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June 22 - 28, 2021

Peare's Waist-Pull is Against Stacey Abrams of Georgia Fraud
A Taser of a Shocker from Lorraine's Cult Predicts Jovan Pulitzer
Keri Lake and the Shopping Cart
Miss Hicks is a Ewe
Wrenches of Rosseau

If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture

On one of Steve Bannon's Monday shows, he called the United States the "new Jerusalem." I don't know whether he's serious, but I don't like it. There are some people who think so seriously. Bannon has a catholic background.

Tim Stephens is still in jail, to me surprise, even though he was arrested on grounds that do not apply to him, showing that judges are prepared to rubber-stamp harsh-government action like this. Not many Christians showed up to show support to Stephens when some pastors did:

In the video above, James Coates continues to speak thumbs-down on canada for this treatment of the churches, saying even that canada is a wreck. The powers are exactly showing harsh action for seeking to cancel this thumbs-down speak from ANYBODY, and so one thing I can say is that it's good for Christians to stand up against canada, because it gives God the opportunity to respond. Coates' attitude is a soft one, but firm. Another thing I can say is that the powers are being harsh exactly in a season when there is NOTHING of a pandemic. The powers are sorry arses because some people don't agree with their assessment of the virus...which in my opinion is no assessment at all, but a control-freak scheme. We are seeing the control-freak nature of canada right now, let this be an alarm to us all. canada is NOTHING but a contemptible thug, I knew it all along for the last 40 years. Shame on the liberal judges who created the anti-Christian society in this nation. They plow forward to their doom.

alberta sent multiple police cars to arrest Stevens at his home, how contemptibly do the alberta authorities wish to expose their nakedness? alberta was forced by other powers to end the COVID scheme for this July, the sickos. They still have the pastor in jail knowing there is no pandemic, and they have not apologized to the other pastors whom they jailed for the same "infraction." You can clearly see that canada is not yet done with this COVID scheme. People, rise up against it, or you will allow your fellow citizens to suffer more than they have already. The schemers are heartless demons who are also killers. Unfortunately, I have little confidence in Canadians to make some noise here. I saw what Canadians were when I became a Christian. I saw their obstinate hearts, I knew the direction they were going in.

What I cannot understand is why I didn't hear anything in the video above about COVID being a nothing-burger. This is the best defense of the churches against arrests for gatherings. Get the facts and know them. Instead of arguing that there is no pandemic to justify the forbidding of gatherings, they are trying to work the right to gather in church into the Charter of Freedoms. The powers will argue that the Charter is not applicable in a pandemic, and so the obvious thing to do is to educate citizens: the powers have faked a pandemic. There is no pandemic, and so the powers are faking it. Hello?

Instead of videos on youtube being presented by other churches, it's always by Rebel News, which is not a Christian organization (it supports a tattoo shop as well as a church in efforts to fight the COVID scheme). It goes to show how canada has no Christian organization to act with activism when needed. Shame churches. The government is an organized, anti-Christian whip, but the churches have yet to form their media organizations to fight that beast, to keep it exposed month after month for the beast that it is. There should be many such organizations to help assure that the government lays off of our values, or off of the minds of the children, to seduce them into the beastly world view. It is a shame to not expose the anti-Christ governments for fear of losing tax-exempt status. For this fear, the anti-Christ government activists work quietly to advance their agenda, and they also come to believe that they have the upper moral high ground over Christians. It is God's will that we remind them of their brazen sinfulness. Right now is a great time to expose their sins due to the COVID scheme.

Trudeau is a mass murderer. He knows that vaccines are not necessary. He knows that there are potential cures for weak people sick with COVID, yet he denies these people these cures. Trudeau wants children vaccinated. Is this not a demonic sin worth publicizing, churches? Are you going to allow your fellow citizens to believe that everything the government is doing with COVID is moral? That's exactly why these arrests are being made, to keep people from realizing that thing. The pastors being arrested are willing to challenge the powers on that score exactly. Make light of this: THERE HAS BEEN NO PANDEMIC. Force the powers to bring on another fake pandemic, because it will be good to expose that powerful rulers are frauds. It's an eye-opener for many still asleep at the wheel.

If you haven't heard, some people are being denied on airplanes if they've been recently vaccinated because they could fall ill or dead while on the planes, making for an aghast situation that exposes vaccines if the stories get out into the news. Here's a related story:

How many people will die in car accidents as people suddenly fall ill while driving? Who do we blame for this but national / provincial / state leaders who are insisting on vaccines needlessly? God is aghast at this diabolical evil. God keeps the books too, and there will be His response, pound per pound what they deserve. If they argue that God is dead, God will hand them death, FOREVER. The vaccine companies have immunity, but the political leaders who advance dangerous vaccines do not. Throw the demons all in jail, give them a harsh taste of what they dish out unrighteously. At least they deserve jail. They deserve it today, not tomorrow, because it's known already that more people have died from these vaccines than all other vaccines going back through decades of use. And that does not include the maimed...who might yet die soon. MISERY NEEDLESSLY. HEARTLESS DEMONS are in charge. How did it get this way, churches? Thanks to churches remaining quiet, the enemy worked quietly (= snake in the grass) to procure it, and we don't yet know exactly what their long-term goals are through vaccinations.

The powers are promising that vaccinations and pandemics are not going away. Do you realize how horrible they are to do this to us? Do you realize how despicable (root = "to be despised") our fellow, communist-pig citizens are? This is not the time to accept things as they are in the name of "love your neighbor." Speak out against it for what it is: murder with millions of accomplices. The enemy wants us to believe that speaking out / resisting won't help; as we speak out, they will label us as dangerous. We will then return with the true claim that COVID is a weak flu. That's what they don't want us to say, so SAY IT. COVID IS WEAK WEAK WEAK. They lied about the number of cases and the number of COVID deaths. LIARS ANIMALS JAILWORTHY.

We have them cornered because the CDC admitted (months ago) that only six-percent of the recorded COVID deaths were of people with COVID only, and other factors tell us that half or more of the six-percent didn't have COVID at all (= false diagnosis). There may not have been any COVID cases for months. As about a half-million Americans died over a period of a year, what's six-percent of that number? Thirty thousand. But that's roughly the number of people who die of regular flus annually, every years. And so when they report a COVID death of a young person, it could have been a regular-flu death.

We are not being educated on how they know of variants. Do the variants even exist? I continue to hear reports that the virus cannot be isolated from the cell in which it lives, and so we would like to know whether they can detect variants, or whether this is just another sham. Perhaps the British schemers are exposing delta, now, as weak because the Fauci cat, and similar fraudulent things, are out of the bag. Perhaps the British schemers are calling for damage control now that things are suddenly turning against the schemers. Yet I'm also hearing that the politicians are using delta for more lockdowns??? CRAZY. canada suddenly called for the end of COVID madness, for the summer, only last week, but do not trust this snake. There are videos out this week telling that delta is stronger and only just beginning.

LOOK IT. When Jesus is aghast at a situation like this, do you think that His recoil is not seen by the Father? If Jesus cringes at this senseless murder, do you think God prepares no response? Do you think that God will expose it first? Look at how Fauci got exposed after his year-long denials, in order to nab him good and incriminated. Youtube is back to heavy censoring because damage control is needed. All the while, the tech giants are being exposed as frauds, tyrants, communist pigs, EXCELLENT. We couldn't ask for much better, and later, it's Hell jail for them so that righteousness can sprout again and take root globally. Ahhh, beautiful, what a relief. Hang in there, old earth, you will get a good, long break from these demons. Get out the fertilizer; Christians are the fertilizer, the salt.

Texas has been maskless for long enough to show that COVID is a fraud. No pandemic in Texas. How will they feign dangerous variants if maskless regions don't see illnesses? Well, expect them to ramp up testings, faked testings. They'll think of something.

Breitbart: "President Joe Biden’s administration announced their plans to create ways for Americans to report radicalized friends and family to the government, in an effort to fight domestic terrorism." He's asking anti-Christs to report rebellious Christians, that's right, the communist pigs will gang up on us. Biden is calling for our persecution. We will be deemed dangerous unless God exposes COVID as a fraud. Do you think we can help God out in exposing it? We can skirt persecution by laying down our resistance, and going along with the anti-Christs. Does that sound like a good idea to you? That's why we're in this pickle in the first place, for not resisting earlier while the snakes-in-the-grass were infiltrating. Make snake oil today: stomp on your local snakes today. Repeat after me: liberals are killers, liberals are killers. God's love is to stomp on the snakes.

Carry a small magnet with you, check the meat before you buy? Is beef in canned ravioli magnetic? Are they trying to turn us into vegetarians? Why has this story not made Fox news yet? It is easy to prove that this is a true story. Are Fox managers being ordered to hush-up on this story?

Days ago:

A new report revealed that Google and the USAID funded Wuhan collaborator Peter Daszak’s virus experiments for more than a decade, lending credence to the theory that big tech has been determined to silence the debate on COVID-19 origins.

The National Pulse reported that Google has financial ties to Daszak’s EcoHealth Alliance, “a controversial group that has openly collaborated with the Wuhan Institute of Virology on ‘killer’ bat coronavirus research.”

How deep might google's relationship with gain-of-function be? We may find out. Now we know why youtube (owned by google) was harsh against any channel that shared the lab-leak theory, etc., last year. google could be guilty of obstruction of justice by covering for it's own guilt in the plandemic. Google's sharing of funds with EcoHealth started in Obama's second year. It's not known yet (by the public) how much money google gave, but people want to know. May God bring google down.

Gateway Pundit, June 22: "Peter Daszak, Behind the Research and Development of the China Coronavirus (COVID-19), Is Quietly Removed from UN Investigation of COVID-19 Origins". Well ya.

According the Tucker Carlson's show on Tuesday night, google paid Daszak to study bats in Chinese bats caves, seeking the potential to transmit bat viruses to humans. It appears that goofle is in a heap of trouble, to be blamed for the "pandemic" that it itself promoted. The irony. They faked the pandemic (maybe because the real COVID virus fizzled out), and now they are on the hook for all the faked deaths and illness, etc., that it caused. The beautiful irony. Hit them on their heads with thy iron rod, Jesus, knock'em out good. The bad news: these goons look like the anti-Christ's elves.

Beware anti-COVID youtubers who refuse to present the dangers of vaccines due to their hope of making a living with their youtube channels. There's no end to disinformation now, as youtubers decide whether they will comply with youtube dictates. Some do comply. They will say that vaccines are fairly safe, wholly ignoring that vaccines are not needed. To justify their pro-vaccine stance, they will then accept the reported numbers of deaths and hospitalizations even though they were largely faked. Anyone who tells you that vaccines are relatively safe due to the small percentage of people who die are being deceptive, for the thing to look at is the stated numbers of deaths, and to then increase those numbers because many deaths are not being reported by the frauds who control the system. If there are even 15,000 reported American deaths annually, they are 15,000 needless murders with many times as many maimings. Is that a fairly / relatively small thing???

Here is how to speak out:

He did a GREAT JOB to shut the yap of the other and to take command. He can be my lawyer anytime. Try that with a judge, however, and he's got power to punish you. The judge believes that the court room belongs to him/her, but it does not, and the people should have the right to hold a judge in contempt too if he does not allow speech however caustic it may be to his ears when a citizen is incensed by corruption. It is a control-freak measure to demand low-level volume in human voices in a court room. People have little right to express deep emotion. Court rooms are as exciting as rubber stamps. When God returns, it won't be quietly. Why do you think that God is coming with NOISE AND FLASHING? Is He rude? GOD IS EXCITING. We're gonna fly. Way up there. He can do it. He'll take you by the hand who are faithful, and ascending, He'll gladly show you His wonders. He's been waiting a long time to do this. He's been waiting a long time to show love to His creatures of faith. Hang in there through the valleys. Hoping in the United States is a loser's game. Democracy divides, and attracts bulls. Be one in Jesus. Fight the tyrants in the Name of Jesus.

This journalist "quit" (CBS) even before it got to the get-vaccinated-pressure point because she could see that her bosses were part of the wider game of deceiving the people concerning COVID. She became a whistle-blower too:

The video made sure to bring up CBS' fake-news story at the start of the COVID scare, and so, you see, the more people who defect as whistle-blowers, the harder it is for the media goons to repeat their offenses to carry out the agenda. By the way, I don't think people should quit a job they cannot afford to quit over something like being forced to wear a mask (your choice of course), but taking the vaccine is another matter.

Look at Trudeau's latest tyrannical win:

Canadians have a serious problem with what looks like a trudeau-freak trying to be a world leader in tyranny. That's my new perspective; trudeau is trying to become FAMOUS in infamy. He can't become famous for being a good guy, so he's going to become a FAMOUS STUPID. He wants to persecute people who don't see life his way. He's going to ramp up his spy services to keep watch on all Canadians who have Internet offerings touching upon politics and globalist agendas. It is WRONG to enforce globalist agendas on a people who have never elected globalists, and the globalist puppets (politicians) around the world admit that it's wrong when they will not admit that they are working globalist mandates.

It's not coincidental that many national leaders are pushing global warming. They did not all wake up one day to simultaneously have the same brainstorm (especially as global warming is a hoax), but were controlled by a global group(s) to push the agenda. The only ones who push the agenda are those who want to climb the globalist ladder i.e. to become "famous." There is no glistening pot of gold at the end of the globalist rainbow, for God will crush Babylon and those who venture across her rainbow. trudeau has God the Killer standing in his path. Yet God may not stop trudeau before he does more damage. So, brace yourselves, Canadians, and stop watching the state news from CBC, Global and CTV. They are all state media. There is no national news org that's for the people in opposition to government over-reach. All signs are that Canadian leaders will push for a police state i.e. threats and bully-tactics from gun-wielding goons who've given themselves over to the anti-Christ agenda.

The thing that the liberals want with their new, midnight law is to keep Canadians from snitching to the rest of their citizens on the evils the government is doing in the name of some fine-sounding projects. In the meantime, the government will call out to it's liberal / anti-Christ supporters to snitch on "rebels." That's where we've come suddenly with the COVID hoax, and it's not coincidental that many nations are behaving exactly this way at exactly this time. If I was able to strengthen my faith in God due to the demonics that I could see in canada 40 years ago, you should be able to do the same. Prophecy will strengthen your faith. As you see the world going where Jesus told us it would be, we will be able to lay down our lives for Him. This is the victory. But woe to the spies who enable the anti-Christs to advance their schemes, who stay blind to the evils of the agendas but call them good.

By censoring material, the government will only draw attention to itself when people speak out, or when arrests are made. Big tech have done damage to themselves in just this way. There is more than financial damage to be concerned with, for if people frown on its censorship programs, the entire house of cards is at risk of toppling. Liberals can be voted out, and this midnight law can be canceled. trudeau will go away in a couple of years, and the people might elect a good guy to replace him, but the anti-Christs will NEVER stop, to their dying day, to destroy what God wants to see on earth. Of course, not all anti-globalists are pro-God.

In the video below, the lady says that not one of the major media covered this new law. That is very frightening as it signals a secret conspiracy just as the vaccines are about to be forced upon children. They want to shut complainers up about it. When will Canadians begin to complain??? Is it time yet? Whenever it's time to raise the voice, always call out the evil, and let the voice be appropriate for the evil. Otherwise, if you don't call out the evil, and only call people names, it's you who looks mean. The battery-on-body portion of the video looks fake, with the battery pasted into the photo.

Where are all the heroes taking the media to court for misleading the people on vaccines? Without the media, the deep state is DEAD IN ITS TRACKS. Where are all the rich people who've got millions to spare for such court cases??? This is becoming a nightmare. Murderers are our leaders, do they get it? And those who speak out are probably going to suffer backlashes that have long been prepared. Backlashes come after the censoring programs are almost complete.

If I say I oppose crime minister Trudge, you might construe that as hatred. Fine, go ahead, but the point is that Trudge would like to disallow me to oppose him because it's "hate speech." Tyrants want peace when they are in power, and that means they want no opposition. But as soon as their political enemies are in power, you witnessed nothing but HATRED for Trump EVERYDAY EVERY MINUTE. It's okay for them to hate, but we can't despise them in return for corruption.

I've got my priorities straight. I oppose this prime minister like I oppose the plague because he stands for the devil literally. He may not think so, but in my world view, he does exactly that. If he doesn't want to be lumped in with the devil, then he needs to change, to become a Christian. Otherwise shut-up, Trudeau, about telling me to shut up, because I'm on the moral high ground, not you. I support Jesus, and that makes me as infinitely better, as Jesus is better than you. This is about who we want ruling the planet, and we all have a right to speak on those wishes. Matter-of-fact belief in a devil is not unwarranted hate speech. Unwarranted hate speech is such when one speaks evil of good, as Trudeau does. But if one speaks evil of evil, that's called the good guys to be celebrated, yet he wants to gag the good guys. Shame you imposter.

There should never be free speech against the Creator of this universe, and the Creator of your life. Anyone who says there is no God is a blind fool and guilty of capital hate speech. These people are guilty of the end of the world. The violence as in the days of Noah is back again, and the murderous sodomites are here too. Anti-Christs will be blamed for it all. My mother never knew where I was when I was a child. I could go wherever, and she had not fear at all. The world has changed these last 40-50 years because of the likes to Trudge and his father. Both have been evil men. Both love the anti-Christs. Therefore, I speak freely against him, my duty, for he is killing people as we speak, even children. Woe to anyone who touches a child, but this Trudeau character is killing them, many of them. If Trudeau wants to gag God's people who speak on His behalf, Trudeau is asking for torment from His hand.

Mr. Trudeau, murderous jackass, the WHO just came out to say not to vaccinate children. You knew you should not have, but you listened to your killer-buddies anyway. You absolute horror. I can see right through your facade. WHO doesn't want to be responsible for a string of child killings, but Trudeau doesn't mind at all, and neither does the premier of Ontario, who's been force-vaccinating children with police protection. Trudeau said NOTHING. He's the BASTARD without a Heavenly Father. He's under heavy condemnation. Torment in the Lake of Fire hangs over his head. This is not white rage, it's the Furious Wrath of God. Don't play fire with God, junk.

I don't think WHO wants to spare children the vaccines, but rather wants to protect itself for child illnesses and worse. About a day later, WHO changed the wording and removed "children." It was pressured by the divisive goons, wasn't it? They are wanting to turn the screws into our brains.

It looks like a trick to say that younger people are more affected by the delta variant because delta is being used specifically as a scare tactic to secure more vaccinations during a period where resistance to child vaccinations is now on the climb. The CDC is now telling the world that Trudeau is a killer of children (Trudeau is not mentioned in this video):

The video above makes it appear that the motive of the vaccine companies is to test the vaccines in order to get FDA approval, but this cannot be correct because they don't need to vaccinate everyone to do testing. This is a rush to vaccinate for other motives, OBVIOUSLY, and the suspicion is that it's more than for making fast truckloads of money. Long-term killings (that will not look like vaccine-related deaths) are part of the suspicions.

Australia came out with a report Friday to say that an Australian organization was involved at Wuhan, but never said anything about it. It was trying to hide its involvement. I don't yet know what the involvement was.

More evidence that organized COVID murder was the goal of the medical establishment. As you will see, the establishment wanted NO cures for the dying. The doctor says: the establishment knew that steroids helped patients with COVID, and while steroids had been the standard treatment for pneumonia, the establishment rejected steroids for COVID patients without logical reason. What more evidence do we need?

In case you don't get to it, there is a vitamin-C section in the video above with what looks like a "miracle" cure from injected vitamin C (won't work if C is taken orally). In the 35-37th minute, this section comes with more evidence of medical-establishment murder. It didn't start with COVID murder; it's been going on a long time: governments are murdering their citizens probably as a population-control measure. We can NEVER subscribe to such evil. Many people on the streets do, the communist / anti-Christ pigs. This is as easy to grasp as: communist pigs gave the medical establishment over to communist pigs willing to escort people to their deaths in a globalist-mandated quota.

The question is: will they conspire to kill Christians in their population-control programs? What better way to cancel our voices? How might they do it? Will they devise ways to identify us in hospitals? What if we don't get sick enough to need a hospital?

If you care to hear it, see the 34th and 44th minute of the below for the story that people with Pfizer vaccinations have a lowered level of antibodies to fight off a virus of any kind...meaning that vaccinations will increase flu cases that COVID schemers can use to their advantage to push COVID hard this winter. We should entertain the possibility that vaccinations are deliberately being given to lower natural protections against flus so that the globalists can continue to wreak havoc to their own advantages in many ways. It can explain why the goons insist on vaccinating people already having a natural vaccination i.e. to reduce the numbers of their antibodies. Isn't that attempted murder? Yes, it is.

Stacey Abrams' Election WaistLand

This week, the case in Georgia that has been on-hold in the courts for a month or more, was decided, and it's apparently good news; "Henry County Superior Court Judge Brian Amero ruled on Thursday on the elections lawsuit by Plaintiff Garland Favorito, the founder of VoterGA, a nonpartisan, non-profit organization that has led the election integrity movement in Georgia for 16 years." This greatly helps to catapult Georgia toward state-wide audits. However, an Atlanta media is reporting that this was a loss for Favorito:

Trump celebrated Favorito's win by speaking out on it, but I say he needs to keep his voice out of this, or judges and politicians will once again be pressured to freeze election-cheat advances on account of him. We saw that even judges were willing to be lawless if it meant giving him power again.

As per judge Amero who gave Favorito the right to do an audit, which is a great surprise under the deep-state circumstances, I looked up the Amero surname to realize that its crescents have what look like besants within them in the colors of the George besants. I've been saying in recent weeks that English George's point to "Georgia" election fraud, and Amero has to do with Georgia fraud. I wouldn't have made this Amero-George comparison if not for the Hazels whose crescents are colors reversed from the Amero crescents while the Hazel fesse with crescents is in the colors and format of the George fesse-with-besants. Plus, I trace George's to George of Hungary, father of Drummonds, and so compare Amero-like Amori's and Damorys/Amori's to Drummonds. It works. It could appear that God arranged judge Amero and/or the Amero-George heraldry. (Load Amero link now to have access, on another tab, to other Coats of Arms that follow.)

George's line is to Babe's and Beaks, both of which use suns, the symbol in giant form of Hesse's/Hessels. Hazels happen to share the green-on-gold leaves of Lindells (same design, anyway). Plus, lo and behold: while Stacey Abrams is part of the Georgia cheats, the Abrams Coat is identical to the Hesse/Hessel Coat.

It now gets important where English George's share blue doves with WAISTells, for the dream I've been mentioning millions of time, that ended with my pulling Miss Peare by her WAIST on a STAGE, had pointed to the Stage/Stagg and STACEY bloodline. Hazels are Hessels too, and they were first found in Devon with Stage's/Staggs (Hazel/Hessel colors). Is this God's pointer to Stacey Abrams? If so, why? She, as a lawmaker, was responsible for the Georgia law that allowed cheat-potential new rules for voting. It allowed the Bidenites to cheat their way to a win in 2020.

Staceys even share the French Andrea Coat while George was the son of king ANDERs I. In the dream, Peare was, at first, on a stage with Miss Phillips, and this seems to be for vote-FLIPPing, for Phillips' are also Fillips. The latter surname even uses an "amor" motto term!!! Judge Amero!!! As I've said many times, I met Miss Phillips when she worked at Pennington's clothing, and while Penningtons use "amore patria," Phillips'/Fillips' use "amor patriae". I can now add, WOW, that while Pennington clothing is exclusively for big (fat) women, Stacey Abrams is such a woman!!! I think I now get it.

The stages in the dream doubled as decks (reasons not repeated here), and while Decks are listed with German Daggers, English Daggers happen to share the one half of the Belgian George Coat, how impressive. The English Forte's in the Dagger motto probably love the Aude's with an audit-like Audet variation. Plus while Miss Phillips is Louise, French Louis'/LOYs can be in the "LOYalte" motto phase of Daggers! [I'll show later why Scans, said to use daggers, were kin of Machine's for a pointer to Jovan Pulitzer's ballot-scanning machine.]

WOW, more suddenly: the "Ducit" motto term of Phillips'/Fillips can be for Duce's/Duceys who in turn share the Coat on Abrams-like BRAMtons!!! ZIKERS. The waist-pull event had pointed to Arizona election fraud, and Doug DUCEY (pro-cheat) is the governor there right now. Bramtons share a dog head (different color) in Crest with Amore's and Damorys/Amori's (both first found in Oxfordshire with Peare's/Pearls).

Oh wow. Damorys/Amori's are said to be from Holton, and Holtons share the same fesse-with-besants as George's!!! The only difference is that the Holton fesse is wavy, yet it's colors reversed from the wavy fesses of German Drummonds. Holtons have more dog heads, and the Sempers/St. PERE's in the "Semper" motto term of Holtons have the Bramton / Duce/Ducey Coat. Bingo, and Holtons are even said to have settled Wiltshire, where George's were first found. The Damory/Amori and Holton dog heads are in the colors of the ANDERson wolf. Wavy fesses / bars (shared by Damorys/Amori's and Webbers) are expected as code for WEAVers and Webbers, and Weavers, kin of Hazels/Hessels (share squirrel in Crest with Holts/Holds), share a "fideLIS" motto term with Holtons while English Lise's/Liss (Hampshire, same as Holtons of Wight) share the six pale bars of Babe-branch Babels/Babwells.

Wight is the location of Cowes while Cowes'/COO's use Pennington-like "pennants." It's all clicking great with Stacey Abrams in the picture. This dream's others pointers had pointed hard to Hillary Clinton and her legal team at Perkins COIE, for I had walked through the mall's parking lot before seeing the stages, and Parkings are listed with Perkins. I walked off the Rodham-like road into the mall parking lot. The stages were also PLATforms as a pointer to Hillary's private email service, Platte River Networks (Denver, same as Perkins Coie and Dominion Voting). Perkins Coie is now at the charge of spoiling the ballot audits.

Holts/HOLDs are in the motto of McLeods/Clouds, the latter first found on Skye and LEWIS. Welsh Lewis' are a Louis branch. I was about to HOLD Peare when pulling her waist toward me.

What could it mean, therefore, that while Peare was on one stage with Miss Phillips, Peare was then suddenly on my stage (we were alone upon it) where I pulled her waist toward me (dream ended right there)? The last time I saw Phillips (over 40 years ago), she told me she was going into stage productions. I suppose I am to predict something very good for the good guys that opposes the will/hopes/actions of Stacey Abrams. The Abrams surname is also "Abraham" by the way.

As I've said a thousand times, the waist-pull event is related to the belly-PRESS event with Miss Peare, and Staceys use a "PERSEqueris" motto term that can be for Peare / Press/Prest liners. Perse's are listed with Pierce's/Pears'. The belly-press pointed to the Bouillons, and Godfrey de Bouillon was the son of Eustace II, and then the Eustace's are clearly a Stacey branch. Coincidences? The Percys happen to have a fesse-by-lozenges in colors reversed from the fesse-by-lozenges of Penningtons.

The two stages were in a mall, and this can be gleaned as pointing to both English Malls/Marlybone's and Scottish Morleys/Mauls. The latter happen to share the scallops of Tailboys/Tailbois' while the dog heads above are often called "talbots" as code for Tailbois-branch Talbots. The Malls/Marlybone's almost have the Coat of Cure's/Eure's suspect in the "Cur" motto term of Staceys and Eustace's.

Although no Favorito surnames comes up, Favors share the Trump and PEARtree stag head. Recall how Amero-like Amore's are in the Phillips/Fillips and Pennington motto's along with "patria / patriae," for Peartree's are listed with Patria's, believe it or not. PLUS, as I've said a million times, Miss Peare worked for REITman's clothing (in a mall) when I met both she and Miss Phillips, and so note "FavoRITO." Jewish Reitmans share the hexagram of Rotens while Rodhams are also Roddens. Lindells share the log with German RITTers/Riders, and Ratterys happen to share the fitchees of Favors, how about that! AND OH WOW, English Ritters/Rutterys have an "amor" motto term!!!! AMAZING. Favorito is the one who won the courts cases with judge Amero!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Peare and Phillips both worked in the same mall selling clothes, and it now appears that God set me up with them both for this pointer to Georgia vote fillipping, so to speak. WHY WHY WHY would He do this in my teens?

So, as it now appears, the final scene in the waist-pull / sleeping-bag dream, was not fully decipherable until election fraud brought out Stacey Abrams. She's the one who made early and drop-off-box voting possible, and other such things for which Favorito may have won the right to audit. Stay tuned. Favorito is back in court soon to set the audit date.

Here's Bannon's Friday show (episode 1,049) on Favorito's win (you need only hear less than half this show for this discussion). In the 13th minute we find that Stacey Abrams has some ownership of Happy Faces, a group that was brought in to do some of the election-night cheating:–-victory-in-georgia-for-forensic-election-audit-w-john-fredericks-boris-epshteyn/

It's here:

Evidence presented at this morning’s [June 16] public meeting of the Fulton County Commission shows former Democrat gubernatorial candidate and State Rep Stacey Abrams controlled and financed the main contractor used in Fulton County elections during the Nov 3rd poll and the Jan 5th U.S. Senate runoff.

Evidence showed direct financial underwriting of the staffing service Happy Faces Personnel Group, by groups controlled by Abrams. In other words, a highly partisan Democrat political operative controlled the elections in Fulton County, which also involved a Nigerian national.

...Fulton County residents testified Stacey Abrams owns 16% of ‘Now Account’, and that Now Account financed and recruited employees for Happy Faces.

Now we can understand why God pointed to Stacey with the stages, for she staged the election. She's guilty of conflict of interest. Democrats rig elections wherever they can, and RINOs have done nothing about it for decades. They let the country go to trash by empowering Democrats by their do-nothing. Ditto for many churches (and Internet preachers right-now) who stick to Bible teaching but never voice what's needed to keep the nation / world from going over to the anti-Christs. Do both. Form church "militia" who instruct the world in the ways of Jesus in the context of the wicked seeking to rule the world. WARN WARN WARN. REJOICE REJOICE REJOICE for our victory before it happens.

Ahhh, as per "Happy Faces," Happys/Apps'/Epps (share Morley/Maul scallops) use a "DOMINE" motto term! Zinger. It appears that God arranged the heraldry (centuries ago) to point Happy Faces to vote flipping by Dominion Voting. Happys/Apps'/Epps (almost the Dagger scallops) are from the APSus river, home of the Dexaroi who named the Daggers.

The sleeping-bag dream is first mentioned in the 2nd update of April, 2017. I was looking up surnames left and right trying to understand what the dream meant. Thew first thing I say is that my arms were at her back, but I remember this scene clearly: I was too far from her for my hands to be in the middle of her back, but rather they were at the top of her hips at the back of the waist. I even say: "I did not know the motto term of French Pascals when mentioning my arm around Christine's waist, and here the description of the Crest of English Pascals is: 'A BEARDed man from the waist UP.'"

I've just realized that while Beards/Bearts share the red bull with Daggers, Dexaroi were on the up-like Apsus river so that there may be an Up-like branch of the Happys/Apps'/Epps. Were the Dexaroi part of the royal-Cottian family? The Domine's (in the Happys/Apps/Epp motto) were first found in Piedmont with the Cottian capital, home of Waistell-like Vestalis, son of king Cottius. Piedmont is where Italian Dance's/Donnas' were first found, likely from king Donnus, Cottius' father, and here it's worth mentioning that the pale-bars-by-crescents of Amero's are colors reversed from the pale bars of Italian Dance's/Donnas' and PERO's (Piedmont again).

UPtons use another "Semper" motto term for the St. PERE's. The Upton moline is colors reversed from the same of Chives', the latter from Piedmont's Chivasso, near bull-liner Turin. Chives' were first found in Aberdeenshire, where Turins were first found who have gold-on-red boar heads in the colors of the Bard/Beard boar (Bardys almost have the Dagger Coat). Bards/Beards even have a "DOMINus" motto term! Ms. Abrams' Happy Faces is pointing to Dominion Voting.

As Piedmont's Masci's were a Massey branch, note that the Massey quadrants are shared by Cure's/Eure's who in turn have another gold boar head. Pero's use a "flaming star" that is the "comet" of Reines', and Comets/Come's (Turin-connectable towers) are in the colors and format of dagger-using Comyns/Comings, the latter being from Kuman in Fier county at the Apsus river...explaining why Fiers/Fears (moline cross) were first found in Middlesex with Happys/Apps'/Epps, and why Vere's share the Massey / Cure/Eure quadrants while Scottish Vere's/Weirs share the gold boar in Crest with Cure's/Eure's. Lofwicks use bull heads while Towers/Lofwicks share the Comet/Come tower. Reines' can be from Renier of Montferrat at Turin.

The interesting thing about Lofwicks being listed with Towers is that Lufkins share the Chevron-with-stars of Peare's, and while the latter were first found in Oxfordshire with Luffs/Loves' (it's where Vere's ruled), Kelly LOEFFler of Georgia is one of the RINO Republicans who joined Mike Pence on January 6 to betray Trump's election win. German Loefflers even share the Cure/Eure quadrants. "CUR ME" is a Stacey / Eustace motto phrase, and Mee's/Mea's/Meigh's can be gleaned as kin of FACE's/Fessys in the Taff motto and cross, and then we find a "Eustace de LoveTOFT" in the Eustace write-up who looks like a Luff/Love merger with Taff / Taft/Toft/Tuffs liners. Busca is in Piedmont while Bosco's use "tufts of grass." Tafts/Tofts/Tuffs' share the Knee phoenix. The Luffs/Love's must be using the red Lovetot/Lovetoft lion.

Additionally, Comets/Come's (probably Tower/Lofwick kin) were first found in Limousin with Seconds/SEGURs, and this apparently deciphers part of the "perSEQUERis" motto term of Staceys and Eustace's. As I see FACE's/Fessys from the Fieschi, it's notable that Fisks/Fiscs share "ad astra" with Tottens, for the latter were first found in Middlesex with Happys/Apps'/Epps. HAPPY FACES. The Fieschi were in Genova with SEGURana's, and Genova's/Geneva's share the lion of the Seconds/SEGURs expected in the "Ad astra sequor" motto of Tottens. You can thus see why the Stacey motto is important for clinching this pointer to corruption by Happy Faces. Luffs/Loves' are expected as a Levi branch, and "second" is a Levi motto term. Levi's even use an "Aide" motto term to go with "AD astra." The "LeVIS" motto term of Levi's may be partly for Vise's/Vice's, who share the same black cross between antler with Eustace's. Levi's were first found in Ile-de-France with Chappes' while Capes' (London, same as Happys/Apps'/Epps) share the Happy/Apps'/Epp scallops.

We're seeing stress on Luff/Love liners, and we may now add that Packets/Paskets, sharing the Levi / Pascal/Passe lion, and using a "PER IL" motto phrase, were first found in Oxfordshire with Peare's/PEARLs and Luffs/Love's. Packets/Paskets ("CONTRario) are in Conte/Comitissa/COUNTER colors. I looked up Packets as per Lindell's packet-capture evidence against Dominion Voting. Packs share the anchor of Passe-like Paisleys/Pasleys, and English Pasleys happen to share the triple Luff/Love fesses, but see also the triple fesses of Micks because Mickleover is where Packets/Paskets lived. This paragraph looks like a neat-little package. Packet-captures (or PCAPs) are Internet-traffic data captured and stored usually by Intelligence. John Ratcliffe (pro-Trumper) was the highest Intelligence boss during election night. Didn't we just see PCAP-like Capes'/Cape's?

Pascals/Passe's are the ones with the bearded man from the waist up. French Pascals share "mea" with Taffs, and even use "mea Christus" while I had my hands on CHRISTine Peare's waists, as does the man in the Crest of English Pascals/Passe's! That's cool. The Taft/Tuft/Tuffs Crest is a red, spread eagle (with flames / fire at the tail), and this red eagle is even in the Coat of English Pascals/Passe's. Pasi's/Pascels were first found in Bologna, and Boulogne, where Eustace II was count, is near the Comines location of Comyns/Comings. The latter share the garbs of Waistells.

Lovetots/Lovetofts are new to me here. They were at BASSETlaw, tending to identify the triple fesses of Bassets (and Drummonds) with the triple red ones of Luffs/Love's. Bassetlaw is in Hatfield while Hatfields/Hadfields (Essex, same as Pascals/Passe's) share the cinquefoils of Bosco-branch Boasts/Bois' in the motto of Nimo's. Boasts/Bois' have a bend-with-items in the colors and format of the same of Hats, and BASS Isle is in HADDington. Haddingtons share the Pascal/Passe cross. Nimo's were first found in STIRLINGshire with the Drummond locale of Drymen, and while Stirlings are also Sturlings, Sturs share the triple fesses (almost) of Bassets and Drummonds). Rollo's, who love the Passe's in their motto and share the black boar with Bush's/Buschs, were first found in Perthshire with Drummonds. The Pascal/Passe cross can be the Eustace cross because Pascals/Passe's are said to have named Pasci in EURE while Cure's/Eure's can be in the Eustace motto.

Eustace II was near Comines, and the Comyn/Coming/Comines Coat is almost that of Hatfield-like Heatfields/HEATHfields. While John Ratcliffe (still lives in Heath) was the mayor of HEATH, Ratcliffs were first found in Lancashire with the Towers/LOFWICKs who share the Comet/Come tower! Ratcliffs share the black bull head with Lofwicks! Zikers, we're still waiting/wanting to know where Lindell got his packet-capture material, whether John Ratcliffe was responsible. Comyns/Comings love the Courage's (Essex, same as Pascals/Passe's and Hatfields/Hadfields) who in turn share the fleur-de-lys of Perkins/Parkings who in turn share the Pascal/Passe / Levi lion. Heathfields of Heathfield were first found in Sussex with the Eustace-related Vise's/Vice's. Essex is also where the Works/Wergs were first found who may have named the Worksop location of Lovetots.

Ratcliffs were first found in Salford while Salfords share the wolf of Lovetot-like Lovetts. The latter almost have the Coat of Keats while Keiths are also Heath-like Keaths, how about that. Haddington is where the Keiths -- from a Catti tribe -- were first found who are from the Chatti Germanics of Hesse-Cassel, and Hesse's/Hessels are the ones sharing the Coat of Abrams.

Stur-like Stars, expected in the "flaming stars" of Pero's, were first found in Wiltshire with the sources of the Stour river. Wiltshire is where Georgia-pointing George's were first found who share the blue doves of WAISTells. I pulled Peare's waist on a stage as a pointer to Stacey Abrams, and I think she realizes that she's in trouble right now.

This may have to do with my HAT TRICK in a hockey game (organized hockey) in my 16th year, which I've talked about as relating to election fraud with Sidney Powell involved. The HATRICKs/Ettricks and Edrichs/Edricks (in the "Edrych" motto term of Powells) both share the giant, red lion of Lovetots/Lovetofts, and the Edrichs/Ettricks (Wiltshire again) even share the Luff/Love lion head. The thing is, the Lovetot/Lovetoft lion is split in half, with the bottom half in the colors of the split-lion of Powells. The Louvains/LOVains (Kent, same as Sidneys) are in SIDNey colors, and Sittens were first found in East Lothian with Keiths of Haddington. Sitlers/SCHITTLE's, evoking the Scytl company that works in election fraud along with Dominion, may have the Lovetot/Lovetoft lion too. The Tottens (Middlesex) expected with LoveTOTs not only have the same red lion in Crest as Hatricks / Lovetots, but a "sequor" motto term to go with the "perSEQUERis" of Staceys. Reminder: "Eustace de Lovetoft" is in the Eustace write-up.

Lovetots/Lovetofts were first found at WorkSOP (Nottinghamshire, same as Annas') while Shops share the Chief-Shied colors of Annas', and the latter share the star of Tease's/Tyes' and Italian Amori's (may have been responsible for the Love variation of Luffs) while Amore's and Damorys/Amori's were both first found in Oxfordshire with Luffs/Love's in turn having fesses in the colors of the Totten fesses. WORKsop can thus link to the "work" motto term of Sinclairs because the latter also have "thy" in their motto (looks like code for Tease's/Tyes'), and I do think that my waist-pull with Peare was a tease event, explaining why it was on a stage i.e. pointing to some non-natural / pre-arranged event. Perhaps it means that Trump's voters were teased with a win they never got. Thy's are listed with Thigh's, and the thigh bone is connected to the hip bone. The Hips'/Hipkins played into the waist-pull because they almost have the Phoenix/Fenwick Coat, and thus the waist-pull had, at first, pointed to election fraud in Phoenix (or Maricopa). Hipkin-like Hopkins (Oxfordshire, same as Luffs/Love's) look like Lufkin kin.

If these things confuse you as to what they all point to cleanly, no worries, it gives me headaches too. There is a Worksop surname (Wassa / Washington colors) listed with Warsops/WarSHOPs/WASHups (confusing), and they, sharing the Tease/Tess/Teck saltire (from the Ticino river of the Laevi), were first found in Nottinghamshire with Tease's/Tyes'. I think the Luff/Love Coat can now be gleaned as a version of the Washington Coat. Luffs/Love's were kin of Cheeks/Chicks who in turn share the WARshop/Worksop/Washup, and it just so happens that WARwicks share the Coat of Chicks/Chichs. This makes me see Worksop variations as partly related to Warwicks, and partly to Washingtons. Chicks/Chichs were first found in Essex with COLchester, and Cole's (Cornwall, same as Wassa's) share the black bull with Ratcliffs. By what coincidence are HEATHfields in Chick/Chich and Warwick colors and format?

I get the distinct impression that John Ratcliffe is being pointed to, and it can be added that while Sleeping Beauty (Miss Hicks) moved to within ten miles of Heath (Texas), she had earlier lived in BAYtown (Texas) while English Bays/Bayes' were first found at Colchester with the Heathfield-like Hatfields, is that not incredible? The Heath-like Helds/Helts share the Coat of HICKsons. French Bays are even in Heathfield colors and format. The other Sleeping-Beauty role was played by Ainsley Earhardt, and Ainsleys were first found in Nottinghamshire with Warsops/Worksops/Washups (glad I don't have any of these surnames).

Sinclairs (beside the Keiths/KEATHs) share the gold rooster with Heaths ("EsPERE") who in turn share the Pero / Lufkin star, and Heaths were first found in Durham with Washingtons, and with the CONTE's/COMITissa's expected in the "COMMIT THY WORK to God" motto of Sinclairs. The latter's Clair branch were first found in Limousin with the Levi-beloved Seconds/Segurs, and with the Comets/Come's. Comyns/Comings are from John Burgo of CONTEville and Comines. Keiths were from the Chatti of Hesse-Cassel, and German Cassels share the triple chevrons of Clare's (and of a Dutch Burg/Burger surname no longer showing them). ComiTISSa's/ConTESSE's may have been a Conte merger with Tiss' / Tease's/Tess'.

I'd like to add that while Ratcliffe was a mayor, Mayors (roses) are listed with Majors suspect in the "CAPTa majora" motto of the Rose-related GEDDes (beside Ratterys) who share the CHADwick and Chadock escutcheon. Chads and Sheds can be gleaned as SKIT and Sheet/Skate kin, a potential pointer to SCYTL. Geddes' use pike fish, and Picks/Pix's share the fitchees of Ratterys. This recalls Ritters/Rutterys, but also German Ritters sharing the log with Lindells. Mike Lindell is the packet-CAPTure man, and RATcliffe may have indirectly made him so. The CAPETians descended from Worms, and packet-captures are used to discover viruses and worms; the Vires' (look like Feller / Lynch branch) were first found in Paris with king Robert the Capetian. Spanish Capets share the gold crown with Corona's / Corons. Know of any corona viruses? Skits and Sheets/Skate's share the black border with SEDANs (may share Hatfield cinquefoil) who are in turn linkable to Sitlers/SCHITTLE's, who in turn share the trefoil of English Pike's (Devon, same as Staceys)...another neat-little package capture.

I have never realized before that when Obama-Dunham appeared in my dream upon a skateboard, the Skits can apply to him where he was on a STAGE dancing in the scene immediately before it. A skit is something one does on a stage. The dream opened with a black sheet draped over all of his billiard tables (he owned the billiard hall with Loretta Lynch), and Sheets/Skate's (same as DANCETTE-using Dunhams) share the Skit Coat. So, the dance and skateboard scene could be God's pointer to a staged production (= faked election) of the Obama deep state as per Scytl. New: the Dansets/Danse's were first found in Ile-de-France (Paris) with the Vires' virtually sharing the Lynch Coat! The Billiards are Billets too while English Billets share the BELLO-BALLOT Coat! Plus, Dansets share the BELLY roses! That's new too. Ile-de-France is where Capet-like Chappes'/Chapats were first found.

The skateBOARD should be for Boards (version of Pavia Coat) who have a Coat linkable to Chadwicks / Chadocks and thus to the potent cross of Chads, Sheds/Scheds, Skits and Skate's. It tends to trace Joseph Caiaphas to Pavia's Laevi. The Brocuffs of Silesia (where Schitners/SCHITTLE's were first found) use the potent cross too while their Brocks branch have a "VireSCIT motto term that can be read as "VIREScit" too! Bingo. The ramps share double-brown lions with Collins', and Francis Collins is a head cheese of the COVID scheme. His Billiard tables were COVERed, and Covers are COVITs too.

Geds (pike fish) use the motto, "DuRAT," and Rats/Raids were first found in Nairnshire with Geddes' and Rose's. Scottish Pike's/Picks were first found in Ayrshire with Scottish Sheds. PIGeons share the Stage/Stagg chevron, blue like the Pike chevron.

French Rose's were first found in Limousin with Comets/Come's and Rose-connectable Clairs and Clarks. The latter were first found in Hampshire with Geddys/Gideons, and with Josephs/Joe's who in turn use a "claro" motto term probably for Charo's/CLARO's. Geddys/Gideons use TORTeaux (red roundels, symbol of Arms of Boulogne), and Gaddys/Goodie's (share Joseph/Joe Crest, same as the Good/Gut garb) use a TORToise. Hones', expected in the "Honesta" motto term of Gaddys/GOODie's (Edinburghshire, same nearly as "GOD"-using Sinclairs), were first found in Hampshire with Geddys/Gideons, and with the Burghs/Burrows who likely share the Gaddy/Goodie chevron closely.

Clarks (same place as Tudys/Totys), sharing the Tudy/Toty chevron, have a motto, "FortiTUDo," and TUDwell (Devon) is where Clerk-branch Clare's (stag head) lived. Devon is where Stage's/Staggs (cross between antlers) were first found who have a good reflection of the Clark Coat (Pike chevron?). Torteaux are used by Tiss-related Shirts/Shards, and Tease's/Tess' were first found in Switzerland with Goods/Guts and the Ticino canton.

June 25, the day after I started this heraldic section: "'Stacey Abrams’ firm, Happy Faces, what, they are literally providing the employees, the temporary employees to count ballots! Stacey Abrams is profiting from local elections across this country!' Those words were blasted on the WarRoom Pandemic by Vernon Jones (R), former Democrat who is running for governor of Georgia and who was being interviewed...They’re covering up Stacey Abrams. They’re covering up Raffensperger. They’re covering up Brian Kemp... We may assume that other Democrat leaders are working with her on systematic cheating using this firm. Peare's use "leopard FACES."

I recently discussed why Kemp may have been pointed to by Mamie at the CAMPfire, on the night there were two events with my hand / arm around her WAIST. On the second event, we went to sleep with my arm draped round her waist in what I call tease night, and the waist-pull event with Peare was in a dream starting with my PICKing up a sleeping bag. The sleeping-bag may not yet be fully deciphered; there may yet be a future news story to which it applies. The only three events I recall with Mamie that night started with her PICK-up truck event that pointed to Hatch's/Hacch's, and they happen to have the Coat of Abram-like Bramtons, and Sempers/St. Pere's, and Duce's/Duceys, in colors revered. The Pullings list Pulits too, but thus far I have no word that Jovan PULITzer's scanning system is being used for the Phoenix audit. Perhaps it will be used for Georgia fraud.

Kemps, sharing the pelican with Pullings/Pulits, have a "Lucem" motto term likely for the Luce's/Lucys using PIKE fish. The Luce/Lucy Coat is the Ged Coat on a red Shield. Luce's named Luce in Passe-like Passeis. The Pasi's/Pascels share crossed spears (different color) with the Speers expected in the "Lucem spero" motto of Kemps. Kemps were first found in Wiltshire with George's, and with the LAPs. Mamie sat on my LAP uninvited at the PICnic table around the CAMPfire, and all I remember about that event was my putting my hand on her waist/hip to make her feel welcome. She had not been my girl at the time. I remember nothing else until we were in her tent spreading out the sleeping bag. "SPERavi" is a motto term of HAPPYs/Apps'. Geddes' use pikes too, and Gaddys/Goodie's with Josephs/Joe's share the gold garb in Crest with Kemps. French Josephs were first found in Maine with the Pellicans expected in the Kemp Crest. Brian Kemp is the Georgia governor who beat Stacey Abrams to that job. He's been covering for Happy Faces, hasn't he?

I've mentioned the pick-UP truck many times without recalling that Pascals/Passe's have a "bearded man from the waist UP," is that not absolutely amazing? It appears that the pick-up and Mamie's waist is pointing to Brian Kemp as per the indirect Kemp link to Pike's / Picks. WAISTells share the dove's of George's (Wiltshire, same as Kemps) and the garbs of Comyns/Comings. Pike-loving Luce's/Lucys were first found in Norfolk with the Comyns/Comings who in turn have the Kemp Coat on a blue Shield!!! Incredible coincidences.

Comyns/Comings use the dagger while Daggers (Kemp colors an format) almost have the Happy/Apps scallops. Happys/Apps' use "DOMINE SPERavi," and Geddes' were first found in Nairnshire upon the SPEY river while Speers are also Speyers! One Spey tributary is the Fessy-like Feshie!!! Nearby Perthshire is where Ratterys ("VOTum") were first found who share the Pick/Pix fitchees, and Rats/Raids ("Spero") were first found in Nairnshire too. "SpeRAVI" can be partly for German Rave's who share the raven with Rothes', for Rothes is on the Spey river. Why might Rats/Raids share "spero" with Kemps? Why is Brian Kemp in Georgia with Raven-like RaffensPERGer (Georgia's secretary of state)? Favors share the Rattery Coat but throw in the Trump Coat too.

Read carefully. In the morning after we slept in her tent (no sex, no hug, no nothing), after she went to sleep facing away from me with my arm around her waist (I was behaving), she put on her bathing SUIT and went into the lake with me. As was said, we emBRACEd in the lake in what looks like a pointer to Lake's sharing the bend of Brace's/Bras', and it just so happens that while her BATHing suit can point to the Baths (named Bath beside the Wiltshire Kemps and Laps) sharing the cross of FACE's/Fessys, the latter first found in Northamptonshire with Bras-like Brays/Brae's!!! I think that nails the pointer to Happy Faces corruption.

Bra is a location smack beside the Pelosi's of SAVIGliano (Piedmont, same as PERO's and Domine's), and Savage's happen to use a "TE PRO TE" motto phrase while "IN Te Domine" is a phrase used by Happys/Apps'. Perfect for lumping Nancy Pelosi into with Dominion-Voting corruption. "In" is a motto term also of Speer-like Sparrows (roses probably for Rose's of Nairnshire), and Innis'/One's were first found at Moray i.e. on the Spey river. Recall the "Honesta" motto term of Gaddys/GOODie's, for while Geddes' were first found in Nairnshire, Hones'/HONE's (billets) look like the One variation of Innis' (share brown boar head with Belly-connectable Baileys). Billets share the Coat of Bello's/BALLOTs (Cheshire, same as Savage's and Malls), perfect for election-fraud activities. The road and other props in the sleeping-bag dream had pointed hard to Rodhams/Rodens (Northumberland, same as Baileys), who not only share the tree stump of Nairns, but the white-ermined bend of Milbanks in the Mall write-up. Nairns have a vertically-split Shield in colors reversed from the same of Sprows'/Spruce's.

BRACEbridge's (Lincolnshire, same as English Sparrs/Sparks) share the lozengy Shield of Scottish CHAMPagne's while Camps are also Champs (tends to verify that God set up our embrace in the lake that morning / noontime). As the Lake's / Brace's/Bras' look like kin of PLUNKetts, let's repeat that PLANCia Magna of Perkin-like Perga had a Mr. Simplex for a relative while Perkins/Parkings were first found in Leicestershire with Champagne's. Perkins/Parkings use a "Simplex" motto term while Simple's are in the motto of Spree's who in turn share the crescents of Speers/Speyers (Renfrewshire, same as Simple's). See any suspicious activities here by corrupt legal teams who do not fear prosecution? To get into the parking lot, I crossed a road, and Roets happen to share the Speer boar heads.

PERKINs Coie is the legal team with dozens of election-fraud lawyers seeking to keep the lid on corruption. RaffensPERGers can be Perga liners as well as of the Rothes'/Rothchilds (giant raven), first found in Bavaria with Pergers/PERGENs. Perkens (not "Perkin") use the Feather feathers while Abrams-connectable Fetters were first found in Bavaria too. Pergers/Pergens share an eight-pointed star with Rothschilds/Roddensteins/Rotsteins (use an arrow for the Rodham/Rodden bend), yet the Perger/Pergen star is in the colors of the Roten / Reitman hexagram (star). While I trace Teague/Teegers to king Tigranes VI, the ancestor of Plancia Magna of Perga, German Teegers share a giant, eight-pointed star (different colors) with Pergers/Pergens. It just so happens that the German Teegers use the star of English DOMINics/DomiNAYs ("Pax")...who apparently share the Nay/Ney/Nie barry.

While Abrams and Fetters share the Hesse Coat, the "Advance" motto of Speers/Speyers looks like they love the Rodham-connectable Aids/Ade's (Berwickshire, same as Gords), but also the Vance variation of Vaux's/Fanns, the latter first found in East Lothian with the Keiths from the Chatti of Hesse-Cassel. Likewise first found in East Lothian were the Fortune's in the motto of Rollo's (Speer / Roet / Gord boar heads in colors reversed).

Perga is beside ATTALia, the namer of ATLas, mythical symbol of Atlantis. The election fraud in Georgia is mainly in Atlanta. That works.

Rodhams/Roddens are Rothes liners, and Ruths/Rothers/Randolphs were even first found in Moray. English Sparrs may be using a goose, the symbol of English Rutherfords who share "nec" with Rodhams/Roddens. German Sparrs have the martlet design once shown by Scottish Rutherfords. Ahh, one Lauder Crest is the Rodhams/Rodden tree stump, and the other Lauders Crest not only shares a goose on a rock with Rutherfords, but the goose design of Lauders is that also of Sparrs (it verifies that the Sparr bird in not a swan). Speers/Speyers share the boar head on blue with Goose's/Googe's/GOUCH's (Roxburghshire, same as Rutherfords), and my septic = SEWER system (where I now live) was inspected by Mr. Gouch.

As per the "Lucem spero" motto of Kemps, let me repeat that the septic = SEWER system on my Texas property was built by Luce Construction. The Sewers/Suits share the fitchees of PEARtree's who in turn share the Trump, Favor and Jump stag head, and Jumps (Yorkshire, same as Camps) share the roses of Bellys (Moray, same as Spey river), and of Paisleys/Pasleys connectable to the namers of the Passeis location of Luce's/Lucys. Paisleys/Pasleys were first found in Renfrewshire with Pasi-related Speers/Speyers likely in the Kemp motto. The Speer/Speyer boar heads are colors reversed in the Coat of Rollo's (Perthshire) who in turn use a "Passe" motto term, how about that, for the Rollo Coat looks connectable to the Stacey Coat. Brian Kemp became the Georgia governor when Stacey Abrams ran against him for that position. Staceys were first found in Devon with Pike's.

I PICKed up the sleeping bag on a hill / bank (off the road) in the woods, and Woods (Leicestershire, same as Perkins/Parkings) use both the savage and the Pick/Pix fitchees. Repeat: "To get into the parking lot, I crossed a road, and ROETs happen to share the Speer boar heads." Picks/Pix's (Kent, same as Roots) share the Wood and ROOT tree (with roots), and Roots share the BAGley Coat while the sleeping bag was in the woods. I walked into the parking LOT of a mall, and Morleys/Mauls share the Jardin scallops. Lots share the brown dog with Lothians, and the latter were first found in Perthshire (near Angus) with the Rollo's having the Roet boar heads in colors reversed. Rollo's love the Touts/Toots (share Spree crescent) while Tooths share the Perken and Feather feathers. Fetters share the Abrams Coat. Online: "FETTERESSO: From Fetteresso in the parish of the same name in Kincardineshire. Dufscolok de Fetheressau was one of the perambulators of the bounds of BalFETH in Angus c. 1204—1211." Balfeth is where Abrams were first found.

The Peartree's/Patria's, of the Pierro's/Pero's of Pavia, were first found in Kincardineshire with FETTeresso, and Pavia's use the Feet/Fate Coat!!! That's new and exciting. Peartree's/Patria's share the sun with Abrams and Fetters, how about that. Kincardine is beside Aberdeenshire, where Fothes'/Fette's and Prophets/ProFETTs were first found.

After our embrace in the lake, I remember nothing else of that day until Mamie got her thigh symbol at her GARDEN still in her bathing suit, and so I thought it was interesting that SEWERS/Suits/Suters, sharing the fitchees of PEARtree's, and almost the Pick/Pix fitchees, were first found in Angus with Gardens/Jardens and Jardins. The latter share the Tease/Tyes' stars as verification that these pointers are valid. Jardins even use an "ADsum" motto term to go with the "ad" motto term of Face-connectable Fisks/Fiscs (their Coat is connectable to Bags and Grimaldi's). Speers/Speyers have the motto, "ADvance."

AMAZINGLY, Baths are said to be of "ap-ATHA," and Atha's share the checkered Shield of Fisks/Fiscs!!! We slept in the bag, and while Bags share the lozengy Shield of Grimaldi's, Fieschi were politically allied (and thus possibly related by blood) to Grimaldi's of Genova.

Brad Raffensperger, the leader of the Georgia election cheats, was forced to announce that he removing 100,000 (nice round number) "voters" off the voter roll because they are fake voters. It is being reported that 18,000 are dead voters. Who do you think the dead voters voted for in 2020??? Isn't Raffensperger admitting that Biden lost the election in Georgia after all? YUP, he shore is. Doesn't he want to tell the people how many of those 100,000 voted for Biden in 2020? Shore he does. C'mon, Raff, out with it. And in the meantime, find the people who sent in ballots for those fake voters, and jail them, because it's you that needs to be jailed. Does he know it? Shore he does. That's why he's suddenly behaving.

Keri Lake and The Doral Boat

Not long ago Keri LAKE quit Fox news in a whistle-blower protest, and I've just learned that he's running for the governorship of Arizona. If she wins, the embrace between Mamie and I in the LAKE may be a pointer to her. Amazingly, while Mamie got her thigh symbol later in the day from the lake embrace, Thigh's/Thy's use the same, red animal as Jewish Fox's (assumed to be a fox). The Fox Crest is the demi-fox in the Foss Crest, and Foss' were first found in Somerset with Castle CARY. KERI Lake??? Amazingly, Foss' are also Voss' while the Vos'/Vossens share the Thigh/Thy Coat in both colors!!! "Vos" is a motto term of Walerans, from Waleran de Leavell of Castle Cary!!! This is incredibly impressive, and so I think I should be predicting that Keri Lake will replace Doug Ducey. Thigh's/Thy's are Dutch, and there is a Dutch Vos Coat too.

As I've said, Mamie and I did not put our heads under water, but only went in for a wade. Wade's are listed with Quade's, from Quadratilla Bassus, wife of Lupus Laevillus, the line to Leavells, is that not cool? English Wade's share the Messey/Messier saltire and the Masci fleur-de-lys, and I'm a direct Masci on one side. English Messier's were first found in Lincolnshire with Bracebridge's, and I do my grocery shopping in Bracebridge where I now live. Bracebridge's use a crozier, and the Scottish Crozier Coat is a near-copy of the English Wade Coat.

It's notable that the Cary/Kary Crest is a swan, for Swans are also Sions while Irish Fox's/Shinnocks (Shiner branch) have a "SIONnach" motto term. The Carts (Somerset) of Castle Cary even share the saltire of Tease's/Tess' and Worksops (Nottinghamshire, same as Tease's/Tyes'!!!), and Mamie's thigh symbol went with her tease symbol because she pointed to Mamesfelde (Nottinghamshire) of Mansfields. Totts use a giant swan, and LoveTOTs (first found at Worksop) happen to share the Fox/Shinnock / Shiner lion. So, as we have a solid link of her thigh symbol to Fox liners while Keri Lake was working for Fox news in Arizona, it tends to speak for itself.

[Insert Tuesday -- Carts share the palm tree with Italian Caris'/Caro's/CARRACi's (Sicily, same as Palma de Montechiaro), who may be using the Coat of Tarrs/Tarres' (from Taranto's mythical Taras?) because they were first found in Somerset with Castle Cary. The Caris'/Caro's were obtained from Miss Hackett (Hatchett/Hackett write-up), wife of "James Woraley, constable of CARISbrook Castle." The JEEPma's/Cheps happen to share the black and double-headed eagle with the Hatchett/Hackett Crest. This insert came days after writing this section, with the below sitting right there all along. End insert]

Wow, WorkSOPs/WarSHOPs now brings back to topic my riding a SHOPping CART (!!!!) to a location where I complained to the previous owner of my Jeep concerning the door handle. His name is Mr. Desimone, and Italian Simons/Desimone's (Montfort lion in colors reversed) happen to share the Fox/Shinnock / Shiner lion while Jewish Simons use the fox!!! Incredible. This is predicted as the line of Simon de Montfort, whose line married the very Beaumonts (of Meulan and Leicester) who had married Waleran de Leavell. Beaumonts, may even have the lion of CARTers. The shopping CART!!! Leicesters/Lesters share the swan with Carys/Karys while the carter lion in colors reversed is that of Lovens/Louvains, making them suspect with the Lovell variation of Leavells. Lovens/Louvains were first found in Kent with the related BRAbants who in turn share white roses with Carys/Karys. MowBRAY-connectable Montforts were first found in Warshop-connectable Warwickshire with Laevi-connectable Pavia's, though these Pavia's were once said to be first found in Somerset with Leavells/Lovells.

As I said, I rode the shopping cart from the side of the frame as one rides a skateboard. I rode it down a long, paved ROAD, and Roets were first found in Somerset with Leavells of Castle Cary, and also with Shiner-like Shins/Chine's/Chings, and the latter, no guff, share the triple fesses of Luffs/Love's (Oxfordshire, same as Lake's). Lovetots were at BASSETlaw, and Bassets were first found in Staffordshire with same-colored Duce's/Duceys. Ms. Lake is going after Doug Ducey's job.

More: while Shops share the Chief-Shield colors of Annas' (Nottinghamshire, same as Ainsleys), Lake-like Leaks (very likely Leicester elements) share the fleur-de-lys of Ainsleys. Plus, the Shop Chief has a dancette in the colors of the dancette of Cary-connectable Carricks. Carrara's use the wheel, symbol of Catherine Roet. I rode the cart down a road.

Carricks are listed also as Keri-like Kerricks, but then English Kerricks were at PRESTbury. As I said, my belly-PRESS with Miss Peare was as she faced away from me, the same position as when lying to sleep with Mamie in her sleeping bag, when my arm was over her waist. I think the two events can be connected, and thus we can connect Mamie's waist event to the Press/PREST surname. If that's acceptable, it looks like another Mamie pointer to Keri Lake.

As it turned out only recently, the belly-press was also a belly caress, for the Caress Coat (share's the Voter/Gothier and Cressy Crest) looks linkable to the Coat of Belly-connectable Baileys. French Cressys were first found in Burgundy with French Care's, and English Care's use a leopard-face version of the Cary/Kary Coat. It's bang-on the Leavell-of-Cary bloodline which came to topic thanks to the Fox news of Keri Lake, and to what looks like the fox of Thigh's/Thy's. It bears repeating here that Mansfield-like Mens'/MAME's were first found in Midlothian with the Sinclairs (share "God" with Mens'/Mame's and BRACEbridge's) who in turn use a "thy WORK" motto phrase. Can it begin to appear that Bracebridge's are part of my embrace with Mamie?

The Mens/Mame Coat may be using the Shield of Leaks, and while Leaks were first found in Lincolnshire with BRACEbridge's, the latter use a "Be as" motto phrase that can be for the Bee's/Beas', very important because there are bees and a hive in the Kerry Crest! Zinger, it looks like another embrace-in-the-lake pointer to Keri Lake. Plus, bees are used by Doors, and I rode the shopping cart to the spot where I complained about a DOOR HANDLE that was missing a barrel-shaped part. Handle's and Handells share the Moray Coat, and that involves the Bailey stars. For the most part, I think, the Barrels (Herefordshire, same as bee-using Doors) have not yet been deciphered. The Moray stars are also with the Armors who share armored arms with Brace's/Bras'.

Atlanta, Georgia, is in Fulton county, and Fultons share the lion of Soars/Sors' who in turn have the Bee/Beas quadrants in colors reversed. The Soar river is now the Legro, and Legro's (share Soar/Sors and Fulton lion) were first found in Burgundy with Cressys and Cressents. [It's not until later that I tell how I took the Doral mainly to lake Rosseau, at which time I find one Rosseau Coat sharing the Cressent Coat.]

Ahh, in 2008, I bought a Doral boat from GEORGIAN Bay Marina (Parry Sound)!!! I took out it on LAKES, yes I did, and Dorals share the Coat of Irish Doors, both using the Carter / Beaumont lion, in the colors of the lion of Irish Carys/Keerys. The latter have the passant lion of Governs while Keri Lake is running to be the Arizona governor. Is my boat pointing to the next Arizona governor? I even took Mr. and Mrs. Desimone out for a boat ride one day. Mrs. Desimone is a flip-like Filipino.

Ah, Leicesters almost use the Montgomery Coat, and Kerrys were first found in Montgomeryshire. Leicesters use the motto, "PRO rege et PATRIA," and Patria's/Peartree's (Pulling/Pulit scallops) have the Trump stag head in a version of the Grasse/Crass Coat, both sharing the bend of Pullings/Pulits. I almost missed it. Grasse's/Crass' may have been married to Cressys.

English Cressys (Norfolk, same as Arizona-pointing Risings/Risons) share the giant lion of French Cressys but give it two tails, as do Montforts. The Cressy lion is in the colors of the lower half of the Lovetot lion. Lovetots are also LoveTOFTs, and Tofts/Tufts are in the "tufts of GRASS" of Bosco's. English Grasse's/CRASS' were first found in Lincolnshire with the BRACEbridge's, and Mamie was on her grass when at her garden. Gardens/Jardens share the black boar with Bosco-branch Bush's/Buschs.

Brace's are to be connected to Lake's who in turn share the fitchees of Marble's, which recalls my miracle marble shot, for we called our marbles, alleys, and the Alleys share the Atlas Coat, which is why II suspected that the miracle marble shot was a pointer to Atlanta / Fulton, Georgia. Alleys (WORCestershire, near Warwickshire) share the lion of Warwicks, and the Bracebridge's are said to have married rulers of Warwick. The WORC-like Worksops are also Warshops, and the lion heads of Works/Wergs are in the colors of the bottom half of the Lovetot/Lovetoft lion.

Marble's were first found in Cheshire with the Prestbury of Kerricks, and with Leicesters. Leicester is on the LEGro river, and while leg-using HOSE's were first found in Leicestershire, leg-using Leaks were first found in Lincolnshire with Bracebridge's. As I said, Mamie's mother was away for the weekend when she and I were at her garden for her thigh symbol, and so I think she was at the garden with a water HOSE. Although I don't remember the hose in her hand, it makes sense. The Legro river is also the Soar river, and Soars/Sors' were first found in Dorset with Beaumonts of Leicester.

Repeat from above: "The Peartree's/Patria's, of the Pierro's/Pero's of Pavia, were first found in Kincardineshire with FETTeresso, and Pavia's use the Feet/Fate Coat!!! That's new and exciting. Peartree's/Patria's share the sun with Abrams and Fetters, how about that. Kincardine is beside Aberdeenshire, where Fothes'/Fette's and Prophets/ProFETTs were first found." Prophets/Profetts use a giant leg, and Cart-like Cardine's/Cartons share "Fide" with Peartree's/Patria's while Fido's are listed with Fothes'/Fette's. Cardine's/Cartons (Cheshire, same as Leicesters) happen to have a pheon version of the Lake Coat, and pheons are suspect with Phoenix liners. Ms. Lake is of Arizona along with Phoenix. Ahhhh, Irish Cartons (share green Shield with Prophets/Profetts) were first found in County Down with phoenix-using Knee's who in turn share the engrailed bend of Leaks (another leg)!!! That's just fascinating.

I'm starting to wonder whether the square container in the Joe's-van dream, which dream pointed to Phoenix fraud, was a carton??? It's making sense here. Patria's are in the motto of Phillips/Fillips (points to vote-flipping) along with Amore's, and "amore" is a Cardine/Carton motto term too. As Irish Cartons share the green snake in Crest with COYs who in turn share the Cardine/carton pheons, is this a pointer to Perkins COIE? Perkens (not "Perkin") are the ones that brought us to Fetteresso in the first place by sharing the Feather feathers. I've not known of Fetteresso until this update.

Coys were first found in Cambridgeshire with Rench's, and Ranch Road in Texas' Camp Wood is where one end of the so-called Leakey road is located. Leaks (share the fleur-de-lys of German Rench's) are also Leakeys. The Leakey road is where Miss Hicks got her knee symbol, specifically at the Get'n GO gas bar that pointed to Gows/McGoo's. Although she attended my church and usually wore dresses, I had never seen her knees BEAUTiful until seeing them through the GLASS DOOR at the Get'n Go. The cartoon character, Mr. Magoo, was voiced by Jim Backus, and Backus' have a "ConFIDO" motto term. It's the full motto of Boyds who in turn share two fingers pointing with Babe's (Door-like Dorset again, same as BEAUTYs), and Lorraine got her feet symbol at the instant she got her babe symbol. Babe's share the sun (different color) with Dorsets.

The mental impression I had of Miss Hick's knees, at that time only, was like the time when seeing Mamie's beautiful thighs, but also when seeing Lorraine's beautiful FEET on the Pavia like pavement of Leavell-related Yonge street, I kid you not, as though God was burning those three events (there's not a fourth I know of) into my mind for heraldic purposes often under discussion. The Pavers (Yorkshire, same as Feets/Fate's) share the checks in the Arms of Meulan, and Meulan is where Miss Beaumont was out of who married Waleran de Leavell. Leavells (share Yonge piles) are also Levels, and Miss Hicks was the Sleeping BEAUTY in the dream where she was hovering LEVEL when I touched her KNEE. As soon as I touched her knee, we were emBRACED, and Brace's/Bras' share armored arms with Armors while "arma" is a Gow/McGoo motto term. Her aunt married Mr. Casey while Armors use "Cassis," and there's a horn-tooting reason (not repeated here) to point Mr. Casey to the Armor motto.

Her knee is on her LEG, and Leaks/Leakeys use a leg. Beautys (Dorset, same as Beaumonts) share the black bull with Walerans, you see. Miss Hicks considered herself (she still might) a PROPHET when I knew her (I don't recognize her as one), and Prophets/ProFETTs share the giant leg with PRIME's. The Feets/Fate's/FateMORE's, which can relate to Mars/More's of Burgundy, are suspect in the "fato" motto term of Cheneys while her knee symbol was given on the night that she and I attended our church's 1st-anniversary memorial for 9-11 victims. Can we read anything between those lines? Why do Dutch Dicks share the roses of Moray's Bellys? Scottish Caseys were first found in Lanarkshire with the Swans/Sions sharing the swans of Dutch Dicks, and Casey liners are suspect in the motto of Moray-connectable ArMORs. The Diss' with a Dick-like Dice variation can be in the "DIStantia" motto term of Case's.

I kid you not, I think I've missed the following all these years: Mr. Magoo was a blind cartoon character, and Blinds have a version of the Cheney Coat!!! Her knee symbol was at the Get'n GOW, so to speak, and Dick Cheney was the vice-president when the 9-11 inside-crime job took place. God was apparently pointing to Dick Cheney, especially as Bosco-branch Bois'/Boasts have a version of the Blind and Cheneys Coats. The Bois'/Boasts even have the Dyke/Dike cinquefoils in colors reversed, and Bosco's are in the write-up of Rose's, the latter first found in Nairnshire, beside Gows/McGoo's. OHHHH WOWIE, the "GET'n Go now looks like a pointer to Geddes'/Gettys of Nairnshire! In the dream, Sleeping Beauty was with a car, and Cars/Kerrs share "sed" with the Sedans ("sino" likely for Swans/Sions/Sine's) who in turn share the three cinquefoils of Dyke's/Dike's. The full Car/Kerr motto ("Sero sed serio") is shared by Nairns, and Nairnshire is beside Inverness, the latter being where Gows/McGoo's were first found. The Geddes/Getty write-up: "...the lands of Geddes, formerly held by the Rose family."

I'm trying to understand why the Bush and Doral Crests both have a white goat head with gold horns, but as Door-branch Dorals were first found in Buckinghamshire with Cheneys, the glass door at the Get'n Go is speaking louder now. It's pointing like the finger of God to the Bush-Cheney team, and Pence's were first found in Buckinghamshire too. Is Keri Lake a Bushite?

Dyke's/Dike's were first found in Cumberland with Daggers/Dakers while "DECORi" is a Gow/McGoo motto term. Aside from the colors, the Dyke's/Dike's / Sedans have the Loge Coat, and Gows/McGoo's share the cinquefoils of Loches'/Locks/DeLOGES', potential Lake / Leak liners because they and Loge's were first found in Burgundy with the Prime-like Primo's who in turn have three green roses in both colors of the three Gow/McGoo and Loches'/Deloges cinquefoils. Gettes' (not "Geddes"), who share the French Loge Coat, were first found in Anjou with mirror-like Mire's/Mireux's, and Primo's use a mirror. Anjou is where Miss Loches lived. The English Geddys/Gideons (FLAG, Loches-connectable) may therefore have the Primo lion.

English Lodge's/Loge's share the Montfort / Beaumont lion, and Montforts, who married the Beaumonts of Meulan and Leicester, are suspect in naming Monforte, a small location beside BRA. The Brace's/Bras' have a version of the Lake Coat. Brays/Brae's use a "FLAX breaker," and Flacks/FLAGs/Flecks were first found in Norfolk with Fulke's while Fulk I of Anjou married Miss Loches. The fleur-de-lys border of Lodge's/Loge's is in the colors of the Leak/Leakey and Rench fleur-de-lys. The Fulke motto, "Qui sera sera," can be for the elements in the motto of Caress-branch Cars, and we saw Cressys and Cressents first found in Burgundy i.e. with Loches'/DeLoge's and Loge's. As Cars are also Kerrs, it looks like another pointer to Keri Lake, especially as I took the Doral boat mainly to lake Rosseau while Russells (share Flack/Flag scallops) use "Che sara sara." Rosso's share the giant Russell lion, in colors reversed from the Ross lion. Ross-shire is beside the first-known Gows/McGoo's.

Ahh, Sarah's share the bend-with-cinquefoils of Bosco-branch Bois'/Boasts, and while Bush's/Buschs and Dorals use the same goat head, Goats/Gothams have the same bend as Sarah's and Bois'/Boasts. Is Keri Lake a Bushite?

Ahh, just realized: Rosseau's share the Coat of Car- / Caress-connectable Cressents, the latter first found in Burgundy with Rosseau's. Unbelievably, the other Burgundy Rosseau's have the giant Doral / Door lion in colors reversed. The Caress' share the cinquefoils of Kims and McKinneys, the latter first found in boat-like Buteshire with Glass', and I saw Miss Hicks' beautiful knees through the GLASS DOOR of the Get'n Go as I was going into its store. Bute's/Butts/Boets/Bote's are suspect with the Geddes fish. Did God inspire me to buy the Doral?

Ahh, Kims are also M'Shimmie's, recalling the Fox/Shinnocks / Shiners to which Keri Lake took us, and it just so happens that Kims use a "prest" motto term while Car/Kerr-connectable Kerricks were at Prestbury.

I'd like to return now to Jim Backus, the voice of Mr. Magoo. He first came to topic when Miss Hicks came to an outdoor church service where we all were told to wear a cowBOY theme. Bois'/Boasts may be a Boy branch. Boys are in Bay colors and format. Miss Hicks didn't look the part at all, as I suppose she had no cowgirl outfit (she was from the city, BAYtown). When she arrived, she reminded me of Lovey Howell on Gilligan's Island, the spoiled wife of a rich man. Mr. Howell was played by Jim Backus. On that day, I wore my new cowboy BOOTs to a church service for the first and last time. Repeat: "[Irish Carys/Kerrys] have the passant lion of Governs while Keri Lake is running to be the Arizona governor. Is my boat pointing to the next Arizona governor? Gows/McGoo's may have named Govern-like GOWERs/Gore's, can we believe it? Gowers/Gore's share the white wolf with Gore's/Core's (probably a George branch), first found in Kent with English Trips whose crosslets they both share with Hamburgs. German Trips (and George-related Drummonds), who once showed BOOTs, were first found in Hamburg.

The Get'n Go is a GAS station / corner store, and "FranGAS" seems like a motto term of Gowers/Gore's in order to take the Get'n Go knee event to Gore liners. I wrote that not remembering that German Hamburgs have a bend in the colors of the Knee and Leak(ey) bends. English Hamburgs share drops (different colors) with Govers/Gophers/GOFers, and the latter are in Governor colors. Believe it or not, the Gochs, listed with GOFFs, are said (in the Getten/Gittin write-up) to be Getten/Gitten ancestors! Gettens/Gittins have, for years now, been suspect with GET'N Go.

Governors look like kin of Hague's/Hate's/HAITs, and I did wear my new cowboy HAT on that day of the outdoor service i.e. along with my COWboy boots. Were Cows/Cuffie's a Gow branch? This reminds of CARY BELL (male), a friend I spent a winter with (helping to build his home) on Vancouver Island, where Victoria is the capital, for Victoria's are in the motto of Cuffey-like Coffee's, and Miss Hicks had to do with Victoria, Texas. Is Cary a pointer to Keri Lake? Or, as Cary's father is Carl, compare with CHARLotte Hicks. I GRAZEd her knee when she was Sleeping Beauty, and Grazio's share the pomegranate with Carls. I passed her BAYtown home the day before arriving to Victoria, and French Bays, the ones in Boy colors and format, share the three crescents of Labels/LaBELLs! Cary Bell! He actually came to visit me in Texas for some days.

It just so happens that the Castle Cary location of Leavells connects to Leavells of Yvery, and then there was a noble Rozala of Ivrea while Bells and Bellamy's (Shropshire, same as Rossals and Leavell-colored Levens) have a version of the Rossal Coat. That works to show that God put Cary Bell into my life. I've just noted that the Leven chevron-with-stars is that of CARess' and Cars/Kerrs too! Bingo, it discovers them as Cary branches. I met Cary when working with him at Knob Hill Farms, but as it turned out, he started to attend the Pentecostal church I was attending too. And the friendship went from there. We did some construction work together at the farm home of DOMINic De Filippis, a name that points hard to Dominion vote flipping. I always forget the spelling of the Lover-like surname that shares the Cary roses. [It's the Lowers.]

Boys were first found in Berwickshire with Hume's/Home's who in turn have the Touch/Tuff Coat in colors reversed, and when I grazed her knee, I touched it too. This goes to Tufts/Tuffs', not only because they share the red phoenix of Knee's, but because they were first found in Cheshire with Touch's/Tuffs. The "tufts' of graze-like grass of Bois-connectable Bosco's, believe it or not. Note that Bois'/Boasts are in the colors and format of SALEmans, for Cows/Cuffeys virtually use the Sale/Sales Coat, that being a surname from Saluzzo, beside Busca. Hume's/Home's share the BOSton/BowSTAIN Coat, and Lorraine the babe had a grass stain on her pants when she pointed to Bush / Bus / Bussy liners.

Bussys (almost the Babe Coat) were at MOWbray, and while one mows grass, Mows/Mole's were kin of Googe's/Gouch's (Berwickshire, same as Hume's/Home's, Boys and Mows/Mole's) who in turn share the boars of Gochs/Goffs i.e. ancestors of Gettens/Gittins. I accidentally bumped into Lorraine the babe at her FINCH BUS station when I was with the OULLETTE's, a couple of weeks or so after her grass stain (on my last day with her), and while Bussys share the triple fesses of FINCHems and Beaks (= Babe kin), English Bushers were first found in Dorset with Babe's. This had pointed to Mark Finchem, congressman in Arizona i.e. where Ms. Lake wants to be governor. Is she, or has she been, a Bushite? The triple Bussy fesses are shared also by Feins while Fiens/Fane's/Vans, a branch of Phoenix's/Fenwicks, were first found in Monmouthshire with OULlette-connectable Howells.

I can now add that while Cressys (Burgundy, same as Aulnays and Feins) share the lions of Oullette's and their Aulnay branch, Cressys share the red-on-white border with Feins. Joe Oullette's wife, Dian(n)e, was with us at the Finch Bus station, begging whether Dianne Feinstein is being pointed to as an evil actor. Oullette's have three gemel fesses in the colors of the three of Finchems and Feins, and it was Mike Oullette (Joe's brother) who gave Lorraine her babe symbol. While Babe's were first found in Dorset with Russells, it turned out that Lorraine was a Jehovah's Witness, a cult founded by CHARLES TAZE RUSSELL. Lorraine pointed to Laevi (proto-Leavells) of Pavia with her babe-and-feet symbol, and Pavia's, once said to be first found in Somerset with Leavells, share the martlets, not only of Feets/Fate's, but of CHARLES'/Charlotte's. Lookie there. Charles-like Carls were first found in Aberdeenshire (near the Tase's) with ProFETTs and Fothes'/Fette's, are you impressed?

Taze's can even be of the Ticino-line Tease's/Tess', and it just so happens that Pavia is on the Ticino river. God set me up with Lorraine, didn't He, to tell of this and more? MARK Finchem works into this because Marks are from the Marici, the co-founders of Pavia with the Laevi Gauls. Is God working in Arizona right now?

OHHHH WOW. Joe and Diane Oullette appeared in the Joe's-van dream that I pointed to JOVAN Pulitzer's work, but I didn't know of the "JUVANte" motto term of Tase's until now!!! Tass'/Tache's (not "Tase") were first found in Suffolk with Russell-like Rush's/Rish's, a branch of Rosco's/Risco's who have the BUS cinquefoils in colors reversed! Did Lorraine the babe also point to Jovan with her CULT? The Cults/Colts (Phoenix-like pheon) were first found in Perthshire with Tase's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Incredible shocker. Tass'/Tache's even share the red scallop with Pullings/PULITs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHH, "Tache" is a motto term of PEERless/Napiers (Tease/Tess/Teck saltire in colors reversed), first found in Perthshire with Tase's, and Peartree's share the Pulling/Pulit scallop too! Tacks tell that they were a branch of Tanks/Tancreds (Yorkshire, same as Pullings/Pulits), and they (Tanks/Tancreds) likewise share the Peartree/Patria and Pulling/Pulit scallops in both colors! Bingo, a great set of heraldry for election-fraud pointers. As Tase's share the gyronny of Campbells, I've just checked Blys/Bligh's due to the "NE oBLIviscaris" motto of Campbells. Note that while Jovan is from Arizona, and perhaps even from Phoenix, Knee's/NEE's have the phoenix. Bly's/Bligh's are interesting for sharing the griffin of Box's, for there was a square container in Joe's-van dream that caused me to check Box's. I reasoned that it was a symbol of a box of ballots. As Bly's/Bligh's share the Label/La BELL crescents, they could be in the CampBELL motto, in which case Campbells look like a Camp merger with Bells, and Camps happen to share gold griffins with Blys/Bligh's and Box's. Bly's/Bligh's (Cornwall and Devon) use an axe, often a symbol of one of two axe rivers in Somerset, and Box's were first found in Wiltshire near the source of the Axe that flows also in Devon.

Likewise first found in Devon were the Moons who share the Bly/Bligh crescent, and if that's not enough, there is a crescent with a face in the LITZER Coat that may be called, officially, a moon due to its face, and it's in the colors of the Bly/Bligh and Moon crescent. Jovan PuLITZER, you see. The Axe river starts near Bath, and Baths share the FACE cross. So, the fact that the Tase gyronny took us here can suggest that God arranged the "Juvante" motto term of Tase's as a pointer to Jovan Pulitzer. While German Roets have a moon with face, their Scottish branch was first found in Somerset, and while the latter Roets use a BOOK, Box's were in neighboring Wiltshire. The Scottish Reeds who likewise use a "book" actually share the stag head of CULTs/Colts (Perthshire, same as Tase's)!!! We're onto it, for Lorraine's cult was founded by Charles TAZE Russell. Amazingly, English Reeds share the garbs of Bly-like Blyth's (and Clints), and the Bly write-up even suggests a relationship with Blyth's.

Reeds were first found in Aberdeenshire (near/beside Perthshire) with the Skene's/SCANs, and while Jovan Pulitzer has a unique and patented SCANNING MACHINE, it's amazing suddenly that Machine's/Meschins (Shropshire, same as Bell-branch Bellamys) were first found in Cheshire with the Wolfs/Welfs/Lupus' who in turn share the wolf heads of Skene's/Scans!!! Plus, Wolvers have a wolf-head version of the Machine/Meschin Coat, yet the latter share the Russell scallops!!! LOOK AT ALL THAT, for Mr. Russell led us to Tase's!

Skene's/Scans are said to have ruled the earldom of Mar, and this goes with George, father of Drummonds, coming to Scotland in 1055, the year after SIWARD of Northumberland defeated king MacBeth in a battle. "Siward" is of the Swords in the Skene/Scan swords. English Reeds were first found in Northumberland. I trace Mars to Marsi, and to the Marici of Pavia, and "merces" is a Skene/Scan motto term while Ranulph le Meschin married a Mercian woman. Pavers (Yorkshire, same as Mars) share the lozenges of BRICKs while Ranulph of BRIQUESsart (married Hugh Lupus' sister) was le-Meschin's father.

Earl Ranulph le Meschin, the nephew of earl Hugh Lupus, was the father of earl Ranulph de Gernon. I see "gyronny" as code for the Gernons ("cyFOETH") whom I always link to Foots and Fothes'/Fette's, and Lorraine, the one who brought us to Tase's, is the one with the Feet symbol. It's important now that Feets/Fate's share the Coat of English Pavia's, once said to be first found in Somerset beside the Moons who in turn have a version of the Italian Pavia Coat. For this reason, Litzers can be using the "flaming STAR" of Pero's, for Stars share the eye with Labore's, and were first found in Wiltshire. "Labore" is a motto term of Reeds, first found in Aberdeenshire with Dee's.

If the "Deo" motto term of Tase's is for Dee's, note that the Labors in their motto may be of the Labe river expected in the Labbs variation of Laps, first found in Wiltshire with Box's. Dee's use "HIC" too, and while Hicks use "heure," Box-like Books/Boggs use an HOURglass. As Box's share the griffin head of neighboring JEWS (Somerset, same as book-loving Roets and JOVE's/Jeeve's/Geve's!), note "JUVante." COOL, that's absolutely new right here. Camps and Campbells were once said to have been first found in Yorkshire, where Hicks, Mars, Pavers and Labors were first found. I see the Mars of KilDRUMMy as Drummond kin, possible namers of MAURice, the first Drummond whose mother (Gate-like Agatha, I think) was, I believe, at Podebrady. Lorraine had her babe symbol when she got her feet symbol, and Babe's share the hand pointing to the sun with Bradys while Babels/Babwells share a "gold gate" with the Arms of Podebrady. The Labe river flows to Podebrady, and the Scottish Drummonds, first found in Perthshire with Tase's, have fesses colors reversed from the Labor fesses.

We now move to "JuVANTE," and first assume that it's part code for Vante's, who happen to share the saltire of one German Frank Coat. Both German Franks were first found in Bohemia with Podebrady, and the other German Franks use a column for the Malcolms/Columns who share the Cults/Celt stag head. It's amazing, first because it's the Cult-connectable Tase's who use "juvante," and secondly because Malcolm III (killed Macbeth) had married Margaret, daughter of Agatha, the one I say was the mother of Drummonds. They say that Maurice Drummond accompanied Margaret from Hungary to Scotland, and Hungary is where Maurice's father (George) was from, explaining why Babe's were first found in Dorset with George's, and yet that's also where Russells were first found. George was the son of king Andrew I, and the Vante / Frank saltire is shared by Andersons and probably Andrea's too. Maurice Drummond married the sister of Malcolm III.

Vante-like Vance's/Fanns share the stars of Scottish Reeds, and Vance's/Fanns were first found in East Lothian with gyronny-using Fortune's who can be part of the "FORTituDINE" motto of Scottish Reeds. In an insert below on my diving into lake Rosseau while working for FRANK, the "Fortitudine" of Grate's/Crate's is big for proving that God set me up diving into Rosseau. KAREN Fann is the president of Arizona's audit effort, and Karens/Kerns (Silesia) use another moon with face along with the hexagram of Litzers (Brandenburg, may be part of Silesia), and so Karen Fann's first name is tending to verify that Litzers are, in the least, a pointer of God to Jovan Pulitzer.

Karens/Kerns are reminding me of Karen Whelan because Whelans share the lozenges of Pavers, and because I dated Whelan while Kepke was still with Paver-connectable Peare. I last saw Miss Peare was little as a month before meeting Lorraine, and the latter pointed to Pavia elements. Peerless'/NaPIERs share the Vante / Frank saltire, as well as red roses with Pavia's PIERRO's/Pero's/Petri's. Red roses are used also with the Frank saltire. Pheons are used by Stops/Stubbs, and I first asked Lorraine on a date at her BUS STOP. Can't we imagine Bushites behind the election-fraud Republicans of Arizona? Tancred-branch Tankerville's share the Bus cinquefoil, and so it goes. Dogs/Doags/Docks, first found in Perthshire with Tase's and Peerless'/Napiers, share the Bus cinquefoil, more evidence that God wanted me with a Jehovah's Witness temporarily.

Peerless' came to topic one day when someone took me to his place of work where he had a small, WRENCH-turning job with a SPRINKler system. SPRINKS/Springs (Tank/Tancred kin?), first found in Suffolk with Tass'/Tache's (!), have a "patriae" motto term for Peartree's/Patria liners. I'm stunned. Tacks and Napier-like Napps were first found in Cambridgeshire with Wrench's/Rench's! The Sprink/Spring chevron may be that of Tiss' and Tiss-related Shirts/Shards. After he was done, Mike told me that his company gets some work with a Peerless sprinkler division.

[I didn't realize while writing here that Dive's apply to Wrench's/Rench's, and the Dive scallops are colors reversed from the same of Tanks/Tancreds and Pullings/Pulits. I'll explain this below.]

Napps share the Side lion, and the Sprink/Spring ("sed") write-up has: "Houghton Le Side in Durham was an ancient family seat [of Springs / DeFonte's]." Side-branch SEDans ("sed") were first found in Durham. Side-branch Sutys/Sideys (share "hazard" with Seatons/Sittens) were first found in Perthshire with Tase's and Peerless'/NaPIERs.

It was on that day that Wrench's/Rench's came to topic, when I linked them to Leaks/Leakeys, for this man asked me to keep on eye on the pressure gauge as he turned the check valve, and the gauge was so low to the floor I may have been on one knee while watching it. Leaks/Leakeys share the engrailed Knee bend, and Knee's share the phoenix with Phoenix's/Fenwicks. The lone Peerless/Napier fleur is almost the lone Leak/Leakey and Rench fleur. Sprinkler systems have leaks. Leaks/Leakeys were first found in Lincolnshire with Tankerville's, and it just so happens that while GET'n Go is on the Ranch = Leakey road, wow, the Tankerville's (and Chamberlains) share the Geddes/Getty escutcheon! That's a WOW VERIFICATION that God was in it, and so let's not forget that the Get'n-Go knee event was less than an hour after our church ended an outdoor memorial for 9-11 victims, on September 11, 2002.

More verification: the Leak-like Lake's were first found in Oxfordshire with English Chamberlains, and the late John CHAMBERs, whose home I visited several times, lived on Ranch road toward Leakey. he was a member of our church, and it just so happens that Tankerville's can be gleaned as kin of Chamberlains. The Chamberlain write-up: "The surname Chamberlain was first found in Oxfordshire where they claim descent from John, Count de Tankerville, of Tankerville Castle in Normandy..." Chamberlains, with a version of the Tankerville Coat, use donkeys for the Donkeys / Duncans who in turn share the Bus / Dog/Dock/DOCK cinquefoils. A pier is a dock. The English Chamberlains ("PROdesse"), first found in Oxfordshire with Peare's, look like kin of Peare's / Parsons and DOCKer-branch Daggers. Donkeys and Lorraine's were first found in Northumberland, beside the Daggers and Dockers of Cumberland.

Lorraine's pant stain pointed with Pansys/PANTzers (Westphalia, same as Ducks/DOCKERs) to the pansy in the Arms of Bar-le-Duc (Lorraine, France), and while Duce's/Duceys share the Coat of Bassets (Staffordshire, same as Stops/Stubbs), and while Oullette's were at Quilly-le-BASSET, Doug Ducey is the Arizona governor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! English Dockers love the Sempers/St. Pere's who share the Duce/Ducey Coat!!! It's all there. Even Lorraine was pointing to election fraud and related corruption.

One can see that Owl-Howl-line Oullette's were related to the Monmouth Coat. Unbelievably, while the Howells on Gilligan's island are to topic here due to the cowboy church service, the Howell tower is in the colors of the Hamburg tower, and Howells were first found in Monmouthshire. While German Drummonds were first found in Hamburg, Scottish Drummonds (Perthshire, same as Cults and Tase's) share the Bassett Coat, expected with the Stur Coat, and then Stirlings/STURlings look related to Stops/Stubbs.

Governs share the crescents of Hazels (Stage/Stagg colors) while Hazels are of French House's while English House's were first found in Berkshire with boat-like Boots. And Backus' are also BakeHOUSE's. I took the boat usually to lake Rosseau, and Rosseau-related Cressents have the Bake/Baker Chief in colors reversed. English Bake's/Bakers have a version of the ROOSt/Rust Coat, and the latter's fitchees are colors reversed from the Lake fitchees. Dutch Bakers/Beckers (almost the Hazel Coat), sharing the leaves of Hazels and Lindells, share the chevron of Stage's/Staggs (Devon, same as Hazels). It's Get'n-Go interesting that German Bakers have the wavy bend of DORis' and Jewish Pollocks, for Scottish Pollocks were at GLASgow, which can be read also as "GlasGOW." The "flouRISH" motto term of Glasgows can be for the Rish's/Rush's.

It just so happens that English Bake's/Bakers share the lion in Chief of Cabbage's while French House's have "cabbage leaves." Hazels call them "hazel SLIPs" as code for Islips/Haslips, and the latter share the LODGEd stag with the Maxwells who in turn share the Bake/Baker saltire. Islips/Haslips use a "holly tree," and Maxwells use a "holly BUSH." Didn't the Doral Boat point to the Bush-Cheney team? Cheneys ("fato") share the gold martlet with Feets/Fate's, and Cabbage's share the Foot / Fothes/Fette chevron. Bois'/Boasts share the cinquefoils of Sedans, I think, who were first found in Durham with Bake's/Bakers, and the latter look like kin of Flack-connectable Russells while the Brays/Brae's (FLAX breaker and legs) were first found in Northamptonshire with Cabbage's. Cabbages are used by Fulk- / Plantagenet-connectable Planque's/Plants, and this was the line of Plancia Magna, also to the Plunketts having a version of the Lake Coat.

And while Keri Lake is in ARIZona, Hazeltons (branch of Hazelwoods) use an "ARIS" motto term. The "GlasGOW flouRISH" motto phrase of Glasgows can be for the RISH's/Rush's who share the white wolf with GOWers/Gore's and Gore's/Core's. The Lords/Lauds in the Glasgow motto can be linked to Ladys/Laudymans, first found in Northamptonshire with Cabbage's.

This is a good place to repeat concerning the Doral boat on Rosseau: "Rosso's share the giant Russell lion, in colors reversed from the Ross lion." While the Ross lion is that also of Lodge's/Loge's, the French Loge's show only a fat saltire in the colors of the fat cross of Witness-like Winess'/Wines'. I thought that was interesting, and then WITNESham is in Suffolk, where Rush's/Rish's were first found who are in Ross colors. Isn't that cool? God used her cult for heraldic pointers. Cults/Colts were first found in Perthshire with Dogs/Doags/Docks sharing the Bus cinquefoils, and COLTers were first found in Lanarkshire. Let's continue.

Rush's/Rish's share the fesse of Rosco's/Risco's (suspect in the motto of Ros-related Maxwells), and the latter have the Bus cinquefoils in colors reversed, suggesting that God set this heraldry up as per my bus-stop fate with Lorraine. Her bus stop was at the corner of Yonge and Lorne (Richmond Hill), and Lorne's are in the write-up of Lanarks/LURNacks (Rosco/Risco colors) who in turn share the Bus cinquefoils. Let's continue.

Biggar is in Lanarkshire, as were the first-known Hardys in the motto of Rish-like Rice's. And Hardys happen to share a fat blue cross with the Witness-like Winess'/Wines'; the latter were first found in Moray, same as Biggar-related Dallas'. Dale's use a giant swan in Ross / Rush/Rish colors, and Swans/Sions were first found in Lanarkshire too. Dallas' share "Semper" with English Dockers while DOGs/Doags/DOCKs share the Bus / Lanark/Lurnack cinquefoils, and Hardys are in the write-up of DOUGlas' (Moray) as Douglas ancestors. That's cool. Dallas' share "Semper paratus" with Uptons, the latter first found in Cornwall with Rosco's/Risco's. As Lanarkshire is beside Glasgow, the Dallas and Biggar stars are likely those of Glass'.

Ah, English Winners/WinneRAYs (Ray colors) were first found in Cumberland with English Rays and English Dockers (SPEARs), and as English Pace's share a purple Shield with Winners/Winnerays, we go to the Spear-related Pace's/Pasi's/Pascels, the line to Paisleys at Glasgow, near the first-known Speers/Speyers. Passe's/Pascals share the Templar lamb with Roe's, and RAYburns use a "ROEbuck." It explains the WinROE/WinROW variations of Winners/Winnerays. While Farns/Ferns were first found in Ross-shire, another purple Shield is used by FARNdons (Cheshire, same as Pace's), and it just so happens that Lorraine-connectable Clubs/CLOBBES' (CHILD colors and format) were at Farndon who I say descended from king CLOVIS, son of CHILDeric and Basina.

As Lorraine's bus stop, and our first date that night, pointed to Pepin of Landen's marriage to Itta of Metz (Lorraine), the Biggars can be from their daughter, Begga. Beggers/Begets, sharing the Coat of Pepoli's, were first found in Hamburg. Itta was related to Arnold of Metz, and Lorraine's bus stop was at the corner of Yonge and Arnold crescent (Lorne starts on the opposite side of Yonge from Arnold). It tends to explain why a giant 'A' is used in the Begg Coat. As it turns out, Beggs were first found in Inverness-shire with Gows/McGoo's, and the latter's cinquefoils are connectable to the Loches'/DeLoges' and Loge's; the latter might be using the cross of Winess'/Wines', and Baggers even share the gold and spread eagle with Wine's/Winns.

Wow, Baggers almost have the Lorraine bend with eagles, and while the Lorraine's have the Child eagles, Childs are said to have been at Wanstead while Wansteads are listed with Wieners/Winners i.e. like the Witness-like Winess'/Wines' above that came to topic with Lorraine's Jehovah's Witness cult! Bingo. I didn't know I'd be here after introducing Winess' (for the first time ever, I think). As I said, the last time I saw Lorraine, a couple of years after we parted, she was carrying an infant child. I was sitting with Paul Smith at the time at a HAMBURGer joint, and she walked right past us (maybe three feet away). Beggers were first found in Hamburg! Scottish Smiths share "Semper" with Dallas', and so I now need to repeat that Miss Hicks, when she moved away from the Get'n-Go area, moved to out outskirts of Dallas into a home listed online also for a Mr. Childs. While Gowers/Gore's have been pointed to by the Get'n Go, GORsuch's (Lancashire, same as Suchs) share the Lorraine bend-with-eagles! Wieners/Winners share the Glass fleur-de-lys.

Wikipedia's article on Wanstead, a part of London: "...Wanstead House, built by Richard Child..." Farns/Ferns were probably of the Fiers/Fears, the latter first found in London's Middlesex area.

All-in-all, Lorraine's cult is linking to whatever the Get'n Go is a pointer to, and while Miss Hicks had married Hamilton Kilpatrick, Hamiltons (Renfrewshire, near Lanarkshire) share the ermined Bus cinquefoil. The Get'n Go had pointed by a certain set of heraldry to Mr. Moreno, the new president of Ecuador, the one who started to persecute Julian Assange. He's the founder of WikiLEAKs. The president before Moreno was friendly to Assange, and the EcuaDORian vice-president at that time was Mr. Glas, suggesting that the GLASS DOOR at the Get'n Go pointed to him. There had been more to it going back to the day of my mugging in GALVESton, when I was driving toward Leakey on Hwy 83, and saw a political sign with Mr. Moreno (Spanish-Mexican), before turning around and going to Crystal City for the night. I happen to trace Childs/Chills (TERENT Coat in colors reversed) to the CILnius clan that named Cilnius Maecenas, husband of TERENTia Murena, and Spanish Murena's/Moreno's have a tower colors reversed from the castle of Spanish GALVES'.

Terents were in RUSHton, recalling that WITNESham is in Suffolk with the first-known Rush's. Rushtons love the Patients/Patents in their motto, who were first found in Dumfries with KilPATricks. Hamilton Kilpatrick was a doctor i.e. with patients, and Patricks were first found in Norfolk with Bus'. Patricks were of La Lande, while Lorraine's first date with me (met her at my LAUNDRomat, don't laugh) pointed to Lands/Landens/Landers i.e. Pepin of Landen). Recall Charles TAZE Russell (dingbat founder of Jehovah's Witnesses), for Tase's share the gyronny of English Lands (!), and Tase's may have the Hood / Patient/Patent crescents. Hamiltons were first found in Renfrewshire with the Orrs/Ore's suspect in the Patrick motto. Patricks were partially found in Suffolk too, i.e. with the first-known Rush's.

Rushtons look like kin of Side's/ Sutys/Sideys and Napps. I trace Peerless'/NAPIERs (Wrench-pointing entity) to the Naparis river of the ROXolani Rus-Alans. That works with Rush / Rosco liners. Roxolani were also on the neighboring BUZau river, and that works with the BUS stop of Child-pointing Lorraine. Rushtons are said to have been in Staffordshire, where Stops/Stubbs and Arrows/Arras' were first found. The latter's Crest is suspect with the Murena/Moreno tower. Stops/Stubbs (Staffordshire, same as Hixons/HICKsons) almost have the "labore" motto term of Patricks, and Dee's, probably in the "Deo" motto term of Tase's, and in the "Dieu" of Rush's, use "HIC labor." It all looks arranged by God to point to Miss Hicks = Mrs. Kilpatrick even though it involves Lorraine's pointers. Rushtons were first found in Northamptonshire with the Brays/Brae's sharing black bird legs with Hixons/Hicksons.

When checking the Daws' because Tase's are Taws' too, I found Lovekin Dawes. Checking for a Lovekin surname, it was listed with Lufkins, first found in Shropshire with the other Lufkins, and it just so happens that Lovekins/Lufkins have birds in a position often called "RISING" while the LOVEkin/Lufkin chevron is in the colors of the Sleeps (Shropshire)!!! Miss Hicks was sleeping before we were rising, and in order to get her to rise, God said to me, "what are you waiting for, it's you she LOVES; go wake her up." Lovekins/Lufkins even share the Hykes/Hack scallops. Doss'/Dose's share swans with Daws', as well as the Locks while Lovekins/Lufkins are also Luckens/Lukins (maybe a Lock merger with Lufkins). The Doss/Dose swan is in the colors of the Dale swan, and while Dallas' share the Coat of Biggars, the latter first found in Lanarkshire with Swans/Sions. This paragraph is brand new, a valuable addition to the Sleeping-Beauty scene.

I've never bothered before with the Hicks branch said to have been in St. EWE in Cornwall, but I suddenly realize that "What are YOU waiting for" can be hint of Ewe's. First off, a YEW tree is used by Tanks/Tancreds, first found in Shropshire with Hicks. Ewe's happen to be listed with CUISH's/Cooish's/KEWsh's, like the Cush variation of Kiss! After God told me to wake her up, I remembered that Sleeping Beauty was kissed awake, and I wanted to do it to Miss Hicks (I didn't know her at the time of this dream), but her knee got in the way, and she woke up before I could reach her lips.

[Update September 2021 -- I now have access to Coat descriptions; I was wrong to say that Tancreds use a yew tree; it's an olive tree. Tancreds of Guiscards were HAUTeville's, and HAWThorns (Tancred colors and near-format) use a so-called "hawthorn tree," yet it's in the design of the "yew tree" of Eastons. End update]

Prepare for an explosion. The Kiss'/Cush's share a red rooster with Bibo's, and the latter's rooster is on a CUSHION. Kilpatricks use a cushion too, and the CUSSONs, I kid you not, share the giant eagle of Ewe's/Cuish's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KAPOW. It's a red eagle, spread eagle, the color of the same in the Knee Crest, no guff. Knee's share the black stag head of EUStace-related Vise'/s/Vice's, and Ewe variations can apply to Vise / Eustace's (Ewe/Cuise colors) liners, especially as I see VISconti's from GUIScards/Wisharts. It just so happens that the Sicilian Guiscards were sons of YEW-tree Tancreds! "What are YEW waiting for, it's EWE she Lovekins, McGOO wake her up."

Well Wake's can be gleaned as kin of Orrs/Ore's who in turn happen to have the triple Guiscard piles in colors reversed. Plus, Hicks use "bon" while Orrs/Ore's use "Bonis omnia bona." Bons/Bona's were first found in Milan with Visconti's! Good one. The Sardinian Visconti's used a rooster. And while Sardinians are suspect with Shirts/Shards, the latter are not only in Tancred colors and format, and Shirts/Shard not only share red roundels with wake's, Orrs/Ore's and the Arms of Boulogne (throws in a swan too), But I had no shirt on when watching her fall asleep. Note that the Boulogne swan is in the colors of the Doss/Dose / Dale swan.

Eustace II of Boulogne was father to de-Bouillon, and it just so happens that Bouillons were first found in Auvergne with ram-using Bauds while a ewe is a male ram! Someone thus formed a Ewe surname to reflect the Baud part of Eustace's bloodline. Rams ("VIS"!!!) were first found in Essex with Hicks of Low Leighton! The Cremers use a ram head, and the other Cremers (share Kilpatrick Chief) share the red rooster of Bibo's (both on a green item). Crema and Cremona are near Milan's Visconti's. Hicks come up as ICKe's, and the ICE-CREAM entity was of Hansons (linkable to Visconti's) who share the mascle of LICKs/Lucks/Luke's, and this now goes excellently with the Lucken/Lukin variation of Lovekins, for one LICKs and ice-Cream. I've been saying from the start that Miss Hanson, the ice-cream girl, had the physical look of Miss Hicks, and now I know why! Incredible.

As Cremers almost have the Coat of French Faux's/Fage's/Chalnes' while Hansons and Licks share the mascle of English Faux's, it's important that, while Fauchys were first found in Perigord with Faux's/Fage's/Chalnes', Fochs/Foches' are listed with Fauchs. Foches' can be in the "Pro ARIS et FOCIS" motto of Waits/Weights and Hazeltons, the latter having the What chevron in colors reversed. I suppose that the sleeping of Sleeping Beauty can indicate illnesses and/or deaths to Christians from Fauci's vaccines. Note that the Foush variation of Foches'/Fauchs may have formed the Fish's sharing the Coat of vaccine-like Vychans/Vaughns. Fauchs/Foches' were first found in Forez while Forez's are also Fore's. "What are you WAITing FOR..."

Are the Kiss'/Cush's in "FoCIS"? Kiss'/Cush's use "fountains," and Fountains were kin of Hugs/HUGHUES' (Languedoc, same as Ville's/FONT de Ville's). We were hugging while rising after the kiss attempt. Skip the pro-Trump trash at the first of the video below (by a charismatic, probably embraces bad spirits, like Trump), and go to Arizona's Bob HUGHES in the 16th minute to hear about his leadership role in the Arizona audit, where he mentions Pulitzer:

I'm not yet ready, but I'm thinking about it, to claim that Bob Hughes is in the rising scene with Sleeping Beauty. Note that while Arizona has Mark FINchem working closely with the audit team, Finchems share the triple fesses of FINs/Feins (linkable to Phoenix's/Fenwicks) while "Lafins/La Fonts" come up as "La Fins." The latter happen to use a "Vincit" motto term while Finch's are listed with Vince's! Bingo, it tends to convince me that the attempted kiss with Sleeping Beauty is indeed to point to the Kiss/Cush fountains, and from that we get the Hugs/Hughues'. A WEIGHT scale is used by Kiss-branch Cass'/Cash's (share red border with Fins/Feins) who likewise use fountains along with the same chevron as Waits/Weights. Amazing. The Cust branch (more fountains) is in the Cremer motto.

[Insert Tuesday -- Amazingly, while I trace Kilpatricks to AntiPATRIA, near enough to Macedon to have been named by king Antipater of Macedon, his son, king CASSander, can be to Cass'/Cash's! I like that. It's probably correct, for Cassander's line was to queen Nysa of Cappadocia, right beside king Laevillus of Cetis, the line to Quade's/WADE's in Wait/Weight colors!!! I get it. The kiss-attempt was for the line of Cassander, probably to Casano's/Cassandra's of Modena (Irish PATTERsons are also CASSANE's). Mrs. Kilpatrick's aunt married Mr. Casey. End insert]

She was hovering flat, in the LAY-down position, when she fell asleep, and Hicks were at Low Leighton while Leightons/LAYtons were first found in Shropshire with Lovekins/Luckens. When we were rising embraced, we could say that we were in a union, for Unions/Onions/Anions/Inions are in Lovekin colors and format.

Low Leighton is in Essex with the first-known Whats, and it the latter had a red Shield, it would be in Lovekin colors and format. "WHAT ARE EWE WAITing for..." Are's/Ayers can be gleaned as Shaw kin, both looking linkable to Waits/Weights (Rice/RHYS colors and format) who in turn use an arise-like "aRIS" motto term. The dream's quote above thus looks like Intelligent Design. Rice's/Rhys' love the Hardys of Lanarkshire, where Shaw-loving Flemings were first found, and while "a flaming STAR" is used by the Pero's suspect in the "Pro aris" motto phrase of Waits/Weights, What's share the Star chevron. The eye of Stars can be for the Eyes variation of Are/Ayer-branch Eyers.

When looking up Miss Hick's phone number after she moved to the Dallas area, I found her listed with her adopted daughter who was listed with a DADDy surname. This can be confirmation that the Lovekins/Lufkins are to apply to her, for they almost have the Edin Coat while Edins add the triple garbs of DADE's/Deeds. Edins are in Hicks colors and almost in Hicks format. The other Lufkins share the stars of Leighton-like Lets/Late's, and Scottish Flemings (Lanarkshire, same as Dallas-related Biggars) use "Let the deed shaw." Might Edins have been from the Dine variation of Diens/Dives'?

I now recall that Miss Hicks' move to Forney in the Dallas area pointed to Rings (don't remember all the details), and they happen to share the chevron-with-scallops of Lovekins. Both share the FORney chevron. The Fore's/Forez' share "Tout" with Hicks', and Fore's/Forez's add "travers" while Travers/Travis' share the Ring/Ringstead / Lovekin / Hykes/Hack scallop. This trace had concerned otter-using BalFOURs ("FORward"), and Otters/Others almost have the Coat of Rings/Crans. "What are you waiting FOR..." Oh yes, the Chives', first found in TARVES, were once said to be first found in Devon...with Hykes/Hacks whose quadrants Chives share!

New now: Rings/Ringsteads: "Roger Ringstead (died 1366), was Bishop of BANGgor, perhaps a native of Ringstead in Norfolk..." While Bangs/Bengs/Bings/Bongs share the Chives / Hykes/Hack quadrants, BENJamins were first found in Norfolk! Zinger. I'll bet that Hyksos were with Benjamites. I recall linking the Bongino Coat to the Loop Coat (moons with faces or sleeping moons), and Bangs/Bengs/Bings/Bongs happen to use an anteLOPE. The ANTelope might just be part-code for the Ant river in Norfolk, where Antrims are said to derive. Wolf-using Flynns were first found in County Antrim. Antrims use only a bend in the colors of only-a-chevron Forneys.

I also recall linking the Bongino and Loop Coats to that of French Gore's/Jore's, and then Gowers/Gore's (wolf = lupo) share the flory cross, and roughly the motto, of MOONans. Moons (Devon again) have a crescent in the colors of the Loop moon (a crescent with a face). Moons (devon, same as Dartys/DARDs) and Moonans are expected from Monunius of DARDania, and the Sleeps (= Selepitanoi) of the Dardanian theater use two of the ermined Dart/Dard fesse.

It's Govern-interesting that Biggars are Giverns too. Nerets, first found at Dol along with Governors/GoverNAIRE's, share the Cressent / Rosseau Coat, and while ARDiaei were on the NERETva/NARo river with Daorsi, Arduinici married the DORia's, is that not cool? My Doral boat on lake Rosseau.

Terentia MURENA married Cilnius Maecenas of Arretium, now Arezzo, and Arras is the capital of Artois, where the Arduinici of the boat-like Bautica river moved to in joining the family of Eustace II. The Eustace's share the cross of the Murena-like Marine's and Marines' (both in Murena colors), and the Arrows/Arras share the red tower with Murena's/Moreno's, you see, while I bought the Doria-like Doral at Georgian BAY MARINA. French Bays, first found in Dauphine with Doris', share the Governor/GoverNAIRE crescents! Eustace II was father to Godfrey de Bouillon and king BALDwin I, and while Scottish Bauds (like "Bautica") are a Bald branch, French Bauds, first found in Auvergne with Bouillons, are also boat-like Bots/Boads! I can't believe that God made me buy that boat for heraldic reasons. Spanish Marina's have the Coat of the Hamburg Drummonds in colors reversed, and the first Drummond, MAURice, was the son of GEORGE. GEORGIAN BAY MARINA.

More: is on lake Simcoe, and Simcoe's share the estoiles of English Bute's/Butts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I link their Coat to the Italian Maurels/Maurino's! French Maurels were first found in Brittany with Nerets and GoverNAIRE's, and NAIRnshire is where Geddes' were first found who have fish heads in the colors of the Bute/Butt/Boet/Bote fish! Believe it or not. Morinis' have two of the Maurel/Maurino fesses, and they are in the colors of the three fesses of the Hamburg Drummonds. English Bays have double fesses in half the colors of those fesses. Hamburgs use drops, and while Drops are listed with Trope's, Troops were first found in Banffshire, which has only Moray between it and Nairnshire.

Ahh, the Arduinici married Doria's in Oneglia, which is now Imperia, and while Morays are also Murrays, the Irish Murrays (share Moray/Murray Coat) have the motto, "Imperio"!!!! God gave me the shopping-cart dream that had a part missing in the DOOR handle, and Morays/Murrays share the Handle / Handell Coat, I kid you not. I took the previous owner of my Jeep out in the Doral at lake Rosseau.

Rosseau's Wrenches

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, I've told this story before at least twice. Back in my early-to-mid 20's, my boss (Steve Antonacci) got hired by Frank to build a boat house on lake Rosseau, and as I've said, when the workers dropped their wrenches into the water, it was my job to go down off the steel beams to dive in and retrieve them (it was so hot out I loved that job). The Wrench/Rench surname happens to share the crosslets of Hamburgs / Trips / Gore's/Core's (Hicks colors and format), and it's the Gowers/Gore's who go with the Get'n Go on Ranch = Leakey road! German Rench's share the Leak(ey) fleur-de-lys. Previous to living not far from the Get'n Go, Miss Hicks lived in BAYtown, and English Bays were first found in Colchester, right-near Cambridgeshire, where Wrench's/Rench's were first found.

[Insert after this section was fully written -- Later on Sunday while writing here, I got round to loading Dive's because I had to dive into the lake to get the wrenches. As it turned out, Dive's were first found in Cambridgeshire with Wrench's/Rench's. Loading the Diens/Dives', a super find: "'The name is now represented in Kent by F. Bradley Dyne, Esq., of GORE Court, who still holds lands at Bethersden. The Sussex property passed to the BRISCOE's now of Coghurst, '" Gore's/Core's, first found in Kent, share the crosslets of Wrench's/Rench's!!! It appears that God set me up to dive to retrieve the wrenches!!! I'm sure there should be more to this.

BrisCOE's/BrsiCOWE's have three of the two black greyhounds in pale of Pennys/Pennes', and "pennants" are used by Cowes'/Coo's/Coe's. Grey variation are like those of Grate's (Grey lion in colors reversed) suspect in the "Grata" motto term of Briscoe's. As I've said, my boss quit on Saturday because Frank almost made him lose his life with the backhoe, and so when I was sent home the next day, I had to hitch-HIKE. That's why I've looked up Hike's to find them listed with Hykes'/Hacks sharing the scallops of Russells. The latter share the Rosso lion, COOL. Grate's were first found in Inverness-shire with GOWs/McGoo's, and Gowers list Gore's! How extra-cool is that? Ahh, Grate's use a motto, "FortituDINE," and Diens/Dives' are also Dine's!

Ahh, if you read the Dien/Dives write-up, you will see "...the name of Dyne or Dyve de BATTERSden, Kent,..." Batters/Betters happen to share (almost) the TUDY/Tottys Coat, which can explain "FortiTUDine."

OHHHHH ZOWZERS. Grate's are listed with Cree's while another Cree/Cretes'/Cressent surname (Burgundy, same as Rosseau's!) shares the triple bends of one Rosseau Coat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As Oullette's are linkable to Cressys and Cressents, it recalls that Joe's wife was Diane Oullette while Diane's/Deins were first found in Sussex with Diens/Dives'. Irish Dene's (share Diane/Dein motto) may have been DENham kin, and the latter's "Cura" motto term suggests that they have the Car/Curr chevron while Cars are linkable to Caress' and Cressys / Cressents.

Diane's/Deins share the giant DILE lion while Irish Dene's use a CROCoDILE. I now realize that the Crocks/Cricks and Crux's (Kent, same as Dyne's of Gore Court) have crosses looking like the patee crosses of Diens/Dives'. Gore COURT may have been named by the Courts/Coverts (Sussex again). ESCHYNa de Molle married Robert CROC(E), explaining why ESKINs/Erskins share the black pale bar with Crocks/Cricks and Crux's (this entity goes also to Blake's and Blacks), and while we saw the Penny/Penes greyhounds at the outset of this insert, "pense" is a motto term of Eskins/Erskins. Amazingly, Penns/Pence's share the white demi-lion in Crest with Crocks/Cricks. What has Mike Pence got to do with this set of heraldry?

Another black pale is used by Victoria's (share Duck stars, pointable to James LeDuc) expected in the Denham motto.

Pense's/PINCons fit nicely with the bags of pink insulation that caused by boss to quit working for Frank. I'll share the 2016 quote below to show what I'm talking about. The Poincon variation of Pense's must have named the Punch's/POYNTZ's, for it just so happens that Points/Pointers, with another "Pense" motto term, share the fitchees of Crocks/Cricks!!! They are almost the patees of Diens/Dives'. Mike Oddie had punched me in the face about a decade before he showed up with Frank at Rosseau!!! INCREDIBLE. I was walking along with Jim McGee (bad guy), and out of nowhere this Oddie bully just plastered me in the face, and sent me flying back. I say that God did that to me because I was hanging out with the bad guys.

The crocodile of Dene's was traced last year to the crocodile-leather shoes and BOOTs (sold in his shoe boutique) of Mr. Zlochevsky, owner of Burisma gas in Ukraine. German Trips once showed boots, but now show shoes, and English Trips were first found in Kent with Gore's/Core's, both of them using the Wrench/Rench crosslets! What have we arrived to now? The Boot surname (shows boots) happens to have been first found in Berkshire with Points/Pointers.

As we were building a BOAT house, note that Grate's/Cree's have a not-bad reflection of the Bute/Butt/Boet/Bote Coat, then recall how the GET'n Go points together to Gows/McGoo's and Geddes'/Gettys (beside Inverness), for the Bute's/Butts/Boets/Bote's are suspect as Geddes/Getty kin. Who was at the Get'n Go? Miss Hicks, and I had to hitch-HIKE home. Note that McGoo-like McGee's were Geths too!!! That explains why I was punched (in the face) while with McGee! Irish McGee's use leopard FACES. Hitch's are also Hyche's (BUCKinghamshire, may explain the buck head of Hicks).

[Insert -- A couple of days after writing here, I thought to look up Ranch-like Ranks/Rankings, and they have the McGee boar heads! Ranks/Rankings have the "hatchet" of Zerrs/Zehrers, and Hatchets/Hacketts (Ged fish?) have a "mea" motto term while Mea's/Meigh's share the Rank / McGee boar heads too! What a great find, for there could be more things along this Rank route as concerns the Get'n Go. I trace Mea's to the Meu river near the RANCE river. That works. It just so happens that this insert was minutes after I came in from the RAIN while using my hatchet to clean the rotten bark and wood from the exterior of some firewood sections. RENNES, suspect with Rains/Raines', is near the Meu / Rance rivers, amazing. The same white lion head (design included) in the Hatch/Hacch Crest is in the English Rothes Crest, and Rothes' share the white-on-black lion with Rains/Raines'. Rains/Raines' use a "JUDicium" motto term for Judicael of Rennes, and Judds/Juggs, expected from Jugon near the Meu, share the Mea/Meigh / McGee / Rankin boar head. Is it not amazing that I was in the rain with a hatchet cleaning Rothes-like ROTTEN bark?

This recalls Mamie in the HATCH (of a pick-up truck) with Barry, and the latter was suspect as a pointer to Barry Soetoro, otherwise known a BARACK Obama. I was scraping off the rotten BARK. Is this a SIGN that God's about to clean Obama's and Rodham's clock? It's about time. I was scraping rot off the WOOD, and Woods share the tree with roots of ROOTs. Rodhams/Roddens use a tree stump, and Roots were first found in Kent with Stump/Stomp-related Ticks and Rothes'. The axe is at the root of the tree. BEWARE. REPENT. Ranks/Rankings use a lance too while Lance's share the fesse of Gore's/Core's (Kent, same as Rothes').

It's June 29 today, and the Arizona audit has until tomorrow to clear out of the arena. They are doing tabulator machines today. After the rotten material was scraped off, the thing remaining was a piece of quality log for burning in the STOVE, and then Lindells use a log while Stove's/Stevensons were first found in Northumberland with Stevensons/Steinson and the Rodhams/Roddens who share the Stevenson/STEINson bend. Rothschilds/RoddenSTEINS can be gleaned with the Rodham/Rodden / Stevens/Steinson bend.

By the way, the latter's Stein kin were first found in Norfolk with Case's (Stein colors and format) while Caseys share the gold garb in Crest with Stevensons/Steins. The Case buckles can be for the line that named Buckie near Rothes, for the Leslie's who share buckles on a bend (different colors) with Case's were earls of Rothes. Italian Case's/Casino's share the fesse of Italian Casano's/Cassandra's.

I only got one five-foot section of wood cleaned when it started to rain heavily enough to send me indoors. I made a COFFEE, then sat down and looked up the Rankings. Upon loading Hatchets/Hackets, I saw that they were related to a constable of CARISbrook castle, and thus I looked up Caris'/Caro's and added their insert above, noting that the Caris/Caro Coat is linkable to mythical Taras of Taranto. In the Arms of Taranto, Taras is naked and riding a dolphin, same symbol as per the COFFEE Crest. Coffee's are also Coffers while English Coffers/Coffare's were first found in Somerset with Tarrs/Tarres', no kidding at all. What could this all mean? Why is my hatchet work including the Coffee's? Somerset is the location of the Axe river, and while Zerrs/Zehrers claim to have hatchets in the Shield, they claim an axe in Crest.

I almost missed it. While raining lightly, I went up a ladder to fix a RAIN gutte on the house, and upon finsighing, I did the bark-scraping job with the hatchet. Gutters are listed with Cutters. I am SURE I understand this, for the Byznatine Rangabe's have been on my mind since loading Ranks/Rankings. Michael I Rangabe of Byzantium married Prokopia, and Brocuffs/Prokopps, I kid you not, share the Chief-Shielf colors of Gutters/Cutters!!! The "ORIENte" motto term of Brocuffs/Prokopps can be for Orions/Irons, said to be from AiRAINES!!! I kid you not. I trace Cutters to Keturah, wife of Abraham, and BRAMtons have the Hatch/Hacch Coat in colors reversed!!! God is doing something big today.

More: AIRAINes is near ABBEville, and Mccabe's/McABBE's of ARRAN share the Coffee fesse. End insert]

In case you think I'm making this boat-house story up, parts of this story appear in my 1st update in April, 2016; find "Frank" and read from there. Here's part of it below, note my knees, for God gave Hicks beautiful knees at the Get'n Go:

... Frank had hired two men as his helpers, one being the one that punched me in the mouth...

When Saturday came, I told my boss [not Frank] that I don't work on sabbaths. And so I stayed home [at the rented cottage] and, while on my KNEES praying, my boss rushed in the door (about 10 am) and said "I'm out of here," and left me there, driving home. He said that Frank almost killed him by forcing him to lift a steam [should be "steel"] beam on a bag or two of pink insulation stuffed into the bucket of a back hoe, and, not balanced properly, the beam came sliding down the boom toward him, saving his life only because one end of the beam hit a scaffold (and stopped sliding).

The next day, Frank went ballistic on me, like the devil: "I know what you're thinking," he said, "that the incident yesterday was because we worked on Saturday." And he hurled obscenities at me, and seemed ready to beat me to a pulp. But it didn't happen. I had to hitch-hike home because my boss had driven me up.

Hoe's and Beams share the Rosso / Russell lion, and Prays were first found in County Down with Knee's. Downs/Douns (Sussex, same as Diens/Dives' and Diane's/Deins) were likely Dunhams/Downhams, recalling the Denhams above. Is Obama thus being pointed to?

I had no idea, back in 2016, what the Rosseau event was for, not until this update, and I'm sure there's still more to it. Al Gore, as I write here late Sunday, came out to speak against Arizona's audit at some point this weekend. End insert]

As I've said, I was surprised to find that Frank had hired Mike Oddey or ("Oddie") and Vince Pierce to help out, and I knew those two guys (my age), from Markham, from my teens. Mike Oddey had punched me very hard in the FACE (without reason) when I was about 12. Vince Pierce punched Kepke in the face on Rick Young's driveway a few years later, with me being the only person who saw it. Face's/Fessys are traceable to Fieschi of Genova, where Doria's were first found. While Oddie's share the Gover/Gopher saltire, Hood-connectable Oddeys/Hodleys share the Baud quadrants, and that surname is from the Bautica/Baltea river of the Arduinici, is that not impressive? Bauds (share the Bald ship) have the Hood crescents in colors reversed.

Oddeys/Hodleys were first found in Sussex with the Kepke-like Keeps (galley ship), and when Vince Pierce punched Kepke on Young's driveway, he was with Miss Peare. Punch's have eight bars in the colors of the six bars of English Leavells. Pierce's are also Piers, and my Doral boat was parked at a pier when I first bought it. Pierce's/Piers were first found in Somerset with Young-related English Leavells and PERCivals, and it was Gouel de Perceval of Leavell who birthed Waleran de Leavell. Leavells were at Yvery, and Arduinici of the Bautica were at Ivrea. That's incredible.

The last time I saw Rick Young, he was dating Miss Whelan, at which time I dated her sister, Karen. Karen/Kerns share the hexagram of Pero's, and Irish Kerns/Kerins (Pere/Peir colors) share the chevron of Stars while Pero's call their hexagram a "flaming star." Karens/Kerns share the sleeping moon of German Roets while Scottish Roets were first found in Somerset with Leavells, Pierce's/Piers and Percivals. Karens/Kerns use three symbol acting as a bend that rises in the rare direction, the left side of the Shield, same as the same-colored bend of Masci's and Massena's, and while Masci's were first found in Piedmont with Pero's, Massena's share the hexagrams of Karens/Kerns and Pero's. It appears that God caused me to meet Rick Young one last time in order to get me to date Karen Whelan to reveal these things and more, including a Whelan link to Waleran de Leavell.

When Karen Whelan wanted to leave me for another guy, I assume the Young told Kepke about it, because we found out where she was meeting him. It turned out unexpectedly to be at a restaurant (miles from her home) at the SCRABOROUGH Town Center, the mall in which Kepke was still selling shoes. The Trips who now show shoes once showed the same boots that French Masseys/Massa's once showed. So Kepke and I decided to surprise Karen Whelan by arriving to the restaurant before she and her new man did, and when they walked in, I stood up to go speak with her, but as I was doing so, Kepke said, "BE nonCHALANT." First of all, Scarborough's (in Keep colors and similar to Keppoch Coat) share the Murena tower, you see, and Chalants (Burgundy, same as Messeys/Messier's) are listed with Chalons (Keep bend in colors reversed) while Chalons-en-Champagne uses the Crozier Coat (shares Masci fleur-de-lys) for its Arms, explaining why crozier-using Bracebridge's ("BE" motto term) shares the vaired Shield of Scottish Champagne's.

The other Chalants/Chalons share gold cherub heads with Saints/Sants (Yorkshire, same as Scarborough's and Keppochs), and Centers/Sainters share the Peare and Parson leopard faces while Kepke met CHRISTINE Peare when she sold clothes at Scarborough Town CENTER. Scottish Saints/Sinclairs share "God" with Bracebridge's, and the engrailed cross of saints/Sinclairs is shared by the Compo's/Champeau's (label) suspect in the "COMPOsitum" motto term of Scottish Lawers/Laws (Northumberland, same as Lorraine's). They share the rooster (different color) with trumpet-using Livers/Lovers/Levers).

English Lawers/Lawrence's (Lancashire, same as Livers/Lovers/Levers), at Saint-like Sands, share a fat and red cross with Lavors/Lavers, and as we just crossed the Saints, who trace to Lemnos, let's add that Lavors/Lavers share the Marine / Marines cross, for Myrina was a major AMAZON city on Lemnos, and MASONs/Massins (Kent, same as Lovens/Louvains and Marines!) share the Loven/Louvain Coat. Mythical Hebe-like HEPHaestus (Hebrons are also HEPburns) of Lemnos was the brother of mythical Hebe (wife of Hercules, he being a Danaan from Laish, home of the pagan-Levite priest, Jonathan), and while Abraham lived in HEBron, Abraham-suspect BRAMtons share the red dog head in Crest with Lavors/Lavers. This is amazing because Mr. Kepke was born Lawrence while Hebrons (Northumberland, same as Lawers/Laws and Lorraine's) use a "Keep" motto term!!! Keeps share the Lorraine bend in both colors! It appears that God arranged Kepke in my life for many reasons, now to bring to light the line of Abraham with his other wife, Keturah. Lawers/Laws may have a Fieschi liner in their "fasque" motto term, and Fieschi were of Genova, where Marina-branch Maria's were first found.

This recalls Kepke's brief fling with Maria Nigro when both worked at KNOB Hill Farms with me, and this can suddenly point to ancient NOB, a couple of miles north of walled Jerusalem. Hebron was west of Jerusalem. Nob had some priests which we may assume were Levites. Levites are expected with the later Sadducees, and one Sadducee family included Salome Boethus while the Salome bend-with-pierced-stars is shared by Laws/Lawers i.e. Laevi liners to be expected. The pierced stars gets us to Leavell-related Pierce's/Piers. Vince Pierce punched Kepke on Young's driveway, and Scottish Yonge's/Youngs share the triple piles of Scottish Leavells. You see, God was setting it all up. He wants to expose these lines to the end-times. Why?

God probably arranged for me to KISS Peare before Kepke did. Kiss'/CUSH's share the red rooster with CUSHion-using Bibo's, suspect from Vibia, mother of Lupus Laevillus, and this is being repeated because the red rooster is used by Salome-suspect Lawers/Laws (share a red fesse with Keeps). Laevillus lived at least near the time of Salome BOETHus, and it just so happens that while the line of Abraham and KETURah was to Kotor, that's beside BUTua, the line to Bute's/Butts/BOETs, do you see? The latter's Coat is similar to that of Pierro's/Pero's, the latter first found in Pavia with the LAEVillus-like LAEVi Gauls. Where else are we going to get a history lesson like this? Not from the fink historians whose heads are stuck into the sand when reading this.

LAWsons use a "leve" motto term and the chapeau cap of Bidens/buttons who in turn share the fesse of Bute's/Butts/Boets, and Maria Nigro lived in BUTTONville when Kepke and I knew her from Knob Hill. The "reLUIS" motto term of Lawsons should be for Luis'/Louis', first found in Lorraine. Luis'/Louis' share the lozenges of Bricks and Whelans, and I dated Karen Whelan soon after LOUISE Phillips left my apartment. Miss Whelan lived on the same street, Henry Corson Place, as Kepke and young, and Corsons/Carsons have the Bricks / Whelan lozenges in colors reversed. Miss Whelan had the nonchalant-event pointer to Chalons. This gets astounding. I've never known what to do with the gold-on-silver fleur-de-lys of Dutch SANDers before, but I now see it's the symbol also of Spanish Luis'. Irish Sanders Coats shares the elephant head (different color) with Levens.

Chalons-en-Champagne was once called, Chalons-sur-MARNE, and this can be traced to MYRINA of Lemnos (!!!), can be believe it? We have come back to Marina's / Murena's/Moreno's, and it was Kepke's "be nonchalant" which brought the Chalants/Chalons to topic in the first place. It's verifying that Keep liners are to mythical Hephaestus. Lemnos had Sintians, and then Santones Gauls named Saintes in France, and lived beside the Lemnos-line Lemovices of Limousin, where Saint-related Clairs were first found who got related to the Clements/Clermonts' who in turn share the nebuly / wavy bars of Spanish Marina's (almost those of Italian Maria's). English Clements ("PATRIis") were first found in Oxfordshire with Peare's and Lake's. Wade's almost have the Arms of Chalons-en-Champagne. The WADE and the emBRACE in the lake. Mythical Myrina (Amazon = Masci-line goddess) was at the Atlas mountains, home of king Massina of Numidia! Why does God care about exposing these ancient things through me? I don't care at all about these lines from Christian enemies.

A pier is a boat dock on pillars, and I invented a new fence post that was temporarily called, "Pillar-Post." Ms. Parsons was my patent agent, and she got me a patent for the idea. Pillars/Pilots share the Coat of Cressys (Burgundy, same as Messeys/Messier's and Pilate's/Pilotte's)), and Pillers/Pilotte's (share Christine Coat, essentially) were first found in Lincolnshire with English Messier's and Bracebridge's. Pelosi's/Pilati's were first found in SAVIGliano, beside Brace-connectable Bra, and while Bracebridge's were Champagne liners through Chalons, SAVAGE's are in the Crest of Woods while Sauvage's were first found in Champagne. I think I can glean that CAMP Wood, location of Get'n Go, can apply to this CHAMPagne picture.

As I said, later in the day as per the wade in the lake, Mamie was at her garden. That's how I discovered that Gardens share the black boar with Babons, for Babon was the son of MUMmolin, ruler at Chalons-sur-Marne. Men's/MAME's, sharing "God" with Saints/Sinclairs (Midlothian, same as Mens/Mame's), were a branch of Manners/Maness' who in turn share the double bends of English Bays. I bought the Doral from the pier at Georgian BAY Marina. Babon's son, Grimo, is expected to Grimaldi's, who lived partly in Genova with the Doria's. The glass DOOR at the Get'n Go. Babon's brother was BODEgisel, and that looks like it goes with my DORal BOAT. German Bode's look like kin of Italian Maurels/Maurino's who in turn look like Bute/Butt kin, and it just so happens that Mummolin married Berthe, daughter of MAURILion. Chalons-sur-Marne is on the western edge of Lorraine, and I first dated Lorraine, my girl immediately before Mamie, on my BIRTHday.

German Bode's share roses (different colors) with Bute's/Butts/Boets/Bote's who in turn have the fish of Rose-related Geddes'/Gettys, and the Gettes' have the Messey/Messier Coat (part of the Wade Coat) in colors reversed. I took the Doral mainly to lake Rosseau, where I had decades earlier had the job of WRENCH retrieval about the time I met Lorraine, and Rosseau's share the triple bends of Nerets and Cressents (Burgundy, same as Messeys/Messier's and Cressys). Cressent- / Cressy-connectable Caress' share the cinquefoils of Kims, first found in Bute with Glass'! The glass door at the Get'n GO pointed to Gows/McGoo's sharing the cinquefoils of Burgundy's Loches'/DeLoge's, whose Loge branch share the Gettes Coat!!!! GET'n Go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gettens/Gittins (Cheshire, same as Beaston) have the giant Cressy lion in colors reversed, and English Cressys were at Beaston Regis of Norfolk.

As Ranulph le Meschin (earl of Cheshire), from the Bessin, married the Mercian, Lucy, note first that the flag of Mercia is the Messey/Messier Coat, for English Messier's were first found in Lincolnshire with Lucy, and with "BE"-using Bracebridge's. Beastons/Bessins use bees, as do Bistone's, and there was an ancient Bistones peoples in Cyrene, where Meshwesh/Mazyes Amazons lived at one time who likely came to name king MASSENa. The other Rosseau's share the Mason/MASSIN lion. The ancient Bistones worshiped Ares (child-sex cult) as an erect sword, and the Bistone surname has an erect sword, that also in the Brace/Bras' Crest. This helps to realize that God put me in an embrace in a lake with Mamie because Lake's are in the format of, and in colors reversed from, Bessins (virtually share the erect sword of Bistone's). Again, Mens'/MAME's share "God" with Bracebridge's.

Keri Lake wants to be governor of ARIZONa, and Risings/Risons were first found in Norfolk with Beaston Regis. This goes to my embrace of Sleeping Beauty, because as soon as I touched her knee, she awoke and not only embraced me, but we were RISING into the sky as a pointer to Rhizon, home of the Ardiaei and the Daorsi who had homes also on the Neretva river. Nerets share a Rosseau Coat, and Sleeping Beauty turned out to be Miss Hicks at the Get'n Go's glass-DOOR event where her Knee was the issue. Knee's use the phoenix, and Phoenix is in Arizona. The reason she pointed to Rhizon is that she had been asleep before I touched her knee, and Sleeps are from the Selepitanoi Illyrian at/near Rhizon. I took the Doral BOAT mainly to LAKE Rosseau, where my wrench-retrieving job points to the Get'n Go on ranch road, and Rhizon is beside BUDva, anciently BUTua, what are the chances?

Back to the News

Mike Lindell keeps postponing his supreme-court battle. Nobody's supporting him who needs to be, to get the court to take this case. He shouldn't keep voicing his support for Trump. Mike said this week that Fox won't have him on to tell his packet-capture evidence. Is this not strange to you? Hannity and Carlson need to come clean, to admit that they were lying when saying that Fox bosses don't tell them what to report on. Both of them are being obedient to the boss on this matter of packet-capture, one of the BIGGEST stories of the century. They would rather keep their jobs than to expose this massive fraud method. We would like to know why Fox bosses don't want this story. The great suspicion is that they are for the RINO's. Ask the fraud, Paul Ryan, about that.

The Arizona senate can take action RIGHT NOW to overturn the election because the senate doesn't need to wait until August or September to know what the results are. The senate knows enough of what the results are RIGHT NOW. The senate is acting falsely to pretend it won't know what the audit results are until the audit team hands over an official report. The senate knows yesterday that sufficient fraud took place to warrant an over-turning of the election. The senate looks like a SHAMEFUL FRAUD. If there was cheating, then jail time is needed, and the election MUST be overturned on behalf of the Arizona voters who won the election. This is normal procedure, not unusual, shameful or heavy-handed.

Sonny Borelli of the Arizona audit is on record this week saying that the senate will act this year on the audit results even though the senate will be adjourned at the time. However, there is nothing wrong with calling the audit team to a session, yesterday, to ask: did you find sufficient fraud to overturn the election? If yes, then there is nothing wrong with starting ACTION yesterday so that the action is ready as soon as the official report is done. But if action doesn't begin for two more months while the senate is adjourned, what kind of cheap action can the people expect? Will it be this cheap or that cheap? Why don't I trust this senate?

Another Gateway Pundit headline on the 21st: "Arizona Senate Liaison Ken Bennett Says He Hopes Senate Will Not Have to Take Legal Action to Get Routers from Maricopa County". This is insane. The cheats are refusing to hand over the routers, and so legal action was due weeks ago, but Bennett is indicating that the senate is wasting time by not taking legal action. The day Democrats manage to get the majority in the Arizona senate, back to cheating the cheats will go, because this senate is probably afraid to scream-out the criminality at this time.

By the way, wasn't it necessary for this senate to call in Mike Lindell to see what cheating went on via the machines? OF COURSE. Now that the senate can't get the routers, how can it refuse to call in Lindell? Only one way: by being frauds because they don't want to discover criminality.

You may have heard that George Soros and other goons start organizations that have deceptive names; for example, Anti-Corruption Company, when the real purpose is to weed out the corruption of corruptocrats so that the people behind Anti-Corruption Company can have all the corruption money to itself. Or, they set up, Truth Company, to give the illusion that they are the good guys. And so we hear today:

Joe Davis was a Hillary Clinton Campaign officials and founder of the organization “Youth to end Sexual Violence.” Joel was arrested in 2018 after engaging in sex with a child. Davis also had over 3,700 images and more than 330 videos of child pornography, including numerous images of prepubescent minors who had not attained 12 years of age.

Do you see how they deceive? Their anti-pedophilia company was in fact a pro-pedophilia company, and by now you have probably heard that John Podesta, Hillary's campaign manager for her 2016 presidential bid, is a pedophile. How can these things be coincidental? It plays hard to the accusations that the Clintons have been engaged in sex-trafficking of children. How can we not be in the end-times when people like this are in power over the people? This is worse than Sodom.

The good news is that Joe Davis got 13 years in prison. The bad news is, Joe Davis got 13 years in prison. The judge did not think that Joe should never again walk the streets. But a good judge would deem Joe unworthy of life. How much more are the Clintons worthy of death by government punishment? Instead, they are passed off as good for the world. It's likely that it will be this way right to the end. In this world, a Christian could get 13 years in prison for saying that the Clintons (or trudeau) deserve death. A twisted government would wish to convince a judge that by saying so, we are guilty of something akin to attempted murder. Be careful, because not all judges think as you do, not all judges make proper decisions. Some of them, even many, are liberal activists who rubber stamp the government will no matter how evil. Government prosecutors can make your ideas look like evil, and the evil of governments look angelic. Do not use violence against anyone. Stay clean while speaking truths as Jesus sees truths.

Here is how I love the public making NOISE, see and learn:

Way to go, parents. I just have one beef. It wasn't loud enough. Next time, ramp it up, okay? Do not let those demons get away the way that Canadians let demons get away without a peep. SHAME CANADA. I advocate the people storming the politicians and making NOISE until life returns to normal. Lock down the political offices. Force them to stay home, and then make NOISE outside of their homes too. Camp out in the parks, "greet" them in the morning, oh what fun it is to be saviors from the demons. Or, if you choose, go back to sleep and grow your Canadian pot belly some more, SHAME. Where in the Bible does it say that Christians can't scream with outrage? A peaceful protest won't get anything done, and plays into the tyrant's hands. People need to show their anger when the government does not represent them, when the liberal government becomes the selfish / evil king. Are we afraid to show anger (yes it looks ugly, exactly) when there is so much to be angry about? What does God mean when He says in Revelation 18 to pay Babylon back twice as much as she pained us? Does it mean to have a nicey-Christian peaceful protest with calm faces?

It's not a wonder people fall asleep in church, it's not relevant. If God was always concerned with the Israeli leadership because the people are affected by leadership, how much more is He concerned with anti-Christ leadership as it wreaks havoc on the morality of a nation? Wake me up when the churches decide to gang up together to make some noise, I'll be there. It's not going to happen, even though it's the right thing to do. We don't need to demand our rights; we need to rebuke the powers for sinning against Jesus. Churches want to continue being nicey-guys when it's due to being nicey-guys that has brought us to this dangerous point. Get Jesus involved today, speak His message as a bloc of warriors who won't back down. Get some life into your souls, and make some noise. It's healthy. Pump some blood. Expose the naked emperor. If they want to censor us in the media, let's take it to their places of work, and to their homes. Are we going to just lie down and let trudeau spy on us, deny us our voices, and trudge on our faces?

We now have evidence that Trump, THE GOOFBALL, put in place yet another enemy of his voter base when he installed Mark Milley as the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Here's Thursday's headline at Gateway Pundit: "UNHINGED Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark A. Milley GOES OFF During Testimony – Blames 'White Rage' for Jan. 6 Attacks – Brags About Reading Marx and Lenin (VIDEO)"

It all reads like a sick fictional, thanks to Trump. Almost every high spot in his government, the spots needed to overturn the deep state, he filled with deep-state operatives. THIS IS A DEPRAVED MAN, playing his voters. This week, we again find what was already known, that Trump chose a deep-state snake for his own vice-president: "Former Vice President Mike Pence said that he was proud to certify the election for Joe Biden during a speech at the Reagan Library on Thursday." Is Trump just a big con-man? Looks like.

Milley seems to be signalling that the military is prepared to join the persecution of white "terrorists" in America. There are two different kinds of lunatics, the old definition, and new people like Milley who don't believe their lying slander, but put it out there anyway, straight-faced, and without blushing for looking like an ignorant moron. This is a cheap human being, like the trash of a car wreck. His commander-in-chief is another moron, a son of Hell. My advice: don't listen to Fox news when it has racism shows because you are better off not hearing that trash. Just be yourself, blind to skin color. Let the morons fight the racism fight. If you have a soul and are not a wicked person, you are welcome in Christian circles, don't let anyone make you believe that Christians are racists, for this is the new game of the morons. Don't even listen to it.

Tim Stevens update, and the new idea of video "billboard trucks" to fight the censorship:

Someone writes: "The Swine flu vaccine was shut down after 25 deaths". Is that true? Could be, because the world was more sane in those days.

If you need a video to confirm that the COVID schemers were scheming to promote a faked pandemic, and meanwhile to make people sicker even to the point of death, this is a good one:

The video above is narrated by a pro-vaccine dope, sad to say. He exposes that Fauci was pushing Remdesivir, meaning that the U.S. military, the owner of the drug to begin with, was making piles of money for no benefits at all to sick people. In the meantime, Fauci discredited the drugs that worked. GUILTY. Fauci wanted people sick and dead. Trump chose Fauci to lead the COVID scheme. GUILTY. When we little people could see that Fauci was a fiend, Trump pretended that he could see nothing wrong with the man.

canada is trying at this time to strike fear in the hearts of daft, idiot-box addicts by popularizing the delta variant of COVID. Luckily, word is getting out simultaneously that it's a weak variant, yet even major media in the U.S. are pushing it as more lethal as well as more contagious. As I understand it, it's more contagious, and thus it can explain why there may have been more cases this spring than expected, and yet, as the video below shows, delta has been extremely weak for making people sick:

This looks like a lethal blow to the hopes of those who wanted to continue the lockdowns this winter, but, don't worry, they'll muster up another plan by then. Prepare for more lockdowns and destruction for this winter, because it could happen all over again. Prepare, but hope for the best. Do take notice that lumber prices as much as three times the normal took place last year and into this spring, and frankly it looks like it's part of the COVID scheme to wreck society. Such high lumber prices keep people from building their own homes, you see. Lumber prices may explode again just as you buy your property, watch out. Pay for your lumber first, then close the deal for your property.

Biden's peddling the delta variant as a bigger reason to get the vaccines. Yes, it just so happens that the vaccines already "approved" are good for delta too. It figures. They are only ramping up the "seriousness" of requiring the vaccines that they might call us dangerous who refuse it. The goofballs are so utterly transparent. The Biden goofball just reads from a screen what he tells the people. Others are in charge of his policies, other goofballs who don't mind deceiving to give appearances that Biden's the one talking. This video shows that vaccinations don't work, it's all a deadly scam:

June 22: "Kamala Harris Tells Activists to Knock on Doors and Harass People Who Haven’t Been Vaccinated in Desperate Push to Meet 4th of July Goal". She's being pressured from an invisible goon squad to push vaccinations, and in the meantime make the vaccine-hesitant look bad. Roll this rock back over her and make her look bad. Thank God that perhaps as many as half the continent (and Europe?) don't want vaccinations, and hopefully, when the powers call for boosters like it was morning chicken feed to the hens, there will be even fewer come-a-running. No thanks, I'd rather eat bugs.


Here's all four Gospels wrapped into one story.

For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God.
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