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June 8 - 14, 2021

Fawn Cancer Down the Lab-Leakey Road
Mamie's Pointer to Brian Kemp
The Magnetic Situation that Reflects My Atomic Model

If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture


In efforts to incriminate Fauci as much as possible, his Republican enemies are spreading false theories that COVID has killed as many people as the inflated, fake official death-count numbers. And they are wanting to make the "pandemic" look bad now so that Fauci looks worse. This is going backward. Tell the truth, no matter what.

Why is nobody talking about the Galveston Lab's ties to Wuhan (= level 4 lab):

Aug 11, 2004 (CIDRAP News) -- Government officials and scientists yesterday recognized the formal opening of construction on a laboratory that will house research on the most dangerous emerging infectious diseases and potential bioterrorism agents.

The University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston is the site of the $167 million facility. Of the total 83,000-square-foot building, 12,362 square feet will be devoted to biosafety level 4 (BSL-4) research.

...Stanley Lemon, director of UTMB's Institute for Human Infections and Immunity, said in a UTMB press release,. "The Galveston National Laboratory is the first complex of its size and scope undertaken in the United States on an academic campus."

Fauci leads NIAID: "As one of two National Biocontainment Laboratories constructed under grants awarded by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases/National Institutes of Health (NIAID/NIH), the Galveston National Laboratory..." Fauci paid for the Galveston lab.

In January 2015, the brand-new BSL-4 lab in Wuhan, built by a French contractor, celebrated its opening, but full safety certification came slowly. According to State Department cables from 2018 leaked to the Washington Post, the new BSL-4 lab had some start-up problems, including 'a serious shortage of appropriately trained technicians and investigators needed to safely operate this high-containment laboratory.' The staff had gotten some training at a BSL-4 lab in GALVESTON [caps mine], Texas, but they were doing potentially dangerous work with SARS-like viruses, the memo said, and they needed more help from the U.S.

Why didn't Fauci mention this China-Texas connection? Isn't it logical that Fauci funded the Wuhan lab precisely due to its ties to Galveston? Was it the Americans who booted the French out of Wuhan in order to have it all to their own for a grand scheme? We know the virus didn't get out from the lab accidentally because Fauci told the whole world, in 2017, that a pandemic was coming within four years. He knew the scheme.

Actually, none of us knows whether a severe virus was unleashed at all. For all we know, they merely framed COVID as very serious when in fact it never was. For all we know, the plan was never to have the virus begin in Wuhan, for that tended to put Fauci at risk. Perhaps it was an act of God that people at Wuhan started to get sick so that, eventually, Fauci would become fingered as an imposter at best, and a treasonous criminal at worst. I'm not up-to-speed on all the early details covering the first couple months of the spread.

It turns out that a canadian level-4 lab was working with China, and even employed Chinese people, in regards to what I think is gain-of-function research. How does any of this make sense? here's the story:

I'd say that the facts above are like a spear through Trudeau's head. What in tarnation is canada doing collaborating with China in such things as this???? Are they wackos? YES, they are, and this is some kind of a sting taking place to canadians, because they have proven to be stupids by and large, who trust their liberal governments. They are too stupid to wake up. They have been made stupid by decades of one-sided, anti-Christ propaganda. Their minds are filled with error, and nobody can think straight when they have so many errors to work with in making intelligent deductions. Why didn't Trudeau tell the people that a high-level canadian lab was working with China? Why didn't Trudeau tell the people that two Chinese workers at the Winnipeg lab were fired for being suspect, we may assume, as being pro-China? Duh. The two were Mr. and Mrs. Cheng, like the Ching variation of Shins/Chine's.

We learn in the video that Trudeau gave Wuhan $900,000, but this is only the made-public amount. How much more did he give Wuhan, really, and was it in collaboration with the COVID scheme of Fauci's gangsters? Now we're talking. How much did the Brits give Wuhan, hum? Just like Fauci, Trudeau didn't want canadians to believe that COVID started at Wuhan, and thus Trudeau was happy to misinform the people. Demons are spirits that can affect anyone, but woe to you if you are infected by them. When they get on your insides, they can train you to become a demon's accomplice in all sorts of evil. That very stupidity will result in the big-time rulers going together to Armageddon. Why do we suppose that Revelation likens the rulers at Armageddon to spirits of frogs?

Here's a headline from last week: "Whereabouts of two scientists fired from Winnipeg virus lab for possible national-security issues shrouded in mystery". Check on whoever hired them?

Xiangguo Qiu, a former head of a key program at the National Microbiology Laboratory in Winnipeg, and her husband, Keding Cheng, have not publicly commented on why they were fired. Nor have they responded to questions from The Globe and Mail about whether their dismissal was related to the transfer of highly infectious viruses to China’s Wuhan Virology Institute.

The Globe has found that the scientists are no longer living in Winnipeg, and it is unclear if they are still in Canada. The RCMP would not say if they know where the couple are located

The RCMP, acting typically like the FBI, isn't talking due to an "ongoing investigation." People are not going to be told what happened's not good. We can understand why the two Chinese scientists were fired in January, once the Wuhan cat was out of the bag, but why do we read that "The two scientists were removed from the lab in July, 2019..." Was it to get rid of Chinese fingerprints in good time before starting the COVID scheme during winter? Logical. Trudeau's now involved in a cover-up, dangerous to his already putrid reputation. Go for it, crime minister, cover it up and pay the price. Jail, we hope. Hey average canadian, waddaya think about this juicy news? Zzzzzz.

Mr. canada says: "I'm such a swell guy, I never rock the boat." You're a swelled fathead, alright; nothing truthful gets through to your brain. He's happy with the direction canada has been going in, abandoning the old ways of the Bible. He thinks he's progressive, going places. You can fly in a fast jet, Mr. canada, but you aren't going anywhere; you're still trapped in your body. You are in jail, Mr. canada, and you can't escape the Jailer. That's the only thing that matters, what the Jailer thinks of canada. It ain't much. canada the whore. canada the Iscariot.

"Dr. Qiu was able to bring in graduate and postgraduate students [a dozen or more] from China, who were studying at the University of Manitoba, into the Level 4 lab. It remains unclear how those students got the security clearance to enter this lab, which is equipped to handle the world’s most dangerous viruses...One of the Chinese researchers, Feihu Yan, from the People’s Liberation Army’s Academy of Military Medical Sciences, worked for a period of time at the Winnipeg lab." Did Trudeau know this? Well, if he wants to jail pastors for having church where people actually sing (the nerve), I say it's time to jail Trudeau, because when liberals try to hide something, it's bad.

Dominion Voting was founded (215 Spadina Rd.) in Toronto's Chinatown. It's a little-known fact because big media aren't spreading that word. And neither are people like Mike Lindell, perhaps because they don't know it yet.

Ottawa this week announced that restaurants can open again on Friday, even outdoor patios. Looks like Trudeau has seen the writing on the wall. Looks like he caved. He looks weak. He looks like a farce. Last week, life was too dangerous to go outside. This week, people can yahoo at the public diners. Trudge = FARCE. Last week, four people died of COVID, and this week only two, so go ahead and go outdoors again. In towns and villages where nobody died, IRON-FIST LOCKDOWN anyway. God has a lockdown of His own coming; dangerous people will not be permitted to live again. Those who cry safety-first are the same who would drag your kids to Hell with them. Ottawa restaurants are opening just as Trudeau's government is being centered out for the Winnipeg scandal.

Look at how few canadians showed up to protest the hypocrite who jailed pastors but was then caught at a party maskless:

canadians (don't deserve a capital C) and other liberals are so STUPID that they are allowing the governments to lockdown society into the summer months. You just cannot get moe stupid than this. Or can you? Look at Australians, where in one city they have one COVID positive test per 10,000 tested, and probably not all who test positive have COVID. And this is in their flu season (it's roughly their winter down there now).

People have got to stop saying that 99-percent of people will survive COVID. That is a high death rate. People should be saying that 1 out of 1,000 die -- of flu-like symptoms -- and not all of them have COVID. Plus, the average age of death is about 75. Hello? Is this a pandemic? If not, then why do the people of this world allow their governments to go forward with what is obviously a COVID scam from invisible players in globalism? WHY WHY WHY are citizens such cowards so easily taken advantage of? I am ashamed to call them my fellow citizens. I'm not saying that I'm Mr. Courage, but can't we even speak up to tell the truth for fear of being lumped into a rebel camp? We must be witnessing hell-bound trash. The anti-Christ system deceives them because they are demon-infected trash. Let's call a spade a spade. The anti-Christ will throw truth to the ground, and the citizen-trash will stomp upon it as if the truth were the trash. Lunatics they will become, and they will pull others with them into the no-return swirl to Hell.

The hero, the pastor, James Coates, has lost his first court battle. His church remains fenced, and nobody is coming to his aid much. That's perhaps the fruit he produced for his church for being a nice-guy Christian. The judge maybe handed him his defeat because he's such a soft-spoken guy, nothing to be afraid of. Maybe the pastor needed to make passionate noise, to show righteous rebellion, so that he could stir Christians all over the country to some zeal for the effort, to urge judges to dispense proper justice because, unless they do, we're going to make repeated noise about them like Christians do in the United States. But even canadian Christians have become happy to be walked upon. The anti-Christ comes to trample on them, and it doesn't look like he'll have much trouble. Where are the Two Witnesses of Revelation, who can lead the rebellion as it ought to be led, with fire from their mouths? Where are the javelin throwers? If Jesus can come with a sword from His mouth to deal with our enemies, why can't we turn our mouths into swords too?

Slice-slice-slice, wack-wack-wack. James Coates did not display that type of voice. At first he started to, but then he turned to his best behavior for court purposes. The mistake was, I now think, that he did not raise for himself an army to stand with him so that he could stand in court like a general of a vast army ready to pounce on a corrupt judge. If Christians don't stand up for themselves, how will an evil judge bother to stand up for them? Bother the evil judge. Let him hear your noise: THERE IS NO COVID PANDEMIC, WE HAVE BEEN LIED TO BY DESPERATE LIARS, AND WE RESENT THEM, DESPISE THEM. WE WANT THESE MONKEYS OFF OF OUR BACKS. WE WILL LEAD FOR ALL CITIZENS TO PUNISH THESE HYPOCRITES, LAW SUIT AFTER LAW SUIT.

But where are the hundreds of laws suits? ZZZZZZZ. Every man and woman put out of work can sue the government with criminality, because there is no pandemic; the numbers to justify the lockdowns are fake numbers, and the "science" is a just a straw scarecrow. Where have the law suits been? They deserve emergency status. Lockdowns are criminal. Worse than bandits entering the house and taking its valuables. Governments have acted in concert to abduct the nation. And Christians want to be well-behaved, to be obedient to this type of government??? However, by the allowance of governments to continue their sham, it has become exposed to the wiser ones in this world, and this will have ramifications. For every action there will be a reaction.

The worst enemy of lockdowns are states like Texas that got rid of lockdowns and mask mandates, and...NOTHING HAPPENED, the sky was bluer than ever. Others are proving that lockdowns are horrible for the health of a nation in myriads of ways, aside from the lost businesses and incomes on MILLIONS upon MILLIONs of people. When I was a youth, everyone used to say that a person is invaluable, that there's not enough money in the world to equal the value one human life. That's the difference in the world between then and now, a Godly respect for life now gone. There are signs that human life is now like trash to certain, anti-Christian globalists. Lockdowns allow them to check out how few humans are needed in the workforce. In my area, even banks were shut down.

When you read the list of foods to eat to help out against a certain disease, watch out, because they may be proscribing the very foods that make the disease worse. It's that kind of world now. You cannot trust the COILED SNAKE, the health INDUSTRY. Witchcraft is back. They make more money when we are sick. A mechanic sabotages your car parts when you're not looking, and a dentists sabotage your teeth to fail earlier, and in bigger ways.

If you were fool enough to point fingers at the rotten communists of China / Russia, you were blind to the same snake in your own Western government masquerading as democracy. Instead of rulers representing the peoples will, rulers now brainwash the people to accept their solutions and agendas so that they can argue that they are doing the peoples will. The rulers argue that the people want climate-change taxes worldwide, but the rulers spend millions to convince the people that such taxes are absolutely needed. Those dopes, the people, are the same dopes who gladly wore masks for the thieving rulers. Together, they are making our own neighbors our mortal problems. SNAKY COMMUNISM.

DO NOT MISS THIS BREAKING-NEWS VIDEO. Not just keys, but even heavy spoons are sticking to peoples' skin supposedly due to vaccinations. I can make out no trick in what I'm seeing, and the news lady is now potentially explaining why this phenomenon is taking place:

Can you imagine how great an exposure there will be of the mainstream media if it tries to ignore this human magnetism, if in the end it proves to be real? And what will happen to the vaccine companies if they say nothing while all of these magneto-videos are going around slowly but surely, if they continue to vaccinate? What do we make of governments who say nothing and continue to vaccinate while these videos are being shown everywhere? Why do people laugh when they show metal sticking to their bodies? This is serious, if true. This could be the end of the vaccine scheme, though after "half" the world have been vaccinated. Why is it that not everyone becomes a magnet? Who are the "lucky" ones; were they targeted? Late in the 5th minute, the lady (Jane Ruby) calls this, "magnetofection."

She also mentions SPION (sound like "spy on"), which may be a term created because it aids the Intelligence community. SPION = Superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles.

In the 3rd minute of the video below, we find a leaked story telling that the Pentagon gave Peter Daszak, of the Ecohealth Alliance, $39M since 2013 = Obama's first year of his second term? But Fauci would have us think that Ecohealth gave mere chump-change, under a million dollars. to Wuhan. Since when is the Pentagon into virus research? Doesn't that look like bio-weapons building? How could the American military engage a Chinese lab...unless Obama the socialist pig forced the military to do it? This is high-criminal activity.

Here's Daszak in his own words, though the video won't play for me after five loads. Someone else in the comments says: "My internet service is blocking this [video]." I see that a lot, that while some see the video and comment on it, others complain that it won't load for them. I wonder who's responsible for this. Another comment in the video above:

If anyone has not noticed it yet. (I reported this last summer) ALL WALMARTS ARE INSTALLING NEW FACIAL RECOGNITION SURVEILLANCE SYSTEMS THAT OPERATE FACIAL RECOGNITION. AND you will notice that they are not on until you are in front of it. The screen then turns on with a red warning saying you are being video taped. The reason it pops on like that, rather than being on all the time, is because they want it to startle you so you look up. THAT WAY IT CAN READ YOU EYE FOOTPRINT AND IDENTIFY YOU. YOur eye footprint is now going into a INTERNATIONAL DATABASE so that the GLOBALIST can track you anywhere in the world. Once you are into the database, your profile will start to grow with EVERYTHING YOU DO, EVERYWHERE YOU GO, EVERYTHING YOU SAY, ANYWHERE YOU SPEND MONEY, ANYWHERE YOU SAVE MONEY….GET THE PICTURE? This is CHINA SURVEILLANCE WORLD WIDE! As they say “ GET USE TO IT, THIS IS THE NEW NORM! WALMART IS DEEP STATE!

Identification cameras on us as we enter stores is a stark symbol of evil. Speak out against this. Throw a brick at the camera while wearing your mask (they're good for something after all). Ask the managers why the camera is at the front door, and make a bold stink. Tell them they are communist pigs with stark anger on your face. YOU LOUSY PIGS! Give them the John-the-Baptist treatment. VIPERS!

This Bongino headline got my attention: "EP. 1538 ANOTHER BOMBSHELL DROPS ABOUT THE CORONA-COVER UP"

Wow, Bongino reveals that his wife, due to lupus, takes hydroxychloroquine. Is this the first time he's said this? If so, why would he wait so long? To protect his Fox appearances? There's still time to repent, Dan. Go for it, and I'll be the first to praise you for coming full-news clean.

The first thing Dan does, at the 4th minute, is to show what a murderous hypocrite Trump is. Dan is steering you wrong to claim that the powers rejected hydroxy as a backlash on Trump for recommending that it should be used to save lives. The truth is, the powers didn't want a cure; they wanted the masks, the lockdowns, the vaccines, and their fascist fist exposed. They are gunning for a fast implementation of global governance because it's not happening with the blessings of the peoples. Nor will it ever succeed.

The meat of Bongino's first section is to show that The Lancet was heavily involved in shooting hydroxy down as a dangerous drug for COVID patients. The Lancet (medical journal) is now known to have been a fellow conspirator with Fauci, you see, in "proving" that COVID was from a bat-to-human infection apart from a lab creation.

About the 20th minute, Dan talks about Kristian ANDERSEN, who informed Fauci (winter of 2020) that the virus looks like a lab LEAK. Mr. Andersen is then persuaded to change his tune. This reminds me of a story I've told at least twice, of my driving down the LEAKEY Road toward Leakey (Texas) with Ms. ANDERSON. We saw something on the road ahead, and it turned out to be a lone fawn, very small. We took it, and kept it at my place. It seemed sick, and soon it died. Shortly after, Ms. Anderson died of cancer (she had it when we were on the drive). About a decade later, I was given a dream of a sickly (skinny) stag. I was satisfied that this stag refers to COVID / vaccine illnesses. Leakeys are listed with Leaks. Mr. Andersen was protecting the lab LEAK in a conspiracy.

The sickly stag was walking up my driveway with Paul Smith coming up behind on crutches. As I've said many times, Paul (old friend of mine) lived in VAUGHN county (Ontario) at the time I met him, and while the Vychan variation of Vaughns is like "vaccine," the baby stag that was sick and died is a Vaughn-like fawn. The Fawn surname lists a Faughnes variation. I've told all of this before, but both stories may now be pointing to the Fauci conspiracy. AND WOW, I don't remember loading "Faughn" before to get a Coat with the rare checkered bend of FAUCets/Fawcetts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! INCREDIBLE. In 1979, God gave me a morning vision (I've explained this a few times) of a sick-in-the head Farrah Fawcett...and she died of cancer too. (Load Fawn link now to have access, on another tab, to other Coats of Arms that follow.)

[It wasn't until the next update that I found French Fagets/Fagers, and then Dutch Fagets share the Coat of German Andersons, itself sharng the Shield of Danish Andersons!!! That's just huge. The crescent of Swedish Andersons may be close to the same of Fogertys.]

Scottish Andersons are said to descend from an Andrew, bishop of CAITHness. The latter entity is from the Germanic Chatti as they developed into the Catti tribe in the Keith write-up. Keiths were first found in East Lothian with Faucets (zinger) and Vaux's, and the latter are a branch of Faux's while French Faux's/Fage's/Chalnes' were first found in Perigord with Fauchys. Scottish Andersons are even said to be from Clan Chattan, which uses a cat, and as I was at Ms. Anderson's place a few times, I can tell you that she kept at least three cats. Caithness is where Pape's/Popps' were first found, and then German Popps' have the vertically-split Anderson Shields. Pape's/Popps' probably have the scallop of Varns/WARNocks and Grahams/GRAMs (Midlothian) because they also have the WARREN checks. German Grams even have the split Shield of German Popps' in colors reversed.

This gets even better because, as I've said in the past, the fawn would try to suck an imaginary nipple behind my knee. It would go for the part of the leg that folds with a bent knee, and there is a bent leg in the Leak/Leaky Crest. The Leak/Leakey bend is the blue, engrailed one of Knee's! The Leak/Leakey leg can indicate that the surname is a branch of Leggs almost having the Trump stag head, and Knee's were first found in County Down while Downs (Sussex, same as Vise's sharing the Knee stag head) have a stag in the colors of the Trump and Legg stag heads. What's with all of the stags? Trump is responsible for making Fauci the leader of the COVID task force.

The fawn would try to SUCK my leg for milk. I've told my story of Sassy, my white cat, sucking her tail regularly as an adult. This pointed definitely to Cetins/Cattans partly because: 1) the CETINa river is also the TILURius while TAILs/Tailors and Tillers share the same lion; 2) Cetins/Cattans share pellets on their white cats; 3) Sassys and Cetins/Cattans share Saracen heads. Tillers even share the crescents of Seatons/Sittens, first found in East Lothian with Catti-line Keiths. For some reason, it seems that God set me up with Sassy to go with the sucking of the sick fawn.

The Cetins/Cattans have a "lupus" motto term that can go with the wolf of Danish Andersons. The Sure's in the motto of Scottish Andersons (and Scottish Kilpatricks) are listed with Shore's, and then the Shere's/Share's/Shire's (merged with Irish Kilpatricks) share the Cattan fitchee. These surnames are compatible with Schere's/SCHERFs, and it just so happens that Scarfs have wolf heads in the colors of the Anderson wolf. Ms. Anderson kept cats.

Ahh, Scottish Randolphs use both horseshoes and a bat, pointing to horseshoe bats in China, and FARRAH's use horseSHOEs too while Shoe's have a "knight ISSuing from the Knees." Obama's Dunham line was descended recently from Randolphs, and English Randolphs even share the Dunham/DOWNham Coat. I see "Issuing" as code for Issa, also called "Vis, and we just saw Vise's sharing the Knee stag head. Plus, I learned earlier today (Wednesday) that Farrah's come up as "Pharo." I was going to attempt to show how Miss Hicks traces from the Hyksos PHARAOHs to the island of Pharia, and it's beside Issa/Vis! For those of you who know that Miss Hicks (Mrs. Kilpatrick) was the HOVERing Sleeping Beauty in the 1979 dream, note that Pharia is now HVAR.

I had first noted that the Leaks/Leakeys shared the Knee bend when Mrs. Hicks got a knee symbol on the Leakey rd., when I also noted that Leaks/Leakeys share the fleur-de-lys of Hicks. The Leakey rd is officially, Ranch road, and the same fleur is used by German Rench's. Although I had never had much to say about the Coat of English Rench's/Wrench's it can now be said that they share the crosslets of English Trips and Hamburgs while the Trips of Hamburg use SHOE's! HORSEshoe's! The Bats may even have the saltire of Kilpatricks closely; Miss Hicks is Mrs. Kilpatrick.

I can even glean that Rench's/WRENch's are a branch of Wrens and Raines' (share Rothes lion), the namers of Renfrewshire, home of Pollocks who built Rothes castle at Moray i.e. where horseshoe and bat-using RANDolphs were first found who are likely a branch of Rands/RANCE's, for a ranch-like Rance river is near Rennes (the father of the Pollock lived in that area). It just so happens that Haldans were once said to have been first found in East Lothian with Fawn-related Faucets, and vaccine-like Vychans/Vaughns are in Raines colors and format! But there's more, for Haldans, now said to have been first found in Glasgow (Renfrewshire), share the Bat saltire. Haldans came to topic here because they share the motto ("Suffer") of Haddens, who in turn are expected to have named Haddenham, where Rench's/Wrench's were first found!!! Haddens (may be sharing the Coat of Mens' of Midlothian) look like kin of Haddingtons who named Haddington of East Lothian, where Keiths were first found. Keiths have a brown stag head to go with the brown Ranch/Wrench stag, and Miss Anderson kept cats.

So, it seems that God set up the knee event with Miss Hicks on the Leakey / Ranch road (Camp Wood, Texas) to go with the finding of the sick fawn on that road. The event was at the Get'n GO gas bar that brought Gows/McGoo's to topic, but then Gowers/Gore's can link to Gore's/Core's (Kent, same as Trips) who share the Trip / Rench/Wrench / Gain crosslets. Gains were suspect in pointing to gain-of-FUNCtion, and while Funks are Finkle liners, German Finkle's share the rare swan design of Irish Collins'. Francis Collins is Fauci's boss.

You may have noted Dr. Jeremy FARRAR (22nd minute) in the Bongino video, a fellow conspirator with Tony Fauci. Pharo's/Farrah's show a Farrar variation! Amazing. I'm telling the truth, that surname was listed earlier today with Pharia in mind, hours before seeing the Bongino video. Ferrars/Ferriers and Ferrers/Ferrera's have more horseshoes.

Mrs. Kilpatrick got her knee symbol on the Leakey road on September 11, 2002, more than 20 years after she was given a knee symbol in the Sleeping Beauty dream, which dream was as little as a month before the morning vision (about a second long) of a sick Farrah pointing to a Fauci teamship with Jeremy Farrar and Kristian Andersen. "EcoHEALTH" caused me to check Health-like surnames, when I found the HICKson Coat (legs) with Helts/Helds. Hicksons were first found in Staffordshire with horseshoe-using Ferrers, and the latter family were granted Tutbury castle by Hugh Lupus, he suspect with Houstons/Hughstons (Renfrewshire). The latter are clearly related to the ALANs > Stewarts, and the Hicks motto, translated, "ALL IN good TIME," looks like part-code for Allins/Alans (have the Hicks fesse in colors reversed). Houstons have a "time" motto term too, and Houston, Texas, is beside the Galveston National Lab that was involved in Wuhan's lab. The Texas Coat is also the Vaux Coat, but is comparable to the Funk and Fink Coats. Miss Hicks had lived in Baytown, beside Houston.

It's just amazing that while ECOhealth came up as a topic (two updates ago) pointed to by the Ice/ECCO surname (Mecklenburg, same as Trumps), a branch of Eggs/Edge's, the "Agendo" motto term of Leaks/Leakeys is shared by AUGers/EAGers/ETCHes'. The latter, I kid you not, share the giant lion of Italian Ferrers.

Note the dope in video below who claims he's found signatures to prove that the COVID virus was created in a lab. First of all, it's roundly claimed that this virus has never been isolated, and so how can he study it to prove such a thing? However, as I don't know virology, that's the most I can say about it on that front. He's a dope because he says this virus is different from the SARS virus because COVID kills people. Yes, but so does the flu. Nobody knows how many people COVID kills because it's been misdiagnosed, first off, and secondly because the numbers are fallaciously inflated. If anyone claiming to be a doctor still doesn't know those two things, he's living on Mars, and falsifying his publicized data to boot. Everyone of Fox, regardless of how anti-Fauci, is acting exactly that type of dope.

It strikes me that some people normally on Fauci's side may be turning on him in hopes of preserving fear of COVID. Even anti-Fauci media people are portraying COVID as dangerous due to being created in a gain-of-function setting. This story may yet become another trick to justify mass vaccinations and lockdowns, you see. This dope is now starting the "scientific proof" that COVID is dangerously from a lab. Watch out, be wise.

I understand why Fox doesn't want to even imply that a virus was released DELIBERATELY from a lab (until there is solid evidence). I understand the legal ramifications of making such an implication on the air. I understand why Fox doesn't buck against the COVID death numbers, for fear of a backlash, and because the Fox boss wants a dangerous virus at this time because vaccine companies want that very scenario to play out as the media narrative. And so this is why I think people on social media should call-out the big media for ignoring the false numbers of COVID deaths, and the true science behind false positive tests. Fauci himself admitted that any test using cycles over 30 is bound to produce a false positive (good video), and I heard that they were using numbers as high as 40 in order to inflate the number of COVID infections.

People can make citizens arrests on this fraud, so why aren't whole church's or clusters of churches doing it who have a little spare money for court proceedings? I'm stumped? In Alberta, pastors are being arrested or threatened with court summons for having church OUTDOORS in June. SNAKES! Hundreds of pastors, thousands, rebel today and arrest the governments for their faked pandemic. Don't be treated in this way without exposing their crime. It's a golden opportunity. They have no evidence that COVID is especially dangerous, especially outdoors. Once you make a citizen's arrest on the government head-cheese, you get to explore the government evidence used against you, and then you get to expose that they have no evidence. What could be more glorious? But this takes money, and so churches need to pool money for the cause. The enemy doesn't want Christians to value life, or to teach that life is valuable. They want "humans" without emotions, not showing passions. Eternal Life in Jesus is their chief enemy.

Why are the Fox-entrapped Bongino's of the media world not stressing the false positives and faked death numbers? I'm stumped. The very Republicans we bank on are promoting the nonsense that COVID has killed 600,000 Americans. Where do I go to grasp at some hope? Is all of humanity a wasteland?

The irony is that this evidence of false-testing is the only hammer needed to quash the COVID scheme, and yet nobody is stressing it as an emergency that needs to be stressed. It's not being emphasized for the same reason that COVID-quelling drugs have been essentially forbidden. That reason is to keep the COVID scheme alive. What better way to keep it alive now, just as it's getting battered from all sides, than to throw Fauci under the bus and claim that the virus is a gain-of-function product? That's what I suddenly see going on now. It's making logical sense. The problem is, the fiends will be invited onto anti-Fauci shows to proclaim the gain-of-function news, and even Bongino may end up pushing the frightful scenario that plays into the hands of vaccination killers.

The reported numbers of COVID deaths were roughly a half million Americans over a year of time, but as the CDC had to admit that only six percent of those were COVID-only deaths, and because we can expect that the number, six, was deliberately too high due to CDC's complicity in the scheme, the true number of COVID deaths in America is bound to be more like three percent of a half million, or 15,000. Even if we use six-percent, that 30,000 deaths, same as typical flus. Yet flus kill children too, and that's not happening to children testing positive for COVID. We have been played with criminally, and Fox news is not protecting you from this dangerous game. It wants you vaccinated.

Yes, a highly-dangerous virus can be created in a lab, but if the schemers wanted a sub-end goal of mass vaccinations, they didn't need to put out the most-lethal virus to accomplish it. We might say that they were at first "nice guys" to feign a dangerous virus, but they might not be so nice if people stop getting vaccinated in the future, or it half the population rebels against this vaccination project in the next few months. Vaccinations do not look like the full-end goal. A part(s) of the goon / secret societies must have other things in store using vaccinations as a sub-end (or near-end) goal.

Let me put it this way: news junkies in general are so STUPIDified that they refused to believe that COVID was from the Wuhan lab until someone made it a popular news story a year and a half after it started. News junkies are generally dim of mind on this topic because they are lulled to believe those who say that China created the COVID scheme apart from Americans. It is more logical to think that Americans created it apart from China knowing. It is logical that Obama ordered or facilitated the virus scheme from Wuhan in order to act as cover for the American conspirators. The Obamaites framed China, that is. Plan A may have been to blame the Wuhan lab, but, on second thought, Plan B was concocted: not to blame the Wuhan lab, because American money funded some of its dangerous experiments. One can forward a logical theory even without evidence. That's how police work works.

Peare's Belly and a Bat

A black bat was found with the Clobery surname, taken from a Clobery family (mentioned in both the Lampen/Lambin and Clobery write-ups) that took some Lampen titles. The first thing to notice is that Lamps/Lambys/L'Ami's, who share a Peare-like "Per" motto term with Bailey-connectable Bellys, were first found in Northamptonshire with Baileys (and Lams/Lambs / Lums/Lambs). Bellys were first found in Moray with Scottish Randolphs who use horseSHOE's and the black bat. Perfect, but it gets better, for Ruths/Rothers/Randolphs were first found in Moray too, and they have the rare black-on-red color of Globers/Globs. The latter were found as per the Globery variation of Cloberys.

These things suggest that there is this new way of treating the belly-press event with Miss Peare so that it points to the COVID scheme. It-feels-so-GOOD can point to that too, as well as to election fraud, because both involve China. The Goddes/GODE's were even first found in Hamburg with GLOBErs/Globs (and SHOE-using Trips), and I know as a fact that a "GLOBE" is used by Belli-related Carpenters!!! Bingo. Carpenters share the Belly motto, "Per acute belli." I've not known until now that the Carpenter globe is code for Globers/Globs and/or Clobers/Globerys.

The thing is, Globers/Globs share the martlets of Singletarys, and they with Randolphs are in Obama's ancestry. The Glober/Glob martlets are in the colors of the eagle heads of Lums/Limbs (share crozier with Lamps/Lambys/L'Amys), and the latter (Lums/Limbs) were first found in Lancashire with Singletarys. The latter share the antelope (different color) with Cloberys/Globerys. Singletarys were first found at Felt-like Fylde.

BEHOLD. Cloberys/Globerys come up as "Cloe's too, and it just so happens that Clows/Clue's/Glue's share "macula" with Seneca's, an apparent pointer (of God) to AstraZENECA vaccines. But that's not all, for this is going to link to the Hips' who share the Singletary / Glober martlets, and Peare's belly-press event was related to her hips-pulling event. Clows/Clue's share mascles on blue with Seneca's, and the Clow/Clue mascles are in the colors of the Spink mascles while Spinks share the eagle of SANS/Sanches' while Seneca's are also SENESchals. Hips' have a sphinx suspect as code for their Spink kin. Another sphinx is used by BROX's/Brocuffs while BROXton is where Birds/Burds were first found who not only share the Glober / Hips martlets, but the FELT Coat.

"It FELT so GOOD" incidentally includes the "God" variation of Sinclairs, first found in Midlothian with the Mens/Mame's to which Mamie pointed. Mamie got her thigh symbol in relation to her tease symbol because God intended for her to point to the Tease/TYES' surname, and they while Thigh's are also Thy's, "thy" is another motto term of Sinclairs. Thigh's/Thy's share the giant red animal in the Goddes/Gode Coat, tending to reveal that a "God" motto term, at least that of Sinclairs, is code for Goddes'/Gode's. The thing is, she got her tease symbol in her tent, and "royal tents" are used by Tintons, first found in Devon with Cloberys/Globerys, and in their colors and format to boot. These are some of the most compelling heraldic links I've ever crossed. Several weeks ago, Mamie pointed not-bad to breast cancers due to vaccinations.

As the Lams/Lambs and related surnames above use lambs, and because these surnames are in the colors of lamb-using Lamberts, we now have evidence that the carpenter globe is code for a line from Goplo, the origin of Mieszko II Lambert. Goplo was named by the Goplans, also called, GLOPeani. French Gobels can be gleaned with the Macey Shield and Masci wing, but it just so happens that the French Gobel Coat is a reflection of the Cloe-like Close Coat! Bingo, for "Close" looks like it's from "Clausula," the river on which Goplo-like KOPLik is found. It just so happens that while Mieszko's are said to descend from mythical "Piast Kolodziej the Wheelwright" of Goplo's mouse tower, Wheelwrights (Yorkshire, same as Close's) share the Singletary antelope design.

Obama's mother was a Dunham, descended from Jonathan Singletary-Dunham, and Masci's / Masseys/Maceys named Dunham-Masci / Cheshire, where Birds/Burds were first found who share the Singletary martlets. The triple Singletary chevrons are those of MUSchats because Muscats (not "Muschat") share the black Singletary antelope (same design). MusCHATs have been resolved with the Catti tribe. English Randolphs (share Dunham Coat) are said to descend from Ranulph le Meschin, earl in Cheshire. Obama is a mouse-tower liner.

As I've said many times, my last and unexpected outing with Miss Peare had me at her apartment, where she showed me a picture of herself running on a beach in her BATHing SUIT. In an Obama dream of February, 2017, Obama (Barry SOETORo by another name) was pointed to by the Suit/SUTER surname, and then an additional point here is that the horseshoe-and-bat Randolphs (not the English Randolphs) share the cross of Bat-like Baths. The latter were first found in Somerset with Tinton-like Tints, and Tintons are in the colors and format of Cloberys/Globerys (share black bat with Randolphs).

Tintens share crosslets (same design) on a red Shield with English Trips and Hamburgs, while the Hamburg Trips show shoes that go with horseshoes. Trips (Kent, same as Gore's) were Gore kin while the Gore Coat is almost the Gain coat as a potential pointer to gain-of-function. Here's from my last update:

OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWIE, what are the chances? Not surprisingly, there's no Function surname coming up, but Funks are listed with Jewish Finklemans/Finks. The latter share the Coat of German Finks/Finckl's, but when we load "Finkle," we get the white swan of Collins (same design even)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What are the chances? I've been at heraldry full-time for over 15 years, and this is a very rare swan design at houseofnames!

Francis Collins of NIH is Fauci's boss. The Collins' share double-brown lions with Ramps, and Obama, near the end of the Obama dream, was skateBOARDing up a ramp in his business SUIT. Boards (share antelope with Singletarys) have a version of the Suit/Suter Coat, and the Board martlets are in the colors of the same of Singletarys, and of the Globers/Globs first found in Hamburg with Trips. To link the Trip shoes round-about to the Randolph horseshoes, we note that BOARDers were first found in Somerset with Baths.

We now turn to Hope's/HOPERs because they have a BROKE world or globe in Crest while Broke's/Brocks share the Chief-Shield colors of Brox's/Brocuffs. Broke's/Brocks were first found in Essex, where Gore's were once said to be first found, and where Thatchers/Thackers were first found who use the grassHOPPER. While Fauchys use the grasshopper too, Hoper-like Hoppers (Wiltshire, same as early Gore's) share a "salus" motto term with Gore's, and with the Lampens of Clobery. Hoppers were early in Cambridgeshire and Devon (i.e. with Cloberys/Globerys), while Lampens were first found in Cambridgeshire. Hope's/Hopers were once said to be first found in Derbyshire, where Sola's/SOLNIER's were first found expected in the "Sola" motto term of Gore's, and Fauchys can be gleaned as kin of Faux's/Fage's/CHALNES', first found in Perigord with Fauchys and Saunier's/SAULNIER's. Fauci is of age to have been close to the globalist, Javier Solana (what's he been up to in the past decade?).

The Tacker variation of Taggarts was found in this update seeking a branch of the Thatchers/THACKERs. Taggarts/Tackers use a "RaTIONE" motto term looking like code for the Toeni's (Tonys). TONY FAUCI.

Lookie from the 4th update of last month as per Mamie's thigh symbol: "New: a thigh is part of a leg, and while Leggs use a "Gaudet TENTamine" motto phrase, Goddess'/Gode's (share Thigh animal) have a Godet variation." I don't think I've ever realized before that the Legg motto could get us to Goddess'/Gode's. The latter was a new surname to me as of the 3rd update of last month. If it seems unlikely or even shocking that God would decree my sleeping in a sleeping bag with Mamie while I was a new Christian, ditto for my thoughts here in my 60s, and yet just look at the coincidences in this paragraph alone, which apparently includes the Trump stag head. Will Trump be the LAMB-horned False Prophet due to his political need of Christians to get back into power? I don't see how because he seems to be too old; the last seven years have not yet begun, in my opinion.

As I said, "tentaMINE" (of Leggs) looks like code for the Mine's/MENNs/MINKs because Mens'/MINGes' ("God" motto term) are also Mame's. While German Babels/Babe's share the mermaid with Laps/Labbs', the English Babels/Babwells (share "gold gate" with Arms of Podebrady) have six pale bars in the colors of the same within the DANCEtty fesse of Mine's/Menns/Minks. I kid you not. Italian Dance's use pale bars in half the colors of the Mine / Babel pale bars, and I "met" Mamie two or three weeks before she sat on my knees at her party, where we had a slow DANCE. I don't remember talking with her at all that evening; I left the party minutes after the dance.

The Party/Purdue surname could point to: "After the November [2021] election, [David] Perdue called for the resignation of Georgia's top elections official and claimed...that there were...'failures' in the election. He later supported a lawsuit by Trump allies seeking to overturn the election results." Purdue was a senator for Georgia, and then while VERNON Jones was likewise a legislator in Georgia, Vernons are the ones with a Goddes-like "goddess." Mamie's large breasts made me think (in recent months) that she was a symbol of Revelation's "Mystery BABYLon the great, mother of abominations", which I think refers to ancient Great Mother goddess. Put that together with Leggs almost having the Trump Coat while Laps share the Babel mermaid? Is God telling us that Trump is part of the anti-Christ kingdom? Mamie's thigh symbol, on the day after she sat on my legs, was at her GARDen, and lake Garda is at Val TROMPia. Just a reminder.

Dolly PARTon has large breasts too, and while Party-like Partons almost have the Mens/MAME Coat, Dolls are listed with Dols (Mecklenburg, same as same-colored Trumps). It just so happens that Alans of Dol moved to Shropshire, where Partys/Perdue's were first found. Did God provide this heraldic extra to prove that I'm not making it up that Mamie had large breasts? "Mam" means "breast." Partons share a ragully bend (different color) with the Alan-line Stewarts (English), and Scottish Stewarts and Stuarts share a checkered fesse (different color) with Partys/Purdue's (probably a Peare / Parson branch, kin of Pavia-like Pavers). I trace the Alans to "Aulon/Avlona" in Epirus, and, I kid you not, the ATINTanes lived there. TINTons have "royal TENTS." Babels/Babwells were first found in Middlesex with the Fiers and Apps', from Fier county on the APSus river; Fier county is beside Aulon/Avlona, I kid thee not.

It's interesting that Babe's, Beaks and George's were first found in Dorset with Dangers/d'Angerfields who in turn share the green griffin head of Bards while Bardys share the triple garbs of Kemps (Wiltshire, beside Dorset). Beaks can be gleaned as Babe kin, and Beaks were linked to Finchems (essentially the same Coat) because God pointed the Finch BUS station of Lorraine the babe to Mark Finchem of Arizona's election-fraud fight. It just so happens that the giant cinquefoil of Bus' is in the Danger/d'Angerfield Coat. The Hangers/Angers (share escarbuncle with Angers), were first found in Hampshire, beside Dorset. And the Hanger/Anger griffin may be that of Box's (Wiltshire).

As I said, it was roughly a couple of weeks after I split with Lorraine that God set up my bumping into her at the Finch bus station. I was not slated to be there except that Joe Oullette had invited me to go see a friend, and he wanted to take the subway, which begins at the Finch bus station. As I've said, I split up with Lorraine about an hour after dancing with Mamie at her party, but not because I wanted Mamie over Lorraine. My split with Lorraine was totally unrelated to Mamie. As little as a week or two after seeing Lorraine at the station, I was with Mamie at the camp site. It appears that God set me up with Mamie at her party so that He could set up the campsite events and more.

Lorraine got her babe symbol because MICHAEL Oullette blurted, "what a babe," when first seeing her. Why was Joe's brother used for this? German Michaels were first found in Bohemia with Babe-related Podebrady. Why does the Coat of Babe's make them look like Feltham kin? Felthams were first found in Middlesex with Babels/Babwells. See any Intelligent Design here? Babys share the Arms of Meulan, and while BEAUMonts (Dorset, same as Babe's) were counts of Meulan, Bone's/BOHUMs, looking like Bohemians, share the Beaumont / Bonn lion. Boms/Bohms were first found in Bohemia.

I saw Lorraine first in line to get onto the bus just as I STEPping off the BUS, and then German Bush's/Busch's share the giant Stepp/StepTOWs fleur-de-lys. Stepps/Steptows can be gleaned as a branch of Stevensons, first found in Northumberland with Lorraine's. What could this be about? Lorraine's share the green lion with TOWs/Touch's/Tuffs (Cheshire, same as Tufts/Tuffs') while Tufts/Tuffs' (share Knee / Mole phoenix) are in the "tufts of GRASS" in the Coat of Bush-branch Bosco's. Tows/Tuffs even share two fingers pointing with the Babe Crest. Lorraine ended my relationship with her when I pointing to the GRASS STAIN on her pants, and Stain-like Stine's/Steins (Norfolk, same as Bus') can be gleaned as a Stevenson/STINson/Steinson branch (roughly the Stine/Stein Coat). Amazing "coincidences". As per MARK Finchem, I showed that English Marks have a version of the English Grass Coat. ??? German Marks look like Trompia kin.

Election Fraud Choo-Choo; Sounds So Chinese

By Wednesday, we heard from Mark Finchem that six states had visited the audit-orium (this week) in his state of Arizona, including Colorado (liberal state), Virginia, Nevada and Alaska. Nevada went to Biden on a slim-margin after-midnight cheat job. Pennsylvania wants to begin an audit in July. The election-fraud train looks like it's on track to flatten China's reputation. Here's leftist NBC admitting to voter-machine hacking, in case you haven't seen leftists admitting it before:

People can sue youtube for lost income for being banished for talking about voter-machine fraud by hacking. It's a fact, but if youtube wants to banish people unjustifiably to cause them financial difficulties, then the youtubers should be able to convince a judge that their class-action suit is justified.

The video below says that Jovan Pulitzer reported on Friday that ballots for Republican-leaning counties had different paper than counties leaning Democrat, and that this difference in paper causes more adjudication = cheating against Republicans. This is the first potential indication that I've heard, in weeks, that Jovan's scanning software is being used somewhere, though the video doesn't say so:

Same video producer on the same day has more choo-choo:

By Friday, word was that delegates from 12 states were rolling into the Arizona station, maybe more. Why is the left, even with the help of the DoJ, unable to stop this?

Here's a piece of the Bannon show talking about the big threat this week from the utterly-corrupt DoJ against auditing election ballots and machines:

I'm very surprised that some Americans have not yet murdered some of the corrupt players now ruling the country with open-faced corruption. I'm not sure why we haven't seen it, but assume it's to stave off a backlash from the powers upon all those seeking to overturn the election. That'll be announced as a coup attempt by the DoJ, and they will probably act with charges of treason. Then what? This fight is only beginning, and it could split the country, even the military. I'm fairly convinced, however, that God has pointed long ago to this election-fraud battle, and things right now are going amazingly well, with the Bidenites unable to stop it thus far. It's going to be slow going if other states start their detailed audits. BIG QUESTION: of all things to point to, why to this election-fraud battle? How will it culminate? If it ends good for the honest guys, why would God bother to point to it?

The same CIA that pointed fingers at Russian communism is now exposed as Soviet totalitarianism. This CIA is even in bed with Chinese totalitarianism. These are dangerous rulers / decision makers who need to be fought off by the brave. It's time to be alarmed. It's not free speech that's needed so much; it's bravery in a spirit of war against them. We have seen what they are, we understand what they are, and they are only human, with the entire basket of human frailties, and the propensity to make errors. They are not invincible. They have bad days. They are, in fact, self-destructive, for they cannot trust those in their own ranks, because snake eats snake.

The time will come when it's best to stop fighting, to close the door and wait out the final few years, but until then, it would be good to see our enemies weakened in their reach to do harm. God knows what He's doing. Let's help Him to expose the enemy, to weaken it by shining the light -- and Light -- upon it. He DAILY bears our burdens, and the end-times will become burdensome for us. Trump is being portrayed by some social-media Christians as a savior from the tyrants, but I think he's more like escaping the trap to fall into a pit. Prepare to endure Trump 2 chaos, because it seems that this is the near-future.

Recently, the idea that Brian Kemp was being pointed to, by an event in my 20s, was introduced. I looked at the heraldry again last night seeking pointers, and found some compelling things. The event was Mamie, who was not my girlfriend at the time, taking a seat on my lap while I and others were sitting around a CAMPfire. Brian KEMP is the governor of Georgia, and he's protecting the cheats. Just as I finished this paragraph, "we're on our KNEES," sang over my speakers in a song, "Hosanna," by Selah. Not only did Mamie sit on my knees, but "HOSanna" could be a pointer to the Hose's (of LEICestershire) who use legs (probably for the Legro river of Leicester). Mamie sat on my legs, and Leggs almost have the giant Trump/Tromp stag. The Knee's use a phoenix, as do Phoenix's/Fenwicks, and the fraud that stole Trump's election win in Phoenix is about to be announced.

More. The Hanna's have the Trump/Tromp stag head in colors reversed. HosANNAH!!! Plus, "Mamie" pointed to Mamesfelde of the Mansfields (Nottinghamshire), and to the Tease's/Tyes' (Nottinghamshire) that share the star of ANNAS' (Nottinghamshire)! If this is all coincidence, it a big one. Plus, Anne's/Hanne's were at Tickhill, and Tickhills share the "maunch" with Mansfields. It used also by the Toeni's (see Tonys) of Leicester. The stag heads of Anne's/Hanne's are shared by Poppins/Pophams, and the latter not only share a "Mens" motto term with Pepins, they share the Chief-Shield colors of Mens'/MAME's.

Is that not incredible that God timed me this morning -- to wake up, make a coffee, and to start writing on Mamie's lap event -- just so that "on our knee's would be playing from a song title that would lead to Mame's? The latter were first found in Midlothian, beside the first-known Seatons/SITTENs expected in the "manSIT" motto term of Poppins/Pophams. Mamie was sitten on my legs uninvited, and to make her feel welcome, I remember putting my left arm on her left hip. The Hips' happen to have a version of the Phoenix/Fenwick Coat.

We can then ask whether God arranged the "PRIStina" motto term of Poppins/Pophams/Popa's for the Prise's/Price's (MERIONethshire). The latter almost share the giant MON(T)FORT lion (two TAILs) while the Chief-Shield colors of Poppins/Pophams (Hampshire, same as MERIONs/Marine's and Christs/Christmans) was used by rulers of Montferrat, an area that covered MONFORTE. Papps/Pappa's (emphasizes lion TAIL) were first found in Piedmont with Montferrat and Domino's, and Papa's/PapaDOMENico's (share swan with CHRISTmans) look related to Hips' and Christs. The latter are in the motto of Bello-loving Bouillons, first found in Auvergne with Bauds, and the latter have an upright ram in the colors of the upright, Good-like goats in the Arms of Merionethshire. The Glorys/Lowrys expected in the "gloria" motto term of Prise's/Price's use a giant cup, and cups are used by CHRISTine's/Christians. This paragraph looks like it's got the hips-pulling event with Christine Peare along with a pointer to Dominion Voting.

Papps, Pepins and similar surnames may have been from "Papia," another spelling for "Pavia," where Pierro's/Pero's were first found. As Peare's and Parsons (Norfolk, same as Stine's/Steins) share the STINE/Stein leopard face, note "PriSTINa." I get it. Stine's/Steins can be gleaned as a branch of Stevensons who in turn probably love the Lums/Lambs (Northumberland, same as Stevensons) in their motto.

If the "aeTERNa" motto term of Prise's/Price's (Merioneth) is partly for the Teron variation of Terents (Knee phoenix?), note that Terentia MURENA may be the line to Merions/Marine's (Murena colors). Her brother was a Roman military man who conquered the Salassi between Swan-line Sion and Piedmont. The Salassi may have named Montferrat-related Saluzzo. Terons/Terents share the red, spread eagle with the ATTERs/Tire's ("Per") who can be in "AETERna."

Lums/Lambs ("sine") share the Dog/Doag cinquefoil while Stevensons share the Moray stars as DOUGlas' use them. Dogs/Doags were first found in Perthshire with Rollo's who in turn love the Passe's/Pascals (share lamb with Lums/Lambs) who in turn share the Teron/Terent/Tarant eagle. Passe's/Pascals may therefore have the Merion/Marine / Marines cross. Douglas' are said to descend from Hardys, and "hardi" happens to be a motto term of Welsh Rice's. German Rice's share the crozier with Lums/Limbs (eagle heads colors reversed from Teron/Terent / Pascal eagle).

As a LIMB includes a leg while Leggs almost have the Trump stag head, are we back to the theory that Trump is the lamb-horned False Prophet? Why do Prophets/Profetts use a giant leg? Did Mamie sit on my limbs too? The false-like Falls' (Trump colors) were first found in Midlothian with Mens'/MAME's.

Ahh, she sat on my limbs at the campfire, and Dutch Camps have a giant form of the Lum/Limb eagle head! That works. She's now proven to have sat on my lap, my knees, my legs, and my limbs too. It was only very recent when I spotted that English Camps/Comps are no longer said to be first found in Yorkshire. They're now said to be first found in Warwickshire, and Warwicks might just be using the Falls lion very closely. Falls' (treFOILs) have a version of the Feller Coat, and while the latter can be connected to proto-Rockefeller RoqueFEUIL (Languedoc, same as Roque's/Rocks), the Warwicks (Roque/Rock colors) list a WarROCK variations. English Rocks (trefoil), in the gold-green colors of the Arms of Roquefeuil, were first found in Worcestershire (beside Warwickshire) with the Clent Hills. English Rocks share rooks with Rooks (Oxfordshire, same as Clintons) who in turn share the raven with Corbieres. Roquefeuil is at/near a Corbieres region.

Prise's/Price's have a "VITA breVIS" motto phrase. Vita's, first found in TreVISo, are in the motto of Bello's/BALLOTs, and while ballots are being audited right now in Rising-like Arizona (the RISING Phoenix applies here), the Risings/Risons look like a branch of Rice's/Rhys' while Prise's have this: "The Welsh name Prise...was originally ap-Rhys, ap-Rice, or ap-Rees..." While Rice's are also Reesors, the other Reesors/Reasons have the giant Prise/Price lion in half its colors. The write-up of Parrots/Perots (pears): "Sir Stephen Perrott married Helen, the daughter of Marchion AP RICE, Prince of South Wales at the beginning of the 12th century."

[I almost missed it. After coming to Price's/Prise's later in this update, I saw that they have a special / different color for the claws of their white lion (i.e. not white claws), which is an heraldic feature called, "armed." The arm-using Armours (share Moray stars) have a version of the chevron-with-items of Bellys (Moray), and "Vita" is shared between Price's/Prise's and Bello's/Ballots! That works.]

The "breVIS" motto term is highlighted because Vise's/VICE's share the black Knee and Acorn stag head, and while Knee's were first found in County Down, the Down surname, first found in Sussex with Vise's'/Vice's and Acorns, have a stag in Trump/Tromp stag-head colors. If that's not amazing enough, Dutch Tromps not only use acorns, but the vertically-split TARVES Shield in colors reversed. Treviso was once, TARVISium. "BREvis" can be part-code for the Bre variation of Brays/Brae's, and they use bird LEGs, no guff. The MowBRAYs of MontBRAI share the giant Prise/Price lion, and the latter surname was first found in Merioneth, which is called a "VICE county" (probably has nothing to do with the "breVIS").

The "flax breaker" in the Bray/Brae Crest can be partly for Flags/Flacks, who share the scallops of TRAVIS'. While Chives' were first found in Tarves, the leopard in the Bray/Brae Crest is probably in the Chives Crest (though Chives' call it a mountain cat).

Brays/Brae's were first found in Northamptonshire with sphinx-like Spinks, and sphinx-using Hips' look related to Phoenix's/Fenwicks who were in turn first found in Northumberland with Mowbrays. I trace Brays/Brae's to a Bra location in Piedmont, where Chives-line Chivasso is located. Chivasso is near Turin, and Turins/Thurins were first found in Aberdeenshire with Tarves. BRIANcon is over the Cottian Alps from Piedmont. Turins/Thurins share the boar head of Bards, and Bardys have triple scallops (same as Jack scallops) in the colors and format of the Kemp garbs. Kemps were first found near the Clent Hills (Worcestershire, same as Clinton-related Hillarys) while Clents/Clints and Blythe's (look like Jack kin) share the Kemp garbs in case Brian Kemp is in the camp of Bill Blythe-Clinton. I trace the Clinton Shield to Saluzzo's of Piedmont. Clintons, with the six fitchees of Hillarys and Tarves', share the pierced stars of Brights; the latter are from Brigantium, another name for Briancon. Blythe's share the triple crescents of Cheeks/Chicks, and the latter were kin of Love's/Luffs (Oxfordshire, same as Clintons). Tony Fauci was an ardent supporter of Hillary Clinton for her presidential bid. The Clent Hills are near Warwickshire, and the latter is where Camps and Flanders/Finders' were first found while Flanders-connectable Flemings use a "deed" motto term while Deeds/Dade's share the Clint Coat.

Briancon was BRIGantium, where I can trace BREAKERs/Brechs, and Brays/Brae's use a "flax breaker." Irish Brians have three lions in pale in the colors of the two lions in pale of Hatch's!!! Mamie and BARRY were inside the Hatch! It was the same day as she and I were in the tent, and Tintons look like CloBERRY kin!!! I get it, for Cloberry is in Devon with the first-known English Berrys. As these Berrys (fesses in Labore-fesse colors) use a Labe-like "labore" motto term in conjunction with the triple fesses of Drummonds in colors reversed, it speaks to the Labbs variation of Laps from the Podebrady location on the Labe river.

The Hacch variation of Hatch's can be of the Hykes'/Hacks, first found in Devon, where the Chives' were once said to be first found who look connectable to the Hykes/Hack quadrants. Chives' share a black moline cross with Moline's (Devon). Moline's are said to be of the Falaise family, and Mowbrays have this: "'...Three places in that province are still called Brai; two in the arrondissement of Falaise, and one in that of Bernal.'"

I now need to repeat: Barry called me up on day while I was living in the apartment of Paul Oullette (his brother Joe pointed to election-fraud in a dream I've been hashing out over the last few weeks). He asked me to go camping with the gang, and after turning him down, he lured me by saying that Mamie was going to be there. When I arrived, I asked someone where Barry was, and this someone promptly lifted the HATCH of a covered pick-up truck to expose Barry and Mamie alone inside. Mamie was putting a piece of clothing on, in the process of slipping it over her head, and I thought she was bare breasted and trying to hide it from us...I can't be sure, Or, maybe she was down to her BRA, you see, or perhaps she had her bathing suit top on. I think that, whether it was my imagination playing tricks on me, the Brays/Brae's and the Bra location applies to this. The only reason I'm repeating this is as per the "Vita BREvis" motto phrase that should be also for Vita's/Vito's of TARVISium.

I don't remember what happened that day after seeing Mamie in the truck, until she was at the CAMPfire looking for a seat, when she sat on my lap. Laps were first found in Wiltshire with Kemps. The capital of WILTshire was Wilton, and for a new discovery just now, English Willets share a cat with Chives' while Wiltons share the Tarves fitchees! THE THING IS, French Willets are listed with Oullette's while Wiltons have an owl in Crest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was correct to glean that Oullette's were a branch of Owls/Howls. The Wilton owl is brown, as is the Olive/Oliver owl. Howells were first found at MONmouth while Wiltons (share Monmouth lion) have a "mon" motto term. Mons' are listed with Mounts, applicable to the MOUNTain cats of Chives'.

[Insert -- More brown owls are used by Taggarts/Tackers (Ross-shire, near Tarves), and they happen to share "non vi" with Chives'. "TACKer" may indicate a branch of Tease's/Tecks from the Ticino river of Laevi. That works with "Olive." As unlikely as it may at first seem, Owls and Howells may have been Laevi liners, explaining why the Oullette / Aulnay lion is in the colors of the Jewish Levi lion, and almost the Hainaut / Arms-of-Flanders lion. The county / counts of Hainaut is the only entity that I've seen using the triple chevrons of French Levi's. Scottish Hains (share Tack scallops) even share the lozenges of PATHs/Perts, the surname pointed to by the Oullette dream (see "Path" last update). Mons is the Hainaut capital while "mon" is a motto term of English Willets while French Willets are listed with Oullette's.

The Hainaut article above tends to reveal the Levi chevrons as belonging to the house of Flanders, and this is super because while the FLANders/Flinders' look like they can be a branch of Flints/FLANs, the latter were suspect with Flynns who have a wolf in the colors of the wolf head of English Tackers/Tackleys (Oxfordshire, same as Peare's). Wikipedia once showed the same wolf head as used by Tackers/Tackleys as the symbol of Hugh Lupus D'Avranches, explaining the following from the Tacker/Tackley write-up: "William the Conqueror granted the manor of Tackley to Hugh d'Avranches, 1st Earl of Chester." Denbighshire is beside Flintshire, and Denbigh is where BATHers were first found who share the Tacker/Tackley wolf head. Clows/Clue's/Glue's, first found in Denbighshire, have a dog head in the colors of the Flynn wolf.

Tacker-like Thatchers/Thackers have a MOLINE cross in the colors of the Bath cross, and Bath is a location smack beside WILTshire. Moline's/MOULins' are said to be from the house of Falaise, and Oullette's were first found in Falaise. The "viVAS" motto term of Bathers is suspect with the Vase variation of Face's/Fessys because they share the Bath cross, and yet "VIvas" can also be of the "vi" motto term of Taggarts/Tackers and Caiaphas-suspect Chives' (share black moline with Moline's/Moulins). "HAINaut" may have been named by the line of Annas, father-in-law of Caiaphas. Thatchers/Thackers have a reflection of the Annas Coat.

The Moulins-like MOULs/Mole's (phoenix) share the boar head of Goffs/Gough's (Denbigh theater) who in turn look related to Tackers/Tackleys and Bathers. Moline's are suspect in the naming of MumMOLIN, to which Mamie pointed. he was the grandfather of Grimo while Griims are listed with GRIS'. The Moul/Mole / Googe / Goff/Gough boar is shared by SCHIMs/Schiens/Chands while the latter's Skene/Skin branch share the wolf heads of Welfs/Wolfs/Lupus' (Cheshire, same as Hugh Lupus above), and then a SCIMitar is in the Crest of Thatchers/Thackers who share the grasshopper (on a MOUND) with GRIShams/Greshams.

Grishams, in the colors and format of bat-using Cloberys/Globerys (Devon, same as Tintons) and Tintons, were at Battisford while Battisfords are also BATSfords. I slept with Mamie (no sex) in a sleeping BAG in a tent, where she got her Teck-pointing TEASE symbol, Bags share the GRIMaldi and Cock Shields (Goffs/Gough's are said to be of Cochs). PilGRIMs were first found in Norfolk with Grishams and Bags, and while Bags were at Gaywood, Gaywoods (Norfolk, same as COCKers/Cockets) share the Howell Coat. Batsfords were first found in Suffolk, where Cheek-related Loves'/Luffs were once said to be first found, and Cheeks share the Battisford/Batsford Coat.

Repeat: "Mamie and BARRY were inside the Hatch! It was the same day as she and I were in the bag in the tent, and Tintons look like CloBERRY kin!!! I get it, for Cloberry is in Devon with the first-known English Berrys." These Berries use a "NIHil" motto term (root of "annihilation") that may have been God's arrangement for pointing to the bat virus that was the scheme of NIH.

Cloberrys share the black bat of Randolphs, and while I've always viewed Randolphs as a pointer to Obama, he was suspect with Barry in the pick-up with maim-like Mamie, for Obama was BARRY Soetoro. The Labore's in the Berry motto even share the eye with Battins/Badens (Somerset, same as Baths). On the morning of the tent event, Mamie put on her BATHing SUIT (we went for a wade in the lake), and Suits (Angus, same as Gardens) are listed with Soetoro-pointing Suters. Later in the day, she got her thigh symbol, at her garden, while she still had the swim suit on. Irish Gards share the brown wolf in the Crest of black-bat Bats!!! Patria's/Peartree's (Kincardineshire, beside Angus) share the Suit/Suter fitchees, and throw in the Trump stag head. German Barrys even have fish heads (I don't know the species) in the colors of the pike heads of Gates-like Geddes'.

Patria's/Peartree's, with a "Fide" motto term, were first found beside Fido's/FETTE's and Prophets/ProFETTs (giant LEG) for a purty-good pointer to the theory that Trump will be the False Prophet. I'm not subscribing to this theory, however. The rising bird in the Patria/Peartree Crest looks linkable to the Crest of Podebrady liners Babe's and Bradys, and while I claim that the mother of all Scottish Drummonds was from Podebrady, German Drummonds (Trump colors) were first found near the first-known, Drummond-like Trumps/Tromps. As was said, Dutch Tromps have the Tarves Shield in colors reversed while TARVES is in Aberdeenshire, where Fido's/Fette's and Prophets/Profetts were first found. The "vide" motto term of Patria's/Peartree's is probably for the Vido's/Vita's of TARVISium.

I've told the story many times of kissing Kim Walsh on her CHEEK at La Paloma, where I had earlier kissed Miss Peare for the first time. I've also told that Miss Walsh lived on WOOTTEN Way (Markham) at the time. The Tacker/Tackley write-up: "The surname Tacker was first found in Oxfordshire at Tackley, a parish, in the union of WOODSTOCK, hundred of WOOTTEN." Laevi-suspect Loves'/Luffs and Peare's are now said to have been first found in Oxfordshire too, where early Cheeks/CHICKs were. Flanders/Flinders' were first found in Warwickshire while Warwicks share the lions of Chicks/Chichs (Essex, same as Thatcher's/Thackers). Warwickshire is where Parrot- / Peare-connectable PETTys were first found while Paths/Perts/PETTs were first found in Kent with Petits and Woottens. Paths/Perts/Petts share the long-necked bird in bulRUSHes with Thackers/Thickers. Peare and I RUSHed up the La Paloma stairs to kiss.

Woottens share the saltire of Scottish Walsh's (Roxburghshire, same as Mouls/Mole's and Googe's/Gouch's), and Woottens were at "Wooton Bassett in Wiltshire" while Wilt-related Oullette's (MoorCOCK) were at Ouilly-le-Basset! [Later in the day after writing here, I came across pear-using PERTons/Peartons who had a Purton location in the same Wooten Basset! This paragraph comes immediately after the Paths/PERTs were to topic...which can identify God's will as linking Miss Peare to the snow-cleared path that pointed, along with her hip-pull event, to election fraud in Phoenix. AHHHH WOW, pear-using Parrots were first found in Pembrokeshire, where Strongbow CLARE ruled, and the snow-CLEARED path pointed to Clare-branch Clears!!! WOW! I'm impressed, OH LORD. Irish Clears/Clareys share the Lindell leaves. The Parrots were mentioned above as marrying the Ap-Rice's = Price's/Prise's, and the latter essentially share the Coat of French Clears/Clairs...while SNOWdonia covers Merioneth, the latter being where Price's/Prise's were first found!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rice's are probably a Rising branch. The Phoenix rising theme.]

Wootten-like Wooltons/WALStons (Walsh branch / kin?) have a giant wolf in the colors of the wolf heads of Quade's who in turn trace to Lupus LAEVIllus, and Wolfleys/WOOLeys, with a wolf colors reversed from the Tacker/Tackley wolf head, were first found in Cheshire with Hugh Lupus and the Welfs/Wolfs/Lupus'. Wolfleys/Wooleys (beside Flintshire) use so-called FLAUNches' (curved shape) in Flint/FLAN colors.

I'm trying to figure out why the KISS with Kim Walsh (pointed with Kiss'/Cush's to Lupus Laevillus) should have something to do with Mamie at the camp site (or to Joe Oullette), for Woodstocks (Oxfordshire), a potential branch of Wootten-like Woodens/Woodhams (Essex, same as Cheek-connectable Chicks/Chichs), share the triple lions in pale of Brians i.e. connectable to the Hatch/Hacch lions. Plus, Laps and Kemps were first found in WILThire with Woottens, and Wilts/Wilders share the tree and savage with Woods (add a Clobery-like club).

Wiltshire (beside Somerset) is where Box's were first found who share the griffin of Jews/Chews who in turn share the white griffin in Crest with Walston-like Waltons (Somerset, same as Jews/Chews). Waltons (spear in Crest) were at Gordano while Roets (Somerset), who share the Gord/Gordan and Speer boar head, use a Box-like book. The swan of Irish Walsh's, which can be the Walton / Swan/Sion swan, traces to WALLIS canton, location of Sion, and then the Swan/Sion lion is shared by Box's (probably share the Camp griffin head).

The line of Lupus Laevillus is to Waleran de Leavell of Meulan, and the Arms of Meulan share the Shield of CHICHesters (stork, I think) who in turn share the blue-vaired Chief of Paloma-like Palms and Quints (Essex, same as Chicks/Chichs). Blue vair are used also by Saffers (Devon, same as Chichesters) and Irish Flemings (of Flanders), and the latter even share the Chichester checks. Mons of Hainaut (in Flanders) is beside La Louviere, and Louvier's (wolf) share the checkered Shield of Chichesters. The Laevi of the Ticino were also at Novara, and Spanish Navarre's have wolves in the colors of the one of German Flemings.

It seems that God always uses events in my life that, through the surnames applicable to the events, trace to Lupus Laevillus. I kissed Miss Walsh on her cheek at La Paloma, and Scottish Walsh's were first found in Roxburghshire with Scottish Leavells. I get it.

As Wooltons/Walstons (Lancashire, same as Salford and Whalley) are said to have been at Whalley, as were the Ratcliffs of Salford, the Woolton/Walston wolf (it's the Louvier wolf too), looking like the same-colored one of Salfords, but also the black one of Spanish Lupus' (compare with both Levi surnames in conjunction with Navarre's). This recalls my would-be kiss to Sleeping Beauty, who I think points to John Ratcliffe. Whalleys are probably responsible for the Vallibus variation of Vaux's who in turn share the Louvier / Arms-of-Meulan Shield. Wooltons of Wigan (Lancashire) had Miss Nowell as their matriarch, which can explain why the checks in the Arms of Meulan are in the colors of the Nowell fretty. Wigans almost have the Annas Coat. End insert]

Monmouths (share bars gemel of Oullette's) were first found in Herefordshire with Tarves-like Trevors. I don't remember how many Oullette's were at the campsite, as many as three. The Monmouth lion is missing a leg, perhaps code for Leghs rather than Leggs, for Leghs share a giant and red lion with Maid-related Monmouths. Leghs were first found in Cheshire with Maids and Savage's. Chivasso is near SAVIGliano, and German Wilts/Wilders use a SAVAGE. Savigliano is beside Bra. I thought I saw Mamie without her bra on, or only with her bra on. She did get a breast symbol as per MAMesfelde, and Brests/Brix's were from Brixia/Brescia, beside Val Trompia, and then while Dutch Tromps have the Tarves Shield in colors reversed, Trumps/Tromps almost have the Legg Coat. Val Trompia is beside lake Garda, and Mamie got a thigh symbol at her GARDen the day after she sat on my legs.

Repeat: "I don't remember what happened that day after seeing Mamie in the truck, until she was at the CAMPfire looking for a seat, when she sat on my lap. Laps were first found in Wiltshire with Kemps." Laps come up as "Labbs," and the Labe (Elbe) river flows to Podebrady (Bohemia). The matriarch of Drummonds was from Podebrady, and she married George of Hungary, father of Scottish Drummonds. With the help of the Lap/Labbs and Babel/Babe merMAId, one can glean that English George's, first found in Dorset with English Babe's (share finger pointing to sun with BRADYs), are from this George of PodeBRADY. It's important because Brian Kemp is the governor of GEORGia. That looks like another reason to point Mamie-on-my-lap to Brian Kemp. Dorset is beside Wiltshire i.e. where Laps and Kemps were first found.

KilDRUMMy castle belonged to the earls of Mar, and Scottish Mars almost have the double lions in pale of Hatch's. In fact, the Irish Brians above have three split-colored lions in pale, half in the colors of the Hatch lions, and half in the colors of the Mar lions. I was living at Mr. Oullette's place during the campsite events, and while Oullette's are said to have been at Basset of Falaise, Bassets share the Scottish Drummond Coat. Bassets look like a branch of Base's/Baise's because the latter share the Hatch Coat!

Bassets were first found in Staffordshire with Pepin-branch Pipe's, and while Pepins and Poppin/POPhams love the Men's/Mame's, Bassets have a "POPulo" motto term that can be partly for Pollock-liner Pulls/Pools, first found in Dorset with George's.

The Pollocks built Rothes castle, but when they married the Hungarian Leslie's, the latter became earls of Rothes. The castle is on the SPEY river suspect with the Speers/SPEYers, first found in Renfrewshire with Pollocks. It just so happens that while "spero" is a motto term of Kemps, the white lion head in the English Rothes Crest is the one in the Hatch Crest too! The Leslie's came to Scotland with Drummonds, both from Hungary. Leslie's, descended from BARTHolomew of Hungary, share the green griffin head in Crest with BARDs. Again, Kemps share the Bardy scallops. "Spero" is a motto term also of Masons/Massins who share the mermaid with the Morays, and Rothes castle is at Moray.

By the way, Bards are also Beards while French Beards/BEARTs look like play on "PEARTree" because the latter share the scallops of Sabine's while Sabines share the red bull with Beards/Bearts. The English Daggers/Dackers not only have this red bull too, but the three Bardy scallops too. Pearts are listed with Paths/Perts/Petts (share BULLy mascles), and Peartree's share the Pulling/Pulit scallops and bend, which gets back to the pointer to Phoenix election fraud. Peartree's have the Trump stag head, almost used by Leggs (Dumfries, same as Bullys and Bells). Bellys share the roses of Jumps who in turn share the Peartree / Trump stag head.

The "Lucem" motto term of Kemps can be for Luce's, who share the pike fish with Geddes' (Nairnshire, near Rothes castle). Scottish Pike's are also Picks, and Mamie was in the hatch of the PICK-up. Scottish Pike's/Picks have a version of the Red/Reed Coat, and Reds/Reeds (almost have the Drummond Crest) share the Kemp garbs. "Joe's van" was a pointer to JOVAN PULITzer, and while Spanish Campo's share the Pellican tower, the same pelican that's in the Crest of Kemps is in the Crest of Pull-like Pullings/PULITs!!! It's the Bassets who have a "poPULo" motto term, and Pulls/Pools were at Poole, near the moth of the Stour river while Sturs/STYRE (Hampshire, same as Joe's/Josephs) share the triple fesses of Bassets / Drummonds (named Drymen at STIRling). Stirlings/STURlings share buckles (different colors) with Leslie's

Pellicans were first found in Maine with French Josephs who in turn share the Pulling/Pulit martlet. The "pallescere" motto term of Pullings/Pulits gets Palles'/Palle's listed with English Pauls (Yorkshire, same as Pullings/Pulits), and I was living at Paul Oullette's while my friend was his brother, Joseph. English Joe's/Josephs share a gold garb in Crest with Kemps (the Kemp pelican is on the garb). Oullette's named a place after themselves at Basset, and the "Pro" motto term of Bassets looks connectable to Pero's and Pierro's/Pero's because the latter's fesse is in the colors of the Basset fesses. The Pellican / Campo tower is shared by OULlette-connectable HOWELLs, the latter first found in Monmouthshire with Phoenix-branch Phones/Fane's/VANs.

RED/Reeds share the Kemp garbs. This reminds of the RED TRAFFIC LIGHTs I saw in the Joe's-van dream (with Joe Oullette), for I was in a SHOPping MALL looking for Joe in the next scene, and it was the last scene of the dream. Reds/Reeds look like kin of Pike/s/Picks, first found in Ayrshire with the Ayers (human LEG) using a "LIGHTer" motto term. That goes perfectly with the two events, Mamie in the hatch of the PICK-up, and her SITTEN on my legs at the campfire. Lite's/Lights are in the Ayer motto while Ayer is a location near Sion/SITTEN, explaining the swans of Lite's/Lights as per the Swan/SION surname. I've just realized that Lite's/Lights may have been a branch of Litzers/Litz's in "PuLITZER."

Hatch's share the Crest of Rothes' (at Moray), and while the latter were at MALLing, Mallings share the goat of Moray-connectable Mortons. The latter were first found in Wiltshire with BOX's, Kemps and Laps. Bochs use a goat. Then, goat-using Moline's (Devon, same as English Pike's) were at Lancashire, where Traffic-like Traffords were first found who share the giant BUMP/Bumpuss griffin. The latter happen to share the vertically-split Shield of MORleys/MAULE's, what are the chances? It's as though the traffic lights were added to verify that God provided the dream, but there's more to it, likely.

This all works because Joe, before he with his van disappeared, had just shovelled snow into a BOX, from the snow upon his rear BUMPer, while parked near that intersection (I would guess about three or four car lengths away from the traffic lights). The Tooths (London, near the first-known Palmans) share the other half of the giant Bump/Bumpuss griffin, and the Palmans in the Tooth motto share swans with Lite's/Lights. Palmans are listed with PELhams, and Pele's again show the pelican design of Kemps and Pullings/Pulits. The latter were first found in Yorkshire, same as where Camps/Comps (share gold griffin heads with Box's) were said to be first found until this past year.

Camps are now said to have been first found in Warwickshire, near the Box's of Wiltshire, and beside the SQUARE's/Squire's that jibe with the square container that was the box. The "palleSCERE" motto term of Pullings/Pulits (Yorkshire, same as MORleys/MAULE's) is connectable to variations of Shops, and to Square's/Squire's too. Warwicks share the Pull/Pool lion. Brian Kemps election cheating was in Atlanta, and while mythical Atlas was the symbol of mythical Atlantis, Atlas' (Kent, same as Shops) share the giant Pull/Poole and Alley lion while Alleys were first found in Worcestershire with Square's/Squire's. The latter share the red squirrel of Decks/Daggers while English Daggers share the triple Kemp garbs. Worcestershire is beside Herefordshire, and the latter is where Trevors/TREFORs were first found who may have named Traffords.

Also interesting is that English Daggers were first found in Cumberland with the Ramps who share double-brown lions with the Atlas Crest. Mythical Atalanta was wife to king MELEager, expected to be named (by a myth writer) after Melia the honey goddess, leaving us to decipher the "ager" in his name. The Acre's were a branch of Daggers/Dackers. Mount Acra in Jerusalem had come to mind, interesting where proto-Dagger Dexaroi were on the Apsus river at/near Kuman, the latter being the line to Comyns (dagger) who in turn use Gareb-like garbs. Mount Gareb was less than two miles from Old Jerusalem. The Arniss variation of Annas' may indicate that the line of priest Annas was in Arnissa, on a Genusus river to the near-north of the Apsus. I'm wondering whether a tribe that named Acra became the Dexaroi. Kuman is in Fier county, and Fiers/Fears were a branch of Vere's who share the lone Annas/Arniss star.

Just for the record, French Acre's share the bend of English Grasse's (share Alley / Atlas lion), and then while Fauchys use a GRASShopper, French Acre's were first found in Forez with Fauchs. Forez's/FORE's (DADDy colors) use a "TOUT travers" motto term to go with Trevors/TreFORs, and Traffords have the TOOTH Coat in colors reversed. I'm getting the impression that Tony Fauci is an illicit-drug trafficker. Travers/Travis' were first found in Lancashire with Traffords. Fauchys were first found in Perigord with the Bardys who in turn share the triple garbs of DADE's/Deeds (Norfolk, same as Flags/Flacks sharing the Travers/Travis scallops). Fauci's boss is Francis Collins, and Irish Collins' share double-brown lions with Atlas'.

VERNon Jones is running to replace Brian Kemp as governor. Vernon Jones was either on the audit-torium floor, at the Arizona audit on Tuesday, as I write here, or he's going tomorrow because he wants to have an audit in Georgia too. As I recall the facts, Paul Oullette moved out of his apartment on the second last day of September (may have been the end of October), and let me stay alone on the last day of the month. I then moved into the home of VERNE Archibald, just days before or after Mamie and I broke up. With Mamie pointing to Kemp, it's mentionable even though I can't add to that picture at this time.

Senator Wendy Rogers Chew-Chews the DoJ

Arizona's Wendy Rogers, late in the week, sent a message to the looming DoJ: you touch one Arizona ballot, you go to Arizona prison. So I decided to check the Wendy surname because I've known by heart that English Rogers in combination with French Rogers look like kin of phoenix-using Knee's. And the Wendy Coat turned out to be this giant griffin in the colors of the same of Bumps. The snow on bumper of Joe's van pointed to Bumpers by way of Joe OulLETTE's connection to Let's/Late's being first found in Gloucestershire with Bumps, and by way of Letters sharing the Bump griffin.

But there's more, because the Chief-Shield colors of Lets/Late's are those of Majors, and I've had cause to link Majors before to Rogers, for French Rogers, sharing red roses with Majors, were first found in Savoy with the Corbeils. The Majors are said to descend from Mauger, count of Corbeil. And it just so happens that Corbeils have a giant griffin in the other colors of the Bump griffin! Zikers, did God point to Wendy Rogers?

The Maugers under discussion were related to the "tanner" of Falaise (Oullette's were at Falaise). German Tanners share "pine cones" with Massey-connectable Maschi's, and French Masseys/Massa's were first found in Savoy too. French Majors share the crescent of Pine's (SNOWden fesse?), and these Pine's were first found in Limousin with Clears and Clairs. I took the container from the snow-cleared path, and Joe shovelled snow into it. I dumped out the snow and returned the CONTAINer. Cone-connectable CONTANs/Constance's use the PINE tree, no kidding at all, as well as the Macey stars and the crescent on Cone-connectable Conte's that happens to be a crescent in colors reversed from the Pine / Major crescent. English Constance's share the Ferte eagle while Masseys/Maceys and Maceys/Mace's were namers of FERTE-Mace. Masci-line Meschins were birthed by CONTEville's, from Herluin de Conteville, husband of Herleva of Falaise, the "tanner's" daughter. Masseys/Maceys were from Manche, in the COTENtin peninsula, and the English Majors were largely in the Channel Islands off the coast from Manche.

I think Wendy Rogers led to more heraldry supporting a pointer to Arizona audit. And even audit-like Aude's/Audets were first found in Savoy. Wendys might even be a branch of Windsors who in turn have the Fiens in their motto, one Fien surname being the Phoenix-branch Phone's/Fane's/VANs.

Peare's belly-press was pointable to the Arizona audit, and so I think I can make sense of the Welsh Rogers/Rosers here because they have a version of the Simson Coat while Simsons share the crescents of Corse/CARSE's. The belly-press was recently discovered as a caress, and with Caress' and Cressys together sharing the Voter/Gothier and Tromp eagle, it appears that Corse's/Carse's can apply. The Caress cinquefoils look connectable to the Coats of Baileys, a Baliol branch, the English Michaels who are expected to have named CORSE-Michael tell that the mother of king Baliol had owned the church of Corse-Michael. I might re-visit this set of new-to-me heraldry again.


Chris Wray is now before congress answering questions on the Fauci scandals. For a great rebuke of Wray by Steve Bannon, start at his 36th minute for his June-10 show, episode 1,013:

In the 47th minute of the video above, Matt DePerno of Michigan is on to say that a new discovery was made, with proof, that someone was given a back door into the voting machines from the outside via the Internet. I assume the "hacker" is known. I assume Dominion has nothing to say in self-defense.

Here's Biden a couple of decades ago when he was seeking to ruin judge Thomas. Note that he has a normal ear lobe on his right side, for the Biden now acting as president, who seems politically ignorant, does not have an ear lobe. Why not?

In canada, the government is going to fight protesters by making it illegal to protest. Look at this:

It's time now, more than ever, to protest in the tens of thousands because it's not lawful to prohibit protesting for insufficient reason, especially past flu season in the midst of a faked pandemic. The government doesn't want protesting because it's threatening to build steam until it cancels the faked pandemic, and that makes the government a lawbreaker for making and enforcing a law specially to protect its own COVID scheme. Here's a small Christian protest in Alberta where the police are not showing up on day two:

Trudeau is a disgusting pig refusing to let-up in this faked pandemic. He's following the will of the criminally insane who twist right for wrong. The people need to know that they have more than half the police officers and chiefs, but there's no way that half will quit their jobs in protest, though there is a chance that they can form their own protests to STOP THE MADNESS. The best thing that can happen now is for the Unites States to split in half to form a Christian-based country, to boot out the liberals, and to then invite Christian Canadians to citizenship to take their place. I'd leave canada faster than a bug-eyed hound swallows a fist-sized chunk of barbecued steak whole. Jesus, you take good care of Trudeau for me; give him what he deserves. Protect Your uncompromising people, Lord, from the vile enemy, for if it could get away with it now, it would be harsh already.

I suspect Britain behind India's demonic decision to ban cheap drugs that cures viral illnesses. In the third minute, you could get the impression that population control is the goal by COVID-related murders:

When Fauci was questioned by Marco Rubio, Fauci could not give reasons for his pushing the natural development of the COVID-19 virus due to anything having to do with the shape / nature of the virus itself. Fauci's only excuse for pushing the natural development is that other viruses in the past came from natural developments. However, Fauci is bankrupt here because he knew firsthand that, in the case of COVID-19, a lab-developed virus was a stark possibility, in which case he had ZERO BUSINESS pushing a "natural" persuasion without also mentioning the lab-leak possibility. EVERYONE can see through Fauci as he seeks to protect self:

To see a hefty ticket in Ontario for shaking hands, you just can't believe this; a government grab of money is the only explanation, where the government is admitting to being our enemy:

Where's all the courageous canadians? Staying home like cowards? Why aren't the Hamilton streets filled with the brave in a rave? canadians = cowards. Great shame.

I'm showing the video below for when the man asks people why they continue to wear masks outdoors, when we get the sense that they have a secret agenda, like maybe they love to disturb normal people, hoping to make them wear masks forever more. Who would have thought that people would be this evil or deranged? It is inhuman to wear masks all the time everywhere. It's goonish, but the fact is, these goons take masks off at home when nearest to loved ones, but put masks on outdoors to "advertise" that EVERYONE must wear a mask. See also 16-17th minute for a mask-goon extraordinaire:

Did you see the maskless two (17th minute) who were kicking the mask goon out of the store? That's a flip. When can we do that in my area? Can't wait. Sweet revenge. In the 19th minute, there's an article shown where John Hopkins university says that vaccines can spread person-to-person, but this may be a trick to keep people wearing masks to protect themselves from getting a vaccine. Best thing: don't get too close to people until this claim is shot down?

Some say that the COVID hoax is coming to an end, but, really? Winter is just months away, and the nutbars have ways to prolong this unless the people rebels against the police. THERE MUST BE throngs of ZEALOUS, NOISE-making protesters who do not fear the police...who merely do their jobs to keep the bills paid. No contest. Canada is already paving the way for a "variant" by summer. canada is a good, globalist pet, now looking like a rabid pit-bull.

At the end of the video above, there's a clip of Trump talking eerily like he's mocking Christians, and this makes me not trust this goon even more than before. If it's true that he claimed he'll be back in the White House by August, then is he part of an orchestrated plot along with those who stole the election? Is he just playing his part to appear persecuted? Why does he seem to lash out against Christians in his threats? Since when are Christians his enemies who caused him troubles? Is he talking about the liberal-vatican people? Or has he despised all Christians all along? I don't trust Trump. He's for 5G and vaccines, and that's much of the immediate globalist agenda. He may be feigning opposition to some globalist projects because, if he did not, he wouldn't have much of a voter base. There is evidence that he's a master deceiver.

Here's Tucker on crucial heart problems to vaccinated youth, which amounts to more evidence that crimes against humanity are being perpetuated with the help of youtube / google. This video did not load on my first attempt (re-load the page if you have the same problem):

I wonder whether Ainsley Earhardt, has decided to become a Christian in regards to vaccinations? I think I'll check in now. The 8-am show on Friday mentioned the heart problems, and that the CDC has scheduled an emergency meeting to look into things, but there was no talk on this issue, no guest (maybe someone on Saturday). Instead, Earhardt was given the job of hosting the celebration of a faggot musician. So, when her Fox bosses make her host a sinful thing, instead of saying, "no, I won't do it," she does it. She claims to be a Christian, but she seems a hypocrite to me. I'm not her judge, however. I would like to see her do the right things, telling Fox to shove it, and being loyal to Jesus at the risk / cost of losing her job. She can work elsewhere for less money, and in that way she can have great reward in Heaven. Instead, she's choosing Fox paychecks.

Let me put it this way, that when God forbids us to take the mark of the beast, He wants us to resist the evil state. When cops and other government workers do the bidding of the evil state, they will be judged by God with the evil state. If Fox news, therefore, is an evil media, and it is, then Ainsley: get out now or you will lose points with God with each passing week, and you may eventually be abandoned by God to the fate of Fox news, which won't be pretty. It's time to choose sides, to have nothing to do with the evil state, and to disconnect with it.

Someone will argue that it's better to have Christians at Fox than non-Christians. Not if Fox is demanding Christians to support sin. Cops should quit when the evil state demands that they do evil. This is the end-time test. This is what the mark of the beast is all about. To keep government workers doing the evil thing, the government will steal more of our tax dollars to pay government workers more wages to make it less palatable for them to quit.

The youtube channel, Black Conservative Patriot, featuring a Trump-stupidfied Christian, says that Trump is bringing peace and prosperity. This is nuts. We cannot join worldly peace and prosperity. Has God been hands-off of the world this past generation, that evil might prosper, so that He can usher in Jesus-appointed peace and prosperity on this side of the rapture? That's not going to happen. And then you have the Kingdom-Now Christians who think in just that way, to make this world suitable for a global rule by Jesus. It's not going to happen that way. Christians are not going to fix this world if God is allowing evil to prosper, but in keeping with 2 Thessalonians 2, we expect God to fully remove Himself from the midst of satan, to let him destroy minds even more than he is now.

And then we have the deranged pre-trib theorists, who, although they read in one verse of 2 Thessalonians 2 that the rapture cannot take place until after the anti-Christ arrives, they yet teach that the rapture occurs before the anti-Christ arrives, by misinterpreting the removal of God's restraining power as the full removal of Christians from the earth. How can they be so STUPID? WHY are they being so stupid? They pretend to be so in-the-know of God's word when they can't even get this straight. Did you ever notice that pre-trib teachers are in lock-step with one another in their teachings? Who sent these activists? Why are they activists? They are deceiving us, and they can hurt you greatly. Here's parts of 2 Thessalonians 2, where Paul was expecting something that never came to pass in his lifetime, and it wasn't a Christian revival or a world blessed of God:

May no one deceive you in any way, for [the coming of Jesus won't happen] unless the falling-away first arrives and the man of lawlessness is revealed, the son of apoleias, the one opposing and exalting himself over everything-God [he's an athiest, as Daniel confirms]...

...For the mystery of lawlessness already works, yet there is the restraining for now until out of the midst it comes. And then the lawless one will be revealed...

Why do pre-tribbers teach that the anti-Christ will be a Jesus-double, a counterfeit Jesus, when they plainly read here that the anti-Christ will despise God??? Are pre-tribbers this slippery and willfully daft? Yes, and I cannot understand why. For forty years, I haven't been able to understand why the predominance of pastors teach a pre-tribulation rapture. If I say that they are all afraid to face the implications of a 666 system, then I'd need to conclude that only the cowardly-side Christians become pastors. How could we explain that? I would never strive to become a typical pastor because I do not believe in taking money from other Christians for my food, and moreover it seems that receiving money for preaching cancels out any rewards from God for preaching. Am I therefore to conclude that most pastors use the Christian people for their money? I don't want to do make such an accusation, but it could be true. I leave it at that.

Is there no other way to read the part with the restraining force than to read it as the removal of Christians from off the face of the planet??? Of course there is, yet pre-tribbers do not leave you any other option but to see it as the rapture because they can then have the rapture BEFORE the anti-Christ arrives to his mission. Do you see how slippery these teachers are? It's obviously not the rapture because a few verses earlier, Paul said that the rapture cannot take place until after the anti-Christ arrives. The biggest mystery here is how pre-tribbers can be so blockheaded as to deny what the plain text says. What bewitching thing has a hold on them?

They do not want us to prepare foods and fuel for the final 1260 days. And neither do the globalists, and neither will the anti-Christ. Why are pre-tribbers playing to our mortal enemies in this regard? There is great risk when the main bolt on the wheel is loose at this very crucial time, when it seems that we are in the final generation.

Paul was saying that God will have some (not full) restraint on the power of lawlessness until He pulls the restraint from the fold of satanic powers. As that removal cannot be the rapture of the Church, what is it? Why would God reveal it to us? He doesn't want the enemy to know His game. So, restrain He will continue to do (in probably hundreds of ways) until the anti-Christ is given 3.5 years to do his dirty-best. In just the same way that our coaxing enemies would portray our lives being miserable unless we accept the vaccines, so pre-tribbers portray the last few years as being more horrific than they will actually be, in order to coax us into taking their rapture view. I do not think that they properly time the 21 plagues of Revelation. They have the 6th Trumpet roughly in the middle of the last seven years, but it should be after the seven years. For an acceptable reason, I have the 6th Trumpet immediately after the 6th Seal, as illogical as that may at first seem.

I used the Greek word when quoting, "son of perdition." I used "son of APOLeias." I wonder whether this applies to Apollo of the abyss in Revelation 9. This seems to be a satanic force that pains those who gave themselves to the mark of the anti-Christ. Just because they took his mark doesn't mean that satan will respect / appreciate them.

Paul ends his discussion (verse 12) on the anti-Christ by saying that the end-time world will take pleasure in unrighteousness. See any of that today? Paul lived in the first leg of the Roman empire, and here we are in the second leg with the same thriving of lawlessness, with cops on their way to becoming Roman soldiers who might even kill some people on the streets soon, unless they obey the globo-nutjobs. The cops right now are like dogs being tossed reward biscuits for doing as the globo-nutjobs require of them. The "best" dogs will get promoted more...until we are in the midst of the nazis again.

A Christian agrees to be sidelined from the world, and to wait the remainder of his/her life for the Coming, or for death, whichever comes first. Those who cannot tolerate or swallow such enduring sacrifice, who would rather enjoy this life to the fullest, will become trapped into a swirl to Hell due to spirits that God gives them to. But He will protect His children from such spirits, and we get many more Benefits too while we endure. Some Christians will try to have a little of both, with one leg in the world, and so we need to be wiser because there is a price to pay if we disappoint God with a semi-betrayal, for lack of a better term. Yes, if we get deeply worldly again, we are betraying our first commitments to Jesus. We are cheating on Him. I became disgusted with this world, and was happy to find that Jesus is real. The world has become more disgusting since then.

What better way to popularize and magnify righteousness but by exposing the painful fruits of unrighteousness. That's what God is talking about for the last days. Don't knock it, don't lament the fall of Sodom, the United States. Don't be Lot's wife. We wish for righteousness in all the streets, for safety, for sanity now, and it's super to fight the wicked with truths in order to restore those things better than they were in decades past, and yet we are not to share the dinner table with the wolves, which is exactly the melting pot of everybody-jump-in USA. Tell the world what the righteous things are, and what God requires of them, but stay aloof from that world because it's going to reject your message. If some accept our message, then they themselves come out of the world. Do not escort new converts to a half-way house where Christians schmooz with snakes. Like at Fox news.

When God puts the ladle into the melting-pot USA, and brings it to his mouth for a taste, He spits it out in disgust. You cannot make melting-pot USA great, you simply cannot. So don't try, or you'll be a loser. Stay on the sidelines and tell melting-pot Europe what the heart of God is. Start sinking Godless Europe today by setting before it the Frustration From God. By boldly telling Europe what the will of God is, Europe will react with prideful opposition toward us, which gives the Protector the right to frustrate her with any of a million creative options to choose from. She is nothing but a wayward whore in a pot. She's cooked already, for she's committed to Godlessness. You must not be happy about her. You recognize that she must be eradicated. You must not be happy in Trump-America with snakes on every side. To be aloof from her is to come out of her. Pain her, says Revelation 18, because she pained us. You are not going to be able to change the streets just because Trump is in the White House. The snakes will rebel all over again even if, and especially if, Trump becomes the perfect Christian.

Pre-tribulationists are so passionate for their erroneous theory that they will even lie to the people of God to prevent them from becoming post-trib. For example: "No single Bible verse says precisely when the Rapture will take place in relation to the Tribulation or the Second Coming in a way that would settle the issue..." But this is more than stupid; it's downright evil. We just saw Paul's belief that Jesus comes after the lawless one is revealed, and Revelation 20 has Christians being persecuted by him prior to the "first resurrection." I have no problem calling the person who made the statement above a fart in God's face, because the Bible never speaks of two Comings so that the Coming is clearly timed at Armageddon, for there are many scriptures telling that He returns at Armageddon. The pre-tribulationist fart claims that there are two Comings, and then claims that the Bible never tells when the first of the two Comings occurs in relation to the tribulation. That's because the Bible never speaks of the first of two Comings, YOU FART, you bag of hot air, you evil creature. You invent the first of two comings, and the question is, WHY?

If it's dire to alter one word of Revelation, as Revelation itself warns against it, then how will a person fare with God for inventing a pre-trib Coming resulting in Christians not preparing to endure the 666-stretch of 1260 days? Should we consider whether an avid pre-tribulationist -- one who has studied all pertinent scriptures -- is happy in the heart to abandon Christians to the 666? Are pre-tribulationists by-and-large destined to be the foolish virgins who care not for God's people, who only pretend to care, who tend to set themselves up as Bible experts and leaders for the ego-honor (or money) they can receive from it? I'm so confounded by pre-tribulationism that any option for explaining this illness is on the table for me.

Or, perhaps, would-be pastors and en-route pastors do not believe pre-trib yet own it anyway, when asked, for fear of being rejected by their church superiors and thus losing their opportunity to become pastors. THE INDISPUTABLE BIBLE FACT: Jesus returns at Armageddon, and he does not come twice. If there were two Comings, it would have been an integral part of first-century teaching, yet there was no such thing. The pre-trib stinker will then say that the first Coming is not an actual Coming because He doesn't touch the earth. What a stupid. The people of God are told by the apostles to wait for Jesus to Come take them from earth, and yet the stinkers would have us believe that this is not the Biblical Coming of Jesus. Shake my head, people abound in the churches who argue just as insanely as globalist liberals now seeking to persecute Christians. Can this explain why most churches are not rising to expose the COVID scheme?

We should not mistaken Bible scholars for true believers necessarily. Jesus exposed that church leaders in his day loved to be Bible scholars yet didn't have the right heart to be desired by God. This is frightening, is it not? How do I know whether my heart is desired by God? It's frightening. The last thing I'd want to do is show God that I don't care about whether or not we need to endure the anti-Christ. Every generation was left by God to believe that Jesus could return in their lifetimes, and so all Christians are to condition their hearts to endure persecution for Jesus, and yet pre-trib skunks come along (not until the 19th century) to say, don't worry, Jesus is coming before the persecution begins. They are the ones who created this controversy, for they had no justification. There was no historical basis for their two-Coming view. It was unheard of until the 19th century. Should we brand pre-tribulationist teachers as false brothers? I don't know. But I am very unhappy with them. They even twist the post-trib texts in order to claim that there aren't any. This is very serious. When Jesus comes "after the tribulation" in Matthew 24, he's not gathering the Christian saints in(to) the sky, according to pre-tribulationists. I have a serious problem with any professing Christians who can war against that VERY SPECIAL text to obliterate Jesus' words.

It's not a mere annoyance. It's a deep-seated spiritual rot. To look at a plain, uncomplicated text such as Matthew 24:29-31, and to deny what it's saying, is to be at war with the true Jesus:

And immediately after the tribulation of those days...the powers of the heavens will be shaken, and then will appear the sign of the son of man in the sky...and they will see the son of man coming on the clouds of the sky with great power and glory, and he will send his angels with a great trumpet, and they will gather his chosen out of the four winds from end to end of the skies.

The "son of man" and the coming on the clouds is a take from Daniel 7:13, where the text implies that Jesus comes after the anti-Christ has accomplished his dirty deeds. And why question whether Jesus comes before or after the dirty deeds, since we don't need to be told what the truth is unless we are twisted of mind. Of course Jesus doesn't appear in the clouds before the dirty deeds. Of course not. And so the coming of the Son of Man in the clouds, as you just read from Jesus, is NOT the gathering of the Church, according to pre-tribulationists, but of some other group of God's people. There's no justification for such a view aside from their invented, two-Coming notion. Pre-tribulationist teachers have read what I've just told you many times from others, but they will not hear us, they will not repent. Why do you think this is the case? How deep is this sin from them? Why does even John MacArthur teach the pre-trib rapture?

The typical pre-tribber who sits beside you in the pew doesn't think it's sinful to interpret the Matthew quote above as something other than the rapture. They are taught by their pastoral leaders that it's just a subjective interpretation as good as a subjective post-trib interpretation. It's like we have the choice of which view to take, and one is not necessarily in a better position before God than the other. In other words, pre-tribulationists twist scriptures without a qualm, and teach you to do the same.

Even though there is not one Biblical text teaching a two-stage return of Jesus, yet the Matthew text is viewed as the second-stage return that implies and demands an earlier rapture so that the text is NOT read as the rapture. They obliterate the rapture from this so-called Olivet Discourse even when there is clearly a gathering of saints in the sky. ARE THEY MAD? No, they just don't care what Jesus says; they are of the spiritual type to be superior to Jesus, and they brand themselves as super-teachers of God's word. To them could be true what Jesus said to the hypocrites of His day; you study the scriptures intently thinking that you have salvation through them.

We can't frown on anyone for making an "honest mistake" with a text here and a text there, but pre-tribulationism is an entire dogma. They don't even present it as a theory, and it's not just a text here and a text there that confuses them, but more like a passionate crusade to obliterate the need to prepare for the 666 skin system. The glorious Woman in Revelation 12 cannot be the Church in their eyes because she's enduring the 666 system on earth. Even though Revelation is concerned with the Church, the Woman of Revelation 12 cannot be the Church because it counters pre-trib dogma. Is this a small sin? Do they change such a vastly-important Revelation text without a qualm?

The Woman of Revelation 12 will be nourished by God 1260 days in wilderness regions. The implication is that we prepare to endure the 1260 days on earth apart from having the ability to buy and sell everything. In the meantime. God is going to use that persecution from the worldly to take their powers away forever. We who endure those 1260 days are setting up the end of this world's power house. Be excited, be proud, lift up your head, go gang-busters into the tribulation knowing that the end of evil is at hand. There will be nothing to live for but the Kingdom. It makes me nervous. I get scared. This is a big deal. Dread. We have never known anything like it. May God be gentle upon us. But how will he feel about pre-tribbers seeking to abandon us to the 666 unprepared? Is this a small mistake? Is it even a big mistake? No, it's willful rebellion, and I don't know what motivates it. John MacArthur, FINK.

Here's one theory: church leaders are so concerned with taking $$$ from their congregants that they don't want their savings spent on stock-piling needs. If the churches from the 1980s onward were all being taught to keep a storage of needs to endure 3.5 years, it would have amounted to an enormous amount of money, especially as stored foods can go to waste and need to be re-stored every so-many years. And our needs go beyond food alone to purchasing properties outside of cities and towns. That level of expenditure is going to take a big bite out of church offerings. If this is the secret reason for the predominance of pre-trib pastors, great shame.

I don't know how MacArthur can look his people in the face and tell them, while making uncomfortable any post-tribbers who may be sitting there, that they won't need to endure the tribulation period. These pastors know what the controversy is. We post-tribbers make only one issue in the controversy: the need to survive without the ability to make purchases. That's all there is to it. So MacArthur will stand there and endanger his own people, without blinking, with a mere theory that cannot be substantiated, which tends to expose him as a fraudulent shepherd. He may be a good Bible teacher, but he's no good shepherd, for he cares not enough for the flock. Isn't this like the very definition of a Pharisee? Beware, pre-tribulationists, beware. If you can abandon the flock to the anti-Christ's pleasure, YOU ARE NO SHEPHERD.

I just want to say that I dried some chicken (about half-inch pieces) several months ago, and that my last taste of a nugget a few days ago was delicious. Dried chicken still has texture. It's not dry-dry. However, I keep it in the fridge. I don't know how long it will last outside the fridge, but, in any case, the wattage needed to run a fridge these days is low enough that we can have them operating all 1260-days long, providing we dedicate about four solar panels in the north, and half that many in the south.

I have a small Danby fridge with exterior measurements of 58 x 24 x 24 inches. It has no freezer, and so it's as large as your large fridge when you exclude its freezer section. This Danby fridge is inexpensive, and has lasted ten years thus far. It operates on 130 watts only. I have a small Danby freezer too, just $250 (CAN), and it operates on 90 watts (220 watts total for both units). As they run only 1/3 hour per hour, the two units combined run on the equivalence of 220 / 3 = about 70 watts continuously. This means that the two units will need 70 x 24 = 1,700 watt-hours daily. This is the sort of information you need to size up a solar-power system to handle that power requirement.

One medium-sized solar panel with a maximum intake of 1,000 watts will give you 24,000 watt-hours daily if the sun were shining head-on to it 24 hours per day. In the real world, in any region from western Texas to Arizona, you could probably run those two units with one panel on MOST days. You can pack a lot of dried meat in the small Danby fridge because dried meat takes four or five times less room than fresh. It should last many years in a fridge even on a low setting.

The reason that I'm mentioning these Danby units is that two each of them could be wiser than one fridge and one freezer twice the size. First of all, you get the choice of using one small unit alone, in case you can at times get away with it (like in winter), to save electrical power. Secondly, the larger units may use more power to begin with per volume of fridge space.

Late in the week this story came out that tells, for one, that Ecohealth's Peter Daszak didn't even ask China for an important database when the Chinese took it offline. It looks like a cover-up, but rather than supposing that China wanted to take it offline, why not suppose that the Americans demanded from China that it be taken down? The fact that the Americans didn't demand to see the database tells us that the two countries were involved in a conspiracy together. Here's that story and more:

Why do we think that Daszak had to lie about there being no bats in the Wuhan lab? What would be the problem, for his people, if there were live bats there? Well, the fiends claimed that bats sold as food in a meat market near the lab was the origin of the "pandemic," and so the last thing they wanted the world to know is that bats with viruses were in the lab. So, they lied to the world while pretending to care for the world. But we knew that, without their telling us. Daszak has suddenly become Humpty Dumpty who had a great fall, and all the COVID pimps can't put him back together again.

Also late this week, the FDA reportedly ordered the destruction of 60 million out of 70 million doses of Johnson & Johnson vaccine from the Baltimore lab. Nobody in the public domain yet knows the reason, and when one is given, why should we trust it? Perhaps the producers decided to destroy the vaccines that come with evidence of crimes, now that people are seeking the evidence in their own homes or labs. Perhaps these are the magnetism-inducing vaccines.

Did you ever think that COVID was not dangerous to humans until globalists made it that way? If they introduced a fairly-dangerous virus that quickly fizzed out, then they needed to go forward with a faked pandemic; this conclusion is as easy as two plus two. Fast forward the video below to 2 minutes to hear that the COVID schemers will soon be subject to a court of law with the charge of deliberately fabricating fraudulent COVID tests:

Hangings in the public square needs to be brought back to deal with rulers who pushed this fake pandemic. Mr. Bannon, do you think we should ha-ha-ha-ha-hang 'em? Rulers can't pretend they didn't hear the facts. Rulers can't pretend they were listening only to their co-conspirator medical people. Rulers have heard that the tests are unreliable. GUILTY THEREFORE.

You will love this:

Here's 30 seconds of fake:

Here's a financial advisor for a typical, globalgoon merchant:


Here's all four Gospels wrapped into one story.

For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God.
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