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June 29 - July 5, 2021

Pulitzer's Scanning Machines Did Do the Arizona Scanning After All
The Get'n Graphene Oxide Looks Like Gatesgate
The Apophis Comet Pops Up With Rockefellers
Pre-Tribulationists SHUT UP ALREADY

If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture

COVID Updates

Here's probably the biggest COVID-related story of the week, featuring Jim Jordan, a must hear:

There's only two things to do: 1) find what the 12 fraudsters said on Fauci's conference call; 2 find how they twisted Andersen's arm to make him change his story "willingly." Andersen, the FOOL, an example of how corruptocrats work to cover their crimes. This virus didn't leak accidentally. It was probably a weak virus that was portrayed as dangerous, though more than one may have been leaked. To leak it deliberately, they would need to infect people deliberately without their knowing that they were being used to start a pandemic. Is this what we want for our future, or will the people gang up in sufficient numbers to shoot the politicians down who push it? Will the people believe the fraudsters and thus make the rest of us victims of their schemes, or will they join us and make light of the wickedness of the politicians? We wait to see.

Has Trump apologized for allowing Fauci to lead on the going-forward under his watch? No, Grump doesn't know how to apologize. Grump is the guy who must always have the front seat, who thinks he's too good to sit in the back, and so he won't apologize lest he looks weak. I have news for you, weakling: you're too weak to apologize for your very big mistakes. Instead of apologizing for choosing Sessions, Barr and Wray, he blasts them publicly for serving the deep state. It was Trump who served the deep state, by not making sure he had anti-deep-state leaders. It would have been easy to interview candidates to discover where they were positioned on various matters, and a boss has every right to screen employees before hiring. Trump touted himself as a great and expert businessman, yet he couldn't even get the most-important things right. He will not take credit for his mistakes...because he wants to be president yet again to make fools of his voters all over again.

HE DID NOT WANT ARRESTS under his presidency, clear as day. He had self-appointed "advisors" (deep-state actors like Pence) worming into his most-trusted camp who probably told him, "don't pick such-and-such, they'll make arrests, are you crazy. There will be serious repercussions if you make arrests." FEAR FEAR FEAR. So Trump listened to the bad guys, the moles in his camp, and he danced with them, kissed them at times, waded in the swamp with them, and seeing this fool who didn't keep company with the good guys, they stole the election from him under his nose. There was nothing he could do because he hadn't appointed any good guys into position that could have done something about it. Barr came out, put his thumb on his nose, and wagged the hand toward Grump's face, and stuck out his tongue too, making a demonic face too, mocking the Grump who could do nothing but step aside like a big do-it-all-myself jerk with no team mates. Even his second White-House chief of staff urged him to step down without a fight. Have we ever seen such a loser who touts himself such a winner.

Jim Hoft reporting: "The Guardian reported this week that a majority of the recent COVID deaths in the UK had received the COVID vaccination." There's two ways to look at that: 1) the vaccines don't work well; 2) the vaccines are causing dire COVID in some. Just imagine how many vaccinated people were mild-to-seriously ill whereas they would not have been without the vaccine.

These vaccines supposedly cause the virus to be manufactured by the body, is that not the craziest, riskiest, most-diabolical medical procedure you ever heard of? At least, in the proper sense of a vaccine, they know exactly how much virus they are putting into the body, but when you put into the body a facilitator drug like these new, non-tested "vaccines," to make the body produce the virus, who's to say how bodies will regulate the amounts made from body to body? As the medical people in charge of vaccines know exactly what I've just told you, they are guilty of making people ill, and for murders too, because they knew it would happen to some. The story is here if you care to witness it:

And so I would like to ask the Godless-bastard judge that would stand up for that diabolical trudeau: do you think it's a good idea to receive a chemical composition into your own body not knowing how much virus your particular body will make??? When you phrase it that way, even the Godless-bastard judge is bound to finally understanding the danger. But if you allow the diabolicals like trudeau to explain this vaccine, they will deny you this truth because they are compelled to be obedient to the powers who care NOTHING for the people.

For how long do these "vaccines" make the virus? Forever? Do they make some this year, and more next year, maybe some more three years later? I DON"T KNOW. I've never read anyone whose answered that question. HOW LONG DO THESE DRUGS MAKE THE VIRUS? Ask the Godless-bastard judge whether he knows the answer, when you go before him to tell him why you reject the vaccine. If they don't allow us into stores without a vaccine, we will need to take the government to court. So start saving all the news clips that you will need; the one above is good.

Australia is a great example of proof that powers higher than those in Australia are pushing a freak-out scheme in Australia when there's NOTHING TO FEAR AT ALL (no need to listen for more that four minutes): a

Beware. Sky News Australia is pushing vaccines even while raging against the COVID scam. It's the Trump mentality, sure to turn you into a sickly-looking stag. I assume that canada and australia are being iron-fisted because the gangsters know that most Canadians and Australians are resisting the vaccine. But even in gangster-England this week, a medical group demands that the government cease ALL vaccinations. As has been roundly made clear to all governments (through VEARS numbers), there have been more deaths, maimings and illnesses from the COVID vaccinations, ALREADY, than by all other vaccinations in all of global history. Yet as the trudeaus and bidens of the globogoons continue to vaccinate at high-speed rates, what does it tell you? The murder program is DELIBERATE. I wonder, how does the Rothschild family feel about this program? I WONDER. No word yet from the Rothschilds on what position it / they takes.

I keep hearing the report that only about 1% of adverse cases are reported to the government agency, VAERS. I'm waiting to discover where this story comes from. If true, then the death / maiming rates are 100 times what VAERS is reporting. Can that possibly be true. Can the leaders at VAERS be that evil? Who controls Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System? Was it named as a trick because it's task was to hide most adverse events? VAERS is controlled by the CDC and FDA in the United States, the same groups that brought us the COVID scare in tandem with Fauci's loads of crap under Trump-driver oversight. If vaccinations is their game of the future for us while Trump is HIGHLY pro-vaccine, why does he still have a voter-base roar? Wonders never cease. Pick someone else for 2024, STUPIDS. Anyone can beat Biden as long as election-fraud systems can be canceled. Pick an anti-globalist, anti-vax president, duh. All the election-fraud media channels are pro-Trump.

Pick Jesus For 2024, Or Else

A Godless person is one who doesn't want God, who never checks in with Him, never strives to have His Spirit, who cares not to have the Truth. The Truth is: God Lives. There is no greater thing of importance. To appreciate God Lives is to invite God, and thus to find God. We cannot find God unless God makes himself found. To seek God leads to kissing Jesus, not with the lips of course, but with the human spirit. God arranged that the spirit may meet with him, and not just meeting to talk, but through what we call, worship. Worship can be defined as gladly giving one's inner self to God's Spirit. It's health to the mind, body and some circumstances of worldly life, like water to a tree.

He wants people who worship in Spirit and in truth. How do we worship in truth? When we give ourselves over, and find oneness with the Spirit, it's because God allows it. If He's not allowing it, it's not in truth. If he's not allowing it, something's wrong with us. If we find Him, He appreciates it, and so we come to appreciate it because we have merged, become strongly one for a time. We may have disconnects with the Spirit, but we can come feast repeatedly to regain our strength in Him. Worship is the peace of Oneness with God, peace because God is not afraid, and so we adopt His peace, an inner peace.

If you're a true Christian, you know what I'm talking about. This is the new treasure for which we sell everything we own in order to possess it. The secret meeting with God is EVERYTHING once we experience it. It's KNOWING God. It's part of why He made the Creation, for literal INTIMACY with people. Once you taste God, you never take seriously the accusation of Godless-bastards that God is cruel. Once you know God, you know they are demon-possessed. If they do not want to know God, God gives them over to the opposite of what He is, and they are forced to commune with evil spirits who infest their minds, and then also their inner rooms. No matter that the Godless try to remain sane, they veer toward becoming lunatics. We are seeing them expose themselves as lunatics today; their fruit has become HYPOCRISY INCARNATE because they have no hold of truth. They fail to be principled because they have no CONNECTION with TRUTH.

It's best to worship in what Jesus called a closet. Not a literal closet, but when ALONE with God. Worship is not best done in a "worship service," but if the pastor doesn't teach worship in a closet, then maybe he wants you to think that worship is only at his church. Bad. Yes we should meet with one another, but I do not think we should meet as huge churches to simply go through the ropes of pew sitters. People can sit beside one another and not meet. To be one with each other, we need to interact. It is more attuned to spiritual profitability to sit together with snacks or meals after church than to sit together in church, if we are open to talking about God together. If God can speak through a pastor, he can also speak though a dozen people interacting together at a home Bible study. Which seems like the best option to you? What if the pastor goes wayward over the years, but doesn't tell the people; instead, he may feign Christianity year after year. Where's the conduit of God through him to speak the things the people need to hear for the moment?

Anyone can repeat the things we read in the Bible, even people who are no longer connecting with the Spirit. One cannot be defined as a true Christian if he/she is not connecting with the Spirit. A woman preacher can teach the Biblical teachings, but is God acting through her if she preaches? What if God frowns on it? That's why churches have not permitted female pastors over the centuries, just in case God does not approve. I personally don't know what He thinks on the matter, but I do know Jesus was free to chose six female Apostles, yet He chose not one. Why? I don't know.

God can speak through a female as much as through a male, if He wants to. What if He's disappointed with a woman who strives to be a pastor? What if she's upset that women are being shafted when it comes to obtaining "leadership" positions? In that case, she's wrong right from the start to desire a leadership position, for that's the wrong motive for being a pastor, and many males become pastors with such a motive, we may assume. I can imagine some Christians who think too highly of their "spirituality" to be mere pew sitters; they must get into the pulpit limelight or bust. If that's what the new Christian-feminist movement is about, BAD-BAD all around. If some women want to be preachers to show the men that they can teach just as good as men, HORRIBLE is the word. If any man wants to be a preacher to show that he can do it as good as the paster, HORRIBLE is the word.

Instead of teaching the story of David and Goliath, why don't pastors get this brainstorm: turn all the people in church into a David on the day he was unafraid of Goliath? David had his bad days, days when he had no courage, but when one finds God, one grows trust in God, and that's what David had developed by the day he gathered the five stones. Lucky for him on that day, God had accepted him; he had been worshiping in truth. He did KNOW the real God. Lucky for him on that day. But what if a female preacher is playing tackle football with the church on God's face, what will happen to her when the storm comes? What if she's throwing boxing jabs onto God's cheeks as she preaches? What if she congratulates herself, and privately basks in the glory, for taking the job of a male preacher? What if a male pastor glorifies in that he's the only pastor in the church, look at me, I've come a long way?

I suggest that God gave women some personality traits he did not give men...besides being terrified of mice or screaming at things men don't find frightening. I believe women are strong in some things, though I may not know what they are because women have stopped being women. What if God made women with a special guard property to guard their husbands and children from going wrong, yet now that women have gone wrong by chasing a 50-50 deal in the world of the world, might that guarding ability be defunct? If God made women with special properties to HELP men become better (sounds logical), yet she's now trying to make him look like an idiot so that she might more-easily get ahead of him...what happens to those special qualities? It's called burying your talents in the sand.

I've got news for the ladies: you don't need to try hard to make men look like idiots because we do a fine job all on our own, which is why we could use you to make us better, happier. But if you put your foot in front of his leg (to trip him) so that you can glory in looking better than him, you sin. And this is why Christian women should not have any part of the feminist movement. Half of women are willing to kill their unborn babies in order to chase careers, GREAT SHAME. God is calling women to be servants, the greatest calling of all, and yet half of them, when the "need" arises, have become partners with barbaric butchers instead. If you want to see barbarism, get on God's bad side. If you want to be aborted from life, join the feminist movement today. Serve mankind, and become great in the Kingdom of God, GREAT WISDOM.

There was a time when I loved the ladies because they were fun to be with, and then things changed. Play is healthy. Happy is strength. Men could once whistle while they worked. But when the feminists declared war on men, thanks to the anti-Christ goons who saw political benefits in it, there was a new rule: no whistling allowed. Take off your happy face, and especially don't make sexist jokes unless you want the feminine terror to befall you. The entire human race started to get crushed little-by-little under a gloomy force, from face-painted people afraid of mice, because they ceased to operate as God designed. The only reason women paint their faces is because they fear their unpainted faces more than mice.

Feminists cut their hair short like men to dig into our spirits, they think, but still paint their faces because they have no inner beauty. THEY ARE UGLY from their rotten bones. You don't start and conduct a war and look beautiful for it. They expect men in government to fight their war for them, and freaks like Trudeau do it for them. He calls himself a feminist, and loves the praise he gets from dirtbag women who see nothing wrong with the war of the sexes. TRUDEAU DIRTBAG in the trenches with woman at war with God for making them women, they want to be the men. A man who believes that a woman's place is in the home with children has EVERY RIGHT FROM GOD to hire a man instead. A woman who does as much work as a man is entitled to the same pay, but no woman (or any other king of person) should demand from the government that she receive equal pay BY LAW when she's unable to do as much work as a man. Men happen to be stronger, and in many cases can do more work, and besides, there are no pregnancy / raising-children issues when employing men. It's just the way it is.

Some of those men you war against were your own children, STUPIDS. Are you going to war with your own children? Are you giving license to female teachers to make idiots of your sons so that your daughters might excel past them in life? STUPIDS. Are you wanting to marry a man whose turned into a puppet by the new rules of feminism? In this new system, men who rebel shall be declared pigs, not only by the feminists, but by the Godless-bastard anti-Christs who empower them. They will betray their own maleness if they can jab Jesus and His people in the eyes. Beware the men who talk like faggots, a new bad-spirit tactic to make men inferior.

What will happen to ugly women who are unfaithful to God, who fornicate with feminism while leaving Him behind in the dust of their ugly feet? The rocks shall fall. There is a coming a stoning like no one has seen before. Those who call God cruel for stoning the adulteress in old times will be stoned with gigantic boulders. God would stone one adulterer in order to save the entire society from becoming stacked with adulterers, but modern anti-Christs do not see the wisdom in that sort of control-measure, and so their society is stacked with adulterers because they do not even make adultery a crime. If you enter a home to steel a hundred bucks from the cookie jar, you are a criminal, but if you steel the roaming wife for an hour, you're guilty of nothing in the eyes of the law.

To call an anti-Christ a bastard is putting it mildly. The anti-Christ is not only Fatherless, but a contribution to the entire batch of dough. The anti-Christ seeks to make converts to his enterprise, his crusade against the Father, and to beat the Children with a club. In the end times, Jesus said that Christians will beat Christians. You can best find some of these Christian beaters-to-be in the Christian-feminist movement. That's where the goats will lump themselves, when they see the feminist flags waving, and in the final showdown, they will betray Christians as communist pigs betray their own citizens due to demonic impulses acting in their inners. I'd say "hearts," but they will be devoid of hearts at that time.

Of course, being against feminism doesn't mean that people are for wife beatings. It goes without saying: men, be kind and gentle, as Jesus commands. The problem is when feminism is turned into a female-versus-male challenge, growing to every level of mutual existence. But, now, on top of societal divisions caused by feminism, we have a drive to make people racist in the name of anti-racism, just as feminists strived to make females sexist with their anti-sexist facades. Instead of fronting wife beaters for propaganda purposes, the same liberals highlight White cops beating Blacks, making it appear like a pandemic when the reality is that Blacks commit the most crimes / murders per capita. Liberals want the White man to look like the tyrant when in reality Black-supporting liberals are the tyrants...who would oppress women if they are not liberals.

Feminists want us to believe that they are the compassionate ones while men are the animals. To a feminist, a man who appreciates / celebrates his malehood is a peacock to be clipped of his feathers. When did feminists ever take to the streets to celebrate men their protectors? We can all have a little bliss yet because the better women eventually put the feminists in their place.

Christians have a natural acceptance of all "races," and we of course should not view people of different skin colors as different races. That's the term of Western-evolutionist stupids who thought they were superior to Negroes. However, if Negroes, Hispanics, Asians, Jews and Natives continue to vote liberal scums into office, there's a good reason to be divisive, to call them out for ruining society. There's a good reason to be angry with them because liberals have shown us the type of Godless society they are working toward...which is facilitated by Muslims, Jews, and other foreign cults. The "fathers" of America accommodated these cults, predicting that they will persecute Christians in the end when the cults are sufficient in numbers. Afterward, if they have time, they will kill the liberal Whites who empowered them.

So, the temporary, lesser-of-two-evils Christian message going out should be: how dare you? And: choose Jesus for politics even if some politicians are not Christians but favor a fairly-normal society devoid of liberal culture-engineering. Liberal culture can be viewed as the dough mixed with yeast that Jesus spoke of. Aghast, how dare you. The dough is society, and the yeast mixed in are the evil agents. When the foreigners, now citizens, see the weakness of Christians, they will not respect nor protect us. But if we are bold leaders in the fight against anti-Christs, we may be able to dislodge some of the foreigners from the anti-Christs. It is a good chess move if we inform the foreigners that the liberals are atheists by-and-large. The most moronic sorts of political activists today are atheists, and we need to point out why evolutionists are morons, and that atheists are evolutionists. They who plotted to become the head have become the tail (no offense to a body part intended). Atheists / evolutionists make for Stalin's best friends.

Alas, we may be at the FAST end-times already. Prophecy says that, when it starts to happen, it will all go fast. At that time, I expect all Jesus-supporting politics to be thrown to the ground and trampled. One of my concerns is whether magnetofection is being used as part of the False-Prophet empire to invade our privacy, to have spy capabilities over all people. Will God permit them to have this? What if we don't carry cell phones, will we rob the powers of their spy powers over us? Probably. The 666 should force us to cease using cell phones. Can you hack it? Small rural communities of less than 1,000 abound that probably still have wells even if they now use town water. Many of those properties may have deep wells i.e. potable / drinkable water. If such a property could be outfitted with solar panels, one could possibly survive the great tribulation upon it. Otherwise, how would God get every one of the elect a full country property not in a small village?

This is a vital one-minute video to pass around to expose what monster the globalist atheist has become:

There you have it, from 1995, Dr. Pierre Gilbert telling that vaccines will poison bloodstreams and make it possible to control people, via radio waves, turning them into obedient quasi-zombies. I expect God to protect His elect from this project, but what if you take the vaccines?

I put a magnet to my newly-bought beef and chicken this week, to the outer bags, and it stuck on both. But as it turned out, the bags were humid because the meat had come from the store's cold box into my vehicle on a hot day; the humidity caused the stick. On bare chicken, the magnet stuck more because chicken is sticky. But I could feel no magnetic pull. However, I do believe that some vaccinated people are magnetic, and that some vaccine companies have destroyed at least some of the vaccines that create that effect due to the cat getting out of the bag. Hopefully, the magnetic effect was the main reason for the pushing of vaccines, and we may soon rest easier that the push may subside for fear of the powers getting caught. Here's Stew Peters on his latest magneto-effect (I moved the browser off the left margin to get Trump off my screen):

Ms. Ruby claims that some science labs are looking into the magneto-effect, and that they think they've found graphene oxide in the Pfizer vaccine, a material that can, for one, allow motion of micro-body parts with magnets. Makes sense, but why's it in the vaccine, and why haven't other scientists / doctors, until now, discovered the graphene oxide with their electron microscopes? It could be that if an article has "graphene oxide," the article can be buried and never come to light from a search engine...until the topic becomes a full-blown, international story. Maybe they want to send impulses from cell-phone towers into the body to make the graphene cause major depression / ill-feelings, suicides = population control. It's a guessing game at this point.

The video below says that 800,000 doses of vaccines in Israel cost 100s of millions of dollars (= more than $100 per dose). We can see gangsters behind what is otherwise made to look like love for the health of the world. The video says that Israel is destroying these vaccines BEFORE their due date...perhaps because these particular doses contain the criminal elements that must now be hidden.

The anti-Christ canadian media are not telling the country about the arrest of Tim Stevens, a pastor. The spit of God is coming, for this is how the canadian media have been treating Christian protests for at least 40 years, as if the protests don't exist, don't matter:

Churches never created a political machine to handle situations like this. Tim's slated to be in jail for about a month (until July 12) in the least, and instead of 10,000 Christians protesting at the prison, only a couple of hundred??? Jesus said to turn the other cheek, which, in this case, means that we don't jail our enemies in return, but surely we're allowed to tell the truth about the COVID scam in an activist = offensive way. We're allowed to tell that canada is infested with haters, and this jailing is the evidence. Very revelatory. The churches have got to get their act together. It is futile to argue that the charter of rights will win their day in court because there is a point where lockdowns are justified if a pandemic is bad enough to justify it. Instead, the churches need to argue at every opportunity that this "pandemic" is not a pandemic. That's what's going to challenge judges to give the right decisions. As we can see, the global clowns are now introducing delta because they know their first-up at bat has been a strike out. Demand proof that delta is what they say it is.

As children don't die from COVID, and as children don't even get sick, trudeau and similar others are murdering children. The headline: "CDC FINALLY ADMITS THE VACCINE IS KILLING CHILDREN". The anti-Christ media might not even have a running story on this. It may give it a passing mention, and then return to lock-down scare tactics. Imagine if your child were to get to a near-death illness due to the vaccination; there's no other way to look at it if you have a sympathetic heart. Your child or someone else's, it doesn't matter, you still care if you are good enough to be sympathetic. A good leader instantly ceases to vaccinate children, but not trudeau, not biden, because these wicked creatures of Hell are listening to the invisible powers who don't have the ability to sympathize.

Just listen to the first couple of minutes of this video to see that evil prevails in Australia's power systems probably because the evil comes from globopowers of Britain. The same unjustified scare tactics in Australia are in Alberta, yet they are jailing pastors there to show an iron fist, asking common canadians to agree with the iron fist, to contribute their own iron fist, to popularize the iron fist:

The problem with the video above is that the speaker is pro-vaccine in order to end the lockdowns. There are many eyes-shut pro-Trumpers who have this same attitude because Trump does, and so the maimings continue. Has Trump shown any sympathy for those who have been adversely affected? What kind of a demon is Trump? I'm ashamed of the human race.

The wicked know the right things to say on television, but many of them are now speaking less angelic, and more demonic, OPENLY, and calling evil people to gang together to fulfill the evil agendas. They are being called to gang up on Christians, to disconnect them from the world that matters, to stick it to them. And that's why I say that Jesus is the WORTHY KING TO-BE.

When He washed the feet of Peter, he was signalling intimacy between brothers, because that's what pleases God. A God that wants people intimate with themselves and with Himself is not the cruel God that anti-God bastards would have us think of the Biblical God. I thank God that He's cruel against the cruel, isn't that what this world needs right now? Yet just look at His patience, at how much time he gives the peoples to repent. Why does he act so slowly? Because he wants the wicked to condemn themselves more, that they might suffer more cruelty from His hand. He says that he will not be mocked without a dreaded response. They mock now because He's hiding, making them think he doesn't exist. He's watching them fill the cup of their sins to the rim.

There's no proto-elephant in the fossil records, no proto-monkey, no proto-bird. There's not one fossil showing a creature with front feet developing into wings, not one, and the very idea is absurd because a creature would be useless with front limbs that are mainly feathers, yet unable to fly for millions of years. It's absurd also because blind chance doesn't know what air is, doesn't know the density of the air, has no idea what flight is, doesn't know what's available in the body of a creature for flight purposes, doesn't even have a biology degree, and yet we see birds that fly with perfection and great skill. Not only are they able to fly, but they also know how to fly by a built-in program called, instinct. How possibly could blind chance build the abundance of such species?

Yet the bastards over-powered Christians through government and media, and laced the minds of students with their evolution trash, and they wish to propel this lie to their dying days because they consider it a great trophy in their fight against God. Their big win is nothing but big evidence that will testify against them in the Judgment.

There's nothing left but Jesus. Look at the drama as He enters the world stage while the wicked are in the midst of killing off humanity entirely. As that final end is coming, can't we expect to see madmen between then and now? Won't they gang up together? Won't they be dangerous? Might we glean God's strategy to spare us evil from their hands? Might God create a way to force us into secluded country tracts? Doesn't the announcement of the 666 system tell us beforehand that we'll be moving into the country? How else might one survive without making purchases? It doesn't tell us that we'll be able to buy our water but not our foods. It doesn't tell us that we'll be able to buy our electrical power and water in the cities, but not our foods. We've got to assume that we may not be able to buy anything that's vital. And yet there are not enough country properties available for sale for all Christians.

The prediction is that Christians with large properties will accommodate Christian communes on their properties while others settle government-owned lands. The powers will need to decide whether to jail people in such situations, or leave them be. What do you suppose they will decide? They don't have sufficient jails to house the number of Christians who will resist the mark. Many friendly-to-Christian political powers will be over-shadowed by the worst demonic rulers furious that we are trying to avoid their trap. Revelation 12 says that satan will become furious in an all-out assault against us, but that God will swallow up his attack. The only clue I know of for this specific protection is that "the earth opened its mouth" (Revelation 12). Big harvests at that time?

There may be a silver lining to the lockdowns and vaccines: some of us are storing foods because we see the evil, because we see the instability or the potential for sudden calamity. Some are moving out of the cities. At this time, the sale of a tiny city property buys a mansion in the country, and/or a large tract. If you've lived in your own city / suburban house for 25 years or more, you've made a lot of money due to the vast increases in such properties. You haven't paid a dime while the price of your home has gone up in the hundreds of thousands. You have more than enough to supply self/family with four years of food purchases all at once, and lots left over to buy many others their foods too. But, the question is: where will you live?

Or, will you jeopardize your own security by inviting others to live on your land illegally? The powers have this game all rigged by creating single-family properties, even if the property has 100 acres or more. You can't build a second house on your one-million acre property unless it's for your relative. Does this look like the invasion of the iron fist into our lives? Yes, it does. So, the thing to do is to severe your 100 acres while you still have time so that other Christians can move to the property when the time arrives.

One can start the severing process and bring it to the brink without actually severing, and then severe at a moment's notice. That is, you get permission for severing, and after that you can sit on it before severing in case you never wish to severe. To get permission, you need to have no neighbors oppose the severing. Or, if they oppose, you need to successfully shoot down their reasons for opposing. Severing one lot on a 100-acre property is a lot easier than severing a sub-division, but the latter is doable in some cases.

But what if even one-anti-Christ ends up on one of the properties, who becomes a spy for the wicked? It might not matter. If everyone is living legally, what could it matter? If everyone has their own well, their own foods, their own solar panels, doesn't that look like a safe situation to be in, if 20 or more of the properties is owned by Christians and only one has an anti-Christ?

So, someone selling a city property has more than enough money to buy 100 acres, and to build gravel roads upon it to prepare it for severing into a sub-division, with each property being three, four or five acres each. That sounds beautiful. One could even have a common well system (it's going to need one tank per house) to save all owners money for their water. But what if the tribulation doesn't arrive in your lifetime after you've started such a plan?

What if one gets permission to build a trailer park (just empty spots like a camp ground), no severing required? Or, severe with the ability to accommodate motor homes and trailer homes, how almost-perfect for tribulation endurance. It's not perfect because mobile homes are not insulated much, and because trailer homes aren't usually outfitted with wood-stove potential, though arrangements can be made. Get permission to rent small cabins for vacationers, and when the tribulation arrives, those cabins become priceless. In the tribulation, you can charge $1 per month per spot / cabin.

Are you worried that you may not be able to find employment in the country? Build your own camp ground. If you're mortgage free, you won't need much income to pay the bills...though I don't know how much money the government wants for its part in your business. Buy your own excavating machine (a 35D is enough), which will save you tons when building your own septic systems. Build your own gravel roads. Level your own land. Uproot your own trees. Use it to wagon around your firewood. Plows snow too.

Have a common spot for all firewood, but make sure you can legally have all wood-burning homes. Plan on everyone using propane, and when the tribulation is at the brink, order in enough firewood to handle all spots / properties for four years. Dat's a lot of wood even for only 20 cabins / properties. What if your 100 acres is a forest? It's legal for you to cut down as much as ALL of it now, but what will the powers say about this at that time? What if each owner of five acres has fives acres of forest? It's more than enough for three or four years of heat. Depending on the height / species of trees, the land cleared to let sun in for a garden will possibly be enough to heat a home for four years. Perfect. How could a government argue successfully in court against a property owner's right to clear land for a food garden when the powers won't allow that person to buy food at a grocery store? Are judges going to let people starve for the sake of saving the trees?

While Ontario was bribing children with ice-cream to convince them to take a vaccine, with police protection, here's Australia doing what hapless canadians (boooooooooooooooo, go to China, get out of here) have yet to do:

What a great idea: keep the politicians out of vaccine decisions. Here's an American law suit against Fauci, seeking to protect children from vaccines, what took so long?

I would argue in court that any politician who allows a child to be vaccinated, without telling the parent, should be shot dead. I would argue it in court if I had the money to take a politician to court. Here's the evidence, in the first minute of this video (by a daft doctor who goes along with whatever the COVID schemers publicize), that the politicians have been brazen killers along with whatever medical establishments have put thumbs-down on Ivermectin:

Wow, someone actually mentioned the Galveston National Lab in the 10th minute of Bannon's episode 1061. Natalie Winters (National Pulse) says that she got the news "today" (Jun 30) that Galveston, which Fauci funded, was leading seminars on the how to train people at the Wuhan lab to treat or deal with the world's most dangerous chemicals. Here's her story:

Presentation documents from the Director of the Texas-based lab, which describes itself as “constructed under grants awarded by {Fauci’s} National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID),” reveals a multi-year collaborative relationship with the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

...The 2018 Science article highlighted in the slide above was co-authored by GNL Director James Le Duc and Wuhan Institute of Virology Deputy Director Zhiming Yuan and discusses their joint handling of the “world’s most dangerous pathogens.” It also chronicles the two labs “short- and long-term personnel exchanges focused on biosafety training, building operations and maintenance, and collaborative scientific investigations”:

We DIRECT a newly constructed maximum biocontainment laboratory (MCL) in Wuhan, China (Z.Y.), and an established MCL in the United States (J.W.L.), in Galveston, Texas.

I put caps on "DIRECT" because it means that Galveston was (may still be) the boss of the Wuhan programs. It appears that the program was being run by Americans in China with this sneaky Galveston lab's oversight.

Ask why it took so long to discover or publicize what you see in the third minute of this Tucker video:

Here's a doctor who's blind to the COVID scheme, yet he's honest at times. In this case, he says that he's scratching his head, appalled, at governments around the world ignoring the promotion of vitamin D for COVID relief. Why are the governments forsaking D, stupid? How can you still be blind this long after the hoax was evident to many other doctors?

Other News

Late this week:

Over the past couple of weeks, numerous churches have been subject to vandalization across Canada.

Some have been defaced with red paint while others have been completely burned to the ground but you won't hear about it in the media.

It took Prime Minister Justin Trudeau nearly a week before he even addressed these crimes and unsurprisingly he did so in as few words as possible saying "it's not the way to go" (Rebel News).

If it were Christians burning down masonic halls, it would be front-page everywhere with the military activated. See any problem here? Maybe trudeau feels that he's partially responsible for the church burnings since he's loving the jailed pastors. He's giving a secret sign to anti-Christs to attack churches, isn't he? Rebel News is reporting DOZENS of churches burned. However, nobody else seems to be mentioning dozens. How does one hide that from national news? The murder of Native children in Canada is in the news this week. Put this story beside what I'm hearing, that some/most of the burned churches are on native lands:

The media don't think that the murder of children by a catholic school is worthy of national news??? What were the reasons for the killings? Where else were children missing? Unspeakable evil. satan in the catholic church.

Gateway Pundit: "A judge has ordered Ghislaine Maxwell to turn over a trove of secretive documents in the next two weeks, including financial records revealing the 'funding received from the Clinton Global Initiative and the Clinton Foundation.'" O goodie. "The judge demanded Maxwell additionally turn over correspondence from a 'secret' email account she used to communicate with Epstein while Giuffre was trafficked. Maxwell previously breached a court order to hand over the “undisclosed email account.'" Double goodie. Or so it seems. The documents may be cherry-picked to expose no criminality, and then media stories on them will take up news time in the thick of the Arizona-audit report (to drown out the latter).

Late this week, Moseder put out an excellent, hopeful video in the fight to alter Internet censorship. I think you will like this video's content almost as much as his hat:!-NOW-WHAT-!:f

Why is this story coming out only now:

Agents Raid Home in Maricopa County in Voter-Data Theft Investigation — Confiscate 8 Hard Drives, 3 Computers and a Bag of USB sticks

On November 5th Arizona federal officials raided a home in the Fountain Hills area in Maricopa County. The agents confiscated eight hard drives, three computers and a bag of USB sticks. The house belongs to 56-year-old Elliot Kerwin. The agents were looking for evidence of a cyberattack on an unnamed organization and stolen voter data. …

What is the FBI doing with this "investigation"? Did the FBI seize the computers to protect the story from getting out to the public? I don't know the details, but I do know that Biden's DoJ and FBI bosses are not making this a story at this time when it ought to be. I'm ashamed of this world. I'm sorely disappointed that I was born at this time. My world has become sick, and it's going to be sicker by the sick in power. The sick are ruling.

Last week, Mark Finchem said that there would be a preliminary report, early this week, on the Arizona audit. But Karen Fann then came out to say that she didn't give any such order. It sounds as though there were talks ongoing to get this report out, but then Fann decided against it because the enemy was screaming against it. So, Fann has given the enemy more time to sabotage this audit's final report. The audit is almost complete, but the enemy still has opportunity to disallow the official report.

Note Mr. Pullen in the quote below, for the Pulling/Pulit surname I've been emphasizing lists a Pullen variation:

The Arizona state Senate will need to request routers and passwords that are being withheld by Maricopa County election officials to complete the audit of the 2020 election results, said an audit spokesman, while State Senate Leader Karen Fann said county executives still haven’t delivered several “missing items” related to a court-ordered subpoena issued earlier this year.

Randy Pullen, a spokesman and liaison for the effort, said Thursday that after speaking with state Senators, they will determine the next steps to take. Some electronic data stored by Maricopa County needs to be evaluated by the audit team.

I'm not sure whether the sentence means that Randy Pullen is a spokesman for the audit team generally, or whether he's now also a liaison (= frontal-attack man) for the get-the-routers effort. The waist-pulling event that brought the Pullings/Pulits to topic had looked like a pointer to PULITzer, but maybe it points to Pullen, or maybe both. What are the chances that: 1) while Pulitzer is of Arizona, Pullen is part of the Arizona effort; 2) Pulitzer has a ballot scanning system while Arizona just conducted a ballot-scanning audit? Pullen was previously the chairman of the Arizona Republican Party. (Load Pulling/Pulit link now to have access, on another tab, to other Coats of Arms that follow.)

There is a router-like Reuter/Roytter surname (in Rout/Root colors) sharing a giant horse upon a gold Shield with DePERNo's, and while the latter look like a branch of Pero's/PERINO's, "Per" is a motto term of Reuters/Roytters. One thing is: MATTHEW DePerno is a lawyer against election fraud in Michigan, where Mitt Romney's father was governor, and then the Romneys use part of the Pulling/Pullen Coat. English Matthews share the red scallop with Pullings/Pullens and Romneys. Welsh Matthews (share LaFIN/La Font Coat) have a giant lion in the colors of the giant DePerno horse, and the "fyn" motto term of Welsh Matthews can indicate the Fins/Feins sharing the Finchem Coat. Mark Finchem of Arizona's legislature, fighting election fraud.

New: Fins/Feins were first found in Burgundy with the Oullette-branch AULNays and MATHIS'/Mathieu's, and then ALNwicks happen to share the moline cross of Mathis' and Moline's. The latter are from the Falaise family while Oullette's were first found in Falaise. What might we make of "Falaise" looking like "false" while Oullette's use three of the two Flag fesses? Feltmans can even be gleaned as kin of Flag-related Palmers, especially as Flags were kin of Felt-like Fleets.

The Alnwick Crest is a red rooster, symbol of Cocks expected in the "Moorcock" of Oullette's. Alnwicks were first found in Northumberland with Phoenix's/Fenwicks. As Cocks share the Grimaldi Shield, it's notable that the Mathis'/Mathieu's share the star of Fisks/Fiscs (PYRamid), for Grimaldi's were partners with Fieschi, the line to Face's/Fessys said to have been at Alnwick. Note that the Fisk motto ("ad"), which looks like it includes Ada of Warrene (her father was from Surrey), probably has "Macte" as code for the Madge's/Mackets (Surrey), a branch of COCKatrice-using Muggs/Mudge's (Surrey). (Compare Clappers of Surrey to Cocks.)

PRESleys have a cockatrice too. The BELLY-PRESS event with Miss PEARE pointed to BILL BAILEY, for Matt DePerno is his lawyer in opposition to Michigan's election fraud. Plus, Miss Peare pointed on multiple counts to the "bello Christi" motto phrase of Bouillons, and Bello's are listed with BALLOTs, a branch of Bill-connectable Billets.

DePerno-like Perins were first found in Lorraine with the Loys/LOUIS' who almost have the Rout/Root Coat. The latter's lozenges are in the colors of the Pennington lozenges, and Miss Peare's friend, LOUISe Phillips, worked at Pennington's clothing when I first met both ladies, while Peare was working in the same mall at REITmans clothing. The two ladies, some four decades later, appeared on a stage, in a mall, in my dream, and then the dream ended with Peare on my stage, as I pulled her waist and hips toward me. Hips' almost have the Phoenix/Fenwick Coat, and while Perins use an "allerion," a BEAKless eagle, Beaks essentially share the Fin/Fein / Finchem fesses while Fiens/Fane's/Vans are a Phoenix/Fenwick branch. Phoenix is the Arizona capital.

I find it even more incredible that German Loys share the BABE leopard face while Babe's (Dorset, same as Beaks) were kin of Beaks (another gold leopard face). The Loy leopard faces are shared by FELTmans (Middlesex, same as BABwells/Babels) while the belly-press and hips-pulling events were both of the it-FELT-so-GOOD pointers. The Feltman Coat is a version of the Bathurst Coat (shares gold patee with Scottish Bennetts), and I lived on Bathurst avenue (decades ago) in the home of the BENNET(T)s as little as a month before my last outing with Miss Peare. Ken Bennett is another liaison for the Arizona / Phoenix audit. English Bennetts look like kin of English GOODs. Okay, that's largely a repeat (over the past several weeks) but with some new things worked in.

Perins have an eagle in the colors of the Este eagle and Segni/Segurana eagle, tending to verify that Perins are a Peare/Pearl branch because the latter were Tien kin while Squirrels/Square's use a "Tiens FERME" motto. The Azzo's, first found in Fermo, were obviously from Azzo of Fermo, founder of Este, you see, and while Fieschi were in Genova, that's where Segni's/Segurana's were first found while Azzo-like Assi's use a Fieschi-like fasces symbol. Peare's/Pearls can be gleaned as loving the Fieschi-branch Face's/Fassys/Vase's ("SIGNo VINCes") in their leopard faces. Vince's are listed with Finch's having one of the triple Finchem / Beak / Fin/Fein fesses.

The double-headed eagle of Azzo's is that also of German Belows while Ballots are Bellows too, and moreover the German Below Crest shares the gold spread eagle with the Phoenix/Fenwick Crest. German Belows were first found in Pomerania with Trumps, and the "chalice" in the Crest of English Belows is linkable to the Call/Calles surname showing only trumpets.

The horizontally-split Azzo (and Carrick-connectable Lawn/Lane) Shield is that also of Groce's/Greggs while Craigs and Greggs were Carrick kin. Carricks were kin of Scottish Kennedys while Irish Kennedys (Tipperary, same as LaFINs/La Fonts) love the LaFins/La Fonts in their motto. The Neils can be in the "Nil" motto term of Vince's/Finch's (Hertfordshire, same as Press'/Prests and Chalice's) while Neils (ESToiles) share the Chief of Press'/Prests (the belly press points to the latter).

On a June-30th show from Stew Peters, Pulitzer said "so far, about 23 states have come through Arizona, [they] watched everything WE did..." That sounds like Pulitzer's revealing that he's part of the audit, perhaps a thing he was commissioned not to reveal. At the three-minute mark, he admits that the Arizona audit used his scanning machines. It appears that he was not to reveal this until after the audit had ended:

The new leader of the Southern Baptist Convention, Ed Litton, is looking like a fake Christian. You can skip the introduction in this video below to see his plagiarism starting at 9 minutes:

Litton was copying the former leader of the Southern Baptist Convention who was himself copying another preacher. I get the impression that some top and secret "organization" is feeding material to church leaders because it puts poison-teaching into the churches, and because it wants to infiltrate whole denominations. In the case of the plagiarism starting at the 9th minute, the message concerns a down-playing of faggotry. The faggotry that entered some whole denominations decades ago is now seeking the Baptists too. There have been other warnings and signs in the past that the Southern Baptists had been infiltrated. How does this happen? Baptists allow it. The same tactics used for political infiltration are used. For how long has some of the money raked in by the SBC gone to the fakes in charge? We know that fakes are after money too. The time has come to cease attending churches that are tied to denominational headquarters receiving a portion of the money. Start home churches, and get more personal.

In the 25th minute, we discover a team of eight sermon writers writing on Litton's behalf. This can explain why churches are not attacking political moves, from the pulpit, that war against Biblical values. The denominations are infiltrated by fakes who disallow such speak. They might say, "stick to the word," and leave politics alone. Sure, and they would also urge liberals into the take the leadership positions. Sure. They secretly hold to things like evolution, and they are secretly worldly in many regards, and they work quietly to fulfill the infiltration of other like-minded ones. Sure. What we need is God's fuller revelation of where these fakes come from, whether from an arm of the political deep state (it shouldn't surprise us).

If eight men are contributing to sermon creations, all eight are corrupt because anyone who's not corrupt does not contribute to it, but exposes it. All eight are knowingly propping up a fake pastor. How possibly can it get to the point that such a pastor gets chosen to lead the entire denomination unless other infiltrations have occurred to facilitate it? They make church goers into their fools and tools. They are there to steal from them, to use them, not to contribute anything. While society burns around them, they are fed a 30-minute sermon on the ins and outs of one Biblical sentence, as if that sentence's meaning is not readily apparent but needs a full-blown elaboration.

Should we ask whether God approves of this system we now have, where a pastor prepares a sermon weekly or biweekly? He calls it a "service," and makes his living from it. The members pay his bills, and then pay to send his children to college to be corrupted there by hard-core poisons. Do you think that pastors could get tired of creating their own sermons? I've heard that some of them have books of sermons they simply copy. Is that allowed? No, for if a pastor would be ashamed to tell his people that he's copying from a sermon of 25 years ago, then he knows he should not be doing it.

Is it really true that a pastor's number one job is to feed the flock? Can't the sheep eat on their own? Are the sheep illiterate? Can't they read and think for themselves? What is so difficult about the core teachings of Jesus? In my early 20s, people of the same age were able to grasp the core teachings without a problem, and they were eager to know the teachings. These sheep ate all on their own, no need for a pastor to feed them. But if churches have people whom have never feasted on their own, whom have had no desire to know Jesus from His own words, how did they come to be in the churches in the first place?

I have no idea what's going on from church to church (there are so many of them, they cannot be all the same), and neither does anyone else, but some things are becoming known, and infiltration of denominational offices is one of them. By their fruits the fakes have revealed themselves, and we expect fakes to empower themselves with more fakes by their side. Benny Hinn is not going to choose the apostle Paul to be his top assistant, not even the second in command.

I have never become an official member of any church because the idea is absurd. People don't need to sign a piece of paper to be a member of the Church of Jesus. Sure, the fakes would want your commitment to remain in the church, sure. Sign 10-percent of your bank account away, become a member today. If a church demands "tithes," get out of that church. Infiltrations into denominations have been an issue for decades to the point that Christians have stopped attending church. I don't want to be used for my money. The time has come for pastors to cease receiving money to teach the Word. The time has come for pastors to cease giving official sermons. There is more than one person in a church who can give a message.

Pastors should stay acquainted with the sheep to help them out in case there are any needs, checking for weakened faith, for example. Pastors should bond the people, create gladness amongst brothers, and urge voices against our enemies who pollute society, for society is partially ours. A poisoned society affects the sheep. A good pastor attacks the wolf, calls God down upon him. We have just witnessed pastors in jail with almost no voices against the enemy from the thousands upon thousands of other pastors. It's time to change this. Start a home church today, and abandon the denominations. The enemy will not be able to infiltrate the many home churches. The enemy prefers to infiltrate large bodies.

To be sure, faggotry is indeed an affliction, because Paul says that God afflicted the vile with it. Yes, as they were sinful in the first place, God gave them over to it that they might suffer shame in their own hearts. I assume that He opened their doors to demons to afflict them. So, when queers say that they can't help themselves, I assume it's their demons who overpower them. Anti-Christs would say that this is a natural, nothing-to-be-ashamed-of "choice," and thus they try to whitewash a shameful plague with blood on their hands for calling the murder of babies "therapeutic procedure." Do we have any doubts that this type of "humanity" wouldn't also kill in other forms of population controls?

You know that the powers are guilty of killing and maiming people because dishing out the vaccine is so important to them that they will deem any doctor who raises concerns as worthy of being gagged in media. Doesn't that pose the possibility that COVID and vaccines are population-control plots too? Here's a doctor, if you like biological technicalities, who is pro-COVID vaccine but who's doing a show with a concerned doctor to satisfy his anti-vax viewership:

The concerned doctor, Geert Vanden Bossche, says that vaccinated people are expected to shed COVID variants whereas this would not have been much the case had the powers not vaccinated the masses. So, ask: is this not a deliberate, mass-depopulation plot? It sure looks like it is to me. The Godless bastards have no fear of a God they think does not exist. That's what's so scary about them. The powers will become VERY HAPPY to admit that, oops, vaccines do shed variants, because they can then continue their lockdowns, and administer more vaccines. Diabolical, worthy of cruel death.

Bossche advocates natural immunity because whatever COVID is, even if it's being lumped in with other flus, is not usually able to kill people in the workplace. In other words, forget the vaccines, exactly what the powers will fight tooth-and-nail against even though science is not on their side.

Have you ever dug up a piece of old-rusty steel that has formed what look like steel warts or knots that were not part of the steel to begin with? As I write here Saturday, I found an old square-shaped, 5-inch spike yesterday in my dirt. It came to mind just now because the video above is on SPIKE proteins, injected with the COVID vaccines, and these vaccines cause blood CLOTs, which are like the warts on the rusty spike. These warts are about a quarter of an inch round, and there's two of them side-by-side. Of additional / compelling interest is the square's use a "teins" motto term for the Tien/TEIN kin of Peare's, and while Peare's are PERO kin, often in "Pro" motto terms look at "proTEIN." How about that. Did God arrange the square nail to warn against receiving the spike proteins? Spike/Specks/Spocks even use a porcupine i.e. with NEEDLES!

My understanding is that the spike proteins are like quasi-COVID viruses produced inside the body by the vaccines. I'm not up to speed on the technicalities, but I think the COVID schemers would have us believe that the spike proteins are fake COVID viruses to fool the body into making antibodies against COVID. But there's more to the injections because vaccinated people are not dying of a run-amuck antibody reaction, but of other problems that would not arise if these were ordinary vaccines.

As Bossche says above, the vaccines are producing lower amounts of antibodies than the body would naturally from a natural infection, and this is what he thinks allows the spike proteins -- the fake viruses -- to "get away" from the immune system to form COVID variants. BUT WAIT. How can the body produce full-blown COVID variants if the spike protein is only a fake COVID virus, not the real thing? Or, if the spike proteins formed by the vaccines are only a small part of the COVID virus, how can the body produce the full viruses? Whatever their manufactured spike proteins are, they look like viruses to me (not necessarily COVID), therefore, and I'm suspicious as to how they got into bodies in the first place. How can people get flu-like symptoms immediately after vaccination unless there are full-blown viruses injected with the "vaccines"?

The stupid-looking "spikes" that you see on drawing of a COVID virus are called the virus' spike proteins (they attach to cells in your body). The masters of this scheme would have us believe that they have reproduced those spike proteins. Are you sure you want their product attaching itself to your cells??? Are you crazy? Are you going to play into their hands to give them more power to infect us all with their vaccines? Are you going to be a willing accomplice to their horrific plots? Here's a short video of a pro-vaccine man reading from a script, telling that the material injected by the vaccinations is soon destroyed by the body before long, and in the meantime, while it's making spike proteins, can do not harm to the body. But if that's true, why are so many medical people saying otherwise:

There are some doctors claiming that this virus does not exist as a virus, but is a part of the body, mistaken as a virus. If they are correct, it enlarges the scope of the hoax. Do we really think that in a few months, scientists were able to replicate the virus' spike protein? Or is this a part of the hoax in order to give us vaccines for wholly other purposes? The discovery of manufactured spike proteins was in 2016, a year before Fauci announced that a new pandemic would start under Trump's first term. Like, um, we have a new way to cure COVID flus, so why not start a global pandemic and make billions on curing them. We'll give this new virus elephant trunks to give the poor slobs a clue that this is our circus come to town:

Here's a 2016 headline posing graphene oxide as a positive thing: "Functionalized graphene oxide serves as a novel vaccine nano-adjuvant for robust stimulation of cellular immunity". But what if the positive side of this chemical was being fronted to the public in case they got caught using it for COVID vaccines where there's no need for it in protecting against a virus?

Here's a 2021 headline that could be pure damage control: "Graphene oxide gives a boost to new intranasal flu vaccine". Intranasal? Like up the nose? Like really close to the brain? Hey buddy, how-bout snorting some graphene oxide into your brain, wanna fast the hospital?

Researchers at Georgia State University and Emory University have developed an intranasal influenza vaccine using recombinant hemagglutinin (HA), a [spike] protein found on the surface of influenza viruses, as the antigen component of the vaccine.

They also created a two-dimensional nanomaterial (polyethyleneimine-functionalized graphene oxide nanoparticles) and found that it displayed potent adjuvant (immunoenhancing) effects on influenza vaccines delivered intranasally.

That sounds a lot like the COVID vaccines now being pushed by the illicit-drug pushers, biden, trudeau, and a whack of other Western arses. It's like when the cocaine pusher tells your teens that cocaine's good for them, and trudeau legalizes it, giving the parents no say over the teen's decision.

What if it's just a lie that graphene oxide is an immunization-booster tool? What if the so-called booster shots are the ones laced with graphene oxide? By the way, this chemical has the official short form, GO. Might "Get'n Go" be God's pointer to Bill Gates' role in pushing graphene oxide? As I said, the Get'n Go event was simply my seeing the knees of Miss Hicks through the glass DOOR of the GET'n Go gas bar / corner store, and while English Doors have a good reflection of the Gate/Gatt Coat, Irish Doors/Doorleys and Dorals share the Gate/Gatt lion.

Scottish Doors almost have the Coat of Irish McGee's while Go-like Gows are also McGoo's. Miss Hicks is also Mrs. Kilpatrick, and so let's add that Scottish McGee's (Get-like Geth liners) were first found in Dumfries with Patterson-branch Kilpatricks. Irish Pattersons (share drops with Kilpatricks), with Ui-Maine family ties along with Irish Doors, are also CASSane's...tending to explain why English Cassane's have three of the two Maine chevrons. The Kilpatrick cushions can be expected for a Cassane branch. Like I said, the last time I can recall seeing Mrs. Kilpatrick was at her large GATE when she was greeting Mr. CASey (her uncle-in-law) there. Scottish Caseys were first found in the GLASgow area, which can be read as "GlasGOW," you see. It's as though God set me up driving by her ranch gate while Mr. Casey was there momentarily. He was at my house earlier that morning. In her Sleeping-Beauty dream concerning her knee, I was transported from the shoreline of a beach to the DOOR of her car.

Hmm, he was at my house earlier that morning because I called him in the list my house for sale. He was a REAL-estate agent, and French Reals, hmm, almost with the Coron/CORONA Coat, were first found in Forez with Fauchs. That looks like another set-up by God. The Real and Coron Coats look linkable to French Carons while Irish Carons share the white camel head with Pattersons/Cassane's. Amazingly, French Carons were first found in Cruelly while Crulls/Cruels (porcupine, with NEEDLES) share the Gow/McGoo fleur-de-lys. The Gow/McGoo Crest even shares the thistle design in the Fauch Crest. Spike's use the porcupine too, and, for what it's worth, Leakey is in Real county.

However, as the Get'n Go event was on the night I sat with Mrs. Kilpatrick at our church's memorial for the first anniversary of 9-11, how could that massive crime (needed the military, FBI and CIA in unison to protect the gangsters) be connected to the COVID scheme? Here's a July-4 video of a guilty Bush refusing to be interviewed alone, without Cheney, by the 9-11 Commission. In other words, the two did not want to be questioned separately because they feared they couldn't keep their stories straight, but the 9-11 Commission agreed to their being questioned together because its leaders were complicit with covering the crime.

I think that's all very interesting, that Sleeping Beauty at the Get'n Go can be indicating Bill Gates' connection to GRAPHene oxide, and that's without the additional point that the Gates lion is also the GRAFF lion! How about that. Plus, wow, Karen Graff was in Gormley along with me while Gormleys are also Grimes' while Grime's share the fesse-with-martlets of Fate's/Feets expected in the "FATO" motto term of martlet-using Cheneys. Then, while the Graff lion holds an anchor, the Majors in the Cheney motto use a giant anchor, and share a red Crest with Anchors, the latter using a red bull head to go with the "bull's scalp" in the Cheney Crest.

Plus, she is KAREN Graff, a daughter of Simon who still had his German accent. The Bushites were Americanized Nazis seizing American power structures, and here I can go back to the SHOPping cart that I was RIDING (mentioned in the last update) that pointed to the presidential-Bush descent from George Herbert Scherff, Nazi, for Shops have variations like, and can be solidly connected to, the Schere's/Scherfs, and Ridings/Readings share the black boar with Bush's. The point here is that the Shop Coat is almost that of Irish Carons who have a Karen-like Caren variation, making Karen Graff look like a pointer to the Nazi's of the Bush family. Amazingly, as I've said many times, I rode the shopping cart down a long paved ROAD, and German Roets can be gleaned as Karen/Kern kin! AMAZING. Did Bush have ties to China? "Neil Bush's [George's brother] ties to Chinese-owned companies have drawn public scrutiny..."

Those who've read my older updates know that the scene immediately after the riding of the shopping cart had Mr. DeSIMONE, the previous owner of my Jeep. And now we have Simon Graff. I've told at least twice, that Simon Graff would come talk to my father, as he and I built our home, smoking a pipe and drinking a beer. Pipe's share the Pepin Coat while Pepins share a camel in Crest with Carons/Carens!!! AMAZING. What are the chances? German Camels share the griffin of Graff-like Griffins.

We know that De-Beers was bought out by Cecil Rhodes, but it can be added that the Crest of English Beers is almost that of Rooks (share Rothes raven) while rock-using Roach's (share "est" with Pepins) share white fish with Hatchets/Hackets while English Beers helped to name Beer-Hacket. Hatchets/Hackets not only share the cinquefoils of English Rocks, but almost have the motto of GRIEFs/Grave's! can you believe it? Simon Graff's beer led us to this paragraph.

Below is from the last update in what looked like a hatchet event set up by God; note the Zerrs/Zehrers because Zahringers founded Berne (Switzerland, home of gangster bankers) while Berne's share the bear with two Beer surnames. Also, as per Simon Graff, why might French Simons ("C'EST") share the "mon" motto term with Roach's? Why do French Simons share the Getten/Gittin and Rain/Raines' lion?

[Insert -- A couple of days after writing here, I thought to look up Ranch-like Ranks/Rankings, and they have the McGee boar heads! Ranks/Rankings have the "hatchet" of Zerrs/Zehrers, and Hatchets/Hacketts (Ged fish?) have a "mea" motto term while Mea's/Meigh's share the Rank / McGee boar heads too! What a great find, for there could be more things along this Rank route as concerns the Get'n Go [on Ranch rd.]. I trace Mea's to the Meu river near the RANCE river. That works. It just so happens that this insert was minutes after I came in from the RAIN while using my hatchet to clean the rotten bark and wood from the exterior of some firewood sections. RENNES, suspect with Rains/Raines', is near the Meu / Rance rivers, amazing. The same white lion head (design included) in the Hatch/Hacch Crest is in the English Rothes Crest, and Rothes' share the white-on-black lion with Rains/Raines'. Rains/Raines' use a "JUDicium" motto term for Judicael of Rennes, and Judds/Juggs, expected from Jugon near the Meu, share the Mea/Meigh / McGee / Rankin boar head. Is it not amazing that I was in the rain with a hatchet cleaning Rothes-like ROTTEN bark?

Pepins are suspect from the Hyksos king, Apepi/Apophis, and Hatch's/Hacch's can be a branch on Hykes/Hacks and fish-using Hykes'/Hake's, do you see? I do wonder whether God is bringing the Apophis comet (2029) onto the Rothschild empire? The comet is a rock or, as Revelation puts it, a comet is a "mountain," and there appears to be a rock or mountain (in Roque-rock colors!) in the Coat of Poitvins, who in turn have a version of the French Pepin Coat! Zinger. What say ye to that? There's a jay on the Poitvin rock/mountain, and Jays (Herefordshire, same as Gates-connectable Doors) almost share the bend-with-roses of Jewish Rothchilds (no 's').

Roach's are linkable to the FelTRAGER variation of Rockefeller-line Fellers. On my way from Galveston to Crystal City, I developed black smoke out my tailPIPE, and when I slept in a motel in Crystal City that night, there were cockROACHES. This led to the discovery that Smoke's are listed with Rauch's, and that Crystals, with a POPLar tree, share "Mens" with Pipe-branch Pepins, and moreover, as Galveston pointed to Tony Fauci's funding / supporting of the Galveston National Lab as well as the Wuhan lab, note that Fauchs share the thistle with Crystals.

OH WOW, the paragraph above was written in its entirety before remembering that Raines-like Reines' use a so-called COMET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This comet, if it strikes the earth, is expected to bring a lot of water rain, maybe even fiery rain as it streaks across the air. Repeat: "Why do French Simons share the Getten/Gittin and Rain/Raines' lion?"

[Update Oct. 2021 -- For a while now, I've been saying that Crystals use a poplar tree for connection to surnames like "Popham." It turns out, thanks to Hall of Names, to be a fir tree, but this is even better for linking to Pepins and Pipe's because the two can be gleaned using part of the Rasmussen Coat while Rasmussens and Firs/Fire's share the same giant unicorn. Pepins and Pophams share "Mens" in their motto with Crystals (share "calvary" symbol with Moses'/Moys). I claim that Biblical Moses was named by the daughter of a Hyksos-Egyptian king, Khyan, whom I've seen on the throne immediately before king APEPI/Apophis. Those who know their history will "know" that the Exodus was well after the Hyksos ruled Egypt, but I say the evolutionist Egyptologists have got too many Egyptian kings in their historical schemes in hopes of stretching history back before the Flood, and so they thereby put their dating a little out of whack, too far back in the range of 1500 BC. I say the Hyksos ruled during the Exodus. As it's the Shake's who use a poplar tree while CUNNinghams (Ayrshire, same as KENNedys) use a "SHAKEfork," might Cunn- / Kenn-like surnames have developed after "Khyan"? Lately, Kennedy-like Kenneths/MacKenzie's have been pointing to the Apophis asteroid. End update]

Back to Poitvins/ POTvins (I do think they use a "mountain"), first found in POITou (Poitier), asking whether they were a Pot / Potter merger with Wine's/Winns, for the latter share the eagle of Graff-like Griefs/Grave's, and the latter were first found in Gloucestershire with Vine's/Vinns. PoitVIN. Gloucestershire happens to be where portcullis-gate Yates' were first found! That's berry good, for I see Potters as a branch of same-colored Porters/Pawters (both first found in Hampshire), and Porters/Pawters use a GATE, the Yates "portcullis."

The namers of Poitou were the PICTones, and Gates-like Geddes use pike heads while the arrow heads of PICOTs/Pickets (Cheshire, beside Pictons) are called "pike heads," tending to explain the Porter gate if Porters were Poitou / Poitier liners. Picots/Pickets share "Tout" with Hicks. It's Hyksos-important that the Press'/Prests in the Picot/Picket motto share the Neil Chief.

Recall Mr. Casey at the GATE of Miss HICKS (i.e. Hyksos suspect), for Scottish Caseys use the heads of a "crow" in the colors of the raven or crow of French Pepins. Ahh, French Pepins were first found in Gascony with same-colored Martels (Corona crown?), and CHARLES Martel (descended from Pepins) probably named the French Charles'/CHARLOTTE's because they use Martel-like martlets. Miss Hicks was born, Charlotte, and has a Reines-like Rena middle name in at least one of her online listings. Why should she or Sleeping Beauty point to the Apophis comet? The Martel martlets happen to be in the colors of the martlets of both the Gormley-related Grime's, and those of Fate's/Feets who are in turn expected in the motto of Khyan-like Cheneys. Hyksos king Khyan ruled immediately before Apepi/Apophis. I had tooted my horn as I drove past Casey at the gate, and Hicks use a "Tout" motto term likely for Touts/Toots (Yorkshire, same as Hicks).

AHHH WOW, I almost missed it. Not only was the tailPIPE blowing out black SMOKE when driving away from Galveston, but Simon Graff was SMOKING a PIPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's funny. He always smoked his pipe when coming over with his beer. For whatever it's worth, he had married Nora.

[Insert Tuesday night -- A day after this update was uploaded, I came across German Hammers/Hemmers with essentially the same lion as Graffs, and an "hoNORES" motto term. Raven-using Norres' (i.e. like "Nora") have a "Faithfully" motto term, and Faithfuls/Faiths could have been a branch of Fate's/Feets sharing the fesse-with-martlets of Gormley-related Grime's. That's interesting, but what could it mean if God is pointing the Graffs to Hammers? Ahh, wow, I kid you not, the insert below came first, and it just so happens that English hammers (Ham colors) were first found in Sussex with Hams who in turn share the FISSER/Visser fish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Incredible. AHHH MORE: Gormley-like Gorms/Blue's were first found on Arran with McCabe's who share the Ham / Fisser/Visser fish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God provided me a COFFEE between Galveston and the cockroaches, and Coffee's/Coffers share the McCabe fesse! The Coffee/Coffer Crest even has a green dolphin to go with the white-on-green dolphins of English Hammers (Sussex, same as COFFERts). The Fissers/Visser Coat even looks like a green-Shielded Roach Coat. End insert]

[Insert late Monday -- "Graphene is just the first of a new class of two dimensional materials, derived from layered bulk CRYSTALs."!!! Can this point Simon Graff to graphene in vaccines? How? Doesn't it now seem that my stop in Crystal City, which was as far as I went on that trip (I returned home the day I checked out from that place), is pointing to bad / poisonous / nefarious vaccines? Vaccine-like Vychans/Vaughns share the Fish Coat while Fishers are like "Pfizer." German Fishers use "WahREIT" while Reitmans and Rotens share the hexagram of Fizer's/Pfisters/PISTERs. It just so happens that Pistols/PISTORs were first found in Shropshire with Vychans/Vaughns!!! That's new. And while Hopkins use "pistols," John Hopkins is a chief part of the COVID conspiracy!!! End insert]

By the way, Smoke's/Rauch's share the sinister-rising bend of Jewish Rothchilds (not "RothSchild"). As per COCKroaches, note that Grime-like GRIMaldi's share the Cock Shield. Smoke's/Rauch's are also Ruch's, in Rush/Rish and Rosco/Risco colors, and moreover the Rush/Rish horses are in the colors of the Jewish-Rothschild horse.

Martels share the crescent of French Bays while English Bays, first found at Colchester = CAMULodunum, share the double fesses of Mens-branch Manners/Maness', making the Pepin Camel look like code for a family of Camulodunum. Colchesters share the estoiles of Neils who were in turn kin of Khyan-suspect Keons/Owens / Keens. Keons/Owens (Owen kin) were first found in Sligo with Neil-related Higgens and Higgensons/Hickensons (trefoils, Rockefeller-line symbol).

Four days before the 9-11 memorial, Miss Hicks suggested I attend a church in Crystal City (she had not known I slept in Crystal City), suggesting she had been to that church, and as that town is where I had the black smoke in the tailPIPE, by what coincidence were Pipe's first found in Staffordshire with Hixons/Hicksons? Crystals share "Mens" with Pepins who in turn share the Pipe Coat. The POPLar tree in the Crystal Crest can be code for Popleys (Yorkshire, same as Hicks) because their black eagles can explain the black bird legs of Hixons/Hicksons. Bays-connectable Bassets (Staffordshire too) have a "POPULo" motto term. The Basset write-up: "The surname Basset was first found in Staffordshire where the family traces back to Thurston, a Norman who held six hides of land in Drayton (known today as Dayton Bassett.)" Draytons, with a giant-lion reflection of the Gates Coat, happen to have a gold bird leg, the color of the Hixon/Hickson bird leg in colors reversed.

As Hicks come up as "Icke," it should be repeated here that Ice's/ECCO's/Icke's (share Popley eagle) look like an apt pointer to ECOhealth, Fauci's partner in Wuhan crime. "EcoHEALTH" caused me to find that HELTs/Helds share the Hixon/Hickson Coat exactly. The ice-cream pointed to Faux's/Fage's and Fauchys by way of Cremers/Cramers (share Kilpatrick Chief), and Crams (may have the Ram chevron because Cremers/Cramers use a ram) happen to share the Pick/Pix fitchees while Gates-like Geddes use pike fish, and while Ice's/Ecco's share the Pike trefoil.

Cremers had pointed to Crema / Cremona in the Lombardy theater, and Crams look like kin of Maurels/Maurino's (compare with Morini's and Morello's), first found in Milan, the Lombardy capital. Morells use a "Bono" motto term to go with the "bon" of Hicks, and Bons/Bono's were first found in Milan while having yet another reflection of the Gates/GATT / Drayton Coat. Gattons were first found in Kent with the Cone's that go with ice-cream cones, and the Chiowne variation of Cone's (share CONTE antlers) can be gleaned as the reason that VisCONTI's (of Milan) named their green (now blue) snake as a "bisCIONE," for Cone's/Chiowne's (looks like "Keon"), from Chioune castle, make a pale bar with their symbol in the colors of the same of Biss'. The latter's snakes are in the Arms of Bissone not far from Lombardy. It can appear that Conte's and Cone's (and Conteville's) were from Hyksos king, Khyan. Italian Conte's share the giant Sam/Sammes lion, and Miss Hanson handed me the ice-cream cone at Sam's Restaurant in Gormley.

As Ranulph le Meschin was descended from his grandmother, Emma de CONTEville, note that while Biss' share the Meschin scallops, Meschins look like kin of Conns / Conys. My mother is probably a Meschin liner in her Masci mother, and Masci's were even first found in Piedmont with Cuneo and Massino-Visconti. Miss Hanson handed a Masci liner the ice-cream cone.

The new-to-me Chione's (not "Chioune") with a Sion-like Scion variation use a giant swan (it's the PAPa swan too) to go with the Sion/Swan swans, and Sion is in Switzerland with Bissone (Ticino canton, up-river from PAPia/Pavia). The Moor child in the mouth of the biscione is likely for Morano's (Moor heads), first found in Modena with Morinis (and Casano's/Cassandra's). The Dale's use the Chione/scion Coat, and Sions/Swans were first found in Lanarkshire with DALLas-related Biggars. Dallas' were first found in MORay, and Morays (share "Tout" with Hicks) share the Coat of Handells / Handle's, the latter first found in Silesia with Hixon-related Helts/Helds...and sphinx-using Brocuffs. The Papa's look related to sphinx-using Hips', and Spinks share the eagle of Spanish Corona's and Spanish Sans'/Sanchez's, the latter linkable to SENESchals/SENECA's who can act as a pointer to AsrtaZENECA vaccines. Seneca-like Snake's/Snooks share the Corona eagle too.

Here's new news about the possibility that Julian Assange may be released from prison due to a frame-job crime committed by the DoJ. This video goes on to portray the U.S. military as a demon, and it's about military crimes in Iraq which Assange exposed. Iraq is where the Bush war started on the frame-job crime of 9-11. The Get'n Go pointed to Julian Assange as well as to president MORENO in Ecuador. This story is like a heavy rock rolled by the DoJ rolling back upon itself, yet another indicator that the DoJ is a bastion of horrible corruption worthy of cruel death.

It's interesting that while Miss Hicks was used at the Get'n Go, ICEland is central in this story for getting Assange (of WikiLEAKs) out of jail. Hicks are also ICKE's. Earlier on the night of the Get'n Go event (on the LEAKey rd.), Miss Hicks SANG two songs on the stage on behalf of the 9-11 memorial, and "sang" is like "Assange." I was sitting directly beside her when she went up to sing her first song. When she came back, I told her that the song had even me going (excited), and she then PUSHed me on the shoulder, jest-chiding, "even you?" The Push's are listed with German Bush's. Shoulder-like Shouldhams/Shoultz's have a bird RISING, her theme as Sleeping Beauty. Shouldham is said to have belonged to Reynald FitzIvo, and Ivo's share the black boar with English Bush's.

(What I meant was that I don't usually get excited about a song to the point of making a vocal sound toward the singer, but she thought I meant that I thought myself to be such a good singer that her song couldn't likely get even me excited. I thought she did a great job on this song. I was impressed. Was it a pointer to Assange???)

Isn't it amazing that the Push/Bush Crest shares the double-white wings of Wise's/Weis' who in turn share the Sang/Singer hexagrams? Are the Sangs/Singers sharing the black Beer bear, and if so, why might that be? German Beers (brown bear) were first found in Silesia with Weis-branch Wies' (same double-white wings in Crest). As Dutch Beers have a saltire in the colors of the Hixon/Hickson saltire, the fleur-de-lys of Dutch Beers may be the Hicks / Leak(e) fleur in colors reversed. Pipe's were first found in Staffordshire with Hixons/Hicksons, and so why might Simon Graff and his beer point to Assange? The Hixon / Beer saltire is in the colors of the Julian saltire, but that alone is not very impressive.

The Icelandic story on writ is here:

The Bra Hanging on Jerry Petersons Laundry Line

I'm pretty sure that it was Lin Wood who interviewed a former government agent with spy potential, who sounded to me like James Clapper. This whistle-blower was on Stew Peters last month telling the same things over again, and this time Stew claims that his real name is Jonathan McGreevey. It could yet be a false name because there's no image of him when he speaks i.e. he doesn't ant to be seen. Who that does not want to be seen would give his real name? Maybe he has no way to show his photo / live stream to Stew's computer.

When asked who mostly are the people behind the election theft, the only person he names is Nancy Pelosi. He repeats that Mike Pence is a pedophile. The reason that I'm doing this section is because, at one point early in the interview, McGreevey says that he wants to see Pence run for the White House (he's being sarcastic) because he would then get to ask Pence about a boy (or young man), JEREMY, and adds that Jeremy knows Pence. I assume that Jeremy (sex victim, obviously) is at least a young man at this time, though it does seem odd that McGreevey would publicly mention Jeremy and thus endanger his life.

I remembered Jeremy-like Jerry, a childhood friend on mine, who may have been born, Jeremy. One day, I saw the bra of his attractive tenant hanging on the laundry line, and so I reached out from the laundry-line platform to touch it...and she came out mad at me, but I was okay because at nine years of age, I was allowed to have fun like that. I've been telling this laundry-LINE story for several years, long before I knew LIN Wood. Lins are listed with Line's.

As I've said, under the deck of the laundry-line platform, there was a rabbit cage holding at least one white rabbit, the color of the rabbit of the Mike-Pence family. I had wondered why Pence's rabbit is all over the Internet, and suggested that Pence could be a pedophile, for the white rabbit(s) of Jerry Peterson pointed to John Podesta, pedophile suspect. As I've said, Podesta "wet works" and "bedwetters" was my topic of study on the night, some years ago, that this white rabbit and the bra came to mind. At that time, I remembered that Bra is a location in CUNeo while Conns and Conys show white rabbits. Not long after I began to stress Bra in my writings, I learned that Pelosi's were first found in Savigliano, just a hare's hop from Bra.

I wasn't going to tell this story again, at this time, until realizing that Swedish Petersons have a lion and three stars above it in the colors of the lion and the three stars beneath it of Greeveys. It makes me think that God caused my touch-bra event to point to Pence and his close connection to Pelosi that McGreevey claims. I've already told that Jerry-like Jarrys, listed with Irish Hare's, share the Touch Coat. I TOUCHed the bra on Jerry Peterson's laundry line. From the start, I said I had to stretch out an index finger to reach the bra (like a finger pointing), but at that time the Touch Crest did not yet have two fingers pointing.

Pence's rabbit is named, Marlon Bundo, and Bunds share bird talons (different colors) with Bra-like Brays/Brae's. The latter use a "flax breaker" suspect for Flags, perhaps God's indicator of a false-flag operation under Pelosi's oversight. I'll get to that below.

Also, the Greevey lion is that also of Graffs, suggesting that Graffs and Greevey were close branches. At age 13, my parents moved to a property nearly across the street from KAREN Graff, and Karens/Kerns share the hexagrams of Swedish Petersons while the latter share the Graff lion. Scottish Petersons have lion heads in the colors of the lion in the Pence Crest, and the Pence Shield is almost the Coat of Dutch Graffs. Scottish Petersons share the swan with English Peters, and it's a little interesting that the "rien" motto term of the other English Peters is like the "oRIENTe" of Jeremys, especially as the owner of the bra was RENTing the Peterson basement. Rents are listed with German Rench's who share the Leak fleur-de-lys for a pointer to the Get'n Go (Ranch rd.), i.e. which is now, as of this update only, a pointer to GRAPHene oxide. Jeremys look like kin of German Neckers and Nuse's, two surnames that together point to Jeffrey EPstein. Jeremys may be using an "Nec ab" motto phrase partly for Abbs/EPPs.

I don't trust McGreevey i.e. not everything he says is from his Intelligence knowledge, and we never know whether he's just giving a personal opinion he's gathered from the news. BUT, the heraldry above seems to verify that he's for real, pointed to by God, for the purposes of exposing Pence in the least. Plus, as I've said a million times, my first date with Lorraine "the babe," who pointed to the Babe surname, started by her meeting me at the LAUNDRomat, and it was thanks to that event that I was able to connect LANDERs to Bra because German Landers share the six pale bars of Langleys while Bra is at Langhe. I can now add that German Landers use two rooster heads in the colors of the two rooster heads of Jonathans. JONATHAN McGreevey. What say ye about that?

I want to add that while God used Mike Oullette to give Lorraine her babe symbol, his brother, Dave, was dating (or even living with) Karen Graff when she was in her early 20s. The last I had seen of Karen prior to that one event was when she and I were 14.

In the 28th minute, McGreevey speaks on Pelosi's lead role to help create the January-6 false flag at the Capitol Building. He indicates that he thinks Ashli Babbitt was actually murdered on that day, but I say this is wrong, and that she was part of the false flag. The Touch's share two fingers pointing with the Babe's above, and they happen to list Babbitts! Bingo.

In the 31st minute, McGreevey starts to tell the name of the man "who helped set this (shooting] up," major general William Walker (32nd minute), a Black man from Chicago. McGreevey says walker was the commander of the National Guard, but promoted to Sergeant at Arms of the United States House of Representatives by Nancy Pelosi. His Wikipedia article says exactly that Pelosi appointed him.

Now that I know that Walker was in charge of the National GUARD, it's notable that Guards/Gards share the green martlet with Grime's who in turn have the Gormley/Grimes martlets in colors reversed. It's just that Karen Graff and I lived in Gormley. It's just amazing that while Lorraine got her babe symbol at the instant she got her feet symbol, the green-martlet of Grime's use the Feet/Fate Coat three times. If it seems that Karen Graff is pointing to Jonathan McGreevey, note that Blue's/GORMs have the rooster design, both on gold Shields, of Jonathans. He's hard to hear at times, but I find it helps to wear ear phones. It's painful to listen to him as I think he's literally sweating as he talks:

"The Justice Department argues that Stewart Rhodes both substantially organized and activated an imputed plan to use violence, on [January 6]."

I was wrong when I thought he was James Clapper turned into a stool pigeon. It made sense to me. I hope McGreevey has proper protection, but he doesn't. He's in the open now. In the second half of the video, he speaks on COVID, and even claims that he worked with gain-of-function research. He says that the vaccines are laced with the virus, the true virus, but who really knows what virus it has. This is the same update that showed what looks to Spanish scientists as Graff-like graphene oxide in a Pfizer vaccine. That video was presented by Stew Peters too. There are Graff-like Grave surnames.

Stew Peters is a lot like Alex Jones, but while Jones' face sometimes looks crazy, sometimes clownish, I don't get either from Peters. I had suspicions that Jones wanted to incite militia groups to firing bullets. Does that sound like a good idea when the people can have the victory by sheer numbers if only sufficient numbers can be enlightened by talk? Talk about this, urge others to resist the hoaxes left and right. Each week, the deep state decides on what hoax is next, and they pave the way for that hoax through their media. They are the snake, be enlightened. Do not trust it, do not fall prey to happily existing with it. The snake now has the confidence, perhaps, to unleash its worst if it begins to lose a grip on power.

Here's a man worthy of a thousand deaths together with Trudeau:

I didn't know that canada recalled all graphene-sterilized masks, but maybe it didn't remove them all. We cannot trust the snake, and the snake is now acting like a snake. This video has the graphene-oxide story too, but it doesn't come with the alarm that it should come with. However, the speaker makes a great point, that while canada admitted that breathing in miniscule amounts of graphene is bad enough to remove masks from the market, how much worse if it's being deliberately injected with "vaccines"? Or, this is great proof that the powers are acting nefarious...just like a snake:

We should underscored our quest to discover what nefarious purposes are being attempted with vaccines. Sure, it's nice to know that they are not healthy, and that we should refuse them, but in the meantime, let's discover what the powers are up to so that they might be tossed like snakes alive into the fire. It appears that God has given people enough reasons already to disconnect with the globo-powers, to resist them, and to warn about them. Let's make this our job, churches. Churches? Churches? Where are you, churches? Oh ya, they are all filled with sticky, bone-headed pre-tribbers who refuse to give in no matter that they see persecution coming.

Time For Pre-Tribulationism to Die a Swift Death

I watched a video this week featuring a post-trib view, and someone in the comments said:

If he’s never heard any sound scriptural support for pre-trib rapture, then he’s just not listening or does not want to hear because there is plenty to be heard. Or perhaps he doesn’t consider the scriptural references used as ‘sound support’ for pre-trib. But to just dismiss pre-trib teachings out of hand is very condescending in my opinion, And you are not taking those teachings very seriously. Which is a shame, because you’re not doing your people any good service in dismissing those teachings so lightly.

What's missing in his comment? Oh ya, the best scripture he knows of to prove pre-trib. It's missing because there is not one scripture that supports it. All pre-trib arguments can be dismantled lickety-split using the scriptures, and so if all one hears is the pre-trib position by a demented pre-trib preacher, then the listeners go away thinking that it sounds really good, if they don't know their post-trib scriptures, that is. He's demented because he does know the post-trib scriptures, yet he sticks fast like a dirty fly to fly-stick paper to his pre-trib rapture for reasons I cannot understand. He's dirty, he's peddling junk, and he doesn't mind charging money for his junk.

The one who commented above, as you can see, wants post-tribbers to continue to RESPECT pre-tribbers, because they depend on respect. That's why I say the pre-trib preacher is a dirty, demented piece-of-junk teacher. It's about time we disrespect them for their deep failures; otherwise, if we respect them, some people might join them who might otherwise stay away. "Dismissing those teachings so lightly"? There is nothing heavy about pre-trib. There's no heavy proof. It's a flake job. "Dismissing it out of hand" is his falsifying illusion because post-tribbers systematically refute pre-tribulationism.

Pre-tribbers, stop pretending as though you have expertise on this topic; you are junk food for tribulation purposes. You are making the churches weak and cowardly, I do fear. There is no doubt about it, end-time prophecy is calling chicken-hearts to become brave, but of course, our bravery depends on the grace of God. It is God who makes the Elect bold, but we need to do our part by confessing the post-tribulation rapture. The reason I'm not sharing the post-trib video here is because, as always, the teacher fails to say that we need to prepare for the 666 (i.e. it's just another post-trib video, nothing new). A post-trib message that leaves that part out seems like a half-way house to me. You can prepare your mind and faith all you want, but without food you're going to conk out at a mid-trib time. That's a great plan if you want to starve to death for Jesus, but I know of no scripture telling that Jesus' is asking us to starve for Him.

There is no way I'm going to teach post-tribulationism as if it has equal standing -- could be correct, could be wrong -- with pre-tribulationism. I'm not going to be the nice-debate guy that some Christians want me to be on this or other settled Biblical matters. As this topic is settled Biblically while it's not settled in Christianity, it's just more reason to NOT respect pre-tribulationism. IT IS NOT CORRECT.

We are not appointed to God's wrath, and there is no wrath of God against His Elect EVER, in-tribulation or out. It's a red herring to teach that we do not go through the final years just because Paul said the elect are not to be given to God's wrath. It's a stupid man's trick. The pre-tribber realizes the weakness of that trick. He knows that Christians of the past have undergone great wrath, yet not His wrath. Let's not be stupid, shall we. Disrespect a pre-tribber today, because the dire time could be soon at hand where SOME Christians will be called (by God) to suffer satan's final fury.

Every pre-trib argument exploits a piece of Scripture that can be taken in an alternative way to how he wants it to be. He mutates pieces of Scripture so that they no longer mean what they were Intended to mean. And he teaches in such a crafty and canned way as to hide from you the scriptures that teach a rapture at the Armageddon time. He doesn't admit that, wherever the rapture is an event to take place at Jesus' return, the Bible only has one timing for His one return. So why won't the junk man just accept that reality in order to become a useful piece of machinery for end-time endurance? I DON'T KNOW. Maybe he's just afraid. In that case, stand down, sit back, and let someone else teach on the topic; don't deceive other Christians with the cowardly "doctrine" (pre-tribulationism is not a doctrine, but a heresy).

Where Revelation 3:10 says that Jesus will keep the saints from the "hour of trial coming upon the whole world," why would anyone assume that "hour" is the last seven years when it befits the post-trib time better? In Revelation 18, Mystery Babylon is destroyed in one hour, AFTER the seven years. Don't you think that pre-trib twisters know what I've just told you? Yes, they do, but, desperate to win this struggle against post-tribbers, they use Revelation 3:10 routinely to push their dust clouds and mirrors. English translations have the hour of trial coming to "try" or "test" the people of the world, but, surely, the meaning is that it's coming to give them trials in the sense of terror. It's not coming to test them in the sense of an examination by God for either acceptance or rejection by God. It's the hour of hot-furnace, we might say, where all the Godless fail God, and crumble, unable to stand before Him.

The only way to stand before God is for there to be no thunder bolts directed toward you. I think you can understand that. If all is calm and friendly as you stand before God, you will stand, but as soon as the 1260 days come to an end, there will be incredible lightning and thunder upon the world, indication of great Wrath, and they will not stand, but will hide and run. The hour of trial of no escape.

The pre-tribber is being evil to table a piece of Scripture that he can interpret to the needs of pre-tribulationism, for while he tables such scriptures to be debated with post-tribbers, he ignores God Himself who plainly tells him that the rapture is after the 1260 days. Thus, he has no right from God to table the debatable scriptures, and certainly is not permitted to debate them in front of the Elect. Why should I be kind to him while debating those things, as opposed to rebuking him in front of the entire audience? If you're a post-tribber who can't rebuke these twisted tongues, you're letting God down.

Daniel 12 has the resurrection of the Church after the anti-Christ becomes suicidal, at the end of his 3.5 years of God-sanctioned rule. What's the pre-trib teacher's problem? Can't he read? Why does he rebel against black-and-white texts? Maybe he's a snake, and maybe he knows it. Revelation 20 has the "first resurrection" after the rule of the anti-Christ. Why does the pre-tribber twist that text too with his twisted tongue? What ails pre-tribbers? How can they be such yahoos while getting it so wrong? He goes into heat teaching that "church" is not in the Revelation chapters that have plagues, arguing that it's evidence that the Church is raptured before the plagues, and yet there he reads in Revelation 20, which is situated after the chapters having the plagues, that the Church is resurrected at that time.

So what's he do? He makes up a new "doctrine": there can be a first resurrection after the tribulation period that does not include the rapture of the church. Paul says that the rapture and the resurrection happen at the same time.

The rest of the dead did not come to life until the thousand years were completed. This [before the 1,000 years] is the first resurrection. How fortunate and holy is the one who has a share in the first resurrection! Over such the second death has no authority, but they shall be priests of God and the Messiah, and they shall reign with Him for a thousand years.

It appears that Christians get to redistribute all Rothschild gold, Selah. Let's just call the end of this story the Fort of Hard Knox. It's very nice of Rothschilds to house all of that gold bullion in neat stacks so that we can just come to pick it up. I don't know what we'll do with it, maybe use it as garden patio stones, we'll see. Gold-coin gravel, anyone?

Be ashamed in the tribulation, pre-tribbers, I'm not kidding. Pre-tribulation teachers will be the arses of the Church in the tribulation period. Nobody will call you an arse, nobody but your own bad consciences will depict you as the arses. You won't be smiling anymore like a yahoo-teacher willing and excited to gamble away your own souls, and those of others, with your secret knowledge as your betting chips. You gambled while coveting respect for your secret-coming teaching, you lost, shut your mouths for a while and let better teachers teach? That's your tribulation cross...if, that is, you're willing to endure it. Might you become upset with God? Good chances at that. It's time to shut down your casinos because the fun and games are over. No more taking chances. Shut your reckless traps, you've done way-too much damage already. Just wait and see whether it's pre- or post-, STOP RISKING THE LIVES OF GOD'S PEOPLE, RECKLESS TOOLS.

John MacArthur put out a video in June that touched on the end-times, and nearly the first thing he said was to repeat the lie of his pre-tribulationist idols. They've got to be his idols because he repeats them even though he knows the idea is not in the Bible: he says that the anti-Christ will be accepted by Israel at first...a blatant falsification of daft pre-tribulationist airheads. You cannot find one scripture saying that Israel will accept the anti-Christ, not one. Where prophecy says that the anti-Christ will make a covenant with many (Daniel 11), that in no way says that he will make a covenant with Israel. One needs to be a spiritual ass (no brains applied, air-headed) to matter-of-factly identify "the many" as Israel. It doesn't tell us whom he makes the covenant with, but why would anyone assume it's referring to Israel???

What could happen to a pre-trib or post-trib Christian who firmly believes, due to repeated mental conditioning, that the anti-Christ will make a peace deal with Israel? What happens when the anti-Christ starts to curse Israel and call fighters against it? Will those Christians realize that the end is at hand? What happens when this anti-Christ begins a invasion of Israel, and never makes a peace deal with it? Will Christians ignore the event as the anti-Christ's invasion even to the point where he conquers Old Jerusalem? Perhaps not, if the 666 system is attached to him during the invasion.

Revelation 12 tends to suggest that the 666 will be in force for 1260 days, though it could be for a shorter time. For example, the Church may begin to flee cities and town as soon as the date for the mandatory mark is announced, some months in advance, maybe even as long as a year in advance, and so, hopefully, the mandatory 666 may only be for as little as 2.5 years. That would be much better than 3.5.

Revelation 13 says that someone else, not the anti-Christ, will advance the 666. It will be advanced in his name, but it seems that the system does not belong to him, for he starts as a small power in the first half of the last seven years. In this way, he might go all the way to conquering Jerusalem (Daniel 11:31) before the 666 is attached to his name. The powers might even keep the 666 hush until after he conquers the city. My point is: will you be deceived by pre-trib trash, the teaching of a peace-deal between the anti-Christ and Israel? Isn't it far-more logical that he makes a covenant with many other anti-Israeli forces (not necessarily with official governments)?

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