coffee's/Coffers share the fesse of McCabe's/McAbee's, and the latter have the same fish as Pfizer-like Fissers/Vissers. "Victoria" is a Coffee/Coffer motto term, and Victoria variations suggest a branch of Fisk-connectable Feschs, and then Fisks share the Shield of Danish Jansens while Johnson & Johnson vaccines are called, Janssen.

News'/Nuces' use chaplets, and Chepmans are also Chapmans. English Janssens, sharing the quadrants of Olden-like Otone's/Oltons, share the gold patonce cross with Samsons, and the "letho" motto term of Samsons is expected as code for LETs/Late's (Gloucestershire, same as Samsons). Again, the Otone's/Oltens, which can go with the Oldenburg location of Jeepma's/Cheps/Jabbe's, look like kin of Odins and Bono's/Bons, and it just so happens that Hicks', with a chaplet, use a "bon" motto term. Miss Hicks was Sleeping Beauty at the HOOD of an auto, and while Auto's/Otto's share the black bull with Beautys, Ottone's, kin of French Chappes', are likewise Otto's. Odins and their Oddie / Oddey branches can be gleaned by their variations as HOOD/Hoot branches. While Ottone Visconti ruled in Milan, French Chappes' were first found in Ile-de-France with Milan-like Mellans who in turn share a blank, gold Chief with English Janssens while German Janssens have the Sleep Coat in colors reversed. This goes with the medallion found on the hood of my Jeep, which is expounded upon in the next update.

ChapLETs have black swans (symbolism?). A giant black swan, in Jeepma/Chep/Jabbe colors and format, was once shown with French Josephs. Joseph CAIAPhas (killer of Jesus) comes to mind. The Olden/Alden crown is split vertically in the colors of the vertically-split CAPlan Shield, and English Caplans were first found in Hampshire with Ponder-branch Ponts/PONDs and English Josephs. The "mago" motto term of English Josephs can be for a Magor location at Monmouthshire, near CHEPstow. Majors/Magors were first found in the Channel Islands with POINDexters. Cheaps' are listed with Scottish Chappes' (Stirlingshire, same as Robe's/Robbs). End insert]

The ICE-cream was deciphered as a pointer to Fauci's ECOhealth accomplice (funded Ms. Shi at the Wuhan lab) because "health"-like Helts/Helds share the Hixon/Hickson Coat. Ice's/ICKE's/ECCO' share "Icke" with Hicks. Hard to believe, but true. The marathon is not finished yet, we've got some serious damage to do to the masonic pyramid.

The Neckers and Nuse's/Newes together pointed to Jeffrey Epstein's demise where they say he was hanged by the neck with a noose made by his bed sheets. Sleeping Beauty has been deciphered on Epstein's island, Little Saint JAMES. The Neckers with one of the two Nuse/Newes pale bars show nothing but the pale bar, and it's in the colors of the pale bar formed by the antler of Cone's (nothing else shown but this pale bar). Darlene Ray handed me an ice-cream CONE at her snack BAR. Bill Barr assisted in letting Epstein get away from prosecution (could have turned up the names of many guilty parties). "Snack" is like the Snake variation of Snooks, the ones that I think point to AstraZENECA vaccines.

As I said, my friend, Don FREY, was a professor at Seneca College (Toronto), and English Freys share the Free/Freeze Coat. Vaccines go into the deep freeze. Mr. Frey was a Seneca teacher, and while Teachers are listed with Tass', Tase's (Perthshire, same as Rollo's) share the gyronny of Rowans while Rouens have a red-Shield version of the Seneca/Seneschal Coat. Rouen was Rollo's capital. Row/Roe's share the lamb with Passe's/Pascals in the Rollo motto, and RAYborns use a ROEbuck. I recall that this roebuck comes with a "pond," and then while Ponds were first found in Hampshire with Change's/Changers, their Ponder branch (in the Chapman motto) were first found in Cambridgeshire with Change's/Changers and Chapmans. The latter's solid chevron must be in the Crest of News/Nuces' (Cambridgeshire) because they (News'/Nuces') use a CHAPlet. It just so happens that the Hicks' use a chaplet around the NECK of a so-called "buck" i.e. linkable to "roebuck."

Cone's (GAUNTlet) share the antlers of English Bucks (Norfolk, same as Rows/Roe's) and Conte's/COUNTERs, and the COUNTRys (Ainsley motto) use so-called COUNTERchanged colors. Change's/Changers are in the motto, "SANS changer," of Stanleys (Cambridgeshire, same as News'/Nuces') who in turn are in the colors and format of Fauch-beloved Thistle's. God is snitching, because Sans'/Sanguez' share the eagle of Seneca-connectable Snake's/Snooks. We've got some snooking to do.

Miss Hicks sat beside Stanley (don't know his surname) at the 9-11 memorial, and when I challenged her about him, asking, "is that your buddy," she answered, "he's just a FRIEND." Buddys/Botters/Budins and Buttons/Bidens were first found in Hampshire too, with the Ponds sharing the black boar with Bush's who in turn use a red fesse (as well as their black one) in both colors of the Pond / Button/Biden / Bute/Butt/Boets fesse. Buddys/Botters/Budins have an eagle STANDing on a perch, and Stanleys were probably a branch of Stands/Stans. Who spoke "buddy" out of my mouth that evening? Who spoke "friend," and why?

Did I buy my Texas property from Miss Friend to point to Miss Earhardt? We saw some evidence toward that idea. The Friend surname is a hard cookie to crack in finding how they might go with Fox and Friends and/or Miss Friend, but I've just realized that, while Jewish Harts/Hardts have a Coat like that of EarHARDTs, German Hardts/Hardts use a red stag in colors reversed from the stag heads of Friends! Excellent, because it was bothering me that Friends were not producing sufficient heraldic fruit, as I expected from God's workings. They can thus point to Fox and Friends. When I'm convinced that God is using a certain surname, I expect logical fruit, and hunt for it, but the Friends always evaded a logical end. Horts/Hurts use a stag.

Now for a Friend pointer to Miss Friend = Mrs. Teague and to Miss Hicks. The Wayne's/WANE's share the ermined chevron of Friends, and while Wayne's use an "acciDIT" motto term, Ditts have stripeless tigers to go with the Teeger variation of Teague's. The latter's "diem" motto term gets the Diems/DITTmaiers. Purdy cool, right. Friends are in Child colors and format, and Childs were at WANstead. Miss Hicks had Mr. CASey sell her home on the Nueces, and she moved into a home owned previously by Mr. Childs. The "Tempus et CASus" motto phrase of Wayne's/Wane's is translated, "TIME and CHANCE," and the Hicks motto is translated, "All in good time." English Chance's were first found in Essex with Wayne's/Wane's and the Low Leighton location of Hicks. Hicks share "bon" (translated "good") with Bon-like Bennetts who in turn look like kin of English Goods, and Time's/Timms were first found in Kent with Bennetts.

Time's/Timms may be a pointer to the famous Tim Horton partly because he died in an accidit-like car accident. The white Friend stag head can therefore be the white stag head of HORTons, possibly a Hort/Hurt branch . Wow, as I ended re-reading this paragraph, a song (Wayfaring Stranger) sang, "each RESTless HEART" just as I got to the Horts/Hurts. While Arthurs use "rests," Arthur liners can be expected with Hart-like variations. For example, McCarthys/Artys share the red stag with German Harts/Hardts. That's another amazing songline miracle for yet another Saturday.

I've been saying for years that Wayne's/Wane's (share pelican with Pelle's and with Scottish Arthurs with "ImPELLE obSTANTia" motto) are in the colors and format of Irish Arthurs; both share the ermined chevron of Friends, and the latter were first found in Somerset Juliana Arthur of Clapton, who's online in marriage with Mr. Hicks, and these same Arthurs are online in marriage with the Meads using more pelicans. Another pelican is used by Dallas-related Biggars, first found in Lanarkshire with HARDys.

OH WOW, I almost missed this. The Time's/Timms have a solid chevron in the colors of the pile of Countrys (Kent, same as Time's/Timms). The pile is an upside-down solid chevron, and the Time/Timm chevron has the Earhardt and Country fleur-de-lys within it. The Pelle's have a pelican in a canton square in the colors of the pile in a canton square of Beach's, and the Beach pile is the Country pile!!! Beach's share the vaired Shield of Clapton-connectable Clapps/Clappers, and the latter even have a canton in both colors of the Beach / Pelle canton. It looks like another Ainsley pointer to Sleeping Beauty's beach, but it can also be an Ainsley pointer to the motto of Wayne's sharing the ermine chevron of Friends.

Wayne's/Wane's translate a motto phrase, "time and chance," and while Chance's use a cross patonce, English Patons/Patins (share Kilpatrick/SHEERA fleur-de-lys) have a central fleur-de-lys in the colors of the same of Earhardts. Pattens/Patents ("PALLEscere") can be a branch of Patients/Patents (Dumfries, same as Kilpatricks), and "palleSCERE" is suspect with Sheer-branch Schere's/Scherfs while Irish Kilpatricks/Sheera's use a "sure" motto term. Sheers were first found in Sure-like Surrey with Clapps/Clappers who are in turn connectable by their canton to Pelle's. Scottish Kilpatricks share the Masci fleur-de-lys, and Chance's (Essex, same as Pattens/Patents), with a Chief in both colors of the Kilpatrick Chiefs, share the Maschi Chief. Maschi's (not "Masci") were first found in Rimini, beside Fano, and the Fane's/Phone's/Vane's/VEYNES', with a "fano" motto term, share the gold gauntlet with Wayne's/Wane's and English Maceys (look related to Close's, suspect with Closeburn, location of Kilpatrick castle). WANsteads share the Massey fleur-de-lys.

Is my Masci line linking to Sleeping Beauty? Logical. Which one? Both, logical. I suppose we just saw a Masci-kin link, by way of Wayne's, to Friends. The Frene's/Frenes' (Frame lion) were first found in Shropshire with Meschins, Patons (Masci fleur), and the Leightons who named Low Leighton (home of a Hicks branch), the latter location being in Essex where Pattens/Patents, Wayne's, and the Maschi- / Paton-connectable Chance's were first found. It looks pretty tidy. Samsons (Gloucestershire, same as Lets/Late's) have the Meschins scallops, a "letho" motto term suspect with Lets with a Leighton-like Late variation, and share the patonce cross (different colors) with Chance's.

While Sleeping Beauty pointed to Rhizon, there is a rising hawk in the Paton Chief. It's the same rising hawk as in the Coat of Hobs/Habs, the latter suspect in the "OBstantia" motto term of Arthurs (Berwickshire, same as Hobs/Habs). Wayne's use "time and chance," and Time's/Timms, perhaps in the Hicks motto, share the Masci fleur. Shropshire is where the Dol Alans/ALLINs (Hicks fesse in colors reversed) were first found, and the Hicks motto is translated, "ALL IN good time." Are you getting the hang of how to decipher heraldic codes? Mottoes (even in their syllables) have proven especially helpful for making blood-related links.

As the "obSTANTia" of Wayne-related Arthurs seems to have the Stants/Stans, the time and CHANCE of Wayne's looks linkable to the CHANGE's/Changers in the Stanley motto. The latter were first found in Cambridgeshire with the Stouts/Stows who in turn share the triple fesses of Change's/Changers. The latter were first found in Hampshire, near the Stour river of Sturs/Stowers. The latter share the Change/Changer Coat but with triple-red fesses, and the Camera's/Camerons, who were at the 9-11 memorial with Stanley, have the Stur/Stower Coat in colors reversed. I set up Miss Hicks's video camera, then walked back to Miss Hicks, saw a seat beside her likely reserved for Stanley, and he did come to sit there later that evening. Is that your buddy? He's just a FRIEND, she said with thick lines on her forehead (fretting). I saw them. Friends were first found in Somerset with the Stour river.

The Camera/Cameron Crest shares five, bunched, red arrows with Bows/Bough's (kin of Somerset Roets), and Beautys (Dorset, same as Stour river) are also BOWds. That's interesting. Beautys/Bowds share the black bull with Hold-beloved McLeods, and Holds/Holts (Bury, same as Black-bull Ratcliffs) look like Stout/Stow and Chance kin and thus round-about connectable to Change's/Changer's. Burys look like kin of Changer-loving Stanleys. I was HOLDing Sleeping Beauty when rising into the sky with her, and McLeods were on Skye. McLeods use flags, and Flags/Flacks share the double Stant/Stan fesses. Again, Stanley took his seat beside Miss Hicks with an American flag on a pole in his hand, and Pole's/Poole's (Dorset, same as Poole) named Poole at the mouth of the Stour river. Ya gotta admit, the event looks arranged by God. I didn't even have a clue. He moved it all, and nobody had a clue He was arranging it. What else does he do that nobody realizes? Zillions of things. Drop to your knees, foolhardy sinners, before it's too late. Beware God's camera that condemns deep-state spies on Judgment Day.

There's those pesky Masci / Earhardt fleur again on the Pole/Pool Shield, which looks like Mieszko Piasts of Poland, for Mieske's/Mesechs use the black bull too, as do Pohls ("buffalo" actually), as well as Cole's/COLDs (Pohl colors) expected with mythical Piast KOLODziej the Wheelwright, founder of Piasts. Pohls, first found in Silesia with Helts/Helds, are in Helt/Held colors. I was HOLDing Miss Hicks while Helds share the Hickson Coat ("sweet embrace" just sang over the speakers three or four seconds after writing the last sentence. Almost always, a songword / songline miracle is less than a second from the time I see or write a term. Why the delay this time?).

Repeat: "Holds/Holts (Bury, same as Black-bull Ratcliffs) look like Stout/Stow and Chance kin and thus round-about connectable to Change's/Changer's. [English] Burys look like kin of Changer-loving Stanleys." Irish Burys/BERRYs bring us to English Berrys who, I kid you not, share the Camera/Cameron Coat. As the camera event involved Stanley's seat, it's notable that Chance's share a red griffin head in Crest with English Berrys, yet the Berry griffin is half white, the colors of the griffin in the Pole/Pool Crest. Bury-like Burleys/Bourlys (Somerset, same as the Camera-connectable Stour) use boar heads on a green Shield. English Berrys (fesses in LaBORE- and Hicks-fesse colors) share "labor(e)" with Dee's/DIE's, and Dee's/Die's add "Hic."

Irish Burys/Berrys are in Gow/McGoo colors, and both share the gold boar. The Bury boar has a spear through it, akin to the boar with arrow in it of Pollocks. As was said, Scottish Harts/Herts look like Gow/McGoo kin, which picture can pit Miss Earhardt with GO poison in vaccines because she's a double for Miss Hicks at the Get'n GO on the night of the camera event. The Hart/Hert saltire is the Pollock saltire, and Wikipedia's Clan Pollock calls (or at least did once) the Pollock arrow a dart, and Darts/Dards (canton) happen to have one ermined fesse in the colors of the two ermined fesses of Sleeps and Cantons/Gantons.

I think I have this figured out. The SELEPitanoi were where modern Bar is located, due west of lake Scodra, which I think explains why Burleys/Bourleys are in the colors of the hunting horn of German Barrs/Berre's. The horn is in both colors of the Pollock hunting horns. The latter's Shield is split in gold-green, Pollock colors. Rhizon is beside Butua, and the Bute/Butt Crest was once in the Crest of English Este's while Scottish Barrs share the eagle of Italian Este's (near Istria). This is a rounder picture pointed to by Sleeping Beauty.

If you go up to a paragraph with SHOULDhams above, you will see that the Pollock boar, shot with an arrow in the SHOULDER, applies to Shouldham kin. That's repeated here because Miss Hicks pushed my shoulder directly due to her first song, while I was sitting in Stanley's seat. Miss Hicks had said the seat was reserved for her adopted daughter. I've read that the adopted daughter had a Daddy surname, and Daddys share the Pollock / Hart/Hert saltire.

The Clan Pollock article shows (or did once) the gold-on-green Pollock saltire in green-on-gold, and so it can be gleaned with the green-on-gold cross that's the Arms of Pola/Pula (Istria, possible namer of the Stour river). It just so happens that the Irish Bury Coat looks like the Rising/Rison Coat while the Arms of Pula has the fat Rising/Rison cross in colors reversed. John Ratcliffe was suspect in Sleeping Beauty's hovering and rising scene. That's really cool, especially as she moved to within ten miles of Mr. Ratcliffe when she moved from the Nueces Canyon.

The write-up of Irish Burys: "...Greater Dublin Area, where Simon de Bury was listed in 1234. The family came to Ireland with the Prestons, a family of Norman descent." Prestons have a canton, as well as double fesses colors reversed from the same of Sleeps and Cantons. That's good stuff, typical Intelligent Design. Greater Dublin was home to Kellys, and Keele's were first found in Lincolnshire with the Cheile's in the Camera/Cameron motto? What are we supposed to think of Camera's? Prime minister David's Cameron's role in deep-state spy plots? Cheile's share a human leg in Crest with Leaks/Leakeys.

Prestons were first found in Lincolnshire too. The double Preston fesses are colors reversed from the two of Labore's, and while the latter are in the Dee/DIE motto, note the "DIEu" motto term of Prestons. God gave me Kelly as a short-term ladyfriend for the event at her place where He said, "You shall have a song." There was a hefty presence of Stanleys in Cheshire, where Dee's/Die's and Masci liners were first found. The Daddy-like Deads are listed with Daveneys/Dibneys, but this looks like a mistake. Dade's/Dadeys/Deeds are in Hicks colors, and almost in Hicks format. It could appear that a death theme is linking to Sleeping Beauty.

Deed-loving Flemings were first found in Lanarkshire, near the first-known Pollocks. The latter built Rothes Moray, where Turris'/Terras' were first found who have variations like the Tarrs'/Tarres, and the latter were first found in Somerset, where Tarres-like TRASHers/TRESURE's were once said to be first found who are of the "double-tressure" border of Flemings. The Tracys/TRASSE's have one type of bird KILLING another type of bird (similar to Varns and Grahams). Tracys/Trasse's are in the colors of Motts with a Morte variation that means, "dead," and Motts/Morte's share the crescent of Deaths/Darths. Bligh's/Bly's, with a blue-Shield version of the Death/Darth Coat, are probably in the "ouBLIE" motto term of Grahams.

I actually finished the entire paragraph above before loading Barnstaple's as per Tracys/Trasse's having been lords of Barnstaple. The Barnstaple's use a "mort" motto term! Surprise. They also use "ReGARDez," and I had noted that while Deaths/Darths have the griffin of Gards in colors reversed, both surnames were first found in Kent along with the Staple's having a Sans" motto term that we saw pointed to AstraZENECA. In fact, the bend-with-items of Staple's (share Peter motto) is in the colors of the bend-with-items of "Sans"-using Stanleys. Staple's (Kent, same as Snake's/Snooks) even share the fleur-de-lys of Seneca-connectable Snake's/Snooks! The same fleur are with Perkins, the line of Plancia Magna of Perga, and her line is to Plunketts sharing the killing-like KILLIN Coat! The Tracys/Trasse's of Barnstaple use a bird (it's the "falcon" of Stevens) killing another bird!

Staple's look like Bury kin. Barnstaple is in Devon, where Tracys/Trasse's, Burys and Darlene's were first found; the latter share the red fitchee with Tresure's/Trashers, and I think I see drops, a Darlene symbol, on the Tresure/Trasher stag. As Darlene was an ice-CREAM girl, note that Cremers share the fleur-de-lys of Burys and Staple's. German Stable's/Staabers have a Coat like the Killins, but compare also with the Coat of Stubbs/Stabbs/Stops who in turn have a "labori" motto term, almost the "labor" of Dee's/DIE's (still on the kill / death theme). Kelly-like Keele's are also Kills! I almost missed that.

As Labore's were first found in Yorkshire with the Hicks suspect in the Dee/Die motto, was God pointing to Miss Hicks' songs at the 9-11 memorial when He sent me the message, from Kelly's place, "you shall have a song"? Stanley had a flag on a pole in his hand, and Pole's/Pools share the Kelly lion. The Turris'/Terras' (Macey / Masci kin) we just crossed are in the Kelly motto as "Turris," and they look like Stanley kin too. French Tours share the Kelly tower, and English Tours/Thors were first found in Devon with Tracys/Trasse's of Barnstaple. The Turris'/Terras' even share a Scott Coat for a trace to lake Scodra, home of the Selepitanoi...the line to the Sleeps that God pointed to with Miss Hicks as Sleeping Beauty.

I wish I could fill in the blanks here, but I'm stumped aside from getting the impression we are on the killing nature of vaccines, especially AstraZeneca. There seems to be a lot more to this than I can gather now. If Labore's were of the Bore's, the latter's pots can lead to Potters, first found in Hampshire with Stanley-beloved Change's/Changers. But what's so important about Stanleys outside of heraldic links??? Why was Stanley there that night? The Turris/Terras crescents are shared by Change-like Chance's. The Amore's in the Turris/Terras motto, as well as their Damory/Amori branch, look related to Rubys/Rubens. The latter use three-and-three fessewise bars in the colors of the three fesses of Love's/Luffs, first found in Oxfordshire with Amore's and Damorys/Amori's. The Italian Amore's/Amori's share the stars of English Stable's/Staplers (beside Barnstaple's).

English Stable's/Staple's (Somerset, same as TARRs/Tarres', beside TREBY and TREBLE's of Devon) share the Coat of Annan(dale)s, from the Ananes Gauls on the TARo and TREBia rivers. God had set me up in an event with Miss Hicks on the only occasion of my wearing a Die-like tie with TREBLE clefs, a music symbol.

In the second-last time I saw him, Kepke dropped in on me unexpectedly while Kelly was over, about eight months after the Sleeping-Beauty dream. His first name is Lawrence, and the first-known Preston is said to be Laurence de Preston. The Press'/Prests share red estoiles with Colchesters while the ragully cross in the Arms of Colchester was sometimes done in colors reversed from the ragully cross of Lawrence's/Laurence's. My belly-press event was with Kepke's ladyfriend.

GOOD MORNING SUNDAY. The surname on my houseofnames browser tab, left off from yesterday, is the Stabb variation of Stubbs/Stops. It came to mind to check whether people are calling "the shot" by the similar phrase, "the stab," and when I googled it, I saw again that Johns & Johnson calls its vaccine, Janssen. Loading Janssens, they have the Sleep Coat in colors reversed, at which time I realized that Shots and their Call kin have three of the Sleep fesses, with the Calls using TRUMPets as their fesses!!! Trump called himself, this year, the father of the vaccines. Stable's/Staplers share gold acorns with Trumps, and German Stable's/STAABs/Staaps have a reflection of the Killin Coat, connectable to same-colored Motts/MORTE's because Mott in Brittany is near the first-known Plunketts who share the Killin Coat exactly.

The write-up of Pollock-like Plocks seems to indicate that they were Plunkett kin, and while the family of Peter Pollock married Leslie's, the latter share a fesse-with buckles (different colors with Stabbs/Stubbs/Stops. The latter's fesse-with-buckles is colors reversed from the same of Stirlings/STURlings, recalls the STOWer variation of Sturs as pointable to STEW Peters, though I wouldn't be saying this had not the Rube- / Ruby-like Robe's/Robbs been first found in Stirlingshire. Stirlings/Sturlings share a "Gang" motto term with Drummonds (brown version of Stabb/Stubb Crest) who in turn have the Stur/Stower Coat essentially, tending to prove the Stur-Stirling relationship as well as the Stirling-Stabb relationship.

Robe's are in the Darlene Crest, and while Darlene Ray was an ice-cream girl, French Rays use a giant escarBUNCLE while Buncle's/BunKILLs share the pheons of Stirlings/Sturlings. WOW, the escarbuncle is shared by Hangers/Angers (Hampshire, same as Sturs/Stowers) in the "pot hangers" of Danish Cnuts, and while the other ice-cream girl (Hanson) is Danish, Cnuts share the dropped Shield of Darlene's. See any Intelligent Design behind that? But she's now linking to the Killin-related Staabs by way of the escarbuncle.

Rubys have three-and-three fessewise bars in the colors of the triple fessewise trumpets of Calls, and the triple fessewise swords of Shots. Shots and Calls were first found in Wiltshire, where the Stour river has its sources, and the Sturs/Stowers (nearby in Hampshire) have triple-red fesses that could have been related to Call / Shot kin who colors-reversed their white-on-red fesses into red fesses. Ha, Hope-like Hoppers, expected in the grasshopper of Hanson- / Cremer-connectable Fauchys, share the Killin tower, and were likewise first found in Wiltshire.

The Hope's, once said to be first found in Derbyshire with Cnuts, are in Cnut colors and format. Derbyshire is beside Staffordshire (Staabs/Stubbs) and Cheshire, and the latter two locations are beside Shropshire i.e. where Hope's are now said to be first found along with Hoppes'/Hobbs. The latter share gold eSCUTcheons with Scute's, and Shots are also Shute's/Schute's!!! Good one for linking to Fauchys and Trump/Tromp kin. Fauci and Trump dramatically pushed vaccines together daily in an unwarranted, fraudulent push. The Scute's even share the PATIENT tower. Hoppers are listed with Happers while Habbers have eagle wings in the colors of the Tromp / Hoppes/Hobbs eagle. Doesn't it begin to look like a Trump pointer of God to the Fauchy grasshopper? The Habber wings are black, the colors of the wing of German, Fauci-like Fulks, but also the wing of Flake's/Flacks (Dutch), tending to make Habbers look like a Hopper/Happer branch due to the Fauchy grasshopper. It just so happens that Danish Cnuts have flags in Crest while Flags/Flacks were first found in Norfolk with Fulke's/Fooks.

It just so happens that while Dutch Tromps share gold acorns with Stable's/Staplers, Dutch Tromps also share the eagles inside the Hoppes/Hobbs escutcheons. Again, Hoppers were first found in Wiltshire with Shot/Schute-related Calls showing nothing by TRUMPets. Do we get it? Trump's press secretary (until April 2020) during the onset of the COVID scam was Stephanie Grisham, and Grishams happen to use the grasshopper too. What are the chances with so few heraldic grasshoppers (I know of only three)? I heard that Grisham didn't give press briefings (I never saw her in one), quite a shocking thing, really, and maybe that was decided by the Trump team as part of the COVID scam, to keep it going as safely as possible without any complications from press people.

The president of the United States is a POTUS, and the Pots/Potes' were first found in Berry (France) along with same-colored Porters while English Porters/Pawters (Potter colors) were first found in Hampshire with Potters and Ports. The reason that we can link English Berrys to this picture is their "labore" motto term, for Bore's use pots. That's a good set of heraldry for me to remember. Labore's share the Berry fesses, and the Berry Coat is colors reversed from the that of Sturs/Stowers (Hampshire again, same as Hangers/Angers).

We are back to Burys/Berrys here essentially sharing the fesse-with-fleur of Staple's, and I think we can safely add that Danish Cnuts add the trefoils of Barnstaple's (Devon, same as Berrys) to their pot hangers. Hangers/Angers share the escarbuncle with Angers, and Fulke's/Fooks, related to the flags of Danish Cnuts, were counts at Angers. The Fouque's in the Fulke/Fook write-up caused a loading of Fouque's/Fouchys just now, first found in Poitou, the capital of which is Potter-like Poitiers. It's not far from Berry. Ports were first found in Hampshire and neighboring Dorset (Stour flows there), and the Russells (Dorset), with almost the Fulke/Fook motto, share the scallops of Flags/Flacks.

I missed this until now: Scottish Barrys have the Ruby/Ruben Coat in colors reversed (both use so-called "barry"). The "legi" motto term of these Barrys can be for the Leggs almost having the giant Trump/Tromp stag head. The Barry motto looks related to the motto of German Barrys/Berrie's whose fish heads can link to such things as Fishers, Fissers/Vissers and Pfizers. As German Barrys/Berrie's are in Sickle colors and format, it's notable that the Barry/Berrie Crest shares a gold hexagram with Rube's. Fish's share the Coat of Vychans/Vaughns.

[Insert a day or two after writing here -- On Monday, the day this update was put out, this story came out: "...the Food and Drug Administration will say the J&J Covid jab has been linked to 'serious but rare side effects called Guillain-Barre syndrome.' Guillain-Barre is a disorder in which the immune system attacks the nerves." Scottish Gillain's were first found in Midlothian, beside the Fauci-like Vaux's, and then English Vaux's share the Coat of Scottish Gillains. Killins are also Gilins, and Killains/Kelhams, in the colors of English Gillains, share the gold cup with Scottish Gillains. The "MEMor" motto term of Killins could be for the Meme variation of Mens'/Mame's because the latter were first found in Midlothian with Gillains. Mamie pointed to both Mens's/Meme's/Mame's and Mansfields, and the latter were first found in Nottinghamshire with Killains/Kelhams!

English Gillains look like kin of Sewards and Mens-branch Maness'/Manners were first found in Northumberland with SIWARD of Northumberland. Siward's line to Swords use a motto, "paratus," a motto term of Scottish Johnsons, and both surnames have double-gold wings with a white sword between them. English Johnsons (Killain/Kelham colors) were first found in Lincolnshire with Kel(ham)-like Keele's. I think that there might be a pointer here to Guillain-Barre nervous disorder from Johnson & Johnson.

Old quote in Killain/Kelham write-up: "They still bear in their arms three covered cups, in allusion to the office of cup-bearer to Alan, earl of Richmond..." Then, in the Richmond write-up: "'...Richmond, the name given by the new possessor in the new language to the old English soke of GILLING.'" Gillings/Gillians (Alan colors) are brought up as "Gellone," and William de Gellone was near Roquefeuil, where a woman married the Rodez's, and then Rods share a blank, gold Chief with Richmonds. Rich's/Richess' (could be related to Foix's) are said to be from Lorraine, land of BAR-le-Duc, and French Barre's have a rose-version of the Lorraine bend-with eagles. Lorraine and I lived in Richmond Hill when we were seeing each other. End insert]

Ahh, Rubys/Rubens essentially have the Amore Coat in colors reversed, and "amore" is a motto term of Cardine's who in turn are not only in the colors and format of Stable's/Staabs/Staaps, but share the Stabb/Stubb/Stop pheons. Leslie's (share buckles with Stabbs/Stubbs) were first found in Aberdeenshire, beside KinCARDINE. The latter is where Patria's/Peartree's were first found who share the Trump stag head. The "malis" motto term of Amore's means "bad" or "sick," and Rube's use a sickle while Sickle's are in the colors and format of the Brittany Robins who share white pheons with Stabbs/Stubbs and Cardine's. The latter were first found in Cheshire with the MALpas' sharing the Robin pheons in both colors, and with the Buckle-branch Buckleys.

There's more, for the Killins have a bend in the colors of the bends of Claptons and their Ward kin, and Miss Hanson lived on WARDen when I was with her. Irish wards share the crowns of Corona's and Corons/Corona's, the latter first found in Cheshire the Cardine's (reflection of Killin Coat) and Claptons. Clapps/Clappers share the lone sun of NEEDLE's (Shropshire, same as vaccine-like Vychans/Vaughns, and beside Staabs/Stubbs), and Clapper-like Clavers share the tower of Killins and Plunketts. The latter were a branch of Planque's in turn using cabbages while Cabbage's were first found in Northamptonshire with Clapton-related Wards and English Janssens (patonce cross). Wardens were first found in Hertfordshire with Clapper-related Beach's.

Danish Jansens (one 's') share the Shield of Fisks/Fisks, linkable to Fishers / Fissers and therefore to Pfizers.

This is a great place to repeat that while Johnson & Johnson makes Janssen vaccine, English Johnsons share the pheons of Fauch-beloved Thistle's. Swedish Johnsons have plate roundels colors reversed from the hurt roundels of Hobsons, and hurt-using Arthurs are expected from their motto to be kin of Hobs/Habs (Berwickshire, same as Arthurs). The latter share the rising hawk of Patons, and the latter are suspect with patonce crosses i.e. one of which is in the Coat of English Janssens! By the way, Patons come up as "Patons", and they share the Mellanson crescents while Steve Mellanson (old friend of mine) was suspect in pointing to vaccine poisoning with his cotton-swab symbol. Cottons use hanger-like hanks, and while Danish Cnuts use hangers, English Cnuts share the Mellanson / Patons crescents. The depot variation of Pots/Potes' may be in the "adepta" motto term of Mellansons.

AH WOW, French Mellans share a blank, gold Chief with patonce-using Janssens!!! These Mellans even share besants with Hope's (Cnut kin). Mellansons use "bundles of rods," and the Rods, with another blank, gold Chief, show the trefoils of Danish Cnuts!!! Excellent. The Hangers/Angers share the escarbuncle with Angers, the latter first found in Essex with Hobsons.

Rods were first found in Devon with Albins/AUBIns of Barnstaple, and while the Rod trefoils are shared also by Barnstaple's and Italian Albini's, Aubin is a location near Rodez, where Rods definitely trace, with their proto-Rockefeller kin. Mellanson had the cotton-swab symbol, and French Cottons/Cotta's were first found in Languedoc with Rocks/Roque's and proto-Rockefeller RoqueFEUIL.

Hugh of Rodez married Miss Roquefeuil, explaining why English Rocks share the green treFOIL with Rods. I think I understand this deeper now, because the English Rocks have a good reflection of the Gow/McGOO Coat, and the latter's Crest shares the thistle with Fauchs. It can give the impression that globalist Rockefellers are part of the push for GO = graphene in vaccines. Italian Albini's have trefoils in both colors of the Gow/McGoo and LOCHES/DeLOGES cinqueFOILs, and Fulk I of Angers married Miss Loches. German Albini's look like kin of sickle-using Herrs/Here's, both sharing blue wings in Crest with the English Here's/Heyers (Derbyshire, same as Angers-connectable Cnuts).

As I've said many times, Sharon Quinn, when acting by God's will as a symbol of Farrah Fawcett, as a pointer to Fauci, punched BARRY on the lip (drew blood) at Mellanson's place. Punch's/Pons'/Poyntz's share barry (different color) with Barrys, and Scottish Lipps (Aberdeenshire, same as Mellansons and Milans/Mellents) share the brown lion with Irish Collins'. Francis Collins of the NIH is Fauci's boss. The Arms of Mellent/Meulan shares the Shield of Fauci-connectable Vaux's, the latter first found in East Lothian with Faucets/Fawcetts (share Milan/Mellent lion). German Lipps probably have the Montfort / Beaumont lion because Montforts married Beaumonts of Meulan.

The Amore's, with the Coat of Scottish Barrys essentially, share the white dog head with BARRels, the latter first found in Herefordshire with the Jays in the jay of Pot-like Poitvins/Potvins (Poitou). It thus appears that Barrels are Barry liners, and to this it can be added that Scottish Barrs were first found in Ayrshire with the Carricks (dog) who in turn share "bien" with French Barrys/Barrets.

New: while Bar-le-Duc -- pointer to James LeDuc -- was related to German Ducks (not a doubt), English Ducks (Duce/Ducey branch) happen to share the Poitvin Chief (that's the new thing), and moreover English Ducks share a blue Crest with Jays. Plus, the Williams with another white dog share the gyronny Shield of Hoppers! Fauci funded James LeDuc. While the Arms of Bar-le-Duc use the pansy to prove that the location was named after German Ducks, the latter were first found in Westphalia with sickle-using Rube's (and Pansys).

And wow, the Jay Crest share's a blue griffin with Jeffersons (once said to be first found in Herefordshire) whose Coat looks related to Hope's because the other Jeffersons have a white griffin, the color of the HOBson griffin head, and the Hobson Chief-Shield colors are those of Barrels. Hobsons were first found in Essex with the Skippers who in turn share the Jefferson and Hope besants. I believe that God showed, in my dream with broken door handle, and Handle's / Handells are to go with Barrels, and so I've noted that the sickle of Rube's has the handle in a different color than the white blade. It is almost identical with the Herr/Here sickle (the latter has a gold blade). Earhardts/AirHARTs (look like Rube kin) were first found in Bavaria with Herzogs/HARTzogs and Bauers both sharing blue wings with Herrs/Here's.

Bauers, the proto-Rothschilds, were first found in Bavaria and Austria, and the latter is where Fire's/Firs/Furs were first found who share the upright unicorn of Swabs/Schwabs, in the colors of the upright horse of Jewish Rothchilds (not "Rothschild") in turn looking like Jay kin. Meanwhile the jay-using Poitvins have a giant rocky hill or mountain in the colors of the Roque/Rock rocks. Bavaria is where Rothes'/Rothchilds were first found who share the raven with Rooks. Any questions, class? I didn't think so. The deep-state educators are all strung along like puppets by filthy-rich quacks without understanding, without wisdom. All they know to do is to feed their lusts, worse than animals in glass houses. When they strike His people, God will have His opportunity-knocks to finish them off horribly in one hour. It is coming.

I heard one goon-supporting media man say that, don't worry, relax, more people die of blood clots from causes other than AstraZeneca vaccines. Uhhh, ok, the vaccine is only one cause, but there are many other causes for blood clots, and so if we itemize them, the vaccines may be the leading cause. Besides, vaccines are causing more than blood clots, so this goon does his fellow man a disservice to downplay the dangers...just that he might excel at his workplace by being a good puppet (of the killers). Where is the love of fellow man? Not in the end-times.

When someone loses something valuable in resistance to an evil, others take notice, and depending on what's lost for righteousness' sake, it's POWERFUL for spreading righteousness. When people go along with the evil for selfish reason, to hang on to something precious, others notice, and attitudes go in the other direction, toward normalizing evil. Everyone else does it, they say, so it's okay if I do it.

I realized last week that the love that Jesus talks about can be defined as "to value." Value your neighbor as you value yourself. The devil does not value human life. To value human life is to love human life, not like you love a chocolate bar, but like when you feel that human life can have no price tag. That's the way my teachers taught me about people when I was a child. That's the way people felt back then, when there was no violence in the streets, no fear of being alone at night in the city. The pro-vaccine goons wish for us to agree with them that de-populating the world is a good thing for the survivors, as if the deaths of half of all people is a good thing, as if they don't value human life, as if they are not horrified at murder of human souls. HATE.

It's right to value God with all of our souls because one can't even get close, with our wee hearts, to appreciating the vast Creator for his full value. The more you understand physics, chemistry, and biology, the more you appreciate Him, unless you hate Him, in which case you say He doesn't exist. To love God means to acknowledge Him for what He is, a Being we cannot fathom, who exists though we cannot fathom how He can exist with or without a beginning. You'd think by now He would be bored, yet He has been meticulous in zeal in providing the Kingdom for his children, mere humans with wee hearts and even smaller brains. Why do the saints make Him happy? Why does He care about our development as God lovers? The answer is obvious. As we become like Him, He thrills. It's going to take a long time, though, to get to know God.

How could He not be bored speaking with mere you or me? Who can converse with God and get him excited about what he/she knows or how he/she talks? Jesus got excited with an honest man, or a man who repented gladly, or with one who had faith. Why does this make God happy? Jesus loves John the Baptist most of all, yet about the only thing we know about him is that he had fire from his mouth, akin to the fire of Elijah. John really appreciated Jesus. John spoke eloquently on His behalf, praising His magnificence. When the Bible says "the Almighty," it's the Magnificence. Magna = great. Not Trump, but Jesus.

Other News

Here's the deep state defined even on Fox news after Tucker's ordeal last week:

Can you see above why Trump failed the country with Sessions, Barr, Wray, Coats, Haspel, Kelly, Mattis, and Pompeo? Hang your head in shame, pathetic Trump. You did NOTHING to close down the deep state.

On July 7, Pennsylvania showed official-senate evidence of a forensic audit going forward, though slowly. Hopefully, the Pennsylvania steel won't crack. Doug Mastriano is asking three counties to comply with audits, and giving them until the end of July to respond. One or two Republican counties are expected to comply, but not liberal-infested Philadelphia. If the latter requires a subpoena, that could stretch a Philadelphia audit battle into the fall. Zzzzz...but the excitement will arrive. This is a big deal. If Pennsylvania, Georgia and Arizona are corrected, Trump wins the election already. Did you buy lots of extra food yet?

On the 10th, there appeared this headline: "The Pennsylvania Department of State has issued a directive prohibiting county election boards from cooperating with the Senate's election audit- 07-10-2021". It forbids the handing over of voting machines, of course, and so why would Mastriano waste three weeks, waiting until then to issue subpoena's, which should be able to over-ride this groundless order. It is NOT legal to forbid election materials and machines because it IS legal to conduct audits, a NO BRAINER. If Dominion makes the election boards promise (signature on paper) that they will never hand over the machines to "third parties," and if the people wanting an audit are defined as third parties, then the election boards break the spirit of the law (when signing), in the least, because they KNOW audits are legal. It's that simple, why complicate it? No matter what the cheats argue in court, the lawyers for the audit representatives need only repeat: it's legal and necessary to allow audits when the people want audits, it's legal and necessary to allow audits when the people want audits.... What more needs to be said? Why allow the cheats to hijack the arguments. Bring it all back to: it's legal and necessary to allow audits when the people want audits. No judge can disagree without breaking the law.

What I can't understand, unless the Arizona steel cracked, is why the Arizona senate refuses to tell the voters that Trump won the state. It's known by now, and so why would the audit supervisors keep that result to itself all this time? It's like drinking wormwood to take the attitude that the audit is to fix the voting system but not to vindicate Trump's election win. The Fann senate is killing itself to act as if the winner of the election is immaterial to its audit. The purpose of the audit should be chiefly to award the true winner with the official win. That's what audits were created for. For Fann to play to the liberals by acting as though the audit is for fixing the election system is dimwitted. Wormwood in a pot of stew and witches go together with brooms to sweep the realities under the rug. No word yet on her attempt to secure the damning routers.

The burning of Canadian churches made the Tucker Carlson show this week:

Apparently, the church arson is targeted against certain groups, but this can fly off like a fiery arrow, at the urging of the anti-Christs, at other Christian groups. It's what they've always wanted to see. It looks like a government-supported movement akin to the American street violence over the past year or more. What more evidence do we need that Western governments are evil but posing as best they can as good? Don't respect a public word they say, because the statements are specially framed to sound as good a possible for achieving evil ends. Know the agendas before the government stooges open their mouths to disguise the agendas. Door-to-door vaccination programs are disguised as helpful, but it's the devil sent to your homes or they wouldn't be going door-to-door. Do you really think that Bidenites care about your safety from COVID to the point of spending untold dollars to go door-to-door nationwide? Any idea what it will cost? Not cheap. And they will make a database to record what all homeowners say, the particular positions they take on vaccines.

Food Prep

I dehydrated some ground beef and sealed it in mason jars, though I did not remove the air from the jars. There was slight humidity on the inner jar walls after sterilizing them, with meat inside, at about 220F degrees. I found that 220 was good for causing the lid to pop-seal. This humidity them spread out into the meat, but I assume it's not enough to cause bacterial growth. My main concern in the rancidity potential because I couldn't get all the fat out of the meat. However, after a one-hour 220F treatment, there was a paper-thin pool of fat at the bottom of the jars, good for getting some fat out of the rest of the meat.

google is useless for looking up information on long-term food storage because it fronts all the globalist stooges who give too-short shelf lives, to discourage people from storing long term. I'm wondering how best to store my jarred meat, whether in a fridge or freezer. It's now in the freezer because, as they say, the colder the better to stop all developments. I just read an article saying that cured (typical sandwich) meats go rancid faster in the freezer due to its salt content, but then cured meats have high water content too. Does salt in dehydrated meats speed rancidity? I did not add salt to the dehydrated beef. Nothing was added to it for flavoring because I don't know what I'm doing, much. I want dried meat only to throw into soups / stews, playing it safe.

I'd like to get the meat to last ten years so that I don't need to re-dehydrate every five or less. is this possible? Don't ask google (especially google canada) for an answer because it's an evil empire disguised as good. Global goons don't know they are evil because they have been happily trained to think that good people are evil. So, in the minds of our enemies, Christians who want to store dried foods for ten years are evil. Don't worry, they will find baseless accusations against us they can be content with.

Someone says: "Dried meat will last indefinitely if you dry it correctly and if you use proper storing methods. If you're drying meat now in preparation for an emergency, then you can use an electric dryer or your oven. To prepare, you should soak or rub the fresh meat for at least a full day in a salt solution." So, there you go, the admission that ten years is attainable, but then the writer thinks salt is okay. Salt inhibits bacterial growth, but if the meat is too dry for bacterial growth, and if the meat, jars and lids have all undergone a 220F treatment to boot, there should be no bacterial growth even without salt barring an air leak in the lid.

Last week, due to summer heat, I put a few mason jars of dehydrated egg into the freezer. Is this okay? I have no idea. I assume it's fine. Why won't google front the thousands of articles on long-term storage when I search food storage? Why does google think that six-months to a year is long-term storage? Because, the people who work for google program the search-engine results to keep true long-term away from our eyes. These articles and videos will be harder to find in the future, so start finding and saving them now.

The same article says: "...dried meat will not go bad if itís not stored in a Ziploc, and you can store it other ways if you want..." It sounds like indefinite storage life so long as moisture is kept away. I have a jar stacked on another jar in the freezer, but some say that this gives opportunity to crack the lid seal.

I've been thinking of having a single layer of jars on the bottom of the freezer topped with a piece of plywood to help protect the jars, but what if the plywood applies pressure to only a few jars and not others? The whole weight of foods on top of the plywood then gets concentrated on the few jars, especially if the jars are not the same heights. I say forget this option.

I can't see why the weight of a jar with LIGHT, dry food should pose a danger to a jar lid underneath it. I think storing the jars to one end of the freezer, in stacks, is best. One can use plywood (horizontal) between the jars. All other foods used on a daily basis are then to the side of the jars, not affecting them at all. A piece of plywood placed (vertically) between the jars and the everyday foods sounds good to help keep the lids undisturbed. My only regret is that I can' find anyone online to tell me that the foods will be fine for years, and so I'll need to check the foods every year, meaning popping open a jar or more every year. There's about four times as much fresh/wet meat per every jar of dried meat, and so if the jars take a quarter of the freezer space, it's like having a freezer full of fresh meat.

If bacteria does form in sealed jars, my understanding is that it uses up oxygen so that it will eventually kill itself for lack of oxygen. When a sealed jar is placed into a freezer, the air in the jar contracts significantly, strengthening the seal. The seal is made good, in the first place, when the hot contents in the jars cool to room temperature. If it's a good seal at room temperature, one expects a doubly-good seal in the freezer. If it's an if-y seal at room temperature, the freezer can remove all risk. Just keep the jars from disturbance as much as possible as you shift freezer foods. Anyone, by the looks of this, can store a lot of meat for years, if they think it's worth the time to do it, if they think they have the need to do it, and if they can afford to buy it up-front. The need is what gives the drive. Fear of forced vaccinations gave me the need, and I did it.

I have dried beef, onions, carrots, eggs, squash, sweet potatoes, regular potatoes, plus a dozen or more jars of heat-treated flour (about 200F), though a jar of flour doesn't go far, and it has a short shelf life anyway. I've got three 22-pound (10 kg) bags (about 72 cups) of flour, plus some brown flour, so that, for me alone, I can make bread with this amount for only about four months. The trouble is when one has a large family. The cost, work and storage space needed goes up-up-up. I have also heat-treated jars of store-bought, dried foods such as beans, peas, oats, barley, wheat grains, etc., all fast-and-easy to do, and it saves money over the same foods in cans or frozen.

I'm probably talking to the wall for most readers, and I do wish you well if a long-term emergency crops up. In such a situation, I'll need to feed my children with MY stored foods because, when I suggested to them that they do as I'm doing, I think it's more talking to the wall at this point. I want to store foods for them too, but if we never need it, much of the food will spoil because I doubt they would want several-years old dried foods, even if it's free of charge from me, that I need to get rid of one way or the other. I "have" the option of watching them starve i.e. no I don't. So, because they aren't storing foods, it's me who's going to starve along with all my children, because one person storing food for my children and their wives, and their children, means we all starve when the food runs our lickety-split after a couple of months. Do you see the importance in YOUR storing foods? You can save your family members from starving if you all do it together. Everyone in the world should have a store of foods these days because we have the easy means.

Human life has become cheap, and it's a no-brainer that the powers will be offended, thinking us evil to store foods to protect ourselves from them. It really is a blessing for me to have that stored food, but if my children don't store, it robs me of that peace-of-mind. Storing a little at a time is NOT hoarding. If the stores sell the foods to us, it's legal transaction; the government has no business objecting, going on the offense just because we don't trust it to take care of our needs. Who in their right minds trusts governments today? Governments are only made of politicians...IT'S LAUGHABLE TO RELY ON THEM. Are you kidding me?

Food providers and stores will not object to food sales; only the governments can keep foods from us, but to make appearances that they are not seeking to keep us from storing foods, they will create food shortages by deceptive means to shift the blame to some economic crisis out of their control. They can then make it on-the-spot illegal to buy extra foods. I'm not giving them any ideas they didn't already figure out on their own. It wasn't a concern in the past because people still had some reservations about conducting themselves with evil, but things are suddenly going down hill. Jesus warned of traitorous sheep (or goats) in the flock, and, likely, such betrayal has to do with assisting governments against the flock for fear of suffering government punishments. Keep watch to get a good sense of where the powers are going because they are recording vast information about us all not because they care for us.

There's an educational video on Cecil Rhodes after just a few more paragraphs; it talks about world control.

. In a dictatorial situation, there can be active support for evil powers from those who fear repercussions, and those who wish to excel in the conspiracy, but there's also inactive/passive support. The powers would be happy if we laid low, did nothing, to support the persecuted. George Soros was happy to see his fellow Jews persecuted. I know a woman whose husband made her a jewel from the gold / silver extracted from the teeth of murdered Jews in Nazi Germany. He was given the job of removing these precious metals from the teeth, and he slipped some of it into his pockets to take home, a little at a time, and made her a jewel. She showed it to me, and was proud of it, oblivious to the evil from which the metal derived. If you are aghast at something like this, at least acknowledge that other people, you rub shoulders with daily, are just like that.

I could survive on one pound of bread per day plus a few other foods. A pound of bread alone will go a long way, and if we aren't eating much, lots of bread won't clog the arteries. It's a feel-full kind of food for me, and it makes me feel good too...if I like what's on it. So, I'm buying more flour. I should get a second bread-making machine...because I've got it down to a mere two-minute "job" (easy work) to load the machine with all that's needed, and to press the start button. If flour bought today lasts a year in a cool place, why shouldn't I get 10 bags in storage? The money saved on store-bought bread will pay for the new machine in 50-100 loaves.

My bread per machine load is under one dollar per total finished-bread weight of 875 grams (uses 3.75-cups flour), almost two pounds. I should aim at 180 loads annually = 675 cups of flour = the equivalent of about ten 22-pound bags of flour. I've already got three jars of bread-machine yeast in the fridge, and each jar will last months because I make flat bread needing only a third of a teaspoon per 875 grams of bread. I can get a couple more jars this summer, assuming that store shelves will start to go thin by September as many people stock up in case the goons mandate vaccines. You may not have much time.

If you decide to spend $2,000 or more this summer for cheap, dried foods, you should shop at three different grocery stores, visiting each one about weekly for a month or two. I suggest you start now. You probably shouldn't shop at the same store three times or more per week. The stores can probably handle this spree because about half the population has committed to vaccinations (i.e. no need to store food), others will commit to mandatory vaccinations when announced, and still others won't store food for other reasons. Mandatory vaccinations could begin as early as January, and announcements for them could ring out as early as September. Store shelves will vanish when they announce it, unless the powers forbid over-purchasing. Have cash at home for food purchases because paying by debit card records all your purchases. You can begin to see why the powers want to go cashless, to keep people from buying too much of what the powers make illegal. The goons have another option besides making a law to limit food purchases, and that's to NOT go mandatory (in which case people won't need to store foods).

If the powers don't do mandatory this winter, and you've stocked up, consider it your training program for when they do it at a later time. I'm going to keep my stored foods as long as possible, aside from the store-bought dried goods (like bagged garden produce) that can be replaced easily to my shelves. Just start eating your food, replacing it as you eat it. I'm in the habit of dropping raw kidney beans, dried lentils, dried chick peas, and dried green peas, for example, into a glass of water every two or three days. I leave them sit in water for about two days, then toss away the water and throw them into a pot for making pasta or rice (for rice-tuna salad usually). It's a way to use up those veggies fairly fast and easy. I pour the pasta sauce into the pot while the whole batch of pasta with veggies are boiling, as when one makes a stew or chili. The sauce gets deeper into the foods this way.

I buy pasta sauce in mason jars or similar so that I can re-use them for my storage foods. The metal lids should seal fine regularly when re-using these jars. It seems like nonsense for the manufacturers to frighten people into not re-using the lids. The lids cannot become non-functional by simply taking them off the jar once or twice. The lids are not that susceptible to break-down, obviously. The lid is as good after you've unscrewed it from the jar as when it was first screwed on. Nothing has changed. Don't be deceived. Even so, know your lids. You can easily tell if a lid is popped up versus popped down. Eat jarred food only if the lid is popped down, this is not rocket science. If the lid isn't sealed, the lid pops up. I trust you know the difference between up and down, duh.

On Rhodian Globalism, or The Damned, or The Fools, or call it what you will:

Did you notice that Rupert Murdoch (Fox boss) is said to be, or to have been, part of the Council on Foreign Relations?

They have spent so much on globalism, they won't let it slip away just because some people and nations don't want it. This is going to get suicidal when they see it slipping away, with nothing they can do about it. Isaiah says hands will hang limp, with people helpless to do anything about what they see coming. Can't we see a little of that starting now, with lawlessness going first? The four horses aren't even out of the gate yet. When the time arrives, be on your best, low-key behavior. Don't even let them know you exist, because, I think, God will give them things to do when they start to attack us, to preoccupy their money and time so that getting us won't be their priority. They're going to have their hands full, calamity after calamity. Don't forget that part. Yes, they will announce their war against us, but they will also get plagues to deal with. Like, just when one of them is about to pull the trigger on us, God's cannon ball plows through the wall behind the shooter.

These fools may pat themselves on the back for infiltrating political parties, schools, etc., but they cannot control everything and everyone. They have influence, but so do we if we speak out. They can control by force, but that will be their undoing. Nobody likes a powerhouse who controls by force but the few who get bribed to an active part of it. Hurry, fools, make you move today, for God is itching to fire a cannon ball down your throats. Good riddance greedy, Godless destroyers. They won't even show their faces. They prefer to live in secrecy, like trolls, or snakes in the grass. So, God is about to bring satan incarnate, who speaks his mind, who reveals his true colors, and he will take to himself all the wicked, and there will be no more duplicity from the snakes in the grass, no more hiding, no more speaking out of their two faces, but the system will be bare on the table for all to see. Our job: resist and despise it. Don't fight against it, just close the door and wait for the Fury of God to pass by.

When they front leaders such as bozo Clinton and wacko Gore, then faggot, Obama, then disgusting Biden after laughable Hillary, does that look to you like a recipe for world control, or world disaster? You got it. Just look at the shape of their globalism right now; with all of their "controls," they are creating chaos, uncertainty, confusion, division, and everything else that is not conducive to empire. How is this going to create anything laudable, or solid? The globalists are revealing themselves to be jokes. They don't even seem to mind showing the world that they will silence the opposition. We could laugh and laugh at them, except that they are lunatics who'll punish us if we don't give them what they want, control over us. Like I said, lunatics. Their definition of a global government: obey me or I'll slap you in jail. Wow, so awesome, so praiseworthy, so brilliant, so constructive.

Okay, so they have their fingers everywhere, but the question is: what are they doing with their fingers? If they boast in controlling things, then they need to apologize for so much that's rotten. Who else do we blame for world conditions now but those who pride themselves in infiltrating and controlling governments? It's not a wonder they are hiding, they have nothing to boast about. The world is falling apart under CFR leadership. Look at how their media are causing unity -- puke. How can a cheater be any good for an empire? How can satan make anything solid when he can't even tell the truth? We could laugh and laugh at him, except that he's a killer.

I make my own flat bread, in a pan, an inch thick every two days. I am no longer buying any bread. I like the thickness of semi-flat bread so much I don't mind the work, though I wouldn't do it without the bread machine to mix the dough. Instead of making sandwiches with the flat bread, I'm now having a small pizza or two every time I make the bread. I don't yet know how to make special pizza dough, but my regular bread dough, consisting of 2 cups white flour and 1.75 cups of brown, tastes just fine in a pizza. I mix it with less than a quarter teaspoon each of garlic powder, Italian seasoning, onion powder and ginger powder (not sure if the ginger helps or hurts, but I can't taste it).

I take a quarter of the whole batch to make an eight-inch pizza, top it with about a tablespoon of spaghetti sauce (not too much or it will taste like spaghetti sauce), thick chunks of sausage (or ground beef if I've got some left-overs), chopped old-cheddar cheese (yum-yum) on TOP of the sausage, and paper-thin slices of onions. Then sprinkle garlic salt, Italian seasoning, and black pepper on the pizza toppings. That's all, no pepperoni, no special pizza sauce, no special pizza dough, no mozzarella; it's different, and tastes great. I don't roll the dough flat because I want it thick. I've got a little yeast in it, and it's just hand stretched after left to rise a while. It almost fills me to satisfaction, making it worthwhile to fuss making my own bread in the first place.

But what happens if we can't but electricity or propane? I would hate the need to start a fire every morning just to get food. But that's the way people did it for centuries. Cooking with a solar-power electrical system requires a big system ($$$). There's no word in prophecy about the end-time church starving to death, and, aside from Revelation 13, no word on our being unable to buy our needs or operate in the usual way. We don't have any details on our flight into the wilderness that Revelation 12 speaks of. In Matthew 24, Jesus says that flight from Judea, in the midst of war, might be horrible for children and their parents, suggesting sudden hardships in the wilderness. But this is different from a flight into the wilderness in time to prepare foods and other needs. And so Jesus seems to be warning Christians in Israel to prepare early, because if they wait until the invasion is coming in, it's going to be harsh even if it's in planting season. If they don't even plan on getting seeds, how will they eat? Where are they going to get seeds with cruel Palestinians rising up against them who've longed to punish Israelis?

That's right. When the anti-Christ comes storming in with Arabs of all kinds, with "the many" who've made a pact with him against the Israelis, a large percentage of Palestinian Israelis will punish the Jewish Israelis. That's what Jesus must be talking about. It's going to be bad enough for a man, how much worse for a pregnant woman and those who have to watch their children suffer too? So, Jesus is not saying to the end-time church in Israel that it should wait until the abomination begins before fleeing Judea, but rather is hinting to prepare before the invasion comes in, and the timing to prepare is given in Daniel 11:21-25, where it seems clear in pointing out a successful invasion of Egypt by the anti-Christ BEFORE he launches an all-out assault against Israel.

The Israeli ambush will come like a storm, and Ezekiel 38 says that the invaders will be all over the mountains. Where in those mountains will the Christians and non-Christian Israeli's live? I imagine that the fighters will take the homes of Israelis. The sooner the invasion is successful, the sooner the fighters will leave the wilderness and house themselves in towns and cities, I assume. I think the invasion will succeed fast, with the Israeli rulers fleeing. I can easily imagine Obama behind this invasion. I don't find it easy to imagine such an invasion under Trump, and by the look of things now, Trump will be president by January 2025, unless the deep-state under Biden finds an excuse to call for martial law to forbid a change in president. Once it calls for martial law unjustifiably, the deep-state's political and media puppets will go into a dizzy tail-spin, like when one takes a club to his own head.

Martial law in the United States will destabilize the Middle East. The Bidenites and their globalist-government goons side with Palestinians. This looks like a good way to explain how the invasion of Israel can occur in the first place. After the Brexit failure for globalists, they don't want to see pro-Trumpers in charge of "their" United States. They will then appear to be crumbling. That's right, the globogangsters think they own the United States. Lunatics. They don't care for Americans. They have committed to the global order, Democrats and Republicans, and trudeau is one of the finks, a very stupid child in a man's body. The flag they operate under is "climate change." That's how to identify them. They operate under COVID and climate change together. They have exposed themselves under these banners, and there are many people opposed to both flags. It's not going well for them; they will need to steal many tax dollars to succeed, and we are watching them use their money-printing machines as we speak in the name of a COVID "crisis." Gangsters with money-printing machines, that's what they are, and Trump has helped them to print lots of money in the name of COVID.

We can trust pro-Trumpers not to capitulate to the gangsters, but we cannot trust Trump. He's RINO material even while giving appearances to oppose RINO's. He opposes RINO's only when they oppose him, but if RINO's partner with him in any agenda, he's kissing their faces off. Don't trust Trump, for he's concerned with his political survival, and that's the very stuff of a RINO, not principle, but self-survival in the political bubble. The deep state is in power now due to Trump's capitulation to the CIA and military. He put a military man as chief of staff in his White House, the first sign that he wasn't serious in cleaning up the swamp. He put a spy for the demonic military in charge of all White-House affairs. He then hired James Mattis to-boot instead of one of his own loyalists. You can't win a war by being that stupid, and so if he wasn't being stupid, he was being a traitor to his own voters. Those are the only two choices, because everyone he hired, until last-minute Ratcliffe, were of the enemy. That looks like duplistic traitor to me.

Here's Tucker revealing a faked Intelligence photo that you would never know was faked by Intelligence's doctoring department. It uses that department LOTS for false-flag operations, especially photos meant for media release;

canada is praised -- Canadian egos are stroked -- by globalists because it happily went along with multi-culturalism. It ruined Toronto with too many different cultures from all over the world too fast, a project of the globalist schemers. Caught early this week, I thought you might like canadian stupidity in the Soviet Union of Peterborough:


Here's all four Gospels wrapped into one story.

For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God.
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