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June 15 - 21, 2021

More Heraldic Pointers to Tony Fauci
Some Entertain a Turkish Anti-Christ

If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture

It's out, the cat from the bag:
Today's drug-delivery word of the day is "magnetofection," which essentially is the use of magnetic fields to build up a concentration of magnetic nanoparticles [in the body], each containing nucleic acids, and guide them into target cells. Michael Berger, writing in Nanowerk, discusses a particular kind of magnetic nanoparticle called the superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticle (SPION) that he says is emerging as a promising candidate for targeted gene delivery using magnetofection.

Berger writes about successful use of magnetofection in Australia to fight malaria. Researcher Ross Coppel and colleagues at Monash University used magnetofection to enhance delivery of a malaria DNA VACCINE [caps mine]. They used vectors composed of SPIONs and PEI polymer.

That article was on May 17, 2021. What other purpose is this technology serving? How dark is such a purpose? Why don't all the vaccine shots have this magnetizing tendency? Are they targeting only a portion of the masses to experiment with them? What are they wanting to know? How dark might the answers be? Everything you read in the article above may be a rabbit trail to nowhere for us to follow, a faked premise for administering the magnetofection tonic. The real reason may be to SPY ON on us, as "SPION" seems to suggest (they're laughing at us).

On June 9, Dean Blundell writes: "The magnetic phenomena is believed to be occurring solely with the mRNA jabs, Pfizer and Moderna." With the goon squads denying that the magnets are sticking at all, videos are coming out to prove that it's not oily skin, or glue on the magnet, to perform tricks. For example, this video. Caution, because the goons will produce videos that show fakery in order to convince viewers that all videos have tricks.

In 2019:

The researchers then broke open the cells, isolated the crystals and added iron, which enabled them to pull the crystals around with external magnets. Each crystal contained about five billion iron atoms and generated magnetic forces that were nine orders of magnitude stronger than single ferritin cages. By introducing crystals that were pre-loaded with iron to living cells, the researchers could move the cells around with a magnet.

The magnetizing vaccines may not be magnetofection proper. Some other type of magnetizing may be at work. The magnetized people in the video below do not look fake, and if you get to the 10th minute, you will see magnetized, store-bought chicken. Folks, diabolical people in power are willing to abuse us badly, and so we need to call this a war. They must be discovered, and punished. Why won't the media talk about this?:

I don't pay heed to the last clip of the video above. Nobody going to believe such a claim. Below are more magnetic-meat clips:

How do we explain magnetofection-proper in dead animals? Can we say that the animals were in need of vaccinations? Nope. Then can we say that the goons are trying to make us magnetic by making us eat magnetic meat? Yup, sounds logical. Why do they want us magnetic? I think the truth will be realized. I would like to see people die who are responsible for this invasion of our bodies. You may have more toleration than I, but when I see things like this, I want to see them pay with their lives. They don't deserve to live amongst us. What else will they do to our foods?

Why do we think that the food inspectors will NOT mention this story until they are forced to by sufficient outcry? Why hasn't Fox done a story on this? What kind of insidious surrealism are we being forced to live? Here's a magnetofection update:

The people responsible for magnetic vaccines deserve to be dead. They have assaulted millions of people, many of them dead already. They violated their bodies' atoms without permission; death is the appropriate response. Let's not laugh at this or minimize the crime. DEATH IS DESERVED. Predictably, they will say that magnetic tissue is harmless. THEY VIOLATED the bodies of millions. DEATH TO THEM, for this is worse than the magnetism alone. The magnetism serves as proof that they are injecting things they ought not to without permission. You might think that 20 years in prison is better, but I say death. Purge the evil from society. Make an example of the wicked who do such things. That is God's way, and it should be the way of government ministers, yet look, government leaders will protect these fiends.

If a person drops a drug into someone's drink and gets caught, he might get less than a year in prison, but if he does it a year later, he might get three to five years, and maybe ten to fifteen on the third offense a year after that. But what do vaccine criminals desereve for doing millions all at one time in a sceheme that involves government and court protections? Already, they all deserve death, yet they will do far worse if God gives them opportunities, and He will. God will KILL them DEAD.

In CBC propaganda, it's now giving false appearances that Canadians are FLOCKING to get the vaccines. I say the CBC boss deserves death. No exaggeration. If I were a king of Canada, the CBC boss would be dead tomorrow on the charge of mass murder. Ditto for Trudeau. The great thing is, there is a King over Trudeau's head who practices capital punishment when deserved. He will not get away with this. Canada in my lifetime has always repressed the views of good people in order to give appearances that the anti-Christs are popular. THE DEVIL in action. Instead of repenting if the people all begin to chant, "death to them," they would jail you for incitation. That's the communist-pig way. They are acting as though they're doing nothing wrong while murdering people. We have arrived to this now. It's been a long time in coming, but we are here to see it with our own eyes. It is not the time to be quiet for fear of the police. In free speech, we are allowed to say that a national leader deserves death for killing people with unnecessary vaccines. If I had a large platform, I would probably be arrested for speaking in this way.

Trudeau is NOT protecting the children from vaccines. If even one child dies, DEATH DESERVED TO TRUDEAU. He is not protecting young people, and many young have already died. DEATH DESERVED FOR TRUDEAU for abortion alone, how much more now that he's vaccinating children and youth who have almost nothing to fear from COVID? Rather than repent, the crime minister would see me jailed for speaking in this way. He's a horror story. He goes the twisted way of Obama. He with his globalist masters want to own children above that which the parents alone deserve. They want to teach the children things they do not want the parents to know, thus exposing their guilty consciences. They do wrong even though they know it to be wrong. And they disown / throw off their own Creator whom has warned them of the dire consequences for their sins. A national leader has a grave responsibility before God, but the modern COVID pimps have thrown God off altogether as though He were a plague himself.

Here's what Trudge wants to suppress with his medical pimps in conspiracy:

Trudeau does not want to hear these men. DEATH DESERVED. If you got this youtube video at all (only a clip of the full show), it's "miraculous" because it already has well over a million views, and it even reads: "Full livestream now CENSORED on YouTube." We can see his game already, that the "delta" variation of COVID will REQUIRE the unvaccinated to become vaccinated. You can see why I'm obsessed with this topic. As Biden says delta is dangerous to young people, we can readily see where the scammers are going with this hoax. Delta comes out as soon as the mask mandates were disappearing, let's not be naive. These people deserve death if indeed this is yet another hoax.

I don't care if someone shoots Trudeau and kills him with one bullet. I won't cry for him. But I'm not inciting anyone to do it, because it's against the law, and Jesus Himself would not advocate our committing murder. But I would be happy if God were to commit mass-murder of His enemies, and I would tell that to an anti-Christ court of law. If the judge doesn't want to believe in the existence of a Creator, then too bad for him, he too will become murdered and aborted from the realm of eternal life. That's just the way it is. Why should I be shy in telling it the way it is? God's warning has always been: I have the right to end your life. The anti-Christ judge is a murderer of God, and a persecutor of His people.

Listen until the 4th minute to see what could be a runner-up to the 666 system coming after a vaccine trial in Africa:

The rest of the video speaks for itself to justify my claim that the national leaders are worthy of death for not listening to, and shutting up discussions on, these matters. Trudeau is just a small fry amongst small fries; other leaders are far-more guilty. If any of them were worthy of life, they would have spoken publicly to the people by now concerning the magnetism of the vaccinated body. They would have ceased vaccinations until this magnet feature is understood. But to continue to vaccinate without telling the people about this unusual feature is worthy of death. NO EXAGGERATION. The 19-20th minute of the video above is very noble and encouraging. (Ignore the demonic Fearless Nation logo, as that channel is not the producer of this discussion.)

Fauci Gets the Novel Piece-of-Crap Prize

When seeing "novel coronis" in the news today (Tuesday), I looked up the Novel surname followed by the Nobel surname. They both use the same three colors, and Nobels have this; "The surname Nobel was first found in East Lothian where 'an English family of this name settled as subvassals of the family of de Vallibus (Vaux) at the end of the twelfth century.'" That can tend to affirm that God is pointing to Tony Fauci with the Vaux / Faucet bloodline. Fauchs were first found in Fort-like Forez, and Nobels use a "FORTitudine" motto term. As Novels share double-blue pale bars with Seats/Seeds, this is as close as I've come to proving that Seats were a branch of Seatons/Sittens (East Lothian). (Load Novel link now to have access, on another tab, to other Coats of Arms that follow.)

The article goes on the to say: "William Nobilis held part of the lands of GarMILTON under William de Vallibus." The Fort quadrants are in the colors of the vertically-split Milton and GATES Shields, and while Gates' (version of the Milton Coat) were early in Oxfordshire, that's where Miltons were first found. Doesn't this seem like a pointer to Bill Gates vaccines? Miltons are thought to descend from Camville's, and it just so happens that the Camville Crest shares a brown leopard (different design) on a green mound with the Crest of SARS-like Sares'.

For what it's worth, Cage's, first found in CAMbridgeshire (beside Sares' of Essex), location of the CAM river, have a good reflection of the Camville / Milton Coats. The Camville's of Warwickshire suggest that the Camville Coat is the Warwick Coat. They show only triple lions in colors reversed from the same of Irish Gars i.e. who may have named GARmilton. The Gar Chief looks like the Guerin Chief, and "WARwicks" could easily have been Guerin / Warren liners. Warwicks share the James Coat while James' were first found in Surrey, home of the Warrene's/Varrene's (of the Warrens).

While Lille's were first found in Oxfordshire, Camville's are said to have been at LILburne castle, and Lilburne's almost have the Coat of Hounds (Cambridgeshire). Attila the HUN was of the House of Dulo, and "SeDULO et HONesta" is the motto term of Lille's, making Hounds look like they are from Attila the Hun. "SEDulo" looks like code for Seaton-branch Sedans, and the HONE's/Hones' have double fesses in the colors of the double pale bars of Seats/Seeds. Sedans were once said to have been first found in Yorkshire with SEDbergh, and the latter is where dents were first found who share the Hound /Lilburne lozenges. Perfect, especially as Sedans are now said to have been first found in Durham with Lilburne's.

OH WOW, Dents (TIGER) and Hounds share white-ermined lozenges with the Thicks/THACKERs suspect in the East THICKley location (Durham) of Lilburne's, and Thatchers/THACKERs share the grassHOPPER with Fauchys!!! Hoppers were once said to be first found in Durham. I trace lozenges to Croatia's Losinj, and Bled, the name also of Attila's brother, is a location to the near-north of Croatia, on the Sava river at LESCe. I see the latter with Leslie's, known HUNgarians. The Hungar surname looks related to Huns/HunGATE's and Huns/Hundts, as well as to the Greys/Grays whom are in the heraldic greyHOUND.

Ah, while Thicks/Thackers share the Novel fesse, Tacks/Thackerys have a "NOBILitas" motto term that can be read also to "NobiliTAS," for Tass' (greyhound) are also Tache's (Suffolk, same as Rush's in the Thick/Thacker bulrushes). Doesn't that look like a pointer to Fauci's NOVEL coronavirus on the basis that Thackers share the Fauchy grasshopper? French Grasse's were first found in Lincolnshire with Thackery-branch Tankerville's, and Tacks/Tache's probably share the red Tancred/Tank scallop. I trace TANKERville's to "TANAGRa," in BOEOTia smack at SCHIMATARi, explaining the scimitar of Thatchers/Thackers. The Butts/BOET are suspect with the fish of Gates-like Geddes'.

Tacks/Thackerys have a "VirTUS" motto term that can go with the "tous" of Bleds. The latter use the Coat of Clare's (Suffolk) in colors reversed, and the Clare-branch Sinclairs were at Roslin while Roslin-like Russells use a "sara" motto term suspect with the Sarah variation of SARS-like Sares'. Roslins share buckles (different design) with Leslie's, and the first Henry Sinclair of Roslin accompanied the Hungarian Leslie's to Scotland with the Hungarian Drummonds, and it just so happens that the Drummond Crest is essentially the Tack/Thackery Crest. The latter's Tankerville branch shares the Millet cinquefoil. Sinclairs are also Saints while the other Saints share, I think, the cherub head with Tacks/Thackerys. The wings on the Saint cherub heads are in the colors of the Sans/Sanchez eagle (spread wings).

Cage's (Cambridgeshire, same as Tacks/Thackerys) have a reflection of the Milton Coat, and Milton-like Millets share the giant, eight-pointed star of German Teegers while Irish Teague's/Teegers are also Cage-like Caige's. As I've said many times, my mugging in Galveston was pivotal to my purchase of a Texas property, which I bought from Mrs. Teague. The Teeger star is half in the colors of the same of Duc's/LeDucs while James LeDuc runs th Galveston National Lab that set up parts of the Wuhan lab. The mugging caused me to buy a NEWSpaper (same morning) for to seek properties, and this had pointed to the News'/NUCES', first found in Cambridgeshire too. As it turned out, Mrs. Teague sold me a property directly on the NUECES river. The virus-like Vires' are listed with Verona's who share the Coat of Lynch's, the latter first found in GALVES(ton)-like Galway with Teague's/Teegers.

The Vires/Verona's (Varenne branch?) add a fish in the colors of the Ling fish heads, and Lings were first found in Suffolk with Tigers and LORETTs/Larrets. The latter two surnames both have a page yet neither shows a Coat of Arms. What might Loretta Lynch know about COVID crimes? Was she to oversee them (allow them to take place unobstructed by law enforcement?) It just so happens that while both Lynch's/Linch's and Lings have Coats like that of Fellers, the Fells have the eight-pointed Duc/LeDuc star in colors reversed. The Falls'/Fallis (share Feller trefoils) were first found in Venice with the Pesce's who share the white Vires/Verona fish. The day of my Galveston mugging ended in Crystal City where cockroach circumstances (won't be repeated here) pointed to Rockefellers vie Roach's and Smoke's/Rauch's.

Plus, Venice is where Novels were first found while Nobels were first found beside Midlothian, the latter being where Scottish Falls'/Fallis' (share the same Coat as Italian Falls'/Fallis') were first found. Sinclairs, who lived heavily in Midlothian, share the cross of Neve's/Nevers' ("honESTas") while Novels are also Nova's. English Neve's happen to share the white fish in both colors of the Roach fish. Roach's (rock) use an "EST" (see also Pepins) motto term while Este is in the land of the Veneti i.e. who named Venice. English Este's (Pepin kin) happen to have horse heads in the colors of the giant horse of Navys (Angus, same as Scottish Neve's/Nevers').

Oxfordshire is where Peare's and Rooks were first found while Pero's/Perino's have a pale bar colors reversed from the two of Novels. Navys are also Nave's while my belly-press with Peare was also a pressing of her navel. The fesse of Novels is colors reversed from the Nobel fesse, and then the Nobel fesse is that also of Pierro's/Pero's. The "sola" motto term of Neve's/Nevers jibes with the "sol" of Rooks. Sola's/Sole's/Solnier's, linkable to Faux's/Fage's/Chalnes' and Saunier's/Saulnier's, use more white fish. I'm seeing COVID-related cockroaches here. I recall doing a study on the Rosslyn Chapel of the Sinclairs, which building had carvings of the mythical Green Man, whose hair is made of ivy or other green-nature growth, and it just so happens that the man in the COCKer/Cocket Crest has green hair. The fleur-de-lys of Cockers/Cockets are those also of Neve's/Nevers.

Here's a Fox whistle blower telling that Fox demanded she stop taking about hydroxychloroquine, and she also confirms what I has suspected: that Fox was avoiding talk on the dangers of vaccines due to orders from the executives:

The value of a whistle-blower is enormous because it shows the organization that it can happen at any time with another employee if it keeps doing wrongs. If there are never any whistle-blowers, corruption grows exponentially. Whistle-blowers tend to compel companies to clean up their acts. Plus, God is well pleased with someone who loses a job for crying out. That's excellent self-sacrifice. Plus, the whistle-blower gets to be FREE (it feels so good) from being used corruptly, the biggest reward of all. Shake things up today, become a hero, become a whistle blower. SHAKE THINGS UP, give the corrupt powers a stiff jab or reality. Show them there are still good guys who refuse to cheapen their souls.

Trudeau the fake, the pimp of humanism, the anti-Jesus gumba, the child, the one who would be a tyrant if only he could get away with it, got caught acting the hypocrite, masked while on International camera, even outdoors, and then not wearing a mask, with a gang at a party, when the international cameras weren't on:

Trudeau the tyrannical hypocrite just got a spear through the head, but I think he needs a few more because he's a cementhead:

Word's out this week that Trudeau's government sent at least $900,000 to various Chinese agencies, and when an opposition politician got the right to receive details, the government redacted which organizations got the money. Looks like dirty-deed money; waiting to hear whether the Wuhan lab got any.

An Alberta pastor, Tim Stevens, was arrested for the second time, and this time a Christian police officer arrested him (at his home even) without shame, saying that he must obey the law of canada. Yes, but he could have told his boss that he refused to arrest a pastor, pick someone else to do it, but he did not, such a spiritual-sick puppy of the system is he. The apostle Paul directed us to be law-abiding in general, not meaning that we are to contribute to abuse through the use of laws. Will sick puppy also take the mark of the beast of it becomes law? Here's Tim's story as of Tuesday night, now getting severe:

Thursday update for Tim Stevens:

I'm so ashamed of all the other pastors who will not stand up and become loud voices on behalf of the few who started this ball rolling. I am so ashamed because if even 50 stood up and had church all at once, there would not likely be arrests for fear of ballooning this story to the detriment of the would-be tyrants.

I have new heraldic information. I claimed that God gave me an ice-CREAM symbol in my teens with two young ladies. A few years after repeating that thing, and looking at much heraldry in efforts to understand it, I showed how cream-like Cremers link to Fauci-like surnames. For the latest, see "Cramer" two updates ago (1st of June). In that update, and the one before it, I introduced the theory that ICE-cream points to ECOhealth because Ice's have an Ecco variation. The new thing follows: what would you think if I showed a surname's Coat where the surname is like the name of the location where Ice's/Ecco's were first found, and this same surname's Coat is in the colors and format of the Bat Coat??? Would that look like God's heraldic arrangement to point to Ecohealth?

Ice's/Ecco's were first found in ROSTock (has been in the Ice/Ecco write up for many years), and Roosts/Rusts have essentially a copy of the Bat Coat. As COVID came from bats, this tends to convince me that God did set up the two ice-cream girls in order to point to the COVID scheme. There has got to be a big reason for this pointer.

I can even get to the Fauci-like Faucets/Fawcetts with Roosts/Rusts because they were at Winton of Hampshire, where Drake's were first found who share the red wyVERN dragon with the Roost/Rust Crest. VARNI lived at the WARNou river to Rostock. WINton is in Hampshire with the first-known WINchesters, and while Saer de Quincy ruled Winchester, he's in the write-up of Faucets as building their castle. Just like that roosts connected to Faucets of FAUXside castle, and while one ice-cream girl was Miss Hanson, English Hansons share the mascle of English Faux' well as Vallibus-like Whalleys.

But there's more, for the Winchester Crest shares the Nobel Crest, and we saw above that Nobels were "subvassals of the family of de Vallibus (VAUX)" (brackets not mine). The Scottish Vaux's/Vallibus'/Fanns were first found in East Lothian with Faucets, no guff. Nobels had come up as per Novels i.e. as per the novel coronavirus.

Plus, The Quince's/Quincys were a Quint branch, as can be gleaned by the gold fitchee behind the Winchester-Crest lion. Quints not only share the gold fitchee, but they have the same chevron as Belgian Rosts (not "Roost") and FAGETs/Fager. Plus, Quints were first found in Dorset with the George's who share blue-on-white doves with WINTons, and WINDows, and branch of WINDHAMs, even share a lion paw holding a gold fitchee with Quints. The thing about Winton of Hampshire is the audit expected soon in Windham, New Hampshire.

Quince's/Quincys share the mascles of Paths/Perts/Petts (Kent, same as Roosts/Rusts and Masts looking like Window kin), and Paths/Perts/Petts use bulRUSHes while Rush's may have been a branch of Russells (Dorset again) suspect in naming Roslin (beside East Lothian), where ROOSTer-using Sinclairs (Roost/Rust colors) lived. The "sara" motto term of Russells can be for the Sarah's/SARES' (Essex, same as Quints). Sinclairs were first found in Midlothian with Varn-related Grahams, and while VARNi lived at Rostock, Varns share the Sarah/Sares bend.

As I've said a million times, Sam's Restaurant in Gormley is online, and that's where Miss Hanson worked when she handed me the ice-cream. The Sam's/Sammes' share the Faucet lion, and were first found in Essex with Quints. As I've said a million times, she agreed to go on a date with me as she handed me the ice-cream, and my friend, Mr. Quint-like Quinn, let me take her for a drive in his parents' car. Sams/Sammes' were first found in Essex with Rams while the ice-cream pointed to Cremers (Sam/Sammes colors) using a ram. The Ram motto includes Faux- like "facias," but it also has "vis" while Visconti's ruled LomBARDY, location of CREMa. German Hansons can be connected to the Visconti-Sforza family in three ways, one being the sharing of the Sforza lion that itself holds a "quince" for obvious reason.

I don't ever recall loading Catrins/Caterells as per KATRINa Hanson. They happen to share the Seneca mascles!!! AstraZENECA vaccines! The vaccine-like Vychans/Vaughns are in the colors and format of Catterell-like Catters/Cathers! What are the chances? Do not take any vaccine. The Catrin/Caterell Crest could be (or could have been) a cat, and the Keith Catti of East Lothian come up as mascle-like Mascals! Is that not amazing? All this time, years, God intended for me to link Katrina's name to Catrins, but I did not know until after Astrazeneca vaccines became a news story.

Seneca's have a blue-Shield version of the Rouen Coat, and the Rouen Coat has nine of the seven mascles of Quincys/Quince's, otherwise the Coats are identical. What are the chances? Plus, Rouen is at the vaccine-like Vexin!!!! While king Rollo ruled at Rouen, the Rollo Coat looks related to Wintons. Rollo is the one who made a treaty with France called, Saint-Clair-sur-Epte, i.e. called after the Sinclairs we saw above. The Epte river is in the Vexin too, amazing.

There's more, for cat-using Cetins/Cattans use a SARACen head, and the only heraldic SHARK I know of is used by Valiants. I know it because my date with Katrina, with the Quinn car, was in a red Valiant. She worked at Sam's Restaurant, and Samsons can be traced to Samsam, a Saracen ruler who made a pact with Visconti-branch Guiscards (Normans, related to Rollo). The Sardinian Guiscards used a rooster, as does the Sinclair Crest. My morning vision of Farrah Fawcett (about five years after the date with Hanson) was a pointer to Miss Quinn (as explained elsewhere), whose parents owned the Valiant. What are the chances?

The only thing I'll repeat here is that I told readers, long before COVID arrived, that the blond in the vision looked like Farrah Fawcett, yet this vision was fulfilled by an attractive blond, Miss Quinn, on the night of the vision. The vision came with an audible voice from God to write a on a piece of paper that I would get into an argument with Steve Mellanson, or perhaps it was to say AT Steve Mellanson's place, that night. And there was a fight at his place that night when Miss Quinn punched Barry in the lip because he stood up for me when I witnessing to the gang about Jesus (Miss Quinn was very opposed). Plus, Mellanson did get upset with me for leaving his party with Barry, and afterward returning. MELLANsons were first found in Aberdeenshire with MILANs/Millens/Mellents, who can in turn be linked to VAUX's, what are the chances? I'll show the importance of this below, and how Hanson had linked to a family or two in Milan (Lombardy capital).

As Katrina-like Kotor was the home of SARACA's, I assumed that she pointed to Kotor (this trace paid good dividends back to mythical Kodros). I had noted that valiant-like Vallans share the moline of French SARASins, important because the other Sarasins are listed with the Saracen surname. The SARS-like Sarah's/Sares' might apply here!!! Can thouest believeth this? They are suspect in the "sara" motto term of Roslin-like Russells, and Sinclairs, expected from the Vexin, lived at Roslin! Plus, while the Vexin was inhabited by the VELIOcasses (had Rouen as their capital), VELE's/Veels share the Vallan / Sarasin moline! I'm impressed. Good work, Oh Lord.

"Vela" is a motto term of Tenants, and they were first found in Linlithgow (West Lothian) with Tony-like Towns while Tonbridge's share the crescents of Saracens/Sarasins, black like the Tenant crescents. It just so happens that BathGATE's were first found in West Lothian who look like a pointer to Bill Gates because Baths (Somerset, same as Bills) share the cross of Randolphs who in turn use the bat and the horseshoe. The Bathgate Coat is identical to the French Poussin Coat while English Poussins/Pussys use another cat. I know why, for the Chatti Germanics who became the Keiths/Mascals were at Hesse while the Hesse Coat is a giant sun in the colors of the three of Bathgate's and Poussins. It seems that God arranged for the Needle's to have the Hesse Coat exactly because Needle's were first found in Shropshire with vaccine-like Vychans/Vaughns.

Plus, magnet-like Maghents/Maghans use "sic" twice while adding in a tumor-like "teumer" motto term. Is this verifying from God's clues that the vaccine needles are making bodies sick and magnetic? Looks like. Are some vaccinated bodies radiating radiation? What are the chances that Faucet-like "Fac et" is a motto term of Scottish Mathie's/Maghens/Manns. Maghents/Maghans (said to be from "MATHuna") are likewise Manns? The Mathie/Maghan gyronny is half in the colors of the same of Fortune's (East Lothian, same as Faucets) who are in turn in the Rollo motto. Rollo ruled Rouen, and Rowens have gyronny in half the colors of the Fortune / Mathie/Maghan gyronny.

"Poussin" is like "poison" (don't take the vaccines), and Poissons/Poussons even share the triple scallops of Bardys, the latter first found in Perigord with Fauchys and Faux's/Fage's/Chalnes'!!! Can you believe this? As was said, the ice-CREAM first pointed to Cremers, long before I knew that they have a version of the Faux/Fage/Chalnes Coat! The ice-cream pointed with Cremers to Crema on the Serio river long before I know of Tony Fauci. God had me talking about the ice-cream long before the COVID crime hit because he wanted readers to know that He was pointing to it. DO NOT TAKE THE VACCINES XXX. Beg your loved ones to listen to the dire reports of these concoctions. FOX news is complicit with the vaccine criminals.

After finding Fagers above, noting that they were Faucet-like Fagets too, I loaded "Faget" to find an amazing thing, which you can wee in the square brackets below, which were just added to my last update:

The sickly stag was walking up my driveway with Paul Smith coming up behind on crutches. As I've said many times, Paul (old friend of mine) lived in VAUGHN county (Ontario) at the time I met him, and while the Vychan variation of Vaughns is like "vaccine," the baby stag [which I found with Miss ANDERSON, died of cancer shortly afterward] that was sick and died is a Vaughn-like fawn. The Fawn surname lists a Faughnes variation. I've told all of this before, but both stories may now be pointing to the Fauci conspiracy. AND WOW, I don't remember loading "Faughn" before to get a Coat with the rare checkered bend of FAUCets/Fawcetts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! INCREDIBLE. In 1979, God gave me a morning vision (I've explained this a few times) of a sick-in-the head Farrah Fawcett...and she died of cancer too.

[It wasn't until the next update that I found French Fagets/Fagers, and then Dutch Fagets share the Coat of German Andersons, itself sharing the Shield of Danish Andersons!!! That's just huge. The crescent of Swedish Andersons may be close to the same of Fogertys.]

Fager-like Fuggers show as kin of Nordic Hansons.

It's notable that French Fagers/Fagets share the Chief-Shield colors of Cremers and Faux's/Fage's/Chalnes', extra evidence that the ice-cream refers to Fauci's vaccines. While German Hansons (share Scottish Lombard Coat) were kin of Visconti liners, and while Visconti's ruled LomBARDY (not sure if Bardys are related), location of Crema, they ruled out of Milan, where Bons/Bono's were first found who have a Coat like that of Gates'. Coincidence? BARDYs were first found in Perigord with Faux's/Fage's/Chalnes' and Fauchys. Milans/Millens/Mellents share the Faucet lion, and the Arms of Meulan/Mellent share the Coat of English Vaux's/Vallibus'. Mellansons and Milans/Millens/Mellents were first found in Aberdeenshire with the Leslie's who in turn share the Bard Crest.

Varni worshipped Nerthus along with LomBARDs.

So, you just saw a whack of cream-like heraldry linking to Fauci liners while Ice's/ECCO's (ROSTock) look like a pointer to ECOhealth, the company through which Fauci funded the Wuhan lab's bioweaponry. We saw Roosts sharing the Bat Coat, virtually, and then Rosts share the Shield (not including the Chief) of Fagets/Fagers, both sharing the chevron of Quincy-like Quints.

Here's from the last update:

Scottish Andersons are said to descend from an Andrew, bishop of CAITHness. The latter entity is from the Germanic Chatti as they developed into the Catti tribe in the Keith write-up. Keiths were first found in East Lothian with Faucets (zinger) and Vaux's, and the latter are a branch of Faux's while French Faux's/Fage's/Chalnes' were first found in Perigord with Fauchys. Scottish Andersons are even said to be from Clan Chattan, which uses a cat, and as I was at Ms. Anderson's place a few times, I can tell you that she kept at least three cats. Caithness is where Pape's/Popps' were first found, and then German Popps' have the vertically-split Anderson Shields. Pape's/Popps' probably have the scallop of Varns/WARNocks and Grahams/GRAMs (Midlothian) because they also have the WARREN checks. German Grams even have the split Shield of German Popps' in colors reversed.

As German Grams are GramLINGERs too while Lingers almost have the Varn/Warnock bend-with-scallops, let's repeat from above with Varni-like Verona's:

The Vires/Verona's (Varenne branch?) add a fish in the colors of the Ling fish heads, and Lings were first found in Suffolk with Tigers and LORETTs/Larrets. The latter two surnames both have a page yet neither shows a Coat of Arms. What might Loretta Lynch know about COVID crimes? Was she to oversee them (allow them to take place unobstructed by law enforcement?) It just so happens that while both Lynch's/Linch's and Lings have Coats like that of Fellers, the Fells have the eight-pointed Duc/LeDuc star in colors reversed. The Falls'/Fallis (share Feller trefoils) were first found in Venice with the Pesce's who share the white Vires/Verona fish.

ROStock may have been named by the ROXolani (Ros-Alans), whom did name proto-Rockefeller Roquefeuil.

The Varni lived at Rostock. Poppo I of GRABfeld looks like he's to the Popps surname because Grabbers/Gripps/Grape's share the Varn bend. Deeters, whom in this context look like a pointer to the Fort DETRick lab, use GRAPEs and were first found in the Varni theater. The Deeter write-up: "The five sons Peter Deterde (also spelt Dithers) were granted the feudal property of GRAPow by the Duke Bolislav in 1514." The Deeter dog is even in the colors of the Anderson wolf. Miss Anderson died of cancer, and the astrological Cancer was fashioned as a CRAB. King Rollo married Poppa, and Rollo's/Rollocks were first found in Perthshire with Pape's'/Popps'.

Having said that, lookie: Rollo ruled at the Vexin, in Rouen, and Rouens have a blue-Shield version of the Seneca Coat. AstraZENECA kills. "AD ASTRA" is a motto phrase of the Fisks/Fiscs while ADA of Warrene was also "of Varrene." Fisks/Fisks ("sic" motto term) share the checkered Shield of Vairs/Fers' expected in the "VAIR FUR" of Detricks. English Vairs/Vere's ("NIHil") share the blue boar with Rollo's. Detricks share the "water bouget" (Different colors) with bat-using Bugs (viruses are "bugs") and Scottish Rose's/RAS' (Nairnshire, beside Moray's horseshoe-bat Randolphs) while RASmussens share the giant Fur unicorn. Vires'/Verone's share the Coat of German Bugs, first found in Hamburg with SHOE-using Trips, which is beside the Varni.

This heraldry all appears arranged by God for pointers to sickening vaccines. The horseshoe-bat Randolphs were related to Baths, and while the latter are supposed to be from "ap-Atha," Atha's (Cambridgeshire, same as Crabs) happen to use a version of the Fisk/Fisc Shield. It then gets stunning to see the "Duci" motto term of Atha's, because it looks like a pointer to James LeDUC of the Galveston lab.

Detrick variations make the surname look related to Thatcher/Thacker-connectable Thicks/Thackers, and the latter share bulrushes with the Perts/Petts who in turn share the mascles of Rouens and Faucet-connectable Quincys (more vair fur).

I've told the story before that, while dating Mrs. Deeter in Texas, she took me to a bat-cave event to watch the thousands of bats fly out in their evening routine. That appears to apply here. I told the story where the tour guide said that males tend to go from cave to cave to mate, and a woman blurted out, "typical males." Later, when someone found a dead bat on the ground and told the tour guide, he showed us the fangs of this female bat, and I blurted out, "typical female." This is being repeated because the Fang surname may be related to the Funks/Fink and Finkle's, who had cropped up as per gain-of-FUNCtion. Plus, the giant horse of Fangs is in the colors of the giant unicorn of Pepin-related RasMussens, and Pepins were a Poppin branch i.e. linkable to Poppa of Grabfeld. As I showed above, Deeters were related to Grapows and Grabbens/Grape's/GRIPPs. "Grip fast" is a motto term of the Leslie's who became earls of Rothes castle in Moray. Or, it may turn out that a Chinese Fang surname applies to Fauci's scandal.

The uniCORN is part-code for the Corona-like Ceraunii near or at the Una river. The Maezaei at the Una (Oeneus) became the Masseys, first found in Cheshire with Corons/Corona's (crowns) and English WINKle's. The Ceraunii are on maps not far from VINKovci, a good place to trace Fink- / Wink-like surnames. JUSTINE of Picenum married an emperor from Vinkovci, and Justine's (Perthshire, same as Pape's/Popps') share the gold-on-blue border with German Winklers/Winkels. Dutch Winklers may be sharing the Chief-Shield of Pepin-beloved Mens' and Poppins. We can thus spot why the Fangs may have been pointed to by my visit to the bat cave, if it was to connect us to RasMUSSENs (Hesse, home of the Chatti). The Cave's share the fretty Shield of Caens while Caens have a "PeriMUS" motto term.

I'm pretty sure that PICENum-like pigeons are used by Crappers. I tend to trace Crap-like surname to Croatians/KRVati, and Ceraunii may have named Croatians.

Tucker Carlson made half a fool of himself on Wednesday night by featuring a woman whose son and husband developed blood clots from vaccines. Instead of saying that the public should not take COVID vaccines, period, he was sure to say that he's pro-vaccine and that vaccines are good. I suspect that his bosses are responsible for his making a fiendish ass of himself. By telling people that vaccines are good, he is an accomplice to murder at this time. Shame Tucker.

Here's the Lone Ranger in the political sphere of COVID Canada revealing that the medical establishment has been complicit with the government scheme:

If you need an easy, step-by-step timeline of events for the Wuhan leak, as told by Giuliani's guest:

We find above that Fauci and Collins entered the vaccine $$$ industry in 2015, with Moderna specifically, at the time that Wuhan was allowed to continue Fauci's pet-dream, gain-of-function, with American money. It's as though the two were scheming to create a bad virus for to leak deliberately, and then to cash in with their vaccine deal. You scratch my back, I scratch yours, the mobsters on both sides decided. In the meantime, globalists devised other plots using the same "leak." They had years to plan it, and they decided that Trump's final year was good, usable toward election fraud too, a win-win, as that would get China's buddy, Biden, into the White House.

Just before the 20th minute, a conversation takes place in which we get the impression that China permitted Collins' gain-of-function under the condition that the Chinese military could have the "recipe" for any success toward making a virus in a bat / mouse stick to human cells. There's a name for this. It's a no-brainer that the military was the boss of the Wuhan lab. Anything discovered there could be "borrowed" for a military lab too, for further evolutionization of the novel virus for bioweapon purposes. The Americans knew of this situation, and agreed to it, paid for some of it. There's a name for this: treason.

I am not clearing communist Obama on this just because he canceled gain-of-function in the U.S., because that's exactly what he would have done, to protect himself, if he were the kingpin of doing the research in China instead. He now looks innocent, like one concerned. Food for thought. Didn't Obama give the wink for sending Collins' money to Wuhan? I would suggest, yes, absolutely, for if Obama made it illegal to do the experiments in the U.S., Collins and Fauci both knew they could not do it in Wuhan with U.S. money without the president's knowledge / nod. At least, it would have been risky.

How do you suppose that the gain-of-function bosses test their viruses to see if they stick to human cells? Do you really think they use only animals for testing? Do they use their political enemies, for example, by arranging ways to infect them in prison?

So, Fauci knew that the Wuhan virus escaped, or at least he had every reason to think so, yet he and other liberals, at first, said, "no worries, no need to wear masks, no worries, be happy." Doesn't that sound to you like one who wants the virus to spread? I suggest that the Americans released this, not China, and that the release has worked to keep China from releasing its own virus, even if it wanted to, now that the world is pointing a unified finger at it. It could be that China had no design to release the virus but toward their chief enemies, whoever they might have become, but not for world control i.e. against America broadly. The only thing that seems certain is that Fauci wanted the virus to spread, but that Democrat politics forced masks on people in efforts to defeat Trump at the 2020 election, an effort that Fauci could join happily.

Giuliani's video mentions KRISTian Andersen, who informed Fauci (winter of 2020) that the virus looks like a lab leak. KRISTs/CRYSTALs happen to share thistles with Fauchs, and as I said in my last update of May, I was in CRYSTAL City on the same day that I was mugged in Galveston, a pointer to the Galveston National Lab that partook in the Wuhan lab. For some interesting things, see "Kristian Andersen" in my last update, and read from there.

It doesn't look like China infiltrating the United States as much as Obamaites embracing China in a partnership for the advancement of American tyranny Communism-style.

Brazen Pre-Tribbers Have Been Treacherous

Here's a post-trib video with someone in the comments section: "I've heard solid evidence for both [positions]... We don't know... And who cares.. we should live every day as if the Lord will return the same day... Jesus is the way so keep your eyes on him." How can any thinking, caring Christian make the argument, "who cares?", when it comes to the need to survive the last 3.5 years without the ability to buy and sell?

Another slippery comment: "I found the video fascinating and educational, but I am deeply saddened by how aggressive and disharmonious some of the comments are. If the matter is so unclear that sincere believers fall on both sides of an issue, then it isn't something to fight/argue/insult each other over." This is slippery because it underhandedly claims that both pre-trib and post-trib are on equal standing Biblically. That's a falsehood. It's been said by others, besides the man in the video, that pre-tribbers are concentrated only in the West while the rest of the world has always been post-trib.

Paul says that the rapture will be at the "last trumpet," and although we know of no trumpets of God aside from those in Revelation, pre-tribbers insist that the rapture trumpet is not the 7th one of Revelation. Besides, pre-tribbers promote a view of the 21 plagues where the 7th trumpet is not after the tribulation. But there is a way to locate the 7th trumpet after the tribulation, and for this I guide you to my chapter, THE ORDER OF REVELATION'S 21 PLAGUES:

The one thing that has perplexed me about post-tribulationist teachers is that they almost never add to their message that we are to endure the period of the mark of the beast. They imply it by their very message, but they refuse to make open mention of it. They DO NOT talk about storing foods for the purpose. PERPLEXING. Hello? If we are to go through the 1260 days where the mark of the beast prohibits us from buying, isn't it a good idea to have stock of foods when the time can be seen nearing? I always say that we should not prepare too early, thus wasting our time and money, but we need to know the right time to expend ourselves. I think, personally, that now is a good time to prepare foods. It was more than 20 years ago when I thought it would be a good idea to purchase a country property with acreage. For me, it may have been too early, as I may be dead before the time arrives, but I was willing to take the chance. I am willing to take-chance wasting the extra work needed to dry foods at this time in case it's not a waste of time. You might feel the same way now though you did not 20 years ago.

Dalton Thomas, the man in the video above, said nothing about preparing physical needs to endure the tribulation. It must have been his calculated choice to say nothing. Why do we think so? Perhaps he didn't want to be responsible for people wasting their time and money too early. I understand that, but he could have mentioned both, the need to prepare, and the caution to not prepare too early. Perhaps he's mentioned tribulation preparation elsewhere.

He teaches that the tribulation period will see a mass-murder of the Church, but I see nothing to confirm that. I don't see any scripture telling the number or the percentage of murdered Christians. I see the Church in Revelation 12 protected. Some will face war from the anti-Christ, and I see the rest protected by-and-large. I don't subscribe to the idea of others that most Christians are going to be butchered.

Why do we think Revelation has plagues from God twice due to the prayers / cries of His people? Unity in action, and God is telling us: pray for the ruin and pain of your mortal enemies, and I will do it. We are not instructed to pray, "America first." We are to pray that God's will be done in America, not "America first." God's will is to destroy America, because it will be given over. It is ignorant of the facts to suggest, as I think Mike Lindell is suggesting, that God is to restore America to Himself. Put that idea out of your head. If God saves America at this time from the wicked, it's only temporary, and not because America is His nation. America is infested.

Anyone post-tribulationist who has studied the rapture passages, from Matthew 24:29-31, that the sun and moon are darkened after the tribulation. Therefore, why do post-trib teachers teach that all the seven Seals come first, followed by all seven Trumpets, when the 6th Seal has the sun and moon darkened? Using that view, it's impossible to locate the 6th Seal after the tribulation because the 5th Trumpet alone has a five-month period, but there are not nearly five months left to the celebrations once the tribulation has come to an end.

I solved this problem, but, I assume, google is burying the material so much that almost nobody's reading in order to pick it up and share it. Or, if some are sharing it, google is suppressing them too, because it clears up the difficulties with the traditional chronology, and makes revelation appear Inspired by God. The solution is to view the 21 plagues in triplets so that the first three plagues to occur are the 1st Seal, 1st Trumpet, and 1st Bowl. In this way, the Bowls are always the last in the triplet, and thus complete the triplet. I can see no other viable chronology of the plagues. The traditional chronology DOES NOT WORK.

The end of the tribulation arrives like so: 5th Seal, 5th Trumpet, 5th Bowl, 6th Seal... The latter is immediately after the tribulation, suggesting that the 5th Bowl is the last plague of the tribulation, explaining why the 5th Bowl is darkness on the throne of the beast. Perfect. That's it. That's all there is to it. There's no problem with this view. The sixth and seventh triplets are after the tribulation, and the rapture is at the 7th Trumpet. Perfect. The 6th triplet concerns the kings gathering to Armageddon, and the Church is spared being on earth for that event.

There is no picture of mass-murder of Christians in Revelation, nor anywhere else. Don't let pre-tribulationists fool you, don't let post-tribulationists fool you, and expect the enemy to send fake post-tribbers to the media channels in order to plant poisons in your mind. The last years will not be rosy, and chances are that the harshest persecution will go to pre-tribulationists and post-tribulationists who do not prepare. It appears that the foolish virgins will spare themselves persecution by taking the mark, and thus give themselves over to Wrath. That's why they are foolish. It seems logical to me that a caring God will remove the spirit from a body a second before the horror of a murder takes place. I need it because I'm squeamish. God knows what you can and cannot take.

The mark of the beast will be associated with an entire system of anti-Jesus powers. To receive the mark is to sign-up for that system, in God's view, and He's calling us to rebel against that system. We can see this coming with the vaccine program because it's fairly obvious that anti-Christian powers are behind it. Therefore, if you discover Christians who are not alarmed by the vaccine program, what's wrong with them? Why are they so happy to bend the knee, as it were, to this program? Why are they not rebelling? Good questions. Why are they becoming mask-obedient? Isn't this a pilot-project for the powers to see how far they can get people to obey by fear of repercussions? Isn't it true that we cannot buy our foods, or nuts and bolts, without wearing a mask? It's true in my area. That's why I'm preparing foods in storage, because the mask-goon society looks like a sign of worse things to come from heartless anti-Christs.

The tribulation period will be an attempt of the Christ haters to wipe the smiles off of our faces with any and every pains they can throw at us. That's the full extent of the dragon, the Fool of Fools. That's all there is to it. It's not complicated. Don't try to understand their justifications for what they will throw at us because it's just hatred and double-speak. Don't try to wrap your head around the things they will say, because they are not like us, they do not think along truthful lines. They will abandon all that we grew up with, all the morals and rights-versus-wrongs. The signs are everywhere of their demise, and Revelation even says that the end-times is satan cornered between a rock and a hard place, and lashing out his last lash. So, we do have a LOT to smile about. We may as well enjoy it, like people going to our deaths in song. God can do it.

If the powers think that we will take the mark of the beast just because we are willing to wear masks to get our needs, I've got a nice song for the powers. They dread our song. Powers, you will condemn yourselves by touching us. That's our song, folks. They touch us, they die forever, good-bye, good riddance. They engineered their evil hearts over an entire generation, being careful to train themselves in anti-Christianity, and so our song will be: Good Riddance. It is God who satisfies their desires with the anti-Christ character calling for war against us. It is God who gives him power for the final self-condemnation of all his followers. That's the end-time context: The Big Choice.

I'm listening to Dalton's video below. I am checking for errors because my concern is the tribulation period. Dalton mentions a "ten-nation confederacy," a phrase that, I think, was coined by pre-tribulationists. However, whereas pre-tribbers view that confederacy as European, Dalton sees it as Muslims attacking Israel. The ten horns of Daniel look like ancient kings because the anti-Christ, who's a follow-up of ancient Roman emperors, is the 11th horn. In the same way, Revelation 17 reveals his seven heads as seven Roman emperors while the anti-Christ is an eighth. Revelation is tying the old Roman kingdom to the end-time anti-Christ, which jibes with Daniel prophecy. HOWEVER, while the ancient beast of Revelation 12 has seven crowns on his heads, the end-time beast of Revelation 13 has ten crowns on his horns, implying (not proving) that there will be ten entities / nations with him as part of his power structure. I think it is wrong to confuse the ten-minus-three horns of Daniel with the ten of Revelation 13. I think it is correct to see the ten-minus-three horns as the seven heads of Revelation 12 and 13.

I don't want to show this video because the speaker advances a Christian bloodbath, but somebody's got to say something: there is no number or percentage of murders given. It could be 100, 1,000, or 10 million, but there is no number given. So, do not run with this man's claims in this regard. What percentage of first-century Christians were murdered? I don't know, but I don't think it was nearly the majority.

This man gets too risky for me where he says that receiving a skinchip for purchasing purposes is okay to do providing it's not the tribulation yet. I would never teach such a thing, as it seems like mental conditioning that our enemies would want us to go for. If the powers move to a mandatory number in the hand for purchasing purposes before the anti-Christ is revealed, it will guarantee the movement of many Christians into trib retreats before it becomes mandatory. That's a good thing because it allows God to prepare them, and even non-Christians will refuse such a system, making it harder for the powers to make it mandatory over-night.

The powers are already a part of the anti-Christ system, even before the anti-Christ is revealed. We should not do as the powers say we must; we are to remain free in God's will. We do not need to obey our enemies where there is no justification for a law, especially if it's moving toward the Revelation-13 scenario. If the powers allow a person to get a mask exemption, then we have a right to a mark-of-the-beast exemption because the mark is absolutely dangerous to our health. We can argue this in a court of law: God forbids me to receive a number in my hand or head, and so I don't want a number in or on any part of my body in order to make purchases. Nobody has the right to make purchasing conditional, especially for life-sustaining goods, on the basis of wearing a number in the skin.

As you can see at the 47th minute, this man would have Christians all banking and purchasing with skin numbers providing that the anti-Christ has not yet arrived? Where's his head? He's moving us to give the anti-Christs exactly what they want, without a fight from us. And he's making the tribulation look like a bloodbath too, upsetting us more than could be justified.

At the end of the 47th minute, he says that resistance against the powers is not needed. We are to "endure the jihad," he says, but not resist it. Is this guy working for the deep state (I'm exaggerating / kidding)? The deep state wants us all soft and walk-overable in order to implement evil controls, and this guy is calling for us to become just that. I say: get out your torches and become like the Two Witnesses. Burn the enemy with your words, blast them with your wind. Expose the evil, that's our job. We do not act as though it's acceptable to facilitate purchasing by skincode just because it simplifies purchasing. We are not machines, and we do not want God's creation to become machines. Dalton says that we can contribute to all the evil of the powers without a qualm as long as the anti-Christ has not yet been revealed. SOMETHING IS WRONG with this man. He doesn't want us to fight at all in the last showdown.

Someone will say: Jesus went to his murder without putting up a fight. That's not fully true, for he blasted his enemies first, and exposed them. He accused them so harshly that they wanted to kill him...and they succeeded only because God permitted them. On the other hand, you or I might be able to spray our warnings at the enemy and never be killed. We might never even be arrested.

In the 52nd minute, Dalton speaks on the possibility that the mark of the beast will be a Muslim-world thing, not global, an idea that occurs mainly to those who see the anti-Christ as a Muslim. However, the second beast of Revelation 13, the one who enforces the mark, seems to be a military power the likes of which no Muslin ruler can achieve at this time in history. He with the anti-Christ are said to be militarily superior. I therefore take the position that rag-tag Muslims will invade Jerusalem with a globalist powerhouse facilitating the invasion. The Obamaites would be a great example of such a thing. We may find that the election-fraud movement fails due to globalist plots that come down hard upon it. We may find that Democrats will win again in 2024, and that the last 42 months begins at about that time.

It's the fire from the sky of the second beast that nails him as an American / Western power, in conjunction with the fact that the skinchip method of purchasing is a Western technology. I do not think that any rag-tag Muslim army can make fire from the sky seem miraculous, especially as the anti-Christ begins as a small power for the first few years. In fact, I think he will escape detection due to being small. It's not until he's on the verge of invading Jerusalem that he becomes large, and frankly, I don't see how he can become a globalist powerhouse without the West on his side. So, the West is the second beast of Revelation 13, who supports the anti-Christ's Middle-Eastern invasions. I think that's a neat and logical little package to be regarded seriously.

To put this concisely: anyone who sees a Muslin anti-Christ can have the by-product of claiming that the mark of the beast will not be a part of the Western electronic system. That's very concerning. Nothing can make me happier than to see the mark of the beast restricted to the Muslim world, but I would never teach that. Dalton (58th minute) calls it a "false alarm" to assume for the moment that the mark will be the electronic system of the West. In the 59th minute, he calls my view above a "conspiracy theory" i.e. not to be taken seriously. So, it looks like we have a big, end-time teacher here with a possible load of poison too.

I don't know yet whether he allows anything Western to enter his end-time views, but Daniel was the first to inform us that the anti-Christ will be of the Roman empire in some way. That's the West isn't it? In the prophetic puzzle, one error leads to more, and so we should not leave Rome out of it, especially as Revelation 17 confirms it (the 6th head was ruling at the time of the writing).

Why does 2 Thessalonians 2 say that there will first be a falling away from Jesus before the anti-Christ is revealed? Wouldn't we expect it to be the other way around, that the anti-Christ makes Christians poop their pants in fear, and so they decide they haven't got enough faith to endure his methods? We could say that this pant-pooping attitude happens even before he's revealed because the powers will be just like him before he's revealed. He's just the okay-let's-do-this guy. He's the I'll-show-you-how-to-do-this guy. He's the leading bully in the bully camp.

We should not be unwise about Paul's statement that the anti-Christ will enter the temple building of God in Jerusalem. If we are stuck on that idea, then there can be no fear of the 666 coming for a long time, for it's going to take a long time to build a temple of God in Jerusalem, especially with Democrats in power who support Palestinians. In 2 Thessalonians 2, Paul was speaking with Daniel prophecies in mind, and it was Daniel who revealed that the anti-Christ will set up an abomination in the temple.

However, Daniel says that it will be set up on a "wing." A wing of what? It doesn't say. But the context of the text, as well as related texts, suggests that it's a wing of the temple. However, Daniel doesn't mention the word, "temple," but uses "sanctuary" for the anti-Christ's target. That's not necessarily the temple building, but, in the context of the modern times, it looks like the Western-Wall sanctuary, for "wing" is the Hebrew word for "extremity." A temple wall is an extremity of a sanctuary.

If not for this "wing," I would not be telling anyone that the anti-Christ's revelation is imminent, for I would instead be saying that it's a long ways off, because a Jewish temple in Jerusalem looks not likely. And to prove it, no temple has been built anywhere in Western Jerusalem over the past 40 years. The irony is, however, that Daniel speaks of sacrifices at the "wing," and this leads people to believe that animal sacrifices need to be reinstituted. How do you feel about that? Can Daniel be speaking of prayer sacrifices? I suppose that, at any sudden time, animal sacrifices at the Western wall can begin.

I'm excited to report that Dalton has my outlook on Daniel 11:21-31: these are events in the first half of the last seven years. This idea is extremely important, and needs to be taught vigorously as soon as yesterday.

If you ask me today how the small power of the anti-Christ can be propped up in the Middle east by Russia, and then afterward become a Roman power, I'm still stumped...unless the American Democrats join Russia at that time in the invasion of Israel. With nutty / immoral Democrats these days, something like that can happen. Netanyahu has recently come to his political end in Israel. A new Israeli era is upon us. I don't tend to see Russia as the end-time Roman empire, and so if we see the anti-Christ arise with Russian help, assume that Democrats will join / support the invasion.

A thing to consider is that I'm wrong to assume that the second beast (False Prophet) will be an American. Perhaps it will be a Russian, and perhaps the Russian military with cause the fire from the sky, and perhaps the skincode will be a special obsession of that Russian. It makes a lot of sense that Russians will join the anti-Christ once he reaches Jerusalem. I've not entertained this because I've assumed that the False Prophet will be a false Christian, and these types abound in American politics (to win the Christian vote) though they have not in Russia. Putin, however, does promote Christian freedoms. I've never had reason to doubt his sincerity, whether or not he's a Christian.

Dalton thinks the anti-Christ will be a Turkish power. No doubt he identifies Gog as a Turkish entity simply because ancient Gog was in some parts of eastern Turkey. That's the logic of some, but it's too shallow for me to cling to. If we view the anti-Christ as merely a Muslim "god," then we really need the False Prophet to be his Western / Russian counter-part because the Turks are not exactly an ooo-wow military powerhouse. So what are we going to say, that the West / Russia directs / compels all of its people to use the 666 skincode that's in honor of a Turk??? I won't subscribe to that picture, especially as the anti-Christ will not worship Allah. There's no logic in Daniel 2 and 7 linking the anti-Christ to Rome if he's a Turk. I don't understand why anyone would choose this picture just because the anti-Christ invades Jerusalem.

As things sit now on the world stage, a Middle-Eastern character supported by Russia and the West makes most sense. He doesn't need to be a Muslim necessarily, but I'm open. For example, an Obama-supported /Intelligence-groomed Muslim who interests Russia in the invasion of Jerusalem. He first goes far into Israel on his own might, thus finding that Russia (Gog in my view) comes in support of the invasion, and while we once could not understand how the West could allow such a picture, the liberals / anti-Christs of Europe (they love Hamas more than Israel) in conjunction with Obama has seemingly solved the problem, for they might not only allow it, but support it too.

Although I've felt sure over the years that Gog and the anti-Christ are one, perhaps I should back-up. Ezekiel made it plain to me that the Gog invasion takes place in the last 3.5 years, with his destruction taking place at Armageddon in the land of Edom. It makes a lot of sense to view him as the anti-Christ, therefore. However, it's possible that both Gog and the anti-Christ are distinct entities while the army of Gog acts on his behalf (with both seeking to share the spoils of war). In this picture, there is no great need to expect the anti-Christ to be a Muslim, for he could just as well be a Russian in Syria...who initially comes against Israel without the Russian government's open nod (i.e. he starts off as a small power).

I became amazed at what little information the pre-tribulationists had discovered on Gog and its allies. I never heard them mention Gugar/Gogarene at what is now lake Sevan. I never heard them mention Mazaca as the likely center of Meshech. That thing alone discovers that Meshech named the Amazons between Turkey and northern Africa. I also found the TOCHARians in what is now southern Russia, but north of Caucasia. The latter was not the "far north" in Ezekiel's day, but the Tocharians were in the far north, and they sound like the TOGARmah of Ezekiel 38 / 39. It just so happens that Ezekiel locates both Togarmah and Gog in the "far north." So, that's why I continue to choose Russia as the end-time Gog.

There was a Togarmah-like mythical Teucer whom myth writers made a patriarch of the Turk-like TROJans (in Mysia) in what is now western Turkey, an area stacked (in those days) with Amazons (they likely named Mysia). In Ezekiel's day, Cimmerians and Scythians were on the northern shores of the Black sea, and thus Turkey was NOT the "far north." Both the Cimmerians and Scythians came south (8th century) just before Ezekiel's day, however, and that's where they may have joined Gog at Sevan. But as Ezekiel stressed the far-north realm of Gog for the purposes of an end-time prophecy, I've got to assume that Rosh-like Russia is being pointed to. Cimmerians conquered king RUSa at Lake Van (near Sevan) in about 720 BC. This area was the cradle of post-Flood civilization, not the far north.

I should be sticking to my guns with a Russian anti-Christ, but I suppose it's possible that the anti-Christ will be a small-horn Turk eventually supported by Russia and the West, yet Daniel insists that he will be a little Roman horn, in some way associated with the Seleucid domain. At this time, I am of the firm opinion that he'll rise up in the Syria-Iraqi border area (Russia's there to stay, it seems), land of the Sunni Muslims and Kurds. I don't know why a Turk would be related to the Seleucid domain. Turks are pressing into Syria a small ways while Assad remains weak, and one can make the argument that Turkey is essentially a part of the EU, but if God was referring to a Turkish anti-Christ using the little Roman horn of Daniel, then I suggest that He was "decieving" the world to keep the identity secret until the appointed time of the anti-Christ's revelation. Prophecies concerning his national identity are extremely convoluted probably by Design (it's not deception by the strict definition).

God's use of a fundamental Roman nature to define the anti-Christ, as per the very thin thread that ties Turkey to the EU, does not seem like a correct interpretation. Then again, Turkey is a small power as compared to the leading nations of Europe, and the anti-Christ will be a small, 11th Roman horn (he's the 8th when the three uprooted horns are removed). Yet he could just as well be from a small European country. I get the sense that God is not going to have a first Roman leg from the imperial level only to end it off with Turkey. The beast was, then will not be, and yet will come again. As Turkey??? I doubt it. The woman of Revelation 17 sits on Rome, clearly, and the beast she rides was imperial Rome. Turkey who? I'm not disqualifying him as a Turk, but I do not think that the nation of Turkey is the ooo-wow beast of Revelation 13. It's logical that God has his sights on Europe for destruction, and in Daniel 7 it's end-time Rome that gets burned up...not likely from Turkish bombs. The woman rides a Roman beast, and the beast turns on her, raping and burning her. That can't be Turkey versus Europe unless it's in another time period with different political dynamics.

The "little horn" that he is as the 11th of Daniel may not even relate to the smallness of his powers as he rises in the Middle-East. In my opinion, he becomes a defacto ruler of Iraq when the latter suffers a major military blow, and the Iraqi situation today could allow a European citizen to take such a post. A European Muslim? Or will a Russian swoop in to take the defacto position? It's all up in the air. I haven't heard that Russia-Turk relations have suffered since last covering the Middle-East four years ago. A Russia-Iran-Turk-Syria axis is absolutely conceivable to form the end-time, neo-Seleucid empire (as I call it), and if it takes aim at Israel, Muslims are sure to sign up regardless of their religious schisms.

Daniel 7 does stipulate that the anti-Christ will be "different" than the ten-minus-three Roman emperors that he belongs to. He's of the same crop, yet different, but the latter tends to tell us not much at this time. I tend to think it means that he won't be a Roman emperor proper. It's probably safer to assume that he's a European to begin with when he rises as a small horn in the Middle East, because that, at least, fulfills / describes his Roman boots in Daniel 7. In any case, the theory of a Muslim anti-Christ focuses on an invasion of Israel led by Muslims, and this seems undisputable logical. Whether the anti-Christ is himself an Arab is not very important at this time.

I've always acknowledged that "false prophet" is an apt code for Islam, yet Revelation gives him lamb's horns, suggesting a false Christian...though, yes, the lamb symbol can be for his soft personality rather than his Christian background. If God didn't want to confuse us, He could have chosen another symbol for his soft personality, but for me, the choice of a lamb suggests Christian background...AND perhaps also a gentle personality in contrast with the boastful, over-confident, aggressive, maybe-even-boisterous anti-Christ.

Lest we think that the anti-Christ creates world peace, forget it. The first four Seals of Revelation describe the start of wars, and world conditions do not improve from there. The world will be fed many troubles to deal with, and the peoples will come to hang their hands limp for the inability to fix what they see coming. Even though they gasp and dread, they will yet celebrate the murders of the Two Witnesses on the brink of Armageddon, a very revealing thing: they will hate God more, after He lays out the 21 (or 28) warnings. On top of the 21 plagues, there are seven Thunders that no one can speak about.

If you want to see a great fool, a typical pre-tribulationist activist, see the video below, where the video owner first shows Dalton speaking 100-percent, unassailable truths from the Bible's rapture passages. You have no need to see this video is you are familiar with pre-trib tricks and find them boring, as I do. But if you are yet on the fence concerning the timing of the rapture, see the video and my comments afterward:

The first thing said by the fool is that pre-tribulationists do not view Matthew 24 as the rapture. That's because the rapture in that passage is after the tribulation. If you cannot spot that Matthew 24 is the rapture, then you haven't got a good-enough grip on rapturology. But the fool in the video doesn't have that excuse, for he knows the rapture passages well. The fool says that Dalton is DELIBERATELY DECEIVING his listeners. I see Matthew 24 just as Dalton does, not because I want to deceive, but because a gathering of the 'elect" in a sky can be nothing but the rapture. I would be a fool to claim that it was something else. The video owner is an absolute FOOL as well as an accuser.

Pre-tribbers are becoming desperate, and they act just like the evil Democrats who project their own wrongs onto post-tribbers, thus being the reason for the animosity between rapture-timing camps. I do not have a better word to use than "fool." I can't put cream over this sin to cover it with a milder term. THE MAN SPEAKS AS A LAW-BREAKING FOOL. He has no qualms about violating the words of Jesus, and will claim that it is me which violates His words. This is the stuff of mortal schisms, of mortal war. We post-tribbers must endure this because the post-trib reality is VITAL for correct, end-time action on the part of the Elect.

The fool offers mere gibberish into the 8th minute, and so he's got nothing to say of substance, for if he did, he would have put it up front. He tries to establish that Dalton is wrong to lump mid-tribbers in with pre-tribbers, as if fool doesn't understand what Dalton means. In other words, the fool wants to come across like he knows the specifics, like he's the master of the topic, but this is raw pre-tribulation smoke-and-mirrors. The only concern Dalton has with mid-tribulation rapture is that it, too, has an invisible/secret coming of Jesus to sweep Christians away from the final years. It's essentially identical with the pre-trib theory, and so if the fool resorts to jabbing Dalton on this matter, then the fool has nothing of substance to offer his audience but fine-sounding herrings. He has completely skipped over a treatment of Matthew 24 in order to show how it's not the rapture.

Don't view me as being mean to use "fool," because it's my gift to you. I refuse to mince words. The speaker is not merely mistaken; he's rebellious against the plain text even when it's properly explained to him. What do we call such a rebel if not a fool? Why did Jesus gift us with the parable of the FOOLISH virgins? It's a gift to us, alerting us to "Christians" who do not prepare. The parable says that they will go BUY their oil in the period when buying is not permitted except by the 666. TAKE HEED. Rebuke the pre-trib pastor. Stand up in the assembly and rebuke him if he dares teach pre-tribulationism at this time. We cannot afford this teaching anymore. What evil motive does a pre-trib pastor have?

In the 16th minute, the fool wants you to believe that the saints in Revelation might be Israelites but not Christians even though they are revealed as those who hold to the Blood of Jesus. There's no Revelation text I know of speaking to non-Christian Israelites. Revelation opens with stress on the Christian churches, and continues with Christians in tribulation, PERIOD. Just because "church" does not appear for a while after chapter four does not mean that the church is not on earth. The Book even says that the Revelation is being given for the sake of the churches. Pre-tribbers are such treacherous fools when they activate their pre-trib war against us. Yes, they want eternal life; yes they study the Bible; and yes they act such fools when they shoot torpedoes at rapture passages. It seems to me that they will make fine foolish virgins, but woe is me if I desire to see even one foolish virgin and the horrible fate that goes to them.

For about five minutes after the 10th, Dalton speaks on the "last trumpet," and even though the fool showed this piece, he himself does not treat the last trumpet when he starts to open his gibbering yap again. The 17th minute sees the fool speaking on some difficulty he perceives with people in Hell and in the lake of fire, but I can't make out what he's talking about or why he brings the topic up at all. The only thing fool says is that the Revelation Trumpets are not at the end of the tribulation, and, admittedly, Dalton doesn't know how to locate the seventh Trumpet at a post-trib time.

At the risk of sounding self-interested, I think it's important that "my" view to the 21 plagues gets out fast and wide to post-tribulationists. No one I know of has popularized it, and it needs to be for the purpose of giving understanding. Otherwise, post-tribbers are left wondering how possibly all seven Bowls can be located after the tribulation period. That's a serious hang-up that gives pre-tribbers some teeth on the last-trumpet argument. To be sure, only the 6th and 7th Bowls are poured out after the tribulation, but post-tribbers do not know how to arrange that view...unless they appeal to "my" sequence. It's not a sequence that occurs naturally to anyone because the tendency is to view all the Seals before all the Trumpets before all the Bowls.

I think I chose the wrong video for you because the fool, in the 18th and 19th minute, continues with gibberish without making himself clear at all on what in tarnation he's talking about. Sorry. He's trying to act as though he has a torpedo against post-tribulationism due to Millennial passages. The fact is, the rapture trumpet (or Trumpet) is clearly shown by Paul to be at the coming of Jesus, and there are ample texts all over the Bible to show that the Coming is at Armageddon. There is no other Coming, mentioned EVER, that can be shown not to be at Armageddon.

The way pre-tribbers see things, they have the last-trumpet rapture seven years before Armageddon, even though they see all seven Revelation Trumpets after their rapture point. Why don't we see them shooting a torpedo against that sort of scenario, which is far worse than Dalton's predicament wherein he doesn't know how to locate the 7th Trumpet at Armageddon? Just because he doesn't know how-to doesn't mean it's not the Armageddon trumpet. See, in the middle of the 20th minute, fool says that all serious scholars hold that the 7th Trumpet is in the middle of the final seven years. I don't fault them much for holding to that idea, as this is the result of seeing the 21-plague sequence wrongly, and they don't know that they're seeing it wrongly.

They are at fault, however, even post-tribulationists, because they can clearly see Matthew 24:29-31 in the 6th Seal, and this is a great clue from God that the 6th Seal is after the tribulation i.e. at the brink of Armageddon. Soooooooo, let's seeeeee now: if the 6th Seal is at Armageddon, um, how should we arrange the 21 plagues? C'mon post-tribbers, you can do this, c'mon. The fool would claim that the darkening of the sun and moon in Matthew 24:29-31 is NOT the one in the 6th Seal; he would venture to say that it happens twice. The text of the seventh Trumpet, starting at 11:15, has multiple clues to indicate that the coming of Jesus, and the rapture, is at topic. What's fool's problem? Why didn't he address this?

The seventh angel sounded his trumpet, and there were loud voices in heaven, which said: “The kingdom of the world has become the kingdom of our Lord and of his Messiah, and he will reign for ever and ever.” And the twenty-four elders, who were seated on their thrones before God, fell on their faces and worshiped God, saying:
We give thanks to you, Lord God Almighty, the One who is and who was, because you have taken your great power and have begun to reign. The nations were angry, and your wrath has come. The time has come for judging the dead, and for rewarding your servants the prophets and your people who revere your name, both great and small -- and for destroying those who destroy the earth.'

Then God’s temple in heaven was opened, and within his temple was seen the ark of his covenant. And there came flashes of lightning, rumblings, peals of thunder, an earthquake and a severe hailstorm (

The pre-tribber will get you off of the main post-trib rapture scriptures onto all sorts of scriptures that he spins in favor of pre-tribulationism. The fool is also a wizard, and yet he's using the Bible for this wizardry, very dangerous because God does not appreciate it. By and large, the video advances post-tribulationism because Dalton speaks the truth, and the sheep hear the truth. Let the goats buck, but let the sheep take head. Of course you know enough to know that Dalton cannot always get his theology correct. The broader and deeper the theology, the greater the errors.

I got too bored and nauseated to watch past the 27th minute while fool was on Darby. Just for the record: I hope God saves fool, and that fool ceases to be a fool. That would make me happy.

The 3rd Seal should not be viewed as a global economic failure. I'm now being mindful on whether the Apophis comet (it orbits the sun) coming toward earth (arrives April, 2029) will be the "mountain" of the 2nd Trumpet. In my sequence, the 2nd Bowl comes immediately after the 2nd Trumpet, and while the mountain-comet above lands in the sea, the 2nd Bowl has the sea turning to blood. It would appear that the comet creates the blood and related devastation. Would you consider the two plagues above as God's clue that the 2nd Bowl comes immediately after the 2nd Trumpet?

As Apophis nears the earth, it could develop a visible tail, especially if it's on a collision course. A comet tail is not melted ice; the scientists who say so are evolutionist wackos who refuse like children of the devil to view gravity as a negative force from electrons in a planetary / solar body. A comet tail consists of comet electrons repelled by planetary / solar gravity. The closer the comet to the gravity source, the brighter the tail. A gravity force that repels electrons makes cosmic evolution impossible, and that's why the children of the devil reject it as the true definition of gravity.

The 2nd Bowl is followed immediately by the 3rd Seal, the black horse with what looks like food rationing (not necessarily famine) as his plague. Might the black color be a symbol of the massive cloud cover caused by the comet's fall into the sea? Can't massive cloud cover explain farm-crop spoilage leading to food rationing? What could cause the cloud cover? Volcanoes resulting from the comet's strike to the sea floor? That works, because hard pressure on a crustal plate can, by way of added heat, force magma up volcanic tunnels.

The 3rd Trumpet immediately following the 3rd Seal looks like an atomic bomb to me. Perhaps a nuclear nation / superpower decides that the comet's destructive effects to an enemy have made the time ripe for a nuclear attack. By this time, I can only assume, the anti-Christ has already invaded Israel, for the 1st Bowl mentions people wearing his mark. By this time, the people will start to get the impression that the Christians who warned against the mark were not lunatics after all, and this might lessen Christian persecution. God's going to give our enemies their own "specialties" to deal with. Have fun with your demons as they try to drive you crazy, people of this world. You are being warned, yet you continue to listen to our enemies. Abandon the enemy, and join Jesus from your heart.

There's nothing I can see to indicate how wide-spread the individual plagues are. The force by which Apophis lands (if it lands) depends largely on its velocity, and in my STRONG opinion, the wacko evolutionists have got our solar system as much as 20 times larger than it really is. The velocity of a cosmic object is figured by the distance it travels per unit time, and so if the solar system is 20 times smaller than they say, it's going to reduce the velocity by 20 times. The damage to earth that they estimate by a colliding Apophis will therefore be much less.

The way in which evolutionists measure the distance to the sun can be rigged to get a larger number than the reality, and evolutionists want the universe as large as possible in efforts to destroy the Creation reality. The best way to measure the distance to the sun is by drawing lines from both a lunar and solar eclipse, but NASA forbids us to know the things we need to know to use that method. It's got to be deliberate denial. For anyone interested, I'll do a section at the end of this update to show how one may find the solar distance using eclipse lines.

As they have the size of the solar system wrong, then they may also have the width of Apophis wrong if they base the width on the size of the solar system. They say Apophis is 340 meters wide, but if its much smaller, then the mass is much less, and thus the impact force will be much less. I'm reading: "A land strike by Apophis would destroy an area of about 50 square miles and leave behind a crater about three miles wide."

You know, with Biden in the White House, I start to grow fears that Russia or China could invade the country. The nation is in disarray all over the place, and the people divided. Obama could work to allow such a situation. It might become a blessing in disguise, who knows. Personal freedoms under Russian oversight seems better to me than the tyranny of the Western globowhores. But who's to say whether Russian oversight will allow personal freedoms?

There's no mention of tidal waves for the 2nd Trumpet. Apophis may be small enough that it will enter the sea like a fast bullet making no waves at all but a small blip. It's not going to be as powerful as a marine quake causing tidal waves. All of its force will be concentrated at a single point. It'll likely strike the sea floor to send shock-waves into the crust. The Revelation text doesn't reveal whether the ocean will be struck. I've entertained the Dead Sea because it says that a third of the ships will be destroyed, and that sounds colossal if it strikes an ocean. I tend to doubt that this plague will be so colossal as to destroy a third of global ships. But it's possible if it does cause tidal waves, for as you may know, they travel vast distances to coasts all around. I have a "hard" (imposible) time envisioning a third of the global ocean turned into blood. I can do better with just the ocean surfaces here and there.

Election Fraud

Here's John Solomon (fast-forward to 4th minute in episode 1,032) giving a run-down on why the Georgia election cheats are now laughing (should be in serious legal jeopardy). This is a BIG DEAL (Wisconsin fraud starts at the 18th minute). There's more election fraud in the first 17 minutes of episode 1,034:

Raffensperger of Georgia is the laughing stock, and he's now pretending to be straight, sure-sure now that he's been caught. We even have the headline, "Roughly 100,000 'obsolete and outdated' Georgia voter files to be removed." This turn of events is thanks to Raffensperger, but only because he got caught such that his cushy job is on the line. What took him so long to remove those fake voters? He doesn't even know how to blush while doing a 180-turn.

Maricopa is claiming that 100,000 ballots daily are being scanned. If one machine is operating a full 24 hours, that's about one ballot per second. If six machines are operating only 12 hours daily, that's one ballot every 3.5 seconds. I don't see a difficulty with modern computers successfully assessing all the possible problems of a ballot over three seconds.

Fox news in Arizona showed Karen Fann (audit boss) at the audit-torium floor this week on the final day of the hand count. With virtually everyone maskless on that floor, as expected down south in mid-June, she came out wearing a mask. Who's side is this handicapped puppy on? How can any person wear a mask under current conditions where it's known that COVID is a fraud? What liberal / deep state / traitorous faction was she seeking to please by appearing on TV with a mask? She's the one who allowed the Democrats to get away with various things that they wanted. She still has not secured the routers from the cheats, and the routers is what will expose the overseas cheats, and what will prove Dominion's CEO a liar. Why is Fann failing on this highly-important front? She's assisting the mortal cheats, the coup-plotters, the rats. She's letting them get away.

Ken Bennett said this week that the final report for Maricopa may be as long away as September due to the many things to report.

Youtube allowed the election-fraud watchers, a slew of them, to operate freely in the beginning, but is now taking them out, cancelling their channels just as the election-fraud train is steaming down the runway. People on youtube make money, and so if youtube takes them down without justification, it can be sued for lost income. Trump has the money to support their class-action suit. These youtubers are all pro-Trumpers. Does anyone expect Trump to help them? I don't.

If the tyrants no longer have election cheating, they will never get elected again for the foreseeable future. If they try to use RINOs, the Republicans are now wise to them too, and can vote them out. Without the free speech of anti-globalists, the end times can be upon us imminently from the heartless dragons. The globalists are taking some hard whacks over their heads by cancelling truthful speech, and this will weaken their reach and force them to act more mildly. As we can see, they are afraid of striking all-out, but I say that they will do so when their power-edge is fully on the line, which is RIGHT NOW. Without election fraud and fraudulent media, their kingdom crumbles. So, expect a severe backlash during the setting up of other audits. This could be God's lure, to make them strike all-out when they are not yet ready for certain victory.

Instead of fulfilling their aims of everlasting power, they will have but a short time, thanks be to God. It will be their tailspin to Hell. God cannot bring the Armageddon judgment unless He sets up court first, and this exposure we are now seeing is that Court. God's presenting His evidence against them, and they are looking like a laughing stock. Did you ever see such losers in all your life as we are seeing now? Did you ever see such falsifying lunatics who with straight face act like they are worthy to rule? They're zeroes. They have no clothes. NAKED LAUGHING STOCK. Let them attack and expose themselves further for the absolute bullies that they are.

It's predictable that some of them will get shot by the non-Christian freedom fighters, and this is why the deep state in inventing patriot "terrorists" as we speak, for they are afraid of them, and want to act quickly on them to arrest them the moment they start shooting bullets. The more they trample on rights, and the more they act with tyranny, the closer we will be to seeing those bullets fly at them. Or bombings of their cars. Aside from laying down, there is no way to deal with military- / police-backed tyrants, in the act of striking, but by terrorism by the people, and the tyrants know it. Unlike in other nations, Americans have more guns than the military. Once terrorism starts, the wicked will become more exposed by openly taking sides against the "terrorists." They will need to hire 24-hour security for their homes, if anyone will take the job. Supporters of deep-state goons don't want a life like that, and so they are hoping to convince the people not to let the bullets fly. It's a game of chicken we are now in, and it's possible that Muslim terror (in America) will chime in against the deep state, because Muslims go for the people in power. The deep state is in a pickle at this time.

Here's the real terrorism program in one, Breitbart headline: "Biden Administration Asks Americans to Report ‘Potentially’ Radicalized Friends and Family". The police will visit us now, to terrorize us with threats of arrest. Softies (including the ones who don't care enough to make it an issue) will advance the will of the corrupt state, the communist pigs. This is the Obama scheme, the Obama policy, to make the political enemy appear like terrorists. Expect false flags again in efforts to make them look like terrorists. Right about now is a good time for their false flags to fight the wave of election-fraud wins now imminent.

The audits may be averted if the deep state can promise societal upheaval. The Republican powers may decide it's not worth doing the audits further. I do not think there will be a free path to doing many other key audits, such as in Pennsylvania. Even many judges would prefer that audits not go forward in return for having "peace" under the corrupt Democrats. But surprise me, let the audits go forward without threats of murder from the deep state.

We might even say that the COVID scheme was a false-flag operation prepared in the wings long ago, reserved for a critical time when curfews and economy-busting programs were needed by the deep state. And so when people saw cheating in the election, out came the COVID false flag immediately (with all of the financial opportunities for corrupt actors). The deep state may have wanted a nothing-burger reaction after the election, to go on as-usual to shore up its power bases, but was forced to act, and this now seems like a good thing if it can be severely crippled in time for the great tribulation period.

Judging from Bennett's attitude, where he refuses to give one hint of systematic fraud, and where he provides word of a problem that could be taken as mere error, the audit team's senatorial leaders may have decided to hide the criminality of the cheats from the public, but to chastise them privately and use their knowledge of crimes to leverage the cheats into changing their ways. This is a crime in itself, to hide crimes and not prosecute. There must be an example made of organized crime to deter it in the future, the very definition of law and order. If the criminals are made to laugh off their crimes after they get caught, they will attempt repeats more carefully. If the cheats are allowed to get away with it due to threat-pressures from their fellow criminals, then law and order is as good as dead, and the people remain subject to imminent crime.

If the best that the Arizona senate can do is to announce some minor problems with the audit, then kiss your traditional country good-bye. Such fakery cannot be attempted without the wink of the audit team, but the people of Arizona will revolt against Karen Fann, especially if insufficient foul ballots are found to turn the election to Trump. Would the senate attempt such a thing? As some 20 states (Gateway Pundit) visited the audit process, doesn't it serve as evidence that the audit team let other state leaders know that systematic crime was discovered? Yet Bennett claimed over this weekend that the report of a missing 200,000 ballots is not true. Has he been instructed to lie? He's saying that all 2.1 million ballots were verified as the correct number. He used that number.

If they separated and trashed Trump ballots, the ones who trashed them could inform the machine controllers to deduct as many ballots from the total tally. The expectation is that machine fraud flipped many votes, which in itself doesn't change the number of ballots to a false number. Adjudication proper doesn't change the number of ballots. But when ballots are run through machines more than once, we expect the total tally to be overblown...unless the machine controllers add to the ballot tally as many as were run through more than once. I haven't become familiar with the particular affidavits in Arizona to know what particular cheat methods were used.

Throughout the country, the cheats denied the ballot watchers to get close to the counting. What is expected by the cheats as they counted ballots? How can cheats cheat while simply counting ballots? The way I understand it, a voter places a ballot into the machine to be counted, and so if there were tables where people were manually handling ballots, I assume that these were being adjudicated because the machines had spit them out as "problematic." The first thing of note is the huge number of adjudicated ballots. This seems like the method of choice for stealing an election, but when the leading cheats discovered, later on election night, that insufficient adjudication-cheating had been ordered, the leaders were forced to hack the machines to flip votes. That's what happened in some six states. We expect Arizona's senate to report a massive number of flipped votes, and yet Fann has thus-far refused to secure the routers that reveal the details of vote-flipping.

The decision on what particular results to publicize may evolve over the next couple of months. This is when we expect strongarm tactics from the cheat side, and they may succeed because I see evidence that Karen Fann is a push-over and a fink, and as such her senate members are allowing her to be such. Why has the senate not yet secured the routers? The answer seems simple: they are serving the cheats criminal protection.

Mike Lindell has been serving to make the Arizona senate honest, however. He plans to do an international exposure of vote-flipping fraud as soon as early July. Karen Fann must understand that, if her senate does not reveal Arizona machine-flipping crimes, Lindell could expose Karen Fann, for he has the Intelligence data to expose Arizona vote flips too. Unless Lindell is a part of some massive, staged operation to fool (demoralize or incite, take your pick) with the American voters, I don't see how Fann's senate can get away with hiding Arizona's machine fraud. Here's Nick Moseder suggesting that Jovan Pulitzer has inside information on the battle (or feigned battle) to get the routers:!-ken-bennett:9

As we can see, there's nothing to suggest that Fann wants to get the routers, and Jovan wanted NOT to publicize anything on that front. When Jovan uses profanity, I shut his video off, because a man who must use profanity in a public video is a child in my eyes, unworthy to be respected. Put it this way: if he doesn't have enough respect for God's people to keep profanity out of the video, I'm out of the video.

I'm not sold on the theory that the report is going to show massive fraud based on Bennett's news that the report won't be out until August / September. Nick says that the interview with Bennett is "EXPLOSIVE," but I found it implosive. If Bennett's not permitted to tell the people that massive fraud was found, something's wrong. It appears that the senate is afraid to tell the people, and moreover it looks like the senate has loyalties to others besides the people. If Bennett can't reveal that massive fraud was found and that the only outstanding thing remaining is the details, then I see this as implosive. There's been a lot of click-baitish titles (lots of "HUGE UPDATE!!!) from youtubers covering election fraud over the past two weeks, and so I've experienced lots of implosive stories thanks to them.

For most election-fraud news at one website:


Here's something better from Tucker, where he deals with false-flag events directed by the FBI:

Why is Tucker suddenly doing stories at this time with FBI-led false-flag events? Are his bosses okay with this? Do you realize what Tucker is saying? He's saying that the FBI set up crimes, pre-planned crimes, for a political goal. My words: sometimes the FBI even kills people in false flags, as in 9-11.

Tucker says that Ashli Babbitt was murdered on January 6, but this is impossible. It was a staged operation, for when she was supposedly shot in the neck, she fell down on her back and remained there a long time whereas, if it were a real event, she would have turned onto her stomach. In a real event, the men beside her would have turned her onto her stomach. Yes, for after the camera panned away from her momentarily, and came back to her, the actors arranged to have a red liquid (acting as blood) pouring down over her chin from the corner of her mouth i.e. the blood was made to appear as though it was coming out her mouth. But if this was real -- if the bullet allowed blood in her throat -- she would naturally have turned onto her stomach to avoid choking to death. A no brainer. The people who staged the event did a lousy job. Yet Tucker continues to tell the lie that she was murdered. Shame Tucker, yet you did try to do good. When is Fox going to come clean with all obvious false flags?

Recently, I thought I heard (for the first time) that Babbitt was shot in the shoulder. Perhaps the storyline was changed (by the police) due to the point I made above made by others in the news. But if she was shot in the shoulder, why was there blood coming from inside her mouth? It was faked, it was so obvious by the attitudes of the men who were beside her, and by all the clamor in the room. In a real shooting, the whole room would have gone quiet, and the best of capable men would have tended to her. The whole room was filled with actors directed to make a bully-like disturbance in order to tarnish Trump voters. False-flag events and daily fake news are distorting the way people see reality. Mr. Babbitt is a conspirator too, and he's acting (this week) like he wants to know who the shooter was.

FBI director Wray won't reveal who the shooter was, of course, and told an Arizona congressman (Paul Gosar) that he didn't know who the shooter was, such a load of cow patties. There was no shooter, but there was a government-paid man with a gun in his hand, guilty of feigning a killing in order to harm a sitting president.

Here's a good explanation of Tucker's story on the January-6 false flag:

If you understood the video above: innocent people at the January-6 "riot" have been brutally arrested / treated, and the guilty parties who staged the event have not been arrested. Demons at work here, and they will treat dissenting Christians in the same way, if possible, but it gets harder if we all rise together as a massive voice of Truth, and raise Jesus up before them...the One who wants to kill them, and who will kill them brutally, like when they would rather have the mountains fall on them rather than to face God's Noise. The Terrorist is coming with a massive explosion. They know better than to test God, but they can't resist harming us. They would rather die thwarting us than to have us rule "their" world. Poor slobs.

I don't think Christians ever wanted to rule; they just wanted a decent world with honest, decent politicians who actually serve. When we discovered that anti-Christs were engineering a Godless society, we started to talk back in media, but back before the Internet, about all we had was the letters-to-the-editor section. The churches were not using this platform much at all. I never saw a fight from churches united against it. But in the United States, there were many visible Christian activists in all sorts of publications and radio shows. canada didn't allow such radio shows. It allowed just an hour of 100 Huntley Street daily. No 24-hour Christian TV stations allowed; what more evidence of societal engineering did the churches need? SHAME.

Late in the Week, Tucker has a segment showing that the FBI created home-grown Arab terrorists. Why? To give the false impression that it's a threat in order to keep alive the invasive spy system from the Patriot Act:

The blame for the FBI's false-flag operations NOW against normal Americans is much with Fox news for never before exposing the FBI's false-flag operations. In fact, other than Tucker, I don't know if anyone else at Fox is doing so (because I check into Fox news about as often as I take out the trash). This persecution by the DoJ / FBI is absolutely horrible, people being jailed harshly for being innocent of any crimes. There will be Hell to pay for this. Hopefully, all those pro-Trumpers said to be in jail to this day from the January-6 "riot" are not in jail at all; it's only a ruse to scare pro-Trumpers into not becoming violent. Because globalists fear terrorist violence most of all.

They can handle a pro-Trumper who wants to go to court to damage them, but they cannot stop a sniper's bullet coming when they don't expect it. That's why Biden wants to take away guns, because the corrupt powers over him are demanding that he do it. If they were not plotting tyranny / control, they wouldn't be demanding it, because nobody would want to shoot them. They know that tyranny is the last straw for the people who wield guns. They are guilty already who want to take guns away. Armed people are protected by the Constitution, because they have rights to use guns to kill corrupt government officials who want to war against them. Tyranny is an acceptable declaration of war. If they decide to go forward with tyranny, it's going to create further hardships if the shootings begin, and it won't necessarily come from pro-Trumpers. There are a lot of people who don't follow politics, who don't vote, who could be pushed too far.

To be sure, the DoJ does not have the desire to start racial divisions as much as it has decided to use racial divisions as an excuse to hammer their political enemies i.e. roughly the anti-corruption truthers. Once it's roundly understood by the public that the FBI leads false-flag events, and covers for them too, the deep state's teeth will be half fallen out. The thing needed after that is a hard punch to the mouth of the media, to make the remaining teeth fall out. The media and the corrupt Intelligence agencies are essentially one and the same operation, a war on normal people i.e. who would punish and cancel corruption. That's all this is. Join the war to expose the enemy so that it can't have teeth. Trump failed because he's a dope, but his voters can yet do a lot of damage if they work together, and they are. This recent Howse video relates:

As the ICE-cream theme is now pointing to COVID / vaccines, note the surname of David Icke. I've notice how it looks like "Ice" for some time, but I've never had reason to point the ice-cream to him. He's opposed to the COVID scheme, and I thought you might have time to watch his one-hour show here where he gives a good, June-21 point on the delta variant about the 16th minute. He also has details for the gamut of the political side of the scheme:

On second thought, the "Pax et" motto term of Welsh Davids can be code for Packets/Pagets because both surnames use the black-on-white, passant lion. The Packets also add the spread eagle in colors reversed from the same of Ice's/Ecco's/ICKE's, and in the colors of the spread eagle of Eggs. Plus, the Davids were first found in Cheshire with Eggs, Eggertons, and Packet-like Picots/Pigots. The latter even use "pike heads" (arrow heads), and Ice's/Ecco's/Icke's share the PIKE trefoils! Picots/Pigots even share "Tout" in their motto with Hicks/ICKE's!!! Amazing. Therefore, Picot-like PICTons (Flintshire, beside Cheshire) may be using the Eggerton lion. That's all very interesting. Is God suggesting here that DAVID Icke has a good handle on the COVID scheme? I agree with most of what he says (video above, that is), and I appreciate his anger toward the schemers. Aren't you glad that God the Killer is concerned about this scheme?

The David motto is "Pax et COPia," and it just so happens that Cuppae is near the Pax / Packet-like Pek river. The Cope variation of Cups may have formed the Cove's/Covers/COVITs who in turn share the David bend. Packs were first found in Sussex with COVerts/Cofferts and Coppers/Coopers.

French Davids probably use a lyre (rather than a harp) because Liers were first found in Brittany with French Davids. Moreover, the Liers have a version of the Travers/Travis Coat while Trevors look like kin of Pictons. As Liers were first found in Dol while Dol's Alans lived in Shropshire, the Liers look like they are using the colors and format of vaccine-like Vychans/Vaughns (Shropshire) due to a related reason. The Sallows (Shropshire) seem to be an apt branch of Slows who in turn are in the colors and format of David-connectable Packets/Pagets. The same colors and format are used by Peter-branch Petersons ("NIHil") who in-turn share the Ice/Ecco/Icke eagle, how about that. Peters and Petersons (share Rothes lion) were from Peter Pollock of Rothes castle, MORAY, and his father was in Dol / Shropshire.

The Moray Coat is almost that of Ducs/LeDucs (Brittany); the only difference is that Ducs/LeDucs use eight-pointed stars, and it's the star of Moray's Bellys ("belli") while Sallows share the six pale bars of Italian Belli's. Morays (ONE/Innis kin) share the Coat of Handells who in turn use a Wuhan- / One-like motto term, "ohne." The I'ms suspect in the Handell motto share the Alan fesse. As Dols were first found in Mecklenburg with Ice's/Ecco's/Icke's, the I'ms lion can be the Stewart and Eggerton lion closely.

Measuring the Solar Distance

I tried to find the data needed to discover the true distance to the sun, but NASA had not provided it so far as I could find. NASA gives erroneous data for the duration of a lunar eclipse. The times given are based on the pre-conceived distance to the sun that they claim. It's circular reasoning. Instead of using the stop-watch method, they ESTIMATE the time based on how long it should take based on the 93-million-mile distance to the sun. In reality, the sun is not 93-million miles away. I was able to establish that much using eclipse lines.

One line of a solar eclipse should meet the one line of any lunar eclipse because both lines go to the edge of the sun. For example, in a full solar eclipse where the sun and moon are the same size exactly, the straight line goes from the edge of the lunar shadow (on the earth's surface) to the outer edge of the moon to the outer edge of the sun. This line is straight like an arrow. Easy. One cannot figure the distance to the sun using this one line alone, but one can find the solar distance if a second line is used, this time from a full lunar eclipse, where we draw another STRAIGHT line from the edge of the earth shadow (umbra) where the moon cuts across it during the eclipse, to the edge of the earth, and finally to the edge of the sun.

To find the diameter of the shadow, it's preferable (less complicated) that the moon passes across the near-perfect center of the shadow, and one must time the crossing, but NASA will not allow us to know its true diameter. Otherwise, we would discover that they lie concerning the distance to the sun. One also needs to know the lunar velocity through the shadow in order to discover the shadow's diameter, and this velocity is known, but you won't find NASA coughing it up to the public, I do not believe, otherwise they stand to be revealed as frauds. Don't trust a to-the-public NASA video of a full lunar eclipse, for NASA is expected to change the speed of the video to hide the true diameter of the shadow.

The correct diameter of the moon, and the lunar distance at the time of a solar eclipse, is needed to nail down the ANGLE of the solar-eclipse line. It will not be at the same angle as the lunar-eclipse line. This difference in angles between the two lines is the very key that reveals the solar distance (if both lines were at the same angle, we'd be out of luck). Where the solar-eclipse line meets the lunar-eclipse line (both go to the same edge of the sun), that's the distance to the sun generally. That's all there is to it.

One can easily figure what distance exists between earth and where the two lines meet. The fact that NASA has not revealed this method of finding solar distance is a testimony to its criminality, it's falsification on the distance to the sun. I don't expect anyone to get all of this until they've read it over a few times with pen and paper on the table. It's all there, all a math buff needs to know. If you want to be famous, go out and get all the facts needed to make the calculation. I'll bet you a million denarius NASA won't give it to you in a way that you can deem reliable.

If you're not an expert in angle-math, you need the rudimentary definition of the angle of a line: x distance outward per y distance across (the latter is across from an imaginary zero-degree line). That's it, easy. Once you tackle the eclipse lines in a drawing, you will understand intimately what this means. The zero-degree line for the solar-eclipse line is a straight line on your drawing from the center of the earth to the center of the moon, and finally to the center of the sun. That's an easy drawing to make. Put the umbra on the same drawing to the opposite side of the earth as per where you have the moon. Draw just one solar-ray line for each eclipse; there should be two lines on one half the drawing, no need to draw the same two lines on the other half.

In simplified form, the angle of a lunar-eclipse line is: 240,000 miles (= lunar distance) outward toward the sun per roughly 1,000 miles across. The latter number (approximated) is obtained as per: the earth's radius minus the umbra radius (about 3,000 miles) where the moon crosses the umbra. In other words, for every lunar distance towards the sun, the lunar eclipse line, starting at one edge of the umbra, opens (or angles) by some 1,000 miles across (it's problematic that NASA makes that number 1,200). If you have it drawn properly, this line meets the solar-eclipse line at the sun.

The angle of the solar-eclipse line will be one lunar distance toward the sun per roughly 1,080 miles (lunar radius) across (from the zero-degree line). If the lunar shadow (on the earth's surface) is 100 miles in diameter, the math changes slightly to 1,080 miles minus 50 (lunar-shadow radius) = 1,030 miles across. To simplify, let's take a solar eclipse in which the lunar shadow is just kissing the earth's surface i.e. zero lunar-shadow diameter. The angle of the solar-eclipse line will then cut across (or spread) 1,080 miles. Generally, the lunar umbra kisses the earth when the moon and sun appear about the same size, which is roughly at the average distance of the moon from earth.

BIG NOTE: if the lunar-eclipse line cuts across more than 1,080 miles (per lunar distance), then the two lines will never meet, but will grow further apart with distance from the earth. We cannot have such a picture because we know that the lines meet at the sun's edge. In other words, in order to meet, the lines need to come closer to one another with distance from the earth.

Yet NASA claims a shadow diameter of 5,600 miles on average, and thus the radius is 2,800 miles. As the earth is 4,000 miles in radius, it means that NASA's lunar-eclipse line cuts across 1,200 miles by the time it stretches from the edge of the umbra to the edge of the earth (over one lunar distance). We cannot have a line cutting across more than 1,080 miles per lunar distance, sorry, NASA, but you've been exposed. The lunar-eclipse line must cut across less than 1,080 miles in order that the solar-eclipse line may meet it.

When the solar-eclipse line opens/spreads 1,080 miles per lunar distance, and in the meantime the lunar-eclipse line opens 1,000 miles per lunar distance, the two lines have come nearer to one another by 80 miles. When the two lines have neared one another by 4,000 miles, that's at the edge of the sun where they meet. For, while the solar-eclipse line begins upon the zero-degree line at the center of the earth, the lunar-eclipse line starts at the edge of the earth 4,000 miles away (from the zero-degree line).

Look at this as a race where the two lines begin 4,000 miles distant while the solar-eclipse line continuously closes the 4,000 mile gap by 80 miles per lunar distance toward the sun. In how many lunar distances will the solar-eclipse line close the gap by 4,000? The math: 4,000 divided by 80 = 50 lunar distances = 12 million miles. That's not 93 million. You can see the importance of fine-tuning this math by discovering the exact radius of the umbra. In order to get a solar distance of 93 million, the gap must be closed by only 10 miles per lunar distance rather than the 80 used above. Yet NASA's umbra diameter never allows the gap to close, begging: why does NASA claim such a small umbra diameter that does not work? To put it another way, we can't trust the stated diameters of the earth umbra per any distance from the earth because the wackos have deliberately screwed with the science in order to cover for some slimeball, evolutionary need.

We read: "The Moon's umbral shadow is at most 267 km across on the Earth." That's 166 miles. The smallest solar-eclipse-line angle possible, therefore, is: 2,160/2 - 166/2 = 997 miles across per one lunar distance out. This is the situation when the sun is furthest away while the moon is nearest the earth. If there is a lunar eclipse with those same details, the lunar-eclipse-line angle must be less than 997 miles across. The closer the moon to the earth, the larger in diameter is the earth's umbra where the moon cuts across it. That works i.e. it makes the lunar-eclipse-line angle smaller than 997 miles.

There's no speedometer on a rocket ship to tell NASA how fast their rockets travel to the moon or to Mars. Therefore, they lie to us as per the speeds of their rockets to maintain their 93-million-mile sun. If you still think that large organizations like NASA cannot get away with such lies, you haven't been paying attention to recent news. The controls are harsh against any workers who will sabotage NASA's will. Only a few of their workers are in a position to realize that the rockets don't travel as fast as NASA claims they do when going to Mars. Besides, it may turn out that they have never sent crafts to Mars, i.e. it's all been a string of "Hollywood" productions. If you still doubt that such evil has existed in government, you haven't been paying attention properly.


Here's all four Gospels wrapped into one story.

For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God.
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